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Hqld^ven'si, DollAr Anlagmavpe -The Leadinug Periodical h'i A-ierpdba..,_. .. -
LA-RGE-,T,1_j H E PEST!...- 68- .. L - .IIIIeI~e U L istma onig'f, i~e rhnta~rg''r '.,[
-7.4,8 PAC:EI ,Tn.HE VOLUI. GOoD' Y'S. L A DY'S BOOK' ,W ^. Porter & ,o. w. A. & P. C. Kain, Wepublish a -Jber 'elow this morning, Th trsum ^_ fd,.'
8 t0,2Sl0. u~ ia;Woo jnOipi$ael Ionthl I I 'z. Dedicatedto the Ladies of the Unitedl State's. MERCHANTS,
.npl! ,,. ^ ^ ^ '~ic .'stal 41 Water street, -No.4 Columbus Block,, rTsal.. It is from rhe pqa of Sigmone of 0" *s.,. -
T his unrLva.le _.. a.. l-'.:- Edited by SARA H J. H A LE, Dee D 80 Pat' Apalachico la pala hicol a ,he ablest foreign corres pondents of the N .T he rd ti "a aiW' '
T h s u n i a -e - ..'M y 3fag h.qz i oe u -n[ iv . H G R A C E G R E E N W O O D A "c i'la Fo da .l g l ~ a al .
ackrnowledsi'ed'Byt4te'Pressas trie BEsw'Amtiean and A R-' PV B. P. Course, / H.B. Stone, H. W Brooks 2 Liberal advances made on consignments C. ..... ;n, ,-: rC r &.: __q ___
P~rj~dQ~--P u df l he-cruercNOusel Stone & Corof Cotto to their frends in Liverpool, Glasgow,
P~eriod ~i l-.pub, offers-at th e o mhaenee- A .. ,, S. & C o ., of oton to their fr e s ... .. .. i, Glasgo, =,, .. &q i e I ,,,hs, abu o ue noble birth has oa ial y of SOsO } lie'
-no t d, ; .. - ,n ..usual induce mets to Lt,* wnocon- CO.MMIlSION MERCHANrS, New York and Philadelphia. or twO subsequent letters, he proposes to duty, which is alwsysLceforcb.^ro,.
m e nt of the 3do a ttausua U u em J t o trib utes- to....... No.,
sub^ber'f.`."1 id^res* hereafter will -be en-u ,, Nb. 46 Water street, Jan. 11, 1849. sketch out some of the evils add abuses is-ogover the Qv.n'-io^] a.d^
,. ureTy can,eun -p alachicolai Fla, j ^ ^,I.AWDAY, DANIEL J. DAY. which 'now excite the public mind of Eo- he hiu-.r e
_nl. T .trv r-o T. S. ARTlHLfR, hoecontributes to everyNo., '" '" "
/* *?F~fe^ ^^, ate el Crooks Sketches ofAmerican ,J.]c0eihart ]ounq, DMy i Co., gland, and he introduces hisfirst lettering rers, trocrs,
-1 R T S -ilpsratye f C ooue's Skeche o Ar e o kh a t & Y o~~ gM MerSI. 0aZ E R C A...S
., *^ 'Character C 0 PO N and F ORW'XRPkING COMM 'TheSIs fMN.oling noble language.-.^
No.-Aeren--^ ^ ^- ^ 521N.5 ae sre,. ^ Wae ApatcicoaF.eeretm-^ ----^^ ^^/^^ ^ f^
.-..-..M-r' t '.lt, o e intend merely togie.a notie of ouirileu-' Apalachicola-l. 0' .f o 4e. .e The^rwgoe isan guDea e. 2-- ,a _t p.^ .to nrt'l^ ... :I t ";
.... ,dnioe- i is .' .... prep.ara ti ons for next yea-, ler Gin" to others long adver. o-,,, ,.. "pac l-c ola, Li a Ther- is io Am erica n pa,-,s. ,-" .
..and theJcailepencIel'othe inimitable D.RLE.Y ,_^eeo^o -,. .,L P C --Qr'''=,T^NMER-, lNS',, Corm: With suh men' f a1 dic aimallliance," al iaohlmn, whS eJes h^,,^
L. is now activelV engaged In enrlchnlg Ho denl L-- --=- i- Ii----r- --io 1r.1. ... nv..l I, hi ... :i. "lc.p oioR o ., ^ r? ymp;~Uhy and i fn II b believe one woro of/ ain M j sie Tew g lg-^
\l t wilh-s Potits ./t. Ike PRO/t ]len Of .ine. '- ""M ^ Siepuhn. During te hdole of as... * ^ent r the ,- ,' chale .... R ^ T g ,ha uhlv ,.,,te" or w an 9a1 .,e ....~cR13

--a -, .e[]r he ave more engraving and more reading SLTN ,MUTU'AL INSTJR.CE COMWPANY,* C 0MM-ISS *IONMECHAT^ TS would be construedJ in thei favo, I would Lordl Slewar~ds a]epartmgn t ,' aunaia-.
The Pot a-rs oF D,,rNGU,.HFD AME-r- ,ntlr than ant of sis contemporaries, and will of the Cityofng York, Water street not pen another syllable. Increased fanal- o .. *.. ,-.
C.',N DngN~rs.il be enntiue din eery No.,a-; oh~etds etyar h~wi~~ r No. 51 Water street, 'e 9 plcicl a Iarity with England has made me prouder Thare of 1(l ofI Mdos'y s .es .ho-blo
_q "9i ontdintdsoegyer.TCoewo016rieDe 9- A aaciclaaF chslroftole .-or 0l'O

heS olr^ E.'h lil-l l besketlmelth h'e to GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, may do0so under Dec 1"2 Apalachicola, Fa. th paahcoa a t English blood flowed in ..he veins of has a ofar~d H1e 500;estyd lirs h^d Lb
ani'th O-try., is w l ae ,,ld with ... in Ito 0: U r a r n;. my Ir Puri-an ancestors, and prouder that | him a large r 5h r-a, .,
a-d s ',, *.1v other work. Torhi1i.adec COMMMISSION MERCHANTS, MERCHANT, reared on the great principles of English PosOMlliSSIOe MERCHA ,ros oar
.TOPI S 07," TC.IOA_1H, ad n l,,d e asg-anmber.' eche month as Office Fai Law and Liberty. I Br sh skill and in-
i n ow Ie bacei d engaedr n.enihing Honud a hntr e- dA N E\S A ER in J n ay his h is acoven etains in Cnearlnes Rpgchersa Fa., Eugen W Rpi o gers wha t I-v rt en r w a

*n ,,,h nearly e not qnite as much reading mat- ALVA WRrzC, WA. COMMISSION. M WO- d in thei c .yl
T/'e, P,',T.I i rb-lFble t.v in pre_ in thF. wAN !. E r ,I- thi ,,othe r monthlies making for $3, the a willA.N. McK N C. RoB, YNs. GW ts. PRstTre .probity, and philanthropy, and love of juI- government, there 13 no want .of" siCaerrE
S.-Asa h^,n~ily M.xr.,e, the Edit.:r ,scnrideni .,rn,,,( . readin of two masoazmes_ a month. Wyli n^^o11*^?en21e, A. McleKay &: Co. tice, and allegiance to principle, and doeo. A Master. of the Boclhobii~ls,'br;J'as.. :-- no
,,r tion4F_ wil brea continue din atta hmey No. or-; continue whatever nextve~ year. Tioew oli eie-o 5 aersrettee9lart wt E ga d m d

,lhat no rivahl cani affe,:t,,,r o,pc,il,,), le.sseo is Ta:-p R ,EPECtrLIAllrl.Es abo,t Godey's L. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, GOMMISS ON" MERCHANTS to P^a da, and lttacltenin otsrexalted sense, recogie et oss es o ives.,bgk $8^ an tr'-
v ral r Id t-,.iiih, :,,,.I he oli fe rsilkt., the t.,nrlt te ,lve s t o ,-,E ior the ladies that o other Magazine DeNo. 42 Water street, Fa. Ap a c ,and a Grand Falco.er,- Eal o boof e n. iCT a-
i: `,-6', c0 ra:t er, N t v i'; '-nlllutr.,tile le,,witeh,. There is a Mezzotint and Line En- Sept. 1,147. Apalachcola, Fa. -No. 40 Water-street an an t
7"1,,9 S, P S S Imtir in e ,_'h Mnmber- both by.the best artiWOs. D. E. J. SBhli[er. ec C O AND FARD kindred racG. Jealous as I may oF ihe a.. .. T
.FTh-g.,l^ T^ Y.. a az*e n J1,^ o thesethere are gien monthlv WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. GROCER, J.C. ALLE. ". JA.MES I. GR]FN nainal aggraindiernt ofEnglnd, I find .S .r b -ate .re- .,?- .
AE171EVS "KETCIIES, Wood Basol; wa boe J.er 'a Athei to-is .ouen e
N,)lam-i~v"sr Ph idcnslr ob vtm i,.- Y Pl 1te, th e a.M ~ S I N MER HA TS descrptio oni heur greaata pricile shpstrs

Hojden ii i'tscirle; t,.,r when .uch a peri, peaduliar to Godev, as no other work has themn O No. 49 Water street. Wholesale and Resail Dealers in martial renown, her mighty naval strength, now held by the. Dnke of N..f0Lb, . peer
cA b~e ,obtaimeI ei r eor the till,- uf s.en'*n.nth and colored. Than there ?.e Caps, Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla. DEUGS& MEDICINES, PATNTS, SPERM, her gigantic "commerce, her almost omni-6next A precedence to F.e "RAcal FaicFy.
8 DOLLAr, F,,,,ets, CIemisettes, Equestrianism Ibr La- HALE AND LINSEED OTLS; potent mechanical power, her exhiaustless Hs aticestors, clear back to"tte'.-Eietrmr.-
w ow~lo^ 'Tn ll .^*i^- tn sb.crtbe. di^, with Engravings. The Ladies' WYork Ta- l'I. "* Ato ll,. Chemicals, Glue, Indigo, Glass and Putty; For- ... ....credit a-nd net stainless faith ; and l can lio,. ..wre,-as he himself,, is,,, ol. The Roman.: ..
iipeM .'e d _rld /'e,t .%'e ino/" H el;lin is/tht, voile. ie, wi tho d~esir mornith ing etncoceW'OEA E. DR TAIeg n oesi making Whior Lea3, thr- ALV WYIE W.. A. -cEvzE A. N.not latTC oBI R TT rbty n hiatrp, and 1o(e n~v ~ al|
DEAsRI DRUai_., MEDICINESe theTS nish3-, D1eWod3 Spiritsen Tdi'pnuine ofe redn ftomgznsamnh li leze .1 ea o .OOce a~nd a reeging a to prtcp ear ... .
"bht ft. r pe ,uli:) ,'lL ae.,tnt',d _i .ol li0,111o l ,(s andFR A RE ot eCrLAtrkinds ofn Gork Pterns 1.r -. CO M SS O MER HAN S, COeS OnN aMeRCeAeNTS, ateton tol gratida,.anetr
upon andool manvon an nhr oiim hare ,..or itIle od-, No 42 Wae stet 'a
/;'e~ig,! th, an!-e~ib,:,tie alllhe . ls. Sm 'oin Co h a dis, thair no oters \V indw rtins, andS loyalty in. its exaltnt Meiiesogeseae,.nesentw sasne tn n

1 7sin le ,r,7 t, ei" fo//e a, Be/,*? withEn a .gs Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets, ALSO,
,./ "lf. "d ''" April 1D e. Apalachicola, 1Fa. Apa lachica, Fn and mdedr Different forms f germent Semer, on the cal0^frt
leer, 'theQt,,' /.d R.iw, .n,l the gInecl,' t,'aive ,e" ssmethns, useful. Mu sc, bautiiullv BnANK BO O S TTI c.n. rt butife r ave the3rear S. & J. Se- kindred ,ae Jealous as Iis-
'e T -, -Vpe ,i e 'izi.aze! f,:t /,/i /t f rinted on tinted paper, thich may be taken out W HO L E n.SAE mN E R C ER, Jan C o. ALLEN. JhAMEt S all, it cr e of Gome, heated i -hns oag rintd zaleat af.
OF/, oSS/O N TH, 3.a4natrlt8U stais Apaleh1-ola, o rta. conservator o- Public O order, and Phe lic aress -n pai to putin up fariay, .s -ee
Holdm.p~.en 'singeh of/sci~e Ct hen -; .h ;,peio dictal- ii Pa te,t %% h afuloe Mdesripin C T hig s fad soloradbo.4 Watern stretip Staires. Wholes ale and Re cta i oelr n Bo m aria renown speer mighnanto neava'a t' ~e
I.-;~~~~~~ciy ,oula toe Royal, asa~ earnhe wor ha nNotheaersret

ificnAt b to cobion,ii'tself tor e itry rea, er. Fy% wer Pieces occasionally. These are all exla Dec. 1847 ApalachicolahFla, Fla& M I N ES, that is the great surety of Civil Liber-ty.. J Her .
Th'eob Ncct, ot' the E.III'M" 1125 been to E,-i a in (.ev. an] to be Ionnd in no other Magazine. .or La EWH FAULA, ALABAMA, Nowhere, but in our own country doebo-h- 0-.1 ...1.11.^ ^1. ,.'." '' .
WThREE .l1).)t.L .%r ,IAGA.ZINE: -.',,b .NE TwihRrn The h w r'ere all given last year,, and wRll be con- Chm...as Gualeyi G.l.s BY .Pu"ty of these great agents possess-such fivhola- si de" ""t ... ;' above,
.h:it- wit adeigns wfrkniting, netineeNo., FACTORAND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Dy-. SAods S Co. e "t Turpsientinad. ann onseoueot- with a feeling a
c,,mm,' ttiy and in .netie',, wni g- e i imrve- adC'RO-d M E: S SKETCHES OF AMERICAN Dee 5 Apalachicola, Fa. PWehavingteceived a ftloshares aoathe pa her r o nsy.roa and.of tleb, pal e ws, baRet..-
ments ,as-Uiey are demnu ted. CHARACTER[ST'ICS, ,. A' r &" Jo e, sesn wi f ee the ecankf s fof the alamehincourlin l astio oxf'pbl'ed i c-rd' tehi6aree=,eJoo soOc~sf u re.lp gr *onds,, stabes,. .. .... ^e 0^yj i'^
,i i?-.NW "i u he.,iq e tn atl lhscriha^,, as those A mnt am ps,n ir Ceri s, now first aive n searee
Also ~~~~~~~~~~ ~m A genera assrtew ofav Stainry Frnt ia alwhr omnyenr

.,sendi-=.fiDrst wall receive the frst irn|>re.??'i",s ol'- Amnercan publi-c. Tu~ese wvill be illustrated in GROCERS &. GOMMISSION MERCHANTS, of business the coming winter. do~m of action. The gmeriean whose nd "ls Yra '"."yP :-P ..-uff
Pri-pursei Pirtscs Bags, as. c Healyth andr
N-1iI~iedv-ijl-tr o- o Chsnu n Water street. suaua ALa., Ov. 1 4 fineasont d daughter and braes sornsbicn u "" -

',the ensir,iom The N,-,.'sin be f, r1f .She5 a vIro-t reeavs inat o fHr o Mode pb r u aufl Prites, eltn T. Dec 5A a o .
,,Il;,;l.S- it wished oys.,bse'ibers--tlat ni,,,h S. A,'thr, Esq.- AF he is more certainly py 3 bigot. A-pe.-iis l blindFa. he dueries of which soaadi.on did Dlffieret orcs'

c,,tnmtcin t0 e y'e, ,'[i,, v,,I,,e. "uTHE CH.ANGESa OF FASHION," ENJAawN "ys WILI.IAM A. WOOD STiaula AUelon and Com&ci. worshiubter of political doemas and dpsses- !troted t0'tberegisi raetio i So.e'gae Hrie
"IERM[S FOR ['_12-]-,',r,.,ND. .-E.) [llut,.,re,l by Fay R,.,bi,,oo, Es,: This'series -B. Ellison & C3o., Sion Htonse, se a spirit dentica ofesec wt that... Ydio r b~" .aiy .ee e '.."-i
....ini seler elr ohe Chestnut &e homer -a~ ,te 8,ve raunatralinuLa hti

)C.c v'-". .. .. ... O.i Ypar.n..........e on ,tni|| hp.e,..,, ihte ri to he t aken. COMM ISSION M K--e....^ BY. reJan1u8nrr h i li n,'i ally Fla.30,000, r nearly 150,0 nd as
otl- ',rF Il E ll APP iCA~iLiF OT "F THE" FINMP A D DBAt-E'S ]N .- s_ ropls..:', .. ...... ........ 'ir 'rrl'-nn lllr0 co ie .......... ...... i ... I.. *,. .. ART T D,)M STI USEq, DR O D ,*OE I S A W R ,D '----- n teie
.. -''','1lU[Vlr I !" [" "~ le series,- of En,a in~snow prepara- TIN W AKE, BOO^TSS OES, ^HATS, Thankful, for- the patrornage hith-erf0 received -who-do not use ils ritual and adopt itscreed.. l e F o u r s o gal f W n e
al -. -el i CAPS, CRCEY SHIP from the Merfchants of Apalachicola, he would BRITISH ROYALTX. Castle, loanger cs-Wiodsor opark, and Lorand
".5 dollars.wi|] receive Vol [I r~f [-lnldon-s lJ.<- COTTAGE FURNITURE. Cot. Water and Chestnut sts.......
'azine, hatil:.tmelv bound in tn,,sli, aml grlt eJged. Hevih -iver n P o ni ny Model C. ttah es, we intend Dec 9 Apalachicola, Fa. Euraua, Ala., Oct. 27, 184?u. 42os sonal e grcise of'politrcalipower,tyh& British elery ar atotest $40 eob.aide,
"\dd-eB?;'(|oi, r-1, 1N.) 1,'2 beew tto c,,rinnence tohe poun location 01o Cottage CHN.S P M'C^r. GUSTAVF ROMAIN oa 0r f i sovereign can hardly be called a substantial the ueyear wage rt o4,0 mor"e; t Ad la-e
CH-IAIILES W. ll,_LDEN, ti-,rntu,'e--a very necessary :p|lei,djge to a LICa| HA- Bs^ i omania,~~i "S~tC entity, yet there is one way'in which sheteQunDwarelc |heI V1
"'.,;5 Naiau-sie,:t, U. Y. C*,;lt:,._e. CO M iO E C A T makes her existence obvious .to the dullest liam IV.-, hasan annual alowancd~o' tl"0j.
..E -..JL- RELI(.,[ON ANDR)N THRHhewr llgvnl st ye r,.adwl. bREE con S00. HD + or ofteenttagns oses

P.RIC E, a in rsdna g ianc the n.'h,-,, ill Pr wli,e,-i,,.e- ELI at n we s a have in eve No.E FACTO A 1) s-n it s in he r and c ivil M EeC AnT
.and thi-a r,,fitiie, a~ii.j"n.'n,-,ti,: i',t, tM,<^.az,,,e edii- i-),r i,,,.;-,.rinr Arlrlts, W\alters, Tuck~er, Pease No.,- 9'* "* Co^lumbus Bloc>k. WT nj YDNElYmU Mi il D/ sens ib i ,im of he r>r sujets Th ii luis mt he-eevs ^ 0 00 Cn if i
_l.,,,rtaPfy, w^i~l.le.entliitle, l-k t;,e s.-co,,t v|,-,,ne ,.f a\ \Veh-h, are r,,,w en~aed upon-a set of plates Nov. 18 Apalaehicola, Fla. May be found at his residence, corner of conferred by act of Parliamfent on her Ms- -mother, f-trei)s,:3.00 .nef '^J? ^ .
rl,,1.t,ts-,.,i'ine h a. t.o y support i of the,, ,llust,t,:e, ,fthe.etws.uhje'ls. Under ood .28 Caigter s e and HigB streets, opposite the Manw j as here sae annua.atlowanee,.i ueen' unol rh Duker W 'h ;
.an, zilt-eti d, and-i 3; -h :,.l[,Ijl>,ll OCR MUSIC. A M'11 House. Nov im p v385,000 sterling, or neaCrly wo millOon of receives ,hg27,000 ,5- another ahe Dffih p-
... m III 0 Apalahicol, Fa

,le'i<-th" E,-r.,vifi,' iv rioted 1:,3e,, ,.,l {,-.rice F' p;l.,rel exr..re.5?lv, lot us--mo.illy original, and T A 1 L 0 K Sc, .. dollars. Of- this enormous sum o60,000 Cumberlaq.d, now King of Hanove=' S 0f,^ -
;Gr.eeiv, E'liltrr,' he New \V.,rk Trnbqne..,lr w,, h..a,,inlly I.,iinted', ha_ lona,.ctmnmanded a deci- BALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. 'W .<. M /). Davis, are assigned for h'er owti private use,. and- 000. Another member of the .RoyaJ Flai.^
.fro:Ti life bv Dvrfe/, aoj ,ei)i\'n e>J bW Ri,:h J- ,d,.-J [,l'_.lc..ren'Ce over that o-any other I Magazine. Apalachicola, .a ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, the remainder is expended in the depart-s ty Leopold, Kingoof ibe Belgians, 'ceiv.es.
:bI. Tkhe bo.kh ,i J -to,, asill he r).>..i i "Hr IA r ERYt CaHmAinTE OF GO- fis Ato orders attended to with punctuality Ofers hisservices to thle poblie in either o a the menni of the Lord"Chamberlain, the Lord ,d50,000v, andthe Duchess of "louees
.vtt. Th e'b ,i r w i! e tnhil,. fi-t, _,l ~it'r c t ibes Nvl betr,- ilusnae The GROCERS< 'O YI ME C A T ,d m f cio T e reia
,,the~~~~~~~~~m~~~~ravintzi.~~~~~~~~~~h eQr ueo.~ byn,,600 ', Str fro th poru e f.N.4-Wtrsre.Efua l. Nv,4 81. 5t esni l hsmyb e

iafdde.patch t Jan. 20 above capacities. Steward, and, the Master ofAthe Horse; aFd. he is ar .nl ,OO .t b .igo, --
onthe. reception oA hI iaprrc ,,,Jai,,i,] tiea ,l r-r-I E)u\fau LAD\t BaOK. C om He will practice% regularly in FranCklin, Cal- in royal bounties, charities, :pensions, and "t T e grants made by PsriameiU.fa ..
t3ment at d n.,tice m.ark ....... .,l-,,r ,', \Vlh % -; l h v, tnaersices. to Myea Ltslie, e Gre 0or t e ott 1 S S 10 N M BY seci al services. yory aceom odfro.
tl>..-nd noticing nr, hldv ,11 also r,. ve tl. ,-,, ,t \. G. Simms, Mrs Eliot, T.S. Arthur, -OLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS a special retainer, act as counsel, in'a'ny Court The function sfthe Lord chamberlain and-for royal sales and p iuo n' S.
5Iaglzile e'ich rnnth t;r the c,-,m,, \'e.il'. Ml,=-.. Cakes S-mith, Mlrs. J. G. Neal, H. T. ,O D L T IG B O S S O S o h ideo etrnCrnr H o1 lr e~ cln0 ~ jr Da bran n o od da e n ago s olo
TIN WAE C BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Thankful the atdd e ol esr Ciruit He wiltalso, who is always a peer of the realm, is to ex- average ess th^ threerillionStd a-
... 't i. .:k, mi.rfs an,-te H.i io of erbert. c,_ no ih e pauh ra CAPS CRO KER, S.H., fromth e rchae nthe sor of Ap palachcoa, T'l wolahs rid BRITISH s p RisOYALerTYe.e ns o olas o h 'attd

15 :re.lel''" 1'o0l ;l.e the w BedQ1t,Profe,:,r Frost Bryanl, Long- ,Cor. Water and. Centrer-.sraets, see, the sessions of which, he will always be .. ..h ga far. as -esQue eh
'z QUIa i l,,r-, Oh'i ,d.b lkr. ihnand !.&:p.'.. Hvli,.-.v. H,,lmes--and a host of others--must a"e Dec 23 D 9 Apalachicola, Fa. preseFa.at unless prevented by aOccdent. apal enisa to mak e ra et sl
~ ,- h , i,,.ean, prime. M |,-,I.,s.P..rk. ,,s wv.,,< t.ke the lead in literary mernt. \Vr\ ~ s'W aW CHEEVER Apalachicola, September 8, 1846. regardd to chaplains, physicians, artisIt, mu- nor ap~p in lhiscatcul~fioa.^-'o .il
'ddfeb"Z;~~~~~ +p!ridd) ..o Io ,nmn .1h puliato l Cotag C oeegncnhrdyb ale

andir m',n,., B.Wcon,Ham TE, lMe:n Ciir v ery n t a sicians, andt in regard to furnitore,'ward- plate, JeWels, &c. vsThe Queen.s, /.,
jle bfv: .B. [ t.LLISON &. Co. [-'r Three Dollars we will send the Ldy's i" ims & Cheerer, A. Semmes,e robe &. The appointment is always p0 St'-Jame's palace lne, isei.; e f' e :
*IDec.O. C,,r.\V t.r-ra,., o Ll,,P., :tt. I ,_,,,k, ,,N-,r0aining more reading lhan any other fMMISSION ERCHANTS, : ATT RNEY AT LAW. ets -
,a nd m.,,,rhl\ and lhe Lady's Dollar New.npaper pub- O .+ -n Offie, l.ie o2. Capt. Simmonsi uihng, iical, and terminatessat theTclse of'ever, Wo9-h two. lliSonsf, Ypounds The'Crowl.N
n 'enc an -ih-tres opost Othie Non~ je6y Wate stree reua anae
'" -) ," .n "'vi "din ApaacholaFl corot%,iv odiisrtif Thee twor Chamberlai Jewelsoo '&p' ilbaiTaegh.q.p~~~ni~

0 ilt- SRoLi e-. ,. lra.dTd,, 1..h1. r,+:,-.l l ice. a nsonth, yhich contains smuc. "(I-3 X385,000 Fa o n 5 fC ntre& Commerce streets. h to r
JIa n I I3 NO U,'E. S TONE C. ,- aIy el the $ pedicals ol lhe day- R oerf .v .. s Apalachicola, Fla.( Iever performs then duties of bis office in- valued at threemiJILons of "pouoc. !E-r
,,-', E,,l itI.)tinr-. 1 M l i Pruo. -ii t e publicati,,,; ,n one month al, ,r I the DEALER IN HARDWARE & SHIP Cranberries person, but his salaryaisnone the less oin .rown dworn byHer 1a'est on sale eca, <
[il t ar-CANDLERY, IRON, STEEL, NAILS, .TN hr. and qr. hbls. just received and for, sare by neass igned)0 afouals his wsrthea'outonali5,0 ael oaw to'iv
from .PCS 0Oi Cloth, 1 and -2 '.als ide; indst,, ulhe Lady's Dollar Newaper, (although SPIKES, ANDApcASTINGS, 1/. Jan 11 C AGREEN & Co. mearea vas 0numby in ohis ortb ised bherwa, ie d at on t waliod
*1J 3 p^< ssper Ing,'ii'nCarl.,ting;. t"e w,.,iM not adlvise it. as engravings cannot be And ^ainu/'aH'trers of Tin, Iron, and Cop- ,. men .r a atn m e ffntb ars r b ts h w a, .s ,rie t on.nl~ir
3 Stair he sc-t, -',-,h the mail wtioe beintcr hed ,,r e rs s Yellow Potat6 e ..... rat her dignitaries, since very many of the penrds,- Forthe cnh6ide,'ation of-asihJ.,
and T";ted Jta n. 20BLS in fine oe ^o s by offices ae mere sinecures. A Master of .tihpeece, my republican Hvision - 10i- n Tuftd Rut', _iikd crl,..w i slsen Lhe b eu,lo Grace Gren-

or .leby W'. G. PORTER CO. a i^ epra Har N ,a4 Apalachicola, Fa. 1U Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.u the Robes, whose.sttion is merely h-o.oor- dazed:byrhesightoflhis.la,.er.K. ,
-i.3, tiae, ret i'^^ k% III a ary, receives annuaMly $2,500- 1--I reduceiit Cent diadem ..Jts grIE RdN wora= sl iCIvelvt, t, f t
Magizee -c mot fo th coilVate,-street. F.retr Oars. Smtewar, Mrs. Ann G. Judal, H.ar T-DYGOS LTIeNG, OOT, SHEoftehe~o esternCrut, ewl lo
-- -do-ri.n H. W. Herbert, &cr,d the p a ut hor of" -caset inCE the COMMSSIO oEfHNT ApeltTl -w oi awy er fteram

0FFATs LIFE PILLS AND PHCEN1X .eelg over Jerusalem, The Openi[,g of the ng- No. 98 Water street 30 BXS. Western and Northeirn, infine order, to Federal money for the eonveniencebof. andkrt i3 overe( wilh opebla.?iog mansf
.. RIrTES, just received and for sale by Sepulchre, Deliverancd oh St. Peter, a !nd The Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fa. for sale by 'your readers ; eight Ladies of the Bed- opals, Sapphires andadiarmQua.. 'Aronnd
S. ti'lar, ; H.. F. ABELL, Druggist. Rebuke. If preferred tomthe Newspaper or i plates, t' Jan 11 C A GREEN& Cro. -harber, whpse.-,nI.d.uty is .toi,it.aod t]is imperial crowa, were rang.ed vari6.u

'. :v B rmery. we will send MiF.oTLeet lie's Nnvel of Amelia, and H. Taylor, Cdi-ne with her Majessy three fortnights in diademS; sc'eptes, orbsu swnids o-juslice *
A ,RGB.J.s uf Extracts, Cologh1 e, art\' th-z ot -r-. Grey's or Mir s Pickeng ,,g'h pany C iMMCISI-ON MERCHANT, GA OheYn AT LW. a
in-a li" and the: for)" Dole'ar .e e pub pOf,"foies. No 36 Water street KE!S Hfl e ~o a pit.Suon's BwDairyn, of spe ior and dag term nts at per thae -ca saf( ....' ..

e< 9 '; ".F' : Fo i Dollar w will send tw cpe of Dec 28 43-6m* Apalachicola, Fa; quality, for sale by C or admnghter of pe Lr d Ch ;
COIL Rope; .... .. T,.J LLE C- ,,._i .... ii- ". Jan 11 C A GREEN & G3o.. ; a2500 eae.,; .eight Mlajds of Honor- atndl -circumferencee,-v golden baptismal font,..c' O -
j, .- PrHenry YeOl nlgS, aA -e Bedchamber Wonen,:'who are also ipes+,tankards, salt cedars, spoons and TUri.
Oil iiiiian'r pro syl ,,s ts. Dol.. ..lar,= wt e 1 iU seind ive ..-,es of th.. aterT GROCER, -. OR sal ey "on s la ties of 0 birth, and whose duty is, ny other massv. nensils of gold.. usd.at
i recitedd, Iand Ibr- sare b- the LadyIs Book, and a copy to the person send- Dee "28 ANalchicol Fa U Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co merely to g ave the Quaelen the "pleasure' of the oronation- of the overeigo or at the
Nqy-tu8-r--, J ingrte Carpen & m ctlhenoub,t advaset as plateea .,s cano the year, carstemng of children of ivhe royal oamiJyi
... .. ....... +"' -. For T wtenty Dollars, eleven copies of'the Book J. F. FAR&IOR., E. MeCuLr. -t., Verm ifugeS have each an anniualsalary of $.15QO ;..e-ight B es'ides'the;.annual apprnnratiions.,made
,-,.. ,'a. -ddery, c and a set of Plates to eah ?ii~ribe and a cc Farnior & BIeClllly, "WINER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by- Lords ahd eight Gooms in Waitingwose by Parliament, he Cro-, ,.eTiniesn lrgeand r'
1 i ta bi*^.^ of'theB1ootothe persmnsenda i theCIb. C;OM3ISSI MERCHANTS, Feb 17 or Yl F- ABELL. bssiness-issimplytovisitanddine-iththee venues .ro other. ,sources-f-om --.i',
rleur'a eit, For.One Dollar will send Ihe Lad. Book 8t Graor street Rio Cofee Queen thr.e ortnights in wihe year, haven mense estates ir possesses in all pars of lhe
Tuftedl B rus, T- -).. s r ee u e ue. '

.Martinga? fr ^e y.. o rotnopao a~f' '"ona ro rs^^ -?etsayor.voage ee New Ore+s SACLS prime green, new crop, Jtist re- ithe former $3500 each, aod the latr~ar..$500 kngdom,: from admiralty droi s, from Gib..
AM.~ G. PORTER ,& Co. \ddre^s" L. A. GODEFV Ju0_ ,, S. Hutnt hinson._, <.JUI received, and ...for sale by , L;. '.; .each?;+ a...Master .. .of Ce~re m'nies,.. w- ho intro-, rafter... dutles,i, fr'om for'e~itureg. "esc, heats, ,
^De-0 .-'... .-1 WVator trept, './, ".-'11n Cihestmtt street. Piiilaaa. A UCTIION AND C,-t"M l.~^lI,-)N MERCHANT, Jan .11 C A GREEN &, Co. duee^ ^mb'assadofrs t-o the Sovereign on watits, estrays, treasure-trove, &e. T.hl.'re-
.. ... o~ cc S e With any newspaper giving the-.bove atfew --: N9. 2;Columbus Block,- ._ ran r';~ti < .'.t..;* t State occasions, has $I500 sixteen Ge~n- Venues of t~he :Diciy of Cornwall amouim-t "
-r- n,- ?. ^ ",'. t.,,.0 ~ inserlions w e, w ill exchange. : ". -, "pl c i o a -a r a r m ,,. :2 -. ; E:-t a c =f 1 m en U sh ers, w ith no d u ttes, h ave fro m +O.OOn ann u ll sod g o !o lh e -s apnorr ol


t-, i e H.F ..ay ... Advances made on-all consignments if re- _USTrei .d r opaiva, 8 $600 to $10000-each; fourteenGrooms-of theGyungPrince of\Wales; the-reriu,
i_' ..Feb:l, a._-F ABELL. W.iit Lea d. quired ^ov. 25 84ST rece ived and o aleoy "b "nd e oftht L ca e "'
TOO R.FFS om:,sii n ow er f r al O I Extra Mid Pure, lust rec ,I, for sale by' J -"".-Jan 25. .+. C h m b r and eiogh.'t ." .. .- "
N. J' a n -2 5OD J- C J5,;ALLEN & Co. w hose,_ offices are complern e smeures, re-.000, aud are paid into the prte parse, uS.
WV by_ [.F.b.].3. J C ALLEN &. Co. 0 O+OMMISSVON M M I S S 10 NOils. At. ceie salaries ranging from 200 to$500, royaltyR -C ... 1` T, a-q ; ; A. r s 0 Q
T I HOMPSONIAN Medtcleicine., tor sale by 4wate'-st., T, P aM dLinseed" Ois, .y.-rnisesBrushes, Four. Officers 0 the.R.obes,i three Kmgs of..,One.nust kno.w. agooddealofttbe.r.i
O. R LeasF'01'rSalq,- or which warrantee deeds X Feb 1 J C ALLEN & Cn. Nov 18 : Apalachicola, Fa. .JU .Tur, pentine, Lafnmp ,elack, R-d and Yellow" Arms, six Heraldsi. tw0. tatw Pages,fie tnarkable tenaoit-y with wio- E.nglish en
"', wil I be gi'ven..'A Ap to ,, ,-, Scooll Books, THos. H. ALt,-: N: WW. H. LONG. -Ochre, ground in oil, Pr;-,sian Blue, ParisGreen, paces of the Backstairs, ,i.x .Page"of the adhere to hereditary usages and .... .
,- .GU (N Virdigris, ust received eL',scht Palladium, and f
J *j ,o8, ,; -= ^ H (. Q GU\V N. -po slb ... .... ; A ti "Jon "idgsjs ree"e e "ch" Paldim an .f ur4 Quer M ssn r, al e not "]" be asoi d -ha a, ......5. of' sai
}%'61 Sytp. IF Feb 17 H F ABELL. -.COMMISSION MERCEANTS, Jan2 Jg C P LLEN'&Co ce salaries asfla-rge s st of re not sense should, an i8eo1Bt c
h, T -RAYVSsuperior Lemon syrup,just received Gowrubrs-some .bavinj.,YeaI' an
iiii sale by 0 i pd.a j N 11 A i' c- Fa For Sale-. merely :notninal duties. "The -L
.. r7 HFABELL-..- ""* '"' d Dec'- FysFpAEBernI
f. .-an ... C. H. W a &'r sto.,
,I- B- ,, HAL;Y annum,dU the xamnerof.
r- ,' T lR .SS-'bound Ckcdar-P.ails,'Painted Buckets, T S eevd11herc- n frsl y. ; _TM R L o-~te~ l, *adtei~lnrilp~ if< r iahd cnietlpim te wi^Dl~ ibi f
H F ABELL. -dnAtS', 2c6R C 'emp mos uor Block. iie pa.'eep erbs$20,. Ohno'
1' ""I.he ler-;r[ a fn;tu r sal bv' FAGtEEN NIaH 0o. '
C I. GREN& Co.- Citron) Cu~g, I Erassrnts jutarciveds, Lrom- New Wate stret lebv irir a nvbe ueycrc ;fP~irdl eome at ilthe gn~terd;ivos hisujc;lanbS'errk-a-ltroaf-
.... _rt, ac bio is+l
I' : TN -.E.j. I'.Bi f StN' Nod f24 ,r-ater street, by-irscl

^ '7 '.. ,, ,' .' . ."* +- : '1 / -- + ,:* ,: -. ,- .+ .. -" ; .* -_ ...... "' +* ,. .. ..-. ,* ^ ,"*^





-,** .. ,, *-.-,,, S. : ...., ,', ,
-* "- .". +-';*- ,"; .. ',,. .~ - ", -t;,-

I',' "". .., : r ' ..? -* ..'J '. "" 4 ^ t-"A "* -
i' ., r^- .*** '' < "' *"*; t.

*";'-* "'"* "' >-.<2 ": *n y y" :v
S.. -., ..

.. :" ." '*. .^- .'-'.lr%;ivL' : -

<,. .

:. : ^ l ^ ... .A -- ,, E

" -. i J. s -i- ^' ; " "; ,^*- ; '
C, *+ -, *>,-




22, 1849.

, :. -. 't "

~:"--;-~ """eF" 'IILec rll





Austria, bulIh ini pe ~iU~CieSSIbility aind i11of itirder byv A VI oinai;. fli lU' J I ih fI^RFor the Comminercial Advertiser.' known,-that among these iin- 0 h dtecrmniso ?^ Mh.^
court display, far ,imoreresembled auAieri- We have received fuller particu.irs of fie ,l1ltm Il il SER Burial of the Dead. ma. o freemen and s,& v weref
can PresiJent than.the present British sove- -awful tragedy in C(.cimnnaii, of which %e 1% MR. EDITOR : In your last number a very with ly c s e__r e'l, >,wT t .::lt.=i ]
0-, reign, or any ot her predecessors. T"bejab- iad some account on Thursday by Tele. APALACHICOLA, THU-RSDAY, rE" X--9- strange article was spread before your nu- .... ,.k e '. ".. . r
solute monarchs -of -.Europe long ago-did graph. The .circtlmasnets aie ibese.- -gent Mai must, -know, a. t om 0
away with the stiff etqueue and ugmeaning .Capr. John Howard,'of Cininnaii, married 0,- The following gt-nitiemeu are 'authorized me-ous raers, under the hea~l of "Burial'real men we're b.^ i^ e .. Caiepaa'li^ ,.d te
pageantry of-e middle ages; but The most Lite daughter of a physician, resiling in Agil: for the Co.MuaEkC'fAL ADVERrsE,and will o the Dead." The doctrine contained in artius" Ia uire,iflhe burialofforhi8e 8ul"-Vitilifl^ ti .
liberal constilutional sovereign in tIhe orld Montreal. Aller living logehlier happily revi-ve and receipt for subscrliptons, or advertise- that article-1 regard as altogether uncom- thedead be no p~t of theworshipof God 56 p 667 -..
preserves innli- as a gulden bra.nh (if the ;,nd confortlnlV for snime years. file parties meats:-- non, unsound, and contradictory. The y s Jorship ol bb7. ]^ i -tl*
'royal prerogatve, separa,+d, the w.fe ,,kins ,ldr two children, \V,. %. C,,vvrn,Esq., Albany, Ga. writer -Mreends io reply to Inquirer, who rsts hould pr miah phrealen l e tiry,' Thi ]"- "fce" m "%".
I.. ..T ;i boy :m1. gill. Captaim H. sub-seqenitly Major JACK H-ARD51AN. Eufaula. Ala. and pr pblrg Ofb ibhs
;- 'To ani lnd an act, tri,ved .duary 4, 1Q7, tiv- fbialed t ih ,o children by vmhn.,1t means, J-s. J. OL.VFR, Tallahasee, Fa. desires "to know whether it was true, that s l b a di g po t e h Why If th s h0- farWM rdr 5!
.in- a len to 6'tearnbat men tnd-wh,rs ,'ivip- sentliheni off to KPniuckv anld( sued lor i the ie Mr. Ziinmer refused to attend should-hlsP t tbreaie-Jehoakimwith Bight of the'pruiive, aoS mrer W
tingthebayand River ft A .ola divorce. Capt. H. soonn';iintiedh hnsell We callic ;,ttet~ion of our readers lo Capa, tomwell's funeral, in consequence .he ns Was it n ba r. iJ d.. , ;.*.."..
S EC IO 1. ei 4u tfe burial of/ n. as ? W a it no
S.CTtOr 1.:.^ i^ ",+a.,"/^d by the Scnae to a I.eaumli'ul anI accomllli-hed )oUng weo- two laws, ip.ssed bithe Legislat ure of Flo- of"Ca ..'s decliningto be baptisellin the Jew .d t aa ilo ,r8,ethe c'areng el'^ ^
a n. ,H e... o....f ,'Repr alives-. .I'.. th. ots m an. and boarded at ilhe ,'e~sidle ,,ce of iM rs. ri,., at its recent session- -p,,blsh d in ann'- faish the of 7 S and b a fl lhjsidig ed Of a rB
of -Florida 3' GeneA'i .Ass Wol bit Aoinc d, Wolf. At five o'clock on Friday afternoon, r a s recen, ,n,-pblished in ano. fa,,l o the Epscopal-Church." dead w great impottande ? ff in he "ba lric...
That le second, iifd and l'ii Sectons 2d mot., ;I l,>ly called at le boarding house Tlis preten-ded replied, instead of an- etusallof the dead be no part of loe wer eun.
of said- act are liertby repealed, and file 'ol- of Mrs ""Oll. :ind walked into, fhe enliv.-- swerng, lrie r huestiton, sets ow" by anbwerina ,,.o wb-, hu olomo 'r Catho ., '*i d o -,* '!La
( L = iowing-adoptetd .imicead thereof: MIveti,,o 3trs. W. she sad--"eetthat *publca.on of a b.,el -' sipf Ud,, why so. Soloor ar,,-
-alo t d rit a t er o : iet n M s.W st s i ad mqIue .st~,on (hat had not beer) as ed. 11In -...
SEc.2. Be itfartier enact, i, i Tlai,owheu. vyior door open ant took lhe liberv of walk- articlee from Inquirer," in our paper a an untimely bi'tih better than for a Ban !n its niiaaike. : J^fea ia t^
++ .. ..... ~~~~~~~~ ~~~quire- d (id not intimate that Ciot. Crom- .. ....:. ..,.._tL ." .
:'- ever-tony capian, pilol, engineer, first or ,np in. I caiiie to see Mrs. Howard." Mrs. lOinighi back, should have induced a reply h I- have one hundred children, and rive'made Apalacnierl4,'ia ^ta,.?^ ..
S- second, mae, firemanii, dck-hlian., merchnl, \W. said she would call Mrs. H. and imme- of such sort that it provoked rejoinders well had not been aptise ; Ihe wr-i t years, and at last be wiltout.j^.- : ".__..- *y :; "" $.- .,-^
bti1ider, ,inm.eri; ,man, ci," an) oilier pierson, diaielv went up stairs for 1briht Iurpo e. The without number. uipon a subject which can erefow itakes Josenn of Airramatna provane dor .-. .... --i-.a.^-7 of ,--r,,-
7 i ,t r v f b t l t l e i t i e t t a o i y o s iu c h h is p r a y e r b o o k o f e o u r s q 'w o u ld f u r h i s l,-.i n. .i g r e. a s p c.. .. .M i l r h i t, t lt t h
:y..- sliall have ary claiu, or dehtl against Ihe mutrderess was afterwards discovered lo be pr' o' uc but liayer inonkes of cors mwould fur nme, m in g'r a s, ~t,. enr, r. Me. -DTO .i* .a .r....tfl.
owner or own=t,, n l WIN, V.essel or ,er coatn his, Ili--, first wif e. h 1 ,..10 g.rde.. a w r b, "'o uo sae-/ ;S:r 1"
prescribed lu ilhe fii-qse'ri,)n of file iet to Mis. H. soon came down, and upon meet- our readers. \We wish to avoid --aiding ... .im '% "hs answ"" our Saviout's body was laid Why were ? ." : O ,i ...o.#r,.^^
which Ibis is an anlenei,, lor %ok or i Ie fsi,,2.r. lier sru at her and alser ndnheilling ile prm"ulion of any In -ii of 1 Inquirer's" asking whether Mhs r o fs Eleazor and'Jos.ua J'' ^ ':?-^-
labor pneform,.d n on sun h v..soel or ander anl pluuSell a knile into hPr neck, sever;n, alts, .,di,, o encourage ,ecrien pre- co ary t the rules of' lhe Kpisco- erred "" upon the mountain? Is 0 ot' e .., r".. ,.- '-.
~ ~ .fi o, l~ I -ees leirleitd,, oi- l.r mate- file ji~i-ilar ;nml ihem walked off. Ins p.; ,, r i lP l ('liurc b iilrl a ya -'u ,. ., B ra f^ e e d '*^ l<, afi
ol "01 piel is. H. rch lI tr a minister to bury a'" un- un.-... ... ". -B't al o "" ''"t n'
-ria is. t- ,vis lo -;,,' or ii ;ree i iislird t o. lipmae'h .ro-,rdele bac into thl ae-lhe kall le h blood" ,. ices or I, portion of ilif- .. . know n that ( i le fu neral 0ler v *" .rites of h -.".-H_-'
+ ........ ..1,... vitoi ..... -1 4L un, hre.n .5r.r/ ._e m n~nl ~ i~ n~ e ;ad :t~,b wq that the wi'ter knew, and that w s.n ne vte. .. Jw o~ .:,v + .a .o.,..r "< ^-U,,, '
816""si or 41,.% Niti,,y 1.il-e ,jid it. h, .;,'(! t.Ilaln or, litte. 51r. H owiard w as In+ tih le otr e at tle n eations upon Th~e sul,.ec t o lie 15,trial fr'-llh d h ed B'PTI g ,ardb c u eit .. e v ce o o .W Y s o D W lr e h e d I,, "
: .- -f debt, Cool' e olf fl, Ull i 't1C, oln( nn, and upon hein'Z _'.delr.,!e a'it I hd lid olB, and niowi had heede BAPTISED, andhbecause
o' -flie coulv in wlhi;!l,,, ..l .',:-.,I OW;I iI cl, lie seized a knife, and calltnt, ile --" 1iq k -ind dying man. far froe his wife, his PlSCOP .L ^lTD ,im m... ^., ,f ... --e 'ni+r "'"
I c r a if t I l l l i .f I, I,.., ;i t I li i d.it iiIn sfh, in i ei e Sier ru r d e r e s ? r n s h e tl d o w n s i a i r s r O L D 'nA T I -l --Thre w e a t h e r f ( -, i i i r i fj .r O F C H O R C H S E.V I C E --?, '- ,-. .wil hiys.r ,
S* p o rt, o, Ip c e D 1f .tl i)n:,r ., ,. o,n I l ,t 't ll t e -- b u t s lh e Ihn d .n n le h e r a s.c a p e '.T l~e b le e ,I. C O D ^ ^ T ~ ^ o o n e a o s. n s fr... .. ..d .oiae a t e p to ru n an t m .'b ereen of "- -"e ...c h .t t'c, " r" P i
- : ,snM e h bten ''e i..ii 'fT-- In r.- lp ,n .l,d in,, ohi-c f h1 hi ve was wnihing in death e1 fve da s ol'lasi week, w,,s intensely cold Ilali; rti ordinance of" baptism, which had .. ... .. a .. siily eonf rmed lo'tiui h .r tt.
n o t h el'oi e l lie saide tle il s i. ,ll i., ne %, % lii b elb re h m1 ; iti, l hie b ec am e fr;ia n iic. P u rsu it fih e fro s t d es no y tni aill ea rly g ard e n veg e- b ee n re si ila rlV ad m iniste red an d ih e n b e d se asaonic riht h a nd orer ofa i io a idf T4e lpi sc :.+. o r',>itaeh ie, n^a n-..t .+,.!.l ^:-1 ,,,'w:n% r %:is m ale for alie m nrdere s, h ,,t :.he rou h] latiim together wi lh n g r.^t num ber of fruit R BAP TrISED 1'bv one who claim ed to be d spen station, andh t ,e rightsg oera
- cra'iH, ,' in,,I~ije tj il,3 ,iext ri,,,n of /hie lhe lIind no where. Mr. John L. Scolt. Drees. T!,e I.irge *nd hereinfoie tliriing men to make rules or laws, for the
; i co1r1,, direced to Ille shfrIil', % II,, .-hall exe- mnenmber of Council from the S-ecnnd W ard. _7 ment, that would set aside, or eon ,ra
cune te f ai e bv It% upon Ike ves..el o0 however, ine, her a short time ,ifler ihe nnapl:,n".1i'" o C'al*t. A. T. BE.r'rT, ties." iheefire the Rev. Mr. Zimmer de- the la| df.6d, I regard as ,resumi'ous rich=, slm, d b te up ji g i' or
;ier .rafilt. whitIh lie -211all ..tke into pos- min rder, of) Fourth sliar.., near Vine, when nuinl~prng about four Ihousaud )Dung elided lo attend lhe funeral ofCapt. Crom- exeein l i o f'
... : session and cnu,t ,,l : P ,ri,,'l,.,, holo (t,', she called Ilis -, mention, by showing hiim a trees, h:!s, we are sorry to le:irn, b oep en- well, or allow him a Christian'burial an exceedingly simple, w o on ^Of0.i<-l..a'. 1
T hi .li f esl,eti r m y h.ny levy up -on ,m, r.petiv iiile ,eekino with blloo,Id, and excl:,,ming- ,it lv desrro,'od Such l stpel" has not hs I desire not lo be misunderstood, but questiyg the remarks by. l e- l h ..hr l _
oi. board the upesel or wvater ci.i't behl,r,,nir, "" I have done if !-I killed her !-can I gi tIe, ; known'in tlhis iatitude for a number of to be regarded :isa candid inquirer after truth, s Ingle He sy (hal are cam-
lo fhe ,wner or owners ilieret. in c.,,s lie ilii.in..uch owt of Howard ?" She whs de- hi s logic. He says Christia a
can finli slifticient sitrli )pr-n,,woy to sal,.-i ;er.mine-d in her manner. and her eves had y ea rs. rhe weather has ijow nmndernted, I ;sk, how did fhe writer ascertain that Capt. handed to rejoice with those that dn re sir, I ha'e'-'mell ,t lacking i^Tibj-
- -.: said clhim or dlcbt. the ghire of' a hminiec. Her hand and arm and for some nys pd.Isi hns been delightful, Cromwell was an unbaplised adult ? Again ; joiee, and weep.with those h aiy-for el. he burial oft ht.
.... ;.. SYRc. 3 Be itfur//,fe,,/, ,/. 'TIh:. vi,%cn to fhe elbow wern bosmenred wilh bood. andl blasts fromn the icy North" having g_.lve, why should flhe burial service of the Epis- that the buria sv e final ieep as u a ^.-.lr -illy such c-:.iin~s or J>-hi Nh!iill ;ie lot liliN ilere was -;nie spots upon lier lace. Mr. S. ,,.,plc to file -. injiim hreahino" breezes, of o i Churc hav to be alee to mak that the burial service is princip;ly m ed .-? *" "^ "S^
dothrs or [lit, (1, o.,h!les:;id sh..Illbe % wis so completely confounded hs ihissin.ll_0"3 11rahg beee f o;l(huc ae, ealee omk dtogv ielo o h ypih f h '.'"l rtof -~f^ o
-oile or ;- pea I ce ol'the lar meeing, that le suffered he-r lo p; n. the tropics, cmii,,on sense ?" In burying Capt. Crom- 'dtog drci to le si ""ro"
district in ihle. ihe v,o.. t,r vier c>,,li She was arrested at a 1lie hour that nighi FwMlNiE OCCtePATION.--The lwn welwr wI the W'iler have the kindness to cleryman be requested lo attend it, this Minister, ofln. ehtfelhato"a^ .
ma" tv ll i e,- lie, v h ;Io a %;i it ol aI- O lCni. Howard's snion liih lhe deceased, a ,,i Lf a,. rCp. --The isU i say why this alteration should be made.? clergym n be re]qu es 10 ane
o= tac[tineni, dire.ie~d ,o ile s o,,stable, who file Clncirlmn ni Con1m.,'ciTW sRy :- .2 C,,p1. clerks of Mass lchuseis, in making out ihe s wy this alteration should be made? as a it bea s "their I e oet-
shiall excc'ute'tlie -,iane iv a lh..v upon it- Howard nvmrried again (it is so,'/.)" -O'flte census, firidl i, drit, ilcuhy in arertaining Yts, he s answers clearly and fully, Capt. vice had been so rendered as to be lhe Th'o"fh J'"1,'. col ins I as b,.- t.. -
vessel of,' %,ael c,>,'. .iilji,', l,.>,',ver, ilo lie nunhrderess., il say.-: Mrs. H. was of a" ieoecul>,iion,,f nnried irls .ndlhovs, L. o'nwell was not a Chrisiian!! What only formula that would give a properdi- nfines hinlfifip his'acwii on~v~wn.
same provisions ,as i!, ihft lpiectdlig section impetuous and determined len,..ramen--a a ,e,liI llv liw. and one of Che t.rites w;13 Calit. C.? \as he a TURK? or was o symnathy of Ihe mournersC is Waoslmt, li doa TricRil aI^aai.
+"./" of'this act..' wonl:in atlf mnny accomplishmenim;, ahd ea- lie a Mahometan ? I would here respect- A t in th l a d t ace>rding t0 the
Sic. 4. Be it .'u-her ta.w,.,. r, llillt e pable of occupying high places in socieiv- to the Sccl rvth s .. I..
vessel or water c raf, or oilier properly so and felt her htLmiliation in a keen degree, My ., voc.,hula,'r' is not extensive enough fainy askhy what meaC s p thwws theolo- is no part of the Bible which binds a min- or, as he says Bl.e.2 ".
leiid ,pon, n.,v he r e ,',v ,l ,n lhe s',e ad id oien worn ,evene. lo express in u snele word ihe occoliio ?i.,' aserlinn ll Capt. Cromwell was Dot -sfer of any Church to bury iha dead"i I parew oo mef-l tt-co-ia'ln i asr ..P mI
-aia e r a s i n r oili e r i. ',e s o f' : l l ic h in l ; T o f i n ii r ie tl J u iu n g la d ie s,. C a n 't d oi b e i a C h r i.t i i ,n ? I f w e in s is t u p o n h a v in g a W i he re o f ahis h u r c h o b ti ry r
,:Ind,heno,,.te by pero, :,l s ,cer ui,on fIle THrW. \ TO TO ArCDA BABv.--A Chip- ,e,',h-,an .et, down-- relarrigf.,r Mat ,Lirc ,eply to this question, then in that it is in a he New'Pest i- sir, I ,ie See, in.' t..
on en-r or own eprs, nr hiv Iulilic;,tin andl all pwa Idian) hi1s been led tuning in Ha rtford, revoidnc clear, co cui speak ? If you say it is in lhe Nere.hi ro. v .- .W
o%:;ner ^ ^ oferowners. orreflyuesldevenino ic and*aJV-epI5 we l,:ive evidence clear, con~clusive, ,oi hto ato h ilB rp~* a^ 6^ '^ 1^
'l],e subslquen l~ro l~edi .+_s In n lti, c f.,,,n- w here, in a leciture on rtuesd.a y evenin,2,. a v..I a
'lifenced ;s alb~es;.ishp.ll he Ie sae as wording .0 the Times, he adhdlhe hldies Gov. D .--1tie bili lo restore (-,tjj,. and irefanable, that the Rev. M r. Zim- b authority was ibis command given/ surplice i'bpr Ttytr 'b ok hA i ^.
lln~c in a suit un~ler ihc cil,.ral l.if ol" at- of (-.arllOrd In tie their babies, n.s soon as Dorr o lhe e,,joyient of has civil igits, ,er a"", ls scribe both knew that Capt. W i the Great Head of the pj *riaiia fron' of drj.' beariodeld bodjegv!f-i
lachmnnts o1" -his S.1e. they were both, to a board, bind ihcni down C, omnl'll acus regularly initiated into the ors, as well as etizens:_t-Ti 9
..... i# /r/., ,* ,,." That it lifhl, awl keep l'e -li er, most of file wa lost in fie Rhode Isl.and lo se of' Rep- 0 Church? If so, why should not this corn- nee h n. .' i-.-.
.,j, .&c 5 Be itf url~-ictuh:, i r~t i 14 i.1 and" kee il ,,,hi ni(pi reset n livess oni filie 31 st uIlt., byl ecsin Ch sim C urh b leodna eolB P,. ... eer h ug f- c ao iieve s ( !
shall-,n itbe held ueccs -iiv. m suin, ot il any ree fill thev are tell nIon lhs o Pn] T his h 1 h 'i nd beie is..-- .':..ni
writ ofattaelhmeni n,,:.r Ihis act, ot,, -et f.llo h hoop round ihe head," lie says anllhen v,.e of the anetkir. TtSM l'hs evidence is furnished in the ministers are not Christians? and therefore wa lb e s a Ch/z atw^1-o i "
lhe owners of s.,id .seePnVhor-A N Cu;N'S 1.,s.-The N. 1i. "rl when 0h bIrt gets knockeln or ,,o part uf ,nre Bibe binds a rialer o, '... ,_--...,,
-he coii nln ell,;tan.il Ihe bolal, n l lh'e break lhe c l 's nose. He suns..pNt ni ar---, .i. child'l orsh." H e ?- e r d il. 1)RE ho o0r.orild.r. Les answer rta..'..TERlE-
onas e n e -d ,aiulenh i ,.and I he, :nltaniaspet as follows, "You see ladies. Expre,,; sends out the following :-J) din .- ,-,.any -wiirch to bury the ileadt],, e .'" .?
lasMer or m.. of s.1.- ;iPandio, ... .. "m f. L 14 i4--CAP-V, CROM WELL ARE _, M H t ea a f, feyS
any suitabate, for-w!,, of the na-ef or names-- h-l -d1^-?-=?-aw-^."'ei -e halds Van B i,.rn ,met Mr. Fill onnrf allh.._Lu^-- ", ,-lease answer a plain, serious, cann ,i .. -.
w- ; t are -tied dow n, so it can 't scratch its ow n
rof any ownp or ow ner s of id so..,aliroa. 3011 of I".s r .-o "^- r M ETHODIST I t OI "'rn Chllreh, td S t h 'i
or olher w;ier cr>l l. eyes ;out, and can't scratch its mother's nMr. Fillmore. now ;lat ... w.ir1 o cn o in s 'r" as
Pa, .. d' breast, too it can't wriggle about and get gigt i i 18 hn o oofnie nossei
,: [Pass. d S..-n..,te. le:n l-rceibi 8+),.1!..! Pa.ed b e s o; t a "w gl bo tan"e "'gg,' "i, n "'sln i. 'so ofe sv n on i e...rt....eca A-ets r-wre l+y' de< -ta w
Lor, d; `enl.ate. ll.,niq, 3,)" Srofesimn o sm For the C om m ercitil A dvertie .w r I .y t d e to a ... .--l..ro .
Houze of KJpre-pniii-...,.-uaury 3, F-19. Ap- very Ifired; it can't bend over, and must you are III office," said tho hopeful hicir ol ,, I cldtory as sone otherparis of i. MR. EDITOR :-Looking ove h I -ia nr.-'i' -
r proved by lhe,. eri,,,,J.nnaiy 1849.3.1 grow, ,straight- when the mother goes out 'honor. -" .)i, 17,r you ?" said the Vice Pros. *m' .i* l E ,, l -, .- .o beli--r-L
:< .: ,AN ACT, afifierherbs, s-he can hang it on a tree, and ident elect, good'humoredtlv. wee hIll d.) F-o r i'n^r.,t l ; If-[ u s insist headn knowing number of your paper,, I read an arine ^ le Ep.reopla o i-even 'fth ie,,..
,ureped][heR d Laws 'na'nd for the ountyof snakes can't bite it; when it -cries, thP nothing --we ,Joii'( know vb u. GenFci'.,l Churchi service could headed a Buerial of the dead,' a.n s i c pn e, no i sie do ,,.l.eo M.h.t, ^ ,c,',
Franaklin. m "other can swing it- across her back, and I -;ot he in burying Capl. Cromwell ? with a star. Had lhe slur twinkle
,. SE~CTri-ON 1.. Be it ,.,,,.ct7 .i. thit Senate roAk it so- (swa>yng its body to and fro ;) Taylor ,Iill aeetainlv re.l-em his pillae to \ ,, i w obcui t o t i t no al11 rt r h ," ":'
Sin f.,i,; /. */{ ***- *, i r sw Ing it bod to an fr ;, Ti W1-1 is 1'li relp y When they were obscurity would not cloud aboetnrai* hysulyheiM^itKtenBc
and Housq t,/ Rtli,'d.,,,t,.,l't.s, / the ,_ate of anti oamncfrry it great distances in this man- us," saiI John. Pled|e wir.t ,lth-dg !"
I I., i. ilik 'l thi par of fil Ch r hs rie,_o p lmo th o asn
Florida in c.,u.r.tl A-.lit cw,. vit ,,e. I',. a I "nertoo; can sit it up side of the/,wigwatm, Tt one hle g.ve at Bupena Visi,. no i.i n? "1'is part "rlhe Church service compel me to throw a passing. ray. of ,h. form for. the bnrial,0 offhet,- e.
from andA, a-'teplhe pas-.aig- of tlhis act, alr ve-ry handy ; -and when canoe turns over, ih*-v remrniberetl lhe impressive words of upon it. Ivt ii alone "allelheJ*^''!J"bLti#b'&d.
'rlaws r ,claonil 10f ro.,,IF ;nnl ndlihways in fillnI ihe child bweSi off -on 'the board,hnothdrown; ,eavc "his wJit cie hn him.",, Jesus (-i.,t : > Let the dead bury the dead.' The star says-" it is only fsr the benefit eni, t wil Idnilii and qui, '"at'-
I he coum o F1 mhikn, be and rhe'.m ,nd is bacau nt breoark across his mother's .MR. CLAv.s ELrc-rCoN -The vole in the L A those % ho are dead in trespasses and of the living, that a' burial service is ever and howly Iollower f ee r
are hereby repeal. arm, because the board supports -it; the ,?
SgC.:,2. Be it fluthir cnncf^,! That it child can't crawl intothefire andburnup, Kentucky. Legisl~mnure,, on fhe election of Sn Fins BURa THOEOFTHIR OWN ORDERt." used," and when -said overadead man, ahe least, does 0olsuvrt~mu..-'-.,
shall -.Je'the duty of fhe C,,uiiny Commini;- too-can leave it long time, all safe-so 1 Mr. Clay to file Senrate, siood as fIollos :-_ The writer of JLis uncommon production, does hfim no good whateverr." The word siit of christianity, a..getier-yl tutS
Ssioners, to rtpfunJ aill flues ;and h~irl,''litres think-th'is much- best way, ladies-- much Clay 92, C'ol. R. M. Johnson -15. ;is il" lie wais determined not (o be misunder- r.E PER makes tfle expression general, andl" stool, nor of hoannT In the.aead,'tsv fe art^
;heretolore, collecvc.d In anl l r h :i d c:h OLIDI best!" .al,_, ,. -soud ;s lo u he were dead in Ii'espasses and consequenlly includes the tl burial service" for ilie living, &c.e.'"
-of Franklin. h la sg'e mtrrasn +ag n -T c^ahdfiii .in oe> n ri^,&r ...*n -
-" [ Passed" "l"he" Selate re,'nmber 16., 1848 Pr,ed.: ralTle adelaug~h. g veh t' ias n bya e e-T erahdf.NrlEW Vor:.K,B' m~'Feb. u12, I"1^9. in ,sns, rely gravely informs us rhat T.'BE of lhe Catholic chure'h.. The slat has r~o .Did our pllgie~ni. Reci-'n'r'. or.t ,ltK.-.Mt .
_: the Hou~e oi lie re.-eiiiditie.-..,lccei,,ibipr2, 1".-.' opra tU-m Caioua METrHoDIT.r BURI.AL SERVICE isS so RK DER- right to say sa, wilhoul Cath'olielp rmissi,-n. Capl. C; was;.noo;, a. ":.d~e..c,..-....ia3
": : Approved by the tuv'elnor. L,.e,-.n,l,,.'r 28, 1848 ] -YE Iow FBVER.-- Hab you got de ja Ihnlp orla ril o lodyt tt ^ SI. TTOBoOmCTO ABCaNTlS adiahois o ldnrnia.. .os .,py no e a d a '. r %
I: e of Get, ^ 1^ ^ l-i. ii, a re.ei a"^r;s.lahlr ssfr es what lpnrlporis lo be Isle accounts from eASY-" Therefiore, the CHRISTIAN lMlN- what is untrue., xns.s? W. .,,,~lorp
.- .nee'ing in Alexni'lr'ia I',-*, ih+1 tnlefit of the- Hu~sh your motuf o'b dose 'insidious capa- California. Thiey eonfirm Ih llcmosl exir'a- ISI-t.R, ill ihe benignity of his soul, recom- Catholic bu-rial "rlerviee" is, in reaility, cul,'l vo- b, the lontkpr..nlUiip^rm]~ iS 'i^
Orplthan.Asylnm ;.ndla Free -Schooi of' tha~t- risons, Snimbo !, I'se got de Kallnmfornea- vagant iepoit- from ilie -,:old region.,I, it ws nwtr, ded llhe friends of the deceased lo in'- performed for lhe dend man." who "* is he;i'il of the dying man ? : H.' hd no giJl^/
( c-ilr,.relaletI h ,ll h,,,'lo in;'" ^neellote : gold fever--wen de crisis arribes, in de dell- tte .. ... l"u .ll.o.. --.+"-sw n l vieleM ih ds lrg m nt b r a i n ld a il le eh."o nhe o is l C rsta"-l/ bcas~7T^
p"- arv withnohoe u-or roo to sheherht i sa or e -egu ob perpeta od a s golddust hiad been collected, *and uwas now (-'l,,i.'mell. Thie inference and implied an- departed soul, and not specially for lhe hen. he did i nn\,,mmutne in Ilis'|a.O'l'.'m..'
"head, nolpalrnlr ma~te'i+.a.:l^ rtpo Saimbo, perwided congress dus not perliibit' coming to lhe United Siate.s. AtSainFran. swe,'hy) ill-'\Methodist cle,'gynan should efit of the living, except only as an effect :l"' an'e;ithly "lPriest," but'.wf~f
-tect OrF direct llnl ou- hiss-waiy, .reached a-t "us to 'take Ovtr slaves,, and .Drer real estate cisco wasone millionn of<.dollari t"aiting shlip- b'ury Capt'. C. is clear and phliin In every from a cause, secondarily. ('rp:it []ead nr~ft'Yte Chinreh ? -.' 7: *w; ^^.'y.
niydltllall tlie lhoise -oT -rich-pIlanter-, who ,,., .8,; .,. ... .. . ,A ment,, e'onm on sense reader. Do you ask whale it W e Calholics believe inl a middle stlets Folo n .. .. ,u .. ..ih .(if,^,'-.J
...,,i ,.,. h;,n in, fe o +. _. ,.:and .ent... l or n ,. -.," et...~r, o .s na e e m n. i._ .] Tilt answer, I have said, is clear and and Iherefore Iollow our departed memberss wonhl of course have ihe ", orde~r.of-reth
n i ~ l r ^ ^ a ^ r d -"^ E^^ "*i ,= 'r-. h -- 11 he ao n are a ndh w isi e o ur vi i m r w hit e~ woic h n ew nr niap e" .t-a o o w .osrn h ^
wclith nrsh c o rn e 10 atl wi" ~ bla gues 't" be. in ho ~ e' l n de gol EIHT E D i--E-iht lo unaei ee V ra rez b ulold '^ ol'c hpie A ealwl u getE c aitcscii e u w re, .... as he -,ty, --* t .;
ties of life. .' irs? roiled rotmd ; P-rov-i- If you includes to take. de stages, "Pete, 1 in thisn civI)rnIelmees n Vora ocr~mz andr is>l.l a~ndof'~s cours ilte unba lised s Aoeall alis, oud praersat/ u ch aresti e sa riie, uri alownorer,"J or, ash -a :,, t ..f t:
dents led' hln oil,; e haditreached thie legal shall detract my remarks on your appear- connectjli i~lle lille, so ilh,,t paissengeis c:,ui thu. oihrr d,-inoiniualions, of lhe Christian of our faiilI working by wholesome and so- The"Episcopal form-for .Ib'e' .+.Jtui~itil.j

.f o rren H 'a-+id iB S i i r a c< i o o _l fro m 'th e w id o w ',e ,,ee t ,ii _.u r in "B elk t~ a p t re a t -- y o u i s a e n d v l i ll c i p i l v n i l l l i b l m > o l c l o a a a r o e f r ln ea.ansv n d vdTi s w l m l t e v a v l .i l f 'b .a e s a -d i.ng ..~e a.O p l. .i i , -'

- ;,


:!,. -'
+ ,

2 ." d

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r .' .:;*

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'^,,. -.

]lerest- ies. Sle -.*., 'or the -earest Coh- "i.r;ce .lto iew te coireo sex : you is late the Pnnania Route. TSh e,'cs are ton de.ceiiil:.ll lhe Apostles," u1lcigristian benefit of the living." W e hold that our ig upon ihe;Istemain9.0f ."rt a-t^ ^
that gre-nsageese. pleed in about si eeks, nd iil n ii of a bial seice ? Thi is "burial service" does tie departed great more,mu re,deeply-
1VOuW~l 'O d~ tO be tile i ,thltnn boy years E m t .i buldn o yo r pesn e teamners hj:ive arrived oti, in the: Pacific, th. I ,e dc iiine' now t io in "uci i oo, and ir ,. l belev -th..artt~w
tr- i "h, r i by .u e,,- ._- I sailing ve.-eli will hie emploveI io ****i -o' --a wi esom'ed-thoughi to pr f- "- ." --.a l go
.. .... .. .. ... w ticea.e.--,Boston P-ost. t1- his ;rit h- --ind Iro n tihle je-red--desk, in arnd-" wlolg if'th u it o pry Ir e ouIr ea" w th a .e l g ,fflplfo
ceawed hlu sbmlni T llh! ,inm l,,i ,ll Y i L._ tm .,.. ... ...passengers betm c 1ael naedn 31'.' . is o Y -S n t e c n re ai n we a et ug t "i rr ed h t t ir iie edlanat erst,; f l r r w -d a d r a f.1i -lifll~id'.~ t
a n d -en o, s 0 i ud e w a d d e d t o M M p t s-T. N e ,w -ci c o W Y .'n .h c x e a r e t g t ,F dr
,the- ordtii ii' moves: eCIIitI Laf. )y11 eiYhore Tribune retur ns thanks to the' Hon.T EPISCOPAL CHURCH BE NOT THE=ON,. The solemn and melting jeuiem--the by 4he.very ablest.ritten se mB .d.t"
.pro .ss 'oin.' "Iri.' 11111 her cause" o.. GreeleyHfor document. This re- TLUhi re- MPS OF GOLD.-The largest lumps of TRUE CHUMCH,' JESUS CH'RIST WAS AN IM- Psalm, "Depofu ir--or the Lord's Pray- ,bY the most .el-bq.nr't, erI
wiTl not e;i6.ily .to be resisted ; he gained it;"-y.- us of a pihviciam in England,' who gold recorded in histories of gold mines, POSTER;" andwe ar u h er chante.-n our," uril s .
theSwrduw. ;e~ and-le we-t~ ag0 ass re rh t al en; I ha tdi .o r -, buI se vc ,. 1, m s og o spu~ !:m lle .Ia!.- ?
a I w -y -, I -fe on hi -vst _n 's ar as folo s-Olo d -a tl W cko
the-wtl,,w s e.-,,,,rs we,'e ^.-,nK-, to her ",n ,ai "yg: .perpetuity an.I %l r Si. h< ,-'l,. ddhoI. with a'way, -,, a he to ler ,in- a fee th'at mines in Ireland, weighing twenty-two. # .- v .... .. -
ani emphasis o, emo'lonthbt sent Hselecr' -', ;n pulse, etook a guinei ouutces; one in Peru. weighing-twenty-six are SEEDS o 'rHt SERPENT. Should ted star does not la S:Dein,,ofibalefr *ed.-na,row-mided eet.i-lsf.-t, ha^
thiidruhu h os, -taol.,f bnle etnot all men cease to wander -at the timprove a |eI 7 e, ednal -toe ieCuc,
bIhr'tl irOygtott the house,. I V"y1'1'fromo.e *ol + cket a.. ,laced it in the other, pounds and a hM lf; several in Quito, report- a p w t instruction, apd therefore of lite beneil, ady y .- "t h. ..t+''
boy stands bfi.,rr. you. -- Jl "* orcester Spy. ed to have weighed about one lihildieI and ments and new discoveries, in, the arts and in his estimation, t-6, the -i"livin,," Why tfpersisieu.in will tapidly^BnhiJl, '--
,I C...TA iosi ...i:-BoI.LE.. .-.L.. KIS A. SIX pounds ea ore in-.Leano, North sciences, when a young Christian, minister hen- does the disseiznt.iar'!"+; "ius ^:Had a circuntlance'.- lart@'t h
,tfdRU -S. TI- N ..,,t IN S EAM N.. -.....E,.-..l r 'T'o SOME'PtURP'OS .--7-- story Carolina, found in 1810, which. weighed ,. ,. <= .. .+ i--? "..,, ", -,- ."' ..:2 -
Cave' e t .eeminent French E. .e"r all-, ha' r, \cl d our earou of a singular'cheme twenty-eight pound'sn;- nd one in New, re- r deter" mines, .is- own inventive genius only for the be nefit of l Iving, thatra.. .ap. .. cc re l. ay .r it
-mounces Ihat he has ascertained that a num- f raising funds, which was hit upon -.nd .a,, which wei forfsaloa ltktronIt ta risn fu at don w ich l wasrht hedno 'jq,' that ,ieenteteuso altepoesr-brilsri see s
7. .er of small o blo.,s, thrown into steam- -pu it) pThcic aeta dlonaetion paarty hetld not e These we believe, are the largest of the Christian Religion in the United ance with the suin-light .. he Mother venture to predithe.l.a.
. eirs, -has t~e. en_c ,tc.nn p.li teJ pVre.ent'+ nmore thsania ili!0tismid n', ies off. It appears lu1 so e o d 0"" aoar n a tsddn.rsin n e d C u c ,,n t i ~ it s d r l '~sil C u eiw ul a 6 li~ieJ; i. ]b l
'd Ili-at It, ii 511 M- lient Io rec r 8tat ^ L,.,..nbaptised, unchristianandseeds Church. monthss point,,is darl/ ..ChcBolbe^
"'a inrs ... ........,oD ,, r an,. ,,, ,, I hat some ofttteki~ssable ladies present actu- -. "" --- ,, .. ;.:.... ... L .. .. v" -" -,,, '" "/ '' .. "
0eneew tem aouloncbout once aI thifor1ytalowe ther sIf, IN eo betatheir sweet lips11 to be teaestntedWerethet iof the th Prest'and he pws n ltherneinglie"D .,..u^,
be eue, and we h.ope it is, it -is ceirainly a h ei rate of fifty cents a kiss-this being c pron- Ls likei's. l ol Pvery valuable and important discovery. Albany a tiae -very lt e, 1 b p
M YSTERIES OF %nFSM HRI- 1. 1^bea, c1r tw mopoing, 'that 'One of the volunteers who are kin y asured that 11 ..e bu^. of t h -.neqntl ,-e .ti.g, woul. ..,o ,_ o.. ..o -,.. _ia ".-t,^,,^
daySbUrg Register st" "nd 'I rver. 01111. _." California in C. 6. dead is, no p rt of the service of God.?, 'If t-benef- t ed-'n '; W :I ela i nght s wlst illnoss ..e ce ,
Mrs. -Looniis and *" Missa Martlin," wereir ai('' evev. ;,- Stevenson's regiment, bad reundw ti(his assertion- be true 1ask ibis~t , [ic, ex-ibitions of ieitsmer-ism.itithat village, ^Abeitutiful oriental, Lroverb runs as, ol-, fifty paris ofs~~o~ ^ therl dust. Like tohe resi'ofn^.a~
-t ^Mis,!-1i'Mr'i^ liv Blfrel''s"W lim nn p nlen the ulberry' anda^ as-i'ieyneciid; osru neglecietd it in utter abboirence'f` Did not centuryy5 In. llI mnr ddC siisKndhsri Htan-t ^
11n, d''mirl-, il ~appears-, resivicd tlhe claim; which Ie I`if becomes satlin." pair of whisker-s. Not wishing longer16 t he- Greeks a d11 Romnins, bold thei eda efr h last dutie's in honorobif-enrly htIn s't^ 'ei^
rcsu~~~~~~~~~~icd~~~a inf be. red ? copDid-to they, Ho-ecorai'n s lls esontoth upo'belieevewee nt neohtatb rtgcrd Dd-hfy:no blivetatth ter-Bt he' e ft dpa'e whhbi houht wrdepar4t~t^^ ^
v e s tibra tio n, a n d a d is c h a rg e T h e e v id e n c e ,i ,pa, ie n t aAi f- b e t s h o p s ,d h a d t he m t o A fte r w a ,ts a b u l a ffe c t th e p i i- a ah e MAi-e rro r G oop. au rro udd e d b y tcha o 1 6 *l e Ti O__.
disclosed iaiv of ltio "vs erips of. magnet- fictl~ty"is Ilieic t bat man sauld quai at, went out, tihe kniight,:*o the raor brush- + : r i ". -- 7"- ---. *.L. --_' ^
s ; a Iu Iff I co I I nn lii felt. i a wr__i 'Cat! CRo..plish *so muchi from ed from, the sron/ ly-coeitr, whtisksers is l -i l n o i l Ilftil, aJ it *eedido= kn wn a.s *ha a*r hilit-deof'ti-de '__^Wd=f !d
-, .. : ; .- ;: .. ,k ,h, lb l a,{" % the ,,- errjb 0. {! tpu -ii. ,, d dollars ,'.,14 of g old w ell as any other h istori-cal fact' ah !. 111fo 1 th-Ie mllspace,ailtl w ith li rayers p etti h- C l I['it n .Bh riial.1 '. .;l 'l^l ]
4 1 ic'-.. .. z -. :- ,I -1 11 -1 1 a g o -1; + + < '.-


... + .,

' ?*

- *"* ^>t

Advances on Cotton.
W E are prepared to make liberal advances on
Cotton, consigned to our friends in New
York, Liverpool, Havre, Antwerp and Rotter-
,dam. : NOURSE, STONE & Co.,
Feb J 46 Water street.'

P OTATO S--100 bbls. (p-lartinl) just receiv-
ed'and 6wr sale by
FebI 1- : ... B ELLISON & Co.

T HE subscribers will make liberal cash ad-
vances on consignments of Cotton to their
friends in Liverpool or New York. ,
Dec 28 J DAY & Co.

- AY'S Liliamel for- sale by /
- Fb ... J 0 ALLEN.&, Co.
W OODRUFF'S Dypeiitary Cordml, forsale by
T Feb 1 J C ALLEN & Co.


Albro,) Hoyt A CO,,
.72 John Street, .

OODRIUFF'S Worm Stpecific, fior sale by
Feb 1 J t_ ALLE.N & -'.-.

T HE urtdot-ifiri, will make liberal advances
J. on Cotton c.,n izned to his-friends in Liver.
pool, Glasgow, H i vf, B..'l,_,n or New York.
Nov -18.1 D B WOOD.

W OODRUFF'S Anti-hilimis Pill?. f.,r s-al by
Feb, 1 '- JC ALLEN &,Co.';
" I'/OODRRFF. ir.' 5_ lr u Elim ir, a ,'el'ijir cure
t Iq'-' chnlls anid '\c',fr,.l'..r ,-.l: h3
F.ebA J C ALLEN &-Co.:,

SCOTCH and Macat)tov, .in h,.ttl.-. arid-blad-
,ders,-just received and fcr sale by- '"
Feb`17 *- + H F'ABELL,

ARE now receiving into Store from their Fac-
tories, at Elizabeth-Town, N. J., a variety
of new and original patterns of .
Heavy Floor Oil Cloths,q
in widths of 18, 21 and 24 feet. They are also
receiving:from the Albany, JLansingburg, and
Utica Factories, in sheets of 1S8 -tbet in width, a
large 4asortment, embracing many new patterns
of their. '"
A iedium- Floor Oil 1Cloths,
Also, from the Newburg, Albany, Lansing-
burg, Utica and Maine Factoriesy; every yarifety
of patterns manufacturing by them, of their-4-4th,,
5-4th,':6-4th, 7-4th, 8-4th and 12 feet-wide
ILig ht'Floor Oa CioIhs, + ....
AlsoMahogany, Rosewood and figured 4-4,
5-4 and 6.4th English, German and American r
Table Oil Cloths,
Also, a great variety of newpatteris of,
Carriage Oil Cl. thns.
All of which' thbey -offer, to the trade on liberal
ti rms. 2 1"53
Jan. *2, l.; 4... .lan-35 52-3m

',)MPARA rive 1 ECHiE I PT.:, EXFOR T.Q. AMr N IF,-T ,;(: OF
CorToNN- a-r-HE Por:Tr rOF AP.\LACIICOL.Y,:,M
riH Flr'T. ', CE:'PVJ IB, Er re P ,.ArE, IN [HEH F r rI.-


, 'JRec'eipts.
. -, .. .. ... .. . '>}
1?J7. ..... ...... .....571C9
1846 ........ ..... .6 -16
3, 4.5 ...... .......... Z3457
1344 ........ ....... 77J52
1z43....: ..... ........ 72531


23(41 ;9
2'7 ; 2

T HE subscribers, Agents for The 'Mtna, In-
surance Co.," -Thi,:- Protection Insurance"
Co.," arif The Hartford Insurance Co.," of Hart-
ford, Tv-.nI., c-to i'repared to' take Fire, Inland
and I Kiit. ,k-, t. on as favorable terms as any
good office. I- J DAY & Co.
Dec 28, 1848.

Cotton Trade.
" Y E AR S
E.i R S. IA4,4- b-_,4"'|M7-s 11,ii7'"l45-6
To Great Britain- .5M4776 .263'41 .261617 .393745
France .. ..' 121472. 15:?193 .10.5f.19 .j11091o
OtherF. P'rtv. .121,S1 .12221n ..64334 ..41462
total Bales... :i05. .' 5 +3 .431-52i .546117
,receifpis .... .... 151 W96 1 1v2727 11012022 10623i,3
si--. -...... .3,. .. 592 5I .527524 .W0,4, 42 ,tin

.: Clarified St gar.
50\ 'ULS New V :>*; iri-Lit eivd
Vj and toir saletby
Jan l1 C.A GIREEN &,VCo. '

,VAiM,. HOUCK'S Pan-ev-n. juist received
, afid"for s.al<,- bv .
Feb 17 I I F ABELL.
-H ATS an Caps h3 the ,a: .!k i fo,r cashi by
.l. S and 'Cal B.l ELLISON & CO. -
'Dec 9. Cor. Water and-Chestnut st.":'
Drilgs n-id -ledicismes.
THE sitlbstlzber ln.-, jiitt re'e~elivedI litir Now
Yo:'rk, pIer bri- Vii',iiii-,. a larx-e and lii:;h
stock of Drugsi a nd JP li-.iciri,-, and all :,rlicle
isbalh' IIIe.-t i -ii-, line, to which he would re-
sp,:-ctlullN call tho att'ention ,ofhis frieri and
thc public generaih .. :.,
N.' 4 r"-" H'F ABELL.

Tlhe Protection Insurance Co. ol
New Jernse. .
T HE subscriber being, 'appointed by' the above
C Company -their. agent. for this city, is now
prep.ir.d to take Fire and Marine Risks.
May 11, 1848. THOS. L. MITCHEL.

:: Notice.
T HE firm of Roberts; Allen & Co. is dissolved.-
-"T Settlements w.ilHle made, and the business
continued by S C. RO(FRTTS.
Apalachicola, Jan. 13, 1849..

Bools antld ShBoes,
-FOR SALE, lby thei package, by _
*: i~em~oun .yreap. = :-:-' .
A SUPF.R[IR article, just received and for
sahl" by 11" .
Feb-8 : J C ALLEN &, Co.

*T-HE Copartnership i,erel iire ewiling under
I the firm of J. D: ATKINS & C,1, is thi.;daYv
dissolved .by *mutual: .cdnsent. -All persons in-"
deboedto, tl.te 'aie firm'will lple3se mrake paTrnOrit
to the. uld'ersigned, whi:jvill continue [he Gro-
cery business on his:owrJ accouni, at No. 53 Wa-
ter str,?et. .. : HENRY "YOTJNI( -'
", ApIlv r'I-iic,,l.. Dec.14, 18O4 r *** :f' "* : *

-:i., ,: .Lum ler. .--
VELLOW Pine, ussorgtEd size-' and qualities,
j_ Juni ,e', : '; C. ...
Oak Plahk', W\lietl'A'md. and Bucket Plank, for'
-ale by ... PETER HOBART,
- Ieb '-":. 'Co nanerce-itreet. :

needss Seeds Seeds!
G A-RDEN Seeds, iust rvceited, and f;r w-ale by
N,,v 4 H F ABELL. :

" ]P otsa-slt. .... .. -
0t 0 0 LBS. just received and for salp by
,'^ Nov 4 i H F ABELL.

/ 'I

m - I I.

WoNDERntPrL Ir T-c.':Mr. Hemy M.
qriWb-qiurqsY'- W;adhussetts,-in-
"'' for/"i eA -^ fi'fi'r.,ner"f V thai he
hadi dis-oe0"'di-a .a,a plhai, of-generaling light.
n ** r iNW". ICal action," from Ft~er-.anid
.l1l f L .P aiu^,._ays : I;O, continue -d ex-
1fiiime'pt ;atiift-~e~r.a'l8, and amu now-eja~lfed
tq.annquLPQe-, a suecessfl'ul result. I have
OnoH. Alight equal in intensity to thai
o.ff t~hionand-gas burners of tire ilaoest.
-I.lP i~gg" Altern'. with an apparatu. uc-
(aXpyi'i afri.fr.' ntiafe feet of roon,. ;.It a cosIt
o- one mill pet" ltur, tihe current df electri-
cily beiqg eyvolve.d. fy tfi.ixcion of machi-
nery- wound up with. a common lock key,
andi.heouly inaterials consumedi are water
*and lime.
I am Dno.w ehngne d in making an appara-
t as..for.15Ulhc'i exh ilibttou, \< bich will be com .
P. 1li.d tbis'wiiiter, and all iis parts submilled
to,.,pubiic inspection, except tihe .uueror ol
thegenerator., TheapjPiaraltsl shall exhi-
bii, one year, at the tdrnio-ation of" .hich. I
will itimake pub~lH :ihe, .mechaaism of the
"*-A-ANKNEl;,:'---Bm. frahk wilh the world.-
Fr 'ajifneas kti l child of honesty anrd Cour-
age. '-,.iust whut you pe,in Io do o every
oocasion" ,, i-ld.-ake it Ior 2roanted you meni
to do what is riabi. Il'a".lriend iik aj'avor.
-. .. you -should. gra'mn- it, I it is reai la le : ilf
v wro ngP hIm and wro gn youttielihy equi-
vocaiton al' any -kind. Never do a %rong
Ihing ,to make a jiend nor. keep one; the man
who-reqLuires yoij lo do 'o, Is dearly imr-
chase('] i :f sa'clifi,-e. .D eal idnlv but firm-
ily Z 6 ih iil, ni.'li' .,yon+, k il Ilih ,. rt tile policy
m, il ii-41 :.-mear". brst. Above ;,11, ,'i, n,'n np|'eir
.o llhers %11:l1 \()ml are not. If v,,u YOU v
:i ty f.iulis ,u lined \ w ili :liny te!l htim i.:,
rbiel. of %01h,1 voI.u rOMIipl iIII. T lite k5 ;io
m orte d -ila a ro-u.e' tlm I.. -n Ih'Ih Ih llm ol
It 11kelrt,,1,in t 10 h e o-uole llln Iu a nl iii .ll .IC ,
aund a oriith r lk hin'lhlis bm' k. \W e. hli.uhi
live c -'an'l ;lpeak 'oui l of dior., a tilhe
p !) S"'"-e ii, m ll -3; lv- and ,lo % %1 it 'x e ;t ill-'.
1i41, [ri, 1l',i bt- knnoiii andI r '-n, b.Y, m ,-n. It
is' m" 6,o bn~ bv-it: :i a in.ili r t If |it m ii l'l hl lt
111~4 111:1 kill'- k' -IW" !* i .'
- rB (n ;- or..- I ..
.F rF 'r r r -t '!I C ,, ri: i r t -, M \ L i r F., -
iA. N -w"vs.- T- ie Im-11 i,,m;,5 ns i l _i i1
then's m i lI at N u,'w V ,,I,. ,,l 1o,,..v.
"v i' il lhe 11'"-2 i pot n ;i ll e'ot llel(rc .1! ;:lIVI:-V' l i n
E'ur .pr biiiizlil'1)y Ol1e "- N i'i2',ra," miIl ih,
u.k1 It-, ilm~ir'i' i in-! mip li tice l tii ill-
fI .rk)ia,. brpL hiil bv Riih-eii Ailwhm F. I|.
.A N 1. Y .'(,i l> ei i.e i .l :\ l il l.iv ,v rliln "a %, :
-4 11t o t: ;1,.3. '(\VI N f'r,;,i \ 'Ai l ,' 't, I ,i ,
"(filifo.ria mn'ews -, ii, ,e every.l. Nily i.'r ;.,,
i9:>ti,, N O%% exprdiifii~m s ;ie I0l-1n,,11L'. .nro
th-s'e alre'la NI u n h1.'r 1 v, ry l rp mn..l.ijie ** e'r
'i.teiVO Or-a i i, "it stio l. m o-,.r.,,e n yov i,,ts
%dv'n <'Pil--sn lhave lr-ei..hil,.
T'"'.h Cl6il ti HFiitl. m-here? M r. Atolh t-
-ii 1 s :,yin tji is ill a .l.:n e ,. t1" f |,,a : So y. 1.e tI he CLrowd V.d'llinn 1), .o h:4te -I I di,
.w._ in. ..
I-in r .- i .s kita I h e "h e 'ce loin in I,.,Q
61nalle ii .verv e inmtirt'ii-le S)P-,Il |ti,,n ouw f1'
hij -" !*. (, .' '' in i -s Ol Si ul s<"ll ln L it 1,: Ili,:
newsi fpers, Nill ." ope?,.llilli on IC" Il n it
a~nll 'iv ] "
Amoiihoi N1ew Yirit h.tlct, olf lh;? c-ame,
'd 0:, s. ?x- :
!', T h" n \-.' Ir,',rom I' ,,l'-n,- 1 .q ror; ildol ',l
,/ i~ k' u ^ !".nl * r i',h le ( ) '.r i m li,.h n ,i .
lTinU "[LU ,si l,6"q-ili li:,n,,,~i. : .-li-n!'s 'h.,',r
o : i "11 Who :o-' uIt hnhll, r oI" f eoi", '. 'i ho
rrl. i 'a l ry 17ln ie'-.; l l I[|,-, 1, t* l

i 'i. A liiwo .; ef ^ t, ,i e<, t;[, m | l --,*i-" ) .
"S i ir N .il io ii al ;.i ,I>. C .'o; !- ,.i :i:' a^ l \ ," '-*'
*. ... (MiBm M^ ^^ ^ ^ "- .. ... .. == -3" = "'


L _

___ _~ __ ~~_~___




"/ "" ... : [ y611ye r.
,. I I.I.. l -l ,. ,-- l \. .t .- -. .1 Af 7 i 1

ul r P.\ t u u .**. .. .. ':... v 2 3 .7
"o.,I......:.--- 95318 ---,74,
1 3 ] -, .. ..... .. -. ".'
.. 1a ~......... 2-- '1 "
O !. 1" l l i

pii+O:i' ,)f C ,.>;tO."l i'5I.;i" ,,,+P.'l +-+:[[('j* i t!--;^.
=: f l'o.t i :hS."i..- ii :-" :. I. _! *i. IS ..i.,i^ i- -' '.n., X i r I 11-:' Rd 'i I n...
'.Vlt.lriil:R i^.' ^,i i 'f r'. l3 d, \ ,^ .I,,,,--].[ 'ra' l~ n*L ., *..
L 'v,+ir, ....... ..... ...... li 91Z' I i.'^ .5l1 _
r r'l ..... .. .... 1121 .993 .21i4 . .
T 1, 9
. 1 .e~ e ... .... .... .... .. 9
'",od ..: .. ..... .. .. ..;. L'.1310 .. 1310 .. .
O ih ,- r .:,rt' .. ... .... .. 1 -1 .1 .. 141 1
TtIal to For. Polls. ..1121 U.,. 96 -iS17 ..6467
-: New York.. ....... 0' ..47:M ..,53,.5 .7694
Bosion ....... ............... .H l!>0 1446 ..4914
Pro\ iMe n'ce ..1 .._.... .!H )'..61 <7 1";; 72 .. 164
P hiladd lfhia .... .: ..... ... ...... .. ( .. .. '. ..
\-. Bdl I i re ...... ..... .. .:: .. .513t) ...5 > .. 729
New Orleans ......... ... 179 ..A7AS3 .. IN9i ...3,53
: O other porr.q ........... ...... ...... ...... ......
'" Total CoIS4wi3.:.. .-1S3 .2S535 30378 15{?5 4
TOTA L;- ..UFv.s. .. 7195.22121

[-,CR ale by
It' Feb-1;> *B ELLIS0N & Co.


I ..


SIX v.iks after date J will apply .o the,-Ht -+-
Judge of Probate, for Calhout co. ..ty, .J ; -.::
ida, for letters of administration on-th fiUtNT .41
WiHiam G. Kelly, deceased. Ilte ti cna niy-.n
.... *" M ATTLDM --A -l .; *-,
December ,18-)8. 28-.+1548 7.
^' Shisif.. f ,: -'
AYFEW half bbls. lor sale by .' "r, .
Jan 11 *,C A 6REN '
: An Ordinance "L
Ta.-Amend an .Ordinanceiernitted "ad'Orditfaqf
repealing certain Ordinase(6, &Q-" pmaewl' lh
Jad uary, A 'D 1-8 8 '. .- ;.." ,
Sec..1.-+Be it ordained by Ith Mayr-:rA.G0)O,
cil of the'City of Apalachicnia, That tihe Clerk,
Treasurer and Assessur'be allowed a sakityBf-
hundred dollars per annum...... -... +
"Sec. 2. Beit-fur;hbevtwdainedi-T.ad.*,thing "?
in the ordinance., lo wJoec t i*3/ a t.banonq at: .
militating against t tig ordiaarwe,jhe a.a_; .- 'ar :f
Same-is hereby repeals.. ..'. t =
Passed by Council, 21h 'Janatmr,, 1g1h9.4.- 9 ..... *f
SJ. S. ElTCH1f&lr8N; 4vfaybr,
WM. V-ALLMEAU, C-tej'. M _-'"
Consignsee irE~rTee,, ,
lOR nine (9) hI)Lxes pickles, nrarleG-H'-fi.?'
.ceived per brigW. L. Jo4es1rnim t fq-&o,,..
"Jan 25. 194cg. A N. NiKAY & CUo,.T

*T o R e .a,,, .:i -
DART of the Fi re-p roof" S'tore, No.;- 246 W i-
X street. Enquire of ." S D.. (.gnOfl ,,
'Noy IS ,.,,<
White Lead. i '
Q0. I Extra and Pure, just rec .t'_f_q by 0
NN Jan J C Al .
T IJOMPSONIAN Medioin6e4 for sp.'*-b ^...
Feb I J, ALL+EN & Ce.
School Bdoki"-"'"", :T
lOR -qaleby t t, ,., .
F -eb17 .R.XABEt..'"-
SI Dy-eenti, iiT.:onir-dtt'l :, a r,-
D. WOO DR U FF'S Dysentary Co0ai3,r'; jtt 4
_D received and for sale by ... ^ ...-^ '..' -
Dec 9 ,.-'H FABELI.,
Citron, Clu.rants, Iaisk T.^i^ ^^
-..OBIS S f *. '-, ;r. I ,
TUST received in finnsord^aBr<)!r el.y
iJan 11 :.,-:'(' C + Eia'ITJ
I.HempaRod.Cottio ,ii ;, ^.
F FINE assorimenut just Iecei ed -fmgMw,__
A Yor k, Ir sale.hy,,-. ..
Jan C A .

WT by [FPeb 1] 3 C A L.LEN & VCov -...'

Negroes IW.anted.
90.\ LIKELY Iands\a %nted, for whom liberal
",- wages will be paid. Apiptv Co
Fe4.-s. -4t .V-A&ent o61'.Sertiv PIF.-.





-" ,,rr;

" ...... ......... ]ir, ",L

BY .' V ,. .t,

Governor of Fforiddw- ^ ^c.
W HEREAS, It ^reqiiiregbylaiwtbflt"'ne- ,
I ioa be Wed in this 8Rall&t^ %ff~a-*
day in May next, fr IstL t -. ,
to hold until.the &M M1'dal i ql *;t
also, lor Judges of Pr e d rf (b 1 .
ties, to hold till thefirst Mondi oOtPN r; .,
and for Justices or the P ea
the several Countiew, to botai "_ d'y .al'
of said officers to coatiinM fJf ill't: e-. c
cesors shall be elected and-quail(li.' : "'f
'IT 1i i[SR22V OKVERKO, TPW b an*
tion be held -hroughout. (I State,.aeautoia to
law, and the officers whose d.y it iff'til. agi :
electons will lake notice hereof. .. .
Witne mybhand and", the gyu'~./.al gfae/.
.&Safe, givep at tile Ca I tol.t1bie-fliHy<
[SLaALr] 'ofJanoaty,:A. D. 1849, and-'of" n-'^'
depandence -of the Nil'tx a_ be 1'-
.: ,7,3d year. - < ..-
-. L MOSELVV, 01e;4r""
,< ter ; ... .. .. ,- '^ 7- ;'
A E. k VA ,. .' of s
Jamrary 25,1849. ,", ; 7-: :
fl"AUpanW in tlOwPate insert to .,Inonfe.+ -+
*F e l~ r .Liv ~ qp gmo 41. ; .. .? .
THE new 7. *pftrd ship' E,
"^ Capt. For&'?l, tl haveqofr'k ois Calc fir
.,RKm the 'above port. F'or freig.t or,-asmmge,
applyto -. . :. .+'. I -
Feb 15 ? NOURSE_. STOrft A & 1e,, .

paralrtu, and see that the same are in good order
and fit for service.
"SEc. 11. If any Member of either of the several
companie- shall wilfuly neglect or refuse to per-
form his duty, or shall be guilty of disorderly con-
duct, dunbedience to the Officers, or to any En-
gineer, he shall, for such offence, be diamfiad'
from the Department.. ..;...
SEc. 12. Atl unemployed persmospiesent, not
inemhers of said companies, are hereby enjoined
to obey-the directions of any Engineer, given at
any fire, and to render their services, if required
by any Engineer, under a penalty of not less than
five, nor more than twenty dollars, and il shall be
the dut,, of the Chief or other Engineers, to re-
port to thp Mayor the name of every permwliable
to the penlp es provided by thissaection.
S E C I It shall be the duty of the Chie and
other Engineers, lo inquire tor, and examine into,
all shops and other places where. shavings or other
c,,mbu-oible materials may be collected aod depo-
sited ; and, from time to timek.aod at all times,
to be vigilantl in taking careofthe removal of the
same wAhenever, in the opinion bf any twoof them,
the same may be dangerous tootle securiti.of the
City from fires, and to direct the tenant or occu-
pant of said shops or orther places, to remove the
same, or pay the expense of such removal, under.
the direction of such Engineers." .
SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of the Chief and'"
olher Engineers, to examine and direct the con-:;
struction, erection, or alteration, of all fire-places,
or stoves in said City, and if not, properly con-,
strutted, they shall notify the occupants of any-
building, in writing, in which such fire-place or
'stove has, been improperly erected, lo alterf-id)
fire-place or stove in such manlier as shall be most
secure for the prevention of fire, or toremove the,
same;,and on failure of such person or persons so-
notified, to comply with the order of-said Engi-,
neerp, within twenty-four hours, he, she, or they,
shall fbrfeit and pay the sum of five dollars, for'
each and every neglect or refusal to comply with
the order of said'Engineers.
Sfc. 15. It shall be the duty of all owners of
dwelling-houses or kitchen, or other .houses,
where fires are usually kept, to have constructed
good, safe, and sufficient chimneys thereto, at,
least three feet above the roof of such houses, and
all stove-pipes are prohibited- from projecting
the roof or sides'of said buildings, but must'be
properly placed in such chimneys; and if said
owner or occupant shall fail orrefuse to comply
With the provisions of thi section within twenty-
four iounrs after being notified of the same, he.or
shie shall -pay the sum of five dollars'for each and
every day he or she all so fail or refute.
SEc. 16. It shallp be lawful for any person
to r emae, "or cause kWe made, -a fire, or burqI aany
combustible master, on- any wharf, or in anystreet,
or open place in said City, without a permit from
the Mayor; nor hall it be lawful for any person
to make, or cause to be made, a fire, or burn any
c-mbuslible matter, on any steamboat, or other
vessels or water craJ't, lying at the wharf in said
City, whereby cotton, merchandize, or other pro-
perty may be endangeted;-and any person viola-
ting either of the provisions of this section, shall
be liable,,to said City, in the penalty of ten dol-
lars, for the first offence, and twenty dollars for
each subsequent office. :
SEc. 17. That very owner of a'dwelling or
store house in said City; shall, within two months
after the passage of this Ordinance, provide the
same with a sCnttled-door-through the r6of of such
house, large enough for any map to pass through
conveniently, and securely fix agood and suffi-
cient ladder to the same; and any person failing
to comply with the provisions of this section,shall
be liable, to said City, in the penalty of ten dol-
lars. .
SEc. 18. The City Council mtuay, at any time,
by a vote of two-thirds of its members, remove
from office the Chief Engineer, or any of-the other
Engineers; and the Mayor and Council may,'at
any time, discharge any of, or all, the Officers or
Members of either of said companies.
SEC. 19. It ahalLbe.the duty of the City Mar-
shal, with his Assistants, to repair immediately
on'alarm of fire, to the place where the fire may
be, and there to use. their best skill lAnd power
under the direction of the Chief Engineer, for the
security of the public peace, prevention of theft,
preservation of property, and the removal of.all
suspected persons-for which service the Mar-
shal and his Assistants shall receive such com-
pensation as shall be, in each case, ordered by the
Mayor and Council.
SEc. 20. From and after the passing of this'
Ordinance, all former Ordinances, viz.-No. 19
and No 26, and all other Ordinances relating to,.
the appointment of Engineers and other Members
of the Fire Department, and to the establishing
of a Fire Department, and for preventing and ex-
ti'guishing fires, are hereby'repealed. "
P.,ssed by Council, December 24th, 1845.
E. C. ROBERTS, Mayor.
Attest: W. VALLEAU, Clerk.
Mr. Wood, seconded by Mr. Day, moved the
adoption' of" tho Ordinance by its title.--Passed.

An Ordinace,
To. amend an ordinance entitled. an ordinf ,
Sdace for preventing, and extinguishing fires,
and establishing a Fire Departnmet."
Be it ordained that after thejpa.ssage of this or-,
dinance, I-t shall be the~duty ol every person oc--
cupying (by '*ownership, lease, or at. ,will) any
store or dwelling house, to have in- the'same at ^
least two' good and substantial bucktet; of the'
capacity of+ two gallons or more,, for eaeh and
every story of said house, and the same shall-be
exhibited to the fire Engineers, or either'of them,
,when required: Provided, that the :occupant of
any store or dwelling, having three or more
stories, shall not be'required to have more titan'
four of such buckets for said house; and any per-. '
son failing or- refusing to comply with'thhe prov\i-'
stuns +of this ordinrriee, shall be liable to said
city in the penalty of five dollars, for each and
every week he or she shall so O refuse. '
Passed by Council, March 6th:,o1848.
'" H. R. TAYLOR, Mayor;
W .ILLIAM t V ALLE _A tr, C lerki ,, ". .. .

. Per'ste~awaZn~ilry--W Young.
Persteaminer.-1.fauhl-Jos Saulsburv. Jas Shiw.
Per steamer eI- A Moore-r CA H Nolerts. lady,
child and servanr. o\ [I) S A.rn, ld, Win C Estes,
E Bryan, J L C- BAdr .. -- ; :.. \ ^
Pei steamner QI iny-,-.N LCroud, Mr $tukeye.,
H -Iples. T r'\While 6'l son, LC Arnis.tead,-L
B P a r f` er J '? s z e M a v -
Ppr feanler'Boslon-T P Latrit, -". '
'R a6isajnrtUH, S-Smitei-Messrs Bull, Yarbor
W rouih.J,,,1 e. ",. .
Pet sieamr Fr.hion--.M\rs Couch, J R" Jones,
A P, eal. .Fs MeCuflars, 'Jas ?croggin,. Ja V,,'
F oIld o +,; :: "- -" -'. *
Per sicamer Quincy-D lkhs* o. Sr, and rady,
1! Ramt o, Jr, and lady, J Btuchunan, W.T Rob-
inroh, Mr Bowden. A Fnljoson,-'W E Killcrist,
J W\ Ro,_rts. N .11dain, E l Shet'ard, BH Stone,
AJ Wood, J E Hines. "
Receipts from the Interior.
Per steaimer Emniilv-212 bales cotton to J G
Macrav; ,S5 to A N 'McKav & Co; 49t loWm H
Kinihbr'on-h & Son: 49 to 1-1ill, Dawson & Gto.
-'Per tMeamer Peytona-54Sb bl-s coltou toLpcl--
hart & YoUn; I1I1 to Wylie, & McKenzie,-53 t6L
AVm TG Porter-It Co, 17. to Harper &- .olmes; 211
16 Nurse, Sione &V' "Co; 99 to J C Maclay; 50 to:
W 14 Kinibrough 6c Son.- "
Per steamer Eufaula- 228 bales cotton to A 3\
MIcKav ,- Co;-167,ta Wylie & McKenzie; 29 to
N\ G- P,>ter6-Go. .
Per .rar A" Moore-595 hole cottnn to A
N McKay\:- (o; 260 to Wylie &: McK.Aizie; 94
to Lock h'lf t .I -Young-. :
Per tvarn e" Quminey-75 bales cotton to. Lock-
ha-rt \.- Yo1-. 34 to" D G Ran.-;+8to.A N Mer
1M. &A Co. 77 bbls t4Ir to \\\lie McKevxie.
P'tr 'iiniur ]Boston-472 bales cotton to Hl12,
"-"rt,.i, ,.-Co; .112 toA N McKay & CO," 23 -to
\V% e] .- McKenzie_. -,, : -1 -, -
; Per steanis.r H S Sin;ich .-a .g ,' .. ..
P-e; '?7 to- w' .r'l~r c"C5; 55 to Lockhart
Yo-ung.' 7 :: '* ; + .
Per steamerl:Lotus-180 bales colton to'W Poe,
66 'o Wm G-Perter&f Co; 51 to A N McKay &
Co; 4'4 lo Lockhart & ,Young; 12 to Wylie&-Mq-
Per ?t.'nier -'Fashion-315 bales Cptfon to Hill,
Pa ion 6z Co; 57 to Sims & Cheever.
Per sirlnei| Quincv-25 bales .cotton to A. N
M.'Kav \& k o; 123 to"Wvlie McKenzie; .284 to
W\" G B',,itPr &` Co; _70 to J Day &-C6o; 13'to A J
WMood: 53 to E S Shepaycd; -8 t6,D G Raney.
Per bafg&-GehTaylor-- 186.bales cotton to Aus-
tin-& 1.,,ns;,.24-to.;J:Day Co. :
Per barge R-eenrietta-1-28 bales cotton to Wm
G Porter (V Co; 8 to A Nl-McKay & Co.
-Per box-J O1Polhilf, fin Flint River--297 bales
cotton to, Sims, & Cheever; 19 to Lockhart &
Per 2.boxes .fm Itchawaynotchaway-17-0 bales
"oCitton te6 -iiils&'Cheever,
i'; *" .'; Exports. *
-HAV-RE--Per ship Massachusetss--t21 bales
cotto n + '
T.EW YORK,-P.-r brig Moses-570 bales cot-
ton, 8 bxs, tobacco, 21 r0lis leather.
B(3CT-,TON-Per, bark Chochitta tie-& X104 bales
c o tton,. .' -- .. .
P1!3OVIDENCE-Per bark Providlence-658
bal-ps colton. w I
NEW ORLEANS--Per-sichr Pauliue-175 bales
Pe r ,M'hr Louisa Sears--I,08 bales cotton,
"Imports. -' ,
LIVERPOOL-Per bark, Rob9t Wa4t-3,408
sacks galt .. "
Pprbark Clovenanter-3,030 sack,- salt. i. "
H .\'A N A--Per, schi'jainbow-Mo1asses, *su4,
gi.'. t, lIj.'co. coffee,'c *

PORT OF APALA!CHIGOLA ....... ..Feb. 22.

An Ordinance)
For Preventit g land Extinguishing in'es, and
Establishing a-h Fire Department.
SVCTION 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Council of the .City'of Apalachicola, That the
Fire Department shall consist of a Chief Engineer,
a~id as many other Engineers-not less than six-
and ofai manyEnginemen, to be divided into
companies as the number of Engines belonging
to the City'shall, from time to time, require, or
make expedient. And the said Engineers shall
be annually chosen for one year, according tb law,
and shall serve until others are ch6en in their
places: Provided, that vacancies may be filled at
any time, and the said Chief and other Enaghoers
shall,, on his or their appointment, receive a writ-
ten or printed certificate oiwarrant, in 'the words
following, viz :-
This certifies that A. B. is appointed an Egngi-
neer (or Chief Engineer) of the Fire Department
of the City of A'palachicola, and is entitled to all
the immunities belonging to said office.
Given under my hand, this A. D. 18--
And the respective ranks of the Engineers shall
be determined by the Mayor and Council.'
SEc. 2. The Engineers, so cho:,en, shall meet
and organize themselves info a Board of Engi-
neers, a majority of whom shall form a quorum,
and of which, in the abser.cu of the Chief Engi-
neer, the Engineer next in rank shall be presi-
ding officer; and they may appoint such Secreta-
ry, or other officers, and make such rules and re-
gulations for thetr own government, as they may
see fit. They shall have, at-all times, the super-
intendence and control of all the Engine and other
houses used for the purposes of thle Fire Depart-
ment, and of all funiiure and apparatus there-
to belonging, and of the Engines and all the
other fire apparatus belonging to [he City, and
over the Officers and Members of the several
companies attached to the Fire Depar-ment, and
over all unemployed.persons, and may ma!(e such
rules and regulations for the better government,
,discipline, and good older,, of the Department,
and for the prevention and extinguishing of fixes,
as they may, from time to time, think expedient,
the same not being repugnant to the laws of this
commonwealth, and -being subject to the appro-
bation of the Mayor and Council.
SEc. 3. It shall be the daly of said Engineers,
whenever a fire shall break out in the City,to re-
pair forthwith to, or near, the place where the
fire may. be; to take proper, measures th.,t the se-
veral Engines and other apparatus be ai ranged in
the molt advantageous situations, and duly work-
ed for the effectup! extin'.-uishme-t of the fire ; t1
require and compel a-siettance from ell persons, as
.well members of the Fire Department, as otherss,
in extinguishing the fire, removing furniture,
goods, or other merchandize, from any building
on fire, or in danger thereof, and to appoint gui-rds
to secure the same ; and, also, in pulling down
or demolishing any house or building, if ocp"?ion
require ; and, further, to supprr- all tumulls and
disorders; and it shall, also, be their duty to cause
order to be preserved at all other times when
companies attached to the Deporltnent are on
SEc. 4. TheChiefEngineer shall have sole com-
mand at fires over all other Engineers, all Mem-
bers of the Fire Department, and all other-per-
sons who may be present-at fires ; and shall direct
all proper measures for the exiinguishment, of
fires, protection of property, preservat ion of order,
and observance of the Fire laws, ordinances, and
regulations; and it shall be,the duty of the said
Chief Engineer to examine into Ihe condition of
all the, Fire apparatus, and of the Engine and other
HouseR belonging to the City, and used frr the
purposes of the Fire Department, as circumstan-
ces may render it-expedient;or whenever direct-
,ed so to do by the Mayor and Council, or by the
Committee of the Council on the Fire Depart-
ment, and annually to report the same to the MaW-
or and Council, and oftener, if thereunto requcsl-
ed ; also, to cause afull description of the same
together with the names of the Officersand Mer-'
b4|of the Fire Department, to be published an-
nually in such manner as the Mayor and Council
shall direct; and whenever the Engine, or other
Fire apparatus, Engine or other houses, used by
the Fire Department, require alterations, addi-
tions, or repairs, the Chief Engineer, under the
direction of the Council or the Commiltee on the
Fire Department, shall cause the same to be made,
and it shall be, moreover, the duty of I he Chief
likrineer to receive and transmit to the Couoncil
ati-returns of Officers, Members, and Fire appa-
ratus, made by the respective companies, as here-
inafter prescribed. andall other communications
relating to the Fire Department; to keep fair and
exact rolls of the respective companies ; to report
the same to the City Clerk in writing,, who shall
keep a record of the same, once in each year, or
oftener, if so directed to do by the Mayor and
Council; all accidents by fire which may happen
within the city, wi'th the causes thereof as well as
can be ascertained, and the number and descrip-
tion ot the buildings destroyed or injured, together
with the names of the owners aad occupants
SEC. 5. In case of the absence of the Chief En-
gineer, the next in rank who ma@ he present, shall
execute tbe-duties of his office with full powers
SE.C. 6. As many Engine, Hose, Hook and Lad-
der, and other companies, shall, from time to
time, be formed by the Mayor and Council, as
they shall deem expedient; and each of' said com-
panies shall consist of as many men as tie Mayor
and Counci-1 may appoint. ....
SEC. 7. Each of the companies formed and ap-
pointed by the Mayor and Council, shall have a
Foreman, an Assistant Foreman, and Clerk; and
these Officers .shall be chosen by Iheir respective
companies, subject to the approval of the Mayor
and Council. ..
SE.C. 8. It shall be the duty of the Foreman to
see that the several Engines and apparatus, com-
mitted to their care, and the several buildings in
which the.same are deposited, and all things in,
or belonging to,. the ~arme, are kept eat, clean,
and in order .fdr immediate use. :It shall, .also, bie

their duty to preserve order and discipline at
all times in their, respective companies, and re-
quire and enforce a strict compliance with the
City Ordinances, the rules and regulations of the
Department, and the -orders of the Engineers.-
They shall, also, keep, or cause to be kep'Y by ie
Clerk of their respective companies, fair and ex-
act rolls, specifying the time of admission and dis-
charge of each member, and accbunts of'all Ci-ty
property entrusted to their care,.ih a book provi-
ded for that purpose by ,the City; which Rolls or
Record Books are always tio be subject to, the order
)f the Board of Engineers and the Mayor and
Council. They are, also,to makeor cause to be
made, to the Chiet, Engineer, true and accurate
returns of al' the members and the apparatus en-
trusted to their care, whenever called upon so to
do. '
SEp., 9. It shall be the duty of the Officers and
Members-of ,the'several compaies,I whenever a,
fire shall break out in the City, to' reair forth-
with to their respective apparatus, and to convey
them in the quickest manner that may be, to, or
near, the place where fire may be, and,- in con-
brmity with the directions'of .1he Chief 6T dther
Engineers to exert themselves in the' best man-
ner p,.,-sir)|l?. in working- and managing' the said
apparatus, and +in performing any duty that'they
may be called upohn to do, by any Engineer; and,
upon permission of the Chief or .other En;gineo:-r,
shill' return- said apparatus to-their-respecttve
places of deposit- Provide'd, that in the absence
ot all theEineer', such direction and permis-
ion maybe ciivea by their respective Foremen.
SEc, 10. On the return of- .iid appaiaatn., they
hall, by the said companies.- respectively be
well washed,'cleafised,. oile d, and securely hou-
sed; and once in each'month-and 6ften6r, ifne-
e.sar -and companies shall! Meet for the puy-
pose of examining the state, of their respective 4p-,

.Feb-15-SchrPauline, Young fm N Orleans.
T'eb 16-Schr Rainbow. Tuthill, fm Havana.
aeb 19--Brig Toledo, Glover, fm,,New York.
'Feb 20-Br bark Covenanter, Patierson, fm Li-
v ip0ool. ..
Schr'Tioga, Bollins. fm Baltimore.
! Feb 22-Ship, Star "Republic, Norris, fm Gal-
veston, to W A & P C Kain.
Sehr C"orah, Bradbury, fm New Orleans.
" Steameu Fashion, Cadwallader, fm Columbus.
i Stemer M A Moore, McCall, fm EufaulLa.
Steamer Lotus, Wingate, fm Columbus.
Steaner EufaulaiBarns, from Eufaula.
Steafer H S Srnth, Stapler, fm Columbus.
Steam'k Boston, Griei, from Columbus.
Stemei4-Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Peytona, Morton, from Columbus.
Steamer Emily, Roland, fm Columbus.
S, Cleared?
I Feb 1--Bark Chochituate, Barry, for Boston,
by N J Deblqis.
Schr Lotria Sears, Sears, for New'Orleans.
Feb 17--Bfig Moses, Bulkley, for New York,
by Nourse, Stone & Co.
Feb 19-Ship Massachusetts, Samson, for Havre,
by I M Wright .
Bark Providence, 'Care, for Providence, by
Wobd & Ballon.
Feb21-"Schr Pauline, Young, for New Orleans.
.BarkkLtucia Field, Rich, cleared fm New York
for this port, Fe~b 6, and sailed the 7th.
-Da-rk d-dard; Knudson, cleared fm New York
for this port, Feb 8. ..
Ship Robert Parker. 'Weeks, cleared fm Ports-
mouth,-N H, Feb 2.
Ship John Fielding, Strang, cleared fm Savan-
nah for this port, Feb 15. ,
Schr Chipola, Grierson, cleared fm N Orleans
for this port, Feb 10.
Schr Aurelia, Hanson, cleared fm New Orleans
for this place, Feb 13.
I Ship Leopard, Hopkins, hence fmr this port, ar-
rived at B'o*ston Feb 5.
Schr Sylvester Gesner,' Rowe, hence fm this
port, arrived at New-York Feb 5.
Ship Constellation, Flitner, was up at N York
for this port, to sail Feb 10.
Brig E. L Waltbn, Ryder, was up. at New York
for this port, Feb 10, to sail with dispatch.
Ship Monterey, Crosley, sailed from Liverpool
,for this port, Dec. 29.' "
Ship Ohio, Sutton, sailed fm Boston for thisport
Jan. 31.
Bark Gardiner, Spies, cleared fm New York for
this port, Feb. 1. %
Bark Lion, Alexander, cleared fm Providence
'Tor this port, Jan 29.
Bari John Brower. Tolford, sailed fm Boston
for this port, Jan 31.
Schr Coitrmbia, was up at New York for this
port Jan 27, to sail with dispatch.
-,, Bark'Susan, Crouch, cleared fm New York, for
this port, Jan 23.
'Brig Chas Joseph, Leigh, cleared fm New York,
far this port, Jan 23. .
Schr J Vail, Jarney, cleared at New York for
this port, Jan 28.
List of Vessels In Port.
Aberdeen, Hubbard, 714 tu-ns, for Liverpool, load-
ing--'S Cassin.
Alceste, (Br.) Cann, 558 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-W A & P C Kain.
Georgia, Talbot, 488 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-J C Maclay.
Monument, Trott, f99 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-B Salter.
Peter Hattrick, Rockwell, 555 tons, for Antwerp,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Commodore, (Br ) Prichard, 686 tons, for Glas
gow. loading--W A & P C Kain.
Ohio, Clark, 738 tons, for Europe, loading-1- M
Charlotte, Collins, 390 tons, for Europe, loading-
i I M Wriglit.
Ophir, Sylvester, 438 tons, for Europe, loading-
S Cassin.
Fairfield, Loveland, 587 tons, for New York, load-
ing--Nourse. S+ohe &S Co.
Clinton, Foster, 350 tons, for Boston, loading--
N J Deblois.
Sacsusa, Howard,, 294 tons, for Providence, load-'
ing-Harper & Holmes.
Star Republic, Norris, tons, for New York,
+ loading--W A & P C Kain.
Jesse, (Br.) Ford, 573 tons,, f* Liverpool, load-
'ing-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Abbot Lord, Joyce, 537 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-'J Day & Co.
Baltic, Saunders, 395 tons, for New York, load-
ing--W A & P C Kain.
Beaver, Edmonds, 299 tons', for Providence, load-
ing-T LMitchel.
Weybossett, Harris, 321 tons, for Providence,
S loading-T L Mitche!
Rob't Watt, (Br.) Johinson, 491 tons, fm Liver-
pool, waiting--Hill, Dawson &; Co.
Covenanter, (Br) Patterson, 612 tons, fmo Liver-
pool, waitmng--WA &P CKain.
Heri!Id, Gray, 174 tons,' for New York, loading--
A NMcKa-y &. Co.. .
Toledo, Glover, 184 tons, fm New York, wait-


r -or AMtwerp.-, .'_ .. -'
_.-E,, THE _splendid ship PETERR '.
-,jgggTRICK, Capt. Rw ]L will h.,w 11i) ,
'Ssss~apatch for the ai3 e, port. -.*' :. ;
er8 s- NOrE, ,.STONE & oo.." :
.:--' _' For New Worlk.-. .
f--t :THE fast sailing Srmuer- TIOG',
tjja&GoJJhr, master, iw rjoW loadrigphi tW
',,, &aabove pIrt, will taksaa&w balteryn-deck
only. For freight o ".fwhthirb-aiplto.
~A N Bn~cK.+i. ,o, '-
;- For New *ork. '
+'..E^,- THE 'fine avt snifl ad w hr. -
. PATRICK HENYC,"'Chette-, masler&T
wiLI have dispale'hfor the above pert,
For deck freight, apply to ':
Feb 15 W. G., PORTER & Cm,!.-
,;'For New YaOaf.
_.^-t THE new fasl sailing brig HERALD,
j^Gray, master, 'is, noxy loading fr"tba-Ib
',,, fi~above port. Forxeck freight Vf;-p,- \
ply to j r,. *^ ^ ^* .^.**^ K
F- febS1 A N ^KAY & l' -
']" pJor aNew ori4. ; 2."'7 )
],..bTHEjsplendid yhvp FAIRFi ELD, 'ea!. ]
-,J -Loye ald, havii g meat a. her cargo Ao-'
i aflagod, will have inimediate dispatell.'
For freight or pusaa'e, apply to the rnalt-r, e(6["
Feb I NOURSF, TONE & C^- 1..: ,'
+ JEor-Baltjimnore, i', 'f
THE fut saitf.g schr. CAROLT4E,
1 4 Hubbard, maser' will have dicqaficb for
s the above port. For deck frei&M cr pas-
sage, applyL-t0- .. ". :..
Febl15" : C. ROGER G & C-

.&,-3A THIS house hasjlpen thorn l
ffl:. tieltted for'.(lM & 'n,- a'd.th .of.-
[:"HB~iscriber 1ak<-cs o!adre Jin Tnljw i tl
Weth- pnbhc that he fhow iu' r'e~d
i;"-besis for the reception ot crp |ti'i~atfE" "
and transientlboarders, at the le'6 rale-. His
ch ef d'euizsye is An adept, and Iravetjeql ay .
depend, upon having all ihe luxuries and dAfSc-
cies of. the market served, up in -te bst atybv. b.e.
The BARis now and wIll at a! time& -be -kept'`
supplied with the choicest WinM Li..ore, eand *
Cigars. ,A, continuation of Ihf. tiberal rt-cm qugo
:heretofdre bestowed,-is rwpec-lfl. yolitled.," "
"' "-- I: I JOHN .P.AE'TrDGj., '
Decem ber 9O; 1848., ... .
ro ie -t. '- -
A THE Dw94lingHouo.t.vc1ly o cfpiei -
by the undersigntd. TecmW-agccaaMWnBs
dating. Apply to ... ;- ,".
.* s BS-UA-L^; ,-
'Nov 25 i ,s
:: T o ti n t..- .. ..'. +.';-/ ',!i, .
- STORES Nos. 6 Cim Bi, 1t
I18 Water street. POr terms, 2p41 lo,'- r'
--aiL Nuv 11.4 No.-SE, SI^E^ Co..-T
> ,



Wols-nle CiOtbin g-Warehiiose,

^'^' LEIVaS,& HAWF@>n ,.'q
r+. ,28. &, 256 -Peart .Street,
.;, !. '(Between, Fulton-st and-Burling Slip')
S-.VE w YORK:.
'IN--THE-4 ,
Adapted to the Sonll/toin q a i l Sulhl/tit',- to'r M'ar-
'_:- r .k ets .. ,,.

' *.. In the article of.

>, We kloel,' an eondlds viiety.


a1L CLOT11-1iNfe -
A N\ ED)
In the World!'
Plain andI Fashionable Clothing, of all kinds
Nos. 252 &-256oPearl st.
Dc, Dc. 28,1.848. 48-3m

t'qi>! ,i:, x"iv 'eX-Ot:|;, f'r l>] ,,i] \-lli, i.1 "*1 I'' i":
('hnltnh.!, ";\-: W.ep.t, F:., [, l.- ii. l; :?r. t Ii.r '-
A i, II 5. M Ii. ,E DW IN A .',,,LiTv [- <,'-i I,, i 1--
*.n;;r+.ut AN'4. .1 ,i-jlbh: r CF Mr. Clh ,' l
ifl K,'v '-\e-.


Seeds! Seeds!
j'.-'r received per brig Herald, an assortment
.- .Garden Seeds, for sale by.
Feb 8- r :J C ALLEN & Co.

Si!!)LlTZ and' S,.dt-i Po%-'ders, jut reLce I' d
:rid for 'sale by :
zFeb 8 ; J C ALLEN &:Co.
R ACON, Hams, Sides nd Shoulders, jdst re-'
ceived and for sale by
Teb I TB. ELLISON'& Co. .

Paln lKiller.
I-':RH Y DAVIS'S Vegetable Pain Killer, just
p received and for sale by the package or dozeAr.
Fe b1 I B. ELLISON & Co.

on my wife, she sent and procured a few bottles, I
and it restored tier in a few weeks to complete r[ HE subscribe,
health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doub, Un. r sonablie sin
equalled iL diseases incident to the West, alid if part'of
you think that this communication will be ot use Negro Kersi
you are at liberty to use it as yo6 choose. White and
Yoursi respctfullv, Bangu'ps an
E .W IN. Super plain
Canker in the Mouth. Super Engl:
.Below is an account of another child saved. Whitney Bl
Dr. Townsend's S-irgailarilla has saved the lives 1iuffil Blani
of thousands of ehil.lren. -The following two Marseilles (
certificate,; are selected from a gfeat number re- Denims, Kr
cived'this week, Brown Shir
New York, April 1,1847. Cotton Osni
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-One of my children Cotton Drill
.was very sick with a Canker .in .-th-_ Mouth and Linen and (
Throat, attended with, great debility. It came Irish Linen
near dying. I obtained some of-your excellent Bleached C
medicine, and it cured it directly, for which I English, Fr
assure you I feel very grateful. Extra super
Yours, respectfully,, Super Cash
|ELIZA.BETH ..FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st. Extra supfwi
Fits.1Fits! Fits English, Sc
Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa- SuperItalia
rilla in eases of Fits, of course never recommend. Black Silk
ed, it, and was surprised to receive the following Super Engl
from an intelligent and respectable Farmer in Englsh anc
West~chester county Alt Marag and
Fordham,August 13,1847. Ladies'Got
Dr. Townsend-: Dear Sir-I have a little' girl Super Satin
seven years of age, who has been several years Cotton and
afflicted with Fits; .we tried almost everything Plain and fi
for her, but without success; at last, although we Jaconet an(
could find no recommendation in our circulars for Needles, PR
cages like hers, we -thought; a? she was; in very .-\Vhich have'
delicate health, we Would give her 'some of your New-Ydrk and I
Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it. not' of Manufactqrei
only restored her stre ngth, but she has flid no re- are now offered"
turn of the Fits, ft our great pleasU re a nd_ sur.r, terms by
prise.. She is fast he, outing rugged and hearty, Dec. 30, 184'
for which we, feel grateful. -_' ., -W l ar a
orrespectfully, wis -- q I
,:" ^ TUST receive(
PFemnale, Medicie. ,} N,,v it
Pr' Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and
.'.-pd"v cuiv foy.Ieipient Cons'imption, Barren- C
: ness, Prolapsus Uteria, or Palling of the Womb, OR sale by
Costiveness, Piles, Leu.?orrhuea, or \.White-, ob- 1_ Jan 11
structed or difficult Menstruation. Incontinence
of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and QCOTCHan(
for the general prostration ef the syptem- no k,.Jai35



























matter whether the result of inherent cause of
causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
dent. Nothing can be more surprising than its
invigorating effects on the human frame. Per-
sons all weakness aad lassitude, from. taking it,
at once become robust and full of energy under
its influence. It immediately counteracts the
nervelessness of the female frame, which is the
great cause of Barrenness. It will not be ex-
pected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to
exhibit certificates of cures performed but we
can assure the afflicted, 'that hundreds of cases
have been reported to us. Thousands of cases
where families have been without children, after
using a tew bottles of this invaluable medicine,
have .been blessed with fine, healthy offspring.
To Mothers and Married Ladies.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to female complaints. No,
female who has reason to suppose she is approach-
ing that critical period, The turn of life,"
should neglect to take it, as it is a certain pre-
ventative for any of the numerous and horrible
diseases to which females are subject at this time
of ife. Th is period may be delayed fir several
years by using this medicine. Nor is it less val-
uable for those who are approaching womanhood;
,as it is Calculated to assist nature, by quickening
the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed,
this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate
diseases to which women are subject.
It braces the whole system, reenews pdrmanent-
'ly the natural energies, by removing the'impulri-
'ties of the body, not so far stimulating as to pro-
duce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of
"inost medicines taken for femaLe weakness and
disease. By using a few bottles of this medicine,
many severe and painful surgical operations may
be prevented.
.Great Blessing to Mothers and
It is the safest and'most effectual medicine for
purifying the system, and relieving the sufferings
attendant upon child-birth ever discovered. It
strengthens both the mother arid -child, prevents
pain and disease, increases and enriches the food,
those who have used it think it is indispensable.
It is highly useful both before and after confine-
ment, 'as it prevents diseases attendant upon
childbirth-in Costiveness, Piles, Cramps, Swell-
ing of the Feet, Despondency, Hearthurn, Vom-
iting, Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains,
Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secretions and
"equalizing the circulation it has no equal. The
great beauty of this medicine is, it is always safe,
and the most delicate use it most successfully,
very few cases.require any other medicine, in
some a, little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Exercise in the openl air, and-liglt food with this
medicine, will always ensure a safe and easy con-
Notice to the Ladies.
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
have invariably called their stuff a great Remedy
for Females, &c. &c., and- have copied our bills
and circulars which relates to the complaints of
women, word for word-other men who put up
medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.
Townsend's Sarsaparilla-in complaints'incident to
k:- females, recommended theirs, although previous-
: ly they did not. A number of these Mixtures,
Pills, 8p-c., are injurious to females, as they aggre-
vate disease, and undermine the constitution.
I I Scrofula C'ured.
This certificate conclusively provesthat this
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob-
stinate diseases of the Blood. Three persons
cured in one house is unprecedented.
Three Children.
Dr.. Townsend: Dear Sir-1 have the pleasure
to inform you that three of my Children have
been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex-
cellent medicine. They were afflicted very se-
verely with bad Sores : have taken only four bot-
; tles; it took-them away, for which I feel 'Myseff
under great obligation.
Yours, respectfully-,
I1SAA.C W. GRAIN, 106 Wooster-st.
Opinions of Physicians.
Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving, ordeia
from Physicians in different parts of the trfion
This is to certify that we, the undersigned,
r Physicians of the City of Albany, have in numer-
ous cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
-and believe it to be one of the most valuable pre-
parations in the market.
I- H. P. PULING, M. D.
; J. WILSON, M. D.
R. B. B RIGGS, M. D.
Albany, April 1, 1847 *
Owing to the great success and immense-sale
n of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men
e who Were formerly our Agents, have commenced
e making Sarsaptilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex-
e tracts of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put
it up in 'the same stlaped bottles, and some ol
them have stole and copied nor advertisements,
f they are only worthless imitations, and should b(
t, avoided.
Prin'cipal Office, 12.6 FULTON Street, Sut
t Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co,, 8 State street
'y Boston; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street
t, Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore
P. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright & C2o., 15:
d Charters street, N. O.; 105 South Pearl street
e Albany; and by all the principal Druggists ant
y Merchants generally throughout the United State:
e West Indies and the Canada,.
k For sale wholesale and retail by
y H. F. ABELL,
d May 25,1848. 19-1y Apalnclhicola.

An Or-din 0" eg/
For the Regulation of Qua &.
*SE~C. l.ei lud Maor waid,,
Council of the ofA CMhico"a, That J
hereafter all VessieJ-or awboaU-aaHvig-o
in the-pdrt of Apalach, ]a from any-wrt-
or place 'at ch ow eve,
small pox, or..1y tagiou. or infectidu's st
disease, existed a the.'depatture of such aa
vessel, or boat 01 such bwt Of place, or A
which may han r',a 'afinf-
tticled, wi shall'ubject to
the following q radtine regulatin1,0o wit.- PC

Stichb'eve ls I? i ",l i 0 riiva]/,"hal-,1
come toat Ur at he first me ia d co- --
O enient and ; age after crossing the oute'
bar, *hereey shall remain -farthe space" :
,f forr f ttnl -h"*passengers and
crew all be'repotedl '*yt'the health officr
to be.?u a healthy oenditi -". "J
EC. 2. -Be it.further ordained, That-any "
piOt or- Uthr perSon pilotiAg~or cddoeting'.
Sran "vessel or steamboat into the, port oft-
Aialachicola, bivhlg '_on Vadd-d "any of the
above cdnrtaious dseises, `'ha' 6ring said ,
essel to anchor at the'first safe and conve- .
nient anchorage Aftercrossing the outerbar,- c
and report the same to the May&" within
delay; and in default, 'said pilotor'otlrer
person shrill forfeit and pay to'said ity one
h tMdred dollais fdr e'vr'y such 'nezt /oi
refusal to'comply witli tH6eigbdve secZtoo.
.SEC. 3. Be it furth-r 'ordaineHk^-VPsr-
while said'vessel or "boat lies in qndaertfine,
it I troll --w, t- yfuJl. or anq .erso",:ecXcp 1,
the health officer, to isitte sained or 130o1G
any communication wt[ti ihose ona!.bard; r
nor sbadl l It 'be lawful T- '3 By. ersota on
board to, 'Visit 'sd 'cfy,''o'r~for"Ne'nasrer,
*owner or consignee thereof to land, oreatrse
to be larided-taay ff- her cat g<, .i b'y rVk'i-
cle on board, unl""* liy written_ ermisjidp r
from the MKayor v cghiv under thi7--advjce of .
,the heaJth.-offcer,; and any pWf-I mt01t- ..
either of the provisions 6f tbA'or. ie k4St ,
section of thhik'-drdir.iaue, "shafl be liable to,
'said city n1 e penalty- oflfty'aollars foft,
'each and every such offence, and-tw~ety-Sfie -
bimars for each and every day the iiiasir,]
oner 'or e'cnsignee of such besbel or boat
shall fail or refuse to go intlo t4arhmipe as
herein required. .
. SEc. 4. Be it fourth& '1i'dited, That in
case it shall be- deemed, necessary for the
;preservatiyn -of the health of said city,, by
i;te health officer, it shall be the daly of the
master of any vessel or boat, lying in quar-
antine, to unload and thoroughly cleanse,
smoke and whitewash the same inside., be-
fore such vessel or boat-shall be allowed to
proceed to said city ; and any person failing
to comply With the provisions of "this section,
shall be liable to said city in the penally of
fifty dollars for each and every such offence.
SEC. 5. Be, it furlher ordained, That the
city physical. ipo~n'yed by the'Civoncy'Wtr,.
nually, shaTIV' ae "nsiered t&e 'health officer,.
whose duty it shall be to visit all veeiers
which may come' to anchor at 'te lu~ranu
tine ground as aforesaid, and examine tbe
passengers 'and crew., &'hreof, for the -piur-'
pose of ascertaining whether there eiksts-on
board any of the diseases contemplated ,by
"the provisions of thiis- o~dinanzce, and whe-
ther a'ny ease o( sd'h disease has occu rred
during the passage of such vessel, and make
report thereof to the MayorR and for such
service he shall be entitled to- receive from
tite master of such vessel-or boat thesum of
ten dollars with expenses.
SEC." 6. Be it-further, *4daine Thai it
shall be, the duty of the f Ie I W /ofce.qr, Tayr'-
bor master aiid 'arshal to "report too the
Mayor any find a-lt violations of this ordin-
ance- .-
Palsed by the Councitllth January, N'844.
WILLIAM ViLLEAU, Clerk...--- -

1'ownseuid's Sarsapa$ la.
'Wonder and Blessing of the Age.
:The most extraordinary Medicirne in the World !
This Extractis put up in-Quart Bottles: it is six
timnes- cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted su-
-periot'to any sold. It cures without
-vomiting, purging, sickening or
debilitating-the Patient.
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa-
.lparilla over ali'[ther'-medicines is, that while it
eradicates the disease, it-invigorates-the body. It
13 one of the very best
Ever known; itnot only prifies.the whole sys-.
tern, and strenugtiens the person. but it creates
-nev, pre and rich blood: a power possessed by
.no other medicine. And in this lies the grand
secret of its wonderful success. It has performed
-within the last -five years, more than 100,000
cures of severe cases of disease; at least 15,000
w,epe considered incurable. It has saved the lives
of more than .5000 children during the two past
seasons. '
-10,000 cases of Geneti Debility
and want of Nervous Energy.
Dr. Townsebd's Sarsaparilla invigorates the
,wbl61e system permanently. To those~who have
-lost their muscular energy by the effects of med-
icin'e or hiid-3retiin committed in youth, or the
e.ees-sive iridillgrenrc of the passions, and brought
on a generate physical prostration of the nervous
system, las.itude,.want of amibition, fainting sen-
Sations; premature decay and decline, hastening
I. .,wards- that fatal disease, Consumption, can be
entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This
Sarsaparilla is far superior to any ,
S innvwgorntiingn Cor~dial, .
As it renews and invigorates the system', gives
activity to thp limbq, and strength to the muscu-
lar S1,4t011, in a most extra,:,V iiat'y degree.
Cleanse and Strengthen. CT.nsulniliton can be
cured. Bronchitis, Coritisnithion, Liver Com-
plaint,'Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spit-
ting of Blbod, Soreness in the Chest, Hectic
Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Ex-
pectoration, Pain in the Side, &c., have been
arid can be cured. "
Spitting Blood.
New York, April 28,1847.
Dr. Town'send--I verily believe-that your Sar-
saparilla has been the means, through Providence,
of saving my life. I have for several years had a
bad cough. It became worse and worse. At
last I raised large quantities of blood, had night
sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced,
and did not expectto live. I'have only used your
Sarsaparillasa short time, l*nd there has a won-
derful change been wrought in me. I am now
able to'walk all over the city. I raise no blood,
and my cough has left me. You can well ima-
gine that I am thankful for these results.
'Your obedient servant, _
WM. RUSSELL, 65 Catharine st.
.tlienh matisift.
-iThi ? is onlyone' of more than four thousand
cases of 1Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsa.
parilla has cured, The most severe and chronic
cases are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary
.virtue.s .
James Cuzmmingss, Esq.,-one of the assistants
'in the Lunatic Asylum, ]lackwelU'.s Island,is the
gentleman spoken of in the following letter:
Blackwell's Island, Sept. 14, 1847.
Dr. Townsend-Dear, Sir : I have suffered ter-
ribly for nine years with the Rheumatism ; con-
siderable of the time I could not eat, sleep or
,wa~k. I had the utmost distressing pains, and
7 my limbs were terribly swollen. I have used
four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they have
done more 'than one thousand dollars worth of
,,od. You are at liberty to use this fbr the ben-
7 efit of the afflicted.
,i- Yours, respectfully,
-Fever and Ague.
Dbr. Tow'nsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled in
cases' of the .Chills and Fever and Ague. The
.-illowiig letter is only one of hundreds that ,we
. have received from the South and West of like

Sheriff's Sale.
B[Y virtue of a writ of fi. fa. to.rbe directed.
from the Circuit Court. of Fianilkln county,
in favor of William GfistWold and Nati. L. Gris-
wold, executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the City
of Apalachicola, I have levied upon, and will ex-
pose to-sale to 'the high'ist bidoer, at the Court
House door, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
first Monday in March, 1849, within the legal
hours of sale, the following described property,
to wit: one large frame building known pprthe
-ity Council Chaiaber, situated on Market
Square; one Engine House and Engine, knfo'*n as
Boston No. 1 ; and one Engine House anii"En-
gine, known as Franklin No. 2, levied on ft the
property of the city of Apalachicola.
By B. LUCAS, Depty.
January 31, 1849.

THE Subscribers have on hand f'an fifer for
I sale on liberal t-erms-, "
SUGAR-10 hhds and 50 bbTs N. Orleans;
10 boxes Woolseys & Stuart's loaf;
FLOUR-100 bbls superfine St Louis and Ohio;
COFFEE-50 sacks Rio and Maracaibo;
MOLASSES-10 bbls new crop ;-
WHISKEY-50 bbls and half bbls;
LARD-5 bbls and 10 kegs; ,,.
SOAP-80 boxes pale, yellow ang white;
STARCH-10 boxes'Cdlgate's;
PORK-20 bbls mess and prime;
BEEF-20 bbls prime;
TOBACCO-50 bxs and hf bxs favorite brands;
BACON---5 casks sides and hams;
MACCARONI-5 boxes Italian;
CRANBERRIES-20 q4hbfer bbls;
DOMESTICS-25 bales sheetings and shirtings;
OSNABURGS-10 bales Lowell arid Georgia-,
GLASS-20 bxs assorted sizes;
RAISINS-100 whole, hf and qr bd4es,;,
BUCKWHEAT-20 kegs new;
ALMONDS-200 pounds;
BUTTER-25 kegs Goshen and Western;
.CHEESE-20 bxs English dairy;
BRANDY-3 hf pipes Otard, pDepuy & Martel;
LEMONS-5 boxes Sicily; .,I
WINES-20 doz superior Maderia and-Sferry;
ALE-dozen pale; I "
Pickles, Sauces, Olives, Brandy Cherries and
Candy, a full assortment. \
C. A. GREEN & Co.
Dec 28 52 Water street.

"Warranted to Cure."
C"OSTER & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic,
compounded from medicines of our own
forests, a perfect and lasting cure for fever and
ague, and for being the best Tonic in cases of
general debility or weakness now, known, for sale
by [April 273 : H F AB]LL...
Thompson's Compound Syrup of
War and Wood Napth a,
F"OR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
chitis, asthma, whooping cough, palpitation
of the heart, liver complaints, a-nd affections of
the kidneys, for sale by ,
Feb 10 '3 C ALLEN & Co.,

Blank ,Books and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Journals,-Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;,
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for Letter Press. -
BlankBills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale-by ,
| March 1 H. F. ABELL.

An Ordinanee.-
To amend an Or..innani-e', entitled I"san Ordinance
concerningg Slaves," &c.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Coun-
cil of the City "t` Apal'acbicola, That from and
after the first day of March next, if any owner
of any slave shall keepf or cause to be kept, any
slave in a 'y house on any lt in this city, with-
out having a white man residing on the.same, or
shall suffer or. permit, any.,save l oe,6 py a house
on any lot in this city, without having a white
man residing on said lot, the person- so offending
shall, on conviction, be fined five dollars fort=ach
and every day that such slave shall 1i-8 so kept,
suffered or permittedmohne half to go V'o the per-
son informing; and it shall be the duty of the
Marshal to report to the Mayor the names of all
such slaves as may be found occupying or living
on lots contrary to this ordinance. :
Sec. 2. Be i't further oirdained,:That in case
the owner of any slave found living on or &cul
pying a lot contrary to this ordinance, shall be a
non-resident of this city, on such fact being re-
ported to the Mayor by said Marshal, gr other
person, he shall issue.his precept to the Marshal,
commanding him forthwith to remove said slave
so found living. or occupyitig as aforesiid; and the
said Marshal shall be allowed-therefgr jhe ,uni
of three dollars, to be ',paid by th!be ownr of said
slave, and for which execution may issue on the
judgment of Mayor's Court; and any. such slave
fouindoffending against said ordinances secorna
time, shall on conviction, before the Mayor'e
Courtpe liable to be punished by-whipping,
with not less than ten nor more than tbirtv-ninE
lashes. ,
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this ordi.
nance shall .no( be deetnmed or l hed tdipply tc
any 9aave- UIMfig on any lot adjoining, qr within
one hundred yards of the- residence of the, ownert
hirer-or person actually employitigsaid sla-e. -
gee. 4. Be- it further ordained,. That it Shal'
not be lawful for any owner of any Mlaves to ir(
or let to such slave his or her- time, and that- ahrj
such person so offending shall be liable to-th<
said city in the penalty of one hundred dollars
one-fourth of which penalty (when collected) t(
go to the informer. "
Sec. 5. Be it further ordained, That the mas,
tera of all slaves used dg public porters laborers
laundresses, or for other public uses, shall:re.
cei6e from the Clerkt of tbe:City 1icise' fto
such purpose, for which. an annual fee.of fivi
dollars shall be paid, four. dollars of w-h ich shal
go to the city and one dollar to the Clerk ; on(
that it shall be-the duty of the Clerk issuing sucl
license, to give a badge having printed the num
ber of the license granted for any or all of thi
purposes hieiein named, in legible characters
and which is tohbe'worn by the slave upon a con
spicuous part of his person ; and an owner of an,
slave 6ffendingagainst the provisions of rhis sec
tion, shall be subject to-a penalty of ten dollars
one-half (when collected) to go to the" informer
See. 6. Be it further ordained, That all ordi
nances' heretofore passed, conflicting with thi
-ordinance, be and the same are hereby repealed
Passed by'Council, 30th January, 1S49.
Wi.-'V iAEAu, Clerk. : .-

Hydrostatic Ink Fountain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Peqn'Rack,
Sanrd B6x*e,. Paper Rolders, Stamps, Seal-
',Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
"Nov J C ALLEN & Co..

r ChlOroform! ,-
WTARRANTED pure, just received and for
V sale by
Nov 18 J C ALLEN & Co. "

Oswego, Mich., Oct, 22, 1847.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I purchased for my
wife two bottles of Sarsaparilla of your Agent
Mr. McNair, of* Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fe
ve'r and Ague. Before I had finished the firs
bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and every
other day, when the Chills and Fever appeared
they were less violent; and before she had fin
ished the bottl4 she was entirely relie-ed, and
she was much better than she had been before
she took the Ague. A lady that had been very
sick with the Chills and Fever,'bVut 'had broke
them'with Quinine, and was left in a very weak
and distressing state, and troubled- exceedingly
with the Ague Cake, seeing the effect that it had

1 Cider. .
( %BiS Champague, for sale by
0/V Dec 30 B ELLISON ,Co.

SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Dec 9. Oor. Water and Chestnut sts.k
Tanners' Oil,

Dry Goods.
ers offer for sale a large and sea-
ck of Dry Goods, consisting in
eys and Linseys,
Red Flannels,
d Tweeds,
black and fancy Casameres,
ish and French Cloths, .
ankets, 10, 11 and 12,qrs.
kets, 8, 9 and .10 qrs.
Quilts, 9, 10,11 and 12 qrs,
remlins and Cottonades,
rting and Sheeting,
iaburgs, 7 ,
[ing and Ticking,
Cotton Checks,
Shirting and Sheeting,
otfbn Shirting and Sheeting, .
rench and American Prints,
r, plain and twilled Ginghams,
mere d'Ecosse,
r Muslin de Laine,
otch and American do.
an black and figured Silks,
Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
ish and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
d American Cotton Hkfs,
J Verona head Hkfs, .''
ton 14d0e and Gents Hf-bose,
n, Marseilles& Worsted Vestingsi
Flax Thread,
ig'd Swiss and checked Mdslins,
d Cambric M u .1 i n1 .,
ins, Tape, &c. &c.
been selected-with great care in
Boston, from Importers and Agents
rs, at the lowest market rates, and
at wholesale or retail o&. fairorable
WM. G. PORTER 4. Co.
7. 41 Water street;-
innd Swayne's Balsam
Wild Cherry.9-,
A and for sale by "
J. C. ALLEN & Co.

Wood Ware, &e.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix "
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground ,,
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java ,-
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;' ,
50 Mnft'd do.; t' ,
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
A J00 bags Shot*, 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lb Lead,; ..
200 kegs Wh-ite Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. -
Dec 30 41 Water street.


1, BGS2 new Bu.--kwlheat,just re-
,wAL ceived, and lr -ale bv
Jan 11 tC-A GRE"EN1 f.C ...
Fo'r Sale.
O TMFICR.INS -ost spterior Butter, of La-
250 iham'sDairv." .
,Dec28 = NQURE, STONE &'-Co,
...... Osuabtin's <. ..
GtORGiA and L,),Vell Oinaburgs, a ways on
hand, at the lowest rates bv -
Jan.11 ; ,'. '" C A GREEN &,Go,
Georgia Osniabrss,
FtR sale by HENRY, YOUNGS,
jDec *2S 53- Water street,
~. i~offee. ;
^"kCf" SACKS RI0, landing and for -iale by_
)-) NovI 5 )D B WOOD.
'. Brusles.
_A[I, Ha1,;Clothes, Teeth, Nail and Shaving
-.H.2" Brushes, for sale by : -
E. r ... ". HFP ABELL..

B6aof Sugar.
O"nnn' LBS. Steam Refined, for sale bi
, OUU Dec 28 1 D B WOOD.

Iron, Nails, Steel, &e.,
Q" ,TONS Sweeds, American-and English
,3 .. iron, assorted sizes.; .
30 dozen Brade's Hoes;
20 dozen Crown do
10 dozen Shovels and Spades;
100 kegs, Nails, assorted sizes; ;"
50d'lbs Cast aind German Steel,
,-20 doz Collin's Axes, Georgia ind Kentuceky
2 boxes Cotton Cards;
4 do Coffee Mills;
10 kegs 5"-and 6 inch Spikes; for sale by
C. A. GREEN & Co.
Dec 28 52 Wafer street:.

I T New ,iry Goods..
A .UST1N ]fONG, successors to-J? Steveon
-& C., are just opening at the old stand, cor-
tier of Water and Chestnut streets, an entire6new
stock 0f DRY GOOD9, SHOES,-HATS. &c. to
'which they -invite the attention of the former
/customers of the old firm;,and the-publici ; -
Ap.alachicola, Nov./1!, 1848. 43-6m

ofoltonl Hooks,


Fresh Herbs.
,AGE, Thvme, Summer Savory, Boneset, Hoar-
A 4 0Tbound, Catnip; &c, just rec'd, and for sale by
"Wan : C-.A-LEN Sp Vo,

Note Paper.
"'tERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for
J' sale by ......
Dee 9 J C ALLEN & Co.

dMacoboy, just rec'd, for sale -by
J. O, ALLEN & Co.

Carston Allars, "
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Susannah Allars. ,5
T"HE Defendant not having plead, 'answered
or demurred to complainant's bill, after due
notice of'the filing thereof, given by publication,
and the said bif of complait- and the matters
therein stated having been taken'for confessed
against said defendant: on motion of S6ticilor
for complainant, it is ordered that said cause bee
set for hearing at the first day of the next term
of this Court, and that notice of such hearing
be given to the defendant by~the publication of a
copy of this order, once a week for the space of
three mofiths prior to the first day of thte next.
term, in the- Commercial Advertiser, a Biewspa-7
per published in the city of Apalachicolh,,
A Copy. WM. VALLEAU,. Clerk..
December 18, 1841. 49-3m


do. Swiss, Luce and Color.d -,-. :- ..-,. -.
Edging, Lisle., Cap and Thread
ShAwII-f,.Damasbk Silkc -
'4o. Marino., *^^ -" :-
do., Pkjd V p. ,v .-. j.r ;... ....
Kid, le an d Slk 'Gloves .,:
Tusk.VaBGipsey Bonnets, latest fastoio "
-Ribbonsin all vhriefies."
Brown Shilie 7-84- ,4 2and 3-4 "'-'
Bleached do. iY$, 3-,4U, 16 and 114- ?
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4 ","-:- .'
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting *-"'" *-' ::.
,- : Carpet Bags, : -,.-: .. _
S' H at-apd Caps, i style .: .' .-
Boots and Shoes ., .
Clothing pi all kiodi .*.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRia ", .
many other art icles too numerous 'to. fnerict%4. --%....
CaIl and examine for yourselves. '.
M.N. SCOTT% & B ROTHB%, '.-,.. .
Dec 3 Cor. Water and Centre'sts..a ,. :
- ,-{: "=; fJon; ails, & .&e, '<-
On-T^Q Swedb Ivimh amsdfeda" i-a ?"
bQ00 kegq Nails,. do. "t "
. 4 casks Weeding H6@s, assorted qm-rti&S?.^-"' ..."
20 Blacksmith Sftel'Faced A X'S. .'.I :'" ,
'; 20 Eniglish and Amei 18f6b --
20 '" BelloWs; .-^ .**.* -
'12 dozen Spades and Shovels.; : "
10 "It Collins' A xes; < '.- J
10 bxN Cotton and W.oolen Cards; *
1 case owiland's Cant. Steel Mill-Saw^"g "'
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, f6r sale 4y -
WM. G. PO, I'MR & CO. ..
Dee 30f 4 ..... 4i Waler'Srreef \
Boots -and Shoes; -;::: "
BOY'S and Men's'Russet Btdgans; ,
Men's Sew'd and peg'd Rip Brogaft ;,',- .
Gents fine Calf Brogans; .-., '
Wm's peg'd and sew'd. Sho; Cbi ,.f a 49.. f0.0m
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco6"i. t-0 "' :I .'.
Super Lhdies'-coarse a6d'fme if-Sfbots. .**,^ -,
A large and extensrveasst'ient,_ufiyft'rU.o "
and forsale by ,WMG, PORTER-^Q^ .-"-.
Dec 30'".. ".atr afreet.' "
iH enry,' Ij t idgn sia -":'. ; i ." **
-'. ,rs-"-r' a ^..,'''.". / ..

"'ULL'S8 a 8 16 JAtol ,-
_U pounfd Ad tl l ,%*dk
ceived,-and fort ale by ".'4
Feb .

A L A R G E .. rtm e .f .-
recaived. =9 f6.oiiae-by 'J.7- V^%^"Sp~
Dec 9' ^ fiTAHE,^^ *

FEW bbls.3,-NeWhiwnb "mp6,reyL.7 ,
for sale by '" C A ORE Z6 -.^ ^-.',-
Jan 11- 2 ...... .. ,
S* -' : .^ _
,# _,. .^ .

.....Ttax Col:t- Sale.
B:,Y virtue of t'n -1 iithortt in te.ested by law,
-;JLUI will expose to sale, before the Court House
Door, in the City-of Apalachicola, -on Monday
--: the 12th day of March, IS-t1, between the hours
' ; ,, of ten A. M. and four P. M. the followving real
-, e-tate, _situated in the City of Aialachiln ,,I I. (as-
: .. sesied as the property'of Lewis Curl is atud Jo-seph
Delifield, Truitees of- the Apalaclhola Land
+ Comtpan,,) or somtich thereof as will pay the
*-"- -. Tax'ei lor 1S.Sr, fsse3 -i e r.oti tor the State,
o'f Florida and the Co-iunty if Fr'a,khm, tictliier
-. with the c,-#t 1f ad,ertisetntir aiiddsale, and
^:7 :'' ": which -aidl real estate ti .--le..' lied as fo o' Vs, in
tile A iip t:.i -said ci(~,, viz:
'-,. ;* Wharf L~its Nos 7, -9-1 fit)' feet each.
-/_ '-' : .Lots 13 and 7 in Block 17. : .. ,
L61 -1 -Lt 3, 4, 5, .6, 7, ,-7 in Block 18.
-? . "-Lots 4,-f 7 ,.13, 11,1. 3 ,1 ,l1S, inBloek E2.
:, .:-: :;- "Lots 6, 1, 12, n1 in BllcBI V 2
Lot 3 i'n Block D-2. '
L ,,tq 4, 7, S in BL,,ck!i. '
;;. Lr>t(.2,% 3, 4.,3, 7. S, *J, i Bluc -(.-
Lor- .L 5t.; 7, 5 in Blocek .
Lots I to 1), in Block 14.
.. .. i 2ts 1. 7. 1 I in B lcI *';l. .
... Lot; 1. I 5,I 7S, 1;, 7. S. ,', 10. in Block -,' -
Lots J, 4,5, G, 7, il ,l ,1,, 4.5.
: Liots 3, 4. ., ,01. 7. ,in B o.ck l ,. -.
'Lots l to lip,n i ll k Bl .o k
L: '1,t1 1, *-,.-, i^, , "*, ', li, i- Btxck J.
's /- ; L,,t.-: > tii 10 B,"i !..:.k 2! ..
',. '-].VtS 'I,. 7. S. ., I-, i n [.L:.'. l .: ,
L.1 ', 2 l to 1,1, i, P, l. o k Jl. -
; / Lotsi I I ., o t I 't ,1 k L I.
L ...t 1 t t. *. i, PA.-,v,. ,
A i-o.- A ll 1[.', t- ,Z -.I] it,- W' e-i ....lie of Ille
+ / "A al.jw LhI :,.I i I ',' N ., -i, *,, I W V .-1 ,,l" tl,,- t!y ol
A 1 A i '-l lv,"h ,.l tI, h r.- t .h V,. .r: ,,liiii-, ries of
.* F ',iklin (F'., .it.,; aiC., -. a]V ,,,S. l\ Is! 'id, St.
: :y '- tqei.i ,: -! .1 a'l n.l _D,[)'- I-l trl. (*j,.'i'i-iv9 otf
'that | ,'.>ti.,n ,t" W1. ,rz;-'," a^v\t .:,. [ -.l r" ., whedr
., .- \ IIthe I..U S. G r.,,-rioemn, } : al-,,), all L ,dt.J lying'
.... i E it of the 1l ,, ,>ti t Adt!,-"'.t ;t'rl li.,rderiug
=' Ol St. Georr.'--'s .),irnt, stir lanr iiii^ E.'t tofhe-
,n'in h iuth of N ,\.. R iver, lic- t*iL"n ,Jli'-o, 'line,
40- to I.h C lih p.l > Cut-.t', l o.,l] I ili.- A ii.ilachi-
CUlai River I'-,.vII t V it-i',,,1ilh, i i..ll-1il,,'i Forbe's
ITsladr l (.;.) c ,lled I; the \v,.,]e- ,' ', ::, -:,' .";
acr,. f (f t!, rd quality ,ut L-i;,., and d ,v) of-"d 9 ,
: qllt'v ..- /' -:
BEN J. LtJCAS. T,,-% -._*.,r ->.'l
". '. (C'u c.,:tj f'.,r [:rmn'ltn (',..,, iy.) ;-
" -- "- A*, l" lclti,;.,l ,,-O ;t,'b.-c 7, lqIS- '. 38-6m

,-B. Eilaiioi & -('o., (cor. 1'aler ,-andi
". ".lSHIP Ci\NL>LEiV. -
,M ANILL.A and Herm,) Cur',a.i..- of all sizes,
l "H-irlnri '\V,_,rilinin, M ''irii-. Spun-
yarn,l akiiin. li-inr 'il. F.,il,.), W hlijlle do. Olive
;4d, Lns-ed i.. I v do, Boil.-d do. rii Tur
+ peil~ne. Pnts., X\'mdoi\ 'l-G s, Pnttv. White
L~ad, Ref\ ,.,1., V'-ll.w i_,c.n,', (.*l ,mrir i}r,.en,
,Eimeralddo0,'Ii eriil do. ,iir,,oe \ ,.-Ib-,w, Ver-
digriq L'lh iri2e, B.nli,,hir. ,,'1lt. V rsrlih. Copal
do, T-Ar, R,-)s Piteh. Turf, etl e, t_',,_-ial. Pa-nt
Brushes, Varni.-,I, -,[ r Sl,, ._,ru5 1 .... (lA imp do,
LIanmp Blii,'k, 1_' ,tl 'N. W hi r. R u?, i I D)u.,., Eli.l-
lish do, Colron ,do, HeavVk IZ iv ns ,I -, Liglil do,
W hite, Blrieaid. IR edJ -' itin- N ; N ,al_ (-' Cop tlr r do,
do Tack? h, i"'i 13k 01. d io, rih .d. 'rewo,
Ja'.'k S ~.'-'L r w A ii';;it,,.'r, 1-1 iiijd--I.l,,s. Ca'Lpiliii
Bari', Oaiaa. Bninck-, i.'b. l .[ i i iik,. llalid
.: P -mn 5,F Ddlck Bickef--, C.-.,jir o. D.-,.-'k Broom QI
Corn'do., Cinlkiii,,i \,il61- S7rvinz.*1, A .;:s.A\,
Fl elve, Hoioksand +,)okjs' B,) I l moki.. Bile do,
:C in ..). i-'olioS do. B 1 i itu d Fi-li do. t'..nllim.na
lr<)ii. ['nimz Ilr'iu _\r'Ifin.,. Si, -Ships. Shn Scrd-
'"pers, B,,. i ne~s Lit_'-r .,,,'-is.- LIJ!d'", T.;ll*:,,,tnt,:,rs,-
Div ',r's, C..,C passes, S.,il Needles, il Twine,
S -. fine d. .S- I, i Rg l i->, h .P. i l-n RdciqI, Leather.
'Puwnp d., SLlh. ain, itm iei--, H4 ':'!es, C-l'hsel..
AugJr.;. Planes, /lidi& I.V-i., ,;iTilltb ts, Hinds;aw
Files, Rat Tail do. [ron Sq'i iire, C',ubo.ird Lock?,
Stock do, Rook-l anI. Siil|:.. Hi 'g-s. P.,:,lockQ.
Wood Saws, Peni-'im l[-la'ilr. Ha. (ndJ Lines.
Deep Sea -do, Log ,io. Fi-!h ,],. H.,n:] L,,i. Deep
S-a do, Sheol d.o, Barud.,, F ,t.me.ls, L.anniorng.
Ch.ilk Line., Pilch Pols. L S B.o':c. Carzo dp,
Belaving Pi,;. Tin-\VEr", Cr-kerr, C.arpenier's
, Tools, S'm1311`11 P,-,61 s.. .k ^e.
AplaclihriIa. Ia,.,-. 0, !s47.
IO CO FFEE, J ,1,',, SI. Diinil1:0 do,
', bR Northirri Fl,-,ir, W -'terti (,..; N 0, ..jr,
Sr. Croix do. Porto ]C.co do, Yv-,.g-1r H-yson Tea,
H v'?on do, Powveijn- .I,,-,, -.-.-.i r d,.,, .;sh,']
B ittl r, CUeli'e- Lird., Bi ..i I.I inm -. l o.o. l-
: d-ers. M ,kola-?es, \I\' h ke' 1. i'1"-7 5 ,ii l'i lr'd Beetf,
Me3ss and Plnl e Polk. M .I,. rl.. -_;1i. J, Salmon,
Herring. Sounds and T ,':^,,. -, ,_lI FishT o-nzneq,
P,|Pepper, Spices, C.'U'StlT- Petp'i er St, i Oh'vcs,
S (-",.alers, Pi,'k[s, Seal,. Si .,,h. I0b :'0o, Navy
= Bread, Pilot d,, Crac KIer. \ itr, r, Dried -Fruits,
Beans, It, R. 'jis % i ..arrj, V'?rin t,_. ll, Ar-
row R,.ou, Coro, Oai.s, R -k'whe. t. Mustard. kRcre,
S-, For saleby .. : B. ELL.1.--ON S. CO.
Dec 9. C<" r. 'u-. .,ld l Chle'-.11111 sts.
frtar'iware. '
iPTLArNS,, Pla-, Ir,-H, snle ar.dd*l.,Ham-

v r -Lmees, DrMax Kqiii.. A'i-fi, Ai'iZr Bits.
:-..-/'-- Si-rinit Bravres, "Timi.r S%:' tie-, Turn Screws.
: M parking Guige,'. 5I.:,,ti.'?e .t ,. :'_dw Sets:, Wood
R u le s, A dtz e .i, W ,',?,i,'liRe S v -\', 'L ocks, H ook s
and Staples, B'it~t., S re,'vs. ,-_,sii- S*illttcr Bolts,
~ Brad^, Ta 'ks, C,ipe~r Wire, 'Melting L-idl .g, Ral
Traps, A\'?s. H ti'_liet-, C.il?._ MIlI, Sl,:.i.gi Ham.
ruers, Smnith T,.n,;-, MllI qa, v~, .,vils, &c. &c.
Forsale by" /B. ELILISON & Co.
SDec 9. :. ,or. Water and Chestnut sts.
S\VEDE Iron, Sc.tch ,., W..Uec-.ti,-, and Carder
k. l-Lwe Blaickinnith B_-'II,.-. A f'.nttonand W oo
S"' -, Cartla, S''ades!and-S'l'y,'l', Cauldron and Sut,'ai
- Pans, PloUghs, &c.'-&c...for si1e b\"- --
_. B EL.LIS',JN & Co,
.Dec 9 ... Cor. Water ari Chestnut sis.
".O'OTS, Sh,,esl auit~ Br.\E;-n?, hy the case;
J~~h W omen's h,-nes ,ini Bn'kins;. ." .,
Men's Boys =and: Yontb'i'- Br,,zaii';
'- tt ;- '*;. ?: r.ine ?i,:w'dBrognais
>l -Men's pegged Bo,,ls;
'fnr, P eired Bo:)f.ts;l
R ta se t B ro g~a n s. F i',r i:,lc1_ V t, i
B. ELLiSON &. =C'O.,.
Dee'9. Cor". Wa-tcir and Cifesnivif sts.

Baggiii m a Ho Bepe.
200/"ir PCS. auperor Iirtu,:li B.i.-aing,
4 2 0 00coils ''. ,." ; Rope,
' Just'received and tor iali' low for cash,or" ap
Vrove~dpaper, by .-
Feb 1 t -- 46 Water street
Baagifmg aixi Rose.
K{\ PCS. KenttU,.'k., *21., halei India.; 100 coil
06 Rope for ?~ile by _
Jan It .- "C A GREEN & Co.

'i.invaun U a &oaAA~t --

N.' B'. -Waches, Mlocks *Bfwl ae -
repaired. Octobe 21, ta7.4,' ., 2

A T H E N' &- ,
Bouring SaToomi and '.
Room. .:-.A:? r .,"
T H E proprietor of the ,, Athenagtrr.towl l "t""
"LSalonn' has used' everylendeavor 10 mafr- ":1
[he'esabl'ishment a agroee-Ae place tit r._ead -k
and is thankful that an ever 'diorif. p ,
lic'pr6ve by liberdl patroiage 4h, ha.', : "
uf his desire to p ime- ie*
Vhoiie. adsortment of 3 aHl: i .
tWi'fages, of a .-.: tp ti%- E
gacchua' most faf&diaw"_sos.OB, n ^ S\c-''
cool and delicigns,fr'q 0 ocr (heir ".14,GV6 1 '
For a pleasin-t eomminglfng 6f- exerce.- .S:Sl '
amusement-utiVe cvt .ufc --t oii'f^ '
within the circleororiagi to l c's ie*. o -
a gime of ten pifiig but tiop" f'_, re
active amusements, can salys takeaamS. -,.t..
Come one- co-me aM." *^* -** ""- -' ;
JOHN B.,JW~ ^.
Apalachicola,-Dec. 30, 1847. ,5-tf. ... ,- -:
[ardware,. Shtp1 Cha nd-lery, A'^..
THE Subscribers have oB hand for s --,, -..
LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, H~gjf-y
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crossicnt'dof. .ft. "-""' % '
Compasses, Augers,.Gimblets, Cbi~sl&]e ,. ,
and B itLs, Rules, Be-vFso.Squape.. adUAW .^"
Ship do, Coffins' idoe, Az atch ,. : -
merseShut ftt^Din'gs,.Blj.'nd doSte 3^.
donrScales,' Platlor~i a.0, Cir -a '
i kricrien Ware, Table Cutliii- VO1
j Tongs, Fire Irons, S&i.. '" : '..
BLACKSMITHS' Bell|W. &A. i'-s. ,. -.
..Hammers, Vices, Screwplites, Sto'ef, '
Dies, Tonga, ,Files,, R-sps', '.. -" ; ;-
[RON-Sweeds, Eng)ish anfl d^ t.'' f^ -, 9 -^,
round, tat a nd sqnare..;"a.o- AN-* ,,
Boiler Iron, RailroadSpike do, i^ djf' '-
Iron an & Nails; Cast, English,BEisV -aa '' "
; German Steel. ,, 1<' -,. ^.
Cornrcills, Logchains,' Trace do, 6y-^,i'" .-
Sqhpvesl,ard'Spgdes, Weednmg ffoesO, 0a t-
Law an'd Grubbing "Hfoi. '-
CORDAGE-=:Manilla and+,e-inp;'as@art@"d i "
. Tar,'Rosin, Coal Tar_,r4gh4 V.wbth, Mani r .
spikes,,Blohis"Oars.& .
CAST1 NG9,--tigar'Kettles,. Ml "at '^S.' 'V :
drons, Ba'kevens, Spiders, tF, Ebaftiete ,i ;
Ket.tleq. Tea Ke-trles-, &e. -.. ,,- *
TINWARE-A fMITl assortmegt. ,, :
W holesale or retail 7 ^ '. : "' "
J9C. e. ROBEIf" -,- ..
Apalachicola,. Jan. S%4Ra9. e; .o -."r'".m- .-;'-

HH Subscribers lake this 6We^'fn'om
_X ing "the citizene-ol Apal-c -icA'lAd its'i- -
cinity, that they have now on hand ix very me
and wellselected Stock of GOODS, which w-il Vi
sold low, consisting in part as follows:. .;,
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles; ',;-..- *',
Fancy Prints, do.% do.. '- j -
Alapaca Lustre;.: do. Figured, ..
Silk s, P rode vniB .... .".-.. ':'- "- :- -
]o. Montel '.:-* ; --;-
do. Salti n i"ped '" --'" -
Fancy Cashmere Robes ,i
do. _Merino .do. ,'
do- Delaine -''.- do. : -
, M uslins, Itdia n Book- --*.-. ,S .. A -'


Dry Goods. ,
DTRILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
_ Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c. &c,
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts

OiRu sale by
Dec 30


C .

i I~




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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
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mods:dateCreated February 22, 1849
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
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mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1849
mods:number 1849
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:BibID UF00048473
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sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1849 1849
2 February
3 22 22
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: February 22, 1849
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 02713285
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System ID: UF00048473:00141

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--- -- ------- -
Holdcn's Dollar Magazine I I The Leading Periodical iu ".. .
13usfnc3S! ;3irtttor.Vn J : 3uiiltyJrj: IJfrcctocJ1. I fHtsccllancous. Wane of( the sixteenth century enjoy salaries
-- amounting! in the aggregate to 60000.
708 PAGES IX TilE VOLUME LADY'S BOOK, #. G. Porter & Co. \v. A. & P. C. halt, '\"e publish! a letter below this morning, The entire sum expeuded in the Lord

S to 20 Splendid Wood Engravings For 1849. DEALERS IX GOODS AND COMMISSION COMMISSION .M E RC H ANT S which, though rather long, will repay a pe Chamberlain's department,including house
each Month 1 Dedicated to the Ladies of the United States. MERCHANTS, No. 4 Columbus Block rusal. It hold salaries and tradesmen's bills, is $3oO-
2o. 41 Water street is from the pen of Sigma: one of
: Edited SARAH J. 000.
by HALE .
This! unrivalled Family Magazine, universally GRACE GREENWOOD, Dec 30_Apalachicola Fa. Apalachlcola.OC the ablest foreign correspondents' of the N. ." The Lord High Steward), always of

acknowledged by the Press as the BEST American and L. A. GODEY. B. r. Nourse, H. B. Stone, II. W. Brooks. ?- Liberal :advances:: made on consignments Y. Courier & Enquirer. In this, and one noble bind, has a salary: of 10.000 ; his
offers at the commence- Nourse stone & of Cotton to their friends in Liverpool, Glasgow,
Periodical published, = Co.
volame unusual inducements to A Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who con- COMMISSION New York and Philadelphia.! or two subsequent letters( he proposes to duty, which is always performed by proxy
ol ,
tneat tributes to No. i is to the household and
every govern: Queen's '
FlI )iCriher Its Tcatures hereafter will be en- N. WILLIS'. No. -10 Water street, Jan. 11, IS19._ sketch out some of the evils and abuses
Original Scrintural Poetry. fur the culinary department.; lie
WJEWO.I.V tireiv American''" ,TALES including,: T. S. ARTHUR, who contributes to evervNo., _Dec 12_Apalachicola_ Fin.Lockliart Jinc.iiAii DAY. DANIEL: J. DAY.> which} 'now excite the public mind of En- has under! him quite a little army of treasu-

.1MKRIC.LV PORTRAITS, illustrative of Croouie'a Sketches cf American ,& IToim?, J. Day ,\; Co., gland, and he introduces his first letter in rers, comptrollers, secretaries, clerks, storekeepers

'l.UErt1C.1.: TALKS. Character.We intend : COMMISSION I and FORWARDING COMMISSION M KilCHANTS, the following noble language.-Sav. Rep. "ypUlot>n of _the pantry," bakers
merely to notice No. \Vatrrstrrer
give.a of
our intentions MERCHANTS t ,
AMERICA SKE TC'UES.t confectioner cqu1s.Jt'h .
... &.. *1-i..'. for next year, leaving: to others long ad\"er-I Water Dec 2 Apal.ichico'a! Fa.ft '0 There is in aJ"ezi.gogties certain..bi.hA..J. Li chief c efeck..r., prers,
eric of Eu!!ravm- r. "X* n TO Ot!( aft UK including Cole,GInol1x! Durand, not I .cnts-" full of sound and fury, signifying I novCl Apalachico1a, Fla._ L i v .1gentsfor. LLOYO. .*. ; ah.'.<:Aqt-riit. ctiifi lyr itfance! the 1.-. tIIt criterion who mt.p ot' American*intrril .-5"o. "* of the Marshalsca, which consists of nine
ling. patriotism.
i is in vi orotn preparation i Co. and the "Hartord Insurance Co. Hartford"Conn. Ire
and others, : Mafshahncn
EJmomU, itaipes' Holmes whose business the administration
Agreeably the nrwt--: -', nil:: }JUb- With such men I disclaim all alliance: all : is -
and! the facile pencil of the in inimitable DARLEV Holden II h_ .ill sue as good auuraber each month as COlIMISSIONIERCIIANTS: -sympathy : and if I believed one word of i of justice between the Queen's
I i- now actively enraged enriching : he dos in January. This is a novel feature in -. nlso, Charles Rogers Eugene W. Rogers. servants. The total expenditure of the
Public Men, what I have written, or what I shall write,
the of 1meI .
of .
with his Portrait the whole! gents fcr the
Magazine publi-iiiiig. During of last SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Chas. Holers A Co., I would be construed in their favor, I would Lord Steward's department amounts annu-
I rifti. year he gave more engravings and more readily! COMMISSION: 1 i\IERCIlAN1'S, ally to about SGOO.OOO.
The Pujiraurs OK DISTINGUISHED AMERIiljvivKt. I I matter than any of his contemporaries, and will of the Cihi of"cw York, Water street, not pen another syllable. Increased fami-
,. ill be continue din No., as 1 No. 51 Water with has mado The Master of the (Horse, who has
V \\ : \\ every I continue to do so next year. Those: who::.nb cribe street, Dec 0 Apalachicola, Fa. iarity England me prouder
1 h..r', ,1-irc, with, life-like ketchc* ot their lives 1. to GODEY'S;; LADY'S BOOK, nwy/o so underlie Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa. that English blood flowed in the veins of charge of Her Majesty's horses and stables,
iNtiv Kirh Xo. will he filled with I N. T. Rcboi has a salary of :$12.300;:; and he has under
1.1\ : Puiaan ;
c i '" .... ,- ,: as. i< iice thai they will receive more for \V. T. Woon. E. B. BALLOU. my ancestors and prouder that I
r. i L E,'. P 1)/j. ; .' E.. ...J I S, their ,ino.iey in the Magazine alone, I than by subscribing Wood &; Ballots COMMISSION AND F O 11 W A I RlING I I was born under a Constitution which was him a large number of equerries pages,

.7/1/t'/,"' :J f.*, SIJ. TCHKS, ''t rny other work. To this is added COMMMISSION: : : MERCHANTS, MERCHANT, reared on the great principles of English postillions, coachmen grooms, footmen, &c.all .

lJll\"T. 1 TIOS, and included in the same $3, the LADY'S DOL- Office No. \Vaterstreet.-Up stairs. No. 41 Watcr-s'-cet; Law and Liberty. In British skill and in- paid with liberal salaries. In his department -
TOPICS 01Tlf: MO.YTII, LAR NEWSPAPER, which contains in one Jan 16 Apaldchicolii Fa. Dec 2 ApaIacliiccd, Fa. and as in every other in the British
I lustry, enierprize, and
." 111jJ cvei tliiiu .limning, Infrucnt courage
'\ mi.; ire > ; month. if much matter
not '
nearly, quite ;s reading there Is
,t' 1 U I rib' no.v in proves* inthe world.' I r as the other monthlies, making for $.'3, the ALVA WVME WM. A. McKESZIE. A. N. McKAY. N C ROBBIXS. CHAS Pinvr. robity, md philanthropy, and love of justice government Master no want of sinecures.A .
of the
Buckhounds who
i.q :/i i'n.i\ :Mi:ixi'ie: the Editor H confident amount of reading of two magazines a month. Wylic &:: Iffcltetizic, 4 A. I 1'i McKay & Co.C03MMISS and allegiance to principle, and devo. no
I, !' ,i.i. :r.v iin. ( .tn atrt! ,or oftpo-Jitiuii lessen its THEUE about Godey's L COMMISSION MERCHANTS tion to !ureat ideas, and attachment to order duties whatever, receives 88,00'0 annually ;
i i' j \d ',\'.,i-'ti: I,, .n,1 1 he oilers: itt> the world a,. dy's Llook: for the ladies that no other Magazine No. 42 Water street, mil loyalty in its exalted sense, I recognize, and a Grand) Falconer! although Her Majesty

: t ':1'. (c'i iri'i:,'r, literary rifjand, illustrative! possesses. There is a Mezzotint and Line Enjjrrvmc Sept. 1, IS 17. Apalachicola, Fa. No. 40 V/ater-treet as an American, the glorious attributes of a possesses not a single hawk, has an

"1::' incrrh number-both by the best arti>ls. s. & J. Schiller. Doc 15; .Apalachicola: Fa. kindred( race. Jealous as I may be of the annual salary of SC.OOOThe() total expenses -

Tin, :Tl'MltiS n.aiPlzinc In aJdition o these, there ?re given monthly WHOLESALE[ AND RETAIL GROCER, J.-C.- ALLEX. --"JAMES- 1. GKIKFIN.J. ---. national aggrandizement of England, I find of the Master of the IJfJI'ses'depart.

'II.' TMK!: NIXr.lT.BVTH: ::: : CEXTUUY what oo other magazine gi\'cs-a Colored Fa h- 0(5-( P.lfticularattent p lid to p'Utin-j up family C. Allen 4V Co. something to admire in her opulence her ment is 335.000 annuaily. The office is

\I :i.fith I I i ii 1 the ]1.Id: can alird! to be without i')n Plate, with a full description This feature steamboat and ship stores.: 4Vholesae! and Retail Dt'.t'rl. in mania! renown, her mighty naval strength now held by thr Duke of Norfolk, the peer
I H ,i."i i in It' rirde; fur when vich a periodicalo'lijrfi i is: peculiar to Godey, as no other work his thorn No. -19 Water street, next in precedence to the Rojil; Family.His .
DRUGf.IBDICIXEP., T'VTXTS.: SPERM her gigantic commerce, her almost omnipotent -
I for the trills of0'K Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla. ,
1L : it'ie 'e.'r and colored. Then there
:!I month tie Caps _
clear back
c\'c.ry -- WHALE:: AND LINSEED; OILS: ; mechanical her exhansiless ancestors, to the Rcfornr.t-;
; nOLL.\U, f .iMiet':, Chemisettes, Equestrianism for Ladies II. F. Abel, Chemicals, Glue, Indigo, Ghs* and Put1,1'! credit and her stainless power faith and I tionVert', as lie himself i is, ol ihe Knmati
'. will it .vih to subscribe ? with The Ladies' Work Table ; can
w i \1 I i n Engravings. and Domestic Druss White Lead.'YJ.rnigh
WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, eign Catholic faith, and suffered disabilities
C'w' it 1fnrr of ILslden i.*, Mat, labile with designs; for knitting netting, crotchet, even look with a feeling akin to pleasure -
DEALER IN DRUGS :MEDICINES PAINTS Dye-Wood"; Spirits TIl.pf'niinco.Patent : and
: .<<1': --iifuifif ..1m"ric(1tJ.f'nl mellt and I and all other kinds of work. Patterns for Medicines upon her lordly mansions and her old baronial amercements on account iheir
OILS GLASS &c. &c. Congress Water
and! 'lJrlie' all the bcaulirx Window Curtains halls$ where religion. It was a eight curious and suggestive
f./l< 't./ zttlhtf* 1':1f Smoking Caps, Chair Covers French Chemicals, &c. &.c. ;: so many generations of her
Also A of
.' '.''a, Frc'E-..ri l, find ..jn"tiaiiI Perindi- D'()\ley's, Pur?e Bags, &.c.&c. Health and Cor.! -of general Chestnut asortment and Water streets Statincry. ALSO, finest daughters::! and( bravest sons have lived enough, to behold, a? I did, List

'". tr'nli awirtling their Jcllit9 and vice' Re.iiitvwith Engravings. Model Collages I with April 11 .. Apalachicola, Fa. Jl "fnernl axsorlini'iit of and! ( died. Different forms of government September, on I the occasion of the royalprorogation

-i-n'ii.latent af lie. Eiri/cloptdia, the (;' :'-/- ground plans and other engravings, always illus BLANK BOOKS STATIONER: &'e., &c. doubtless have their relative degrees of merit : of Parliament, this sturdy dis-
Irn', thf ( "-itrtrrftf R'-aidc, nnd the ll'ielfly.Yir.jnipr. ; trative of useful. Music, beautifully of Chesnut & Commerce > of Rome seated in his
{ something CIiullin alter, cor. : -:ret I?, : !but after all, it is Law that i is the greatconservator ciple official capacity -
it ;is yt srpffntlr awl distinct ffJMo printed on t'nled paper, which may be taken out COMMISSION MERCHANT, Jan IS Apaidchirola! Fid. of Public Order and the Press in the Royal State carriage, PS the

/ '. but po'oin'.in enough; of thrtreaiiowqual- and r-tund. Colored Modern Cottages and Colored :{o.t3 Water street-Up stairs, Commission and Ancfiau RnanJ, that is the of ,Civil special attendant of (Her !Majesty, the (Head
tir'lIt'mN tn nun wild ifxrlf to ,rcry lfc.t er. : Flower Pieces occasionally. These are all extra Dec. 1, 1547. Apalachicola, Fla. great surety Liberty. of the Established Chute
The o'n-Tt: of the }E-lit'ur lIES been to iiive a"IIUKK I in Godey. an j to be found in no other Magazine. EUFAULA, ALABAMA: Nowhere, but in our own country. do both

I) II-L'R MAGAZINE KOR ,ONE Tiitim.fiu.r .. These were all given 1 last year,. and will be con IB. S, Ila\\Tlc\\ BY of these ;great agents possess such inviolable Besides the enormous list, specified above,

:, an.l! a zlne'! at Holdan's!: wilt show the 'i tinucd. addition, we shall have in every No., FACTOR AND! COMMISSION MERCHANT, J. B. STAR & Co. sanctity as in England and consequently large appropriations are constantly made for
," -it! X. \v. t;. only aks the support of Ihe'lI one of .' No. 2S Water street, I nowhere, that same land( of WASHINGTONexcepteil I the maintenance of the Royal Palaces, gag-
1111. >1 t 1V. and: i in rctctn will: give!improveii.MiN ..; CHUO lE'S SKETCHES AMERICAN Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.A'dry We hdving received a full share of the patronage is there to be found so successful! ties, pavil.ons mews, parks; :gardens:: plea
a< till'31' > demanded.f CHARACTERISTICS, from the Merchants of Apalachicola: la.t t sure grounds, su.Mes &c. 'l'he Royal Family -
; union of order with individual freedom
V >>v tx the time to frbcribc, as those A mo ofactiou. The American who
: business the
.'0111'1.i / tirst will: tcCfcUv the t tirt; impressions: ; of American public. These will be illustrated in comingvii.ter. purse. Prince Alben, as Ru\al Consort
'., No. 43: Water street. Eufaula. Ala.Xov/14, ISIS. M-tf reason in all this may be a republican, but
-- e'i! !r more certainly n bigot. is a blindworshipper
">, wished t by ; bil"riuers-t"atmouth.: j Arthur, Esq. Gufaula Auction amisioti Conl1Ii, limited to the registration Somer-et Houseof
-' FOR l>ln-(ix Auv.kNcJ.) Illustrated by Fay Robinson Esq This series B. Ellis n & Co., House, a spirit identical in essence with that the additions to hi-* family, receives annually -

l"I itiv! .. .. .. ..Oie yt>ar.$1 OOi' will he "('I'V interesting to the lt: lies. COMMISSION..1 MEI t IS ChANTS., BY religious or rather irreligious bigotry which 30OCO. or nearly 150,000 And as

,"P.. ;. .. .. .. . .. '.. i ou i "JHi:: APPLICABILITY OF THE FINE I DRY GOODS, ..I.(GROCERIES." nnM.KTJ5: IX,: HARDWARE l I). !-\.XFOrt'S'iX. ;maihcrnatizes and sends to perdition all Field Marshal] in the Army a Colonel in

..,"ii.x. . . .. .. .'. . . 13: o') ARTS TO DOMESTIC USES TIN WARE, HOOTS( SHOES HATS: Thankful for the pat ronag.* hitheito received who do not use its ritual and adopt its creed. the Foot Guard-J *. C'or.sialtle ni Windsor
E'TuU.q! : : Is another: series of Enirravin! now in preparation CAPS, CROCKKllY': =SHIP, from the Merchants of Apaladncols( he would KRITISH ROYALTY. Castle, Ranger of Windsor Park. anti Lord
1 *ndin .2'ili ) and a.d will be published during the year. CHANDLERY! Ace. Warden of.the Stannaries, of which
b. 1.1"t>r. or others, < :: namp..r respectfully solicit a continuance! of tlieir: favors.Eutaula Although, as far as respects! the personal most
', >!11.11', \\' riceivel.- II of aoIJ'n :\Ia COTTAGE FUn ITUHE. Cor. Water and Chestnut ?"ts. Ala., Oct. 27, Is 1-.;. .t'?-- ; sercise: of political power the British posts are absolute sinecnns. lie obtains,
'$/Is'! Ju t "I'l-'iuclvbaandintnuslinand! : :;ilt.eJ.ed. H-u-iiiicsiven. ;so many Model Cvttaeswe intend Dec 9 Apalachicola, Fa. -- ,- ,- ---_. he called substantialentity every year at least :M0.000 more. Adt'bide,
sovereign can hardly a
.j 1 jr .:, ( ",''':: ,) iiv to commence! the publication of Cottage CHAS. P. M'CA6f.GUST WE Ru\:.\I. 33voftti3iannl :Noticti. there is in which slit- the Queen Dow.igrr, rein of i the, late William -

Ca\IU.F." W. UOLDEN, 1 Furniture very necessary; appendage to aClltla'fe. J'CaUa & ROHlain, S __ ___ __ u_ __ .vet one way J IV., has an annual alowam-e of !:10U-
makes! her existence obvious to the dullest *
1-J.1: Xa.,1:1-irct.t.; JJ Y. COMMISSION 1 I I M E R CHANTS : '
; RELIGION AND HISTORY. I1EEi i: sensibilities of her The civil 000. The Duchess of Knit, the.Quern'smother
f. .11 t '''01 : ,,',ire, :and not inn:; I the! :Murizine i : cdil. j Oar -superior:' Artists Walters, Tucker, Pease IS Apalachicola Fla.Uuilerwootl conferred by act of Parliament on her Ma- receives ,30000. One of the
_ er::: May be found at his residence, corner olUentce unole the Duke of
of Queen's ; ,
!l." will L l h e entitled' to the s l"o:11'ulallle: i.t", aol! V.Vlrh, are now engaged; upon- plateil1u"tl'.lli'l' ---- ---- jestyi I ; as her regular annual allowance is Cambridge,
1 41 M ho'iad in irrilin of these two subjects. & CaigEr, and Hi:;h streets opposite the Mansion receives c 27,000() ; another, the Duke of
1 i i-::i/.ine 1nnJ-Jtmely( House. Nov S. .-t3 5.000 sterling: or nearly two millions of
:(ItL! :,.J, all-} in adflifijn a $: ien(5id full 'j OUR MUSIC.Prcpaie.1 TAILORS -- -- dollars. Of this enormous sum c 60,000 Cumberland, now King of Haimvrr. t t:20-:
,ji'i I i '.: ..rnvin.*, on tinted paier fll 1 H"r.ice expressly; for n-rno.l1y, original, and \'''. G. UI. Davis for l her and 000. Another member ol' the Royal: Family
BALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. are :! own private use.
'> ',' \ !r.litor at! the New York Trib-n.e, drawn b-auit'uily! printed, has long; commanded! adecidd ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, the remainder is expended in the departments I Leopold, King; of the Belgians receives"ct'50.000
.' ln i IV I) irlcy, and engraved by UicliardTh. -I ;preference over that of any other Magazine.It Apalachicola Fc. I and the Duchess of Gloucester
Offers his n'ices to the public in either of the of the Lord'Chamberlain, the Lord ,
Hook.Tiih .
in The
i i- 1p.iture
.- Htlk will b*> maild i tonrh pap -r! ;> fG'-c A 11 orders attended to with punctualityand the
Queen's -tlG.OCO.
,I"> 'tii! Ih,. 'th nf J. nnry, when it will !,.* n-4-ly.:, t LITERARY CHARACTER OF GO de<:patch. & Jan. 20 above capacities. Steward, and the Master of the Horse ; and aunt : ,'

11'1 i ie tvfvpti'in i of z papei (Ol.t i'lI.u: I tlioadverti.raeif : .. I DEY'S LADY BOOK. He will practice regularly! in Franklin, Cal- in royal bounties, charities, pensions, and The grants made\ by Parliament from
dad notice! jn.arkrd.; f..dit'rs pyir.s I With! such writers as Miss Leslie, Grace Green- HI. 1Scott & Brother, houn and Jackson: Circuit Courts and will, upon special services. year to year, for the royal atcotntr.odatioo,

,, \\'O"t. W. G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet, T. S. Arthur, a special retainer: act Counsel, in Courtof and for salaries! and do
"I nt1 imtiri'ij! : MO:;.\lily tilt al l .\\I 1 i4/.i-ie ea: ,.h in'inth for the coming\ ye.ir. :Mrs E. Odkes Smith Mrs. J. C. Neal, H. T. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS :SHOES:: the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also, who is always a peer of the realm is to ex- average Itss: than three millions and a half

-. -- --- --- Tuckerman, H. W. Herbert, &c., the author of HATS, &c.: argue cases, in the Court of Appeals at T.illahas- ercise general supervision over the Queen'sahlrfIflertS. I I of dollars. For the maintenance of thero'al
lV'CcI(b.21 Produce.L the Widow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryant,Longfcliow ..Cor. Water and Centre-straffs, see, the sessions of which, he will always be
'I r. )H!ij\: Fl.vir Olru d- Lard, W!:;,,!((,),:. Holmes-and a host of others-must at- Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa. present at, unless:! prevented by accident. and to make arrangements in dignity! a very largesum which, does

'...IJHI-, ri| ">i: and primp.rnh.'...,.$,Prk mc-.s \va\s take the lead in literary merit. SIMS. WM. W. CHEEVER Apalachicola September S, h 15. regard to chaplains. physicians, artists, musicians not appear in this calculation i3. sunk, in
Wll.V. and in regard to furniture wardrobe plate, jewels &c. The QneenV plate, at
"lid .run ", UjconlaiiH: Si.h',.. 4flt1SIflUhdfI5! fur TERMS: -
I t) B. KLLISON: & Co. For Three Dollars we will send the Lady's Sims &:; Clieever, A. G.ATTORNEY. Selnnu, &c. The appointment is always political St. James's palace alone, is estimated lo he

:...;. 'I CorVati :"v\\ 1lu"tuotFor ..1 ts. !, Book, containing more. reading.. .than. any othermfIthl' COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I AT LA'V.I and( terminates at the close of every wonh two millions of pounds. The Crown
!: Office No. 36 Water street." cr3Ojfiee:: JVt>. :2 Capt. Simmon's Luilding, Jewels ) the Tower of London
!: and the Lady'tlJollar Newspaper pub- Fla. administration. The Lord Chamberlainnever kept( at nrc
JSalr.lin ::1.lId twice a month, which contains as much -dec2.T: Apalachicola, cor. Centre &. Commerccstt.t'cts.no5 performs the duties of his office in valued at three millions of pounds. 'Tho
( r''LS' Hope 1 11'M!'Ilhs f l! Twine, by of the Apalachicola, Fla.Cranberries. ,.,
; the day-
U/U !'(""clHI u: as any ot $3 periodicals E. C. Roberts, -- person but his salary is none the less on crown worn by Her Majesty on state occa:
Jdii'? 1 1"1 XuUr"K. STONE & Co. if the
-. -- -, -- -- UIsklll: g three publications one or DEALER IN HARDWARE & SHIP I that account. It amounts (to ci"2,000, or sions is worth about 115.000: and that
,ub-scriber prefers the following splendid ehgravnsto CHANDLERY, IRON, STEEL NAILS, hf. and bbls. just recived and for sale by '
Oil ColhaUll! .; ( :IrmnIs.I''S IN qr. nearly 10,000 annually. In his department used by her at her coronation ap I was told
X (Oil Cloth I nnd 2 yards! wide :; t he Ladj's Dollar Newspaper, (although SPIKES, AND CASTINGS, 11 CAGREEN&Co. its showman is million
l t. ; advise it engravings cannot be are a vast number of functionaries, or by prized at one
") would not as Tin Iron and
of ,
< jics! <:JlI'r Ingruh: Carpeting; sent through) the mail without. being crushed; or Manufacturers Yellow Potaloe rather dignitaries, since very many of the pounds For the consideration of a single

:I! Stair creased) we will send the beautiful plate con- per IVares. Fa. 100 BI5LS. in fine order, for sale by offices are mere sinecures. A Master of sixpence, my republican>ion lias been

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Our :T r. hy)1. -11 Water street.M1 'orrester, Mrs. Stewart' Mrs. Ann H. Judson Edward McCuIly, Cheese ary, receives annually 82.500-1 reduce it diadem. I Its t ground work is red velvet

and Mr*. E. B. Dwight, and the plates of Christ GROCER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, BXS. Western and Northern fine order to Federal money for the convenience of and .jt is covered with one blazing mass of

JFK.\ I':*: LIFE PILLS AND PHENIXHI'ITERb ( Weeping over Jerusalem, The Opening of the No. 25 Water street. 30 for sale by your readers ; eight Ladies of the Bed opals, sapphires :and diamonds.! Around
and for sale Deliverance of St. Peter, and The Nov 11 Apalachicola Fa.
just received by Sepulchre, this were ranged various
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a H F ABELL. from other urces-rrom
the ifnmense
business is visit and dine with the ( -
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FOR sale by insertions we will exchange. ($)Advances: made on all consignments if re- I' Cubebs mimi Copaiva., 8GOO to $1000 each ; fourteen Grooms of the young Prince of Wales ; the revenues
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U----- -_. ,"., -., : -- ...,_-u--cu._. : w caraswacacaws svorrrw..v- -..- --_-. --. 'I _-.o- w _. ___ _. ',:-- ==4 _

Austria, both in lcaavt.aI..t-c8sibilil) and iu bunter l is' A \Vom.ir.---- ----, OMM C ill i t I! ADVAPvLACHlCOLA 1 fl I 1 1 1 n For the Commercial Advertiser. known, that among "these -1 na'ions; the remains ed the ceremonies of divine' worship. The

court display, far more resembled an American We have received fuller particulars of the > l 1. 1 Burial of the Heat freemen and SLAV/S were treated blessed Prince, reposing in his

President than the present British sovereign awful tragedy in Cincinnati which we --- --- ._. -- j Mn. EDITOR : In your last number a very ,with Pious ? stiff1050 every intelligent extolled: with many pri\ise; cofna the

or any of her predecessors. The absolute had some account on Thursday! by Telo- THURSDAY rED., 2,, 1849 strange article was spread before your numerous CARt that in Rome their pie in concert with the Priests pea
_. man must know, not uric
monarchs of Europe long ago did graph. The circumstances are these. __ -.._..u -- i hoot
readers, under the !head of "Burial the sighs and tears, offered
away with the stiff etiquette and uumeaning Capt. John Iloward,-of Cincinnati, married 1- The following gentlemen are authorized 'great men were bun'ed' in "Campus prayers to he area

pageantry of the middle ages ; but the most the daughter of a physician, residing in Agents for the COMMERCIAL: ADVERTISER,and will ul'the Dead." The doctrine contained in I Martius." I again inquire, if the burial of for his soul."-Vita Constant. Lib. }v, t

liberal constitutional sovereign in the world Montreal. After living together happily receive and receipt, for subscriptions, or adverti&e' that article regard as altogether uncom the dead be no put of the worship of God, 5C, p. GG7. C

preserves them as a golden brunch of the Mid for some the parties mon, unsound and contradictory. The "
comfortably years ments:- why should Jeremiah threaten the kings, This burial service, in the fourth
royal. prerogative. separated the wife taking' their two children) Wai.; W.CIIEKVEK,Esq..AlbanyGa. writer pretends to reply to Inquirer," who ceo.
o a boy and gill. Captain H. subsequently Major JACK HAKDMAN Kufaula. Ala. priests and prtphets that their carcases .tury,,"as not new. It is still continue
AN ACT, JAS. J. OUVEK, Tallahassee, Fa. desires "to know whether it was true, that earth Ifthes/ar has far *
To amend an act, ap+:raved January 4, 1317, ;h'- obtained the two children by violent means, ._ -.----- I should be as dang upon the 1Vhy so wandered a to los'
------- -- ------ ------
-- ------- -- -- --------- -- -- -- --- the R-gy. Mr. Zimmer refused to attend I i
inn u lien to v5U-antbo.it mini and others u lu a. sent ihem oil to Kf'ntutlalld sued for a I II should this prophet threaten Jehoakim with sight of the primitive, and ever eadn

Hug the lay! and River "f AjMlucmcok.SKCTIOS divorce. Capt. H. soon after' united himselfto We call the :attention of our readers to I Capl& omwell's funeral, in consequence :'t, not because Mother Church and to non
the burial of an assVas ; try, rashly
1. Jlc it enacted by the Senate a l.cautiful and accomplished: 1 flung wot t two laws, passed by the Legislature 01 Florida of CapT. C.'s declining to be haptised in the I i burial of their elude her to m-
and House of Kepn tentative* of the Slate and boarded at the residence of 11rs.Volf its in the Jews judged that a decent among separated denomination!,
at recent session-published another faith of the
of Florida in General Assembly convened, ; At five o'clock: on Friday afternoonman Episcopal-Church.; I dead was of great importance ? If the in her "burin! service," we Catholics male

That the second, third ,and fourth sections 2d inst., a lady] called at the boarding houseof column. This pretended replier, instead of answering burial of the dead be no part of the worship charitable allowance for its knowledge

of said act are hen( by repealed, and the following )- Mrs Wolf, and walked into' the entry.- We regret that the publication of a brief the question, sets out by answering I I j of God, why should Solomon regardan Catholicity, and pardon while we of

adopted instead thereof : Meeting Mrs. W. she said-" Madam, I j'saw a question that had lnot been asked. "Inquirer" correct
SEC. 2. Be tt further cnaclcd, That, when your door open and took the plenty of walking article from "I Inquirer," in our {paper a did not !intimate that Capt. Cromwell untimely birth better than for a man to its mistake.: T. BERMINGHAM l.

everany capta.n, pilot, engineer, first or in. I came to see i\1r Howard.: Mrs.W. fortnight back, should have induced) a reply have, one hundred children, and live many Apalachicola, Feb. 18th, 1849.

second, mate, t fireman, deck-haud, mcich.mt, said she would call Mrs. II. and immediately of such sort that it provoked rejoinders I had not been baptised ; the writer, I' years, and at last be without a BURIAL ?- i ij

builder, material other The therefoie' makes his own question and j For the Commercial Advertiser.MR. .
man, or any person, went up stairs for that purpose. without number, upon a subject which can ] as Why did Joseph of Arramatha provide for
shall have any claim or debt against the murderess was afterwards discovered to be such his prayer book of course would fur- EDITOR : The in your last
of prove of but little interest to a majority of himself, in his garden, a sepulchre, where number
owner or oxvm-rs any vessel or water craft, his first wife. ,
ni h him with his answer. is by no means of same luflle
proscribed iu) the fn-t section of the act to Mrs. H. soon came down and upon meeting our t'l'ulcrs.Ve: wish! to avoid "aiding our Savioui's body was laid ?" Why were or of lik
Instead of kind of those that shone
Inquirer's" whether in Bethlehem.
which this is an al III c.'1111 me'II:, for work or the stranger, the latter: sprang at her and abetting" iu the promulgation of any asking I Moses, Aaron, Eleazor and Joshua in- \

labor peifoimed on siu h \'i's'd! or watercraft and plunged l a knife into hrr neck, severing matter tending so encourage sectarian prejudices it was; contrary to the rules of the Episcopal terred" upon the mountain ? it nut allude to the reply to .Inquirer," headed

or to anIIII. ; .\ one! portion of the. known that the rites of the funeral service am
provisions, or stores furnished to the : back: into the kitchen, the blood baptised) l :adult ?" the article under consideration struck with wonder and astonishment
'6:10"", anti! snit" lit'lat.. u, 'ullt' I hc' f'\ict r..tjua fr.." ilic- wound, cried *' 0, :Mrs.won religious community acains! another; and was denied by the JEWS to NONE ? at the
I : .
'fl,>tlm ur ilcM. upon ttCJtlilll'J! ] vun 5ue, IIP, 1 am Kiin-.i.- .... o' .a :.. a ,|, atntI.r ilocliup all future ornl11l1- shows that the writer knew, and that Once If the burial of tlu> -IG-"i t>e .Lor1in. Z.t ol. -,. mod ';*-,AHT. ',t this i
he, or dr \ 111.11III t u11 1 to -aid! claim or time. Mr. Howard! was in the house at the nicaiions the suliject at'rite! "Jiurial l., *"" **-T--_"- V......... I.n.nr .lta. Pant more : Christian age, 'as put fonh in that artiel
debt. h',-fore the Cletlx of! the Circuit' Cubit time, and} upon being made acquainted with Cromwell had been KAPTISKD, and because -r f the service Of God, WHY SHOULD \Vhat leI the dead bury the
of thf Dead], and its kindred concomitants.' EPISCOPAL CHURCH dead!"
of the county in which oli.J i-esst.l or watercraft the t facts, he seized a knife, and calling the, :i sick :aid dying man. far from his wife, his TIII: pnrSHrnr rent Nell, if this be the universal

may: thou I Ii if, being: at t tin I lauding; I name of tin} murderess) rushe.l: down! stairs 1 COLD YI.TUIThc weather for four OF CHURCH SERVICE ? custom 3J
: ;: : relations and his frh :tds: would not invalidate creed] of church il
port, or pi.ice of destination! : to winch the -hut she: liad made her escape. The bleeding The attempt to run an analogy bet vfen rl certainly i is 0nfJ
same has bten freighted"u )hereupon, and object of his love was wiidling in death or five days of$ lust w'c1i'ilS intensely: cold rliu: ordinance of baptism, which had) the Masonic and the Christiandispensation strictly conforml't to under die present ail.

Dot (hcfoic the said deik st:11! issue a wiit before;him, and!'he became frantic. Pursuit -the frost destroyinc! all early garden vegetation been regularly administered, and then be fraternity mineral: : .f tin; 'Episcopal
and the of of of
ol attachment n;;:1 nst s.u.l! tesei l or water was: made: for the murderess, but she could together with a great numb'er of fruit: I ir.iiAPTisKD: : by one who claimed to be rights any order Aprls.r.inc/,1'rorda.: The tIIHc!

naft, rciuin.Jjit to the next t. rm of the be found no where. 'Ir. John L. Scott trees. The large and,d herctofoie I. men to make rules or laws, for their government broiheily I"'i
thriving of the lineal
one descendants of the and Christian
court, directed, to the sin-tiff, uho .' I hall execute member of Council from the Second Ward), Apos- that would set aside or lectio eTrdnc'. in .il! :)! ar.
mange plant,aminil of Capt. A.1'' I KNNITT: : Ill'!," therefore the Rev. :Ir. Zimmer declined conrraVf'nc tide, should! be field, !
the :\mc'J 1 upon II.t's! -cl or however, met her a short time after the the laws of God, I regard as presumptionsand up to'die ;ar* of 111""

water craft, which: he hail take into possession murder, on Fourth sheet, (near Vine, when numbering about four thousand young to attend the funeral of.Capt. Cromwell whole community.. 'Of our prt-st-n lecturI :

and Clbflllh: : Pwtded, hmoccr, she called his attention, by showing him a trees, has, we are sorry to learn, be cu entirely : or allow him a Christian burial exceedingly simple. I have not one word tc --of fujcensors .
That the shcjili : Knife with blood), and exclaiming I here close my by kindly: requesting say n elJeJ
may levy upon any propertyon reeking destroyed.) Snch a spell" }has not As I desire not to be misunderstood but rer.us. I Know
board; the vessel u.Valt... craft belonging "I I have done it !-I I l killed) her !-can I gt the writer of that article to look at ,, general iYripresn.nihcy was,
Been known in this latitude for
to the owner or owners thereof, in C.IK.Ihe this much: out of Howard ?" She was determined a number of to be rcgaidcd: as a candid inquirer after truth, his logic. He says Christians are commanded wf>P till .h hit? ,'h"' churchmenisir ,

can fuid sufficient such propcity to aatifysnid : in her manner, and her eyes had: years. The weather hos ;now moderated, I 1 ask! how did l the writer ascertain that Capt. i have srf.1 them not hiking in
to rejoice with those that chriiii-
claim or debt. the glre: of a miniac. Her hand and! arm and for som days past has been delightful, Ciomwell{ an unbaptised adult ? Again ; rejoice auil---fur I esteem thi- hurt..( of lIe
Srx 3 He it farther cnm.liJ. Thar'J1:(: to the elbow were besmeared with blood! and blasts from the icy ? orthi'' having given and \cep.with those that weep ; and dear)
why should the burial service of the Episcopal as much act of .
any such claims) or debt! shall Ie for filly there was some spots upon her face. Mr. S. ,the that the burial service i is principally intended !- an chriviianiiy as rt- -I'

dollars or less, die oath rffnicsaid shall; bo was so completely confounded by this singular ,, the place to "balm-breathing" brceses: of Church have to be altered to make to give direction to the symp'.diy of the bible, ifiich torgh!: I may: difiVr (rum our

made bcfoie a justice of the peace ofth.disitict. .- meeting, that he suffered her to pass on. I tropics. common sense ?" In burying Capt. Cromwell Why should tin Mcdiodi-t prr"n! ;r.ec'ler lr his: advor'are', sa I..
l. in which I II V4vl or water crafi Sh was arrested at a late hour that ni;lt. FKMI.M.NK OCCU1'ATIOThe will the writer have the kindness to there is no part nfllc Bible that html
may then lie, who sluill issue a writ of attachment Of Cnpt. Ilotvard's Union wjth the deceased, town clergyman be requested to attend in this :ar.j
clerks of Massachusetts, in the say why this, alteration should be made ? \Iini-ft'r, of any chinch to bury the draJ"
directed to the constable, uho the Cincinnati Commercial says :-" Ca:n. making: out case 1Vas it because funeral service !
shall the the said. census, find dolt'- in Yes, he answers clearly and fully, Capt. i I'Illntttih -',"r columns: : I ask him
execute : same by a levy upon Howard mtrricl1agi1ill (it is ; ) Of the z\c-.i\ ulty : ascertaining: had been so rendered as to be the if he
icsselorvrftertraft.subject, however t to die murderess it i\1 H. of Cromwell was not a Christian !! !t What confines himself
says : rs. was an the occupation of unmarried girls and boys, only formula that would. give a direction in his acts to only what lie

same provisions' as i11 the preculing sectionof impetuous and determined temperament as required by law and one of them( writesto was Capt.' C. 1 Was he a TURK 1 or was to the of the proper ? is wtinnandtfl to do, .strictly aiifi literally
this act. of accomplishments, and .
woman capable -
many he
Stc. -. Be it J'irJur (,/aclul, That the of occupying high places in societyand the Secretary: thus : Mahometan ? [ ,would here respect And, then, in same rrticlt declares there according to I the raiding of die Scripture',

vessel or water (craft, ur other property so felt her humiliation in a keen degree, 41 My vocabulary is not extensive enoughto f'lily' ask, by what means did this theolo- is no part of the Bible which binds a minister or. as he says, Bibl I / If so. .I will be jire-

Jeti-'d upon may: be replevicd in the same and had often sworn revenge. express in it single word the occupation cian a',ertainihat. Capt. Cromwell was not of Church to the dead p.ired to meet him upon; ;rounds! where he

manner .is in oilier c.ses of attachment ; of unmarried young (ladies. Can't dit better it; Clnisti.m: ? If wo insist upon having a any bury : or : have the
nod the notice by personal service upon the Tin: WAY TO TEND A B.\:1y.-A Chippewa than to set it down prepming l\lal\ Direct this Where is this command of which you may may nn advantage. Why,
reply to then in that
question, sir. I Siave
[Indian his been in Hartford seen in this! place, }
owner or owners, or by publication, and all lecturing t tntony. speal; ? I you say it is in the New Testament !
'The iu suit where, in a lecture on Tuesday evening, ac- _.- reply we have: evidence clear, conclusive, Pril. ts." as terms diem in or
subsequent proceedings any com-: is that no part of die Bible ? BJ gown
nuMiced as afoicsaid, shall; be the saute cording to the Times, he advisedZhe ladies Gov. DI;;.-The hilt to restore [0\'. and !inefsagablp, that the Rev. Mr. Zim- what this surplice.idi prayer book in hand. wdk itt
command !1
authority was
those in a suit under the general law of attachments of Hartford to tie their babies, as soon as Dorr to the enjoyment of his civil rights, tmr: :and his scribe both knew that Capt. given front of dr.-\s. bearing, dead! bodies of sailors
board bind! them down Was it by the Great [Head of the Christinr -
of this State. they were born, to ;i' ,
was lost in tin Rhode Island [House of Kipresentntives Cromwell teas regularly initiated into the as tvell!! citizens The
SEC. 5. Be it fartJi-.r ctirr tcd. That it tight, and keep them there most of the t Church ? [If so, why should!t not t this command as question Nat
on the 31 st ult., by the casting Chi hi firl'tl I Church by the ordinance of UAP- tlr..iiht
oJd.H Put
time till mouths n ; IItH'r askeif
shall not be held necessity, in suing: out any they are ten reach the minister ? It because certainly |
tviit of attachment' under this act, to set forth hoop round( the head" he says nr.dtrlca vote of the fpca\l'f.: : T5SM This! evidence is furnished in the ministers I vas d.t. drrraMMl a Christian or as uoultlNfinp
? and
are not :
the owners of said steamboat, but suit may when the board gets knocked over, it won'tbreak ---- -- last dame of this strange Icro luctiou.- ClritiHs tl it- vas hp or she
the child's He other JOHN VAN nur.KN's; LAST.Tlie N. Y. part of llr nit) binds a minister of baptised'areonling
he commenced the boat and the nose. sums up /0 [
again Won! it ?
yt n see -then read it. Tin: IK- to crd! Lf"I"
master or mate of said: t"'lmIHl'I. nor
any suit abate fur want of i he name or names (hotiHnr, ; np:1: specimen die child's(! hands Van i Hutvn nut \lr. Fillmnre at the liiui- Let" ;"\r- OF (:,tl'i. -Cr.OIWfLL: 3IuTH Please answer a plain, serious dm c-oncjirjiarion, aye, even of die VC.trT.

of any owner or owners of said steamboat are tier! down, so it can't scratch its own of his !:Ist visit to lnVlaal arc you tIISTd !t METHODIST IN cnlr of Trinity Cimrth.( ) vu-fordinc to his ideas

other water craft. eyes out, and can't scratch its mother's The want of candor in this article or ; as would be entitled "
do lo Christian bund
going to for us, 1I r. Fillmore, now that : ,
[Passed Senate, J UeccunVr! :'>, 13' P.i"edIluuae breast, too ; it can'tvriggle about and get ; now shown, is not so offensive inconsistent
ct' U"pr.-'uhtJ\.o J.; 'jujsi/ 3. I?.). Aj- very tired ; it can't bend over and! must t yon are in office," said the hopeful heir of For the Commercial Advertiser.MR. were they lo die lo-dav.- ,

proved by the Uuversor; .Li'nra'y 11, JSJ9 ] grow straight-when the mother goes out honor.u Do for you I 1" said the Vice President and contradictory as some other
after herbs, she can hang it on a tree, and For instance ; let us insist IJp''n knowing number of I road the ;
AN ACT, elect, good hnrnorl'lI, !}'. we shall! do your paper an Episcopalians arc only af order' rf

To repeal l the\ Road Laws in dud. fur the Bounty ofFirtUh snakes! can't bite it ; when it cries, the nothing: -- we don't know yon." *' Genl'r.t why the Episcopal J Church service could headed Burial of the dead" and si i?red men," but the idea of *, even with li-lrsrn-
!:n mother can swing it across her back, and!
SECTION: 1. Be it f''acted //.'/ the Senate rock it so-(swayjng i ii;s body! to and fro ;) Taylor: vil! certainly redeem his pledge to not be used in burying Capt. Cromwell ? with a star. [Had the star twinkled! bri hnly. : pie power, i is no visible to mv rye when headd.s

and House of Representatives nf the State of and can carry it great distances in this man- us," said John.u Pledge what Jlcdge! ]" What is die reply : When they were obscurity would not cloud tibure it, nor : ** Tfi y surely have a right to drake; a

Florida in Gcnertil Assembly rnarcncd'I'Iat t ner, too ; can sit it up side of the wigwam, "The one he gave at Buena Vista, r.ot.io thinking of this part of the Church service, compel me to throw a passing ra of hgh : form for the burial of their own order, or
flOlI1IICI.. after the passage of this act, all handy, and when canoe nuns over, tb-y; rcmrrnbcred the )
very ; leave Iris wounded behind him.: impressive words of upon il.The i !It-t it al.me ',!lr to pdier." Qiiiie independent !
laws to roads and in and
relating highways
the child swim off on the board), not drown ; Jesus Chi hit
Ihrthe county of Fr.mklin, be and the same and its hack don't' break across his mother's : the dead bury the dead.. star says-" it is only for the benefi : I will ;action and piiite unlike :a urul'k

are hereby repealed. arm, because the board: supports it ; the MR. CLA' y's ELtc: rtua.---'flee vote in die Let those who arc dead in trespasses and of the living, that a burial Rcn'ic i is ever I and lowly follower of '!lie cross." To s.if; .

Snc. 2. Be it farther cnnrtcd. That it Kentucky( 'i!hlUre: on the election of.Mr. in sins BURY TIIOSK OF TuFtr.OIVN: used :
child can't crawl into the fire and burn up. ORDER. and when "said on'l : dead! man, the !Itvsst; il dots not savor much of the

shall be the duty of the County Commissioners ton-can leave: it long lime, all safe-so I Clay to the Senate, stood as folluws- The writer of Ujis uncommon production, does him no! good I whatever." The word spirit of Christianity as generally unll r.

to refund ;nil fines and forfeitures, think this much best way, ladies: -much Clay 92, Col. R. M. Johnson 45. as if he was determined not to be misunderstood
heretofore collected in and for said. () countyof best ttThe EVER makes the expression general!, ;Hr< Mood, nor of honor to the dead( sympai'-j'

Franklin. as to who were dead in trespasses ,and consequently includes the burial service for the living, c.\c.
ladies gave in their assent by a general Telegraphed! for the Baltimore Sun.

[Passed the Senate Docembcr 16,1Sa3g P-:sed laugh. NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 1313.. in sins, vciy gravely informs us that "THE of the Catholic church: The star has nr, Dad: our present Rector or know llwt
the House cl Hepieentauvci, lecembT2) IKl'i
Approved by the Governor, Dt'ceinbcr I 2d, 1S13 ] YELLOW: FEVER.-Hab you got dcja'nders Important from California. METHODIST BURIAL SERVICE is so RENDERED right to say so, without Catholic permission:; Cap C. was riot a "deceased brctitr

A TOUCHING STOKV.-Hon. A. H. Stephens Pete ? de white ob your eyes am yal- The New York Herald of to-day pnblfshcs AS NOT TO BE OBJECTIONABLE IN THIS and Catholics could not permit it to say D.tl; they r know hp uas dead "in trespasses

of Georgia, in a recent address at a ler as saffrum. what purports to be late accounts from CASE Therefore, the CHRISTIAN MIN what is untrue. :anil sins ?" Was the K.-etor of Apalachiol -

meeting in Alexandria for the benefit of the Hush your rnouf ob dose insidious caparisons California. They confirm the most extra ISTT.R: in the benignity of his soul, recom- Catholic burial,""service. is. in realityperformed <- to be the looker into and Jndce of Ille

and Free School of that Sambo J! I'se got de Kallumfornca from the mended the friends of the
Oiphan Asylum gold fever-wen do crisis arribes in de deli. vagant reports cold region It was deceased to invite for the "dead man," who .-5 is hfar"1; of 1It"tyro man Hnd he no right
city l related the fu\\'in:;: ;? anecdote: : stated that four millions of dollars the Methodist
A i poor little !1.1) 1\: rold! night in January rium stages, den dis indervidual.] also lobes worth of clergyman to bury Capt. not dead but sleepcth," or rather for, his to f'f/ristitin burial" because, forsooth,

with no home or loot'to shelter his for de regum ob perpetual gold. Dat is, gold dust had been collected, and was now Cromwell.! Tuj! inference and implied an- departed soul, and not specially for the lien I he did ?;ntunmnnt in his last moments

Samba, perwidcd dus not pnrhibit coming to the United States. At San Francisco s-.ve.rwhy tii; Methodist should
head matemal clergyman
no paternal or guide to protect efit of the living, except only as an effect Mill an 1'HthlPriC'SI.." but with the

or direct him on his WIreadlcd" at us to take our slaves, and( oder real estate was one million of dollars waiting ship- bury Capt. C. is clear and plain to every from a cause, secondarily. (;'rra: ; ilrn-l ufthp! J Church: 1
with .
nightfall the house of a rich planter, who us.Well ment. common sense reader. Do
look him in, fed, lodged!, and sent him on Pete, you is insane A gcmman you ask what it We Catholics believe in a middle stoC. F'nlc! ,\\ lug; np rile reasoning of *. I It:
ob color talk ob off after dcsevisiumary i is ? The answer, I have said, is u clear l and
loolishing therefore
his way, with a blessing. Those kind attentions your CALIFORNIA STAGI: LINK.: -THROUGH IN flow our departed member course have flIP order of rnrn"who

cheered his heart and inspired him white folks down Cape Horn. I I WJlTl ":: DAYS !-Eight stages arc build- plain : Capt. Cromwell's relations are Methodists with our charity which never f.tileth" ;0 down In sea in ships," bury iheir
with fresh to battle with the obstacles guess 'twill be in a limn dey'H find) de gold and of course Ale
unbaptised all
courage; in this city to run between Vera Crux and with Eucharistic "
our great sacrifice: our own order or, as he iays', let t it ahusaho'ether.
If includes to take de Pete, I
of life. You roiled round Provi you stages
is ; ;Magadan.: Steamers on both oceans arc to Methodists, and all the members of alPthe alms and "
deuce! led him lie had real'll'llllJ. legal shall detract my remarks on your appearance praYNs-al which are the result .
on ; connect with the line, so that other
can: denominations
profession ; his !bl.s'' had died J ; the coiino- and subsurtout d)ere fore clat all ob a go from New Orleans to San passi-ngeis Fancisco in of the Christian of our faith working by wholesome and salutary The Episcopal I form for the Burial of

ranuihat, suiiMl-mce of hid) color all obey alike, you is de darkest, Church UNIJAPTISED: : ? Arc all who refuso the dead" .
prey on tin : man eighteen days or from New York in twenty-: charity-the most [permanent virtue- is deeply striking and impressrre.I

formed a con pirI:)' to yet !fiom the widow flrccncst t niggur in Bciknap trcct-you is a seven days This will completely! annihilate 10 he baptised by this "would-be lineal and are offered for the dead, and not for the have, standing beside an look-
whole open grave
de colored i isgreen
her estates. She -eut for the nearest counsel disgrace sex you the Panama Route. Tho descendant; of the "
arc to Apostles, unchristian "
stages benefit of the We
as a geese. living. hold that our ing upon ihe hst remains of mortality. teea'
to commit her I-.TKO to him. and dial he completed in about six weeks, and until and of
cnunee) proved be the orphan l buy years Empty dis building ob your presence, steamers have arrived out in the Pacific, the unworthy doctrine a burial service ? This is "burial service" does the departed great more much more, deeply impressed with a

rtnrrtnincd )k. her deceased Sambo, or I'm not responsible for your early now taught in our city !-in "good," and firmly believe that is feeling et
=before wes cnnll-LI J"d sailing vessels will be employed to carry i a holy gratitude to God, that I was ) ,

husband., : TIlt s'l-nuh's ol :. warm decease.--Boston Post. passengers between Magadan and San Fran this article -and from the sacred desk, in and a wholesome thought to pray for the on the earth, with a feeling of hope for

and tenacious piatitnde '.'o\v addcrt to cisco.-IV. Y. Sun. (tho congregation, we arc taught "IF THE dead, l that
TUB SUMMIT OF POLI'l'Emss-1.'he New they be loosed from their sins' future reward and dread of punishment, thai .
the ordinary. tnotives IOI1lI'Il"'ilh) : } the --- .---- -- EPISCOPAL CHURCH BE
York Tribune returns thanks to the Hon. NOT THE ONLY The solemn and the by the ablest written deliveredby
requiem- very sermon,
profession. lfc iindottnok! her Ctllse7h; [Horace Greeley for documents. This re- LUMPS OF GOLD.-The largest lumps of TRUE: CHUBCI, JESUS CHRIST WAS
a will) not cafiily to he! resisted ; ho gained it; mjiJs us of a physician in England, who gold recorded in histories of gold mines. ;" and we profundis-or the Lord's Prayer the most eloquent Priest, from the,
the widow's esintrs were secured to her in are again assured that all chanted in our burial service most pulpit in the Slates. Away
always ,"ceived his, fee on his visit, anti so are as follows : O
perpetuity : and ,fr. Stephens: :added, with :accustomed ; 'as he to receiving a fee that mines in Ireland, weighing: twenty-two 01 professors of the Christian Religion said in Latin, a language which our separated then I say, with your strict, siraight-vraist- ,

;m emphasis of eju'ttioti it sent its elc-cdic I when he fell hiscM'n: pulse, he took a guinea ounces ; one in Peru, weighing twenty-six ale "SEEli.S: : OF THE: SERPIicT.'Shouldnot : ; star does not laud as being profitable for ed, narrow-minded] sectarianism has already
thrill throughout the house L'tolt orphan I it in the other. pounds and a half several in all men cease to wonder .
; Quito at
from one pocket! and: placed reported improvements instruction
boy stands before fJll."* tie and therefore of little benefit," nearly destroyed! "tire" Church, and
!] to have about
f IVorccstcr Spy. weighed one hundred and and new discoveries in the
____ arts and in his "
----L 1 estimation the if in will
to persisted annihilate it.
',.i j six pounds each ; one in Lebanon, North "living. Why rapidly
JNCRUSTATIOS IN STl':A.1 t-1 3OtLiRS.-M: sciences, when a Christian
KISSING TO SOME PURPOSE.-A story Carolina found in 1810, which weighed young minister then does the dissenting star say, "it is Had a circumstance similar to that hi
Cave, the eminent French Engineer, announces has reached our ears, of a singular scheme determines, by his inventive
that he has ascertained that a number funds which hit end twenty-eight pounds ; and one in New Grenada that genius only for the benefit of the living, that a Capt. C's case occurred in any city or
for raising was nincteen-tweniieths
upon which of all the *
of small oak blocks, thrown into steam I in at a donation held not weighed twenty-seven and ajialf. professorsof burial service is ever used Its acquaintance country village other than in Apahchicol
put practice party : These believe the the
: we are Christian
Religion the
boilers, has the effect of completely prevent- more than a thousand miles oft It appears on record. United : with the sun-light of the Mother I venture to predict jbe Rector of tbc" ,

ing incrustation, and] dint it is sufficient to that some of the kissable ladies present actually lumps .. Slates, are unbaptised, unchristian and seedsof Church, on this point, is darkly visible. Church would have witnessed"some empty
renew them about once a fortnight. I( this I allowed their sweet lips to be tasted at the serpent !

be true, and we hope it is, il is certainly avery the rate of fifty cents a kiss-this being considered MORE GOLD !-The following from the Lest this NEW: : should be offensive Were there none but the Priest and the pews on ,the 'ensuing SabbaiH. 't

.valuable and important discovery.MFETKRIES i a suitable price for the privilege If Albany Argus, is the very latest : and DSCO\'tny "dead man" present, the Priest would per Although a perfect stranger to the lat,

we are not misinformed one gentleman of Itvas told "on 'Change" yesterday regarded, as unreasonable form the "burial service" over him ; and Captain C.,1 must bfc permitted, Mr. Editor *
OF \'(MESMERISM.-The lloli- morning, that one of the volunteers who are kindly assured, that "the burial of the
the party took five dollars' worthSand! consequently' the would not be ; to to his distant relatives and frieodj< J
from this California in Col. "lvin say
that while Mr. and went city to
daysburg Register stales wick Observer.A is no part of the service of God." If .
Mrs. Loomis and Miss Martha," were givIng Stevenson's regiment, had returned with this "benefited. that during his last illness be received tit_
exhibitions of mesmerism in that village, beautiful oriental proverb, runs as follows fifty pounds of the dust. Like the rest of be true, I ask this theologian, :Hear Eusebius Caesarea, writing of a most kind and delicate attentions, Dot ooh

one Dr. C. J. Sykes appeared, laying claim : the diggers he had not shaved for months, why have all nations in all ages heJ all wtio Catholic "burial service," in the from his "own order of men," but from b

to Miss Martha as his wife. Both parents With) time and patience the mulberryleaf and as a consequence, carried .a monstrous neglected( it in utter abhorrence ? Did not century : "In this manner did fuTth kind host and hostess co'rhmunttj

and girl, it appears, resisted the claim, which becomes satin,." pair of whiskers. Not wishing longer to the Greeks and Romans hold their dead 'a-s perform the last :duties in and our
How is this lesson tho into honor of his fa- !,generally-that, in bis' l last fhonienta ha
resulted in a habeas corpus a two days investigation encouraging to support thr.selhevent! one of the bar- sacred ? Did
they not believe that
and a discharge. The evidence impatient and desponding And what difficulty ber shops and had them cut oil After he the ther.-But when he had departedih hisguards 'thoughts were directed far more heaveo w

disclosed many: of the mysteries of rna nc."ai'un is there that man should quail at, went out,' the knight of the razor brushed wants of a burial ,would affect the happi- the Ministers oJGo surrounded. by than' to the Trinity Church of Apalachicobt

and a sad picture of connubial fcli- when worm can accomplish so much. from from the sandy-colored whiskers two ICS. of their suuls ? Is it not kuowu, a.s the multitiuls of tho faithful, advanced into< and- that after his decease be did recelt

'jt( t the 'leaf of Aim mulberry. thousand dollars worth of gold we'll
)1 .: as any oilier- historical fact can be the middle, anti with '
., space, prayer* pe1ftr"n. .Christian.Burial." PEW HOLD*"
"I -





,,.', liJ ;. ,



b #



\_ $

_________J-- -- _- ____*__- ,. __
}Jr Tnci:.-Mr. Henry M. \ Passengers.Pei ItAiPiiE An Ordinance, j.aratu.and see that the same ore in good order I'roclaznalloiz.q .
Worcester, Massachusetts, inP.ne rteawer\uiHy Young. 1TELLICECE.P01.T [ and fit for service.
of Sciefltifi AmercanV| lhathc Per steamer iVaula-Jos Saultbury, Jas Shaw. for Preventing and EzlinguhJJng Fires, and .Sec. tl. If any Member of either of the several :? ./,
Ki the plan' of generating light child Per nd steamer M\v Moore-G H Hoherts, lady, OF APAL CHIGOLA . .... Feb. 22. Establishing a Fire Department. companies shall wilfuly neglect or refuse to per *5xIniW3#>

K' Snical action," Irom iraier and E Bryan, J servant.L G 11ak fw* I) s Arnold, Wm C Estes, SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and form his dnty.cr shall bo guilty ol'disorderly con- .* -. o ;
of That the duet, disobedience to the Officers, cr to Engineer
? ll I continued exo l'er stenmer(iuincyL Croud. Mr Siuckey, Arrived. Council cf the City Apalachiccla, any _
'lime Mr. paine vaS. J 1 am nOW enableti! H T itt White afn L C AimisteaJ, L Feb 15-Scbr Pauline, Young fm N Orleans. Fire Department shall consist of a Chief Engineer, he shall, for such oflince, be dismissed ffJ 4

pennicUt at rcsui I have B Parker, Jcse.May. Feb IR--Schr Rainbow, Tuthill, fm Havana. and as many other Engineers-not less than fix- from the Department.SEC. .

announce n suwessful Per steamerfloton-T Ft.arris Feb 19-Bri? Toledo, Glover, tnt New York. and of as many Eniiiiemen, to be divided into 12. AH unemployed persons present, not

to a light equal in intensity o that Per steamer H S Smith- lessra Bull, Yarbo- Feb 20-Ilr bark Covenanter, ratKrson, fm Li companies as the number of Engines belenpins; members of said ccmpanics, are hereby enjoined

prodUC thousand gas burners of the largestbat's roui, verpool. to the City shall, from time to time, require, or to obey the directions of any Engineer, given at
of foUr WIlli 80 apparatus occupyiflg Per fcteaiwr Fashion-Mrs Couch, J 11 Jones. Schr Tioga, Bollins. fm Baltimore. make expedient. And the said Engineers shall any fire, and to render their services, if required
wing' pMier.( A A Heal, las 3lcCnllars. 'JasScroggins; Jas W Feb 22-ship Star "KepuUic, Norris, fm Gal- of less than
law by Engineer under not
feet of room, at a cost be annually chosen for one year, according to any a penalty
ForJ. veston to W & BY
font sqnare \ A I1 C Kain. WILLIAM I). MOSELEV.Govtrnor .
of clectri- and shall serve until others are cho crj in their five, nor more than twenty dollors, and il shall be
the l current Schr
Per Corah New Orleans.
steamer D Rauibo Sr end hi> Bradburjfm
'hour, Quincy- ,
of One mdl per Provided that vacancies be filled at the dutv of the Chief or"other Engineers, to report of Moril.
CVOIVCd by he action of machinery p.Rambo, Jr, and lady, J Buchanan, W T Kobinsoh Steamer Fashion, Cadwallader. fm Columbus. places: may
city being with common lock key, Mr Bowden, A Finljnson, W E Killcrist, Steamer M A Moore, McCall, fm Eufaula. anytime, and the said Chief and other EtuTnren to th Mayor the name of every person liable WHEREAS, It Mi required by law that an dec-
wOUUJ up a J W of.iTtf.{ N Joidan, ES Shepatd. B H Stone, Steamer Lotus, Win 1te, fm Columbus. shall, on hi* or their appointment, receive 2 writ to the penalties provided by this section. m this State on the first Mon
and the only materials consumed arc water A J Wood Hines. Steamer Eufaula, Barns, from Enfr.ula. ten or printed certificate ofcwarnmt. in the words SEC. 1J. If shall be the( duty of the Chief and day in May next, for a Register of Public Lands

Steamer H S Smith, Stapler, fm Columbus. following, viz :- other Engineers, to inquire for, and examine into, to hold until the first Moulay in October, IS'XJj

ar.d" Tain now cngazcJ in making an apparatus Receipts from the Interior. Steamer Steamer Boston, Grirr, from Chattahoochee.Columbu This certifies that A. B. is appointed en Engineer all shops and other places where shavings or other also, for Judges of Probate for the several Counties
Allen fm
public exhibition, lnch will be com- Per steamer Emily-212 bales cotton to J C Sleamer Quincy IVj-tona,, Morton, from /olumbus. (or Chief Engineer) ot the Fire Department combustible mafcrials may be collected and deposited to bold till thefirt Monday October.. IS5I.

for this wihter. and all its parts submitted Maclay; S3: to A X "McKay & Co; 49 to Wm II Steamer Emily, Koland.fm, Columbus. of the City of Apalachicola, and is entitled to all ; and, from lime to time and at all times, and for Justices of the Peace for each, District in
pleted Kirnbroiigh A: Son 49 to Hill Dawson & Co. to be in careof the removal cf the the several
except the interior of ; the immunities bt-lorgin to sail! office. vigilant taking Counties to hold for two years, (all
to public inspection, Per f-teamer Peytonn-5 IS bales cotton to Lock- whenever in the of two of them, of said officers to continue in
The apparatus 1 shall exh.-. hart & 11 53 Cleared. Given under my hand, this A. I). IS- same pinion any nlfice tilt tlicir succe -
Young McKenzie
to Wylie to
enCrat0 ; ; the dangerous the security the shall be
to sors elected and
the which I Feb 13-Bark Chochituate Berry for Boston -Mayor, may qualified :)
the termination of Wni G I'orter & C 178 to harper & holmes: 21 ,
bi, at by N J Deblois.Sclu Clerk." City from fires, and t:> direct the tenant or cccu- IT is HEREBY ORDERED, Tbat the said dec.
of the to Noure, Stone & Co 99 to J C Maclay 50 to -City
mechanism ; ;
Hill male public the W H Kimbrouqh & Son. Loui-n Sears, Sears for New Orleans And the respective ranks of the Engineers shall pant of said ships or orther places, to remove the tion be held throughout the State, according la

generator. Per sieamer Eufaula223 bales cotton to A N Feb 17-Brig Moses, Bulkley! for New York, be determined by the M yor and Council. parne, or pay the expense of such removal, under law, and the oiScers whose dutv it it lo order said

_ __ McKav & Co; 167 to Wylie fc McKenzie; 29 toW by Nourse, Stone v\j Co. SEC. 2. The En ir-ecrs, so chr-eri, shall! meet the direction of such Engineers. elections will take notice her.-c.f.

Fiu>KNF>3._Be frank with the world.- G Porter & Co. Feb 19-Ship Massachusetts, Samson,for Havre, and organize iheniFulves into a Bnard of Engineers SEC- 14. It shall be the duty of the Chief and Witness my hand and tie! great seal of tlie-!

VranUnfM; is lhtlI child of honesty and cour- Per steamer M A rore-93 boles cotton r ANT by Bark IM Wright-Providence Carr for Providence by a majority of whom sluill I 1'oiin a quorum,, oilier Engineers, to examine and direct the construction State given at I he Capitol this 20h( d.iy
S.iv just what you mean to do on every to Lock McKay! hart! Jc Nr Co; 2'JO to Wylie & McKenzie; 94 Wood \ Ballon. and of which, in the al-sui.Cf: cf The CFiief Engineer erection, or alteration, of all fireplacesor [HEAI.] of January, A. D. IS 1!). and ot the Inder -

occasion age. i; and take it for pranie.1 you menu Per steamer< Quincy Younjj.-75 bales cotton fo Lock- Feb 21-Schr Pauline, Youns;, for New Orleans. the Engineer next in rank sluill be presiding stoves in said City, and if not properly of constructed
what is rijht. If a friend ask a favor, hart fc Youn?: 31 lo'D G Jlanev; 8 to A X Mc- olEcer; and they may appoint such Secretary they shall notify the occupants any 73d uar.W.
lo do it, if it is reasonable : ,fwi Ktv Jt Co; "7 bbls tar to \Vvlie"" McKenxie.! memoranda. or other officers, and make such roles arid; regulations building, in writing, in which such fire-place or I.). MOSKLEY, Goverm-r- ,

,.u should grant cstn"- Vou Per Mcamer Boston-472 bales cotton to Hill, Bark L"cin Field, Rich cleared fm New York for then- own ecvLrnmr.t, DS they may stov has bern improperly erected, to alter said Attesf ?

?.,e (1.11 nun | tltiIy and. --j you yomselfhy equl- 1'awf.on fe Co; 112 to A X McKay & Co; 23 to for this port, Feb (5, and sailed the 7th. see fit. They shall have, ut all tim--s, the superintendence fire-place or stove in such manner as shall be most x\. E. MAXWELL, SVcretarv (State.
will wrong him VAIie Ac McKenzie. secure for (the prevention of fire, or to remove the January 25, 18.19.
arid control of all the Engine and other
v ,ration: 4f any kiml. Never do a rong I er steamer II S Smiih-S39 bnl/>= -" tu W Hark njvyuJ, Knmleon, cleared fm New York houses u-ied for the of the Fire Department same ; and on failure of such person or persons Gzf-: All paperg jib tl.eFtatc irsert two m'nth.

I lung to make jjicntl nor keep one; the man Poe; 27. tov A tv i* o rain; 55 to Lock hart xYounq for this port, Feb 8. and of all (turii'ure puru-i ar.d apparatus thereto notified, to comply with the order of said Engineer -

lo do so. 13 dearly ptiraciifiec. ; Ship IJobprt ParkT, Weeks, cleared fm Porti- ?, within twenty-four hours, he, she, or they, For Liverpool.TnE .
!ii, rom-ires you I'erpteamer Lotu?-ISO( bales cotton to W POP, belonging, and cf the Engine- ami all t he-
( t (''! :>< :1 Teal Undly but firtnfv c 'o Wm G Perter 5: Co; 51 to A N McKav tej mouth, N II. Feb 2. other fire apparatus belonging to I he City, rid- shall forfeit and pay the sum of five dollars, frreaeh : r.e.w andsIlcatfitIhji, JESS} .
will (find j j j it the C 41 AIcKnzie. Ship John cleared fm Savannah and evi ry neglect or refusal to comply with b.Capt.: Void!, illbavf.tMi-1kdi.j.atcFifi.r
ith '.! nii'ii ; yon policy j ; to Lockhau & Youn?; 12 to Wylie Fielding. Stranp, over the Officers and Members of the '-verrl ; -

best. Above all% An nut appear for this port, Feb 15. companies attached to the Fire Depart rncnt, ?rid t the order ct'said Engineers. si&theabove port. For freight k>riasagc j ,
uiji.ii?i wears 1 I'er tamer F hion-305 bales cotton to Hill, SEC. 1-1. I If; shall bo the duty of all owners oldwelli apply to '.
I Ifou have over all mr-'v.' such
what are not. Schr Chipola, Grierscn, clcaied fm N Orleans unenjploy'-dper ? rnry "
loothen you Diw'n .t Co; 57 to Sims & Cheever.I' rules and d.-r the b.-ttcr ;>g-h' ies cr kitchenor ether houses, Fc'b 15 XOL'RSE. STONE &. CV
.,ny Milts in lind viih' any|l U>!JJ 5utl'! iiit' .-r Kioi mer Quincy-25 bale? c Mton to A N for this port, Feb 10. regulations gnvvrn'nnt, wlif-ro fires are usually kept, to have constructed
and onle1 of the
discipline, good Depart!rhent,
tiln-i -f wh4t; yuu c .Inr l .. r. us exju-riuient;) than I llrat ofi I It3tltt \V time think
Wood: "i3 f tn E S Shepard; 8 to D G Kaney.IVr a* they may, from time to expedvr.t, 'TRICK
i I.L iu'1 '4) br oi'* thiiii 10 a ma is's f.icc ldicc Gen Taylor-1P3 bales cotton to Austin Ship Leopard, Hopkins, hence fm this port, arrived the same not being ref'un2't to the laws rt this all stove-pipes are prohibited from projecting .- S ( ipt. Koriiwdl, will have dis.

.-IH! an.'her' iu-hmd liis Ir.iel;. \T(. sluuilii .v ].nn;;; 21 to J Day it Co.Kr at Boston Feb 3.Schr commonwealth, and being subject to the approbation the roof i.r sides of f said building, but must be patch fir trK> a-\p! port.

I live .K-I, Jiuti sj eak uii of doors! a* t the I barae llemietta--123 bales cttton to WmG Sylvester Gener, Rowe, hence fm this of the Mavor arid Council prnj-i-ily; placed in such chimneys; and if said Fet) S NOlTR.sE, STONE Co..

ii'ii'i ami ud do! xvlutt .vo nnill- Pmier fe Co; S to A N McKav fc Co. SEC. 3. It shall be the duty cf said Enrxineer*, owner or occupant; shall fail "refuse to comply For Kcw York.
is. say arrived! Xew York Feb 5.
e IVr hox J C Polhil'' fm Flint 'River- 7 bales port, at v.ifh tie provisions of this section within twenty-
>lv.iil i I be htiowii) and rend by men. It cotton to Sims te Cheevcrt 19 to Lockh art & Ship Constellation, Flitner, was up at N York whenever a fire shall break out in the City.f repiir fi.ur honr; =j vfler( being; notified r-f the same, he or THE fast sailing Scbonr.cr TICGA,

";.it, .:.''y t bes: < 'NP. a ,maUt-r, tif principl; bur Yonnj. for this port, to ail Feb 10. forthwith to, or n<-.r. the place where! ho she shall} rpy (he sun c.f five dollars frr each and Go1Iins, master. I. ,tw liodin.t for tI.&
Per 2 boxes fm Iichavaynotcln\vay- bales fire may be ; to take proper metres t- t 'he several :hove pi.rt, will take :i ft w bules on deck
,.. ittt-i uf jHtlitv.i'riT.i Prig E l V.'aiton New York every day ho or she.'shall so fail or refuse.
: i. nyder
.1 i ct'ttf.n to Sims & Cheever. was pat Encincs and other : ;-p ralos be n1 rr'njvd: in only For freight tl which a ply ti'
for tiiis port, Feb 10, to sail with dispatch. the mn-f advantnrreousiliafioi<:. and dn'yvrk' : P-KO. i. It shall'-t be lawful for any person A N iMcKAY & CO.
F :AM ( ..LF' U- f It make be made fire burn _ _
T tF THI: :UICN ) rr cane to a or ar.x
Exports. ed for the elTccta" eAlins-hncr.t! of the fire to
Ship Monterey, Crosley, sailed from Liverpool : ; ;
ilk.1S it: in (r.umttJ..flruatter! ,on wharf,or in street", For A'eiY York.
NFs.-i'I4e lVi flqc111) any any
-i\ I HAVRE.-Per ship Masfachusct bales fur this Dec. 29. require and co'.rij.' n-si!= r-ni'e fr< tn rll persons, ns
inH'd-i ai Nwisrk.. ui r\Iund.iy. port, er r;.en pbre m said City, without a permit from THE fine tat sjilinz packet scLr
the Fire
.:, : : well members;t nqvrlm'-nf, nsticrs, .
.. I ii," ,i tp ms.J ,*(,t2serci:1l ai" X- Per brig ?.Iis>cs-i7fl bales cotton Ship Ohio, Sutton, sailevl fm Boston for this port.Jan. in extinguishing? the firo, removing lainrlure, the M; y<>r; nor shall it be lawful for any person ,. VI RICK HK.\IY( ( ttfrtermna-tr! ,

t. '. hrnM lii !h's' >h ** N'ra' :>nia r-y bnildin to make, or e.tiHe to be made, a fire, or burn any ill h.tve (hsjafch fir tie zlHtte rut-

2 n I ip- 'sini inielhj .'iirc from C lii.i.i. HOSTON-Per) hark Chchitnate-1OO.: bales Gardiner, Spies, cleared Fm New York for 0:1: Ore, or in daiiger thereof, and to apnoiat an-.trd'-: crr.h ;!>!r> matter, on any steamboat, or other Fur deck tr.-ight, applto
,, !i'-< niei; ( ; vessels the wharf said Feb 15 V,'.
-H craft at O.
c n.P this Fib 1. rr water lying PORTER & Co.
t !
po; the and also in down
to pulling
secure same
I KnUeii Aihc-iion I Ils-q. ; -
:.,i '. hu i >u rlt1 by I OVIDCXCE-Per bark Providence-658 City hereby cctfon, merchandize, or other propeify ---
Bark Lion Alexander cleared fm Providence hou orbui'd'iri' if 3inn For Kcwl osic.THE
V YoiU letici' of Mi.udj-y! evruir.a says: !,..!. i itiion.NKWOHLKANS. or demolishing any {- oc$ be endangeipd-and violating .
.\ .. xv from \Vall street, tho -Per tclir Pauliiu -175 bales for thi? port, Jan 29.Bant require ; and, further, tr ruppr- -- all tumul.s r.nd may: any person --r'.. j.ew fj.i sa lii : '.rfc IIFRALD( ,
ttvl either of the provisions of this fection shall
(f. :
ut rwny
in nIVr John Brower. Tolfoid, sailed fm Boston disorders; and it shall, alo. he I heir duty loeniu i iTrr.y, rna.a !irij for IlieSS.bove
be liable! suid in the of dollars
'..iili-rr.m u"\vs is iimiing everybotly crazy Louisa Sear b.iles reserved ill ether : \xhen to City, penalty ten
t-cIr ?--103( cotton. order fft be t : tines ['ott. Fcr deck freight tnIy. *
;mdh for this port Jan 31. fcr; the first offence, and twenty dollars for P
New expeiliiions are pUnninv. toFeb
a .in. companies attached to the Depyrimrnt; are on ply
Sour Columbia wj s at New Yojk for this each i-ubsequent; ctlence.
inakutg Import up -
,-e ali -; 5y under way are every duty. S A N McKAY &. ('a.
io sail. l'a-"SHgc numey has: LIVERPOOL-Per bark Rob't Watt-3,418 port Jan 27. to sail with dispatch. SEC.. ThoChiefEn, ineershallinvasiile! command SEC. 17- That (ivery owner of a dwelling or --1'v'
; '1-Maiaii.iii; .ie'-?= sit.IVr Bark Susan Crouch cleared fm New York for store; house in said City ; shall, within two months Wcw Voils. -
Jiavfl Irri2 jls.Tin1 at firs over all other Engineers, nil Members
.!. .nni'd - Sir.! Aiher- this Jan 23. of the Fire Department?, and all
("liutou ilistid. where HAVANA-Per Fchr Rainbow-Molasser, sucnfiee port same with I! a sciittled-dcor through the roof of such Lcveland. lavi: g mf,f j her cargo ensiTcswl -
of j,1eatiirziput. Brig Cha= Joseph, Leigh, cleared fm New York, sans who may be present at fires : and shall direct 7ill
t1icco in
-.1!, Kivinci;: .iiiasi3ie ;.r. &c.tSflCflSPC.ZCfl..rnawpp hor. p. large: : enough for any man to pass through % rrc-dint" dipatc.r.

::M t ..t! i- llt crowl7ar.iinj; to have a ulx r..aa..sfl'I'NTJ. for this port, Jan 23. all fires;j.rope; measure e.f ft-r tl.o preservation el ;; uisr.ettt-of order, conveniently, and securely fix a good and sufliru For l"reiift jr pn ?tt-, j-h f,, (f.P tr'2itlr> f r 5

j; !i hit. :!D STA'lESW Schr J Vail, Jarney, cle-.ucci at New York for tnd observance, protection ol the property Fire,law, onlirumces, and l : t larder o the sar.e ; and any person failing Feb 1 NUUH>L. STONE fc C>.

.. i Ke.M-ir MVS ihai the 'cciHirman: liasna,5 this port, Jan 23.List. to Ciirnply with the provisions of this sectionshallbe Eot' *'
3cSesiIcWos. CIotlait regulations ; and it shall be I th t ? duty r.t I Jha said 2iiiioac..
ofi liable! to said City, in (the penalty of ten dol-
nimfortililc speculation out
examine into the condition of THE fast
: '- a \ -iy of Vessels In Port.shill's. Chief Engineer to laiv. i-cr- sailing solr: CAROLINE,,
i i r."v\<." in the way of sellins it Jo lhWH LEwa ; all)I I lhf> Kireapparalu*, and of I the Engine; and other Hubbard, masttr. w ill have ilr.j atcb fcr

trl5, and oper'ating tin it" tvu in 251 i; & J5: t; Pear! Srroot, 1\b'rdeen, Ilulibard! 711 tt RP. for Liverpool,load. IloufM belonging to the City, and used ftr the by SEC a vite 19.f>f The twMhirds City Council of its may members, r.t any, remove time, -S.- : .the above pc rt. For deck freight tr passage -
of the Fire[ !Dopartn--i.t, : > C TIUfan- apply to
,t ing S OassinAlcefte purposes
\ : hem office the Chief of the other
!Hetwoon Ftilton-j-l and Engineer, or any
\ ti(, h'i New Y tk It-net, of the same ( Hnrlinjr Slip; ,) (Hi1.) Cann, oj ton?, for Liverpool, Irno1iaq cr rny render it evpcdieu or wwneve: directed En.. ine 'rs; and the Mayor and Council at Feb15 C. ROGEF.S & Co.
-VEll' Y01ihr.; -W A A: I* G kam. so to do by: the Major: and C iurcl;I, rr bv I the
I ,t. !%?. any ttrie discrnrpe any of, or all, the Officers or
Georgia: Talbot -iSi tons, for Liverpool, load- Committee of the Council on the Fire Duj..irt- APAb1IIifOL1
.. ; from Kiifi"ii'l ic ronsiden-d KAVi: O.V IAN THE LAflG-1 AS-bOUTMENT CF M.'rri'srrof either "f said companies. BXClUA'fiB.TIHS (
s .
1113-J C M.ielay.Momm : ment, a"d ;::ituully to report the s:tme 1 to 1 the Mayor .
'1 .' L v gtv.rihIe. < lur a1 { L'ntr .nf, Tr"tt. !8i>i t'.n?, {fur Liverpool, loaJing and Council: and oflener. if iLt-reuufo r.uet; Sec. MI. It shalLhe the duty of the City Marshal .7..r-" house rls been

I iis 91 )()' lzi* *,.. :... ;c4'y! ) IN THE -B S-ahVr.! ed ; al o, to cause a full descripluMi of I Ihe -rne with his Assistant?, to repair immediately ri tefitd fur the ean' and thorfuyhlj tie subI
Peter llatinck Rockwell, T.55 tons for Antwerp ulrrnf fire to the where the fire -
on place
1 I! -IM who arc lullLh-, ; of conof. Yh UIIl'Ei i) STATIS. Imniii ? Stone Co. together with the names of he O'r.cfersand Meinbi49 may II I scribe t'ks; r kusa in irtcrming
? \ are. c be arid thpiv their best skill and
10 use. ,
.t! I iliinews, anJ that from (;;di1-niI4 Adjj lcd/
t r 4le 1 o I Ia. sU).-k mar ts loading-W A uV PC Knin. in such manner as the jj. vnr ynd Council! security of t the public rreventicn cf tru-ff r.es for the rr-tf; lion of f c'rr.anent
of f ( llf Ohio, risru, 73S ton, for Europe, loading M .dtlL! direct : and whenevoT the E'igin<-. or ether peace [ and transient boarders, af the iHiiil r.'ts. Ills
jie.erva'inn aid the
of removal of
S \Vnsht.Cbailottc. Fire E u.iae nihrr hues. used b\ | pn>pcrtj', all1e15005tcr clkej tfeuuini is tnitlicri
or ai'et
apparatus an r.d
al-lflt-1 ; )
.. .. : ,iiuua1 tiI ( .,:1kiitv, In tl.f nitiTS 'le f *upocted which service the Marshal nay
ColIiiiH, 3-O tons, fur Europe, loading the Fire Department, require alterations, addition depend upon bavin:* all tIe luxuries arJ t'slfc:.
AIVBV 1 :.M i V/nslit. :5, T rr-]>nirp. I the Chief Engineer, under the :and his Assistants shall receive such comprc.eitioii cies r>f the market! erd up in tl.r b ( hir Sylvester 4S-! tons, for Europe loaning : as shall be, in each case, ordered by the
\ Jjeuj an endless variety.COVEZ2ER \> direction of) the Council or I the C'nirniJloo "it I the The BAR is now ar.dvill r.t all times be kept
ft Castin.Fairfteli and Council.
p4s AL'riior ix-i F.N.1VE M&rUF.CTUnF.lth CF Fire Department shall r !, Lovt'Iand.7<7 tons, for New York,loadin S'rc. 20. Frrm and after the passing of this ;jior!
I ; v *v.-nmK. February 4th. ia t I'vil'fv (4 ?-Nourse. Stone Co. and it shall- be. moreover, (tu. duty of t I tinChir! On'ii'ance Cig-tw. A cr.ntir.uatii.ri tt the hb ml cnstoia
all firmer Ordinances viz. No.
.. -:-. UV Fa by iu Uev. C ia '. C Clinton, Fostei, 3W inns, IVr Boiton, loading Engineer to receive and tr-tiusi'iii' t-> the Cous.ci! : Xo 2 ,>, ;url all other Ordinances, relating- 1'Jr.d tit. heretofore besttvud, i; ectf'cliy >oirifed.:
Mi K J Deblos* all riturtis of Oilicers, Member?, ad:: Fire apparatus JOHN PA WI RHJGE.
is. 5-owi-: tv wilt's T Engineers and other Members
: HATS Sacsusi, Howard, 251 tons, fi-r Providence, loading madf by the respective eompani' ?s herciiiifler : appointment December 0, l-< !
\ ,.. d! lugfil* r "f Mr.
s InthoWurld Ui'pablie; N orris, tR=. for Xe\v York, relating to the Fire Department ; to hoop fair and t-f a Fr Depirtmentand preventing and exfi For Kciif.THE .

Plain end; Fashionable C/aifiing, ff all kinds loading-W A \ P C Kain. exact rolN of the respective cf'iTijOnus : to ropoit ii*: ing fires, are hereby rej caed.! Dwelling lluu.e l.klyccupicd

LEWIS & H'ANFORD, BAI1QUES.Jcsseflr. the same to the City Clerk \vrilv.g.v.ho shall P.Tst-d by Council' December 0? Ith, I* !13. e- by tie ur.thoiguiu-. Terr.s acccmmos

No*. 252 & 238 Pearl st- .) Ford, J573 tens, for Liverpool!, loralinr keep a recml of the same, o'c in tarb ear. c.roftencr E. C. ROBERTS, Major. .datirp t'
D.-e.S,1SlS. -N'oursi', StuiuvV Co. do the AthtV.. VALLEAU, Cleik. J5. S hAWLEY,
-JVSrn: il ?o directed to by Major and
'ttt atM.et. L Abbot Lord. .Tovee. 5C7 tons. for Liverpool. load- Mr Wood, seconded by Mr. Day, moved the N-'"J 25 Columbia PIcck
Council all accidents lire wnicn;
by may uapven
I Sects I STST eci in?-J Day vc Co. ; its
adoption of the Ordinance by title.-P2s ed.
Baltic, Saiuidf-rs, S9" tons, for New York, londin within (Ihe city, with the causes thereof ns well r.i > To Rent.
- -- -.. received Herald
- .> ': rj.Vs.vi7 i,"1>ts.: "TTS&i i < | ;per brier an assortment ?-W A te PC Kain. can be ascertained, and the number and description STORES Ncs. G Cjilurr.l P.lrck and
.4 3 .c:7:: y '! iiirtUn Sftc-tls, for s1e by Beaver, Edniossds 293 tons, for Providence, loading ol the buildings destroyed or irjuvci, t..gciher An OrdinanceTV IS Waterstrcer. For
terrrsapply t
K"b ; J C Co.tEIiLI m
4v."ri.S92S7Tasj ALLEN ti T L ilitchel.Vevbosiett .
with the name of the owners and occupants (IflU flu an ordinance tntilled on ordim _. Nov 11. KOURSE, STONE .t Co.TVotico. .
\ Hani] .2l tons for Providence _
iZ and Soda Powders, just received thereof.
_ .. ..... loadips T L Miteliel.Hcb't mice for preventing and extinguishingJires,
.t -i3d4yt' L) .-.d! 'or rakb .
$ SEC. 5. In case of t he absence of the Chief Engineer
- ..... Watt (Br Johnson 491 fin Liverpool and establishing a Fire Departmtnt"Y
) tons,
- p J'5h S JC ALLEN &., Co. the next in rank who may be present,shall the ksafffrdate I will apjly to the Ihn.
it ordained that alter
Tutal.. ... !, waiting-Hill, Dawson & Co. *- passage cf this ordinance SIXv.-
T \C( Hnms, Sides ai.d Shnnldr-rs, just ref Covenanter, (Br) Patterson, 612 tons, fm Liverpool execute the duties of his office with full powers. It shall be the duty of every person cc- c of Probate, for Calhoun e.ur.tv, Florida -

.1 ti 'n $ij t4'iItT4t nf.tcIl art 4t L) <- ived : nd for sale by waiting-W A & P C Kain.BRIGS. SEC. 6. As many Engine.Ho c, Hook nu Ladder cupjing (by ownership, lease, or at will) any for letters of adciirtisfraticn on. the r fate/ff.

IV > H. ELLISON &. CQ. and other companies, shall, Inin time to store e-r dwelling house, to have in the same alt William G. Kelly, derers, late of aid nnntrMATILDA "

: t.i if Cuttouj.isi frU :,I1aLcttca.. Herald, Gray. 174 tons, for New York, loading time, be rmed by the Mayor o .d Council, cs least two good and substantial buckets, of the L. KELLY. ,
'. .: ? rnnz4n "-. Pi3ti Killer.PinilY A N McKay & Co. they shall deem expedient ; and! each nf s'l; J companies capacity of two gallons cr more, for each and December 29,IS 13. lS6nA -
: DAVIS'S TcgetbIe Pain Killer. just Toledo ( ic'vtr' 131 tons fm New York waiting shall consist of n.-en as the
'1 Pasf [Prwiu'r.7.I."V..V. -i as many Mayer every story of said hcuse, and the same shall be SSsad.
)____I' and for sale by the package or dozen.F -Master.Adva.iccs. and Council appoint.
: JIgTD. 1di-.141uly.l 1ei' r may exhibited to the fire Engineers, er either of them, FEW half bbls. .
,, b L_._j ELLISON{ & Co. SEC. 7. Each of the compares formed and appointed when required: Provided, that the tt r sale by r
: 4.:.. .... .... '" occupant of Jan 11 C A C R FIN & Cu
; ... .... .... .. 1121 .2.113.. Onions.- oa Cotton. by the Mayor and Council, shall have a any store or dwelling, having three or more .
c. ." ." sale W'Eare prepared to make liberal advances on Foreman, an Assistant Foreman, pad Cltrk ; and stories, shall not be required to have more than An Ordinance

;', ,.- !!! !!.S49 FOR.b 1 by R ELLISON & Co.TOTATOKS conitjned to our friends in New these Oilicers shall be cho=en by I heir respective four of such buckets for said house; and any per To amend an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance

( '. I'*).! ... .*.. *.* .* i. .... .*OIJ4O\/| .. York, Liverpool, Havre, Antwerp and Rotter companies, subject to the approval cf the Mayor son failing or refusing to comply with the provisions repealing ctrta'n, Ordnthncf) *, vVc passed 12ib

4 t I.I1s........ .... j .13s1is! T.. -100 bbls. (planting) just rcceiv- dam. NOURSE, STONE is, Co. and Council. of this ordinrnce, shall be liable to said January, A D 1JSSec.

T.-iM to For. P4rii.1I21 .TSTiJG TlfrSlT .6367 JL ed and for sale by Feb 1 40 Water street. SEC. S. It shall be the duly of the Foreman to city in the penalty of five dollars, for each and 1. Be it ordained by the Mayer and Ct.nncil .

New York ....J. ."570.. 1TJ5 ..53.)5 ..7G94l' Feb 1 B ELLISON & Co.HAY'S see that the several Engines and apparatus, committed every week he or she shall so refuse. of the City of Apalachicria, That the C'lt-rk,

t =.'o(!. ..... ..... .... '.14 I'M; ) .14260..4914: ) Advances. to their care, and the several buildings in Passed by Council, March Gth, 1S4S. Treasurer and Assessor be allowed a salary cf five
lV\M-nce ... .. .... !. .I( 33 .6 iI/7.1l72..inG4( Liiiarneut, for rale by f ["iHE subscribers will'make liberal cash ad- which the.same are deposited, and all things in, H. R. TAYLOR, Mayor hundred dollars r.tr annum.

'.. .... .... ... ... ,....... 1 J C ALLEN & Co.WdODKTFF'S X vanccs on consignments of Cotton to their or belonging to,, the same, are kept neat, clean, WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. Sec. 2. Be it further oidained, Thatan\ thin
:;. .5O .729 friends in Liverpool or New York. and in order for immediate use. It shall, also, be in the ordinance, to \\lucb this Uan acei'd ,
Cord ial for sale
Nw; Orleans..II.. !..!. "i7si7S3|!! IIii/61 !Is53! Dyscntary J C ALLEN, & Co.by Dec 23 J DAY & Co. their duty to preserve order n'd; discipline at FLOOR OiL CLOTHS.Albro militating: asainst thw cruiuar.ccbe and thi.

tIItbrtS..I..L.. ...... all times in their respective companies, and require same is hereby repealed.

Total Coi twise..1843.2S535' .S'JS78. I5C54TiJTAI '' OODRUFF'S Worm Specific, for sale by Advances. and enforce a strict compliance with the: Hoyt & Co., Passed by Council, 12tb January, 1S4D.J. .
-RALES. !.'..47195722121MIRATIVE 1' Fen 1 J C ALLEN fc Co. rpHE undersigned will make liberal advances City Ordinances, fbe rules and regulations of the 72 John Street, S. HUTCHINSOX, Mayor.War. .

JL Cotton his friends in Liverpool and the orders of the VALLEAU, Clerk. .
conirned to Engiriec-rg.
OODRUFF'S Anti-bilious Pills, for sale by on Department, now receiving into Store from their Fac
1, Glasgow, Havre, Boston or New York. They shall, also, keep or cause to be kept by Uie ARE
HnrrifTf at Elizabeth-Town, ?T. J.
EXPORTS,AND STOCKS OF V Feb 1 J C ALLEN & Co. a variety ConsisnccFOR WaneiI,
"i-j.>M AT mK PORT OF APAI.ACHICOLA, FR'aMiu Nov 1 is D B WOOD. Clerk of their respective companies, fair and exact ff new and original pattertisofHeavy nine ((9) IMOMS* pickle, marked GII-re-/.
r'"C1 rl" "TKMBCC TO DATE, IN THE FOI- Idiau EliNir.TOODRUF1"S rolls, specifying the time of admission and discharge
Oil per brig W. L. JOHHJ from New York. '
.. Floor Cloths
Insssrasscc. of each member and accounts of all ,
iE4iS City
: % Indian! Elixir, a cer'ain cure Jn 25. ISIO. A N. McKAY & Co. '
JbeeipZs. Exports. Stocks. V V for chills and l fever, for sale by THE subscribers, Agents tor The JStna In property entrusted to their care, in a book provided in widths of IS, 21 and 24 feet. They are also

q- -.-. .. .. .4s11 -i/iyj 4YIQX 412 Feb 1 J C ALLEN &f Co. Co.," '' The Protection Insurance for that purpose by the City ; which Rolls or receiving from the Albany, Lansin burg, and To Kent.

J.7; .... .... ..... ...571G9) 22121 2,2q Co,"and The I tart forti Insurance .," of Ilarl- Record Hooks are always to be subject to I the crder Utica Factories, in sheets of IS feet in width, a of the Fire-proof Store, No 21 AVafer*
ri.1 WS16 21777 .11r27( ford, Conn., rre prepared to take Fire, Inland t>f the Board of Engineers and the Mayor and large assortment, embracing many new patterns Enquire of D B WOODS '
.53857: 250: 3 iw Maeabov in bottls and blad-
1 i I ... .... .... ....77.K2; 4Sw4 2ft ."9.72GSI SCOTCH t and received and,ftr sale bv and Marine Risks on as favorable terms as any Council. They are, also, to make, or cause to he of their Nov 13
1:' good office. J DAY & Co. made, to the Chief Engineer, true and accurate Medium Floor Oil Cloths
; 417C2 27772 F' ,
H ABELL.Clarlfic White Lead.
Feb 17 Dec 28, 1S4S. returns of all the members and the apparatus entrusted

Cotton Trade..TAZATIrE l to their care, whenever called upon so to Also, from the Newburg, Albany, Lansing- N O. 1 Extra and Pure, just rec'd, for sale by -
VIEW ; SliRar.O The Protection Insurance Co. of do. burg, Utica and Maine Factories, every variety Jan 23 J C ALLEN & CoT *
OF THE FOREIGN EXPORTS '11LS New York Claritied,just received,
of patterns manufacturing by fhem, of their 4-4th,
,* AT THE s, AXD STOCKS OF COTTON OF THE U. t, and for sale by New Jersey. SEC. 9. It shall be the duty of the Officers and 5-4th, G-4th, 7-4th, S-4th and 12 feet wide IIOMPSONIAN Medicines, for sale by
Y> TJVTnST !ATESi FOR THE LAST FOUR Jan 11 CAGREEN&Co.Pnmicc nnHE subscriber being appointed by the above Members of the several companies, whenever a fr'cbl J C ALLEN & Co.

-S -'-' ----- -- ----------------------- ------------ -- JL Company their ascent for this city, is now fire shall break out in the City, to repair forth Light Floor Oil Cloths, -
55ib-9! 1 17.S I '1(5.7( 1S3 5.43 : prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks. with to their respective apparatus, and to convey Also, Mahogany, Rosewood and figured 4-4, School Books, ,

r0 < ;reat Hritain 5W776 JlttjL261617: .393743 0 W1UM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received May 11, ISIS. THOS. L. MITCHEL. them in the quickest manner that may be, to, or 5-4 and 6-41h English, German and American Tf OR sale[ by '

Ftance.! .." 21472.15319a.I05rfa| .110910 }.J and for sale by near, the place where fire may be, and, in conformity Table Oil Cloths. Feb 17' ELF ABELL.
Othei'F.p'ru! -810.12J21P.6ia4[ ...41462I H F ABELL. Bfoticc.rpHE .
-7 Feb 17 with the direction of the Chief oT other Dyscntary Cordial.DD. .
"tal Hale* ... i iftOJS.34od", .4:11520 .54QH7 firm of Roberts, Allen &. Co.is dissolved. Engineers, to exert themselves in the best manner Also, a great variety of new patterns of WOODRUFFS *
if"1'118; .... ....151W36 110272711102-3J2 103238: HATS and Caps by I the case low for cash by J. Settlements will be made, and the business possible, in working and managing the said Carriage Oil Cloths. received Drsentary Cordial, just
ELLISON & CO. and for sale by
ckg592153.527524.5CG047. B. ii:. C.
continued ROBERTS.
.423004 Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st. by apparatus, and in performing any duty f hat they All of which they offer to the trade on liberal DecO H F ABELL.
Jan. 13 1819.F .
Apalachicola, ,
may be called upon to do, by any Engineer; and, terms.
._ l'eroes IVaiitcd.Vfi Drugs and Jtlodiciiies.nnHE Boots and Shoes, upon permission of the Chief or other Engineer, Jan. 2, 1849. jan25 52-3m Citron, Currants, 1aisius.Lcm.us ;

LIKELY hand Wanted, for whom liberal subscriber has just received from New OR SALE, by the package, by shall return said apparatus to their respective ons, &c. /

<**\J wages will bo paid. Apply to 1 York, per brig Virginia, a large and fresh Nov IS D B WOOD. places of deposit : Provided, that, in the absence Notice. JUST received in fine erder, and fr sale bv

WAI. FOSTER, stock of Drugs and Medicine and all articles of all the Engineers, such direction and permission rpHE Copartnership heretofore exiting under ll C A GREEN t fa. T ;

-_! :. : _:_ 5cr't of Screw Press. usually kept in his line, lo which he would respectfully JLciiioii Syrnp.A maybe given by their respective Foremen. 1 the firm of J. D. ATKINS & Co, is f hfcday and Cotton Duck -

Lu ztiber. call the attention of his friends, and SUPERIOR article, just received and lor SEC 10. On the return of said apparatus, they dissolved by mutual con ent. All persona indebted FINE assortment ju- Tfeceived from New

Y C.LLOW Pine, assorted sizes and the public generally. a1eby shall, by the said companies, respectively bo to the late firm will please make payment A ork, (cr sale by

Juniper, 4 .g qualities, Nov 4 II F ABELL. Feb 8 J C ALLEN & Co. well washed, cleansed, oiled, and securely housed fo- the undersigned, who will continue the Grocery Jan 11ilcmp C A GREEN & Co;
and each month and oftener if business on his own account, at NK 53 Wa-
Oak in
Plank Whet Seeds Potash.S ; once ne-
] Arm? and Bucket Plank, for Seeds Seeds .
aIeby PETER liOBART ARDEN Setfda, just received, and for sale by LBS. just received and for sale.byNov1 cefwry-r-and companies shall meet for the purpose tef street. 1IENKY YOUNGS. ,T\IOOnRUFPSomposiiion Poivdrr. fersalVf *
tbS G HP ABELL. ,Q 000 II F ABELL. of exainiaiD the sla.te.of f heir resn ective ap- -- Apalachicola, Dec II, 18W. r T by [Ft-bl] J c ALLEN fc Co. '
.: ., Cominercu ttrcct. Nov I ,.. it .
; -v
- .jft. .

,. -







S ..

.... .



_-. '.---- ..r ;:. .: ....:.....-:. _-._-=--_..__ :;:'""' _. --=-,- ---- -- 7- -
Tax CoiZzr.foi's Sale. : matter whether the result of inherent cause of.I : NotttU. An Ordinance, FRESH ARRIVAL OF

BY virtue of the authority( in me vested by law, 'i causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci ilent. 1C1it For the inc &c. Drugs,
Regulation of Quara c.Ucllcs Paints
will expose to sale, before' the Court House ( Nothing can be mor. surprising than its 01.
Door, in the City of Apalachicola, 'on Monday pI invigorating effects on the human frame. Persons Carston Allars, ) SEC. 1. Be it ordained byte Mayor and Dyc-St E Perulel fe.

the 12th day of March, IS 19, between the hour I : weakness a.id lassitude, from taking it,, vs. > Bill for Divorce. Council of the City Aptlachicola, That hi
al friends
of ten A. M. and four P- M. the following real I at become robust and full of energy under: Susannah Allars. ) hereafter all vessels o g.-eamboats arriving and l the pubJc,

estate, situated in the City of Apalachicola, (assessed its It immediately counteracts the rpHE Defendant not having plead, answered in the of Apalachicola, from patronage, and fo :
inluence. JL port any port he bs
or demurred to complainant's bill,alter due now receirin
a* the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph I
: of the female frame which is the,
or place at which cholerayellow fever
11111i111fl1d' notice of the thereof, given i which'added
Delafield, Trustees of the Apalachicola Land great cause of It will not be filing by publication, to atI

Company,) or so much thereof as will pay theTa of us, in Darrennes.cases of so delicate a nature,expected to and the said bill of complaint and the matters; small pox or any contagious or infectiousdisease his assortment
,' therein stated been taken for existed at the departure of such a English
et! tor ISiS, assessed thereon, for the Stateof exhibit certificates of cures performed but we having confessed Ge rmi -

Florida and the Couily: of Franklin; together : !U can assure the afflicted, that hundreds of case I against said defendant : on motion of Solicitorfor vessel or boat fr.m such pert or place, or ; Cosmetics; Perfumer ci
with the cost of advertisement complainant, it is ordered that said be which have a ware, &c. ;
and sale, and have been reported to us. Thousands of cases cause may on board'aoy ,person 'af- &c., are &;
which *.iid real: etate i is Described! .is follows, in where families have been without children, after set for hearing at the first day of the next termof I flicledwiih, such disease shall be subject to to Physicians, Country .erchant and ot

the Mati t4, said City? viz : ..' ...- using a 'few bottles of this invaluable medicine, this Court, and that notice of such hearing the following quarantine regulations.'to wit : he most liberal terms- whch

Wharf; Lots No? 7, toi -1UO feel each. I = -' .it".r"' __-fF'ovnscluls have.been blessed with fine, healthy offspring. : be given to the defendant bythe publication of a Such 'vessel or boat, on its arrival!, shall pare and unadulterated. he.a
Lots 0 and 7 in Block 17. I To Mothers copy of this order, once a week for the space of H. F.
Snrsatmiilla. aUIIIUU'l'icd LadieS come to an anchor at the first safe and ,
'Lets 2,3, I, 5, G, 7, N,9, in Block IS.Lots I This Extract of has three months prior to the first day of the next con- Wholesale and Retail Droggfct
4.,7, S, 13 II 1 15 Wonder and Blessing of the Acje. Sarsaparilla been expressly term, in .the Commercial Advertiser venient anchorage after crossing the outer
10, 17, I H, in i Block F.'!. I prepared in reference to female a newspaper 45 Water atr/
Lots C, 7, 13= 1-}, in Block F2.: The most extraordinary Medicine in the World female who has complaints. No published in the city of Apalachicola.A bar, where hey shall remain for the spaceof I Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. t

Lot' 3 J in Block D:!. This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it is six: reason to suppose she is approaching Copy. WM. VALLEAU, Clerk. forty days, or until the passengers and
times that critical period, The turn of life, Drugs and
Lots 1 1,7. S in Block!f. cheaper, pleasanter, all warranted superior should December IS, 18j9. 493mSheriff's crew be reported by the health officer Medicines?_
neglect to take it it is certain shal THE
'lo as a
L'lt* '.', :3, I I. C, 7, S, 1)), in Block .f. any sold. I cures without for of the horrible preventative I to be a healthy condition. subscri.bEf has, and
any numerous and Sale.By constantly haveon
vomiting,purging, ha t
Lots, :'ifi; 7, Sill Block siekeuiiigor' da
Lots) I to 10 s, in i Block ID. debilitating the Patient diseases to which females arc subject at this time virtue of a writ of fi. fa. to me directed L SEC. 2. Be further ordained, That any assortment of DRUGS and ecm'Jf

I The great beauty and I of life. This period mug be delayed for scvtral from the Circuit Court of pilot or other person piloting or conducting which
of this ;
Sarsaparilla they
Lots I 1-J, :1, G I 7, S, tl, 10, in Block' 21. superiority Frankln county CINE will
all years byu&iug this medicine. Nor is it less valuable in favor of William Gfiswold : vessel steamboat of the
Lut 1, :Vs; 7, H, 10, in Block 25.Lt over other medicines is, that while it L. Gris- any or into the port of pure best wa

)fi 3, !1.l i &;, 7, in i Block .t 13.; eradicates the disease: it invigorates the body. I: for those who approaching womanhood, i wold, executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the City Apalachicola, having on board any of the I Merchants and PI qualty."
i one of I he as it i is calculated to assist nature, by quickening I of Apalachicola I have levied t to their advantage '}
best and
LuN : upon, will ex above contagious diseases shall focallexamine
3, 1, : (i. 7. s, in Block ir. very the blood bring said I and price uJt
-Lots 1 III) |P1, in m.ck.51. SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICIXKS and invigoratin the system. Indeed, pose to sale to the highest bidder, at the Court vessel lo anchor at the first safe and Goods, before purchasing elsewhere.
I Ever known; it not only pDrif.es the whole (this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate House door, in the city of conve N. B. Physician's
Lfs I I. 'J.-J: 0;, 7, *-, !), HJ, in Ilock32. system Apalachicol on the nient anchorage aftercrossing the prescriptions put
and strengthens the diseases to which women arc subject.It first in March outer bar and up
but Monday care
Lots( I to 10, 'in Block :H.L person, it createstuu. IS legal I and the accuracy at any hour of the day 1i
', pure and rich blood : braces the whole system, renews permanently hours of sale, the report same to .the Mayor withoutdelay or
: described
'jts<; 7 -. a power possessed by I property, J. C. ALLEN
s, f, "I'l', in Block 1V3. following i !
XotsSto: t.., Ha HI .ck J J. I 'H other medicine. And in t this I lie.-: t the grand I the natural energies, by removing the iilpurifies : I to wit : one large building known as the ; and in default, said pilot other r Jan.1S Cor. Centre and Commerce Co

L'ttai 1 Jo-j-j: in Block! LI. secret of its wonderful success. It has performed II I of the body, not so far stimulating as to produce I City Council Chamber, on Market person shall forf it and gay to said city one ah.

L'jls 1, :,, ", '., i in Ml.ick! '.f.' within the last five years, more than 100,000( subsequent relaxation, which is the case of Square; one Engine louse and Engine, known as hundred dollars for every such neglect or: J. SPENCE, -

At..n-\II L. :aJ l l\iiijj I un; I tinUV i ? *>i !e of I tJ.p.1t.u h(- cures ill severe cases of disease; at lea.t f.',OOO' disenfe.most medicines taken for female weakness and Boston' No. 1 ; and one Engine House and Engine refusal to comply with the above se rion. WATCH AND CLOCK
were considered! incurable. has saved the lives By using a (few bottles of this medicine, known Franklin No. MAKE
: 2 levied SEC.
\ 'hj.'cll n.I NVtU I on as theproperly 3. Be it further ordained. That Second
), .mJ! W(sl; of tIlt C4ty of t : Story
I of more than children the many severe and painful surgical operations t'F the citv rtf A fiolaKl; rIn. 101zl'
50Uf during two mayGreat / while
iIi iml.i. i'i pastS said vessel luidI.
.r\pth boat .
t i tlal''I! F'rjtiIin Co.inly. ul St. V .ceiil'j ins. IreventClf.: JOHN LUCAS, snerm,' i shall bo lawful 2aats&- 5a (
; *", : ( I.-Und. St. I lot for any person, except &
OOOO cases of BScsskiyr to Mothers and By B. LUCAS
(: ire": !l-lan-1: an-1 i/I',' [f.:1 td: (evcJ'uive: of and of Gcsical Dcbiily Eii2dreii. January :U Deputy. the health officer, to 'visithe( same or hold I N. B. Watches, Clocks APALCHICOL.Fj

'lhat jWtiou ofto: CcorgfV .t'a.1 l 0 ':g !;1l.I: ouncd t'anf Nel'vous Ene..gr. -- 1S.H. any communication ( board repaired. 4ewelry carefully
by the I 11. S. Dr. Ttnvnsead's invigorates i I the I is the safest and most effectual medicine forpurifying on ; --- __ __ er_
aIn all I L-iuds Subscribers
jverumeni! ) ; ; hirig: S.uaparila THE have on hand and i offer for nor shall it be lawful for 21,1&1.
J J-jjclofthe, whole system thnse have the system, and relieving the any person on
JJjy of AttUcJti.U| : awl: bordering peflanenty. jvho)( suclngsatend.lt I on liberal terms- board visit ATHENATJM
to said
fin St. GtIJq''" S'ind: and: tunnhg: : East r to the lost. their m1 cnery by the effects of med! upon child-birth ever di ( I I SUGAR-10 hhds and 50 bbls N. Orleans city, or for the master,

m-uth 01 t IVe.v Kiver, lioii 'hrnre ill adm:cl !line icine or indiscretion) committed in youth, or the strengthens both. the mother and child, prevents j 10 boxes Woolseys & Stuart's loaf; owner or consignee thereof land. or causeto o"frug Saloon and 'Hilliij4

If) th! Chtp-tli! Cut-..IF: following I ih. :\jtLtcIui-: excessive indulgence of the passions, all! broughton pain and disease, increases and enriches the food, i F'LOIJR-11JO bbls superfine St Louis and Ohio; be landed, any of her cargo,'or :any h'rti- Rooni.TJ"IIE .

cola River d n\u to its ni'iulli: ; iirludmg' ; Forbe's a general physical 'prostration of the nervous those who h have ucd it think it is indispensable. I i I COFFEP:-50 sacks and Maracaibo ; cle on board, unless by'written permission proprietor of the '

Island: (rfo called); the whole! containing: : : :Js-'i.'WO' system, lassitude, want of ambition, fainting sen- I It is highly useful both before and after confne.I I' MOLASSES HD new crop ; ; from the Mayor, given under the advice o it has used "Atn naenm Bowl

:u r.'s .11' third quality of LtnJ: and 10UU( : of :JdJU2XJ. SatIOUM, premature decay and decline, hastening ment, 'as it prevents diseases alendant upon} WHISKEV"50 bbls and half bbls the healthofficer'; and the establishment every endeavor to mak
; any person an a
towards t tint fatal childbirth-in Co tiveness Piles violating place! of
'}1u1ify.I : disease, Consumption, can be Cramps, Swell LARD-5 bbls and kegs either of the and is thankful reabe
provisions of his that
; (
entirely jug of the Feet : 1 or
restored ,
by this Despondency, Heartburn, Vom discriminating
r.lTc.Tax; '\oI-:<> ';;'lIr> ; nlCollector pleasant remedy. This SOAP-Sf) boxes pale, yellow and white section of this frst lie ; liberal
ordinance by
for Fr.uikliii SJrapari.\. i far superior to any lung, Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains, ; shall: be li o prove pafronage lh fir..appreciation1ie

.\ 1 1, OctoW! TMs.'n County.rJartif !:; oruiiiig CorsIiaS, Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secretions and I STAHCH-I--.20( bbls boxes mess Colgate's and ; said city in the penaly o'f'fifty dollars for uf his desire to please. 1c.wi1 alway_ krr \

----- ------ As it renews and invigorates the system, gives equalizing the circulation it has no equal' The BEEF20 bbls I prime ; each and every offence and twenty-five Ito\ ce asorlment of LiquOrs, aiil, i

H. Uliisoit; A: <;<>., ( oa'. UrHl'l' auei activity to I the limbs) ,, and strength to the Inuscu- great beauty (his medicine is, it is always safe, I TO CCO-O prime bxs and; hf bxs favorite brands dollars for each and every day the 'master: Bacchus'es, of a sort to tirki the "; ate: I !

( !u stut !'ti. lar Astern, in a most dfgrcc. and the most delicate use it most successfully, BACON casks i; owner or consignee of such vessel boat most fastidious sons; and !
sides or
eXlraonJnal'Y and hams cool and delicious, fre.h Ose
SHIP; CiJ.NJi..EH'f.MXILr. ; CI'( d. very few cases require any other medicine, in MACCARONI boxes ; shall or refuse to into For from ttir native,
COnslUJIHioI Italian fai go quarantine
ns i a pleasant
..\ anllluiaji! I ; Cwlw of all sizes: Cleanse Strel rHn. Sllpli n can be some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful. VERMICELLI[ do do ; required.SEC. amusement ntile commingling of utrc ,baAi

I r.>lif i: Wor.nltM'' )I!) Mnli'ie, plln. cured. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Complaint Exercise in the open air, and light food with this CRANBERRIES ; 4. Be it within rum flulct-rhere. w. jiolhiA
quarter bbls further the circle
Ordained of
yarn, oJkum( ) S1trin oil) I, F:1Hilo: \\7I1ale Jo, Olive Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, medicine, will always ensure a safe and easy con DOMESTICS ; That I incase gymnastics to compare will
bales it
A\thma shall
do '4i.S..tJ dl !: del Spiting finement. and shirting be deemed : for he a game of ten pins; but those
Uoilc'd ;
). .tw ( do, :-jJIritl'l; Tur1)eltt of Blood, Soreness in (the Chest, OSNABURGS bales necessary preferring! !les,,
He, PlitsT'Il.luw: C1.1 I J'utt 1 y, \.VhUeid Flush, Night Sweats, Profuse Not ( to the Ladies. G Lowel and Georgia; preservation of the health of sait city, by amusement., can always take a hand.
or Expectoration \8S-20
l.e.11! : d" Y"U tOCI) : :-.-, Clarnmt" t1n.t'n. Pain in Difcul Those Dr. Townsend's bxs assorted ; the health officer, it shall be ( of he Come one-come alL" .
Eairtd do. I Im,'erial: do. Ciiro'ii"; ( : \'ell ', Ver- &.C., have been Sarsaparilla,I RAISINS-100 whole, hf and boxes (
__ invariably qr ; master ot JOHN
and called vessel B.
bo their boat.
u can etiisI.JItItI. lave any or Ivins in JOXES.
I.nil : : stuf' great Remedy BUCKWHEAT-20 aria r-
ulfn ; ua c, :--JI.IlUr.; BI1ht.Irni: h, Copal kesnew. ., _Apalachicola, Dec. 30,1S47. ,
do, Tar, llosm.; Pitch. 1'ufi'; nliiif. Coal, Paint } ISlOOil. JlT .'emaICfJ: C.U. .e., ant iiLve copied our UIAI I ALMONDS-200 pounds'J antine, to unload and lhorughl cleanse, .. :I.tr

Brushes VaniNii fit, #1'irdi', :Scrub do. Clamp do, New York, April 21'*, 1S47. and circulars: which: relates to the complaints of j I B U'1"I'Elt-23 kegs Goshen; and \Vestern smoke and whitewash the same inside, before Hardware, Ship Chandlery-

Limp Wick, C.'nlkVntin: /! ?, Ruvia? UitcU! liiujlislido Dr. Townsend verily believe that your Sarsaparilla women, word for word-other men who put up -CHEESE-JO bxs English dairy ; such vessel or boat shall be allowed to rpllE Subscribers have on hand for sale &t.
? CotlUI! do, I II *:tvy liivens: J.s, Light du has medicine, have, since the ; -L -
been the of Dr.
great success LOCKS
While.t !Ijlucaiil' K I:ed U'iitiris: X.iil.a t Co.'i cr do, of means, through Providence, Townsend's Sarsaparillain BRANDY hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Martel ; proceed to said city ; and any person failing aborted, Butts, Screws, Hinges,
life. complaints incident
saving I have to Handsaws
do Tacks my for several' had : LEMONS-5 boxes to comply with the Millsaws, Crosscut
: Dolt years a Sicily do
Suij' Sik; ", do, 15ra-Js, Srrrews: bad females, recommended (heirs, ; provisions of th'c section, PJlt
Jack Scn'Wi, .\ucwr: .-::, il-tn lai'iUs, Capstain cough. It became worse and wore. At ly did : although previous- WINES-20 doz superior Maderia and Sherry; shal be liable to said city in the! Compasses, Auger, Gimblet,ChLek
they not. A number of *
l lost
llirs, Oars, ISlocks! "hi\! '"?", Jib, Ifasiks Hands I raised large quantifies of blood, had night Pill of these Mixtures, ALE-do/en pale; fifty dollars for each and penalty and Dt,Rulrs, ne\l;', Squares, Broadaxe:

l'UIII,.;, n..ck B'lck.ts' G JH tin, lick Uroonis1, sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced, *, &c., are injurious to females, as they aggre- .Pickles Sauces, Olives, Brandy Cherries and SEC. every such lm uce. Ship Collins' do, Adze, HafcheN ,
Corn di. C4ukilt[ \1.11; S : and did not to live vate disease, and undermine constitution. 5. Be ordained That the Ham-
;; trying d.! Axes,AXf'neh' expect % I have only used your Candy, a full assortment. itfur/ler Shutter H ngil'g.Blind'
(' hooks! .lI1I1 T.limiJI, 1 Box: lJooI"! Blle do, Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a won- Sca'ofula Cured. C. A. GREEN city physician appointed! by the Coum.il annually .mersr Scales, Platform doSf'elyar!

C\11. cllI. C"IIOIt clo, BO.l1 (du, [<'1':1;: do, lulkin deifn! change been wrought in me. I am now This certificate concusi\'cly proves that this Dec 2S 52 & Co. shall be considered the health officer, Kircnen: Ware, Table CClf. I ,
'h! la: ? Jr.':iMnrlru" ;; :-\ :{ :-\Iip: Scra. able to walk all Sarsaparilla has Water street. whose Cutlery, Shovel and
over the city. I raise over the most obstinate duty it shall be Ton Fire
blood : to visit s
p.:'rs, iJjn; Liv) *rs. CtIU '.'S L t,11ros!! Tormentors, and has no diseases of the Warranted to Cure." al vessels Tron., &c.
left Blood.
Diyidfr. Ot'iiias5! Sailfellfs my cough me. You can ima Three persons which may come to anchor at BLACKS ITFIS' Bellows, Anrifc
| Twine wel COXE'S ,
Vine do, S-win do, Palnn, !U Jigins:i Leather,, gine that I am thankful for these cued in one house is unprecedented. COSTER & from genuine Southern Tonic, tine ground as aforesaid, and examine quaran Ihe Hammers, Vices, ScrewpJare Slfgt

rump: cl.., rihowls'! Hdinuer. Your obedient servant, Three Children. medicines of our own Dies, anc
: :, .
iltic'ids. Chisel,, forests and Tongs, Files, Ra < &c.
passengers thereof =
a ps
ptrfect and for the
Augurs, Pl.in of
Files, Rat Tail ill Iron RhelHna1 to inform II ague, and tO being the best Tonic in ascertaining whether there exists American
), :rfp: ire, Ca1jord; Lock, iSII. you that three of my children have cases of on round,flat and assorfr
?tock do, Hooks unJ; Staple, I liui fs. Paillocks, This is only one of more than four thousand ber>n cured of the Scrofula by the use of I general debility I i or weakness now known, for sale board any of the diseases contemplated by Boiler Iron. Railroad sqnare, Band,hoop,
your excellent .
Wood S.IW5; Pt'H'ldnt Hii'ilydril I I ;), H.iud I Lines, cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's medicine. They were afllicted by [April 27] H F ABELL. the t provisions of this ordinance, and whether Iron and Spike do, Horseshoe
Deep"} S .l.b, Lo? do, Fi.-i! do, IJanj Sarsai i very severely Nails, Cast, Blister and
:; L"a
: has : English
Sea do, rii-t d->, H.ir'ila! Funnel.Lnnlhorns! : Deep parilla cured, The most severe and chronic with bad Sores: : have taken only four bot Tiaoanpsou's COlllOIIUl Syrup of an)case of such disease has occurred I German Steel. ... .
cases are weekly eradicated by its : tles; it took them for which I feel 'J3\-r during of such : V
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, L.JI Hooks: Car o do virtue extraordinary away tysef and Wood Naptlia, passage vessel, and make LO1GI1-Single -nVl IhubTc CornsljetteA

Kelayinq;; Pins, Tin War-, Crockery: Carpenter's v James under. great Yours obligation. FOR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron- report thereof lo the Mayor ; and for such I Cornrr.ills, Logrhain, Trace do, Ox dShovels /
Tools, Sainison Puti'c.. Cummings, Esq., of the J
one service he
assistants I rlspcctfuly asthma; whooping shall be entitled and Spades,
cough, to receive from Weeding Hoes
Aualacliicola. Dec. 0. 1317. i in the Lunatic Asylum Bldckwclf's palpitation ,
Island \Vooster-st.. of the
is heart Lane
the CIAI liver complaints, and aflections of tlie master of such vessel or boat the and Grubbing Hoes.
Groceries au1 Shi:* St H'CS. g entlemanspoken of in (the following letter: Opinions Physicians. the t :kidneys, for ale! by ten dollars with sum of CORD.AGK-Manilla and Hemp, asortfd.fffctf.,

RIO COFFEE, J:1do: St. Domingo do, Dr. Backwel's Island, Sept 1 1, '17. from Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders. Fc" 10 3 J ALLEN Co. SKC.: C. Be further expenses.'ordained I Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar Bright Van i"., Handspikes ,
Sir I Physicians in different & That it
; : have: suffered : of the Union L
FlourVc terribly parts
t'rn flo! r0 : Oars ,
Sugar V'cc.
; be ,
St. Croix tIll. Porto: :U ico do, Y oang llv on Tea for nine years with the Rheumatism ; considerable This is to certify that we, the undersigned, Blank .ZSooks and Stationery. shal the duty of the health 'officer, har CASTINGS Bock-ar

Hyson do, Powclion:, ? Jo, S'i': .;un.ilo. llotirn| :L, of the time I cO'Jlt not eat, sleep or Physicians of the City of Albany, have in numerous I EDGERS, Journals, Day & or master and marshal to report to the drons, Bakeovens Ketl.es.1i1s arc! CanJ.'

Butter, Che-se, Lird, Uicon! Ham-, :Sid...=, Slioiil-: \valk. I had the utmost distressing pains, and I cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla I ,, .Li 50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper; Mayor any and all violations of this ordinance Kettles, Tea Kettles ?, Enameled

ders, 'Illi; \Vnskey: : M 1 '.-S a'id Prime Beef, my limbs were terribly swollen. I have u-ed II I : and believe it to be one of the most valuable preparations Cotton Memorandum Books ; T1NWAKB-A: foil &

::Mess and Prrne: Pork! M tcerd.! | h.l'l. .Salmon I, four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they have in t the maiket. Ship and River Bills Lading; Passed by the Council \ a sortJnf.Vhfltsale .

Herrin?, :5u'lds and! Toj3-i"! COIl l Ki-h, T ,nues: done more than one thousand dollars worth H. P PIILIXG, M. D. Boooks for Letter Press. llth January, 1844. or retail.E.
Pepper, Sjct: ( Cjls-ips. 'V,' S IUCP Olives; You, DAVID G. RANET, Mayor. C.
per ,
are at liberty to use this for WILSON, M. I). Exchange
the and ROBERTS
oo ben Checks
Gapers picdts: So.rp, Siirch; [ WILLIAM VALLEAU Clerk. \palchicol, Jan.4iSW.
l'bal.co"Y.; eft the aillicted. 11. I). milOGS. :M. D. Jut received and for sale
Bread Pilot by
dn, Crackers .
Viut.gar D.t'rI:
Frl1ils, P. :
Beans, S ill. Ihis"IIhcuoti.: \r.'n:1'iCtI\i: \ Arrow Yours, respectfully, Albany, April 1, E. ELMEXC011F, M. D. ? March: 1 H. F. AI3ELL.Chhrofoi'iii A CARD. ,

ROOf,Corn, ()a.?, U ic'twh! .. it, Mustard, H Ice. I JAMES CUMMINGS. Caution. An Ordinance, THE Subscribers take tins methcd of infitm-
l-'ofSJJe by J5. I2MJSOX i Fever and Arue. To amerdan the citizens
: CO.
::; Ordinance' .
Dec 9. Dr. Town!end's Owing to Ihe great success and immense sale WARRANTED pure I just received entitled c an Ordinance -palaclul.f and its vi.ci
Cor.W.t.'randClnut_ st.:: Sarsaparilla is unequalled in of Dr. and for: concerning Slaves &c. fit t that they have
Townsend's ) a
rl r4
cases of the Chills and Fever Sarsaparilla, a number of menwho very
Itr' n'at !. following letter i is only one of hundreds and Ague. The were formerly our Agents, have commenced I Nov ]15 J ALLEN & Co. Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the,Mayor and Coun \H.lselected, ; Stock GOODS, which will be

D T.AIN3, Phin Iro'H! si-ule! : ani double, HitnmeM I- \' from: the South and West:that we i making SarsaprilU! Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex cil of the City of I Apalachicola, That from and :011 Cloths consisting and C3s in part as 'follows:

_1. 1)r.1K'1iL''''s, :\'i.irs, Aiiuer Bit;, character.: of like t tracts of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put t DIY Goods. I' after the first day of March next, if any owner imef'arioo styles,
Spring; Brace< Tirn'. i it up in the same bottles DRILLINGS Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs!, of any slave shall keep, Print5 r Scn! e Turn Screw*, Oswego, Mich. Oct shaped and some of f or cause to be kept,
F 22, IS 17. Jeans any Aiapaca Lustre do.
t : Flannels slave in Figured
them have stole Blan house ; ,
Marking GtJl l-*. M-irtice II! i, Saw SetsVooil Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I purchased lor and copied our advertisements;, kets, Tweeds, Shirtings any on any lot in this ), with Silks, Frcde R\nf
Rule, Ad e.4V reaches wife my t they arc only worthless imitations and Sheetings, Checks;, out having a white man >
Siv<, L'icks, Honk4! two bottles of Sarsaparilla of should be Ginghams Calicoes, Delanes residing on the.same, or (1l). Monfella
anJSta'ile-i: ll'itt' S..rl vvs, Uinre.., Slmttc-i! Brb! <, Mr. McNair, of Kalamazoo, to try it your for the Agent Fe, avoided. For *ale by B. ELLISON, Hosiery, &c. &c:, shal suffer or permit, any glare! to ccupya huu(' do. Satin Striped'

Brads Tacks Co;>/>t?\\rire, :M first Rcbes
Traps, A'\ci,1I': itchet*; Coke! :Milt, SleJ e Hammers bottle, it.appeared to warm the blood, and ; Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co., 8 State street, and Chestnut sts man residing on said lot, the person so offending do.

Smith Ton<< : ;", Mill .v.v';:. Anvils, &.c. &.c. other day, when the Chills and Fever every ; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street, ChIc I'. shal, on conviction, be fined five dollars for each do. Delaine.Merino do.
For sale by f B{ l ELLHO.V & Co. they were less violent ; and before she appeared had fin, Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore; 50 SBLS; Champagne, for sale by every day that such slave shall be so kept, Muslins, India Book do.

Dec t). Cor. Water and Chostn-it sti!. ished I the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and I. P. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright &Co., 151 Dee 30_ELLISON_ .,: Co. suffered or permitted-one half to go to the per- (It). Swis, Luce
she was much better Charters street, N. 0.; 105 South Pearl street t IIEETINGS son informing ; and it shall be the of and Colored
Iron, Scotci! ,!f" Wee.lir. than she had been before Shirtings and Prints the Edging, Lisle
SWEDE Ganieu! Albany and all the by the Marshal to to the Cap and Thread
; by report
KhcksniitlH Rdlo-.v*, Cotton and Wool !jjie took the Ague. A lady that had been very Merchants principal Druggists i and(I baleand case, low for cash by such slaves as be Mayor Ihe names of all I ShjmK-' Damask Silk
sick with generally throughout the United may found
Card<, Spades and SVnvl*, Cauldron and Susrar them with the Chills and Fever but had broke: West Indies and the Canadas. States. Doc B. ELLISON & CO. on lots contrary to this ordinance.occupying or. living co. Marino,

Pans, Ploughs, &c. &.c. for ale !'y and Quinine, and was left in a very weak For sale wholesale and retail by 9. -Gor. Water-.and Chestnut sts. Sec. 2. Be it further ordained That I do. '.PlaifllVqt. .
H F.LLISO.V & Co. distressing state and troubled exceedingly] Tauiicrs' the owner in case Kid I, L CP an-1 I "
Oil of
slave ; (
Dec 9 fCor. IV-it rand with the Ague Cake, seeing the effect that it had H. F. ABELL, sale any found living on or occu. Tnskan! vl.i" \e
Chestnut by
st" lot Gipst-y Bonnets
May 2 15 pying a
on my wife, she sent and :, 19-ly Apalnchicola. FOR contrary to this shall be latest ''allioi
procured a few bottles HO a Ribbon in all
BOOTS, Shoes and Brians; by the case; and it restored her in a few weeks to Dry Goods. _B ELLISON & Co. non-resident of this city, on such fact being reported Brown :Sh varieties

Show and I Buskins ; healh. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt complete: r rHE subscribers offer for sale a large and Wood Ware, Ac. to the Mayor by said Marshal, or other Bleached tin 7-S,4T| and 3-
unequaled sea: do. .
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogan.? ; in diseases incident to the West, aid if stock of Dry Goods, in; B.\RREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour person, he shall issue his precept to the Marshal I, Blankets, 6-1 and.i, J,1 i 1CM and 114
I' consisting Me commandin him 8-1
finesow'dBrogans; you that this communication) will be of use part .inures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, to remove said slave Ingrain and
Men's pegged Boots at ofNegro Brooms, &.e. &c. for sale so found living or occupying Cotton Carpeting
; you are liberty to use it as you choose. Kerseys and Linseys, by said as aforesaid ; and the Carpet Bass
fine sewed Bots1; Yours, White and Red B. ELLISON & Co. shall be allowedtherefor the ,. "
respectfully, sum
Russet Bro paid hv the. Hat and Caps, all styles
hy CHARLES H. SWAIN.tjauucr Banjruns and and Chestnut sis. .- nrvnoi--....-. >. .C..;A, ilnit., and Shce
I). F.LLS! sr &. CO.. -- uper plain DUCK HIIDSSL slave, and for which execution may issue on the
and uasameres
in me lancy Croix
Dec 9. Cor. W.tter and Cne ; offending of
Dr. Townsand's Whitney Blankets, 10, and f 20( bbls against said ordinance a second JEWELRY, anc*
Sarsaparilla St
has 12qrs.DufFil Croix U other
saved the lives 1 : time, many articles too
;; ;; and Hope.S. shal on conviction, before the numerous to mention.
of f thousands niankets,8
of 9
: The lOqrs. 5 bxs Stewart's Call and
chidrcn. two Court, liable lI'or's examine for
J following to be yourselves.
Nuperior Kentucky Marseilles Loaf punished
200 IOU cOlli" certificates are a Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs, 10 bbl ls ground with not' less than by M. N. SC
re- ten
Rape n'mler Denims nor than BROTHER
ceived this Kremlins more T _
week. and Cottonades, 100 sacks Rio Coffee thirv.nine Dec 23
Just lashes.
received and for sale ; do Java Cor.
low for cash and Centre
: or ap- Brown Shirting and sts. .
proved paper[ by New York, April, IS 17. Sheeting, 10 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Sec. 3. Be it further ordained
Dr. Cotton That this
Townsend Dear Osnaburgs, flu ordi- Iron
: Sir Mnft'ddo.
; Nails .
children ..
NOURSE, STONE & Co. my ; nance shall not be deemed or Aci
Feb was very sick with! a Canker in the Mouth Cotton Drilling and Ticking, 2Q Sperm Candles held tdj apply to TONS Swede Iron
1 and 50 bxs
11 Wafer street.f Linen ; brown Soap any slave.liWng oh l lot 90 assorted sizes;
Throat and Cotton ; any adjoining,
attended with great debility. It came Checks, 100 I bags Shot1? 50 kegs Powder one hundred yards of the or within 100 kegs Nails,
Baatig and I .oi>e. near dying. I obtained some of your excellent Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, 1000 I lbs Lead ; ; hirer, or residence of the owner, 4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted do

-t.)? \ PCS. Kentucky, t,>J bale* India; 10'J coils medicine, and it cured it directly, for which I Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, 200 kegs White Lead, No. 1,Extra and Pure. Sec. 4.person Be it actually further employing ordained said slave. 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils qualte
Rope for sale by assure I feel French and That it shall 20
you very Englsh. American Prints, Forsalehy G. be u
PORTER lawful English
for and
grateful \ & CO. American
Jan 11 C A GREEN &, Co. Your, Exra :super, plain and twilled Ginghams, Dee 30 41 Water street. or let to such slave any his owner her of any slaves to hire 20 U Bellows; Vises;
or time
-" IELIZABET1I [ Super d'Ecosse and that
FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st. Ca'mere such any 12 dozen Spades and
Buckwheat. Extra super Muslin de Laine L af Sugar. person so offending shall be liable to the 10 Shovel;
Fits ,
Fits .
no BAGS; -5 ke-' i new Buckwhe1t,jusl re- Dr. Townsend, Fits English, Scotch American do. 2000 LBS. Steam Refined, for Sale by city in the penalty of one hundred dollars, 10 bxs Cotton
not and
having tested anc one-fourth of Woolen
ceived, and for sale by his Sah apa. I Super Italian Dec 28 D B penalty (when collected Cards; .
rilla in esof and figured Silks WOOD.AIUII ) to 1 Rntviin.1' :
ca Fits
of to the case .
Jan 11 C A GRKR.V&: : Co. course never recommend. Black Silk ..--- __ ffo informer.. .-- .. Caqt Stff1 Mi. n'lOO -
ed it, and: Cravats and fancy Hkfs, ii.ms Steel IDS '
surprised to receive the KC.' bee. 0. He it further Cast and German Steel forsale
from following Super English :and Pongee Silk OA JONS I ordained, That the byVl.
For Sale. an intelligent and respectable Hkfs, Sweeds. American and English of all slaves used masters \ G.
FIRKINS of superior Butter, of La. Westchester county : J"armer EngHshand American Cotton Hkfs, fJ\J Iron, ; laundresses, for as public porters,laborers, Dec 30 PORTE& CO.
25 Madras and Verona 30: dozen or other street. ,
ham's Dairy." head Hkfs, Brade's Hoes public uses, re-
Fordham ; ceive from shal
Dec23 NOURSE. STONE & Co. Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I, August 13, 1847. Ladies' Cotton Htise and Gents Hf-hose 20 dozen Crown do ; such the Clerk of the City 'a Uc for Boots and Shoes; -
have a little girl I Super Satin, dozen purpose, for which an annual and MenVRusset
seven years of age, who has been & Worst d 1 Shovels and Spades ; dollars fee of five BOY'S' Brogans; -
Osiiaburgs. afflicted with Fits; we tried several years; Cotton and Flax Thread, Vestings 1 oq kegs Nails, assorted sizes; to shal be paid, four dolar of which shall : sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
GEORGIA and Lowell Osnaburg, always on I : for her, but without success at everything c Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, 500 lbs Cast ant German S.teel; that it shall city be and one the Clerk ; and Gent fine Calf Brogans ; ,,
; the "
lat although we Jaconet and 20 doz duty of the Clerk peg'd and
the lowest Cambric
rate by could find no recommendation in Muslins, Coln's Axes, Georgia 'nd Kentucky license, to issuing such I sew'd Shoes j Children's db!
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. : cases like hers our circulars for Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c. pater; of give a badge having printed the number Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes *
we thought she the ;
delicate health a was in very WWhich have been selected with great 2 Cotton Cards license granted for any or all of the Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
Georgia Osnaburgs we would give her some of your New York and Boston from Importersand care in 4 do Coffee Mills ; purposes herein named, in legible characters A large and ;
sale by YOUNGS, Sarsaparilla and are very glad we did, for it Agents ; and which is to be extensiveartmenjut rec i'e
not I of
FOR Manufacturers at the 10 5 worn by slave by
lowest kegs and .
only restored her market rates, and inch Spikes for sale ujion a con- CO.
2S 53 Water street. strength, but she has Had no re- are now offered at f ; by spicuous part of his person and Dec 30 \V. !ORTE -
wholesale ;
i or retail C. owner of
turn of the Fits on favorable A. GREEN & Co. slave any street.
(Coffee. prise. She is f our great pleasure and stir.i. terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. Dec 28 52 Water offending against the provisions of this section Henry's # 41Vater .
street. ,
200 SACKS RIO. landing and for sale by for xvhjch we feel grateful.Yours becoming. rugged and hearty, _Dec. 30. 1847. 41Vater street. New Dry shal when' subject to a penalty of ten dollars, lugesia

Nov 18 D B WOOD. Wlstar's Goods. collected) to go to the informer. rsaparHIa. ,.
respectfully, and S\vayue's Balsam A USTIN & LONG, Sec. 6. Be it further ; f .
successors J. Stevenson ordained, That all BULLS Sands; Bristol's and; Bailey's
X ordinances' con
& Co. .
rushes. JOHN BUTLER, Jr. of Cherry, are just opening at the old stand heretofore t of :
corner fuid Sarsaparilla
with eiff
just -
pase this received
HAIR, Hat, Clothes, TeelbN3i and Shaving Female 1tIedlcIiie.r JUST received sale by ol( Water and Chestnut streets, an entire new ordinance, be and sme conflicting and sle

(or sale Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and ,J 1 J. C. ALLEN &,, Co. stock of DRY GOODS, SHOES, HATS, &c. to Passed by COtnci, 30th January 1849.repealed. Feb 17 H F

Feb 21. I F ABELL. speedy cure for Incipient Consumption, Barren Cotton Hooks which they invite the attention of the former HUTCHINSON, ABEL
Mayor. Soaps.
ness, Prolapsus Uteria, or of the Womb, T'Oflsaleby customers of the old firm, and the public WM. VALLEATT, Clerk.HYdrostatc LARGE .'
Fresh Iferbs Costiveness, Piles v Apalachicola,Nov. H, 1848. A assortment of Toilet Soaps, just
Leucorrhoea Jan 11 .
Whites 43.6m received
or ob C A -
SAGE Thyme, Savory,Boneset,Hoar- structed difficult GREEN &Co. and for.sale by _
or Menstruation. Note """ Ink DecO
Catnip, &c;; just rec'd,and for sale by of Urine, or involuntary Incontinence Snuffs. .PERFORATED Paper. Fountain. H F .

Jan y J C ALLEN &Co, for the general prostration discharge.f the thereof, and SCOTCH and Macoboy just rec'd. for sale by Ji sale by and Embossed Note Paper for A Sand Boxes,. Paper Ink Fountains, Pen Racks, i Apples* .. ABEL

systemno 0 2f J. C, ALLEN & Co. Dee Paper Folder Stamps, Seals, FEW ,
V. J ALLEN & Co. Nov Clasps IS Weights, for sale by A for sale bbls./by Newtow'n C "Pippins,ne\\crop] ,
ALLEN & Co. Jan 1 GRE Co



d .. -