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flag of their country on the Canadian soil in
the war of 1812, and who rather than sur-
render his sword on the defeat of Hull,
shattered it into fragments. (Great applause.)
This Maryland Democracy must be a
wonderful body to give such a majority for
Cass, when two-thirds o.f the voters in the
State have declared for General Taylor!
But not more wonderful on this account.
than for their singular faculty of remember
ing what never took place.
Cass's biographer is more modest than
the gentleman from Maryland, and says not
i word about this fracture of the sword.

Cass had no command, but, always devoted
to his country, ever burning to serve her in
all ways, hlie solicited a place as volunteer
aid to the comimanting general. His eager
request was complied with. Conmiodore
Perry acted in the same capacity on that
day. He was thus associatedin station, and
in duty, with that renowned naval officer,
who, not content with putting Lake Erie in
a blaze of glory by his victory over the Bri-
tish fleet, desired to strike al the foes of his
country on both elements. And need we
other proof that Cass was to be found where


. ::~ L~ ,



~ _

_ __ __U_ _~r~ 1~1

25usitmio ]afvscttovs_

From the Battery.
Review of the Life and Services of General
Lewis Cass.
We find an account of two skirmishes at
the river Aux Canards, in which Colonel
Cass participated." Perkins in his His-
tory of the Late WVr describes them as
expeditions of trifling consequence." He
little thought that they would be made use
of at a late day to establish the reputation
of a hero.
The fodif,,.',; narraoien, whih we copy
from page 126, volume 3, of Duine's Week-
ly Aurora, gives very fall particulars of these
affairs, from the lips of Captain Snitmon and
Lieut. Van Horge, of the American army:
"On the 16th ultimo, about 300 men un-
der the command of Colonels Cass and Mil-
ler, were despatched to reconnoitre the Bri-
tish who were posted, 300 strong, at the
bridge about five miles froinm MaIden and
twelve from Sandwich. After arriving near
the bridge, Colonels Cass and Miller de-
tached Captain Robinson's company to a-
muse the enemy, while they marched up
the river about seven miles, and crossed at
the ford for the purpose of suprisiog them,
and intercepting their retreat to Malden.
Hopes were entertained that the whole of
of the British would have been taken ; but
Captain Robinson executed his orders so
badly that Colonels Cass and Miller were
unable to gain their meditated position be-
fore the were discovered by the British.
A slight skirmish, however, took place;
but the detachment ininmediately charged
on the enemy, who retreated precipitately
to the fort. In the skirmish the British
lost 11 men in killed and wounded. After
taking possession of the ground the enemy
left, Colonels Cass and Miller ordered Cap-
tain Robinson to occupy the bridge and
guard it that night-the. rest of the detach-
ment occupied the houses contiguous. Du-
ring the night they were reinforced by the
rest of the regiment. The next morning the
detachment reconnoitred the country around,
but notfinding any of the enemy, they evacu-
ated the bridge and returned to the camp
without standing any loss.
6 Immediately alter the detachment eva-
cuated the bridge, the British re-posted
themselves there with six pieces of artillery.
On the 19th, Col. M'Arthur was detached
with Major Trimble's battalion as a scout-
ing party. They immediately imarched for
the bridge and spent most of the day skir-
mishing, in which the British lost a number
in killed and wounded. Colonel M'Arthur
had only two men -slightly wounded. In
the evening they were reinforced by Col.
Cass with one battalion from his regiment
and a field piece. The next morning they
drew the whole up in order of battle in front
of the bridge, and fired afew rounds, when
thee nemny commenced a heavy cannonading on
them. The detachment then filed off and re-
turned to the camp ALL SAFE."
But we have an account of the latter ex-
'pedition from the pen of Col. McArthur
himself. "We fought about three hours,"
says the Colonel, "at so great a distance
and the river between us, that there could be
but little injury done on either side. I en-
campted with my 150 men about 1A miles
from Aux Canards, and was joined next
morning by Col. Cass, and about 100 men.
We all immediately repaired to the neigh-
borhood of the bridge, for the purpose of
taking a view of our neighbors; their first
salute was the discharge of a couple of. six
pounders; they fired about ten shot at us.
No man was hurt, but some a little scared.
* The men which I had with me
may be said to be brave, but very hard to be
kept in good order in time of battle. I
trust, however, that they will do honor to
themselves and county should they have
an opportunity of displaying their valor, but
this could not be done fairly, across a small,
deep river."
This is the sum of the long and hard
fighting which our "brave old volunteer"
saw in Canada. We have no disposition to
disparage its importance, but we do think
that it furnishes the smallest available capi-
tal that any hero of our acquaintance ever
undertook to trade upon.
IV. Having disposed of the prelimiinary
achievements, we come to the next exploit
in the order of time in the military career
of Colonel Cass-the Retreat from Canada.
This is to be looked at in the light of the
vaporingg" proclamnation. With the ex-
ception of the expeditions above mentioned,
Gen. Hull rem'nned inactive in his camp at
Sandwich until the 8th of August, when he
gave orders for the main body to recross the
river and retire to Detroit. The unhappy
Canadianis," says an. historian of the war,
" wh,i had been induced by the Generil's
proclamation to accept his protection, were
abandoned to the vengeance of the British
arms."-(Perkins, 82.) In the honors of
this retrea', Colonel Cuss" participated."
V. Now, as to the sword-breaking achieve-
ment. At the Baltimore Convention which
nominated General Cuss, Mr. Humphreys,
of Maryland, said that it gave him great
pleasure to present that State with an undi-
vided front : The Democracy of his State,
though often defeated, had never been con-
quered. (Applause.) They remembered
Lewis Cass as the first man who planted the

His poet is a1 Ittle bolder. We titus find
the event chronicled in the Official Journal:
When.Hull surrendered to the foe,
And quailed his heart with Tear;
Bold Cass refused his sword to yield-
The brave old volunteer!"
This is a milder form of the exploit. The
orator makes the Colonel break his sword
in a fit of indignation. The poet makes hlim
refuse to surrender it. The biographer says
nothing aboul it. We turn to history for
information. History -dumb too !"-mut'te
as an oyster!
This sword story of Mr. Humphrey's is
a very curious one. If it is true, then it
mn;iy be said of Hull's colonels, that they
were the most remrart.able men for the use
of their swords mentioned in history. The
memorable exploits they accomplished with
these weapons were'performed on the last
place a soldier would much care about dis-
playing them-on the field of surrender.
On the field of battle they were well enough
-but on the 'feld of defeat perfect fire-ea-
ters, heroes, Hectors.
Now, we find in the annals of those times
two sword-stories, told of two other of
Hull's colonels, on the same occasion. Per-
kins states that Colonel McAthur, when
his sword was demanded, indignantly broke
it-tore the elptaulettes from his shoulder,
and threw himself on the ground."-His-
tory of the late W"War. p. 88.
We learn from the newspapers of ibe day,
(Hull's surrender being on the 16th Aug.,)
that Colonel Cass of the Ohio volunte-ers
had arrived at Pittsburg on the 28ih direct
from Fort Detroit, ot his way to the city
of Washington. The journal making this
statement goes on to say : We understand
that Colonel Miller, although reluctantly
obliged to acquiesce in the surrender, indig-
nantly threw away his. sword declaring it
should not be delivered up."-3 Duane's
Aurora, 148.
None of the histories of newspapers of
tihe day, as far as we have been able to ex-
amine them, make mention of any such
achievement on the part of Colonel Cass.
For aught that appears to the contrary, this
story rests upon the same authority as that
of the authorship of Hull's proclamation.
We apprehend that Colonel Cass gave up
his sword- ik& a gentleman, and neither
broke it nor threw it away. At arty rate,
like most other feats of arms now recorded
of Gen. Cass, nothing is said of it in the
annals of the times.
The truth is, that all Colonel Cass'$ mili-
tary achievements have been accomplished
by the pen and the voice-tthe sword has had
very little to do with them. The organ of
the office holders, published in the city of
Washington nmider ihe title of The Cam-
paign, and understood to b)e edited by the
Commtnisgionerof Patents, seems to take the
same view with ourself of these services.
It states that, on the breaking out of the
war, the Colonel wasamong the first to rush
to thie defence of his country, and that he
raised his voice" for battle in the councils
which preceded the surrender of Hull, We
have no doubt that the Colonel raised his
"voice" for battle on that occasion. His
"voice" was "still for war." It-is a way he
has. He never fails to raise his voice for
battle, but he likes to have the fighting done
by somebody else. Not Bob Acres himself
was better pleased with the idea of taking
down his antagonist at a long shot," than
Col. Cass was in fighting the enemy across
a river--as at Aux Canards.
His sword is one thing-but as for his
voice, that is quite another thing, and at
any body's service who wants to get up a
fight. Florida Indians-54 40-or the Halls
of the Montezumas-no matter what the
pretence, the General beats Falstaff in the
use of his vocal organs, which he has not
impaired by the "singing of, anthems like
his great prototype. But whenever by his'
voice he gets his country into trouble, she
can hardly rely on his arm to get her out of
it. For that-old. each's sword against
Cass's voice-at all times !
VI. After the retreat from Canada, and
the surrender of Detroit, in tinth of which
events Colonel Cass participated, we find
him starting off post haste for tile city of
Washington, where he fought (for himself)
thie most important campaign of the war.
He was occupied several months in the
agreeable and interesting duty of writing
down General Hull, and writing up the al-
ministration which had appointed that Gen-
ernl to a post for whose duties he was clearly
incompetent. In acknowledgment of the
bloodless victories thus acquired, over so dis-
tinguished an antagonist, Colonel Cass was
marked for promotion ; and the hero of
Hull's retreat atid Hull's surrender, was
raised from the rank of colonel to that of
brigadier-general in the army. His military
lairels were thus plucked at the writing
Soon after receiving this promotion he
joined General Hanrison at Seneca, and was
present at the battle of the Thames. Col.
Cuss's part' in that ifftiir is mentioned in
very modest terms by Gen. Hantison. One
of the biographers of Cass, however, re-
presents him as a prominent fire eater on
that occasion. At the b; ttle "f the
Thames," sttys this writer, "so decisive in
annihilating the enemy in that quartet, ex
polling him from our territory, and zivin
security to a vast frontier, and where it was
also that the br;ive Johnson acted so nobly.

the shot flew thickest? So, literally, it was.
He galloped on in timeto be in that impet-
uous charge, led by Colonel James John-
son, which so completely routed iPioctor
and the British regulars, while Col. Ricfard
M. Johnson routed aud slaughtered the In-
dians under Tecumseh."
... We are glad to see that the friendsof
General C.ass are now willing to give its doe
historical importance to the battle of the
Thames. W Vhen the commanding general
on that occasion-the gallant Harrisop-was
a candidate for the Presidency, the friends
of Gen. Cass could not find out where ot
what was the result.of it. But now, it was
battle enough to make a hero. of every, aid- -
de-camp and subaltern concerned in it.--
They really claim ii as a distinguished merit
for the General, that he tendered his sr,.-
vices on that occasion to the man whom
they used to decry as old 'Granny Har-
It is very difficult to;spot Colonel Caus on
that memorable day. He *uas nominally in
the battle, but -as to his being where the
"shot flew thickest," we do not think that
conclusively established by the fact that
Commodore Perry was in.the same engage-
ment. We cannot see that the conclusion
follows, which his biographer draws from
this interesting connexion. That he was ip
a battle with a brave mamn, no more proves
his gallantry, than the fact of his retreating
from Canada with Hull, and "participat-
ing" in the surrender of Detroit, proves
him to be a coward. Whatever may have
been the General's exploits on this memor-
able occasion, the muse of history preserve
a guarded silence in regard to them ; and
we are obliged t.o have recourse to poetry,
Democratic oratory,. biography, and auto-
biography, to settle his merits.,
General Harrison, who was always gen-
erous to ihe services of others," in his de&-
patch to the Secretary of War, makes thp
following mention of his staff associates, on
that day
"With my aids-de-camp, the acting,as-
sistani adjutant general, Capt. Butler, my
gallatit friend, Commodore Perry, who did
mne the honor to serve as my volunteer aid,-
de camp, and Brigadier General Cass who
having no command, tendered me his assis-
tance, I placed m ,self at the head o'f thbe
front line of infantry, to direct the move.-
ments of the cavalry,.and give themrn the ne-
cessary support. .
"Illness deprived me of the talents of my
adjutant general, Colonel Gainep, who was
left at Sandwich. His duties were however
ably performed by the acting assistant ad-
jutant general, Capt. Butler. My aids-d'.
camp, Lieutenant O'Fallon and Captaip
Todd of the line,, and my volunteer aids,
John Speed Smith and John Chambers,
esq., have rendered me most important ser-
vices from the opening of the campaign.. I
have already stated that General Cass and
Commodore Perry assisted me in forming
the troops for action. The former is an of-
ficer of the highest merit, and the appear-
ance of the brave Commodore cheered and
animated every breast."
Now this is certainlylhigh 'praise, from.
such a source, for Gene'ral Cass, We have
no doubt that he was an officer of the high-
est merit, and that he assisted ,in forming
the troops for action... But his.biographers
are not satisfied with this measure of, appro.
bation. They are not content with making
a meritorious officer of him-they, will be
satisfied with nothing short of exhibiting
him as a second Hector. To, establish his
claimsto this distinction, they cite no co-
temporary history, no official despatch, no
responsible annalist. They rest entirely on
the statement of an alleged eye-'witness.
whose name is not given, and of whom oanf
of Cass's recent (1848) biographers, says
that "he wrote some twelve years sincee,.
and another that he wrote "some twenty
years since." Though these gentlemen
disagree about the time when this eye-wit,-
ness wrole, they concur in keeping hisi
name a secret. This anonymous authority
"In the autumn of 1813, I well recollect
General Cass, of the .Northwestern army.,
commanded by Harrison and Shelby. HI?
was conspicuous at the landing of thlie troops
upon the Canada shore below Malden, oni
the 27t) of September, and conspicuous .it
the battle of the Thames, as the volunteer
alid of the contrmanding general. I saw hni'
ii the r'ndst of thebattle, in the deep woods
upon the banks of the Thames, during the
roar and clangor of fire-arms, and savag9
yells of the enemy. Then ,I was a green
youth of seventeen, and a volunteer from
General Cass, in his letter to the commit-
tee who invited hin to be present a: the an-
niversary celebration of the batile, in honor
of Richard M. Johnson, in 1842, says-"-.,l
accompanied, but without any share in the
direction of its. operations, +the mounted re-
giment in mIte charge which decided the (ale
of thIe combined forces, and I saw the gallant
commander lying bleediing upon the grmouno
desperately wounded, at rhe head of the
The language that his biographer uses--
that he galloped on in time to be, in that
impetuous charge," &c., rather implies that
he was behind TIME on that occasion and


_ _




%bo9 rtis r+~

came in with the rear.
Another account st;ites thht Proctor. the
British general, fled at tfie yery commence-
rment of the action, and was )ptursped by
General Cass with ; detachment' for some
miles, but could not be overtaken." This
would seem to indicate that General Cass
left the scene of conflict at the first available
moment, and became hotly engaged in the
pursuit of a flying enemy whom he could not
come up with.. .
We think this the more probable. account.
Thougha history is entirely reserved on the
subject, the whole story in regard to Cass',
exploits at the battle of the Thames may

be thus summed up on lthe apochryphal to the summits of the hills, but they are great work, although it is not probable that
Democratic authorities: not here so tall and rank as in the valleys, one in twenty will have the nerve to cross
General Cass was the volunteer aid of "The varieties of grasses are greater than upon it. For, strange as it may seem, there
Gen. Harrison at the Battle of the Thames, on the Atlantic side of the continent, and were those who had no hesitation to slide
and assisted as a meritorious officer in from- far more nutritious. I have seen seven dif- over the awful chasm in a basket upon a
ing the troops for action. Hle was in the feren i 'kinds ol' clover, several of them in a single wire cable, who could not be induced
rear of Lieutenant Colonel James Johnson's dry stnte, depositing a seed upon the ground to walk over ihe bridge. And this aerial ex-:
mointed regiment in iheir onset on ih ; line so abundant as to cover it, which is lapped cursion is thrillingly exciting. A seat on a
of British regulars, who threw down their up by the cattle and horses and oilher ani- locomotive, Iraivelling at the rate of sixty
arms and fled on the first shock of' tiheAmer- nrils, as 'cort or oats, when thr,.shed, miles ait) hour, is nothing to it. When youi
ican troops. He pursmui-d Proclorseveral would be' wilti us. All the grasses-and find yvuurself suspended in the air, wilh the
miles imieffectually, and returned to the field they cover the entire country, are heavily roaring,' rushing, boiling Niagara, two hnn-
o battle after the cotiflict was over in sea- seeded, and when ripe, are as faitteiiing to died and fifty feet below you, if your heart
son to see Clohel -R. MA. Johnson severely stouk as the grains which we feed to our dun'i fluiter, you will have nerve enough
wooded at the head of the line which had beef horses and hogs. Hence it is unne- to swing over Vesuvius.
acconilisihed all the severe fighting of' that 'cessary to the sutstenance or fattening of Atid yet the sensation is not altogether
memorable day." stock to raise corn for their consumption. unpleasant. The ride itself, as the old lady
This we believe to be, in sober and sensi- Agriculture is in its rudest state. The said about'skinning eels, "is nothing when
ble prose, the substance of ihe Demnocraticc farmning inplements which have been used you get used to it."
accoutits, written within lihe last iWelye or by the Californians, with a few exceptions, Another new attraction at the Falls is the
twenty years. If this is so, it is hardly to be are the same as were used three hundred excursion from Hie site of the ti.,p.insiin
woundeted at that 'history is so mute, and years-ago, when Mexico was conquered by bridge to within a few rods of Horse Shoe
that we are obliged to trust to uncertain 'Cortez. A description of them would be Fall, in the little steamboat Maid of the
memory and interested tradition, to gaiiher tedious. The plough, 'however, which Mist." In no other mode can the visitor
any laurels for the gallaut General on itiat merely stretches the ground, is the fork of obtain so grand a view of the great cataract.
-memorable field, a small tree. 'It is the same pattern as the Every one makes the trip,' and all express
[To BE CONTINUD J ] Romau plojugh, two thousand years ago. the same sentiment, thlati the Fil's are not
Oiher agricultural imnplements ire of the seen in all their sublimity and grandeur ex-
'Valilfornia. samne description. The Americans, and cept from the deck of the Maiid of the
-Theroeihave"be'en many -.iftfrcit descrip- other foreigners, ire, however, ititroducing Mist." The run is made with perfect
.- .. the Americin.plougih, and other American safety.

lloit I tniullrla re m.u,: >y ,tc,.,u,,, ,.farmni tools, tile consequence of which
perhliaps, of the fact different observers have has already been to some extent to produce
viewed different portions of it an(d ]have ,a revolmition in agriculture. The crops of
made report accuringlyv. A book has 18le. h 'hat ind harley ;which.'I saw about the'1st
ny aparc o y ,ir. -June, while passing through thle country on
cenily ap|-earcd on Ciloinia by! M.t'.-. -t i y journey to the United Slates, exceeded
win Bryant, of New Yuork, who accolnpla- in promise amy which I [have seen it the
nied Col. Freitrlont in his aidVent1urou.S ex- United Stales. It wits reported to ine that
pedition 10 thle Pacific, and who filled 'for ; Capt. S hitter's crop of wheat, for 1847,
I-- 1. .. .. .- .- t// | .... ,-A- ,- if

some time a judicial station at San Francis-
co. The accounts of this. writer represent
the country, at least certain parts of it, in a
very favorable point of view. The follow-
ing extracts we find in thle New York pa-
pers; they relate to one of the most fertile
portions of California:
The Stacramento anid San Joaquino
rivers have each a course of from 300 to
400 miles, the first,'flowing from tloe north
and the last fronm the south, and both empty-
ing int.) the Bay of San Francisco at the
same point. They water the large and fer-
tile valley lying between the Sierra Nevado
and the coast range of mountains. I subjoin
n description of the valley of San Joiquin,
-from th- pen of a gentleman (Dr. March)
'who has explored the river from its source
to its mouth.
"This noble valley is the first undoub.
tedly iu California, and one of the most
'tiragnificent in the world, It is about 500
miles'lung, with an average width of about
'fifty niles. It is bounded on the east by
the great Snowy lMountaiis, and on the
'west by the low range, which in many places
'dwindles :intn 'irsigtificant htilis, and iits
northern'terninus at the strait ol'fCarquiui,,
on thie Bay ,f San Prancisco, and its south-
'ern near thw Colorado river...
"The'river of San Joaquin'flows through
the middtlle of the valley for about hall its
extent, 'aniil 'thence diverges towards the
eastern moUntain, in 'which it has its source.
About sixty miles further south is the nor-
thern end of ihe Buena Vista'Lake,'-which
'is about one hundred miles long, and frotn
l'ten to twenty w"ile. "Still further 'south,
and near the western side of thle valley, is
another and inuch smaller'lake.
"The rbtii 'like receives aboutit a do-zen
tributaries on its eastern side, which all rise
in the range of the Snowy Mountains.-
Some of these sirea~ns flow though broad'
and fertile vwll<'s within t'he miountain'ts"
ratige, and front thence emerging, irrigate
,the plains of the great valley for the distance
,d6f twenty miles or thirty miles. The lar-
;gest of these rivers is called by the Spanish
inhabitants the River Reyes, and falls into
tlhe lake near its northern end; it is a well
timLered stream, and flows through a coiun-
*try of great fertility and beauty. The tri-
bularies of the San Joaquin are all on the
east side.
"On ascending the stream we first meet
'with the Stanislius, a cleat, rapid mountain
stream, some forty or fifty yards wide, willi
it considerable depth of water in its lower
portion.- The Mortnons have commenced a
settlement, called New ftope, and built some
two or three houses near tIhe mouth.
"There are considerable bodies of fertile
land along the river, and higher plains af-
-ford good pasturage.
"Ten miles higher utip is the river of the
Tawalomes; it is about the size of (tlie Stan-
islaus, which tt greatly 'resembles, except
iThat the soil is somewhat beiier, and thit it
particularly aboMiils wilh saltimto.
"Somne thirty miles farlt h r comes in
Marched, much 'the largest of the tributaries
of the San Joaquin. Tire land aiong iand
between the tribntaries of thie San Jovaquin
and the lake of Buena Vista forin a itne
pastoral region, with a good porlioel ara-
ble land. and a very inviting field fbi emigia-
tion. The whole of this region has been
.but imperfectly explored ; e non,", however,
i s ktown to it;;Iike it cer(aia that it is one of
Ahe tnost d eir;jbi regions on the cunti-
-"In the valleys of thle rivers w;hichl come
nlown from thi greiwt Silowy Mountair.;s, are
vast bodies of pine, ;!il red-wood, or cedar
timber, and ithe streams afford water power
to any desirable ailmount.
Thie whole country east of the San
Joaquin andl the writer cotitiiuunication
which connects it with the lakras, is consi-
Aered hy thle best judges to be particularly
:adapted to the culture of the vine, which
*inmust necessarily Ibecome one oft he principal
agricultural resources of California."
Theae productiveness of this region, and
the slight and rud, agriculture which alone
,isinecessary to -call forth its harvests, form
.the facts stated in the following passages:
The soil of that portion of California
between the Sierra Nevada a;nd the Pacific,
,will compare in point orf >fertility, with any
'that I have seen elsewl;re. As I have al
ready described such poritons of it as have
come under my observation, it is unneces-
sary for me tu descend to paruiculars.-
Wheat, barley, atd other small grains, with
hemp, flax, and tobacco, can be ,produced in
all the valleys, without irrigation. To pro-
duce maize, potatoes, and other garden
vegetables, irrigation is necessary. Oats and
mustard grow spontaneously,with such rank-
oess as to be considered nuisances upon the
s\il. I have forced my way through thou-
sands of acres of these higher tltau my head
.iled mounted on a horse. The oats gruw

From the Louisville'Courier.
Mississippi Valley.
Its Present and Future. Upon the Mis-
sissippi river and the tributary streams are
now about 500 steamboats, with capacity to
carry at one trip near two hundred thousand
tons. Assuming that these boats will make
an average of thirty-six rips in the year
they would transport seven millions two hun-
dred thousand tons! Vast as is now'the
trade upon these rivers, it is small to what
it will be. Of the land drained by this
great river, not more than one-tenth acre is
in cultivation; when the nine-tenths now
not cultivated shall be brought intosuch
cultivation as now.exists on the other tenth,
the demand for tonage foriis transit, com-
pared with the presenrit, will be as nine to
onj, so that five thousand steamboats will
then be required upon the waters that now
employfive hundred. It is also fair to pre-
sume, tha. the constantly improving hus-
bandry of tle West will, at no distant period,
double the production of lands, a large ma-
joritv of which are under the most careless
euoiivation In this latter case ten thousand
siteainboat-i would be required on tlhe Mis-
si:sii))i river j d its tributary streams. Sup-
S,=si-rs th;it five thousand of these boats
should run below the mouih of the Ohio
and above New Orleans, and that each boat
should pass a given point say Natchez, once
a week, 714 boats would pass that point each
day, 30 boats each hour, or a single boat
every two minutes; every four minutes one
boat would ascend and the other would de-
scend the river: so that a boat descending
the river at the rate of ten miles to the hour,
would meet thirty ascending boats; and one
descending the river at the rate of twenty
miles to the hour would meet sixty ascend-
ing boats. Time, which has more than
verified the prediction, that the trip from
Orleans to Louisville would he made in ten
days, will also more than realize these cal-
culalion's. Calculations 'made upon tilhe
futurre power and resources of this country
have always been too small. The figures
of arithmetic have outstripped the imagina-
tiont of the poet.
The lands rupon this great river, except,
perhaps', those near New Orleans have never
been appreciated; they will become the
most healthy of any in the same latitude in
this country ; they will'be sought for desir-
able residences as well as for profitable cul-
ture. The banks of the Mississipl)i and
Ohio rivers, from Cincinnati to New Or-
leans, must become one continued village.
with a rich garden in its rear, to which the
painter will look for a beauliff'ul landscape,
and where the poet will seek the the inspi-
ration of the muses.
Suspension Bridge at Niagara Valls.
It was contemplated to have the foot
bridge at. the Falls ready for crossing on
the 4ti of July. This will be a gieat cnri
osity, and many will avaiil themselves of the
adventure. The following is 'to be 'the'com-
po-itrin of the railroadl bridge':-
Nuimber of cables for bi hi'tl 16, Number
of strands in ealIt cahlo 600. Ultiiaile ten-
sioni 6500 Ions. Caipacity ('f the bridge 500
torn,. Number of strands in lthe ierr-v chle
57 Diameter of thle cable inch. Heilht of
stone tower 68 !eet 1 inch. Height of woodl
t'wer for ferry 50 feet. Base of the tower
20 sq. fret. Size at the top 11 sq. feet. Span
of the bridge 800 feet. Whole weight of the
bridge (650 tons. H-eight from ihe waiter 230
fc('t. Depth of water under the bridge 250
This suspension bridge is the 'most sub-
lime work of art on tihe contifhent. It makes
thlie head dizzy to look at it, and yet it is tra-
vers,1l with as much security as any other
bridge of the same width. We were pre-
sent while tlhe workmen were engaged in
hanging the planks ;ver the fearful chasm.
It looked like a work of peril; but it was
prosecuted with entire safety. Not an ac-
cident has happened since lie first 'oi'* was
carried across the river at the tail of a kile
It is impossible to give the reader a clear
idea of the grandeur of the work, Imagine
a foot-bridge 800 feet inlength, hung in the
air, at the height of 230 feet, over a vast
body of water rushing through a narrow
gorge, ai the rate of thirty miles an hour. If
you are below it, it looks like asttip of pa-
per suspended by a cobweb. When the
wind is strong, the frail, gossamer looking
structure sways to and fro as if ready to
start from its fastenings; and it shakes from
extremity to centre under the firm tread of
the pedestrian. But there is no danger.-
Men pass over it with perfect safety, while
the head of'the timid looker-on swims with'
We saw the first person pass over at-Mr.
Ellet, the builder. His courageous wife
soon followed him, and for two- days hun-
dreds attracted by the novelty of the thing
loot, t1e fearful journey.
It i, worth a trip to the Falls to see this

wu llI din li io n /nlo l5, n 0 usnels.

ite-Publications of Iberbnkrd Scott & Co.
The Edinburg and Westminster Revietis
are periodicals of such long standing, and
have been so highly and universally appro-
ved, that no praise of ours could add to their
celebrity. All persons who wish to collect
a library, should subscribe for a "Review"
of the Works before they are bought, for
by that means they will be able to collect
the choicest reading and avoid all that is

Velocity of 1EIectriclty.
It'is not unfrtequenlly a subject of won.
der, tiha the velocity of electricity has been
so accurately measured, when its speed is
so incredible; and mtiany persons express
entire disbelief in ithe correctuness of any
such measurement- it ibs nevertheless
been accomplished, and that by a contri-
vance so ingenious and yet so simple, as to
be within the understanding of a child, and
at the same time incapable of committing an
error. A small mirror, one inch long by a
half inch broad, is made to revolve on a pi-
vot, and attached to a spring and cog-work
which gives it a 'swift revolution. It is of
course perfectly easy to regulate this velo-
city to any required number of revolutions
per second. Coils of wires of various lengths
are provided. A coil is taken say for exam-
pile twenty five miles in length., 'The tWo
'ends of this are brought near each other and
fastened on a board, on the flat surface of
which is left a break in each end of ihe
wire, so that the passing electricity shall
make a spark asIt crosses eich break. A,
Leyden jar is charged andti a spark sent
through the coil. To the eye this appears
to cross both breaks at the same instant, al-
though there are twenty five miles of wire

between. The experiment is rinade in a
room which has an arched ceiling., in a pre-
cise semicircle, carefully measured and (di
vided into sections. If' hen this bohrrd be
so ph)laced that the revolving mirror nnuiy re-
flact the spark, and (the room of .course be-
ing darkened) the mniiror be pu in tomtion
and the charge sent along the coils of wire,
the first break in the wire will be nimarked by
a reflection of the mirror on the arch, and
the spark at the se-coud break will be a litth
further along on 'the arch. Thus if the
inirror be making one hundred revofi.itions
per second, and the reflections of the two
sparks be one-eightieth part of the circle
distant from one another, it is obvious lhat.
the mirror has made one-eightieth parti ofia
revolution while the electricity was passing
twenty-five miles; and lihe timnie occupied is
of course one-eighth ithousandilhi part of a
second, which would give a velocity of'200,
000 miles per second. After repeating the
experiments with coils of wire of various
lengths, from five to a hundred miles, and
finding the distance between the reflections
on the arched wall to vary in precisely the
same ratio with the lengths of wire. and the
final result to be unvarying, it is evident lhat
the problem has'been solved, aind thlie velo-
city of elect ricity ascertained.-l.ercury and
Journal of Commerce.
been called upon by a gentlermoin who has
visited our city for the purpose, as hlie tells
us, of testing an invention for conveying
sound, to an almost unlimited distance, at
the same time retaining the articulation so
perfectly that two men standing, the one in
Norwich and the other in Boston, shall be
able to converse with the same ease as if
standing face to face. r"he very idea strike's
us as almost preposterous ; and yet the gen-
llem;an alluded to seems to be very confident
of its entire practicability. lie states that
hlie has the necessary machinery now con-
structirg it, this city, and that, in a few days,
it will be completed and ready to be snb-
jected to the test ofexperi'ment. We shall
then "see what we hall see." But, iun'til
then, we shall nmaintaiin a position similar to
that just now ocet'plied by so many of ou'r
Democratic friends here and hereaboutis,
viz. a fence position.-Norwich Courier.

A BLACK RE',PU)L1c--In Gen. Cass's
letter to Nicholson, we find the following
parigraiphi copied from Mr. Btchanan's let-
ter and 'fully endorsed by him :
Should we acquire 'ernitory beyond the
Rio Grainde, and East of the Rocky moun-
tains, it is still more impossible that a major-
ity of the people would consent to re establish
slavery. They are themselves a colored pop-
ulation and wiamong them the negro does not
belong socially to a degraded race."
If we can understand plain English, this
means, 'thai a fnajority of" the inhabitants in
the newly acquired territory are COLORED,
that they can prohibit slavery and will do
so, and in fact having as much -authority to
act as the people of the States, they mnay
even prohibit the introduction of white peo-
ple within their domain. Is this what Sou-
bheru Democrats theau ? Is il their object
;o establish a Black Republic on our South
\Vestern border! And is it for lhat reason
they are so enthusiasic for Cass?-Rich-
mond Whig.

We understand that the jury in the case
of the United States vs. Daniel'Dayton, the
trial of which cotimneticed on Thursifay.
27th uh., this day rendered a verdict of
guilty against the accused, fio stealing two
slatves belonging to Mr. Andrew Hoover, of
this city. The prisoner is now on trial for
stealing three slaves, the property of Mr.
Won. H. Upperman.-Union,
It is true theme were high and gallant l
deeds done or, the leihlts of Buena Visti.
and noble and precious blond drenched thIe
parched earth and stained for many a Iong.
step its craggy borde-rs."
This pretty sentence is from Gen. 'Pay'
Ior's reply to the gentlemen who presented
him the Louisiana nnedaL-Bostot Post.

The Southern Literary Messenger
Conies to us as usual, full of many inte-
resting articles to be impressed upon the
mind, and to" entertain (he fancy. The sub-
scription price is $2 a year, in advance.
Cheap emiiugh.
General Cass's Pamphlet.
The parriplilet of General 'Cass, entitled
"France : its King, Court, arid Govern-
ment," has been received at this office. We
have been entertained and instructedby 'it.
The mass of the community, 'who are unac-
custnmned to hair-splilting distinctions of
serliict ( arid opinion, will never perceive
why Gen. Cass should be censured for wri-
ting that paimphlet. In -his own language
we may say that: An American, while he
is proud of the institutions of his country,
and grateful.for the rational equality that
prevails there, may yet seek to explain the
usages of other societies, and describe them
for the gratification of his counttyme'n,-
wiilhout incuring the suspicion that he is
dazzled by European lustre, or that he.can
not return to his -cou'ntry wilh feelings and'
affections as'warm as'when hlie left it."
We think it decidedly injurious 'to the
Whig cause to "dwell upon slight charges,
with little foun(dlition in fact, as arguments
against a candidate for office. The major-
iiy of votes are not philosophers, and the
objections against a candidate, they never
measure by a graduated scale. If we are
convicted of error in a small matter, we will:
run the risk of not being believed whenever
we come to make a graver charge. Hon-
esty is the best policy." Surely there are
charges enough of a serious nature against
Gen. Cass to occupy all our time in making
them'known to the public. We'have 'only
two months left, in which we must develop
our objections to the Democratic nominee
for the Presidency. and urge the claims of
Gen. Taylor. Let us then begin it 'the
greatest objectionris, and descend to the least,
and not vice versa. He stands on the Dem-
ocratic platform ; and that is a sufficient tob-
jection withI us, independently of any othlier
consideration. Besides this, he can be pro-
ven to be fickle and uncertain in his politi-.
cal opinions-too great a love of noney and
power-too envious of the advancement and
success of others, especially where it may
conflict wilh his own interests-too much
prejudiced to serve. the whole country ; and
too 'old to seive 't with vigor and decision.
We append the terms of publication :
Single copies, 25 cents; 5 copies anl up-
wards, 20 cents each; 25 copies and up-
wards, 18S cents ; 50 copies and upwards,
161 cents; or $16 a hundred. Money re-
milted by mail, either in coin or Bank notes,
to be post paid. The TRADE supplied on
liberal 'terms." LEONARD SCOTT, 79 Ful-
ton-street, New York, publisher.

We have heard that a subscription is be-
ing made in one of the Northern cities to
procure, for exhibition, Santa Anna's wood-
en leg, which he lost whe'i running away at
Cerro Gordo, and also a piece of the sword
which General Cass broke when he surren-
dered at Detroit. It is supposed these inte-
resting relics will draw a crowd of curious

"We are no slaveholder, never shall be;
we deprecate its existence in principle, and
pray for its abolition everywhere."--Gen.
Lewis Cass.
flow innocent! how devout! Wonder if
he wouldn't take a few niggers in the way
of extras ?

The Boston Post (Cass paper) says-'-
-,G ( Taylor owns 300 negroes, and has
jnia bought $10,000 worth more."
The old man must be thriving in the



Ot- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the CoMuERCIAL iADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WVM. V. CHEEvER, Esq., Albany,.Ga.
Maior JACK FIARDMAN, Eufaula. Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee. Fa.

iiuon. E. C. CABELL.
Of West Florida.
Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate.
Of Middle Florida.
GEORGE W CALL, Jr, Alternate.
Of East Florida.

a. E. D."
Quad Erat Demonstrandum."
The writer under 'this signature, in the
last number of the Star of the West,"
proposes, it seems, to demonstrate that we
area Federalist. If the writer m'aies many
more such clumsy efforts we shall be oliged
to charge him with never having seen either
Euclid or Legendre. It is very evident
that he never read the "alien laws "of John
Adams's time, or else he-is guilty of posi-
tive falsehood. As very few persons, how-
ever, who talk very loudly about these laws,
have'ever read them, we take it for granted
that our '" Q. E. D." is in the same case.
He says: "By the alien law, American in-
siitutions, under Federal rule. could not be
approached by aliens. Foreigners were to be
incarcerated in dungeons." For'ihe benefit
of the very ignorant Q. "E. D;, we would
respectfully suggest a perusal of ihe "'alien
laws," before he writes again. He will fiuid
that the first law on that subject Wais passed
and repealed ten days afterwards; and that
the second lav was to continue only two
years, and confined to the subjects of nations
with whom we were at war.-(See Laws U.S.)
We hope that Q. E. D. is now set right as
to a proper understanding of what lie is
writing about ; and so far as we are con-
cerned, he sets us against Federalism in the
very paragraph he quotes as follows: We
have argued thus far to show you the causes
ADAMS." Whoever wishes to know more
of our opitiins on the subject of Federal-
ism, will please refer back to the paper con-
taining the extract by '"Q. E. D."

If anything more than the pubTidly feit-
erated declaration 'of Gen. Taylor, was re-
quired, to convince us'of i is detiherination
to go intito the Presidential chair free of any
embarrassments from party pledges.'we could
find abundance of evidence to sustain ihat
opinion, in the shifting and changing we
discover in all parts of the country, among
the violent partizans on both sides. We
notice a few instances in Georgia, and rimany
in the North, of violent ultra Whigs, re-
fusing to sustain his nomniuation, because be
is not Whig enough for them. Then we
find a few in the South, who were anxious,
at first, to get him to submit to Demtnocratic
influen6de, who now repudiate him'as too
much of a Whig. The fact is Gen. Taylor
'lon't care a "straw about party lines. He
proposes himself only as the Peoples' Can
didate, 'nnd expects to be governed by their
will in t'he administration 6of the government,
entirely ihde'0p'endent of party inIfluence or
ptanty managementt. He will i6t be used to
build up particular sdherles or particular
men. Politicians must stand aside. If they
behave well and 'deserve it, they niay get
office. But honesty and fitness will be the
only available qualifications with Old Zach.

We don't believe thai t 'eui.'Brown owes
the Union Bank $100,000, as the Slar"
charges him. But, if he does owe it that,
or any other amount-what then ? Are we.
to understand it as a charge of .misfortnde,,
or of crime? Or, does the "Siar" think
poverty and dishonesty synonymous, and;
adopt the maxim that a poor man oughi
to be !t-d anyhow." But, jesiting aside,
we are sorry to see the private misfortunes
of an irreproachable gentleman, as General
Brown is admitted t'o he, tfade the subject
of new'spaper diseission-it is not decorous,
and we do not think is exactly to thie taste
of our readers. We can find ample matter
in the measures and public acts of thle loco-
foco candidates 'to employ ou'r pe'n, without
descending to personalities.

Gen. Taylor's professions that h'e will
be the candidate of no p~irty, will, if he be
elected, he carried out in practice-no partly
management or power on earth can ever lead
him to do a mean or. what he thinks, a wrong
thing. I never heard of any one, how-
ever corrupt or base himself, that after 'five
minutes conversation with Get. Taylor. has
dared to prop)oSe, or even hint at, anything
dishonest or mea'ni."-'Gen. P. F. Smith, a
Dishonfesty flees from his (Gen. Tay-
lor's) presence."-Gen. Twiggs, a Dem-
-" He '(Gen. Taylor) is ant honest man. I
do not mean by that Therely that he does
not cheat or lie. I mean that he is a man
that never dissembles and w~o scorns all dis-
guises."-Col. Humphrey Marshall, a Dem-


"This Looks Like Rebellion."
The New Orleans Delta publishes a call
for a meeting of Democrats who are favor-
able to the election of Gen. Taylor. This
call js signed by a number of the leading
Demniocrats of the city of New Orleans, who,
in the call, express their gratification at the
nomination of Gen. Taylor by the Phila-
delphia Convention-their regret that the
Biltimniore Convention did not nominate him
also-and avow 'their determination to sup-
port him, no matter by whom n6roinaid,
We would be glad to 1 e 'more fully in-
formed regarding that sword GenerajCa~s
broke. What was the value of it ? Was it
a maiden sword ? Are any ofthe pieces yet
extant? and. if'so, where can they be seen?
Being of an antiquarian turn of mind, we
are restless under our anxiety to knowmore
about this interesting piece of steel. Cau
.any one relieve us?,'
Gen. Taylor is the rostivveterateoffice-
seeker. Has eaten his own words. *
Hlas no principles."-Floridian.
Theireadiness with which Gen. -Taylor
consented to eaihs declarations, proves himni
to be as unvworihy "of public confidence as
any schemer who-has ever undertaken to
cheat his way into office."-N. Y. True Sun.
These extracts are ThkeI'frtiitht'Wo papers
which extolled General Taylor very highly,
until they found hie wa's a candidate or'tlie
Presidency. No6w they fear'if tie is elected
lhat they will lose the government patro-
nage from 'which they 'te've their support.
Verbum sat.


The following stie'ienit 'in the Louis-
ville (Ky.) Journal of-the 20th July, we re-
publish for the benefit of the Cassites who'
are so enraptured with-tlie purity of their
candidate's character. The Heon. Henry
Hubbard, the Democratic member of the
Baltimore Convention, who proposed !the
name of James K. Polk as a suitabtle'candi-
date for the Presidency four years ago.,
charges Gen. Cass with being a rascal"
aind a "swindler." Gen. Cass, for the sake
of gaini- -" the love of money, which is the
root of all evil," pocketed 'ite insult at the6
same lirme 'that 'hfie wvas pocketing the dollars
(hat did "not beh-in to hliin If the villainy
is denied, it 'see'rs h:it we are authorized
to call upon t'he Hon. Henry Habba'fd for
a coifirnmai6on of ii's 'ruth':
LOOK AT THIS.--ln 1836 Lewis Cass. Hen-
ry H-ubbar'd, Franc'is 0. .3. Smith, Francis
Marcoe, jr. and Rius, M'ci'eiiy,;Ill theb
at Washinogton City,'foiiied them'sel'ves inito
an association under ih'e title of the West-
ern Land Association," for the purpose of
speculating in Western Lands. Oite of the
Association certificates of stock has beeh
sent to us. It is as follows *
Be it known that Lewis Cass. Henry
l]ubbtrd, Francis 0. J. Smith, Francis
Marcoe, jr.. and Ramsay McHenry, on the
28th day of April, 1836, entered into an
association, with the combined capital of
$220,066, for the )purchase and sale of Pub-
lii Lands, in certain Western States and
Terrifirriis f61 the Union, according to cer-
'thin articles of agreement bearing said date,
aid signed b'y'said parties; and that -
is propr'ie6or of-- thousand dollars of said
capital, whereof thlie aggregate.suir specified
in the unde"r-writteo cerli.ficate hlas been
'pidM'; the sa-d- -' thousand d,,llars being
a portion of ,Ihe capital assigned to said
M- in said .arr'icl'es 'f agreement, and
subject io a !ded'ficridn 'of 'one-third of the
profits acc'rung 'thereon, anid to the pay-
ment of a p'rol)ortionll frac'i.iof the neces-
sary expenses bf the continued agent of said
Association, and to rio oit her deduction,
Be it known, also, that l shtd s;'ock is trans-
fetrable in whole, 'or in 'pa'rts not less than
oie thousand dollars, by a'n assignment of
this certificate by said oor his Atlor-
ne'y, and record thereof beig ii,'1'de ,by ithe
Secretary in ihe transfer book of t'he Asso-
Washingtion City, 18-5l .
-I-- Secretary. President."
The mr'n who, as Secretary of War, spe;
c ulated so extensively in Western lands, aud
who, by that and other means, has ac4t'tmu-
haied property to the amount of a million of
dollars, is now a candidate for the Presi-
denc'y. If, with a 'high office and a salary
of $6,06600, he could operate thus largely as
a land-speculator, whatt mighlit he not be ex-
pected to do wilh a still higher office and. a
salary of $25,000? If no sense of propriety
could restrain him from connecting himself
with a secret association for the monopoly
of public lands while he was a member.of
the Cabinet, what c'buld be relied on to
restrain him from a similar proceeding if,he
were President?
Look a thibis thing, fellow citizens, Whigs
and Democrats, and decide for yourselves
in your own honest-winds if this land specu-
lating Secretary of War, whether guilty of
the crime, laid to his charge by Hou. Henry
Hubbard and his' other associates, of de-
frauding and swindling them, is the man yotk
will elevate to the Presidency.
The association for purposes of land spe-
'eulation was formed when Lewis Cass was
Sec'retar'y of War under Gen.- Jackson.
Cass himself, 'the chief of the speculators,
paid in $20,000, and potiers paid in $100,000,
making a rotal of $120,000. T'he contem-
plated capital of $-20,'00b wa's not! bbtainedd
Th'e plan of, the Association was to entei
lands in (tfie West and hold them for a vast
increase of value. Cass being Seci'eta-y bf
War, and, i'n virtue of -his oficial stati'6n,
havAig inlooitanti advantages over private in.
dividuals, the Association gave him the con..
irol of the whole business. He appointed
the agent to make the entries of land-se-
lecting his own agent and agreeing to be
responsible for his acts. The agerti''ent to
ihe West and made purchases; all under
Cuss's direction, and the latter, directly and
through his agent, continued to have the
management of the lands.
After several ears' delay; the members
orthe Association began to have strong sus-
prcions that there ws little or on probaibility


The above are the 'opinions of distin-
guish-ed ah'd brave Democrats, who have
known General Tayl'6r ong, and who have
served under him during his brilliant cam-
paigns, and ought to know him well.

John Norvell, U. S. District Attorney arid
ex-U. S. Senator, Hon. Lanzi'ng B. Miz-
ner, A. Wales, Esq., Hon. Alexander Da-
vidson, and Isaac B. Smith, all leading Lo-
codb c'os, have commenced the publication of
a campaign paper in Detrolt; devoted ito the
election of Taylor. The Ann Arbor Dem-
ocrat and Alleghany Record have dropped
Cass. The deserters are so numerous that
too much of our space would be occupied
to chronicle even the leading ones.
"Thus star by star declines.
Till all have passed away "

All the Star" says about Gen. Brown
and the Union Bank, is sufficiently answer-
ed by the Star's" support of the great
grand-daddy of thai concern'-Go;ernor


'of their ever getting any thing foIbr their
money. All tbeir applications to Cass for
information were of no avail. Nothing sat-
isfactory could be learned from him. After
consultation with each other, they appointed
Hon. Henry Hubbard. one of their own
, number, and then or aince U. S. Senator
from New Hampshire, to look after their
interests andi ascertain if Cass and his agent
had dealt by them fairly and honestly. Mr.
Hubbard opened a correspondence with
Cass, but, failing in every effort to get any
satisfaction from him, he wrote a final letter
informing the Hon. Secretary of War that
he was a rascal, and the Hon. Secretary was
quiet and silent under the charge. Mr.
'Hubbard charged him with. swindling his
associates, and the Hon. Secretary, in-
stead of exhibiting resentment or attempt-
ing to prove his innocence, admitted by his
silence the justice of the accusation, and
even to this day the Association has not
been able to get any thing out of him..
'We ire authorized to make thi' state-
Inent by a member of the Association, a
gentleman who paid $10,000 into the hands
of Case or his agent, and has never received
anything whatever, in consideration of his
Money. Our informant requests us, if the
i villany is denied, to call on Heon. Henry
Hubbard for a statement of the truth-to
Demand of him the publication of the letters
That passed between him and Cass, particu-
larly,the letter to the Hon. Secretary of
War,. charging with villainy in all its forms.
i;We shall enclose a copy of this paper to
.,Gen.,Cass, and, if he has anything to say,
let him'speak out or authorize some of his
organp.lo speak out for him. Mr. Hubbard,
the public' are aware, is a prominent Loco
oco. and 'Wi& s the man that nominated Mr.
Polk in the Baltimore Convention four years
It was bad enough in all conscience for
the head of the War Department to become
a'hmi-ber of an association for speculating
in lands- to'Use the advantages of his high
office, one of, the very highest in the Gov-
ernmnent,'fr 'inor,6polizing lands, through
the use'of an' immense' caphial, to the great
disadvantage a'nd detriment of the poor
emigrant. Such -in operation on the part
of the Secrietary of War, would have been
in the extreinest degree censurable, even if
there hiad been nothing dishonest or unfair
in his freeatn' t 6'f his associates; but if it
is a fact. 'as c.barged, that to tihe monstrous
impropriety, and shamelessness of entering
into such a speculation, the Secretary added
the crime, of. cheating or oYerreaching his
'assoctateshe deserves an hrinorlaiiy ofinu-
fa faiy.
-President, -by 't.essage on Tuesday to Con-
gress, (says lhe'Ba moree Suin of the lO ib)
Vin reply to the enqiry of tilhe Sena!e, states
that he has no info '.nikriion that any citizen
or citizens of the 'United States is or are
now prep; ring, or 1otending to prep:ire,
within the United States, an expedition to
revolutionize by force any part'of the Re-
public of Mexico. The National Intelli-
gencer says : The first proba'by that our
'Government will hear of the iflh'ir' officially

will be a proposition from lhe Sierra Madre
.-bui.fAto.,h uers" some three or four years'
ihence, to be annexeff 0 to our-6 Tuir-'
We have been lielhii ted lby a planting
.% M ', ,,, I
friend, says the Milledgeville Recorder, to
take the following extract'of a letter to him
..from G. B. Laiir, Esq., now residing irr
'New York. and 'vell known 'in ,li St. e,
giving his views in 'retretnce io thie (6ton:
market, and the probliable future price. He
anticipates, on rea;Isons advanced, should
peace in Europe be restored, that the new
'crop will likely comTimand 'Troth 8 to 10 cts.
His speculations, so far, have certainly been
realized, as the article has, since the date
,of his letter, contitiued to improve.

NEW YORK,. July 14, 1848.
The news from Europe to the Is! July is
discQuraging. but speculators will keep the
.'market from lower prices, I think, till po-
'liticai affairs in Europe become settled, and
then. the,.Ipgiiimate demand will not only
sustain, lbut enhance prices.
The prospects of the growing crop being
'fine..andi the seasonn very early, tend to pre-
wepnt.speculations niio'w in this country ; but
'if any thing occur to .njure those, will at
"op.cne c;atise.the presenl depressed rates to he
increasedd 5 t'o 5"0 per cent., according' to
the extent of dhe injury.
T'h1'e Stock in Great Briitin. '1st July, was,
American. Tot ,il.
S. ,- : ,,,,, 526.t)00 737,000)
Against last,year., '384.000 570.000
.The consumption and export have been
,equal to 23.000. American, anul 26.000 total
,per week, fnr 148, againstns 16;500 Ameri-
ean, and 22,700, total last year.
o Ther 're 120,000 bales on the way to
.Great Britain, and piobaably 100,000 of ihe
stock on shipboard, and on .hand, will find

its way there, and perhaps 100.000 of the
new crop.prior to the ls.t January, 1849,
,which will make the statement thus:
St6ck 1st July, 526.000
On the sea, 120.00
Of the Stock, 100.000
Of new crop. 1,00t0'Q 0 846,000
Consumption and export 26 w.eekp,
'from Isi July to 1st Jan., 1849,
say 26.000 per week, 676,000

Stibck of Amer., 1st Jan., 1849, 170.000
A sioa k of 270,000 bales only of Amne-
rican Cotton'. 'in Liverpool, while it is ex-
cludling all others from the markets, would
'be nah l consirlerTri6,n; if it be but 170.
,000 bales, prices will.g'6o16 8 a 10 cents per
lb. ; again, if 'the growing crop do not ex-
ceed 2.600.000-provided .th;it peace and
commercial confidence be by that time re-

JAMES, the Novelist, has written atnt'het
novel. It opens thus: "On the 15th of
A.ugust, 1599. a young man was seen stand-
ing on one of the little bridges in the town
of Ptadia." James, in his last two novels,
has entirely abandoned to their fate the two
horsemen who "were seen," at the opening
of all his former productions. dvscendipg a
hill together.

Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun.
MADIS.)e, Aug. 8--7 P. M.
The returns from the Indiana election,
for members of the Legislature. are coming
in slowly, as usual.. I annex all that have
been received up to this time.
In Jefflrson county The entire whig ticket
is elected for the legislature-no change.
In Washlington county a whig is elected
to the Senate-a whig gain.
In Bartholomew county the whigs have
also gained a senator.
In Wayne county the whig representa-
tives are elected by a reduced majority.
In Fayette county the democratic sheriff
is elected, and one whig representative.
In Marion county one whig and three
democrats are elected.
MADISON, Aug. 8-8 P. M.
The following additionaJ returns have
just come to hand from the tieighboring
The counties of Jennings, Hendricks.
Morgan. Vigo and Putnam, have all elected
Whig representatives .. .
In Tippecanoe county two democratic
barnburners have been elected by a large
In Henry county a democratic senator
is elected ; the remainder of the delegation
is whig.
, In Montgomery county the result is doubt-
ful. ,, .
In Randolph and Hancock counties the
democratic candidates are elected].
MADISON, Aug. 8-9 P. M.
The returns are corning in from every
point. ..
Washinogton and Jeffrsou counties give
a whig mpjo.rity on the Sepatorial ticket of
541, the entire whig ticket beintig elected-a
whig gain in Washington.
In Jennings county the majorhy on the
senatorial ticket is 300.
LOUISVILLE. Aug. 8--9 P. M.
I have but few additional returns of the
first day's voting.
Barron county gives Critten.den a major-
ity of 365 for Governor, and Monroe coun-
ty 69. .. ..
"LOUISVILLE, Aug. 8-94 P. M.
Full returns of the vote of Monday, the
first day, for Governor, have been received
froinm the following counties.
Critienden's majority in Bourbon county;
is 500; min Franklin 160; Barron 365; and
the following counties, not fully returtied,
tive Criltenden majorities: Shelby 300;
Bracken 150; Lewis 36; Monroe 69.
Powell. letmocat, has a majority of 100
in) Nicholas county, for Governor.
LOUISVILLE, Aug. 8-10 P. M.
In Louisville, up to the close of the 2d
dav, Crittenden's majority for Governer is
370. i
In Jefferson county Cnittenden's majority
is 200.
r ... ALTON, Aug. 8-7 P. M.
The voe for Governor is all on one side
in this'State,, there beingno whig candidate,
so Augustus C. French, democrat. has been
elected Governor, and Win. McMurry Lt.
G -nv-e-J ,iii. ..
For members ofCongress the canvass
has been spirited. In Joe Davies coutit
E. D. Baker, whig, hMs a in, i
for Congress-a lehig gain
In Me-ard county, L. Harris, demo-,
.eat, han>i^ -I.tjirliy of 72. ,
In Sangar'ion cou.nly, S. T. Lo'gan, whig,
has a majority of 260. :
ALTON, Aug. 8-9 P. M.
E. D. Baker, whig, is elected to Con-
gress in the sixth district, being a whig gain.
'P. L. Harrisg, the democratic candidate
for Congress in ihe third district, has a !ma-
j.,riiy of 20 in Mlenard, 40 in Morgan, 60 int
S. T. Logan, whig candidate for Cop-
grev-ss in the seventh district,, has a majority
of 200 in Tazewell county-he is probably
In St. Cafir county the whig legislative
ticket is elected.

ST. Louts, Aug. 8-8 P. M.
The democrats have carried Si. Louis
city and county by a majority of 200, though
the returns are imperfect.
The great Barnburners' Convention as-
sembles in this city to-tinorrow, and the del-
egates are arriving by hundreds.'
The New York and Ohio delegations
meet this evening in separate rooms in the
University Building. for the purpose of pre-
liminary discussion. ,.
The streets in the.vicinity of the Univer-
sity, iu which the Convention is to assemble
is adorned with flags and banners, and in
front of the University is a full length port-
rait of Mr. Van 'Buren.
Mr. Van Buren will doubtless receive the
nomination for President, but the candidate
for Vice President is not yet named.
Some fine speaking is expected here to-
night, as both the New York and Ohio del-
egations have handbills out for nrieeiings in
the Park. The delegates from other States
also hold meetings to-night at different

places. ;
.Throughout lthe Cily up to the present
time, no one is seriously spoken of for Pres-
ident but Mr. Van Bu~ren,. though opposi-
tiou. to him is expected from thie Liberty,
party. ..
Four delegates froin Marylanid reached
here thTs. evenhng, "and being from a slave
State are looked upon with considerable cu-
riosity. One of them is expected to act
with the liberty party. X.

NORTH CAROLINA.-The following addi-
tional returns have been received of the
election in this State for Governor and

members of

the Legislature:
Reid-Dem. lanly- Whig.

C3iiuberland 1023 557
Wiake 1293 991
Franklin 638 290
Wayne, maj. 833
Halifax. 94
Green, 108
Johnson'," 101
Lenoir 253
Brunsw'k, 1 prec. 65 60
A despatch 'from aileigh to the Baltimore
Sun states that the Whigs have curried

North Carolina, electing their Governor and
a majority of the Legislature, by a reduced
Telegraphed for the Balimore Sun.
The Buffalo Conveirtiooi.
BUFFALO, Aug. 9-10 A. M.
A large gathering, amounting to over
5.000 men, assembled in meeting this morn-
ing, and were addressed in an excited strain
by distinguished speakers. -
The convention meets this morning, and
will have'cotripleted their organization about
noon. Thle business of selecting a Free
Soil candidate for the Presidency will then
probably be entered into.. It is supposed
generally that Mr. Van Buren is to be the
t omniee.
Miltitudes,. collected some by curiosity
and others by sympathy with~the. mIovement,
are swarming into theecity. Buffalo is liter-
ally a moving mass of humanity.
Most Important from Ireland.
The very latest news received by Electric
Telegraph and Special Express at Liver-
pool, at the moment of the departure of the
America, for the New York Herald.
)DUBLIN, July 21.
We are almost in a state of seige in this
city. To day a proclamation was issued
by the Lord Lieutenant for both the county
and city of. Dublin, calling upon all persons
to deposit and leave ait the respective po-
lice stations, on or before. the 25th of July
inst., all guns, pistols, and other fire-arms,
andt] all swords, cutlasses, pikes, and bayo-
nets, and all gunpowder and ammunition, on
pain, if convicted, of being imprisoned two
years-, with or withnout hard labor.
The police, who are nrtned with cutlasses,
took up a number of pikes and guns today
throughout the city.
An application having been madeto.Judge
Perrin, presiding at the Tyrone assizes, to
admit Mr. John Martin to bail, he refused
the same, and strongly censured the con-
duct of the government for allowing Mr.
Martin the privilege of writing from New-
gate to Nie Felon.
The Nation mako's its appearance again
to-morrow. Its leaders are as usual to the
point, and equally spiny as to felony."
Mr.. C. C. Duffy, from his cell in Newgate,
furnished an article headed Casus Belli,"
in which he reviews, the course adopted by
the government for suppressing the demand
for repeal. and observes, it is a solemn and
terrible responsibility to advise a n'ition to
peril its hopes on the battle-field; to per-
mit them to fall.to pieces hy the fatai dry
rot of inaction; to see them tost, without
honor or sympathy, ror the chance of re-
demption-lost by some fatal cowardice or
incapacity ; that is the hell in .which there
is no consolation." Referring to the revo-
lutions which have taken place in this me-
mnorable year of' 1848, and glancing at their
results, Mr. Duffy proceeds: "At length,
with clear deliberation and full knowledge
of all the perils and all the responsibility,
but with assured faith in.God's providence,
and the justice of our course, we bid Eng-
land choose speedily between concession
and the sword. We formally proclaimed a
war of independence, and the time now is,
when that pledge must be promptly fulfilled,
or as formally dishonored." The article
concludes by expressing a wish for jtras-.
portation, rather than live ijUnre''1 1' ih
club be a oitpwr f action, and
.yr-sfK'ec by the military power of Eng-
The Nation also continues its practical
instructions in military affairs, and among
other directions explains bow polished arms
are to be preserved 'in a damp or under
ground position ; suggestion as to window
grenades ; how to break down a bridge or
rebuild one, atnd how to blow up a bridge;
with'practical remarks on gunnery.
A letter from Waterford states that that
city is greatly excited by the proclamation
issued against it, the notices are torn down
as soon as putup. Mr. Meagherhas issued
a counter proclamation, in which he calls
upon his fellow-citizens to imitate the men
of Limerick and Tipperary; to be firm and
steady, and to organize cal:mly, speedily,
and fearlessly. Mr. Meagher, in trmockery
of the castle proclamation, put at the foot
of his add-ress, God save the people."
The Irish Felon had not made its appear-
We have received the returns of the Bank
of France this morning, but they do not
possess any new featumo of interest. The
city of Paris was quiet.
The Latest from the Continent.
LONDON, July 22, 1848.
We have, received advices from Paris
dated yesterday evening. They state that
the city was tranquil, and that the National
Assembly would authorize, in a few days,
the Government to contract a loan, to a cer-
ta;n extent. The amount not specified.
The committee of the South American
bond-holders have received a letter from
'Lord Palinerston, stating that Mr. Adams,
the Charge d'Affaires. has give his promise
to have the claims adjusted.
The Havre cotton market was, pretty
brisk. .
At Amsterdam, the, Bourse was dull and
languid,, and prices rather declining.
Accounts from Palermo state that the

Duke of Genoa had been elected.
Rumors are again in circulation that the
Dutch have refused to ratify the terms of
the armistice between Germiny and Deg-

and confederations, yet, on the whole, they
were friendly to the cause of order, and the
governmrne.nt had derived valuable support
frouii them.
The Latest Market Reports.
The market keeps firm, and yesterday's pri-
ces remain unchanged. The business d(ue,
has, however, been small. The weather is
favorable for ripening the grain.
'all h.s .taken place in Consols, and at the
time we wriie they are being sold at 861 a
The market is steady, to day, and sales. to
a tnmoderate extent, are going forward. The
sales are.likely to reach 5000 bales. No
new feature.
The Black Cockade Admittedo
We find this paragraph in the Wheeling
Times oftheIli6th inst. :
The locofoco papers stoutly deny that
Gen. Cass ever wore the black cockade in
Ohio. We do not know anything about the
matter; hut Job Sianbcrry, Esq. of this
city, who knew Gen. Cass very intimately,
in Ohio, indeed, often slept wIh him, ad mits
that Gen. Casi did wi-ar ihe black cockade,
and moreover that he himne!f wore the
same. He describes thenn very minutely
from ai retentive memory, and says they cost
twenty-five c'nts. Mr. S. is an ardent sup-
porter of Geo. Cass, and contends that he
dloes not see any harmn in a blark 'ockade.
SThe Locofoco organ at Wi niuat,,t ad-
mits that C(ass wore the black cocleal' while
he lived there, but that organ contends, like
Mr. Stanberry, that there was no manner of
harm in a black cockade. The Wilmnington
organ actually insists that the black cockaie
never was a badge of Federalismt, but sin.
ply meant patriotism!
We have heard a great deal from Lnco-
focos about "old black cockade Federal-
isin," and "blue light Federali.sm." Now
they tell us that the black cockade was
merely an evidence of patriotism, and no
doubt they will tell us next that the "blue
lights," said to have been exhibited for tlhea
benefit of the British in the last war, was
alone an evidence of patriotism.-Louisville
CASs IN ILLINoIS.-A letter writer from
Chicago says:
"There has been no Cass ratification
mrneeting as yet; anl if one shall be held,
nolhi ngblt management can make it any
ihing but a failure. The General's famous
eiier to the Chicago Convention is hawked
about out streets, iu book form, of about the
size of a penny, and is made matter of ridi-
cule at every public, political meeting.
Qn the fourth of July, that section of the
democratic party which .sympathises with
the barnburners of New York, had a mass
.meeting on the public square. Several
thousands of all parties were present, and
some .able speeches were made by those
who have always heretofore been considered
the, leaders of the party. There is very
little doubt that Northern Illinois will throw
a larger vote for Van Buren than for Cass."
,The Philadelphia Ledger gives tile -ultcw-
-'T-ex'Iar( r,--oaC jt-er to a friend iun Phil-
adelphtia, from C. Ellet, jr., the bold archi-
letct of the Wheeling and Niagara suspen-
sion bridges, which for a feal of calm, cool
daring, we think it would be difficult to
excel : ;
NIAGARA FALLS, July 29, 1848.
This morning I laid the last plank of
my foot bridge on the Canada side, and then
drove over and back again in ait buggy. Five
hundred feet of the bridge was without rail-
ing on either'side. My horse, though spir-
ited, went along quietly, touched up occa-
sionally with the whip, just to show him
that he was in command, and give hi\m cou-
On returning, I directed one of the dri-
vers to bring on his team-a two horse clo-
sed carriage, weighing altogether over a ton
and a h;ilf. I took his place on the box and
drove over antd hack. The horses went qui-
etly. The flooring is but EIGHT FEET wide,
220 feet high, 762 feet long, and without
railing, over such a torrent as you never
saw, and never will see any where else!"

Marm, what do you think Sal told Ned
Bobbles last night, when he was asparkin'
her? "Shut up, child ; what are you talk-
ing about '" "No, but I bear her-e I did.
She iole Nedl Bobbles that she kinder felt
--" Hush, you little rascal !-hush, or
I'll take your skin off," and poor Sally look-
ed as red as a boiled lobster. "Oh, gil out,
Sal-I will tell! She told Ned Bobbles she
kinder felt skeered to death aid tickled luoo'

M. Cabet has written to Gen. Cavaignac,
requesting him to gra:-. a passage to Texas
for a colony of Icarians. M. Cabet proceeds
along with them. .

I' Married,
Ip Quincy, on the 2d inst., by'the Rev. Dr. Rut-
ledge, the Hon. GEoRGE S. HAWKINS, of this city,
to Miss MAIf R. BROCxENBROUIGH, of Tallahas-



In Tallahassee, onthe 1-4th of July, of Conges-
tive Fever, Mr. HERMANN BERNREUTER, aged
about 38 years, and formerly a resident of this
city. .. .

The British Parliament. Mr. Beroreuter was a native of Eisenach, in
Saxony. He came to this country four year ago,
LONDON, July 22-121 P. M. and obtained a situation as Leader of the 3d Artil-
HousE OF COMMoNs.-Lord John Rtis- lery United States Band, at Fort Moultrie, Charles-
sell is now addressing the House, on leave ton- he remained there about, one year, and was
to bring in a bill for the arrest of all persons then employed by the Brass Band of this city, as
sutos b g bediaetr ed toarrest h o 1 o their Leader and Instructor, and left sobn lfter the
supposed to be disaffected towards the gov- expiration of his engagement, for Tallahassee,
eminent. His speech, so far, is loudly where he was. engaged in teaching music, when
cheered by a pretty full House. attacked with the disease which proved fatal.
In the Honse of Lords, last night, after He will be remembered by his acquaintances
observaion here, less for his rare attainments in both the art
Lord Glengal had brought his observations a' science of music, than for his frank, confid.
to a close; he was followed by Lord I1roug- ing nature, and energy of character combined with
linham ; after which, Lord Lansd.,wne replied, an almost child-like sinirplicity.
He stated that he was obliged to Lord Glen- He has left a family broken-hearted and desti
S stute, and dependant on the charities of those who
gal for affording him the opportunity to state are strangers to them in language and association,
to the House what the Government had and every thing save that sympathy for suffering
done in Ireland, and what they intit.nded fur- which should have place in every human breast,
their to do; and then repeated in substance of which it is hoped they will receive some sub-
stantial evidence here -Columbus Times.
the words of Lord John Russell's motion. __ __ __
He afterwards stated that, although the s Co pound Syrup of
government had positive notice of an intend- 'I' rs 'ad Wood Naptha,
ed insurrection in that country, lie trusdie R te cire o'consumption, chronic, bron-
that by firmness and vigilance it wou'd at I chiti'i, thon-. whou;ui:g cough, palpitation
once be put down. Referring to the parish thea brt, liver complaints, and afltctions of
priests, he stated that although some of the idneys, for sale by
them were deeply mixed up in the clubs Feb 10 J C ALLEN.

PROFESSO R O DISEASES OF WOMEN. THE subscriber respectfully informs the cifi-
Sixthl Fdition 18TO pp. 250. Price '1 $ ." zens of Apalachicola, that he intends to re-coirn-
SxtEdio o.mence giving Music Lessons; (for the summer
TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND COPIES SOLD months,) c(omnme;,cinhg o.n Monday, 3d July.
.IN THRE]E MONTH IS !.Thse desirous of taking lessons on the follow.
Years-of suffering, of physical and mental an- ing instiumnents, Spanish Guitar, Flute, Violin,
gui-lh to many an affectionate wife, ard pecuniary (Tenor or Alto Viol;n) and Violin!cello. would do
difficulties to the husband, might have beeh w'1ll to apply soon, as they can have the privi-
dificulties to the husband, might have lege of selecting the hours 'which may suit their
spared by a timely possession of this work. .. convenience. Music fturn'ihed, it'required, at $
It is intended especially for the married,.or per term, extra, for any of the above instruments.
those contemplating marriage, as it discloses im._ N. P. Pwu' tual attendance is requisite, as no
s reduction will be made tr non-atterdance, ex.
portent secrets which should be known to them t trough protracted sickis.
particularly. For.sale. extra quality of tip'd Flutes and No,.
Truly, knowledge is power. It is health, 4, 5 and 6Gurtar Strings.
happiness, affluence. TEEMS--10 fior eight weeks of. two lessons
r a ctan i it pageach irek; the course to close 8th Augutst.
The revelations contained in its pages have Application at my oic Ballzelt' Bilding.
proved a blessing to thousands, as the innumer- T. C. UNDERWOOD. .
able letters received by the author will attest. Apalachicd.,, June 17, 1848. 22-tf
Here, also, every female-the wife, the mother, A largelht of Istruction Books for the above
-- instruinerts for sale.
the one either budding int9 womanhood, or the
one in the decline of years in whom.nature con To .tet.
templates an important change-can discover the THE Hou, e lately .non as theDew
1,,,, Drop." -Possession given itnvrediately.
causes, symptoms, and the most eifT..s.ri; remedies '.!,I',. inquire of WM, I-ON'E,
and most certain mode of cure, in every com- May 11. 49 Water-st.

plaint to which her sex is subject.
On the receipt ot One Dollar, the Married
Woman's Private Medical Companion" will be
sent (mailed free) to any.part of the United
States. All letters must be addressed, pa:st-paid,
to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Box 1-224, New Y( rk
City. Publishing Office, 129 Liberty-street, New
York. May 4, 16-tf.

A LL persons having claims against the estate
of Joshua Stevenson, deceased, are required
', ,rpent tie sa'we0 within the time preqrscribed
by law, or else they will be barred of recovery.
T. H AUSTIN, Administrator.
Ap'flachiIl., 1niv 29, 1848. 28-2m

Bay Water.
F RENCHTE'S Double Distilled Bay Water, for
' sale by
July 17 H. F. ABELL.
-HTTEMORE'S Concentrated Vegetable
Syrup, a sure and effectual remedy for
Diarrhea and Bowel complaint, for sale by
July 15 H. F ABELL.
oil Cloths at-a Cd r'ets.
SPCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 vards wide;
1. 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 Stair
10 Tufted Rugs,
For sale by WMf. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 3) 41 Water street.
'NNGLE and double, tor sale by
JJuly 17 J. C. ALLEN.
W FNER'S Canadiud, Vermifuge, for qale by
T 17 H1-1 F ABELL.
Drugs, WIediesnes & Chtemicals.
FRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and-
Ciemnicals, now landing from bark Reform,
and for sale by
Nov 11 J.C. ALLEN
rTRACE CH% INS, Spades, Locks, assorted,
I Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives and
Irons, &c. &c. for sale low bv
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.'
igg-i4g t an H Sope,
"FOR sale by E. McCILLY,
F Nov 11 50 W,-ter at.
PEE ''-Mess and Prime,
Pork-Do do.
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
Dec 30 R P. IJ ON & Co.
Bailey's Tonic Mfixtivre.
rI-IIS is a valuable compound fluid extract of
1Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
June 12 H. F. ABELL,
0( HIHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florid&
50 Cor sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec Cor Wa'"r ', (d Chpetnut sts
OOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by thecase;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans;
c fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dec 9. or. Water and Cnest'mt 4ts.
Dry Goods.
RILLING,. Ticking, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys,. Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghamrns, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c &c
For sale by B. EELLISON & CO
Dec 9. Water and Chestnur-sts.
WAIM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just' received
and for sale by
Feb 17 P ABELL
ULL'S superior single and double Trusses,
for sale by
Fe!b 17 H F ABELL,

S 'OTCH and Macahoy, in bottleshnd blad-
,,.rs, just received and for sale by
Fm' t7 H F ABELL-
Dr. Woodr-ii"'s WVori- Specific,
A SAFP aod effitcient remedy for worms, for
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

, Fe

The Indians' Elixir,
CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, for
sale by

eb 3

SALAD OIL, just receivedand for sale by
) Apr 117 H. F. ABELL
ITC1IETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
Sale by [Feb 24] H F ABEEL.

i BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J C ALLEN.
Tanners' Oil,
FOR sale by '
SDec 30 B ELLISON & Co.
Guava Jellies.
IN different sized boxes, just received from Ha-
vana, and for sale by
Dec 3 2 E McCULLY.

29 BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Monlasses;
1 tierce Rice, just rec'd and for zsale by
Jang6 E. McCULLY r ,,er st.
Genesee Flour, Goshen Butter,
A ND a superior article of CHEESE, fir sale
by E. McCULLY,
Nov 1t 50 Water st.


The Democratic Party of Franklin County
propose to publish in the city of Apalachicoln,
after the first day of August next, a newspaper,
during the Presidential canvass, that will advo.
cate for the Presidency and Vice Presidency the
nominees of the -Baltitnrore Convention, as well
as the nominees ot the Democratic State Conven-
tion, and that will in all discussions be strictly a'1
advocate of the principles of Democracy. '
The Democracy of' this County, and of West
Florida generally, have labored under the incon-
venience (of being without a public print in ull
the important elections of the State; end have
had the mortification of knowing that when u
falsehood had been circulated, they have had io
medium through which they might look for a
correction; and deeming alo that the contest
bids fair t, be'well contested on both sides, and
that fair and general discussion will be accepta-
ble to the people, we thrust upon a generous pub'-
lie, and particularly the Democracy of this State,
" THE STAR or THE WEST," asking tieir gener-
ous support.
"THE STAR OF THE WEST"' will'be undei
the Editorial charge of a committee to be ap-
pointed by the Democracy of Franklin County,
and will give a synopsis of the last General As-
sembly of this State, and a review of the acts of
its most prominent members. It will be issued
at the price of Seventy-five Cents for a single
copy ; three copies for Two Dollars ; seven co-
pies for Four Dollars; ten copies for Five Dollars;
and any number over the above at the same rates.
Cr- Persons receiving this Prospectus will
please procure subscribers, and receipt for us, and
return the same addressed to
R. J. FLOYD & Co.,.
July 6, 1848. Apalachicola, Fa.

N o tice. ..,
C APT. -BENJ. HOWARD is my authorized
Agent during my abs:enfce 'from the State.
Apalachicola, June 1, 1848.
Notice' :
OL. WM. H-. HUGHES is Imy Agent during
my absence from the State. -
Apalachicola, May 25, 1848. .
S BENEZET is my authorized Agent during
*I my absence from the State.
Apalachicola, July 184.- -

p W. CULLEN is my authorized Agent dm-
ring my auosence frorn the State.
Apalachicola, June 16, 1848.
,S BENEZET is my duly authorized Agent
*3 during my absence from the State.
June 12, 1848. 22-3t
SCOTCH Snuff, in bladder, for sale by
July 15 H. F. ABELL.

'Boot and Shoe IMakiing.
T HE subscribers have, entered ito p;.rtner-
Sship in trie above burines-, and respectfully
solicit a share of public patronage. All work
done by them will be neat.and durable, and their
charges in conformity with the tightness of the
times. A. KLAIRMAN,
July 1 31 P. C KELLY

liters. '
D BLAKE'.S celebrated Aromatic Bitters,
l, sr received, and for sale by
July 8 H F BELL.
congress Water.
UST received frisb, and for sale by
Pain l Killer.
PERRY DAVIS'z; Pain Killer, for saUe by :
J uly8 H F ABELL.
A SPLENDID article of Ground IMustard, in
tin b.;xes, for sale by
April27 H F ABELL.

Gold Pens. '
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior
Gold Pensjust received and for sale by
October -21. J C. ALLEN
Claret WVineo
S5 DOZ. superior Table Claret, received per
2 'hr. Monterey, and tor sale by
May 18 E. McC.ULLY, 50 Water st.
Baconu, Flour, Su ga-, Coffee and
LWAYS on hand, and for sale low by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

Swayn I & Vistar's
C OMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.
New O0leans Su'gar.
5 HHDS. prime N. 0. Sugar, receiver per schr
ontery, and for sale by
May 18. E. McCTLLY, 50 Water st.
'ASTILE Soap for sale by
A Seb- 24 H F ABELL.

M ADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool,
S Havre, New York and Boston, by. "
Dec. 16 D. B. WOOD & CQ.
hIydrostatic InU Fointain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,
Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
Nov 18 J C. ALLEN.

3" O OZ. Sulp. Quinine, just received and for
3 saleby i : .
April 27 ? 1 F ABELL,"

~------------""~-'- ~ I I

L __





B ElltTSO' & Co.,

Uegal Notf CEO.

-%J*EL C.-.i,- U/^
-u Dee 30

=;- -i--


F R sale by
Feb 17

THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea- Drugs, q edicines, Paints, Oili.p
.sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery&, e;. "
part of THE undersigned rel rnshis thanks'
Negro Kerseys and Linseys, i to his friends and the public: rfthir >- .
White and Red Flannels, liberal patronage, and beis to inforttjk
Bangups and Tweed's, that he is now receivihgan addition-'
Super plain black and fancy Casameres, al supply, which added to his former
Super English and French Cloths, stock, renders -his assortment unusually lariee
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs and complete. English, French, German, aWar
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs, American Drugs; Cosmetics; Perfumery; Glaa,8
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qfs, and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c., are offered,
Denrims, Kremlin's and Cottonades, to Physicians, Country Merchants amd ot hers orx'',
Brown Shirting and Sheeting, the most liberal terms--all of which he warranus
Cotton Osnabirgs, pure and unadulterated.
Cotton Drilling and Ticking, H. F. ABELL,
Linen and Cotton Checks, Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, 45 Water street.
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, Apalachicola, Nov. 21, '1846.
English, French and American Prints, i u a -11
Extra super, plain and twilled Gingham's, rngs and Medicines.
-Super Cashmere &'Ecosse, .. THE subscriber has, and win
Extra super Muslin de Laine, constantly have,on hand, a complete-
English, Scotch and American d". 9 assortment of DRUGS and .MEDIl7
Super Italian black and figured Silk's, CINES, which he will warrant pure,
Black Silk'Cravats and fancy Hkfs, and of the best quality. Country
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, Merchants and Planters will' find At
to their advantage to call, examine and price h'fs
English and American Cotton Hkfs, Goods, before pIurchlasing elsewhere-.
Madras and Verona head Hkfg,.N.B Phscasprcifi6 ldt"i vh
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, N.B, Physician's prescription put"Op.'Wiklf
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestinhj,f care and accuracy at any hour'of the'dav or night'
Cotton and Flax Threiad,, C. *C. ALLEN,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, March 21 Cor. Centre arid Commerce-sts.
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, linderiwob't[d & 'Itigh ;
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
^ Which have been selected with great care-in .9 -- ". l i 2
New York and Boston,from Importersand Agents RELSPECTFULLY offert heir setr-
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and vices to he citizens of ApelachiG
are now offered 4t wholesale or: etail on favorable Cawf Ind the county of Franli.,6
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. generally,-in the lineoftehir pro-
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street. f session. Having monthly c&mn
A CAH li ~ munication with the principal
A. C 11D .Northern cities, they will be 6ne
THE Subscribers take this method of infoirm- b o i e n t
T ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its Vi- bd toumes, nisth the NEpaWEsTrAon L a
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat TESr PLATES OF FASHION, reeeiv.
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which will be ed monthly, sotiwing at a view the most Fashio'j,
So0l low, consisting in parts f(olows: able Style, of resl, _Which will be a decided
Clot h i and Cassimeres, various styles, advantage to a fashionable codinmunit, ..
Fancy Prints, do. do. qN. B. Gentlemens' Morning YG.ws and Eve-
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured, mng Wrappers made to order; Cloaks of every
Silks, FrodeRyne, description made in the usual forms of the day:
do. Montella Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superior
do. Satin Striped manner; Tunic Dresses and Boys' Clothes Of
Fancy Cashmdre Robeg every description made in a neat and fashionable
do. Merino do. style. All garments made at this establishment
do. Delaine do. warranted'rofit.
Muslins, India Book 0 5- Shop, Second Story Baltzell's Buildings.
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored Entrance on Chestnut street.
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread October ]14, 1847. -6m
Shawls, Damask Silk 01- A plate of Fall and nfer Fashions ju'st
do. Marino, received. st
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves -S ]PENCE,
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest iashiior WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER,*
Ribbons in all varieties Second^"n~~n
Brown Shirting-, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4 Story Baltzell's Buildings,
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4 (Entrance on Chestnut.st )
Blankets, 6.4 and 8-4 APALACHCOLA, FA.
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting r'.N B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefully
Carpet Bags repaired. October 21. 1847.
Hats and Caps, all styles A T H MA --
Boots and Shoes A T E N J M _
Clothing of all kinds. B w Bowling Salo6oin aj Billliard
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, an'd Roomp'
many other articles too numerous to mention. n -TE' oi of th 1
Call and examine for yourselves. | p 'op'1ieto of the Atheneum Bowlln&
M. N. SCOTT & BROTHER, Saloon" has used every endeavor to make
Dec 23 Cor. Water and Centre sts. the estab meant a agreeable place of resort;
and is thankful that ap eve 'diicrimiha-n--K" pbb-
B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water anid ,.....byibepal patronage (heiapreciation
Chestnut sts. of hisdesire to please... will ,ay keep a
SHI ChestNutLE choice absortmeht of Liquor, and iefreqhing
SHIP CHANDLERY. beve'rages; -of a sr otei h aae fO(
M ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, sort to tickle the palaces of Old
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun- 13accnus Most fastidious sons; and Oysters,
cool and deliciousfresh Ire
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive or a. s rom their native banks,
do, Linseed do,,Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur- For a pleasant, C ',ii('ltg of ele!ciser and
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Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green, within the circle of gyInnastics to compare Wit
E m erald do ImI per al do, C h rom e yello,,., V er- _-a of g..nr.am of t an -[>+6,j- t. i t -prto perr e-fi t h-- i5
digril, Litharage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Cnnal active amusements, can always take a h .-=
do, Tar, .Rosin, Pitch, Twr ,,;,. Coal, Paint Come one- come, ll. ,' y h ,-
Irushes, Varnsh do, Tado, S,'v,-ib.1o. Clamp do, T....T .
DarmP-t^O Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng- A alchi n on JOHN B. JONES
lisrhdo, CIto"oo, ,,y Ravens do, Liglt do, Apalachicola, Dec. 30, 1847. 50if'
Wmte, Blue and R~ed-untins. Nails, Copper do, Apalachicol .
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat'-u,,-RradsScrews; AIV' a excatie.
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspi'kis, Capsta'l h j. ,THE subscriber informs his friend'
Bars, Oars, Blocks; Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand Tjffl and the public in general, that hle has be:
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms, SRA come the Proprietor of this above Well
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingdo, Axes, Axn known house, and will be pleased to entertain
Helves,+Iooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do, any of the travelling commnnitv ta a a t "
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking him w, ......... t. t faVi
Irons, M aking Irons, M airline Spitk es S-.S hip c 5a - .t- r- ', s boandr s T a h e w l alr o i cc m m o-e
persvBung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentor-, supplied es Te bar will always be,
Divider Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine, with genuine liquors of' the choicest
Seine do, Seing do, Palms, Rigging Leather, quality. JOHN PATRIDGE.
Pump do Shovels, Hammers, Hatchets. Chisels, Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 1847.
Augurs; Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, Handsaw .... .
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks, Military, Fire Cat^S. and Fire'
Stock do, Hooks arid Staples, Hinges. Padlocks .... ;. icket Ianitfartory.
Wood Saws, Pendant Hadlyards, .Hand Lines, TTENRY T. GRATAGAP,'continue to manu-
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep 1 faciure at his old stand, No.39 B road
S e a d o S h e e t. d o, B ai d o F u n n e ls, L a n th o rn s e w. .. r k ,th e f ol o win... i cle: o a pw s,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do New o ro'owmgartiles: Military Caps,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's Bets, Body and restt Plates., Crtridge Boxes,
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &c. KnapsacClo s"g Primig, Wires, Scbbardsl Sa'ddle
Apalachicola. Dec. 9,1847. Cloths:; Hlsters- Bridles, Gun Cases; FiVe -1p-
..ir-~ Bear Skin Caps, &c.;fec. t
,T... AIn E A Military and Fire.Companies about forming, or
Net andl TWlne Jl~ana etnringr coneasmplete, changing their Unitorms, can be
Company, supplied with Pattern Caps, by addressing the
12 COM[MERCIAL-STREET, above, at the shrtest notice; on the most reason-
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON, ^ ". /al em. May 4, 16-6t.
Manufacturers and Dealer's in Bryan's Patent Colfee.
"Twine Stands, Post Office Twines-, Baleing and 100 SACK Ro,. Havanate aid '. Don
Bundle"]'wines, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine, 'JCofefrsaelwb..
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax *Dece 23 E McCULLY,
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack- For Sale.
erel Linies; Herr'ing, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and 55K BBLS Hay, now landing f,.om ship FloHi-
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod, 0 )dish. Apply to- '*"r0
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines, Dec 23 NOURSE, STONE &. Co.
Je.. B. ,Nets and Seines knit to order at short T JLemon Syrup. ,
notice. B. ELL1SON & Co., Agents, I. B RKAY'S superior Lemon syrup, just received
October 14, 1847. 39tf" Apalachicola ,n 'd for sae by..
Groceries and Ship Stores. HFAEL
RiO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do, Western Prodnce. -...
Northern Flour, Western do; N O Sugar, .T. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, Lard, Whiskey;
St. Croix do, Porto r~ico do, Young Hyson Tea, k.j Sugar, choice and prime, Molasses, Pork, mess
Hyson do, Powehong do, Souchong do, Goshen and prme, Bacon, Hams, Sides and Shoulders, for
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul- sale by B. ELL1SON & C. f
der nsolses, W isae, ess andPim Bef Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnu ss. .
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Ton gues, Guava Jellies.

Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives, 1N different sized boxes, just received from Ha;
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy | vana, and fot gale by
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits, I Dee 23 E .McCULLY..
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacellt, Ar- -Y
row Root, Corn, Oats, Buckwheat, Mustaid, Rice. Groceries.
For sale by B. ELL1SON & CO. BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Molassesj;,
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. 1 2 tierce Rice, just recd and for sale by

Lancets. Jan 6 E. McCULLY, 50-Waterst,
SPRJNG and Thumb Lancets, just received l- S hi*
and for sale byh r COTCH and Macabov, in bottles and blad-
Feb 24 H F ABELL. ders, just received and' for sale by
The Protection Insnranue Co. of Feb17 H F ABELL-
New Jersey. Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specince
T HE subscriber being appointed by the above I SFy and efficient remedy for worms, to?
Company their agent for this city, is now XA sate y ... I .
prepared to take Fire and Marine Risks. Feb 3 J C ALLEN. .,
May 11, 1848. THOS. L. MITCHEL. The Indians' Elixir,
Tax Collector's Notice. A CERTAIN remedy for chin afid feM'ei, foF
T AX pavers are hereby notified that all taxes Feb 3 J C ALLEN.'
due the city must be paid by the time pro, re"" LLbN
scribed by the ordinance passed by the City CALAD OIL, just receivedand for sale by
Council, if not the law will be strictly enforced. 0 Apr 1 17 H. F. ABELL
City Tax Collector. Piles,
Mr. EDWARD McCULLY is my authorized T" TCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
agent for the collection of Taxes 'during my ab- MLJ sale by [Feb 24] H' F ABEEL.
sence fiom the State. J. F. FARRIOR. "/OFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND PHCENlI
May 18, 1848. 1 BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Genesee Flour, Goshen Butter, Nov 21 J C ALLEN.
ND a superior article of CHEESE, for sale Tauners, Oil -
by E. MMncCIT.v. T"IOR sale hV

School Books.
SCHOOL BOOKS, of all kinds, just rec'd by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.
ATS and Caps by the case low for cash by
Dec 9, Cor. Water and Chestnut st.

Constitution of the State of Flo-
Proposed and agreed to by the third General
assembly: subject to the action of the next
General Assembly.
AN ACT to amend the 12th Clause of the 5th
Article of the Constitution of this State, so that
the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall hold
their offices for a term of eight years, instead of
during good behavior.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
1House-of Representatives of the State of Flo-
ridasin'General assembly convened, That the
12th Clause of-the 5th Article of the Constitution
of .this State beoso amended as to read as follows,
viz: That at the expiration of the present term
of office of the Judges of'the Circuit Courts, with
the exception hereinafter mentioned, JUstices of
- the Supreme Court, and the Judges of the Circuit
Courts, shall be elected for a term of eight years,
and shall hold themr offices for that term, unless
sooner removed under the provisions made in this
Constitution for the removal of Judges by address
or impeachment; and For wilful neglect of duty,
or other reasonable cause, which shall not be
sufficient ground for impeachment, the Governor
shall remove any of them, on the address of two
thirds of the General Assembly; Provided how-
ever, That the cause or causes shalt be staled at
length in such address and entered on the Jour.
nals of each House. and Provided further,
That the cause or causes shall be notified to the
Judge so intended to be removed, and he shall
be admitted to a hearing in his own defence, be-
fbre any vote for such removal shall pass: and in
such cases the vote shall be taken by yeas and
nays and entered on the Journals of each House
SEc. 2. Be it further enacted, That the Judges
first appointed under this amended Constitution,
shall be divided by lot into four classes. The
first class shall hold his or their office or offices
for the term of two years, the second for the term
of four years the third for the term of six yeais,
the fourth for the term of eight years.
Passed the Senate by theConstitutional ma,
jority, December 22. 1847. Passed the House of
Representatives, by the Constitutional majority,
January 6, 1848.]
All Florida papers will publish, provided not
more than $20 is charged.
April 27, 1848, 15-6m.
THE late firm of J. Stevenson & Co. having
been dissolved 'by the decease of Joshua
Stevenson, all those indebted to the said firm are
requested to make payment, and those having
claims to presefft 'the same.
The stock of goods on hand ate offered for sale
at low prices for cash only.
Survivin-, partner J. Stevenson & Co.
Apalachicola, May 25, 1848. !9-tf

.af4 l-l!-"= matter whether the result of inherent cause or
causes produced by irregularity, illness or acci-
dent. Nothing can be more surprising than its
invigorating effects on the human frame. Per-
sons all weakness and, lassitude, from taking it,
at once become robust and full of energy under
f~iS^^11111111^"^1'^"!! Ul Bfl M~"^ its influence. It immediately counteracts the
[*i l i .*"- ] _-B nervelessness of the female trame, which is the
| .,| great cause of Barrenness. It will not be ex-
"illlltil apected of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to
11 x exhibit certificates of cures performed but we
j1 11 BS B B 1 rB ^-.. can assure the afflicted, that hundreds of cages
have been reported to us. Thousands of cases
where families have been without children, after
|using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine,
have been blessed with fine, healthy offpring.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. To Mothers and Married Ladies.
Wonder and Blessing of the Age. '"his Extract'of Sarsaparilla has been expressly
The most extraordinary Medicine in the World! prepared i reference to female complaints. No
This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it is six female who has reason to suppose she is approach-
times cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted su. ing hat crtical pero, 1 The tun f lfe,
periorfto any sold. It cures without -hould neglect to take it, as it is a certain pre-
womiting, purging, sickeningor 'ventative for any of the numerous and horrible
debilitating the Patient. diseases to which females are subject at this time
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa- of life. This period'may be delayed .for several
:parilla over all other medicines is, that while it years by uwing this medicine. Nor is it less val-
eradicates the diisehe,qitinvigorates the body. It able for those who are approaching womanhood,
lis one of the very best as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening
SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINES the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed,
'Ever known;zit not only purifies the Wh6le sys- this medicine is invaluable for alt the delicate
*tern, and strengthens the person, but it creates diseases to which women are subject.
ne&-, puire and rich blood.- a power possessed by It braces the whole system, renews permanent-
no other medicine. And in this lies the grahd ly the natural energies, by removing the impuri-
-secret or( it's Wonderful success. It has performed ties of the body, not so far stimulating as to pro-
-within the ilast five years, more than'100,000 duce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of
cures ot severe cases of disease; at leaqt 15,000 moczt medicines taken for female weakness and
were considered incurable. t hais-saved the lives disease. By Using a0few bottles of this medicine,
o[ more than 5000 children during the two past many severe and painful surgical operations may
seasons. be prevented.
.10,000 cases of Gellerl Deblity and want of Nea'-ons Energy. I Children.
Dr. Townsend'a Sarsaparilla invigorates the It is the safest and most effectual medicine for
whole system permanently. To those who have ptrifyin&'lhe system, and relieving the sufferings
lnot their mnscular energy by the effects of rmed- attendant upon -child-birth ever discovered. It
icine or indiscretion committed in youth, or the strengthens b6th 'the mother and child, prevents
excessive indulgence of the passions, and brought pain and disease,-increases and enriches the food,
* on a general physical prostration of the nervous those who halve used lt think it is indispensable.
system, lassitude, Want of ambition, fainting sen- It is highly useful both before and after confine-
sations, premature decay and decline, hastening men't, as it preverits diseases attendant upon
towards that fatal disease, Consumption. can be childbirth-in-Coqtiveness, Piles,'Cramps, Swell-
entirely restored by t*his pleasant remedy. This ing of the Feet, Despondency, Heartbtrn, Vom-
Sarsaparilla i- far siperior to any iting, Pain in the Back and Loins, 'False Pains,
Intrigorating Cordial, Hemorrhage, and in regulating the secretions and
A- it renews and invigorateg the system, gives equalizing the circulation it has no equal The
activity to the'limbs, andt strenath to the muscu- great beauty of this medicine is, it is always safe,
lar system, in a most extraordinary degree. and the most delicate use it most succesfully,
COl-sin to CaEred. 'very few cases require any other medicine, in
Clensn th Consumsome a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is useful.
Cleanse and Strenthen. Consume ption can obe Exercise iti the open air, and light food with this
cured. Bronachit s, Consumption, Liver Corn- meicue wil aay enur a saf an eayon
plaint, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Spit- c w a ea
*ting of Blood, S,)renes- in Ithe Chest, Hectic finement.
Flnsh, Ntht S,eats, Difficuilt or Profuse Ex- Notice to the Ladies.
pectoration, Pain inSthe Side, &c., have been ThosethatimitateDr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
can P i Sidec.,hahave invariably called their stuff a great remedyy
and can be cured. for Females, "&c, &c., and have copied our bills
Spitting Blood. and circulars which relates to the complaints of
New York, April 28, 1847. women, word for word-other men who put up
'Dr. Townsend-I verfly believe that your Sar- medicine, have, since the great success of Dr.
saparilla has been the means, through Providence, Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to
of saving my life. I have for several years had a f neade. S recommendedstheirs, although previous.
last cough. It becarne seoandlorse.hA t ly they did not. A number of these Mixtures,
last I raised large quantes of' blood, had night Plls, &c., are injurious to females, as they aggre.
sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced, vate disease, and undermine the constitution.
and did not expect to live. I have only used your Scrofula red.
Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a won- Scrofula Cured.
Aderfal change been wrought in me. I am now This certificate conclusively proves that this
able to wa'lk aTl over the city. I raise no blood, Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most ob-
3stinate diseases of the Blocf, Three 13ersons
a n d m y c o u g h h a s le ft m e Y o u c a n w e ll im a- cnn e h ouse s npre ce d nt e.
gine that I am :thankful for'these results. T r Children.
Vortr 6beaienT. servant, T Clnildreu.
WM. RUSSE.LL, 05 Catharine st. Dr. Townsend: Dear Sir-I have the pleasure
Itheultatisin. to inform you that three of my children have
'Th'is is bn'y one of raore than four thousand been cured of the Scrofula by the use of your ex-
-ases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Sarsa- cellent medicine. They were afflicted very se-
yparilla has cured, The most severe and chronic verely with bad Sores': have taken only four bot-
'cases are weekly eradicated by its extraordina-y utles; it took them iwon which I feel msl
virtues. under great obligation.
James Cummings, sq., one of the assistants Yours, respectfully,,
'in the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island, is the ISAAC W. CRAIN, 106 Wooste'r-st.
gentleman spoken of in the following letter: Opinions of Pil ysicialis.
Blackwell's Island Sept. 1.4, 1847. Dt. Townsend is almost, daily receiving orders
Dr, Townsend-Dear Sir : I hate suffered ter- from Physicians in different parts of the Union.
ribly for nine years with the Rheumatism ; con- This is to certify that' we, the undersigned,
siderable 6f the time I could not eat, sleep or Physicians of the City of Albany, have in numer-
walk. I had the utmost distressing pains, and ous cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla,
my' limbs were tenribly swollen. I have used and believe it to be one of the most valuable pre.
four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they have parations in the market.
done more than one thousand dollars worth of H.P. PULING, M. D.
good. You are at liberty to use this for the ben- J. WILSON, M. D.
R%. B. BRIGGS, M. D.
efit of the afflicted. P -.E. ELMEtNCORF, M. D.
Yours, respectfully, Albany, April 1, 1847.
Fever and Ague. Owing to the great success and immense sale
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is unequalled in of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, a number of men
cases of the Chills and Fever and Ague. The who were formerly our Agents, have commenced
following letter is only one of hundreds that we making Sarsaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex-
have received from the South and West of like tracts of Yellow Dock, &c. They generally put
character, it up in the same shaped bottles, and some of
Oswego, Mich., Oct 22, 1847. them have stole and copied our advertisements,
Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I purchased for my they are only worthless imitations, and should be
wife two bottles of Sarsaparilla of your Agent, avoided.
Mr. McNair, of Kalamazoo, to try it for the Fe- Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Sun
ver and Ague. Before I had finished the first Building, N. Y.t Reddjng & Co., 8 State street,
bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and every Boston ; Dyott & Sons, 132 North Second street,
other day, when the Chilis and Fever appeared, Philadelphia; S. S. Hence, Druggist, Baltimore;
they were less violent ; and before she had fin- p. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright &, Co., 151
ished the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and Charters street, N. 0.; 105 South Pearl street,
he was much better than she had been before Albany; and by all the principal Druggists and
she took the Ague. A lady that had been very Merchants generally throughout the United States
sick with the Chills and Fever, but had broke West r-ndies and the Canadas.
them with Q.'.ii'in", and was left in a very weak or sale wholesale and retail bv
atnd distressin,.. state, and troubled exceedingly Hr.15. ABELL,
with the. Ague Cake, seeing the effect that it had May 25, 1S48. 19-ty 'Apalnehieola.
on my wire, she sent and procured a few bottles,--- ___
and i't restored hier in a few weeks to complete PROSPEcTus OF THE
health. Yohr Sarsaparilla is without doubt, un- FLORIDA TEMIPERANCE

Franklin Circuit Court.
John W. Rinaldi, Compl't, ]
Daniel Smith and Lucy Ann In Cacry.
his wife, Resp'ts J
-PON reading the foregoing affidavit, it is or-
) dered that service of the foregoing bill be
perfected on the defendants in said bill mention-
ed, by publication in the Commercial Advertiser,
or some other newspaper published in the West-
ern District, for the space of four months, requi-
ring said defendants to appear and answer said
bill, otherwise that the same be taken pro con.
fesso. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
April 24th, 1848.
A true copy. WM'. VAVLLE*&, Clk.
May 4 16-4m
At Chambers,
APALACHICOLA, DEc. 29,-18947.
John M. Cartnochan, Plaintiff,'
George K. Walker and Mary,
his wife, of the State.of'
Florida, 'James E. Bettner Bill for account
and Ann his wife, of the and partition.
State of New York, and;
Jane McMasters, of the
State of South Carolina,
UPON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be.given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, bupon due proof of the appearance
of said notice 'in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, 'the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by the next rdleday, which
shall come after twenty days froom the expiration
of said period of four months, it is furthdr dr-
dered, that the same be 'taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Compl'ts Solicitors. .
A True Copy. WM. VALLEATr,
Dee 30. 50-4 m Clerk.


Franklin Circuit Court.
AT CHAMBERS, December Term, 1-848.
Corston Allars, I
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Susannah Allars. 5
T appearing to the Court, by affidavit filed in
the above cause, that Susannah Allars, the de-
fendant therein, resides out of the State but with-
in the United Stats, to wit, in the State of New
York: It is ordered that notice be published in
the Commercial Advertiser (a newspaper printed
in said district) once a week for the space of four
months, requiring said defendant to appear and
answer the bill ot complaint filed in said cause,
at or before the expiration of said period, other-
wise the Matters and things therein charged will
be taken for confessed against her.
of the Wedtern Circuit of Fa.
A true copy-Test:
Apalachscola, July 22., 1848. 27-4m


S.X months after date, [ will apply to the
--Inn. Jud're of Probates for Franklin County,
for a final discharge from the administration of
the estate ot Henry Beal, late of said county, de-
ceaspd. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
Aplachicola, April 13, 1848. 13-6m

]" ro visions;'
7 BBLS Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Pork;
0 V10 bbis Flour; I cask Rice;
5 superior old Reserve Whiskey;
2 very choice Hams;
Now landing per schr Louisa Sears, and for
sale by E. McCULLY,
March 16 50 Water st.

List of letter.
R EMAINING in the ost Office at Apalachi-
cola, on the tst day )f July, 1848.
Aborn, Jas A Knight, Isaac
Andrews, Thos Kilby, Capt W W Y
Anderson, Robt Leigh, John
Allen, Harsis & Potter, Lock & Porbes
Alexander, Jos L ... T ...;
Avery & Jones, Lon=, Mrs Alvin B
Allen-, B C Luce, Capt Henry
Blyth, Wem Leonad, Van.
D-Uh ^A,- Moon, John M 2
Bagde, Washington --.Uyer., Geo K
Burges, John 3l.,rbe.Tnal' .
Brown, Mrs Mansfield, S t...*-
Byrne, Christopher McAllisteir, Cap't
Bowers, Capt B B q McCall, James
Bullock, Alfred Maffkt, A
Braman. J H McKinley, G
Baker, Wm Markham, Chas
Buell, David Mack, Andrew
Bisbee, Chas W 3 Meglaham, Geo
Bryant, Thos L McLean. W H 2
Brown, David W 2 McCormick, John
Box, James McNortan, Capt John
Butts, E P 4 Martin, Mr
Cornforth, Capt J McKeen, Wm
Cruger, N 2 McCormick, Wm
Constantine, Francisco Nickerson, Thos G
Crawford, Oliver O'B rdit, Pnse 2
Cox, Smith C 3 0 r, Capt Isaac
Cason, Sam'6 0' lanlin, Felix
Colborn, Manley P'- f*. T4
Cooper, Edmund Pindergrast, P
Conant, Bej W Putnam, Wm n0 3
Crowly, Michael Penn, Wm
Chase, Capt John Preble, Capt Geo A
Cooper, Capt J B Parker, Re! port
Demarll, Wm S Pr;-" P
Day, Capt Warren 2 Parker, Capt P 2
Dotham, Perry Pickett, H 2
Doggett, Jr. Sam'1 2 Radalorick, Eliza
Demmock, Jas 4 Rtiner, Capt
Davis; Geo S Raymond, R P
Devon, Wm C Reedi D M
Emmons, Morris Re DF
Eaton, Benj 2 RWe irds, S
Evans, Landon R,,t',,rq.T-!T L
Foster, Jas P Rockwell, J E.
French, L M Robins, Judge J H
Frost, Thos Sioat,, Juiit
Foster, Wim Smal,, Capt A L
Flinn, Wm Smith, H K
Foster, Isham .. yrus
FloreyJohn W Sherman, E
Firley, Archer Stowell, E H
Gagen, R Sweeney, C
Gray, M Smith, Sam~l
Gray, Robt Sneed, Giles
Griffis, R Strattan, Wmr
Galbrith, Daniel Sehenkberge, B
Grist, David 3 Spratt, Judge 2
Greer, Capt D Santhall, Frank
Grearson, Capt Scarborough, A J
Harl, Jas Snow, J M
Hall, Thos Smith, Mr
Hodges, H Small, Jas
Hardy, Capt A Snow, Thos
Henricks, H Smith, H P
Hanloni Felix Thomas, C
Harley, B Tyler, Wm J
Hodg~kiss, Thos Thomas, Mr
Hill, H K .5 Thompson, A J
Hand, Miss Mary Thomas, Thomas
Hickey, Chas E Valleau, Wm
Holden, Job Walker, Wm
Hartson, Wm Warner, Capt 2
Henderson, Fred Watts, E P
Harrison, Allen Williams, Chas
Jordan Wm Wilian, Mr
Johnson, London Walperton, Lucinda
Johnson, J W dIi,, Rbert G 2
Irving, A Wid ,r,, I
Johnson, Wm Whitman, P M
Irving, Franklin Wilkins, E S
Ingraham, John Williams, John E
Kilby, B West, Robt 2
Kilby, H
8U- Persons calling for any of the above letters
will please say they are advertised.
JOS. S. MAY, P. M.

IlRArFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
_! Philadelphia -d /ii;,,,-r.-. bought; and
Sight Checks on New York sbod-by-
WM. G. PORTER & Co.7 --
Agents Bank of Brunswick,
Dec 30 41 Water street.

FHAIR, Hat, Clothes, Teeth,Nail and Shaving
I Brushes, for sale by
Feb 24 IT F ABELL.

Q ^ BBLS sulperior Muscovado, for sale by
,2 Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water s.
--_ School Book's,


Cuba Tobacco Seed.
5 LBS Trbacco Seed, from the most celebrated
plantatioes of the Vuelta Abajo, just received
from Havana, for sale by
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

equalled inll laseaes incideinttith e West aid it
you think that this communication will be of use
you are at liberty to use it as you choose.
Yours. respectfully,
Canker in the outh.
Below is an account of another child saved
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has saved the lives
ot thousands of children. The following two
certificates are selected from a great number re-
ceived this week.

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1) GRASS Seidlitz Powders that are fresh, just
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April 13 J C ALLENT.

Agricultural A
A weekly paper to be public
THrE proprietor of the Qur
the repeated solicitations of h
mostly comprised among the
ance, Agriculture, and other
of Society, has determined tc

hed in Quincy, Fa.
IxivCy TIMES, under
his patrons, who are
friends of Temper-
r industrial interests
o devote his Journal
*ts indicated by the
to make this change
station of pecuniary
exerting a salutary
our growing State,
he holds, of all oth-
ce; the interest of
stry, in all its rela-
he objects to which
i1 be principally di-
vith these interests,
and as influencing
A domestic markets,
objects and the aid
wspaper could afford
iuld not be fullydis-
; but it will be our
rce them in articles
may appear in our
'ere with party poli-
the passing occur-
notice with as much
nature of the case
self to be free from
leavor thus to pre-
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nt size, and to make
he patronage offered
Two dollars per an-
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for an act incorporating them, and their associ-
ates, citizens of Florida, who may become united
with them for the purpose, by the name and style
of the Bank of Commerce"~said incorporation
to possess banking powers and privileges, and its
capital stock to consist of not more than $250,000.
May 4 16-tf

New York, April 1, 1847. more exclusveiy to t.e objec
Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-One of my children new title he has assumed.
was very sick with 4 Canker in the Mouth and nThe Ed itor has consented t
Throat, attended with great debility. It came not so much with the expect
near dying. I obtained some of your excellent gain, as with the desire of,
medicine, and it curt-d it directly, for which I moral inlunce throughout
assure you I feel very grateful. in regard to subjects which h
Y0,rs.resneolrulk', ers, to be of paramount impoe
ELIZABETH VOWL EjR, 27 Desbrosses-st. The cause of Temperan,
Agriculture; and home indu
Fits.! Fits.! Fits! lions and varieties-will be t
Dr. Townsend, not having teFted his Sarsapa- the attention of the paper wi
rilla in cases of Fits, of course never recommend- rected; and as connected w
ed it, and was surprised to receive the following and as bearing upon them,
from an intelligent and respectable Farmer in them, a review of foreign and
Westchester county: !will not be overlooked.
Fordham, August 13, 1847, The importance of the o
Dr Towntpnd: Dear Sirt-[ have a little girl which a well conducted nev
seven veari of age, who has been .several years them, are questions which co
afflicted with Fits; we tried alrnst everything cussed in a paper of this sort
for her, but without success ; at last, although we purpose to explain and enfot
coulIl R.id nn recommendation in our circulars for original and selected which
cavs lik" her-i, we thought, as she wass in very columns.
delicate health, we would give her some of your The Editor of the TEMPr
Sarsaoaritla, and are very glad we did, for it not will not in any degree interfe
only restored her strength, but she has had no re- tics. The events of the day,
turn of the Fits, to our great pleasure and snr- rences of the week, he will n
prise. She is fast becoming rugged and hearty, truth and impartially, as the
for which we feel grateful. will admit. He believes him
Yoursi respectfully, all party bias, and he will enc
JOHN BUTLER, Jr.. serve the columns of his pape
Female MIedicine. The Editor proposes to enl
Dr. Townsend's Sirsaparilla is a sovereign and ably his paper from its presen
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ness, Prolapsus Uteria, or Falling of the Womb, authorize it.
Costiveness. Piles; Leucorrhcea, or Whites, ob- Terms of Subscription.-T,
structed or difficult Menstruation. Incontinence num in advance, or three do]
of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and advance.
for the general prostration of the system-no Quincy, Fa., May 27, 1S48.

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Martingales and Whips, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Nov Ilt 50 Water st.

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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mods:dateCreated August 19, 1848
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Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: August 19, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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i : TT: : omtnttCla' iUtttitt.

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: VALUABLE PRR\nr\n TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS Review of the Llf and Services of General the event chronicled'! in the Official Journal : Hgalloped on in nme to be m that impel .

G: porter JSREXUK DAY. DANIEL J. DAY. Lewis Cass. V.'heii.K'j!! S'jrrfdfr to rh" f.>e, uiius charge, I led by Colonel JamM Johnson

1fdl' GOODS AND COMMISSION J. Day Jk: Co., Subscribe early while the terms are low I' A-id qu.u.-d h;_ ifrtrf wir.iTvr; : ; which so complete! routrd Pioctorand
Dttt:1t3: *MERCHANTS: COMMISSION MERCHANTS. We find an account of two skirmishes': Bold! Cds refund his swnr3 to yield! the British
Tns braves cid \lur.ier'! r-gulars. while! Cot. RtctordM.
41 Water street No. 52 Water street, RE-PUBLICATION OF the river Aux Canards, in which Colonel 1. Jofmson! routed and slaughtered the In-
Vo Dec
Ap.lllc v-ICO i Il. Fa. 2 Apalachicola, Fa. This i is! n milder form of tli
(to-: Agents for LLOYDS ; also, Agents for the Cass "participated. Perkins in his History under Tecurn;eh.
FHS EDINBURGH REVIEW, orator? mnk, thu| Colanel his
fl. B. St one. H. \Brooks. "2Etna Insurance Co."the Protection Insurance of the Late Wir describes thom} ns -8 break sword WH are clad to se that: the friends of
& Co. Co." and the Hartord Insurance Co." Hartford THE NORTH BRITISH REVIEW in a fir of indignation.! ; The poet rn.ikehim; Ge
\Jdrsturse riff ral! Cass
i.r. Stone are now willing to give in doe
( Conn. expedition He refuse
MERCHANTS. consequence. to .surrender It. The biographer; Bt\"s historical!
IoN importance the
I S S I to battle: of the
CO" So. 46 Water street J. II.: & J. JTI. Hull, aNn little thought that they would he made use nothing about ireV turn to hi...torv 'fur Thames Wh n the commanding ceneral

AataChie01a Fla.E40CkhIVt FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE.The infor"ihtion. [History "dumb too !"
U of ?.t a laTe day 10 establish ihe reputation( -mute on tfMt t'4inn-lhf' galhnt Harrison-wm
O No. 43 Wat or street --+- 23 an oyster !
of hero. a czndrdiite! for tins Presidency, the irierd
: .t Young, Dl'c 12 APAT.ACHICOLA FA above Periodicals are reprinted in New a This sword story of Mr. Humphrey's i isa of Gen. Ca. could : *

\( \I I ') S 10 'i il"1t\ FORWARDING =- -= L I York immediately on their arrival by the British The foil"''';'inrarrs'i, ;
; 0 MERCHANTS. Professional! :Xoticr steamers, in a beautiful clear type, rn fine white from (page.l 126, volume :3. of Da 'no's \V.rtly :- i ni:iy be said: of Hull's rolunH ilmt WPS result of it. But now. it was
Water street, mhywere liattie: enough. to make; hero. .
.;o. :>3 I paper and are faithful copies of the ori inalBLACF.WOOD'S Aurora gives full of ihceafldirs the a ol ry aid-
very p.iriic'jl rernartabl- for
FlaMERCHANTS n ost "ji the u.eof
Antachicola. MAGAZINE being nn esact fac. I de-camp and sonalttrn, c,,rtr.rncI in it.-
\\ ,nf11 from the lips of Captain Sutton' arid their swords mention' d l in IIISlfJrThe
WAI SYDNEY GREEN M. D. simile of the Edinburgh edition. They really claim n as a distinguished merit
-- tlar.tcr ilollnepl Lieut. Van Horn- of the American s>rtny. memorable exploits ih.. :,accomplished, with
views of the three y for the
Tney embrace the erea Genenl.: that hf lender his
CO.\ : :) SION Centre 03-:: May and be found at his residence corner of parties in England-Tory, Whig; and Rarl cl.-; "* On the 16ih nliimo, s'bcm, 300 men under these weapons wereprlormed on the las;, : vices on that occasion to ihe man whom stt-,
als(). High streets the Mansion
t1etiiTU1 House. opposite Bhckwond and the London! Quarterly an the command of Colonel Ca..s and Miller place a soldier would much cite about ilis- they used to old:
icrmt. for Nov 5.W. decry as "Granny Harrison. -
: INSURANCE COMPANY. Torv:;; th<> F-di: "hnrih 'Rpvipw"Vhi!! : and! f, I' I were despatched to recounoitie the British playing: t II1"m-lJ i the field: of surrender i ."

,;J \( ,9rlr 'Westminster Review" Radical. The North who 300( ( the Oi the field of battle the well enough
0fthe C ty of.\/0: } G. 31. Davis, were posted stn-ii": at .. were It is very jfiicIt? to spot Colonel Ca s en
:a Witer .drcet, ATTORNEY: AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, British Review" is mnre of a religio.us character, bridge about five miles (HMD .Maiikn illll! -but! un the field[ ) of ilfft-at perfect lire-:;). that memorable! iav.
No. Hp0
Fa.e having been originally edited by Dr. Chalmers, ( as! nominally! io
.na1aehieola, I ; twelve
from Sandwich. After Bet.tors.NuYl. .
ters. heror'
: Offers his services the arming: orlr ihe
to :
11 public in either of the and now since his death being conducted by hisoninlaw ; battle, bin as to his F h"if'2.vh! the
1BALLOU.. above capacities.He the bridge Colonels Ca; ss and Millet detached w" find: in the annals:: of those tim," .. hof flew ,
-.- Dr. Hanna, associated with Sir David thickest, w : do not think that
\ TIn'; 'LIl9U, will practice Franklin Cal- is of Captain Robinson's company; to ?. two swor-l-srori told of two other of ,
\y'\: regularly Brewster. Its literary character the ven conclusively established by the fact that
,I-.t } \HH.G'-l\ .T-;, houn and Jack Circuit Courts-and will upona highest order. muse the enemy while they marched up I, Hull's colonels on the same occasion.. Ptr Coiriinotlo perry WHS in the same;

) 1.I'1\i ."J". itr reet.-Uji stirApttt&ICMI.F. special retainer act as Counsel, in any Courtof 1S4S the river about seven miles, ;uii! ossc-l ai :j I kn: states that Colonel McAit.-ur.; when mm.V cannot lhar the f'ntae-
a )
I. : PRICES FOR (IF !T.89CRI3ED FOR EARLY. see conclusion
;: I 1.Io the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also, the ford for the purpose of supnsing them. .I hi' sword was demanded irH.lbzmwli11m"; .. follows which his
j It D>> For one the four Reviews, $3 annum. bi02r-p!>-r draws from
\. 'tKENzIE.Wylie argue ca.ps in the Court Appeals at Tallahassee -- any per and intercepting their retreat io ilden.: .I it-tore th.. ppauletres! from his sliuulr.! lhi" :
V.)1 For do. 5 mteresiing connexion. That
two hr
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iloV \ \; IciieIzie.. the sessions! : of which .he wiU always be For any any three, dC' 7" Hopes were entertained that the whole of I and: '! threw himself on the ground.History a ban-! wiih. a brave rn-in. no rm.re
1\1 E it ..; 1 \ T S present at, unless prevented 1 ty: accident. of the British would have b.- the lull War. 88. proveshis
cM'I14 I( ; J" :\1l3Ia"hirobl, Septembers. 18t6. For all four of the Reviews.
,X.. U .Vit' str et...lurn13. Vt For Blackwood's Magazine, 3" Captain Robinson executed his orders' so 'I \V"e ream from the newspapers: ; of tile d.I"* (from Canada with Hull, and' .' rticipat-
'7. t t t; A. G. Sc For Blackwood and 3 9 Of that Colonels Cass and Hull's surrender the
S ?t. I. 1- t. mines, Reviews badly Miller were ,I, ( btlng on 16th A us ,) mg"; in the surrender! of Detroit
--S. : i. -tiifir. ATTORNEY AT LAW. For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews!!, 10,00 unable to gain their meditated position before I that Colonel Cass of the Ohio volunteers to be a eowrf.Vhamever may proveshim have

..... ,T7LL',1) l8f\ILtnOCER.. &:;- Office, .1\0.2 Capt. Simmon's Building, Payments to be made in all cases in adointe the were discovered by the Briikti.SI : had arrived! at Pittsburg on the 23ih direct been the General's exploit on this
memorable -
.. tii tt 'r J.m: I'" ror.: Centre &. Commerce streets. A skirmish however took I from Foil Detroit his the
P4I: 1' IAr! itt \,11\: ) nmT PREMIUMS, slight (place ; on WoI10" t city (occasion the muse of history
fr ..t'\n'l)i! t'11",1l.ct I > 're". Apalachicob, Fla. Consisting of back volumes of the following! but the detachment immediately chargedon j I of Washington. The journal making thi'i guarded silence in regard to them ; RodWf"

."" ,. ; .V.steroltr. : ct. valuable works viz the who retreated precipitately statement on to : .. We understandthat
\.. LI !}I( (j.a. Fla. Notice. : enemy goes say are obliged. to have recourse to poetry.
,.. 11 to the fort. In the ktrmitli the British Colonel Miller although
THE t Cnrfnfrnip., : heretofore existing; be- Bentley's Miscellany. reluctantly Democratic oratory biography: and autobiography
U. 1'bell, en the subscriher! under the firm of D. The 1\j..trnr'nlitan Magazine-. lost 11 men in killed and wounded. After obliged to acquiesce in ,the surrenderindig to settle his merits!

'v lw.&tLt: ..!) !RCT'-U", B \\0)01)CO.: ., .xpir." this, day. The affairs The Dublin University Magazine. taking possession! of the ;ground: the enemyleft nantly threw away his sword declaring it General Harrison who was always; .* generous

'...\fE" r.\ ):'l"f .4 iCI'F.), PAINTS, of the concern will be liquidated by N. J. De- Dlakwood'shgazine.: Colonels Cass! and Miller ordered Cap should not be delivered up "-3 Duane's to the !Cervices of other," i in his despatch

"3.L: >, .1L \. N, 1fcC.ir. bhis., D. B. WOOD The London, the Edinburgh, the Foreign tHin Robinson:; to occupy ihe bruise and Aurora. 146. to the Secretary of War. makes
.ntnf Mitncrj. and Westminster Reviews. the
;"4- \ .r.-pril[ iwtts N. J. DEBLOIS. Quarterly, guard it that night-th rest of the .- ,t C i--'tn-U ;a-.d 'A'iter streets A!}ihchic.il a, April 13. 11,49. Any one subscribing to Blackwood, or to ona: associates on
ment occupied the houses contiguous. During ill** day as far as we h.ive been able to examine
Fa.,1m that
'\,'\hi"nh: of the Reviews, at S'J a-year, or to any two of day:

_(_11____ Dr. WoodruflT's Dysctitary Cor- the Periodacals at S>, will receive gratis, one the n ght they were reinforced by the them make mention of any such .. With nids-dr-camp.! lh. acting

t p. tit :ti' S liter ii I a I. volume any of the premiums above named. rest ol the r.. imt'nt. The next morning the/ achievement on the part of Colonel Cass. ..istant my as-
B'ljota-1 general. Cif)?. Butler
COMM"5' > MERCHANT, : Diarrh a. Dvsentary, Cholera Morbue, A subscriber to any three of the Periodicals at detachment reconnoitred the country! around For aught that appears to the contrary. ihi I friend. Commodore mjr
gallant who
iit' did
,. 1V :ter 4tre1-'J!t oI l. F13.I. FO" } Wantum' and summer complaint of $7 a-ycnr, or to the Four Revi ':wg at $S, will receive but finding any of the enemy they evacuated story rests upon the !same;: authority as that Perry.
: the honor to .
\'HI\rhi"o volunteer aid-
me -eive as
U." 1: 111, : -.'xl \\r>> i, for sale by two premium volumes as ahove. the briiigc and returned to the camp of the authorship of Hull's proclamation.

C. .tIIefl, Fh 3 J. C. ALLEN.: A subscriber! to Blackwocd and three Reviews, without standing any loss. We apprehend that Colonel Cass gave up de camp ard Brigadier General Cass icho
the F'.ur Reviews and Blackwood no command tendered his afsitlance.
at $9 a-year, or to having me -
h his
: detachment
sword like
''tool.lil f1."IHn J Immediately allrr the eva a gentleman and neither
'1 'V..:. 'I"Hle1.1'1.\ : ppcrs= ,.1iL:;, Sarsapnrilla.BULL'S at $10, will receive tliree premium: vol. cuated tlifj budge; the British posted broke! it nor threw it away. At any late I ;placed! my..elfat the head of ibo
Sand's, Hn"tl'l's and Bailey's! com- front line of
::; Btl2rIr' \c..lc. urnes. infaniry, to direct the movement
oO\o ; lile other feats of
tttemseltes ihcr; with six : of artillery.On ; most arms now reconp,1cf !
itlsti.I ; fl'iid extract of SarsaparHla! just re. (:KJ- Please be particular in naming the premiums ? of the rav.ilry.: and give them the na-
rll'rIF 11...r-1inenf 'fa reived and for sale by desired and the works tubscribtd for. the 19th Col. M'Arthur was Jelcht'dwith Gen. Cass, nothing is said of it in the .

k5H\Tlq"ERY, Se &c. I'4)17 IfF ABELL. Major Trimble's battalion. as a scouting annals of the times. cessary support. ,
)' \ "' CLUBBING.Four Illness deprived of the talents of
,. ,.. :.I-;:t.t.\:; Conrnrc'TiUchicoU.- :tr4f1-., copies of any or all of the above works party. They immediately tnarchcr! for The truth i1. that nil Colonel Cass's! mili Colonel me mj
Dr. \ adjutant general Games who
Fla. Vofdrllf'ontibillious Vegetable was
1)1 \ will be sent to one address on payment cf the the bridge and spent most of the day skirmishing achievements- have been accomplishedby left at Sandwich. His duties however }
-- -- -- '. Life Pills, regular subscription for three-the fcurth copy in which the British !ot a number the pen and the t'orce-tht sword has had were \
B. S. Isvlcy, ''llc performed the
ably by assistant adjutant
hy: acting
\ ';' )MERCHANT; FOR being: gratis. in killed and wounded. Colonel M'Arthur l very little to do with them. The organ ot
CTXN J b 8 J C ALLEN. Butler.
\ general. Capt. aid .de.
: .,- .' rr.t.Up" 03 J\ro' premiums will b" %i iccn irhrre the had only two men .slightly! \\ \lnded.$ In the offVe holders, published! in ii! city of My

It I) \ ';1r ir"h. ta.i. -- aII abx-- v. above allowance marie,. to clubs nor will premiums the evening they were reinforced by Col. Washington unfit" ih. ''fp| nf The Cam- camp Lieutenant O'Fallon and) Captain

] 1 A BALES Georsria: 0naburgon C() }sgn-; in any rtse be furnished, iinea! the subscription Cass with one battalion from his regiment paiffn, and un'er'; ',o ', i h e. f'd;: I hv the Todd of the" line, and my volunteer ails!
.' ';" i ')-" without John Smith and John
; 'i the Speed
JL is pad in j"ullio publishers, Chambers.
,,' : : : ANTS. w tnent, for sale by and a field piece. The next morning they Commissioner;; of I'.-; :.TS. seems" r,> lAe: fi-!
';tL ; ; :: ; D.T J. DAY & Co. recourse to an agent.: eq., have rendered me most important services -
1 .'. drew the whole vp in order of battle front( !same view with oursel! of these servi<-"s.

'10,. :; .,.'lIcol", F. ** Warranted to Cure." EARLY COPIES.A of the bridge, and fired few rounds when It states that on the breaking! out of the from the opening: of the campaign.: I
late arrangement with the British publish0! ? hive ::;'rewdy stated that Gener! Cass and
." ) TER &. COXES genjiine Southern Tonir. commenced cannonading the Colonel was the first to rush
a heavy on among
..ivwA.V'')-):Jn. theenemy
("J,': ; -v ; C of Blackwood's Magazine !secures' to us earlysheets Commodore Pt>rrvs.ti..IPd me in forrninjr
rs..r, I.l"rl. from medicines of our own them. The detachment thnl filed off and returned to the defence! of his country, and that he
. EUi.-.a1l &: Co., .. of that work; by which we shall b!?? able : the for action. The former i h officer :
for Ms, :t np f.rt and lasting cure for fpver nr"4az'io. troops an
) 'T.1-t( 1'\ \'ElGiTS.: to the entire number in the hands of subscribers to the camp ALL s. n:. raised his voice" for battle in the councils
t'lrl\ f best place of the highest merit and the
: f'r being the Tonic in cases of
.1'1" :\ \E'Re; 1"1 before any portion of it can he reprinted But we h ive ciu account of the laiter expedition which preceded the surrender of Hull. We appear-
: g-Mit-r.I deh.i.! weakness known for cl l"hv of the brave Commodore
;: ance cheered
n\nD'\\ : now and
:) ; : : ) :n :
Journals. For this and }rm-e r'oubt that the Colonel raised hi
WvmrJ'ij ..r'il77 in any of the American from Iht pen of Col. McArthur no ;
:: } ) N. X.IOE. UAT"j I i[: \ ] HF >\ ELT.S .. animated breast."
1.j'! :*. CCK:: :!iv. SHIP other advantages secured to our !subcriber.pay !;. wu himself.Ve! fought; about t three hours," voice" far battle on that occasion. His every .

,:q \"moOF.p. V,. : ;:.IDLITZ. V'Mt and Soda Powder of the so large a consideration, that we may be says (he Colonel, ':at so great a distance "roicc" was "still for war." It-is a way he Now this i is certainly high praise from

I r..rV'.t.r anJ Jh"i'Ti1 -t.. :: ch e
I 9 .&,.,1rIUf'ta.: t 4 Jnlv 17 J. C ALLEN. Therefore we repeat subscribe early while the doubt that he was ao officer of thf highest -
have the
-.--- but little injury done on either side. 1 encampteil battle, but he likes to fihtindone: ;:
I Var'lie for Cotton. price i.. tow.Remittances. Not Bob himself merit and that he assisted in formingthe
Eh\Utl: ; lfcCnll and communications!; should he wiih my 15U men about l miles hy somebody else. Acres

';r l:DC'.::!a A."CD :; niMISSION MtliJCIIAN'T: ROOM for 30')') bales in lower Cotton Yard. always afldreseed.! post-paid or franked, to the from Aux Canards, and was joined next W.T. better pleased with the idea taking troops for action. But his biographers

Nr 51 Water streft.Nor f'.b'l. to NT J publishers. LEONARD SCOTT &. CO., mornms: by Col. Cass, and about 100 m*>n. clown his antagonist at J long shot" than are not !'atisfipvilh this measure, of appro-
/II Atidlacliicf'l.i, Fa. 79 Fulton St New York. We all immediately repaired to the neighborhood Col. Cass was in fighting:: the enemy acrossa bation. They are not content with making

Jis. 1:'. Farrior Vinegar.A of the bridge, for the purpose!! of rirer-as. at Aux Canards.' a: meritorious officer of him-they will be

I 'SE.VEHAL UiSCEinVt: t;. FOt! WARDING A c: FEW bSU pure Cider Vin,.!!ar, for sale lew GODEY'S DADV'S BOOK, taking a view ot our neighbors! ; their first His! sword is one thing-but ns for his satisfied with nothing short of exhibiting '

CO\I \II?. 4 Water Nov; I :f 0 Water st.W .
Xo. 50 .tr"I.
OY 11 Al.Ihc1\cota.! Fla. I I The oldest Magazine in the United States, pounder ; they fired about ten shot at us.!: any body's service who wants to get up a claims to this distinction.; t'ieycite no co-

j Razors. conttiijs! monthly sixty pages of rending matter, Yb man teas hurt but some a little scared.! fmht. Florida In/liar.-5.t 40-or the Hallsof \ temporary history no official despatch, no

.iu P. M"VLT.GUSTAVE; ROMAI.V. ADE & BUTCHR'S :and Rodgers t Son's by he first writers in the country,-twelve more The men which I had with me the Monteznmas matter whit the responsible! anndi; '!t. They rest entirely on
n'Calli & Uomuiti.COM4 superior Razors for sale by than the New York magazine: Two splendid the of
statement nn alleged
may be said l to be brave, but very hnrd; to be pretence the General beats Falstaff in the eye-witness
: < > ON' MERCHANTS i Feb 24 H F BELL. steel engravings, an undeniably authentic colored
I whose i is nor given and of whom
\' RlofkKov. and kept in good order in time of battle. I use of his vocal organs which he has not name one
9 C'lluTiims Model Cottages
) monthly Fashion plate,
Cooper's Isinglass that they will do honor to the of anthems like of Cass's recent ((1843)) biographers say
IS Xnnl t"lirn1a. Fla. Churches Crocket Work, and other matters for trust however impaired by "singing
JUST received<< and for sale bv the Ladies all illustrated and well explained themselves and' countiy thotild" they have his great prototype. But whe'never by his that ht wrote some tutlrt'ars- since"
S. M. Sic crou..lULEt J. C. ALLEN. trouble! she and another that he "'roleuml"
&.C. &c.Price ni opj'ortunity) of LY CL >TilPM. B MT. SHOES "
HATS. Cit'S.c. May- --4. ---_ _ _ for one year, which include" the this could not be donefzirly. across a small{ can hardly rely on his arm to get her out of since. Though these' gentlemendisagree
.* Dollar Newspaper, making three tb:1I-ol l jZach's sword ; about the time when this eyewitne .-
1. N'o. 1 Ca 'lm\ttJi Bl-i k-, Henry's Magnesia, Lady's deep river. it. For : : against

Dee. 21 \-)iU" i'->h. Fa.Unilcrwood : TUST[ rt-r /ived and for sale by publications in one month. . . S3 CO This! i id the sum of lh! long and hard Ca' s's voice-at all times : wro'e. they concur in keeping his

& C.ib.TAILOR b '21MOFFATS H F ABELL. Two copies without! the Lady's Dollar fighting which our brave old volunteer" VI. After the retreat from C03lra..nll: name a crN. This; arcnywous 'authority

: Newspaper.. . . . . .I I..s 5 00 im'h of which ,cay- :
Camilla..e have the surrender of Detroit n:
LIFE PILLS AND PHOENIX !saw iu no disposition; to
just received and for sale by Five copies with one to the person its but we do think events! Colonel 1 Ca: >s participated: we find! .. In the autumn of 1S3. I well recollect
importance ; |
If. . .
ULTZELL'S BUILDING CHE TXGT-ST. the club . . . . 10 00 '
Nov -23 H. F. ABELL- Druggist.; Eight copies . . . . . . 15 00 that it furnishes 1lhe smallest available c-ipi- him starting off |1',1 haste for the city III! G IHr..t Ca. ot j \tlrtwt'oIu.'rn army.

Apalachicola, Fa. --- Towiiscnd's Sarsaparilla, Twelve copies . . . . . 20 00 ttlthat( any hero of our acquaintance P'\'i i Washington. where lie foocht (|f..r him.sHt, ) coinri'O'tbv. t Harrison hi.cl! Shelby.! He ,"

3i1I orders attended to with pnnrlualitvJan. received and for sale by A specimen of either the Lady's Book or thLady's undertook to trade upon. the most important rm!miuai: :,: n dt- th>' w r. \\a;* t .>:.-. ;c"ousai thslanding: et.the troops :

E --'Id at'b. 2() JUST 27 _H. P. nELL Dollar Newspaper sent to any person pay. IV. Having disposed of the preliminary He was! occupied sHei i in:,ith? in III' upon; h,_' Canada sht-re: bE.II"I'n.: % on -

:n. \. Scott & Brother, Irish -Potatoes and Onl os. ing poastage:: on the request. achievements, we come to the next exploitin : agreeable and inlt'rt'l'f':: ijotv! of writitrj Me lit.oi; Si! tember. and} conspicuous at
Address L. A. GOOEY General TluK:, sn.i; wriiii th- Iho' haitfe! "f cite Thames
down : m 2 up a as the volunteer
", KM.E VLE AND RETAIL DEALKRS IN FINE article l f'r s-ilc hv the order of time in ihe military career
A &C., Liverpool Salt, January 1848- This ito! be looked! at in the light of the eral to ;. post ,for whI"' dutiehe was cleariyioLoinpetent. : ;i. ; ;:c ;7--L-: ; of the 1.1111.! :. in the deep wood

Cor. Water and Centre-streets! sale by PROSPECTUS OF "vaporing" proclamation. With she exception In a.knof.llgmen of the i.r.oa I tiie; banks of th' Thames: during ihe -

Dee 23 ___ __ Apala oia. Fa. FOR. JJ: _B ELLISON fc, Co. "TilE OLD ZACII," of the expeditions above mentioned. bloodless victories tl1t1 .Hq: l irtil'. over so dkuiniistied roar: and clangor of fire-arm, and ravage

WEDE Iro-i Scotch do, Weeding and Garden A weekly paper designed to advocate the electionof Gen. Hull reuriiueil, inactive in his camp a! an ant.uguriisl, Coiorfl: Cain -, \\ a> yells of the enemy.: Tln I was a greensuih

inpPIXG A. Dodge, S lI'1p'f. Blacksmiths B"llow, Cotton and Wool ZACHARY TAYLOR, of Louisiana, to the Sandwich until the 8th of Aucii>i, whcu hegave :irked! for promoiioo ; and the heio oiHull's : of 'cvnte&n, and a volunteer from

I &. COMMISSION MERCHANT, Card, Spades and Shovels, Cauldnw and Sugar Presidency of the United States. orders for the main body to rccross the \ retre.n and Hull's "' urrender. WH.. Iv.-jt luck." .

. !':o. 40 Water Street, Pan, Ploughs &.c. &.c. for sale by river and retire to Detroit. "The unhappy! r.ii.-pfl t from the rank of colonel! to that ..I Ger"rill Cas. in his ?et'cr to the committee -

Jj* 23 Apalachicola, Fa. B ELLISON & Co. The undersigned proposes; !! to publish a prlliti. Canadians," says an historian of the \-M. ndier-grneral.. in the arrnHis- rniliraty whr invited him ta> be present: a: the an- -
Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. in the of Tuscaloosa to be issued! laurels thus) at the writing -
Dec 9 cal city were plucked uvpr..ofct'It'or.I1ifln If
I t.. W. paper S. wh. had been induced by the ieiitmrs ( the l In"ll". in honor
11I0. W. CH
EEVER.8luis weekly during the ensuing presidential campaign, df k. .
7 Salad Oil. to his wereabandoned > .f Richard 31 Jnhrii-". in 1842. savs-'. I
proclamation accept protection -
Clieever above and to be devoted to the
COM ISSION MERCHANTS, JUST received per brig Manhattan a few cases to be entitled as the to the vengeance of the BriiMiarms. \ Soon after recf-ivin this promotion! he .. ar'ompaniid. bin \viiioir( ;-..nshare in the
of Maj Gen. Zachary Taylor, as
I OlSce ?To. 36 Wat-r rtreft.palachin. Oil, that is good. J. C. ALLEN. support people's candidate! for the presidency. ."-(Perkins, 82.) In the honors of joined General Harm uin at Seneca, at.d was din-ciion of its nprraiio'x,,,, t'.fe: mounted re-

_iec23---- \ la.FJa. May 4._ THE OLD ZACH" will endeavor to prosecutethe this relrea. Colonel Cass .. parlicipjtpd." present at the battle of ihe 1'h 1rt\5. Co!. | giinrnl in ihe ch.ir- ivhn-li ,!lecided the fate

R--------- Preston's Extract of Lemon, coming political war, in Alabama as the V. Now. as to the sword.ln .nLimmg achieve CasVs p"..r in i thit affiir is mentioned in of ihe rurnbinei 11! force, and I saw the gallant

,%ttR laerttJ. lien %Sfc Co.. FOR flavoring Custards. Sauces, Jellies & Union ha so often threatened to prosecute; the meot. At the Baltimore Convention hich very modest t'-ini. i i"\ Gen. H.ln I-on. One comm.MidVr Uin* !Ice.ing! upon the ground
tZDLEaY.r IV HARDWARE AND I SHIP !sales by J. C. ALLEN.Mav war in Mexico, "with vigor." with great vigor nominated General Cass. Mr. Humphreys, of Ihe hir.4r11'h..rs of CHS.: however represents desperately! wounded, ?t the head of the

SPIKES IRON STEEL NAILS 4. ," with increased vigor.Vhenevf"r the of Maryland said thai it gave; him great him as a prominent fire eater on line."
ANt D CASTING hops old veteran shall be set upon by the myrmidonsof that State with an undivided that occasion. "At the httlle i-l the The language that his
JlIIMacturer, of/ Tin Iron:, and Copper ZACH" will stand to pleasure to present biographer uses-
Fall for sale by THE OLD : up ..
Crop, power.II decisive
Wares. FRESH to give in return, a front : The Democracy of his State Thames, says this \\"rilt'r.h so in ; h. galloped on in time io br in that -
17 H. F. ABELL. the mark, and endeavor
Apalachicola, Fa. __-- Capt. Bragg." though often defeated, had: never been con annihilating the "-"pm) in that quartei expelling impetuous chares" &c.. rather implts that

Havana Scgars.OH little That more the grape contest will he a surce5fiil, one, the quered. (Applause.) Thry reinrinbeieil ;: him Horn our territory and! !"ivini! : he was behind TIME on r hat occasion and

Roert ]Ih" M'inn. Euze.ne. Rogers. HAH HAVANA SEGARS, containCUAUU undersign.-d entertains no doubt. He respectfully Lewis Cass: as the first man who planted l\ir\ security iu a cat frontier and where it was cime III with the rear. -

t Chu. Rogerc &c: Co., ing:"an assortment" of I he Pro.bida'a "- solicits the -AttL ntion of all the friends of Gen. fig of their country on the Canadian soil in aUi that the brve;; Johnson acted so nobly. Another account I't.r"1 that Proctor. the

I .{} ISSION' MERCHANTS, "Cabana" and other, Minerva choice brands, Britannia landing Taylor in this-and adjoining States, and especially -' the war of 1812. aud who rather than surrender Cass! had n" command hut always devoted British ;general, fled at the vny commencenifnt -
_h Water street, Partuges schr, Ann Maria,from Havana, for sale by of the ROI1 igh and Ready Clubs," now his sword on the defeat of Hull to his country ever burning to serve her in of ihe action and "was ,pursued) by
Apalachicola Fa. / per forming in -various"places, to this Prospectus all he .solicited a place :as volunteer I General Cas
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.Thomsonian should make shattered it into fragments. (Great applause.) ways with a detachment for some

If :J. Deblois..tSStON It is desirable that subscribers This Maryland Democracy must be a aid to the commanilioz! gf'lI"ral His Pager mile*. hut could not l be overtaken." This
)tM AND. FORWARDINGMERCHANTS ITIcdicincs'', known their names' and post as early as wonderful body; to give such a majority for request was complied wit h. Commodore would seem to indicate thai General C.IM

JUST received and for sale by pract" THE kable.OLD ZCH"vill be published untiol the I Cass, when two-thirds of the voters iu the Perry acted in the same cap.icpy on that left the scene of conflict at! the first availableimmienf

1"0.4. Water-street 3 J. C. ALLEN. for General Taylor day. He was thus associated ,"m station and and
"" election at the moderate price of ONE: DOLLAR, State have declared! became holly engaged io the :
A Apalachicola, Fa. Rose Water. invariablY in advance For a remittance of $25 But not more wonderful on this! account in "duty. with that renowned naval nffici-r. pursuit of a flying eOt"O'y.I om he could Dot

."CE&y. N C. ROBBIES. CHAS. PRATT. AFRESH aupply of English and French Rose I thirty copies will furnished ; for $40 fifty copies ihati for their singular (faculty of rememberjng who not content with putting Lake Erie in come up icith.We .

just received, and for sale by ; and for75 one hundred copies.A what never took place. a blaze of glory by his victory ..\lpr Ihp British think this the more probable account. ";

COMMISS K. McKay & Co. April??_H F ABELL. specimen number will be issued on 13th Cass's biographer i i4 more modest than fleet ,desired to strike at the foes of his Though! history is: entirely reserved on the -

ON- MERCHANTS* Camphor and Piperine, !ust re.. March which will be extensively. distributed.M. the gentleman from Maryland and says not country both elements. And need Wl'nthpr suhj.rr. he whole story in regard to Cas.',

Ik So. 40 Water.Jtr. QUININE.! for ale by D. J. SLADE. a word about this fracture of the !sword. proof that Cass was to be found where exploits at the battle of the Thames may .

0\r11.chkoh, Fa. April, 17 H. F. ABELL. Tnscaloosa, Feb.1f), 18 IS. j.f


.. ,

c->-" .;


;...: <""' '''-' 4 ........, ....} ;, -.a,." ,, __ ". ", _. ---- -F

.1 I -. -0.. .".' -' .
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,, ., .v-A\ X 'V. v.- 'J I

\N \. .

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-" r. -t.- ., -

--- --- r--- -- '
---------- -
-- .
-- -- -- E. This
Q Looks
l Ib e thus sumimd up ()u the apucliryphal(! t ) lie summits of the hills, but they) are'i gieal work, although it is not probable that tWERCljL( l ADVERTISER. .Quad Erat Demonstrandum." The New Orleans Like Delta Rebellion."

Democratic authorities : : I'lot here so tall and rank as in the valleys j, one in twenty will have ihe nerve to cross publUhei a C4l"|
than it. For it there .- _. _" -- ------- --- The writer under this signature in Ihe for a meeting of Democrats who
General Cass was' the volunteer aid of i The varieties of grasses are greater upon strange as may seem, --- are fa,0.

Gen. H.irrison at the Battle of the Thames, C In the Atlantic Fide of the continent, and were those who had no hesitation to slide APALACHICOLA, SATURDAY, AUG. 19, 1848. last number of the .Star of the Vest. ," able to the election ol Gen. Taylor. TV"call

anil assisted us a meritorious officer in (rlllll- ,ar more nutritions. I have seen seven dif- : over the :awful chasm in a basket upon a ------- I proposes, it seems, to demonstrate, that we .i is signed by number of the
ins tin troops f,r ill tic.n. He was in the I erenl Iciruls oi' clover several of I them in a ; single wire cable, who could not be inducedto ft}' ThE flowing gentlemen are authorized are a Federalist. ihe writer mAes De.-nocraia of the of It"dilC,

year IIf Lieutenant Culund .1:nnvs .1!lson3imumtrd I hy state, depositing! a !l't'cIIlPlllllhe; ground walk over t lie bridge. And) this aerial; excursion : Agents for the CoumkCI.\: : AUVERTIEr and wilj I many city New Orleans,-b.|,
abundant it which i lapped is I exciting. A seat on a I adverti more such clumsy effoits we shall be oltgcdto in the call, express their gratification
regiment in their) onset on I ilu I lino .o itS In cover thriUingly receive receipt for subserillons. or *e- at ,I.,

of British regular vtho threw down their I ip by the cattle anil horses ant oilier aninils locomotive. tvllinl: at the rate of sixty 'I ImiU's men ts:-.11. charge him xith never having seen either nomination of Gen. Taylor hy the Phil

arms wnd fled 0111 the (first shock of t the American I as coco or oats, when I Ii r. shed an hiti ii r to it. When )ou WM.V: CHKKVER, E.-=I., Albany, Ga. Euclid or Legendre. I is very evident delphia Convention-their) regret thati

troops. I lie.I puisii. d I Proctor severalmiles ,,ould I In' wilh us. AH l'e!' cra
ineffectually. and returned tn the field I livy CliVI r the ei.tirf: Cu U 11'ry. :are heavily"crdul m1 il:!: rushing boiling Niagara, IWI hundred JAS. J. OLIVER Tallahassee.. Fa. jjj- II I
ol baiile! M'ter the conflict as over an S '.-- ," ;and i when lipe, are as f.ttifninu?1 l) and titi $feet belllOu, if \ ourheaililon't : T---T-----i--------: -----fl. -- lime, or else he-is guilty of posi- also-and avow their ttu.inQti0 to

9 t3II to see Colof'rl.R.1.! Johnson) severely itok t :i' the grants i which we feed to our : flutter; )you will have nerve enoughto FOR PRESIDENT: five falsehood. As very few person, how port him, no matter by whom nominated.We .'r

wouded' nl the head) of the line which li.nl; I't"c I h.tsrs .in ul i hog*. Hence: it i* Li one. giving over Vesuvius.And ZACHARY TAYLOft. ever, who talk very loudly :about thep laws, "

accumplUhfd all the seveie figluinj of tlutme.iiorail I t rss.ny t.' the si "icnance: or failening of yet (he sensation is not altogetherunpleasant. FOR VICE PRESIDENT: have ever read them we take for granted; would be glad to fe more fullj ;,.

day." I!,itock to raise com for (heir consumption. I The tide itself, as t the old lady i formed regarding that sword General t wi
FILL MORE. that E. I)." is in the
: MILLARD same case.
This we believe tl) be, in sober ?uJ ser i. \ Asriculttiie is in ih* rudest state. The said: about skinning tc1. t is nothing when I ---' -' --'- our Q. broke. What was the value j WUt
-- -
- oft
Lie prose, the substance of ihe Democratic I"armi.ig implements which have been used you gl used lo it. I E:6R GOVEKXOi-- : : UK says : .By (he alien law American institutions a maiden sword ? Are any tfthe pieces

accuuiiis, written within the last twelve or Lay the Cahfornians, with a few exceptions Another new attraction i t at the Falls is t the ThOMAS BROWN. under Federal rule could not be Jf

twenty years. If this% is i ?o, it is hirdly: to be ire the same as were used three hundredkearuaso I excursion from the site of the suspension Gen. approached hy aliens. Foreigners wrrelo be extant? and. if so, where can they be .eel

voundered at that history i is so mute, ani] when Mexico was conquered hyCoitrz. bridge to within a 'few rods of Horse Shoe FOR REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS : incarcerated in dungeons." For the benefitof Being of an antiquarian (toni of V|

thai we are obliged to trust to UII' erl1iu A desci I jIL ion of them would be : Fall I, il I the little t steamboat Maid 1 of (lie Iton. E. C. CABELL.FOR are reMless under our anxiety to know moraal"tl

memory anti interested tradition to c"rljf'r io
any: laurels for the gallaul 1 C'euPMl) on ili.it merely stratchos iho I ground, i is ih" fork of : I.hlai. so grand a view of the great tti:rac. ELECTORS : respectfully suggest a perusal of the "alien Cat
relieve ?
.small It i i. the the one makes the flip and all Gencral JACKSON MORTON, .:DY one us
tnemorable field. ii (tee. same pattern as Every express laws before he writes again. He will find
[TO BE CONTIia'KD: j Roman plnuch. two thousand years ago. the same 8t'nlilln that he FillS are not Of West Florida.
A. SEMMES, Alternate. that the first law on that subject was passed Jen. Taylor i is the rhOHiinveimteoJcesceker.
Other agricultural I impU merls mp nf I lie seen in al their sublimity and grandeur except Co\ Has eaten his -
.CallforclaThero liaiiu, ch"cripllon. The: Amrri an!, and t ((ril I tin* deck of t the Maid) uf I the Cconel'SAilUEL! SPENCER. and repealed ten days afterwards ; and that flas no principtes.-Floridian.own words a t

other foreiarjeis. are, however introducing I MI I." The[ run is niiiue with! perfect I the second law, was to continue only two
have f iJiffVrct.tJi ,
>cen many Jt'.crip- .'flie'readme.sg with which Gen.
the I Adurican: 'IUg1i. and other Americanfaimin I safety.! ____ i GEORGE W CALL Jr Alternate. years and confined to the subjects of nations "allor
tif the California hy iea oii, consented to tat
)r'* region the of which Ils Ileclaralou1, proves him
: tools 'uls/qll'.lu'e Electricity.It : Colonel) JOHN H. McINTOSH See Laws U.S.
Veoctj- with whom
we were atwar.-( ) to be o'f public
of the fact diR'.rt'11 observers: haveiewei a unf'orihy confidence
per.p.] hii.t .lr Mily been i in some extent lo produce ii not a of wonder : a
unfitqueriily subject
ami IMVC tfvo'uiioti: I in The of Of East Florida. \Ve hope (hat Q. E. D. is now set right as any has ever umleruken t to
of it
\ |. different portions) : agriculture. crops thai I ihe velocity of electricity has beenso .
cfhis into
r. !hti-t j.r.d blrlt'dllcll'l saw about the 1stJune i is ------ lo a proper understanding of what he i way ofce.I-N. ,Y. TrueSun.
tide report acr.cid'.pp'y.!: A !boc.lt! ii.i3 itcently acctiraiely when its speed Re-Publications of liecnkrd Scott & Co. :

appeaird) ui (J.t<.iinii t.y11'. E'J- while |p a'sin2 throuuii! the country on so incredible ;uJaslr..a.and many persons express The fcdinburg .Westminster Reviews writing about ; and so far as we are concerned These extracts; are taken from IWo papers

mjourney to ih'United Slates exceededin entire I disbelief in I tho coin-etii.-s of any and he sets us against Federalism in ihe which extolled General Taylor very b hly,
will Brwot of New V.r!:, who ; periodicals of such long standing,
aecutnpinicd promiu' any ;Inch I have seen in the such measurement. Il tins nevertheless are ; IIP follows h We until they found he was a candidate (or the
Col.! Fr<'mom i in hi* .i.'veniurons exppditiou United Stales. It was i icported to :me i hat been accomplished and that by I connivance have been so highly and universally approved very paragraph quotes as :

to the Pacific, and uho filled ,for Capt. Sitters crop of wheat for 1847. so ingenious and yt eo simple: as to I that no praise' of ours could add to their have argued thus far lo siowyou the causes Presidency. Now t they fearif he is elected
that wilt lose the government
would amount lo 75.000 busb, !g. child that to the 'KRROHS OK JOHN they patro.
be within the of .
some time ,I j judicial station at San Francis- j ulde Ildilll i ant celebrity. All persons who wish to cOlecr lea POLTIC.\L
I at the I same: time in cii: cti in uit ting ilU"ro. Review" ADAMS Whoever wishes to know more nage from which'they derive their support. III
co. The( accounts of th'u wriTer reprerent ; Frl'OI the Lotnsulle'Courier.Mississippi library should subscribe for a
A mirror, one inch long by Verbum sat.
certain of it. in 1 'Valley.Its !mal the Works before they are bought, fur of our opinions on the subject of Federalism. -
the country, ;It least parts avery half I inch bi j is made I lo revolve on a pivot of -------
favorable point of view. The following !I Present and Future. Upon the Mississippi ,, and a spring and cog-work by that means they will be able to collect will please refer back to the paper con- The following "statement in the LOUIJ.

extracts we find in the New York PI. : river and ihe iribulary streams are which gives:11ir1t'110 a SWif revolution. I is ofconr.se ihe choicest reading and avoid all that is taming the extract byQ.. E. D." vile (Ky.) Journal of the 20ih July,
now about 500 steamboats, wilh capacity to velocity "ere.
of the fertile I perfectly( easy regulate; for ihe benefit of lh Cassiies
they relate to one most useless. publish wbc
veIn ; hundred thousand
carry at one trip near two to requited number of revolutions I anyihing more than the publicly reiterated -
portions of California : tons. Assuming that these boats will make; any are so enrnpinred with -the purity of Hieii),
,per second. Coils of wires of various; lengthsare The Southern Literary Messenger declaration of Gen. Taylor, was required -
', The 1 S'icrameuto r.tui San J.taquinrivers an average of thirty six .frips in the year provided. A coil isiaken.say lor, example ileierininniion candidate's character. The Hon. HenriHubhanl.
; of his
full of interesting to convince
Comes to us as usual many us
have each a course of from 300 to iliey would transport) seven millions two hundred twenty five miles in leugi h. The two the Democratic member of the
400 miles, the first l1u\\'ing from the north thousand tons! Vast as is now the ends of this are brought lear t'H.1 oilier and articles to be impressed upon the to go into the Presidential chair free of ;any; Baltimore Convention who ,.

aud the List from the south, and both emptying trade upon these rivers, it is small lo what fastened on a board, on (he surface of mind, and to entertain (fht 'fancy. The subscription embarrassments from party pledges tve could proposed ibi

int.) the Bay of San Francisco ut the it will be. Of the land drained by this which is left a break in each end of I lie price is $2 a year, in advance. J :1.J .ibninlance evidence to sustain thai. name James K. Polk as : suitable candidate .

same point. They water the large aiul) fertile great river, not more than: one-tenth acre ism wire, so that the passing electricity shal Cheap enough. opinion, in ihe shiftintis and changing: we for the Presidency four years ago I

: valley lying between the Sirna Nevado i cultivation; ; when ihe nine-tenths now make a spark; as it croh-es each break. A. charges Gen. Cass with being a "rascal"
cultivated shall be brought into such discover in all parts of the country among ,
and) the coast of mountains. 1 subjoin not is charged a spark sent
range Leyden jar General Cass's Pamphlet ."
and! Cass for the
anc a Gtn. salt
n description of the valley; of Sal) ioiquiu; cultivation as now .exisls on the other tenth through ihe coil. To the eje this appears entitled the violent !p--irtizans on botli idrs.Ve swinlt'r ;
General 'Cass.
: of
,t from th' pen of a gentleman! (Dr. Match) I the demand for tonage for its transit complied to cross both breaks at the same instant, although .. Tie p.imphtei notice a few '1..tlet. n> G": .>rz'> '. [I':! rwy of gain:'the love "f money which isthi

who has explored the liver from its source with the present will be as nine 10 there are Iweniy five niits! of wiiebetween. France : its King, Court and Government in the lth. via!". I ultra V V;.i--_ root uf all e'i" pock'eted the i insult at Ihe<

to its mouth j I' Oiu, so that five thousand steamboats will The experiment 1! mld.! MI a ," has been received :t this office. We ,1 same ,ime that he WI'nn ke ;i 'M
l'using to sustain his i; t' j lie : rrf !
.. This noLle'allt"J! i is (lie first undoubj icIly j then be required upon the waters I tint now room which li.is an an he"! ceiling, i il a precise have been entertained and instructed by it. folil'Cliuu. "I'.I hat did not belong, hm.: i: ; ':> '. LCIi
and of the employ five hundred. It i also fair lo presume is not Wlii enoueli for thnn. '1"1 w'e 1i.
: ui California, one must semicircle, carefully measure.: ,tvI. :livideil i who :
mass of l fhe community are nnac- i i. denied, il seems : : : wei authorize
iliugRificenl in the world. It i is about 500 |I thn. the constantly* improving husbandry into sections. Il I lieu i this i L;>.rii: bl 111 find a few in the. South who wer* ilf"illl<*. :1
of about : of the West will at no distant ,. cusi'Hiied' tn li:.ir upliiting ilitinciions of to rail the Hun. !) lluhbard fu
with widih i Ue-n r
miles lung an average so placed that; the revolving 11.of n: \ /- n first to gel him lo submit In Democratic upon
fifty mile It i oJ bounded ou the east by j double the production o( lands a lar periot\\ fact t Ihe spark! and (the roon ,tf t c.iIr.- be sentiment: ai.d opinion will never perceive nfiuence. who now repudiate him as too a i-,.-':'t:,.;: 11)11 of its truth:

the great Snowy M 'J!: ::' ,.jll", and on the i jclrinf 1 whit.h lie i under) the most ea ; I cJ1r.trJta) the miiror be |Inl m Illilll! wlij Gen. ('..issshould be censured for writing A FINA -CI \L OPERATION or (JE.NKMI I
I of The fact is Gen. lor -
much Taj
the low irh) in places co'-ivMiion, ; In this hat tc-r' case ten thousand arid seM along t lite c-ti i il I of ii a JVlp. .
west by rung w : many I charge : w e.I that p.fmphlel.; ; In his own bip uase CASS :M: TU.\uOt:oR Y tntuPIET-
dwindles into in i<)ticari lull-, olid its .- ,u.uj'.r1.I would be required on the Mis- I the first break in the wire will be m.nkcd;' by ul'ile heis lon't care a straw about party lines. He LOOK AT THIS -In 1636 Lewis Cis Heary .
that .An American, '
the strait of --i. -, .. --UTS\ tributary streams. Sup'j. of the mirror the arch anti 1 w, may say :
uoriherii terminus C.irrjui.i- a reflection (I proposes himself only as the Peoples' Candidate Hubb-ir-.l Fra.ni is 0. 3, inih. FrimijMarcop. u
Francisco and its south- ." .: : i.: on- thousand of these boats the break: hiti I. proi.d of the institutions of his ronntry:
MI the Bay of San (j.-- t ihe spark at second willle a and expects to be governed by their jr. and 1itaisv Mclleriry .ill ihtt
?rn near IIii Colorado river.. j shotiM! h run below the rnouih of (he Ohio further along on lie arch.) 'rhls if the) and grateful.for the rational equality that Washington City farmed ibetnsR.Ves; : ;
and, hat each boat will in tie Administration! of the government IIQ
XMV Orleans
nnd abnie ,
The rircruf i San Joaquai riot through | t ta mirror! be making g one Ii ii rid red revo'jtionsper prevails there may jet seek to explain the an association under the I lille of the "Westem .

the miudlu cf ,JeaH y for about halt its : sho'iL ji.s a gi\cn point say Natchez, once second, and the i reflection! uf t the twospaiks of oilier societies, and describe them I entirely independent, of parly influence or Land A"sociiliol," for the purpose ol

extent, and thence diverges towards Ihe I ucek 714 buats would pas that point each be on..t'i hli'lh part of the circle usages party management. [Ic will not be used to speculating \\"t.If"t Land One of the

eastern mountain; in which it h.is: its source. day, 30 boats each hour, or ahin.Ic! boat distant rrll one :another, it is obvious that for the gratification of his countrymenuiihout ,-- mild up particular schemes or particular Association certificates of lcu:1: has beta .

About sixty miles further: south in the northern ; e\ cry two rniuutes ; every four minutes one- I lie mirror Ins 'iiadi* one-eightieth: part of a; incuring he suspicion (bat he is sent to us. i is a follows :
stand If .
boat would ascend and (the other would descend ; men. asde.: they I !
end of ihe Buena Vista Let, which while Pliticalsllsl
; i r' v"IUlilll Ih. eleclill} was; passing dazzled by European lustre, or that he cannot
and from the river : so that a boat i'e: cending! i ; deserve it, they in., zet "WESTItN LISt ASSOCIATION"Be
'is about one hundred! miles long, I WCUI--hve mili-s ; al.rlh time I occupied is bthJcei .nc )
the river at the rate often miles In the hour. return to his coi/ntry will feelings it kIO\I that Lewi Coi". hears
wide. Still further south, of a office. But and will ihit-
ten to twenty Ir CIUUI' mie.-ciglnh 111..ldl" 1)t honesty fitness
I Francis O. J. Smith. FinrtMarcoe.
would meet thirty ascending boats ; ;and one affections as warm as when he. left it. Hlhbrd. .
;lIItlll".lr i IIIJ't'stl'III sid; of the valley, is second, which would give i velocity of 200, only av.iil.ible with Old) Zacli. thediy
jr.. and! Ramsay McHenry. no
Knottier and! much smaller iaUe."The descending the liver would at literate oflwcruymiles dOt) miles, per selJIIfl lepeating I the Wf think il decidedly injurious to the 25ili of April. 1836 entered into ala
ihe hour meet
cicvn h tributaries tilt its ,.a"tl'W I i side, which all rte ing boats. Time which has more length.. (coin five I to a hundied I miles. anl l Soritllinu. .
verified the prediction I that i the liip from I with little foundation in lact, as :arguments ihe Union Balk 100000. as the "Star"charges 8-2J0.06( 'for the purchase; and sale of Publii
in the r.I.U. ot the Snowy Mountains. finding the h distance between I the reflections:
Some of itt t': ** sircaiii" flow I thiou h broad Orleans to Louisville would be made in ten on ihe Crdla wall to vary in picci,ely tic* against i candidate for office The major; him. But, if he does owe it that, Lands, 'in cersainVesterui Si.itesanii.
Territories al.I the Union iircordin,* to certain
an-1 l ftrtileIIls v.jihin Ih! iniunt.tin'rauje .. days. will al!>o more than realize these cal same ratio wilh the lengths; wire i and the t ity of votes are not philosophers, and the or any other amount-what then Are we
.1 said iUi ,
anJ funn thi-jicn I ciner;in irrigaleih I Cu hat ions. Calculations made upon I the I (final; rc-ull to lie UI\'al'ing, it is (vjile.ni ihal objections against a candidate, they never to understand i as a charge of misfortune, siuned articles i by of said agreement parlies ;bearing and thai -.'
if the n'.1t'!! fjr the distanceof future; and resources of this 1'llnl'y' has been solved ilie velocity aBe
pC\t the
plains ) problem ; scale. If
been too sinaI? Tll 1iures ala measure by a graduated: we are or of crime ? Or does ihe Slat' think! prlirit'tor -lhIU"111; tlnla.ot s
twenty mi!<%s> ui tluriy miles. The lar- hl ;always of electric-it} a. c"1 tair.m'd.-1.hjcu-y; : and
of arithmetic have I the I convicted of error in a small matter, we will and $, capital whereof lie! '-igrr.ite:)
,gestof these lifers n i called by the Spanishinhabiinnis ; outstripped imagination Journal of Cummcrce.TELKOKAPH overly[ dishonesty synonymous ant :l.rl i
in the rt-riificatp has bpaid
the Iliver Keye<, :md lalis into of the poet. run the risk of not being believed wheneverwe adopt t the maxim that a poor man ought t untl.r-wrilE1 t I.

the Jake near its non htru end ; ii is aliTu' well The lands upon this great river, except : BY SfU [-\" &' hate just lo make a graver charge.: .Honesty to be il!-d anhow." But, je&iin j aside. ; ( ; ; lh- IhollsilI,1 avHgned d..11r to:b"j,4

ered stream and flows t urn n gli a eon n- ;perhaps, thrJSI"f"i New Orleans have never bf'el cal'.II by a gentleman who has cOle there a I"rl"n capit.it
are misfornines
I 11"1 is ihe best policy. Surely we are sorry to see the private Srfid) articles of <
will become the : agreement. J
been he tells
of ft'tlil'tflt l.aul '. The tributaries appreciated: ; t they visited our city the pnrpo.se) as
try great of tie San Joaq
east side. this country, I they will'besought fo af sir- I sound to an almoM unlimited distance: at Gen. Cass 10 occupy all our lime in making Brown Is admitted to be, made the subject prur* -accruing 'thereon. and lo the pl

.4 Ou ascending ihe stream we first meet able resident as well as for profitable cnl the same lime retaining the articulation so them known to the public. We have only of newspaper discussion is not decorous, merit ot a rrlpotiunaltraclpQ of the continued of the of ore&*
lure. The banks of; the Mississippi and perfectly l I thai two st'in-ling, the one in sary expenses agent
with die SlaIJH l.liJs. a rlf.n r.ipid; mountain Ohio rivers from Cincinnati to New Orleans Norwich and the other 11'1 in Boston shall be i wo months left in which we must develop and rcc do not think is exacily to (he IS't A ;"III'illiul. and) lo no other deduction.

sneam, some forty or fifty yins; wide, uillt miisi become one continued village. able I to with the same ease as I if our objections to the Democratic nomineefor of our readers.; We c.a find ample matter Be it knowui ;u1su.thit sn:;-l. stock i istn '

,i considerable depth! tli| woilt'r'lI i its i lower with & rich garden in its r..r. to which. the standing CIII\'ersC lace Id fit'e. "hp|| very idea Strikes ihe Piesidency. and urge the claims of in the measures and) public acts of the loco-1 (Viable i in whole e. or in pari! not \lesS IP
The Mormons h.ve aetlleiilcnt
portum. :.ll.-d New Hope and built -oilie painter wilinok I for ; beautiful: I landscape, us almuM prepo"ier( us ; and yet I the gen- Gen. Taylor. Let us then begin ai the foco candidates to employ our pen, without one this Ihulsanil certificate dollars said bj 'ill
two or tlutre fLu 1ItS near ilic mouth.'There and \ "- poet \il selIhe the inspiration II.m:1; .llclllll seems to be very confident greatest objections, and descend lo ihe least descending to personalities. and tecord thereof being o IJIJt bJ'i'
of the mnsrs. of its entire I lie I states that ney.
are ctui'!l.!, ahll' bodies uf fertile Iri'lirabiiIY .I and not vice a. He stands on the Democratic Secretary in itit transfer book vf the A*

land alon) ; the river and hithtr ]1aI00: .if- Susp2sIoM( B.Uge! at Niagara Falls. he has I lie necess-try machinery now con- I tr and that is a sufficient objection .Gen. Taylor's professions that he will ci.nii.n.
: strr.clirg! i iti I his city I that in a few days, platform ;
ford' good fool I ant be the candidate of no p+rty. will. il he b.
the S.
p4turagt. have Washington 19
( II lo City. I
) -
was COIII"llpl.lltd$ and, lie subjecied other II
I i n I be completed i teady lo with us, of any = I II .
Ten miles higher \\t ihe river of the wil independently elected. he lari.,1 out in parly PresiilW. I
np' bridge at the I f'.iI ll k ready for crossing on the of cxpeiimriit, \\' shall prarice-7o Secretary. ,
10 lest
'Taw.duoies n .ibuut lie sizn of the Sianishiig. consideration. Besides this, he can be proven I management or on can ever lead
; is the 4th I, of July. This will be a gi eat curiosiiy. I lie,, .t.,. what we 13 ii t. until) PQle The rnjn who as Secretary tt War.s
which it ure.nlv resniiibles, except and ; of the maintain.h.1 St(. similar to be fickle and uncertain in his political him to do t mean or. what he thinks a icrorrgthing. dilated so. extensively in t'ro l.oJ., I
ra Vil ilvilllt'Ieh'es then I a poMilon to \1
I we
Chat th f 'i"il.! !'im.\vhit bciit-r. md liuii ilp&iiicuariy ;Ih'unrtTI, f' following i. hI cc.inut that "llal so of our opillions-Ioll great a love of money and I never hrarl"r any one, however who. by that and oilier means hasaw"01lated ;
now by
jost j occupied tnnny
I base himself that after five
vmli sjlmnii.Sunn1
uunii.ti L or million'
tlie railro.i'l lirid e :- corrupt to the amount '
PO-ITICII and properly 41.
Democratic friends, here and hereabouts I of the advancement '
too envious
lUniv\ m les ".tri bs r i-oines ill1.11..1 power- minutes conversation with Gen. Taylor has thf P"1dency.
NHIII'IPI'! of cabe! <* for lui I Igi* 16. uII"r h Courier. dollars is now a candidate; for
; much the Ill g.'t of ill,. tributaries of, siraiuls in each calil, >, (;(ln)(l Ultitn'i': l'nMOII viz. a fence ;pnsiliolr.-XoTu: success of others. especially) where i may dared to propose, or even hint at. anMhinz i If. with a liigh office atof as
of the. S in )Mum. The land al.i-i 1 ,; OoOO) 1.1.. C.ljll.jl'; ; ; ol;1 I tinbinlgeSOtl( ;) A BLACK RFPCBLIc.-in Gen. Cass" conflict own $6.000, he could operate' ilms}
between the t n1'i'arirs of the Sao Jiv<(j I Inn. 111",1 !ral; s letter to Nicholson. we find a the prtjudiced to serve country ; a land-speculator
ynJ the lake of Bnena: Vista form iiie; 1 Height: olson folowinJ ., Di flees from his (Geu. Tay do with still offict*'
37 DiIIPIt, of the eahi.! I InI.: paragraph' ('upif"c from i\i iII.t1aJlan's; too old to seive :t with vigor and decision. pastoral re .int), with a "ood portion oi arable 1 : tower Ca leet 1 inch. Height of wood and folly endowed by him : lor's) presence."-Gen. Twiggs, a Dem salary of 825.000 1 I If no sense oluof'\ "
and inviti, i fi. M fo. emi > ..sS ler We append the terms of publication : his
land H very j; t'''.-r for i-y ;0 fet. I Base; of the I lower Should we 'erntory beyond the ocrat. could restrain him from conoectini'with t
11'1 acquire
tion. The whole of II ,: e.".. .1 ;li-. hl'e-II 20( sty |>H. Size ;at th" toi! 11 "q. fl.tl.: Span Hio Grillil, and Kast of m the. Rocky mountains Single copi-s, 25 cents ; 5 copies an.1 I upwards [ He '(Gen. Taylor) is ah honest man. I a secret association for the mos1P' f

.but impcifiUly explored ; en.ii'' I. h<.i>evr, 01I thf l iidg,: 600() ft'et 'VIIIIf"e fl of thebiid it is more impossible that a majority 20 cents each ; 25 copies and upwards do not mean by that merely that he does of public lands while he was a i me aOe" e
one.of stl
Js known to maUU rtiiiiu ILtI thjonti is ::((!j50() IO\ Height rrllhe water 230feet. () of the penplf u.ouf consent lo re establish 18| cents ; 50 copies and uvilrls.! not cheat or lie. I mean that he is a man the Cabinet what could be retied iI";

ihe moil deijrjiblts! regions on Depth uf water under the bridge 250 slavery.. They are a colored pop* $16 a hundred. Money remitted that never dissembles and w',o scorns all dis- restrain him from a similar proceeding (
1G cems; or
.11 Cii'. ftt" ulntion and unions them the ncero does not ffuses."-Col. Humphrey aDem. were President ? 1.' ,
"6 Iti lh. V:11..,,' of ihe rivers wu'iHi; comPo This, suspension bridge i is the most sub belong socially In'a degraded Tdce.'' by mail either in coin or Banknotes. .'arshal. Look at this thing fellow Cit1PD.9' i Ii It

tlown from th<. renl Snowy Muuiitain.'. are llI worU uf an I on the conli rnl. Ii male I If we can understand) plain English (his to be post paid. The TRADE supplied on ocrat.The above arc the opinions of distinguished and Democrats, and drritIfo1'30, .!. .

vjt bodies of pine a-rl red wood or cellar lIl head dlz;}' to look at it, and yel it is Ira- ,means; thai 1 a majority of the itihihii ants in liberal 'eIUS." LEONARD SCOTT, 79 Ful- in your own honest wind if this IdDtllf"| )

limber, and, ih to .1 r". m i afford water power versr'::1' with as much security as any oilier ihe nt'wlyacquired territory are COLORKD New York publisher. and brave Democrats, who have lating Secretary of War. whetherifll

10 any desirable amuunl. bridge ot' the samn: width. \Ve were pre- (hat I hey can prohibit slavery .and will do ton-street, known General Taylor long, and who have the crime: laid to hi* charge by HouHubb.ird -J' tl

The whole country cast of the San eni while the workmen were engaged in so, arid in fact having as much authority lo served under him during his brilliant campaigns : ; and huis' other assuciaie

: Joaquin ami the wMer rommunicaiion' : hanging t the planks over the fearful cha l. act as the people ol I ho\ States, t they may We have heard that i subscription is being and ought to know him well. I fr.uiding and swindling Ihem,is the i ifl's (

which cooneets il with i ihe lakerf, U considered i. It looked like a work of ;-ril ; but it was even prohibit the introduction of white people made in one of the Northern.cities to will elevate lo the 1're.Videnry. (

by the best jud ea lo he particularly prosecuted wilh entire safety. Not an accident I' within their domain. Is this I what Southern procure for exhibition, Santa Anna's wooden THE EPIDKMIC- .-The Hon. The association for purposes of C3pd** |
, of the vine, which IMS happened since (he first cnf.:' was Democrats 1 Is il their object culaiinn was formed when Lewis I
. the culture
nlan at
.adapted lo become one of the principalagricultural carried across ihe river ai the lail of a kite.! f fo establish a Blark Republic un our South leg. which he lost whEn running away John Norvrll, U. S. District Attorney and Secretary of War under tit'lJ.; J.

must necessarily rejoices of California." I is ilpp.sillf", to give the reader a clear I Weslerti border! And is i il: for that reasor Cerru Gordo, ;nd also i piece of the sword! ex-U. S. Senator, Hon. Lanzfng B. Mix- Cass himself the chief of the *Pf{ :

The ,produciiventss of thu region, and of i the grandeur of I ihe work Imaginea ,. Ihey are eo euthusiasiic: for Cass ?-Richmond which General Cass broke when he surrendered ner, A. Wales, Esq., Hon. Alexander Da- paid in 20,000.. anti others pai-1 ii) I1 l

the slight aud Judi agriculture which aloneisoecessary foot-bridge 800 feet in length, hung in the Whig.We at Detroit. I is supposed these interesting vidson and Isaac B. Smith, all leading Lo- making a toi..l of 120000. T"ef '
locall foith its harvests, form air, at the height of 230 feel, over ;jl vast relics will draw a crowd of curious plated capital ot S20onb: ) was nnl '
slated in the following passages : body of water rushing through a narrow understand that the jury in the case cofocos: have commenced the publication ofa The plan of the Association was -
the (arts miles an hour. H of the United States the spectators. r devoied} the lauds the West uid hold them fOil ;
of in
'l'Iit. soil of that i portion of California gorge, at l the rate thirty vs. Dallie1Daylon. campaign p pe in Del'oi, to *
below it, it looks like a paper I trial) of which Arbor increase of value.. Casa.being.Secl
the Sierra Nevada and the Pacific, you are "il ul cOlmellctd .. shall be election of Taylor- The Ann Democrat
between \V. never : official"
with suspended by cobweb. \Vhcl ihe 27ih nil., this day rendered ; verdict of .are no slavt'holcer. War, and, in virtue of his
.will in point fertility any c iis existence in principle.mil Record have: rifI"
compare (elsewhere. As I have al wind is strong, the frail, gossamer looking guilty against the al'lustd. for stealing: two \6 deprecate Gtn.Lewis ali Alleghany trpp'edC..u. having: Important advantages over
that: I have seen iud ions of it as have structure sways to and fro as if ready io slaves belonging lo Mr. Andrew Hoover of ,'MY.lur its abolition everywhere. The deserters are so numerous that dividuals. the Association gave him"

, ready described observation purl it i is unnecessary start from its fastenings' ; and it shakes from this city. The prisoner is now ou trial forstealing Cass.How loo much of our space wHuMIr occupied irol of the whole business lit a

come under my descend to particulars i extremity to centre under the firm te.Hlof three slavts, the property of Mr. innocent! how iaoulVonderif lo chronicle even the leading: : ones. the agent to make she entries of plectirm I

. for me to mul other small giains, with the pedestrian. But there i is tH danger. Win. H. Upperman.Union. lip wouldn't take a few nig&tss in ihe way "Thus by star declines. his own agent aud aitrtt'
Wheat, barley Men it with perfect safety, while f1.1 t > MMiMble for his acis. The age
inall over
be produced pass of extras ? Tilt all have paibt-U away r< ,
hemp, flax, IUld tobaccocan lo the head) of ihe timid looker-on swims with tl is true 111'11' were high and) calinnl ihe \ '>i and made purchases '"r
the valleys, without irrigation pro- done on !h hI'!* of Bucna Visia, and the latter. ,>'r

duce maize, potatoes and other Oati garden and 1 1i apprehension.\Ve saw ihe first person pass over it-Mr.Ellei and noble and precious liiood drenched the t The Boston Post (Cass paper) says- .I AH the "Star" says about Gen. Brown through Cdirection his agent, continued tof" I Imahagfment

i vegetables irrigation i if necessary.such rank- the builder. His courageous wife parched earth and stained for many a lonj; .Ci'Ti.. Taylor own 300 negroes, and has and the Union Bank, is sufficiently ''answer of the lands.

mustard grow 8p titaneo Mlywilh I ) for hundreds slf its borders.I worth ed by the *l StarV support of the great the
: '.' upon the soon followed him, and two- days p craggy j.ir.t; bougln $10,000 more. Alter several jears' delay
aeu as to be considered nui -n thro.ish: thou} I II auract.r by the novelty of the thing This pretty sentence is from Gen. Ta)- The old man must be thriving in the grand-daddy of that concern:Governor of the Association began to havpfcions 51

to oil.; I have forced my way headivhen lout TIC feaiful journey.It lor's reply to the gentlemen who presented I D "ari that there was little or oo
I of the e higher ib-u my I II the Louisiana ticda.Bfof'rt' ( PO't. Wi)r Id.
.nd* of acres \i" worth a trip to the Falld to see this him
I oat
liorstThe grwI
I mounted oo .




i I Ii II I

I .& .,,.

1 _

-- u_ -- .- ... '- '\ .

--,-: .
.._ if'Y- I'w, .:
: : 0. ;_. S 10'





thing for their j STATE ELECTIONS. .an-c.____-__._- ... .
-- -- -
-- --
getting any North Carolina -------
eftr their .
ibeir electing Governor anda and confederations -_ '-- I
I 31 rlflHOL AH, were Ibtir ohio applicalioDi avail. Nothing|0CJSS sal-for j Telegraphed for the Baltimore Sun majority of the Legislature by a reduced friendly lo the, yet cans on. of the order.whtialtcere :n-l-. t ih.-y th- lj" 4 L;.. aI' iu.tj '. 01', lT :11 C I C. : :.1 .i t.. ;tiTHE I.i 1 C :

0 could be learned from him. After Indiana. majority.TeIeMphed t government had derived valuable suppoiiJr..ui : L ":'J -

:!zctorl with each other they appointed MADISJH. Aug. 8-7 P. M. tii'-n. I MARRIED ')'-'0'1'I I I Ii ". ". : .

.<** IIIiO Henry Hubbard. one of their own The returns from the Indiana election, for Baltimore: SJH. The Latest Market n ptJrt3. i PRIVATE MEDICAL! COMPANION. i iI % W_ I _.! .
U. S. Senator for members of the Buffalo Conv JUon. LIVERPOOL CORN ., .
SOlb rand then or amen Legislature are coming MARKET. July 22.- BY IR. A. :.f. MAC?:ICr. t., .' '
Galli look after theirIDert'1 in slowly us usual. I BUFFALO. Aug. 9-10 A. M. The market kepps firm and I 'I
;w Hampshire to annex all that have yeslenl iy'i prices fRCF:aSOP. OF DISEASES CF .. ":.:E:. I .b--criber respecting: mforns: the cilJ.er : -

I 'irt'I' certain if Can and his agent been received up to this time. A large gathering amounting to over remain unrlnnged. Tb blJsines" '.''me. I Sixth} Edition HMO ''. 230. P..':'' SI '! <. )> '"> Anl.ie'iiccla; :' ti.iit he intends to re.er...

i' by them fairly' .nd honestly. Mr.KrJ In JeffVraon county the entire whig ticket 5.000 men ;assembled meeting, this morning ha*, however been small. The weather is I TWENTY-Fiy THOUSAND COPES: SOLD rr.e-ir. givi:.! Mnic Le- lt.s. (f'r the cn.ner
correspondence with is elected for the and favorable fur ripening the Ki'-ith-: ,) r. mini': cir vn M>-rda
ripened a legiIature-no change. were addressed in an excited stiain gnin I IN THRIEIOiiS: : : ; >,3d July. .
8 effort lo In Washington LONDON MONET 'I; '.-_.? titrrir-'J- '2knj Its* !,* tn I thMfllovr.
distinguished MARKET.
iu every get any by 22.-A
hut failing county a whig is elected speakers. July I Year of s'lffdin nl ph>:ir.ti a-id metal aneuih i io
c* he wrote a firul letter to the Senate The convention (tall hll9 taken place in Consols and .. < inst'ur.eiiSi ir.i-h> (;'I\tar. Flat, Violin. .
v 'a from him. -a whig gain.In meets this morning, and .it thit'IluriC .. ,
: to miny at .iff-ctio-utp Hf" fd ye<*u-i: .rvdiific'iltte ('I en r or Alt'. V: l.n) .r.rl1' I I.: rtllo would dow
pili the Hon. Secretary of War Ihal Bartholomew county the whigs hare will have completed their organization ;a.hniit, we wriie they art bein;: sold ;it 8G| ;a tl to
to t'"thu: -bir.d.: cigh j !h-sve bcei"pared apply sii:, a* they "tin tave the pmi
iJllilrI"rasca1.; and the Hon. Secretary wsf"18 also gained a senator.In noon. The business nf selecting a.Free Ite of .tlr tir. : the f i ur- which suit their

d silent under the charge. Mr. Wayne county the whig representatives Soil candidate for the Presidency will then LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. July 22.- by a thnMv po---. si'-, ct thu wt rk.It : Ciivern>nc* MIMIC l :"mi-ht'lp! it required tray: at 8

q11ttL "* 'harped him with swindling his are elected by"a reduced majority.In probably be entered jnio. It is supposed The market i U nieady. to clay; .md sales to is ititcndcil i esoechlly! for the can -d, or p' r If.rltlrrd.f: r ay ci, the a-jcve in'trurr.enU.

I1gb"ar. ... IInd I I h eon. S eerPlary. inread Fayette county the democratic sheriff generally that Mr. Vvn Buren is to be thenomif a moderate extent are coins forward. The the CTitemlatin nirrmaz.'. RS it di
cia'! fibibitinz' resentment attempt- is fleeted, and one whig reprf' enl:1til'. ee.MiIt sales are likely to reach 50QO bale No fsT.-H which should be knoxvn tn themparticularly. I will he rt.<:te! Ji r f:.- icar.ce, exc -

flu innocence admitted by his In Marion : jades, collected new feature. ?;'t itrIJh protrted sick- .*.
rofe his Bounty one whig and three some by curiosity' Fo'ilf.. .
t to" of the accusation andy democrat and others --- extrj qu htv of tpd riun; ard No.
jll, iicp are elected. by sympathy with the movement, Truly knivld2e is It .
Ibe The Black Costaie pcwer. is hel h.happirks 4 I, 5 ar.'l ACut MrarfTrr.M" .
Admlttai.We .
,,\\fDce .h1; tile Association has not I I MADISON, Aug. 8-8 P. M. are aiming into the city. Buffalo is literally find :, aG'j?nce. -i.10 f'r e::|I.t selc rf tUG Ieictgeici
'"" any llime oUt. of him. The a r/ovmg mass of humanity. this pan graph la tIme Wheeling :: v\" Ic r .-.
I ble oee following additional returns have The: revelations contained in its have ; cour.-e to f\\jCSth; Ac.t.
bev? iiu'horized' 10 make this stateh just rome to hand from the -- Times of tl.eS'li. 1 jest. : p3ze3 "Ap; I li< 'if':. at riv m tr.ceb i Balr-ll s idif: !.
are neighboring
"7e member of the Association, a counties.i Most Important from Ir&and. The locofoco prived a blesin.i tr th"iiaind: a tha innumerable T C I'NLER-.OCD.
bJ a The latest recehrd El'ctrir papers stoutly deny that letters recived by the a'jth'ir will atre t. Apzl -hi..I i r Jcrre .
: iln' "ho |pilid! isio-iniothehand() The counties of Jennings, Hendricks. term/ news by Gen. Cass ever wore the black cockade ;in > l lip 154*;. 22.t

PJI'OI; his aent. and has never teceived Morgan. Vigo and Putnam have all elected Telegraph and Special Express at Liver Ohio. \\"' .10 not know anything about the H':r',al.1, every fai7 al?-the wife the n.thcf. A tare, 1 t f hs::!:':(,: Berks .'cr ?L! aLuvi"'U "

hn2. .h t"'r in consideration of his \Vhi! representatives.In pool. at ihe moment of the Hrjinrture of themTicafuT matter ; but Job Stwnbcrry: Esq. of this the ne either buJdinc i iit9 vomarhoodcr i : the :' < h :' r :-.:!e. -1

IDJ! Our informant! request u*. if thedrnifd. Tippecanoe county two -fpmocr\'ir the New York HtraM. ciiy. who knew Gen. Ca'N"pry itiliirntelj.in o-ie in the decline of, '\earsjnviKnnature! contemplates Tt> Let.
; IS to rail on Hon. Henrj i barnburners have been elected by a I largemajority. DCBJ.IV July 21. Ohio iu-'cfl. often sf.pt.it! ;,. ad mI' I an impnrtin.t cha:iije-ca'i, discover the THE HnTJ..1 I t.ly J I tr.ov.n.s ?h?" Dew
,1IIc statement of ihe truth-tof VIe almost in ; that Gen. C.s.; ; did iii tJi.i.! ffii: ;' jrl ." Pri'.t 51 :1 !'..} fI'.: idte1y.
for a ir this; W..r
b3rJ are a suite ofeice : cock.iand ". cvj >?*,:1'ffi.ltfffi: ,on i the no=>r efrcer.t renie f t. sad rrub ,

em. Del of him I ihe publication of the letters !.I In Henry county a democratic: senator cny. To day ;i proclamation: was i supJ moreover thai} h<* hniise.'f:! tire 'li! ? ., rmst certain mode of cure, in every (,JmI 1\11) 11-; ; .f w.r.49 HO Watcr-t. E.

Massed, brtweu him and I Cass, parlicuf" i i" elected ; the remainder of the delegationis by the Lord Lieutenant (for both the county same. He describes.them t very minutely I -
I hint to which her sex i is subject. .
the letter to the Hon. Secretary ( ftharMoe whig.In and city of Dublin calling upon all persons from :i retentive memory and says thry cost I I-'IOSCctU5.. .

.art with villainy in all its forms. Montgomery county the result is doubt to deposit and leave at the respective police tenly-five Ct ols. Mr. S. is an ardent supporter Or\ the receipt nt On? Dollar, the Married I The V'n.r.'rj*!'* 'drt\ vi rrarkliu Ccur.ty

enrhipe a ropy of this lwl'erl0 fill. stations before the 25ih of of Gen. Cass. and 1 WOffi1n's Private Meiical Com-'ani'n" will be t' nh
\\t lill on or July 'otJ en.)3 that he Crop's? ) : i!-i in the cifv it At; abet'IN t r.,
GqO. CMS. and if he has anything to say. In Randolph and Hancock counties the inst., all guns pistols, and olher fire-arms ilor-s not see any harm in a blak cockade. I sent (mail dfTel) to any.part rf the Ur.ifed i alter thr tst day it f \n"l t ,:.xl. u tt'8f..

le! bIflI 5prk out or authorize some of his I democratic candidates are elected. and) all swords, cutlasses, pikes and i hit yo.rlets. The Locofoco oran at \VJ(!'ninjtm. a:I- I States. AH letters must be addre'ed, n-st-paiJ, I during rrc Pr-s!-r.fijl! Cdnv.i"S, tha? wll .doLe

a'jsto) \ IIpt'3k: out for 111111. i'd' r. H ubbard. MADISON. Aug. 8-9 P. M. and all gunpowder and :a ammunition on mils that ( '<. wore the bl.tck ro" :\aUwhile I 11'1 Dr. A. M. Maurireau, Bis 1234, .N>.r Y rI!; i care for the- Frs'dencv a: d Vice Prc>;.d.,.cv tha

!J :b!;C are aware, is a prominent Loco pain if convicted of being imprisoned two he lived there, but Irui or;;.iu contends. IjMr. C.ty.: Publuhins! OSce, 123 Librtv-str! { ;.et,Now :i nnrfilHe the t.f the B..ttrl't rC.nver.tt..r.. r.tI:
The returns are in from as no'Mr.peg "I the D-n.rcrattc .
nd wi1lhe man that; nominated Mr. corning every yearswith or without hard labor. Sfanberry. I"allh"re. I State C 'fVt'I1-
toplk'nibe Convention four point. no .IIHi..r Yrrk. M3y 4. 16-r. tioa, and that will i u-. alt !1.t"\I: s,i' 11S -tricllj uri
Baltimore years The police, who are armed with cutlasses harm in a lUcU cockade. The \Virnin!
: on adv'iciiteot th f .
Washington and Jefferson counties givea I ? I j rincii llf's L'fSi .r.lt v. _
whig majority the Senatorial took up a number of pikes and guns to day organ actually insists that the black ocki \he j Notice. The Daniorra.-v: n r.k C'our.tv. ar.J- ct \\-ut
ro.Ii .as ball l enough in all conscience for 541. the entire ticket ticket of .. throughout the city. never WHS H badge; of Fedeinliaai: ; but si.'n- ; A LL ner ) .s having claims against the c-'ae I Florida tf'rH-dli"- e Lbirm.d ti.'der: lt inron-

the hp J uf the W Tdr Department to become gain whig being elected-awhia An application having been made to.Jndjze ply meant patriotism : jli. (.f Jruhui cte\"e:-.n, deceased, ar- r"';UTPf I Veer t ft t* 1i \\\1tlW a publ.c :rir.: in all

mFmher of an association for speclIl.tliu Washington. Perrin. presiding at the Tyrone assizes. to We havf he-ird a great: deal from Loco i i .i'f's ,-.r;t t'f ="-)" \\.1' j'h." ti"." ".r'''' rfVdhv : : the' lop. ...-.. dt'clil.r "L th' Sat v ; ond t.ilto

I, !j!d-to use the advantages of his high In Jennings county the majority on the admit Mr. John Martin to bail he refused foco.4 about "old black cockade Fe'lcrili 1i I Ir.v, 0: eie they will IIP !harred cf recovery. I hid tne rnurtiScatiun ft kntwirj tnt whea 11

tit. one of the very highest in thf Gov- senatorial ticket is 300. the same, uid strongly censured the conduct i ,m." anil blue Ii2ln Ffiltralisfn." Now T. H AUSTIN: Adrniniifratcr.1.1 taNehrod! had beer circuialid, tl.ev: hate t.d t.omediuru
Pep !' I" ; ': % 1'j, 1S-J5. "-2m thrush which
lands.: t through the tt.-v nisf.t icelc N-r *
,mrntCI. fur monopolizing of government for allowing f. they tell us that the black codntIedS _
Kentucky.LocisvilLE. c-rrecti-.n. ; a".d deerr.ir d.-o lh.it 1 Lie ,
of an immense rapnal: to ihe great Martin ihe of from New. merely an evidence of ac'J : cor.f atj
privilege writing patriotism.
:he use Aug. 8-9 P. M. no Bay Water.TrExcHE's j biii-! lair i'> he'vll cn-? .- ted <>ri both "idf'. ard
iluniae iud detriment! of the poor I have but few rate to the Felon. doubt they will t t.-l| us next that the blue :.I tn&t! Wr ar.d .,
(! additional returns of the Double! Dialled Bay \Vater, ItrsUby : itt; t.f'rl d. rii( ;, \\ >li be accfta-
tl1r.4n:, Siuli sin opeiatmn m HIlI I -arl first day's voting. The Nation makes its appearance again ." said 10 have been exhibited for the, 1. I 1 ble to the r.ease. we ttir it uc! i. a jrentruiw. p'ib.

1 Ilht S..crf'In; '' (ifVar.. would h-ive been.Ifjitt Barr;, county gives Criilen.dena majority to morrow. Its leaders are as usual to the benefit of the British! in the last war was July 17 H. F. AEELT4'I I 1 i, lie, and particularly Democracv, rf this St te.

IIllhe utll'llI" I .I censunble. even if of 365 lor Governor and Monroe county point. and equally spicy as to felony." alone nn evidence of pall fti .-Louisville --- -.- I THE STAR or IHE T.\"IT," ..kn? ttr'er.r.

!bm told *h.. -n iioltitnj\ : clisih',nrj.t or unfair 69. Mr- C. C. Duffy (from his cell in Newgate, Journal. \;iT ITEMORE'S Concentrated Y pet able I OB
iht511';,'mr'H of his a< nd.lh's ; but if it LOUISVILLE furnished, an article headed Casus Belli" V Syrup. a sure and effectual: remedy lori i "Tn'c ST\K. cr THE WTST" wi!! t!e u .dt'J

,"ala'I.! a! tharetl I. that to I the monstroustijroimeiv Full Aug. 8 9& P. M. ;in which he reviews ihe course adopted by CAS IN Ii.LI OIS.-A I letter writer horn i rrh"'t :and Dowel corri ,lairif. f>r jjf bvjnly the Editorial charge ct" a c">n.miife? to be a-
return< of t the vote Monday, ill* r M. F' HKLLCloths ; poinfeil by the ( fr
h.imrlessness of enteringitioS'Jrh Chicago : \ Democracy i> :riktm; Ccur.tji
s ; firM ? 'SJ't'CIl1..tilln.lhl'' S retai: VIf. addftl from ti.v I '"..I''owing counties. f-ir rel'f'fli.Iul observes it is a solemn and There has been no Gas latification nil :l:'l 4;; -j"')".:'. c-f this Stare, .r.d a rf vi.w
mme I rrii' T'!leii'.j itMJnrity in Bourbon roumvE re-ronsihiliiy to
.. "v.esh\ 1 ; (Irtt-rvpsao! iimnottaliiv iuinjLSjM.iE i. ,,iO : ,n FranUm,' 160() ; Barron 3C5 ; nod peril it- hopes on the batttefiei.t i -.erIn :. ":; ', :1 mRnanemptii can m.ike it mJ" \ I.J; 3 pcs. super !n%rain Carpeting..4It ; |I at the thrice ot S \eflt?.fiv. Ce-nts fir A su.gl

!}". ....'I itwitig I c"II lit It-j. not fully I returned. il I them, 'in f.ill I to pieces by d}:. ;.'.>' rir\' :;c ""' .1 failure. The Gener.'s! fuinous J 2 0:, Turted Stair R-JJS. j,t copy ; t1!!rc: c,.:
--- -' ill'.- Criiienden : rot. ol inaction ; to see them lostviihc,ui* I !-ier to I the Chicago Conv nti-m is hawked; f r Fu :r Ilhr. ; ten copies!tor F.f Dollars ;
\ : F..O.M Tfii: 1' KSIDL: >T -Then.rs. IMHJ.M :::j.Shelby 300 ; Forale b..; WM. G. PORTER &. CO. and any nusibcr i-vcr the alwvf at ,the
)nt..1..1I1jO ; Lwi 36 Monroe 69. hflvor.or. sympathy, rr the ch.itiLe of rrdempliunIo..t about out St reels, i ill hook fri rot, of aliont the Dc '. i 41 Watj -rrret.Trusses J'P ; sarr.e r"f.s.
rtSldl'fll. 2e on T t.-i.t iy !O C, f'Pors"sI.IIIf' size of :1011 I :;1r. re fiTir; tf-i PH. ; clu3 ,iapleotir
bJ is rnadf
P.?we"'. 'emocrat has :i majority of 100 hj snrne' fatal cowardice or a penny : mailer of ridicule procure 5ubrcnb '.
<'r", lId
B..hlfl.rf'un: .. rb! 1 t.'. ;t-: :'::d.! ; '.is Bounty. for Governor.LOUJVJI.LL. incapacity ; that i is the hell in which there at e' cry pabliiv! political mtin return ti.3 side addros.-ed 'o receipt: r sspr.d

:t.wriK to the enq'-iM," of ft-. 5.:"fI't': -1:1' Aug.. 8-10 P. M. is no coniolation." Referring to the revolutions On the fourth of July, ib.it Sl'l'Iioll< of ti'e! S'ru.. :l 17 and double, tor sale J.by C. ALLEN.Vermifuge. .i R. J FI.OYD fc Cc., .
which have taken place in this me- democratic PartY which .symp.'thisfs; wit hi July 6. 1ca. Ar-.l j--.
:;ji he In* IU! Mitiiiinai. : .r: I '.1? ;tiy ( itzrn ;In L' ;-Jvne.: ,! uj.! 10 the close of the 2d niorablo year of 1848 and glancing at their the barnburners: of N.\V York had a m.i-s I I lt. Fa ._

ITi7.'"lj' tilUi :!'*-<' .-tan's h orats. -.' f1a\ C. r.itcudeij's majority for Goveroer iso results Mr. Duffy proceeds : At I length, meeting. on the public square- everat -'FTI'cEB'S CjiuJia, Vermifuge, for -nle by II I IVoticc .

ow i '4- ,: or i iu 1 t .>-.* 10 prepire.nin 0< /%. with clear deliberation and full knowledge thousamS-s of all parties"t're present and 'V'v '. ', t t'7 H F AR'.LL. i,f- CAPT. BE:;]. HOV.'APD i ij my arhnized
In Jefferson Criitenden's nt dunr; n.y abj-n-jf !Iff'o .h SrreI .
c county majority ol all the perils and all the s-oine 'Mr speeches w. re made thosp "
., 'tt': t.rate J Iatf'-. .:, rxpeilitioti ton rf'spnn..ibilily.but by Dru! s, llcdicsiic-s? A t.l.nniC:1lo.. .I I I "JOII"7.. n.s.r.CCCK.pahchit'd.l. .
is 200. with assured faith in G d's who have always h -eti! fore hn" considered I
: providence n
I of Dru i, Medicines ai.dj .\ Jur.e
.i.nnzeljj. lorce part of the He A FRESH supply i I. 1545
any and the justice of bid the leader: of the There i is I from I' .
our course we England p.irty. very j .J-:\ C' cn: meats r.u-v landing :n.irh. Kefoin,
I /.i:' of Mexico. The Naijocal: Inlelli- Illinois. : choose speedily between concession little duubt that. Northern Illinois will i t throw I and f.r silp. hv. i rVoisce.

L" -rr cY4 : Tie first probably lh.it our ALTO. Aug. 8-7 P.. \f. and the sword. \\"e formally proclaimed a a I larger vote lor Van Buren t 1 1.10 fur Cas.'C1IRILLIO ." i ):w U J. C. ALLEN COL. \\-:. H. HUGHES i i'J m- jjgett trit
The vole for Governor is all ou one side -- .&.. ".jI ;-- ubser.ce trotn the Stalt- .
will bear of the affair war of independence, and t the time now i is. '.1. "t--CE_ CH .1'-U'C. .
uotfrr.ment officially in ihis Slate there being no whig candidate. A 'B1,,'.'. :"Oie fuilr., ;! I .r r.\ OS.h':1... HENRY G. GUYON
when that pledge: must be promptly fulfilled )VE:>TD .1_ tt''n. '(,' a'rtFd!, I
hel from ihe Sierra Madre a r.rrBr,, T. Anahchicr'la: May 23.
.11 piopositjou Augustus C. French. democrat has been > IS-b.
so ( ur'V"
or as formally dishonored." The, article I The P.IJ.t! UMn letter. to a friend in Philf j f !lfr.c.; &:. r old"| ,1.\. --" X .vear.d I -7 r"
..\ ilw\ hUIteh" :Ire! th.ee or. four .yearsteice. elected Governor and Wm. McMurry Lt. concludes wish for i-" i- '11 .. v I Q DENEZET is ay authorized l .'t dulCfc'Apa'.achic
E the
C. I
by expressing a I adeljllia.!; from "f'I. jr., hold aichj- -.T! 1. 'r c nr'I I
Jute annexed to our Untan." (ioveinorFor I t porlaiion rather than \<\n.ur lit action, and : -' D.-, sit A .U, July 5, lS4s.
--, members of Congress th. canvass '! of England. Icel of the Wheeling ilfIIl1.I ignra su-;jjensioo i '3C by E. .McCl'LLY( I
Cotton. has Uen spirited. In Je Davies county club bjuva ny the nii'.imy power biiJ:t-*, "li ch fur a ftal of culm, cooj) i FOR 11 50 \.Ier ,1. I) w. CULLEN a ciy allhrizt:1lgt.t: c.

E. D. 1l.II..f'r. 1 : II.-: .F.! o r.'iCd tr,tu time .to.AFaaTiccl3 .
W. h"'e Ilren I.pruillf'd 1y a pUlin.I fur Cnngre.c-a whig, Ins iI .mai... iril g "fiin. Thention aUo continues its pr..ctlcalInstrUl'tioni daring, we l"iuit would be difficult lo j B>:>'-:.!ess aad Prime, 'I' 3 :1. P. ELLIS,

-oIL n\a the lllledg,' 'ille Recorder lo cor.-p'. Harris emo. in military affairs, and among .excel : ?1rk-Dq dRr.nd -> June 15,1543.SEF.N'EZET .
In Metianl: J r.onnt> .. I Navy Pi! t. for a1e bv I
an. __,___
.. _
ih ; ; of letter him .f directions how polished arms NIAGARA FALLS July 20 1543.
.t InlJimi'ig xlr.l.1 a :o .rat. has '-j''r"> II oilier explains .'\ nf.T-v f & Co.

..,. G. B. L 11litr Esq., meow residing il'l], In Sangamon county, S. T. Logan whig, are to be preserved in a damp or underground This iiiorniiig: I laid t the last phrik of\.1\ -Dc3: :> I IBailc"s : is-:ry fraQ!ufy! the jurhor'S .,1 A est

his a majority of 260. I position ; suggestion as to window i my fool bridge on the Canada; side! and I 1".111 j Tonic Iixtnrc. I ce ! V* York "wI'foll known "in this SI- 3 ud exinct m-t 1 R. C. KEn!_
'Ie'l ALTON Aug. 8-9 P. M. grenades ; how to break down a bridge: or drove over ;uid buck; again III a buaaj. Five rpUS is a vaiuil>compound "
|i r.tb' iews ID ufercuce to the ('utI t rebuild! one. am1! how to blow! up a budge ; hundit-d feet of the bridge was without railing 1 Cinchona aid R'ibra, a x-c-i.-taMe :tebritueftt I Jane: 12, I5b. 2-2-2
i is elected I to Con- Sold
whig bv
E. D. Baker, the cure of Fever a.dglJ
sa-l: : rl. u4! the probable) \ future pike. He whig eain. -ith'practical jemarks on gunnery.A on either idt1) horse though spirited H. F. ABHLLTIHD Snat1.S .
I in the sixth district' being a Jn-ie l-j
"rtiripj'n. on -isuts advance! should tFrf-s Harris the democratic candidatefor letter from Wateiford states that 1 thai went :along quietly. touched! up 1,1 casmnally : I COTCH Sr.jff, ;:n bi.,..d"r, t for sale by
T. L. i is greatly excited by the proclamationUsued with the whip, just to show him Uolas" July 15 I!. F. -VCELL.
that ihe has city
'4e m Europe! be restored new ronan- in ihe third district a ma- tierces FlonJ
torn down and him > U <;it In-Jitrs 51 -
notices are
against i.l. the that he was: in command give cou-
".I> ,,ill iikeU! command fr' in 8 to 10 ('ts.SuspftuiaiKins. j..rity. ol 20 in Menard 40 in )Morgan. 60 in Mr. Meaaher has issued :. ",0 ,r !."' h n. KLL''ON t CO. Boot and Shoe Mimg.rIHE .
Scott.S. as soon as put up. rige. Dc-c <"'orVa r. ir I f '" -t'ntt : st.tscribeH!: have entcu-rt i. II. ;i' tteerL .
80 f.ir. have certainly 'been! a counter pioclamation in which he calls Oi: returning I directed one cf the drivers -
T. Logan whig candidate! for Congr.s' '* -' I L 5 i:/ i-; tr.e above buiie.nd le tHTntljfsolicit
i.;aed. as tire article has. since the dateD in the eevenih district! has a majorityof upon his fellow-citizens to imitate the men lo bring on his team-a two horse closed TOOTS, Sh-i#" arid Brzins:: ov thee; a: s-rws c-t publ.crftf "..... All url

hm letter, cutmtiue/i improve. Tazewdl -he is probablyelected. of Limerick and Tipperary ; to be firm and carnage: weighing altogether over a ton ) ID Women's Show and Ba.w.s ; don bv t ein wsll be neat and tn.ale, a ibeicchars
00 in county steady and to organize calmly speedily and a half. I took his: place on the bor. and jfrove j Men'd, Boys aud Youth* Brojan* : j in co.Lrniifv.vjth t.t! f u!-r:'.* f tile

I Mr. Meagher. in mockery and bai.k. The horses went 4' fine3w'dErcg1n3. tjr. .. A. K r. VRUAX.Jav :
1848. 1 anti fearlessly. '! over qui- e- .
NKW YORK. July 14. the legislativeticket I
In St. Clair whig .ed Boots
county o' the castle proclamation put at the foot t-tly. The flooring is but EIGHT FELT Aler.'s ps; ; 3t PC K.M.Y.I2itrrs. .
IV the 1st July UtwfloMcir.g. I elected. Wi.lt'.1 *8 fit* sewed 3orts : I
np.'srrfEurollP In i ii "
but speculators will keep the I of .his address God ave I the. peJ1 I e. 220 feet high. 7G2 fet-l long and \ Rinset Rro ans. f*'r ale by S
I Felon had not made its such torrent as never "
The Irish appear. railing: over a joii B.ELL-ONCO "
titeI 1 from %lowfr pines, I think till po- Missouri. '. tL K:.' cH ..ratd A r nutic Bitters
and will see anwhere else I Water d fre-t > nfj.. D .
P. M. ance. saw. never i HJC 9. "r. > tivJiIy
*laffairs! in Europe become settled anti ST. Louts Aug. 8-8 of the Bank j v- : f( : r-
We have received the returns K:
''p!K the 'Ifginmaif' ; demand will oct ynljwain The democrats) have carried Si. Lnuiicity do iIarm.hat do think Sal loldBllhbes Ned I Dry Goods. t S F AEELLJU
of France this inoruii."'!. l but they notposses you __ _
--- -
: hut rnh. nte prices. and majority of 200, though : ?. Ta-ki:'u'Cotr," O 'ahnnrs .
: | .
cOI"'t"Yl The when spaikm'
new fratiuc of interest.: : last night. was a I DRILLING Flauiel-, BUikots : { SU':2C SVa(( :.
any Jt-ans, :
"He I prospectt, of ihe rowing crop being ; the returns are imperfect. of Paris was quiet. h'r1 Shut up. rhi'd' ; what'' af you talk! Kersevs, Siee'n Check', I >T rt.vfcci It.,. ji. t. i -* It\
l irf city i T..ve'1irti'g-', *
and the person very early tend to prw -- The great Barnburners' Convention assembles I ing about I !" "N". but I heani her: -I did. .I Dehi, Hipry:, &/ &:. v-. H f A BE LL.
Continent. Calicoe", -
and the delegates Latest from the Ginghams I.
*neruldtion now in this but in this city to-morrow The she kimler (ell S --
country ; She t ole N"II! Bobbles that u B. ELLISON & CO
1 at t Unnc occur in injure Ihos.. will at are arriving by hundreds. LONDON. July 22, 1848. _"' Hush. you little rasc-.1 !:hu-.h. or I For Dfr .n.1 C -, -tnr ... 'ain Killer.

IpC.lu.e the present cff'p'f'slerl: l rates 10 he The New York. and' Ohio delegationsmeet \Ve have received, advices from Paris 1'lIlale akin off." and poor Sally; looked PRRY'D.1'.1il Kmr aV h*
r'&f'd 25 to 50 cent., evening in rooms in the slate thai I Pmmcen.QtVAIM H i F "ELL
per according to this separate dated yesterday evening. They ns red as a boiled lobster. Oh git out. received .
II.t Ultlll of the injury. University Building for the purpose of pre. and thit the Nat jonahAsseniutly She li! Ned Bobbles she & HOUCK'S Fauacta. just --
I t the city was tranquil Sl I-I I will tell O and for sale[ by ?I list ard.
ttSlock in Great Britain. 1st Jllly. wal. liminary disc.unsiqn. would authorize, in a ft'w.ditY5. kinder felt sheered in death and tickled I tuo.'" Feb 17. AKLLTrusses. SPLENID ir-u: if (.t GratiC'J Mt"nd! ,

American. TII,1.i The streets in the vicinity of the UniversiIy. the Government 10 contract: a ",ln.'o. acerta A tiM Ix:', fIr altf by

-.';. ) 737.00tAjamst in which I the Convention isio assemble. n ext tnt. The amount not specified.: \. Cabet has written In Gen. CavVignac.requesting I AprlI2i FI r AH':.._
: ) wjth flags and banners and I m of ihe South American I to Texas I TTULL'Ssuperior single and double Trussts, _
last adorned I The cOtnhlilt tee t ; : him to lira a passage --- -
year. 384.000 570) 000 front of the University is a full I J length I pur I- hond-holders, have leceived a letter from fur a colony of Icarians. 3!. Cabet proceeds 1 JTi for sale by (olil Pens. '
consumption and export have been rail of Mr. Van Buren. Lord PalmerMon slating I that I'!r. Adams. l along with lhm. I Fe:I IT H F AP ELL, A FEW of XV- J.." itt c- ..n.ther: s'r'eti-:

eqt t to 23.000 American ami 26.000 total Mr. Van Buren ,doubtless receive the the Charge tl'Affair.; ". has give his promise -- 7 -_-- '"Snuff.- -i. Gold; P'njj'M .cCe veJu. t' r lr bv

irPpk. fur 18-1B against 16.500 Ameri- for President but the clUdldalenommallon have the claimadjusted.. Married, I and 5lacjbm, in bottles tnd blad- October 21. J C ALLESCiarct
to.. to
and S'OTCH
22.700 total lat. year. for Vice President is not yet named. The Havre cotton market was pretij In Qumcy, '-n the 2d tn.-t., b}'the Rev. Er Rut- I r, ceivtd arid fcr sale! by .jJlc.- -- -
GTh"'f': rr 120.000 bales on the lo here tnmcht. Ff l ? H F'K7.LL
is expected
I way Some fine speaking brisk. Irdse th" lion GE'iEi S. HAWKIN! *. (,f this city O X rT OZ. .*'.;.Eniir T.ihl ll.1r.r. reccirtd per

.,."-IU. '_ n, and probably 100.0CO of .he as both the New York_ and. Ohio. delegations At Amsterdam, the.,Bourse, ..was, dull I anil I to MiSS MAUY R. EhocsENBaornH, of Tihlahsee. DI' VrojUriiJl'sVorui pi-cilif j: -'I 01'\ J-! )terev aii'l ,or siif l ht'
: on chipboard and on hand will fintlIIhal have handbills out for meetings$ in languid and prices rather fleCllurn- -. I A SAP si ;.d t ttLrier.t remedy fr oirns, tcr I Iri May 13 E McCULLY. 00YaUr t.

"" there, and perhaps 100.000 of the the Park. The delegates from other Stales Accounts from Palermo state thai the s I -_., -- \ saUSyFob I -

-hlcb trop wiil prior ,0 je| js January 1849. .also hold meetings to-night at different' Duke of Genoa had been elected.Rumors Died, 'I I 3 J r LLEX. I i :acon, F Gnl', ::];:ir, Coffee uud

nule the statement thus : places. are again in circulation that the In Trtllahasspp, orsyhe 1.lib of July of Confine rrhe Indians9 Elixir. aa,
American. Throughout the city up to the present Dutch have refused lo ratify the teims of 1 Fever Mr (HI-RMANS BERNRMJTER agd A CERTAIN remedy for chill :and fever for A LWAYS on ha.C, ai.d ti s' le !f-w t.y
SDk lat of for president and Deu- and resident of this / A. De.- 23 I! llrCULLY.
Oa July, 526.000 time, no one is seriously spoken the armistice between Germany ibout 33 years formerly a file: "y
the lea. Buren. though opposition J C ALLEN'
120.000 Mr. Van Feb 3
OtheStock( but the mark. :1'1. r Bernreuter was a native (.f Cnenach, in Sivayn A Wisiar'sCOMPOUND .
0ftew 100.000 to him is expected from Liberty'party. The British Parliament. Saxnny He came lo this country fi-tir year .gi', OIL, just receivedand for sale b> / S.nr.t: ; V\ ito Ch,rr> j\st received -
crop. 100,000 846.000 LONDON. July 22-12 p. M. ;:ind obtained a situation Leader of the Sd Artillery !- SALAD I 17 H. F. ARFLL \ > and tor sale by

bSumptmon and export 26 Wf'f'UI. Four delegates' from Maryland reached HOUSE OF COMMONS.-Lord John Russell United States Band at F-Tt Mnullne, Ch. rle I Frb 17 Ii F A BELL.

born hI July to Ut Jan., 1849, here this e'venlna. and being from a slave addressing the House on leave I ton[ : he remained there about one year, and was P 1 1 Cs.fyTCIIETTScelebrated. -_
is of tlu! ts
now Band city <
the Brass
then employed by for
considerable Spanish: Specific, Xeu
126.000 cu- Orleasav Suur.
676.000 with of all '
per week State are looked upon to bring in a bill for the arrest persons their Leader and Instructor and !lfofto..n flt'rtht'
rioMiy. One of them is expected to act supposed to he disaffected towards the government. expiration of his engagement for Tallahassee, H f' AEEELOFFATS :: HHDS. [pm.t N. 0. Su.ar, rcreuer per acLrJ

** of Amer.. 1st Jan.. 1849 170.000 with the liberty party. -v His speech so far, is loudly where he was en azed in te.ching music when LIFE PILLS AND PHCENIX Monterv rui t"rs.Ieby
with which proved fatal. May li E. McCTLLY, 50 Water .
IfcnVfc attacked the disease 3t.ASTI
and for sale
L ; of of full House.In i. 4'I BITTERS just received by
? 270.0CO bales only meicoCot,017. cheered by a pretty He vit: be rc-rn.mbered by his acquaintances -
in LiYerJl .(I. while it is exItl NORTH CAROLI ,.-The following additional the House of Lords. last night, after here, :ies* for hib ran- attainments' in bih the art _N-.v yi J C ALLEN. (" LE Soap for sale! by

i others from the markets, would have been received of the : Lord Glerigal had brought his observations awl! .--cieuce of inuic, thdn for his frank: confidIng Tanners' Oil, '_S5' l-Vb-21 H F ABELL.
""ft ( returns followed by Lord Broug- nature and *-ne ;y.'f' character combined with .
consideration ; if it he but 170. and to a close he was Tj'Rsaleby
h'bal.' election in this State for Governor Lansd-iwne replied.He an Hlmobt cliild-bke Minplicity. U Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co. Advances
\ .prices wif!! g6I 8 a 10 cents per ham ; after which Lord He has left a family broken.h-arted and detitote .
.IEilft. if the growing crop do not .-x members of the Legislature : slated that he was obliged to Lord Glen- and dependant on the charities of those who Guava Jellies. MADE on, New shipments York ned.t t f Cnttrn Btnn to Liverpool. _

rj 2. O.OOO-I'rovidf"11) tut pence and Reid-Dem. Manly Whig. gal affording him the opportunity to state are strangers to them in that language sympithy and! for 8i-oOCi.llinn.suffering N different sized boxes,just received from Havana Dec. 16 D. U. WOOD by& CO.

lllettial| confidence be by that time re- 'Cumberland 1023 557 to the House what the Government had and which every should tliiiiR have save in every human breast l and for sale by -.
lore place .
I d. \Wak 1293 991 done in Ireland, and what they inti nded further of which it is hoped they will receive some substantial Dec 33 E McCULLY. Hydrostatic Ink Fountain.

Franklin 638 290 lo do ; and then repeated in substance evidence here Columbus Times Groceries. i A FEW H)'drCSlalic Ink F'ounta'ni, Pen Rack.

|*!, the Novelist, has written anothei Wayne maj. 833 the word of Lord John Russell's motion.He BBLS Whiskey 10 hhN \Iotwf' : '1 Sand Ho .s. Pjper Fcl.ers! Stamps, St'alct. I

.d.: Ii opens thus: On the 15ih of Halifax 94 tfterWardsitalf'rl that although the Thompson's Compound Syrup of )9 1 tierce Rice, just; '" TJanjo '., i' :> "V Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. tor sale bv !

.ttt. 1599. a young man was seen stand- Green. 108 government had onMtive notice of an intended Tar ud Wood Naptlia, McCULIA\ '.', SGenesee Nov IS J C ALLF.tfQuinine. I

falpone; of the little bridges in ihe town Johnson 101 insurrection 10 that country, he tru-ic i }hT"OR! i'i.c ""-: consumption. chronic bronT Ii i
t I"." James, in hill last two novels, 253 that firmness and vigilance it wotiid ;.t t i i l c ;. -, --<:. ..who',.:';.jcounh, palpitation Flour, she a Butter, ( !
tlitrety' abandoned their fate the two Lenoir by the parish : 1'r complaints and atlcctions 01! a superior article ut' CHEESE f'r 3ule 30 OZ. Sulp. iuii.ine, )just received& ar'd fi-; :
to 8n nl'k. 1 prec. 65 60 once be put down. Referring to ff f.a ''ft, AND E. McCULLY, sale by : l

I IlI D who were seen," at the opening A despatch from Raleigh to the Baltimore,. priests. he stated that although SOUK of I: thekidfiiy:, i"rsdloby. J \LLES, NIIt. 1 & Water b t. April ST H F ,\uEtL:.
10 I
iuI former clubs Fo.b
nrodactions. dcscendiD It earned bem were deeply mixed up in (lie .' ,
ethfr Sun states that the Whigs -







,. .". .r /., ., .' '.. .. .. ." .. :, ." ,. : -_ -- jJ ': : '

. / .R .'T ';- y-- : "_ .. = ",.__ -, ; .- "'--I-. ; < _- )'_ ---- .-.
._ 'M ... rn 0 __ .
.. -.,. .. .4&1 J. -" c- .T..ri.. .. -'. ., ',--\o''h -j: < '.' ", .- .,: ; --- ; I ,
J ,

f I '

1 .






-. ___ AMENDMENT TO THE 1 Notct for sale large and seasonable Medicines
:; -------- -- matter whether t the result of inherent cause or j i lal rpHE subscribers offer a Drags, Paints

iiregularity, illness or acci- ; Constitution of the State of Flo- -, JL stock of Dry Goods, consisting in Dyc-Stuffs, Of*
causes produced by Perumer
Circuit Court. 4t
than its rida. Fl'alldil part THE
dent. Nothing effects can on be the more human surprising frame. PerSons John W. llmaldi, Compl't, | ofNegro Kerseys and Linseys, to his friends and retarnhitr
all weakness a.id'lassitude, from taking it, '! Proposed and agreed to by the third General vs. 1| In Chancery. White and Red Flane1, liberal patronage, and beg,t

at once become robust and full of energy under iI j subject to the action of the next Daniel Smith and Lucy .Ann Bangups and that he is now
I immediately counteracts the 'sS7llIF his wife, Resp'tsUPON J Super plain black and fancy Casamercs, al supply receln a a'
its influence. It
GttJol .sSmly. is
ncrvelessness of the female trame, which is thereat \ reading the foregoing affidavit, it bill or be Super English and French Cloths, stock render his assortment unmmdT11***

cause of Barrenness. It will not be expected AN ACT to amend the '12th Clause of the Cth that service of the foregoing Whitney Blankets, 1 1 and 12qrs and complete. English, French, Gen, *-

of us, in cases of so delicate a nature, to Article of the Constitution of this State, so that perfected on the defendants in siid bill mentioned Duffil Blankets,8, lOqrs. American Drugs; Comet s; < !-

exhibit certificates (f cures performed but we I! the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall hold ; by publication in the Commercial Advertiser Western Marseilles Quilts, U, 10, 11 and 12 qrs, and Druggists Glass ware, tc.Ptul.?

the afflicted, that hundieds. of cases their cilices for term ofeightyears, instead of or some other newspaper published in the -. Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, to Physicians, Country Merchant and wC*

can h.ive assure been icportcd to us. Thousands! cf cases during good behavior.SECTION District" for the space of four months, requiring said Brown Shirting and Sheeting, the most liberal terms-al which he *

where families have boon without children, alter 1 Be i enacted lit,' the Senate and said defendants to appear and answer Cotton Osnaburgs pure and unadulerated.'q
few bottles ol this invaluable medicine, Representatives of the State of Flo- I bill, otherwise that the same he taken pro con Cotton Drilling and Ticking, F. AR
using Iotse"f
; 7 have bnpn blessed with fine, healthy It..prilll I 71a il ( .'!srmll convened, That the 'fesso. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge &c. Linen and Cotton Checks, Wholesale Retail _
of Constitution April 21th, ISIS. Irish Linen and Sheeting,
-- -- To ITIothers and iUal'I'ict1l..adics. 12th Clause ot the Shirting 45 WaferT'

Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. Thi! Extract'If Sarsaparilla has been expressly j of: this State be so amended. a!read'as. follows. A true. copy. WM. VALLEAU l,-4m Clk. Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting Apalachicola, Nov. 21. 1S4R. e
Winder and Ble'mg of the Age. prepared in relerenco to female complaints. No viz: That at the expiration ot the present lermol I May 1 _. English French and American Prints, Drugs and

The most extraordinary Medicine in the World! 1 female who has reason to suppose she is approaching office of the Judges of the Circuit Courts, with i At Chambers, Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams, THE M

I.- This Extract is put up in Quart Bottles : it i is six that critic! period The turn of life," the exception hereinafter mentioned, Justices of APALACHICOLA, DEC. 29, 13-17. -Super Cashmere d'Ecossc, hu, an.
times cheaper pleasanter warranted superior should neglect to take it, as it is a certain preventative the Supreme Court, and the Judges of the CircuitCourts I John M. Carhochan, Plaintiff,') Extra super Muslin, de Lame constantly assortment of ,on hand.
lo any sold. It cures without for of the numerous and horrible shall be elected for a term of eight years, English, Scotch and American do. DRUGS aria

vomiting,purging,sickening diseases to which any females arc subject at this time and shall hold ther: offices for that term, unless i I I'S. and Mary Super Italian black and figured Silks, and CINES of,the which he \.ii" lt
Patient. removed underihe I provision made in this George I Black and Hkfs t best quality.
debilitating the be delayed siviral sooner Silk Cravats fancy ,
period of
I of life. may: his wife, of the State ,. Merchants and
The great blal1ty1d superiority of this Sarsaparilla by using this medicine. Nor is it less valuable Constitution lor the removal Judges by address Florida James E. Hettner Bill for account Suner English and Ponsee' Silk Hkfs to their advantag to call Planter wilt_ ?),
over all other medicines i is that while it for those who approaching womanhood, or impeachment; and for wiliul neglect 01| duty! and Ann his wife, of the and partition.institution English and American Cotton Hkfs, Goods, before purchasing' exarnin"U; : 7

'eradicates tha disease, it invigorates the body. It as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickeningthe or cither reasonable cause, which shall not be State of New York and Madras and Verona head JIkf N. B. Physician's elsewhere.

'is one of the very bet blood and invigorating the ays-tern. Indeed, sufficient ground for impeachment, the Governor Jane McMasters, of the I Ladies' Cotton hose and Gents If.hof. and presripton" rut ,"
SPRING AND SUMMER MEDIC1NKGCverk'io.vn : Ibis medicine is invaluable for ell the delicate shall remove any of them, on the addrrs of two of South Carolina, Super Satin, Marseilles Vesting, care accuracy at hourJ. | fdn?/?!.
: it not oily purifies the wh"!e !y-- diseases to which women are subject.It I thirds >f the General\ Assembly; ptociiitdhoiL'- Defendant' Col to" and Flax Thread c. ALLp !

'tem a.:..l strengthe-vs the person; hut it creates braces the whole system, renews permanently fi'r, That the came or r.itisi-s sh:11p -tjleO: at alfi.Uvit. of J JII Solicitor that Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, -March 21 Cor. Cf'ntrt 'Cfmnlf ;
I Int
I n* e, pure (!. rich! bhwl: i nower ;posse,*ed bv I the natural energies i by removing the impuri. length I iu 1 such nddie-s :nil l'/IHI'd on the Journals II UPON Defendants omp1inant1 said do Jaconet and l Cambric Muslins limideiwoodRFSPFCTFIJLLY& Cai .

nthcr nI'Iiri.l'.t nt'ii' lies t'te grand, i' .:_. .e fI. t.A. ""f g., fr dimnhlinrr- a1-p tIt PrO-, of each Iou! e. And Piovidnl fUTtle this Circuit but Bi the Needles, Pins, Tape, &.r. &c .
IK'v I'l me U""P r ieide within ,
secret ".fits w.m: Jarful <'i"es It ha< perfIrmedviti1 duce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of That the cause or crises shall! bo ntfNI } I not States It is ordered that notice of the Which have been selected with great care.in ?

: the 'hst five y'rrn're' Hun 101,010( mot medicines taken for female weakness und Judge so intended to h? removed, haH i I United of :this suit, and the _u ot the New York and rJslon.from Importersand Agents ; I

."iresot severe raCe 1 of lil'a'lat l.'i't I Sfl9 di"ea e. By u,in a few bottles of this medicine, he admitted to a hearing in his.own d.felcl. he- I amended Hill be. h'E'n in some newspaper ting published of Manufacturers t the lowest market rates and vices to the ctllfn"frtbfir"01

were considered i i!ctr thl It hj ivi'd t theliv I many severe and painful surgical operations may fore any votefor) such removal shsll pass : and in \ in the, Circuit, for the space of four are now offered at, wholesale or etail "'f"vral. cola-, and Count! Apf

of more than .'>G'J'5 ciuMrt-n: during the! two past I. ha r>rtveitrd.Great ,uch cases the'ole shall be taker 1 bj yeas and months and if, due of the appearanceof terms by WM. G. PORTER &. Co. generally, in the lne of{t.hlr
upon prOf
McI4.OOUCk I Blessing to Mothers and nays and entered on the Journals of each Houserespectively Dec. 31.'1817. 41 Water street. fession. Ham.g,
published !
DrUUy : said no'fica( in some newspaper so S monthlj
of Gcnp.l'l i -- rnunicalion
.cases of XcsfTo) s Energy, i j jOf Child yen. Sec 2. Be it further i iiactfd. That the Judges for t the time mentioned, t the said defendants do A CARD. Northern cities with the pn'ot
and xvant effectual medicine for the
It i is the safest and most t not to said bill by (he ne, t rule day,which : !
f Ssr-uinr'll.i! i nvigor.ites the first appointed under this amended Constitution appear Subscribers take thn method of lufurm- bled fo lh f
T-'Wrtsevi'* : the sufferings fur their
the svst!"m, and relieving days from the expirationof I THE patron,
permanently. T>' thosevm! have ptriljint; rovt-red. It be divided i> M into four cla;;es. The come afor twenty the citizens of and its vicinity : : time*with I(
vrhf ; \ Apalclcol
lsystem the
> .ittrndfit child-birth ever ( hal said of four months, it is further ordered tEWT
npon period AJD4
1:1'1:111I.lv! the o'.T'eets of :mdj j: class hold; his or their, office or that they have now a"ery neat -.- -
list tVir : child ofce. TETPLATJOF
!i ?! both the m.Jtl1erand prevents 'hal I that the be taken as confessedagiinat I FAHJf .,
str-iyiipris: same
i'rl! ) in vrvilh, or the :I lor the two the second for and well selected Stock of which will be ed at
i iei-t? 'r hii.-ret' I" r 1 : : :I 1'uin: and oiea!o, increases and emiches the food years IeIm GOOS. monthr" showing f tt the m,,'F
t'\*'"?si"f Jid'Jlcenrc, rf: tl'o: (w .in',". aid brought those who have ued it think it i is indispensable.. of fonr year! the third for the term of six yeais, them.GEO.. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c. sold low, consisting in \ : abe of IJu.ollth wu

on a g"n<'r.d\ P'USKJ.' : vr Ir.lt'm; i (ItS the nervous i| It is highly useful both before and after confinement the fourth for the I'rr of eight years. & SPRATT, Cloths and Cashmeres,various styles, advantage to a fashionable! (c.mnurlt/ bac.

'Sfn,1.t""ltll.! > ., \\. .".t ot ."r.bitiinfainting 'i;: I.'it provenN! diseases; attendant uponHuld'iirth [Pa*oed th"Stn:11 by the Constitutional majority CARMAUK CompPls Solici'ors.! Fancy Prints, do. do- N. B. Genllemens Morning Got\n aM [
1 Jici\' .snl d.vline: listeningtmvirl ; December 22. 15 7. Pa ed the House of Lustre do. Figured, made to order + :
fili'\.I, pti'nntRre < ; -in Cot tivene i*, Pile, Cramps, Swell- < True WM. VALLEAU, Alapaca ; ninl'VrapLrl ; Ctraks W tl"
I I. :thif 'tatal die I... 0 )!.nll1Jfin, can he I; in of the Feet, Despondency, HE'artlmfll'm- Representatives, by I the Constitutional majority, Dec A Copy.50- Clerk. Silks, FrodeRvne, description (in the u.nal fr-rrr.s cl tht{ -

t"ltir'l.v n..'ored by I,i U plmnt; remedy. This i itinj; Pain in the Back and LOHI, Fnle Pains, Jatna-\' f. ;IS.] h --30.- -- .m do. Monfella Walking and Riding Gallon made in

Sam: ;>irilli i U far <'eri-r: i to n-iv Hemoirhase, ard in regulating the secietions andC'JaliZitlZ .:1 Florid papers will publish, provided. not IX CHANCERY. do. Satin Striped manner; Tunic Dresses and Ths' a'Urf

Invigorating Cordial!, I the circulati'm it has no equal The mnre than 20 is charged.April Court.AT Fancy Cashmere Robesdo. every description made in a neat and rJ'hl tt'lh,

A. ?t ri i.w* and riv i... jt PS the 1"\1 em. !5iactivity \.pq i ;rat] beauty of this medicine i is, it is alwa\s.safe. 27, ISIS, 15-Gm. Franklin Ci'cui Merino do. style. All garments' made at Ihi!.stabu",!

to the hm'is, i1 d 1-strength to the mtucular and the mo
3\&it:n. i-i :i mof *> rvrJinarv decree.Consumption ) few eases require any other medicine, in N otcc. Altars, ) Muslins, India Book { :; Shop, Second Story Baltzfli's BU '.
very late firm of i. Co. ;
Cored.CIciK some a little Castor Oil, or Magne--jj, i is nspful.Exercie THE dissolved by the deceasa) cf JoshuaSterensrrnall hiving vs. > l for Divorce. doSvvi'!, Luce and Colorer Fntran({ on CIetnut: strcL !

a'1r1 Sfre-uti-!!. Consumption ran he ; ill the open air, and lisKt; food with this Sunnnali Allars. ) Edgings Lisle Cap and 11, 15-13- Jl
tho indebted the said firm
"Jr !,t. Broirhitis CO'\ 'Jm.tifln. Liver Com-1 j medicine, will always ensure a safe and cay confinement IT appearing to the Court, by Shawls Damask Silk cc- A plate of Fall and irner: Fdi4iIiiflJreceIved.
make and those having
requested to that Susannah Allars the defendant .
phi-it. C-Mds, Citmh, Coughs; AthraaSpit-j, p3)Fentl the above cause do. Marino, .
chimslo present tie! of the State but within .
in the Chest Hectic therein resides out do. Plaid Wool
ting of mew!, S renc;s the Ladies. -
Fl'n'i, Night Swells Difficult( or Pnfu Expectoration Notice to Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, The stock of good on hand are offered for sale the United Stats, to wit, in the State of New Kid Lace and Silk Glove J. PENCE,
Those that imitate .
P.ii-1 in the Side, &c. have been hive invariably called their stufTa great Rmwly, at low prices for cash only.* York: It is ordered that notice be published in Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion WATCH AND CLOCK ) ;
and can be cured.Spittiti. Fimalcs, &c. &e., and have copied our bilk the Commercial Advertiser newspaper printed Ribbons in all varieties Second Story
for J. StA-enson & Co.Aralachicl Bu..r
Blood. Surviving pufner in said once a week for the space of four Brown Shirting, and 3-4 : :
? which relates to the complaints of di1trict 7-9,0-.1 Knlranceon
circulars (
j and 10-tf CtP-tDt.4'
; May 2., 1S4S. said defendant to and
1S47. months, appear Bleached do. 7-8 j-4, and 11-4 .
New York.priI2S., women, word for word-other men who put up 4-4,1-4 APALACHICOU.T, -
Dr. Townsend verily believe that your Sarsaparilla medicine have, since the great success of Dr. Notice. answer the bill ot complaint filed in said cause., I Blankets, 6-4 and fi-4 N n.V otlhpq. (' nH. Tor..,... __ jI
ha been the means: through Providence, Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to) S'X month* after date, I will apply to the at or before the expiration of said period, otherwise Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting I, repaired.- 1 -ln"t. !. w.n.. c. .

nf saving my li'e. I have for everal years had a females, recommended t theirs, although previously r-ni. .Iiid/e of Probates It r Franklin County the matters and things therein charged will I Carpet Hags '__ Octi.bt-r :J.I lc

tad cou*h. It became worse and worse. At they did not. A number of these Mixtures, for a final di
last I raised Urge qua-iti'ie: of blood, had night Pill, &c.are injurious to females, a sweats and was tri'atly I debilitated and reduced, I rate disease, and undermine t the constitution. ceH"d.: "JAMES Gin'ON, Adm'r. the Western Circuit of Fa. Clothing 01 all kinds. Bowling Saloon flutiRoom. BUUa

and did not expect t.i live. I haw only u"ed your Scrofula Cured. Aplachicola, April 13, 184S. 13-fim A true copy-Test : Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and '.

short time, and there ha. a wonderful this WM. VALLEAU, Clerk. many other articles too numerous to mention. proprietor f f the "
Sarsaparilla a certificate conclusively that AlJ.er.xiim
; This
proves t't9YiSi'bllS 1 July 22,1548. 27.4m for THE :
I Apalachscola, Call and examine yourselves.M. 11
change hcn wrought in me. am now has control the most obstinate has used .nd'avnf
Sarsaparilla perfect over BHLS 10 do. Prime Pork N. SCOTT & BROTHER! every II
Whiskey t
the I raise no blood, ; ; the e-stablishn.er.t
able\ to walk all over city. diseases of the Blood.! TJ rc person 70 List of fttcrT -. aii agreeable' .place cf
and my cough h Oi'iee! -
5 old ) EMA1NING in the .st Apalachi- ---- --'--- -- ----- -- dumiainaMiz-
that I am thankful: for these results. Three Children. 2 superior choice Hams Reserv.cVhiiskty; JX 1st day ,if July, 131 h. B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water and lie prove by lhprI11'trlr'f'; ''L"lr] ar'frft;
obedient servant very ; colonthe ol h14 desire .. "
Vont Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I have the pleasurelolnform pit: : ': .
Uatlwrine tt. Now landing: schr Louisa Sears, and for Knight, I aacAndrews Chestnut sts. 'ay k.
ET.Tm per Abor !
WM RUS that three of children have choice a? of Lui- .
t o"rlm.nt '
you my I W W J ;
sileby E McCULLY, Thos Kilby_ Capt SHIP CHANDLERY. rtfrf
Rheumatism.Thislsbnlv of the Scrofula by the < of of orf lo r-d-.le: the .
cured n e '
!been 1f'\tr.I- .ie
your : '
of more than four thousand March in SO Water st.IS Anderson, Rob Leigh John .I ,fANlLLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, Hjrc'siiino
one I cellent medicine. Trn afl>'W-afflirted very ex-\\ '"orbes <| fJ.t idii in < n ; 3d i..
-- Potter L -rk
Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Saraafcase Allen, & & .LVI HambrnllTorlnt, Marline_ Spun-! and ilcliri' (. h .trn'm !,.,, !
I ti.
of{ \'l'rel' with had o. which Il''J Exchiiige. < 11 rt> .. .
)ar1'i... fd L -- -- ----p ... ...u -
and chronic J. 3a .. Alexander, !! Wtial> do, Olive .
ile most *pvcrc ,oem yarn kprm :
FI'r -
cured ; -
are \ II.Lt' '-.--;.atcd by its extraordinary tleg; It / b1if'l'ation Sight. Checks"on c0\ '-"York. .,.-Host or hon Providence hf Avery &Jlne Lon, Mrs Alvin B do, Linseed do, !Hw: ;;n. l>oil*>d do. Spirits Turpentine .iritiseinent-ntit a r-ieaxa'ir nclir.g .t fXtri"
'irtueM. under great rpsre t r u n h \Voo'trr-st.. WM. G. PORTElf & : Allen, C Luce Capt Henry Paints,, \' H' ".. ''lass. Putiv, White I "j diilcil re n n
Yonrs. l. .' .. '.. Lead, Keel do. .": Ochre. (f'hrom'- n, within the cirlf ot g'rnnastis_ tp r" .-
f h Cpo.unint.$. .. cf assistantsBlackwell's Ie- ,1"1U : .I.I 'I Agents Bank of ttrun:wick, ? ii. Wm Leonadan y1 Irf' I ( v
ge one the Bagdc, WdiA./z I do, do! (7irn.: .\ "!!Iin'I. i" tf .m.ot t.n ,.i..t J> ,* tlf-r IHrftrT:ifr.ve
Island Sept.. 14, 1817- Dr. Townsend is almost daily receiving orders Dec .3( .t I Water street.JJAIR : Moon, John M 2lVuiTn.Geo m"dl J"jl'ri.t; Brishr \ .. :0; !
arni- i. ihvivoAf
an-iiNrriier.ts can ; Aow
John :
paltered from Physicians: in different parts of the Union. Burges, K Hat I
To\\'nsend-Oear Sir I have terribly C.MI. v "
: ICS. d'Tur, Rosin, Pitch Tiirp nr-.r.r. i. I i Come one- all
This is to certify that I the IIS Brown, Mrs Mansfield, S re
for nine years with the Rheumatism ; considerable Hat, Clothes and Pushes} Varni'h in, Tard/>, scribrto- -iapk', JOIIV I jcrApalachicola
Physicians of the City of Albany, have in TfdhJi Shaving Byrne, Christopher} Capt hu"la' 1)uci. En.- .
of the time I could not eat, sleep or numerous for sale bv 1c.\literJ 1"1 o, c(h 1 Cb.llk.Vlutlo_ : De *. 3fi.is.j7! .
Bowers B B 2 t u l
LI ,
and cases prescribed Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla, Capt J.lti lavl'n; do. i. it do.
walk. I had the ntmot distressing pains, BhuandId
i. Feb2l \Vhlt
my limbs were tenibly swollen. I have ucd and believe it to be one of the most valuable pre- ---- H F .AflELL.MoJtssci. Bullock, Alfred Mafftt t. A T.cu', ,hIp pnes. f"n'. 'naNails b... Tr'H.1 !Copper" c. do. I .IJnlachicola KxJiiuv

lour bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they have naralions. in the market. Broman. J I M'-Kmley' G Jack Screws Anchors, Handspikr?,' cfapa'f: TiE snhscnb! : '

done more than one thousand dollars worth of II. 1' PULING, 1'!. D. p.-. ? superior MuscovndA, foraic Baker, WmBuell Markham, Chas Bars Oirs Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand I :td tp: (pubrC ingi. 'f r.I| ,I.., ,

good. You are at liberty to use I his for the ben J. WILSON, M. 1. nIL E .',fi i\Vater by David Mack, Andrew Pumps Peck Buckets' Cedar do, Dek llrooms (NT.l rh.Pril; f.lnr .1 p 1 j.:
efit of the afflicted. R. B. HRIRC.S.; D. --.ch 1.- -.IcCUI.J\. ---- ---s-t- Bisbee, Chas W 3 le.I'Ihar, Geo Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingtlo. Axes: Axe kntwn hllt', and will h : .
P. F:. LLMENCORF, ?I. D. School Bryant, Thus L V H 2 Helves,Hooks and Thimbles,Hooks !I'.at! do, any r the t ,1..1 i.
Yours, respectfullv, Albany, April, 1847. Rooks, Brown David W 2 Me.'an..Trnick, John Can do. Colon do. Boat: do. Fi JAMES CI DIISG5. Caution.Ovine Frln sale hI Irons Making Irons, Marline Spikes. hrp| Scrapers \Ib i&e'c cn.nrn aI ,n Ill I ..iUii y
Fever and Ague.Dr. to .the success and immcnre rale IVo 17" HF ABELL. Box James McNortan, Capt John Bung Dippers.:Cook's Lidles, TormentorDivider .. dat n-Hni.,1 boarders" bar v\ill a,.

Townse'id's Sars-iparilla is unequalled incases of Dr. Townsend's great of Cuba Tobacco Butts, E P 4 larlinlrCorforth ?, Compisses; : Sail Needles Sail Tuin'. S'IflplaIIth' g.i.uim1 1 .;n, r l -f tj'p' .
Sarsaparilla, Seed. _
a er men .
ntmh I .
of the Chills and Fever and Anne. TheroUo..in Capt SE'int do, Sewing do. Palm, Rij;in? Leather, ,'J..f; ,' JI'I'I'$ ::. .
who were formerly our Agents, have commencedmaking f LIN Trbicco seed, from the most t celebrated ) P.\Tr"
Cruger, N 2 McCormick Wm Pump do. Shovp Hammers
letter ii only' one of hundreds that we I ) ,, Hitch, ("fn! .Is .I.alarhicda.; ( 1 'i7.
have received: from the South and West of like Sarsaprilla Extracts, Llxlrs, BIters, Extracts -. planfatiw-s of tleucla .\b IjO, just received Constantine, Francisco Nickerson,Thos G Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimhler- Ilr.niNaw -lo\1-
character. of Yellow Dock, &c. generally put from Havana fur sal.11' Crawford, Oliver Oil i.ini.! POse 2 Files, Hat Tail do, Iron Square Cupboard' Locks Military Fire Caps and Fit 1
it up in the same shaped bottles and some of Mch ]10 EMrCULLY._ .10 Water st.Olives. Cox.SmithC 3 0 i Capt Isaac Stock do. Hooks and Staples! Hinges. Padlocks! Buck."t '
O.pfich.; Oct 22 lS7.%
----- \Vood
them have stole and Saws Pendant
copied our advertisement i Haulyards, Hand
Cnson, Sam'l 0 l.rtlin, ( Lines T. GRATACAl ,, ,
Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I p-irchaspd for 'elx Deep Sea do Los do Fish I.11FNjlY ,
my they are only worthless imitation, and should be' :, do. Hand Lad?. Deep CIIII..r
wife two bottles of Sirs'parilU of your Agent, avoided. 8 .JARS very superior Spanish Olive, for sale\ Colbor Manlev p j IfPindergrast Sea do. Sheet do, Bar do. Funnels Lanthorns, at hi. old -.rand. No. ::M fr2 f-r

Mr. l\f cNair, of Kilanmoo, to try it for the Fever Principal Office, 120' FULTON Slrcct by r. McCULLY, Cooper Edmund P Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books Cargo do, New York the tollowirgartirks M"W"!|, :
and Ague.' Bef"re I had finished the first M..rrh 10 :f Water st. Conant Benj W Putnam, Wm d 3 Belaying Pins Tin \\r.te. Crockery)', Carptnler'l Belts Body and Breast Plates ('Jrtrl t'J
X. Y. Co. '
Redding & S Slate
Building ; street, -
--- Michael PeunVm Tools, Knapsacks
; Crowly, Po t. .Vrc .Vc. Priming
Smpor .
brittle it appeared to warm the blood, and every ,: Wirrs Scabbard s<
other d.iy whe'i the Chills and Fever appeared, Boston ; Dvott & Sons, 132 North Second strre, Scotch Snlf. Chase, Capt John Preble, C.I.t!! t Ceo A Apalachicola. Dec 9, 15-17 Cloths, Holders! Bridles,Gun Casts,FirefJ

they were l les violent ; and before she had fin- Philadelphia; S. S. Hance, DitijisNt.i Baltimore; 3 .GRO' S Scotch Souf; bottles,just re- Cooper, Capt J B Parker. Ri' port Bear Skin Caps &". &".
P. M. Cohen, Charleston ; Wright Co., 151Charters ceived for sale nr. AJIERIC..X .
& Demarll, Wm S ? p Military and Fire Companies
i hed the bottle, she was entirely relieved and aJx.utfoniu
she wv) 'n-ir'i '!'letter than she had been before : and street, all N. the 0.; 103 South : street, April 13 __ J C ALLEN. Day Capt Warren 2 Parker, Capt P 2 Net anl: Twine Mann ctitrinpr contemplate cb.tntir.thl.'lr Uniprn!

she took the Ague. A lady that had bl'enrry Albany Merchants; by principal Drusgi and Aromatic Bitters. Dorharn, Perry Pickett H 2 Company, supplied with Pattern Caps by addreaab.

ick WIt II the' C'nlU' aid Fever but had broke Wet Indies generally and the throughout Canada the United States DR BLAKE'.S Aromatic Bitters, just received Doggett, Jr. Sam'l 2 Rad.lorick, Eliza[ 12 COMMERCIAL-STREET, able..ve, at the shortest notice, tH) the mIst

th"tn with Q Ii in', and was Mt in a very weak For sale wholesale and retail hv and for !sae by Demmock.Jas1 R.iiit-r. CiitRaymond (Up Stairs,) 1lOS rON. terms. o.f.ay. f I'
and di-. state, and troubled Davis, Geo S R P
tresing exceedingly April 13 Jt
H. F. BELL ALLEN. Manufacturers and Dealers in Co flee.
Devon Wm C Bryan's
Reed, DM
with th'I Cake, the offer that it had
seeing May 25, 1519. 19-ly Apalndiicola. Twine Stands, Post Office Twine Baleing and SACKS Ric.tIvanaandSI.A..
on my wife sh' s.nt and procured a few bottles, Scidlitz Powders Ernmons Morris B.-_ i ii 1' 100
--- -- -
GRASS Seidlitz Powder that Eaton, Benj 2'I\ iris, Bundle Twines,McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine, Coffee for sale !ov by
and it re torod' tn-r in a few \\'ppk'l to complete PROSPECTUS OF THE are fresh, just D'c:23
health. Your Sarsparilla! is without doubt uequallel ;:- FLORIDA ,' received and for sale by Evans, Landon Ri'r* If LRockwell Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax : E McfOl!!
TEMPERANCE April 13 J Foster Jas P J E Herring Twine, Hawser and Shrnud.laid Mackerel For
C ,
: in diseases incident to the W -"t, and if ALLE-V. Sale.
you think that co-nmunication will be of use AND FrenchL M Robins, Judge J I Lines. ; Herring, Pohagan: Shad, Bass, anr h.5 BBLS Hay now landing: frcn siP;
Agricultural Advocate. Infusion Jars. Frost, Thos lojii, Dip ret" Government Seines with Bags; dian.
you are at liberty t C1 use it as you choose. J,11 Apply to
Yours reinwtfullv, A weekly paper to be published in Quincy, Fa. XA.1 A. FEW have one Infusion-for scle Jars by-every family* should Foster Flinn,,Wm Wm Smal Smith, C.I\ L Herring&c. Mackerel, Shad, and .Menhaden Seines Dec 23 BOURSE, STONE t
BY C. JULIAN BAJITLETT. April ]13 J ALLEN. Foster, Isham JV 5. w\H and Seines I'ni to order at short LCIIJOI1 Syrup.

Canker in the :lIolltll. THE .f FloreyJohu W Sherman r-yrus FFirky notice. B. ELLISON Co., Agents, In RA\S 111"'lior Lenonspup.ju .
proprietor ( the TIMES, under Letter & .
Below is an at"C't'Ult! of another child saved Qttc\ Paper.REAMS October 39tf .A IT sale bv
Dr. To-.vnssnd's Sarsaiunlla: has saved the live* the releatl.d Milicitations of his patrons, who arc 10 1 fine Letter Paper,*just received : Archer Stowell.EHSweeney 14.1:4. Apalachicola Feb 17 HFAEEI.i

of thousands of c'uldren.: The following two mostly corprist.t among the friends: of Temper and for sale by Gagen, R C (Groceries and Ship Stores. ----

certificate: .Ire peK-rt.'d\ from a great number re- ance, .Agriculture, and other industrial interests I April 13 J ALLEN. Gray, M SmrtiiSain'I RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do, Western Produce.T. .

ceivfd this \vj-k. of Society has celermined to devote his Journal Gray, Rob Sneed, Giles Flour Western do; N 0 Sugar, LOUIS Flour, Ohio d-, LarJ,ikilt

NVw York April 1, 1'17. more exclusively to the objects indicated by the SHEETING Shirtings and Prints, by the Griflis Strattan, WmSehenkherge St. Croix do, Porto Rico do. Young Hyson Tea L:,Sugar, choice and prime. Melasses.Pr*:

Dr. TO'.v\cpd( : : Dear Fir-One of rny children new title he has assumed. low for cash, hv Galhrith, Daniel B Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchonl do, Goshen and prme. Bacon, Hams Sitt'anu S1IOU1 W
was sick with ?. Canker in the ::Mouth rnd The Editor has consented' to make this change B. ELLISON & CO. Grist, David 3 Spratt, Judge 2 Butter Cheese Lard Iams. Side, Shoul sale by B. ELLISON J i 0.
very much with the Dec 9. Gor. Wafer( and Chestnut Greer, Capt D ders, MolacpVhiskPv.. Prime Beef
not S'i' expectation sts. Santhall Frank Dec 9. Clc'ifII14
Throat attend'.vilh >it d"nilt:: It came pecuniary WaterGuava and i
!I Cor1
w > n ---- Mess and Prime Pork
with the desire -- Grearsln, Shad, Salmon,
gain, as of exerting Capt A J MackerpJ
a Scarboroueh
I obtained of exctlleiit
cyin onr
near ; soxe > .' moral influence : Iizoi' Strops. Harl, Jas Herring, Sounds and Fish Tongues, Jellies.
t:1e'ticin anri it cured, it dir ciiv, for which I throughout our growing State, HAPMA\T .iii.l i now, 1 Pepper, Spices Catsups, Pepper Olives frtC;
1 in to which he holds of Er.erson's Strops j'ist received Thos Smith, S.UCf. different sized boxesjust received
regard subjects all
ass'jrcyou I fept.r grateful.ELIZAHKTH ; others and fo \\I.* hv Hal Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch Tobacco. Navy IN
\I1'2r4. r..I(rlflI .;, to he of paramount importanceThe Feb 24 :, H Small, Jas Bread Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits, and for sale by

F\ )'.n..CR j 'j? }'.. roE's'5-st. cause.. of Temperance; the interest. of __ I f ARELL. Hardy, Capt AHenncks. Snow,Thos Beans Suit. Raisens. Macaroni Vermacelli. Ar- Dec 23 E McCOjj
Agriculture ; and home industry, in all its relaSions Cider. H Smith, H P row Root Corn, Oas,Buckwheat Mustard Rice. Groceries.
Fils Fits! Fits :i and be the objects to which BBLS Hanlon, Felix Thomas CHarley For sale by B. ELLISON & CO. Mob *
varietie--wil for sale BBLS hbU
Dr. Twn..t. n .t h.ivi'ig; te-ted, hiSarsapa the 50 Champagne by B Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut OQ Whiskey; 10
will Tyler Wm J sts.
alcnlnn paper be principally di Dec 30 B ELLISON t/ 1 tierce Rice rec'd and fc-ii
rilla in ra sof ;ri.! if r > ; as with these i interests MrThompson
Jan 50s
cone.tl.r F:. McCULLY.
e') it, and Wd'4 sir.ri.e'i to rer-Hve the following as hearing upon and as influencing Notice. tIN Hill, H K A J Iancets.S "

from an i'1tpl1it a-vl! respectihle" r'arrn.r in th.m.allt a review of foreign and domestic markets, pursuance of the provisions of the Constitu- Hand Miss Mary Thomas, Thomas PRJNG and Thumb Lancet just receivedand Snuff. .'

\stchester county : will not he overlooked.The of the State notice i is hereby given that Hickey, Chas E Valleau, Wm for sale b) SCOTCH and Macaboy. in bottleI"

Fordhim, August 13, 1847, importance of the objecls and the certain persons, citizens of Florida,i fntend apply. Holden, Job Walker, Wm Feb 24 I F BELL. received and fcr sale bt

Dr T'vvn / nd: Dear Sir-I have a little gui which a wel conducted newspaper could air ing to the next General Assembly of the State, Ilartson, Win Warner. Capt 2 The Protection Insurance Co. of Feb 17 HFA /

neven veirs ->f age, who ha* 1 eii several y'arafUictl.tl them art questions which could' not he 'fully discussed for an act incorporating them, and their a soci- Henderson, Fred Watts, E P New JCI.SCTHE -. Dr. "OOdl'II'f'S Worm sfiiA

with Fits; we fried almut everjihitfar in a paper of this sort ; but it he our ates, citizens of Florida, who may become united Harrison, Allen Williams, Cha3Wilian subscriber being ) SAFE and efficient remedy for .3*
( tier, h:it without success ; at last,although we pUrpf\ip to explain and enforce them wIl articles with them for the purpose by the name and styleof Jordan Wm MrWalperton their appointed for by the above saleby
cotil 1 1 id n"rl'r.1unmpn'lalion ill our circulars for the Bank of Commerce"-.Iirl JohnsonLondonJohnsonJ agent this city, is nowprepared A1'
"riifinil and selected which incorporation Lucinda
may appear in our to take Fire and Marine Risks- Feb3 J C
'doC.'* Iik tier, we thiht, as she W.H in to banking and
very columns p05'eS5 powers privileges, and its Wo'1' Hubert G 2 May 11, ISIS. THOS. -

: and! are very dad we did, for it not not in any degree Tr interfere t'FRANCI with. party poli May 4 16-tf Johnson Wm Whitman, P M Tax Collector's IVotice. CERTAIN remedy for chill and **

only restored her .trensth; but she has had no return tics. The events of the day, the passing occur. Wood Ware Irving, Franklin Wilkins, E S payers are hereby notified that all taxes .ttsaleby ,
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