rpjOR galpby
R e.Febl7 H F ABELL,.
P nysenitary Cordial.
D.- WOODRUPF'S D, wtary Cordial, just
R received and for sale by
Citron, Curranits, Raisins, LetanZ
,OnS9 c
lJ.UST received in fine orders and f,-,r -sj.e by
,.Jan 11 ^ C A GREEN & Co.
.- Cranberriesg. .
TN hf and qr. bbl.J just received and for sale by
Jan 11 'C A GREEN & Co.
yellow] Potatoe-,.
'lOIV.I BJLS. in, fine order,, or sale by.
1U .Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.
B EE-RF aiid-Mrr-Pmosar-e-by- ;I ,
-- N,,v 2'5 .. D, B. WOOD
For Sale.
COILS.Rope ; 1000 lbs Twine, by
J JanI8 8 NOURE.',STONE&," Co..
Georgia OsnLvub(is,
iTOI R s|,- by H-':NR VYuUNGS,
J Dec 28 ."53Water s,.reet.


In rhe language of 'acolemporary, speak-
ing-of the necessity,0f estb.hliing mil.n'u-
fac Iories in-the coluton. staies, we say: lilt
is said that -we recover apart of ou'r0Ibs'by
feeding (he labor of Europe while ilis pro-
dHcing'the 1,brii: -from -our raw n.iletiail, 'we
answer it is only a.Parl, and a very small
part. which we rega-sin -by this means. Eu-
r-pean labor occasional lIIl Ieeds from An, "ri-
cA' store houses'.' W Wheon -they 'have:4fbH
crops: across the Ailanticih'ey take little or
nothing from us except Cbnnii and Tol)ait-
co 1the latter of, wh icth arTticles is encumher-
ed'-wfh a- .u-ywhigh .greatl ,-,reduees. its
cdnsunipnjon; TTheir sliding scale ofduies
a I"a)s'excliudps our bread, siuff" so seooni a-
thi:y produce a fully sUpply alt--home.. B&-
sid-es, if ihis labore was perlfrined at hume,
_wo'l'd it not reqIuire its whole siisienainc--
from our store houses and ar,,narit-s ? En-
p1oy: 150 million of dollar= worti of 1. hor
herej,.and hao'w mua h .will ilie fhirePr -el10 for.
," it ? 'Ceria".inly'inlii'h inore-lliafi r-1
dfes Ior tlhe occasional's'up lies whli h lie
furnishes o lthe labor o6f 'Europe iiiy6e;rs'oI
i'ifiime. So long as we say'1o all ihe world.
by our acis. that ; we'will cunmen'l oju'selves
to dig alidl'-111-fdr r 'coueneuce, and
suppLy'you with cotton, and teed o'casion-

On.n SAC3S RIO, landing and tolr sale by-
200_:Nov8is D B WOOD.
... Clothing.
FOR sale on consignmenr, -a large invoice of
i c!-ty made clothing-,by the package, by
,,. Nov18 "- D B"WOOD.-
N w e Dry Goods.
A USTIN &e LONG', successorst0p J. SteeVenson
& & C,.., r1,,r. i"- penini,, ar hl,,,,ld siard; c,,r-
ner of Water and Ch'.hslnul ,iroets, an entire new'
stock ul DRY GOOIDS, SHOES, HATS, &v. to-.,
which ftli.Y iivite ie altenlion ot the Ch-imrer
cusloine of M (lie old firm, and ,sthe publie.
.Aialachicnla, Nov. if, I-3Js. 4 3 Am
Aole VnpLer.
DERFORATED and Eunboised No-,te Piper for
S I-ale by ,
Dec 9. J C ALLEN & Co -,'
Oil Cloths anid Ca-'lels. -
l PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 yards wide;
15., 3 pcs super [ngrain.Carpeting; ~
*2 "* S t i r ,
10 Tufted Rugs. .., *
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.-
Dec' 30 4i Water stiee-.

," ; -. : PerftMnery ( -*"' *1 ..- .
A LARGE ," slllnenl of Extracts; Cologne,
OL&c. &c. f(r sae b' Saeb
b .Dec 9 1C ,J ALLEN Co-"

Gold Pens! Gold Pens!
O F 'the-'latest .atid mnosl aiiprovved qt l, juist
.0 receive-d, and for Salie lv --.. -" *
SN v'18 J C ALLEN & Co.

'; Saddlery, -c.
SADDLES, of vari-,,,, [>aiierns and q6aiities,-
S Brfdleq. curb and Snaffle bits, .- '.
,; Saddlle Rai-& ;.C 3 ,* ; ;: ''*-*.*- '
... Martingales and Whip.?, fnr inle B -
.: -W O-G.' PORT ER & Co. :.
.Dee:} 41 Water .treet.-.

:s _>._." ,,9. ..=.' :,-_::_.^ ^ --"'-... -'.'% --J ':-'-; ". "'*. *::. ...... -?.- ,., .. "' ^--~ -" ^
.. I ......I .....
. : -. '* t *-_ **, t a S(". 1 ^ ... * .-"* ;-*. :-* ._ .,.*? .* .- .: .
"* "V A
...'CID :.;7 ., .

o .. .. P ot a s hl l ,.
t1"t3, L ip.j t received and fpr sale by
2t000, Nf F ABELL.


Sy..vu.] ,_E V .APALACHICOLA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY891849. .... ".. "-..." .."










*C; ,,... ,,*w.-M A. N
"Yffide',"Thir li'fory Butze1Ps Buildings, corner o
S ,.. rCommerce an'Clhestuutistreets.

RIL.B .,iPe s.Trir ree pDllat. per annum
Sif pai=4 i.P -.tv1tice, or J$3 5') if paid within si
-,inthN-4, o li)0 if paid thereafter.
S ,. ,'lbsr4.pl-on. taken for a le '.term than 5?.
i n..,(lths-a.ud.S2 viiI Liivriably b,,e. chorgvd It
hit 1)i*nod N1O.I ,1r will be ]iseipntirued unti
",1,trri i 'are at l, d,.unless at the- option of th
., .. 'proprietor. . .
,. oav -r~sl.ir sq.-One-gtuare,(twelve line
i lee-;A ,.viill' i W ji*A ,d at^Fhe ratio o One--.- Dol
-V-,- ... t.Pq l r.'t,^^.,..ets fo'r devqf, sBobi
"quent inaertioi. .
,.,roqtTioje' who a1,YLerti.e by the year a liberal
.iipouunt. will be made; b.lt all advertisemont-i no
qtriitlv.pertriinJ'? to .titiir own bhusine.^, as wel
a- "all'lk'al ah I \-n.:* n t in by them, wil
he b?''haried ar h itnr rat-ie '
X.. ..11 a rl. it erneuid s ,h i-st be paid 1,,r
I- I advance.
-" "'-.- 'ivgee l' l ,r.- villal be chi r-ed l'fr a'nnoiric
iri oa-av.lid4- ;4i 6,,r ofi~ree....
'Al. -l .i lv 'rrik- n -igls I'r.im a il,'-lance m ill?
..1 N ,1'ii.- l. vilh the cash, or iciti relerence
.' ih'4iil.,'ei? n 4,i-rtinn .

334ttIa.i' IT.. 73 fleeCto r!.

7W Q. F", Pirler CD C.
'' XLG^.. 1.r ,iO-i,, ^,- .\'DI CO,I>'M !-S lI,_)N
.. .. M i .U .' I .A N TS, -
.' ., 1 N o 4 1 \ ti l s lr '- t *
D l)ec.3,) .\, .ilehci l ,. Fa..
r Olil"e, .-[I L.4 to31 3 11 \VI Brool,k
'. '; l^ A m 's .tao e ,& C 0.,
;- ,.*,:) .1.vl ) I I V ERNIN R IA 1\ fS,
.- .." No 4))- \V.,wr atreet, "
t.'.^ l^.o ,Aril i hliw la. I. i.
,LS,',;!t ,tit ..*,: Yfl'?,
-) \I \1 l J *; 1 ,) r .l! ,0 It' \%V k D 1 N Q
S" .. M i:t1 : *v~ No. ;" A W- ii,-,troef, l
.,..v31 i'ii...Alari'.,.l iin;I lai

4 ) ;i.\i 'IN M E [{ H A N r s,
.... -' is' ;, .
". t... -/, :t!.< 1\11:"t11{. l "
StU.N A J;rliJ kI. ..i u.[tI.NCE CF. ,,CPANY,
o/f i.'i Cifif no %'fit V-jr/,-, "
N o. ,1 W iter I I', I
.tDqC 1.2 ;* A.\.al~a.'hic.q' i, Fa..
.T ..\v,),) n .:. B. Ba ,Loi.

rfi.:' *o 42 't',tr tiireot.- Vr 'ttirs '
J 1 .. ... A. .-nal i l ;n-[h. ^ r,.
\'.VA VYUN,;, W H 1 .. M[CIENMI,:.
#"- I -W y ie *.V I lc ci~t i.e,,",
Avylt A, 11[c
N .:=t; i' 1I.S S O.0 ,.VI BRK ..\ NT S',
42- 4 W ater int.-l. "
";,'!..,t. t,.- 1 "- 17. i );,l.lc.hi,',,l ,, l:i
*.-::-7--. ,l Jl.-7.i,lT-..
: r. I..)L F.. \ L !-: \ V i,) I !- i \ I f .' G R o n _.I-,n ,
*"i' *.7 1 1 "r l i J[ r lit IJ S, i ilii [ '" ,nr t I iiS; l't li ,,
_4[ I'il' l II i l lt! ,- it' i.
iv L L._ AvJ- n' PT-' I, ,-,,- I ---.-

I N- 1.Z PAIN ,I
0V [ >,'-:s n Rt: "
I!0.-\ f IN .) 1' u, yI I ICIN* P.AIN-I ,.
'..i O i, f. -;, :;r"' \ --, , ,'.. & ,-.
... l- "IsI- \ ,.3 i.,r il 14"1 itlU i'lil tlf *?t,ti~i-eiy.
., ir. i> C iL;I -t1Ut ,iid W 'lilr.^li *, d,
i r i [ A r ip i ~ i : l, I o i l a '. K : "

*.* A mig l lil .;tller,
I CO .M L. [ -'4 0 N MLR I -It A N T,
.Ni. 41 3 IV.ter .1rue l--Il., sl iiil.,
".'ry.>p I. Iglsi .._ \ n, N lleh ,-oll. Fl i.
'J. U. %I.LLL cN. J.\.-L 1,.S 1. L\,I,.'I.M.
J. C. .tleh & Co.
'. :'rWliule.: le an' Rrl, i'l D.,-:tl in
"L;I.UGIS, '4 D ir _-'l `,4 -.INT.3, dILS,
u, L -k S ., 1: 'A1 D'i 1\', ', -c ,c..
.1'11 -rn r i;lt
BOOKS, nLAVNIKRS, rAT'IO Nll'V, ke & e-.
i, r c or o C., sisnutl Coilm'lw,.re .Iree:-,
..I..q ..- ._ A\;>,lachid .,l' Fl.a
"-" R S, !1--iwtle~v,
!.. J-r.%IR IND C i [IS )N t\l EIlCH ANT,
No. 2s W.itrr'l 'v,r.
D ece A ,',l.,-j!ic,,l', r"j
iLVerly .Iosieo,
No. 43 Water-sreeIl
i. Dec5 ,.- .... Ap;mlachi,'nla. F.i

,s"itinr.m murcttorK. H1olde'ns Dollar M1agazine!.
.. *.. ,.*Day Co, .... -; 8 to 20 Splendid d Eifrav-
of .uOMMISSONGHANTS, .. < eachlon'th !
.. ::'.: ..... ~No. 52' W iier'stree : ", ,
Dee2 .... ~Apalachiola.a: ,, ,. -=-
:.. -Agents. I--hovt.; alsolAentspr he .-is unrivalled Family Magazine,;iniiversally
n. ""Atnra hisurdrice Co.""the"Protection insurance acknowledged by the Press as the BEST American
' o."''and-.Ie "Hartord Insurance Go.' 1Hatford Periodical published, offers at the commence.
* .iin. .*,o.* mertot the 3d volume u:,usuail inducements to
,. subscribers. Itsfetures hereafter will be en-
ix-Cl.arles ,Rogers .l~o eu-S ne W."Rogers. *,);, 6f eiclnhdn,
r) r 'i~.as. Rogers Ot Co.; A.MERIO"J1ATALES,
Ile : -
.-..:-Waterstret X, ER. .", .MEr V TALES, ,
29 ...D.. 9 .. .Apa..ch.cola..Fa. ": "AMERICA1 SKETCHES.
I-' N. J. DeblotS. ; :A.series of Engravings, from the Paintings of
- -CO MMI SSI O AN r R-W R D N'G "r best artistsincludini Cole,Gi noux,Du-ravndi
. -MERCHA NT ... Edmond_, and others, is in 'vigorous preparation,
a + No. 44 Water-street, .and:the facile pencil of the inimitable DARLEY-
,t Dec 2 Apalaehicola, Fa. is.%now- actively engaged in enriching Holden
11 wit his'Portraits of the Public Men of J"rae-
III A. N. M-K\Y. N C RoniNs- CHASE. PRATT. rica.
,r: -'- cw TS x M ," U INE S will be continue dneveryNoas
C 0 M.I. 181 S ON, MER1tCH-ANTS,- heretofore, with life-like sketches of their lives
- _; No. 40. Water-street,- and ministry. Each No. will be filled with
. ec.' ... ...- -"' Apalachicola, Fa. TALES, POEMS, ESSdYg,
,I, = 1!i- il';. Ri'.-,.=, RE VIE WS,..SK.ETCHE S,
"" -:" -- -- .......... 'T.RAX.SI-dTIO.NS.
.HATS, CAPS, &c., and will embrace everything i.musing, lnstrue-
N. C,.mbus. Block, .tie, and Readable now in progress in the world.
"," .. -A) ,ln_- ',- ,Fa As a Family Magaxine, t6e Editor is confident
"I .h nat no rivalry can affect, or opposition lessen its
J. 11. U-.1 I H Co., value and worlh, and he offers it to the world as,
PACT0R8 &-COMMISSION MERC-1'A N in tone, character, literary merit, and illustrative
N o O.' 4O8 W a tMr s t r e Rt -;N '[|
T 'n 2 : .' The. Mode.1 Magazine!
H. R. Tay lor- No family in the land can afford'to be without 'i
C O M M 1 8S ION "-M E R C H'ArN T, *Holden 'in its eircle;'for when such a periodical
C 0 ... 18-).10 No' -M 32 Water street....'. can be obtained one year for, the trifle of "
Dec 28. 4'8'-6m* Apafaehicola,T Fa .,. ONE DOLL0 AR, J
.._ .-' who who Will not wish to subscribe? r
: +,- enr.y o.n.S .T- he great feature of Holden is, that, while b
*; ', !OLESA r E AND IEo A]L G'OCER being pecultarly dmerican in sentiment and a
No.53-Waterl.treet, .<'..ng, it galhtrs and embodies all the beauties 8
-Dec28 ."- Apalachicola Fa. oJ the Frf-rch, English anddmerican Periocti- I
S calls, while discarding their.follijes and vices. I
..F V, lARR[Oo., E. .McCULL1. -, Combination -f the Eneyclopedia, the Gazet- g
...rarrior & cCullIy, teer, the quarterly, Review, and the. Weekly t
c COM-MlS ON ME-RCH NTS., Jewsluper, it is yet separate and distinct fro'V p
""8 Gravier street, all, but possessing enough of their various qual- a
Do *2" 'New.Orlean. "ificdtions to commend itself to every reader. F
S .. ... .. --.' -. .. The object of. the Editor has been. to..give a ir
-.. <- Jl. S" Hiletlii cn~ r (-.- TH-E Do DOLLAR MAGAZIlE *'ir O ' A-C'ION.AND-OMMISSION MERCHANT, ,RE,.hnd a glance at Holden's will show the ti
No 2ColumbsBlock, MN7,result- Now, he only asks [be support of the or
No.2 Columbus Block;. community, anu -in.n, r. rn Iwill give'improve- 1,
,.- Apalachicola, Fa. ments as they aK.e emlndea..
< '-%.dvances,made'on allconsignmentsaif re- off--Noww is the time to Subscribe, as those A
qu',re. Nov 21, 1.8-.. sending first will receive, the first impressions of' A
R u'"n thetengravinpi. The No.'scan be furnishedfrom ev
C 0 ..... B inV- WOOD, July, 1848,'if ,ished by subscribers-tlhat month S
.M.IS.I.QN MEt.C,-ANT, commencing the previo volumem.
/ 24, Water-st., A. TERMS.F-0'R.'1849,-(xN ADVANCE.) II
-'J ;. '. ........ ... A pah~chiiola, Fa. .copy,i ............ .One Ye r........:.'.lt!l 00 w
I Hos. H. Arf^'I. ^ WM. H LONG. 20 "O:::::::"; ....:::: ": '
11 4 -'R A t ,.' W. .. .. LONG.- 0 "copies..................... ,......... .. x5 00 ,
.USi A Long, .PREMIUM!' Is
C; COMMISSION M'ER.-C HA TS, P" t a..er, or others, sending 20 names and tic
.5 -No. 4.5 Water-tre't, =" 15.-dol'lars, will receive Vol. II of'Holden'sMa'- .
a Ai' 1'1.. md lsimancgilt -edged. H
_-" --- ---:---- -4 A dress, (pdgt-pafd,) n.. -n
a om-misi t -aid auetiaoat Ro66n, CHARLES W. HW"LDEN, FL
: "-EUFAULA, ALABAMA" "" -'t 109 Nassiu-street, N. Y. c,
.. .. .A- ; P. S- Editfrg copying the above Prospectus
' -, r- ' ". and this nodic:,a ad noticing the Magazine edi- Oi
torially, will be entitled to the second volume of an
We.'vin received a lull share of the patro- Holden's Magaziine handsomely bound in muslin ill
a 9ge from the Mrcalis ,,1- Apalaaidicold last d t-. .ion a splendid "u ;_-
;s.,,-will thfeel thankful for the same in ouh lane tengt.n h r.graving, on tinted paper, of Horace Pr
,,' hieusftroeoestmiteigowiuitrli. ne-.- ,reeiy, Editor of the New York Tribune, drawn he
Aa 4 "8 ro 4lite by Darley, and*engraved by Richard- de
E ua, A r.-_ 1 -, 5-t son. The book will be mailed to such papers It
EEufinlula Autlion and Co.Hu1is- about the 15th of Jariuary, when it will be ready,
S.. .. .. sioil House, on the reception of a paper, containing the adver-
BY,. tisement and notice marked. Editors copying W
-*H Afrr ". this and noticing monthly will also receive the wO
Do. NFO T- Magazine each month for the coming year. M
:, Th.;nkfii f,,r the patronage- hitherto receiVed T:
fl',.m Ihc Merchant?-or Al)a]..hicola, he would .Western Produce. thE
re].,,:-,:,flly a solicit a continuaance of their fa%,rn. QT. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, Lard, Whiskey, fel
Flliiil 1,, A]a., Oct. .27, I1. ;, 1, .2-8 .-J Sugarl, choice alnd pTime,.Molasse,PNok', mess wE
,: _. = 7", ..... Band prime, Bacon, Hams, Sides and, Shoulders, for
33rofC. .fonal "ttlfrB sale by .! B. ELLISON & Co.
___JdcOfe4gOnai I^IoICs. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut'sts. Bo


W01 bSndt)NEY GREEN, M. 'D.
S found at his residence, corner of
Ce,,trarld High streets, opposite the Mansicn
tt., ir.. -. : .. ; .- Nov S.
WG. f. f.M[. Davis,
Offlrs.his services to thfe public in either of the
-. :: '\:,. above_ al~acilie'q.
He will practice regularly In Frankclin, Cal-
houn and JacksonCircti Courts--and wiOi,upon
a spLci4lrv-il.iner. act' as Cnin.mel, in any CwVn'ri
O9h.e Middlile or \Ve!te'r" Circuit. He willals
argue cases in the Court .:,f Appeals at Tillahas-
see, the's essions of'-whict, he'will alwva)s be
present at, unless prevented by accidetit--.
Apalachicolai, Septemiber8.8,'1846: ., ..

A. G. .eanines,
l .office, '..... -2 e ft. -.hitin-, FsBy-iuihT --g,
< cor. ol'Centre & Comiiiiprcestrtieets.,
n* .v5 ", .. : .: Al)al.achlcoli, Fla.

.GCOTCH and Mavajhv, in bottles and blad.
,_ dthrs,Just received and for sale by .- .
,Feb-1 : .' I':F"ABELL.;
... Clan'ified glar.
5-" BrLS New York Cldrii-d,just received,
50U ilad forsaleby .. i
Jan 11 ... CA GREEN & CO. -
., .?4 Panaeen, '
QWATMf HOUCK'S Panacea;,jusl' receired
, and for sale by .
Feb 11 'A B___IM ;L I.F AB'LL
HT ATSand Carps b3 the aie ,,,, low r..r cai by
:- -,, --". -, - B. ELLJJON & CO. "
Des Co. Cor. Water and Cheslnut .l.
.rugs. and Medicines.
T HE subs-rib,-r has i,,si received Irm New.
York, per brig Virrmnia, a large and fresh'
lock, or Drugs. and Med'icines, and all ari.icles
usually kept in. his line, to which.he i.uId re-.-
specliully call the attention or his iriends, ard
ihp public generally.
Nov4 4 ., H F ABELL.
Seeds! Seedss! Seeds'!
f' A RDEN Seeds, just received, ad lor sale by

School' onlokk.

chm.; C"G-US-,V Rom.A"".
\ ".'.*^ No. 9 Colfimb6s B3ock
N-ov. IS Apalachicola, Fla.
Unerwood &O Cailt,
".' '. tT* T A' l L o I ,,I- I "
^,- .... Ap .achicola, Fa.
% (0- All orders 'attended to with plincthaiit.,
despatch .......... .. .. .. Jan. 0."
t I"1. .ott .& Brotiher
'-i ^;,- "*,'-HATS',.&c ';,' .
X6.: .1 .Cdr. Water and eCentrekstreetpr .
-Dec 23 Apalar'hicola; Fa.

.q .'Sim..ns akc Cheei, er -
b ,3.66 ".de H 6,V ter.86repr.
#cg-^ .. ,, ... ......;-.;-; A pala c-bie~oa,F la

S .---..... Rlolfte'ts; ..
A 'E't L",-R,-- N- K A R D WV'A;E" .- SH I P
Cet^H~LBR,-I ROffi, ST-EE U, WATLS1,
'-"~~~~~ ... PKE'AD ATING^- ;
Sw .,. o ih; Iron, and Cop-
-;. ." ._{ ...peir,. iW arem, ." '
,.. i,', 'Apailaohicola, Fa.
", -. I Si _, ['RC A "c "." ,' :
.>^ :. Sivi. Apifi~zi, ;'Fa-,?

8 ". .& co-, -
l_ ". AND "niT LR% R4 IN .
:'. CRANDLEIXA', &'c
Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. h
Doo-9 ... Almanchlicola. Fa.






," '- *'' '" ''* ... ",B :s-*; h .S ** *. -' .' :.., ,,' ,:,,"?,,*'* S".o'^ t '' l'.*'-. : ..; :. ;:'') ,.--/...:"* IW,,;
"" "" r B ^ ~ ^ i ^ '' ^'B ** ....- 1 ,:1 ^- ;r*"'^ "L r' ' .-'< .:a.
- 7 F T'I ,l ""^ ^ ^' "* ,- .
I'd ,i






i ns,


j rhe Leading 'Periodical in America.

For 1849.
Dedicated to the Ladies of the United Stata
Edited Sy SARAH J. HALE,
and L. A. GODEY.
A Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE,'who'co
tributes to every No. ,*r
* N. P. WrtLIS' Original Scriptural Poetry.
7. S. ARTHUR, who contributes, to every N(
illustrative of Croome's Sketches 0of Americ.
Character. .
: We intendirierely to give.a notice-of our intei
-tiont fbiir next-;'year, leaving to others long adve
fi 6$,"nts--.fuuI..of sound and fury, signifyir
Agreea -ytp the practice of last year, the'pul
lisher will issue as good a number each month.r
lie does in January. this is a novel fea-ture i
Magazine publislhing. During the whole of la,
year he gave mbre engravings and more reading
matter than any of his contemporaries, and wi
continue to do so next year. Those who subscrib
,to GQDEY'S LADY'S BOOK, may. do so undc
the assurance that` they w-ill receive more fc
their money in the Magazine alone, than by sub
scribing to any other work. ,To this is'adde
and included in the same $3, the LADY'S DOL
LAR NEWSPAPER, 'which contains in on
month nearly, if not quite as moch reading mat
ter as the other monthlies, making for $3, -th
amount of' reading of two magazines a month
dy's Book for'the ladies that no other Magazin
possesses. There is a-Mezzotint and Line En
graving in each number--both by the best artists
In addition to'these, there are given monthih
what no other magazine gives-a Colored Fash'
ion Plate, with a full description This featun
is peculiar to Godey, as no other work has then
every month and colored. Then there are Caps
Bonnets, Chemisettes, Equestrianism for La.
dies, with Engravings, The Ladies' Work Ta,
ble, with designs for knitting, netting, crotchet
and all other kinds of work. Patterns lbi
Smoking-Caps, Chair Covers, Window Curtains,
D'Oyley's, Purses, Bags, &c', &c. "Heal-th- and
Beauty, with Engravings. Model Cottages, with
ground plans, and other engravings, always illus-
rative of something useful. Music, beautifully
prjnted on tinted paper, which mav be taken out
nd bound. Colored Modern Cottages and Colored
'lower Pieces oecasionafty. these are all extra
in Godey, anj to bie found in no other Magazine.
'hese were ll given last- year, and will be con-
inued. In addition, wt'shall have in every No.,
m e of -. .. .
k most amusing series, now first- given to the
kmerican public. These will be illustrated in
very No. by a Story from the powerful pen of' T.
Arthur, Esq. ,-. .
lustrited by Fay Robinson, Esq This series
ill be very interesting to the ladies. -
another series of Engravings now in prepara-
on, and will be published during the year.
__------CM-CA...-.PnNI TURn. .----.
having given so many Model Cottages, we intend
IW to commence the publication'of .Cottage
urniture-a very necessary appendage tu a
cottage. I .
ur superior Artists, Walters, Tucker, Pease
nd Welch, are now engaged upon a set of plates
ustrative of these two subjects.
prepared expressly for us-moslly original, and
,autifully printed, has long commanded a deei-
ed preference over that of any other Magazine.
is. a feature in The Book, .
ith such writers as Miss Leslie, Grace Green,
,od, W. G. Simms, Mrs. Ellet, T. S. Arthur,
rs E. Oakes Smith, Mrs. J. G. Neal, H. T.
tuckerman, H.' W. Herbert, &c., e Widow Bedott, Professor Frost, Bryanl, Long-
Ilow, Holmes-and a host of 6the'rs-must al-
ays take the lead in.l-iterary merit.
For Three Dollars we will send the Lady's
ook, containing more reading lhan any other
monthly, and the Lady's Dollar Newspaper pub'
hed twice a month, which contains as much,
fading ai. any of the $3 periodicals of the day'-
aking three pubTications in oone month, or il the
ibscriber prefers the following splendid engrav-
gs to the Lady's Dollar Newspaper, (although
e would not advise it, as engravings cannot be
n'tthrough the mail without being crushed or
eased,) we will send .the beautiful plate c6n-
ning the portraits of Ha:'riei Newell,, Fanny
arrester, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. A~nn .H. 3udson
d Mrs. E. B. Dwight,.an~d~the platess of' Christ
eepirig over Jerusalem', The Oipening of the
Rulchre, Deliverance of St. Peter,, and The
.buk~e., If preferred to the Newspaper 'or plates,
*will send MViss Leslie's Novel of Amelia, an'd
y three of Mrs. Gr~ey's or Miss Piekering's po-
la r n o y e ls ; ,. ,; ,i -"
F'or Five Doillars We witl send tw'o copies of
e Lady's-, Book, and. a set of the plates to-each
b s c r i tb e r .*,
For Ten D-ollars .we .will se,.d fire copiea,
1 .a~li's Bolk, and a. copy to the pers,:n sltBl-
,; the Club, and a set of'.plates to eacb. --. -.
For' Twenty" Dollats,-eleven copies of the Bo'ok
d'a set of Plates to each subscriber, and a cop~y
the.Book to the person sending the Club. .:
F'or: 0ne.Dollar we. will send:, he ^Ladv's Bo'ok
rlonln,th and for.25 cen'ts'any, one No., 'Postage
be p'iid on all orders. ., ..
SAddress, ..--L. A. GODEY,
' 113 Chestnu~t street, Philada,
With any newspaper "giving. the above a-few
ertions we will exchar,.e.V .. r" *

BITTERS, just received ajnd forisale by
N'ov, 'H.F. R-XBLL. Druggist.
i: .. ,Bn'uslnes.,
SATR, iHat, Cl.tIflpe?,Teeth,Nait and Shaving
LBnshie?,forsaleby -
Seb 24. ; F ABELL.

I" From te- arcfiewai Courier. "
Truth f if ly S-poken. '" "
, ",Our lasi year's cottonn crop wnAq etima-
ted to be worth 6 e .r
s eces$Arjli work upihis mass of tam mate-
rial, would. cost over 150,000,000 ,-
So said a valued and exceidingly Able
-southeirn cotemporaryjfpme months since.
in How strikingly those iwb. sentcens appeal
to the mind or every intelligent Southern,
.Man? In whale -vivid o.lojps dq. thty paiqe t
D., ,,he untvhrifly policy we have pursued for
an Many years? How forcibly they prove the
irutb of ihe old adage thai impoverishment
n- and ill-success always.. aLteodn upon ihe, ef-"
- forts of those who sow'Tor other's to reap.'
9 The Sbutni hnba, for years, p'nnually sowed
b- and, aifr~riw r iith-n e immese iy,v.,mi (-r-, r"....
6s staple for ihe New England'and British ma-
in nufacturers to real) all Ihe principal prdfils
st .of if-eii laba, which has enabled (bem to r
Ig jrd6umnlate vast fortunes. found thrivi%7 CL-
1,. ties and towns, to cover lhe oceann wii thbe
m. white-winged messengershof commerceoil.e,
?r -to enrol themselves among the mierebas ii
- r rffinSttes o he earth, c au r ogrealter in heir s
wealth and influence than -were i"Ie renown--b
. ed traders of Venice in the -olden ABfd o. .
e herancietn prosperity, when the whole world 1
- poured into her 1lp a street of wealth,due 1`1
ie alike to the enterprise of her. cj'tieris"Andto f.
r the first and only considerable, maritime e
Ibipower of the globe. n e
S. all 1dhis unthrifon .zlod unwise state of a
flouhings forever continue? Shall we of be;
y extreme South forever allow theei orliernsbh-.
, 'er off States rsand c entries to reap all these
e mighidlbenefiise at our expense ? In picefr
n words, shor1. ill we, forever continue nsowe'
infor others to reup. Il is to be hoped no.i
O6ne thing is positivelyS clear : the coion' S
growing Srats Must Possess theMwSIVe wofH
' a portion of the profits aiendAnf upon thue
fabrication of. ctn will retl staple inio. de e va-t
I rious descriptioxis of cloi~b. before ihey can
Flourish as the God of Nature Intended -them
to flourish. They musl awake lo their true
interests, and vie witilweirhNorihliern.brp"h-
aren in enerprise and 'energy berreae ihtey v
can s io'peio rec eive refmunerting prices for
their labor. If. vast. foriunt-"i can,-be maride'
in,, ie inianiifacmfe.'i~ 9-!in I wo or .fve
puioand -,,ires from The States on, which t'h
'is grown, how profliablebwill it become when vg
carried on in the very midst of andotseron
fields?. But pve.have sufficiently adv~ered_l~o
tioisportionsof, thisubject in, frm us-

add~~~~~ toit aleroehud r'e nu kfymil
l'ioers, and will dismiss. it, 'hn hoping tha Ihe
price ,fa crotton will not bhave to-depreciate
adU her before our planter's will awake to, the
overwhelming importance, of Home Manu-
fae itire~s. l
According lo our text, which we considers.
a good one, theaesupposifion is made that
sixty-five millions of ro-lais -worth o rnwju TP
piiJ ,Our n.in -ed skill and industry. England and other Sol
foreign nations, bjiy [his large crop from us, s
add to-is aluep one hWeridded aridlfeony 'mil-
lions by tiheir own lalsr'and supt rior enter--f r
prise. teaip lar'ge prd fits by the opermiin
and ihednd reiury i great pornionfd or i o s L
manufactured state io, i'eh u ai-d tu-le
who produce r he raw" mndterial' 16 1 1'1is -drilt
wis ecnoy ?, Or, is it llhe quiniessence' bar
;6fa false and .s'9tupid course of- domestic
p)ol icy Z The latt er proposition would seem
io be wholly indefeasible, as will be sere-h y
the.ofoilowing brief calcultionan ': We anabinu-
ally produ ce,srxtym-five mill ,ion. s worth ofr .rw pei
1heon. Thatia is, the suinm total of its prowto "
duct. But- suppose we add it) its val ue one 1
.hundred and fiftly millions of .dollars .by our
own p imanufactut'ing labor.-thus ,laki-e- Jt
really worth two ~undre., ind fi'fieon nil ,
lions of' do~llarsilo, us, receiving all the largo
pro-Ats~of its -fabrric-afion, and a-iso 'enblin "(i
lthe So u h o ,m a iutia in a n immen euse o pe ra I ive nib
population, crfeapjng permiinaeni, largeland 1
durable home mncrkpts in :o h-r midst, not only Co
)Ob the fabrics ihems.elves,. but" ft', every: .,
species of dairy', garden and domestic odi- j.V
sumption, and causing The an-ual tribute.
which we now pay .to other. lands and. dis-
lant capiialihsts, draining us o'flhe circtulat- gr
ing medium every year,Irq ,remain among;
us, add~in'g to il .he large profitss thej" nlow /
enjoy-would not the .condition :of the~co i- .
ton, growing Salae, be benefitied ?. ,Such, T.I
of course, Wouhd be the case. Wel 'believe .an
tha!tt would, amount .to more 'than double en
th~e profits now d erived from l hi- raw staple. \io9
, Of cohr-se, it iis,.not. p'relenfed tiat the o0f
cotton Sdaie~s could roantuaelaure- the einiile qn
crop of ih'e raw~stal)!e. But a large portion pe
of it could--be,. wilh the mohst "beneficial re- Ih
Sulls.- .,he -al'culaition was imld~e So cbtii- sel
prehensi've in oi'der io enable the ,reader's p,]
mind l-o grasp, a~t one glance, the g.rea't good Ih
'which could be'accompflished under th'ecir- f
eu-mnstance eited. .<' .. .: -'*. lo

Sally whle 'ou -are "|i.or t,.io -l lare
percednt.joo ibe c6tt-,wpao'd "relror0 i-o
s-sq. o long we 0, of (ilei.'"o cnpyi ibjil
position, la-rr .will, tangajsh aHR.a 0 f our.
I s h ABaoADB. Weare -appy -jln ile'tA be^
that; e< r .,pJrit" a re. beginning '.!o se~el ie"
.own avaulage, The rruaiqf~j' ta at whiia
,Itom is U pro,'ce'dbegion. "qgfoulp
IXhe planters .of ihe '.ouih. Many 0.6fi'eirn
were ipIt Jo house for,,ijh, prie. [or e .
material, i'"ld low.'llri-crs for.ijfe niauafoc'lur- `_-
"ed"ai'lcle! .:Hits suqi been the operal 0 0o.l -
.our present systemni Weask e.hr iutqlI-
gent planer ,o exam e ,l p leturnsfarjbi
=:oronnand compare iheilL.%lXlih his birl9fo.t
ae =i,,ll..aod ^6", 'an.0he rticle".Si0 .on;.
S i- .,J,, o .... (,..- I" i ,, I,;-'.,n ging r .,Liet "-
all aInswer for I hemsgl\'iknd-refleml.
,Wilhsuch 'fucisbef'rQe 'ibitm-wiib'440
riiouusly low prices which toilo-nnow"c'dm'.-
mands in the rnar'kf'i ;of the world, aid" n
dark and gloomy (ultire aheadlil'seemot.hat
The neceisky:fdr .embarking'in inanufactur-
ing enfeopiies is so great lthati i -will" leaf IC
s o m e a c t i o -1 o.n i h a TL 0f o t r ,p i a re is a n j ]
bueiiness n. .Geborgia- 'a lid', -A lhib.rgnard
reaping" the b enefils'of such- "'kill aod'in'-
lerpiise. ben why lor.-11iississippi r if
fhere is any d.iflefence In adv:,i)?gcs it tin
favo. o1 our slate. Are oli' pe.iple I.f

energetic or enterplrisin'g,'or'n re tlhe)"'behindi
Iheir -eigholoin oi'rJin'ry "n4ellignce and
sagaclit, Jni foll-owiogt'j) ihelru'e course'o-"'
ITOlicy ? 1-ItsJ beheved. obt.
.. -*--:: .. .*it *>' '.- -..< *; . ** "*
'The &f10%vinn police rep-'..,is-^tonffai
phliilde~lphia.;iiape,:- .... ". ,, c \._ .-.*.;' ....
CITY. POLTCK.---A Second Uryssev- -A4,
0 1dman, of- very "_felpyslfjit~ 74"
swered t othe. -npune ".ofto',': itO~ t
His clothes looked' .l.k'e, ihe 'rilight lhave.
been bought second banded'in his youthful
)ri rie, for -hfby hud'-S1ffie0 l..io&r. by-rhg
:uls;6fihe W' rld i linal ihe pi-' rietir hi,,nself,
MAYOR. What business y'o vtb :fullowir
W im onl iT ... .- '
VWIMOT. 'BUsifi~s e!"o'ne--'am. a Ira
VeLler. '':': *" *r:- -";
,MAroK. Ai'vagabond, 'perhaps. "-,-:'- '$;
WjigOtN'T. You are not'far wtg-; v1a- .a-
ellers and vagpabonds are.-much.-ii-e-saine
lhing. The difference is Ih;l, rhl&alate-r ira,.
el without./honey, iind i he 'fornemr,-ge.erali-.,
|y travel w irhout brains. : "* ...
MATOR.7 Wherehave.you.trav.lre'd'?. >
WI-tdONqT.-. All1.over- t0Jahonlinimeh-t-
-MAroR. For whi,;Lupot,pose? "... -
W I xM O it T O h se iva .d n : ''. '" !"-: "-'. "
.M AYto-. W hal hav ',u.,oKrQ e'vw*d,? -,. ;i ..
WVIMN T. :A, ..little 1-0o coiwhridoJl "m.-telr-
i censure, and very rnBilhM).latilli.Q,,.. .
"NM .on, lunrph -- And- w[in Cdo "you
o'nmenitd !
-W,-1MoT. A handsome w-oman uhatwill
ay al hoine, aneto -4n= o reacl4L" tbai-wiill
rake shiorIt sermo-ns, a good writer tiht will-
io\ wrmtetoo 'muMc., aid a ,f6o'l lmit "1h1sjusO
&nse enough (oh old his to:. gre. ,'.;.- "u -
MAYO'R. Whal do youu .e.i' u.'r1, .- "
WILMOnT,., A m,,n whp mnuarriHs. &ir,
1r her, fine; dancirjp, .9 moalin nn A.ho'
e.lieV'ea ,in in .symIiih ie f' irrodf ss itpli -
enmllemen, a youilh who studies laiv o we ,
cinee; while he #as the,ruse A L- h usd.. sw "
id ihe. People* wbo eiect *Cdrj -' af .dQl
ockheAd to-office. : .. .
MAYON. -Abem, ',nhd w'iwa-t o )o'u 'lair.h
7.. .-. .*: '; 'i-'s y ? -*"'- ;. "," -*' ,i .r-ti' : ri;
* : .; r ."
WImoK.. I hTugb al iti- ina'D.ix exp-
ecis his- positmn iocn.m' iia'nd.. it.h}(lrespect.
bicl. his personal q.ualiiie, Jin.d qualjificaT
)ris do not m erit, ..' .. ""
MA-ORt. Oh -! perceive "yom) afti'ftl'
r-r of pithy "semeinces; oow. I .a-abouti,
Hitter bne thal wt ill suprise you-.,i.r.;, <
,WIMOQT. A. pithy sentence fromt.oIr
., .- J. ot ,
)nor would indeed be ilallerfor astonish-
nt., -: t ',". '. -. ; "
MAyoR. My sentence. is.l-Omiru'dis'

S)iinue travelling for Ibti tie isrlP f, -ilifirly
;tys, while you rvi-6,andj.'rcru .ity.piramisel ai

This-reiorl was a .poser,.annd.MRW.j.ipHlfi
ibiiilling 1 Io he requil~en riis qfr-ibei a-- _.
arnl. at- retired f'iof-. 4he',-hal.!j76:rjaizicq-:
ihboult Uleiing hnoiher s'y7[table.;;., ..

ON.--The WleSifl'l Cbrisnan'": A'dvfelii~e"
id rhe Melhodisi Expobiior atnnoffT-.H'..tat
irhnent counnel'hidi' been. (ons!lea:o-nhl.g', .
iw~er of llhe hiook agzent i6ndelhrl-riftorv
be General, Contf'-ece,-. ^og:tfc'rr.
,estiion of ihe dvision. ,of ,lie Ci~rth.rd',,
;rl lo aibilraiion, and -arer.a'dvtgi[..ihihft'-
ev' c.alniii legally "do -o whh,,i-iu-'ihe-l~con-,
nt of (lhe aninua'~l conference-s..^ Tre']x.
iSilOr publishes i~n iiffic-ia,_,noii'1c.ht111^ .dl'
e comnnissioners'of the iS'rrlif-rriS"teis'a,*-*
lihf Chutch lo ihis effeci.t. Ii is.'lirecred'"

nnilsSloners Ior Ihe M1elliodis! Bp~is~i' iuiceh Souihl .'- ..- t,"7, "V-',- v ..y .-...t.i
Such a-decision was probable Rihflei~ed"
h .oih r Di.i o -o' tfi.ha.i
srecove r'y of ihelisli r'ola~ ufll#i oiperiili
eliiniiniiry ,,easures.. do tte .y- i SS^i^(
s ttcl s unit ha re w je belie v'^,l '. e i!!-^ '.

, voyiliern com, misgi6der ". 'HtB ...ri t.w-.
w a'shingi,, '.. -It U1 ,;1l .1,
ve engaged Ihe -H-on A "veir..',[i
alimore., Wiv "P. M'e.i-d'i rdilf'i -
ia, und- Daricl-Wehsie-."o^li9.i to"
lI-1,11 will be iisso iafed *'A 'A I ',^ii!t
Mie has no'vira~id.|.irfd-. bni ,. u t
y he eleced ironl some,'We-srer"4iA ",,'.l f
:. ,: :'* '- -,,.,f ..,:.t--;1', la'i^_-ta"

'-nia ""'a ieti r .. f,,,-*.i i^-^ "
ste,.ce of n civil, o.d'0
lalin., ms d o i n.rum's onije,. f. n^. i .

Sl li.dil I he--prespence olJ jh ,KpjirG,
I ine hlc.ilions o A Ifl iUSsian'-Etnlnlre
heie tihey ai-ye, ow s -b n ''*lil~~l,.l
,ntul 6eordedt hd yers. S.SP
,hl vf -oi itwp tho'uqaod years. .

- I 1 _7(~,0;~iL~:21~Yii~;~i;i:~s"~.-t7;1" .~-"~.- Vu:r s)*u~C~Ec;~nli~a~sCIi71CI ~*OB.

I _~___:__ __ ~ AL


: '" From the New Orleans IDelta wou.jd be an act of bad neighborhood. ad i nMMH',i'l1, l|I)|hTIeI I ,h,
Louis Napoleon* Iin bad f1'1itb.--and in Btier violation 4he tCUlrltllI, JilllV ll ll 0llle W
T h e P r e s id e ni t e l cc l o f F r a n c e tw v Cy s p ir iit a n n e ofi l le f r a ,0,e r so f to' h .
fifteen year@ ago, spent some lilli, it his stii, ioo, atd 'of 1ll its;mplyromise.s. It is ApALWioIr0 tLA, TUBSDAB,.rFB. 8, 149
ltate and ao pearell t In he ,Ilo rb Ipleased ,aillific. 'li.>n. jl'. g m%-' a l, -i.' i r ol|i i *ith ilie mode oftile l f our s,..r pla,,er .. wadsi e S Jth C ,ro'lnna n llificiation a-ci of-- The following gentlemen a e -authorized de
Indeed he had l inae arraii.en'ee,,s toq pur- fhe T ariff;.-for ,hdia (like ihisl m adt de ptenaliegentsforthe oMM IcO i .ADVEKgrsE ~an!wi| 'rhq
chase a Ilauullio:avod .remlde here lperman- obedience-to, the Federal law, by State -ffi- ,receive nd receipt fodridabscrit ions, or advertise- ,ei
enily The genIlemin. howev, r. frorn whom ters. ,meut:-o e
the plantation wa. bop b, bm..il. requiring a* .No New York Whig Legislarure.-,we W. Yt.
S g o o d e n d ol re d n o le -t h e h a lf,,lil y, o n o f' I t e a s i r n is l e t h e .. et ne I 'h efh Ia
K ing of H olland replied -, l 'N o,, tie' .l' m, in P( ic-y is .'-is h ad as lite i measure is w roni .- i J AS J Ol.Iv .n. T allahassee. F ap r
a e e r g esan l iz i `e l e l z '" Y e T hf e p c o p l i- a r e s o) k e e n a n d t h e i r i n 'ys l i i c l s r
cautious planter. ihfir, iing l th,, lialn-lie W(u' tt are -so acute., thait i er will iriniedi .litly %ee I W e are requesied to sima te hat life R ev. e
hardly edi-cie hi- %,ins and if .i~ter, de- 1at it is c.,rred fi =he fear o1 t ree Soil j Mr. BiRMINtHA will preach. in the Coun- we
edlneld-ipArtiniz wi h Vis a1-re- Uipon so ncet,- andr- 1 Abolitionism"-anil when ihe reaction Cdi;, next Sundav morning.
tainn A security. T'is iwas Louis Naii.o.eon comes, it will harm every one connected hde
preventedlofr rtc.t s -wIth it..Governor Brown's Iuaugrura- h
sire .0 become a citiu of this Repounlte..- We are pleased to observe that the patri- pl
+If he had carried 04 lrh~ iilfpfeit~i effect, From the New Yurk Express,
-bhe woiildhaved eer-i, A 'farneighbo to the I Tbe Southern Whigs have just been put oric sentirents of our esleemed Governor. on
-President etect 6f"the .I,-tpd-,t It is i1) a Irial like tht we Northern Whigs went contained in his Inaugural Address. "1nee, do
a ret.edrrk-alle III& iliaL'6\4s P hillplye, in 'lhrtzlgh, when t, he Free S il"" hobby was wilh ", hb-heharty approbazinn of our W hig 'h
his exile, 1..l1 alseo r trixnrms Spare for got Sp here, to run over us, and to ride |rethren of th-e press ;t the Sou,h, tis .b
hi', f silen e e w h edven s calledd hitr to (t w owr candidate. G eneral T aylor .; and als o, r 0f reg ret to u 'to find tha t a ib
I'i also a -non'. wh efn-eegntir to a 'to.findithat
"9(repe. \Ve dro not think it',Loois Napo-- 'llhIonor he to then for th.e manly mannrier i t
Ism) had coritiuued in, this ; le' that he Ihey. have stood the triq.l. Out siniftuton portion of'the Democratic Press vit the so
ever wea v ewrh 'a, e l t eed ihe P ri.sde>y o wasvery like theirs, and the.irs '*ike nurs.- South have become so bIi-nded by passion as ,l
the U no ),1. & 1. it'lifcoutd ever have W e %vere roII: .-eGeteral Tavlor o.nso 300 to be no "long-er able to dtisli-guidh the A
'9ot into .irLr .Lil %i.tur. ch 6. i ,'ver 81.1y sl .' You Are s-ol to slavery.' t he ge,.ine emotions of, patriotism and ldeVo
giddy elevatiii, Ife wo;l.) havetbeen qmie a South has wltipled y-u. in your c,.nd.daie on in ,1i Union. from ,le manifestations
f 'ortutate iulivil',a,,in ,s.lIV1. a l and over- a r lld aste nl-ed t" ere^ r I Tavlor-uponyo u.' It i of in difference .0 Southern rights. G ,ver-i di
c ,ullfill,1 .1,i ', te ,hlc lj wl as l ,q : +, strong, N #.,k V ic tory o f* ile S o n 'h o v ,e r th N i brtll l.' o d if r n e o S u t e n r g h s a er
,- -. ............. !Lrid n [ow, away with nslo B,>s1 ,3l.".. We hnors Brown and Crittenden have been .cn:- h
^^ '*I'T'LLI!-' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1-A su! .d-a.r;az. ^ ^^ .^.iled by the Souihern De-mocratic .press,
811101,ioy, wviclie 'is. well R.,h ni->o1 of Im e 181d S^ E. 1a fn R ly r .^ osdra
rro s *,Ii w hd mh is w N ai:.l hfh a.de rm s e, l -I w lahi e ll n'mln g i n in -itr es. T h e V (n i no '. I h]e O - .for w h at th ey a re pleased t n "e ns ider air
runs., ttTl Lo.MiNap- had xp ; KrN., Nosecrionalisgues'ihthn were~o,rlrl,. inopportune display of *aftachwmet to ihe (
desir~e to shoot,i'a wild ftirliey; An ,ll ,,-I
a gun -_from of our Io'pikahi-e int-s, 1ylng *cries, fnd fhese aro.seil and orrrieil Constitution, and the Union.! Alas! Oha, c
witi wIIom lie wa so onlrelaing. weift itlOihe will 's ihe people; O i0 o aline weni astray, the day has come when it iildanern'us tobe in
wpodin s e..rh ,irfthe v.>l .l-,1,1,.f -1 ..(v yl il'nst and she o,>l'y )eetre +tile W higs there di. h e e n d-feod, the h!
which Ire e oiert hined su.vh bloolly ,lesi .n do as We 'he N ,rh,lsid-.rowiv "C nsii lin o the it Slaes."
H e Ila i no r l g o v fa r Ief o-re a | -ake b la c k l)O Tr rd'a ll th e d is o rg a >n iz -rs .o t
lrokinr 'r Sohern Wh;gs now are ani i lfroneh Publt'Opir.lon ,at -the -North lfon the b
sprat up, auol, srre hi^ ii. h aie wn s, in Con-iress. and are to go irnlna h a, h0,me. ae Oaestlon.
t .. f e t e -sam e so rt o f tria l. M r. :,lh im i, vn,,,v e y w 'l rot on
befaton s.oar .leisurely !b.>e llim. Th The iter.n has I,.en fr'qently made t
prin in im f r .1iamety three up 'his d is an unceriai sort of a Democrrat. afier an- h
6b rrele lrFnd blaz';e.;'l ,,71,4V ht Iil hii,l which i nexing Texas. I)rintigit_, oi ihe Me M exai war. ona are.'ika, t f here ttxisis a. 1he N,,rili a spirt. p
fell i.ad at hisfeti., -Ai r gillh lahe-seized will) tlhe inevitable atlilirtio'h of [ ree S.i'l df to sli-tty 10 rhe constitutional'riahts ol'the q
h is -e< ad ilnrrie,I i.>,nevar,Ils I, I 1f, h a M exican "T errioTy.f now re-oriounis I 'e-olira g outh. l' e ass un p on oT -such a sserion h
ievr without e.pefPoirn.fo l0,,i~, le an slavery hlyhy, .and the (l'arty of' which he I eul hsbt"naie- ai o cinf
,0y.ince fro il very ,ugna.,i ldor wwieih nowv Ihe wk'muiwhtilged Somhern lIa01eriltr-w t 'hh bpeni oaeie an basis for .Iio he
the fowl eirrifted, -eflore ie d hi or-,.ahed soon he ridine o' wili Sout'hern Wlhigs by those who call on the people of ihe ii
the owl Le. the .If'a..ane- bec,>lo nig al"n, i wl'ho will no, fidlow tihern, wilh the Cry. S tonh In awake'io threatened da.nger. We. e
too stro.2 for. enwlirimxiue, the Priice drew *,Th|'e,,se n ,,efwre traitors o. the So.th : ,hey for our.,rt. have ,n,-ver -redit,.d tlhe allepg- ,
forth-a boite of Erii-de-dolo,4ne. ;I'nd hIehl ha,ve said put to tire -North. They ,desepri- iion--beorause we had. front persorral'ohser-;
'it i ,i.h nose w i i I',fl ,and, 'w h i f w itlh ed ,is in ih e S om th, rn ca uc us t. S la l,h r i e
the rofi. 11-eb, tArrived dat.lei house h, %here 1 y y.r et- ,piracy rill theNorthern me,,,' h The urea: During a tour lo the Nou rl' ihis "sumnner- b
pobl dwa,-asD Ih- len "Ih IIV,, the erffrt iwr1l4eit)om:.ket[le coming Congress. wt". the question n .l',ayery was thorough- n
Pxlncerwased ta p Ihen, ani liirow,,n hi. ial E.e(lios there lurn upon this issue 'y 11ls(u.ssfdi-at the Botlelo Conve.;li, n- I*
game on+/!h,' A-vir. 'Pxclahytd d '- Byy 1-r. "lY
yor ireyh ebli Q o01. -10Pal.- bi llhe e w. just aa Mr Calhu.t. fer ca,,, -t Free SH meeiings-in assemblages of 1
rd---;]bat to smayell We ofi *einot inform ;'Il ,his slavery a-ia-alin. amounts this slavery '111 va.reties and shades of puliical feeling. ,
ourreade'rsthat the orni'thohaical e finm of the P resident ele'crof t h. olFl'en dl, Northern ,tt;m wiilh Son t'hern I'Titr iples." putlic op in n of ihe t" Frei- N orih"- -ald n
-R public -had bIeea nun ,,lecie ; and lhe ha,! 114u nf'dihe -r.s' 'r h a n 'I +t- p i p n on f'( e
Rpin :ad~e~nc~ee ,^ e ., ^ \ ^ ^ ^^ e'f(e sali-fed that no respectable body of 41
raislak n a trkey bolzz,,l-l~or." ittirkey, toiopled through, the:agelirey (A* [lie B IffatoI ''ielstsi dt atn eleth eb .y .
a-ednorknb .owh ow ths ,CUS 1, rideover'ttiis. W* 'lye -', men-reslec'la'ble either in numbers. posi-
wonldt-we rmed upon tho resul! of file hon. though. wilt, Cass to hoot anfi wtenit o lion our iOflfen.-exios at the Norih. who
ate lil;an w eorreaders .ve scarcela doht tha as In as vrrsh a 'setlled IpUrpose to distu th life po. -
iiefe l ^.,,!in>wlthhmdilil., j4. we were not in- S..ll..rn Whigs stand upon the Union." l r f.,Soalhern States.
fluenve d~b~j-,: us w Ii "" ' ( .f y" ; h 2iaev %iVll b.";a such secti,.wal agil;tiOlio also.
portionn y the I.Pirivel. Pr,'si-lns patron- f The position of these Soth.~ern Wh es. We will precise lby adnm!ing ,hat we r
age. orbl in 11%ihe Pn.nt'ry wPr..no.! s thpfl iif hw,-i,'r, who ;re standing thei lest of this believe, and in f(ct we knoww. '\h, "tr W"-11
would le a haz rdl.i,,s.s-erlion, that no ,mn .setnal appeal upon a topic 10osI eXrilin question of slavery in the New Terrilories.
ouhld atait, the Presidency or any oilter in flhe Somhi. ,00. and il whi,.-h they are ,ie pople of" the Norh are almost, if ntr
elevated ofi .e i who cildti oteL e turkey pr<'obahlv ,more irteresied than fhe men who
devad .ff .o nl lheumI is ne uio. whidh we of the q"ie unanimous, in opposition 4o the ad-
froim a turk,'y buza'rd: Norilh olht to dwell with -adinir;iomn ,I uissitin of slavery therein. They oppose'it
From... 1Clia-lesi.nC--re_ r ihIir patri-,tlism. Nthi,,g makes us so because they are averse 1o slavery, on priu- t
S ro lm i r sfiv Cotre-,ofo.... u ur Whig Conservaiive Party as Ciile, and because they believe ils existence
*- '* IP gltlvc & su~tl AT-.-+rin-1 --asthis. whe+n such .a ternpta-
W \Ve fidd in- the New York Exl1r.-% an t o;i is thus ,esi.terl -"T i1rya, o be injurious in i.s Iactcal operiou.
rilticie on the suhject o6 fhe- apprehelentn ern Whius to 1he Union4 -heir devo.ion 4nd TIey have noo .. .e -"-r o( C
.- -, ftveS"'aw ,Ti sq .n i sen f sacrifice. are adlmirable IisplHays of pa gress to prohilbit is extension to r errnitonres
il ti-tive Slsvs, I UtS qa... o .. r tsm.an also of moral heroism.. W e acquired wherein it never existed. If they"
under discussion i o ,he L ,.s .nire r lat ie i a d wel ,,m e hrothers.- Y
State.- We transfer theremarks oflthe edi- WVe ?re in ihe moo,, tof. lo symnpaIhize ew r did entertain doibls or the subject *
tor to our columns wibh pleasure. W would with titeln in i heir. Tria, lor when a en- they have been set at rest by the ad nissio .
Segislartyri. and file ci'uidtior of the press, .s f-ral Ta lyhor W-A W i noiiiated al,- Philadtl- of 1lte existence of such power, by tire votes
in the free States,conwsskleak -as41ensibly phi0, just siieh a din was raised in our eh'is .,I- Soulh,-rn Deinocratic Senalors on th.
in he free States, alw.^sl:k 4ings l', t in Iheirs, and we passed through Or gon i i r of the
and "rea.,oo ,bl y n ojlhni l x:ili 00;4 IO |) i, and ihe fe sall e son o ( fiery I ialI ; .M l n'd m ay not au y t
in their dis-usiion ofit Ihvays keep in view our success lie a precorsIor of ihliv wonder r Wilmot Proviso chrme in (flat Bill by a
,the Con.itoirtii- of the 011i~ed tates, -noIi he common fl:,g of-tire Uiion? Soilihern slavelholdiog President. These
theiohns.,l qionwof t h eshyulhth s. -ir les B illas Inga; the Whig, of the Notmh |lller evidences, added to former acis of
thih s o h S ~ h we tu~ he a n lessesl, wirh,and .l ch inl m mt].-l~ ~ry ap- Soullhfern Ma~tesm en, w ilh T hom as Jefferson
of disunion..'and adsl+ec~ins o~f, he eJOu.++ry pe1, n we withslnml, after ,lhe Ph~ihadel ,, ,, ,, ,.
w would by resipecling lIhe opin lio rs and i'e- idn;i nomnlnltio ,i, a u,! as Itunt as te Ouilher~n
ognizinal !he ,reaVt prircipl'ls of ju,.itce. \l~i^i~ ,.tke ltle s~anld .hey h..ve jus, laken. me.,. mll~kes lire constilutino ality of *he
soe eo e o n arca l a dj(nltt f ir0 W 'lsliiinaioi. there is no 0hnPr toi this W ilmnot Proviso a l'oregone conclusion.
nna-onc oer t oil tanog ike a pb t ri , elonusU,,it .. Neither Ihe sectlon dtbsm of a1 Cal yThe they so, insisi w'e need n.hibe surl)rised
matter t~it han s like portei oIi, ,lnd n, r of0 a V an B uirn. c,, a r h ,, i nh -, ..
ov r ,nnt' an ih eae st bra p nIms be, 1 i aljill, r, ,lc a, U it0eed we cannot but admiti thai reason is
'*nnr glorious Unlion. The I;,ll'u-in,, is Ihe i,,n. They may p,..t away. Ihe one a onhe ,,,i their side. I he bou~h yi~hl~ld the cita-
a.fe reere Io : end of tlhe Ui-in. and lhed,ohefP at Ihe oilher; del when !he Oregon BIll was passed. On
art-l re e re c> u t die Imeial of w hi,'h lhe links oi"f h e ('hait l t y sllonh have rade a stand-- file
:",it is ,ofen ou+ inorn,.i.,,l (al+ lo rebnke .,r w s fhr nd rh p e i i h l ,,,,,,|l i,.l'ha ,n^la~l~ ell le pI,,iil, pt'iipl of, ,h-Po isisttew e
Ihe lw oexIremlies of So.i.,llhernl ;inl Northern ,,hfc" a e ri s n e .P 'n il f t eIrv~ a ele le
(anati eism a a,! so expo, *e ;o |,|selve s .io ihe T h e |e.son. h 0,w ,+er is tlhus imnpress iveiy lh at aw bec:a ne al I ,w
*two counier,,eiiili frres;:htut we haive now ,aulzhl usal ,.hm ere mosl he inoderatinn.-- Dulring thft (Iast pot|ifica|it canp)Aitn, the
l >)et moi'e u ngracious t,.xk fl> .n ever. tlhat is. trr rebuke some nlof or own friends in -^ ^^^ ^ ^,wih.prneni ..
the" Legislatnre, lor a disposition to vioil.!e ciple t are ier s all Supem wlra we de' rl, a. -e
the Conslituiion of ihe Uniued bilates in Ihe ,I^e of (onsx,.ii-nii" Law in the Supreme d- jni~itetr.offu~i~iive slaves. Th~e Federal Gon- C,,ur| (f tt, Unitedl Stated Io decide be- e ver hear of an iitsiatce-, in wh'i,'h the lead-
#ltiluiioa ordains tll,.-- t ween us. ers o|l thai ipary arrayved ihemsel~es'tjnde"
*M' o. persnn' ,'ld to service or labor in ''*
.one Stale, under th'. laws thereof, escaping State of !"oci~et.y in the Gold Regir, .--Mr. |h I,ale i th Ablt-i~+ad In
noa~lo aoh~er., +halt iu con-~eqlenc'e o1" '10y TenEyc~k American Comnnissionner at Ilhe rested hosiilyj to ihe co0|siitul!iona| rights
law or (reaul~aiir-I |hotelii, be discharged Sa,|ilwicli Isl.Ins. writes h,,neilo:his friend- ol the ,uih," [I Is well k'noWh lo all. thai

(ron sueh'service or \I. r, busha hbe die- ,, itertown, New York, under date Of the Buffalo Patfoilrm even disavowed any
slivered up. on .-laiimj ofithepariy whom Aogusi 6h: I deign to abolish slavery in dip District of
*uc-h service or l-ltfr4. F -y- li. .^ 1 ave visiied l he die iina., some f o rly e s u ri
*-3ut-itisrprpoied inourSiale isla miles al1og whitil is called Ilhe American C-lnmbia. At every meeting oF--+he Free
lure,: and wirli a good deal -of istr' rt o itO. Aiork ol'the Saicramento; almoseveery, yard Soaipi y where we were pres-0tl, instrip-I
to (in sibhstance)i i pPO, Iien ,ily ,f$1,000-'is, occ,,lpi,.d, and 1il are yelling out 4sani- ions were borne on their banners of ".No
B any'c( ize tor puhliiofieriu li St;.ei fies of ore. 1 have al,on i 85 worth ol goid winter ... w it l ery a s i ,,s ,,se^
.ho sljal, aiteinpi. or assist in attempting.! diit, which I washe 6 0ut nvs. f i h i n re w la,, ry it e t r
to exacutatile above seei,. of 1h0.Consti-!ee,,se of.two or ihreehours. 'I s,all keep the Consfiiutior'-e very Free Soil' ora-
dtiulionadt Ihi lawa oJ" Congress-c,,rr.;iaz I i, 1f"eo'f rse, as a nie.riento of' what I my-! lor. front John Vani Bnren down, whom we
,4 Vtfe sa&ole. self havp done in gold digging. The ,,ffeet ; listened lo, discl-,imed any design to make
We should be atnrizPd ilia; any two men of is diseovvry will e had ('or the morals ao il -slavery in the States or in the Dis-
of sane minds could dohsree in!u ofthe.notry. aid willruin-allisrospec An well was it for heir
ouch a Sjiaje act u, |cow-iiiliiJnal. did we as a fu r, or ap|ri,'uliril :o,,,trr. 1 r
not sf daily, froru Lhe different orzauia-- would not U4aitrl l aihrulh what I h,,ve to existtnee as a p~irly, ihil ithey pursued such
tio-.n of inen'li miod-.. gre-ai 0ill'rrences of see lie cou, t ,trv. a 1ii i would lnot'.seltle dewns 'a eoursPe. [-Had they have maInifesled any
opinionn evenino metiers "in-clear as thai." \ t,, live ,n, it -for aj the ,d in, the mines.- hosliliiy on.the Consitulion arld iherights
["Here follltawa:a'aketCh orf the deb.iein Tle iip)mo e'1 f I ie i hoorrihle, and a ti.re.' .. i..... ,.a. ... w .ave
the Senate.) i dissipatid ;,,and ninor-,! ..et gof people I never -.
Congres..has the____'0,e ,ow r 'o lp8 the e saw, --people tire flo.i i ..in. here from, been left willinll support save front the
laws coinpelling ihe snrrender- of fiuitilive all p;nris of I)e'co;tsi. ad.ui as sooo as Ill, Abolitionists proper. None of iiale Demo-
lavee, it has the power oIt press rib,-le news reaches f.o'-itrr'porni6_l ihe. worst of cracy, or of the Whigs, who joined in foGrm.
mode and means, and every., al ofa StIaf Ihoeitr populIJailon wit eiiar,.ie higher. I F-ree.Soil party, wold hve gone
'Lealalaitre that coies, in .ontllic wiih ,pily ,iiy ,leceni white uMan wlil< ay hive iD .
- hese mean% or tht make he er-i f ;is ri, six fhonahw hence. h h 'm that ) PP tht exen:
,-hem pen- is void. SHALL. 1V R-"t I. S B DBMIVKR ,. .-.: !stun, o Flvery.
xD uP." are Ihe words ol ihf- Constitimon;.', GOLD INfli, i R alckY,,.o.-- be Wek-e t a n de, ;.,l, civersed wilh many of tihe
S u ch a S tate L aw w oi ld 4 fit4e a a N ew Y o rk ville ,lo ,0rna l hjas th e II.-ll. w i p o e o "u. .
U -as ,, .)y, m o,, ; ,7 ..' ii nst lwro ~li~ne ntitof the Inem nbers of (ihe ]B 11-
liZell or officer.810i00 ,ir asSiti ; ,or **tl- ,.,il'l has- ,- en dtscov,,red on ir, .ill-. ,
"ncr in the executifonn for n'. ordiinai e 'of: cot's fari n -is eouiy i 1, 4i tholigh, Congress. or ofilhe lawsofConk-inIreaKn'i.llit Iheie is-eI an .-illd- i cd' of it" metal ihe. Whig or Democratic parties, as-the
d'lid order .'at ordinance. '1ii i 1 ..Airer o her. .-A p.viP'nen wa;4 sent Il. he il l1-h a- ease nii |itbe-yet we 'heard buti one voice
-- a ,.-'i J'. :-"; .. d el ih la -M ,,n w hl ,'ch w as p ro no ttn eed tyen lu- .. i, .. ,+ '
limal W, -- *" "N- + m. ., "i w.. + .. ; ,. oIn opposition to 6- Abolitionism," :Ind Io any
as,51-*-""B a r. JO I I nLnn hl .[whose remarks ine,-. -A grenlll,-mall ol veraciIy. residing n "" .n
are published in Ihe Expressil pnis ihe flie nelhho,,rhood of-Mr. Ellicoil's place, iv,.sionof Southern histiiutions. We know
Male, such an act of uncountitutiooal wrong, ar4 U All bt i Bhii noh hubum t that mucb diotafisflactiol prevailed among

e hunker Democracy,+and seceding Clay MR. EDITORs : .t + .eatelmboats in WiUift motll4tUiKif .
Things who were in tlat body, because ofI Is it true that ihe.Rev. Mr. Zimmer re- prliiervation.,-having -D *. efWld oat,
e sprinkling of abolition members who fused to attend Capt. CromwetIrS unerp ht, i ha-ihe ioalofheamiB."ol visit
:re present herein. We know ihat many to-day, in consequence of Capt,. C's detll- 400 too ugtlly."-and witlh vly-slig ill* Uai ,,
legfAresre.ired, because, as they/asserted, ning to be baojized in tihe atih ofibe Eptt--you will see it arrive at Apiifachicola. But
ey feared ihe predohminahce 6f aboliti copal iChurcI ? We are redihly inforlrid theni il is consigned for'1ale, it must awt ..
nwiment in 'the del'ilie hAititls o l ihe'-C-on- such is the fact. but for the credit of -"lhe -a purchaser; .if for shipment, il mumi await t
ntion. Chiurch," as well as ihe calling of which l'aconvenienl freight engaged, JAd llhei. ...
Had public opinion at the North been Mr. 2. is amenmber. we trust it is not Irto. Apsed he alternately, aod-.iiiih-i;n ,;
eplired to susiaiii attacks on the vested If the rules df the EpiscopalChu.rch requi- clinate almost tropical'. forweeks, upon M 6 "
,nslituiional rights of'ihe South. there red such acouise. then we prestnpe IMr. .open wharf, it do.ea Krecej iinn auf oe.l u
ere unprincipled Whigs and Denmoctats, Z. is not to blame, even though he be one to cause rhe charges-ael depre fil-abovi i
appointed schemers, ready to'h'ae'pha- :of the lineal descendents of Hhe Aposiles. stated, whether this 'be in fac' ie cf ioeie ....
ered it such a stale of mind. Had they 1'NIQUIER. which it+ i itllribuied. ......... ^ "
ave supposed Ihat ihe "hearts of he peo- tr. EDiTo :--Al a meelin hld at Eu- ,herefore,-oui merchan. ,Aift r"
e" of tipe Norih were "preipred for war"- faula. on the 99.h ulhimo. aby nmerchanle -,-+........'-
faula.ponptee 90t usii 65e'by tiefnanls Ae .4 .- -
I Sourhern lights, thlie were nien, no and others interested intheshi-pmient ofcot- ,people. who.w, -t ..e.ol.t..solhe
ibt, ready in cry ,c.!" an lead ouIon o'nfur-ciiy, it was among other thinsY in good rder. lcoidi ion6 dp ^ 1 ^
he assault. 'Could Ioiirialal Capirl have resolved- purchase suchte0ottons ooly'.ar WVe'beetf"
ven nirlde by a manifesiafion (f such Tho.- r we re I acetain.zent ,xPd houghenoug n ed In More up-
lity. we dare say the leaders of the Free .9irsty. through the agvenry of our (Gommis-. mediiely upo. *its .armrlheie,-ihy are i.t:.
,il party ,ight have adlopied as a motto saio. e r.krch/nts at Aplalachicola. oi, cotnons the'paititice of aa very praiiseworthy act. Ae. -
he wordss of Gen. Cass's prayir. iiT shipliedil here since first J",nuary itvi., isa the ooly. one yet have-seen, whose lqa.en-
VBoi, o.N oi"l SI.AV'Rt WL* HEREVER IT EX tlruth which weet.;, believing th.t as guar- cy is lo in iliirie the reputation of ourisap!e, ;
-.. d a n s' n o u r i n r e r e s i s f h e y s h o u l d r o l e r i n t o n r. .. .i . .- .
STS." That they did not do so--lnat they e ,,e nl. or * iscldimned any such intentions, is the best I of whi'h wifl work an injury to us, we 'that effect. .. .- "
evidence tlhat Ihey had sounded mlihf f',pi- h, veassembled lo give fx(fress|)'h to our For. tbe indiy.i ual p.lantor. wi hylo b.'..
ion, ad knew lha, i'l was no 't *repired'to, ,S clientsnts, with h"ir. ,ber-ff lhal .a..etrap- b'alesnof,,- .c.t 4'ca o h, "oibi e
.. .. .. ... lir ntheir partw ll'tke place. 6'l ing-" .... .. .. .. "
l!tiiatn frheiln, Martin Van lloreo,,n 11',it ,;,i Vsh tiyi,,, .....n I..*tl.e i norel f d'eIr,- his LCIO M -
th 'is+ we W ish i itni...ll..ersoi -th-t Ole'i 11111311 P
'irer atceeifing the'noininilion 6f the Biff- we havI [on 1ob}ctious 10 pay any arges ,"to10 ca'reTfe beriOtws iuli|inhwp-. a-li <
44o Coilvei'tiot. relproached tliat body fdfr :which may ;acrdie.t'-fees-ihry io'rheir safe I, 'rl'ion fl. mhirk'e1, bute anol avoi fhose:'
tot having added 1o iheir'fplatforM--aloliiion and are een willing to coniribumle';rfowpf-whal chhru-es and d4'eprlcfalions whjih custom wias'
,he District eo Cohlmbia. and avoweg.. to their commerceee, but'b7lP~ kl "bitiThe .l t eds f, -ary +0upoeihe-exports or
Isimuation in whiec.h 'fhey, have *64titnrarily..,_W.
himself prepared io sustain such a treasure. ,pla,.ed tWhemsetlves, is one thich c,!els. Ihpo"l Whilrrange t of^lbisJiin
]is suggestion mei wi'lh no response, -and 'ite'on wik againstt our i tieresis, and 11 is' is i t-'ecfia'e -y s e'.ft ifnofell, ai eltass" o"'kpor-
tideed -was wholly di-sregarded. a't varian-ce e i'h lifbed iOlr'ca'nliereav i i. +-hasers -"e be't're bh.fti*lh t6 apprecia
Ha.l rno Teritor, have been acquirred 'by I'le'1--he if Iliherel'ore + his laborr, i-l0 l ift fcA'fere ^F ,ffooll. tion '
LMT i Resolved. 1st, Tha'i "the undersigifed,"
he ,re..ly with Mexico, or had the Wilmot shippers of colon fnn (lihe town of Eo,:,la for iheI repuiaita'-ilh -,-rn nl.; -
?roviso been slifled at its birth. addM i-6 and vicinity. look upon the .t h kre aa'eement- leasl...cl':ibfcOfe aI w fiibyvl' I (i t. a fo ,. .
inestjon of slavery in the Terriioriev been efrereIio *l between i be btlye ri a idellers. itis p'Wt C euilled16o'the truee t.1 t 9 .lue.,
efi to be .eided by the inhabilabis w'hen olf 0'vhl,',in .,palaihitfa. lh'he.In ts'reff ai,- an, ;fuel rtsilwAie f Tib iftyl'etITI^ in't A hair
ailel ipt. hth rheir parl. ".) force from us :'. ... ; .-
raining a Slaie Consltilunlin, Ihp abpliliou ,.-,,nriklitop for lihe Supporl of- ceri..i, in,, ow- .
,nrty w,,uld ere now have been exrioklui'ish- teresis in,,lhai cily. which we are only wil- Nor des thirenTyNiiioh%-Wotn'-iy'yU'lli'
Ed'. And should the question of slavery in ling to do when [ie benefilsarrising aretnu.t, any 'ne. Shippers may+'drieeaahYtd-'i'4nd +
ihe Territiries be ketiled. as we 'lrusl Hi lUat sell i1^i^'1t ^'"'1^".n""I, .ey eafti!i^tcc!l
mlay. in some propIer'r aiI on!immluional"2911.r.T,,) we ,.laim our re(racis Skend ,o- ,o WfeY',&h-abn t I *1'retfii* rtl j lfik,'nlAii~m.
protlect its mitaiulsiall expenses ton ship,'
"..h o, ,,,^,nlc,,^Knl^ r a;:,;luallS|;; And ifesila elome geera.n ,.1^-
nanne'r-aid shorlf'l'the Disirit ol Clunl-- n11,1il ,n;|ade Ihem. except such ta.c.ually And --esi.ai.e.evor.. general and mrv..
bin Ire retroceded to Maryland. "-s it finally ;tied necessarily ace-rie..c ellrniO'ir' WmYlel.ed to.ylh. asihr-y wl ~
nusl be, there will no longer bb a pretence 3.. That werT-aardtl heilrassent Io.plarr he, for ,hey will not sacrifice a$W er'; buasis
allotions shipped .eln it) Warehouse. a,. e% upon sa, +nc'pl % UnUioal.--
"1or any actionnoin the pa'l of Con, press in shippers expense., as disrevai lful of to .uur 111 i.f ey wish on 6U fill s -
lie subject oflslavery. Any alteinpt to ait- Serests, in ahs uiuch as il exludey Iransieu| 1 -. s
ale file question, either by petition io, or bnyefd., who may le disposed.lo purch.i,... Ihey buy tt.rhy WyIvillieniselAeff-pti it?&;
bv ri, s0ontnn n.,eilther fl oiuse ufCone'fess. onfwharf %olhons .as landed.froh a fair om sore inierw rds..' and .. ei r ,iy i .'l'iY"
m ust he nnde fslooil vn'il ad'biiited t lo be a pelimion wilh those oftheir town city unl,- y.- I in-.s 1*.' I' H. r y
It be Ihrfir gh the aid of our coninhulions view .o curr g i s c L rge i 1
lirect altack nil he .l an' l and tettedhriphts 4,h. 1.That we will use our endearr i, l i evleus bY s. bthnaeh -lha, tiw ul'd
of lhe Sbiilil-ii "'a're-. [iml aiiy such every legal, hInnorable nmariner, ,lobreak ui: ha give in 0- i e .cza-rge frd1!'iilea it.
iclion ever Will receive the suppnfti Uof atiy i(is coilbinalinn, even atthe exiient'e'o.four incur'red;`+"7 :- '. "t;
decent nuint et olfciliteetbrf lite Norrih.wi,'e iftedia-le iinierrtts. S.ubter-iiteoiiBCaplalcAntlneeftluk tile a"c"
do not believe-lhal such projects.will ever -We h. e noib i"g o 6trepall titis mat ,. ; -. ; -AaldtheAtlanth* .
J "' .. ,. Th< NI-wO.rl~e.ii-;LaUie,rlof..-lhh "ld nnsl.
meet wilh any ihiug but conle-mpt and. (T tiri- ter. and lake illis occasion no placee.wur a )is.,iii,| i "*re'rli. an iin'li oi" -rsnB.
-toU by Southern men of botb pari'tes. in anld !hose. 0o lhis conim-unl before ih. ierrlaeOii' rnal rldclh.l -tS .alege, I,.,i
and out of Cong.'ress. we have no gr*ea publici... t" -'"' eeu dit-overed, 'onnPclinanye+Ailinllc ariA
reason to fear. It would .argue a want of T he-e eiritiuitonns are 4es ft n., i- ileas- .,cific o.re. ..- ^ 1 i n. ..w..
1 ". .+il.I hailjyV -"hold fl,;le, Tne#-W ar~nlel-
confidlelice i, the j ustice and patriotism of sum.ipion lihat a n agreement has been eonler ,on (,i,, ,9 "lrse9".ry. and .we p!b-
.he cititens of Northern Sl-ates. to ililae .on ied into between merchants and factors here. :i.h) 1il f(r .... l Pnefil ahltfe o1' ihe 'credlif,'uh"
the consequences which would ensue from to buy and sell such cotions only as a-re in and -A1teedulous: .. .. +
a comrary course. To point out teie mode siore,'to the end that the rti ereianmay A Fre(h,- |,ysiesiahtshpd
"s'V "O ;i ": b" i :Pai,-wh0f, besidles "pral.17Sliil,.iej~ iin;Tit
and measure of redress," would be to adroit have privileges exclusive Ib tVie ".rns ien. ch'arge.. of t .- e la.rnih........ .._,
a-~srnt"of leir" e~q-rlit-y-oar.d---Jum,-,.....?. >^r_..fd that lhe factor ma.y h,"nave a,9,nipnakhin excavalihndil errake-A
mialit )roperly be deemed by them an ap- colrural reex chagg for c g service. +e. 'vnew, o1:ormin-:-_-_a-- ll.riu-
peal to their team. W'e forbear to do so- which he may or may nol render. Nb sucl, which 10o 'carry his prod..e fro ile sea. dis-
fior we lee) an abiding confidence in lhe good aureemeni as ihis has been epiered into. coveredd at lite btliont of"tv*` hay nof Hhn"-
"' -. ... s u diras Ilhe olneninle o( a -nlnn ifeii1n.:l-rnal
sense anti integrity or lhe honest and t- Merchants say, hatl they will purchase sucth v. -fi. i .Ja n1
CO~hllSOnl as arti IIslnur., b ut I aII IUISare,
lightened men of Ihe Nortli "of hilh larlies, collo"s only af I ,riy '0ei. i lif t Vttmng in I stlaii!il
We do not fea"r Ihat political demrntogi-s nol o parties 10 this staledient*.. True, a.- line towai,1- .ih lrtif-hsrwesi. ils Side-s 'bfng
van ever lead ihem i o acrifice the peace ihey hal v no process by which I fiey can^ *.1n(. 0" ,iu' s ne, ruely ,c. -,
., ,, .' _,_ ,i" i. The lw wails, whirllt rontin-ued pjra,llel.
and prosliorniy of the Uni'6n, in A wa.r ,oMpel merchant. to .iarehase wheih er T ,een twto llwed lo lf.v illuslinte r.irll erl.
on those rights which their Forelaiihets. lthey will of nt. they have been compellho .lagu .i t : '"
wIomin Ihey justly venerate, a'saured'i o Is hy to place their cilohn iu Ithat condition neces Haini,,i'ri- ed-iter'xni rtiiinlaltS-.
solemn eo-.-placl, sar y to its pecoiniig markelablle; butl Ihai where Ii .olhe .anuich to'.ir~ eeflo IS fl'o. ill.It:-

a speech lately made in the Senlale of New ,h.Ivnts iio thi.s resolution; or Havie submiiled, :, w'^)- ,,f 10l0 meires in" hri-lii, (.,h,,ni 333
York. by Mr. J,,hnson, a Free Soil Wllii. 10 il willi any vriewv of -ain iHr i.kifHa unfair (.++'. and oT lhe Sa~rie "iih as lhe ';inal.
Th'le seieninels which he exl resses are adlv.iiilages, is most cpei'ajnly dil'trie. .1Il "ohn "mn ir'eH n C"l.pri "rc "
shared by the great body of the Free Soih, iihere are individda++~oa untder i.blor0 0. ,,,res ii,+~ ouldms'm.a,; .lq,ei
Ipary :" !Ihis reguilat ror. haer ". .tll1.ired. lor', ,,,i'rvicps+, .. fhsbv ~. rel~ d us,, he eaoala'u irwas frle',~'le.llJ."s wi l~s.aj.
"The bill no imptisea p<.nalty of 1000)on not "' neteessary or ",ciltally-refeleed,"{ it is water, twni,'y 16-eiies deep. Ouir iiir^^&p,,
any cilizen, or public officer in Ihis Stale a private mtltiei- Uetleedi Ilfiiemstiolheil con- cotunli'ymain did lilio.ti'esi.iife un'enib.,rk wiiii
Who slal. .a.iep orass n .i.ep.u,., si nr, ald i doul,...les,^ c ^'iito"*^^eliitatin^" ^he,^, ^^,iii gSS.tii
to executle vhe above section Of ,lhv Consli- planali, n; if not, is not susceptible of de. 6le i /hi.,h, irierwar's S t'hisr ;siipr istod hiilehe-,
torten, and I he laiw of Cooarti~s ectrrying oui fence ; Biul irSO,, ii i-. tO t ch'iaitl~liie+ lo this lIn-ved. te enirered" .. ihe glrel, or'ean,+ (Ihe' a-l~l-'
the same, being under Ctnnsider'aiioli,"i aeliou of Ilhe commission .ierc-hanis, fore e iic,') bile~lieeiialemilmn ahdI San .Siallta'aur.,'',
M1r ohlixmi at srtie le..alih extplahinel hinter incelined t i,., .. .n .-! 'y the nsh~errmchl ul thai Eon~lt Ite .JgeviC.BPl
his posiniou, Hie had voted foi" this bill las, sition ,nay do so as well without as wilh ,his Mouit wi..h sueriiidhlijir4laHl 0ifre~rif
year. and should vote against it now. It excuse, U them fromi ever entierH-g.-ri'Pi Htiple vaull--
presehlteH three !Poposil ions--the consliiu- Is this mdvdementt upoi the pani of corn- ed par, of this sup1erhuran'.sirn,.tnre "wa
lion quesfion--i1s ex|)edlien,.y in a constitu. 'mission mer-chants objectionable .? T do nol lighted by'shafts, cut hro~ugh t. the surfae.d:"
tion^,l iiH f Vitew--and lasi. its expedien- know what nmay hiave be~en .Hie prR, ate me- "b,"^1.^n';hr.^.hi" hol ealent'ili
ey lis a real qU;sliioi of policy-no |>arty, lives Iha t indiced theml to it, but .. look LIr Alexander Humbolilldl had already ^

On the two first great questions he en(.urred upon its results RAs eminently 'beneficial to ineniouned A,,erican edifices whose are A.'
wilh Senuators who suilPporied the bill, ti1A (il all interests effected by it.. For it is in fact lectire indicated a very hii;h nfiqur-ON. .2-
thle o,h e t editfer ^d-Anh-h known s wa wall ,o-.ehe l 'erchaul-o-.o uriua reve;ili 'i?.r ivilhi kit'i b l '- .1
Thte south would rega'rdil" as an aggaressiot a.m h is ,o nus that while iheir-is a charge in exist belicf4 sucl-l Rihonuihi i. What eatp
u p o rt t h e m a s at i in ie r le r e n c e w it h h e nm r- B I l e n din g. & c. ,u p o n a ll p e o ple ,h en i s ,h a b ite d Ih e i B
umion, This *ashitOlyitishiilnt)ihe doc- t-oi~tonns shippe .fro,,ibthiht iir..tkie is A dlf- Shuild this news he. con.riihet. oen. i-
luiin. ms d8 i oposnon t meoo<** ,.*maratiine ioromn ra o a osil.npeei
trine of that s ection artihe hieie y party w ith terenret bet ween that w hti,-h h be en po- baratan. ie ,in l" n e slH ,b-
whi,.h he acied. Thl y srood in opposition sed, a nd Ih wit ch hagS not been ekilsedat ih, bentwe o ,he, Am ,'ririan cOlitlnihe h. ari .
to the f.naticism of the extreme abolition-'all, of aboui,5< cents per bale$ Tlihey knMR Euhope will h.,W nothing int dBut to cli
isis. They would never consent to Ili.e, e- taouo~;h s x~ld lleoepe il'bi h s~iisIt'l~ .. -
tensio of' slavery, not' favor any attempts to the .hroo.h6lexpos...d... .. .
interfere wilh the rights of file souili under cent. is sold as picking, at a loss of aolih T1iE GOL.D 3 MAilA.-th" Kennel-O".r-.u r
itxii consiifulinn,... T>he laguage f i ;t in- 5 cents per Ib. ; or if one. bale will weigh nal is indelild, li.a frienpp loriie for trwing
si- ment might warrant he passigeofihis 5001His. 51bs. oftissold-as pickings.at. liI of "ecessarie". with .l
bill bm there exisled no nece.ssiiy for it. 1i .... "es -e.s -he ..l-c of l-. Ileniaw now in G ornia. writes h'atl'ee. wW '
brulm' n toli.s',his-b.... annul 5 ceinls les's I-lben Ithe alanice of[tile. -.-
was a mere" orultnzin lmn Io pass i sill individual lproeeliini Io t hat' couantly.,
u Ider the decisions which had been hadi by lot. making upon each bale. from Ihi& cause. wy of Calie Horn. should -be provided oq
the Suipreme Court. 1( was a mnere ques- a loss of 25- cents. Anditris also k-nown. himplftm'mie. !.: .-' +
lion whether .it was Irudenl Ito paiss lhe la Ihat, our cottons are so much depriieialed in List of Necessaries for each 4t4'wiiitt iM !;
under the iresenmt excitement'which existed i. L. .. la. have o. ,,lOne Year.-'I'hd btea"., for., h.".f
J o 'J l il market.l~ ~ -as inml, l'ulu W nlcl have oBeell"ii. L" ;l~" .'_%
on Ihis-slU)jeci of shvery., Mr. .. then re- ,. erackermiinliil. lrlpoofflhl i |l FIln ltl '
(erred to the posiplon (if -the south'1 o14t.e well handled, ma.y be &6 ft, I a Q9w Oren ;| ,bp)4 h ie. e
subjectc. and particiflarls that (if flre SOU14h- andiship'ppeat 4 py-,ifi from -that' PfAce. as worked. or amid che~e.p. well pu. nr
!ern Whig Seiaio'rs. in4istiina lhal tile pa.4x "^e Oriean's cotton. 1Shovring evrrernilv Vrny cr~,sg~~.SM^ &Cc.1. if'
a, ,, i l ., w....., he p._ o 0 '1 h ,h in the .natfr of reptitartioti. the whole a l,.nk..yA"e %i,.ea,; 3p
the lallerin tlip ii't ,l/lieUnioun. It would,% n '. -. . 1 toiipl n ala ona, n -.par t rrdh'e;ihit ia.
'" I + I" ," n l r e 1 i r i b ti t a ~r y ; ,O i I l, iP l l lSu t a it r sp a
be instanice i ai bhe sou h as an, evifelnice ofl pre- p ". a h'n -C C-Me eflS e r
,~~~~~~~~~- 1 , .... i' 1.. ,% -Sam, ."i"-
t h e d e s i r e a lf I h e n o r i h e r n W hi asi t ols c o m nm i t v e r y g r e a t, lo s s ., A n i ln i I is k n ow n t o o f h i w n e n 'o l pr ro 'a l s 2 e 'oa r ise *. c n. n n '. i ia
agLression on -lhe (onst ib!Or"t ri}lil.w.of- re-pimaiion is -motly_ tributahle IO Ihe half dozenofia pairs comnoon-'hOl, paced ino
the. south.':[ He Jl`of- 4 desire to pu-t ih e. ,tha, ed ondii,, whichh if,,s split for- Onanil an l.red,1 or olherwiSepa- :'so
Whig's of New York in, eh++a psilii -.-F .. l ,- + do"0 exclude .ea" '. w id-....lille'tb'-m.-.-"
H e hoped ino aciio'n" w no lio iel l'e oiol he O ild..her qIotl'ir ^t'
bill. but iiht il would he SIured olidooon these injuries arise? )aPmingg .lng-.'Ike ;alng. 'Tai.bcy ".
the table,"-.N. pY. Sxprem. riveiyoeu will'oes t b"e Cotton puv 0oi! bbOd, ure, if .peo -W ll'-t


- I

_,-t Tll9 'pl ndid IANCE, Capt
^^ 1'hckoae-pia have lnii I j, t~ jyb
.sA fs'vr the abo.k port. Fe'r ight.aai@Y 9
Ji llT .W,. 11 &

Oar Jut em
TRI JC ^~f'k lai'Sipi PESB~ai AT
pa-T itch Inr Ilhr "jji' dis.'?
'*ebri~~ in(^ O f&
Fo r NWew S N'/ ,
T-iE hew fastaiaIiY. DW
B rav, master., is now le ,qadng lW.lo
.buoe port. Foi' deck fr~ei U t aj p.

Feb 8 , .P MeKAX- & Co.
ror New Yortk 61? y
''TH E s',lendid ship VA I RBFI=',,Capt.
i Lov,.lar)d, havi g most of' her cargo en.
a .iagd, will have iriitediuate-dispartch.
V %I I I rig :1 ur passage, apply to the -master, or to
For New ork.. f c,. ,'
SE THE fi e brig, M.O6EytCapti]ulk-
lev, -havinfg,. "het-.eIlt^e, Cadgo engaagd.
vill have d spalc. lcr Ijassage only,
Iiunig gtiod aceum'odations, Spply to 'fhie tria0-
it ', rr iu + : ; ;,* -
Feb I NOURSE, 8T"ONE sc.cw-
For VteW Yoirt. ".
THE superior fast sailini packet brk
DAMARISCOT'A,.Ha es, aiser.vwi l
rit-rt with iftumedilafe ihsi.&ach. .for
lhe ,,,t ,.n deck. or pa's'sage, apFJK in '- \
Jan, 18 -D. B. WO06.,

11 ?, % .. I I

__ -n II r~r Ir ..

_ I V_____~



" '


.t, ;d .tha GUtteri othei merchandise on the wharves, or in thePawengem
-,?!To.48 B- EnTo0s "oF t HB 'aTRAV9LKRv.-- streets, by posting a flag upon such cotton or other Per steamer Lotu--C C Ryrd, T F Brown.
r.ll.e.n^...nnr-H'i0rh h iir Per teanmer M A Moore--Mr.- Daniel nd 2
A genlemn cn n ected- "rh (ihe U theiej 'merchandise, that they must be removed within children, .MiI, Bryan. LMesrs Haight, Fergusun,
Sitles crps of Engeeir. wlich ha been twenty-lour hours Irom the lime of such notice -p-ihl,. Alfid, loonlley
ordeted by hoiue ytSernment to California, being iven. Per steadinr AAlbay--Miss A Smitlh, J FSmith
wa nt-i my house yesPrrday. He stated a i andlady.Gt idnneand Iddy. Mr Pltter and lyb.
fact which may be of service to those Iper-'l The Committee on Claims, into whdrie were're- I Mr. Hall and lidy, Hev Mr "irmuigh.,ni, Col K3
rn in .r midst who are touch se wip e ,ferred the 1oll.,wing bills, reported favorable Fly'd, le.,gr 'Brvan, Sillih, W Wh.aley. %Villhs.
n in or midst who are u d withfile 1Brinson. Walsiugham. Danitel, Stone, J W haley,
yellow fever." Calling last week upon a tlsereon, and they were'severllj passed ard al- Davis, Spears, Sedrhborouph
diiinoguishlied chemist in New York, he was lo ed, viz: Per steamer Pe'ion--W Mount, N C Bass, C
Cleighton, Peiper. Lo)w.
told that.fire panels of gold from :alifornia W. A. Jelr, (or work on streets........ $24 00 T"Per beamer holn--A M Hill.
were sent lo the cheminisi t be assayed.-- i M. B. French, fir work on streets....... 18 00 Per steamer Lolus-Mrs Herald and child. W S
One of the. parcels were found to be nearly H. Foster, Ior work on streets .......... 22 50 GPregory. ,
pture gbhlt-;' i-he 'ieniining tfoor parcels, r. .eamPr.A'bany.-Col R M.ers. R0E Drr,
I .. l ^i T ... ,Tho.. Gib.,, n w ork on the streetr.'....... 12 00 N B Sitr e, Gochrin,'G iih r l
valueit $80.000. upontril. were f H. Pickett, Ior work on slreetls..... 6 00 Per sle.mrr M A. Moore-Mrs Turret, Mrs
not to-be wortn h 80 cents; ano [tie celimist Joyce, Mlisa,Guerry, Mr Philtps
expressed Kis opinion ,ht one filth only of A. Hancock, for hire of boy............ 10 W
the dus gathered in ihe gold regions would R lM.vrs. tor 4 rayage ................. 2 50 Receipts from the Interior.
be found :o any value. M. H. S. T.G. Fort, or drayage ................ 3 3- Per ,Fielner l.oiu--300 bale.: c,,1,,, to N J De'.
1.1 T blot..; 2119 to iIrper I Ims; 52 to Nnrwee,
[it-is well known thaii previous I. lie et- ei R. J. Moses, for drayage............... 7 37 "4,le & Co: 54 t, WG Porkr & Co; 1.9 toA
fleament ol Norih Amica, Ihe isl extra- A Low, for making step-- lo Market N MecKay & Co.
'vacant nolions were entertained in EKrolpe I.. 0 Per -teaknier El'ailu--232 bales cotton to A N
Ho'" r, Fluse,&r .P...........'......... ..... 1 0 M IUC : 4 1-1 V fe c e ze 3t
of the mineral riches oflthese reuin's I The .. McK-y V Co: 244 -tlo ylie r McKenzie; 53 to
.l "h mn ral, ih s 'lih l;e B. Lncas. r, r lerviceg as City Mawhal... 44 40 i Loekh. ,n & Ying: I rtp W A Pe C Knm
settlement orf Virginia was timul.ited Iy it. "' 51 96 Per.itearnei FH".hiol,-4-48 hale.s coir.n l) Hill,
and originated inm avaricious dlreans of un. A. McAlpin, .. Daw-on L' Co; 258 i,, A N McKav S CGo: -19 io
tole wealth. The colony at .laimeslot Wias Wm Valleau, 3 qr. salary as Clerk and Lockhmrt &- Young: 77 to Sin.- Ch&Pever; 4,3 li
:annoyed and seriously hindered hy an itier- Treasurer..........................300 00 HgrpPr 1. -oll"s; 1 Io J C MAclay: 17 Io WA
*miileft 1d1j'evpr. C;tprain Nwporl, .by A. MrAlpin, for killing 15 h-s......... 15 0 Prs er ohrner-350 bCes co(on Io
.......P,r ste~naer .%-Ilherner--350 balles coIOn to
whm, John -Shilith and the colonv were The Comrnittee asked tiurlher lime to report L, khirr & Yoiina; 2S2 1r, Harper & Hlin's: -16
.transported to 'ifinHse golden .;hores--which in on the hills of A. 1'. ellnnett and the Apalachi- H Kmbrmugh & t,.n: 44 to A N McKay
C o
England had ber.n roarded'as El Dorad.-- cola Exchange Granted. Per .leam-r M A Moore-442 hales conrnn to A
'brought over with hid two eold-rrths. two ~The f;,ollnwing bills were lrPserited and rTer- N Mcl-K-.v .\ Co: 337 o 0Wvih, & MKclicnzie
refiner and a eweller; and on hias rpnrn Per steamer Albam-1-00 balp- c' iti, it, A N
wa o ifa4uie1 as 0 l.. hi hip ilh a red tI. the Commilteeon Claimqin, viz: McK,%. 0f Co: 49 lo 0' G HaIle%; 14 Io J H Hull
elilwerin" yelluwiAa-s1. Uwh.11Ii, p sah ,il6hd'a S. Williani, I;,r services WdiChing fire....92 JO C,,: I o,, Wyhe S McKenzix: 14:3 do. 2 bas
'111i a rivulel near Jarresai6wff. and wipi'h the J Strickldnd, ,i,..-. p- Hc, ok-l. V,,,: 28h ,lp:h coiion o.-bder c
co t-, B S, Huwl,.y: "28'hale., eoIIon io ,,,dec
excited, imaginationin ;f even tle gfldp mi is M. D'le'han'tv, v" ... 2 00 Per sip.-m -r P% mMin--6fi3 lh,jp- rdllnn in Lorck-
RaiI refiners b ive't r' lie P.11e1. Smi'tlih. J. G,>iin, ,'(i r drjvaa..e .................. 2 75 hart X YV'un, 13. Wi, 'vhe McKeiizlI: 4nt A
'wh. was no reliever I .,l,;ln ri,.>?. I,.- O mrin le Coucil lien ad.urned. N McKay M C, 45 i, Kinhrnu h & on
wo sn1 Ol lkPer eer Fq-hin-30 hale- e,',hon to i-fill,
coutiterianced the raie Ifo'r glII gln oy, Diw.on ,& Co: 121 i, \V A & P C Kdin: Ilr2 Io
whi'eh he fioresiw ,ivtoil -be ''ft;,lt i. ie COUNCIL CH.IMBER, A N MNcKav & C.,: 51 to Harper & Hulmes; 90 tI,
rolnny. Cnp l f Ite |tislori re o(l tfe rsoliry. Wc&NE.-y EVKNING, J.n 30, 1A49 L,,ckhdri \V VonnN
allodmng 1o Smilh's olIppaion. <,.rvs-" Ne- Cob,'il rnel: Preset J. S. Hnlchtl-,,s,, Ma.- P,-'r -enr ..,J---359 hles c,-.Iun o A N
[%lN1-Kay 114,:Ir) io \V G P,,rl,-r r .Cc): 1i I,)
ver didil anyilhing more 'i'rlf'lr i 'ii ; i' Ih ,'te6 dr'.; Coun'-ilmen, Mes-r-s. Huthes, Hanct'k, Dlr- \Vklnie V McK-rvrie, 19 i, I,.ckhailt z Younp;
see all necessary I ItilPr'ss IPe l.t-ivil. 'tI) 'en, C1dlh,.0o ,s, Ausiii, D,,wi'er arid Barber ,44 t \V S (;re,'.rv
Ireight sich ;I drtrrnin .,hii') 6itIt 0 ,iiiii-b Themni;utes ofr Ihe lasl meeting were lead aid P,r'-I,-'.oir:5 Ab noB-Ei2 haln enllon 1to m Tl
il~led_.1 i t." The h'i~ tdriy-k- a! *'.[, fi rP,,rilrr & CLo: 55 In) B F.IhIon \ L: Ti Io \\'\v[P
coveried d-inbrace s.":h a'hIe 'ior- lr arl g i,( lk- 'rnved. ,\ McK,,,zi'; 17 to A N McKav M C.>; 25 Io D G
covers enbraes, r M. Darden introduced an ordinance, entitled Raney: 26 to Auslin .& Long; 18 to Lockhart &
"Bosb fti rvillr. i Youni; 10to order.
,-: .. An ordinance,toamlend an ordinance entitled an Per steamer M A Moore-424 bales c,,tion to A
S SOVKI:'TG Wrl k: s'hSlFus.--t'he -B4ll6i- ordinance corkeerning Slaves, &c., passed 5th N McKay & Co; 81 to Wylie M McKenzie; 16 to
S, 1i. ,,,-,; o.. U Lockhart & Young: 5 to W G Porter & Co
;m nore Sun tinnlerst l',s ihtlt i*Wrvet Major January, 1844, which was read, and on motion of per barge Ronih Ready, fr,,m Chiiol-59-
Hughes, la, e colnran+le'r tl lhe Mary.n.,. M'r. Hugh, +tle Iatioe was d'ly passed 'by its ales eoiin to J Day i Co; 55 do. 1 bale hides,
.... ,,l 10 sacks pea nuts to W G Porter & Co.
an ,itrio ofl' Corplutih "eginffiet ir ,e., Per b-X New'Cn, fin Flint River-485 bales
... ... ..... Xi. "Dlrden moved that the ordinance for the cotton to Sifiis & Cheever.'94 to Lockhart &
IP.O. is ah(nut siaruing lo, mIH~ke;Si survey otj .on .T Vn<
'i, I o is ahu .- I sSirtin t4,r.l,0'ea "re, regulation of Qtutrantioe, &c. passed llth Jan- Young r.
'the proposed rnuip fv ra iillr i ser>!s the re o ( i .1 p i Per box B'-? Collipr, fin Flint River-369 bales
h ro r f ',r, r. e iary, 1844, be published- Adopted. cotton to Sims & Cheever
Iihinui. from C''a.rre t''6: Pama, r O o f r Darden, (he M yor was ap. Per box N W Collier. fm Flint R iver-235 bales
coto toio Sims Mr Cheever. 7h toyo Haper Hope
M1ssrs. As-inwall ;, fNew.York. Iintd chairman of the Committee on Finanice. ctotoSmve O&e tm ChipoKe7t Hes.
.... I.. Per barge Live Oak, fm C tpola--68 bales cot-
Gov CRITTEdI' Ai) THI CABIT- ; Mr. Darden gave notice "that atte reXt regu- ton to W G; Porte*& Co; 114 to J Day & Co; 8 to
;' :, .metig h.. ......fira 4 ii lor W ylie & McKenzie
The New York Trihin-, ..f Sl..tly...l-.IY, : la r meeting he would offer an ordinance to regu- Per box Telrtraph, fm Flint Iivr--109 bales
'" Priv--e ilv:es rr,,ri,',i Krnln,,ky ,'roc~'ir kttethe Whag'Wes ard whata)e c"ptt(iLfo LhokIait n Yohtng; 88 to TL Mitchel;
'in the ol)io 1.th,1 Mr. (:rriteneni will Il A rmtcation'vas rcei'vedfrom Capt. Van, 30 io Sims & Cheever
'el)tl)raine- hy lhe .-fol'twi ;,l>e~als. ntad it'. V glhitfin relation to a'viotatlon of the quaran- Exp0orts
kim from in m In-lrv qL'rir1 I'h 1rPi', kj-. pres- terinar ceowh'ic h wais'read'byv 1he Clerk, and LIVERPOOL--Per ship M Livingston--360
ent p,itin. witlh nle.~ly hi-s ,'l,.leof,, rI(.. oilnm,,tion of M.r Darden, iaid 6n the table. bae". ,e ,
'ye"r- ...er. ti.xpire.. an a ep |A It I W, NEW YORK-Per brig -Alabamaa-646 bales
.. ..nerl .ir s .,li. I, '. ...; The fdFlowinK bils were prented and refer- cotton. 1 9bxs t;baeo.
in General Taylorr'. (,,,it,el. t V,4 salso 6n-- OTN'; .WM~
dersl,,oodl ,li,- he prefrs, Ithe ldioves phl,.-1e (1. red to the Committee on Claim.s, viiz: BOTuN-Per thip Geo klield-1320 bales
J. McDermot, for maki rng brake lor Engine cotto n '
P per Ahip Andrew $c-rtt-976 whales cotton.
The 'R ,hlir i,,nil S,,,ittererner. stais, (a &l No. 1 ................... ....... $6 50 Prr batk V.Mry Ii .ae--i11ll3blr-i. co,,n ....
N E,IO' |HVA N--fPer echr Palladi m--176
awv it cnmee Ifrom l,llh Olre lilps of (General T. Osnnan, for services otfboy.f.-.. ....... 2 00 be o,lONP-PPr b t hr PEalleditrm-s 1
bale-'Icoftcin, 103 libli; tar, 2 bags fearthersi, I bag
Tayfrr arid Mr. CrnirtVn6le.). ha, Mr. Ch A AN. Mcety-L f'UOd for services of boy..'. 2 00 cotton' leed
'h.is ile,.lined a t : "" -- mIportm',
"iary 'of' Siae, an I it lhi 4hlieia~ii,n.like l o i
offcie is to ie' ienllereil ,i, !'tnl will be ac-. DIED, LIVERPOOL-Per ship Comi'nodore-2 ,775
ce lpied by John MI. Claylni '. I h .. I s'ityon'1ie thlr6sht.,'o6 f h e d1aTrrlhca a, ks'salt.
'a ,p- ,r. THObiAS CROrMWELL, master ofthe 'big St An- Frennh Iiortnriic lltir e aniu Flori
(+.we ATFLOR, .i,, hi-j]eerl. tiliePres, .. .of hi. age, Leavin a if, -rd Flori *
nefnl, res ign lng fIile l IIII'P of IlI,1jilr av'nlvlal Ii,,l- + .; ,. .. .-e- --+. i .ln ~ .......
-^n .e ",..lth.. two elldfo"; Hnd mnay-friend s-t1 monrn his loss HEsntbscrib-r, inenrdingto remain buta few 1
r.lny. u-ea l' e ..rr..i. ,i,,r.. i Th -les iscalm for t hos who weep-- davs in the city respertfnllv i;vits the La-
ieguage : '- i nave he,,ln eIare,'l ih Ib f )le t- ,-t ".'r w ry.pilgrmsTfo nd die nrd GeV tleirj'e l fit A Ia Ii t;cv a to an in.-
pe tn-serveir another (r'iCpally, Ht( rhiere, l-hey softly lie, tn I i.eelly slep, spectinof h'i; sp'erindd c.,llMctin ot
fure resign Il ispresent rfvlnimTkl. -- Low In the ground," _;a -* e
I 1. ] PILi lt"al,. ",w .i ,, ...1 me.., ,
In NP W O rl a n s a t t .e +iierr g t bo e ." in e I mp o rte d f ro m F7ra n e ,
SHASSPI.ARK FRF_'VCHIFIF.KD-- A French- 23dL ult, FRANCFS I, wife of Hugh M. Farrior. ted fom France,
il.i whi, h J pid l, -II Al Elizlili rheirr. cave ilie follwiiwIrA Magnolia, Tree-paeonv, difierentl Cape Jasmin,
^ n ^ne \E a Il~. h r ei,-eght months. Every attention that duty and af Pitosmanrum, Da"hne, Mss and Mdnthl. Roses;
e -a a,*cinle1 n ,f ihis ,ll'iry It i;pl, RH cll ,rtl frcticn could su* ,-st, was brought into requisition ornamental shrubs f M al "va ritRiss.
the Third : .. by her bereaved husband, The best medical aid 14RUItTs--Pear, App'Ie, Cherry, Apt icrt, Peach,
NM w is d.l winter -f dirb ,'siniiesa b in lthe city, together with the kindest utientions of Grapes,. Orange Trees, &c.; Asparagus; also, a (
(D i v^ ty elrFrlil der .ly *nt 'cl' "lrk b.'y ihe .mi.i blt. hoste-s;all f, iled to prolong her exis- aIdre collection (f Bulhb,us Rools. aid seeds ol
Mit s vi yii cll e -~n'f th ambi. every dest-tiption The unoer-4igrked inav be
Arndde drl udwht- lo h t'nce Sh has beetle called hence to that briber evr desiption The uneignd ay be 1
-<)fh-.i' h,,r',.td nd better oe, were all is joy, peace a'nd' ha- f"6tind at the corner buildingnea" the Pgst Office. (
Dedad. ln d f... F -r I,, h !A DANTEL,..
I.lve fed h and bfrl- d ,,! a' f-ri- ,ah, !. he leaves, its *nourn bet departure, a Hortirultor Florist, in Paris and N. York. C
D aun I.".'/ y l I, ,1 In u,,.,-h to ,, hle : a und discinsolare hu s-band, and an infant daughter, Feb. 8, 184 9.
And' fo~r nll',its d ,e d inl d ,.K bow wow at me, with int, nerous relatives and friends, w hio will hong .'., ^^^ *r < --
As I valk hy hini Ne *L r gr^Soes Wanted.l
_1 *. memberbr her many amiable tr.its of character. 0 x L'K RLY haudswa,,ted, for whom liberal (
"fc ITY CO UJ^CII" ILSRO [EEDIN'GS. May Gud, in his m"ercy, project, defend and c~o,- ^ ) wa+es will be paid. A i'lv to
OU N(IL GCH \ .llkrl; 1 -secrtate her afflicted partrner, for a happy reunion W FOSTER, (
_. + FRIDAY Ev,:M\,G. .J ,n 17, 18-49" S ,,, that ul)per an~d better wofld, where they fchatl Fctb. 8 4t AtgenVT of Screw Pres-".
Counlcil ~et : Pr, +,,,t J. S. 'Huhchins,.t. Ms(- rest in~eternal bliss.^ 3 M. N. IL-niber.1
or;, Cinineilln2.t ,hMts-Tr tl.u-hts, Dard]en,iAus- ...---: --....--__ VtT.LLOW Pine, assrlted sizes and qualities,
^,.C han.;k-,F.r, .>n ..W. C MM E RC+IA L. .t3mw ,, ,,R ,, ,P /.
Cai. 'h, Hac, .t, i (*i- OkPakWelArsadBu-tPsik o
The mir, ules of lhe iast meeting were reaid arnd OkPa,kWhe Arm an PTT'T, t Pln k, for
proed. : / +,:;. y Cotton S$tatement. *]erat eb 8 Comrce steet.
Mr. Dowvner tated lhat at th. l'tn,Pi,, he. ^ ^ ^ ^ ... ""m o ]
as sick, and onmri,ton ..' Mvr. Caign warsex- ttece ved pa~st 3 0ays.....-..7294 A SUPERIOR arllcle, just received and for 1
e .. .. pe ou l ... ...73 7 Total sal 'y *.+
Mr. i'e,n, ft',,, he b en hhC n,,m,+e, pre- '.-.., + ... .....5e 81579 33527 Fel -,, ". A fCo. T
senled a report on lhe health of the city, togeth- previously,.......... .2820:3 Seeds Seeds o
.. ...heoinonofD. Goro rea"v to teTotal ........-- 34794 12192, "lUST receiveti per b)rig Hera~l, an assortment
... ,- m .) uf G / arden Seeds, fo r sale by .-"
causeard prevention of Cholera, wbhicb wer-e read "On hand andonshlpbnard noteleared 46785 21035 Feb 8 J C ALLEN &. Co.
and adop)tedl, and the opinion of Dr{. (?o~rrie or-. Q E1DL1TZ and Soda Powders, ju t received ,
flered~~" tob rned xports of Cottou from Apa~la~jhieola, 0 and f'or sale by
A communnnali.,n was received Irom Messr. =^ ^ 1. 48 a,,rb 8-n ,n i ^7 p J C ALLEN.& Co. ]

:% ..~~~Pa LA ,P re %,i- .rnorFA 1. .1 . .
Maie- N& %tJpr'1t TeltM!Ve tn'a iu:,ginci. t heldtbyo 'VnltHirEKxpoRr'. 1\3 d!wv,'l\-i "/se ^sn \CON, HMims, Sides a!)d Shoulders, just re-
,ae exUtr 61 h lt f n. tGit swold by wi15 :I XP- 3 d.)QI .ei '
Mhe executors oYf the'estate 6f N. L Griswold Liverpoo ............' .2.60o ..43.9 .67,59 .&,4 10 eeived andLfor.tale by
'Ws. the City, which *'as read, arid onnmotion 6f Havre .... .. ....... ........ 993 .. F9b 1 e I B. ELLTSON &.C1o.
Mr. Dardeh', referred tt the Finanre iniltee Trie.' .:2. '.. **" --.n ,a : P ai, K iller.
In'eTise.''; PE'RRY + DAVjS!S Vege.t,;ble Pain Killer.jus't
kto report ther'Y n at Ihe next regular m meeting. G enoa ............... ...... .. :: 1 0 .. I : 1 ; r e a for sAl. y t he P a en dozen. .+'d
n* r -i '\- i -, L /, p nripr~nri v **** ^ received arid for s2ale by the package or dozen.
,Mr Darden 'Vaa e*>-Bed by Ihe Council Yrom Otherdpori......'...... ,.. ..... ..
... .. "..... ..Feb 1. + B. ELLIS0 Co +
Yuirther attendance Ihis evening. / To, i to Foi. Poris. ..2360 .... .. 2 .659 .,
A Ipti'ion from Rober Htu~gnns torhaveaafi6e wYo40rk...."... ..6 ..3773 .9by .. O
I I oto v; ..;. ...3409,. 1lN)47 1345*..2038 S~ ~l+~
Ofli.) imposed on him by the Mayor's C0urt re- _if_ y n'vi p-,e .. .......... .i '.6319 ..619 ...774 11 Feb I 1 -B..FT-T.TZ O",4 PCo.
nitt-.ii, i ,va received and read, and on motion of. P hl a dpll ia ....... ;. ..... '_ '
i. .. i <. Baitimore..... .B..... .....:.L'...5%) ..;.1 ..729 TD OTATONS-1U.0 bbls. eatingng) just recei.- I'
Mr. Han:ock, said petition was grAmned and, the New Orleans........... .1.176. '.14 6. ..8i-I .3-20, J- ed and for sale by .
%ne remintAd. Otherf'orts ......... .. ..F... ......... .. ... .. ph t .. B ELfcTSON o. Co.
A petition was received from the Fie'dG. an'a 41 257^ 3 .y.S,Li.a.. to "e-""e bv r
others, asking to le- allowed (he privilege of TA- ^A.Kt.. ........ .. .:4791.12492 rFeb 1 J C ALLN & Co.
V]eclmg the Einimeerq h6" th-e Fire beparlmentI ... -,- DRUFFS sentry Cor-ial,f.r.sle b.. PI
which %%,A ri. aknA-d on emotionn of Mr. drber, W b I pC&otton Trade W :, .A + J C'ALN & Co.
'+ .. .. :'Co.MifAR^'lV'R"\. VIY+', 1F-r" T E FORIt GN ]'Xp RTq, : '"
Werred to the Cogrhe'e oh lthe Fire IepartR- RJE-A D 7O, COODRUFF"S Worm ,Speifie, for ;ale by
iment to report thereon. 'S, A' THE LATEST DATFS, FOR TE LAs:r FOUR WV Fe 1 I J C ALLEN- & Co. r
Mr. Aw.in moved that a committee or three, ; .... T'TIODRUFS Ant -bilius..Pill.; fx- r s.le bv
be appomn-rd by the Chair to correspond with the 1 ... ..... ...... ." -14 '^*h Feb 1 J Q ALLEN & Co. C
,-;,-o-ai, a .. e .. o -,1re a CBril a In .47,+Ym -201. -212>7'. 2 1 6R 5-4 .751 -%w2 + fi
.n.- _nrn ..;.M relation to the opening of d 1 TI r ....996" .18.-6 9-35 .OODRU1FF1 Cnm, .im"ostion e, for salev a
r'oad.- Mtisss. Aui, Hiighe~s and Barber were .Qth.r F P'rtsW ..99,5 .102:2 .. .58474 ..3733] VV by 3 [Feb] J C ALLEN & Co. g(
appointed sand,-committee, oh motion the T Toi,,6l B4l e.-... .r7.-n51.4:.91.+ .37 o.Il 4 -. IOMp'ON[AN Medicineo e (-hr sale, bv
A0o ,,aaa+.=, R-eipts ...... 9-9102 ..W2131: 9942147 10:37725 l-w ,, + ".... ir, 't' ',.
ialy.o. .p wa ade tb,.o TJa ":^;;' ,^ i S J'C ALLEN fe f'
---a .. ......... ;,-.-,. .541,0a 4,6491-36.59rv-. V 54.. ..1., +- .. ,
.Mr.arieckalledhat Mr. Dame'rellh Aad'<-; > ~ ~ inIix
Vftrtimid acerWtlnfale 514`h:im bribe Civy Tiea- CMPARATIVEF R-ErFir-Trs. Exprt r..; AND ST'cfts OF tTOODRUVI-'rS Indiani Elixir, a certain c'urer
*ure, fr ^936,and'moe t*a he Treasrer tfr AT H POuRT IF APA1.,AC(H,-OC^. FR4INM VV r-(chirlls arid fever, lor sale hv
'l -to-?4r; Da-re l "" duplicate ceffficate l LOWI Ud 'H RS: .. "- .- AL N_& I In
therefor. Adopted. '- h f .- eceipts. Erpenfts. Staek.,. Ha-vania Tobacco Seed,
',ia__.:,; .. ,. 18 '1....... .. 81 7 fl,:+$7,j | 46785 F OR s,,le by ,.
The following resolnin was offered an ::;-::h "IB Fl by HP A d t
": ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 14 m -' .......,...+ ... .-,+- ...Tr9 42 205HFABE1;' "r
adopted: I 1841 ....... ...'.5.11A5 -3 15999 1% .360 5 :- +
n' r a ins erueteo 8i4. 4"' }. .. 6" 8 Ig T O R S .A1Eby the I package, by
,-n g .m .- l- 8 .............6.. WM-,,3 4.I 232 1 3 cc_ D WOOD.
.~l:i.,.p hao itig eotton or any Im a...............MI08 +4W018 V21 F l N 158 DB WOOD.


.o. Advances on Cotton.
W 7"E are- prepared to make liberal advances on
I Cotton, consiarned to our friends in New
,york, Liverpool, H-ivre, Antwerp, and Rotter-
dam.. NOURSE, S"6hN.B'& C6.
Feb, I 46 Water street.
Advance, .
TI-P,-E subsribers will make liberal cash ad-
S'anAnres4 on consignTments ol Cotton to their
'rirndls in Liverpool or New York.
Dec S J DAY & Co.
., Advances.
THE undersigned will make liberal advances
on Cotton .,nkimned to his friends in Liver.
pool, GI isaow. Havre, Brstonr or New Vork:
N,,v.18 D B WOOD.
T HE subscribers, Aients tor "The 2Etna,|t:-
._ suranee Co.,' 'Tite Protection Ir tn'.4,I Ie
o ," and The Harf-rd InsmralceCo.," of Hart-
'ord',Con.n., are prepared to take Fire, Inland
ind( Miine Risks on as favorable terms as an.
Kooid ,,ffice. J DAY & Co. "
D,-c"+ :i, 1lJS.

rIic Proteltion InsaranceCo. of
New ersey,. I.
rHEsnbscri4..r beinhg,-apinted fy the above
nmpa. their y ae,entt;or this c-ity, is now
>rep.ir'-d to take Fire a- Marine Risks
May. 1,1,848. THOi. L. MrTCHEL.
r HE firm of, R'>bert-,, Alien &Co.is dis'slved
'Settlements will be d ad:a, and Ilhe huines-
ontni l hy ... ..y 6'. C. ROBERIM.
Apalachicola, Jan. 13% 1849.

Jlemp mad Cotonl Dilrk. ,"
A FINE assdiritnent jut-t received Irom New
A Yo. k,f lbraale by ,- ;
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. "
]Rio Coffee., = .
Kf\ SACL" grne ^-en, 'im *w cprop,, jvst1 jot
5 0 received, andl fr sal h' by "- -- +* +< "
Jh n 11 C A G.EE. &'Co'.'".
Tary-ant~s ('oinpou-d Ext,'act of
C,,bebs and Copaiva,
UST received and for --alet b y ..... -T
Jan 25 J. .,; LL EN1 + .
Pattints, Oiis, &d..' :-
LAMP and Li)seped bills, Vai, she9-'biUeA'v
TuLrlpenline,,L'amp Black, Red and Yvlilow
Ochre, ground in,\il\,Pru.,sinr, Bliis, PaeiisiG-reen;
Virdigris,just received perschlrPalfadium. and "/"'
for sale by 5 .. ** .. "' -/ .
Ja" 25 C ALLEN ..S^ **
fror Sale. .. ;
2 MAHOGANY 'oui,.ti g lifuse 'ep. i. ApW".
pl% to- B. S. H-JWLFY,.
Nov2. 1 CE.luinbus BKtcf:.-
Notice. r ;,:.
r pHECoraner'l.i|.i hrn-1,,,pe extiiiil- under,
1 the ft inp ol J. D. ATKINS &-Co, ip,4jidiay
I s,,1.ked ,by. .,ui .hii| l ,o,nenl. A ll, 'persons in. "
debtfId Io ihe, lale.rinlc will |.leaie -i ake payvirent
..to the undersi ,gneO, who %%ill rp,-ntin-he i ".G~ro-^:
(-Pry,v b1stnesa on hi1s owil Befc 1iri, at N... 53 Wa- "
ier street. .,. HENRY YOUNGS;..
A tal chicl a, D ee 14, 16 49 ,.,'/ .":
., /I
o .. ** '.- : ,.W: o tl ci .... ".-: <"* >*-*
THE tprmm of.the Di-,lit'l Court of the United
'Stat!s f1,r Ihke Norihern nislhspic,Fl.,rida,
111pointK3 to hf- lif Id a ^iciil-nlf
%'Iidqy M i Febin ,t% n.ixl-, d a i r3'uiec thli
secondd M '>iuai, 131h (lay .f FK btiniry .nex;. I 4t,.
liheh iiine and placr,-he' a-e %illhe'b
icerdinm lo law. By olde r olthe.'T-l fW'
a-. Br~r-son,"Juiie, &;."" "-+. '. T-_
" :+< +' ; ROREwT M YFR' -,,
+- : Nodrthern-Dirict of Ffodr "
January 39,1849 .. , .+


** **Uf

Feb 2-._q% Monument. Trott. fm Liverpooil
Feb --Ship Charlotte, Cc.llins, fin New York,
to I NI Wrinht
;hip Clihion, Fosier. fm New York.
Feb 5-Ship Peter Haiinrck. Rockwell, fm New
Y ork il Nuir.-P Sion &-& Cop
Feb 6-Schr Southerner. Harris, fm N Orleans
,chr 14,,rnel. Gnmmon. fm N,-% Orleans
Feb ht--r &hip ('l mmcoduoe, Prchaid, fin Lt.
verpool. lop W-A .M PC K-iin
S-chr Louisa Sear-, Seir:, fin New Orlean3
Sipamier Fa-hliol, Cddwill.,d,-,r. fin C,,limbus.
Siorijnpr Albany, ltviiear, im Bainbridge.
Sieamer Peytont, Mo tIon. fr,,m (Cr1 iMUbnis.
Siaoter M A Mouir, MeCHII. fm lij.fraii
Steamer So.iherner, .'haw. fi'.m C.lombus.
Ptenmer I Woln-. WVng e. fin C.-,lmhs
Steamer Eufaula, Biro,-. from Eufiula.
Feh 2--Brig 'N1 C Draper. Dranrr, f,,r St Marks
Felb 3-Ship Geo -kulfield, Choale, fur gusil-n,
by N .) Dellois
Feb 5-Ship Anurew Scot, Emery, for Boston,
bv N J D,-hh,is.
Bit- Aldbima, Howard, for New York, by %V
6 P.iter M Co .
Schi ,"anti Ri6sa,, Aihley. for Pensicola.
clhr P.illadu in. P.-I. for New Irle i.-
Feh 6-8-irk .M'dry ind Jahe, Cowell, for Bus-
ton. h'y Wm.id N\" BAlhln.
Feb 7--Shi| N ..-rnnier Livingston, Birstow, for
Liverpool, by I M Wright
The npw m-hip Win ficiicock, Cnlp, b,,,rd for
jhi,- port, from Damarna-icotra, Me, \has g,,ne ashore
'on the TormtOdS The Cdprtmrn arrived in Key.
\Ve-t in Ihe 201h 11l. und ei -.,ged four wrecker?
to a-.-, ii releasing ih, ship We ledrn since lfial
.lie h im been dismantled.
Ship Ohin, Cl.r',, clar-d finNew York for ihis
porl, Jain 24, and sailed 25lh.
Birk Jihn Brower. T.,Iford, cleared fm Boston
for ihi4 pnri. T i, 26
B.1irk J. hh H Mill ,y, Aiams, clelrrd fin Boilh.,n
f r thi- porn, J .n
Schr Tioga, Collin-, cleared fin Bd'himore for
this porl. Jan 26
Ship Rob't Patton Fulton, hence fm thisport,
wa- telegraphed at Bosion Ja'n 27.
Bark Edward, Kniudson, was up at New York for
his port, to sail Feb 3
Schr Columbia, wis up at New York for this
port Jan-27, to sail with dispatch.
A.,Schr Cora, Brdbury, was up at New Orleans
fbr this po'tJan 81.
Schr Pauline, YotUg. was up at New Orleau for
this port, Jan 31.
Bark Rob't Watt, Johnson, sailed from Liver-
pool, leIc 11. f,.r thisI prt "
Bark 'Cumberland, Power, sale" from Liver-"
pool for this port, Dee 23.
Schr Patrick Henry, Chester, cleared frm 'New
York torhis port, Jan 18.
Bark Su.-an, Crouch, cleared fm New York, for
this port, Jn 23.
Brig Chfis Joselp, ,eigh, cleared fm New York,
for this port,'Jan 23.
SSchr Ca'rolia, Hubbard, cleared fmo Baltimore
for ihis.port, Jan 18.
Schr J Vaif, Jarney. leierec a~t New York for
this port, Jan 28 .
List of Vessels iu Port,
Aberdeen, H.nbard, 714 t. ns, for Liverpool, load.
ing-S Cas-in
Alceste. (Br.) Cann, 558 tons, for Liverpool, load-
.ing--W A &I P "C Kain
Georkia, Talbol, 488 tons, for Liverpool, loa.d.
" -'ing--=J C Ma'diav.
l kti v-.l? octoii. 68-L~ons..for Liyerpool, loading-
A N McKhy &Co and W A V PC Kain.
A-hland. Rice, *631 tons, fur Liverpool, loading-
SB S lter
Ann Grran, (Br ) William-, 877 tons,'for Liver-

Gov ruor of" Flopla.
W HEREAS, It I required ., Iiw that aneleo.
li,,n be held ini hlnsSlite on [he firi Mon-
d .y in Mi'y next. c.r a Re.,is'rr el Public Land.-,
I. hold u ftil the fir I M ,i.ddy in Orit.bet, 18",u
al-o, lor Judes ,.f Pr,.bile Inr the several ( ou,,
toe,, In h-.ld ?il iliefirsi Mlidy ot October, 1851,
and I'.,r Jiistic,-sol iIle Pe-dre fil' each Disrci iin
tNe several Colunlie-, to h,.MI for twi, t (A'l, {a'
,il Qjlid ,,fficers In contilnml in ,r-ice- till their suc.
ce-srs -,ashll heelecied a,.d qu.jified :)
IT s IN'-t.RB, ORDFRF.D, Thal tlie said elec-
tion Ihe held 1irnUrghntnt the Stmle, acc. idirg I'o
law, wnd the otifceis wliose duly it is to order said
e]letinns mlill take tm lice her,r.f.
Witness nmy ha,,d and the giteal seal of thie
State given al lhe Caiith..[, this-2O0h djy
[SEAL.] ol J,,m.iry, A. D. 1849, aid onl I-ir In.
de.,-tirdence of the Usiled Statts the
73d year.
W. D MOSELEY, Governodr.
A. E. M AXW.ILL, Secretary of State.
Jarnujr% 2, 1849.
1`0 .Al l lidIeti, lhe State in.ierl 'two mr, n'lhs.

a"'_n THIS house has been .thorovg.k I*.
lefil.ted f,r lthe reast,,,, and the stk&
\,cribh.r lakes pleas-urejinrJnf~li;irtg
Ut e plb'lic that I-e is rowAn readi-
ness Ifr tie rfceptio off pemaneni
and tranaient boarderi. at the usual'rates. His
chej d'eupqine i! an adept, and travellers remy
dpe,.d niIor, having all the luxuries and'detics-
iene of Iie market serv d up in the betvstyle.,
1_114' RAN is now ard will at all times. be k6pt''
ouplplled with the chvicest Wtres, Liquors, and
Clears. A continuation of [he libe.ral custoM13
heretofore best,.wed, is re.ilectfullv.soUCjied-'.-
December 9, 1848. .

To the Naster of the Schooner
"Gen. W. H. H rriiwon" alias
Win. tH. Harrisonl'* lnll to
all persons intiferested in said
Schooner, het- tackle, apparnel
and frnuitune:
W IiER.EAS, A Libel hath. been dulv filed by
lhe Di-.tr'irt all,.rn...i o1' the UM iled Slales',
!-r The Niilnerii sliJlCi 01 Fl. .rda i, ii the Dis-
rii Cinnr l ,Io the Unierd .Sidlirs fI,r -aid Disinrc
.i,.uin,l ilie Schooner "Gen. W. H. Hairnson,"
tierld.'kle ap arIl a aid lurrniure, u- vell 1on be-
haf' ,,f' said United Slate%- as aL.o on behalf of
Sam.u('1 W. SIpeoce r, C:llector' ofi the Port ,,(
Aiplarh.ic,la-, wherein it is alleged that the Cap-
tain or Msslter of said Schoonor hath violated 6te
provisions ot the ninth Section ol An Act of Con.
gress, entitled An Act to prohibit the imruorta-
lion ol slaves into any port or place within the
jurisdiction of the United Stales, from and afier
tlhe fi-'1 (lay of January, in ihe ye.,r It.' nor Lord,
One Thousand Eight Hundred a d Eight," a[r-
p'rved March 2d 18U0, by having on board of said
Sctiooier and bringing Iromi lhe P,-rl of New Or-
leans to the Poit of Apalachirola, a negro or per-
-or) Of'color to he held to service or labor, wilh.
o-ul tirl delivering a mani est of such negro to,
and obtaining ga perinit fr<'m,a' the collector or.
naval officer of' the Port ot" New Or'leans, as is
required b) said Act; by means wvhereof, ii is al-
leged that the sid vessel, her tackle, apparel and
funrilure, are f> rl'eired to lhe use of' the United
SlAtes. and praying that she ma.) be adjudged to
be lorfeiled, by the said Court, and th-at jwl'0ezs.
mav i..sue &c and whereas, in pirs'Uance thereof:
an altach'ment and monilion hath issued Irom said
Cohrt to ,iie directed, rPturnabfe at the Court
Room in the City <'f Apalachicla ort ,the second:
Monday ol Fehbr!uary .ne, wherein T ant', aniong'
oIfie'r things, c'omrAded 'to seize e hna .alelv keel
'thesalld Schooner, her lackfe, apparel and fi:rni-
(fire unli i'the I'urther order ol Ihe Court, and to
give dlue hoti'ee to aft pe'rons claming the same,
or knowing or having anylhin i'o say, to show
caune why the same should not be- condemned
as forfeited ; and hereaa, I have, in pursuance of
.Qurh attachment, sVized the said Sfhtoner, her
tacklcte, apparel and furniture: Now, therefore,
notice is hertby given to all person- cincerned,ofl
said Libel and seizure aforesaid, and Ihal I hev are
required to appear before' the laid Conut. at ihe
Court Room in lhe Citv of Apalachi 'ola in said
District o, the Second Monday of February next,
being the return day of said tiocss anrd tUeJ ,,

W. A. & P. C. Katni,
No. 4 Columbus Block,
;. Apalachicla.-i .
Qp- Liberal advanices made on cogsjg;ni4!l
of Cotton to their friends in Liverpool, G6,asgow'
New York and Philadelphia.
Jan. 11, 1849. .... .

Bag im anld Rope.; .
'."00"P P,-. suvpe,'ur Keqtucky IBagging,
- ,, .}' J 1 UO c oilS '< :+' R ap e ,: ,
Just received and for sale low for -d'h'oP'sp'a
proved paper, by .. *-:'.
Feb 1 46 Water street.,

An Ordinance.
To amnd an Ordinancer emifled "an Ordi'nafce
repeal'ig certat4 Ordinances, &c." passed IMA
January, A D. 1348 .. I* : -.,
Sec. l Be it mdai/ed by lh-eMayor and Cour:..
ril of the Citv of Apabchicola, That the9c]1rk,
Trr,-&urr and Asse.--s,,r be~allwedasgn-ycffi
hundred dollars fper ann'-pb!. '.. -- "' -
Sie 0 M 2 l B l i-".I .-^ -^: l wVi *

--- V M s i II*I- 'i~i aiji. i annli iumen,~j
militaling against thi -s ordinance', be. *and the
same is hereby repealed. ,' .-+
Passed by C.until, 121h January, 1849 ... *
J. J. S; HUT''CHINSON,Mayore--
WM. V.-LLEAU, Clerk'.
; Furnitnre.
1 MARBLE Top Centre Tale... -
1 French B,.dstead a ,J Btediog.-
.1 Dressing BPu eauf, n arbte ?(,>p, ;.; . ..
I double mafrlfi'tnp WaliSta." d.'. .....
The. a6,,ye F.^rrtnre 'Kal only been rjlA._-se'a
few months, ajd will be ,sold k,.w. Apply to
JT- 1.. .. J-; nY Co.!

and then and there interpose a claim, if anyy Ihet
hae, or show canse, why the said-vessel,,&.
should not be condemned a fhrteited, in pursu-
ance of the. prayer of the Lihel.
ROBERT MYERS, "Marshal..
January 25, 1849.
Albro, Hoyt & Co.,_
72 John Street,'
ARE now receiving into Store from flheir Fac-
.A ories, at Elizaheth-Towii, N. J., a variety
tA' new .atd .rigicin l patlerl's of
Heavy Floor Oil Clothsa
in widths of IS, "21 and 24 f'et.. T'heyv are aflsa
receiving from the. Albdiiy, ansinp-buig., and:
U.tica Faetories, in shcels p1f'I'S 18 f t in widlh., a
"large. assortment, enmblracing tnany new patterns
of their
edinum Floor Oil Cloths,
Also, fromri the Newbur', Albany, Lansing-
burg, Utica and Miine Faefories, every variety
(if paltprns rnatnufactiurig by them, of their 4-4th,
-5-41h, 6-4th, 7 4th, 8-41hjard 1"-'2 .et.wide
Lighl Floor Oil Cloths;
Alto, Mah< gany, R,.ewo, d and fitaured 4-4,
5-4 and 6-4th English, German and American
Table Oil CIlotlhis
-Also, a great variety of new patterns of
". < 'riama 6e -il Cloths.
All of wihtch they olier to the trade on liberal
Jan. 2i,1849. jan25 52-3m
Wholesale 'Clothing Warehouse,
Nos. 252 & 2,56 Pearl Street,
(Between.Fulton-sl and Biriing Silp,)
S. Eiv YwORIo .
Adapted'to Vie S bijtitern and Southwestern Mar-
ket !-.!
In the arti le of
,Ve kee,) an endless variety.
II the 'World !
Plain and -Fashionable Clothing, of all kinds
Nos. 252 & 235 P1earl .at.
Dec. 28, 1S45. / 48-3n

Monulnent.'.Trotl, 499 tons, tor Liverpool, load-
ing-B Salter
Massachusetts, S'oft, 883 tons, for Havre, load-
ing-I M Wright
Peter Hattlinck, Rockwell, 555 tons, for Antwerp,
loading-Nourse, Sione A& Co
France, Nichols, 441 tons, for Antwerp, load-
ing-' N-urse, Stone .V& Co.
Ophir, Sylvester, 438 tons, for Europe,-loading-
S Cassin.
Fairfield, Loveland, 587 tons. for New York, load-
ing-Nourse. Slonek ,Co
Grotius LehnArd.'299 tons. for New York, load-
ing-H-trper V Holmes.
Clinton, Foster, 350 tons, for Bostn, loading-
N J Deblojis %. ,'
Sacsusa. Howard,, 294 to's, fur Providence, load-
,,1ng-H-rper .'. HH lines.
Coitnmodore, (Br ) Pri,-hird. GS6 t,nI fm Liver-
pool, waititg-W A 3r P C Kain
Charlotte, Collins. 390 tons, frij New York, wait-
ing-I M Wrilht. .
Baltic, Sanders. '395 tos, for New York, load.
ins--W A & PC KAin.
UDamariscotta, Haw-s, 282 tons, for New York.
loading-D B Wood.
Chnchltuale, Berrv. 347 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-N J Deblois.
Desdemonai, M-reen, 295 tons, for Providence,
loading--Harper &V Holmiez.
Providence. Cuarr, 341 t,,ns, for Providence, loid.
ing-Wood & .Balloo.
Beaver, Edinonds. 299 tons, for Providence, load-
o ing-T L Mitchel
Weyb,ssett. Hartis, 321 tons, for Providence,
loading--T L Mitchel.
Abb)t .L.rd, Joyce, 537 tons, foi" Liverpool, load-
ing-J Day &.Co
Herald, Grav. 174 tonz, for New York, loading-
A N McKav CGo .....
Moses, Bulkley, 220 tons, for New York. load-
i.ng,-No,3rse. Stone r Co

-Freshl HerbS* : ",
S G T, Thvyn, .nSil be .Sav,,t'+,Bonesef,'Hnar-
hniind, Cathip, &c, just tec;d, and forsalebVi
Jan 25 J C ALLEN & Clo.^,
~-; : -. White Lead., <- <,
N O. 0 Eztra and Pure, just rec'd:.ff sle(by*-
IJa 2.- J C A!.,N & Co. &

Consignee W wanted, / ;;^,~
F1 JR nti,,e (M) b,,xes |ick'les, n,rlfd mki l-e
L eived iter brig W. L. Jon& sI'r fonr Nre-'oF..
..hoe5 ISt9 A. N. M, KAY,&ICo: *'!

T o -] e n t .+ --: ...... -. o
PA'RT of the Firewprolf-Sture, No.:24 W-afer-
-rreet Enquire of',, D'B WOODy.-x
* N-v 18 9L4

Notice& .
SrX weeks after dale ,ill apply tn the Hon.
udge-o Probate,.for Callwun codnity, Floi-
!da, for letters of' adminislraqton on t.lhe estate (a
Silliam G. Ke e a, d.cesn, t"te of Kaid Counrlv.
Decr-mber23,188." ,., .:+; 48&6w-r

A FEW half-bbl. tortsaile by -. -*
.Jan U .L C A GREE-N& Co.





For Ren.
A THE Dwelling House lately occupied
by tl-e utnden-sigisd. Terms aecommo.
dating. Apply to
Nov 25 -Columbus Block'.

To Rent.. .
BSTORE'S1 Nos. 6 Columbus Block, and
F;;JJ l1^ Water street. For lierns, aFply tu
.WI Now I1. \OURSE, STONE & Co.

Regfal Noticro.

'l rasstWmien r of lItH S 'nrMTT
mrsI, tvoteK rtwiu'fl A
'pueand of the.bvA 14 0lfy. IohAy
.Mercfrca~ks and ?P enters. wfli" fla-
,to their adva~ntapetocaft,Aat,.'iie.af price tr
Goods, before purcbasing elWfher.e,,; it .!-'
N.B. Phy.sicjia'. x re..scripLijns pv ,wWl,
vcre and aepuracy, a&-ajo hovr fbthed_;fljgibhl.
J.-c. ..C... .
Jan ... Centre and.'Co Ier g

... -.......~i^ ** ** .1
geo ba 1 8.. .

yN. B; Wgftces, Clo-ks 'and re-iJeVrbIk'y
repaired. "' Oc.v"ober 2f- .141."-

P- .

___ _7

Carston Allars, )
vs. Bill for Divorce.
.$taannah Allars. 5 ,
T HE Defendant not ha'vitig plead, "answered
Tl. or demurred to eomp~lainant's bill.alter due
notice of the filing thereof, given by publication,
and the said bill of complaint, and'the-matters
therein stated having been taken'fo'r cohfesssed
a.*dihsl "said defenhdanf: on motion of Solicitor
for complainant, it is ordered that said cause be
s~ft for hearing at the first day of the next term
of this Court, and that notice of such hearing:
be gfren :to the defendant by I he publication of a
copy of this order, once a W *ek (or the space of
three months prior to the first day of the next
term, in the Commercial Advertiser, a riewspa-
per published in the cily of* Apalachicola. !
A Copy. \ M. VALLEAU, Clerk.
December 18,.!84S 49-3m

. ., 1.. = 7 .


._;..- --------

61it wa vf ,Hrt-



m~ard a1.Sfilp -Cliavdlpryq.c.
AtHE S'1osc'ribere have on hand fa r si'a o -. "
LOCK,.'s-oire-d,.Butts, S Hr,e pge, .f-pJ ,
MH.'flJsa'..'!,, Wrt, s, Cir-inwu! @.,./ : CSh p dtrCln' ..' A'nprtitr le^.'h.. rar

iners, Shutter HanfgineF.Tilend dnjSteplotw,
-Cotinter. Scales, PlaUtA'-fvq ,-d,
lKitceien Ware, Tabje-Culie'- Shatiel an.d"
Tongs,, cire nr ,tiL'c-.; -r ,. -,^-
BLACKSMrTHS' Beli;\,low...: ^n~viJ$.. ed^-_"<
Harmmers, Vice.;, Scirevipial"^ .t^k( 9
Dies, Towig Fil.s, Ra.-p- i'r. -
IRON- weeds, Eng1ish a,- i -rneriwcash." ad.
woufd, fal anld iquare' Brfid. Hoifl, Sref aR-i
Boiler Iron. Railrnad,Spike dn,"fir4'tov t.e
ron and Na-ls, Cast-,"' dhshi-bli ad
G &erman $ et .... -. .-.;-',t.-
PLOPAQHS-Single C,:12 n-Duble Co rrfailielma,
Kelt.Cles, Tea~t.in, : =.Trae-a'o, Qv.
SWhovAelsandol a8ssrejens.--eed1,ordo,'
Lane and lrum i rHIeti.-
CORA. -M -.. -i.df C.-.. POB c^
Tar. hRrw ecla, Tan R4,8rl -V .arni.h., japi-
Hspikes, Kb'"riek, Oars.; &c *' f '.-

CAgSThNSSe eitiz'Ke ofs;' .Malac~!lsanmd'it 'i
*idrong, :t akth 6y rrven ,. anr ao er E-m"il
and wellse!s.Tea A-llc?.o ) 'c i. bi
TINWAR -,o A tfll asn-in 'rheiat i .. .. p, ;- "
'W holesalIe or retail. ':.
a P CE. v, ROBERT&.
'A -A naac11 ola Jan. 2<4, 1918^9^, r -***

r *p*c Lsre:d. A |B3ned; '.:. *:::- "* '*
T rE;Silk s, ried s(- k Rvn te; me- hd" r'. ifA ,t=,
d ig 'te citizens ofl Apala "i-n-, a'ad n it v-r.
ciniry, th ati they aveimd .n. hanL a very neJ
m~id, well seected S:c5 l<~b('ibcl~ilb
mold l ,co IsI-' Irg pa-l as bi'liow? iJ'; n .
Cloths and Casm nieref, varb.-.es' : o
Fd. Ph -e rino I, .. do Q ." :'db-.: W W 1
.paca iLuste;-do. Fignied, "" '
Slks, Fored- R%.ne e n C ...- ;-" .
do. Mlonf, lla d !. 3 "
idn' Salin Sa iipa d h ;. '
Fancy Cashn' Bmere Robed --.s .
dn.,, rn '.*i. $" T O 't
do. Dn iairap ,J al r i}s
.. Mu- jins, 1h dirt it 'o&' an -4 ,, -. *
",die. ,Swis.-,Luce nd C-, i0-9 d irl
do.l n d.6L itpn' d T 1rp e ag -s _*
hatn l?,, DamaskSl "'. < 1 -
"- do. Alarir B :*,* .
Kid, Lace-apd Silk- l ores .-
Toskan BSphq.y o I-, .ltest.lashi. or w "'
Ribnsna. a'ei
Brown h.hirling,'"-8-1,4-4 and 3-4 i re,-
Aloda.eit do. _-ass tn'f-AJ,` 10-4 ofl *
Blankets, 6y oaric d to e ,'
i nrainandeCm tt6n"rGvrpehpg... -
AeCarpet Bags 7 -3" C e Centre* :
S"ataa''pdCaps-al- .,"
Boot s -and Sh9A dot. ,'- c ,:*'.
ClolEingn'< hd alekiqidn.'V i
Also, -A .nat. andsor hovels:. JEWELY- -a,
many other articles too numerous. to i(reilioi. "
0 Cal a and exminerfor Sotreel"v. s. I.*"' "." .
Dec 23 Cor, .ater.nd Qentreptx ,.
^ w '..: ~, '- .....-,-,
2 TONS Swede iron, aa es ;'. .-
Gent 10n e. rogans; .. ,0 0, :' t.s dot.,'
20's pegdnd Steel FShcedAnvildr'na" ..l^
u 20 Ladl Eng.ish and Mf Shoesn'Vig.s`=--
;20 B. ; : ' : .
1a 2 dozen Spa dependd ShoybO ;,. : s .-.
ib -- (" Wlis' Aileq'- '/ ,.. ;
10 bxs C~ol Ion apin %Voibteri Cars;& '
i dose lowland's Cami Sreimll' wt^ l
do0 lbs Cast and German Steel, rpr' r*leby- -i l-'
W M. -G. gO J.TRt.
Dec30 4,1 ters

JJ Men' ry m 'd ad peg'd"ip.Broga
Gents fin' C.Qalt'Brogans; ;' .. ;* .,:, T-i
%Uon's peg'd and sew'd Shops; CMldreiridd.TdJ&
Super Ladieqs. Rid and. pe 0, Snosh j ^
Suipr Laaiek-af'ea& hnefa~g 9' itW
A'lafize anid extensiitrea asoI 2`h~~'ectd' ro
and for sfi.e by A. W.M. G PORTERVIA ILI'
,Dee 30 7 ;,, .L ^4l~yr5Betl~
Ienry'a I&M ~ fe^: ^

w kRRAN'ri-D Iure, j,-t recc
3 Ie by
Nov j A.. T, T I

Hard ware.
P LAIN,- Plain Irons, single and double, Ham-
me Dr'aw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring races, Timher Scribes, Turn Srrews,
Markin Gnaaes., Mortice do, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, -\dzes, Wrenches, Saw.s, Locks, Hooks
and Sta >es, Butts, Screws, Hinzes, Shntter Polts,
Brads, tracks, Copper IWire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps, kxes, Hatchetv, Coffee Mi'lls; Sledge Ham-
mers, S nith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvil.s, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLIS-ON & Co.
Dec 9. Cpr. Water and Chestnut.sts.
S VEDE Iron, Scotci &,,. \Weeding and Gardei!
[,>Ps, Blaeks!nith,' Bfllow., Coliob and tV("oi
Car''-!, Spades and 8 ov,:,ls, Cauldr(n and Suuai
Parin, Ploughs, &c. for sale bv
Tr ,,- 0 ., 7 .... l ". estnut S91 .

Woodl Ware, A
ARREL Covers, Painted Pails,
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelv
Broown, &c. &c fu)r sale by-
Dec 9. Cor. Wateri andi Ch
5 ;I4HDS St. C!-,ix Sugtr;
15 do New Orleans Suoar;
20 bbls St C',,ix .. "
5 bxq x ew art'ss Loaf ,,
F, hhg fTrouM'l ,, ,,
iOO sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Ja
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Moft'd do.;
20 Sperm Cadles; 50 bxs
100 bags Shot; 660 eg Powde
1 0 0 0 lb s L e ad -; .
200 keg White, ead, No. l,tX.
Fo fsaieyby WM. Ga PORTE
Dc 30 41 Wa
:. Loaf Sugar.
On. ]f LBS Steam:Refined, I
U, i)epr 28 .. D
Iron- Nails, Steel,
3r\ TONS Sweeds,.American
30 dozen Brade's-Hoes;
`0 dozen crown -do;,
10 dozen Shovels'and Spades;
100 kegs Nail., assorted sizes;
500 lbs Cast andiGerman Steel;
20 doz Collin's Axes, Georgia an
2 boxes- Cotton Cards';-
4 do, QofeeMills; .
10 kegs,5 and 6- ich Spike- :,for s
". C. A. GREEN
Dec 28 5"2 W
City Lots,
FOR Lease or .ale, I'r wvhe'l war
_."Twil he given.- Apply to "
Dec 28 H. G.
uLemion Syrup,
I 'RAY S"uperior L"emon syrup,
and for sale by
Feb 17 H F

go XY EG new -ItR, !(,I' S.C bv
-C\J T~i 11P AGRE:N & Co.

B ULL.'S, SiaQS tc6 .
n ound f i ereJ jQ ,"

i- .- mor. ment..l.
; '? 9 : .. ... ,' V S^ i *

Jtu l11 .. *" -:

I _

Cotton Hooks,
OR 'nle by
Jan C A ,RFEN & Co.



matter whether' the result of inherentn cau3e' A Tax Coltect1tol' Sale.
causes produced by irregularity, illness or acei-' !Dy virtue, of the duLlhrirty in me vested by law,
det. :Nothing can be more surprising than it I N will xIpspo.e to sale, before the Court House
invigorating effbct.s on the human frame. Per- Door, in the City of-Apalachicoia, on Monday
s,,nq all weakness a.'d lassitude, trom taking it, the 12lh day of March, 1849, between the hours
at once become robust and fuil of energy under of ten A. M. and four P M. -the t'-iowing real "
it- infueie. It' iminedidtely counteracts the estate, siuatel in*-the City of Apalachicola, (as-
ner ele4.c.?ssA"' [lielfem.iile irai'ne, which is ifie sessed as the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph
greot cause ofe Barrenness. It will not be ex- Delafield, Trustees ot the Apalachicola Land
pelted ofus,incasestof-so delicate a nature, to Company,) or so much Ihereof at; will pay the
exiiibit certificates 6f cures -performed but we Taxes lor 18'48, assessed thereon, for the Slate
.'-ar assure the attiicld. triat hundreds ol cages' of' Florida awd-the County of Franklin, together
have been reported to- us- Thousands of cases with the cost of advertisement aid sale, and
where fathilies have beil without children, after ^ which said real estate is described as follows, inl
wiing a few bottles of this invaluable 'medicine, the Map of said City, viz :
have been blessed withfine, healthy offspring. Wharf Lots Nos 7, 8, 9-100 feet each.
To i1tothers and Illarried Ladties. Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, in Block 18.
prepared in reference to female complaints. No Lots 4, 7, S, 13, 14,?1-5, 16, 17,18i in Block E2.
female who has reason tosupposeshe isa~pproach. Lots 6, 7, 13, 14, in Block F2.
ing that critical period, "-The turn of life," Lolt3 in Block D2.
.holod neglect to take- it, as it is a certain pre- 'Lots ,7, 8 in Block 1..
v'eitative for any of the numerous and horrible Lots-2, 3, 4, 6, 7,18, 9,'in Blok 4.
di-leases to which females are subject at this time Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in Block 8.
,If life. This period may-be deldye~dfor several lots I to 10, in Block 19.
q- ars bVy Wing this medicine. Nor is it less val- Lots 1, 2,52,-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 24.
vi ,Me for those who are approaching womanhood, Lots 4, 5, 6, 7,'8, 9, 10, in Block 26.
a3 it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening 1Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in Block 45.
[lie blood and invigorating the system. Indeed, Lots 3, 4, 5, B, 7. 8, in B!bck 46.
It,[it medavine -is invaluable for allf the delicate Lots I to 10, in Block 54.
di_3eases to which women are subject. Lots 1, 2,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 32.
[t braces tlhe whole'system, renews permanent- Lots 2 to 10, in Block 34.
is ihe natural energies, Sy removing the impuri- Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,'in Block 188.
tr.-, of -the body, n6t so far stimulating as to pro- Lots 2 to 19, in Block Jl.
,il,',e subsequent relaxation, which is the case of Lots 1 to 20, in Block L1.
ln-,it medicines taken for female weakness and Lots 1, 5, 7. 8, 9, in Block 9.
,'leaase. By using a few bottles of this medicine, Also-All Land lying on the West side off'the
71 my severe and painful surgical operations may Apalachicola Bay, North and West of the City of
h- prevented. A Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of
Sireat Blessing to Mothers and Franklin County; also, St. Vincent's Island. St.
Children. George's Island, and Dog Island, (exclusive of
It is the safest and most eflectual medicine for.that portion of St. George's and Dog Island owned
!V'rifvina the system, and relieving the sufferings by -the U. S. Government) ; also, all Lauds lying
Irl,'Idant uoon child-birth ever discovered. It East of the Bay of Apalachicola and bordering
n ,-owid, and running East to 'the
.;lr.."i Zlhpnq'b.thli the motheirand chril, prevents on St. George's S a t
,,i 'nd d14ep4e,inereases and enriches the food, m-uth ot New River, from thence in direct line
t:),_,e who have used it think it is indispensable, to the ChIpoLa Cut-off, following the Apalachi-
It is'highly uieful both before and after confine- cola River down to its mouth, including Forbe's
me-it, as it prevents diseases attendant upon Island (so called); the whole containing 285,000
chil.birth-in Costivene..-, Piles, Cramps, Swell. acres of third-quality of Land, and 1oUO of 2d
ins; of the ,F'eet, Despondene, Heartburn, Vom'- quality.
iti n, Pain -in -the 8sick and Loins, False Pains, BENJ. LUCAS, Tax Assessor and
H-femorrha-e, and in regula'ting-the secretions and Collector for Franklin Ctumtv.
eqializing the circulation it has no equal. The Apa'i-Thila. October 7, IS .. .q 6m
grpat beauty of this medicine is, it is always safe, B '[Flie*i -,* VO fOt, ror ,
and the most delicate use it most successfully, B. lll k Co.,for.wal li d
'very few cases reqire any other medicine, in ChestnutVP
some a little Castor'Oil, ot- Magnesia, is useful. SHIP CHANDLERY.
Expreise in the open air, and ligIt food with this A-1.ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
meAdchne, will always ensure a safe and easy con. M4 Hambrdline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
finement iet heL es do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
Notice to the Ladies.. peniine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Those thitirhitate Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
have invariably called their stuff great Rentwd-y Emerald do, Imperial do,. Chrome Yellow, Ver-
for FemalesI&c. &c .,and have copied our bills digris, Lithtrage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
and circulars which relates to the complaints of do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentiihe. Coal, Paint
wornen, word for word-other men who put up Brushes, Varnish do, Tardo, Scrub do. Clamp do,
-eiie1ae ic hegetSceso r Lamp Black, Chalk, Whfiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
cinne, have, since the great success. do, Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
".wn. end's Sarsaparlla in complaints incident to White, Blue and Red Bunting, Nails, Copper do,
rernilcs,, recommended theirs, although previous- do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
JV thev d-id not A number of these Mixtures, jack' Screws, Anchors, -Handspikes, -Capstain
Pill, &,c., are injirionq to females, as they aggre- Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanfks, Hand
vatedisease, and underminethe constitution. Pumps, De&k Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
-"Scrofula Cured, Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do. Axes, Ax.
'This certificate conclusively proves that this Helves,Rooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bal0 e do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
^rii nnllai has perfect control over the most ob- Irons, Making Irons, Marline. Spikes, Ship Scra-
stinate disease of the Blood. Three persons pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentor,,,
cured in one house i-iunpre-edented. Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Three Children. Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Rigging Leather,
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-[ have the pleasure Pump do, Shovels, Hammers, Hatchets. Chisels,
to inform y,ou that three of my children have Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets. Handsaw
*een eir. i" the n. ti'la b', te use of your,^ ex- Files, R.at Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
been cuted of the .rofla by the use of' your ex- Stock do, Hooks and Staples, hinges, Padlocks,
cetllnt meliifline. They were afflicted very se. odSw.Pidn Hnyrs adLns
r .1Wood' Saws,,Pendant Hanlyards, Hand Lines,
verely with had Sores: have taken only four hot- Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep
tlei; it took them away, for which I feel myself Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanthorns,
under gtea'toblik.ifioh Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Yours, r.- >.'i ,-fillIv, Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
I, AS G W CRAI 'V, 106 Wooster-st. Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &c.
0Ali (as of Physicians. A.alachicola, Dec 9.1847.
Di. ",ownsend is almost daily receiving orders G-roceries and Ship Stores. -
f'rore Physicians in different parts ofl he Union-. TI)Q COFFEE,, Java do, St. ,Dom~in-o-'ad,
Thi4 14 to certi'tv lhat we, the undersigned, JLA Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sagar,
P'ysicia-is of the Citv of Albany, have in numer- St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
.us cases ,)re4cribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, Hlygon do, Powelbong do, Souchong do, Goshen
and Kblipvp it to bh one of th-e most valuable p're- Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hamrs.Sijd,v.Sbo-

An Ordinante. ; '
For the Regalaton of Quarantinef, &a.
SmC. 1L Be it-ordained by the Mayor and.
Council of the .City ]fApalachicola, That''
hereatfier all vessels or steamboats arriving
,in the port of. Apalachicola,.-froaman, .port?
or place at which cholera, yellow fever,
smal-l.p6x, br any cOtlagious or iufeciious
disease, existed at the departure of such
vessel or boat from sueh*portor'place, or'

which may have onboard any.peraou 'af-i
flicteld ,vih-such-disease, shall be'subjefelo
the followiog.1[uh a61ine regulationsit0 wit:
:8uch vessel or boat, .on itsoarr-l,.'sfl '
-come 1o an anchor at the first safer-.ndlcfn-'
venient anchorageafter crossing the outer'
bar', where-'hey shall remain for the space"
01" fOrtly iays'."i" hiil the passengers aiini
crew'shall be- riporled by ifd*eath ib Ocer
to- be-in n healihy condition.:
Svc. 2. Be it-further ordained,. That any
pilot or hilher person ti-iloring. or conducting
an.y .Vjessei ,r steamboat into the p.rtiof
ApalachicohW,'ha'ving on board any o fhe
above contagious diseases, .shall birmngs,-id
vessel to anchor at the first sale and conve-
niii anchorage afier crossi-ng fhe oute, bar,
and report the same to the ,Mayor wivliu'i
delay' -arid in default," *'iaid*pilot or other
person shall forfeit and pay to said- city one
hundred dollars for every, such "neglecro't
refusal to comply with the above section.
SEc. 3. Be it further ordained, That
while said vessel.ttr boat lies in quararrtioe,,-,
4- ,whaall not6 be lawful fo.r any person, excerpt
the health officer, to visit ihe-same o.hoyld
any communication with those on board;
nor shall it be lawful for any'person on
bbard to visit said city, or for the nmster,
owhr or consignee the-reofnto land, or cause
to be ladated. any of her cargo, or any arti
Cle on board, unless by written permission
from the Mavnr, given under the advice of
Ihe health officer; and gny person violating
either olf the provision'ss 'if this or the first
'section of this ordinance, ball be liable to
said city in the penahy of fifty dollars for
oach' and every such offence, and ,Wenty-live
-dollars for eda'h =and every day the master,"
"ner' or cnsienee of such vessel or bo-kl
'shall fail or refuse to go into quarantine as
herein required.
SEC. 4. Be it further orildited, Thati4b
case it shall be .deemed necessi'rly 1or tl'e
preservation of the health of said city, b~y
"hle. health offree'-, it shall be the duly of the
master ol any vessel or 'boa., lytng in- ua'-
atin'e,. lo unload and -thorughly *cleanse,
smoke and] whiiew;,sh ihe samie inside, IhV-
fore such vessel or boat shall be allowed 1o
proceed to sid ,'iy'; and anv person t'ailtng
to comply with ifie 'lvTsions of rNiss section'T.
''h ll-he liable to said ciiy in the pe;ahly -of
fifty dollars for each and every such offence.
Svc. 5. Be it further ordained, That the
'clity p~hysifc'ian ap~lpo'lnD'di by; ihr C'-otnc~il ^111-
nually, s'ha'lll'e consrdetredo he health officer,
whose duty it shall he to visil all vessels
which may come to anchor at the qzaran-I
tine ground as aforesaid, and examine-ihe
passengers and crew thereof, for the pur-
pose of aic'rfainifng wheiler iht.ee exists pfn
board any of the diseases -contemplated by
ihe provi-imiis of ithis ordinance, and Whe-
,he," ;,m% rae of snch disease has occvrrred
during tKe passage of s-nch'yessel."lnd make
report ifrer'eof 1'6 lite Ma;yor ; and for such
service he shall be emidled to receive from
the master'of such v-essel or boat thestin o(
ten dollars wilh expenses.. ----7-,-r
Sac. 6. Be itfiirLer- o'dained. Thai 'r
shall be the duwy of the health officer, har-
bor master and marshal to report to 'he
Mayor any and ail- violations 6f this ordin-
--Pwswi|1h p11riTre l ll anuary, 1844.

Dlroovasiua s S: rsaparitta
Wonder and Blesi-iig of' thei kge.
"the mM e),'traordiary Me-hcine Tn itle ,World!
ThisE Etrct i-3 pwit ul i n II Tarr B.,ttlhi : r it iiix
.timts cheaper, Iplea-anter, anw w.irr inted sul-
.perior lo aiy solb. It ,-unrea without
,'oVt~t itiii,purzinj;,,ir',eniiqgor
debilitating th, Pati -it
-The great baanl am- i i.,e 'rnrirvy n I'hiq mrI-
p. illacovervll Dth,?r m.eli,'i ,,w ii. thtt w'lile it
eradicate. the dtieae, it in\viroralte- the b ido. It
is one of the very heit "
Ever kno'.vi; it n-.A ,>ikl p hji itl % t. v, I \v *I,? "o -
te rn, ant Sl'lhrti i '.is Ih ,. r b tr it erf' l/,
n si,. purp i,.tl ,'.i, 'r, V ) : I: :,.v.% r ,r "a;- h
ri' ,ith er fit l i -1' A.-\ i t' ii = i ,- t", .._' ritn ,dl
se cre t o itf t v 1 ri' l -i *,*,*... It :, 1 ; i.-r ',r 'n .',t
w ithi-i th I t t 'ivtiN 1 4, ,'-1 .' i i Il 1.
'C ,ir,?4 o l 9 v 1', 14 _' ;. I .t l ', I .i
W a re I ,- | i _.n I -1 I i i :' l .. 1 1 14 i v i .'e .
of n irn t!-L. i 5 1 11 I, 1 1 i,'.,.f !'r,' i v ti |I l
'ea_'J '1.
C,0,^ I i;~ 4t 1-1;3'17r i c I In

D i-. T >.v ic.- i 1'i ^ ir, I nln k i I'.' o.r -'4" '1
w h Or 4 ,'"4!t- n .1.1 II t I I- i .I t 1 '. 1 V 10 -
i t il. e ii ,n lil ir .. I. ,' ,,' r I .' .:'l ;i if .n A -
i c irr-' i l r i ?,I .i 1 4 -r.: I- .- 1-,a i i, r i. r I i Y wi i'i, 'r I ', -
exceiii %- i n I ll r *i.) ? -*if I h. 1 1; i' 4 i. I 1 1, ., aj'i
"- o a g -iteral :)'I ii il t pr tr iii t ',i of the ni rvotii
sVitern, I ia ii.j-?, %v irit of iTi ,iiti ".1 fai 1ti t-g e -
sttiOj-,' pr n titure (I3car I I d ,cline, 14 ,ir ,ir]
-,tova.' tb it +tal di ea '1e 4 *Y"a1 M Aiorm, can be
e ltiroly ra' i r, t 1,,' t i 44phlo It ri.medy. Tlis
Sirxir i r, lII i I'lr .sq ;,erior tto i v
~ls'i ti',ri~ii"C )1r,l ial, i
AR it r.?ti.? v I ; lt I c f 11 1l ,, 4 o ivk <
activity t 1 t'y t I ai 1 1) 1 1 ',: ;'' the mnlseu-
i r i '_v :t t n .' i n ,1 s"' .* I. ir. I -, .'e.
C'oilisii np lo. C'ii'.>d[ .
C I"n>?; a -d 'It'-e' tht.q h -Cs: )n ,tin:):('-on be
c.jir,?i. 'P, '- 1 i .'. t14l.'T, o.r,, L iver C,,.;n-
pl.aIi it, C ,; I:, ..' i' ,,', 0 '>i :<.% A ith'ni'i v -
'ti I "; _l 1.31 r. i^-- in t'n C-a)QH,'i
-:'. i ,' "n, li'h. tqI SiT e, 3 '., iiiave .ben
i- 1 .' i .. *@ i~'i- 1 '. -) '
arOll i' IS Ii..-
.. ; ,. .<. N ,.>v Yoirk, -V)ril 23, 1:817.
De. T v ,-.i 1-T v'ril, o lieve thit vow'r t'-
9 '1 lt ', l I 'I i 'I 'i.- i i ', ):1 ..]; ") '.' i l i -,
l <1;'i i '*1> Ii [ '1 I,"'' I',r iav,-ril ve,- i h, la
bil *1 >' in 1 '). w: .-.re anI w )t.ie. At
l mt [ i,'-t 11421 1i1 1 4 oiri-' 4 > 11'- 1 ,1, h r.rii 'nt
4 v 'it -, 1 1.1 v 14 ;i IT' IV 1.'),l 1t it- I A-0 reIticed.
a-' t I 1 '1 f- s: t to live. '. I ave o.anly n s. m.l .or
3ir4i t i ijl,.,rt rii:V a'id ti l!eetf& hai a, von-
a ') l ,: ii i.:? ')I n 'r .'r)i r-i- [ an31 now .
a''l.: ) .v~iis ll .'*.^r [i)' .-itv. I raise no "-il .
it n-A IT -, i r i h ^ it 13 Yr)'i 0^r *ell ima..-'
.ii,' rhat I i u thinkfc il'-or those results. -. .
S y .,' ,ir ",-*i f v'!rvant,
\'1 I.T ;,ELI,,iL Catharihe st.
milte .1 nI 1ilis.
Thk iiq d'lv ,- .,t' I-r -'it', r .-i 'I 'tv'l and
Ci- I 'l't i t ii n Ior h it f r r.) v% ll' .'i aro a a-
pirill.i h ,'-.irpC. Tt.e ,n>,-t ,-.ere and-chronic
c we 3 ire .v.'ee' iy era.'li,- it A b y its .--xtr.t',rM mi ,rY
Jan,-.; Cntnni 'tz:, C, l ci-i. of the a3 is:tants-
in th* L- ltil,' 'l n.fit i.'\- v -11'.4 T, ilantl is the
ge>ntl>en~ n s ) l'i.? i -I' i-i I ie1 I7.) 1 v) i. letter:
BI I '.< v,-ll' i l141 1 :% 1.t1, 19 17.
Dr. To v i4.?nd -'_)- r ,ri : I: ia.ve ; ; fT rad ter-
ri')lv f.r ni i- ''ti" .villi l:i'D Q ieu.. itit -Ti ; con-
gsiiterabi? of the ti'm. I .,,,ht not e'at, ileep or
w ilk. I hr| 11-Ti.- ut'n!) t di:;tre--3ir)- o in-, arid

Apalactiicola," NoV. 1, If '

Sheriff's Sale.
B Y virtue ot a writ of fi. fa. to me directed
from the Circuit Court.of Franklin county,.
in favor of William Griswold and Nath. L. Gris-
wold, executors of N. L. Griswold, vs. the City
of Apalachicola, I have levied upon, and will ex-
pose to sale to the highest bidder, at the Court
-House door, in the city of Apalachicola, .on the
first Monday-in March, 1849, within the legal
hours of sale, the following described property,
to wit : one large frame building known as the
City Council Chamber, situated on Market
Square; oae Engine House and Engine, known as
Boston No. 1 ; and one Engine House and En-
gine, known'as Franklin No. 2, levied on as the
property of the city of Apalachicola.
JOHN LUCAS, sheriff.
-- y-B. Lucks, Deputy.
January 11. 184L

T .iE Subscribers h .v on hand and offer fori
w,1- on'liberal terms-
SUG RN-10 hhds and 50 b.ls N. Orleans;
10 boxemi W,,lpi ,, & Stuart's loaf;
FLOUR-100 bbls superfine St Louis and Ohio;
COFFEE-50 sacks Rio and Maracaibo;-
MOLASSES-10 bbls new crop ;
WHISKEN-50 bbl's and halt bbls;
IARD-5bb!' and10 kegs;
SOAP-80 bose,. pale, yellow and whitee;
STARCH -'! boxes Colgate's ,
PORK--20 b'' -"-- a-d pritu e;
BEEF-20 bbis prime;
TOBACCO--:50 bxs ard hf bxs favdtite branids;
BACON-5 casks sides and hams;
,N A CCARONI-5 boxes Italian;
CRANBERRIES=-120 quarter bbls; .
i DOMESTICS-25 bales sheetings-and] sbhrtings;
i OSNABURGS-10 bales Lowell and Georgia;
GLASS-20 |,xs assorted sizes;
RAISINS-100 whole, bf and qr boxes;!
BUCKWHEAT-20 kegs new;
`ALMIONDS--200 pounds.; ,
BUTTER-25 kegs Goshen and Western
'CHEESE-20 bxs English dairy ;
BRA NDY-3 hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Martel;
LEMONS-5 boxes Sicily;
WINE--20 doz superior Maderia a,.d Sinrry;
ALE-dozen pale;
Pickles, Sauces, Olives, Brandy Ch, nes and
Candy, a full assortment. -
"C. A. GREEN & Co,
Dec 28 52 Water street.
"Warrantld to Cure."-
C OSTER &,COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic.
compounded from medicines '6f our own
forests, a pe-fect and lasting cure for :eWver and
ague, and for being the best Tonic in cises of
general debility or weakness now known, for sale
by [April 27] H F ABELL.,
Tho apoul's bomponnd Syrup of
j'ar aoid Wood Naptha,
Y) the core ol consumptionr, chronic, .bron-
hitsi, asthna,,. whooping cough, palpitation
of t e heart, lin, r complaints, and affections of
the idnevs, fjr-- le by
F; ... j r -A TjA IF k N Cn

Bowling Sal~o&b dand Bf
THE proprietor "of the -- Af(herinum So'wiDnrg "
Saloon" has used every endeavor to' mi.ke
the establishment "an agreeable place "'Moefr,
and isthankfilf that an-ever'discriminaing "'p "-
lie prove -by--ebtral-patreonge I hefr apprfidatKin
of hisde ire o .pleawj. *'-1.W1 B 1"- alm-yw, k)?(qia
choice assbrimmnt, q(C. Liquors, Akfd r j~tah
beveragess, of a :soi*to tickle lihe' ptatrie o Old
Bacchus' most fastidious sons; -ai,d Oysterw,
"co6l and delicir-us,?Fresh fro(rii.thier j .rik.
For a pleasapt c6mmingling o'l ixeTCise .- a
arnsement--wile-ctm dvctt- h;ere te- nTo'r.4?,g
within the cjrcleo.f y0 nasneth to cotfrK-a-e.|ii,
a.jjme of- ten, pins "t lhoSe ,prpler'riqg,,e.I.ep
V'ez.An.i s ese rents, cn'_aIways t e a k 'a.!f .- -
06te'on6--come aft.."" *'; -- -I ~

-.Ap l c icol, Dec 30, 1 S47 .

Blank Books and Stationery.
"EDGERS, Journals, Day Book.s, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memoran'dum Books;

Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried ruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oats, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.


L311111 =U1 Mit. vf IIIII" jacl.- nglli
Boooks for Letter Press.
Blank Bills o( Ekchange and C
Just received and for sale by
Marc. '1"H. F.

four -Cttlea of y ur S-t.vv imfia l and they tave
d.x e iin ri lh "'i ri ',th.ia'A & dollars worth s f,
gl. YVvi ir ,it li!) -rl. l.I ., me this (i r the ben-
efit of the afli.-t,1. .. .
V-o,',r%! re_p,:,,,'llv. "
.. :J-\ESOU\I\IN:iS.
Fever a I ,kic.
Dr. To,%v i 'i.- i i' r S r ).i r, is u 'e i ti le;| it)
case-j of the Cluli aw dr F,-v,r a't1 Agne. "The
folloxin It-tier i\ onlly ole 4f I ih-1,. 14that we
havae nrc-ivae irom thil' 'Srth an Weet of Uike

ft. PT.LIN., M. D.
J. WILSO.'', M. D. .
R.. B. BRIGG^S, M D.
Albany, Apffl1, 1,47.
Owing, to the great success and immense sale
of Dr'. T, v, n't's "arsaparilla, a number of men
who were formerly our Agents, have commenced
making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Etixirs, Bitters, Ex-
tracts ot Yellow'Dock, &c. They generally put
it upp in the same shaped bottles, and some of
'them have stole and copied our advertisements,
they ate only worthless imitations, and should be
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Son
Building, N. Y.; Reddin- & Co,, 8 State street,
Boston ; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street,
Philadelphia; '$. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore,
-P.- M. Cohen, Charleston; Wright & Co., 151
Charters street, N 0.; 105 South Pearl street,
Alinny; and by all the principal Drliugi-4ts and
\I-re. 'I,,N k';,?nerallv throughout the United States.
;Wldt Indies and the -anadas.
For sale *.vhole.3ale and retail by
H.FP. A139LL,
A My *2), 124- ._19-y ..Apalnchicola.
Dry Goods.
T HE a'ibacribers offer for sale a large and sea-
-3.) 1ihble stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
p a r t o f = -' "
Nerro Kerspvgind Linseys3
Whife ind R .,I Flannels,
Bantgipsand, Tweed.,
-Super plai-n black and fancy Casameres,
Suoer Eiglish and French Cloths,
Whitn'ey 31 inkt=, 10, 11 and 12qrs.
Du.ijl Pliletes.,"3, 9 and 10qrs.
[iri4,?iI|.! Q,]ilts,9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
,-enitmil, !,.,inliris and Cottonrdes,
Brown, Shirting and Sheeting,.
Citton Osnab rgQs,
Cotton ,';iling and Ticking,
Li-en ridCottion Check;,
Trish Linen, qhiri,)r ind lieetinsr,
Rh ,e IC C,)t,,t-in hirrip-;. ind Sheeting,
E i ,iF!, French and American Prints..
Extra vioer, pDii'i and twilled Ginghams,
Suner Caishmere d'Ecoqse,
Extra sniper Muslin de Laine,
PI i,'h?'i, S,,0i arnd Amerrican di,.
S,.,wr' ft ,1;n hl.a"k and figured Silks,
Bl..,.i *ilk C,'r \'i- and fancv H'kfs,
S,'rer EPi.li~t qnd pon .ee.Silk Hkfs,
ERglish and V.merican Cntton Hkfs,
Madras and Veri'im head Hkfs,
Lidies' Coftton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
St er Satin, %I i ril-, & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and ,Flax Thread,
Plain andl irv-d' ,vvi^ .t ,'hked Mlu-ilitis,
Jaconeft'.d Camnhric Muslins,
Needles, Pinr,'.Taor,, &,-. &r0
IWhinh ,have h?en rilct,d with Zreatfcare in
Ve'v York and Roston, fr.:m [mportersand Agents
of Manufacturers, at the6west market rate-z, and
vaIre-now offered at ,w h-lea'fe or noaHil on favorable
tlrmrsby WM.. G. PORTER & Co.
Dee. .30, IR 47. / 41 Witer s trppt

A T An Ordinanee",
To mend an Ordinarce, eitfithd --an Ordinanc
ve I and for concerilinm Slaves." &c.
See. I. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Cauh
SN & o. cil of the City bl Apalaichicol'a" That firom and
after the first day of March next, it any owne
Osnaburgs, of any slave shall keep, or cause to be kept, an
nnels, Blan- slave in any house on any lot in this city, with
igs, Checks, out having a white man residing on the same, o
ery, &c &c, shall suffer or permit any tlave toficcbpy a hniua
Q & CO. on any lot in this city; without having a whit
iest.it sts man residing on said lot, the person so offending
shall, on conviction, be fined five dollars for eac
)V and eiveIry day Jhat such slave shall be sokclpt
suflred 'oir permitted---one half to go tp the per
ION ,on inring;and itshpH.bethe:dulyoh
into's, by the MarshVl toreport to.the Mayor the names 4o" al
such slaves as:may be found occupying or living
I &atO, on lots contiai'y to this ordin ance. ._ ,
hestnut sts. Sec. 2., Be it .'urthef ordained, That in cas
the owner of any slave found living o6 or occu
pying a lot contrary to this ordinance, shall be'
ON C r,. non-resident of this city, on such fact being yre
... ported to the Mayor by said Marsh.l, or q~tih
s F person, he shall issue his pre.ept ,to the Marshal
R*omrandi4ng hifi for thwilh to reimove.said taV
ves, Buckets, so found iiving-oroccupyingasaforesaid:; and th
S Co. *, said Marshal shall be allowed therefore the sun
N & C of three dollars, to be paid by the owner of said
chestnut sts. slave, and forwh'ich execution may issue on fh
judgment of Mayor's Court; and .any such slav
found offending against said "-ordinarnce a second
time, shall, on conviction, before Ihe Mayor.
Court, be liable to be punished by whipping
with not less than' ten nor more than thirty-nin
Iva ; lashe ..1 .- .; :- .. ...
Sec. 3I Be-it furt'he or'dained; That this ordi
nance shall not be deemed or iheld'tc apopply( t
s broin Soap; any slave livin on any lot adjoining, or witbil
r" "one hUnared yards of the residence dfihe owner
', -*'"', hirer, o4 pYr'sofi a ally'eiii playing said slave.
;.(a and'Pu'r.e. Set. 4. Be it furllher ordatietd, Thai|t hshal
R & COQ. not be lawful for anyvnner of any- slaves ,to hir
after street. ; or let ta such slave hif or her tfime, and that an
\ such person' so offenting' shall be' Itable to the
., / said ciih in the. penatlv'oft0he hundred dollars
fr'qt by on"e-flnutth of W' which penrialty (4,hn collected) to
SWOOD., go'to the infiormer. ... .. .. ,- *
&C. Bec.e. Beit furlher'6rdained,,Tbialt(he mnaS
and Engliih #eri of all slaves used as public por-ters,.laborers
.- laundresses, or for other' public uses, shall re
e, Cei'e from the Clerk ot the City, a license to
.; / such purpose; ,foi'which6 n ,nnualW fee of fiv
dollars shall- be paid, four'dollars of which shal
g to, the-city and,one-dollar tfothe Clerk `and
f that it shall tlie duty of the Clerk issuing'suec
rid Kentucky, license to give a badge having printed Ihe -num
6. r' ,' be the license'grantedh(ir any or ill ol'Jh
purposes *herea na nedin legible characlers
...... r -?and whicb.'is-i be wor-n by the slareupon a con
ale by..: L sicuouii;parfof'h ipersonL;a-`d a' "wnerQIan
(- & -Coa,.; o slave offending against Ihe prb'isions of this sec
ralerstreet. i tion, shall. be subject to-a api'nal.ty of ten dollars
one-halt (when. cAllored)- o eo to theinforinpr
.. dd Sec. 6. He it Imuther ordained, That all ordi
frrnlee deedIs "...
nances herefolore passed, conflicting with tli
Ut ..... ... ordinance, be and (he'same are hiereb "'.ep,_e.l
G 'UY'O. Passed by Council, 30th January, |&4-&.
: J. S. HurcmsbN, Mayor.
jist received WU. VALLrA-..u, Clerk..'. ,- .... ~
FABELL. y AJ1.110 it" .ou""^ lh..
......" A FEVHyvdr6s;attcIn.Rpu..itain',sPen Raclis
":.' S.and'Biix~e,. Paper "FolderA,.Starqps, Sealh
r streetfby Paner Clasps,'W.ights, &^for sale.by. "
R. W 0 ,D, IS J O A L fts alCo.

D Dry Goods.
DFRILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Fla
*kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetin
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosie
For sale by R. ELLISON
Dec 9. Cor. Water And Ch(
K 'f 1RLS Ch; mpagne, 'orsflf b
50 ", '0 -"R T "gS(
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Pr
baleand case, low for cash, by
Dec 9. Oor. Water and Ch
Tau-.ers' Oil,

4.1v.,. Ix c 0 t 22, 1c 7.
Dr. T~v,.v'w : D- ir _ir-fr ,frihas dfoltv
wif-! t v I b.)it'l[e 4 Sir-v) 1'll of your A_,ent
Mr. M-Niir, il" Kil rn i7).1, t. tro i t ,ri1. the Fe-
ver an A it i Bk',,,I 1 hBI if i.i',l the frst
bottle, it a).iirel *n nv irm the bl,)d, and every
othor dvt, ,.v'ic?-i th IJ nC l 0 '4 i I v,:tr -appeared,
they were l. vil nt,-; -il I .."*>r.? she "had fin-
iihej the bittlli ,'i.. wi eiltir'lv relieved,/and
ahi-e was m',ch ')-.tter t'i -i'-ieha-1 b.en before
she to.i)' tlle i kx-li A I v l' it Ili,] -been very
sick with the C ,i-illi .,l F,,'r. bit had broke
thpm v with Q inin;, a' ,1 1 It i' t v.Iv vi.f'{
an-l di ttr' ite ;y) e I a'l I '.,''i1_I ^*','?.i ,Z[V
with the A' 61 my wife, shit -nt t Ir >nr'-trj i fo.v bottles,
aid.iit resatvre, i-er in a fe p '.*' t [,:[e
health. Y.),ir Sir p.irill i i.; r'I. ir 1 ,, t, unh-
e'linille l in di-a-iiei n ,- it t. 1t. \\rt, -, %V 1 if
yonr think thit thi-ic ):n-n I ii,:rii i will b.? of i e
you'are at lib-rty tol wtiq it a., v v .)' 3. e.
YouI r. e. fitll',',l I,
C 11 KL P :,1 II. .1,AT N.
Cauiver in the _71nittl.
Belov ii an accm it .,! iri-i'"-r child saved
Dr. Tomvi'imd'si Sir_3'arillh h n iived the livP'
ot thom li .l rwl* chil Ire I. f .-il..vilj tw,,
cartrfi',;itt? .tre >l..'.'t I t'rn ^grelt nnlim er re-
ceived this week.
N.-wv Yr\-, Awril 1,19471.
Dr. To,.vieii 1: D *ir Sir --')'i.my children
was very sick wvith a*` i'l'r i'i the Ar[,,th aill]
Thriit, atteni. x witli re? i .^'i;litv. It came,
-- -.faiir-d-v~u L nt yr ii'i-r,,'t-' n'-e .-Xi" v r ev.-,- |l
medicine, anqt it"'clird it t i,rrcly, ror. which I
assure you I feet very vrit,,f d. : :
: .. V 'fvir_, r-'i ", 'l\',
ULIZ .. 'll- P.) V1,1`'-: 1, 27 D0- bron.ies-st
Fits; Fils! Pilf!
Dr. T,)wnv.eii, n )t nA,'i'h i tvit,.l h~s Sarsapa-
rill.iOn, cases ,if Fitk. of c'.irm; iiver reconrnend
ed it, an.l wa a l rriiel to r,?,-iv.i v ri- t .,llrvihi:<
frnrn an inteelliZe-it an t r'peto.ibl l Farmer in
Westchester county :
Fordhi'n, \ .iiit 13, 1 117.
Dr To vnmnd : Deir Sir-f havye a little irl
seven years of aga, who h.r i e,.;r several years
afflicled'with Fit3; we tried albn l it'v.?r\'tihi,i
for her; but without siceei .; atlist, lriiih we
could'flnd no recom',nen.1 tim, in Otir ciraulars for
eases like he4, %we thouizht, a- 3she vaq in very
delicate health, we would give her s-3.) f .? o r
Sarsaparila, and are very s1id, we did, f.oi it not
only ire4tored her 4tren-th, but she hii had it.) re-
turn.of theL Fits, to our sreat opel.asure at- 3,ir-
prise. She is fa for whidif We feel grateful.
Yours, re~p'eclfaily,
f"1ematlo Medicine.
Or,.,'TovVsA!lO'349S raparilla is a overeig i and
speedy cu re rektT.cipient Consu.nption, Birren-
riea., r,:plS .I tqrimi, or Falling of the Womnb.
CU 'isal Pepi' LeUiicorrh.ea, or Whiti?^, ob-
.trtf!A dr tfficitt Menitrmation, [ncontinence
of Urinf, -*q inVolqn.t- discharge thereof, and
Wg th^i^..yj l "pit0t oil*f the'system. no

"T? 821*af, by
r)P jp"r?

" PT T.TF(

OOTS, Shoes and Biogans, by the case;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans; "
< 'l fineseWv'dBrogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots ;g
Russet Brogans. For Salebv
De" 9. Cot. Water and Cnestnut sts.

Wooden uWare.
B"R kSS bound Ced ir Pail., Paintfod BuckPts,
Deck Buckets; H ..kory and Corni rirooms,(for
sale .v [Jan 11] C G'T- P N & Co.
Cit efcse.- ' '
(R' ^q Wesetern and N,.,rthein, in Ane order,
O L for sale by7 -'
Jan 11 C A GREN' & Co'

Goshen Butter.
KEGS Hamilton's Dairy, of a superior
quality, lor sale by


Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co..
Smoked Totgues,
FOR sale by
'Jan 11 C A 0R F &L C'
Baaginr and Rope.
5 PCS Kentuckry; 2u bales India; 100 coils
0.J 'Rope, for salteby
Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co.

2 c BAGS; 25 kegs new Bmckwheat, just re.
20J. ceived, and for sale by,
Jan 11 ,' C A GREEN& Co.-,
.... Fo SalIe.
) KFIRKINS of -.,ip.-rnor Butter, of La-
, tham's Dairy:'"2 -,..
Dec 28 :" NURSE, STONE r e Co.

WistatrNs 4n $ S w avne's Balsam
of Wild Cherry,
MT[.T roceied and' for sale bv '
Nv-11 .C. 'ALLEN -&Co."

Osmaburn s.
. EORG.Valand L.v.-l Oinaburgs,: always on
_G' hand, atthe-lowestijti hvY
. Jan 11 ,_...C A GREEN & Co.
: .. Vemi fllge.
W INER'S Canadian Vermiflge, for sale by
Febl7 r HF ABELL,' ;

S OTCH and Maqotiov, i,|mt ree'd. four sale by
Jan .15 J. C, ALLEN & Co. '

: Sitorige0,
IN Fire Proof Slore No. 24 Water
Novv,25, D. E


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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: February 8, 1849
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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L 6' Ii O/L c5 ,jc

.. d .

";1:, .

.. .. .. .-... _._ ._.... .' -..._ __ ..-._.. .. "."..__ .. .' ..._....:................_..-. .,....-.._ ..___ ...-. .. ...-. ..._} .... _n Ii _'" "" _,......'l'. ..--<.. ...- -

... !....\ ." ." .,.., .. ,' '" .

4: ..tK, .': ., ST

I emintt Vir ,Jtier < : .0:':

'. .
,. _


:- VOLUME VII.] ::- .,.-


-- _. [NUMBER 2.

COMMERCIAL! A1)\'L1t'1'I3IEt 23iUitIItiTi IDfttttocn..- II Ilolden's Dollar Magazine 1 I The Leading Periodical in America. :... 1 .

PUB SUKD EVERY THURSDAY tY LARGEST CHEAPEST BEST t _.. h Truth From Fitly the Naicnrz: (.uuiltr. tll)'. "'title yin ne 'laboring to add a large

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; 5
J. Day & Co. year's colton crop was estimated -so long 3S we ol choice this
8 occupy
: to 20 Splendid Wood For 1849. to be
Engravings won S .OOO.OOO. The
f ttrzt"l1's Buildings corner of C COMMISSION E ItC II ANTS lal-or position, labor will languish HKRK, and flourish -
):!iCt" Third Story Dedicated 40
each Month to the
11 Ladies
the work
Commerce and Chestnut streets. No. 52 Water street, of United States. necessary: 10 up' this mass of MW mate ABROAD.Ve are happy in die belief

Dec 2. Apalachicola Fa. Edited by SARAH J. HALE, rial would cost: overS50UOOOUO.( ( (hat our
people are Leg to their
TI Rts.: {Agents: for: LCOYDS ; also., Agents for the This unrivalled Family Magazine, universally GRACE. GREENWOOD So said a valurd and excft-dingly able own The rtning see
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Dollars Co. 'Protection Insurance by I the Press as the BEST American
ri'Js.I'hree per annum, and L. Southern
Co. and the Hartord Insurance Periodical oilers : nuw produced, begins to
Hartford at the iirouse
Co. published
1 : ;') if p.iid within six commencement How
f mil i iJ t1Vt'lre, or Conn. Novelette by MISS E. LESLIE, who sink ngly those two sentences I lie
ol the 3d volume u usual inducements to contribute iippeallo planters of I lie You'll. 31i ny of ihemere
aW thereafter
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Scriptural Pfelry. colors do .
u-and < 2 .vil! iavuubly: be clurg.d for Rogers & Co tirely AnreriC':!II,1ncludin T. I they pumitie i moat erial, atul low |ric"> lor *hit manufactured -
n.' t who contributes. !
'J"t! .ri'i1 ; t :" u'r will be Von"r'Ued: lantilAH COMMISSION MERChANTS AMERICAN' TALES, illustrative of Croome's to eveiy No.1 I nmiirifiy jiolicy<< we have pursued 'for article las such: been the operation of
j1.ud. unless at ')Mon of the AMERICAN PORTRAITS Sketches of American many ye.iis/1 (How forcibly t lhy
...rrm tLes.r \Valer street, Character. piove I our present MSICHI We ;i>k. everj intelligent

;toiuittor-\W :In"f't.. ..; I' .-he% IIl.lTp. (twptve Ime, Dec 9 Apalachicola Fa. AMERICAN AMERICAN TALES SKE, TCIIES. We intend merely to give a notice nf, our intentions I and irnth I I ill of he old adage thai 'I impoverishment pl.uitrr I lo l'xalll inc the ielirr>H fur his i

at the rate of One Dol- for nertt year, leaving to other* long advertisements success: always attend upon the ef colton uul compare thi-rn with Ins: bills for
:')r l tPH t will itHTtAl N. J. Dcblois.. A series of Engravings, from the Paintings of : foils of! those! who 'ror '
\.n-tbe'irt.( anil Fifty' Cents for every aubieouent COMMISSION AND I FORWARDING' our best artists, including Cole,G gntlux. Dl1rdl\d, I nothln: ."! -" fun of sound and Jury, signifying I The Souih I hns for sow others to reap. tnhi.gillg! unl rope' ami otht ;ulicif of cIJnlIrnf'lIlIfJ. -

i inert i(vt. MERCHANT Edmond!, and other!*, i is in vigor* preparation, yar wnnnally sowed \\ ham (ioisin- to..t for 'his cI1t&n.CIIJ .
JVUho.vho :i-lv.M-lie bv fie year a liberal No. Water-street, and the facile pencil of (the inimitable DARLEY I Agreeably the practice: of last year, the pnbINhcr I and gathered :in iminense |lIary-t: ol it great ft'lft( Uurs, hr? ji.ij mi t InliHgj: mg LeI
I' .advertisements will issue as goul a number each n.n'ith si aple for I lhe<< N w En 'I's-mint! will be IK vie; 'bit, : notItti'tlv Dec 2 Apalachicola Fa. n now actively i engaged/; in enriching j Holden as I > Ut'cf..
prtiiF'Z.t( ) ,J'.ifir\ on .bad-id*, as welt wit h his Portraits of the Public Men of Ame 'he 1 does in January. TI'is i is a novel feature: in to reap all I lhe principal profit With such facts! before ih'cin" with (the

;aol nil l.!':*l ..ilV'rtii'vn'iNml. ; in l by them, will A. N. feK -\Y. N C ROHBINS-HAS. PRATT.A. rica.The Magazine publishing. Turing the whole of last; .of their labgr which has enabled) I them in m ruinously! low price;, \vhii U lotion now cotn- .

dt the u-'iil rat!!-. PORTRAITS DISTINGUISHED year he cave more encrravin s and more loading accumulate, vast! | fort timies. found thriving cities i inar.ds iti
:3' ( Inq<" ft HIcKay & Co. OF AMERICAN matter than I ihe ili.irKtt> ol I ihe world.!:! ;m J a
jMl 11 il .ilwriisemjnts; m','l be paid fur COMMISS DIVINES will be continue din every No as any of his contemporaries' and will and towns, lo cover lhe ocean; wiili (the iark!. ;ind gloomv litunahead. u ef that
ON continue > ins
MERCHANTS( to do .
heretofore so nextear.: Those \\ho( sub- -ribeto I
.11 .t.Ji'ire. with f) life-like-sketches ol their lives GODEY'S while-winged messengers of commerce, and' I the ne'esMly; fur ('iiili n1"I in inanufai-lur-
-vill be rlnr-fd: fnr No. 40 Water-street, and I LADY'S HOOK, may do PO undel'the rig :
',- :tv'' ) 'llro 1 ; annotne- ; ministiy Each No. will I be filled with I-ti, Cii rot themselves lie
'p 1.) TALES POEMS assurance that t they will!! receive more tor among I riiei dma II trig fijterjii: is st> gr ai ili.it ii will It-nil' to
f.lr n1irb.! ( ,
Analaehicola ESSAYS
Ii i i Itl' Fa.S. ,
I'.zi : RE their money in Hie! Magazine;; alon-, t than l : by subscribing !>rinces of the earth, far greater in their some action on ih- part of out pinnif and!
fr li--; rr.urt VIE
jMl I h' -'rll" n >t t.< m a anr.e :: ,". 11. NiTieisii IVS SKETCHES,
. n M',i I>- I vith the ca-sh: ur city reference, TRAJ\'SL TIOjYS, to any oth-r: work To thi* i i-* added wealth and influence(] than were i lie rermwn- hi-i ii.'s 11sf II. (j!eCPrLea; a nil AI.,h.iini are
\ DE\LER IN CLOTHING and included in the the LADY'S ed traders of Venice in lhe golden' das of ihe
j.a.'i' jrt.1rtintl. BOOTS, SHOES, TOPICS OF TIlE MOJVTII, sme $3, DOLLAR I reaping I beta-tils of such skill and en-

.1 -. HATS. CAP.c: .., and will embrace evefthingImming, Instructive -!I NEWSPAPER: which} contains in one her ancient prosperity i I when the whole world urpiise. Then why not iMissis iITi j i If

No. 1 Columbus! Block' and Readable now in progress in the world. month nearly, if not quite}; as much rending: matter pouted t i into her lap a stream of xveahh. doeiliKe I II. itia aniitlerence in ,,1I1 it iv in

33i1i'Ir1 r j1rtctor[ !!. D* Asa Family Magaxine the Editor is cot.lidenlI as the other monthlies: : making: for $3, the a I to I the enterprise of her citizens ol ..
c 23 Apahehienla.Fa.; : : and! (tn favor our staie. Are our prnplr le>seiurgelic
.. .. of
-. --- ------- amount reading of
'. magazine a month.
'- -- --- I hat no afi th,- (fiisi and
-" rivalry can a.fir opposition k' -en: i its only considerable JI1afitrlllplIw'r or rnlcrprisirig. iliebehind
or ;are
*>V n. f.. P-Jrtur *V Co.'IS J. II. Hull & Co., value and worth, and he offers i it t to I Ihe world as! THKRK ARE vncu'-iAiirnr.b about) GkyLa ;> of t the globe. I heir utiglihur. in ur.lifl'r:
Book for the inifllig nee nil
dy's Indies a
that t other! }
,) \t"f, : J I\T ;'V IH! XVI}) COMMISSION; FACTORS & COMMISSION: : MERCHANT.? |in tone, character literary meritand illustrative I M.ig.izn.epossesses. ';
\1E :( iI \ \T-:;. beauty j' There i is a Miv.zr.tint and Line En Shill; !I ,this unthrifty :and unwise state of sa::acit) in following: up the true ci tirst* of

'cs Itr.I'r slr''t :\0,4'3 Watnr street, I II I The Model graving each number-b-ith by the bf.-t 3rti-K things forever. ("coniinnc Shall \\e of the .policy It is .believed. not.
Magazine !
t ::1-) juiciiicol! .F''l. ."tn-21 Ar\i.ACHicot.A: : FA. fF) THE NINETEENTH In addition to't hese, t there arc Ii veil IW.llt hI> extreme South forever allow the citizen** of
what oo other magazine gives-a Coh-rrd) Fashion The fu lowing is from
-- -- Ivo : fir!: off States: ;and rouniries to all I these polite 1ort a
II. R. family in the land can afford to without reap
f'irw.. I H I i 15; -;;nJp, I\VMJryoks-I Taylor, Plate, with a description This feature Phil'idflphia :
;: L'pet
Holden its rnighIIIH'II.fjrs. ? In I
COMM:8-ION: : i : MERCHANT in circle; for when such a periodical at our expense r otherwoids
\*>:i }.tiii.! Strt-io :& C->., peculiar to Code}', as: no other w.>rk has then CITY. $ &( ssu.-An
can be obtained oneear f 1i.r the trifle of forever continue lo POLJCt-i
4 'I I -.Ii t > 5f I ) '= M i HIl Oil ANTS, 22 Water street.Doc every month and colored. Th'-n! their are Cap, sow old fonc sio .
2S. .43-Om OXE: DOLLAR for oilurs to Ii is lo be hojied man, ac nit$111)$ in iny. ;1 nswrrrd -
Apalachicola, Fa. Ronnefs, Chemisettes renp. mit )
X4 I 1:1: \\r rtll'r oI..l't, Crr.e-triinim; : : fur Ladies -
__ I. who who will not wish I One thing is i to th. of Jai ,.. I'! A'I it lif'nb. "rLt. tosub!*cnbe? with Engravings. The 1.udicsVork Table I positively clear : the rot ian lame

__-t------ Henry Youngs, The great feature of Ifjldtnit, that while with designs fur knitting, netting! :, crotchet, growing) States must posse.-s thernsi Ives of : clothes looked! like lhy mighl have

L.)I IYC1 ivt .t Vo ;iatf, .: \VIOLESA1.E! : A\T) I RETAIL I I G'l'CEI: bring peculiarly: American in sentiment and and all other kinds of work. Patterns I I.r. a poition i I of t the profits attendant upon I lie hel'f bought scci'iid h.indfilTn! \utilhlul I I1iriie

3 ,1 1 \\11 1 I > > 1 .) V ri-U-'jO' '1 :Jt \\RDlNH I I No. 53 Water street ftcling it galhtrs and embodies all the beauties Smoking Caps, Chair Covets, Window Curtains ahricaiiur of their I( : great staple into the va- (fur they had sullered! inortby iho

.u( K: u c 1 u N T <;, I'c 2 Apabchicola, Fa. of the French, English and American Periodicals D'Ovlev's. Purses. Kazs. &'f'., &r. health and lions l( (l escriiii ions of cloih.I Iwlure I tin} v ran rubs lrle! world than I ihr lnocrielor hm, -IL
N4. :i-J: \V.iIt'r i street, while discarding. thtir .lollies and vices.
-- Beauty, with Engravings. Model Cottage:; ?, with (flourish] the God bUsyness do you follow,
as I of Nature intended! 1 .
( them iLUf'R.Vlal
.\ tIaf*!'iiei'la I'l.i .1. F. \RRioh. ,. I.;. : A combination the
..jv 2; ::1 i \1cCULL1: cf Encyclopedia, the Gazet- ground plans, and other engravings, alvvats f illustrative %
flourish. \ViIIJt
;- '-- Farrior A : tnT, the Quarterly Review and the to They must I awake lo their true
-Ii : ;'i'U; \: i1aIne.sqI ... ITIcCiiIly! Weekly of something !B'flli.JII"IC': beautilullv WIMO.NT. Business '
COMMISSION I I Viwsjiaper, it is and interests, ;and vie with t their Norm kern breiliren onc-ar..1 tra
NIRCfLNTS J i I yr.t distinct
) .1 i ,1. ;; s;1IN i ; >> MEL1ANTS: i separate fromall printed on tinted paper which may he taken: out veller.MAVOR..
'l!"';. SI I Grdvier street, but poweimin enough ofllu.irva1'iollsqual- and bound. Colored) Modern Collages and C'-lond in enterprise ami energy before they

.l Hull to7; ";::. D.-r 2" N.-\\' OrlP'I"oI Jicalions to commend itself to tvtry reader. Viewer Pieces occasionally. These: are all extra can hop-. to receive reiminerning; pri e> for A vagabond perhaps."JMO .
) CECC\ The object of the Editor has; hen to give in found their labor. If I vast forlums he made! \\ T. You are not fir rang ; liavcllers -
tf"\ .IJrJXL I ';lt \ : .\ Y, a Godey, anj:} to be in no other Magazine.; : cm :
of'ir Cftyof Yi-to JV/r, ;(110. S. IInfchill'lion', THREE DOLLAR ;MAGAZINE:: VOR ..OErnmD These \'; 're all given la-t t year, and: will be Con in the mriniificlure;; of coi.mn two i r five and! vasatmnds are mud the same

.';".. "l'Ur.iler-itr.'et 1 AUCTION A N'D I COMMISSION; MERCHANT, PRICE, and a glance at Ilolden's will show the tinued. In addition, wc'shalllra..e in every No., Ilrous::r11 miles horn the Stales in which it rhing. The difference is that the hit Err iri-;

Dic 1 2 ,\.':ilj'1iiciIi.' l Fa. N-J. 2 Columbus Block, result Now, he only ao!iks the support of the one of : is yroivn, how profitable will it become when \ el without monry. and ihe t former generally -
community, and in return: ( will give improve- "CROOME'S: SKETCHES OF AJERICAXCH.RACT : I ly travel without brains.
) carried in the midst of the
Fa. on
v. T, W > t\ I':, n. n.\I.T ;n. Apalachicola, nent-s as 1 they are demanded. very cotton

;," }') : .\; R11I9U, 'j3 \dvancts inade on all coti-sisinments;! : if re- &5' Now j is the time to subscribe, as those A most amusing series, RISTIC now first, aivcn to the- fields( ? But t jve.ha P sufficiently advened. MAYOR. \V1ereIiaveynmmtiaveIed 1
.f t' % :) '\ M : IJlIr'd"v! : : 61' I this portion: of I rite suhjecl I in 1 former WIMONT.: Al ot-r thiMoniineni.MAYOR. .
)- -I;11 1 'I I ICt.NTS!" 1 2"), iS 13. ending !will receive the first impressions of American public. These will be illustrated in niunhcrs .
$ fiv s*,' 42 '.\".It"r -uri-ftr-IJi :'tiirs --- '. ---\ I he engravings.! : The Xu.':'!can be furnished from No. from and will 1 1 dismiss i it, hi>ping I that i lhe what purpose/ .
1). U. rOOD every by a Story the powerful pen of T.S .
J Hi 'ihc'c"hi.; } F... \\ Ob .
In -: July. LS-IS, wished by crib'rs-tllat! month Arthur Esq.: price of cotton I will not liive; lo I I deprecinfe: \ e vation.MAYOR. .

\1.\\ '.Wn.n \V I :A.t..\JcKI-; COMMISSIoN: : :-M Eli CUANT commencing,: the r.reyiolN011111I('. THE CHANGED OF FASHION!! ," i'tiriher! before our planters will awake to the What have you observed IWIMO.NT. ,

%Vy1inV: "':I IciC
<1''I \tj.to.I \ M I": I IIC 11 .\ N T S', N"V IS A pal.icliicnla. Fa. ;5 copy.One Yt>dr.l. : 00 will! be very interesting to the ladies.!, fi;tiires.. In censure, and very rnufh to Laugh! at. .
-- -- ClIJIPS. . . . . . . "
& I. 12 \r.ltt'r sl nd: TnoH.i AUTIN. War- H. Lo.vc. .4. 4 )\J TIlE :APPLICABILITY OF TilE FINE : J A YOR. Humph AndIHlt: do you
:.- t. I. I 10.{ I 17. .tII.IC'hil"oh.1 F" 20 copies.| . . . . . . X ij 00 ARTS TO DOMESTIC: USEVIs According to onr text t. which we consider co'Timend !
_.. -.--..-,. --- -. .. Austin: & Long, PREMIUM : another series of Engravings a toil one, I the supposition) : is made (hat
now in
preparation A I
%. .V J. 1i.jfr.iI.. COM t :MISSION f !M Postmasters, ; other- sixty-five' I f millions i of dollnis i i.. ili irrmriritl IWOIoupHIUan Ih.11.i
ERCHANTS or *, !sending! 20 name" and and will I 1 be publi>ltid" ( rliiiir.i :! I tho year.Cfl1'l'Zi' In.n.e. ,
v i ULKv.; : ;) I-:!: r \ d.r.IWCI.n: slay al an pieatlur r I I
No 45 Water-street I J5 dollars I will I i receive Vol l I II I of; Ilolden's ;Magizino i I'UttN I..UnI. : l l > ths producers of (c-otlon no more. I..qltur il
: -i" IL..* HI ii: iit Iud 1'1 .i ittu.!.; UIf.1iHil\' ..'.., ,. ; 'hanH'xuwlj u-xind in muslin and gilt-edged.; I Having given so many Mod( Collagewe: intend: Our Y"inUee: hrethn-n. by iheir acknowleilfi- make short rii.oni-, a good writer that will
..1. t'I\'i 111 :I1 i '..Ujitor:'. N ; Vl! l A .Ia14'1Ii..4'I, r.i. not write too much, and a that IMS
Addiesspot-p.iid fnol just
Vo. 1 19: .V.iier 4t IH'I.1" -- -- --- ( ,) i now to commence the publication! of Cottage l'1I] skill! i ami i industry. England:I and oilier' .
I ('a::IB mission<< util Auction Room CHARLES W. HOLDEN I Furniture very >ncl.'t !'ens., Ii In lintii Ills !o f'llf.MAYOR. .
:\. It .\ II tcirohfli.! : necessary. app( i vCottage. foreign; nations I huv I his 1:1 re crop from I us. i 'rln:
__ ___
n. 109 Nassau-street, N. Y. Whatuu; !
U EUl"AUI.AI..ABDIA., add lo its value one hundred arid filly mil-
;i. P: AIT ucv P. S, Editors copying .the above Prospectus RELIGION AND: HISTORY. l their \\'. A m..n who/ marries girl
labor i
: : ions by and
'V r i.s-ti.5' : 'n ;i'TIt.1t :, .. I' and this notice, arid noticing the Magazine edi- Our !superior' Artist!' Walter*, Tucker Pease; own sup nor enterprise for her fine d.mcirig.; working man whoheheves
". : :' '). B. TARft & Co. t orially will be entitled to the second volume and Welch, are now clcf .tap large profits by the operation i .
\ : i IS ) ; \I IC1Ni: : > P.\JXT l'i engaged; upon as> plat'sillustrative I i in I the of professionalguillemen
sy sympathies
.: I lIoljeI's I ; Masazine! : handsomely bound in muslin i of thee two dt: ;. ;r.\ ['., kl"1. W. !tIIVInlZ\ received a lull share! of the patro- a youili studies law or medicine -
... and siilt-edged, and in addition full I OUR( MUSIC. t manufactured: I state I to I the individuals \\11
a splendid
\1.'r tl 't 1tnut. ;:! of 5.t4tit" ry..r. u:.g t. JV 'in (lIP Merchants( of Apalachicola.. last very while lie has the of his hwtii.'s
.. l lasaI enuth 1 Engravins, on tinted ol f Hor.iee Prepared expressly I for in original and who produced the raw material Is this use ,
.1 C i. .Ia.lt t : ,::1,] \:\, :atJ'.lr\'t; .i" '. ,i<. ; ? will feel thankful 'for the same ill our line paper -mostly ,
\ rd t 11 x t1 .ichj(" 'ia'. J.'a. IIr' h-j'iijie-s! t I' e coininginter.. ireeiy, Editor of (lhe New York Tribune, drawn t beautifully\ printed, has long commanded; a d. d- wise economy! 1 Or, is it the quintessence: iud the people who elrct drunkard or

...._-__;._ -."" .. l aia"la: Ala.. Nov. 101, 1S4S. 4.r! ..tfEtifaisla from life by barley and'ensraved by Richard- led preference over that of any other ..Magazine.Il o f'a false and stupid course of domestic blockhead lo office.MAYOR. .
-: 1i" IStltP.I', s on. The l hook will he mailed to such papers I I i-j i a feature in The Hook. policy) ? The latter proposition would seem Ahem, and what do you laugh hat

,C 0 M! M I > .q I O X :MItt'ItN1': ( : Auction and Coitinis- bout the ]5lh of January, whenit, will be ready, TIlE LITERARY CHARACTER OF GO lo he wholly indefeasible, as will be seen ? .*

X'.. 1 J 'A'jtrr -street-ITp -*!..tilj -!, ion House, on the reception of a paper containing the aeh'cr- DEY'S> LADY) TOOK. t the brief by WIMO.NT. I h:.ugh at the lan who expecis -

'"*.... I 1. !I... (t" \o
J. L.. U-LKN. J.I"S 1. t.Jlf..1S.s. D. rl.\NFOR"'II. t his and noticing monthly will aKo receive the ( W. G. Simms: MM. Ellet T. S. Arthur, pioduce si tJ-five millions worth of raw% which his personal: and quahlicn-respect
Masazine! : each month for the coming >ear.F :Mrs E. Ojkes Smith, Mrs. J. C. Neal II. T. coJton. Thai is the sum total of Us (pioduct. qualtits

C. AtJctl A Co. Th.inkftil fr the pitrona: hitherto received Tuckerrnari, IiV Herbert, &('., I the autl.ir} ol I t Bui suppose we add t to it:> value one l lions do not metit.iMAYOR. '

1 \\.1101..11.l HTKJ Kctrfil i fl.-;iIrr. in I from the :Merchants I of Apalachicola, he would Wesfern I-J'oilnce.ST. t the Widow Dedtt, Proli-s-TT' F'rof t, Bryant, Long h hundred and fifty millions of dollars by our I Oh 1 perceive yon arc an ut-

.'iUJ'iS: i \ \1HCI 1 ( \E'. JMIVTS. OILS, n>:OII'ct;! tinllv: enlicit a continuance of their favors. LOUIS FL.ur, Ohio do, Lard, WhNkey: fellow t: I1oluH's-and I a ho.-t! t of utlers-must: : al own rranofacluring taI'or-t thus rnakinc:; it lert-r of pilhy sei.tent ; row 1 am aboutto

tl4s.z: lt,1ISC.&C.: I.o = EiitithAIa., Oct. 27, IS-! ;. .. .1'_2-s uar, choice and prime, MnlaseFPork, nft'o! sand 'Vas take the lead in Iiter.iry: merit. really worth two hundred and 'fifteen ;millions 'niter one that will :>upri>e ) ou.WIMONT. .

-- --- : F prime, BaconHams, Side of dollars your
"IH..n' --
\I/t"'t'llt: nf! to us! receiving all! time large
IflK$. .BI.tr.Tn'E!: \', &e &C.I ])rofc 1Jfonal NotiCC1J. ale by B. ELLISON: & Co. For Three Dollars we will -nd the Lady's profits of its fabrication, and also: hutton would indeed be matter fur astonishment. -

C'lf uf Clirt"llut .' Coui'ri'.tr.e: $-, .___- u.- -._- --_.-_._-_-_.______.... .. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut: sts. Book containing more reading; \i than\ any other I the South I i to maintain' an I imn.ense enabling: I .
----- -- t
.Tui IS \ .1 tehll"h! | Fl.1 monthly, and the Lad)" .** Dollar New.:< published operativepopulation
MAYOR. discontinue
: papi-r is thai
; :
_. School Books f.Iy sentence -
---- \\\ril\ SYDNEY l creating large and! you
---- GREEN M. D.) (twice a month, which contain, ns much permanent '
for lhe
JRaIely ) I travelling I term ol I thirty
IS. S. IIivleyni : of the .! durable home markets in our midst, not
reading as any f3 period: of Ihe Ibl-! only
\ ; : \v.) o.iiissio.MERCHANT;; Centre;Xr"dAV:rind be High found streets at his, opposite residence the, corner Mansion of I _.Feb 17 -... ---- H F ABELL.-- making t three publication? in one month t or i il I the fill the fabrics themselves, but for e't'rysprcif's days, while you rest, and recruit. Joustf atioaiiiesmnit.

X'J.h Water ftr,-. t, IIl1u-:,!'. S Nov 5. DysciiCary Cordial.DD. subscriber; prefers I the following( *;'lendid engravings of dairy, garden and domestic consumption .
I Dc 5 A".11w.iC'f.II.1.,1! WOOHRUKI-'S! I D i to Ihe Ladv's Dollar rj his retort was a ocr.8n4I! r.
---- .. ----r-- -iitury C dial, ju t Newspaper, (although I and can ing the annual tribute 11 \\imollr.
I veryV: Jo-tics-- W. G. M. Davis, received :and for sale by we would not ndvi! -e it, a' rngravii-u-; : ;>ot he which we now (pay .to other lands ind distant .: submitting I to. the} r qnimntrir.of vagrant
; Dec 9 II F ABEL sent 'thron h the mail without 'b.-ing: crushed I act, from I lhe hall ofjubticewithout
GltOCiiRSfc; 0. ) \v'l L \I1SIIEItCIIANI'S, ATrOltXIY AND COUXSELLOK AT LAW, (Jr capitalists diaining. us of I the circulating retlftd
creased!,) we will end I the beautiful plate another Mliable.MKTIIODIST .
.. Xo ..UV. erst reel.KNJAMI.N Oilers fiis :services to the public in either of the Citron, Currants, Raisins, Lemons I the conaining medium every year, to remain; among utteiing:
f) (" :5 A..t1.u'hieI Fa portraits of I Ilaju-i Newell, Fanny
t : afcove capacities.He %:c. Forreter[ Mrs. Stewart<< t, Mrs. Ann II. Judson! us. adding to it I lhe large 'pi otits they now:

: J KU.IVIN W 1t.1.IA'f! A U'II. u.)1) will practice regular!) in Franklin, Cal J JUST received in fine order, cud for,sale by and Mr**. E. IJ. Dwight, and:: t the plat of Chri-t f'njoJ-would not the condition of rlu-.l'ol- ] Cncncii PROPKRTT QUES-

Ellison V Co.,, houn and JacknnCircuit Courts-and will, upon 11 C A GREEN & Co. Weeping over Jerusalem, The Opening: of Ihe ton growing Slates be .berx fined 1 Such TIl), .-'j'hieVesterti Christian Advocate

COMMJsIX J ; 1 MERChANTS 1 ) a spccid.1 retainer, -ac.t; as Counsel, in any Court I Cranberries.IV -- Sepulchre, Deliverance of St. Peter, i-nd The- of (;course would he the case.Ve believe I and I the Methodic Expositor! sun-ounce that

anv GO-IDS, AMI CFKOCEKIKS OKAl.KK* : .N, HARDWARE' of f theflddle or Western Circuit. He will% aU-o, hf and) qr bbls. j ist recited and for sale by Rebuke. If prefern-d to I the Newspaper or plates, t Ihf.1 it would amount to more than double i j eminent counsel have IJ.'t'f< unsuited on the

TIN WARE, unnrs. :SIIOE: HATS, anjueca-es in the Court of Appeals at TaMaha! II C A GREEN & Co. we will send Miss J,1': lit>'s Novel of Amelia, and I the profits now derived from the raw staple. j pout-r of'I I the Iwul aemit under siutlinriry

C\PS, CROCK1RX: *!HIP see, the sessions of which he will always be S. any three of Mrs. Grej's or Miss Picket ing's popular Ol course it i is; not pretended that the ,|I of t lie General ConfVrrr.re., .lo submit rIle
present at, unless prevented by accident. Yellow Potatoes.UJo novels. .
colton Slates could manulaciuie the {'mirecrop |!I of the division of lie Church
Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.: A.palacliicoh, September S, 18-40 BHLS. in fine order lor sale I bv 4 For Five Dollar- we will !send' two copies of I question pro-
__l>c 9 of i ihe raw staple. But: a large portionof hefty to :iibiiriion.; : and are advised that
Apalaclncola, Fa.HAH. Jan t II C A GREEN & Co. the Ladv's Book, and a set of the plates to each
A. O. Seiitmcs, subscriber.For it could be, with the most beneficial I re- lhef, oiinl 1 legally tin fnvnh P. .
M .
Ten Dollars sulis. The calculation was made so comprehensive annual conferences. The: Ex-
will send
ITI'Calla & Roi aln. CCJ-: Office, ."'\ '0. 2 Capt. fUmrion'. Building l KEF and P.'ik for sale by we five copier o f
COMMISSION I > Nnv25 ; the Ladv's Book, and a cop.o( the! person) ;1J.tJ- in order lo enable; the reader'smind I posiior publishes! tn fficiil i.otiflcation of
MERCHANTS. ror. Centre & Commerce streets. B. WOOD!
No. 9 Columbus Block nov5 Fla.- ing the Club arid a set of plates to each. lo grasp at one glance the great good J I ihe commissioners of the 1urrh'r Division

Nov. IS Apalachicola Apalachicoh, For Sale. For Twenty Dollar**, eleven copies' 1.1'!the t Cook!: which could be accomplished under the circumstance of The Church to i ihis eJr.ct. I directed

-- S S "-- SniiflT. l'COILS RopiIJJU]I ( Ibs Twine, bv and a set of Plate** to each sulncriber! and a copyof cit ed. lo I the Rev. Drs. B-'scnm. Grei n, incl others'

Utiitcrivood A Caigh, and Macabov, in battles and blad Jan 18 NOUR'JE, STONE &. Co. t the Book to I the person' sending I the Club. In the of commiv: >i,,ner.s (lor ihe iMethodisl Episcopal
SCOTCH S language
TAILORS t received and for sale by : .. Georgia OSlabnq-s, For One Dollar we will send the Lad.. ': Book: a coteinporary; speaking .- Chinch .
the of lu114
of I
4 months;; and for necessity: establishing manufactories
Feb 17 II F'ARELL. sal-by H. XRY YuUNGS cents any one No. Postageto Such
decision ,
\LTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. FOR 2'i be paid on ,all orders. in the cotton states, we say : 1 11 I I it I f was probably expected

Apalachicola, Fa.. ''I ,, Clarified .* nsar.B : )3V.t..r !s'reet. Address, J... A. GOOEY, is said that we recover a part( of our loss by I by the Southern Division of lie Churrh.and .

fJ-: An orders: attended J to with\ ncln lit LS New Vork CUriri<.'djust received, ACK- Cofl'ee.S 113 Chestnut street, Philada. feeding the labor of Europe while it is producing hence the commencement of a stilt for .
vnd Pdt'h. Jan.: 20ITI. ) 50 land (or sale by 200 : > RIO landing 2nd for sale by With any newspaper giving the above a few the -fabric; from our raw material we ihe recovery of thtir.shart nf the properly.

S Jan 11 CA GREEN & Co. _.n_Nov- -18- -D B WOOD. insertions we will cxchan c.MOFAT'S answer it is only apart, and a very small I Preliminary measures for the prosecutiooof ;

N,. Scott &:; Brother, .-.--- c iliingFOR / LIFE PILLS AND PHCENIX part which we regain by (this means. European sur.1 Stt have. we (believe, ben taken bjr

Vi VHOLE"ALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN. Panacea. sale on consignment, a large invoice of f just received and for sale by labor occasionally (Veils from American the Southern commissioners who, are now

W GOODS, CLOrHI: G. BOOTS, SltOES, SWAlM &sale HQUCK'S Panacea. just received d made clothing, by the package, by Nov 28 H. F. ABELL Druggist. store houses. When they have full I il Washington. ]it i unilrrslood. that they
.' HATS'' Ac by Nov 18 D B WOOD. have
i enttaged the Hon. Johnson
Reverdy of
Cor. Water and Centrest Fb 17 H F ABELL -- Brushes. crops across the Atlantic they take little or
Oec 23 'eptl', 2' ---1 New Dry Goods. Hat Clothes, TeethNail and nothing from us except Coiion OIncl1"ohac- Baltimore Win. P. Meredith of PhibdelplfiH. -

t, Apalachicola; Fa.. HATS and Caps by the case low for cash by AUSTIN- &. LONG, successors! t to J. Stevenson HAIR: .. for sale by Shaving co the latter of which articles is encumber and Daniel Wel-sier of Boston with

'011.. W. SUb. ,' I WM., W. CHEEVER B. ELLISON &. CO. art jmt' ; opening at the old stand}, cor : Feb! 24 II F ABELL.Perfumery. ed with a duty which greatly reduces its whom wil be associated another whose

Siuls & Cheevcr, les 0.) Cor. Water and Chestnut st. ner of( Water and Chestnut streets t an entire new consumption.: Their sliding! scale of duties I name not .rausl.iF.d, tilt, he; will proba-;

COMMISSION;; MERCHANTS; Drills and medicines.' stock of DRY GOODS;, SHOES, HATS &.e. to excludes breadstuff hly he elected hum someVestera Slate.-1iY.
> always so soon
our .
... %tlrfice No. 36 Water rtrf.-t. received from New which they invite the attention of the loimer A LARGE assoitment of Extracts, Cologne, I Commercial.. S
dec23 THE subscriber has just 1 &e. &.c. for sale by they produce a fully supply at home. Besides -
Apalachicola.FlaL c; customers the nIt firm,and the public.
and I fresh .
I per brig Virginia, a large Apalachicob, Nov. 11, 1S48.; 43-6m Dec !9.I J ALLEN & CoO : if I his labor was performed' at home,
E. C. Roberts; stock of Dr.ugs and Medicine!?, and all ilr.tirlestJlualiy : would it not its whole It is curious >
require susieuanc- that the Gila rifer in Ca-
DEALER would Note IJ pcr. Gold Pens Gold Pens !
Iil1e whIch
IN HARDWARE t kept in his .,to .he retprclfully ->
SHIP] from houses and! granaries Em lifoania
CHANDLERY, IRON STEEL NAILS << call the attention of his 'Iriends, and PERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for' F' the litest a >d most! t approved st\le, just 'our store) ancient ruins indicate the formerexistence
million If dollars worth of I.
ploy 150 hor of a civilized
SPIKES AND the public generally.Nov received, and for sale by semi-civilized) population
4nd .Manufacturers of Tin CASTINGS 4 H F ABELL. Dee 9 J C ALLEN & Co. Nov IS J C ALLEN & Co. here, and how much will the farmer uet for as do the ruins on the Kio Puerce,
Iron, and Cop feeding it 1 Certainly much: more than he in ihe Valley of ihe Rio And
per Wart; I Seeds! Seeds Seeds Oil Cloths and Carpets.PCS Saddlery, &c. does for the occasional supplies which he ihese facts bring lo mind Slip Grande. *
-. Apalachicola Fa. GARDEN Seeds, just received, and for sale y 15 Oil Cloth, 1 and yards wide; SADDLES, of various( patterns and qualities, furnishes to the labor of Europe in ol fact that; the of the mor striking '
years presence prectou3mru).
H F ABELL.2000ft pcs super Ingrain Carpeting; curb and SnafOe bits, :
t GR.OCeR 4 Edward ltIeCullY .- .2 Stair Saddle Rags, famine. So long as we'say to all the world m those locations of the Russian Er pi{! .

AND COMMISSION'MERCHANT. S POln..t. '. 10 Tuffed Rugs, Martingales and Whips, for sale by by our acts, that we will content. ourselves where they .are now so .abundHillyQu'tld; ( \

Zov\ 11 No. 8'\Va.ter'ltreet received and for sale by For sale by WM..G, PORTER; &. CO.- '- -WM.'G: PORTER Co. I to dig ami toil! fur your convenience, and I though recorded .by Herodotus, was (ron

lickiColiiT) ;'F.; : U F ABEt. Dec--- 30- 41- Water street.. -. Dec,-. -M. 4i Water street. supply you with cotlooj and feed occasion? i. sight- of for two thousand years. -

... .




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4 : .

-.':: ;- -...,.: -.. .. .. .....-' ._

From the New Orleans Delta. I I would be an act of bad neighborhood, and UO{ I {!RUIAL I AUVEilTI' Elt. the hunker Democracy, and seceding Clay 1MB. EDITOR : the steamboats io the most perfect states'{ .'

Louis Xapoleotu I in bad faith,-and in inter violation of the 1 Whigs. who were in thai body because of I I it true that the Rev. Mr. Zimmer refused 'pr.-seralion-hning been sheltered

The President ->leci of France. twelve or 5piril and intent of the ranters( II he( Cnn -- Ihe. sprinkling of abolition members who to attend' Capl. Cromwell's funeral', thai the winds of heaveD might not over,

fifteen some lim in this Mitiuiou. alt) of all hs romproiniseK. I IS : FEB. 8, 1849Tbe I visit i h
ac Ct. spent AF.L
State years and appeared hbe marl pleased iiollificHiiun, ju-t' at bad in-our opinion, as ------ -CICOU- ., -. ---- --- -- .. were present (therein. We know that many tO'das, in consequence of Capt. C's declining j too roughly."-and' with very slight injur%

with the mode of life .>( our sugar planter*. was the South Carolina niillificalion act of ( following gentlemen are HtilliortzedAgents tlelrg"Ps'rtlirfd. heal as they asserted, to be baptized in the faith of ihe Episcopal you will see il arrive. at Apalacl.icoh. But

Indeed lit had made arrangements 10 purchase the Tan If: for tint (like this) 1.111) penal l for theCoMMiCKCiAt. 1 nvku'rtat.nil evil they feared the predominance of abolition { ChUf.hVe? arP credibly informedsuch then i it is consigned for sale it must await

a plantation and rf Aide byre perman ulxMlieuce to the F"ll.nl law, by State tioiifc, or adveru.eIllrulr sentiment in the deliberations ol the'Convention. i is the fact hit for the credit of .the a purchaser; if for shipm-nt, it mint
enlly. The pnllrnJ.". howev-. from whom! "f1 s. :- I t

the ,,1..lIla.iul1Va't.; lo be bought.! requiting: a I .No N'-\ Ymk Whig Legislature, we \\';)t. \\?. CtiREVFR.Ksq., Albany I Ga.l'1't Church" a! w.1 as ihe calling of which .convenient freight; engaged. And ibus e;.

good endorsed, note the, haughty: son' ill the lrns I t. uill 1 inn into the e exiiemes 1'hr .\ JACK HAUPMAN. r,nhiiilH. Ala I Had public opinion at the North heroprrparrd :1 r. Z. is a member, we trust it is not so. posed io the alternate rain and sunshine Of I

Kin:: of Holland replied. No one! of wjy policy is .. b.nl as the measure i.i wrong.The .- .A' .1.. ),.IVrar. Talljiliu-bee. FIIWe lo sustain+ lads on (he vested If the rules of the Episcopal Church required climate almost tropical, for weeks, upon th

name evpr gives an endorsement.+ '" nll'lht'{ p' opleaie :1 Ittl. and their Instincts' constitutional rights of the South, there such a course then we Mr. wharf it receive
open injuryufhe1ept
cautious !pl-tnter. I thinking: that, name would .ire so acute, than ilicvvill, imnicdi lily >.ee ate r<'queMi) >d t t slate: I that I the Rev. prfsu.le cot

hardly)) educate his sons anl" iiightei.*. de.ctineJ that I is c.irried in +ihe frar''I Fiee Soil" Mr.1 BIKMINUHAM will preach, in the Council were InlrilwillfdVhi{ and Democrats, Z- is not to blame even one to cause the charges and depreciation abovg

parting wllh his array upon MI uncertain mid .. ?1h.IlUUnli.nl"ml w hen I the reactioncomes : Chamber next morniiig. 'd aplnirtte schemPrreadY: lo have 'pandered of the lineal descendents of the Apostles. stated whether this be in fact the cause t6

; a !security. Thus. was Louis Napoleon, it will b&rl every one cuunectcdi Sunday to such a state of mind. Had they INQUIRER.Mr. which it is attributed. *"

prevented' ) from carrying into effect hi.* de i with it." Governor Ilrowu's Inaugural. have
supposed hal the hearts ol'the If therefore our merchants
sire to become a ciii/.en of this Republic We are plea, lo observe that the patriotic I If'o. EDITOR :-At a meeting, held at Eu- uuI'lf
From the New York lsel 1 le" of the North were "prepared for war" agents of Pains-takin n
that into effect ExprtlIo II i very
If he had( carried purpose! Governor.j faula. on ihe 29th ultimo, by merchants ? prudent

he would have: heen a IK-.ir neighbour: I.. ihe The S"ulhpr Whigs have just 1 heen put I sentiments of our e.sleemed on Southern rights there were men no and inleiested in the of cotton people who wish the cotton sent to them
others -
o President elect of the United :Statps.; It i isremirkable \ IJJ a trial{ like thai) ue N''rthrnll'hi 's went II I contained in liis Inaugural Addrt's.s. meet doubt, reaify. to cry ."Ha-voc% !" and lead. on shipment in good order and condition, do

s f.ict dell: 'Loils i Phillipne, in i through, when .. the Free Soil" hubby was I with the hearty: .ippiobaiion of our Whig the ass.'iuli. Could political capital haves to mi r'city, it was among other things such cottons prefer( Ipurchase

his rxileiiid also fixed up<.n iht; SI.KC lor got op here, to run over us. and to tide.! biethicn ill'the at the i resolved only as have: bteaihoiiehi
his resilience, whn events+ ..all.-I,I Ire.i to ': d+,H'll our cHtidldaie.Genei.il: : Taylor ; and{ i press I been Ihd. by : manifestation tic such hostility I That enough of to be placed in store im.
;also a source: of to U9 to find) that I we are to a certain extent taxed unjustly -
3:tit ape. We do not think if Louis. Napoleon '| ill honor. be to them fur the in.inly; manner [ C ue dare: say the leaders ol the FreeSoil through the of our Cummis- mediately: upon ils arrival heie, ihey are i idIhe'prat'lice
; portion ill'Ihr Democratic d lre.-s at the agency
have ) the ti'nl. Our .situation, ;,
this Snte tint he >
had continued :
: in lt Slll,1 party might have adopted as a motto sinn J\Iurchunls\ at Apalachicola cottons of i very praiseworthy
I Presidency i 1 vis: like iheiis, anal th'-i1-1 like South have become blinded passion asto C.I act, and
would ever h ive an Tine. the ol t very onis.- so by '
the words of Gen. Cass'.s prayer, '' Tnt shipped'lhere since ,first January fns't., is ; the only one 1 yet have seen whose
the Union. I Indeed, if ht' could ever hive i We -\ eie ioM : 'Grrral'i'avlor ouos300'slus. (I : be no longer able lo distinguish lie truth which tendency .
i ABOLITION OF SLAVERY: WHEREVKR we feel; believing ih.it as ginr- : is in the
IT KXISTS. : improve
'You of
got into our Iv'gt i4.! 'tiirt. \ hid't'I"i :ue !11.lln slaveiy. The genuine emotions, of and diva our mreresis should enter into our staple'
i IIMS, whipped in your candidate.' patriotism ." Thai they did not do so-that {they c'i"ls'nl they and the
clddy elevation: lie xvo Md lnv IWl'n q-nte) ;, 80lrl you. .I 'lion' 10 the Union from the manifestations no a reem'nls' 'combinations, the t'ffVt'f. only one perhaps which can have
fortunate: i'i livII ili.,:, i jtl i smi-iviug$ and ovcrCutiihig and fastened l"''nrr.ll Tailor 'upon' '' von.' "It I I disclaimedmy! such intentions, i is the best of which will work that effect.
an injury to us, we
j t'' '\hiel 1. snlTi.'t'MiiIv' ...! 1'rs i : \;Clu\ of South ovr the Noitii.' mdilfeifiice lo Southern rig llts. O"ve. ; i
: a ie uas rO/I:[ llt evidence that they had sounded public opinion j h.iVp assembled lo give expression to our For the individual planter
to Inve hi nu-d! I ttif prjsjtuts. :: of .1 Uf..1. .-ie And t now, away with i I \> t to Bull'alo); We ours Biown and CII'mJt1 have been rrn- ;' I sentiments, with firm belief that with his 100
.......,..'.1.. u'" ....I..,.0 !' fit/ \ not 'tl. \\'f u by : their
: t time, and gat'liuu jh and surer JlfucJic them. Martin Van Bnren in hte pan place doing
1'1."! +Lic7. wiiic'l' M wo'J :"Utt"1I.t"! ed.J It.II over get relatively more for Ins
rUlioi. toil rclIIi'4,1\ ) 'i'1 .h I id "-'I"4' >M"l ., [ \\ whelming ur,jnlNles. The ClioIh.) UN I what) Iht'y.He ;pleased, to consider alI letter :accepting; ; !the nomination of the Buffalo :1 this have, we wish it distinctly ooderstood, that I linn 10 the care :he crop proper-

desire! to dioot a wild lurkry.: ao I hollowingv : 1 luN. No s"etll'PtIISItS i then \\'t'It our rail inoiipottune attachment to the' we no objections lo pay any 'chants I bestows upon his prepa.ration .
hat f for
I dislla.r body
( lying and COivelitiltl. reproached; c whi:1 may accnie.lces ary to their safety, ff but cannot avoid
Cwill tJn from one 4tf our li.ispiiahie: pi niters.I | crte: 11".e aroused and carried I Constitution cal Alas thai' rlrker shore|
\ lie i not hiving to I their plitG; rrnahulitinlp [ are even willing in contributesowenhatto
with 'us the people. Ohio alone I atI..d I anr charges and depreciations
whom lie went r the went) slra which
I w.js >.1 j.mi (cm:j. iMio I ; the day has: come when it i is dangerous In b l their custom has
and sh.' 'becKirse in the District of' Columbia and avowed CUIIPrcc. hut believing that the
: Il \Vlngs
woods in searrh of tlie \lull.: foul against; only + llieie dot : estjibjishvd: a* ,
I necessary 11
'found "to { defend) the situation in which they have upon export i of
whir) he cuieii.imeil 1 snti, bloody lesion*. not do as \, in the NorM+ h iitl! -thiow Hurt ready protect ;lr himself prepared to sustain such a n1: ure.lis I voluntarilyplaced ; the' 'rt. Whirs{
He had not |flr; t before lugf hl|,icklooking hoard: all I the ditorg.Hiiz'rs.Southern + Constitution ol' the Unit .l Stales" I Iht'ISVIS. is one which compelsI (( arrangements of tins kind
gone suggestion with and
met no response I hefn I work against interests is im ;
our and i is and felt
liinl, kiinnglv: iesend>h.i: a turlv.I ll'Innow aie aoiiig through, I ne.'fiaieTy s.'tO a class of
in Cnn rrs.In'I l Publt Opirlon ct tit North upon> theS' indeed was wholly at variance with htJr1 me'rcaniile -nrrricipleo chasers he'tore Ilr.
are hrm
sprang up, and.tivu hi: :2 11- hug: wings, art to go I through at home ', whft ran apprrrrate

began to .o.r: lejsiirelv :above linn. The lit, same sort nf tri.d. .\1.r. ( '.,Ib''unlth n ,'cry Queston. 1.111;1 'rtr l"r have 1t'f'r :acquired by --he it thereforeRewlvcd. his labors, all 'wII, { compere fa '(.| |

Ins double- is a nm-eiiaiu i soil of a Democrat, after The as-sertion has; h.n (fnqnently I marie% the with 1st, That \ve the unreriEnrfJ.sllPp'rs h'lhlioQlor
Prince rtiuiedi) 'uey|. t'nenn;1' I annexing treaty Mexico or had the Wilmot t ( she oV

barrel an'} biased; : IU-IVM lli> nitd uhich, : I ; Texas bringing: on the Mexican war. of'lafe. That I there I xt Irs al ihe North a >piril I Proviso been s'ifled at its birth and the of" cotton from the lowllf Elf..la: rrlulliff lit l 'il; ftnd ihm. M

fell d.l hi..I l feet. .3tiaightw.it: ; II. s ti i/.e.l 1 wuh i I I the i inevitable i I I ;),'.II iln ol, Free Sui I I"icall ref hostility io the constitutional rights ol r the and vicinity; look upon the hie agreementeiffered least a class of cotfr-n "iif"rwtr.J (rur

hi ii: :g line .in.I Unrne" ,I h ,Wu,is : not f ho"lever .\,' Tf'rntlr', now re-moiitits I tire u'liraslaveiy South. question of slavery in the Territories been 'iirto hPI\"t1 the buyers and sellers this po'rl' entitled 'Ih true ma'rVet 'rah)..
Tlt assumption; t' such: ) a"sPriuna. (left to be settled! the inhabitants when of c n't i, 10 'be Yn '
without I'xirl Ie11C1: .1. co-i:i le :a'de' an hubby md 'h () Irly of which he i isnow by 'rs.lf anattempt and responsible for no objections;

noy.irtcr from tli' verv piignt'it!! odor I which 1 ihe ;u'kllI.tgpd,! Southern l'a ler r"ll a f.l.t. has h.el 1\'t'; a basis for ii"lill framing a Slate Clln..tirliinn. Ihp abolition( ; on their part t.. force from us :i own. ul''l.ir

the fowl emitM'.l. )Heloie{ in,. Ila,1 I r"-:ifhfdihe ; snou 'lie Pal; tlown a'i ='II1r.'I.ig... by' those who call on the people of ihe would ere now have been extinguish oniribmion for the support of ceitaiii i iterests i.. .

house, I the i"Mar.uii': ( "- I lierommj i ; .ilmo..i who wil not follow lliem with the C'I'. Smith to awake to I threatened ", party in,thai city, which we are only wit Nor (hPsthivreruT'ttiorl wo'rk injury upon
'Ir.r.V ed. And should the of in do when .
ling lo
too !strong: 1 for t'11'l.lrIlJl.l ... tinPimce. dnw 'fl1''+r men .ire tiaiiors in ihe tino11Ihr 1' for our {part, have never d the question slavery benefits :arriving are mutual. any one. Shippers may disregaVd if, nnd+l

forth a 'biiiile of K: HI,il"- Cologne.: : :ind 'h'-.l| i h.ue 111,1111, to the North. They de.seii- c'.rli. al.ga.dunhef'au.w the T"riliti..s be Bellied l, a! we trust 1 i il I. l. sell tilrilt'tl''r; wharf, hut they

it to hi- tune with hi< ld> Ii.url.vlnUi., unit;, nl I os in the Sooth ro caucus. Sl.iveiy u is we had. fiom peisrnnal'observ.uioii { may.. i some proper; and constitutional: 1 21. Thai we aim) our facio'rs hullo io Ii, merchants who refuse 'raitiln't'n1,1-eel

the ri_: ht. he bore hi.% tuiU'Y :it 'HO'.I'u'h.! : MI il.mger: from tre.icbeiy.it 1 home, and+I CIII: satisfied our:elves of tile'conlrarl.'.. manner-+'d shntlirlh. District ol Columbia protect us against all expenses on ship i In buy 'fromAnd Ihrm.

Arrived at the )h"uolt>>. wheie! a I I.r .. "-om- -piracy: with the Noilliero men.' The mire Doling, a lour to the North this summeiwhru '- 1t'Irs made them except such a3 actually) ff resist.mcr'becnnu'a general and m",.

I pany was as'""IH',t.,1 on ihe .III'r,! )'. iJi<- effort will be to m the the coming Congressiinil the question !' ihoroneh-I be relrnceded In Maryland, 'is il t finally) and necessarily I accrue. clang aVe c'ninpelled. to yield as lh Win;
tdaveiy was I y
.. 1 K eclioos .1 must be, there will nn longer, be a 31.' That we 'tarn '
Prince rushed tipio themmil ihro-.Mni_! lii Iht'r'lur upon this issuet pretence r.ar'lheir as-em to t be, for they will not sacrifice '
I discu.sstd
a winter's l
ly at the $ IHui
.. II h'. Bufl'ilo Convei.li. nal (for action the of all cottons shipped them in Warehouse, atshippers
game on Ih,' fl-+-ir. f\rl l n.ii'-d i : 1 Iy! n.lrVUllr any on I pan Congress s r.

turkey H11h.; .' yoml to .* it. hut IIH In- Now. just as .Mr I Calhonn. after, causing r Fiee Soil l meeting --i in assemblages of the subject slavery. Any to agitate i- expense; as fhsregardfnl of our I. nes-j upon a princlj.TS, Stilt n IblttlInitant-)

c.I-1 1 "allu I Moicll, !" \VTineed, not iniurni .,11 this lavery agnaiinn. mounts this siverhobby | all Varieties and shade.s of political feeling.wt the "I either attempt trusts, in as much as it excludes trail!jrr' S if r"tyVish cotton in .store fi fire
our readers that. the l t ornilhotosieal, .111",1,I so \lr. Vwn Buren. after le'mg a > have been and halve: studied (he question by 1tlilll to, orby buy'e'r.s. who may be disposed 10 parch ''' ihey buy il.llf.il iTie'iisflreJ put it in
Noiihern fiMn with I Soiiihern 1..11111. rt'S.lutul in. fit hi r House of Congress.must on tvhaif i-otloos,as landed, )Lulu a fair:
lint of the Prriident H"t nf I ill- F"t'lh 1 :J. : ;principle*, of competition store afterwards ; and if I'u\t'ti'llythe!
public the Fre'- \ ihey
Republic hid I beeii nrt!;1t'c1P'1 ; an'" I he hI'! 'iMiut.fed ihe sort >hvery hobby, .iii-l, at opinion lrlh"-ah" be Iltt','! lml! and admitted+ to be a with those of their own city, units- '

mistaken\ a turkey L b ii/ml fll r .I turkey.NHA 1""JII'lllfll h tf agctrcv' of the Bulf.tl we fret satisfied that no respectable body of Liter) attick on the ;plain ali: settled rightsof it be through ihe aid of our contributions view ol incurring! this 'cVlarge; tjll'it, iW\ )

WP do not &..n'IlI"w))+ this Illri'Irlw01414 II .111'1! r, e over us idijgs.VTjp he.it,; men-respectable either in numbers, position i r the Su I 1 hem S!a IIS. That[ such 4rh.> That we will; use our endeavors MIevery give less by' that much than Ifl! wnuli!

1 hfie cj era receive .
late: Y4s Linn ; and we he:! nor re.idt-iH. III lie ''i.ive :1a"'I' a doubt that as long as ("he a ever the support of any (his combination, even al the expense 'of ouinhmeiliale : .
{ ., s"ul'c purpose to disturb the |po.lil'f' decent niiml ei ot citifcens'of the North + interests.We f
stand Union. ,
Ii ce I'm' in withhotdiR 1 i'. wev -ri! not i influenoed S'III'rl"i upon I. W't Subterraneous

by anv exjie'-ia-ion-* cf ei.jtiyiu'j: ;iffnrtion iie\) "II b-Mi Michectioii.d, I"lill also.The 1 lights: of the S.luhl'r States.We .. do not b.lit'v"-I that such projects will; ever have nothing 'to conceal: ) TO ibis mat and Carat the Atlantic.ccftncctirg the Pacific ,

<*f the Piineely I |'*reMd,l .I1t'c. i.ilron-| +- .. .,postiioo of ibe-e SIllh.r'h gs- ,.il ;premise II)admitting that webelieve meet with any thing but contempt and, dm i ter, and take this to 'our acts t The New (hl"ilI. .Cfuri.r ol the 3d irisipublishes -.

age; ; bIn in I this i cnnuiry, we do not' think .n. how < r. who are standing the lest r of thissectiuii'il awl intact+ we know, tlifct srrn the + h of both and ICCaill Ilact' 1 in ]Frt''' 'h. an account nl .1 !*icerraneous : X
ill S"urh"r men i in those of
parlies tlii
would. be n" \Iii;iplniis asoeriion, 'hat no man appeal upon a topic most l excitingin question" of slavery+ in the New Territories, ) community before{ tin canal \vhrch. i is leged. his

could attain the Presidency or any otherelevated the :clih, too. and in whih they -n the and nut of Congress we have no greatreason public.( lieen disrnverrdtnnurchir' 1 the Atlantic
. the North ana
officr who c'msltllw( tell a lurk".\ 'oobably m.ire r illfr..I.tlhal the men whaC'i n I p'uJIt' are :.Imlsr. if not to fear. It would argue a want ofconfidence These >ITes'olnlions aTe based Vipfln the assumption Pacific or rahThe!! MnVy: U hut "
"+*" th"m. i i- one which of quite Ina"illlS. in opposition to the admission 1 "tIIII,1
from a turkey buzzard upon; we the : in the justice and, patriotism of that an :,agreement has been entered "il hard)Y hold wnter." 'ni Washing.g. '.::
Xltl nU'.ht to .lv..1 with adoui.ilnm tl'! of slavery therein. They oppose \i''\ ihe of ton lnht translates' the and .
) citizens States to dilate I into ( we publish
N"nlpr on merchams JlltY.
'.,. pairicilism.] Nothing m.ikes beliveen ;1,1 here, I
us sooroud '
Fron. : rjnr'fioM! ; C: :f'r.! lc'alsl they are averse to slavery, on Aril t' the f'clnrl for th? benefit alike ol the treiiubuJand
of our Whig Conservative P.uty .is consequences which would ensue froma to buy and sell such cottons only as are i il. '
Fugitive Slaves. and because incredulous :
scat dlI. they ('
: a. this \h"n 8lt.h a tempta-) t fXiSI..UC ;I contrary course. To point out the' In ihe end that the merchant A French
\Ve find in ihe New lurk Express an tI to be mute Blue may physician: e. ; at Vrra ;
toii is thus te-isted.! The ,)' of H'unli-{ i"jlw)11 in irs practical; operation.They ; ratlisl.c
lo\alty 'mil measure of ," would be admit have P.z. who, besides .
to privileges exclusive 'of the li
snide on the I subject of the appteheiiFion ern Whigs to the U"illl. their devotion' mid; have no doubt of I t'-e' power of Congress f'rresl 'transient prat-Using c. Lori
a aislrusr of Their :anal Jusiiir, on.i h"lpr." and 'I he charge I of extensive l% Vslair i.
self ., equity that the factor havecolourable
saciiltce.' are of l'luit
of fugitive Slav 's. This, question' i is now .llir..II. dt.pls[ pitrtotisTn. to prohibit its extension to Teriitoriesaiqniicd may ;
) and 1n..f moral. heroism. 1ti'.. might properly be deemed by them an appeal pretext for charging {lor serviceswhidi upon making some excavations, muleiiakrft
under discussion in ,ihe Lcgisiatme: ..f that wherein il never exist 'd. If they with the view of( funning "canal iluountl{
Itj"r.r in and+I welcmne as to their fpts.V'e; forbear lo do he .
Ihlll so-
51.11P.V transfer the renraiks of the editor hrorlp.s.- did may or may not render. No sac l' which io carryhis produce ti. di, .
t doubts Ii. sea.
entertain the >
We in the t'c'r on I subject.they r.
are ton, to i iI for
ntll. feel ,
!HII.lhiz. ( an abiding confidence: in the goodsense agreement as this has been overed at the bottom of the
to nor columns! wiih pleasure. Would I I with i, them i in their i trial, 'for : I have been set at rest by the ellte't,1 ilio. bay of Hun'hlras -
\le I ( 1' adlissiulIII and integrity of {the honest and enligluened Merchants sa thai the tipeninc of moriumen'nl caiulseventyfive
Legislators, and the conductors of ihe press ral Taylor W-.M" unminated, at |Pllladt'l-. 1 the existence of such power by the voles ) they \iI purehaesuc 1, fa'flrf's! !wide' .
phii., jo-l 1 goch a dm w.is r.i IvYll in our earsis men of the North ol both )parlies.We cottons only as its in store, but lactois ;ii"' (about two linn-lmf
in ihe free. Stales, always sUvak! as sensiblymid I South' rn Senators ami feet. loll
.I Dt'llcralC on th>- fllr ) rrirmthg; in a liai< lil
do :
tings in Ihrir9 and we not I } /
passed tlnoughiihe 1 hit political denngogucgan out parties lo this
reasonably! on this exciting topic, and .. same sort of fiery trhl i ; :: ) may not Oiegon) Bill, and by Ihe appioval;,) of the ever lead them to narrinVe the I have statement. True, ;athey line taws)(. the southwest, its si.:'e- 1111 .

in their discus-don of it always keep' in view our success be /> precursor of lr under \\I mlr Proviso clause in that Bill by a ( peaceand nu process by which they cal I 1"tllrl.ttc of enormous stones rudely rut.
Ir'it. prosperity' of the Union, in : two walls, which
a war c merchants rtuiiinned i K
compel to
whetherthey pir-ll
I til-- of tin Union 'I I ,
the Constitution! of the United Statesin! -! common f ? SIIIII"f slaveholding President. These had
But the i : on those rights which their will or have been ful'wt'r lo lHt distance ut seTem! '
as long a- Whigs)f the Noithand 'lr"tl"15.Whll not. they been compelled
the rights of the South we slroubl' }hear less latter evidences, added lo former acts of leagues.
I 1 \V..t.l with-tand; curb infl. they justly) Vf'nerate. to their
a"9urlllu B-i place cotton in that
itno'Mi.ty appe.ils 1 by condition
of disunion and ad sections: of the country I' Southern :"ttl'. with Thomas) necessary Having: readied; life fool iron mains
; as we withsiood.) .flt'r+ the Phila"tlphl.1 mf'l. J"r'rsIIar ) solemn coi.pacl.We to its frilt ;
becoming marketable but Ihartt1y where II.'ul'anu ,
would by respecting! the opinions! and re- I nominaiioo, anil as+ long -, their head, in I the opinion of Nmilifiumen 1 close ; II now in activity. t
1111"11 this article by an extract from have made and ,
Whigs lake the any effort to induce on'r having .u: aw.iy huge Ir' IharIh..rrl. : .
Cognizing the great priuciplis of justice .siautl+ ihey h-ive just taken 11"1 the the : t
Cln'tllll..lil of speech made in the Sf uaie of New ,hants to this ted jhe, entrant e, lhy Hmlrri
amicable ofi in \\I,4h"III III). 11..I is no ,ilaiijer to this Wilmot lal.l. resolution or have submitted "a..st'
soon come to an adjustment : : foregone
Pioviso a ( of 100
U Neither the 'ollclusiln.Thai Yurl. by ] r. Johnson, a Free Soil i Vtl incites m lHidl. (about
+uon. seclimulltsm of a Cal io il with view of
gain 33
taking ants
\Vli any
matter drat I hangs like a portentous:' dud! of Van they so insist we l"pdlll I be surprised The (f.-.:.) i1 nf the same width a. the .':
boon nur a Buien. cm jir: much sentiments which he H..t.
over our country, and threatens to hawk: 1 up I le<. bieik. a link to the grind chain nf Union. -ill"c,we cannot but admit) that reason i is shared the expresses are advantages, is most certainly untrhe. If Nothing ah'iohg iH'c-aiii;\ 'ierii L'trlupeltL.. riC.Ilf.s .

our glorious! Union. The following i is t the{ They may 111 a V. I ihe one at one on, their idc. The South yielded citadel : by great body of the Free Soil there are individuals who, under colors of "m (Jieece could) give ao adequate' { i idrl,' '

article referred to : end of the Union, ,, illihe other at the 1111f: { when the Oiegon Bill was llle party. I this regulation", have >rhafrd! for servicesj of this the tremendous masonry C.. 'Ih. \ails ..r ,

but the II"I. of w hn-lt the links of the ch.iin.in pasccJ Onit .The bill to impose a pI Halt} of S1000 on j not .necessary or actually i isa vaul. The .canal was filled with sail:
.It i is ungracious rebuke ,
our task to they have made flh.leeI. i
.t. shulir a stand the water twenty metres Our I
of ili.it ciiixen ) I i.t..1 i
; ..p.
the two extremes of Southein; and Northern w..n:11 is t".IIratIfIt'XIUU'( thai any or public officer in this State private matter them a"nil the |
of the f'IWtt1 consigner : did hesitate!
Proviso countryman not
principle to embark with
such was settled
no tear it asunder. when who ,
shall ,
fanaticism a.id so 1I"e IIIS..lvt'; in the fHC."S cal attempt, or assist in and is doubtless mhe Indian* in
.. hat attempting susceptible of explanation : a pirogue. Uhich he haiiSrnlo
Thp 1 |Ir soo, howver. is I thus ; { act hecale 8 I Iw. ;.
two counteracting li.s ; but we have n/t uttau' hr us that there must t be imlr..ssiv.ty to execute r the above section: of the Consli-i ; if not. is fur susceptible of de be brought th ihe. *pui, ith-I eiglum}
During I
a more ; k lh m ever +i Iml"ralio"- past political campaign, the hour
ungracious rp
lotion afterwards
yet It11'e ) and the law of if this
Congiess slur
holh) fence is to be.hheved. *-
but if
of friends may ) inflexibly adhere to our i iI principles Free carrying out : ; so, it is hot dnrgeabie to this{ )
rebuke S., '
is. in some our own m il made .
of I : ) In
party the the .
; and lo what l we ,1t'1 ri;ht : and whenwe every slavery lie same being under rnnsiderliiuu'Id action of the erl'rft greal ocean. (the 11.J- ',
for ali \'ilI.lh' I I commission
the to hams ,
disposition < men for '
a .
Lr2i'latre. ,:;Hnll agree, ihetn i I.< Supreme, Arbiter question which their ingenuity eon .Mr. .) c'il ) hetllrruluatrnahabd San Salvador; 1
the Constitution ol.the Un'ned I Slates in ,le i j! rl. lhno"l at some length t'xplail.,1Ius 'factor il.line(1 l i t tat; take' of his through :." immense
devise tritnral rallfJ
('ons'iiutiorMl but .
l La we atvIlrif position
of w in the Supreme never witnessed, nor did !rr
of(uilivltdtvra., The Federal{ Cu we He had
: : voted
matter n- position. fur
this bill the
I ( the last may du so as well without by fistjeriiipli of that fcoasi: | }
thisexcuse. .
Court of United States decide between 1 as with
lo evHf
hear iissiance in rii'JIClh.
an !
the (
rhatI I
ftilution ordains. -- I 1 t us. wl'i"l teal I year, alt should vote ngainst i now. It .\ which siipprsiiifiw; haij ct "

No Jfrlll held' to ,f.'n'icp nr I ibor in ers ill| that party* ati.tved 1 themselves under presented thiee i rupn.iliuns-thp I ht'r from ever enlrrin Tlie whole vaulted

one the laws thereof, escaping; : the banner of the Abolitionists I! constitution Is this rildvement upon( the pall of commission this
Soie/ part
SI.le a the Gull Region.-:Mr.TenKyck and in.;mi-i question-its of superhuman f structure wall ',
into another, shall in consequence of any AIJII'1 Commissioner at iheSandwich f.slfa hostility to the constitutional rightsol 1 expediency in ("HISlitl.liulal merchants Ohj'clionaht? I do not l lighted by shafts, cut through to ihe surface ,
law regulation therein be l ; ,, ; : point ul'v'at'+ -ami last its ,
el"f"a..I ; expediency know what above and
]s.iinls.| wiites through
1111f to his (friend-1 f the ;ourlt. is well may private inc)- its whole extent it i j! '> :
from such service or I labor ; but slll be de.j I at t \\? New I known to all thai, as a great question of for the "
aln mv II. Y irk, under (.rte ofAogiisi the Buffalo Platform policy-not earl y. lives that induced them lo il, hut I look navigable largest ships. it
Livered up. on claim of the p 'tiy to whom' 6 even disavowed I he two I first Mr. llumboldt '
I: any 011 great t questions he Alexander had -
ils results alr.acj
such service: or labor nv k.dot I have design to abolish in the nnurrfdwil upon as eminently '
the h..n.tciallual
\'isil.t diggings. forty t of h Senators, mpn.iuled American edifices whose arcbl- ;
But it is Irop"II,1 in'our S.alp J Legislature miles along wlr.it is called the "n'"p AmericanFolk ; ;: Colombia. Al every meeting of the the whusullpnrt''dI the, hill l, Mil ,M> interests t frel'rer by it. For it is. in fact lecture indicated very high antiquity. and ":*(5:
and del of tr ('r(3li.lpaIIJ other question IIK differed
*" with
strrugll known .
ol' the S iciameiito, ; almost every ell l where as well to the iherchants' of Eufaula reve.lled a peculiar civilization but &-
to (in 'lblalc") i-opoAe .I penalty 'l.U()''<) yt we w.rl" preVeru, jnsrri p. i The south would regard it as an aggressionupon i learned hj
j is J
.1 / tc'c''I''c. and all are getimg out r 1 Jfa".1' i lions borne them, a! it is lo us, that while iheir is charge i in descriptions >glvfc: n+ no i..tea or I '
officer in this Staterho 1 were on their banners of "Nointeiference as an IMP i
on any citizen or public lies of! ore. I have about 85 worth iUlprfl'rl"f'e with Compromises ; toi PXIrlncp of such mnuurjtent. What great j

haU attempt, or assist. in attempting.. ,ijiltt. which I washed out |If m j ihecouixe with Slavery as it exists under alllheir rights, under the constitution. t Europe ropes{ II..ncln,. &c.. upon All i people, then has inhabited these regions!
to etecuta, ihft above "PI'llal of il). Cousii.lution + If| two or three hums. 1 !llal keepn I the Constitution": -every .Free Soil": orator. that This was in opposition, { to the doctrine cottons shipped, froth this fmrt. Ih.tf i is-a difference ,I Shulll this news he ( then. *

and the laws of CnnrNts carrii.-i- i nf co'i'se' as a ur'niento.1' w I : from John Van Bnren down of s"'rillllf the liberty party with between that which hits been exposed maritime 'olfrmt.i.i slab
1)t'lf whit h he acted. :
the They stood in ..
.out same.es I i, hn'l dime' in "I.IIg"I TIl effect 1 tlplsitiol and that r which has been Ii hd between the two r .Ih r nu Q ;
I.lfnea to, design to the of he( not exposed; at hernisphere f t ;
We should bp anvizH ills two men liscl"im.c any to lake flaIH'isl the
any of p"lr"llp n'
this discovery: \111. bad; lor moralsof : isle all, of about & renter of the Am"rh.n continent, and+! -.
.of Bans miods I could disagree in pronouncing ihe country. ,id.! wil rum all II.pmspecisas war (I slavery in the Slates or in the Disiriit tension They would never consent io ihe N x- (cents: per hale. They know Europe will have nothing In do but to ? '

such a Sale act uncoiisiiiiitjonal. did' we : fir,ninj or agricultural country I ol Columbia. And well WHS it forth Pir of slavery nor favor any attempt lo that of cotton so exposed, about one percent through the isthmus bf I cu
not SB* daily, from the different' organization : interfere wuh the r :hfC of the south under i is sold as picking !.
what I h at t loss of about
"nul,1111 ajain o ilifiingli: ive. tosee existence as : p-nly.: that: they ih. a
of ; : lu".litlliol. The language THE GOLD ; [ .
men's minds, differences -if Iltau..r1ucha that kenneh'c Jonf;
!great : of i inslrumenl 5 )1.-ti.-'hp
IJi? an-1 I : l nut iluicn cents |b.
t"ln' WII,1 slllf f'. Had{ have per ; or if one hale wilt ;
"' they manifested Hal
"llr the .
opinion even in as clear .1 thai/. any Ildl warrant pacsgP of this is mfellfr for the .
m.Upr In lice il
'n /he xnl / in the mines.Tlie. ,
< 500 Ibs. 5 Ibs. f.lnwin
follgwa sketch of ftil hostility 1 the ami j bill bin there existed 1 no ( of this is sold as pickings 1 list of ,necessaries with
[Here a the dpl.llt in iijude' j i" horrible, and a more ( ClSlluriul the lights necessity for il. (I I I at which Sil..m gen }.

the Senate.] I dissipated and immoral set of 'people I never ol r the SUlth..r Sates they would have was a mere hrulum fnlni-n to pass! this hit| about 5 cents less than ihe balance of the) Ilpltn. nlw in (iIiorii. write** lhal r aril :,.

.. Jf Congress ha, the} power 10 pa"< 1 ihe yel silly. Pelplep flocking in here fro.,, been left without support; wave (from) II under the decisions which had been hade by Ina. making!,! upon each bale, from this cause. individual) proceeding to that country bjf

laws the surrender of fugitive lit Supieme Court. Il was a mere ill's a lass nf way of Cape Horn, should be oi '
of q 25 provided
CQlpelne 1 p.lrll ite co.isi. and js *nnn as I tic' Abolitionists None of the temocracy I lion whether it veal". And il i is also known. )his
laves, h.1 power proicribdie news re-iches ofthejr proper. was prudent to pass (he I law; that l 11.gt: ,.
modi and and of porn mrst of ihe who joined under ihe present excitement which our cottons are so much depreciated I in List,of Necessaries
means every act a Slate popijl-iitoii will emignte 1311 her. I u Whigs, ) forming existedon I for each/ tndiv-ttuvlj! ;:.

'Legislature that comes in conflict, with; pity toy decent while man who Jive in the Free Soil) party would have gone this subject of slavery. Mr. .1. then rp-I I all markets, as that lots which have (Seen One Yeur.-HJ Mila.' bread, of equivalent, 0rrackersj i.

these means, nr that makes the ,"rcixe of this. region six IIHUhl hence." may j farther with them I hal in oppose the extension 'feriedto the 1"'llnl of the south on t the I' well hanl.d. may be sent to New Orleans { in ling if I possible. hf in npifii fcjtfli1! 3.
them i is void. "Su.1u.nv subject and particularly that of ihe. 10 ihs sail
penal D.LIVa.I I of llavt'ry.V. { :' sour h- and shipped al i profit, from thai place (table ;) 40 Ihs butter, art" :
ro UP." are the words 01 the Cnnwtlr+ttir all. GOLD \Ii.Nt; i.t M \RVr\D.-The Iibr I- cm Whig Senators, insisting That the 1 pa IS. | New Orlean' aft worked, or good' cheese, well put up 'i t;:

Such a State Law would fine a New York, vine Journal hag the following ; | \ met and conversed with many of 1 the age ill'This bill would weaken the position of that cotton. Shotting evidently brandy ; 'coffee sugar, Ira. spices. &!... '* ti.

ciizel or officer $1000 for assisting or :iiding '- .(Jold has been discovered, nn Mr, Klli, moot prominent of I the members of I the Buffalo ihe lalPril.upl1{ of the Un inn. I It t would in the matter of reputation the whole': for a (long voyage at sea ; 3 pairs coarse toi- -.

the execution of an orllnanrp of con's firm in ibis county. II j is thought i Clv"nlinn-llfn formerly he instanced at I the south as an evidence of I interest t tributary to this M Ion pantaloons 3 coarse woolen Pr .
il.tingvilh p'ur,8usllils
ConJreS. or oldie 'laws of Congres rna ct- that .I.r i alt an abundance; nf the metalhere. (he Whig or Democratic I the desire ul'Ihe northern Whigs to commit I! very great loss. And it is known I.fur

at Urler that ordinance. This i j4 allbrer A specimen/ : was ""rtllf( the Philadelphia parties as t ihe irISSiOI on the constitutional ri1lu", of ,tiP reputation is loo. t nYr.o ; 2 coarse rotton cnal ; ,
easN might be the
ii. )lull which -yel we h.itl but one voicein I south. He did not desire mostly nlriburahl., to t half %
.n:" was (pronounced: genu-l to put I he Ih. dozen pairs common hooin. Ilackrle "

But as 17,. Johnson [whlp remarksarc ihr!. : gentleman of veracity, residing in opposition( to t Ahulililnism.' and lo any' Whigs. of New York in such a 1) II.H .- damaged .'condition in which i is sent forwdrd tin and Mldered, or otherwise packed sn .
published' in the Exprr+w.] I ih the division hoped t no action: would he I had to its final
putx .ifhh.rhn..I"f 'i1 r. Klhc.oitN: place, UfSuUlh. Institutions. We know : on t ihe } market. Now whence do io exclude sea air, whieli moulds_ lliem.''
lilt, such ao act of uucuosiiiutiouul wruug rISSltleti u' ibdi this ii DO bumbu&." thai much di.eaiisfaciioD bill but that il would he suffered. to He on these injuries arise I Other thin for
prevailed among the table.-N. Y. Ezpeu. 1 Pawing! along t ihr clnlrli'2.. mostly a trjij :,"
rim you will set the .parl aorac i ) hooieToryture > 'j.
cotton .rm1e
put on b rd. if ptibJ'i .



:. ,


'. \


I ; -


:.__. -. ._- .
-- V ". ,4-
1 -- -
AU not Gold that Glitters. \, other merchandiae on the wharves or in the Passengers -- .

To TUE EDITORS or THE TaAYELLF.a.A .- streets, by posting a flag upon such cotton or other Per eteamer Lntu-C C Byrd. T F Brown. MARINE 1 I INTELLIGENCE.POIT Proclamation TIlE For".pltBdicUhip Antwerp.. RANCE.

connpcZtd.wllh. the United Per learner M 1 A Moore\1r.* Daniel and 2 '. Capt.
merchandise that .' \
genllemi'n they mu"t be removed within : : I .-- VickoN, will b ve imrnedute dispatch
which i IIM been children. Miss Uryan. Messrs llaight Feigusun. 'II.I-J', ,?: ,. '
of Engine OK AI'ALAOHICOLA . .
SIlles corps to.California.M twenty-lour hours (from the time of such notice p-isht. A If old, .Vlooney Feb 8 '"" ", ; _." 'T the IILovp i>Mt F r freight apt| ly to

ordered I by J the (Government being e.iven.The PerMeatner Alhaiiy-Miss A Smith J TFmith F'"-(.., X"P .' -.' I. Ja,. 11 NOURSES1ONE&CO.. _'
m howe ,e t"fllay. He stated a I and ldv. (. Gdlflrz and ''rtd\Ir Potter and lndy Arrive o to. Jr"c. t:1, u -

Witll oJ be ..f service to those I ',t'r- Committee on Claim*, to whofra were're Mr Hall and I lady, hey Mr I5irmu.gh.im COt .R J Feb 2-Ship; Monument Trott. fm Liverpool ..7' i1 S For Antwerp.

Ions which: may midst who are touched with the ferred the following( bill*, reported favorable Floyd Me. :ra .'Brv n Smith, W \huIey. Willia. F -b S Ship Charlotte. Cillins: fm New York, 4-T'... TILE splendid! ''il'| PETER HAT-
in our Bnn'f'D'ah..gham. Daniels Stone J to I1 Wnght RICK, Capt. Rnrktiell will h.ve dispatch
week thereon and ,' Whaley, -
(ntr." Calling laM; IIIon.3: they were "severally passed ard al- Davi, Spear, Scarborough Ship Clinon Foster, fm New York. ior the abt\'p port

diiincuished chemis.. in New York was lowed viz: ." Per steamer Pt'yroDItW Mount, N C Base, C Ft'b5-Snrp Peter Hatirick. Rockwell, fin New .'eb a NOURSE, STONE & .Co.For .

? ilial fire parcels of gold from California.Present I \v. A.Jeteforworktnstreetg.,5( 00 Ckighton, Pepper. Low. Yi.rk. to Nourse. Stone & ('" ". _
n1J be assayed.One .-- $24 Per Meamer Fa ion-A M 1 Hill. Feb 6-Schr Souiherner. Harris, fm X Orleans V Jif > New York.
10 the chemist to M. B. French for work on srePll1. 18 001..1 Per fteamer Lotus-Mrs Herald and child W S :chr. Flume Gammon fm NVxv Origan* BY WILLIAM D. MOSELEV. :-c-r._ THE new faM sailing brig HERALD.

of the parcels were found lo be nearly H. Foster, for work on street" . 22 50 Gregory. Fh 8-Rr f-hil' t-mrrodore, Pnchuid fm Liverpool Goo rnor of Piosua. ,"ray, master, i i. r.r.\v loading for th.
the remaining four ;parcels I i Per ttriimer A'uan\-'ol R Myers, R E Durr to \V A \: P.C K-nn
pure goll ; trial were found Tho Gibson- work on the streets.1. . 12 00 I IN B Stone, ('ochrnn,'ciIWII >chr Louisa Sears, Se ,r.-, fin New Orleans.Stp WHEREAS It Mrejuiredb. l.I\\ that an eleo. --- buve pcrf. Fcr deck freight only ap-

valued al S80.000. upon nod I he cliomisleiprrwed H. W.. Pickelr lor work on streets? 6 00 Per SIt ttlllt'r M A )Ielfm'-Mrs Tarver, Mrs mer Fn-hion CddwrtlUd fin Columbus.StfdtnT in; t tins Slate on I Ihe fir-t Mon- .1) 1(1Fcb

not to be worih 80) cents ; ( A. Hancock !for hire of boy. JoyceMissGuerryMr Philips Albany, Kvnear, Im B-iinb'id. ell I ) In May nexr for a Register: : of Public Landto --, 5 A N McKAY & Co.
filth of . 10 00 -
his opinion one only I Sieamrr lr} rnI1et, Morton from Columbus.Sfamrr t hold u .til the fir t M --.day in Oct-.her, IS"'U ; For New York. *

the dust gathered in the gold region" wouldbe R M>'T!, f Vir Ira)age. . . 250 :I Receipts from the Interior. :M r Mimre: McCttll fm Kufaulu al-o, IQ.:: Ju t.pn 1.1| Pn-btle l lror tie? cverul! iI i un-" THE: N if.d.d. snip f AIRFIELD

found of any value. M. 'H. S. I T. G. Furl, 'or dnyage . S S S S S S S S 3 37 Per MPainer I.lIlu--30u( bale* cotton to N J De. Steamer SonihernT 1.:1'In' Shaw tie. fin. fr.-m C"I"h'J| Cdumbus.Stfnnier I tics i In h"ld till i I i hue first Monday of Otibr. I ISnl I '_.ftv, l.ttt. l.avi g tnt c.t her cargo Cart.vn.

[I It is well $known that previous to the Set-1! R. J. Moses, for drayage . . . 7 37 bioi Stone!; 2l)9) to Harper & IIc Ime.-; 52 10IIUM., Steamer Eufaula, Barnfrom EufaUla. and I'.* Justice of the Peace fir each District: in, 4 : Ig'fi!, will have uirinedateduatch.,
lell 129
54 W & Co lo A
G Porter
llement ol North America the muSt extrafa.ant I A. Low for making step lo Market fl McK] &:Cu. to ; tne several Counties to hold for tviMrs, (al l! r "-r tit ig .1 ,.f ).-s.tze, apply t-i the rnattT. or to

enicriained, in Europe j jof y Cleared. ofa Jid "flicers ii, continue i in ntlice nil i 1 L their suc- 1->" 1'OPR"'E.. STONE & Co.
: nntions were : House, &e . . . . . . 1060 Pertcainier Knfatila-232 bales cotton to A N
.. ce-sors -xhall elected d
;The mineral riches of iliese regions. The McKxy .V Co: 244 no U'y.ie: & McKenzie; 53: LLorkh.ir Feb 2-Brig .M C Draper. Dm-r. fur St Mark : a- qualified :)
B. Tncas for services as City Mar ha1. 44 40 Fell Ge'o IT is ORDrnr.3 That the aid .Iec- For Kcw York.
was stimulated by it.Mn'l & Ynnnc: 11 to W A A: P C Kiln 3-Ship kolfield, Choate, for Hasion, HEREBY -
aelilement' of Virginia I A. McAlpin 51 96 Per .tiainer F !-him-44f< hale cotton to Hill!! by \ J Uehloi t.on lit belt, 'throughout the State, acc IdltJ< to 1 1 HE ti e br g" 10"J'-: Capt. Bulk-
l originateil, in avaricious dream* of un- .: Dawn & Co; 258 to A N McKav & (It90 Feb 5-Ship Anorew Scott, Em.ry, for Boston law and the officers whose dutii is to oidtrsold .ctrJl !" \ 'Iu.virt 'lIe. r etitjie Cargo tt'gajtd; ,

told "."llh. The colony at Jamestown Wit! Wm. Valleau 3 tjrs. salary as Clerk and I Lnckhart & Young77: to Sin? iV Cheever; 43 !to by \ J D-hlois. elE'rlinns111 take flll lice hctt'; f. \111 hate ib.4>>.
annoyed! .n.l l serioo-Iy hindered Iii an iriterintttent Treasurer. . . . . . 300( 00 Harper \ Holmes-; 14 to J C Mnclay: 17 to W A.4N. Brig Alabama, Howard, for New York, by \VG Witness my ha: '.d aid tie: grea" peal of the: 11.1111., gucd acc.'ffilOl'lions: :blJy; r 10 the us.hr. -

( Newport A. for I 15 hig9.. 00 : : PC Kiin .4 F'l.rter X' Co State sjiven at the Ca-ilcl thi- -20th rurt'b
C uld( .vl'r. Captain by McAlpin, killing 15 j I Per steamer Southerner(I> bales co'torr to Sent .Sinti Ro s, At-hley. for Pens icela. ; d.iy

whom John Smith and the colony were I The Committee asked further lime to report LO, kharr & Ynnnff; 2s'Z to Harper & I Holmes: 45 >chr.P.ilUdiiim.. PII-I. For N"\v chi.) 11- [SEAL-] ot J.IIIII..r, A. D. 1S41.!), atul ol the Independence 1 XOTJRSE- -, STONE- & Co. I

transporte! lolho>e golden *hnr4-which in on the bills of A. T. Bennett and Ihe Apalachicola I to W H Kimbrcngh Jc Sin.. : 44 to A N McKay & Feb i-B'iT'k Mary and Jdiie, Coweli for Boa- of the United States the For Dictv York.:
Co ton. hy Wood Ac Ballon.Feh 73d
regarded' El Doradu-
had been I111''II.r 1Iof bu1ci1.nco
England : packetnett
Exchange Granted. Per Meam M A Moore-442 hales cotton to A 7-Ship Mortimer, Livingston, Harrow, for W. D MOSELEY Governor.Attr'st + "f\ .
with him two gold brought over The following bills were preset-led and r.-feT-: N McK-iv V Co; 337 to Wvlie fc McKenzie Liverpool by 1 M Wright : -.-I.
and) a jeweller ; ami on his return I Per A N with uii.lim' d.lf:* ill- alch. For
refiner I I I III steamer Albany-100) hale c< tnm to A. E. MAXWELL Secretary of State.Junuirv .
wat so inlatujted as 10 lo.il I hi* "hlllIh. a (i j jEliiterinz I red t..the Committee Claims, viz : McKnj.fc Co: 49 in I f G Hat.ev ; 14 lo J H I HullI Memoranda 2p, J 1S49. Ire _ul II Glck' u r pas.xge' dJ'I.J'; In

yellowish sand, whirh wn'' foundin ) I S. William!!, for services watching fire. .$'2 00 I I : Co; 11 to Wylie & McKenxi": 143: do. 2 bx=? The np\v ship Wm Hiichcoc-k, Cnl, b' nd fOr JJ- :Ml papers ill I the State insert two month Jan 1 i D. B. WOOD.
II t toiMcco' to Ix>ckh.t''V. V uing: 3 do, 5h.u Jamestown ami whirh the I J lriC'klt1nd.u u. 2 00 This- from
rivulet near port Daniariscotta, Mr has ashore
a co to B S Hiv\ | -2S hale- older g'-pe
-y: >tton to I
excited! iiiMcination of even I lie goldmithsa M. Dt lehan'ty, u u. :2 00I Per stem: Pe"lona-6G3 t .ie- cotton In Lock- on the Toitiisjds the Caprmn arrived inKey To the ;blaster of the. Schooner APILICIIJOLI\ f EX{ II.lGE.

,,,1| refiners bpJi"v.Mf Iii tie gnbl! S mil h. J. Gdtmnrr.'for dr.lyap.. . . . . 2 75 liHrt \' Y.-unz: 13 to \\'' \ McKenzie: 4 to A Vet on the 2,)lh ult und e' giEed four wrecker.- ."Gen. "Y. II. II:. hon Ilias .
I N McKay V CII. 45 to Kjn'hroumhon .(1Vin. II. Harrison ami to -. Iil{ .s 'In u-f i... bet-n rLu'! utll)
was n.i believer In eubleu dre-ni1 ;'li 1.- then to a.-.I"1 ill releasing ih. hip.Ve learn since that I .
whit On tni'riiin the Council adc.urtlt'd.
I Per Hill! frf. & tefittd; j f i te
MPdiner F>-hion-:330 hale- cotton to all imcri'stccl in said j fia-.i -aid ll.eub
counteiiancfil the rate (for !!u,1! .(liiiaini, Dnwson) Co: 121 tmV A -t PC Kain.; Jilt to f\f: h is- been di>tnantled. persons i,[I I| !io3! *' ri' r'k, ile.! -t.r in list ni.ng
Schooner her I
whirh I" furcoa.1.1 be 'fata! to ifierolony. COUNCIL CHAMHEK, > A X McKay .V Co: 51 to Harper & Holtnet-; 90 to Ship Ohm Clsr't: cleared fm.New York for this tackle, apparel *pajrt3iL I t' |l'I.i1'! rll.lt I. w 11 icadif -

()ii, ol live historians: of therOloiiy.alliKhn : WEtNE'D\Y EVENING I J.in 30, H49 ) Lnrk h.1 rtr Vonna' : port, Jan 24, Hndsail"d25h.B : and fnmilnre : I f't.f t. r Ji.r n c. {'tir-n .1| p"'iriJ4i ( r.t
J. MavoV IVr leamer l li citi.-359 hules c.'tmn to A N ";Xi IIE E.-\S. A L-l.t-1 hall! been riuh filed h '
,<. NeverdiI Cotrinl met : Pn's{d S. Hntchinso'i" > and transient:; l>-.ndi g*
I to Smith's iippnsliiou. I>!- : rk John Brower. Tulford cleared fin Boston : i. :.it t the n-u.-l I at-:. Hi.4
Mi-Kay Ar ("oti\( to U G Porter .V Co: Ifs to V V t the Ui-trict J1I..rn I '> cf i the UIII't'cI.'Ilalt'ot.
tonneni liTm' tlnii to Counciltnen\ Mes"r'.. Hughes, Hancock Dar- rifd'rwtin* iun il'q': aid traitItcr-t
m-ire ,
anyihina I ; thi- J.i 2f
W\he nay
V McKenzie 19 Lickhatt Nc Young pnrt. i "Di-t
to ; FT! I Ihe Noil i hern net o; Fl rtda, in |It.e District d.' ei-d ,
8.e .H oerrs*'ry I uinfss in* I.'I"II.| 16Irei "en, Cai. h, .to tes, ,Austin' Downer and Barber S4t WSre;i.iy' Bir'i J. hn 11 Mi'liy' Adams clean-d! fm Bo.tun Court of the Umltd Stairs |Ii r aid District: ,.- I 11w Iu.ivsnz' nil I the luxuries a ti d rielicacie. .
Per Alb h.le- toVm GPorter of I the rnard,1 I 't d up in t n f e LIt st
:bt such a drunken 1lip"ta S'A mnr'hgililed ; Thf Tniit'utes: flf! the last meetii.g were pad and -termer inv-82 cotton I.r thi- port J.n 2 ;>i! aTl iTis.co & Co: 55 to R Elli! on V Co: l 15 AVvlip, is H--A <' ct mh! at :.il tirritbe kVj t
ilirl. Tl)e Ifisiury ol gold : i. ap'ro\ed.;: -V; :McKenzi- to A \ McKav V Co; 25 In D G Schr Tioa, Collincleared: fm Baltimore for her tackle ap drd ldiid tnrnitnre, U" wtll on be- .u,'I lied \\ il fa i-.erhi it-tst \ r.t'. Liq'i -r< a: d

\erie* embrdces su.-fi a i-hanter MS iliis.] I Mr. Harden introduced an ordinance entitled Raney: 26 m Austin A: Lung: 13 t 10 LockhaitA; thi- port. Jan 26 Email if f -iid: U 'll.d l Slatias &l-u ,.. behalf (..fSamn. : ('i.r.. A foMifiiatto'i ,.t 1 lf>e I lit, r..I cutthluetetofure t
Boston Trbvclic'r.! I Young: 10) to order 1V.. Spencer Cillectrr it I the Pi rl it| he-t-
Rob't Paifnn \ d. .tlO'I"ihd..
Ship Fulton hence fm this t is rf'o u"
i j I An ordinance to amend an ordinance entitled an P' r H..amf'r1 1 A Moore-424 h.ile; C"tton to A port Ap! >,iachjci-: ,., |! t win rein it i alleged that tie: (<*:>- I I II
JOhN 1\\U'I ,
Svnntl: Tilt: tivriYjfc'usThe) !Knlii; I' ordinance concerning Slaves, &.c., passed 5lh N McKav & Co; 81 toVvlie \ McKenzi; 16 to Wa- IeI"Kraph-d at Boston Jan 27 tam or M l lust er "I| said Schooner hath vi"la'ed theI Decerr.ber 9. 15-SS \ tGE.

II : L"cl.hall'IIIII : 5 to \V < ; Porter CoPerb.irge Bark Edward. Knudson was up at New York for I'rovi-iiou- the ninth Section ,.1 .An Art rt! Conre -
Sun uniler.tiKiii} VTi.il tJrevi-t .Major Jan iir> IS.H. which wa read, and on motion ofMr.
Momh & B..adfr"m ChipoliCDIwle.
mute his port to sail Feb 3 <-, entitled An Act lo piohibit the Im 'erla- For ne li.

Hughes. late commander of the) Maryl.m I Ianl Hughes! the same was duly passed by its 10) sack.- coitus pea to nut J to DI1\)\\?Ar G Co Porter; 55 A do.: Co.1 bait hides Schr Columbia, WHS up at New York for this I lion ot s'.tvts' into an\ port or place within: t the THE 1)wt ili'vi Hi'Utff' ly reciedjjJv

District. of Columbia i Vegirflfiit in .MeIPO *-. i title.i I I, Per hex: Neuron, fin Flint Hiver-485 bale port J.in: 27, to sail with ilNpatch. jurisdiction dt the United St-iles, hr.-ii) ami aftertime ti e Ui.ds 114d.t. Tvir: ; .cc, ntijo

I Mr- D irden moved that the ordinance for the cotton to Sims As Cheever. 94 to Lockhatt & Schr Cora Bndbury was at New Orleans fil'.1 daof January III I th". \er 'I I ,>'ir l. rd. ". \' :'lv
i iot about starling' lo in-ik'e a ss'i'i'rVf-V o'fihe i I Young up One Thousand Eighl: Hundr. dad Ei. ht,'' aj-, hJ3.. S 11.! 'V LEY,
of & llth Jan- :
rp. 'II.ttiol1 0'nr.ititi.M, parcel for thi t Jin 31.
propn-ed rotif for h YsiiTriihil acro< iheI : Per box B SP Collier fm Flint River-3C9bales po proved March 2d 1SU7 hy havit><; ,." hoinl rl aid !'.v 25 (> !Iuu.hu-4 Ltt-ck
nary, 1S44 be published Adopted. cotton to Sim AT Clu-ever Schr Pauline Young. \\'1$ up at New Orleau for SHioiiin and bran 1I from I the p. r. of! N w Orleans -
Ihirim.. from Cha-jreS,: i lo P.iniw: fur Per box N W Collier fm Flint River Siob-iles tlii Jan 31. To K<>i.f.
O'i! motion of Mr Darden, the 1\11)'or was appointed port lo I the Poit of l Apalachicol.i' a t errs "r \>crM -
of N. YII k. cotton to Sim-: rhp"v. 7 to H.lpf'r \ Holmet.. <' 7 'TOlE- %r'o. ti C. IUR.J-H; HI' clc. ar.d
Messrs. As' inwall Ac Get. rhaiiman of the Committee on Finance.Mr r | Bark Ho"1o9att., Johnson, sailed from Liverpool ,- of C'or| to he held to service 'r lab> r, without -
Per b-iree Live Olk. f fm C1111'01a-68 bales cotton T1; I' \V..f"situI. I. r Urrs. a- plv tii. .
Tin CA I'itT.-1 Darden nave notice thai al the next regu- to Uf (; P.inerAr Co: 114 to J Day A: Co; 8l i. I. Dec I II f.: r thi-I p"-rt tir-f delivering a mari .' .I 'if stjcb! negro. to, }!; 'QV. NI I I. OIK E. VIW. Of: & C".
(! AND and
Go, RITTKNUK:* : : Bark dhlaimii1; a ptrinit fn m, I the rillrt r 'I'
WyllP At it1eKeizjePer : Cumberland. Power tailed from Liverpool -
Tli New Yoik 1 Tribunif alonl.,y."sJi\: > : l.ir meeting he would offer an ordinance to regu- box Telegraph, fm Flint I Uiver-1)9() bale for thi# pout l>c 2J naval I otllccr nf I Ihe Poit r.t t New Orleans n us i irequirfd j" A. & P. C. Rain,

Piv..1 ailvi:.-s From l Keniurky i-ouc'ir 1 tie tIc: v. ha'rVes aid wharfage. cpitt'n to Lorkhart Ar YOUIIK; 83 to T Mnchel; b.> aid Act ; hy nieain .\ tH H'"f, il is al-
30 to Sims & Cheever Schr Patrick Henry, Chester, cleared fm New li-tft-d that the si-id ve.ot'ltller tackle, anpirflmulfnr'tituiv COMMISSION IUEICIIANTS I! .
in ilie opinion ih.ii Mr. Criiii'nden will feel A nfcnfnuiiicat, vvas received from Capt.; VanTl.h'n'
York for this putt, Jan 18. sire f. rl'eited to the me ol tl.e Jnilt'Sr..IE' No. 4 CtlurtbuDiuck.,
C'ln-mineil. I bv thr sT'ionfi .ip.t t:. nailc, i lokioi I in i relation to violation 0' the quarantine
I Exports Bark Su-rtii, Crouch cleared fm New York, for '. iirid praying I that she tra) he s tljlJrJgfII'! t -

from in my' t1 tt'i .l$ t 16 reViiYi TJK pis I Tdtii-dtice, which \\a read; by lie! (Clerk and LIVE R POOL- Per ship M LivinffsJnn-23CO Ihi? port Jan 23. be loifeitfd, by t the aid Coinl L and I that 1 ;*r'.''-) .. Apalwncrsl3.ca. .

em ;pll III"n.Vilh nearly: his fehole four : of : rr Darden laid on I llie t-ible bate f"1I1I1I I tnav: i-'Siie Ac and whert-as, .in t tlureMlan Liberal advance rr.Dile! fIll cnr": na nfJ
on I tii.it nut Brig Chi Josep Leigh, cleared! fm New York !pnr-Uince ,
.t Ci.tto'i in I iheir irimd* Lt ;
XC\V ir Gl.
yp.tr term une Trre 1 Mlmvjtu 'lull were prest-nted und rcfi'r- for tin.port.. Jan 23.: New Yt rk'
*. II cotton. 19 hxs ii hacco.hOSTuNPer and l'liiia!iia
'i al-wi
jeneral Taylor i Cabinet. utidei.iMn Conrf to rue dtrfctid I, r'fturnahle[ at flte C< nrt .
the Committee Claims viz hip Geo SkoIfield-1320 bales Schr Carolina Hulbard cleared fm Baltimore Jan 11 15-19.
rAt! to on : | :
rank ) to thf hi;"..." J1..-Derrn"t. l<>rm.iki-i<: bra ke >TEngine Per ship Andrew Scott-976 hales cotton. for this p"ft Jan IS. M'>nd
The Hidl'11 utherner, stai"s, (:ulI'' :?. 1. . . . S. . . .*'r 50 Per h.lrkIH'ry Ar .T-i-ie-1113: h .1'e- finn Schr Vail. Jarney. cleared at New York for ;h things i ronunat.dfd In seize alul! ,.):t-\ kei 9 nr' P >. Krt,tuckv" H.:.!::rg,
\I-\V: ...\NS-Per s-hr P"lIadl'lm-176 this port Jan 23LIst the .IH Schooner her tackle! a pal"l.1 and hrotfnre : dIWJJ 11)0 c'-uls It U R.p .
**\* II co tiefiom tjtmt ih Hte lip I of (iemralTafor T. Orrnuuitor. si-rvices ul buy . . 2 00
; hale cotton, 103 bbU tar, 2 bags fertthei">, 1 bag until the further i-rder "I! I the Court and (toaive Jf-t received and for ?zlr low AT ca5hcr approved
it'lllIr.I Crilft I'u.)) that Mr. C. A N. McKiy & CuT lore'rvices of boy. 2 00 cotton Seed of Vessels In Port. duo ,
: notice to all person* claiir.ini; I the siTiir, t. a.ier, by
Ins .le.-lm..1| accepting i the offjro of Serr On inilion the Co-inctl then adjourn -- SHIPS.Aberdeen or knowing or having anithins to say, to shm\ "NOURSE, STONH & Co.

lary ol .Slate, .Iul I al his: st'&Tiriiaiinn., llieolfice --- Imports HnhbarrJ 714 tos, for Li\'E'lrnollo\d- c.I"'e why the a-mie xbitnld; II' t be cofil'-rnnw! Fi.b 1 4-5 '.Vaft'f I1IH.t

i" to be It-nllt.rt'.I'n. !fi'nd<1 1ViII be ic- DIED ERPOOL-l't'r ship Comni.dore-2.775 ins-S Ca>'inAlces.te. a* t forfeited ; and \\ \\ht-rea-I havp, in pnr'Uinrertsu" Ail Oriliiic.

cti"eJ It) John ::I. ClatotV.flen. In 't tf. o'ctty on W I P C I inGeorgia.
ins- .
THOM< (Ro\tWfLT., master of the hug: ?t An- T.ilbot.1 3 titi for Liverpool, l.jading triple, apparel and tnrnitnre : NOW I here': re, rej.- IIII; Cell-ilti Ordll.'HlICr.c, pacd 12th
i TATLOR. in hi. letter lo ,the President i Hortrciiltuic and Floriculture. nt'tice in hwby tf'Vfii to all personc.'i 'Ir.-rt-. iii.4kI: of hi wife i J C
HI ye-ar agt', leaving a M.iday;
resigning the umc'" nf majnr g.-neial intbe : ind LbJty. tmrimum. fid!) Ion*. fur Liverjxiol.losidiriff, slId Libel and ei7.nreaforesa'd' ard I If t at ibey.. Setl Hf it id.ifd hy ihe btrrardCnr.1-
children iiienJd hi. lo
ivvit !
m'an s.U .
ar-ny. uelire I '.'it:oi/i illF i Hiaiarleiistirl muny ? THEs'tWnbfr, i-.lerditu to remain but a ff'\\ A N' MclvH.VCo .md W A \ t' C K.mi; require; fi! to appear In-fore the aid Court at the cil .t t'! : Cillor -\.i.cKir: |
"I I have been ,.fllIiIt, ,. ih.' Theie is'i'calm: for th'i'-e who Wfeji \, res!>ectlnl\| .vit.sthe La- Ahland. B IC!!, 631 tori, for Liverjiuo!, ioudmg I Court Room i-i I lire Citv of -Apnli'-hi" i'm said Tr.-a-nr r'd ---*.* r 5 ean,v.tds >aUrv f f five
"ncuage : people .A r-t fir we iry i;ilgriin-! !- found, : die iitd fiei'tleir-en: .. ilac'liici-la -
: !' A1 } "inpeclt' District hu.-iitn-d
1 to an B Suiter! 1110 the Second Monday of Kebnnrv rut, '.' ll.ir* j tr ;r.r rlpt.(

to serr. *this I in 4It1ll11rt'r"ut! f'4IIII'"I-III-I. .,.. .),.. therefore i'ljey softly lie Low l.tJJ'.a.h' 'r.kt-t\.I '\" :, ',: _. .;
PIlnt oo U..lb03 .... nU"I, Monument. I rull. 59J ton, tor Liverpool, loading and then, ar.d there interpose; n d IIfT1. if iriv I Ihe) miltta.ir: :: "tr-ii-sf liii.j rditunce, be and the
Sew > the Plainer- on mime
In ( rl'-aiis! al Hoiel
SHASSPKMIK f"ru- cflIFn \ Freneh- Imrol ltd from France -B SailerMasachueit.t have, or show ra"-(. why the s mid vr---cl & *. same i i- h..r..II.! \ r."i i-alid. -
: :: 23,1: tilt FRANCES E. wilt of Hugh M. Farnor. 383 for lane loading
Samson. tons
P..ss d I b cil
Cuj 12ih
corisilini ot Rhod"dendrnm should not be condemned as f. rleited, in } J.irnnry, 1KJ9.
C.'irruli.i pnr.uance
hun whim h .'l abjured /f the l l..1111n2 11.t.
ln < > parts i.f M I"nlgllllwrr. Ala aged twenty years and -1 M Wright
Magnolia, Tree-paeony, didi-rent. Cape Ja min, ol ihe prayer of thp LiVI.! J. S. HI-TCHIXS'ON. Mayor.
Haitrtck Rockwell 553 for
the Peter tons ,
Si an Enihsh. Theatre cave followinga I eiIii months. Every attention that duty and af"frctni Anlwt'rp.loadin ROBERT MYERS Marshal.January WM. VALLEAU, Clerk.
Pitisanrurn D-i '.hnp.f.s. mdIolillah' Rose ,
-: : ; ; Nonr-e, Stone A; Co
a "p''(I uuten of his ability I lo pl.iy Rich trrl :: c.-uld t'U1og..el. WaS brought into requisition' ornamental shrubs ot all varit'iic.s. :, Froin!*-. Nichols 441 ton.-, for Antwerp loading 2:, 1S-19. Fiirnit-irc.

hI' Tlml, : !hy her beieaved hu>b.md The het-t 1 ,medical aid .RtITS-Peal' -f1p11., CIIC'rr, A pI it". t, Peach, -X"ur>e, "tone \; Co. OICLOffiAibro """ 'I* > nr.E| T.'! Leriiit';; n able.!

*. Vow i- fI|-* winter ff d-tVi im..t\.i/lP5 m the city together with i the kindest attentions ofihe Grapes, Change Tree*, &c. ; Asparagus ; also, al.ir.e Ojihir : SvlvpMer 433: tons, for Europe, loading FLOOR 1 1 French B. d-tes! d ani ne.j M 1..d.' I into li.-iwe.M"r hy York'? Intel I I bll\ collection if,1 Hulriij Koots. d eedt S Casin.FairtieH .
I .iim-itilt ho lt'-", all l.itled: lo |'n nf V Lovfhnd.) S7< ton?. forNew York load- & Co. ;
t!)1.,1 i-vot y i'i call de Anti 11. 14tj f'.IIlId.\"h''C'r, .w'k .I tip '- 5>h" his- been called hence tu that l t'ri gh er evTV deiciiptioii: u'l'iet-r: i-Xour Stoi'H.VrCofrri'tms I d' uble ro.irt.ie t.-p V.u-i! St.'ul.

Of) d., h'u-e. r'l,1; h"iu'! l ,.f dt. :teiI and better home, where all is j joy, peace and haji- found at t I the corner building I n >ar I h-e Pl Odlce.: Leonard. 2f9! ton-. for New Y rk.lo.d- 72 John Strett Tfi" above Fi'rnttrC':: ha only teen in nse a

H"<((1 .to.f i Irirfd P.'it' as f-r III" alii; he A DANIEL, ing-Ilirpcr V llolm-s. ARE now lereiving into Store Cfrri 'their Fac lew mu.tl'( ;u d \'. ill bet hili w At|>! l Iv tea
I a\e dr Jj-t :Y-iipjirt; my hcU-I ave .p11ll'P'3'I'! leaver, to mourn | (departure a H'Tticnlior Flori-t in Paris aini'! N- Y rk. Clinton, Fo>r r, 250 tOlls, fur !Bosti n loading-- I. '.., at EliZdhtth-Town t ., a v iriet\ j.-JR J D'Y&C,,_

I\liu/i' r..rfi-ly i:'s 1 am ,!...llIlIlIa1rI. : and di-c tM'late h,.-b.tnd. and an infant daughter Feb. 8, :F.-4 t ___ X .1 Dehlois of nt-v\ and < n.iunl putter s of -

.i i in fur tli ibde. H tn dog how wow at in-, with :' nifrmis relative and fnend#, whu will Ii ng oiC\"U:1: Howard. 294 tons for Prmi'jence, loading I-'I't l flCi2R.

AI I I,111 liv him I r.It"mrr, her aimahle trails nf character.May Negroes Wanted.Cf I -Hdn,er V H hue. Heavy Floor Oil Cloths, 0 \f'll;,: j,\ '"..-, :',. me \aV. r.\.B"rt'! Hrar-

m.my \ L'KELY handwanted, f-ir whom liberalS Cornmojcre, (Br ) Pri"h ir l. fi;*4; f n-. fm Liver in widths of IS, 31 md 24 fret. Tl-ey: are als.T 1 ,:J: ., nr.d.latJ.1\.l: jU.t fCC"'d, -.q! lorsaieby:
CITY CXHJXCin Iit9CEEDlNC.CtJN'll : (JJtid, in his mercy, I'Mtect defend smd conect.ite \ wa.e< will be paid. A -Iv to pool waituiH-W A Ar PC Kain receiving Mom t Ihe Albat-y I.anJI'bl1l, aid Jan 25 .1C AI.I.EN Si Co.

) CIf.lWU.\ :l. > ; her afilicted jiattner, fir I hdiq't| | reunion WM FOSTER Charlotte, Collins() ton-, fm New Yor! waiting U.tica: Kacti-rie, in sheet"_ ol:, IS fet in width, a .---

F1IIIE't: I't. J-iCi 17, 1819 S m H1olllp..r and better vvoild, whrre they h.1 Ftb 8 4t ASP-'T: of Scivu Pr( ". -I M 1 Wn 'hl. larje assortment eti.bracing ti.any new patteins White Lend.

C iti-icil inet : Pnfnt J. *s lI'Jldll'I.' nJ..'-- reM 1 m eternil; M\3\ JM ; Lumber. 1l'UE. of I heir' No. I Extra and Pure, vsi" : r-i-'J for cale' by
I __ Baltic. founders SO-1 tonfor New York, loading .,'. >.. J f .\ Ll.f.II.. .
'nr ; ( uunrllm, II., Mr< lluzbrs! !Harder, AU"-I 0- 0' YELLOW Pine, ass,'rted stxi-s and qualities, -W A & PC K tin. Medium Floor Oil Cloths,

'li'1, Caiib, I llanc I ,.rk, II srLr, J"tuD-;iM.tr. COMMERCIAL.Cotton 1 U Damari-o Ira, h1iw"2'2 tons for New York.Inahng Also, from the NVwbur.r, AlbJ.tJ..tjng- CflSig1e VI acilvd,
I Oik Wheel a-d Pncket Plank I for D l B Wood.Chociiilnate. )R ni b icl:le-. rk G. II
Plank Arms .e ij) \t n: ii -revived -
bur and .
Uliea M t in
< F
rV'torif-s 'Pl'oari.l
The miuite; < cl t the I i.ist i n-ad ..n.di --- -- ------ : fr loading \ \ .
uiei-tn-gweie j j'tI R"rr3n
-- : dale hv PETER HOBART. I ton, Boston er bris W- L Jtirics *ri'r:' New Ytrk.i. .
I I f patterns miMitiiclnrii'sr: bv t thi-m of I l''oir'' t..uli.t -
r..t-d. I Statement. I i.1 I rt-h'3 CommerceMeet.Syriip. -N J DeblotUe.dpmoria. t i.. oIQ. .., A N. M.KAY: x Co.
._earIttceived -_ \J"rt"f'n 2' tons for Providence, 5.41ht.4t1',7 41h, S-.t'h .at .i J 12.et wide
Mr. I 1) rvnr tatf-d tbit t at \ !i-t ineetinj: ; 'In- 1 I I4eiiioii I rll..dlllH"rl'.t \ Holm"-. To I .
: cllt.PA
l h.imd .t'I.1 I I. .jl; 378 Light Floor Oil Cloths,
Wa4 jllC'k. and tin. moll"r.( Calu, v\as v\- : ("M-t 3 flays .ti... .. .72'l I A SUPERlUR article, just n-ceived and foi' Providence.trr.Wood.Ar:311 lMi"ii.Beaver. tonfor. Providence, 10 Id. Also, Mah- gaily: R->.pwn, d I and figured 4-4. !"T of the I irepr..t it. rE', No. 24 Water'

u itrevMtUfly .. .. .7377," : sale hy ing- .'' Enquire ot D ii \VOOD.J .
C'u..1.y Total .. .- 51579 Feb 8 J C ALLEN & Co. Edmond-. 299 n>ns, for Providence, load- :.4 and 6-41. E: silish. Gernian and AmiTican r-\1
3 2 S
Mr. D l"if'I. fr,'?r the I Hpaltli CoinniitToe, pre 3 days-. ... .6391 1I1 -T L MitchlWeybo.eti. Table Oil Clotlis.
paM 1
"t"III.-d a report on the health of; '1 the city, together Expiirted ireviou1y. ..... .2620S Seeds Seeds H.irui321 j tons, for Providence Also a erPdt'aritt of .kHO.rll) a.ul CoUon anrk.: ..
ol attorns
loading T L VI"itch' el. new I
with Total... .'- 34794 12I92 receiveu per hru: Ht-ralil[ an assortment FINE a-* riinent: ju-t nreticd In ni NewY
the relative the JUST
'pillillll it' Dr. Gortie, to
S rden Seeds, for stile hy Abbot L'>rd, Jovce,537 tons, for Liverpool loading Carriage Oil Cloths. A ": k, fi.r s-leb
I'diNca-idprevvii'i'iii! ; of Cholera which werete.id On iani und on .shipboard notcleared 473(; 21:1): i FI.b 8 J ALLEN & Co. -J Day &.Co All of which they ofitr to the trade on liberal Jel!a 11 C.-\ GHEKN & Co-

an I ad'i-.ited, and the of Dr. Gorrie -- BRIGS -
opinion or-.i i E1DLITZand Sod Powder.s ju t received teims. --- '-
c.-r-.iI| to be ;prin -d. j:'I Exports of Cotton from Apal chlcota ; ind fur sale by Herald. ('ra\'. 174 ton-, for New York, loading Jan. 2,1949. 523mUX'TEO Rio Colf."e.o .
I'!I Ci 1 I HJS. and ".a iii.- time in I A \1cKnv .V Co. ._--- : rf5z. .
:il iMiicin Sepl 1..7 F.-h8 J C ALLEN & Co. ; '"" !ir er, D W crrp just rereceived -
A r-.mtnllnir3li.m received from Me t:1 Moses 220 fnr New
-r* i i -- --- o Bulkley, tons York, loading STATE 5 and tor sate hv

Me Si SjiVa't't VelM'Ve to a jtt.huneumt held by WHITHER KxrnRTr.'n. L.EIPrvi-I.:IxtHJdavJ.Mis.lvlromses..n \' j /!u, ,IxtH ; B \CON Hrn<, idr-s a- d Shouldns, just received -,,;',r..p. Stone &" Co I I Wholesale Clothing Warehouse, Jn 11 C A GKEEV & Co.

the executors of the estate of N. L Griswoldv ...2i .4: .6159 ..3S10Xauti. and 'lor sale bv T
Llv..rp"u1 .. ... (' 11 I. Advances on Cotton.ITT'Ean I '
the City which was read, and on motion of I!a vIe..... ... ... . .. .9C3 .99J: .. Feb 1 'n EI.UCOCo. to make! liher.il} advance LEWIS & IIl\FOItD, Tan ant's ( onipoiiud xtiact of
I prejiared on
Mr. 1 .... ....... ... .. .I'. .. .. .. Pain Killer. V : Cubrbs MIU! Copaiva,
Dardea, referred to Ihe Finance Committee Cotton, coiiiirii to our frieruU in New Nos. 353 V 396 Pearl Street
.. . . ,
.. ...
'Tff"It. .S9 ERRY DAVIS'S Vwt bit Pain Killer. jut recnvrd arid torale l b.v
To report therein at the next regular meet int. j.I I' ( euIod ... .... .. .. .1310.131. .. P. received and for sale hv tl p ackace IT, d /en. York, Liverpool, H '\'rp. Antwerp and Rotter (Between FulNm--l I and Burling Slip,) JUST 23 J C. ,'LLENCo.Palits .
I I ... . :, .. .. dam. NUURSE. STOXRCo..
Mr Council ; Oiherports. ., .
Darden vas eirused by the rom .::.= :- Feb 1 B. ELLISON & Co.Onions t NEW YORK.HAVE
45; Water
1 Fo'r. Porn'. ).. .9062 .. 9 tre -t. Oils Ac.LMPa .
Vurther this to 23.fI" ,
.attendance! ( evening.A I I }'oi ON HAND THE LAPOFSfT ASSORTMENT
York..6-1O..3l27.3fl3..3972 ; ,'d Lrxcil Oil- \:11. lies, Piu-he!
.w .
petition from Robert Hugifin to have a fine n."IC ..,. .... .. .3-1)9 loon) .2c3S 1JRiJby S Advances.' CLOTHING '', Lan 1' Mack, Rid aid Ytllcw
131. "h crib.r:1'ill tna'xe! liberal ad
'of 81 imposed! fin him by the Mayor'* Court; re- tJ\'ir-n't.p .. .. ..i. .6319 .619 .74 I:' Fehl .B F.T.T.T?(N' & Co. THE cash IN THE Ochre, grow d in i-M I. Prc",ior. Bine, ratiscretn.

itl.-d. was received and read and on motion of l: ... ...... ..', .1. . . t I on C'1I11..ig"mell:I1; "t Cotton to their UNITED STATES. Vlrd'jrri.ju-t; received ;-er fi-t.r FahI..dium l and
B dtinu.re ... .. .. .... !1( ".5S) 72 Po I'ATOKS-HJtJ bbl. (\ lantituj) JIMI received IrKinI! ) in' Liverpool or New York. for s.i if hv

Mr. Hantock said pttition'U granted! and the NeW Orlptns... ... .:16 .U2" .160" .321. and for sale by' Dec 29 J DAY & Co. Adapted to t'z" Southern" an 1 Southwestern Markets J.,, j'J ALLEN & Co.

brie reini"u d. j Oiberjiitrt! Z.... .... .. .., ".. i""b 1 B ELLISON & Co. t !!! .

A petition was received from the Fire Co*. aM j,; Tot,1 Cim44wiP.. ....42J1: :!11:: .731TOATAu.K \ Y'.S .Lituinent, lor ale by nnder-siij'ied Advances.THE will make. liberal advances For Sale. .
S .1I H In the arti le ofSThIRTS .
others asking to be allowed the privilece of ]I ... .. :U791 ..12"92I Fell 1 J C ALLEN &, .Co. Cotton cori-.ijfU'il i t lo hi i-* friend I in Liverpool 2M.HOGANY l'.UIIIil B.gli.usePesks.S. HAWLFY Ap.I.
I A.\D DR.-\'VEE S
'electing the Engineers olT the Fire Department, OuDRbFF'S Ihsehiary Cordialf rsalebvFeb GII inw. Hivre, Boston or NVw Yor't.'! ..t. kee an endles- vanit.' NOV 25 Ct luu.bui Llf.ck.Notice. .

,WhicliVai resd"i and i on motion of Mr. Harber, S Tratle; 1 J C ALLEN & Co. Nov 18 D B WOOD. -
:Deferred to ihe ComroUtev the Fire Departnent TiE Worm Or ale .
on Specific < hv
to report thereon. *I S AT THK LATENT DATES FOR TIE LA 5T FOUR 1 J C ALLEN & Co.W HE 3I1hscrib.r.t'IlI" lor The Et"a: In1 'PHECopartnersl.i I i.reiit re ex'Mlirp under
theft J
ot D.
m A'l! KISS & Co, istl.Nday.
Mr. Atirin moved I that a rommitlee of three -, : "" ----rflflfl4-flflflfl-S I-hili.."" P.IK for s. le by snrrjuce Co.," '' The Pp'tfction I Iti itir .'..'> tiss, bed by iniitiiul cnl"t'II I. All .trS'lI1S in-

be appointed by the Chair In correspond with the U"H tH' > | 1, 47-S: I 184. -7--i -' : iTo WOODRUFt- J ALLEN & Co. Co ," and The HarllVni) I Insnr '"'P Co.," of I Ihrt- COVERED HATS debti-d ,Is, .he Utt firm will | lea-e i.akepa, >nentt

Land f in\ Company relation to the opening of a .1: .9S352 Composition, Powder for ale and M trine Uisks on as favorable term a- angood \ .
.. :1. and hn-mtsa
Plain 'UShI01lobl, .
.0' .116'1 WOODRUFF'S all hindsLEV1 on his N. 53 War
Clothing, of own a -c' nut, ai
toad. Messrs. Au.ttn, Hughes and Barber were .()tht F P:),... .p' Ut() .5. .n. .: : J j 1] J C ALLEN & Co. -Hice. J DAY & Co. J stren. HENRY YOL\GS.Aialirhicola .

appointed said committee, iiid b\i\ motion: the T .TT\\ 041Cr. ...fWi7.o5 :459iV. .W71'4n") m IO IP-O IAN1rtiii-iJlPf.! 'lor :tleby- Duc2S. 18 IS. N'..s.233& &HANFORI 250 Pearlt., Dec N, 14S.

Mayor was added thereto. RpcpiptuStoCkf. .....1299102 .892131 1 S9I27 I)3772S() 1 Fot h 1 J C ALLEN & "CoIndian Doc.
.. ... ..5t1:903r..U6-I91( 36596. ..868541COMFAKATIVK The Protection Inslaicc.Co.. oflieiir 2'3, IS49. -_- 49-3m Notice.TilE .
Mr. Hancock ,
stated that Mr. Damerell haA advertised Elixir.
lerscy.npHE Notice.S'x term f>If the District' Court If the United

a certiftVale vVh him by hi- City Trea- : KKCFIITS. ExrfiRTi$, AND SroctnoF 'TTTOODRUr-VS Indian Elixir a certain cure snbsi-rib' r Lwtng appointed; by the above week* after dale i will aptly to the H'.n. for the Northern District; ot Fl--rida,

Purer, for $y 36. and' ruoved"that the treasdreri'tue : crofro-4 AT THK POBT.J'F APAMrH'Cow. FR,.M VV for chills and fever for mahuby Ji Company their azent .for this city i is nowpreparrd
to Mr. Damerell certificateTherefor. : THE KIRT OF IEPTKMBER TO DATE IN THE FMEfjytjrtl. + Feb 1 J C ALLEN &. Co. ; to tike Fire an 1 Marine RiV col !ida, f T letterof adminisl ration fin tIre ostfcte f"' \1.V'il! FE'brn.r.n'xI.. iol adj 'urnt'd to the

a duplicate LOWlIod "HKI: II m Tobacco Seed Miy 11 1843. THO L. MfTCHEL.Notice. deceased f Isle .t'C'III.d Monday 12.h i-f F
Adopted.The I S Ri'pFs.; Mo.1843 .'**. Duva a ; Villiatn G. KeHv, of aiil r.iint." day t binary nE'xt. at .
MATILDA. I liich time and plac tie S:1U1t"111: he hfldeniccnrdin
sale bv .
.:.. .. .;.8io72 3 791 4678
following resolution was offered! and 18 1. ... .... ...32T 49 I24W! 21035 1 ,11 F BEr..L. December 1 181q. _4S-fi\r / '0 law. By order of the Hon. Iaae
firm i
of R'lb"lt.I"'n Co. is
& di-mir4vpd '
adnl'trd | I. Bronson Jmlsre, & .
: 184S ... .. JHWS 1( ; 15999 36054 Shoes THE .
BOuts and lIif will be in-id) and the
lnwir.escot.linti Shad.
: rn nts ROBERT MYER5
Resolved 1815 ...... ..45937 1541/7 30534 Marshal
That the Marshal be instructed tn SALE, by the package, by d hy IS. C. ROBEHl'S. FEW half bbU. ior MII- bv
... ... .. ..61893 38613 23283 FOR I A Northern District of Florida
p" notic, to all ptriwnf having. cotton of any I 11St .. ... ... ..87018 40018 27'lll'' .. 18 D B WOOD. Apalachicola Jan. 13, 1849. Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. January, 194g.

.- a ,






I. .


,J.--.-_-.__.-- _&_-3 -r------ matter whether the result of inherent cause- or I Tax Collector's Sale. I ?iatCartoii [ Noticr the An Regulation Ordinance of Quarantine, &c. Drags, Medicines Paints ur 'Oh.

causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci viitue of the authority in me vested by law, For Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery

dent. Nothing cAn be Inure t rprlslng than its BY will[ expose to sale, belore' the Court House Altars, ) SEC. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and THE undersigned relurn.hilt, ,

inviioratins etlect-i on the human frame. Persons Door in the City of Ayjlachicoia, on Mo'iduy v.s. V Bill for Divorce. Council of the City of Apalachicola, That to hilt friends and the public lotib

all weakness a.id lasuude, trotn taking it, the r'th: day March, IS19 between the hours Susannah Allar.s. ) hrreafier all vessels or steamboat arriving Ii liberal patronage, and begs to

at once b 'C'nme iobu-t and lull of energy under of ten A. :I. and lour P \. the 1-iUowing! real -rpHE Defendant not having plead, answered in ihe purl of Apalachicola from any port that he is now receiving anal in

its influence. It immediately counteract: t the estate, situated in the City of Apalachicola- L or demuned to complainant's tJlIl.altE'r due or place at which cholera, yellow fever, supply, which added to hi addj, i

nerk'ele ess of the fem.ile Irame which is the ses,ed as the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph notice of the tiling thereof, given by publication, small ) or contagious or infectious stock, renders his assortment unusually

1111111 Hreat r.une! of Barrenness. It will nut be expected !Delatiel.l, IVusJees; ol ihe Apalaciiu'tila Land and the paid bill of complaint and the'matters pox existed any at the departure such and complete. English, French G- ''"

of IH, in case* of so delicate, a nature to Compa'iv I ,) 41r so much thereof a-i will pay the therein stated having, been taken l for confessed disease, American Drugs ; Cosmetics ; Perfui, ,
U such
lJwiiYi exhibit! certificate* of cures performed but we Taxei l jpr ISIS, .sseS'fd thereon for the Slate against said defendant : on motion of Solicitorfor vej sel or boal from |port or place, or and Druggists Glass. ware, &c., &c., are} ,

I pan' a*.nri 1 the afflicted that hundied* ol ca-es uf Florida a id the County of Fran'ilin! together complainant it is ordered that said cause be which may have on board any person afflirted to Physicians, Country Merchants and

have been reported to us. Thousands of cases with the cost tif advert'isement alld( 5 sale, and set for hearing at the first day of the next termot with such disease, shall be subject lo t the most liberal terms-all of which he Ol ett III

where families have been without children, afrer which said real estate is Described; as follows, in this Court, and that notice of such hearingbe ihe following quarantine; regulations to wit : pure arid unadulterated. -am.b

I tHing; a few bottles of this invaluable medicine, the Map of said City, viz : given to the defendant by I ihe publication of a Such vessel or boal, on its arrival, shall 'H. F. ABELL

S have: been ble .ed with fine' healthy oi&pring.To I Whart LoIs NIH 7, S, 9-100 feet each. copy of this order once a w'(>k for' the space ol come lo an nnc-hor at ihe first safe andwcon- Wholesale Retail Dru1.gist,

D rotvaisuI's SivstpariILa: .TIothers and Carried Lticlfies. Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17. three months prior to the first day of the next venient after crossing the outer 45 \Vater

This EvtiMCt ol Sdrsaparill.i has been expressly Lots2, 3, 4, o, 6, 7SU, in Block l 1f. term in the Commercial Advertiser, a newspapei anchorage the Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1816'Drus Itrt l
Wonder and flipping: of the Age. prepared) in reference to female complaints.) No I Lots 4, 7, S, 13, 14. l'>, Iti, 17. IS, in Block E:2. published in the city of Apalachicola. bar, where ihey shall remain spaceof
The m.xtextraordi.ury: M.; lidne III the World fermle who ha* reason to suppose she approach L-tsG, 7, IJ.: 1 11. in Block F 2. l A Copy. \\ M. VALLEAU, Clerk. fdriy days 'or until the pass; >n!er* and ; and HlfdiclnelT- ,

This Extract i n !put uu in Q, 'art H ittle-i : if i it s *ix ing that critical period, Tht turn of life," t Lot 3 in Block D2. December 18, ISW l9-3m crew shall be reported by the health officer THE subscribers ha,, and J

lima cheaper, ;pl. iilar: and w.irr inted : i. should neglect to take it t, as it i is a certain preventative I Lots 4,7, S in Block 1. 10 be III a' healthy condition. constantly h vf'n handc -i1- II

.perior 10 allY 3jM. It ninn withoutnc.TVfi'ig fur any of the numerous and horrible Lots 2, -1.6,7,8.9., in Block 4. Sheriff's Sale. SKC.: 2. Be further orilninrd. That any 1t assortment of DRUGS and IIED

; ,purging, *irniu;or di.enes to which females are subject this time Lots 4, o, G, 7, S in Block S. ot I a writ of fi. fa. to me directed her or ronduciing I CINES, which they will LASir
I By'irlne I pilot or lit 1'r'C1II i pilllllll \\3rri
debilitating* Pilii-it of life. This period way: be dtlayt'd for l'vl1'a'i Lots 1 to 10, in; Block 1'J. Circuit Courtof Franklin county, ihe of I plteandouthebestqu4uy.t Count-(
Thft great bit a-iJ <"n.iri'irity of thi* jr- ifiar by wing this medicine. Nor i is it les valmhle LoIS 1,2,3,6,7,8, 9, 10, in Block 21. in favor of William Griswold and Naih. L. Gtis- any vessel or steamboat; into purl ,' Merchant and Planters will finj' ; )

|*arillaovpmUrthcr! meiii! ie< is thtt wile', it for iou' who areaproaciin; worn mhood.a. Lots 4, ."), G, 7, S, 9, 10, in Block :6. vvold, executors of N. L. Grisvvnld, vs the Cityof Apalachicoh. having on board any of ihe : to theiradvantalt' tocatlt'xamine and priceih( '

eradicate* 1'ia di< 1'it, invi ontethe b..Jy. It it i iol calculated to asU3 diseases' shall bring said Goods, before l'urC'ha-inl (1st'" ht'r.. "* <

is one of the very best the blood and invigiritin: t.e: system. Indeel:), I Lots 3,4,5,6. 7. S. in Bcclt! 46. e to sale! to the highest bidder at the Court vessel to ;anchor at the (ir.t t safe wnd cllnve-I' N. B. Physician's prescripticns put'5 .iH.1M

SPIUN'fi AN'D SUMMi'l! MRDICI'S"J"JEver [ : Ihi* in hrine is invaluable for all the delicate Lots() I to 1U, in Block f-. Home door, in the city of Apalachicola, on the miii' anrhorage: after crossing! I thi- outer care and accuracy at any hour /T the da\ cr bpit T

kin.v.i ; it n-it o ilv I p-irifiM( t.i: w i .l!.lv'- dieae* to which women are subject. I Lots 1, 2,3, '0, 7, S, U, 10, in Block:. firtIor.dw' in March 1349, within the leal: and) report the same lo ,she Mayor without JO. iihh.iflL: c0 Dih. ackrO dIne

tern, :nl I 4tre nt'i: is 'li !MT. II. !hit it err 2F1'izD. It br.ipplhe I while system, renews permanently Lots 2 to ID, (in Block 31. hours 11f sale, the 1 following. described property delay and in default, said( pilot t or ot her Jan IS Cor. Centre and Commerce sts- Per"'

P''"' I'll rh\ b'nl : \ :* h\r :' I.P.JP. !bvmother tie nitnr.tl eneraie, liy removing t the impuriof I Lotsi G. 7, S, 0, 10, in Block 183. to wit : one large frame building known as the ; and said one (
shall forfeit 'in city
.\ili-it'ii I 1 iie hI' l'llllf I pay sub
.lici-i- i person SPENCE'
ri g ; of the body' not so far stimulating as to pro- Lots :2 to 19, in Block! JI. City Council Chamber, situated on Market J. ,
:ret ofwithin i II. 1"* J"r'I: << !' .*..-<. l It! !a i ::1.rf'r 1..1 1 1c known hundred dollars for evi-r) such neglect: or tlrev,
I Hou Engine as
Ilil"C s'ih*<(q;!eru relaxation, which i is the ca*. ofnl.t Lot; 1 |o2'J' in !Block LI. Square : ne Engine i WATCH! AND CLOCK MAKEK
thcuri t 11..at ii- .v-ir-i, 'i .* {ir. I ll >.O "J 'I and House and En'hille.linnw refusal; to comply wit Ii I the above section. .: E\
No. ] ;
I medicines taken for female weakne and L<-N 1. 5, 7. S. J, ill Block 9. Boston ; one Engine
?< ot? 4 *,..... ris- ,,f .JM"'I &I-; -it I-M-! 1 1".'H' ) I 1 Franklin No.2. )levied the Sc. :3. Bt it furllitr ordained.; Th.il Second Story Baltzell's Ruildina s
side i the on
dH2i" By inin-i ; a fp.v bottles of this medicine, A I it-A 1 1 L.unl; 1 King I on l thp West t of I : ns as : ,
ware. rtH.I'r'I'I.tI'I'I.:: I l '11.t'.IH.tl.I' : ;. i i rninv! !eire and painlul surgical operations may Apalachicola Bay, Ki.rth and West t ol I the (Cily of I propei 1 I tv of the city of Apalachicola. whale said vessel fir boat lies in q stat atititie, (Entrance on Ch' trut'lt; )

ofmlrJtu! j.1illi'.u) :I..o I'm : .\'Ij'i'? I h' or ''eTt'I1. S Apalachicola, I Jo I the Western boundaries of II h JOHN LUCAS Sheriff, it shall not I, lawful (for -my pPr tllI. .x(" 'pi I A'P A'LACliJC01.A.F ,

!pI4: n:. !, Great BScssitrj; to Mothers and Franklin Contty; ; al*,, St. Vincent's Ishtiil. St._ o By B. LUCAS, Deputy. I llie hralih I i officer t lo visit i lie same or hold N B Watches, Clocks and Jewelry t'arl'hn: }

.0,9:) ) ct s of {;j.i"rJ: : 2'Ji Hf : Chilch' n. { Georjro' I.-Iand. and Dog I Isl.tud (exclusive ot i!i Ji-.uiry iS-It). any ciniiniunicalioiiviih t those on hoard ; repaired.--- -- -- -- ---- -October-- 21. 1 .n. our >cEdir..ij
nUll \V.llt o f "V e;'*'*) n Eat'I* I .that 1orli.1I1 ui .".t. George's and Di'g' NlanJ owned : .
If i* thpsifrst an.i' m Or. ri.vn'il"I t > iri Ilfll! t I-I.MI .1' i.; '" ri.!, I I'lrifVirn! : t liie system t and reliving the s'ifterings, r by the U. .;. Gin nimrnt) ; al! on t<'nn'- hoard said, for I hinrisier.
\\,1, ,1. oI..!.? n ',.'.* n 1 1. ''' .. !1'.. t'i '4' W'I"'i !i jvjlut East of the Bay ol Apahchicola: and bordering : to visit city, nr Saloon Ii
atle-i 1 child-birth! } discovered. It and
: nt ti'iin ever I sue \P-10 hhdi ad: 3,1) b'dN.. Orleans; ilJlir'' hi
'KMr, nnil:. >r j UT V -1'r.< ":< 'If m .tp'I.;!h"'n bith the rml her and child, preventsnii'i on' St. Ge.irgo'" . irin or i i.\ii.'r '".1'1 r i 'mJ-: I'i! I i i. VMt'i:.? .Ir t'i.i: eniiohc m"Uth ot New River trotn thence in direct! lit: i 10 be landed. any of li'-r cargo: fir any article TIC"
increase the
md dieie, ) t f'JOd.
: all' ) and Ohio
St Louis ,
FLOUR 100 bbls
Hiv. ril 1 bl '>f t'n! ni 114. .1"il 1 V.II11 I ; superfine ; unless h \vrilien E ;J.rOj. rider (.f the AtherausmSaI"i'n" : nf\\ T
etc (? I ''I'1" hive !-ned it think it i i-* indispensable to t the Clupol i Cut-off, following i the Apahchi- COFFEE-50) sacks Rio and! M.racaiboMOLASSES ;- on board. ) pf'rmis..illn TIJ lire
01 a t: "er.il :j'lv-ii'il i: prxtrdin!I <,f t'1. n TVMNsy I i "t ;is hLIIl'J.j.', riJl hth hafore and after confine- cola Riv.-r dnwn to its month including' Fi I bp': !in) l hit; from the Mayor, given nmler the lvice of ; t.n" used ev -ry er.d aloor In n..k c shtr.. I Iaqit

.f i n ntinfirii-i-i'; i- !TMt n it DrPvenN" distia"i'3 attendant upon Island (so culled) ; i the whole containing 2-5IOU) ': WHISKEV- bbls and nl''rop halt bbls; I the health; I t officer ; and' any proii viola I I rsi the p..I.hh..hrrl.tt? : ar reealijp place of ftrr' )
; II i
I 1"1\' nJ i I 11I1'. h and i i. ( I a-ikfnl that an ever rnniinafir.
sitin-, :'r.r it irt? '" jt.le'1i1.:1 c! !.)1'iirth' -in COt\.cnE', Piles Cramps Swellin acr.-s of mud quality t.f Lm< and 1J..J of 2d ;, I.HDbbl.'. and, 10 :U\t.tc ; pit he.. of the provisions of this or the firt I lie hi ( lliir : ''II 'F'a'id
tmv.ir<]i tint l 1.t..1 ilHi I i iI.K.VTI: tj.i prove hhHIII'atfl1r.O.; a"l"
| fP"t.Iirw
',. I'M ul'n.t ,t Tin's 1 r of the :I-Vet t. D'siondpiipy, Heartburn Vom- quality. SOAP-S'J' b 1\C'" p-ile;: \<-llov\ and white ; section of I this ordinance, shall; IIP liablf; lo ut, hidfsiie; t In( plei-e. I He will ttJfSU \
entin t
lv r;' Pu-i in thp f Bick and FaNe Pain1
ithj, I Loins '
prj 1 .STARCH 1 t i hiixtColjMteV said c-iiy: in the penally of filly dollars for I, choice :i.-M.rtir. nt .,1 jut!
SUHtHrdltoI. :: fir :r iFlvip'L1tT nv for Knnkliti C lI'tV.Art'1't1il".t Litij' r* n.f Irtr.I"t
fJ :1I1rrln. ', and i l's i n'gnlaf the secretions and .
PORK--20 b 's '- nd ;pni- c ; each and such ofiVnce, anti i\ em\ five J\"t-r.t., f.f aMt; t tO tirlTle: tht- H.. ..
: C I'.lia:. ]'iiiiinx, fii? Pirc-il tion it has no e-val Tile 1 O-'toh'-r 7. I SI I*. ?> ')11\ I ; every I : ii tiii:
A. itri "i"v i 111! ,in ; : t r .! '< t:,:' 'l.--t.! n, arivp? r"tt: Ie.mof'! this mfdi'ine i is, it i is always sifc, .'. REEF-2 bbls! prime ; dollars for each and every day the master, i, lacchn4' m.,1 fitiiLtui' Of rl'o1 ; .H d OttfJ..
activity: t. t'I" II i'ij, l' 5 ''f" !t h 1 I.* !!: iI H.a-I; Ti-l f'ii'! nnst lelipitp usp it nnst sncr-es-fnllv, B. EHisosi '<: Co., Co,'. \"i aCcv .u. d TBACCOh( \ arid hf bxs favorite brands; owner or consignee of such vessel or hnJl:: cooL and deiirn ii*, ii i-ti In rt. i ll.t-ir i iTor I.f 1 1I.. tr"I.L. tit' ii

I lir ":< rp'jKi're any other medicine, in Chestnut sis. I I BACON-S casks sides and hams ; shall fail or refuse to go into quarantine a- a pleasant c'lMsiigliti I i g t *-x, ni I. .IIartlll \ I
'.' 'l, SHIP CHAXDLKKY.MANILLA l\t AIACCAROM boxes Italian; ; ; .-tni-r.t!-i/tift 1'1," //?//,,- true ititvJ
IFl CI.: i 111 p ,
C'Iil !$ .) I svma: little C t.t'lr Oil, nr \Iiriei.i, i iq useful."Cx ., VERMICELLI do do herein required. i.ihtk
Clcinl 1 ,Ctr.-uli-J' I <" n-s-i I'.1 >'r n "t' 1 h? ri'is! in t'lp' o-jpn tir, and ligt.t fond with this ; and lenp! Cordage of all "sizes, CRANBERRIES bhN; SEC. 4. Be it further ot' ,tin'd. Tint in within t the circle il irvinir.ij.lir-' : ti\ c. rfifar: ui; r.It 3
,' i f'n ', Vv'ormline, Marline Spun- quarter ; a ttrrse of t tn i'ii-i f f.ur I 1., M- :
.tl-I1II.C.tI1'i" '
) liadiV
cir' I. .. 'licin.1 will safe and
n always ensure a easy con- DOME IICS 25 bales and it shall be deemed IIPCf'SSU' for the I > .
sheetings shirtings case j jpresprvation
phi It, :O.lhi: I rr'i,, C'K'S't:; i a.i "il- lenient yarn; Oakum.Sperm Oil, I4 all do, \Vhale do, (3ive! ; 1: <* an ierr.ertpcaiialuav.tuAt u Ivna
Ii.1 I : ,I' ;H.t .1 I, 'r 1.--' t"9 I" I" "'. I I Ifi .ti. Nttioc to the Ladies.T do, Linseed do, K-iw do, Boilpd do, Spirit? Turp O: .\ nURGS-lO bales Lowell and Georgia ; of the health of sa'nl; (city by I II I, C'-nu-'one-c(.rr. all"

i '\! It V .. ): i'1 .1- ,; Pr 1ft. x- :
", .... .ri1' ". *! (110" Sil-I 1 c *., 'me :) ".":! e th it imitate Drl"'w'lenci' Sarsaparilla, Lead Ked do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green, RAISINS! -100 whole, hf and qr boxes ;' ol$ any vessel or boal. lying in rtnarautme :. ntre.11.. I IS47. 5.fllardvirc' .
i inx" sri called their
nvi hly stuffy great R"l1U'l1i i Emerald do, Imperial; do. Chrome Yellow, Verdigris BUCKWHEAT[ kea new; SSl'I I
anl 1 'ii '!. !"" I. .r-)r P'1l1ln. &". *cc and' hive copied our bill I1ith4rtg., Si 1 !phur Bright' Varnish, Copal ALI\10NDS-200 pounds 10 unload' and I thoroughly cleane, 'Ii; id I.'ry At.-

g )!ttIi.: : '3il. :in I Pir'ihrsv'iirh' rehfes to the complaints of jvm j do, Tar, Rosin! Pitch T rr 'nli; :e. Coal Paint BUTTER 25 kegs Gosl.en; and Western smoke and \vhii :w .s!h i llie ..;llIj" miile. I 1- '"f '}HR: SuJi-! J.atiii! ti r *.u. -, ".11wh

N A- \' .re, \ ril !*.1"1 I 17.lf. "n, wop,I for, word-'>tlier men who put up '. Bruges Varnish dc), Tar do, Scrub do. Clamp! do, CHEESE-20 bxs English dairy ; fore such vesH or boat shah| he nlone! to JL LOCKS: ;, a"A'L't, : -. >crx\, UIJhi ,
T.\-t J -.'..nUti \ t'nt v rir irit -di'ine, ''nve, sincp thp success of Dr.1 I If L-nnp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck.! Eng ; to said) anil 'taihij, i *. :: )
great proceed riiy anv
: Ur.--i
lish /sit,. Cotton do. Heavy l Ravens Jo, Light do, BR \ nY-3 hf pipes Otard, Depuy & Martel ; ; person 1 jM-n-vN.-- hi. ,I. H..,. r14PZI.
vi 1 '
'l ,
n t 'M- i : i. -i "M,1 If. i j.s j' --v i--"n I's Sarsipirilla in complaint's incident to White, lIII' and l ld Bur.ting. Xii!h:, Cop;,er do, LEMON'S! boxes Sicily : to comply wit h i lie provisions of ,this section. (_. :r.pa-'I. ; !: bit :-.( .'..I". ,.filt.HI I

..i *| 't! j R :i\-li 1 i I 'II n'" .' Ir i "r ii l v-tr-i ]ulhil i 'li"nll ';. rHpi-ifn-nendpd I Ihp'irs although previousIvthevdjl do Tacki! =, Ship .Snike:: Boat dn, BradsScrews, WINE> -20 di>z superior Maderia a .d SI> rry ; shall; be I liable i lo smi (citv i in I lie ;peniliy offiI'iy ( la'sR'sI.. s. I'.\. T-". .: :/i.; "':0'. t I' ." I"' Jie"lif ,
r 11 -uil ..*. \tli .
I TII; s. 'i'-in v I rJi 'V i not A number of these Mixtures Jack Screws, Aneliors) i ALE dozen) i". L"11f.e' it', .f., I Ptft'lr..
'" 1 1Pitl Handspikes Captain -/ pale; dollars f for Par!Ii and such offence.S ; ( ? .t'i ) !frrurs. f- r P1
I tt t 1 rtt-i-I 1 hr: l'i'i..a: 'I" > ,1.! "ill I 'i i ; it t" ini'irions to fermles, astheynggrete J Bars Oars Blocks! ; I every .
are Jib Hanks
Shives Hand i Pickle*, Sauces, Olives Brandy 'i;! ties and 5. Be ordained '"lint Sl.nft'r B;"; I : !-.11J.I II. .'.r..l1.r'.. '1't
nl I n..a,1,1 I l4' :.lit .Tt .l S 1 Ii 'i.11 i KC.: further use -
5vi It.l. ) M r. rv
V \ disease i nnd) unl l'rmine t the coriatitution. Pumps Peck Bncki'ts, Cedar do! Deck Broom*, Candy, a full assortment. C"lJnh'rdf't <. Pt.,s t.5rr iti! ., l'ff'lI .
I t
i lit. .' t-r t .Ia1'1 I n"'J jU' 1" J v..> .SttrofulM Cured. Corn do. Caulking! i :>TiIets! Sarvi rig rltl, Axes, Axe city $phy.! ician; ) t ni'polni" i ii I h%. Tie Council nonually r" .1 em"t"r
Kltrl''fI "
I C. A. GREEN & Co. 'ar.-, T..MiCulli[ Sh. arJ
r4i trt'i, I .'. rt Ti i ., 'I'? tu! :r ; :it: a >v nl This rtili-Mlii fhnt this! lId h.t hooks! and Thi iiht! Box Hooks Bile do. sh-ill, be "Ollsiti"I't'lflhe health officer ti 1 '1
: coucltisivelv PPC TU'f [l'ln' J Lr"s &
23 5-2 Water .
proves street. :: ,
.1 l rf'il %MMJ, i -i vr fi j ,it i I 'n! I i Di > vVt Ir041 nril1:111''i norfrct control over the most obdii'ises Can do._qo.lton.do.. Boil.: !do, iVh! do,_.Cauikinj? I whose duty it shall; he (lo visit all vessels nI.\CKs tlTII"! .l ''Ii
irons, .Malting I .Uarlme:t Sciapers. Warranted to Cure.10STF.R ." ( tf.fIaIo, sIed..,. all, "ziJicii (
!h ti 'viii tit t.* >r 1 il" <'itv. I riH' MSi i tI.1 irons .Spik.es, .Ship i! I which
!t.ft *. \r ,' i .di's'e of the Bl'od. Three persons! Hung Dippers.! Cook's Ladles! TormenurDividers -, /" & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic may come I lo anchor at the quarantine hlarrsmner. Vir", 'rt1.ldh..*. St. ik irVDi I
'11 rtn-
mi t 'I< -n >'i n \
th t'1t ain f In t'I"1'"i: r>c.. Fill''. ll.i-i: | <..\'rIRON Th
Three: Cliildrcn. Seine 11 It), Sowing! do. Ptlrnt.! Rigging Leather, I and crew (thereof for the -s\\rfcNt :>; 'hfuriM An Vrirzr _
yI.r ., ... Ii. itvnt I, I forests? a pe'fect and lasting cure for (fen and passengers ;usr. 1 rOl". :THRrr:1 -
\V .:i tIT. .S'.I..lit' ; G.\th\rine :t.t''IC:1 Dr. Townspud) : Dear Sir-I I hive the pleasure Pump,do Planes, ShovHs llindxws, Hamm r.s Hatchets. Chisels, I ague, and for being the best Tonic in cases ofgeneral pose of ascertaining!, whether there exit an fJIIH.d.t1, t ar.d "lll1Jrf', Jtlrld. ff. I 't t. th'. .
Aii Gimblets HandsawFiles
t tl) inform v >n that Ihrep of my children have ; ;'lr Boiler TrOlL Railn ad. Spile it.>. Hir
hoard ri..i?
of the
\ h '
: si ii! > il. I |Hat{ Tail do, Iron Squares, C'ipLoard Locks debility weakness now known for sale any contemplated \
!ip,>n cured of the Scrofula by the me of your ex- Stock Hooks and by [April 27 H F A BELL.Tli6 I"I| nf ilix' ,III! and whelir Inn and NasN! Cast, Eq.dlo! \\n-\\t\ \\ i.-c; C":11'
T:1i.: iol nilvni 1' if t ::n rtnn i f"'lr t 1vi .ri1Cil4 ) se.\\ do. Staples, Hinges. Padii 'h ', ? ] i t. piovisiuiiN I I ii a uu.p. -
f.-H-'nt m 1li' ,\1 H I''! "I tU n i'i' it )r Po v ,H 1 r irip I- four'h.t-I Wood Saws, -nIant! I Ilaiilynrds; Hand Liis: > :ii.\ 1.:1... o,1( sit'Is .p |ha.; iici-ij: ril prrnan la'T3it5 I
\'I'rr'lwith 'hid Sores : have tikei: only Deep Sfa (It), Lo;" do, Fish! do\ I II.ind L"ad.s D-ep Hpsii.i's Compound Syrup oi"a'ar PI.OIGIIIf !li ar'fJ l D. nUe[ CVrr.-i' ilUr; ,
Ifill t h t; -tr. J, The 'n 't < *wcn' ;1'1 t .IJr) ,) 'tic during the ; (such vessel and make
icit'd, tle; it took th, 'n away, for which I feel myself :St dr". Sheet do, 1 I'.irdo, Fiinnels I Lmithorns, :tid Z Wood Naptha. passage Orrnill*, L> :.l.Ir.s. Tr. re d... 0rif, '
virtue"< ire. .vee'dy crai by it tri ircisry: :sriJtT. gr..it' ohlig itionY. Ohilk Liri s Pi'ch Pots.! Log Books Cargo do, F ) % thf runci consumption, chronic, bron- report thereof 'lo the Mayor ; and (for such SV vi-I[* ar.d Si-silts. Wrtifing! hl..s, Gwn W ttieen. ii

.- 'ir*. ro's ii'ctfullv, Pielaying Pin Tin \Var Crockery Carjwiaer'Too1 HtiS' a-f'.i;l'! .'. \\ ho's; i rig couuli, palpitation: sel vice lie shall I I he emMed t I i to receive: from I.an: and! (;IrfF.hiug I Hi>t"COUDAGK
Ji n*< Cn n ninjs p'.at j vi 'f I'i" misi: fit* I \ \ewe lL\', ion \V o05lt'r-st. .. Sampson Po&e :('c. oft t IUMII, I liv, and t lie master of such vessel boat lie often ; M-irnlh ? ...
in th' L'I'utif'"b'n. Bh f'c vlP. f ii l |1,1 t'if' i complaints, affections ol( or ; I sum :u ii !P. mp.a rf*d, fltr c xr me n<
in H Ajnlachn'o'a.I I IVc' f H). 1t1,
entli'nia i' ,'(i, 1 'If i in f thef.tll t i vin, r I--ft'r' O i iii 'is of PJiysiciJtas.Di. : tie d'iew.I |I. f |Ie by dollars wild expenses. Tur.' 11".;71. C.-nl Tar, Uri;;t.t Vsrni lLrd.RI.ek4. S 5'.
a : Bli'cv.'UNlnl' ), >>in i J j. I" 17 1'i v 1",1!i I i i'* .I'no.t t diily t receiving[ orders I Groceries anti S:121a S1es. .1 r AT TEN *. r-. SKC. 6. Be it further ordaineil. Thai i: pr ... ((.irs. \c :, i"f

nr.T".a'1J-) ir I 4IPt 'I..11'r-< 'r i n, 'IV-JIPJ: .ri* i PI I ,dift'MVnt pirtso! I the Union. I RIO COFKKK Java; do, St. JnTr.llurlGO., ..BI:1111Uools shall he ,the diry ol (he lie.ilih, officer liar- CASTIXfJ:< -Sn-rar Kettles. Millr ? ( i-n I.2J"'
T liol i i-> t I.) I'I'rtilthllt \ve, I llip uider5ned: I : FImrVe04lt'rn.! do; N 0 Sugar: : and Stationery. Irrri-, Hakoi x*. r... 'rl"r! >. Pit rooF.- r.ftff .
ri'',lv f Ir niuv-Mr* vit'i 11''i r t 1':1 t It 1 a 1'1 : I"i) 1i iil i- |DGERS:| Journal* PiJkS & hor master and marshal to report t to lie I : ;
1 P iyii'i.i i* d'! the Citv i III't :\.l sasv, have i in innnernni"s t. Croix d->, Porlo lien do. Younsr Hyson 1'f'a. T Day .c.J Kcithtt.' '", .c.rrlt, ., &C
,li i trt'U'l "f t'lo1 trn. I P "I! ,'If l .1. :1.:1 :.1 0 anti ul violaiinns of his ordioance. I :
IlrI ) Mayor; (
: irc','*ri')3il: Dr. Tow'1*el1l'oI Saraltrilla: I!Iyon do.1 Pmvc'ion? (dii. Souchong 'io, (?,*!h i 'n reams Foohrap and Letter Paper; any TIX\\-\RE-\! .i ..S.S .
: ''lir"I'% P
!I .. .r 1 Fhil I t'i 'i* n.4. t lMf .il' 'I.h.. I \MAW'Mtf!\ :) ) 1M,9T.r the most valuable preII -B'lttpr- ".> .-CIIPPS.P....... -., "Lard.". B. "icon. .'I"llini.: ana Side rriinp?. ?IJeel j\:>''ij"v !- :Cotton Memorandum Books ; Win: [Itsalitr rttail[ ', "
:: nip aIm ruver nuis
ur .ttl.I J ,1'I v"t "tq ", t dte, t'.d I i ,iv hlv. MP.P and Prime l'os.! Baaing; raised t II) HIP Council lllh.Tintiar\.lS44.
P PULT G.\T. D. Macprp| Shad, Sumr! Boooks) (for Letter t Press. 1':. C. ROIERTS.: a'.s)
d.Tia m .M thri nt; t'lvmiJ u I 1ll1r.Irlh..r J \VIL r> \T. M D. ifrring, Sounds and Tongnp?, Cod Fi-hToii2'u>s, Blank Bills of DAVID G. RAftFA' M i\1ss.; Apt1wril"'ht.!: Jan. 24 1, J'.tt). "
K-iil. Vo i ir ti lih-rty tl) m> tiis! fir tho bin- R. P. Jil'i'i}! i D. IVpppr, :Spiers; (Ctt: "ups; Pepper S.iucc.; OliveMIPW ) -, Ju-t Exchange and Checks, WILLIAM VALLEAU. C erk.

eat of the ai1kt tf J.YO'Jr P. E ELMCXCORF, M. D. Picklps :Soap; ; Srarr-h, Tobacco. Navrpatl : icceived and for sale bv' ------ : :\ C\ltO.

;. re4"tf'1Itv: Albany April, H47.Caution.. Pilot do, Cracker, Vinegar, Dried Pruiis, : Marrh 1 fI. F. -Y**"' An Ordinance THK I i .Sufj.crifu-rs t..k.t flu n.tlh.d i 11 I iflf in- I
Beans, S.ilt. RHI". II-, Macaroni Vi-rirtiCflli. P.aht .
.r \\18 \IMINOS. Arrow tlrr- i-itr/ec
f\r b d
ApaLcltc ar it.tircinity. i
HOIII{ Com, O.hS. Buckwheat' !, Ml1tarI. Hlce.} Cliiorofo .'i\t !I IW To amet.d an Ordiriai, 1-1 i i.ii.d! "an Ordinance v : -
Fever aiL .tic. that tfiev
; Owin to the ? and immense sale' haver.tw 'uharda ,,,
: greit *m.ves : RR\NTi D ie<'
For !al by ]B. I KLLIS I jure, ". t r.' I and : .
(()N Jc CO. ; j cve for i .
Dr. To\vi I il'< Sim I trill I i i i. n 14? 11 tile.! its of Dr. T s 'H.m V* ",lr04.1ll.mlt.l. a numhcr of men Dec !9. Cor.: Water and Clier-tii.it,., -lf by emir r' m 'i. &1'0 al.1:; wtUJprtcd Stock of} G'01Jns.\\! v\ilibf& "f.

cae of the C'ulh' ''I :'ever ail) \i'ii The who were fim-rlv. "ur Agent*, have commencedmiki'uStmnrilli fife t Xo'T 1' ".* N & '"o. Sec. 1. fie it ordained by the Mayor and Council s-Id low, ci>"si-tmir, in pur as lol'i[' w *: 11.51.t. .3

folh.viir* letter i i.< only 'n> of Vn'!ln )N t thit we I Kvtrirfs, Elixirs Bitter, EXIT hlaid ""a s'c. if; the'I it\ o.: Apalachiroh, That frur: iJl.d Cloths a'xi! CD-j"inierts, "iJr.tJs'h: !Il' ', 8. allOt

I have ra2jiv. J fr-m the S nth al.I l Vet of hk I ids ot Yellow Dork, &c. They generally put PLAIN1: I :?, Plain I lnn: ', single and donl.lp) I H-inv Dry Goods. alter t the first day of March nt'xt. if any owmrof Fancv. Pl-ir.ts S do d",. ;'n.z' 1 1ree

character. it up in the *mme shiped b Itlle*, and some of Drr.v K-iivcS! AugurAngurr Bits, DRILLINGS, Ticking, Cotton Osnahurgs any slave .--lull keep, or cause to be kept, :n> Ala'a. [ l.t'..tre; do Figint-d', ,, I Ifrutri

On"lr1., O-t t :2L I IS 17. them !have stole and) copied onr advertisement( Curing' ?ri"<-,'--, Tim''r) Scribe-! Turn Sen iys, Jean*, FbnneN, Blankets slive in any house Itfl any lot in thi. city, without 0'1' II'p n I I I III'C. ', ..,.;>.. 5

Dr. Ti'-viain 1 : Dir >ir -" .t1r.-!ll.d! i.,r mv they are only worthless imitation, and should: be :Mirkin ; (;s 111.1''. :MucI: : Saw S'ts \\'IIId( Tweed*, Shirting, Sheetings, Check, having a white man residing i on t the same, IT dn.fltflldla! "l; 5.5(5 5
wif- v I b .ttL4 of t S tri: trI1; t of v i nr '\;et; ivoide.1.! Rulps: Viz--- \Vrc"'o'hie", Swv-s, LMP!
Mr. M N tirr i Kh'I1'1. si, t.i trv I it t t .r I the I-V- Principal OTire, 171 FULTON Street, Sun andSta 1.'--. Bulls; I Screws I lIill I i !..., S'mttfi I 1'.11. :, For vale by ELLISON[ & CO on any lot in this city, wiihout having a white' F'inry; Csshsere; nl.l'rs lt.. Inn Ih '

veranl t .A-J! B rlr I ''nl s I !i iiilu l t'x' > liNt Ptuilling, X. Y.; Redding & Co., S Slate street, Bra;s 1'icks 'oPWI'Tire./ MI.Iiing i LidURat: De 9._Cor. Water and Che.-t >''t sts man residing on said lot, the ;person so elK-nding? do. !''iIrrino ito.d. :? .1''t.IU, r

I b ttle, it .i:).Jiirel '0 \virrn th? '.! I.d J, aiiothsr : e\'ry IJ'Kt n ; Dyott & S >n*, 132 North Second str.-et, Trapsv>", Ilall'I'I.: CtltJ'eJ i ll "Sl.-dge. Hammers Ci(lcv.'NLS shall on conviction, be lined five dollar for each: l n.lainf" d';. I.JMnlip. ;. J t"I.

du% '.v'13-i th! O nlh -in 11 1 1Vvr .i s ." 1rt"f. ;, lpiid! ; S S. Hince Druggist i t. Billimore: S;; Till.. Tnllfill. ; S.vis; .Anvils. &'. &,c : CI. mpagne.i i j-l. b" ami every day ,that such slave shall be so kept', s h.di C.SUM ..{.:% 5- ;;::. \r.. '
they I le H \'iJl: l ntin 11 1 !'i-firj 'i-> h-i.l finHheJ P. M. Cohan! For 0-0 "* Ol > suffered or pt'rmillt'dr'e hall I di.Blinkefs. -. of" > -
were CtmWon ; Wright & Co., 151: le by B KLLI-'ON &, (Co. ;a T ?SON n- to go I to the person Liiet ant C..f.rtH :/:"
the I bittt Vi i \VH 'utiivlv r'ljC.J., .ind CYirtors street, NO.; 105 South Pearl street np( 0. Cor W.>tpr aid Chestnut sts. EEThXGS informing ; and it *hall be the duty) ol l I lie !J in:-, Lixk-. Cap and! Tf.ttcdia : < r
she vvn m.lc'1'.Ht.'r tninJi' 'ul I "'s b.-fore Alhiny! ; and by all the principal Druggists and S Shirtings and Prints, by the Marshal. report to the Maji: the names ft all ia\ !?. Darr.askSilk S

*he toik' tle'I! '. AUlvt'nt I I'nl I 1 b'fvi, vt'rv \'rch.'nt.( generally throughout the United States S ViDt.:. : i Irll'l. Scot c'i .1 I.'. \-ediii( I } and! Ga; ItiI baleand case. low foreash by such slaves as may be found occupying( or living (II). Marin., S ...0.:1. r

sickxvithths C litl-j :sn I r cxvr. bit h II I hr.ie! \Ve.t InJia] and the Canadas. I l"! <. I Bines-mill. B. How--, Cot t '(.n and \', B. ELLISON &. CO. on lots contrary to this ordinance. &>. T aid Wfr-1 l :1' OJ"I

th"oi with Q li-nin '. a 1-1 1 w .s I Iit in i v..rv -vail '. For sile wholesale and retail bvII. Car .. S'indc-! ; and S "\Is. (Cnldri; an I Sn.hi, Dcc 9-_Gor---Waterjind'Chestnut- she Sec. 2. Be it further ordained That in case IIt.;( Lnv and SiR: GJ.; .TCITu.kan 8'I .:

I (l'Mtri44ri .tite. a,1 I fr 1'1')1'l I iiVt 3li!, h' S r.;. ABELL, Pans Ploughs 5 &c. &-P f"r." tie bv Tan ii rs' Oil the owner of any slave found living on (.' occupying i Gipy; Kofij-'r-J:!, I l.itf-t t ta.ic! n Dc.ji

with th* \,'i5 Ci'c.,'. 4 ..i'i 'thil"t( t :1'iit it ''Id: __ Tty23, IS IS 19-ly __ _Apalnchicola.I n,." I 'A5 .B,. .HLLi... [ ',"I ON( & Co TT1 :? ..1.! by a lot contrary to this ordinance, shall be a Hihh"os in :nil'I I \ariftitsShirlirsir I -I

on my wifp, sh< snt l"1.ll1r\ ,ifir-: 1 i f".vJ itth-s, Dry G09fl P5th'',? 1'1'". 1- n<" W _nr-rric-ox ,I. pVootl ", non-resident of this city on such!, tact being reported Irll\\'n: ';-', .j|..f and .7l Sf, SBeam'hrI F If .,

and it .tnrel 'tier in a fi? .vv .'{' t t. c rn ,l, Ie : s'l'ncribers! offer for sile a large and seasiiihl BOOTS, Shoes! and} Broirans by the case; \ I Warer.. to the Mavor by said Marshal !'r !ht'r : do. '7.7. :- :, r r.1, 10..1 and.11-4 :
health. Vo-ir SimpirilU i< .v!+!'irit 1 1"I't, '1"- he shall isMie ;
Shops and Ri kin person, his the ] t -1 ,
I tock of Dry Goods, consisting in : < ; BARREL Covers Painted Pails, Tub*, Flour precept .to IatsliiI > aril 8-1 I IS .
eptllsl I in di. H' < n-ihit I t tn t'nVf -s .1'1 1 i iyo'i if t'art of Men's, Boys and Y uul h'-. !Brogans : Measures, Trays, Axhelves Buckets commanding' him forthwith) to remove ai.l slave Ingrain and Cotton C thii'c tit Ihi" )-n'n i ,ii il .ti' 'i will b. ot me If cc f* so found I living or ini ahresajd Carpc-t Ra D i
Negro Kerseys and Linsrys, fine sew'd Hrogins; Broo-i", iviCcc for salo hv nccii1i) as ; and I the !i S r ,
are at liberty to tui it i< vn-i "'i.) )sa.Your 5 said Marshal shall! he
you Men's allowed Hatand
pegged Boots t therefor ,the alt
While -nd R d Flannels, : ; B. ELLISON & Co. *ninof Caps *tjleg :<:., D .
-*. ri"*'>a'>!'f'illv'. n i'I. 'IH: :1'1,1 I TweedSu --, fi'ip sowed Boot;! Dec 0- Cor. Water and Chestnut sis.'fltD5St three dollars to be paid by the owner ot said Boots: :and ShneaClolhinsoi S .

CilTt,. II. SWAIN ->->r plain hltck and fancy Casameres, Russet Brogans. For sale hELLISOr\'* slave, and lor which execution may NSUP 0.;' I tt.e : alkindj.! . ; 1 : '.:i (:Inn

- Canker in the Tl?>uti.Beliv Suier Kiih*!) and French Cloths, B. & CO., 5 I C-.i\Sng' ,i ; judgment of Mayor's Court ; and any such slave ANo) a neat assortment of JEWELRY, an.J'/ ,-:
i. -I it if unt'i-r'' c'liM' we'l I Ds1. ror.Vater and 15 do \vv ))rlean Surar; found offending against said ordinance other articles
an HCC.) Viti w lUnket*, 10, I II I and 12 qrs. Ci-e tnut ts. a second many too numerous to Q': .tiN:. ju rrl
. Dr. TviiriI'4 SiMfianlla ln< "i,"J t'l-' Ih'p" Dufil: :'JUnkets l *?, 9 and lOqrs.Musr 2ihhl( 'I i C .ix. i* lime, shall, on conviction before rise l\Ia"or's Call and examine for Yourselves I Si1. ;& Jolt 1
- of ti'ui! I. of c'iit Ire ,. Tn: t.-llnA-in L u'cI. 5 bx c ew it's T.onf. Court, be liable to be
i ; tvvtcertifi'ites puni-hul l II N. -
: -- -- SCOTT
i ill| .ilt and y whipping, &
'oI t: ) I 12 BROTHER
Q ,0, 1-1,11 qrs, c :' Q '
-- > tJ. ,
) 1.'E'1 UM, ,
new 1 ii bvZv 1 .J "i
r < C'rOI1 with less than
ari 1 eK"t-vl I fro n a ir n J r < GREEN fc Co. 100 sacks Rio CoOep 50 do lashes.Sec.. .
this Java
w ek. S Bro-vn Shirti' i'igand( Sheeting, ; IRS 1 1poft
X \\' Y.)rc* \rill. IS 17. Cotton I) 1ahl1roJ.C'tton \\'ooI';n Warts 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; 3. Be it fnrlher ordained, That this ordinance Iron; Nails &c. .

. Dr. Tn-v.neil: ) : Dar Sir -f)1.; of mv Children Drilling' and Ticking, ER 'S;; hound CVd i r Pills 1 P.inlid I Buck ts 50 1\J1lft'd do.; shall tiot be deemed or .held to* apply to 20 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ;

wa t very sick with a !'In'cv in the \I nth anThroit Linpn id Cotton CIH'ckq. Deck Buckets' II -'ory "wt Corll Brooms) ) forale 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap; any slave living on any lot adjoining, or within 100 kegs Nails, do. ::5

at ten lI.d I with! r. it d ,'nlitv. It ci-n: Irih Liipn, "-Jir'1 t"ci Sheeting, Sv [J.1I11J 1 1 ] ("' \ n' EPV; & Co. 1 100 bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; one hundred yard of t the residence of t the owner, 4 casks Weeding HOPS, aborted qualities' ; '. ioo

near dvin*. I obtain I.1un-? 'if'v 'ir eK-oll. nmwlicin me tc"e.1 Cnltonhirlil and Sheeting, 1000 I lbs Lead ; hirer, or person actually employing said slave. 20 BlacKsmith Steel Faced Anvil*; -

*, an ij L c'irvl! it directly, for wriich: i I Ei.lih, French and V-neriran Prints, ClllMiSC.O 201) kegs White Lead No.lE\fraand Pure. Sec. 4. Be it further ordall, ed, That it shall 20 EnlishandAmegjeanvjses; ::

assure you I fe1'er ?nt,'f il. s !*tra <-i >T, uhin and, twilled Ginghams, A BX'? Wovfem and N".rthein.infinc order, For sale by WAI. G. PORTER & CO. not be lawful for any owner of any slaves to bite -0 Bellr.ws; .' DEE

Y"'lroi. r4MrtIIlv.U S'I..r; C 11i" 'nlOre d'Ef'n":4e. Ow for sale by I")' c 30 41 Water stref.S or let to such slave his or her lime and that any 12 dozen Spade and Shovels; _J ) : bL

- SLIZ,VHR ni F 1 .Vf41;'t. 2? !! 'jJrM s-st. Hvtrir" r M'ilin' de Lime; J,111 11 1_C GREEN & Co. Loaf Susar7 such person so offendinir shall! be liable to the 10 II Cillins'Aes} ; ,1'

Fits : Fils fits l K i. lis'i, Scotch and \mHriran do. Coslicti flimSier.Q ?OOO Lns Steam' Refim-d for sale by said city in the penalty of one hundred dollars 10 bxs Cotton anH Woolen Card ; I IS L .

Or. Tmvuyil.I :a-it 's .vii* t-'p ss D R WOOD. one-fourth of which penalty (when collected) togo .1 ca;e Rowland's) Cat Sft'ell\JilI Saw; ,. L j.

in caM of Kit*, of cnnr" navtrrAvu n.!,.I. HI ,r k Sil'c' Crnvat anti) fjnpv Ifkfs, () 0,11.ility, for sale by Iron to the informer. 1000. Ibs Cast and GermanSfrel, for sale JwWAI.

ei it, anJ: xvi 4lrri.t1: : to r '(ive th f-,ll.>-vi i., Sn.ner:I: F.n lih' and Ponzee Silk H'vfs' Jdnll CAGRF'.EN&.Co. OA TONS ,S'xe Nails, Steel, 4 Sec. 5. Be it further.ordained, That the mas G. PORTER & CO.. S'

fron: an intelligent aal 1 re j,); tJ.t 1. learner in Hn - Westchester county : \11 I ir1* md Verona hend Hkf Sill alcd Toirgue.s, ; laundresses or for other public uses, shall re- Boots -
:!0 dozen Brade's : ld Slsts.
Hoes !!
Pordhvn \'I. IHt t 13 IS 17. L'lio Cotton Hoc md, G sale by ; ceite from the Clerk of the
: '.nls nr-hoee. FOR 2'') dozen Crown do City a license for TlOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans
Dr T'vnp1') D.,ir Sir .1 hiVi a litth i irl "'I""er '>1ti.,. Mir*'illp* & Worsted V sting!, -? 11 C, A nRP.-'V: cz rn, 10 dozen( Shovel qnd Spades; such purpose, for which a'n .:annual fee of five J_> Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans; ,; 200()

even yean of a'j, whi! hn tien .vcril veir4 Cott.nin-l'--hx Thread. Rtaiu" anti Kopc.PCX. ton) kpg Nail assorted sizes ; dollars shall be paid, four dollars of which shall Gents fine Calf Brogans ; ; .
I- afflicted with Fits tried al-nut pVfr\'fhh. Pub 1 'i fIt 'viand checked ; II1 to !hc'and' One dollar to Ihe Clerk ..
we in
; > Muslins 50 Kentii.-kv ; 2J bales li.dia ; 100 coils Jon) lbs Cast and German Steel that ; and \m's pes'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's dst J '
for her, but without s-itRes* ; at h..t, alPlo'l ;h WP J H'O'1pt t and) Cam ric MulinV *, Rope fur" .lle by 20 doz Collin's! Axes ; and S it shall be the duty of the Clerk Issuing such Super Ladle .* Kid and Morocco Shoes '[ OK 'al

1 coald find no( rpcommen.Iition in our' cinvihr r'r' \ dl< q. Pin*. Tape &c.Vlli"h &P Jan 11 C A GREEN & Co. pattern ; Georgia Kentucky licence, to give a badge having printed the num Super Ladle fcbaHe anH_ fine Calf feonfa.. : S. Sis cilvNov

cases like hen, we th delicate health, we would eive her so-ne of ym "fe' York and) itonfrotn rmnorter and Agents Buckwheat. 4 do Coffee ; purposes herein named, in legible characters and for sale by WAI. G just received

SarsiparilU and are very slid we did, for it not Mmufjrturprs, at theTowest tnarkpt rates, andre 90 .".s ; 23 Ke-4 11.\\ Hnckwheat.hut' re 10 5 Mills; and which is to be worn by theslayeulona con- Dec 30 PORTER &.CO.
I only restored her strength, but she has had no return now offered at \'Jole14'\lp or .hil on favorable cpived and (or sale by kegs I G inch Spike : for sale by spicuous part of his person ; ;and an owner of any 41 1 Water street: ; USq
-I of the Fits, to our great plet -ire and snr- terms hv W. f. G. PORTF.R & Co. Jan 11 C A GRKEN& Co. Dec 28 C. A. GREEN & Co. slave offending against the provisions of this sec Magnesia_ .: ,fiI &, Jl

prise. She i is fast beco-ning rugged and hearty Dec. 3'. 1 1C1 47. .11 W.tPl' qtrc4. _For Sale. 52 Water street. tion, shall be subject to a penalty of ten dollars Saranrjlff. hero! WJ

for which we feel grateful. City Lots, one-half (when collected) to go to the informer. "DULL'S, Sand' : stock qt II
1- Yours, respectfully Wistar's nu l Swtync's Balsam 2 5 thatn's FIRKINS of superior Butter, of La- FOR; Lease or Sale, for which warrantee deeds Sec. 6. Be it further ordained That all ordinances JJ fluid erractof Bailey's compound -' -S 1 \\vhich the!
Dairy SarRaparUlii.jwtreeeived -
of Wild
JOH.V BUTLER, Jr. Cherry, 'NOURSE be given. Apply to I' heretofore passed, conflicting with this and for sale by CUStomers
rpppived and for alp by Dec 29 STONE & Co. Dec 28' ordinance be and the
JUST H. G. GUYON. same are hereby Feb! 11 ApaUt!
Pemalo IHciliciiic. reped.\
11 J. C. ALLF.V! fc Co. Passed by Council, 30th H F ABELLSoaps. / ni.r"pERFOl.
Dr. Townsend' SiNiparilla is overeigi and S Osnabu rgs. Lemon Syrup. Januuv.la-tQ -
_ .
speedy cure .Incipient Consumption, Birrenries'i Cotton Hooks, G EOR(1A and Lowpll naburgs, always on B RAY'S superior Lemon HUTCHISON, Mayor. S :
sale by hand at the lowest I syrupjust received WM. VAUUSAU., Clerk. .A LAIGE.a o1'l"ent. Toilet &>aps, jt j
| PrQIap'su1Uteria, or Fallin; of the \7onbCojtjveiew FOR rates by and for sale by S received, and fir sale 5.. saleb

Piles, LeucorrhTM, or Whites, obitrudte1 11 C A GREEN & Co. -..-Jan :11 -- c A GREEN & Co. Fpb'7' H F A ELL.. IIYdt'nst"tic .nl Fo"lntafn Dee V hy.H F ABELL.S Dec 9

ordilleult Menstruation, Incontinence Snuffs.70TCH Vermifuge.T S A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Foirtains Pen .
Tr- of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and s and Macouoy. put t rer'd. for sale by ER'S Canadian Verm lusre. for sale by Fire Storage, : Sand 'Boxes, Paper Folders, Racks' 5 Apples.' : 15Oil
er general prcrtratUa .1 f Jan 33$ W IN Proof Store No. 24 Water street, by Paper Stanps) Seals fEW bbls. 'iJNevytownrPipninft.newcrop.'g
tbe'tjitem' J
tIlt C. ALLEN & Co. Feb 17 F AI3ELL. Nov 2:. B. Clasps.Welghts. &c for ae) by S A -: [
p. WOOD. for sale .
Nov ts J 0 ALLEN fc Co. Jan 11 by c "A GREEN" & C
S. lOTtt

For sj Ji
Dec ?i


; ,

., -. ,

.- -I