1 I I I VI~UU-L~IL :~.

_ _

iv UR C IZ ea a

S. J. Schiiffer.
)i? Particular attention paid to putting up family
steamboat and ship stores.
No. 49 Water street,
Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla.
H. F. Abell,
OILS, GLASS, &c.,&p...
A'tso-A gerieral assortment of Statinery.
Cor.'of Chestnut and Water streets,
April'11 Apalachicola, Fa.
Benjiawain Salter,
|C 0M M.1 S, 0 N. 'ME R CH A NT,
'No. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec. 1, 1817. Apalachicola,.Fla.

\ No. 28 Water street,
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.
Avery & Jones,
No. 43 Water street.
DPe 5 Aolapehicnta, Fa.
5ENJAMI.N Li.w-sMy W ITLi4AaL.A^-\'Vuua
... 111so1i & Co.,
Cor. Water and Chestnut cts. ~--
Dec 9 Apaklchicola, Fa.

near, the place where fire may be, and, in co-
1orrmilY with the directions of the Chief or other
Engineers, to exert themselves in (he bestm a-n-
ner possible, in working and managing, theisaid
apparatus, and in performing any, duty thAl tNey
may ber-al-led upon to do, Ify ahy En, gineer;, liw,
upon permission of the Chief or-other Engineer,
-shall return said-apparplus to their respective
places of' deposit: Probided, that, i' the zbsmce
of all Ihe Engineers, such direction and permis-
sion ma*y be given by their'respeetive Foremen.,
gy'*' 10. On theretum of said'apparat'us, *tney
shall, by the saifd companies, respecti[ely'be
well washed, cleansed, oiled, anA, securely hci- #
sed ;. and on~e ii~e;rah month.-and oftener; if- nea-
('essaYa-ancT-'comirie's styll-i'mer for""te pur-
--p palratus, and see that the samare in good .order
and fit for service. ", .
S.Ec. 11. If any Member of either of the sievral,
companies shall wil-fnly neglect or refuse to per-
form his duty, or shall be guilty of disorderly con-
duct, disobedience to the Officers, or to any Eh'
gineer, he shall, for such cffence, be dismissed
from the Department. "
SEC. 12. All unemployed persons present, not
members of said companies, are'hereby enjoined
to obey the directions of any Engineer, given at
any fire, and to render their services, it required
by any Engineer, under a penalty of not less' lian
five, nor more than twenty dollors, and it shaltbe
the duty of the Chief or other Engineers, fo re-
port to tie Mayor the name of every perso-n liable
to the penalties provided by this section. "
SEC. 13. It shall be the duty of the Chiel and
otheE Engineers, to inquire for, andexamine into,
all shops and other places where sh-avivrgs or other
combustible materials may he collected and depo-
sited ; and,'from lime to time, and at all times,
to be vigilant in taking care oithe removal ofthe '
same whenever, in theopinion of any two of' th~em;
the same may be dangerous to'Ihe security of the
City from fires, and tn direct the lenarit or octcu-
pant of said shops or orlher ]Ilaces, to remove the
same, or pay the expense cl such removal, under
the direction of such giee....r "."
SEC. 14. It half be ,the duty tf "the.Chief and "
of her Engineers, to examine ar d direct.the con.
struction, erection, or alteraiion, o( all fire-places-"
or stoves in. said City, and it" net pioperlycon.-
strurted, they shall "notify the occupants 6o any
building, in writing, in which sbch fire-piac (;r
stove has been improperly erected, to atter said
fire-place or stove in such manner as'shalibe rmost
secure for the prevention of fire. or to rem(ws tl6
same; and on failure of such parson ;or persns so t 9
notified, to comply with the order'of sAid Engis -"
neers, within twenty-fhor hours, he, shte, oj Ibe)y,
shall lbrfeit and pay Ihe sum of five dollarsfar
each and every neglect or refusal to'comily vV'illi
the order of said Engineers.. .-.., :,,,
-. Sr-C 15. .It, sha, t be th* lty, of all ownersA 6
dwelligIt'houses or kfflh'ens, or otlcr uses,
where fires-are usually Kept, 1O -have~coMstructed
good,, safe, and sufficient chimneys, thereto, it
the roof' or sides of said buildings, bnf must lo
properly placed in such chimneys; and If said
owner or occupant shall fail rr refuse toco-!.) 1Y
with the provisions of this section withiWn4'.weri'len
four hours after being notified of the same, he or
she shall pay the sum of five dollars fir each .and
every day he or she shall so fail or refuse. ,
SEC. 16. It shall not be lawlul fi-r ai.y person'
to make, or cause to be made, a fire, or burn'."a V,
combustible matter,on any wi'ait, o in aysltreO,
or open place in said City, wilh(,ut a permit from
the Mayor; nor shall it be lawful for a'ny.pelrson
to make,. or cause to be made, a fire, or'btirnian,
comhustible matter, on any steamboat, dGr other
vessels or water craft, lying at the wharf tinsaid
City, whereby cotton, merchandise, or:ot-her pro'-
perty may be endangered.;, and any !person viola"
ting either of the. provisions of this section, shall
be liable, to said City, in the penally of ten dole-
ars, for the first offence, and twenly dollars lor
each subsequent offence.
SEC. I. That every ow.neri of a 'dwelling od
store house-in said City; slia,11, within two 'monith4
alter the passage of this Ordinance, provide the
amewiih a scltltd-door through the roof of'such
house, large enough for any mran to pass through
convenienly, and securely fix a gocd.and s.uffi-
cient ladder to the same ; and- any. prson failing
o comply with the provisions of'this- section, shall
be liable, to said City, in the penahy ol ten dol-
ar"'. ; : ;
SEC. 18. The City Council may, at -any t me"
by a vote of two-thirds of ils members, o ove
mrm office the ChielfEniineeroor any'of t Ille.het
Engiine-rs; and the Mayor anti Council mafy, at
ny time. discharge any ot, or! all, tho.O.flicers or
4enibeis'o(i .eilheir 6fsaid Compiaa'es8 -_ '
SEC. 19. It shall be the duly ot. the Cily Mar-
hal, with his A4sislants, to-repair ihimediately
n alarm o(f fire, !0 the place where Ihe-fire may
be, and there to use their best skill and power
nider the direction of the Chief' Engineer,';'14 the
eeurity of the public Ipeare, prevenlien of theft,
reservation of property, and the removal nspech-d persons--tor, which service the Jlar-
hal and'his Assislanis shall receive sucl' cd6m-
t-nsation as sh'all be, in each case, ordered by.'the
layer and Council.
SEC. 20. From and'after the" p.u.ing of thit
)rdinance, ill. t'ormer- Ordinances,'"viz.---No. 19
nd No 2(3, and all other Ordinances relating to
he appointment of Engineers and other Me:mbers
f the Fire Deparlment, and to. the establishing
t" a Fire Dep-artment.,and tot preventing a.nd ex-
iguiistiing fires, are her'ehy repealed. ":_. i:
Passed by Council, December '24th, 1.845,.
E. C. ROBERTS,-Maiyor.
ttest: W. VALL.EAtU, Clerk. "'' '
Mr Wood, seconded by "Mr. Day, moved the
dopti-on of the Ordinance by ;its title.--Passed.

A. % McKay & Co. City Clerk."- "-. ""
COMMISS ON MERCHANTS, And the respective ranks of the Engineers shall
U. No. 40 Water-street, be determined by the Mayor and Council.
Dec!5 Apalachicola, Fa. SEC. 2. The Engineers, so chosen, shall meet
"'-- .... 1 and organize themselves into a Board of Engi-
Commission and Auction Room, neers, a majority of whom- shall form a quoTrum,
and of which, in the absence of the Chief Engi-
EUFAULA, ALABAMA, neer, the Enigineer next in rank shall be presi-
BY ding officer; and they may appoint such Secreta-
J. B. STARRS & Co. ry, or other officers, and make such rules and re-
We having received a flul share of the patro- gulalions for their own government, as they may
nage from the Merchants of' Apalar.iicola last see fit. They shall have, at all times, the super-
neasenroillheeMerchaktsl for paeashieoinlost interndence and control of all the Engine and other
season, will fel thankful for the same in out- h ne houses used for the purposes of the Fire Depart-
ofbusiness, Ala.,Nomi 14,n1t4r. 4;)tf ment, and of all funirure and apparatus there-
Eufaula, Ala., Nov. 14, 18413. 45-tf to belonging, and of the Engine-; and .all the
]Eufaula Auction and ComUmis- other fire apparatus belonging to the City', and ,
sion House, over the Officers and Members of the several
BYV companies attached to the Fiere Department, and
D. ]DANVFORT.' over all unemployed persons, and may make-such
D i D 'OR "* rules and regulations for the better government,'
, Thankful for the patronage hitherto received discipline, and good order, of the Department,(
, from the Merchants of Apalachicola, he 'Woolld and for the prevention and. extinguishing of fires,
respectillly solicit a continuance of their favors. as they may, from time to time, think expedient,
Eutaula, Ala., Oct. 27, 184S. 42-s the same- not being repugnant to the laws of this
-- _- ..... ..1.1 commonweallh, and being subject to the appro-
39~rOf i3StOlal W~bation of the Mayor and Council
OE'fC. 3. It hall be the'duty of said Engineers,
WTM. SYDNEP7 REEN, T whenever a fire shal, break out in the City, to re-
W SYDJNEY GREEN, M.ID. 1)pair forthwth to, or near, the place where the
fire may be to take proper measures that the se-
OU- May be found at.his residence, corner of 3eral gei t he a ppr at the s
SCenre and Igh reets, opposite the Mansionother apparatus be arranged in
Couse. Nov n. the most advantageous situations, and duly work-,
ed for lthe effectual extinvuoshmerAt of the fire ; to
, W. G Davis, .require and complelassjotahi'c'e ro'm all persons, as
ATTORNEY AND C(OUNSELLOR AT LA, well members ot'tihe ire Department, as others,
iO extinguishing the fire, removing furnilwre,
Of h abs to the public in either of the goods, or other mer.flbandize, from any building
above pr ct l i F on fire, or in danger thereof, and to appoint guards
He.vill practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- to secure the same; an)d, .also, in pulling down
houn and JacksonCircuit Courts- and-wit-li-cTTm ,. Z....n.,i L -. b.,;,d+ng, if occasion
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any .Qourl require r;anid, further, Io-aapi >.... ,
^_o,, bf. M:itfj iv'. t .O--.In. li/ %i"m^:.'. ,,; .:...... d il,,-'f r'r,b t, 7-,.. fa e -ir duty to cause
argue cases in the .Coirt of Appeal* at ,Tilah,"- a order ,to be preserved at all other times when
se',the sessions of ,which, he wil~l always be companies attached tu the Department are on
present at, 'Unless prevented., by accident, dulv.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846 SFEC. 4. The ChiefEngineer shall have sole com-
mand at fires over all other Engineers, all Mem-
A. 0'. SelinieS, bers of tLie Fire Deparlment, and all other per-
----A_ .T__T R1 h N 17 '_. .L_.&3 So-Wrm-t resell at fires?; and shall direct
3- Office,,'o..2 Capt. Siope's Building, all ~proper measures for the extinguishment of'
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets. firs, protection ,of property, preservation of order, t
nov5 .. Apalachicola, 1,la.C
AplF a.and observance ol the Fire laws, ordinances, and
StSnnff. regulations ; and it shall be the duty of the said
SCOTCH and Macalmv, in bottles and blad- Chie"f Engineer to examine into the condilin of
ders, just received and for sale by all Ihe Fireapparatus, and of the Engineand Ither
Feb 17 H FIABELL. Houses belonging to the City, and used for the
I? ^purposes of the Fire Department, as circumstan-
Clarified Sutgar. ces mnay render it expedient, or whenever direct-
50 BBLS New-York Clarified,just received, ed so ,o do by the Mayvor and Council, or by the
r and for sale by Committee of the Council on the Fire Depart-
Jan11 C A GREEN & o. merit, and annually to report the sa-me lo the May- 1
Panacezi. or and Council, and )ltener, it thereunto request- 1
SWAIM & HOUCK'S Pan'acea, just receiveded ; also, to cause a full description of the same
AM and HO CKS P a bt r d together with the namees ot the Officersand Mem-
'. and for sale b r 8
Feb 17 H "F ABI'Lf. bers of the Fire Deparlment, lo be published an-
Feb 17 H F A B EL nually in such manner as the Maor and CounciI a
H ATSand Caps by the case low for cash by shall direct ; and whenever the Engine, or olher. s
B. ELLISON & CO. Fie'e ap)aralus, E',gine or(ither houses,.iused byh
Dee 9. Cor. Water and Chestnlt st. the Fire Department, require alterptidf's, addi'- c
Drions, or repairs. the Chief Engineer, under the c
Drn$ s and M medicines direction of Ihe Council or lhe Cornmillee on the t
HE subscriber has jusl received lr,,m New Fre Departrienl, shallcau e thesame tobe made, U
1York, per brig Virginia, a lurge and fresh and il Zhall he, m-retver, the duly of Ihe Chie i
stock of Drugs and Medicines, and all atiltlee Egineer ,o receive and transrnit o the Council
usually keptin. his line, to which he would ,re- "I ,bens of O:ticers Members ad Fire appa-
spentlu~ly call the attention of his Iviend% and' r'au.s made h.v the re.pective companies, as here-
thN public generally inafler |)re-.rribed. and all other commurnications E
Nov 4HF ABLL. relaltingto'the l'''re.Dep)a,:tment ; to keep fair and
Sjeeds Seeds! Seeds!! exac r. ls of the res!eClive companies; to report (1
ARDEN Seeds, just received, a'ld for sale by tlhZ s'me to the Citv 'Cl rk in writing, who shall 0
N,)v 4 11 F ABF'I,T, keel) a record of' 1he .-aUre, o)ict in ea,'h year, or s
oflenier, it s o directed to do by. the Mayor and 0
Po* aSSl. Council; all accidents bv fire which my happen b
2000 L .,st received and for sale by within the cit\,willththecauses.thereofas ,,ell as u
20 0 Nov 4 H F ABELL. can be asceilained, and the number 2nd de.,crip- sE
Help and Co~n' '" Duck. tionolI the buildings destroyed or'.iujured, together P
A FINE assortment just received fromNew with the names of the owners and occupants s:
YYork, for-sale by thereof. .: s_
Jan 11 C A GREFN &. Co. SEn.,5. In casqeo f the absence ttf the Chief'En- I
gineer, the next in 'rank who may be present, shall '
Rio Coffee. ., execute the duties of his office with full powers. 0
SACLS prime green, new crop, just re- SEC. 6. As many Engine, Hose, Hook-and Lad- at
Jan 11 C A GRE EN & Co. time, be termed by the Mayor and Council, as tf
they shall deem expedient ; and each of said corn- o
Tarrant's Compound Extract of panies shall consist of as many men as the Mayor el
Cnbebs and Col)aiva, and Council may appoint. ti
TUST received and for sale by SEC. 7 Each of the companies formed and op-
SJan 25 J. C. ;LLEN & Co. pointed by.the Mayor and: Council, shall have a
Foreman, an Assistant Foreman,.and Cipie-k; and A
Paints,. O4ils, &C. these Officers shall be .chosen byy their respecti-ve
LAMP and Linseed Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, companies, subject to the approval of' the Mayor a(
L Turpentine, Lamp Black, Red and Yellow and Council., !
Ochre, ground.in oij, Prus.ian Blue, ParisGreen, SEC. 8. It shall be the duty of the Foreman to
Virdigris,just received per schr Palladium, and see that the several Engines and Apparatus, coin- T
for, sale. by ; mitted to their care, and the several buildings in
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co. which the same are deposited, and all things in,
... *or belonging to, the same, are kept ineat, clean,
< For Sale, and in order forJminediate nee. It shall, also, be di
Q AOAYCounting House Dek.A-their duty to 1preserve order and discipline at ci
^ py (0 B S.HAW EY, all tirnes in.heir respective* companies, and re- st
,ov ply to B.S. bu BALoE qt"e" :,hd. c-l a strike compliance with th~e Ie
Nov25 ClumusBlok. City Oldiiin_,'-1 lhe rules and regulations of the ci
lFurnitulre Departenurt, *iid th~e orders of the, Engineers.-- e
1MARBLE Top Centre Table, They shall, also, keep, or cause to be kept by the e
1 French Bedstead and Bedding, Clerk of their respective companies, fair and ex- w
1 Dressing Bureau, marble top, act rolls, specifying the time.of admission and dis.. ar
1 double marble top Wash Stand. charge of each member, and accounts of all City st
The above Furniture has only been ,in use a' prope-rty entrusted to their care, in a book provi- 1o
few months, and will be sold low. Apply .to ded for that purpose by the .City ;.which Rolls or sn
Jan 18 J. DAY & Co. Record Books are always t9 be subject to (he order, si
".. ....... "'' of tlhe Board of" Engineers anrd the Maiyor and ci
" Frieshl He'bs. Council. :They are, also, to make, or cause to be e\
SAGE, Thyme, Summer Savory.,.Borves..t, Hoar- made, to the Chiel *Engineer, true and accurate
; hound, C~atnip, &,c, just tee'd, arnd for sale by returns of all the members ard thle apparatus en-
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co. lrusred to their care, whenever called upon so to
do. '"
White JLead. SE.C. 9. Tt shall lbe the duty of the Officers and -
NVO., 1 xraand Pure,.just rec'd, fo'r sale hy MeminerK of the several copnewhenever a |
i^Jaun25 rJ C ALLEN & Co" fire shall [b'eak out in lhe City, to repair (orth- "
mHOMPSONIAN Medicines, 1or sale by- with to their respective~apparatus, and to convey
JLFeb 1 J C ALLEN & Co. them in the quickest manner that may be, to, or

" 1

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-'rim m. 17-.1O dL---I DVANrr_). rlh " 0; ".2 ", -,~~~~~~T V x ..... -_ -__- . .- ...:-,'-,,' -, .-- .t*,
3 .'vh (Y. re eptd o........... a. %%ll iihe ad (-, ,interesting to L he BO Kie. a.
,:copes.... .... ..,... "............... 4 00 "THEFAPPLICABILITY, OP' THE FINE
0 ntie;.;, .?.... -................. 15 00 ARTS TO DOMESTIC USES,"', DR
i' ..... ad. tie:l marUed. Eirss another series of EnMravins s now in prepara-
I Pst anasters, nor others,-sendingl 21) namess and e t on, arid will be published durint4 the year.
ag5,n .1, ac, owili receive V61 If (f fHolden's ag- z CO TTAGE FURNIsT. RE.. H.
.iaztne-, hand.4onlely boumnd in muslin and gilt edged'. Havingf given so many Model Cottages,.we-'intenid
rnow ti cornfH.ence the publication of ( aothfge
I' .. qSLDN Vurniturea --very necessary appendage to a CH
.... ".",:..* ... .r 109 o: at- --re,., N y. Wuotage.
P. S.i Eiors cophi>,r the above Prospectus RELIGION AND HISTORY.
arid. .thW notjcf-, and noticigi, the Magazine edi. Of r superior.,A'rtistg, Walters, Tucker, Pease
t;,riall., will Be entitled to the second vohme of aord Welch, re no- Cenaged upon a set ofplates I
.Hd. S: a haor. boran d C nutrsts. Book, illustrative of these two subjects. a
and 1r ilt-edg-,J 'in in advdiii n o siwlendid full. OUR MUSIC. ch
*xtrinth F.,i,,rj3 j4,-bn, tinte't paper, of Horace Prepared expressly ft r us-emostly orifthinal, any
,Greei. Editorof' tie New York, T.rilitri_. .. lrawn beautiftly printed, has long commanded a de

-/V'"-~ ~ ~ !* D.''lt' Co'iI srbrpeestefloing spedi ng BA
oro c lifed-by arley, and engraved by alchard- ded )orefeence over i-tat of any other Magazine.
son. 'D 'rhe bo9 k -wi ll e mailed teht'rIt i.3 a feature ruh The Book.

^, t quell ca~fres dwewlsedtebaiflpaec
about the 10th of Janair., wheniit will be reav hp, THE LITERARY CfHARACTER OF GO-
.on. the reception of a p&'C. i the. adtile e.se DEY'S LADY BOOK. anil
itsement and n-,tie marked. Edit~ors c-opy:ing V'rth such writers as Miss Leslie, Grace Green-
-this and noticing" moothly will ]sop ,ecqi ve 11the N09t,..W 0. Simms, k rs E" "Etet,:.T. S.. Aethur,,
Magazinereach month f!ar the coming aenr. MVrs. Oakes Smitha Mrs. J. G. Neal, H. T.
".'leckerman, H. W Herbert, &c., t he author of D]

:. Corner re Sepulchret, Bryannc o t.P te Lond g-
:' .... h. and trl. bbls.J|t the Widow Bedott,eProessorpFro ryante
Q"P-.z LOUIS Fl,,ir, Ohio 44, J3ard.; Wh'iqev, fellow, HolnMies-and a hoste f othersmust al-
Sugar, cb,.-e ant trip, Molasses, Pork, mess ways take the lead ins G iterary merit.
andt pri m.-, Bdco, Hai4,-Siteq a-nu:.Shoulders, foi Po..es TERMS: Las s W
le- B. n fnorder, LLSO sal b o For Three D dollars we will send'twpe i "of
SDec 9. -Cor. \\at.:r- and Chestnut sts. Book, containing more reading.,f(han arny other*
Ja1AG ,th ,'Landgthe Lady's Dollar New.plpaper pub-

i ' : "Sho Pr oisons,- usrbr
,' sEF andby P wished twice., a'month, which contains as much
0;' 17 H by readingor as arnty ol :tle $3, periodicals of the day-B
17L H 100 F ABELL. Twineb)andag three publicat ons in one nmnth, or it tlc e
>*; ;^ Dan~ lll'y J NSCordial., u uhcrber prefers the following splehd engrav- D
WOODRFIiFF"S Di sentarye Dodial,, jut ings to. I he Lady's DollaBr Nespaper, (although
D Received ale d for sale byn oavineNs cannot be
Dec 9 .- H F 3 a ELL. 'ent phai'ofgh the mail without be ng crushed or An
creased) we will Asend the beautiful plaP eon-
'. -U-T Conseg. Forrest13Chsnu srer, Mr.Seat r.AnHild. Juso

received Kin fiw orer and' for sale by Wihand Mr.E.BDwigtapergiin the patoes of Chris
"* '/ o-1 :, Cranberries.. isepulchns wel.ilv.ercange ofSt Peer an h

Si.O sale,'n consinn'ent, a large invoice ot 1V BILTTEIV, just received and for sale by qui
city made clothing, by th'epa kag.e, by tov 28$ H. F. ABELL, Dru,,gi3t.
-^. Nov 18' D B"WO0D- D _
v tr;_ *s^ i '"- f *** Brushes. C, **..
,0* -A D oods. Hat, Clothes, Teeth, Nail and Shaving
^ UST-[ & L'ONG, successors to J. .Stev-enson "] l Bashes, for.tale by N ,
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b" e Tier.ol Waotr and Ohes'tnut'sftreels, an entire new ".- .
A.lock qf DfRY GOOpS, .$HOS, HATS, Kc, to O'erfmery.
4s, -oeA LARGE assortment of Extracts, Cologne,
.hlchlh'e} invite the at'tention olf the lormrer
:-' customers of the old firm, and the'public. -L. &c. &c. for sale by
Apalachicola, Nov. ll, 1S4,S. 43-6m ; .Dec 9 ; J C ALLEN & Co .
Note Paper. Gold Pens! Gold Pens!
F' .pERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for ,F the latest and most approved style, just
sale by .' .- !; v.0 received, and for sale by ,
Den 9 J--C ALLEN. & Co. Nov 18 J C ;ALLEN & Co,
!: --O ClOth$ and Carpets. S addlery, &c. ;
"" 1 PCS OilCloth, I and 2 yards wide; 'QADDLES, f Vartobs-patterns andqualities,,
3'peas uper Ingrfin Carpeting; BridleS, curb atnd Snaffle bits, DE
f 0- '-, 'Stair, ... Saddle Bags, r
,p, ,10.Tuft-d R ; *-:? :* Martingales and Whips., for sale by
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No. 45 Water-street,
Nov. 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
J. I1. IH (III A Co.,
, .: No. 48 Water street,

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No. 41 Water street,' ;
PecC80 ApIalachicola, Fa.
:.B. k,. Nourse, H. B. Stone, H W. Brooks.
Notarse, Stone & Co..
No. 46 Water street,
Dee 12 Apalachicola, Fla.

U fOVAll Ordini;IAce,
For Prcvenling and Ex/inguishing Fires, at
J-RE.VIAHI DAY. I)NII.L J. DAY. Establi-hing a Fire Department.
J. Day & Co., ., SECTION 1. Be it ordained by Ihe Mayor ar
COMMISSION MERC'HANTS, Council of the City of Apalta-cicola, Tiiat tt
No. 52 Water street, Fire De part mentghaf consistofa Chief Enginee
Dee 2 tAp)alachi-cola, Fa. and as man), other Engineers--npt less than six-
@ P Agents for LLOYDS ; also, Agenis for the and of as man y Enginemen, .to be dividedl in
-/Etna Insurance Co." the "Protectio" Insurances
n srn e companies, as the number of Engines beiongir
Co." and the "Hartord Insurance Co." Hartford to the9 asha numbe o time, requir
Conn. to the City shall, from timye to time, require,
make exppdi nt. .And Ihe said Engineers sha
Charles Rogers Eugene W. Rogers. be ann ally chosen -for one year, according to la
Chlas. Po-ei; & C09 and shall serve until others are cho.gen in the
C 0 MMISS.J ON .MERCHAN TS, places: Provided, that vacancies may be filled
Water street, any timtfanad the said Chiel' and other Enginee
-Dec Apalachicola, Fa. shall, on'his or thbir appointment, receive a wn
ten or printed certificate or warrant, in the ward
N. J. Deblois. fi,!lowi,,g, vi~z:--
COMMISSION AND FORWARDING "'ThiscertifiesthatA. B. is appointed'an Eng
MERCHANT, never (pr Chief Engineer),ot-the Fire Departmen
No. 44 W a~t a'chicole F ofthe City of Apalachicola, and is entitled to a
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa. the immunities belo ging to said office. .
A. N. McKAY. N C. RoBBI.,s. CHAS. PRATT. Given under my hand, this A. D. t8-
___ _*a vo i r.


n t


Locklha &t YoI'bing,
No. 53- Water street,
nov2 Apalachicola, Fla
llarper &g IHohnes,
agents for the .....
o f the 'Ciq, o" V'Aew York,
No. 51 Water street,
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
Wood & Ballou,
Qffice No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
jai 1"6 Apalachicola, Fa.
Wylie & MIcKenzie,
No. 42 Water street,
Sept. 1, 1947. -Vpalachicola, Fa.

I'fICalla & Romain,
No. 9 Columbus Block.
Nov. 18 Apalachicola, Fla.

Underwood 4f Caigh,
Apalachicola, Fa.
(t.d-All orders attendedd to with punctuality
0 despatch. Jan. 20
91. I,. Scott & ]Brother,
HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dec 2S .,Apalachicola, Fa.

Simns t Cheever,
-Office No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apalachicola, Fla

E. C. Roberts,,
nd MVanufacture',s of-Tih, Iron, and Cop-
per 'Wares.

Jan 24

Apalachicola, F'a.

Edward lcCully,
No. 28 Water street.
Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
H. R. Tayloi,
No. 22 Water street,
De- 28. 48-6m* Apalachicola, Fa.
H][ettry Youngs,
No. 53 Water street,
Dec 28 Apalachicola, Fa.

Farrior A1 McCully, :!,-
81 Gravier street,
Dec. 28 New Orleans.


. d A9- -

.AnHo uru ance, e y j: ;i ) ;
ro amend an ordinance entitled "-an or`di-
ance for preventMg and (artirsguishing firns,
and establishing a Fire -DeparntmfWn. ,f
.Be it ordained that after lhe-|lia.fs;jge ot',his or.
niance,.It shall be the.duty; ot every pL-isci oc-
upying (by ownership, lease, or at will) any
ore or dwelling house, to have in' the s e aPt
east two good ,and subatatitMal bu'ckefs,of" th'
O p a c i t y o f t w o p a l lo,,Ie 0. "' 'P, o r a ch a n d
very story uf sa, d house, and Ihe& amer shall bd.
xhibited to.the treErigiieer-i; or Other of thiemr
hen required: Proi ided; lha[ l ihb ocC6ml, t of
)y store or dwelling, having three; e'r-ore
ories, shall notbe 6requined to.hayveOo.ie:.lhan
ur of such huckets for'said 'hous6; anLd any.per:
on failtgg or, refusing to comply: with ihe,provi.
ons of this ordinrnce, shall br, liable' tQo.said
tying tWie penalty of 'five dollars, fJor eachj and
very week. le or hei hall so refl'se. '" '
Pass'&d'by Cqoun.cil,M.--rch 61fi, 184S. '; '.
H. R, TAYLOR, WBy6r. ,
Havana Tobacco-'Seed6 ,
OR sale by '.^ .. -J
Feb 1 H 'F ABELL.-"
'-Tf', OODRUPF'S. Composiiion Powder, 16sis#l9
rV by [Febl3 I -J CA.L.EN,& Co.
~ ~ .. ..,

Jno. S. Hutchinson,
No. 2 Columbus Block,
,..... Apalachicola, Fa.
Advances nm.de on all consignments if re-
ired. Nov. 25, 1848.
1 24 Water-st., *
Nov IS .. Apalachicola, Fa.



S. 1.FI, NickersoM^
HATS, 9APS; &c.,
.NQ, 1i Columbus Block,
Apalachicola, Fa.


Dce 23



Virginia" and Maine Gold Mines.
The following is an extract of a letter,
ated Washington, Jan. 31, to the New
Vork Trilo e:
"I have just [ieen conversing with a gen-
lenrrtn fresh fiom the Virginia Gold Mines,
tear F re'dericksburgh, in that State. 'He
ssures tnelthat the present yield of the
Whitehall Mine-(Stockton, Heiss & Co's)
is decidedly ahead o-f California-certainly
over $500 per day to a working force of six-
y hands. That mine has recently been
applied with first-class machinery, and is
going ahead under full sail.
"1 My inform a nt thinks that other mines
siuated in- the same vicinity, in fact on the
same range or veins, "will do as well as the
Whitehfall when as-well-worked; Ilt-1'did
not gather 'from trim that they are doing
much just at present. Several contemplate
vigorous operations as soon as the spri'tg
opens. By all accounts, the Whitehall'ore
is the richest in the known world, and'there
seems no re:ison to doubt its holding'out."
Gold mining h-as also been commenced
in Maine. The Piscataque Observer states
that the mines are in Somerset county.-
They discovered the mines by accident, of
course, as thus:
"1 Ivory W. Curtis, in company-with one
Joseph Maynard, Lothof Bingham, in Som-
erset county. Me., while trying to get their
oxen down to the Kennebec 'river, through
a swamp, drove a pole down into the mire
in order to ascertain ihe dep-1h heir oxen
would sink; drawing it up they found the
lower end was covered wiih wjiitessand and
fgjittering panicles that looked like gold ;
upon which they tried round for several
acres with augurs, and found tlhe same phe
nomenon presented itself, therefore they
.commenced washing ana sending specimens
to different parts, and it proves to be gold of
so fine a quality that it loses but little; but
as it is in panicles and has to be washed
from the sand, which lays several feet under
the surface, it is not obtained without some
trouble and expense, but it is in such quan-
tiies that they have already been offered
ten thousand dollars for a half an acre, but
have refused to take it."
The Maine Farmer has a rumor, that par-
aicles of this gold have been sent to profes-
-sors in Bowdoin and Waterville College, for
them to assay, and also that-they have found
it to be'the genuine article.
from a young man -named Sheldon, to his
father at Newport, !R.4I.,-dated San Fran-
cisco, Oct. 7, says': "
Immediately after writing to you last, 1
left town for the gold mines. At the mines
I had, at first, rather bad luck, but subse-
quently made out pretty well, and at the
end of six weeks returned to this place wilt
one hundred ounces of pure virgin gold
worth in the Utited States $21 per ounce ;
here, however, it brings-but $8 cash, or $16
in goods, &c.
",Part of my gold I invested in two towt
jots-one in this plaiciand one in the tower
of San Jose; this Lili 'r is situated in cer-
tainly the most beautiful valley I ever saw
in lnV life. -7run- willt rcb u "Y c p'' l ,1 0
,1,: I., .,!,,g t.4e-old firm of J. D. Hopp(
L.OS (tpUb/ishe.s9 6 1 ti, wri-B.. -)
been dissolved, and that a new firm has
been formed. The office is now worth $8
per day, to each of us three who own it
Califorrnia is, indeed, the place now-the
best place the poor man ever saw, as far as
*the opportunity for making-rrnm-yc oes7
1 I do not think 1-shall stay here more
than two years, and by that time expect to
be worth something handsome."

I ETtfEljrE OF A PRINTER.-The follow.
ing strange, eventful record of a journeyman
printer's life,-says the Pittsburg Journal, we
are positive is-correct to the letter. 4t de
velopes what a man can do if he likes, and
what queer and ,enterprising, unselfish fel
t -lows the majority of printers are :
".1 left home at the age of nine, and'wa
apprenticed'to the printing business at third
teen; since then I have visited Eu'rope-
been in Englanld, Ireland, Scotland,. Wale
and ,'France, in Canada, Nova Scotia, Lab
rador, 'South America, West Indies, and al
the Atlantic States'of the Union Irom Main,
to Louisiana--have rived in twenry-seve,
cities and towns of the UnitedJ States;
have bean a sailor in the merchant service
and have sa'ited in all manner of craft--shit:
brig, 'schooner, sloop and st-eamer-in th
regula-r army as a private soldier ; desert'e,
and got shot i'D the. leg. I have studied t-w
years for the ministry, one year for an M
.D.--travelled through all t'he New Englan
', Slates--New "York,-New jersey, Pennsy!l
vania and Virginia, as a journeyman printed
generally with little else than a brass rule :i
in my pocket, i have been the publish^
oft{w6 papers in ---*, one in Boston, on
in Roxbury, Mass., one in New Hampshir
and one in Maine. At one time I ha
$7,350 in mny pocket. 1 have been married
twice--am~now nearly 26 years old--was
member of ajor Ringguld's riving arti
) !cry, at the encampment io Trenton, N.
) I have been a temperance lecturer and pro
iprietor of a temperance theatre.":

Ann D. Richardson, C. W. Storer, maste
has arrived this morning in forty days froa
Rio de Janeiro, having been sent to th
United States for examination or trial, o
suspicion of having been engaged in th
slaw., trade. She was taken possession c
a by the LU. S. brig Perry, and has a prize
crew from thai vessel on board, under con
mand of Li'eut. Ge-;, T. Sinclair ; 1st Lieu
f Perry and acting master John M. Bradfor
came in the bark.
Left at Rio U. S. frigate 13'andywin,
s Corn. G. W. Storer, and U. S. brig Dlerr3
e Lt. Davis, conwmanding,
9 We are informed that the bark Ann E
s Richardson was formerly owned in this por
; but was sold at Rio, some time ago, an
that her register and papers were returne
e to the New York Custom House.
New York- Spectator.
' THE, GOLD DOLLAa.-The Union
" strongly urging the coinage of one dollar
e gold- pieces, and to obviate the objection
- that they may be lost in the, pocket, or i
s the hurry of payment passed for small silvl
coin, recommends a proposition by a co
respondent, that the circumferences be th
f same as a five cent piece, with a square
f hole in the ,centre; the eagle and liben
- cap to be omitted-the thirteen stars, an
I 1 one dollar. 1849," to occupy one side, an
- a wreath and the words "United States c
, America," the other.

Wm. W. CHEIwVE, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Macior JxcK HARDMAN, Eufaula. Ala.
JAS. J. OtieVr:R, Tallaha-ssee.,Fa.
Religious Notice.
The Rev. Mr. BERMINGHAM, Catholic
Priest of Columbus, will preach on next
Sunday, in the Council Chamber, at half
past ten o'clock,, forenoon.
An important tenet of Ca.holic faith and
doctrine will be the-subject.
The United States District Court, loon.
Isaac H. Brunson presiding, isnHW in ses-
sion in this city. There is but little busi-
ness before the'Court.
The Hon. W. H. Seward is -elected to
the U. S. Senate from New York.
We-regret to learn that the Hon. Benjat-
min Watkins Leigh, one of the most dis-
tinguished men in Virginia, i's dead. Mr.
Leigh has filled many important stations in
his native State, and had his ambition led
him to seek political preferment, might, no
doubt, have successfully aspired to the high-
est offices.
The Editors of ihe Floridian and Jbut-
n hal, in their last number received by us,
have a fling at G-6vernor Brown's Inaugu-
ral, whit1h is all well enough, if it gratifies
them-"'tis their vocation"--and we have
no doubt that the Governor is willing to
afford them" the cheap amusement, seeing
that the indulgence costs him no loss of
sleep. But when the Editots-liint that the
sentiments expressed by Governor Brown
r were not entertained by the Whigs in the
Legislature, and when they insinuate that
the terms empty vaporing and gasconade,"
r used by the Governor, were by him design-
3 ed to apply to the Resolutions on the Wil-
" mot Proviso, &c. passed by the Legislature,
I our friends of the Floridian and Journal
3 will please permit us to doubt the correct-
- ness of the application which they have
' made-if they wish a better fit for the ex-
pressions used by the Governor, perhaps
; they can find it by searching a little further
3 -in the direction of certain Democratic
presses in the South, who haive been "split
a ting the ears of the groundling"' with their
. brawlings for DIsUNION !
v By reference to Governor' Brown's Inaii-
r- gr-T,al -ifwill be seen th-It hi's remarks were
e principally dlesi-ned to discountenance amn,
8 efforts tending to excite lhe-i)ffop-rT'-1rr-4
8 hostile movements ealoulated to destroy t(le
* confederacy of the States. One of the Re-
e solutions passed by 'the Legislature is as
e Resolved, That the abolition of slavery in
D the District of'Columnbia, involving as it dofe
.Fn exercise of power not granted by th<
constitution, and designed as it is as a mean!
" of affecting tlhe institution of slavery in the
. States, against which it is aimed ;as a blow
e should be resisted on the part of the Soutil
" by whatever means are best adapted to the
d protection of the constitution, the de6e-nci
" ofC herself, and the preservation of the Un
Here we have the same evidence of devo
- tion to the Union, to which every patti.o
s heart hasjoyfully responded in reading thE
" Inaugural Address of Governor Brown. The
e resistance'advised by our Legislature is no
n of the character which has been'pr'pose
I by those whose ridiculous conduct has beei
!, aptly figured by the Governor as "-rempt:
le vaporing and gasconade." The trrea'ns ad
A Wvised to be used to attain the end which tth(
&South desires-the safety of her institu
*"Oons--are to be adapted to the PR.OTEC
iTION of the CONSTITUTION and the PtRE
.T SERVATIO.N of tlie UNIoN." In the SUl, 'ot
n of such measures, all honest hearts an,
e r hands" will ever tie found ready to eng~ag'
e Our worthy and beloved Chief Magist'rat
ve the best years of whose long life have bee
d marked by a scrupulous and faithful dievo
a tion to the-land of his birtti aiid that of'hi
I- adoptioBn-who carried arms in defencec
J" his country "wh~ilst we and'0ur cotemporarie
of a the F"toridiau and Journal were yetnfl-oi
,t in~fancy--is not prepared to see destroyed th
r, glorious Union which has shed its blessing
mI on a numerous and happy people, and h;
le made us the wonder and admi4,ation of the c
v xi~iz'ed world. No wonder that when putrin
of on the robes of office, he should be unabi
;e to restrain the re'rear of his pa'rriotism, an

1" should denou'n'e, in fitting '1erms, the ev
. efforts of those who seek to lay sacrilegiot
hands on the consecrated edifice of a1
e, civil and political liberties. The wonder i
y, that be had not called "a spade a spade,
and branded, as traitors, the men who see
to place one portion of the people of thes
id United States in hostile array against th
-d other,
The quotation from the Richmond Er
quirer, wherein the sentiments of Governc
is Brown are sought to be undervalued, is
ar bad taste. The authority is not suited fi
re this latitude. It may be of binding efficacy
in with some, who -,think the mantle of tl
r- Elijah of the Union has fallen on his sapiet
ie son of the Enquirer.
y A contemporaryy very justly remarks, th
d. notwithstanding all the fuss we make abo
of equality" in this country, we are sad
humbugged on the subject, The fact i

freely, except those who are not orthodox. lh,
All men are gentlemen, except'those who ar(
work for a'living. All well dressed and ac- 1
com plishe~d women are ladies, except factory
and servant girls.
The Lon'don correspondent ofthe Com- oa
mercial Advertiser'quotes the following pa- bi
ragraph from a book on geology. written th
and published by William Phillips, twenry- th
three years ago :- G
"On the coast of Ca'liforni'a there-is a
plain of fourteen leagues 'in'e-xtent, about
fou'teen inches beneath the'surface of'wbich w
it is said that large lumps of gold. are irre- le
gularly interspersed."
This is only one among the many cita- 'of
tions that might be 'made, showing that A
there have for many. -years been ruinous that p|
gold abonnded'n California. hi

-Burial of the Dead. b!
MR. EDITOR : fit
An "Inquirer" wishes to know i"f it is is
'contrary to the rules of the Episcopal h
Church, for a Minister to bury an unbapti- ac
zed aduh, with the Episcopal service. Who- n
"ever takes the trouble of lOOtking at the aC
burialservice, in the Prayer Book, 'will see b
that it is. The service would have to be p
alitred, so as to make common sense, in c
order to apply to a person who is not a t,
Christian. For example, when the earth is I,
about to le cast upon the body, the Minis. c
ter-mut "-say: "Forasmuch as it hath g
pleased Almighty God, in his wise ;Provi- it
dence, to take out of this world, the soul of it
OUR DECEASED BROTHER, &e. After this, h
"shall be said or sung"--" I heard a voice c
from heaven saying ufbt-b me, Write, From_
henceforrh tilessed are the dead WHO DIE it
TaE LORb," &c. All this would be inap-
propriate to one who was not a professing
Christian. .
Episcopalians are but a certain 'order of n
men, professing a particular faith, and hav-
. ing certain rules of government. The Ma-
3 sonic Oreder is also an association of men,
r having a certain creed and form of govern-
; meat. They have a particular burial ser- a
vice, which would be inapplicable ,o any
one who was not a Mason. If the High
Priest of this Lodge were requested to bury
-.a woman, what would be 'his reply? Is
E shea Mason ?" He is answered, No. Then,
y -he would say, our form will not suit her, r

e u.less agreed to by the whole fraternity.
It is precisely so with the Episcopal -PNiest,
s in reference to the Episcopal service. But
V j a t th 13 p; ,<. p., OI lutllh
n make a foefri su'led alike to saint and sin-
s ner?7 Because burial of the dead is no part
e of the worship of God. There is no parot'of
s the Bible, which binds a Minister of any
e I
Church, to bury -the dead; and as the
i Episcopalians are only an order oft inen,
e they surely have a right'to make a form for
e tbe burial off their ow'n order, or to let it
alone altogether. Suppose the founders of.
the Episcopal Church had refused to make
any.fcn'm for the burial of any dead person,
who could object to it ? No onte. It seems
e that when they were thinking of this part of
their Church se-rvi'ce, they remembered the
impressive words of Jesus Christ:
Let the dead bury their dead."
y Let those who are dead in trespasses and
sins, bury those of their own order ;-as
much as to'say, this is no !part of your busi-
The burial service said over a dead man,
does him no goofd whatever ; for he has no
t"longer any understanding, to appreciate the
respect shown bim. It is only for the bene-
fi of the flying, that a burial service is ever
n" sed. The respect show,n to the" memory
e, of the deceased, soothes the harrowed feel-
nings of those Wh6 are left to ran-urn, and
p" r'epares the way for some good impression
isbeing made, upon thesofieaed hearts of the
afliv'ing. Christians are eom~na-nded to re-
dsjoice with (hose who do rejoice, and to
lrWeep wvith those who weep. In o~hi-
atwo-rds, w~e are commande'd-'to sympathize
s with our fellow'men, boitn 1ti prosperity and
in adversity ; and the burial service is most-
i-ly intended to give direction to the sympa,-
g thy of "thie m6"llrners. It is not at all Hi-

le I
"(II cumbenit on any order of men, to be res-
1-Itric'led i'n their sympathy, by a form OP bu-
rial service ; but custom has adopted it, as
being the most convenient mode of express-
ur ing our regret, in common with the rela-
is ties of the deceased.,
' Th'e r6lations of Captain Cromwell are
Methodists, i'id ds'l he. Methodist burial
se service is so rendered,, is not to be objec-
tionable in this case, Mr. Zimmer requested
the friends of the deceased tb invite the
Methodist Clergyman to bury Capt. Crom-
or well. *
or The Kentucky Gazette is dead. It was
ey established at Lexington sixty years ago,
he when Kentucky was a part of Virginia, and
at- the stone or bed for the old press upon
which it was printed was chiselled out-of
limestone by the friends of the enterprise.
at. Says the Washington Globe :
at "In. that vast region where, sixty years
1y ago, the Gazette was the only journal, there
is,, are now no-t less, probably, than five bun-

L.year opened with bettef-prospects-
confaifence was in a great measure restored ;
the stoekof ,cotiot" was li_-hl, compared to
tlhe inui'reming consumption, ;rod prices in
January ro-e Ad. per lb.; at the same lime,
the Arnerieann-market offered a prospect of
advantage to importers, and the large orders
sent out, contimuedl to be executed fully'id.
below this market-up to ihe eud of Febru-
ary,/when tire revolution in ,France plaraly-
zed till mercantile operations, and proved
most disastrous to the trade of France, of
America anddthe7ontinerft, as well as to this
country. Tlke unprecedentedly low rates
of cotton, hIwever,tinduced spihners to're-
sume work, encouraged by the discovery
hliat the predictions of a short stvpply again
from America were unfounded; each pack-
et brought "l Urger receipts, and the crop
provAd to 'be '..347,.63)o; prices continued
Hiofavorof t'he consumers, and in October
.fair. B twe)lds were sold by auction at 34 per
lb. From this period a marked improve-
ment began 'to show -it-self. Trheee wis a
more settled feeling on *the continent, with
other favorable symptoms, and large orders
from various markets abroad for our manu-
factures, and the accounts from India and
IQAina continued to be saritf:tctory ; it was
then found that there were no sto-cks of
goods-or yarns, and exceeded the producoBn.. Prices have now
* advanced 9 to 12 per cent., ,nd spinners are
generally engaged under contract 'for deli-
very for some weeks to crme. A s regardds
the future, the consideration of the supply
of cotton is the main point. Figuresprove
the-uncertainty of the American crop, which
depends upon the season, and experience
shows the fallacy of all crap estimates until
a much later period of the year : but fortu-
nately, so far, everything is in favor of a
large supply for 1849 ; in the autumn esti-
,mates as high as 2.600,000 to 2,800,000
1be i ldled in--now reilcicd to 2,400,000
Ito 2-500.0(30, It will., be fortunate if these
,.expectations-ari realized ; for, besides the
,prospect of a lilge a,,d increasing cousump-
tion here, France and th( continent, reco-
wering fromn many months of inhtivity, with
1low stocks, will be competitors Cor in consi-
trable share of the American crop, and sujip-
tplies fo> various places will be drawn from
this market. The consumption of America
is also likely to he stimulated by the in-
creasing prospects of that great country, the
tide of emigration, and the late discovery of
mines of gold in California.
The receipts and shipments are very much
greater than in any former season, but this
As no certain indication of the extent of the
tzrop,:; for sorme f .the Jagt week's receipts
:are not greater lhan the corresponding weeks
.of,1847,1when the crop proved so deficient ;
.but judging from the low prices planters are
:accepting, which leave a good profit to the
merchants importing, and from all the in-
L"formation obtainabfle, there seems little rea-
son to doubt thatvthe present estimates may
'be realized, any disappointineal in this re-
,spect would raise price&so as to curtail the
.consumption, and injure the present pros-
pect of a large and prosperous business this
T1_w Princess Demidorff, a cousin o
'Louis .Napoleon, is already suspected of
influencing his appointments. The Napo-
leon family are all receiving offices. It wil
not be long, (says an exchange -paper,) be-
fare Oi Murats, in Florida, will be recalled




__ r ~L I __ I

- ___~ __ C "

F~r .l ".t.'It ).I st 1 1



























Annual i'-adc 'Report-
From the Liverpo,,l Atnuale Trade Re-
port, in the last number of Willmer & d
Smith's Times, weextract the following in- 'Y
teresting remarks in relati-on to cottot*, corn-
viending it to general attetion. tl
The Report sayas ::
During nearly t he whole year prices have a
,been generally depresd., -and public sales V
have invariably gone oftf oli.,,, Owing Ito is
the quatittiesi offered h ,ing m,,re than the o
trade were disposed to take; and the increas- t,
e imports, with dimini-hfd exports-, have s
caused a depression in prices on all colonial.
VWoYols of from 20 to 25 per cent., but have
-recovered since November sales about 10 s
'per'-ent, The gross imports into Liver- s
pool exceed Ithit of last year about 5000 '
baile,', and the incren.ie has been pi-incipailly n
in Sonth.American and -East In)dia Wools. 1
Stocks in importer's hands are light, and v
-present prices are fit-m, with a good demand.
.A targe business has been (lone in the last
monih, the sale aniotin'ihL to 149,420 bales, s
of which 45,000 were on speculation and&5740
,for export, leaving 98,580 for the trade, or
wavnanverage of 24,700 per week besidess 12,-
S000 forw'arded unsold) against only 17,000
-per week in December, 1847. / A gradual
improvements -o the extent t 1"l 4,d. Ipe.r Ib.
has taken plorce'ii prices, and f'rorn the low-
est point in October ftlifty have advanced
I 2d, per 1I). to ,5'-6. pe-r ii.
-T-1 e,,impol rt froin Aneric;a w,, 18',6000
Aessfin'1847 than -in 1846: but tlie increase,
from Brazil and lieEa-ast Indies -tnizde f.t
within 9,500 the same. %uihile in t he last year
there has been an-excess (if ihe,. eno0-mous
amount of' 524,898 bales, increase froni the
United States- of 50119t1. the West 1ndies
1.035, Egypt 8,343, ihe E;isl Indifs 4,760,
and a decrease front -the Brazils of"10,843
bales-making the Iot;il import in 1,848 1,-
738,998, ,' *i,-i, 1,234,010 in'J.[ 847, 1,243,520
in 184-6, and 1,856,8CO bale-s .(lihe J,rgest o0
record).in 1845.
The average weekly cowiumpiivn, it will
appear, fell of''fron) 29,977 in 1816, lo 21.-
269 in1847, apd has again risen to 28,046
last year, and ;is-Rtnv,-no doubt, upwards of
30,000 bales per wee-k. :,?**;'"
The in inilfa itin'e'"f cotton in the Unite States has .increased froin 189,000'bales in
1845, to531,772;in 1848, and esiimating the
consumption of* F-rance aavd ll other pricess
at 10,000 bales pt-er week., the whole- -con-
sumption cannot be iless lhmn 50,000 bales
"per week, and probably is more. The ex-
port to other payts of Ylhe world from this
country amounts only. to 189,500, against
221,850 in 1847,, and 194,200 in 1846, 'arid
yet, alier suci an excess of import, the
to\ck in this kingdomn only now exceeds that
at the end of 1847 by 44,100 bales, being
respectively 496,0@5--151,940 and 545,790
bales, thus provin,_. the power of' consump-
tion in this country, whenn cotton is low)
under i he most adverse circumstances. The
-preo-ni prices, it will be observed, are 1-2d.
tto 5 Rd. joiver iham a0t the conime'ncement
*oflI!w y,},r,:and 2 1-2d to 3d1. per lb. below
-ttfe'< m9Q 'The unlirweedeuted disasters in the autumn
ofthaiyear. and i0:e r'i|id fall in diee value
"A.- !'4r2'All} ip P!| u..I,-,, l i f)1 S 1 ,-i b-". f llt'l" b le.

ed newspapers. On those noble i vers
here then the emigrant's a*K-or flatboat, Pe
d the Indian's canoe were the only craft, tio
ere are now 600 steamers; and that fertile re<
rritory, then occupied by the savage and far
e buffalo, now comprises twelve or ihir- ex
en states, containing eight er nine millions kn
inhabitants. And what adds interest to Ba
ese facts is another fact-that within nu
iriy years all this will be doubled, except rot
e number of the -states; and thousands wa
e now living who wil see it all tripled. lo(
That a wonderful country is outs!" an
Advantages of Advertising. su
A gentleman 'in Alabama a few weeks of
uce'fdrirarded'Vs ahradvertisement offering na
r sale a plantation'au*?1 negroes near Mo- tai
Ile. In a subsequent letter'e6crositng 'us wl
ie amount of his account, he says: "From ha
e number of applications received from cii
eorgia-sixty or more-I should infer tha b e.
he 'eLntire population o0fyour noble Stale at
6re-ready tomaoveL-if nt i0 California, at tfe
ast to-Alabama." ,s\
What a practical illustration is here given
Sihe advantages of advertising. "Had our
,labama friend been content te offer his S,
Ilanation for sale in a private way, he'/might B
ave had two or three customers and pro-
ably sold out at 'two thirds of the price w
nally obtained. What is true in tdirs case th
s equally true of the merchant whb'offers C
is goods for sate. Without a system of "e
advertising he may do tolerably wvell--he pi
nay sell for instance one-half, or tib:rhrids h1,
s'miaby goods -s t"f he 'were to advertise -, ri
ut he will be compelled to charge higher
profitss in order to support hi's family and t0
onsequently must drive off his customers %
o those who'do advertise, who consequent- d
y do a larger business and can afford to sel, I
eheapeir. The smaile6r a main's means the (
greater the necessity of his advertising ; far u
t is the most certain and effectual way of
increasing "his 'business. More than one a
hous6 in Macon can amply testify to the S
correctness o'f'these truths.j-- cOn Jour. "tl
; Mess.
* kA Soldier's Honor* "t
G6ern. Wool, as was anticipated, Yrefses -t
o sanction the attempt of ie'rtain writers to
make him appear the- real hero of Buena a
Vista. The Troy Post says'- t
"'O.n the occasion of Gen. Wool's re-
turn home w'nile on board the 'Hent'lrick i
Hudson, on her way up from New York.
a gentleman offered as a sentiment-- The
health of the-Hero of Buena Vista, Gen.
Wool.' At this time, among his personal
friends, if ever, license in the language of
admiration and praise should be excused,
Gen. Wool seized upon the opportunity to
pass the highest eulogium upon Gen. Tay-
lor's character and conduct, atnd to utterly
Im--a-ny --preenswn s u r hois uwu. 11e
concluded his remarks by offering, Gen.
Zachary Taylor, THE HEero.of Buena Vis-
ta "

N~oah in a long article propounds the novel
doctrine, "lhat California is the anciens i
.0hir,"---that land Where the great Solo-
hion got so much gold "and silver ?" to
build the glorious old Temple at Jerusalum,
and which fell a prey to the fierce Egyptian
soon after Solomon's dealfth. He infers.
fr6m rhe vast amount of the gold of Ophir
used ,in the construction and ornament of
Solomon's Tempre, the'length of the voy-
ages of the ships which were sent for the
gold, and various other considerations, that
it was Ca'lifor~nia gold that so wonderfully
and mlag'nifieently enrichedd the famous tem-
ple o0f "antiquity. The Major slates t.e
cost of the temple at upwards of four hun-
dre'd ari'd ifitly ri'llionhs ot pounds sterliog--
a sum hardly to be :Compared with any sin-
gle financial account on recoi'd ex~cvpt the
national debt of Great Britain.
The ships sent by Solomon an-fid iHiram of
Tyre for the gold and treasures /,of Ophir,
required three years T"o make the voyage.
and as the l'oclity of Ophir has not been
ascertained, and as the length of the voyage
would seem correspondd very well with
the disjtaffee to Californ'ia, Major Noah
therefore concludes "that ancfent Ophir and
modern Califor~nia are on'e and th'e-sarne

DEATH OF ArN INDIAN C i6i-.-The Che-
rokee Advocate announces the death of
MiccoNoPY, who died suddenly, a few days
since at Fort Gibson. Mcconopy (Pond
King) was the head chief bf the Seminole
Nation. We believe that it iwas to General
Taylor (then Col. Tay'loi) that Micconopy
finally surrendered. He commanded the
Indians in person ;at the time of Dpade's
massacre, and with Osceola successfully re-
ststed the crossing of the Withlacoochee by
General Gaines in 1836. It is generally be-
lieved that hi was opposed to the wi" with
our government, and that he was forced to
take up arms byy the yoiinger chiefs.

abroad in regardto the, United States, its
history and government, cannot very well be
illustrated bette" than by an important dis-
covery announced in a biographical s&tetch
of General Taylor, contained in one-of the
Paris journals..... The writer says of the
General':-" Iii 1810 he married, and imnie-
diately after troubles broke out in In-dia.
Lieutenant Taylor manifested so much in-
trepidity in quelling-them,.that in 181 tie
was promoted to t!e rank- of Captain ,;ind
nominated commander of Fort Harrro'un."
According to another of these articles, a
grand national convention iA t6 meet at
Washington in February nexi, ti prochlim
his eleetio.-,- Protestant ivrchin'a.i,

AN -ANCIENT CiTT.-"ffaW1FiOeAm eMy at
etra, Arabia, has been l4heiB of adlivrii-
n and astonisthment to-'alple touriu of
cent times; -b6t another o2l01, apparent
more ancient, and of gmr teFr extent ai t
ist6 in the n6rtih bf Afhanistau, nod M
own throughout the East by the nauoe -of
ameean. The city consists of a great
imber of apartments cut out of tbe, MMd
ck. It is said that in namy of ih#J
alis were adorned with paiun-tgy vwit'h
ok still fresh, after centuries of desertion
d solitude; some of them ane v effla
ith the richest carved work., MWere MX
opposed to he more than twelve' oni
such habitations in "BaM4eab'; bnT'1W e
lies who are mostly Kolhamedaltd* eer-
in a superstitious prejudice agai'h itijhftb-
ng such homes. -They shared tlAt iiouai
which declare them to. have. beep.the i*t
abialibons of matnkipd; "arid thit'str'ange
ty is casually mentioned &Y1soime of the
assi c-authors; -yet, by whom h s-,rict
bodes wereei.xcavated, who were its -ig bal
nts, or what thei'history-.al havei:pased
om the recolleefidn*of the world, iand as-
t 'only rn 'fabulous'o udritcer'iB amtesg:- <'*,,
'snen 0Atrff.
The Sfdib'b has at length spoken 'r ra ri
senators Calhoun of Souih C arolina, and
errien of.'Ge'tira -M, hvedipoken .-ferr4be
"auth.!, Mr. C fflin'a'iyi was adopted.
[r. Beirien's rejecte-. Tioib are able an.d
orthy a calm and sertol ,'onsideralion 4M
he part of every lover of -the, Union. .r,
aalhonun.:stAands upon -he aluse d and.threa-"
ened rights ol the'Sonth, Mr. Berrien-4a1- "
eals-to the "N off '. "hat t eretIte -V l r lh ifn r -
nuch ofrie giieviniee .-put'forth by 'Ca"l-
nun, aWi-pIjusic;e in 1e`1s6tatenenas of Ber-
en, no honest, inte rlen trianill-de-ny -
Calhoun conjl-/rns ,f'lbeideermin,'iion
f the Nnrib, m`rirf' ince 1835, to
brce emancipation uponn 'ial e. P'h hy hem-
ting in -the ewfre'fe of sh'very 'an1d'the4 t.
estroying'the value of slave property. H[e
hargs enmity Io- the Union agzirii-rthe .
hare fanalical. Aboliiionisis, bui iosisl ihat
be whole North, with slight exceffiosi )s
!rtjusr.f,'ti'('l u0wisely inimical to Sla ery'.
We says the present Congress bas $.evelolp#-
.roore threatening disposition nofiforee ihe
South from its lights, ian- has ever bfo.re
appeared. The moverm.ni.iefereip
hc iie'wTerritory and We Disli rot. 4'Qo-
umbna, fe cities fdr 'instance.,- 'H-e assume
hat the Soulh has a righltid a phiiioin':6.f
h-e new lerri oriea wbic'h cannbe and'muA -
rtil''be l.egilafet a'aay, and that the deslrtx-
ron'of l'he p'reseni relation betwePn tlie fr.e
and servile races at Ihe Soulh will be Ihe
Feasirinctkm-nt( only of the Union. bot. :
he saf,.y y ind well being nf the hie.p. rate.
In -view of the near and ,mmie'mdf.ii'er,
he trusts thi *Hte 'g~djlod d Trt-e 'willn Pr1i
their han-s "toisaye theBrnmh frfm civil"hT
servile wkir,-lut insists iiat lIre So-01 ,11 rtq .
stand firn against 1peigisla iv'e or oihevas-.
athlt, even though disunion. should fpHiiw, -
[n reference in the new-ke'riiries, Mr-.B.r-
rien claims lhat the Spmh 4s tniiild:'n
equality if not pre-eo Lnett.e e I'T11r, I inn,
she having frsWied 55,6,ft ipomnieers while
he North furnished ony 23.1f84. We hoj)e'
hie two reports Will lie intelligently and se-
riously" read irhd reffeclod upon, and t1a1 1
t).pir'n "f one!ii1_tion a/f.ud comproms e, will ,
overrule all ihe dangers of this vexing ques- '
tion'. Npver so much as pow, were The se'r="
vices of Mr. Clay neede, I in-he greatlcoun-
cils of the naritn,-N.Y. Sun. i
York Sunday Times.(Maj. Noah edtir,)
thus describes a singular scene :
Passing down Nassau street, three or
four persons were standing inside of a 8ltire.
and they directed us to come in. 6 He're in,
a black man," said one of ihe'.genil
"who wishes to sell. himself a's a slave for
$150.'" -' .. .
We entered the siopre, and saw' a short
siout'flMlow, in rags, with a .gnnd counse'-*
nance, and to indication of vice, :
Where do you belong?"V
"TPo New York. I wq$s born here,'-."
"Donn't you know that y~ou cannptseff
yourself as a slave in this State 7" "..
What am I void, 7 I cansgel no work^,
[ have had no breakfast; ] am almost, ak.d'i;l
no one cares f-r me, a'nd I "have no friend,.
Is it not better to ha,e a good mast,r wh6m
I can work for, and whro will care frt'me.".
Here sabfn" itlusfi,'ai'io'n of the pruclica!
benev6Te'nce of doimes.iE A-frieans-a;Fver.y,
while it exhibited the rhnk ihypocrisy tft'|yhe
a6YrttOn'tsisf. .They enniild ramse $90001 to
ipur'ehase the JIrberry 'oTfI'o 'ai:,fl''i'o girls,.
and yet"'iow a "poo"r blacil ,e 'offer Bfi lt
hirnspi.lf s k: steve'. ip. save himsel'l .(to'n
srarvi'ng, in a free No'rli'eri,n S tare,^ 'U. .
S I .F -M A D E M N I o Cr, II t
V e-ton" ^ M^^ilb \a "'u "youn.g rD"I
ser altoni and experience'.. t.ou ,ma taske
the whole populatitno of MarylandA, and -
select from "it-fitly iwffu who are m'O~rllis-
tinguished for talents, or any descr'pfuW oif
public usefulness,- ad. [ ;wlidllaoswer for it.

they are all; every .Of 14hem. jneiho
'begw.nthe. ,wd-dw.thomut d4lar- Look
into the pnbli,-eouncil-f ibe'iatlo-,t.ant]
who are they thati,ake the' le.idlej ?
They are men who made iheift otwitpr-
tunes- self-made men, who- began with nto-
thing., The rule is university. ',-$t pervajlles
our Courts. Stare and Fedegal, framJkh'e
highest to the lowqst... ilt,,stqnpp of iis pfro-
fessions'.' It :S/ aa now; it has .b!ee* ap at
any time since I have known (hi"putsichieri
of this State or.jhe..nptinn ; and it will be
so while our resent- institutions e ntinue.
-You most ihrow a man Upon h.1t1 .Jre-
sources to brm-ge,hU-:? nt. The struggle
which is fM restii in e-minence is top atdu-
ous, and must: be cunnnned loo ilog. i dbe
encountered anid maint.iined voluniarily..or
unless as a ndatier of lifejinad dfb'i'h-IHe
who has fortune 16 fal6 back upon willl'soon
slacken from his efforis,'and' fi'ljly!ire
from the compe.iiiiop. W.ilh mc'it.ilues-
tion whether it is desirable -ih4t a.-parent
4nmuld ,,le;ive h4. son any .properly,a all.
You wial have a large for.aune. -and I )aam
ot'ry for it, as it will be ihe-sponififin of a
good lawyer. ,Theseare~my e ibe'rate-sen-
timetits, ant) I hall bo rejoice d"Ito: f!, id,
yur instance, I shall be mislaken,.' .
FRENCH. CIP.A TbaR.,-). e.hfillrppeR; -
th kinex-ging of (heex kindom Poan lr e.
is represented in a.P"ris carica'ur, -,ee I-
ving a kick -from Lamariiie' whocis recei- .
Ving one from Cavaignwahi iho",Wisrih iurn
kcked by Lbuis Nabo on ; AWlMWicon e
td broU.1 To be continued." -

and we can all see it, theoretically speaking,
COMMERCIAL. ADVERTISER. all. men in good society are-'endowed with
certain inalienable rights, except poor men.
APALAO'IOOLA, ,5 .All men FEB. do not pay their honest debts

Wt.a- -The following gentlemen are authorized, are great scamps, except those who cheat
Agents for the COMME&CIAL ADVERTISER, and wil on a large scale. All men are great sinners,
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise- except those who belong to the church.
ments:- 1 'AMl Yntyn "'are allowed to think and sneak

For New Yorkfc* *"'
._-^ THE fi,:e brig- MOSES; Capt" Bwl60
: ^leyI, having her entire cargo engagtl,
will have dispatch. Vcr pa.Mige mwWs
having good accommodations, apply toltht.Bm)-
ter, or to :"




184,8 ................ 87902
1847.... ............37033
1846.1 ....... .....'.58264
1845 ...............50325
1844 ................72392
1843 ................ 71579

Eor Baltimore, <..*
THE last sailing scl.ir. CAROLI',
Hubbard, master. will hVIe d& al-. Ir
-..sifathe above port. For deck frej'it ofpas-
sadc, apply to I
)e b 15 C. ROGERS & 4 .C

SEIDLITZ and Soda Powders, ju't received
Old for sate by
Feb 8 J C ALLEN & Co.
BACON, Hams,.Sidis and Shouldtfrs, just re-
ceived and for sale by .
F-!, I -. .;R. TLLIIO'l & Cn.

A~gBL THIS house has been fhboragnlh
i tefithtd fufr the season, nid the sub-
""i'il scriber takes pleasure in' nWi4nir6
I Ithe- public that he is now in readli-
ness for the reception of permDaqeiet
and transient boarders, at tire usnal riles. "Rii8
chef d'czisine is an adept, ind "tra"elle.s tpy
depend upon having all the luxuris ahd" dTi6.a-
cies of the market -served up in the best sffte.
The BAR is now and will aj all times' ti'leltfi't
supplied with the choicest Winesi, L iquori., apd
C#g4rs. A continuation of the hbera! cn.toia
heretofore bestowed, is re.peeK'ullvyolic'ld:
December 9,"1848. ; "

Cotton. Trade.
Y1AR-. -

Pain Siller.
P ERRY DAVIS'S Vegetable Pain Killer, just
received and for sale bv the package or dozen.
Fe6 1 3. ELLISON & Co.

POTATOES-100 bbls. (planting) just receiv-
ed and for sale by
Feb 1 B ELLTSON- & Co.

Per-steamr.elViola-'Mrs Berry, child and serv't,
A C Gordon,, W.M'aclay. ....
Per steamer tokan-Miss A Kimbrough, 0 S
Kimbrough, R. J Msb'Vs, J'L N Carver, WW
Briggs. .
Per steamer Lotus-Mrs Porter and son', P Ad-
am%, J L Solomon.
Per steamer Fashion-M S Hurt and lady. J W
R.,Uss and lady, Judge Bronson, Maj J J Finlay, 0
Wetmore, A Bush, W J Henderson, J F M'CIeel-
.blnd-_B T Spiers, R. G Cowper, A M Mumford,
Ci.l Youllog,.Col Heiri LWilson, Dr W.H Perry.
Per stearer Albany--Messrs Bushmain, Yon,
Bell, Clark.' ,
Per siealner M A Moore;-Alex Me'Rea, famels
CGtrltoq> L Owens
Per steamer Magnolia--A Hutchins` Sen, M T
AlIxander, A Hutchins, Jur, 1) Hayes
"Pe steamer Quincy-M rs McGill, Mrs Trusler,
Miss laira Turner, L F Stow and lady, 0 Wake-
field.' C F Betkas, L G Mortojn, Mr Sweet.
Perstearner Albany--Col Milton, MessrsAvery,
Giepnn, H amiltoft. '
PeTr ,teamer Pti|fi to--W H Talman and lady,
Mrs A-cAllistet,,2 childreta and rerv't, H J 'Wash,
W ,B Dixon, Mr Newell .....
Receipts from the interfere
Per r't.ArIhr Eufaula-353' bales cotto to 'Wy-
lie-.nt MNIcKenzie; 120 to A N McKay : Co; 33'to
.l.ockhart & yoting. .-t I.. .. .
Per stteainer Viola--200 bales'c('oita to.tNJ.De-
blhi,4. 180 to A N McKay & Co; 100 to J C Mac-
lay: (38 to W G' Porter & Co; 59 to Harper&
[Holmes: 51 to Lockhart & Young; 25 to Wylie &
M. Kenz7i, 22 to W A & P C Kain.
Per steaiyer Southerner-267 bales cotton t.o
Wylie & McK.,tnzie; 167 to Harper & Holmes;
105to A N.M>:.-.i c'Go; 56 to J C.Macjay.:-56 t'o
Nourse, Stone & Go; 31 to Wm H Kimbrotigh &5
Per steamer Bostor,-310 bales cotton to N J
Deloi;; 157 to A N Me,;Kay & Co; 69 to Wylie &
McKeinzie; 84 to W GPorter & Co; 30'to:Harper
A- &4-.olmes; 10 to Sims V Cheever.
Per steamer Lotus-282 bale'. cotton to J C
Maclay; 76 to Harper & *Holmes; 51 to Nourse,
Stone& Co: 50 to Hill, Paws, n & Co;'51 to C
Rtogers & Co; 25 to A N Me.Kay-& Co
-Per si &R ,P C Kairn; 75 to A MceKay & Co: 186 to. Hill,
Davs0son & Co; 34 to"Sims& Cheever; 63 to Lock-
hart & Young,; 20 o Wylie & McKenzie.
" Per steamer Alhany-132 balps cotton to Lock-
h.-irt. Yo-oung; 64't6 A N McKay & Co; 21 to D
(.T:tHi-neyy;-2"3to B S Hawlty;-8 to T H Yon.
Per steamer M A Moore-=358 bales cotton to A
N McKay &-Co; 444 to Wylie & McKenzie; 85
to Lockhart & Young. i,
Per stieamer Magnolia-296 bales cotton to Wy.
lie & McKenzie; 92 to Wm G Porter & Go; 338
to A N McKay & Co.
Per steamer H S Smith-123 bale? cotton to J
G Maclay; 100 to D K Dodge; 110 to Nourse,
Stone ,s Co; 91 to W A & P C Kain; 95 to W H
Kimbrough &c Son; 10 to Lockhart & Young; 3
to A N McKay & Co; 56 to Hill, Dawson & Co;
95 to Nourse, Stone & Co
P.rr steamer Quincy-162 bales cotton to A N
T", K !y & Co; 76 to ockh.rt & Young; 67.to.N
.1 Debois; -161 to Harper.& Holmes; -49 to -Chas
RogeIs & Co; 50 to Nourse, Sione & Co; 103 tc
W-vlie V McKehzie. I
Per steamer'Albanv-37 bales cotton to Wm G
Porter v.&GCo; 51 to Austin & Long; 8 to Sims k,
Cheerver; 5 to. A. N McKay & Co 131 bbls tar to
- B Ellison & CO(; 2 bxs tobacco to T Ormaan.
er steamer Palmettow-254 bales. cotton to W
A & P CKain: 369 to Lockhart & Young; 100 tc
Harper & Holmes; 80 to Nourse, Stone & Co; 64
to-A N McKa-y^.& Co; 67 to J C Maclay.
Per barge Live Oak-102 bales cotton to A N
McKay & Co; 78 to Wylie & McKenzie; 5 t(
Lockhart & Young.
LIVERPOOL,-Per ship Ashla-nd-1'896 bales
Per ship'Liberty-1991 bales cotton.
'Per.-hip Ann Grart-1266 bales cotton.
ANTWERP-Per ship France-1481 bales cot
ton. '
NEW, YORK-Per bark Damariscofta-963
r bales cotton ".
PIQVIDENCE-Per bark Desdamona-651
bales coIton. ....
NEW OqLEA.NS--'Per schrW E Coll.ins-7:
bales cotton, 31 bales 6snabnrgs, 9 bxs tobacco
LIVERPOOL-iPer bark Jessie--2640 sack
salt ., .
f ^ ^ ___ L

-AY'S Linament, for sale by.
'eh 1 J C ^',LEN & Co. "

W OODRUFF'S Dyse:,tiiv Cord ialforsale by
Feb 1 J C ALLEN & Co.
W" OODRUFF'S Worm Specific, for sale by
Feli 1 J C ALLEN & Co.

'..For Rents. '. '
n iTEE Dwell ing House lately'6ccuiiea
(agby the arrdersigned. Termps accpmorti-

... For Rent. s.-/,
a THE Dwelling House lateldy'6ecuie8
by the urrdersigned. Terms accommo-
dating. Apply t.,.
6. S'HA/WLEY,"-'
Nov 25 Columbus Bipc.k,

All of which they (,fl&r to the. trade on liberal
Jan.2,1849. jan25 52-3m

W 00DRUMfS Anti-bilious Pills, for sale by
Feb 1 It- J Indian Elixir.
WOODRUFF'S Indian Elixir, a certain cure
for chills and fever, for sale by
Feb 1 J C ALLEN &[Co.
Snuff. *
COTCH and Macabov, in botiles and blad-
ders, just received anra fcr sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

WNholesale Clothing Warehouse,

Nos. 2532 &' 56 Pearl Street,
(Between Fulton-st and Bnrling Slip,)

Adapted to the Southern and Southwestern Mar-
..-. ......... Tn hi aTti-le of-" ....... ..
We keep an endless variety.
In the World !
-Plain and Fashionable Clothing, of all kinds,
No-s. 252 & 256 Pearl st.
Dec. 28,1848. 48-3m

Bagging and Rope:.-*,.-
C)00 PUS. superior Kentucky Baging,, ,.
100 coils + 4, 1', .*. ,e '. .
Just received gEhd for'sale low-fby cash, omap-
proved paper, by '\*.^l*, ;
Feb 1 :; 40W.aters reeF.

Clarified Sugar.
K BBLS New York Clarified Just received,
o5 -and for sale by
. Jan 11 U C A GREEN & Co.

Baaging andlojpe. *:
K'.\ PCS. Kentucky'; 2hbales lndi :t00 50 Rope, for sale by *-
Jan 11 C A. GREEN &bs0
Bucwliheat. ..^ --
rtr- BAGS; 25a1egs-netr-BnekwheatjUistreo.
n ceived, andIIor sal"Nby '
Jan 11 C-A GREEN&'(?.&'l

QWATM &. HOUCK'S Panacea, jtust received
Feb.1-a1Hto F.ABE.Lb.----- ....
Feb 1 H F ABK.LL

ATSand Caps by the case low for cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st.
Drngs and Hedicines.
THE subscriber has just received :r,,m New
York,, per .brig Virginia, a.large,,and fresh
stock of Drugs and Medicines, and all articles
Usually kept in his* line, to which he would re-
spectfully call the attention of his friends, and
the public generally.

Seeds I Seeds! Seeds!
G ARDEN Seeds, just received, and for sale by
J Nov 4 H F ABELL.
Nov4LBS just received and fIr zip by
200 Nov 4 H F ABELL.

SIX weeks after date I will apply to the Hon.
J ,d d e of Probate,-for Calhoun county, Flor-
ida, for letters of administration on the estate of
William G. Kelly, deceased, late of said county.
December 28,1848. 48-6w

Ru ,..B D- -.-.OO
RIO, landing aend; for swlo-"bY.

00N ovSA:C.-CKS RIO, landing aendfor sloeby.
200\JNov 18 z D-B-WOODoi
Clothinig. '" '
FOR sale on consignment, a largetihbvbe' of
city-made clothing, by th package, b,) '1 b
* Nov 18 -g .'. .B WOD.:

Hemp and Cotton Duck.
A FINE assortment just received from New
York, for sale by
Jan 1"1 C A GREEN &-*Co.


A FEW half bbls. for sale by'
.Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.

New Dry Goods*. -.,'
A UST1N.& LONG, successors tpo:-J. S le.eyo0
& Co., arejust opening at thi old.daa, nd
ner of Water and Chestnut streets,, an entire.i~w
-stock of DRY GOODS, SHOES., HdATS, &. to
which they invite Mre atfention of the forag3,r
customers of the .ld firm,'and the .Djiu.. -. .
Apalachicola,Nov-.11, 1948.t.- 1 .,43"

Rio Coffee.
/r SACLq prime green, nm.v crop, just re-
50)V7 received, and for sale by
Jan It C A GREEN. & Co.

An Ordinance,
To amend an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance
repealing certain Ordinances, &c." passed 12th
January, A D 1848 .
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the'Mayor and Counr
cil of* the City.of Apalachicota, That the Clerk,
Treasurer and Assessor be allowed a salary of five
hundred dollars per annum .. ...
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That any "thing
iRn'theordinance, to which this is an amendme nt,
militating against this ordinance, be and the
same is hereby repealed. ,*
Pissed by Couhcil, 12th Janua'y, 1849.

Tarrant's Compound Extract of
Cubebs and Copaiva,
UST received and for sale by
Jan 25 J. C. ALLEN & Co.

Note Paper.' ;,:.:*-'^
PERFORATED and Embossed Nofe-'TPp.eklor
sale by .... :. -.v .
Dee 9 J C ALLEY S&CW.w
01-Oil Cloths and Ca' -ts4.'"
i K PCS Oil Clothj, flnd' v yardt wid,"
15. 3 pcs Super Ingrain Carpeting;, '
"2 Stair '' "
10 Tufted Rugs, ,.. ..
For sale by WM. G. PoT' R& 'c(Y.
.-Dec 30 41 Water streeN

Paints, Oils, &c.
LAMP and Linseed Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
Turpentine, Lamp Black, Red and Yellow
Ochre, ground in oil, Prussian Blue, ParisGreen,
Virdigris, just received per schr Palladium, and
*tor sale by
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co.

COnsignee Wanted,
F"OR nine (9) boxes pickles, marked G. H-re-
ceived Ier brig W. L. Jones from New York.
Jan 25,1849. A. N. McKAY & Co.

For Sale.
2 MAHOGANY Counting House Desks. Ap-
ply to B. S. HAWLEY,
N 2.v 25 Columbus Block.

I / ID'Tmr~rrLr O ,,,+ -~ k- ._ \ **f J ,i i

RTTTERS, just recei'Vt6e4 ant f6rsalfby.
Nov 28 H: F.. ABLL,, Drggi.st.

Advances on Cotton.
W E are prepared to make liberal advances on
Cotton, consigned to our friends in New
York, Liverpool, Havre;, Antwerp and Rotter-
dami. NOU'RSE, STONE &.Co.
Feb 1 46 Water street.

To Rent.
PART -of'the Fire;-proof Store, No. q4 Water
L" street Enquire Of D B WOOD.
Nov 18

Brmst es. ";"*-f ,-*.
H- A TR, Hat, Clothea,'TeetI!, Nail and Shaving
Brushes, for sale by .f) ,';*.(*
Feb24 H F-APELL.

1N ArBLE Top Centre Table,
1 French Bedstead and Bedding,
1 Dressing Bureau, marble top,,
1 double marble top Wash Stand. ,
The above Furniture has only been in use a
few months, and will be sold low. Apply to
Jan 18 J. DAY & Co.

TrHE Copartnership heretofore exiitifig under
the firm of J. D. ATKINS & Co, is this day
dissolved by mutual content. All1 persons in-
debted to the late firm will please make payment
to the:undersigned, who will continue the Gro-
cery business on his own account, at No. ,53 Wa-
ter street. HENRY YOUNGS.
Apalachicola,,Dec 14, 184S. .

T-HE subscribers, will make fIber.al cash ad-
vances on consignments ol Cotton to their
friends in Liverpool or New York. ,.
Dec 28 J DAY & Co.

P crf in (ri e y k ,;.. -...:/ "
A LARGE assortment.of Extimcts, ,Co)lGne,
&c. &c. for sale by -,.,- ... .
Dae9 tJ,.C-ATL LE ,C'o

THE undersigned will make liberal advances
on Cotton consigned.to his friend in Liver-
pool, Glhsgow, Havre, Bo6ton or Nev York.
Nov 18 D B WOOD.
Insurance .. .
T-HE subscribers, Agents for The _Etrna In-
surance Co.," "1The Proteetiion Insurance
Co.," and The Hartford Insurance Co.," of Hart-
ford, Conn., arp, prepared to take Fire, Inland
and Marine Riaks on as favorable terms as any
good-office. J DAY & Co.
Dec 28, 1848.
The Protection Insnrance Co. ot
I New iJersey.
THE ubscriber being appointed by the above
T. Company their agent for this city, is now
prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks.
Notice. *
THE hf'm of Roberts, Allen &,Co. is dissolved.
.Settirnents will be made, and the business
continued by E. C. ROBERTS.
Apalachic5la. Jan. 13, 1849.
4,- Boots and Shoe9,
OR :SALE, by the package, by -,
Nov is D B WOOD.

Fresh Herbs.
SAGE, Thyme, Summer Savory, Boneset, Hoar-
Inrod, Catnip, &c, just rec'd, and for sale by
Jan 25 J3 C ALLEN & Co.

Saddlery, &<. ".
ADDLES, of variouspatterpns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Safe .b'its,b `I t .s,;
Saddle Bags, 'i
Martingales and Whips, for safe by ..
WM. G. PORTER. & Co.
Dec 30 ; 1 ,'41,S rs'et.

White Lead.
N0. 1 Extra and Pure, just rec'd, for sale by
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co.
HOMPSONIAN Medicines, for sale by
"eb 1 J C ALLEN & Co.,

0 KEGSq new h,. Kr sale by
"/ V 1-a C A GREEN & Co.

Wholesafe.and Retail Dealers in
Chemicals, Gluie, Indigo, Glass and Putty.; For-
eign and Domestic Drugs, White Lead, Var-
nish,, Dye-W6ods, pGirits Turpentine,
Patent Medicines', Congress Water,
French Cfemicails, &c. &,'c.
,. general assort-men't of
cor. of hesnut & Commerce 'streets,
Ja 8 :18 Apalachicola, Fla.

Wooden Ware.
BRASS bound Cedar Pails, Painted Buckets,
Deck Buckets, Hickory and Corn Brooms, tor
sale by [Jan 11] C A GREEN & Co.

S'7chool Books,

F R sal tohy
Feb 17 ., ,H F ABELL.
Dysentary Cordial.
D D. WOO )RUi,'F'S-D,sentary Cordial, jumt
received aid for sale by ..,
Dec 9 H F ABELL.

Q ") BXS. Western and Northern, in fine order,
30 for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.

Citron, Currants, Raisins, Lean-
Oils, &c.
JaST receivedd in fine order, and for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.'

KEGS Hamilton's Dairy, of a superior
2\7quality, for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. '

W. A. & P. C. Kafin,
No 4' Columbus Block,

Smoleed Tongues,,
FOR sale by

IV hf and qr bbls. j.ist received and for sale b%
T,-.I C A GREEN & Co.

- CA GREEN & Co.

Oqj- Liberal; advances made on consignments
of Cotton to their friendss inLiverpool, Glasgow,
New* Y0rk a ad,Pfiladelphiva
Jan. 11.1849.

Yellow Potatoes.
BBLS in fine order, f r sale by
Jan 11 IC A GREEN-& Co.

W INER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale .by
Feb 17 H F ABELL,


Cottou Statjment. i [Last .,PORT OF APALACHICOLA ......... Feb. 15.

To Rent. ? *-* *' ":
^aegaSTORES Nos. 6 Columbus BMA aMesd
im\\1P 1 Water stree.t. For terms, apply t^ 1.1
_-EH^L Nov 1. NOURSE, GTONE,&.eCh.:-


For Liverpool.,


Iwo-rom-, ev"""--Mp


- THE new and splentntrwn'p JEWK.
Capt. Ford, will haee quick dispatch fOr
the aboveport Forf t or passage,
ply to .. **_'"
Feb 15 .1OIRSE,_ & ST E f, Co.
Por' Anutwerpl T."_ "
_-'r.,,THE splendid" hip PAETlR t-
,TRICK, Capr: ,kwefl, will haviz&p
$x, patch for the above pert.' .
Feb 8 NO RSE, ^TMl & <
For New Yorbjik a .
THE fine tast awlin -packeti- .iw.
dEek>PA'TRICK HENRY, Chester, tpafCt..
will have dispatch for the above ffUt.
r deck freight, apply to ."
Feb 15 W.G. PQR-TER & Co,



YEAR t 1848-91847-1846-7 845-6
To Great Britain .514272 .239365 .246974 .376528
France ..... 111422 .149925 .102769 .105157
Other F. P'rts .103810 .113609 ..62495 ..40447
Total Bales ..7T29-504 .562899 .412238 .522132
fReceipts ........ 1405644 1004193 1009195 .968197
Stocks........... .582087 .504001 499980 .376364

F3R sale by
Feh 1 B ELL!NON & C,,.




For ale. ,
f' K FIRKCNS of' superior Butter, of ".La- .
25 tham's Dairy." : : "_,"_
Dec 28 NOURSE. STONE 04 .Co1
.O s n ta w rg W ., : ,'". 4 '**: ;* t ?. "''
G EORGIAand:LQwell Oanaburgr, always bh
J hand, at the lowest rates by ;, "' I..
Jan 11 '.....-.. AGREB v*C"S' -
Geor'gia Osn., burgs,1 "
F"OR sale by IENRY YOUNG, .
Dec 28 .e',-,,53 -,Wter street.

I-----C ---I I

_ L ___

Gold Pens! Gold Pens-I^ :
0 ^ the latest aid most ap.prv.d,dstyle, just
received, and for sale by ".-..."'
Nov 18 "" J;ONALLEN & Co:

BEEF ,md'Pork for sale by
Nov 25 D. B. WOOD.


Havana Tobacco'' teme'W d
F OR sale b :' ": '- '
F'Feb'T -**i H, JFA'BIMl.
" OODK', FF'S (%,m,. n.oiTion .P,%,tdt.r..tVale
b [F-,b J'C ALt.EN,'rgl'o.
City Lots, .-,.-':,
FOR Lease or Fale,r for wheh-wa, rvtageeds
will be given. Applyto ." ." .F.:-,i
Dec 28 .. H.,G..G-Y@N. -
Lemon Syrup6 ,-
[ B-RAY'S sui.-erjor Lemon sy p~ju~t received
,- "', r a le hv *' )" t .- ^! '
Feb 17 '*; ; "k WTA -HLL. "
....., *StorageR9,-.o.,,,>
IN Fire Proof Sluot' No'. -1,9Water-atsty
Noev2z ,1 ,


al =






to I


3t re
1. u
' la



)y t(




nd '



;e a



French Horticulture and Flori-
THE subscriber, intendingto remain but a lew
days in the city, respectfully invites the La-,
dies and, Geptiemen of Apalachicola to an in.
section of his splendid collection ot
Plants, 1 rees,'Bulbs and Roots,
I. Imported from France,
consisting of Camelia, Rhododendrum, Azelea,
Magnolia, Tree-pmeony, different Cape Jasmin,
Pitospaurum, Daphne, Moss and Monthly Roses;
ornamental shrubs of all varieties.
FRUITs-Pear, Apple,Cherry, Apricot, Peach,
Grapes, Orange Trees, &c,; Asparagus; also, a
large collection of Bulbous Roots, and seeds ot
every description. The undersigned may be
found at the corner building near the Post Office..
Horticultor Florist, in Paris and N. York.
Feb. 8, 1849.

BErTTIt~oBfsr~rqWS it lo BY PROXY.
-sawl afte^h^eiSt"_ ipeoutop,,in Pennsy.1-
Ja M- -&!Str Wt- ifciend,;Sr;K-6,oes, an feathusiastic TayIlor

-'l" Jones," said Smith, "I he election of
"hdbs'on does,not increase Taylor's chances
.ih "Pen'nylvnia.".
<'; '.. "Yes it does," answered Jones.'
b"1Ill betyou a hundred dollars tha'atCas
jearries -the State," cr Ate Smith P .
,. "Done," exclaimed Jones; "but"'he
,added aftera moment's hesitation--"but if,
we bet, we lose our vote.7"
Socw shat',"' said Smith. ,
-'I'll tell you what," cried Jdnes, his face
brightening'up-" l'll tell you what may be
doue. My wife shall call upon your wife,
and betwAih her' :-,
Good," saiid Smith.
Home Went Jones. -
My dear, Mrs.. Smith wants to bet a,
'hundred dollars with you 'that Cass will
;carry Pennsylvania."
.;.. Mrs. :Smith bet a hu ndred dollars with
me!" exclaimed the asionished lady .. .
Yes, and ilfyou want to bet, there is the
,money. Go round this afternoon and see
-her: put up! the stakes innthe band of a
lady friend." "
Tile two ladies met, and the tmorrey was
I'deposited. On Thursday, last, ,when the
'result was known, Jones t'il1 his wi|'f to, go
and draw ihe money 'she had'won. '"The
laidy was not .slow in obeying her husband
that time, and before an hour, the two hun-
ded dollars, exch,,n,,ed inlo half eagles,
-were glih'erinR ihruugh the interstices of
her beanliful purse.
Wheen Jones came hoeme at night, he said
1t9 his wlfe,
,, Well, my dlear, did you get the money?"
':;.".Ye.* "' w.1'3 (he reply.
<": :'igti,4 Airuhble you.for.it, dlnlina,, if you
-"p ease. :" -.

.- Toublle 'for- what?"
-"For the ini)ne,, 1 won of Mr. Smith."
V" You woit? did you b)et Ilr. Smith?"
> "No, no--that is-yes. -1 bet in fact,
IhnughI to save lily vote, 'J, iade you tlie
._agent,"- answered Jones, w4th visible em-
barr.,sgm eni. ; .. . ... _
I e nnnt cop-si'1i, my dear lhi-)r'n.l,"
said 1he Ila v w'il. h ,,aI'mt, (li_iiiiy to be '
Zpuartv in-any vilatibn ot ev;,ksion ofthe law.
j'- C;IIinot onyour a-ccu)u-t-yqu wlwose honor
''i so ,'lear In rue-` and I shsrHliiererI'ore keepI
Ilie money, in border. ihai I ma4y still retain
'.{pu resp-ee I f r a lau '-lUling, a law- mn,,nr,,,.
.1aud law-ohev)ng hlnsbauaod. Dear Jones,
.. kis iiie.;' .
Thbi ,l' n a's as goodl as^ her word, and
,'Jne' ,sck overerl Ilhal in his A-ttteipt to whip
the "vil. rou i ud I ho I,, trt|.3 a ehe alld ost a;
^-elfan httn'tred, 'lhis IS a I;cl.---^eW "uork
"- "Des i.k. : :: ,..-: :.- .. ;

4eslareflih C(iri. preitiff e 'Vorilh Shofe
C it- Cublt.- nf W iilliii-'ti,, 1 .nil'n, spe-ak-
u' "'in f oi" Lieut. Aaur-u 'biind a.ntl | chirt cur-,
,/ r 'ttl, slays' t "'; "" 'i ,'.t "-
\\'e.' ,il) s rve by -the leW ir-:: O'f, Lieit.
5_.' l M,,ry to lIhv NTew Eiil:,,il wih-ale.ein. I hl
^e hits h,, i leti .,0 suspect the existence of
-',a wv,41wv;lrdlv current of lwo or three ,rmileS
[ lie- hour alonig tIie n6orih 'shIore of C(Ilha,
a d-lhlal t-l~ie ,i.t- ar route of s;iiai'g vessels
Ir .i .'li ,f w in ,- *.. N-< p ren",in l
otlhetr g,lf -P6r11.4, is :i'!g in !a vi r'ren't also of
:Tw or fhrog -mile's the hour for much of the
%=iv y Tlie 1 Ve.. ,e" rate uf sailovessels ,is
:not more, we ;,re itll. th,. five miles the
iour,; amld (ho ,ilf..fi,'-e whR-h this newly-
discoverfd 'curi', woulld maike is rive tviiles
fior~rwit-ihiurds ihe 4)lau,' to New Orl-eanrs.
,,r ,slr ,. 1wpis 4iid me'cfhanos are
',r-iyhl., td li~ve tii- *ir,,'nt thidr .iililv ex.
1a-itied atd report<-d. in by the vessels of
,lie^ a,,ll sq,,.dr(.,,, T'h. s',h1, could do
wilhIIIh l the least ii,'tiveuit u,:e';(rlexpense;
,ir-il will be only ne'es-;,-,.'for heii) to
pfla(.e theselves, when cruising ,hottt rt}e
'gill'. willii 'the influence of tihls cirrent."
Sriie N li,,lic ,' [nstilulion and SIlip,',la -
lers' S elty of the city-of New Yolk, hhve
..callh;d the a.Mtention (I n1lvizt itih generially
o Lieut. NLaury's wind and current chirt.4,
'and give. it their lhe;>rty recotimeutlntion.

AN-lNTKaESa'itG INCIDEN.T.--Tlie dele-
gaiiiotn of Chi-)ippwa, chies';nl invrwa.riors.- wer'e
'shown, arau~nd- tli-" '1 'iitol on Frinlay; b~y
heiri' intelligent agent atKHI,'iiterpr:eter, Maij.
;J. B. .Marinll. They-frequently exp~resse
^ heir. wonder and a>dliir:ttii~n at llhe extt-n,
"'ani~randl~eur of tlhe bttihting annd lle sp)!en-
!(lird Iainti,)gs strongly atlraitced tlhrejr ;uie~n-
'Itenn F rom ilie Cai)itol they lprecee, led to
lhe Sltatue of Washington, fo~llowebd hby
c rowd, of iaidies and,. gent-lemen.. Pfley went
up) to the,fryot of tie'staute and gaze, at ii
1lor some minutes, ,vilhhblooi'S o'f deet) jnieresl
depictedd upon theft painted f'aebs"; then sit.
.ting down facing the' stamue,one of the chief's
0Osk:, h,,-wiss, filled his splendid pipi~o
Peace aod held it out towards the statue;
s-ay!.n~g: "* My Grerat Falher. wep all shak
Hands wihhyou ; we have travelled a lon
way through the great country that you ac.
'qu!,ed for, your people by the aid of th<
.Great Spirit..Your people have beco~m

very grea--o~ur people have become very
small ; tmy'tihe Great ,pirit,-;who(gave you
tlnccess, 'now'protect us, -and- grant us tho
'favor we 'ask of our Great Father who now
"fills'the 60ig la'ce first occupied, by you.'
Thissiniifrpsupplicavory address was faith
fully interpreted 'to the bystanders by Major
Martell, whio., in hi gentlemanly, manners
appeared ,there, as he 'dbes every where, ex-
ceedingly we'll.-Ndt. Yfit

Thie new brig Mine..Char)les Thorndike
,ma.s'r, .sailed'fi-om South Thomaston, Me.
COt. 9. 1845, with lime for New Oi leans,
and witl'i Iier'cre'w has never been heard o
since;, lse 'va' sutpppo'sr"ed to tiave foundered
i the terrible gale which ;c'cured a fev
days after. ,.JlAi84-7,.Capt..Rorbbi~ns shil)ped
aboard his yessel at Veina Cruz two Port u
guese seamen, who ran fiwaw, alf .ter r'eceiving
:a mnnth's advance waes, leaving their
chess on board, onpe od them being.maho
'-gany. :C pt. Robins arrived al St. George
., Mai.ne. a few weeks ag'6, and looking.,ove.
the mahogany chest found in it a book be
. longing to Capt. Thorn'dike',, 6(1 an at lia
- with the name of Conpna, who was second<
mate of ihe. brig -lMitin'e. rkbh chest 6
identified by .Cooper's.friend as thee one, h,
Look with him in that vessel. There is;
.mystery here 16 reveal. -Boston Posl68.
-.* -, ,, .< ' .. ..
.. '-The emigration from Liverpool to th,
United States in the year 1848, is ascertain
7' .4-t0 hav amounted to 127,500 persons.

. ".7- -,,r"-w .. -- I .. |
I' year..
"Mock on h Spud .tep. 1, 1848 ..... 507 57
RKceived dlst 3 lays .......... 5-S2
previously ..... ....8296u *' .
.:,,.. Total....,....- ; 349 -611
Export pasf 3 dy...... ,sI6
pre vio-')-. ......--77 5756 ( "
.- Total........- '119 18834
0,, hndmn d oni oard notcleared 5230 19277
Exports.of Cot. from Apjalaohlcola,
Commencing t\ept. 1,18. and same time in 1847.
. .. .. -- USly/ Iseason
iverpl.r".....''. ..... :515s759 .11912.5618"
Havre .. -.. ..........
Havre~..... ... ..... .* "*983. ..993 ......
N antz ....... ... ...... ...;. ... .** I-
Tr... .... ..... .. ...
Genoa ..1 10........ 10 ......
.O their ports.. ...... ... 4.. .. .. ".2
Total to For. Ports. 6. 4 ..9062 .1f56 67..
New York ....'.... ....... 4735 ..4735 6
Boston............ .... ...... 13456 .13456 ..29<
Providence ...... ...658 ..6319 .6977 ..196,
Philadelphia.... ... ..... ...... ...... ......
Baltimore............ ... ... 580 .,..580 ...729
New Ortearns........ ... 71 .1604 .. 1676 ...340
Otherporits..... ............ .. ... .. -- ..'.
Total Coastwise .... ... 1.9 .2664 274-23 1i-867
TOTAL--BArES. ....... ...... 43119 .18334

Feb 9--Schr Patrick Henry, Chester, fm New
Feb i0-Schr Carolina, Hubbard, fm Baltimore "
Feb 12-Br. bark Jesse, Ford, fm Liverpool, to
Nurse, Stone & Co "
I Feb 14-Ship Ohio, Clark, fm New York, to I
MWright "
Bark Roh't Watt, Johnson; from Liverpool
Steamer Fashion, Cadwallader, fm Columbus.
"Steamer Albany, Rynear, fm Bambridge.
Steamer M A Mo.ore, McCall,.fri Eufaula.
Steamer S6utherner, Shaw, from'Columbus.
Steamer Lotus, Wmgate, fm Columbus.
Steamer Eufaula, Barns, from Eufaula.
Steamer H S Smi, h, Stapler, fm Columbus.
Steamer Boston, Grier, from Columbus.
Steamer Viola, Van Veghten, fm Columbus.
Steamer Magnolia, Griffin, fm Columbus.
vSteamer.Qu i ncy, AIlen, fm Columbus, .
Steamer Palmett6, McAlister, fm Columbus.
Cleared. .
Feb 9--Bark Damatiscotta, Hawesfor N York.
qDB Wood-, -- _
,b 10--Ship Ashland, Rice, for Liverpool, by
.-- Desdemona, Mereen, for Providence, by
arpeHolmes. '
B eAr, e s em a es.
S enpr~t t, Gammon, for Pensacola.
\fe ^-7St>Liberty Norton, for Liverpool, by
A N M~cKay &<.'an' A & P C( Kain.- "
T mr stop .ann tnmt. Williams, for Liverpool, by
J C Ma-lay.. '
_Ship..Franee, NichK 'for Antwerp, by Nourse,
_Stone *eCo.. \
...Feb-t-l ch"-'- E\^n,',lna. Garvie, for New
Oroeans. ,
Feb 14-Schr Rose, CoupI.for St. Marks.

List of Vessels imPort.
Aberdeen, Hiibbard, 714 t, ns, for Liverpool,!load-
ing-S Cassin
AlBeste, (Br.) Cann, 558 tons, for Lioerpool, load-
ingW A&a Pn Kain.
Georgia, Talb 488 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing--J C Maclay.
'Monument, Trott, 499 tons, for Liverpool, load.
Massachusetts, Samsan. 388 tons, for Havre, load.
ing-I M Wright
Peter Hattrick, Rckwell,555 tons, for Antwerp,
loading--Nourse, Stone Co.
Charlotte, Collins, 390 tons, for Europe, loading-
I M~ Wright.
Ophir, Sylvester, 438 tons, for Europe, loading-
S Cassin.
Fairfield, Loveland, 587 tons, for New York, load.
ing--Nourse. Stone i& Co.
Grotius. Leonard, 299 tons, for New York,.Ioad.
ingsHarper & Holmes.
Clinton, Foster, 850 tons, for Boston, loading-
N J Deblois.
Saesusa. Howard, 294 tons, for Providence, load-
ing--Harper & Hilmes.
Commodore, (Br. ) PriChard. 686 tons, fm Liver
pool, ing-W A & P C Kain.
Ohio, Sutton, tons, fin New York, waiting-
'I M Wright.' "
-*- BARQU'ES..
Jesse, (Br.) Ford, 573 tons, for Liverpool, load
ing-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Abbot Lord, Jovce, 537 tons, for Liverpool, load
ing-J Day & Co.
Balter, Sataders. 3.95 tons, for New York, load
ming--W A & PCS Kain.e o
Chochitttete, Collin 347 tons, for Boston, load
ing--N J Deblois.. .
PrSvidynce,starr, 341 tons, for Providence, load
'in--Wood & Ballou.
Beaver, Edmonds, 299 tons, for Pr Yoidenke, load
ing--T L SMitchel.& Co
Weybossett, Haris, 321 tons, ;for Providence
loading--T. L.Mzichel.
RIob't Watt, (Br ) rihns.n, -8 tons, fm Liver
pool, waiting-Master.
Herald. Gray. 174 tons, for New York, loading-
AN McKay& CoM .... .
Moses, BulkieFr, 220 tons, for New York, load
ing-Nourse. Stone&--Co.

The Bark Cumberland, Power, noted asohavind
sailed from Liverpool for this portion 23d Dec., pu
back to hat port, and sailed thence on 9th Jan.
and againh-put back on the 10th.
Shpb Monterey, Crosley, sailed from Liverpoc
for this port, Dec. 2i.
Ship Ohio,'Stton,'s4ited fm oBrsPon for this pad
Jan. Edm .. ...s ore.
Bark. Gardiner, Spies, cleared fm New York f<:
thisnprt, F Lb 1. -
Bark Lion, Alexanrer, cleared fmo Providenc
I forthis port, Ln 29.
I S Whr Paulne, Young, cleared fm New Orlear
,for this port, Feb 4.
Schr Cots, Bradbury, cleared fm New Orlear
'.for this port Feb 6.
P Bark John Brewer, Tolford, sailed friaBo.to
for this port, Jan a 1.7"Y
, sehr Tioga, Collins, cleared fw Baltimore f<
this port, .n 26
,- Ship Rob't Pdtton. Fulton, .hence fm thispor
'was telegraphed at Boston'Jan 27.
h Bark Edward, Knudson, was up at New York fi
, this port, to sail Feb 6.
Schr Columbia, was up at New York for th
; port Jan 27, to sail with dispatch.
Bark Sushp, Crouch, cleared fm New York, fi
f this port, Jan 23. a
Brig Chas Joseph, Leigh, cleared fm New Yorl
for this,port, Jan 23,.
aSchr J k Vail, Jarney, cleared at New York fi
forthis port, Jan 28. .. ... '
" Schr LurPartine, Turner, hence fm this port, a
rived at New York Feb 2.
Brig W L Jones, Tyler, hence fm this port, a
fo riwd at New York Feb 3.

Governor of" "lorida.-
W"HEREAS, It is requited by law that an elec-
tion be held in this State on the first Mon-
day in May next, for a Register of' Public Lands,
to hold Until the first Mor.day in October, 1850 ;
also, for Judges of Probate tor the several Coun-
ties, to hold till thefirst Monday of October, 1851,
and for Justices of the Peace for each District in.
the several Counties, to hold for two years, (all
of said officers to continue in office t0ll their suc-
cessors shall be elected and qualified :)
IT Is HEREBY ORDERFD, That the said elec.-
tion be held throughout tbe State,.acc(!rding to
law, and the officers whose duty it is to order said
elections will, take notice hereof.
Witness my hand and the great seal of the
State given at the Capitol, this 20th day
[SEAL.] of January, A. D. 1849, and of the In-
dependence of the United States the
73d year.
W. D. MOSELEY, Governor.
A. E. MAXWELL, Secretary of State.
January 25, 1849.
Ot ACl papers in the Stae- insert two months.
Albro, Boyt & Co.,
72 John Street,
A RE now receiving into Store from their Fac-
ixnes, at Elizabeth-Town, N. J., a variety
of n.-w and original patter'fs of.
Heavy Floor Oil Cloths,
in widths of' IS, -2f and 24 feet. They are also
receiving from the Albany; Lansingburg, and
Utica Factories, in sheets of. 18 fett in width, a
large assortment, embracing niany new patterns
of their. .;
RYOedium Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, from the Newburg, Albany, Lansing-
burg', Utica and Maine Factories, every variety
of patterns rnanufacturint by hem, of their 4-4th,
5-4th, 6-4th, 7-4th, 8-4th and 11 feet wide
Light Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, Mahgany, Rosewood ahd figured 4-4,
5-4 and 6-4th English, German and American
Table Oil Clotlhs.
Also, a great variety (if -new patterns of
Carriage Oil Cloths.

For New Yoro.., -,
^-^ THE new fast sailing 6rio-ERA.I ,
r *g|^Gray,, master, is now loading. q Ohp
bAove port. For deck.freight'onihJp
ply to
Feb 8 .A-N McKAY &,Co.

Negroes Wanted.
C)f"\ LIKELY hands wanted, for whom liberal
, ,. wages will be paid. Aoplv to
Feb 8. 4t Agent of Screw Pres-1.
"V-ELLOW Pine, assorted sizes and qualities,
1 Juniper,. .. ....
Oak Plank, Wbeel Arns ,and -Bucket Plank, for
Feb 8 Cormmerce street.
Lemon Syrup.
A qUPERIOR article, just received and for
sale by -
Feb s J--- .. "J C ALLEN & Co.
Seeds! Seeds.
j *&3Treceived per brig Herald, an assortment
f .G ,arden Seeds, for sale by
Feb 8 1 J C ALLEN & Co.

Tor 1Me'W Yorfk.
", THE splendid hfiilJ F-aAIRFtELDT Ipt-
^,i^Loveland, havl g mnt of hr Iratgi *&
si.-raged, wilt)have itrmPdtale',d'pacliP .
For freight or passage, apply tw he'rnaster*l'b.
j.eb I NOURSE., STof t 'g.r


3R flAL N~ot fices. An 4(k-dinance.
,.... For the-Regulation- of Qtraranline,.&c.
Carston Altars, ) -\ SEc. I. Be it ordained by the"Mayor and
v L Bill for Divorce. uncil of the City of .palachwaq, Th !
Susannah Altars. J reafter-all vessels or steamboat arinj3a
THE Defendant not having plead, answered i b nO of Analaehicola, from anyport
T or demurred to complainant's bill,alter due or 1a2 e cholera -ello w!fever,
notice of the filing thereof, given by publication, a _m a r n no "', o r i "a
and the said bill of complaint and the matters ,rat x Py0ae 't^fsc ai
therein stated having been taken for confessed disease, Oisted at the eP of01such1an
against said defendant:* on motion of Solicitor vessel or boat suhrom` ,""2^ ^ V1_ a
for complainant, it is ordered that said cause be which mry ave on boarp_ 0a at- t(
set for hearing at the first day of the next term flicted wilthsuch disease,,iJ* 5 sJiDJect tl
or this Court, and that notice of such bearing the followiig quarantue1gulaio0ns,.to wit: -p
be given to the defendant by the public-ation of a Such vesse-lor boa, on its arrival, shtall
copy of this order, once a week for the space of '^..e to an ncboa tth e frst safe and con-
three months prior to the first day of the next venin.t anchor' e-'after crossing the outer
term, in the Commercial Advertiser, a newspa- ...wh.e ,1p shall remainin for the space
pet published in the city of Apalachicola. a, repr until the passengers and
A Copy. W M V A L LE A U C lerk eOf forty dg e,,6 t.d I ,. ,. ^ ..
Decemb ewsip" em por^Udibylthe health ofi eer
Decemer 1, 18R. 49-m ,ob; ;a healthy condition. -

Sheriff's Sale. .Q/. 2. Be it further ordained, That any-
BY virtne of a writ-of fi. fa.to medirected wb'or other person piloting or conducting
from the Circuit Court of Franklin county,; vessel o*r sseaiibbfft 'into the .port of
in favor of William Griswold and Nath. L. Gris- "palachicola, ,having, on board 'any of the
wold, executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the CW t......,o,. ......."
of Apalachicol....h.ve "v i"upn a .w x- above contagious hseases, shall bring said, G
pose to sale to the highest bidder, at thout vessel to anchor at lie first sate ,indcortve-
p o s e ..Isa t et hoeo e n ig h e s tn c h o rae a t e rct to s n, -t he.- c i
House door, in the city of Apalichice', ." ne l l Il anchorage alter crossing ine outer naT,
first Monday in Mirch, 1S49, with),"t lheg and report the same to the Mayor wi'bout
'hours of sale, the following desc,;'ca property,"d'elay; and, in default, said pilot or other'
to wit: one large frame btuildi known asthe person shall forfeit and pay to said city one
City Council Chamber, s,"--one Mak et hundred dollars* for every "stteh neglect or
Bstonu o.rI; an one ,Engine Ho dsie e and En- refusal to -coinpty wirhls-he u-bove section. h.
known as Fi ,o.l2 o sthe SEC- 3. Be iltfurlher ordained, Th;"
,.,rr .d'1t-iFCifYOfApalachicola. while said vessel or boat lies in'-quarantine *
-OHN LUCAS, Sheriff, it shall not be lawful for an.y person, except
/B. LUCAS, Deputy. the health officer, to'visii the same or hold
January r1i, 18+ any communicatibn with those on 'boesalr;i
-T-HE Subsc roers have on hand and offer for ndr shall i, be lawful for any person on
sale on lijAral terms- board to visit said city, or for the master,
SUGAR-1-.hhds and 50 bbls N. Orleans; owner or consignee thereof 1o land, or cause
10 boxes Woolseys"& Stuart's loaf, to be landed, any "of her cargo, or any artti
'PLOUR.100 )bls superfine St Louis ;cnd Ohio; ,,ie o n oard. unless by written peFmis.sion
.FF:60 sacks-Rio and Maracaibo. ; from the Mayor, given under the advice of
MOL+,SE-510 bb. Ols new rp
Wj-jrcS"IE -15 bbls and halt bbls" the health officer; and any person violating
LARD-5 bb"s and 10 kegs; either of the provisions of this or the first
SOAP-80 boxes pale, yellow and white; section of this ordinance, shall be liable to
STARCH-!10 boxes Colgate's; said city in the penalty of fifty dollars 'for
PORK-20 bhls mess and prime; each and every such offence, and twenty-five
BEEF-20 bbxs prime; ho dolalr's :fr eae'h an'd "very day the master,
TOBACCO-50 bs Ad hfoxs favorite brands; own e or signee of such vessel or boat
BACCON--5c boxes Itan han; shall fail or refuse to go into quarantine ts:
MACCARONI-5 boxes Italiand ; herein required.
VERMICELLI--5 do do>,; l~l "'J9c 6" 4. Be, it fth '.dine, That in
CRANBERRIES-20 quarter'bbis:; .C- 4. Be it Jrh& ordained, That in
DOMESTICS-25 bales sheetings and shirtings; case it shall be deemed necessary for the
OSNABURGS-10 bales Lowell and Georgia; preservation of the health of said city, iy;
GLASS-20 bxs assorted sizes; the. health officer, it shall be the duty of the
RAISINS-100 whole, hf and qr boxes;j master 61 any vessel or boat, lying in qnair-"
BUCKWHEAT-20 kegs new; antine, to unload and thoroughly clearnse,
ALMONDS-200 pounds; smoke and whitewash 'the same inside, be-
BUlTER-25 kegs Goshen and Western; fore such vessel V0r %oai shall be allowed to
^ S Thi^^proceed to said CES-0bxEnlsdirBRA NDY--3 h f pipes Otard, Depuy&S Martel ;pred osiciy;ndan,,.onfiin
LEMONS-5 boxes.8icily; to comply with he provisions of lhi, 'section.
WINES-20 doz superior Maderia'and Sherry; shall be liable to said city, in the penalty of
ALE-dozen pale; fifty dollars for each and every such offence.-l
Pickles, Sauves, Olives, Brandy Cherries and SEC. 5. Be itfuerther ordained, That the
Candy, a full assortment. city physician aip|oipted bv the Cobncil an-
C. A. GREEN & Co. nually, shall be consideredihe health officer,
Dee 23 52 Water street whose duty it shall be to visit all vessels
11 Warranted to .Cure." which may come to anchor at the qiiaran-
/"NOSTER & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic, ine ground as aforesaid, and examine the
C compounded from medicines of our own passerrgers Had crew thereof., for the ,r. .
forests, a pe f1gt and lasting cure for lever and pose of ascertaining wheilher there exists on
ague, and for being the best Tonic in cases of .. .... : .
;6neralfdebility or weakness now known, for sale board any of the diseases contemplated by
by TAprA'! 27) H F ABELL. the provisions of this ordinance, and whe
S ... '-- ihcr any case of such disease has o,'i-rr (I
Thompson's .ompo.u.d Syrp# during the passage of suehessel, and make
"Tzar anidWooad 1 lftpta, !11U
-.- .... report thereof ro ihe Mayor ; and for sich
F )R the core of consumption, chronic, bron- ..
j-r --+-' __ P .. _serie heshiall h-ea shutled lo receive from
. -L- co.-U+th-foli-a<)'r-v--',prhtmu cOitrK 'd P ' p T fa] t. -* r t i :. i r
of the heart, liver complaints, and affecti.ns of the master of such vessel or otoi the sum of
the : S",h in 'j ( AC,, YT -A' r,. SEC. 6. Be itfurther ordained, That it
"9 sb. sall be the du'y of "the health officer, har-
,.. ..ks.and.Statonery. bor master and marshal to report to the
/ tt~l~,Jou~irnals, Duiy Books, &c. ,,,... .
9 0^ ,,1'r, Mayor any and al, violations of this ordin-
U 5_.'E .ns, o ,,se l) ... L et --er P p e ; an e .
Cotton Memorandum Books" "
Ship and River Bills Lading; Passed by the Council llt-h January, 1844.
Boooks for Letter Press. DAVID G. RANEY, Mayor.
Blank Bills of Exchange and-Checks, WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk.
Just received arrd for sale byi
March 1 H. F. "Tr! I An lOdina~ce,



matter whether the result of inherent cause Or
causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
dent. N-thing car be more surprising than its'
invigorating effect on the human frame. Per-
sons all weakness aid lassitude, from taking it,
at once.become robtu-t and full of' energy under
its influence. -It immediately counteracts the
nervel'es.aness of the female trame, which is the
great cause of Barrtnness. It will not be ex-
pected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to
exhibit certificates.of cures performed but we
can assure the afflicted, that hundreds o1 cases
have been reported to' us. Thousands of cases
where families have been without children, after
using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine,
have been blessed with fine, healthy offspri'4g.
To Itlothers and aMarried Ladies.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to female complaints. No
female who has reason'to supposeshe is approach-
ing that- critical period, ,, The turn of life,"
should neglect to take it, as iftis a certain pre-
ventative for any of the numerous and horrible
diseases to which females are subject at this time
(f life. This period may be delayed for several
years by u.ing this medicine. Nor is it less val-
uable for those who are approaching womanhood,
as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening
the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed,
this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate
diseases to which women are subject.
It braces the whole system, renews permanent-
ly the natural energies, by removing the impuri-
ties of the body, not so far stimulating as to pro-
duce sibsequent relaxation, which is' the case of
moqt medicines taken for female weakness and
dise.ise. By sing a few bottles of this medicine,
many severe and painful surgical operations may
h,3 prevented.
GOreat Blessinga to rNotiers and
-C hildreoa
it is the safest and mnost effectual medicine for
purifying the system, and relieving the sufferings
attendant upon" child-birth ever discovered.' It
strn-thens both the mother and ch'ild, prevents
pain and disease, increases and enriches the food,
'those who have used it think it is indispensable.
It is highly useful both before and after confine-
ment, as it prevents diseases attendant upon
childbirth-in'Cogtiveness, Piles, Cramps, Swell-
in, of the Feet, Despondency, Heartburr, Vom-
iting, Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains,
Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secretions and
eqializing the circvla-tion it has no equal. The
great beauty of this medicine is, it is always safe,
and the most delicate use it most succe&'sfully,
very few cases require any other medicine, in
some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Exercise in the open air, and light food with (his
medi-cine, will always ensure a safe and easy con-
Notice to the Ladies.
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend"s Sarsaparilla,
have invariably called their stuff a great Remedy
for Females, &c. &c., and have copied our bills,
"and cixccilars which relates to the complaints of-
women, word for word-other men who ptit up
medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.
Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to
females, recommended theirs, although previous-
ly they did not. A number of these Mixtures,
PillS, &c., are injurious to females, as they aggre-
vate disease, and undermine the constitution.
Scrofula Cured.
This certificate conclusively proves that this
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob-'
stitate diseases of the Blood. Three persons
cured in one house is unprecedented. ,
Three Children.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I have the pleasure
to inform you that three of my children have
been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex-.
cellent medicine. They -were afflicted very se-
verely with had Sores : have taken pnly four bot-
tles; "it took them away, for which I feel myself
under great obligation
"Yours, .reaf+et fu~LL__"
".ISAAC W CRAINT, 106 Wooster-st.
depitsios +of Physicianis.
Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders
from Physicians in differentt parts of' the Union.
This is to certify that we, the undersigned,
Physicians of the City of Albany, have in numer-
ous cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
and believe it to be one of the most valuable pre-
parations in the market.
Albany, Apri 1,-1847.
Owing to the great success and immense sale
of Dr. TTwnsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men
who were formerly our Agents, have commenced
making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex-
tracis of. Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put
it up in the same shaped bottles, and some of'
them have stole and copied our advertisements,
they are only worthless imitations, and should be
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Sun
Building, N. Y:; Reddi~na &. Co., 8 State street,
Bosto ;' Dyott &. Sons, 132 North Second street,
Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druzgist, Baltimore;
P. M. Cohen, Charl, ston; W right &. Co., 151
Charters street, N. O.; 105 South Pearl street,
Atbuny; and by ail the principal Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout the United States
;Wet "Indies and 'the Ganadas.
For's~e wholesale and retail by
t ,, May 25, 1S48 19-1y Apalnchic61a,
"'p ,bcn eDry Goods,
'^^ ssciesoffer for sale a large and sea.
f .L. so'lable stock of Dry Goods, consisting .ir
1 part of"
e' Nezro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Baiau|)3 and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Sin~er E lish and French'Cloths',

Whitney Blankets, 10, t1 and 12 qrs.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 1.0 qrs.
0 Marseilles Q,,ilts, 9, 10, 11t and 12 qrs,
Danimiu, Kremlins-and Cottonades,,
,Brown Shirti-igand Sheeting,
Cotton Onaburafs,
n Cotton Drillin- and Ticking,
A Linen and Cotton Checks,
e Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, "
t Ble-iched Cotton Shirting anq Sheeting,
I Engli.h, Frehch andnAmerican Prints,
Extra .4w,>fr, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Swper Cashmere d'Ecosse,
t. Ehctra super Muslin de Laine,
Ealis'h, Scotch and American do.
Smr)er Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
o Super English and Pongzee Silk Hkfs,
n -En-, lish and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madraq and Verona head Hkfs,.
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
rl Suoer Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings
Cotton and Flax Thread,
v Plain and fiz'd, qwis and checked Musling
r Jaconeteand Cambric Muslins,
,1 Needles,-Pins, Tape, &c. &c t
v IWhieh have been-'elected with great care i
New York and Boston, from Importers and Agen
It zf Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, ar
e- are how offered'at wholesale or etail on favorab
.. terms by -WM. G. PORTER & Co.
v, Dec. 30, 1847. -,41 Water street.
'Wistarrs anm4 Swayne's Balsam
of Wild Cherry,
TF ST r-,'eived and f6f .ale by
P Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN &: Co.
n(, Cotton Hlooks,
-F VOR sale by -,
b l. .1an 11 C A GREEN & Co.
ce s(+ -. Snufs, ,*.
id CROTCH and Macob.oy,-just rec'd, for sale-bi
L T. 0A-- -- T (" ATTII 'ICo' r

Tax Collector's Sale.
V Y virtue of the authority in me vested by law,
I will expose to sale, before the Court Honse
Door, in the City of Apalachicola, on Monday
the 12th day of March, 1849, between the hours
often A. M. and (our P. M. the following real
estate, situated in th'e City of Apalachicola, .(as-
sessed as the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph
Delafield, Trustees of1 the Apaladhicola Land
Company,) or so much thereof as will pay the
Taxes for 1848, assessed thereon, for the.State
of Florida and the County of Franklin, together
with the cost of advertisement arid sale, and
which said real estate is described as follows, in
the Map of said City, viz:
Wharf Lots Nos 7, 8, 9-100 feet each.
Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17.
Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,.9, in Block 1Q.
Lots 4, 7, 8, 13, 14,15, 16, 17,18, in Btock E'2.
Lots 6,7, 13, 14, in Block F2.
Lot 3 in Block D2.
,Lots 4, 7, 8 in Block 1.
*Lots 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, in Block 4.
Loft 4, 5,6, 7, 8 in BlockS:
Lots I to 10, in Block 19.
Lots 1,2, 3, 6, 7,8, 9, 10, in Block 24.
LoN 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 26.
Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in Block 45.
Lots 3,4, 5, 6, 7. 8, in Block 46.
Lots I to 10, in Block 54.
Lots 1, 2,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 32.
Lots 2'to 1!(1, in Block 34.
Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 183.
Lots 2 to 19, in Block Jl..-
Lots'1 to 20, in Block LI.
Lots 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, in Block 9.
Also--All Land living on the'VVesside.. of the
Ap idachicola Bay, North and West of the Citlyof
Ap ilachicola, to the Waolernm boufid~iri-s o1
Fra iklin County ; als.o, St. Vincentls Tsland. St.
Geo'ge's Island, and Dng Island, (exclusive ol
that portion of St. George's and Dog Island owned
by the U. S. Government); also, all Lands lying
East of the Bay of Apalachicola and borderin-
on St. George's Sound, and running East to'the
m"uth of New River, I'romm thence in a direct line
to the Chipola Cut-off, following the Apalachi-
cola R.ver down to its mouth, including Forbe's
Island (so called); the whole containing 285,000
acr,,s of third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d
BRNJ. LUCAS, Tax Assessor and
Collector for Franklin County.
Anaohie+i,]. O('t(,bor '7, 1848. 38-6m

stock, renders hip assgrtmentVqOiffmafly, l pre
nd complete. English Frefdlh,"CIli -%i and
kmerican Dr 9 .88-nie'tic8", Peri9rMty;^an
nd lDruggists 'GLass ,wfr-A Sle'i, ;e. .rdi .
o PhysiCsans,." Oouartr- Meichannts aUbd4%tlt oN
%e most liberal terms--al nofwhirch hit dmh
pure and unadulterited. .... .---; -
r..tP TTBI 1 ,~f .
SWlholesalkean.eU a,
.al -..l45 tewr.r21't.,
Apalachicola', 1Nov. 21, 1^4 ',, J L'

'.' #V 3.I it! A. U4 ir4t' rill
Wgmder' ald Ble-miz ofi the .A,...
'The filtfie.tratdr,.liar, Ml'icine ,v the W,,rld !
T hiq Ert-rgct i+ to t "o'.) 11 1. rlArt B ille;: it 1- six
S--tirad Pprjior 1.) anV sibl. It 01i11-4i winhoUt
:'"." o''nitini,pur.;n5;:,_ir'!Bining,:r. .r
dabilitatin- th? Print"
The-grzat hbiiry a'idJ .4 2ri.)rity,'ot" this '3arsi-,
'"lprilla over all oth'r me li.,i iea i4, that wh~ie it
er'.'tcatei the ,lii'n', it iivi.rates thle body. It
-a one of the veryv b s .
"Eaer kinov,); it not oil) pjrii,.-thev.h'.,le Yy-
_ tn, a-0I lre-'rl'h- is ithe1 p r.-in,, but it creates,
~ ', -n p o p ',ir e ,m l ric'i 5 ,',1o 1I : ( m; aqj -:) ,' .?.l by
"4 Other I I Ihi; .?. .t i thii lies tie grand
.,,ve't of-it'4 Wrilt.-rft , -pcr t h'r! ierforme.4
.With th'f lt f.n/at ea.4, mra thim'103,0)3
cure+ gt 9-.v.:r'e.+ cu f< tif lfi~aa! ;-at leas-t l 5"',9)
ware c .,nicI d:.' \ ifi, 'Nta.I it hs a,&iv thoa lives
'nTWi-"h i i -:r1 ';illren d u i ig- th 'tw1 $to'sf
Sea3-.-."tl., ;' _. .^ "
A 6,931) C+ I,; of G ar a.',iS3tY
alil w a- a.t of voerv6'*4 t3 .S '
D.'. Y 1) v i l'i Sli-ri .-.,il; I iaviy ,Fate.-s the
wh )Il ',"te'n' # ,,, "hi eiitiy. i'0 (h-; pa who have
1 It tVeir ,in' 'il r enorz;; I,.' tha a t."t-I of m ed-
icila *>r i ti .. *ti c .-rTi.iitte, in'yo~nlf, or tho,
exc.zea ive I 1d d l. ? '.1 ? ff theapasi; -,i: i.;3, an d brotih t
oii a :r:i 'ril i)',ir.:l >ilr ,It >'i of ,the nervous
y ,4te n, lt ttul w int of amn.-itton, v-ii 'i i ?ie,i-
sait i. pr, n it I j.t*l.'e y a'i I ( .ine, hastenin-
t rmini, th it little disease., C 3-uun:tion, can be
e'itir,?lv r l.ci,. 1.vt by t')iq l.3't ro'mny. this
Smriairilli i fir -m, )?rier to any

A-4 it roie;.v4 al I .ivi'praes the sy'.te-n, gives
,acfivity i thil?: li.n'i ai I streith to the m',icu-
lar yi te n, I i i i ,1 t': r' rli- arv d. ,r"e.

Cli'T-a avi' -trr'?,'thid Cnsum )tion can. be
c ire'l. Rr.-t ."'r ii C,'>- i orn -)io-i, Liver Corn-
plIti it,. Cai. Citirrh, dJ h, Asth1na, Spit-
ti'-I" orf 1.1, 3, )rrle.s in- the. C eat Heatic
F1l.'.6,.NihIt S Ve to, Di Ti ;it or Pr:)fume Ex-
p-.f riti '1 P.diR i in the, Siil+, &-z., have b-en
S: anri can b- cured. -

-- ; oN,, Ypr, April "23, 1817.
Dr. Tb-v n -- '.'eril'," h'.ieve that your Sar-
sBnirill ha- h -.?_i'[ the TI 'ms, th['Iiu!t Prqvidaince,
of .;vin mv life. t have for1svenil years had a
bad c, I'P. It b.eaine worse an I wore. At
laft I raiq,, ir. ,? ,)-ia titiei of b( hlod- had night
sAvodi, il- I w ,v..rr,a1l' debilitated.adl reduced,
-and iti I nt exq--it to live.- I hava only used your
Sars.ir;)rilli a -';I irt ti n?, and" there 'has a won-
4lirfNIl chinpe ''*.,i wwi',rht in 11. T arn now
able tewlk wilt ,all over -the cit_ I raise no blood,
and inv em -i Ii , left -. "ou can well ima-
gine tkat ( ,Vn th ikfii t',r t hea results.
Your l-,o,.li in -. \wV\ RUSiE[.,1. 95 Catharine st.
.. ........... f it .ia tis tn
',This is only one of m- 1emthai four thomusand
Coaje of R'i,?in tisn i l-nt Dr. Tth t vnsen ',ir.;i-
parilla ha-z ciired, The iprt severe an0 chronic
Ce3am are weakly eral-iiard by its extra.,irJi'i ry
virtue.. :
Jainq Ci nn-in,, R-;,-rn nf-'the issistaiids
ih tha Llmiti Avl, i n, B1lir. v.._-1 1tslandI,.isthe
genrtleman s ),k.r of in the following 'It ""
BI I-';- v l [" [lan,1 Se'pt; '14, ', 117.
Dr. Tow n e id--')eir Sir : I hive sflffered ter-
rjblv fior nine year.3- with tile R iu n '6i4n ; con-
siderahle of thp time I Coi'lt i.-itret sleep or
walk. I had ih66 utna.t, dis treisinog piins, and
my iHmbg were terrihlv s'.llen. I have used
four b.ittlei of youtr S tmr virilli, a,-n 'they have
donee ire than Inm t.hoani-ia d J aO s worth of
good. You are at liberty to use this for the ben-
efit of the aIliL'tel.
Your., re'ne-trtillv,
'.: 1 Fcvee' an.l A.n A ,,e.
Dr. T,'%rl l' i izqtria'>ari'i [ is uIeIi I ,H-e; ifn
.oaist- of theCtiiill- aid ever x6d -4,'-i- Tlhe
followvinig letter is only one.of hundreds that we
have received from, the Smtlth amd West of like
Oiwe., ich., 0et 2:2, tIS7.
ODr. Townseid-: Dar Sir-I purchased tor my
w if:tobtttlesa'of r,'iprilli of' your Agent,
Mr. MqN'air, of .EKilanti zoo, to'try it for the Fe-
ver and Aa..-l, Bf.,)r. T had lirishel the first
battle, it appeared-rb w-irrm the blooi,, antd every
other d xv,'..whaei the Ciills ,at FIever ar pear.d,
they were-le.s3 vifte'rt ; and before she had fin-
1shed the bottle, shl.e ws entirety relieved, and
she was fnich better than e,'ie 't 1 i-sen before
she took the A'xii1.. A ldy that bhad been very
nick with the Chills innd Fever, but had'broke
th .:n .vil'i Q ii ii i -. I I *v i-0 -.i t ,* 1 v v ".,
and diqtreiinr qnte, and, troubled e\-eioi1in4ly
with the A-,t.? C i'k., saaiig the effect that it had
on my wile, she s?it ant] pr,-irpl a few bottles.
and .i restored hi,erin a fe:.v wie' health. Youir Siarsapairilla ts vit.i ,,ir diult-, ur:-
e'l'iile't i di,ais i.n'fida.T to the Wstaid il
you think, that thisecnnrmatiicotn will bot us
you are at liberty to ,mi it a-! you. choose.
Y'Ilr,, re-mpntfiullv, "
S. .,r Oa:UL.LS H. ,'-WAIN.

Below 13 ai a?'.>,i it '"' aar~lhjr child saved

ef tl~'o~mvt'OiC" e~illtr. Tha- following tw<
eerttiftd .tr8p s.l'eted fro'-n a great n'itn')r re.
teived this week. ..

B*6bvling Saloon aniid lijitliara
Room, ... .
THE proprietor, of The. dIt .enaur Boywling
_ Saloon" has used every endeavor I' ake
the establishment ait agreeable'place- of''resort,
and is thankful that an ever discriminain 1n. "
lie prove by .V b._ pa-trow .t Irap'pre.'.ion.
af his desire to please. Hle will always keep 2 a
choice assortment of 'iquors, a-nd, refrt,+lin
beverages, of a sort to tickle thejpJatleses o(f
Bacchus' m ost faslidi'ots sons,, anad .Oysters,
cool and delicious, fresh from tiei.r native bapka.
For a pleasant commingling f exercmi aind
amusement--uttle cvm dwice-tbe-re "i i no ing
within the circle of gymnaitis -6 "&fnf'%-it
a g'me of ten pins; but thnse preforring lUss
active amnseme'nils, can always.take*Wd'hal '
Come one-come all." .... ...
.... : .... J o B, ,JO
Apalachicola,'Dec. 30,1847.: -. '-lf- +

B. Ellison &i Co., Conr. Waterand
ielle-1,1ii Ht 0St.
.M ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Falldo, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, ChrTme Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Chrome Y81low, Ver-
digris, Lithurage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tar do, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
White, Blue and Red B 46ng, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
.Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingdo, Axes, Axv.
Helves,.Rooksand Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can.do. Cotton df, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes, Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Rigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hampmers, Hatchets. Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hfinges, Padlocks',
Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyards, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish doq, Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
-*elayitlgLP sjj '],n \Varo f rrk y, C *i "po- t,,oi
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c /fc.~
Apalachicola. Dec 9. 1847

Hardware, Ship Cbandlery_, ic
HE.Sub-cribers have on -'aitd for-sh---- .'
T tOCKS, assorted, Bu!s, S,rcewlse- ifingesi
[Ifariadsaj'-, Ailksas, Cromscu0t ld.zaf neK
Co mt'mses, At~gserGiniblet?, Ch~i?(els,.B]Jdce
ant Bitts, R]les, Bevel oSqhire3, Brr.ada.Xfs
Mhip do, C tlin d 7j,,aLe.het., Hpan.
mer, qhlitfnIlIan i,,gs, B'lijid doStelj-prds,'
Counter ca' ,-, Plallornm do, Colfin do!
Kilcnen Ware, -a ]e lt' Vy1 S bbvel ar.d

Hammers, Vices, .Screwplates, Slofiks~jlii
PieTonggsg, ilre Ra.--ps, &'. "
IRON--,Sweeds, English and A :erican.'aissortpdN
round, flat and s.qnarp.Band, Hoip, .'I4t'e IrId
Boiler Iron:, Railrh.d, Spike dn Mti- '"
Iron and "Na1ls, Cast, Englishi, BIlislter i-1
German Sleel. ./ : -. .
PLOTTGHS-Single and Double Cornslqielers-,
Cormm ils,. .o Thais, Trace do,-:Ox -do',
Shovels and $poades, Weedig Ht.oeoffrden,
Laue and Grubbing Hoes-.
CORDAGE-Man ila"and Hemp, otrtied, Piit i
Tar, Rosin.;Coatl Ter, Bright Vainisli, Hand-
.spikes, Bl'clcs,Oars, &t."
-CASTINGS-Sugar Kellles, Mills nd Caul.
drons, Bakeovens, Spiders, Polo, Enameled
Kel lips, Tea Kel les, & e,
TINWARE-A fuLt assoilment. .: +
Whol1esale or retail. ',.
Apalachicola, Jan. 24, 1849. .

A CARD. --: -
THE Subscribers take this methodlof: inform:
ing the citizens of" Apalachicla and its,-vir
cinify, Ihat they have now on hand a veiy -neat
and wellselected Stock of GOODS, which will bA
sold low, consisting in part as 1b1!ows:
Cloths and Cassim'ere* i varirioa v!]es!
F a n c y P r in tsi, :d o. 6 0 V o -. .. .
Alapaea Lustre; do. Fi'g'ured"
Silks, Ftode Ryne, .
*do. Montella t
vd n. Salin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
'd Merino do.
do. Delaine. do. --*'"
Muslins, InTdia Ecr.k .. ,-" '"
do. Swists, Lce and Colore *'
Edgings,,Lisle, Cap and Thlrea~d ."
8ba.',Da'mask.Silk i-'a;
tdo. Marinn, =,
do. Plaid. W oo] / ... .
Kid, Lace and, Silk 'ive;" -- .t o%,e
Tuskan Gips.y Ko4nnels; latest fashion +
Ribbons,|n all Ovrieties .
Brow.h Shirting, 7-'8,A44 n" i 1 4 .'
Bleached do. -78, ,-4.;:4-4 10-4andt 11-4
Blankets, 6.4 and .8-4 ., '
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting .... :, "
Carpet Bags s :: ; ; .
Hats and C~ps. all style i /. ,.(
'1 o .s and Shoes *..'- Clothing ol all kinds. '+.*/?. .A
Also,. a neat assortnien A ofJEW.ELRX and
many. other afircles too numer6us to w.eJiion/
Call and eXiisne fpr yodrrsatves. :.
Dec-23, bor. Water and Ceiilrj'tsA.
l Iron .Nis,, ie.. '
;Of/ T~(>N Swede Iron, assolrtf izi,
i2 J 100 *Kets Nails,- do. (
4 asks Weeding Hoes, assorted qupqhtites .
" 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils; '"
20 English and American Vises;
20 Bellows; ,. "' '
12 dozen Spades-and' Shovel;8', '" ""
i10 Collins' Axes; *;:: '. -y.'.
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen-Cards? j' M,* -
V case Rowland's Ca.st Steel Mill l a.WS ;
1000 Ibs Cast and German Steel, for sale lb
Dec 30 41 Water-'srer' :

Chloroform !
W RRANTED t.ure, just received and for
-ile by ,.
Nov 1R J r. AT".' N & Co.

Dry GoodI.4
D RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton 0snaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c. &C,
For Yale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and CWe.-;tn ,' sts

SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
baleand case, low for cagh, b .V
Dec 9. Gor. Water andUhesin't sts.
Tauners' Oil,

OR sol, by
rnp, r,3

STPTrrT"ON & Co.

BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by the case;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans
6" t cc fine sew'd llrogahS;
Men's pegged Boots',
"6 fine sewed Boots ;q
Russet Brogans. For sale by'
De 0. Cor. Water and Cnestnut sts.

Wood Ware') Ax.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
,Brooms; &c. &ec. for sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Waler and Chestnut sfs.

5 HqD'St C" ixSugar.;
15 do N w Orleans Surair;
20 bblk q! C ,ix 4
5 hxS F e, rid's Loaf (<
1V ,, rodi .d "
i0O wacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java,
i0 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
'20 ', Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50-kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.
Loai" Sugar.
2000 LBS Sttram Refih -d, for sale by

Woddihn WArbin
B"R kSS bound Cedar Pails, Painted Buckeits
Deck Buckets, Hickory and Corn Brooms, for
sale by [Jan 11] C A GREEN & Co.

(t0 K, J an P J. uO, AJjmIN m t.,v.




.=.'; o .N ,v Y r!. w, '-ril 1, 1 17.
-Dr. Towni'1'n : R.'irir ,r--9eofe mv children
wa, very sick Wit i a "1ailr in the 'Itrh 6ml
Thrfxt, Attaol ti,1: wth gra it d-)ility. Itfcarne
near dyiAri. v I btai,-i Akso'. of vo'ir exaptILn
m*Pdlicei a-M it ctir-d, it directly, for .y _,i.-h
uMtr .you. fFePi verv' grater-it.
Y .;-, r~a 3 e', f. ll',',
ELIZ -.B- rii V,'o ',l, -s27Ddsbrosses-st
.. it%! Pits! F-its!
lypT'l'i~l.vit 'vivil; t-ptel 'ik qir.1-11
rilli in ca .4 ot .;t ,,- ..if t+ ,wv rr.', i n .0
ed it, an t ,v.t,4- 4is r rir,-i. It t- rereaive thae fotlo, i,-
fr,- via iritellt'it a'ii reii)e,:ta le Far nwr i
We#tthurter county :
F .-)rt6 n, Atu-.,t 13, 1S13 .
Dr Tivwld: ,i+r ir--I hive a little &irl
eevan vea'( of a.r, wTho h vie-n qaveralvyear
tlioted .with Pit.; we trie.l alwnmst- everthin
for her, w without 4 .-;; at lasWt, although w
to.lAI A'tio ren u n-nt lii.vn in our circtd'irs fi
aI Hice- heri, wv t rit'ih, ash'.e w'ti in.ver
delilate hgafth, wre wo t ,zive h.:r 4 4. .f y.ut
.lifaaurJ a,.and .:re very 4ti wi? .i i, fr itn
only restare'h, r trinth..bt +ihe hTa ha- no'
tur* tof the Rits, tM o'r ,rexjt plpcir, e aII, s 3r
prise. She is fatt hesi-ning i',ul'ed and heart.
/whihwetfeel sgrtefui.
--i ~ =" yowls, rasrup,.-tfhiiv, ; .
y, rJO~t'l RBUTLER, Jr.
'I wie ,[eileinle,
O.Towrvw~ni'-i w v epee lv core-for rrwinient C'i-vunAlio'I, Barren
mess, Prolil,'wUteri t, nr-Fallin, ct" tlq ,W nlm
, .,iveije-w Pilea, ;',-j,,wrrh-s,. or,,I W!':ti,,ob
'ri'1te+f-or'di'fie*'lt Mei-tr,1ti.>n. Tnoontinenc
Pf Urine, or iwoluritarY d'dcharae thereof, an
htobhe"g eeral prostration of the system- w

Cheese. -
f sXl. Webfrn and Northern, in fine order,
30/for sale by

Iroyl, Nails, Steel, &0.
a' TONS Sweeds, American and English
30J Iron, assorted sizes ',
30 dozen Brade's Hoes;
20 dozen' Crown do ;
10 dozen Shovels and Spades;
100 kegs Naifs assorted sizes;
500 lbs Cast and German Steel;
20 doz Collin's Axes, Georgia arnd kentucky
- 2 boxes Cotton Cards;
4 do Coffee Mills;
10 kegs 5 and 6 inch Spikes; for sale by
C. A. GREEN & Co.
Dec 28 ,62 Water street.

BooIs ,-ini! Shoe$;
"OY'S.and Me~Ws Russet Brogans; "
Men's sew'd land peg'd Kip Brogh n's" '
*Gents fine Calf Brogans;, :,,
Wm'si pee'd and sew'd Shoeis; Chtldri.e hsfl, d'
Super Ladies' Kid and MoroccoShiies; -.
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boot-e. -
- A large and extensiveassortmenlt'ust received
and orsale by WM. G PORTR &.C0.,
Dee36 41 water.it.
Hrery's .Wrlg-nesia,'._ : ,

i Sm aked Tongues,
FIOR sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
Baaging avid Itope.
I' CS. Kentucky; 20 bales India; 100 coils
Rope, for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.



IplULL's, Sand's, Bristol's and; Baicyos~om-
_ pound Atuid. extract of Sarsaparilla: just re-
ceived, and for sale by 4, .
Feb 17. .[,.

For Sale#
" FIRKTNS of superior Butter, of La-
20tham's Dairy."
See 28 NOURSE, STONE &f Co. ,

/EORGrA and Lowell Osnaburgs always on
V_3 hand, at the lowest-rates by
Jan-11 -C A "GREEN & Co.

S Vermnifiuge -r
W I NERWS Caiadian Vermifuge, for -ale by
Feb 17 .1F A]LL.

IN Fire Proof Store No. 24 Water street, by
Nov 2 D. B, WOOD.


~-~e~--r~-C7P1~"2u~T= 7-s~-~- --PP~~ I- i

_1 _

Drigs and llfedklce! s.:
19 THE subscribe's 'as, .dll
^B~i^constantly have, .on 4,an~c a corele
-- 1 assortment 6f DRUGS ai.EI
---- CINES, which 'th.e-Wll"r rant
"-9 pure and ofthe best q"'fthy'. Conui
Merchants and Plh A ft'wii .d-,S4t
o theiradvanfage localil,examine, d pice their
Goods, before purchasing e]where. ... : -'*:
N. B. Physeican's prescriptions puOtt-A1gwitl!
care and accuracy at any hour-of theda,,e -gt,
1 .C..AL '
J an 5 I 'C dr. C en tre a nd C pm p.e r ce .


^gg^^i '(Entfarfce o0i) snu-s
x B. Watches, Cloc.trad JeWeltry p, fi y
irpalred. tpbir 21, 1847.

- I A -yx -

50 "MLS Ch: mpagne, t,,rsal, by
q PT T, 0 ." r TFON "- Co.

Groceries and Ship Stores.
TIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do',
Northern Flour, Western do; N '0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oa~s, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
LAINS, Plain frons, single and double, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws
Markin, Guazes, Mortice (],,, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and ta ddes, Butts, Screws, Hinzes, Shutter Bolts
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Ra
Traps, kVxes, Hatchetg, Coffee Mills,, SledgeHam
rners, S nith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dee 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
S VEDE Iron, Scotch do, WVeeding and Garden
I ,P.. Blacksmith ; Bfplow.., Cotlicnaiid 'Voo
Car ',,. Spades and S novels. Cauldron and Suea)
Pans, Ploughs, &c. &'. for sale bv
DeT P Cnr.- ..- ... Cl estnut s!.

0 ( r UKT new 1,,,, ;.,; s.ilp bv
20 T f- GREEN T- Co.


Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
+Goshen Butter.
0 KEQS Hamilton's Dairy, of a superi
20 -)uAlity, tor sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.

- ., _

011fc BAGS; 25 kegs new Buckwheat, just r
20 ceived, and for sale by
Jan 11 C A GREEN& Co.

_ __ __

City LOts,
FOR Lease ori Sale, for which warrantee deeds
--will be given.. Apply to
Dec 291 .. H. G,*GUYON.
Leinoii Syrup.
B RAY'S superior Lemon syrup,just received
and for sale by
Feb17 H F ABELL.

,-*. -;.. o a~pa. -"+,/ j .e
A.LA BZGE'.asoqrtmnt, O.f TojWltMt/p,just
received, and for sale by
Dec s ..... A L. ,

ia -., A"
Ifan I I-








To ainend an Ordinance, entitled "an Ordinance
concerning Slaves," &c.
Sec. 1. it ordained by the Mayor and Coun-
cileof the iUty or Apalachicola, That from and
after the first day of March next, if any owner
of any slave shall keep, o" cause to be kept, any
slave in .-ny, house oh any lot in this city, with-
ouGt having a white man residing on the ame,-, r
shall suffer or permit, any slave to occupy a house
on any lot in this 'city; wi-thou't having a white
man residing on said |ot, the persori(..so offending
shall, on conviction; be'fined five dollars for each'
and every day that such slave shall be so kept,
suffered or permitted-one half to go to the per-
son informing; and it shall be the duty of-Ihe
Marshal to report to the Mayor the names of all
such slaves as may be found occupying or living
on lots contrary to this ordinance.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That in case
the owner of any slave found Jiving on oroccu,-
pying a lot contrary to, this ordinance, shall be a
non-resident of this ciiy, on such fact being re-
ported to the Mayor by said Marshal, or other
person, he shall issue his precept to the Maishal,
commanding him forihWith" to remove said slave
so found living or occupying as aforesaid,; and the
said Marshal shall be allowed therefore ithe sum
of three dollars, to be paid by the bWne" of s-aid
slave, and for which execution may issue on the
judgment of Mayor's Court ; and any such slave
fouzid offending against said ordinance a second
time, shall, on conviction, before Ihe Mayor's
Court, be liable to be punished by whipping,
with not less than ten nor more than thirty-nine
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That this ordi,
nance shall not be deeined or held to apply to
any slave living on any lot adjoining, or within
one hundred yards of the residence ofthe owner,
hirer, or person actually employing said slave.
See. 4. Be it further ordaii;ed, That it shall
not be lawful for any owner of any slaves to hire
or let to such slave his or her time, and 'that any
such person so offendinq shall be liable to the
said city in the penalty of one hundred dollars,
one-foutth of ivhich penalty (when collected) to
go to the infbitmek.
Sec. 6. Be it further ordained, That the ma -
ters of all slaves used as public porters, lab,irers,
laundresses, of for other public uges, shall, re-
ceive from the Clerk of the City a license for
such purpose, for which an annual fee or five
dollars shall be'paid, four dollars of which shall
go to the city and o'ne dollar io the" Ci'rk; and
that it shall be the duty of the Clerk issuing such
license, to give a badge having printed t'e9 nuim-
ber of the license granted for any or all of the
purposes herein named, ih legible characters,
and which is to be worn Ull the slave Opon a con-
spicuous part of his person ; and an owner of any
slave offendinglagainst the' povisions of this see-
tion, shall le subject to a penalty of ten dollars,
one-half (when collected) to go to ,.the informer.
Sec. 6. Be it further ordin"d, That all ordi-
nances heretofhre passed, conflicting with this
ordinance, be and the same are hereby repealed.
Passed by Council, 30th January, 1849.
Hydrosiatie Ink F ouliltain.
A FEW Hydrostalic [nk Fountains, Pen Racks,
Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Veightv, &e.'for sale by "
Nov 1 J C ALLEN & do'

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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: February 15, 1849
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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/ k# '

/ H : p




,\, _" .


e'inctcit' 1.1 : 11t i t: t tt.: ';: ';


__ '. ,-. ,. ,... .t .I

I _- J _. ..
----- --- _
-- _
---- --- I.rt
0 -



L Holden's Dollar Magazine I I The Leading Periodical lu AmerIca.GODEY' .
JUciifltMJ Dircctoun.Win. : ?. zu i 1t.: 1J tLecor. Au Ordinance
near, ll.e pl.iceItere fire may be, and, in conformity
: Fill' Pnvinlins and Extinguishing Fires, and with the (direction of Ibe Chief or other

TG8 PAGES IN THE VOLUME I .LAD 'S BOOK, G. Porter & Co. i JSCE.UlATI DAY. DA NIK i. J. DAY. I E !J.JisHnt a Fire D#parlmenl.I Engineerto exert themselves in the best man

''8 to 30 Splendid Wood Engravings For 1849. DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION J. Day & Co., SFCTION I. BP it ordained) by the Mayor: and ner po-sible, in working and managing the said

each month Dedicated to the Ladies of the United Slates. MEItCLIANTS. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I Council, of; the City Apalach'cob, Thai the apparatus, and in performing any duty that they

No. 41 Water street, No. 52 Water -treet may be-called upon to iK, by any Engineer; and
Edited by SARAH J. HALE, Dec Fire Department shan! consist: of a Chief Engineer, I ,
30_ Apdlachicold. Fa. Dec 2 Aiiilachicola, Fa. I' I upon; permission of the Chief or oilier Engineer,
Magazine universally and '
This unrivalled Family GRACE GREENWOOD, o as mall i-thiT Engineers-not less than six-
13. r. Nourse II B Stone II W. i {ttj. Agents for LLOYD ; al-o, Agents for the shall return said apparatus: to their re p. clivo
he American Brooks.
acknowledged by the Press a" BEST and L. A. GODEY.A Insurance and: ot as nvmx Lcqlllt"men, t'> bs divided i i into
offers at the commenceincut JVoiirse, Stone & Co. Etna Go. the Protection InsuranceCo. companies a- I the number of Engines bel-msjin. places of deposit : ProchfeJ, that, in the ibsencaof
Periodical published ,
Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who contributes and the "Hartord Insurance Co. Ilarlfoid all l ho Eiign.-ers: such direction and
ol the 3d volume u nisual inducements toubsribeU. to ev No. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Conn. to thn City "h.lll. Irojn I time to time, requir'*, or permission -
Its features hereafter will be en. N. P. WILLIS No. 46 Water street, rnak" cX''fdirrit.: And the said r.iiineer': : >nall m.iy given by their respective Foremen.

tirelv American, including, T. S. ARTHUR,Original who contributes Scriptural to every Poetry.No., Dee 12_. Apalachicola, FIa. Charles Rogers Eugene. Roger3.Clias. be antuMllv chosen for one year, according! to law, shill Svc., by 10.the On the said return tf >aJ:,1 apparatus, they howell

TALES Rogers & Co. land! shall until others "hoel1 in cr'UJpatucr; rep rtivcly
AMERICAN I serve are their
illustrative of Crooine'a .
Sketches of American liOCklmrt & Young, washed, cleansed, ultd, and jf-cr.rc-ly housed ,
PORTRAITS COMMISSION Priteitlt-J that vacancies be filled
AMERICAN Character. MERCHANTS, I places: may at
; oiiqem e un -:tiifllencr, noI -
AMERICA TALES, Waler street, I any titn"and the slid CIi.it'Lwd other Engineer
We intend to notice of o'ur intentions .
merely give a I 'ei.n'Y-Jrd': comp-vMes! i so;.!! ni t fur the
AMERICAN SKETCHES.A Dec 9 Apahchicolu, Fa. i i shall, on hi-; or their appointment, receive a writI i pur-
for next year leaving to others long advertisements No. 53- Water street, I !;o..e of examining t tt.c .?at. r'lf 11.ir; respective apparatus
series of Ertgravmgs, from the Paintings of ten or printed certificate or warrant' in the wordtf4Ill'nviIi.
full of
sound and fury, signifying nov21 Apalachicola, Fla N. J. flcblois. I and see that he .uie are in go.jd crJt4r
Cole xix
our best artists,including ,Gignoux, Durjnd, nothing." |I ;, :- and fit f.-r service

Edmonds, and others, is in vigorous preparation, Agreeably the practice of last year,the pub- flarpnr & Holmes, COMMISSION MERCHANT AND FORWARDING .i '' Thii. certifies that A. B. i app')inted'an Engineer SEC. 11. If Member 'f eill er of the .severalcornp.nies

and Ihe'facile pencil of the inimitable DARLEYis lisher will issue number each COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (or Chiel Engineer) o? the Fire Dppartment! ; any
as good a month as shall ,
No. 44 Water- I \villnly ncglnft r>r lelnsi? to
Holden also, :lreef of! t the City of Apalachicola and i i. entitled to all pcr-
actively engaged enriching ,
now 'he does in January. This is a novel feature in the .. Dec 2 Apalachicola Fa. form 'his duty, or shall! beg'iil'y of!' !>",.rderlv (:11-
Agents for ,
Public the immunities belo saM t ifHce. .
with his Portraits of/ e Men of Ame : I ( ginij to !
Magazine publishing. During the whole of last SUN MUTUAL tXSURANCE'COMPANY duet, dl"fbt"cii.'r to the Oi:: r-?, r.r to ary Engineer
Given under hand this A. D. 18 ,
nta. year he gave more engravings and more leading cf the City nf JCcw York, A. N. McKAY. N C H'IJ I\"S. CHAS. PRATT. I my he shall, for such ffi-tict! be cismis.J
The PORTRAITS OK DISTINGUISHED AAIERI- matter than of his and will Mayor, from
any contemporaries, the Der: rlnvM.SF.C. .
No. 51 Water A. I "
street McKay & Co.
will be continue din No -fiiv Clerk
CAN DIVINES every as continue doso next Those who subscribe
10 vcar. 12. All l not
heretofore, with lif .like sketches ol t their! lives to GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, may do so under Dec 12___Apalachicola, Fa. COMMISS ON MERCHANTS Arid the res.rctive] ranks .fthe Engineers shall members of sid u'.cry1'lve.l% 3".trtherebY rrtM ir'ent.
c< rriMMies" ; trtjointilto
.and ministry Etch No. will be filled with the, assurance that they will receive more for W. T. WOOD. E. B. BALLOU. No. 40 Wakr.strct, i be determined by tbe Mayer' and Council. obey the directions| tr any I lit'f't.'r.: ; i\'n..t

TALES. POEMS, ESSAYS, their money in the Magazine alone than subscribing Wood A; Bnllou Dec 15 |! SEC. 2. The Kngrrvers: so chosen, hall meet fite
by Apa.'achic.ih! Fa.Coniniissioii any and to r'nl'r their S.T irs, it r.fjtmetl
REITIEJV.S'. SKETCHES, t tany other work. To this i is added C O M M M 1 SSI O NT :MERCHANTS. ------- -- --- I organize themselves into a Board of Engineers i. by any E-igineer: under a penai'y 1 1"sust I U-s than!

TR.'i.\.SL,1 TIO"'S, and included' ) in tho same $3, the LADY'S DOLLAR QiTiee No. 42 Water street.-U|> stairs. and Auction Kootti, : a mKJ'-rity of'wham shall form a quorum, five, nor rm.re f Inn twe..ly t!,)lti'r'j. aid it shall! be
TOPICS OF THE JI/OV7Y/, Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa. and of which! in t fh! ab-encw of Ihe Chief Engineer -
NEWSPAPER, which contains in one EUFAULA, ALABAMA, I the duly of the Chief or other I'l: "Kerrtore. -
and will em''>r ict every I thing i .1//,ll. illg. Inslruclitf t'i' *' Engineer next in rank shall ue jT.si-
month nearly, if not quite as much reading matter ALVAVYLIE., WM. A. McKcxzic.Wylic port to HP: Mav'l\r the name ot'evrry person Ii an./llrtlJ..lle lIiOin i i ii ihe world.Asa BV I ding oir.cr! and t they appoint such Secretary
; prngrr* : ; may !
I athe other monthlies, making for $3, the & :IffcKcnzic to tile penalties r'rovult-il by tit! i.a ctirn.
Mag- < llie Editor i i-i c..r.tLI1II! J. B. or other officers, and make such rules and re-
Family : xn STARK & Co.
: amount of of two month. .
reading magazines a COMMISSION[ MERCHANTS i Src. 13If shall t b tu! > duly of llie Chief ard

hat no rivalry can affect,or fl)1)ti4)fl/ lessen i its I 'fnr.uF..i1.F. PECULIARITIES about Godey's La.dv' No. 42 Water street, We having received a lull share of the patronage : uuhlior.s for [their own government, a; they may other Engineers: to inquire l'>r:;,rld! c\\ in.incjnta,
value\ and worth, :1:1,1: he rfiVrs( it to te!: world as, see fit. They shall have at all times, the super-
IJo'm for the ladies that other all ;
: no Magazinepossesses. Sept. 1 IS t7.J3lachiro1a, Fa. from the Merchants of Apilaciiicnh last I shops and other j'-Iarts \vliere sla: \ it ;s < r '1 h.-r'
I iiiletidf-r.ce .tnd! control 1,1'{ all I lie Eugi i.e ;md other
ju! J< rus character! literary m:ritaud illustrative There is a Mezzotint and Line En- season, will feel thankful the same in our I meof' combustible! 1 materials may t hl- delli ctfl aruUfeiPsitcd -
i houses u ,'d f for the of L the Fire Department
bjaaty, gnvins in each number-both by the best artists. S. & .1. Schiller. business t' e comfng winter.Eulaula : purposes ; and, from time tt> tt'ie.:! aul f i.t all tunes,

The:11 o'.1 r.1 magazine I In addition to I these, there are given monthly WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER Ah.. Nllv.' 1 I, IS IS. 45.ttELifaula I andI I' a 1 luntiuieand\ apparatus thereto to be vi4ilant i in taking caret I r tl..* r. m"v jl t Hoe
O7T.HE: NINETHENTH 1 : CENTURY &:: '- Purticularatteiition piid: to putting family ti'l.'i'i a-id. cf the Engines and .all the
whut no other magazine gives-a Colored Fashion / same whenever,in tt.t'! ;j'iw,1\ any lr. of llu-nr!
I Auction
No family 11\ Lc) laiifc ccn* a fiord! to be without Plate, with a full description This feature steamboat and ship stores. anSI C02nlni*- other fire apparatus belonging to the City, andover the same may be d. ru&n fI is to the >-'t'"nlff the

:"Hi lden in its cirde; for when suc'-i: a periodical i is peculiar to Gdey, as no other work has them No. 4'J Water street, sion IIo:8se, (tile Qllicers: and Members of the :'wralCOTJl'aile' City from fires, ar.ll l } riirk-ff the t tenant ;.r ,:cf upiiit -
Nov. 14 Apalachicola Fla. : aitaclied to the Fire Department, andover
can be obtained one year fflr the tril1 ofV (>vt-ry month and colored. Then there arc Caps, BY of said s.ojsor'! 'itit! rtts..II! ft'fn'IH.IfIC'
all unemployed: persons, :and may make! Midi:
( 0\K DOLLAR, JJoniH'N, ChemiFettcs, Equestrianism for La- II. F. Abell, D. DANFORT2I.Thankful rules and; regulations for I Ihe better government same, or pay the eXfic'nI t T.ch r:11IC'af, lilllcr
who who viIlllf wi- h. to suri-cribe ?. flies, with Engravings. The Ladies' Work Ta- WHOLESALE: .VD RCTAIL, j the direction of such Er'iei.rs.:
: fur the hitherto rccl'in.dfrf'm. discipline' and gord older, of the Department .!
putronait0 ,
i The :reai feature rf iJjUin ;,<, ifytt, tc'iitr hlo, with design? for knitting, neltintr, crotchet, DEALER IN DIll'OS, MEDICINES, PAINTS, SFC. 14 It .hall be- Iii. <' tlo' I.r lIe: rf.j.f and
the and
Merchants of Apaljchicola, ho wo'ild! fur the prevention and extingui>hing of fires,
tiring perulinrly American in Jtentimtnt nn I pprtlully solicit a rontinu.irice of (tlieir f-ivr r-- as I toy rrny, Ii era t time to t time, t think expedient,
it zyllutt and eIl.jiLS. oil J.!c b"lllliu ";;;rlokin Caps, Chair Covers, Window Curtains, Also-A general :assoitment of Statinery. f'1''Clir'n, t-r altrraJism: 1 1 all fire-placts
Eut.uil.i, Ala., Oct. 27, ISl'i. 423GREEN t the: same not b'il\ repugnant to I the laws of thiscomtiiuiiwealtb
sf Ihf.PrU1Cflis.'l 'and ..imrrican. Piriwticil lYOli, '.v',. Purses, Bag &.C.&C. Ht'alth.2nd Cor. of Chestnut and Water street?, --.----- [ mid bc-ing subject to the or stoves in. said City: arul it nt t |fr"i"> | rlJ.cort-
*, rthite diacnnlins* I1Ilr..Ie/Iic's and licm. iiIt1t V, with I Ellgravi ns. Model! Cottages, with April 11 Analachicola, Fa. -- --- ---- appr- strn"ted. they shall notifv the occupanls of any
bat iom of f t the Mavor and Council
.f combination of the Eneyfloprdia, the Gaz'ttrrr ,riind! ;iihns, and! other engravings, always illustralive ]!rofr oni11 NoUerJf : SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of said Engineers, huildin, in until::?, in wS.ichsucb; firp-iila, ( r

lite Q'uzrtru/q Riticti; nrvl the. IVrrkly ( -something i1 t.'ful. i\I'ic, beautifully cija-uhi: Stillor, ---------- whenever fire shal. break out in the stove has been improperly erected to alUr SJill
a Cityto
.\" lC'l'aptr. .tt hyct separate enddisiiMt' from printed; on tinted p \ ) S YDi\Y loilhivith to, the place where the
or near
all, bytj)0fseiiin% rnoti :fi of thnr v"riou'.qut/-. and b--'l1m1. Colored Modern Cottages and Colored No. 4.3 Water street-Up stairs, M.U : pan secure for f the prevention rf tire r.r to rtir..-vll.e I

ijicntions to comm"nd itself to rvrry rec-let.. :. Flower Pieces occasionally. The are all extra Dec. I IS17. Apalachicola,..Fh.J. I &::?- May ba fi.und; at .his residence:! corner ol fire may be ; to and take other proper measures be that I the several sarr.e; and on failure of uch pursori Cr j'Ctsitr.s sc

The object tif the Editor has .be
THHEE D. L.I.AA, MAGt tKr-7-o'n ONE TH.RD were.a.11 I J given i last year and will( be continued. House. Nov 9.'V. f..r the lnt'CIUJI extingui-hmnc.t of thE:fire toivq'uie necr?, will.;in twenty-four n<'urs. ho, she, '.r lby,
15 S.
Vy'iCE, and a glance; -t t f nlden's will show I the addition, we shall have in everyNo., Hawley,, ; shall forfeit and p.iy the sum c.t! Ihe dolarsJ! I. r
FACTOR AND COMMISSION MERCHANT and! compel assistance from all as
Now ihe flf G. ii!. Davis persor.s each and rrlu-sal ,
Jesuit tie only asks support of the one > ; > every ncglfct ( r to comply with
well members ot ths Fire other
ciirtimtmly and in retrrn.; will give improveinents "CROO.ME'S SKETCHES OF AMERICAN No. 2S Water street, ATTORNEY. AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Department I the order (f said Engineer '
ill the fire removing furniture
as they arc demands! '. ... CHARACTERISTICS, '? Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. Offers his services to the public in either ol the goods ixliiiguishiiig, or other; merchandize, from building Src. 1">. Il shall helhcdnfy of all owners of

(CNow: 'i is Ihe time to subscribe, a<* those A m't? tnu: !ing series, II ow. first given to the Avery & Jones, above capacities. any dwelling hou--e. or kirl! *r.s, cr oihrr! I ,-u.e5wliere .
on fire or in danger thereof, and to appoint guards; !
ndiig! first will receive the first impressions: of \tJl: -rit-.m public. These! will be illustrated in GROCERS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS fires are u--u illy kt'pt.o I.ave l'N:?I:tJct-d
He will practice regularly: in Franklin, Cal- to secure tile sonIC and, -as-! in pulling down
ilie engravings. The ':II.'S can be I urn!.helltr"Ira every No. by a Story from the po\\'erfulpen of T. No. 43: Water street.D houn and JacksonCirciiit Courts-and will, Ui'Il[> ", dcIItuIItl.E.. ".: ;...3. ,? uiiuiis, if occasion goOd, safe, and sulfirimt eliinir.ej* thereto, at

Jtf v,1*J, "if wished by uh'"f1h'rtll.lt month S A'thur Esq.. r 5 Amhchirola. Fa. a special retainer, act as CoiitKel!, in any Co'ir! require ; and, further, to '11111Ir.'I'v o"I ,'-- ; i.UJiffif1 b1'ffl '..(,\! ithm.3'. d

corrncncinj the previous volume. ': ,'' THE CHANGES OF FASHION," BENJAMIN: EM.IXO.N WILLIAM I A. WOOD of t'ho \ridlI.f) .-.._P- o.o-"it. rye v lh"! -oJ'l ...,, nUi.', .11:11: iici-n-u.., I,oihi-iri; uty: to cause.order the roof or sides rf: said buildirgs, but must lie,

TERMS FOR IS11V (IN ADVANCE.) 1 Illustrated by Fay Rohinon. Esj This serli fit. Kiiison &: Co., argue cases in the Court :,1' Appeals at :T.illah.v- ,. In he preserved at all tther. lures when properly placed in such chum j o; ar.d il said .

5 eny; ,. ... . ,One' Yrar. .... ..1 00 .will, h. very interesting; to the J.wlie COMMISSION I MERCHANTS I see, the sessions of .which he will always be I companies alt'.cbtd to the Dc-ar'ir.ent{ ; are en owner or occupant} [ shall f.ul c r refuse Itvcrrn. ly

r'spie4..s. .. ..4 Oil() TIlJo- APPLICABILITY O'P TIlE FINE AND nRALEKS IN I present at, unless prevented by acndent.ApalacliicoLi duly.S"EC.. with the |/'irovj>-ior.s ol tlii't-'fclii n within l-Atnty-

!>') copies ... .. .. .'.. . . 15 Ii') ARTS TO DOMESTIC USE,"'. DRY GOODS GROCERIES'. HARDWARE, : September S, IS4(3( 4. The Chief Enginer-r4iall have s'.lecnm- four hours :alter being nrhfitd 4f f the sarrc, he or

PREMIUM : anther series of Engravings now in preparation TIN WAItE, BOOTS, SHOES. HATS, I niand at fins over all ,other Engineers, all Members she shall pay Ihe sum cf five ft liars !Is; r eich ar.tl

; and? will he published dm in- the year. CAPS, CROCKKRV{ ; SHIP .. G. Sen.nu, of Lie [Fire Dt'parlmenTi1-lId ail other per- .
Piwt'nasters, or ihers, sending( 2'') names a id) CIIA.MDUI2UV, *ao every day he or she \ra\\\ \\ s.> I fail r refu--
ATPnr'J1v AT T A \U' and shall dirf'c.tallli"pI'
'I 15: Vol I II I of COTTAGE FURNITURE. t. !1'1I1 I ( may be piesenl at fin:; ; be hwlul
is'lIar''Ili receive H"ldens.Magazine Cor. Water and Chestnut Fts.D Simmon' Src10.. It -hall rot l ft r aiy person
intend &3- Office, Vo. 2 Capt. Building, at'tires
1 tor the extinguishment
Mod. I
>und of .Cotrtge c.or. Centre & COlllmrrcpstl'eefs. ot of order,
the ,
publication presrivation
now to cojnmance pititecticii property
(onst-pjid',) combustible matter,'-n any wl I :1It I r inai.yfrlrttf,
to CHAS. M'CALLA.. GUJTAVK ReIAIN.TiI'Calla novo Aiulachictib; Fia. Fire !J(1fdlllanct.! and
Furniture-a very necessary appendage a and tJ"(l'\'allce..t the ,
'CP.VRtt W. said Ctly. wilt nt !
.!IJ.Qf.DEX. I or open place in : ;a {'tnut n.m
t.1 t & Rotnnin. sniul; regnl'-jtio! ; and it shall be the duly of I ll.e said
1'J'J) NTasav-sireet.: N Y. e. ; Ihe Mayor; nor shall it be Kiv.tu! f r any f'H:.n
P. S. E !itnrs copying the aW'c' I'rospecfus; RELIGION AND HISTORY. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SCOTCH and Macabuv, in botlUs and blad- I I Chief' Engineer I lo t.\ainine iito: lit' million ol t to make < r cause to be made a fire, r burn anV
Oar suju-rior Ani'ts I Walters, Tucker, Pease No. 9 Columbus Block received and fir sale i all I Ihe Fireappar.itu-vai'0 nl 'l"e FngineandolhtrHouses :
: tt'alfbllat
,jai d tiiis notice, and! noticing: th<> Magazine! edit'Tially j comhu ti'll' Ualttro& any rr
will h, entitled lo the PC'OfltJ'lIlume I f I. atid! Welch, arc now ehgajipd upon a set of plates Nov. 1R Aoalachicola, Fla. Feb 17 II F' BELL. bol'iiigiiig to the City, and used for the or xvater cralt, l lying at the ubail in said

Ili M.Mrs; M"ga/.inc handsomely boud in tf.'V'in'j' ; illustrative of these two subjects. Underwood & Caigli I purposes' ol I the Fire Depam t ii.ent, a. circuu.stan- City, whereby cotton, -rchandize, t-r ollur t [prcyperly -
OUR MUSIC. Clarified Sugar. render it t expedient, or whenever dirt ct-
ces I
and glt-oigfd.: and in addilion; a 'p1idii1; lull.Vnzl'n may may be er.dar.geud.; ; and any {,'C-rtoii vitiating -
for mostly original and TAILORS BBLS New-York ClariHcd I ,just received, ed do L the and Council, or by the
: E'lgravinjr. en tinted papcr] ol I Horace II Pnjpircd: expressly us- 50 s.) to by Mayor either of l.e nti.vision ot llm M-clit.r:, lan
has commanded a decidd and for sale Committee .:nf I the Council 1 on the Fir Department .
tret-iy, E-litoi fir\ ibe New York Tribnie!, drJ1frortl hr'al1ljfllHy! printed, long BALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. by be liable, to sad! City, in the pt l.ally of fen J(I-
that of other Magazine. Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. and to the) *,m e to the Mayor -
lifr bv Dark,,, and! rnnraved by Kichard- pr-ference over any Apalachicola, Fa. annually repot lars, t for the lust l t i Hence: .i.d Iwiuy tiUiurs: Ur
I I It I i i. a feature) in The Rook.THF. and Council I, and )llener, it I Ibr-reur.to requtstetl -
*'"!. The !h/.k will he mailed to chi pap Tab' -> attended with Panacea.WAIM each $Ub5 (lul.r.1 t-fil-rce-!
i: LITERRY CHARACTER OF GODEY'S to-i All orders punctuality alo, I lo cau-e lull de!criilion| ol i ihe same
ut the ]5lh l of Jaun try, when it will I l be rea :y. I LADY BOOK. and despatch. _Jan- 21)xll. ) S & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received toItIHr'llh; t ihe names ol the Officers and Members SEc 17 That every (..wr.n.r a :
,on the reception of a paper r cpntaninq? t iheadvvrtfernent and for sale by house in said City; s!.all,within t iwornoMhaalter
i Miss Leslie Grace Green- tif I tlc Fiiv rment, I.) he t nih-lu Cl annually -
l With hiichriters as Depart
.: a'u.ticl' marked. Edit--M C.>!DV ill; N. Scott & Brother, Feb 17 II F' AnCLL.: the j'as' -agH ( t this Oiduiarce, I'tovid tfier
: j "d\V. G. Simms, Mrs Ellet, T. S. Arthur, i i in xiicb in.ituur as t the Mavor and Council
thin! aid riujicing( monthly will aNo H.rl"itIl'; I I7uIne : : AND RETAIL DEALERS IV --- sane'wil h ascuillnl-iioc! r I t.rlJugh{ I the rocfotsuch
Smith Mrs. J. C. Neal, H. T. WHOLESALE shall I I dnect a'iti whei.evt-r tlie E'lgimor (1 her
K. Orike :
Mrs the J.I\\ for cash
by ;
each month' fur the cnnii'sg ve.ir.Pro ; DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS Caps by 'house, large eir.gb ti-r any iran ,NJ |J'a:s rough
H. W Herbert &c. the author of Fire Eminc or t-tht-r t |III.UO5. used by
---- -- .--- Tuckerman, HATS, tec., B. fLLhOL O. I apparatus: conveiiiently, at.d stcurtiy Cxa gucd ar.d s-ulli-
"(. tel'lI ltco. \Widow dntl, Professor Frost, Bryant, Long. Cor. Water and Centre-st reefs, Dec 9. Cor. Water and (,. -l -I.Drugs I I t lie FIn D. p llJ\\lt I rl quirt'' alterati"T'> add iI i- I dent ladder! to I lice can;? ; ar.d aty I'cror lailir'

S r. LOUIS 'I''lr, ()!iio d-., 'l.ard!, W ii:!kpy, IIIit' ,, Holmes, -and a host f 'of others-must al. Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa. and Illediciacs--- ----- ti-m-s", or repairs, the C hue) EIinc( r, archer: the t'l comply with the privisio.s t tl.i- :ccii.'nstall
take the lead in literary merit. I diivrtioii! of t I iheCou-H-il I I or t the Commitlee I on the
Sazar, ( bf'ee ar.f.lirim< (. Molasses, Pork me** I \\MJS Nw be habie, to taicl City, in tl.e i'ti.alty o! ten tMSLC -
WM. W. CHEEVER subscriber Iras r-'ceivnl I irirn
4 jnsl
f"J' ,, TERMS: ; WM. W. SJ\I! THE I Fire Del\JrtIJl'ntltall can e tl'.esnmefobe mnde, '
J : !\baconHams 1 Side H'urS'ioulders j !a- .
a.ie! by B. ELLISON: & Cn. II i For Three Dollars we will send the Lidy.'s Sims Cheever, per brig; Virginia, a I lir e ind I lrL"b and: I it I hall le, im-reover, I the duty of I Ihe Chief IS. Tie. City Council m'ylt anytime,
than other MERChANTS stock of Drills and Medicine.and\ all arln'h-s l j amid I transmit to the Council I i iI
Dec I Book containing more reading any COMMISSION Engineer: : to ren-iw irun.btrs
9. Cur.Tat.r and Che -- -- monthly, and the Lady's Dollar New.:paper published Office No. 36 Water street. usually kej-t in hi. I line, t lo which he \\oiiM ivspecltnlly I all! returns' ol Odicer.-, Members: at.d Fire appa-! i trice: the Cluel, Enuintt-r any t>' ttertl trEiiginetrs

School. ooki, :I twice a'month, which contains as much dec23 ApalachieolaFla I : call I the attention of his triendand j 11"ltl1', made by I the re'i'erliverompanies' os Iiere- ; aid tie! Mayor ar.tl tiuncil ir,;>.\, at

OR: sale by re;dn: ?s :111) ol the $3 periodical of the day! the public generally.N.v ii..Ilcr: |p1 it---i-i-iul.! aid all it lu r coiiininniralicn: ?
F i C.': C. Roberts I :any line. dischaige any (', t r all, lIe Olilctrs crJltmUfrf
Feb 17" II F AI3F.LL.Dy making' I three publications in one month, or it I the 4 IT F' ABP.I.L. rdallilg'.lu) I the Kne Department; ; to keep fair andexact .IJ
; DEALER IN HARDWARE fc SHIP --- l cit l.tr .t nij-aiies.'
.;-t-' :-iryCordiiI.no. --- I subscriber ;prefers I the f following splendid ensjravin CHANDLERY. IRON, STEEL NAILS, Scctls Seeds : Seeds : r- lls of the l'e.t.'livt: companies: ; to repnrt SKC. J 19. It 'ha1!l be tllculj' tIt the City Marshal

to the Lady's Dollar Newspaper, (although -RDEN Seeds received. nd !<>rsileby the snr.e to the City t'l rk in \ ritirg. who >hall -jair
WOODRUFFS D I'III." .\ c' idial, jlll! : SPIKES, AND CASTING *. G just with 'Ins situiil.s: to | inindis.tely
I advise it as engravings cannot be : keep a ivdad at'I I tic -a 111(', It; c<; i in ea h year. or
.1f reef ived and for \ we would not Tin Iron and NTv4 II F ABELLPoiasli. I 11 Oil alarm ol fire, to tie l'l.ittI.I.. me the lift ..lY
of Copper 'I
: sent through the mail \\ithoul be ng crushed fir. Manufacturers ofifiiuil: r 'i, tlnected lo do! by I the Mayor and thtir b skill aid
Dec 9 H F HELL. I be, and theie !III use "st {'-ewer
--" l _l_ -I -.--- -r---g.-,-mClt cre ard) we will[ send the beautiful plate con- Wares. Ciitincil: ; all accidents by fire which rn.iy happen mid r the dirt ctit.u of t I lilt CLief F.I,gir.it r, II r Ihesecuiily

)6u', Currants, 1tasinsLcaii- I. tuiniiiii the portrait* (f Harriet Newell, Fanny Jan 24 Apalachicola, Fa. CJOOO LB; j just t received and for sale! by within i lie city with I I he causeI I thereof as well as of the ublic \+t(e, ; rev iii i it n ot theft,

rnrreoterIrl.. Stewart, l\fr.;. Ann H. Judson Nllv' 4 H F AIJELL" can be asceilaint-tt I ;i and I the number aid dc .rril't ar.d tl.e removal
i OilS, cVc. Edward HfcCnlly, --- ., '-,- preservation of property, all
TUST received in fine order, r. ul for ale by and AIr<. E. B. Dwight, and the plates of Christ GROCER AND COMMISSION MERCHANTNo. ,.I Hemp and Cottoci D'I li.A t ion ol. I the buildings! de-troyedor i i-.jnred: together susjuclrd persons: -IcTlich J-ctvice tile Marshal -

'Jian U C A GREEN kCranberries. Co. Weeping over Jerusalem, The Opening of the 28 Water street. FINE iHorlinent; jut received lr >tn New with the name* ol (the owneis and tccupa.ntsthereof. and 'I.is AsiMar.s| h.ill active suvhumpensation -

Sepulchre, Deliverance of St. Peter, and The Fa. be in each cidntd the
Nov II Apalachicola, as shall case, by
___ __ ___ York, for"sale by Chief Engineer
Rebuke. If preferred to the Newspaper or plates, u SEC. .5. In cae of the absence of the
1 i hf and qr bbls. j ist recived and for sale by we will send Miss Leslie's Novel of Amelia, and II. R. Taylor, Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. time next: in rank who may be present, shall Mayor SEC- 20. From aid sfur tie r. ojrg. r.C Ibis

.LJiis 'I C A GREEN & Co. any three of Mrs. Grey's or Miss Pickeiing' popular COMMISSION MERCHANT Rio Coffee. execute the duties ol his cilice with lull powers.SKO. Ordii-ance! iIt l kin;:. r Ordinances, viz.->To. 19

Yellow Potatoes. novels. No 22 Water street, SACLS prime ;r(ell, nw crop, just re- 6. As many Engine Ho'ie, Hook and Lad and No 26, aol all other Ordiranees relating to

1 A AAJJ .nLi. in fine order 'for sale by For Five Dollars we will send twp copies of De' 29. __ 48-Gm___ Apalachicola. ho received, and for sale\ bv der, and other} companies; shall 1, I from: time to the appointment of Ei-ginetis ;aid: other Mth.bers

_____ Jan 11_C A GREEN & Co. the subscriber.For Lady's. Book, and a set of the plates to each IKeikry-4 -YOUIIS- Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. I they time,shall be formed deem expedient by I Ihe Mayor; and each and of Council said companies as- of the Fire Dfparlrnciit, and to ihe htabli..ll r.gof

GROCER a Fire Department. l lr [ reventirg and extif -
v. Provisions.TEEF Ten Dollars we will send five copies of WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Tarrant's Compound Extract of shall consist of as many men as tbo Miyor guisi.ing flies, are bertby ret ealed.
No. 53 Water street, .
: and Pork for sale by ," Lady's Book and a to the person send and Council may appoint- .
the copy Council fcr..n.bHHh.ISt.j.
Dec Apalachicola Fa.J. Cubcbs and Coi)aiva, Passed by ,
-D 2S ?
Nov 25 D. 6. WOOD of to each'. SEC. 7 Each of companies formed and apPointed -
ing the Club, a set plates received and for sale by .. E. C. ROBERTS, l\la or.
For Sale. For Twenty Dollars, eleven copies of the Book F. FAR&IOR. E. McCuLL'I,. JUST 25 J. C. ALLEN & Co. by the Mayor and. Council, shall have Attest : W. VALLEAU, Cleik.

1 COILS Rop ; boO lbs Twine, by and a set of Plates to each subscriber, and a copy Farrior & McCully, --- -- Foreman, an Assistant Fllfenauanc.Clc.rk\ ; and Mr Wood, seconded by Mr. Day moved tile

Ian 18 OURSE. STONE & Co. of the Book to the person sending the Club. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Paints, Oils, &c. these Officers shall be chosen by their respective adoption of the .Oidinanceby its title.-Passed.

OS1IRb For One Dollar we will send the Lady's Book 81 Gravier street, and Linseed Oils Varnishes, Brushes, companies, subject to the approval of the Mayor :
Georgia vrs, 4 months, and for 25 cents any one No. Postageto Dec 28 New Orleans. LAMP Lamp Black, Red and Yellow and Council. An Ordinance,
Olts4eby) HENRY YOUNGS, SEC. 8. It shall be the duty of the Foreman to ITo
F : be paid on all orders. Orhre, ground in oiJ), Prussian Blue, Paris Green,
amend ordinance enlithd ordinance
i____ Dec 28.. S3 Water street. Address, L. A. GODEY, Jno. S. Ilutcliinson, Virdigris, received schr Palladium, and see that the several Engines and apparatus, committed an an -

-tr C S ttee. 113: Chestnut street, Philada. AUCTION AND COMMISSION: MERCHANT[ for sale by just per to their care, and the several buildings in flIT preventing and (. tinglris IJlgfirt:,
giving the above a few No. 2 Columbus Block, which the same are deposited, and all thing in, and establishing a Fire Leiiurtmint"Be
nOD SACKS RIO, landing and for sale by With any newspaper Jan 25 J ALLEN & Co. it ordained that alter t thepa this
Fa neat clean isaxeof ordinance
Apalachicola the kept ,
Nov J8 D R WOOD. insertions we will exchange.M ", or belonging to, same
'-'- fjd-: Advances \ide on all consignments i if re- -. and in order for immediate use. It shall, also be It shall be the duty ot every ptrst.it occupying -
PHffiNIX For Sale.
CotlilBRr.' OFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND Nov. 25, 1819. I their duty to preserve order and discipline at (by owntrship lease
f. OR, sae/6n! consignment! a .l large invoice t oTCity BITTERS, just received and for sale byNov quired. 2 MAHOGANY Counting Hou'eDcsk*. Apply all times.in their respective companies, and rf- tore or dwelling house, to Lave in the same at

made(* clothing_ by the package,, by -28 H. F. ABELL Druggist. D. B. WOODCOMIIISSION to B. S. HAWLEY, quire and enforce a strict compliance with I the least two good and substantial buckets, of the

.-Noy 18 DB WOOD> Brushes.. : MERCHANT Nov 25 Columbus} Block. City Ordinances, the rules and regulations of the capacity of two gallons or more, for each and

''f' 24 Water-st., of the Engineers. every story cf said house, and the tame shall be"
iiootls. and and the orders
,ftlciir Dry ATI Hat, Clothes Tecth,Nail Shaving Fa. F I lii Fe. Department,
Apalachicola, H l'fl tire
Nov 18 exhibited either of
the to the Engineers them
to be kept by or ,
shall also I
\ 1 hie They keep or
USTIN &. LONG' to J. sievenson Brushes, by MARBLE Top Centre Table,
successors H F ABELL. THOS. II. AUSTIN. WM. H. LONG. 1 Clerk of their respective companies. fair and exact when required: Provided, that ths occupant of

\ .,& Cq..are just opening at, the old stand, cor.- Feb 24 1 French Bedstead and Bedding, rolls the time of admission and discharge any store or dwelling, having three or more

flerol\ Water f and Chestnut streets, an entire newESVt.wv Perfumery.' I i Austin &:: Long, 1 Dressing Bureau, marble fop, pi, specifying each member, and accounts of all City stories shall not be required ;o have more than

G.odps; SHOES; Ht\1 capvhtchihey LARGE assortment of Extracts, Cologne, COMMISSION MERCHANTS 1 double marble top Wash Stand. entrusted to their care, in a book provided lour of such buckets for said house; and any person

\ inVite .Hie fettehUori ottHe former A .c. .C. for sale by No. 45 Water-street, The above Furniture has only been in use a' property for that purpose by the City; which Rolls or failing or refusing to comply with t the provisions -

customers( of the old firm, and the public. Dee 9 > J ALLEN & Co Nov. 11 Apalachicola, Fa. few months, and will be sold low. Apply to Record Books are always to be subject to t he order of this ordinrnce, shall be liable to said
Apdachicola.Nov. 11, 1848._43-6m Jan 18 J. DAY & Co. of the Board of Engineers and the Mayor and city in the penalty of 1 five dollars, for each and

Note Gold Pens! Gold Pens .. II. Hull & Co., also make to be week he or she shall so relnse.
Paper. '' : Council. They'are, to or cause every
PERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for OF the latest and most approved style, just FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANT;:;, Fresh Herbs.SAGE .Boneset Hoar- made,'to the Chief 'Engineer, true and accurate Passed bv- Council; March 6th, 1849.
Summer Savory, ,
and for sale
received by H. TAYLOR
members and the Mayor.
No. 48 Water street, returns of all the apparatus en- -
for sale
J C ALLEN & Co. Catnip, &,c, jut rec'd.and by
-Dee-9_J ALLEN, & Co. -Nov 18 Jan 24 APALACHICOLA, FA. Jan 25 J ALLEN & Co. Irusted to their care, whenever called upon so to WILLIAM y.ULJAU, CUrk._

Oil Saddlery &c. do. Havana Tobacco .
Cloths and Carpets. ,--- Seed
PCS vanobs and qualities S. Nickerson* White Lead. SEC. 9. It shall be the duty of the Officers and
1 PJ Oil Cloth, lt and 2 yards wide; of patterns sale by
3 pc saper Ingrain Carpeting;' SADDLES curb and Snaffle bits, DEALER IN CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES' 0. I Extra and Pure, just rec'd, for sale by \Members I the several companies, whenever afire FOR 1 H ABELL.

,2 a. Stair 181OTUflN : 'Saddle Bags, HATS, 9APS, &c., N Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co. shall break out in Ihe City, to repair forthwith '

Rap, Martingales and Whips, for sale by No. i Columbus Block, rpHOMPSONIAN Medicines, lor sale by to their respective apparatus, and to convey WOODRUFF'S Composition Powder, for safe

J'erQ1e bi WAf. G. PORTER CO. WM.G. PORTER& C9- ; Apalachicola:I 1 Feb 1 J ALLEN & Co. them in the quickest manner that may be, to, or ] J ALLEN. I ,&'Coe .. ,

Dce23-: '
l1ee street .
f'J '41 W- ter.treet. Dee 30 41 Water ; .




I1 -

\ .. r ,. A
\ \ ) '} C 1)-

S S H : : < .

: .
: '

: .

: ..,r _, .-_ .
J. --" "-
__ "IIi1I":=- -
---- -
40 ---- -- -
__ :
=, -.tz.L:: ==::= -==-- -- --- those noble rivers AN ANCIENT
: Cirr.-Tbefimous
H lrt. Virliula.aud Maine Gold Mii!c and we can all see it, theoretically speaking, I dred newspapers. On tit, ,
Annual ncFrom COMMERCIAL l ADVERTISER. \ where then the emigrant's afk' or flatboat, Petra, Arabia, has been a theme of
she Liverpool Annual Trade Report 'l'he following is an extract of a letter, all men in good society areendowed with and the Indian's canoe were the only craft, lion and astoDshment to all the to a1mir,

last number of Willnier & dated Washington; Jan. :31, to the New -- certain inalienable men. but ,.
in the I rights except poor there are now 600 steamers ; and that fertile recent limes ; another town, 0

Smith Time$, we extract the following interesting York Tribune : APALAOHICOLA THURSDAY, FEB. 15, 1849. All men who do not pay their honest debts territory, then occupied by the savage and far more ancient, and of greater extent apparent lilr'
relation ( corn "I: h.uVjusi [Uecn conversing with a gentleman -
to notion
remarks in twelve thirteen exists in the north of

or Afghanistan
[ who the buffalo
I those cheat now comprises
rounding it to general 1 atU-Minn.( fredi until the Virginia Gold Mines, 0The!:: following gentlemen are authorized, are great scamps, except I IIon eight or nine millionsof known throughout the Ea't.b the aj 'f
states, containing
The Report Sit}* : near Fredericksburgh;:) in that Stale. He Agents for the COMMERCIAL: ; ADVERTISER,and wit I a large scale. All men are great sinners, inhabitants. And what adds interest to Bameean. The city consists, of name

During) nearly the whole year price* }have assures me that the l present yield of the receive and receipt subscriptions, or 'advertisements except those who belong to the church. these facts is another fact-that within number of apartments. cut out of the a creac

heeo generally depres' arid public sales Whitehall} Mine (Stockton Heisa & Co's) :- All men "are allowed to think and speak thirty all this will be doubled, except rock. It is said that in many of them sojy
off owing to is decidedly ahead of California-certainly \'ht.T.. Cur.KVEREsq.Albany, Ga. years ,the
have heavily
invariably gone and thousands walls were adorned with
freely, those who are not orthodox. the number of the states ; paintings
"Ihe offered being morn ih.tn t the over 500 per day to a working force of sixty Major JACK HAiuuiAN.Knt'auIa.Ala.JAS. except which
quantities all look still fresh after
who will it tripled. cecluries'
are now living see ol
J. OLIVER, Tallahassee.'Fa. those who desert
trade disposed to take and) the incrensrd ]! Innds. That mine has recently been All-men are gentlemen except
wcre ;
is and solitude some of them
What wonderful ; 5
I import t with diminished i exporin, hare !i I Hiipplied with first-class machinery. and is Religious Notice. I work for living. All well dressed and accomplished a country with the richest carted work.are There idorn

caused=" a depression in prices on all colonial I going ahead under full sail. ladies of Advertising.
The Rev. Mr. BERMIISGIIAM, Catholic women are except factoryand Advantages supposed to be more than twelve iboasiiSof
informant thinks%. that other mines .
'Wools of from 20 to 25 per cent., but have j I My t A gentleman in Alabama a few weeks such in Bameean .
-recovered since November sales about 10per () 'II situated} in the same vicinity, in fact on the Priest. of Columbus, will preach on. next servant girls. natives who habiations ; but'n.
since forwarded advertisement offering are mostly ohamedan
cent. The gross imports inio Liverpool i same range tir vrins, ic'dl do as well as the Sunday, in the Council Chamber, at half The Lon'don correspondent of the Commercial tain ,. enter.
I a prejudice
exceed that of last about 5000 Whitehall when well-worked ; biU I did : (or sale a plantation and negroes near Mo- superstitious against iohakL
year II o'clock forenoon.An .
such homes.
ten the have
past Advertiser-quotes following They old
not galher 'from him that they are doing paragraph In letier" crosing us
bale, and} the increase has. been principally faith and a subsequent which declare them tradrtiou
in South American and East I India \\ nu1s. I much just 1 at present. Several contemplate, important tenet of Catholic from a book on geology, written the amount of his account, he says : "From habitations, of mankind to hare and been ( fat

and I vigorous operations as soon as the spring doctrine will be (he-subject. and William Phillips) : ; that stra
Stocks in importer's hands aie light I (published by twenty- the number of applications received from city is casually mentioned !
prices! are fit in, with a good() demand.; opens.] By all accounts, the Whitehall ore three by some of t
present The United States District Court, lion yeais ago :- should infer that I chssic _authors ; yet, by whom th
1 A l-trgc business Ins been done in the last is I the richest in the known \\ni Id, and there Georgia-sixty or its

month ihe sale; amounting to 149,420( hales, I seems no reison to doubt its holding 'out." Isaac H. Brunson presiding, is now in ses I "On ihe coast of California' there-is a the entire population of 'your noble State I i I abodes were.excavated, who were its inhjjJ.
plain of fourteen leagues iu'e'xs nt, about I ants their'
or what pawS
of which 45.000"f'f(> on speculation; and 5740 | Gold mining has also been commenced, sion in this city. There is but little business foufiet'ii inches beneath the surface of-which w re'ready to move \f not to California, at j t tI from the recollecd i lst.ory-al hate

for export, leavinc 9tnfiO for the trade, ormj j iin Maine. The Piscutaqne Observer states. before ihe'Court. ii is said I hat large lumps of gold are irregularly ')least to Alabama"What only in-fabulous or/iiriceriain world, and exist -
average of 34,700)() per week (brsides 12- j that the mines are in Somerset CoUnlTh } tales.

000 forwarded un'oM) H!:.unvi ;nly 17,000) :' (,) discovered! the mines by accident, cf The Hon. W. H. Seward is elected t to I interspersed. a practical l illustration is here givenof 'Snc'nttysAmerica. *..,

per week in D"c.i'iubt-r, t 1347. A giadual cu II r st. ;as I ihus : the U..S. Senate from New York. I This is only one among the many citations the advantages of advertising. had our 'fhe South has at length spoken ornibr:

'jut jiro'c lIteZt io the. eximi oi 1 1Jil.1. p.-.r I Hi. I Ivory W. Curtis, in company with one {J that might be made, showing that Alabama friend been content lo offer his Senators .Calhoun, of South S

has I taken pl.-j.re in 1II' t.1I.: and from 'lie Imv- j Joseph) Maynard loth of 13mghamin Somerset We' regret to leam that the Hon.'Behj.i- I there have for rnahy. 'yeaf been rumors (hat L for sale in he I Berrien df Georgia have Carolina
plantation a private might
iJ. while their II way for ,the
in Ortiibt-r ih, hatlvancrd; ; j COlwt) trying lo get
cst (point y I min Watkins! Leigh, one of the most distinguished gold abounded in California. South. Mr. Caltiolin's!
down to the Kennebec, river, througha I have had two or three customers and pro I : report was
1 !2d.! Hi. i to 5 :J-M.; 'tr Hi.i; oxen adople4
1)1'1 j i in is c1t' .tI. Mr. Mr. Berrien's Both
men ,
Il8'.f OU drove a pole down into the mire I bably sold out at two thirds of the price are
The imjMiii: (limn i A'neinM; w :>* swamp 'Burial of the Dead.MR. worthy a calm and serious aD
'I,.$:s ill 1617 ili.iu in l.iJS : hut the incuv.se! : ; ; i ill older to ascertain the depth: their oxen Leigh has filled many important) stations in EDITOR : finally obtained. What is true in this: case I I the part of lover of,the consideration on

i ,, I lii'Iii, id le it 1 would sink drawing it they found the his native Slate, and had his ambition led I I every Union. Mr
from 1 Ih.t/il and) t ihe Ka.; ,1 t > lu. r 1 ; up An I 0(1 uirer" wishes to know if it i is is equally true of the merchant who offers ,, Calhoun. stands upon the abused and !
within 9,500 the I '. while i in I the last; lower end was: covered with wjfile s-md and Ilrta
si; ni' \t-nr him seek might
lo political preferment, no C
ghtteiing' panicles; that looked 1 like gold ; j contrary to the rules of the Episcopal I his goods for sale. Without a system of I tenet! rights ol the South. Mr.
of ihe
there has been :11)I'c'h! cnui tii>us
which tried round for several i doubt have successfully aspired to the high Church (furl Minister to unbaptixed peals lo the Norfh. Thai there i is truth ap
amount! of$ o24,6D3 h.,1tt1. increase Ii nfl! I tlie( j upon( they ) I : bury an advertising he may do tolerably we'll-he much of fiie i

United States ol 501 ,1)I.)[ S the \\Vst I Indies j acres with augurs and found the same phe est offices. I adult with the Episcopal service. Whoever may sell for instance one-half, or two-thrids I Ilium, anti grievilitt in the 'put forth by Ca|. ..
1.035. E' H.313.: s ihe I Iv.si: IlIcli I ,'" .1.760.() nonH>non presented itself! therefore ihey the staie/rnenis of Bemien. ,-
-- : 'J1t The Editors of the Floritiian and Journal takes the trouble of looking at as 'tmtby goods: as If he 'were to advertise ;;'f un honest intelii'gerit i in will .
anil den!
HIM! a decii'a-e 1 fiom the I Brazils: uf 10,643 u commenced wnahing! ) sending( specimens
i in heir burial service! in the Prayer Book, viII see but he will be I Calhoun Cof1Iphmns.f
bales niuking: the. t"t,1,! import* in 1818 1- to different parts and it pioves to be gold of t last number received by us, compelled to charge higher YliVrfeiermiiwfo

_ 733.93d: : .igHiu, 1,034.010) in Ir 17, 1.2.f3,520() I so {fine a quality that it loses but little ; but 1 have a fling at Governor Brown's Tnaugurnl ; I- that it is. The service would have to be profits in order lo support his family and !I 'of force I he North, manifested sinsi! 1835, i_

in 1S46. and 1.6-36.6CO bales (:he l J.ugi-si on I is it is in I panicles and has to be washed I which is all well enough if il gratifies I altered, so as to make common sense, in consequently must drive off his curjtomers I emancipation in ;tPe upon the &ouihby' hrn.
mini tf-cls' "of TaWrj
record) in lr45.: I fiom the sand, which lays several feet under I them-" 'I is I\'ocalion"--allli we have; i order to apply lo a person who is not a to those who do advertise who consequently destroying fhe! value of and Ihtrhl
it ill I the surface; it I i is not obtained without I some "I.tp property. He
The : uceklr' rniHuisip'im, \\ '
nppcnr,avnaec fell! nIt fiom 2iVJ77:,:! : in 1810, in 21.- trouble and)' expense, but il is in such quantities I no doubt that the Governor is willing to Christian. For example, when the earth is I I do a larger business and cau,afford to sell I c c'harg. enmity to the Union gms' | the

269 in Ies i7.; ard IMU iiim risen to 28,946) 'I Ihi.1 they have already! been offeredten afford. them t the cheap amusement! seeing ;about lo be cast upon the body( the Minis, I heaper. The smaller a man's means the I more fanatieal: : Abolitionists t t but insists ifot

last )<*ar, and i is mmvijo doubi, upwards ot i thousand ;dollais for u half tn acre, but that the indulgence costs. "him no loss of I I ter 'must '!1i1)' : Forasmuch; as it, bath greater the necessity of his advertising ; for I the whole! North:'l wih slight exceptions, jjHrtj
I sfrv.pn unwi
30.000 !bales; per wrc I k. ':f-- j have refused. tot take it. sleep. But when ih- Editors hint that the l pleased! Almighty God, in his wise Proviit is the most certain and effectual way of lie Lime >ely inimical in S""r.
The Maine Farmer has a rumor, that !particles says prescnl Congress has
The m.tnulartureof; ? ; cotton in ih<' United: i! the take of this world; ihe soul of
nce, lo out ,
Governor Brown i
sentiments expressed by increasing his business. More than a .more ihreaienin
Slates has; i increased: from 9.000} bales; in) 1| : of this gold have: been s-r.i to professors to force the
I entertained the in the OUR DECEASED BROTHKR, &C. After this, in Macon South from its rights has
1815, tn 531,772! in Is48. and; estimatinc: in Bowdoin ;Waterville College (for were not by Whiga can amply testify to the than ever before

consumption of)t [.Fr.in. aid: nil I oihcr : tlll'l them to 15SI\: and also that they have; found Legislature and when they insinuate; that shall be said or sung"" I heard a voice correctness of these truths.-ftlacon Jour. a;"peareth'. The movemenis in reference in

at 10.000( ) bales! p *r ;ch, I lie whole con it to be the genuine i article.LKTTEP. : t the terms empty vaporing and I gasconade," from heaven saying tfntc me, Write, 'From 'S Mess. tin !It'W., I, Territory cites 'lr) and'instance.' the Bi He inc4 of Coluinbia -

auinpiion cannot be I less than: 50,000( ) bales h henceforth blessed the dead : assume
used ihe him
: FROM A GOLf DIC afi-A by Governor were by designed that thmeStimith. has rihl'o

per wi-ek, and piob.ihly is nmre. The export from .a young; msn named Sheldo-i, to his to apply to the Resolutions on the Wil- THE LORD," &c. All this would be inappropriate A Soldier's Honor. the new rf'rirnithi.h i cannot a rnriOI and mail of!

lo other; pans of the world from this father at Newport, R. I., dated: San Francisco Gea. Wool, as was anticipated, refuses: hot .
country amounts: onlv' lo 189,500/ against: mol Proviso, &c. passed by the Legislature' i to one who was not a professing ht"legislated away, and that the drsirne-
Oct. 7, says : (sanction the a.itempi of certain writers to t lion cf the relation
221,850 in 1847; and 19L ':WO( in I 1346 and 'S ur friends of the Floridian and Journal Christian. present between the lire
Immediately after writing to you last, I'v make him the real hero of Buena and servile races the South will be ih
after such. of the a
yet. an cxccs> import the Episcopalians are but n I certain'order of
iII doubt correctness
left town for the gold mines. At the please permit us to dt'srrctn; not of the
stock in this that Vista. The Post only Uni.m.boiof
kingdom only now I had, at first, rather bad I luck but subsequently of the application which I they have: men, professing: a particular faii'h and having Troy says: tin af.-iv arid being of the white i
at ihe end of 1817 by 44,100 bale*, btiimtespcciively !, 00 the wel rare
occasion of Gen.Vnol's
made out pretty well, and al the certain rules of The Masonic return In view' of
i and
) 496,0501.31,940( and 515,790bales ( i m"leif: they wish a Ltt-r fit for the expressions government. IP near immirlen1 ;
I end of six weeks returned to this place with hofne While on board the Heru'irickfJ he trusts thai th- danker
On'er' is also association of goodj tine
) thus proving; ; the power' HI'eOIl..tllI1!' hundred of used I b)' the Governor, perhaps): an men wi uni;
one ounces virgin gold, their
pure hands 'the
tion in lifts country, (when cotton: t is lotv) worth in the United Slates S'21! per ounce ; t Ihey can (find it by searching a little further; having a certain creed: and form of govern- on her way up from New York servile war:, to but save insists that Union rifilw
} South
under: the mn't adverse circunslanCrg.rrhe: a gentleman offered as a sentiment The
here, however, it brings but $::3 cash! or Si 6 -in the direction of certain Democraticpre5st's ; mo ent. They have a particular burial service stand (firm "against; leyislaiive Ic
.present prices, it will be observed: ill e l-2d. health of the Hero of Buena Vis-ia Gen. or assaull -
'to 5 fid. lower I than; al I the commeniTim, niof t in goods &c. l in the South, who have; been "split which would be inapplicable lo anyone even I ihongh' disunion should f.dW.
4' Part of my :gold l I invested in two town who Mason. 1 If the \V 001.' At this time, among his personalfriends In reference to ihe new .Mr. Btr.
not High territories
I.vst }e.ir. and 2 l-2d to 31. per Ib. h.I'I\1| ling I lie cars; of the groundling' with their was a
lots-one in this place: and one in the if ever, license in the language of rien claims t that t lie South is eiiiulrdiiequality
the quotations on lite 1st .Ttnllu: : )'. 1817- of San Jose ; this latter is situated in town'u raw lings for DISUNION Priest of this Lodge were requested io bury '
The unprecedented! ilisasieis, in t the autumn admiration and praise should be excused I if not pre eminerrce fh thp ar'i.io";
tainly the most:: beautiful valley I ever saw Bv reference lo Governor Brown's Inaugural : 'a i woman, what) ; would be his reply ? Is she h-ivinu
of that and the fall in ihe value I fnmniMhed15.65( volunlepr wh l li ,
rapid ien. Wool
year life. Von win t-c 'J." MIK p.tj/ct ui I I.J seized ihe
in my ; it will be that his she II Mason ?1" He is answered, No. Then upon opportunity to lie North furnished
seen : remarks were 23.084.. Wehopiihe
\if ce9n' Un fHfli'r (,(,fM 'ni\ .\I.t;,bt: 1 e. ,; .ut. the old {firm of J. D. Hopptcc 1 1 ) the only
Last-year opened with better (;0. (publishets or iijo catiruiuinu) h..-, principally do.-igned: to discountenance: any he would .say our form will not suit her pass highest eulogium upon Gen. Tay t two t reports wi t.e intelliaenily and se _

confidence was ill II ::teat measure prospects restored) been dissolved and( lhat a new firm has efforts tending (lo excite the people) (to any anil m I 'Unit; HU |)i,oycr 10 mnLo: n new one. b lor's character and conduct and to utterly r riouslv rr,1 .. rrl sl cd upon I tiutcnncmlmaimtmn .
the slock of cotton 'was. lihi: compared lo been formed. The office is now worth SB I hostile i movements! I calculated! r to destroy I the unless agreed to by the whole fraternity. disclaim any pretensions of his own. Ue spirit nf anil' Coinpromimiseoverrule .ifi

the increasing; consumption, ;and prices in per California day, to is each of us three who own it. confederacy! (if I'I I he States., One of I the Resolutions I It is precisely so with the Episcopal 'Priest, concluded his remarks by offering, Gen. t Never all the dangers much of this vextnsqowlion. "
indeed the so
place the as now.) were the
now- '
January the American rosed.l. per lb.: at I the saine; lime, best place ihe poor man evci saw, as far as ) passed! bv -she: Legislature is as in, reference to the Episcopal service. But Zachary; Taylor, TilE Hero of Buena Vi t- \ of Mr. Clay needed in the great coua Iil'e .
matke.t offered "
a ;prospect) the opportunity for making money goes. fjillniuc YOU iti'l- >.'I>y <)'nl not llio ICpieoopnl Cli ii I iIi ta. cils of the ; *-JY. 1.8'm_
advantage lo importers) and the lar e orders nit
I 1110( not think I shall stay here more liesolrctThat i the abolition of slavery make; a fni'/n/ suited alike to saint and. sinner -
sent out, continued to ha executed: fully ". than two years and by that time expect lobe I the District: of Columbia l involving i : us it dot 1 Because CALIFORNIA THE ANCIENT OPHIR.-:\ j. WANTS TO SKLI. HUtSJLF.-The Ni
s burial
below this mal'li'llIp to lie end: of February ; Jf of ihe dead is no part Noah in
a long article
worth something handsome. exerciseof propounds the novel l York
power not granted by t ilie. Sunday Times ( Noah edilorJ
when the revolution in France; paralysed of the worship of l God. There is no part ofthe doctrine Maj.
constitution, and designed il is that California' i is the
as as a means ancient: t t thus describes
all mercantile! i Opt.r.lliulis. and pioved Tlm'r.IIFE OF A PRKNTKR.: -The following t Bible, which binds Minister a singular scene :
of a "
affecting the instiiminn
most disastrous to the trade of France of i strange eventful I record of a journeyman. slavery in the any Ophir, -thai land where ihe great Solomon Passing down Nassau street three
Slates: against; which it is aimed; as a blow Church, to !bury the dead ; and as the I
America and the continent, as well as to (his fi'riuter's life,'says: the Pittsburg Journal, we should bt resisted got so much gold "and silver 1" t to four person were standing; inside of a >mrf,

Count). The tuiprece.der.te.dly' ( low rates are positive is correct to the letter. Il de- by whatever means on are the best part: adapted of the South the Episcopalians; ; are only an order of men, build the glorious old Temple nt Jernsalum, and they clirfcttc us to COmp in. ** Hr", ,*

of cotton however, induced tminneis to re- elopes what n man can! do if I he I likes, and]) protection of the cnnstiiuiinrf. the defenceof to t they surelhave. a right to make a form for and which fell a prey to the fierce a block man. said one of the genilfrnfl! I

mme work, encouraged by tile discoverythat what' queer and, enterprising, unselfish fellows herself and the t the burial of their own order, or to let it after Egyptian who xvishes lo sell himself as ;stare l
preservation of ihe Un soon
the oloron's death. He infers
predictions of a .short supply again I l the majority of printers are : l ion. alone altogether. Suppose ihe founders ofthe SloO.-. "

from America wen unfounded ; each pncket << -ll left home al ihe age of nine, and was from ihe vast amount of the gold of Ophir \Ve entered the store saw a sh ,

brought larger receipts: ami I the crop apprenticed to the printing business at thirteen Here we have the same evidence of devotion t Episcopal Church had refused to make used, in the, construction and ornament of[ stout fellow! in rags with ant i good couutcfldtItP. r

proved) to be 2,347,634! : ; prices continued, I ; since then I have visited Europe- lo the Union, to which every patiiol; any.form for ihe burial of any dead person, Solomon's Tempfe! the 'length of the and no indication: of vice.

in favor of the consumers and in October !been in England: Ireland, Scotland, \\ ale heart has joyfully responded in who could object lo it1 No one. It seems I of the voyages .Where t(, you belong ?"

fair Boweds were sold by auction al :3 Ii per and France, in Canada, Nova Scotia Labrador reading t the that; when ihey were thinking of this of[ ships which were sent for the: .Tn New York. I born hpre."

lb. From this !period a marked improvement South America, West Indies, and all Inaugural Address Governor Brown. The part gold, and various other considerations, that "Don't you know \i1; you : :

began to show itself. 'J'here'a amore t the Atlantic States of the Union from Maine resistance advised b)' our Legislature is not; t iheir Church service, they remembered the it was California gold that so \ as a slave in r ihi Slate 1"rannO'1olr..lf

settled feeling; on I the continent, -wiili to Louisiana-have lived in twenty-seven of the character which has been pioposed I impressive words of Jesus Christ : and magnificently enriched the famous wonderfully temple ) What am I Iin do 1 I can gel no worl;',

other favorable symptoms, and lame; orders cities and (owns of the United Slates; I by those whose ridiculous conduct has been Let the dead bury their dead." 'of antiquiiy. The t I have had no breakfast ; I arn almost nakrJ: ,

from various markets ahto.id for our manufactures have bean a sailor in the merchant service, : Let those who are dead io trespasses and I Major slates t t no one cares for me, and I hare no I fieoL:

and the account* fiom India and I and have sailed in all manner of craft-ship, aptly figured by the Governor as emply sins cost of the temple at upwards of four hundred U it not better to hate good .. :::
hose of master
hury I their --
China continued I) to be !satisfactory ; it was brig, 'schooner, sloop and steamer-in the vaporing and gasconade." The means advised own order ;-aslIIu'ch and fifty( millions of pounds sterling I can work for, nod: wit\vill care fu mer-!

then found that there were no !stuck of regular army sis a private soldier ; deserled: to be used to attain the end which ihe as to say, this is no part of your busi- a sum hardly to be 'compared with single Here W:9.n il I'l on of ihe |prctiJ7

goods; or yarns and lhat, in tact, the demand I and got shot in the I leg. I have studied two r South desires-ihe safety of her institutions financial : any benevolence[ of domesic) African o.

exceeded the production. Prices have now i years for the ministry, one year for an M. be ness.The[ burial service said over a dead man, account on record except the I while it exhibited) lilt sliur'.,
to hypocrisy
advanced; 9 12 and D. travelled i are adapted lo the I3ROTFCTION : national debt of Great Britain. ra" !
to per cent., spinner-* are through all the New England does ;abolitionist They 1 M
him no goo J whatever for he has ron ri 1f.s 2000)
generally engaged under contract for delivery States New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania : of the CONSTITUTION: and the PRESERVATION l ; no The ships sent by Solomon and Hiram of purchase the liberty of two rnnbno $ !.

for some \veeks to cnme. As legards: and Virginia as a journeyman printer, of Hie U SJO'i.: In the support longer any understanding to appreciate the Tyre for the gold and treasures' of Ophir. ;and yet 'fJFow a pcior black lo offer io I*r''

the future the consideration of the supply, generally with little else than a brass rule i in of such measures, all honest -hearts ant] respect) shown, him. It is only for tbe benefit required three to make the him. '

of cotton is themaillpuilJl.Fi2nres' prove 1 in my pocket. I have been the publisher hands will ever *be found : of (he living, that: a burial service is ever and years vn 'igt'. starving, in a free Northern ,him..el. .
ready to the
the uncertainty of the American; crop. which of two papers in one in Boston, one engage. nsfd. The shown the as locality of Ophir hs not been

depends upon the season: ami experienceshows in Roxbury, Mass.. one in New [Hampshireand Our worthy and beloved Chief Magistrate, of ihe respect to memory ascertained and as the length of the voyage SELF-MADK: ih-"I Von iyert .e' "

the fallacy, of all crop estimates! until one in Maine. At one time I had the best years of whose long life have been deceased soothes the harrowed feel would seem l to correspond I excepiion." s \\'o Viisjo

a much later period. of the year : but fortunately S ,350 in my pocket. I have been marrie marked by a sciupulous and faitjiful devotion ings of those whb ire left lo mourn, and the distance to California v'ery:1 with i friend, you' \II be th's first)Vn all}} wj

so far, everything) is in favor of twicp-am now nearly 2G old-was ,prepares tile for Major No-ili; servaiion and .
a years a to the land of his birtii and that of his way some good impression therefore concludes I experience' You .'rnaj l
large supply fur 1849! ; in (he autumn esiijinates i- member of Major Ringgold's flying arlil- who being made, upon the softened hearts of the that ancient Opitir and the whole population of Maryland; *
adoption carried '
as high as :rJ.GOO.OOO) ()() lo 2.800.000 !ery at the encampment in Trenton N. .1 J. arms in defence of I I living. Christians modern California are one' and the same select from it fifty meu who are niqSifeimguished

were ;indulged: in-now reduced lo 2,400.000() I have been a temperance lecturer and proof i his country whilst we andtur cotemporarres : are commanded to re- place. for talents, or any descri'pf\'

ito 2,500.0t01'; wjl| be fortunate; il these prietor a temperance ilientrc." of the Flnridian' and Journal were yelinonr t juice::I with those who do rejoice, and to public usefulness tind I .win answer rO',":

'expectation* arb reali/.ed ; for, besides the SENT [HOME: AS A SLAVKR.: -The bark infancy-is not prepared to see destroyed that weep with those who weep." In other DEATH OF AN INDIAN CHI F.-The Cherokee ihey are al, 'every one of iher. meiIk",

prospect of a large: ai;(' i(1ea'i1)g) consumption words, we are commanded Advocate began world without .
Ann D. Richardson, C. W. Storer master glorious Union which has shed its. blessingson io sympathize announces the death of 1;
here France and iht>" continent! recovering has arrived this with fellow both In MICCONOPY, who into the public council of the natL. :
in our men, died
morning forty days from a numerous and prosperity and suddenly, a few days 1;
from many month) of inaIiVIY' '' wilh' happy; people and has who are they that take the lend ;ik
Hio de
Janeiro having been sent to the in and the since at Fort t
low stocks will be competitors; 'for ;; (.oflS I- United States for examination trial made us the wonder and admiration of tire civilized I- I adversity ; burial service is mostly Gibson. Micconopy (Pond They are then who made their op.A :

rable share of the American; crop: and sup'I. suspicion of having been engaged or in ,the on world. No wonder that when pullingon 1 intended' ( ( (to give direction to the sympa King) was, the head chief of the Seminole tunes self made men, who began wllh"

.plies lot various places will be drawn from 1 slavO I trade. She was taken possession i of ihe robes of office( he should; he unable thy of the m 'itners. It is not at all incumbent I- Nation.: We believe that it was to General I Ihing. The rule is univer at. II l Jtr.t.:

this market. The consumption of Ameriea by the V- S. brig Perry, and has a prize lo restrain the feYvor of his 1t; 1 on any order of men, to be restricted ;- Taylor (then Col. Taylor) that our Courts. Slate and Federal rom\
patriotism; ami Micconopy
is also likely to he stimulated t by the increasing I : highest to the lowest. It i is true ..
crew from thai v.sselon board, under command should denounce, in in their sympathy, by a form of bu- finally surrendered. He commanded the
fitting fessions. It
of that the terms, the evil is so has _
prospects great country now ; btr
: of Lie", Jeo; ,. T. Sinclair ; 1st Lieul. I i
tide of emi ration, ..ntllhe lain discovery of Perry and acting" master; Jobn M. Bradford efforis of Uios6 who seek lo lay sacrilegious I I rial service ; but custom has: adopted it, as Indians in person at the time of Dade's any lime since I have known (hp 1iub1tnt' <'

mines of gold in California. came in the hark. hands on the consecrated edifice of our: being time most convenient mode of expressing massacre, and with Osceola successfully i re- this State or the nation ; and it .i .

The receipts and shipments are very mncpgreater 1 Left at Rio U. S. frig-ale Hfandywine; civil and political liberties. The wonder i is, our regret, in common with the relatives sbted the crossing of Withlacoochee by so while our present institutions c oo ia;
: than in former eason, but this You must throw a man his ew, ',.
Com. G. W. Storer, and U. S. brig ferry 7, thaI he had nut called of the deceased. General Gaines in 1836. It is I believed upon ,
,4s certain iadicntion a spade generally ,
no uf f the extent of the Davis a spade,, sources to brine him out. The strUj, _
'crop4 for some of the last week's receiptsare Lt.We commanding.informed) ;and branded, as traitors, I the men who seekto The relations l of Captain Cromwell are that he was opposed to the war with which is fb .resiiit in eminence i? too *

not Ihan the are that the hark Ann D. : Methodists! arid J s' the Methodist our and that he and he a"OiS
greater co.rrf"ponIJinereeks Richardson was formerly owned in this place one portion of the people of these burial h government, was, forced to must continued ton lobg.lf

of 1847 when the crop proved so deficient ; was sold at Rio, some time ago,porrobut and United Stales ,in hostile array against the: service i is so rendered, as not to be objectionable take up arms by the younger chiefs. encountered' and mainlined voluniarilf>
but judging from the low price planters au-Cicceptitig. in this unless as a mailer of life and dejth. '''"
that her register' and papers were returned other ease, requested .
which leave a good the who has fortune ";',
profit to to" (fall back .il
to the New York Custom House. the friends of the deceased OLT THE INTENSE IGNORANCE upon
merchant importing, and from all the in- The quotation from the Richmond Enquirer Ib invite the slacken from
New York. abroad in regard lo (he United States its !.is. efforts and flnaiJ.t! '
formatioa obtainable, there seems little reason Spectator. wherein : Methodist Clergyman to bury Capt. Crom from the
the sentiments of Governor history and government, cannot very well be colnp;up.Vith me it i aqG

ta doubt thit the present estimates may THE GOLD DOLLAR.-The Union is Brown are sought to be undervalued, is in well. illustrated better than by an important discovery non whether is desirable that r
be realized in _ should leave
; any disappointment this re- his son 5
strongly ihe of dollar announced in any properly
urging coinage one bad laste. The a biographical sketchof
"pect would' raise price so as to curtail the authority is not suited for The Kentucky Gazette is General You have a fortune aDd I.:
gold pieces, and to obviate; the objections dead. It was Taylor, contained in one of i the v.1 larJe
consumption, and injure the present prospect that laiiiude. It may be of binding efficacy; Paris Sorry ir, as he ihe *.
they may be lost in the pocket, or in established at Lexington sixty journals. The writer says of i the tJr i wi spoiliol
of a large and prosperous business this the hurry of payment passed for small silver with some, who think the mantle of the when Kentucky of years ago General :_" In 1810 he married, and imme good law'C ese.are.my tleliber3ft; .
,ear. coin recommends Elijah of the Union part Virginia, and diately after I i I shall, be \ to
a proposition by a correspondent has fallen on his sapient-; (he stone bed for troubles broke out in Ind: i. rejoiced 6'
that the circumferences be the son of the Enquirer.A or old press upon Lieutenant Taylor manifested so much Intrepidity your instance I shall be mistaken.*'.

The Princess Demidorff, a cousin of same as a five cent piece with a square _ _ which it was printed was chiselled out of in quelng- them- that in 1612 he FRENCH: .

Louis Napoleon is already suspected of hole in ihe centre; the eagle and liberty limestone by the friends of the enterprise. was rank. of Captain and CAfeicAT&RE' .- fbiJ"the

influencing his appointments. The Napoleon cap io be omitted--the thirteen stars; and jcotemporary very justly remarks that, Says (Washington Globe nominated commander of Fort Haris ii." is ex-Ring pf the ei.kingdom f ,.

family are all receiving offices. Il will one dollar. 1849," lo occupy one side, and: notwithstanding all the fuss we make about : According to another of these represented ina.Pa'iis caricature **.!.
articles i
not be long, (says an exchange paper.) be- a wreath and the words United States' of .* equality" in this country, we are sadly "In the that vast region where, sixty years grand national convention is to meet ,at; ving a ki'k.from ,Lamine. who if P

lure the Morats, in Florida, will be recalled. America," the other. humbugged the I Io ago, Gazette was the only journal, thereare Washington in February next ving one from ; 15ta,1
.on subject The fact I is to proclaim
; now not les, probably, than fire hun his: election., -Protestant Churckmad. kicked by Louis Napolfeon ;,tindJcroll b.ac

S i J To be continued.r ."


'- ,

__ _

, I .. 11 i : w- i I

% __ __ ___
IL -
-BcTTino: ur TOOK WIFE, OR BT -oxr. r French Horticulture und Flori- Proclamation. For Liverpool.

-Just after the Stale election, in Pennsylvania C'OMMER1'CIA"L.j FUME INTELLIGEME. culture. THE newar.dsrlendidthip! JES E.

Mr. Smith, a warm Cass man, met j subscriber, intending reIlailll3nt a lew r-_:. .. .:: .- .' : '. .t'... j Capt. Ford vi ill have quick dispatch fur

bit friend Mr. Jones, an enthusiastic 1 Taylor I Cotton Statplent. vt'ar.\LastRecenred PORT OF APALACHICOLA .. .. Feb. 15. THE in the city, respectfully invitfs the Ladies <..,.>....,'...'.'.-'- '',,- ,-.-". ... . ".-,". '..'''.'_...L",. ,J.,<..'- :the abiA e pet' t., For freight or passage.

and Gentlemen of Apalachicola to an inspection c-... ..,-j.i. I"t' '- -..w2"J arply to. .
.. '
"""Jones," said Smith the election I of -- on tuMid' Sept. 1,1648.7.. .oAIf"I" ,, u77 Arrived. of his splendid collection ot 'Vf.. ;. ., (ZEmr j'i' Feb 15 BOURSE STOICS fc Co.

Johnson does not increase Taylor's chances : Past3aya.5-2.... ..82oI!1 1previouslL. Feb 9-Schr Patrick Henry, Chester, fm New Plants, 1 rees, Bulbs and Roots, 0', i} vtJi )' .PiO For Antwerp

Pennsylvania." t, Totalexported .... ._ 6349f. #611 York. France "'t'' : THE splendid hip PETER 'HAT.ItTR1CIC .
in Feb 10-Schr Carolina, Hnbbard fm Baltimore Imported from 1m1 it \ t -

u Yea it does," answered Jones. previbi"Jj.aS.I.JiJotys..7363.... .. .3:756 Feb 12-Br. bark Jesse, Ford fm Liverpool, to consisting of Camelia, Rhododendrons, Azelsa 'r':9} :.t''fI'- : : !/y. Capr. ckwell, wilJ hue diJ
:= ? |
"I'll bet a hundred dollars ibnl'Cass Nourse, Stone & Co Jamm <.: ,. '. \ ,\, _.' > = patch fcr the above port.
TotaJ '
you .... ._ 119 18334 Magnolia Tree-p lny, different Cape ., -'Ii\\ ". ." "...
Smith. Fen fm New York to I ... \ 1 FebS NQUR"E. STOKE fc Co.
carries the State, cried On hand 14-Ship Ohio Clark. Pilospaurum Daphne, Moss and Monthly Roses; 'J'.r. t-!" .-. ,\. :
and M
exclaimed Jones; but, he on Aboard not cleared 43230 19277 Wright ornamental shrubs of all varieties. '
Done, Bark Rob't Watt Johnson, from Liverpool BY WILLIAM D. MOSELEY For New York. \

added after moment's hesitation" but if, Exports of Con..u r Steamer Fashion, Cad 111ader. fm Columbus. FRUITS-Pear, Apple.! Cherry, Apricot Peach, G03r/Jor /! Honda.tfCREAS THE fine last sailing packet sch>.

we bet, we 'lose our vo I e." Commencm :ept. 1, from ApaJachlcota Leaan.r Albany, Rynear 1m Bambridge Grapes Orange Trees &c.; Asparagus ; asa! .PA1 RICK HENRY. Chester, muter
u So we shall I," said Smith.I'll h18, amid ame Ump in 1'847.WIUTIIF.R Steamer M A Mome, McCall fm Eufaula. large collection of BalUous Rrots and seeds ot 1:1:' It is required by law that an election will have dispatch for the tbove put.

Jones his face Steamer Southerner, Shaw, from Columbus. every description. The undersigned may be \ Y be held in thIs Iate on the first Mon- For deck
what freight, appl lo
tell you what _EXPORTED. .3 Jd\j Ously Prevj-j) / .____'/J/season| Steamer Lotus, Wingate fm Columbus. found at the corner building near the Post rfice.. diy in :May nest, for a.r..
brightening up- I'll tell you maybe Liverpool .. .. ... ..5153r-f759 j Steamer Enfaula, Barns from Eufaula. A. DANIEL, to hold until the first M-n.day in October, ISO'J ;

done. My wife shall call upon your wife, Havre..... .... .... .. .11912 ..5618 Steamer H S Smi'h. Stapler, fm Colnmbns. Horticultor Florist in Paris and N. Yur!,. also, for JuJjres of Probate lor the several Counties For New York. _
Nantz.Trieste..... .... .... .., 93)). ..t7t { .... Steamer Boston Grier from Columbus. THE
bet with her S. t S S toh"ld till thefirst Monday r.fO'tnber. 1831, new taM sailing brie HERALD
and said Smith. ....... .... .... ... .,.... .. .. ... Steamer Viola Van Vechten, fm Columbus. Feb. 8,1649. and f.T J'isticesof the Pea'e for eich District in _t master, is t.Ov''oading' tot thi
It Good, Genoa .... .... ... .... 131b .9 Steamer Magnolia Griffin fm Columbus. Keijroes 'Tant'el. jGray.
went Jones. 10 the sc-veral Counties, to held for two cars, ((3H & \ pert. For deck freight only,.tp
Home Mrs. Smith wants: to bet a- Otherports.'f. :! ? .. .\ :::::: Steamer Steamer Quiucy Palmetto, Allen McAlislt'r fm Columbus-fm Columbus. 20 LIKELY hand wanted, for whom liberal of said otlicers lo confinue in office till their suc- 1'1) luFcb
'a My dear, Total to For. Ports. .4 T569lr will be \ tn
9062 paid. 0Ipl .
Cass J&467risl wades ce sors shall be elected and qualified :) S A 3f McKAY & Co.
that will
hundred dollars with" you New york. ..... .... ....1. .4735!. .4( |!. Cleared. WM. FOSTER IT 13 HEREBY OnDr.nF.D, That the said election -
carry Pennsylvania. BostonProvidence. ..... ..... ...... ... .13456.13456 .2.1.6 Feb 8 4t AIPU.f Mw PrE' ". : be held throughout the State, according) to For New York.
S. Mrs. Smith bet a hundred dollars with ... ..653. .6319Lti977 .1964 D I Feb B Wood.9-Bark Damariseotta. ;Hawes, for N York law, and the cScers whose duty it iso order said I .r-r THE splerdfd: shin" FAIRFIELD. ; Capr.Lovelard .
.... .... ... Lunbcr. hbvl- R (;"t rf her en-
Philadelphia carjjo
exclaimed the astonished lady. .. .,. ... .
me! the Baltimore..... .. ..... ..RQ/V.,. e2fJrj ? HI\..729 I I' -n1."t'b 10-Ship Ashland Rice for Liverpool, by Pine, assi-rted sizes and qualities, elections will take nl't ce h rt"cf. ....!':::'_*..raged, will have immnJiate dispatch
bet there IS *i > YELLOW eal of the
if want to
and the
and Witness hand
Yes, you Sew .. ... I VJter. fC my great
QrleansOtherports .1604.1675 .340 '. Providence F or irt-ig .t t or j.as-nur, ';)rlv w the master, tr to
money. Go round this afternoon and see .H. .... .. .!. I Ha rper esdemona, Mereen, by Oak Plank Wheel Arms .nd nuckot Plank, for Stale? given at the Capitol, this 20th day Feb 1 NOURSE STONE & Co.I'er .
hand of : :. I B H olm'i. of January A. D. 1849and of the In-
stakes in the Selit [SEAL.]
her : put up the a TotalCnaiwjse..729J9i. 11867TOTA'T Ft'b ':>t GHtnmon !for Pensacola.T7 : sale by PE ER H013ART. .. '
-1- > > Feb 9 Commerce .treot.JLcmoi friend. -i Llbellorlon.for Liverpool
lady -r.AI.F. ._ ... .. S u. n .
The two ladies met and the money was 18334 'iL'4 i\iCKay and"W A & F C Kain. 73d year.W. THE fi e brig MO }::. Capt. Bnlk- .
I Br shIp Ann ( ) Syrup. D. MOSELEY Governor. ,leT, having Itr enSue engaged,
last when the "nt Williams, for Liverpool, by a ; cargo
On Thursday .
deposited. COMPARATIVE HECEIPTS Exronrs AND STOCKS OF J \'la'lay.. SUPERIOR article, just received and for Attest : .will hate i5i.-5j.aJch.: I tr |1..aJ't1.111"
result was known, Jones !ulllns wife to co I.OTTON AT THK PORT OF APALACHICOLA I I Ship France Nicho. A sale -
FROM \ for Antwerp, by Nourse' by A. MAXWELL, Secretary ofStafe. uviug geed accbmrr.odaicr.s: ap-ly to the uu.
the she had won. The TUB FIUST OF SEPTEMBER TO IN I clone x Co. J C ALLEN & Co.
and draw money DATE THE FOL Feb 8 ? January 25.; lS4.xj. ter: or :o -

lady was not slow in obeying her )husband LOWING! YEARS: flec 'ipts. Exports.- Stocks. Urleuns.Feb-13-! ;chr Wm E' 0nn3; Garvie, for New Seeds Seeds !l' .. All papers in the Stale insert two month Feb 1 NOURSE. STONE & Co.

that lime, and before an hour, the i\o hundred J343. ... .. ...87902 43119 4o29fi Feb 14-Schr Rose, Coujo. for St. Marks. TU5T_ received per bris Herald, an assortment

(hllIr4. exchanged imo half ea les. 117. ..... ..... ....370335S20I 1334 19277 ----- .J .1'! ''J-mlen ieeJs for s"iie liv FLOOR OIL CLOThS.Aibro rot' aEtitnose..t' ,

lin"'rin2 through the interstices of 1I(;. .. ... .. .... .. 19713 39539 List of Vessels h.Port. Feb 8 J C'ALLEX & Co. -,--' THE 1I*t sailn f sct.r CAROLINE,
weir ; 13I5 ... .. .. ...5032.5 191444578D 308.5 SHIPS. Iloyt fe Co., "Hubbard. I, m It'r.111 have dij aScii for
her hetniiful purse. 1'3 U.H. ... .. ..72::92 2fifil524S07 Aberdeen, Hnbbard, 714 tc for lo&d- OE1DLI T2 and Soda Povuici, yi-t rfceied 72 John <' th.abovert.; For deck Irei.l bI crpas..a. .
When Jones came home at night, he said 1S4J.. ... .. .. ,71379 46933 ( InS C.is.inAlceste. ns, Liverpool, kJ ,i'id fur -a.e: by Street !> .,. applv to
F..h 8 J C ALLEN : Co. now receivius into Store from their Fac-
Ilk ".ft", I fb 15' C.
to (Br ) Cann 5.>3 tons, for Liverpool, load- ARC & Co.
.. i .. ne>, at EIIZ* .ih-TllwII. N. J., a variety I Ii
.I did! the ?
ini-\V A .Nc I P C Kuin
\VVll.iny u. ) (1) gel money Cotton Trade. COX Ham Sid? aid Si.c.ukLrs
; ; just 1"-
., Georgia, Talbia 483 totis for loading B i oi'r.:: w anti 0114111 patents; of
Y'< : waS I I. reply. CO\TI Ar.\TI\'E VIEW OF THE FOREIGN ExponT, Liverpool ceived and for sale by jlFJUGDiCOU EXfllA GE.

"I'll trouble you (lor iI, Killing, if yon B IrrniTs: AND STOCK OF COTTON OF 'THE U. -J Troll C Maclav.Monument. 499 F '. 1 i p. rLL.C.0Co.. I Heavy Floor Oil Cloths,
tons Liverpool loading
pleie.! ; S. AT TUB LATEST DATES, FOR THE LAST FOUR -B Sailer. Pain Killer.PFRRY in ivi'.!:ths of 15, 21 and 24 fret. 1 l-ey are ab"* ---S THIS li 'ti--e 'has. been tlrnogblytefiitcd

Trouble for wlnt: ?" -\"I"H-- .- ---- -- -J AS.. --- -" Massachusetts, Samson. 3S3 tons, for Havre, loading DAVIS'S V.- rrtble, Pain Killer, just rr-ef'ivinz from the AH!! any, Lansinjfburg and t-: '\ ; f r tIe: seaor *rd the $ b.U -

-S. For the money I won of Mr.1 Smith." VKMtS._ :: 1S-N-9: J1SHlti.t IS136T -I1 Wright and for aUtw I the package or dozen. Utica Factories i in sheets ot 13 fei t in widfl., a i i K i?> 'scribt-r takrs plea-ure m ir.li tiring

You woo ? did 1 bet .Mr.1 Smith: ?1"' .) (;rett Hritdin 5IJ272 .23: !!:;f5 .24f.974.1027H9 .37Jj2:3( Peter Hattrick Rockwell 553 tons, for Antwerp I Fe I D. ELLI JX fc Co. lire asoilrnent, err.bracing many r.ew patterns g.iJ; t'lc pill'.; ; that I.e i-* i i>w in reidi
you Fi.u1c' .. ):J5i loading-Nonrse, Stone tJc Co. 1 of their ness .r tireception rf perrr.anerit
"No, no-th..t is-} rs.. 1 hei in f.ict. OIl'r):! F P'rt .1111221.1.1992:9:.li)1.I1:3GO9) : .fi2495 .40447 Charlotte Collins, 390 tons, for Europe, loadingI : Onions. and transient boarders: at the. u>nal rates. Hi*

rllnutll t., save my rote i made oii tin* 1'(1'it Bits ....j29.)4)l1:5O2S911223() .5 I Wright.. : tlRsaleby ltt; him Floor Oil Cloths, chef d'cvisine U an at:>{.t, and traveller! nay

iPt1?," ;\'rell:1: ones, with visible cmbArr.sIIteI1i. l H pClOipll ... .. I..o,.. KH)4I93lltK)9l93) : ) .9S197'tOCkS.(7 21:3'Z: Ophir, Sylvester, 433 tons for Europe loading- I _[' F..S 1 n rLT.TCOC,). I Also, from the Newounr, Albany Lansing- I depend upon 'having aU trip luvan and delica
S Cas
.. ( 5040(11)( i 4999SOJ .376364( Fairtield Loveland in. I bur (:lt'.1 and Maine Fartorie every variety des of the market E't'ljld up in tie best stjle.
.W for New York load-
I (cannot consent, my dear liul?r..I.l .---.---= iraours, ,Stone tons.A: Co. POTATOES-100 bbU. ('lanl[ l.g) jn-t receiv- of patterns rnannfncturinir by them of their 4-4th Tie! BAH is r.r.w and! will at all! limes be kcj-t

:Ii(1( the 1..1wtlh. meat iIgiuiIy. to be ;i i -1 Passengers.Per Grotius. Leonard 299 tonfor New York, loading 'ale by 5-4th, o-th, 7-4th, S-4rh and 12 ft'etide supplied t with the rho:((?1 Wire:. Liquors, and
Feb 1 D ELLISON & Co.TTAY'S Cigars. A conHnn-ilioa rf ihe
-IIirper.Holmes.. Lilt Floor Oil Cloths liberal cu. foiaherticfora
.1 It) vmlalioii oi evasion ,if the law. f-te mer Viola-"Mrs Berry, child and servjt, ,
C ; Clinton Footer S50 for Boston : bestuwtd is r.-", feifullv. 'o'lrttt-d.:
i loading-
njnV, \la-lay. tons, ,
AI.nbh 6urcl1
Linamcnt for sale! > -sevord nr.d 4-4
'J.I honoris bye >
f.iiinot; on sour eU.cnlllll'cIII'hm. 1.\ j .tny ; ,
N .T DehloisSacsu .
r tt-anur ll t'loa--\1i .A Kimbrough. OS l -. i .1 c : r.- .. 3-4 ar.d 6-4;'k Et.
r.LRN & > lish. German and American
so le: I in me-;tlull I shall; tljererurc! I keep himbroiish, R J MOSPS, J L N Carver, W W a. Howard 294 tons, fur Providence loading -- December 9. 1S43. -

the money. in' II order. thai I m.iy still.i rei a i 1\ I Bns. Harper Ar H' lines. ItJLHU.FF'S; Dvse u.ny Cr.nlwUI ,r dle by Table Oil Clollss. -
fur la\V lovllI lawhnnoriiiiinl PIT Mr ami>r Lotus Mrs Porter and P Adam Commodore, (Br ) Priehard. fiSfi tons, fm Liverpool 'XT Feb J For IScnt.
THY respect a ; a '. son, 1 C ALLEN & Co. Also! a crpat variety oi' n-\v patterns cf
-, J L )Irnon. waiting-W A & PC Kam. THE Dwelling Hou- lately rccupiedv ,

law-obeying" Itllobaucl. Dear J UIH'-;. Pt j-tenrner Fa.hion-\I S Hint and lady J W Ohio,.Sutlon, tons, fm New York, waiting WOODRUFF'S Worm Specific, frr *ac! by Carriage Oil Cloths. t!Ic urrd.rMsjMicl. Terrr.3 urccniroo-

kis me. Hn-fs aid lady. Judge Hronson, Maj J J Finlav 0 I M Wright. J ALLEN & Co. .All of which Litt fier to the trade on liberal r ,,dating. AppU to
The "j.uly v/a c 35 i |. U T ?(i'sers, R G Cnwper A JNl Mumford (Br for loading 'TOUDRUF'S Anli-bilmiH Pills for sl.l le byF.b ,
.Junes discovered: t that I in his Attempt lo ulnpthe ; ) Ford 573 ti'ri. Liverpool Jan. 2, lS-t9. jan23 52-3rn Nov 25 Columbus Block.,
Yoiio : yv & -
Cnl f'ol W 1 J ALLEN Co.
HpirLrllon.Dr H Perry. our- Stone & Co.
Hevil rouuil' th" 'i he had lot p. .
n ;i
tflji ,. IVr -l".)raer Albany-Messrs 'Cuslnnan, Yon, Abbot Lord ..Toce, 537 tons, for Liverpool, loading --- UNITED STATED .1'0 Heut. .
?lean ,hundred.t This fs a ''r. t.-.L'ero Yitrk IMI. Clark. -J Day & Co. Indian EUxir. .- STOnE Noi. (6 Columbus Jr.t'k, ar.dl

'DfipaUk.Heslhardly: P..rh"am..r M A Moore-Alex l\JcReat lamps Baltic, Sounders. 3<' ton*, for New York loadinV WOODRUFF'S Indian Elixir: a certain cure IVaoIcsalc Clothing Warehouse, -l \Va ft.r street. Fir lerru.aPJ.Y) 10
Ctrhoo; I, ( )wens A & PC Kam. -' fever ff ale bv
.. Per ,tt>.mer Magnolia-A Hufrhinp, Sen, M T Chochmtate. :Berry 347 ions, for Boston, loading Feb 1 J C ALLEN &|Co. LEWIS & lic\ FOnD,
CurrertaFqngllie] Shore Alf\5nder, A Hnteliin-, Jnr I II> H .}-es -N J Peblnis. and Rope. -

of Cab'i.-The Wa'hinit.tu; 'Uui m. spak- !1'1Uwr Quincy' Mr.Mc(,ill, MrTrasl! r, Providence. Carr 341 Inn!, for Providence, loading Siiuff Nos. 2-32 i fc 256 Pearl Street, 9 11 1- P.s.: superi.r Ker.tuckv Bagging,
of Lieut. \Ii-" fUra Turner I L F Stow and lady, 0 Wake- -WoodtV Ballon and Maraln.v! in botil's and blad- (Between FuUrm-t and Darling Slip,) .mtiJj 100 coils h ,. .
Maur\s wind SCOTCH Rape
and ch.irt ,
.inz ; cur. iield. C lieinjs.. L C Morton Mr Sweet.IVrfciearn Beaver, Edmond 299 tons, for Pro\'idenct'.load- t received and fir sale by Jt'jt received and for .
:ftit. H.iyVe. -: a 'i "I "r Albany-Col Milton, Messrs] Avery, ing-T L Milt-he! Feb 17 H F BELL. JCEW YORK. : sae low-for cash,'or approved

.. \ >i)i. erve liy the leitor r.T Lieut.Miury (11'0. Hamilton. Weybo eu. Ilariis 321 tons, for Providence., HAVE OX KAXD THE LARGFST AfSORTS'ZXT CT paper; by ..

I 0 the New F:n ghoul! < whalemen ih.itt IVr Meaner! Fatth.iti-W H Talman and ladv, loading-T L Mitchel. Clarified Sn.ar.. BOURSE, STONE & Cn.
,., :\McAHiMer, 2 children and serv'r II .Wash Rob't Watt Br CXOTIIIXG Feb 1 4Q Watt'r t.Uaaiug .
It'I I led '. ( ) Johnon, tons, frn Liver-I BBLS NCA- Yo/li: C1..rI itdjust rs.cird : IPt
u en .o siipert I e existence W B Dixon Mr Newell 50
pool, waiting-Master.BUIGS.. Icr1IEUNITED :
and for sale by and Hope.
A wrsl w.irdly c.urM'iit of IWO fir tlnee mile-, I
lie Receipts from the Interior.Prsfnn Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. STATES. : Pl=;. KentuU\ ; 2j bale India; 100 coil?
the hour nmih
ilniig l shore of Cuba Herald. Gray. 174 tons for New York, loading' b-O .
Ibr sale
;i.id must the usual: routeof, sailing; \'c'?.sclsJruiM '.!r Enfonla! -:353: bales: colion toVy.. A N McK.iv fc Co. Panacea. Adapted to fie Southern and Southwestern Markets Rope by
!fj!. \ McKenzie; 120 to A N McKay !c Co 33 to Moses. Bulkley, 220 for New York loading Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.'
I ih > .H .avi t !o. New, (Orle.iu niili4r .'il l.ockhait \;: V0UII ". ; QWAIM & HOUCK'S Ptiueea. ju l received
? Xour Stone & Co.
.. gulf |pllrt; <. i a'gnins; : a ruiient asi) fir Per MiMiijfr \ old-! 200() bales ((It.tnn tll.7J De-: ;e. -- L) and tor sale by rn Ih9 arti' I Ic uf nUCi 'hcat.

twu or iltr-e miles the hour fur much ol ill. {l.ls'iIl0 to A N :McKay & Co; HM( to J C Mac.iy Memoranda.The _Fcbn_ II AHl'.LL.: 90 BACS ; 2'; ke Euckwhntju.t rc-

\.iy. The average rai'I.'$ jf sail ve>.els i i' |. : (:1 toV G Pmie'r & Co; 59 lo Hatper & Bark Cumberland, Power, noted as having Caps by the case low f fi.r cali by SHIRTS AXD DI8AWEHS, ceived anti fair sale by ". : _;
lli'lriir51 lo Lwkhart'onn ; 25 to V\ ylie & HATS We keep an endle-j variety. Jan 11 C A GREEiVfc' Co.'"
nut? "mure we arttold.. thV-n!i. .. five nnh-s i his McKenfzxr, 22 toV A & P C Kain.JVr sailed from Liverpool for this port on 23d Dec., put B. ELLNON1)ec & CO. A L5O - .
Tit C MOST -
hour ; and i iho. dillVu-utre I uhich I I this mlel J J- fctcainer :3oulht'rner-2ii( bales cotton to hack to that port, and sailed thence on 9th Jan., !. Cor. Water and CmsrmM, EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURERS CF For ,aQfiT .

cnvried curt!; and again: : put back on the 10th. Drtis and lcicines. OIL CLOTllIXG FIRKIKS ol 11t'n..r Butter, ..f" Lau -

fur twn-thmls the.. . Crosley, Liverpoolfor
I C' Xoiirre, ;lone .V Co; 31 10'rn II Kinibrotigh iV. THE Dec 2* XOURSE STONE i Co.
Our ship-owners ami merchants' are. crl "i.s port, Dec. 2. per brig Virginia, a Ijratand fresh I HATS

'j'r.vIz 'I" have: this puncnt tlmrcuphly; I )IVr fJ'arner Boston-310) bales cotton toN .J Ship Ohio, Button,"sailed fin Bos'on for this sort stock. of Drugs and Medicine, and all ;'rtifles I In the World n:1bnr" .

4 'niiifi, ami repuitfu un. hv I die vessels fir Ti'i.157! to A X MrK y JC Co; C9 lo Wvlie & Jan. 31.Buk usually kept in l.is line, lo which he would respectfully Plain end Fashionalle anJ Lowell O+mburg"<, al\vay3 oh
I lie culf Tiis r.onM' ditviihiiut M{ Kf-nzie; 81 toV G I'orter & Co; 3J"lo-fJarper() call the attention of his friend, and Clothing, of all kinds GEORGIA the lowest tat-s bv
; hey : .'
I'quuwlI. .y : Ar-4l i''! Mes; JO H Sims A; Cheever. Gardiner Spies, cleared fm New. York for the public eneral1)1 LEWIS & HANFORD, Jan
the le.isl ineotivenirticp C A &:'Co
: ; expense (.-learner Lotus-282 bales! cotton to J C this port, Ftb 1. Nov H F ABELL. Nos. 232 & 230' Pearl st. :
'ftlr< II tvuiiU lIe till' neces i y (,1' them top M.iciay: 76 to Harper & Holmes) ; 51 to Nourt-e, Baik Lion, Alexander, cleared'fm Providencefor Dec. 23, 1549. 45-3m Georgia OsntIJuI's, .
l !!ire tI"'III'V! ". when 'i.ui'.in:: r.iiuui i 'ihrP'.ll. Sicne \ Co: CO to Hill, Haws, n & Co; 51 to C Seeds : Seeds Seeds! sal by HENRY Y.' 'UNGS.
IN-S.TS Co; 25 to A X McKay Co this port, J.m 2!>. Seeds, just received and frr ale Ly IVoticc.SIX FOR
wilhiu I the i inllucia-e of this ('IHff''i i't'he GARDEN 2:3 .., :;\'t'r street.
IVjs'eamei F. -hion-247 b.lI l"; cotton lo W AV Schr Pauline, Young, cleared: fm New Orleansfor II F _\I ELL. week* nffer date I will spj-ly to the Hon. .
:.ji sit icd; |11I I' C Kam 75 A X McKav & Co lS6to [ coircc.
to Hill
: -
; i\\\\ \? port, Feb 4. e.;.it- of Probate for Calhoun Flor-
ters' SueTetv of the of Newik.. have Uawson fc, Co 3-1 to Sim Jc Chef-ver 63 to Lock- I'oas3i. county
city ; ? ; Sclir. Cora Bradbury, cleared fm New Orleansfor ida, t'.r letter of admini-stration on the estate of 900C'K" WO landing and 'or sale by
.11"11!! l the aitention, of n.lviil'ur.; Rener.ill\t. hart fe Yuuns; 20) to \'\'IJ1cKpllzif'. ); L1' just ieceivi\\! and rr -i- by William G. deceased D B WOOD.
this Feb 6. 000 Kelly, late of said coiintv
I'rI.amer bales Lock- port
Albany 132 cotton to HELL' ----- ---
Lieut. Nov 4 H F A .
'l J..n"s \ and ciirrem( :hi.srti.
It nt :\ Yonrnr; 64 to A X McKay &: Co; 21 to D Bark John Brower Tolford, sailed fm,Boston --- MATILDA L. KELLY. Clot1Jin-.
HuJ git.t I it t i their I heatiy i recutinneml.iliuu.;, I < : tli-n-y; 23 In B Ilawley[ : 8 to T II Yon for this port. Jan 31. Iffcmp and Cotton Ci fi. December 29, 1 S. 43-6vv FOR sale on co- ji: Iit'lIr. a hrge-invoice ol

I'-r e"eatner; M J A Moore-S58 bale cotton to A FINE received made clothing, by the puflwige, by.
assortment Irt.Illew
\ & Co & McKenzie 35 Sehr Tioga, Collins, cleared fm Baltimore for A jut S:lacl.t .
; Mrlvay ; ; 444 to Wylie : ; Nov 13 D r. \\"OtJD.
\N 1 INTKRKSTING I tiT.-'l'1 tMo2tiioiMil York, for sale
: : NCI : by
in Lockirart & Young tbs port "n 26 bbls. tor ssce! by .
Clnppeua clnefA and, ,'arrillrs weiestiuwii Jan 11 C A flRKKN fc: Co. 1. Jan Ke\v Dry Goods. .
Per M'>\lacnolia-2J6 bales cotton to \Vy.lie Ship Rcb't rtUon.1-.ulton.hence fm this port, -I- 11 C A GREEN & Co.
around! the Crpilol; on Fir.lay;' by \ McKenzie: 92 to Wm G Porter & Co; 338io AC'STll1..0 G. n't'SoIflr to J. Stevemon
wa .telegraphed at BOton'Jan 27. Rio Coffee.
their and l .\ X :lcJuCo.: An Ordinance t opening at the old stand corner
intelligent a eni interpirler M.IJ.J. .
II. : Per -teaniT H S mith-123 bale cotton to J Bark Edward, Knudson was up at New York for ;0 ; \r L' prime iireen, n'.v crop, just re- To amend an Ordinance entitled "an Ordinance of U'.iter and Chestnut trpt. 1m entire ivtw
TIle fp-qui-ntly expsi'.rdtvltItlf's r :Maeiav; KM to D K Doc e: 110 to Nours-e, this port, to sail Feb 6. U received, and for sale bv rcpealin! certain Ordinances, &c" passed 12th stock i.f ;:KY GOODS, SHOES HATS :c. to
ihnr and aduiiriiioii at ilie extent 'I'IW'Co: 91 to W A Jf P C Kam: 9,310 W II Jan 11 C A G'nrlC': January. A D ISIS which invite
Schr Columbia was at New York for this they tie: attention ot the former
.ifn.1 I jzr",nd.-ur of the building i ; I antl I lh" sp'en Kunli! iu:h ,t Son; 10 to Lorkhart Young; 3 up Sec. 1. He it orddlned! by the'3Twor: and Council of the old firm
did jMiniifigs I sirnngly attracted t ; their attention. I i.. A N' McKay & Co; 56 lo 11111, Dawson & Co; port Jan 27, to tail with dispatch. Tarratit's Compound i\lract of of the City.of Apal.chicoi.i, That[ the Clt-rk, cu Ap3lachlcflb.ornf r? i'\O\{ [ and the public. _
};/5 tu :lIur-t', tt'.ne 6c CoP nark Sui. Ciouch, cleared fm New York, for Treasurer arid Asessir bo allowed of five .
Cubebs and Copaii'a a salary
From the Capitol they proceeded to I .
r.tleamer Quinry-162 bales cotton to A XVrlva'y \ate -
hundred Paper.
thi Jan 23. 1PF.RFORAT.lJ
:he Siatne Washington( followed) f :' : ; (c Co; 76 to LocUlnrt iV Yruns; 67 to N port JUST received and for sale b'.s per annum.
crowd of ladies 'mil "f'nllf'lHf'n. Tijey wentup .1 !Ppl.c.i! : =; 161 to Hatppr &: Holmes; 49 to Chas Brig Cha= Joseph, Leigh, cleared fm New York! 23 J C..SLLflN & Co. -Sec 2. re it further ordained, That any thins : .nd Eibosed: Nfte Paprr for

)kosri-i \ Co; 50 10 Nourse, Stone! tSJ Co; 103 to for this port Jan 23.: in the orJinaneo, fo which this i nan: amen'dmpnt. .i _
to the (rout of the statue and u azed nt it Dec 9 J C ALLEN & .
Paits Oils \ miiitatirsz e JTisf thi -Co'
ordinance be
\V\lie V McKenzi Schr J Vail, Jarney, cleared at New York for c. and the -' _
or some nfl'i iite<, with, I lsol|>'S of deep.i interest.depicied I Per iearner Albanv-:37 bales cotton to \Vm G LAMP and Linseed OiN, Varrn-hes, BrtiIe: sjma i is hereby re(>faled.Parsed Oil Cloths and-Carpets '-
Jan 23.
upon their painted: faces ; then sitting Potter .Nc Co; 51 to Austin Ac Long; 8 to Suns & this port, Lamp Black, Red and Yellv by Council, 12th January: 1S49. 4 PCS Oil Cloth, 1 and 2 varda wide; "
dll\VII'ilcin: Cheexer: 5 to A N McKay & Co 131 bhls tar to Schr L ,imdrtine Turner hence fm this port, arrived Ochre in oil J. S. 15
the, statue i: one of (he chiefs.O ; ; ground Pru ian Rlup, Paris Green, HfjrCHIKSON Mayor. 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting; .
sks: 114-WISS. filled his splendid pipe of B Kllison & Co: 2 bxs tobacco to T Ormat W at New York Feb 2. Virdi ris just received:: per schr Palladium, and WM. VALLEAU. Cltrk.Consignee :2 Stair. ., ""
Peace Per pteanier i'anieUo-2.5-I bales cotton to Brig W L Jones, Tyler hence fm this port, ar. for sale by -I
and held it out towards the statue, > 10 Tufted Ruz", :
A & 1 C Kain: 3.9 to Lockhart & Yonns; 100 to Wanted,
saying : 1\1) Gl'e..t, Father we all shake Harper Holmes 80 t" Xourse, Stone & Co; G4 riv-d at New York Feb 3. Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Co. FOR nine (U) b'.Xe: pickles, marked G. H-re- For sale by W 31. G. PORTER & Cd..

hands to A N McKay! & Co 67 to J C Maclay. d Dec 3') jl Water street
with you ; we have travelled a long ; ------ \: per brig W. L. Jones from New York. _
way through the thai acquired Per barge Live Oak-102 bales cotton to A N Advances on Cotton. For Sale. Jan 25. ISH< A. N. McKAY & Co. LM-K! PILLS A>U PHCEXIX
great country you
for your people by the aid of the Lockhart McKay && Co Young.; 78 to Wyhe & McKenzie 5 to \ TEare piepared to make liberal advances on 2 MAHOGANY to Counting B. S.l1oue HAWLEY fleslc. Apply To MUr'F.\1"S?, ju>t received a:>fl for.sale by
Cotton to friend in New H. F.
consigned our Nov OS! A.BKLL, Druggist.j
Great Spirit. Your people have become N 'V20 Columbus Block. _
the Fire-proof No. 24
Store Water
Exports. York, Liverpool, Hnvre, Antwerp and Rotter- DARTci
very grt.al-onr people have become very dam. JKOUKSE, STONE & Co. Enquire of D B WOOD. Brushes. -
bales Furniture.
small ; m' yihe Great Spirit .who gave you LIVERPOOL hip Ashland-1896. Feb 1 46 Water street. M \BLE Top Centre Table Nov 18 HA TR, H1t. Clothe. Tevib.Nail and Shaving.
success, nnir and she cotton. 1 Brushes, for sale by
protect us
us cram .
Per frhip Liberty-1991 bales cotton. 1 French Bdst ad and Bedding, Notice.
ftvor we ask of our Great Father who now Grant I2ft'6 bales Advances. Fe -24 H F AT5F.LL.
Per Mjii| Ann cotlon. 1 Dressing Bureau marble top, Copartnership fiereloffire exitin under .
Tills the.,hig. 'b i r11' e first occupied by you." ANTWEUP-Pers-lnp France-1481 bales cot-. THE subscribers will make liberal cash ad I double marble top Wash St rt'ld. THE' fi-rn of J. D. ATKINS & Co, isthisday Perfumery. .

f This simple supplicatory address was faithfully ton.XEW YORK-Per. bark Ddmariscotta963bal on consignments ol Cotton to their The above Furniture has only been in use a dissolved i by mutual con ent. All persons indebted A LARGE a-s-.rtnient of Extracts, Cologne,

interpreted to the bystanders by Major c"itonPUliVlDEXCE' S. friends in Liverpool or New York. few months, and will be sold IOApply to tn the late firm will m'1eae make paymentto &c. &c. tor sale by
Mariell. wlio, in his gentlemanly manners -Per bark e5damClna-658 Dec 29 J DAY & .Co. Jan: 18 J. DAY & Cn.FI.es1. the undersigned i who will continue the Grocery D .' (:' t J C ALLEN & C"

appeared there, as he 'dnps every where, exceedingly bale*cotton A d van cc s. business on his own aecr.int, ai N'o. 53 Water Gold Pens Gold Pens !' .
Ilca.las.SAGE .
NEW OH LEANS-Per fchrW E Coll.in. -71 street. HENRY YOUNGS.
,wVll.-AVt. 'Int. bales cotlon, 31 bales oHiabnrgs 9 bxs tobacco THE undersigned will make liberal advances Thyme, Summer Savory, Boneset I, Hoar- Apalachicola Dec l.t, 1S4S.Provisions. O' th," latent a d most a-proved st)h-, just
Cotton clll.i i-ned to his friends in Liver. reccivrd and for sale bvV.v
Catnip, &.C, just re ct. ;all,1! for sale b\ .
The new btig' Maine.-CharlesThorndSke) Imports. pool, Gh; o\v, Havre Boston or New York. Jan 2.3 J ALLEN & Co. ts J.C ALLEN & Co.

LIVE H POOL-Per bark Jesde-2640 sacks Nov 18 D B WOOD. BEEF 'I'lri Pork for sale by -
Jnaier. sailed from South Thomaston. '., Saddlery, kc. -
White Lead.. 25 D R. WOOD. ,
('ct. 9. 1645 with lime for New Oll leans salt _. '
Insurance. f t vartfin patterns: and qualities,
l Extra and Pure just rec'd for sale by SADDLES
and with. her. crew' has never. been heard of ---r. --- subscribers, Agents for The Etna Jn- NO. 25 J C ALLEN & Co. o' JLard.r curb and Snaffle bits, .
since C. Allen A Co. THE TCKG npI.l. II r sale bv Saddle Bags, "
she.was founderedin 0 .
; finppospd to 'have Co.'The Protection Insurance
\ \IPSO IAN Medicines for ale .h' > ,
Wholesale( apd Retail Dealers in by C A GREEN & Co.
and fir saTe
the THO Martingales Whips by
terrible gale which :.occurred a few Co.," and The Hartford Insurance Co., of Hartford b 1 J C ALLEN & Co
days afier. JA 1847.C tll. Robbins Shipped DRUGS & MEDICINES,.PAINTS.. SPERM, Conn., are, prepared to take Fire, Inland Wooden Ware. WM. G. PORTER- Co. '
WHALy .AND UNSEED OiLS.; favorable School ISooks, bound Cedar PaiN, Painted Buckets. Pc30 4t t ler ileft.
aboard his vessel at Vera Cruz two Purl u. and Marine Riks on as terms a* any BRASS t. "
Gla and
Chemicals (Jlne Indigo, s Putty.; -
J DAY & Co. ; < i1'by Buckets, Hickory and Corn Broom,for
juese; seamen,who rah after receiving White Lead Varnish goodiflice. FJR Havana Tobacco Seed *
away and Domestic' Drug, 17 H F ABELL.Dysentary sale hy Join II] CAGREEN&Co. ',
Dec S3, 1349. I '
a month's avacc! wages, leaving their ,. DJe-Wod- Spirits Turpentine TORsaleby .

chests on board one 6t them being.mahofany. Pa'tent Medicine?, Congress.Water. Coi'dial. Cheese. _U tf'h-1 H F ABELL.

Capt. R bbinsaf.rive.d.al S,. George,., French' Cnemicul. &c. &.C. The. Protection Insurance Co. ot D D. WOO 'RUrF'S'D.-eiitary Cordial. jn't 30 BXS. Western and Northern,in fine order, i;\TODEWFF'S C* a pcIt IOfl.Pfi)\'d r, toralaJC .
New Jersey. received .trld for sale
.Maine by for sale by V Feb ALLEN" fc Co.
a few weeks ago, and looking.over ALSQ 4.A above by [ 11 .
the gr.niral assortment of THE subs( ibt'r being appointed by Dec 9 H F ABELL. Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. .
mahogany chest found in it a book belonging BLANK BOUKS, STATIONEHY, fee., &c. their asent for this city, is now City Lots,

to Capt. Thorndike, and 1 an atlas cnr. of Chesnut & Commerce streets, prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks Citron, Currants. Raisins, Lemons Goshen Biittcr.KF FOR Lease or Sale, for which warr.in tee deeds

with the name.of Coopna, who, was second jdtQ8 Apalachicola, Fla. May 11, 1848. : U0'.;. L. Mr[ CHEL. &c. )0 rs Hamilton's Dairy, of a superior be given. Apply to .

/nati of the brig Maine. Tb chest i is W. A. & P. C. Kain, JUST received in fine order and for sale by quality (for sale by Doc 28_. ,H.. G. GUYON.

identified by Cooper's friend) as the one he Notice. 11 C A GREEN & Co. Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. Lemon .
COMMISSION.MERCHANTS firm; of Roberts, Allen & Co.is dissolved. Syrup.

took with him .in tit vessel.. There is a No: 4 Columbus Block, THE $ will be made and the business Cranberries. Smoked; Tongues,, 1 B RAY'S superior. Lemon Y syrnp.jnst received
mystery Here 16 reveal.-Boston Post continu-d by g. C. ROBERTS. I' hf aid qr bbls. j ist recived and for sale b\ I sale by L".irsaleby .'. *

Apalachicola. Apalachirola. Jan. 13, 1R49. J."Jl C A GREEN: & Co. FOR 11 C' A GREEN & Co. Feb 17_- H'FTA F.LL.

The emigration from ,Liverpool' the of.OtJ-Cotton: Liberal to their: advance; friends made Liverpool on consignments, Glasgow, -t-; :Boots and Shoes, -- \v Potatoes. .Vermifuge.INER'S .. '. ./ Storage I ..- ',;.'.; '

UoiieJ State in. the. sear 1848. is ascertained New York and.Philadelphia. ..SALE, by the package; by.' 100Yell fine order; fi>r sale by W Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by IN Fire Proof Store No,24 ;Water street.by

7 FOR 18 DB WOOD. C A GREEN'.Co. Feotl H .F ABELL.. -' Nov 2. ; .1.. ..WQQD. ,
to bare amounted to 127,500 Jan. 11 1849. ; ,. .
person* : : i f ,> ; '" '. ,, '. :.
: .. : : -- } ..
: e i c : .
... : .' .' .. .' ( TO -\'
; "l'. :.:.' "' : : -, ; ; I i' .- y ".. .-. --.: .4 \ ,.'! tpi t" .cMIPi.j ., '





-- -- ---- -

a ,
\ 4 .

I '



tII" .
: .
\ -
.._ ,.... .
--- ---- "'" --
-- --- -
I '- = 1' flfl Anna .U.J UI"

matter whether the result of t mheieni cause r I|I Tax Collector's Sale. l1LtBiil I N otfcr B. --1 An Ordinance. Drugs, -Medicines, 'Paint*, r.

causes produced by Irregularity, illness or acci1dent. j,i BY virtue of the authority in me vested by law For the Regulation of Quarantine &c. Dye-stuffs Perfaaer ,/..

Nothing can be more surprising than its will sale before the Court House I the Mayor and ;
to ordained THE
expose Carston Allars, } \ SEC. \. Be it by undersigned wtt>rnthi l .
t i invigorating effect on the human frame. Per- i j'I Door, in the Cify of Apalachicola, on Mondaythe I V5!. v Bill for Divorce. Council / the City of Apalachicola That to his friends and the public r'or 1ab

sans all weakness a.id) latitude, from taking it, t 12th day of March, 1819, between the hours Susannah Allars. steamboi liberal patronage, and begs tahtZHL
3 Dreader'all vessels or arriving I
at once bicome robust and lull of energy under ,j of ten A. M. and four P- M. the following real }1 ,
.i Defendant not having plead, answered from port that be is now receiving aa tddihW
I any
Ii' i its influence.: It: immediately counteracts thenervelewness THE inthepoVof Apalachicola, '
situated in the of
: estate City Apalachicola (assessed demurred to complainant's bill alter due al supply, which.tddedto k- -
fever "
of the female Iramc, which i is the or \lace \l which cholera, yellow Ofmer
as the of Lewis Curtis and Joseph
properly t'cc of the thereof stock renders his assortment
n : filing given by publication, iufeclious unusually
.ret cjiHe of ilarrenness.: It will nut be ex- noxV contagious or
j Delalield Trustees of the Apalachicola Land small any l
French '
and the said bill of complaint and the matters and complete. Gen&ta
pcct.'d of t m, in cases ol so delicate a nature, to the departure such hd
Company,) or' so much thereof as will pay the therein stated having been taken for confessed disease, existed at American Drugs; Cosmetics; Perfumery '
exhibit certificates rf cures performed hut \vc j ja Taxes 'for the Slate such porter ph ., or : 1a.I
IMiiHOMIVi i i iSIS tsses-icd thereon, for against said defendant : on motion of Solicitorfor vessel or boat from and Druggists Glass ware &c., &c., are ft'
i assure the alflicloJ. that iundicds: ol ca.es I of Florida and flue County of Franklin together boar auy person afflicted !
complainant, it is ordered that said cause be which mt'y bave on to Physicians, Country Merchants and oti hers
'have been reported; to us. Thousands of cases i I with the cost of advertisement and sale and nall be subject to 01
) disease the most liberal terms-all of which
set for hearing at the first day of the next term with such ( he
wliera; families: : have been without ch1drn, after j jusin. "
i which said real estate is described follows, in war "
I as ot this Court and that notice of such : and Unadulterated.
I : hearing the following quarantir/ 13"0.8/0 pure
bottles of this
: ;
; a lew invaluable medicine, I the Map of said City, viz :
be to the defendant by the of n Its shallcome H. F. ABELL
h have been ble,w.l with fi ic, healthy olFipruig. Wharf Lots Nos 7, S 9-100 feet each. given publication a Such vessel or boi; ,
the first safe and Wholesale and
of this week
copy order, once a 'for the space of ancbo..dt con- Rejajl Di1Jtgi.t.
\ : ; ui ['S S ira ) irlllWmder To JlotJiers' aad Married Ladies. Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17. to an
: three months prior to the first day of the next e after crossing the' outer 45 Water atrtttApalachicob
This Extract of Sdr has been Lots venient anchor II
: .lpuil1.1 expressly 2.3.4,5.6,7. S, 9, in Block 13-
aid BIe m of the AJ term in the Commercial Advertiser Nov. 21, 1846.
; The rant eKtraorJriary: : M. .1icins ri the World prepared in relerence to female complaints.) No Lots 4, 7.8, 13, 14, 13, 16, 17, 18, in Block E2. published in the city of Apalachicola.newspaper bar, where I iM remain; spaceof
fern tie who has reason to she is Lots G '? 13 in or unl1'' the passengers and Drags and incdictncs.has -
This Extract i i4 put in: in 0. art B 'ttle-j : it i* six suppose approaching 14, Block 1 2. A Copy. WM. VALLEAU Clerk. foriv dp'1 I
.tirnej cheaper! i that critical period Tiif turn of life," Lot 3 in Block D2. slip' oeReported by the health officer THE subscribers and
,;pleawter, ami W warranted December 18, 1848. 49-3m crew win
peri'' lo anv siU. It cure without should) neglect to lake it, as it .is a certain preventative Lots 4, 7, 8 in Block I. to be OJ a healthy condition. constantly bave.on handa comrl.t,

rni1titl: .1)uqi'l ,il'cp.ni: or for any of the numerous and horrible Lots 2, 3, I. C, 7, S, t), in Block 4. Sheriff's Sale. .<5 2. Be further ordained That any II assortment of DRUGS and MEDI

debilitating th! Patient 'i 1 diseases to which females arc subject at this lime LoN 4, 5, U, 7, 8 in Block 8: BY virtue of a writ of fit fa- to me directed J I .-or other, person piloting or conducting CINES which they willpnreandothebestquality. 1V

The ireat bn-ity andi,>3rhrity of this Sirsiimilla ; ; of life. This period may be delayid for several Lots 1 to 10, in Block 1 U. from thc Circuit Court of Franklin county t}\Tiy:; vessel or sreatnbunt into the port of Cot, !

overall other maliciie* i h that while it :yrar by; ?L7Pg l-'iis! medicine. Nor i is it less val- Lois 1,2,3, G, 7, S, 9, 10, in Block 24. in favor of William Grtewold and Nath. L. Gris- board of the Merchants and Planters will find
Apalachicola, having It
eraiicafei tis! ilU n, it invipratea the It tnble for this- who are approaching wominhood, Lots' 4,5,6,7,8.9( 10, in [Block :26. wold! executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the C' on any to their advantage locall,examine and price their a

one of the very hast, b.dy. aa it i is calculated' to assist nature by quickening Lots 3, 4,5,6,7, in Block 45. of Apalachicola, I have levied upon, and wi.l'x" above contagious; diseases shall bring' said Goods, before purchasing elsewhere.

SP.UVG Ail: STJ\r.IET MSOICIMKS: : the! blood and invispmtinir. the system. Indeed, Lots 3,4,5,6, 7. S, in Block 4(5.( pose to sale to the highest bidder, at th',0"" vessel lo anchor at the first safe and coriveni"ii N. B. Physician's prescriptions put up -jii

Ever kin,vn; it not oil> p-jtriL! ;: the! \vh ilo VII- this medicine is invaluable! for all (Ihe delicate Lots I to 10, in Block; 54. Hnu-ic door, in the city of 1\pal chic"!' thJ( anchorage afiercrosmg I the outer'bart care and accuracy at any hour of thtdat or DiahL 5

lan, an! stre-ulhais th p'r. n. bit it crcvlcsnno. t 1i43e3 to which women are uhject.It Lots 1. 2,3, i n, 7, 8, 0,10, in Block 32. first t Monday in March, 1319, with'* the e; and report the same to the Mayor without J. C. ALLEN i Co.

bnitvsthe t whole system, renews permanently LoN 2 to Ri, i'i Block! 34. hours of sale, the 'ed property< Jan IS Cor. Centre and
pare it'll rlc'i b!, 1: a :11\\ !: ;pm ;i.l bvr following desc< : delay ; in default, said pilot or other Commerce *.
*t* ther mII ip.,1 I 11: tii!) < lie,* tisranJ l the natural: energies; by renwiig: the impurities Lois 6, 7, y i, !H, 10, in Block 1S3. to wit : one large frame buildi-*' known as he! person shall forfeit and pay lo said city one # -
t i of the b'vly, not s<) far stimulating ato t Lots 2 tu 19 in HInd JI. si.lated.* on Market J. SPENCE
.;:rt t of it.v 1 .1.r! tt..I.l <>H It !It n perform? 1 1with'n pro- City Council Chamber, hundred dollars' for 'such neglect or ,
,I'l-s wib iient rehvafion, which i is the case of J 4t fs '1 to 20 Block Ll.L.N .Engine, known as every
th.' hit :i/s y.ii, 111':.* thi.i! : t')\,0ii in ( Square ; me.- Engine fIou; refusal wilh the hbove section. WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER,
nit medicine? taker 'female1 weakness! and 1,5,7. S, P in Block House' and 1 Engine to comply .
cnr.. ot"r. c ;'f 1141i':.; 3! no'l ) 9. Boston No.1 1 ; and one "g'ne Second
wrer.1Hi.I'r'l I i 1: "'i'ilj. Tt i'.1.. Hit I ; di3ise. Jy tKin; a fen bottles of this medicine, Als:>-All Land: hmg on the Welt side of I the !I !known as Frankli- Xo 2..1eyied on as the SEC. 3Be it further ordained. That 29, Z. Entrance Story BaUzelKs Boildinn,

of miMthn iJJ : ullriJi'iv! : ; fie: lw )II\.131;H': miny severe and painful surgical operations may Apthiehkvla! nJ)', North and) West t ol t the City ct! I IApilacliicoLi pl''I'erly ur me city 0fipaIaehiCOIa.AIOHN while said vessel or boat lies, in quarantine, .. vffiM ( on Chwlnut-st t ) r

aH''. I h? ;pr, \'ei1ted. to I the \\\.lern bouiid tries"ol j LUCAS Sheriff; it shall nol be lawful for my person, except APALA'CHICOLA.FA. a

10,093 caiJ \ ? of G I in'] D "" Great BIcssi.qr to ItSothcrs and Fra .iklm 1 1 Co-inty ; asSf.! Vincent' 11.tuid. St. I By B. LUCAS, Deputy. the health officer to visit the same or hold N B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefullj!

;v i.at 9fN'II :1 Hi1rl ChiIdrei.tt Gee -.e'u I.-l.ind and D-ig Island, (exclusive 01! j Janunrv tT t. 1EuJ.TT1l1ESubcj'bers. any communication: with those on 'boar! ; repaired.-- 3- October 21, 18,1'7. V
is 111' ifot and, most onclual mpdicinc for that portion/ 'l'St. Geirtand Dcg Island owned i
I 1.-. 1 l'tvuMi'4 :,ril'rdi t iWI 'ra! t1C' h. ve on hand and offer for nor shall it he lawful lot any person onboard ATTENATT1rBoWliUg
wh 11 l3 .v tefn u.ornu.tlt'! 1.i thi t! *. who hivs ::-jriryin the system. and relirvjnj: the sullerings3tti by thu U S. Government') ; al-u, all Lands lying \: J_ of
1 Ml their 'n'ic-'il ir 2'i.v!y b. th? 't'jt* ,*f me:I- i : 'ndinl nio:; child-birth ever d-sroven'd. It East St. the Bay of Apalachicol) and bordering; ::; SL'GH-10 hhds and 50 bbls N. Orleans; owner or consignee thereof land, or cause Saloon and Blllliard
Sound and East
therl' !b tll the mother and on George's running to the
sr.! !' ) : child prevents J Jm'Milh ,
iciis .'0 b.ixes 'V oIe's'T. StuaitV loaf Room
oriiluT'tin MnTteln: J ; : ,
r.nt.I.1' of New liner from thence in direct, line lo be landed, any of her cargo or hrii a
t oain: and di.;?353, ill rC'a; s and enrichrtiie food, any
cxcejjive! uidil i' of l th! ? .11"1 mi. 'nl) :lir.iu' 'il : FLOUR-100 bls superfine St Louis tnd Ohio ; proprietor cf 'the "A'tflenznm:
to I th" Chiprii Cut-oil', following I the i cle on board unless by written permission BOIiui
Jh.-i5? who have*cd it think! it i i.s indispensable. Apahchi-i THY
01 .rJI oV..icil i j j'COFFEE( () -sacks Rio and Maracaibo ;
a tri1in
: : the
: l.as
pn u 1 r.jlz"fete'n. It t i is highly! useful! bith before and after confinemant cola R vcr down t to its month, including FoibeVIsland bbh from the Mayor, given under the advice of ( used every erdeavor lo maLe
huitn li writ of anlnl : MOLASSES!10 l new
'vifantu5'e'i-: crop ; the establishment .
so; c.illt-d) the whole 2s.jolllll()( an agreeable are of
( :
ili it prevents diseases attendantipon : containing the health officer and violating ru.t
sith is t pr' n It ire: I-?!) .t I I .d-cli-n 1 hi.teiirutowrird : WHISKEY bbls and half bbls; ; any person and i i. thankful that an ever
'hil.'Jirthin! Convene! Pile*, Swell- acr-'S if l third quality (,1' Land, and 10UO of 2d discmninaijrjrhe I'll'
I Cramps, either of the provisions of this tile first
t thit 'lit-il entirely n4.11.'t bv t ii< i1 lm re'nJ/. This l in. of the Feet, Despondency: lleartburif Vom- qualify. SOAP-bO boxe-J pale, yellow and white ; section of this ordinance shall be liable lo his desire 'to plea-- He will aprefiti.'If '
I i ifinj? :. Pain in the Bick and Loin*, FaNe Pain, BCNJ.: LUCAS, Tax Assessor and alv\ay htp
S UU?trill t i i. fir -n i.'ri >r t av. STARCH) boxes Colgate's ; said cily in the penalty of fifty dollars fur choice orimmt ol Liquor
and .
f rrpH.rrha, and in rezulating the secretions and C.>lk-cor I for Franklin i Corr.ty.: Mre li i
l"vlr UI *lC tivlrt!, I PORK 20( bMs mp<* and prime ; each and every such offence, and twenty-five bevtr.JL'fs, .t.a soit fo tickle the
A"al".hil'.h. Ot h.i
to 1'1 ilizing th rirciiUtion! it has no equal The ( \ 7, I F 1 5. :Nt n "j.alale ol j 'oW
A* it rm.v :111 I i'vi. >ra:
activity t'> th- lnn'n in I *tr uth! tl? tIm i- anvl 1 (the most delicate UQ6 it most sncfe:,'iullv, B. Ellison (&:: Co., Cor. Water and TOBACCO() bxs .Aid hf bxs favorite brands; owner or consignee of such vessel or boat cool and: deiicioulitsit' Irdin their nalnebatU

hr *'>!tc n. i M i n tol i "'V'ri 'rli 1 uv I I. ,r. i (' I4..t'Jnt.ts.. i BACOX casks'sides and ham; For a pleasant mminglir.g r-f
shall fail
very few oass require any other medicine, in or to go into quarantine h* ('rci e and
C )n'l 'si'>tir>:i C'jCleiif ;'r:1.: .so-n: a little Cantor Oil, or Misne, i is useful.Hvorcise SHIP CHANDLEUY.ANILLA 'I M ACCARONI boxes Italian. ; herein required. arriuserneitiutile- cum dulcet there it htHiig

a 111 >tr.-irrh-n! C m-i n It ti ho, <' > b? 1 I in the opf.i( air, and light} lood with I this "\ y|" and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, VERMICELLI do do'; SEC. 4. Be it further 'ordained: That incase within the circle of gymnastics to l'mrart' "i'h
ciral. B.nMitM, C > m.n ,ti.n L'wr C. medicine will always ensure a safe and con 1\J. Hambrolinp l U'onnline, Marline\ Spun- I i CRANBERRIES{ quarter bbls ; a gum- of ten pir.s i ; but I Ihrse preferring! lea
cay it shall be
deemed !
pi lilt. ell -I*. C 1t Irr'", C i'i'is A
liijof, 111." I.1 STMU-H ri rtt OvMI.ti'FiH'i I ]Notice 1f Laslics. Jo, Ltneed do, Haw tit). DoilNI do, HPHi, Turp i OSN:\n IlGS-lO bales Lowell and Georgia; preservation of the health of said city, .bytht H Comeone-come all." C
\i If\t S vi it<, ;Oi I fjilt nr I'rifF'v: I e nline. Paints, '\Tindo\\' (;ldss, PUllyVlllle i GLASS-20 bvs aborted sizes; health officer, it shall be the duty of II"* JOtifr B. JOXES;

p :tt)ritm. P ii i s n th:! Sj 1 ', \, :iuvo: ban ?:: Inw Those that imitate Dr. Twnsend's Sarsiparilla, Lead, H ed do, y'lIow Oclm, Chrol1w l3rpen. |I UISTKlOn whole, hf and qr boxes1; master ol'( any vessel or boat, lying in quarantine : ApalaC'hi'ol1. 30. J5-17. 5 j.f
: invariably called their stufra great Remedy I Emerald do I l'ial do |
i ca'i t b. l'ure'J.SZiUi) Imp( Clirom" Yellow, Ver BUCKWHEAT kegs new; unload and -- -
for F milfn, &c. &c., and I have; copied our bills digris LilhHa! Sulphur.. Bright Vainish, Copal ALJ\lO\DS-200 pounds to ( thoroughly cleanse, Hardware, Ship Chandlery -
'r liil. and circulars! which do Tar Ro in Pitch ; smoke and whitewash; the same inside he- 41
relates to the compl.tints ofwvnsn > Turpentine, Coal, Paint I BtJ'I'TER-25 Goshen and Western Subscribers hive on hand for _
kegs salt
N -., Y.'rc! \)nl B. IS 17. word for word-other mpn who put ipmedicine : Brushes, Varni-h d.), T.irdo Scrub do. Clump do, CHEESE bxs ; fore such vessel 'or 'boat shall be --i lowed I to THE orted CuM )
Dr. T""H.i vcrilv ''I'tijvp tnt! Sjr- L-ainp Black, Chalk Whitinjr Iliijsia Enli.h ) English dairy ; as Screw*, Hinges,
yo-ir have; since the great success of Dr. Duck. ?- proceed said; ( city and
8intrihhi! < S .!-i t'ji 1) .t- ,tl1"I1 Pr:ivi.l) "'icp, Town.on'l's in incident do, Coliou do, Heavy Havens do, Light do, I BRANDY hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Martel ; ; any person failing hlancl'w', Millsaui>, Cn!3Cijt do, Pla,.,'
Sarsaparilla complaint to White, Blue and fid LEMONS' boxes Sicily; lo comply with the provisions of this section Compasses, Augers,Gimblel,Chi I
of ivi'i my'lile.' I hive fur z ;v nl l wirs iu'l} i Buntms, Nails, Copper do, ?Brace
blJ C"'I.t'l. It biciTiMri? an I worse. ,\tInt femilf"', recommended: t theirs, although previous- do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screw.-, WINE5?-20 tloz superior :M-ideria ar.d Six rry; shall he liable to said ciiy: in the penalty of )nd flittsRuu1s, Bevel&nares, Bra(1p t

I riit1 I ir' li'i-- < ur! hl'11,1111' Mi '1t 1 Iv they did not A number of these Mixtures, Jack Screw, Anchor, IIand?|pil..t'$, Cap-tain ALE-dozen pale; fifty dollars 'for each and every such offence. f1ii1' do, Cr.llins' d', Atf/jr, Hatch et.mets .-, J.
(111 Pill, fcc", are injurious to females, a; (they aggravate Bars, Oars, Blocks Shive .1 ib I Links Hand ,
?, ,
S.\tf4. 111 I W1't r .th' d-bilit.ite.1 ail I re 1iced, Pickles aUl'es, Olives, Brandy Chines: and SEC. 5. Be further ordained. That the Shullvr.Harisiitijis Blind duSlu'lyudt:
disease and undermine the constitution. Deck
Pumps Cedar '
Buckets do
Deck Brooms, Candy, a full assortment. Counter Scat??,. Pfalfrrrn do
and: ili i mt evp ct t'1Ih'p. I 'ii\v only uJ vourSiHiiritli Scrofula Cured. Corn do. Caulking :Mallet, San-ing, AxesA.\r city physician appointed) by the Council an Kilcnen Cr-ltm di;

; a Vnrt tin?, nil J thc hn a wnF.jrf'il This certificate that this [Jl'I\'i2loo.! !! s wd Thimhlp, Box Hook, Bite do, C. A. GREEN & Co. nually, shall; be considered: tie health officer Ware, Table' ('htI1y-! ) Shoitl I ard
chn h*,, t'I'' in I conclusively proves Can do. Colton do do D"c 25 52 Water street. Ton:I, Fire Irons, &r.. : ,, .. -
e i wr ) 1 i tin a-u tn.vx.ble Sir'ioarilla: has perfect co-itrol over the most obstinate Boat [Fi..h do, Callltin: whose duty it shall he to visit all vessels
to will all)! over the citv.: I rais' no hl-i.i.1, Irons, Makin-lron:, Marline S"ike55hip Scraper Warranted to Cure.FOSTER ." which anchor Bellows. Anvil, Slfdgf.C
diseases of the Blood. come to the
and nv c vi'h' h.. )l-'ft 'n ?. V-n c.n wlll[ ianl- Three persons! -?, "Huns Dippeis. Cook's: Ladles, Tormentor-, / & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic. may at quarantine ; Hammer, Vices, Screw ptiles, Sleeks ar.4

tine that I an tbnkfti! fur t'i. r oIu15..yo cured' in one hone i is unprecedented.Three Dividers Compasses Sail Xeedlos! sail Twin, compounded' from medicines of our own ground as aforesaid and examine lhe Dies, Tongs fjl(oI, Raps, ir.

1r o','iicrt 4I''r\\'lt.? Children.Dr. Seine do, Smvin; lo, Palm, Hiding Leather, forests, a perfect and lasting cure for lever and passengers and crew thereof fur the purpose IRON-Sweed.1, En li:hand An.erican, zwrltb'
Townsend Dear Sir-I I have the! pleasure Pump do, Shovels I Hammers, Hatchets. Chisels of round flat
\VM < : ascertaining whether there exists mi and square, Band,hoi.I.! Sin
RUSE144, >7 Cithuine! st. PI agIle, and for being the best Tonic in cases of [ el aid
to inform that three) of children have Augur, Ute:, Li.tds.vs' nimble: IIand>.tw Boiler Iron.
you my hoard of the diseases Railroad do
Ith I 'iatisn.! Files:, Hat Tail cln, Trot Equares, Cnpboarn J4kSItick generardebility I weakness now known, for sale 1 any contemplated by Spike HI'rttlt.u
""'Thi* H only one of u->re thri' fo-ir thin;anj baen! cured medicine.of the Scrofula by theme afllicted of your excellent do, hooks and Stiples! Hllqp Padlo'klVoorl ,, l by_ TApril 27] H F ABELL. the provisions) of this ordinance and wheihcr Iron and Nails Cast l. English, Luster ai3

caw of Rheum it fen thil Dr. To'vns9Sim- They were very severely \ :3W; ;. Pt'IHJ.ml IJalllyard nand Lill's any case of such disease has lu-mrml I I German Steel.

parilla )ha cured, Tfet *nvre an.l chrniccn.J with had Sires : have taken only four bottles Dt'f'p Sea do, Lr. do. Fish do, 1iiuid; Leads. 1)ee) Thompson'. Compound Syrup Of during the ohsucIh'esel. and make PLOUGH[1*-Single and Double Crrnsl.ellw;

are weekly! cralicateJ by its xtr.l'di:1Jrv: : ; 'it tok them away for which I feel injselfundei Sea dn, t'flf"1 Ito, Bar do, Funnels, Lanfhorn arand IVood rVaptha, thereof passage Cornrrill,, Lnl.ain, Trace duo Ox .'oj;
ro the
virtue ureatobligation Chalk Lint's, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do: F"R) I the cure consumption! clifonie, bron- report Mayor ; and for such Shnvc-I! and Spadt.s't't'mg! Hoe!.UaVJeD' ,

JamC'imiin's R: of t f'i 5t1I'\T1 Vntir rtcctfi' llv.C Blayii nf Pin-. 'I'i\V'H"' Crl1t cpn'. cuf'.ur'r', ,, n-Kim ,,, hoipio louyli, palpi ation service hesl:ll be enijiled 'to receive from I>anf> arid nrubbinu H()e*-,
< OT ;
i Is \ W GRAIN1 Wooster-st.. Tool", hmwo1 PO i ".Cc.. the of such boat
i of tlc heart, liui complaints, and ailectii ns of master vessel or the sum often COHDAGE Manilla and
intha L'mtic Aylun' BlicVvMr-! r hn I 1.li the Anil! ichirola. TPC 9, 18-17 Hemp,scw-rlfd, Purl;
Opinions of l-h'sicians. the \idnp\s: fur l l.j by dollars with expenses. Tar Rosin. C"al l Tar
of in VarnisIiHaid.spftps.
gentleman s.joken t'iaf>lb viii1-ti<'r: I Bright -
Bli-'c.v.MrTs I r Mini. **?t. '. 1'H7. Di. \vris3nd i is almost 1 diily receiving orders G'oecl'ies and Sfiii* Stores. v, in .1 T AfT 'v *. r. SEC.: 6. Be it furilier ordained. That it Blocks Oars &c.CASTINGSSI1ar ,

TcH\"ned-eu Sir : I juv, :J1'r: .1) terriblv from Physicians in dirt:'rent puts of the Union. RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo. do, shall be lhe diry of 'I he health officer harbor Kettles Mills ?rd Cad,
BIajl Books
and Statiol1c.T.LEDGF.IlS .
This i. to certify that we, the undersigned: i ) hem Flour, We-lern t do; N 0 Smrar' drons Bakcovi-ns
f''r nhe year with( tile R'll'nltJ'n ; considerable Physicians; : of the City of Albany, have innumer- St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Upon Tea, Journals, Day Books, &.c. master and marshal lo report to lhe Kel lies Tea S'pidf, Pels Enameled
of the time I C'fiM' 'I l oIl!te Kelt Irs & >.
n Pit, <( ) or Mayor and ail violations of
this ordin
ij4 ct"?$ pre*-rib d Dr. Townend's.Sarsai) >arilla, IIyon (Jo. Powc'iong: do, Souchong do, no?hl"n Foolscap and Letter Paper; any TINWARE
walk. I had the tifnm.t dHfre'siajj piin-i, 'a'd 1 and live it to be one of the not valuable preparations Butter, Cheese, Lard Bacon Hams, Sitles, Should Cotton Memorandum Book Wholesale lull a:<(intent.

my limb tvre terriblysvillen.. .I HiK u.l ; in the market. rs, :Mola5efVThUkev, Mes and Prime Beef, Slip: and River Bills Lading; ance.Passed by the Council llih January, 1844. Qr retail.

four bittle of your SmmrilU, aria they have II. P PUU.VG M. D. Mess and Prime Poik. Macken-I Shad, Salmon, Boooks for Letter Press. DAVID G. RANEV H. C. ROBERTS..

done mve than one thoasvil) 11'Tlbtwth or J. ViL'OL: D. herring, Sounds and Tongn-f, Cod FNh Tongues, Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks I WILLIAM Mayor. \ptlarhll'f\la, Jan. 21, 1 ISIS.

good. You are at liberty to ma this far th! benefit 11. B. HltlfJfSS. D. IVpper, Spices: Catsups, Pepper Since, Olivrs, Jut icceived and for sale by ALLE.\U, Cierk. A CAItn.
Capers; Pickles, Soap, Starch
of the a.ilic-tel. P. E: ELMEXCO11F.M. D. : Tobncco Navy
Yours re Salt llai > !$ the citizens
Beans Macaroni: ol"
Vermacolli. Arrow Apalarluri Ia art H.
vi i
Caution.O Chlorofovin To amend ;
JAMES CUMMIN'GS.Dr. ( an Ordinance, entitled "
Root an Ordinance
Corn that
Oas Bacl..wheatfll: cinilv. tfIP.ha't'
'cveI'al I .. ;IC. ,ving to the greit success and immense sale For sale by B. ELLISON' CO., Ilice. WRRNTED' lure, ju-t receiveand! for concerning Slaves," &c. ;nd wdlsplectcd. Stock/ nw GOODS flrl hand a in i* r.eat bl

T'vu't.oI\ 1rII'rtlla ) i'i of Dr. To'wnsend's Sarsajiarill: a number of men Dec 9. w hich will
is uiepdlel' Cor. \\rater and Chestnut -t ts. Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Council sold low, in
of the C'1i11.'i' .". nnl I Tin who have commenced Novl-s 1 J r cof'sitinj part as fclis! :
\ *
caea 'Vf q. were formerly our Agent*, "i1.T'N & To.Dry of the City of Apalachicola, That from arid Cloths) coil l inierqjriw&fIP

following letter i i. only one of hiri'lrwh tint we miin; \.Jr\prilla Extract*, Elixirs Biter( Extract Hard ware.PLAINS Goods.DRILLINGS after I the first day of March next, if Fancy Print; >
have received from the Siuth a1.JV) it of like I! ol Yellow DJ'k.c.. They generally put Plain; Irons: single and double, Hani of slave shall any owntr do.
I Tickings Cot tori any keep, or cause to be Alapaca Lustre do.
Osnahurgs, any ; Figund';
character. it in the bottles and of Dr.tKllivt. :
up same shaped: some :, Augurs, Augurr Bits, slave in house
Jeans, Flannels, Blankets. any on any lot in this city without Silks, FruIt i\nc: ,
0v-n 'III !. Ot lh-in have stoIc and) advertisements Siring Braces, Timber -
H. IS 17. I copied our Scribes Turn Scrr-ws,, Tweeds having a white do.
Shirtings, Sheetings Checks ; man residing on the same, MontellaSaIl
Dr. Townsid : D'.r ir-I ')-lrc1H. .i lor inv they are only) worthless imitations, and should be \Mirkin Guaze' Mortice .c. occupy eon
wife t vi b'ttl,?* of SiMrnrillt: of ,','Ir \:*I\t. :avoided.Principal. Ruledzos, Wrenches Saws Locks Hooks For vale lot in this without
by B. ELLISON & CO. any city; t having a white F.mCushmi're Rohc.s
Mr. MiVair, of Ktliniizt.t, t.- trv it f ir th! ( Fever OTice, 121 FULTON Street Sun and :t ta ,,1 1e,, BlltH, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts Dec i D. Cor. Water and CUc'Sti'ists man re idinsj on said lot, the person. ?o! offending Bo'If'rino do.

and A.t'J!. Bif're I IIK! l linisnel I the first Ruilding( N. Y.; Itaid'nu & Co., S State street, Brads Tacks, Copper Wire Mrltim Ladles, Rat shall on conviction, be fined five dollars l'lch do. Delaine ,

battle, it appeirel I '0 \vim th< "tllI l, a-i-1 evr-ry Hi tin: ; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street, I Trapses I Hatchets Coffee Mills Sledge Hammers Cider. and every day that such slave shall be for I ?.hislins Ii.dia tli .

other d'V', whei the C ills-in1 F".'V
they were Iei violent ; a-vl 'b fire Vie h.ul) fin- Pf.. Cohen, Chirlcsfon ; Wright: & Co., 151 Formlehy B. ELLISON & Co. 1'1 T'ITIFON '- Co. son informing and it shall be the go to the ) Swi*?, Luce ard Cnlf r\t
; of Edgings Lisle i '
i i.'heJ the b'lttlp.VI.* entirelv r-lievel, :and C'nrters street' NO.; 103 South Pearl street, Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st t<. QUEETINGS- Shirtings and Prints, by the Marshal to report to the Mayor Ihe names duty l'tr-I Sha\\Jamask! Cap and Thrtc'd
she was nvich !lielter t'nn : 'e hal I b 3-i beforeshetoik Albriy: ; and by all the principal Druggists i and : '. bale and case, low for ish. bv such slaves be
: Iron, Scotch J.Ir'ecliu and Garde! ( as may found occupying or living J>). Marino,
the .Vm. A 1tlv tiit' hil) boe' Merchants: generally throughout! the United States SVKDE
very : B. ELLISON lots to this .
Bl'icksnith: I B'li.1Colle I n aid Woo!l & CO. on contrary ordinance.Sec. do. 1'laid Wrnl
lick with the Chills aid Fever bit lu-1) brolte We I Car : Dec9. Gor. Water sis. 2. Be it further
... Spades and S iov,-l<. Catildron and Sin..i, Chestnut ordained That in case Kid Lace and Silk GI""t''I
th'n.viI'iiaii'. I 'vs4'i ind \' For sale wholesale and retail! by "- --
Pans, Plou '!hs, &c. & T-r' "ile bv TaUUC1'S' Oil the owner of any slave found living on or occupying j Tuscan Giproy[ nonn latest
( di to this
B ELLISON & CoT d"| a contrary ordinance shall
be all
with the A'ia C ,''i(, *j in2tier; .!Irt 1 t'nt it hail May 23. ISIS 19-ly Apalnchicola FOR : by a | jn varieties( .
)) C > non-resident of 'this
._ __ -r 0 Cor.1. ""- .i r estntif s''. vn n rr T T. ON & Co. city on such fact being reported Iro\v.n? Shirlimr, 7-S..4 and
on my wife, she sent an I pr.vurM ;t fn.v billies 4 .
l> Goods.rpiIE fo the
ry Mayor by said Marshal BIc.
and it 1 reitored tier in a fe-v w '?'<* to CTO')llehealth. : subscribers offer for *lie a large .an.se BOOTS, Shoes' and Brogans, by theca e; Wood Ware, &c.BATHnL person, he shall issue }his precept to the,1\hl or othtT h.tl. Blankets> ,do.6-4 7-8 ar.d, 34I -4i; 10-4 and 11-4

Y,vir Sinipirilli; i i. withvit r) vi'if ire'iillel :> L in Shoes arid Bu.kins ; Covers Painted Pails, Tubs Flour him 8-4 .
suable stock of Dry Goods, consisting commanding forthwith} to remove said slave Ingrain and
h die'to) ii-i.-hit to th. WIt, nl I if ,art of Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans; Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, so found living or occupying as aforesaid and the Carpet Bags Carpeting

you think that thici-nn i %iciti'i will bj ot use Negro Kerseys and "II tine sew'd nrofYans'u;. Brooms', &c. &c. for sale by said Marshal shall he allowed ;
: Linsey?, 0 I therefor the sum Hat- and
are at liberty to IU! it.tol vo-i cho: e. Men's pegged Boots; B. ELLISON & Co. Cqps.jill styles
White and R"'d Flannels, of three dollars, to be paid by the owner of said Bro! and Slu.es ,
Your .* "lfnllv.CIlVtlL'iZS' h fi'ie sewed"footsq} Dec 9. Cor. Water and Che&tnuf
r T : sis. slave
and and for \\ hich
Bngup* Tweeds execution i issue the
Russet may on Clothing ol all kinds. .
(H. For
SWAIN. SIIr; thifhhck% an:1:1 fancy Casamerei, Brogans. sale by H'IDSt I C- -xSujrai. ; judgment of Mayor's Court ; and any such slave Also l a neat assortment of J

Canker in tile Hr:>nt"i.BsHw S-i er Etglish mid French Cloths Den B. ELLISON & CO., 5 13 do 1'w Orleans Sujrar; found offending against said ordinance a second many other articles too JEWELRY, and

Ii1 a:?"1! it i f .inlhsr chill, saveil Whitney! 'lliiikefs 10, 1 11 and 12jrs.Dnul Cor. Water and Cnestnut sts.. 20 bbN &. C oix ., time shall, on conviction, before' Ihe Mayor' Call and examine fpr numerous yourselves.to mention.

Dr. T-iJf unJ' Simiarilla h Ii ived the' live* inkels.fi, t 9 and 10 qrs. I Lard. "i hx' .c PW ri' Loaf u Court, be liable to be punished by whipping, M. N. SCOTT: &

ol thftuiii of cSillrai. Ti-i follo-vi-ii( twnre I M irseillas Quilt, 9, 10, 1 tl and 12 qrs, 'viYr' IPl.l..., ; r sol, h" 1 ii-L' ron "d --" t' with not less than ten nor more 'than thirty-nine Dec 23 Cor. Water and BROTHER, .

certlfi1l selected froii a riit n'J' n'i2r r-- Dini'iH, Ir 'nlins and Cot tonades, )0 GRE3N v. Co. ioo arks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java la.hes. ____ Centre sts.

cetred this week. Brown Shirt' i igand Sheeting, Wooden Ware.BR 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Sec. 3. Be it further ordained That this ordi- Iron, 1IiilS; &C.

_ NV.T Y 'rk, .\ril1. IS 17. Cotton Osnaburg 50 l\f nn'd do.; nance shall not be deemed or .held to: apply to 20..TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes
Dr. Tow,,!,.' : Di\r Sir-) 1: of mv ,1iHr! Cotton Drilling and Ticking, Deck\SS Bucket bound Cedar Pails I Painted Buckets, 20 ". Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap any slave living on any lot adjoining, or within : Nails, do. ;
tisk: with! a nk- in the Muth ail I Linen and Cotton Checks Hickory and Corn roorns, ''or ; one hundred of .
wa very J lOt basis Shot 50 kegs Powder yards the residence of the 4 casks Weedinglloes
sale ; owner, assorted
Jan qualities
by I 11 J C A GREEN t
Thrivt, attonhl 1 with'r. it d ilifv. It ci-n" Irish Lin,o, Shining and Sheeting, --- [ i i] -. i .I i .. & Co... 101,0 lbs Lead ; hirer or person actually employing said slave. 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils

near dyi'l(. I obtain -on? 'f vnr exMlcntmptliein Bleiched Cotton hirtint!: and Sheeting, Chcosc. 200 kegs White Lead, No.,Extra and Pure. Sec. 4. Be it further ordaii.ed, That it shall 20 "Emdish and American; Vises

-, ani it c-ir-d it dir :tly' for \vriichltnure Eulish, French and American Prints OA XS. W>. fern and Northerninfpie orch r, For sale by WM.. PORTER CO. not be lawful for any owner of any slaves to hire 20 Bellr.ws; ;

you I fa.t! vervELIZiBBni rtfIt.Ysiri. !Kxtra <'i').r, nlain and twilled Ginghams, Ov/ (for sale by Dec :30 41 Water street. or let to such slave his or her time and that any 12 dozen Spades and Shovels;

rac ) .tr'lliv. S-r)er C\o' 11pre d'Er.o':4e, Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. such person so offending shall be liable to the 10 Collins' Axes;

: t") v,/: {. 7 f-* roH?s.st Extri 'JI'rfIBI; l de Lame Loaf Sugar. said city in the penalty of one hundred dollars, 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards

Fits Fits! Fits E q1i*'1, Scotch and: American tic,. Goshen Butter. C\OOO r-RS).., Sttam Refih -d, for sale by one-fourth of which penalty (when collected) to 1 case Rowland's Ca t Steel Mill;Saws

Or. T.wii1. nthivn 1t tt
rilUied i'1 eat Itr Fit4. 'fir4 "AVI"r. c"1-n'n 1'1. Black Silk Cravats and fancy Mkfs, for sale by Iron, Nails, Steel, &c. Sec. 5. Be it further ordained That the mas WM. G. PORTER & CO.by

it, %nj wii nrilri.eJ to rs'< iva tin f"lIr'h( ? Suoer' English and PonpC' Silk Hkfs, Jan IJ. C A GREEN & Co. Q/\ TONS Sweed.s, American and English ters of all slaves used as public porters laborers Dee 30 41 Water street. .

(rf1"Q i i..tetli't1t ail t rcietable; : !Far' ncr< h Enrlishandmerican Cotton Hkfs, SOl ]'cd Tongues tJ\J Iron, assorted sizes;. laundresses or for other public uses, shall receive ,- -
Weffcbllter county : Madras: and Verona head Hkfs, sale 30:; dozen Brade's Hoes; from the Clerk of the City a licence for Boots and Shoes..

F'jrihvn. Viri.t 13,1S7. Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose FOR 11 by C A GREEN 20 dozen Crown do ; such purpose for which an annual fee of five : BOY'S'and Men's Russet Brogans;

Dr T'T1'1i: Deir Sir-I hiv a hUh *irl Siner Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings, & Co. 10 dozen Shovels and Spadps; dollars shall be paid, four dollars of which shall sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;

even. rears of i?% who ht' uenv ral v
aTlicted with Fit*; we tried tt n nt ev'rvtliinz Phin and fir'd viCl and checked Muslins \ nLN. Kentucky; 2J bale.s India; 100 coils 500 lbs Cast and German Steel; that it shall be the duty of the Clerk issuing;such Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; thhlthen'sdo. i d-
for her bilt without < itm ; :tI't.a1i"'J1 Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, *J\J Rope, fur sale by I 20 doz Collin's Axes, Georgia and Kentucky I license, to'e a badge having printed the num- Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;

$i4 oareeoTj-nenlitiin i' circulr' *Mh Pins, Tape, &c. &c Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. pattern; ber of the license granted for any oran of the Super Ladle coarse and fine Calf Boots. J

eOll lilc* heH, ws t'vi'ht, ai she verv .V'ih hive been'selected with great care in 2 boxes Cotton Cards ; purposes herein named, in legible characters A large and extensive assortmtnf,,just receh

w.et.. jit heUth, we w>'ild t ive hJr *'7i3 of y.>nrSiruiirilla Vew York4rifl Rr. ton.from Tmporte and Agents Buckwheat.BAGS 4 do Coffee Mills; and which is to be worn by the slave upon a con-, and for sale byVM.. G PORTER. CO.,

aid ire very zlid we Hid, f'ir it not "f Mnnficturers' at the lowest market rates and 20 ; and 25 kegs for new Buckwheat,just re- 10 kegs 5 and 6 inch Spikes,; for sale" by spicuous part of his person ; and an owner of any Dec 30 41 Water street..

enly re t<.f dh.r r 1tth. but *he ha had no r.. ire mw offered wholesale or etailon favorable ceived sale by I C. A. GREEN & Co. slave offending.Bgainst the provisions of this sec. Henry'slJagnesln,

tarn caf the Fits, ti oir treat: olMvire and s'- terms bv WM. G. PORTER & Co. o. Jan 11 C A GREEN& Co. Dec 28 52 Water street. tion, shall be suBject to a penalty of ten dollars, Sarsa ariil.

prise. She' i it fat hI1''Qil1t ,llned and hearty 01'(. 30. 1317. 41 Water: street. For Sale City Lots one-half (when collected) to go to the informer. nULL'S. Sand's, Brwtol's'and

for. which we feel grateful.Yotjr WistnrN a ]FOR Sarsaparilla re
*, rairt" tf>dlv. of Wild Cherry, Dairy. he given., Apply to nances heretofore passed conflicting with this I ceived and for sale by

JOHV BUTLER., Jr. T1TT received and for Iale by Bec 28 NOURSE, STONE & Co. i Dec 28 H. G.' GUYON. ordinance be and the same are hereby repealed. Feb 11 H ,F ABELL.
'.0..10 Ije41eIiie. J Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN & Co.F by Council, 30th January, 1849. _

nf Sinnarilh is and Osnaburgs.GEORGIA Lemori Syrup. J. S. HUTCHINSON Ma'or.VM. Soaps
Dr. Towr snvereifi ,
w> a
cpe.l lv ttre for fn-inierjt Cmnintinn B rren- Cotton Hooks. / and Lowell[ Osnaburgs, always on 1 I B RAY'S superior Lemon. syrupjust receivedand VALLKAIT, Clerk.Hydrostatic A LARGE assortment of Toilet Soaps,.just
OR sale by vJT hand, at the lowest rates by for sale by received, and for sale by
of t'11 Wom
Prol7HUterh Fallinj 1
_ Jan I 11 C A GREEN & Co. Jan'11 C A GREEN & Co. Feb 17 H F ABELL. Ink Fountain. Dep9 ,HFABF.LL.
't4tiY.'e.. PilM riiv rrh.t, nr Whl M. 0'J. :- .
if ri te-l or di'Ii ,\e1"r'uti"I1.. Incontinence Snuffs.30TCH Vermifuge. Storage A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains Pen Racks p

,t Urine. or inroluntary* har ;e. thereof, and S:; and Macouoy, just rec'd. for sale-by I WI ER'S Canadian Vermiru efor sale by Fire Proof Store No. 24 ,Water street, by Paper_ Sand Boxes, Paper Folders;Stamps, Seals, AFEW-bbli., .Apples ewown" Pjppins.-necW.. '.

frf lbs" f euertl proitntjto .f the jetero no Jan: 39$ J. C. ALLEN Co. Feb 17 -H F ABELL. IN Nov 2 D. B. WOOD. Nov Clasp H Weight, &cfor J C sale by > by. C AOWEEM''k t ;

ALLEN & Co. Jan U


'p '. .
,; t'i