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AS.'aitii VAL.JA3L3 PR ..r'JvB ['J N. ,V SUJ-
Siascribe earlu 'tile t 'ie ter-t. are low!!
T -i, L-' ) ) J '0R 1 VY REVIEW,
TI E ) I 3 I, -1[ R f V, K

T.,3 [. s 3 r[EaN Rt.ViE.V,

Tie ahvwe Peri,)odica.l ;are reprinted in New
Yir i.n n 'lit telv o their trrivil by the Brit-ih
sRtt k i.q ,. i a b1) iitif'il clir t' 'p ', on fi ie white
I tl W ire itit'tllI cu )ie 'i4 the ori.nil -
BTvi 'tB bii'ni an exact fac-
si nilt f,: tM, El .i.) trir h elitiim.
r\y en)irt-L- t:ivyiA.v4 or t!hi' three-greait
pv'rre i E i.;l 11i -T' )ry,-W.Vi ,I- t'A- Rcdic ii.-
3 .'v, i II" t > t'," L) id ,, ., Qirterly" are
Tor,; t:i rh 3d'))i' R viaw" W'hii, an i the
.IVt.tniaistar R.wiaw" Ridicil. The North
Briti'i Rvie.v" i4 m'nr of I rAliin-ia ch irtcter,
htvi-rr h).ei oriinillv e:Jitd by Dr. Chalners,
an. vnov iin-e hi4 lith, !eii, cinlicted by his
si .-i i-li v, i,'.M.'ii r, a)n'inited with .ir Divid
Br' vAtr. It literary character is of the ver'
hir'ieqt order.
P-rt ,i; Fat I i H, (IF sJ3!iscarBED FR ,aF4RLY.)
For aiy oie the four R *view. 31 per annimn.
For a iv tv), d). "
For any three, dlo. 7 "
Fr il titfoir of'tthe R.wvie-v. 8 "
F )r 31 c v.)o l's M i ',.ine, 3 "
F )r 8li"-<-vI)il a-il 3 R'view', 9
F-it i311ck v 0ol i-idtie 4 Rt vi_.v;, 10,')
-Pi' a?;L&t5. to be in z 11' ? i 'l Ce2ses In alonce.
CIi.ti n1 of bht'k v:;l h i of the following
value iile .v )r viz/':
B itl[.v'A V{ic lAt diV.
i -l itr)Ii 'litVi A Im ine
T t I ) iIlI i J iiviriity &I zine.
J31, t~ I -A x ) V, lI ir 1 i le.
TrI. iil)I, ti i Eliibir'h, the For'i^n
Q 1irt.'rl' I II t'- ,-V -At n! ;'-r it ,via.vi.
A, iV }'I1' a' i n i i' )l I t' l c ),V ),d t r I I t
lif t I 'l.'i '.va, it 1 i-v'gi1r, "i ti ,1 iV twl ) of
t I k' -ri t lI'. it $ vill [ .Ir! iva, rr ti4, o'ze
vol0 TI! It iV O t0 )ir' ni i n4 i )vj i t I
IL ti i:'ri) 'r t t, ) v t t'i d. *t"'i P.'ri )1!:',t1 at
$7 t'i-V'iir, tr to) the )-i" "'I' vio v it $3., will re-
Ci x 'ii )' h! I n V vi -, 1 iA 6 1 V .
4 -' *1 1 i tn' t") 1[ .vC I I t i': l v e
at -)J i.v ,'ir, ') r tthe ",iir ;'t'l.tevz ii, I tl '-
Sw 1, att !,1), .vill receive ttree ,)rrnin n vol-
Wii.n '
.-j- P'9 *i-" o p z/1;cw'"' i .iiaa :'i'? tV6 pre-
n '' i it? l,2ire,l (i*l <'.",,' r.: i'')-cri'e. If r.

Fi'r c')'ie"i or i Iy iri ill of the 'i'wv w,,r
ivill v. se it to 0o1 ;I lre" it u vInl:'it ,.f the
.il. tr 1 '!i'iIti I'i for t re-- le tirth co.)y
:- W,- V'-,ztt': f,' 'o:l '. ,:"n'*)) o'e,'e thfo
,-ias nt t U
')i'i' L'') i t f M ft ati Ir t i c i,')i, l l' vill rde-
rh i'i i i h i) a .'i-." .. 5 fir-iiA', l -. t, 1 -4 1 hl e A 'I')-
s ,i.> 1 1, is Iii I1 'i f, t'l tO le" p wi',i r., Wit h-
o'it rc'3o iretd a i r. e lt.
F1. k\ly CT11IT 1". "
\'t- -irrn ;-I it ;'vlth t)"', triti3,1 )1m,1i~ihpr-4
%'r 3 : C V 1, 114 1 l i4 i i 't e t 1 1- 4 -4 t ) 4 tv
s I '-'t4 f1' th tt V w )r', ,v'ii h vv W ill b4 i')la
t Il i t. ite'itire i r l n) >r i I t ilot! ,i 1 of A')-
S "iN ).-r'i l 31 )r' i i v ) i'ln )i of it e., e r' )ri ite'l
i l ,v ,it'.th.-' *\ n ri'm .i ,r-in ,il. Viir tti4 vtl
A;)I tr > 1 >t tr,.' ^rI.t t > o:Ir .'n 'ri') r- v,i ,,,
btiyr i >lviir ;- i e**'c'i rtil tri)rt';> 4i'.3, ;r. 1'/ h
c n -ll l t i-i t' c jrio of t') 1' 1it ,i ]w
ri*)r-')r v, reI)eit s i'.>srie early w'i/e t'ie.
price i. tro '
R nitt.i i avid c-n nri ii(- iti viq ) Il'll !i 1
al viVY' Ai l 'e i"). *ri)t-),i i or irin'ei, to I he
'i iC)'ler L^) ) \'iV)D )1'1' C .),
7.) tit n tf N .v ,'.i ,.

tA 3y'4 ))LtI r, g*Is Tka,
Ti'e oldest MiiAzin' in tie U lted Staite%,
'Co ii..ii i I I ,n 1t l v -; iy pi') t -4 ot re"Id 11 4 in 4tIer,
by th, tirst -vrltrit i i the coin'r'y,- vlve ;r.,
i I the NeW Y>r;< ilr ita 7.1 V1'-. I'w ei:le di
.sterl.-e' 'r l'vi a, 'L ,1i td -':ii i6 ly nthe itic cl ire 1
ti lit l i .' >l 1. > 1 )' 1 tie, 'M I ,'I Cott i Ps a i :1
'C virchi1, Cr >kat Wr'k, aid oth Ier !n ittit ii lor
the .thies, all illustrated iii a wAL ix,)liikmed,
&c. &".
Price t r oni6 voir, which i-ichlle'i thh
fc, ,' 'rlt"i 'w .i,^ ).a;)e,, n'l I'(in ;" tihre
-VS'liz >tiW > i i i n e r ). .t." ... n. ....3 0 3
V"`)c.) c iii Nii mt the L ly'-D i) illr
N ev .i)i 'r... ... ... ...... 5 0,)
Five c ,pie .viti o lie t i the p)ri'.) i sen I-
i. the c6 ,' ) ........... ........... 1') 0
Ei "it copi.-i .... ... .. .. ... .. 1.53 l
t .velve copiei.... ... ... ....... ... .2) 0)
A -' e"i'nci i'i Fet icr Ii'G Liltv's o ,<, or the
L dy'.' 0 DlI ir Naww ,o)4r enti to ainy person pay-
ini poit ie on there r l'iest.
Altr'ss X. GDEY,
N >. 1.13 Chestnut street, Phil[idell>hia.
Jan,, 1rv, 1 ilR
'T ,IE OLO ZAC !-,"l
A weekly piper, dasi<'ied to adtcilte the elet'etioni
ot Z.A.. IRY rAYLcIR, ol' Loisi iia, to the
Presidency ot.tie United States.

The in Iersicned prohii.- "to pu51i 'al .Ai>er in the city ot 'ics'iloiia, to be issued
wse'dv d iri:l; the eimi'i. ireeidetnti.il carnmpain,
to b. e ititleil a above, and to be devot-d to thre
"miuport of ., ij. Ge i. Z chary Taylor, as the
pe-iple's carnlid;ite Ir the tIre~nl-'ncy.
'" I'i Oro Z .Cr;". Qtill e i-neIV'r t6 prosecute
the co.nil politizal war, iri Ahithma, as the
U ii hn. i oftei thre.ite'iel to prosecute the
a.tr in M \,cico, ",with vi~or." with tireat vi-
^.w" wit1) iqcreeL.d vi,,r." Whernever lhe
bhl veteran .'hll be set ,io-in by the niyrmriidons
bf pl.v'r, rl'a O,O Z.cat will sta'od u., to
ith n i r'<, aa't e'iIsavor to lirt.a inre're irae, C.mt. Rrtgc."
i i' t the c'I teit will b- a u 'cesf',il one, the
u-i 1 ..r~i 'i ,'tert >ii. nodou't. He rep ieettfnllv
?flictts the attention ot' all 'he (rienidt of Gtn.

T ivl.r, in this a id adj iiii-i St.ite, and esi)e-
citIllv of the "RRI',ii anil R-IdI1 Cl'i'I," l Iiow
tir:nin% ii vylri.1 iplices to this Pr-, )eclut.
tt is d.ira'le th-it s')'rribper4 should make
known their na-nes and post offices as early as
pract icaSle.
,! r;t{ OLD Z.cH" will be published intil the
fler'tiog, at the moderate rice ot OE Dor.LkR,
invariably in advance For a remittance of $,.25
thitiy conies will ba furnished ; for $40 fifty co-
pies; aid for $75 one hundred copies.
A specimen number will be issued on 13th
March, whbih wiUll be exjnsively 41itribhited.
STuscaloosa, Feb. 16, 1848.

4 HL.1CV 1sLI~C t2

W.n. G. P)arAer & Co.
No. 41 Water street,
Dec 31 Apalashicoa, Fa.

3. k". Nonrse, 1 B Sitone, .R. W. Brooks.
Natr.,. Staie & Co.,
No. 46 WVatcri -treet,
Dec 12 A)alachicola, Fla.

COMM Il S S[ 0 b ao-l F 0 R W ARDING
No. 53 VWter street,
nov2I A;)i

tl-arjiwG .c tIoLaes ,. -
.lgenit. fir -"the
of t'ie Ct/i of JVew York,
No. 51 Water street,
Dec 12 A >alchicola, Fa.
1V'9l -!& B-13191i,
C O M .I I I S -i [ 0 N V E C i1 ANTS,
0 iice No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
Jan 16 Apilactiicola, Fi.
Wvylie & [%tc inizie,
COMM [ S r 0 M E Rt C H A N T S,
No. 42 Water street,
Sept. 1, S 17. valachicola, Fa.
S. & ,. Scliiri'.
j- Particular ittltntio .)-did to p.ittirg upfamily,
ste-mi in-i- -.i ship stores.
No. -19 Wit e r street,
N iv' 'I I l.^,lAI iC." nla, T- .
(tf I. AIct!.t
WV ri k i D \ en Ir',T
')E\LER [ ) L )trC[N23, PAINTS.
O[L, IL\, %'c., &o.
AlI<-- Vl *' i'inl U' 71tn 'ni't 'if ^t itinery.
r )f C 1513'ilt .-1 d VW ter -;trae l-,
.,," II 1 A IIlachicih0 a, IF .
Ii- t?111**'1 14*11tv-r,
C 0 M NI f 0) N I E RI C H -ANT,
N' t 1 Wter -t reet-Un -i.tir'i,
D'".c. 1, IS'1. Apalichic';la, Fl-i.

WV'rh')l---,le u-ti '1% ,l l)-'-ilr ;n -
DRtUGr', *.I ^JlCIN' *-', PUNT'S. OILS,
GLASS, 3B..lU 'I'3S,5c., \c.
''C 'i77" oN I ii tf
.F v^!-itrnj ;'. yf'i n o' nf .of" .
BOOKS, BL T N, S, S I I VTION'-V, Vre &c.
c iW. of Ci lt lii Coi-wn'i-ric'- trn-i.
Day 4 A i1 ichicol'.. [Fl'1.
?5 11 whey,
No. 2t W .'it -r -treFt,
")re |A I f11 ')i ,,lh ;!

lv 'yv k.c Jlt.!Aes,
G V tt 0r 17:1 S CI4
G:lO3R'3S 2S C(:")' .)I!->; 'i' )Nr \I':RC[IANTS,-
\T,> '. "' -2 1
c 5. 3 T',-, '" --- -
,NItAI-1 I :T '-n,T .Vir-ul in A \V'oOD
n. UeIi'&v~ *& C 0 MNIT S I V i, l (iT A. N T S,
A, N ) '**'\',I': IN
DRVY ^ n30s. (- i-.l7E. iE, ITA3TT DWAR.E,
TIN \V\:E, B )' "'. SI IOE- IiATS,
Cki! C' i')1;- '.-R Y Y, -lIP
Gfj kN0 1_. it N V7
Cu)r. W ,iVter ,ind- (;i --tI' ct'.
1.'c 9 A ) 0 rh 't-i l,,. "F

E I ;v x I_ 3-cCily,
rIOCE-.r1 A-4l-) A, ,l l[-S1t)" \r 1i1CANT,
Nt 5)5 Wvtter slrent.
N'iv I I Ap tlactic-', Fa.
.T1l'4. F. r~. rimiHi.,
No) 50 Waier st-ree
Nov II A t liehicol'., Fl-ia.
Ca ..s P. \'I' A '.\ tUjiST\X V- OiMAIN.
TI' UCtihi & Rsal:iill.
C 0 M vl I 10N I N I M 1- C H -AN' S,
No. 9 Columnhus BlIck
Nov. IS Anal 'hicolt, Fl)i.
S,. ITt. NIC e'{
DEALE; IN CL ITill -7, 1i()tOTS, SHOES,
H-\TS, CAPS, \c.
No. I Colmnbl'ns Il-,ck,
De'. 23 \oi tl-'il"nii' Fa.
Umn;lerwt!il & Cai^hi
Apalachicola, Fa.
"f-All orders attended to with purincltnality
and de.)oAt('h. .*J'r *2)

iiL. Ns. ilcott & Batiter,
HATS, &c.,
Cor'. Water and Centre-strepts,
Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. Dodgle,
No. 40 Water Slreet,
Dec '23 Arv'ilchicnln', Pa.
Tlu. W. '3Ims. IVI. W. CH;KEV.:R
Siis it Chlcever,
OTice No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apialachiicola, Fla.
IRI trts, Allein & Co.,
SP[K,3, AND C-\ST!NG-4,
And z[n.tufacture'xs of Tin. Ir,6n, and Cop-
per Witres.
Dec 24 2e A aWchicoi-, Fa.
CL.arles Rogers John Monn. E,'ene W. Rogers
Clivi. U6'-ft.'s & Co.,
Water street,
d," .. A'ta1lahicola, Fa.
N. J. Deblois.
No. 44 Water-slreet,
DePC 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. N. MCK1 A. N C. RoBnis. CHAS. PRATT.
A. N 11cKay & Co.
No. 40 Water-street,
Dec 15 ApIlachicola, Fa

;o 0tL-'.

J.ml,.AtlAin DAy. )DANIEL J. DAY.
J. Day & Co.,
No. 52 Water street,
Dec2. Apalachicola, Fa.
Agents 'for LLo'YD ; al-o, Agents for the
/" 2t na Insurarnce Co." the Protection Insurance
Co." and the "lHartord Insurance Co." Hartford

J. Ii1. & J. i. liuh11,
No. 48 Wator street,

- -.-

39vor ivfonal 'Noticro.

G- May be fun',ud at his residence, corner ot
Centre and High streets, opposite 'the Mansion
House. Nov S.
I. 0G.. D. avis,
Offers his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houi and Jackson Circuit Courts-ariand will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tdallahas-
esee, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
k,,aIchiiol% po[tefiher S. 18-46

I A. Gx. SCeminsK,
C- O,7fice, JV'o. 2 Capt. Simmon's Builiing,
cor. of Centre & Comminerce streets.
novr5 Aipalachicl, Fla.

Noitle' L.
rp IF. C.,partner-iiii', ,n-retofnre existing he
I twoon m11 e s'libsirubcr--, und(-r the- fitm )f D
B3. "VOOD & CO., Px ir>s thi- i div T! e aflt-ir
of' he concern will be hiquidated bv N. J. De
blois. ). B. WOOD,
Apalachicola, April 13, 18-IS.
Dr. WootiruT' s Dyseilary Cor'-
diail. .
T'O7' Dicrrhmai, Dvsentartv, Chr'lera Mrhu,.
I Chilera In'ia tinm, and summer complaint oi
children, for sile by
I"eh 3 J C..ATLEN.

3U LL'S, .and's Btristl's antd Bailey's cim-
ti pinnd flliid extract of Si i- li i ill just re-
reivwd, a'id fIor sale by
Feh 17 IH F ABELL.

Dr. Wo li3i-rsAatl
etI a l)le LifeA IP
F-OR i Ile by

I BALE- CGeo'Gia Usita,
rnetit tor sale by
-) -c wT:i' Tpri
4-1STER ,, (O*;XE'iitm
(c',,m )'in'.!d d frp m inedici
I't rest', a pu (',-1(]'t ald l.isi'tj.g (I
-l uo, antI ti- tihin ig the he-it
-'-teril dtIhilitv or nweaknessr no
iv [ 2,ril 271
SEI'DLITZ, Yea.t a' d Skda
s bist ti l ut, lor "ale by
Jitk 17
Yai'ria~ge for V
R OOM I',r 3 )OU bIles in low
AI, lyv to
"'-b -?i.N

Vi il gli'r.
A FE\V bbl- pure C.kii i,
hv E.
Nov 11
fI~a 'rs.
UFS r-e4 and fo s b
V 1 suipet-itr Raizoi-s fttr sale I:
Feb *i4
Cooper's lsini
JUST received, and for sale 1

May 4.
flenrt 's .Yl gn
JUST received aid lor salt by
Feh *24

RB['ITTERS, just received
Nov 2S H. F. AB
T ,ownscnd's Saru"
SUS I' r,.'-ceived, ad hfr sale bc
SA rint 27
I 'iih Pelazoes ant
A '' 1; ri cnlt 1 r '-I
Nov II E MctCUI I,

Liverp >ol S
OR sal.' by
D)c .iT R ET
S WEf)E RtIr,, Scotch dh,. We
Hoes, 1Blcksmiths Bellow-i
Cards, Stoades and S',ovils. Ca
Parns, Ploughs, &c. &c-. for sale
Dec 9 Conr. Water a'

Salad Oil
UST received, per brig Maui
of S ilad Oil, that is good.
Mav 4

Preston's Extract
F OR flavoring Custr'ds, Sa
For ailes by
M'av 4.

FRESH Fall Crop, for sale Ib
April 17
IIhaviana Si g
o"""n HAVANA S
t90 00U 1ing an assorlrr
bid d,'s "Cab.na"s," "Minerv
SPartisgp.s;" and other choice
ing iper schr Ann Mairm,frorn I
Mch 16 E McCULL
Thianisanid n Mei
TUST received and lor sale b)
O .Fph 3.

Rose Watt
A FRESH u )ply ,if E-igsl
Water, just received, and
Anril 27

Q UININE, Camphor and I
ceived and for sale by
April 17

From thie IVMacon J.,prnal anil Messenger.
BY 3 tC i /.W4Ds.,
AIR-" Sparkling and Br)ighl.
Prondly on h gh, in the azure sky,
Our Fl-ia m to the breeze is streantna,
On its f,,Ids broad cac-t, and nadiled to the mast,
ZA(-i4 TAYvi.o's name is gleaming
Then swell the Band, through all the land,
And ing or hern's .-Iory ;
L,-t is greetfroiii afar, with a loud huzza,
ZAi'H TAYI.OR, our Country's glory.
WVith spirits elate, each imarshNlled state
Forth into the ranks is wheeling,
Thp triiimpihal notes (of vi'tory float,
List, If-t to ithe Jyou- pi-aling.
Then swell the Band, &c.
The South and the Norith. in their pride stepforth,
A ni i'. Easit and the West are corning,
Like the whirlwind rout. 'heir'niigliiy thout
O'er the niiuntHin top is boomning.
Then swell the Band, &c.
The seamen that move in the ships that rove
On the deep aind dark blue ocean,'
And the artisan throng gain ihe phalanx long
To kpep the White Horse" in motion.
Then swell the Band, &c.
Our soldifirs have sworn they'll no longer be shorn
Of Fieedomn ,'-'i le.Cla,
And to gain that re:,ose they'll outflank the fdes,
With the Hero of Buena Vista.
Then swell the Band, &c.
On the gale come tones from prostrate thrones,
'Tis Libhertyv's Jnbilpe.--glorioIt ;
Our land they call bliPst, Elmpire of the West,
Ascendant, forever victorious.
Then swell the Band, &c.
Prondlv on high, in the azure sky,
Our Flag tio lie breeze is :treaminng,
On it.-.f lds broad cast, aind i.ailed uto the mast,
ZACH TAYLOR'n. name is gleaming.
* Then swell the Band. &c

From il BostAon Al|.is.
The Whig Candidate for the Presidency.
"General TAYLOR'S rilit ry exploits are hnot tihe
cause's of hi.s topidulirity ; they are ,inly the oc-
casions fitr the di plavy'of his sound judgment,
energy of character, linty and pure sense ol
justice, and incrniiiptilile honesty, l-ie hasas
itich reimut.tiion lkrw wnat hlie has written, as
for what he h.is done, because even where lhe
',rnpostit imj -ii's not his owin, the se-itimnents,
mrlives and teliit-s are; rid every ih'ini helie
says, as everything lie dies, is mari purityi and 1. fit nes of hi- own chairaetler."-
General Petrsifir F. Smith, 'an "out and
out Loco Fciic,."

~li:ius Veg-

'ilS, Zilivry Trylor',s nn'estors etimigrated
frtomu England in 1692. to Vir-inia. lth-
J C ALLEN. Soouihi'rin )irenl ol' iliose "iliirteen old
S(colonhies," tha t rose suddenly, like h tle dra-
ur,,, on co'sigtn- ,on's imetih sowni liy Cadlius. ini)h I ll grown
mien; not, however. ar.ied like thse fi!hl,
J. DiY & Cn. ,,1s 1Wiarriors wi i wtvuloiisl cior ihir mvn
e Sothmetrn Tonic, inte'lliten'e otf the Anglo Stixon rale. His
in's of'f our I father. Col. Di,-k Tayhlor," (.is he was
ure for ','vr '' fliimliirlyv called ) was born on the 221 ;iy
'T'onic in cases n( oh oiNar(.ci. 1744. ianld after reviving a lIdegree
),.I knr 10, o1t s-ale ; W illi;, ;l ,'' ( CoIllege, set -o(fr.
tlhougli still a ieP-e boy. to explort-e til"
d P ,mdeir ,1 l.e traclkless siiiitdes ol'i lh- ianks of thie jfi.--
sissillpi. His elder brother. [lat- K. h1a-I
J. 'C ALLEN. hieen I,'illed iy ihe 'Ioli:ins wlti',- surveying
tt4)ti. fi;r govtrniiienio mite r ilte (tills o' Ihe Owlhio ;
er Cotton Yard. hilt this did Iit diafii Ri' ,liird, whio i iraivers-
ed le tie Iorest s (ar Soiinhll is N;i ehli-,z. Iv-
"- T TOTS. Ioru inia ;ilonh e itiiie. ovet ;i Iol,,- ",,lI utiger-
,s Ira;iil. Alliedl wilhi mniy o tlhiose greal
f-'gar, iof- -!e low ;nt d (|l IIietn who i rgi-c dI lhi<' |Ilmv daiIys
i:.('r',' -, ,f h,- Olil Doiiiii. lie Ihad stri',g ltiils 10
50 Water st. hind him i,, I tite hl,,,e of his Ilithers ; hiit
lile many V others. lie feareild.thl ulli,,aie if
1 R, (ers & Son's fect of tihe enervating rotnd of' liospialities
by whliich hadl heefi atloptd fIron fie niliother
H F PFLL. conttly, and determined to remove to a;
ISass, more primitive region.
ib 'Thlie bre;iaking ot of the Rcvotlntiitary
J. C. ALLEN. sIrnwgle enlisted hIlis services in behalt'u f
those irin'iples. for lthe sippolrt ,of which
IeSia, 1hi-e delegates o 'f lie CoIlonties hd pledlge2tl
'i" i'it lives. thlieir l'ormties, and tilieirsicred
H F ABTELL. hoor"-a pledge which evvery WhliL, )of
AND PIflENIX every section f Ithe country, regortled ;Is
anId lor sale by hindiig himi inilividnIIllv. Eleclt-d Colonel
ELL, Druggist. otf a reginient in tile Viraini;i ine, Il' aip-
1 ipa riIla, pliedi hiniselt' to military af'fiiirs ianid Itatics
by witih sic'h steadliness, thail in less than three
H. P APIFT, monihhs lie wais perleclly ulasie'r of the coin-
SOnios. nmaind which hald lbeen entiristed lo him. [I-e
d OlliO~Ss.rvvd tlhroinahliont the strll'a!le. wilh such
Y, 50O Warfr st. courage and zeal ;s to win tlie coniiinnditl-
allion of his superior officers, anid parlicular-
al, ly dist finished himself at ,lie pa.ss;ile ol
.T SO' Con 'the Delaiware anIl baillmtle of Trenton, where,
cdn fighlinig hy the side of' Lietilenant (.iier-
e tdina aid oGarden warls President) Miinroe, lie trarteil
, Cotton and Wool .
anld,-ou anrid u.iA,,r \.;shington s patictiar rnotice. Fhe Vir-
by y giniains were mainly instrumental in gaining
ISON ,., Co- .. .. u h- --i lupa r an vi''r-y,- -w-hi oh-av'ed- I iI i--'
id Cheutnt st-. delphia, ;ind raised the drooping spirits of
Slhe insurgeils. I t
hattan, a1'few cases Oin ihe 20ih of Auisim, 1772. Coi. Taylor
J C ALLEN. received thle congratulations of his friends,
as the happy hbritle-groomn of Sarah Stro,-
of Leiion, other, lie n nineteen years of age. to whom
c Ces, .i-lI,--., &&c. Nature hail ben no niau-o'rd in ihe bestowail
J. C. ALLEN. of personal atllra.i-'tinisI, wliich alornedi ;I
enltivrited mind and a Clhiris-tian hiiarl.-
Their fiuinily eVentoually ntumbered five sons
iv anI three (daighiters-tilie tlhiird soun. Zawhary
H. F. AtBELL. Taylor, wtis I'ioro in Oratnge cotinty. Virgi-
ai's. nia. thli' 24thli tay of Novettmber, 1790.
EGAR'!, contain- In Joly. 1791. CtI. Taylor. aiccompaniedi
ment of the Prc- by Ilis .; imily. lefi Virginia, for her eldest
va," Britamina," latghlier. Ketitnitky-iliat gneat Sitate whlichl
brands, now viaind- ledtOw h,, ,m.rch o'f civiliz:ition \Veslward. aul
lava,'a, forsale.ty whose foresits have heen stainedI withi so
Y, 50 Water st. ,,ny masa,.Cres, Ihal t Ias called "tie
u'dicl-eCS lark andI ionity grouimnd." He settledtI i
V .Jeffrirson conrity. alont fi ve miles (rom
J. C. ALLEN. Loui.tisville. and liwo tfro-im the hio river-
. onie of tlieh Ieaders of those hardly pioners
h and French Rose who attainedl sinhi brilli:ni ivicloi-ies over
for sale by Itheir savage opponents. and ilie wild hi xri-
.H F ABELL. ance o tnnltamel nature. Uniti, ineidmi-
Piperine, -iust re- t-,ble in'us'rv to a rare strength of judge
meni, Col. Taylor produlinced at hoine all tlhe
H. F. ABELL. necessaries of life, purchasing neither cloth-


Lieetenan- T aylor was .there seized will me-nor any otner %%uon (d isde ice ort-and
h,- lost his life bv beitg't(o ,t Ii(; he g(,-, into
,i.- yellowvf ver, and niarrowlv scalpedd death. h- lost his lifti b *to ;m \i.ifhedg( ,it
h l ., a n l ,e I. one ot the ga//lies inf the bastions, a:d fired over
He returned home to1 recruit his hetlh, .>id ,hIe pIcketsand cohlit dout lo his:-,o-,rades that
aferwnirds rep!ai-etl to tihe barracks am Cmi- he had kill' d an Indian,-and.i,,Il clinmg lo sti op
cir lati. w Llieret ieP stidi'd iall Ithe m ilitary down irti in nistalt, lie LIis s '.'.
works he could pro' ure, and icqtii', i'(l I ,I One ot the men tli'-j juiii.1 |!t|e pickelp, re-
th,'roi,,h krniwleIvce of lie '" ar of wiar"' trneid an htir be.foe day, -w d iuilii iLnp lo-
wvhich hi.s sine emiabled i'l n to comi'tmid waird- the gate, -., 'i! i'rGod's sake fcr it t-c'be
witi su-h sill. Gener i.irrisoii, wvio polened. I ssi. ecfed it-I to be a sratauetn of tihe
was thlen ive.rnior of l-.e Noi W ester I,' l"s to g 'tt in, as. I did t r-c,.llck l the-vo --e;
,,, S, ". a". ". I i 'f I Tdi-ecft(d th( men in Ti e basion, LItrre I, p-
-th nit l'art i.e .the stto.i-i e ,. I ten d tt b ,,(, to I c i mtri. li,. I i ,. i'. Iv' I -e
le Eig.isli ag- s to i .n.-l e e.iiisli a d wonild ', ,'d1 one of' tt.,rn Arled. at hJbi ., hIt, ii..iu.
Olliw. chica. (beItter known as tlhe Prophliet.) nately he ran up to the oi hli'r isor-, where ithey
to league the Miamnies and other WVesterua knew his voice, and D':citr Clark direcv'd him



sits meoil.le i.a ecrr iorUy ^.


i,4 noi food, and was :lakays -- beoi't i halil." ril), s to lake iup arnims against shile United
No lilamta(ion was hl-tier fenced or kept in Sta es, mar:hled into ihle Ildian ininlry.
letler ,ordIr than hi"; ad Is lthe I'orest While on this expedite on, in which Lieut.,
around his humbledwellin fel beneath ilie Taylot served, he bIuilt,"several stockade
axe of ithe settlers. tI he replaced in Ihe forls. arnd oneoftliem, sitaled on tlhe Wa.
landscape by smiilingfietdls, thle old veteran lash,.some fifl'ty miles above Vincenoes, was
Could look around himn with tlie soul cheer- ilnmell, in honor of Ihe commander, Fort
"ingsati.lcfion it:itl it)ithe work ofimplrive- o Hrrison, .
mnent hlie had not been a drone ii t 'he hive. In 18fo0 Lieutenant Taylor was married
Niir were his neighbors uinmindful ,of ilie io a h.dy who is d(iescribe,. ans one *of thie
cliis to their ,eseei, o' one who Ihus in- most elegant among e many bellp wr
variahly 'Sustained the character of an ulp- hIavre united their foritures to those of our
rilit and patrioticeciiizen. He was elected (oliltiry's brave defenldeys. and at the same
a member ol tihe convention for'-frami tlie tlime is noted for her hurnble yet unaffected
constltiiton of Kenm'ucky, a Represeniaive piety, being a member oif the Episcopal
atil atteiwards Senator from Jefferson coin- Clihrch. -Not long after his marriage, the
ly to the State Legislature, and a member young Lieutenant was sent op aexpedj-.
Pf the electoral colleges which voled for tion intoithe 'Indiain country, and s.o long' a
Jefferson, Madlison, Mounroe, and Clay.-? thme elapsed without tlidlings of hiim nreach.-
Wshlington. -ai(il i'WhOim he hard hben on __.Jit4-fis fi.-iylv, that -i t,~gari to fear -hkl
thle iiost inimaite terms in Virginia., finding lie badl lfiailrH vic tiCii ,I his perilIudtig--." 6
that he maintainedi his high reputation in The S'crt'tar'y of .ar, lihoii ever. was 60
thle homtie of his ailopition., appointed .inm pleased wtith his devoted t'crtivI dhal hle re-
,Colle(ctor of tlie i)ort 'of Louisville. New cotime.ended hinm f'or piroIiolion, aid in 1812
Orleans being ihen a Spanish lprovince.- Presidenit "adison ren ariled l' wilb t
AfIer a long life of 'tnlustrious labor. fior his Capain's commt-nission. attached to 'wh]iiliw's
cointtrv and for hiims.lf, Col. Richard Tay- ;in ord,"r iiappointing h'im cuniomander of:'Fort
lor died as hlie haid lively, an honest man- 'Harrison.
the, noblest work of Godl Caiptain Tavylor,. at the head of :fiftYv sol-
Meanivhile, a, iinipate of a hlImble log lie'rs, arrived ,. aF(ort Harrison,, itn )May
cabin, tilhe character of youn ;ich;liary w;ias 1812. Oii the 19i: of June Tre presid*ei
formed aamidlst the hardl.hips and da lageris iof sanctioned a Declaration of War -gatinst
ba'ckwoodls fife. His mother instilled into Great Britain. The young commander
hile vouthful minds of her sons those Chris- strained eveiy nerve to pice his st,(.k des
iarn virtines vwhi.h she pirat i.ked.Wiit ye'xm- in a proper stame of d,'-fenc.,; b,It owi'ng .1
li-,y dlevot,.dies<, andi it, t'h llong 'wi'iter llie p"xitiiiy of rmarshy around, many of
evf-tings. wlient lie floors hald been harrica- Ihis men were seized wii i f,.ver, and between
ded, and ilie loaded I rifles laid' ready to repel Ilahior and skirmiishing, lie f.ew' wlio escaped
any ailltack hliit ntaiit be made by lite In 'in;is sickness were soon worn out. Aware of
before rnorniny. their father would t -11 ihiemi i'is. the lIdians irnagined that it. would hobe
ofl'time Revolmition. Not rierelv to show anu easy rotiier to extermiinate Ithe 'w'holi
how fields were won;' hut io t portray thlie pa- garrison. anlI came, n-arlfy four hundred'anld
troism andi inLteariily ol hlis beloved chief, li'ty strong. o ilihe .niahlii of the 3d ol' Sel.
in thle hIope tlhal hais lo, s Itighi, following iiemier, when C-ipitain Taylor, (lehilitaltd
the ex,,oiiple of Waslhingti. tie inspired hiniself: -iad only sixteeni men fit lor duty.
wiih ilios tiinsefisli and di liffilenrt. but de- The lndia.is at first altemnip)led to enle:ribe
voledI anil fearless sentimients and iitirotions. fort ly stiratagi mrn, killing iwo y-ung meni,
whiich arm ip;atnrios ftr nolle aind sublime- wiho were taking hay in llihe vicinilty, late
ffoI-rts. New Etilhnd. even ihen. sent her iin ilie evening; lInt (ra)pt. Tafbr:o was to-
Ss-hooli'lster ahrodi"i and Ihe your, pti- %elll acqiiinted wih their mniiceiV'r's to
pil of" Mr. Elisha Ayres. a native of' Con- semd oui a pitary for lihe 'coril.Ses iiiitl I)te
net licut, whlo'i il '1847 tlien tlwards (of four next mriioiing. They Uer fi iio',io scalped
score years ol age, wr's residlini at Pireslon, atd iiianigh-I. addihioig res!i fear i6tlhe al'Hinm-
i, ilie vicinity 'f Nori<-h, a,,l gave hlie e d wo(mnw whlio l-dl sou,"iiI 'proeoitfion with-
folliwirig a-ccountl of young Zachiary :" in the sltockae.(, f nidI grleanly ebarrassed ,hp
The Kenfiluickians were their a walhike and- w "mer wi o .fvoiiftl djoiij in he lie'inited p're',
chivaliton people, and they were often'enaaured, pairatii'n fior defece.
i,, iffenisive or dplelsivei kirmibhes wilh the In- On,, tilih even,,ing of the t'h, tie Proph
dians. A hritn'ber wer- known to be itn the s t ae i, h i litfl o
woodS niot far distant Irorn theschool hou.e, and. set a ,eltaniono hesdcd by a White flag. 16
on one occasion, one of them wvis shot. wear g ace nto le stckade, nder .h
a British uniform. In their hostiliy to thet pr tice of smol. ing ileilpe of peace ; bt
Amrnericas, the. were encouraged and sistain hv tlie Britieh anthoritisoin the Northlerni frontier alilouli lie gav liethemi provisions and tot
Thi-re was I Mr. WVheteel, in the nreihliorhiodt hb;,c co. Afmir retlrea; beaiiog lie examined
.I' t -e -. h,-. t ,,' ,, hi-.ct I ,,.ct ... ha. : ,I,'t .six een,. ro nds !. .
r.]- tI-t llo m o-f iti. ," n .f')11111 I I 1, iileu... .
.: ., ,- '-,I .,.. l,- r. T I-s exploit ot r ,eie in m- arlcridge.box, and
ii7T X\\'hetsel tarnli.us, and he became the in- reed one of lie non ,omissioned offi-
.Tri'le-r oflhe vouni Lfl and boy. in theneie- esII to i)lk aroun(I hie inside of the Shock-
h ,irhord in IIis' mi 'v' '',r 'l3 ltis'1 Twn.rr1" -- A u e, l co--.
firuo Ano jI-'.^,pils, it believed, wasyung I"lt i lree se'iiinils. About eleven, Chf
Za-.hArv, i li, I"i ..ni a)aptroached on all sides, as it
.-Ie child is father to ti.he m." an was so dlrk hey conid not be *p- riived,
'.-ralish poel tells us; andi one call Irace in and hilnivig set fire to a store house. gave
ill- bolir. tprighl career o f General TayIlor. tIL(; v wa.r %hIo P.' ifectl.y., .rillec'el.. Iie
moiiks, of his earlv intficoreorse will) those yonni conim.iander gave orders for.exiin-
ailvvninros ]iHoil'ers of Kentc(kIv."- wlli ei.hing tlhe flaimes, ; ul his imen were so
wer- fil it, sand by Niirodi andI vivee. II.i i-(hilimaelI that ilhicy coulh do hut littlle. at,
-retlion Doriiii atiln iiiutiramiielledI. ,ih,'v 'ne t.liisey cat hiiYt file. it ihiom .ip ii
ileemied il iheiselves thie .equals of` at1n 1 ,1-'. blh.l'le. it'g (oli),iilis. wliic'h ren ei-ered ihe
and.l ncl owildge.d no sirioerior. wvlhi'le the s ,,ipe trily ,app' allig. I' i ; ll, i tie .toII.'"
belief tilti theyy were parilp a o'f doiig any ll's Taylor, in his offic-i:,i -ipo, "'itime.-
r'ason;hlt)I air reil,,ereid itlitn equal ii ius ,li;tely gave Ithenmselves uI .fo'r I.." atu.I
airiinplihtni t. Sihirni in the imn-iden os hIti lif geat v st iliffic-uhy iTn utiig m.y or'
and p)eiils if tlhieir hiuiini |-lltie's. viina ih'irs ex'i-tteId ; andl. sir-what fr-oni lihe
Taylor acqiii-reild nuch ,pra(t-nial iisd,,ii raging o l tl.e file-the I( Hl,. arnd Iowling
with I, stalwvari consmitltioi. MIany are lhie i si-veral li hundred In ldians-- Ihe le-ries
traditions around his hone whiih illusir-i-e nine w,,en ani chdih'e, (a,'palt ens'
his (oo(l daring. In lthe Spring of 180th. a"Ii a part citizens' wives,. who .,lind tken
(,whei Lewis Cass always appeared wiih a shelter in il foitl)-anil a de.I)iondig of so
hIi ck co',kade in his Ihat. as a proof of hils t otv (f lie nnll which was wor-se tIhaa
f'ederalisim). Zachary Taylov,i aft r- a harId ll-I' cal aissnre you lthal il lytelin.-s mere
day's pltughing in a new"-' cleariina."swam very tnilIea.sa t.' Two 1of lie stIOul-st -pri-
ac-ross ilte Ohiio river, ilieti tilled witli float- valts jumped flie pickets aind r;an off,; but
ing i'e, a I'fat which is cited as siurpassinrg .apIa, i.y lor wLs. firn, an.d u,,nt"e]jd in
iri danger and difi-ulIy lthie far fined ex- iiospiring his -feeble ga-risoii nil iis own'
phit i o'f'siiiiinnhf.t lihe Hellesponl. courage. We copy further from his report
WVhile tlits eniage(l in agricn'itnral pr- My presence ot mind d(lid tot fiora moment
suits, Zoichary Taylohr, with his intimate forsake me. I saw by throwing off part of tbhe
friends, Joseph P. Taylorand George Crog- roof that joined the blockhouse that was op fire,
han, (now officers (of lhih rank in otur g al and keeping the end pe'rfecly we*, the whole
lant army,) joined a volunteer rifle corp-t, row of buildingsrnight be saved, a-d' fae (only
raised as a portion of a force o oppose the an entrance of eighteen or tw.ently f(ti irlthe tn-
St le din n 1 dians to enter, alter thlie house was consumed;
supposedI reasonable designs ofAaron Burr, and(] hat a tempoi-,arv breastwork night be hrni-
ani served in it as sergeant, unnil tlie alahr ed to prteret thei' 'entering ien It.tre. Icon.
hiad suthsided. Soon after;vards came the vinced the mei that this could be accomplished,
news of the capture of Ihe United Slates and it appeared to inspire them v.i'lh :,LL, life,
frignie Chesatpeake hy lhe British frigate and never did men act with moi'e ltiiii, or des-
Leopard. kindling into a blaze tlie angry |"i ,.ii".. Thqse that were. ally I\ltinle rb.lh 'ts
feelings that llhe repeated aggressions of the 1-t'p i'i constant fire f(onin the, upper block.
Enalish nation h|ad raised tio so.high a piich, house and the two b",-li..r-', n,,.-i,t,:d Ihe cnooil' of
A desire to vinihic-iae, the outrage al! on,,r ,,o the h,.uses(, willi D,( ,1.I L'. Ih _. (who
't_- d witl-tle,e greatest I,, 'i-,.)i,' :and-presei.ice of
his citintry at once took o 0s-sstion of the ,, the whole tiime the attack lasted, which
ruinI of 'iaylor, and lie atpiled Ior a coim- "wa even hourss) untir a shi iwier c bulhtl-, and
mission left vaean" hy tlie (eath of his elder in less than a mInotent threw off as much of .the
brother. Mr. .ames Madison and blher in- rool as was necessary. This was done, with onr
fliiential e rtiaelat ives ,,tiii tne~il, imni high- man kilIt'd, and two wounded, aid I am in hopes
ly. and on the 3,1 of May. i8'()8, Presidem neither ofttem d ,i,p,'...i. Ii., The man that was
Jefferson signed hiis commission as 1st Lieu- killed was a litlte deranged, and did not tet off
tenant o'llw 7tlh Regime,,t ofLthieoe States "so. is direcled, or he would not
iif~i ry Suhseq rtett evehie have sliivn h en hturt ; and althoigt the. bari'acks were
y several times in a blaze, and ai iiiiten .eii' antlty
that the young soldier mnitriled the flattering of fire against them., the-ment it-id -u,'-h eXrl'tin,
re|)lies given to the Presidlent's invariahle that tlhey kept it ui'dei-; atnd, h,:.fr- ida'., asked a
qi,.estions, whL'ln ('andlid ate" for hIublic offices breastw'",rk ds I igh a-. a reai'- Ied( A Ilih, uh
were proposed to hi,-''" Is lie honest ?--is tlhe Ihtdiats conitinid to I 'nr ,in a hieavy hreof
lie f'aim il'il ? -is lie capahile ?'' ball, ai d ami innuo, ,t ,hi,- ',,:,rltit ,.f arr' Ls,
OrdlereI to juin his rtgitneit. which was dtringi he wh,.lo time the ;mi ,ick l Idtd, in every
hli-n onilder (en. .ilkimison. at New ()rleins. pIart f' lie parade, I had lhut ,l-,e I llr marill-

~a m r.-' i n r. I b" -

to lie close to the picket., behind an empty bar.
rel that happened to'he there, and at daylight I
had him let in. ihii arm was broken in a most
shocking manner, which be says was done by the
0 Indianq, wli.h I suppose was the cause (oft his
returning. I thi ,' it probable that he will nol
recover. The other they caught ab ,ut one hurn
dred and thirty yards from the g irri'on, and cul
him all to pieces. After ke,'pirg up) a constant
fire until about six o'cl )ci the next morning,
which we t.-,dn to return with some effect, alter
d3 highlyl they removed out of reach of our gun<-
A party of them drove u[) he hors-,s that belong.
ed to the citizens here, and as they could notl
catch them very readily,.shot (lhe whole of' thtr.
in our 4izht, as wel.- 'as a number of tneir hogis,
They'drove off t:ie whole of the cattle, which
amounted to sixty-five head, as well as the pub-
lid oxen.
"I had the vacancy filled up before nighl
(which was mada by the burning of the block-
house) with a strong row of pickets, which I got
by pulling down the guard house. We lost the
whole of our'provision's, but must make out t
live'upon green corn, until we can get a supply,
which I'am in hopes will not be long."
The unaffected manner in which' young
Tavlor thus reported his heroic defence ol
defenceless post, ilhough it does nol possess
the severe style and finished terseness of his
more recent military papers, is marked by
tIhesatne modesty and viaor of thought-, andl
his victory was on every'tongue in the west.
ern country. Major General Hopkins wrort
to Governor Shelby of Kntiicky : t" 1he fir'm
andt almost unpirt;ileld ]efeince of Foirl
Harrison, byC';ipi;ntn :,irri-on, by Captaini
Z:i-heu.ti-r ylor-t'TThr-rifpl fir hini a fabric
of character not Co be efl*iced by ernltgy.'
He receiveil ilthe brevet rank of' Majr, th
first brevet coititisint uiveni by an Ainpmri-
can President, and from that ineiTihnl his
life has Ibeen one conilinucd scene of victory,
under tile rnor i dis.;lvtnl:tgeous circurn-
stances. Nn martiFpr how )ifflina or dis-
cojuragin live. been ilth ,ltiffirt'iliies to en
counter, the ener'v nrid rpsnolution which lie
first displayed at Fort Hlirrison have con-
quered--the word inmpossile seenis to lihave
been omitleil from his vocrib)lary, and hIis
men follow hitm ai one who carries victory
ch'iined to his stuanlardl. This reputariion
has thllen sirne effect in the ;irminy as in Ihe
navy. where it is well knovn that Decatur
or Hull could make sailors perform prodi-
gies of valor, who haid shown th, whiie
feather" utii!er oillier officers. Old Iron-
sides would be defended witi ten limes a?
much re.olition as lihe ill failed Crhesnrpfake
could have been, In thb nrv. ', r lrmy.. or
!)oi<'Lca1 slrife, it is h;,l! thie battle :Iine'd. to
1)h:ve a leader to whlino stturces is haltubitnal.
The defence of Fort iirriison so dli-
heartene 4t'lhe Tridians that Te 'tmnelh was
enable to carry nout his project of e'xterni-
1atilng the whiles, and in several slnlseqenti
enzagnrnents M ijor Ta, lor so distinaitished
hinelf as into receive the official -:ominpiPnla-
lion of Major General Flrpkins. Yet whien
lhe army was remorlellhid. alter the ces.sation
,of hostiliieti, MNai. T"vlor found himself
degraded io the r;m'k of Captain. AhIihonuh
lie has tiever claimed promotion, lie felt inmt
he could nnt submit to a derntd;ition which
implied t'lh'il he, had not performed his Idu-
ltis. He therefore resigned his enrninis-
*ion and re-turned to his farm, where lie punr-
,chased stock and rnide preparations to en-
gage in agricultniral pursuits
SGEN. (ASS Ir THS N>,r.it ("-.
Our democratic t-riends of this quarter are
hldmllv claininan Ohiao fior Mr. Cass. With

n Wttil ,.., i.,tfTii ill u in-in uigi o ll iii t i' Irit -
ter we clUp from tlie Cleveland (Ohio) True
Democrat if ilihe 2d inst., the followiin :
NOMINATION OF CAss.-W\Ve do not re-
collect ever to have wiviesseil so little en-
husiatstn ocasiionedl bI)y a inarly nnininalion
for President, as has atiend'-d tIhe ainnoun-
,cement of thai of C;iss. in this vicinity It
tnighit well be said it Ir:ve fallen still-horn
,upon ithe earm of the party, were it not fur
an ociasioinal growl of disc'ontlent, or sign iof'
indifference, anmotig those who tight lihe ex-
upected-ito hail it witli shlotis anil rejir ing.
if the wanted lIartVy Ifeeliii iindt etlhusiiasn
owre alive int relation lto it. A smn ill cilas-
and they aire precisely those who look for
itnmprovell chances in any revoliion or
change of ihininistr-:iiion-will, of coilirsp
make aill the noise and uulff'ci ll lthe enihu-
siaini they can ahout it ; and jitst now, ihe
entire voluitime of that colmnmondity hei'ealboit
miity be seen in one i of tor daily dlenocrt:iic
papers. The other is as chairy of enithusi-
asm an!) glorification of thie nominee, iis
bolh are of frank devotion ito principle and
consistency in their course. Andil well it
tnly bhe; for the transfer of tihe reins of gov-
ernment from Polk to Cass would be nroth-
ing more or less to theti, than tile transfer
of government pap from one set of democra-
tic pocklts to another. The Saindusky
Daily Mirror, we understand, utterly repu-
diates the nomination. So that, of tihe
three democratic dailies on the Reserve, one
irejects it in to'o, another damns it with
fairiLu praise," and the third goA* it with a
rusil, il violation of its own professedl and
. oft avowed prlneiples, in favor of Norlhern
igilits and fre& territoly. Truly, this shows
An unatniiityil nad eal, iind integrity of ipr-
pose. .worily uJ die quoininee, and his prnin-
tipleu.. _
We hope tlii i he 1Ciaese will non ut
'tempt, popular deiuwotiratiin in fivor of
thnir nominee, in t1his vicniiy. We shall
look for a rich lime, and for some glorious
v0,9 ,wbe 0,k cnAl;CIpes..

Lovi.-The ttliter day a couple in Louis-
ville, who had made tip their minds ,to mar-
ry in spite of the old 'ons., eloped :an nook '
(be mail boat for this city. Thie lady had
mot arrived at that age a wljilih the statute
in s,eb cases made and provided" allowed
tYer '"tago it alone." so ther considerate
mammna oen a ieletial-ihie despaich to the
clerk of our court forbidding the license.-
The next morning when the young gentrle-
*man made his appearance at the office to
procure it-h all-imiportant docunmet, lie was
very uiolJy li.edeIhm h 4,rlestailini mandiatle ;
andthu fi or love were" nowhere" when they camine
in competitiion with O'Reilly's line. He
Jeft with his fair charge for A-4erdeen.
[Cin. Despatch, 12/ t ulL

'follok.ing beautifiul senlimeit wais dranki
"staollig ajd in silence." at a private fete
.ompoog ithe ,fhi Voloretl elite of New York :
"I:eS.6 ii 9 de daArkey far sect; diay face
AedW no paiji, ]'Ar kheo< no fuincry."

Ihat, ihre will lie a struggle for sullpremnacy
between the legitimists and the Bonaparl-
Thiers, Onlillon Barnol, Berryer and Du-
vergier de H-ai'ranne voted in favor of Louis
On Wednesday. Paris was quiet. The
people h;id trinumphed. Louis Napoleon
was hourly expected in 'Paris to take his
seAt I.
At ite last accounts from Paris the Bo-
napai,:rlist excitement continued, and nmea
suires ham been taken ito keep it vigorous.
The public tra'qiiilily had not, however,
been again disturbded.
M. dIe Persigny. -who has made himself
remarkable for lis atiempt in favor of Prince
Louis Napoleon, was arrested on thie 131h
ult. alt h'is residence.,
The number of omrnm.ereial hou-ses in Pa
ris which sus.peutded payment ait thlie end oc
ilte month iof Aptil. aun'onnted to fi'teenu
hunidlred, but at present they amount to c
nearly six thousand.
Mr. Williamn Tell Pnus-sin is appointed
envoy extraordinary and minitster plenitpo
(cniitiry of ite Reipublic of the United
States of Almerica.

lish, Swedish, and Belgian ambassadors
have reached lnnsprnck, and it is supposed
iiat the affairs of Italy will theie lie discus-
sed. The hopes of the people oif Austria
seem centred in the Archiduke John, who,
as tihe counsellorof the Emperor, will be the
medium of communication between him
and his subjects.
PRUSSIA.-In Prussia affairs have come
to a (lead lock. In the Berlin Parliament,
a declaratory vote, of in ahsrract nmitire.
wleiher tliu e vents of ilie 18th and 19ih of'
Maitcli had dethroned the King, and otiiai-
nated a new conslitinlional ssteit,' being
negaitiveld iy a sitall majority of 19. the
people of Berlin have agaLiin been iirown in-
to a sale oif tumulhi which appears like to
have serious conseqieiites. iThe dernmo-
crats ofl halm capital are at direct issue with tlhe
coirt party ; ind untiless the mob canh lie
hriugilt ti0 somie Peasoi. tin appeal will cer
mainly be madi to thlie army, and a frightful
civil war will lie the result.
ITALY.-Since the battle ofGuio andt lhe
faill of Peschiero, no imovemenit of ai fiirlher
il-cisive r'hainater has taklen Iplae in Loinm-
lihardy. The Piedmontese were prepairitig
;it occiUpy sola della Scol:i, tio cut tiff the
communications of the Austrians between

Seven Days Later from Europe.
t Thie Carmnbria sailed fromin Liverpool on
s I he 171h nilt.,and therefore brings seven days
t lInter intelligence.
t' The news froii France is of the highest
t importance.
The Cotton and Corn markets are in a
desperate sia:e-a slight reduction in prices
Shaving been subnrited to siuce tile sailing
S of' i lhe last steanier.
The niuey market was iu an easy con-
t The European Timies gives lie following
Account of French :ifflairs, which had liranis-
e pired since the election of Louis Napoleon
to tire National Assembly was announced :
As soon as the government perceived this
rnost unexp)ected reaction, evidencecs IUost
inconlrovertibIl, by tie Oballot and ut niversial
suffrage, they assetnbled insianily. Paris
Swas instantly filled wilh troops, alld it is
s said hati not less Ithan 100,000 t ooIps of ihe
Line have been congregated in the French
Allroupemrnents have taken place every
night this week, in spite of' tie trew law.
O Oi Sinrdnlay nighl, ilioul t200 persons were
theiiiuIed in by ltie troops, and carried off
S)srisoners tolie Prelecture. Amongst i elit
S were Englishi, Atieiicans, atil, ii is sa-id,
even wollien itn disguise. In short, the rap-
pcl anid the general hli.ive been beaten every
day, aind ti. contusion and exciletient have
Sbeern grviler than ever.
We i:ust stale lliat whielher under Ithe
S ressrn e oif aripplheliesion or pairioitsni, the
Natiional Assemibly displhiyed, ill first, a no-
ble feeling. The most eloquent denounce-
ruenis of : II tyrants ;ind dictatorships, seen
Sclerly in the pIerspective, burst frotii irainy
oif iis members. The popular feeling oul
of doors, is evidently divided. The cries
of' Vive le Rcpubtique'' iare answered,
ad sometimes drownedi, in shoiis of Vive
I',Empereur,"' "Vive lta Bonaparte." On()i
Monday, when tIre news was i irculateil, thliai
tite imipudent adventurer, Louis Na;ipolhon,
iatl actually wrrivtlI in Paris. ;intd wis iboui
io take his seat in the Assembly, Ilie crowd
wnas very great. The conlagion of the feel
Sinig hadl spread to sotie o(f ile tioops, and
certainly to a large portion of' tlle Naiioiil
Guards, and cries of '' Vive le Nipoleo "i
have moine from inore titai liioe regitnent.
tniar lie tilo inilel the tIribollie, ptale as a,,hies
alind 'lenaoilJed the inslint paissiirg of a tie-
cree keel)pirg in force tile liw of ]832
aii'ist Louiis Na;poleon Bonniinurte. WVhiis'
hei was speaking, a shot \ias fireil outside of
the lquliliitg, ;mil shots of' Vive I'Einipe
Sreur!"' were heardl. Lamartine iiiiineiliale-
Iv sat down, overwheltined. One of llie Nia
tiional (iardls him been shol in thle siouiach.
This incident, wlitiher acciilenial or pre-
arr;nged, Lamnariie aidroitly i'otnv ted to
his pirpose, Iy declaring iia lll Ihe first hrlood
whi h hail been shed wais sited in ilie cause
of ilespolisim. andt not by llie Repubhic.-
The decree asked Ilor was tlien saniuciioned
by General arclaunaliirn.
POLEON.-II (*'alnkuOt be concealed lhait t Ihere
*Ta-i,__r^^^u ^.^^ -ir i ^ IIeoti"
|)artel, winch1 N-ifi ha- h,.'r\ll]-l^_*lll .
A bIoly of NatifMonal G-anrdsl set off to
.r ^ U o. o 'r, it is suliptsed.
tio welcoiie Louis Nanpir t u
of France. 'ihPey were rve vC 'rT on ),ilntl
a vessel under lie pretelnce of a i expu-
sinl, buit Ithe Mayor puit a s1lop) to Ihe- i.
In sp)ile of tlre vote if thie N'ttionai As-
seiibly, tile letIeople ilde-hired ih;it LuL is Na-
pioleon shall like liis senal. Noi doubi golhl
hais hbeen circulated aimongst tlie loit liice
l'to a greaier extent; hbillt ift lhIe Natiiit;il
Gi(niails filtered in their ailegiiniice, \%hal
hliope catt be enterlaineill of thIn reglm ir
'roinps reimiiiaj iing rfiti. It is, indeed, a eril
iv.il inomreni for thie Repoii lic. L;tainarine
is a 111 111 of peace, wholly iit '-qnil to 'ohe
wilh an etiergellcy like this. We I'iok to
Cairni_,nnic, its altio.st tlie oinly iman whio can
Save Fr.ii'e fronmi anarchy.
exrilitieioil il' thii leophle in Iavoir of Louis
Napitleon was intiiensitig honrly. lBarri
cnaites were even a~mempi''I, and il was ,nlv
hIy Ime oierwhieluting tforce of ihe tcihtar\,
in every part of the cily iliat a general con-
flict wis averted.
Our readers will scarcely be prepared,
afler all this, tr hihe:r Ihat on the evening
,uf Touesilay. lhe Natiotnal Assembnily. by a
large maijorily, stiltified their vilte of thIe
pt'eviocs day, when t hey confirmed ihe exile
of Louis Napoleon. and now reviked-il,
and declared lhai lie sholul he ailhilled as
a tnemher of 'he National Assembly.' Le-
drn Rollin opposed ihis proceeding, but the
tnajoriby prevailed, and thus lie door is
ienmed tor a civil wiar.
It is sahi that Ledlnri Rollin immediately
resiginedi, and that Lamtriine would follow
Itis example.
POLBON.-At Arrennes a pIroclamiialion huad
heeni issuiied, calling upotn the people to rimsh
!i atm'ns, and to pIlace Louis Mlalholi upon
ilit Illrone. However, h)efotie it comes to

latest advices we learn that the Bonapartisi
excitemteet still continues, and means are
taken to keep it vigorous. Pamphlets in
lasie of Prince Louis Npoleon are strew-
ed abouttl Ihe crowded assemblies, antd nlews-
p)pi-is in his interest ale dislribtl ed gratis.
'Tite Prince hais issued tie following address
to his constituents:
LONDON, Jlune 11.
"Fellow Citizens:-Yoilrr si ffrages fill
nme with gralilude. ThIis mark of s\ iplialthy
is the iiore flatieringi toil iP, as it is ut nso li-
cite d on y Ipart, and reached e i al i tnio-
mentl when I regretted being iniUtive, rlien
the country had nee'( of' all her children to
extricate tier t'lin the difficulties iu which
shte was placed.
Your confidence imposes npon mte Iidu-
ties which I shall know how to I'tlfil : our
interests aud our sentiments are the saine.
A child of Paris, now aI representative of tlhe
people, shall unite mny efforts to those of
my colleagues to re establish order, credit
anil labor: to secure peace abroad, to con-
soliltie democratic institutions, andI to re-
concile interests which now appear hostile,
because parties are struggling agai+ist each
other, instead of workiiig one common end
'--ihie grandeur and prosperity of the coun-
The people have been free since Feb. 24.
They c'tin obtain all they want without ha-
ving recourse to i brute force. Let us. then,
ill rally round the altar of our country un-
der i lie flag of thlie Republic, and give to the
world tIle grand spectacle of aI people who
have regenerated themselves without vio-
lence, civil war, or anarchy.
Receive, fellow citizens, the assurance
of ily devotedness and sympathy.
Notwiihslanding their defeat, the Execu-
tive Commission still kept their ground.
On the 15ih inst ihe Assembly was dis icus-
sing a proplositioin for declaring Algeria an
integral part of France. Paris was tranquil.
Thle walls were, on the 15th, stuck over
willI a placard bearing no signal ture, but
recommending in strong terms the Assert-
bly to dismiss the Government rind Mtnis-
tiy, nnd to confer a dictatorship on M.
Irchind was more tranq(itl. Thlie generril
tone among all classes of Repealers ftd
been less violent since the conviction of Mil-
clel. The fralernizaiion of tlre Oll atnd
Young Ireltindes was not ntcmpleted. The
co(il',vlnim itiaon of an event sotitich desired
by Irishinvn, was piostiponied( f'or a frtnilghi
by the leiadtrs ait Conciliation Hall, in order
to Live the leaders an otiporlUniriv of' ex-
lpressing ;in opinion therenplon. It was very
diffiilt to reconcile the Conflicting views
of the physi ail and the nimoral force repeal
Prs. John O'Ctntnell ha ld proinlested a against
the abiandlonient of tire principles o his
f'alhe'r. though his opinions were inot recei
ved witlh ticuh favor. Tie idathlorni of' the
New Irish Lea ine was. however. -broad
enough toI iniclild-e all the nmaillt objects of'
[lie Leigueie which nmay be obtaiined in tany
way tle i ntelbihe-rs see fi'.
Sniilli O'Brien is still laboring under t! e
effects of' the melee which he enconntiirpdl at
[Limetick. nindt rel)orts iffinri ti hil his lphysi-
cian considers he is suffering front an abscess
in the kidneys.
Or sll'ce'ssor toIn John Mitchell's Uni-
ted Irisninnt:n"' lihas already a)pltearedl. under
it,-I,' h of' the Irish Trihbune." 'It is em-
ile (ldepnaitel convict. T'lihe first itiil i ir o 0
tlie '" Iri 24ihI. ''li ediilois anniiitincedl are John
A.niriin, Tlhomas Devait Riley aind Jame.,
F. L lor.
t' rsRTISTS,- Tlie I Ih i etletttd ulIf ioii-iit al; i )
of Ii(C-'-liiariists, wlhiih ca(l e in o on ti lhe 12ih.
p)roves eve-S ,,much milore signal 41 ailnre I hall
iltie :fi.iir on K'iisil oiiu ('ot iiiiton. A boil\
of inilil.ary and the 1pilice very eff'iclt allv
overawtd lIie Chianrists. who dister'Seil wilt)
olit even Inhaving or ;t;:illTed flt e Ilte tliog.
T'he Spanisli iMnli-isir,ALJ. Isturiiz, had
left Loiinltn ifor iallnridl.
'T'lie Coutit de ler;isol, the Spanislt
Co inioli sioni,,r. ifier iiakin! iveiiilr-es, hl4o'
ilie Splitish N iliitei', did i not olbn;ii itv
revotniion f'iiin Viscolitil Paltiir-'it n 'i"
tlie G( ,verrin pn t,;ind l if',r sev'rral iti'ffe-ii ial
ailvances on behalf of his governrineil, llie
Citinn leI' Loditn fir Spain.
sail itlha tih Qtleen las ailidiie tsed ati aitli
gra)l]h letter to Queen Victoria, givtn ;is
stirance of ilie niost friendly iispositioin to
wards Etigh:intl, and sayltg tlIal Iht ,'xittil
sion o" Sir H. Bnlwer had for its olijeci hi
increase time friendship between lie tIwo
countries, antI finally begging the Queen
not to credit Sir Henry's representation, but
to wait for tlhe statement of the Spanisli
It is said that the Queen was in a state pro-
mnising to give 'in heir to lie throne.
There are telports that Navarre is about to
retire from power, antI that Gen. O'Dotinell
will form a new Miniistry.
The disturbances on the frontiers con
tinue, rind some skirmishes between the
government irool)s and a partly of Monte-
NI iroinrsts hail taken place.
AusT'RIA.-Frmom Austria we learn that
the Etiperor inedilaties a visit to Prague.
"lbh a view ,r ittii.hinig to Itis person the
Brihenmiin protvinces. The French, Eng-

Hon. E. C. CABELL.
Of West Florida.
Col. A. G. SEMMES, Alternate.
Of Middle Florida.
GEORGE W CALL, Jr, Alternate.
Of East Florida.

NEW PAPER.--We have received the first
number of a handsomely printed sheet, is-
sued in Jacksonville, East Florida, on the
6th inst., ,by COLUMBUS DREW, Esq., for-
tmier publisher of the Amermcan, in Washing-
ton City. The Florida Republican, as the
new paper is called, supports the principles
of the Whig party ; and the vigor of its first
editorials gives earnest that it will be an able
and efficient advocate 'of the good cause.
We place thie Repiiulican upoin our ex
change list wilth great pleasure, and wivh a
hearty wish for (tle success we feel assured
il will deserve.

THE HOME JOURNAL.-Almost every
nu m tiler of lie "' Homie Joutrnal" received at
ihis office contains a slip requesting us to
'" notice." publish prospeetis, or something
of' Ilhat sort. We are decidedly opposed in
Ihis system niof frced puffitig., and ibeg leave
to inform the Editors of thie Home Jour-
ntal ihalt if they cannot exchange with tihe
Conmimnrcial Advertiser npon any oilier
terms ilian nii r giving a'weekly notice" to
boot, they are at perfect liberty to "scratch
us oiff heir books" as soon as they think

1. OF THE ORDER OF S. OF T, was organ-
ized in this city oin NliondI.,y evening, June
26 It. by Deputy Grand Worthy Templar
l N S "i% ., n .. ...'..' ''* *i ,-.*- ... ..
elected -;rn'ud 'luly installed :-Jolihn (Cigih,
WV. C. T ; Bveij Luicas, WV. V. 'T.. ; Wmi.
Valleau. XV. R.; \Vm. Rian. WV. A.R.;
0. Craiwfiiord, V. F. R.; Ediiunid Austisin,
W. T. ; Wi. \VWirriker. W. U.; J. D.
Myers. W. D. U.; Wm. Mllwosh, W. .;
S. Daley, \V. S. Meets every Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock.

f0?- Thie news by the Carmbria, toi he
'ountiId in another coiluminn, is f an inieresling
noud exciiinig chara'tter. We sholtild nol ibe
;it all suirpiised to learnii, upon the arrival of
thlie next steamier. hatt ih e volatile ciTizens
ofl' a belle France liad pilaeed Princee Lou[is
Napoleon npn ihe throne and again be-
colie llie vassals of imnonireliv.

Oar P.atform for 1848.
1st. We believe that the intelligence and
aitriotisui of' thIe American people, are stf-
ficient guaranties fo r the pperpetuity of our
i'epubli an inslitnIioiis.
21 Thai ithe Constitution of the United
States, fraunedl in a spirit of ntitlual comnpro-
mise, ought to be strictly interpreted.
3d. That Congruss has no right, under
the Constitutiion, to interfere with the do-
meslic insti unions of the S'ites.
41h. rThait all Territory acquired, since
the adoption of the Constituiion, by the
mutual blood arid treasure of the United
Slates, ought to be divided according to
inutual political interests.
5th. That Congress has power to relin-
quish tno the States, a part of that power
which it originally derived from the Slates;
and Ihit therefore it has power to permit
many Stale to levy a duty upon the imports
antid exports of that Stale, for the purposes
of necessary river and harbor improvements.
ftih. Thai it is the duly of every Govern-
ment officer to be industrious, economical,
anid honest; and to enforce these principles
of action upon all under their control.
7th. That whenever the country is found


lies between mani aiid ioanil ii rin ainicable
nainneit ; an I thali when this knowledge is
wanitrng. the worst passions oif trhe himinait

misery and li'rstrrucion. WVe believe Ihatn
it is exceed ingly it groi is tO 10 place a nin
oif weak judgment, i it o ie who is paIssinialt.i
and chin)eabhle, in the Execuiivu chair, I.s'
lie should bring disgrace and riin litupon llie
ucointry hly his iutbec'ility or piecil) taite
nh.ive Intilts.
As has already been stlued. \e have given
an outllint e of oiur political creed, in iuiini
tion of the Baltiimore delegation; for, as
they have putlbli-hred a lllatifor-l of poliicits.
which hias never hte'n signed l hy Lewis Cass,
so iwe have iuhblished a \Vhig Iln)hiirl.
whii, I has never been signed by le idelee
gailes to the Philadelpllhia Conivlleni'in.-
Have ioui alliy security wherebyy Le %is Cass
will be forced to aclt in aecordaice wilh itle
p)ritciples ofi his Deiiocrai iplaifiuorm ? No !
none whatever! They may say ihait his Iac
ceptance of ihe nomination is sufficient
proof of his adherence to Ihe tpiniliples
enmibodied in the pihlniform. Bit didl Jolm
Tyler's acceptance of a VWliig nomination
bind him to be a VWhig? No! no Itis
all an inimposilion, felhlow-cilizens, uptn yoiur
credulity. 'The Democrats think thi t you
are poor, unenlightened, ignorant i)eople, in-
capiable of seeing through Ithe high tricks
they practice upon you at Baltimore. Sup-
pose that the Democratic Convention had
unanimously agreed to the principles'l em-
bodied in their platform for 1848, what
force, we ask, would it lihaive had upon the
nominee? Im is one of their funrdamrenial
doctrines that the veto power should nut be
restricted, and whenever a bill passes Con-
gress, involving one of these pifiform prin-
cilles, the President mnay veto il or not, as
he cHooses.
The Democrats, however, are certain that
Gen. Cass will adhere to the principles of
their platform. That makes the nim;ter
still worse. If the Baltimore Convention is
to be empowered every four years to draft
resolutions for the government of the Pre-

to be burdened with debt, it is the duty (of sident, what sort iof independence can the
Congress to enact such laws consistent with Chief Magistrate of the nation exercise?,
the honor of a great nation, as will pay the Are we to break through the Constitu-
debit speedily, and thereby maintain our in- tlion-do away wilh lthei ballot box ; and per-

depen tence.
8th. That theexercise of the Veto power,
except upon strictly constitutional grounds,
is ain u unwarranted, dangerous, and despotic
usurpation tof power.
9ti. That when a difference of opinion
arises upon a constitutional question, be-
tween the Executive and Congress, the only
tribunal for an ultiimare decision, is the Su-
preme Court of the Uniied Slates.
Somewhat in imitation of rhe Democrats
at the Baltimore Convention, we have con-

mnil a few officious demagogues to rule the
naiii I? Horrible dIoctritine! A few leading
Dtinocrats of ea, h county, assemble secret
ly. or otherwise, ;s they choose, and uomi
nale delegates to a State Convention ; wlio
in their turn, by sending delegates to the
Baltimore Convention, may give ihem p)ow-
er to enmbndv principles that sha.ill be en-
tirely oppo .-d to lie best interests of (lie
great majiti'ivat home. There are at least
one halfl of ilhe voters, who never think of
the tendency of political principles, promrnul-

Verona and Mlantua. l te Auslransseem
confined to the neighborhood of Manlua.
The Austrians are ravaging the country
wherever they appear. Fromn Naples-we
have little autlietlic intelligence, the whole
of Calabria seems still i revolt.



n prison for disturbing ihe quiet and safety
of a city. lhe saw no-objections against deal-
ng with a certain class of printed, publica-
ions in thle same w;iy. He.thought that
ieenlious books and news.p:Ipes.could do as
nuch harm to the community, as ablacIt-6
iuard vagabond. The influence of law less
'rance was then at its height in this
Country. Nn marriage laws-no s',lball;
- no GOD, were doctrines utterly ablhorrent
o thie pore uiderstanditig of a oral, atid
highly educated New Englander. He kntew
bat the Americans felt ,ralefiil for the aid
of France, and that this feeling would Icause
nir Cotntrymen toI look upon tihe wicked.-
Pes. of Frentthmnen w;th less disgust. i He
einenirberd thle linties of Pope. "
Vice is a monster of so frightful mein
That to be hated needs but to be seen; '
But seen too oft, familiar Aith herfac ,e -
We first endure, then [ity,theni e ..bidce'."
John Adams was mistaken as ro tllhe poW-
r and exetti of moral influence in'-lthis
otntlry. It -was4hat piowcr ili;.i saved lhe--
ountry trotm sinking into the depths 9f
French liberty ; and in spite of the -power

__ __~ __

Ok- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVRTSErsER, and wil
receive -rod receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WVM. NV Ct-RKvFp, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK [H.ARDMAN, Eut'aula. Ala.
JA'S. J. OLIVER, Tallaha.-see. Fa.

stiucted, as will be seen above, otr political
platform. It will be seen that we agree in
some few articles of faith, as for instance,
that this is a great nation, capable of self-
government. We should not have called
your attention Ito this fact, had it not been
that there was a sly trick of the Democracy
lying just here. We wish to show you ithe
ambuscade, aiud thus to r'ut you on your
guard. Botlh Democrats anil Whigs mnain-
lain .many political principles in comminmon ;
but there are some few principlles upon
which they differ, and this difference con-
stitules the tIwo parties. Our principles
have not been fairly represented by the De-
mocrats. To say that a mian believes more
than lie actn'-lly does believe, is certainly a
filsehood ; and when the Whig party are
negatively represented as entertaining prin-
ciples which they do not entertain, it is no
better. "Honesty is the best policy ;" and
therefore whetn we find their plalformn to be
rotion, we have nothing to fear frocm the
superstructure. We might also make a
great display in Resolutions of glorification
over the Mexican war ; but we have cho-
sen thIe more manly and dignified course, of
letting our actions speak tor themselves.
The Whig Convention had no fears that
thle gallant deeds of Whigs in Mexico
would be forgotten by their countrymen.
Whether in the field or in the cabinet, the
Whig partly has been able to show deeds of'
valor and wisdom, equal to any that can be
pointed out in the ranks of the Democracy.
Let them not display any ill-timed triumph,
then, in this particular. Tlhe Democracy
exult in the wisdom of thie President who
directed war against Mexico; bat the
Whigs wish to see the end of ihe imaiter,
before they exhibit any extravagant joy.
We, too, feel proud of our army ; but we
do not believe that the new territory ac-
quired fromin Mexico is worth one hundreds
anti fifty mnilli'lns of dollars, besides as many
valuable lives as were lost duliring oir Revo-
luitionary War. We believe knowledge is
power, and thliat moral and intellectual
strength is greater than tuiscular force-
that infi-rior animals fight each other, lie-
cause tihey have no power of reason to avoid
il, and ithat moral courage miud refined in-
telligence tiight save iany a valu:ihble life
liat is lost without then. WVe believe thpi t
if the best Americani wisdonri had directed
our government, we mnighit have -obtained
Mlexican territory, as gr.'-ai iii extent as mih
Louisiana Purcbhase, foir fifteen insteail oh
a hundred and ftfl/ millions of dollars. rto-
gether with ithe lives ofl' such a iiuil iilde of
our citizens saved tin thlie iirgi;in. We lie-
lieve that a prope-r knowledge iof huimnan
nature is sufficient to adjitst aill the iluficul-


gated by the Convention. Many of he
people have never devoted atIy atie'ntinlo 't-1
politics; and othe democrats in office, may
be expected to be always ready, with an exe-
planation of any political dliffi,;ujty tfliai may
arise. But it is thie interest of every ,11ao,1
never to be deceived. The Baltimore Con-
veltion assumes greater powerI hail cant be
exercise(dI by Congress. It -lays down a
code of laws tor the government of thile Pre-
sitlent, anti because New York does not
choose toI pledge herself to support their
enslaved nominee, the delegates frm lth:lir
Siate are forced out of the. Convention.
Do the records of history show a greater'
usurpation of power than this I. Would lthe
National Congress attempt to instruct ithe -
President of ihe United S-ales, what potIli-
cal principles he should entertain, arid how
hle should interpret ihe Constitution ? Tilhe
good sense of every man, can answer tliiS
question. Next to the doctrine of instruct-
ing Senators out of their seats in Congress',
is this abominable doctrine of inking a
platform for them to stand upon., OldZacb
wants none of your costly Mexican :plat-
forms. He says that the firm groundof tihe
Constitution is good enough (br him.. It
was Un that that Washingtor1, and Jefferson,
and Madison stood; and Gen. Taylor feels
that lie would cast a slur upon thile under-
standings of these' great men, if he were to-
wish for a better political foundation. A
man of a great mind and anoble heart,
woutild indignantly spurn thle efforts of an
officious and illegally chosen assembly, to
control his political opinions. We grant
you. that the dictation of a Baltimore Con-.
vention may be of material service to a
Democratic President of weak judgment
and fickle disposition ; but if Lewis Cuss is
a man of strong ch-racier, he will Ilugji in
his sit eve, ;is hlie breaks thlie bonds that have
been illegally wound-around him.

What is a Federalist t
What ik ilie uie;anitng of the word Fede-
railist ? Is it. or is it not, one -ho is jn
livor of increasing >he powers of theFede-
r.il government ? Answer yotr own !,hearts
Ii;t quiesli. n. Look into your dictionaries,
iand fiid out tile meaning of IltIe word for
yourself. Consult all thile authorities. and
doi not stuffer ourselff to be (deeeived. You
(we it to yoniitslf ;is an itiperalive duty. t)
hlie truly inCiiiir ile it, this particular. You
would lhe asioni.iheId, to find out how titaly
lis yu would aviid. anidt how mtuch moral
injury you would save yourself, by trully
itlerstandina the ireaning of this tille'
word, Federalist. A Fediitli-i was one
whito was in favor (f tlie le;iaLUe or cot lpict -
ihai firmed our thiirten Unitfd (Colonies,
into thle lii-tleen United S4ataes. Thlat hond
ofi Union was the Constitution of the Uiite.d
Siaite ; anid all% Itho wi re in favor oIf that
CAo.nltllul t IJ wi i'e C" '.! /...., or Fe1 I/eral-
isis,. As soon ;is lthe illtstrlonu spirit -of
WVasliilloi, had l ce;sed to mntove ailrlon ihe
iolilic;tl elemt elsH of our Coli'iliry, lt o dis-
tinoct pnrties liogan toin nie their aplpelarance
Miterr ctonleiition producctil a closer i oncen-
iraioll of r ip illciples, ilhatin IaI ever'p;ip)e;red
,II'ler the Ath iiisti t,riti n nl W aslhinglion -
\Vhen lel;i are (driven into open icoilmiat,
Ill are oliaedl to :i w tllire wr p iIs they
ise. \Va,.hinutlon i *rs ever idrivi n toi this
')oiiticaIl necessity ; biut as soon as tl ie Conn-
rv foinid iltselfsai'e from war .itli )Enriglatd-
afe l'ioii :he g i"tpr;il ci'tnutm ions of Euirope
---ife in the lossessiun of tlr liheiiies, the
Airrica;n sslirit %as 'l'ind o.0t alive to re-
tain idle. Ptlitti-al (livisons eiei .ss irily
arose, and llit battle drove tlhelm to roc-ien.
rtte tlieit forces. Under thtse (ir itn ':,t.-
es Johni Adams hec!itie tlie had of one
I)rity. ;ind Trliomi4s ,Jel Nohnrudy ever troubled tlhe pnlriotism (if
either of those real men ; and it was the
itdenl love anti ze:al for tlhe c,,iiii;,i;uiie of
rut Coniistitutional Goivernment, that raised,
Fiihn Adains to believe thlat the Federal
ilvernncent required more. strength than
lie Constilution h;id given it. It was 0ome-
hinng new, in the hisicrv "of ihe world.-
Vilh feelings similar to ili'-e ()fUite prese'nl
'aniari ine of France, Jo hn Adams thIo ought
hat liotias Jefferson's poliKy was no bet-
er tharilhat of a Ledru Rollin. This was
n ertor of his judlgerment. Adn's believed
hat the'press would become too licentious,
nild that uhIra" republicanism would be the
esull. If men could be taken up and put


- M A'VT "" I.,

_ ~ ~_ ?



I year.
t5ok on hanrSept ., 18-47-... 578 988
Received past week. ............ 422
previously ..... ... 119385
Total .......-- 120385 107049
Exported past week ......... .2541
6 previously..... .... 114429
Total .......-- 116971 10'3220
On hand andon shitboard notcleared 3415 3829



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-P V. CULLEN is my a4thiorized Agent dma: .
ring my absence, fram the St-'te.
*, -M. P ELLIS.
Apalachicota, June 16,-1S48.- ''" : .' '--.
S RBP,'Er-i" is my diihly --a".,r,z-d g Ae,t
So during may absence fruofmthe Stwie. ... -'
*'H.""'. C. KERR ".
June 1N 184 "* *-.r :.

CASS AND FILLMORE.--For the edifica-
lion of the democracy who are daily insist-
ing on the -'abolitionism" of Mr. Fillmore,
we commend to their consideradion the iol-
lowing contrast of the opinions of Fillmore
and Cass:
I disavow most uveqviroeally, vow and
forever, any desire to interfere with the ri.h ts,
or what is culled the property, (if the South-
ern States."
Such was the language of Mr. Fillinore
in a speech in Congress. Let us now see
whale Mr. Cuss says. Hear him.
1 am no slaveholder-I never have been-
I never shall be. I deprecate its ex'slenre
in principle, and pray for its abolition every-
where, when this can be effected justly and
peaceably and easily fir both parties."
We ask the .Sottthern people, who have
seen and heard the ratings of ihe Demo-
cratic organs about Mr. Fillmore's aboli-
tion," to compare these two exitacts, and
judge of the cool effrontery of the man who
supports Cass and complains of Fillmore's
anti Southern feelings.
THE SKIEs. BR)HT.-The Washington
correspondent of the Baltimore Patriot of
the 16th inst. says:
The Whig members of Congress had a
social meeting last-evening, on which occa-
sion letters were presented, which had been
received from Ohio and other States, brea-
thing the sentiment that the Taylor and
Fillmore Ticket would carry all before it.
A lelter from a clear-headed man in the
Western Reserve of Ohio, says. Taylor will
beat Cass in Ohio by 20,000 majority. The
nomination of "Old Zach" is liked better
and belter every day We have glorious
news from New York, New Jersey. Penn-
sylvania and Virginia. "Look out for
breakers" in the Old Dominion this lime!
Tie Boston Allhs says: ,
"The same influences which gavetlhe
electoral vole of M]assat husetils o Generiil
Harrisoni and John Tyler. will give it to
Z-ichary Taylor and Millard Fillmote.-
They are both honest men--they are both
Whigs. and the people, who desire neither
office nor spoils, sympaihise with the nonei
nations, and ihl 'y %ill he elected." ,.
HARD QUESTIONS.-A correspondent of
the Balnimore Patriot, propounds to the or-
gans of Gen'. Cass, the following very signi-
ficent qeslionqs.
1. Did not G(en. Ca.s, whilsi Indian Azent,
arcenln lalle a l:irue 'f'rionf ?
2. Was not said fortune lmadle by the
mitrchtise of lands out of his proceeds as
Aaeni ?
3. Did not John C. Callionn, then Se-
cretary 4,f War, rel'use to ;iccredii or pass
the accounts of"tlle saii| d(en.4(ass.?
4. Did not de Caiss. whilsl filling the
station of Secretaryy of War.i piss tlie ac-
counts of (len. CaIs, lrdi~an A~eni !
The corresl)ondenl inltliinates very plainlv.
lhial lie speaks according to lhe lrecord.-
Shotld hle '.e correct. as now sfeme. Ilt be
generally admitted. tlhe people will scarce!)
think Gen. Ca.-s a al'e twin for illh, Presi-
dency. A nman, who would |);iss his own
bills ;,ifer they had been rejected by suchli ;
mail as Mr. Callihun. would c.eri~aiiIv not
sc ilde to lse tile .paliron I e of tihe govern
itneni for his own ani par "y lU'l)oses.

Lidenwahl." once the observed of all
observers-" arong tie locos; lie \wiho was
chosen to "follow in tihe ftotslePs of his
illustrious prdecessor." now receives from
lontgues that formerly licked his hand. the
nio.-t untnitiiia;ilvd abu-e. Hear what the
military getiusof tit New Bedford Gazette
says :
BUREN aud Ilis litll-"dandy .soi JoHN have
b,,Ih thrown lIhenxeves inio th,' j.,ws nfl'he
Coon Party. for (lhe reason llhal ilh D,.mo-
erniei Pairty did not (noinante themn Ior lhie
I~residennry I. consequence ofl lIhis patri-
otic movement on their |)arl, a dirty faction,
c'omposed ,of the refuse of all iparlies ,im"'t aIt
Uti('a itn New York a few (hnys since, and
actually nominated IVarlin filE ilie Presideni-
dy, the .'eniest heing b'elween himself and
lhis son!--Johnny got 5 votes--the daddy

Tlhe prospect of Gen. Taylor's election is
madle very ch'ar hy a hriefstummary which
we find in the Charleston Courier, to llhe
effect that if we allow Gen. Taiylor llhe ]05
votes that Mr. Clay receivedl in 1844. and
tlhesethle most sanguine of his opponents
will not hesitate to concede, 41 vol+,s will
only be required to insure his election, 146
heiog ai majority of"290, which tlhe electoral

college at present numbers. These most
be drawn from the following States, which,
by courtesy we will class as doubtful-New*
York 36 ; Pennsylvania 26 ; South Caro-
lina 9; Virainia 17; Georgia 10; Florida 3;
Louisiana 6; Indiana 12. Hence the votes
of New York and Louisiana will elect him
-the same result will be attained if he
should prove the choice of either Pennsyl-
vania, Georgia and Sutlh Carolina, or Vir-
ginia, Georgia and Florida. Of hlie States
classed by coiirlesv as doublfnl. Gen. Tay-
lor, in all proabhihty, will carry every one.-
Baltimore Patriot.

The Boston Courier in annoonn'in i's ,de-
termination to support the nominee of the
Whia Convetiion, says:
We take the master as we find it. and it
comes to oor hands in a v, ry plain shape.
Shall the Whigs support the Whig candid-
ale or by withholding lhat support throw all
their strength on tie sideof their opponents'
This is the true state of the matLer, aud no

refinements or sophistications can put it in
any other shape that caln be plain to the
common sense of common Inen."
Every Whig paper in Boston, and nearly
every oeo io New lg lanld, now displays the
names of' Ta) lor and Fillmore.

[From the N Y. Coirier ard Enquirpr, 23th ult.)
Sword to Co'6nel Loring.
We were v< sterday called upon to dis-
chare one of the 'most pleasing duties
which hIs ever devolved upon us, in pre-
sentini! to the eallalt Col. LORING of "the
Rifles," a swordl in tlie name and behalf of
the citizens of Apaluchicola. Florida. To
iive been designated by the citizens of
Apalachicola as one of their Committee to
express their gratitude to anti to honor their
gallant fellow citizen-in a distinction which
we appreciate most highly, and one which
we shall ever remember with pride and
pleasure. To them and to the gentlemen
of the Committee wilh whom we had the
honor to be associated, we tender our thanks;
and we rejoice that the distinguished servi-
ces of one of our most gallant officels- -one
of whom lthe whole nation isjustly proud-
have been thus recognised.
"The sword on one si(6- bears this inscrip-
tion : "Presented by hlie citiz-_ns of A pa-
)lachicola to Lieut. Col. W. W. LORING
whose gallantry has illustrated every field
from Vera Cruz lo the City of: Mexico."--
On the other side-the words of Scott-
"Brave Rifles you have been baptised in
fire and blood and have come out steel."-
It was made at the Armory of Mr. AMES at
Caboiville, Mass., and is a chaste and ele-
gant article.
NEw YORK, Jume 27, 16548.
To Lieut. Col. W. W. LORING, U. S. A.
DKAR SIR,-Your fellow citizens of Apalachi-
cola retaining a vivid recollecti i ol'of our serve ice
in the 'lorida War, and, ju IdAl~anilry snd good conduct as commander oe "llie
Brave Rifles," in the campaign upeniig with the
debLirkatioin ot the Ani rican Armiy at Y',ra Cruz
and closing with lthe turreider ot the Mv(extcdn
Capital, are desirous ot' manilesling their ebti-
mation o"' a citizen who has r, fleet d so niu'h
hlitanr upon the Slate ol Florida, and have dur',ct-
(d the pr, sentation of the sw6rd which "e now
lend,.r you.
Ronsj'dtng the past as a promise of great future
'usemnlness to 3,ur cuniry, and appreciati'lg tie
honor ,,f being made lhe medium of coimunica-
lion between you and your lel.ow citizens ul Flo-
We have the honor to be,
Wilh s;ntitinerits oI esteem and respect,
Your ,ibedien' servants,
H B. SI'ONE, Committee.
AS'rtR HorsR, 1
NKw YOrK. June 27, 1548.
To R. J. Moses, H. A Norri% H. B. Stone, J
Watson WI, b),-Comnil tee.
IL^EM,,, :-- I'he sword which my f'ellw-
-ilizens of' Apalachlicola halve requestict you to
jresen lo Ire, lhas tbeen received.
Accept my thanks for the flitlering mann-rin
which von y have dischiarged your trust, and
throutrh youi alli-w tne to t.ider trmv gritdlul
wt'kn(wle.d-;em+nts lo iny tllw-eitzen, w .0o,
)rimivtd nI'more by [he partiality of rien f -
than by any merit of my own, have, thus distm-

ing their prot)erly there ? If none of these
thinis are embodied in the sketches, our
opinion is iiat. so far as the fruth of history
or the iniforrma;tion oflthe people is concern-
ed, the lives and characters night as well
not be circulated.
"THE OLD SARPINT."-A few days
since a vessel front lhe Anic;an coast arrived
;ii Saleln. Mas.,chus.tlis, bringing as pas-
selger one of tlhe enormIous Boa Consilrc-
ior t'ihat "-we read of," It which never Ile-
Core has beeii ca|l)ired by n.m t. It was
c(aughl ii a heavy .'rope nete made for ilie
purpose, and while e coiled up (his net was
thrown over him, ard tlhe captain of hlie
vessel solemnly avers lhil it required lihe
united efforts of 126.negroes for more than
seven hours to secure his snakeship He
measures 30 feet in length-and lthe morn-
ing before his arrival .57 eggs were found in
Ihis cage, which were deposited in a single
night. and the aggregate weight of" lhese
snake's eggs is 70 pounds! One of. the
eggs being broken was found to contain a
young snake seven inches long, which. ima-
mediately upon emer,-ing from ithe shiell
crawled about lhe cage with urewa rapidity.
A few day', therefore, will doubtless bring
the other 56young snake to light. What a
nest of serpents !
As soon as the arrival of lhe vessel, and
its extraordinary freight were known, sever-
al menagerie companies dispatched their
agents fot- Salem, and Barnum also des-
patched his manager Hitchcock. A leleara-
p'hic despatch of this morning antmounces
that neither of the ".showmen" have. ;is yet
purchased this monster, iis owner d,.mand-
ing 811.000 for it. Anaevine & Tittts's
agent offered $7.000, and Mr. Hithcock'of-
fered $7.500, but neither offer lies'is yet
been, aeepted. Thisis truly a valuable rep-
tile.--[N. Y. Tribune.
-A profo;und sensati,,n u as created among
the liish residents of New York yesterday,
lhy life arrival iLn the Britannia, of Willaill,
Mitclhell, Esq.. brother o lothe celhbr;iled
patrio. I, l immediately on the arrival of the
steamer h]lt proceeded to lthe Asior [House,
in companyy with a few friends; i hrloughoul
hlie d.,y lie was visited by Ihend reds of our
imblitc inO n, Irish l,atdprs, editors &(!., & c.
.I'ie ohj,-ct oIf thlissuhlden ;md o it .xpecied
vi-it il llliqs c0)u lry is ondel'So:od to lhe
connected with some movement in r,'lilior)
to his hrollivr, and his comolry, but lhlt ex-
iCl naiilre of lhat inovemnenlt has not l'aUn-
|)ired. Some assert tlha lie brings an order
from the Briiihl ) Govertnment, relt'asing Ilis
hroiher from n oiifiliemeni, on conditit) tlhal
hie stllies in Ain,-riea, ind tla h lie |roceeds
immediately to Bermud!a to obtain his re-
lease. Another rumor is that lie visits llis
'olinlly on aln important mission connected
with Hie aaitlaiou in Ireland. W t-- repeat
it, however, the object of M r. Miicl'h ll'.
visit to tlis cou,,ry is known onlv to him-
sell, :1111 fi iendls. with whioi lire secret
-hlould remain un til ilIvy d:em its promul-
galion advisable.-[N. Y. Sun. .

MINATI)N.-Every N-rthern piper, wliclh
%ve h,.ve seen, ilhii nallud'fs lo ih,- suhlject.
seem., 'o consider Mr. Van BUl-l'ii's t ior
wir'ion ;is s'aliug Cass's fltie. The Bairn
hiru'srs li;ive i co),sidlerihle parlv in 11m1-t
of llle Norilier' Silaes- atnd their heint.
uhlira ied I'l'ol'in fCip-s's p)1)1 I will give lht e
>'leciori il vrei ol" *,v,,ry Stm elt( lo (G en. 'I"'.y
hvr. Th+'er, will be iidividmal delft-iion,,
roliii lhe hWlii party i,1 some of tlle Niih
ern Slates.. u Illhey will lie I iliki a i il cor
prison vilh 'IlIw lhosll s;ui!ls of* DD mocrai-,
w h.,h, 1 ,,,% i l ,,. Yo,,, Im V, ,. ., ;, .,^,> -,, ,- ........ .,

Upon the several sides of lhe tigh Ipedestal
on which the effigy stands, are four tableaux
in bas-reliefl designed to represent the effect
of' priming on the general progress of the
In'one, stands the nnmeq of llhe most
ilisiingiiished scholars, and poets of all
limes; it) another, lhe naines ol hose who
have been etninent for th, ir ac'hievw'meils
in tlie cause of human IreeIuin, conspicuous
among which is an allusion to our Declara-
tion of Independence, with the natnes of'
Washiigiio Franklin, Hancock and
Adams. On tihe third side, is -i represenia-
tioeu (f philanthropy knocking off lhe fellers
off a slave, and instructing the tawneychild-
ren of oppression io useful knowledge; and
on the fourth, is Christianily, surrounded
by the rep,esentrives of all nations, and
tribes, and people receiving from her hand,
in tlhir own tongue, Ihe words of eternal
Trultl. Christianily Heavenborn Christi-
anity! Divine Philosophy look down with
indifference or disdain on that bearded man,
at work with taols in his smutty shop, away
on the Rhine! Affect to Bvi.rl,,ok and un-
(Iervallue him as a mechani-c A mechanic?
Whiy, out ol those bars of wood, and pounds
of meal, a.nd ouncesiof ink, he is construct-
ing a mriclhine to make the nations thilnk.-
He is constructing wings for Christianily
herself, which shall bear her, with the music
of' her silver-trurnpet, to all the abodes of

andlplace 6f. Thomas Jefferson, prevented
his poisonous imorul pirciples fro"i spread din g
a curse over ,he' country, a thousand fold
worse rhan,-heroAlien and Sedition laws.
We. haiv'e argdred ihus far, to Show you
14 Urie.causes thmat d to the political errors of

john ANiams.. These, are 'the reasons why
64i,0e.ba.le a strong federalist ; but ho was
a'federalist of tlie-best order. -He was in
"- favor of CONGEiiSS PASsING .the-Alien and
"---S-edition laws, and .Iik WOULD APAROVE
THEM -TMle're M rb Federalists of two or-
ders.- Ist'. Those wil,, are in favor of in-
creasing the power of the General Govern-
ment. -2d. Those who are in favor of' di-
rinjshing tile power of Congress. and in-
cr*asing the power of the President. John
Af*Adatis belonged to the first order; and
Jr.meg K. Polk and Lewis Cass belong to
the second order. Gen. Taylor goes back
to- the times of Washington for his political
principles. He finds that ihe. country is
highly enlightened, both morally and iniel-
lectually, .*ad that the people are once more
able to take the old fashioned Constitution
for their political guidt, without any gloss
or comrme'ntary. We think so loo.
-We have said that James K. Polk and
Lewis Cass belonged o i lie second order of
Fede-ralists ; but as mere assertion will ne-
ver convince any man of sense and spirit,
'we will take occasion to bring forward the
proof. The second order of Federalist, as
'we -have safl,' embraces those politicians

who are in favor of concentrating power in
only one part of the General Government,
lo the exclusion, of the other part. That
part is the Executive branch. Thelivelo

privilege is the embodymentt of ihis power.
Thai ,this privilege has been exercised by
Mr. Poll* several limes, no one disputes;
and lliat he exercised it one? npon no other
gronnnd than thal of exp,'diency, is shown
by himself. That G,.neral Cass has written
a letter accepting the nomination 'of the
Ballimore Convention. together wili llie
principles of their platform, wJ iall know
T lhat ine bf the leading principles of lheir
platlorm,' is the privileges of the President
exercising the veto power. under restric-
ions and responsibilities." is a fact knon
to us all. Bil whati are illese restrictions
;aod responsihilities? Ambition and exile-
4dietncy. General Cass is very explicit upon
th-is poiit. when, in his'letter ofacceptance
B Bu,- while rash cxperimenis .-hoiild be de-
preca'ied--if tile Governentl is stationary
in its principles of action, and refuisus it au-
,<.-ommodate its rneaslres withiln its eonsti-
rinliona'l slphq're-cautiously indeed, hnt
wisely ald cheeeifolly-10 the advalicing
sentimentis and necessiiies of' the age, it will
IfNA\ its miioral force imupaired, avid the pol-
1I'-1 0 l1 d.tiermine to do what tlle public a;i-
ithorly itself should readily do, when ilhe
didicaiions of' Ip-p lar sentiment are cle.,r
+1<11 clearly expressed."
Tile -" Governonen! teinz siaiionemy in its
pri'ciples of action, as we lake it, ineans
-nothing wore nor less tlian stationary upon
the pr'itnciples elmlodied in ihe Cousl'iiullot.
This i4 tihe evident meaning fron tihele clanst.
ffollih itna. 'If lie Iad is." in the place of "anel." ininediath'ly ealiir
lthe words principles of a sentence would have been clear. General
'Cass, then, holds llisiloct tite, us s ou will
fild ,pon analysis of tlhe whole paragraph :
T17hat if lhe Government is determined toi
glihide strictly hy the (onsi iio it"will
field its moral force imlpired, unless con-
sidering Ihe advancing sentiments and tie-
<:essittes of lihe. age, it readily dleternmine-,
Ito comply willh the clearly exp~ressedI iuli-
calions of'-popular senlirnent. N~ow, have
we' translated the sentence fairy or not ? 11
it has ally meaning, it nustl have a meanling
very sirntlar tn whale we have said. Read
Sfor yourself, anti take your own version il
you like it belier. Gen. Cass, then, is en-
lively opposedilo taking tlhe Constilution of
f public policy. He may holt from lihe
'' Constittuiiuo oceasi-nily, even in matters of
mere sentiment it seems. If the sentiment
of the people becomes so strong in favor sssisling anot her Texas in her struggle fore
inde~pendence, so as to require the st rong arm
of Government to sulppress it, Gen. Cuss
wotlld have us lo break through the Consti-
tution. and involve the whole country in
the wars an~d difficulties of other Haitons.
IF the seniimenta embodied in the Wilmot

Proviso should happen to become popular--
wo to the poor confining minority. If the
majority of the nation--the more populous
Northern Stales-should happen to get up
a great excitement concerning ilhe abolition
of Slavery, and there should be more voters
for the abolition than against it, Gen. Cass
is bound "to comply with the clearly ex-
pressed sentiment of tlhe people," and ilirow
all consfiiutiooal barriers aside. This would
be amending tlhe Contmitution with a ven-
geance. Ah! Gen. Cass, you wont do for
the South.

Lm'yeltie has been appointed Secrelary to
the National Assembly of Fratnce. The
family of iho fried of' Washlkinp-ton, occupy
a lartte share in the National represmniaiiiiii.
Among hlhem are Messrs. George. EdU110ond,
ani Oscar Fafayeite, sons and grandsons of
the man whose memory is revered in hoili
worlds ; Jules Lesteyrie. another araodson ;
Corcelles aid-Remlrat, r.datives of Mladame
de Lestlyrie, his daughter, anti Mr. de
Tracedybrother-io-law of George Lafayette.


List of' Letters
EMAINING in the Post Office at Apalachi-
cola, on the ist day of July, 18.
Aborn, Jas A Knight, Isaac :
Andrews, Thos Kilby, Capt W W 3
Aiderson, Robt Leigh, John
4illen; Harsis & Potter, Lock & Forbes
Alexander, Jos Lowrey, Lewis
Avery,&,Jones, Lony, Mrs Alvin B
Alien, B C Luce. Capt H.enry'
Btyth, Wm Leonad, Vinan -"
Butts, Capt A G 2 Moon, JohnM 2"
Bagde, WVashington Myers, Geo K ..... .-
Burges, John Morbe,.Thos.
Brown, Mrs Mansfield, S 2
Byrne, Christopher McAllister, Capt
Bowers, Capt B B 2 McCall, James
Bullock, Alfred Maffet, A
Broman J H M',Kinley, G
Baker, Win Markham, Chas
Buell, David Mack, Andrew
Bisbee, Chas W 3 Meglahlam, Geo"
Bryant, Ths L McLean.WH 2
Brown, David W 2 M:Crmick, John ,
Box, James A!icN,,ilj,, Capt Johri
Butts, E P 4 Mortin, Mr
Cornforto1h, Capt J McKeen, Wm
Cruger, N 2 McCormick, Wnf
Constantine, Francisco Nickerson, Thos G
Cra\\ ford, Oliver O'Birdin, Pirse 2
Cox, Smitlh C 3 Oi r, Capt Isaac
C,,s <,, Sarn'l O'Hanlin, Felix
C,,lb,,t Manley Phinlon, H
Cooper, Edmund Pindergrast, P
Conant, yerfj W Pntriatn, Wrn 0 3
Crowly, Mictidel Penn, WVin
Chase, Capt John .Preble, Capt Geo A
Cooper, Capt J B Parker, 1Retsport
Demarll, Wim S Price, P
Dav, Capt Warren 2 Parker, Capt P 2
Dorham, Perry Picket!, H 2
Doggett, Jr. Sam'l 2 Radalorick, Eliza +
bemmock, Jas 4 Ruiner, Capt.
Davis, Geo S Rauynod; R P
Devon, Wm C Reed, D M
Einions, Morris Began, D F :. .=.
Eaton, Beij 2 Richards, '4
Evans, Landon Fut,,rs, H L
Foster, Jas P Rockweil, J E
French, L M Robins, Judge.J -
Frost, Thos Sloan, .John
Foster, Win Smal Capt A L
Flinn, Wm Smith, H K *
Foster, Isham Spenet r. Cyrus
Florey,John W Sherman, E'
Firley, Archer Stowell, E H
Gagen, R Sweeiiey, C
Gray, M Smith, Sam'i .
Gray, Robt Sneed, Gile%
Griffi-i, R Sirattan, Wmin
--GrTiFt",l 'haniel Scheiikberg&e B+ L
Grist, David 3 Spratt, Judge !
Greer, Capt 1) Santhall, Frank
Grearson, Capt Scarborungh, A J
Harl, Jai Snow, J M
Hall, Thos Smith, Mr
H odes, H Small, Jas
Hardy, Capt A SnovV,T'ho-
Henrieks, H Smith, HP
Hanlon, Felihx Thomas, 0 ..
Harley, B Tyler, Wm J
Hodg, kiss, Thos Thomas, Mr
Hill, H1K 5 Thompson, A J
Hand, Miss Mary Thomas, Thomas
H ickey, Chas E Vallean, Wm
Holden,Jiib Walker, Wm "
Hartsor, Wm inWartier..Capt "
Henderson, Fred, Walts, E P 'I ? -
Harrisorn, Alien Williams, Cha
Jordan Win Wilian, Mr"
Johnson, London Walperlton, Lucindar
Johnson, J W alls, R ob ed G ..
Irving, A Widgeon, I .
Johnson, Wmi Whitman, P M
Irving, Franklin Wilkins, E S .
lrig)aham, John Williams,i John E-
Kilby, B' West, Robt 2
Kilby, H,
{jgj- Persons calling for any of flie arftve letters
will please say they are advertised:.
JOS. S. MAY, P. M.

- Conmnencitig Isl 'eptem*ber, 1847-aud ,aume
time in 1846.
| Past |Previ-| | Last
wairfrnR FXPORTED. Iweek.-ously lT r season
L'i.vrerpool ............ ...... 38873 .38378 .28920
i levre. ... ... .... .. .. ..... ..... ..... .. .2592
N'a itz .......... ...... ...... ...... . .....
Tlrec4te ............... ...... .. 3730 .3730 ..228,>
e oa ......... .. .. .. ......... ...... .. 958
!, r ports ........... .... .3944 ..3944
Total to For. Porit ...... ..46552 .46552 . !7-tn
.'ew York............. 71246 .3-5303 .38)-54 .18747
Boston .......... ...... 1295 .21065 .22370 .1 "3866
Providence ............... ..6346 ..6346 .6976
Pilladelphia ............... [...939 ..939 ..667
Ba i ore. ...... .... .. ........ lt.1.10 1180 .2660
New Orleans......... ...... 19.39 ..1939 .15564
Other ports....... ... .. .. ... 55) .. .550 .8012
Total Coastwise... 25-41 67"-77 .7,)418 .C9175
TOT(TAL-nPA S A-.7. I..... 11-97- )Io3220

Por teamer Southerner-Rev W J Ellis, L D
Roberts, Capt Rynear.

P-r steamir 0Soulherner-207 balps cotton to N
T Deblois; 86 to) Happr Holmes, 56 to A NTMc
KVy & Co; 21 to W G PorTpr.&V Go; 19 to Lock-
tart )YI Young; 15 to Simi V Cheevpr; 12 tc Mac-
lay & Kimbrough; 6 to Wylie & McKenzie.

NEW YORK-Per bark Z Ring-601 bales
P'er hirk WVevbostptt-645 bales-cotton
BOSTON -- Per brig Vlvorpa--590 bales cotton.
Per birk M odala--705 balez.- c, ,olm.

Your obedient servant,

II" i 11 iiiii i i o lt llv i lll ^ll ii e l tit 1 i t .;,tl .e; i .C
[From the ColumnI' Enquirer.] Cass.-Rich. WVhig. i-OR) OF APUALAIUH1COLA .........IJuly 15
C ] CU L AT E T 1 E IA L I V E,* S.
A correspold,,'nt ofilhe (Go.rji,n is of, the "THE SWEET LITTLE FELLOW "-",Mar ARRtIVED.
opini,,n that il will greatly aid I lie nominees fil Van Buren. by 1,l'o%,,%IIIr hiniself iui, StpamerQ'liney, Allen, fen Chaltahooehpe.
ol the, B d,,hi, ,re (C onvi-i lion lo circulate this %ilI a f'111 atal corrml.V will sink lu ri.-e Steamer 'outh-lrer, Shtw. fil Columbus.
skelchs IdfIheir livs and characters. This r" utoote."--[ I{ashington I'nion. Steamer Flint, Dea.rell, hn Columbus. ,
we should think dlt+pends ah. ,_,ehier on (ir- Trur M r. R itchie, yo'i will soon hel
cutnslalnce;. The people h.,ve a stran-,e 'Irowned, for eilht years a2o yon pled! ed CLEAR.ED.
l'Orgeti lness ofeven~s llhat have. never f. o" urse1ll *" to "sink or swim i(h 3airtriu Vant 3uly 8--BarkZ Ring, Livermnore, forNYork.
spire.' ines e ,fla s lf, a i e .eha r Ir a ureB t" ]rigN M.1 ri. ELIdredgPl, for Bi'ston.
spiled. as well as ol" ,xplohi.s i lal Wle n+-ver July lBark WVeyboset, Harris, for N York.
performance. For in-lataic, : it hald clearly -' Schr rMystic, Crane, for New Orleans
e,,apeleI llie Ine,,,,rv of flhe.oldst ihiltaiil SECRET OF UNHAPPY HIMFEs.-Why .Jily 12--Schr Oregon, Sylvil, for N Orleans.
thal Gen. Cass broke his sword ou a certain u ",,es forllh Illin"il 011 S:ilurday evening. July 13-Bark Magdalla, Dodge, for Boston.
invoralble ot-cc.sion, or lhnl Gei Bml er front he roof unlertwhich his children live 1
was a urvatl lav )rile wilh W a,.liing,,o durin, \Vlhv turns lie from" the en,_ -i,,'i lille at- LIST OF-VESSELS IN PORT.
filef re ilo ii ir v war. 0 lilies thine s the leo |)ts Io detain him andl ronu hly m moves rT.iSH I PS
the~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ rvdliaywa.(fheetnuo. heepstoleanhn.a ruhy oes[ob't Fulton, W~ade, 560 tons, for Liverpool.
public we're as nlterly oblivious as if Iliev lhivin away, while lhe loves them ndearly ? loading--I M Wright.
had never happened. To revive file recof- Why sits anoilier by his fire, sullen, discoii BARQUES.
lectioo thereof, and gulther a liltle extra tenled, unwilling lo s|>ak the kindly word. Robert W att. Johnson, 401 tons, for Liverpool,
thunder fromn cerlaiu n1pints where there while his heart is yarning for converse andoading--Ma.-ter
never was [lie semhlance ol a cloud,, may enjoyment ? Why flies the crnel speech to
he of some service. But on fhe other her for when the le some's strongest affec- Chamnber of Commerce of Apa-"
hand. mnighi not the circulalion of sketches tion is nourished ? Anid why, searching into lacllicola.
of lhe irue lifte and c.haracterof ihe standard deep dI)ths, why does mian hecoinne so often CHARLES ROGNES, President.
A. N. McKAY, Vice President.
bearer o( lthe Democracy do ,n ore harm than a tyrantl so often a criminal in his hone ? CHARLES PRATT, Sec and Treas.
Pnood to his pr.,spects? A main's hio(lraphy Tl! fruolh has to be told : hul, oh listen to Committee on Appeals:
should conlain a true and faithful account it kindlly, for il is hardtto fell. If is because BENJ. SALTER, WM. A. KAINi
of Ihis private andt] public actions. But in woman does not fully appreciate her ,nis- J. DAY, D. G. RANEl'
these skeichos would thedelineator ol Gen. sion in domestic life. Under the present W M. H. YOUNG,
Cass's character venture 0 fell lhe trunh conlilion of existence, she has become Cmmittee on Arbitration..
Would the federalism of his youth, and his weihlied down by cares. As a wife, shie is D. J. DAY, SAML. CASSI&,
sudden conversion when an offie wasin his different from what slie was as a mistress. WM. G. PORTER, H. (I. (HUyON,
eye, be invintioned ? Would ihe *iccunui'- She is eM|)hoyed in drudlIery for her -hil W.W.SIMs, I. M. WRIGHT,
laiion of a princely fortune, hv taking ad (,ren andl household. Shie neglects her 'T. L. MITCHEL.
vantage of his position as Indian A oeui, and dress, shie forgets her manners. [let" hus-
speculating (n an ttnsuspecling coirinunily, banI sees the change ; does not perhaps ]a-ospeetlS,
find a place in ihe history of Ilis life.?- findi snfficient excuse for il from llIe corndi- The Democratic Party of Franklin County
Would it there be told that hei has hben in lion she labors under. He flies lo the tav- propose to publish in the city of' Apalachicola,
office near o'rty years by cringing and fawn- ern and billiard table and shie increases in after the first day of August next, a newspaper,
Sd e y P sident f ro t J rs years. Thai Iinel| is owing ton ilir ii.-i.. i during the Presidential canvass, lhat-will ad-vo-
,nS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -i arun -vr Prsten frmJfesn>;^^i~~"e frte Presidency and iePeiec h
10 Polk. and ein that time has never received ei re imstinces- of soci:,il life is- 'rue hbut I ore thtiden d Vice Presidency the
atit office by a direct vote of the people ?- that much of it is chargeable toa sad sub- I nominees of the Baltiemore Convention, as well
.... as the nominees of the Democratic State Convert-
Woldh il be mentioned thal when lie was mission to those circumstances, is also bu Ition, and that will in all discussions be strictly an
appealed to in 1840 to bear witness to the too true. It is more or less in the power of advocate of the principles of Democracy.
personal counrae and military merits ol' the woman to make lheir domestic life more The Democracy of this County, and of West
hue lamented Gen Harrison llial lie refused autractive to ihe'r husbands, and more holy Florida generally, have labored under the incon-
his iesiino yv, but volunteered il, in strains in its discipline and ends tlhan hey now do. venience of being without a public lrint, in all
of themosts flsome flantery, as soon as [jar- A great regularly in time; a sgr,at simlpli- the important elections of the State; and have
rison was elected ? Would these sketches city iu dress ; a iuorpde ,eiunined adherence had the morttficzt*ion of knowing that when a
aillud 1,1 il e sliglnest degree, lo tlhe D~rai.se i'>loihat .h h is righl it) one's own eyes, fdlsehood hvd beencirculaled, they t:ave htA no
oIn" Ie. 11ithe sligp ht e (itheis re ot, 10 t t e rn [r aii- of* Ljouis PhilipIV a d] his rovni govern- rather dian tha t which is %veil thou4hi of in crrection; aid deeming alo thit the co test
meant and virtuous ireiiun. or to tlhe ab)i se of the eyes of others; an orderly apportioning bids fairlto be well contested on both sides, and
ilhe republican party in France. by Ile no- of various periods for different occilpa;iions ; that fair and general discussion will be aceepta-
.nviune for ilhe Presidlency ? Would (here woul:l malke eveniuos al hlnme pass away ble to the peo )le, we thrust upon a e er olJub-
lie any thing sai I ahoolt 54 40 ? any llIin very differently it) what. in the real trIajor- ic, aud purtteuldrl the Demo racy ot tis State,
abot his sudden chance of opinion, .s to ity of cases, i hey are now doing. THE STAR OF THE WEST," asking their gener-
the proprie.y;atid)exp-.liencyiof hilieW ilmol ous support. .
"THE STAR OF THE WFST" will be nndejt
PIoviso, which lie pretends took place j.isi THE PRESS.-The art f' printii,,a is per- the Editorial charge of a committee to be ap)-
before his nonminatiot, ? any hllina abool llie lh ps ihl mio holiest instrluumenilallty evr pointed by the Democracy of' Franklin County,
clear and explicit declaraiitn of Ihis senli- contrived by reman lor lhe exertion o moral a wt l\iveasynopstsof the last General As-
nients, on thle sulij(k~t of' Iiiirnal Imp)rove- influence. The Rev. Dr. Adamls, in hisllate sembly of this State, and a review of' the acts of
meats, as ,contained in his letler to lhe Chi- address al Yale (Golledg-. reinpirked :- its most promine-it rnetmb-rs. It will be i-slin-d
cago Convention, and reilerated a few d.,ys "In the city of Siras;lini'. o n iltth eastern at the price of Seventy-five Cents for a single
since in !)i.; speech al Cleveland. Ohio ?- frontier of Franc#-, stands, in el- priuci- copy ; three c,,pies for Two Dollars ; seven co.
Aod lastt though not least of all, would tlho pal square, a lar-e bronze statue of Gutteln- pi( .- l;,r Four Dollars; ten copies [or Five Dollars;
sketcher of his life venatre to insert lhe burg. ilhe inventor of the art of printingwilth and any number over the above at the sunTiolos
op iinion of M r. C ass. th:at lhe de, raded and moveable tyl)-"S. It is a f, I lefn ih fitantre 04- Perio is reeeivt t"is, ah d Pros etctus ani.d
Ipleise prorcure sub'o rier eS, and receiptlotr U., anld
vermnin-covered inhabitants of lthe lerritory of th.it foritin'ite individual, llillnhtii Ire-s return the sane addressed to
lately acquired fron Mexico, have a right at hIis side, auil an open scroll in his hand, R. J. FLOYD & Co.,
to prevent the Southero people fronm carry- with this inscription. And there was light. July 6, 18'18. Apalachicola, Fa.

Boot and Sh-oe-Bin !iug-i ""
rT T E subscribers I'.. cii. i ii-I.'' parjiier.
L ship in tne abo,, hu-i, e ., and re-;|eci,'u.itv
solicit a share of puhl-lec Il".,i--:' All \%% I,
done by them will be i,.iat ,ii.d -li, ta,,d heir
charges in conformity with the tightness of the
times. A:. KL'NIRMAN,
JulyI 3:t P. C. KELLY,.


THE subscriber respectfully informs the citi-
zens of Apalachicola, that' he 'intends1to re-coiit-
Inernce giving Music Lessons, (for the summer
months,) commencing on Monday, 3d July.
Those desirous oiiaking lessons on lhe follow-
ing instruments, S .-nih Guitar, Flule, Vi-lin.
-(Tenor or Alto Violin) and Vtr.Iiicello would do
well to api 1k' soon, as they can bave the privi-
lege of'selecting Ihe" hours which may suit IIheir
convenience. Music furnished, il rieired-aot
per term, extra, for any of the a,,..,%ee inalrument3.
N. B. Punctual attendance ls reiiuisite, as no:
reduction will be made for ri,-,lendance eA,, ,
cept through protracted sickness. .
For sale, extra quality of tip'd Flutes and NO'.
4, 5 and 6 Guitar Strings. "
TEKms.--$l0 for eight weehmofttwo'lessons
each week ; the course to close 28th Augusl.
Application at my office in Ballzell's Buildingo
Apalachicola, June 17, 1848. 22-tf
A large lot of Instruction Books for the-above "
instruments for sale. '

Dr. Towansend's S;irsaparilla.
Woi ier aid BItssing olf the A'ge
The most extraordinary :Medicine tn the Wor'd!
This Extract is put up in Qart Bottles: it is six
times cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted su-
perior'-o any-shld. It cures without
vomiting, pu'rging,sickeniuigor
detbititating th: Patient.
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsa-
parilla over all other medicines is, that while it
e dicates the disease, it invigorates the body. it
"is one of the-very best
Ever known; it not only purifies the whole .sy'-
tern, and strengthens the person, biut it creates
;new, pure an.d rich blood: a power posses4ssed by
no 6ther medicine. And in thi, lies thie grand
-se'rkt' f its winderfutl sntccess It lhuas performed
,Within the last five years, more thin 100,00Q
cures of severe cases of disease; at least I'5,AW)
were considered incurable. It has saved the lives
of more than 30JO children during the two past
apa si-ns.
10,000 cases of Ge'ncrl Debility
and want of Nervouus Energy.
Dr. Towisand's Sars i;arilla invigorates the
whrle svqltem permanenrifly. To those who have
lit their musciular enrery by the effi'cts of mrned-
i,-ine or indiscretion committed in youth, or tihe
excessive 'inrdlgence of'the pfo-sionrs, anrd brougriht
o a general phyvicml prortration of the nervous
*system, lass.itude, want of arnition, faintingsen-
sitions, premature di-cay and decline, hastening
towards that fatal di-ease, Consumptionh. can be
entirely restored by tuis pleasant remndy. This
S.trsaparilla is far superior to any
invigorating -Cordial,
As it renews and invigorates the system, gives
activity to the limbs, and strength to the Muscu-
lar system, in a most extraordinary degree.
Consumption Cured.
.Cleanse and Strengthin- Cronsumption can be
,c'rred. Bronchitis, Consrum:tion, 'Liver Corn-
laiirit, Colds, C;itarrh, Cnighs, Asthmnta, Spit-
iting of Blood, Sorenesi in the Chest, Hectic
Flush, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Ex-
pectoration, Pai! in the Side, &c., lave been
and can be cntred.
Spitting Blood,
New York, April 28, 1847.
"Dr. Townsend-I verily believe that your Sar-
siparilla has been the means, through Providence,
ol saving my li'e. I have for sever-il years had a
badly cough. It became worse an i wornps. At
ita4t traisedi larie quantities of blood, had night
-sweat, and twas r'atlv debilttated and redncedl.
and did not expect to live. I h>ave only used ivour
Sarsaiparilla a short time, and there has a won-
derfiul change been wrougtit in 'tie I am rnow
aipleito walk all over the c.itv. I raise no blood,
rand rnv (ough h tis left me. Younr can well ima-
-gine that I am thankful for these results.
Your obedient A"evIwt,
W\1 RU- ,,E-LL. i6 Catharine st.
This is onlyv ore -of tt'ren th.in four thousands
casme of Rhemmit'i-sm thit Dr T'ownsnd's Sqarsa-
parila-hams cnrepi., The most severe and ,hronic
,-cWe. are weekly eradicated by its e 'traordinary
.Aimpes Cuimmings, Esq one of the a-'sistant.
in the Lunatic Asylum, Blackwll's Island. is the
gentleman s:)oken -uf-ir) th e4-'wi- l+-r4-4---r-, -,-
BI ckwell's Islhind, ept. 14, 1847
'Dr.. Townsend-Dear Sir : T havw snffere< tor-
rifllv for nine years with 'tne Rhnmmati-sm ; con
siderahle of the time I cnuld ot eno t, speep or
w.lk. I had the utmost distre-hing rains, and
-my limbq were terribly swollen. I have ied
four bottles of your Sairsanarilla, and they havi
(do1n.e mnre than one thomsaid dollars worth o
good You are at liberty to use this for t1he ben
.efit of the afflicted.
Yours, respectfunllv,
IFever anlud A5'ue.
'Dr. Townsenl's Sarstiparill.a is uiequnalled iu
ceases of the Chills and Fever and Auee. 'Th-in
following letter is only one of hundred- that wi
have received from the South and West of likf
chat aecter.
Oswego, Mich., Oct 22, 18-17.
DOr. Townsend : Dear Sir-IT purchased tI-nr m
wiif.' two btle-s of Sa.rrsapiarilla ofu yonr Agent
Mr. McNair, of K ilatmazno, to trv it ior the Fe
ver and Ague. Before I had finished the fir.s
bottle, it appeared no warm the blood, and evor
other day, when the Chilis and Fever appeared
thev were less violent ; and bh-fire she had fin
-aished the bottle, shIe was entirely r-lieved, an3
-she wias much better than she had hbp-n before
she took the A.-nip. A lady that had been ver
-niek witth tte Clhills and Fever. but had brnok
themhm with Qninine, and was leit in a very weal
and distressing state, and troubled exceedinOl
with the Ague C ike, seeing the effect that it han
an my wile, she sent antl procured a few hottl s
auid it restored fier in a few weeks to comnulet
health. Your Sarsaparilla is without doubt, n"
ecqallatl in disrseas incident to the W.'st, andt
,ym thin'k that this co-mrmuunication will be of us
.you are at liberty to use it as you choose.
Yours, resinect fuillVy,
Canker in the Mouth.
Belov is an account of another cliild saver
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla has saved the live
ot thius.minds of children. The follewini tw
'ertmfictnt-s are selected from a great number re
ceived this week.
...,d New York, April 1, 1847.
"+' .* Dr. "'wise,d : Dear Sir--One of mv chihtre
iy~i< very sir'k with a Canker in the Mouth an
*.'-4roali'antend.nd with great duhblity II ca-n
w"ear dvi'eg. I obtained some of your excelled
medicine, and it cur'-d it directly, lor which
assure you I feel very gratefeil.
Yours, resoectfillv,
EMIIZABE'l'h FOWLER, 27 Desbrosses-s
Fits! Fits; Fits!
Dr. Townsend, not having tested his Sarsapa
'rilla in can.o, of Fits, rf course never reconmmenn
ed it, and was surprised te receive the following
from an intelligent and respectable Farmer i
Wyestchester county :
Fordham, August 13, 1847.
Dr Townsend: Dear Sir-I have little gi
even years of age, who has been several year
:afflicted with Fits; we tried alrnast everything
for her, but without success; at last, although vw
cold find no recommendation in our circulars ft

cases like hers, we thought, as she was in ver
delicate health, we would give her some of you
Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it n(
only restored her strength, but she has had no re
turn of-the Fits, to our great pleasure and sur
prise. Sh ii. fast becoming rugged and heart.
for which we feel grateful.
Yours, respectfully,
Female Medicine.
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign an
speedy cure for Incinient Consumption, RBrrer
bss, Prolapsus Uteria, or Falling o(C the Wornmf
Costiveness. Pies, Leucorrhcea, or Whites, ol
Atrte&I or ditlcu&t Menstrmation. Incontinenc
"4 J, n e or involuntary discharge thereof, an
6'-rtt general prostration of the system-n

_.i ,. __ ~

in regard to subjects which he holds, of all oth- April 13 J C ALLEN. l. Stard. Bread, Pilot do, ra erso Vnegar, ied Fr.iinys.
PI"to e o oi-amuntimnrticp ttUstard. Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, D~ried Frruits.
ers. to be of paramount importance. QHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the A SPLENDID article of Oround Mustard, in Beans, Silt. Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelhi. Ar-
5t he cause of Temperance; the infereitof s_.Jbaleand case, low for cash, by A tin b-nxes, for sale by row Root, Corn, Oao,Bnickwheat. Mustard, Rice.
Agriculture; and home industry, in all its rCOa- B L O C. April27 H PF AELL Fornsaleby B ELL1SON & CO
ions arnd varieties-will be the objects to which e. cr LLISON & C Apriln H F ABELL De 9 Cor. Wter and Chestnut sts.
a- the'attention of the paper will be principally di- Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. ll PenS. Lan ts
S reeled; and as connected with these interests, L o Strops. A FEW of Wodard & rather's superior PRNG and Thub Lanc et jus received
1g and as hearing upon them, and as influtencimng 'SJHAPMA T aitiI Emerson's Strops, just re- Gold Pens,just received and for sale by S. a ndI ton sale by r
o them, a review of funreign and domestic markets, ceived and for ,i hv IOctober 211. J C. ALLEN -1 F ABELL.
will not he overlooked. Feb 21 H F ABELL r Feb 24 H F ABE.
The importance, of the objects and the aid A BE C a;'etfiie. ie Pratetil "iiaep CO, of
rl which a yell conducted newspaper could afford Cider. DOZ. si eirior Tdble Cl iret, received per2 "sm0eC o
rs them, are questions which could not be filly dis- 50 BBLS Champagne, for sale by 2. schr. Mornterev, and tor stile tIy Neri r Jei t ie y
ig cussed in a paper of this sort ; but it will he our 5 Dec 30 B ELLISON Co. May IS E McCULLY, 50 Water st. T Corpany their en apt for this ciye above
vp purpose to explain ard enforce them in articles Notice. Cd teir an M is s
cr ,,rizinal and selected which may appear in our rsuance of tie prvis of the -C nstit- S B oS. pren-dto tike Fire an-id Mine Ri sks h
V columns N psuanceof the provisions of thehConiv tu- CHOOLo B1,o all kind, just rec'd by M q11, 1549. T.HO. L.-MIPCHEL.
Editr of the TMPRANCEADVOCAT ion of the State, notice is her 'venthatS Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN. Collect s Oti.
ot will not iin anyfdegree interfere with partyopoli- certain persons, citizens of Florida, intend apply- TaX itC llecthrb s Noti e ae
in- o th net Geera Assmbl of he tat eAX pavers, are hereby notilr-d that all taxes
n htics. The events of the day, the passing orcur- 1 -r ,he State, Ba Fll, m', Coffee alnu T do the city mnt te piaid ty the tinie ror-
ie- tis h vnso h al ps Ingocr for an act inco)rporatinz, them. and their associ- T (tptect ~ o'pi l h in ~p
fences of the week, he will notice with as mureb n Salt scrihed by the onintiance passed by the City
Y, truth and impartiality, as the nature of the ca-e ates, citizens of Florida, who rnay become united ALWAYS on hand,*td for sale low hI
wb fre m with them for the purpose, by the name and style A Council, if not the law will bestr ctlv e,%-tfrced.
will admit. He believes himself to be free oAe Bank f Commerce"-aid inorprai Dee 23 MCULLY. JA. F. FARTOR,
aill party bias, and he will endeavor thus to pre- 0o the 11Ban"k of Cornmmrce -said incorporationwic ^ JAS. F. PAr OR,
all iary bias, and he wll endeavor thus to possess banking powers and privileges, and its City Tax Cotllector.
servetheolunins of his pp. capital stock to consists of not more than $25,000. S. V iY ri isasMr. EDWARD McCULLY i mv authorized
The Editor proposes to enlarge very cons.der- at sOMPOUNDo Sv'rin of Wild Cherry, just re- o aMr. EDWARD M CULLY i s my auth.rizdb-
idalyhs utirfrr ispr-ertsie ai tamae May 4 16-nt agent for the c'hIlection of Tnrxeq ditnigm b
id ably his paner from its parent size, and to make l Iceived and for sale by sence f'rrnm the Stlte. F. FARRIOR.
i- other imiirovements, should the patronage offered W od iWare, &'C. Feb t7 H F ABELL. Ma. i1, 1848.
a, authorize it. N RREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, -Flour
b- Terms of ,ubscription.-Two dollars per an- Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, Newv Orleanvs Suuar. Genest'e Flollur, Goslien Butter,
rP nurn in advance, or three dollars if not paid in Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by HHDS. prime N. 0. Sugar, receiver per schr AND a superior article of CHEESE, fir sale
id advance. B. ELLISON & Co. MMontery, and for sale bv y.by E. McCULLY,
10 Quincy, Fa., May 27, 1848. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. May 18 E. McCTLLY, 50 Water st. Nov 11 50 Water st.

_ __

matter whether the result of inherent cause or AMENDMENT TO THE jUrga, [ 'otiUf. Dry Goods.
causes produced bv irregularity, illness or acci- Constitution of the State of FIr HE subscribers oftrer for sale a large and sea- ]
dent. Nothing can be more surprising than mis rida. Franlini Circuit Court.sable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
invigorating eflects on the human frame. Per Rald, Cmpl't,- part of Kere and inss
sons all weakness a.id lassitude, trom taking it, Proposed and agreed to by the third General John W. Rinaldi, on t, Nero Kerseys and Linseys,
va. o nIn Chancery. Wiite and Red Flannels,
at once become iobu-t and tuil of energy under ssembly: subject to the action of the next Daniel Smith and LucyAnn Baigups and Tweeds,
its influence. It immediately countr.racts 1the General Assembly., his mithRapAIT
neveLussess of the fmle s Itwie, rhict is he PON reading heforengaffidvit, it is or. Suer iain black and fancy Casameres,
redig hefoeolg fld 'jt i i o- Super Eiglish an'd French'Cloths,
Lrett cause of Barreniess. It will nrt be ex- AN ACT .o amend the' ..-2th -Clar-seot the 5th JJdredt-Nri o theN oretoing bill he. Whiey N1 e, ,1and 2 r
pect-d it us, in cases ol so dhlic.te a nature, to Article ofthe Corrstitutin olthis State, so that ierfectd o thatsrvie defendanof the foregoingd bill m e.tion- ily lan kets, and 1 qrs
exhibit certificates (-f cures performed but we .the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall hold ed, b publication the Commerci Avrlier il ls,, ad 1qrs
ca~i as~alre th afflictd, thathundedi by l)Ub liheaties; ii the CComierCoitl; Ahalrtild erbyDpulicationinletseCo8,ercar Add10rtitsr
can assrie the afflicted, that huindeds ot ca.S their offices for a term of eight years, instead of or sme ther ewaper published in the Marseilest- es Qnilts,, 10, an d 12 qrttonades, '
have. been rpre to us chuad fases. drn o retr hrnwsaei liidil*teWs- Deniurs, Krm-rlins and Cottonades,t
have been eprttd to us Thousands o ases rig g,,od behavior, ern District, fior the space of' four months, retui. Brown Shirtiag and Sheeting,
where ifanilies have been %- ithont children, alter SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and ring said defendants to appear and answer said Cotton Osntiabnrgs, I
using a lew bottles ot this invaluable medicine, House of Rtpresentativs of the State of Flo.- bill, otherwise that the sanr' hp taken r)iro con Cittoi l)rilhg ard Ticking,
have been bl-ssed with fie, healthy offspring. rda in Gencral .dsstmbly convened, That the fesso G71)RE, S. HAWKiNS, Judge, &c LineCotton aDrilling atn Checkings,
TO fll others a aid llarried Ladies. 1,21 h Clause ot the 5th Article ot the Constitnution April 2 tth, 1818. a Linen ard Cotton Checks,
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been expressly of-this State be so amended as to read as follows, A true copy. WM. VALLELU, Clk. Irish Lineno Shirrinog anrid Sheeting,
prepared in reference ho female complaints. No viz: Thatst the Expirationu of the )resent term Mwiv4 Il'-4m leiched Cotton Shiring and Sheeting,
female who has-reason tosuppose she isapproach- oftoffice of the Judgesof the CircuitrCourts, \Eiith ,ish, fre-ich and American ri-s,
ing that critical period, -The turn of life, the exception herejnafter mentioned, Justices of At C in laie's, Extra it;er, plain and twilled Ginghams,
should neglect to take it, as it is a certain pire- (hie Supreme Court, and the Judges of the Circuit APALACHICOL-, DEC. 23, 1-7. Super Cashinere d'Ecosse,
ventalive for any of the numerous and horrible Courts, shall be elected lor a term ofeight year, John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff," Extra slper Muslin de Lame,
diseases to which females are subject atihis tnime Iand shall hold other offices tor that term,, unless v. E ,glis'i, Scotch and American d,.
file. This period may be de/aydforseveral sooner removed under the provisions made in this George K. Wilker and MWiry ter Italian black and figured Silks,
yrars by usih.g this medicine. Nor is it less val- Conistitution for the removal of Jodges by address his wife, of the State ol Black Silk Cravats and fircv Hkfs,
able for those who are approaching womanhood, or impeachment; and for willul neglect ol dntv, Flnorid.a, James E. Betterr, Bill for account Sipert E-llish and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening or other reasonable cause, which shall not b- and Ann his wile, of the- and partition. E'l lish and American Cotton Hkfs,
the blood arind irvigorating the system. Indeed, snfficierntground for impeachment, the Governor State ot New York, and lMadras and Verona head Hkts,
this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate shall remove any of them, on the address of two Jane McMi.ter4, ot the L indies' C Motton Hose andl Gel s Hf-hose,
diseases to which women are subject, thirds <;f the General Assembly ; Providedhow- State of South Crrolina, Suer Sali, Mirseilles & Worsted Vestings,
It braces t lie whole system, rentews permanent- ever, That the cause or catises' shall be stated 'at Defend.mntz- Cotton and Flax 'T'hread,
ly the natural energies, by renioving the itinpuri- length in such address and etihred oil the J.ur- TTPON affidavit of Compltirnant's Solicitor that Plain and fid swiss and checked Muslins,
ties of the body, not so fa r stimulating as to pro- nals of each House. dnd Provided further, U the Defendfants menitio-ie in said Bill do Jacomnet a',d Cambric iMuslins,
duce subsequent relaxation, which is the -case of That Ihe cause or causes shall be notified to the not reside within thrs Circhit, but within the Needles, Pints, T'rape, &c. &e
rnh.t medicines" taken for female weakness and Judge so intended to be rertnoved, and he shall Unitci Stales: It is ordered that notice of the Which have been -selected with great care in
disease. By using a-few bottles of this medicine, be admitted to a hearing in his own def'ence, he- institution of this ofil, and the filing of the New York and Boston, from Irmpotersand Agents
many severe arid painful surgical operations may fore anry vote for such removal shall pass: aind in amended Bill, hp given in some newspaper pnb- of Manufactirers, at the lowest mniarket rates, and
be prevented. such cases the vote shrill be taken by yeas and listed in the Circuit, for the space of four are nrmw offered at wholesale or -tailontfavorable
lGreat Bclessing to Mothers and nays and entered on the Journals of each House months, and if, upon due prool of the appearance terms by WM. G. PO1RTER & Co.
Children. respectively of said notice in some newspaper so published Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.
It is the safest and most etffictual medicine for SEC. 2. le it further enacted, That the Judges for the time mentioned, the said defendants do A CARD
purifying the system, and relieving the sufferings first appointed under this anierrdid Cotnqitution, not appear to said bill by the next ruledaywhich Sbscribers ke this method of infor-
attendant upon child-birth ever discovered. It shall be divided tly lot into four classes. The shall come after twenty davs from the expiration i. thec u tizens t'ak. hol aatsin -
strengthens both the mother and child, prevents first class shall hold his or their office or offices oft said period ot tour months, it is further or- Ji ig the cities Ap chela an its'V
pain and disease,-incrmases and enriches the food, for the term of two years, the second fortheterm dored, that the same be taken as confessed cinityv. thatthey have now on hand a very neat
those who have used it'think it is indispensable. of four years the third for the term of six years, against-them. and eselected"Sto'ck of GOODS, which wl be
It is highly useful both before arid after confine- the fourth for the term of eight years. GO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &. old or consi'tirg in part as ftlows:te
ment, as it prevents diseases allttendant upon [Passed the Senate by the Constitutional ma- CARMACK & SPRATT, Fancy Prints do. do.
childbirth-in Costiveness, Piles, Cramps, Swell- jority, December 22. 1847. Passed the House of Compl'ts Solicitors. ac nt do.
ing of the Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vom- Representatives, by the Constitutional majority, A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU, Alapaca LF stre; do. Figured,
iting, Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains, January 6. 1848.] Dec 30. 50-4m Clerk. Silks, Frdo Montey
Henmorrhage, and in-regutilatingithesecretions and; All Florida papers will publish, provided not Fr'anklill Circuit C zi-t. do. SaMin Striped
equalizing the circulation it has no equal Tie more than $20 is charged. The President and Director's of Fancy Cashmere Robes
great beauty of' this medicine is, it is always safe, April 27, 1848, 15-6m. thile ia k of Pensacola, do. Merino do.
arid the most delicate use it most succes-fully, Notice, nChance. d. Dlaine do.
very few cases require any other medicine in of J Stevenson & Co hav T- Manley, and others. .',i.,. lnitlia-ook
some a little Castor Oil, or Magnesia, is .usetul.. E. n ssed bv At Charribers, lh March, 4. LDce and Colorenl
:Exercise in the open air, and ligl.t fond with t.is been dss, ed by the decea se f TTPON reading the Bill and Cxhibits, filb, in 1ins, Lisle Cap and Thread
medicine, will always ensure a safe aurd easy con-- -Stevernsona, all those inrdle!ed to the said firm ar~e U O edn h iladrxuhtfldi li ,Lse a n tra
finement. ays reqeessure a s a easyted to e payment, and thosa having .. this cause, It is ordered, that service of said Shawls, Damask Silk
Stfinement elaimsto present the same a habill he perfected on Hiram Manley, one of the doi. Marino,
Notice to the Ladies. la The stock 'goods on hand are offered for sale defendants, who appears fi'om the affidavit filed d.. Plaid Wool
havose thinvariably called their stuff' Sarsaparilla, edq toprices fo cash only. nherein, to be a resident of the Midlle Distrilct ft Kid, 'Lace and Silk Gloves
have ivarialc dT.H. AUSTIN, Florid i, by poitlication in ttie newspaper pub. Tuskain Gilpsey Bonnets, latest fashion
for Females, &c. &c anid have copied our bills Survivinz partner J. Stevenson & Co. llshed in the ciy of Apalachicola, for lhe space Ribbons in all-varieties
and circulars which relates tothe complaints o Ana hicla Mav 2 1 19tf of two months, requiring said Manley to be anrd ]i-iwn Shirt5in, 7-"8, 4-4 and 3-4
women, word for word-other men who pnt up appeal before the Conrt on the first Mondav in BIe itched d'). 7-8, .-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
medicine, have, since the great success of Dr. Notice. June next, arid answer said bill, otherwise the Blanket., 6-4 anrd 8-4
Ti wnsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to LL persons having claims against the estate same will hP taken pro coriless, as to, him. Inirain and Cotton Carpeting
Sf-males. recommended theirs, although previous- A of Daniel W. Faucett, deceased, are required( GEORQE S. HAWKINS, Jud3e, &c. Carpet Bags
Iv the\' did not A number ot' these Mixtures. o present the same within the time prescribed A True Copy. H its and Caps. afl styles
Pills, &c., are iitjiTrious ito females, as'they aggre- by law, or else they will he b.n'red if recovery. WrILTIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. Boots iand Shoes
vale disease, and undermine the constitution. T. H AUSTIN, Administrator. March 30, IE&18. -l-2m Clolhinig o all kinds.
Scrofula Culll'ed. Apalachicola, May 18, 1818. AI41, a neat a-,ortmrent of JEWELRY, arind
This certificate corclisIvely proves that this CillllUill Coilunty Tiax Salle. maiyiv other articles too rimneronus to meiion.
Sarsaparilla has perfect control over thie most ob- Notice. Yvii tie oti the power vested i1 uile by law, Call and ex imine 'ifr vniurselves.
slinate diseases of the Blood. Three persons X mo-nths after dIite, [ will apply to the I will expose for sale. before the Conrt-hon.e M. N. SCOT I' & BROTHIER,
cured iti one hofse is unprec dentied. S- Hn-. Judge of Pr- bites for Frau Three Children. to'-a final discharge fromrn the administration ol f day of Aungtst, 81849, the fdlowi-lai described -
Dr. Townsend : Dear Sir-I have the pleasure the estate ot Henry Beal, laIte ofsaid ciunlyt, de- nr,,perty, or s-) much tb, to infiirmr you that three of my children have ceased. J-AMES' GIBSON, Adm'r. elate anrd County tax due tihereon for the year CIiestlallt Sts.
Been cured of the Scrofula by the rise of your ex- Aptachicola, April 13, 1848. 13-6min 1817, to-wit: SQHIP CH \NI)LEt{Y.
cellent medicine. Thev were afflicted very se- v sThns e S W I of Section 5, Township I, Range 9. N, XNTLLA and Hemn Cordmge of all sizes,
vr with ad Sores: have taken only four hot- Provisions N & W, joiiinizg thie lands of Stebhen Ri-'hards, Lvl 'Him')r.-line, Wor'mline, Mri-line, Spun-
Stle-;'wit tookbhem awav, for which I feel myself70 BBL Whiskey ; l0 hi. P'Rime P ork; pur|)orting to lreiong to J W. Williat-rni. Vir, )laknm. Sp.-rmn Oil, Fall do. WhVnaip do, Olive
under great obligation 10 bblis FL ur; 1 cnsk Rice; Also, (he N \V of e S'tin T S. T w'ishii 1, Ito, Lirnseed do. 1rw do, Boiled do. S,uirits Tur-
YYonrs, respectfulr-lv, 5 superior old Rhteserve Whiskey; Raunge 9, N & W, and the W I orf the S W I of i*rnrii, P-iints, Winnidonw uI I ss, Putty', Whine
SS\\W RA f Wooster-st. 2 ver) choice Haims; Section 5, Towushifn 1, R rige 9, N & W, pur- Lial, I 'ed di, 1Yil' t)chre, COhre',Te Gnreen,
OIS OCS Of RAIhNsi, 1 eianTs. Now landing per schr Loisa Seas, and for p.-rting to blon to Win. Wvatt. I- ,rali do, trienrtal do, Chromne Yellow, Ve'-
Dr SiAndioms o; hscin. sale by E IMeCULLY, A I ~)a'e I fm' 't o.nm rntliqri-, Limb.-rage, '`riihur. Bright Varnninsh, Cupal
SD. Towns is l mosr'dail v rece vilig orders Mat 1 t- r acres of fiB rate ad, nuibi no,
r March 10e VU 9 tYm r f ng,.,6 .. ...g ......&B r Pe F ,-,rTi t .r, II ,; i u1)i tehu"I T i i Vu9 1 'nie. Co ('p1, 1
From Physici:mns in different paltsof tle Uniin. P ntIl'It,,,Iori g toe..nf. U F oPettUv. I,;h,.'V'. u r Trni-id rd, Scrnbdo. Clamp, do,
This is to ertilv tht we, the underqigned, Exchange. AIo,-i ac-res second rate and, u' be no' Linp l ek Ch ilk Rssia D'c. Eng-
r Physicians ol the Cfvy of Alhan.y, have in nunrer- rRAFTS on New York, t.iston, Providence, nown, p ortig to belong to Jas. T. Ee.i' |ii d Cotton dio, Hleavy Ravens do,. Light do,
ous cases pre-cribed Dr.'townsend's Sarsanarilla. Pliad hia ad Balti e, boght; and ste While, Rlipand Rd 'lnting, Niils, Copper do,
a,", s ra~~~zes pre~~.1)Pnhitati-ehihia and Baltimoire, borlit,; and esAte 57ap iq aeIAd wme o oTciSi pkez otd,'rdSrw
Sand b,-if've it to be one of the most valuable pre- Sight Checks on New York sold by ANo, 517 acres first rale land, number not dn Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boit do. Brads, Screw,
Spairations in :the mark-t. WM. G. PORTER & Co. known, pnurpo-ting to belnig to Call &. Gamble. ick Screw-, Anchors, HTan'i-piks, Cap-tdin
f TI. P PTJLING, M. D. Agents Bi.mk of 'hrunswick, Also, 8) acres first rite l.r-d, nrlumb-r not' Birs, Oitr, Block., Shives, Jib flanks, Hand
ST. WILO()N, M. 7. Dec 31 41 Wat,.r street. known, purpnrtin u to bh. -ln to S iml. Parkhill. P im-' D,-k I-,ck nt' .edir do )-nk Broo'nm.
I. Cornl dua, G iorlk i nu vt1 illet, ';irv 7ri do, Axes, A xe
B. BRIGO,, D Brushes. ISAAC JX\CKON, Sheriff an'r I Il-ies H iks md Timbles, Box Hooks, Bale o,
A P. 14 H'LMENCORFtM.aD. B s ag 1,.Ex-O.ficio"Tax Collector C.C. Can & Cotron do. Boatt o, -"ihl dot Caliking
Albany, April 1, 1847 - AIR, Hat, Cl~ithes, Teetll,Nail ard Shaving May 1 is S1. 16tdsf N1k \ Tqs, 'rl:ikilg Iron% ir e Spitkes,. Ship Scrn-
Caution-. l Briu.hes, for sale by -'i r.s-B.i Dippiers. Cook's Laadles. Trnnioro,
Owvino to the great success and immense sale Febl 24 IT F ABELL. BI uvk Booi*k and St-itlioner'y. Divi JIrn, Coniiasses, Sail Needleds. S"'il Twine,
SofDr. To)Twnsend's Sarsaparilla, a number ofn men EDGERS, .Imroals, Dayv Books, &c. S oine d'>, S.,wling o,. Plii, Riging Lpeather,
e who were formerly t.ur Agents, have commenced Iviolasses. Pnp50 reams oa andLette' Pape Pmp n Shovel t.mniers. i titcletls. Ch'isle-,
aig rapia xatEiisBierE-25BBLS superior M~useov;-tdo, for sale hv L.. 50 reams 1o',,dl.,cap and Lerte'r Pape'r-,A ,rP1-il,,,. ....11,,asaws, (,,niblets' "f,;,d.a
m makingg Sansaprilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Ex- 9 5 s irenui' Cotton M-morandum Books ; A i'Ar, Ph- u n dsws, Gimhien. [Jinm-av
rnt fYlo c un BSMicri o sale bn M'-'rnnrandulm B~k;File, B at Tail do, bum Siricts ot Yellow D,ck, &c. They generally pul Mch I 6 E McCULI.Y, 50 W.ater st. Ship and FRivt'r Bills Lading; Stock du, H II and Staples, ]nig-s. Pbordh cks.
it ip in the same sliaped bitiles, and some of School Books, Boooks for Letter Press. Wood -;aws, Pend-n tHa'ilyards, ftand Lines,
tlihnem have stole and copied our advertisements, F) s y Blank Bills ot Exchange and Checks, Deep Sea do, Log do. Fish do. [land Leads.PDpep
v they are only worthless imitations, and should be Feb 17 H F ABELL. Just received and for sale by S-a d,, Sheen do, Bur do, Fnnels, L-n'l-lorn,
Savcid.ed.. M'rh 1 H F. .'"'N L. Chalk Lines, Pitrh Pots, Lok Books, Care'e do,
Principal Office, 126 FULTON Street, Sn nCrlb; Tobacco Seed. M Ielayirig Pins, Tin Wnar, Crockery, Carpentei's
t Building, N. Y.; Redding & Co., 8 State street, LBS Tl'rb.icco Seed, t'roim the mrst celebrated TiilSeC. Tools. S:impson I'ost., ,-c Cr-c.r
v B,,ston ; l)yott & Sons, 132 North Second street, ) lrintatioes of the Vnielta Abajo, just received ITr' LL`'t sinerior single and double Truasses.; A;nillichitola, Dec 9._18-17
, PhilaiI'lphia; S S. Hance, Driuggist, Baltinore: from Havana, tfor sale Iy LI for sale by -1R A
- P. M Cohien, ChnrLhstonn; WViight & Co.. 151 Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st. F,-i 17 1 H F ABELL. AMERIAN
d Charters street, N 0.; 105 South Pearl street, Olives. Net. i1i TIWhuli 'I llll .Ctulrini
e Albany: and by all the principal Druigists and 8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives. for sale T1lO g |liSOilS COmpo i Syrllp of .Coinpaly,
y Merchantsgeneralhythroughtut the United States 0 by E. MeCULLY, Tar atal Wo ;l it N 3tltlla, 12 COMMEHCIAL-S'rRFTr,
o West Indies and the Canadas. March 16 50 Water'st. T^OR th cure of consuinpti,,u, chronic, bran- (Up Stairs,) BOqTON
For sale wholesale and retail bv s L chitise a othmf' ,,ho iiniri, houtzh, balritalion M- tars,) an Dl, n Br .
v H. F. ABELL, Scotch Sn fit,. of the heart, liver complaints, and affec-tiorrs tl Twine ,tads, Poust Office Twerines, "aleinPi anti
d May'25, 1S48. 19-lv Apalnchicola. 3 GROSS Scotch Snuff, in half bottles, just re- the kidneys, fir sale by
, ceived, forsale by Feb tJ J C ALLEN. Btnidle'Iwi'us, Mi-Cartn'sC,.ltonHerring 'I'wine,
e PIROSPECTU. OF THE Auril 13 J C ALLEN. -- Cttton Sein "l'wi ne, Taimnen]d rind UJnlaarned, Flux
flO rI A TEP ERANCE C" ASTILE Soap for sale by Herring Twine, Hawser and S.hroud-laid M.ck-
if 1PL, O IIDA. XT X IIIPE^JNCE Aromatic Bitters. F l'eb21. t F ABELL. erel Lines; Hringi-i, Pohag,)r Shad. Bass, and
'f AR T'\P BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received Dip Nets. Government Seines withl Ba.s; Cind,
se Agricltral Advocaje J and fur sale by. Advaunees HIe'i'ing', Mackelel, Shad, and Menhaden Se.ne?,
A weekly palter to be published in Quincy, Fa. April 13 J C ALLEN. ",/-ADE on shiinments of Cutton to Liverpool, S-c.
BY C' JULiAN BARTLETT. SBeiiht_ Po.ders. iVJL Havre, New York a'ud B ,stan, bv .V B. J.'et. and Seinrs knit to order at short
---Y/^ rc.AOQ UIAN BAT TT l iz P. Dec 16 D. B. WOOD & CO. notice. B. ELLt'ON & Cr., Aoints,
t THE proprietor of the Quixuc TIMEs, under 9 GRASS Seidlitz Powd.-rs that are fresh, just, 0'thcr 14, 147. 3i~tf Apalacticria
s the repeat d solicitationrs el his patrons, wvho are received and tnr sale by '1 a'dr Si In i R lak F uttttntaiu, r'.l ptcerie < u 1ilit^lea
ri inostly comprised among the friends of Temper- April 13 J C ALLEN. A FEW Hvdrostatic Ink eourltains, Pen Ri cks, r O eFFe a Sd i Sto rmes. ,
anre,Agricellure, and oniser industrial in'eres's -llflion Ja'sa Sand 1xN, Paper Foter, tamps, Seals, K Ntfhe'n Flnn, Western do N, 0 N rS'a,
titAgiutme rdrfe nnsti~itrss FW kmu~ a' Panier C~rsi)s, Weights, &c. for s-the by Sr. Cr,)ix din, Prurto Rico d,,, Vei.nin Iyson Tea.
- of Soretv, has celerytined ti devutie his Journal FEW Infnsiun Jars--every family should Nov 18 J C A LLEN H .P i to s hen
more exclusively to the otjects indicated by the have one-for sale by Hyson da. Powchn do, Souchong do, (-shen
. new title he has assumed. April 13 J C ALLEN. Q 'lini .den Bitter. Cheese, LWisrd,,Bcon fMaes, SidPs, P he ne-
t The Editor hras consented to make this change 30 O rI pQ, be, just-recivWdiandfo,'MMes and Primeen,
itit sri much with the expectatio-r of pecuniniry Letter liaper. OI Silp, Qui ,ine, just adeceiTed and for dress and PrlmehPork, Mack ods adh.id TSalmon,
it gain, as with the de-ire of exerrii n a s.-lut.iry andREAMS fine Letter Paper, just received April 27 H F ABELL. Pepper, Soiiees, Cantsups. Petpper SFtil, Olives,
,mitral infinrence thnouihout our growinig State.i arid ton sale byApl 7HF BE PeprSic,-CtusPperSicOiv,

J' Dec 30


- u'i

- I I- i--P r

Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Dye-Sluffs, Perfumery, -Y# .
STHE undersigned returishis' thanks
to his friends and the public for their
liberal patronage, and begs to inlotim
that he is now receiving an addilltn-
at supply, which h added to his fbffi'er
stock, renders his assormerrfit unusually atge
and complete. English, Frencti, Gerii au ard
American Drugs; Cosmlefic; *Perutinery; ClaM;
'and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c are (fkritre
to'Physinians, Coulitry MercharIs ai'd iFSrp 0,1
tlie most liberal terns--all oftilichi he 'arrant .
pure and unadulterated. ,. .. L ..
_.H. F. ABELL,: --
Wholesale and Retail rugIst,-
45 Water street.
Apalachicol?, Nov. 21, 1846. -
Drugs and lTlediciaies.
-TiH-IE subscriber has, and will
constantly have, on hard, a c 'i]i~te
ass. 1rtment of DRUGS aid 1'F:D-
CINES wlich he will warrant ti ure
and of the best quality. Cultmry
Merchants and PIditlela b ill fir0d it
to their advailtaue to call, ex.rr iiie aid rpii-e hir
Goods, before );iirchasiirg els( i le.ire.
N. B. Physician's prescriptic-rs put nip wiih
care and accuracy at any hum .fi (th da r nigl..
March 21 Cor. Centre ar d Co-n pierce sOs.
.Undeiwood & Caigh,

+' "f RKSPRC'IF LLL ,.tert heir set
S ii vicess to the citizens oi Apalachi.
cola, and the county-ot' Franklin
-] ~ generally, in the line otehir I ro.
.f f fession. Having mrnotl4yIv"m- -
.^ mi'nication with the principal
irNthern cities, they will he ena-
V bledd to furnish their patrons at all
itB -- times with the NEW-EsT AND LA-
ed monthly.sl .iwuing I 11 vi, it, hi m,,st Fashion.
+able 'S-tyle o.f Dress, which 'will 'be'a-,decided
advantage to a fashionable e rmr1ruit.iN. ,.
N. B. Genillenens' Morninmt G.tqii' and 'Eve-
ning Wrappers rnalde 'to ot-der; 'Clodks T t',iry
h--'rih timn ni'd. in 'the 'usiudl t'n dt'is he'. ,,
Viil;],,, a' Ridii 'Gait.rs tnad in t, a g p rl,,r
manner; Tunic Dresses anRd Boys' CRl'lfs of
every description made in a neat and ..1-liomiable
style. All garmeits made at 1his-&'sheilustnitint
*warranted to-fit.
,. *ys- Shop, Sevind gtom.y 'Bltpe.'s 'urild,,ii.
Enfr'arice on'Che.stnutfre".
October 14, 18417 39.6m
09-' A plate of Fall and .in'Mtr Fashions-just
reeeivt d.

I.'--- qSecond Story I"lzt-ll'1 BnilIding,%
X-'Fi'" *tr n'En'raice on ( C,-'l-n1l.,.1-
^Si~iSSSQB^A^AA'CrilOI.A, }'\.
N B Watches, Clo:'ks and Jewelri carn-ully
repaired.il Octobt-r 21. 1847.

0owfliiig Sailoon and RBillliard
I oo in.
rT HE pro,!rictor (T the ,, Atherimnm B<;'vhlr,
-L Salk.t i" las ustd ever'v enl a%`ir 1t.o nijik
the eitAh lish'mniet 1' agree-'tJ e I;l ce of ri srt-,
,rid i.s tha kffnl lhat anll ever discriminatlain ub-
lie i)rove bp lih.rl |at roltage liheir appreciation
tit his-desite To- pl'e.1- He-wi.ll.alway, keep i
choice asirtminrit (o Liqn, rs, and i. I't'-lii
!)ev(iragris, ot a -sot to tickle the pal:aties of Old
Bacchus' mnost fislidi-n, si.hs; a; d Oyst'rs,
e(rol and dhliri(us, fresh ifrnm their nalive- brtks
For a pleasaitl, c('nriniglir 'd4 eifti ce, vrd
ano'semeinr-2dfife ciin d//('-ni1,e is inetl.ir
within the circle o,' tor innastirs to cuon! an-' with
a uim, of ten pinis; butill lh act ive ailnnsinmeit, can ;,]wayvs tahe a mind.
SCinie one-comie al1."'
Aralachicola, Dee. 30, 1847 5u-tl
Apsjlarllilcola EXc(hsiie.
_n I THE sn!)s-c-irtivT i'ii lrirns his friends
tan(I 'ithe k)-blit 'i i eiieral. that lIIt e a> he-'
._'j /,rnie'hlie F|.., !-n' I-,- n- tI ,is alliA e .wv 11
known h(.nrie,w anld will he pleasrd to ei k-itelail
any of the trav'-llrio1 cuir irirnit\ thait nliv favor
him wilh their' curslnrrn, and will alno accuir' n o-
da(e resi(e'nlt Ia'tlfders TIh hl, .r ill al h-; e .s. t,
supplied with geriuino Ibi rn S ol the cholic-!sl
'i''i: i i OIN PATRILGE.
-A ,a.il. ] t, ov 14, 1847.
J]ilit-ry, ri'e (z.:isp. aiuid Fire
Buckctlil, ffI-u mfactueiy.
TTENRY ''. (GRA'I'ACA I-, c I.. 'ratirre at his old stared, No. ?92'hOrit dw"ixV,
Net', Y -rk, tlic f i)lliwii.g arNli](.s- Militaiy Cat s,
Bllti, Bodv and Breact Plates, ('iiitride' 3,.\-..
Kna.)sic!z', PrimingI WVir Scahhirda, S.td1e
Cl, tl H, HlnQets, lridlis,',Gun Cases, 1 ire Cal s,
Bear 1kii Cas, &,. &.-.
Military and Fir' Cornpanies ab',ot forming, or
co'it-ropltte ch n,;i,,g their Uritorr-s, can be
supllijd with Patlern Caps, by'addi'e,'sinng the'
above, at the shortest itotice', oih the ine s{ t reason-
aile' trms. Mn ,,r. li.
00 SACK> Ri',. H vana, and St. Dorringo
1 Cuffee, otr sale low by
De.c "23 E MoCUT l:T.

SFor Sdle.
55 13 PTLS Hay, now larding fromi s- in FlorP-
.JJ dian. Apply to
Dec *3 NOURSE, STONE & Co.
L'euioni Srupl. .
[ B RA Y'S suoleriur Lenot'insyiup, just received
U d r sale by
Feb 17 H F AI;F.LL.
WeslerI' Produce.
QT. LOUT.S Flonr, Ohlti d,,, Lard, Whikev
k-r Sna i', b'hice and pm'ime. Molasses. Perk, m'ss
and prmre, Bacon, Harns, Side-' ant tlfnihhdrrsf'or
sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor Water andii. ,,-t.'ii -4ts.
Guava Jellies.

, I N different sized boxes, just received frrom Ha-
1. Dvan-, arid for sale by McCULL.
Dec 23E McCULLY.
Q 9" BBLS WhiSkt-; id bhlls M,-rlasbp;;:
1 tierce Rice, jiui rec'd a'ld ,rsmale hv
Jan 6 E. M-CL, Water91.
.n u iiir.
SCOTCH and Maeahov, in bottli.-s and blad-
d- rs, tust received anrid f r sale by
Feb 17 H F-ABELL-
Dr. W oodruff's Worai Specific-
A SA FE arid efficient -remedy for oiimsr, lot
S sale by
Feb C .1 C ALLEN.
Thie Imidinus' Elixiir,
CERTAIN remedy .or chill arid fever, for
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.
SALAD OIL, jiht receivedand f4-sale by
A. AprI 17 H. F. ABFLL
DTTCHETT'S' elehrated Spanish Spefiu-, for
sale. by .[Fe 24] H F .H AFEFL.
S BITTERS, just received and fr.r Qale byhv
No'v 21 J C ALLEN.
Tanners' Oil#
T'OR sale by


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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated July 15, 1848
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mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
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mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: July 15, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
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System ID: UF00048473:00127

Full Text
.'- -' :... -- .- .-. ._--,;- -
.: c"c.; _..f .: ', '. <_ ;,. F'p -
v -- -


& & ?& .
.. ..


ennncrciaA tbettizcr

r 3

-- .- -'

--- .
:;;;__- --- ,




---- --------

u, .. 'j"i > Ii. ,. LIJ j''tllt. J in ir3 DCccctorn.W : 1LI1tUJ tJL'ttOt2.D.y. .Jo: tl IOJ not food. ;mij M.I> ulnas> licloi hainl." tub. lIt Like
Jj j urms ihe United
: I ji ; I.J., .V j 'JJ- .. '-'- --- No plantation up a-am.
Pt: =-- -- ----- ; ")t er fenced 01 k.-pi in States, map isis d! into llie Indian
y.J.- s:1U3': /":." n. G. P.iriar:: fc Co.DEALEtS J!" ;I\lll.1l DA.NIKI.) J. IJA.J. \. frullhp iM IHc"n ..Tonrnnl and J tt=selglr.; heller ord r than hi. ; ;ill| .,? the 'durst \\ hile on i IIII, exped.t. at,. in which rnnplrj.Li ur. .

: t..tll till[ '" ,tf' nr are tow !! 1.\ I V5'H! A ") COMMISSION Day & Co;, A PARODY. around his lininbli-dweHiii f.-ll beneath the 'l. yloi' served he built several

S ,1ff&J 1 E ..tClLL'JT:5.N' C 0 M M 1661 1 O N M I K I K ChANTS, BY J c: KI.XX'AttD-: axe of t the 544'.tllf'r I to I be replaced: in i llie forts and I one. ,,f them iinatrd tlnrkatla

:.pa U.I\TI' OF IJ. 41 Water si Ir""f No. 52 \V itcr strrcr, b field on the Wa
R AIR- Gill/ Bright. landscape ) smiling the old veteran ba.sh.
'r.: l'.Y RVLEW, UIC 3.) AitIthica.' E. Dec 2 Ajiil ;iclucola! Fa.rj. SparkliuJ some filly mites abuvr Vinc nne. vi$
Ii \
could look
TI 'rvJP .. :. I L' .r. Ar-nu' fir Lt.orn': ; : ; at -II. A-M-nis tor the 1 Proudly on h gh, in tZ'tE:k)'. nroond him xviih the soul cheering named, in honor uf ihe commander. Fort
I oJ : J.'. ; l ", R'-/r'r. W '.. r.Xoiirse, I II 15 SIOIIP, I II.I \V. Brooks 1-Iti.i I 1'1'11' ; rel rCI' Co*' th'- l'r'.ruction I ln!nrHncCo. )nr 11 t- II )llie hreez" l- trnriiinT! sali"; !?l'jlJlI th it 'in the work nfimpmvenieni 1 'Hariisnn.In .

: : 'l" { nrrt 1 Ntl' t., Stl ,= CIL, ( ." and! the "llaitoid; Intuiance Co." liartfoid On itf.!M* hioad c.ts-f. HI d iMtled In the rnasf, he. hail not been ;i drone, the 'hive.Nor 1810 Lieutenant
:,.i : 'ftI. rr-1.t.:m.v, CO1M1IjN [ .MIICfI'1'S i I
::: __ : xvere his tlI.:hhiurs nnmindfnl I i ihe to ho
Tliiive|| the a l..dy tv ix described
Hrfnd. all (he land, us of the
) through one
AS[ No. Elnfl'ACTORS
-\Valcrstrcot, .1. H. & 1. M. claims
And ring our h T"' .-\\1 v : to esteem of one xvho, thus invariably most elegant the
; EM'c[ I mil: MAGAZINE.BLV. [ De2 12 A icliicola! Fla.: .- & COMMISSION j MKltCHANT:;, "sustained among many bellep nhp
) n- tin
l iud of
"J __ 1"1 uf'I'lfrll ufn.lh; a < huzza clf-iricier an up. have iiniieil their 'fortunes to those of
No. 4-3 U'air.-r inert, u TAYIOR ". Country'- glory.With right and ourcountry's
citizen lie
p-itiiotic ( ; was elected
Lon's'mrt & V [ brave
rar/ri'iteJ h NV.vT' : : MIT. .. defenders and at the same
I'd IIiI' II-< ira I) ( 1'2 APA'iclvor.A FA
"': .iittfiv.i'; fh'ir irrivtl bv ih n..rN.'i7irt" !' COMI1.1u I f ;>* :n I FfltV.RDjNGMIRCIIAc -- -- ------ :'irit" pl.I l tp. pacli mur.-h.illed state a mpmber of' the onvention for framing the lime is noted for her humble yet unaffected
n rs..N Fort i lull I ihp; r.ukj j i- \\het-ltrip, constitution of I\l'flII"'I.y, a 1 Representative
itjfi1! ol-trtv) *, 'n Sicv'ntp pieiy being a member nf the Episcopal
'spin'" .14 1 'I -VJ .V iter ) rofrniionatXotitr!. The tlImlh.d| I flIp:nf \'\::ot y fiuat, and altpixvaids Senator hum Jefferson
) -street
if, t'leorirnil'M I- C'hnrcti. Sill
I Ir' it ,I II CIM.M. --- - --. List I. I It to i li. )' you- p'-rflmx. clllln-I long after his marriage, thtonns
novll Fh -- ----- -- -----" -- -
"*.tud. 'Hzr -- 'iiu a1 e1"t 'fj> A.Hh"'li'ola. '1 lieu :wtllht i Band, .Vc. Iy'" I ihe Slate Legislature. and. n } [ Lientcnani xvas pent op an expedj

.'.">I.I' If I.:' r.n./.1 :r.'1. ehti I.I I I'I I. ill .Lr1) ;I'r X :1 01.11 c''. \\rJI\\ SYDNEY (GREEN, ). D. Si"ii! and ihenIIII.! in th"ir rridptfp'furlh. nf lie electoral colleges xxhich voted for lion into ths J Jndi.m country and lolon'"alimp
Bin '. '. \ 1 'If t'i' t'-e'I. Jr.11. I, COMMISSION1: 1 M CUO HANTS, (%}' AI iy b.* I'.trid at IIH, residence' currier 01.! Tip fr '._ Ke' nnfl the \VeM arf (11lto, Jefferson. J ;uahi-on. i'ui uinrne. ;inil Clay.Wellington .- I elapsed wiilioni lidings of him reach-
HUil.cil.Vvl 1
ri"1!< _\ \I i .r.. V.i :. :ul ".i. Centre and; lli.;li streets: opposite' tHe Mansion I Ilk< I liv whirlwind I I roil?. 'I..j r'nigby' ; s hou xxith ;xh"m I 10. ha'I] been on in" '.j! '..-.I Iv. 11.I .. ,h-r l.rgan ro fear( rhat

( .)'J' .ItV' "LiilM. ., Qnrierk"ar.jiv Jfzrni /:?> ,''? ilo'.H. Nov S.W. th. lollt.il. top I,!un>iniig.'I the most iinimate' terms in Virginia, finding I he hal l i.uii... ., victim to his perilous .
i" ir.l' t, 'I'' \rI. ; .'I J r'l SUN MUrUU. i\NCRCOMPANV! hen Band l. Arc.a hat h he dufj.
( ut.iine.l his high,
(' ; \ ,.. ------ ----- \\'llhe ; tisai reputation in The :,'("rdav of War. however was so
...f"11.f'r'I.."\' \a. ii'h-M of Vie C '// "/ Vt-r0 ra/7f, G. :?f. Dn'io- 11! : the hat the home of his II
V' !; .* I r 1.1" c', irV'ter. .. "h. 1'ln"n ; mo\i ir s-hpa rove adoption appointed m.C'IIIC hllrI54Pul r uiih,i his devoted! activity thai he re'l1ullt'Icltt' -
V i .n r N; :. jl 1 xVitorsir: t, LAW On t the deejiHiiddrfik I hii! .
5 ATTORNEY AND> COUN.SELLOIl AT ocfan.And of lie! ot Louisville.
Rritl i* I'llIr
i II 1 port ('( 1 )him
iil I for
"rI:1 HII lit" I )., r. 0 N. .\ 'lh(',I'\h. Fa.vV. .iriiran ;throne .,i I 1 loa promotion, ai.d in 1812
hail I, 'lsl;II'. I\1. I I. 1'1, .1.11"j ( )'II'I I ict J 1)J J Ii t'',. .jcI.: O'lors :l.iaservices i ;io t tne; I p'i'lic' i in either:. t the To k 111 pp; the \\'hlt. I lli.r-p"illhr in i pha'nx motion.Then being I then a Spanish) province.After .- l Piesnlent Madison rewarded hirn with 9

all I ,.. 'J'. tt".1 "'ttl I'\"il'l :ir I IJiviJu T. \V
c.8:"'.1" If' 1itrry C.1. ir.itr f tt'hiZ'Itd : v.'r'r' \V f -1 .t* EfilllTHI, !Ik viH; prictice' r "nUrly in Franklin, Cal. O'ir '=nMi'TphaxpMvoni no IcngT be shorn country and for dims i .If. e"I. I Uiclraid I Tay- fjr.l. r :ippomtin him commander fl"uu

\,4.nr1r.pr:4 c o ti\tISi'i i f \ \IIC: i ANTS !lion, i ,i i 1(1 l J.l" {.nIlCil'l'UlI Courtjf.d will I, upon Of j Fu'eiJoiiiV; n:.;-t : 11'y'l, lor died; as he had! lived an hotie&t itii- Harrison.

O ii.v Na 12 \\"Il"r "nr""I.-U,1| attir* a.!) ''LII r.-t-iinpr act a, COIIM-H; !, in any Cour: And th. :1"1. -T'I! oiilRink the foes the tudd'-st xvork of God.Meamvhil l.
FU bl ;. (Ir 11-:11 n F'R CIRLY. ) J in IS A ,> il ic'>ic III.". F-i. in ;.iiii il; rf" : : C.ipt..m Taylor at ih. head! of fifty sol-
ol I the \11.1111' or Western Cirrnii.i ) I IIij v\ill.iNo i I \ h liie [Ilt-ro of BnfMd Vi .
If of .Ii ur.llp ,
: -- --- - ----- \ an inmate I n II ii logcabin.
lj ir !R '"**', $ ;jh.'r tin 1:1.: Her- ;rived; ai Frt Harrison in l\1a
ie fie AI.VAVYMC, V'/M A.VyJic \lcKI l.ii Ihia-. Bund Arc c ,.
Fir 'iV" ;:xzu: ar4l;" .a.111)I the!; Court' :11'! AppcaN al ,
(1 t .. j"f' the! character. of Zach:> wasf'irmeil 181' On, the
I Ir g I. 1.f.1I' X ", ::f : A TIii Ii s.'ir/.i '. sec, t'lt.'ii'"I'' nf w'li'-h' he will a1w J\s. l, young ry IDMi of Jorif tin* Prrsidepjtsancimned
Oi dip cnlp! ri m t'.n' from : thtonps amidst lie hardships, '
'. II :prnsrrate and danger* ut(
IIf'lr' < coM\II.r I [ ') N* 'rC1.\NTS; ; pr,'-jpiit; .if 1Il! 's pri'ventpd' InA. ;"Clfh'lIl., :.. CJoljiMK a J>ctaration of War against
I't'1 \ "'l' i.e il 1" Ilh'I.nhi ; tuue t, Vif.t'4 life. Eli i* mother I instilled I into ( ;
it t ; Biitain
11I1.flr \, o\I! .'li"I rPIt The ;
I Ir 3 4'FrIi'I t. I 52 -A'tU-r strccl t : I'.I.hl'r lCj I' Our LHd hli--t ICm.iirc' of the Wcit f. you iig commander

Fir 111\\1: r" \1'., ., .\...!... ... .. ". e C Si-n.: 1. I S 17. t..nli'icohFiS. I :) -- A-c rid.int, lorevrr xit torinns.TJ I lie "xonthfnl I minds nf her: si.ns I lion- Chrisviitnes strained! exuy nerve Io pi sir his slot kades
1 til I \ <,i. h(' :iATTUUNIiY fII ( '.
in will I Ii slur ,
I --- -- -- --- | MI twt-li the B.lld, Arc.Pr ;: prn ti ed exem in a pr, per >,are nf iMence but
\.dt \ ,.11 a I t I I 1 H .i' \''. 1.-)1 & .3. SnVjTjrv I: : AT LAWcf.r. ; owjng .topioxtiniiy
,1.1"IIt'Vol..oII1P :11I0ill long
F.1' I uinierevenings I lie if
, } ,ul.i" .l.I Cll t 1-1 d/Jl'Il', \ )u: > \LE! \ \ ;) IE: : t' \1 1. r.110CT'I :- OJi.t-. .'i" 2 C.II'". Si/llI1lQIi' iiiviiiig. ii-IIv!! (itt hi It. in th" fZ'I"* fky, marshy gronnil. ,jnany of
,: ataJ (.)nr Fi.ig i" Hi i ; : xx hen the doors had: been hariicadpd. his men \. -d' wnh l
f.r..z. is -n;..iiiiin' ?, ser/.t Tver. and! between
I. r> iju-tic ihr I in "1fl.; ,' : I to .ntiinx ujif nuily.St $ ol Centre k"c Con'ntrr' siiet, ;,'.
PREUJUM .' i ( >'Ii it- f Id- broad 'o-I. an-1! i sii't-d' to the mast, and lip lo.uled; rifle, la'cl ready to repelanv l.il.nr aiid skirmishing. ihe few
I >l''I" l I' I'l i 'fltii; q'". nf\.j i Apalarlni-i.l i, Fin.I I who escapedsickne.ss
"f''I v.ii-iRji of ilaanln fan,. \'i:1: XACII l AT'fl.tuI'; i I'gi: ;. attack tint wiI.II" made bx llie In "I..DSbefore
I C !i I: f< No. 1:' iV itri'rpft ,111 xxeie 'o11"U1,. II onl. Aware wf
Th-n xM-ll ihe I llai.d.'c; ;
nIHil' \. ..n.11. : \ 'r !II I \ Ml I 'f t--,!i, I H.as. Ntcry' ] : : moinitr. I iheir i 1'.1 t I..r111'1111 tnt them this the 1 Ii.dMiis mi.i:ined that it would he

__.__. ____ __
;' I{." Ii is. r. : tlf the n.t'vllh"illll.tI' '
1\\ .r1' I IIC"I'.II''tr"r.iii'! I' '1'1,1.1,1'' I'i'i10' Hierelx In >how an in.iiter Io exterminate
Ti I' .I'lr I "lot 11 U I:ni','! : .i >: J3,. 1 t-.v."f'IJ"i e !>'i'isrnu.rr-: d, r f the Ilim ot. I IsH I Frmn; ill- Pi.-ton ,\ 'II.". how li"f'rf'' \\otr* hut to 1'"rlr.Irill" patroisin easy. and four the whylpgarrison !
'V ..' 'J a ne. nearly f hundred ]
\f. : > : \rT.,
ti' \ apt
) 1ai\ r-'itv UI'Hi:1! ''')'V ) i Ci). ,.1ir. .tsdiv I :!. Till: JAl'E 057 ZACHARY TAYLOR :
TI : t Ti! e .d irol'l'io I and, '
ol his. 11..11'i ',
si1.J \Iii'.t.f i .;. }1\t: ..11't' ; i : rci .vs: ?, P \ rxrs.irr. integiity fi'ty .itii.i.g. i.n ihrnghl" of ihe 3d uf September
R.I'if' l I CIIIIC"lH; be I iiqnid-Hcd bv N. .1. DLblis. TIC: Whiff CanJiJntc for the Prcsl Icncy.BY : in the hnpe. that his boxs mi hi. following
,I' .1'1.I I it el 1'1 )n\ tV F.r-L'i i ; ;, -.r.x--, -.-., cAl -. I f B WOOD.N : when C'lptnii Taylor debilitated'

J'I! 11"1 i 1 :. t s I t', .V'.1 t. u"'r :t t. v.. tq'I' tI P j i-r-i: "II; of i!Ialh'r)'. J. !ir-iLois.). I I the example Washington. be insj.iredxv'nh ) IIi'I'"'If. |1.,1 ltt\y\ Mxt.rn men fit for duty.
: .... i'o .- ,1.1 '\' ,tr "1. BEX : rmt. Y ro mr. iluis>> unselfish and diffident! bnl de- The I
:; Ii 'I. .1 II 'ltl i : t. 4: i.V.t. "i 1 1"" : I < lit -= r. A.Tibfl.i-11 I i. April i i.:, 'si I'. I loili.in.s ;ii fns; attcinpted i io enter thei

\t rf".l''P\ ; i' : J-v-ir .1.. I. .i iv t v ..' \ >r-.1| I II 1 --\ itt l i. :iioi'M.--, F.I.- --- -- --- ----- .Genrnl TAYLOR'SHit! ry "Xi; l"iu' aro: r.pf t' ecinifn I tOII.d'lfI.1? fcule: s .sentiments and dilutions. ,,1'| >n by >trit.ig* It,. $killing two } nnii2 men.xho .

: i.., id'tl" it "*. vtil ** *IV', rtfK fl'i" 2-r. IVooiU'siTX Oyscxtjry Coriil. xxhich, arm patriots |;nr I..I.alld sublimelts. wcie making Ifix in lie
II : \ ] ii"; i S slipv: i.-1| lnj pi.ptdaritx) ; 1 tin; 'x art* I idv I lIt nr.ctitimifi I. : I vi It1ity. late

r; riI,1' t' : t'" Ir' 1 PH aii i--ri.i--d. 'H :) .1 c o \t1 11 f ; : ) \ M F. '? !i ii \ > T,
C \ t..i..rf. tivt. .1 ,1i i .\'ll1r.* *..t N I II '.V t.T Oivct-!J.I -! iirnc. -, ri'a7 [i !rri! ,. 0"111"' r :. 'h, J.'n :.Y, r I'I t-ncrirx 11 I character; I 1"1.\' a.id pine *e"! !. 'I! j schooimist abroad.,:* and! ihe'xomg! jiu "' ell :If'qIt.ft'.1 xxj.h i i llirir inai OCUVteS IO
1 ,
t." .*7 H"tr. 1't 'i e ,..o.iti\, :,"''I"\1.?, t.; .. .. ; .I i Il7.1 !"lIl1:''II'all. HI. .j (Jifler.i In'.i ,,111YI.; : ; .rid. s'.itiinr: corn.latt.t| 1.1! j'l-'tice? :rul lnq:'."ri,1.; ib.'! 10,1:: | .. I i.- h..'.is : pits: of Mr.I Kli-lri : vr' S. :i fIiliv.t'; of Coone .ei d! out a p.-rty; lor the corpses: until ihe
'I.tt"' 'r' 11 -- --- --" !,jj\rf'! ". ii>r do by ttMM'li re 'nt.iti'Mi! l it I .;, \rll'I; :alur < i Iieuut. M ho in t 1H47. thi'O upward* nf fourscore next Jill in .
1'11 II. !
..t : They tt eras 'lois lit
t } scalped
',ii li ,!IIZV4'I 1 I re \ .r. C: .\ ) 2 ,IV. '
1 ; ,
i. :1.$ f' r. ..: I; \S hi.it he h is even xxhc-rplSic ,
..' oS :1tr- __ tlfl' 1'tll-1 years ol age. w ;>< res'iiling :it Piesloo.in :11111111:1 hil. adding Iri-sh fear In 'his alit
titi u t I sn-
i l i ) Mi
\ 'a- 'III.* ,1i- : -t tii oro iisiti.iii: is
II r.>tni)> not l.is: i>xvn, I ) :
!v.'l. it >U.I vdt rsi'iv.- lfe .Ir .- till' 11 v .J..J."n1 ULU- 1 1'7. 1>! :1' \ "'. P \T 1OH. ", 'a:'si p:U iia.I : 01' 1"t and leslteu're! : ; eri'l Il ovt-rx'1'IIHerlt"I ih'io: liecverx I he vicinity .>Nor\xich.. a".1 gave ihefulloxvini I ed tvnnieii n Ito h I.1 smiulii proieciiou within -

(>.Ln: ; :IJ ''I ::. 'cec.. I BUT,!.*-. "nd's, 1)vt.i.i'did r.liI'rqn! : Shirty) lied, I CJ, H bx: ;"'CIIIIII f ol! joting Zachary :" the stock. ',. nml greatly "lIilJitrr"sipd l .he

; '"re' ',. "I" l' '' ;' f a.'q' li.- ... *' "". --t'i;:" ) f.: i Ii f\'ri.'t! ,.1 l Sii'sap; niia: : jU-f t re- !j.iinlx.I.,! ::111| I ; --> I hi-s i'\n_Htlk.d IiI 'The Kei'ltirkian! xxne then warlike i a rd I t fVw 'men wilt conU( j.ii i in ihe limited preparaiinii -

; n 11. L.." / i fit i. <' '.' <"ttwfa I/ /: 1 : .JH'I"'J''f' /'i\'d.! d I hr Si.bv f (i" in:rut J\i flt.iJ'it .1 f-iuit t, Chal'wltr.- rhii\ alto-i-i peojdp; a. d It! py xxe-ra olteti eijagedPI ; fur ilefenc**.
C T TCn.r., \\'% '. .= S r v. ri- iX1: ? "J V. V.rc.. I l--t. Ii' H T AT.r.M.: 1. Ul uull fil'iisive d, -
4.:tj : v' ; 1uca." I i '.1' -lenncirmihes' \\ I'h' tl.e Indians. On : '
of G.Ia lit \; C-vniiT"-, ; "'i- olfllc/ th>- evening of the 4ih. he Proplietsent
I i t ..lr 1 riii., if tor .r ,U of l t'l i I". U" "%' ;r'w.U :,. Jj.j I \ 111.1"1,1.; Fil Er'-\'fPii':1f'' \ :t1iUizis Veg. i itahi .\ Miiiihi: r \xerikinxxn to he m tl.exxood :a I'elegaiion., lie.ulnl Iu-

I' <" i! 1 I .. lii-'M- ., nv n".r i.l'l.t J'I ---.- --- ---- ---- \< rs'.f fut di.f'lIllr'I in I It.e! schn t 11.I tt-e. n.d. a xx'hite flag to

I z II.r t .1'Ii'l lIlt 1 U'. -' 1. i 'IUI't l' It"t ir" S. "J I".V] t .,.. .jf l.tjti, Z i.'h'trv T.txlor's :11"f'"lflr. pnl; ral..1; f. HUP o'rJ"I'I. one 11 f them \.., 4ff! f, \('.in g I.eg ;.'>. ".iiiance into the ;iokade. or.der the.

t b'I'i iZ :-I"M.tr t t"\"fO". \ '- ) ; M r' ; .. ) .; 'lo.)"I'"r. .4 I.I-\bS; "f I. I)". f..1 Iln: l.in.l 'il IG:1: :. 'to Vir lla.: ihSonii.n a Prut:sb u iiti>nn. I In tI eir h. sfility! 'I' rho lure I ice' of s>not lug I lie pipe ol peace ; but

! : ., JC..I.UI I I ) I iho': "thiiti-en, o'deol.uiies. .II Aflf'fI.t".Ilte'Tf'l'fI'l ; ed! a'-d s"s'aind <;.[". .n u 1 laxlor ret tssi-il the
(. ,1 tl; 'i "I j. ;l ,I''f' f''00 -"n 2SVitfr ,1r. t. .._._ _. p'lieni' 1'1 e nr i: m rpen gales
! ro"n' ,r ii .. f' 4i} .r .-It ") ', t) .. \ II ..'. b.r,' -- --0":1,r-: :::'; -- ; ." I h.1 III'1 siiddeolv.. I like i ihe iriUno's 'r. the Pr.ti-s anlli'-rili.; .son the N'.rll I crt Ir..r.lur; atthoii:;h I I.e tnv.ilinm provisions and lo*>

J T J I l IVf' 4"lM"! '' !. l! 'H 1 .- f ("V n -\ LT:> (;If'T.ii.1 O'-u-jii: -, r.n CO.i.ZIl-i ,H-'th 1tI.1"1"I in'ii 'lull 1'1 .... w.is i Mr.' I Ul.eNt-l.m: tl.e reigli K-rh' > dI l..c". After i treat beating he .examined

" .it-i us- it'l' ' !' >, L \.1/ 10",1., t.r sii<- l hy men : '"::1. hoxvi-ver.: :iiiod likeihoe; ; :11\\1 l.i'iul! ..1 I the Ql'h..I.| \\ ..1", i avmtr heeo onre l1 'fiii'ViI.' \!!111-I bxt'Tep ..:. I It i...1... K.t. th1| -ixlefn roniid of
; : () :;:n.:: : ': i i V.---1; } : -ICI.\\-TS.:: : cr Innr !ft.,li .'.. hwdet'J11'/ .. oHI""ll1il'ulI
: r'-u-.eti3 i ix it.vi. JC l' ilr "i..r -tr -'( J. fl'Yi.. mis iiinir-; unh WI'.II.: : |f.r ilt.'ir nun > if "II'C""I'I"hi:' ni 't" .. I i 1" t'jl..tm | p' 1' j ill ... (';urril'f'' IIIIX. and I
I ni
. : .1 jJT"-=: ; H"r :. A .oil" ";'" 4 F1 ,. 4' : :':':I'HC 'T1r n;;--- t .. if't ion. S.,. ... .. .. "<. ,. %' i::or ;iilKl i HI.VI"! t"el 'JHI..lIo1. an.l! h- !1'rOc1It'in.i : "rulI It-I.f ,. tlf r h.. IIIIIt fJ'"III, .illnt',1| offi-

\ I II' I' ,',ft I ; itt,'l .1"bi!i., ... ------ : r1) : rEH: X i ; \h K' < "nt.p i.ni.' ;,, ut' || [ Js.ixoi, Ill e. His amI' bnx i ill ''' !alk
i i : :: i :., .", .". :..-. ,-, \1 i ;t \\ IJ I > i if" : 1'.1 Tlrit" 1111111'11" li. 'I.I s'rner| ,.l lie \.IIII; tr. t the tin.:1 i I ../-.!... .... ""'"IIIIII.t'_ I in.idf fir ie! 8i ck-
; '. : If r. i I .. .I'- "' t. 9. a'::. : it1" n. :: ni-1 t. : ... \..f. r"n" -t11'I! to'n: mi-diein. "I .11Iif l,- c.'.\ F 11.1111. .(.l. k Taxi.i." (.," In; xx .IN '. I'! <'idm I 'Lzin' '* '.", tr.it!t.I' I"** a rU"III r!! ihiee scniiiitU. .
l < i"". T tilt V iff. ;W Y H 'I XVS 4IUh' i i1I. C'\11I I i -1 J ) .; O: i \ \* T f5 -'', a t'" I-"' I :a..d. i isi' l: cure < .i .i' I I (,"I i 'ry ,,;11.0! ) uas; lli I I the Q'Jd 'l I;>x' nr At'i.ii---: uu1uiI.. it I'b.-hc-ved, was v. u-tZ: p.sj t'1t.\.u'o'clClck.
It i. 4 i"d !Ivi'ir; t'lf 11.t T. I. I i I ti' itr I ,1'1' 'r ii I' II i I .. \ '." f' IMI 1.1! < !; March. 1744. iod ifier receiving :a dn'! .' Z wl'I'f"'

t I I .:; I'i": i 1.f"" I tf *t :' a i r' fi iV-1 t D iv i; ) >*>-. *I ; { --i --i: n: i TIX'JIVVXR !.v"1'1 I..hiilh' fr \.;! ,nl'!w...' 1.rI. '.\"'. 11.1-.I..Ii :'111 I .William: -:a uid- ,I M.irx (L:01 ,,._e., set of] .. i'IIP child! is father to the man.'' anJloglisli was sr> ii!aik; s hiv could not be perceived

t "i I II i. ,' .t i' \ "l '1" I I .',r e.j.. *. rs i 11i I II 'rrv \ : .=:. n' r-. < IMTHATS, "f I \.n. .! "-51 I 1'1- < 1" .| ||| a HII-II-. Ij'iy.Io J e\flnre 11 poet tells ns : and one can; iiac* inih at.d! having; : M.1 (lie to a stoie house gavei

i i 1"-ii/i i'ii "' i } tur sf,.Tt i-r--. 1-. C\.c: : 'I"'' ';: 'IY.; 'II --;' -- : \F4.J; I a d I ;, d. 1'\; 'I' i \.1' : 'lricl.le 101:1 .,II.Iil.!... 1 thi- 'I ; tit". :'I.""- ,. hold'. nnrighi! career of (, n' ral Tax ,I.,'. Ii,. w.ir ixhiu.p. I'. ifecily .lollectpd., site]
v-j 111'7 '
5 t 4t 1). c irv : II .I't. .I
!f.r ." 'rtflll, \ c
p."i.I 1.1.\* ; !: t i rnt 11-: ,rl'* ..' *'1' ., .11//1; .*; I" C .f Vv'it-r i-H! \"'. "-' 1iE9 -..-. i :, ,1 t 1'1.\1\: I> r "nle l !hv- M-siipi.. | ); Ii. ,.1.1 bioiher. r IIioi 4.. '-. h-id! ",:..1.. of his ....rl\ int. f'IIUI.11" iJinsp. xonng ('1111"11..1' gave milers for ejciingn'sliing -
fI' 1":1..1 I ) J c ,u-Lrv- a.I\1llIrll" I flonleis; ; of 1 1'1"1I"110, the fi..ii.es. l 1'1 his men x% ere so
r.'r > v ri-jt .s zntd' .' .i'IW. 'it tit t. :___ .il. t' 1"1 !! \ t'fie !Indians; ), '. "|"I\'I : '
p 'I.'- it: t'lC' F: .v.ir.l *3cDC :; .tIJy -- .:w a (!fari: )f i 1 H. : UiViIiiI.,9lI near il"' la!!" of lIlt. (hun ; weiifit; !III siatid bv Ni'.r..d and rive Iii !j i:. !hshita| I.-, | hil lilt X flit iii' II. but little. aidsi

1 < I. "O 00 M t f :: :; J !b .i.-. Chiton; Yd id. 111,1 'h-s di.l [II": i hard wit! II i jeitiun" Dating and iintraminetlciF.: ili- tne uhtskex can lung fii-. it hoi up in
t. 'II' II" -' C 'i'I Hi' :ti "'I1J r': ':: ; A ; ) I i .i "JII 1< ..I.; .: JMANT: i i.i ItJ\el ; ) : m.t d.moi 11'I I ydeemed
,.. ,. ::1" IV A'olvijIM Snii'h ihems.-Ives the nf blue! :I.i tug I tilti tuit. xxjiich rendered lie
tl.tli L .H"aJ I "I' .tt'i'1. t. N >. tV i.r "' f.\\1. I .. tin- IIIH--I; as far :I'.1 rj'.aN! anx men.

T 1'11'r\ I 4. f. : ; U :) ; : ) j' :' t > \ov I 11 I \\.1.11'! | il' .1..1':1!i._:_: h .'I i v T nyc I loriilo: ;ilniiP 11"11", '. oxei .1 lon-J; -in iI l danger and acknowledg.-d m, sopei'mr. while! thebelli scene Irolx appalling. \Mo: of the,u'en! ,"

.- ? /.' .r .-'. >t V-v y.-.-,. 1 x*. P=r.irrrn'; I \PiIC ;{: '. mis I II I ail. Alhid utih 111 my ol I ih-isi- I I- ;Hof .I f I that: (hex were capable ..1 f (!"ill: any MIXS: Taxb.r, m his official, icport. ;* inimeilntelx -

''Z E t'n; ;'i. :V : yvJCO. )] :':<; ,':: I .\FE .\' I t h'-: j'Uie u.ii. i vi o"r.I'r.l ',l li \\' :"itiI :,..1 ii.i \ 1111; r.II'.tI 11". l"ItIl % ,10); r"a""I1/'I.; ;11'1' rendered! them equal, ; in its iaxiiheinelves' up lor 'lint, and I
t ) ) : I. t. !: ) .) t I
) .
l t ,
.I 1I ,"\I'.1"; : :OMA;: % I : I:. iI M 1 r"\ ( ill.-I; Old: I DIIOI'I.ItI. he hadH.H t i lo's Ioliiod ::1.".''l'l'li..hll>.'III. : ))Itri/l; 'i: in I lit. ill'id"I1'" h..l' !l ;. tI'all; i iltTI"hh! \ in ueu'mg my orders

A r\ .III.\ vi t u ; xv-J\'i-I ;. N i j") \\".t''r -ii--i :fII I :;U Water: i-t. him !III "tI,.- In.onol' histatheis : hut and peiiJs '>(' 'heir hnii'ing puis. y.mng x.... nied ; :ur.iI. sir-x/ hit fri.ni lie s

Tie ..J.I'I11,1.1.. i I .. I'a tie L" .:i i.'-l Sui.fll t.*",. N ," 11 -\ 'lU'-'n! ''r<|I..l'! ""-- i ;r* .r. ------ !like 1'1'1IIlh"I". he CI..IIII.tI. uliiiioKef T.'vlor 1 ; I T<-1'lIr.. d I 1l1I1'.1! pr.-.r'lf.i* xii-1 >-!unwiih r. ,jll g nl ilie. > lit e- ihe xeMirig and how ling

il .< a .I ll>' VW ,II" '< ii f oj i t "J ,!,''. Cvi'. 1' \.I.\ Mjif'L'al r-f: Iu\u.: 'nt.:; POI', 'I'( ,11'j ,i_, r-, (._ 'ol":; .; I let'i of ihe enerxaiinti' iiiiiiid nf )Imspiiiilitieswliti ; ; :. stalxv.ui; consiiiniiou. Many l are ( hetradii'mns I 1 s. eruI hundred' I Indian>-( he i rii-S lit

hvti1.t Ir.t'rlt'i.'. 'II'I .* "I'ln'f'o- v >:vf ". tii n. \-rjr "Ijlrihl Itzrs f'-r sjle by h 1,1,1 l hern :ii-loptcd I rum ihe nm'htr : aionnd his home xvh'n-li illll.'r tie nine women a n.j children? (:a :cirsdrl Jil'rs'

::1 tfl"Y.r ( 'nill'i'-: : I r"'I..d' I! 'IT| r !I4)H i : J till; ANTS, {V'H F rw I I and a part iii l/t-ti'' xxives. \) hi. had takenshelter
> the
1"'l"lrvll.t.t ,1'1.1. tI a .1\' nt !.' tic .I.r.j I !I _._ T1 ('IIIIII"I"I'III'IJI'tl 1 ; h Io remove t Io ainnie his coo.l Ilari !. I In Spring of 1-HO.i ()
-- -- -
No. 0 C"lT'iJ! ll! -J t : .illlillr.ioll., : (\ h.n Lewis C.KS alvvax c appeared xviih i a I in i lh. '1II1)-i'lIIl) a ilc.-pondiog of sn
111111 il.'i< nri ,II I. ,1 1 d'i L t'l-'til"1* IiC aI 1 ..' ;r'-I ':h. COOIWI" Isin la ., l ;
i Ilr 1'4, Cr i-'< -.t'V ,r'{, t il i .uVr intt-n i',' Xt\'o .I IS- ---- --- -;; -:- -. -- [ rccciv-td, and 11.1 sale lu The bir.ikins out (if the RrvnSutii.n.iiy! : !hi ck cockade in his hat.; as I a proof nf his I many nf I the men hit-h" \as x orse than
thrf: :,dlI illi\.,1 1 till'.. S. !I. "Vis; .ca..ot I J. C. ALLEN. <, luI :uu.! euliNteil; his.ervires in Iwhatr..r; I federalism). Z'-ichary Taylox after ;i li.iril all 1 i-iu a-snre toii ihiU miVelings were

&'. V '. i2\i/2.s: : iv cr. n'.n I x-:":. i'' ij 1S, i'jis, Mi.vl.TL'ST. ,I. ._ __ tliose prim-iple-J. for the support of which d.iii's pluiighing' 1 in .1 new 1 lea rt.II.." swam very ;1I1I1.I..ao i." Two of ihe stoutest pii-

Prr, l-r oi' v ir '\r't i I'l'* i II \:1'C \ P:. Vc. val;" juMiped lie pickets ami off but
4F. l .d I with I ran :
: tt:3. liaIH'sia I the d,-|,':ates of !the. (jnlonieN, hall ;1'11.rI across S lie Ohio, river iheii (filled I; lloatiti2 -
4.' ) N1 t.\Imllloi l: : 1:1..1'1)21 : !<. ,
rl1r \ t tI"1. tt.icri I'Ir Captain: T.iyfor \..,' firm and 'led ?in
: stsitee
| rcr.-iv.-d 1"1 ai. i \ d.i; hve<. their luriiio' and, ih 'i, .II'rf',1I i'-e. a ,feal which i is cited as surp.issir.gin :
''u iii-tti.il* 11.1 ij n ql'1. . . 53 (l J \"II..iro'2'.I-I._ .1 c I I which \Vhi-j ofevery and hue far famed ill-I pumg, his .letblf; gariison xxiili! his owncourage.
-21 I II F \ nJU. |hll"o.-a) pledge every danger difficulty exploit
1\i 1 c III M \i'int i t'i. Lij- .) !II t Ciii '
> If U.Ilcrwt: c. ---- --- ------ I \\ further from his
\ \'tJ'r. .., ... . LIi-E r : PIKI2MXIV . . .1 IJ'' \
Five e .. T A 1 L L ( ) It S. 10"\T.1 1:11"IJ I him I individir.illv. Kleeleil Cnloneld"i While thus: engaged I in agiien'inral pursuits. .My pr:5E.'ltcd rrind did' ol for moment
.tnft I vit .i "It' | the II>rs i ". ,1.I JA J- 1 >, j jl-1! rei !111' s tiby : : i a

I I.' f'1" 1'111F. . . . . . I 1 0). B\irzKf.L-s: UUILWI.V;, CI1r.T\rT-I Nov'S I II.I F- .\rII:1.1: Ir'iggi-t.. I retiinienl! the Vir itn.i line; lie apphed Zachary Taylor wnh his intimatefriends. frr.jke me. I law h! tbr' xvii.g ofT part of the

:U r.u ." . . . . . 1 i ::1' \T.1: if.i-"l-i! ra.r" --- luoiself io inihlary; ;all'iirs md inlirviiitmcli : Jo"p|"li, P. 'l'au huur anti (leort-e Croglian. rout that joined the blickhcn-e Ih.Jr3= f'n fire>

I v..I.. r.n.I' .,. . . . . fJ J.I.n..1 iorl'r} aftI,1 I I,. \\llh i I"'lrllla1iT:' 'J'flWflPCt1'S!< Sar-ii>:irilli, \ !ll.aollllf'; .., that in less tlrin, ihreinmiihi (now officers of high! rank in our gal and kceptni; ; tie, efd perfectly the whole
< > A 1 !T-; Ir" r-lVt ii, dl.tI..r l suit- by nnv .f bniltlii'! s m ,.dll be saxid, and leave
e.t l.-rll) Li1/-i .{ IK nr i 1'1"d .Ip ,Irh. .r i-- '!'I J '.' lie was perlerily inastrr of I the com- hint army.) joined a voluniecr ride -s'rp-. only

I, !) .1I1r[I ,!. i I', 'r ''!'it ", .rv. :jr1 tJd10 -v- tit ) ,---- ,\11'| ,' 7 __ "._ !Ii.I _1 _:ArLT-; _. M.and; \\ hii-h, 110,1111'11: 1' enlriisled linn. [(] e raised. as a poitiou of n force to oppose lie I an ("Ir r.ce Ift'i 'tneen ,'! twenty (Vet fir Ihe Indians

L; 1')44Ii' i' 01 the re ]''.,f. I JI. :. c: : U t' Ut'.at. r(italo<:- :uui Onion: I in enter, alter the house xxas consumed ;
llie le. with slIl.h1'lIlIt:11' ,designs Aaron l
'hl s-rved ihronuliout i>lro!! sIIPPo..t'rllrpa..lln.lhlt.; u urr.and .
Al!Urn* r.. A r.T F.'', -AT/us ivIJIIY i : ,- -I '. I I arid I that a teinp,rary breastvxerk night; be fc'rm-
xvio'sM.AND: n-Txti. A 111 1' and zeal; .as to win the CIIIIII,,?,"la. served in it' as sergeant ,utuil, the alarm
N .. Ill I C'ie :
_J I.ltrI"I is J 11A 1':0 l \T'i ---- SSi lion of his Mipenor; officers.( :u'il particularly had 5,11,5411, "" Soon afterwards( came the I inred tl.e men that this cuuld be accomplished[ ,

-- ----- .13ai'o :, diMin, ni-hed! hnti, <"-lf at 'he p\-s-i; i' ol I news of the capture of the United States ad:; it anpeand! to ifispire thttn with new life
Water and C."lfp-"lrt"K73 .
I p : ')'IECI'C 01 Cor. :i sil: by I the I Delaware :iml h.uileof I Trenton xvliere.fihiin" frigate Chesapeake; by I ihp 15rili; >h frigate i I a1 d I never did nu-n a'-t xx ith more tirnine or des-
.\ IJ'hil'oh! TJ. I. I ,F.t.T.'SOV fcS.VKDK It
"T IE OLD z.ici: ," D..c __n \"I'- --.------. ----P- -- .----- (-- I hv, ''he side ol" Lienienanl (...iherwauls Leop.ini. kindling into a bla/e the :utuivftiljtig.i ptrration.' Thc.e I that x\tre able (while others
: : )Ir-i'i >L-itrli d\,.. Ue .dm"! aId ', I kept a constant tire from blcckln.il
hu niiriciedV.i.shinui"trs I that lie ieiI of the t.-p t'Jppf'r -
A'ce'dy J III r. d.-si ifd I rll al v.lr..1 ie tliI !Ie,.Ie-I illnoll A. DOI1 {, I resident) Mnnroe. ; ; ; i repa aggressions .
|| HhckriiinllH), Ulloxvs, Colloiiiihil I Wool I ** aiid t I.t two bistiims) mOunted i Ihe roofs of .
initire. The Vir- Knt lish nation had; raised to so hi: h a pilch.''
\: ( \lty I r'YL\.r \ !p.iiticnlar : ,
L'i'iisn'i. to the MKUCIFANT
IIIPPI\G & CMMI5 ION[i C.irN.. Stiiii.l.(1: S iovi U.. CII1; ) aid:; 'tlj..i I the In tise<, iIi I). efi-r Clark their 'hud (who
PreiJ.icy of insirumenial in iinin< A ile.sire Io vindicain the outraged; hoo"r of
l n> (Jaitecl "Iall' illialloil1'1't' m-iioly !: illl.il j
Slrr'el.Opc &' dc- hyBELLIS : .irted xxitii I Iht'lfetlltt (fir'nnes and
No. -JO Watt Pan-!I PII&I r.I' lvt'I-l'hil.: presence of
ihe1 I
took obsession of
illlport:1II1'il'I.lr '. hih I i his country at once l
; i
The. .liHiimln I Fa. !: & Co ) n.ii.d!, the xvbr|*.' tm.e the Attack lasted which
c.. ) nnleMijnpd i pro I-K-S to publi-'i a polili"criqrfieniyot '!::1 ATI 1)9 Ci.r. \\II'-r .i.iil (::1"1111; !f. delphia I I :md( r.ii-.eil the drooping spirits( ofllie mind ol Taylor and he :ll'l'ltl'lllor a commission \V..! si-vt lit.t:rs,) und r a slit XMT tl t bullets and

) T.i.: Ih ,-a, i' I ht iied VM. \V.CIIBKV..R left vacan: bx' the dearh: of his elderbroiher. 11I I Ks than
ruent !
w e'dv din ,VM. W. -?if. Salad Oil. insnr:PH'S. $ a tin rll't1' as n.uch of tfce-

w !! e ititl.'..I'tWit'ii-ir U ire-id.'iiti (1fl.nun, I Siuis t V ClMM'Vcr, In M uiiat! tan, :' few cases On I ihe t 20ih; l of A ii!"". 1772. (1Ii. Tiyh: r Mr.lames ;Madison and oilier inllneotial r-K't as xvas nere-sary.; Tbi- xxa- done, with one
'liv"I. 14
< ah ive, a.l to he d.y-l-d, to I lie -itc II A N T S JUST ( ;per his ri'tuii.i' I relatives recotnmendpd him hichIv. man ktl i I:t. tI. atud txxo xxf.urdtdaid! I I in
h Jlrl II( \1 Ii. Oei. Z ch.rv | COM M I i > I ioN M j ,. ,did O.I I, t that H oud. J C A 111'1v .\ received f.iiii'!rit; iI.ui iions of I ; ; im hopes
pe1iL.', Tay.r. as the O.TiCC No. ;3G \V.ii-r r-1I"1. 1 ; ; the happy bride- rooin of Sarah; ; Sir.tlur. "- I and, on S ihe 3d I of May. ] *l 1I8> TresidenlJeflVrsun neither ol |lIt l :n daittermf.'y.! Tl.e man that vas
Cnli.Jirc f.r 'th< nr.".i.l.nv.. _ _
fl3.I _
'I' 11.lchl"b.; killed xxast, little d.r-mpd. ai-d did!
4' iinr2: wlmni } hiscooiniis.sioii < 1st Lientenatit not let (.ff
signed .
fl of a
: Or __ ihen,, nineteen, a.'. III
:' ltt" .-itt e d.! iv .r to )pro*<>cute -- -- .-'tton's extract of I.OIMOZI years Ihe
te ; IIw.1I of the 7th, I of United Slates ni.nstrnssoi.il as dim-lt-d i r I'e xvculd nit
ci nn{ >,,ItIIJ1 Nat III' had been no ni ::u.ird ill I ihe 11I' I.egimeiil
jn Ali'iitni. astlie < Cus-urds S.i. i
UI1 war. ):!I'1S, Allen & ;p. (n livirmg I"c. have b en butt ; and although she barrack "ere
Wit hm.) oftei threitenel I to pr-wemte! the! D \r.H"! I 1I.H.rAH"J" 511IPC FOI\;. 11." by J. C. .\.U:= of peisonal alt a.tis'yI. wlii<'li adnrned a [ iii i lit ri'. Sllhseqnen cvent hiveI sin.wo several IWll'"m l a bl.izi-nd an ; quantity

tir1 '1'1.' M 'xC| i "with vi." )r." wit!i :reat vi- .AND K'xYr. WON', STKI-.U NAILS I M: 4. enllivated! mind and a Chn-iian, hearl. I that i ihe vonng si.Idier merited! I { flattering: 1.1! fire against them ti e men u-ed -uch exertion,

witn i-icreivd vi." ir" W.iPncwr the C: STINVs.And ( f.iunlv ,'vl'n'lIall1IIIIIIhe"'IJ 'live sonsanilihre. replies aiven to i In President's I illv;" table!
01.1 :!'IKENl[ D \ 0 1)", Their ; ; I that ll.e> kept H tr der ; and, before! day rased a

bf rtr-s 'ul| b "1'1! '11 hy the 111\rrn it! ms Minuf icUrcf: fir ''in.ron., and Ctyjicr Fall. Crop I, h.r sul' hv .- d.itichieis" -l tiie thud Sit II. Zarliarx questions, xvi" n candidates fur public offices hftitSI" I k d3 litgh a* a tnai.', bead! Allh. ugh
tl11 piy.r 1II1r' rjn OtZvrn" will .t..lllI. .to I H'' lf(. FI.EsIl 1 17 11 I' A [n :LL. T.iyl' r. was hum in Orange' en ii lii \'. \'i ittima. ; were proposed to him-"Is he honest I-ishe I ibe Inhais! cmitirmd t. pi sir in a hl'3Vbrt.r

,lin'J1' |> *nl I enlMvor I to five iti reI III'.I, a Dec 21 A nlichicoli Fi.Claries '- --- on tin* 'Jlth i cI.IIII'| November. 1790.) laiihfnlis; lie (:capable* tl.lll. aid an inrnr..rr..hle quantity if "arr w.,

'r" zn. )e. Ci-.t. Rri iu." --- --- lana cpUs.--- ',Taylor accompanied: Ot ut.-reul to j.iiri his regiment. which wasihen d.trpijr! the xvh! K lin.. lilt attack U'-tfdin
rill JIII ( every
t tt" |: ; "- I In ly. L 17UI.!
lI.f4j C b lIed will b a tn '('*lfI11! AlP, t'p"j. Timers John M'inn. r.u !eneW. Ilojjti.s on nnn IA :. ; Via'iriin; for her eldest tinder ( Wilkinson..U. .ii New Orleans.Lientenan part of the I'ar.dl'. I had but ore ..,hrm8u kill
'( I 4! Itprl( .i i- flt9t1t. H rp* >"rtf-illv JyV/.vJvJVy i il,;! all : ..crfiiPiit! ol I )lhe"Picbidid.s by his [ilillil, Ipfi i .
I C/li'l**. BSrt' c i'** A Co., SI..I, which Talor WdS I iheie seized with ed-nor anx ('I her \xonn<:;.d inside! lie i< rt-and
'he IJiitannia ,1IIIhll'r.I\'III"\-lhal: teat u
J"7l Cab "Minerva I t ; zu
attentrin of alt 'he 'lri"!iiN of n."I. m.I". hf Io his IIc
t ,
MERChANTS!: bd aixit-ns be iiito
'.nbr.II'I. a III a IJ 'IHle St te". aId .it-; COMMISSION .Partnor.s; ," and otlif) r choice brands, n >\land- led t Ii.' m.irch of (.rivih.aiionVesiw.ini.: and 1\I In. velloxv f. ver. and narrowly escaped I de.iih.lle'ietnrned I one: 01! tie gullits in the! t'-o bl'i"'I, aid; find git

ei4flv ,i u4| the "R"I,1| R.id/Cl'iH.:' now ii It" 21 Ufatpr street"',\.lhrhirnJt. Fa. i in" tl'schr Ann M .iri',fi-nvn 1 I lava 'a, {f'r aK .by whose forests' havn lieen su'ined iiI Ii erlliepirkit

jfniH h viri "M plice., t'l. hi 14 Prw )erlii*. Mch 10 E_ _McCULLY.WJ__ Water' st. I rn.iss.n-r.-s.; thai: it was called thedaik'and repaiicd! to the hariafksat Cincinnati he bad kill. If an Indian, ill d .''.Clill! tnstiop

kl dMir.Sle[ Ihit. rrnrriVr* shouM mi'te N. .. Debluis.c liloodv troui.d." I I I i. u."ti l.-d! ioJeff.rson i. where liP sliidi'dall t I lie oiiliiarvwmks dt.xvn i'l art 11 .r." I. 1 e \\ -.: s-ho!. .

Pt3Iia'Ie\ft..l their n.anei and post o.fices a* early a* o M 11 ssi o 'J0:> l.'ORWAflDNGMERChANTS Tlin.monirinTU 11 llcjucs, ; fonniy.) abont t five miles, I IrornLouisville he could, procure, and acquired: t lh I it 44 0 ic of the ineri that jinrij ed the picket' returned -
dial by
;T f'I'clv.d lor and I Iwo I IPHII I lIP Ohio riverOOP 'h..rn'lh knowledge of lie "art of wai" a-, h.-nr bel'oie iav. a"d runnimr up te-
f It OLD Z vet" will h! puSli.hpd-ntil'i the No. 44 Water-! rpef Feh! 3.. .T. C. JU:: ,
: xv..rd l
of the |.iders! of ihosK hardy ;plotters which ".I! >ine enabled him Io command the ffnlP, >esu! li-r God's sakefrr it Ic ba
i1e'tI.)1. at the -n-vlerate urice ol' OrE I O .L"R. D..c 2 ApaIchin1 Ft. Hose Watri. Ot'I'1. I ccled it Io '
such liriU'r-mi vidorips over with sii'-Ii skill iener.il U-irrisno. who : snsj: be a alrafJi'lh t t-f ,,
?!U'li'1l xvho allained I ,
{ : j in! advinre For remittance of $25 and French RAsr ..,
\ a >|jly .f E-iktli"h I. \t,< to c. t in, a.s I did 1\, I II, the ;
) %
ihenGovernor of the Nun '
and' lip xvild loxorianre I. Western :e;
J5lrlJ e'l..i.. will b! furnished ; (for $'3 fifty co- A. N. McK\y. N C. Rn 1lI B. CHAS. PR. TT. AFRESH just received and for jIt bv I ihpir navHge opponent. I was' I U.recttd the m"li.in t>
e bas'ton. xvl-ere ,
; 'irl Umi'mc ind..mimble '1rrilnl\ learning lh.* uee* ssful .t1.]"ii of 'f-
for I <
of untamed
hundred hat Si re.
t $75 one COpiP.4.' A. M irfcKay & Co. Aoril-27 H F ABF.LL. I ,.t'nftl r. ht'. t\l II! ..1 I,Itis. I, r I IIIt F.- ,. t... 1 e
ieciraen strength of the E ''Ili'4h nis to in I Iii.-r Tecnoiseh
number will be isi'ied on 13th indiivrv a rare jndjieinfnt. .ig
xvi.nld !r.d
4reb COMMISS ON MERCHANTS and !iwt oie f them fir.-d al him l utlo< lu.
re- : > .
Camphor .
which wiU be extensively distributed. QUININE Col. Taylor produced ai Ivune all ihe Otliw. cliica. (better 1 known as he I Prophet.) nately he
tan to the
No. 40 Water-strpfct for sale] byAprj up othtr ha-tion, where they
TCcal"OS M. D. J. SLADE. F. ABELL. necessaries of life, purchasing neither cloth- to league the Miamies and other Western 1: !knew his voice, and Doctor Clark directed bin
Fa n
Feb. 16, 18-18. Dec 1: Apahehicola, _




.1 t.


-oW -J -1 -

-_ '....'" ':-' .., ,.,--,", ::. -' <-. .:: .. .
"-" .' 1" -,. 'i"h .f'W _: :: -- .

4" -.

f ) ,
. "

. .

'\ ,


I .

._. -- -.- .-- -
-- -- --- ---
---- --- -.---'- ---- --r -I htesi' 1 jidvices we learn that the llonaparlistcxcitemeet Verona 'afll Maniua. The Auslnans seem i iconfined etiticied, as will be seen above, oar political gated by ibe Convention. ManjJJ?
to lie cl the : .-!!ii.d an t:1I11It> > burrrl THE UAMHRIA. I "
\as to pilots i ARRI-AL 01"
still nnd arc lo the neighborhood of Mantua. platform. will be seen that we in have never devoted
IfltIC9, mcaiis agree people
tint liipi| iic ,
him la 1:1. I H II>i" nivjs broken in a mostthuckinjimnner The Cambtia Maui d from Liei|>ool on taken "lo 1,1'1 it vi (rls. Pamphlets in The Ausiriana arc ravaging the country ; some few articles of faith t (or instance, politics; and the democrats in a""nli'l office

which! he says was dne by the |.r&t.i ol Louis N"lulflf a -l strewed wherever they appear. From Naples -xve that this i is nation of selfgovernment. be **'
capable be
the ITih tiLt.. anlJ therefoiebiingsater $l'\U : ) s have linle I I i(' intelligence the whole : a great expected If alwayg ready, wiil)
Indijn} which I 5111\10iP: VII the cavn ( 'his: t iilnnil t I ihe ('crowded il t'IIII'!, and nevvspip'is 1hllt I" '* .
tlitl h. will not, j id' (/alahria Seems still i I We tdmuM not have called planalion of political diffi,.
rctur.iuij'. I thi i ic! it prn'uble ; : jut thlirnre. I ill his inti-icst 1 :ne lishIllIhIhi-tI' grat'f. ; revolt any ultj that

recover. The other they caught ab .ut OIK buidr The fium Frame i is of tIle higlirctiipotlitice. : Tbe 1'iimehas is.sned ihe following :IJllr'si. your attention to t this fact' had it not been ari e. Bui "I i is (I-!Interest of etrrt I.'

and thirty yar.Js: tr.',m the itnii; and cut IIWI tu ins constituents : i I:1:1E1t I that I theie was; a sly h trick ol the Democracy ntver lo be deceived. The B..hjmreveotion ",
him all to pie.'l'J. After k "i'illll1i) a c>'.st.int I ; I LONDON, June 11."Fellow I : :' lit\ I Ii t llVEllTiER.M'ALCH1COLA c.
fire until abmt: sx: oYl.c.< the nexT inoning, The Cutlon 'Ol Corn markets are in a.If'slnle' fill h lying jusl j here. We. wish t to show you the -assumes greater power than t
Citizens :-Your s fl'iages ; --' - ---- '-"- -'- C3Q"
which We han t., return with same t-ffrct, alter led in I I ambuscade, -and thus lo on exeicwed by \ .
$ put you your
a slight Jlill prices ith This maik xinpathyis CulJrt \tjt
: of J 110.
daIi1ht they fID'td .ul ot( teach of om g'in-. me v. craiituile. 1\ SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1848 *
A party of them dioveup tiie h"is.s! that .'u.- having been tuIJllt.t to s-iuce tl.c. f.ulinj: I the more flittering lo me.. MX it "H iinsoli- ------------. guard liolh Democrats and Whigs maintain code of lawsfor lh. government uftl1| .P

cd to the citize-is her-, ai-d' as they could nut of the l.'st steamer. cited oo my "tilt. and ra( lied me ai a moment W' The following gentlemen authorized many political 1 principles in common ; sidenr, and because NVw York dopt r.
catch them rejrfily, shot the x\ln; le ol trurain I regretted beina ilal'I; live, when l*
very maiUi-t was hi an con \1.1 Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER,and but there are some few primiples upon d.usp io pledge I herelf in
our Iht, ai will ;! a nnm'wr of tncir! hogs. The nnnify) i!) the (: hid need of all her childicn I t I lo \i 2Uppiien3laved "
They drove off t ic xvliol! ? of the cjtlhxxhuh dition. extricate I counliy: her from the difficulties I in which receive Old receipt forubscriptions, or adverti-e- which they differ, HIM! his difference constitutes 1omnt. the delegate rrll Iht I

annulled to sixty-five, heaJ, us well as the public FRANCE.-PARIS. FILX.EOWITH' Tnoors.Tlie she was pJIce.1 lients:- lie I wo parties. Our primiples Site; ate forced out of the ConDo '
WM.V CitFKVFR.Esiq., Albmy, Ga.
I' 411 oxen.had the vacancr f.llcd: np before night Kuiupaii Tilf ives liie fullowingacioum .Yoni r (: i imposes upon h me ii ii. :Major JATK I I Ahfl"uIAN. llulinla, Ala.JAS have not been fairly represented bv the Democrats. ihe records of history show a nlj.

which the of the blockhouse had I lies which I s,1 know how to (tuft : ulrilf'rt'I. J..OI.IVFR. T.tl.ha-twt. Fa. To that; a man believe more of ihi7 r"ale
( xva* midby tviruini: of French :ifl'.iirs: which .i all and sentiments the ----- .- -' say u."rlaliul power Ih"l \\'otJII|| ,
of xvlurh I irl "aIU' --- --- -- -- -- '
) with a strong tow pickets, got of Louis Napoleon than he ; does believe is a Nat'loimiul_ Congress
l since the i-lecluiu lctt.l certainly attempt |u
bv pulling d whole of our provision, but rou t in.ike rut to lo the Natiun.il Assembly was: announced : people. ] !Ial umie II)' elf'trls in i those of ZACHARY TAYLOR. 'falsehood: ; all when the Whig; party are President of lir United Stales, what

live upon preen corn mill: \xe can cd a pupply, As uun ;as the 1\'rlrnllt'IC.iH'llllis thy colleagues HI re t'stahlisl) older credit negatively represented as ,entertaining principles cal principles he should .nteriin. and(lij

which I-atn in hopes will n-.t: be long." most. unexpected rCCIIIl. t'vllI! II t tincoulioxcilihU' and I l.ilnit. : to secure peace abroad' to consolidate : FOR VICE PRESIHENT' : which they do not f'Iteliin. it is no he should interpret the Constitution, ? fi b.
huh di-morraiic, institutions; and lo reconcile MILLARD FILL III ORE. *
The unaffected in:inner in \ young I'V Dalloiand
I il"e" 111'.r"il "
better. is the best and sense
Honesty policy ; man,
---- --- -- every can
T.vlor thus rf'pllrtrll; l hit heroic defence ofdefenceless assembled i Iy. 1'aits : i interests which now appear) hostile.because ont answer,|,
suf they instantly.
FOR GOVEKNOIt : i therefore when find their be ion. Next the
xve platform to lo doctrine
h q
lesl of
post though it 11t11111 posses" was insMitllv filled with Hoops, Jind it i is p:iriies are ujigling against ear ins ract.

the severe slle and finished ft-isCness of his hot les than 100,01)0) ) ) Hoops of lie 111.1. instead of winking one ('llt(1 end Gen. THOMAS BROWN. rollon, xve have nothing to fear from the ing Senators out of their seats in Congy

more recent military! papeis. i is maiked; by line sllllal have been cungu-galed ui the Fivnuh the iimleur; and prosperity of the coun- FOR RKPKKSENTATIVE IN CONGRESS : lup.rstrcture.Ve might also make : I is this abominable doctrine of 'Line, rt

the same mode ty atnl \'inr of t thought and capital.Allioupcments I I. I try."The Hon. E. C. CAB ELL,. great display in R.solulior of glorification them to stand ,Old cpl.turmJr
IIM victory was on every tongue in ''he! western I have I l.ikeu I j'lace ('VI,) people have been free since Feb. 24. upn. 2ew

q r.ounlt) Major fieneril; Hopkins wit.te !. ni>;lit ihis wrtk, in spite'' of lit new: law. They ll obtain all they want without having ; FOR ELECTORS : over the 1'xil':1 xvar ; but we have cho of your Mexican; ,Illat,!

to Governor Shelby uf K"nturk>' : "the t in m On f.uurda\$ nifjhi, ahuiil 200 pciMins wtitlifiiinnvl icconise. lo In.tile force. Lei lS. then. General JACKSON MORTON] sen the more manly and dignified course of forms. He says that the firm ground of,the

mid) almost iinniriMel"! .1'f"H'p. cf 1 Foil I in I the Hoops, and f.uiitd I oilptiSoiiors :ill talh round the altar of our (country under Of \V I'"t Florida. letting our actions speak; (fur themselves.The Constitution is good enough for njm
Harrison t by Captain: I Ilmi-on by v'apiainZir1 to t lie)pdC.tlle. Ainun<;si I ihtinrtiu the fla-r, of the' Republic and give to the Col A. O SEMMES Alternate. Whig Convention had no fears that \i'! on I IIallh:11V

4iy Tajlor. lH im: .e-l .\ttI' r him a lahrti- Kujlli-h. A 11'1 ian; .-, ai.d, j ii! i-. said, wllia t tIC rnid sp"'lacf (If : people xvho Colonel SAMUEL SPENCER, the gallant deeds of Whigs in Mexico and Madison stood lhiI2Inn.anfJftrln.
of character noi to lie e9!)'1< .d! lienlnex. ." even: \\ 4IItiII in) ti' li..,. In shoil, the i.ipprl I have; tegeneraled i themselves without I violein Of .Mid.de Florida. I i ; .nd (n. Tilor t"t!

He receive-l; ilie) hi' v>s i.%uk of Mapir, ihe I ind ihe gencralu li.ive u"e. be.ilen en'\ \ 'e' ( ml I I war. or anaichy.lleieixe. GEORGE W CALL, Jr Alternate. would be forgotten by their countrymen. thai he would cast a slur upon the Unler.

first Iirevel rnmmi: <. .." :..ixn by all Aumiran i J.iand. i tinconlusioii: and cxcilt i iiitnl have, ., fellow ciii/.ens. the assurance Whether in the field or in ihe cabinet, the standings of these great men. hue Wrrefa"wish

Presidentin' 1 fl'r'1 that; moment I his bee:n CM i .atrr t than CMCI.Tah olus! dexotedness and sympathy. Colonel JOHN H. McINTOSH, \Vhig parly Iras been able to show deeds of for a better political
life h is been one ronlinucd scene o!' t' 'Un x. I nu Ar\KiisT t DKMO.N.STKATIO; Louis NAPOLKON BO i\r.\RTI Of East Florida. foundaiion. 4
; > ___ ______ valor and wisdom. eq:i.il t lo any i that can 'be 1:1 of mind and a
under ti! most ",-.I.h.'nl'I< I'IIIdrl"II: \\'(- trust st.iie ; whellur uinkr the No'wnhsiiniline' i their cffal. the E' ecu- .n i great noble heart'

stance N'. nutter how ifllin): ) :: or disrouragin 1I'>>tn<* (I If < ,( lat" .i(" 01' patridiiMii. (heN ttxe ('oininissioii, stil kept ( cwnnnl.On NEW; PAPKR.-We have re'eiveilihe first pointed out in the ranks of the Democracy.Let would indignantly spurn the efft.ru of 1
Imr been 1 ill-* d'lfttilii! i.' ') enrounter. the l.ih, inst Assembly was ditciis- them r.ot display an ill-timed triumph officious and chosen
| lush
;2 .IIIOIM! A.st.inbK disp.iyed, ill i no- number of a handsomely printed sheet issued ) illegally :IstRbl.IO t
iheeneigv and re
first displayed: at Fort II niison lux*' con of : II t ttants t i.tid d 1'1 a I u r .1 i|P", seentle.iily gial par ol Fiance. P.lli was Iranquil exult in the wisdom, of the President who the dictatiortof
qUf'rc'.Ilhe01'11 I impossible! :ei ins to have I in I thr peispeciive, bin si i ( hIll II', 'he wills \'f'r. on the 15t hi, stld, over Cth inst., .h)) COLUMBUS DREW, Esq., former you. lat a Halumnr Cons

been oinilie.I) from his v.)r. bil.n: > .yid l.i- of rs: iiu'inber. The popular 111 leelmj out' witha placard, bearing hun !signature but publisher of the American in Washing- directed war against Mexico ; but the xention may be of material' service t in ,

men foll.nv lii'ii! n< one who rii; i'''" \ icimclnined .\' of (dour-! is \idenily divided. The :t nrs h ie<'ommending i in St ron g I terms t the A !,".- ion City. The Florida Republican as the Whigs wish to see the end of ilm matter Democratic President/ of weak jntlin

In his! SI:in,i.ird.: ThU r. puMiiott I; (I if "Vive Ic J K pubhque'' ;In' aiiswrml.aiid 1,1\' to di'iiiss! the Government :itid Ministiy ] new is called, the principlesof before they exhibit any extravagant joy.We and fickle disposition ; but if Lewis .
Ins) : ihe s-tm eHVct in tie rnii< in I t'n1' ilrownfd I shoots ol .VatrKinp'icur anti to confer a dictatorship i on M. paper I C"ui
111tilf'S I loo. feel' proud of our but we a of character Jimwill
the Whig and I lie vigor of its first army ; lan 11"1 I Imh
navy: where il H well kn"nvn' ilm Di'cattn "Vuc la I>ona 'aile." 01 CI""Jidip..c.Tn.i I i i par); t this II
Hull could '''' s.-iHnrs! pcifonn prodi l 1. | editorials cives earnest that it will be an able do not believe .that the new irrriinry at1 '- sit i've, as hp break* the bond'* I that hvt
or I\I- :.Mi.ixl.iv.i )( when I the nexxs xxas I i in'llaH'II. I that I : ..\ u AFFAIRS MORE TR-iQCL.-
of ho h.id -linuii' iln- -w'lin' m from Mexico I is xvorth one bundled been illegally wound' around htm. .
r.ilnr. quiied
Ji" \\ 1
lie i it'1ILIJ u1.t wdvi uluiei.I L'Li j' ;i 'OIt'lfl. I I ir'ild i w is IMP I 'l'i'" general: and) efficient advocate of the good cause.We .

feithrr" under other dli'rrs. Old I t"iinide actiMii!) Mrivcii in, i iahi.; ;itd. \\ iIS ..dioul IUIt amtiti: all (. t.I'111!" Rejiealers h.r place; the Republican: upon our fx ali fifty milli-ms ol" ,dollars. beside as mal; }

< wonl-i be ilffcm'ed! with i irn i iiine< :aleaolntion .1.10 Ills seal in the --enib| the crowd 1"'f'l I..s violent since the rnl\'il'Iiol of Mil 1 I valuable lives as were |In.l during onr Revolutionary What is : FeJcra'Ist I

mu'h; as the i ill 1 ftird: f'hes ipcjil.ifiave was; xeiy\<' gieat. 'lU c011oC11 ol f I the I leel I I (,111 l The fialerni/.atinn; (If the Old am!' change list with grfil pleasure, and with a \ believe knmcltdgc is \Vlal i i- the o.eaning of t lie wordr.ibst tlll
11.Ve }
C'I1I li"en. J Jo ih'! n '<' ;, nr :1rm,'. nl ht'lIlyi-h lor the success we feel assured \
: in' <: had vpip.id; ; to MHII** of lie iioups. anilc )",: I I.d.ln""'!s was not "Ollplt'11 Tilt and that moral I and i inn-lln tualstrength ? Is ii. or is il iii.', one wblixor i i.
)oit?; 'c..1} strlfr.il i i. li. .1'! lite lii-.tlle s':.iiii '. toInve ..itnitilv 10 n l.ujii: poilion ol I tin- \.Iiol.1 i'"nnUI,111;, of an "'\'f'iit s.i iniuli ''iriib il will d.sen'e.Tit p'Jttr. JI
a leader !n whoni OJH''t'.< i i. hlhilHal. (iii.ilt's,* ; uiesol I Vne le N-'poletm \. lii-lnnen. \\a.; postponed fora f.'llliJ1 is greater I than IIIUM'ular force-' uf iui'r'-asing .he powers ol 11.Frl,.

"fiENK.RAi.: T\''L')n vr.vr.r. suRR:iIHI: :' li.t\ onie: \c fioin inoie I than ("f I'd 1 f nl. by .the 1..II'I* at Conciliation; Hall in order HOME JOURNAL.-Almost eveiynumber that iufi j -rior anitn.il fihit tl.h: oih.r. because r.d goveinmeiii ? Answer your own hiPiri! '

The defence of Fn 1 Il.niUon; 'o ili->- L.DBR't E FACI.NG THK: Sruiiui.-1.- to cUe the leadeis ui "pplr"ltil, of( expr ( ol h lie I Home I .1'u n rniai'' received at they have no poxver of fta.-OI lonvnidil tin it (1mIPStl o. L.III m'o your ticliuuuif

fie"rtf'n.1 tlje Indians t lli.il) Tf'I'"n'I,1t, wiunahle < 11.111lll..I.h| | \ Ilill". pale ;is ;I.I..111.I'I'.I"I..d .- !s--in. :1 m opinion I thereupon. I was veryilinfn t this (uffironut ins a slip I C9 nest log us to and I that moral courage ;mid refine.I t intelligence and ti.1 not lie meaning of the word fur
lo cany run 1 ins. pinjeei of 'xt""ilIuinJ insl.M l ; ; a tie nit io letoneile ihe I'ollrll'it'\ "
ht p.issn.j ,1 S. xmirself. all the' antbori'tcs.
ihe while t'llillt "ev''ral : erue in (one I lie law dl, lt3JJi Ilf hive p1il:1, ud; the '\01'.1 1011'1 f'p'al; IrnsltI'II" 1:1)
:M Ta lor tin2nNh''il I ht'lil| {: of that I snrt. \Ve idedly' opposed lo tli.'i d I.i not MifTermireifio: be Ynjtvv
'na2'tlflt" li"r < _::'il.1 l :ipoleon? IJotnpifte. \\11.1 ".rs. John; O'Conl"1 had prmestol ituitI.I all I lat is lost vviihiiiit 11." .Iit'\f II"C'fI"1
Innnelf as In r"rene tie! iiffirix; ] ntiinenii.i-, ) !l<- was speaking, :, a shul was fired oiilsuli! II! the :lblld"IIHPII the piinciple. ol his h tins stem f.trccd puffins and beg leave if the best American W'.IIOI' had I directed II In _xooisilf as .o iIH'riliH) li.ty. |jbe

lion of Majoi (tener.il Hopkin" Y..t wh-n the!! iimluitij. and shouts n If( Vive TKotpeweie ; la'hi i-. though Ins O"i''II'I' not re<.ei to ilf.1 the Editors of the Home Jouriit.it suit goveriiun'ni. xxe niigbt Im\e obtainedIeiran tro'y in.in.id! it. iln paJi"llar. Yon
lh. re'tvi-MI-d.$ alter llie fesa.tiun ; ol the .
army was tetir'! heard. Lamaitine; i nniiic'li.iic I I "u'uur. The clatlinoi vv-mld 'be oin-hed. find hnvvlii
\.t will .I.1 nal if they cannot exchange ibeCOIIIIIH In ot.t :
of h.t I'ihli,". M.IJ.1 T''or' found linns1!! l sal (down (,\'f'hel"u'll One ol the N.Iiioual ; New I Irish League \;> however broaienough ; \ill .'l 'territory, as grai in extent as ihLouisiana 1:11
tlie of CI i-it-iin. A 11I1II1Ih 1 rcial Adverti-er upon other Purchase for I yr.\11,1 av.nd. ;md hoxv muchnjiirx Ilnr.1
degraded !o : (inanK j li-ni h"fl shot i II the ":111:1', h. lo il'hllf ;dl the tail Ihi"I'I. "f any fifteen i".I.a..1 .
lie IMS never claimed promotion lie fell! I ihiii This inridcnt. WHMI| r :1''id"II:1 or |neat the, L'a210'i ; wliuli mny be obiaificd in '< I leimthan I (IIi r uivilu a'xveekly "e tint ice" !IIbOlt. a hundred and fifl'J miions'1 dullnrs. tngelher you wiiiildave! \oni!elf. hv irulj

he rnnhl not submit, lo ;i denriditioo! whiih 1 ranged, 1:11..i.,. .d"ill,. c.u.vilcil t loIn \1\' llie II"llh.I'. spe fi". t theaie al ,perfect I liberty lo .scratchns w'nh lie lives of such a 1,1 il"I.. of understanding I the inclining of ibis little!
implied thu n. he hI I not peifnriiied his iutlefl. that the ''ilol blood Si-ntli' O'Hin) i is still labniing, under I1! .
f think word. rec/Ttilist. A Federalist
pnipn-e.' r.dolll off I their I bookb" a s sunn as they our fiir/.ens stii'Ctl in the h.iruiu.'e ,believ \a line
He iher foie tsin.i1 )his coiuniis- w (Iii' l h 'bi-en hl.,1 wi< site I in tin- uaisi% dj'o .,1 the melee wlni he enriMint'-r-'l :ul "
in favor "f the "
lon and returned 10 hi, flItn.,1".1', he 1.1.1 i ici.ni piopi'r. t that a pmpi-r knowledge: tut| human: whit \a.; hague or fnminetih /
ind ifiinii _
purchased iii! dcspoitsin., and not by I the l Hipublic.The .- [Lil' lepmts ; th.it ,1).i- _' ________ _
stock% and mule piepniations: 10 en- 'on-i'leis he i fiom is sufficient lo : the dilocol' II formed our ihht-en '1"(1 II '"IU",
dicicf- :isi d I III was Ilt'l ,IIlloIH t ilbv i is sniFeiing a I.hsct? ttT FRANKIIN TEMPLE OF HONOR No. nature adjust ,1
ilge in gririih!;iiri1 l pnr
[TO EK: cO=1'r, mo.] T.I PKOPLK: SUUNO AVITH L"lII NA-. .. smiiesor lo .111 :Mill.hell's .Uni 1 OF THE ORDER; "I' OF was frI'. June ( ; ali I that; when his knnulfdge i- ol Union was lIt c"I.\litulJ ot the Ui,''if l

.. A.... : >.-J. )I'' eanmil. be Olcf'ai"IIII.III.p, I.d! liisbii", :in*' has :,itlieadv atipeaied., ,nmle r/.ed in tins titon' Mond.y f'I'lil States ; lii w. re in f."ur i-f slot!
S POLtI lie humanoiisery : \ .
GEM. PASS l-S TH' r.in ,, ,, h. Cram: Templar want! Ilp woisl pa. ills of :1,1.1
: 1':11": ? awr 111'| ? ; the title I lit she Tilbnni- 1 ll it fin- i (f; by Deputy Worthy :
Our democraiic I friends' of ihis! quarter are 1'' 1Ie I -, \\ I t'll' his lit) "Xll.I..). I""I '' .1 "i"J' L'. f :,1.'., .'..".. H' it \T o .. ,1.1. 4' n ;"_ -.4- .r' _.-- ',...... .;1 Vlin flip .u....,.I...) :,..) :....uI is I Coo-iituiioo. Wire Cowfttferatts. or l'fttr 1 1I

boldly cl.imins Olii- fir I1 1r. (';Ie=. \Vii 1hll, )' "I '''i:1, (innriUel ftT to the depasted: ('(IIlVIt. The (list inin.bei i- "I elected and Inly in-tailed :-Jnliniigh.. md ib" siruciion.V 'believe ih.it ;six,. As sunn ;is theillustrious I !1"lil.1
.. ... .in .<..; f in-n- Hum: tin i MI111..itler i>...i.. _.. lunty. _I niifi.i! il! !. the: I Felon ,'' appear, on I. .
"UPI"'I.II ,1.,1 \oldt W. C. T V. [ Win.Valleau. il i is exceedingly' Ihle"WlS io \\r..Iil Inl.lla,1 rea"ed In m*>te ,niu>n; tiepolliic.il
wfh-ome, [ N. ; Henj LI'a"V; T. ; m:1
we clip; from the Cleveland' (Ohio) 'j'rueDU7V'rat..f 4111' .J..II'| (111i. "" '-' 1thi' Thi.. edilois :1'11"111"' iii an- .ll Ilo'l' ,
ihe2d if*.t., the following : of Flal(. 'Il.I > \1'1t J ilt, Oi h..t, I :M I'"il. Thomas D\'al Kiley i ;md J..;i uIst- '. \\'. 11Win.. R.iati.V.. A. R. ; of w'al j judgment. 01 one wlO I- !- "| : ; elements of onr Ci iMrint.. iij-!
:i xe'M-| 111' !l'rd"II'f i M an.1 I (',h.II' ealule. in I hip Eeriniebair.. l line ,parties 'In' to iiiak- their ai.mrr, ,
'lt.1' II f''I: ;F. L'llor.I'.M.L: O.) Giawloi.l, \\ -F. l 11.; Edmund: A 1.11.r. i > sbe 'I :} pi
NOMINATION or C.S'e di not rerolled '|1'". but nIt; M 1iyur; put a b'op: tn Ih'il j I',.,. I should bring 111" and nit, the l Hitler i n lu-i-tinn l It- .. .
ever lo hav: wii-j: "
) orca>ioord Iiv H niriy nfiniiMtioti) J In spin-:i I.f ,I, xote If tl'e): National' i I A- l\I\III I l" TS -The( I III".II'IIt'c I t i I it.! too-1 I 1..I tin" Mrs.V.. I). U. ; Win. .Mrlniii-h. W. C.; ; 'IIIIr I) Ins i"LtI"hl ot 1tI".1 i-fpiim-ipfe-' I ha nu ha !11\1. ;ip.-rP

for Pres'.d-: a* \hi>.is ati'i"r'p.t.'ih l ]'i ii"! t 111111 IJ 11- .".hl ', the !people) &,tlwlaied ,lat LoniNi- Ii ol tlu. ( :Miainst", !. "hil'h 1'III"IJ.III:11, ] S. Daley.V.. S. Meets every Thursdayeiemng m.iV'-ment i. 5,tier the Admit! i.lrlluI"'I. "'n-
j 1.10\ ( sveil ( nun;It mini- : ; 11.1. :.
cf'mflnl..f ih.it; cifCi 1"1. 5n lit;< \'/rilli'It' i /t'11 lal lake his seat. No ",'I.hl goldh..s -iti'iir K at e o'clock. A' has aireadv been *! tied we have gixenan When men andriven mtu opt (',.".
hue < > ', ut.'i ('iiinii'on. A : .
fnisht well I Ii, ni.l lii !II'P ((nil.-nU-liorn 'I h.11
1"'f'I ('iicntateil: ;lllonC.1 III. popnlat), eto : outline hey obhgttl lo li the 'L!,
of iiiiln.Mv iinil tin* Miltci-- clf u Ilal'f : \ of i.nr polnic.il' creed in imiia :11 \ \\ -r.'tS: !
llj)on ihe e.iri< of the I ptily. wfie it noi furan I a gieanr, extrt.l ; but if the N.iHimalIII vciy The news by ihe Camhi'n. to be
oI'CI"illll..1 mul I <.f Iixciujii'iit.; or ,..MUN ofindiflVrenre. \' ;a\\il li. (1hiiiiit.; | wi. ilmi 1 i>1",1 xiphm. ( lion of the I lialtimnre; delegatinri ; for. ;ibey < u-e. \\i-tiin:tot) \;IS i.er alt iv. i> in iboiilical '
( itii.s fallen'd in llieir ; : \\ \\,HImpe t i iof mteie-ling
a 11)0112 ih i.. who ,iu:iii !I". expected can be enfiiaiuel. lt"CIIII'of th,' regular, .I even I :,''& fICII'Iy'r' tin- nu-i in C. ;al"tllt ( ,111111. an ( havt pnbli-hed a pliifnrm of politics.which : I nei-c--"nx ; but as soon as I lie, COMTrv .
Tbe Spmish; :Minidr.l. |l.ttjiitz. had ail exiiimi should nut) ,beat ) I
to )lnd it wiili I Oioiii.! :iti-l r.j..i.i ill:. tiiiops it'ni.ijninz fil II. I It Ii.. indeed) !! a I crtt left Liii,.ion for Mailrnl.'I : c.III"'r.'f" has; lover bei' 'n signed i l.y Lew Ca-s.. liMintl ii'.ehf't.: ( from war ill rhul; ,
if ihe wonted I'eclin 11.1| f"ltlllI..ia"lII all .' barn' tile aniv.il of I
piriy 1..1110111'' (l.'r (be i epnilie.! L .alii"; 1"1 vVe afe fiom ]} ner.il I .| Kimfeale
h1 (:"oniit lie Metisid.: the Spain- !I ha\t l"hli.II.t a Whig ;ptat|.rm.whi :11 g. lommoiionsi .
'ere alive in rel-itio-i:' i.-i it. A "m dl rl: ibe. lint ciliztns
of next '
and 11111'11''h,. look ( i- : man iiiuu-r. wholly inn qlnl io "UI| ewith (lnl'Ili'-ioiii'r. :if. or making nxcilint.s, ilno* 1".II"r. li.'III'ill I > I has never been signed) by the .!.lp? -": in Ih,- | 11S-CsSjIti" ) of i in lii'. I lii *. lie.
t they Arr pr"c.I.v or this. We I
lilt MtirrgencA 111.1 to 1.1" I'dlc bad placed Prince
I."t I llie I.h, did nut ; Flllrl Loins .
;11'1.1. 111.1 mx to I the Philadelphia Cm.emino.. Amrican spirit \a- (1' nil ton mrnile.
improved clutters in ansi t"-\'ullli..n! 01change Cnai.uac., iis almi.si; tile, "il\ xho canixe : gates -- ;"Ili
c.f H.linint"tr Kion -will, of roitrtn <. Frnice fiom an.nchx.TlIK .. 1..1' r..I 'I'lill 1.:11' \.i..I'luII! .n"r( P.II'.I". 01ibe al"I"lf| upon I Ill throne nnd again be I Have you any secnriix' whereby' L'-" I- C;-- mam Pnlnn.;"! tbxi-i.ns( Itf.;l.'j;'!
iket tihe\\ nui'.e. ami! .iff-n .\ the ( ,IIu, G.'lrI1II'd !t'I.,1 i.Ir"II.,1 tishilO thivasaU I of nmnarchv.Our .
< EXCITK.MKNT; : : l>Cr.KSINO-: -.Tl eM ;.."'oIU"'S; oi, II'h.,11 In- COV."IIIIIII. I beColltll wil I be fmced to ad in accordance with the a rte. a md lusl bat'lH! tlfi.ve! 11'f1 fi. rititm.tr.ile .
sia Hriiii-iil, ol ( Inpinplr in lavor of !oli. |1u1|1' Lniillitll :i..itu. 1- atlbrm for 181 principles of I tins h I then i Inn es. Under IH-S,- qjtrl-tli'fr!
of tint ( iditv 1 hereilnnitmay D""I'r\IIIIIIfrm :
rntirf v.I. 'IU\1 : Napule; >iii MHS ill'I"I-il$ liomlv. B.'ri 4P.iN.MuRi.: 1 : DISTURB % NcFs-1l i io 1st. We 'believe ilia the anllJ.llliotisl"l ,
; )hI 8"'en in: one of our d.iily demonaiir! I j : intelligence none whatever" They ) say that his ;iccepiance I 1' .ohl Alls f'I.p IIt. Iniuli I titpnl
c.i 11 rurre .' :i:I CIII Pt* d. nnd it WIIlh said that| this Queen I Ia" ;.ddl"H.d'1! ;niiogiaph ) )
papers. The oilier i! .e< rh.iry of miliu.iasm i- (be American people are snffn of lie nOlillaliol is I iy. a md 'l h.-tints J. ff> tstm ol I tin- il..rrNobody -
lix' I&Vh \II.hlilfOr'f( of tinmihtaix lett*'r II (!' h V Will' I". giving asiirameof i-< ",f'i'1Imof
both and) frank luuifjca'juin devotion of the lo nonunei', and, ;\. i in I'vcix tl p.nl of the city that a general oti- tbc most, .t'1 fiiendly, ilisposiuon, lo .ii ni gn.nanties f fur the Iwrl'llily of out of his illhtn'1 f the ;piimiplcs i extr donbti II the 111.1,0 ii

consistency are of in iheir Vluile. 1.'lipl. l i it /1'1'S ..iveiled.Our wards EIII""I.: and !a'' tlC that ill'- >'xpulsum h iepiihli'
Anlfl leaders \il I neat rely! be. prepared. ff Sn Bnlwer had: loi, its oi.j.-ci t.i loin ? That I Constitution of the Uuite.lSlat Tyler's of Whig anleni I s-.e'il fur the cnniuuunreo1itn
In-', b.; (for lh* tr-insfer of ,the)i rvinc of JMIVrnment I lie acieplance a nounnat-on' lu'e II : .
after J.U 1 hear hat the, i I" ibe
this to I on vninj! ( rease; I fnend-lnp heiwien I iwo
(ruin Polk to Oa.ss would I he liii? Ii- is, framed in a spirit of mutual compromise bind. him lo he a Whig ? No no is Constitutional I Gnvernment. lh.it r"st
Tusdallie h ,' National u I -and I
A.I'II. 1a ( "lltihrie' finally bege'ing Queen
in; more nr less to Ih"l. than t the ir.tnsVr( lit ought to I be strictly, fellow ciii/.ens. Adams lo believe that F rJtl
Nigf 1Iljl.il"tIII; C.r their vole of the not to ('i eulit Sir;j I Henry's I repicscuialion. I Inn I I ill'r"relt11 :,1 an imposition ii 1)1111 your i lie
from of democratic '
of s.pt
one .
government pal pievionsday.: when tln-\ cfllfnwt the exile lo wait for I ie|, staicmcnt of I the Spanishgovernment. :3tl. That Cungriss has no right. tinder credulity. The. Democrats i think that you Government required nmie sirm:,th ilt
pockgjs ( "" The .
Jaily Mirror we understand, utterly R.I.ls"y"'Pl of Louis :\llul"OI, 8 1\1 now 1'1\ .".d il. e I i I II h the Constitution i to i nil et fere with the do- are poor unenlightened, i ignorant: people, incapable the Constittninn had given it. Ilihing Uomt

diaies the nuutninat inn. So lint iii'i lie and fltdI"111 "II.lt sh'lllt, be ;.I'lillt.i & asa I 11 I i is said t hint the Queen was in :state promising mcMic I il1 I minus I of I the Sntes.4ih ; of seeing through t the high tricks h new. I in the ht-n-rx. nf m lie vvt.rlil.With .-
of National I Leiliu
three{ democratic dailies on the R"s"n't. one 1"11.1 Itolliii : Assembly.. but I the to givein heir lo the throne. That; all Territory acquired since they practice upon yOU in Baltimore. Suppose I feelings similar t lo thn, >e nf the pirsf
i proceeihnt; There Reports hat Na'i istabinit to
to'o another "damns! it oplfs.llli ne i rre
aim rejects praiie.i in" and (lie third cn*i it \vill: oi.ijuriiy; )' Ilf\'ailfd. lul thus I the door is retire from power and, (hat G en- O'Dulnel the adoption of the CUlsliluton. by the I that t the Democraiic Convention hi.ultinmninnouly Lamartine of France Jtdiii Adairs I II IIUlI|II

opened lur mutual I I blood and t ireisure of the United, bit-
\lr. f form agreed lo the principles I that Thomas fferstdi's ,111II no
rush, jn fiolntiiio of iis own |)iole"sed arid wil a new Ministiy. embodied "pi
.oli I avowed nrln'-ips.,| in favor of Nnrihrtiaijhti li t is said that Ledru Rollin immediately The disturbances on the frontiers eon States l ""t11 lo be divided 'according lo in their platform for H 48. what ier than that of a Ledru RuHin. 'flli ..
i nri). iind t thai Laoiariinc; would follow
tiniie md skirmishes between the
and ffff ieriiioty. Tnily. this show! his example.PROCLAMATION. I ; some mutual political interests. force, we ask would it have hill upon the an erior of his jnll pJllt"\I. Adams lu11r514I
..md ol government I troops and a paiiy of MonteMultilists -
an unimiifiiij' ynd ejl. integrity pir- 5th. Thai Congress has lo relinquish nominee ? is one of their fundamental' I thai the would bei-nme low IttititiOt"anil
N.POLtu 1 had taken I press
wonli/ c: Ue{ ; ;nnl Ms II in- ) ):t FAVOR OF LnUS \ place.
.ale.xiples.We. U.Wlltl. :.-Al Arremies : uroclt: that ht)U had; A ustiu.From Au-ti'n we 1f'r that I lo I the Stales, i part of that power doctrines that ihe veto power should nut be that ultra' republicanism wnu'd' be the

hope lint the C-i JII& wilt cnon MI II'f'l issued I. calling, 11111| I ihi'iifople to rn-li III H-nperoi meditates a visit 'lo Prague. which it originally derived from the States' ; restricted, and whenever, a bill passes Congress result. If men could be taken up ilDd pUI

in Imir of 'o noi and lo Liins Mapob-on nporiih' .ill I I vif>. .f Hiiai I .lung In his person t the and tint therefore it has gmth!
tempt a l popular d"IGU.UIiHI I' I power lo permit I involving one of these platform principles in prison for disturbing the quiet and
hione. before it' couics to The Eng
in liiis We th llfook F'I'I'h. -
h ir nominee
< vifinity. BIIIli.lIwvincl State to the ,\\rJ.
any levy a duly upon imports the President veto it or not as If a he against
city saw
that, lliTe be a lru 2le fu supremacybiisvfcn Helgian; ; may no objections
for a rich limtr, and fur some glurioneconies. wil : .ei..h. illhas.aus
_ben It llie legitimists and t the lionapart- hive r'hec I Innspruck. and it is supposed and I exports of I that Slate, fur tie purposes II he cllooses. ing with a certain class of print ed, public1"

{> -- .-- ists. Hint the affans. ol Italy will tlieie be discus of necessary river ali harbor improvements. The Democrats, however are certain that lions in the same way. He though 'Ihal

'or TtLFG1UJJ vs. Tin: \VIC! nr 'hi.I s. Oh'llon Hanoi Ilerrxer nnd Dule sed. The hl"tf| of the people of Austria ( thl. That[ ii is the duty of every Government Jen. Cass xvill adhere to ihe principles of licentious books and newlp'ppuco'jM do'
H.u'ratine voted in favor of Louis seem cent reul in ihe h Archduke John, who
LOVK.-The miter d.y .couple in Louisville \rcifr the I officer lo be iudustrous, economical, iheir platform. That makes the im-iter much harm lo the community as a bI..ci
N as I (: )couusHlorof Kmperor. willbe I the
in. spite who had of ,the made old up'line..their coped!minds und lo marry took aJol"II.OiVplnCfhy.. Paris was quilr.rrhp ,tp.dilm ol communication between him and honest ; and lo enforce these principlesof I still worse. If the i\ltinwrt Convention is guard vagabond. The influence of lalflttl

f be mail boat for ihis city. The lady had people linJ: triumphed- Louis Napoleon and his subjects. action upon all under t their control. lo be empowered every 'four years to draft France was then al its height in Ihit

dot arrived at that ae at which the statute' .1 was hourly oxpcued iD'Paii to lake his Prusl.-ln Prussia affairs have come 7ih. Thai, whenever the country i is found resolutions for the government of the President Country. No marriage laxv?-nono lI, b3l''

'. in such cases made and piavjdeci"; allowed I Sf,I.I I. lo a dead. lock. In ihe Berlin' Pailiameut. to be I hlllllt'r with de-ht. il i is the duty of what sort ol' independence can the GOD were doctrines utterly ilhhorrtlll
At the last accounts, fiom Paris HonaparfUt a declaratory vole of an absracl:
** her lie Uallrl.
alonecu .
her mamma CI'10 i a ielejiaphip despatch concII.rlr in the f'XCilc'&PUC COOt inued. attn mea: whether, ihu events of ihe 18th and 19ih ol Congiess lo enact such laws consistent with I I Chief Magistrate of ihe nation exercise '? fti lie pure umJersiantliiig! of a nil1'*'. *

clerk of our court forbidding the licln%e.- snics had been taken lo keep it vigorous. Match] had dethroned I the King and oiigioated the honor of a great nation as will pay the Are we tu break through the Constitution .. highly f'IIUCII..eIew Engender. HtLttfiI

The nest murnilo when ihe young c'ulf'| The public tianqoility had not, however a new (:4ni-t It lit ioua I ,)..ti-ti. beingnegatived ', debt speedily, and thereby maintain our in- -do axvay with t ihe ballot box ; and permit that ihe Americans felt grateful f or Ibra

man made lli* appearance at the office lu been) again .lislil(1 by :Hitiall oiajnriiy of 1<). the I depen fence. a few officiou demagogues io rile the of France and that this ft't'lilltuuM causa
M. de p."ignhl has: maeople ol H>'iliti have again been thrown into .
thl all-important ( W:1 8t>h. That lie exerciqe of the Veto ? bewiclfnes <
procure I t power nation Honible doctrine A few leatiiitgDthnocrtt our Countrymen to look |
le.d llu mandate remarkable for his attempt in favor of Prin..prll a staie of 11'11 which appears like lo upon
.an f'roDJl;a B< reminded, (1I'"t.11i: the wings; Jvjapolfon., wad arrested on the 13ihtill. i have 8f'rIU consequent The; ilemocratsof exce: |.i upon strictly constitutional gioundsin ; of ea. h county, asanbe secretly i of Frenchmen icilh less disgust. ,HI

of love were *. no"h") .. when came Ml his, residence.The i .thai t capital are ai direct I-KIIK with the an unwarranted: dangerous ali despotic I or otherwise I hey choose and nominale remembered, Hues of Pope. &

in competition with. ,O'Rpih'" .11' He number of romotercial houses in Paris ,'uUr pany ; l nil I unless Lie mob CI t bebrmight tiShu rput; ion of power.9m. I I delegates to a State Convention ; who : Vice is i'fi.i' frightful mtnl

'left with W. air Charge fu ". --en. WhiCh h Mi!pctided payment at I the end f io some reason. m appeal will, certainly I That when a difference of opinion in iheir turn, by sending delegates to the i iI That In be a hated monster needs bulla be l'.tn;
month of A I. mummied lo fifteen he niadi- to I the and
[Cin. Dctpalch 12/fe ult. ,1,1 Pt I army. : frightful i But seen too i Ii. familiar *lib her face 0
hundred, hot I at present I they amount to civil war will be the resoh.ITALY. arises upon a constitutional que sl iion. between I Baltimore Convention miy give them power I \V'efirstriidureihenritiheiieinbracf.John -

A iwHtT COLORED SY TIMF .-The : nearly six thousand. .-Since the battle of(Juito' nnd the I ihe Executive ali Conrel. the only to tmhud\pilcjplt1 that shall be entirely Adams was mistaken as io tli'r'

/bllnjring i beaulirul fiemiment, was drank Mr. William 'f1| Pous-'in i il appointed tall iii| Pe..chiero, no movement of fuilherdcisive tribunal I for ill uliima'e decision is i the Su1' '- oppo-id t.> the be.sl 'interests of the er and "X'pUI of moral influence i"i ''.,1

aad, io silence." at private fete envoy extraordinary all miniftier plenipolentiary character has taken place in Lornliardy. the United States. 4
; There
of yJal san
le COIt majon are at least It that
atlDWI great **Jhut
of the United country. power
\ !\" colored. elite of New" York : of I." Reublic| 'lt Pi""mnllh'lp' prepaiittgo J
He/efJAP .e darkey far ect ; dar face :Iltl of Anlerie.TJli occupy )t.ol.i: della Scol.i |u Chit olF lllf Somewhat I in imitation of ihe Democrats ole half of lie voter. who never think oi' country from sinking into ihe dp tW

pe. d no p; Rti" d hut lua no fumcr>" : LATST; bTELLGJ: C .-By our communications of the Austrian. between ai .the Baltimore, Convention, we have con- the tendency of political principles, promul- French liberty ; and in spite of lb fO.cr.Ll






_____._______ p
.. -
- --

._ --r7'11-- --" --- ".:-? f'\i'r ;'.--"':- ---- .-'. . .. _... .... ... -
'f''f"r .
.. w.
--i. --
: -tJ. ..
-, ; .:- t' -. 's- .*.." .. .,." .'_ ,'_J. ; 'r-- .


SJ .


__n---- ---__- r_ ___ ..0- -- -_ ---
S ---i----
of Thomas Jdrel'llon. pIC.veniedlis CASS AND FILLWRE.-For Ihe edification fefrfI"niS or sophistications c-nn put it tnmy in" iheir property iliere ? )It none of lheelhiu I Upon 'he st".r..ll'i.l"s..1 lie hiah $ivuIrst.llOh 3IUSICI MUSIC- :

,lid 1Iilce from rea(1sngcurle of lie democtary who are daily insist- hfr shape" that v\\ "p plain to the !s are embodied in ih* keiche. our whirls the t ffiiy; stan.U. s re fnnr uMranx .
mOTul principles the of ('.""1"111 "'n.e nf coioinoii IIH-II.'' ojtinion i i. Ilral.l1I f.ir a* ihe irmii, of history : ill has relief di's jie'l to I l.risrnt the llect U .:
poiSOflDIl1 jtbuliiionisin" "
J I0IJ,0re ins on r. '
H.ousand I
CI'rr Ibe country. a i1 E c'rlVli pipi-r in Boston and nearlyvery or tliujiuf.imni I ition nf I I.!' i ic cnncirne.l. !i of isrmni mug on ills griieta! progress uf the i "._ .
roininprii! in their (he following '
Cllsilerlill i-e| ltveand
laws. 'p .
and S.-iliiion character mit-hl us \t world. _
Alien New
, nilie Itt Koslati'l the
f.lr 10 5111I' OlI ronlf. SI oflhe opinions uf, Fillnmio.Mid (IP now displays; mitt! be iicnlateil. III' I ui'001' stands' time mine* of the rnn..r iI
I trlurt'JlI nl Taylor and! Fillmoie.
: Wt' h11f IfJIn Cns : "ml's ills; ufl"nUlird s< holars. amid) pnt-t.s nf all THE subscriber respectfully! mforrof the tili.
Iht' pulilic'al THE OLD
Ihitile-ci 10 T.-A few ctaI i I
caU.r. limes ; in another I ihe name? ol ilnhave wit" zens of ApaUchici, that t.e intends
I lIlt why .7 disavow rno ft vr'rlli7'oea13J. m.wand the X Y lo re-coo-
These are 111" tesSII [From Cnnner and Enquirer, 23th ult.J ioce \.t's"1| from llie All i icu: ii rnn-i arruedHI II\( Music
lift Le.oi
AIIIIUe. to ; rights.or liriMi eminent fur I ir .dli"'m"lIli giving ", (for the fumoerin
\ UUt llf wsis ftrevcr. unytltsiif iiileiferewitli Sn'ord to Coo-d Lorhg.: Salem. JiIh"C'IrIl"i.: lirinuin as pas- I 'ritbi ,) ci.rnmei.cing on .nda\,3d
rt"f'r..li! ; in he ciin i* nt human I tree'lum. ronsptrnniisamong July.
51 rUlli tchiit is culled the the Southern
be II.tlll..e a 1t'1'1 flrlt'r. He WHS in jT'Jlul! f We werei Meritay calt.c UI'I| In discharge :- ".en>:" r one of the enonnniin..\ C'n-i which! is an allusion to our D>rliri Thoe ieir .o< taking lesnns on the follow

I .1'1' "f llae States. I or- I ii.i t "we read "C" but which never r1c'l I' ing instiutnenta. Spani-h Guitar Flute Violin
(', the Alien and ; one nf t tin* 1,1.1 ;pleasm"; dtilitswli'uh lion .f III'I"p"II"rnct'Villi| lie IMIIIPS ofF
rAS'Il"G llie of Mr. Fillmore been (Tenor rr Alto Violin) and Violiticello
Ime ha
! CCGRISS: wa< captured! by m "I. It w.is \\'a would dowell
I.f lanJtgp sliinaion Hancock and
Url r.uni!un
1.'"'r WOULD ApArovE119.H. has; I"'tr drvnln-d upon us, in rre'fIIllj hl in a I I to apply: s.x a, a? they cart ha '. the wi.
) ; c.io heavy itlc for lire pr
$ t.1 u. li in t us imw see rope net! m
n Countess. Let Adams. lh
(Jim third i
lctcS. il "P"f1 ,! i u .itc. > :i rrol""ola lege of selectintr ihe hours which
editi ? io I n-ill-int Col. [CORING of "the I and while I I bit' tun IhcircoTtvenience.
, $ I of l" ( or- ale purpose coiled I ihi net wa
Federahsts up
, hrtl' are what .ul r. Cass says. Har him. lion of 1IIIIthlhrllpI.nllcI.ill: otf I |lie fillers I Music furni-hed, if required at SS
jJ a MvonU in lime and -liilf of thrown over him ar.d th capia'm$ of the
; I
ul I..wlle1Ild.1
wllu lt'in> l-vor in- ./ hare been It sitre. huh instructing ihe per ternpxtra, for any of the oi ove inMrnmenU.
ro -
- '!'. 1st. Those. of the General (Govrrn I never nm t-hull sfauhCldu-lntt.u le. I drprtctife its rx stetire I lie rim izRllS of Aj'alachicda. FI'I ida. Toli.ive vessel united ell'ori sol* iimly of! avers that it r.-.jniied the !I r'-n nf npprps'ion, in i nsetul 1 kiiowh-d-p ; smdon N. I?. Pu-.ctud atrenddnce u requisite u no

te, .'0\er 12G nesioea for mote t llrao the fourth is surroundpilI reduction will he made for nonattendanrejce't tS
rrt"""". in favor of dir in anil for its ul'>lilinn crery- been c'silll.e I by lilt c'iliz"IS ol hniirs ChriMian'uy
pray in hi
!'Veri secure I.PI'IIil' fe i: h tin and ( through protracted sicknts
rjl0.e I ? eenaiives of all
( I ) rep nations
rnf't\'. "' -. "\fr of COII r' 50&. ind illI' I.I where this can be ,1tl.ted justly" tTdpen.taU AI"li.llknl. as one of tlieir Cmnfiiiiiee torXl1SS measures 30 feet in 1"IIlh-acI the morning !I I tribes, aud people receiving from her hand For -nle. extra quality tf ti'd Flutes and rd.
% anil easily; for parties. their and! honor belme his .ri"J 57 -I, 5 and Guitar Stripy.
. rllini'bi J ernf' '' I> .si.lfiii. J..IIO. gratitude to lo their ; e::s wete lonnd in I i in I th'irown tongue, I die wnrds of rlernalTruth.
lllf Il0,' \ .IS ihe Soulhern people who inureseen fi-llow citizen hiehwe his cn:e. which were deposited In :i singieni TF.R3fS.IO for eizht weelcs rf two Iuon.
gallant in
, iIsIfl i andJtnes \ :t ti.linlinl": Chri-tianiiy Heavetiborn Cluitianiiy each week
err ord-r the
he first;
I close
, ; course 'lo 2Slh
..1, ,tO and heard the nf ihe Democratic : ht. and t the a It2n'call''ei lltI if I lhe"esnake's I August.
1"l r prating: Divine look
down withi
,J).., CaSS belong 10.tht appreciate' most highly, and one which Philosophy Application at my ( fT.ce in Baltztrir. Building
I1l1tl Lt"Is es::s is 70 pound- One of the i I tndiflerrnc di.ilaincin that be.irded!
K. Polk organs al>out Mr.J Fillmore's aboli we trinetnher with pride I a mdpleasure. IIr anan. T. C. UNDERWOOD.
onlf Gen. Taylor poes hacklVlnnclon I h.11 t\'er ea g s being i broken was found lo contain I i a at work with tools! in his Mutiny shop away Apah'-hicola June F7, 14t. 22-tf

ff'COnll,| \ for his political lion. to compare Illsf iwo rx'iacts, and To[ them and lo I lie centlemen I ynnii"' snake seven incite Inns which iuittIPu'iritflV .1 on I lie Rhine AflVct' lo .v.-m |I.ok and ondtrv.ilne A lar.e I--t tf Instruction Docks for the above

10 Iht' linu'S of thai Ihe CflUII" ISighy ,judge of ihe cool elTioutery' ol the 1:1 who of t the Committee t with whom we had i the I ; upon emer: inu Irnm iii'-|| shejl.crawled I. ; I him as a mechanic A mechanic! inll'rume"'i' f'<.r sm1e.Lisi] .

rrinciplts. lIt tilul! inleu ry I snppnils' Cas and complains of Fillinore's honor I b I asMiri.ited. we tender our I th.inks : : abmn the i-ajje with !r.-ii rapidity.' !I Why out ol I those hais of WOOl and pounds or Letters

)) enli ( '1- both morally and anti Southern frrlilt and we njuice! that ihe dittmsui' .hpd st'ivi- I A few ilayiy! 'therefore, will doubtless bnrij : nl I muiem;ui. nmJ! ounces of i ink. IIP i ision.sirnctI REMAINING the I'tsi OnVe at Apalachi.:
the other
\ .nd ilut the l'e$l'e ar' nnre mOle 56 J"IIII btiake to hihst. What a I I m; a ui-ichine to make lie nations ihi.-iU.- day' ,,f July, IS IS.

! 1eCtuUY' old ,is1lio"ei1 Constitution; TIlE SKIs: BRIGHT.-The Washincmncorrespondent ('es uf one of our nio.t alUnt. nfficeis- OUPof net of serpents, ''lie I I is consirui: viinjjs fur Chritimiiv :Aborn Jd4 A Knight i : IH3C

! ,be to uke l ulie uicl. wilhoUI gloss of the Baltimore: Patriot of wlioiu I lie whole 1 o.itiou is j justly proud- A* soon as (he arrival; of I lh, vecu- j rid ;1 ht-r>pf.| wliich 1'J..IIIear her. with the music I II Andrews. Thcs Ktlb, C ptV W J
for tlJl'ir (, ; .HlY 1,1'1 het-n i ihus i ecogtut-el. its' c'XlrllIrcJlllar\u ultl'C t f' i knuxvn. seeral j nl her silver trumpet, to all t the abodes of tt.dcreuri P'tJt Let'h. John

Ihin\ so 100.t the 16)1)) ) lust says; : menagerie companie* ihspitihed theiragenis ." ien, lau;* t Potter, L- ck Ai Ftrbcskxjfder

; {rronl"ltnlary."t K. Polk :1\11'' "The members of had! a Tht Swill (I on one snU1 bears t this inscription ; 1;.Salem, and llarnum alsn ties.lii5ti.uflsier 111" .\ Ji.9 Lh\Hl'V. Lewis
l- Jlmf's Whig Congress .
.ill --_ ___ ._-_-_ __ __ _
--- _--S_ _
We IliI\" of n A & .lonw Lor.S
PreM'titHil ihe iliz'-ns ; Mra Alvin B
t : by I Api- patched Hitchcock. \ ,
ihe second) order of social evening on which occasion irlczr.u.pIilc -
longed to meeting 1..1 I C
L.is C;I!" 'l.ichicola to LifUl. Col. \\'. \\'. LORINC : | despatrh nf this morning i ani onncelhat C 0 11 ERe I 1IJ Alien Luce. C;pt Henry
11111 .IS mete asserlioti \ ill ne- let I em S were pie"euted, which had L"f'1 J l)III. \Vm Le ,iiad, Van
; neither; nf the showmen"! have as ----- ---- --- ---- -
errTrrconuHe of nd l'i'. received from Ohm and other Slates breathing whose gallantry has ill llal(1 \iv f.lel yet ----- Butts Capt A G 2 Mo<.n, John M 1
any man 'p of Mexiio. purchased I this monster, i ii owner d'mandinj ; /- COTTON :1'\TElLXT. |I La.-t H.ucieV ",.towt..nfVl'rt, Geo K -
Vera the -
occasion 10 htiu= forward lilt tie sentiment thai the Taylor and Iroiu Cruz lo City Sll OltO for i'. Anc vine fc TilnsNaoen yer Iur! :'f-, J..l.ii! Ml.rbe; Thi s

.e ...lltAe order of Federalist asrr Fillmore Ticket' would carry all before it. On the other side.the V woriN of Scftit- i offered 7.000. and Mr. Ilit.-hcock: 'lm'k-\lI h.wd-Sp.pl. I; U-:7:5r 9B3 Drown, Mrs .Man-field. S 2lhrne
second .
f The i .Brave; Rifles hive il'' fried 87.500. but neith-r, nfl'er Ins :i-; yet ieeu-mvt-d p-tjit week .. . ti I Ctri..tp.r! Mr.Hitter, Capt
you bl"1 haptUed St
embraces iho-fi politiciansh A letter from a clear man in the previously .... 119333
tii B..werl
*t ; ve sai'l I and blood ;and IMVC come out steel.I ."- been :accepted.: This i is I irtilv a valuable! rep Told: ... .- 120333I1CG71: 1070-4D Cjf.t! l B D 2 )I'all. J3r,1Ruthik
of COlu'elllfiHill: power in Western Reserve of Ohio. says. Taylor will tlC A'lrvd IVI it'll.: A
in (.I\'IIr tile.-[ N. Y. Tribune. fxl'flred pHI week ... .2511
are of the lit'nt'wl! Gmreinii.n.l.. I.I beat Cass in I Ohio by 20.000 majority. The I it was made al, the Armory)of Mr.J A.MKS: : :a'' 'a i-reviously .. .. Il4-J2f I Urman. J II P.I Kir.Iey. G

one part i ARRIVAL .\J .\) LL. BROTHIR.A Total.-- ; ioo Baker XV :.)arkhH: Chat
jolt 1'11\1. i I ass., () is n ch.iste and t-le- nr R. ITCII t: :
Z-ich" i is I liked betler C.holile. ill
of "Old
eluMn of the. other ,I'nl. nomination t : liuudi, Daid MaCk, At.drew..
the r% I anitle., prof.inud sensjlimi was erf; 'aled amonthe !
10 Thereto di We have gaO O.i hIIi! and shipboard! nol ctf'ltrror. sue 2J tim-b-c. Cia" \V
'EtI'CliliH' .rtlwh.; ''aul 1t'It every ; > glorious on \It'2.I.t"am.. Ceo
the horsy I I ln-.li i i resident of New York ye.1.,1\,
r.111 I" Acrll Dr a'I', 11., s L M I( Lean. W II 2
ir1ge! ilie ,,' 'ml"lt "f ;hi. 'in\ er. II news from New Voik. New Jersey. I'eim- NEW YoRh, J'Ht 27. 1i43 .) h liy lime. .11 riv.J UI I ih" Brit.itmia.; of Willaiiu; EXPORTS or COTPOrJ FROM APALACHICCLA l Irtuts"i, David W 2)1 C-rrr.irkJohn

rnst-d hy s'.\ "'ani.1 and Virginia. .. Look out for To Lieut Co1 W. W. LORI.NC, U. S. A. Mitchell, K-q;! hioiher 01 the i eicbritedp.itiiot. ; Isi IdH-dud "X.J"fIE-3: \!cNortanCat John
,1 Ii
CU.IllI'OCIlIj tfentenibi-r, "o1me
'fhAI di! "!!'Utcs ; i' in the Ole Dominion this time DKAR SIR,-Y( 11f'IIII'
'vr. pll, H'X other colt retain'"1114 aa. n- (i.ltcth < i iour. s-trMce steamer he proceeded t t rill Atnr t [I nlJ'w. tune in Cr'rIIrrll,. Cart J Me Keen, Wm
1.0 Alia : --
; II, ,11.1', ., I Tilt B".lol says in the fioiidi Wat., and. J'J.lly apjrcciatinnur; ill cnmpmy' with a I few IticinU! : liir.iuahoul I Past tPrevi-I I .1:1 lrutr, N 2 \uiiCe.rneickWmCuirts

ttolifulllHIII I 11.1 (If c1' t1n' v. is .hio. n .The s-ame 1011'11'1' which gave the .t1l ait iy I.c gCId CIIUUl'IS C"KWJuii.T, "!| (Si! "I''t: ; I lie d iv he was visited b) Irnulred* of n-jr WtttItt! FTr.O.. I wt't'k.u. l._ ,TOT.H'.r/ 1: :.t me, Frar.cUco )ic\'t-roll.ThlJ5 H

i .. I hrave Hal.;' : I with tIC! I ... .. ... .. '- ..i. ,- .) I 'rawt.' rd, Oliver lJ .rJIII. PusaC 2
G..f'I'aI C.IJ:4'oIill'n i ('!" ctoial "IIt t 11111I'1'11'. TI&u; ,1'lhlk.IIII,11ll', A V ri Cruz uIdr1". .... .. .. . .. ... I .:1)1.. ..o..I9. '.X. "IiihC: 3 (.hr, l'at t I.mac _
|\l1'.r ,('r..lill; lie l1camill, 1ion of the I;lri".11 ;uid Jiihn Tyler. will give ii to ind rlosii. with the c'Jirei rC.I.lln d' ul t the \ ,'Xll'.1 lime obj'-ct nl" lhissiid.leii ;tnd uli"XI'It.,1'iII ';till/ .. .. ... .., .. .1., ... i: ... c.- '.', Srri'I 01-1 arimn, Felix

? IUf.lll'r, I ih thewe I T ) I.r and i\hith.til Fillmoip. dslruli g4 uie: ': iIi. u-fl. \ in this couiiliv i I. tind'-i.sUt.id! lobe- I L'cie-t'.j ...1 ,73j)I. .7:3ji.: ."._) .I.Ii ('.Ih i J"nl'v }kj, luiti I.II
Ih'lr ,
ietiofl. < Cd.It
pAIIIIICtll'. ( "; 2'lcl''l drt t. connected With Snini' liloi Hi-lit/ m r-la'lori i "u( ... .. f. . .' .. !. ."
'heir ,1clfIl11ll.l ; idl know ) .rt both honeM tflf'l2- they aie both trial Itttt' a lll1 ul.u h.u' r. 'tlecl' d :' IIU.1)> :]: :..r Jrts..I. .. .39-U .5.944 draper, Edm"rtcJ J'Id'rln: PCorant
hi Tit to lilt brnili'-r., and his bIt lil; I
]ini t.lf h'.I' th I *' Sidle oi FL rnjd.d luveiiinctid cn-i.ifrv.. e t-x .- HtV FiiturnVzuO 3
. Vt I' IIf' III'tl.e 1.dit! :: plilld," '! nf .Iwlr Whig. .. antI the, I l''Il h'1"' lit clIt neitln-i I I''! .e ,j.r, sII.tIUI: i.l I Hie swud. \\ luith we no\ ,id:, nature of I ili.it mnveMient h IN not tr.ni' Tut.uI to For. P.jrt'.. ._... ..I..Htl.* V2 .'lS3N'e _' ..'J ..I Cr wiy, MiciM1L'ha Pt-n XVtn .
i TI4I '
: tl he t\II\"ilt" t" c.f .ilt' I Pln.iI'nlI i fTicr. nor pniN.. yiiipaihNe with the untui Il'lll.r\.u piled. S.irrie a>.eri thai h" brin.'s au Ofief w or..i..l.! |I 5fi .:ViVti =itH f...., -') :. ..It_, .e, Caj.t Join rr blfL'aj.t! Ceo A
i. ]
1 ,1.14111",' and th )ill be elected." R.-!:. di i'g tie |pa.t a' a |I''r:.tni-enf r..i future! trout ihe |B ini i-II Government it-t' a-un;: I his, I >n 'I. .1293 .2ti)<>.> .2JiU.t ;;f;; Cnoprr, Cajit J BUeuuril.Um Pdrlur RttspcitPrice.
,11f'111 |'"wer."iiteriesinc- nations v \ : ultie- ., SVovrJcnc-, :j .' Cl4G.: .Ci< :;-G.G97t'! ; S P
I f"rrl'l"lI1: n"t.< > to \ ur d 1:11.dld: jp reci.iti I t tin- brother fiom iiMfinemeiit.( nu Cfifidiii >;n that! :
' is fun 1,11"\\ to '. I-t'lu-IiIi.t .. .+ ... ] .9.t .:9; .fif;
P. 2
1 ; made 2 P
bciti' i tirdiu nf D.IV, Warren fIHr. Ct
111'\\.1; I h r""I'tltl"lltlhllt' MAUD QUKSTtoNS: foriespondent nf lill.r.1 ,1. ti (':iututlraI he scull'--| in Am-'rica and, that he ;pioceediinniediatelv I di"II'I r.. . .. I .. .11 ;.I I I i" .21ltw ; '() Cdpt

I ?' ;,'t1.! J Hi-' \'1.1 ;.,.. It.'t' r".ln "IJII" tIme ] | Patriot, propound- the iui'i betweenDU. and -\.ur liliocilutiia. ul! I'lo- lo ISermtid to nbtajn his iclea.r. "; ( )rie.ens.. .. ... .. .. .194.li.-H; Di/rhari. Pcrrvl Pirketf, II 2
: ? B.IIIIIIIP or- rd.t.I ),i, .. ... *, .. I' > :;4f tt. Jr. S.1l'l 2 hddt'rmckELiZa
; r ) .
. ;*tt1 ( ; Another riimor i i. that le visits thicoiiniiy I..n: I. .5. I > 'J! .2012
I t *011 'XpC41r1 : .
I ..111 I If'I''"I,!II'III'It'' all! of Gen. C..is., I ihe following j very sign i- U'ebavetbe t Konor !h be, : Lh nutiiuck. Js 4 Rliutr, Ca r
1Ihijl ( .. .
on an i i-npofMi't In i.-ill 11 I otmecteiiMtli "'a-mu.- !. 2iU c- .7 ql .f9ii:
'. o
I H n P
',. I ( ..s i.t'th. t't.IIIl'1I 111'011 Withtiiim.nts i oltetmn 3r.d rc.'ect. - I 1).1\i GrO S stTsu"? d.
( f" --
: 1'' '. n i I ( (11 nut-Minn,*. Your ub,'dieV, 'tr'a1.J.1I.I' ils, \ he agitation: ill lieland. \\'. n-peat; ; i'TAl..rrrs( I .. .i :: : 11 fi.fJ7.f"! 2'2" Devon. Wm C Reed .I

1k|,,40, ,P.I., t. \ \hn, in I his Jailer i.f aci t'JllilIWt''I'I' I 1. DI I not (jPII. Ca;, whilst Indian; Ajent.rf'rnmiil.iif : :<. )| it. however the object of Mr. Mi'ilMl'* -- ---- Etiiausn2'lcrri3 Irganu, U F

.of( il.e! DenttH I a' 41' n'li.niatrmi. I h. -J'\ : ;i I'ir-je Iniiniif ? >, I Commit lec. VI:"M io tlii conoiry i< known oi-lv a In him i; P.I (afS.P'r Katon {Vt j jliv 2 Richards, S

". !,1.1 \\ liit.' I t..1t I', pt'rmlt-r." !'llCwl lIe -1 I Q. Wa* not -aid fortune, ina-le: I) the H B. sroXK.I ( *.'ll" .in.l I jrli.ls. with whom the secret .tenirnDv tvithener-Rcv \V J Fllif, L D ,!'!", Lit don iJuU: r-", H LK"ClBVel.J

j b. 'l nimh ''u nl I lands out nf hi. as J. WATaJX tVEJ3J) .tlllliol I"III.lill iniiil 11"11! its l'rllI'.I-: : lt."II: ;. C"l't l }':H.'dr. 1.'n.ter.J.H; P ; E
e4td! if I"t"IIUlf'lIl .taIutielV IIH't.eJ. _: L M n HSiirarr
,1'r' Aiin ? ;.:i1111111 ;ltlvlalI..Y. Y. S.tfl. French ;bins Judge! J
ff fIcli"". \,11 I I.tt.' t" ;" t'ir.'R HorsF, ) t'l II.1 S pril.riJ''rs : 3. Did not John C. Calhnnn. ilu-n Seiifi.uy HF.CEIPT3 FROM THE INTERIOR.!
; jue 27. 5 Fo-ter WtaKhnn Smal Cant A L
,..I. 1'1. lr t.a..I..s1111)1. its f'fll.I I.f \War icrrflii THE[ EFFECT MR. VAV Buni.cz, XII- P -r -t.arrt SiuherR" 2')7 IMP|
('tm""" iCII1'. to ; or pas J H. N-.rris. D. J : OF r- ) r-itf-n f> N XV rn Smith Ii K
To R. M \ : .
,. ;
aUliuhl'ol.it.. ( el. I.., llif I ( i leu. ( : ? .Ni'iilitui nllidl T I I .t Slota'i; in I Hrtp-rA; : lioim-s: f-6f. A \ .tlec14v :
Itr'I1' 1 SIIH'I; '-' iKmuut. of v.n a*. \VutoiV., .b"-C"II Hire.'iti.t'is 'tiN \TI )> Kvi-ry i p..p.-r. : ,V C.i 21 f. \V .; P.H'.r.c On } ) Foster IshainFlnrey Spe'-r-i r.Sherman. Cru3
at tr, uh..II.I'lfI 4. ( isi. (.'.!" whilst$ fillins thtrftiitn ti. hi ..veeuli.. ih-il :dll1'/, /1--S IM 1/1' subject.erm ; ; 01) LnCKirt. J. hu U' E
\\ I'' I, :3td: I ( II' C (,e.Ihta. ; : V.II"1 (;i; "rL )%E :-n. 'wd111 mf,1 1w. I t V V.-n: :: 13ti> Mm V: Cheev: 12 '. Maci f > ,

; ;mtl f'* .",;, 11 f I\.f' ;I:", il "ill of Sfrrrtaiy: nf \",'.Ir. ,juss I the I I ar- > .! '\p..III'I1.| djtit>"J \ ..u t" in rii'i-ider Mr. \ .e1i B.iren's n-nni ty .'" I Ktrnbrouj.i: ; T t.. \VylnAc -'lrKl'nZIt" Frl.rcLtr, Snmell.CIiSneid

..11.1111'11' (:llIllI1-, of tirii.; Ca*. I l.dl.lI A' fiil 1 .,..em I l''i> lilt, ha.; lirr-u. rwiivulAfcejit na i i'1 as Jill: (;.,*>"s I ale. T'le' HMII (;. .ei:, UGm s%\'ttrY.C
f.il nnni'i'i ii'tttin.pJ' ii til. wt d J il.e pnl* : tic ii n.onpritucb i- \ M O.lh. dr!.'.
r ('/II'P'III.,1 illllt"1| .\ plainly.iliJil '. ; iny 11.11" l'-r ttPril2 : : li'tr'i"is. have a COM-.I" *r.I"I." p'liiy in mn rXPOHT[ l

Is ,11'1,101'111,11., .' t" tf.JIl1! the public an- Ti" \ \'.1 I.tH' "I-'Idl.d vn".r trii-t, aidstill I ill the \ ."rlllt'p1"10'1111 their bi'ioi: N'EW YORK-IVr bark; Z Kin -COl hales Grdv, IMt Giles
In* accnidmg! to I II. reinidShould allv : ; Griffin. R Strattan' Win
hj ine tn ; untolu. ,
l'P.'I. 1- ; : *
.tll .l.Mild leadili! II". wlifli ,the thnrtij'i 11.1 tivj >otiii.iete l Iroin C.,.* pull will tve ih- -u-lt. 0Lr
i .
] 1 1..n''* < i lie e l'ur""I. :i< $now seem 'to 1 I-, ,''k\j..dlPI'rl. to ;li\ 'li,11.\ -('.117 11", w ". i-lt-i jor.il v.ite fir ev. rv Si 1.111I.tn ( ;eri. 'l'.ihtr. \' f II"rlv \\ "\h...?.tr-f.n hilc.tr nHOSTOX ,17Irlh, D.1"1i.l S"+enikh.rge, B
: I d 1'.,' .,t I'll"" It! "f'U.' !!ir !(''UIIlt'1I1It% dc..1 '1.1 ,I.'" iTmie t"v Hit' p.o ti.itit> 01 :trie; ,,1.1.| |Vr 1m.T -, -59.) Ii ilr-s cotton.P'r ('in-h. D..u1 3 Srdtt; J'Ette
, "I.el ;II! ;111"II.cJ tin, pt-udi* will .I':"' '! th.tri liv L-nt ot I nwn, IIAC ci.jt.u- l Th-re will be indivi.iii.il i't'f.| tionI'IOMI I h irk M tl.. 7u. I Ie- Greer Cdpt I J Sai.thalt, Fr.zr.kGrears'n
,...,.I. : jiiy i; my IU- ': : :- > Pot c tir>n
" I I' C .
V I It
t.I P.II 1' think I (;en. C..< ;-art! IU fur u iln- PIC"I' .;fu"I'd l the \\'hi-.i p-iriy: i. s.i.ii" III iheNmiheiu cpr Scarb r-njii, A J

H T''f' i'ln: nM pn: ;
l | II' ;11'f,1| \ ;icmm.J>s we t :k" it, means j j:1 ,fenev. A man tiho wtiiibl. I pi I'shi'. own vv. \\-. I.OR.NG.: : I .t illl 111.1'ihuns.ifiU' Iff| f). 111':1 ;,1. Llh!U\E I I 1TJj1(1f\r J I ( (I n lj.1 Uali.Thr.4 Srnitl.Mr
bills .fier IIIP hail In-rn sm-h ,
; y fjerii-il by :tiI'atl whn will 711 for Van, Buien in .pn f rtc tc I1"-U'',. H Fmull, JasSmith.
H i,i:i ill; nutif' tmr h'than upon C-t'h'iun.' wnul.1 ,'. C.-flirlt. 11Ji; ---- lI 'd.\, Cjt| A Snr.\.,Tt.ot
a r. I
'I.i"I111 I ih" C, !luuiltn- Iu: : '
I :1 [ From ] ; ;
if t t. r ', i'in rnilu.ilii .l 11lh<- Cu..II.II"II. !IIIMH ffrnj'h': ,' in II-P tin, ;pi'r. oi e of ihtf C"Viii ci I'LL ATI I: T 1:1.1: LI 1 v 1 is.: --- -- ----- -
1 1'i I i MV", i t' thy t \ Id.t! itf ":" .: ''Ilflll 1 li. (;i llsv ; J ; I 1..1 S. THE SWEET: LITTLE FTLLOWMar: Hl1h"; r't"IJ Thom-js. C
: tiii-iii for his mvii purpusfs.Dr.MoCRATIC A 1'11" "| m of i hi-, G''m ji i MI is lit f i : I: 1rl.\ I: 1\.rWrnJ|
|II I IIP !. .! .J J tLfl mU thai 'III.lr 1'1. till Van HI""". ,bv ilimwii" himself, into
l.mi'i l if I
. ; < j ju Oiini| ,n ( I,. I will ff.iiU .ipl i I the Munnn'Col So.In"r Q linc, Allen fin C12a11 shoe.e1ie.Sr'3tur I Hnd4kiTf.cs Thr.rr.3Mr
niiuii-ili.ilt I\ilit-i DIucy.-Th .. S ofr I .: this wild ;ind latal; ( IH""I.I..11 '.iuk i tu n-eno >nutli'iner. Si; uv. fro Ct.tuuihuj.amiir I lull I II .
III ilic (il.Hfi.f anti. : 'ge ll.* l B .11'1',1'> ( :","" Ilill| in 'inill.liekelcll's I K 5 Thr mps '. A J
'liii,l'."- [ I ll'tibhit'ctott 1'nion. ::> t'tiut. Di-iiiireli (tin CCLEARni :; .J:. ,.
of iheir hv and Ha Mary Th TlUii
.t '.1* w"ots.,' |1"11..11.1.| -> If a< uon, I hf 1r'.10- > i" .
\ve sltooltl think ahojeilier on TriiMr: Iliichie. \n'i will soon I heilmwiieil. Hlrlu-v, Chas E Y..J WrnVm

ftv'trctwfiiiiii' Itiive l.iCD i\f'\
(*;4.t. tlifii, liiild tlii 41I,( iiii: '. .,. v"h wilt h'i"en II "f"ll\ in iln fIH..I"p, of his Inr 'iitulne'* nl( i-vcnt- lli.it li.ni, I \IIIIIS..lflo -sink or swim wiih .\I.HIII.111 .1 :m'v 9-lltrk Z Hili;. iJvermor", for: Z\ York.Hn"4 II.ri""JVm '\'arht'r., Captllendron 1I
h.1'1'1 IJuti-u I !" : Mn i. lli-1'ed.fl,, fir |B. ston. I [ Fred '':,If', E i'lJ..rrlr
fi.1I iipnn HIII\O| |> cf| tljp v.l l. if! parapiap'i : illn-irmns pr- cl..f..lr. imw lei-i-ive. fnuiiimigiip. .1* :. nf fxplniis' ih it \'-Itr n' ver .
J-ilv Birk .
i 11"1 .I M- vVi'jb "-ei, Hdrri-. for N York.rclir :htnilli.liis., Chas
Tilll; lilt (i."rllllllfflt l> ,ilrtt-linli.i-tl I .* lh.it luniieilv Ii&ea his hand the I".llll.d. Fur il-I taiiri : it 1.10 d""II M\>!ic. Crani- for Nw Oilf.ins ; JI.d! lbs \1.rcn"llisn. MrJ.ihuson
hiP ill tile | inlfiliil.inithat SECRET: : OF UMMPPV II nns.-Whyloe J'I iy! 12chr: Ur-joii, 'I.II', N Orleans
A'Mili! Firinly li\ llie ( 'iiioiion." it uil! ino-l nnmniu"l 'd alni.". Near what the rape 11.1 1..1 1.t'r.den'w"aptrton.( Lucinda
Imlll; tint .S IIIHLI.I.oI"i., July U-liiiK. Ma JilU, Lode' for UuMou.
; (jen. C.I.! broke his Mi'tnl on a roit.in; > III III on ; J..hr.'o. J \\.al: It.bcr: G 2
fniil n< m ii.d fnri e jts.i.ii' ,-.. 11111.s 1 ('oufidfiing oiiliiaiy! ; genius nf I thr New Dedlord Uazitteay "wl'lr.dll. iirc-iMnn. nr III it (leu ]>..itlerwa 1'1'''" i hi* r-io f under iv hie h lit; clnldien live I (Irvir.ff, A Wicteei.n, IJohnsHi

I ihe .i'lvain i'i" M iitiiiH'iil; iiinl tIe : I a rat I..vuiuiie w nil Wa; .hinllie '" d'HI' \Vhturn* he from i he en.j i:iiijj linle ;itlenipt LIST OF Vt SELS 1 IX PORT. n'm't"rrroan.. P MImi.

iffMiip t nf ih' a... ii I rfi'iil. ilrtfriiitiM'- I .. LITTLI: MATTY !'-MMITI.N VAN .Vil.i"n..n, \1 r. ( H f thu-u-:dil,;.. lii.-: I, in d..Il1IIclln.. and rou : hlv'' moves Rob! t Fulton \'".d.-slurs, 56V Ions, far Liverpool.loadiws .:, Franklin Wilkins, KSf".sraharn
them a\\i\', while hi love I them deuly ? John Willi I..n*. John E
BURt:> and his 1111. ilittiily -> 11""l"hlvlfl> a" if t they -I M Wrr ht.Bttt.l" .
tO ('IIItIId! Ii the < d null I"hhl !
| -I..IIl t Robt 2
f""P''S. bi-th thiown lh,'iii,.'-vfs iniu ih- j .w* of ihi,- ., II.er happened. To revive the ,ciul- Why siisanniher; bln> liif "II.''. di>coutented : Klth'H : ,

f"dl1I1I'i "f P'1PIr .ct.i tilleill =,' I ;\'" D--mo- lectinn and Intle IllllVlllill: III speak; lie IHldlIrd.I Hobert"atl.. Johns-nn, 491 tons, for Liverpool,
C'Min the thereof Duller iir.iihoii'ler ;
11'r.r r'a-II rl.1 I. : loadiuigIaterCIiitnber' {?:jPer'on-i calling for any of the above letteri
P! 1'.ln..loIlt-II the spnteticp f.nl\t 01 not' ? II i-r.i'ic Paity m't ,,II.iIHIC. them f j'll III"P."lc.II IHIMI ceil.tin i points i wluie I thie. while his heart i\lrlli. ; ,2 for converse and I vilLp1casesav. they are advertised.

It I 1I.tI tll.%i 'h<:i4I1If'r".. U mo>t have a meaning I \.! In (riinsi-qneiii Iti l tins jmtritttic tl'-vrr was the seinldance,, ol a c".d. maybe t'lIj"'I""I.IVIt 1 ) flies I lilt cruel speech to of-Commerce- 'oii ; JOS. S. MAY. P. M.
her for whom I the I 1IItI""ItI's> 'r tronuest afl'ectinn I a-
lint ntliJ'rhand
similar to wlme hI\ Rpi l lurytiu increment no ihrir ia' I. fu.tim.C''IpO'f' nf ome !wr1I'f. on
rrrjr ;I I dul. lacliicola.CIIAKLES .
'J ] .! of I lIP r.fu"I' of I I I IIUlil' I. miuhi not I the circulalmn of skeiche: | N noin ished ? Au.l,11'' -"arch'mg into I Ray Water.FRENCHES ;

( "ell. and! t.tkp jour CI\0 ver-ion i iljou in New Yoik few al days since.II' ;untl.uctiuahiy nf ihe true hf* and ; lernf ihe stamlard : deep depth, why does] man hecmnp so often A.[ X i McKAVIP KOiiKKS.: :*" PrpidpiitCHAKLES il..nt. Double DUr-lled BJJ Water fcr
like, i n heiler. (;"-'1. Cn... tlien. is eo'irtly nnmioated Mailin fnrlhe Presi'Iendy. bearer nl the Demncracy; ) do nmre 1.\1 than at\ianis'i u ; often' a criminal, in hi* home ? PRATT, Sec und Treas. |

oppisrd; lo tykin% lie Con"litiition nf'h'United : hue I : rnriiest I being! 1'fI\fPI himself and jMintl 10 his pn>specls ? A man's lun iaphy The truth has; 10 he told : but!, oh listen ioit Committee 00 Apipais: July 17 H. F. ABELL.CoIoize. -.

hould and laithful acounl kindly for, it i* hard to tell. II i i. because RF.NJ- SALTER. \\ A. KAI.V,
: 5 the true ;
Statp'as In* ,uj'te. in ;> uiMiiprs'f his son !Johnny gOt votes! dltdll CHo.il a .
\ I CO. of his private and public .1'111>. lut! mlhe woman does not fully I I appreciate I her mission J. DAY. D. G. n.\. ty.w" TOHANN. MARIE FAKLNAS celtbcat CoJ .
<' Jiuhlic' policy I lie h in-41' holt Ii |. I
tilt IIPr domestic life. Under the iri-srni
.e .sketch'1would the tli-line.iior ol (j'n.Ca&s's m ; i. [H. Yno'o.C"inmittee. I Ir!ne; alo a genuine firtrnent, 'lor sale by

H. 1.'. ABEL!..

l rclt",,,, I S"fcU j I lit 'etlliui''tit prospect of Gen. Taylor's election i i- Would ihe l.-deialiMU, of his ynuih, and his weighed down I by "ar" Asa tviiunhte isdifferent D. J. DAT. CASSIN, 711ITTEJORE'S. I Cor.cei.tntrd Vt'1tfolable
,, fiom, what 1':1. : 4 ;a mi-Mi ess. \VM (;. II. (i. duvo.N.I. ,
in hiseye.be PORTER I .
the priiple !"fOIt'O '\' str' <* ) iti (vor : very She is ill InnliM'ifor her dill
meniiimed, ? Would the 'iccutfin-1: : employed ( \V.V.. Sm. ;\VRIGHT, Diarrhoea and Dowel coinpl.us.t. fir eale by

14015'11 antil tier in her ill<:::le for we find in the Chatle; 'on CII.it'r. to the 1.1 Ii"U nf princely i fortune by' t.iktn; ad I I I"II.If' drcn ami household Site neglects her '1'. r.. MlTCHKL.SAML.. J".v' i 15 II. F. DELL

ull'lleullell:" I as f r"q lure I he1 mn;arm effect lhat i if we allow Gen Taylor the 105 \'; nf Isis poMtino a. 11"1:11, Af'll.; and dress she forgets her manner; [Her ".- .

"I" U baii'l sees lle) change iloes! tint perhaps: I'a-ospcctn s. I Snuff .
ivriim -nt to it G ;
supprpM -n. Cass received in 1844. ami speculatiii an nnsu'pec.iin
voles that Mr. Clay comiuomly
Oi QCOTCII Sntifl; in hlcddtr! rot JIe!
) .
? by.
find for it frn ihe condition !
oulj b'e time nf his life ? a\iuse: >n The Democratic Party ot Franklin County'
i in
us to "break tlirnnch ihe Consli'u'i find a place I liMory IS.) July K A'DELL.'r
of his > H. I. .
and these the niot sanguine o1t1iumflPttIvill Would it I there be told that i. has been U: I she I labnr under. I II I flies u in t the tavern propose to publish in the city of Apalachirnld, j .

/ involve the whole country in'ue not IIilllt to COICt'I"'. 41 1 voirg will aud,I ; :iinl billiard (able :and she increases, : in alter the first day (.f Atutist;: next a 1It"\\ipapE'r,1) Coot and Shoe -
office near lorty year* by criopm I fl\u'l ,I Making.. .. ..
.ilU and difficulties of other nations. be to insure his election from: year. That, much is owin! to the present durum the Presidential canva, that will ad\'u-1 lIE s'kbsrnbers hkH entered into
only i around partner
rf'quirtc 1f ing: m every PrfII"11 .Jlr"rsll I ca'e for the Presidency and Vice Prt' : ( T
I the 'tnime'lll embodied in die Wilinni a majority of 290. which the electoral to Polk. -and in that l nine i Ins never r'e'I\.t; i j jan circumstances of social I 1i1uI i is I line ; bill nominees of ihe Baltimore Convention, as 'well ship in ire above bu-inos, and respfctfulijt
Promo i""uld" h.ill that much of it is chargeable; to a sad submission solicit a !!nrcf public patronage. All wcjfc
of the
h" to become popular numbers. These must office by i direct vole 1"/I.I. 1-1 n the nominees ol the Democratic State Conven-j
college at done them wl! be
present I but hy : n.-af and
1..n I lo (hose circumstances, is al Iso I 1 durable and Iheir
lhat and that/ will all di be ] ,
010 the Would it be mentioned w lion, in 'cussmns strictly an
poor confiding minority. If the be drawn from the following Stales which Ii less in time of charts in cln! .rrlily ctith! ttshinp-a. the
appealed In in 1840) lo h.ril. ..!s II lit I Ion I rue. is more or $power ;i advocate the principles f-f Democracy.t j lirTI '.

JJj"nij of the nation-the lure populous by courtesy. we will class as duItful-I\ev' personal coura.cc mil military ni'-riistil I the woman to make their domi'siic i I life i more I j The Democracy of lhi< Coti'ity and of West I, July{ I 3t 'p.A. c.KLAIRMAX KELLY. ,

!Vrn Stairs-should attractive I t to I ihtvr husband*. and more holy ri-rida gens-rallv.have labored ,under the inroti-j -
happen to gel up York 30(; ; Pennsylvania; 2C ; South Carolina hale lamented Gen Uainson lint he rHusedhi I l I !
> mat in it* discipline and end. than ( hey now do. :' venience i't bc-inn without a public I nnt in I
excitement' IC'SIIlIlIl'IhUI viilunleered it. in h'Ilill"If : Cities's.BLKC' .
concerning the abolition 9 ; Virginia 17 ; Georgia 10 ; Florida 3 ; the t-lfCtmns ol the St.itt and alII :
A in lime. a simplieiiv i nnjiituit; ; ".
I ilarri I great nlariiy nlehrahdrmnaric
el (fulsome R* oon as ( Litters
SI"'lr and t the mi'Si flattery. I ,
there shosilul! be more Louisiana C I 12. Hence the voles' | lud the miTtifici.tion cf kn'iIhal i when [D .
lined adherence
for ruler ; n.II. elected ? Would these sketches in dress ; a more ulcer j'lst rrctived :and! lor $.J.e by
'be on was I IdNehood hd, been circulated I lave 'hd no'medium
alMilmon than againM u, (Jpn. Ca.sS of New York Louisiana will elect him liC'I'l"t' to the to -I that winch is ri.\ln in 1111"'" own eyes, !' they July S 11 F ABELL.IValcr. .
"k"0nI t"e allude. III uhusiighste.t praiseof through '\htfh tht-y in g t (l'">k fir a
.10 comply wit h the clearly exP"1' he attained if hshould and Ins ratln-r I hllI"I thai whirl h) is well thought} of f in
-the same result will Louis PhdipBf loyal { iiveinment rrecticn ; aid. de, lOin aUo thit l'ie co lUstbnU
ttntiment; of tile and iliruw the of either Prnnsyl I. and viitnons rt'ilI. nr $10 the abo- of the eyes nf oilier ; an ordeih, I ;ipportionitiUof l.iir It t > lie WI"It ci>nte.t td on both "Id..s. and UST received fresh and for .

I all tOttjtUljoIaI pt'ollt. prove cl\if the, republican pail) ill Fiance: by I ihe nominee various; |ieriods for diflyr''nt oc(:Ii 111: jiltiS ; lhat! lair and general dtspiisstori will be J Jtl S d.tle by
would Virginia y H F
b"ri"lsaiel Tlis vanin. (Georgia mil South Carolina, nr (for ihe PI.d"'IIC'VIIIII". I there wotil I I ma' e eveuio"* al home p*"s away ble 1111 the peo >lf we thrust uion a e er arCt-I'a"1 M _- ___ ABELL.
& the Cou.titiition wiili a'itirp ven- Georgia and Florida. Of hue Slate.! I.e any I ihin-! >ai l_ abont 54 40) any u tiling t'ely' dilfeiemly to what in ,mite nieat majority hr, and p trtictihrlv the Detnorr.ji-" ot Pain Killer.

Ab Gen. Ca. dolor of cases, t ;are now doing.THE '' THE STAR OF IUE U'EST asking Iheir generous 0.-\
wont they VIS'oS
Ilt! \uu classed by roiirtcsv as doubtful. Gen. 'I'aybr :about hi* sudden ch.uiiie. if npininn. s inliie PERRY PaUl K.llcr 'or sale bJ
South.llf nf I lie WihuotPIOVISO. "lIpP'rl."THF ( S H F ABEL
in carry evrry one.- I pinpriely and exp-diency STAR OF THE WFST" will be tide
:11Irlh.llliIIJ. Inok place Pntss.-Tltp. all of priniin: i i. perInp .
which he pielen-ls j"1 committee
Baltimore Patriot. the Editorial charge of a to be ai-; O IICN1ztitLm': :
E f'ArAT"TE FAMILYTr.EIItnhinl I before his nomination J any I ihm! aboui I the i he mightiest iustriimenialhty I ever pointed by the Democracy of Kra-iklm, County, kJ. my ab-eice from' the auK(Suie"nznl' A&eiil daring

u-ir"e b | SHKLLThe clear and explii declaialn-n of his senlimenis contrived) by mm for I lie exertion of moral I and will give a synopsi-i 1.1! 'the lait General As-
II, 1"1 appointed ScrrHiy toWl THK WHOLE TiNG! I A NUT JOHN PARTRIDGE.
.r1"1"1 A "".iilily of Fr-m-p. The Courier in announcint= i's determination on I lie snbj-i nf I Internal I Improvements mill uuCliCt'. "The Rev. Dr. Adams in his late I i-einbly ol this State, arid a. revirw ot" the acts IIfl Ami irhiM Jol S. 13 IS.

J llie friend nf I \Washmaton., $ Boston a* nniameil in hits letter III the Chi address ai Vale ( ;lolledge. rein irked :- i itt: must prommett nieinb .u.111 he 1':0111 .. '"

Iar(,*'1"'' '" '' iI'ion,1 rPlre.IltatiI..I.) oicupy I to Mippnil ihe nominee <>f the rages Jnnvenlinn. and reiterated a lew dayince "In time city ol Sira.bur!!. on ihe eastern at the price ol ventv-five Cents. fir a cingle I P\V. CULLEN i is authorized Ageimzds. -

Illt'n WhiK Cleveland. Ohio ? frontier of (Fr.iiicstands; in) I h-' principal copy ; three, C''piefor TD llir- ; srven CM1 my absence Ir'lftthe Sl-t .
I''I :rt.\l rrs. (i"ol gu'. EIIIIII.I. I Convention (1)1: : in his speech at : i 1 p'fI f T P">or Dollars ; ten copies lor Five D->llar- ; ? .

Hit Oatir .r.JeIP. .un" and trriiiiiUoin. of I .We take the mailer as wr find i it. and i ilI And' last though not least of all. wnu'! I thskeicher ; I square, a larue bronze Matne of Gni'emluug. I land ;.nv number over the ib'>v" at 'the iI.HrI" rites po1'1.' P, ELLIS..
I insert the ihe inventor of ( heart of piintinj: .till II Apahchicrii.Jtne 16.1S 3: .-
% lan who.e memory is reveretl in both I I mine tu nur hands in v' ry i III.i. shape III hi* hfe veninre lo itP.rsurss reeiviii thi4 Pr" "I'li \ i I .

C4)tcthI lrIdi; Jul, Leleyne. anulh.Er'ldluu; ., Shall the Whig* till pillirt I ll Whig candidate npinimi, of .i1 1r. 'a-s. I list: I ihe degraded and moveable lyp.''. Jl is a full leissih figure: I I'ld-I.. f.r-tcnri' siili-rriiierii.iind receipt Inr us, atl I nrcr u iot -"'y ,Inlv an" ori'Z.J.

de t and Remurl. r.ive' of MadameT J or by withholding that support throw al YPflllin.( lv..r..cJ inhabitant nf lie lemioiy III: Ih..1 forlun lip individual. I'rill"h pre.s teturu the same dddrfsed to S duraa; my absmce from tlitStte.. Agent

Let"jrie I. from Mexico have a ris-lu at his side and an open s< toll I Iii his hand I R. J. FLOYD & Co.. I '
hit dalu llfr. Mr. de. their strength on the tide of their opponents! lately acquired .*' -VRC.. KERR .

rt1f brother-in-law George Lafayette. This i is the true state of the mailer, aud no to prevetit the Southern people from carry. with, this inscription. And t'ltrt was light. J-ily 6. ISIS. :Apalachicola Fa. .T.ire l ?. ISIS- .-. 22.'tt. '





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-' . . Sr '- .- .
It. -- I ." .- ill
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c "4tr." ....1" > --_." -- -- .

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= ., .. .
l.4-4. < '
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\ -, I .II '. -

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: -

nutterxhttlur the result ol inline-ill cau e or AMENDMENT) 1U THE I iLtnal; 1''otitcu. Dry Goods. FRESH ARRIVAL Op

p causes produced! by irregularity, ills (Ir accident. Constitution of the State of Flo- rPHE suhscriberg offer fur sale a large and seaL Drugs, Medicines Paint iL
sjiiable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in Dyc-StufTs Perfn
than Us
Nothing, can be more mrpriMng I rida.Proposed Franklin Circuit Court. I7. At"

t Ir.tml ctiect-on the, human ."00( Per- John W. ituuUlt, CO.Utl', ri part: ofNero Kerseys and I.inscjs, to'fillundenIKJ1f'Q his friends and th retnrisbi' ,S

HIIS al \. "'$ a.id l'lliuhh'! Mom taking it, ami agreed ta by the third General \ poblie ro

tI I at "'>ce (j.c4'IIie I n hu-t ai.d hil i! i''l tlwr&md.r, : .'**1 mlJl./I: subject t) the action cf the ntxt Daniel Smith and Lucy Ann 1}f In Chancery. Wiiite Biigu.is and.nd Red Txxeeds Flannels, It liberal thai he patronage is now and bcop to .

its 11 fl.Knee. It ltnIIwdIdttly ciiinltract-i tie General .issn his receiving an .
:inbly. wile, Re-iji'ls J
I. Su "I black -nd Casamerca al
: i"the'I er n-i fancy supply, ixhich added
-; ol I lie km.l 1:1.thlch the fi'renii wi' it i is h.h
1.\.I.j..nn. readi-ig dffid or-
I Super E iglish anil French Cloths, stock renders his a
tsflflUfl1H1U1fh : treii c.iu-i' "'l JJ.I n"l'" '! I \ill nt t he exp AN ACT lo amend the 12th Clauseof. the 5th! !I UPON' that service ol the lore.oing bill hex ; mlncMand UI' alJ

I, (rt..d oi! u., \ c.i"e-i ol $><> ltc..te a nature, to Aiticleol ftht. Coutituionot! this, "stale, so that I perfect' d o-i the del?ndinis i-i, < nd bill n"llloa-: Wlnt.iey; iUiiikets 10, 1 II and 12 qr8 ( 1I11111C'Ie. EI' lu.h, Frencli I. Cf'fI..

j1nh1Lil I tx.uUii cettifuvlf if onus )jeif-iniid, but \xe | the Jl1d..- f the Circuit Courts lall) hold ed, hy publication I fi the Com nerci.il Advertiser, Dull libnkets.S; Hand I lOqrs.Mjrs.Mlh.s American Drug ; Cltlnlt'tlfII ; Pi-rlDo-:1;.:*
tt.tiiiii a1.4Ji .difd [ Quilts, t'. ID, 11 and 12 qr*, and DtuggiMta Glass ware, &c '
..ijnuho aiTl.cttd t that Im < <.1 l (4'tSli4vt' &r'ft
; ot
( others instead I
a'i their lor a term (it f We *
Ij : j eight ears, "itS a nue other l1e\\ *,):ner piiMxheel 1 1 the tPIII I .
j to ti 1 FIi< iKaiids ol de< .! Da-it: us, Kr rnli'.8 and 'eittonades, Phyirianii i C. ui Ir) Merrhai l' /
liet-n lepiitid | lId
dui cd bl'ha\"llr.
) ing
t g< District, fur: t the s ace of f.vir tri'ith- re juiriugsnd I o'f
: luvi* x\ih-iit( : ( I II and ; Breiwn S'nrti igand Sheeting, the flutiSt liberal tent.!'-all tl ulatL Let.
I It ,I wtr..111Ii1 h.t'l clillnlall'r Srcno.N 1. lie it enacltd by the Sfnde Iv't'nd j'lts tu .i''ir| and .nsw<>rsiil umdullt

\ is1 _- I I I ii-iii;a Itw .,uKi I | I lii!I > 1\"IU3hlE 11t11.IIP, House ,'f Ififnfiiititt.ctf oj the 'hite of Floiidn : bill, othervvtsp t'lit the smi" h, t.i'ten ;PP C"I i ifcNso Cotton Os-iabnrgs' pure and ralt.d.If.

i |h'I' IWII I lil-...'d xxiilifi. 'e, htaltly t I. <..ispiu-? i |>. in tit miul ..Jmnibfironoenitl.. Thai I the G!!: .tip' S. HAWKINo, JuJ s, &:. Cotton Drilling and Ticking, F. A F.U.,
I Linen and Cotton Checks Wholesale
4 To M ot IC&'S ntul !ilZaiTicil Ladies.Tin 12lh: C'lanseof theota Artidt'.lllwl"ta"tltntion I April 2 lib, HIS. ntall trn,
Dr. Toivasenrt's irsiparilla.W. : K\li .ictot t SuM.ipinll.i has ot t this tate be mini icail! loll-nvs, Irish Lric i, Slur ng and Sheeting, \Villtrltrt
I hfel"xlrtI| IIn aim as lo as A Iftl" WM VALLEXU, Clk.
W., A ul Bit s ng 01| the A1 c"py.; tIle tehed Cottem 'hirriii.r and Sheeting, ApahC'hkobOY.. 21 I' .
i in iPlerence! "m t tiinaU' c 10 ,viz : That( 'Jt! t the expiratnni i the ire-sent'; I cnn III! I li> 1m
The most e IraflT.lilldr'iIt'II'lne! III the W.'r'd "n'p.H1 Ei i1i4h, Ire icb a-ul American Prints: ,
hi, I >poeshpi3rtpiroachmz ol ifice ol I the theCucuil Co'iits xxith i t I -
l"no asieasnntosuj Judg" 1I1| t I I u Drugs and
This Extract i i. -1JiJ'1II; Q. arl Bottles : i it H MX At C.: :i \11 :tel's, Extra .<''i "-r, j-1) n } and twilled Ginghams l1Jc'dlC'hlf*
I thjt critical 1 t pirnd, .'/r turn life"should ( t lie exce.tiou| luien.ilter| ter mcnlmnid) .1 11,1 ie-f'oJ of 'I'll subscribe .
time cheaper pleasanlcr, and \v irr.mud superior 1 STlpr C.iVwTe d'EceisseExtri fl..
tieuh.ct to take, it, a> i is a ret | ta) anv iid. It cures without I li'r any ol f I the numerous and homlile Courts, hailll' t'lertf'Cllor a trnn ol iiJit xeirs, :1. Cainiichan, Phintift'! : 1vs !'I'er Mush ele Lime a45 rtmeni ol d, ,
vomit purging sip'jtniugf.rrictiilitatingth 'I )E Scotch and American tie,. \1 Mlfi.NwlI{
:, 1 lil'l. :
: dieises, to which fUalat\ sa'ijeet! at t this lime and shall hold I the i I' offices for I tlut t tern', unl..i'shutter I CIi Jo--. \ I rl. II. \,
Patient. hie This period niny be dIIvJjors1Lral removed undei l Iho! prll\jilln. tnidrf I ill t this George K. Wdker and M irx | Su er Italian black aunt! figure-d Silks, a"iI (It tb bf 11I\\arrar'I I"
The :ret h"3''Y' a-ul MI "enmity nf (his "iisiparillaitver III nmlicinc. N i u Its vul- his xvile fir the State ull| Black Silk Cravats and fji.cv I IlkU, i GUaht ,
yai b.l wing this < r : : j i I: Co'i-lituiioii IIIr the removal ol Judges hy addicts m j Merchants and **'
all other rnedici--es H, lh.it wldl it : Ihlt th xxlio areappncching' xx'omanhof d, I I I, ">r unpf'achmen! ; and for \\hlll't I l I 'h ct ol d"tv, Floiidi James E. Bettuer j I Bill for account Suer' Eulisb trill Pongee Silk I HUls, to their advaiitate Ir 'all Pldi.ttu"Bn| <(

eradicate the .Ii;,'}M?, xxhichh..ll. not brsulficient anti Ann his xxilp, ol the and partition: E tglisb i a'\rnerii-an Cotton Hkfs, Goods before l1Trt'ha..it,el"x..n. II t aid 'lfj*V
ht'.n' 1i'st'it"c :Midras iid, Verou.i held I Hkfs | ? \\ 1 If rK
is one of I -! 1-! h'.o.d and, inxigouling (the sx-luu. InseEd. :I II I ground for i impeachment, t the Governor Slate ot Nc-w York and : N. H. Pl x!ician's
; Ail) SUMMHR :MHmriNTS uualnahle f.r .il, I the le June McMisters ol the Lielies' Cotton How and Gents Hf-hoep, prrscrifiiM. III )
I ined.cine. u I t siiall I remoxeany <>If l them on the addn--I I Ixxo and lit 'p 11
Ever knei.vn it not onlv puufiVs I the xxh'ile QYc. care accllraC at any III il I .
M llr"'I'llltVur1lcd
; hutcnatfs i di.ea.t. to which xxornen are -uhjict.It I t thirds t f the General ,\ ,,'"I.l\' ; P, nr'iI( (I 1(011'- Stale ol f Seiutb Cir lina, I Sui'" er .llill. VotingsColfu'i J ALifvVMarch I
t"tn, and sire-ititheiK th<> person anel! nix Thread C.
sps.5ed hvnn I braces the whles xstem renews permanently ('ri r. That I Ihe> cai5e or (..IIIOl'S'1r.11 1 I he Male'l at Defend tnl fs J 21 Or. Centre
and tic'i b'oait: a pewer p< '' Plain I 11. Miwis anti checked Muslins ad
r.eta. purr url (hx' ing I llie i and PON am I hvil ol ComplnnanrsSlicitorthat an C.-un.frtt"l
tinlie : I the nat : energies; remox impurities k'liglli in such addie-s entired on I lie J uirtials -
the grand \
other medicine. And in ; t ol the hodnot M> far stimtilaling ;< to pioj of each I llotist'. w'lllJ Jj 0t'Uf.frI1r, U 1 Ihe Dore'I.f.I"r mneit inlet m :01.11I1 l Bill d
-t'Ctt of xviwiderf'il oj-ri-ss It has perloimedxvithin i which is the olmo f ; not Jl.illt11 bin I Ibis Circuit but wil Ili' the Ne'-dl -s, Pi-is, Tape, &/ &.r ,
duce cast That
lit' IO)(tO utcuresot j Mihpqui-ntrtli\'atniu, I Ihe cause or Causes shall I l be notified to I heJnd ) t &
1 list five m"re m 1lli@mIUPElt
the ,
selected! with
hive hen in
; I"J..I 1 ll.'lfl ) !: "i Il( i'ill', Llktl t t'r; female wt.knl s and :e so I intended I lo he removed, and )he i Miall 1 lhitl'.1:1.111'': I It t is eirelreel hit notice of the Which great care
? of ti''-(.af ; at York .
!severe cases j {few bottles ol niMilution of this suit and the fit| the New and Bii |eHi.fr"in Importerand Agents : I LL Y
.-xvdlholixcs I I i di-ene. By tiing : ( ld" "edie-ill be ailir.illcd t lo a he.iiug: in huoxxu d..li'lIr.he- tiling l rrHflr
considered! incur b'e.' I'I t !n t
wore dm I Ii." t ,t 1: ant''trp and painlul sargical operations may bit e any xotelor' Mich), r'n'n"h.tllla") |I : aid in :aineneh-el Bill I I, IIP given i in s-urie newspaper publllnel of Mmufacturers, at I he Invest nr.nkft rates, and ? vice thecih/eisi| )| Apal
t-f more than ;5JJ3 c'nllivu in:; t\\opa "lfc'd..It'hfllc? "l. i-tailon t ivcrable! (
r cola he
are rtow I
i l h f> pr-'\'('niod. such cases I the xoteliall I IIP I laker: hx_ )t'.I' arid i in the Ciicuit, for t Ihe "|iace of four Ci'Unty III "r"n.

"" )4n'c. -. -- Ga'cat dossing (o Mothers nuudChiIdicii. na\s and enterid on t Ihe JoUin.ils tf each 1 1I01l5CrC''I'c.rIIHly months, and i if t, upon tine proni eifthe appeirmcp terms by WM. G. PORTFU & Co. general.x. the hh II'ootlf
10,000 CI RS nf tS e'irvJ ncnmy J'c.3'1.1'317. -II! Water street.A f'o ioll. Havlll p
of snd notice!i in soine newspaper so pIul! it'uett _._ 'zti i h
--- -- --- --- ,
nail want of \ !n'on" Esierjjy. I It i i. t tti.r.fe.t and ui".! elFtCtiial} medicine for I SEC. 2. 1'c it.fur/lJ,' rnnctcd. Thai the Judges I for I the I lime I rnenlio leel the stitl defenelmts ito| -------- -- --- --CARD.- -- -- ----- --- I lInrralll It with3LLIL IIIP IFI"-

Dr. THXis.'ud's Sir-se-cnlii I i-ixig.iMtes 111 and I the s-nflerin first aPJ'"illte.1.I'HI'r tins aiuend d Con it mit inn, neit appear In snd bill bv the next riileelay,\xhichslull IN on hern cities they|, wiI1 1 :
I II \ I'nlxi'ij f i ; I thpMYrn, r'lie"I' ::! } ;
whale! : ':v. i I"o this xxhn :i Subscribers I lake t this method! of inform b I..d fofiirriisluV
svsjetn, 1'rltaIi clnld-hnlh I ever di I It I sliall) ; I I he dj"IfI.tJ l ti\ lot i into fniir cHs""". The I coa.p .ifior twenty dixslreun( t the e\pinM inn THE ( f'lr alr'.n.
:\ < o\'n'd.
1 ,st their hv the cfll'cts; l of t Iffd.j \I'nlllll upon ( I tour the cifr/.pns nf| A pal; .ichicol.i anti! Ito vi- tirrif 11'(11.1 : ; of j of months it is further x.e."f
i'r.y Iilllll'ri..d or-
M rengt hens |hlth i I the moIL ami child i piexenl< fir-t cl.i-s shall I hold his or t their ohce! or offices .i IT uD4
in x ol lh, or I lie < that Ihev have noxx- on hand a neat
i"-;-me or indiscretion lo' lmilcr I taiIt : di-e.i '", il1cr a i of the : brc.u.jht t ill fllrirw! and well selected Stock GOODS, which will be I'd
htdiilgeti.-v I..irmi' mOlI"ocorrng
t-xcesiix-e I llc I Jli"s (> who h.I.1 nd il think it i is ituisi.-n| alle.li (four UMIthe I thud fur' t the form of six .uais, agiiii't i t then.ORO., at II vi wlhr m",1 t J'
r III' a general phxei.-ul\ p: :vtr.'tioti o tt! I hI 'irvnnrytein S. HAWKINS Jude &c. sold 1'11I'.!j"l i III! in part as (ti'l'ows! ; able (///,- rf nTf'. .., which nil! '
the |
I t i is h'glilv. both. he-fore f. and aift-r confinenent I fourth lor 1 ihe teirn of eight xears. >"
lissitndv! .I"t.t anilllr. Kiinting-en-: : 1..11\ Cloths ,iri 1 I C.ti imert's, various: -I lxIe3. advantage to a fi.-hinrahIe '
3s it ,disensis attendant [Pa-s-ed J .the Senate hy the Constitutional. ma- CARMICK & SI'RATT.Co'npl'l n mn unifv
d.-c.iv and d-'clme, hastening i prexents upon Fancy Prmfs, (10 do. N H. fit-nlb-nic'is' '
fitionspremature : childbirth i: Cotixrne-i PileCrampsSwell- jouix', December 22. I IS 17. Pan. I t the I 1I 1..u.e olRejiresenlrttivps Sulici'ors. Murruiig O'XXIKniug :1:111 .
I.wad. I thai latal tl"l'1"P.I Cnn"IIIlilf.! can he I A True Copy. WM. VALI.E \u, AhtMca Lustre; do. Figured, Wr.ip; en trade tn order '('loj' A
I I the Constitutional ;
i ing of I the a t by I naj-/nlx, "nf ""
e-itirelv retnr-d 1 In ; 111 remedy. This I.t."pI1111e IpallJrn.om Dee : Cprk.Fraiilclin Silks, 'r'KIt' Ih rue, I d.-;.l"i:.f'm'n:ad!> !tn the I Hsiia!
11"3 itif i Pain I :I F.E\ Pail-, Jallll"r.,' (i. ISIS.] .3) :(-1 m f.irn.ro t rht e,
du. M'itell.i Waki-i!
i is fir < '
u-ipi any I ar d Ruiirc Gail'
raparelli IIpniortlu p, and in reguhiling! i I th'* ecit ions and, All Flottdi ;papers xvill publish! proxideJ i.ot Circuit Caal.t. rs triadin. .1
d". Silm
: Striped
In1'iolatu;.? COI.cil O'iali7ing\' the circulation it I has no equal I The more than S20 i is chat .,! The Pre. d'-1I1 ind Directors tiianner ; Tunic Du.Q"tl aid i'J.I ,
C.ishmere R"besdu.
,\" it re I-MXS a'11 Ilti.I: i sixes great be.iutv'f I this medicine i is. it i is ahxaxs!sale, April 27. IS 18. o-Gin.. I l..eJ.k: of PensACol.. Of1 Fancy ever df-scripfie in.t-ie tr a Pleat atafstxle. : rd t.J
Activity tn t the I limbs i ar.d, trpllh tn the muscular II.llhp I it most | : 'I ChanccrI 1 Merino elo. All garmenrs made at ifrtcartnnful tst"b'f3Iit'
system, h most f\'r"lli'ar'degree. : t mo dilal' ,. !nct'i.luly, IVotiec. \ d! ,. !),'!:imp; (jr). tit Jit.Crj '
: rasfo another, I mldICilc', in I Ma-ilev! and' other' j I
CO:.' iimj>tioii Cured. xviy. f.\little Ci-torOil I'pquir i is nscinl.IACICI'SP late firm of .. Stevenson: & Co. hiving Mu-Ims! In,!ia Rook : ;- Shfur, *vcrni; :"t7,- flT.pj'5!
MagneMa, BJ1rt
''me or TilE At Chambers 2llh March
Fi 19.
-Cl,inse I cm: be. : diss .1 Ived bv I the fleceas': ol Joshua ei I S\xi-s, Luce aid Colored Kt-fnr.re. Ci-estnuf '!street .
at "lrp'T.n
CO"'lmllj'n I the air and t !1/ d I willi$ this i
in < reiding the Bill and srthlI'uit4' lil..1 in
li:1 I
open I (
'lr..J. ;' ) >. Ci.tn-I sa'eand Stevenson, all I t these i inelehjc-d to t the snd (Him are UPON E lyings, I.le, \ C.-: anel Thread! Orll her f 1.1, I"i7
Brn'lrull' will always i-n-ure a eacy on- ciu-i'. It i. ordered, th.it 'I'rvi'e of s.mlb11 II
,iai-it, (. *, C.t rrh, C .nz1":, AMhin.i.; pititinrjof If'.Ieinp. requested make p.IJmer.I and I hose liavinv; Shtxxls, Dirnisk Silk cjA -Idle i.t I' Fall an 1 Wsnffr
h I I he I Hiiarn I I 'if| theellenda F..I'IIIII.
I : peilected em .Minley, one
el I \1
f lU'w' / ], S .n'ne i< the ClnM. 1 ILrlipriiM'i fineracnt.Not claims lo prf"ent tie: "arn,'. I. reci-iv. (I. ,
Nijht! S'.vp.it",>Di.Ticnlt or Pf'ltic I IAp :: ire lo the I.ailics.Tlios The 1 se.ck| .f l cod cm bind are odered fliT sale its, xxh'i anpcMrs fr-nn I Ihe alfi I hvit filediiPiem Ii.. PI.ltd Wool .
thaI: 1111;Ile Dr. ToxxnM-nd'-Sjrsnparill.i, i !ti !be a rcj lent of I the \llIllIe District i..t f fFl La and Silk r.1"TII..I ..
Kid Si'EL:
; cti,rati<'n. Pai- in the Side! & ., have leen at low prices for ca,h onlx.. 'e \ ( ;
and( can he c-nrpd.. have inv.tn.ddx' called their ,lnfl a great Tumuli/ T. II. AUSTIN, .rid, hv. puMic' .iMori j n lie nevxs,ir:)er pu'- Giisey; Bu-ncls, bfest fasnonRr WATCH AND CLOCK

Blood. fm Fimntti &,c. &c and have r"pilt our hillnti > Survixhz; partner: Slexeii-on i, Co.hici.h |11"I'f'll' i in I Iheciiyof I .Apal.i-hice: fur I the, 'n-p: )S. >is ri all viriftti.sBPUVI ;rAEF.R.of' .

Spitting .l cue ulars I xvliirb rla'o I II lle' complaints 01'ImpI I.(' t Iwo ni' 'iibs, re:{Hiring i snd \f rilev to be a-id 1Jrll'l'i i-" 1-4 andi ._. :;J;' Ser., d Story l'.lrzeU', UII.fdl.
il 2 IM7.Dr. \pal\ lit Max 2'i ISI 1" 1 1'MI' ,
NVW : Y' t .
Y.r11 \o-ir' S.ir- I \\ xord for xxord-other tnpti who put II aupp.tr 1I..r'ftIt.; I t COP it on t'i',ii. fiist h\I.lv nJirie Blotched .11. 7xI I, -I. 10-1 and I 1-4 ,,(1Z>? ( r"fr"lIct' ( ('f-" IIHI'!,

TO"QIIll'rih Iwliltl: ; mPllil'i'lp.I"p.' since t lie pfieat 1 MICCP of IVotice.ALL : nt-xt and .tn-xxer said bill ollipnvise t the Bl.nVts G. 1.1'ulP-1 > .\P.-\'L.-\CiUCOL..i,

sinanlla: )ln Ive'i! tlie f< jna for, Ihr"Uh ii l Pruvid-Mjpp ln.1 \1"lld'.Sar-ip.nilla; ; in c VIMPS:
I iv< r
I oj hid c'inl'm. "li It e hpp.i'n'h.1'o* vnre n I *.. \t: [. (1"lal,',:. iicoinmciKied I lieu -, all 1iuigi) piexionIv I I Duiif-l \\'. r.incetf, deceased, aiv iequird i GE011SF.! S. HAWKINS, Julje, &c. Car.iff Bi.'sHits repaired! .o"h.'" r :H.I i -
: Wt I tlipx' I tii.nib ff f thp"e Mixtuie*.
COl.! did not i the within the lime A Tllli'
-IIIIP ( riy.
!11,1! : present prenlud ; I I .nd C.I all -txLsR'Vits
'1-Ht I ranp/1) I Hn<* : IiZ'1 t JIlTiN
.! 'lla'lli'w.| it HI ttt'ii 11'\o.nd reduced.and Piil-I % &,c are ili'rfl": I II females) a-tliex I ag giexate hx- law or el"l' I tlwv1111.I he I h IITI'c.1'! reciverv.T. Wir.i.i\M VALLE\U, Clerk. .nd S'n' esClothfig .A ; JEUM{

*.v< ,did rl. irvl nevn W4
Sjr ioarilli a h'.rt tnit' ;,'11 there h;"" a \ ''idiful Cured. ,\p11.lrllirlll.I; M I.iy I IS. I IS h. -- -- -- -- AU >. a neit a>".rT'lh"t. of JEWELRY[ :andmi"V Uooin.
This; certi'icate! c>>r i iusixt |I.r that this : County Tax Sale.BY .
proves other arhcles I t- ,
nu.ne' to rnezt ti.m.
I : .
clint hpon vxr ni'it i in no am tn>
rsaparill.i h.l s c u.fiol oxi-r I til tno"t o'iMinatp IVotiee. vii i III'- ul the putxer ,'p..t ed lu me hv |!.iiv, Cill a-id x'< ursIxt'. THE r. : ri.to, f f f Ihe Ittl.p.. a'tn Ro"r
\v.ilk U L the ritv. I nn lilmtd, p.ror ex nn'Hr .. "
'F 11po : ovor r.lj.e di>"':"es f.f the 10"1 Three per OI'I Stn< rths aft- r ilile, I "ill i| | applx; to the I xxill I I I exposeor| il. h '1lrc: tIle G"'lrt-h'I'HO' M. N. 'corr I k p.coriirR.De : i.is n-, d t-'n.! -( it" r i, n-
.IIIOV "'I'1 I IH-- t.-I m*. Y "n cm \\e1 im.i- I .1'ieUect Pr hitis f 1.1' Fra'i'nlii.CiaiMv I the -f in'.s1.!: ,. f f.. .
: ,
( Ciifidi I j i one hne i I" u-viec 1 ,1nll"1 !; il'inr. i in the ceiimlv e.f Calh'iTi- Ihelir.t 1.cI i ,- -' J3 C.-r. Wati-r and Centre sis.B. I .u r".I I 1 it-c ,'. r".
giie thaI I am thi'' kfn! f.r t'lp- r"Mill I a (rial di-eh.nge' horn t tlie adifiiii-lriin-n iiI .,nut i. Ira hut! th.it alt di
Three Children.Dr or u i 1fir AU!INT) 1 IMS f the f illoxxi l tg s"wri.s,' l luripeilv nlr rirt.iiiatii, ,1 lk.
Your nf"di '"t C 'r,' "tV1 I Ihe e late eit Ilt-hrx I Heal; 1.11."f ml r uutx.deceaed t I I Inprix..- I 1s_ I Hit r. 1 rOIl r'" : P ij h. .
Catharine Tmxn-end : l D".lr Sir-I I havp the pleasure or s I tuu-li th--rei| .is xxill I mv I!ti> Ellison k Co. { fr. Water and : r ill'f fwil
\ 1 InT"",! ftThia In 111'nl01 that three N, .\or''r.I ', ,'I.IIl't ;and Cotiily lav due t.'iereun fur 1 ti.e year CI'stllnt slS.SH ..t !-is dire tit ,I'rfVp. I e xxill du, ,T. 1'1

S U'lru'I"t'UI. tlin'iad been cured of I il.e Sciolula \I theu; "eof \p 1111 ccpllpnt \- Ailaehiola.| \ ) April I 13.1..1.1 1::-.:iuk'I'iSifuIc l h' I", I.-wil : p \XULKUY.: chi.i-c jsrtm. it '.' 1..110 r-. sr.ej r fKipx.r .

i i. n'ilv f'H iti 'Ct| 'r. Dr i! 1.11 Siria I H1di'wi',,'\' w''re afllicud 'xerv "C I Thp S U' j .,(' S.'cti1 .">, TiwWiip I I. 'Ine 0.X I. \/r\NTLL\! fi'I{ IMn-i dnlitfe "f all ";si/-. I i.r. s. of ., -? ti, tukle: the |'4ai/ ,. ,.| '

ea..4 of Rh''m ; 'i t I.t Ttwn."ulo' xxiih had S',rt"s : haxe tak 'ii mix 1/lr' h<.t : AcV, j utii-i" 11.,' I i-i'U of St.ilieu Hih, ,inls, \Jl I H .'n'r' dine, t.'r'I,1ir11111'1"I : i "SJIIIMVir Usechni'r.i'st. t r.,1,1 ?. So r., ; t. rf (
1"ri "i, .cnred, T P rn-.t op\'rp< : < 'r.viip \'lr..I', URL'S Whi-kex ; liiilo. PiiiT.ejo p"t!. ; .>iiiiig to 'bpon| .' to JV.. \ il Iiarivi. | .t a.td; tI.l li.-f U-. ti( -hi t In r., ,. Ol"'j
I tur whiCh I lcd < .tt
tliPtn sell rir
eiadicatcil \' t ,: it tnnk '\\nx mn) 70 puri| la'lim. -rui nt(| F .t"! 10. U i.t':" do i OIixK;i I II. !
r.."are weekly hy i,l lr.lrrinar'iltac. rider gre.it obligationY h'lis.; Fl 'ur'l I r. .k Rice; .\U"I I lii' N U' { ut >.- -t ii S. T-XX-IS'II-J I. h., l Li ir.s,p.f I fo. I R: iw ,I.., United d-,. : 'in I- 'lur.I Fir a I t I.a4m-'t i"i-tTin I'> <;t ii' t> .., \. '

\ ". : ..urns ,'rl h'. f suxMi'ir;, old H"'I n' \V'Iidev ; Ri-ige ti I. N & W. a-iel fie \V J of t'l' S W } t 1'.rl -'111'1"i -, j P PnilV..\\' ils.1 I'ufvVh.tt; i .i Tl'rfeptner:t- -',;:i', ci.r.t i'\ttu \- lie, ,I" "'
T_ j $!rr4 C"fn'n.1.\ 0" of the : <'ln"t;i iif \ 2 vIr! .. (11"11'1'11'11"I I ; ... liI.1 I fMl. i ir."f: II y..!!. Dclir.Ch' ; xxilhi'i Ibccirrlfi'l' 4'1
TVIS >\v
I R ,
I I IS \\C W fl.M\! 10i Wnnctpt.t.OLiili9flS ii' I l'l.. e 'J, X&10., i.!ur- I. -m" r" -n. gxtn-Msr.rs. f to' (- ? .,
. i'th.. L'iti- .\ In.n. B"k'\.l' 1,1 In,1.1. thp of 1)'llsidans. t Now lan'mj per sjhr L'-ui-a Sea', and fui p 1Ut! t. hi-long/ to \Vrri. Wv.ttt.Al I': U 'r ill I I I.'. fill ,.n.11! '}f"". (""hroui Ylox! \ \'rrhfri a 4im.-ot ft-nrit-i i ; tilt i}f.. ,, m.t'rlP". .

1 .nlllmdn s flt(4'l t i !f r.\.win : I- tt.T t sale Itv i: .MrCI'LLY.; -. Liili-r.-"'. 'ili'h'ir, Mn.:!!' .,mi-lu. ( *.;..allJ. | | "('11\ r airiiis. fllt'''' } -
Di. "Io\xiis,hd I I is :dmo-dailx I { I I u-ceixiiig I ordet i-i. S ) acres of (fit-I r.its' 1 ml.. IUTI'I T lotknoxxu 'oil' \ ". lal t u i.t"4d.
nt ,< .\pr-|" I 1,1. "';It 1 II.. 1 1S1 17Dr | :Marc i 1 1C 5i Phvsjci .i"'I. ""n>oitrig t to belong to J & R !F. Petti'. -ce ri- .Ii"
fril : :in TnY'I.pd-O.u *>ir : I *nv" uHi-rp t<-rri'tlv Iif"t puts { -- -- I l.r i-li V urni'I! >, T ird '. ScriiiI". Cl uiij do.!
nine tne K'n-ti'mtisin' ; con This;i i>s tu f4lil. I II.tP, t'ie! niderigmd, I Lxclauuue.D .\I.n, > ar., .econl I rate Ind 111'nlcr! rio' Lr u:' nif'x.ClnlU I" WMinsr. HRM U'I"'<. l>s.i'i "; I'n .;miyl r.
i.I'r\fr of the time I could not eit, sl."ppnrwilk PhxMCMiisrl I 1 the Cux .1| AJlalu| \',' in 111 nucasps ..UTS on :.-\\. V"ik, 1 IJ.MOM, Pioxi.lence. ',n'A\n, pir">ottfig !fri li-lu 14 ti J.H. P. K:.eis* ,I I.., P '(run 'In. Hei\y I!:ivp"s rf". Liqlit ii". !\thrhirl.lt.l Dfc Co. Js.47 .',.,..11a

*I had the 'ntin IIi-'r.-itiZ ''li'*. a-n! j jtnv ;prtorf1kl' Dr. :-(:"'\"Sat-a .:1 ila'l I'luhieiriphia aid Haltii.-'re, b.uilit ; awl ,-stllANi V'n!.-. Cl i- 1'I I I!*-" H.,! -i. X.H'S, ( .i.p.'r tE1ltPl5jCtt1I ---- -
; )7xcZmnt.
teniHlv. s-vll I ln. I a\'" a'id b 'h< .I I I to I hi.o Mnf I'm- ;;,,,-t x.iiujblo Sight Checks on Nexv Y.ik 1,1.1\ \ hvWM. S \17 TT S first rile 1 11',1. n-rnVr not lo Tie't-, *siti! ,. S(>iivf-. Bi .tt d". I'/1'-! : ,'11"1
lim.s. were ind! thex hnxp 1",1 i ,-itdtions Iii tli! k-1 < (;. POUITIJ & Co.Agent knox\! 11111':0: li'l: ',. lid "ig to C ill V r.1u'.l' r K-'I SLT"W-. \clnr.) I 1I t1l'.pil.! Cai,> I.i, __g THI1 I I -Tb.ersb--T r i, ri s i i ijv i- I I.

"r"1 b-ttl' s of xonr Sirsi-nrill : j II\ P PrM\0. D. B ink el i rui.s-.xick AN', SI I :,ITPS fir-t rite I li 'd, n-i'n'> -r not '!R ,1'-. Oir-". BI"! .',,. ?:'uv.**, lib, t Hoik I : *. I H-ivf I TjJ rid. tne t u'lttc! ii !:''ir.-l 1. i i.
.t5ie, tnore linn one I'loijsp' .l ..I.Ilr.1'I .1 j i :I \11"0'1 i T. f '( m t s .l"vV.it\ : .'r -liept.IS ''cr'o-.xn, [pur ii'iti t 'ig h h 'l.ti.! Iii i S I'nl. 'p.tr'llil: I P 1:111': Tc! \\'ickr-. Vd ir do. D-i.k lroouorr. -. | .It'P-q ..n.l. "Ci- Fr., :. '. l I t' '- ",. ;
You ire at tibet lv' tu tlns 'fur the Ivn-1 !i'f. Cirtlktus ':; .'i., In'... kninx-i h- .
I" -, hAt .\ ? .r-.ej .
(j.I" i: B BBTIf:1 J ;< ; 0. I I.<:\ \C .J I\CK >)N. "'|.riff ir. II II i iEx -. (1'fl..I1.f i\ -! will ,)i' f,. ..? 4: : r
.f the amid(! j p i: : : F, \ D. !hcs. I O.1r; Tax Collector .. ;= 1111 I T 1ilnt!-,. no. Honk'-: l'll.-rl.,. I. ,ux ot rlt": I Is I\ Ilin: c> I: i 11: i.. ,r\ ; .1 i n

Your-, lesppctfullv, j jJMr. Albany, April 1. 1I7 t I II I.11. C l-'th.' :. TrtthN.il: JIll Shaxin- :Mix- C. C. < end., C unto u .1.. P., in I 10. FI.I! di.. ritirit.igtfr'Ti I him xxilh t!iit'j: eu-I.| jr', .$nf :., ,
l I isis. 101) '
I. r
I Iy HUH |hirI4 [ -. M i'\mg I-o-i-. 'I 1 SIH'V-- :Ztij :,'ra-I .
1 : ri'MMINGS.I Caution.Ovxing :, f"r, sale hvIV. 1'11"i ,' i itr d J ,1. r snj..lit I ii.i.irtl.r- 'I lit-I .. .
------ \\i a '
(','( anl -nc. I *.o thp !I'.t _!tIe4-.S and: itriiTiensp ".111 ; 21 I 1J I'1 .LL.M :tlvl'( 15 ;> :ks anti Stationery.Lr.Dnnu : HIMr-,!B.rC.HII."I.niT! Di 1It'r J -<:-,'--1 CookLilVs. ul i ':.eell .-.. Sui T..rtn"1'"r': 'Tw i'l".1. I j ji "'I'I.llt'd"h. ;. gi-i.un 1 ii.s' : -i

Dr. Toxvisp'ill's ..'T"'I'*>nlU is I 'epi 1'11.1 i iir4.4 of Ur To\x 1 n't-iid">Sarsip.inll I t ,i, a nurnbtr ot men ---- --- ---- : -, .J i .unaK D.IB.t.k.., .c. -i'if 'I I I'i'!: rTi'. Pit-r.-! Iri''!IJ! Tj'TliHi.1I' ,ill"l.. Jl:2': : ; I'\TI"L': .".

; of Ihp Chills and IVvera-id -'Ip. 11. | vii'. wi to d rmi-ilx. I ur Aj Pit*, hav.->imm< nc .d ()la''e'. ) '.*u .i.-:. ;and'Letter Paper I )'11); .1!'.. "sh 111\ I irnui-r-. I II'i I -. <"li.p'Hir.Piri !-, At.uilicluc_. i.,. X.., I I. t. -.
fo1ItvitsZ I1tt.r i" o-ilv i' of bu'!dri'd-that] \\ (I tnikrig 'ar"lprl.; Hxtiacfs: r..ixii:: *, llittpf: Kxncts '1 B i H. "II"'I''I"11I"| iv.oiu. i-rsi-' hv (Vtim \1"'I.r.Hldlun Books ; \ *-. I H I "'i'!"I'.,'-. (;.1111.11.: Ii iiid-HXf -

have; recf-ixvd from the South and WiM (If likeOvri I Ihl Y.\\\ I)"ck,, \f. Tfiex' 1"'r.al.1"1, oI'WJirta_. Iii \ld.TLI.Y.. Si\\.II..r: -t.t.lLILOtl Slur' nd, Uu'M Bill ; I'll--; l 'f ,1 Till t do, Iron j-i ,'.-. C ii'l>..,iH I L'-i-k-! 1iiitviril C ( :'i'.. :I'd finldi.t

< ; (. it tti; in ::1,.' !!itipd| h ill" <, 1' j -- -- - Liehng- ; spick'.1.! I Heioks' .I'l-l -s|tiut,4.! ( I Hindi's.I J I'.d'o'k"Voofl I [{ JI aUIfat'luJ'.
< B'looks lor Letter Piess.Rl .
',. Off 2 1 Is n Cooks, \ -sin--. P-1'liPl, 1 I Miilx.ir'f-J !find Il. t
"\ 1Ir' have M. hat' pud our adxt ilisi I LIMPnp. i r ( :l\T..U..I.t -I.T.
)r. T.tviapii, : D.' I '.r-T tlirclI.l t t. r ms11t4 1:1"1 I Ihi-v ai 'only) xxoithleunitationc t < i and should r"II".1 heav 1I: .I' 'V .ink' I B-llsot I l i 1'\1: r'I ig" Tid) Checks, "l> . FI-I! d". I II I md! !....it- p..,p'I, Hn.xin t: .' 31 I I.,. < lit st I. ,;1. \. I. ,
Fib i 17 II F AP.HLL. .T'i-1 ic""-ixpel and) f-.rsilehvMr't "*";.i d 1 '. Sido. l It Ir ,1,1.f F'lmiflf f .
of t a' IirII.t: f.1 f \'PII't11,1 r..ani1ltrll".i 1y.- 11. II.. l"ltXxr
$ I"" 1',1ti ruled.Principal. -- 1 I U r.; \ T. r'liilk'.inPi"b; i P'r-. L-S l o"k.. i.r :1) II) I s ''\lI n''
Mr. MN<.irol, K II l tl.I7"n, I'; trx it f Ii,|. | lu'V' I omC',. IQrt FPLTON 1 trett, Sun Cuba To.iaeco S(*cd. I:-i \ -15 Piii. Tri Wirrrc'ierx -ir=,'n T>-Us. HiHlxad Brejsf Plat.-. I ,i tru.,1' a

V"r -si 1 A i 11:'. IJet:in> I Ind liu-'if' .! I tl.e I fir-t I Huilding: N'. Y.; Heddju,:.' ACo S Slate *I"I'II. -? LH> 1'1 i h 'C'II * c's.: Pri!lIin:1': Si,,'.li rd., '

b .ttle. it .apP'.IT-t' 'fl \\.lfl I tiP liloiw!, ,Ple ('\" 'tv I l B.{ >to'i ; I Dxoll k SII":. I'J'N'ilh: I ) Secoid Mr-it O tdanf.ilioi-s' eif theYuelta t AbiJ, jut TLCt-lvtil H r.'" ? 'oeri ir si.igte :and d.mMe Tn .se", \,1. :eIuu-'I. I: -,. 9. 1 t7 I Cl U-. !1I..1"It'I" Broil' .e.GUH C -'.-, P ire L.

other d ,x', "Ie'l ',** C'iillid i I I, P.-v.-r a 'oo:rd, Ilit.il' Ifdua; ; ; S S. I llance, liujgi I Uallimor.: .. frorri H .ixa'ia, (for sdebv fir sale! by -------- IJeir: 'kfi Ca s. &.. ."..

Jlhex' \'re Ies vii>li-nt ; rt'id 1 h. (f"I ( t'!i*' hid fiii- I' P. M 1 folu-M, Chad Mf.n ; Wiight k. Co.. I 151 Mcb K. r: M.-CL'I.LY.; 'I, W.iter ". 1. I n n F .uir.LL.TJiomjison's AIEU..tN :Iilir'fanII'lr I ,' C"u'1ra"j i .ib'nt f.rmJ'.

Shed. th b"tll I t'' "1 li XVH cntnelx* r licved :1,1' ( -- -- Xct 'i-J 1 TVVPI-J U I (.-\I.m"I.ITI.| | ch l '
'bartersipet: N. 0.; ]III i3 Si nth IVailInrl.I Olit'cs. - --- -- i in ct1ITj1Cjuupaiy :: nil' g t'eir' I niinsftsippli .

.hp X\M-" rllt'' iiHtt-r fian ,"ie lud l hin l>. f.ie Albitix' : and" hv all I the ;principal DnugiMs arid ..\R > very Spanis'i Ohxr'. for ale Compound Syrup of I ; el I \ t lilt t P.iflin C'a.bv. .uflr.-ii

'lie took the A ..rii. A la Iv I that ''n d )II.*ii \1 t iv. TtlirchanlsgpiicraUx' I Ihiougiuul 1 the United !Stalls 8 t by superior B. M.-CULLY Tar a'.i1 'Vol 1 .1.ttl1:1.: 1-2 COMMKHCI\L-SrRrr.r, 1: a'v-vp. I Ihf stun tet in,1 luc, i I I rht' m.Pl !

i-k with! the C'nlU ad l-Vxer hut had !"r"k We l I Indir anil I tin* Cati.idas. !: t lie of \11 Iut.rm.'.
March, lt :,: ; cure C"'I i-iinjli"ii, chp'-nc, hr"" 'I I. .. (
*lh"rn with Q'liiinand x\a 1.1 i ri a very .:,1 For saLxxhoKale and nt.nl hvH. ______ ____.._._H_ )_ __ __-t.Scotrh 1 IT'OU it j.:, a-t:imi. '\ '10'; ntig coiiih '),il iit.tI inn (Up Srairs.) BOsTON.M .11

a-id (liti I *a 4l i'i* "tite ancj tronMcd {'r-s!i I:I.wilh !. F. ARHLT., SunfT. I It| t t',ti e !u'.tiI, I liver I coiiij.laints, arid! allect ions ul I'l'ifictureis and Deilers ill Prx'':i>."s P.ifp-t Coffee.Ri : .

the As'ie C Ik'*,
mv\Mf sh ent and a few until Q. 3 1/ i Bn'lIl1p1'\\'i'I..s, M-'Carlx'sC-, ".r.saS- |fi,-.\ tn
on procured ---- ceived (ora1& by F.h 1; J C ALLEN.X I Herring Tvxi--, i i .

and it rc-itor.l ln-r in : fi-w \\.k. ti ('OII..tP : in.d. 'rl 1 >v I II f C' '23 ._____ _EBRLS fCl1LTrOI'

hf :lili. Your S..M p.inlli i. \\illu.nt .III.II'I.l FLORIDA 'EtIPEU.\XCE _____ __ C cru.E Soap IIIr sate LJy I Heirmg I Twine, I Hivxs t'r ann! 'liri ituil. ''fl M.ickrel S;.lc.

"'valued I in dMi!"1 I II I ; \ 1I.,., m.xx 1 bl.dl: ..r'm,1'I, wFdun.

.yflI\\\-\'x that lh' r"tntnumcti s'iU\\\ be of ujou .,. A;Ticnltul'ald'ocalc.. 13L\ K 1-:'> .\ioinatic liitleis, jii4 t receivedand ------- Dip Nets. G-ivtr-imenf Sii'te-u i with| B.us ; C'd I.I Jt) Applx to ji

are at liberty to UoC it a-. 'Ol plunge.Your for sale by Advances i 'Ie"nn1ac t'rd. Shad and Menhaueu; ; St'ine Pvc :1 NO'RSK.. STONE i C

.. re<'>eptull\( ', \M-t-klx paju! to be published, ill QuitH'V, Fa. __Au-iln| JTLLEV.. M\DC I on s'n.unenNiii Cotton to Liverpool Sec. _

( H\KLK< II. SWAIN. BY C. JUM\V BXHTLF.TT.Tun S i.lliiz lo\vders.---- ----- i i ", New Yeirk a'lIl! B i-t >n, hv .\* B.1f fi'i'f .SvJfiit) ta nrJtr rl s'inrtni'lire. I I.clnon '.fljJ)'
Canker in 3Iouii.B I -- D-c 10 I 1 B. WOOD & CO. B ELL' ON & Co., Agentstuber IB n\ \ 'S l1I"'nl.r Leui'ns.uj" jni4fl'
Iw TIMTS under I ') GRASS SeidlitPi.weh'r-that ore fresh, just d: .
? tr clnld "vfll proprietor t1tlieQuic\ () I 11.I I IS 17. .3'rf: !I \uat.tc'jc.I, r SIP $ >
B \\ M an :CC",1111 IIP! I I the repeat d I .licitations ol his p-jtionu, xho ire .l receivcel and iursalu by .anlt" .si t itu; 1111. 't)1i'utaii.: Feb 17' H FProduce. A1E.I"Mcl'u :

Dr. Tm\'Olnd'1 Sir :aianlla ha. !a\tl I 11\1: tri'iMlx coiiipiisid iiinotu the l; I Inei.ds' of Temperance April ,13 J C ALLRV._ FEW( I Uvdr-.st.ilic I (Ink 1"Ollllli'I". Pen Hc',.. Crr.crrii". and Saii Stores. ---. -

< .-n are "fleeted horn a great Illllllr re- .Ial's.A I T. LOns Lar!. W'I
if f
So'I.IIla.. ci'h'rnnnid i I 1,1 cfevole his.lniiin.ilrnoreixdusixely I Paopr Clis is, Weights, & :. for silpbv ) "- Fl"iir, Western d-: N 0 S-r-r n-.ur fH.io '.
ceivtd tliM week. FEW Infusion J.tr*-every family should Pi. Croix .. I Sugir. choice .. ]p.rklI
d! Porto
to I the "lajc..ts t indicated hy the N'.v I IS J C \LLEN. Rico d ". Youns Hyson T -a. allsll'flmt'1..la:
New York, April 1,1 .17. new I hllf he has .iiried. have one-le>r sUe byApril : I Hxsoii iii,. Piwc'ioii' !; ln, Snnehons tie.. t;o-b'r I a'1t\ pnne, o1C'lI.tn,.. Snrpiantl! 'lflhIi1sjlt !

Dr. T"Y-ne-'d : D.-ar. Sir-O-ie of tnv children The Editor h.is cornet.led In make this change 13_J C ALLEN. il litiine.OA IVuter. Che"se. 1 Lird', Bicon, Il.miSi'tVs i Ii.uil- I I". H. ftu"n: j fi
-.very ick xxith :Tinker in the Month alt inuch ftX Snip. Q n .me, just and d' rs, ltlll"| "''. Whiskey Mess and' I'rimeBeef, Dec !. Cur"I..r Ch.fot
Ilft| xxilh I HIP 1'1'( Letter received for
s-i _
.. i-xpi-ctalion i per-unidry; Paper.lf Mejs and .
.. d hililv 11 Prnn Pork M! -
T*'roal, jili-nd J Jxilh Kr' t camp ., Ow ,11..bvApril7'] ;ickcrSu! (. Salmon, -- -- -
gam, as \\itb the Tong'i
o rn'ar jvj'.g. I ohiaini-d ime of jour exr.lt'ntmfllidll Cod Fi-h TOMCHPJ., Guava .Icllit"s.iN .
10".11| i influence( I throughout our gioxxing Stale, XL/ and fur sale by II F ABF.LL.JTIustard. pppppr, Siicfs| C.itsitps. Pepper : Olives ('1*
I IU'ir
and it cui,-d it dirt-ctly, 'tor \l.ch ---- nicf, different sized boxes,jfl M rl''t'irt.d
I fwl xvix ( I in n-gaul; t lo 'lIhj"I'I""liC'h he holds, of all other April 1.3 J C ALLEN. C.i|".-rs, Pickles, Soap$ Starch Tcab ICCO. N"xy iii', and tog sale by

: you rtl'fli -. tn be of paramount I irtipni lance Bread Pilot do, Crick: !. Vjnj;ar, I Dried' Fruir!. MfCCUTGroceries.
Y"',rrr-< >. \ The c.\u-c cj I 'IVrnperanee; I lie inlcre-t of QIIEE1INGS, Shirtings anti Prints, by the A SPLENDID article of Ground Mustard, in Beans : tit. Rnsens. ,c trnni. rmjc..IIi. Arrow Dec 23 fc

KMZtnirni I FO\1lm.2: !nf& rOSEfbtFi's A rl"l1lll1re ; arid home industry, ill all its r-.b- L) bale and case low for r3..h. hv tin h 'xis, fir sale by R not. Corn Oa.9, B'uekwhi-m. Mn-iarel. H Ice. .

Tils : Tils I iioris and "al'ti! je4-\\ I ill I I be I lie objects! to xxhich B. ELLISON & CO. April-27 H F ABELL. For "\1.! by 1 P ELLISON( CO BPLS "hl"k.1'1' hMs \r\ta. :.
T riot having tp trd hil Sar Dec 9. Cor. Water arid Chestnut -ts. ---------- lee 9 Cor. \\"I"r and Chestnut 'II.I 2 9 and i.r4ik
Dr. "wn ld. <:paTina I lie attention of I fl.e $paper xxill I be puncipally directed --- 1 tierce Rice just rec'd

in ra'S
ed it, and waR siirpri'ed tn receive the 'following and as beating upon them and as influencing C .t/.or Strops. A FEW \V'loJvdrd! & Hmther's superior -
and Thumb
fr'.m an intelligent: alI! respectable Farmer in them; a review of f-ueign and domestic maiktts, (ILPL110 and forle )inFeh2l 'merson's Strop, just received Golel IVii5. ,just received anel for sile bv SPRING! sale by Lancets jusi received and MaiMh. in h"tlH 1rd

\Y* tchctcr county : will not be IerIIc'keIlhe Jcte.bcr! J C. ALLEN SCOTCH
'f' II F; BELL-. ---- Feb-2t H F ABEI.L.'rile received and fir sale J b>f
Auzust 1 17.
orltnm. :, impoitance if (the objects and t HIP aid .--- CavetVi2se. Feb J7 H F AS":
Dr T wMPnd : I have a little Cir I which xxell conducted Pr tcctioa I'I .
a npxx'papcr could afli>rdfhem Cider. I OZ. :tucc Co. of
9 su tenor 'Table Chret 1 received o-r-'oodl'lIfPS \VorII-Spec
vcn years of age, who has t hei-n everal years I are quesfionsxvhich could not he I fully', discussed BRLS Champagne, lors-dp by a J M-dr. Moulerev a'III'nr' silp per New Jersey.
afice with Fib; we tried almi everxthins in a paper of I this. soil I ; but it \\ill he our Dec 3U B KLIilSON Co. May 19 K McCULLY, 50 Water TIIE subse-rib r being appointed by the above A SAFE and efficient rttnrdysile f&.rs'
but without snere' ; at last, although ----- !r.Itioks. by .
l Wt .
hfr purpose to explain" aid! enforce them in articles --- !: their azent .for this city, is nov Atl'
could find no recommendation olr circll.r!f urc311ike original and selected xxhich may appear in our Notice. Sc'umml prewired t t ike Fire an I Mirine Risks Feh.i J C
hers, we tho'iiihf, as she was in very N pursmnce of (the provisions. of the Conslitu-
columns T Miv U I, IS IS. TH() >. L. MITCHEL. Elilir.k .
BJJK all kinds The
delicate health, we would sive her some of v."ir The Editor of the TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE I lion e It l the State notice 1 is h'rt'IV'iI\'ell! I that SCHOOL >,01 .just rec'el hy Indians '
SaroparilU. and are very elad we did, for it not will not in any degree interfere xxilh partx. poli certain persons, citizens of Florid.1, i'lIll'Ilil appl.v- I I J. C. ALLEN. Tax Collor.torNotico.. CERTAIN, remtely for chill and ]

nnly re lorerl hrr strength but she ha. had no return tics.' The events of, the day, tie passing orciirrpices inn lo the next G'nl'r.11o1S., mbly\ of the Sidle Itacua, Floiir, Su ?ar CoflTcc and TAX pavers are hereby IInlii.,1 thit all laxe 1I. Feb! 3 leby J C \L.f1
of the Fits, to our great pleasure and sur of the xxeck lie will notice I xxilh as much for an act incorporating I them and their associates the city must I.e paid 1)tfI( time nreseriheel -

prise. She i i. faxt becotninjj rugged and hearty, limb and impartiality as tIe. n. nire nf I Ihpca-e cit jzsmi of Florida vxho may become united, Salt, by the orelimnce pisi-d hv the City OfL! just receixeelard &

for which we fwl grateful. I will admit. HP believes hiu. If to he free from with them for> t the purpose) by I Ihe name and style ALWAYS on hanel,.id I for sile low hv Council, .if not the law will ho foIrr ctlv enforced.( SALAD I 17 H. F-A?

Yours, respectfully, all party bias, and he will endeavor) thus to preserve of the hank fir Cllmm'f'e".Ii"J ine>orpe>rati lull : F. MrCULLY.Swtyi J.\S. F. FAU't'OR

JOHN BUTLER, Jr. the columns of his p: p r. to possess bi'iking pnxvers ?nel! privileges, ,anil i ifs! City Tax Collector.Mr. Piles.DTTCHETTS it

The e-a-utal; steick to consist of not more Ihan $!'I.Ofi'j.)( : tV Wisfir'sCOMPOUND celebrated Spanish
Female ITIcilicinc. !. F..dilllrrlll'fI", '* to enlarge very cons'derahly EVARD McCULLY i is authorized rt

Dr. Town end'. SHnaparilla i is a sovereign and his 'ai'er Irons its prtent size aid l to make May4 --..- Hi."- \y and for Sviu-sale) of Wihl Cherry, just received agi'nt for I the c.'l1pc.-1 ion of Taxes (1IIr!' 'o! mv absence [reh-24] tt fOFPATS A

\pe xly r tue for Incinient Consumption, B 'rren.tte i other i irr"rovpmenfs, should} t Ihe patronage offered ,VIad WflI.C1 Arc. Feb 17 by II F A BEL r.. fr"Tt the "l1le. J. F. F.HRlOR.Ma \ LIFE PILLS Ft?

", ProUpsus Uteria, of Falling o( the Womh I aulh'-riye if. B \RREL Covers, Paint.-el |>.ns| Tn'i! Flour IS,. ISjS.Gcncsc 1 BITTERS, just received and f<,J-

Ctt ve"eu. Piles, 1fIJ corrhosa, or Whi'es fb- TVr/nt nf SlllJ rriplnll.-Two dollars per annum Pails, Measures, Traxs.Axhelves, buckets, New Orleans Suar. --- -- N.v 21 ic-4 jiJ

1rte1 ordilficnll Menstruation. Incontinence in advance, or three dollars if not paid in I Hrooin, &c. &.C- for s il'' hv HII D>. prime N. 0. Sugar, receiver schr ; Flour, Ooslioii Butter,
5 per a superior article of CHEESE Oil
'. Unn. or involuntary discharge thereof, and advance. I B. ELLISON & Co. Muritery, and for sue bv AND fir Tanners'

fer iVe g.nrral prostration l of the ,y.tem-no Quincy, Fa., May 27, IS IS. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut t=ts. May is- McCTLLY.. 50 Water Pt. N"v II F.. McCULLY SO Water,st FOR sale 30JiIit $ bv. B ELLtSO't; 1





__._________ -'-. ._.___ __*- ---

.. .
-.- -- .- "