" . .. *

E VI.]

:. .0.- -=,.J. '.,i WV W M AN,
ttiue, Third. storyy Baltzell's Buildinge, corner or
V". d 'i-'hni "ree and Chest ,ut streets.
'.' ", ."rmR ML S. .
-':]' T.o.-Three Dollars per annum,
ftp~idn -advance, or .$3 50 if paid within six
months~, or $,4 00 if paid thereal(er..
'"'-ITo subscription taken for a less term than ix
*onff.fis-&and $21,iwi[! invariably be charg,.-d for
that-ot.riod. No-pakper, will be tisconlinued unul
,.',an i-rraa es are jaid, unless at the option of thi,.'
"propriietor.1 *'
ADV~i ITSaridE;Mi!rs.-One Siluare, (t wel ve 1, lie'
.6,1ssyWil'l-be insprled "at the rate of One Dol-
larr fdr fihfe ffigst, and Fifty Ventfs for every subse-
qtuent. insertion.
To'those who advertise byv the year a liberal
,ascoyrit' will be made; b.ut dll'fdvertisernents not
.striily pertaining to their owvnusinPs, a-3 well
asa.[ '.egWl adverti-isements sent in by them, will
bLe c'hargea at the usual rates.
-'" ,AII dgal advertisements must be paid for
in advance.
Fi~ Pive Dollars will be charged for announc-
** 'igcandidates for office.
^ UA l advertisement's from a distance mMt
"']5.-.dfmnpani.ed with the cash, or city reference,
9 ,o sure insertion..

'afummneis IMtccctorn.p

Win. G. Porter & Co.
..- .2 ... ,ER.HAN T6,,
:, ...... N W* after street,
:- :'Oec"0 ** -Apilachicoli. Fa.
....-. B.'V. Nourse, H. B. Sione, H. X\V. Brooks.
; ".- .--i-" .- 'oui'se, S.oie A, Co.,
-: NI I, M S S 10 N MERCHANT Fs,
"_. *" ./ No. 46 Water street,
" *." f'. e 1-'i"2 A p laca hicnla, l- a.
Lo.. klha.rt & Yolg,
-. ": .... 'MER.C HA NTS,
., ...,, No. 51 Water street,
rov2l Apalachicola, Fla

i. '. & J. I. Hull,
No. 48 Walo.r street,
'"ofs; ti ual" "ISo e 2

A. 0* Seinanes,,
{og, Qffie. JWo. ,2 Capt. Sifizmon's Building,
r.or ofCentre &.Cc6fmercestreets. -.,w-
noV5 Apalachicola, Fla. ,

__ C

;" : Rarj.er <& Holta cs,
., .,- fl ^ ,
--" ,. sAeatl fir 'he
S; 0, oj" tMe- Cityt ofAcia York,
No. :l. Water street,.
* '..... ". Dee 12 AApalachicola. Fa.
W. T.. WooD. L. 1.B.IL.OI.
':',**-. Wooll A Ballon,
G. M:: : I.- S S OM M ) N 1 E' 1.C H A N TS,
':--0: -- H O ti No. 42 W' ter street.-Up st.ars.
"'Jin 16 Apdlachicol,1. Fa.
A"I. VA' r.YIE, WM. A. MCKENzIt.
*-. .Wylie & iT~lcKenzim
p. i "') No. 42 Water streel,
?-,-Sen't'. 1- 1947: Apalaehicola, Ia
B^'^S S. &J .'. Seliiffel',
N larieujaratiention paid to putting tu[tdinily,
[ 'I'tiarnhoni and ship stores.
I-' .: No. 49 Water street,
-"" f.; ."JNov. 14 ". Apalachicola-, Fla.
S {H. IF. Xcl
D IKo 'RF:'ArL,
.:' OtLS, GLAsq;, &r., 'te'.
; -. :. 3'. o- A."alerdl a-soitminet ,t" Statinery.
..';;: "" 'Ct. of Oliest'nut and Waterr .treets,
..: -" A pril :1. 1. .palachicola, Fa.
Beiijambit Salter,
". ": .: ; No. 43 Water street- Up Vail-,
.,\ Dee. 1,1847. Apalachicola, Fi.
,J ..,- W holesle and Rettil Dealer in .. "
U- Bfe, MEDIC!NES, PAeTIgtS; oi.s,
GLASS, BR.itSHES,;&c.,&c. _
.* .. also, .
A ; general assorlmeht o"-
BO06,KS, BLANKS;,STA.TIONElf'Y, &-c, &c.
-cr. of Chesnut'os" Commerce- streets,
B"ie 4 Apaljchicnla, Fla._ ,
B.A S.111wlevj
:" .. "*1%. 29 Water street,
-. ,Dec'. Apalacbi,'. i1], 1F-i

-' "". Avery J ,oswe-,
"o' No 43Watersfrc_.e
.Dec. 5. Apalaehicol-i, Fa.
Bm 7,Bk rNk'E,,i SON W'LLt.-Isr A W -ou
:B. Ellison & Co.,
": "" 'IND nEA.'LERS IN
.,:*- -'.:- : /.CHANDLERY, &q. ,
6 ,. 1" 'io'r. Water and "Qhestnit-ets.a.
: -; D e c .'$ :- ,^ .;; o.- : -. Af p a l a c h ic d la ', F a .
-Edwarit McCzily,
S. -.. :..,..; ..09-Water street.. ,
.. .. No'il "".;'. )ApalacA'i6,h, Va.

No. 50 Water street.
0 Nov 11 .. ... Apalaclenola, Fla..
1;J;1u, .-P.'M^CdA'tLLA.. Gu8TA.;VE R6MAIN.
.: ": lIr ald la ., .. COMMI.S-ION MERCHANTS,-
", .- J -* ..;,. ";, "No. 9 Columbus- Block-.
':' "^ .oy_..' ^ g--" ^ Apalachicola, Fla.

Yardage for Cotton.
R"OOM for 3000 bales in lower Cotton Yard.
Apply to ,. .
.Feb 24. N J DEBLOIS.
Vinegar. : ,
A FEW bbls pure CiderVinegar, for sale low
'N'Ov 11 50 Water st.


.Ienry's Mlagnesia,
TUST received-and for sale by
J Feb 24 .; H F A



BITTERS,, just received and for sale by
Nov'28 H. F.'ABELL, Druggist.






alod flr n-ighlthanded music. The siorm
w,,\ed Iidi'r. (lie exciiieniew ',welloil h'igh-
ei. itidl fihalllv the di-comfiiied. ,ldlei.
concludtnhin2 t ih ,' pnle.nce ws IOlec better
|Ipl owI Alor, be;,t :; hasly retrea. -lea Wing
Black Bob sile posessor f.lie.field. Thus
was file baml0l'iotIt6'u.Yfa! .il1he yiciorry.won.
A( life elfclioii,^ e ^r, na'vly every
vole inl tlh t c'ol l ;I p.-f, br (Io L .
How nncerialt.i^ Mij filculAiios'.
The ieiv |n.,Ai ktiie Olhe Ibrightest -
suce'e,.sfilIl,-n. Hi_ I. wase 'iihhdie left-
handed liilll,'r,. clir- ilip n :-,ui.s of" our
(iesi, I ich.
The qu'onp..unimje--flipiit of the Presi.
The d'p;cu-is ilS iii i llis gl;,ve question
have enlohiened and ,nsttuicied file |iiljlic.;
mind-l- ihe isinihol' f liicli iz Ilat l ii[isan'ds
0l ih,1 se %lho weie re..,dy ;it .lie iiiscl lo
eoilii1i11eli ile Iet-def,,l iI iui>, bill. are nnw re-
Jtain gi 11t i's (dlclil. The pie:ss,. oo, in
CniPnl)lI m unI i Ih e f ile jlic, lI;,! heeten cnlight-
etned, ,iind tls vvidic in the ptetm es i-, being
regsisered in siillprl olo iie Soui .hand ihe
|),iii. ,I, (.1 M es. i-. Slephel i in ,m il l [n inls."
T he Al'biiii .l JLtiit, inl pililislhes fie.leaws
i"I 31e.xie,., .i ul i. ,-,ii ; ,Bir'r, ,i i Ne% Mie xico
;idl C(.',ll1, 11na., in Whici'h if mnvi 's filee all'ell-
HiMn o0 1, ell. 1 itl', atl ;,,.,lls :
The S01 )imh li'i, 11 i,,,ieh a fdilllmn.ale
te- ac e 6% 1lie. tjt- iu ion l" <-'lan, l I C' ni-
pIi.umidse. If %u i li:l hat gien il) in one
b)0,.d Hit h ol. ri ili,: t' 1esic n li ories to
file frec Si.it i-'_ T hle al,,,l- h ion Il' slateer', in
tihese ti'rilillIth.; h |s-' I~" l. llslno';rS o0,
tife.'.whl1e .Aq estimr. N11 in,-i i .,i, n- daj I bit
I!le.SuI).re- e ('ot, t, ii, ;, ,noild,,ie %ilih_1he
principl'es q l% iuh- il hl:is .iij dt, tn, nld

ha.ve ,lecilt-d f'or ilir ie-esi' alli-lii f.ri tl'-sla-
very _T| ere .. Th ie (i'ii'irI,. ,n1 Eiir ptta nt -
t itiltes tlA t the- iniL ]i(iIl Iegu.latiot.S o)f

cninqtner- r o( 'i tri ir.-; ntiSI reui.,irii il force
nul I H alir,,.iied hi iLii cC Cli C rll i h1 nl 'life
sovereign conqUe,'r,iir-, a ind thmli m iJriiis 0'
SIIlC I ('o n11II .s'c'inn l IIf 0 -ng %i% i iIe il f IhIir
toca! ins~iti,-Ifi.n h i- bji',.n it,.o- i,izud.bv [lie
,Uniied Stai, s .',n,,-i,,e C_'onri, ;and it would,
her --is "n ,lo ' ,l l .n-.I -, filirmed 1m1,1 o tIi-'
-nip, and mu- h Irit i,,ces .61m a outr"'
slavehold-urs t 1,, Ili1e I eI nI'lll,"s. h'lie
reference ol' l b itz :,rii l iIli,- S il t Il'-. uific
Court m);!". ill' hate 1 1,,., if I |) H lp & %Ie Ihle
ma iler i f- eOl ,)li,.,ii'is. "lid. c Sooilern
m em bi.i l.ni, il), uI it, ilIe ii-dh ol life
South. aind ,_lalra C- I (_'lna o,-, |;|11, de(:1 r%'e.
and will ieceiie, hlic. ilin l,s o l .' ^lr t, coisli-
tuerits." .

I From the EarL' iv. ISle mall. founded as Ile)' .a e tpl,,,n public
"- Tire sCoond 0 1.LI: f01 Penn-s~lania There is no such thing; 1.s expl,,inin4
(M r. Atlide%% Sle%%:-i) iQ iiiaplemi uit% 1to sur- M"*va these double s.alhties and exiji comu -
paiss Il s o hld-s]po on illt-.1 -i o0 Is i ,.-Ilcces- pI'Ln aiio li tl ese sinec ttie -. I-epe nsi('ns. ;an'
sir.' noi onilv i i h isspeech, but bN his bill pecutlaions of M[ r. (Cass. Mi. M cClelland,
of mdici ernens against([.GeneralC .ass ,,fM .,,n- 01 lichir:ni, tried 1t, butl %t hotu .iccess.
dav. lat. He has ,rntped into ;I RESO- T ie marn ow and snbiantee rofliMr.'. t:Is
LO TC)N OF INQUIR[Y, IMIIoCH THI- ch:,res remain. W e }t:,%,' lleied our col-
H -us,: or RN prr.E .TATI%'r : DID 10OT RE- t"t ns to Mr. McClelland. Hr.I tlhe Demto-
Ic vr a varietv of.*h::iaes a a- ;Goternoi and cia(ic Congressional ColnlllllieP, Io ptiblili
S tlt ,,,-r, .le,,'i ," l.,i i;nn A ilt; % h ich lieh h le jV defence ol G general (_'.i s on i his point.
i,.lre.->:,.i< .r. lI' i tl,-l. ,l ,,r Mh,,,~i. :,l hi :,r- vihout stint of pace. \V e hate c,,lled
i ( ..i T. tp- u on them lo bring tii ;in.\ ,leni.l, or cxpl:-
-%!,1. I-'. PI I. 'S .\ Y '' it \T i'l' iS natioii, or pallia io'n, uf' M r. Siee iari's char-
AN~ UI IV AN D l.\ -es; and th-ough % ie told ih:ii the ofli-
AN.-(tNI._'i'IN THA\ T THE MAT' i T EI'1- c ial editor has dihe niieiiils un hand. and
AL-4 ON HAND WILL IS.-IPATE ihre;iiens ns wilh .in explosion, we get nei-
IT:ND "rHA-r 'HE MOME.NT IS hiler the one nor ihe ihei.
rW- BE 1r-\ PL.._*-f>"EI-). II. ,, .ll,,t :l G,.... tics. \Ve haave beer) tr,1 ? gin the chan..e!.on
_-',/ .< / ',( ,, n ,, ," a ,, ,, ,I ,,I / .- .' _o t e o f t h e i n I'o t h e l a vSi x w e e k s ;. I t I ,
NI 1.,!, ,, .. 1/ N,.,,, ;,I ead v several eeks since ilsh,- U, ,, ;,-
,;.. ,..4 ,,: 9. n,, n ed lhliat.lhis "" un ,si .s/, d.'"%% asN o%
T he aljo ,e is pio ;.l,ly 1 ,e m ,,se nnl, n,-u- it seenis (o be, nt pllihe l, and Air. Ritchie
n pa,,,, ,p~ h Ih.il h', :.lip|,.-, Irumn ~i,-. irl III ho loook ,1, 1bom him ;rtire "" i- ;e.
penlrOf M '.)" l7: ,G K ~t Fi ,ll,,'i,, ,ilIe ,iris" of' delence. W e beg hiim to I`rin l-

i:,,K l~ r,. .: ~,nlTh... T h ,: ener ,l ll r,li..,r in. IIi" l l [(el Ils u ld goet up Il s explo-
1 L1 %%0 11 p asted t, p ill the tn.,1 tri oI I lI ,-"c iun" .-at the ea lies t i osi tble day.
:\ll,, of i .e,-,,-r,,i C_'.,'. ,r I:e \ 0,ii l i l e] \C
h1 .1 v e b e e ln .- o I'io l h :;r,.t v r 10 p I' s ; ; ,I s -Fe rh ,_ ..,t- k e e i l.I .I .
r7,?n. ,"' t hemn. l ,ti r'l i)r,,,,n e l I' l >.,heen The Lell-H anded -Fididler.
m ;.dle. thiio i,"las i -, airJ -L* :It Ill ,onii nu. E ieiv !j dtl ,iiji lieie it, the w e t }ithas eilh -
to c-.ll I',,r ilii- ,letlnice ntil ,- ei it, l%% -il er st-een or ti-aid orfGot. L.- '" Bl,,ck Bob."
% Ill be Ihf Iday alitt"l,,ie% r, w ,, lie Is I.- l niii].,rl) called b) I -;Ls con-s iilenls.
Mr. Ritchie, without'examination, under- He is the most .famous -electioneerer" In
takes to stigmatize the resolution of Mr. all Kentuceky. [is P:populty is'unboun ded1
Stewart as an "unjust and ridiculous ac- and I believe he has never-sustained a-defeat.
cusation." The resolution calls (or the let- before thepeople. He is a noble, generous
ters and vouchers in support of-.certain felTow, possessing fine talents' and an inex-
c.a];ims ald 'extra allowances paid to Lewis haustible fund of humor. It would "do y-ou
'Cass, over and above his regular salary, to good" to hearon-eof his popular harangues..
the amount of $117,069 42, i1 eighteen The blues fly before the light of" his wit, as
years. What is there ridiculous about this? the-mist before the rays of the sun. His.caa-
Why is it ridiculous? Does Mr., Wichie reesrhas not, however, been always without
mean to say that it is ridiculous to inquire difficulty, and- at times he has- been -so
about this matter, because the sum is so in- pushed as to save himself only by the "skin
considerable? It may seem small to a main of his teeth." -- -... .-->-
who has himself rezeeived his Iinoney fro'h I well rieinember the. celebrated Congres-
Government by hundreds of thousands; sional canvass between.GPv, L--and Air.
but to those 'Who live by the sweat of their G-. In this inst:,nce the Governar had a
brows, we imagine, the inquiry will ioat.be competitor worthyy of his steel."' Mr G.
thought "i.lir lo'. on thi's account. The was a man of talent and tact, and it requir-
sum in question is very large; the circum- ed all the in'i-nniti of Gov. L. .to manage
stances apparent on the face of the resolu- him. 'It was evident, fro-m the commence-
ti0h are very peculiar, and touch very close- ment.of the contest, that the 'race would be.
ly the honor of a Presidential candidate.-- an unu-sually close one. All depentded up-
What, then, is there ridiculous in the reso- on the vote of'oneofthe mour^ntnin tieniics
lutibn ? of the district, whither, both c.1didtlates ,Ili
But it is unjust." How, and why ? Are reeled theinsteps a few das. xbe!iOr, the elec-
there letters and vouchers in the Depart- (ion. Thed met at a- great barbecue, where
ment explanatory of these extra allowances? nearly everyv ilizen uf the county had con-
Where is the injustice in calling for them ? 're Ited, 1 sUppose, M r. Blade, you have
To whom was Mr. Stewart unjus-t ? To nieV(,r hee,i present at a western barbecue.
General Cass ? The inquiry was, p, ,ie \Vril, 1 sIhl n o .-,jw attempt. describe
that which an honest man, would hav'e t/t,- ,"e. Stii -Ce'it i- tst.i--t iitit -is -uitl, any
manded--INSISTED UPON., Was Mr. Slew- ,-lte'rinsi you t Y e iire"-itl in Ynnkee
art unjuist to thePeople? He-was only l*nI. Eal.ing, .dthinlng, speechiivine'.,
anxious to bring out the truth, and lay it "nd dancing ;ire the order of( the d..v. Tihe
before the PeopTe. If the truth Was favor- dhince is ,'a*'iH ,II on out of Ido,, tadel the
able to Mr. Cass, he would thus be. vindi- shade Of the. thick-groowing lo,-,.st--not )n
cated before the People; if otherwise, it is .heated close rooms, but wh,-r, h, -- Ill., Ili.;li.
unjust to the People to conceal the know- ful breezes of Heavenr fan tile I.rm. -awl
ledge of it from their. 'W e apprehend that give elasticity and vigor I-o thl, lirb.- ot`1-e
t'heAMERICAN PEOPLE .will no.t consider it voung and gay, as the\ trip it on the ligI.
.either unjust or ridiculous in THiIR Repre- i-'ntastict.oe."
-eldatites to undertake to gel at the truth Well, as before ti llef.l, it- was at one of
on recoid in one of the Executive Depart- 'these freehand easy" gatherings (h .,i the
neiits touching the official conduct and two rivals net. On the _stumnp' Mr. G.
character of a nian who stands before them couldn't hold a candle" to Black B,,b.--
a candidate for the highest office in their He was literatil imtinmil.nrd by the.ready 1wi.t
gift. and brilliant rep);artee o" liis 1 sooty .?'corn-
But not only is the accusation unjust pe-itor. But he an aeroniplish -
and ridiculous" in Mr. Ritchie'sjudginent, ment to which Gov. L. was'almosta astini-
the official printer says, venture to say." ger. He was a fine musician ; and after ihte-
"THAIT HE M"'AT E E 1ALS.ON speaking was conelde,1. Mr. G." 11ok a
HAND WILL DISSIPATE IT." What violin in his band, aind gently and sweetly
materials? Where on hatnd ? The mate- drawing the bow across the stins. iiI a mo-
rials to dissipate the accusation exist, ifan y mrnent the Woods Were vocal with the merr_
Vwhere, in the letters and 'vouchers' i tlie I righ, and the ground (re'mtbling beneathi
Treasury Department. Those Mr. Stewart1he dancing feet of. the' gay ind hippy
called for. Those the Locofocos in the House ihro-ng. It was plainly' to l6-e seen, beforee
would not permit him to obtain.* THEY vo- the first darce wis o.-'r, iiar cI'-1ut was in
TED DOWIV HIS RKESOLUTION OFr INQUIRY, thepascendancy, and that-the friendsof Gov..
-.wHICi iiOUG14 r THEIR PRODUCTION, Wit.l-1 L. w'erer apidly dessertinis hiimi. 'Scarcely
what- face, ihen, can Mr. Riteli'ie appeal to hlilf an hour had elapsed, ere the hitherto
"the materials on hand to dissipate" Mr. unconquerable Black Bob s I deI;;.onignz-l
Stewart's accusation? .He- is well aware ing in melancholy mood upon (he triumph
that ro materials on hand,, or off hand, cn on f his aia'Oli'he Idies'eyes sparkled
shake lhe statements of Mr. Stewrirt, I.m- brightly as Mr. busilyiy plied t!, bo .
bodied or implied in his resolution, because while the men expressed their admiration in
the resolution is merely a t1.,11" 111 *,of public loud aud -repeated hurras. This. was a try-'
documen~s.,. --ing moment for -old Bob: his truhl'til geni-
M'r. $277,4168 .J1itchie, ,in the !bow pinra, ns Was not long in iniventir, g ;t | graph, misuses the-King'sEnglish, so aibo- wliichl0ntd -Mieale hintsehlt'roit n rm iiplea-'
minably that it. is 'somewhat. difficult to sant dilemmai'.- Catlling Tom Bus.ter--Tom
know; what h'e mfeitus whlen he s~tys, 'THAT wns a leader in fthat regioni, nisu, de,.ile'Hl\
THE, MOMENT IS COMTN&- "W-IEN [ H [ EY soue was [0m B uster-2he l'iltl him thati lhe

In thre absence of any sensible" gr;iimm~ilical keep dark, a .d tlhe (G ,vernor, beganan, : '
-solution of the difficulty, we shill construe ."Do yoif observe," said' he, "that G.
it as referring to the K ing's ow:n in thie p~iays the fiddle w'ilt lhis left hain,1 ?' .. '; *
House of" Representativ'es, whv~ o voted doumn ,,;Yes do, but-then lhe is !eft h handed"(. :
Anre Stwat's resolution of ntqiiry. "Not a bitof it," teplr the d wily pnliii
'That tlhe time is coniia; wlhen" THtEY clan--'.' not a bi~t of-it.- I, lnow him .ell.
WILLALL E E PLODED" we have hwie heard hm play a thtu--anndtline<-;nIl
no doubt, anid the samre explosion will cartry down in the valleys, antd among, (he rich-
up M.r. WVise's pourtly and rosy ]Innocent aristocrats of the towns, he always plays
skyJ hih, sir, sky, high with his right hand--and m ost splen ti~ti ntu-
True it is, as Mr. R'itchie states, the sic he'malkes, too; but he ihiuks [,,:'t/luid-
House of R:ep~resentatives did not. receive ed music good enough for your mtotimnin
.Mr. Slewart's resolution---his resolution of boys. If you speak to him. about it, of
.INQUlIRY. .Pc 'get it through it was rie- course he'll deny it-, but "I telL: you it is'

effect have made an admission of record that in these digging," roared, the:.itfuriated
the letters and vouchers in. the Treasury Tom. w
Department do'not authorize or justify the, Walking directly in front of Mr.,G.. he
extra allowances of General Cass, t or a" seized hie by the arm, told him, in loud anid
count for the mpot extraordinary fac whichh commanding tones, to stop his left-o. andedd
appear on the face of Mr. Stewart's Res 'o J work,a and gi ve them a-tquch of tlhe ri i_,ht or,-t..
lution., How idle is it, under such circurn- In vai n Mr. G. declared that lie could not-
stan-ces, for Mr. $277,468 Ritchie to-p're- play wi-th the right hand-in-v~ai -' ,hlepr-
tend that he considers the accusation of, Mr. tested'and im-plred. Teid'iiiic.l
Stewart ridiculous! How idle'to- pretend- symipathising with Torn, and wout-ldeid i)'n
he believes the materials exist for 11 dissipa- (heir prid-e by the trick of the, *aristocratic
ting" or 11 exploding" .the char es of Mr. fidldler, gathered around poor G., and cried

British Periodical Liferallire!
Subset ibe early while /thrt fer a,'t lu : '
A r; 1)
B[.LACKWOOD'S EDINBUtF,_-;i-t _\i;eaGtZI ."iE.
T 'loe ab.,,ve? Pr.n .,]i, l- .,ir.: r ':i' 11.1 e, i r,, N .'\
\'.. 'I .r! fi i firiLd ..il c \ ,., I.,iii r -,,i ,, .,i 1 I h.' ] i? i'.i i -lI-
.'. ..I ,',,- 1'., Iln a beani i I ,-le,,l ''o i |" ,, l, ,,. *' I,,r,.

N.- ri c ,, ih,, I!,,U : .-t, r t
lh] h l Ii, r. th I'P,,-w e W h 1 7.1" I I Ih: gir at

tIli .. I IIt 1'~ 11 T 1i ,-l t.i- il k n.
i,.,rv ie Er .oi_ ,ti.-l ii T,-r. I, \'1 ). a,, R7 lt,:din .--
n 1 4 .1.:.0l; .. .:...,1l "" r.i l Hi "- L ,_,hd ,, t_ 1 "" ir .
l',.r\ ; Ihe-* E~hl,ilu'l, Rrei I-'. W\'hie ; ji.1 Itn,:
"B r-w,:.-r .iii t_.-r R.t.?,e v R i,. :, i. 'rl,-.s N .,ren
BtRi h ciV-111 rc "" I- ,4 .,r, r 1 i ',2-! i .,CIB ,P *r .,R,_' r,
hiariir- bee,--rci,*>n,[ill\ *;,lirf.d by [-'r. C'l,:,ltii,t ~
dri'l .-tI.I sil ll ]l e ',':;i cl.lir-i r, .-. i. Of~ 11,.l l .\ ti
I, n ,-'lr t ri..,Is r.
PRICr.' t',,R 1-4-, { IF -iBq."RIBED F,.R E.,FRL\. ;
F,:.r jI \ ni,,\ rle t'i,- ur R.:ur R -\ % -." |ei:r .,i'i1 1UIit.
F 0:,r I- II t'.v,'i, ,o. .d" "
Ft..,'.liI\ t i e dI,--.J "i.."
F ', :. r a l l .I- r l' t h e Rl e v I ,,% "
F,,r B li ck'. ...... rs l ja..:i ,,,:, -'i
F,Ir B i ,'l,%-..,._d r,.., 3 R ,1 VI3'A '. .-
For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews, 1J,00 -
Payments to be made in all cases in advance
Consisting of b,(-k volumes of. the following
valuable Works, viz:.
-Bentley's Miscellany.
The Metropolitan Magazine.
The Diblini Universitfy .-,:-,"e.
Blackwood's Magazine.
The London, the Edinburgh, the Foreign
Quarterly, and the Westminster Reviews.
Any one subscribing to Blackwood, or to on@
of the Reviews, at $3 a-year, or to any two of:-
the Periodacals at $5, will, receive, gratis, one
volume of .any of the premiums above named.
* :A subscriber to anv three of the Periodicals at
$7 a-year, or to'the Four Reviews at $8, will re-
ceive two premium volumes as above.
A subscriber to Blackwood and three !,',- it,%.;,
at $9 a-year, or to the Four Reviews and Black-,
wood, at $10, will receive three premium vol-
umes. ,.
-Please be particular in naming the pre-
miums desired and the works subscribed Jfr,
Four copies of any or aUl of the above works-
will be sent to one address on payment of tlhe
regular subscription for three-the fourth copy
being gratis.
03- Xo premiums will be given where the
above'i allowance is made to clubs, nor will pre-
/miumsin 'a,,, casicbe furnished, unless the sub-
.,:*rilitii i p,',id in fitul to the -publishers, with-
*O i R' l el., 11 tit.i Ii s (
1 ..-\ lI:,l, drr,,,,eneii.t >Mth the British publishers
..,I "BI:l,, .-...l,'i's' Mi jg~z,ne secures to us early
sheets of that work, by which we shall be able
to place, the entire number in the hands of sub-
scr'ibefs before any portion of it can be reprinted
in any of the American Journals. For this and
"other advantages secured to our subscribers, we
pay so large a consideration, that we may be
compelled to raise the price "of the Magazine.
Therefore we repeat subscribe early ichile the
price is low.' 0
Remittances arnd communications should be
always addressed, post-paid or franked, to the
publishers. LEONARD SCOTT & CO.,
79 Fulton St New York.

attsinvus mirectory..

J--ERrM.i.,f D.A\. DANIEL J. D).U
J. Day & Co.,
No 52 Waierstreet,
Dee 2 Apalwahiicola, Fa.
"r)- Agents; for LLO',Ds : lo, .A- lrnisI lor tlhe
'* .Etna [r IstraticeCo "' the Pro_!c'u ion Iiit,-irance
Co." and [I)e e Hariw-,l' Iri-sutrtce -'0." li-trifurd

Sign$ &. Clncever,
CO 0 M -1"4' s I,0)N M R l 1- A N TS,
i-[fi.-- _N., .I36 \V ,r. street
,e."*:.- \ ilj.chl,?uli,. F I'i'.

Kblris', Allel C & o'o.,
And .fiiflacturers r,\' Tin, Iron, a d Cofp-
per1 }'aro-.
Dee "24 Apalachicola, Fa.
Cl.arles R,.:>0-r J..,hr, N nn. EH'..:.-we W R,:.oge,'I
Chas. Rogers( & Co.,
C 0 MMISS i 0 N M E I{ C Ii A N T S.
WVat,:.r _-itreiel,

der -21

Sr, jlacla icoh, Fa.

N. J. Deblois.
C 0 IM [ SS.t 0 N A N D F,) R IVA R D I N G
Nu:,. 44 Wa\ter-street,
l)>c "2 AI'iAl.,chric,,la, Fa.

A. N. M.-K.A'. N C u.)BikIN C s.PRArr.
A. N iMcKay & Co.
No. 40,0Water.street',

Dec 15

Apalachicola, Fa.

8C+-.May be found at his, residence, corner of.
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov S.
W.W6. .m. Davis4 :
Offers his services to the' public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts,-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases inmthe Court of A ppeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of whiclh, hr will always be
present at, unless preventied'by accident.
Apalachicola, September S, 1846.

Facts vi.i- D,ie.!.

U p to tire date of il" ii |.,i,,. (A ,'t ?9g .
no Cassite has-d,,,'ie ., u, : ', n.pi-r-l t o deiv
that Wrn.-P.. DuvM.ah sIt. hic,,o t 'i"iei an(]-,
foundernof the Ui-,, I S ink mid Ftl l l r 13oi,d
systein iin Floridl,. Th'iti li;. rrennmm.nded
the Baink, rn,)pinv,,l. il. -Ag,,,., : ."|CO O_
bonds, w hi -li in hi,. I. i' ,-. ,li-, 'il d leclarii-
tiul, he b nys qare i Ad. r :. I.ind .ldn,, i|up we
people of Flniiil,. No GOassire h ,s ilt-1&6in.
,.lerp) onte of.these. f-'is. "No h., it b(Ieem
,leii,.'il ih., be-e was7 1-n'iro, Pn ,,il, ,illw ir-v-
iur tliha while,: in -C' %,M:.irni:I f"ro 1S13-'15
te votit for ihreee, a ev[il Unired Si;,es
.BankIii illi in ihree tn, n lik A ll hesr litcts
haave -beenI pii ..ed e ", i il', he r,.oid_ -_$p 1 hat
no .Cassite. dare? denyv ilein! Non n.hen
Ed%%:,tJ C. Ca-bell a;ts before ilie people in
1,04) and"'6,the (_':nnises de,,in dil'd urhl.'
poeploen (hatl'hey 3' shounlI n., ,, ,aings him
beca'uise h jp rad I,,:en Unti, B1ank lirimne,.
'Out oflhejir.own in-,ills shal! lThv be. cou-
dem-ued.- 7'..(/i-/ tt? *..:,, t ( tr /,il *.*

-C -,ASS 1T'MS.-G-ei. (.,1-.S i'; ai in.in uI l.wr
li es, f u6ir faces, fiA e .-al:,r'm s. awil |p, set of
ratioss: if( elecel ,o tlhe iPreF.Otehcl, he
iidiilld n11 -doubt %.in[ twu callineis, 46tur
tariflf, fiv. ,j', arnd letn Prst,.h..niaiil lerm s.
.. .. ,- L o,.ti. e .w 'i. rial.



rHE Copartnership, heretofore ex"isfing be-
[tween thfe-bscribers, under the firm of D.
B. WOOD & CO., expires this day. The affairs
of the concern will be liquidated by"N. J. De-
blois. ). B. WOOD,
..-" *N. J. DEBLOIS.
Apalachicola, April 13, 1848.
Dr. WoodrutT's Dyseitary Cor-
]OF .Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera -Morbus,
! Cholera Infantigm, and sumirer complaint of
childrene, for sale by
Feb 3 1. C. ALLEN.


The'oldest Magazine in the United States,
contains monthly sixiy pages ot reading matter,
by the first writers in the country,-twelve more
than the New York magazines. Two splendid
steel engravings, an undeniably authentic colored
monthly Fashion plate, Model Cottages and
Churches, Crocket Work, and other matters for
the Ladies, all illustrated and well explained,
&c. &c. .
Price for one year, which includes the
Lady's Dollar Newspaper, making three
publications i one month............. $3 00
Two copies without the Lady's Dollar
Newspaper.;.'. ., ...',,. ... ...... ........ 5 00
Five copies with one to the person send-
ing the club......................... 10 00
Eight copies .'.., .'. .. .............. J95 00
Twelve-copies ........................ .20 00
A specimen of either the Lady's Book, or the
Lady's Dollar Newspaper sent to any person pay-
.ing postage on the request.
Address L. A. GODEY,
No. 113 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
January, 1848.

BULL'S, Sand's, Bristol's and Bailey's com-
pound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just ee-
ceived, and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

de n.,, ea ,was ore i ol Cetlriiuly
dll t-ei I,' (-tr wa- ;IIn tI lln.r % ho,.in spt-Il,king .
'of hiii0 Mell, i-u hld viili n1r11 "''1op1'(1L use
the )ioioiun me." Alulliil2h a private
jc Wn.z j lhe ou.shli 13 All ivi-aiis.io ne .11 still:'
Viiitjuieslioiinbly lie fiiiins loim-a Norii- -
ern (-'s-,s, a SoulhemCn _',.,-. ;ai.E;isier Casqs,
and a V eWs- ern C, ass.,- Ibd -'
SUR.tt NDEn.i: _.-qTh.. tI-1i0svile .Jutirnil .
says :
"Tlhe fisi t "I'a- and B,,mler (1l0b in
M ichigat, Gen. (-_'G-ss'T ,l. 11 S,:,te, % s inform -
-ed-int ihe loun ol N Q|,.i]eUn, .!.dLk on eoUn-
iy. Nearly all Ile Dinn,-ei.,s .il llie-1o0''6
likied ii. A a L .,i,. W in.IrI MWt, hou ever. the
"meinbers., hI n i U U ./itlullnti: i'."te. o." lopted a
It-.OI, l oU 1: I4 li nl 110 n.%% le l],f l o 'g C ass andt.
.B u.tltr I i, d ti Il I it Lip in iis pIl.t.e Ih.O l of
3J.,lin ,t, B ,uIIi.ri."

.Ah. TeW--afliinntn I-lntinn boasts General
Canss Ih ,d a .m.,oi, ,m cdl" lto ,- o d," u'h i nahtg"
the tr ,-siv %%h., t it is." W\\e did-not know.
that the Genimel had any hand ill the trea- '
susry aI i-!- ft) m'i.iII, but \- re well'a waI e
-that. lie liha, ol'en lii.d b,,lh hands in it

Gen. Cass fei-vr |,roei the Abouhioniss
i t ii s i ife.- L 17.1 s it /,u.n 'gi,,/.I.
We suppose \uu menu / i.,s So',t,/er lij', -
-.'.'. L,,ti ill ,Jou l.
WVHA.i is Lo^vON '?--Loudon. whiel% e,-
lends us itiiellectil, if in", its opograph-
ital. idenmii I'r, im Bethin:l Green .l'c Tur-
SnaImi (reen, .(len iittle).. Irnn K-tri rlTown
lo Brixton. (evien reile.) whose houses are
said lo number utlh- iand toy. occupy
tlenlv square ,miles ,of around, has a pop-
ttltiiurn of ma letqs '; ihI;,n *,?jij13 ,001) of souls.
Its' lemh' M Y body is ,:. iinqobed of nearly
Ji).0th l sireetd. l.,i,.;., al!,-\s. nquaresplaees,-
,l-''r,,,: s, >''. 1l 'on~ti i t,. t pv. alkd- 'o1 4,-
.MiAW.-ltJ pniiils o1" at ittinl I;.j I wllm l ,',
',, hiit'i"i \. \ t~ ein l d.ou" n I., 1 ,41.11..1)0)0 Ib,;i'i',;
of beer annii.,ll ex, t ot ', h ,:i y.,1;i, !iq ;id'
n _-. r n ali- ;i{ r-i. .'7 ii; ii -~ i. i > .. 1 -,
hi'arebl-Aist I- Mom, l Xl .00 ,mit-Ijfl " ,' "
.it pays for I 'n 11ri,..c ,l it n ,,poi 4 L!' .,.: P) .-
a..)evi dLii\ :il(,1 0 e. It lpr 5._,7- 1i .ue., ,
207 dissenting plce3 of' worhip, upwards
of 5,000 public houses, ;,nd 16 thentrs;

S Osnaburgs.
10 BALES G,:'orai .Osnaburgs, on consign-
_L.J meiK, for.sale by
Dec J. -DAY & Co.
't Warranted to Cure./
C OSTER & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic,
en compounded from medicines of our own
forests', a, peofeet and lasting cure for fever and
ague,: and fori being the" best Tonic in cases of
general debility or weakness now known, for sale
by [Ap.riL.2] -. H R ABELL.
SE[DLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders ot'the
best quality, for-sale by
July 17 J.C ALLEN.

A weekly paper, designed to advocate the election
of ZACHARY TAYLOR, of Louisiana, to the
Presidency of the United States.
Th'e undersigned proposes to publish a politi-
cal paper in the city of Tuscaloosa, to be issued
weekly during the ensuing presidential campaign,
to be entitled as above, and to be devoted to the
support of Maj Gen. Zachar'y Taylor, as the
people's candidate for the presidency.
THE OLD ZACH" will endeavor to prosecute
the coming political war,. in Alabama, as-the
'Union has so often threatened to prosecute the
war in Mexico, "with vigor," "with great vi-
gor," with increased vigor." Wheneyer- the
old veteran shall be set Upon by the myrmidons
of power, THE OLD ZACH" will stand ffp to
tl'e.mark, and endeavor to give in. return, "a
little mor;e aap ~l}.Ba- '. -
litem'egrape. Capt. Brav!"
That the contest Will be a successful, one, the
undersigned entertains no doubt. He respectfully
solicits the attention, of all the friends of Gen.
Taylor, in'this and adj,-iniris, States, and espe-
cially of the "Rough and Ready Clubs," now
forming in various places, to this Prospectus.
It is desirable.that subscribers should make
known their names and post offices as early as
- THE- OLD ZACH" will be published until the
election, at ihbe moderate price of ONE DOLLAR,
invariably in advance. For a remittance of $25
thirty copies will be furnished ; for $40 fifty co-
pies; and for $75 one hundred copies.
A specimen number will be issued on 13th
March, which will be extensively distributed.
Tuiscaloosa, Feb. 16, 1848.

,, Razors.
W ADE& BUTCH AR'S and Rodger-s & Son's
Superior Razors for sale by .
. Feb'4 --H F ABELL.
Vooper's Isinglass,
'JUST received, and for sale by .... *
May 4,.

;..-_,, Uaderwood-& Caigh,
.;T Y k. .. rS'
A; ,r,,. : -'.;'[ -. Apala chlcla, Fa.
... {1 -l *ordtrs.dttended to *A pun'iitualitv-
.. aid,dpateb.,.; ,. : .. .. Jan. 200,
1 .,.I- [, *^ ott .i other, "
. -* .' --~ OfOIATS, C'. .
-= ", : ~ i, J ir'Jrater ind Gentre-streets,
Apalachicola, Fa,"
''- "" .. -i- *:*.A D"d c
,, t.':.; Dodeal',
No.-.40 Water Street,
!'7 P .c ?"'" Ajpalachicola, Fa.

Townsend's SvarSivaii lla,
JUST received, and for Sale by
SAprit 27 H. F. ABELL

SWEDE lrqo,:Scotch do, Weedingw, axMi
Hoes, Blacksmiths Belldws, Cotton and Wool
Cardsi Spades and Shovels, Cauldron and Sugar
Pahs, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

4 PR .* v.-'., I qp,

tt .. ,- ., -. -,..
... ,tari -^. ^ /^^ '"'

. ,^ "

:Dr.-Woodrnff's Antibilliou Veg-
etable Life Pills,
F'OR sale by
Feb 8 .- J C ALLEN.

. -... $s. !M. Nickersun,
]k, ,,HT.S, CAPS, &c.
"WONIO No.rc~ubas Biock,
. .S ." .-A, Apalachicola, Fa.

Irisit Potatoes and Onions.
A FINE article -or sale by ,.
;. Nov11 E. Mc(fULLY,50WatM-8rt.
-'-- liverp061 Salt,
' .OK"ORsale by
7.'Dee 3.P z3 :: B ELLISON & Co.


Frun d,.: 'tI'all.ilS,,,. '. iirl i role 10 Gen. C.ss. in sub-itance, -iC follows; 1| 1 1 A D i 1? l 'TI ER
LIGHT BIR E A K I NG. ithe copy, with the original reply, are in Cu11 ERiLIl1 L IIiI UW1 HI 1lit.I
.Letter of Hon. R. .. Moses--His Corres- Apalachicola, and not accessible to me at
poudeuce with Lewis Cass--Gen. Cass's this nmomnent, being detained in St. Joseph APALACOHIOOLA, SATURDAY, SEPT. 16,1848.
InsultingReplytoMr Moses-Mr. Mo by a severe domestic affliction; but you may
se O pit n i o M rw=. u a u v.l l a ss I .v
o he Editor of the Sentinel depend that, if there is anyv difference, it s The following gentlemen -are authorized
i tl e tel not at all ini re substance, and 1 doubt that Agents fortheCom,-ERCIAL ADvERTIsER, and will
"i'e i~t i (ugut) tis., fa th folowngthere i-santy in the plir:n,;eolo2V, f r I have
..... :-haAdfrseeint odiin the Foorwin"y t hrc', reo to blh. receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
1-301"5, (A, sllO I) ins ,t, I fi f)d the folloi n 10W b adl frequent occasion to recur'to both.
extract from the Euf'iuila Shield, accomrpa- COLEMAN'S ROTEL, ments:-
rnied hy the editorial remarks which follow Washigton, a,19, 1848. WMai. W. CHEVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
fromn the Florid.inn Washington, May 19, 1848.- Major JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula. Ala.
"ANo'G EFloRTdan N GEN. LEWIs CASS: JAS. J. OLIVER Tallahassee, Fa.
SeANe IMPORTANT FoACT.--Vef,.he pjst Dear Sir:-As your name will, in all *
Seen ptaned in possession Ofthe important probability, be prominently before the Bal- FOR PRESIDENT:
ric t', _andl.nre preparedi o-,prove it., if-it-should timobe, w .. "
fat ndnrpepreloprvez(,fitshul ;,, co..venio to be holdenoon Mo3ndav ACHARY TAYLOR
-b e denied, that alter the nomination of Gen". tioe c ti t e ,. on ny AAC A. Y TAY1LOR.
Cas, t.me .lorida b_ e _"ed next, for tlhe purpose -of -ntno nating a can-
Ca eSS oi d t o Forla eeates-ben exceed- didate or President of tie Uite Stat es, FOR VICE PRESIDENT:
"<, : '.-. o 'to --, omZnut-on-- a as I shall n^ve to cast the vote of the ,LARD F ILM0 E.
addressed a 'lette't t 'Gen. Cass, in whichata o ll hr v tn canjtnetion with mA
4they put the cOnsitruction upon his lVicholon ta.te of-Florida, in junction th my FOR GOVERNOR:
leter for which some outnern ss men colleagues, should they arrive, (or alone in E
ledero f i. ten d r-. Southern f. e any other contingency,) it is desirable 'that Geti. THOIAS BROWN.
.. at eons.uci n; was the proper ne. e 1 v' th e delegation should be informed of your FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CON-RESS:
'repliedbyecsigteni;,8Nhonltr views upon the right of slaveholders to nil- Itz, .C'CIE
Srelied y enclosin them ghs icIon letter to new territory with their slaves, that o E C CA E .
-remarking that-he had nothing more to say iwe may know how far they accord with the FOR ELECTORS:
-upon the subjec-V-a twl t he Soulhern instructions under which we are directed to General JACKSON MORTON,
Ctass men saty. r act. I will, therefore, respectfully inquire: Of West Florida.
The above pte into the Sentinel lest. Whether you still adhere to the )po- Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate.
-: from the Ei. 1. .'and is accompa- sitions taken in your letter to A. 0. P. Colonel SAMUEL SPENCER,
,: nied by cerlti.ireni.s '.thll editor. which Nicholson, Esq. of December last. Of Middle Florida.
lead us to n'fe'-.m. assertions in the -2d. If so, am I correct in construing it to, GEORGE W. CALL, Jr, Alternate.
extract aire believ"ei ur neighbor; hut it Thean that you consider that the inhabitants Colonel JOHN H. lMclNTOSH-,
gives it. pleasure to inform tbre Sentinel.and of a territory, before they form a Stave gov- I f E Fli
!the country, tha. there is nio truth in the ernmnent, .have a right to establish or prohibit' Of East Florida.
It-o.ry told. y the Shield. We give it the slavery as they may deem most consistent. T W a r.i
most unqiiuahlfied denial, andti call upon the- with their Iocal policy. The Battery The Washigton Batte
- :- Setiniitipl, as a matter of sheer justice, to 3d. And that the policy go 'expressed is' One of the best-mostspirited and zeal-
-. julilish our denial. We have seen ihe re- the paramount law during the territorial ous campaign papers of the day. Whigs,
ports of Mr. L. O'B. Branch and Judge probation, changeable only by the people of and Whig pirfpers, use your infltence to cir-
McGehee. neither of which make any'such the territory upon the formation of a State culate the Battery We will all gin by its
.. del-craiomns. On the contrary,itris expressly government, or under such Legislative culatethe atery We will ll gin yi
said thalt before the nomination, Messrs. Bu- sanctions as they may di.rect. extensive circulation.
chana.n.. Dallas, Cass and Woodbury were There is another matterebut slightly al-
adldress.ed -with questions upon 'thie subject luded to in your Nicholson letter, to which The Star of the West must understand
'of- slavery, and th;t. Gen. Cass returned a I will also direct your attention, that .he present Editors of the Comercial
copy of his N-icholsonleuter for answer. He Do 'you consider that the slaveholders a te p resen Eior the Ciotumr-ia
"had 0no;rivate, hatched up onions to affect would'have the undeniable right to migrate, are not responsible for the Editori ro-
S.his prospects before the Convention He with their -laves,'to any Mexican territory phesies of W..G. M. Davis, Esq.
had published to the world his letter, trnd that may be annexed to (he united -States---
like -an -honest man, hie declined to furnish or would you regard it a doubtful matter, in' We -publish in another column, a lefter
for the occasion. opimfions not before publicly consequence of the institution of slavery not from R. J. Moses, Esq. to the editor of the
avowed. Gen. Cass was Not approached having been recognized in said 'territory
by.our delegates after the nomination,' an&l'b'y the Mexican authorities immediately Florid-a Sentinel. Mr. Moses being Dele-
the Shield has no proof to substantiate its preceding the acquisition of such territory,, gate tolthe Baltimore Convention from the
foul charge. We have conversed with Judge (supposing it should be acquired) ? 'State of Florida at large, addressed a letter
McGehiec, and seen letters from the other Your reply will enable their delegation to to Gen. 'Cass, wishing to understand fully
delegates, and we KNOW there is not a word determine whether, under certain circum- his opinions on the s subject in the
of truth ia this electioneering, story. Every stances, they -can, consistently with their his opinions on the subject o s ry in te
paper which has published the tale, ought instructions, cast the vote of Florida in your new territories. After having read 'en.
in justice to expose its falsity -hy copying behalf, as a candidate for the Presidency. Cass's letter to A.*0. P. Nicholson in con-
1 t$is article. Your's respectfully, junction with Mr. Yaicey, and neither Mr.
'As the Floridian says "that there is no R. J. MOSES, Moses nor Mr. Yincey being satisfied with
truth in the stqry told by the Shield, we Delegate from the State at large. M orM ane in atie th
& give it the most unqualified denial, and To this I received the following reply, the information contained in that letter, the
call upon 'the Sentinel, as a matter of which I give you from memory, and which correspondence published in another col-
".sheer justice, to publish our denial," I I would not do, were I not satisfied that it umn, between Mr. Moses and Geti. Cass,
'think it hut diin to you, (lest you"shiould, is substantially correct : took place.
'by an improvident act of courtesy to the U. S. HOTEL, May 21, 1848. Did Gen. Cass suppose Mr. Moses to be
'iFioridiain, misdirectithe public mind upon a Dear Sir-1 did not receive your esteem-
-matter to which the Editor of that paper ed favor until yesterday, and 1 have been so some backwoods-man who lived where no
-seems to attach considerable importance,) much occupied that .[ could not answer it mails ever came? Did he suppose that the
'to state thAt the a'relce'in the Shield is sub- before. Democratic delegate at large for the State
,'tantiall.qtrue,.-and that the differences which I had supposed that my sentiments upon of Florida, had never read this famous A. 0.
'exist between the statement of :the Shield, the subject to which you refer were fully Nicholson letter? Or did e suppose
cnd the favt as -it occurred, make a more understood by my southern friends; but as P Nicholson letter Or did he suppose
'i'Wverable case for Gen. 'Casi than really, you seem 'to desire information, I enclose tiiat Mr. Moses had only heard of it, and
exists, you my Nicholson letter, which contains all alluded to it in his letter only from hearsay?
The material -errnr in 'the Shield -is in that I have'to say upon the subject. Why then did Gen. Ctiss reply to Mr. Mo-
time. It states that the communication was- 'Respectfully, your's, l b Nconle
made after the nomination, when, in fact, it LEWIS.CASS. ss only b sending him his Nicholson let-
was made immediately PRECE.I'NG it-at a: To R J. MOSEs, Esq. /" ter
,time when the nomination was in grefit The correspondence requires o corn- When Mr. Moses asks him: "Do you
doubt, and when Gen. Cass and ilis friends ment I doubted that en. Casi's-po ii.'n eontiider th-t the slave-holders would have
Were making every lionorable effort to con- was safe before I wrote' 'lny le-' t' lii. th iindleniabl'e right to migrate with their
-ciliate ant secure 'his nomination. A reply I felt satisfied when I votee thIe letter that
> to this letter, favorable to Southern views, I had given a -proper cbjisiruciion to liQ shaves to any Mexican territory that mnay be
would have vastly increased Gen. Cass's views-a-ind the character of his reply could annexed to lie United States-or would
Chances of securing the vote. of AlaIbama hut confirm me in the Ilehlif that, the South you regard it as a douhiful matterr in con-
and Florida, in convention, and it is to be could-rely upon no one with less safety, than seqnuence of the institution of slavery not
presumed, that in -view of the importance the honoredI individual who is now the nom-n si territory by
tlhe n6ninations are, the aspirant for the -inee of the Baltimore Convention. having been recognized n sai eiory by
Presidency, without "furrnis-hing opinions' In conclusion, let me say that I have 'not the Mexican authorities immediately prece-
for Ihe occasion not. before publicly avow- :made a report to the Central Committee dingilhe acquisition ofsuch territory ?" what
ed," would, at all events, have given assn- con1ta:ning this letter-and my reason for does Gen.- Cass say in reply ? To this vital
rance of his accordance With Southern views not doing so was because they had sup- poi ofSouthern interest. Gen. Casssends
upnion-all absorbing question, if he could pressed a preliminary 'report which I had Mr Moses the very Nicholson letter wtih
ha-ve done so without a eonscious violation of nade, which report afterwards appearedM he ve Nicholson leter ih
trutl, and that a failure to give such assu- cidentally in the "JacksonviHle News"-and is the subject of doubt. He sends Mr. Mo-
rance. while it might reflect favorably oh having thus learned that the Central Conm- ses a doubt to explain a doubt. Silence
the integrity of the party interrogated, car- mitree whomm I regarded as a mere channel givcs consent; and in this case consistently
tried with it an.equally strong conviction that of communication between the democracy with the double-faced character of General
his .vie-, ws did'not accord with the interests of of Florida and myself,) were suffering un- t
-the South, and that therefore silence, or an der a halluicination which caused them to Cass. In the first clause of Mr. Moses's
ambiguous reply, was all that was left to consider themselves the Democratic party, question, Cass's silence says "'the slave-
-eatisfy a cautious policy, instead of one of its most humble inslru- holders have the undeniable right to mi-
:fte',r:the nomination, with but two cart- merits, I determined to make a more ample rI lt co h it
-'didates i.1 the field, a desire fotr success itt report directly to the democracy, in which grate," an in e a
thecanvass might have afforded to a candid. this correspondence would have been em- is a dolbtlul matter," in consequence of
-date. in these calculating times, an excuse braced ; but notwithstanding that I did not Mexican laws prohibiting slavery. It is
i-upon, a subject on which the Northern and report this correspondence to the 'Central plain furthermore, by his silence, that he is
Southern portions of the Union so widely Committee, were it not for the extreme can- in favor of the people of the territory, (ne-
diff'er4.whieh would- not have been equally dor which ever marks the editorials of the
appliedAbe.ore the nomination, when there Floridian, 1 should have supposed the omis- groes and Indians) making laws prohibiting
;-'were'four or five recognized aspirants it the sion of my name and the particular specifi- slavery, which negro and Indian laws shall
field each antxious to be tIre chosen one-- cation of Messrs. Branch and McGehee, sa- be binding on tihe people whenever they
besides outsiders as thick as blackberries, vored a little of special pleading, and that apply'for admission as States into the Union.
Be ece before the nomination than after, and a correspondence had taken place between' Remember that this corresport.d e took
.-lisposijn with the aspirants to coteiliate, Gen. Cass and myself. At all events, 1 Place "-MMEDIA'ETELY PRECEDING" Ite no-
rcwresponduci with the greater degree in wrote the substance of the correspondence mination, when Gen. Cass had every possi-
which tileir success depended upon satisfy- to the.Erhitor of to Southern Journal, who, ble motive to please the South. *
,in.k the delegates who j,.ere to select. .-But with the Editor of the Floridian, are both
as my intention w;,s not so 11.peh to answer members of the Central Committee-and I We publish to-day the correspondence
the editorial of the F3loridian. as to S'it !he showed the. entire correspondence to Semia- ^ r it ir
Si4is upon which the Shi~eld makes its asscr- tcr Westcott, who, I imagine, occasionally of Gov. Gayle of Alabama, and Millard
m'Yin," proceed at once to give them. I ar- i,;erch,,nges views with the Floridian. Fillmore. The Whig papers have 'gener-

-rived in Washingttin a week before the As, pnder' present circumstances, T shall ally omitted to state that Gov. Gayle is a
:.%ieeiitg.of the convention at Baltimore, and take no part i the Presidential election, my Democrat, thinking perbaps-that the polite
s.me .ive or six days before my colleagues. -Whole desire iu---twroa.0ig you is to shield
Dueing4itsime I became acquainted with ithe statement which y"i bave extracted, cal character of Alabama was too well
Mr. Yancey, and as in our first acquaintance from the unqualified denialot the Floridian, known to require this fact to be mentioned.
I thougi:t-.I-recognized in him a reliable son and to show that it has a' pretty porrsct The DEMOCRATIC PAPERS HAVE' OMITTED
ofithe.Soul.:(an impression that was-more foundation. It will probably not do Gen. G'-. GAYLE'S LETTER ALTOGETHER. Re-
hiiun confirmed by our further acquaint- Cass any injury, which will only prove that hser, ,.s fact Alabama is perhaps one
Sanc'e.) I conversedwith him fully as to the the Floridian has over-estimated the impor- me Alabamas p p o
action of time convention, and the course- we lance of the fact which it has so technically of the most constant and thorough going
should pursue during.its session. Our ine contradicted. -Your's, respectfully, Democratic States i6 the Untion, and none
,structions.being very similar, and our dispo- R. J. MOSES. .but a consistent and undoubted Democrat
sitions alike to diselh:irge our duty by obey- St. Joseph, September 1, 1848. could be elected Governor of that State
ing them, we had frequent frank, and friend- N. B. Our mails are weekly, which will GovUld be eGayle is jcted G overnor of that, and iste.
ly conversations.- In one of these conversa- account for delay. Gov. Gayle is just such a eocra, and is
tions Mr. Yancey said to me, "I have perhaps as well qualified to judge whether
written toQ Gen. Cass to-ascertain his views "Gen. Taylor will prove an ugly custo- Mr. Fillmore's letter 'ought to be satisfac-
trupon the Alabama resolutions, and as yours mer," said a Cassite to a brother Loco the tory to the South, as the Editor of the Fhl5ri-
:are very similar, I will show you his really ote a;"u hr' nte eeal
Other day but there's another General I dian, or the Editor of the Star of the West,
-when I receive it." This was at the dinner fear in this campaign worse than I do him."
:table, and shortly after, a letter was handed Who's that ?"- asked the other. "Why
,to Mr. Y. from Ge'n. Cass. We went to its Gen. RESULT." "Oh yes, I'm dread-
Mr. Yancey's room to read itl, and on open- fully afraid of that General too. He's ano- There will be seen below an account
,ing it,' found enclosed the celebrated Ni- uhlr b ofadn Whiag" Tr a
cho-lson letter. .I remarked at the time, other bloody Whig." of the Eclipses of 1848.
"Gen. Cass does not seem to be aware of ECLIPSES IN 1848.-There will be seven
-your having read that letter. It is either In 1840 the locofocos said that Gen. Har- eclipses this year: four of the Sun, two of
'this, or he-is determined not to commit him- prison was a Granny." They are now try- the Moon, and one of Lewis Cass-the latter
self on the slave question; but before I con- ing to make the public believe that Gen. total visible in all parts of the United States
.demn him, I will write him a letter which Cass was Gen. Harrison's Aid !-N. York and a portion of Mexico, but not beyond
W1must bring a eategorical answer." I t-hen Tribune. the C.-Rochester American.

W\e have received Ilie Circul;ir of Hun.

E. C. Cabell at this office. It shows that
our Representative and Senators have been
active in the discharge of their duties to the
State. The number of acts of Congress
passed, and bills on hand, are proportionably
more numerous and important for our State,
than for any other State in the Union. -Mr.
Cabell has made us an able and -faithful
Representative, and we see no reason why
the people of Florida should wish to ex-
change-him for any other iWahi within her
limits. Parties naturally sinitie to gain the
ascendancy, and in the heat of political war-
fare, many dishonorable means will be- pur-
sued, and many false issues made to secure
a triumph. This is more especially the
case where money-offce---public plunder,
ape the rewards of successful strife. These
are the principal aims of the democratic
party ; for it is an universal rule with them
to divide the "spoils"-the offices-the pa-
tronage of government, among democrats
only. The Whigs -generally do not seek of-
fl.'e. There ,re .verv few .Whigs who ex-
pect office undri Gen. Taylor, should he be
elected; for the Whig candidate lfor~the
Presidency has declared that he will not
proscribe men for oplinios sake-that he will
tot be the candidate 6t a party--that he
must go into the office free from pledges'to
make this man'Cofle'ctor of the port'of New
York, or that man 'Post Mlaster in Alihla-
chic-ola. This is what is meant by freedom
from pledges. He will not promise to build
upb'y his patronage another $2"77,468 Rit-
chie, as pay for his editorial support. No !
no Those who wsuf'ppOt Gen. Taylor, look
Tforward to the general good of the cofo'try
which is to result 'from his election. They
are ever striving to be of service 't6 the
democratic party-not as.a party; but as
fellow-citizens who are to share-in the glory,
as Well. as the misfortunes of ouT-cominon
country. The supporters of Gen. Taylor
expect nothing but this. No office has been
conditionally promised 'tor any Whig in this
Union, and the honest and competent Dem-
ocrats in office, have a inmuch better chance
of continuing there, than any Whig will
have, under 'the administration of General
Taylor. The great body of Whigs have
shown a noble examplee in this, that eVen at
the risk of keeping their political enemies in
office, and giving bread and meat to their
little ones, they zealously support a man
for the Presidency, from whom they expect
nothing but general good to the whole coun-
try in return. But ah! how altered is'the
picture when we look at the conduct of a
selfish throng of democrats. They wish to
benefit only their party, and if perch:niice
some crumbs should 'fall from their table,
they may permit, the dogs of the Whig party
to eat them. We should hang our heads in
shame to own ourselves as a nmemnber of
such a selfish party. We hAd rather belong*
to the Whig party, ih,1 h ie there sould be
only one more person to k,,ep us cOnmpany
through the three score ye-ars and tenfi"
man's existence. Never! never should a
good marine think of attaching himself- to the
democratic party under its present aspects
till his liberality has gone-till his love of
country has died; andi "his conscience has
been seared" by the hot iron chain of party
M1r. Cabell votes 'for 'Gen. Tayv'lor, the
man whro is pledged to beWefit the Whigs
and Democrats of Florida alike-; but Duval
votes for Gen. Cass,. 'the extreme Northermn
man, who is pledged to benefit only the
Democrats of Florida; and rather doubtful
even of that.
Come friends'! lend us your hearts and
hands, and 'let us fight for the good General,
and th'e general good. *
Thie Hon. Alexander H. Stephens came
very near being killed, a short time since,
by Judge Cone, of Greensboro', Georgia.
He now lies at Atlanta, dangerously ill from
his wounds. Dr. Paul F. Eve, Processor
tof Surgery in the Georgia Medical College,
is his attending physician. The difficulty
originated in differences of political opinions
and prejudices. It is a great pity, thatt party
spirit should run so high as not to permit a
free man 'to express his political opinions
and preferences without risking his life.
Cone is a Democrat, weighing two hundred
and thirty pounds-Stephens is a Whig
member of Congress, weighing only eighty-
five pounds. Stephens was unarmed, and
Cone would have acted a mruch more manly
part, had he closed his deadly knife, and

put 'it in his pocket, before he attempted to
handle a man of such slender tframle. *
Vermont Electionb
[By Telegraph.]
BALTIMORE, Sept. 8, 1848.
We have returns from 80 towns in V'er-
mont of the election which took place on
Tuesday. They elect 46 Whigs, 21 Free
Soil "and 9 Democratic Representatives.
The Governor's vote In 25 towns is-for the
Whig candidate 3,143, Free Soil 1,100,
Democratic 1,040.
Gen. Caleb Cushing has been nominated
as the Democratic candidate for Governor
of Massachusetts.
Poll List of Boat Captains.
The following is the result of a pollist
of the boat captains on the New York and
Erie Canal, taken at Syracuse, up to the
22d ult.:
For Taylor ..................... .,280
For Van Bureh .................1..140
For Cass........................ 25

"These cxiracis show what is hliought
of the gentleinin (Mr. Siephens) in his own
State."-Star of the W'est.
These extracts do not show what is
thought of the gentleman in his own Stale;
but only what DEMocaATIC EDITORS think
of him. The Whig Editors think quite

differently. The Chronicle ;mad Sentinel"
and "Journal and Messenger" speak quite
a different language. Thie Star makes sev-
eral extracts from Democratic papers, to
disprove the justness of Mr. Stephens's
views on the subject of the Clayton Comn-
%promise. These papers attempt to prove
that Mr.'Stephens was wrong because Cal-
houn, Berrien, and others voted differently.
This position is so childish, as hardly to be
worth answering, but as sbine persons may
suppose there is some sense in it, we will
only ask the Editor of the St'ar, if those
very men did not once believe tiat South
Cairolina and Georgia had a right 6limake
null and void the laws of the United States,
and that a majority of the people of the
States thought differently? If such men
thought nullification right, is That any rea-
son'vhy every 'man should be a nullifier?
Suppose we attempt to prove a proposition
in philosophy, andl that our whole argu-
ment shoulil consist in saying-Gen. Cass
says- so, and therefore it is so. Do you
suppose such anargument would carry con-
victionw? Is not Gen. Cass as liable to error
as Messrs. Calhoun and Berrien?" Have
you ever heard the reasons why Messrs. Cal-
houn and Berrien voted for the Clayton
Comroifmfiise? Becaumue General Ca's said
that Congress had no right to touch the sub-
Jnt, and these men wished to show General
Cass that Congress did have such a right;
but Mr. Stephens took Gdih. 'Cass this word,
for the time being, and voted 't&'s time
against Congress having any thing to 'do
with the subject. Had Gen. Cass been a;
member of Congress, he would have beet-
compelled to vote ;vith Mr. Stephens, 'in 'or-:
der to sustain his consistency. If Mr. Sre--.
'phens is proven to be wrong, then Gen.'Ciss.
is proven to he so too; for he says, Con--
gress has no right to interfere with the 's'ub-'
ject of slavery in the Territories." TIlThis
Compromi-se was direct interference; for it
forced 'he 'owners of slaves to adopt a cer-
tain course of law, for lt*e rec-overy of his
slave who might be suing for his freedom.
Suppose the Compromise bill had passed,
permit us to ask;, under what "law 'co-uld a
Iman -recover his fugitive slave in'dr into the-
-territory? In th'e Ordinance of"87 there
is provision made for the recovery of fngi-
tive slaves from sla'vehotding State's ;' but 'we
have the provisions of the Compromise bill
on this subject before cis, and cannot dis-
cover any method by which the Editor of
the Star could recover his runaway slave
into New Mexico or California. But if he
were a citizen of that country, and his slave
weret to ron away. upon a writ of habeas
O,lu)uq the personal freedom ot ithe slave
would become a matter for the "free soil"
Courts to decide, with the right toi appeal
to the Supreme Court of the United States.
How would the Editor like a law, which
would cost him several hundred dollars to
regain the services and ownership of' a run-
away slave ? We don't ask-you to take our
version of the consequences of -he C 'M',n
Compromise bill; but look at its provisions
yourself, and answer- our questions like a
man of sense by fair argument.
It must be -remembered, mi, reIT -'r, in this
connection, that the Compromise bill t;,l.'
not have prevented the uti'mate triumph of
WVilmotismn; for tiothing would have been
more -natural than to graft the, proviso, re-
stricting slavery, on the Clayton Compro-
mise bill. This would have been deferred,
however, until the new State shoo'uld have
applied for admission into the Linion.
But as the Democrats a're so zealous i'n
their attacks on Mr. Sieiliens, iandl he sevcn-
Southern WVhigs, where do they keep in
store their curses for their pu'rily DetA-
cratic President who abandoned this- Com-
promise bill? Mr. Pulk atprot'eda,, ,.ign-
ed the Oregon bill PROHIBlTIiNG SLAVrRY',
thus giving up nearly n'e-third of that iden-
tical territory, which was to be the subject
of the Clayton Compromis'e, and n'o diuibi,
would have been the suhjeet of a b,.tl~c
compromise for the South, in the hext Con-
gress. It ts now gone to the "free soil "
party by the act of the Demo.cratic Presi-
dent, and never can be returned .imto the
limits of a future division bf territory. *

"From information whien i Cyedit, f'l
eating agents shall be selected,. WH oARE-
gaged in purchasing Indian lands, or desi-
rous to obtain particular tracts, THE VA-

L.UABLE LANDS will be acquired by
such companies or persons. This is all Ifjel
authorized to say at present. A WORD
Now, (says the Battery) we would like to
have this postscript explained away; if any
one has ingenuity enough to do it. But it
cannot be done. It convicts Lewis Cass,
-then Secretary of War, of tampering with
the Indian agents for private speculating
purposes. It shows that Enoch Parsons
knew what Gen. Cass was about, and he
gives him a hint, "a word to the wise," of
the opportunity afforded HIM, nas one ofCa
great land company, of acquiring the richest
laiiStanSi&he shows HtIM Row to accomplish
it, by selecting agents who are connected
with land companies. He might as-well


S The Jackson Platform. :
The Deuocrats, who are so greillv dis-
turbed because Gen. Tayldr 'proclaimins -his
intention, if elected, to be iTil'e PreMsident of
the % hole country and not ofa party mere- .
ly,; are advised to read,, ponder and inward-
ly digesI lle following ...
Extract of a letter wrin't'en'Vy Gen. Jackson; -
November 12. 181'6. to Janies Mouroe;
President ol'f thIe United Siates.
Every ihing depends on'the selection-:-
partl anid partly /fteling should be avoided.
Now is the time ito extermin;atle tlat:mwonsteir
party sirit. [R selecting 'ch'ara-cter's Tinost
conspicuonus Ifor their probity. virtn'e. rapa-
city and firnminess, without regard /6 party,
you will go fir to. if not entirely tn eradicate
those feelings which on tormter oebasions,
threw so miauy ,hsiacles in thie wny.on' -gov-
ernment. :;nd perhaps, have.the pleasure
andhonor of uniting a people l ie-retn'rfore -
piolitically ilVikted. Thie fchif mngistrate of
Sgreali/ arid, piw,,erful nation, should never e
iodu/ge in party .fItlitng. His conduiet,'
shliihld be liberal and d'lisinteresied. alwa '
he,,rii h ii miiud that liHe a ist for thlie whole -.
andI not a parl of the comriuiniiv. By ,ili H .i
course you will nxalt the national rcharact'- r
int--n'-riiirr for '8 uiuielf ;i ni.'T e iI ip
ishiale as mionniumeinial marble. C.onm.ulhi no'- -
I), rlmt/ ii vn your 'choice : puiisne the" dimalie.s-
ol itlHlt uneriilig judgment li' h i i s so
long and sn ol'el'h enenfiitleil ir couin'ry'"-.
;ind- i. illr deli conspicioioNi iissinhilis. 'T'hu-s(
-im llv Ihe' ';, iin rj-is ,f f ;i 'fii'-ndi lbe nrle i ,e
lr'eili0 ,i if I lmr 1 ';v, in'ci,' ;ij : tU l o, i ". i'i i t>U -
ilissr'im il.l,''l |l i fr' ."

GCen. Jacl:son's ('Canidor.
A 'r-:il nmmar.1v pI r~ons ani,. eceeditglv
:x i.o iihat General Ta) lor shnoill commit
'h. d .. il mr,. ," /1 o1, the -ubjIect of slavery
i, ilie imcw leieiKories. M1inyV otherpcrsqns
-'irile'd nuoi ti n lie',s;tisfied niihm Gen. Tay-
!hi'.. rn.'kintg his own political creed-, but he
iilsi trlviVe it ,anuifartured J;fr him by some
C'.ir.',nition, vhic li he nrust endorse. If Gen.
%'.,N lhr Imails to answer er, j)ricate. leer,
amil any caucus resolutions sent lo hini', the
democrats raise a great ci' of "no princi-
Iflts" aimillst him. '
It appears hlhat in 1825 the Executive and
Senait (if Indiana, in its sovereign can.iciiy,
wrote to (Ge. Jackson to definehi's position,
and show Its PRINCIPLES, he being theni
before the people as a candidate for the
Presidency. The sovereign Siate. of .-Indi-- -
ann had an undeniable right-to -know Gen.
Jackson's political principles; 'and hear-h-ow
'it.inl.) atml uniittivorally Ihe hero ;rf -New
Orlea-ns minile tiuvn his ipolilical "piinci-
p1irs to the Stae of. 1-ndiaa. In his an-
swer io the Executive of that -S'ate h'e. re-'
lilies as follows : -.
"HERMITAGE-, Feb.. 2, 1825.
"Sia: I have the olioiior io..'ceivc, y.ou-
excellen'c'ts Ietri'cr"of' ithe 3btt'iuthln-mo, en-
dorsing' resolutions ot'f llie Ski'fi6 0f Iidiana,
adolpted, as il appears, with a 'iqwof ascer-
, .ining aiy opi-nions upon certain political
topics. i !
The respect I entertain to,',-__he ExeC. -
tive and Senate-of your State, exIludes ir-.'1"
my mind the idea that ai 'njriedijf".pf.r.
sitiot, directed the intermoga''ries propound-
ed. But I will confess my reget a'i b'inbi'
obrced by this sentiment"to deptrt in the
ssmallest degree from that determination ohif
which I have always acted, (WHICHI WAS -
". : '" : "., -*

Taylor in Masseusetts., ,.. -
The nominations made at Buffalo cannot
have much effect upoii the Whiga of Mas-
:. L A ._ .. -.-
sachusetis, ..they already jbegin to see'.rhe'
folly' of voting, for one ,lbcUdc oin-prefer. -
ence to another. .The New- H- mp#hiebl ,
Gazette states ihat ,ill:th,e..genile'ien i.n.
Franklin county, who signed the aIll.fI6r the"
VWoi ester Convention, save D. W..AfVji'i,:
have concluded to su-ppo iTayl-r and Filt-'
m ore. L' .-" -. ;


have said what he intended, viz: Mr, Cass
send out your land. agent as public land
agent. He can act in' both capacities at
once; and while hlie is seeming to lokI'after.
the public interest, he can-take "nii'rghiy
good care" of your own. A .2bord'a.(ote
wise is sufficient'!"
We publish below an extract 'fifoititi let-.
ter of General Jackson to Mr. Mb n.rpe,
when the latter gentleman was abourto.0en-
ler cn ithe duties of Chief Magistrateloflhe
United States. This same Mr. Monroewas '
elected President withotI pledges and witl-
out "principles," except those c-clta.inell ina%
the Constitution. The Convent4iOet'i-hN no-
minated him acted with "closed doors"--
that is to say, the doors of all presidential, -
humbugging, Conventions were "closed" .
jn those days. The first thing the people
knew about this matter, was, that Mr. Mon-
roe (& was out" as a candidate for _the Pre-
sidency, on the broad basis of the Constiit-"
tion; but how he happened i dbe -brb-u'gbt
'bdt they were unable to tell, Slill the
people voted for him without opposition.
Now, when they do know how Gen. Taylor
happened to come out as a candidate, hey
make great'dbjections to the" closed doors"
of oie'df the Couventions which nominated
him for (te1 Presideticy. General Taylor
stands upon ilie s;!nie platform" wilh Mr,
Motdfoe, and has promised to take General
Jackson's advice to Mr. Monroe as though
it had been given to liimeff. You all'Gen.
Jackson a gdod democrat. So do we.
Well, which ol the two is the'bte'ifer deMo.
craft, 'the man who lakes'General Ja' .I"s
advice in po local nlatier9, or rhe man wh6o
does not? Tfle ani n whodoes,of course.
Then, Gen. Tnyldr is your nan, and youi
as a good Jackson democrat, are.heohnd r6
voae'for *hiln in preflerence to Cao. *


CAPT. BENJ. HOWARD is my authorized
Agent during my absence from the State.-
Apalachicol.a, Jut)e 1, 1848.



*-'* -., .- .... iuepe~or otlie Democ racy. -
.. ,,v:-y. -'..-id"Je.ident P'olk -give away one-
._ "jie ritorO64ie -ee soi"

.-.-++y"-+-cii,p' Aid the Northern candidate
7 ;.Re.r~e.aidr ency; -+
o-ti..hy'-is Gen. Calss opposed to legislation
.I'ongress ,on the, subject of slavery in
J"i g. eVewerrilories ?
4-V,4 tuse it witfgive the North time to out-
.. .....IShe uth.
S', '.Why do they count "upon Ohiio going (or
Cass?i. V -^
pea a Whg State at (he last
-Btde'nltiai election, and they suppose'it is
"a free soil Salte now.
Wh, 'do l he Democrats count the State
" -:1.-Biecause it was a Democratic Slate at the
fa'.pa.iGrresidential .election, and is opposed to
-t4he" free soil" party not -* ,
O'I We have usually marked our arti-
icle. thus: (*). We are happy to see that
ihe'Edi-tor of -the Star lins noticed our po-
etry, writie'n a few weeks ago on the Demo-
'cratic Nominee. The Editor concludes his
1 notice thus: "If we are correct in our sur-
mise, the next effort will have an-a's-terisk
-+ altIhe end-ol it."' Here" goes. ii-l eiii on
""'oa ass-to-risk." '+
.tAl Ass-to-Rlsk.
Yeffoters far and hear attend"
-'' .nd' hear Our warning voice; "
121.14b.'h White' House C--Ass y.ourd,
; y'o'YI risk a woful choice. .. -
>. _....!,f ,,scribbling ioior" engage "- -
" ^ ^ -^l|9l^'--To bring Ihis thing t(.assi : .
r<... > *"' You'mast not take him for.a ;'o.ge"
S..' ut."set n tu down a' ass.' -* "

Ifwvhowoiild r-o, mIe puhi,' p;
Would cheat yon of!yo'ur %(.t--, ;"
"Or be a "speculating" r.w." '
"- Or rob.a soldiers' coat.
;': The man whose want 4f sense., s '
r ;"""--'' ; Brought savage war to pa-s, ,
:. ... 'W= ~hat"! give lim power'? Mankind.en masse,
i/ V/ would -1risk -this braying \C) Ass. *
They believe in hipownslatement, tha t
-" :'* 4 lhe is not fit for tihe olffi.e, ind no higher au-
lthorily'can with reason he det-mailed,. d"
: Stdr of'the Wesl.
*-"" Shade'of Washington .-Have you leftno
-'gloriobs e-xariple. to teach the young men
"of this .geher'aiior, a Itfl e modestyy?, Does
knot the Editor of the:'Star know that Gen.
Wvgashington nlade 'use of very nearly the
-sam'e la'ngu'age ? T hr n, 'iacc r.d'in-, to the
P,> ^tfos ,irgurtient. or open bioifession, Geo.
'' .] Washinghlh'b would not h ir -.. "-'-vote of'the Editor of fhe.Star'of the Wesl.
..."'. : Oh nio! Ue would have'been Ga Gtes muan,
,r who believe isn;W Vshing'hn'i own state-
n .men,.-" as to his ',ant of qntaliiaiction for
'6 Mce, 6.aid illia t ,n higher alliii,',y could
;' iih seasonn be de'nan'led.". *
ti~t- -*''- :" His .fitness (f-ir ..ffiic ) iltey hliaveriol yvet
$' lcirned.";- Star rfthe, West.
."' f T ii~i is a fac:t ;'`Mf io iro l-7 ice, 5-
fill n,^ shbuldfk hoines{. ,,\ Ole people ".have

. ,,,yeX lea Aeued'" i '(eo. Cass is so. Let
'"J t*- he D,;lin'riils prove-gh1 t h't- twa'S 6t6 arJ
^ r!Ir.,ne, 1 *n ied. fin .tik+n'g i,6re mfiiuo ey

'out olf'the pihliic creash'ry il'hah was (Idue to
limn andit-n t th -he're W; S n'e' isti law,
0p-lid hy wh ilh Chj'-"ori-' -,eonId convict
.... .:hn^ .but .that ti e p)riesunmip ive "evide.ice oof
_'Uhrs guilt was-so strion.g ais io'forae ('onQiress
Id inake a speci'titla-i-fb t tpe thuat oldlrat,
.,rom'gnawing a. bole',iei the t~reaisufry.*

Gen." Cuss Presenting Abolitlou 1Petitions.
T~he Cassites say thattFillmore is an iabo-
Vnitinist, because, in the discharge of' his:
duties a~s Repriesentalive, in Congtess, he
"h'has,pesented, a pfet~i~tio for thle, abolition of
:'Si..very ;in .tie District of Co~lumlia Hold
'( nit -[-mlltlths declaration, and then read tihe
...'fo~ii'iowigYrrom+ the Raleigh. Relister :
On'the 98ih page 6f the .Senate Joturnal,-
'i'845-6, i? ihe foiiow'Ing 'e'niry :
I;Mr Cass prese~n('d the petition of cih,-
+"-ena 'of M1ichigan, remonslrat'ing against the
.'admission of Texas ifto ihe Union, WITH

S.Opngel134:is t'he following._-'inlry:
.Mii.a'&si presented a-petition of ciii-
ens of. the Stiite of .Michligan,"remonstrat-
ing..agai~st'the admission of Texas into the
"Union,. with a Constitution .TOERvAhTINO;

The fodrmerfwiio.presented/6n the "13thof
January,- 10S46, and the latter on the 4t'h of
Febry'n,'thereafter. The 'oin't ,esolff-
ionsamittlng -Texas in-tO'the Union, as a
-"ta'te, with a. Constitutipt9 oler.atIng slavery,
;,. passed Congress abo-ut,he 24th December,
1845, and were approved the 29th of thin
\ month. So 'Texas 'wasthen ift lt'e.t,iio',
-as a 8tale, and yet we find Mr. Cftr* i'brt'rr*
l~ihg- wopeti Wions aieibd directly at her
irIpmestiC Iustilulions ... "
"Wkite S!..Slavery 6n tVe Cgass Plan-.
V I'e.as proposes in his Nicholson let-
S dr'.to leave ttte'iutestitont f the introdU,.tiou
-of sla'vaa ijto the con~qw'iieal 'fefriloriy to the
S,'mixed "ppulation of that. Country, <,ho
-' 'A great tribunal for :! tbhern 'rights this.
" The Cleveland'Plaindlafer, a great Cass
: .... .paper in Ohio, ridiculs6 flh6 ide-lhat slavery
I' w in pa'"+""
S"; tan levef get there, in Ihe following" para.
C .rap :
":;,.. i,*there is rio lower in the country Ic
'. -.,mik -a6.idle, except by a Sovereign State
Eand they Oan:make a slave of a white man
,as-well %s a 'lack. Should New Mexico
': ..d Califoroia become States and chose to
tiinitte slavatry,.the probability is they wil
1189"eushe th ites--as, the blacks ,and copper
*,kins tu'ld be largely in majority.".

I.L U S aiC 111 U MUSI C ITIU L*i!

I --- -mmmwmowm-

i ... ........ I M win .

_ __~

. + .


~U~-.~~ '-~l~pR~d~a~m~a ----------

.~--~~ --I I~e~CIII~C

CIING LIa ,id .,l it,=.,-l,.r s'le,hv
.3 Jl 17 J."C. ALLEN. -

Geincs;,e iFloaar, A ND .1 ~il,,i|..i>," 'l Wi.- .,i 'C.HEESE. fr.r sale '
A h, E. McCULLY,"
N,-., H 50 \Vaier st.
Snutflf. '
COTCH Sn,,ff, in bLia~ladr, for sale by
, hlv 15 H. I". ABELL. "




-:. .-.."" -" .* .-"
-, ^ .^,+-,5 ^ -?, .,


Col. J. H. Long, Major J. D. GraMam and
Major W. H. Chance, Engineers, all among
the most intelligent officers of the service,
and by many citizens. .
The land reclaimed is below latitude 27,
deg. 30 min., where there is n.o frosi, and if,
the project succeeds, a countrylarger than
the State of Connecticut can'be in five years
in cultivation in Sugar Cine,: Oranges,
Limes, Lemons, Bananas, and other iropi-
cal productions that cannot be raised in any
otherpart of "the present United States,"
to quote the significant language of the gal-
jamnt+Harney. If this work can be effected
we shall hot want Cuba. -. -
SWerdo not profess to be competent to
judge of the practicability of this scheme--
but at any raIe, it is a grand conception, and
one which, if the Senator.-from Florida sue-
ceeds in, he may rest satisfied with the good
that he has done. We had rather bhe the
projector of suctimpovyeient, and ih:e au-,
thor of its successful issue, than the victor
of .a hundred batldes. Such. a work, to
such extet,_ is unheard of; except in the fa-_
bles of the ancients. ,
We notice there are some interesIi ng and
valuable data in the document referred to
respecting.the Wrecks on the Florida Reefs,
to which we will call the altieniion of our
"nn'l,-,% rl,,i hereaft.er. .
..rl,,. ril[)..t conf;lihs tl.o two ppers, one
o., the pioliriely of the federal government
adopting means to.get seeds, &c., of tropical
.prd tction's imported, and the other as Io
'the Fisheries ,.f Florida, which furnish,
useful infbrmiitloh.
The Biters Bitten. ; ,,
[i is stated that in a late speech in Har-
.risonburg, Va.,,Sir.+F. E. Rives undertook
to prove Mr. Fillmore an.abolitionist, urg!-
ingth~at he had "voted "withk Adoms, Gid-
dings, and other noted abolifonists. Mr,
SIP'ewi' nobly advocated the paltriotismn of
Fillmore, and completely turned the tables
upon Rives by, proving thkt he (Rives) had
voted with Adams, Giddingg, Slade, and
,Fillmore, and was, thereforre, according to
his Own showing, himself an abolitionist."
.This is equal to the case which occurred
between Messrs.. Johnson and Toombs, at
Fors ,th, on Friday last. Johnison alledged
*that illmore was an abolitionist, because
he had once voted to allow a negrp lheri'ghls
-of citizenship' in holding property, .&c.-
Toombs replied, that'the right to hold pro-
perly was accorded to negroes even in Geor-
gia, and that if there was any force in the
argument, Mr. Johnson himself wasa worse
abolitionist than Mr. Fillmore-, for that lie
had "voted, during.the last session, for the
Mexican Treaty,, which ,admitted negroes,
mulattoes and miked bre-eds to all the rights.
:and privileges of America' citizens, and that.
he supported Mr. Cass, who wished to re-
fer the whole question of slavery in the
Territories, to those very colored brethren
whom he ha'd broui.ll into the nation by his
own act. A universal. sh.o.ut from the au-
dience attested the point ,and power of the,
retort. Johnson looked like "a dead cock,
in the pit."--Macon Jour. and Mess.

General Scott's opinion of General Tay'lor.
We have the following from a gentleman
who, in the year 1845, met and travelled some
days with Gen. Scott. The conversation
turned one day on the war of 1812, and
Gen. Scott spoke of many of -his old friends
who were in the army at that time, and of
one of ilia, said.- -. He's an honest fellow-
then--O1le-q, ,| s- ,only, tie aWe i} --
.. No-Zi,,k "Taylor (whose name had not
before been mentioned) is the most uncom-
fortable honest man I ever saw ; he is alto-
gether too honest and straight-forward to
be comfortable.", A whole Jlife in the ser .
vice of his country, in a public capacity,
has proved him honest, capable and true."
Macon JTour. and Mess.

.3-- M1R. EDiroRa--\Ve rccomrnird JOHN
CAIGH to the voters of Franklin County, as a
candidate at the ensuing election, for Represen-
tative to the General Assembly.-

Brick Store 'for iReeni.
ON SATURDAY, the 30th of Septem-
ber, instant, I will offer for Rent, at pub-
Iftlic auction, to' (he highest bidder, the
Brick Store, known as th,- Simpson Building, on-
LotNo, 2, Block El, and adjoining the Apalach-
iLla Eochange, for the term of one yearfr.om
the qst day of October next. -
Terms or Rent will be, quarterly payments,
Well secured. .
Adm'r, de bonis ion, of the estate of Samuel'
Simpson, dee'd.
Apalachicola., Sept. 16, 1848. 35-3t "

amined it sufficiently to form an. opinion.
and ,-doubt not, that all my acts, public and
private, will be found in accordance with
this view.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant

From the Tallahassee Sentinel.
Side-wipes'at WM". P1. Duvat..)
TheTallalhassee Journalof.ihe,28th ult.,
in a lonc, putfof Gen. Bailey, the Cass can-
didate for Governor,. rakes Wm.'P. Duval,
(he'Cass candidate for Congress, as follows ::
4" In regard to his [Gen. Bailey's] princi-
pl'es -they are perfectly.' y well understood ; no
one entertains any doubt "in regard to them.
He stands upon 4,The Demhocratic Plat-
.form "-and he has never been anywhere else.
It is not necessary that'he should travel
round from County to County; "from stump
to stump, making political speeches in or-
der to enlighten the people as to his princi-
ples. Had he been DODGING ABOUT,
a little here, and a little there--had he in
times past occupied an equivocal position, and
was there any doubt as to his'opinionsmn re-

lation topubiic affairs at the present time-
theu in that case. there would be good "rea-
son why he should stump through the country,
"and gizve.the'necessary cxPlafations." .
Exal~y so-aild 'we. irive no doubt 'tlhat
Irn. P. Duval ofltei f'els calledd Upon to
smthakeh iese necessary explanations." He
started iII life a Federalist-he now claims

.toube a democrat. He voted in Congress
Tor three Uniied States. Bank Chariers in
21ireeT' mon'l is and yet said ait St. AIu I,_Iii ie..
a few d,;i'y ago, (hat! an advocate ol': [.Tnyife!
.States 'Bank', was unworth'y Ithe conni tence
of rhe'People. 'Hte opposed thee Sub-trea-
.surir, but is now its advocate. In 1815 he
thought rhe 'United Slthes Bank ought not
to,pay 111, 01P i tin its noies-dnring a susJpen.
sion, bu, ini '1,40, (as hie now- says) he op-
posed the Sub-treasury, because it did not
provide interest on the notes. He was for
Van Buren in,1-836-f6r.Harrison in 18404
for Tyier in 1841-for 'Polk in 1844-for
Ta'ylor six months ago, and is for Cass no.w.
In 1840 we heard him, while advocating
Tippecanoe and Tyler too on the stump,
say thal he should accept no office. un-
der that administration-'but one or tVWo
years after,'he repented and took the office
of United Staites Law Agent in East Flori-
da. He founded the Union Bank. and n.o'w
says lie is opposed to that monster., He
spoke of the blessings it would bring to the
people-but now talks of the evils it has oc-
casioncd, He established the faith-bond
systein-signed the bonds-and has official-
ly-declared them valid and binding upon the
people. What he says now we don't know
-but. should'at wonder !" Now, if it be
conceded that Gen. Bailey standsd, upon
the Democratic Platform and HAS NEVER
BEEN AN"YWHERE ELSE" we, think.,'it is
equally clear that Gov. Duval hasg. ".been
dodging about," not a little all Lis life time.
In discharging his *may not have intended'it, but he has wound-
ed the ex-Governor most terribly. And
when- that print begins to talk of.Whig can-
didates in the next sentence with the dis-
junctive 11 or" as the candidates of a party
which has no principles, we are inclined to
fear he is not so innocent, in this business
one might suppose.

Frlm the Philadelphia Bulletin.
TihiF!ori~ln Everz1,0eset_.
VS':"S-- . i-" -- F .; P-,rr.-r"-,-TTTrP-m-
ol modern lil)--?s is II:lI prolm!3 l with re-
f-ieri e o,) itir- r-2h-n (in Ih-, P ,-niiiiilla ol
*Sioh Florida, called the Everglades.
" This region, including two la-rge swamps,
one called the Atseniihoofa," on the West-
ern side, and the other called the "l Halpa-
beoka," on the 'nortlh-eastern side, and in-
cluding the large Lake Okeechobfe, covers
an a4ea of seven millions of acres. .It is now
n'terly wol'rhless, four millions and a halfr
o[ Jrbit area being usually si,-, ,- ?romr2
to 7 f,,'et. The "Palihayokee." of Grass
Water, as "the Indians call the Everglaides,
comprise between one and one and half mil-
lio'ns ol" ;>cres of the. submerged lands. .
The Eve'rglades is a basin of Solid lime
rock; and the bottom of it is said to be at
least some 12 or 15 feet 'bove the level of
the sea ; and the rlni of the basin 'varying in
width'from half atile to five miles, lies be-
tween, the waters+ of the oceah on 0one side,
and the Gulf of M~exico on the Other. Deep
tide rivers run from the ocean and Gulf up
toethe margin or~foot of this rim. Within
the b~sin are thousands +o( Islands of rich
land. The Ghlades are filled with a tail grass
-from "6 to 10( feeat high, the annual decay, of
which hats occasioned a d epo'site in tlhe water
of from 2 to 6 feet thick, .it is proposed tO
cut canals o~r drains through the soft rock Of
the rim into Ihe rivers.round it, in which now
when thfe waters of the Glades arrive at a
certain height, they flow through fissures,
or depressions, or confined sub~terranfeouis
outle~ts. This will, it is said, reclaim for
eulhivatioi n mst o'f the suhaqueous soil in
the Glades and -Ile two lairge swamps men-
tioned, which are ov;er flowed from the
Glades The correct quantitity of laud esti-
mated as reclaimable is one million +of acres.
The cost is. estimated at from $'250,000 to
$500,000. Besides this, it. is proposed as a
part 6f the same improvement, to drain five
or six feet- o'f the Great Lake Okeechobee,
nearly 40 miles square., by two cana,|s, each
12 miles lone, one into the Caloose Hatchee,

a river flowing into the Gulf, and the other
into the Loca Hatchee, a river flowing into
the Atlantic. In the largest estimiatfe o tex-
penses above given, the cost of these two
canals is included. This, it is supposed,
will drain some hundred thousand acres of
the best bottom sugar land in the .South,
now valueless, lying on the Kisseme river,
which,nnually overflows, owing to the rise
in the Okeechobee, into.which it empties.
Mr. Westcott, of Florida, introduced at
the late session of Congress a bill to grant
all this region to his State upon condition
that it would drain them. ,We have before
t us Document No. 242 of the Senate, .con
ltaning interesting information on this sub-
r ject. The Commisioner of the Genera
I Land Office, the Secretary of ihe Treasdry
. and the Committee on public rids of the
i Senate all decidedly reported in favor of he
F measure; and a very able official report by a
r gentleman of high character for scientific
I attainments, who made an examination o
y the glades, it seems to us demonstrates tb(
e feasibility of the project; and hisjudgmen
s is backed by strong letters from Gen. Gads-
D den, formerly Engineer in Chief of the U
- S. Army-by Gen. Jesup, Gen. Harney

Another Sugar Plum for the South.,
The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a long
article dlesignefd to prove that Judge Mc-
Le,n and its friend Gen. Cass occupy the
same ground on the constitutional question
of slavery iu the territories. It thus con-
lNow we ask every'ccandid reader to comr-
pairre theiopinions o'f'the two men, and point
out the differen'ce if they can. We claim
+i0 say that *Gen. Cass is as good a free soil
mai as'.TV'ue McLean, AND A MUCH
Is-a'word T'comniment necessary?
Change of Positioni.
No mnan caiin'tell what ',a day may bring
f6dh." 'How far, then, must the develop-
ments of'nine calendar months be beyond.
the reach of mortal prescience? Not more
than.nine mnonihs ago, says Ihe'Richinond
Whig, the, Ridh'iund Enquirer, and the
Washington Union, united their voices in
denouncing the. Southern Whigswho "voted,
for Robert'C. Winihrop as speaker of the
H-ouse of R'epresentiiives: and what does
Ihe reader st ,|',),. "- 's. i ie'ground 6f ob-,
jection W hy,'thiat' he'had engra'fted upon
the Oregon bill of 1845, thle precise Wil-
mot proviso which Mr, Pblk'ias since sign-
ed in (he very same bill'!!
'The Result of the Discussion. .,
A friend who went up to'Griffiu (says thle,
Macon Journal and Messenger) oh ihe extra
train;rthe evening after rhe discussion at
Forsylh,'writes us as follows :
A'vote'was taken on the cars, which re-;
sulited as follows-fo-rTaylor 45, Cass 12.
"Among 'the former, were several who were'
'only this morning stauch Democrats, but
,who Pre now firm in tb< ir determination to
"support Old Zach' for the Presidency. I
do not. write letters'for the public eye, but
.communicate this to you, knowing that you
t'feel an interest in 'these little changes.. I
'saw the gentlemen, conversed with them,
and can give some of their names., So
iniich lor the discussion."
.Imort1ara Letter from, Millard Fillmore.
Wet: ke pleasure in laying before the pub-
lic lie su -bjinei letter from Mr. Fillmore
on the subject f 'ABOLITION, which has
been furni shed us by Gov.Gayle'for 0ubli-
.catibtil. It will be fouhd fraoIk and explicit,
.and all that any Southern miian 'uhld ex-
pect from a citizen of a free State, 'Indeed,
it is perfectly sound-all th.at the South
cold ask-and stamps indelibly with 'F'LSE-
HO)D the charge of Abolitionism, 'Which the
Locofoco press of the Soulth'have been en-
deavoring to'fix upon the distinguished and
,patriotic writer. There'is not a prominent
man of any party north of the Potomac who
is freer front all taint or suspicion of aboli-
Oionism, none who', in feeling'or principle, is
farther removed from fanaticism, none en-
tertaining sounder or, more conservative
views, and, none more ready to stand "yilhe
Constitution "and the rights of the So'uth
g'lI ,iantied by the Constitution, than Millard
Fillmhiore. Read, Southerners, READ!
Mobile Advertiser.
Governor Gayle, in tranwmittirng us the,.
letter, wriie's as follows:
]i.;Kt S'iR^'f-'lWFTln-^ nYn"!'u I~lil~li
the enci0sed letter in tle Advertiser.
'BefS'rel left Washington, ] saw that h,,
Southern Demiocratic pa pers were asserting
recklessly,, and.- as believed, withour ihe
slightest foundation, tIat Mr. Fillmore was
:im abolito'ni'st., I addressed him a letter on
lhat subject and received the reply now sent.
y ) 11" . + "' .* <
T I ,i u i. (his ch,i! 'is m eil e w'4 h h0,11 i
ness in the Sooth, 1 wil% Vel,0 t re s0 O atf-ii
Ihat no respectable man) it eiiher atniy in
the Nor't'h, wonld endo-rse 'it. Upo, this
subject no 'an issorundtrthtan Mr. 4Fillmore,
;in! 6s betwern Tlth and Gen. Cass, an ad-
'vantageous comparison would be made.
Respectfullv. your ob't. servant,
C. C. LANGb6i, E'S'Q.

THE subscriber respectfully informs ,heociti-
zens of Apalacticola, that he intends to re-com-
mence giving Music, Lessons, (for the summer
months,) -commencing on Monday, 3d July. -
I ,Those;desirqus of taking l,'ssons in Ihe Ibllow-
ing ii.'sliuroet:. Spiiish 6uitar, l-thle, Violin,.
(Tenor or Alto Vif.ln,) andtViol icelloi.would do
'well. to. apply soon. as Ilhioy can have the privi-
lege orselh-c(ing ilie hours'which niy.su.it their'"
convenience. JMsic Inirni-hed, i1 required, at $2
per tcrm, extra, for any 1o the a\b N. B. Punctual atterdarce is requisile'.,as no-
reduction wiil te made for non-altendance, ex-.-.*
c|,.t I.rough pr,,racled sicknes... *-.
F,.r s^\f. Vic lin.biidaes, lail pieces, and pegs;
exlri quality. of' lip'd Fliutes ar.d No. 4, 5 and Cy-
Guitar Striigs..
TFRMi.--'$10- fr eig'Kt %'i'Eel{ o1' tWO lessens
each Av.ek ; the cortse'i'-1'lose *;8elQ AugusL. 7
Applic'ation at my-officein Balzell's Building.
'.- T: C. U-NI)ERWOOD.
Apal.-i,-hirola, Jun .-j I-&4.-8 -" -,f
A-.lare l..t of hi slitio'tiojh Woke for the above,

To Let.
S 1'H 1 l,,t+ I.,tely kriourn aP I be" Dew
IW!t~lf!! ....''" .p r-f-;:ot gitet, immediately.
lnqniiireof W 1M UONE,
M\\d, 1 1. -49 WV;
.*. Pn'ospectus.. .,.; :
The Democratic r'arL" ofl Fr-i'.I']' C CcitY
propose toqpublish in the city lr"'Apalcbivwola,
after the, irst d'N` of Augru.l "if-xitj ner.spaper,
,during the Presidentiai ,-an%;aii, I hi.,l %ill advo,
pate for the Pres3idncv and Vice Pi,^idency th,
nominees of t-he B.,ltii'J,,re 'oii,vciti,,n, as wel '
as the nominees ot the E,..,'ri-ralic Stale Conven-. "
tion, and that Will in a]ll Il.ceir-i, ns be stlicily al
.advocateof the pri] ,:ilL~ .l' -,f ..rr,.craey.
The D.:rif,,,rr.-cY I,-l ii Cour'l ,t, ard ofl W e:
Flori' a rvnf.rall%,have IcbL'r l-'i .der lir- incor
.enience nf' being wiithoul a [nblic |oiir.I in ha
the i pi,-,.,i t nlt eiectl n II, lie Stl'air : bnd ha%
had the n ,,rii ';l,.in ",f ki,>.\lrig lhat i hen
falsehood 1h.d b,:en ci->ililc'J, t(:-%\ l~ai had n
medium dIir-.uih hich tlhi mrright 1,-'Ik tor
correctici,; ami d .rr iirg aiko I cInl ie c'of .lc>-
"bids fair to he-well coiltested on both sides,-an,'.
thatfair and general -ii->,'sir.r, Mi l bq aecepi.
bleto Ihe people, we lhri,'t u|,s n a.aim-ro!.a pIl,
lic,-and particularly the Demi)'r ",y'"-,i'lhl Slatr
" TifE STAR OF T'hE WE:ST," al3,1 g their genei
OUS Support. : ; ;: ,, ::
"THIE "STAR OF THE--WEST""'. ill theUtind(i-
the Editorial charge of' a3c,,rT nril'e.rt-t6 be a'r f
pointed by ll, -Democracy (.1 Frr.rklii, Counil ?
and will give a synopsis of Ithe last-Genrral A
sembly of rhis State, and a r,-i i..' Olt lie acts ,
its most prominent rriembers. I %ill be- issuE
at-the;prfce> of, S,';ven i %-five Centslfor. a sinigl]
copy'; three copies, for T.%-, Dcll r'-= i ?seven cc .
pies for Four Dollars ; totc,. ,isi,,.r Five Dilars
and any number over the above at t.he sar-e rate
(j-rz Persons receiving this:- Fiir-spectus ,Wi'
-please procure subscribers, and receipt.,gor us, an* r :
return the same addressed-to,- -. -*
R. J.-FLOYD Co., "
July 6, 1848. 'Ap;.darhi. I,-t, Fa.

Underwood t Caigh,

.0 RESPECTFULLY oitert heir ser
j i vices to the citizens ol Apalachi.
100 cola, and the county of' Franklin
,f:* !^ generally, in .theline of' tehiir pro-
"f\ jp afession. Having ri.iiiili. co.m-
', munication with the principal
I .Ncrlhlvrn-cities, they will be ena--
", ; I -bled to furnish their patrons at all
*-'..:: },i.:--*-- times with the NEWEST AND LA-
:'- ....... TEST PLATris o" FA.>H! ) ,reeei-
.ed monthly, showing at a view the most Fashion-
able Styles of Dress, which will be a. decided
advantage to a fashionable c,-, 1i.1r.
N. B, 1c;ii!,--n.i,' orniing Gown-'s.anl-J Eve-
ning Wra,)ers trade to order; Cl-..-jks~ofevery
description 'made in 'the usual forms of the day;
'* lhi; ,. and Riding Gaitors made in a | 1 i'i-.
r,,a'i,:-r; Tunic,,Dresses..anrd B coys' (.ll-.d., ,.f
every description made-in a iie'ti:,r I hl',',,..hl,.
sty, le. A.11garments made at this establishment
warranted tof it,-.. ..
CU- ShIop, Second Story Baltzell's Buildings.
Entrance on Chestnut street.
September 9, 1848. 34-6m
.jc A plate of Fall and Winter Fashions just

Steamnboat Sale.
'M, '-m ,BY virtue of a mortgage deed.,
t 0' Withhpower of sale, made the 22d'
.n7-3 day of April, A,-D. 1848, by John
P. Jordan and John-McNaughton,
to.Barnet & Sandiford, and which.said mortgage.
.deed is recorded in book C, pages 396 and 397, of'
the office of.Clerk of the Circuit Court of Frank-
lin county, Florida, the undersigned,. as at ,r,,evs
of said Barnet & Sandifordi 'will sell .at public
outcry, for cas h, .'-r-_fre Ihe au ti...n store of Starr
& Co., at Eufaul.i, Al.,bamd. on Saturday the
30th day of September next, the eight-tenths in-
terest of said Jordan & McNaughton in the-" sin-
gle engine steamboat Eufaula." .Said interest
will be sold to indemnify said Barnet & Sandi-
ford for monies paid by them in disharge of debts
due by said steamboat, amounting to about) i,.
thousand dollars. .. .
Attorneys for Barnet & Sid;iciii",,rd.
Eufaula, Aug. IS,-i8413.48 r- 3-t-t-:-;
Election Notice.
AN Election will be heid-at the Apalachicola
Precinct, in the County ot Franklin, on the
first Monday in October next, for -one Represern.
tative to Congress, one Representative .to the
General Assembly, and for Governor of the State
of Florida ; atd of said Election', David G. Raney,
Thomas Orman and Jesse F. Potts will act as In-
specters. -
Given at the office of thp Judge of Prabate, 19th
May, 1848. L.W. SPRATT, Judte.
Apalachicola, Sept. 1, 1848. 33-5t

,- :. -otic e '- '- ..' "
C OL..WM. H..HUG.ES is'.Iy Agenttidrli "
my absence from the Stater. : .' .
Apaiabhicola,.May 25,,1848. ..
S BENEZET i rry auth,:.rizd Agent durirj
my absence from the Sit e.
Apalachicola, July 8, 148;.. .
p CULLEN is nmv anth,-riztd Ageit d-
T ring mv absieiwcu (r..'l, the SIAte. -
M. P. ELLIS. :" :"*
Apab.11;-,-1' hiin 16, iS48. : -
k during, mv ab ,c et fi l'itff Sth u-ate., --
June 12, 1848. '2-3t ^. -
Boot anid! Shoe Ivlaking.
THE suibscribers ha\v entered into priner. ..-
ship in the abu\ve bu-inE.~-, and iE-pectfull., "-
snlicit a slire ,.I public pa'.,'oriage. All \\c.rl
done by them will be neat and dur,,ble, arid fhi :
charges, in conformity with thp t heiptrh-ffi', ,I h -_..-- -I-
times- A. KLAIRMAN, -
Julyl 3t.r .." F. C..KELLY. ,` :
DR. BLAKE'S celebrated Aromritic Biilers, 'i- .!
jiut rceie td, and 1;.,r sale by
- July 8 -H F ABELL. .
Coligress Water. >. -.
J UST received l'l'esi? and lor iakl. b- '' b' '' -
Jul%.'1 1 A BELL. "
Pain Killer.
DERRY DAVfS'S Pair, Kil,:,-r. l.,r sale by
July S H F ABELL. : _
Mustard. .
A SPLENDID article of'Ground Mnslaid, in -
tin b,-,xes, for sale by
April :27 : H F 'ABELL.-
Gold Pens.
FEW (if Vpo'_.d..ard &. Brolht-r''s-supe'rior
,, Gold Poii,. i i'jl received ahd tjr ?a.i- 'by
Oet.-beral. Ji C. ,-ALLEN <
Bailey'i rosic mtisurie'.
T'H IS i; a '.'dlU.uito e,,i,,puid ihid exIract cl
'T 'Cinch-.iii r,~ Rljhra,- a %ekt-tabl" lipbril'ui ? ,
forIli (he 1'.-',e ol [Fever and Ague. S,!l by -.
Jt;ie 1'0 H. F. A-BELL. :.

Host Extraordinary Work !
J K *, V. A--r L fk .MI- -,r- -^'.&-M ,^u
.RorcesoP. OF DISEASES or woi> 'O ,
Sixth Edition 18mo pp. 250. Price $1. .
Years of suffering, of physical and mental an--
guish to many an affectionate wife, and pecutiary.
difficulties to the husband, might have been
spared by a timely possession -of this work.
It is intended especially for the married, or
those contemplating marriage? an it diselosesim-.
portent secrets which should be known to them
particularly. .. .' .. ,',*
Truly, knowledge is 'p0owe.r. It is h.ealIth,
happiness, affluence. .
The revelations contained in its pages. have
proved a blessing tothousands, as the innumer."
able letters received by the author wfll attest. -
Here', also, every female-the wife, the. mmqther,'
the one either budding into womanhood', or the
one in the decline'of years in whoea nature con
templates afi. important 'change-can discover the,
causes, symptoms, arid the m,,t efficient remedies
and most certain rpode of cure, in every com.
plaint to which her sex is subject.
On the receipt or 'One Dollar, the '; Married
Woman's Private Me,.lical-Companion" w,.ill be,
sent (mailed free) to: any part or the United
States. All letters muut be addresed, post-paid,
to .Dr. A.. M. Mauriceau, Box 1224, New York
City. Publishing Office, 129 Liberty-stre'er,New
York. May 4, 16;-tf.


0 We are indebted to A. M. A..,'XAN-
Ditt, Esq., Deputy Collect'or of the Port of
St. Marks, for the following statement of
the receipts and exports of Cotton from:
that Port:
Statement o0f 'Cotton
Received at the Po It of St. .Marks, Fa.',firmIs't
September, 1847, to 31st A/ugust, 1848.
Stock on hand 1st Setember, 184-7,........ 347
Received from 1st September, 1847, to 3lst
August, 1848,............................ 26,512
Expjorts of Cotton from the Port of St.
Marks, from ist September, 1847, to 816t
August, 1848- 7 .
To New York ............... 23,977
Charleston ................. .... 679
.New Orleans ............ .. .'. 1,803
Other ports ..................... 29

Stock on hand ist September, 8184 ...... 401
Total receipts from 1st Sept., 1846, to 8ist .-
Aug 1841. .......... .... .. .... .... 18,471
Total receipts from 1st Sept., 1I47, to 31st
Aug., 1848 .............................. 26,512
Increase in 1847-8 ........ bates 8,041
NoE --Newport .is j'nluded with St. Marks.

ALBAN'Y, N. Y.IJuly 31, 1848.
Hon. John Gayle.
' DEAtSIR:--I h.ye ,your letter of 'the
15th inst., but my official duties have been
so pressing-that I have been compelled to
neglect my private correspondents., I had
also determined to write no letters for pub-
lication bearing upon lhe contest in the ap-
proaching canvass. Buit asyou desire some
.information for your own satisfaction. in re-
gard to the charges brought against me
from the South, on the slave question; I
hare concludedd to state briefly my posi-
Si on.
While I was in Congress, there was much
agitation on the right of petition. My votes
will doubtless be found recorded uniformly
inr favor ofir. The rule upon which I acted
was, that every citizen presenting a respect-
ful petition to '.he body that by the C6nsti-
tution h,"ad the 'power to grant or refuse the
prayer'f 1't. was- entitled to be heard ; and
therefore thle, petition ought to be received
and considered', If right and reasonable,
tthe prayer -1f ik should be granted ; but if
wrong o ,reasonable, it should be denied.
I Wrik all my votes whether on the recep-
tion of petition's or the consideration 'of the
'res6lutions, wvill be found consistent wA-ith
this rule. .
I have none of my Congiressi6nal docu-
mien'tss aere, they being .it m'rhy former resi-
den'e int .Baffalo, n6r h'ae I accIess 'to.-any
papers or memoranda to refresh my recollec-
tion ; butl think at some time while-ibnCont-
gress I took occasion to stait6 in s'b's1tance
my views on the subject of slavery in the
States. Whether the remarks were report-
ed or not I am unable to say, but. the sub-
stance was, that I regarded slavery as an evil,
but 0ie with ,h~ch the national government
hid nothing to do ."That- b..y the Constitu-
Ition 6( the United States, the whole power
over that question was vested iti the several
States where 'the institution w'as.tolerat'ed,
I If they regarded it as a blessing they had a
constitutional right to enjoy it, and if they
regarded it as an evil they had the power
and knew best how to apply the remedy. I
did 'not conceive. that Congress had any
power over it, or was in any way responsible
for its continuance in the several Sates
where it existed. I have entertained no
other sentiments on this subject, since I ex

Notice. "
ALL persons .having claims against tharcstate
. of Joshua Stevenson, deceased, al-required
to present thesame within thei t' 'e prescribed
by law, or else they will'be b',red of recovery.
T.'H. A $JST'N, AdministratQr.
Apalachicola, 3J,'y?^, lS4. -2--,384
:ft. y W ater,,, '
ITRENOHU,-S Double Distilled Bay Wate'r', for
FLsale-)Jy .. .
Jpy17 -1. HF. A BELL
WTHITTEMORE'S Concentrated Vegetable
V Syrurp, a sure and; effectual remedy for
Diarrhri-.i j,,,d Bowel complaint, for sale by:
-. 'July 15 H. F. ABELL. :

ATS and Cap3 by the case low I'or cash by
L.l-" Cor. "\ l,1i uliH C I'K'.,.l,.ll -t,

Clarel Winiei.
5 DOZ- Ul'eirinr T.able (hlirer, rc-iv.ivcd per
i ,'h. '. Mont,_rev, and loi-.ale-l.n'
May lI ] W McCULLY, 50 Waler st.

Apalachicola Acadenmy.
TtIIE subscriber, with a competent Female As.
Jl sistant, will open this Academy on Monday,
the 25th Sept. instant, to teach for two terms, of
twenty-two weeks each term. The County Com-
min,:-ioners will have the lot enclosed and divided,
so that the males and females may have separate'
yards, for recreation. The Commissioners witl
also divide the building so that the males 'and-l fe-
males may be taught ill a separate room ; .,,et un-
der '.he immediate supervision ol' thOe ,dbscriber.
1st. CLASS will be taught R.ading, Writing and
Arithmetic commence] : i. e. Oral or Elemen-
tary Arithmetic fo.'; the 22 weeks,......$8 00
2d CLAss-Read,'ng, Writing, Arithmetic,
Geography., with English Grammair, for
the ter.,h ...... :;. ,,..... .....I.... 10 00
3d CLAss-Readingi Writing, Aiithrmetic,
Geography, English Grammar, with
History, Composition'and Declamation,
tor the term;........ I.. ...............12 00
No reduction will be made for lost time, except
from protracted sickness. It will be the true in-
terest of all who desire to obtain an education,
or have their children educated, to enter at the-
commencement of the term. Every effort to pre-
serve and'improve the morals and minds of the
.pupils will be made;, the discipline will be, mild,
but firm. ** SAM'L. J. BRYAN.
Apalachicola, Sept. 16, 1848. 35-3t

"W INER'S Cainadian Vermifuge, for sale by.
Feb 17 H F' ABELL;

B EEl,"--le:ssand Prime, ".
P oMrk-=:D o .. do K- ....
Bread-Navy and Pil,-:,' for sale hv
Dec :30- B ELLISON &. Co.

Drugs, MIedicsnbes.& Chemicals.
A FRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and
Chemicals, fnow landing from bark Reform,
d f o r s-a l e b y 4 .' ;;r .. I

Quinine. *
3 OZ. Sulp. QuiJine, just received and foi
tJ _# sale by .1+, .. ..- ._ .-
.- April -27 .. H F ABELL.

T RACE CHAINS, Spades, Locks, assorted,
Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives and
Irons, &c. &c. for salelowby
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Bagging and Rope.,
F"OR sale-by E. McCLLLY,
Nov 11 ,50W.ter st.
Oil -Cloths and Carpets>.
-9 AW DOC! "r ;', ,+ f,-'f -A-i-'))-- 4 .J .... -;A... -.

]lolasses. .
0 HHDS West Indies, 50 tierces Florida,
O for sale bv B. ELLISON & CO.
Dc 30 "Cor Water and Chestnut sts
Bacon, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and
A LWAYS on 1lw nd, and for sale lw by
.e Dec ",;3 E MeCULILY.
Sw.ayyn & %'ViStlal"s
,OMPOUND Syr mp ol' Wild Cherry-, just re-
-_ cened and for sale by .
Feb 17 gfABET'.Tr.

5 fPCSOl LCiotti, :I ano d va ars wide;
3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 S ta ir- .
10 Tufted Rugs',
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.,
Dec 30 41 Water-street.

FRESH. ARIVA:IT F- "& :'r "
Drugs, MNedicinesf, T.Onitil ltfoM 5
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumne .y,
^H& THE under.ifglied re~tum 61thanks
B r loo his friends and tff; puRI6Arheir
liberal patronage, aind bejoarid7fo4riM
that he is uow r ceivrg. ahrad"dtion-
supply, which addeito his fiorler
stock ^re nd ers h is "asdor rm e nt u -rit u aly 1i re ,
and complete. English-, Freneh, German.n.d'
American Drugs; 'Cosmeti ';6Pdumer.d.-las
and- Druggists Glass %%re, c'.,-'&0.0"i..'
to Physicians, Country lfeichadrffsaiacl',&B,,,
the mostliberal terms--al 9fwh'ich hte'WifikjifT.
pure'and unadulterated. -"
H. FpABELt $
I Wholesale and Retail Dru |1ggij
45. Watersrei
, Apafachl'cob, Nov. -21, 1846... ;-' "
Orngs and' edicines. :
-" . THE subscriber has, "ahn will
,.moon constantly have, on hand; a complete
E assortment of DRUGS and MED1.
CINE,, which Ae will warrapn puire
and of the best qtiadltv. "oiffntry
Merchants and Planters"ill find'fit
.to their advantage to call, examine'afid' price hie
Goods, before purchasing elsewhere." '
N. B. Physician's prescriptions put up.'with "
care and accuracy at any hour oftheda do% or nifght-.
J. -C. ALLEN,.
M'l,-, ",1 Cur. Centre and Commerce Slr.
4J. SPE.NCE, '
^.^r a ijft Second Story Baltzell's Buildings,
r'=, (Entrance on Chestnut-st.) : -
N. B. Watlces, Clucks and Jewelry careviii
repaired. October 21. 1S47.

Bowling i _aloon and Billliard'
T HE proprietor of ilhe "*Athenieum Bowling
--L alion" has used every endeavor to make.
'the establishment aii agreeable [dace of resgiu'f
and is thaikfufl that an ever discriminating-pub-"
lic prye 'b) liber -at,-r,,nage Ilieier -appre'eiation
of his desire to'lptMase He will always 'keep a
*choice assorlment (d Liquors, and refreshing
beverages. of' a sort to tickle the parlate? of Old
Bacchus' iost l'asiidiouhs sons; and- 'OQv'rs,
cool and delicious,, fie'eh n-oif their native banks:-
For a-pleasant coringiinglirig of-exercise and
amusfiffent-/-cti e, cum ith/ef-there is nothing
withi thMe circle of gymna'pticrs 'to ",.re -ih
a gPme of fenr pins; but those prefeiWrig 'less
active aoiisenients, can always take ahamil.
-"Come oynE--conme all." .-


' ,


Coffee. -
"1O SACK.';, Rio. H ,vana, and St. Dorringo >;-
-r v "'C':.fe -L, h.or sal how by w.
Dee 21" E Mc CULLgY.
SFor Sale.
i' P RBLS Hay. now ladling frorei' st ii, Fl,,ri-
rlJ dian. Apply To
Dec "-U'3 NORSE, STO"iNE k C,..
Lemon Syrup.
B P.R.\ 'xSupei'iOr Lemon s.%,Up.ju-qi recei,,d
ind lor sale bV
Feb 17 1 H F A BELL..!
Western Produce.
T LT. I.II S Flour, Ohi do, Lard, Whiskey,
1 1'arw, c'lIlce alid prime, Mlolasses,Pork, mess
and r.,ime, Bacon, Hauls, Sidesanu Shoulders, for-
sale bv B. ELLISY)N "h Co.,
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut stA..
The Indians' Elixir.-
A CERTAIN remedy. for chill and 1evr,,fob
sale by
Feb 3 ALLEN. :
SALAD OIL, just recei vednd" 'for sal'e
!r\ I 1-pH. F."ABELL-
Piles. I
DITCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, ibr -
. sale by [Feb-24] H F A'BEEL.'
N BITTERS, just received and'for sale 6y-'
Nov -21 J C. ALLEN&.-
T a n n ers O il, .. .
O R sale b% -, -- ---- ... ..
IF De 30C 3 B ELLISON &-Co.
Vila va J.ellies..'
N ,!*'iilea n i ^'\ b.1-es, ju-t rvcee'iedN'ronif'6a'1-
j' .., ,a , Dr -23 E M,-,CULLV,..
Groceries. :
9{" Fr-LS Vlhlkeo. I'.' bblk Molas?. e..-,-.
^ 1 ti,-r J... t; E. MeCULLV\, 50 Water st.
New Orlieans Sugar.
5 HHDS. I riire N. O. Sugar, receiVer'per-'cbH"
M~onter,,.sndf'irsale b.VL ,- -- -. ;- -.*;
Mav ls E McCTLLY,, 50.Waer st.-..
.--ASTlLE Soap for sale bI '.---,
C Feb-.1 H F ABF.. "

: Lanets. .
SPRING-and Thumb Lancet-, i' si received
ard for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.

.. Advances ', -
M ADE on shililmenls of Cotton. to Liverpool;
Havre, New York a'nd Br-,'.-,n, hv ,
Dec 16 D. B WOOD" &:CO.
Hydrostatic Ink Fountiain. ,
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fboains, Peh Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stampsq-Se.iIsf',
Paper Clasps, Weights,_&c. for..sale by'..,, -..<
Nov I 'c '. f
Quninl0e..'; '.-,,, .',
30^ OZ. Suip. Quinine, just received and for.
3 0 sale by -'-" .-, ." -...
April 12 2" F.7'A.BEELs :=:-'
mrlolasses. ...... l .-,
K\" H'nDS-West Indies; 50'fierces Fro?.i'da,-,'
O3 Ifor-sale by B. ELLISON & CO..:.:, ,
Dec 30 Cor Water and Chesthjt't^ ;
Bacon, Flour, Sillar, Coffee- i._,;n

LWAYS on hand and-tor.salelow t- b&, .-.-4
Dec "23 E MGU ^.
Swayn d t -WlsTV!rl'. -
fOMPOUND Svi-ilp AWNi-lt Ch~e-. d''%
t ceived and for sale'bv. "'A f ..^' "
Feb 17 -I > H F ABELL. -

The Protection Inslramnce Co. of
New Jersey.':
rpHE subscriber; being appointed b) the above
X Company their agent'for this city, is now
prepared to take,'Fire and Marine Risks
May 11, 1848. V THOSE. L. MITCHEL.
Tax Collector's Notice.
TlAX. payers are hereby'notified; that all taxes
due the city must be paid by the time pre-
scribed by the ,ordinance-passed by the -City
Council, if not the. law wil be strictly enforced.
City Tax Collector.
Mr. EDWARD McCTTLLY 'is my authorized
agent for the collection of Taxes during my ab-
senre from the State., J. F. FARRIOR.
May 18, 1848. .
Dr. Woodriff's Worm Specific,
A SAFE and efficient, remedy for worms, lor'
sale by *
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

Saddlery, &ec.
SADDLES, of various patterns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits,
Saddle Bags,
Martingales and Whips, for sale;by
Dec 30 41 Water street.

'. .i,,jS?:--'-:= irjner whiethei-r the i'e? r-itr ,.,t iilhere- nt cau.ie or
'-lS ^causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
'- 'S dent. Nothing can be more surprising than its
1 invigorating effects on the. buran frame. Per-
|R sons all weakness -a.'d lassitude, from taking it,
tlat once become robust and-full, of energy under
*~i, I^i^f a& S H l Hits influence. It immediately counteracts the
-, K W nervelessness of the female frame, Which is the
S'1 |111 t"tiilill : great cause of Barreniless. It will riot be ex-
*_ FFpected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to
^,yt s ii-^l 'ijB g exhibit certificates of cures performed but we
canIllc assure the afflicted' that hundreds of cases
^flHBSBBBB ^~iSBiS^ ^^I^fil have 'been reported to us. Thousands of cases
: i S wherefamilies have been without children, after
i S .T ? using a few bottles of thi., hiv.,lt le medicine,
-'+ 'have been blessed with fiie. tie)itl,. offspring.
-Dr. Townsenid'g Sa-traparilla. To Mothers and Ilarried Ladies.
wonder ad -Bls'sing -or the A ge. This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
prepared in reference to female complaints. No
SThe most e-t ra nrd Medicire-h female who has reason tosupposeshe isapproach'-
This Extract is put up in Q.art B.-tiles:. it is six tig that critical- period, 1TVe turn, of life,"
times cheaper, pleasanter, and xin'anted su- should neglect to take it, as it is a-certain pre-
,. perior lo ally sold. It cure-1 without
.... oniti i 1,y lurg, intsi.:.l nigor ventative for any of the numerous and horrible
7 debihtatng.-the Patient. 'diseases to which females are subject at this time
Tof life. This period may be delayedfbrseveral
7 Thepgrela t ov eall thy an .iiesi ht w il yeizrs by using thU3 medicine. Nor is it less vat-
a rdilatoer-a heid mead;it invigorate that hotely./ bable'for those who are approaching womanhood,

jono" h ,rvbes~t =.. .: as it is calculated to assist rlature, by quickening
SPRING ANDo UMMe R INIFD[CIN-S the blood and invigorating the system- Indeed,
:. ., Ever kfown; it not 6nly Imris th._ Whole sys- >this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate
tern, and strelhens -the person but iticreates diseases to which Women are subject.
new, pure and ,-ie.i blool : a power possessed by It braces the whole system, renews permanent-
no other medicine. And'in thi-"lies-the-grand ly the natural, energies, by'removing the impuri-
secreto fits wonderful suess. It has per anored ties of the body., not so far stimulating as to pro-
within the last five years, rtiore than 100,000 .dce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of'
cu'rei ot.'savere cases of disease;. at least 15,000 mot medicines taken for female weakness and
were cj ;.ier,.I i,,u,'n!>l:.- It ha saved the lives disease. By using a few bottles of this medicine,
of mora tlr, f.-n flid..i :-.udurinf1 the two past may severe and pai-nful surgical operations may
seasons. be prevented.
1.0,O00 cases 'of eieearl Debtlily xreailt Blessing 'to Ttotlirg and
andI want of Nervons Energy. Children.
;Dr..%Townsand'3 Sarsaparilla invigorates the It is the safest and most effectual medicine for
wleo' %v;tcim permanently. To those who pare purifying the system- and relieving the sufferings
fot their miicular energy by ta eff-cts of' tred- attendant upon" child-birth over discovered. It
lo-t their tndyular etnergy byttea in youth, or the strengthens both the mother apd child, prevents
e--idne %r.(ind etin c.om tted painyouts, a od tuhe pain and disease, increases and enriches the food,.
'eccess ild anvo of the passions, and brought
on a gen,'.il phwi-at prostration o= the nervous those who have used it think it is indispensable.
system, lassitude; want of ambition, fainting sen- t highly useful both before and after confine-
sations, premature decay and decline, hastening meant, a i-prevents diseases attendant upon
towards that "fatal disease, Consumption, can be childbirth-in Costivenss, Piles, Cramps, Swell-
entirelv rei'or,-Ie by ttis pleasant remedy. This ing of the 1Feet, Despondency Heartburn, Vom-,
'Sarsaparill ii firsuperior to any iting, Pain in..the Back and Loins, False Pains,
-Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secretions and
Ivigoratiag Cordills6 Heq n g I rD
As itfrenews and invigorates the system, giv 'equalizing the circulation it has.no equal. The
el~-ty b telmban tent ttemu0, great beatify of this medicine is, it is always safe,
activity t5- the limb.q, and strength to the muscu- a,^ t^ d~w"^^~ uv
lar system, in a most extraordinary degree. and the most delicate use it most successfully,
very few, cases~i'equire any other medicine, in
-Consunaption Cured. some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Cleanse and Strengthen. Consumption can be Exercise in the open air, and liglt food with this
.cu'rd. Bronchitis, Consumption, Liver Com- medicine, will always ensure a'safe and easy con-
plaint, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spit- fineaent. e
tingrof. Blood,- Soreness in the Chest, Hectic fin iet.
Notice to the Ladlies.
.. Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or ProfseE Those th tri ater. nsensS
pectoration. Pain in the, Sida, &c.., have been h invariably called 'their stuff a great Remedy
,.and ca Ibe ured. for Feniales, &c. &c., and have copied our bills
Spitting_ Blood. a'd circulars which relates to -the complaints of
"-'" Newv York, April 28, 1847. women, word for word-other men who put up
.Dr. Townsend-I verily believe that your Sar- medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.
saparilla has been-the means, through Providence, Townsend's SaTsaparilla in complaints incident to
oif saving my life. ; I have tot" several years had a feTnales, recommended theirs, although previous-i
bad cough.t Iy became WM. and worse. Ad A number of these Mixtures,'
last I raisedlarge quantities of blood, had night pils, e inj:rious'tofemales, as they aggre.
.weats, and was great ly.debilitated and reduced, rate disease, and undermine the constitutionI
,nd did not expectto live. I have only used your Scrofula Cured.
,arsaparilla a sh&rt'time, and 'there has a won- T certificate. c'o>,c'1u;vdv proves that this
lerful change been wrought in) me. T am now
bt ow lkalo e tl iy _Irienoblo ,-Sarsaparilla has" ,''.: cc,', ol~r, over tire most bb-'
ble to walk all overstiIate diseases of the Blood. Thnbeo persons.
-d iny cough has left me. yon can well ima- curedin one house is Qnprecedented.
:in'e that [L am thankful, for these r:.sults. Three (iildreii-
Your obedient servant, --lauee ildre,.
WM. RUSSELL, 65 C<.tharine st. Dr* Townsend: Dear -Sir--I have the pleasure.
"I-. ellniatislu. to informn you that three of my children hbave
This is only one of more than Ifourr thousand been cured oF the Scrofula by the use of your ex-
.ases of Rheumatism, that Dr. Tuwes~erd's Sarsaa- ceIlent medicina. They -were afflicted very se-
)a...l h ... ... ,-, ti v with lbad Sores" have taken only four bot-
)arttta has cn1red, TheK rnlo:rt sicvore and' yncc -' "". ...e ,
cases are.weekly eradicated by its extraj 'di:ay "! n"awa"' for Which I feel myself
* virt'ue .
'^ James Cummin;-:,, Es- we of thea 3ssis tants -.- / .-o ,. -
inth, Linati, AsylI,.., Matal Is. ,. ,lands the ':
"x *-i -.t ,...- [ j ^ : *' :3 ( t r .:. i D i -.v s td i a m--t da! .... .-*1. :.~
Iv n' i spoken y > i i ;t the .. ... -isen, ... ,

,iderable of the timn,. [ f ,i ;i .;r 7- '- .... 7- _- I......... ,t,, In lv num ei--
"' walk. I had the utyllost (l;-t!., ;. .. .... .,- .... t sSarsaparilla,
# mn limbs wer n r,, ii" r. ,, r s-, aIiL ,u-1 i' bv ev t o l e ,e o t ,e rost blct'epre.
fourbo~tles of your i., a li, <. .. d the the I'll L *^
done more thai oie tholii:,i A-, llar.l ',orh of P-! PUfiNG M. Db
a o".. ... ," r .. "' .J. W ILSO)N, MV. .1,
-.- J, o06 d Y o u a re a t l ,b a i.Sy To' :i-, s i .r h e b -n r is rI GzS M D-
J'~~~R B. c1, "" > BRIGGSr, MV.. D.
efit otfthel afflicted. P, "E ELM"ENGORF, M. D.
Yours, respecrffui., Albany, April 1, 1847. .
.' .. ...I ?. cu Caution.
-'.k, Dr. .T,n, e iI Sarsaparilla is unequialled in of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men
ages of the Chills and Fever and Agne. The whlo were formerly our Agents, have Co..menced
.llowing letter is only one of hundreds. that we making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters,.Ex-
,ave received from the South and West of like tracts of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put
*.. ,.-." uaracter. it up in the same shaped bottles, and some of

'Constitution of the State of Flo-
Proposed and agreed to 'by the third General
.assembly: subject -to the action of the next
General Assembly. o
AN ACT to amend the 12th Clause of the 5th
Article of the Constitution of this State, so that
the Judges'of the Circuit Courts shall hold.
their offices for a term of eight years, instead of
during good behavior.
SECTION 1. .Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of.the State of Flo-
rtda in General assembly convened, That the
12th Clause of the 5th Article of the Constitution
,of this State be so amended as to read as follows,
viz: That.at the expiration of the present term
of office of the Judges of the Circtfit Courts, with
the exception hereinafter mentioned, Justices of
the Supreme Court; and the Judges of the Circuit
Cou-rts; shall be elected for Aterm of eight years,
and shall hold their offices %or that term, unless
sooner removed, under khlie provisions made in this
Constitution for the removal of Judges by address
or impeachment; and fo& wilful neglect of duty,
or other reasonable cause, which shall not be
sufficient ground for impeachment, the Governor
shall remove any of them, on the address Of 'two
thirds of the General Assembly ; Proided how-
ever, That the cause or causes shall be stated at
length in such address and eritered on'the Jour-
nals of each House. J-.ind Provided further,
That the cause or causes shall be notified to the
Judge so intended to be removed, and he shall
be admitted to a hearing in his own defence, be-
fbre any vote for such removal shall pass : and in
such cases the vote shall be taken by yeas and
nays and entered on the Journals of each House
SEC. 2. Be [t fjrlher enacted, That the Judges
first appointed under this amended Constitution,
shall be divided by lot into four classes. The
first class shall holdtfis or thier office or offices
for the term of two years, the second for the term
of four years the third for the term of six yeais,
the fourth for the term of eight years.
[Passed the Senate by 'the'Constitutional ma-
jority, December 22, 1847. Passed the House of
Representatives, by the Constitutional majority,
January 6, 1848.4.
All Florida papers will publish, provided not
more than $20 is charged.
April 27, 1848, 15-6m.

[Dry Goods.
IHE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea--
.L sonable stock of. Dry Goods, consisting in
part of --; .
Negro Kerseys and Linseys, -:-' *
White and Red Flannels, .'.
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casamer-t],''V' ;
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blank-.:ts, 10, 11 and132.qrs .
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs ...
Marseilles Quilts, 9,10, 11 and 12 qrs, -
Denimns, Kremlins and Cottonades,-
Brown Shirting andSheeting, ,
lCotton Osnaburgs, '
"Cotton Drilling and Ticking, '"
Linen and Cotton Checks,-
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra 3uper, plain and twilted Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
-Extra super Muslin'de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do...
Super Italian black and figuredSiks, .
Black- Sik Cravats and faney'Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English-and American Cot.ton.Hkfs, .
Madras and Verona head Hkfs, '.
Lddies, Cotton Hose and Gents:Hf-hose,
Super-Satin, WMseilles & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread, I
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Mu'slins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &el ".
Which have been selected with great c6fe in
New York and Boston, froth 'Imp6oters and'Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest'market rates, and
-are now offered at wholesale or! etail on favorable
termms-by WM. G, PORTER & Co.
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.

Franklin Circuit Court.
John W. Rinaldi, Compl't, ]
Daniel!Smithand Lucy Ann f In Chancery.
his wife, Resp'ts j
TPON reading the foregoing affidavit, it is or-
. dered that service of the foregoing bill be
perfected on theodefendants in said bill mention-
ed, by publication in Athe CbmmercialAdvertiser,
or some other newspaper published in the West-
ern District, for the spaoe of four months, requi.
ring said defendants to appear and answer said,
bill, otherwise that the same be taken pro 6on.
fesso. GEORGE S. H.AWKINS, Judge, &c.
April 24th, 1848.
A true copy. WM. VALLEAU, Clk.
May 4 16-4m

At Chambers,
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,?
VS. \ '
George K. Walker and Mary
his wife, of the State of
Florida, James E. Better Bill for account
and Ann his wife, of the' and partition.
State of New York,- and -
Jane McMasters, of the]i
State of South Carolina, I
defendants, ; .
UP11ON affidavit of Complainant's Sulicitor'that
the Defendants Mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
'insri'tiftion of this suil, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, he given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the -Circuit, orr 'the space of four
months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said noticee-in some newspaper so published
-for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bi'f by the next ruleday,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four itaiolhs, it is further or-
dered, that -the same be taken as confessed
against them .. .
GEO. S. -HAWkINS, Judge, &c.
Compl'ts Solici!ors.
A True Copy. WVM.,VALLEAU,
Dec 30. 50-4 m Clerk.

A. -CARD. -
TrHE Subscribers take tbi.? melhmd of inform-
* 1_ ing the citizens of Apal.icho,.-', t and- its vi-
cinity, that they have now oh hand a very neat
and wellselected Stock 6f GOODS. which will be
sold low, consisting in part as, flows: -,. -
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles-,
Fancy Prints, do,. '-do. ,
Alapaca-Lustre; do.rFi;4ured,
Silks,-Frode Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped,
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino- ;6 o.
do. Delaine -dQ.
Muslins, India Boofkt "
do. Swiss, Luce and Colore '"
Edgings, Lisle, Cap. and Thread -
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves !
Tmskan Gipsey Bonnets, 'latest fashion
Ribbons in all wirieties
Brown Shirting., 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4-, 10-4 and .1.14 .
Blankets, 6,4 and 8-4 "
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Cai-pet Bags
Hats and Caps, all style '-
Boots and Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to mentionn.,
'Call and examine for yourselves.
Deg 23 C'ot. Water and Centre sts.

Franklin Circuit Court.a
AT CHAMBERS, December Term, 184'8.
Carston Altars, )
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Susannah Allars.
IT appearing to the-Court, by affidavit filed in
the above cause, that Stlsannah Allars, the de-
fendant therein, resides out of the State but with-
in the United Stats, to wit, in the State of New
York: It- is ordered that notice be ptiblished in
the Commercial Advertiser (a newspaper printed
in said district) once a week for the space of four
months, requiring said defendant to appear and
answer the bill of complaint filed in said cause,
at or before the expiration of said period, other-
wise the meaters and things therein charged will
be taken for confessed against her.
of the Western Circuit of Fa.
A-true copy-Test':
'VM. VALLEAU, Clerk.
Apalachscola, July 22, 1848. 27-4m

I:tOice.. e ,
HE late firm of J. Stevenson & Co. having
been dissolved by the decease of Joshua
Stevenson, all those indebted to the said firm are
requested to make payment., and those having
claims to presenrtthe same. -
The stock of goods on hand are offered for sale
at low prices for cash only.
Surviving partner J. Stevenson & Co.
Apalachicola, May.-5, 1848. 19-tf


_Al.alai'rhicola, Dec. 3,, 15) 7. "50-If
ApalachieoJa Exehange..
A THE subscriber iniorms his Irient.-
and 'the public in' ge-neral, hlha.lI'ip
come the Proprietor of this above well
knoni-house, and \i'1'l be pleased to enrittrfai.
any of (he travelling comnunjt..ha't"nla\ :in'r,'-
hin \\itli their cusomh, and l'l also
dateresident boarders. The bar will-hlwa,.s 1..-
supplied. \\rh genuine liquors "of M.e cl-i.ic.>:-t
Apalachicola. Nov t-1, .1547.
Military, Fire Caps, anvd Fire.
Bucliet Maniufariory. -
IENR Y T. GRA TAC. P- .,i,,Ii,,.- ,. i..1; .
Jt fact-ure" at l' :,J "ala d,'No. '.9"2 l ...-,,.,:,';
New York. [ihe I'c.ll.,i "ing particles<: l: Ji oi" Ct s." ,.
Belts, Body and Breast Plautf-, C.,rhi'c;2- ,..!/.' "
Knapsacks. Primingi\j'ires, Scabbabmd-, dl.
Cloths, Holsteis, PrridlylGun C',seFI, IF'(.-(Ups.
Eear Skin Ca4:, SE. 1 &c.
.Miliarv and Fire Comnpaniiesab,.'1i fo,,-ing1 ,, "f/^
contemplatp ch,,nging their UnIi..r c'mi be-
supplied wilh Pattrern Caps, by ;,ddn,:--ii,h, ifw
, above, -at tlie shnrl est notice, on the i .l re.;t;,on- '-':
able term !. M a ,J ., li r-t. .*


SIX months after date, I will apply to tho
Hon. Judge of Probates for Franklin County,
for a final discharge from the administration'of
the estate ot Henry Beal, late of said county, de-
ceas d. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
Aplachicola, April 13, 1848. 13-6m

0 BBLS Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Pork;
7 U 10 bbis Flour; 1 cask Rice;
5 superior old Reserve Whiskey;
2" very choice Hams;
Now landing per schlr Louisa Sea'rs, and for
s6e by E. McCULLY,
March 16 50 Water st.

Hardware, Ship Ciiandilery, &c.
T HE Subscribers have on hand for sale-
LOCKS, as,orted, Butts,. Screws, Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do). Planes,
Compasses, Augers, Girn]blel: .Chiselq', Bnace
and Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes.,
Ship do, Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham-
"mers, Shutter Hangings, Blind doSteelyards,
Counter Scales, Platform. doA Cotton do,
Kitcnen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and
Tongs, Fire fron,. &c.
PLACKSMITfIS' BB.llo,,v, A,,ils, Sleges,

IRON--Sweedz, izli-ih ,d1.m I.-kre ii'.in, assorled,
round,flat and oiler Irou, Railroad, Spike du, Horseshoe.
Iron and Nails, Cast, English, Blister and
German Steel.
PLOTUGHS--Single and Double Cornshellers,
Corn-rills, Logchains, Trace do, Ox do,
Shovels and Spades, Weeding Hoes; Garden,
Lade and Grubbing Hoes.
CORDAGE-Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.n.
CASTINGS--Sugar Kettles, Mills and Caul-
drons, Bakeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
Kettles, Tea Kettles, &c.
TINWARE--A fill assortment.
Wh\l.:,lesjle or retail.
Apalachicola Jan. 20, 1848. -

B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water and
Chestnut sts.
',/TANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
J.VJL Hambroline,. Wormiline, Marline, Spmn-
yarn, Oalkuimi.Sperin Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, law do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window 'Glass, "Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
,Einerald do, inpe.ital do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris. Lilihurag3e, -LilrlhuI, Briht V,trnish, Copal,
r tleAin Pilch. Tuirfniine, Coa.l, Paint
LainP BL3eK. t. Ii. l\lluni ii, IiRu- u Duck, Eng-
lish do, Colhon do, HUIeavv riiivens do, Light do;
%\hile, Blure1nd hed1, u ritig, Nails, Copper do,
'do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat.. do. Brads.. ere .
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikei. Cal,.-ain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shi-ves, Jib Hank, Han1d
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck -Brooms,
Cor do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingdo. Ases.\ .\.'
Helves,.Hooksaand Thimbles, Box Hoo -,. BaiIle do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish d'o. CaUlkino
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes, Ship .Sra-
pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Torinc-nii-ir.,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, "Sail Tw'ip
Seine do, Sewing doi Palms, Riggin- Leatfli.'
Pump do, Shovels, ;Iammers, Hatchet-s. t k;,el~
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, Hand-,-w
Files, ]Lat Tail do, Iron Sqdares,:Cupboa rd Lo'k ,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples,"Hinges. Pudlr Wood Saws, Pendant, Haulyards, Hand Lines
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do; Hand Leads. Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Linihores,
-Chalk Lines,.Pitch Pots, Log Books, tC.,rgo d.,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery-, Car:rpn-r, C;m
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c.,--&c.
Apalachicola, Dec. b, 1847.
Net And Twide ,M&Iuu llring
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers, in Bryan's Patcnit
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, BaieinrF and
Bundle Twines, McCarty's Cotton Herri n1 Tw i ne,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned anAdUntantied, Flox
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud.laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad. Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government-Seine-i %%rih Bacs-; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and ilenhaileii Srineq,
X. B. ,Nets and Seizess knt to ord, r ,,it *,'i
notice. B. ELLISON & .Co.,-g..i-.A
October 14,1847.. 39tf. Apalcl,,.I.j

DRAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bol~ght; and
Sight Checks.on New York sold by
WM. G. POR'TER & Co. <
Agents Bank of Brunswick,
Dec 30 41 Watpr sthet__
-AMR:; Hat, Clothes, Teeth;Nail and -5^ 'Ii
Brushes, for sale by --
Feb 24 1I F ABELL.
Q K BBLS superior Muscovado, for sale by
,,,. Mch 10 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.
School Stooks.

them have stole and' copied our advertisements,
they are only worthless imitations, and shalod be
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Sun
Building, N. Y.,; Redding & Co., 8 State street,
Boston;. Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street,
Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, Druggist, Baltimore;
P. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright '& Co., 151
Charters street, N. 0.; 105 South Pearl street,
Albany; and by all the principal Druggists and
Merchants generally throughout the United States
West Indies and the Canadas.
For sale wholesale and retail by
May 25, 1848. 19-ly Apalnchicola.

F )R sale by
Feb i7 .H F ABELL.
Cuba Tobacco Seed.
5 LBS Trbacio Seed, from the most celebrated
.5plantatioes of the Vuelta Abajo, just received
from Havana, for sale by
Mch -16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.
8 JARS very superior Spanish Oiives, for sale
by E. McCULhY,
March 16 50 Water st.
Scotch Snnff.
GROSS Scotch Snuff; in half bottles, just re-
3 ceived, for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
Aromatic Bitters.
R. BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received
and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
Seidlitz Powders.
) GRASS Seidlitz Powders that are fresh, just
~ received and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
infusion Jars.
A FEW Infusion Jars-every family should
have one-for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
Letter Paper.
lft REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received
10t and, for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.
HEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Dec 9. Gor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Cl s*azor Strops.
k 'HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Feb -24 H F ABELL.
0.~" BBLS Champagne, for sale by
'.5 Dec 30 B ELLISON Co.
N pursuance of the provisions of the Constitut
tion of the State, notice is hereby given that
certain persons, citizens of Florida, intend apply-
ing to the next General Assembly of the State,
for an act incorporating them, and their associ-
ates, citizens of Florida, who may become united
with them for the purpose, by the name and style
of the" Bank of Commerce"-said incorporation
to possess banking powers and privileges, and its
capital stock to consist of not more than $250,000.
May 4 16-tf

S <" '"i Oswego, Mich., Oct. 22, 1847.
' "-'D.-Townsend : Dear Sir-I purchased for my
'ite two bottles of Sarsaparilla of your Agent,
-I r. Kc.N'air, ol' Kalama'zoo, tq try it for the Fe-
;. er and Ague.. Before I had 'finished the first
S.. ttte, it appeared to warm the blood, and- every
t-her day,. when the Chills and Fever appeared,
mey were leas violent ; anid before she 'had fin-
hed.the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and
erlwas'-much better than she had been before
1.'0took: the Ague. A lady that had been very
ck with the Chills and Fever, but had broke
ils with Quinine, and was left in a very weak
.14d distressing state, and. troubled exceedingly
.'ith-the Ague Cake, seeing the effect that it had
a rmiy wife, she sent and procured a few bottles,
nd it restored her in a few weeks to complete
,ealth,. "Your, Sarsaparilla is without doubt, un-
equalled in'diseases incident to the West, 3,ad if
you think that this communication will be of use
you are at.ciberty to use ii as you choose.
: Yours, respectfully,
Canker In the MT~outh. -.-..
Below is an account ofanother child saed,
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has saved the.- lives
of thousands of children. The following two
,certificates are selected from a great number re-
ceived this week.
New York, April 1, 1847.
Dr. Townsend: Daar Sir-One.of my children
was very. sick with a Canker -in the Mouth and
Throat, attended with greatilebility. It came
near dying. 'I obtained some of your excellent
medicine, and it cured it directly, for which I
-issuri you I feel very grateful.
: .Yours, respectfully,
.ELIZABETH. FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-st.
_. ;-Fits'! Fits! Fits!
Dt. Townsend; not having tested his Sarsapa-
lla in cases of Fits, of course never recommend -
I. !-it, and was surprised to receive the following
)m an,.intelligent and respectable Farmer in
l. Yestchester county :
.. .. ;. .. "Fordham, August 13, 1847.
Drt owhsend: Dear.Sir-I have a little girl
v%^> years (f age, who has been several years
Hicted with" Fits,;-we tried alm.ist everything
Tr.har, but without success ; at last, although we
.. rinidld n fi'd ho recommendation in our circulars for
s(s like her-;, we thought, as she. was in very
lelicate H'alth,-wv *,.vonld give her some of your
Sarsapaxrilh,.and :1re rery trlid we did, for it not
"*nly-restored her- strength, hat she has had no re-
irn of the Fits, to our great p! rise. She is fast becomniiig rurged and haaify,
)r which we feel grateful.
:;: Yours, respectfully,
Female Medicine.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsapai'ila is a sovereign and
speedy ui-e'-for incipient Consumption, Barren.
nesi, Prolapsus Uteria, or Falirng of the Womb,
o6stivencss, Pile-,.Leucorrhcea, or Whites, ob-
structed or difficult Menstruation. Incontinence
of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and
(or the. ,e$eral. -.- ration of the system- no

Iron, Nails, &e.
Qf\ TONS Swede Iron,Assorted sizes;
20 V 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
210 English and American Vises;
20 tt I Beltlows;"
1'2 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
I ease Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.
5 HHDS St. Cr ' Sugar;
15 do New- means Sugar;
20 bbis St C x c .
5 bx? Stew ,rt's Loaf "
10 bhls ground ,
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java:,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead,, No. 1, Extra and Pure'.'
For sale by WM. G. PORTER.& CO...
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Agricultural Advocate.
A weekly paper to be published in Quincy, Fa.

THK proprietor of the QuiUCX TIMEs, under
the repeated solicitations of his patrons, who are
mostly comprised among the friends of Temper-
ance, Agriculture, and other industrial interests
of Society, has determined to devote his Journal
more exclusively to the objects indicated by the
new title he has assumed. .
The Editor has consented to make this change
not so much with the expectation of pecuniary
gain, as with the desire of exerting a salutary
moral influence throughout our growing State,
in regard to subjects which he holds, of all oth-
ers, to be;of paramount importance.
The cause of Temperance; the interest of
Agriculture; and home industry, in all .its rela-
tions and varieties-will be the objects to which
the attention of the paper will be principally'di-
rected; and as connected with these interests,
and as bearing upon them, and as influencing
them, a review of foieign and domestic markets,
will not be overlooked.
. The importance .of the objects and the aid
which a well conducted newspaper could afford
-them, are questions whichicould not be fully dis-
'cussed in a paper of this sort ; but it will be our
purpose to explain and enforce them in articles
original and selected which may appear in our
will not in any degree interfere with party poli-
tics. The events of the day, the passing. occur-
rences of the week, he will notice with as much
truth and impartiality, as the nature of the case
will admit. He believes himself to be free from
all party bias, and he will endeavor thus to pre-
serve the columns of his paper.
The Editor proposes to enlarge very consider-
ably his paper from its present size, and to make
other improvements, should the patronage offered
a.uthoriz, it.
Tetrs of" Subscription.-Two dollars per an-
'irn in advance, or three dollars if not paid in
Quincy, Fa., May 27, 1848.

Groceries andShip Storesb
RIO .COFFEE, .Java do," St.- D,,in.-,
Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 S,,'i'""r
St. Croix d.o, Porto Rico do, Young H%'son Tea.
Hyson do, Powchong do, Soutchog d'I, _ir.-hen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Badon Hams, Side., Sh.I-
dersi Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prine Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork,, Mackerel Shad, S.d1nlon,
Herring, Sotunds and Tongues; C,,d Fil"i T]nwe;,,.
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, P,pe-r S:iuce, Olivee,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Na\\
Bread,, Pilot do, Gra'dke.rs, Vmec.,r. Dried Frui,.,
Bearns, Salt,' Raisens, Macar-,ni \'"'nlmac li. Ar-
row Root, Corn; Oais, Buckwheat, Mu:sta rd, R ice.
For sale by B. ELLISON .k- CO
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Cliesiul sis.

Scliool Books.
SH 3OOL -OOKS, of ,lI kind :, iust rec'd by
Nov 11 J. C.ALLEN.

SWAIM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received
and for sale by
Feb 17 F ABELL.

HTULL'S superior single and double Trusses,
for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

S 'OTCH and Macaboy, in bottles and blad-
d) T-rs, st received and for sale by
',-, 17 H F ABELL.
BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by the case;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans;
9 .. fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dee 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Wood Ware, &c.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and. Chestnut sts.

Dry Goods.
DRILLINGS, Tickifngs, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c., &c
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO,
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts-

Rcral Noticra.

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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: September 16, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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.- .


-. .

(Atntrc .

) .

jp/ .

; ".
: % ,, -_ ..

C.t .
-.. -,' ,

.. : ." ; .
: .

! om: i l .


-- n ______ _____n_ __ __ __ ___ _ ___
-- --
= LI1JE11TAS. __
-------.--.-----.----- -- --- CONSTITUTIO. LT NOST11A PATKIA. --_ -
--- ----- --- .c----.__ __ .
VOLUME VI.] ----.i.J I n =- ----- ---- .-i : -: ::_ _- __- ___ ______ _
--- = = .
SA1'UIlDAI SEIrrEl\IllEH. ,- nt.LACHICOLA : __-. _.- __-.-..: ___ : : _..-- = .
1t( lR.I r' Tnnh _
COillIEi 11 ADVERTISER) ] 1) UJ f : -_ 7 -- ViIIPdt .ii.
11 = -- -
so ;1.1)frtttor -:-- ::: -. .L.T
..cl'iodical Liael'atul'crA -
--- -- --- Fro-; ; -- .
-- ---
the --- --
-- --- Battery.AN' -
EVERY ThURSDAY! rr -- -- -- Stev.art. ;; -
--- -- founded -
ratlLISHtI" WYOTAHT..n J nE\JI.\1I DAY.- -- -D iEi'T--- ----. \ LU.BLl: PREMIUMS TO NEW SUB I 12Xl'ijOlO\ It HAT UN EU.I documents. as they aie upon public : aloud) for right-hrantled! music.-- -The-- storm--

J. f,. DAY. SCHI15KRS I i \ .lxc'llllI idcr ,the
J. Day \ Co. The .second Oiii.r.: of Pennsylvania There is no such lliinc! excitement .mi-Red high-

TlluJ ,. B.llt7.t l1' Buildings, corner ofonimrr.'e COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Kid/scribe! early while the terms ac lOW I ( Mr. Andicw .Slewnrt t ) is :attempting i t t i i 10 stirpass ;.nv.iy; these double salaiies and as cxii.i cxplainim tom-; I, concltJding er, iimi!) Jilidh'. t lie discomfmed fiddler.

0.::C t. ::1I1tJ Cli-stnu streets No. 32 \Vatrr street, his solif-spoon i illustrious piedecessnr I'clI.atiuIIS--IJe-c) t that prlJlfenceIS ihe 'better
U"c 2 RU-PUBI.IC.VIION OK Mtiecure.leii.sious[ ) ,mdperulalions :iIor! '
ftGA "nls fur Ltvns AMlachicola| Fa. THE LONDON QUARTERLY REVIEU' I not only! in his speech, hut h} his hill I of i'l r. CiISS.Ir.. iI McClelland Mack M" !'T I ob sole* 'M'it :a '1.1'1 I} rttreai. leaving

ThR\1S. ".1tl1 a Insurance Co .;"aNo, .Uents! lor the THE EDINBURGH of indictments' a :amsl) (General Cass of Mon of I Michigan, tried it, but without l !:I > possessor of hit field.) 'fhu'i
iCRIP1"lOThrl'e Dollars) per annum, Co." IVotcc.:Ion Insurance I MJCCC.-S. w.-m i he batil; fonghr and
Si and the "Harlonl Insurance THE NORTH BRITISH day lasi. lie has grouped into a IlESOLUTON The marrow and substance of i\l ihe victory won.
vMn idranre, or !?3 50 if paid within six Lonn.Wai. ; Co. Hanford I REVIEW, r. Sn-wnt's: A t the election, a week later
ifpT --- THE I WESTMINSTER RIIVIEW: OF INQUIRY l vviittii charges remain. We )have; CJlft'rclollr nearly every
oT5 J 00 if paid thereafter.B"D -- -- u ____ ___ Tnt: col- vole in that'
I wni
VW-rintion takrn for a i less term than six W. SIMS. 'W1\I. W. CJIiEvER AM HoiJSK OF H li'H: IS.KNT.TIt'.S: : DII >OT JSE- uiiitis to Mr.l McClelland l ( ; ,1\lIllhc Demociatic I How nncerlaiiiareall county! cast foriiov... i

No'nlbl-and tI S2 wil! invariably be rharccd for Sims A Cliccver, BLVCKWOOD'S EDINRritfJlI( MAGAZINE. cr.JVK. a variety of clii.'rgcs: ;a< (Governor andSiipeiiritc.ndent I ; Congressional: Committee, to publish( The th'.it human cafcnlaiio'iHI : ;
XO Il.i..r111 be discontinued I i until C 0 M .MI I S s 1 ON I if Indian Allans defence of General I very pl.ms; promise ifie Lri-hlcsl
that jieriad M r. I IJ C II ANT S, < uhich: helejirescntsa I any Cass on I thi.s; point success .fl'n.as
l'tlJ: unless at the option of 11..- was ,the with
om ,- case the
X. Jeff.
1irreard' d" : 3t(U'atrr; street TJie above Periodi-aN arc rejirrvlrd: it New ; (1.llld'lIt! i or ("',II"rIif11! ; cliarjes ; I without stint of "pace.; We have called handed f fiddb-r! (
: become
--J-< ,
"prflpriflor N. "s,-One square; (twelve 11111'' -:.. _- _. \ > Iachiucoa-- Via.flOtV1S I York tninediatel.n.: .. llieir.iirn.il; t bthe) j1t1j 1 -)1J I of ( ;"-111'1..1 ( :lass ;;.2 insi I'KTn'a' ory. i i.i / upon them to bring is: atn denial, or CX pit- ;:, destruction.Hie I I lit (HUMUS of our

fDVSb'e; it':'"' ,' at the rate of One DulJljl A8ICH & Co.-, --- I sio.'Mi: rs in a bt' nllful! rler.v: I r. pc :ti t Ii >i.' 'iiti-! wivi: "._ vn I UK r- 4' s\ \ '1 i. \ .i"I 1- ,! nation, or palliation of \1 hr. Slew ail's charges I

the first, snd Fifty Cents for every subse- DEALKRS IN HARUiVAltB AND SHIP I I 3r and are t.iithl'ul'! cojurs il the ('.rj.iI1II3I.CKVoD'5 : !- AX UNJ UST AN !ii 1 K1 liilt.LtIc: ; ; and though we air told that the oflii ,'ofii'n-nu-r .hi ;-the I'H'' ,

CHANDLERY.: I IKON) M\(;_\/!.: bcinjr an exact fac- CUSATJON TH.'ITIII' ci.il editor has t the
STEEL.lJ.S: ; I- i materials on hand, and I The ili>
'""SthSrSo the Si Ill he of I the I I/iiinlxir i edition.Tht.v Cii3ioiis upon iij| > grave; question
advertise by year a 'iber..l sPJlnND CASTINd' ON IJVILL! DISSIPATE j t threatens; us with ui explosion, we neither IKIVC ciil hiene'l!
lUJt wjll bpmade ; but all advertisements" nt1trgrt' And Manufacturers nf Tin, Iron and eiiibiaeo t llie'views (of t the I tlnte great L JIT' .\ "IJ11.1'I TIIF.: MOMKNT the thc other. get i ami ir.'t rtiei cit s tie public
dl : wrtaininir. to their own bu!ine-c, as wePnai } \\Vtires. Copper parties in En l tnd-Tory, Whiir i and Hadical.u ; l lCOMINC IS I one nor ilr. j mind-i the icsnlf! of which is ilnr I lsoitsant1.
1'1.1'ootalld' WHEN THEY WILL ALL Stewart's i harges are all novellies. 'ot iht
the not vh
"London >e i : .
Mill ; i .L1V.I.1i.&meflts sent; in by them, will Dec 2I I ___ ___ Apalacliicnla} I'a. the i QuarUily" al"l'Tory I 1K! EX P LU n ED. 1J"/. ', I We have been the : Wf'JIlv.t' 1 lii ii litsef tip
the u-iii.il rates. ._ ; I Euinbiir: : !h Re\ip\v" WIll;; ; and! i Ihe wprrl Hut (, ,i. : ringing changes} nlilfcmll I tlw defeat ot im* bill are

b'*'t\\\a\ \lIlt'cll:''- advertisements must be paid for Cl.arles Holers .1'11111JIIIIII.' Eocene W. Rogers. I"' W(.#trliJft'r: R'-view" Rndic'd. The XI'"lh: ("'R, i.. .1 1/11//1 (!1' 1I.'i II?,!,!. mi.-dNIt '''( !'; 1 i! .some of them for the t last sic weeks. Il I r is ,,':'joiuiiig at I is deJcat. TheI'H' :, now r.m.re-in

adranrr. Chi. Stokers fc Co., i I I Bnjiih' Review" is more of a relr. ii'iiHfhar.icli r, I /v hii i rluU'I..rtnt 1/1'/I\cr.-" \\lusltinsltni I ', already several weeks since the Union Uiinounccd !I i ('UIIIWli1111.. .. III- I..fw- _, 11:100. I..,...... .....li. I..
I. fn'e Dollars will l be charged for announc- COMlJSfeN 1 \JEnCIL\XTS.| j: having been-ori unlly editid l by Dr.) Ci.aliM-i-] ,, ,I CiI tUI. An!.*. !)). :! : I thai this .-1111 was sulked..' Now ij i I cued ;iind It. verdict in ihe- .n. : '" :.a-

J"inJIJ.M'I for nfij-e. \Vater street, I and now since \\'is i <''e.ilh; bcintr rondtftid) ; JoY IIH I, i I The s'.biive! is probably liie most ulitoruuiHate j it seems to be iin ]>!tked, and 1 Mr. I Ritchie i ii I registered ill of .rl'l1I-:4 isI tlt'lng
< support: Iu' S..mh
roc (! 2'1 son-in-ljw.I) I Manna, I ind ihj
ec ociall.dJIII
k \1! adverti-semeits from a di;tance must Analachicola.) Fa. I Hr.'vv.ster. Its ;: SIr !David ; paragraph: ) 'that liaslippt"; Irom llie i i ;promises, to look about t him for (he mate I I Iof {to.-itioti.s; of( 3Ie-sr-. Stephens ai.d

It.ttII'lnll'd.11h, the caiL, or city reference, N. .J. I literary chancier: i is ot" t II.'d"> I >JLof Mr. ''i77. I Ifi IIiTcnri: dnrins' the : ijais dete uce. \\'e beg him to bring The Alabaii: : .1 niL Tooiobs.
ohlois. oriler. '
highest j I iii i |uhh-lu'S lie 'Inns
.___... Ion I Ii :
.n.'IIon.''--' COM :\ll IlImlil' i ) The, venerable, ) his nEiteri,iI and his ol 3ixico
{!'.II.U' "h SS I lOXX J F 0 II W c'alllpti lI. ; editor is art up rxnloI abolishing ill
A RJI I N Ci -.lavf-ry New
a.. ,- PKict.-s KOI 1 ISIS, (IF !MrasCKinKi* I .Mexicosirnl
------- KOI: KAHI.V.; )) sioti"- the
-- MERCHANTS, j/ not uell ported up! in the mailer: of ihe!e --at cadit'slo siLl cia). Calitoim.i ti> which i n
For (mvtrs; the} .
the I itenriori
jttJiItii! Ofrcctorn.Win. No. -II 1 \Yafer- trect. I'or anyone four Reviews, $? pir! anntit.i.) I,[ ('Xlr., ol ( ;ioneial Ca iss, or lit, would.! never __ __ of the r< \\\\i\t-v\ \\\\A adits : -
two If .
BI'c any ( ) ;;
--- 2 Apalarhu-nl.iFa. "o.-any three! do. 7 have beeno foolhardy: ;is I to promise ;a ijy.fence j From the Yankee J.l: ltl.,. The South ha< irnh made a fortunate$
G. Porter & Co. A. N. \r1 -,\1"-.-\ -c.---Roiui\.s.---Cn\- -. TKAIT. For all lour of flue Reviews. b '. of ilx'iii.' lul! the promi has: bee:) The l.til-Ilaiuied I4'hliler. c cape by u ihe itjruioit of C:a ivrou's C iriipioiiiie. -

,,:\L 1'-; ? IN' ; >t)lS ANMI COMMISSION A. i For Blackvvood's Ma h :tg.iitie, :! ,made; / though rashly ; and wrhall; continue j I I Jiveiy body out t herein I the vve>t ha- either ? Ii I i wiMitd htt- givrti op ni nm;

\mltcll.1. .\ -T JIflcFCuy tt Co. For lU.K-kwiod and Ii Review., *' 'lo call for ,lllis ilfleticc; until, t. gel it, whrh; I seen or lie-aid of (;11\'. L.[ -'' i::kick Bot,." body the w Iwf.- fir ihtr i tr fe\ican territories t to
N', 11 W COMM JS MERCHANTS: For Hldckwnod and 1 the -1 I Reviews will be ih- da alter II ihe
.ltl'r Irl'd. I tJ,00J'JyIIZVLJIX ) hut cr as he is familiarly called! by his constituents.! i trfe 1.IIt.s. The abolition of st.Ut'flit>

-it,.,. 3,1'- Ai ilacbicoa.- -F.- ,.- No. f Water-street.t, to be inuJc in all ruses in atlruncc1'REMIUMS. 31 r. Kifchi'' v tthuii', evaminmion) u"dt'rta.s He I I i is the tnoai tamou.s -'elf-ctinn"erer" in I hee leniitHHs j li-n;g iri.;'41.! ih-f>o-rs* tfihc

t Xourc, ; ,: U. Ii. Siosie, 1 1. \\M5rooks.onrse -r: c"-1 13-_ Anniachiroia, Fa. t: !III .sliumali'/e; I tin resolution of f ;Mr.i j Kentucky.!I His f J populanty! i is iiibonnfetl( I v. hiL; (I'U,>ti OII.n* oll. t IIU/hlf. I thai

\ Slouo iV Co., .1. II. A J. M. Hull ------- on-istinn' of }hick: VuiUinc: of the t'ullo\\iIJ3 Slewiiit r as :m "unju-t JIll I lidiculous. ac- siiid 1 believe he ha* never sustained a defeat I the Supreme Court m ;cotd.ir. r with ihw"

.: o M \11 s s ION1 i E u c 1 If 1 ANTS, FACTORS & CU.DJlSSIOXlEHCILl'T valuablevcrk-, viz : I cusaiion.." Tho lesoltition ciiils I (for t Ih,' letters ,,j lc lore I the people. I II,. is a nubfc. generous pti; ciles( which it has l.ud dOl" o, would

No. I Itj Water street( :'0. IS Wilier' ,street :*, Bent lev's Mireliany.The. I and voucherin) : I suppoit uf crilam j I, Itlow.:! po.P55Ipig fme talents and! ao ine.xhanslible have dfciiled (fur shv r"'c ,Ilbl hmcnt i.t slavery

-tir-12: -- -- -'-.- ---Aoalarliifola. Fla.- J f>''<* 1"? .\'. -- -_ The Dublin I lTniver-ity' : (r-oio\'r and nhove h li-s; "glll.1Id.r, j lItII"! you thorifie.s ihit
Magazine t to h'aron4' the
1. I.khU"1: A Vo u u ul % --- \ to of his [P''oprdar' !: haralJ lIf's. mriiiicipal; ; t nnhiiu uf

) \ \tSSN I a-vl FOR IV A RI D I X GME i1roftJcjioflII: N'oteCCfJ.:: Ulackwooil"Majjaxine.; I ; :the amount of 117,06'') .I JO, in, 'i li'teen j| The !blues fly befoie th? light of! his wit. asi conquered counftifs tn'I i>t rcitni to force

,U ('M AN'TS, The 1 Loinlon, t the 1..Jj'lJr: ;!I., I the I I Torei n yenrWhat; i is there ridiculous about thii..! j i 1 I till mia: bcf.n: : I ihe raysui i ihe sun. I His I Cart until :ibrn' :atrfn hi i timid rnnitu.t-nr ..' the

XoVa; ; :er street, Quarterly and t Wu.-lnun.sScr I i : I Reviews. 'Why is it ridiculous ? lof-s \l II', Ritchie; j er has not. however been always without soverergn CPPfjur.rf ami' that !
\\Vl. i-ir.gr. i.ts. t'n
'-K'l-- -- .\ !ilaHiicola, Fla SYDNEY. (( nEE M. D), t the Reviews!one subscribing, :it &'t a-year to Blackwood, or 'to ; <>r two to I OIMof ( f mean to saj: that it i ridiculous, 'to intjuireabout I difficulty anti at) times he has been so I I such: eounriif:s'cannot l tlinlIh* ihrin luc ir

Uurovr: Holmes, Centre CC? May b found it his residence, corner of I I tlc I'criixl.ical- 8"), will I 1 receive, any gratis' ; I this maltir; bec.i U-e I the sum' is -o inconsiderable pushed as to save himself only I.y the 'Skira I local lI-'iTI1?-,'n ;, hnIff n n-tuiri/.elihy: ilia

I'II 'Hi j
,1'1. ---- --- Niv .\ siih-vrib'-r t to ..inv I three (of'I the Po jiodicals at who has: himself refeived Iii:; motif} !Irom j 1 ,vri!I i re;."'iuber the celebrated: ('OflI't'<. I I there ;is no iloubf.! ) Lave n .iffirutfd ihat! "Ii-

.1a1c ..11I; !,, ---- -- --- --- S7 a-y, ar, or to 1 the I Four Reviews Government bv hiiudreri.s ot I ihoiibauds !1! Monal i I i II It fl 'I'll! !.,: f tclavehtultrrs -.
.' G. .11. Davis >j, wllln'- : ;; c'allflfolwct'12. Ciov. Ij--- and 't 11'. i ;\ t. ct'-osnih-_ .-.- ,: -.l..f.. .nfl'..
Ifn'U\J.: I.VSHKA.VCKCO.MPAXV: ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR: ceive tico premium vultinies.idabovR. but to ;ihoc who live by the S.VVLMJ of their j, m-. in uiia -mst nee I me \iuvrrnur; tat; a I[ from lio-r ti'rrtU>n"-.*. Tlir

(,J,1CiI.1 JVto York, Ofters Ids services LAW, A suinrribf-r! to 1'lackwood nndti.uc n Livi."\,, brows, we l ILIi4ll( I the inqu'ti} will IUIw! j!; c'oinprtitor) worthy of his steel." Mr. G. reference of rhi-f ':.01:11 r fa the Sryi .
Xo. ;U'ater I to the public in either ol llieabove at !>!9> ; or I to I the Four ? Miw
I a-veir
street Htvit'al.d JJlack-: Court
I thoii"it lictilo'n:! on (f? The was of talent vvo-M! 'hive fo .
capacities.Me wood, at $l lU, will reCeiVe Ihne ? account. j I a tiiau and tact: :>ud, it requir- n :itio I.p ihr .hfr.t tma
.c1 -.tJ.iIAciicI3.c. : I'a. I will, practice u lIIe.. pr&llIuul1.1! sum in )1I1".t,iOn i i'fl i I ) lar"". ; I the circutiistance.s i !I oil all the j ingenuity of l ov. L. to manage 't r to tIii itWlitt' "itt>. Tho.se Su !.t'U1
T. Warn. I K. B. JUu/x: lioun and) JacksonCircuit regularly i Courts-Franklin and v\ill i I I, Cal. ijJ'1t'as: ( br jifiHicular tnein lIlmill IIr Jil.jilhl ': ajipai-enl on ,the lace ol the, resolution i,: him. I It was; trident, from the commencement ntPm'JI'r vImo rrf"r up In du ri..Jtts ot .tu'!

Wood .V IiJlon; 'jI.'t'i,11 retainer I act as Counsel, I in ,Court upona ,.. <} mat the ii'orks mbsctil'td fvr.CLUBBINC I ;are"t'ry peculi,ir, and t touch very cI'lsc'j'' of ;ihf contest, I that thf r.ce: would be Sotuir and dpJl'itr.'IJ! f'fa\rtl&! tilt dssriv,'.

)' H""j i\ :MISSION'42 I Mi I: JIG II ANTS of! t the Mid.lla' or Western Circuit.' I He any\ .d-o, Iv the honor of a rri'-'ulfnli.il: f llldidatt'I! :mi unusually; close fJlI11 dt-pendetl up and w;" receive, Ih.? !ii.\\A\\ uf Lltti, 'fiIlSU,

W.stt"r'lr..et.-UI'| .stairs.i'1' anrucj' eases ]tithe Court Four What I then( i is t iheie ri'/iru'oi's i I on the votf of one of the mountain tueufs.
( of ,
Atal.tciicoa| !$ ] 1 Fa. Appeals; at Tdhia; : !, copies any or all j'the ..b'IH'01':'* countiesof
.. ,\ -- s-je, the sessions of which, /he. will al'.vavs. bepresent will I In; sent I to on" addi! on paymei.t < f there lotion teo-I I the (!i>fiicJ, ;\ hit hr both candidate's! diitetfd i- I Facts----.: -- --

fl.1I1.: .\. McKexziBi; at, unless prevented by accident., ;uLr *uhscnption ft-r three--the fuutlh!' copy Bill it i is j/>j,:%/." /A//--. :ai.d why Are : their step a few days hcfuie! ihe election. i -l Deiei!.

Wyliu AE HrKcti/.ir, -A-11ssl'lwrll'l.-: "pl."h{r Q.. I I" Iii i i !)t'in! :. crlli.: I iheie letters Jiinl voiuheis m 'titit iJt'IJII-1: I Tin'' ujj't at a :real barbecue, where Ut.. to tire date 4Jf this ;".itlt r 4Ai. J)
r IDliS.f0X1I -
\ KUCHA NTS A.- -(.-.-- --- -------- --- I (X"v;, jiffiniii'iii ISIb :n't ii /';,i'e tlir tn4 Tit explatialorv' of thesuex'ia .iHow.iiirea.- ol'arlr.'t'n' ciii/.eu of the countv had no CiJs.stte ha? d,r.i.l.. *,f ntt".:.".-I tsp lfen}
p. IJ! Watr 'eiriits, eonure that \Vn ,
'J l I. !> i. street, A T T 0 IJ N !I.: \' A T L A W. 'I nUairinicf i" fimlc If) rhtlts, nor) will i 1 pirni'JUis '\'- Where is the injustice m ( ;ilht,4 tor( ,iheiii : : :)If.IJ.I SlIpl'Oe14'. I n.lr! : } 1111 have t'uullIl.'r j Dn a'I ;is 'lii! utiics.. usihr; lUll .
-\"J.lC"hirnhI''l; jj ) rase I b.J furnished, unless! I tin- subcriplioii tt I' I litt t Umw: K.titl _
any ichmn :nd .art!,
Slew Intt
() lee
-- '- -- t.'j: flcr\'t,. -J Copt. SIIII1I1"iill was r. i an taijuM ? To never pre.sent at a wesrero b:1I 1)1''I1C' .
s. c..1.. sclSSALE Hr.,... -- 4'ftr. Centre Ai Ccr.iiu-rr 'frocts.v. : ;.. out-= is paid) in full.to the publi-lifi ., \11.I // ( :"lIeral; Cis Tilt i inquiry, ) was precisely) I Well, 1 shill I not jow attempt ti o deciib.one. t .- ysft'm, if'Inri;",. Tint tat re'enirnitrrtt11&t
tll JI rtcurolu i n;
an '
AND! IJETAIItieiitionpiid GlWnn. fl' : ..Apalachir-.h} Fa.!; \ i I iigi.ut.lAmY I that t winch au i I hooe.st m.m would h., ,! dt'I I SufTice it to say. ih.ii; It is unlike :I"fJJl( : nr.'ii if t. si:".t ft :; fO.OJI ;
: !14rtleulott,. liui.d-:
: CO PI IX any nhh 1 in i j1. i.isj ,. ,
to putting f.w.il '. l/lande.l-l\srsTJ.II rro.Was tutted fectir.
t'l } Mr. Stewart gathering: ivjinessed -
? ,l .1''lttll"tf al\l "hi" "IIIl's. :(Cif ". A hat e :lrran eim-nt with the Irilihu: !i.ber! I i you in Yankee I I ti.m. h- s.v.s ..[r,1 J .ir..i liiin-in. f
No. unjust I to i I the 1'iople I ? lie i I uis; I land. Eating; riukiii! or'nll 'hit
only <
.1 J'j U'aterstreet' r PHK I C 'pnitnersup! tieretr.fore( evMmi heI of Blaekwnod'i) .M: f t J"/'"*' 'I'"ur.'. to I is early ;v spi-erhifvin: :. people M|. F'I.'ri.1... '0 L'.I,. ir..
Nn t 14 Apa1 )' i'.,Ia. Fin.sr. I tw-.': I the Mii!,.TilnTs, uii, !inll Ur abbti. nuxiotis) btiii, ; out the iiuih! !, .md lay nbefoie :;nd dancing an I lie order tif t hue (h\: The I f me .f ihcsttaiis. hasiltny tf.uf'lhJ
.r. S ,- -. H WOOD X. C')., i-xpiies this day. The ...ll'jirsof I \\\ffn\ t tie! i-ntire tiTiinbt-r. ; in the hr.ndf MJI-! ( ) i ho IVople. If the truth WT..S Utvorable : ) d.nice, is catrird on out of doors under I the i denied t" .he Nor h.s if rJt't.1P

vVnu--vM. .\lu'lI, I ho concern will !1-c liquidated liv N. .1. De s"nbot! tjuloie! any t port ion I of I if I can he I u printed I I lo 31 lr. (Jass, III would thus} Iw'IIIUI- shadu, cl t the I Ihitl,- l'fwiu: forest-not in jl nor that while.1 r wni* L'ruon I BO!,k ill hr n.-_

:.1LERI.V : &'l) UK., hl'.is.' D. B. WOOD! I! ID tny 1,1! the Aineriran ..JournalI'm; ; I lhi! and all-it! hi'luie ihe People ; I if oihcnvi.se it is ht'siti close rooms-, -but where r the delightbreezes hi Congress fi .m 181,*"-*!. .
IIWI11'rl.'. r.r..1'! I;', PIXT.1J1r. -, 1"J.. DEW.Olh' oth I,'r: advantages! "eeured I to our >u',scii-! rs, \\.1 I unjust lit the People lo iume.d Ihn: I"IIIH'd \ J .d I of Heaveo I fan the brovvand I Iive ; Hank f.lr t ihrt-e . .
C' J Lills
'iol i fj-'\ "IrJlH'II'm. nt iiI Stat. .\!pdat'Ii".la.: Aj-til I it:!, i h i h. pay so LlrI'l rujnidi-ration! I I"al1' uniibe ,i- of I it t from them.I We apjuehend:' III.t .: i elasticity and vigor i In the limb of' the I' have' ju three innnths J Athhese factj
-- compelled! t" raise I the f I the j been proved from ihe
< -- 1 puce '> vlai'iziiir.Theiefi.ie the A.MI.KICAN I'EIII'I.Iwill n'fu'llo
ol{ Cii: : : not cotisider and : that
(!"tuut and \Vater street-, UI'. it ,vnuiig gav, as they Irim] it on the lightltntaslc
'fonda'uff's Jpir' : we loi.cat tlib&Ci tbt li'/f/C 11'1 C; SMtf il.ues
u1 Ihc
: CorDiarrhaa Hlity clt'oIhrm
brfII .\p. lar. HCII 1 la, la. iry .' eiihrr, unjust: 1 or lidiculous in TIII.II: Ilopreentative.s : ; ; : to-'." \ow ulieuiril
dial, j.iin iloir. Ed\.- C. ( 'abt'U:1: ; Litorcthe
- --
----- :> III iiudeilake, 'lo el :at llie Itiiihou peopleuiti ill
1"OF Reiiiittances, and romin'inic: I lions should b ; Well I ::1- In-fore stated it at of hH: '
Rciiiiiiiu Sailer, Dysejit.iry' Cholera; MorlniCholera --, /j w.ts one ; <6. III;- Ca.-siles tlcinii.tlnl
recotd in of the "I'
t'1 M l\fI I S S 1 0NT M K Ii ell 1 A X T, I. Inlantntn, and summer roinjilair.t ot always addu-ssed! I po'>>i-piid I : "r t lr.inird i i to (the I one Kxeculive I >eiarmeiils : (- tllt->t: (n'l' ir.d! f''isv": .v.if .>rii *.. lii.it 11..1. (JCH'jJlc i Ihal 1 1." .-hulIl,1't.rl ,the..
-- '" \ -1..in"l.., t :
publishers. touching the ,f l'ial conduct) ....
LEONARD arid -' '
hiidren ) .
X 1.1.1 I for sale SCOTT \ Crt iwu rivals
hy ,
Street-Up -':til'., met. Ou the stump 31 lr. (;. tieCifl'e ho lia.l; lee Urittm
J. Em. Apalarliicola, Kla. 1-V!! :< J. C. ..AIILEN.Saisapasilla. : 70 Fnlfon I SI f \nv Vorlr._ chit,racier: ol! a man:) '.4 ho &.I anus before' I Iu them c': u.tn't!. ,. hold a candle" t to P.lack l Hob. Oat nf iht-irovvn : JJ.uik ;.n.rney.
----- -- I
___ --- (foul his -o1l,1i!
--- --- a:u candid; ute for I the highest r 1 office iti I i'jcrgift. : I lie t hey f/e cou-
J. C. Alien, I (aH" 'S 14.\n"i' IJOOli i was lilc 1 all; } i immolated !h.y tie I it-ad!) wit dciii netl.-- 'J'til1airelre .II-tcl. -

st.Wholes.It l ami !Retail{ Dealer! :Jn ]3UL L'S, SamlV, \\\n-\iA'\ and lJ.i ileys com ; .ANI FAMILY :MACAZIN'i; J:, IJut; hut only is ihe aerusaiiou '. .x UI iii ihlt.i III "epariee) of his ootJ com: I --- --- --- -
"WffS, MEDICINES ? 11nI ,fluid extract of nuju-r pit itor. Hilt t ho possessed nn C.\"" ITKMS.: -(ien. Ca i is
PAIXTS 011.$, Sarsaparila, just iereived : The 'JIII'stJJ a/.ine) in the (United Stub' iiml rtdiculou.s" iu Mr. Kilchic's accomplishment >s a man uf tWO
GL.\8 Bt1slms. &c", &c. and) for .ile \flY contains? mot.thlv jmljiufii' to which fiov. L. was almost a stran-: : lives four 1:.-(-. 'five salaries ,HHI'l'n'
I l si XIV pare5 ot! reading matt I the .tTir iii iii ; set af
r. nil iit'into
aho. !" 17 it sav-: > > sa .
JFe __ JIF ABEl.!.. th ) uer. lie was a tine musician ; ;and after the 1 rations. 1C elected i In the Ire-iI
-! S'neral assortment vf -- ---- -- -- -- by I <- first 1 vMileri i in I the country,--I twelvein'.si 't!10 II A T TilE M ATE t I I' .\ LS ( N j ticy. he
BOKS than the New YOlk speaking; was; contlllac.I1) : i r., fl.; look i wwtild m. Jonbt l want
.nLAXKS,STATION Woodruffs AMtibilli< > in.uia7.iin"". Two spli-in!..! a; ttv> cabinets, four
Arc &c. > r.-- WILL I t I UIsJSlPATK I 1 : I IT.Vli.u
cor. of Chesnut A: Comm(*- stre.fr. etablt Life Fills steel engravi 11g.., undeniably authentic:,i rIr".1, I violin ju his hand( and gently I and sweetly I taritfs, live ".Irs. and ten P..sl ut.i.iial terms.
{I 1I1.ltcrials'lat' hand
/ on : The ,
-C ::1 Alul..chirI., Fla.. < .Ie! l II y monthly) Fashion} plate: Mode! C'Ia.c." and ; tnai.i '; drawing I lie bow acioss the stiings I in a rnomcnt Loui>oUt luriiut. -

---- ---' --- FOR-!h H J C Chinches Cr4,( I k""t Woik, and other mutters |I.< r j 1 i lial.i to dio-il'all"III': ;"cclI'aliolll'; xit', I/I::;/ the woods were vocal vvith the I ( ;itn.? C.svvas
f.\CroR S. lrLieY, -- --, t tile Ladicb, all illustrated' and Will explained! j\\vliffC, i it r: the If flirts /lIIi c iniflu-ib iu; theTicasury I Lighi .i riti t the ground! t bencalh merry i thfie OIM illl dliror. Certainly
.\NI trembling) t never
I --
; -- -- I was thtor
| ati 'Iii,
0JMssJoAIKRCHANT.I .. OSllabIl2' s.I &:(. &e.Price Department. 'JMio-e \l lr. Sti.vajtcalled I the' ilatu-ing feet of the t and I Jpe.kinj;
.Yo.J ; )
'j iVater .trtt. fIJALKS: (;(.ori J O"!naburg-; <, on coiignJ lor one year, which} ) includes. I'lie' I (Ii UI Tltote llie/ Lucufiicitft in tltc Haiti- I I'nong.I I ) It I t nay happy ot hinistll conlil. v/ifii more propru tv use
t .\ II 1,1,;.. I J \J was plainly I lo be seen, before ihe piononii) V. ; $
I 'I tor s-ale by Lady'n Jolltl"cpap'I', making; I three! 11l'ol.dd nut jitrmit him In uhlulii. TIIKYi tic! (first dance e. Although ;> privatt

-. .\VfI'y A. .? a If\-,-,-- _jjrp J. DAY & COL publications' in OIIL month . . -3 flU' II i I I TJI: uovv.v ins KJS: II.UPJ JON or IO( JIIWHICII :*, I the was over, that cat-gut was in citizon he oti:hi i I liv all ineiiiistn u..e it lill.,
and that the
ascendancy friends
-- t t of (:
a.OCER.S.1.111' -- Two without I the Dollar! fJr. Uiuuestionibly! he '
| iVarrauted copies Lady's counts four-;: tll'h-I
-iCJUXT.: ; < 7o Ciir ." SOUGHT TJIKIR: 1'lWllI"l 1"'jlh L.
.No l.;{ \V.II"I! t u :: Newspaper. . . . . . ? 0<)) vvhai. face then werer apiilly deserting him. Scarcely ern Ca... a Soiit Iterti ( :;rss. auKastem; Cass
I cV COXE'S Mr.1 Kin-hie ,
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? can
IDeeS. CO.STKR genuine i .S.uth.-ni Tonic : '1I'p..al; ;l :t/l 1 IIIIf..n hour hail cla
Five with the : pseit, ere the hitherto ind
.\.Ml. P"h! FI. copies) one to person sending a Western Cass.-Ibid.SLnr.M .
; "
.. from lie
medicine I materials, hand .
111ir.lL;. of ninn tlle.luh. . . . . . IIII/O' > on I to dissipate" .Mr.Slevvail's : ) unconquerable Ulack Hob strode ;::1on! ;. gazing -- --- --
B." I \V'M.i.Mvt.\ \\111: 'forests,and a pe-fert and Idstinn rtir: f'.r'I'r" aid Eight copies . . . . . )J.'i Hi) accu>aiioti I II I I .. i. well! awtie. iu, melancholy: mood upon) the triumph : >Eiuu.-The LouisvilUJourn.il
Ellison I'-r lx
4U( : in
Ii COMMJ.S.SIO.V J & Co., e'IH'r..1 ; the bit 1 TOIIC! nietesuliX / Twelve copies . . . . . -SO 00 I that no matciials: ; ou iiand. or oil! hami (...11I ol his nuta: ,. nnist.: Tiie ladies' es spatkledbrightly :
\ dJt\ weaksiess
MKKCii J : or now known lor( s.il- says
i T : A: pfcimei) : ol'either( t the Ladv's Book, or I lieI.tllV'4 shuku ihe staifiiifuls of .Mr.! :tCtV.iil. i in- Mr.I G.
ja) v AN" :. '.I-.KS i\ by [-\l iiriI 271 I II I ,F Mini: I.. ; s busily plied I the bow. The *
I fust ( <
G4)'uljS' ( Dollar Now-paper ent; 'to I bodied or i implied iu his lesolulioii. l e' ) :s nnd Hntler Chili iu
;U )CE lCm1J.lm'AI I 1 I : any person pay >(t.tn< whilst t lie men expressed their admiration in
TIN W\IJ BIT' SIJOE. Jf.\T: E. SF.IDMTZ: I ).-ast and Soda Powdei.-tttie ing I'tJafa: on ,the request.Address I, ffsoiuliuti is unrcfii.. u IrlmM.irf'III. tirI I'Mid! :and repeated hurras. This : :Michigan I ; Jen. (.*as '.s o\v n Sic:; was formed -

C.\I'SCORKKKY.!! SMlCI1A | | for sale ly L. A. GODEY; I I dor"IIII eu l. I II ill for was a t try- ill ihe InwlI- If X 1IIt1lef.u. -1.4. ._._._ tln_ n r..lln__....__
: moment l Bvb his
iJ.Eftc) July 17 J. C Al.l.IN.aitIige : No. I Jl.'t 1: Cl.e-Inut street' '' ;; ; fruitful geniti I all 1 the }
Cor. ___ Phlaiel.hia.] I I $lr. : 17.4G. Kilchie, in the ahnvr luraprapli < ) Nearly: t "iiloer.ts m t lie town
n was: ill
I Water and -- 1 IS 18. 'I' not long inventing a plan l II" :
\ January,
t Cht"-lnull't.t" jj joined j it. At late
for a ineetibs.
Cotloii. ___H_____ ____ misuses I lie niic r.ii lisii so :iio- tutu 'in extricate himself from I however. I 11m
I !ot1..dIlC01aE ROOM for :{JOO( bales in lower Cotton Y.1I&1. lrlualllthat! il is homewha iliiiu-ci an nnple.i-j j !u ieiribcr. l fJ\ a unttniMwt rule. ;xto >teil
-- PROSPECTUS OF[ : : : lo suit: dilemma.;, Calling Tom Buster Tom !' | a
JicClill !, to i i.asa r oliiliuu ti> hunt down the
know .,f
what II'JIlC'u hesavs j flag I'yss and
G10CEItSI IlIe: .
.-b4l. "TBIE TIJVTTHK \ I : lender; I io I that and "
J' )IMl.s.S10.MKI5C1JAXT K N J DFJiLOIS.AI'KU OLD ZACII, region decidedly j ]llnilt-r I ud to inn
c0. MOMKNT: : IS COMING 'VVIIK.N: TIIIIVWILL I I I: up Iii its place ih'r of
i 3J Water street.' i SO'lie'ao Buster-he t lold! him I that; he ,!I ;Jb
in Van
yOT Jj \rill' ;:"', weekly paper designed III :lvocate t he elect iOIl ALL UK EXl'LOlii[ : 11 l n Iii CII.
--- .-\p"larhi.1a., l-'n. bbls CIJ. r Vnif for sain /SACHAJIY TAYI.OH of Louisiana to (ho Warc I had a confidential communication%I to make, i ,_. ._____
pure ;ar low
Jtc.-I..-.-Faii- -.10 i:. ; Presidency of the United Stales. (|Iilit( al a loss lo know lo what; vi- am II) I but, which he did not) wish to be mentioned The
G. EtH! l., refer I the word 'they"L I in t the i lasi i>uieiue.In I lo Of I Turn Washington Union doasts ( eriera!
itIJVJN Nov any one. course promised tokeep
( 1 II Cass .[ ,
.FOltw j1JII'r! had .
AnmXl .'L >t. a ) iltaT
to do
Co\nll)IS.<1 ON M EH CII.\XT0v. -'-- -- -rCaz-ol's---- -- The uiulr.ined! i proposes to pnbli.-h! a political i- I t the absence of any sensible !ran(iii.i.'ic.d: dark, and the
\ II No- 50 \Vat r street_ ,paper i ill I the city' of Tu-caloo"a, to be iued solution of the I difficult}. i' shall; eousirii'1it ) ; "Do you observe." said) he. ,hat G. ; We did not know

-- __ _A|"ddcIl.oaFla.!; WADE & ntJ TCI I! \RS and R-d eVi & Son's weekly! during t he enum' ; pi evidential campaign; i, as relVniujj to I the JIII.I. '// j in I liie plays; the (fiddle with his left hand! !" that I the (; 'IH'I.l i had any hand in the i treasury -

tH&LP. M'cj. (JlTHTAVK:; : ;:-JiOMAI.V.-: rior Raxois for sale by I to 1 be entitled! as;t ..hove, and to bu devotrd! 1111111'sUjlport I House I I i of Representatives': voted down I Yes 1110. but then he i is left, handed.! al its: formationbin; we are welt aware
'II I H F thai hu
)Calla & KomaliiOM .-- ----- t of .M.ij. (;.ii. Radialy Taylor, as t lieeIIhilC'S Andiew .St'<:wnt'.s; resolmioii$ ol it.llllir| ) :1 Not a bit of t it," replied the wily $politician ; often hid boiii hands j in it
I UflSSIO 1 N' Isinglass l p ] candidate for tlupivMdenry.) That the. time is c"'llIin,111'11 "TMFVWILL I I _" i s illcc.-I''tllice.
MERChANTS : hut ;i bit of i it., 1 know him well. ,I
I r \o. y Columbus Block. JUST received; and for sale l h'I "TiiK OLD) X.vcii" will endeavor to PI'.h4'C'lIll! ALL BE ENI'L( ) IEI) )" we have |1 h h;ive heard him play thoti.-and I limes
I ov Li! J. C. ALLKX.! : I the coming pt.lilieal) ; war, i in Alabama, :4 IS t the I a ; -:nnd'down I Hen.( Ca>s never favored: the Abolitionists
doubt and '
. Apalachicola lit) ( the .same ('XJIOSIIIII1"111.111: : > Iii the and
I Union ha often Ihrealei.ed ; valleys the rich
_.. May .1. so I to prosecute the among in lib! life.- Washington I l/I,; .
{ l
h.J"4Lta. S. M-: Wickcrsdn, -- -.._ -. -- -- ---_ war in Jll'xico.uwilh vir," with jirc-at vi.gor up Ir'isc's IHIIII I I !1) and I ios} Imiu-cnl I ) ,,i :!aiislocrats, of the i towns, he always [flays I We suppose \uu mean /

IN CLOThING BOOTS, ShOE?. .,cnl'"S It.anf sia, ," wit ii increased vnjor." Whenever I lie .4 sLy high, sir, shy high. .! with his right hand -and most splendid music a'outftern life.

JUTS. CAPS &c. JUST! received and for sale by old) veteran shall be set upon by the myrmidons Ttue it is, ai Mr. Kitcliie states the II I he makes, t too ; but he thinks (e.J1ztvul.- Louisville Journal.

L23Ico. 1 Columbus Block, -21 H F AHKLL ol THE OLD XACIJ" will I House of Keiesentalives I did receive fd .
----_ _ -- power, stand up to | ; not' ( music good enough for t your mountain WII\T is LoM)o.v !.LouJon.
------- Apahchicola, Fa. t tile mnrk, and endeavor to }give in return, l\I r. Si ewart's rc'solrJliou-his resolui I If which ex-
LIFE PILLS AND PHffiNIX a ion ofj boys. you speak to him about il, of t tends! ItS intellectual if not i its
Underxvood & Cafgli, MOFFAT'S just received and for sale by l little more rape, aht. Bragg." INQUIRY I ) J To get it ,hl'UlIh it was nuccssiuy course he'll deny it, but I tell you it is i ical idf'ntilfflm IJeilinat: Green I topograph'
Nov -2S F'. That the contest will be a successful one, the to the Mr. lc ['oriifl -
H. ; rules.
TAILORS AHELL Druggist. suspend tewlI : t true. li Green.: (ten miles
undersigned enterlains no doubt. He ) from Kentish Town
.u.rZEll'S ---
BUILDING moved) I heir suspension. Sixty one members Well, cuss him we'll hauo of I to IJrixton
CHESTNUT-ST. Sarsaparilla, the attention of all the( friends of Gel). more (seven mile) vvho.se houses are
Apahchicola, Fa. JUST received, and for sale by Taylor, in this and adjoininz States, and especially ALL LOCOFOCOS. .\U.I'iSThe h his/
lrilt u rderi 27 H. }'. BELL of the "Rough and Ready Clubs" suspension. Sixty-one Locol'ocos in of his best licks or I'll be if he shall stay twenty square; miles of occupy
attended to *:'th punctuality I IJan. __ _H _________ ___ now I tioiJid has a pop
ach. Irish Potatoes and Onions. forming in various places, 'to this Prospectus. eflect have made: an admission record that i in hcse diggius," roared ,the infuriated' I ulation i of not less i halt 2,000.000 of souls.

II. .- 20 FINE article (for sale by It is desirable that subscribers should make; the letters and voucher.-: i the Treasury Tom. Jls, leviathan body is composed of .

JV. Scott dc Brother, A Nov 11 1 E. McCIJLLY. SO Wafr Ht. known (their names and post olliccs as early ns I Department do not aulhoii/.i I I ; ; or j justify I ihc Walking directly, iu front of Mr. (!i., he h 10.000) ) stn'cb. lanes allr-js. squares, places nearly

tIOGoLtI LE AND RETAIL DEALERS 1M Liverpool practicable.' I I extra' allowances of CJeiieral Cass, or account sei/.fd him by I lie arm, lold him in loud, and terraces t 4Lt'. 1t ioosuim-s iixuard.yf ,
CLOTHING BOOTS SHOES., THE OLD .\CII" will be PllblislwrllllllH Ihe t I for the most extra.rdinary facts: which I commanding' tones, t to I stopn\ < left-handed ;3 W ttOO( pOllnls'lie; ininal food 4,-
HATS, &c., PORsalebY election, at the moderate! price of ONK DOLL.AH the face of \ .Stewart's I weekhie'r"n !;,
n on Ir. Tit-so woik, and give them touch '
*. Water and .11 Iec3O B ELLISON & Co. in advance. For appear a cifthic right sort.In t- washed down hy 1..1111,000( barn'f :
invariably remittance
te Centre-streets. a of $',I lution. How idle is il, under such eirc vain Mr. ( declared that he I .
ii in-- r. could beer
._ Apalachicola, Fa. I Iron, Scotch do, Weeding ari'd' Gardi .thirty copies will be furnished ; for $10' fifty copies not it ;annually exclusive wf I.. .. 'Ip ld".
SWEDE stances for Mr. i77,4CS! Ritchie to .Iin' !I.IVilh "the 1 right hand; -m vaiii he 'ro- I Its rental is at least jCT.OGO
Blacksmiths Bellows, Cotton and Wool I ; and for $73 one hundred copies. ; Oi'O ,, ...
fdrpp INC A. Dodge, Cards, Spades and Shovels, Cauldron and Sucar A specimen number will be issued on 13th( ) tend that he considers the accusation of Mr. "sied anti! implored.! The indignant I cr>wd.sympathising ii i i [p:.ysfor luxuries it im v>r- ,. i : j.'. '\\

& COMMISSION MERCHANT Pans, Ploughs, &.c. &c. for sale byELLISON March which will be extensively distributed.M. Stewart ridiculous How 1 idle to pretend I with To III. and' w'(111.111 n ye-ar d.tiy; atone. I* h:., JJ th .

e23, wo. 40 Water Street B & Co D. J. SLADE. he believes the materials exist lot dissipa I their pride by ,the t trick of the arslocrl.llirJifdlu. :07! ilissentiiii places; of worsTii >. i.uesx

AriaUcliicola, Fa- Dec 0 "ur.Vat'r and Chestnut sis. Tuscaloosa Feb._ 1's'; 1S1 l l. ting" or exploding" ,the charges of Mr.I gathered around poor (t., arid cried t 5,000 public houses, and Itf th| ,atic upwardsof .






.1 :

I, r 1.'j

I i. :o.


! .. _. 'v'" .
T --. '- -' .
-"- -
.. -
: _
: .
-f'0 t. _. .. : .- L'f: :-- '-f-- --- -- -- : -.A. -' i" ::-- -- Ir J-: 11 --- _
-_. -

= : : ; "'C'F "" ..J '- .... ".,
: ; &_ 4 .. --, -
;:: --b- ._
-. .- -- k-1- J
J 2T:15v: 4'

, .
. \ .
< "

,I s. : I

S ,

.. .
-'- --a--- .- -,-
---- --- -- ---
--- --- -
-- -- --- -
-- ---- -- - ------- .
., 1.i.uI ;h.' ':' 'l' -.'. ";!e'tIdtikr We have teceived the Circular of lion. "These extracts show what is have
"HIli; io Jen. (;is substance: H fClllo\\ s; ; GOllEllAL n'l'ISER.1' thought saiL what he intended-
1. 1 (; ii T nit n A K i v (; ,the copy, with ihe original; reply ate in ,l\DVl\ E. C. Cabell at this nfiice. I shows that of the gentleman; (Pl. Stephens) in his own I F send out your land --I I C

of Hon. H. J. :MKe',-lJis CJorrespontleiicc Apalachicola; and not accessible i lo me at =_ _d ____ _- = and Senators have been State."-Star of tle & I agent I plNj! (. ,
our I agent.
can in
with Icws! act
Cass-llen. Ca'i 11 t this) moment being detained in St., Joseph j APALACHICOLA SATURDAY SEPT. 16, 1648. These extracts do not show what is : both .' '
insulting; Ileply 101,'. Moses-:31 r. Io- active in the discharge of (their duties to the I II once ; and while he i b .CI"
scOs Oplio't of 3Ir. Cass.Tii by a severe domestic affliction ; hut yon may -- -- --- thought of the gentleman in his own State ; .teeming to l It
V depend that if t there i is diflerenre, it is Slate. The number of acts of Congress the public interest, he 1"
any : authorized I can
The lake
", n In..rnfthr? Sentinel : Ot:>- following gentlemen are I what DEMOCRATIC EDITORS think
not at all in the lIh tanc''. anti 1 doubt that I' passed and bills on hand; are proporiionaldy but only t good care" of
and will I
(PK-UI "c:it In I reading; i he Floridian fi!: A t'n's' for tbe (\" n'tc-lAl. ADVERTI F.n, I your cum. "A tp
I then i is in tin lor 1 have of him. Th..hi Editors think quitediifercntiv.
the 2o'h ( \iigtist) in.i I fin.I the following : any i phraseology( receixe hid rco-ipi fors-ub cription, i'r advertise i i more numerous an I import'lll (or our State wise is sufficient!!! II
had frequent occasion; t In recur I lo his!Ii. The Chronicle and Sentinel"
C:'ri from ihe ICi.fuil.i:
nit''! 1u the '.ht.-:1: | itMii.uUsvhicll follow "IILro.I.HOTEL.: i ifleflt&V. (CiiKKVKnR .Mbany.fJa.Major I has made us able faithful and ,. Journal I and Messenger" speak quitea \Ve publish below an extract fio
from the Ploiidt! Washington, May 19. 1648. JACK In"1'.11I10! Ala.JAS. iH ali ter of II
'* : (h\: Lrwis: ('.ss : I .r, OLIVER 'I ahi.1. t>t't'. P'a. I i Representative, and we see no reason why different language The Star makes several I i I General.Jackon io Mr. Mo
A.\ .
MM>RT\NT L FCT.V have just t when
] ; : ------ extracts from Democratic to j latter gentleman "
"r1.irAs will in all papers was
heei; placed: iii possession ct'Ihe important jour name ; -- the people of Florida should wish lo exchange I about ,.
probability; : be ptominently before the Hal- FOR PRESIDENT : disprove the justness of Mr. Stephens'sviews | ter en the duties of Chiff Magistr -
(ICt. rindare prcptred lo prore it. I if it should) ; him for any other man within her (

be denied., i ih:it 41 Her' flie nomnniion of (Jon.Oa tim next ;" purpose of nnmj: aI: a candidate elected President **
o. the riftiili, cl'I'gatbcirl exceed'inc' These without
VICE PRESlllENT: promise. papers attempt to prove : pledges
fir President of the United) States ascendancy, and in the heat political warfare -
/,(1flT7O1S la sustain the ;nomination U IE, LARD FILLITIORE. that Mr. because Calhoun \I01l .prip pl I," those Q1 t
:1 It..1 as I shall Inv to cast' the vole of the ) dishonorable means will be pursued Stephens was wrong :I except n-
addressed many
a letter to Gen. Cass. in which ;
--- --
--- --- the
'' -- --- Constitution. I'f*
State, of Florida in with --- --- Bcrricn and others voted The
conjunction my differently. Ccne0100munated '
they put the construction upon his KichoUon FOR GOVEHNOK : and many false issues made to securea I -
colleagues, should they arrive, (or alone inany i is be : him acted with .o
letter for which some Southern Cast the This position so childish as hardly to "doted
men Gen. THOMAS BKOM7IV. triumph. This is more especially .
desirable that
other it is
contend, and him contingency,) worth but t that is to say, I she) doors of all G "
requested to inform, them U. the delegation should be informed of your case where moncy-ufiice-puubhic plunder, answering, as some persons may pttiii
that construction was the proper one. Hereplied views upon the lisht slaveholders\ lo migrate : aie the rewards of successful: I strife. Theseare suppose (there is some sense in it, we will humbugging. Conventions were c I.

: enclosing them his \/V4M/ letter to new territory' with, their slaves; (thatwe lIon. E. C. CABELL.FOR of the only ask the Editor of the Star, if those t ihose I days. The first ibingjhepj
the aims democratic ,
remarking that he had principal ,,
more say know how (far accord with the ELECTORS : fn about ihis
may they did believe that South matter,
upon the subject! What \1! the Southern instructions under which we are directed to General JACKSON MORTON, party ; for it i is an universal rule wi'h them very men not once I was, that Mr, y'
e was out" oa
'Cass inca say; to this !" i Florida. the Carolina and Georgia had a right to make I as a candidate for the
.! act. I will, therefnip. respectfully inquire : Of West to divide the spoils"-tiue ofTices- patronage p,
The above is copied into the Sentinel 1 Whether you still adhere to the positions Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate of government', among democrats null and 'oiclhc laws of the United States sidency, on the broad basis of the (Co ,

from the Eufauia Shield and i is accompanied taken in your letter io A. O. P. Colonel SAMUEL SPENCEU. otdy. The[ Whigs geneially do not serk 'ffifc. I and that a majority' of the people of the I lion : but I how he I happened to le brOQ 11, !
by certain remarks of the e.iitor which Nich"l of December last. [ out they were unable
on. Esq. Of Middle Florida. who | States' thought differently ? If such menthought lo lell. StalL'
lead us lo infer that; the assemnm in the 'i I 2d. If extract are believed by our neighbor ; hut i it mean that you consider that the inhabitant! Pl'CluI'e under! Gen.; Taylor, should he be any Now oppottfa

give us pleasure to i inform, the Sentinel si ml of a lenitoiy, bufoic( they form a Stave gov- Colonel JOHN 11. MclNTOSII, elected' ; for the Whig candidate: ; for the why every 'man should be a nullifier ? !; when they do know how Geo.Tati*

'the country, lha then i i.s io truth in the eminent have a light to establish or prohibit'slavery Of EaM_. Florida. --- ---. Presidency has declared: that I he wii not j Suppose we attempt[ to protx proposition: I r happened to come out as a candidate,..
r 'story 111M l h the Shield.V give it the i' deem consistent -------- ----- -------- | make objections the 1
y as they may most I in philosophy, and t that our whole argu1 great "closed
toil he will doorT
sake that
The The "rashlu Italtcry fur i
Kattcry proscribe mm opinions
most unqualified Clt'lIb"1111 call I the
up.'in I with their local policy. 1 ;: of one of the Conventions
'Seii triit, a* a matter of I sheer j justice; to I :3d. And that the policy so expressed is One of the be* l-most spirited; : ;and zealous not be t the c-indidate" ot C parlythat t he ment should consist in saying-Gen. Cass him for the lomiulr

publish our tJt'liiatVt' have seen i the icV I lho paramount: ; Inw during I I the territorial campaign papers of the day. \Vhigs. .' must 1 go i into t tin: office (tree (ruin ;pledges t to I says so, and therefore it is so. Do you 1 I Presidency. Taifo K

>orts of Mr. I.. O'R. Branch and Jud.e pm oh: ,lion changeable: only by I the people of and Whig pa'peis; use your inlliience to circulate make: I his man Collector of the port of 1 New suppose such (anftrgumcnt would carry conviction :''I still: upon the same U platform with M I r I
McGehee. neither) of winch make 'iii-h the) territory the formation of State I Is Gen. Cass liable Monroe, and has promised to I
any upon a the BalleryVc! will all gain by its York, or that man Post Master l in Apalachicola. ? not as to error i i lake Genera
deel! 'riions.. On thcci)nir.iivii' is expressly.t.lillhat goveinment', or under such Legislative I Jackson's advice to Mr.
Calhoun and Bcrrien ? ,,
.. t before the nnm'nafion. Me" ch.llnn.. | I buildup I ever h;'ard the reasons why Messrs. C ai i I j: I given to himself. You call
DtIi. Cass JIIIIVnollhlln' were is :another matter hut slightly alI from pledges. I He I will not promise t to you Gen.

.1111..p.t',1 wiih questions upon the i subject: j I Iinled to i in yoni Nicholson letter, to which Tho Star of ,ihe West must understandthat by his palionage' another $::277,4fi3 Ritchie I hotin and Bcrrien voted for the ClaUonf .Jachsut a good democrat. So do tfi .

of slavery. and tint' Gen. Cass reiuincd. a I'' I will also direct your attention. I t the piesent Editors of I the Commercial as pay: for- his editorial su huport. No Compromise 1 Ilecause General Cn"s said j i I i I \\relvhich ol the two is the 'better den .
copy of his Nicholson letter (for answer. I He I ; Do you consider that the shareholders j, cra't, the man who lakes'General
for the thai Congress had no right to touch the suL- \ Jacksoe'i
not responsible I EdiloriWpru- look
had no private, hatched up opinions lo affect I would rnvethe: undeniable right to migrate I are no 'hl"'j who Slpprr(cn. Taylor, advice in
his !piosperts before the Convention He ; with their slaves, to any Iexican territory phesies of W. (j. M. Davis, I Esq. (orwalc, lo the t'ne..al good of the country: jcr.f, and these men wished to show General I poluical.matter: ?, or the man i!

had; published! to ih" wirld his lelier. and I' t that iii.i_\ be annexed to the United Statesor which i is to I'SUI fiom his election. They Cass that Congress did have such I right ; I| does not I The. m'J who does, of coisr*.

like an honest man. lit' declined t lo furnish, would 1 you regnid it a doubtful mailer inconsequence We publish( in another column a letter arc ever sliiving 'to he of service to the but .I\Ir.\ Stephens look Gen. 'Ca. at Lii u' rd'i I Tfl'n. Gen. Taylor i is your man, and }

far the .uccnsicn opinions: no' before publiclyavowed. of the institution of slavciy not from II. .J. Moses, Esq. to the editor of t the democratic party -not as a parly ; buts for the time being, ;and voted this time j as a good Jackson democrat are bound or;jvote
Gen. Ca
s was NOT apprnadll'd having: been iccngnized in said territory I
bv our deleg ites after the nomination'" :and) i i by I the Mexican authorities i immediatelypieccding I Floill: Sentinel.' ;1 r. i\ioes being Dele fellow-citi/.en: who arc to share in the glory, against Congress having; an) thing to do I for him in reference lo CaS .

the Shield liI.: no proof lu tilstatiti ite i it1', the acquisition of' such territory. gate I to the Baltimore; Convention from t he as v/ell as the mioforlllHS of our cotnn.on with the subject.(. Had Jen.. Cass been n ;

foulh I ii'TR. We have; conversed with Judge: |I[ (supposing i it, should he acquired) ] Slate of Florida at large, addressed a letter COUIIII' The of Gen. TaIIJr member of Congress he would have been j The Jackson Platform.
Mo ehee and SI'f'Uft'rs' I from t the other Your reply will enable the delegation to supporters The Democrats, who are so
to (;en. Cass; wishing to understand (fully expect nothing but I hi.. No office has been compelled! to vote -.ith JUr. Step/tens, in order ; greatl? cj.
delegates. and we K.VOW there i is not a word deleimine whether under certain ciicumstnnccs tnrbed because Gen. Taylor
of! truth in this electioneering story. Every t t they CIf1. consistently with t I iheir his opinions on the subject of slavery in the conditionally I, promised to any Whig in this to sustain his consistency I Mr. Stephens :j, intention, if elected, to be the proclaims" ijj

paper which has: published! i tale, ought j injunctions' cast the vote of Florida in your ne.vv: 'term itaries. After having icad, (' en. I Union, and t lie honest and competent I'm. i is proven to be wrong, then Jen. Casis II III the whole and President

in justice to expose us fllcitIIv: coining behalf, as a candidate' for the Ptessdency.Your's t ( ass's letter to .\.'0. I P. NichoUon in con- : ocrats; in office hive; a nun h better chance I proven to be so too ; for he says, ,* Congress i. country not of a party HIT?-
I: I Iv, are advised lo read
this article.As rcspcctCIIII', ;::! ( with ;'i lr. Yanc,' and neither: Mi.Moecs n. : of continuing theie. Ih.11 any Whig will has no right to interfere with the subject ponder and inwart

the Fl'tridinn' siy: > Ih.11 there is no I! R. .. MOSES, nor Mr. Yancey being) satisfied; with r have. under m he administration: of General of slavery in the Territories.' This j )digest the following
truth in the story t toll! by the Shield, -.\ e I Delegate' from the Slate at large. Extract c.fa letter wri'tten by Gen. Jackji
give it the most unqualified
call upon 'the Sentinel. as a matter of which I give you from memory, and whichI published i in another column shown a ii'tble "Xilpl. il$ this, lira even at forced the 'owners of'slaves to adopt a certain President of (be United Siies. OD1.t

'' heer justice.j to publish our denial,1' I would not do were I not satisfied, that it' bcwet1: Mr. :Moses and (J en. Cis", the ri.k of keeping t their ;political; enemies in course of law. for (the recovery of his i "Every thin,!depends on the seiectmn-

think it but due to you, (lest' you should' ', is subsi.-mthlly correct : t took pile: office, ; giving bread :and meat to their slave who might be suing for his freedom. I partif and .' feelins; shoule If atwdtt

by an improvident act: of courtesy' to I the U. S. HOTKL, May 21, 1843. 1c the bill ; Now i is the time to : thai notiSnpu
Did Gen. Cass suppose Mi. Closes. to be little one-, they zealously l Support a man Suppose h"lpa-sf.I'j rl .iril.;
1 Kluridnn misdirect, the pilhli.' 11111111111'0n ;i Dear Sir-I I did, not rt'ct'i'e'uur esteemed >l '} By selecting characters a.*
matter: to which!i he Editor, of ih.it; ;pipercem : favor until yesteiday. and I have' been so some backwoods-man who lived where no for i the Presidency, from whom they expect permit us lo ask, under what cou alan I conspicuous. for their pwhit). virinV.

< :n attach considerable importance: : ,) much occupied that [ could nut ansuer it mails C\'c calc ? Did he suppose that; the ] nothing but rat tt tLc uholc country -I\ recover his fugitive slave in or itf the I city ali firmness, without rrgard I: rap

to stale til,it the aiticlc in the' Shield i is substantially before. Democratic delrgaie at large for the Sinte; in uCt U Eli!. But t foor i how altered is the territory ? In the Ordinance; of *?8, there \ on w ill go far to. if not en'irf1 in trJI pt!,
true, and lint: the ihiYerencri v.lfn'hexi I hail that sentiments ill r I those feeling* which on former. ,
supposed my upon i is made for the of fugitive iI i- occasion
of Florida, had never read t this famous: .\. O. lictnte' when we !look! at flu conduct: of a.SCtIit provision recovery ,
< heiiveen the of the [ I t threw obstacles! in the
t statement Shit'IJ.n(1 the subject to which you refer were fully but so mnny way ol I p>"-
the fad it occurred P. Nicholson letter ? Or did he suppose / throng of democrat- They wish to slaves from slavehnfding; States ; we errurint. and have th

I'ltvr.rable case (or Gen. C.IH: than reallv; you seem to desire infonuaiion, I encloseyou I ih'it :'Ir. Mn l '. es Ind only I heard of it, and bent-fit ()tIT.\ thnr jia.IiI. and if perchance I have; I tIC provisions ol the Compromise [il honor of unitins a Ifotrf liVreto'fore

e.xih.. Nicholson letter m tv bids contain! all :,allude\ tn it in his letter only from hearsay; I some crumbs 'hiiiild fall from, their table, on this subject before tin. and cannot "i I politically divided. The r mnsittrattij
The material! in the Shield i h in that I live the I a and jMi-frful nati'in. should
error lo say upon t subject.Respectfully mcihud by which the Edilo of !rfl nrrft ,
WhthiM did Jen. T..SS to Mr j cover any
) ; reply :10j I lucy ni:iv permit! the ti'igi (f the parly I
t n'. It stales thai ih* eonunnnieation was )vour's H'li iiduige in pnrty frf.ingHis ci.ml cl |I
made; after? the nomitminn, when, in fact. itUMS "LEWIS CASS. ses (onU t by sending. him his Nicholson Itt- 'to eat.: them. We should .h.mg, oar be.c in the Star could reCI\'o his runaway should be liberal and disinterested. aiwshering ; '

made; ; iumi'iliatfhf PRECEDING it-,at a To R J- MOSKS.: Esq. tf'r ,.haute ii' own ourselves is a member of into New Mexico or California. But if l he ; in mind t that !lie arms for tilt whi-le' =' i

; time when I the iionintii: \\'li ii great TltP ('mrespondence requires nn rom Whm Mr. Moses asks him ; .Do y.>uconsider sin'h ,a We hid rather belong : wee n citizen of that; country, ,!me !II.slave :ali not i part of the; community. Dy ihi> :
doubt, ami when fien C'as an.! his fiieuilweru I doubted that) Jen. Ca ct,1 JMI) a writ nf habeascorpus course you will cralt 'he -nation-il; i
ment >s"s position tint l t ill* "lave.llttl'l! would iiavethe ; ?In th- \'. lii pa rty. though there should! be were to run away upon rlaractr j jnrsd
I tnakiii2 every h. tioraIe! eifori: to ran ; w:s safe bore I wrote my 1 letter lo him wiih, ; ihe ;.! I of ihc h slave acquire for yourself : name amfr\ '
nndeniaHe ri i j their i I fr'Cllor
I II migrate p'-rson
Cili.te ati'l sfln.r J his nuniinaiion. A reply I telt sIi..fi.,1'lIcolI; I wiute the letter lint' I :.ll I ody! nie m,ue person to keep us company *' ishable as monumental marble. j jptirly'in '

to this letter favorable; to SomVifin views.v.ould i had iveii a proper construction' : to his sa'I! nnMexican 1 I t leriioi\: t lint ni.iv be Ihrol1, the ihiee score ) ears and ten of would become a mIler for dp.free soil \onr choice : ;pnrsi.e the thruM

hi. e v.isily tn"..ta.ed Gn. Cas"s: views-and: chiiacterof: ; his reply could annexed to the UtiHed States' -or \ nnl .

Iint'; ref srcuii.ic thf vole uf ,\I.III.lm.1 but confirm mr in (he belief that I tit Sijulft 'jolt rejrartl; i it I H* a doubtful. matter, in consequence :go.id mm: I sisink ol himsell to .h. to ,ih,- Snpieiite Conrr of the Ullitc" Stale loni and so often hei ,*fiiteil, our n.unirj.md .
:11.1 Florida in con"nl illn. and it i is in be .niaching ; tend're-' ( ." '- i'! flllpl.. Thv
rnuld with less ,than wnid! lie Editor I like law, uhichMOI.M
rely upon no one saffli/. of ihe il, l.tiei\ not [How i
t'f311i11"11.; that in view of the importanceii ; the lion.in-'l itidii'irluiil uho i is til"tiIH"I deniocratie,; ; p.srtv;t under its present! aspect- an- the -''.:-inii-f--; of" .1 <'.i!!"."' : f'' e\->J* >h,

; now I ihe
ninaioriH: : are, ihe ipiiaut (1r; : the inoiof the n.iliimore; Convention.ID im lining been recogni/.fil in sn'n! 1t1 j'fl' b\ tilt Ins liberality h.is,; goni' --till hi* love ifcfinntrv n'-i him ficrcntl II1drcd d./I.lfS to flin, iff 1 knf.v. t"i- uBC.'er.

Pres.Jeney.'jtiJllllt. furn'Mhinj) opinions; : oucln-ion.:I I lei I me say t'l.it' ; [ have not the Mexican' authniiiieo t i immediateU! pi' -ce- has died ; anil .his, conscience h..- ;,1"0", ;; '; J'r '/.'/'s (Oe t/tcucr&fnp (o.: rim ., shjspnl,1rd' ";I t r:".::'

for i h* occasion n'tt before ibhclv ;I I Il : .:.. .. \Vr !,. .'t a"k ttt." C'IH
.irowdf wh.IIdOI's you
? :
pI in idia report t lo the Central I Committeecont t m din the .1'"i..ilinf of such iemtot\ l been seared" by the hot not' chain uf party i iwi' "l"11 : J tt
*: I \\vouid at all events, fpive niven -JNSUranceof this letter ih fit the ( '; .\ t"tiCompromise adol' ('a.Zoi.
niii'i and '
i my reason for den. ( ae. ..1)' in reply ? 'I"" this \ital; vl.il".f .itst-q-.ieni: :
his accordance with Souih.oni vie : not sup Ca-ss scouts JI
) of Slll", in ill".t. ( tor n 'I huir the ; I : I
upon :lr) all absur'iin! : que.iion if IIP Mrld I' | I"in' f'l :Mr. C.IIf1 votes ," as .
|'pr..1 a preliminary report which I had x'ii- iltat (Jeneral -
hare dove so i&l'iout a c..1siuc' :> / il>nn of\\' mad'-; ) which repott ;afterwards appeared acin :;(r. Moses I lie very Nicholson letter t which mnati: who i is pledged tn benefit l II.,. Wlii:sand i yourself, and :in>\ver our qne'tio; >* hk ; '. .. 'rlforholhl COITTmti
truth, and that ;i failure to aive d He sends Ir Moes 1 I man of MIISMI i'l I'I'!I'III.IV!: ih- ...ukso uiv'ulle N- vs' -a nit l li is ,the f"I'j"d 1 of iiibt. : Democrats of Florid ; but Dnval |

rance. while it might reflect: .u'ttr.iiy! on i i h iving thus !learned] that the Cent r..I Commitee a doubt lo effilnin a doubl. Silence voles fur Jen. Casthe all. :' I mn,i be rtuHmlttfi mreovr j in rhi- I a lit nf vv-tciriinries. Mm\I other ptrvia ,
ihe inieariiy of lh* ; interrogate l, ; I {XP'IH "riHr rrietd to !,satisfied wiiJi Gen.
party clr.1 : (\\lioin I regarded as a meie u i'haiiiiel, and in this ( tti:*. the Conipintni.imt i 4,11:1! t.o Tayhi. -
:_gives ron"enl ; case r'lt.j"pniIJ- ,, 'unltc.ilfl.
who i is I lo only .
ried with it.ii equally 'on\'iC'titHllhlt ; 11.111. pledged ht'lt lie '
sirong i I of roininnniration between the demncrarx making his; own political l creed bulk
with lie double faeeil chniacter of General, ;' not h.I'f prevented I tin- utim!t .,:'' rri 111 'h o! ;
Iii. iewis. did, not accord with the interests of! of Florida; and myself.) were soflVrini: under I I : DfiiiOi'rutx of i Floiida i ; add rat,her doubtful I I mu t have it

the South. and thai therefore silence or an I I.ulllli a hallucination, which caused them to C.".. I In ,the first rlause, of Mr.1 M J'i.-e>'!' even of that. I ll'iliitotism ; io nothing: ; would nave been manufactured for liimbytcv.CtJtii'cntion

uous reply was all I that v.is left to I consider themselves the Deinnciatic, paity. qiie.iifin, Cass's sil'ucr says .the slave Come friends )lend, us jour hearts and more natural than to !rat; 'i" prorifo le- j which he must rndorse. IfGttTavlor

satisfy a cautious polic') instead. : of one of its most humble instruinputs. holdeis have ( undeniable, right t to migrate striding slavery, on the Clayton (ompr-I fails to answer every private fei'ff.
the nnmillalioll.fih, hut I thf hands; and let, us fight for the goud Geneial,
After two candidates 1 determined make and resolutions himthe
to a more amplei any caucus sent lo
mise bill. would have been deferred
and the latter clause he .it This ,
in ; *
in the field, desire for in ;and the geneial good I
o success i to the in which a.'s. _
directly democracy: democrats
I report raise; a
the canvass might have atfirdcd! to n candidate i this correspondence would have been emI is a doubtful I mailer( ," I in consequence of -- -- I i however, until the new State, should have great cry cf.'noprim-

in these calculating limes, an excuse I I 'braced ; hut notwithstanding that; I did not Mexican laws ;,rohuihi ring slavery. I J is I The Hon. Alexander H. Stephens came applied for admission, into' the Union. ples :again him.

upon a subject on which the Northern and report this correspondence io t tbe Central plain furthermore, by his silence, t that he i is I very near being killed. a short time since, I But as the Democrats are so y.eaiuus in I It appears that in 1825 the EXf'cl1titeaa4

differ Southern which portions would of not the have; Union been so equally widely' I!j Committee which ever, were marks it not the for the editorials extreme' of candor the- in f'lvo of time people' of the territory (nearoes by .Judge( Cone, of (;rt'ensbor" Georgia. ;.i their alacl"ln Mr. Stephens, and( the seven Senate; of Indiana in its sovereign cijCU.;

H,' lies at Atlanta dangerously ill from where do in wrote to (Gen Jackson to define his pmt,
applied before ills nomination, when there '; Floridian I should hive supposed the (onus i iI and Indians) making laws. prohibiting now I Souther H7d..I, they keep

were four or five recognized aspirants in the sion of my name and the particular; specification slavery, which negro and I Indian laws; shall ;his u wounds. Dr. Paul F. Eve, Pr"sn..'''I' store their curses for their purrly Derndcralic. and show IllS PRINCIPLES: he being tin

field uich anxious lo be ihe chosen one- I of Messrs. Branch and McGehee., sa- I be binding on lie people whenever they of Surgery in the Georgia; ; Medical; College, : President who abandoned this Com before the people as a candidate 'for the

besides outsiders as thick as blackberries. vorei1' a little of special pleading, and 'that; apply for admission as Slates' j into the Union. i is his attending physician. The difficulty : proru&c Il/ Mr. Pol aJ'Jrorcdlnhls.n- Presidency. The sovereign State of Indiana -
Be assured there much I less (
was; independence .
ihe Floridian
was fully aware; that such a ; had an undeniable know Gen-
right to
before the nomination, than after and aJisposi.'jo" I 1 correspondence had taken place between Remember I hat this correspondence took I originated' ) in differences of political opinions j ed the Oregon bill PROHIBITING SL\nRl.:

( ;:! with th,' aspirants; lo conciliate' Gen. Cass and myself. At all events, I pl.sce;; .DtMtIUT"I.l: : rKKCKUt>c" the nomination :and prejudices., I is a great pity, that party tli us giving up nearly h1Cth1i(1tIlt1t if/U- J ack.ou's political principles ; and hear ho*

corresponded with! the greater decree io wrote' the substance of the conespondencs when (icn. Cass had every possible spirit should run so high as not to ;permit''I'II I Iliell territory, which was to be the subject plainly; and unirjniviocally I the hero flf Set
which heir s.iro.e-. dep-nded upon l saii"fy- I to (he Editor of (lo Southern t Journal I, who motive to please the Smith. r'f man to express 1 his political I opinions of t the Clayton Compromise l. and no doubt,, Orleans mule known his political /"IS''

in$ the delegates who 'rc to select. Hut with ,the Editor of the Floridian are both --- -- - and preferences without risking his life. 1 would have been the subject of better pies" to 'the} State of Int'iil' 'I". In hIS all-
as my intention, was not so rtijch;! to answer members of the Central Committee-and I t
the i is Democrat. hundred for the South, in the next Con Swer to thr Executive of that Slate be It-
the editorial of th,' Floridian. as to 5I titt' 'Iie showed the entire correspondence to Sena- \\Tr publish to-day correspondence Cone a weighing two cotnpiomisc
facts upon which lie Shield makes its aswrtion. : .( tl.vCSlCOtf, who, I imagine, occasionally of {ov. Gayle of Alabama, and Mill.mlFillmorc. and i lliiily pounllStfphens i is \Vhir gress. It Is: now gone to the free soil' i jlies as follows :

1 proceed at once to give tli'tii. I arrived Irerch.7nges: : views with the Floridian. 'l'hueVhuig papeis have generally member of Congress, weighing only eightyfive party by the act of the Democratic President HERMITAGE, Feb. 203. le&

Washington a week before the !i As !finder !piesent circumstances I shall omitted 'to slate I that G(). Gayle is 0 pounds. Stephens was; unarmed, and and never can be returned into the Suit : I have the honor to rcceitrejo
meeting lithe convention at liahimoie, and take ;i'.V the Presidential! election, my excellency's letter of the 30h( ultimoen
no *
pail )c"wrTI. 'thinking perhaps that the political Cone would have acted :? much more manly: I limits of a future division of territory.
SlttH" five or six davs 'before my colleague.". whole' desire in aJ.'lrc ?'uS you is ho shieldthe dorsing resolutions of the Senate' of India 3.

D1uiru: this time I became acquainted with statement' which yc U k:ve extracted, chancier: of Alabama; ; was too well part had: he closed his deadly knife and --- adopted, a.s it appears, with a mtr of aiteT-

.'1r. Vancny, and as in" nnr first acquaintance: from the unqualified denial of !he Floridian. known to require this fact to be mentioned. put it in his ;pocket, before he attempted to .Fr'lll information whicn J .,,.teulit' if '10- I :!jinin! my opinions upon certain poliltc
I thought Irccogni/.ed in him a reliable son and show has The eating agents shall be selected .viio ARE
lo that: it a pretty porrectfoundation. DEMOCRATIC PAPFRS .\}: OMITTKOJ handle a man of such slonder) frame. topics. ,
of the South, (an impiess that was more Il I will probably not do Gei I CONNECTEH: : WITH LAND COMPANIES: or engaged 1 hxe"'
J Guv. UAYLE'S LKTTKR: ALTOGETHER.: : Keincmuer --'--- The respect I entertain to, !l16 ..
limn confirmed I by our further acquaint C.ISS i injury, which will only (hat Vermont election in purchasing Indian lands, or desirous .
any ;prove live and Senate of State excluder
ifiis! facAlahama is ,
ance.) I conversed with him fully as to the t lite Floridian. has over-estimated the importance i perhaps one [Ily Tdt.grlh.] to obtain particular tracts, THE VALUABLE mind the idea your that wjritndlyifasilion

action of the convention and the course we of ihe fact which it has so technically of t the most constant and thorough oilt BALTIMORE, Sept. 8. 1818. LANDS 'l'il be acquired by \ my directed the intenogatories an proponwed. -
should pursue during its session. Our in* contradicted. Your's Democratic Stales i I the Union and such companies OrCrSOflS. is I
respectfully : none \Ve have returns from 80 towns in Vermont 'hs allfel But I will confess my regret atb
structions being similar and our dispositions authorized to say present. A .
very R. J. MOSES. the
but a consistent and undoubted Democrat of the election which took l forced by this sentiment lo depart II i
alike lo disclnrge our duty by obeying St. Joseph September I, 1818.N. place onTuesday. TO THEVISE I IS SUFFICIENT! !
smallest from that determinate
ihcin had frank and friendly could be elected Governor of that State. elect 46 21 Free .E. PARSONS." degree
we frequent B. Our mails are weekly, which will They Whigs, which have ,S.1i
conversations.: In one of these conversations I Gov. Gayle is just such a Democrat, and is alicays acted (WHICH
i account for delay. Soil and Democratic Representatives.The Now (says the Battery) we would like to [ REFUSE TO ANSWER stcli isquiRits.)

Mr. Yancey said to me.hI have I perhaps as ?lel qualified to judge whetherMr. Governor's vote in 25 towns Is-for the have this postscript explained away, if anyone ANDREW JACKSON._
written Gen. Cass ascertain his viewsupon
to to .
the Alabama resolutions, and as yoursare Gen." Taylor will prove an ugly cuslotuer. Fillmore's letter ought to be satisfac. Whig candidate 3,143, Free Soil 1,100, has ingenuity enough to do it. But it
!, said a Cassite to a brother Loco the to the South, as the Editor of the Floridian .
very similar, 1 will show you his reply tory Democratic 1,040. cannot be done. I convicts Lewis Cass, In
j other day ; but there's another General I Taylor Massachusetts.
when I receive it." This was at the dinner I fear in this campaign worse than I do him." I or the Editor of the St.1 of the \Vest. Gen. Caleb Gushing has been nominatedas then Secretary of War, of tampering with The nominations made at Buffalo can**

table Mr., and Y. shortly(rom Gen.after,Cass.a letter" We was went handedto lo ( \Vho's that 1" asked" the other. \Vhy : the Democratic candidate for Governor the Indian agents for private speculating have much effect upon the Whigs of lit

lead it and i its Gen. RESULT. Oh yes, I'm dreadfully -; of Massachusetts. purposes. I shows that Enoch Parsons sachusetts, for to lUrk
Mr. Yancey's room to on opening they already begin
: afraid of that General too. He's There will be below
ano- : ----
: seen an accountof
it, found) enclosed the celebrated Nicholson 1 ther bloody Whig." 0 roll lust of Boat Captains. knew what Gen. Cass was about, and he folly of voting for one locofoco in pref.

letter. I retnatked at the lime I Eclipses of 1848. The following is the resul of a poll, list gives him a hint, .a l'orc to the wise," of enc to another. The New ttimfd

o Gen. Cass does not seem to be aware of ECLIPSES IN 1848.-There will be seven of the boat captains on New York and the afforded *
opportunity of
HIM, a one a Gazette
your having read that letter. Il i is either In 1840 the loeofocos said that Gen. Harrison eclipses this year : four of the Sun.two of Erie Canal, taken at Syracuse, up to the !laud states that all the gentlemen
himself was a Ihe and of Lewis Cass-the latter great: company of acquiring he richest Franklin who the call fo'*
this. or he is determined not to commit "Granny. They arc now trying Moon one 22d ult. : county signed

on the slave question ; but before I condemn lo make the public believe that Gen. total : visible in HI parts of the United States For Taylor.. . . . . .280 lands; and'he shows.HIM Mow to accomplish Worcester Convention, save D. W..Ah"* ':

him, I will write' him a letter which ; Cass was Gen. Harrison's Aid !-N. York and a portion Mexico, but not beyond : For Van Buren,.. . . . . .140 it, by selecting agents who are connectedwith have concluded to support Taylor and I*

.1l1lttlt bring a categorical answer." t then I Tribune. the C.-Rochester! .American. I For Cass,. . . . . .. .. 25 land cotnpauies. He might as well more.i .

.. .





(,1' ,


". --

-- -- - --,\ - -

----- -
", 7___. .
,, ,, -w---
" ----- ;: -

l -: -- ,
I : L- : I


I. fijr fjSefor'll 1 > _.

c .
:: .
,- -': .; 1'. '
\ 4 ,

Democracy. Another Sugar Plum for the-South. ----------------_ : -.- .

did president Folk give away one- I I The CIcvehnd Plain Dealer has a long amined and I (iloiibi it 1 sufficiently not, that all to form an opinion. Col. J. II. Long, Major J. D. Graham ;and cjMR.. EDITOR :-We recon.mend JOHN I MLTSIC % MUSIC- !-MUSIC :

Vby free soil my acts, public and Major W. H. Chace Engineers, all CAIHH to the
tO II IIC article designed to among voters of Franklin County as a
(Ihe new lerlltory I prove that Judge Mc] private will be found in accordance with the mot t intelligent officers of the service I .
tbrd 0 j Lean and) its frit'nd Gen. Cass this view. candidate at ensuing election, tot Uepitset.- : .
ihe and
occupy by
many tative to the General Assembly. ic
rarb"PS: 10 aid Ibe Northern candidaie same ground on the constitutional question I have the honor to be, The land reclaimed is below latitude 27 I .7
Yours, &.c. MANY CITIZEN'S.Brick .
of in Your obedient servant deg. 30 min. where there is frost and if \ ,
shivery: the territories. It thus no __.
presidency.fO con- .
MILLARD -- -- ------- -
FILLMORE. --- -- --
(01 llit Cas" nppued to 1 leislar'onthe chides : the project succeeds a country larger ihan Store for Itciit. THE subscriber rcjpcttfully ir.fcrrr.s ther.cdz.
OeD. ,the Stale of Connecticut be in five Zen of
IS can yearsin Apalachiccla, that he intend to recommence
C 0ngreSS on the subject slavery. the we ask every candid reader to com From the Tallahassee Sentinel. cultivation in Sugar Cane, Oranges. .1I i t ber, instant I will ofiir, the for 3uth Rent of Septem-at public II giving Music Lesson, (ftr the umnier

IrrralOflCS. ,. pare opinions of the two men, and! point Side-wipes at Win. P. Dura Limes Lemons, Bananas, and other tropical II, I auction to t the highest bidder r the months,) commencing on Monday, 3d July.

.be Dew wilt' 'he North time i to out- out the difference if they can.V claim The Tallahassee Journal of t the 28th tilt., productionsihat, cannot be raised in any Brcc? ;? store, known as the Simpson Huiliiing, on \I I Those t! ;$ircuj of takinc l. iW.sn I the following .

beCaUSe it gire to sny: that Gem Cass is as good a free soil i in a long pull'of Gen. Bailey. Ihe Cass candidate other part of the present United States," Lot No.2. Block El, and adjoining the ApaUch- (' Tenor ir.Jtiurr.ents.Alto Violin Spanivh (>ijtar, Flute, Violin.

tlheSoUlh. 1\1 I man as Judge McLean. AND "MUCH lor Goernor..rakpsmnt.. P. Duval, to quote the significant language; of the gallant ic..la Exchange, for the term ot( one year lr< m ::,I (well to cr apply ) ar.d Violmcello would).
soon as
Why do Ih"S c M1Dt 'up" Ohio going' for BETTER" ONE THAN MARTIN VAN the Cabs candidate for Congress, as follows : Harney. If this work can be effectedwe the 1st day* of October next. I i I I lege of selecting the hour tbcy which can have may the suit prmI their .
L3UREN. Terms of Rent
III regaid to his [Gen. Bailey's] principles shall not want Cuba. well ecured. will be, quarterly payments, ..:'I convenience. Music larni-lipd, it icquired &l
Cast it \\:15 I ''VIal Sate: al the Iasl Is e word of comment necessniv ? -th-y are 5 I.erfectlyVellunrlrriIUOel ; no We 'Jo not profess lo be competent to THOMAS ornI.Adm'r per term,extra, tor any of tie aLove in'trumtntsN.

Because --- - one entertains any doubt in regard lo them. judge of the practicability of ,this scheme- C. Pur.ctujl atterdar.ce is req'JMite.tis} nu
and tht' it is de banis non, uf) rhj estat1of! Samuel
rrtsidrDfial tlt'ction.! } Change of Position.No He stands upon The Democratic Platform but tit t any rate. it is a grand conception and Simpson, dec'd.Apabcbic'.b.Sept.. reduction will be made for ncn-atter.t'ance, except .

soil" Slate now. man can tell what "a diy; may bring "-and he has ncrerbeen anywhere else. one which if ihe Senator from Florida succeeds I'", IS4'j. 3.3t I ; through prcitrarlcd .ickr.es.4.
.fcf F
'.r !.ilf. Violin bruise- tail
Democrats count the Slater forth." low far then It is not necessary that he should) (ravel in. he may rest satisfied with the good ---- pfRi
do ,Ill! must the developments extri qualitj of : Flufts r.d0.. _r.d u
Undci-Ti'ood tip'd
V Ji : 1.5
Why : Cni; ,
round from County to County ; from that he has: done. \Ve had rather he the Guitar
? of nine stump I h'trinss.
for Taylor months be beyond t'f1iI r. If ra r
Louisiana to stump making political speeches in order projector of sucl.improvemcnt and ihe author oA.V t Tn f.
Democratic State at the the reach D :!' -$10 r ej"M.tete" el' two I Iesr..
'Because it was a mortal prescience ? Not more to enlighten the people as to his piinciples. of its successful issue than the victorof RF"PIXTITLL M.vrt heir ser each**\(-*':Jc ; the course c to close _August..

residential Section, and is opposed to than nine months ago says the Richmond Had he been DODGIXG ABOUT, a hundred battles. Such a work to vicp- to tVie eitix' s nl Ap3hchl Application et my ctTI -<> in UalizeH's; iftiidir; &.

party now Whig the Richmond Enquirer and tho a little ""fC. and a little there-had he in such extent is unheard of except in the tables i .. t."la. ald the con-'.:/ -f "rlt !dw T. C. LJNIF.R WOOD.

l "frte (j11l($ past occupied an equivocal position and of ihe anc.ients.We ): l'n'r.III, un.' '. jlinf t.'hu-! fro-: I Apalachicola, June 17, 1S4522tf

rr7Ve have usually marked our arti- Washington Union, united their voices in teas there any, duult as lo his opinions in relation notice there are some interesting and! '..1"f V' :. ,'"ro'li H.n r' rr..t; I t'Titr -, A Large I It r.f InsJrticti'.n: Becks !'.r tie atovat
: denouncing the ) \ rrtznr'; ,rp.1I : ', fifie ;.<:rtrrer.t.i fur s.ile.!
Snnh"rnVhig who Voted lr I v.i l <>
data referred lrI"'ClpJ
UTe are happy to see that to public affairs at the present timethiMi valuable in the document lo -4- .- -
lf7dius-( ) 1 N !' :j 'I'll f' ?. thv '..nili leerEf'l
the Star Ins nniiccd our r pntlrf. I for Robert C. \VinlJII up ns speaker; of the I I in t that tI.:: ,'. t there would he gntd rra..on respecting the wrecks on ihe-Fio'id'i Reefs, :, 1 .r I. fUl'fJi i :, thir oair ., at all- To Let. -

'he 'diiorof the Demo- I House I of I Hrpll'MI.III\t'I : : and what docs I ': uhif he shvulif! ::!Illnp t.7U.II"'t IJ ( rnuniry, to wlu It v-e will rn'.l ihe at:: .-f ti-ni of our '_. tini'-'.vith the NEVJ-KS-T ANU LA- ill : II..u. ;. J.tt"i I> kr.o\ii a.i tl."l D..w

,'riUl'1 I few week ngo on ihe leader) '- n.ts 'the of oh- ] nnJ (*i cc the nci' *.>''iry rJvO':
Nominee. The Editor concludes Ins snppo gtoiind Kxactiv; so-aid we !h inn-) 1'IU"r! :hat rep'iil; I n'lll .ins .i\f: > tun ;):tpr. om fij monthly Sl orPing at n view; ihr most Fa'i'tinr- _:0. otAUv W.\. HONE.U .

cruc If we are correct in our Mir- jcetiolt"ll) thai lie had engrafted upon I Wm. P. Duval oMen IcrU: callt-d! uoi; : to rn the propriety of the. fi-riernl government able Slylr. of Urn, which will be a derided 11. Watt iit.I'rospertiis. .

notice ,thus) : will have ass.teriok the Oiegon bill of 1S45 t the I'rf'ci.Vil.- make t these! 1)ecr.$*explanations..*' Hestarted adopting means In gel seeds &.., of tropical advar.f.-iije to a hionnble cnrnmir-ify. j t -- '-- -

1jSe the next effort au mot Mr.J Pulk'has ill life a Fc'dc'r.lli"t-he now claims I roductions imported and the other; ;is to N. B 5 renllenen'' Morninu Gmvns and E.ji \'' .
provisovhich since Te
end ol it." Here goes it, then, on to be :a democrat. He voted i in Congress the Fisheries of Florida which ftirnHi i :: V.'i" ,cr. ;; 'i" t"> order; Cloak/ nf everdevn ,. I'arty rl I'ranMm Ccur.I-
=tthe .. in the very sunc: (bill I -r msd.In! the nnal form? r-t the d." : :"or. sc tl> publish ir> the city \pal.uLire-{:.

"so as.tO'Tl "". for: t lill cc United Slates Bank Charters; in useful information.; i ". ..,'"; iid; Riding' Gaifir tn .df- in a ST!.*Ti i,; I 1.lfi..r, fhp first day of Au.mf r.e.-jt, a newspaper

An .t-tOIt L. The Result ol" the Discussion. t three months I and yet said at St. Augustine i -The- Biters Hitter. .ainer! ; Tti'iin Dres'f ,r.d JCAS L J 1r.:I." titvery : dsinn: the Presidertial 1 earsv,**?. that \\iIt adv>

a few li.iy ago, that an ndtneatf of a United! description made '" Cattfor Prt-sjjercy and V,ce Pfsidenry tl"
A fiicnd sr.d ,
who neat
and near attend went to Giiffui (< the [ in a ehi! -bl{f.
y, f otrrs far .iys States BankvtrH unworthy! t the! ronfi lence [Ii is stated that in a late speech in H:r. !tyl" All 5arme".fi' "larfe at till:* e9tiolishmert!; rninef3 C t tie: B.lritr.cre (cu."t .tr"I'. a! welq

.\nd hear our warning voice ; Macnn Jotunil: and Mes"engei ) on the exlia; of the People. Ill opposed the. Sub-trea ri-onhurg Va.. Mr. F. E. Rives undertook ?rqr? nftofit.. '. 4 the i.on.ineesff the Derrw-t-ratic g'd- Cer.en

.!If to the White 1Iu'1e C-APS VO3Ctk., .train, the evening after I the discussion at sury, but is nilliS advoeale. In 1815 he to prove \rr. Fillmore an abnlitiotn-t. &:rj 03-; -!Mop, JsVconrj "story Rltltle-! ': B'.JiIirg. tioo, and that will m all ditfu.:i r.s Le stiiclly

You i;"fr a woful cl oicc. Forsyih, writes lisas follows : thought the United Stales Bank; ought ntt lug thai he. had voted with Adams. (iid- J.n ra' cf on Clie=tnnt street. J ocdfei/J fJ'f! [ ru.riplrs If ICM; cracy.

to inteicM 1 its din:!. and othi-r noted abolitionists Mr.Stewait S, r.tember 9, lly 34-Cm The Dc'R.ocracy of fIns C'- rtara cfV<>
1'.li1or" entire A vote was taken on the cars which resulted pay on notes dining a susj.ensinti 1 !Fl'/ncla ,ipr-rdl\.Iiave! bb'.rid ird!,*r tiie ir.cor.reaicr.ve
If ' this thins; to 1'3s.", Fillmore and turned the t tablfs received.
bril completely
the Sub
To ; t beeau.su did
it not the
Among I he former, wt'rc"sevcral who were trea-iiry uni'Mt-inf elccti"n* a f the State ; and !fld'

You :'j-t not take him for,a f'fllf', only I this morning siauch: Democrats, but !piovide) interest on the notes. He was :for upon Rives by proving that he ( Rives) had Steamboat Sale. I bad lhn! rTirrflfirtt_ u____'>__n. rf_ l-.t....... in..., tPir.. ..... .Tfalehrr3d ...n..

Bat set 'luff]j down an a.f' who are now firm i in I llnir determination to Van Buien in 1 P3J -for.Hr.iri'on in 18,10- voted with Adams, Giddings, Slade. andFillmore. 1Fz7D h Jy virtue <.f a m'.rlgagc' deed t.d Uencircubfrd! they |..a .e- I Lad nflieditirn .

Old %:idi' for the Presidency. 1do I for 'p'lpr mlriJl-for Polk in 16-14 -for t and was. therefore. ;accoidin! lo k'm; wuh! power ol' Oat: ,', made t lie v&l I Int thllid; they rr.igf i I" k ("r

He ,'ho'OIl J n/J. t t5i p M"wU'ouU PUfRe support write leiteis for the IMIIcunimuuicatp 1\11'; six months ago, and is for Cass; now. his own shitiw in., himselfTiti abolitionist.! ; ;: :. **y of April, A. I). 1S4S by John I.ccrrectir.n : anti l tlftrr.inc aIo u."r .t e coitt*

rfcrnf von -l f' 'our \<>le- not public (rye u In -1 110 we heaid: him, wiil! advocating; This is t'quallo I I the case: whieh occurredMessrs. P. Jordan and Jc-hn :.lcXaughtoo, 'bid-* fair *"> !k, writ cs.t *.>te
this to you, knowing ih.itou Tippccanoe and I .J' I too" 1't'I"1I 1 Johnson and Toomb at! to Barnet & S"nrJ.111.rJ. ar.d which saiJ rnr.lfge r rat!: fair and tjererjl ii-ic: !.3rr r. xvii; *)C accrj-t
d:t1I, 'y1 er on I I .
Or be a" 'npi-nilatin feel an interest in these little e1aan r$: I thai! he should stump Fors'.th.: t Friday la"t. Johnson allcdged d.-cd i* rec<.rd..-d i in, bcr.k (C, r.asres 390 ar.d 397 bl ble tip 'the people, vie thrnst rjfx
Or rob a foUiu's cuat- saw the centlemen! conversed) with them say accept no office under hat Fillmore I I I Mis."tfirp I nf ri I ik (.f the Circuit Court f.f lie, and parftcnhrlv fhDerrtrcr,icv"- this Sfat
t abolitionist hera
u was
an use
that administration!
of spnsans and can give fome of I their names. So ; one or two h.i: >. ni'itv, :IL .r.Ja.:: th' undersisncd: :i3 Frark-I THE STAR OF \\"H1'"a"k.rg: ihetr gcr.eiOUS
who1 want he had voted allow the
The man ears after hn repented and tool tho office once to a negro rights
much lor the discussion.! (.1 t -:atd B., i ,-r ( Std u rd, will -xil I I at public ;opprt."TUE .
Brought ;ivazf war t t-i rasiVhit ----- --- ol United! States; Law Agent in East Florida. of ciiircnship I I in I holdinz properly I &c.Toom'js .- outcry !ii.r. r-i-h, hefre the auction lute l rf b'tarr I STAR r, THE WFST" will \e nr.cT

\ ill m paten' ? Mankind maw, Iinp-irtr-nt Letter from 3IUlar Fill more.j I He I founded I the Union Bank and now replied (hat the right to hold property & Co., at Eufa'da, AI th lma. on Saturday the the EiJifcri.il chargp 1-1 .1 r"ztntrto hcajpointed

Would mA; v t!Ii. Lnjiiiz: ( C) .f w."Thev j We f pleasure in Liyinc before the pub- s.-ijs he i i.* opposed to that mons'C lie was accorded negroes even in Georgia SOrh thy f.' S-,;tc-rnjer! next, the eight-tenths: in- I by Hi* D.m"f'ra.'y ,,f Fr< rkJ'i; Ccunt

Ilie the subjoined letter hoot Mr. Fillmore, poke of t the blessings! it would bring to the :and I that if t there was anv force i irj the tprr-t o' aid Jnrd'in & McXanghtori in the sin- t and will zis e a !} n'.pI- < I the wt Gi rat A

believe in lii< mui tiicmcnt.; that the of ABOLITION. which has IH'ople-hul! now; talks of the evils it has oc- argument Mr. Johnson himself was a worse elf eK I (Ill subject
he not fit for thl C g1ie. : '1 no liishir an- casioned. He established the fii ii-bond r.JirAitinni titan Mr. Fillmore. for that he will be U to 1 ind-rn-ufy still Burner & Sar.dj- its rasst pr .rr.irf.t rn.h-rl It will he issn
i i- with icason be dnnnided.I been furnished us by (Jov.G.iyle; for puldi-; had voted, ii u ring Ito LIst session for the ford for m-niec ;,;tiJ b:; them in disrhar;e cf debts at the prir. I .S- \-cptv.livs. Tf-rts for a ir.gl:
signed t the bonds and! has
can officially
thorny c.ition. It will i he found frank and system -
explicit doe te-apiboaf tKri'5 f-T Dollar1
sid Two
llrcst.Shidc by ; amcur.ting to (about tvrcthousiKd copy ; ci-pirs ; st-ven ct
Star ijthe Mexican hich julmiited
rnl :.l Il! that any Southern man could expect I declared( t them valid arid binding upon the Treaty, v negroes, : ddl rs. pies for Frcr Dollar? ; ten rcpcstT Five-Dollar

Washington Have you left no I ; from n C'!izcn oft (lee State. Indeed people. What h* says now we don't know mulattoes and mixed hreeos In all the rights ;SHORTER & BROTHER, i :n.! any. number over Ihe above at :te icirrc rate*

-but "shovld'nt wonder Now if it be and privileges of American citizens and ihat (&: Persons receiving thi- J'r(; \ iple
jV.nn) us exartipfe.! lo tench the young men it i i i. perfectly slllnlltll that the Southcould Attorneys for Barnct & S tI1i.rd.Eta'ia. : : prcttH \
ask and! indelibly with conceded) that; Jen. fiailcy stands upon he supported Mr. Cass who wished! in refer : > Au;. 12, 1S.Election 31-5 ."e !rccure sid'scnberar.d receipt If r t*,at.
little mod ? Dof- : -tamps: FA LSIHOJU :-
a sty
of generaiion the whole of Iavt'r the -- ---- return the addre d I
I the Democratic Platform and I question ) in -- --- csir.o f tI<)
the charge of ., Aljolitioni, which I i the HAS SEVER
Dot the Editor of the Star know that (r.n. Territories those colored brethren Notice. R J FLOYD I & Co..
ELSE" think it i is
Loroloco press of the South have: been enl whom he had brought, into the nation his A X Election will be held t the Apahchicla J'lly G. 15-43. Ap.it3chic! l... .Fa.IVoticc. .
Washington made DM:' of very He.lrIthe !l.*avoiin2 i 'o fix upon the distinguished I andpmiiolic equally clear that Jov. Duval 'ha: ? been by Precinct in the County rt Franklin, on tl! e _
Then theKilitor's dodging about:' r.nl a little all his lifV lime. own act. A universal shout from the audience .
nine lanjiuap ? ;aceoulin to w riley.rrhlei.e is not a prominentiii.ni fir>t Monday in October next, fr one Representative -
: I In dischaiging his blunderbuss i Ii.' Jounril, attt-ted (he point and power of the : : HUGHES 13 Agent ilurit
:, tr 1t-mt'/1t. or open "! Gen.Washinjtuh ; of any paiiy null!) of the Potomac who Congress, one Representative; to the COL..I.y.: sry
is freer fiom all taint or suspicion of aboliitoniMit. /?/.:>/ not have intended it, but he has wounded retort. Johnson looked like a dead cock General Assembly, and for Governor .f the Stateof : rcm the State.
would! not have; received the I iu the .t2 Jour and Mess.General HENHV G GUYOX.
pit. -
iwn atid said
I none who"" in feeling or principle i is I the t'X Guvinor 1 most t terribly. And ; : Election, David G. Kar.py,
t.itrol 'lie Kditor of the Star of thin \\ .>t. fjrt\lt'f romrived from fanaticism none en- when that ptint begins 1 to talk of Whig candidates : Thomas Orman and Je3e F. Potts will act as J.ispecters. ApaUdiie'I*, Mr.-23, 1548_

Oh no I He I would have h.pn) a (tales inao I I'ri;tiri, 'I 2 -oimdcr! III' mor; rnn "or" as tie candidates of a $ have the following from a gentleman at the oITice or> th" Ju-i' of Pr jlute, 19h: Oe tr.v abe.ce frrni th SMV.
ho "believed; I! Washington's oun st.itf- -. nnd h none nme t ready) I lo stand by the partywhich May 1S4S. LV SPIJA FT Jude.Apalachicf.h "
ho in ihe and travelled i JOH:' PARTRIDGE!
has no principles! we. are ineliii'-d In w I year 1845, met some
ment as to his want of qualification) for Constitution anti l the t iuhts of the South with, Gen. Scott. The conversation: Sept. 1, 184S._ 33-3t Aral/H hicrb. Job 8. 15-1?.
f(a"J1ic.IIIIhl' on-iitulioti,, than Mill.nd! ; fear he is not so innocent, ill this business! as days :
cincc. .. tu.i! tliat no higher authority could tinned one day (III the war of 1812.] and Most Extraordinary WorK !
Ftlillr"; : ): cJ. SOl1l1.'rn'r.t Ih'II: cue might suppose.Fr : 1)V.. CULLEN ts my a 1tt. ,riudE.II d-
11th rfis.in f be demanded." : Mobile Advertiser.fjov G!u. S'-olt: spoke of many ol his old friends THE !I L ring ray ubs2ncefr.':a theSfjte.M. .

------- who weie in t'le' army al that lime and of P..ELLIS.Apa .
( in the Phl;.! IJjJletin.Th.2 .
rnor iyIe. (lraji miitiig! us m ii- F-phi.
his, fnne' .< {for ofric4)) thcII"'C! not vs t one of i hem saidHe's an honesi, fellow MARRIEDVO IA 'S 1 : ;,ic..b. 11::. If 15.18.
I letter. wj'ites .is follnws : Florida; EverejaJe?. -.11 r..i.a. l./ nf < *-. LJJ.Iv TJ't"fr, r i-r.i' ,..-._ .- I I Bf'ort1 e .- ..: -...<.- i.r>* .l\U'- 4
lejrnc. .< the West.is a 0 >
r1f '1l :;I t L 1-:. )I \ 1\cP,1.t 1 ;": "i'lin .nO' 611..1.! > puINi'i ;im|'i n rllietiof S then clMM-Kirig fnmsell .suddenly. heartoeo"No BY J1. A. M. :JAt'RIt. b. during ay ar-h-nce frtm th Sfilt .

'f44 a fact ; for lo ')' fit for; .Ri U'(. a j I DiAH: <=;K :-f will tf'IIk. \ II'I in I'uflltslafll modern tm s is I that prop s,-l uithieferenee i -Zt'-k' Taylor (whose name had not FRCFKCF. OF niSFTA;F.s OF W'tl ::::. I R C. KERR.

nnnhruld: br .fne !. awl'llIf' people .. hmfui nfhi'i| iHiier in I I!thedvfiti. to the region on tinP<-niisula; of before been mentioned) i i'l the most uncomfortable SixtU Edition IS:no pj230; Pre> fjl Jnne 12, ISIS 22-3t

Hpf.ir.-J Ilff1 \\'a..1I/"I'HI I 1 saw:i i that the: South Flori'l.i.; eallfil the Kver l.idfs. honest irnn I I'Cr saw ; he i is altogether ; TWEXTY-nVt: THOUSAND: COPIES SOLD --- -.- --
\H' Je:mH" :hhl (3n.. f';,*> i is "o. Let Boot ami Shoe Jlukin .
?otrh"i DciJi.'icrntif! papers w-re H..iiitnjie This lejiioo. iiii-ludiitg! *xvo lirrge swamps too honest ;and) straight-forward; ;ob. I.V THREE: MONTHS ;
ih" D 'nnjat'S' j'lroe lhAi tie wai noi art. 1 1 helievtd.v! ,' h'i'i' \Iflijr'Hi'St called thi, Ai-en ;ilniofa., ,' on the Western THE s-ibscribtrs have entered into jmrtner-
I <'ki ':,-\. ;t. one .; c.imfoi I table.' A whole I life in t the service Years of s'JiTerinz, cf physical :ar.d mental an- in the above buin.r.d pectfuir.

.' i 'ni! "if'd! fur :;tdn: : in",! *'1fI1Jf'\' f"wlltll1l1.; Ihollr.. FIIIIOlt.: -id ;itni I lit" o'her: railed the FI.ilp-i-; of his country. in a public capaeir> I :jih to many an affect ionate vnf.and pe'uni.uydlficuitiei' solicit a share H j.ut>lic parrta All \crt,

"ut lit'1' |1''llic'r! '':! UT)' titan \. 'If'i !tf .1 II ;:lrIi IlitliLt I. I j.ldtf'.tlll1l11! a Ifiiui i nil beoka," on the North extern, ,.le, ;m i in h:ts proved him honest, cap-ible, \ and t true." to the husband, might hive been done by them will he neat and durable, artlthei

lat; S1,1,; : .1.1\.1 llie i ;i|I..ru"Pllf. chiding ihe l.ir-::e LaiU" '!,"1'.' ', -...vtisit I Macon J'tur. and Mess.COMMERCIAL. charges in cnnLrtnitv with the tishtRpJ rt |rt
him: tn.I! 'Hint ihrc v..ino czisin< : hi' .
; of this wcrk.It
timely pot"Ssior
by a
; spared
: vfsfrft iti'lli'iTU; f'f (" 'ri" r.
\ 'u : area : -crr3..rI -' __ __ time A. KLA1RMAN.Jalvi ,
Land !iiv 'liirh! ('n': ?-.<" ""-lid) '- nvu-l 'I'1!'n it1'h I .r'.I" Iii nilIMI '\. I' I.' I j.. : I, t 'erlv worthiesfour rniUif-HS ,. I' ,j is interide I especially for the manied, rr Ct F. C. KELLY,

hunt b'd t lii.it the v: '- .': r "\'lIi..t1f'' <>( ps 1(1 .1,l- .._ ..111 I I. 1.' 'I ,.,.' lIi'' i. .1. :. 1 1f' f II i'' area brtl.i :,= !:ill) -4IJt. ..iil'J II : those co'.fernrdalin marriage, a o it discloses im- -- --- --_ .
I ___ __ _________u_ _.__ Hitlers.DR. .
.. ... ..I r : : 7 f' em. Th" P.ihhayoke-. ofGiasWater u -- -- -- -- -- 'ho'ild) hf known
lllSJUlll: Was SO j"' iinii MMII < i -i.I p-v ---- -- por!-int secrets which to them
tins the I .lIall" flil| ihe Lvcrglades, frVe are indebted lo A. M. ALKSA: FiLAKE'S celebrate Aromatic Bitters
'he Xoi>h, would: mdur-f it. Ut'f>" : as "
f' make a tprcinl laW to k fjj! that! old\ rgn'4wiug ->; pirticubrly. E j'isf receivtd, ard fer sale: l ioy
Mitijrct 111:01 i--otinderth tii :Mr 1 Kilhnore, rooifiii e beixvceu ou- and one and half million DER. Esq., Deputy Collector cube Par: of
It is I' 'ilith. July S -il ABELL.
from holt the Truly knowledge I: -;-w cr.
inui 'rea.lr\
a (;Ji-n. Cass. advjiilajicous uf of the -tibuiergud luids.: .
an -
"1 ijij% is htuffu liiin :un :acies St. Marks for the following statement of
aflluence. ------- -------
-- ---- rc>ni|>aiiMin \\"UI,111f' ni.ide. The Everglades is a basin 1,1'( solid lime happiness, COII-ess Wafer."I .
CtJl. Cass PresentlJtff Afcolitio: IMitiou*. t the receipts and exports of Cotton fIll! The revelations contained in its have
RcspeciliilK vourob'i servant. rock ; and lh- boliom tif it is said lit be at pas UST received fresh, and for s.ilibv .

The Cassiies say that Filhnore, is MO ahoiiiinnist. i JOHN (JAYLE. least MjtiiK 12 or 15 feet above! the k-vH of hat Port : proved a blessing to thoa and*, as the inuumcr- ,.J JulyS II P"ABELL..

because: in the discharge of his C. C. LAMJDO.N, LS( the sea ; and the rim of t the basin v.irvmg i in Statement of Cotton able letters received by the author will attest. .

tulips as Hi-prescntativc in C injrres.s. he xvidthfrom half; :1 !itle to five miles, lies between Ihctivn fit the Pott of St. [llT/s, Fa..froM Is! Here, also, every female-the wife, the mr.ther Pain Killer.

lias the aljoliiion of ALHAf.Y..lnh' : 1. 1648.ITnn. the water- of the ocean oo one Stpltmltr, 1517, to :'listivgust, ISIS.tf I the one either budding into womanhood, or the ntrigv DAVlS'S Pain Kill-r. t.)! .,le by
presented a prlitioo for -L July S 11 F ABELL.
.fJlOlit(. and. I th' ( j Ii if Mexico on t the other. Deep ? >ck on hand 1-t Sfternher, 1517.. .. 3-17 one in the decline of years in whom nature contemplates -
Slavery in the Disirict of Col o 1111)1:1.: 1 Hold Ih\H Sr :-I have your li-ttrr. of the I tide rivers run from the ocean and Gulf upto Keceived: from. 1-t September, 1<17, to 'H=t Mustard.
1 2G-il2 an important change-car: : discover thf-
rht'm1) this decUration and ,then read the loth in-t.. but in\ official duties )h-ive; been I I the margin or foot of I this rim. Within August, lSlr>.-- I A SPLENDID article ot Ground ilustatd, ia

following from the Ruing' Reaistrr : -o pressing th.tt I have been compelleij loiHgliMt : I lie b'isin are t thousands of Islands of ii 1'dl: '. ,''3511 causes, symptoms; an1 the most efficient remediesand tin b .xts, for sale by .

On private' conesp udents.; I had; ; Ia nil! The Gl.idesare l filled with a (lall1rls: I : lixiv)rts of Cotton Irom the Port of :t. most certain mode of cur, in every corn- April 27 H F ABELL.oia .-
the :
93ih -- -
Journal my -
tf --
paje the Senate also determined lo write no letters for publication from G lo 10 feet high the annual decay of Marks from 1st r ptember, 1 I.n, to 3litAlgu.t plaint to which her sex is subject.On Pens. -

1 45-6. is the fnll-jwing eiiiry : in the which has occasioned a deposite in the water I1- the receipt of One Dollar' the MarriedWoman's
bearing upon ihe contest approaching To New York. . .*.23,977 AFE\V of Wocd.vard & trothr-r's superior
Ir. Cass preSf'nlf'Ilhe! petition of citizens canvass. Hut <.)O1I desire some of from 2 to G feet thick. I 11 I i is proposed lo Charle>ton. t b7 U i : Private Medical Companion" will h' PCM.l jur received and t, r sal b?

of Michigan, remonstrating against the information for your own satisfaction iu regard cut canals or drams through the soft rock of .New Orleans l.bfl.:? sent (mailed free) to any part of the United -October_21._ .1 C. ALLEY.

admission of Texas into the Union, WITH to the charges brought! against me the rim into the rivers round it, in which now Other 'oifs .. --2.,25,433; I Slates. All letters must bp addresed, pc.st-paid, Bailey's "osic- 'Iix'ure- ----

4 CONSTITUTION TOLCHATINO SLAV EtiT." (from thc South on the slave question I when the waters of ihe Glades arrive at" to Dr. A. M. Maariceau, Box 1224, New Ynrk '1' :lS i* a.dlt1:.:;,it' con.poiu.d: (liiii: extract ct

On page 134 is Ihe folio wiog entry : hare concluded to slate briefly my position. certain i height, they flow t through (fissures, Stock on hand Hi September, 131? . 401 City.: PuMis'.iing OIIce: ,129 Li rty"streetXewYork. X Cinchci'i a.d, Rubra! a viaW. tebnfu
or confined subterraneous Total receipts from Is-t Sept 1S40, to olstAus,1847 fo the
)Ir. or depression's : cine of Fever and A..ta'jd! by
Cass -
of III-
presented a petition ( ..15.471Tulal May 4, 16-tf. o
much This will. it is said, reclaim for J---.e AR'ELL.
there outlets. 12 H. F.
1en of the State of Michigan, reinoiiMiatwiagaitist While I was in Corigtcss. was receipts from 1st Sept liJ7to 31:1 _

the admission of Texas into theUnion agitation on the right petition. My votes cultivation: most of the subaqueous *oil\\ in Aug., 1S41..T. 12 Notice. and Caps by he case low for ca*?& by

with a Constitution TOLKRATINUThe i will doubtless be found recorded uniformly the Glades and ,the two large .swamp-* mentioned persons havin claims against th'i S estate HATS B. F.LLISON & CO.
1817-8.. .. bak-! S.U41 ALL
the in
flowed from Increase ?
which I acted which over '
!LAfEII.r.' iu favor of il. The rule upon are Joshua Stevenson! dcpnsef1tr r- juired: iec 9- Cor. Water and Chfgr.nt ?r.Ciaret .
(hat citizen presenting a respectful Glades. The correct quantity of land estimated XOTE Newport is included with r-'t Marks.Apalacliicola to pres'it the same within thp tirn.rpsrihcd -
former 1V?! presented dn the 13th ofJflury petition to the body that by the Constitution ;as reclaimable is one million of acres. --- .- -- hy law, or els, they willl.'..-> h".-, red of rpfverv.. "i'ifl( .

1&4G, and the latter 'on the 4th r of had the to grant or refuse the 'l'he cost is estimated! at from S250.000 to Academy.rpIIIC T. H A'u o1 TiN", Administrator.Apalachicola.Jp.ly ) b. DOZ. .uperior Table Claret received per
heard and Besides this it is proposed as apart Female A?. 9fdi j5 ts. 25-2m ;rhr. .Monterey, and !O *sale l\v
February, 'thereafter. The Joint Resolutions prayer of it. was entitled to be ; 8500,000. subscriber, with a cotnpelvi.t: -_ IS l K McCULLY. 50 Water st.
therefore the petition ought lo be received of the same improvement to drain five J, si tant, will open this Academy wn .M>mdjy, _May- _
admitting Texas into 'the Union, ns a Cay "Water.FRENCHES .
and reasonable. or six feet of the Great Lake\ Okeechobee the 25th Sept. mutant, to teach f'>r I iv\o tent*, cttsentvtwo Trasses1crxm.E
I right
Sl4.lt with a Constitution tolerating slavery, and con itltrp.I1. canals each weeks each term. The C,.in.ty Commissioners I Double Distilled Bay- Water, frr and !-.,'.:, .
the of it j-lionUl l be granted ; but II nearly 40 miles squat: e. by two .y I c : >r ;.tc.by

assed Congress ahout the 24th December, prayer or unreasonable it should he denied. 1 :! miles long one into the Caloose liatchee.t will have the females lot enclosed have and divided, 1 1jards Jolf 17 H. F. A HELLWHITTEMORC'S ? Jnlv 17 J. C. ALLEN.
wrong that the males and may separate
18*5. and were approved the 29th of that I think all Ill'tlles whether on the reception : tiver flowing into the Gulf, and the other for recreation. The Coimiussumeis, wial\[ u Gen s'e Flour, oslien Butter

noDth. So Texas was then in the Union of petitions or the consideration! of the into the Locha llatchee I a river flowing inio also divide the building so that the males wt ,e- ; iidffcfnal icentrated( remedy Vestable for) I A Xl I ., s'in-nor articUi! CHEESE flr sale
i consistent \viih lie Atlantic. I In the largest estimate of expenses I A. E. ).JcCULLY.ov
found I in h> ,
MaSlalc resolutions, will he rnulfS may be taught a separate room ; vtt under Diarrhea and Bowel far ale bv .
and fin,11r.. Cass intro- cr-inplai'it,
yet we above the cost of s these two tin 11 50 Water st.
this rule. given .he immediate supervision[ 01 l :!sjbscribjr July 15 II. F. ABELL
dating two aimed directly si I her tic1 tided. This, it is supposed
petitions, I have none of my Congressional documents canals i is i TERMS OF TUITION. SisrIE

institutions here, they being at my 1st. CLASS will be lau. ht R'.adinVaitin! and SCOTCH! in ,
have I access lo any the best bottom sugar land in t the South t I,, C.madi.i Vermitusce ale by H. F. ABELL.BECt' .
dence in Haffalo. not Arithmetic commence j : i. c jrdi or Elementary i TI F ABELL'Drugs .
White the Cass Plan.Le refresh recollection now valueless, !lying on the Kissemc river, Aritbmetic fo 0' I
Slavery on I. papers or memoranda to my ; tile 22 weeks.$3 ) -iles* and Prime,
ig Cass proposes in hf* Nicholson let- ; but I ,hill at some lime while in Con- which annually overflows, owing to the rise 2d CLASS-Beading: Writing Arithmetic, "Ic(licsnc i & Cliemicals. -Do dn

\ < tiou I took occasion to state in substance in ihe Okeechobee, inlo .whil'h it empties. Gcograpb\;, with English Grammar for AKIIE-1! s-i'vfd\ .f irtigs, Medicines and Bread-Navy and Pilot for ile by
f to leave of the intro l:
tie Question gress the subject of slavery in the Mr. Westcoti, of Florida, introduced at t the tern,. . . . . . . .10 00 iwv. Lindint; from turk Reform, Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

f *!nes into the con 'uerei territory to the I my views on the remarks were reported the late session of Congress a bill to grantall 3d CI.ASS-Reading, Writ ing, Ant hmetic, d fIr sale by
States. Whether J. C. ALLEN (1 U I U I ii C.
who his Slate conditon Geography, English Grammar, with Nov 11
"mixed population of that oountry, unable to say, but the substance this region to upon OZ Sulp. Qui-ine just received and fa
I am ,
not Declamation
or ,
would them. \Ve have before. History, Composition QO
evil, thai it drain Hardware.
heaayure COLORED POPULATION., : was, that I regarded slavery an of the tor the term. ... . . .. .. . .12 00 sale by
A great tribunal for Southern rights this but one with which the national government us Document No. 242 Senate containing reduction will be made for lost time,except TRACE CHAINS, Spades, Locks assorted, April 27 II F ABELL.
information on this sub Cart Boxes Drawing Knives and
: interesting ,
do. That by the Constitution : from sickness. It will be the I true interest -
The Cleveland Plaindealer, a great Cass had nothing to The Commisioner of the General Irons, &c. &c. for sale low by Molasses.
States the whole power ject. of all who desire to obtain an education,
of the United HHDS West Indies : 50 tierces Florida
paper j in Ohio, ridicules the idea that slavery that question was vested in the several 'Land Office, the Secretary of ihe Treasury, or have their children educated to enter at the -NnvIl- -- \JcCULLY,50Wall'rst. 50 for sale by B. ELLISON Se CO.

ICJB eYer get there, in the following para.crapb over States where the institution was tolerated. and the Committee on public lands of the commencement of the term. Every effort to preserve ngging; : and Rope, Dec 30( Cor Wafer and Chestnut sta
blesing they had a Senate all decidedly reported in favor of the and improve the morals and minds ot the sale by MrCl'LLY.. -- ---

: If they regarded it as a it, and if they I measure ; and a very able official repoit by a pupils will be made ; the discipline will be mild, FOR \' II ;;.0 W: fer *t. Bacon, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and
to enjoy __
There is no power in the country to constitutional right I of high character for scientific but firm. SAM'L. J. J5HYAN. Salt,
had gentleman
make. slave by a sovereign State regarded it as an evil they power of Apalachicola, Sept 1(3( 184S. 35-3t Oil Cloths ami Carpets. on har.d jnd for sale low by
except who made examination
I attainments, an ALWAYS
the remedy. PCS OilCloth, 1 and 2 vrds wide
aDd they can make slave of a while man and knew best how to apply the 15 ; K; McCL'I.LY.Swayu .
11 a conceive that Congress had any the I'des, it seems to us demonstrates Notice. 3 pcs super [ngrain c' ,irj ting;
'ellaia New Mexico did not
black. Should in way responsible feasibility! of the project ; and his judgment BEXJ. HOWARD is my authorized 2 Stair Wistar's

it4 California become States and chose to power over il, or was in any the several Sates is backed by strong letters from Gen. Gad-- CAPT. during my absence from the State. 10 Tufted Ru s. COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Chcrry.j'lst re-

lo itute slavery, .the probability is they will for its continuance entertained no deu, formerly Engineer in Chief of the U. JOHN W. BARCOCK. For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. \ J ceted and for sale by .
I have
'this k,etheutte.-as the blacks and" copper- where other sentiments it existed.on ,this) subject since I ex S. Army-by Gen. Jesup, Gen. Harney. Apalachicola, June 1, ISIS. Dec 10 41 Water stre"t.S Feb 17 It';. Rrr.J

would be largely in majority. ., -





r "
f -

I.t .

/ .

.- F "r' .
: ; :4'iW
j -- ) -
.. -- -- .( -# -" "
,. ..' '.. '-- _i-. *__. .- ,.
... .- -
.. : II
r. --. ; -- -
j : /1'.1M.t '', ." '...l" _f'L_._ -
-_..-.-, --- -- -

-' *****! ..- .. .
;- ::." :T ,' '04-.. A -,- -

TT T : :-,,. : -- '-- -T' .- T T----- j -- .- : .

., -
m**> ,
_J .
L' d "
; -
S \", r. .

.' -.. ... if .
/ .C .


_. ,
: :. .
-- -
-- --- -
---- --- -- -- ------ -
: : whether t the n'\1 it of i inheient) cause or | AMENDMENT TO THE I Ii 2LcflnlFranklin atctcJ. [Dry Goods. I FRESH ARRIVAL

: jiroduced !by irregularity, illness or sccI- i Constitution of the State of Flo- I j :_=__ _-_-h _- _-_-__-_-_ -_ _-_--_-.---_.__- --._-_______ rI HE subscribers otler for sale a large and seasonable i Drugs, medicines OF
Nothing can; be more surprising than its rida. II Circuit Court.---- stock of Dry Goods, consisting In Dyc-Stuff's, Paillta 0'11

; ctlbcts on the human frame. Per .I i' par of Perfllblerr "
\J. John W. Rinaldi THE e-
we.tkne :.id lassitude, from taking! it, Proposal and ,agreed to by the third General : \ Compl'tTO ]1 I fegro Kerseys and Linscjs, to his undersiKn friends returnh' thauk.

t'l, lIi. become oburt\ and full 1 of energy under | .'I.seinb1i1\ : subject 1') the action ef: the next Daniel! Smith and Lucy Ann In CI lanCer).. Mute and Red Flannels, it liberal and tire pubJieII their

r ... I: 11I13 'i Ii .' .tr.-.. I i : (. It immediately counteracts I the '41":1 1.uj' S : II r..t (-I.nt"ili of the female Irasne, which i isth, j Super plain black and fancy Casameres, receiving an
.! --- i n the foregoing allidavil I it i is al supply, which t1o :
imli' I or
: Sgm! DGI : t cane of Harrenness. It will not be exAN| ACT to amend! t the 12lh Clause: the 5th Ul'Oread service of the foregoing bill be Super English and French Cloths, I stock, renders hi. asadrfment added to )h j l

( of u--, in cases of t so delicate a nature, to i Article of' the 1 Whitney Blankets 10 11 and U
!!,I.mjb ""A"O ; ( Constitution of this Stale, so (hat I perfected on Ihe defendants in ,,lid bill mentioned 1'JqMOufEl and complete. English Freic GennLFJt
ceitificUes I : < f cures performed) but we j thc of he Blankets 0 and 10 .
| Judges ( Circuit Courts shall hold i III's. American
: ( by m the Commercial Drugs
IJ. I publication Advertiser ; Cosmetica-p
llIjJjlUUJgimlIJJJL the I atllictod! I that hutidreds ol c.i.es I their olhcc5 'for a term of eight: years instead of other Marseilles Quilts, y, 1U, 11 and 12 qrs, and Druggists Glass( UDe". ;
or s >mc published in the Western ware &c.
been reported t to u-1. Thousands; lf c.sse l newspaper: Denims Kremlins 'c: 'CJII
dining! goid; behavior.SECTION and Cottonades,
; mID I District for the to Physicians,
of 'four(
I : months Country
space requiring Merchaflfad.. f\
f.inuliei ltve been without children,, aller Brown and ,
I 1 1. lie it enacted by the Scnclf and Shirting Sheeting, the most liberal .
.- said terms
0 .....-i--- .E_..- ;.--x'. ._ a te\v' iiilt-s t! i-f: t dm:I i invaluable medicine, '!! House of! Rt'rl'ull f"liv's of the. State of Fibill, otherwise that Ihe to same appear bo and taken answer said. Cotton Osnaburg", pure and unadulterated.- all of which lie'"atnut. 01

-".4..'; .-< hl'l'l1 ble. c.l with fine, healthy offspring. ,' rida( ( in (idirral _'lsi'mbllcOnl'1lcd, That the ; pro confesso. Colton Drilling and Ticking,
(' :1 : Dr. rl.'oWII!:':IrS : April 21th, 131s.I Wholesale
I'xtnct: nf Sarsaparilla has l h ecn <'x'rcs"ly I t this Stale be so amended as fo read as follows. Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, Retail Druggist
\V I'HI"r .1..1 !B: "ill' of tIlt' : I A true copy. Wai. VALLE\U Clk. 45paiachicola \V '
i in reference' I lo female complaints. No viz : That at the Bleached Cotton and ler
expiration of the term Shirting Sheeting, A Itl
The most extraordinary M.'ilicui.- present J\fa 1 J Isi. 1m Nov. 21. IS-lf? .
who has reason to she! i< approach 11,1 i office of the : French -
English and
This Extract i is put up in Q-i 11r1 ? !I i i suppose ; > Judgesof the Circuit Courts, with ------- -- ---- American Prints
time cheaper! plcasintor and exit ic2.I! period, The IUl'llU( ." 1 i I the; exception hereinafter mentioned Justices of At Chamber, Extra .super, plain and twilled Ginghams, Dru 's and ;
neglect to lake' if, as it is a certain : ,the Supreme Court and trIO Super Cashmere d'Ecosse THE t" v111*
j>erinr .In my sild. It cures; \ pre- I the Judges of Circuit APALACI1ICOLA DEC. 2y, lS17.John.1. subscriber has .
ive for( any of 1 the numerous and horrible Courts, shall be elected for term of Extra Muslin de Laine, constantly have and
\'lJnil i n.e. purlins,*i<*kpnin i .il eight years, | i Carnochan, PlaintilF i ,on hand,. ;
debilitating tli3 Patient.The : to which females are subject at (his I time : and shall hold I their! offices "' hr that term, unless I II V-i. English, Scotch and American do. It assortment of DRUqs and MtD .

:r.it beauty superiority of This period tiiai/ be dclai/nljormpfra/ sooner removed under (be pro\'isionsmadc in I tins George; K. Walker and Mary ] Super Italian black and figured Silks, CINES which hewdlwarrantpq

pirillaover all other medicines is i !)./ u.siig1is iniilicinr. Nor is it I less val I I Constitution for the removal (.f Judges by addie.ss his wife, of the Slate. of Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, and of the best quality. re

eradicates the disease, it invigorates I I Ii for those who) arcapproarhmg womanhood, or i impeachment! ; and (for wilful neglect of duly, for Florida, James E. Bettner I Bill for account Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, Merchants and PbJters'filJ COlIn'

i is one of the very best i calculated lo assi,1 i t nafure by quickening oilier leasonabK cause which shall not I In and Ann his wife of t the ( and partition.'ite FuigiislsanI American Cotton Hkfs, Ito their advantage to call, examine and t

SPRINV AND SUMMER ) ) ( and invigorating I lh; sy>tem. Indeed, still iciesil ground for impeachment, t the I) Governor
I Ever kno.vn ; it not o.ily: purifies th" I : l is invaluable for all 1 the delicate I shall remove any of t them, on the address of two J tiltk:1:1"1'r ol the! Ladict' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, I N. B. Physician's prescriptions

r tem, aad strengthens: tin person but to which. women are subject.; I thirds <>f'the t General Assembly ; Piotiilniwii'S I, '.lt-- "I| ";,tail: ( .iriiiti.\, j I Super Satin Marseilles & \V')r-lcd Vestings, care and accuracy at any IK nr f ttj'rJa put% t/n W11.
I rirbi' / < ( t llie uholeslcin, icneus permanent irer That the cau-e c" eau-vs -hall hest.ile.l. I j (..t Ito.t; .ini! r'h\ Thre.id, J. t
nair. pure an ;: : a poy. p' ;a ij: I I IJo'I 'lll.lIt"I t I I I 1 C ALLEN:
m other medicnc. Anlinthi! i I lies I l oat ns.1 energies, by removing I the I impuri length a;! -U'-li ;nlie-s! aid: "t"II'11! on the J.iui- 1 ; l \ il 01| 4.nllplliil.usl's: ,.licil"I'lh.11 PI tin( md :-\i-sandciieck i i < d Mu-slins, Mart'I1_;, _. 'r. Centre! and CfJlLnlerct'
the body, nut :o lar sliint'l.iln.g t as to nals of each! I UP.dii ( .1. a'id CIII.hricIu l ..
secret of its wonderful' ure j J said Hill diiol -
: : -
within UM: 1 list t Ihv yc-j-s, iri
cures! SV.Tns Jif t 1i-i.. as.. ; :t 1 I ) ) ) :[ medicines taken: 'for; lemale weakness and Judae "I; iiiie'ided? lo be reovel; I, and he shall : Uii ls.l! Stale-.: It is oidered that !n": :.ce of t Ihe .'h have been selected with great care in WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER

. wjre co.t-ii, ; 1 Jr-, | .. l ri"Hn'il", I It !i I- I I t t I ;\ '. Jty using a te111.ttlt' <.f this medicine t he admitted to a ii'arivt: in his own defence, he- in-; itusi i''i of (Iltl'! -mi and Hit? filing ut tli- Xew York and Boston, from I Importersand Agents Second Story ,

of in in: t h! 11 1 ". i >I"lIllr'! "i 1 1'irn t :. t ? \ -<-\ere and pamlnl sur ici-l operations! mn\_ fore( any vote t for such removal si lialllJ I I : a.d: ill am 'nil'd I I'lll. b-' jivcu in -jnisie: '. publihed of Manufacturers; at I Ihe lo.vest market rate*, and I 'i/; (Kntrance Baltzell's Buildinp, .
i I| vented.! such casts 1 H.'Ill' 'laalllc I ne-Aspap-; re now offered at wholesale[ etailon favorable\ I '" StJlut. r
I l.ikep. Ilr
tcavns. | by v.iand ::
in !
] fi" Circmr: l 1,1'; (tb' i'-e of four .\
1OOt) ( atCfii! of <..".'H'rJ I lesitX: lo :Jioilu' :; PHI l L lIa\ :and entered, on I the Journals r.f each I House! \tn'IIt"I .l'llllf. %" ; due! ? of the|' I i ten.se; by \V.'u!. G. PORTER & Co. I N B. P ALACHICOI.A,FAI
|1'1'a Jjl.lr.llwl'; ; Watches Clocks
<.'. orrVervosi-s E ; Chi h11'f :. i expect ivi-ly : DI'('. :t'Nr. ,11'atcr street. I and Jewelry
:111 v.awt ; of :said; notice in I snis'mi'vs'.i'r; : so p! li'lwd atred.. carefaIIj
Dr.) T.t-.v.J1: t l'i Sirs Ij'li'ill: !; invij: ; : 1 t i 1 the sales and most i-Ucctual incuicn.e I for) Sir.: -. He ilfurthirinnrli'd. That the Judges for I the I time ,mentioned, I the -and defendants, ----- -- '- ----- --- rep October 21 J547.

: l : the system. and reliev-irji the Millet lir:t appointed; ir.ak-r: I Ims jmcndid I (:. .\ C.-\ ltD. i irl j
ivtl. T' t'% : iritis ) Coiirtitnli'.n !
sy*tr' pl'rnj: e.itly. :< : not appear I lo i lid bill bv the next rule 'lay,which :
: : till cbild-biilb I dj l'O\'t'n'.1. shall Le divided, lot i into 1 1 ME 1 I Si1bc; ) :-r-j take I this I method (.1 f inform-j i ATHENEUI
iijj.vi: evrr It I tiy ( four clas-es. The :
;iit their tnusoal' t':1i'I'k.! : :> !L" ; shah: I I c.or; > ..1i..r ( weiit'y days I rum the expirationof
: tKMi! ,< h'tth the mot her and chil! fir t class shall lu.ld: his ing the citi/.ens Apalachicola: and its vicinity j
> : I heir oiiice ; Eowling aloon
.cia. .'.r ildi.'ril: c '.:VnV.: : i i-. <1 : prevents cossiv; l'IJ'1c'I1: ("* n! th., ,>Mssji-: \ .* '' 'i tli"'- I-'c, i iucieases and enriches I the f.loJ, for I the teirn o!' two \'.,'', I lh' ecnnd for I lie ?term dered I that: I the r'arne bcs laeii! as confessed that they have now on hand a very neat: I Itoom.

oa 4 gner.tL |ph.k.tl! j'I" .-Il'lt.'Ia: uf : \\ ho have. used it think it i is indispensable.\ if four( yearth third for ( he term: of
1l.Y;tem.itUJt! wait.i r.Ti.iti! ',!u, (. : 1: 1 I I i !.. hiy useful both before; and after confine! t he 'fourth: I i for; I Ihe! t term of eiszlitear.. I GEO. S. 11.WKIJutlc, &c. sold low, ton.-I-tin in part as follows : rrllf ha! used tie"Ulen um &.
as it prevents diseases; attendant [Pas-vd t the Senile t by I Ihe Con titutii nal) Cloths and! Casimeres, various styles, every endeaior to make
sition: pr.'In durl' day au d i d.vitne 1 upon > majority (C.\RMAfK: k. I'KTT, thee-lablishrnent an
tlwu.i hat l.ihl dii' 3il'. I h-i i.i: 1'osf iveness, Pili, Cramps, Swell- December 22. I I" Passed I the I House of I Comflt'ls( Sl ici'ir. Fancy Print, do.! do. I an I is thankful that an agreeable place of rseit
: t the Feet Despondency Heattburn Vom- I:!tre; do. Figured, ever discriminating "at
ti1pl.v r .Ior .i by t'lis pleasa.it! ( ; A Tine Copv. \V.r. V.vi.tKAU lie ,,roVe ;by liberal
Sns11ur:1h: i.i i fir i'I.rinr: to :riy :i Pain ri the Back and Loins, False Pains; January'ii. 1'--15.] I l Dec :yj.;' :;J-1 I in Cleik.I.V Silks, Frodc: Rvne, 11,1 isis. desire. fo pfe! *Iiatr.nage*. He t their! apJieciajg[ .

1lVi&)1LtiU' Ct>r, I j I rrht3. and in regulating the st-cictions and _\111'I I !rid li ;piljJt.'rsr ii: publish! provided I not .-.------ -_ ..- do. Montella; ', choice, a.orlmnt of will ah\ay. keep

Anil! r\: a'11! i'1\i.pr.tl..s the ,.;" I ;: 1.1 the circ'il' it I" n i il I has no equal. I '.(!' rn iotv I Ih.iii 'Ji II) i.- chitrsred.April : I ( 1FrankEiti .\ :.: U !. do. SafinStriped i lie vtr-B pt of a sort to Lqfcw.tickle and refre-hill ;
beauty "f this medicine! i is it i is always; safe, .1)I I lvl.'jfiin.!! I A Fancy: Cashmere Robes I the palate c.r Old
activity 1 Jinli.nSs 1 stivi'i' _, Bacchus' '
I t : ai: to Circuit Court. tr.o-t ta-tidious
i I t mo-t t delicate use it most t : I INoSh'c. do. Merino do.do. now ; ar.d 'Oyr
Isr .Y: i i .1 ::\.t <-\tri,' dl:1.ln': rocl l and delici.His.lrt.-h from
j[ few case-s require I any oilier medicine, i ini I AT (CH :rIlRS, December Term, 1"1(N. I Delaine do. For their native bar;
(9sIII:1LIn : I i a litlle Caster Oil or \Ia rH.i.l, is u-t-ful.; rrllEJtc I dim of' .. Stevenson & Co.( hiving;; I j l'.'I'"t. i All n?, } Muslins, India! Boo! a (pleasant! cr.mmingiirg (.f nttfflt oDd

CIi'. a ''4 ',tr.tl..t :. !!:' : in the open air, and li.jl.t food with I llus: i-s''I t'd by I lie: decease of Joshua i i iStevensoiill vs. j. Bill f..r Di\ .,:('". (ii". Swi-is, Lure and ColoralEdgings .I I I ann vvifhr.i nseig.mt-uti/e rum btlCt-there III "(VI IJ7
ilL : C.n''ll will always ensure a safe and con- to I the are Susjrinah .\Il.II':. ) Cap Thread nmf are wi* :
4.hI1, 4' ,1.' i'.it trrh, e'II.l", .;. j : \ easy reque. |fd to 1 make payment, and thosu having "I'r appearing; to I Ihe Cotnl 1, by ullidavit filed in Shawl!, Barna.SIlk 'I a C'imf of fen pins; but .those prefeitmnj 11':110

;1 nh! IJ, S ijv'! C 1 \'otil'c to the L1ie. I claims I lo piv-ciit I fIle! aIOI'. j I J_ I the :ii'ove! cause, I that Sr.oulllalalIar": I I the 'defendant ,I"( Marino' l active" amusements can al\\'aJ3lakt a Aa1U
Flu.J! :\i.1'; .S'AviU-.. t : 11l21t or I The stork (,I' goodon bind 1 do. Plaid Wool 'I Come one. -come all."
: ollercd flr sale
(',' that imitate Dr. Townsend'sSarsapai, ill.i, are > l \ therein, re-tide.-) out of I te! State but t vi Iii-
l.cr1'r.tllI, {'Ai,1 1 1 ? ii- 'iJ.icc.- ., : i invariably called their stull'a l Itcnidh/ .it low prices for cash onlv.., !j in the l*:>ited! Slats to wit, in t the State of New Kid, Lace and Silk GlovesTirskan -' IJN B.t JONF
great t I
:an "',11'.iffcurfil. I eniqt &c. &c and have copied our lulls I.H.\IJ-II : i j,' Voile. : I II I i i i- ordered t that I notice bo published! I in (}'In'y Bonnets, latest fashion 1, _Apalnchicob- Df-c- j;3". JS47. 50-t| .

S)1t'I n1 which relates Surviving p..rlll'l'.J.! Sle.vrns-iii & Col. ( he CIIIIuwrf'iald't'rll.nr: : (n printedin Ribbon-i in ail varieties AIahlCIlieoIa --- -
Otl.urill. the
: I lo complaints: ol l new-paper Excliziige.
N" v V .. I !!. word forward-oilier! men who put up -.\i'al.H'I.il'ol.-- ,_May t21, I hI". I II.tf!' I -aid, ii iti srI ) once: a week foi the -pace. of four Brown Shirting, 7s11 and 3-1 Till subscriber jnfflfu.t hiss

Dr. T"\I"ihJ-I: tcnhii. ,vc I int', have since the great succe.- of Dr. IVotice.irimtris ;-'------ monthrequiring I said defendant to appear and 1 Bleached do. 7-f, .",-1, 1-1,10..1 and 11.1 1 M and the public in general. .If.atU fnRd.

.j sau11. h. 1ei! t 'II ;} -. "I.I, j j answer I lilt: bill I I ,| i filed Blankets, G1 1 and 8-4 t.a. b-
Sarsapirilla: in complaints inciJciit I to S\ after date I will :ll'pl.In (he I I < complaint' n said cau-e .om. the Proprrclor of this abMt11'1'1'
f l\U; %r' K'c. I '> i : **vr sI! : j '', leo.'cntnended: I theirs, alt bough t pievious- I 1"1( Ju.L'e J >.' J'f.-bat.'s fc,r Frankl'iM County !; at( or b.forttl.e I 1'\l'ir\ti"I: pI' sud period, otherjj : nrain and Cotton Carpeting I known house and Will be please .|

tJ1,1 tljI.: It tlt''n; i ; I .\ ii-l! not A number cf these! Mixture, I for i .1 li ::11! di..dl.lrgIrllm I Ihe adlJ\iili-tr,1fi)1I ; j I wi-e I Ihe mattrrs and thin' i therein charged will Carpet Bags ;any of the travelling community that If'> -r .rfj

\\sl lr.-t. hr I t ,. \ 1 1 I : I )j: &c are injurious to females a- they ag-Jfie- the estate t'I: Hctjrv 1 .'5-a!, late of.aid. count v dei Ii i i be I tak'-n for cnnfe--ed, ;i'ain-t: her. I Hats and Caps, all stvles I Inn, with their custom, nip! will aNo ir.a'. n..
v 'At w.VI.. r".1' : "i,1 ai-.t I ..-:: 4 jlJ 4:" :' t.\ I I :," .';: Clothing ot all kinds. nlwsupplied ;
of the We Circuit
1" Apla.lilh.pl'il1.{ 1 1 tf-rn of Fa. v.-Flh
SrfL1t:1 ? !I. l.'l-'in: : > genuine liquors '
01* n. .
'; a "!lirt t: 1 ,1 t 'r.' t : !_ A I Iri" Test.'M. 1 Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and rl.quality. .r.''
'Jfih --- -
----- -- --- cvipv
; :: c 'rfifi'Mie! 1 cot.clusivcly proves t that t thisli JOhN
-wi .bau? hf,>'I 1 !t.. f Provisions '\ VVKLEAIClerk.. many other articles too numerous to mention. ,
',., .:. ,' ;".riih! !"ti 'II rfict co'itmi aver the mo"t obdieasei Apalachicola! Nov, 11, 1" 17.
',- '
.1f to "tk.l -> >:; > 'r1i ; 'of the Ili' nd. Three 70 BIILS Whi-key ; 10 do. Prime Pork ; Ap.ilach-la, July -2, I lr> l N. 27- urn Call and examine for v ourselves.M. -- --- --
i tat <- 'ijji <" >4* "i". 'r .', : persons 10 b'/is' Flour -. - X. SCOTT BROTHER Military Fire
1 1 cask Rice ----- -- ,
i,..... I f: uiie t Ivi-e i, Wlf" f'Jf'nlc.d. ; ; ; :IIUJ Fiie
I .* 'tat i .am ;f' 'ar, l ':'u.e(' Ch hh'cn. .") supiior; old ReervViai.key ; i j I i Bfardvvure, Ship CItandlery, \t. Dec J3 _Cor._. _._ Wafer_ _and___Centre____>_ts.Ii. _._ Bucket ) :1I1IIfal'WI )'.
I h
{ "t t"1 .i' 1 'v 1':1. 1 I **'. 2 vi.ry choice Hams ; rT] i iIH I Su'is.-ribtrs 1.1IIn: ban:.1 for sal'-T-! :T.GRATACAP.c.: -,
\V .tT- ":=_ '-vsend : Dear .Sir: -I hive the ploa-M re j I J. Ellison V Co. Cor. Waler HENRY I. ,
L.ro .!' \-n nat three .r ny children have Now lanlipg 1)1'1' ol.r Louisa Scar, and! 1 for LOCKS I: ;, ;asMfted, BUlls! S'rl'HilI.:.", and : at !ht,-, < r! "stand No. :.!,I'l

iJJe'-Uts!;' : '; r ; .-> -' .''ula! tI I the use of salcb; E: McCULLY, I Handsaws, MiINa-.v-s! Cro-s.-iit do, Planes! Chestnut sts. X toW York. the lulIdiViiarticle! : ih 'I.
T' 'f i- ( v 1'ui ; yourf\- March J 10 f I I Cornp.se.' AugersGimblrt"hisris< : Bwce SHIP CHANDLERY.ANILLA Belts? and t.
Water .'t. Body Brt-a'-t PlaU, I .
', : T'i'-v": v.vre a'.llicted \'f"e- I trIm '
1..-': f lh. .. .: .. ;: ::. n'4' .:tCII '"Iv! four bv'nch .'I. -- --- xeI1LI1ge.RAfl'S -- -.-- and Bills, R'll.-s' Bevels, Sp.ii-'S Croides: and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, Knap.-;>cks, Priming Wires SraM>;..rdCleths .
; I u n .I Slip: do, Collins',. Adx,', I II I stchots I Hammeis .lYl Hambroline! Wormlme Marline, Sptjnvarn. -
i., I I r Holstti.s P.ridl..s! Gun CVsejtin .
I tcci '!lfIVSar'aparilla \ \ Ne-.v Y, t.
i !1 !Y &'f. ; Ui\s, | .a; Hjston) Providence, j I Shutter I 11[,IiI';ill:', !Blind Steelyards}., Oak nun. jlt'ml Oil I, f dll! do, Whale_ do, Olive: Bear Skin Car, &.. ic.

j ;iiladelphia! and fli II I snore, bought' ; and t i; Counter; Si|l'.s, Platform! dCotton do I tlo, Linseed do. Iado.: Boiled do. j'rri" Tii r- Military anti Fire Companies aLiui .
sytesn't ..i.! Checks mi New York sold! : line, P'linliudow ( "hss. ft.rtii-p: ,
by pt' I'nllyhllp
.\1WQ,;. 'I Kili-nen I! W. re, Table! : Cutiery, Shovel aiul contemplate changing their Unm-r-
"die ,.d' -:' \\:. (J. PORT EH & Co. Lead Bed do, Yellow Ochre, ChrnnsiI! I Ure.-n, -. <-.I, i np
'irtfJ\e __ &' .i .t'i. Agents C.tnk of Urmswink: Ton.Fire Irons :fC.BLACKSMITHS' 1 l-'nvrald! do, I Imppj-ial (do. Chrome \.tIow, Ver supplied[ } with Pattern Cap, bydd; .-i, .; tK
: i ( Bllowsm'i", Sledgesii digris LIil.4iiige I! ado ,.,-', at t the I shortest notice n"lr
Sulphur Bright .
1t2it.---------: y. .\ r- D'-e :30 -11; \Vater street. | V.trniah, Copal i <> >err..itTr ,< u-
.' "t. -n ....., ,.. -- I I I ..-.'; : ,- .\-t'n]. CT<><\ r>l.,ie<. Sfoeks. and! l Tar, I lloin. Pitch Turpentine, C'na!, Paint able! t : I 1ay r.
; : .. : i : '. "" I" "" I- .|, < IJa"r o. X-r l>it?,.. : 'f..r, _' _..L. J. .. I| "" ___J.
-- .1: trftlic I ,- ,\ in nur-a'r- l:I.\IH, Hat Clothe., Tecth.Nail :':t1 i Shavin": I IKON I wecds, I I'r.gi.-hand: I :Ameiican assorted' 1 Lamp Black, C;"iMlk. \\'hilinUIIs."ia' Duck.ci..I Y.\ I Coffee.
; %
I1tiih F J s, fur sale by "I roundflat and sq-iaie, Bjnd; Hoop, Sheet and: lish do, Coon: do. Heavy; ii.ivens do, Li;ht do.Vhut' I SACKS Rir, Havana and St Dtrnisn

4 ii \; 'rf't1I1 .!4')>t valuable; pier I II FnI__ ... Iviili-r I trHI. R ulro-id: Spike do, Horseshoe \ Blue' anti !Vd B'tiainNaiis T. (.'siper;; cli, j 100 Collee! for sale low bv r
__ __ fo
h31Ue. of -- -- --- -S 1'I II Iroi I t : and X Iii--, C.-l, 1'ngli.th: : Blister and Tack.Sii! :;(> Spike.Boat! do, Brads, Screw.-. rice & MrCTLLY

4ooe mare t' PULING, \. I). .llolasses.superior I Gorman Sf-vl. Jack Screw". Anchors, Itnd-jtike.., Cap"tain

t.4) :. 'ou a. JVILON.' ::i. I. ': )- 1nl. ) ) Muscovaiio! for sale bv :: i I'LI I 'lII'--il.It.i an.l D I .:111.: C-m-heller.s! RlI'=. t.tr;. flocks( fhi\{,. Jib ll.Jnks. Ifmd For Sale.

iet of the 1 11' '' li. B. niI;: l! ;(;<. :M D. "_". .M'-h- 1 I'i'; M.-tTLLY: -:-( -- -.-, -OO-'. -Uterr.Srhool I t < :ornrrilLogchains i! :Trace I; do, Ov do, Corn PUIltI'do'. ,lick rlUkiltalll'l, Backets, Ct'd..r," do, 1k'k dJ 11I't(1II'. t1 h ,BBLS Hay', now Jar.dir fn r/- .' :if F1O .- I
P. ii l KL.vIEX-JOUi' -- 'fIu .xi'A: Jan.PI'I.Ii
M. D.[) T.
Vo- .:}', April 11, 1.'Q7.Canon.. looks, j;I Shovels! and Spad-s; Weeding I ics, Gaiden, 1 lIeh'f', I !rsks! .md Thimht'! Box IIoo.1 I flsk! do, LVC23 "NOURSE
T \ I IPercr T ; tIf'l: l -by f.'IIP and CJrub'iing; I HoeCOIiO [ -. Cdn do (''11011 do, nl1 It do, Fbi: do, "wlto! : ; --- St-.r c. l .

::sitl .\ "t j the Ii" Feb 17 II F AI JELL.Tobaeco I UE; -Mdnilhu.d. J Hem;', as-rled Pilch, Imoi'. :laiinIroIli'! Marline: S'ike.| ;, Ship ScruApalachicola. .I l..e'llJo.i: ; S'Ulh

T 11 "'" U..I 'df!! I !. 11', t a great !sucoc and' iniir.cnse f T'AV.'j-e'iT : ) ,
i :tri I'l; iirill 1 a number rt'nPI Cu ( : Meed. l Di\'ider!, (C.mj'at. Suil Xdb's I syrup jn-t rteru'td
spikl'', Bl-ickSjOars ; Sail TWIl:
41' th Chi1.!* ai,1: :-,\', ; :11 i ) -.' S.c.ASTlN.Susgar e, j :d lor sale hv .
,1: lormnlv' our Agents, have esxsiinc, edr.aprilla LHS Tibicco Seedfrom the i Cl t'ine do, : f'win- do. l'dlms J: iillg
t Lpatlwr
14n"in t.'nOr i is 0'11.Ak of j"11-1" ) 5 mo-1 celebratiiJplantati.ies ; Kelllw, Mills and Cat ii.I F..h i Ii' II
do F
<,, Pump
Extracts Elixirs Bitlois, ol l the Shovels, I I.unmer II'lt'hers.
:: I ; f'hii'f'I"uur
v- I!
Vudl.lJ.lj' -
Ute creci-iv from the 5?.>uthDf ,int1) l 1 ", just rI'cc1rom ( I on- BokeovenSpidtrs Pot5, Enameled A ;
of Yellow Dick, fee. They/. generally! put f I Havana, 'for; >af bvMch0 KettleTea Kettles >.Plrlnf's, laudtaws (ilmhlt'l,. lIand-a\\' c .e..IIPI.olttcc. :
is)t aeter i &r. File:, Hat Tail do Iron
i i i ; in t trll! ; same shaped: biitlk-s and ; i K: ; mtuares, Cupboard Lock. QJT. LOUIS Flour <
Oi\\'ei ', M ," .. fl t 3 : some of McCULLY'aler;() ; -I.Olivrs. t. TINWARE full a--oilment.I S tock do, hooks! awl Staples, lIwgt' Po1diock"Vooll L Ohio do, Lard Whiskey,

Dr. Tw'i'1 : f. ,r :1'-1: ;. ...: i !:: hav.tole.: and copied! our advertisements, ---- --- Wholesale or retail.ROBERTS. \ Saw, l'f'nrant hlanlyards, hand Lint 5., S'u .ir, choice and prime, MolassesPork, mind
<, if \\'Q f rtlies flf Sjrs;.arill4: <.!i : only uoilhloss imitations, and should be 8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives! 'for *.ile I ALLEN & Co. 1)sep Sea do, Log (10. Fi"IJ do. Hand Leads. Ittlt's p salf a I rune Bacon, Hams, Sides ana Shoulders

"lI Ir. MrXair, of TkiljnM.'io, ttj try it i j by i McCUI.LV, Apalachicola. Jan._20. IS,IS. S f'a rlo. Sheet do. Blr do. Funnel, !;mlhlm is, by B. ELLISOX & Co.
Office .
: 12- I-'ULTOX ------ --- Chalk LirJf't' Pitch Dec .)
Slrc-ct.Sun Pots
-- Ci-r.
Log Books
:Maicl, Cargo dll and Chestnut
: ,
eraaJ Ayi?: Bef-tn-1! r !ind ti'; -- t : I I'i! :10 Wilt-r.-t. itt
.tile it I I :, X. Y.; Kedding & Co., S State stroit, -.--- -- -- _. iron, l'ail"c.. nela'in! Pin!, Ti\\"arc, Crock cry. Carpenlt'r'r s -- -
aniKMred 'o wirm f"i" 11rr1!' !!, ; D> .tt & Sons, 132 North Second sIre el. Scotch f iiiiir. 9 T:)NS Swede [Iron, ortcd, sixes ; Tool, t'.tIllP'OIl Posts \-c .xc. The Indians'' Elixir
diY, J I(4 u'hethf! C'lills and \' ; ;' :, 1 ; S. S. Hance, Druggi, J'allimore' ; GROSS Scotch Snuff, ill }half bottles ,0 I 10', kegs Nails I do. ----- --- ._Dec_ --!H.1S17- A CERTAIN remedy' for chill and fever, for
icy were violent : and I !before ; 3 ,justreceived -- -----
hed the bottle sb J Cohen, Charleston ; Wright & Co., I 151 I for ale :by -I ciskWeeding Hoes, a--ol'ted (jualiiie-j;; A7IEKIGAN3fct : : sdleby .
entirely l I Fb[ 3
; was '
: {' street, X- 0. 103 South Pearl 21)' Blacksmith Steel J ALLEX.
; Direct, Aj-niri: i I : Faced Anvils _. .
'ie was much better tiian she ha I I ; and by all I the principal Druggist I and} __ I._ __ .__ __ JCMLE._ ; lit? ) English and Ameiican; Vises and Twine :Mann clua-in h' OIL ----
took! the ; just received-arid
le Azsw. A ladv that had Aromatic Company SALAD by
Killers. f
generally throughout the United States 2') Bellows ,
; I 17
ck with the Chills and Fever H. F. ABELL .iI
Indies and the Canadas. ]DR BLAKE'S Aiomalic Hitters, just? receivedand I 1-2 tllJz(:. Spades and Shovels; 12 CoMMEKCIAL-SlREEr, .i
jem with! Q-iiuinc and iHt in I
was for sale
sale wholesale bv "
and retail by 10 Collins' Axes I I
Stairs .j
; Up Piles.
( ,)
id distressing state aud! tro'ibled! BOSTON.
t .
< April 1 :J
H. K. ABKLL, J C ALLHX. 1 1'I) b\s Colton and Woolen Card i T\1TCHETTS celebrated
ith the Citko ifiutthr olect( ; -- ---- ; Manufacturers and Spanish Srt'ritil"ior
A'4ue; I < : 2-: ISIS. -- ---- ---- Dealers in Bryan's Patent
19-ly Apalnchicola. ci: Saws solIe
.1 my wile' she sent an I ,procured a : --- --.- -- _- -- S..idlitz Po\\'dcl' 1000 l Ibs Cal and German Steel, for sale by; Twine l Stands, Post Olfice Twine-, Baleing and .1-------by [-Fe14- ] II_ ._ABEEL_ __ _
nd it restored her in a' fi-.v vv.' 'ks Q GRASS/ SeidhlPovvdersthal Bundle Twines, MCart 's Col ;
PllOPECTLS OF THE are j just W rM.( G. PORTER & CO. ) I Ion Herring Tvine i OFFAT'S LIFE piLLS AND riIZ-\l5
.ealth. Your Sarsjparilla is vvilh sj 1"'l'i\'l.'d( and for sale Cotton Seine Twine M ,
byiiil Tanned and
LO 1C E I>A 'I'EMIERANCE; Dec 30 -tf 1 Water street.THTivTstrCr Untanned, Flax BITTERS just received ar.d tor sale hy
J '
eUillel in disnsas undent lo the ANDAgricultural -. :J!ic ALLFA.liif'tiMioti ------ -- I Herring Twine, llaver and Shroud.laid Mackerel Nov 21 J C .ALLEN
-- --
you think) that this eflfltfllICJtiiri -- --- '- h Sugar ; 1 Lines: ; Herring, Pohagan Shad. Bas, and

you' are at liberty to tn a it as you rlloo Advocate.A A FEW: Infusion Jars. tj }I-1") do New ej'is! Sugar: ; 1 Dip Net. Government Seine* with Bags. : Cod, Tauiu>rs' Oil,

"Yours. rcspecifnlly% paper to be published in Quincy, 1.I'a. .l'1. have Jar*-ev--ry fa-nily! sould!: : :.t r) bills! SI C \ Herring, Mackerel, Shad! ;Menhaden! Seines: FOUsilf by
: one-for sale by ." .. i)
CHARLES nC.. JITMAN nAnTLKTT. l h\* Slew M'S LO'if| See. B ELLISON & Co.

Canker in the I I A prim------ ---- J- -C ALLEX.Letter ---. I 10 bills grou-rl! .\*. B. .\.l'> mill Siints knit tct or.lir at //I i inollre. 1-- Guava Jellies. tt

Below is an account of another i r; proprietor; (if the QUINCV TIMES under Paper. 100: sacks Rio Ct lle; T.ij do Java B. ELLISON & C.,.. Agenu, -'illi-reiil: d Ha-
:: I I ed solicitations! ( of }IIH JO bxs Aromatic Tobacco October 1 1.1 7. iX h.t'csji.t: rtceived'l'rom:
Dr. TownseJd' Sarari1Ia has patrons, who are: 10 REAMS: fine! Ltt T Paper, just leceived ; o'Jlf At'i'lachic.'la, I I "', alit It 1 sale bv
: }' comprised t the friends of and fwr .T') I uft'd do. '- I
among sle
of thousand of children. Th1 ) Tcmper- ; by ; Groceries and !SIii St I i Dec 5.1
> }: McOTLL'VGroceries. {
| u'-4ti
1 Agriculture, and other industrial 20 Sperm Candles 50 : '
certificates interests- ApnIHI'J ; b\s brown
are selected frjsi a great J C ALLEN.LIEITINGS Soap; i ; COFFEE Java
cid ', lvs ---- RIO St. Domingo do, I
ceived this week. cetermined to devole his; Journal 100 bags: Shot ; 50 kegs Powder ; : t

New York .\ exH'iMveh: to the objects indicated by the : ( Shirtings and Prints, by the I 1(100( ( ) Ihs Lead ; I St.I Croix do Porto Flour: Western do; X 0 Sugar: 9 m! I.'? \Vhi kej ; lu bbls Molasses;
: t title I he has I Iu bale and case, low for JOO llico do. Young Lyon! Tea. 9
I\lllnl'd. cash bv ) kegs While Lead No. I I. Extra I tierce
and Pure.
Dr. To-.vnsend : D.?Sir-Oe of Hyson do, Pocfiong tI It), Souchong do, Goi-hen I / w Rice just reed{ ai.d tor sale by

I was very sick with a Canker ii ibv? I I EJilor has consei.tcd to make this change' D.-c ;>I. ELLISON & CO. For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. nutter Che-jc, Lard, B.rcon Hams, Side.Sh.uil!- _Jut| J)j E._ McCULLY._ 50 WatersfIVcv
much with the Gor. I
Wafer Dec
Throat attended with jref expt-cjation of pecuniary 7 -.- -- --- .--.- and i Chestnut sfs.t -_ : 41 Water street. t.rs. 101:1.:1'1"'hi"l.e, Mess and Prim Bi"ciles -- -
I I I as x\i! the desire near dyinj. I obtain 1 sorn! r.f ; exerting a salutary ri *{: SrJiooI Koolts. ; Sh.id illrnon, ;
lu'.lnif: throughout our -xor Strops.'HAPMAN I tern ug, -oulld a 11(1 TtliI'I1t'i' K HIIDS. prime N.O. SUr3frt'ceiverperChrlIuntl'r
Cod Fi-h
Stale .
growing k TOIItUt'
nedicine and it c''r-'d
it 1isiurc I ,
i ar" : .v'uch' } and Emerson's Strops, t .001. OOKS, of ;11 kin-:! |"ist" rec'd bv Pepper, Spict'$ ::; *J '
I feel !r Jlefn! (iu -u'jjecls he: /holds, of all oth- just i re- S-'I Citsups; PI'pl't'r S.IIICt', Oli\'t. ) and frr sale by .
you Your very ', ,) be of paramount impoilance cel\'cd and for .lli' In. IW I J J. C. ALLE.V.C'anaeca. Gilpers l'icldt' O.lp5t.lr'h.. Tobat'co. .V3' Ma>_IS E. aicCTLLY. 50 Water.
'- -
res > causj of Temperance the inlere.-t of Feb21! ? I HFABF.LL.I I Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, ViPi"jrar; Dried) Fruit tit
FOU'Liiii: 27 .
1 -- ---- Bean, Sail, Ruisens. :
I.caronit'rm.Jcf'lIi by
and home Arrow CAS'tILESoapforsale

Dr. Town Fits end. not! Fits having: !tested.'it s and vauctiej; -will industry be the objects, in all to its which rela D"'O Champagne Cider.KHLS for. sale bv O OWAIM and 'for&sale HOUCK'S by Panacea, just received For RiotCorn a I,. by 0.1.%>, Buckwheat T' ELLISON, Mustard.V CO, Uice. _ _ _ _ _ H_ __ F_ _ABELL.--. ,.

lla in cas"sof t Fit. <.f c virsnever 11)i5 of the paper will be principally Dec 30: n ELLISON Co.TN Feb I 17 F .A ELL.: Dec 9. Cor "U'ater and rheslnnt sts. Advances
; arid as connected with these interests, ---- -_ _ -. :_.. on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool i*
1 it, lI'd 1 1vit 'tr"lri"e.1 to re.-mc IVyTADE
of ic '
: bearing upon them, and as influencing ( rllsses. Lancets. New York and Boton. hv
m an. i iit-l! "ItttJ; I respectable; i iI a review of foieign and domestic markets, pursuance ol I (litproviions of the ('onstitu-: HULL'S superior single and double Trusses, QPRING and Thumb : Lancets just received Dec 16 D. R. WOOD & COhydrostatic -
<*tcb. *ater co-iiitv : of I the Shite _
t be overlooked. : nolice H I hereby given that> : by U and for sale by

.. Fordlr! A 1I.lIit I importance of the objects and Ihe aidbrd I certain persons, citi/ens ol Florida I intend applyill Feb 17 II F ABELL.S'OTCM Feb -21 11 F ABELL. Ink Fountain. b

Dr T.. ,j nJ.I l)>tr *vr-I Inve s a well conducted newspaper could af! to the next Genera! Assembly of the State, -- ------ _ __ _ FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,'
c ;.! ,, .f .v. who has be.-ti are questions which-could not be fully dis for an act incorporating i them I and t their associates i- SII U fT. Tile Protection Insurance Co. of Sand Boxes Paper Folders, Stamps,Se313,'
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The events of the day, the passing nc(ur- Wood Ware Ac.ARREL ---- Brogans ; April 27 H F ABELL
iri of the Fits, i of (till' week he will notice with as much finesew'dllrogans; TAX payers are hereby notified that all taxes

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He believes himself to be free from I Brooui:, &.c. &c. for sale l by ; City 50 ; 50 tierces
Yours, resjicctlullv I v bias and he will endeavor t thus to pre- 15. 1 ELLISON Russet mgans. For sale hy Council if not the law will be strictly enforced for ale bv B. ELLISON & CO.
JOHN the rltl 1111I nil of his paper. Dec !. Cor. Water Co. B. ELLISON & CO., JAS. F. FARRIOR, Dec 30 Cor Water and Chestnut!
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sts. Dec 9. .
Female Editor proposes) to enlarge very cnrii leralu- --_-_ _ :._. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. City Tax Collector Bacon ItD"Snit
Mr. Flour
;>-. TVvi''nd' rsiparilla) i is n ;' i his paper; from its present size, and to ii Saddlery, Ac. y EDWARD McCULLY i is my authorized: Sugar, Coffee

.fil'r "Ir J".ioipnt ( )?)' i irnnrov 'ients, should the patronage: offered : Dry Goods. agent for the collection of Taxes during my absence ,
SADDLES various patterns and qualities, Ticking, Cotton from the State. J. F. FARRIOR.; on hand and for sale low by
..I !. ,'; .. -l't. ''' '. 4' FalIi'l 1'1' l ; i rs'/ i! and Snaflle bits DRILLINGS Osnaburgs ALWAYS .
I Jeans Flannels : May 18, 1849. E McCULLY
.t,1: V." 11'1'11'1' ,r s ," "' f/J4rjfIG/ -Two dollars I; per .II! Saddle Bags, 1 kets Tweeds ___ _
G!; ', 2 .r--s-I tni3tion. i i in advance; or three do'.hrs! if not paid lin Martingales and Whips, for sale by Ginghams Calicoes Sheetings, Checks: Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specific, Swayn &
*, Delanes 'Vlstar's.
fl1' I !'u, ; II'jntary discharge WM. G. PORTER Hosiery, &c. &c A SAFE and efficient remedy for
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by B. Cherry, just
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fat till' g .rdl May 27, 1545. Dee 30 -11 Wafer' trcct. Dec i>. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts I Fl'b.1 bv' for sale by
C ALLEX.: Feb 17 11 F AB ELL.





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