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ater street, .
Apalaehicola, Fa.
also, Agents for the
Protection Insurance
racee Co." Hartford

Ti-, Ifrwo, ,tnth Cop-
es.'+ -
Apalalchbeola, Fa. ,;
Eugine WV. Rogers.
- <&Co.,
A-ii1a.icci>,o.l Fa>.
F 0 R W A R--D I N G
.Apala'chicola, Fa.
iu CH.%s. PRA.kTT.
f & Co -

~e _IIC1~

DProfrm.g onal totfco.,

A. G. Semnies,
QOfice, ANo. 2 Capt. Si.Q)n's.JBuid-8tib -,-
_ ..-Oi~erm-e 0tr' rhoer e streets'.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.


- Swwayn & Wistar's
COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.
3Q OZ: Sulp. Quinine, just received and for
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April 27 H F BELL.
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JUST received, and for sale by
Aprit 27 H. F. APELL
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July 15 H. F. ABELL
School Books,


' : ,'O1LUME VI.J

-J. Day d
.. ,'*"1f- *'-. .+*H 1-" "OIOMMISSION ME
Ice 'Uhigni Story I.l's Buildings, corner of ., No. 52 W
':."' i.rmem ce an C lTestnut streets. Dec'2 ; .;;. ".. ;
.._. .--'-- Agents for 'LLOYDS ; a
.KX-3 ". T -. d. ".EAttini uranlrtrceo.'iHe
.' *'qi,ha '.iomNs.-LThree Dollars per annum, Co." and tie +" Hariord Insu
kfpai n advance, i3.31.if i sx Co5,.0
.. d6nth&,bor, ,$-t 00 if paid therealter. Rt
No sabsbriytion tak -.n for a less t,:rm titan ix ( oberls, A llei
, + .f~ b .h d 'i~ l! lh v~th ,. blh' b e c h a r- ,cl'd nI .o, D E A L E R S IN H A R D kV
_. t~~~l ", a,.,llb t~.ltne.! juIInlt CHANDL;IRV, IRON,
.'all 4rrearagesare paid, rshe optionu of tll... SP.I E-4, AND C
":..v n a'3 :N-rOne.ure t.,ve.at-es ., pe ^r,
.*jg _*Y il l l _di t1 1 t e'"i t e ri a t e o W D ula e Do a r e
.- e rst,_..+"-a.nd. ifty-Cents forovery ube-
IUenar hgrf'tn .e + ... .-Charles Rogers L L+
. .,.o.those who adyertise byv ti Near a liber.C.ht ,+ lms, KOgt-
discountwvilbamide; butallalverttemnitsnot COMMISSION M1
,-i.. _. to i r o wn b t ine s, W ater -tre
as al legIal adv.Hrnsetnents se.nt mi t b3 them, %%d[ d---', o
b e r~ h a r ',e d a t t i l e tM 1 1 ) r a ,
A,.Xll-tagal t avert isellnents twist be paid for C0MM!.S 'ONJrANDDebI
W advance. MCRMM1HS8QN`AND
.. ..i llar-i wilt ba charged for announe- MERCH
, ing eandidite- f ,or office .. N o. 44 W a~ter-
.i l .I, f r ,r a d i s t a n c e m u s t +D e c 9 *. *
he hce.vii,!.l with tle cash,por city reference, A.N. McK ,,1. N C Roa
L. ^ to insure insertion. N [cKa]

froin ils fingers, from sheer exhaustion; and
was unable to resume it; and a few' who
had done 0so before I came in, upon the ap- .
peara.ce of -the iwo demons, itll. theR'
cries, made endeavors to seize Iheir," pe'ns "
and] continue, but without success; again
ithey %%ere obliged 1o abandon thiem, and c
drop their heads upon illeir bosoms.
Soon their basket v.ns fti'll, and withI pe- .
culiay"-hriehks'-rie njoitSlews.v-'miShed throw'
tlie 'hick gate intoihe other apartmenF.
Still the doometl--lor these were they-
toiled oil. Here was ilh ytutng find Ole old,
butl the brow ol feac h hole rinkles like,
andi nany a, silver haii"- shoe brightly whero
should h'ave be'n :i ra.vren Iress--lhe'old and
youn:--bli llc iuJe sl mtp o"f cre and toil
had made tlein afll alike. rihe bianciehd
cheek, lle shrivelled, _]htttiJkn tIjin, (lie
tretnbling li:,rn each ,Npoke iiih a ,ice of'
thihnder Io mine car; and frolm each one
canme lie-o hwirds--" We aie doutioed!"
Doomed to a life of' toil, ptverlv and
dislress-- _mmed lo) a life of' %% iclclhediiess,
sickness, 11d its aliCle diiil_ Ilouhle's-iCS- ,Iooln-
1.1 to lbieo all enji,,,ni.tms, eveiv p)leasure, .
to toil, /l,'/, TOILh loil Ir111 night, ihe shm t respiite given 10 Our weary
brain, / only enabling Lis to sleep, during
. hlich tiule dreimis, limible andl io6 otied,
visit'us, and %e look lfurward I,1 the morn-
ing's da%%n, it,and o deah alike! Doijied
1t abandon etery jiy, and lake ti01on our-
selh s teery inis,.ly lliied lu ihte rumau
family This is Our doom "9
At the close of i his piece ofinrdortniion--
remembering tlle exlretti, c:,inlon displhved,
by my reniarkably lkindI liic-n, wlio calmne-
with rne--I Ie,_,an Io l:e sollc\%hat anxious
elesecling my o%%n salely-and ,%.as appre-
,_ensive--t-haatjt-v;is e-isier 0 actl in 1)1,in out
of tle pla(e-sI lutnu..d to this person,, nnd
thanking him, i-, ai nrk .a Ioice ;Is 1 could
possibly c ontnatiil, for hit exiicnie urbanily
in showing me tltis ciniotis est:,bhi-shitient-
I regrelled th-at owinjt to Irteoin2. and im-
portant business inlta ett s uliii.li demanded
my aitention ei'- thei'e, I imist necc,,sirily
Jhbe under the necessilv of be-,,inu leave to
wit-hdraw ;, assuring him -m ;at il' t eVr iad ,
the pleasure of meeting him iu ih neigh-1
boyhood I should most assur'rllv dIN, ihe [l :ie
/op[)orihnimi, of sho Mn| ni -'lie "curiofties
and peculiarities olfthl1e place,
Alltfiis_I dcli'ver'cd ;-s pollfelv as I possi- -
biy couid, for I musi _Vofe11 -lfeaa" lv-be .r- -
'Cenrfi-l1Tfaii-rwas to be held in durancence
vile." ; ... f: .
The old codge-r, tIo mny surprise, placed in .
a significant manner, his ilihtmb lo Is nose,
and went through lthe acLo1n11anIing mo- ,
tions, replsiing, as lie did s6o. in ;ai peculiar -
voice-" Yes, 1 ,Luess nol ut" ind lie lauggh-
ed heartily, though 1 mn sure I saw nlo 4A
thing to induce stich an indulgence.
* "Know ye,"said lie. in a solemn manner,
When his levity had ce.,ied, -" Owth, your de-
parture/from this place is impossible !-0-,o
have c tem reid of .)our OMII \iii| : l accord
this fi-aternity,' iind No, (anniut l ave it, for
ytou are now and hebc.lu!th us ,,1u1e of i'lheien
-and tlo,:,i." !".
And then to imy horror lie pointed lhe end
of his long tatil--hihe.rio tilierceived by
me-a'ti Ine. and shntmcd ,iird laughed in
mer-ry-glee 1
I was, in a disa-'ree:,bfe and perplexing
sitna'fio': I : l,,iced behind nme; huge
gate!-ar"ound me--ihli walls!-and close
to me, a denon uitlh a tail, %ho had enlr.p-
peed and inveigled meK itilo tnhs devilish
5ibode. rW'ha %%as to be done ? I was na-
turally very sirrnn-i; bill of what avaiil wV'as
srienzili nitirally cour.igeoi.s, but what .
coulil [ do.witih bravery ? 1 deierinined to
inlimkid.,ie him.
"Neter!" cried I. "-Release nte, ur I "
will find a; uav to ni,,ke you." .
. .Not at all disconcerted, lie coirlly asked
" How ." and hlatghed .min. E\xaisiernled
Slfell upon him, iin, td sir'rlinr, him ai irmeien-
dous blow, felled him to Hie carilh; at dihm
install the eaiie nleien d, ;nid the to ]iercu-
learn demotes appeared, shuuiig :
>> More copy !"
Andt upon .eeilig Ine upon Iheir master .
Pumnmneling him ;it a InMtrdetonsi rate, -lthey
s|r~tn., louards me, le.itin h ilie gasis nop|en
after the:m, though ltichi I h,,r'ed, leav-in._,
the poor devil shUtiling all Iinds o1' Ihingz..
npon his back, hith Ihs two comiades en-
de,,ivoiiii. 0t con-,ole and lit-lpi him.
l 'uinli.' my he;,d I lI;-lcld :t leginn oflhie
doom ed follo'iir.; ti,\ sieps> u at n raipid ratie. --
I was sat~i,,ietd tli.il lIhey we're nol in lIhe tel
oflt,|i'ilsuii,, bun esciipjn l',uiti tlhis-tertiblfe -f'
,abode. R enlhin a i lie o ilh,:r gaile, I dashed +
in nn Iili'enr/.v my; head ;igai|nsi it, ;tnd.asI ;:

I anoke from a hiornille drefiim. Uj">on
comin ultolly o.iNI of nty-shalei; 1 di(cover-
e d th at I+ h ,,, "i j o b e d i Im i r nlii ,l e ndinh ^ >
" dev'ilL,'a little ihairr t,,.lonaiii,,; lo thi
office, down in one c'oirie, atid .haid ..bejl hiiin
wilihin ;an incli i-.f hii le:,lhi. -He ih.-td enler-
ed witih his accniisimed t'*iy I'or. "l|.'ure
copy,'"-amd hail bn;'n Initpo tl-y~b ,ne,-whion .
he-had corn -'.'ivw.tl i',. lalotin'., nnde-r ICeIIn,
p)orary. i,|-,;niii, a,,d batt,.n.d himi~n I]a Imo0t
oiilia miis iT:;iiii ri-
Raiin hm pI !iul i~n;fin

hands,: he dartedd :ihronoh Ille duor of iny
sanctum as ftsl as had theani-ied I look
myself thioun.,h ilte ^.,e ol'(lhe mitiutoth
printing esiiibhi.htnei.m + ,- ...

SIot,',lv the lthle ti o|p) of 1" omposilors
aMd 11l,,'.,s con01ec- ed IU Li i Ple office, came
pe'cltg in ;aI ihe dlo 'rI; behind whoin I .dis-
cov eI Illhe Iboy--wlIeitliy inl'bi inrg tetn
1Ih.1 I alid beel|n 1o1 lbled uiih-a s iralnge_ vis-
ion. T],' wivl% lr,:, anid I --tlaned Ifr
h l lll,. -.
Four noni ihs- n i ier ihIis dream.: Ihi-...
ire;,ni h li %I %as nul all a dr i-an ,'..'. a-;e
np ilie Ein-oidhi'i, in dc;qair.,anid..J-'w bht a
he~tli}hi-:r and more proliiabie,. .upajip'Pnj
and in six |iondis more I. l..e, ...-
G:,_,.elue ptti'lihel itsla-.,ialC"1',11^ -*.'t. -*
"'. ^ -* :.' .* ""l -^

Brilislh Periodical Lilerati;ne,'
Subscribe early while the terms ar'e L i."!

The above Per;i.d;cals aie repriuted in New-
Y,.,rk immediately on their arival"by the British
..tf-ar iors, ih a beautiful clear type," on fine white
paper and are faithfil copies of the original-
BLAcKwOOD'S MAGAzINE being an exact fac-
simile of the Edinburgh edition.
They embrace the views of the three great
parties iii England--Tory, Whig, and Radical.-
-- Bl,'l;wL.>. and the "London Quarterly" are
Tory; the Edinblurdh Review" Whig; and the
"Westminster Review" Radical. The "North
Bitiish Review is more of a'.rdligious character,
having been originally edited by Dr. Chalners,
and now since his death, being conducted by his
son-in-law, Dr. Hanna; associated with Sir David
Brewster. Its literary character is of the verve
highest order.
For any one the fourlReviews, $3 per annum.
For any two, do. 5 "
For a.tio three; do. 7 "
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For Blackwood and 3 Reviews, 9 "
For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews, 10,00
Payments'to be made in all cases in advance
Consisting of back VL'liLin.'.S of the following
valuable works, viz:
Bentley's Miscellany.
The Metropolitan Magazine.
The Dublin University Magazine.
Blackvood's Magazine.
The London, the Edinburgh, the Foreign
Quarterly, and the Westminster Reviews.
- Any one subscribing to Blackwood, or to ona
of trie Reviews, at $3 a-year, or to any two of
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A subscriber to any three of the Periodicals at
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A subsc;iber to Mackwv: ..I.. and three Reviews,
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wood, at $10, will receive 'three -.rtimi,..tH "vol-.
0- Please be particular in naming the pre-,
miums desired and the wdrlis tsutsibed.jor.
Four copies of any or all of'tbheabove works
-will be sent to one address on paymoentc cf the_'
-r-K.tar i55ip.ion rf6ft-hree-the fourth copy
being gratis.
03- Xo premiums will be given where the
above allowance is made to clubs, nor will pre-
miums in any case be furnished, unless the sub-
scription i, p, aid in full to the publishers, with-
outitecourse to an agent.
.A 'late arrangement ;*ith the British publishers
of Blackwood's Magazine secures to us early
sheets of fhatwork,, by which we shall be able
to place the'en'tire number in the hands of sub-
scribers before any, portion of it can be reprinted
in any of the American .Jou'rnals. For this and
other advantages secured to our subscribers, we
pay so large a consideration, that we may be
compelled to raise, the price of the Magazine.
Theti elre we repeat ,Isubscribe early while the
price is low.'
Remittances and communications should be
;lhvys addressed, post-paid or franked, to the
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79 Fulton St., New York.

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contains monthly sixiy pages ot reading matter,
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Price for one year, which includes the
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A specimen of either the Lady's Book, or, the
Lady's Dollar Newspaper sent to any person pay-
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Audd'es ., L. .A, .GODEY,
No. 113 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
January, ] 848.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
No6v. 921... : J. C. ALLEN.

,19ctrP !sider'able of it a dthat, un--he turned to me fi
*. aud sji!- "
Lovers' Rhymes. "1 will show you the DOOMED!" And he
Ned sat with Susan underneath a tree, hurried on. -
And both were happy, as betrothed shoull-be ; Arrived at two immense, iron doors from
And toying with her hairto sweeten time, behind which came a confused ttumilh of
,i' Help ie,' hesaid, ..,. I want-one sadly, jingling-well with kissS' !'=- .-
No-Susan--no--anew one, andnot 'bliss.", iro-n bar laytag oeide them ; ,nd as he
-. .. placed his .nouili close to my -ea7r, shouting
N ot .bliss," said she; 'the e .- .q iIl\% II.. l nbw 1 1; 1e in ,, n > t o .. -- "
But since thbu w ilt i6t, grunLb i.- ,, b i.. ... en t!er in 1 ip pe .i + =- ,
W hat can I do 1 T L...,k in mine eyes and see, A.-sl rItait2,, -mixed scere pres.enled irt-llI
An 'dforoNs,.word, discarded, I'll give 'riTun '., -as l I lid so. \'|ll 'a smile, the rOld codger
Auda^!-rhe three combined-'I.li im,-.m ,0i b blisZ,' who -had so quickly: brought .me to this
Look at ire, Ned, ,and own' it--Kissui.tsMA4ss" ,1 .1-.1 0 t,-i -..;
" L il 1 S., ]place,- 0osdutre doors, and carefully barred
.,~,+, :a,..- v,.+1 '".....r, r" them after hIim, thereby totally prevenling
-'.l my egress,-save at such a time ,as..he de-
.. .. seum.inted to see fit. I shouted to him, and
THE DOOMED EDITORS., asked ^A"i why b-e acted in this manner--
Sbut lhe (lid riot hear a word or tone, for the
A Phantasy. noise'":round us -was'tre'mniendou's. c
:BY J. Ii. BROWN.- ";"
So-on I- looked around me: to my great
"I had a dream-wwch was not all a dream" surprise 1 stood, apparently y,'%%iihin) a print-:
ote itha ine has b ife ing establishment of the most extensiveaandl
I often imagine that mine has been life ,i,.e le x n o hc
of hardest toil and exertion-- und !ook back Im meffse ,, iM ponssilude- e fex ent of t thieh
it was e entirely impossible-for mne to., at that
upon the past with a shudder-and forward time, ascertain--for it extended as-far as the
to the future with a shrug-and yet I do not e. Uo on s stood several,+
remember a tim when life wasa burden-or tremendous pressed, on *wh-ch s heets so n
when my toils were so severe, my troubles (n o ) she soi,
~~twenty or thirty feet in length w~ere workv.d,
were so greatas the six months that I sat in t) t Whc wr t smallest,
tthe Chair Editorial," of the-- Gazette-- ... e. ,typ of'i W th ose us e ,
not eanig tht I m inthe hairsixabout ten frimes the length of those used t)
not meaning that I smt in the chair six this paper, while the capirls can be illustra-
ohs at atme-but during he space of treated bya view of some circtis cr concert'
time that I had the control of the aforesaid-poster" at-the corners of our s streets
sheet--published in the peaceful, beautiful r, tmeouth, deform'ted ObJects were at
little village of- filled with fine, pic- worki npon th m a nd far away iu the back
turesque scenery ; supporting two churches pr discovered' large fires, where they
-a school and newspaper-the latter scan- bparned, apparently, whole frees at a time, to
tily-the former in good shape-and the fIurnishthe Steam, to run-lhesat uncotmeton
school six mnonthS in the year.
Well, these six months I worked night engines. Upon the other side- of this es-
S (yinwhihe sI hadthe -,-manageedng, ; tablishnment stood huge cases of-types, at' ,
and day in which I had the -m anagem en tl; ^ ^ i il r .J ~ g ,
the subscribers wanted a good paper well which stood many Inw re simad r Jt p eking ....
stocked with choice and valuable 'informa- objects to- tliosae, h0tiled at tae. presses. c
tion- latest news- politics-literatu're, and All wereblaekidirty, and begrif spoked,and
in fact, everything that could be goto each one reekingith sweat; no one spoke, "r
newspaper they wanted to have in theirs.- for -itwud beuseleSs, no hOne could hear
Previously, the Editor, a talented and natu- 'for the thundering duf the eng oines.
rally enterprising fellow, had become dissi- The queer individual who had conducted j
me to this curious place, would seem to be :
paied--6egected the Gazette-hissubscrip- t oerer, for he ,walked about, losing i
tion list had fallen off, and everything upon n he re an ter e, dr, e aw g myb attention to
my (oriietceter, Was rapidly going to a art-iculararrangement which he thought
ruin. At length I had the satisfaction of any p a w he L t
finding a gradual increase of patronage-and perlcul a ed at nuainted wite nhe mapeainery
continued 6n ifa 'Mn-g improve fmaents- and pre eL
unceasing in my endeavors to please. a nd, p remis
1 often thought "that'lf ifmine was a ihard Icould not help oh ervtng that each l d of,
lot, what could be those of some editors of hC w h g ,litob n e-, wo nld
the city sheets-those, to my thoughts, must t^ r ,,nL lie ok, and Ole r
have p,,, -d brains of endless quanti vy, n a enlulia-d o i e their heads. %
'Uconstitutions o i ro'n. Th-is, to fne appeared ominous.
Oned consit --on s of iron. Still I and the old fellow jogged on ; I
Oneeveng-orjus as fi test surprise, as may
was closin,-I leaned back in the old armsurpr i se an I
chair~~~~ fo oti|bdyat id Ad be *6i1l supposed, on everything I saw, andlI
worked all dayunce~singidy--and hdrew I od w wondering what was coming next ; and the.
worken allda ncing that Ishoud nrbew do venerableold gentleman keeping on beside
y .pen wishing that shu never b. rie aing with a disinterested ,iMnd of va-
forced tot ike it up again ;-I had before 9.
me sufficient copy for that week's sheet, and cant air upon the objects which wefpassed,
could now look my "-devil" in the face bold- We had thus wandered, Iamesue. all of
:i~ywhnlresh uhlmak hisusu llyhu ite a mile through this place of' ifait3_rfilttle,
ly when lie should m,,ke his usually hurried, pae i ot ls o'yer
dreaed emad fr~mre opy" Eerywhen lie placed his mouth else to -my ear,
dreaded demand for more copy !"* Every _
editor will, I know, agree with me-that the an e o a -
sound of any noise built tbhe "devil's," in his nit him--
never ceasing demand, is agreeable-and the NOW FOR THE DOOMED
Bailiff would be as acceptable often times to And while my knees. knocked together
view as the before-mentioned individual.- and my body swayed to and fro upon its
However, now I could hear his voice and weak supporters, smote a second gate like
silence his call immediately-for spread be- the first, and as .ito0pened thrust Imlie. in, and
fore me were *" Tales," 11 Songs," 4 Con- the gate closed after us.
densed reports," "'Agricultural infirma- The picture was different from the one
tion," 'News Items,' and, in fact, every. we had just quieted; though all was corni
thing to mnake a paper of at iiscellaueous piaratively quiet, the tumult could be heard,
chain racter a pas a if at a dis tnce from- tihe oilier place ; and
So I lay back in the chair, and wiping the here all the noise consisted in the scratching
sweat from my forehead let the cool wind of thousandsof-pens, passing rapidly enough
play through my locks and sweep agreeably over paper. .-
through my little sanctUm-lifting my pa- Seated at lobng tabless 'some th'r'e'eori four'
pers with pleasant sound, for they were full feet apart, were, pale-faced, wrinkled, care-
of them--and I coulld hea" it 'much better worn tneh, each one engaged in the same.
than though they had bec'n blank and un- S61e object--writing. One would think each
written upon. was attempting to outvie his neighbor in
My musings continued some time, and speed and. quantity, for as my eye ran along
commenced with cogitaio'ns upon the Iany ite throng, at first it seemed as if each
hardships attendant upon a life Editorial- wrote faster than the next, and the first one
how little do those who peruse flhe columns was by no means a sluggard.
'6"f-A' newspiape'r, ge'ne'rall-y speaking, think of As I glanced my eye as far as I could see,
the immense toil necessarily bestowed upon I did not, could not, discover o0e single one-
it for their gratification and itnformation,- in good, florid complexion, healthy looking,
ihey do not dream of the wear and tear of among them all; they. were hollow-cheeked,
the brains of the editor and his array of sunken-eyed, pale-faced, worn out, and to
correspondents and contributors-the vast all appearance weak and sickly, to a ,nan,.
amount of labor in arraingiig 'the lypes and and. the unhappy, deplorable look cast upon
p Z.ess o _rk,-.tie immense outlay of toney me (r time to time by one or two of them,
for early news, &c,--they do nut, as a gene- was enough to make a harder heartedindi-
raI thing, bestow one single thought on vidual than myself feel sorrowful.
these things,--and, indeed, there are some When the old man saw this, a smile once
who, if they give a morment's time to the againi Stood upon his rigid features, and 1
matter, from their very imperfect and ex can swear that I heard hfim give vent to a+
ceedingly limited knowledge of Ihe natiers real, undisguised Chuckle. _
connected therewith, come to the conclu- I had looked on them perhaps five~min
sfob that it is the easiest thing in the world ules, when in the 'is of a -rea m l"
to publish and edit a paper, and please and Ihe gates were thrown open,-and in great
give satisfaction to everybody, haste, in rushed two herculean 1ookifig dee-
Deluded mortals! Ils, complete, hlortr, tails and hoofs, and.
Well, upon such ideas as those did I let simnultaneously .hututng, as il' their luugs
my mind dwell for some length of lime.-- w~onld crack, "More copy!"" accompanied
Gradually twilight deepened into night, and with diabolical and demouiacal yeltings, and
yet I could not bear the idea of leaving niv discordant noises of various kinds. +
eas-y old chair--lor tired indeed I was--anti Then h~ow the poor fellows' cheeks ti'h-
aigain commenced a score of reflections-- ed paler stiUl! .How some" who had not
and when, in the midst of them, I was par- finished their allotted work trembled and
tially aroused by the well-knownlbut not to others passed their weak hands to their
be dreaded voice of my office devil, who feverish brows.. ,'.
shouted, 'more copy !'--throwing a huge Siill came the dreadful cry---More
package at his head, which .lhe (dodgedl, and copy !" ,
caught dexterously with his hand, I once Held by the hands of the twain of these

hbre hay my head back, and went again to demons, wais a large hand basket,' large
the pleasure of nmy thoughts. enough to contain conveniently one hun-
A strange appearing person stood before dred reams of MS., which they commenced
me, and motioned me to follow him, which, filling by collecting from one and another
I did,-cotnpletely losing all control of my of the poor, pale-faced mortals, the while
will, for I had no great desire to'bUe thus shouting in their ears their infernal cries.
perenmptorily bidden to follow him or any Each of the poor fellows held his handI tp
body else; but at the same time, after him to them tosfilence their dreaded cr; ; and
I went through the darkest ofall dark places those whose whole task was not accotinlidi-
any one can by any pull of imagination be ed, shuddered and crouched down ai the
brought to conceive-and, notwithstanding sight of them, and then suchrdiabolical, mi-
I was tired as a man could possibly be, I credible grins as these two monster-, %%,ie
was obliged to'keep on a real smart jog to while they witnessed their agony ili,.
be enabled to keep a pace with him. At were enough to chill the blood in one s
length as we neared a place from whence veins. "
proceeded loud sounds as of labor-and con- Many and many a one let his pen. dr,,p

No. 40 Water-street, '

Wini. 0. Porter A& Co.
.. _. .... : .. ,. M I' I I ,\ l .V N 'r,
"' .. "< ', '' Z ,,. 41 \Val.;r street,-.
: ^I )c /r Aialachicola, Fa.
N ; .. 'Nrourse- fl. B,:Stoge, H. W. Brooks.
-....,... course, -Stone& Co.1
--N C o M -S,. I,s j ,N-. .M E R C 1 A N T S,
.-No0.413 Water street,
.... -, :".- 41- ...... A palachicola, Fla.
--iL0,k40tlrt i YolnIA,
....-- 0' M.\ I S S 1 0 N aid F 0 R w\ AVR D I N t-,
-M E It.;- -. > .ERC 11 AN lt' S,
'' '' .No. 53 Water street,
ovel A.l-ai>: hi,'-il:t. Fla
liarpcr A illoines,
'' g ..:f ... '*'" .. .. ,' .. i la -
.," + ,* re;+/. tor the
.-.. ,. ', : ,by'tVe C~itv of 'New York;
*: No-. 1'> Water s1reel, .
". ,;.-.2' 'Dee t- 1 Apalachicola, Fa.
,.T. bOOD. E E. B. BLou.
WvooIl & Bailon,
";" '" C'O \'I M M1- r- I ON M'WER C R A NTS,
O.lif-e No. 42 Water street.--Up stairs.
:**' J.m,- ...ApalachicolM, Fa.
Al.A WYLK, Wm. A. MCcKvZI,-.
W y lie .& il- ...i.. a ....
-(C MMIS %1r1-3 M E-0V NI AN T S,
N-o--'-" : "- 4. .l. 3,V'aLcr st't-l,
Sept. i, i l -'. Apalachicola, Fa.
*'~~~~ c' I i i S.&J clrfe.r.
"- *.,.,'. 'W1iOLESk.LE AND RE I'AIL GROCER,
': (kpp *Pirticularattenti,,n p.,id it ipnting upfamily,
^_ +.. steamhoat and ship stores.-
": ''' No. 49 Water stree-t, -
.+- f Tov' 14 "Apaiiahicola-, Fla.

: .;' W HJI".| r:s. i .,vD'A. 'b R l2 .I,,
IN "t.-(LER;l .lt;S, E.FD[CI[NES, PAINTS,
O[LO, GLASS, &c., &,c.
*".1'- A ';d:>urjl amort'lI-nt of-Statinery.
ol'o. ol tltest nut and Wate street!,
.... !in l' 11 "Apalachicola, Fa.
W 11 tit Bb' in .aiter,
No. 43 Water street-Up' slirs,
"+ .. .Der-v lgi>, Apalachlicola, Fla.
+' *' + r. r. I' ., A lle n, .
S': iW holesa'le aha Ret.ail peale* In ,
Si:*'- ,GLASS, Bh.USrl.,', .,&c.
\ ..'. ."; "* *' also, ,
S,+ g general a.Rsortment of
+.Ifif", BLA.NKS, STATIONERY, &c', &c.
i'' \- o. of Chesnut & Commerce streets, ,
bee. 4 Apalachicola, Fla..-
B.S. IIa wleyi
: ..,No. 28 W ater street,
-"-Dee .5 ..: 5Apalachicola, Fa.
... -:, ,,,! ,'A very &' J oncs, _
,'I ultO ts,& coM.\, ISSIQN MERCHANTS,
.... No. 43 Waterstreet
Dec 5 <'-'"" Apalachicola, Fta.
i :, WrLAM A. WOOD
S" B. Ellison & Co.,
.., -. Cor. Water and Chestnutsts.
".Dec 9 Apalach'icola, Fa.

.... .No. 50 Water street, .
.... vi\ ^.=,... .. Apalachicola, Fa.
16HAs. P. M CAxrr. : GUS.Ayp R. MAIN.
ptl nli h Romaitm4
No. 0 C61dmbuq Block.'
S;'; N6', 1 8 .. Apalaciicola, Fla.
.,, S. ff. caerson,
0g. fE.t'EKi i 0;LOTHfItNG, BOOTS, SHOES,
.." HATS,: CAPS, kic.
t... W No. t Coldnibus Block-
, &.c Apalachieola, Fa.
| '* Utlierw0ood; &c C igh)
L T A i t R S+
... .. ApaL cio6a, Fa.
(l'11 ordhriafteridea to with .pufictuality'
.Ind'dcipatch. Jan. 20

Apalachicola, Fa.

Dec 15

.j. i. c ,I. vA. HiilA,
SNo.48 Wator-street,

ij-, May be foundajt his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite-the Mansion
House. Nov S.

"W. M. Davis,
OQttrs his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin,'Cal-,
houn andJacksonCircuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, -he will always -be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846.

W ARRANTED pure, just received and for,

Gold Pens! Gold Pens !
OF the latest and most approved style, just
received, and for sale by
.Nov 18 J- C ALLEN.

Coioipke and Bay a ater"s,
W ITH a large and well selected .assortment
of other Perfumery, both French and Ger-
man, embracing every variety of Extracts of the,
most 0" pleasant flavor now in use, for sale by .
Nov 1S J C ALLEN. -

T-hW Indians' Elixir,
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, for
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALL'EN.

Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
FOF Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

CGold Pens.
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior,
Gold Pens, just received and for sale by
October 21. J C. ALLEN
Intlsion Jars.
A FEW Infusion- Jars-every family should
have one-for Sale by
April 13 J ,C ALLEN.

Seidlitz Powders.
GRASS Seidlitz Powders that are'fresh, just
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SEIDLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
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Dr. WIoodruff',s Antibillious Vegi
etable Life Pills,
FOR sale by ,.
Feb 8 J C ALLEN.

School Books.
SCHbOL BOOKS, of all kinds, just rec'd by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.

Thompson^s Compound Syrupf of
I Tar and Wood Naptlia,
F'OR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
chlitiA, asthma, whooping cough, palpitation
of ihe heart, liver complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, for sale by
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Sulphate Quinine.
A LARGiEt d flesh supply; j tit received; an'd
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R. JAYNES' celebrated Family Medicines,
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TUST received, Writing material ot every de-
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Dr. Woodruff's Worni Specific,
A SAF, and efficient remedy for wormsf tor
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W INER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

IVf. N. Scott :& Brother,
HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dec 13 Apalachicola, Fa.

Paints, Oils, &4.
JUST received, per brig Georgiana, from New
York, White Lead pure No. 1 and extra, Oils
boiled and raw, Paris Green, Verdigris, Prussian
Blue, Red and Yellow Ochre, Chromhe Yellow
and Chrome Green, with all the other varieties
6f colors; also, a large assortment of Paint Brush-
es, all sizes, for sale by
Sept 23 J. C. ALLEN.
-llydrostatic Ink Fountain.
FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,
ASand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
- Npov.18. 3 J C ALLEN.

"' ... A.-Dodge, .
.No. 40 Water Street, '
Dec 23. -Apalachicola, Fa"
'S4ms Clitveverv
,=-.:-C oQiJM 1 S -.O.N ME R-C.H A NT S,
'r Ofi No. 36 Water -street.
: ec r" " Apalachieula, Fla. :

FOR sale by
Feb 17.




' "" ''' 3-..-*



A Lesson for Dte'it-. I ixelitjtyV of r-audn.
Major Borland, an officer %ho bore him- In 1780, a ePt-lemoiat of emii.ence in .i |,I
self with the gallantry oIf a true soldier up- merc-imile world, was grieved by the con-
on the battle fields of Mexico. has in some tents of a letter which lie received from a
-wayor cther recently given olfence to Mr. correspondent at Hamburgh, the postmark-
F.-B. Flotirnoy,ea member of lie Arkainsas of which it bore. From the statement it
'LegislatuIre, whonot obtaining the particu- contained, it appeared that a person most
lar satisfaction hlie desired has incontinently minutely described, had defrauded the writer, A,
challenged him. The Major is at present, under extraordinary circumstances, of 3,- re
by appointment of the (it,,'nor, a member 000. The letter continued to say, inlorma- m
04' the -Unieil States Sena1,te. and a canidi- tion had been obtained that the defrauder-
date'for the sat s motidre vacrint by the death lthe dress and person of whom it described
,of Senuowr Ashley. We r.fcer to-he m'a-t- --"was occasionally to be seen on the Dutch
ter with extreme- leasure, in as much as it Walk of the Royal Exchange. The object
-furnishes a bold and mantdy instance of su- of the writer was to induce his correspon-
'-periority to the absurd iand pernicious cus. dent to invite the party to dinner; and by E
torn, t.oo long .tolrated by public' pitfian. moral force which could be used, compel
With 'a standard repuiuionn for courage in him to return the money; adding, that if '
-its legitim-ate exercise 'inthe capacity of a lie-should be found atnenable to reason, and p
*Mhdier, voluntarily -tuiking the field in de- evince any signs of repentance, he might be
,"ferrce -of his country, Major Borland Aas dismissed with a friendly caution, and five
,4nabIeld to hold the spurious article of the hundred pounds, as he was near relative of v
-tduelist at its true, value, and reject the dis- the writer. As the gentleman whose name a
play df'it -as. unworthy tihe character of a it bore was a profitable correspondent, the
igentlemian and a citizen. London merchant kept a keen watch on the t
There have been, heretofore, men pos- Dutch Walk, and was at last successful in b
messed of moral courage sufficient for an meeting, and being introduced to the cheat, it
emergency of this-kind, btit they are of rare The invitation -to di-ne was accepted, and b
development. The-fortihalities of the code the host, having previously given notice to
Sare generall- ctfrri'ied through, wholly or in his family to'quit the table soon after dinner,
part. By some preconcerted: arrangement acquainted his visitor with his -knowledge ofc
-r 4,'vehl m'inged inadvertence,, the police the fraud. Alarm and horror were depicted t
S-are fpon thef i'rnck or a c'ri ,.si'ii'',i:.ce en- in the countenancevf-the young man, who, e
'sues between tilie seconds and an amnicable with tones apparently tremulous from emo- a
-adju4iment upoi soime'teolinical point oc- lion, begged his disgrace might not be
'curs, and the 'parties astiume i-he fanciful made-public. To this the merchants con-
'repUtwiiti'6f courage enogh.-for the x- scented, provided the 3,000 were returned.
'treniiry. Thus, while no blood is shedI, The visitor sighed deeply; but said that to
there is none fhe less of a, public recogtni- return all was impossible, as he had .runfo-
tion and en'ourgentemir, oT the p i-aitic-e of tunea'tely spent part of the amount. The
lduelling. Biut it meils a true man to set remainder, however, he proposed to yield
'his 'face ngmtnis 'the while sywh e g ; to call instantly, and the notes were handed to the h
'iln no Secciild, tod cotaduct Ithe correspon- merchant, who, after dilatming upon the
'donce hiirseif, and at once to refuse the-'goodness of the man he had robbed, con-
'challenge. eluded his moral lesson by handing a check
There isrrone thiiifili-i^panlsale to the for ,X500 as a proof of his beneficence.--
-clhar.acter aind position of thinat man, who The following mwtilnini4,'the gentlemen went
"Rlo ving in the;sociely, by which duelling is to the banker to deposit the money he had
Co-gan'iZe,, refuses a-challenge. Hes'ho'uld receiveded, when, to his great surprise, 'he was
never afford by'his condu-ct ait plusible told that the notes were counterfeit-. His
ground of' offetce. It is not the-rerusal to next inquiries were -concerning the check,
fight ilihe duel thai can coistitute'the gen- but that had been cashed shortly alter the
-tleman; by no means; 'ton Ihe contrary, the opening of the bank. He immediately sent
.'very fact that, lie isch;ill-ngc'd is prima facie an express to his Hamrnburgh correspondent,
*evidence of some wrong done. And it is who replied that the letter was a forgery,
,an essential prterequisite of a refusal to and that no fraud had been committed upon
fight, on principle,' .ithat the challenged him. The whole affair had been plotted by
-should be an, unoffending party ; or, that, a gang, some of whom were on the contin-
laaving in hot blood, or, "by inadvertence, ent and some in England.-Francis's His-
'done his friend a wrong, he should frankly lory of the Bank of England.
apologise. -: So mnu-ch for the challenged, American Art Union.
for the challenger 'we have nothing to offer. ',e American Art Union.
He has no excuse or palliation %ut in the The unexampled prosperity of this insti-
',fallacious system of which he. is the weak tution may be gathered from the following,
.e-ponent ; without lthe sanction-under the which we take from the New York corres-
-ce-ndemnaian, ,i'id.ee'd of laws human and po|denee of the Charleston Evening News.
dive., 'he .-will, we have reason to hope. "Our Art Union is doing wonders this
.'soon be without social cori.-vance a'lt the season. Subscriptions are-flowing in, to an
practice. And the moment this is with- extent unexampled. The income this year
drawn, dueting will re:.se. will certainly not fall short of seventy-five
Inthecaseeforeu, the matter ;in dis- or eighty thousand dollars. The .secret of
ipute seems to: have omi-i,ated in some pas- tire great success of this important institu-:
'sgirnln-'-newsmnbpr tilt ut-.. lieh s-ubject "'on is very aIpparent. First, its plan of
'of ite election -.of U,nied ,States Sentaor-j P '. t...ir.bly suited to the means
.lr., lo'rmroy thought that injustice had 'of the people, in the patronage of the fine
be 'do-i hi'm it some remarnaks -of Major arts Secondly, the great, favor shown it
Bo'tadmrn, Pnad having 'n'd-ersrood tha, 1 enabites -,he management actually to return
latter hadlT private a'ckrnAowledged-thisin- to every subscriber t.he full value of his
justice, the former required himn to make contribution, i-n addition to the chance of
the santie acknowledgement publivly. Ma- drawing a picture worth a hitnd-ed times as
jor Borland refused to make any acknlow- muchc. This very year every member will
ledgenent and the challenge is given ; to receive a large and beautiful line engraving
'which the Major replies in the following f-om Huntington's picture of Queen Mary
terms singinthe Death Warrant of Lady Jane
LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 20, 1848. (.;rey.*aiud a copy of Irving's Rip Van Win-
Sir-Your letter of yesterday, by Mr. kle, illustrated by six large and exquisite
Trapnall, has been received. outline pictures, by Darley. These two
I understand it t oe-ach llenge to fight works could not be published at thie price of,
a duel,beease Irefuuse to comply with a five dollars, excepting through such an
demand which i ,regard as unreasonable and agency as an Art Union. It is the immese
improper. subscription only which accomplishes it. In
0 I 0. addition to the engravings, over three hun-
There was a timnnewhen, a stranger in dred valuable paintings and nearly five hun-
-this Slate, I deeuied it not improper tzo ac- dred medals will be distributed next month.
vept a similbrinovitation, and exhibit to the The pictures are now hung in the Gallery
Public that steadiness of animal n'rve which tf the Association, where they aye daily and
eome1 men call cou-rage. If, during that nightly visited by thousands, without money
tnime, you had called on te, I might have and without price. The amount of good
takei odsion to shot you. lat iti e accomplished by this establishment is incal-
has passed.- Since -f-ie,,c ircuistances have enable It recommends itself to the warm-
materially changed. At the call of my est approbation of every lover of his country
country, true courage was needed in the atd his country's arts. The next distribu-
.eld, for etlIe'de-fnce of her interests anti toi wili take place on the 22d of December,
,honor[ t[ipaced myself in positions where up no which time, I presume, subscriptions
-shooting-'and being shtt al, for a proper will be received."


























puipose*,"became my duty.. From the man-
ner in which I perforiied that duty, and
,from other causes, 1 find myself no longer
;a stranger,"'but well known to the people of
Arkansas. Indeed they have been so kind
:as to identify my character and interests
with their own, and make them the objects
oftheir public care and favor. This should
satisfy the ambition of any man. It does
satisfy mine.- Satisfied with such a position,
I will not forfeit it. I have neither the dis-
position nor the purpose, nor, as 1 conceive,
Athe rightto do any a6c either of my own
.accord, or at the suggestion of others, cal-
cuiari~td"i'chanlge it, or, in any degree, de-
1tract frernom is true value and dignity. The
;acceptance of your challenge would, in my
estimationo, as in that of all sensible men, be
.,suh:a'in act. 1, therefore, decline it.
"When, from, lthe performance of such
'aiuies as I have nin',ioned, or from any
other. causes, youi fAniy.ourself in a position
similar to niine, I thin'k-you will join me in
likingg down, very contemptuously upon
ihe ambition-1T a duelist.
"' B.ut, until trhein should your aspirations
'Ifor.notoriety, and your thirst for blood con-
l4inue, you mmust- seek their gratification in
conflictsis with th-ose .(if propensities equally
'low r-or.-what would be more creditable to
your chivalry, wait until our country's next
war, and theu seek that occasion for dts-
,playing it, which you avoided in the last."
We most admit that there is a drawback
,upon the better spirit of the letter in the
'last sentence. -It is, if not a gratuitous, an
uncalled for insinuation, or rather allega-
ion, against Mr. Flounoy, and should ne-
ver have had place in such a document. It
1no doubt provoked a card which followed,
and in which the Major was posted as a liar
and a coward. A street fight was expected
to take place between the two parties, but
atw the latest dates it had not come off.

' GEN. TAYLoR.-Our readers have pro-
jbably remarked that all the General officers
01^ur army, as they returned from Mexico,
with;- e exception of Gen. Taylor, have
been o _d on to Washington. TJhepeo-
ple, however not ,understanding this kind
of partiality, .e now ordered Gen. Tdy-
.ert9 proceed tb, iQikewise .-Bulletin.

A Clock Heard Three Hundred Miles.
It is known that experiments have been .(
making for some time, on the telegraph line
between Philadelphia and Cincinnati, by the
distinguished astronomer, Sears C. Walker,
and Prof. Locke, for the purpose of ascer-
taining the difference of longitude between
any two points upon the line. We learn
from the Cincinnati papers that machinery
of an astronomical clock with the telegraph
in such a manner that its beats may be
heard or registered on the running fillet of
paper that receives telegraphic impressions
at every station. In this way it can mark
simultaneously at each station and both ex-
tremities, the hours, minutes and seconds,
and also, says the Gazette, the exact frac-
tion of a second at which a star or other
celestial body passes the meridian at either
place. In this way the difference of time,
and of course of longitude between two
points can be ascertained with the greatest
It is remarkable that the tickings of the
clock, when in communication with the
wire, can be heard along the line from Cin-
cinnati to Philadelpha with perfect dis-
THnE CLt .Mmrr or MExrco.-The climate
of Mexico is peculiar, beautiful, calm and
serene; but the atmosphere has so much
less oxygen in it than ours, that the whole
economy oflife is changed. The pulsation
is increased almost double in frequency, and
there is a want of that vigor and robust feel-
ing which our climate affords a healthy man,
and one reduced by disease there, finds it
almost impossible to regain his health or
strength. The mornings are cool, too cool
for a man in a relaxed state of health to
exercise without danger of taking cold,
which is almost as bad as any other disease
there; and the days are so hot that the rays
of the sun cannot be borne without produ-
cine fever. The natives wrap up in cloaks
in the morning, and retire at noon.
Exchange paper.
LEGAL.-" Do you swear or affirm ?"
said a magistrate to a witness.
SI don't care a d-in which," was the





Jr~ J 1
KF- Our thanks are due A. D. BULL, an
q., Clerk of the steamer Viola, 'dir late the
w Orleans, Charleston, and Columbus It;
pers. ne:
THE: E'XCHANGE.-II will be seen by ad-
rtisement in another column, that this th(
II known and popular house is open for sia
e season. To resident citizens, it would thi
superfluous to say a word of the manner of
which things are done up' at this esta- isE
shment and we take occasion to assure bu
visitors, that they cannot find better ac-
mmodations in the city, nor a more atten-
e and obliging landlord han the propri- p
or of the Exchange. We hope he may, th;
usual, have aTu'll house.
/ m <
Florida Legislature. sil
This body organized on the 28th ult., by er
e election of the following officers:
Hon. B. A. Putnam, of St. Johns, Spea- ul
r. 18
Win. B. Lancaster, Secretary. '29
Ebenezer Kilby, Assistant Secretary. wV
Thos. T. Williams, Enrolling and En- ul
ossint)g Cerkl
W. T. Atwater, Sergeant-at-Arms.
John Williams, Messenger. al
Hon. E. D. Tracey, of Nassau, Presi- d(
int. of
Charles W. Downing, Secretary. in
Win. C. Bryant, Assistant Clerk. th
Samuel B. Love, Enrolling and Engross- th
g Clerk. of
Walter W. Taylor, Sergeani-atArms.
N. A. Jameson, Messenger.
On the 29th Joseph Clisby, of the Sonti-
1el, was elected Printer to the Senate.

islature of Massachusetts, upon which it 0
evolved to throw the vote of 'the state for
'residential Electors, discharged the duty
n the 24th ull., All the members of the
enate were present at the opening of the
session of that branch. The members of b
ie House of Representatives were entirely C
resent within one or two of their whole a
umber. Two hundred and sixty members t
f the HIfouse and t1hirty-nin'e members of t
he Senate voted upon the question, and p
hlie vote stood-for the Taylor Electors j
'-96--fof the Cass Electors 65--for the Van I
Bureau Eelectors 37-and there was one s
catering vote. The Taylor Electors had r
nearly two to one against the whole oppo- c
ition, and bihad 93 votes majority over all
others. r
n the Cincinnatti Enquirer, dated Louis-
'ille, Nov. 24th, says : Major Borland is
elected U. S. Senator from Arkansas during t
Sever's unexpired term, and Sebastian in
dlace 'of Ashley. It is thought that Sevier I
vill be elected for the next term." The ]
Legislature of the State met on the 6th
lfstant, at Little Rock, and the Governor's
message was sent in the following day.

The arrival of the steamship Cambria on
Saturday, (says the New York Sun of the
27th ult.,) has settled the suspense regard-
ing the fate of Vienna. After an unparall-
eled resistance against two powerful armies,
the Austrian and Croatian, the Austrian
Capital has unconditionally surrendered,
and imperial power is once more confirmed.
We are sorry to announce the event, for
had Vienna maintained her defence, as she
might have done had the Hungarians come
to her assistance, absolutism could never
again have reared its head in Austria. As
it is, the triumph of arms cannot long se-
cure stability to the throne. The German
race aspire to and must attain independence,
however they are thwarted for the moment.
It remains to be seen what infliction will be
passed upon the patriotic city, by the regal
employer of professional cut-throats. In the
meantime Austria has suffered a reverse in
Italy, at the hands of the Piedmontese. If
republicanism can secure a foothold in Aus-
tria, there will be no longer any doubt of its
success over all Europe, embracing even-
tually even Russia.
In France business has revived in every
department. The excitement of the revo-
lution is over, the Republic comparatively
safe. The tnanufactories in all parts of the
country have resumed operations, and goods

are selling at prices equal to the market a
year ago. The election of President, which
is set down for the 10th of December, is the
absorbing political topic. Bontaparte holds
the advance ground, supported by the sym-
pathies of the army and the Bourgeoise.
Cavaignac is backed by a powerful party,
while Ledru Rollin commands the party of
the Mountain, the radicals.
In England, the same improvement marks
the avenues of business and trade. The
manufactories have recovered from their
partial paralysis, and with a flush money
market, commercial activity is returning.
Ireland continues to occupy the attention of

I lotet tiuiit-t, Ics~, hioaeiru, l~y lieu' dis- the United States is. that they atiem lit to as it is die only link tvuotii~g to conneeLt>


a ittI
A it
















SThe following gentlemen are authorized
its for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and wil
ive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
Vm. W. C.aEVEBR,Esq., Albany, Ga.
major JAcK HARDMAN, Eufaula.Ala.
As. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee, Fa.

will energy, rail road speed and certainty, larkge- r Georgia.
I On ly upon the products of the valley of this Shall we make this attempt o recuperate
omse river. our fallen fortunes, 'aid -se thie means bea
ave Stock to the amount of $500,000 has fore us to draw trade from a new section by
e of been subscribed, 500 hands, 1 am credibly the same facilities which we furnish-on the
It informed, are at work upon it and they will Chattahoochee river'! Shall we offer the
Sof build it people of Gadsden cheap salt, bagging andf
You, citizens of Franklin, may say they g,'oceries-cheap freight-and the.alherna- -
r, have not or cannot get the money. -ay tive of shipping foreign or coastwise, and as
not this flattering unction to your souls, good a cotton market asthere is in the gulf,
They don't need it. Credit built the Cen- and a tmaket for tohr, fruits, and all-the
bot- tral rail road, the Macon and Western, the product of the kitchen garden.and farm
It is Georgia rail road. Credit is completing, as yard -and an avenue, through which to
I an it began, the State road ; andi in fact, it reach New Orleans by wind or' steam,': to
al ite
Sithe built every road in this Union. Credit is buy goods or in the pursuit f_ pleasure?
the the Archimedean lever that moves the rail Shall we identify ourselves with' the people
road world, in England, as well as where of our State by thc- muLual anid recipe rocal
king money is so much dearer; and credit will advantages growing otil of this road4-hich
and sooner or later build a railroad, now corn pens a way to new and rich lands, renews
.d to menced, on which one hundred hands'are ithe value of old ones; which wil-I enable us
sue- at work, to connect Columbus, Geo., with at all times "to go intb Egryplo buy corn."
take the East and West. No road in the State 6 Or shall we-sit down and fold: our hands
s in will p:y better, and it will as surely be built, with the stoical indifference of the Turk,


e _ovei niitrihl, h l:i.o, li,_ieitr, Iby her dis-
h 1i.in her, t t ;iir iioiim. I-leaven -,re-
ve Europe from reaction-from sinking
;k into subservience to despotism, or'po-
cal inanity.

PAOPHETIC.-Gen, Foote, in a speech in
w Orleans, 'described Old Zach as a most
bilious mnitan, and declared that he "had
eye on the Presidential chair ever since
Battles of Resaca de la Palma, Palo
:o, &c. "Every word of it true," cried
Irishman in the crowd ; "and that is not
e worst of it,. General, he will have some-
,1, else on it about the fourth of March
xt !"

The new Prussian Constittition includes
following liberal provisions-: All Prus-
ts are equal before the law. There nei-
ier exists distinctio'nis of rank nor privileges
rank in the State. The nobility is abol-
ted. Orders shall no longer be distri-
r. Jamnes Hill, resident surgeon at the
eckhamn House Asylum (England,) states
at he has tried chloroform in ten, cases of
ialignant cholera, with complete success;
Sof the patients having perfectly recov-
ed, and four being convalescent.

THE POPULAR VOTE.-In 1828 the pop-
ar'vote for President was 1,162,418;' in
32 it was 1,252,298; in *'. it was l,50-1,-
8; in 1840 it was 2,302,658; in 1844 it
as 2,702,549. The vote east on the 7th
t., will doubtless exceed 3,000,000.
A correspondent of the London Times
itring from Jamaica, says: "There is an
most utter impossibility of realizing pro-
tce of any kind. The whole Island is
downright beggared, and I see no prospect
f improvement. The planters are becom-
g poorer every day, and consequently
ere is little or no money circulating among
be laborers. N-urnbeirs of estates a-re out
f 'cultivation."
By Magnetic Telegraph*
For the Savannah Republican.
In New York on Wednesday, prices fo
,otton were steady, though slightly in favo
f buyers. Sales 600 bales.
Flour dull and drooping,
Second Despatch.
A letter has been received at Washingto
y Gov. Brown, of Mississippi, from F. I
;lairborne, of Natches, in which is relate
conversation said to have taken place be
ween Gen. Taylor and-
he election, in which Gen. Taylor is re
presented to have earnestly declared, tha
lhen the North attempted to interfere wit
he slave question, he was for drawing tl
word and throwing away the scabbard.-
lhis has been published at the North, an
caused great excitement.
No foreign steamer at New York Frida
Gold-Hunting in California.
The mania for gold-hunting, which
seems to have taken complete possession
he Californian's, had not in the least abate
according to our latest advices. The fo
owing letter, which has been furnished ti
Editors of the New York Tribune by Mess
Grinnell, Minturn & Co., gives some idea
he difficulty in which all vessels on t
coast are placed on account of the desert
of their men to seek quicker fortunes
he banks of the Rio de lasPiumas:
MONTEREY, Sept. 15, 1848.
Messrs. fGrinttell, Minturn 8f Co.:
SIRS :-I embrace this o'lpoort unity to
form you of my situation, which is b
enough. All hands have left me but tw
they will stay till the cargo is landed a
ballast in, then they will go. IBoth ma
will leave in a few days, and then I will hi
only the two boys, and I am fearful tl
they will run. I have got all landed b
900 barrels: on Monday I shall get off b
last if the weather is good. There's
help to be got at any price. The store sl
that sailed froom here ten days ago took th
of my men at $100 per month ; there
nothing that anchors here but what lo
their men. I have had a hard mime in la
ing the cargo; I go in the boat every lo
If Ican get it on shore I shall .save
freight. As for the ship she will lay h
for a long time, for there's not the I(
chance of getting a crew. The coasters
giving $100 per month. All the ships
San Francisco have stripped and laid
The Flora, of New London, is at San Fr

cisco; all left. You probably have heard
the situation of things here. A sailor
be up at the mines for two months, work
his own account, and come down with fr
two to three thousand dollars, and th
that go in parties do much better. Ih
been offered $20 per day to go, by on'
the first men here; and work one year.
is impossible for-me to give you any idea
the gold that is got here.
Yours respectfully,
Capt. of the ship Isaac Walton.

Georgia Wines.
Gen. Flournoy has favored us with a 1
lie of wine from his vintage of 1845. 1
as rich, pleasant and beautifully colored
article as one need desire; and wit'ha
contains nothitig but the pure'juice of
grape. In flavor it much resembles
Burgundy.- Aug. Chron. and Sent.
There can be no difficulty in mal
wines in Georgia. Habersham County,
others of similar soil, seem best adapte
it, for grapes of delicate flavor do not
ceed well in a rich soil. The great mis
usually made by those who raise grape


(lie United Siates is. that they autempt to as it is the only link wanting to connect .
make "a silk prise otit of a sow's ear." In 1aine and Louisiana by steamtn. *-
other words-Instead of iroctiIng the best -'When these -ravenues are opened, iiiai ""-'
specimens from abroad, they confine them- opened they will be, .what becomes of pro- -'
selves too much to the Isabella, lthe Bullis,, petty that is'now-unsaleable? A burtheni..
the Scuppernon, and other varieties, some in many instances to the owners, it is. not "
of which have a skin as thick as the hide very diffi uhtilt to foresee. Unless we dfio -
of a hippopotamus. Mr. Longworth's something, antid that speedily, to comnielsa.e -
champagne, of Cincinnati, is really good. us for the loss of trade by these causes;.-tIh- --
It however resembles some of the Moselle predictions of the whilom editor of the .S t' .
wines more than champagne. The taste is- Joseph Times bids fair to be verified ii?' -
more acidulous than the latter, but less so deed and in truth. As one means, [ pro-6 -
than the former.-Sav. Rep. pose the immediate construction .ofa-wrad .
to Gadsden county, leaving that to Jaqksdn
For the Commercial Advertiser, county, from whenceiwe now .-gei'llIjhe -i
A ROAD TO GAD-SDEN. trade, for a future 4'-. '
Much has been said and something done i propose to do it wne little sacrifice,
towards the construction odf a 'road to con- but without adding" ne dollar to-our bur-
nect this town with the interior of otfr 'State; thets as tax payers, unless we eletto doi .,
and while we are divided upon minor points, in preference. In fact, two modes o' doing .
upon the precise locality-while odne party, what has so long been decided by many .
advocates a route on the West side of the citizens, as necessary to be done,' but who
river, afiother goes for I'he East side; a see med sgge-red by a want of means. I
t-ird desires to raise meansby voluntary propose, farther, hat this road s e
. prop0 .. farther, !that this road ebl-'i
subscription ; a fourth,b manual labor or rendered passable for carriage, wag.. ""
S -.Y : ... ..s._a m ,, u r~ g ,wagon, oi-
commutation tax; a fifth proposes to' a- dray by lst Oetber, 149 -
Scomphish itby taxation alone; 'and one and AssumifBg that -my premises arecorrect ';
all suffer their property to depreciate in (and if'we wail time will ,test.them) ail
-value, the time to pass-, frittering away by ability to pay taxes and interest.is fast dimi- : -"
driblets, on unimportant objects, the means nishing. I propose for our county commis- -
for carrying out this all-important end. sioners and city atuithiorities to join, a-na
I put it to the common sense of every agree to give lthe city and county taxes in
man in this commtmnity,"if there has not toto for this purpose; which I will'assu.me
Been, within the past fen years, a steady de- as amounting to 8'1O0,000, fitlte year end- "
t crease of the value of real property, until it ing Febru.iry 1st, ]849.
has become as nearly worthless as it can be, This amount will il l l probability builH A
having an income and paying taxes ?-if our road and bridge all the streams, except -- '
rents have not fallen, and do anot oontitnue the main river; but tlihe cost of construction
to fall ?-if our population, instead of in- will depeIud much upon lthe nature- of rht4i
Screaming, is not yearly leaving to get mrneans soil.whe'thcr hliardil or soft, the width and
to live ?-if our sales of goods are not beco- depth of the St. Marks and oiliher stl reams id
ming annually less? And yet St. Joseph be btiJed, all to he determined by a survey.
has ceased to be a rival city; our stores By retrenchment, by cutting down sab.-
have been reduced, 'in number, one hall, by ri,,s, by lIpping off useless offices, we migti
Y fires and storms, while a steady increase of 'by strict ecornomity appropriate $8,000 out of
g our exports has been going on., The in- out citi. andI county uaxes, ind ifithereshould
crease of growth in the section once tribu- be less,-and a third of tlie road unpaid flbr,.a
tary to the Clihatiudhoohee, I shall speak of pledge of the b iidges and road, with sudih
in another place. tolls a. could be agreed upon .by-rhe con-
In touching upon the causes of ihis state rractdr and cilty a'nd convty autlihoriiesw,
of things, and the means to avert the evils would be sufficit-nl security for 'the payment
r growingtout of them, in some measure, I of the balance.
r propose to devote a few words to absentee- -Unity of action essential-all-important.
ism : : Eery citizen who wishes 'to sivy Ihre down-
Are the'Te not -ve hundred. citizens whoi ward course of this ti,,ti should give i his
leave here every season, and spend from maittter his voice. his weilgh'l and itillue ice
$100oo to $500, averaging $250 each-amount- the county commissioners should gi:yp if"
n ing to $1-53,000 in the aggregate? This theirs, the city autihoriiies theirs, the cham'-"
j. Iooks.incredible, and like an exaggeration, ber of commerce theirs A long ll, a
d and I will, to make it look more reasonable strong pull, andt] a pull altogether, will dait.
a- subtract one half, leaving $62,500, which I know a contractor %ho will jump at the
'e spent among ourselves, for one'ortwo years, job if-y-ouwill 'bul -nimni'fesi thle ".i-Il topay
e- wou7catese Tr'Ot ow-nt-esjDam likie- him, as.diewoitk progresses, whlal you pay
at rose. annuanlyH 6?tni)ortattJ!cs. I have'
h The seebbd cause, from which we have been told by onm of the best 'hiige-bnFirder~ .
ie just began to -suffer, will demonstrate itself of the South, that lie supposed 4iree miles
twelve months hence, if I cannot a.t this, between Roan's and Ithe poii of embarka-:,
id time. fion on terra firmna beyond Ihe bayous .anA
It is obvious that thiNs 'town- Wi4ll soon be rivers can be briidged (except lie rivers and '.
SwelT nigh annihilated, unless we take means bayous,) for 371 centsperjfot at the outside.,
to avert, as far as lies i'n our 'power, iiiijen This, say 5,840 feet, ,,oul cost $5,940;
ding ruin. I allode to the rail roads of (This is altogeiliher mo'ie expensive thadi
h Georgia. Could 1 accompany this vith a ,-,e,.';li;n.lpe'aps onehalj. 7 arid' tis t 't-
diagram, I think I could demonstrate how be hoeJ that the grouhid will tdminit of ihe
of the circle of trade, that once centered at latter.) This nould leave $-4.060 for the
-d, Columbus, Geo., has been circuminscrihed by bridges, assuming g ihati my nnigh estimate
Sthe influence of the MAicon and We-sterb oe three thousand dollars will 'cover cdst.
he rail road ; increase of prodbctih'n in the This contractor tells me thin he lasl-yeai'
rs. circumscribed circle has blinded our eyes to built a bridge 300 feet long, 'covered rand <
Sthe true state of the 'case;, this circle i'be- shingled it, foir *$900. We h!,ve only. to :
Sctnoming "small by degrees atnd heauiftilly agree to do this wok in the first place, raie
lees." the meains,'in the wa, I poim out, or in any
on I do not hesitate to assert my firm belief, olher, in thlie svt'cond place, and we can, I
that had it continued of the dimensions' it cnoi, have prohbosilion-n to build or construct
.waS, before we saw the completion of that [he work, lou', trout responsible parties, upott

rail road, Columbus would have shipped out' plans, specifici,,<>ris and estimates-.."
)ad i00,000 bales' 'of cotton, last year, to thi" A bridge roa, across the. "marsh is no1
o ; place, instead o'f about ^0,000 baes." *itniohjecuions on countt of its liability
nd A diagram of the curtailment of this cir- to ileciiv; a catt~ew~ay may be"i iijtred,-to1 ;
tes cle of trade was last year prepared in Co- byt he 'tiles, thtclh wuvMbl nqi readh tlli
ave frm. .. ..i.~-' wb
hat Jumbus, from information gathered from bridge; hbt if the groid in paortbw1 o lly -*
but. men who used once to supply it with admits of a causewaiy road,i should prefer .
lal- goods;, it shows a reduction of more .than. thle lattei. -
no one half in area. The builder wiit whloni L conversed, in ,
hip The South- Western ,aia road will be built. s[pe:.king tf a bridge road, said t ltat'he w'otld -

reis Mark the prediction ; weigh it well, digest constl'uct it by drir-ing piles, .pul on n.ap 0. -
ses it, ponder upon it; that not only crops; but cross piece, then hissiting pieces, and cover
nid- a large portion of the cotton that reaches with putinheons, split ouf of oak, pine or
ad. here from the Flint, Fort Gaines, George- cypress, as might be deemed most ,dtirabe, <.
the '. ., :,.
ete town, above and below these.latLetr. points, cionvenleut or cheapest ; it would besfioot',
east will next year, that is, in 1849 and- 50, find much more so than a corduroy ia'dr'.iby
are its way-to Macon and Savannah. I id not which such places are usually crossed ;* and
Suat mean to say that this road will teach our this was what he spoke of as costing '7.
an- river in that time, but it will come near cents per foot. My' informant is now i iifd-'
d of enough, to draw by Savannah capital and intg eighteen bridges on the State-ioad'il'


S A paragraph. in some of the Paris pipers,
S 'imtifialing that M. 'de Lamnartine Ihaid re-
'fused to b6 a candidate for the Presidlenrcy,
'is thus specifically conlradicied by the gen-
l 'ileihilh litnse;l.-.in a letter to ihe Jotiriji.l ide
f tebates": ;'. ..

S 'SI-'" I hiapve seen in ihe .Jourtil Ides De-
'bates aim ft'ife copied troin ihe Coiirrivi
z- le In, Gironde, which 1 usk p)riimiisBion to
S'eclify. "
W" Vhat I wrole to a correspondi'nl at Bur-
.'dean.x was, to lhis.efe'ct:-
S' I do not offer myself as a candidate for
1 he.Presidency. I pray (oil and my frientids
-* spurre f'e 'a hIniden so dispropiir ti tied to
'-'my !tl'r ii.lh BRat if.it.h country thinks it
'expedienit to designate ine for this iMagis-
.3tracy, I do nut hold myself at lileriv to re-
,:_'*:" any mnto.4_.ihan I di'd on the 24th of
'"'February M .V.clh44,o 3 'le and lea've-'Paris wit-Ioul U i gt(iverniTt-ni.'
S1 ao ntnow b~elieye myself exposed to
i"nyfwich danger, and if I correct the mis-
8 'ake ,f the Courriar de la Gironde, it.is
'ii..irel. to -p'ricYnt -- any suhsequenm inisuri-
'derst'ajnidins. To seek tIe Prwsilency would
be absu'r, 'to esire it wood-be ra;I-I, to 'e-
'fuse it would be a wii-ing in duty ,to the
republq andil Ithe naiinn. LI mh' ineap-able
'eiteir.,bT'-tlihat ambition or orthis owi0wardice.
\ "- 7 *"*": "' ",AMARTINE.
Incident iin the French National As-
,. semnbly. -

A lefter'w)'i'e'r *\"ho pa'ised several hours'
'_ 'none) day 61 'if t Oc.toie'.r, in the National As-
e" ibly of -Fratice, .-liis all6 de4 to an ex-
L 1ilog..ttne during ihe debates0of the_ day :
'_F-" Then (*iine ;iii inci-n- i i-s siiil-f ti J
,;n ol0,literf'ite ;ll arum,,cnw anid beget that
'vioe tI.giiation whiih every public n eeiin. in
his .ciuntiry expects -arid requir-es before il
separitles. or at the monienl-of separation.
'A.. olId: g'eneral--Lebretnn -who rose from
'tih 'eia'nks, and made pia-iny camtnpaigns With
('iilinci ion iu Algeria, Tiad quiarrelled with
'the iniisier uf wiir, [iamorici-te, and now
-'ei-zed t-he oplporttinily oi indulging his
r ;ti.eef#. fHe. began by diSlij ting _-Lai'ori-
.. iere's theory for an army ; -hbe, so.nn passed
S to personalities; h-e talked ofige.n'erils in
"rf`iei-wihq-owed their eleationi, botklriili-
rar.V'a.and political, to chli:mince And i,'nritismn,
'"an','abusemi Mleir stations -'by lavis'hing pait-
'ronage on rlteir old conirides iand imnere pro-
S 'leges.. Caivaignac took fire at,this attack ot
''js'tri'end alid (tear feildw-combatant in
A tL'-'e., hexpiessied his surprise th' at Le-
rbrtRon, who had served ih:t-he -afie expedi-
liugS, could venture to utter suggestions or
insion6t'lons iinjurious to the ivell-nierited

i'efail'he l a'dvancemieni, and the just, patrio-
itieRjdminislration of tI-me minister of war;-

""< ti)o less surprises mie," he added;
lli'ipoin-ing to Lainoriciere with a lookof deep
r. 'espect and affection, "is that that nian
'-should be-second, and I irsti, here or any:
S'where." The generosity and ii'enpiily of
'the feeling and expression had an electrical
effect on.lthe whole audience; imnost of the
'renpiesentaitives rose at dnte and caused the
'hill to' resound with abia's. Some lost
gr6unjd' is thus gained by the escutive

r- FIIAL.E GAMBM1.Nd.-In Paris, ivnmen
tI" ot. l only play high in fashionable garimes of
S -chi-nie, and buy ickeiets ii lotteries, but they
S gp on.-'change and operate in stocks with
-. -reaenthlusiasin.' -. At the ashionale water-
.I ing places in Gerniany ladies indulge in
1 -gaitlilin to almost- as great an'eXtent as
the llc miii In England it was forrmerly the
-' "'faslia'irw for ladies to play high, inj the first
,'circles. of society, and a fediale gamester
was by no means an extraordinary character .
In Mexico itrei're-gambling is a.universal
Sassidii,'wherie the.,riest cones out of
church ahia .sits down to play of a Sunday
afternoon, ladies- are dealers, at monte, and
Ihave their fuil share of the national pro-
1plensity. 'In New York female gauibl-ing in
l.,lottery tickets and policies is a-very common
f, practice, and there iU.'p lack of ladies who
a tare reay 1to tal a hamid at vight et-un,
S'poker, bluff, brag, loo or eucher, playing
for such stakes as suit their finances. Wo-
men are as adventurous as men, and quite
;. as ready to test: their luck-and they are es-
pecially- venturesome .'intking chances in
'e the lottery of. marriage.
.' "" lbany kniickerbocker

W. Valsh writing from Paris to Little's Living
IAge'thfis spieaks'.or the culture of rice at
Blhe Delta oif the Rhon.e.:
-:"An interesting -pamphlet, with authentic
.dei ias, lhas-just been: issued on the cultiva-
-Fi'o :"-the delta of the Rhone, extending
"qfro.m Tarascon to .the Mediierraneau'4aE;i
-....and .embracing a siiiface of more than a
hudrid thousand hectares. (A. iclaare is.
about-ahundred reP.) This year a thou-
aA'" hectares have yielded fou nitllions

m -

gusts Belmont, their New York agent, in
extending the business of the firm in the
United States, Mexico. and South Amierica,
and eventually to the East Indies and China.
We predicted a year ago that the capi-
talists and merchants of Europe would ere
long begin to emigrate to America. No
where else can their capital be employed
with so much profit to themselves and the
people of a great and powerful nation.-
America only wants capital to develop her
resources, which far exceed those of all the
European nations combined.-N. Y. Sun.

A dutchman *as relating his marvell6us
escape from drowing, when thirteen of his
companions were lost, by the uppsetting of
a boat and he aldne was saved.
And how did yotu escape their fate ?-
asked one of his hearers.
I tid not go in te poat !' was the dutch-
man's placid raply.

SMALL PAY.-The Members of ihe Illi-
nois Legislature, under the new Constitu-
tion for that Stale, receive but two dollars
per day, for forty days, and, at the expiration
of that time, if they remaining session, it is
reduccd- to one dollar.

I:ilitorial Piiiicipte-..

"and sighli fir that ;',go a fimeif cu(Iie g '1
whih..nevQr.4did land never will'htlp tjikse
"unwillirng to lielp.thieiselves. ,
"' ]l is wortLi'ihe eHfort; if noihi'rng is.gnin^I.
t -Idoa't s8e.lhat we' shall los"ritniuch by'a
trial; vawitingy._e shall, in due time, disco'
| 'ver what we-are to lose without it; will]
S -,e"r'refforts, .we mniglhit get, not only lihe
'triof Gadsden, but pt of that of Leon
:04;W, aWak ulla. +st,*
:'''Act'on is taieded, organizedu-ction at thai,
andaiBittl dashing of individual interests
'Vs possible. :
.J.I have not spoken of tlie road in Gadsden
:Y'-, -- .... ,-, +- V W.e.
county,. 1eyondthe. county line, or that to
r t'!iRans, "s 'the PiracticdBill'ty and cheapness
tof either 'have ever b~en doubted to my
'knowledge. .
'The dreaded three miles, npon which so
'"iai'eiay exhausted their rhetoric, only
needs ob.elocatedA, carefully surveyed, the
-.water cburses .Bounded and carefully inen-
stored, siihole plahs and specifications pre-
ipared, and proposals invited by advertise-
.men'ts in and- i tuO' the State. These pre-
-'limireries, with the proper effbrt.to .provide
means, by 1st JUiunry, '-18+9-ind I_-would
S not hesitate to guarinlee. for 5 per cent. of
tfie 'conlraiet price,' ithe -completion of the
-'road ly .1st October, 18-19, to be paid as ilie
work priogresses. CoirloDENCi:.
Lamnart uic.

l' pounds. of rin', an i rccnlupie lil'ifteen hiun-
dred labor:eis. The pnifililet s, I iat il
the proplriPietois 'J d adeqi.iie capiiA, illth
ifehlia, i-" less-than Ien %il'rs, oulil I v,.:
Sfil'y iliousaunil hie:inres in r-ice, yielding tw.o
S liunldired iiillins. of pouni.is ; ;iii.l, \iti ithe
. ad of the '-oi errinent, wonUIL s1up11ly eto11; th-
to leed it'elveke Iundied and filly llinis.iiiind
Siindividluals. The overnnirril is petiiliu-ned
SIo apprnliiaue five rnillion-s" c-t 1'icincs to tIh
Soibject. The Carolina pliuer- lih.e Sijiit
coump)etiliou to fear.
.* -:.'-'A Veetable Cuiriosityv.
We : ea'have -seen a Inew -curiosity in the
,vegetable kinidoin, w-which is becoming an
object of initetest to th'e faisliionable world.
WVe understand that many specimens of il
have bten sent to our National Institute. Ii
5 -is a nut, and called the- "-ve2elhible ivory, 0o
n ut of thlie ivory plant." The shell, 1o
outer covering of the nut, is scarcely thick-
er than that of the comnrlon hazel, and oTf
similar color, and is so extretnely hard, that
no instrument can readily make an impres-
Ssion on it. It is-classed amri-;, lthe family ol
- palms', and is coimmion in the Massacreer
. islands, % here it is c;,ll,..d tigua plai fh i
aiboutii hlilf as large a-aini :,s the lioise clhes
nut, Thiekernel, in il e; irl st:tle, inclilt-,,
I limipid liquor, which jecuinies nnll, an,.
sweet, and iat len- hili qi.tii'es th lie s lii(i'y o
iY ory. wich it very nTtr'c-h icscibl-" ii
color, polish, and consistency. The Eng.
lilih are manufacturing a variety of f-iic
Articles out of' the nut, which is'said to b'
Ssurperseding the 'ele-il1li;it iv6ry. Oni
quality of this nut, is said tii'be, that ii
shavings may be boiled into" a milky liquor
and not at all gelatinous ; and .we should no
Sbe astonished if oniie ofiir inneiioutis coun
tryinen were to findI out 'one inethinil o
reduciflhg large masses of it to the liqui.
' form, and ihen inoulding- it into beaiUifu
nrnamenls of a size much larger than tlios
3 which are made of the anim-ia ivory.
....-- ,""'I Washington Union.
Communism at Trenton Falls.
All property is thefi," said the French
man, ilnl "aftl property is public," woulc
: the Zirls at Trenion Falls say, -accordingic
N. P. W\'illis. Hear r what h'esays in a letter
from there'! '
I am in'clTbedto think that from French
intermixture, or some other cause, the in-
habitants of this region are a little peculiai
in their manners. There is an IncOiinsC:ioui.
ness or carelessness of other's observation
and presence, that I have hitherto seen only
abr6aid. We have bad sopgs, duetts anc
choruses sung here by the village girls
.wjihin the last few days, in a style that drew
0alf in the house to listen most admiringly;
.,idl even the lad-ies all agree-that there have
Been extYemely pret'iiyr y grf daj
among thew. .
I find they a're Fouierites to the exten
of common hair brush and other persona
furniiure--walking into'iany' body's room ir
th -house for the temporary repairs which
bell'esis require on their travels, and availing
theniefeivles -of whatever was therein, with
simplicity perhaps a little transcendental.]
had obtained the privilege, minyself, of a smile,
iressing-room, apart, in which 1 presumed
the various trousers a'id other merely mnas-
culine belongings would be protective scare
Escrows, sufficient to keep out these daily
I female invaders; -but, w-iIl-ring in-yaest-ri ay,
t I found my combs and brushes in active
I empiy-, and two very tidy looking girls mak-
t ingt.lhemaelev.esat home without shutting
the door, and 'o 'liore-disturbed by m)
t.,,l'i': than if 1 hIad been a large male fly.-
SAs friends were waiting, I apologized for in-
truding tong enough to lakle a pair of bool,
out fr6ni uhder heir protection; bult imy
Spresence.was evidently no interruption.
One of the girls (a tall figure like a wo
man in two syllables connected by a hypher
at the waist,) continued to look at the bacl
of her dress in the glass, a la Venus -Calli.
pige, and the other went on threading hei
- most prodigal chevelure with my doubtless
Very embarrassed though unresisting hail
brush ; and so I abandoned the field, as I
was of course expected to do. As they
did not shut the door after my retreat, I
presume that by the "code of morials here-

abouts, a man's pireoccupancy of a room
Simply entitles him to come and go at plea-
sure-the unoccupied portions and conveni-
encee of the apartment open, meantime, to
feminine availment and partaking. I do not
know that they would go to the length of
"fraternizing one's tooth-brush, but with
Slthe exception of locking-up that rather con-
*fidential ,irticfe, I gave in to the custom of
the country, and have left open doors to the
ladies-which "severe trial" please men-
lion if convenlent, in my biography.

BARON A. DE R'riO SCIILD, oie of the
celebrated Bankers and the wealthiest capi-
talists of Europe, arrived in this cily last
Saturday, in the steamship Cambria, and
for the first time in his life learned, on arri-
ving in our harbor, that the splendid stearh-
ships of England could be beaten by steanri-
ers of another nation.r The Baron and his
brothers having had considerable experi-
ence recently in European revolutions, are
devoting morie attention to America and its
resources, vith a view to perrmanenlt invest-
ments in our public stocks, railways, steam-
ships, &c. One of the family, it is rumored,
will settle in this country, and aid Mr. Au-

Per steamer Quincy-H D IJarden, Capt Hall,
Wm Foster, E Jones, jr,iT T Roan.
---.r -tpanper Southerner-Col -H 1 Taylor, H K
11ll, .T -Vpri.- Wmrn Poe, Maj Hardway, Tappan,
Lee, B F ,,niili, Owens.-
Per steamer M A-Moore-Wm A McKenzie,
lady,'child and servts, Mrs S A Joyc., .,tr- Gib-
son, children and servts. Mi--s Martin, J Gibson,
Wm Arthur, J H Green.
Per steamer Peytona-Dr Bellamy, I GGGuyon,
Per steamer Boston--C IcCalla, C Rooney.
Per steamer Quincy-Jcdge Dii:l,,--. W H
Miltou, Joel Porter, A Dillard, E 1 B3atllou, John
Anderson. A McAlpin, C P Yelverton.
Peer steamer Viola-Mr. Wood.
Per staa'mner Palmetto-Mrs W H Young, chil-
dren and servts, Mr Suitton.
7* -t-Ee-eHt5Tro T-lTrnVTftJN Irrrat-lul.~-
Per steamer Quincy-50 bales cotton to D G
R.aney; 18 to Lockhart & Young; 25 to WVm G
Porter & Co; 8 do, 2 bxs tobacco to B S Hlawley;
7 do to Harper& Holme-.
Per -i- ii,' i S)outherner-216 bales cotton to
Harp r .: Hlwi.--: 139 to A N McKay & Co; 51
to C &;- A: '; 31 tbo J Day&k Co6; :'. W G
Porter & Co; 50 to Nourse, -i ... & I.. 1' to T
L Mitchel; 4 to Hill. Dawson & Co.
Per steamer Palmnetto-221 bales cotton to HIar-
per & Holmes; 297 to A N-MoKay Sc Co; 201 to
C Rogers & Co; 180 to Lockhart & Loung; 50'to
W H Kimbrough & Son; 15 to Wylie & McKen-
zie; 31 to T L Mitchel.
Per steamer M A Moore-79 bales cotton to
Wood & Ballou; 54 to W.G Porter & Co; 129 to
Lockhart & Young; 254 to Wylie (SV McKenzie;
314 to A N McKay & Co.
Per steamer 'Peytona-202 bales cotton to C
Rogers & Co; 50 to Harper & Holmes; 73 to W
H Mniir.ni.,i-ili & Si,: 152 to A,. N McKay & Co;
50 i, T L ilhicIl; I15l to N J Deblois; 49 to J
Day &, Co; 51 to Lockhart & Young.
Per steamer Qiiin:\-05i bales cotton to N J
Deblois; 49 to C Luger o \ I:o; 23 to A N McKay
& Co.
Per steamer Quincy-217 bales cotton to WV G
Porter & Co; 45 to J Cay & Co; 63 to Wylie &
McKenzie; 47 to A N McKay & Co; 24 to Lock-
hart & Young.
Per steamer Viola-500 bales cotton to N J
Deblois; 120 to Nourse, Stone & Co; 70 to WV G
Porter & Co; 64 to A N McKay & Co; 45 to
Lockhart & Young; 4 to Wylie & McKenzie.
Per steamer Palmetto- 398 bales cotiotni .to
Lockhart & Young; 175 to A N McKay & Co;
136 to Wylie &- McKenzie; 35 to Wm G Porter&
Co. 1 0 *
Per barge Chipola-77 bales cotton to J Day &
Co; 26 to WV G Porter & Co.
BOSTON-Per bark Gilbert-800 bales cotton.
PROVDLilN-'E--Per bark Triton-637 bales
Per-hark Weybossett-739 bales cotton.

A THIS house has been thoroughly
refitted for the season, and the sub-
I scriber takes pleasure in intorning
the public that he is now in readi-
ness for the reception of permanent
and transient boarders, at the usual rates. His
chef d'euisine is' an adept, and travellers may
depend upon having all the luxuries and delica-
cies of the rnarket served utip in the best style.
The BAR is now and will at all times be kept
supplied with the choicest Wines, Liquors, and
Cigars. A continuation of the liberal custom
heretofore bestowed, is respectfully solicited.
December 9, 1848.

Dysentary Cordial.
D. -WOODRUFF'S Dysentary Cordial, just
received and for sale by
Dec 9 H F ABELL.

A LARGE assortment of 'Toilet Soaps, just
received, and for sale by I
Dec 9 H F BELL.

OLGATE'S best Pearl Starch, for sale by
Dec 9 H F ABELL.

Shaving Boxes.
A LARGE and cheap lot of Shaving Boxes,
just received and fdi sale by
Dec 9 H F ABELL.

Fresh Vest Powders,
UST received, and for-sale by
Dec 9 J C ALT.I


O N Wednesday last, on Water street, a MA-
finder will be liberally rewarded by returning the
same to W. A. WOOD.
Dcc. 2, 1841.. 0

Pu ,IT i" .'- PAL.\.'H[[l'

T'lnl i;.lo1ii il' di.ilogstie once occu-rred in
:il F-iliirI'ss iuit,-i l iin Enn anil. A distii-
.'ilshieil editor was in his sitidy. A long,
thin ;,iil ghostly visaged gentleririn wias an-
[noll uced. With'an ashimatic voice bnt ill
a tune of ciiilily, for othleiise the editor
would have tran.fixel him with fiery para-
-i2aph the next mUomiiiin,, the stranger said
SSir, your journal of yesterday contained
f.ilse imformatioit).'
Impossible sir; but tell me to what do
)ou aIlude.' A-* .
SYou s:,l.l Mr. M.'had been tried.'
'True.' .
CulelfiLuei .'d.
;' Very true.' :
'Hunli i "
M lost true.' -
Now sir, I am the gentileman liiiiself.'
Impossible.' -
I assure you it is a fact ; and now I hope
that you will contradict what you haveal-.
'By no means, sir.'
How, what do you mean?- You are
'I may be so, sir, but I will not do it.'
'I will c,.impuiain to a riagistrate.'
As you please ; but I never retract.-.
'Tl"- most ihat I (c.i ii do for yoan, is t10 an-
iiounri ce thata. the roi'e biuke, and that you
iire pow. iu perlfeci health. I have my prin-
cip[les sir ; never deceivee' -

l_'l..il'l-"- Rn g-.sr. E'i'.i li\.- l,,.,. r' -.
Ciast Boa;;e & Co.,
Water street, "

'Dec 9

r\'.iji':_ i,_, -i. Fa.

Notice -
T HE interest of-Mr. JoHNnMUNNiin the house
of Charles Rogers & Co having expired on
the 3d inst. Ti-. lii-i,.-- will be conducted as
heretofore, under the former firm. by the remain-
ing partners, Charles Ro-ers and Eugene W. Ro-
gers. CHA-\RLES ROGERS & Co.
December 9, 184S.
Jjo. S. 5f[tcl iuson,
No. 2 Columbus Block,
Apalachicola, Fa.
4i:- Advances made oh all consignments if re-
quired. Nov. 25, 184S.

B). B. WOOD,
C''li nM AI T Q ( I T )N "M /r TF R ( FT A NT Tp

,U U A.l.M I.b ZJ) I U iL V LV'I. Jt U -A L A. l J.
24 Water-st.,
Nov 18 Apalacliicola, Fa.
Austin & Long,
No. 45 Water-street,
__J.ov 11 I .niilaclikpla Fa.
Colilinissionl and Auction fo0!!t,-


J. B. STASRR & Co.
We having received a full share of the patro-
nage from the Merchants of Apalachicola last
season, will feel thankful for the same in our line
of business the coming winter.
Eufaula, Ala., Nov. 14, 1848. 45-tf
Eufaitula Auction and Comniis-
sion House,
Thankful for the patronage hitherto received
from the Merchants of Apalachicola, he would
i:n-,"li.,ill\N solicit a continuance of theirifavors.
EmIll '11, Ala., Oct. 27, 14S. 42-s

I, Lotion.
('RANVILL'S Lotion, just received, and for
- sale by
Dee 9 J C ALLEN.
Chloride of Soda,
JUST received and for sale by
Dec 9 J CALLED .

Fishing Tackel.
A GOOD assortment just received nd for sale
Note Paper-. -
PERFORATED and Embossed Note Paper for
sale by
Dec 9 J C ALLEN.

50,i00 Percussion Caps,
FOR sale by
Dec 9 -.. J C ALLEN:

A LARGE assortment of Extracts, Cologne,
&c. &c. for sale by

Guitars and Violins,
FOR sale by
Dec ,9 J C ALLEN.

School J1ooks.
A LARGE assortment ot School Books just
received and for sale by
Dec 9 J. C. ALLEN.

T HE undersigned will make liberal adiapces
on Cotton consigned to his friends in Liver-
pool, Glasgow, Havre, Boston oir New York.
Nov 18" D B'WOOD.
Boots and Shoes,
F1OR SALE, by the package, by
1 Nov 18 D B WOOD.

To Rent.
P ART of the Fire-proof Store, No. 24 Water
Street. Enquire of D B WOOD.
Nov 18

SCOTCH Snuff, in bladder, for sale by
July 15 H. F. ABELL

School Boo'ks,
FOR sale by -
Feb 17 II I


Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specific,
A SAFE and eflti'eient remedy for worms, tor
sale by

INER'S Canadian Vermifuge; for sale by
Febh17 H F ABELL.

Cologne and Bay Waters,
WTITH a large and well selected assortment
Sof other Perfumery, both French and Ger-
man,"embracing every variety of Extracts of the
most pleasant flavor now in use, for sale by

POTATOES-300 bushels,
ONIO' NS- lii do n ow landifig; and
for sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Nov 25 .

2O O SACKS Ain., laiJiLg and for sale by
2 Nov 18 D B WOOD.
'. ilolhinm g.
F OR sale on consignment, a large invoice of
'city made clothing, b,,: the l .-l,.., b%
Nov 18 -- D W11iOD. -

ewiv Dr) Goods.
A USTIN & LONG, successors to J. Stevenson
& Co,, are just opening at th ,ld stand, cor-
ner of Water and Chestnut streets, an-entire new
stock of DRY GOODS, SHOES, HATS, &C. to
which they invite the. attention of the former
customers of the old firm, and the public .
Apalachicola, Nov. 11, 1848. 43-6m

The Proteci ion Insnrance Co. of
New Jersey.
TPHE subscriber being appointed by the above
L Company their agent for tl!s city, is now
prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks.
May 11, 1848. .THOS. L. MITCHEL.

ITCI-IETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
sale by [Feb 24] H F ABEEL.

Joy to the World.
P ERRY DAVIS'S Pair Killer, just received
and for sale, %.\ hmol"jle *iun, retail, by
Sept 23 THr0S. E GRAY, AM-,:it.

WV IE & IiT'H.\iHS ,,,.l RD...&iF s & -,i'.siS
superior Razors for sale by
Feb 24- H F BELL.

A SPLENDID article of Ground 2Iuslar.I, in
tin boxes, for sale by "
April 27 I F ABELL.
BITTERS, just received and for -ale bv
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, ri,.. 't.
iB I'll~Ih ci.
H AIR, Hat, Clothes, Teethl,Nail and Shavhiii
Brui.,i;., f.:.r sale by
Feb 24 H F AP ELL.

Congress Water.
JUST received fresh, and for sale by"
dJuly 8 l F A iELL.

S PRING and Thumb Lancets, just irelev-d
anid for sale by "
Feb 24 H F ABELL .I

Plll ea(-l.
S'WAIM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received
andfor sale by '
Feb 17 ... HF ABELL- '.

Swayn &A Wiitar's
C OMPOUND Syrup of Wild C.lien ; just re-
ceived and for sale by .
Feb 17 : H F BELL.
D H. JAY NES' e,.?'i.t,.1 FawnIly Mcdicilu,
just received, and for sale by ,'
Oct 283 J C ALLEN.



. _= __

If c I-S.ii Ti.ii M arr,, Adaiu-, lin N .rl;.
l'-.,.:i.--ir M.Ainii 1i.im, Joi-hnion. fIm N V.ik,
to i-u .niiA- A C,.
li.-, ? -- hip l,-l>'[ P.ilen, Fuilion, fimn N Y'.--.ik.
1i11., L, pairil, I l lrk1,, 'ilm New in l! 'T. :
Ninl.i \\V ,: l y, [i.,llh..-,?iiu tin N i'w \,..rk. l,:,
M'V \']i |I |[ln. '*
'i m,'r Qliiiic Allen. lim (Ch:itlinihoiehte. -
,in' r I A A ?.,l e. 1 i.." l. fin Eriflul.i
'h'icnin-,:*;'l 5ouht]ll,-lr. h- B.., 1'lorn l-'.ilunll.i-'."
I i:.i n.ur-I Phoi ,ii ,,in H,.'.-r l l,.'r. I'nI C oi.liinbus-.:
,,:*.iin,-r IPL.;.-i 10 i. I A hr, i'),,ln ',,-4311.
".'*.'d.li-r [l t'' Ilo iij M ul fh.' [rdlna (_-,..lLlii .)ii '-

CLEAR .1l. '-
i.e 4--1-,irk \We3 ,I.-seu', HuHnis. fur Provi-
dence, I\ TI L M.chhlel
Dec 5-F.iik 3,ilbeit, Melchee, "for ,,x-.lon. 1,y
NJ Deblois-.
Dec 6--1rk Triton, Luce, for Pro.ideince, by
T L Mitheel.
Robert P Inr, F.Iliu-in. 376 tons, fm,- Niew York,
Lo-,I'IJj. tIhu.t.I..Ii .)',S i.-n fin 'Nw Y urlk. w.in-
.ii l -u _
\V n r" i\ h,", l{,,I,,i 1.,'i[ ,1".ii .9t I,,i [. II' N -. l*
wait'inrig-I M W)i-ii .
Nl..t i :'i. Toone. 516 o-i,. lim N Y! rk, wait-
ing-I M Wright. .
Ohio, -.,iT.-ii,. 27 tUis, for TB-.,i. L'u,..i'i---N
.: .i ,i. "
-ersi-, L l. ;ll,. f-oi luih. fm Liveri;ool, wai.t-.
c icilL-' iiil -rf.X -,,ii -: Co.
Fr iiui,-,- H i d.-)IHf._lE' ul;, 4-!' tons, fin Ne*1 Yofk,

Liton, H-enrv, 348 tons, for Promvidrice, loading-
I,.i-. H,:Iu.- and C Rogers & Co.
John T;i. ,:. Tili'.s. 310 tons, for Boston, load-
I 'i. ,- j i-..1 ll,,i
Mersev, McDon IdJ. A;'2 tons, for i\-.,. I. load-
ing-J D.o C.." .
El'."irh. iirI.-i,,i. :- 5 tons, for New York, load-
ing-.Wm -.Porte.r & Co.
.. BR [ S. .
I'.P-1 lI, ii ,'i, Ti,,-,.ti,,. 2416 .tons, for .New York,
l.i'n,;--N'-i Stone & Co..
Steamer Fashion, Cadwallader, cleared at New
Orleans ofi tie 1st inst. for'this port. '

Ilos .Extrlaordinary_W 'orI !
J I F.0.F,'iI'i OFi DI.-EA'Eq OF1 WtMEN. '
Si'.ili Ediion l.-,nio ipo. 2 P5rice e..I
Yea:,s .,i ._mirt'ni i, tof physical and mniental alii-
ih i.-mai', aln atl;.--ti-inate wife. aid i p ie.lnii1ary'
diliuilties to thie liust.Iarld, might hale been
spared b6 a lIr l p':,,sis4,m of tlii work.
It is illtend-il 'd e p,::i...ll f.,r tlie nma l i l., or
those c .inteini.'latini, n'rrhiac,, as it diclosies irn-
portanitsecret, ii ich should be kbnowii to ttiem
llirtic ui a i I\ .. *" .. .. . .*^ : ... ...;,:*-. -

Trulyv. knowledge is powe>.l It is health,
happ'ir,,-ii ;ifllitenc",.
Tb,,- i- L.litiri, continued in its I.' have
prov:i .d hli4;ing to )thl.i.iindsi, as the iiiumner-
able .it.r- received b3 tie :autolr will alte.-t
8-f e.A..,I ever.' le laI--the i\ ilV. t he in'tI 4i ',
the cie either budtdin g into .:,.iialih.-., .r t[lie
one iII t le. d.C1lne o' \,a3i, in ",3iu'n i iiatlire con i
teutillitt aI iii]'',u'tanlt cliaige-can di-.,oi e l Ihe
causes, 4,, ninItoiS, and rlthe rni':-st lTicieit renied-it-i
and mc-t C:iVtad i rui,:1e i-1' curie, in lev:ri ci.ii-
plaint t,,i v.-tieh her ?i._r i suhjclt ;.
On tli i,'.,iplt o', i e o ,ll tir, lie M 'Iar i-ed
i%'.--rilji"' Plivaie Mred;cal Coumpanion" W'. ill he
sent ( .;,i',., t'.i to any i,'t -of the Uiitil
States. All "i- ,i', Iri, ru- be dl '..,: ,J p.:.-t-],;.
to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Box 1-,'-2.? New- V,.'k
City. Publisbibg Office, 12'9 Liberty-streef, N.:v
York. May 4, 16-tf.
MR'F;. i<; .M. \ViLI.lAMS i..-|.,...tiiilly.t,)l,,rirns
the citizens of: Apalachicola, that she is
desirous of obtaining a Juvenile School, and if
a sufficient number of scholars can be luiti id
will commence the -first of December iiext.-
Terms of tuition', for a fprm of twenty weeks: "
IST C'LAa--R,...liig. Writ.i and Arith--
SI'lll .lh .. ........... :,. .... .. .... 00
2D CLAss-Reading, Writing, Arithme-. :
tie'. I,-;.,ripliy iandi] Eri,1iili Grammar... 6 00
3D C.L.--Rda.li,,r.V, Iri-:,,, Aritffhme-
Sc. ,, G..-:.ri apl1. Egilsh l ,' Grmmar, His-
t. ,iif, tr .ii,-ioi, lPl.:iln and Fancy
N, ,i. W\ri.................. .....8 00
Mrs. .Williams 'flatters' herself th-a her abili-
ties to conduct a Juvenile School will merit a'
share of public patronage. As the, number of
scholars . ill be limited, persons dc.iruii. c.,tf .eiid-
ing will pleas.? apple] iirlmie.liatIv at the resi-
dence of, Mr. Ae-.,n.iler Ilcii-iin.'
Nov. 25, 1I48. 45-3t
(it- The above school will beopened on -lon--
day next, in the house on the corner of ,Chestnut
and Market streets. Dec 9.
Boots and Shoes.
JUST received, and now opening at Store No.
2 G.-I,,ii.ni.,is BBlock-
2 cases fine Patent Leather Shoes,
2 do do Cloth 'Gaiters, patent leather
heel and toe,
2 cases fine Taylor Tyes,
1 do PiB-. :....f-, .;
1 do(1 i Wi,- Kid Slippers.
.... .ALSO:
A lot-of Readv Made Cl,,liii,.; ,... f,,i (C.h.
Bacon and F1lour.
1 CASKS Bacon, clear sides,
10 25 bbls. St. Louis Flour, very fine, just re-
ceived il ennsignrment, and for -ale; bv
-- ^_ .7.. .. ... -i .' *" -'. I'l ,,h,, , t -^.,
For ale.
9-) -.\IIO11;.\NY C'.jiiUitiij.i.-[,-,U-hr [., l.:. :\.-
-. I' 'i. B. S. HAWVLEY.
N .. 2*", (:'..,, l,,i!. l:;l, .,:'k .
[L E '." .111.1 l-',,nl< I;..r sIc tv.
Nov25 D. B. WOOD "
IN Fire Proof St.,re- N,:,. 24 Water street, by
S Nov 25. D. B. WOOD.



I ---n. ~-~ ICILel-P ~P~r P-~ r m~---

UL-FI- a


Uoi',-rC or o,/' I'-i. da. -.-
w HERE.AS. Tlhe State ol PFloi'ida.; by an Act
0 1 o. lie Generol Asseirnb[ appii'yed January
itll. I'_, etiiltlk-'d..-' An Ac- to define atid setile
thie boundary between the State of F'loirida and.
Alabama ,"'.hath rdtidfied and contiruitredf'ihe agree-
mei ii'lead bel lWeun ie resp.ecf\.ve nCommissioners
i.f time Sl d Stales, ii 'el .e.-rt to -ic. id boundary:
-.1) tch'/teas, the said at,.i etneniit, by the said
C'omiirnjisionepr,. hali th l'l13 t tieid b ihe State0of.'
Alabanma. tle .vide'dn e ihieiecnl is "'ilhdin the of--.:-
file of Ihl.- Sec -.ta f (I' IJe CState olf Fl. rida : -
No%%, THrFR E1-rU iE, I, Wtr n .f.i MD. A1osrELEY,
Goveri-rnor ,I tlie State- .' Flliitida. i ,ursuance.lf -
aid by ltie ,t' if -: thli i si,-ctioi otf [lie Aet or
lifeh ciii-il.i. .\- pnici luiei n Hie lI lue ,.,l-tid upon [ t i ime Cnint'iiisr
s -.ner- alii,.i -ahl..und dJii:t:ad L-by lie z-aid Ak t,
alpi'o.:d J-iia,' --1 'i, tS 1 -, to bf the. Ix.indg yv
lhetwi cen tlhe S!,i :,i,,i.,- id. artlhat iit Fhalfue
el.- tlehi nk l ,ii i,::iit id 'liketi bhA!-l-the it'nii't li-
tie.; arid li,..le cii tils Stite ua ce.Irie a'adt iO l
b.-iuiti.-3a' lui.:, br-iw eL Ith? S".t. otf Ph "a di r
,\lAlia. II, o n it : Tih' lie c'f-iifieleiriii Otli the
tC'I i tal.n clir.[.h nier inear a I, !ace krin\ i as h-.
\MiI' M ill.,," .,nd iliimi2i We-s( t, thie Feriidlo,
injilmi -d itrot,.hout b, ;Ilr, ze- 1 oin ho -I tees' and
.i n lin tunitiud of eait I |h I lii. n, np.i l Ir liin at
dus-ceii ,|u-, orie mile, riie ,ir ILc.. timn each
lhe-i ei.iiciru-niol, iili knoaiin as e .tle Mounid
Li,,:e.'or i LEllU'.tis Li'lile." an,1 by ities, ? inarieT s
d'stuiintisihcd liomi aniontlue i Ii- ib,'iV',. llunin'g ir
ie^ul .rl .[ :i, dlifli'-i, i li.linl ,.,- (nii,,t C--x.'-cdui in one
aid a haill iil,.'-i trii i ihe .. M ,ui d Loiw."' and
niaiiko-d bh i,[.,Z, inOni rind kdkriii\ t Lsi e us tpper
Line,'" oi Crif. l.ine.'" .
Irn th-.i .rii.ny h il'. .r, I lia.1 e huei-eunto-
: set n1, h liar rii in,! c'uicd Ilie u iroat seal
[-rAL.] cOf ilne Stale i..n be, alitxed. Done-at
Stlh? CC ipiti, iiIj Ilie cit i-Il Tu ill'.i +see,
Sthis -:'25th ,.f .,.'.',r.. D. l ..IS .
% W. D. IAlSELEY. Giuerincr.
A. E. IA'.XX\iELL, Sect-tir. l.I State.
N,'ernbr-r 11, Ii-..
f).- All p-apel ;inl the.Slate .'a ill pul) li.l -irrim es.
For II-IIIt.
M THE Dw.:-illi, H.,nn. laitl, occupied
b\ lie I.ilrdetli-qi>d. Teri -s n accufinlo-
d.ii g. A |.'|-\l to .'
Nov :, C i:,nlrriljis Block.
For Siile or Rmeli. ,
A T HE H.us.e now :,ccil i,.-d by ilhe sub-
l r Ib-r ltnI tCd Ir, the coriiei-r ol Cher'v
au. d 6r -1i1rrl.rc iii-et-lt, k -i wi. a- .aithe
i Uni i-,n Hall." Po-, -'s-.in teii irniiiediately.
For t aiii dirt'nl-y on the lrniii,-,s too
N... I1. tIS''- ;IE). BROIVN.

To Rent.
SSTORES Nos. i. Cl'nibi,,- tlocd, aind
1"' ajter street. For ter'r, s p|.i\ to

For New luork.
THIE tfa.iat lii -r, 1.re-ultr la-,cL t ht'ii
-MA A .\N -l''.N J.hton ,,.,-ter. will
li,\ e ,ist.it'-h. For fr.i-;ilt or prlaisage,
als to NOijRiE, STUNE & C.o,
PDec 9 ,i; WAtei .t.
For New Vork.-.. -..
THE fi,- fast -iliii r,-tuiilrpackrt
.^Nb.irk ElDWARD.ll Kiidl-on, nas, .:,tll

i ii'eu i aM ly 1u0-- II i I,. 1"-umi. rtiv(',-c',A[ t t --
Ni.- *-.:, -! \Valei:-'st. :

For Providenice. "'
.. THE b.ar,|- LIOiN, Ho.ir,, ma.ler,
%% ill I 1 'l i';' thi for thie i ll- pbit.
^ V-0.,r I'lni- ht i (1' li-l 1IIL||t.s ; CIllf, h UhidlM
deck, ,:.r dcck I,.jl. appliy (.1
Dec 9 i C. RKOG;RRS & Co. .

H ULL'S superior .iimie aiid double Trus3ses,'
-tbr sale by :
Feb 1i7 H F AFi;ELL.
B T.ULL'S. Sad's. ii.-,,'1 t,d Fr.1 i1 's corn. -
i pound uid ext'ilract fit Sar-lapdrillu, just re-
ceivoid, anr' for sale by
Feb 17 1H F A BELL.
S lSaddlery, &c.
DSDADLES, -.I %ar,:-in.i .nt.:ti and quailities,
B3IriJtel e t'hiir ar,,1 :,title bits, "
Saddle P.a
ilIrtinL,,Jet and> l \V'I;I,, t'.r ,-ha by b
\. M. (;. PORTEI1 & Co.
Dec i .41 Wlater -rr-eet.
Oil (Clollns and Carpets.
1 PCS Oil Ci.,tli, L .aid '? Yard.l,, ide .
1O 3 pcs super Ingrainarp;metiri:,;
2 Srt.rir
10 Tun'ted \{\-,
For s,l ,lv '.\''M. ;. PuRT.RTI & (C.
- Dec ; -I1 Warer street.
-. arraited to ('ire.'"
0,:O-'TE S: (-'XE'S gpimine S,-,wtl1prn;Tolnic,
C "" ;1 : ] '- ?e-liri .s .''c'ur- 0Mn.
lores'k a -e I':.i't iil l.i's i ii I'., ir. i.%eLr anili
agte, alnd l i,, Ieiin,' iI- )CAI Tl'oic, in cai.a usf
geli e il dehilitt i,-,r W -, -C 10%L.'.5 I|Pi i fnviu flor sjale
by [A|.iI ] Ht 1" ABELL.
Blauk Books anid Stationue'rv.
L EDGERS, Jtl,-r.l s. f:iv B' oorkd,.. &c.
51 reans Fo.il'.-ail aii'Lete L Pi aper.
Corcirn M]fiiioritdriiUii BE .":. ; -":" '
Ship il,.l Ritr uii- LadJing ; -
Bnook lor L,:,' r>- r I-': t.-.,_
Blank l-l[_- oI Exw liawiG, ard..Ch cl4,
hir '. i,'c,%iei-.l d au] f.r ?.-I by
5l*'h 1' ': "" i-I ;
M arc. -.\ h I I .

5 C)TCH a,: ina, h ,.. Rii b-il-'.sI .id blid.
i l)I,. +l i iltl; i d I tl ll,.r U .s:le by
F Di vb a H .F AEiELL.
arning, amid iIaedicilnes.
T lH siu s,.'iitlh.-ri ] lia-l jinlt I,?' .1c\ ll Il'oin 'Ni-:\v
0ii, pi:- b,, Vir ia. 'o i,irge sarp d-fresh
t.t-,c .:'f Driigs ,iid Mcdierin., anid al'l-artieles
ii.iialh I,.-it i i i lwn?. io which lie oi'J r--
s i-!eLi[tlly call thel ittep ti,,i -l'f hli frii--i0 Randd
tihI: public gen i6 all.
No -1 H F A'BELL.
Seeds! Seeds Seeds --:-
(1A RDEN Seeds, ji-t received. and'fTor ;ale b,
-0 o I0R01. Ifict ri:ce i.n.l,-ind fur sale 1'
200 '+ ";"""
SLelioi Syn|Ip.
J IRA Y'S sul-.ri,,,, L.n,,i ,, i.i..li, just received
L ;i' dl ,,rl u sile bv .. ....
'F,-h 1 '-H F ABELL.
New Publications.'
900 VOLUTIMES iust received,..andforsale
Nov-1 H. F-P..ARELL.
Congress Spring Waneji;,
JTUST r-ee,?ivd. and lor ale b' .. Y '"'"
J No% I XV, C:A tEN

C ~C _

_ I


g -------- ~I


C',-,rr,.,N,- Oh.lr rI n:i~i o ,,'n.-,ii' Ih, ^ \-^l.' ili
a good denrand, but towards the close' there was
rn-icli Ie-. iiiirv, and the market declined about
jc., so thatwe'now quote 1l;dJl;ri, 41, a 48 ; Good
r.TIldl;,iii- 5;'-Middling Fair 5 a 54 ; Fair 56.-
Sales of the week about 2,500 bales.
SALT is selling at $1 35 at the ship's side.
FREIGHTs.-Two vessels Were taken for Boston
andone for Providence at 9-16c. The vessels oni
for New York c.nlni,.nu,- to take cotton' at ac. We
also note an engagement -of about 300 bales- for
Liverpool at 9-164., American vessel.
EXCHANGE.--60 day Bills are 2 per .d. dis.; 30
day Bills 1 per ct. dis.
COiTT"N -TA Tfl-.\MLNE -L I"
io-i I-1 o llIaud S'int 1. 14 1 .. 5'"7 5'7
Received past week.......... .6029 ,
p" previously ........;. 52115
Total.......--' 11801' 4801
Exported past week..........2176
Total......- 3950 185
On hand and on slhipboard notcleared 7851 4616

n~Il LIli.ILR M II
"."' il- u]Loirm.Mltx :tlH.l~'aiql^.^.

'-" Wondar a-id Blessiny of' ih' A.:.-.
Tlie mi31t eck'tra.or'linary MIe liiiine i the W.rid
4Thi'-:E.tr.at'ii ,Ait uu in Q' nt 1 .ltlles : it is six
ti-n ms cheaper, pleraantpr, ant,. v i'raLit'?! si:i-
perior l.o a iy s-l'l. I( curt's wil hoit
.. debilitating thr- Paticirt.
T "he g&Mit be.t-ity and .Ar11)erl.irity of t11i i I -
1yptrilla over all other me.lierics i-3-, that ,hlifle it
S 'eriadicai tie ,.di"ea5e, it invi orater the b.-dy. It
Sis one of the very helt
S. Everkno.vn; it not o-lh purifi's tile w'.,-il s-
t n. em, a'.I store i.thelinis the porsin, b't it v,';(/
:" new, p,'ire al I rii'ei blNo I: a p -ver p)ssessed by
ni other miadi,'i'ie. A nl in thi.i lies the grand
Secret of its w in hrfl'ii i4,eie-.s. It 1i i e pirl' iledl
'within the -la-t rive ears, nm irie thin IP-.I.,0 I
.curiiiC ol s,!ivre ca,-e, i ,' i.iseae; ar ,k -t ,',
. -were.cu:ni -cl.ireI i'durr.le, It h..s saved tlse lives
'of mnire tha-i 53.) el Ic'lir.e. duringg the t:Vo paA.

J1k9,O99 c-ics of tt -n D' Deliiliy
anut w~vint of Ncr<'o1l6-;Ewtrgy.
D.'. T ,v-ui.4 i 1'1 i n 1 '.4 i' llmi nviyorates rhe
S whnle system pter n.ie.i' .lv,' To thsi who have
aoit their inlni.uil.ar e.i.'v ly the efqact of itu-'-l-
icine or ili hl,:r..tio.i C .i ni;t,:.' I il ybuthr, or the
excessive e indmlr,oce if' ti ih a .i .i. and brou.;ht
o'l a general ph\iisical pr ,itratio)9 of the nervous
S, ytem Ii,'[ iiith .., \u itt of a. n'-itinm fi', irinm - u-
irations, prJinjthiro l 'j -' i\ i I :., 'li i-. i
o'.vird. that falal tlis..a-"', C .i.o nli.i n, ca.n !he
-entirely reslonrh. bI' t ii; ilee iri re 'n?.l\. Thlu
-Sarsaparilla i- f'ir m;,i'ri-r to any
'." I~ntf'i^',iUliTa C::ariti?!l,,
SAR it reoav, a-ml iu-ii.ti.r ii tlt.- svyten, gives-
activiry t.) thi' l i:n')-, -i 1 st'.-n3 thlto-the miu.cu-
iar sysie-n, i i i ri it ei'ri -r Im i,-y degree. .
.-- .-. Co.I, 11 m i>pt! Di! aieared
Clerics and Streratfhen- Con.isurntiorn can be
Scirel. r.-) i,-:itis, Cuiaurfj)tion, Liver Corn-
S pl.tint, C il.i, C.tarrh, C)trh!, Asthma, Spit-
t":' ing of 131.i.)d., S)reiass in the Chest, Hectic
Fliu7i, Niglic i ze l Diim.iult or Pr .fue Ex-
-" ?ectorati i, Paini in'the Sid-L, &., have been
and cait be.cm-red. '
S: ., Sp3Itiau,r '.81oa. .
'' : "" \orok, Apil 28, 1817.
SDr.:Townsand-t -verily believe that your Sar-
siparilla ha- ')-.'-i tie mea-s, through Providence,
of saving my ti'e. I havefor several year.i' had.a
S.bil co]lI." It bcaaume Worae a.ft] worse. At
S";ast I riaiel l ari qiia-itiie; of brood, had night
s'vea.s, ail %vai r' i Ily debilitated and reduced,
andl dil.n )t epectt to tive. I have only used your
S 'irsiparil[la a si )rt time, an(] there has a won-
dr'ful char`as b-?en wrought( in ime. I am now
ablile to-w.tilk all ov.r the city., I raise no blood,
anil mv c)tuh r left Mn. You can-v well ima-
Sgine that I ani t! iu\'i for these results.
yoi' ,!t, iint sir' a t;- t,
\I RutJ TLI., 5 0atha-rine st.
S-. .. lueuzmnutliqi.
S Thisi only one of itaiore than four thousand
ca+es of lhei'rin iti n'that Dr. Townsefid's Sarsa-
parilla hta clre-i, The tit )t severe andt] chronic
cases are we'k(ly eiadicated by iti extraordinary
Jam a Cin.nfi'.-c G i t i.' i lf he 'sitil ts

gentl'emind s;i keI of II I e '113.ill'i.vi 1,t,-i.r :
BI..m. B t.k.vall's Island, Sept. 14, 1941.
Dr, Townisefnd-Dear Sitr : I have suffere(l ter-
ribly fur riineo vear with the RIleul,'ttigsm ; con-
'siderable of the iin I [ could not eat, sleep or
w ilk. I had the utmast distressing pains, and
my:.limbs were 'terribly swollen. I have used
four bottles of yoar Sarsapiarilla, and they have
done mre" -than' one thousandi dollars worth of
gnod._. You l'are at liberty to use this for the ben-
efit of the afflicted..' .-
-Yours, resp.Ctfrillv,
,-.'; 1 ,ve:: ever anA: Agine.
-Di. Townsee' s Sair3saparilla is une ui tled in
ea;es of the Chills auid Fever and A'gie. The
following letter is only ones of hundreds that we
h.i've received'from the South and West of like
character... ,
c O.,wei, Micl., Oct 2-2, 1847.
Dr. Tow iseAd: Dear Sir--I purchased for my
Vwif t-v> b ttlej _pf-S.arip'irill i of your Agent,
WMr..McNair oft Klam-nazno, to try it for the Fe-
ver and .Agu. Before [ hid finished the first
h. little it appeared to warm the blood, and every
other day, whe'i the Chills and Fever appeared,
.they were les. ioilent; and before she had fin-
ished the bottle,_.she .was entirely relieved, and
she'wa much better thvn slhe hail been before
She took tlie Agie.. A lady that had been very
sick.with the Chills and Fever, but. had broke
them with Q'iinine, and was left in a very weak
and distres-ing state, and troubled exceedingly
with theA4um Cak,., seeing the effect that it. had
Son my wi.je, she s-.\t an I prordecred a few bottles,
*and i.pd tnred Iter in a few- weeks to complete
he r0Yuiur Sarsapai'ihla is without doubt, ut-
equ I'dqii diseases' in.?ident tn the WVst, 'id if
yoN i't'hik that this e-mini'l ii<3ti,') will b6 of use
ybou are'at liberty to usa it as yon choose.
Yours, respectfully, .
Canker in the MJ .ut.
fBelow is -an account of another dhild saved
Dr. Townsend's Sar.a;)arilla has "aved the lives
-ot thousands of" children. The following two
.. certficftes are selected .F'ron.a grat-riimnber re-
ceived this week. -
..:. ,.New York, April'1, 1847.
"Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-"One of my children
was very.sick with a Canker-in the Mouth and
Throat; aitendad with great- debility. It came
near dying. I obtainAd so.-ne of your excellent
medicine, and it cured it directly, for which I
assure you l feel very grateful.
... '-Yours, resuectf'ih~ly,
SELIZABE'lTH lF \VtL l., 27 Desbrosses-st.
Fits I., it! Fits!
Drt.Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa-
rillain cases of lits, of cui'r:ae uver recommend -
ed Ltand was sfi'ririsedito receive the following
from an .intelligent aul-I respectable Farmer in
Weatchester county :-
Fordl.i'n' Auiiust 13, 1 17.
D'r Towvnen.J: De'ir Sitr-m have a little girl
sevt years of age, who has. been several years
afflicted with Fits;' we tried almost everything
' Afor. her, but without success; at last,.although we
couldrfiid no recommendation in our circulars for
cases liko hers, we thought, as she was in very
delicate health, we would give her some.of your
Sarsaparilla, and are very glad We did,'for it not
only restored her strength, but she has had no re-
turn of-the Fils, to our great pleasure and siur-
Sprise.- Shi is- fast-becoming rugged and hearty,
for whiqh we feel grateful.
Yours, respectfully,
F"eua.loe Mediciane.
Dr. TofoWsehd's Silrsaparilla is a sovereign and
speedy cure for Incipient Consunmiption, Barren-
-ness,'Profap-Us Uiteria, orFalling nf' the Womb,
Caftises.e 3V'ies, Leuzorrhaea, or Whites, ob-
*truct2 r diiffiult Menstruation. Incontinence
*fi BitU'r.-or involuntary discharge thereof, and
'for th'i,-gneral I)r'i3rtioi of thela ystem- no


Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams, every house they enter. Every family should Exchange.
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse, possess at least one of these Annuals. His Al- T"RAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Extra super Muslin de Laine, manac for 1849 is now ready for distribution, of L Philadelphia and Baltimore, bought; and
English, Scotch and American do. which he designs to publish, at least TWO MIL- Sight Checks on New York sold by
Super Italian black and figured Silks, LONS, and in order that every family in the Uni- WM. G PORTER & Co.
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, ted States and British America, may be furnished Agents Bank of Brunswick,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, with a copy5 he hereby invites De 330 41 Water street.
English and American Cotton d kfs, MERCHANTS AND STOREKEEPERS er stree
Madras and Verona head Hkfs, to forward their orders to him as early as possible, 5 HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, and they shall be supplied GRATUITOUSLY with 0 15 do New Orleans Sugar;
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings, as many copies as they may deem necessary to 20 bbls St Croix
Cotton and Flax Thread, supply their various customers. They are also 5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, invited at the same time, to send a copy of their 10 bbls ground '" I.
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, BUSINESS CARD," which will be printed 100 sacks Rio Coflee; 50 do Java,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c and placed on the cover of the Almanacs sent 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
411 Which have been selected with great care in them, also without charge. 30 Mnft'd do.;
New York and Boston, from Importersand Agents They are also requested to give all necessary 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and directions how the Almanacs should be forward- 100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
are now offered at.wholesale or retail on favorable ed to them. By law they cannot be sent by mail 1000 lbs Lead;
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. unless the postage is first paid on them here. 200 kegs White Lead, No. 1,Extra and Pure.
'Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street. Orders (post paid,) directed to DR. D. JAYNE, For sale by WM: G. PORTER & CO.
Philadelphia, will meet with prompt attention. Dec 30 41 Water street.
Oi.8- FAMILIES can obtain these ALMANACS
Letter Paper. Gratis of J C ALLEN. Aromatic Bitters.
SREAMS fine Letter Paper, just received November 11. : "R. BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received
1 and for sale by -r and for sale by
April 13 J CA-LLEN. Townsend's Sarsh*, ailApril 13 J C ALLEN.-
JUST received arid r sale by
~~~o 1J C ALLEN. ^^ u^ y ra ^
Wistar's and Swayne'sBa" sam Nov 11 J C ALLEN. Scotch Snmuff.
.r 'of Wild Cherry, .' Congress Spring Water, 9 GROSS Scotch Snuff, in half bottles, just re-
lUST received and, for sale by TUST received, and lor sale by 3 ceived: for sale by
U Nov 1L J. C AT.LE._ Nov 11 .I P ATT.AiLL AnNl I. T A T' TM

matter whether ilie reiiilt (1 iiiliciemit causL tr vi, AILN LMlEN 'l' THiL | iLfll It~tiCQ
causes produced by irre-ul i., illness. or ace;- Co stitaloll i- of the State of to-I ;.____...
le' t. Nothii,' ,:.mi iib mi _'e O.ni irrri.ii L., il-. i i.-idt ..F !e Li 't_
invi.r..til "i"4t-ct Orn th. li1..,nf rijiiw Per- Jh W RlFiklill, Cionit Oirt.
son, all eaknes.- id la.ssiude, troin taking i', 'Proposed anI at'i o ,by the third General,-a, -, v. RI. ,
at oi.ce become robut and full of energy under dss--emblh: .st, -i' the .acthw of "-.T e ine.V Dni-l it 4.%thand y .nn ,1 Chance r-.
its ii.1 .-n,'I It i unr,:di.,jl-l', counteracts the -, '- I n t an LI A nn G n r h ",,i
nr. Alsnds uf' the female frame, which is the ". h wile, .s
-.:U PON reandin" thp fioregoing altidavil, it is or-
,re.at ,rauqe f" B irr'rin.ns1. It .will not be ex AN ACT to amend the 12th Clauseof the 5th J-Jdred tit er%;rce of'ihle allrdaving bill beo-
t,- .,! in cases of so delicate a nature, to Article ofthe C.-of this State so that 1 la
h:, in., ,-f spromdb. peri:cted oi Ol ti- d'hehildiits in said bill ineuition-
,exhibit c,- tie.a. a--.f cures performed but we -the Judges of the Circui t Courts shall hold ed,Lyv publicati.n in the Com mercild Adeiliser,
ai uir the aiied, that hundreds of cases their offices fora term of eight years, stead f or e' t he o e er p ied n tie et
1,,e bec.n 'crep.-irtd to us. Thousands of cases d, or .ood behavior. e [iri ther r tepe listed in thle \Ve.-.
h.v,-re raml:Ii.Ji- h i i been ith'. i.t children, after SECTION 1 .Be it enacted bv the Senaland ring said delrnd ints tleo appear and answer, said-
u.uio,4 a tocv not ;:es of thi. uinaluable medicine, House of tRepresentatives ofte State ot Flu- bill-,ridtlierwilethat tile same beataken swepro con-aid
hav, b,:en ,i1ese i with .,, healthy, offspring. ,rzda in- General-dssembly convened, That the f'esso. GEORGE S. HAVKINS, Judge, &c.
'To R1o'!e1 anid ,'I'1'a'ed L-dies. -12th Clause of the 5th Article of theConstitution April :2th, IIS1.
T-hi, E\Ntr.ict i SarldpliIla h..s beei, .t.xp'iless'1 of this State be so amended as to read as follows, A true cop'. WMVA. VALLEALr, CIk.
pre-|,',.ie,.i in r,:leriIe io fii.le c.,rmplaints. No viz: That a.t thie expi)ratton of the present term Mv 4 1 6-4 in
lelit ,ie ,\"% ha 1 .1,3 n to -.i.i.... -hei is appra:,.:hli- of office of thie Juidges of the Circuit Courts, with ----
ing that criii'li period, ,1 Tihe 1.n if, /'N ," the exception hereinafter mentioned, Justices of At Cliambers,
sioiil I n -leact to lake it, s it ia; a certain pre- the Supreme Couit. and the Judges of the Circuit APALACHICOLA, Dec. 29, 1847.
Ventjive I;,f anr ..,X the iinO,.i..u, and horrible Courts, shall be c!ected lbr a term of eight years, John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,'
di---.si t .)which females are sti,jct .at this time and shall hold their offices for that term, unless %S.
of lit?. This period may be d(Ilt ytdfobrseveral sooner removed underthe provisions made in this George K. Walker and Maryv
years bp u^ig this Mazdicine. Nir is it less val- Constftution for the removal of Judges by address his fe, of the State
uable lor th,',se who areappraching womanhood, dr impeachment; and for wilful neglect of duty, Florida, James E. Better Bill for account
'aS it is cedlciilated to assist natiire, by bickering or other reasonable *cause, which shall not be ani Ann is wl, ol the f a nd partition
the bl-.d aind ind i fatin l the s.temn. Indeed,, sufficient ground for impeachment, tlhe Governor Stte of New Y,' k, and pa
this rn:-dii'ine is iiialuiable f,,r all [lthe delicate- shall remove any of them, on the address of two Jane McMasters, of the
diseases to which women are subject. thiTds of the General Assembly; P ohided how- State, of South Carolina,
It braf',e-; Ih? ewh,,h1e sht'n, renews permianent- ever, That the cause or causes shall be stated at De'eiart.
41 the nat."rl energies, b? rein, ing tie inipuri- length in such address and entered on the Jour- TTPON affidivit of' Comiplainant's Solicitolr tlIhat
ties of -the body,.not so far stimulating as to pro- nals of each House. .And PlovPld furi-ther, I the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
duce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of That tlhe cause or causes shall be no(ified to the u-ot reside within this Circuit. but within the
,r.r mi:.di.'-iis tden ..firfer"le weakness and Judge so intended to be reinmoved, al he hall Unit State. It i ordered tht notice ol the
d-l.'--. -By a;fewbottlesof this medicine, be admitted to a hearing in his own defence, be-, institin of this si and t h tiling of le
many severe and painful surgical operations may fore any vote for such removal shall pass: andm n -amendl dBill,l be given in s ome ned paper pub-
h 'i.'r-ented. such cases the vote shall be taken by~yeas and. ished Ii th l Circuit, f.r the space of l our
Get es. t, Others and nays ard- entered on the JouTrna8 of each House m i"- de rol of te aeance
Children. .respectively ... i-s t zs
~~of-saidI notice in sot- Thewr'p'aer--ao~p_0blishecd
It is thesafest arid'most eflectial medicine for SEc. 2. Be itfurther eniaced, That the Judges for the tii tion. the said deferdais do
purifying the system, and reliving the sufferings -nir appuinie.] under this amended Constitution, not apla' to said bi by the next ruledav,'hich
attendant upon child-birth ever discovered. It shall bedividedby lot into four classes. The shall conime afler tenrv days Irom the expiration
strengthens both the another and child, "-revent" first class shall hold his oi their office or offices of said eri,,d of lour monh it is further or-
I irs cla 'h ll hs r nihs, it is furth'ler or-
pain and disease., Increases and enmriches th- it.-,iJ, for the term nol-two years, the second for theterm dered, that the samrne be taken as confessed
those who have used it think it is indispensable.: of four years the third for the term of six years, against them.
It is highly useful both before and after confine- the fourth for the term of eight years. G EO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
ment, as it prevents dist.,:-s attendant upon [Passed the Senate by the Constitutional mna- _C ,RM cK & SPRATT'r,
childbirth-in Costiveness., Piles-, Cramps, Swel l- j"rit., December 22, 1847. Passed the House of .. Ciimnpl'is Solicilors.
inri of the Reet, Despondency, Peartburn, Vom-, Representatives, by the Constitutional .majority, A True Cop v W\5r VALLEA-ir,
iting, Pain in the Back, and Loins, False Pains, January 6, 1-4I Dec 3-" ,-4 in Clerk.
l-Iemorrhagpe,and in rez'ulating the secretionsand All Florida papers will publish, prov id d not ,
equalizing the Ieircniltiuo it has no equal. Thie more than T.. is charged. I CF.IIANCEBI1'.
great beauty odf thi medicine i.% i-t is always safe, April 27, 1848, 15-6m. Frt'nkli.in eCircrit Court.
and the- most deli.,ate us-? it rnost successfully,: Notice.A iu D T II.
Very few cases teqiire any other medicine, in .. f ',_ AT CHA.MOz~CRs, December Term, I1)lI.
some a little w Castor Oil, or Magnesia, isusel THE late firm of J. Stevenson & Co. having Carst.on Allars,
isome a little Castor Oi, or Magnesia, isuseful. I been dissolved by the decease of J.shua 1vs. B ll for Divorce.
Exercise in fhe open air, artd ligbt-fond with this Stevenson, all those indebted to the said firm are Susanna" Allai.
medicine, will always ensure a sate and easy con- teesteo o ma e andebted to othemsaid firmn, are S lar.
finemrent. requested to mak payment, and those having TT appejrin to the Court, by affidavit filed in
Notice to the Ladie^. claims to present the same. the above cause, that Slsannah Allaro, the de-
Thoseth taterTwn d'srsaparilla, he stock of goods on-hand are offered for sale fendatilt therein, resid,- out of the State but ith-
h av e invariably called their nd'stuffSa great Remedyilla, at low prices for cash onl y. in the Uni ted Stats, o irt, in the State of New
have invariably called their stuff a great RemedyT. H. AUSTIN, York: It is ordered that notice be published in
.fbr Females,'&c. &c., and have copied our bills Sarviving paftne6'J. Stevenson & Co. the Comiercial Advertiser (a newspaper printed
and circulars which relates to the complaints of Apaachicola, May 25, 1848. -f in said district) mice a wvek fir thespace offour
women,' word for word-other men who put up Apaa la y 25 1848 sid istrict oce a wek for the space of four
medicine, have, since the great success of Dr. Tax Collector's Sale. month, requiring said defendant to appear and
Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to .Y virtue of the authority in me vested by law, answer thie bill c.l conipltrit filtd in sald cause,
females, recommended theirs, although previous- -J I will expose to sale, before the Court House at.or b,lore th ,epiratio .i of' said period, other-
ly.they did not. A number of these Mixtures, Door, in the City of Apalachicola, on Monday wise[le inat ler anrid things therein charged will
Pills, &c., are injurious to females, as they aggre- the 12th day of March, 1849, between the hours .-be .',ten /,or c'e.e against her.
vote ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h dheseadouemiehecnsiuios ""GEORGE S. HAW.\KINS Jul
vate disease, and underminethe constitution,. of ten A. M. and four P. M. the following real ofthe %Vestern.-CaJuert a.-
Scrofula Cured. estate, situated in the City of Apalachicola, (as- A t_0e c. 'hn-Test:a.
This certificate conclusively proves that this sessed as the property of Lewis Curtis and Joseph A true oyT ,
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob- Delafield, Trustees of the Apalachicola Land WA. i\_. '.tr. Clerk.
stinate diseases of the Blood. Three persons Company,) or so much thereof as will pay the Apalacliscolb, July 2, l1 .-. 27-4m
cured in one house is unprecedented. Taxes for 1818, assessed thereon, for the State State Of Florida-Santa Rosa
'Three Children, of Florida and the County of Franklin, together County.
Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-[ have the pleasure with the cost of advertisement arid sale, and Burnetta Murpihy.
to inform you that three of my children have which said real estate is described as follows-, in s. Bill for Divorce.
been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex- the Map of said City, viz: Moses Muiulliy.
cellent medicine. They were afflicted very se- Wharf Lots Nos '7 8,9-100 feet each. fT plreai i,.l, by atfi.lavit, thliat Moses Murphy,
verely with bad Sores : have taken only four bot- Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17. d dependent in rthe bill al.,,re-aid, resides beyond
ties; it took them away, for which I feel myself Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8,>9, in Block 18. the liiit- of tle State of Florida: /t i` ordel,,
under great obligation. Lots 4, 7, 8, 13, 14,15, 16,17,18, in BlockE2. That said d.feidant appear and answer the said
Yo,,s, rsp,:ctfulvLots 6, 7, 13, 14, in Bloc-k F2.
Yours, r.slctflos, 1, in ocFullv, bill within three months, or that the same be
ta,. I[, [y, 1)8 -oe-e ---.t- Lo~t.2ina_1B1,kdD. --tlenI,,o p.i-nn4'^so aaius t rtmi--iH-fiurthe'--
~io~ns o~ ~Lots 4, 7, 8 in- Block 1. flepi o LcTJhi aeiu
OpiiOilS of Phlysicians. Lots 24,6 7 ,8 in 9Block1. k ordered, that a copy of this order be published
Di. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders ,'4,,,,,n k in some newspaper in the Western Circuit of
from Physicians in different parts of the Union. Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in Block 8. Florida, once a week consecutively for the space
This is to certify that we, the undersigned, Lots I to 10, in Block 19. of three months. wi
Physicians of the City of Albany, have in numer- Lots 1,'2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 24. fGEORGE S. HAWKINS,
ous cases prescribed Dr. ToWnsend's Sarsaparilla, Lots 4 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 26.Judge of the Western Circuit o Foi ida.
1 2 Lots 3, 4,5, 6, 7, in Block 45.JugofteWsrnCcitf l da
and believe it to be one of the most valuable pre Lot 4 7 lock 4. September 20, 1848. 37-3m
parations in the market. Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, in Block 46.
H. P PULING, M. Lots I to 10, in Block 54. In Chancery.
3. WILSON, M. D. Lots 1, 2,3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 32. Raphael J. Moses; Adm'r de'
R. B. BRIGGS, M. D. Lots 2 to 10, in Block 34. bonis non, pf the estate of
P. E ELMINCOLF, M. D. Lots 6, 1, 8, 9, 10, in Block 188. John Locke, deceased, Bill for Relief,
Albany, April 1, 1847. Lots 2 to 19, in BlockJ. vs. &.
Caution. Lots 1 to 20, in Block LI.- James Locke, Godwin &
Owing to the great success and immense sale "Lots 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, in Block 9. Cows, et. al.
of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men Also-All Land lying on the West side of the T PON reading tihe bill otl complaint filed in
who were formerly our Agents, have commenced Apalachicola Bay, North and West of the City of U this cause,, and it being made to appear by
making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex, Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor, that James
tracts of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put Franklin County; also, St. Vincent's Island. St. Locke, Godwin & Cows, Asa Gove, 3. D. Stod-
it up in the same shaped bottles, and some of. George's Island, and Dog Island, (exclusive of dard, and John D. & Albert L. Locke, defend-
them have stole and copied our advertisements, that portion of St. George's and Dog Island owned ants in the bill filed in this cause, reside beyond
they are only worthless imitations, and should be by the U. S. Government); also, all Lands lying the limits of the State of Florida, but within the
avoided. East of the Bay of Apalachicola and bordering United States: It is ordered, that publication be
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Sun on St. George's Sound, and running East to the made in the Commercial Advertiser for the space
Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co., 8 State street, m-uth of New River, from thence in a direct line of four months, requiring said" defendants per-
Boston; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street, to the Chipola Cut-off, following the Apalachi- sonally to be and appear before this Court, on the
Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore; cola River down to its mouth, including Forbe's first Monday in March next, then andthereto
P. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright & Co., 151 Island (so called); the whole containing 285,000 answer, plead to oi demur to said bill tled in this
Charters street, N. 0.; 105 South Pearl street,, acre's of third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d cause, otherwise that the same be taken as con-
Albany; and by all the principal Druggists and quality. fessed. It is further ordered, that complainant
Merchants generally throughout the United States BENJ. LUCAS, Tax Assessor and forward to each of defendants a copy of the bill
West Indies and the Canadas. Collector for Franklin County. filed herein.
For sale wholesale and retail by Apalachicola, October 7, 1848. 38-6m GEORGE S. HAWlNS Judge
H. F. ABELL, Alnnc l aas:Western Circuit of Flor'ida.
May 25, 1848 19-ly Apalnehicola. Al.D anacsE A nld anacsh A True Copy--Attest: : o .
SD J E wld herebyinform thepub ILLA VALE Clerk.
IDry 4xOOds. "L lie that he publishes annually for gratuitous October 4th, 1848. oct2--40-4m
r FHE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea- distribution, by himself and all his agents, an Al-
- sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in manac, called State of Florida--Santa Rosa
part of Jayne's JMIedical Almanacs, County.
Negro Kerseys and Linseys, AND GUIDE TO HEALTH. IN CHANCERY.
White and Red Flannels, The calculations fof this Almanac are made Abigail Grant, )
Bangups and Tweeds, with great care and accuracy and for five different vs. > Bill for Divorce.
Super plain black and fancy Casameres, Latitudes and Longitudes, so as to make them William Grant. )
Super English andFrench Cloths, equally useful as a Calendar in every part of the TT appearing, by affidavit, that William Grant,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs. United States and British North America. They JL defendant in the bill filed in. the above cause,
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs. are printed on good paper, and with handsome resides beyond the limits of the State of Florida,
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, II and 12 qrs, new type, and are neatly bound, and besides be- but w-ithin the United States: It is ordered, That
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, ing the neatest and most accurate Calender print- said defendant appear and answer; the said bill
Brown Shirting and Sheeting, ed in the United States, they contain a large within three months, or that the same be taken
Cotton Osnaburgs, amount of valuable information, suited to the pro confesso; and that a copy of this order be
Cotton Drilling and Ticking, wants of all, and of that kind too, which cannot published in some newspaper in the Western
Linen and Cotton Checks, be found in bools. Circuit of Florida for the space of three mrrioniths.
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, HIS CATALOGUE OF DISEASES, with re- GEORGE S HAWKINS,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, marks and directions for their removal is really Judge of the Western Circut of Florida.
English, French and American Prints. invaluable, and make them welcome visitors in September 20, 1848. 37-3m

questioned. I think the work willbe the means
of doing much good. -
No. 8 Stanley Park, New York.
DR. WEASELHOFF-Sir: The principles of
Chemestry applied to the hints for regulating the
procreative functions, as stated in your workmen
Child-Birth, would satisfy ,any well-infnrmed
person that .the object of that publication could
be attained with the most perfect ease, certainty
and safety. J4 L. SULLIVAN,
Professor.of Chemistry, New University..
Copies of this work will be sent, in a close en-
velope, at single letter postage, to any part of the
United, States for $1, sent post paid, t6
Box 2711, New York City.
Copyright secured:. No Bookseller allowed to
sell this work. Publication Office, 25.. Broad-
way/New York City.
0 1Persons who wish the Genuine ITo'/rk, by
Dr. Weisselhoff, with privalet notes added by hi-
own hand, can obtain it only by sending directly
to him, as -he employs no .-gents whatever, and
never sells the work ;at wholesale-therefore no
Book Agent, Pedlar, Poishnats.er or Booksellher
can possibly furnish the genuine work. Ueware,
therefore, of false copuls1 arid imitation-,'s which

.d Valuable Sientifie W'o'k, upon the Suijeet
oq/ Gtstation and C/iihdl.fith, -by -. -'-l-i
.VEISSELHOF., ..Q. D., late o" -Paris,-
jusl publistd imt 'Aw Yoik, by the Author.
This Work contains recently discovered infer-1
mati,-n upon a subject of the highest importance
to Married Per'sons or those contemplating Mar-.
riage. It will be luuiil cof special value to tho-e.
whose meais, health (r other circumstances, do
nut permit them to increase? thie number of-their
family, without great inconvenience, suffering, or
perhaps risk of life. A method of avoiding these
Iroubles and dangers at will, krecertly discovered
by a celebrated French Physician) is fuly coni-
municated in this work, so thliat any person may
avail himself of it at once, without purchasing
any instrument, medicine, or other article, Irom
tlie author. The means of prevention here set
forth cost comparatively nothing, and are within
the reach of all. The process is new, sale, in-
fallible, convenient, simple, and cannot injure
the health of' the most delicate. Nor doesit
curtail matrimonial privileges it, the least.
Morally Considered.
The object oi this work can be showm'n to be of
thie highest utility, aiid sustained by thesoundest
principles of prudence, political economy- and
virtue. It shows how a physiological eflect may
be produced scientifically anid without injury to
ithe con-stitution, which tho.iarnids attempt to ac-
complidsh by the most unwise and reprehensible
ineans. The object is by no meanrs new to the
world. TJl-i.neans iill lbe esteemed by all sci-
entific, right-minded and sensible peope- as a -
discovery in phlsiolonay of (the highest ci.se'-.
queiice to public m ioi.ul aii'.l happincs..
The Instiact of Nature.
Love, and lie desire for union between the
sexes, %%ill be indilged, talkl: of prudrence as .e
may. Without marriage, we have, in all couuin-
tries, a debasement of on., sex, and the criminal
indiulence of the i-,titial inilinct, very often
surtliiini- and niisrm, i thile mii.-t aI'arliil chlin c-
ter-. \'ho, then, shall len, lo man, (a free aaeril)
thie right to marry and to regulate the instinct of
Nature ?
Voung Married People.
Young .Married Pe,,l-e, l, Lhose fortunes are not
yet establihEcd, \%ill liId in this \ork rln rtier to
interest them deeply, aid in'irmatlion of Ithe
highest value, which tihey should not cu any ac-
count, be ign-,ranr ril. Hundred' -f Mrrii.d
People, now ailtvaiccd iln ite,;-+ra>e assuindl Ihe
author that if thl-' had p.osessed such a trea-mire
in early life, it would have saved them rmoere lhan
half the buiritiig-,aind depinatioini thie have since
Unliappy Wives.
Unhappy Wives, who I-el that their physical
condition arid health totally unfiit iheim tobecorne
the mothers of a numerous oT-,priiiin, amid a 1io
reasonably ear that each period :%, confinnenei
will terminate their existence, will hail tire dis-
covery of this certain means of' relief with un-
bouided joy. Li-i all schi ui.iortuiiate and un-
happy wives lo-.e no time in obtaining thin- imn-
portant work. It will be Ito .tliem-a-pFeci,;u.
boon through lifc, and ipreentf any an early und
p rem alu r ,- Ieftr rrr -. .
Heredilary Dis.eases.
Scrofula, COunsumi.ptih.1, [iiaiitUy, ApV,:plex,
Disease ofl thle HeIarl, andil lther horrible coinm-
plaints, capable of t'ransniissi-n from parent to
child, afliet rirany Wi.,rthy people, whIo at the
sanie time, are ds calaLe of' eijr.yiiig themselv- e
in the marriage state 44 their more fortunate fel-
low beings. Shall such persons refrain fionm mar-
riage on this acc-unt, or shill the. miarry and
give birth to a feeble rtliprinm, destined to a life
ol suiting or an early death ? TI'e answer to
such serious quiesti'ins will be ,found in the worlk
here recommendi-d.
Early Miarriages.
Early Marriages" are strongly advised by all
phrlcsophe-s arld Wyitets upon social and political
subjects. Early Marriages beyond allquestion
tend to promote virtue and happiness-atid with
the power of regulating the.p- i-.i'etie filrictliuri.,
made known in this work, may be free-ly entei ed
into without fear of incurring teslu|il4ibilitie.
which cannot be sustained.
Over Population of the Earth.
Over Population of the earth need be no ]onuer
apprehended. The calculations of Iahlthus and
the wild fears of Robert Dale oO, en, are -like
rendered baseless by this discovery here comniim-
nicated to, the world. "The conitil of men
over his accieli si," .in this respect' at least, is
here established. The wisdom of exercising.
such control, none vlho give the subject a mo-
meit's. consideration can doubt.
Honesty of-the Work. :
0i- There is no deception or humbugr-ry (if
any kind about this work. It is precisely what
its title indicates, a- scientific publication, con-
tainiig, information. f -great value to' carried
people, pi those contemplating inmarriage. ex-
pressed in plain language which all cau under-
stand, with no unnecessary words put in merely
to swell the number of its pages. The whole
story is told,.and the means of accui.irnplisAil g the
objects or the work fully andfiiily gi.en, so-lthat
the reader may avail himself of it at once, with-
out purchasing any medicine, instrument, or
other article, from the author. The means of
protection which it recommends, may also be re-
lied upon, without fear of disappointment prin-'
jury. .
Physicians, Professors,, and Cler-
.gy en :n
In all parts of the country have given their
testimony strongly infavor ot the objects of this
work, and the nsthre of the discovery. We-an-
nex a few.of these recommendations .
NEW Yot, Sept. it, 1848.
Dn. R. M. WVissa-rHoFoF-Dear Sir: I should
have no question whatever that the means re-
commended in your work on Child-Birth, would
"accomplish the objects intended, considered in
reference to physiolugieal principles alone, but I
have also the happiness to know that it has stood
the test ot practical experiment.
Yours, truly, R. LE DOYEN, ;
Professor of Midwifery, late olf Paris.
NEW YORK, August, IS14.
DR. R. M. WEisrEL.HOFp-Sir: The moral
effect of such inlbrmrarion asyour work contains,
I believe to be decidedly salutary. The right of
man to control the aiiiriial instincts cannot he

Drugs and mediuin .- .a.
T H E si 5B s dI4~ieir an d L l't "
'-- constantl-y h ave.hia cl
assUrtment of'D.RIG&an4'MEDl- .
B ClI NES, whm wl aratpr
and of'e%-a.'tqquality;. -C IN
N "erchItan.ts a : J fers.'ilL -fnd it
to their advantage td call, e'atine and price hi -
Gouds, bPOdre pic-u nges ere.x -"_- i
N. B;. Physician's preseiptions :put up.wajit
care and accuracyat any hour of theda,. or night.
March 21' Cur. Centre, .-omr-f A
J. SPENC'E, ,"
Second Stor..,Bal zell's Buildings,
---,,. ^ (Ennlraice .on "h.estnui-sl )
N B. \V.ateches, Cloc'ks an'd Jeweiry-carefillm;ln
repaired. -- October 21,1947...7

A.T"H N..M7
Bowv siu g Sanloon imi illiur "
o o m .'" ; -
pHIE ri,.plrietoi rt the '- Ahetmeiim BuYwib
_ TSal,.i," I,a- uted e-very endtavor0)o'."aka
the eslabli.-,inient at agreeable pla-ce of r.-sort,
and is tila,.klhml rhut at, ever discriminate. pj.b.
lic- Irtj e by liblr.l-pari.6iage- iheir afoillciation
hi ii-; desire to plef-e. b-e will Valway' kepe ;I
l.-ic aorni.-mmint of Liqnuors, anld -'reresllng -i
bevtirag.s, ol a soit to tickle the palates. ol Old *'
Bacclus.' niuost t'a3sliidicuus siors;'- ard Osteri,
c -ol and d.I ici,,us, fi e.'sh ftini I heir na'p yi.banks,
For a pledasani conmmrimlhing of'-elercise aridd
atn semne, I-- tile tlcirn i tdle- t h- ie -i g'fn
withinn, the circle 1Uf tInii. --fB rp w.i.ih
a ^.in "lniie pi'eferrinj less
-ac-ii 1- aunisenietiils, carn atw.ay ltu'e-:a h'vW. "
Cnniie one-come all .
A,-lachicola, Dec. 30, 1S-17.- 5il-f.
Harddware. Ship Chandlery, Wet
r -1HE Sui-,crib.-rs h'.ve nin hand for saft--u -
- LOC KS, as-orted, Buttlls, Scrrmuti, -Hifiges;
Handia%%s, MillsawS, CrFLs 56tit UPjaiits-
Coimpasses. Augers, Gm ls
arnd Biltts, Ruml.-,. Bevely-SqnIms: ad-oes,
Ship d,,, C>,llin, do, A'Ilz.P;H. l r'.Ham-
mers, Shutler llaiigiigsBlind do, Steel, yards,
CLUnter Scales, Platli,-ni do, Cottdn -do,
Kitccin W\'as-e-, Talfe ruutlef\'.ho el ar.m
',Tnn'-. Fire Iroi.s. &c. .- -
RLACKS\MITHS' Bellos, Anvils. Sledges1
Hanoiiin'i-rs, Vices, Screwplales, Stoeks and
Di-es, Tongs, l&'ilf, Raps, &c.
[RON i,"---dp, Pr .i.4h and Arreri-can. assortfe-d,
roulld, flat and squai e, Bland, Hoop, S.heeL \
Boiler l.Don. Railirn-ad, Spike-do, -i4rseshoi
Ir-m'i anI Nils, Ca.t, Erglish, Blister and
Geriniiui Si(el. .
PLOt'GHS-Siigle and Double Cqrnrshellers,
Curitrill-, .J.,;1bhains, Trace do,- Ox do,
S!.i,,veli aind Spades. \V-edling Hoes,Garden;
Lauie arnd-Grubbing Hues.
COIO)AGE-Mlr inil!a and Herip, as ?"'rted,'Pitchi
T.r, R:.sin,. Coal.Tar' Bright Varnish, Hahd-
spike-, Bl.cks, Oars,&c- -
C.-STINGS-Sug;ar- Kettles, Mills end 'Caul
.dronu., Bke,-ven..s, Spider, Pots, Enltneli]
Ketille, Tea KeltlEcs, &.c.
TINWIIARE-A full asoilnment."-. "-
Whollesale or retail.. '-
Ap~ilacl irol Jan. *2'1, 1,4 '.

A CARD.- 7
T HE Subsci'ibers take this nethodoi irmIfo.rtr
ilig Ihe citizens ol Apalachmiola and-i.
ciliyv, ilhat thev have n.w o(n hand 'a4 neaL
and 'vellelected Stock ol GOODS, whicAhiTl1 b"
sold low,.coonsii ting in part as.Toll'os.- '
C Iot4is.a'h'T-assi meresl various Slt'.es-i.-:'
F i-yr,' Prrimr., do. db-
Alapaca Lnsle;ido. Figured -."
Silks, Flni -'Rv ne, ...
d ,-. l(-'nt.r=lla
d,. Slin, SiriedA,
Fancy Cashtni:re R,,be8
do. M-Merino do.
iI,. Delaiime do.
ioh-lins, Indiia Bok "-
do. Swiss. Luce and Coloret' at
Edging.u-, Lisle, Cap-trand-Thread -'"
Shawls, Damask Silk ...., -
do. Marino,
d .-. P La id ,'r- l-
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gi),s.e' Bonnets, latest faslmip"
Ribbins in nall varieties "'. .
Brimin Shir iig., 7;;,4-4 and 3-j 4 '
B!eached do. 7-S, 3-4, -t-J, 10-1 4andl- ./
Blankets, 6-4and8 -4 "
Ingrain and Cotton Carpetingr : 7 r-a---'
Carpet Bags '
Hats and Caps, all styles ;'-
Boots and Shoes -
Clothing ol all kinds. . --'
Also; a neat assortment of JEWEURY| -.
many other articles too ritimeou-us to rnt'i I
Call and examine for vouisefv.es, .
M. N. sCOTT -Bfo~HuEt1
Dec 23 Cdr. W.r'and C re_ "
iron, ]VaiJsVi .-'
2O .TONS Swede Iron, asso ted.-izes
2 100 kegs Nails,. -. do. .-C'
4 casks Weeding.Hoeg, a.spr'ed cjialL
20 Blacksmith.-SteelFaced Anvils; 4
2,) English arid 'A&rican'CV-
2) Bellows, -
12 dozen Spades and Shovels .
1)0 Collins' Axes; '
t10 bxs Cotton and, Woolen Cards;
I case Rowland's Cast Steel.Mill Saw
1000) lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale, i
WM. G. PORTER & -..'*
Dec 30 41 Water .

pools and Shoes. !-s%
B OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;. ,
Men's sew'd and peg'd Ki'i pgahns l
\Vm's peg'd and sew'd'Shoes; CGhil]rj
Super Ladies' Kid and MoroccoShbes'.
Super Ladies' coarseaHd'fine C alf. B6olo l
A large and.extenisiveassortfineiUtil,- ved
andforsale by WMG.,QORT:ER-,' -
Dec 31)' A
..-Henry's IV-agnmesiaes;
J UST received and-fdr;sale by --.: -'-
Feb 24 H,. F. A;B -.
SPerry Davis;,-alin:' : lte-
FOR sale byv ..- .J':C ''l.
1 Nov 1- .' .

- I -r -

stock, renders' bisi assor--lm nt u.mall_... lgj
and complete. -EngLiaFEs i erml and
American Dr ,g I .A laiGe
and Drruggtst 4 e
to Physicians, Country .Me'chanrfs'dd oty.exeBl
the most liberal ternm--_l1 of whics ,' .ereti
pure and unadultlrated.''- .. '"-
F. ".- ,- .4.
Wholesaloeard .tal.. rpggiBa,
Apalachicob; Nov. '2`I. 1i -

_ _~1 II

- .. ... .




4 Z-1 L 7.

tApil* to- i t AJJ-Jr1 t

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated December 9, 1848
mods:frequency Weekly
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mods:caption 1848
mods:number 1848
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: December 9, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
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System ID: UF00048473:00134

Full Text
.: *il ;.1.'l ?: er"-
.. : -
r- .,. ". !j[ :>'
; t4 \ :

t ; ';'OCI > >'

.. '. .'. .

/ i / .. .c-' "' -



; .- -
tioiUigtttt! .

I ,

--. .- -- -- .

-. . -
-- .
-- LIB E I l' A S.


TTVw- _. .

=-- l1.ALACHICOLA SATUJ --".- --. -- -. _. .
tD.A.l" -- .
= --- .
jSttgjtutwj Director 18. -- -. -- -- -
. tYJ. Periodical
-. __ -
I... WY JI X JEKEMIAU DAY. -T-- VALUABLE I Jortr 1 = 47.
NEW sidcr..lJle
,.,. ? DANIEL J. DAY. $tBSCRIBERS --. -- of it .It that, too-h ; !zT! -T
-- -------. --.- .- --. 'urlled to I
Day -- --- and slid- nle from his
A c
Co. fingers
0cc, ThirdStory i3a1tzt41 I's Kuildin-s, of COMMISSION Subscribe J4ovcr' from sheer exhaustion
corner early while the terms H | was i and
lUll will unable
Commerce and Chestnut MERCHANTS. : lo
strteis. Xedsat] the I resume
with you !
!! and
No. 32 Water Susan underneath UOO.MKD And he had done ; a few who
Dec !! street And
both were on. i so before I
happy. carne in
TMIM5?. ftAgents for LLOYDS Apalachicob, F 01.. OF And toyin.; ? with her a- )" \' at I pearance of ihe upon the ap
h-nr iwo
SaCRirmvThree D.illirper!: annum, *'.Etua" Insurance, Co."the;"Protection aUo, Agents for the TilE LONDON QUARTERLY 1EV1\V, lIelf> f.I;' he 'a'd; 't!t'ir to S"un sw' which: immense iron doors from 'cries, made endeavors two demons with, heir

.f piii i:1hol'1" or <3 53: if p.uJ'Itlun sixaontb Conn.Co. and the "IlartorU Insurance Co."Insurance THE THE 1 EDINBURGH REVIEW, 1 want lllH i tdly JingiirI! w./1 ,; ,le came confused tumult of and continue but lo seize I heir pens

?, or :1.! 't uf paid !here ut."r. Hartford THE NORTH BRITISH I REIVIEW, Xo-u-oIn-no-a Hew one, an 1 bar sounds he smote them with an they were obliged without success ; again

So .-o1'd fJwil t'! : 1 be Allen \ ; the ; I u his month close heads
ir.vtn.-.Uy chared Co. But iheir
11"'I" for DE.\LEfN: I IN AND since thon! will not, ;, to my ear shouting : upon "1.15111115.
"i rri.". *:;.. j"* "'r *v''d1' It- lL\JW\\\n Wh'jrcan. [ in [ boon their
ii t:1St.ca.tll.lllt'd untii AND I In i J.I J.
it SHIP .r... '- :- SIOPfJ : ba.'elVai
CIl\XDLElnp JLACKWOOITS full_ .. .._
"SAt? tid. unless at tup ICON I EDIXnrrGH'J.'ff.; : .F-i HI nut- ."n. :.1.
lit wtfi: i option of the STEELIL" ; nd fur *''\vonl: I r:1l1t' culiar -- .i" 00 iiii
'i-; 'r.j d|. mixed J shrieks pe
< *- 11!! the
< sccre
.-'N 1n..or.. sPjKE;, .\XITI..(:. I The above Periodicals And ;;Ifl!! it i::.' ...'.... ; ; I presented itcch the monsters vanished thro''

.\\'I'tn"'C'l.: : '..-One. iu ire, (twelve line] ,Aud _l[ III'.J..t ita( !, / f 'I'ill,, Iron York) immediately on their are rrj'iiutid' in Xew: / !.ook :at iie, X/d,c a 1 iiiiit'-d i -i..i! !! I had so. With a; smile, the dd codger thick gate info the oih,r :aparfmenf.
illld own :
nriv..i :
i I-
.,r(fr4') will V ll: ,'rl"l. at the rate of One DularfortheSr l- per IfTdrl'S. c p- I I steamers, in a beautif'il: clear; iiy the Butish, --- n- ; i so quickly brought me lo I this I Sill the doomed' -for! these

*!, an I Fifty Cents for Dec 21 t\ 'I', on: :Ji..e white closed the doors and toiled were ihey_
subse.lU and on. Here
every paper are 'faithful! I .rt carefully barred was ihe
._ Apahchirola; Fa. .copies I
original and
alter him young
IIWTtlW.w but the
; i old
> CI,.,rlC's __ BLACKWOCP'S MAGAZINE I -. :__- h hereby totally' the brow of each ,
fll rh"- "It.; ahvrti-e hv i tli; Ho'r simile beinij an exact l'.1c-1 ': preventing holt wrinkleJiLe.,
year a iibfr.ilduc.vrit tujeneV.. nf th} <' s.ive: at such I and !
Rogers. Edinburgh a lime .
edition. Froiij many a silver
the! as he de h.iii'
will 1i' :nult' ; tnt .lldp'rti"'IUt'lIf Claa" | Bo=u>!n : i .hone
Uog"I'; 6.\ They to s lit. briglitly
not -e I
Co. embrace hollltll"I\- whew
strirth'l'rt! ;tiii-z.Z t<' tht! ir ".\'n! b i-im>--s, as \v.>Il CO1.1 IS S lOX MERChANTS I I parties in EII.d.JuTlJr!the views of 'the three reat TIII; fJUU ) him he shouted (10 him, and II I ( been raven ircss-ifie oM

a*aI'rd!! *I.vrti,. :uett s..itt in by them, willt. d'V! Water stre<-!, j I.. Black wood) and thee LotiJon, Whis, and !HaliCdJ.-| A I9taitay. did no why: hear acted in this manner i young had -but the rude st.imj* of care and ant

..., \'r=.*.i Jt t'I' l 11''$ il rati'sp __!:: 21 Arubehicoli Tory; the "Edinburgh (!u.lrtt'rj" are KV J. !l. a word or lone, for ihe made thin all : ht! The toil
Fa. Enw.I
Review \ btanchc
: \::t k.all! UvrUseaiuais must be i. paij for '* Ufcstmin ter Review" \Vhi- ; and f I.c .. I had a cre.im-which i I us was tremendous. cheek the shrivtlfcJ.! hrtiukeri' <(
x. .T. Radical. : I I
Tle its no lonked I folio
in ahMii'V. DC)2piu. I British : "Nc.ilh around! me : in trembling! hand, the
: Review" r each
I I y ;
CO.IJIISSIOXXI is more of : great jokfr i
yrVe' i> )!!lJr.: will h charged forannouuc-' ; .\11tir". _FOH\\tAI___ II DIXG I lovilllf., been- ---. n.i.in.. '_,. -I.. i-- a.relmitiiia. c.iracUr! r, T. ".."h', .. ; .._:._ .f i I I ( J stood, apparently, within) a print I ihnnder to mtnr ear and uiili a voice of
".hL.I I.\ .nu. euiiiii !y Dr. Cl.aiir.i J iiu-i me mat n.me r ; !.- .., ..f tll/v .,. ; from rucfi
.diet" .
i th' f.'r TS. and : came these
"i: (.I' : noSitiCe his death iiardi-st; ucinusi word. _. \*. ._ out
Xo. lit in lof I : toil at.d extensive and < '
',,. \ ': ii. -itn-a-it: fnm a ilitaruv t1tht ftc \Vatcr-sfreet, son-in-Uw, Dr. Hanna ro'uhtcted! by his cxeiliuii j! : .e tr.agii uI ude-i.lie I -- c arc UoomcdT*

(M 1"11 11: i xt: :a I fj t.t't, or c.tv reference, -\pala liicnl.1.} Fa. L'rewster. Its literary, as"'II'iahai'illa) ''r Djvid I ) upon (ihc pa-t; with a shudder :, I I entirely impfi-sible for extent of which I Doomed, to a life of toil
character lo the future me lo. disfrtsa poverty ami
IS c! the with sliru at that -doomed,' ,
111'I'rli.:1. A. X. highest w-n it
t' tfl4 ire >: MelviY. > C. order.! :-; i I Ct'rtilir-fl'r it a life of
-- I-BUI\{ CIIA l'R\T'1'. leim inlcr a Ii I I IltC %hell life i I extended as far; as i the sickness, ala! ifs i allf( id. wicK-hro'iies*,
-' !
A. :\' PKICKS KOU ISIS h I see. Upon oi.fside J ml lruulJlt.'S-I
((110' when i.'oomrd
stood lo
JlcICay A' UD-CniBEn iii\ toils several fouo -
Co. FOR : all
KARI.\) were < :
o ,, enjoymrnls
2Ju jurij9 tj Directory.Win. CO MM IS S MERCHANTS For any one the four Review, &' .1. wen so crcat; as the seveie I I frcssp5. on which sheets some to ;od, It;':. evtiy pfr.isure.
For ,any two, per ;nimmi six ; ; { ; or ihirly fiet in len 'l'O'L'oil trom t.'awn!
do. lli lu
the loidnighl
XI. I (21iui were the
: III Vater--trtet. .j h : r JMitori vvorktd slurt -
H. 1.ocl', For any three, I l. of t t'u: ; S df which respite given
d" lo
c.C:) n. I l.: 7 h not were the smallest. brain, our
that weary
meanma I I only
I'.; U.:i.i> LI'; >: >> AV; > L'll.DII:5hX11 : -- -- .\tlarhic"I.! : f f.'a. For For all four of the Reviews. S h months at a lime, ; -it ID i i i! % times the length of those used in which time (enabling dreams u* 10 sleep dining

.\ ;L L'd.t \r; ;, .1. n:. AJ.. .if.: Blackwood's Magazine, :t time -but during ( ; t I I while! the capitals; ctlle I viil humble anti ili>torltrd
tint 1110-51.
IlnlN For I I us, d
Blackwood! ; had; the ra- ai> we look ,
I r'ACTORS and control h, '
V'. 41 U'u!.T :.r..I. & COMMISSION 3 Reviews, l) '* sheet ol a vievv ofome circus forward; I tIlt .
:: 1_ __ :A.Mh'-hif'ilj, F.I. :.,. b Water -sfrcer.MERCHANT, !?, ForBlackwomlandthe t J Review-, IOt I >t U little; 'published I in t the |'; I at the coiners of our or concert .ibandon ing's dawn, .11." lo iJejtli ;aIil.' Doomed 1II0'n-

.---- n. ( I 12 Payments to be \'iIlac of ., filled streets ; every j.j
'', X.Mir-- II n! S ::; Ari intuit in all etuis uncouth, ileformed v. and take
r ; II \\ Druuk0111" :. \ciiicoi.. \, J. .' I adcaiicfPREMIUMS' tur'sluc scenery: ; supporting objecls were at >er\'f's! every ij on our-
: (*, tan ir .V Co. ---- / them and : allotted f. the
-school faraway in the faimlv Iiumau
and I ; I/u'k; This is
v* 0 .\t.4tSt\1 f MLct1.NTS: LJt oftjUoitiI C.n-iting of newspaper' I discovered I.tr..e fires our doom ."*
Noticui.11)NEIT back
volumes I iil\ -lie former where '
tbe in they At the
.N\ ; fO'J1\'iilg; good : ; close ofltis;
J IViiertr.i't; valuable works \'iz l t app1rel.twhule/ piece
: j clrt.1.i, trees at a time, ol information' _
mouths! ,
iu to
Ut' 1 A 'jU-.Mvoh.: na. \\ru. IJentkVs the i ytar.VeII ;the -team, to remembering i the extreme
) (;HEEX The 2thice1Lttuy. \ i ihe'e six moiiths: I II' run lhes< uncommon by caution displayed
M. remark.ibiy
1)) I
Metropolitan ( kind
1.iiU':: : : : .' 1 r Hln:. f:; \I.ty t I". furat hi, The Dublin Magazine- ;nn'I: d.iin which I hail; the ; olher side of this es- vviih me-I Ltau.'If. hit'wJVI.o came

': t. VI :,ll".q 1 of \; 01'1,1 F.) !ii tf A It 1) I X O "c'fIr t 4J re-I4ieucI corncr 01 Univer-ity J jaziite.: I&lie siili-jfiibcr-f I stood Inijje cases of types at 'be 5oincvylj.it anxious
Hi'1! :trt': .L"ackv.-oods MadZitue. anted a i>" ; : .<,m..l. -:- respecting, my own safe-. ... _
oppo'lte I tiw anil.j
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o'' looking w.is
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-- -- Quarterly and news I! I the out
politics place
1 .t ,ti.t. !'Zj W. -- -- -- U'e-lrniitsler :.\.-\\ | black: dirty, and -so I turned
.h ( .1a. Kla H. : he to this
?I. ill fact, :
l> Any one -ubscnbirjir ; and
nvi' to Hlackwocd! everyihing 1 ihr.t could I thanking' him iu person and;
vrroRXnv AXD or to on,> i reeking with as 'firm
lIa'Itt'I'\ Hullu!.. O.lers : COCXSKLLOK: LAW, <> the Reviews at t-3 a-\eur; or 10 ilUto I of{ ncw"rar't'i'rlley; wanted to have:: t ., '(d be sweat ; no one spoke, possibly cummnciJ, for a voice as I could
hi t the useless In-
C'JM' MtS1UN i M C J II C II A X T ?, < service-to the public in either cf 'the Periodicals at >", will r"ceive, irratis, out 1'ieviously., I Edit'or. a t.i I no one could hear : in showing! ; me tins extreme urbanity,

.i-... above! capacities. ,I volume (it any of t the? prtmiuuis above uanud. rally cuterpiisiny' ; of the engines. I regretted curious c-taLisImi'! >nf-
) ffllow.
.1'111. .rt; t/,, HI* will A subscriber tu threi- :II ifiatid '( i individual I who that owing to
practice; any of the Periodicals ; ; : had; conducted prf.jMii2) ai.d
'.;.\ .\i-1T: regularly in Franklin, CalJii'Uti i-T at ; -;.it-elected the t G.ix.pfte: '; business importact -
\L i lX \NVECOMPAXV! j nt! Jarjj. ayeirr to the Four ItVvitms curious place would! matters which
mCircuit at
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Xn. *.! t\ jtr Mi t >',>:. '1 t the Afiiitile or U'e-fern Conn-el, in any Court A subscriber Ulackwoand: ti.ieu! iJt-vit-v.-. my conimencemenr \:< ra pill ; there, drawing .ring bf wilder the necessity of necessarily

!.. .: 1: \'JI.I' !l,'"b. ""a_ ar'ne 'a-t'< in the Circuit. He will also, at #; "I I a-vt-ar, or to the Four Review-, d mil 1 ). At 1t'nlh I had thf :! : : fa r my attention to withdraw ; a Court !>
Hlarkvoi : :
___ flf1'1'1'31" i airangemenl which Hut il
he I
; at T-illaha- \ thought
the at -rl'J' will a gradual increase the ever hail
T. kV',; 'e. 'l..inno of which, he tAne J rcjnii;. 'd. .: of ; In.. .c"p..r'r_ _._ pea-ure of m;",.;-.", *-:_. 'u
i:. H.i ll.\.Jt". will alva be nInes.C '0 -uij'iise me. ana -- IIMII iti
r ffit vuiamt.eii Hn jippe.trinz my
h P| at, tinie nial.iiiL 1 I ncigliboiitood -
( well should
lloa-l .V lalJnp.; prevented by ac'-ident. JPI'iH: ,' 11" acquainted with, !Ic I
\J.1II uncpa-in in : achincr\ lIIu.stJs'mrc'dly laktr
paiticular ;
ill flic
( ',r M t M "IIIOI"* s.t'ulhor naming 1..1Tt. : endravors to : ) : opportunify of
I XII t t: :. f 1 .tNTS : I" ;cj. miu"de, J d ; : *. >hoin him
\ anJ the
\1 ::1 N. L. tV4t. : .;i.t ... -- -- t the icoIs !:lJJ a'ijtd! fur.CLUBBIXG. I I often thought ilia: if iiine I I and peculiarities of ; curiosities
tix net the
: .- I" .,' I: ..'"" ("':. i1 _i. (.. .ulJn,(. : I.t..1..1 f'iild be hone! .>f OOtll : who ht'fp ob-ervin2 .that each ofj j t AI!! I tins! I I. delivered ,- pl.zce.!

\ \ _\ TToflNEy f: AT Four (copies; of any C'f ai! ol the tlJt I cit" shceis} ; ciught! sight of mf'. would ;* politely' as I iI
L.W.. above vv u.rkwill -tho-e. | I bly could possi
to thri for
: : \V mv j I I
A. "
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kKEX" 'jI :- rntis'
be another
%!; ';I se.it to I ; t and then both coulV < I
niieiirv have
"tpf. Simm/lu'. m ;ila <:i#t.t tj'tLc} pos-'t.-stil! i : pill on ;I fearful bejan fu her
1 i u
'yIAtl .n I E"ifliJJ.. l.iainof udC! i i bat I
t'ic'uz i "coe 1 t rrjn5rfr I : :look was to Le .
4 Cct.tt' "rijJliu.l for and held
: .tI. ihiee j shake in '
l.'OIIa.r..ttr.! -the fourth and: their tlt I durance
.. c<
OMM 'i.v M Hrlt'; M AXTS : !beiii: ti-ati-I copv iutitioos of iron. h
.. .. '1- n'i: 'i.iL"h.t 1-'ia. I One( I appeared omicotK. vileThe
> at T sit .-T, f j.1: Tuinz or just :1JS'/ old
: I
H t
1'1'f7l/WJ grill lit a and / codger
--- r ; the old to
i. .. : ::. .i...: II",: (': '...1.. .. ..tlJ".n.r.. : L' r .21CI1i. W44'Ie Ilt wa" .losing-1 !leanril back r fellow jCI' 2ged on I :i si niticant my surprise, placed in
',1-1 -- __
.i.f u/jir :rJI tt-a
Iul'nfUI ttI : i.mini? ?> in I : 1 ; "r.-t manner his
-- _. raiariis ritibSj tior \\'ll1rc-}> ,.I'.r.. .___ _ic..n-si stirpn-e. _, i l'luulh' r. .J. .. .
S..2.: ,,: \I I\\1'1-:1': l.'l', i il any ca-e 1 e turni-bed! I nU1I1 out 10 i<.c.illltf! f as may ii.-iu went .or .u iosr,
ir.ltthe _
r'iiiVr. j' .h-t r"'i\. J su'cription :.- ; : :;ppr ;p L on through ihe
4' ,' :, ... ark :U1 i- ; in hUll-cd l.iti lla\; ; everyihiijc! ; I s.nw, and f accompanymg:
: \.I-! : !paid full to the : lIuc".Ioinl.and! I tions, mo
\ .' :z!: r \tJ. CRdCE:. X pubttItr ', \\Hhlut \\\- i wh.1t w.; reph ing, as lIe 'iil! .
: ,' r:. .. ; recourse to .in agent- my pen; \\'.,hir. f next ; and! the voice so, in a ,peculiar
; r :: -:'?i.i ,-J i ,. 1tn -- J CI.U'X.. : i that I shf.'iild I old l Vt-s. I "
ntlf sues
: ul'.tjl; : c< nor !
O; t:.I'. d 1'1 i:1: .. .t.-O. --- -- -'-- !! \UL'1 : I iom d to I take; it up, a .iin -1 I man keeping: on beside ed heartily thoti and lie laugh
; ; : i
S,.. \'r"'t'; :, ,' uld 1'U' : { OIc I'4iI. : COPIED: : me siilTicifJH : : ; j I with a i.-inte'psiej! kind ofJ. 'I' :fi I am sure I -aw
( pfor that tiling not a
x '. t.1.; ? ,I A IjJe airaiuetnt-nf! weel the lo induce such
: f vit'' 1h.!
--: _ .\p'! tdlir..ia, Fla. 0' .1 ejt: .;'jlrl'\'l'd; :t}1t', jll : Jli.iCAVvi IIr5tih ;p'a'"li.rnf ((..I.llIc i ,, look I m\ it.vir" objects which we pa-.-cll.! 4. an indulgence.
r. 'a.: .t!, j..I t f If s.Ie l, ) K"S Macatimsvnre in the ': J thus I Kiiov.ye"said he.
to wandered. I in
u !' '
: a
n. I'. .-h'if. N ,\' ; ? sheets! (.1" that w..rk. by which e.ir I Iv wlu'li h" shtiuli* 111,1.: C his u*ual; I! ii am sure. all of I when hi* levity had solemn. manner
J we hail
> be ihis
C : t
r .\I.UX.Ui I. place of ce.t-ed.
jt- headed, ihat
\ f.'. ti' place tfu- number; ilemnn.l I magnitude. your depariure
: \ entire -
D hLI'UI., in the li.i.hl- : \:. : X b ::" ;". $ : (:. Uf' "cnber belore r ( utit or will j i mouth close to have is impossible !
\i.k'1yF: :':, P.\IXT.". and Raj' -lIt.I' I an) portion (.1' it can be rpri.tt.J knov", ;iree with rn J my ear, entered ofour -you

,., 1 !.. ;. .;r. \. .1'.. &.I". Trni. .? a I :rj.r d 3 vv.-Il tIcfid! a.*.>riu,, >nt r in unv! tit' Atiiencaii! Jirfrnj-i.] FW this; ai.d( sound of an\ noise but the '\ cuu"I j! as loud as his lungs ;vould! j'cr- I ibis fraternity, and own V. ii I and accord

\ : t .r.tl t"'ltt "'1' nf 'ZtatiIeiy. ? I s-I .tit-i! r.rf'iary; f f.. th French other advdiita;es secnitd 'o our siii-ciibtr-! never rivi-in-1_. n ..._ .. : : I i : you cantor leave it. for
and vn1v I m you are
t. ,.' Ger- -, K ... mil is n.rreaMe now heacclorih'
I' ram, c-rrj'iracinj! ," ." : J -
\ .t: .It .1 .dVt.>: ,fr. ..' evtrv variety;; (.t Kxtrjcts: of the 'oS" i-un"!iuTaii"fi, tt.-at we tuny be: IJ.siiili"would Ic as acceptable ow FOP. THE DOOMI.D !'* -ami ,.l.*. .--i". as one of them!
I uj'i-T i.l.-u-arit CGtnpdl..J 11*
.\ 'I.tl.t". !i-tth. llawr now t in oe, fur *aJ.! bv to raise the ;prll"f l.e MaraxnTlieieforewc :*- view as the I Iefote-incuutiurteil, ( mv knees knocked together And;' then
-- : to
UI .- XOh} J C .; LLEN.'rIit : lepeat 'suJ.,nilJc taily while t.'/. However, .\ swayed! to and fro ( of my horror he pointed he end
'Ija: min "a: Ilb. JH iff u louHelLiltant'fS.' now I could} hear his I upon its I his l long tail-hitherto

I IC 0 M I M = I I I : ::.1 I.: 1 R c' !i _\ X 1-01'// Indians' Elixir. I ar.d cominnniratioti silence his call iUllllcdiltcl.\-for:; I smote a second gate like pje--.,{ |,,e. aDd] souf'J? unprrceivrd by
X shf-nM be ; : ii i I ( Jed
\ J \\ .4 & as
.ttl'r ,: .> CEHTAIXc.ra'Jy ahv lure me opened thrust laughed in
weir 1'aIe-
r fur addn"cd in
I. ur', .\a.&lch.Ia- i' .1:.Ir 1. d.. 1.\. chill and :fever, for publi'-hers.:;ys post-paid or traiikol, to the densed "Son-; J; : '(! after us. me and merry glee ;

-- i..t-t' LEONARD SCOTT X CO., J't'purt.li11Iur:./ I I was in a disagreeable I

J. t.. AH,.,,. -_.,3. --. J C .\I.1.r.J \. 7'j Fult: -it St New York.GODE1'S / riot,," 'News Itenia I t ,* and! in 1lc I I ore was different from the one I' situation : I glanced 'behind and |ier|>'exing

\\J,. --- ------- thing lo make I I quitted ; though all I me ; (
: .r.J r..li ]Jo) tlfOrn; I 1 U'OOtll'lIfr'ot ..n'o..CIIIur --- --- ------.- a JWJKT ol :a ::. Ira.. 2Jte!around :ue- : huge
(? I lJie vralls
hill"Hlh'I'I or- character. : : !. the tumult -and'
: I could! be close
.\1 N i 14.-\.1t-YS to me, demon
I'4 I JO s
fIL! liil OK with
(jL.\ : U!: I-I.011-!.. .. '_., Xc. I IT1 OF l iurrIua. lv I sn1 try, Cholera :.Morbu, AND F nIIL'ILIZIXE, I Si I Ij) 1)leIill I the t-h.iir; ami! % | !!: noise. :) consisted from: the olher {dace COIII.I pod and inveigled me a tail into, n'hu ihi-j had devilish entrap

; iUI
C.I.'ra The SIc'a'tUHI the abode.
Inidiittiin ,
.lde f.rt'lw.I'llc l !
.1 and What
t Magazine in my [ t the
;: "IUral "' suiunier cumplamt of the United States: of was to be done 1
x "rttn"Ilt ,
r !' children] : for sale bv1V1. contait.s' iaoithlv sixty pl-iy) I through my !locks .ind I pens passing) rapidly: I was naturally -
KOT.\Trn\I-J\y. c.1| I enough rersstrozj
pazes leading .viifp but
: !
.. .V'.Ac.. i. :i initU-r ; of what
-r I avail;
the thioiu'h u ;
by first
/1-/1111 < J. C. writers in the j m\. little I strength / was
.'.: 4 uinmrc.tr. .,.-1-. ALLEX. C'uUfrv-hn'h'e mor.- I \'tnl'flU1t-hf iu I u.ilurallvJur......"."-.-- L. .
-. .L.'..! 1('11f'lj. ] i, i FI Gold ...-... than the New York tnairazineTwo >pieidid!, pervviih pleasant! ; : soU tih. for i hey i I: Ions 'Inbics some three or four coul.1 I tic, 'ith bravery: 1 "J" ; ULiI Whlt
-- -- steel en;ravinirs, an undemahlv! | of I them-ami I I pale.; cetl, wrinkled I iutimid.le dttcrruiucd Iu
s. ,4 FKU t>f V.'< .\'ard tt :bent ir ci.1.-rei I coul.l! he.ir il nu Li care- him.
Ai ;
.v'f' :*\1'' Urollicr monthly Fashion j each
\I f.r:: ; ) f initl! Pctitju,1 j siiperiorTL plate, M h..1< Cultures ai.J I than tliou h they I 'hail; tern blank one engaged in the same Never!" cried .
VVll > :! received and for Churches ; I I.
a1 le
s's-"XMEariA\-Tt! ; bv Crocket Work & Release
; and j One
x".1", Ufiobn il. other mallets l lr written upon.!) writing. would think each u i11lir.d a trio, or I
J the to
.tr.'t't.aJ"c'I, C.J.l.I X Ladies, all illustrated j IlJaf..e "
; well : to
explained, My mu ] alf
.-:. /) c..h.I-1; ': Illil, it'-liII's.' tec. ic.Price some I ; at diCoucerte:', he
commenced for a alon How 1"! coolly asked'
my eye ran
wiih.cogitations and
-v v .; FEW Infusion Jjr lor one year, which i'lcludes! njjori) I I : laughed aain
ry Ibe
nUt \ should ) ul first it oasper.IecI
ott'I'I' I evtry family T > ii "' haid.-hips altor.dant seemed as if I fell,:
each liin
/ I.ai't-oue s upon r. life upon .
) \1 u-r1": t.\' uiiAXT..*,. -for ?Je l I.v I i.juj iAiiar.\ewsjiaptr. ia.ikii! three .1'11'. .Ilirlo;.. .I-- .._ _. |; than (he next, ;and the dOlls Iud rril.in: tutu :1 tnmf'n
X o i.j ... J ;\ iri1 13 publications in one month .i. j'i muse wm first one blow/ cUed
!Q.: a :( .t. I : 'J ALLEN.. 'I . $3 :*11 of ; ;; perusf ilie : I.irn to thut' earth'.
a thr
Two : n sluggard. ; al
.\ ; copies without the I.ad.DuIbr I 1 newspaper; cenerally > lJ1i tanr the ._ .. ,
,. .. .t.1 II'hH"ttl". r.t. pc.ikin! : : Iae Otltn'eL.. .:...1.. .
I'.r t, < p.. i"-- Scifllifx PVI4IS.I Xewspaper. . .. . . . Uu j die I inimensc I toil neces-.inh tue,!/ I II r I : my eve ..s far as I could see lean demons :1j1I.e'ared o nercume -
\\'Ir.t.I.\\f.\ \\11 C\ flit; \ fresh one 'to 1 the
U. EII'i9I are just seiiilin 1.i "rati.'icatiuo: ; aunt! itifmni one single one More !'*
(" (;0., s** nvnveif and ''fir i-dle i ;; the club.I . 1'r"J I t : copy
\ .
111 : : 11\ ',I bv . . . J II n) I they do nol dre.im of i the complexion, healthy looking, And

I. 4'!, ..,. l',I.,; J: C JI.'f : April l.'i; J C ALLEX.OlIlDLI'fZ Eijht: copies . . . . . . I."> 'isi> I the brains of I the: editor vve.jr and; arnl ail ; they. were hollow-cheeked, putmneling upon him seeing me upon iheir matter
'r.I"I'. ; rr\\'l"h.t'clpi.-s. . . . . I his ; i at a murderous
TI.x t 111"1-:1:1: : ,::. Il.\rrI\\\tU Vejisf . iU un con (. rate, they
rib to pran2 towards
\ and] Soda A ci iii
\ a H'I P-nviJers of the specimen ff 1 either the I.adv's nu S -I 1 me, leaving the
'i.S. S11UEII_tTs O bc"t .j'lalltv for Hook, IT !the amount of labor in I weak and sickly, to a after :htm gates open
f'II sale bv Lady'* D. to ty : t
IrJtI"HIl' } '
Juh any I't'riOIt ; dej darted.
17 pag > oraLIe leaving
CII.\XIILEI, : r. c.FL J.. C .\ .LLEN.Dr. ing p<.a t J 'e on the request. piPsS vvoik-the immense I outlay of look cast upon I the poor devil shouting all kinds .
Cur \\ra"r -- --- ----_ AJdrco-- ior early .Vc. to lime by one or two of them !. his of things'
9 .sod Cltnut 4s. ,i'o cJrnU % Auf 1.. A. CODKY) news -they do not: a< ; j' upon back, with his two
.\llalotdai'ol.t iliillious Veg- No. ll't' Chestnut I ral thin bestow ) make a i harder hearted iucJi. deavoring comrades en
.- .. F i. <>lal>Ie Life Pills street, iMiil.uleljd.ij. II'1 one iui4le thoti I ,'scll feel ,I to console and help 'him.
-- these
a4Q yH ..L. i-_. January, ISISMOFFATS I things,-and. i : sorrowful i Tuinin
I OC WUd :11. CIIII)", un -?... IIJ. indeed t licit a i I : mv Iie.ii! J beJielil: .,.. .r..i. -,1'.1.-
R.0 I" I\I\II'IOX, Febti who, if they I give a uiisiu S.IW this a smile once ilwrned following &"/u ui me
MEKCIIA.NT.str.vf. ,. J ALLEN.. LIFE PIl.LSl I iiioioeni's lime I 1 I ;, ; my steps at
cL: ; ) \.'gt.r I PHOIXIX: matter; from I heir : ,) Iris rigid features, and I I was satisfCtllhal a rapid rale.

: School Itooks. just received ar.d;. for ":le bv I ceedingly limited vciy impcifeci I I heurd him, h'e'fit of ;they were not in I lite act
--- ApaUchirola Nov to
---- Fa.KOMAI.V.. 'Jl knowledge of a pursuing, but
------- the
t.u. IJO<;KS J. C. ALLE.V.Tlioiiipson's : I CII escaping; from this
P. M'CALj. SCH'JOL ol l all ka, K j just rec'd by ; ; connected therewith I, come to I the itekli. ;bode. Jveachiii the terrible
(; I
; oilier
"Cnll & L sTAVE J. C. ALLKN.Sulphate Coiiipoiinil)'I'll I) son that it i t is (he easiest lliini ill the j on them perhaps i live miri- in my phren/y head gate.& I dashed

CO fI Roiniiti 'I'LIL)1I IVood lo publish t j 1 lie imdat of a t'M! my agamsl it, and as I
iaptha 0f'/ and edit tumult I
SIOX MEICI1.tNTS. ( ii in inc. 7701} Ihe / a paper! and; ) ; ; I t grear so '
\0. 1 A LAIUiEand: frtt! cure of con"ulr.ptif1l1.!;) clirmur.! tin (lit-I. satisf.ictiou i thrown open, and in 1 I 1
C.1urrht moek. : sujiply. iut receed? and to eveiybody.I I great awoke from t
'o F. : : I j_ cnitisjsliima.. \\ hl'lj' -r\ i I a horrible dream ted
-- .\pac1ici1a Fla. acn IVl .:dle II) of the heart i'.ic.JU4bnalpitatK t .. >ii 1.1elUlleJ mortalrcll -. .two__ .herculean. .looking_ dev- I coming wholJv .....t .>' ... L Upon
liver 1. --" ? in
j ,
tlf..tttt S. 'I: ickcl'o..iJlI '--- -Set; M __ J C ALLENDR. the kidneys, for sale complaints by and aliections'! 111 1 \\ upon such ideas as i those I t : nonis, lans and lioofs, and that I had: jobbed my siccp I discover

IX l ; 'L'TII1G.' JAYNES': eelebrated Feb H/ my mind dwell for some shouting, as if their lungs devil;' a hltle my pour unoffending
length of
BOOT SJlOE-, I Family i I Mtdiciie>, J C ALLEX.I I .More shier; 'belonging
1f.\T u ( ; lo the
jut received d -- iradually copy accompanied office down
C.I'c.. ai fur ale by >Woodruff's twilight deepened I into. jj.' in one corner and
". Xo. Worm Specific : ; and demoniacal h.d teat him
CoumtJUi OtS J I
3 JHrl'kI'"l4C'hic, J" ALLEN.. SAFE and ellineiil yet could not bear i lie idea of It'a\'iu Jelling, and uiihin :an inch of his death. He
\ ---- A remedy fur vvoiiiis, lor ; old ol vat ions I.iu.t ed had enter
; *l -- sale easy -for tired indeed I with' his
( -, S I:it 10 tIC I')'. vv.is I fellow accustomed cry for "
UlerWOOfl 4' Feb a;: ain commenced poor cheeks turnI ," and more
Caigla TL'ST 3 a of copy; had b.
received Writing material ol e\-cry deJ _______ J CALLEXVormifiifr ;and when SCore ;I I ; How some who had he t.u lit upon( ly me whom
t TAILORS in t ihe midst : not had
.lTzELt.S cription, consisting ;..f fine inetolic Pens, ol *'. 1 of t them, I I[. ( allotted work s I conceived was I.iLorin, under tem
tially aroused trembled and
BUILDI superior' Dualities fine French by ihe well-known but porary insanity, and
; Canadian battered
NG. CHEST I CUT-ST. Cap and Letter WIN'ER'S Vermifuge sale) bv be dreaded their wiuk hands him in a most
Paper Mem. to their ?
Books voice of ;
; ; large blank book, my office devil, manner.
Ledgers II A15ELL. I
Apa achicolt.) Fa.punctuality. Journals, &.c. IV-ncils : shouted liaising .
; Pen-holders inure him .
II de'u Paper-fold- -- CU/IJ -throwing a iu, .I qrr.u.t1.. :-L "
atrended (0 with ers and Swayii A t 'i'iIII"s ...or.1 .__ .. L' . t the dreadful ** him >.cn .1 uiii ; loun
Clasps ; Hills of Lading, blank Bills of 1 l' jii\ci<;e ai ms lIeat'Illieli he cry- More as much sCiletlli

Jan. 20 Exchange, Uray Receipts' blank Manifests, &.C.; COMPOUND Syrup of ViM! Cherry, just 1 re- caught dexterously with his h.md I the residue! of injuicd ; and placing

31. 1Y.: Seou 4' Inks, black, blue and red, for ale by for sale by more lay my head back and hands of ,the twain of .these In I mis 'he d.irtcd my (prepared' copy in his
Brother Feb 17 i
Sept 3.1 went through I ihe door
J. II F ABF.LL.iiiuiiie. large hand of
ALLEN. the basket. iny
ti! i.E A D RETAIL ._ -- pleasure of my thoughts. large sanctum as 'fast: as I had diramcd
DS, CLOTlllXfr JN Paints Oils & ( --- A strange appearing stood conveniently one huu- myself i i through the t look
DOOT8, St1OES. c. person : IS., which I gate; of thc h mammoth

Cor. Watt"t'HATS, &c, JUST received per brig Geor iana, from New 30 OZ. Snip. Quinine, jut t received and for me, and motioned me lo follow him, they commenced priming establishment.; "

and Centre-' !'reets, I White Lead pure No 1 aiid i-xtr.i. Oil, sale by I did,-completely losing all control t from one and another Shortly the whole of

.Apalachicola bmb-d and raw, Pdri (; Aj.iil27 will, for I lc.Ilcct: mortals, the while and Hoop compositors
Fa. > Il''IJ! Wrdi-jris, Pruian II 1.' HELL. had; no great desire to be I) hitiS CUJII'CIt'IJilla 1 the
b. Blue l: I office'
R.-d and Vtllowhre r ears I iheir infernal came
A. Chrome Yelloxv ) cries. in
Pp I eret1It only bidden follow peeping at the
Dodge : to him door
ING : and Ohiome Tou'iistrmlVs or I ; I fellows ; behind whom I
& Green; with all liie oliar varieties Sarsaparilla; else held his hands: (fis-
CofI1ssIoN body but covered the
Dtt.1'No.. 40 Hater S'rt'f.t.raladlil"ot.' MERCHANT, ol i Colors; aU<>, a largeas'.)utmenl of Paint flrulI; JUST(. received: and for sale |Ilv. I went I through; t the at the darkest same of I lime alter ( I their dreaded civ ; and up i that, I had; been boy-whrrtby informing them
all TI' 27 all d.uk troubled
4 #, ; with
sizes, for hale bvJ I II. F. A DLLr.SnIlU : .I task was not ; a si ranee vis.
.- "'3. ? a3 any one can by pull of illla accomplish ion. Thi-y witJidicw
-'VSuri. VH.- --W.C"EV-: Slopt| J. C. ALLEN.llydrosfaficTliikr : : brought I lo conceive any -; and, ; and crout lied down at lh> home. dud I blurted for

COM,4tms & C".c\per, 1"oll lliUA o l'OTCII I I SnulF, in i bladder, for sale by I Ia'i tired. as a man could : ; then such diabolical in- Four months after
FEW ll Jr.rtJatic } |pus'iihly I luis dream
Ink I JII\'I.. .
> Fountaiiis. Pen, Racks I 11. J.I '. A'HELLSrliool : these two IIhllllerstlre dream : this
MERCIJ was obliged which
Qfii ANTS, Shied Bo\,'I, Paj-er --- -- I lo keep on a real smart ; WIS nut all a dream.
'c2 FoM.-r" I I
Xo. SVal -- nesseil P-"C
36 ,
Watf'r t be anrmv the
st 1CV1.Apaliditcula. l Paper Cl3's. \Vi Ioolcsf enabled I lo keep < with him. they up Kdunijhip! in .
ight>, &c J t"r sale bv ) wif I bv A. < pace : chill! the blood in despair ar.d -osut a
Fla. Nov |w J c ALLEN .IroR i 1 17 len i :lh ;as wo ncared! a piire* fiom W i otie healthier :anti more profitable p.cupatlo ;

H ABKLL. I'locetded 1' ; loud sounds! js of labor and! and in six months more il.. 'little
: .
.... many: a cue let hrs pen, tr"j jV G:r/elte twMishcil' its last-" '--cr.

.4- ;.
.. J

".. -. .: .- : .'..4.d.. .'. .-. ......- .. ji '

..- FV"- N.- .I' J. ..f,. i. -- '
_. -I
.r # .r.vI" K. '
.... .. ,.. "
> _
.J : i '..J.. ..
: "
.< .t4'- > \ 1- ; M_ \ '

.. if'
"' i '._ .
j ''f ;
;. .t_, -lpss
pi' ., ; -
., .1'1.e
: .f' :
.. 4 .

*. ,. .* .0 ., 'lp-. 4.T :
'It -L- : -* 2.:--- .

1 i:> ..... ;1n >
-, .. .
... _. ,- ;- -, -. .. 0 ,._. ,. .
"" ,'" ;; ,.. .,...." s:. ; .' -.. ._ '
"'-- "

l 1r
J "
ti :\\\

'.:' .


Y. ... ......
---. -- ._ .
----- ---- - -- -- '-- -- ----- --'-- ---- -- --- ---- -- --- ---
A Lesson lot Duelist'!. Ingcniiily of Fraud. Government, less, hoe'e by her dis- Ihe United Slates is that --- -
lie they to as it is the link
Major Holland, an officer: who bore himself I In 1780, a gentleman; of eminence in the COUldAL] i \ 1Dr EU'l'ISEl. tress than her antagonism. Heaven; pre- make "a silk purse out of a sow's attempt ear." In I Maine and ollly wanting to connect

: with the gallantry of a true soldier upon mercantile woild, was grieved by he con- I __ _.. -, > Europe from reaction-from Louisiana by steam'
the bailie fields of Mexico has in someway ''tents of a Inter which he received, horn a sews sinkingback olher words-Instead of }rocufing; the best I When these avenues are

or olher recently! given offence lo Mr. 'correspondent at Hamburgh, ihc postmark APALACIUCOLA, .'RDAY. DEC 9, 1848CT into subservience to despotism, or political specimens from abroad they confine them j opened they will be, what becomes opened, and
------- -.- ---- -- ------ -. of
1- H. Flournoy, a member of ihe Arkansas of which it bore. Fiom the statement: it ; -- --- ---- -- inanity. selves 100 much to the Isabella, the Ilullis, perry that is now unsaleable pro.

Legislature, who not obtaining the particular contained, it appeared I that a person most >- The following gentlemen are authorized the and ? A burthen
Scuppernon oilier
satisfaction he desiied'! IMS: incontinently minutely 111'scrihedlwII defrauded writer, Agents for thl CIDHI CIA.ADVEKTisKnand, wil : Ic.-Gen. Fooie, in a speech inNew varieties. some j in many instances lo the owners, it is not

challenged him. The Major is at present, under extraordinary ciicumsl: rices, of .t'3- receive and receipt for subscriptions. or advertisements Orleans! described Old Zachas a most of which have a skin as thick as the hide I very difficult to foresee. Unless we i0

by, appointment of the Governor, a member 000. The Idler continued lo say, inhumation I :- imbilious man, :and declared that he had of a hippopotamus. Mr. Longworth's.something, and thai speedily:

IL Vif (he Uniied Slates Senate; and a candidate : had been obtained' thai the defrauder. WM. W. Cn"hvEl:, ]., Allmny, la. his on the Presidential chair since I champagne, of Cincinnati is really good.It us for Ihe loss of trade compensate
for the seat made vacant \1.\ IIIl'( deathof the dies and person of whom it described: Major JACK HARIIMAN.. Kufuula. Ala. rye ever however by these causes th e

$l"mCr ...hhlf"r t' tcfer ill 5he matter -was. occasionally lo be seen on the Dutch ..IAS. J. 01\:1.: Tallahassee, Fa. he battles of Kesaca de 1 la Palma, Palo resembles some of the Moselle predictions of the whilom editor of the St.

with extreme plc-tsure, in as inmh as it Walk of the lit)' ll Ex<:haule. The object --- -.-_-. ---- ---- ---------- ---- Alto, &C. Every word of it true," cried wines more than champagne.: The taste is Joseph Times bids fair to be verified i ia

furnishes a bold! and manly' instance of superiority of the writer was lo induce his correspondent Our (thanks are due A. D. BULL, an Irishman in ihe crowd ; and that is not more acidulous than the latter, but less so deed and in ruth. As one means, I
to the absurd and 1 pernicious custom in invite the party lo dinner; and by- than he lie pro
Esq., Clerk of the steamer Viola, :-for late ihc worst of it, General, he will have something forler.-Sar. }) pose the immediate construction of a
loo long tolerated by public ol' lIirlI. moral! 'force, which could. be used, compel |I roadto
With a standard reputation for coinage in him lo lelurn the money : adding) that if New Oilcans, Charleston, and Columbus ese on it about the fourth of March Gadsden county, leaving ihat to Jackson

its legilima'e; exercfse in the capacity of a I he should be found amenable to reason and pipers.;' next For be Commercial Advertiser.A county, from whence ive now get -all the.

soldier. voluntarily! taking:! the 'field) in de- ; evince any !sipns; of repentance: he mighl be ---- ----,- ROAD. l' ( CJADSDEX.Much trade, for a future period.I .

fenceof his country Major I Bo.1alJllI"" 'dismissed' with. friendly caution, and five 'HK EVCIIANGK.: will be seen by advertisement I The new Prussian Constitution includes has been said and something done propose to do it at some little

Enabled lo hold] the spurious aiticle of theJuelisl hundred pounds as he was near relative of in another column that this the-following liberal provisions : "All Prussians towards] (the construction of a road to con- but without sacrifice,
nt its value and. ihe display '!hhe wiitcr. As ihe gentleman whose name adding'one dollar to our bur-
true -
well and house
known is (for
-I popular open are equal b.iJc, the law. There neither nect his town with the interior of our Slate ;
of-U r.s tinwoithy the character of a 'il bore was a profitable correspondent, ihe thens as tax payers, unless we elect to do
the season.r1'0 resident citizens, would exists distinctions of rank t.or privileges and while we are divided minor so
London meichant i upon
and keen watch Ihe
gentleman a citizen. ] kept; a on in preference. In fact, two modes of
There have been heretofore, men pos Dutch I Walk, and was at last successful in be superfluous to say a word of the mannerin of rank in the State. The nobility is abol- upon the precise localiiy-while one parly what has so long been decided doing

sessedof moral courage sufficient for an meeting. ;and bing introduced the cheat. which things are done up1 at this establishment ished. Orders shall no longer be distri advocates a route on the West side of ihe by many

emergency of this kind, but they are of rateIereopniemit. The invitation to dine was accepted ; and and I take occasion another citizens, as necessary to be done, but who
; we lo assure buted. river goes for the East side ; a
'. The formalities of ihc code the host l. having previously given notice lo seemed staggered by a want of means. I
all visitors, that tiny cannot find better accommodations third desires raise
are generally carried through. wholly or in t his family to quit the (able soon after. dinner, CILOIOI"OHr .\ CUKK FOR ClIOLKRA. to means by voluntary propose, farther, that this road shall be
part. fly some precompiled' arrangementJfr acquainted: his visitor will) his knowledge of : in the city, nor a more attentive subscription ; a fourth, by manual labor or rendered
Dr. .]ames Hill, resident at the passable for carriage: ,
v/cll ir.-inr.ged; inadveitence; ihe police the fraud. Alarm and honor were depicted and obliging! landlord Ihan the proprietor commutation tax ; a fifth proposes to accomplish wagon, or
Peckham House Asylum (England,) states dray by 1st October, 1849.
arc upon the inch or a curt "S"IIIo.a! ensue. j i t in tile counienance. id'the 1 young man, who, of ihe Exchange.: We hope lie may, it by taxation alone ; and one and
: :! I/l'I' 'C('". ihe seconds: and, 1 ui amicable with tones 'Ph'; enl! ) tremulous from emotion. that he has tried chloroform in ten cases of Assuming (that my premises are correct
usual have full house. all suffer, their
as a to depreciate in
adjustment upon IJlII'; 'rcbnic/al! point oc.- bl'.C'd: | bis: disgrace: : mijiht; nol be malignant: cholera, with complete success ; property} (and if we wait lime will test them,) \
--- --- ---
.turs. and the parlies annitt the lanciJul! made-public.: To this tin merchants con- value, the lime to pass, frittering away by <
: Florida: legislature. six of the patients having perfectly recovered ability to p: taxes and interest i U fast dim
'|-..!IIIIt.lioll of' courage: ; enough: 'fur the ex- ..'1111'11, provided the .t.UQO:! were returned. driblets, on unimportant objects, the means ) < ,
the 26lli uishin. I
1111oralli7cd on by and four being convalescent. { for our
.ICmit) 'J'Iitchile no blood i is shed', The visitor: !'i.dIl',1; deeply ; but said hat tot 11. for carrying oul this all-important end.I propose county commis- "
there ii is none the !l's. of I a public reccgni- t li'-liiin all v/as;i impossible. :as he had 11111'01'IUlirall'.Y ihe election of the following officers : sinners and) cily authorities lo join, and

'lion and encouragement; o'f the $practice) ; of ;I ( spent pan of) thennount.: The Bonn: TIIK: POPULAR VOTK.-In 1823! the pop- put it to the common sense of everyman agree to give the city and county taxes ,mloto c

duelling.I ; Hilt it Geed! a tine man; lo set j icmaindi. r, IJlI"t'h"* proposed 10 yield i lion. 1 n. A. Putnam, of Sf. Johns, Spea ular vote for President was 1,102,418 ; in in this community if there has not for Ihis purpose ; which [ will assumeas

tit: foci gouts: ihe wl.4'|. ; sysit'iii ; lo call ilJlautl0111,1: tin notes! were handed to (he ker. 183-J it was 1,252,293 ; in 1836 it was 1,5012D8 ,- been, within the past ten year, a steady decrease :amouniing lo fur 'I lie
in no second, to conduct the j meichaut, who, alter dilating the 81)OIO. year e&ding -
: eonesponilfiice ; upon of the value of until it
in 1840 it in 1844 il
Wm. H.1 Lancaster ; ; '
Secretary. was2.302G.8 rrallrperJ' I'ebruary Is t, 18D.(
hijiiself, and at once to I lefuse the g undoes; of the iii.ni he had robbed], conluded -
was 2,702.549. The vote cast on the 7th has become as nearly! \orl"le s as it can be,
Kbene/.er This
.challc'n e. t his metal lesson I by handing: a check Kilbyy" Assistant Secietaiy. amount w'l in all proNabiliiy build

There is one thing. iIl1j'r.1,1.! ; to the for cC500; as a proof of his beneficence. Thus. T. Williams, Enrolling and Engrossing ult., will doubtless exceed {,OOOOOO.( having an income and paying taxes ?-if our road: and bridge all lt streams,' t

character and I position of ih.it HMD, who I The 'follow-in:: I IO rn ill:!: the gentlemen went 'leik' : tents have not fallen, and) do not continue: the main river but he i-xcrpt 1
; ( cost
noting in the society, by which duelling i is i I lo I the banker\ \ lo deposit; !the money he had 1V.1'. Atwater A correspondent of the London Times, to fall ?-if our population, Instead of increasing ofcmisiruriiuftwill

'n'tocni/.ef: ], .rift csa *'II..ikll,t". lie ..hfluJ-) j jeceived, when, to his great surprise, le was Sergeant-at-Arms. wriling from Jamaica, says : '{here is an i is depend much upon ihe nturt fI i IIIe!,

never afford by his oiudoci; :t pinsible, j jloldlhat) Ihe notes were co untem feiL His .John/ Williams:, Messenger.SK.NATK. almost utter impossibility. )' of realizing; produce : not yearly leaving lo get means soil, whether' hard or soft, the witlth.im! '

ground ..f ufii" I Il next its were concerning ihe check, to live ?-if our sales of goods are not becoming depth of the Si. Maiks .1'I
hCC. I i is not the H'fui! I lo I iUfiuil : of : kind. The whole Island is and uibi-r stream, robe .1'a I

'light mime ]duel thai: can constitute: the :genlleman ( but that had been cashed:: shortly I :alter! the lion. 1 E. I). Tracey, of Nassau, Piesi- any and I annually less:? And yet Si. .Jocll ,blidged, all lo he determined. by .1'C a
downright beggaied; see no prospectof .simrr.Uy
; by no utriin lIf' contr.trv. the J iipetim' of the bank. He immediately scut IICI.I. has ceased lo be a rival city ; our stores I retrenchuM-m.
Very fact: that h(' ischallcngcd: : : j is piimaf.icie: an expicss' : lo his Hamburgh coirespondent, improvement. The planters are becoming by culling down sal|,
'evidence of who that the Inter Chailcs] \v. Downing, Secretary. have been reduced, in number one half by ri-s, by h ppmg off useless! offirt-s,
some wino done. And it i is I replied was a forgery poorer every day, and consequently we migbl

,,. an essential prerequisite of. a. refusal lofighl and that. no frlUllliad been committed: upon \\ III. (C. Hryant, Assistant Cici k. there is little! or no money circulating among, fires and storms, while a steady} increase of by strict economy appropriate; >d.OOU out ol' e1

on principle,- lh.it the challenged I him. 'I'hc'hole affair! had been plotted ,by Samuel; H. Luve Enrolling and Engrossing the laborers. Numbers of estates arc out our exports has been going on. The increase our city and county taxes, and if there should el

should be an rmacdl" "-midir.2 parrsor" thai a gang, some of whom wore on the ctiritin- ,. of growth in (he section once tributary be less, and a third of ihe road
having; in hot blood', or by iiiadveiieuce. i cut and some in EIJllwJ.-Frall"s's 1liwfur Clll of cultivation. IIniol"'ur.; | :
Walter \\'. Tax 1 : lor, Sergea'nt-at-Arms. --- -- to the Chattahoochee, I shall speak fin pledge of the budges and road 'Pea
the J (
done his liiend) a wiong.: ho should! 'fianUly i f of! JJtI(1' "glaJ/d. with surh
apologise. So much for the challenged, --- N. A.Jameson, Messenger.On fly Magnetic 'ccrah.Fur another pi: ceo lolls as could be agreed upon by be contractor -

for the challenger we have mulling lo offer.He or"he American! Art nitJI.! tin: Jill! Joseph Cushy, of the Sentinel the :d\llilh; HcniMiCan.|' In touching upon the causes of ihis state add) city and couniy tom.e1,1

has no excuse or p.dli.nioi: but in the The unexampled prosperity of this ;institution was elected Printer lo the Senate. CHARLESTON, Nov. 30. of tilings, and he means lo avert the evils would be. sufficient for ,alllwrlu. e ,

fallacious Systems of which he i is rile weak may be gathered' fomlhe following, In New Voik on Wednesday] prices for out of them in I :security I.t!paymentof J t
the "
growing, some measure, I :
exponent : without he lIlC'tiJn-uwJer the which we take from ihe New Yoik cones- THK MA--SAUIISITTS l : VOTJ:.-The Legislature Colon were steady: though slightly in favorof IIIICt.llilJ '1' :
ccntlemna'ion! dec of the Charleston J.cviig'nrs propose to devote a few words to absenteeism of action ,t.e
indeed l.r.vs pO V .
of human :and! of Miibsnchusetls bit crs. Sales GOO bales. f: I'ulialIH'"lpn'nl.Enr i ;
which} i it! }
<),,'inf', he will, we have. reason lo hope' "Our Ail Union is doin:;!: wonders thhseason. upon : citizen'hn lo si'iv lime downward .1'ret
be Snb.-criplions: are flow jug in, to an dc\'oh'I'r to throw the vote of the state for Flour dull and drooping.Second ) wilt' '
soon without social ('tit'nit'urc al the ; Are there not five hundred] citizens; who course of (this should! ;
practice. And) the moment this is withdrawn i extent 111"amplf:11 The income,! this:year Presidential Electors" discharged mime duly tU\\1 'f ins C
Despatch.ClIARLKSTON. leave here and] from
l season spend hitter: voice. his ib.s
every 11.0 .
will short of eve0tyfiveor weight ; :
not llllhllutlll:
dueling will rease.In certainly on the -JJih nil., All ihe members of the
the case before us, the matter in disputeteems eighty thousand dollar.Tin; secret; ofIlse ellalcCIC the Dec. 1. SI 00 to 8500, averaging S250. each-amounting the county rommUsioiifr* should Ole i It ':':
of the
to have: oiijirrated: in some passrgesrriT. j '-n't SUCL'CSS of Ihis i important institution present opening A letter has been received at Washington lo 125,000 in the aggregate ? This th(1"jrs. the city anlhoriiies session of that branch. The.
: ; newspaper tiii: tills the. subjectof is very appaient. lust I. ils plan of members of by (;U\'. Brown, of Mississippi, from F. L. looks incredible, and like an exaggeration of commerce iht-irs. A long pull

tire electionof United Slates Senaior.Mr. operations l ; admirably suited to the means the I Joust: of Representatives Wire entirelypreser.t Clairborno, of ;Watches, in which i is related and I will to make it look reasonable 4"irong .
more and
: pull, a altogether.; will ilu II.I
1 Flocrnoy thou-lu: ;OKI illj'j ljct' had( of ihe people, in the patronage. of I the fine within one or two of their whole! 1"1 it.I
lime favor a conversation said to have taken place between subtract one half, leaving G2,500, which I know
K'ewi dorrefcin in seine remaiks of Major aits. Secondly: ;11'at IIWI it number. Two hundred and sixty members a contractor ,11 "i jump .u, lilt I t I Ife
Ilcrrlsim end enables tie management ?.etir-dly to let urn Gen.'l'aylor and L. C. HOJ since ourselves, fur two it
having: i-.ndrrstrjotl iii lat ihc:: of the Ifotise and spent among one or years ;job you will but manifes( the ill lo par "
letter had in private acknowledged\ Ms'ss injustice to every subscriber the lull value of hiscontribution thirty-nine members of the election, in which Gen. Taylor is represented \ouh1 cause oar town to bios-son like lil him as. ihe wink :
the former required him to m kc ii: iidditiijti,! to tie! ciiMice ol ihe Senate voted upon the question, and to have earnestly declared that Irr' scs. ,11.1 you p.if jz

the same acknowledgement :Major drawing : picture woith a Ilwcrc times :< tin cute stood-for the Taylor Electors rose.The annually for IlIillorlIII of l jt tl.. I bare
\ ptibhie ly. \hen the North attempted to interfere with second cause. from which we ha\'l 1
been told ,
by one of Bret bride but ct'rt
Borland much. ( bl'r will lilt .
refused to make! acknowlodgement 'fli'i'CI year very mll 'JG-lir the
;any : Cass Electors Go- for the .1 "
receive beautitul \r,11 the slave question, he was for drawing the just began to stiller, will demonstrate itselftwelve of lire I
and the chitli: :!*> i is given ; tu., : large Jilt tncraxing Eeleciors! and South, that the supposed) nrt: ':Ivies
which the Major replies ;in ihe followinjSerins ; h fiom Iluntircton's pictuie 1.1 ( ,lUC( I Maiy; BUr'1 : :y?- Ilitre was one sword and throwing away the scabbard. months hence, if 1 cnnnct a: this between Kuan's end the point of .rbar tie
ihe Death Warrant ol sea: rlclini vole. The Taylor Ejectors had :
singing :
: This has been the North lime
ladyllll' at and .
published on terra 'firma the and :e tr..i
filll bayous
LITTI.K: II: r.v, (id. !!O. 1846. t reyamid a copy uf Irtin:;'s I Kip; ..11Vir- nearly;, (too to one ;against the whole 01'11' caused excitement.No is obvious that ihis town soon be beyond .i

Sir-Your leltrr well
r!'rilpnall, I has been' received. pict: u res. bv )..rlTJI' t two olheis, foreign steamer at New York Friday nigh annihilated, unless we lake meansto bayous) 'r .174 rtnt pert% it at the outnic.. ,". I
J understand i n I i IH Jje *! challenge!!! ; to fighi: I : \voiks could'; ) not be published; at : piiee "r u'rw r avert, as far as lies in our power impending This, say ]:,e.o feet, vuuld CUM -55 H43- C em:

a duel, I because; I rrt use to comply with a five dul.lrs. excepting through such, AIK:: \\s.\5 U. S. J: .\Tur .-A dispatch i (; in California. ruin. I allude to the rail roads of (This i is altogether r mine expensive.'In
demand which I as an Ail I Union. II i is time immense olt-lluti';
regnidas unrcRSonable and agency eorgia. Could I this ith ,
iu the. (('incinnatti dated Louisville accompany J' a n.re
i only it. Jo Enquirer' The mania for gold-hunting which ctiI.crrcfin,. ptrlnps vnt half: and. ir u': .
lI1J1ropcr. which accomplishes
s r '", ; the engravings, 0\1 three hundred : Nov. :-Jlth, says : .. ]jor Borland is seems lo have taken complete possession of diagram, I ihink I could demonstrate how lit 'hoped thai the Irol.tHl ;.111 ol
There; was a lime, when, a 1 !stranger:! in valuable paintings and neatly five hundred elected) t l.T. S. Senator from Arkansas during the Californians) hail not in the least abated, the circle of trade, ihat cfnce centered ai .) This !leave :-6t' fir th .4S.
ihis Stale I deemed' will be distributed: next month.Thr. evicts Columbus, Geo., has been circumscribed by
it II'cLII.
out improper III ac- unexpircd term, and Sebastian ill according to our latest advices. The following : bridges. assuming I hat ouh f rstinuie 'taSF
-cepl a similar ;invitation; avid exhibit I to the pictures are now hung in the Galleryof place of .l.hley. is l that Sevn-r ihe influence of ihe Icon andreslcrn of three thousand dollars )
I thought letter which has been furnished the cover Ct't
:.public thai steadiness of unini'dirrc which the Association, wheielhcy are daily and "i ,
rail road increase
; of production in the '
ome men rail rounc.. If, during that nightly visited by I thousands: without moneyand will be elected for the next tern Tie Editors of the New York Tribune by Messrs. This contractor tells me thai lie i.u jta '.

lime, you had called on me, I might; have : without price. The amount of good Legislature of the State met on, the (Jth ( ril.ncl, Miuturn 5c Co., gives some idea of circumscribed circle has blinded our eyes lo built a bridge :300}( () feel lonj. toverrJ 41 J t i f.
taken occasion to shout you. Tlml lime :accomplished] by this establishment is incal: instant, :at Little Kock, and the Governor's ihe difficulty in which all vessels on the the true state of the case; this circle i is becoming hiIHlet iI. for ?,.DOO..e hive ash "

has passed. Since 'fhen, circumstances: have culable. It lecommcndsitscll; lover of to his the warmest message was sent in the following day.Theanival coast are placed, on account of the desertionof "small by degrees and beautifully) agree lo do this wink in 1,1 tint plate Pl" ''r .
materially changed. AI the call of my approbation of'C' country less." ". i
country, true needed! the and his (: } The next listribu- their men to seek quicker fortunes on the It'nl"> in the way I point out or mat* .
gas in 11L.a.ty
field, .for (he defence courage of her interests and lion will lake place on the 22dof December, of ihe steamship CalLria on the banks of ihe Rio de lasPIumas : I do not hesitate to assert my firm belief': other, iu the src-oml place and we tI i

honor : I placed{ nusclf ;itt positions: where, up to which time, 1 piesume, subscriptionswill Saturday, (says the New York Sun of the MONTKUKV: Sept. 15,1848.Messrs. that had it continued of the dimensions it I kr+i;:', have proposition! to l'ullllr tooiirw : 'J

shooting and being shot al, 'for a pioperpuipose be received. iiTih r.lt.,) has settled the suspense regarding Grlnndl, Minium ff Co.: : \as, before we saw the completion of that t ihe \ork, late. front responsible pause*. Cf*1 j jour ,

became my duly. From the manner .\ COrk: Heard Tlirte Hundred Miles.It i lie fate of tr'icuua. After an unparalleled Sins -1 1 embrace this to inform rail road Columbus would have shipped i" plain .and ,
in which I peifoim-d'' ) that duly, and : opportunity} I 1'iptclfcu"r. ftlllt' ?
from other causes, I ti"cJ] myself no longer i is known that experiments have been resistance against; two powerful I armies, you of my situation, which is bad 100,000 b-des of cotton, lat t year, to (Ihi3 I A bridge. rrv'd} aero. the 111:4111: ,5 <" 1 1I

,a stranger, but well known to ihe people (If making fur some lime, on the telegraph line the Austrian and Croatian, the Austrian enough. All hands have left me but two ; place, instead of about GO.OOO; bales. 'I wttimtitohjecronstinctt; +urtnmt'" 1,1h1t.t, ..

Arkansas. I Indeed) the)" have been so kind! lcl\tcl Philadelphia and Cincinnati, by the Capital has unconditionally, suirendered, I they \vil slay (lil ihe cargo is landed and A diagram of the curtailment of this cir- lo decay ; a cau..ewi\- be ,
astronomer C. Walki; r, will Both ia i'"Jlurl
distinguished ears
in. ( mates
as to identify my chaiacler; and interests : and is confirmed.We they go. cle of trade was last in Columbus ) !''
with their; own, and mAc them the objects and 111. Locke, for the purpose of ascertaining imperial' power once lore will leave in a few days, and then I will have year (lf'la.1 I bih? tide, which wuul rn,t renrfc

<>(' their public care anti f.ivor. This[ should ; tl(' difference of longitude: 111'lwl'CI are sorry to announce the l'\ll. for only the two boys, and I am fearful that from information gathered from I bridge ; but if lit,pruned H hart or .W-! r"

satisfy (lie ambition of ilia II. II does any two points upon the line. We learn had Vienna maintained; her deft-nee, as !she they will run. 1 have got al !landed bin men who used once to supply it with admin of : causcw.iv road. I should Jr ,

satisfy mine. Satisfied', ) with any such a position, frm tin Cincinnati papers that machinery might, have done had the Hungarians come 900 bands : on Monday [ l get off ballast !- goods] ; it shows a reduction of more than the latter. f

I will not forfeit it. J have neither the disposition of an aSlronolic:1 clock will the telegraph to her :assistance absolutism could if the weather is good. There's no one half. in area. The builder whotn I CfUI"-:
i the in such a manner; that beats may be tf'\'er help 10 be got at :any price. The store ship \il ,
the right nor to do any purpose acts, nor either. as of I conceive own, heard; or f..i'l.t.llun ihe running fillet of.. again have reared its head in Austria. As that s.lilct from here len days ago took three The Suull- ]rreslen\ rail fMcuillJc luill. speaking of a britle nail.nlth.n l 1 1construct lie .', t.;

':accord, oral the suggestion;: of others my, calculated : paper Ihat receives telegraphic impressions' it is, the triumph of arms cannot long secure of my men at $100 per month ; there is Mark the prediction ; weigh it well, digest i 1 H bv Animus titles. put on c-' 1..

l tu change it, or, III any degree;; detract at every station. In I his way it can mark stability lo the throne. The Germanrace nothing that anchors here but what loses i, ponder upon it ; that not only crops, but cross I iecetheuhissttttit I II iiccrs.afJn. I' C=
at each station and both their I have had Ii
simultaneously extremities men. hard lime in hud-
from his Irue value and) dignity. 'I'lieacceptance aspire I 10 :and must attain independence a a large portion of Ihe cotton thai reaches with ol"cypress :: rJJ
of the hours, minutes and seconds, ing ihe cargo ; I go in the boat every load. I puncheons spiii 0-.1'
your challenge would in my however they arc thwarted lur*tlie moment.It here from he Flint, Fort Gaines, Georgetown I
estimation, as in that of all sensible! be and also, s.tys the ia/ette, the exact fraction If lean get it on shore I shall save I the as might be deemed nt. t LL..

:such an act. I I. iheiufoie, decline! it.men, of a M'CIHII at which : star or other remains, lo be seen what infliction will be freight. As for the ship she will lay here above and below these latter points I convenient or cheapest ; a would htstae -

.When, from time! pet lotnmucce' ; of such cdcsti.il body)' passes the meridian at either passed upoH ihe patriotic city, by the regal for < long;; time, for there's not the least will next year, that is, in IS.1 and 50, find I much more s.. than a cordiiruf ,.', !::r:rlS

duties( as I have mentioned', or from any place. In this way ihe difference of lime, employer of professional; cut-throa'is. In ihe chance of getting a crew. The coasters are ils way to Macon and Savannah. I do not which suh places are usually irn lied: .",i-fbrat
,other and of course: of longitude hN\cCI 1"1 giving $100 per month. All thc ships atSan
causes you find yourself in a position has suffered to ihat this road will reach our n
meantime Austria in mean I
a reverse say this eusl
what he
similar points can be ascertained with (Ihe greatest Francisco have stripped and laid up. was spoke ol a* h 31 ,
iMoking to down mine, 1 think you will juin me in accuracy. Italy, at the hands of thc Piedmontese. If The Flora, of New London, is at San Fran- river in (that time, bin it will come near cents per fool. :My informant t* MRS' I :

the ambition of, very a fludl contemptuously,l. !! upon) It is rcmniUabh thai the 1 lickings of thecluck republicanism: can secure roolhold in Austria cisco ; illief. Yon probably have heard of enough, to draw by Savannah capital and lug eighteen bridges on the SiJeorgia. Itr.t I t4;,l;:

"' Hut, until then, should jour ;aspirations when in commumcafx.n with the ; there will be no longer any doubt of its the of things here. A sailor will energy mil road: speed and certainly, largely ( ., ::
wit e, can be heard along( the line from Cincinnati be at ihe mines for two months work _
up on h
for notoriety, and timers for blood all the products of the valley of this ; t!
your : continue success over Europe, embracing eventually upon Shall make Ibis to
to I'hiladelpha} with! perfect dis- his own account, and come ,down will from we attempt rtct meet, '
you must seek their in !
,conflicts tinctness.Tin even Russia. two lo three thousand dolars. and (hose river. our fallen fortunes, and use the IJY
with those of Itv,
propensities equally III France business has revived in that in parlies do I ha'ebeeu Stock lo the amount of $500,000 has .
,low: or. what would be more creditable lo every go mich hcler. fore us to draw. trade from : new r' _1
: CUMATK: Of MKXICO.: -The climate depart ulegt. The excitement of the revolution offered f 20 per day 10 go, by one of been subscribed, 500 hands, I am credibly .f e r. ,
your chivalry, wait until our country's' nest of Mexico is peculiar, beautiful, calm andserene the same facilities which "e "urDt .
he first here and
( work It
war, and then seek that occasionur/ displaying ; but Ihe atmosphere' has so much is over, Ihe Republic comparatively is impossible men for'me; to give you one year.idea of informed are at work upon it, and they will Chattalioucliee river ? Shall. *e JI j rktrfr

it, which you avoided in the !last." less oxygen in it than ours, that the whole safe., The manufactories in all pails of the ihe gold that is got here. any build it.You people of Gadsden cheap sal'. batKie. j 1 s. 1

We must admit That there is a drawback economy; of life is changed. The pulsationis country have resumed operations, and goods Yours respectfully, citizens of Franklin, may say (they l groceries J-cheap freight and that 3 : J.Prt tl
upon ihe better spirit of the Idler in the i almost t double in and .:
ilCH'aslc frequency arc selling at prices equal to the marl\e a CUllS1Ul IER ALLO't have not or cannot get the money. Lay live of shipping foreign or coa>tNtdtM ::y
last sentence. It is, ;if not a gratuitous, an ( i.: want of that vigor and robust feel- Capt. of the ship ) !
year ago. The election of President, whichis IsaacValon. not this flattering unction to your souls.They market there i* "> I" j % r.tC.
uncalled far insinuation. or ;rather, allegation in? which ourcliinateafli/rds a healthy man, good a as

against )fr. Flounoy, and should never and; one educed. by disease there, finds it set down for the 10th of December, is (he Georgia Wines don't need it. Credit built the Central and a market for Coin, fruits. a@J r

have had )place in such a document. It almost impossible lo regain his health or absorbing political topic. Honapartu holds Gen. Flournoy has favored us with a bottle rail road the :Macon and Western, the products of the kitchen guile a

no doubt provoked a card which followed, !>strength. The mornings are cool, Inn cool ihtt advance ground, supported by the sym of wine from his vintage of 1645. It isas Georgia rail road. Credit is completing as yard ?-and an avenue, through) :];
and in which the ] a liar for in relaxed state of health toexeicise ah
Major was posted as a man a rich, pleasant and beautifully colored
of he and the an it the Slate road and infact.it
pathie.s: ( army Uourgcoise. began, ; reach New Orleans by urirJ or ttJ
and a coward. A street fight j was expectedlo without danger of taking; cold, :ailiclc as one need desire ; and I withal it \Jge.h
lake place between the two parties, but which is almost as bad as any other disease Cavai?mimic is backed by a l powciful party, contains nothing bin ihe pure'juice oh'time built every road! in this Union. Credit is buy goods or in the pursuit ofp ,the D.1

at the latest dates it heel not come: mill! there ; and ihe days are so hot that ihe rays while Ledru Rollin cotntirtnds the party of grape. In flavor it much resembles he the Archimedean lever that moves the rail Shal we identify OUftt{ with tbt$ .

--- -- of the sun cannot be borne without producing the Mountain' the radicals. Burgundy.-Aug. C/iron. and Sent. road world, in England, as well as whcie of our Slate by the mutual anc* rt detail,A,

bably GBX.remarked YLun.-Our thai all Ihe readers General have i.ffiecrs:( pro- time fever.morning The and natives retire wrap at 11(1011.I.rrhanc up. in cloaksin In England, ihe same imprvelcn marks There can.be no difficulty in making money is so much dearer ; and credit will :advantages growin out of il"* rDJ1 tt ttotr of

bC our army, as they returned from Mexico: paper. the avenues of business :and i trade. The wines in Georgia. Habersham County, and sooner or later build :a railroad, now com opens a way to new anti rich laaJ" from T

with the exception of Jen. Ttiylor.: !have: ---- ..- manufactories have recovered from their others of similar soil, seem best adapted lo menccd, on which one bundled hands are the value of old ones; which .il1 boaJnr'I em

been orft.red on to Washington. W/c l (fJ- IFAL.-1)u: you swear or affirm ?1" it for of delicate flavor do work In connect Columbus (ieo.'him to Ire
partial; paralysis, and with a (lush money grapes not succeed at at all limes 10 go into Ejjip; bout
however this kind said) magistrate i : to a witness.I .
understanding :
tile, not market commercial is well in a rich soil. The mistake the East and West. No road in the Stale ,! and f ,; sa2ti
the activity great Or we twn f I
of partiality I hi*,,. now] ordered I I (ICII. T..yno I Ilfl't care i d-u which, was reluming. 5h.1 i .
proceed tbo-re- liJ..cYicBulletm.. reply. Ireland continues to occupy (he attention of usually made by (hose who raise grapes in will piy better, and l it will as surely be built, with the stoical indi rticnee of ti


.,,- -- ... ... .. t


.r- _
.. r', "

"t, -. -
_. .
; It -
: : --
4 ;,






u--- -__--___ -
if- .. ...- TT- ,1Vork 1 Proclamation.DY .
-- Extraordinary
-- -time c -ur.g.- ;' pounds of rj'cc, and occupied fifteen hundred Eiltorial Principles. 1 11rLti'EPoRT\ IN'l'ELL' 10 ENC E. Most THEMARRIED I. -

that .. good those I laborers. The pamphlet says, that if The following dialogue once occurred in i 1:2s .
4,jir diJ land uen' will help the proprietors had adequate capital, the an: editor's sanctum in England. A distinguished ) .l>c. J). WOMAN'S II

Jtfer ILctnseve5.tbbe lelta, in less than ten years, would have editor was in his study. A long, OF APALACIICOL. PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION. ._ c 'f-

10 http ; if nothing is :inrJ.'I" fifty thousand hectares in rice, yielding two : thin ami ghostly visaged gentleman was _au- ARRIVED.Dfcl BV DR. A. M. MAURICEAU, I I

,. effort i luuch bya'JIII Kindred) millions of pounds ; and, with the noun'cd.Villa an asthmatic voice but ina -Schr Two Mary, Adam, fm N York. DISEASES OK W031ES. 1 I
tin I
tbate shaH lose disco. aid of the government, would supply enough tone of civility, for otherwise the editor Dec(i-Brig Stone Manhattan& Co. Johnston. Sixth Edition ISmo. ps). 250. l'rice $1. '

te "e shaH, ill due lime With to Iced twelve hundred and fifty thousand would) have transfixed him with a fiery paragraph to Dec Xourse 8-Shij Rob't Patten, Fulton fm N York.. TWEN 1T-F1VS THOUSAND COPIES SOLD

lose .ilhout l; individuals. The government is petitioned the next morning, the stranger said : Ship Leopard, Hopkins, fm New York. IN THREE MONTHS -

13t ,e are to IUI' I grr not only thefBlb to appropriate five millions of francs to the Sir, your journal of yesterday contained Ship \VaverIy, Hoberl1On. fm New \orl.lo Years of suffering, of physical and mental anguish -

\\c I object. The Carolina planters have false 'information. M Wright WILLIAM D. MOSRLEY.
4ffirt5' of th.lt. of con some fm Chatlahoochce.Steauier affectionate wifearid pecuniary
Steamer Quincy, to an
Gad dep, bur ""aU competition to fear.A 4 Impossible sir ; but tell me to what do M A ,;Alen., fm KufauU. many the husband, might have been Covenor vf I-'lvrUla. ; .
,r/ allude.. Strainer Southerner haw, from Columbus.Steamer \ difficulties! to The State ol FlonJi, by an Act

orgaDIZed action ;>t that, Vegetable Curiosity. you 4 You said Mr. M. had been tried. Palmetto. McA Iistcr, fin Ctlmnbl. !. spared by a timely possession of this work.It WHEREAS Assembly approved January

ri neeJed, individUal I.interests We have seen a new curiosity in the 4 True." Steamer Boston: Grier Morton from from Columbus.Slcaiusr Colurhbus.CLEARED. is intended especially for the married, or Cth( lb 1% entitled, An Art to define ami settle
.11 of IVytona, it discloses im the boundary between the State ol Florida and
: as
clashing marriage
vegetable kingdom, which is becoming an 4 Condemned.: those contemplating
,: I "
; Alabama, hath ratified and con'uined the agreement
IIt. of interest 4 which should be known to them
road in Gadsdcnejond object to the fashionable world. Very true. Harris for Providence mortar.tsecrct p made bet ween the respective Commissioner-*
# spokeD of the \Ve understand thai many specimens of it 4 Hung. Dec t IH.r1tV' ty UO,81. I particularly. I of tl.e said States, in reference to said btundaryI :
pot that tot Mitchel.Doc
: < the county line, or have been sent to our National Institute. It Most true. ,3 by Hark T L Gilbert, Melchcr, for P oston, byN 'frutkn'wled.e is power. It is health : .- ml icfiertaa, the said a rcttneut, by the said

ct'' rracticability I and cheapness is a nut, and called the vegetable ivory, or 4 Now sir, 1 am the gentleman himself: J DeMois.- happinN, aUluence. II Commissioners, hath been ratified by the Slate of
,be {' Luce for Providence, by the evidence .Thereof is filed! in the office -
doubled to my nut of the ivory plant. The[ shell, or 4 Impossible.. necltnk Triton, contained in its pages haveproved

... have never' been outer covering of the nut, is i scarcely thicker 4 I assure you it is n fact ; and now 1 hope T L 11 l itchto -- The revelations thouan the innumerable l of the Secretary <,f the State of FI.rida:
l blessing to as Wir.MAM D. MOSM.ET,
al- I'fMlT.( a Now, THEREri.ue
than that of the common hazel l, and of a that you will contradict what you have LIST OlTvESSKLS IN
rJr. which sotheir letters received by the author will attestI (Governorf the State of FI. rida, in jumiance
tirre miles, upon similar color, and is so extremely hnrd: that leged.. =llr; York
New Actofthe
dreaded Fulton 37G ton fin femate-thewife the mc.lh and by virtue cf the third stctiou ol the
fs' wtunsted rhetoric I only no instrument can readily make an impression 4 By no means sir.. Robert wniiinrr Patten-, Master.Leopard. J = lore,also, every the I General Acmbly ot this Slate ;,turesau": do

**" carefully surveyed, the on it. It is classed among the family of 4 How, what do you mean 1 You arc Hoi>kin:, 5-3 Ions, fm Newotk, wait- the one either budding' into vrorr.anhood, or proclaim the line iijrctd upon bj- the Ccicraij-

<*"* located, carefully Inca1'e palms, and is common in the Massacreen deranged.' I su-I -t.r. Ne'York, one in the decline of" years in whom nature contemplates I sioners afNI' ahl, ar.d dtfmtdly the )ald Act,

*, nurses E0U'- antI islands; where it is calli-d tagun plant his 4 I may be so, sir, but I will not do it.: \VaerURoI!,Tton. .vi n ton. ;, fii an important change-can: discover thecau"t" I approved January ';ih 1 ISIS, to be the bciindary

( wJ Pccificatioils pre- 4 1 will I I magistrate.: waiting-1 :M Wright.NehraAa. rk -.\it- remedies between the Sutts : f" resuid, .11:1': that 1 it shall Jxhenceforth
planS : about half as large again as the horse chc'- complain tn a 51G tous-, I tm New Y' ;, .,symptoms,and the most efficient
T.I'lt' ltt'a.U authorities
dtttiu-d T atd taken the -
.c i viinl by adverlUetofihcSute. nut. The kernel in its early slate, includes 4 As you please ; but I 11"\1'1' ret net.- M in comto -
in-l \riht. certain mode of cure, every \
proposal N J >ul most ot this- Stile fce l wlybout'bry
loatiingI a and a. true ar.
uJ is i announce ,
.' These pre- limpid liquor, which becomes milky anilwer.t The most that; 1 can do fur011.* to Ohio Sii tmi: 2 tOI for n\tOt .-.i.,.:.n. which, herscs is subject I line lH.'iv\e. the Stu'evof niridaarnlAI

5111auJ .ut provide and at length acquires the solidity o! that the rope hioke, and that you I VI-SU.: .' fm Ltvcrp-wl, wast- 1" -the Married b uii t The l line noticing on theChattahft.cur
eflbit to \01 O'-O Hall )&3 tons, On tin- receipt uTlJne Dollar, : a ama, t lo I : mil
5ec "11\1 the proper I would \ which it very much resembles in I are now in perfect health. I have my principles 1'riln' -" LIIWSCII) & ('I). will be River near a y'Lictr.rsm! \ as "Irwin's -
]/ JunUI.wrL_ 15=40, ------, polish% and consistency. The En"* sir ; I never deceive. Fr.lncY.I, I laelewjck I ;:9 tons, fm Ncsork, Woman's: Private Medical Compani \Iitl," and running \\(!:.t to the: lYrduto! ,

JI_: .f" .uiuatitee.) for .") per cent ofthe li-li ire inanufacluring a variety of fancyarticl's -- WdJ-' S Carin.DARO.fK". sent (mulled feet) to any part cf the United marked throughout by Mazes! o:. the frees and
'IIf (n t' completion of the out of the tint which is said to be COMMERCIAL.Corrox. fur. Providence loading I States. All Utters I must be addrcspd, pM-paiJ, also by mound of earth: llui.wrt upon the line, at

:"rll'ril'r, to be paid us ihc Mirpcrscdinj the cleplunu ivory. One ------ -. -- .-- -- -- -- -. Linn I Ih'I.H I Haider :\: Holmes K-ns and C llog.-. & Co. to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Box 1-221, New York distances (,' one> mile, inre nr INfn[ m each
1540, ----
5lst' lkwlllf quality of thi nut, is i snid to be, that iishiviii2s ---- .---Our n.ukr-t opi-sn-d! this: week willi I I John ;mos.-r, Tollor.J, alt) tons,, for lii-rton, l aulii.iN City. 1'uulUhin.j Oilice,121)1 Libcrty-reel,Nv :. other, aid eoinrnonly kii.\\n" a* the, "Mound.
,r CONFIDK.NCI: Deblots. Line," cr Elliott's Line, ar.d by lhee 1 rmziweshiStirig.Ii"hd
he boiled into a milky liquor, towards the close there was ; 10-tf.
demind but I
wscs. > niaj good May ,
a fr York. tannin irregularly
: tin
Mersey, (' ) alll. 372 ton, Liverfoc.loall. ( frr.m another '! abuvr, ? -
all I and) we. should not tnirket, dt-clined about :
and srlathmus ( the
Lamartine.jMi'Ii not at ; much less inquiry. and : Day \ CI. at ditn-rcnt distances! (rut cxet'tdiog cue
; il-J;
astonished if of our ingenious coutitryiuen Middling 1 :, 4*> a 1 1" ( !ood' R-Vi =. for New York, load- O. WILLIAM respectfully informs "
be boine ;
of the Pam pipers, Jc., so that \\ c row quote E.ml Knml-on. ton MIN./ that she isdt.IrOu.4 and a half miles) Inc III the Mom II Line, ar. t
m some \H're to fiinl out some method of Muldlins 3 ; Middling Fair 3; a iJ ; Fu.ryj.Sales : .- nij i -\\1( I'orter; \Co.r.uiu cili/.ens Apabchicola School, and if marked by bLsze only and known a*atc ** Upper
j h,1 Juvenile ,
. .arlin ; cf ubtainiiig a
....rr ,,11.11 \1. de Li\l reducing larc massrs of it to the liquid of the week abotit 2.500() huUv. Johnston, 2W toi-s! f.r'w York, ( s'liiicifiit numbf-r of scholars can be obtained Line," or CT IK-e's Line."

1 ,lt ,, rantliilate for the Presidency, torn and Uien moulding it into beautiful SALT iswllins at $1 So at the :t1ii'S siJe. Munlnti-m. IoLdIIg-ourse, Stone tc Co. a wIll! commence the fir!t of December next.Terms .- Ir timnny whcrwf, I have hereunto
the ten.rnelL tirn.unrr.tsof a size much larger than those taken forr o.-ton weeks sot: my hand and! caujH-dll.esireat seal
foinradicted by ; FJEIGIITS.'fwo't."es were ct tuition tor a term cf twenty : -
..ecifiixiU MIIIANLtamter ).\- cf the Sidle: lo be atFxec: Jone-at
animal i'orIhultillgtu7t [
:' the .1 on ruth Iciti-i tc cK-ured at Xt-\v the Capitol in the ot Tallahassee,
'm a (Jnion.Cummunism J.c.Ve -hin, C'ddwallader, _
: \J"J
take! at mnetic------------------------------v
:: fore\ York continue to cotton l"I ths2fh: day l.fUddl e r.D.I ., tit .
bales tor Drle.m-'on! I 1-t inl fO this port. CLHI'adillVritin Arithmetic -
.-e. aUo! note an encasement of about 300: i ht :-D W. D. I'SELFYGtJt'rr.Q".
iou rnl lrs !)t- at Trenton Fall*. ---------- and English Grammar. G 00Sr
thc --- Geography
hlfl'l1 in 9-lb'd Allwric \ .1. .LnWF.LL.t'nllJr tf Stale.
I Liverpool at W. A. f: .
'J the ConrrieiIf is theO aid the Frenchman Ho'/frs Eugene Roger-- CLASS Reading, Writing, Arithrne-
r'k, from All, propeity II.Gj(1 day Dills are 2 per ct. di:. ; CO t Charles > November 11, is J h.
.f ask permission lo and !\1 I is public," would tiias. SJoyters A Co.. tic Geography; English (;r ramtrar His-
which: a properly All papersiatfueSfatewihl f publish I tir ej.
nir.in.le, dis.COTTON crr:
Hills 1 ct _
day per COMMiSSION MERCII.ANTS, Cornpopition, Plain and Fancy
the sirls at Trenton Falls say, according to toiy
.. ---- ----- -- S UOMrs. (' ? iiiit.TilK .
----- Nee<.le Work
'c)' 1 wrnie to ;, corie-p.ni Iftit at l Bur. N. P. Willis. Hear n hat he says in a letter STATEMENT/; I I I Last Dec y \\Tatclstn'd.\I'IJchicf1 1.'; William-j llttters herself that her abilities Dwelling? IIi>n*< ]JaM> ('curiedjiiifi

III i III= dr." I : from there : year. to conduct! a Juvenile School will merit a b by the urut.'i-uiud. Tra.:'acc nnioApjlv -
. >.,.,U; ell s a cnndi'lrfto. fur *. 1 inclined lo think that from Fn.nc'hintcrmixlure. J7 1 IVoticcsrpIIE the number of .
t1tI( 01'' '( OI\ a am Siock oTfiainne"p7Ti7l;:l5..7.5)7j/ share of public patronage As dt\ll; to -
I, 1 11))".v (tod and tny friends! or some other cause. the inhabitants Received past week .... . .fi02'i : int 'n-s-t uf Mr. JohN Mu.vvin the house schohra will be limited, person*dts-iroiH of s endin B. S IMWI.EY,

,, r-cldel1'Y CP 4 '.IWit'lI so ,propoiuoned to ; of thi region are a little peculiarin previously Total. .... .. .. .... .3'2'i5j-1. llol I (OlEXl'nrll.d ) J. 1'1 Chi..irI.:KRoiers ic Co will, having be cninlucted expired, (a-I :. WILE please apply immediately at the rc?i.I..e i. Nov t .1uclbut: Hlock.Tor .

IJff thinks IIi'9I.I ... There i is an unconsciousness the .': nvt. TIe bu1-iIv4 : of Mr.( Alexati'ler McAloin.I.
lite cmintiy IheirIIallllc.
H'II d ; .. . .217Ii\\
f-IIt. past week .. | under the f'-rmcr tirrn. l>v the remaining -1-3t Sale or Kent.
for this inazisI carelessness of other's observation .. ... .1T71 \'n\- : ;, tsl'I .
II -!III.lt.IIC I IJ or rrevious-ly naitier"Ch'jrt-i! flrigors, and Eu; :'ne W. HiKprs. Monday THE Hou i will he on
school opened
ISo; above
J tlu 11111 t /.1.1: tn)"elf a' li'wny in ieilnn and presence, that 1 Inve hitherto seen only rutal.:9 I I }>;i CHARLES ROGIIRS: & Co. cril'lie next, in the house on the corner of Chestnut ;;-;: ,situated r.rj the corner;>f Cherry
I 5iJ on the 2th uff' hl'O.I1.Ve have had son:<, duetts and 1 Commerce streets, known a* .th:
S. ''n'I1ur" I : shipboard no'cI'an'rll, 7I -Kilo'Per Iecemnber t I, 1'Jno. \N. and! Market treeK Dec 0. : 3ar.d
anl.n -
of the penie here the \illace girls On hand - ---- Hall." Pos"esMon given immediately.
Ly -
ir> in i ;K >lovertnre choruses sung - Union
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__ ISoot ot
___ .
IIIeU that drew the to
without ;i ZUVCEU in -
-- on
r. ri" Hithin ihe last fev days, a style For term apply premises
'j" \k inL P.\-E N(aI-I: : ll1\ MKtlCIIANT.JVo. ,.. rereiwd, and now opening at Store No. fa!. r.r.ow\
In-hrve invst-lf exposdl all in the li'jiiso 10 listen most admiringly ; Al"CTIOcnDII JUST : .. 1 II(, 1'1'
no' I J I Mardi-n, Capt I!.tll, Ebck-
the tni<- have teamcr (!?uincy-I1 'J Columbus Clock,
awl if 1 conect allt'l1lhe! l.idirs all that t there .
Un.H. : agree Leather Shoes To Heist.
cuch : T T Uoaii.: fine Patent ,
t K Jones jr, 2 cases
\\ Footer
. |af.t i (ihe C< urn i.r de l.i (;Jirond, It i ir is been extremely I pretty gills t'.ay .ifter Hay Per cteamei :u'llht'rnt'r-CcI l I 11 1 J! Taylor, 11 K Apalacbicola[ Fa. 2 01') do Cloth Gaiters. patent leather : STORES Nos. ti Columbus Bkekar.d

| to prt-vi-hi ;iiin suh.equont ini!nn- \ ;rlll" them. -.- Hill, J C Alien, Wm Poe, M.IJ llardway, Tappan, ft.Advances inadi on all con-ignmpi.t i if reNov. ., heel! and toe, ;Tt;;j IS Water street. For tcrrnis.a.ly; ; to

( ._ .. \lI'\ would! Fomicrites to the extent Lee H F Smith, Owens._ :"., ISJn. .. NocnEsTNI&c I .
"'IUIII".1. ." Toe.-k llnl'n> '- 1 find they are : M )1olr111 A )McKenzu, ,.,'..rl'..L.- 2 ca-"'; tine Taj lor Tyes, 'ill N. v II.
: A
y.Mird. lo ueMie it \\i.J: tj<* rah, to ruit of ('olnOlllu-hair; brush and other personal lady Per,, child stpaiii'-r!;and s-mls: Mrs S A Joyce, Mrs (;jtflII ,- 1). 'ivooi, I ,I If) Pecked Coots, : For New York. .

'i woul.Hje a w. t>Hnf tu duty 10 ili<- \ furnitute-walking into any body's room 1 in [ children and strvts, MUs \l.u till, J Oibaon, COMMlSIN I MlICt1ANT I (I 1 An White Kid ALSO Slipper.. TilE fat sailing .regular packet briar

.. tic anti l the ni'tin. I ".t. incapib'.ewof : the house fur the temporary; repairs which \\'\tlhnr.T! II Green : MANHATTAN.Johnston, it.sb-ter,will
of this eowllllice.I their travels and) availing Perstfamer Peyton.l-1 r Bellamy! II'i Guy omm, -.it I W.iti-r-t., .\ 1.t of nl.ad1ade. Clot bins, lr.\v for C.ThXovj .
or I belles on freight
; Apahic'iicola' V'a. :.> JXQ. s. HirrcHixsox.Uacou :-i have
L1.\\x.tizcr:. them
I simplicity perhaps a litile i I tran-ien.lcntal. I steamer steamer W..h..r.

! Indent in the I'mirh National .\.- hail obtained the privilege myself of .1 i small. ,1 IITO'i, Jol Porter. .\ Dill.ird! : I UalSoti, John Austin V I,oa;, 1 G.SKBJclln., clear sides,

I 'CII1i1\. dressing-room apait, in I uInch I presumed ,\III'\-on.\( Mi-AI Iui; ii.! C Vt-lv--iion.. I iic I II A NNo T S Io vi5 bbU. St. Louis FI.lur"Cry fine, just received XcYOI'li..
scveial lutit'V f'rIOI.I-Mr.! \\ oud.Pn C O M 1 Ml t I f-'i O THE fine f.utaili :. regular packet
cil Per ll'.ll1 and sale
: "tiei writer who p ;- atvl I oilier merely masclniiginis : on ctirisi;nn-ent! tor by
mhi- vi, tOLlS troiv>rrs t-taaiiK-r I'.irn.1o-.Irs! \\ I 11 'uun;, children !- \Vatir-stn-it, hark EDWAP.D Krud-on, Ir.a"r..r1l
National As- JXO. S. HUTCIHXSOX, ;
I ,v ot : t t October in I..".)..tflfl. !I. would be protective: scar *- an-J S'-rU?, Mr :uuon.i Auli'-hi--, F.. .,,. *& *" 'ItsajJtfi1 K" > nnrt JVrtreiglTt
: NTr > ('rtn.I- H'.rt.I \ 1' 1i'i.t. si .
I ; ; X i 1 N'ov : U M. Uo.NVv
E ', III' France thuS ulluJfS In anx siifTictent ;okee' out these daily --- ----------- -- __ ol!__ ___ __ ap; Iy to

.:t" \:1It' during the debutes; of the day : {iVmali1\ 5!. invidets; ; but, wrtlkiiis iu } ...ie ,l.iy.I r.ciii'ivItt 'i JHI-'> li.iks. L'oI'nl'1.cotirii tll I IiGKati'y <;OU1Uli.io;i anlln( tiDal Room. 'ol' ah'. 2'I_: Water st.For .
.lien r iini' an I inei.liMit ;i" uU il I, lit i* d I fiinnd combs and! biush: in active Per sti-amcr l to L'li'khart & Yotius; 25 to Wm G; Ltl'.\T'L.\, A I.ADA MA, O M.\1IOCJAXY Couutii'-'lou-eD: Apuly Proviileiice.THE .

.. and l>Li 't that my tnakiti : IV S llawlt-y JJ. S. HAWLEY, LION, Henry, master,
'IIII'I..H' rtU\ :\flCZi vi rv tidy lo-iking i girls i Pi rl.-. V Co; S ,10. 2 bx trb.icco to ; BV ,- to barqe
t.i'ii'."ii vIIH h "-\t-r\ public' HH'ftiiii in imploy..imltuo.$)thmseUv,:. .1 homevithutit shutting t I 7 ilo to Il-irpcriV Hom! .5. 35. STAZIR t'o.We : N..v: : ->5 C. iumSu! Hl.'ck. will have dis;>.itch: for the ab,>veport;
hrfon! it i'1'am'r"ilh"rrll'r-21(5; !liales colton lu For freightf I'") baIlS cotton under
. ". :"IIII'I expctt* and! tequiies door :! WI muro disturbed) nutiilfri IVr V I' 51lof 1 lull!1 1hire of the pi'ronti l'o''isions.BEI .
th'; ant \ IIoliii'-- i:5'J: to .\ N MeKav : 11.1\ I ir. :ecu'i\I.tI a deck load apply toJLHPER
! tnlf'!, 01 IT tlimotttfiit ot >eparaTioti. I i ihrtti if I Illiall bcn a l.irg"* malt; ly.As .- Il-irpt ItojjorsA:r Co; 31 to J I PIT X Co; '.' lo W ( i t 1'1'.1 thiMcTch.iii's of Apalj tiicol.i lalea 1 :'" anl Pork for sale by deck,or ; & UOI.ms: ,

! : ,,t, ;f.."-1 .d-Ldm'llIn-\\'ho IOP tVotnt.'J ; fntlJIl.It'tC wailing. I apolottiy.d fur in- Porr -V Ct( '; 50 !.> \flllllfHH'l, \ Co; 1:1! to T > 'on, \\ ill fei-l thanklul l the uj.e intur hut XovJ-1. ---\V-OD.StOla --' Dec !f ot C. ROGRRS & Co.HULL'S .

t ...hl. .; in.nle wallY campai-n- within truil'mg long enough to take a pair of boot* L Miich.-l: t !; 4 to !!nl i D.tw.t \ CD. I llarIwrCv of !.m-i il.e5" t I.. C'ltiiing uit.li-r. -- "
rotten lo ( .
,. ,.tIIHII' Al tii.i, IMIJ quartelicd with out fioin under thfir piotection but ,m\ Per ,Holmes297 earner I'.tlllwlln-221 tlA X :IcKii0 i.t--s ; ; 201< t to i I: 1.1I1l1la.1.! \ ., :,\'. 11 1, !-NI-S.' _ -_._>-tfAiiftiiui _.N Fire Proof Store .xo.;21 \V.uterfrct, byNuiw T.'n'o,.
ol S Lvunoricii-te. and nowojipoituiiiu interruption.One ; : ; Loun 50 loW ( III!". superior single and double Trusses,
'HH1T' l w ir I're"cllce'a'l evidently l no C I: r-. :!I" : (it iflhlUgiI! ) hi- ot"the yirls (.1 tall figure(i like a woman II KIJnbrotI2hIon; 15 to Wjlic .N: McKen- lion 11011-, bv

r. '. h H.l lie-in dispntinj L'HIIIOII.i'y in two syllables: connccteil by a hyphen zip; 31 to T L I MilthiI.IVr : 1 BY "POTATOES-:juu bushels l Feb 17 H ABELL.. .
hales cotton III00'
79 ncwandicandtr
M I A Moore- ) do
P.4' '. lui I an nun) ; he oon pairedi'uM the wai- ;.) continued to look at the back sieainer( \\. G i Porter Ac Co; IJ to I OXIOXS-lO Sarsaparilla.BULL'S .
at 5t 110 'OU'i'U. ELLISOX & Co.
\\ ) .x P.allou > : ( IJ.
; ITbanklul .\
I in D. Ai
"r'oll': I. < : lie talked of generals of her dress in the "lass, a hi rows Cttli- Lockhnt& Yotin ; 251 to \Vvhie .McKeuzic ; -ii i 1 N'yyj; Sand's, Kri,tol's and Dailry's ccm-
bollr mili.aJJ her tor the pitr"nni:'j hitlu-ilci rcceivr of Sarsapanllu:just received -
.l'c."t.h" II\H.,111t1'1r elevation, and ili I othei went on threading 314: to A X McKay fc Co ibid extract
fivotiiiin.Mil Jli ixe -2sr2 biles t coilon to Clo ?lerch.tit of Ap.djchi: <*r-l.t, he \\uid: for sale bv '
Colfl and
s iiaii I ic.1. to ch.mcc; Am! : chrvtlure with my doubtless Per steamer iVytona from 1 .e > c.OO *
| muNt prodigal Co 5o to Harper A: lioim73 I to WII :i cc lit iuItlaCc of thtir lavor* nd for sale by H F ABELL.Saddlery .
iV.cu ; l h lavishing p.it- unresisting hair ?rs c : rcpcctiullyelicit; JACKS RIO, landir; ? Feb 17
I' .IOII" though I
y .
embarrassed 152 tr. A X McKay 11: l2-s
very I Knnbronii: Jc :"on: 1:'ut.tuuia, Alj.. Oct. -2", Isl\ DP WOOD.Clothing. .
i Jf' on ili.ir oiil (cninrnd- and tHere pro- lin>li ; and sol abandoned! the I field, :>s 1 50 to T I.liICh.I; ; 150 to X J I VbloU-JM/ .1 Lotion.GHAXVILL'S --Nov- 1-5- Ac.

z s. ( \.oto..c took tire at thi> attack tilldear of course expected to til). As they 1J4y X: Co; :1 to Lockh.iri! \v YosmsPer recei\t-d! and fo ot varir.u- patterns and Dualities,
was ,
ii.jlication I to X.I LUion, iu ,t
.n':1 fellow-cutnliatnl; in retreat, Iiliit IirCsUIe MeaiiuT (luillcy-U .. larjt invoice ot SADDLES and Snutlle bits. .
110 tnenr1 : did not shut the door after my Co 2J to .\ N )lcKaro : \' Il sale oil consignment, a curb
: he eKpro: f'd ,his i surprise that (ny the "code of mnrils: neiuabouts _I Dltlfl1Ii c- to C Rogers: ; : J C :\ I.LEChlol' :. i. cily mallclvthing, bv the package, by Saddle Ha-s-, -
: Le-\\ I" of ,. inV (5Portr Ier0 .----- 1) irVO"OD.Dry \I.trtingales and Whips, ftir sale by
nn.11.. lirl serteil in the same n man's preoccupancy) a room I'irstc.iyiiu'r! Quincy-217 bales! cotton ---- ;;Oh
\\ \ d<- of Soda, WM.: G. POUTER & Co.
J A: Co: <;5 to 'yhi'
at PleaS Goods.
xciiuliJ KMiiurf to utter sUf.Ilf1l1i entitles him to come and go A: Co; 4o to Cay 1ev .
simply .\ N )1.1IY AJ Co; 21 tl' Lock- TCh'received and 1..1 sale byDMM Dec 30 J1 Water stre -f.
the well-merited I and convenirn McKeiiziiJ7 lo '
nuaiiuiis tniriuutu| ,U, -tie unoccupied portions A Youu .1 !I J C Al.I.KX, A 17STIN & LOXG,successors to .. Stevenson Carpots.
> *utl rfili ncvitiftii. an.l the ju"t. pairioi of the apartment open meantime III hart : f'alllr"iola'OO( half? cotton to N .1 -TjL & Co., are just opening at the uId.tand, corner Cloths and
:es Per ; Tackcl. >
: and wide
III"II.lllUtI ol the I nini ier of war- feminine a\.l uncut ami partaking.; 1 do not IVblois! ; 12(1: ( to ;ollr.t', ;1uflu.C Co; 70 toV d; I'ishitzur received Jiid 1 f r 'ale I, ol Water all: Cl e:tnut streets, an entire new 15Oil Oil Cloth, I yards :

lui 1 no U'-.: Miipn'(''s me, he addtul.! that they would go to the length of Porter & Co; 61 to A N MrK.iv & Co; 13 I to A (1001)' a-Joitinciit m-t stock of nilV GOODS, SHOeS, HATS, &c. tu super Ingrain Carpeting. ;
know 4 to \Vyhf \ McKfii/if !h\ of the former 2 H Stair
1 invite the attention
with Lcktlartuuutig
of ;
:'tliig in I La'i.oiifii-tf with; :i look) deep i one's tooth-brush, but bales colton 10Luik11ttt J C AM.rX'ol which they
"fr.itemizing 1'rtearner PillllwlloI' Dec"" of the old firm, and the public. VJ Tufted Rugs,
'*rt 1101! -iti.-i! ""11. K that thnt win the exception of locking up l that rather confidential A Yomi?; 173 to A N \McKav Cu; I*a IH'I'. customers Nov. It, l.I IS. 13tmn'Z'lav 1 For sale by WM. G. FORTEK & CO.

."iid t it? Mcnitil awl I fir' "t, here or any- ) article, I gave in to the custom of Mi: \Vjltc .'c Mcj'i-ir/ie; i> 10'm d 1'.lrtt"r\ : and EmbLcd Xote I'.ipcr for .\jial.ic1uic"t Dec :?u I H Water street.

r re.:' The ;euciostty) and I iutfiiMty of 'I.IUlltr:11111 have U.ft oprn doors to the A IKIUORATKI Protection Insurance Co. of
lie Co.Per J Day "
halt colt.ni) to
; .
f-li-ciricnl i I Ir. !J:1rt': Chir..Ja-j. 'e %Vnrriiitetl to Cure.FOSTER -
"leeluii; andiir -5-ion' had! ui trial"I please men- JC ALLEN IVc\v Jersey.rMlE
ladics-\\'Iich Co 2'j 101' Ii Porter A: Co. Dec U I COXETS South*rn Tank.compounded .
the above & genuine
of lilt ; ---- appointed by /
subsv.-rib. being
l thi h ile audience most --- --- r
on ; in biography. --- --- -
lion if convenient, my i'ca'citHNioii M-ntativft ruv MI >nc( ami caused tlw EX'f )lr1sft'N1'tr OOud .L Company t their agent for thjs cily, i is now \J from
bark ( ;jl1"'II-SHIIub-s i-olloo. take Fire and Marine Ilisks. forests! a pe-fcct and lasting cure for lever I amt
lust ) to
lesouml with Ijonie 1 prepand:
III rqrc. D.M-.ON .\ UK HOTUSLHILU, one of the I'llOV1UENCE-; |"MI'ITi"ti>n-(:V7 baK-.s FOUs..lebvIKCM .1C ALl.KX.AL.1 May II, 11S.; THO-:. L. MITCHEL. ague, and tor being time be.-t Tonic in cases of
:"'Jti'l! j is thus gained bv. the cxcntivcJAMIH.ING. and thevc.ilthicst capitalits --- ----- debility or wCJkncs.lu\V Known, fi>r sale
fUill.\ ------
(Bankers cotton. l.cl --- general

I Cambria i amfor un.1 I I clebrated Spanish Specific i for
steamship for sale by > -
the *cc. .
"DI\Lt: ( .-In I Paris, womenouty Saturday. in life I learned, on arriving (H I J C AT.I.KX::: D sJli by [Feb-21] H F ABEEL.. Blank Books mid Stuliouc.I'LEDGERS )
in his Doc 9 k
of the first t lime I JiliL.UIlICOIi.BXCH1\ Journals, Day Book, c. ,
pi-y lugii I ID fashionable; H.'MWS! -- : World.
; in our haibor, that the splendid steamships Giiiitti arnCrj-O ins, Joy 10 the Foolscap and Letter Paper;

nce ami (my tickets in lotteries but they of Kngland l could be beaten by steamers .p.1 THIS I hou-e h.is !bctti thoroiizhlylefitted ale bv PERRY: 1>\\'S Pain Killer just received Cotton Memorandum HooksShip ;

I; on ch.uize and operate in stocks with nation The Uiron and his :i"'. l'' for the ( ;to.iii, uiul the sub- FOR-" J'1 J C ALLEN.School JL and for sale, wholesale and retail bySPt and River Cuts Lading;
fashionable waterI'taues of another takes plea-uro m illil rmiti: .. Tims. E. GRAY, Agent.ICazors. .
fat f'OIhusia ln. A l the having had, ) considerable experiIMICP I I Briber readi- ; ; IooIts.It 23 Boooks for Letter Press.

t& in Cerurany ladies indulge inPmlin brothers recently i in European revolutions, arc rcL.E!; :*:*. the public' tint u InH i Ill.in if: permanent LARGE I .,'I.rlllInt,1 School Hooks jlbl l lureivtd t Blank Bills ot Exchange and Checks" .
to almost a! an cr.icnt as and its; mu.ss for t lie ri'f'pIIf\II 1 Rodgers & oll' Just icevived and f-jr sale by
Ametic.i and
; great 1 attention t I to tlic' usual I'Jh.II'I .L"1.: and for sale hvJ"CI &. BUTCHAR'S "
men. In Kngland it was formerly tins devoting) more with a iicw to permanent, investinputs and transient boirdt-rs: ,adopt at and tiavcllermay I J. C. ALLEN.A WADE Razors for sale by March[ I -- --. --.--- hE. F.- AfcELL.SCOTCH .-

liion for ladies to play high in the first resources in ,our t.ublic-- stocks. railways, sieam \ citI'CY.SUU'depend having H an all the l.i\.uries awl elica-! tl van, d.IItZ. E"elfl II F ABELL.3Itisfar .- 2aifT. .

"tltl ol Micieiv.1. ami a (_e Illfllctj"by t. ter Sc. One of the family, it i is rumored, I cies of the upon market served up m I theb I :t sHlo.The t I undersigned willllnkl'i I I liberal I advances!
tio means an extraordinary charttt'r.l1 ships, in this country, and aid Mr. Augustus ; DAn is now and will at all tunes be. kept rI'JlE Cotton consigned to his friendii! Llvt-r.; SPLENDID article of Ground Mustard, i in recenedarid f".r s-le bv"

Mexico where gambling is a universal will settle Delmont, their New York aent, in supplied) } with the choice Winr-s, I.iquor-i I anilCigars. pool, tbl';. ', 1 Ilivre, nU:3tollII' New Y,..rk.Nov A tin bases for sale hy Feb 17 II 1-' DELL.

out of the ol I I the I) H WOOD.Jioofs 11 ABELL.. 1--
fissionhere the l'ril'' t comes the business of the firm in i A ( continuation li"lll1..101 IE- April-27
--- -- JI. .1icilies.
tJDrch and in down 10 play of a Sunday extending South America, heretofore bestowed, is respect full v Ollil'ill\ S'aoos Jrn'o
and United Stales, :Mexico and JOHN PAUTRI1K1E.December :. ami -r I SDrl (E IX r I ill I K subscriber has just received Irom New.
*fnoon, ladies are dealers montc eventually 10 I the Hast Indies and China.We T."OR SALE, by the package, by MOFFAT'S"LIFlf received ar.d for sate by J. York. per brig Virginia, a large and fresh
"''e their of ihe national piojn and time U, lv J IS. D Ii VOOl). 'ist.HAIR .
foil share that capitalists < Dru
predicted a year ago I. Nov 1 3 Nov :2 3 H._AliELL, : stock of Drugs and Medicine, and all articles

n5iIJ' lu New York female gambling in and merchants; of Europe: would t-re 1)1.nlal'y Cordial.Dl To ISO lit.IVVRT : UI'ushcs. usually kept In his line, to which be woujd re-

lerJ tickets and policitsis a very common begin to emigrate to A met ica. Nowhere : I). l\-ntary Coulial, juslrecrhed of Ihe Fire-proof Sh.reC'. 21 I Water Hat, Clothes, TecthNJil and Shavii spectlully call Ihu attention of his friend; and

** icf. and there i is no lack of ladies who long their capital he employed aid for sale by Enquire of D P. WOOD. :, for sale by the public generally.
else can &
** reJy 10 lake a hand at right et-nn with so much profit lo themselves and ihe t Dec'J 1 1; .\ mrL. XliV tt Feb 21 I II I I.' Af.ELL.C'onurcss Nov -I ._. II F ABELL.Seeds .

Wt, bluff, brag, lou or eucher, playing people of a great and poweiful nation. SOS).. sniitr. Water."IUST I Seeds Seeds!

** "eh stakes as suit their tinances.'u.- America only wants capital develop her LARGE;i assortment of Toilet Soaps, JU-.I Snuff, in bladder, for sale by received fresh, and fur sale by Seeds, just received and for sale by

tieD are aa adventurous as men, and quite which far exceed those of all theIuropean I A : ant! for sale by SCOTCH II. I.,. ABKLL .J Julv-3 II F A HELL. GARDEN I 11 F ARELL.lota .
are es- resources rcclvtt F A HELL. I >
ready to test their luck-and they 1111l'U.-' N.; i .Sun. !
chances in nations CUIII 1tc1 School Books, Lanccts. >h.LBS I I'J
Miallji venturesome in taking Starclt.OLGATE'S just receive, and for sale by
Thumb Lancets, received
and ju>t
the lottery of marriage. Knickerbocker.COMPKTITIOS A dutchman was relating his marvellous C best Pearl Starch, F fur ABELL.sale by FOR ) 17*_H ARELL... SPRING sale by 11. F ARELL.Panacea. #-.d 0 0 0 \ov ,t H F .DELL I

Albany when thirteen of his Dec y 1 Specific, Felt ;
escape from drowing I UrTWooilriifPs Worm __ : -I--- L lllOIi Syriip.U '
I swerea l lost by the uppsctlmg ticompanions u. Shaving ISoxcs. SAFE and cll"i..iellt remedy for worms, tot U RAY'S superior Lemon syrup.jtist receive

I.N RICE: PL'NTING.-Mr. I. boat and he alone was saved. \ LARGE I and cheap lot of Shaving Boxes, A sale by cVA1M & HOUCK'S Panacea, just receive L anti for.sale bv *

'ral&h' Little's Living their fate 1- A just received and for sale bv J ALLEN II F A BELL.New .
writing from Paris to And how did )tU escape H F ABELL. J.\.l> 3 0 and (tor sale by ABELL. Feb 17 _

Ace, thus speaks of the culture of rice ai asked one of his hearers. Dee' Vermifuge.WINER'S Ft-b 17 II F Publications. .

the in IK poat; !' was the dutch- Fresh Vest Powders, Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by Svnyu'isll1"S and for sale
Delta I lid not go : VOLUMES just received,
of the Rhone : .
and for-sale by II F AJiELI4.Cologlie rc.t
UST received, Syrup of Wild Cherry, just )00
authentic imn's placid raply.P.qv.'I'he ] J C ALLEN. by
k' V nt,'resting pamphlet with .- II. -- and Bay Waters, COMPOUND for( sale by Nov 4 H. F. ABELL-

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1011 of the Rhone, extending SMALL street, a MASONIC WITH a French and Gemaucmbracing ". --- -- Courcss Sprin.tVater,
; delta of under the now Constitution N Wednesday last, on Water her Perfumery. both Family Medicine ,
rom < arasc the Mediterranean sea, Legislature; dollar O lE.ST-N, Enameled. The (If Extracts of tlmo.t I .YNF.S'celebrated TUST recei\'cd:1.d tor sate by ,
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i to but two I
receive every and for sale by .
Stale, received, S. C; ALL -
that the
for returning iu-t J
illd embracing a surface of more Ihan.3dred and at time expiraliotof find.-r will( be liberally rewarded by nlea-iant tlivor now in ue, for sale byJ J C ALLEN. Nov 11
hectare is day for forty days, W. .\. C ALLEN. Oct 25
per .
thousand hectares. ( remainin si-s-ion, it ireduced i i- sUM ( ) rvI.I. -
tbout a hundred cres.) This year a thoii- that time, if they I he. 2. IS I>. ", .
.and tnillioti to one
hectares have yielded four

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: ______-_ _ _ _)_ I' -

tawFsi "; -- I whether the result ul inherent c'3i'e i.rprvuuci'd AMJNL01ENT TO fljk
:Ie, by irrez'.li'jf> ii.fss if accit. Constitution ,1 S-r/jal Xoticrs.In. hiGhLY
of tJic State of F Jo-
'. ; .
NrtLinzcji* be in .rc urjr.-1 ,j: tr.an i'sin I
-'.; rilin ctJect- OTI The l.umau fhii'e. Per- Franklin Circuit Court. .i Valuable

s al! weakness a.,d lade, from takirs; it, John \V. KiaalJi, Cooipl't, ( i ,
f rrrJ of Gestation !
iptt c; to by &e Ciird General, and
j oce b* cona rohcil and i ii cf euer > awkri's vs.Dar.icl '
.b5cmU (: ubjtct t-j the action t'fZ/e c-/r Chanccr v. ,
] ,
JJeace. It iiarnedulC3Uiiter Smith and :
iU the Lucy Ann
c $ v>f the -VioJti tr-iine, which< is i the General .13SCIflfI.: I II his wife, Pp'is j j jut!puiluhfd i/i .% f J : ec"

c.it 4 f Birrenaes*. Il v.H not b? reading th<> .reioi aIidavi( it is This Work ccctains j
i esj;:; ACT to amend the ICih Clause the -5th UPON :c or
?-4: ** 'u, in cases of so delicate a nature, to I ; that service of the for>zoins bill beperfecttd matin upon a subject
f ) !v;* *Vrn 11 s 15 2 a lt %i- ':L.t certiScate* rf cores tvrivrracJ L at we the Article of the of Coiiilitution ot thi- State, s-j that t ; on th th af3cteJ Judges the Circuit Courts shall hold I \fd ria e. It will be .
a'i as-iir.s j that haiwired-t ca e'i thetr &y publirati i in tiieCommerci.il Advertiser, Pai1
ive been rep >r-. TnouI I- uf ca-ss duria t-act-s u J for faohar.r.a term &f ei t.t e-rs, instead ol I ur i>ir.e other newspaper published in the Western whose means, health f ,

% .'-ra fin.Jihive: bee: withut children! after SECTION > D:-lnct, f'r the space cf four months, nut ptriut them to
1. requiring
Et it
j_ 1r -irLr a fr.v ->.stcs of this U-Vjluible i .edfie i! Koust enacted iy the Sfn&le and : jujd defendants to appear and answer said family, without great
'nvii I bjen blesitfl wtr S of Xcprtttutatices of the Slate of Fv. j bill otherwise perhaps risk of life. ,
it. healthy : : ida in Gei cii that the sinie be taken pro con-
Dr. S tr' itriIII.WY. To Mother! ? arid Jlnrricd indies. 1-Jth! Clax-eut<> uicith.istmUy Article conrcntd* >he Tnat the J fess). GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judze, &c. troubles and dangers
o Constitution
1 :i f : ) T.it Etfract of S.irsip-.r.ilj !:_ beta exprc-ssh cyrvvu f this State be s-j amended April2lth,1S1S. by i celebrated !
as to read follows
The i.t en'ibi&rv M-- : i ::n retvr.-ac* it* ic A true WM. VALLEAU Clk.Mav municated in this
-.u? ;'i t'.ieV ?r'd 'rnplaiMs.: No viz: : That at t'.e! expiration cf the copv. ,
"Tnis E'r.Lt i, nt a.;;n 1 nrr 3 tie* : it i* 'ijc : !:* 'i !> w'j< ja-rt.Mvatos-j. ;> -:--heisLp ...-jachc t oSre o: the Judges of the Circuit Courts present with term -1 ltj-lm avail himself of it at

ti-n a ?hj er, ;jicaaat-r, avi :rrnte': ;'Iu that cnttcvl [MTi'1, T'tf turn ef un," the e\ceKiyn, hcrcinarter mentioned Justices, At any instrument, ,
4 en Ti any s ,! !. It nre? without t shot:! I n. Iect to take :v. n- it : a cerUi'i ; ret' Suprein--- ,urt, and the Jadzes of,the Circuit of the author. The J
I.ieitative; f-r aavf the nunrr. ozd hum ale Courts APALACIIICOLA, Dsc. 2>, 1S17. forth cost J
shail be elected!
vhich feIe for a terra of ei;ht years, John M. Carnochan Plaintiff the reach of all. The i
fe jtt .t this ,
jratiri.: thi Pj'it tii.ie and shall hoi J the:r otSces for that \i J
lh I ')t Th ri be term, unless vs. fallible, convenient, i
;Dt bfa: : ity aidJ rbrity of this Sir. nnj dIi'Jfcrsurai sooner: removed uidtrthe
I AZ.rs b uii4z t.t: ,fl&idflf. 'r provisions made in this George K. Walker and the health of the
pui1Ier al! other nsJiciie H, that white if VF i it rut. Coj: >titation lur the removal of Judges address Mary
'erJet4t12 .!i*>2*
t;s on? of t*<.? r >i-v !beit i as it is i calculated to assist mtnre, by quickening:. or other rea.soa.le j which neglect ol duty, Florida, James E. fiettneran.i [ Bill for account Morally j

: IiU't: ; StT1'.IEt iICIS I 1' e biood and nvi:nratinz the system. Indeed, j I sascie.it ground- fur impeachment cjsfise, the>haU not b: Ann his \vife; ct the ( and partition. The object ot this .

Erer kio v.i; it not onhs pzrii s tbe w"ub sy*- \j I'u-i medicine i invaluable! fr ail the delicate I shall remove :n> u" them, on the ,address Governcr of State of New York, and the highest ctilitj', and :

zI th % bt st tr< att d.iies to which jvursen --ubiect.. i t thirds of te; GvTitr.il tri. Jane McMisters, of the principles ot prudence

no. p-r ail rich bhil: a P % ; -<*- M>j b 4. I IT brace* the whrle system, renews permanent-' r r, That tne ca-i-e or Assatab'y causes shall; Ptotide'l how State cf South Carolina! virtue. It shows Low l

n-. other' rnvirije.iJiiH!< Ii-J* t1.* 'rand \; tb natural enerie by removing- impuri-j 1 length in such the
eicret of it* v >*i !. rfiicire'S ft K j rf-irTi 1 tiethe 'v dy, *r9* tar stunnUtirt? a< to pro- of earn !-Lue. .ind Prctid'd on Journals UTOX afnJ vit Complainant's Solicitor that't the constitution, which j

' withh the' li-t 'iv.i ; varTJ re tfin 1 > ',O t I t-i -? -'r><. ;j'Kr-jlVtfUxatJ.m, which; i- tj case oi- j Thut Ihc ciuir causes shall! be notified furthEr, I Defendants mentioned in said Bill do ccmpliih by the most ;r f fmeans. wjij

crzre otv.re L Pf : t !ka4 : ", i 't.4 tnc-i-ie tiken fir fenr.U* weakn-** and J une so !i.:'? t f. J to be re-njvt'J, aid he to the not rer-ide within this Circuit, but within the The object 1 j gui!

tverer-jil 'rjl JT"jri' Irf. ;It t -t .--iv-"* ?': v--.i : It is ordered that notice cf the world. The means :

ofi: Z.t ; j) rS14 :- ; t :n :j.ij :: -jr.-U jritios: raa (fore any v<..t.- 5-.r and
VI. *el- suecases t..e vo'e -hall be take:: pa by? : in 3iav ; amer.dcd Bill, be given :n some newspaper pub discovery in ph\i! I j e -

Io,, ian.1 .; of Gl1 ] DL1 ,. G rt1 tcit ; Jo othe atitlIt : : and ett'.d on the Jc'jr.ials of edch jes I-ou z' lished iu the Circuit, for the space of lour queace to puliiic mor.'.

v.ait of Nrt'o'i: : : try. months an.l it"j upon line proof of the appearance The ti.5:1'

t)1_. T'-Ti-'tjl' :>irlil .- tj:2 i thcft ti tnit; 41ecttz1 n'i-.e f9rit SEC. 2. I'f it/'uriktrenacltJ, Tht the Judges I of sai.l notice in come newspaper so published Love, and the .

v I It *1 h. 1' -' ; r i k' ilLs t P -t :n, and '- ; I : j5r-t appoii.ioJi'Jer this asienJt-d Con>titutioa, j lor me time menIio9e
thssr rnza1ir esy i.v *l! l.jcsor cf !P 'i_ itte tJt-.t uj', .?' i'i-birtli. ever d.-fovercd. It L; j shisl! ye d;td. .. *>y li.t into !four ch -e?. The not appt'-T to sjid bill by the next ruledaywhich may. Without marrn \

c1a 1 1 Ji--r.-ti! n c j-n TJ tl-I : i yjl' 4s'r ub i"- !> .th t'-j cipher and! rhud: ;prevent* ]| :5r-t class yi.: tl hold his or their once or offices shall coTieattcr! twenty days from the expiration tries a debasement of

$t t.tt-e ii! t1:, ;:.j ) .1 '.7 "J i: j'ld 'jji i'tcrfa-te* rnd enrlche* the food. ] 'tVr the term ( .vr. years the -econd for the term of said pcrif-d cf four months it is further ordered indulgence of the ,

01 a 2 .icril psi4 ; r sr4 sf ti+ fltTi I< t' 'fAr$ 'i-iiv od if i t'li-ik: it is i i ..ouer.saLle.. of f.'ur }vr; Ze: trd:: for the term of si\ yeas: \ that the same be taken as confessed su&nriz and !s .r. 11

%A9? l" 4 5-.' ".,t4i"ntif i- i-, j it is i-'zhlv 'i-f'il V th bcf>re and: :! j"f--r conliaeTrttit. the fourth *' r ; .* term cf eijhtears.; agsinit them.GEO. ter. Who,then, shall

ltpThi; ; 'a '-3-: .tv z I 1 ii-t as if ''r<*ve its d'sea-i-ss c-idi'it upon I [ Pased tf-e Se'ute fay the Constitutional ma- S. HAWKINS, Jod. e, ic. the right to marry and

irdithat Ji'jl slJT jsM.J" a.ifn'i, CV ;, c1 i'iirth-ii CcivenePile- Cr sinus, S.veli- I ru.tv, D ccnsbcr;?. IS- T. Passed the Hou,e oftA'cs. CAKMACK ic SPRATT, nature !

entirely r.f-- I' t .i il-i-i-.t r.'ri !y. Ti i: ; j ii T ><" the Feef )'.'* >onG"irv. Hoarrb'irri, Vonitn ; hy the Constitutional njujcritj, Compl'fs Sclici'f.rs. Yoniiar

Sr11riih i fir J-I.T! .r rsvii ) P.U-I: in tie D ck aid L'.::iF
ltt'i. )r4llI ; ciy I t1 t.wrr1 t. ., ji -retiOn5 anc ri Ail F"r.dt t'r r-ers will publish, provided net Dec 3. 3')-Irri Clerk. yet established, w.l! fi

_h it r % 4 I..i t 4T tcLiii ( r tizinZ t! ( :rcui ti'i it his no e:'*
t b t'i Irn > i's .rr t'i t'* t'e: m'iu- rt oeau'y "i uiis mejicine if, u is ar.vayssue, i-i; :._; I.V CHAXCERV. hi/ht-st ra'.ie, which I Bi

lir -t--l. i i t M <*r j r ?: : i V 'I-gr. :t i-i.the most delicate u it moot succes-fullv, Franklin Circuit Court.AT count, be i, r..ri-.t o'

Cir,31 ?(I, f;w ea4.; rfjair" any .t'ier' Eicjicii.<*, 111r : Totice. CH viinnp.s, December Terra People, now a'!w ct-I ; ,

)1eiii' s <1 Stre r hn C i .-i T iti-.n 11 !V: ,i'ne a little Ca< irO:!, or ?l3' rii ? -r--se i'i the f.p; a sir j aid lii' t f-x/i with _L ben d" .\i-l by the decease of JiStevens. in early life. it wouH :
1. Hi !:;s j-ace
e ira C -. *
> i -i-ti -, i a : L r- >' :- \ .. vs. > Bill for Divorce. 4
; !. !;.' .- indebted :
plilit C ,.rr', meJic-j.i<;, will always ensure a je! ud eu foii- to the sud firm are Suinaah Allar half the surin -.i L'
i is C (t CI..' i*. \-.Vn ,, S,>it- ] y ) ; {
fi requested t > !isi-cc: and thyse i
payment, er.durwl.
:i i.rjt i.'I l, > r-- .---- :ii r1'Jn'rf, !f iNJ .- j claims to pr. -cut the having IT appejrir to the Court, by affidarit fled in I ap

FFs1!, *':t S v .!-, O, rj il r Pr t-He Ex- Notice to the La.lic | The st ck of ol l same. the above cause, that Sosannah; Altars, the de I al

pest jriti ii, P4ii n !Y; <. 1 -, -., liari be i Tho 3 that imitate Dr. T"-vn-'tid"s ursaparilj! j at low < ft :<-2-h! on Inn are ctlerc-d fcr sale fendant therein, reidcout of the State but with Unhappy Wives, n4

awl can V c'ir.> 1. j, have): inrariablv called their st-jffa zrfa-t Jiaafdif i ; pr:7 .s : tny.? in the United Slit-, t to wit, in the State of New condition ar.d health pal

SjItJIZ IJJo > >1. :f;)f f\nilei, &-. &c, ail 1 hive roj; i u-tl! n-jr bills j Sn vi-. iir T. H.I! AUSTIN, York : It is ordered that notice be published in the mothers of a j (I
I v id rir-tj'.ars w'.ich re's'eto tie comj-lii'jts 'jf ; r> iineiJ.: Stevenson & Co. the Corninercial Advertiser reasonably fear that :
Nx V.,1- a
__.. I; Apolachir-:. My :T>, M Ktfj ( newspaper printed
Dr. TV.v ;'-il-! wn'.v 'i-.i-v t'at yw Sdrsipinlli 'imei, worj for word "jther m.-'! who put up j in *aid district)) cice a week f>r the space of four will terminate their rf

hi" < : i "i i i-,r V > 1 5T twii.i, f i rn* dici-ie. have, sncf the great s'icce--it t Dr. j Tax Collectoi'% Sale. wonth-*, re'i'iirin:: said defendant to appear and covery cf this Certain i : there i

of IviE-t:1yti'e. f h t.*.; ?* -; .- J ye-tr* hi1 1 .j fowHen j"$ law, j i answer the bill ct complaint filtd in said cause, bounded jQV. Let all!

bil co'J'h. If l.-i'Oa 'V 'r.a .mi ivr# At j (! m.I re: tnneded t1itE at!. I J JJ I wAtt exp > to sale 1 before the Court il' Ti-- at or before the expiration of slid period, otherwise happy wives lo-e no ;

itt I rai--- t zr. q-u ti'i .-: / ',' 4, bj J 'i '.t j l lytTieydil not A number of thc-e Mixttitei, Door, in th Ciy? cf Apaluchicolj, en Monday the rnstlcr* aid things therein charged will portartt work. It wi.l tcg

s ve4t a-i 1 1.vji iitlv d/js'-it-.r-i a-ii rtrJuce, | Pills iic are i ij-ir/.s ti feina! -, a- they arrre- t Jhe l.ith d v -.1 Mjrch, 1': 1'', between the hour'soi .be taken for confed l against her. boon thruujh lit";, and ;

a1 1 Ji 1 v ite d-<;a.-e, a-. I unJtr: i.i-'the c: ;ie'ilution..Scrofala i .- (iLw'F; -T.t1r... deth. Lb. u
1 t ev iect t-> ji.t. 1i v ; '! y 5.1iy'11I <-i \ .v; .1 : lour i. .J. inejouown:: real S. HAWKINS Ju'J-e! : !

Strop; trtlU a ?h 'r? ti-n% an tlier* hi* a wi- Cured.Thi state, -itsiit.n! tjje City cf Apalachicoia, (asssed of the Western Circuit of Ir'a. 54

irf'il ii ;>- <-i.vr i-u-it i in -. I a'a nr.vU -* c*>rt.u-ale cor.cluaivcly prowthat this AS ti.e pr erfy of Lewis Curtis and Joseph A tru c-pv-Test : Scrcfula, CuiisUii t. ,

a'jle Xr V4t < ov.-r t''i--t.-: I rjivni bli*>J, S.ir1.rUI: h ts p.-rf-t f.fitrol over trie rao-t o'jsti3te !Deldlii 1.I, Tr-'t-s ol f the Apahchirola Lad WM.'V LLEAir, Clerk. Disease cf the Heart, for safc-]

aii nr e rift hu 1 Hta *. Y >-i GJ-J well isuI di-3-; : -i r.f t.ie: Blr**!. Thrre person-s Compai-y.) uf >o much tl reof a- will pay the Apaachsc'b, July 22, 1 1. 27-4mn plaints, capable! of Scrwddo

grie: tiat a n& t'm'tf'il* .* t-e r.-alt-=. cared j-i: o-.e F'i-e i --inrirecedsn'od. Tax !'' 1-1: bssts-ed t tereon, for the Strife State of child, aS.ct many ., F

'1'ir c *!- Is:2:1* i i*, Three Children.) of F'rL; 3'1 fr- County cf Franklin, together riorida--Santa Rosa same time, are as Ii,

w.I Rt1Itr..'.. f> Catliariae t. Dr. To'vn-e'ii : Dtr Sir-I h ve thC! pleasure with tit c.'f adverti-fncf.t and sale, aid Co mi!}'. in the marriaze *tate c.- ,

ltiiii iis n. t to iiifona %(ri thaf tr-; (5 rr.y children have1!, which sai.l re e-'ate i* described as follows, in Burnvfta Mjriv.V ? ) low beinjs. Shall such! : Hatc6b,

This i* only me of t s t- t'u-j fo-ir th'ia and bsen cnred of the S-rot'ia! by the u eof your ex- 1; 'the Map ol ->i i i City, *. iz : *. > Bill!! for Divcrce. rn e on this account, doSt

cn; ; of KheT"! tfH n Tl! !fl T, vi-rid"-. r iparilla ccllf-nt medicine. Thy w ;reifii cad: ver.:; &:-i iv.rt'y j V/fnrf Lo'Xi.s 7, 5, i -!W feet each. Mc;rt M-ir.hy.: SIT jive birth to a ft-cble dp, Ctt

: tu 5 car.--!, Th? in -! v r s i'i 1 chrjic I j wi'h bad Sore : 'nvr- ten r'-Iy four !xttje ;| hits '3 aii-J 7 MI Clock 17. ppe.z-i'i.r. :>; dlfi! iavir, that Mss Murphy, ot suJfen'i; ; cr an e rlj! S

c4. are '.Vi: ?:i!.' cfiiHd :/lld evrj Jnary !! ; it t..k th-'n 3-vay, for ;vhici! I fwl L'isll': Lot'J: I, ",, i, 7, ., y, in Block 1-. deferjdr.t in the bill af-.resaiJ, resides beyond such seri- upcst:<-s :

virtoeJam-*. ; ".., icrr-- it obi.g! : tY : I L. N 1,7 1 ': 13 1 11,13 1 l j,17l; 1 iu Block PJ. the huiit of the State ot Florid: /.' it ordtreil, here recurrrnended. 1 Antilj.
-** Cs n-tiii-u-, Mj nyt lie assist inN -irs, rs'tf'jflv, j I L"t# *J, 7, !'j, I J, in Buck F2. That said defendant appear ar.J answer the said Karly Siri
n o # I urt- iif t4 <. > i .i ni ue {I .-'. .- .. :'i4 V.-o-tert. j I.'-. 'j in m._ni-111. bill wilhiri three months, or that the siir.c be .
riitleTin! .> ,':i> PJijcicinnDi. -. Lots 1, 7, in iilck! 1. iaven piv curift-fAU a;an-i r.'irj. a.m it is i-inl cr Early Marri.i:.'*" are
ni-kv-IiN $4 il, ; it. I J, 1-n. T'VArind i- -tl-.i'-t daily rcc i.iar <-r J-ra I I L'ta-j, I, *.'., 7, 5, L 4, in Block *.. ordered, that a copy of this order be published su'.j-cts.p ti!' >phers arM WTI>TS ; | .?.

Dr.T'i vi<'i i J-rJ: r :S'ff : f l ti.' 'rIr'-i> TrriViy 'fr'jm P.'jVaieij'ii! -iiff-r-r.t pai.f! the L'niin. j t L"t> I, ", .''. ", j in BIfxrk in sore newspaper in the We-tern Circuit cf :tr.d to Eirly Mrna do p.a, *

f.r nna v' ir* '.v h t'je *l'ii n stwr. ; consilfrible TJii' is t'i rerf'fy tin; we, the H.iderairn, L--t 1 t > ; j, ia Bl'-ck I'AL' Floridi, once a week consecutively for the space the riower romoze cfreui4tiiiZ vIrtue 1'h i 1 tli

of tha ttra I ** >*iH l'it cit, 4\-f\ >i , :j:, b;% 7, *,, (i, 10, in Block 21 J of three months. rnte ica- t'su I

wjlk. I htl IV 'J* at .ii 'r.'ii i? psin--*, aid 1 o-j'* cjss nrrib d Dr. T 'V i ead's .Sarsa-iariibj I Lot* 1, :'*. ., 7;, ;, ; lu, in Block-! GEORGE S. HAWKINs! int:, without jwn in*e.ir rf tCr j Co

inr JiniS< w- ri t rnV.y .v4ii. I haj, 7, in Block 1-X JuJ. c of the Western Circuit of Florida. which cannot be : do, ftj

f-nr billies 91 f y ir Sirj *rd( < : ti-y rjivei; i in the ndrt.' Lois 3, J, -"., .;, -. -, j in Block 4'j. September O'J', 15 S-- 37OmIn Over hoes,

> I. Yo i are .it HberN t I1 t'-iM I fr th; bznefitof J. \VIL<' >\:. M. i 1'*. *..i,*s ] o:,, .<, .jt -, .T, ti., ifI, It; [Mock u-o.. Raphael J. Mose Chancery. Over Populaticn vf : !? w' .
thsalfli'-tel.; R. 1)). Kill' i' IS, M I D.P Lots 4 to 1 ;. in Block 31. *, Adin'r de } apprehended. The !
KLMENCOUF; bonis rr.n, of the estate of he wild fears of Ri '.- Yaraafc,!
Yir*, res t'l''". M I. Los',. 7, -, V, !' in Block l
Albany, April 1 1-517. r. John Locke, deceased re.dere 1 baseless bv
.1 k I (; :1 f L'>NCl t > :-in Block Jl.i Bill for Rtlit-f! 1.is
Caiion. vs.Jarr.es nicii'.ed to the world. Bid I Ii
Few' a 1 Aic.. j i Lots 1 t.. 4', m Block L!. I &c. '
Oivin? t'i the :rr/-it } ,. atvi immense 1 Locke, Godwin JcCcw over his accidents,"* in [,j
Dr. To.vii-ii'i, Str* trlt H '2 of Dr. ', et. al.U'PON here
who < rc-adin such
'V-ire /nnerly oiir Ajtvifs have ? the bill complaint filed control, none who
( : cciurtnced in
>lb'ii4 ltttl< r i ii o-ih: oii of hi'idr that ve > Apafjchico'.j: Biy, N trth and \Wt of the City ol
hive receive frjni S nnkinz i-s'rvjHa! Cxtracts, El'\irs BiUr, flv- Apaachic"L! cause, and it being made to appear by ment's coniderali< ran
the S 'itb an-1 1 Wu,t of like to the Western boundaries r.ff ilVit! f ( &&
hacter. I !r1ct of Yelio-.v D-xrk, &c. Thy eiif ruliy put ratiKiin ( rnntint' S\l.1'it-ir ti-.t Tr Honesty of
c--mry ; ais., sr.
it ujj in i-ic aiie Vincents ii.nci. t. Locke, Godwin &, Cows, A Gave J. ::3* There 1 is
\J- .. siiipu u' li tami s' ;ne fit Gf.-rie Isl-ind, and Din Island &a Dtod- nu
1.j J ;, II4. t them have ; (exclu-ueol dard and Ji hn D.
'Ae and advtrtivrnfti > ii Albert L. Locke kind about this
Dr. TT.V H? Iki : D-irSir-! r> rii.J for cc.pjf'd our i ith t hat rti-ju -t St. Gcore'5 and D lshiiid Grned defend- any w ;
ay v are only! wjrthkisutatio: and should bc a.-ifs: in the bill filed in this cau-e, reside beyond its title indicates, a scif I !
wife t v h.ttl<< of Sifii .)irJlt 'A v11r A rjnf, *, |: the U. S. GverrLr1lcnZ) ; alo, zl La1ds it the limits cf the
Mr. McN'air, of giI.ntzb-I.! t-j trv it for the Fever i' I.i-t: 'if the ; v of AjIJcbieiI I and brderur State of Florida, but within the tai nin information of !| &

a vi A'i; fl.-firp I did :ii'-'ie5 thefirstj Pri'icJpil Ofk! 12. FULTON Street, Sun'I on St. Ge->r.i'-\ Sound, and ruiiiiinz L'j-st the United Stales : It is ordered, that publication be people, or those !' a rr
to t
L Wtle, it a.I>,i2 rel it :v ir-n tie! b!. -J, an every j ja Buii lirq, N. Y.; Re-JdiTZ t Co, S State sfreff, i m-uth ot Now River, from .i.ence in atJirect line made in the Commercial Advertiser for the space pr L-3sed in plain Iannagt ; ,\ '
of four
fJ-Htun months
other 4 iy, .v'j th 0 id I'" JVT a'.r eir Pliihdflphh; ; S S. Hance, Iruri-t, {altini'/r.--{ sonally to he and appear before this Court to swell the number of
they were 144 nMtf'iti ; df! ir..- she had fiteitirtly ; ( 1a Kiv.-r dnwn to ir- mouth, including Forbes on the !
P. M Co'ie-i, Charleston : Wright & Co. first Monday in March next, then and there story is told, and the
; i ihJ thi! b .Uk', ::4 riiev:1, and 1il l ;Island (so called) ; the whole containing 25'sfl to J .
i Charters str.-ft, N O.: 103 South Pearl } answer, pleaci to cr demur to said bill filed in objects of the work :
street this fully
shi wa m'lch !>?tJi-t t'm d'nh 1 bea before |I ;acr.'S ol'4hird fju-shn! of L'snd, ad:: 1'. >'J ol"I 2djnaiitv. ;
and cause otherwise
i Albiny all that the
she oik t! e A 'i?. Al ItIv! tOut ht' bien i ; by the principal Drur.fits and < same he taken as con- the reader ma avail :
very llercha.it!* eneraily throughout the United fts>ed. It is further ordered, that out purcha*:;:: a'
sick .vilh the C'lilN' a-id! Fever but bdbr'.keji States BKNJ.: LT.TAS Tav and complainant : >y
:, Wet In fie- and the! Canada ,4c-ssr forward; to each ot defendants other article
a of the bill frnm the
th"ta with li-iin l copy
Q -, a i w i* l -ltanJ ij a v'rv Col'fccti r for Franklin CotiMy. filed
For sal whoK-ale -
retail bvi protection which
di4tre44iz tiie aiJ tr'i5Jtt! A1Ei1arlAiOctoier7! it
cxreft-lin ly i 1-Js.1 :<*- '.
%cith the A 5'iiCik", 'i-rjitVotfi-f fut it had 1 1 II.! 1". AIJELL, GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judzc lied upon, w ithout fear
Ma-2":;, 1 j-s l'j-lv Almanacs Almanacs Western Circuit jury.
of Florida.
on my wife, shfM :it an \ or r'jre'! a f.v b ,ttl* i ii A True ?
ad it restore f ? D. JYNIwouKl: hereby inform Copy-Attest : Physician*.
her in a v % ? ti C' :nil; Jte i DK. (the pub ,
|IDrv Woods. tlut ho pulli-hes VALLKAU, Clerk.
health. Y-xir i for
Sarsijurillt annually
i vii i-iM-itibf!, j ratuitou
:- I sib a hi -
in i dn ne* in"i lant t'. t'iV- % |vl ifyou I i by nisei t and all his agents, an Almanac ocf21 10-lra In all parts cf the
.r)11tle ->t'>ck: of Drv Gnud*, coniistiii in -, calld State of
think that th'so' irn i u>:ati<* i .vU: bs of us 1 part of Florida--Santa Rosa testimony stronjiU in

you arc at liberty ta u j it :i von Ne.rro Ktrs j JaynoVs .lIecI itI Almanacs, County. work, and the nature of

r.49't111v, \\'lnte flJ I AND GUIDE TO HEALTH.I IN CHANCERY. nex a few tf these

CIIAllUi.S II.I swAt: and R--d FlannelBii -., I The calculations fi-l this Almanac are made Abigail Graiit, ) NE\T: i :

Canker in the ftit'*. Super Ujj-i and! Tweed-, with gi eat care and accuracy and fur five different vs. V Bill for Divorce. DR. R. M. -- I bsmiQd!
phin black
Below is an acl it zal a-Dther HiiM sive.l Super English and end fancy Caanerc Latitudes u.d LonnitiiJcs, so as to make them I William Grant. S have; no question; |i

Dr. fo.rnI' Sirsi.iinlU Iii4 sived the !liv--* French Cloth-, e-jiidliv Us>:ul as a Calendar in every part of the I:appearinj, by affidavit, that William Grant, commended in jour I 3-1
Whitney Bh'ikcte j
10, 1 11 and | United St.i and : it-I
12-jrs res
British North America. defendant in the bill tiled accomplish the objects IU-J 3.fld
of thoysanis of chiMr-si.t T'i' d Il r.>ini tv-j Di i1iL 1lariket They in the above caue,, j
-, .i and lOqrMdiMijilesQnIt I ?-. are printed 0:1 good and with re-idcs the reference to
certificates are selectel I fro n a .vat n'i.n'wr paper, handsome beyond limits of the State of Florida, physiological i !
4 ceired this week. re- --, C'i, 1'j' 11 and 12 l qiD -", new tYpe, and dre neatly b-u.-id: and besides bein but within the United States : // iiordered, That have also the happiness i
iiHH Jvr Tnlin.
and Cottonades, the ncjte t aid rnost accurate Calender said defendant the test ot practical
N'w.rtc, A-.ril I 1,1- 17. Hro-.vn printed appear answer the said bill I
Dr. Towrn : D'iir Sir-')ne if mv children; Cotton OinabarK Shirting and* Sheeting, in tliv Uni'ed States, they contain a !.u. eamount within three months, or that the same be taken Yours, truly,

vraj very sick with a Canker: i'i the M'nf.h and CoJton Driirucarl]! of valuable inlormation, suited to the fro cunfes ; and that a copy of this order be Professor of -
wants d dli
Ticking, and
of that kind
too which published
cannot in some
Throat atteadeJ with 1 in the
?r in
near dvin*. I obtaii"n! ( of v-iar iifcellcntmelicine Irish Linen } Circuit of Florida for the space of three months NEW &!
Shirting and Sheeting, HIS CATALOGUE OF DISEASES DR. R. M. '% *
with cents
awl it C'ir--J it fur remarks GEORGE S HAWKINS |
directly, which I Blejohed ,
: ass arc you I fe1 l very srat-f il.Yoira : Shirting and Sheeting, add, directions for their removal is te.ilf p.inv.tiultiIe JmUe of the Western Circut of Florida. effect of such .
: Fre-irh and
r.4etrlIv American Prints, and make them wel'oiricvisifers in September 20, ISIS. 37-3ra I believe to be decidedly BROTHB
ELIZAUBTII FO.Vf.'iit, } 27 D-sbro es.t. Super : possess at least one of these Annuals. His AUirunac questioned. I think (the
Fits :! Fits Fits E\tri s-ip.-r; Mu-li-i de Liine, lor 1 1'j is now ready for distribution, of DRAFTS or.. New York, Boston, Providence, of 1 doing much good. ;

Dr. Townsend not hjvi-i tested his Sirsaparilla E-i. lifh, S-oMi aid American Jf'. which! he designs to publish at least TWO MIi.Lio.f .- and Baltimore, bought ; and $12

in caeifFit. of ciurs n verrecotmiend-- upr-r; Italian; f>!la-k! and fiirod Silks, and in order that every family in the Uni Sight Checks on New York sold by do.

ed it, ai'l wis rrri4ei to receive the follow-in;? Black Silk CravaN and fancy Hkfs, ted States .ind British America, may be furnished WM. G. PORTER & Co. No. S q2a1!

frnm an infelli!?. nt j.-i I rerf-jectibla Farmer in S-iper FIri.li' *!, and Ponzet, Silk Hkfs, .. .11-. .. *.,.. u tM .u.. ._..:., Agents Bank of Hrunswick, DR. Wcfr>3KLHOFF- *;

)TeJIc1c3Lc[ vust i. i ti'ii d'1J .iiiiuricaii L OL on 11KIS, MERCHANTS! AND STOREKEEPERS Dec 30 41 Water street. Chemertry applied to

I-VJhrn, An ut 13, 1SJ7.DeirSir Midra? and Verona head Hkfs to forward their orders to him as early as possible, procreative functions
HHDSSt. as
Dr TrunI : -I hive a little girl Lidie,' Cotton Hoe and Gctits Hf-hose, and they shall be supplied GRATUITOUSLY with ) Croix Sugar; Child-Birth, would ;
t 13 do New
.dvk year of age, who )has been saveralyeirs S-ner Satin Mir-.eille< &. Worsted Vtstii'jgs as trnny copies as they may d-em top Orleans Sugar; person that the object
necessary 20 bbU
afflicted with Fit; we tried aim nt overythin( ? Cotton! and Flax Thread, 'af pply their \ariouscustomci9. They are also St Croix be attained with the ;

for her, but without S'iscas ; at last, although we Plain and fi. M Swiss and checked Muslin?, invited i at the same time, to send a copy of their bxs Stewart's Loaf and safely. & Mill SZ0
10 bbls
4 could find norecommeniition in our circulars for Jironet and Cambric Mu: !ins BUSINESS CARD! ," which will be ground Professor of forsah

cases like hers, xve thiit! as she wis in very Np. dle
delicate health, we would give her so-ne of your 5 Which have been selected with great care in them, also without charge. 10; bxs" Aromatic Tobacco; Copies of this work Wate
Sinaparilh. and are very zlad xvc did, for it not New York and jsto-from Itnportcrsand Agents They are also requested to give all Mnft'ddo.; elope, at single letter ;
only restored her strength, but she? has hal no return of Manufactun-rs, at the lowest market ratf s and directions how the Almanacs should be nects-iary forvvanf-! 20 Sperm Candles; 50 b\s brown Soap; United States tor $I, sent *

of the Fit to our great pic ire and suprisc. are now offered at wholesale or"etail on favorable ed to them. Ry law they cannot be sent by mail 1 100 bans Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; DR. R. M. ;
1CXX( ) lbs
She 13 fast I anJ terms by WM. G. unless the Lead ; .
becoming rue hearty, PORTER &, Co. postage is first paid on them Lere. Box
for which we feel grateful. IX-c. 3'J. 1S17. -11 Water trc et. Orders (post paid,) directed to DR. 1). AYNE:, For 200 sale kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra, and Pun Copyright secured. .t
by WM. G. *?
Your respectfully, Philadelphia will CO.
meet with prompt attention.!I Dec 50( sell this work.
JOHN JU7TLEK. Jr. Letter Paper.m fjCr( FAMILIES can obtain these ALMANACS -11 Water street. way, New York City. SS Short Boot?*

; Female Tlcdicinc. REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received Gratis of J C ALLEN. Aromatic Bitters. : .

Dr. Tovrn,enJ' SiMipirilla i is a sovereign and and, fur sale by November! 11.Toivitsciid'.s. DR BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received *

tpeedy cure for Incipient Consumption: Harrennen April 13 J C ALLEN. Sarsaparilla, and for sale by Dr.(.t-:: Persons who wish I %Vat

ProUpsu* Uteria, or. Falling f the Womb, JUST received and for sale by April 13 J C ALLEN. Weisselhotr, with :

1 Costive lew. Pile?, Leuorrh, or Whites, ob- WistarN and Swayiie's Balsam 11 J C ALLEN. own to him hand, can obtain it l ,

4tricteI diffirjlt M n;tnation. Incontinence Tof Wild Cherry Scotch Snuff. as he empln\s ,
of Urine, or involuntary thereof and TH.ST Comsress Smriiig Water, GROSS Scotch never sells the work at :; Hjf A
discharge r cpiv< (J and fr snl<- hv T L;>-r rr-ceived 3 Snuff in half bottles,just receivtcL Book :
and for sale 1gent Pedlar '
for th. gsnsral! prtr3ti'J i of th*'J
April l 13 J C ALLEN. C M
t therefore, of tae! ropifs

; (.1 I

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