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*- J.,IL. W 'M~.

I., .*W ',i...D t ,

Ri .-G' 1flEfi jh


~iL] ___________

A N.

0 oie, Third Storyv B t.s.ll's ,iiildin.s, corner of
S C"("tnuaerce and Clestnu streets.,

.. cirtPrb^ ri.rre DLnltars per annum,
Sif piJ. in atvvice, or i,3 50-if paid. within 'sx
-" m n 4"V.1''ol I) i" .piid thereafter ....
"~' crition taking Lof .1 e.l t n.' than six
* n 5in' thh.ijrd .. ,il! iriv rri-bl) be ch.irg.d for'
* ht 1 N3ri i' ,a r... vr be Jus-ontu. eJ-'und t'lt
al ,trre.trjes ,re pid, unless a rnhe 'option of the.
praprie~tor ..
Av : rqcu t:r rs.0nesquare, (twelve lines
or-l,-'; will n ins.-rtp'd it the' rate of One Dol-
larrforitfitrst, annc-Fiity Cents for every ,subse-
qutt di'rnserti6rti .-'.- .. .
d:'o'those :whn advertise by the year a liberal
discount. will be; mada ;. but alladvertisements not
strietiv prtainii'-to t!eir own. businesP, as wkell
a a!l lil v.ivrti -'nlts sent in by them,,illi
bz'e'ntrreJ at the nu.alraIttlts. -
j .. l li l Iveri :te'.Lits 'must be paid for
'""'' ll'ars. iv;l be charged, for announc-
itigc'andidites for office.
f-w'Att a-it rtise''nit' from' a distance must
.. ,hat* r- n.'a ,-4 wit thfe.-cash, or city reference,
"a i'n.tr insert ion ,.





S -Win. G. Porter & Co.
S. ,No. 41 Water stAet,,
..Dec 0 Apialachicola, Fa.
'B. -'. Course,, 1*B. Stone, a. W. Brooks.
NaIIrse, Stoe e& Co.,
1c (),:M M I S S 10 14 M E R.: H A N T S,
No. 46 Water street,
Dec 12 A)alachicola, 1,la.
f *"* LoPl00iart &,.,.1yU ,
'fC MMlS S, ON 1, n 10( F 0 1O W RRW D I N G
No. 53 Water'street, --
nov2t .Ap)alachicola, FIla
lir per' iHoil4Y),
,. also,
P ,' Jl1gent, t'i or the
S "of t'ie City'otF -.V'ew Yor-/.
7, No. .31 Water street,
,ec.... :. : .' Apalachicola, Fa.
W'.T. Wo:oD. i. 13., 3ALtO,.
S" OtieeNo. 42 Water street.- Up st'irs.
-.Jan 16) -- --: A|).il.ci, lal, ha.
j' Wylie .&'TItci~ezi efi
C 0 Mi.A 3.-1- A EON Iv E R4 tiANTS,
No..-42 'Water street,
.k ,t. 1, 1347. P.0alacbic S S. & J. SCt1iffer.
P- Larticalar itteation | '.id to putting upj family,
steainboat an.dship stores.
SNo. 1 9 Water,street',
Ni') i- ,- 1SL, I. A.- rl,
W" *,.3SViL R &.-'4D R i 'AIL,
D UALE. [N D, 'Al ,, \,I3.)[C[NEI PAINTS,
O[.L.L GL.L &c.,&c.
Mio-rn -\.ie-lard .aiirtm _rit of Statinriry.
C' of Cilestiut and Wat.4tre.|,
April 11 A l)al.achico1, F a.
3 ,i jiuiitI S;tltcr,
C 0 MM 1 S 3. 0 N MN E R C I A N T,
Nio. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
1Ec. I, IS7. Apalachicola, Fla.
.14 ~C,,, XMICA;-
S..Wholesale ;ind Retai.l.Daaler in
S GL"ASS, Blb'.SR3BES', &c.,&"c.
A3l Aren-eral amsor'tienct of ,'
]80SBL ~nt(, STA.TfO"EiY, &ce ,&c.
cor. of Chesnut & Cormnerct- streets,
Decc 4 Ap'ilachic.ola, Fla.
B. S. qI~iwey, .
No. 23 Water s-treet,
_De Ao -' dlv'hicola, Fa.
Avery Jones,
W No. 4;. Waterstreet.
Dec 5 ._Aplichicola, Fa.
Bi3sJAMin ErrsLNS |.iVxIT1.1"F A. W/OOD
.B. Ellisn&l & Co.,
Cor. Water and Chestnut s.ts.
Ded 9 .-'- Apalackicola, Fa.
1 EtiWaIr4 IIeC;Ily,
S No. 50 Water street, ..
Nov'll .Ajiplachicol., Fa.
,. ,.s. T. FParrior,
S.. ;. ]SN 50',Water street, -
; .-_N vll.- : : -AlpIchicola, Fla.
k' AS. P. 4,C L.,;'C L U"Ts'.vF ROMAIN.
S .'Calla & mkain,
,'.- 'No-.'91 Columbus Block.
.Nbv.l. Aoa:la( icola,Fla.
-". ...... '-"s u -' _
'" : .. ATS, CAPS, &e. :-' .
| 'No. I CoLumbus Block, '
Dec.i : .. : .... ,Apalaehicola-, Fa.

-' S No. 13, St. Ch irles 'Street,
,, -.:,.,-Nefw-Orleans- .-*
t ".Amp tWS. Cooig, m AMOs,,HoN.
I :f" b" .. .

S.... D... .tI.la ortli,
.. .rEu.FAUL.A,, ALA..
j. Cotton bought on order.
I 'Refers to
-:. H)DN, > N-_ Orleans..
N eiisasr WYL E & MdKBS:zr
J. S. BIwTCfHWmOw5

Uamderu'ood & Cuginu
T ,\ I L U-)R S ....
Apalachicola, Fa.
(All orders attended to with punciin.lity
Ahd'despatchi. I a e n w -::Jan..'20.
: 3. N. $Scott & Brother,'
HATS, &c., .
Cor. Water andCentre-streets,
Dee 29 Apalachicola, Fa.
-A .... .Dodge,. '
S No. 40 Water Street,
Dec '23. Apalachicola, Fa.
Simlis & Checver,
Office'No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apalachicla, Fla.
Roberts, Allen & Co.,
AndciManufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per Wares.
D)ec '24 per Apalahicola, Fa.
Charles Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
Caias. Rogers & Co.,
Water street,. "
dec 21 Apalachicola, Fa.

X. Stevenson & Co.-
No. 45 Water Street,
SDec. 23, 1847.. Apalachicola,, Fa.
3. Day & Co.,
No. 52 Waterstreet, -
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
.t- Agents for LLOYDS; al-., A-nt- for thee
"Aiintna Insurance Co." the "Pr,..-et -...i I nsuradice
'Co." and the "Hartord Insurance Co." I-I iit'.'rd
Conn .
"D. B. Wood & Co.,
No. 44 W',t r-street, -.
Dec 2 Apalachicola,'Fa.
A. 1. McKay-& Co.
COM:',l l-s, i ON MERCHANTS,,
N6. 40 Water-street,
Dec 15 Apalachicola, Fa.

jr. 'I '.. & J. ll. Hiisiill
e 'N No. 48 Water street,. A

39ro fi ornal 0otfct .

jj-- Ma be found at his residence, corne; ofl
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. NI..- _.
V, G. d M.* Davjis,
Offlers his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly 'in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a specialretainer, act as Counsel, in any.,Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also
argue cases in the Court of,Appeals at TAilahas.
see, the sessions-of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846. "
A. G. Scqnm'es,
33- Office, X<). -2 Capt. ,inmmon's Building,
cor. of Centfre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.

H. E. 'Owens,
CLAYTON, Barbonfr County, Alabama.
April 29, 1840 2-tf
Slt, Blouse & Cockroach Poison
T 1HIS very effica'cious remnevy for extermina
Lting immediately, il'f a properapplication bh
made, of iall of the above named anrnoyances. Hi
Flea and Mosquito Poison has attained.a very ex
tensive celebrity for its invariable destructive pro
iterties to that order of insects. For sale by
August 14 J. C.-ALLENL, Druggisf.-
Notic to mariners.
.February 6, 1848.
JL AT KEY WEST will bbe shbwn oni the I011
inst. Itris a first class light and will ir-.iblv b
v|-ibl~e from a ship's de-k at the distInce of twen
tv-two minil"s in clear weather. It is situated
eight hundi-p'd yards North Eist of thie sile ot Ih(
old light. The Zearinags and courses heretotor
toliowed for entering this. 3Port may still )
observed; but vessels approaching the ship chan
.nel ill the day time, will find five fathoms wate
Otthe bar by 'bringing the buoy in range with th
.light Irouse and riming for it. .

rT HE Subscrier, one of thie firm of Madden ,
S 'Adams, of Coluimbuiz, Ga., will remain some
time in -Apalachicola. He may be seen at th
warehnouse#now buying for J. Day & Co. at a
most any hdur in tlday, and will receive order
for -- -
SLABS, &c. &e.,
which he will turnish lower than they can 1
procured from the North.
P. S. After leaving Apalachiciola, the subscr
ber will promptly attend to all orders directed
Shim in Columbus. P.'A.
* -February 24,1848" -"' 6-3m*n











"-I'--- -

A T'rHEN A E..U M"
Bo.t aa.I: .Sloi aia~ JBiSSliard,

T -FiE proprietor of the Athenaium Bowling
SSaloon" has used every endeavor to make
the establishment atii agreeable place of resort,
and is thankful 'that anever, discriminating pub-
lic prove by liberal patronage their appreciation
of his desire to please. He will always keep a
choice assortment, of Liquors, and refr-e-hing
beverages, of a soi tto tickle the palates 0f'Old
Bacchus' most fastidious sons; and Oysters,
cool and delicious fresh from their native banks.
For a pleasant (- .i.t-,l; -_ of exercise and
amuserment-uti/e cunt du(itce-there is nothing
within the circle of gymnastics to c(Tmnpare with
a g;ame of tern pins; but those preferring less
active anmusements, can always take a hand.
Come one-comrne all."
Apalachicola, Dec. 30, 1847. 50-tf
Apalachicola Exchantnge.
M THE subscriber informs Ihis friends
a and the public in general, that hie. has.be.
..-S come the Proprietor of this above well
known hoidse, and will be pleased to entertain
any of the travelling comnunity that may favot
him with their custom, and will also acc6mnmo.
date resident boarders. T'he bar -willI always be
supplied with genuine liquors of the choicest
Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 1847.

Cily *Hotel, Talaliassee.
N OTIC,'E-[ have toi inform my friend's ant
the patrons of this house, that I have leased
it, anid that il will .hereater.be, conducted by
WILLIAM HEMENG\VAY, Esq who has fo
man-y years bhecii connecte'l with the first class
Hotels atthe North, anir recently from theAme
rican Hotel in New. York. Beleaving lie wil
k(.epan excellent house, and sp~are.no exertion o
expense to ii. '.. ii :.i A-. i l, iilt: r_., T recom
mend the house to my frieiTds and the public.
Tallaha~see, Nov.^ 1, 18.47;. 43-6m.


M iattri kI I nrrGil





,f1N themaa i'seoit of this Hotel, thB uYder-
-- jgned will use hi? besi't'xertions ttiplease his
guests. lie asils the public for tieir.patrcnraze.
November-11, 184'7. 43-6m.

V.iar'age Cor Cotton.
SROOM for. 3000 bales.in lower Cotton Yard.
A pp ly to B W O & Co
Feb 24. D B WOOD & Co.

Vtie .
A FEW bbls pura Oider Vinegar, for sale low
by E. McCULLY, .
SNov ii 50 Water et.





of nei Si .. .. .. lo ine iitsionoi .uu -m suiu .I: ... school Inn before it shiotull h1w required 1i n .
You're going off -n them sloo6ps'arn'it scheidam, sweienini the i lose. and quality- suffer such iernfimtmenmmt a-nid restrdini, mmere-
You're going off to them sloops ai't inc it with pem'rmuini-tIlip. stringer ad- y to, pu i o te iy as i-domst
you Jake? I don't eire if1 go'-tong.' m t with ppperm in the slr, .er ada ..|. ut 1 .1l o I I i e -l
you Jke 1itn care i I giong. ministered the poiiorm no hit pati.nt-hi. lich,* D.tism e Mainv mime ha e heir 'livit '
(Io M i r s. K 1 o x V P i t. 1 n ,,let h \t their ll n v41Y
do, Mrs. Knox !' sd t arsmen.-- in a short inime. essti.llv relieved hint ; and t] ii.,hiii r -d y rental y-
Thee will be -tw' o words to that bagnin, dose number twoi, half ;in hl.iur niferwards, ranny, which c-mpels hem ti sil mldtion. -
Tlnat man,' pointing to be stranger, who was o- ...... "mp"he ltfe'n rer sihe ut,, -
comn.. g down, has hired task tand.. having been lmbih'ed ite s;O-Yrrer,"'i lmo i-as lss, or to mrjovtl about 1ii he cauibon of -
he don't like y ou ugly mug better. I entirely prostrated by the pain, fell Intoa im i |itu.,l cr, lest *int twtrv foundd -,
ne t on t like "our u.1 ly mug "ete ha I .. .7, 1.,- ;. .. " "' .c1*1 t" "' -ono ,.
do, you ion't get a passage this time' quiet slumber. m.venmet should contain them to tole bed" *'
Th voman scowled in a feanful.nti er The trange-r ndrwi a :nin turned in ; but lie .Cr. 6 .
tae oa scowled in a taul.manner, .had scarcely giten into a d.'ea. as ulneasy ..
but made no reply. s as -the first, before the c.apiniii,, was at his. ioW T0 SPOI L A CI-tLD.IL 1-. AbVe all mis--
Yotn re going. said she, addressing the ilf, is hit o s.. isi il.i- the e '
O" r side.: .is :" [ h -; [ (I, I' tt p S ll Idi t. Itle rbelLe l
strange er, 'aboard them vessels I want to ter, sid -h 'the tide i now hi h alUre of ;I child is to-ie dian ot n
go o go aboard w"th you listn ,sai-es, ;' retzee,,, s-e i.,,o .rength. which we'shoild d-'
goi York ; and I can, a a a it
just as well as not ?""flood, 6 and .he -. e -, 1 sh iie s wUinn ,breeze IIHi r t ll'e to setiin It ile th w i e n sho.llig tinc dhm pap
Exctly so, madan, said the stranger u. I want1 a -to getuderweigh. iiL ,
Ste I].' g ..her, s -t i"c to help'. No-t%, tIn n ilro ,,h a col aid an r.d- i V us Iu nI'A
The skiff haid three '.e:tss-iwo for the C ',,,ge u ,. ,,a Irn Ii slick .h:, .-v li Ie I Y' s ieiv f `1 Y, rra i t s,,it I 'lsit'A',1ng,1 .0
oarst. ein, andn the stern' .h ers, itlel1 suh i iouse tip le anc or-uo, tI a g v I- le s hie. r vi2 the. -eli and ,per- n
ciently b road to itae two persons ;jilitme 1 h..i ii. lo I Y, p n H d tesi1li. I e r IIe i t .& !fl'.-ei and per-?. .
The stran ger, with his valise or)Ili kne, The asietiger was not obi rane cInd. tt-e ;in iPu i i -
after. 1ho ,,oof- r ,e : ils ,,,.lls s. cer sih c cun m c i, o iq. vou ..
took one side, and the woman, i' i a very a r l r ini i, d i iu a arn I i' ii i nt ,t ce r c lii ire .
runsight ly btodle it) her b ap, the other;.ndTmu off he to at thewindlass, the rwing of theof1er'Ii,,it himnianHi lik e a o
shot tire wherry into the stream, towards the ancnhor %ias hove Chock. to the hawshl, er. wihellr mleires jiani iri and iiirvr I
nearest vessel. The stranger wiaved a pock- the jib wvbs boie m.id thesloop was'tear- "apr o Itr a
et holld chief as a sig al, amidtihe skip per, i"i the i"ind.i i" ii .irlo i'n e ot "r hi o "or.e ItAs '
p "ing his e 'indow ind i i r h "The 1atint r m,; t is berll. q i Iip t li't a t ild -o create~ at -
mainsieet, bore ur d or thre it uts where he emNinned u!til th day: had bro-.e ver a"ii lie prper c rc-erisi ..
maensb, wetnenbre aptel ones .elr-con^itwd i"i or. *
soout as they g.t. near eilough for.- a fair ken, when the captain once more madehis, .
scrutinyv h6 exclaimed- appearance. LlBLnTYV.--\VV like Btmrkefs ideas of'
'Up helm' Joe! Square away! Them's I say, Mister, said he, the wind has li1,icti .He s ys iMen are qua.lifled for -f..'
no customers for mte.' -chopped-' abo)0ut: 1LW-ant n hand to tend jib c 1 "e i', ea proportion to leirdi- ...
no~~~~~ c-s..o e {o m ... ,, o, .... be.a. I I. .I
By jilly, I thought so !' .said the ot-irs- slieCs-Higins can-' do it; so, just' bear, |)osii,, lo p1 chainpha-upin lleir ow -appe, .:
men who had rebuffed Mrs. Nox-M "ls. hnai m od ;n help me. and a few siwetc-ies till iies; in pi,,poi on ; s- their loveoljuslie s :-
ti r-s;iipsiAwrthe i o n tnp tmi ;dor oportion'as'
Erehuls, she might have been better named brig,us up..w,'t. the.-oek s abue thei. r r|;iity ; i proport ion as -.-'
-insshie cast a -i.i -i- glance at tihe offet- U0 1ot e 0pseniPr, and took the sla- teirsounnte- Anti sobritv olundersani
der. A second vessel was.-ried with no bet- ton ; iiieI him, pei ornhmir; hs t!)iy ill ino is ,alio.e ,beir, vanii, v: and. presupirnpio; ".-
ner effect-a thirdd witI like -sucecess'; at great alacrity, receiving ime -"r, l ,. i proprtu!on as they Length a Tarrytowneranswered rthe signal, atlt !l-'be. .r.' :'- pUlI aII ny ".- nnlotici t ie cotu)sels of Ithe.ood and wiise i.n-pr- '
ni'nt took ithemon board. p ull r (Id hl: .y' -;at"every ack; n't, b letenc no tlhe flailejry of knaves:." 'i, ,
By this time it was near sundovn ; and, dint of hard labor, on I1 p)ji, and 6od .
as they got upon tire deck, tire skik mcrad- stee|-age on t-he part of trie Captaimi, they got FnmERSfl1P.-N-Vhi.n iwe s the .ley.w
the the s le'nhh ro, "oA). the
dressed tile stranger those : o te s ip, and let, rn the hilyardis. droppii 'from the.tee in-.he beginning of
AI don't know how I'm to accomrtrdaie Now- heave 'ema a 'Irpe!h: howedd the tiniltiti imju't ssch- ihi h e is -I t e l ri. epd-
you nd yo nur-woman with berthIs arid b ed- cniptrin. 'IB.-ar a hiii, !- bearI a h- nd shiilp of) the iti l .I t.hl;le.tbe-,sarm i f m ajpnq- "
f sis n m,-' -n z ;,vq.
tlina ; snorlI'm afraid you %won't fore very noniv haul in .--;ta li .1..1 '"1n r, ,..s 1.'i d- n m i .abu 1nd .C-,_e
we-l for supper, for rmy cohk got on a spree The'se orm ,ets e,-e p 'irnpiy o I fy'r-,lard a nl itm.indi ns; bu't it %i ei c ff me Ie, they_.Ve
r'shore, and we were o ihliged to. leave him. tre sloop vas sale' r the doc.'4 t iiileth t il i,, iinii,Leil'l -Hei.;a fortu.natern ma,
However the m rte and I, who aire all-tIre Captaiinwas stowvi'ig tli sails. t-he st r:m rin er thai'fiti ,. a i i frienid infhis n 'eed ; bau-tmqra
hands now, will cook u something or went belwv, and so returpediu his cloai. trily hpp i lie, b far, th.t hthbnond-
other.' valise in hand. '.ofb is aid, ... -. ,

J. --PENeCE,
,..~ ~ i~ III.C S Svt"l E-i..r P-.l Xlu- Hmli ris.

^^ ^ APALACHICO4, 1.'
N B. W.t .h,;, C1,.-'s and Jewelry carefully
renai red." .. October 21,184'7.
..FLYNN,. "
(Late '7. CL.RK.) "
Ip CONTINUES to carry on the
_c.a .,.,,. in A .,i .''-l i .l oppo-
,|i -site the City Hotel in Centre st.
S' H-avi4,g superiorr workmen, he is
confident tnut all who may patronize him will
find that they have called at tho right shop.
French Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and
most approved style. Also, Patent Leather Gai-
ter Boots and Shloes made in a superior manner.
He will keep constantly on hand a large and.se-
lected assortment ot Ready Made Boots, Shoes
and Brog;ai9. All mending, &c., done with neat-
ness and promptitude, arid on terms that cannot
tail to be recognized as in kaeping-with the com-
petition in trade and the closeness of the times.
Apalachicola, Dec. 971947. 47-6mn
T 5nounn.,E. (Ga-av.
W OULDrespectfuily inform the citizens of
Apal'rchicola,. and:its vicinity, .that he has
just received a splendi-d assorotrnwnt of Summner
Goods, consisting of Union Checks, Linens,
Fancy C'sSirmeres, White Drillen, Plain Linen,
Fancy Lin'"rns',French Cotton.ade, Nankeen Drills,
Fancy Vestings, &c., all of which he is prepared
to make up in the most fashionable style; having
just received the Spring and Summer Fashions,
he :flatters himself that he will be~able to make
up his G(oods to the entire satisfaction ot his cus-
tomers, both as to style and prices. He has also
on. hnd an assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
consisting q of C '.I-.-re, Satinetle,. Cottonade,
Attuckapaw and Linen Pants, Dress and Frock
Coais, Plain anid FPaincy Vests, Plain and Fat:cy
ql,\"-, Hats, Shoes, Ladies' do., Gloves, Hdkis,
&c. &c. Thankful tor the liberal patronage
i. hereiof'ore bes. owed upon him, he hopes i-.. in-
tiring'exertions and.strict attention, to i.,- :t a
contirmance ot tit ;i ..
April 6, 18-18. 12 3t
Underwood & ,Caigla,

/., ^ lI".. I LLY (.tfert heir ser
: "'../ ices to the citizens ol, Apalachi-
,... .'..-": cola, and the county of Franklin
d.'. .-'- ,_',,, I. -11 ', in; the line of tehir pro-
fA~~' t 'ession.. ii' i,;, .. trl'v corn-
', ",' '! munic-alion with the principal
Fit h. ': ;emn cities, they will be ena-
I i I bled to furnish their patrons .at all
-_- times wvilh the NEWEST AND.LA-
"TE- ST P" ,rATFS OF WkSHI')N, reC( .J-
ed, m:)thy, s7hov!,xg at a view the most Fashion-
able -Slti" vi of Drcss, which will be a decided
d 0n1n .-- to a lishionnble InI .-.. lv.
N. I;. -elleniens' Morning Gowns and' Eve.
ning .'.t ,:,- mtlade to order; Cloaks of every"
deseriitio'n' r n-ide in the usual forms of. the day
Walki ngi and Ridin g Gaitors inade in a superior
rmanor-n; 'urTunic Dres:es and Boys' clothes s of
every descrip-.ion mnadd-in a neat. and tfshionable
style. All garments made at ihis establishment
warranted to fit. .
cu Shop, Second Story P ,. *.'- buildings.
Entran e onr Cieftriut street.
October 14, 18-7. 39-6m
A plate -of FA1l aiid Winter Fasblions just
received. '

I _I

- 11 -- -- .- -

~ _slsy_


& ......


[i'r..,i IlIe H ine TIjra' ] L
THE 1 KiPPr' JA'. N-AT-A-.'INCtH.
*' '] ,- T n I. _IV jI,-] n,.n i.,,-ii t iL, "- E- r.,.-,. .
About two o'clocl, of the altuirnoon ot"
the- day of N1 1807, four persons' were
assembled in the parlor of a house on theb
.i,,-C-io.i,. ten or fifteen miles below Tarry- I
tovwto. A -'nitleii:iian of middle age, the inas o
ter of (he ,11ie. with his wife, and a beauti- c
ful daughiei. w i're in colloquy -'-ii'h ar in-
dividual of a ilid iidri ii air, ai'l -itiiiilily
hIandsombe comirii- ic",. about thirty years
of age, who, with his valise in his hand, and
his cloak on his arm, appeared accoutred
for tIravelling. 1
S'I] am truly sorry, Judge,' said the host, .
that we, cannot detain you longer.'
We certainly expected you to remain I
another night with us,' said thlie wife.
At least,' said the I li, le, with an en-
gaging smile, 'you .vill iait until the stage
passes to-morrow noon -
'It is difficult, my kind friends,' replied
the stranger, to resist invitations so press-
ingly offered; and,' said he, turning to the
daughter, if arnything.could induce me to
forego my resolution, my dear y6ung lady,
it would be your solicitation ; but IBhave
been long absent frorn hme-thlie circuit
hasbeen prolonged beyond my expectations;
and indispensable -engagements hurry rne
away. If I recollect iiil,' continued he,
turning to the host, there is a fishing hut
on the river side, somewhere opposite us;
and herewas once a path which led down
the mountain, to the spot ; he good enough
to put me in the way to find it, and I will
m;.ke for thle station.'
It is passable only on foot or on horse-
back,' saiid the host, or I would take you
down in the carriage: but there is an open-
ing in the wood, just yonder, which leads
to the path ; and that,, once gained, you
cannot go astray.'
After many friendly greetings on all sides,
the stranger made his how idilrl- 1 irtled.-
The path was found ;inIl trlrl',.'iig (,ItI aid,
he.soot emerged from the ravine above the
beach, where a group of fishermen were
waiting the proper time of tide, to resume
their labors. A couple of skiffs were drawn
upon the shore, 'neatr which the conorega-
tion was :,s- :l .i "
\ los .-r I are Ih fte ;'.'- asked the
comer-I- w~nt to be puil on 1boiid 6ne ol,'
those vessels in sith.'. .
There was a light wiidd bln ing froin the
north-west; and the whire' s'ails f the river
craft were seen fat above ,Ii bt.lu"%t-sunie
near-ly opposite, nnd some i :ii iiit- .
AThis one,' responded a fi.li,-,iail. is
mine; but we can't spare lih.' i Pili onr
on board, for itwill sooi be.i lIe I ,fr" A' Itl tul.
The -tlhrer belongs to the pers'is nuw iii con.
ing Il. t
Trhie stranger inquired, as-the other came
n er enough, whet her-heX would .iciiii,-
date hint with a passage hon :ii'dl.
'I can let you havel the .I,'f,' le answer-
e.i; buitI am obliged t go upIthe road.
Here, howeverar'e a couple of id]ew, who
will trihi.hiilhrlly row o t I off,'>r'J bimig
ba(k the boat.' .. .
The suggestiron was adolt'edl ; the wherrv
was chartered and the barsmnen rnga-gdil Ii
the voyage. While the men v.'ewi- s1'iii-i
the boat in proper order, a w'omni mnlde he'-r
appearani ce, dressed in liini-"-,I.y gown
not of the finest t<-',ii-. 0n.i1f the iheI:st
fiishion, and none of theclea'nest, wihi il.-
The face of t Iis klw-i oii was cast in the tr'ie
X. 1iill,,--ti,,lltvhwith eyes so himribly kei.
lii.I ,i ,iA i io 1' .l ,idl)it.mn is ,, tt il, Iate
coveted her as a stilt -i;'l lIr Il -.;kill; and,'i6
crown the pAi lire. I lI' is AI i,'f ihe1lil'v wI s
of such a vinegar aspect,'"as to warrant the
belief that she had fed on 6rab-apnIles for a
fortnight. Approaching the men, vho were
nearly ready to shove off: she accosted one

'Th- stranger had isalked aft, thle woman
ia4 silting near tle hdichwvay, dhen llie p
aptI.Ii addressed her in an undertone,
thichli set ita- heard on lthe quarter-deck : tl
STh:,t 'eie's vYtir man. I take it!' said d
be, pointing over his shoulder. : d
He ainlihni such thing !' s lilliii. up:. my ,man is. rather gtless soilt b
f a fellow fnrorhiim. I. only got that r'.e r$
hap to putn me:on board.' '
The captain now accosted his other pas- a
eunger: ., ... .. ; P
This ain't your woman t find ?' ,..bI
0, no !' was the reply; only a chance
>n5 -ii n ,,e r.' .. '. il
.I thought you wasqueerl yoked, when s
first saw you,' said the captain. 'li'm h
thinking I shall give you the old sail, which't"
s the poly tlhiipg to sleep:on. on board. ,,nd "
et her have the soft side of the plank 1 was W
oliO ,to give you.' 4 : ,-
By no means !' give the poor woman the a
beslt ,a'riiii nujilalions you can.. As for me,
I shall do well enough ... v
The wind was falling, the tide turned, and. r
he sloop,was hroi-.,hi to an anchor-the jib
hauled down, and the main sail left stand-
ng, skipper fashion-.wlien Ihe captain ; and
he adjunct began preparations for refec-,
ton. .: .
I say, na'am,' said the .ap'ain, I've a
notion that you could le-nd us a lift with this,
ere supper.' -. ..
"I shatn't do no such thing,' wastheyre-i.
)ply. I expect topay for.!ny passage : and
if you've got any supper to get, you may s
get it yourself.' b ..
The tLiiitain didi not out do the Niblos
aiid Delmonicos of the time:; and his beef- I
steaks, fried in-tthe Lord knows what-fell
short of those of'old Baker of the City j
Tavern in Wall street, in tenderness. Nor
was the hyson of ihe:first qualiiv. or the-e
sugar of the whitest; and, alilhio' hlie lidly
grumbled, the stranger took every thing
kindly. ... :
Whenr, it was time to retire,. the lady took
possession of the best berth and.the old sail;
while the r'.i-i't-er, wrapped in his cloak;,
turned in, in the gite, pis-aller that remain-
ed. '
It was past midinight, Ihen. from a'horrid
dreams that he was unleignins tihe peine-
forte et dure, (iu ionlurite was the soft side
of a plaiL i lie captain s-poke of,) lthaii ftinc-
tionary shook hluin rudely entQuah by Llre"
*tluldJ:'r, and am oke him from his slum-
ber. MiEter ; a d '
'I say, M5ter, ain't 'Yo a doctor n'
A neg.itive wa's returned.
'm soriy for il.' continued he, Here's
my mate has g.,t .hLe awfnlest stomach
tie ct-'r an had. s.in hopes that
you li.t1 -.onethii in iliem saifdle-l,,i.s
liich might .do him good.2.. Do sec if you
con't help him.' .
Thlie pI.,ss'-ner amose; and assuring tlh
c:ili.iin ihal thee ttis no litiOg nieilicinal ill
his p1)o0tnm:inieau, went over lto the mie,
% lni %.is % iiihiung iin great agony, and groan-
iuo lme.ivily. ; '
S' Have you .iJn and pepperminti onboardd'
Ire asked. ..
Yes"' responded the calitain, 've tried
Itit Nn'i 1 it dlou't help l.irni., "
SH ile ,ou any peatl asli.s, lhen ?' lie in.
q ii r t-il .. : "
'0,yes!' answered the capmn, always
keep .that.- \ iihi Itard-cidJ r, iln a morning,
it is a c;,pital di inl..' ";.
'-Well, then,' said the stranger,,'bring
it; and get sume hot water, as quick as you

AThe ketlIe mnutI haie boiled by this
-time,' said'the calilain ; (or I pul i on sone
Itine ago;' anl Coinii utj ward.I to lie cabi)ose,
he returned withi tle niecessry inreledienis
for a drench. Protinz the Iop'erl qianiiitv
of alkali into a pint ni11-. :1nd p unl:ing tihe
water upon ii-leaving sufitient sk, -li:!ii'


-. :"..:. .^ -,;
r- .- .'-.. .^^ j --, .. '=.2

fB ^ ;'.. .3 ftz B *-.-'-f . ,-..i-,,

,._x '. .. ;, .f. ,- -. ,>
*.. , ,..J .- ,'...: I. .J1
S .T

.. *. *-, ; -j .. .-.-
." ";, -.-Z "" .
.. .- A J -

[NUMBER `16,

SWVell, captain,* he askea, i.wbat'4'$tt'-
ay !" "- ';"" "
SPay !' said lthe skipper;' i" ilere' aoy' y
hin 1to pay. I'm the chap tr1iat's goingto' .
o i--so Mister, just tell us wlhaL .'h .
Jnagse, and I'll shell out dtrectlyin-and
iank 'ou in thle bargain. 1 nevir wip.L.,
eiiter Jak-at-a-'pinch than you .re. Juirt
V 1 w 0 nmticli anlid here it is.' ...
''Poh pohl!' snid tihe passenger, 'you .
re weleomie to all I have dune ; but .nust
ay you Ior miny plassaae. Is this enoughl' .:
andling ihimn n bank note. .- -
1Why. this here,'.said the. c:p-t6Lai.looiB-',
tg thi ile -note, is'five-unme. as',much ,aa,
higuld have ch:irged you, if nothing .aad-.
happened ; but if' you sa) take it, I'will, an '
hank you' kindly. And. now, Mister, 1'
hfiould like to know where you lhveo .nd ,
''hal yoII ur trade is, i it aiiiI asking too o % eCi.'
'I: have been a lawyer and live here-
bouts,' said tihl stranger. '
Well, oiT thing moreror, and 1 hqpe you
wont ihinuk me too sassy ; do tell me'your
mia e.'*. .. *"
'Toinplk ins,' was thejreply.
X' hWllre fioin ,-
"' W e-.c hes-ter.'
_'-No relation fto s4nire Caleb Ton|pkino,
i1) here ?' "
I' Yes,' %as thle ariswer. ". "
Not veiy near, 1 tIke it,' said"'rhe cap-
*Only Iuis hiotlier,' wns the response. ,'
,' His brother! CalelI Toi'npkir's'brother'
said the Captaini.agllsi. Why, you chu't,
be D,niiel D.!' .. .
The verysame, said rlie stranger, smi-
tn g. : *" :- ** *- ,
*Pheuw !' here tlie caliuiin give' an inter',.-
ection.il whiitle-. Hrie' a rely business
By all the pipers, you're tlle new Gov-
e rno r r I -.. 1 1.
SSo thv if-11 ii .' said lthie Governor.
W' W wh, hat an intil'1iid..iipi'derit fellow
you w lht'hink meie! HIere I've bc'en'getii'ogT
)ou .10 pli)sio my niaie, ,and set ynuo'.""
%vot kingm nV II sloop ; qiiil'li'v- been ordeti .
ing you aboitt, juit as' if' I'd lured you t.
eighlif dollars a itonthili You'll never r- A *r
-nie me, I kiinw, lfor hik; and all I cOn do- .
is to ;,1k 3o1r paidirn. ,
Nonsense .!'. said the GovPrno'r; Comg;,"
shake hain'ds, Ilo1 I must be off;' and he heId .
out hlis hand ..
: Thie captaiii.' snmewhart-'hesitatingljseli-
zed thle '-.pro.ff'red hand;, in 'both his, 'and
squeezed it quite hard-Lobgh-foithe c tn"
fort.of til e Owie o r
WVell.' si.id.lhe I've ot'otie ernnrolatiov i
any how. l'v'.alway-;s votedt.fJr ydu,.wJietier-'*
ever you havee been up; and last April, I '/
:ind five b'rohi'es- savei you a plnmipe'r"for -.
Governor; and if(any .ohe'oC..my 'kith or kin
ever votes for any bo(dy -lse, :'as long .a
You are going lo standl, cull me flunkey !
ithiii all.' 1-
There is no donbi that theskipper'fek|'
hisi wnidl. and voted 'ever afier for hie
Farnime's Boy ;',and there are lew who eyett
lildl Suchi clk..coe cul t niii ion with..Danitk.l D.
Tonipl, ins, Ili-it e'er bolied Alt an elelioDn '
when he'was a..caudidaie. -



_ __ _

I :


of much uth'dip|ines to children' andr of .-.
trontble to prireni-., (-peeciallv mnolthers, i.thlie -
t ant of etrloi)ymeht for).io young inenmhera
of the' f aily it homen.,' Half the scoldibg-
inid ptunishri4nt and riischief,' mlichl Iborifr
no inconisiderjble por'i<.i i of tIme every-d-y!1
hi'.ory ol soine lhotseholls,Cblld be avoie t ."
ed, if ihe voun, nrnil res1 Ile's"'uhjects Af dj.
Scililine'm ere furiio-hed mi ih Shnme oecup-.'
ion. It is as i'rks-n fe fur Ihe faculties e'
an active chijd oin ha.-e noilhin- to do, asit iti"
lor ihoqe of an active aduih, an'dit t ik oatr;l "
th:l a cliild left ii thoult aniy Jit er('on should
resort lo devi'.-Os mo pi.s -aw;ay 4he lime
Shinch thel p:reint calls umischievnous and"an,-
noy iii2. Mlany a poor itilait is hurried' tb


W. e -give an'extract 'frni th e life of Mrs.
Sarah B. Judson, written by Fanny Forres-
ter; it possesses a tIwo-fold interest-first,
aS', as sketch 6f a noble and, self-sacrificiug
:. woman-aInd secondly, it is from the pen of
S a,laorire. authoress, who has yielded up an
earthly fa'irmne for a life of hardship and toil,
rewarded in this world bu bby a'sene ofduty
welt performed. \Ve have selected the fol-
lowitfg as being.a fine specimen of the style
S in whi-chli tfhie memoir is written--and at the
S. same time it is interesting in itself.
..-.t h'Te 'Mission-House was in a lonely
S. S)ot, ahout a -mile fro-m the cantonments,
S idiM the thick jungle, close at hand, was dI.e
hi aunt of wild, beasts, whose cowlings sou-nd-.
A.'.- ed lismally' on. their ears in the night-t'imne.
: -'Behind them rose a ha'rdsome range of hills,
S 4lppjed here ;/ind there with the mirk of d
.iation's idolatry--he light, graceful pago-
l *ti, iil't its white 'or gilded 'm sanry, 'and
g'ltteLring brnimen'ts; and before tiemin roll
-, I a -)road, beaiutifn.reiver, An which an
i- J',flish sloop of war was lying at anchor,
'.">and il. curiously shaped Indian boats were
p asr..ising to and 4ir6, w-ith each clanging tide.
s it.taeross the iriv'er, lay the Burmruan pro-
j'v.wr e oG M tir'iAh:rin,' wliicl having been'de-
4, 'i'tetA hby it-s peaceful inhabitants, became,
I il" v terrible men who took shelter there,
""- ie"; his own iriou'ntain fistnesses to Mac-
S (i 6roor. Arried wvitli knives, spears, andl.
s.idletiules tniskets. ihey sallied forth in
S I.' ies'o' t'wienty or thirty, ;iat niglht-fall; and
h .en wo to tlie poor wretcli who was sus-
Wci ,lo')ct f h4ivi) trearsure. wvortl.the trouble
o ;'.. vitsi. S;rnetitnes eveu entire villages
S rV.de destroyed by i hlieit, and, they once ven-
S.i' tii-ed so iar as to 'iattac ii t guard of sepoys.
tiealtlily they rriovAl, With a tread as light
i""a tlie Indi'ans of thlie western worll; and
..when they had secured their booty, tbie
M%:;ii't'aban coast becatime to them the altar of
..... Ju)iler. By tou(?hing that, they were'safe,
tor it wv i ntaq ,l tihe jurisdiction of the En.-
.i~lt ; and so they carried on their daring
tr.ilee with impunity. The 'English general
i.t.I .-nugeste.l to Mr. Boardinan that lie
". 1h.1 git'be exposing" himself' to danger, both
Sfroiii these lawless nren ;ani the wild beasts
"oftlie jungle; atdl had invited himn to take
tip his residence within the cantonments.
B t. this would have defeated tlhe missiona-
ry's objec(t; for to serve the Burmese, or
""e'"pre)are to serve them, by studying
ilieir cha'iacter tand language, lie must be

'with them.
[lore, in I place well-calculated; from its
li,nlitness. for' study, Mrs. Boardman ap-
'plieshe~rself to the acqunisitioon of the.lan-
guage very successfully: for she had the
;tivanrtage of hearing it spoken daily. She
eypni attempted to converse with the half-
.w iid' children, wh stood gaping at her in
Sainmused curiosity ; and 'attracted them about
Slier as much as possible, in the hope that,
S assoon as. she was prepared, sh6e might be
a qble tp establish a school. "Oh fora
co0,,non languagee !", ihas been the half-
iniliptitent exclamation .of many in.aher silua-
.tiOj. To the eyes'of purblind mortals, it
seems a great pity that the curse of Babel
*c,ulIl not have been :estricted to those who
Saike ihemrnselves strong to do evil.
SAbout a month after Mrs. Boardman's
tarrivd at Maulmain, tinder date of June
0oh, shie writes a friend : We are in ex-
cellIenit health, and as happy as it is possible
for humitan beings to be upon earth:. It is
....our earnest desire to live, and labor, and'die,
atring this people."
.Four days passed After the writing of this
Slettir, as previous hours passed; men/in
loose giarnnents of gayly.plaidedxcloth, and
':- .!i their Ion', black hair wound about
their ficads, and confined by folds ofl muslin.
looked curiously in at the door of the
,tir'4nge foreigner; and then, encouraged by
: -sor(i.'"kind 'word or glance, or the spreading
"' of 'inait, seated themselves in their own
ahiorin, i alked a little while with their host,
-lloulig often, from misapprehension of each
tih'r's ireaniHg, at cross purposess, and
w' weit away, leaving him to his books and
"teahcke.r. Womnen and .children gathered
;itorne timnidly,, but with curiosity even less-
S.lishuisedi about the kalah-ma-pyoo, (white
-'.leiiess.) wondering at her strange cosI
ume, the fairness of her skin, and the su-'
treriority '4isplayel 'in her bearing ; arid'some
'l" the bol-ler of them venturing to touch
f'sr, h;itl., or to pass their tawny, taper fie-
:ets from the covered instep to the toe of
t. ihe neatly formed slipper, so unlike their
owu clutmsy sandals. But. who, amoig all
thes,', camie to 'inqtiire of Jesus Christ, or
iutnra t he way to heaven ? Most emphati-
cally m:ould they say, ,' We hav'e not so
much:as hliiard if there be a God."
One the evening of Ihe fourth day, as it
deepened 'into night, the books, of" study
,, a wekre.ltrown aside, and the book -of God
Iaken in theit'stea.d ; then the prayer was
raised to heaven, 'and the little family went
to rest. Feeble weje the rays of the one
'p"le launp, close by the pillow of the young
mother, scarce throwing its light upon thi
i nf':h resting it her boson, and peiietrating
jnto lihe remol.B. darkness but by feeble
"-" "jr c-eriti .: 'Sn slee-I' soon brooded over
.. the shut eyelids; and silence folded ils
.ule iqn wings about the little habitation. "

if..' The itaint stirred, ;aid the mother open-
:. ld Iher eyes. WVhy was she in darkness?
-"nd 'what' objects were those 'scattered so
s.(aiigely about her apartment, just distin-
:,g.islt;ible fiiqt .the.gia'vy shadows ? The
.."'lamIpI was so.)n -relig4ht.ed, and st;trlling was
li e.scene which it revealed.- There laxv, in
,adil ('e&nfjsinii. trunks, boxes, and chests of
s<;>wers, l1 rifled of. their' contents ; and
.-urewedl carelessly atout the floor, were such
%r'iifles ais the marauders had not considered
worth thi'ir taking'.' While regarding in
: o Conilernatiou, not appreciable by those who
-avI'aacess ~o"-.h shops of an American
:cit:y. 'this spoiling of theirgoods, Mrs: Board-
nan, chan;ced to raise her eye-to the curtain,
'I-IPeajh which her hutsbahd had slept, and
sbedihought pfthe lost goods no more.-
! fwol-q.ng gashes, bne at the head and the
S-otl[er at te foot, had been cut in the mnus-
:lin.; and there had the desperate villains
*too.. glaring on the unconscious' sleeper
with heir fierce, murderous eyes, while the
0oolty w;issectired by. their companions.-
The bared, swartrhy arn 'was ready for the
'blow, aand the sharp knife or pointed spear
glittered iu their hands. Had the sleeper
"Bpened his eyes. had he only stirred, had
'-but a heavy, long-drawn breath startled the
eowitrdice of guilt-al4, had it! But it did
.wno. The rounded limbs of the little in-
fant lay motionless as their marble counter-

tirely off the chest; now inhale or suck in
all hie air you can, so as to fill the chest'to
the very bottom of it, so that no more air
can be got in ; now hold your breath, and
throw'your arms off behind, holding in your
breath as long as you can ; again fill your
chest and walk about, holding in your
breath ;is long as possible. Repeat these
long breaths as many tirnes as you please.
Done in a cold room is much better, be-
cause tite. air is heavier and denser, and will
aIct mich more powerfully in expanding the
chest. Exercising the chest in this man-
ntier, it will soon become very flexible and
expansible, and will enlarge its capacity and
the size of the lungs.
While forming a fine chest, and after it is
formed, great care is requisite.to establish
perfecting correct positions, so that the
chest shall flot be contracted and all yodr
efforts counteracted by bad positions. If
your positions are habitually bad, in spile
of all you can otherwise doi, the chest will
be more or less contracted. The rule with
you should be, and the rule of health is, to
keepl) the bottom of tier chest, the ends of
the short ribs, and the lower end of the
breast bone, as far out from the back bone
as possible. To effect this, the chest'must
be perfectly straight, and thrown a little

feit; for if the rosy lips had moved but to
the slightest murmur, or the tiny hand crept
closer to the loved bosom in her baby
dreams, the chord in the mother's breast
must have. answered, and the death-stroke
followed. 'But the .mother held her trea-
sure to her heart and slept on. Murderers
stood by the bedside, regarding, with callous
'hearts, the beautiful tableau ; and the hus:
band and father sept. But there was one
Eye open-the Eye ihat never slumbers; a
protecting wing was over them, and a soft
invisible hand -pressed down their sleeping
Nealy.every article of value, that could
be takeiu away, had disappeared from the
hou-se;: and though strict search was made
throughout the neighborhood, no trace of
them was ever discovered. After this inci-
dent, Sir Archibald Campbell furnished the
house with a guard of Sepoys during the
night ; and as the rapid increase of the po-
pulation soon gave it a central position in
t1le town, the danger of sjiph attacks was
very much lessened.
In a simple, child-like letter to a little
sister, dated December of the same year,
Mrs. Boardman writes; I have a Sab-
bath-School of little Burman girls, who are
learning their catechism and their prayers.
We have no hymns in the Burmese, or I
should teachThem hymns also. We have,
,beside this, a school during the week,"
.(Mrs. Wade's school, mostly.,from Am-
herst,) "in which the tawny little girls learn
to read and sew. They are also learning
the multiplication table; and they are just
beginning the first part of the same arithme-
tic which you study, translated into the
language. These poor little girls would
have nobody to tell them of God and of
Christ, of heaven and of hell, if there were
no missionaries here. Are you not glad
that your sister Sarah;-has come to tell them
of these' important things ?"
Perhaps something ought to be said of
the general character of Mrs. Boardman's
liters; if for no other reason, as an excuse
i- less copious extracts than we could
wish, and for these being usually'in frag-
ments. She says but little in them of her-
self--her doings and feelings; but she
seems full of interest in those she addressed,
symrpathising in their minutest concerns,
with that unselfish kindness which is sweet
to the recipient, though to a stranger unin-
teresting. They must have been -delicious
indeed to those she loved; but, like some
of the most important passages in every hu-
man life, they are not fitted for the public
I have unfolded letter, since finishing
the above sentence, in which every mem-
ber of her father's large family is thanked
by naine for having written her; and each
allusion is accompanied by some affection-
ate comment, or word of praise or encou-
ragement, suited to the age of her young
correspondent. At last she says, You
must let the dear little twins and my sweet
sister whom I have not seen, make each a
mark upon a paper, that I may have somr
token from their little hands." There is
something exceedingly touching in the af-
fectionate simplicity of this request, which
-will not fail to find its way to many a heart.
It has been said of Mrs."Boardman,
(though referring to a much later periodpof
her life,) that she excelled in the maternal
relation." With her letter before me, and
the various anecdotes gathered from differ-
ent sources, fresh in memory, I cannot but
conclude that she excelled in all domestic
relations. The tender devotedness of
the daughter, the affectionate, sympathetic
faithfulness of the sister, (to say nothing of
a tie yet stronger and holier,) were only
different developments of the same charac-
ter, which was perfected in the mothers.
The following fragment, showing how her
thoughts still turned homeward, though she
s,,ys that the "wide world would not induce
her to return," is from a letter written to
her parentstn the third anniversary of their
parting lay. We give but a few'of the
opening lines.
", I see the dear parental dwelling-place,
Where' love and happiness were constant guests;
I wee my aged grandsire, seated near
That good old pilgrim who has been his joy
Through many years of hope, and care, and pain;
I see'miry dear, kind parents/side by side,
Smniling with pleased affection on the group
Of children sporting round the cheerful hearth;
Oh, I was once of that most happy group!".

Those in easy circumstances, or who
Fursue sedentary employment within doors,
generally use their lungs but very little-
breathe very little air imto the chest, and
thus, independently of bad positions, con-
tract a wretchedly narrow, small chest, atd
hay the foundation for the loss of all health
and beauty. All this can be perfectly obvi-
ated by a little attention to the manner of
breathingn. Recollect the lungs are like a
bladder in their structure, and can be shretch-
e d open to double their ordinary size, with
perfect safety, giving a noble chest, and per-
fect immunity from consumption. The
agent-and all the agent required-is the
comm~en ait we breathe; supposing, how-
,ver, that no obstacle exist, external to the
chest, such as lacing or tying it around with
strays or tight dresses, or having the shoul-
ders lay upon it. On rising from bed in the
tmori-ng, pluce yourself in an erect posture,1
your chest thrown back, and shoulders en-

backwards'from the waist at all times. Thie
small of the back is made flexible, but the
hip joints are the points from which to
stoopl either backward or forward. The
joints are ball-and-socket-joints, like a swi-
ve.l, in some degree. The trunk of the body
may bend forward as much as you please,
for all useful purposes, and the chest, and
the whole spine, an-d neck, be kept perfectly
straight. Hence r.o lady should ever make
a table of her lap, either for sewing, reading
or writing, or any occupation whatever. Let
all these, and all work you do, be arranged
on a table before you, and that table be
raised to the armpits, or as high as possible,
so as to keep the chest straight.
A little practice will make this infinitely
more agreeable than to stoop, whilst little or
no fatigue will be experienced at your oc-
cupations, compared to what is experienced
whilst stooping, or from habitually stooping.
The weight of the shoulders will thus be
kept off the chest, which is one of the
grand causes of fatigue from manual labor,
You will thus entirely prevent the mark of
servitude being impressed upon your per-
son, in a pair of round, stooping shoulders,
and flat, contracted chest.-[Fitch.
[From the Baltimore American.]
The three words which form the new
motto of Republican France are Liberty,
Equality, Fraternity. The first two have
been so long in vogue as terms of political
signification, whether well understood or
not, that no questions are now asked as to
their meaning in the French vocabulary.-
But the word Fraternity is made the subject.
of some inquiry.
The Fraternization of a whole people is
supposed by some to imply agrarianism or
socialism. In its true sense, however, it in-
dicates a sentiment-that of brotherhood.-
This will be universally acknowledged to
be a good sentiment, inasmuch as it is one
of kindness and good will, and expresses that
sympathy between man and man which be-
longs to' our common nature, and which
more particularly unites the members of
one body social. As to the changes which
Fraternity may require, with regard to the
externals of property and condition, or with
regard to the forms and institutions of gov-
ernment, it is clear that the sentiment may
exist without any radical changes in either.
The real force and meaning of the term
may be best discerned, perhaps, by consider-
ing it along with the two other words which
are joined with it.
Liberty and Equality, denote certain po-
litical facts,'recogntiized by a people as en-
tering into their system of government.-
The first does not reject the control of rea-
son and of law; the second announces,
simply, that one man is precisely equal to
another at the ballot box. Apparently har-
monious, these two principles are in their
result antigonistical; and in this way: The
liberty which removes restraints from the
freedom of individual action generates im-
mense activity, and draws forth, more or less
fully, the energy of every man, with all his
peculiar characteristics and genius, and
really makes manifest, in this very way, the
actual inequalities that exist among men.
Every man for himself, is the ordinary max-
im of-political freedom. As a consequence
it must follow, amid it does follow, that supe-
rior shrewdness and application will enable
one man, in a money-making pursuit, to be-
come richer than another; or, in politil,
the man who has peculiar adaptations to
the business will rise to distinction over the
heads of others quite as worthy as himself,
yet not so well furnished with the arts of
popularity, orthe talents requisite for public
life. John Jacob Astor, a pedlar of German
flutes at the" outset of his career, amasses
many millions, while multitudes, with bet-
ter advantages to begin' with, may have
nothing. In fact, the diversities of men's
condition, in respect to this one thing of
property, may be found to correspond, in
the long run, with their several qualifica-
tions in the way of industry and the money-
making faculty.
This is the result of Liberty, which,
throwing open the arena of exertion to all
alike, invites to competition. The strong
rise and the weak fall. Each has his owu
object, which he pursues, and does not con-
sider himself particularly called upon to
care for anybody else. U e sees around him
not brethren, but competitors.
Liberty and Equality, then, if we look no
farther than these words, involve contradic-
tions in fact. What can harmonize the
two? Franoe has proclaimed Fraternity as
essential to complete the happy blending of
those potent elements-and having pro-
nouncfd the word, she seems to pause in
perplexity, and almost in despair. The
outward barriers which separated her peo-
ple into' different classes, and gave rise to
conflicting interests, are now removed poli-
tically-but in the absence of loyalty and
the reverential respect once paid to the great
names of her old nobility, she finds the ne-
cessity of some new sentiment which shall
control and coalesce the people. Is she
deemed visionary because she has invoked
Fraternity? "We may strive in vain to dis-
cover how the principle represented by that
,term is to be embodied in political itistitu-


At a regular meeting of FRANKLIN
DIvxSION, No. 2, S. ofT., held on the.28th
of March, 1848, the following officers were
duly elected for the ensuing term.
WM. G. RUAN, A. R. S.
H. G. MOSES, A. C.
L. FORT, 0. S.

SWe acknowledge our acquaintance with
commercial affairs to be but limited, and
that we are consequently but little able to
treat of questions of finance, but we are
somewhat inclined to the belief that we

have stumbled heretofore upon a correct ply of the gallant veteran to his companions



Ory The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subsefiptions, or advertise-
W.I.. W. CAiuVElt, Vsq., Albany, Ga.
Mf4c.,r 5AC& HAI)MAN. Eufaula.Ala.
JAW. 3. OtivExt, Tallahassee, Fa.

view of the question of which-we are about
to make a few remarks, by the circumstance
that our ears are daily saluted %,ith denun-
ciations, both loud and deep, of the present
policy pursued by the Foreign Bank Agen-
cies in this city. The policy is not new,
but its effects are now felt for the first time
by the merchants. Heretofore it has only
told on the farmers and laboring classes.
In 1840 we penned an article in which
we took ground that the illiberal and partial
course pursued by said Agencies was hurt-
ful to our interests-that their existence
here was a political injury, and that, at all
events, if suffered to remain, they should
be compelled to redeem their paper here
where they put it out, and that they should
afford us the same facilities granted-by them
to the citizens of the places where the
parent Bank is located.
The operation of the system at that time
wrought inconvenience and injury to the
laborer, mechanic, and small dealer, who
wished to remit funds away in summer,
when the Agencies had reaped their harvest
of bills,'and had gone off with the spoils,
leaving their rags floating about, unavailable
save at a heavy discount- The persons in-
stanced as injured therelby suffered a loss
because they could not travel North by the
way of Aug'ista, where the Banks, rather
than pay out specie, are glad to give Ex-
change at a reasonable rate.
At the time we wrote the article in ques-
tion, we were reproved for having so (done
by those who looked on the Bank Agencies
as essential to our commercial prosperity,
and thought it better that the few "should
suffer for the general public good, and that
rather than lose the Agencies, it was best to
let them shave the community as deep as
they pleased. It was not their ox that the
bull gored. But how is it now ? We rather
guess that our ox has suffered some.
As soon as the news came of trouble in
Europe, and a panic in the money market-
came orders to the Bank Agents here' to
shut down on this communiity. They refu-
sed to buy or sell exchange. They might
be justified in.refusing to purchase bills-
but that after having purchased all the good
hills in the market, and having put forth their
"repre sentatives of money," they should re-
fuse to pay specie for them, or to give checks
on New York, against funds accumulated
there by putting in circulation their "rags,"
in the purchase of drafts, is one of the most
audacious' and fraudulent swindles ever per-
petrated on a community. It would not be
permitted, in Georgia or South Carolina.
Such conduct there would forfeit their
charters. They would be compelled to pay
specie on demand, and as an alternative,
they would gladly give exchange.
But the Agencies here are controlled by
the Banks at home-having no regard for the
interests of our citizens, and being held in
no fear nor under anyrestraint by any laws,
as to their mode of operations, they are gui-
ded by no principle but the love of gain, and
.know no rule of conduct but the law of the
strongest-the same law under which their
prototype, the Jew of Venice, claimed the
pound of .flesh, blood'and all! We know
of no more merciless characters than those
who sway the destinies of-a Bank. Their
inhumanity to. nian has made countless
millions mourn." "Perish credit !-perish
commerce! !"-aye, Perish the food of, a
whole community !!! ere they will cofisent
to abate one jot or tittle of the advantages
which they obtain.. That any city should
be subject to. the dominion of such nren,,
and they restrained by no law Gf the land,
acting safely at a distance, and consequently
without the wholesome fear of public indig-
nation, is to be lamented. Yet such is the
condition of'this city. We are verily bound
hand and foot and delivered to the Philis-
tines. At.this time, the best bills that can
be drawn on ihe North, such as would sell
readily elsewhere at the. South, are refused
by the Banks-Cotton cannot be sold for
the want of funds-the notes of the foreign

in arms.
Each line of the epistle is, replete with
great moral and political truths. The pro-
priety of the position he assumes is mnad'e
*evident to every man who remembers the
events of the'last four years.
ON ACCOUNT OF THEM !! !-John Tyler and
James K. Polk are living witnesses of the
truth of this maxim.
Indeed I have thought," says the old
General, "that for many years past the
known opinions of the Executive.have exerci-
sed an injurious influence upon the legisla-
tive department of the Government." Wit-
ness ye Brinkerhoffs that the observation
of old Zach is sustained fn your career in
Congress! Wick the Whipper-in could
a tale unfold," which would make the as-
surance doubly sure" that old Zach is right
in his appreciation of Presidential patronage,
and that he is wise and patriotic in refusing
to be the President of a partly.
But listen to tme simple Republican of
the Jeffersonian school, while he rebukes
the Modern Democrat who has centralized
all power in himself-has ruled the mem-'
bers of Congress in its halls of debate-has
mate war and levied taxes at his pleasure,
yet has dared to oppose the manifest will of
the people as expressed through their Re-
presentatives, on the flimsy pretence that a
Bill-was unconstitutional, the provisions of
which had been sanctioned by almost every
successive President front Washiington
The personal opinions'of the individual
WHO MAY HAPPEN [as -in the case oq/ His
Expediency the present incumbent] to occupy
the Presidential Chair, ought not to control
the action of Congress upon, questions of do-
mestic policy."
Upon the subject of the Tariff, the Cur-
rency, the improvement of our great high-
ways, rivers, lakes and harbors, THE WILL
OF THE PEOPLE, as expressed through their
Representatives in Congress, ought to be res-
pected and carried-out by the Executive" / !
.So' speaks the PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE !
BATON ROUGE, April 22, 1848.
Dear Sir:-My opinions have recently
been so often misconceived and misrepre-
sented, that deem it due to myself, if not
my friends, to make a brief exposition of
them upon the topics to which you have
'called my attention.
I have consented to the Agse of my name
as a candidate for the Pre(Wdency.' I have
frankly avowed my own distrust of my fit-
ness for that high station; but having, at
the solicitation ofm-ny ofmy countrymen,
taken my position as a candidate, I do not
eel at liberty to surrender that position un-:'
til my friends manifest a wish that I should
retire from it. I will then most gladly do
so.. I have no private purposes to accom-
plish, no party projectsAo'build up, no ene-
mies to punish-nothing to serve but my
1 have been very often addressed by letter,
and my opinions have been asked upon al-
most every question that might occur to the
writers as affecting the interests of their
country or their party. I have not always
responded to these inquiries, for various
I confess, whilst I have great cardinal
principles which'will regulate my political
life, I am not sufficiently familiar with all
the minute'details of political legislation'to
exert my influence, if I were President, to
carry this or defeat that measure. I have
no concealment. I hold no opinion which I
would not readily proclaim to my assembled
countrymenl? but crude impressions upon
matters of policy, which may be -right to-
day and wrong to-morrow, ag-, perhaps, ,not
the best test of fitness for office. One who
can not be trusted witloii pledges, can ,iot
be confided in merely eB~lceount of' them.
I will proceed, however, now to respond
to your inquiries.'
First.-1 reiterate what I have'often' said
-I am a Whig, but itot an ultra Whig. If
elected I will not 'be the mere President of
a party. I would endeavor to act.indepen-
(lent of party domiuation. I "should feel-
bound to administer the Ggvernmentr n:
trammelled by party schemes.
Second.-The ve4'o power. The power
given by the constitution to the Executive

banks cannot be disposed of for less than
from 2 to 3 per cent. discount, and, in fine,
trade has entirely stopped.
Such, however, is not the case in other
Southern cities. The Banks there are more
cautious, but they still buy good bills, well
secured-and they sell excJange, or pay
specie for their notes.
It is high time that something should be
done to protect this community from the
further extortion of Georgia and South Ca-
rolina bankers. The subject should be, and
we mean that it shall come, before the next
Legislature, and we trust that those oflthe
community who agree with us in sentiment,
will aid in seeking redress for the grievances
complained of.
One of the surest remedies is to have a
Bank of our own. It may be said we can-
not raise the capital for a Bank, but we are
assured by those who know, that ample
means can be obtained for the purpose else-
where, if not here, and when obtained, it
will be controlled by our-own Legislature,.
If we had a BanktwTth proper powers, and
under proper restrictions, we would be able
to dispense with the foreign agencies. We
should enjoy all the benefits they confer, (if
any there be) and avoid the evils they
entail. -
We perform a most pleasing task to-day,
in publishing the bold, manly, and wise re-

To Calt. 3. S. ALUiSON.
[From the Boston Courier.]
Mr. Editor:-A few observations on the
climate of Florida may not be unacceptable
to a portion of your readers, especially those
of the iuvalided class. There have been
many vague and contradictory reports con-
cerning the climate of that country, But a
thorough investigation of facts, by able men,
shows that Florida not only .possesses a-
most genial climate, bur its soil is as pro-
ductive in the growth and nutrition of tro.
pical plants, ns any portion of. the West
India islands. Florida is situated in the-, '
same parallel of latitude a.Jy_[lpt -and
Southern Persia. Alihouah unhealthy in
the summer months, in -the vicinity of the
great swamps and marshes, it is more heal-
thy than the low countries of the other
Southern states, Irom the fac' of its penin. -
sular situation, and the continued breezes
across the country, from tbe.Gulf of MLexico
to the Atlantic Ocean.
Since the established proofs of East FIlor-
ida being the most healthy place of resort
for our invalids,-we predict thatI the shores
of the St. Johns River and its vicinity will
be visited by invalids and others from every
part of our widely-extended coQunriy. Thie
cnly contradiction to this assertion will be "
the want of Ilarge and commodious hotel,
or hiorfil oltivalids, conductedI and based
on good medical principles. The principal
reason why the English physicians withidrew
their patients from St. Augustine,' "as the
want of accommodations, anid the sudden
transitions of climate, originiating fiom its
proximity io the, sea,. For the past two or
three years we have been indefatigalty en-
gaged with experienced physicians in ascer-
taining the most eligible site in that country
as a sanatory retreat for our sick. The'-.
voyage to the WVst Indies is too expensive
and dangerous, the climate too sultry and
debilitating; and this, connected wilh-poo"r
accommodations, among Str)angers, and a
strange language, has convinced us of-the
impropriety of sending our pulmonary pa-
tients to those islands. After a strict exa-
ruination of every point in this matter, we
are inanimtously agreed that Palatka, East
Florida, is the most suitable site for thew "
Home of Invalids." P.ilalka is situated "
on'the St. Johns River. about half degree
south of St. Augustine, twenty-two iiiiles *
from the ocean, in hat. 29 930. Ih enjoys a
salubrious climate, free' from a damp ,ind
pernicious atmosphere, having the-repuita-
lion of being healthy throughout the year.
It is likewise centriil 'to all other places of,
note on the St. Johns, being seventyv-five
miles from Jacksonville, thirty frnom St. '
Augustine, one hundred and fifty from .
"EnLerprize," Lake Munroe, and' from "
Orange Springs, twenty-ilire'e miles.., It I
will be recollected that this place was cho-
sen by the United States government, du-
ring the Florida war. as a healthy place for
their military hospital, and minain depot of'-
supplies for the army. It is also the termi-
nus of regular steam navigation on thy,
We are now devising means to carry our
plans into ex-ecution ; and by the aid of our '
tfiedical brethren, arid others who are libe-
rally disposed, we feel sanguine that by un-
remitting exertion%, the good work will be
accomplished. We are at 'present having
a plan of .the ,building executed, by ;i first
rate draughtiman of this city, combining
every thing suitable for the Southern cli-
mate. and having every 'convenience of a
Northern house, the intention being to seize "
on every facility that will render it a rural"
and delightful retreat, organized and found-
,ed upon the best medical principles. The
capital necessary to complete this enterprise
.must be furnished by a joint stock company,
without any speculative views: The invest-
ment will pay well, and we invite all who
feel hiberalli disposed towards this eniter-
prise, to subscribe anrid assist in esiablis'ing
this philanthropic institution,: whichh ouir
country so loudly demands. .. ,'
Portland, April 5,1848.

rssuPriiraY"'i~6 i~ii;~scl--r-~clp~a~r~Llrr~, -~lL6-~I~--"I 4P."iiii~ji~LIC~- lr--- _- 111~1 --- --- -I --., ~-` -~ -- s.--;;- -- ..

~~ _~~~__~~_ 1

to interpose his veto, is a high conservative,_,,
power; but in my opinion should never be .
exercised except in cases of clear violation
of, the constitution, or manifest haste and :
wantr:-of consideration by Congress. In-
deed, I have thought that, for many years
past the known opinions and wishes of Ihe "
Executive have exercised undue and in,-
ous influence upon the legislative di
meant of the Governmnent ; and for this cW ee
I have thought our dsTeni was in danger
of undergoing a great change from its true
theory. The personal opinions of the indi-
vidual who may happen to occupy the Exe-,
cutive chair, oughk not to control the action of
Congress upon questions of domestic policy;
norought his objections to be interposed where
questions of constitutional power have been
settled by the variotis departments f Govern-
fi'int. and acquiesced in by the people. 4
Third.- Upon the subject of the tariff,
the currency, the imprnveitent of-our great
hith.ays.,'rivers, lakes and harbors, the
will otilhe people, as expressed through
iheir/Representalives in Congress, ought to
be .respected, anJ ,carried out by 'the Exe---",
cyfjve. .; ;
t Fourth.-The Mexican war. I sincerely
'rejoice, at the prospect of peace. My life
'has been devoted to'armis, yet I look upon
war at all times and und(-r all circumstances
as a national calalnity, to be avoided if corn-
patiblewith national honor. The principles'
of our Governmnent, as well as its I rue policy,
are opposed-to the subjugation of other. na-
tionsI and the .dismemberment of other,
countries, by conquest. : In the Innguage'of
the great Washington, ",Why should we
quit our own to stand onF6(reign ground."
In the Mexican war our national honor has
been vindicated, amply viii'ricated, arid in
dictating terms of peace we may well afford
to be forbearing'and even magnanimous to
fallen foe.
These are my opinions upon Ihe subjects
referred to by you ; and any reports or pub-
lications, written or verbal, from any'source,
differing in any essential particular fromin
what is here written, are unauthorized and
uni rue.
I dot not known that I.shall again write
upon the subject of national politics. I'
Shall engage in no schemnes,- 9o0combina-
tions, no intrigues. lfthe American people
have not confidence in me, they ought nriot
to give me their suffrages. If they do nriot,
you know me well enough to believe me
when 1 (ldeclaire I shall be content. I am too
old a soldier to murmur against such high
7. TAAVT .n

tions; but the difficulty of understanding
this may result from the fact that there is
so little of the principle itself to be seen in
the world. It must be an inspiration with-
in, rather than an infusion from without.-
To attempt to make people fraternize by
arbitrary arrangements, implying compul-
sion, would be futile enough; but may we
not hope that the use of the word itself in
France, and its adoption in the motto of the
Republic,.denote the existence of the feel-
ing as an actual element struggling for de-
velopment? There is to our minds noth-
ing so full of interest in the late extraordin-
ary doings in France as the exhibition which
her people have made of their yearning after
that substantial reality of social and political
life, denoted by th1e word Fraternity. Ifit
be a delusion which attracts them, it is one
which thus far at least has saved multitudes
from bloody excesses; which has inspired a
noble forbearance, a generous magnanimity;
which has elevated the masses into heroism,
atid imparted a tone of grandeur to the elo-
quence of the tribune. While order is
preserved and justice maintained and rights
regarded, let us hope for the best at all
events; anti whether our'hopes or our fears
shall predominate in the end, we must ac-
knowledge that the experiment itself is a
great one.

"Arrival of the Acadia.
:-G; reat excitement in En.land and Ireland--
Ten thousand troops qtof the line marched in-
to London--Tie Europwan War commen-
eed-Continued commotion in Ewrope-The
King of Sardinia in thefield,--At the head
of thirty thousand men, intending to invade
The steamer Acadia, with dates from Li-
'verpo1 to,the 8thult., arrived at Boston on
Sunday eveningl.. Our despatches by tele-
grapo did not reach us untjl yesterday morn-
ing%.. It -will be seen- that the convulsions
in .Europe still continue.
'- .,NESW YOKK, April 24, 8 A. M.
".Y' The geiteral conimmotio-n on the.Continent
*' of-.Europe is increasing. The insurrection
in Lombardy is confirmed, with these addi-
-tional imn.por.tant features-that the King of
'Sardinia, It the head of an. army of thirty
'thousand troops, had crossed from Pied-
'mbntto Lo-mbardy;,issuing a formal'declara-
tion: of war against Austria, and then march-
"ed direct to Milan. 'The Austrians fled,
havingg be'en'defeated at every point,
The Italian D.uchies are.all in open in-
,Austria proper is entirely disorganized.-
The Austrian General, Radilski, is afraid to
'.enter Mantua, anti, being in 'want of pro-
visions, will -havye. to capitmulate on the ap-
I:pearan'ce ofthe Sardinian troops. Charles
'Albert will soon have a disposable force of a
/.quarter of a million of men, and with such
an army will not only liberate all Lombardy,
but threaten Austria, even at the gates of
SSavoy has been declared a Republic. In
Baden, 'Wurtemburg, and Saxony liberal
governments have been conceded to the
people. The triumph of the people of
Hanover is compl-ete.
In Prussia, 'after the bloody scenes at
'Berlin, thie Ri'ng has promised extensive
.constitutional reforms, but at the same time
is pllunged hea1dloug into disputes with the
Danes, concerning the affairs of the Ducih-
ies, ;and has also exasperated Russia by en-
'couraging the Polesto erect an independent
,government at Posen.
Silesia, Breslau, and Lith4ania are in an
'-alarming state of convulsion.
It is rumored that 50,000 Cossacks have
-certainly appeared at Kilset, and serious
-donquences were anticipated.
The Emperor of Russia has ordered every
'man in Russia Poland, between the age of
18 atrd 35 years, to march to the interior,
;and is concentrating an army sufficient to
'-rush a44 attempts to erect a Republic in
No actna'al hostilities had taken place in
Denmark. Both sides are preparing.
Belgium and Holland are tranquil. All
" ,the revolutionary attempts had failed.
Turkey, under Russian influence, refuses
Ito acknowledge the French Republic.
Disturbances have occurred at Madrid
.between the soldiers and people-. Many
'were killed on both sides. Queen Christina
'had fled daring the conflict.
A' Parliament has been constituted in
Sicily. The separation from Naples is
completee ,
The French Govevnment has ordered an
it'my to assemble on the frontiers of Italy to
watch the movements. On the 3d ult. La-
..ainrtine received Smith O'Brien and the
'members of the Repeal Association. He
made a speech full of'vigor arid sympathy,
and free from. anything offensive to the Bri-
Aish Government, declaring the determina-
.'lion.not to interfere in any of tire internal
xlifficulties of other nations.
Paris was quiet. Tranquillity was res-
tored at Lyons The elections of officers of
the National -Guard resulted generally in
4avor of.tepuiblican candidates.
In England and Ireland the greatest ex-
'citement exists. Lord JohnRussel had re-
peated the determination of the Govern-
ment to apply its whole weight to maintain
'order and suppress rebellions, but was will-
ing to remedy any grievances, Accounts
from Ireland are moro menacing; additional
troops were aniving from England, The
Repealers in Dublin were equally energetic,
and supported by the Provinces, which are
electing delegates to a council of three
lhunnd'ed, to assemblewot Liverpool, to keep
within the limits prescribed by the Conven-
-tion Act. It was expected that Dublin
"would be. placed under the operation of the
recent Arms Act, and that all i)ikes and arms
,would be required to be given up. The
JRepealers openly say, the repeal of the un-
ion is now not sufficient to satisfy the pub-
lic grievances. A republic is the only re-
medy for the evils under which the country
The great Chartist demonstration to
come off on the 10th, has been fourbidden by
the English government; all arrangements.
however, .are going on. A proclamation
which had been issued, forbidding people
to attend the meeling has only increased
'the excitement anile ailed forth remonstran-
'ces frotn sections of the press hostile to
Chartism. All the Chartists themselves are
determined to carry out their objects.--
They passed unanimous resolutions to hold
the meeting in despite of the Government
threats, and at the risk of life to issue coun-
ter proclamations and 1o hold simultaneous
meetings in different locations on the day of
the great demonstration, and to carry no
armsrih the procession.

Government seems determined to bring
matters to an issue at once. Large bodies
of cavalry, infantry and artillery,.are drafted
into the. Metropolis, to the extent of more
than ten thousand men.
*.: LIVERPooL, April 8.
CoTT'or .-The cotton market exhibits an
averajgedecline of about ,d. per lb. since
previous advices. A fair business, however,
was doing.
Laurie Todd thus beautifully describes
his emotions on reaelhing home after an ab-
sence of forty yea'-: "I looked round-
there stood thS eight-'day clock in the cor-
ner; there hung the same bed curtains un-
der which I had slpt; I knew the shovel
and tongs by the fire. I could not speak,
but sait down and shed tears, with feelings
as sweet as ever man felt under the sun.
Had I found my father inma palace, it wooll
not have been home. When frien'dls parted
ia Scotlan'd, fifty years ago, it was under
the impression that they would never meet
again, till they met in Eternity ; but to meet
after an absence of forty years, in the same
.house, with the'same friends, and they, too,
in more comfortable circumstances thanti
when I left them, was a blessing which few
have enjoyed. My father died la his 95tb
year." .'

_ __ ___ _

Stockon fi-hand Sept. 1,1847.... 5'' 988-8
Received past 3 days...........2617
previously..... ...t104972i
Total.....--108167 98408
Exported past 3 days ...........493
Total.......-- 82127 65103
On hand and on shipboard notcleared 23916 33305
Commencing 1st September, 1847-and sante
time in 18-146.
I Past IlPirel'v- I I Last
W'HrITrER EXPOT'b. !dys onsly. "season

Liverpool ........ ....
Havre..- .........
Nantz...,.%. .-. .... .
Trieste...... ... .
Other ports...........
Total to For. Ports.
Mew York....... ..
Providence ..-......
Baltimore.......1 ....
New Orleans........
Other ports.. ......*
Total Coastwise....

..... 29759


3^90 .2:314
. ... ... .13172
...103 ..-1964
...... .. 1180(
.. .... ..1i985
...... .. .55(I
R.3 .59 3-3




'. 2451

Per sieamrer Peytona-Miss RogersyJ Coldwell,
F Porter, Wright, Guiser.
Per steamer Peytona-TMiss 'Hodges, Mrs. Gun
by 2 children and servt, Dr Lockhart, M P Ellis.
Per steamer Boston-C Pratt
Per steamer Emily-C F Bpmis and lady, Miss
Prescott, Col. R Myers, WA McKenzie, 0 Wake-
field, J M Hughes.
Per steamer Lotus-Mrs. Dingle, D J Day, W
H Talman, Thos Robinsn
Per steamer Quincy-Messrs. Green, Caldwell,
HIasted, Allen.
Per steamer Champion-Messrs. Mount. Tay-
lor, Mumford, Plume
Per steamer Quincy-Mr -Grissard, family and
servt. Gen A C Gordou, C A Austin, B S Haw-
ley. Cheever.
Per steamer Viola-J II Farrior, N Baker, Mr.
Per steamer Champion-285 hbales cotton to
Maclay & Kimbrough; 6 to Sims & Cheever; 2 to
A N McKay & Co; 133 to W A & P C Kain; 54
to Harper & Holmes: 125 to N J Deblois; 65 to
Lockhart & Young; 229 to W G Porter & Co.
Per steamer Peytona-383 bales cotton to Ma-
clay & Ktoibrough; 179 to Lockhart & Young;
120 to Harper & Holmes; 89 to A N McKay & Co.
Per steamer Boston-247 bales cotton to Ma-
clay & Kimbrough; 171 to lHill, Dawson & Co.
Per steamer Emily-225 bales cotton to N J
Deblois; 212 to 'Lockhart & Young; 43 to C RIo-
gers & Co; 12 to Wylie & McKenzie; 7 to A N
McKay & Co; 22 to Harper & Holmes.
Per steamer Lotus-199 bales cotton to N J De-
blois; 161 to Maclay & Kimbrough; 61 to W H
Talman; 25 to C A Green & Co; 17 to Lockhart
& Young; 34 to A N McKay & Co.
Per steamer Charleston-18 bales cotton to Hill,
Dawson & Co; 122 to Harper &, Holmes; 92 to W
A & P C Kain; 382 to Maclay &l Kiumbrough.
Per steamer Quincy-39 bales cotton to Lock-
hart & Young; 5 to W GPorter & Co.
Per steamer Champion-139 bales cotton to A
N McKay & Co; 8 to Lodkhart & Young; 198 to
Maclay & Kimbrough; 8 to Wylie & McKenzie;
147 to Hill, Dawson & Co
Per steamer Quincy-37 whales cotton to Wm G
Porter & Co; 38 to B S Hawley; 3 to A N Mc-
Kay & Co.
Per steamer Viola-300 bales cotton to N J
Deblois; 59 to Lockhart& Young; 5 to J Day&Co.
SLIVERPOOL-Per bark Ocean Queen-1590
bales cotton
NEW YORK-Per bark *eybosset-804 bales
Pej brig Georgianna-390 bales cotton.
BOSTON-Per bark Brenda-1366 bales cotton.
PBOVIDENCE-Per bark Triton-631 bales of
cot ton.
Per schr St Dennis-103 bales cotton

Warranted to Cure."
-COSTER & COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic,
compounded from medicines of our own
forests, a peofact and lasting cure for fever and
ague, and for being the best 'Ionic in cases of
general debility or weakness now known, for sale
by [April 271 H F ABELL.


STEALrNG.TulRKIEs.-Larely two soldiers
went off turkey stealing. The turkey roost
was a half mile distant from the encamp-
ment, and belonged to a nfan who had given
umbrage to some of the men. The plan
was,that two of the men should engage him
in coqwersation,. or pretend to assist him in
tKeepimg the fire from reaching his fence,
while tthe other two should go forward on
'their praiseworthy errand. By some mis-
take, one of the two who were' to go for-
ward, found 'himisef'lTaone ; b.ut resolving to
make 'the most of h-is lime, he grabbed an
old un" firmly by its drumsticks, and put
out at full speed. He had gone but a few
steps when he found himself hotly pursued.
Thinking to himself, '.no'W, legs, do your
duty," he made a des'perate brush for about
a quarter," now lost in 'the tall grass, now
enveloped in smoke, and- now appearing in
full view again as some broad flame sh'otup-
ward, the rapid hippity-clip pace of his pur-
suers falling more significantly bpon his ear
at every step. Furiher successful'racing,
carrying such weight, became extremely
dubious. -
To drop the turkey -in(l fnerely make
good his individual retreat, would scarcely
do. There was but a moment left for deli-
-beration; he was already "winded," and
would be a A gone coon" in six jumps; or
what was worse, it would be a gone turkey
without a change of tactics. Suiting tie
action to the thought, he threw the turkey
upon the ground, placed his foot upon its
neck, and squaring himself a la O'Rourke,
he shouted ou.t to his pursuer, in a banter-
ing tone, Now come on, and if you are ai
better man than I am, you can take your old
turkey!" Why, Sam, you blam'd fool,"
cried the one behind, it's nobody but me

with another one !"

BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.--The history of
the world, as well as the biography of those
who have played a prominent part in its
concerns, is worthy of everlasting'remem-
brance. It assures us tha i'l matters but
little what form of danger may assail a man,
if he be true to himself.
Poverty may lay its chilly hand upon
Shim, and freeze up the brightest fountain of
.fis hope--disaplpointments may meet him at
lv'very step-affliction may strike down those
who 'are nearest to his heart-the foul
breath of slahmnder may atternpt to sully his.
name, and tarnish his re'putation--still let
him be true to himsel'f-let him rnaintain a
stout heart and clean breast-and hlie will
eventually outride the storm. Let those
! who nre struggling with low birth and iron
fortune," remembe'r'lhfis tiuth-- and let them
Remember, that no t ian can be destroyed by
others without fault and weakness in him-



May 1I-Brig Growler, Atftridge, fm New York.
Schr Monterey, Appleby, fim N Orleans.
Ship Floridian, Whitmore, fm New York.
May 3-Ship Canton, Packard, fm Cuba.
Steamer Champion, .Cadwallader, fmin Columrbus
Steamer Peytona, Morton, fm Columbus.
Steamer Boston, Morton, fm Columbus.
SSteamer Charleston, Phillips, fm Columbus.
Steamer Lotus, Jones, fm Columbus.
Steamer Emily, Hall, fm Columbus.
Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Viola, Van Veghten, fm Columbus.
April 2'-B.rk Ocean Queen, Warren, for Liv;
Schr Southerner, Harrison, for N 0.
Bark Brenda, Young, for Boston.
Bark Triton, Luce. for Providence.
.Bark Weybosset, Harris, for New York.
Brig Georgianrma, Bedell, for New York.
May 2-Schr Elisabeth Hull, Tuthill, for N Y
May 3-Schr St. Dennis, Park,-Providence.
Floridian, Whitmore, 400 tons, from New York,
Canton, Packard, 415 tons, from Cuba, waiting-
Master .
Gardiner, Young, 346 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-J Day & Co:
Rowland, Norcross, 411 tons, for Liverpool load-
ing-S Cassin.
St Lawrence, Bower,s 461 tons, fm BRoston, wait-
-ing-T L Mitchel
Arcole, Proal, 663 tons, for St Petersburg, load-
S ing-I M Wright.
Andrew Scott, Emery, 318 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-N J Deblois
South[ort, McCormick, 499 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-N J Deblois.
York, Pollard, 433 tons, from Boston, waiting-
Master. L -
Medallion, Houndlette, 547 tons, for Liverpool,
loading-S Cassin.
Probus, De Vress, 647 tons, for Toulon, loading-
I M Wright.
Frances, Dyer, 395 tons, from Boston, waiting-
Rob't Fulton, Wade, 560 tons, fm New York,
waiting-I M Wright.
John Brower, Talford, 310 tons, for Boston, load-
iog-N J Deblois.
Magdala, Dodge, 298 tons, for New York, load-
ing-A Dodge.
Covenanter, (Br.) Patterson, 612 tons, fm Liver-
pool, waiting-J Day & Co.
Dauntless, (Br.) Johnson, 689 tons, fm Liverpool,
Growler, Attridge, 149 tons, fm New York, wait-
Phoclon, Alien, 233 tons, fm New York, wait-
ing-Master. .
Alabama., Howard, 271 tons,, ,fm Newr York wait-
E L Walton, Rowe, 195 tons, fn New York,Wait-
Manhattan, Johnson, 246 tons, fm N York, wait-
ing-Nourse, Stone &.Co.

IN pYirsu'ne tof the provisions of the Constitu-
tion of 'the State, notice is hereby given that
certain persons citizen's of Fiorida, intend apply-
ing to the next Gtneral Assembly of the State,
for an act incorporating them, and their associ-
ates, citizens of Florida, who-may become united
with them for the purpose, by the name and style
of the Bank of Co'mnmerce"-said incorporation
to possess banking powers and privileges-, an'd its
capital stockto consist of not mo're than -2,' i,.
May 4 16-tf
Most Extt'aorlitnary Worli.

Si\,l, Edition ISmo pp. 250. Price $1.
Years of suiering., of physical and mental an-
guish to many an affectionate wife, and pecuminiary
difficulties to the husband, might have been
spared by a timely possession of this work.
It is intended especially for the married, or
those contemplating marriage, as it discloses im-
portant secrets 'which should be known to them
Truly, knowledge is power. It is hdMth,
happiness, affluence.
The revelations contained in its pages have
proved a blessing to thousands, as the innumer-
able letters received by the'author will attest.
Here, also, every female-the wife, the mother,
theone either budding into womanhood, or the
one in the decline of years in whom nature con-
templates an important change-can discover the
causes, symptoms, and the most efficient remedies,
and most certain mode of cure, in every com-
plaint to which her sex is subject.
On the receipt ot One Dollar, the Married
Woman's Private Medical Companion" will he
sent (mailed free) to any part of the United
States. All letters must be addtrespd, post-paid,
to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Box 124, New York
City. Publishing Office, 129 Liberty-street, New
York. May 4, 16-tf.

Military, Fire Caps, auid Fire
Bucket M1Iauufactory.-
ENRY T. GRATACAP, continues to manu-
facture at his old stand, No. 392 Broadway,
New York, the following articles, Military Caps,
Belts, Body and Breast Plates, Cartridge Boxes,
Knapsacks, Priming Wires, Scabbards, Saddle
Cloths,. Holstets, Bridles, Gun Cases, Fire Caps,
Beat' Skin Caps, &c. &c.
Military and Fire Companies about forming, or
contemplate changing their Uniforms, can be
supplied with Pattern Caps, by addressing the
above at the shortest notice, on the most reason-
able terms. May 4, 16-6t.
Calhoutin County T'ax Sale.
BY virtue ot the power vested in mre by law,
I will expose for sale, before the Court-house
door, in the county of Calhoun, on the first Mon-
day of August, 1848, the following described
property, or so- much thereof as will pay the
State and County tax due- thereon for the year
1847 to-wit:
The S W t of Section 5, Township 1, Range 9.
N & W, joining the lands of Stephen Richards,
purporting to belong to J. W. Williamson.
Also, the N WV I of Section 8, Township 1,
Range 9, N & W,-and the W j of the S W I of
Section 5, Township 1, Range 9, N & W, pur-
porting to belong to Win. Wyatt.
Also, 80 acres of first rate land, number not
known, purporting to belong to J. & B. F. Pettey.
Also, 80 acfes second rate land, ,number not
known, purporting to belong to Jas. T. Evens'.
estate. -
Also, 547 acres first rate land, number not
knriown, purporting to belong to Call & Gamble.
Also, 80 acres first rate land, number not
known, purporting to belong to Saint. Parkhill.
Also,. 640 acres of first rate land, known as
Bird Island, and purporting, to belong to the Apa4
lachicola Land Com'pany.
ISAAC JACKSON, Sheriff and
Ex-Officio Tax Collector C. C.
May 1, 1848.. 16tds

PORT OF APALACHICOLA .-......... May 4.

D. C. D. C.

-xix -w .A.I .- .lA jr I-ll-U LJI

BAGGING, Kentucky,......... yd
Dundee, ..........yd
BALE ROPE, Kentucky..... lb
Northern,..... lb
BREAD, Navy,.... ..... cwt
Pilot........ ....cwt
COFFEE, Rio,............lb
Havana,.............. lb
CANDLES, Sperm,.......... ..lb
CORDAGE, Manilla,..........lb
Hemp-..... .... lb
CIDER, Northern,.......... bbl
Biown Shirti;ngs,....y'
Sheetings,.... yd
Calico Prints,;..... yd
Kentucky Jeans,.... yd
DUCK, Russia,.... .... ..yd
DYES, Logw'd, ampeadhy-,. .ton
St. Domingo,.ton
Fustic,................ Ion
Indigo,. ............. ...lb
FLOUR, Northern,......... bbl
FISH, Cod,. ........;. ....box
Mackerel, No. 1,...."..,bbl
No. 2.......bbl
No. 3,.......bbl
FRUIT, Almonds............. lb
Prunes, ............... Ib
Figs,... .... .... .... lb
Lemons, ............box
FURS. Otter,............... .
FEATHERS,............... lb
GRAIN, Oats,..... .......bush
Corn,........;.. bush
HAY,................ cwt
HIDES, Green,...............;lb
Dry, country, ......... lb
IRON, English,..................lb
Swedes,................ lb
Nail Rods,.............lb
Casting. American, ..... lb
Boards, -White Pine,.-... M
Yellow ......M
Staves,............... ..M
White Oak Heads,....... M
'; Heading...... M
LEAD, Bar, ....... .........lb
LIM E, .......................bb]
MOLASSES, N. 0...........gal
NAVAL STORES, Pitch,....bbl
Rosin,.. .bbl
NAILS...................... keg
OILS, Linseed................ gal
Olive,...-. ...... ....bottle
Sperm >..... ... ..... ... gal
Lard,..... ............gal
Tanners'.....'. ....gal
Castor................ .ga,
PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,.-.. .b'bl
M. 0....bbl
nacon Hams. ........ lIb
canvassed, ..Ib
Sides,-........... lb
v" Shoulders,.....lb!
LARD, ...; .....;..........Ib
BUTT-ri, ................ ...tlb
CHEEsE, ............... lb
RlCE .... .... ............ ..lb
Cloves,. .... .........lb
gingerroot, .. .... 'lb
Nutmegs, ..... .. lb
Pepper, ....... .... lb
SUGAR, N. Orleans........... lb
St. Croix.............lb
Loaf,..... ............lb
SALT, Livterpool,........... sack
STEEL, Cast,...............cwt
German,............ cwt
SOAP.... ....... ... ....Alb
SPIRITS, Brandy, Cognac,-.. .gal
Gin, Holland, .... .gal
Rum, N. E.........gal
Whiskey, Rect. ....gal
SKINS, Bear,....................
Deer, .............. '....
SHOT, all sizes, ................lb
TEA, Young Hyson,. ..........lb
Souchong,............ Ib
TIN. ...........................
TWINE, Baling,...............lb
Seine, .. .........lb
WINES, Miaderia............. gal
Champagne. ....... doz





18 a
16 a
4 a
5 a
8i a
121 a
35 a
00 a

O a 75
Sa 800
5O a 700
50 a 450
a 12 00
75 a 900
00 a 600
00 a
5 a 8300
20 a 25
16 a 18
12 a 14
00 a 450
00 a 450
75 a
60 a 70
50 a 500
a 75
6a 7
4ja 5
5 a i
a 8
8 a 10
6 a 7
4 a 6

1000 a1600
1200 a
6 a 6i
10 a 12
150 a 1621
25 a 26
a 4.50
a 400
150 a 200
225 a 300
475 a 550
90 a T25
50 a 62
t00 a 150
S0 a 90
175 a 200
at44 00
a 12 00
a 10 00
9 a 121
5a 6j
9" a 9
24 a 25
9 a 12k
225 a 3 00
75 a 85
4j a 5
45 a
371 a 50
a 10P
11 a
2 a S50
14 a 16
5j a 7j
10 a 11
13 a 14
100 a 125
621 a 75
1800 a 25 00
1200 a 15 00
5 a 7
175 a 8 25
137 a 150
40 a 42
87 a 40
2 a 25
62J a 75
100 a 125
7a 8j
7 a. 7 -'
8 a 511
60 a 80
a 0
18 a 20
a 371
100 a 300
1000 a1600

Franklin Circuit -Court.

John W. Rinaldi, Compl't,
vs. In Chancer'yi
Daniel Smith arid Lucy Ann In Chce
his wife; Resp'ts
T PON reading the foregoing affidavi(, it is or-"
U dered that service of the foregoing bill be
perfected on the defendants in said bill mention-
ed, by publication in the Commercial Advertiser,
or some other newspaper published in the West-
ern District, for the space of four months, requi.
ring said ,defendants to appear and answer saOd
bill, otherwise that the same be taken pro con-
fesso. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
April 24th, 1848.
A true copy.. WM. VALLEAUi, CIk.
May 4 16-4m
Congress Spring Water,
JUST received, direct *obm the Spring. For
sale by J. C. ALLEN.
May 4;

Window Glass.
J UST received, 50 boxes window glass; of all
sizes;- For sale by J. C. ALLEN. -
May 4;
Salad Oil.
JUST received, per brig Manhattan, a fbw cases
Sof Salad Oil, that is good. J. C. ALLEN.
May 4.

Prestond s Extract of Lemon,
FOR flavoring Custards, Sauces, Jellies, &c.
For sales by. J. C. ALLEN.
May 4.
Cooper's isinglass,
JUST received, and for sale by
May 4.

Cider. '
O BBLS Champagne, for sale by
5 Dec 30 B ELLISON Co.
School Books.
SCHOOL BOOKS, ot all kinds, just rec'd by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN,

Bacon, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and
I Salt,
LWAYS on hand, and for sale low by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

.Swayn & Wistar's
COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just re-
S ceived and for sale by
Feb 11 H F ABELL.

Liverpool Salt,
F OR sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

H ULL'S superior single and double' Tross'eS,
for sale by
Feb-17 1 F ABELL.

R ega l ottr,. -

7 00


.FranI tli -Circuit Court,- --
The President,4,and Directors of
the Bank of Pensacola; In Chancery.;
vs. I .
Hiram Mantley, and others'.. j ...
'At Chambers, 24th-Mareh, iS48..
U PON reading the Bill and Exhibits, filed in
this cause, It is ordered; that service of said
bill be perfected on Hii'arf Manley;,,one of the
defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a resident of the Middle Distlict of
Florida, by publication in the 'newspaper pub-
lished in the city of Apalachicola, for the space
of two months, requiring said Manley to be and
appear before the Court on the first Monday in
June next, and answer said bill', otherwise the
same Will bv taken pro confesso as to him.
A True Copy.
March 30, 1848.. 11-2m

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, .
William B. Finch. )
IT being made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the
State of Florida, to wit, in the State of New
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in-the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confesso.
At Cha-mbers, Sept. 20, 1847.
True Copy. Judge, &c.
W. VALLEAU, Clerk.
October 28, 1847. 41-4m

Id Chancery-
Thomas Barkar ,
vs. Petition fir Divorce.
Sarah iamanth Baker. )
IT appearing to the, satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is or-
dered that. the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition within three
months after the publication of this order, or the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is further ordered that this order be published in
some newspaper in the Western Circuit of this
State for thespace of three months.
GtG. S. HAWKiINS, Judge W. C.
Jan'iary 6, 1848. 51-3m*

In Chancery--Frankihlin County.
Mary'Green, by her next friend, ) .
vs. ,-Bill for Di-.
James Green, Defendant. .). vorce.
TlIE Court having been assured by affidavit
Sof complainant in the above cause, that
James Green resideM beyond the State of Florida,
but within the United States, it'is-ordered lhat a
bearing be had upon the act-is charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next eu-ming
the date oft this order, and thereuipon. to.:pass a
decree in the same manner- as it the defendant
had appeared and were present in douiri 'Pro-
vided always that a copy o( this order shall'hal-
been published in some newspaper of this Stat-
for the space of three mrnonthis at least before the
first day of said term, And due. proit of Aaid pub-
licatiori be made to saiid Coiui't. -
GEO). S. HAWKINS, Judge, &p.,
A True Copy. ''
Apalachicola, Dec. 25,1847. 50-3m

Calhoun Circuit Court.,
Fall-Term, 1847.

DavidJ. -MearsF, "
S vs. Bill for Divorce..
Elizabeth Mears.) .;
IT appearing to the satisfaction- of the Court
That the defendant resides outbof the Western
Circuit of Florida; and out of the State; it is
ordered that said defendant berequired toappear
and answer this bill.'of complaint on the- 1st
Monday in April, A. D. 1'74, and in default
thereof this said bill be taken pi'o confesso, and
that this order be published in some newspaper,
in this Circuit, for the space of three months
before the day ordered for the s.td, he'jimrig.
December 7, 1. 17.. 4,'-3n

lYap Agents Wanted.
T HE mil,),ribir wisl,,.. t.7 eii.ge i'it'he '-leof
his Maps a number of ouig and middle
aged men of moral and bunine". habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having cOmil.l,:-ed e,, arid
greatly improved editions of his Univer.al Atlas,
72 Maps; large Map, of the World, Reference
and Distance Map of the-United States, National
Map of.the United States---also, a variety of:
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices. -
Addregss i I I'll-
Northeast coFrner of Market and Seventh
Dec 30 Streets, Philadelphia.

Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
FiOF Diarrhcea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbu-s,
SCholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
Children, for sale-by
Fe_ 3 J. C. ALLtFN.

B"ULL'S, Sand's, 'Bristol's and Bailey's corm-
pound fidid extract of Sarsaparilla, just e-
ceived,'and for sale by:'
Feb 1 .4H F ABELL.:,

Dr. Woodruff's Antibill ious Veg-
etable Life Pills,
FOR sale by -
U, Feb8 8 ,. JCALLEN.

i,, inaburgs.
"f BALES- Georgia O'naburgs, on consign-
meant, for sale' -by
Dcc J. DAY &,CC(.


At Chambers,
APALACHICOLA, DEC 29,41847.,-.
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,' "
Svs. .
George K. Walker and Mary
his wife, of the State of ..
Florida, James E. Bdttner Bill for account
and Ann, his wife, of the and partition.
State of New York, and
Jane M6Masters, o'f he
State of South Carolina, "
Defendants. ,
U PON affidavit ot'f Complainant's Solicitor that
Sthe Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit; buit within the
United States: It is ordered, that ntfice of the
institution of this suit, anid the filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newapapel pub-
lished in the Circuit,-for the space of o'u?
months; and if, upon due proot of the appeai'n c'e
of said notice in Some newspaper so public hed
for the time mfltibnefd, the said defendant( do
not appear t6 said bill by the next rule da3 which
shall dome after twenty days from the expiration
of said period 'of four minonth f it is further or-
dered, 'that the same Be t-Aken fta' onfv54 d
agaifis't fhem.
GEO. S. hAWkINS, Juidge, &c.
Compl'ts Solicitor.-
A True CopV. WM.-VALLEAU';
Dec 30. '0-4 m Clerk.,

Sun 1fi.
SCOTCHI and Macalh,v, in bottles and blad-
Sders, just received and for sale'-by
Feb 17 -H F.ABELL-

Dr. lWoodruffI's- Worm Specillic,
A SAFE aid efficient remedy for \orhiis, lur
sasle by : .-
F.b 3 J C ALLEN.

Timle Indians' Elixir,
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and fevr, for
sale by ; ,,, '. ,
Feb3 e" -1 -,., ALLEN -.-

100i SACKS Rio, Havana, and S9 f: btningo
JIv Coffibe, for sale low by .
Dec 23 E c6CULLY.*

Oil Cloths and Carpets.
1 PCS Oil Cloth, I and -2 yards mae;"
15J3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 Stair .
10'Tufted Rugs, ,.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.*'
Dec 30 41 Water street,-

Blank Books and Stationery:
LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Fooqaip and Letter Paperi
Cotton Mlemorandtpm Books;.
Ship and River Bills Lading;.
Boooks for Letter PeLss. -
Blank Bills of Excharge and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELL.

HE Copartnership, heretofore existing be-
tween the subscribers, under the firm of- S,
B. WOOD & CO,, expires this day. The alla'irs
of the concern Wil be liquialed "by N. J. De-
blois. D. B. WVOOD,
.. N. J. DEBL'1I.
Apalacliie.-ia, April 13. 1S49.
SIX months after date, I will a'pply to hM
'.. Hon. Judge of Pr.batesi for Fanklin County,
for a final dir'harge'Troin the adm'inist'ralion of
the eplstate ol Heirvr Rpal. lile of said 'county, de-
ceased. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
Aplachlcr.la. April 13, 1,-84. 13-Gm

7 B BBLS WVhilsky; 10i do. Prime Pork;
0 10 bbls Flour;.J. cask Rice; ".-.
S5 superior old Reserve Whiskey-
S 2 very choice.Hams; .. "
Now landing per-: schr Lotisa ears,. ;nd foir
sale by E. Mc-LJLLY "
March 16 sO.W~ierst.

Exchange. '
D"RAFTS on New York, BostoiiP.-ronvidence,
Pil adelphia and Baltniiore, boughtt; and'
Siglit Chiecks rfn New Y(iork sold by .
\VM. G. PORTER.& C* -
Agents Bank of Brinsw:ick,
Dec 30 41 Water street. -
B. Brnshes. -.
H A IR, Hat, Clothes, Treeth,Nail and havingg
Brushes, for sale by
SFeb 24 I F ABELL.

S lolasseis.. _
5 BBLS superior Muiiscovado, for sale by
20 MchI 16 E Mc.CULIY,50 WIahlr st.
School Boo ".,
F OR sale by '.
Feb 17 -H F' BA'ELL. -

Piles. .
D ITCHETT'S celebrated- Spanish Specific-, for
sale by .[Feb -241] F AB'REEL.
Guaava Jellies. .
(, DOZ. Guava Jellies, ass'.rted size boxes,
t.i. juut received direct Irou Havatia, fobr-'sale
by E..McCL 2LY, '": ,
Marc 1 .It;i WVater st. -" ',


S Cuba Tobacco Seed..,
S LBS T'rbdcc'-, Seed, I'r'nI the nmost.celqbra.ted
plantatioe ol the \'elftia Abajo ju'st received
from Havana, I'cr ',le by 1
Mc ih ]i E McCULLY, 5)0 Water 4t. ...

Olives .
8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale
by E. McCULLY,
March 16 50) rale st. ,.
scotcl, Siu.., *
, GROSS Scotch Snuff,1 in hilaf-' holtles,jsit re-
S ceived e, rf -.jlem f -y .
pjril 13 JC ALLENN.
Aronatic Bi ,ieis. '
D'R BLAKE'S Ai'a.matic'".BiiLteis, jnstreceived .
1 arnd Ifor sale by
tpril 13 '. J C ALLEN. .

Seidlilz Povlders. ,
- (RASS Seiditz Puwders tliat are fresh,juat
received and for sale by '_ '*,:"
April 13 J C ALLEN.

I.lfusion iaJar:.
A FEW..Jnfision Jari,-e'vervy family shQuld <
L have one-lor sale by .
April 13 J.C ALLN:. '
Letter Pauper.
10''EAMS fine Letter Paper, jut'"rceie "d .'
1\J and Ibr sahl by _' .-f-' ""*
SApril 13 J O.ALLEN- .
Irish Potatoes and 'Onions. "
A FINE article. for sJde"bV :
I.Nov I I E. McCULLy,'50 W tv ef .. .
'' "
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and ,Prints, bythea
Sbaleand case, low for cash, by -'
SDec 9. Gor. Water and Cheslnut st:
C(. Razor Strops.
C HAPMAN and Ebeirsor', .Stropq, just-re-
c.cived i)'d rfor sateh '
Feb -4 H F ABELL.

BITTERS, just received and for sale.bi.
-Nov .21 .. J. C. ALL4N.'



" --~.._-. '"i.-i--3 s~ cal -, -- -I I-- I --


IFor New York.
4 'TIW^ regular paket brig G B LAYI
AM.\AT Knddion, matter, will' have iml-
.gmediate dispatch. For freight or pai-
sago, having excellent accommodations; abply to
Mch 30) A. DODGE. .

1 i

I yJ,,...



- -- _mbL"- -i.- "mm no===I~OL~


__ I


Gr oceries.
10 FbrBIr Molasses.;
J 1 Ierce Rice, juJ.l ree-'d and for sale.by
Jan 6 E. MCULL.. S;0 Water st.




For New Work.
-. THE fine Al schr. -MARYAUJGUS-
'TLRA, Barler, master, will- have dispatch
*r the abuve port. For freight of a few f
bales, y t16 .
April' 27- .C. ROGERS &. Cg.
For NeIw York.'
STHE fast sa3ilinig cdlite'rdrind cop-
per fastened packet hark MAGDALA,
Dodge, master, is now loading, and will "
have'dispalcli. For freight or- pamige, haviWgC
superior accommodation-, apple nto 1-.
April f20. .... ,A^DODGE.
For New brkl." '
THE regular packet b'ig'GEORGI-
A.\NA, Bedell, master, having Ihe most
A ,oft her cargo engaged ind going on board
%ill have .quick dispatch. For lkiighk ok pas.-
sage, apply to. .' ,"
Aprl 0 'O A- bbDDE. *

For New Vork,--., ,
_- THE splendidnew bark _1OitA UA,
Gate, master, will have himediate
IAb ,di.pait.li For freigh or passage; jaihk -
good accomiriodations, apply to '
" March '30 NOURSE, STONE- Cu.

5 a
11 a
14 a
6j a
25 a
18 a

.--ii- ri-di---l. Literature... |,-- A1MENDMNIENT TO THE
V ,LUABLE PREMIUMS ?0 N'E\ LrE- Conustitution of hie Stale of Flo-
SCRIBERS. .';" : rida,,.
Subscribe eartu, w',ile tl,e ternis are low.' ", .
P"rop,.,il fndl agreed to .-yi/ ,e thzrd General
.R.r-.'PBLraL!C IN OF r.. :. '. .J ,,bl;: subject to the action of thegiext
TI- E L[NNDON QU Al 11,L V I":EVEI E ~'G,.General assembly.- .
1f ,.S' .,$JRG -t\\IL-A ,. I .
T L". D OIN (,_U 1 I F h R- L Y ...... .'" '
I.-N'mA .... ,, l ..\.-' AN ACT to amend the 12th Clause of the 5th
THfE '',r E,,'' Article of the Constitution of this State, so that
THE W'"llNS.-l R EI,\, the Judges of the Oircuit Courts shall hold
SL.'. -' EI* AND B.G:i E. their offices for a term of eight years, instead of
B tWC lCVO-D.Ei)NBlRQH 31A.GAZINE. during good behavior.
-- "- ." SEcTION o I Be it enacted by the Senate and
The above' Periodlcjl. are re.itrited in.New House of Repiesentatives of the State of Flo-
VuTk immedi'aely' on ihuir airi:i.l b% tie Brilish rsda.in Ge?3erat Assembly, convened, That the
steamers, in a biauliliu.l le,' i -, on fine while 12th Clause of the 5th Article of the Constitution
paper and- are I fi1t11'rf cop'ies it.I the original- of this State be so. aftended as to read as follows,
BLACKIWooD'S AiAGAZINr' btiimg an exapt fac- wviz:, That-at the expiration of the present term
simile olf'the Edinburgh- edi.in. -of office oftthe Judges -"f the Circuit Courts, with
'They. embrace the ":. iws oI' tile -three gredt the exception bhiein.,ItEr mentioned, Justices of
parties in'England-Tur', Wfi't,, ,id Rad.icKl.-; the Supreme Court, and the Judges of the Circuit
a Blackio'd andd hri ":'Lu,,d-i, Quarterly are. I Courts, shall be elected for-a term of eight years,
Tory the Edmnbu-,li hRe%\ 0% Whig; and the !arnl shall hold their offices for that term, unless
*"'.Vestininiter Rt iew" RAdicd.. The "North s'.":'iier- rnu-ied under the provisions made in this
British. Reviewt' is nire ol a ri.ligious character, Cotistitution tor the removal of Judges by address
having-beeh oiinmN lly tdimd bt Dr. Chalmers, or imipeachkent; aftd for wili.il neglect of duty,
aid o'wv since hni- dtfli. Lbrinn I;onducted by his or other 9Wonoble cause, which shall- not be
sol.irin-lwv,,r.'Haiiir", ,,'.-ociatdl ath Sir David sulfficientg"round for impeachment, the Governor
Brew.tc-r. '-Irs lilturdin .hr.ir.tcilr is of the ver' shall remove any of them, on the address of two
highlie. i order. : thirds of the General Assembly; Providedhow-
rmPIc-rs 'On I5-I, (ir stiscninrn Foi hEARY.) 'ver, That the catise or causes'shall be stated at
length in such address and entered- on the Jour-
For anrv ,n-1 the four Reviews, .$3 per annum. nals of each House. And Provided further,
,. i y,. .... .-,'., di. .* 7 Ti/at-lthe cause or causes-shall be rr "( fi"r_ oli .1I Allevie V. Judge so intended to be removed4 and he shall
",,., ..r ,, ., Iew be admitted to a hearing in his own defence, be-
E",r B..,..',,\ ,i .1" Magiahie, 3 :
*"-r 11 n"' rI .' 'Wvicvs fobre any vote bfor such removal shall,pass: and in
.rl,, ,' 3Royvews, 9 such cases the vote shall be taken by yeas and
,Fr ifl i-id, th-e 1 .it, n ays and -entered on the Journals of each House
1'.. ,i. n/II to 10 .i.!',.v in' ail cases in' ondante. respectJvely -
l]i'.,IU1S- SEc. 2. Be iturtha-enacted, That the Judges
i"h:?i-S ',- ,., i '..t Io'tr s 'of i;t ft -oi, wiig first appointed under nhis amended Constitution,
vt'h..,a:l,...,f'.-, vr';z hasll be divided by lot into four classes. The
,,l.. V '.i. ^!;ar. first class shaft hold his or their office or offices
!'r" 4' ,, Mar'. -,r'idr'the term of two years, the second for the term
'h I..- i-";,lI Univer.i.ly Magazine 'of four years the third for the'term of six years,
.. BtII-:-" ,ti's MUvragyazain. -the fourth for the term of eight years.
'Thlie Lonidon. the Edinburgh, the 'Foreign [Passed the Senate by the Constitutional ma-
.'-Q,.rtr.rly;' and tihe Westminstr .Reviews. jonty,'December 22. 1847. Passed the.Hbuse of
Any (o -eil,',ii.--,.."to Ilackwoed, or to on oRepresentatives, by the Constitutional majority,
'c-f (, T,-i v,-. .-'a-year,'or to any two..of January6, 1848.]
tM l I..i...,r $,5, will receive, gratis, one All Florila papers will publish, provided not
'volnur ie-t .anyvui the prerniurns above ;named. more than $20 i charged.
A.stibsci'ftherlto arT l-ireeof the Periodicals-at April 27, 1848, 15-6m.
'$7 a-year,.opr ti,w ti ,,-: N' i...;,'s .t 8,will re- hardware, Ship Chandlery, &e.
-Civet premii-um voim as'boe. rHE Sl,,ii;r'l,,-.r haveon hand for sale-
%. subscriber to .i ,.,.....I and three' Reyiewsf 1 LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, Hinges,
*t $9 a-year, or to!,'he l ur Reviews and Black- Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Planes,
;wood, at $10, win receive three prLuiumn vol- Compasses, Augers, GimbletsChisels,-Brace
'nme. -* and 1Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes,
W- Prlease*bei pt'ailtar in namiing the.pre- Ship do, Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham-
,rmiums desired and Ihe works subsitbced fo. mers, Shutter Hangings, Blinddo,Steelyards,
* -"''' :I-*;* CLUBBING:'" -:':" Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do,
Potr crp'ies of' any or all of the-above work -Kitcneri Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and
'will he sent o 'tne address on payment of td6 Tongs, Fire Irons, &c.
'regular sdibscriplion liVr three-the fourth copy 'BLACKSMiTHS' Bellows, Anvils; Sledges,
being gratis. Hammers, Vices, Screwplates, Stocks and
./v .Ab prennnums witl be given where the Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c.
.. -above ehlotoaryi Ms made to clubs, nor will pre- IRON-Sweeds, English and' American, assorted,
:rtniurm.-ns in any case.,'be 'oi-i-rished, unless the sub- round, flat and square, Band, Hoop, Sliie and
'scription is paid in ,/ ,l0 o the publishers, with- Boiler Iron. Railroad, Spike do, Horseshoe
'out receurse'to an agent Iron and Nails, Cast, English, Blister and
la EARLY CpPlES. German Steel.
Alate arrangcrnent 'wi thlhe British publishers PLOITGHS-Single. and Double Cornshellers,
-of 'Bof Tl:r-o.,Ti-'-i Magazine secures to us early Cornmrills, Logchains, Trace do, Ox do,
-sheeti of'that work, by which we shall be able Shovels and Spades, Weeding 1oes, Garden,
'to place thd entire number in the Iands of sub- Laue and Grubbing Hoes.
scribers before-arny portion of it can be reprinted CORDAGE-Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
in any oT ,the. American Jomrnals. For this and 'Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
't'her -idvant0gi's secured to 'our subscribers, we spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.
p,-y so large'a consideration, that we .man .W CASTINGS-Sugar Kettles, Mills and Gaul-
'compe'`l'4'"t- raise the price of the Magazine. drons, Bakepvens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
Therefore we, -repeat 'subscribe early, while the: Kettles, Tea Kettles, &c.
pynic .'r1r'r., ... TINWARE-A full assortment.
R.:init.ricoR in c'r,....i,, should 'be. -W'tfl te-s T-- -et-t .
always a,'d-,-,.., p,"-l-i h' or frianked, to the' ROBERTS, ALLEN & Co.
.ipubliihers. LEONARD 'SCO'lft & CO., Apalachicola., Jan. 20,1848.
S. 79,Foltnn St., New York.._ Iro, N is, &c.
-NOLiAe:. .- f Q TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes';
ALL.-'personi are hereby cautioned against 0J 100 kegs Nails, do.
'tradingtfor two oimies fori one hundred dollars 4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted' qualities[;
-e,&pb, givpn by Ihe oundersigned-to the Apalachi-, 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
cd-la L'Ind Corn :-anv bea'inglates the fifteenth ofl .'20 "r English and American Vises;
Ma,ch 430,16,l, nd the fifteenthi of March 1848, 20 Bellows;
respeI ,-ivly. l-The parit,s to whoit said notes, 12 dozen Spades and Shovels; -
were'givenp having failOd to cominnly with the -10 Collins' Axes;
Stoi mi'ntW contract, the undersignied will not 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
ply 'aid notes unless said terms aro complied 1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws
with. a 1000 lbs Cast and Gei-man Steel, -for sale by
Apaqhi'cub, April frl 1949.S. t2-3t. Dec 30 4 1 Water street.

S.rYXw.6elcs after date I shall apply nto he J.drge.
S'of'I Probate.s (r, Franklin cnuiity, '.r l-,t.r,
of aIdmnionlk.iali-ioii upon the"'eslate cf -D). V. Fa:u-
cett, deceased. T.'IH> AUSTIN.
Marsh 23'"t04.1. 10-'t
* iha.Vana Segirn'. .S
IQf f1 Fli HAVANA SEA h', contain-
'tJ j Wl inr an dasirntinent ofl he '" Pro-
didlds' "Cb,),na1s," Minerva," Brilannia,"
'.'l.artuges,"and i' other choice brands, now land-
irig pier schr Ann Maria, from IHavana, for sale by
Mch 16 E MCCULLY, 50 Waet'r st.
Thlnsom o iinl Medicines,
TUST ret'eived anId for sale by
.J Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN."
Colt-on Wcighebr
'C1-LR subsciiber havingg been appointed a'
.- Weigher (.)Il otton, resipectfully solicits em-
Sployment from the merchants of Apalachicola.
He has a -famrily 'depoepdant on hi labor, and
-Ain S that opportunity will be afforded him to
Cg.in *a support fpr'them in this community,
-where suchan appeal has nevdr been made in
vain. ALEX. MeALPIN.
March 2, 1648': 7-tf

Thou1prso. '.s r4Con.pout nd Syriupof
'FrartiWd aWood gNaptha,
"OR the 'cire. T fconsumption, clironic, bron-
i chitTs, a'matn., whomping cough, palpilation
oil'the heart, liver C,,>4)laiti, .a aflid actions of
the idueys, toir sale byt
'F.'40' J C ALLF-.
.. -- 'Rose Water.
R ."RIH sup-lyy of Bnagish and Frner"-R os'
A l. yatpr, just reueiveed; and for; sle by
-A.prit27 4, 1 B F ABEbTJ,.

Qainaaie. ; ,
''3fl OZ.,Sulpl..Q',ii iii, juatt-received and for
3.J Usale -byv
Apdi-27. :. H F'ABELL.
** ."*.. Justard. .. ..
A' SPLENDID, article of Groumn4 Muslard, in
Stin boes, for'sale by
" .April27 H F ABELL.

I l ydrostatic-'Ink Fountain.
* '-- ,-FEW Hyp&0slatic Ink Founitains, PepRacks;
S" Sand Boxes, Papeor Plers, Stamps, Seals,
fWpirehspds,_Weights, &c. for sale by
N'- $:S. A- J(3 C ALLEN. '.
itold Pens.
'.A"EW of Wo2odvard & Brother's superior
S- -Gold Pens, just eeiyed'and for sale by
-"':'OdftoBer't." :' J C. ALLEN.
,.*;, 1VWesterun Proice.'
QT.:' LOUIS Flour, Ohio do,. Lard, Whiskey:
-4iSugar, choice and prime, Molasses, Pork, mess
and prme, Baconi, Haars;Ridesanu Shoulders, for
ale.by I B: B.ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor.-'Water and Chestnut sts.

S Guava Jellies.
'N:differ6nt sized. boxes, justxeceived from Ha-
lvnan and for' sale by

Hard ware.
P LAINS, Plain tIrons, single and double, Ham-
Smers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Guages, Mortice do, Saw Sets, .Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Staples, Butts,Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps, Axes,-Hatchets, Coffee Mills, SledgeHam-
mers, Smith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B13. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Ge 1i s ce F. our, Goshien Buitter,
AND a superior article of CHEESE, for sale
b hy E. -McCULLY,
N v 1 I )50 Water St.

FIATS and Caps by the case low for cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st.

SINGLE and double, for sale by
dJlv'17 J. C. ALLEN.
Drugs, lledicsnes & Cl 'nlica s.
A FRE1- supply of Drugs, Medicines and
Ciemnic-als, now landing from bark it,,t,
and for sale by
Nov 11 c J. C. ".rLEN

*'. Hardware.
TRACE CHAINS, Spades, Locks, assorted.
I Wagonand Cart Boxes, Drawfng K ives aui(
Irons, &c.--c. for -le lmow by n
Nv I 1 E. McCULLY, 50 Wate. "

SBaggiug and Rope,
F ORsale by E. McC[ILLY,
SNov It 50 W.ter st.

Q.EfDLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
- obest quality, for sale by
July 17 J. C ALLEN.
wood Wara';, &e.
Bl\RR liEL Covers, P'inte<; Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays. Axhelves, Buckets,
Broo ns, &c. &c. for sal- hi-
e- o B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. (or. Water and Che i.t ifnI

..Q UININE, Camphor and.Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

B EEF-Mass and Prime,.
Pork-Do do
Biread--Navy and Pilot, for sale by
-tee 30 B ELLISON 0 *Co.
fl A DE & BUTCHIAR'S and Rodgers & Son's
VW superior Razors for sale by
-Feb24 "H F ABELL.

Henry ysi! Jagnesia,
J TST received-adid for sale by" :
SFeb 24 H F A BELL.

.M_ BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Dtnggist.
STownsend's Sarsaparilla,
JU3T received, and bfor sale by
Aprit 27 H. F. ABELL.


THEi undersigned propose' publishing in the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with the above title.
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of the day .and articles in support of
the Whig Policy.
The want of a local paper has been severely
felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
this Journal.
The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
'ronage to enable them to.commence its publica-
'tion by the 1st of September.
TERMas-Three dollars per annum, in advance.
$3 50 if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the year.

July 31, 1847.


HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
S15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix "
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 c, Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead;
* 200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 .. 41 Water street.

On Cons:.gnment.
JUJST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, Celebradad,"
10,000 Cazadores, "Esmero,"
6 dozen "Reserve" Maderia,
6 "'Regina" Port,
6 Cherry Cordial,
10 Tomato Catsup,
For sale by McCALLA & REMAIN,
Dec'2 46-tf 9 Columbus Block.

Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Men's RuSset Brogans;
Men's sew'd arid peg'd Kip Brogans;
Gents fine-Calf Brogans ; .
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A' large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

s3hank Books and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
B oolcs for Letter Press.I
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. pr.r.

T HE Copartnership, heretofore existing be-
,veen the subscrbers, under the firm of D.
B. WOOD & CO., expires this day. The affairs
of the concern will be liquidated by N. J. De-
blois. D. B. WOOD,
Apalachicola, April 13, 1848..

S X months after date, I will apply to the
H- n. Judge of Probates for Franklin County,
f'nr-a- finalT-di-charge fi-om -tre administration oft
the estate of Henry Beal, late of said county, de-
ceased. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
Aplachicola, April 13, 1848. 13-6m

7/O BBLS Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Pork;-
/ 10 bbis Flour; 1 cask Rice;
5. sperior.old Reserve Whiskey;
2 very choice Hams;
Now landing per schr Louisa Sears, and A
sale by E McCULLY,
March 16 50 Water st.


RAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bought; and
Sight Checks on New York sold by
WM. G. PORTER &. Co.
IAgents Bank of' Brunswick,
Dec 30 41'Water street.

H AIR, Hat, Clothes, Teth, Nail and Shaving
Brushes, for sale by "_
Feb 24 H F ABELL.
Q 5 BBLS superior Muscovado, for sale by
,5 Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.
School Books,
F T.l, y
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

DITCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
sale by [Feb 24] H F ABEEL.

Guava Jellies.
0 DO(Z. Guava Jellies, assorted size boxes,
5 just received direct from Havana, for sale
by'. E MeCULLY,
March 16 1. 50 Water st.
Cuba Tobacco Seed.

LBS Trhacco Seed. from the rflost celebrated

) pl-antatioes of th*iVuelta Abajo, just received
from Havana, for sale by
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale
by E. McCULLY,
March 16 50 Water st.

Scotch Snuff.
3 GROSS Scotch Snuff, in half bottles, just re-
ceived, for sale by t
April 13 J'C ALLEN.

S Aromatic Bitters.
R. BLAKE'S Aromatic Bitters, just received
and for sale by -
April 13 J C ALLEN.

Scidlitz Powders.
9 GRASS Seidlitz Powders that are fresh, just
Received and for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.

Infusion Jars.
A FEW Infusion Jars-every family should
have one-for sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.'

Letter Paperm "
' REAMS fine Letter Paper, just received
10 and otbr sale by
April 13 J C ALLEN.

Irish Potatoes and Onions.
A FINE article for sale by
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.

SH EETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cafi, by
Dec 9. Oor. Water andt Chestnut sts.
Ft.-t zor Strops.
C-HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
ci lived and for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 ** .J. C. ALLEN.

crgalt Notic.i.

At Chatnbers,
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,l'
George K. Walker and Mary
his wife, of the State otf
Florida, James E. Better Bill for account
and Ann his wile, ot tlie( and partition.
State of New York, and
Jane McMasters, of the
State of South Carolina,
Defendants. j
UTPON affidavit oft' Complainant's Solicitor that
') the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the .filing of the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, upon due proot of the. appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the &aid defendants do
not appear to said bill by the rixt rule day,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period offour months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Corpl'ts Solicitors.
A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU,
Dec 30. 50-4m Clerk.

Franklin Circuit Court.
The President and Directors of
the Bank of Pensacola, .n Chancery.
Hiram Manley, and others. j -
At Chambers, 24th March, 1848.
UPON reading the Bill and Exhibits, filed in
this cause, It is ordered, that service of said
bill be perfected on Hiram Manley,-one of the
defendants, 'ho appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a resident of the Middle District of
Florida, by publication in thie newspaper pub-
lished in the city of Apalachicola, for the space
of two months, requiring said Manley to be and
appear before the Court on the first Monday in
June next, and answer said bill, otherwise the
same will be taken pro conl'esso as to, him.
A True Copy.
March 30, 1848. 11-2m

Franklin Circuit Coulrt.
Thomas Orman, )
William B. Finch.)
IT being- made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the
State of Florida, to wit, in the State of.New
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said Bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confesso.
At Chambers, Sept. 20, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
W. VALLEAU, Clerk.
October 28, 1847:. 41-4m
In Chancery.
Thomas Barkar, ) ,
vs. Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samanth Barker. )
fT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
I by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
tendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is or-
dered that the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition within three
months after the publication of this order, or the
said petition will be takefi for'confessed; and it
is further ordered that this order be published in
some newspaper in the Western Circuit of this
State for the space of three months.
GEG. S, HAWKINS, Judge W. C.
January 6, 1848. 51-3mtn*

In (Chancery--Franklia County.
Mary Green, by her next ;'iend,
.vs. Bill for D -
James Green, Defendant. ) vorce.
T HE Court having teen assured by affidavit
of complainant in the above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida,
but within the United States, it is ordered tI hat a
hearing be had upon the facts charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing
the date of this order, and thereupon to pa-s a
decree in the same manner as it the defendant
had appeared and were present in Court: Pro-
vided always tht a copy of this oyder shall have
been published in some newspaper of this State
for the'space of three months at least before the
first day of said term, and due proof of said pub-
lication be made to said Court.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
A True Copy.
Apalachicola, Dec. 25, 1847. 50-3m

Calhoun Circuit Court.
Fall Term, 1847.

David J. Mears, )
vs. 5 Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth Mears. )
JT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
That the defendant resides out of the Western
Circuit of Florida, and out of the State, it is
ordered that said defendant berequired to appear
and answer this bill of complaint on the 1st
Monday in April, A D. 1848, and in default
thereof this s'id bill be taken pro confess, and
that this order be published in some newspaper
in this Circuit, for the space of three months
before the day ordered for the said hearing.
December 7, 1847. 49-3m

Map Agents Wanted.
T HE subscriber wishes to engage in the sale of
his Maps a number of young and middle
aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having completed new and
greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas,
72 Maps; large- Map of the World, Reference
and Distance Map of the United States, National
Map of the United States--also, a variety of
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the 'subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices.
Northeast corner of Market and Seventh
Dec 30 Streets, Philadelphia. I*

Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
F OF Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Motbus,
C' holera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children; for sale by
Feb 3 J.C. ALLEN.
B ULL'S, Sand's, Bristol's and Bailey's com-
pound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just re'
ceived, and for sale by .
Feb 17 H F ABELL.
Dr. Woodruff's Antibillious Veg-
etable Life Pills,
OR sale by
F eb 8 J C ALLEN.

i BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
1 merit, for sale y
Dec J. DAY & Co.


T HE Subscribers take this 'method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on hand a 'very neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which will be
sold low, consisting in part ap f'olows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles,
Fancy Prints, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured,
Silks, Frode Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped -
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored 4
Elings, Lisle, Cap and Th'read
Shawls, Damask-Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion
Ribbons in'all varieties
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 5-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bags
Hats and Caps, all styles
Boots, and Shoes
Clothing of all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to i'.ri--i..,
Call avd examine for yourselves.
Dec -23 Cor. Water and Centre sts.
B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water anid
Chestnut sts.
MANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sises,
Harmbroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakim.SpermOil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window', G1;s. -"iP-ii, White
Lead, Rtied do, Yellow ('..hi-, <":,i..ii.- Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Clmiroin V-ll.-w, -Ver-
di; ,i-, Lith rage, Sulphur, Bright Vairnish, Copal
d-, 'Far, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine. Coal, Parimt
Brushes, Varnish do, Tardo, Scrub do. Clamp do,-
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck, Eng-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Lighlt do,
White,-Blue and Red Bunting,. Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,:
Tack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, '"Caps'tain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib IT.,n!:-, HIand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do,.Deck i n.':,- i-.
Corn do., Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hlooks and Thimbles, Box tHooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do,- Fish -do. C.,'i,,0io
Irons, Making Irons, Mairline Spikes, : ,- .!,--
pers, Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, Tortmentorr,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Eigging Leather,.
Pump do, Shovels, HElammers,-'Hatchfits. Ch-i--,l
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws,- Gimblets, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares. Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges. .Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant I- lyri:, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do,t Funnels, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines-, Pitch Pots, Log Books, .Cargo' do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &c.
Apalachicola, Dec 9, 1847

Vet anA Twi e Manu cturing
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's Patent
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and.
Bundle Twines, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twiine;
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanmmed and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines,
Jv. B. JVets and Seines knit to order at short
notice. B. ELLISON & Co ..AA--.-.
October 14,1847. 39tf, Apal.i-li.-. la

Groceries, &c.'
UST received from New York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of Groceries, &c.
consisting in part as follows, viz; ..
Ci-ush( d Sugar, "a fine a, II>-|
Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup;
Cog. Brandy, "a super:' articel,"
Comn. do,
Holland Gin, of the be-t quality,
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy, "
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum, .
Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Starch,
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey, :
Brown N. 0. Muscovado and St. Croi-xkSugat,
Bacon Sides, &c- &c.
All of which iill be sId low -by .
Nov 11 5. ,ter t.

Groceries aid Ship Stores.
RT O COFFEE, Java do, St. Domimgo do,
Northern Flour,.Western 'do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Yodng H%-somi Tea,
H'yson do. Powchong do,. Souchong di), (JGoshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon liamn, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whikkv, Mrs-' and Prime Be-,f,
Mess and Prime Poik. Maci-k.rAl ShAd, S, nun,
Herrihg, Sounds adt Tongde's,-Cod Fish 'onzue-,
Pepper, Sp'ices, Catsups,. Pepper 8,c., Oli\-.
Capers,. PIickles, Soap; Starch, Tobacco N.,%\
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vineg;ir, DiedFruii,
Beans, Salt, Raiserls. Maciarni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oazs, Buckwheat, M\-i'nId, IdRice
For sale by : B. ELL1So(N X. CO
Dec 9 ... Cr V.,fi-r ,,11d Clh"- lmii sI .

S PRING and Thumb Lancets,,'-justL -rertivcd
and for sale by- : .
Feb 244 -r: ABELL.
Tauaners' Oil,
FOR sale by "
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co'


Martingales and Wliip.-, .-.r ale by
ee0rSO 4_'.W'ter.street.
Panacea. _
SIVAINI & .HOULILK'S Panacea. jut rece ved
-.and tor sale by '
Feb 71. H F ABELL.
1OTATOES- i0 hbtl-., ;Turmnu.-,-50 'bbl. "9
SC arris-b5-0 hln-.; B.-els--'O bhls.;
Parsriips--'25. bbls., lor sale hvb .
Dec 3Q B EI.LiSON &'Co. "

,.; *.; : .,,; r. i iVernnifal .e1 ,:
ATINER'S Cadiadi, \'ermiluge,for .iale.by
,, Feb 17 H F ABrLL..
,SWE DE Iron, Scotbir do. lVeedifrg ar,4'Garkdn
SHne-i,. Blacksmitl, B. Ilcws, Collon Aid Wool
Cards, Spades aiid Slhot(Is. Cauldron'and Suar
Parish, Ploughs, &-rc. & f.ir sale bv.. ..
0 W" B ELLISON &.'-S
J.ec 9 Ci.r. WVaer-.ard C.eslit.tr.;
C ASTILESoap lorisale by' '
iF b .-H.'F A"BELL.
.... Advances'"'. '.
'M ADE on shi[p,,ents of Colton'"rto Liverpool,
IVI1Havre, Ne% York and Bnoston, by
SDec,-16. D. B. WOOD &'.C0.
SALAD OIL, just receivedand 6pi.61. by
,Ap r-I17 H.F. ABELL'


Dry Goods.
THE subscribers offer for sale a large'and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of :
Negro Kerseys and Linseys, .
White and Red Flannels, ;;.
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casamqresv' -
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs -
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs. .
Marseilles Qdilts,t, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, .'
Brown Slhin igkaand Sheeting,
Cotton Osnraburgs, .
Cotton Drilling and Ticking, .
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Ple.clhd C6tton Shirting and Sheeting,
English; French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled i-nghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de-Laine, :
English, Scotch and American do. .
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Geni-i Hf-hse,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Wcrsted V'etings,
Cotton and Flax Thread, :
Plain and fig'd Swviss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,- ,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importersand A ertis
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or' etail o(4 favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.,
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water'street.

93 i I ----- -- LLET

{p.' -


Drugs, .Medicines, Paints, 0U1, -"
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, &0. -,
ggsfa THE undersigned relurnshis thanks
to' ,iso friends and the public or lbheo
liberal. patronage, and begs to inform
that he is o110w receiving an addil.tion-
al supply, which addedto his former
stuck, renidrs his assortrieni unusually large
aid c,.imnplele. Erinish, Frnph_, Gernian nd
American Drugs ; Cosmetics;-Prfuer G'i
and- Di'incisrs 'Glass ware,.'&c, &c ', re oftreS
to Phisictis, Coutilry Alercharnts and 6nbeiw or
the iiosi liberal terms-all of which h.warratf-"
pure aiid unadulterated. F
IH. F. ABELL, ..-,
Wholesale and Retail Druggist, "-,",
45 Walerstre4. .....
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1S-16.' -i e ..
Drugs and Medicines.,:. L
t TI HE subscriber has,. and wjil:
constantly have,on hand; a complete
ass.-rlmen.t.ol IgRUGS anrid EDIrt
CI NES, t hich he wi/l warrant pure
Sand of l'[he best quality. "Count'ry -
Mltrthants and Plinfers vill find it
tn their advaiiiage Io'call, exairine'ard price-his'
Gonds, before furchairng elswrere.
N. B. PH1sician's prescripli.ons put up with
care and accuracy at any hour of theda, .nigh"ft
.... .J. 'C. ALLEN, -.
March 21 Cnr. Cenfre and Comnierceste.
Holmnes' Vegetable Pills, ".
TJHESE celebrated Pills have becnnrie o fard-. W
4 ou fir I heir virtues, in curing this disease,
that but litle nied be said ol them, their action
upon the system is wonderlnl, Ihei immediately'
arrest .all pain in this disease, no mailer, ol how
long stand m. .Pamiphlets coiilaining 30, pages
o1f (e-i-ini-,ialsifrbm tie prutle.on Fr- saleby'
MichJ a -C ALLEN:
H E'HEREAS, S R Bonner becan:eipnrchaser
V from the Apalaclhicila Laid Cwmpanv, on
the 22d dayvof AI.rl, 1S3, i f Lis rnumbners 5
arnd 10, in) Block No, 28, aid Lois Ni;. 7, ,s 13
and 14, in Block E2, ,.',- il,,;. with thewhamf r'rf-
vilege known on the map orplah of the city ,
No. 29, at 'theprice of $'I ecuted his notes, &c in lavwr ( .,'ii C.inrpany,
which remain unpaid, with A(.he niterst due
thereon: Arid whereas, by the: agreement I'made
with the;.said S. R. Bonner, it ,was fully umidf'- -
sto(od that in case o1f' failure to pay ?t said notet.
i.,| rl,.^ to the contract, the said Cmnpanv
S -"',, ,." at liberty, ,.. r ii 'r,ig thirry dyiJ ., noice
in a public gazette .u. l lis,.-d Af,',l<_icla, to
-e-sell said Lols at t, n k ,.-.I ,sjid iurcitaser, ,r 1
the'benefit *of said Company, ,,Id it amr surplus -
remained, after paying. said rifles, given fior and
on account of said Lots anid -.11 c1.is and ex-
penses, the same shall be paid I.- th saIl S R.
Bonner, or his legal representatives-; and wi'i.'re- -
as, the said S. R. Bonner has faifd To pay said
notes, now tl.e-.i',lI Compay, in.ptirsuanca ,fThe
premises, v ill ,5t'.,,e thj Lots aforesaid to ;ale
at auction; i,, ir,,,rt ,, Ithe Court House in said
city, on Thursday the sixth dayof Api il next
between the hours of 10 o'clock, A M and
o'clock, P. M. for cash, t6 pay up said.'notes arind
costs and charges.' :
JAS. E. BHTTN., Ag*-,r,- rIf ihe
Trustees of the A .tl'-lhicila Laid Co.
Apalachicoi,, March *-, _4.
,Wines on Consigmnne..r.
TUST received pei shrp- 3laria:,ra, and' fr'i
*, sale !ow for cash- ,. '
10 baskets Hiedsitk C(h *n.r..gne,.;.. '
5 cases old Pale Pori II ite : :
.... 5 "' Sanderlar!'s ..
10 Duff Gordon Sherrvy Wine; -
It old Past India Wine,
6 old Sicily Maderia Wine,. hyr. .
Mtarch'2 E MCULLY. :
.... Notice..
A' Y wire, Ann Kates, having left rr, t-',d ,iad
IA.. board without cause, the lib i c airef t, i-b, '
cautiotried againSt l",.,i ,.i i,, ,,r tin-r g ihr r.n :
my account, as'I 4--,11 it,, b,: i ',: erll.' r any
debts cofftrtcled by he" Iro'm ti-. !rir-t *
S -'", 0 '. -: JOH'I KATES.,
Gadsden Co., Feb. '2j, 1848. 7 |

BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, bi Iteccase;
Womev's Shoes anfl Buskins; .
1M -n, P,._..N!; and Y('l.l i'- T'r.danL'n '
2" lr,,s. hd Yoth', Pr .cnsrg' s
Men's pegged Boots __
fine sewed Boots';.
Russet Brogans. For sale by h "'
: :B. ELLISSON&. Cu,;
,'Dec 9, .... or,. Water and.Crestut-sts. !
.. For i, le. -
K K BBLS Hay, now l.,,,.lhig 'inm :si in rl,ri-
."J dian. AI.,'k t,-,
Dec 23 NO*RSE. STONE &- Co.

t 1RE_ H F l C r o p s, *b *a --
F RESH Fall Crop, tfot sale. by
J- April 17H ; HF.'ABELL.
Dry Goods.
D RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgsi
Linseys, Kerseys; Je.a'ns-, FlanneL,,- Bln"
kets, Tweeds, -St, iri g-,'St-,,-i rigs, Check's;- "
Ginghatns, Calicoes, Delanes; Hosiery, S&c '&Sc
'For sale by B. ELLISON & CO
Dec 9. Cor. .Water ard Chestnut sts.
Lemon Syrup. '
JB RAY'S superior Lemon syrup, just received
and tor sale by .. .-
Feb 17 H F ABELL.'.
Bailey's Tonic MTixtun-re. '- / ;'
rpHIS is a &aluhile compound fluid extract of
J Cinchona and Rubra, a it', hh:- oebriltuge
for the cure of Fever and Agt(." Si.ll by '
Jiue 12 1-H: F. ABEEL.
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GO} HHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florida,
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Saddlery, he. ,-:
'QADDLES, of various p.iiieris arid tlaliliee-
.. *.Bridles, curb and Snhatte bits, :; ." *
Saddle Bags, : :-' : .

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!-- Commercial advertiser ( Newspaper ) --
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mods:languageTerm text English
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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated May 4, 1848
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
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mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
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mods:caption 1848
mods:number 1848
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: May 4, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
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lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00119

Full Text
:.- "' ; ; -. ,>. ... .-,
J ,. "- ; -
> .t ., ,. -" -
: '.- .' ,. ..- r ---s :1! .,'"_ P .,l.W ,.I_

10 ? .

Fl .

01"J vI J H' f c( I 3


, _
I .


l l1 .

.- ,. ..'.
/ II"
oniiictcI /1 : -r ,

:JJ.r. 1 I g: : ;1 1.: : 'J U t r t t (. "\ ,

-... J .'
1 .
,. .t .6w- E
J. AI _
S = .d' .
-------- --- .
-------- : + -- -- -. _:= =: -_ ___ ,
LJ ; fat TAS. cox f.T --_- ___, ._. ...-_._- --_- '.- -- 1
O TIA.T --
STIT' I: IA. -
-- -- .
= -- :
= _

\J;( u ii VL] : --


,., ,. '
._ T
----- -- _. 16.
-- -
= _
--- -
-- : .
ADVERTISER) 3ttfflir'c Ji.tttor.Ladetwooct -- "-- '-__-h. __-_ --_.___. .-
"liil\lEI1t'L\L'\ I .3. SPEXCK, :i !1 JcrII ____ .
1t tOU!, 1'111'
--- --.- I ,
--- -- - ---- -_--._- Vv'TCHXD -. stranger walked aft, the : \\rell s
3VEl 'f THURSDAY EV --- -- -- CLOCK :M \KF.H -- - -- --. -. -_- _- -_- ----- woman C lPtain, he ilst.ed, 'wbat'
i rl'HLI :IE1) i i iVa.. siiimg the to
". ,' JI., x V Caigli I .- .... } Secf-td .V'.r\: Hjll/.e! !!'* rtnildingon :, i iH fi Fr 'illlle i: il.Jine .loir'a!, ] captain near hi.iichvay, when the pay ?

.. ii.v. T .\ I LOn.) S :' t .5' .'tt (T.I.tr..tlJe( Lhe-U:utt ) THE J-A'i'PClO: j JALiv.A't-A-J'lXCH. I i j which addressed her in an undertone !i 'Pay !said ihe skipper ; 'If there'&aoy

\riS, Editor.T BALTZELL'S ttUILUiXG, CIIEST.VUT-ST. : .- : APALciiiooi.A FA. "This i-.ilut, .tai) no iio-tic l tbf! ."I'virov. j I vet was heard on the quarter-deck : !i thing to pay I'rn the chap that's
I t;. J[. D.- About I INO o'doc" 'That 'ere's going to
X 11! *Vat.hu">, Clocks! and Jt\\!lrn' > car( "1y fjf t lie alii rnnon rf jour man. Juke it ?' said :: do b il-so Mister just tell
us what's
Apalacbicola! Fa. l lie- i.iv! of! M} : he, point iuz the
: :', IBf)7) four : over his shoulder. i I i 1
r ilt7' l'.V D'iddin! <, cuincr of _. Orlf'x r-Jl.1 Ij. I "4'7. persons iver** daiMge and 111 shell
: H I.TV! [X All order attended to with pmirMsJity --- -- issHiiib, 'd j ill 1 llie !, uf Uc ami no such 'I out direclly-and
i .nT2aH I i'h nut streetTPIU ? pad :i !lion-*: on fhe ihm2 std the woman. thank j in the bar ain.
tnd d
: ) .1 ":.IfC'h. FLT\X. I never
JTK J'l -l ""-roatl. I Ip1 f i or filferi tinles below 'l'a bri-llii,2 up : Tin man is a* rather guess soil S betiei Jark-ai-a-pinch want a .
'fi i :)1:. .L. X. SCOtt V Draliior (Lilc T. CLiKK) tn\ II. A C'Milk'unm irf middle llic of a lellow front him. I only that Vre. I how much than you are. Just
,lt1r age. innsler got say and here it IS.
\I annum
-.- r 11'1' per fOOTANiShIOENAhEfl.1 1: uf llir lioii e, with Iii. wile md chap to put nil on board.' S
i *
"" : % \"JlOJ.F.IL'F.D .1 i he.iu'ilu ; Poh !
KTTVIL < poh said
j.Jif: flid within I\ Pn iLFK; IV I I' the *
I"J i I t i.-M I" or DRY GOOD-, CLunil-N'G! BOOTS flfiii hfr, were ill colloquv 'ci' Ii in'Ir.iiJn..l i! The captain nov accosted his other are welcome passenger you
; ,, 21 1 ) ,nf !fiv-1 t'lercuJtern.m I ShOES f1f\f COXTINUF.S to carry en the nn pas- ;, to all I ha'.' done ; but I
'I-, IHTs?. \c. I of( ;.' ; ttk-ii for'n !"' term than eIX I. _. !t-t.S!! 10 Apalarbitt! 'Pi; 0- ;rjfl !.i'lsiilul IJ ; pay you fur my passage. Is this enough '

)-I.d)' (I -! wJ'! 1'1" Iri Ihv! t hchined for | Cnr. Water and Centr.---tree's, Gh'f.1.1.J -:te ;ic City Hod 1 in Onht !' li'ind-oiup' coiiiitan.inc '. ahuu: tlttt; ) ) ca, !> This ain't jour woman I find ?' j I II handing him n bank jOlt'rhy. I

l1"1'. ,9 1 Ii \ "I\ ,T \\1U-bro ;j'' c..mtlfu'dlnul Dee. _23 Apalaphicola.Pi. : .11 ii.g o.J'I'rI"r: Uf,rktliftl, !:': Ie ,I- o. .in1. who. .\:11:: h.s v.die ill liit Ii.mil ;ii'd ,, O. no !' was the reply ; only a dunce | \\ thi (here' said the

(I ,ft .1r" :Hd, un:1C's: at the o.'Uja[ the .>. ui.!.. l ,..f ..t!;: \\Ko! buy patromZ'him' v.ul( I j I Ins rio'.k 011 '!113 aim, .ipjjean-d .iccoutrtd pa.--r'lI.er.' I l ing a! the note, is five captain. look .

'" ',.' th..ltne A. Dodge, I fi'J: I f. :t 1 1',';,' Law c..lltd at t hi- right -!.p. j I for tr.eiIinZ. I|: I ihoucht you u-fliqueerl/j/o/tef// should have imie.3 as much as 1
f ; \ .-\,.:vi -. 0 Hraire, ( ; SHIPPING Fr.wb! } Tallkin! .M l .. i i I first chirged you, if nothing bad
kvl" f! & CO.MMIS>IOX MERCHANT r- Cv-d, and Pati-.t Le.tU.trJJ I HIM truly Saw sail the
., .-M I it tie rte of One Dnl.t sorry. Judpe, aid the host 3011 captain. I'm ; happened but if
";.: .\' ': ', I i. f- '.:'d! ':!Moc;- nude! t to or-J.-r, of 1 t the i.it,--f and that{ I ihinknu- shah! ; you say fake it, I will, and
we il !
sub-e- Xu. JUVatc Stroot i.Minot; : K1ve
v'l 1 FV'y'Ce1tsfore\'t'r i : -iiiii\; you loncr.1 ( : you I ihe old sail, which thank; :
"" "> '.t. trn'.i, ,i;';'Ion 'J h -\\s.\ :\I Io. Patent Liat'iti! Gai- \\ is ihe you kindly. And now, Mister, I

,,I' t \. 'Tn )'1. Trr '.1 A n il 1ch ena, Fa. t ler B)'.iN l ai'd( :,.r>. made; in a -u,>enor man" c.r. e ceti.iuily c.\pe(leil \ (II in i remainilnntill'r ot.ly thing to sleep on on board and ; should like lo know where live
let you and
'' \'j I) ali'T";" by the year a Itiieral! \\0.1.T.. -IM.' \\ U*. CHIE\'fn I U;.j v, il, :U.:CJ ('oa..11111V! (,tt hand a !Ijr.e ai.d t'C.II. lIi.ltl111. ; liS.' -;lId the wife. i her tHe the soft side of the pldnk I was whar Jour trade i-, il/ it ;aint asking too math*

I"I V"Uij: T ntJ' bit .1h.1.rtrti 'm"tlt .. ,: ,Io M t i 1'lr a: IHi.j- tit gibe
: 1":1!! di''l'.d"tl/'Wlfh! Until ihie tile jboul
them, ull COM :M i i "; :? f NN \hItflIANTS i: i ; : 1H'!! nn"s ?;*- s:.:;c poor woman | -. said th; stranger.
Jt in by ,
'.l, d i. > IIti si and prot.ipttttiJ! ', a lid I terms lh-t pa; >:rs I ti-niirro v no ?' : best oimniMlations) '
J on cannot III you cn. As fur Well
I' U1e' X o':\LIT"r me, one ihin ;
t.". i at t t".-' 'I..ftl. 1 ra's. (for t. r'21 II. \ ., d.wl'w.h.-tt.-tt.! rio. !1..1! 'to lt<, r.-c-<;:i.-(I'J ;- I t.. K t -t'pwg111/ } i It:1l ':.inP I It 1 t i-, ilifficnii in\. kind friends,' replied ;, I -hail rli: wpii t enough. !i wont think ; more, and I hope you
be me
m'lct paid too
"its do
jo' : : i1' i "!;f ia 1 "' ", 'i :"i 'r.d:1,1'; : J : ri!..-et.-s tf tl:,. hn.eTfcosa -. i tile .li.j: : er. !tl i'.i,IM t i ivitdtiois! so The wm.l. WHS ((aIling, the tide? turned and a.i-sy ; tell me'your

.: aH''r,. .Uli'! & Co., .\ .IL;"I j"'I.I.? n. I" B-I 1'7. .t.I;: I :: lIfclt.r.nd.: ,' 'Iid! pressinjjly | ihe I sloop was natiie'S'
; Ic-, ((0 ahcrlt'r-lllt [
;: ,1 :' vv 1'J' I'har'ed for 3.\rtnq"C- -- -- I1 tnrt.inj; i lo Ihe!) an jib 'l'ompkinVas the
: DEALT: !: .; 1ILlW X.\HI.! ANt) HIP ----1 d.IItIII'r. .' hauled d' .replv.
if ibm. >wij, awj, the
: .. 1, '. ::" E.:: Gray inj : conlr! induce Inc: lo j i I main slilleft standin 'Where from I.!
'iANDT.K'jv' i
; \ 1 l' 'i'- fr i 1\ 1t"l'f': rvi-t j j'i. I i :prKf.-. IW"Tr.r.: NAILS, : I torero u.rcioloiion.I lily dc.ir; SO iuii:: lady Z. s skippe) /la; ,hion-when the captain and We-ttheater..

; .. : : .' -. L ir .t'! *' 1':11"" \, AXU c\sriNG\ AiKiicnXT TAILOR s I i il would be \oiir solic'laiimi!! I ll.: ;,.!junct began for 'No : Sup
bsit J. preparations refection.
S ,1"rl.Jrl'lUdurc.'i <>f Tin, lion, and Cop- \T)1./!> t'iI.I-!: l:' nli nn Ihe ritt' nrf !j 1'( l'n !lon ;") ejit from ; hav r relation' to sQuire( Ha'ph_ _._-. 'rn.n..t.n j. u.iij>niu9,

irr. .1111.ri-e_ :n.r./.i\/ i, !hr. a'ul itviciidtv... li.at. tit? .h.n. ; hu'n! ;&*-:'he riiciiit :!' I here 2 .
-- --: ---- '-- : Dec 21 1. Apalaclnfnla" Fa. j'i j ,; r.v,'i.c.1 I J :.)..,.(t ivs .rti's-nt ol Ilmtn.- -i ii r- lias II'-'t'n ;ifnll'II 'fii I i ('\ Oil,'I my'xI''ct.lltons; say; ma'arn'said the c lp' lin, 'I've a Yes' was the answer. .

j1iu'i: :; .3irttt3t'- I r [ < .. ... .., .. I and iijdiNven-able; cnc,.. r.flliulllla.,1 I VOL. could lend lift Nut .
-- ---- -- -- -- -, ; >:I'JT .t"j'1\ Co."k! : s I.rif-! 1 :pmei.ls his rrv. Inc us a with this very near, 1 take it said the
':'i ..niln 1 ) r'-r. J"IIflJ'ln.. !Eq /-'e \V. Ilogcrj 1 F.-:;.}. (':.'"'::':v.. '.V!:.t.- I Brit!! -'I. Plain L1l1 i'' ,I\\V. Il I recollec-l n idl: continuei, he, ('Ie btipper.' I tain. cap-

-rr.u. f;. P.t3'Zt'I' .V Co I { ha.. :1-'I: '" ,\ Co., Fa''V Tie',Frtict" ("> tl
'. i : ii'i: CU.\DH 5O coMilssrox MEUCLIANTS, Fa "i-i \-111 4v.., au::1 i o*' w'.irh Je IS piipirH:i ', on .I i liver side(! '(JlII'\\ h"fI' iip;'o-iit' u- h1) I expect to pay for my passage : and) His'bro'her Caleb! response. .
!U ,' '\ I to ;'S.;;.' upi i" :Ihc rro-t fj-Iii .tiah'e'! :10,1 I heie ; you've Tompkitis brother!'
: -v (I'r all Oft, i s'j.le!: : havntr: I I \\ .ton<'e a pith, whiih}, led down (i cot any supper to get, said the Captain .
t you .
may aias;
I. \j -1 ',\'.' t tin ..:. d\ :i'V\ .!a.lji((', t'l.I jn41''I"I'\01; tt'r Sniinj and, Suri.tr.pr Fa-.iiio'i'-, I I ihc IIoUl.taill.) to llie I spot ; I br ynoiJ enough : ;d .1 yourself.' be D. r-iel D.!' Whyou cau'r

.: .1. ...' Jl<"; t.. I.i ,I. h.? iKUti-iii 1IIIl! .-...:: 1.11 :.e will b.: .1,1.: t.> makeup I: tn f I The
---. --- -- I J. > it\ '-. -.- :. T H. AUSTIN put tn the WI} lo find it, md I will captain did not out do ihe Xiblos S The "
i- ( ; .J. r'lliI I i very same, said the
j: ; t'.e ,
f: ::1' t"tld:1 i d f f h'-' i smiI"
; at.d stranger
--.i- ; -
j : ke for Delmonicos
*: '!i. H.V ii K'| : m ilie "Miio'i.. of ,the i lime and I I
. Mcveiisoii .V Co. "tor-' ', b -th i; t'- -yi"! a--.!! prirr. hIt I f-i- ;.jl-->' j I ; his beef- n g. .
\ :: !II'IUllt.\ & <{ U.' I I CM\1-SlON) on liajiu :m &ss"ir.'iijeii: ,' of! iiify! I.ide C.oJliii'; II i- p-CIIfp: : only' 011 foot or on hore- I bieaktried in-the Lord knows what-fell i Phltlw !' here the
: ML !t C H! X :, j, capt.iin
X 3" s gave an inter-
u, E; ,i u A hiek'snil! f
I : .1 1 1 -v 4y the 1111-.1. c ;ih.ise of old
.. I coiUu; J .*. ..->5.uiv-rf, .S.ititu-ttf, C'tt.I ,mad.A't .-, or I would t lakeoii: D.iker of the City jeclional vvhi>te.( litre
... ,. AND a business.
\ I Tuveru i
i i ., 'j h;.::. ,u ti'.il! L\\:'..i Kr.tDr.'-< r.d: 1 l'r.i.! I iJuvrn I in t the tarria-r_ : bin i there i i. an in Walltreet, in tenderness., Nor By all the prtiiy
m .\U ft? uptMi- pipers, the
A.i. .; .o !h. IV DRY GonJ:. .. you're new Gov-
c., I
Xo. S ('n.1.i, PI'i| } -d. 1 F.i'v: .\-I.-, bin and 'arvShjl '. n>; ill the \.'OI.II. jii>t JOlld, r. whuh lea-!? w.,3 I h5'Hlllf ihe t fir.t quality j ; or the ernor !'

l. .1' '. .: \ J11 1-" I -IG Water Street : *, II:lit4.! S i"(- L "'ii.'>>' d", Gi I"-,'", iJciivi&c -, to the path; ; and t Ihil.; once ;aiIJr.rJ, \ ouAl ; stiuar of t the white ; and, alt ho' ihe lady 'So they tell rrr-.' said! the

: i .' MI v *j{ !n i x <. I 1.5-c. 2:1. 1-17 AoiUcincola. Fa. vV: ']">.:',,; I !"r tl'i!: i l"'f.1! I' :11'n.-.. I C llIJOI, :" : Is'ra\; j i ruiribltd, the Ir.wer took thmj Why what Governor.
every inl.rnil
1-- 1 an
', : ; i v \ r % j I 1I J 1 >c.'i-uun DAY. I V-ANICL J. DAI 11t'1'ft* -'i'\j, j I.-. !1.no, he hnjif" '.y 'nt- 1 'r 1/:1\; (I;Il'ildlJ'E'Plill:5! t on all side' 1 kindly.Vjpn. I' you Wilt, think nif Here: impudent fellow
liii I've
,\: .. j I 't' 'NL-r1 I' '! aid stii(t attention, to i.ru \ been gelling
4 Ihe
.r. it
: .tt.j" I t
j. I. air.inj.; i made his bow and; was lime; 'o retire the
.1. J> took to
n' 1 :iy V (,o.. Cv.t1..U.JI.C 1 & ..j.jIIIL;; J.t.Jlrit dip.uled./ ; I lady you physic my tI1 It', ami set
-- :! t ': *i.(: _' a !I j CUMMl : lo.MLiJCHxXTS) I : J: Air.! 'j, 1.-! : J 2 Jt Th( ,* ;1'I'll na I. found ; 111\,1 I trti.l; iri:: OIl\\lId.) "' pc=seision ol the (best berth and the oJ! sail; working my old sloop ; and If7p I t been you order-10

ii .tr;,4r .v Unhur... f Xo ."32 i Vv'.i'f: i -11"1'1( .- -- '- lie.
.1 .J., _.". .\i.- .1' ., !iC"'II.$"(-2 for Lt.'ivr 'Ap..lClucola. I'a. 'iJ;:.''i 'i..oo i ".. C:. ; t, beaeh,, whre a icMip of ti-hf'l i men tt 'n'ailill I runted in, i in the bite, pia-aler! that remain eight dollars a mmlh You'll hired yon at
-", Airi tor the ed. never -
I ." .lIt.1: 1 1"I"I"r., '* : vv ,* the pioper tune uf lid-. to me, I know for
"tfJ. reuiii this
: ; Ir "' Ifl t In-nrancf \ _"r ( J 0 ; and all I do
.j : .t../.1 9 fll ('n." and Jli'iidrtord Ii.-idiance Co." Hartford J. ." tlinr z labors. .\ couple of -kiO"were drawn It was pr.s: r:1i night, when from a horrid is to ;.*k ; paidon.'
I your
: r ', .: ; ; \'\ -:: CIIP.\SY. ( .::1:1: 4;, I.:.jp: .';i ii{FLL: Y "'1 1.'!.' .1f I ir' s'i r : or the 'tore' >' : die.nris: hat I.e1' o .
. (. ,. .. ,, up nr !'r which rIle corgreiptuiu undergoing the ;pemeld Nonsense !' said the Governor
( ". V r 4'I -- ------- -- ------ ;::.-. '. : d' l C. ..,..- .l '" 1.1.(1.._ i : r ILel dure ; come,
.t uis: a""f'nhh'L'llOo } ( indurate t
.; .. '1 .. .t' .t ..:,. ...,., f U. 2:. U'HUfI 4.V Co., (:!: :' '_.1-J ( 1 ]. .'::'i J.! f.; c.i'l:'tYI.I l 1 Ii.i'mlnhrt : '" -o was the soil bideof shake hands, for I must br off;' a:d he held .
C ( jf MISSIONi! 1 f. \\ -.kitf- :rc t ihese! ?' a plank t hue capi.unpoke! of. I that rune I out Ins hand.
-it. i j".l II ,. D FORWARDING ; :J1 C'l'lu'rdll\!, I 'I ; ">f f" tfhir pro- a>krd the ) -
--- :\HrWH: .; Xl : coniei I want to be : /board! tionaryhook. him rudely enough tile"} The
1t.'ll| Ii-j.l:* Ha. H< u"u.ty: (,.a- pu one of I by captain[ somewhat hesitatingly
i .. i i.' 3'F:; I' No. -it U'jter-:!n-ef, \ / I 1.I.i:1: \MII! t'.i; ** jif.'! 'iy'! | |IO-H \'\.-s'k in -icjlil., shoulder. and awoke him from his slumJ the proffered hand in both seized

*v pi: v :: :iit> !\ t' 2 .' it r \ L'I i :N r'i .. s ThenMa. ;. his, and
tflii'-nl FaA. ; Imltt
.ili. f} ; wind
_: ';i. ( | y wi il!i >-- r-- a binding from tlie squeezed it qric hard
I 1 : ) .1.. ; i i \T ---- .t'i j 'J I enough for the com
1 \ J.J't, f"iT- X. M :K\i. N C ij.jI'\s.: CHVS.A. PUAI'T. i tIki! t:1 j .lIn.i. il Fwr-palr.Js. at all l1nhttI.\\ PT : and Ihe wlire satis: ; of the nver say. Mister, ain't you a doctor ?' fort of I the owner. J

/h, : t '.....II" faV ......,-.. Ip. :." '. .h ;i.1.\>!oT AM' Li- (:rafl vveic'eui fat ubove .intj: IlellJw-sumc A negative w.is returned. 4 Well. said he I've .
I i.i .. i.. % ?Itay LCo.. ". ;.' tot o!! consolation
', I'm
," -. j ; : : :; :y .: ,11- '"- 111':111.OPPISIIt.I :,rid! -"tnt far 'Jistanr.:i sony //or it.' continued he, 'Ht're'smv how. I've __
k r ', i ,. t.J any always voted
: -t. li/fl.I for
v \i- CQI'tI-S.X 7U whenever .
\i L U CII A XT6 ,. SSJ :: '1 ( /lu !:/')ci J"; ,! ;, '- Tuion male --. --
yrry4r \ 'I.if'i2zi:01 at' '' : :. '-, re<;iondi-d, ; a t*h"rlllatJ.; i 'is the awfulest_ _"lolIIlrl1. I you have > -
een and
.. : --
+ ', last
N' -Jj i V,1.r.! >tr.tfl..s. / <> /' > ::1'1;i will lie: a Llt'uJcd a.'he up ; April.
j .i -i 1 j : .1': K t 'v X r >* ath.'.,". : ., j..d tj- ,'. m; 1111"11111 writfl -ptrc : iiuif? lo put' vo'i!' :vei man tad 1 w.is in hOpes thai I :md five brothers' gave a A
aiv. you for
_, ., 'r 1' .f': ,. I I"t. : irli! ;>i Is, Fi N J' f* '. <...,' ".!. : '.i', ,- C\n'*:. a-id: Cvomug on board f fur i, wiil ooi( l/e time for .i ii.iul.$ you (lad; sui met hiti in rhern saddle-bass I Governor ; and if allY one of kith kin
my or
S ._- "- :. ":,. f4 f .r. ,:1.--".. J. >3. EStJ- U'r ,;.: .. i ii .K.:.' {I'. ,'idr; Ci'sak"t! f *t'fry Th$ oih"i belong- ro i ihu per-sons now com,; ton't which might do him good. Do see if you ever votes for any- body eKe, as long as
: in help .
I'. V; .J. vjiijr.: .*!*. ;"lr'-.jj; ,\ : "I'.I'. :>:"! ')).fI-IWI.\XT! :, ; ; '.1 t :,: sjMiu* ;"I'ti.y i.1 l 1 I.ic ,'. \ ; :! up. you are Ofl'; tu stand: cull me flunkey !

) : \ '. \ : > .: : .' :: '. ; i r VR; '., r. I, \1-.," r .' '-" \' ..:. ...', :,: ., i "h.p !: If.ft ;i b If..i The sK.-n:er inquired. as I ii"] orlier ramene.ir The passeiijer arose ; and assuring the that's ai!!! .
., 'I\.!!I' : : ,; 'r :iV- ., .f] I n..v.! "( 'I; ,. ; enoi'cii. whether c::ipl.nn j I that t there : .
I ." 'i..' ;ji ",.,1,1..,. j 1) I I'. .-\Pd.\r it'OJ.\ F.\ t-!!"s he wou'd! ;ilCCotnmorbu. : \ .is nolhinz medicinal in There i is no do-i't that the \
.. '-\ 1''H. > t I;i".fj iat 5 tn a nat nr.d Iin) .''able hi-n with his skipper kept
< portmanteau
)l' t tl-I.-' : a pn-ioe: on b .ard. went over to I the mate his word.' awl
S. : :b '.f 1 .'. J '. "1:.I '. ': _S ", .:;....:: I.dt.' .11to1tI;; ; ;. :;.;, I I c.n iel \.HI In\'l': ih akiff whllas w rithia in and Farmer's ever after for the
ofriialtcI : : lie great
I ( I Xoticrs.: 1 u'lrlrUJIt..' I. .!::. answer agony groau- Bit\ ; and there are few who
___ \ '.' I' !LIL:; ,.d ; S but I 111I oliii! i d : iog heavily.H.iveyou. heM! ever
.___ I lo f> the to.id such clo-e .
--- c- '. up communion
-- -- .l. w'I"i -t. rv n.,: ; fltiiLir'Etrtte : .. with Daniel D.
.2. r.: .i wn. I \- f I Hire.1 Iiowt-ver ;J I ie a Coli tic, of i idler! [ gin and peppermint board?' Tompkms.
,' who on lint
\\-\1\ $ 1 1I.\) -1'-\: (G1EEX. --I U.l ) ( 1 ;J-: witr..<. lie asked. ever bolted at ;:u election
will :
I \ \ '> 'tt'\ ',. f J. I 0.:1) ; r ] ., :> ;. ,-;,l.Iim utidoiihitdly row \ KI off ar.J bring' when he was a candidate.

I '. i : I 2\: ;. .' ', .x: r j :. \1 t':,' I, ,', U HI! II t L!. 1"-1-11('', er-er 01 'bai: k li-! boa?. Y t's' responded captain i've tried .
-L. '*
fr A I. .. .
I. -
I. j M I li; -
i iv
t.I J ; F.h.n.j f
o1I'J I" r jrrcfp. J'j-: tfi.it
S., .. : !! .' Hi;:'i sr:'':!ic, f>;ipt..!te the Mtniori I d. : The .u jti'sTjon wasiJopicd: ; the \'herr and it don't help him., EMPLOYMENT ror. CHILDRP.V.\ source
I .."S :: .. 11 ;. :.1' I il i ,H 4' '_ '__ __ ._ ______ N/v, _sV. '-: .--- -- \I a- (-harfrr d and I iho oarsmen ensa"( : ""! fot) ': Have you any pearl a hts, then 2* lie in- of niucli unhippincbS; children and of

t : i t r ,,'.*' HU... \ (;.; 31. 2>;sviTrJ *, n l I I H' -t4f, .J--U' M 111. \'II\a e.Vhile'! ihemtn were 2eliririhe (j nil. I'd.O trouble to parents, peciiillv mothers, is the
; Want
t \ ViY .\XDCOi I !: I I hual III older ; yes !' answered the of employment for the
I VMILLUlt: AT LAW, nu.'Ji propi a woman m..de; here captian, always young members
3 ; ; :! Si. HHl aH' RHHir:! drrs-ed !keep that. \Viih I of the family at fiOn- Half
; ha
I 2l Ijj.roiJS; scnjC '- TII I 'IC uumtc ju <:tJltr! ol rill .. apju-.ir.itH ill li'is I \ -woNe\ ;lfl n -cider, m a wowing, scolding
I ; 1.1 I I t ': j :, 'r, ..'!.."%... \j'f'ili. ,. : .. ":: I I not nt! ihe rj'irj.; tt'XtiIt'. 01 of the ncwtst il is a c.ipital; drilll.1'11. ..' and puni-htner.l atlmi..schief.' liieh form

.' ., ,'_: _' '--111 : r .: .: ,.; : ... \ti.. n ., J fi-luon) and \\' ihcn no incon-iterible!
; pnru'an
.7" U"I.I u i.1 i.- t said of
S of.t the the the
; : H will practice r.'. ni:irly ;in Franklin Cal- J 1 S. ,." none t cleanest i ; I. vii lii ._ str.m;er. hrin= every-day
\ :, : ; !I.;- INI" j t ; i I" ,.tld! : "r J i niak.llu .. The} face of : it and ; his orv of-o.me honsehoMs
14.1' ; 'J J. Wjs jiH (his | ; get some hot could be
Jrtrk'-wiC'irriiii '"iirf"-;md will. I, upon prnn wac.ii; in i I the ( rue water, as quick as you avoid
I ------ tot.rj.'III t i'it an asrivitbii* jf ed, if the
.; f'.lIl'n.. a ";)"'./.11 rd.tllil'r, .'(M t a* Coun-et, in any Courto and i. !i.a .I.iill I :.5t i p.I'e ( r".rf, Xaimppe-mould; i i 'withe\e--o horribly I n 1"e w. [ : Itt.. young Iud restless ubjecnsofdis.

I : : '1.:1 ,I I .1 l'i! \fHJ.l1t' ort"1"1-i Cm-tut. J He I will i I 1 -ii-o, I I lie ;pru' .- .', I.h.-r..l aIC'H'.*: (.-ii.i.airc ih : pub ,dial an opfi.itor; for ,Irahi'mllsIII.J.I, h.ivc The kettle must have boiled by this cipline were furnished wn'j, some occupa
1 : : : .. ir:--fjsf-in) t'n' C'4irt r ,\ l j t > 41 ;.r ilJIItriollcor ; rn\lrd her iim i .* said the lion. It i is as irksome!
: for
p'1 : < pIIllo at Tilljha- : the
; \ I: !.', ; hi- dtrt. to t ultiMHf! w'i::: H.\iy: ? k" a a- ;i subJTl I for ilis-kiil I : arid, I lo captain ; for 1 put it on some faculties of

: : -1! ; \" :. '', -sessions-of .wSiplr.. ho will always bet i <-h! ( ic.i-* i ii m..nt ,jI( Li'.ors! Jtr!tl! rtl(!nhiru.op .' (" 'OlII I ihe p.cu.rr.: I )lie visage of ihe} lady was: lime aqo ;' and coins forward I lo I ihe caboose, I I an active' child} to h:,ve nothing to do, as, it is

,: : ;in:vi.it u'I-y.r! ] > ;<:'ilPil bv illTldult. !lM-*',.r i t -, < !' r ', ol' ueh t'11"1'; : I he relumed with; the (for lhoe of an active adult and i i is
1 ., f. ., t' .1 t j; -" ? i II'' .(i. thf ,1.11'111'! <.1 t' Old! ; a-pect, ato vvauanl; the necessary: inrcdielllS'; : natural .
". #I \; .(.: Kola, ;'-jitc'obi: r :0.. 1 JG. Uicchdr.' .; I I.. -.:ii belief I thai *-hr ." j I for a drench Puitms ; that n child left without diversion
\ t\\'i; \ ': : :. \ -- -- i- i." ; I.' ; jd 1 O.-r.: 'r!trool h fed on crab :apples; foi a I the proper q nan' iT\ :, any should

'. S -.. .' ; 'lIII'rC .I : '" II .\ (;. Scuiiiifs, and ,1'II'tJ! ,' Ir.'-" 'i l'Vi H.t'I : ndJh i t .:.k, I (IlIfltillI. '\f'plladill[ ; ) the IIUMJ who weie S J, ol ;alk;ih into a pint tong, and pouiinc I the1; resort to devices lo pisaway the time

4 -- -- t S '. 11',' :. .TTuUNEV: A T L A W.'minion FQI' a 1' :,-a'ii; 'oUilflt.II,4 .I' ixtrurnd neaily teidy: io .Eic\ C oil', sIte accosted one ,' water; upon it-leaving stitTu-ient sky-h:!:i': ;t which the p'irent rails mi5chifvuis and anis !

:. :i --- -- I ; JjliN', .'i}. : (:taL ." '.'. iu/tli/tg, a wu"1": ,' linifi tlire i- no'iiirt'if i itvjthii : "f! I tl.ftn I ihii- for the IIIfll-ion of due "measure of tijhtcheiil.un. noy mg. 31 any .1 poor infant, huirieJ to ,

I': yi: i I"" l lI t\\'Jcr., '. ". \.C.l' ,"" f I rut. ui Cc'it'e) 'V Cflt.H-.. d 1,11,1". :'I' ,. "'irrle 1t'1'1":.1'."41.: ;tJiJr':.M;s1--I ,. .In r/'mj: an- \\jri,: ', You'.. jjoini- : ofl"lo themloons! .. .: !.irt.i. .*. sWl'ceninz t ihe do.'. and (i,iahitvtin i school long before il s'lould' / I be rrniiirpi., _. -- in... I!

\I' .: .\, .,, '. ,.,. .. ri5)v:: -\IJl.tdlir'lb; Fla. ;Ctl\'tI'h"'L'.-, c.ii .:]..-... t ,Zt lu/.t pl\.It'rrlll hawl.: I ::: yon Jake! ? 1 don'i cartif I C" :thn.z.; : : U with pf rrwrlllinr-ihe stranger; : ad l. ; stilLer such confinement and restraint, mere S
.__ __ ._ \ f.I : I'..'if'l. ". .1. t --. -- C"e: <,-.(._r'"t..< rti];:' vj a I do, Mr-: Knosaid! : i he oiiMiien. minislered (lie potion lo his patient: which. ly to put ii out of i ihe .v"J .1* a domestic .

t ;' .. ,j' l': .J -- f[. K.:: Owns, jolly n. .J'IH.AIa 'Thete! will|| be Inll'lIId.. lo that bargain.: i MI a "llOrllllne I i -senti. I lly' relieved him ; and I I nuisallf=l". 3Iany more h:1heir: activity

." '; i : I"t) .i; e's.1 ,. ,::1"I\-T ATTOI"K( I! V A.T 1.r :;! :hi' .,:ia, Dcr. 3'), hn, j'J-lf. That; tllillI. pointing lo he -ill.nicer who waseotiinm I do-e number (wo, half an hour allerw.mN, i and rghihness repre:.j-d. by parental ty-

'I t'.t., t : rLU'1'I.IIi. Harb ,'r ('ii'.v:!! Al IJharna."llj'2 ) down. h ihiied) I ihekillj:; r>nd: it' i having; been imbibed the sullVrer/ who was : r.moy.itlich compels them to sit motion- a

1 A '. .l'2 J it. .I: i. '\ i-.1. J-tf .\ 2 at'ijf' : a Xd5:! ( he do'i't !like your u.lfilII: I.elli f than! J entirely ;prostrated by t the pain, fell( into a !, les-, or to move about with the caution of

: I n r, I HinVepbir: j'f.| !.I itrend do.! slumber. nn intruding car lest
.n- an
; :
V ..... \ IIIf won't :et a pa-sae; : I this iime. quiet unwary sound} or
!L ;] :"' .. ;a.\..I.-\, I" :, n u. 14. r J IJ II" \'.\ ,{t.: U'St :53:'uj fi'"I I'.i- !H's'fhr' in : 1'I.t ra.! I lL.it titltd- beJlLS 1'1.1'lIllIall; -owled in a fcad'ullllaIJlH'r. The
.1\ :. ,'1)1I't & ( orkroai'Ei Iotsnti. |! : "'..v--l'r I ','lldLr i .l I II"- above well hut m.ide h:id ; or corner.
scarce lII ,
gotten dream
; :: ; no icpU. ( a as
. d.L'T : 1, 'i J- v.-rv ,':f -r'I"lh ii'ir.iMU l 1.1' i\t l riittiia- kniiui.; f t. .1: ", ":'j''! ,.. :j i>e 1'1..itS, d t Iti eiili rlain II' as the fiist before unen-v I ---- -
5-; I I" i Vou're( ;;{in s'iM ?he, addrtsin' the the was al his how
; .. ,. : ".: : 1 ;. ,. It \ I. ..,.. \ .I' n I- r..H4 ImlI..dl.tf..I, II .1 j.Mjter j SPI.tt'aIIO1| | be anof I II I ,' 11"1\I '. lii.>;: <'4'inniiinity' rl.t:;; wiaj' ti'vor: I O : i side. TO SpoiL .\ CUlLI.-\bo mia-
v C \ .:..;, ., '' 1 r.. ij:;, HAT." I:, I uijd MIill| t of eiiVAi'! named atinovanrts. HiKj I I > ;iiun \\irilti.!l 'lsl'.I1I| Hi, ad| vviil al." I Ilrangpr.; abo.ird TIII'III.els.. I want too I I IIi j'I takei! is I hat ot supposiu'i : I diat the t better

\ S : 1 { ':Ir, JlH) .*4 dUi i .M 1" "-j Jutu P ij i< Hi ht" M.uwd; a v <-te.\- dal'' n-idfui i !!i...d.: i-. The ".Ir ,\:1! dr'onruo'l I I ;; III Voik ; and I can: go aboard! wilh you : I' r. said, he. 'the tide i is now Iiljj h i i nature of a child' i is lo 'be drawn out and

( ..r \\1\' rl.I.r.; kc t!:.'ivec.'lf;intj 1 I.a' ilsiiu.mall I <' trii"live 11t') ('- sti'itdii'd: v.t'i: *:;.::.ur.f lion I (>i ':' rb;'Jl.ot'l i I ju-t,! :as well a< noi TMI flood and there i is a syi:trl breeze selling !1! raised into strength which we should .
-I aJ..il'cfla.. -F.t.- I ii_ J: (Cr. .r. :, Iiu-i I tpa1ac.4: ; Xov iI 1, 10 n. ill. i heie, i is t loo sick lo help Now. (II) ]I thiough a cold and clierile-s: pass
C.lu'U'.1 : ltulh.
.. }
? i 1IceIJlr, TI'hilr! hail. '' t Ihl t'' seats-iwo for I lie011.iXlt'tl. just, gel up. and haul in the --lick while I ;, system; of restraints
> \ ; i iroue petty (
\ j I n II] .I -- Nol ic lo .llal'iu."I': '. CSt}' I i';(cS, 'b'Ha:2l I r> pnviiocs: of
ltlc.tCU.ST. sfc.tJOTIC and' lit, lip
thefts I
V '. \V.A' sit ri-t built snlfieienllx up anchor-do! ,. ih.it'j. a rood fellow i; severe looks and iues,01
: S T -T.-t CfJLI.LCIOR': (h.-rci.; 1 KI.\' \rnT, t i: -' h\'I':: *, irilrrn, !, !" J I eluding, only
: rnv dieiids nrd Mo.til to lake two "'i-ori .il/iea f. I re-ul.'s in !
p > j depraving the .
,s. 'ILII! (Yminrv Ii. !I" I Irii ;. 1\ ; /( -elin<;s. and
5 5I Ihe
ir..j 1 Pa. 11IHII./ that bavo 'Fhe per-
j"lt.II. o. i
i. ( (! |I"a.pll i iIt. lrallf'I with hi. v.di"I'oll hi- knee The obdurate verting I the
-- r : : passenger was r.c.l' and.
-- ; : reason of
J.tIi.. r.MTi.nr. ---- I : :EkV LUJliT, JUST LOMPLEIKUL and fill ,t w.ll: :'.. u--.Hi...., .I.,. ,.....l..i... i..1! j a young pE rson. He
.t ; ll 11 (IV i look line t.\ : :.U'lx; AT KEvL;.; mil bishd) "\MOII i tli.luihIt \\ ILLr.IdG'.ry:: : I"manv : woman a ieiuiJMiilnly \ proper t usual Yoi! such circumstances entirely
\\ !h. ',, out
I'r !
r. ;
: -41 :"'I > VIH KP.VAllljING! <"IU\T 'r.llId "ir] heave ho .11 i the windla-a, i the im<; of iheanrhor ol harmony with n.itme. He[ is like a flow

n \ i 5f!\\l1l'r! i-trri-t V bliIr, 'un a llljI'" d."'k) at the vJiticc 1: : <.1'! I eii- Jlolt-l-at I I t1.,, Xnrtii t .um u-ceullv irotn I tIle ,\tnt. -hot thewhern. into the/ mie.iui.: low .mis tiletIf..t II was hove chock I lo t ihe Ila\ '-c.holl'! er. which mjti.r'; ; 'lig'ii'! ; nr..I warmth. placed

-- A : ll.r. 'llfoh. FU. ly.? rt"-.\' rI'.'. j?. ie.tvtz, IIP will I Ian Ut'S! vessel. I1 he sir.ui; :er w :iv,,'da! pockel the jib was hoisted and the bloop was tear- in a cellar where it 'cart never acquire its .

P. \t, 1.1.\. --- ; tllmd.,1! \':ii JX..rtli E:: .st t tlijflit. ,.f IIIC .ii,' 1,1, II I 1i,' k( ('p i'\fviint hnlt-'-, -iiul *"IP.- rii' eviiiun i or 1t.l/ldkt"Tlsi/.f as I a signal ; .UIIIII! -kipper.pMtnn ; : in:: down before the wind. i projier' prnportiun*, Coir, or vigor. It

"'Callt; : ,\ U' t'-rrE 1:0\J.us.: '.irf j TinUMIIUS 1 -inclf r"UI' I'' IH'rt'foIIJl'(' 'xllI.'fI'IP 1. 11'; 11 Itl' 1)4.t'' r"IIII; tlilIi', I 1'i't"lm. : his hfliri down and: Is 1IIlilg up his I I I The pis-en: er again resumed) his berth.| cji.ite impo; ,-.ble that: a child M treated is
I I1 I I ;) 'IECfJ.:Utiu.: i f"Iwl'd! r e" fi-nnsr fl'1" "'.fl I may -lill I i I lie nit-rid the iiuu.-', ,o UIfr. :,-'d- ;1' dlh.I : piiblic. in:ain III.t'r, bore up mr the stilt Uul ::,, i where !he remained; until ihe d.iy had l'Hr altail rll! 2 proper characteristir cnn. I
\ X T 1 lh"\'I'' b'I''c. I /f.
S .Js! rh.in-
N,1 C; .lIrWtJS: :Jl'roa'hilfIll'I -hip 'IrU! IlJWWX.; soon n> the) grti i nt.ir enough for a fair, ken when the captain once more made his :I well-ean-iitnied *--- sa
Blrwk man
(li nei in th<- cI li\' tiTi! *, will f find rive- idtl.omat' Tallah -"', Xnv. or woman.
1 I-n !3-fim. he
scrutiny! XtirHl'd : appearance.I I
'- \nal t u'/lla. 1'-13, "t? t he bar by 1 ItrHl ill the u'JO) iri range with t the I LrnIr.n .
s. '1. -- li:.ht lious: and riiiiiii" loi it. Up helm. Joe Square away Them's say, Mi-ter,1 siid Jie, the wind} has l like Uurke's ideas of

T R 1'Y. 'TII: C'CI'"OU,r. S. l IL{ MALLOUY( ) Col.MAJIBLE CZ'A'Ula: no. ctislomeis I (lor me.. chopped about : I want :a hand to lend! jib F civil hbcny. Lie S' ys : Men are qualified for

\I" nfUr 5110rs. g jllll. I hoii lit !' sheets-Hisgins liberty. in exact;
T'. e \ p? 'ce. --- --- -- --' --- .tJ---:1 so said theoirs- can't do it ; s-o. just bear proportion la their dwpobitiou .
SII. : ..T; hInt who had lebi.HVd \1: i hand and h. and I lo put chains
2:1 C'umilUi fIJ.l'lc, YARD 515liii .'. 1''. No\-Mis.) lp me. a few stretches will upon their own appe. a
--- -\Jd.t I .,.." Erebiihe ini;ht I have; been heitei I named bring us tip wilh ihe.doek.' I t tiles ; in proportion as their love- ot justice

COO'-e &----hIC"lla, Fa. i.\ ( coi.ii.iiKi II'JlJ '-as she c.i-l i i a midnight i :lano- at I lie oir.'n- Up got the ;passenger, and( took the station I is above their rapacity ; HI proportion as

CO\! ItSIiN Ifol'ne, THE Sub>ri4r, hOP :,f the firm c.f Madden & TALLAhlASE der. A secom! \" -I.I'I01' wted xviih I no better .is-igned; him,, pet Iortniiig his duty I with t their, soundness and sobriety of understanding -
II IJ.OI ra'EttCIXTS.! *, of C(,l'imln", Ga., will nMnjinsi.nie :, FLOIIIDA.I : l.tJi.tr-a tlnid with like siicre-s! : at great alacrity receiving the orders, haul i j is j above their vanity and presumption S

"S \tWIJIiU)8 tr Streei, time in Apalarhiroli( He ,nsv be iri at I the I :N'i I the mm-ii'enr: I of! I thU I, t Hotel I ihrnnderrili len:ih a T.ITI') r\'IICf answered I he signal, at'. ."--be spry !'-'pull;; away!'-'another i in proportion as they ate disposed to listen;

I '4.1.. wdrt'h"'ls"* nnbll.Hdlll.t for J. l.iv it Co at almost I igned \ tie hibf- of
and look iliem the
t I boaid.Hy pull and
AM3s HOtN. on ) ; lJo-lav-at! rack and I good and wise in
any hOJr1llIMrbyalld will receive Orders gU '5l". hits ai' a | be l nnhc "'r iht ir palurmge.WILLIAM I every ; bydint feieuce pre-
-- for HE.M1XGWAYNovember11 this I time it was, near sundown ; and, of hard l labor, on his pa/t and good; to the flattery of knaves." S

0\ & D. DUlforth-, MONIIM: EX'I'S, 1547. -J3-O.T1. as I they; tot! upon ihe ilotk, t the skipper ad- steerage; on the part of ihe captain, ihey got Fr.n:. ,mp.-When- \ ;- the

\ OCiJ.\I.\II .IOX MERCHANT TOMB STONES ---' -- --- tlre-sed I hits .l raflt'I! I thus : inlo the slip! and lei run :ihe halyards.'Now ; dropping) from the see, leaves

MGExCaAL AGENT Ya.'dae for (;OUou. 4 I don't know how I Fm to :aecomrmdateyon heave 'em a rope !' shouted the trees in the beginning i of
SLABS Vc. Arc. autumn, jut such
r: l rl.r 3juj, bales in lowtr Cotton Yard. anti/ \oiir-wonim with beithsand, !iedm enptain.; Bear a hand !-bear hand IJinkYft., 'is the friendship -
blahr 4UI.\, .1.to which he will *iurru (1) order. procured from the North. to ;! !! ; and I'm ;airaJl'UII! won't f.lre'el'V nov haul; in !-haul I in !' 1''naltrt' the sap of rhainte-
List .
?.z; Refers to P. ADAMS Feb 24! DH WOOD & Cn. \\.11|| for ;,i :'pr, for 1\; i' )aK :ot) on a ;'--ec Th-ff orders! ivete pioirpily obeyed ; and I around] n--, but our ill friends swarm iu abundance

tr LA", } Kew Orleans. P- S. After leaving Apalachip'.h the 'iihri- Tfn-cn'. a-ioie! ;awl, i we \ I'r.% loIif'd io leav* him.However I the stunt was .safe 'ar the dodVhilt' t lie I tic .dlllte an.I winter of need they leave -

.wz1 z & McKE a her will pr'.rtty| attend to all orders directed to : FEW bbs! per** Cidir VuiPfmr for sale! lew I the, m're ntnl I. who; are alt! tin (captain! was -towing the sails. < i.e; stranger rhal'ti'lls naked. lie i is .1 fortunate man,
A : a
."tf I II ? ZJE, him m Colurr.5us p. A. by U.; MtCliLLY hands now will cool went below, and rtpl friend! in his need but '
!, AIahchcoh. I up something or{ soon returned io his clonk, truly ; more

5 February I 24 18 IS. > 6-3m* I'. Nov' 30Voter;t rt.a. other. valise in hand. : I I of hi*happy aid. is he, bt. far, that. hath no need





."tflI '
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'_- --_- -_--- __ -.- ----- _. -
= : -- ----- ----- -- -
_A_ -- --- -- -u the waist all limes. The ijoiiIiqgtuiAL' 1tgiaTAPJkLACmCOLA banks cannot be disposed of for less than interpose his
THE SECOND MltS.: JL'DSON.: ; for if the rosy lips had moved but to backwards'.froin at I veto is a high I

BY FANNY FORRESTER.We the slightest murmur, or the tiny hand crept small of the back is made flexible, but the from 2 to 3 per cent discount, and, in fine, power; but in my opinion CODln.! ae' 'i
bosom in her hip joints are the points from which to exercised except in cases of e
give an extract from the life of Mrs. closer to the loved baby --- -- ---- trade has entirely stopped. clrario
dreams the chord in the mother's breast stoop either backward or forward. The THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1848. of the constitution, or
Sarah U. Judson. written by Fanny Forres like swivel Such, however, is not the case in other bi",
-- of
ball-and-socket a -- -- -- -- -- want consideration
must have answered, and the death-stroke joints are joints, by
a" two-fold interest-first,
ter ; it possesses i followed. But the mother held her trea- m some degree. The trunk of the body CC/: The following gentlemen are authorized I Southern cities. The Banks there ne more deed, I have thought that, Congrrss !1

as wnman-antl a sketch of a noble, it and is from self-sacrificing the pen ofa sure In her heart and slept on. Murderers may bend forward as much as you please, Agents for the CODIEllCJA.ADVERTISER: ,and will cautious, but they still buy good bills, wt"1 past the known opinions and w,ol"nJ, '*
\ with callous for all useful and the chest receive and receipt subscriptions or advertisements Executive have exercised undue
favorite :Iuthore) !>s. wh i Ins yielded up an stood by the bedside regarding, purposes ant secured-and they sell exchange, or pay and I'
fame for a life of hardship and) toil !i hearts, the beautiful tableau; ; and the hus the whole spine, and neck, be kept perfeclly :- specie for their notes.It ous influence upon time le/i1l"ti'e d
But there slrai II.: Hence r.o lady should ever make "UrM.V.. Ksq. Ga. ment of the Government -
of band :and' : father slept. was oneE'c ; Clmnn. Albany, ; forijjI ,
rewarded in this world !Jut by a sense duly -the Eye that never slumbers ; a I a table of her lap, either for sewing reading lajo} JAC-K 1 II ARUM AN. Ilufaula. Ala. is high time that something sliofild be have thought our system was in"'
We have selected the following open I
\Yelll'erformetl. Let OTAvr.RTahlabassee Fa.
S fine uf the I'titeti lug wing was over I them, and a soft or writing, or any occupation whatever. done to protect this community from the undergoing a great change fronji. ,
-- ,
a specimen style ------ --- -
: as being hand down their all these, and all work you do, be arranged ----- -- -------- theory. The personal opinions
the memoir is written and at the invisible pressed sleeping further extortion of Georgia and South Carolina oJL.1
in which 1 FOR PRESIDENT
and thai table be vidual who ,
table before ,
time it is interesting in, itself. lids. on a you bankers. The subject should be, and may happen t(occupy
same ;
Nearly every article of value, that could raised to the t armpits, or as high as possible, ZACHARY TAYLOR. cutice chair ought not to control tht t
"The :\Mission-House in a lonely that it shall before the next
we mean come,
be taken. away, had disappeared from the 1 so as to keep the chest siraiglit. -- ---- --------------- Congress upon questions of domest
spot, about a mile fiom the cantonments, house and strict search was made' A little practice will make this infinitely -- ---- --- Legislature, and we trust th:1 those of the wrought his objections to be '.
close hand the ; though At a regular meeting of FRANKLIN i inttJ
and the thick jungle, at was
I throughout the neighborhood no trace of more agreeable than to stoop, whilst or O community who agree with us in sentiment, questions of constitutional
haunt of wild beasts, whuse howlings sound will be at your occupations :, No. 2, S. of TM held on the 28th !I settled lIke various departmentsment. 4r.
them) was ever discovered. After this incident no fatigue experienced will aid] in redress for the .
I ed dismally on their ears in thc night-lime. what is of March 1848 the 'I seeking grievances and in r .
of hills 1 Sir Archibald Campbell furnished the compared to experenced' following officers were I acquiesced by the
handsome of.
Behind them rose a : range complained
house with a guard of Sepoys during the whilst stooping, or from habitually stooping. duly elected for the ensuing term. 'I'hiird.--L'pomm the subject | '
lipped here and there with I the in.nk of The weight of the shoulders wit thus be One of the surest remedies is to have a the currency the improvement
of the of
ands the increase -
night ; rapid population WILLIAM HONE, \V. P.
Nation's:: h101.11r-the light graceful pagoda soon it a central position in kept off the chest which is one of the Bank of our own. may be said we can- high.vays, rivers, lakes .and farb Olfr
with its white or ;gilded: masonry, and gave of from L. D. ROBERTS, W. A. I will of
glittering ornaments ; and hefore them roll tile town, the danger of such attacks was grand causes fatigue lanuallahor.You the maik i ofservitude G. GKADY, R. S. not raise the capital for a Bank, but we are tie people, as in expressedtheir thrn.'
will thus entirely prevent Representatives Congress
vd l a broad, beautiful river, 'm which .an very much lessened. WM. (i. KUAN, A. R. S. assured by those who know, that ample be oll 0
impressed per
being your respected
In n simple, child-like letter to a )little upon out by thCu !
English:: ; sloop of war was lying at ,,anchor dated December of the son, in a pair of round], stooping shoulders, O. CRAWFORD, F. S. means can be obtained for the purpose else tive. utMFourth.
sister same .
Indian boats I C. TIIIGPKN
*nd curiously shaped weie Mrs. Hoardman writes "I have a Sab and flat, contracted chest.-[Fitch.I T. where, if not here and when obtained, it .-The Mexican war. 1
passing to anfi *Yo. vkh each changing i tide. I ; J. D. MYKRS, C. rejoice at the Sice
Just across the liver lay; the J 15mm.ni i pio- i II bath-School of lillle Burman girls, who are From the Baltimore! Atntiican.] II. ('. MOSES, A. C. will be controlled by our own Legislature.If has been devoted prospect to of peace, !
their catechism and their *ei 1 !?
'" 'd'II i : of M:Irl hall; which} having been debited learning prayers. FKATL UNITY. E AUSTIN, I S. we had" Bank with proper pO"HS. and war at times under armi. IU,'j
\Ve have in ihe Burmese, or I .I
t hv its! peaceful I iihilitants: : became, I no them hymns have The three words which form the new L FORT, O. S. under proper restrictions we would be We
should teach hymns also. ; avoided ,if'-'
t (II thr teiriljle men w h... took shelter i theic! France are Liberty, with ihe \\' patible with national honor. '
J) "side( this a school during the week, motto of Hcpullical to dispense foreign agencies. P The pm/.
likf his own inuiintain; fastnesses:' :; to .;MacJrj'gor. (ph \\':Hle's school, most ly from Am- Equality, Fraternity. The first two have FINANCIAL CONDITION OF AI'ALACIII- should enjoy all the benefits they confer (if of our ('uverrmriehm) !. as well as u* lIUep i
(: Arm, *d with knives sprats. ainl COLA. are to the
n-inet'un. in 1.,1"I; !,!. they sallied ,I'mili; inI.ItS4)fIEtt1) {I heist.) "in which ihe lawny utile also girls learning learn been so long in vogue as terms of political \Ve acknowledge our acquaintance with any* there be) and avoid the evils they lions opposed; and t the disme.ml subjugation"erniPnt of Oih*|'
icad and Of
tit : : ell' tinny. at 1 ui" lit-fail ; and to sew. They are signification i I whether well I tindeistood[ or entail.t countries,
the mtiiiplicalion I table ; and they are j just commercial iflairs to .be but limited, and ----- by ron''lI. In the lan D.f
Il1.: '.n wo to the poor ,\ .:tdlim was MIsjei I not thai no questions arc now ;asked as to I LAfcT LETTER. the great \VistnngmonVhi; sh"os
'I'j beginning the first: part of the same arithmetic h that we are consequently but little able to GEN TAYLOR'S :
'd uf li'ivi tifTisiiie worth! tlie I trouble
tz I which you study, translated I into t the their r meaning i in the Frencl'ocahulary..- treat of of finance but \Ve perform a most ple-ising task to-day, quit fur own In"stand on Korrt!n g'
.if .1 visit. S..in I <%< writ: entire i villages\ ; questions we are I In the :Mexican
language.' ; These poor little girls would I But \\o\\\Fralcrninj\ \ is made the subjectof in the bold, manly and wise reply war our national) hot..'
I them and somewhat inclined the belief that publishing '
they one-
xveiv. destroyed liy ventured to t we been vindicated
j have\ nobody) to tell them of (jot! and ofj I II 1I I 1 :amply indicated, u':
so I far I as I to ;.itl.i I <\ ;t guard(of sepoys. sOle inquiry. have stumbled heretofore of the veteran to his companions dictating! term of
!I ChiMof heaven and of hell, if there wcreITO upon a correct galilt : peace we may :
Stealthily they in" ivcil. with a Head) as lightis I The Fraternization of whole is be "ell
a to
people in arid
I! missionaries; ; here. Are you nit glad view of the question of which we are aboutto arms. forbearing even imIIghianimor
; lilt Indivis of the wetein wuild, ; and tell I them supposed by some t to imply) agrarianism or"ocialsl. II with fallen flP.Thl'r '
I. t that your sister Sarah; has come t to make few remarks the circumstance Each line of the epistle i is: replete
tile had serurcd) their houiv. the a by
} ?" I 1 In its t true however, i it t indicates : opinion) i ItlPC _
of tln-se impuitant things .rr my
sllse. i
The upon
became them the of.liiptter. 1 that saluted) vith denunciations great moral and political truths. propriety -
\)..Ifla"alllIa..1 to altar! a HltiUtwt-that; hirot iterfiotel.- our cars are daily I reterred lo by : .
be said of ,
I Peihaps; something ought to j you ali iniep i iI "
15y lour.hmg lint. they vvcie af.1 I t the ceneral character; of Mrs. Boardman's; I Ileit This will be universally acknowledged to both loue and deep, of the present |I of the position he ;a-sumrs is 11.le. I Iwalilus, written or verii.i?. i Iron, "n".;
I'uril was I't-yoml) ihf juiisilictiun,; nf the Entf'ih ; other be a good sentiment, inasmuch as it is. one ) the Batik I: evideyt to every man who' rcnember the differing in any fsenli.il;
ers ; if for no reason, as an excuse I policy putsued by Foreign Agencies -laJlrltf '
; ;and) >'I they rained; J nn their >!.irinc : ol kindness and good) will, and expiesses I hat what i here written,
(for. less copious( extracts' thane could I in this The is not events of the last four yesrs.ONi I. aie IU.lulhorlzt
The 1 1'"er.ll : city. new
with policy
tl"tl t le impunity. English wish and for these usually in fragments. sympathy between man and mun; which belongs hi hip tie.I .
t being .
li.nl 5n
iniaht'he exposing} him-cll!! to danger:; built i i itVtini selfher doings and feelings ; bul she ,t lore paiticularly; ) unites the membeis of by the merchants. Heretofore it has only CANNOT CONFIDED: I: MKKKLV upon; lh** snliject, ol' 11am iotit i"I!: -,
these: laivlrss 111'1; ;awl i lilt: wild beads'of I body social. As to the changes which I OF THEM !-John 'I'y Ilr and !ial! i in nr srhemi-s. ,
seems full of intc rest i in I those she addressed, 1111 old on the farmers and laboring classes.In o: ccntT : engage ru< (I:
i Jiie! j jungle:! ; and: hid. invited him to i..ke sympathising in their minutest concerns, !, Fraternity( may; require. with regard to the J we penned an article in which James K. Polk are living witnesses pi f tin; t'mris, no intngn. || m|lie ;\nl.r''f"m .
np his resiilenrv uiihin i: (he rantnnuients. I externals of and! condition' or with 18.1 not confidence( in
with thaI unselfish kindness which is sweet t property 1Itf mI. i il.rv: u-,
truth of this maxim.
15 it this would have dd'cIII'tIIH! : missionary's i I lo I the forms and institutions of we look ground that the illiberal and partial to iheir snilrages.
the to uninteiesting. legard government give me : thei ti.!,
I to 1 recipient, though a stranger I
uljl'I.t ; for to .serve the J JJiiime.se, nr ;] They must have been delicious it is clear that the sentiment iiiayexi't course pursued! by said Agencies was hurt- .Indeed 1 have thought says the old yon know me well enough ID helirtt

even piepartt' fo serv t* them,, by studying: indeed to those she loved ; but like some without an}radical changes In either. ful to our interests-thai their existence General, (Fiat for many years post tttf when I decf.ire. I :hal: l be CIJlfII. 1 a

their cbaiacter anti, !language he must he : II the most important) passages in every human The real force and meaning of the term here was a political injury, and) that, at all known opinions of the E.recutire./iare. (.ccrri- old .i soldier to murmur against suchautboritv.
\\,111a thtiii.I I be best discerned, considering .
perhaps by
life, they are not filled for the public. may if suffered remain should.) sed an. injurious influence lpfJn11 1egi.hrtire -
I IIlInl.Jjuf"S events, to they
I':rc. iu a pl.ice well-calculated: from its i it along with the two other words which 7. TAYL

*. for study, .:'Irs. Boardman; ;11'-1 eye.I I have unfolded) a letter since finishing are joined with it. he compelled to redeem their paper here department of the Gomernitnt.Vim- To Catil. J. S. A'.L O:>.

plies herself to the :iri]'I iisition of tin: I the above sentence, in which every member Liberty and Equality denote cettain political where t they put it out, and that they should ness ye Brinkerhoffs that the observation (From---ifiB'- >--u>-n c -'Ir.rr \

guage very successfully'! : I for she hid; the ] of her father's large family is thanked i facts, recognized by a people ao entering afford us the same facilities granted by them of old Znch is sustained in your .ree, in CT.IMATE OF FL'' I, f r !,, JMr.

: advantage of hearing i:; it spoken daily. She by name; for having written her ; and each into their system of government. the citizens of the where. the Congress Wick the Whipperincould Editor :-A few obCr.lllllh( Jclimate
to places .
even attempted to converse with the half-:I The first does not reject the control of reason I i of Florida
j ion is aflectionate ; n"i 6e
:llu accompanied by some tale unfold which would make the assurance may m
tvild ciiJt en, whu !stood ;gaping; at her in !. comment, or word of praise or encouragement and of law ; i the second) announces, ;tp.rptit Bank is located. a to a portion of your readers. e> Un./, i inf .

:titi tiseil! cnl'iusitanll. : attracted them about .; suited lo the age of her young simply, that one man is precisely equal; to The operation of the system at that time doubly}' sure" that old Zach is right I lie invalided) CI" 5. lell.l

her ;IS much as possible, in the hope (hat i correspondent., At last she says, You another at the ballot box. Apparently harmonious wrought inconvenience and injury to the in his appreciation of Presidential: patronage many tgne and contradictor; rll'uI]

as soon as she was prepared; she might be I must let the dear little twins and my sweet these two principles are in their laborer, mechanic, and small dealer, who and thai he is wise and patriotic in refusing cerning the climate ofthni country .

aide to establish! a school. Oh (for a : eisier whom I have not seen, make each a result antigonistical ; and in this way: The to be the President of a parly. thorough ilte common: linguage.:: !" has: been the half-; : mark upon a that I may have some liberty which removes restraints from the wished to remit funds away in summer shows I thai Florida not only po- '"

iII.I'.i0t; exclamation of many in her sit ua- token from their 1apc little hands." There is freedom of individual action generates immense when the Agencies had reaped their harvestof But listen to the simple J Republican of host genial climate hi in !miductive "igI r

To Ihp. eyes of puiblind( moilals.it something exceedingly touching in the affectionate activity and draws fUllh, more or less bills, and had gone ofT with the spoils the Jeffersonian school, while he rebukes I : in I the growth "and I In.tllltl!

seems a ;great pity that th curse of Babel : % simplicity of this request which fully, the energy of every man, with all his leaving their rags floating about, unavailablesave the :?\loter Democrat who has centralized pical 1 1 plants, :as any I portion 01 liI .
couM not have been restricted those who peculiar characteristics: and genius, and I india Inlands. Florida
to heart.
| will nut fail to find its way lo many a The instanced all in himself has ruled the is ilUalll E
iijrfke. themselves strong to do evil.! I ll has been said of Mrs. Boardman; really makes manifest, in this very way, the at a heavy discount- persons power same parallel of taut lisle i ['.'J

About a month after Mrs. Buardmar/s: ((hough referring lo a much later period, l li r actual inequalities that exist among men. as injured thereby suffered a loss jers of Congress in its halls of debate-lias Southern Per ia. Although unhf- ,

;lrr \.II Mautmain.; under date of June i her life) that she excelled in the maternali I Every man for himself: is the ordinary maxI because they could not travel North by the made war and levied taxes at his pleasure I the summer moot us, 1ti-i lie vicimi* -

Hi UO'li,, she wriies: a fiiend : .. \\'.. are in ex-: i relation." With her letter before me, and I im of political fretdul. As a consequenceU way of where the Banks rather yet has dared lo oppose the manifest will of great swamps and) marshes, it i is nmrqi .

cr.ik'tit health and as happy ;us it! i is possible;: ) I the various anecdotes gathered from different musl follow and it does follow, that superior Anglista Ex- the people as expressed through! their Representatives i by than the low etiti rim ries nl it.-

for human beings to he- upon earth. I It is sources fresh in memory, I cannot but: shrewdness and application will enableone than pa)out specie, are glad to give the that a Southern states, liom the tui of IN

? uur f.irnest desire to live. atrJ l.ibyr and die, conclude: that she excelled in all domestic I man in a money-making pursuit t to become change at a reasonable: rate. on flimsy pretence sular situation. and tit CHlllllI', '

aiiMtig this people." I relations.: The} tender devotedncss of richer tal another ; or, in politiPs, At the time we wrote the article in question Bill was unconstitutional, the provisions of across the country the Guif cl \

Four d.iys passed) after the writing of this the daughter. the affectionate, sympathetic the man who has peculiar :adaptations to we were reproved for having so done which had been sanctioned by :-lmost every to the Atlantic Ocean.

letter as previous hours passed; ; men in j jlo. I faithfulness of the sister. (to say nothing of the business will rise to distinction over ihe h those who looked on the Bank Agenciesas successive President from Washington t Since the fslablishi proof of L-

sc garments of tfayly'plaidcd cloth and i : tie jet stronger and holier) were only heads of others quite as worthy as himself ) down : ida being the most heafihy place
with their long$ black hair'Ulllid about different. developments of the same character yet not so well furnished with the arts of essential to our commercial prosperity. for imr invalids.we* predict I hot tfcj:

their hr.a.I.c. and) confined by folds of IIIIISlill.\\ which was perfected in the mothers. popularity, on the talents requisite for public and) t thought it better that the few should The personal pi1ions'of the indivi'Itml 1 of the St. Johns Itiver ami, its 'I i

.: looked curiously i in at the dour The following fragment, showing how her life. John Jacob Astor, a pedlar German suffer for the general public good, and that WHO MAY HAPPEN [as -in the cane j His be visited by invalids anil oi hen If..'

and then thought } siill turned homeward, she flutes at the outset of his career, amasses Expediency the incunibenl] to on-upy ; of our widcly-exirridnt court
Rtr.Iie foreigner: ; ei.coiiraged by ; though rather than lose the Agencies it was best to present par
1411111 kind) word or gbnce; or I the spreading i says that the wide world would not induce man)' millions, while multitudes, with better the Presidential Chair ought not to controlthe i.nly! contradiction: to I ibis iserr'
let them shave the community as deep as
: seated themselves in llu-ir her is from letter written advantages to with, may have ihe want of I-irse and cnmiimU '
of l H in it, ownfVhioit. to return, a to be/in. domestic .
talked a Intle while with their host hrr, parents fin the third anniversary of their nothing. In fact, of iiiens' they pleased. l was not their ox thai the action f Congress vpon question of or home of "invalid, condticml, .

ih'Hi::ti often! from IIIlsdl'l'rt'hcnsiollI( each 1: parting day. We give but a few of the condition, in respect: 10 this one thing of I bull gored. But how is it now ? We rather policy." on good lf'lliclpru'iples. Tbe

other's meaning, at cross purposes, and : opening lines. property may be found to conespond. in that our ox has suffered some. Upon the subject of the 1'lri Currency reason diy the English !ph SH'IiIOS' _
him his books and the long run, with their several qualifications guess heir patients( from Augustine; ,
went away leaving to I -f e the dear parental dwelling-place, As sooti as the news of trouble in the improvement of our !rttl highways :1
teaeher. Women and(I children and were constant ( in the way industry und the money- care want of arcilni mimttl.ii lOriS. awl.hl{
gathered \it'rl 10\1 happiness| guests ; rivers lakes and bailors, : WILL
more timidly, but I with curiosity even less I my ajrd graiidsire seated near making faculty. Europe, and a panic in the money market Tit transitions .'>: Him..le, arI.LtIfl;, ; .

many},ears of hope, and care,and pain ; ihiovving open I arena of exertion to all Re2)resenaticcs in Congress ought lo le res- I \ ;i rs have been idel.ti'mgesl
) at her orange cos- I tec my di'ar, kind parents, side by side shut down on this community. They refu- ret- \t
inme, the (-timers of her skin anti I the su- >nulinq; with pleased affection on the alike, invites lo competition. The strong sell jtected and carried out by the Ei-tcutive" ca with Pxperienrn\ phjuiar.Jtain )
i in her hc.lrillanll t )U f children sporting round the group ; rise and the weak fall. Each has his own I sed to buy or exchange. They mightbe lie most eh<;iI l M r in 'his -
(irrioriiy ,11"1'1.1).1 / some So the PEOPLE'S CAMMDATE !

C lf-r hand, or to pass their lawny: t.ijer; fin- ---- himself part icula, ly called upon to but that after having purchased all the good TIE: PEOPLE WILL ;PPltOIlS voae io the. \\ .st li.dit-s: i-, !1"-'

;,rs from the covered in>tep to lie toe (if EXPANDING THE CHEST. care for anybody else. Ue sees around him bills in the market, and having put forth their SENTIMENTS and; danii'Tous, ihe dUI.tlt (I.M" Jdclilitlln

the nenly! formed slipper' ) MI unlike! their Those in easy circumstances, or who not brethren, but competitors. should 1 BATON Honr. April 22. Hl5 : :; urn! ins.! i-t.niii .I, .
fll\'lI dUIII")' sandals.! j But n Iw. among all I pursue sedentary employments within doors) Liberty and Equality then, if we look no repre senlalives ofntoney. they refuse Dear Sir :-My) opinions have; recfitllybecn ;mt-umIhmItltIifls.s.: :IIC'IL 'loll_ '

ihesr) (;.i tue to iwjuire of Jesus Jbiist! ur I ""enerally use their lungs but very little- further than I these words i involve cont radic- to pay specie for them or to give checks ,, so often misconceived and inisrepreemed strange laumta, h.is i 01,v .11 ,.-..

l.*.iro the bvatII heaven ? Most emphatically 'IntMtliK t very little t air into the chest, and) lions in fact. What: e1 harmoni/.e the on New York, against' funds accumulated that 1 deem it due I to 1.lf.. i if! not impriiprif!} of :eininig I'o r"'

: could: they .o ;av.'c have not so t thus, independently of bad positions contract two ? France has prd.lime. Fraternity a-; there by pulling in circulation their .rags," ny friends. to iinkfa brief exposition ul' I li vnts ID tiiose l.ui's.! _\:'rt ,

much as bc-ird if there be a (>ntj.< :' a wnichfdly narrow small chest, and e essential complete t the h l.iy the, fUlldation for the loss of all heilthami those potent eleiiients-irid; having pro- called my alt emmmio n. ate nnaniiiKiiislv .._ Ii.: r
One the evening of I the fourth da-''. as it beauty. All (his cal be perfectly obviated nouncdd the word, blitz seems to pause inpeiplexity ;audacious and ftaudulenl swindles ever perpetrated I have consented to I he use of my I.IU. Florida, i: the: n.i-s!| iitib" .

deepened into night: th" books ol i slmlv t ttcre by a little attention lo the manner ofhieithin and :almost i in despair.; Theoutwaid on a communil I would not be. is a candidate fur the Prrsidenev.. I llan': .. of 1 Invalids." P i i.im i. ,11> ,. '
iliiown aside and the book of ( ;iodtaken ; ) (11.
their i stead then the
in ; I prayer was bladder in t their structure, and can be stretcher into I different classes, and. gave rise to less for that high stalin.; but t having, at south of St I. Aii2ii-- ''111''
rai"ed to heaven, ;ml the lillle family went Such conduct there would forfeit their II"
open (t double their ordinary size, with conflicting i interests, are now removed politically the solicitation of nu'ny ol'tny con lit rY'ItI, from the M'e.i n. m ll.'I' :!UI '
l'i rest. Feeble were the rays of the one pei feet saiety; giving a noble chest, and perfect I -but i in t the :absence of loyally and charters. They would be compelled to pay taken my position as a candidate.: I do not salubrious I tie (ruin *

pale mother; lamp: close by the pillow of I the voting; immunity)' from consumption. The the reverential respect once paid io the great specie on demand, and as an alternative, eel at liberty to surrender that position until pernicious: cilal':llo ph rt. iiit\ii! (
scarce throwing its I light upon I iheinfant agent -and all the agent r.quired-is the names of her old nobility she finds i the ne- they would gladly give exchange. my friends manifest a wish th.it I should I lon of b.m healthy ibro Jil houl
i her ;
into the resting remote iu I darkness hosom. and!but penetrating feeble; Co iii It).01 air t we Ieai lie ; supposing, how- cessity of some new sentiment which shall But the Agencies here are controlled by retire from it. I will then most gladly do It is likewise. ;cenmr.sl ti> .all'll 'I,

by ':vcr. that no obstacle exist external to the control and coalesce the p nple. Is she so. I have no private purposes to accomplish note on the St. John", bCwg51
fli<'keriti::t>. So sleep soon brooded\ over the Batiks at home-having no regard for the '
chest such as lacing or tying it around with deemed visionary because she has invoked : no party projects build up. no enemies miles Irom Jacksonville: Ihlll!

ihn khut eyelids about. ; .url. silence folded its Mays or tight dresses, o having the shoul- Fraternity1 ? \Ve may strive in v.linto dis- interests of our citizens and being held in to punish-nothing to serve but my Augustine, one hundred ant tI"

bolcmii wings: the little habil; ;lli'llI. deis lay upon it. On rising from bed in the cover how the principle represented by that no fear nor under any.restraint by any laws country. "En'erprizp." Lake Jluoroe. '

The itifant :stirred I ..111Ih) i mother opened iniirirng.: ; phice: yourself in an erect posture," term is lo be embodied in political institutions as to their mode of operations, they are guided 1 have been very often addressed by letter, Orange Spring q, tweiu Ihrlt I

her eyes. Why was .she in daikne.s.s.! your cli'-st thrown back all shoulders entirely ; hit the difficulty of understanding 1 and my opinions have been asked upon almost !- will be recollected that tins pl ct]
but the love of and
and what' itltjetts wenihos ttcallcibd snstrangely i tiff I the chest ; now I inhale or suck in this may resul frur t lie fact t thai t there is by no principle gain, every question that might occur to the semi by tIe. United Styles, go, r 1

: a-iut: Ii'r apartment. j ju.st distinguish i ill the ;all you ell. so as to (fill the chest 'to so lit tie t principle itself to be seen in know no rule of conduct but the law of the writers as affecting the interests of their ring the Florida war. as a ue-iWJ

'ible (mm I the giav hadnws The i lie very lotll( t of it. so that no more air t the world. It must be an inspiration within strongest-the same law under which their country or their par I have not always their military hospital, and h11i .J

hllillfa" *I. >n trhgJitcd! : and) startling was t-an: be got ill ; now hold,) your breath :and rather than an infusion from vithiout.'I.'t .- prototype, the Jew of Venice claimed the responded to these inquiries for various supplies for the army. 1 I wal1
.ll! scene w !ich\ it levealed. Thcie in throw off behind in make h .
: lay. arms holding to fraternize reasons.
t your your attempt people ) pound of flesh, blood and allVe know n.us of regular steam D3'lgalo|
mid citOfil
411)! rifled of t their content- ; and eli.csi and walk about, holding in your would be futile enough ; but may we of no more merciless characters than those principles which will regulate my politicallife river.We are now devising ineaU j

treurd r.uelessJy aliout the floor were such breath as long as pos
articles a< the marauders had not considered) long biMllis as many times as you please. France and its adoption in the motto of the I inhumanity In, man has; made countless I the minute details of political I legislation to medical brethren, and others"1' }

worth iheir takin:z. While Done in cold is much better because denote the existence of the feel- influence if 1 President t>1
regarding; m a room Republic, millions mourn." Perish credit !perish exert my were to rally disposed, we feel san<;uio
roiuleriMiion not appreciable by i those who tIme air is heavier and denser, and will ing as an. actual element struggling fu development carry this or defeat that measure. I haveno remitting exertions the gooll I"j

have access It, Am shops of an American aCt much more powerfully in expanding (the ? Tlcrl'is to our minds nothing commerce -aye, Perish the (food of a concealment. 1 hold no opinion which I accomplished. We are at Ilr j ja

city. ihUspoilingof: Iheir goods, Mrs.Board- chest. Exercising the chest in this manner : : so full of rest the late extraordinary whole community ere they will cohsentlo would not readily proclaim to my assembled plan of the building execute .!

linn chanced Iw raise her eye to the curtain, 1 I il will soon become very flexible and doings in France as the exhibition which abate one jot or tittle of the advantages countrynmenbut crude. impressions. .upon rate draughtsman of tins c"Jj

bcneajh, which her husband) had slept and expansible and will enlarge its capacity and her people have made of t their yearning after which they obtain. That an city shouldbe maters ot policy, whiI may be right today every thing suitable fo tbed.t

(bethought of the lost goods no mine. the size of the lungs. that substantial reality of social ;all political; ,, the dominion )such and wrong to-morrow, art, perhaps, not mate, and having every Counr,
..) Two long gashes one at the head and the I While forming a- fine chest, and after it is life, denoted by the word Fraternity.( flit subject to men I the best lest of fitness for office. One who Northern house. the intention b

other at the fool, had been cut in the muslin formed great care is requisite establish be a delusion which attracts t them, it is one and they restrained by no law of the l land. can not be trusted without pledges, can not on facility, that will r IJt<

; and) there had the desperate villains perfecting correct positions, so that the which thus far at least has saved multitudes acting safely at a distance, and consequent! be confide' in merely ofl acconnt of them. and every delightful retreat orgaflh5eJt, "!

flood' glaring on the unconscious sleeper chest shall not be contracted and all your from bloody excesses ; which has inspired a without the wholesome fear of public indig- I will proceed however, DOW to respondto ed upon the best medical prIIC P
with their fierce murderous while Ihe efVoits counteracted I bad If noble forbearance '* tb
eyes by positions. a geneious magnanimity; nation is to be lamented., Yet such is the )your inquiries. capital necessary to comple' 1
booty WHS secured by their companions your positions are habitually bad, in siiieof which: has ell'vall'lllhl't masses into j heroism, First.I reiterate what I have often said must be furnished by il jointtO

The b'ird.) swarthy arm was ready for the all you can otherwise do, the chestill and imparted a tone of grandeur to the eloquence condition of this city. \Ve are verily bound -I am Whig, but hot an ultra Whig. Ifelected without any speculative view. ,

blow and the sharp knife or pointed spear he more or less contracted. The rule with of the tihulu', While order is hand! and foot and delivered) to the Philislines. I will not 'be the mere President of ment will pay well, and) "e j iD

fliitered in their hands.; Had the. sleeper you should br, and the rule of health is, to preserved 1 and j justice maintained and rights At this lime, (he best bills that can a pry I would endeavor to act independent feel liberally disposed to\arJ'

-opened his eye*!, had he only stirred, had keep the bottom of the chest, the ends of regarded, let ns hope fu the best at :all be drawn on the North, such as would sell of party domination.; I "shim Li lii feel prise lo subscribe and asslSllG

'but a heavy, long-drawn breath startled theo the short ibs, and the lower end) of the events ; * the- South refused
f rardice of guilt-nl), had Jt Hut it didHOI. breast bone, as far out from the back bone shall predominate in the end, we lust acknowledge readily at are trammeled by party schemes. country so loudly demand-. Tt

,: The founded limbs of the little infant as possible.. To effect this i ihe chest must that the experiment itself is a by the Banks-Cotton cannot be sold for 1 .-The veto power. Thn power AUGUSTUS )lTClv

ly motionless as ,fheir marble counterfeii- I be perfectly straight and thrown a little great one. the want of funds-the notes of ibe foreign given by the constitution to the Executiveto Portland, April, 1E-1 .




s"'_ 4

''I > 4

'- # .... ,
.. 8
; to.A 'i- Io-- '
'. -
'- ... __ -
;_ -- U- I-F--.t -
.L i..- .r.-f-- I -

," __- .,. -
; '
: T "II,, "., I-' ...'2'0 '' ..




I "



I,. ., A
' ---a-. --- --- .
-- -- "- :: -- ._ .
! -- ----- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- ----
-- --- -- --- -- -- -
! Arrival of the Acadia.FJS S'n\IG Tl'IrIs.-L.llcl.)Iwo soldiers lU.\UINB\ lA'TEUIGBNCB.' WHOLESALE PRICES CURltE T. I Lrgal Notter : For New ; ork.

WPl: I went off turkey sifahn TilE fine MARY AUGUS-
I DAYS LATER FROM EL ; Tie turkey roost : ---- --- -----.- -- ---"-- Al schr-

i ( rcat ticittmint in England and IrtlanaTen was a half mile distant fWI the I encampment I ARTICLES._ D. C. D. C. At Chambers, _T i. Barter, master will have dispatch

thotisanil troops oj the line marrlltlllll- : and belonged] to a man who had given l'O1TF \l',\L\ lJIelL71 BAGGING;Kentucky- .yd J'J APALACHICOLA, DEC. 29, 1847. uf'the above port. For freight of a t.w
011I111I I
Jlr ( === -- ---- '--- 10'a bales apply to
: to tonJon-Tftc European umbrage lo of the men. The =- Dundee .yd 17d
; (ttj-C0ntinurJ commotion t 11 Jr/Topr-Tht I Ii was that two of the men should him All HIVED.May : I Peanut..d a 13 John M. Carnochan, ] April 27- t::. ROGERS & Cg._
_U the head I II 1-r BALE It P1' .. 10 \ ]
thefiM Ib
Kin* of Sardinia in : ng Growler, Attridse, fm New York. Kentucky a
i thqitsand mm. intending to invade in conversation or pretend to assist him I in
I of thirty t-a. Keeping the tr ft urn reaching his fence, Ship Fltlnell.'hltllloe., fm New York. 1 Manila,.Ib a tll.1 fl', of the State of -i--. fist tailing coppered and cop.
i .1 u* Acadia. vi1h dates from L.I- while the two should go forward on :May :-hipCdiiton, Packard fm Cnbi. DREAD, Navy..cwt 4 u 1 Florida, James E. Beltnpr Bill for account per fastened packet bark MAGDALA

! The steamer ult. arrived at Boston on their praiseworthy By some mistake Steamer f'i! Ilnpiun. Di1dwalbd'r; frn Colair.b'JS I I11'.lIn.'r Pilot..cwt 5 a and Ann his wife, ol the I and partition. : Dodge, master, u now loading and will
I fcrpool to the 6ih of fralll > Pr.tona.Iorl''II.. I fin ColnnibuStestnier -,. COFFEE, Rio Ib Si aSa I) State of New York, and have 'dispatch. For freight or passage baYing
one two went for-
; 5uoda evening. Our despatches by teleI tie wlu lo go Hoton, Morion, fm Columbus. I Havana,.Ib 10 Jane McMavters ot the I accommodations apply to

! 'rilPQ did not reach us until yesterday morn- ward, found !! clf. tie : but revolving to Steamer Qiarleston( Piullijtfin; Columbus.Mfiimer I Java,. .. ... ...Ih 12 a 13: I State of South Carolina, superior April 20. A. DODGE.

I will be seen that the convulsions rile the 1 most of his i limt i ; I lie grabbed; an Loin.-, Jolie?. fill t-ollllllbus.! CANDLES, Sperm, .I lb! 35" a V J
t fog. It I ii it" fiiinlv' by its druin : Europe still coot tnue. putout .r Quincy Allen fm Cliattdlioocbee..f Hemp,.Ib a Ii affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
: NiiV: YORK.pril] | 24. g A. M. at full speed. He had gone but a few ti-Kiner Viola, Van 'Vesliten fm COIUIUlou3.CLI Tarred.Ib a i5 i UPON Defendants mentioned in said Bill do -cf.TIlE regular packet brig GEORGI-

"cneral commotion on the Continent j steps) when he found himsrlfijoily pursued.Thinking CIDEr. Northern..bbl6 O a 7 00 j not reside within this Circuit, bnt within the ;ANA, Bedell* master having the most

The incrc-sing. The insiiiiecliontn lo s himself i toW, legs, do \onr I II: El). DOMESTIC t GOODS.Urown Unite- States: It is ordered that nCtice of the .of her cargo engaged and going on board

II Europe is w confirmed with ibese addi- I tie made a '!fepcr.iie t bru-h for about April 27-IJai!; O'ealllUl'l'I, Warren, for Liv- I .* Shirtin! ?*. ..yd\ 5a'a Si :. institution: of this suit, and the tiling ot) the will have quick dispatch. Fcr freight or passage -
111) f4
Lombard CIp'iol.rVhr i I. Shoetmqyd} 1211 I apply to
. amended! Bill be in
I given pub-
i important feat ures-Itlat the Kill: of quarter.J now) lo.-t ui the tall I grass, now Soiitln'rner, 1 Harrison for N O. Ticking.ydidottonHf 11. a lis-bed in the Circuit-for some the newspper of four April. O A. DODGE. .

Smi, at the head of an army of thirty. enveloped i in smoke! and now appealing "> Dark;; r.n-KJa. Yi.m:!, or 1)Jos-ton -.yd. 14" a 2" I space -
: ('aic! Print*. fi H a 25 months,and if, upon dueproot of the appearance For Ne,' York. .
had' Horn Piedmont full I I view again; .is some brad llame-hot upward I H\I k Triton Luce, for I Piovidence.Hark i cll I :
Thousand troop crossed I the hi ; Weybo,,'. Jl.ii-:: for New York.i Kentucky Jean-,.. 25"a 55 of said notice in some newspaper so publishedfor THE splendid new bark .MOSTAUR.
I to Lombard}', n umj a declara- I rapid hippiiy-dip; pace 11 <: pursuers i gn t: I leorsianua; :, I'l-.l'-ll. lor New York.May DUCK, It"15'i.i,."yd IS a 20 the time mentioned, the said defendants do B Gate, ma-ter, wilt have immediate

lion of war against Austria, and then march- I falling more significanth! I'P"" hi* IMI 1 :-: -!r KlizVu. th I Hull I; TUIIII.! !! furY I DYES, Low"d.. Cam"afiiv.t'r-; not appear to said: bill by the next ruledaywhich dispatrb. For freigh or passage, having

direct to .\1iI.1J. The Ausinans tied, I at every step. l Fnnher u surc(" $|f'll I racing, May 3-Sclu S.i I I 11.1Iiis.l'.II'k..Pro\lde:1cc. ::: t. lotiuinottai! shall come after twenty days from the expiration good accommodation", apply tn .

ed such Fu-tic. .. .. .. .ton of said of four rnonth it is further
became e.xtiemdvdubious. ordered March JO
drleaied at point canning weight, ; I period NOURSE STONE & Cu.
bavins brf"11 every LIST VESSELS IX POUT. 1nhid II.. . ... .. .. lb, Z't) z. 75 the as.confessed -
that same be taken
all in inurreC1i0iJ ,
The Iia'ian' are open IFLO t.i n.Xllrthru.bt.l a 800 For Xc\v York.
To the till key : '. : SUIT?. bbl, (550; a 700 again! them. .
drop III merely lake Western TIM. regular packet brig G B LAAI. -
I : I --r.
is entirely disorganized. good his ildh'idl.r it-deaf would :1altI\: Floridian.Vhitmore; ., 4M( ') ton, from New York, I FISH, Ciol..t'd!I 250 :i 450p. #) GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c. ; :. ., Knudson, IDatcr.111 have immediate -
Austria proper waiting \.I.I-I C. n'I.\ct. &. SPRATT
I 1 r. Mackerel, No. 1, .bbl1 12 00 \
The A tiIi tan Oneial, ltacJll l.i.u i is afraid to do. (' was l but a moment. 11't for deliberation Ca/lI'II. I'aekard 13! ton?, from C'.iba, waitingG.tr&hitu.r No. 2.. .. .bbl' S75 a 9 Ito) Compl'ts Solicitor-i-! ? dispatch. For freight ,or pusa -

enter Mantua, anti being i in want of piovKioni. I ; he was Hliea.lv 'winded" and \J.I kr I No. :3,. .. .bbl. 500I1E1MMXO A o' ((HJn. A True Copy. WM. VALLEAC e, having excellent accommodatioris apply! tu

I be .. coon" in six Y li\f ton-s for Liverpool l'iadin .. .. ... .. ... ) Mch 30 A. DODGE.Cirocerics.
will have to ca pit ul.ite on llie..ppearancc woult a gone jomp j : or ( nn3. > I I box I lit a Dec 31"( jf-1rn Clerk.
Sardinian CharlesMbert waworSt', II !be gone tuiheyvitltout :-.] ]Day A: ('II. FI l Almond, ,, .. .. .. Ib' --- --_. .
the j
of. troops. \011. ; liowland. Xorcrii-p, -111 tons, for Liverpool load-; tlairin: ?,. ... .. ...bov': 2 75 : .Franklin Circuit Court. BBLS; lu bbli Molasses
of the 300.i Whiskey
will SOHII lia i\ea disposable lot cc of aqu.lrlt'r a change: !1.lil.*. b'niiiug ins-S (10.1:1. l'i nine.j, .. .. ... Ib' 20) It I The President and Directors ofj 9 ; ;
of a million of men and with such | actifln to the thought he threw the tulLe) St Liwrence. lJower.! -t.lIOIl"; fm 1'o-ton wnit- Currant*,. ... .. .. Ib I'i( a 18li I the Hank of PCI1S. cul.l. ; 1 tierce Rice,JU-.1 rec'd and for sale by

Wilt not only liberate all I Loinbardy l i upon the giouiid. placed In-; foot upon its 1112-T I. MitchiIArcoK Fi:: ",. .. ... .... .11,1 12 it I ,. } In Ch anccrv.v Jail G E. McCULLY. M Water st.
ln jlrm" ; -. I'lna ('(21; ton, for tt t IVte ,burs, load- I .. ... .. 30
threaten Austria: even at the gates ofSirov It'l'l, .1 11(1 srjtiaim t I I.ill..df. ] 1 In (Y jUikc, Lemons, hiox1 (011 a 4 I) Hiram Manley, and] other | Snnir.
but he shouted out lo:his t in bantering itis-I M l \Vi.alir. i Fen:. oit<-r.. .. ... .. .. ..i 4 oo a .1)11 At Chamber-, 2 lOb March, 1 1 l. and Macalx.y, in bottles and blat!.
\'icon;;. I lur"lHr. ; Andrewott, ilniery: :31S toir: for ]Io-! >ton, loail- : FEATHEMS; ... .:. .". ...l Ib! SCOTCH received arId for
ha* been) declared a Republic. In lone, .Nov. come tl. ald if von are i iiu-N J 1 i.'i.i- ; ((; l JIJAIX: Oat-) ,.. .... .. ..bns-h] 7; a : Ul'orl'adin: the Bill! and Exhibits, filed in >t t sale by

and .Saxony liberal I better man than i .ituu. \ oil ran toke !ij'iur clil -11Ihl.'rt| !, ?lrCtHiii'-k, 1 199 touts, for. tto.-ton loadin Corn, ... .. ...bu=hj fil) a 70) I I It is ordered, that service of said Feb 17 H FCELI..'
bfen (ronceded to i the turkey Why Z.uin' > hjli; ttt'ul fool," I ;-N .1 I hfhliiiYork 1- I GUS .. -'... ... .. .. b<>\, 250IIAV a 5 (00it bll:: he perfected on 1I.allmlf'Y, one of the Dr. "Woodruff's). Worm Specific;
have !
Mucinmenis cried the 01 I Poil.ir.f: 43'i tons, from 1l.tOfl waiting j 1 .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..\ .' 75 defendants! who appears from the affidavit filed SAKE and efficient remedy for Icr
people.) The iiiuinpli I of the people of one behind, "it's i nobody: but me \1:.,1..1'. % [HIDES, Ireel! ,... .. ... ...r nIl .1 heieirijtobe a rerident of the Middle District! ot A sale l" *worms

Hanover i. complete. with another one !I". :Medili"t! Il.miuliftJe' 317 I ton?, for Liverpool, I. I Dry) country, ... ...Ibj:' 6IIIOX a 7i I Florid, hy publication the newspaper publi"hfd let :; y J ALLEN..
pnJ..ia. after( the bloody scene* at In.IIJw-: : ( "i->-iii. i I Euijhi-h-------------------: : .t d 5 in the city of Apalachicola, for Ihe space -
In : Ih: THIT. TO l'Orr"qt.lTi: hi-toiy of Probu l >II' Yre--4 (jJ7 tons, for TouJtI, loadm.I .- Swerltfr.. .. .. .. ... II!) 5 it iiJ Thc Indians' niixir.A .
ti. Ki in 'II;.is prnmiM-d e\tetiM\e I of f two rnonlh<, requiring said Manley to he and
Icrlii. I : llie world. < WI' as .* hiogriiphv) tluue..sI \Vricht.: 1Ioti..l Ibj! a 8 CERTAIN remedy! for chill and fever, fur
'n""llflI'IIIHIfllnn.! I! *. bii ai hr S.;aii' tune I who ; !J 1'1 i its FrancIVer, :)"; ton-, ft oft Hoton'ailin i ;- Shfft.. .. .. ... ..Ib: 8 a 10 I appear before the Court on the firt Monday in I\. sale bv
MUD-- I lie.i.il.Hta i tutU deputes with I the I 11.I'c. pl.utJ a ". ,mil."I. | .nl il M.iier.Kob't Nail I Hod-: ,. ... .. ....11.i\ i a 7 June next, and answer said! bill, otherwise the -
Fcb3 J
i. '..nveini I tic air.m> ,l'the I )uc ii- i Cl norms i j.< woitliv.' 01.a..ll 1 ; : reniein- Fulton, \'o'"It.. JifiO;() ton=, fin New York, -I a (i same will b". taken pro ronlesMi as to him. -- -- C ALLEN.Coffee. .
f nlll.) <. ( 4 biancc., It a "ja i 11t"
l fiu
i,ir.( .tixl IMS a/sit/ <-xa-pu.ii ?< n- little what bun ol d.ingfr may assail i 'mm; r.H\'F. :.,. !:. :". .. True Copy. 1 SACKS Ric, Havanaant! St. Domingo

I 1-tn "i,. ni' I tie! l' d<*stott'et .HI independentn i if! he he trite to h.tiKell.I'oveuy Krower, T.l If.1d.. :;]l I ton?, for Boston lad :' Yellow" : .. .M1000Slave ( a 16l) WILLUM % ALLEAtCIerk. 100 "t ,I!oc, fer".ill low by

;:: ,\ :. ,n' in :II! 1'ojen.Mies I i.i\ i iis Innd laS-\ J DtNloisMasda'a -.. .. .. ... ..M/ March TO, IMS. ll-2m Vl E :kC GJ..1.y.
: 1, !',.-l.iu, and! Lithit.ini.iart! in lna.I1I11I'j 'may uponhim. : I JI"tk.'. 2IJ5 Ion, for New York! loading White! Heads.. ..:M'12 00 a
: UronvijVmn; and l"rexe: up 1 lie hr.h'est 1 fountain of" -.\ Dodjre. '; '. Heading,. ..'tll IX CIIACEUY..F.lnJlin 15Dec Oil Cloths and Carpels.

: 'IA! 1 liis may tm-ri him at Cm''IJ.tIlIt'f.: (l B r ) Prtttpr;on. fi2 tons fm Livcrr LE.I), Bar. .. .. . .. Ibslieet 0 a 6i Circuit Court. PCS Oil Cloth 1 and 2 yards wuJe
that ) (' ) Co> ack< liue: lolf'-di"II1'llnt'IH ;
li iiun-neil! 50.00d .. .. .. ... ...IdLTME
i t' .i iiike tlown |' >oi, W.lttiil-J I Day iC C'o. I It) a 12 Thom.i Ortnan,
rf'I ti'.k! appeared; ; .*t J\JI..-I. a.id .-eriou. rveistep ; II 1 : .ho..t Dauntje.ilr.t: .) .T> !bn-nu, tibO ton?, fm Liverpool .. .. .. .. ...1.11,111! jl) a 1fi i'lj p 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting. ;
'I'snlidJ"'le.t.. who are nelre: ? l to Ins heart-the 1011! waiting t -Mii-ier. MOLASSES. X..O. .. .. 2-3 a 26 Wi11iam"n' 2 Stair *
I Ie: \ hieath of Blander n.: \.iit.-mpi lo -nllv his NAVAL S/TOUES, Pitch,.... hId a 430 Finch. ) 10 Tufted Rug*,
Tuti i 1-lIl'e..r..f; Russia iMSordcml everyHMD r.ir.c. Oakum.b.il 4 I) being made to appear by affidavit that the For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
I name and tarni-h hi-i reputjitinn--- I let I a IT
til.I Jrnwler! Attridz, 119 fin ;t'"or:. wa.itin
llie f (ton.-, ,
!Ku Ma Poland between 3' iol defendant resides beyond the limits of the .
ni dim true 10 him maiiiiaiii: a : -:MasterI'isocion llosin,. .IIbI! 1 50' a 2 00' Dec 3') 41 Wafer street.
1? .11.i! ;>", \"-;H!. inaich to ihe interior, II hil.-1 Tar,.. .bbl 22-1 a 300 State ot Florida, to wit, in the State of New-
Ntoni heart and dl.tll lreasi.-auu'I he will\\ ), Ail'-n, 23; ton*, fm New York'ail, .. .. .. .. .. Blank Books and Statioueiy.T :
ami ,is c-iucen'ratni.. an army sufficient lit -Master \ILS. a 551) York : It is ordered that service of said bill be
eventually outiidc I I ,ihe .--I.1'1. L ft tho.e in1: OILS, Lin'cf.'d.\\! 90 a f2.) said defendant of EDGERS, Journals, Day Books. &c.La .
rii'li :M Kitenipts i to ererl a 1 Republic I in Alabama! ;, il"wird 271 tonfm New York waitlus perfected on by publication
who r.re slrug lm nil .low birth and iron -Ma-t'T. Olive: ,. .. .. ..bottle! 50 a (i2lI'rm tl.iord r for four months in some newspaper : 50' reams Foolscap; and Letttr Paper:

Puu'ul.N'.iartttrtl! fortune remeinbrrlhis: ; I leiihftnlemember 1 E L '\'..' f J ', ,. .. .. .. ..sal!) 1110"'a 150 Cotton Memorandum Books
t 1111:11 i i i 1011. owe, Hn Ion,fm New York, waiting printed in.the City of Apalachicola, requiring; ;
h'Miliiies had taken place inDenmark. Lard, .. .. .. ..gaU SO( a 90'r.llln''r" Bills
hat no man t'al de.Nimyed bj -?lHstcrManbau.ii '. ... ... ...gall him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it Ship and River : Lading;
IJoih li> ire preparing.IJel.i.iTi .
) M< s .Iolmn. 24G'; fm
tons X York wait- Boooks for Letter Press.
!. All others without f.llI and] urctkrass ill liim- irrXo'r.IOIlt! V>rl;IO r.. ... ... .. 3', 17 5 a 200 will be taken pro confesso.At .
: :: aiid Ho'lrtiid ClTe'ra'1IUI A: Co. Chambers Blank Bills ot Exchange and Checks
S .
| PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,. .t.hl a 14 00 pt.20,1S47.GEORGE
I !'!li" i.v 'I ..1.iioiiftttiteMtliK lad 1 i.illed. I ?1:1f r-um-- mmfrm- i -i i imm fm fmmBimB B m m n -iolico. M. 0... .t Itt, a 12 00 S. HAWKINS, Just received and for sale By

'T'U\t ', U tle I JI1..I: ;;n 11I11IH"WC. r'fH es ---- I \ Prime.bb! a 10 00 A True Copy. Jud e, &c. March 1 II. F. ABELL. .

'0 t(1. \It'cIellae Trench Republic.Dotiiihsnces CO MM I EilCIAL.1 TN ;p'.jr--iinr.' ( t'j.. J.PVI.I-I:>* j.f fh<' (''I
h.ive ocrnrred AladiidbciwfPU ... ._ j. the: t'llb'[ at -------. _.--- --- -- Copartnership, heretofore: existing be
- ". ?id"' Ib
-- s
ri-rtain pfr ri-c.i7.; ,!I "'m!i-l: of !i". : id i.iittfiid t app.y- 71 a THE
the Mddicrs and people. Many C'nTTu.N STATEMLAT.: ] | : SfhouM-r.>,. ... .Ib! ; a 6\ the subscribers, umltr the firm of D\
rIII':1'cd.th the State
I In nf-xt ii l COURT.
11,1.1 !rig : : CIRCUIT
were kiilfiJoti! both .i.le.. Queen ChtistiiMlia'l LAr.rt..i I'.I! 9 a 9 B. WOOD & CO., expires this day. The affair
--- -- lt>r an art incurpcr.itin I :: I tbem, and tb.'ir i :-'nriit .. .... .. .... .... h III Chancery'Thomas mil
the conllict. ":. luTrEP. 24 a 2.jCm of the toncern he liquidated by N. J. Dc-
th.t t uiiis S'-jT i--1 1 H57.; 1 1
'IU'k'tJdtnd ; .57"j; : '-<, i'it"n< i-'l.irida: \\hiu in 1\ .. .. .. ...I Ib Barkar
;> 12PrTors 1 D. .
: >:, ,; a bloi*. B. WOOD; .
.. ..
:\ Paisii-ncirt:i ha been construted] in ileceivt-d.. part days. .. .IIWI( 2'iI7j:i72'' I I itii t IM-III! icr the! :iirp; ".., btb;' name and -tyli'ol ... ... .. ..L.I'! 22. a 3 04f vs. .' Petition for Divorce. K. J. DEBLOIS.

$It-t.\ Tlf separation; fiom Najiles! is reviou-lv Total .. .- '0"Hi;; 9u; the" Ji.t'ik i't' Con ntrrr"-".*iri ineorpor.itinn PKAXUTS-.'.. .. .. ... bu-h; 75 a S-j Sarah manth Barker. ) Apalachicola April 13, ISIS-

coml\t': \ I". Exported pa-I.3 (1 by; . . .4.0"!'::, I to ;KIO,. binkuii {'ID-AITS and pnvile I c,. and it- 1 l1 1Cr..I( : .. 4f! a 5 to the satisfaction of the Court,
Ti' French (:ovf-rnniPnt has ordered in iCL-viou.-lv. .. ... .I'JJl: II. ''a'I italto I 1 :k tu (.oIlsbl "I' not ;n.jr, I K-tf Cloves?.. ... .. ....IbUin 371 a 50 months after date, I will apply to the
;TIto' vxeiiiiii 1Illhefwuliu. of I Italy tit Tt.l.-s: :I 2153loj l;! : ::liv .1 .u.__ __ ______. er root, ... .... !lb! /a 10I2i( Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyondthe I Judge of Probates for Franklin County

\\ 11111 t ;il he iiniMi's.!: Oil the :"j,J tilt. Lain )' 0..1 ; !' ;>rdsry Work : ground, .. .Ib 11 a .juri-diction of the State of Florida : It is ordered the
final from administration ot
( Ill hand and shipboard! nmH-an-t1, 2:1J: 1!(:, :)::3Ej for a discharge
Nutmeg .. .. ... lbPeniT 12 that the said Sarah Samanrh Brkerdo
ii.'jii" 1C'- t'J\.j< Siuiili ) lritn and I them 2 a 250Iti appear B -al.! l.iteofsaid
the estate ot
Tin- .. .. .. II, and the within three henry ounty.deceased. -
14 a a.iswer said petition
> miterif the; Kpii| A' {IJf'] COTTON JAMES
;I.1uul.IVOMANS: SUCARN. Orleans,. .. ..lbSt. )1 a 7' mottths alter the publication of thn order, or the ,
ni ill--! a "|t"ecIi) full oi vi,nr and >ympathixibiny \', ; M Sep-ni.i-r! 1 1*'-and "IC PRIV.YH: Mr.uicAL: COMP.ANIOX.BV Croix ... .. .. .Ib 10" a 11Loaf aid! petition will be taken for confessed; and i it AplachScola .\prilI3. b IS. 13-Grn .
..iii f i''1 flU' ; ii'i'O! \c 'u the n!ri'l..tll'I"flllut't.r time in ) -.Io'. ,. .. .. .. ..lb 13 a 14iALT further ordered that this order be published ill Provisions :

l ( ; tied i .' ill;; ihe l dr;.-rminaIHIII --- -- PRA.. -lAUItir.KAU, Liverpool, !, .. ...sack, 100') a 125 some in tile Western Circuit of this ( BIlLS 1JJ do. Prime Pork
11'.1$1pr"'i-! | L-t Co.ir.-er. ... ... ..bush: (J2J 75 newspaper 0 ; ;
I ) mil i. Ihll'rfill anv tl1 1 the i intcrual \' (,!It.' tT! of[ Dt-KA'-ns OF WOMKN. a State for the of three months. 10 bbis Flour "l cask Rice
vvuiTHER FATQRTKn.hvinjy t I I1 ---."onTn STEEL, Cat, . .. .. .cwilSOO;,: a 2500 pace : ;
tflhuI4 '..1 (11.41t!! nation Si.Mb: lirlni'in HIJIO >. 2V'). pril..Sl. GEG. S. HAWKINS W. C. old Reserve
It' r C'rp)1 .. .. .. I. 1- ;;! ;; !.. -i ii-J p; (;erlmiamt--------------.t' 1200( a 15 M Judje 3 superior Whiskey; .

1 1'nis \vjs quiei. Tr.uiquiHity) was les"ouil i.1 liv.aulz.... .. .. ... .1.. .. .... .. 1"-- T\\ '::;TY-Fj\'f.! : TIOIXAND copriis: SOLD SOAP.. .. ... ... ... .. .. Ib, 5 a 7 January k 0;, l" IS. 31-3m 2 ver choice Hams; .

dt Liti. The elections cil o%icer olii \' ... .. ... .,I'... .. . . I.. ... IN THUIIB: .Mu.vrilri SPIRITS, g .lndy. Cognac.pr|: 173 a 325 Now landing per schr Louisa S irs,. and for

I!tf- N":III.IM! iuud requited generally in .4..0. .... .:);;{<) .:'7;)':! .IHd; 'ic irs -liill-uni:, ..f f pb\-.ical and menial! nn- Gin, I Holland J .. .gdl( 137: a 150) In Chancc.--Franktin County. sale by McCULLY,

'. I 'en4).1 ... ...... .1. . ... . f.1.**' .\\l1lt'rlC.II1o1li! :) a 42 March 16 50 Water st.Exchange. .
.iviir Hi' ifpubii.i! : candidates.In ( )1 h..1' 5. ..... ... 'I. .. .-212.I .2212.1 ... :m-h lo niany an aPeelionate uiea'id! I pcciiaijrydtiiicisltie. Hum. VI". .gal! :>>7 a 4:1.hik.y Mary Green by her next friend, ) ---
I EIIirI: l anJ Ireland 'he reatcst cx- ; -. \\ llt-ct ...g.tI, 22 a 25 i. vs. V Bill for Di- .
tin- hi'sbaiid lit have beenv'lte
; I to inigl
Total to For. PMI.I.' ... .:>3n!i ::)7iM ..uisjNVw : ;; t -
i einrii:'. exi. .. Lonl! John Rus.el had reIIf'dl.J --- Alcoiiol,. t Ile d"lf'TI\IIII..IIIJIJ Y.rk) .... .. ."..')!; .231 1':7': ;: ; .Jo., Hi t 1 hy a ti'iiely !iio... -iion! of llii! i. work.It J'ear... .. ... ... ... 1 If a I 231)eer. Court been assured by affidavit DRAFTS and Baltimore, bought ; and
'T"IIE having
Cli t tile (;';\I'rll-I I n. Stola .. .. ... '. .. .1-h:: ;: ::1 l;: .!)I.i1f i is inU-ttdH!! c-ju-cijTiy for the- married, ortbof > .. .... ... .. .. 7 a J I of in the above that Sight Checks on New York sold hv
1111'/11 I tu I app'y .1- hole! weight to iisti PmHI'nr.. . .. ((i3t9.! .;: .)11II.;: SIJMT all sizes, .. .1117 a ,\ complainant cause,
:; to f'II1I"fnf'l .\'.itcf.s. Account- I:.1l:III II II r.. .. ... .. .i-o .1 II 1'.t ..21.11Xtw i I lilt!taut errt-N uliicb abould be known to them TEYO"1, ? Ily.-on.Ib: Go a S(" but within the United States, it is ordered that a Agents Bank of Brunswick,

II '"III 1 Ireland Orleans. .. . .. ..11..I:J' .):7J5 :OUilO1.,,,. .. ... . lb: a 50 hearing be had upon the facts charged in said Dec 30 .11 XVater street.
are 11I1"111":11":1: : ;IJ1) it t4111.4l l linirMisi I )Mher ports. ... ..1.' . .-V>ii. ..:)ii .!i-H:ti'j pirticularly.Tru'.y TIN.. . . . . bill at the regular term of Court next ensuingthe Rviilses.

I 1 f!, uere are viii; fju-u Kn: :lami. The I Total! Coastwise .J.,!: -.'-.'(1''i: ; ; ; !, knowledge is power. It is health, TXV1NE, B.ihiis;. li,', IS a 2t) date of this order and thereupon to pas a IL Hat, Clothes tth,Nail and Shaving

li-pp.e| (" In I)'4hlitt \<>rv (fuall\| \' f'IIPrf'lic i TOTAL. -HALF- Ir .":.:. .s-j27. .J.-iT decree in the same manner as it the defendanthad H Brushes, for sale by
011 i ""PP'Ut'l' LI tiC 1'1'.1111',. \\ hidl are .. \nxr.a.lr'ria., : 100 a 31I'111111lIr' /"' appeared and were present in Court: Provided -
-3BM I'W'III.' I ceIat..s a of this order shall have
; _: 1o council: of llarf'c1.III.tlt.r I alwa\s that a copy
I .1"! :M'.kt I; s.- blc thousand- the
proved a 'jjti to mmtir.eribli' -
: tn ;:etnbe! been published in some newspaper of this State 31 ola scs. .
?it L'nt-tpitol in keep I''r s'eaniT Pevtona- Mi-- J Jingc-i-, T C..!Ui'vr-li! .
U i I. i inn j 1 the 'iiitiis jir"!cii'ied' b\' the (.'OUVf'U: F 1'.lrl"r..n?ltt, ( iui-"ri'er : I letterreceived by (be author v.ill 1 I test.I ra'anilin Circuit Coils for; the space of three months at lea-t before the ry i.- BBLS superior )!;Masrovudo fur sale b<

11.11'1.:/ It.ti "'t.rt} tell" tint) JubliiiWo : -j'>aIlIPr l' .\..tOlm11'. 1.Hlz.] ... 'i r". t ;tin 1 i'-rc,aU'tj every f'male-the ', t the mother, Joh.-i: UMtii.tlhConjrt: : : ; 1 l first day of said termmnd due proof of said publicatIOn oW D Mch 1E_ ___ : McCULLY_____ __50 Watr Jr.

Wo l'.l(: Ue. l,_\ 2 rlntdn-n and x-nl. I >r L- Lhdit, M} PI.r J-.ili 5. 1. In ChaicervSnitban be m.idf to said Court. u
"l.lrf! Ul! !ier the of tile the fli' cither h'l.Mitijj' into w. mhorid! <>r .
.. operation) s'tm'-r BIIIIIP'.ln I)." ,110'1, I l I.ucv.nn. i GEO. S. HAWKINS, Jud-e &c. School Books,
; '- '-/11 AnnArt.. au-1 OH .11,11"f, < ai'i armbe I].--'e.mi'T Eimtv, I" I i" Heminni \\--\iv\ \l i-s one in the decliii* ofejrs in whom nature cont.nijiates IIK wile, le..p.liIPUX j :\ True Copy. sale by

\\.I, ii-quiretj( h. be gu.-u njj. The Pn',1( U: hcrlcK.mw'" S I VVrdif I an important 1'lIaut'-CJI discover the -}(-] re.idiog th- ft.regoit atlidavi', it i i. or- WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. FOR b 17 II F ABELL.

I R! j".d"/" tlpI'U' ";t.Sili'. f'I"i If tli'no.. I 'ij.J! :.1 I llnubep I t'rltllll.lt j I service of I the fIJr.nillhill beI'I'rf.tI"1Il1 ApaUchicola, Dec. '>">, Is 17. 50-3m
''aijs,; >t'n--, ;-ri'l t tlwno..t e'ficient remedies, Piles.
P..r..m..r Loins Mr IVnujle, IJ l \\ ; !
> iy
I j "I 1 i I' tin( not MiiTirctit the defendants in sud bill 1 1 mentioned
ID >;iisv| ifj jttib'ii'x.ujce i 1 Tallinn, Thos I: o! insn rtf.d most Cf-rta: ii.nle! of cure, in every complaint l 1 the Commercial 1\dvt'I'II..t'r TyTClIETTS celebrated Spanish Specific, for
II t ". \ hy public: too 1:1: i Calhoiin Circuit Court.Fall .
r.-jmdlic is lh; only '- IVrie.iiiier (tuitlcIt ( reen, C.ildwell, 1J sale by [Feb 21] II F ABF.EL.Oiiai'a .
tIe. !} I'.r ie|! erils uuder winch the couuti fIa-h.d, \a..u lr which !her s- \ is ?tii>joct.On er llhII'd! ia I he \VeslfII Term 1? I 17.

"r..,... ) P.rtr.inier rhainpion-: '!':. .Ionll:. Tay t the icceipt til One Dollar, I the Married ': Dt-irirt, fur; the sp.ice .r! t lour iii'>iith<, re-Ui- David J. Mear?, ) Jellies.

'1'lie :11'\1 (., I lor. M'linford PlumeIVr ; I \r'.lnanPri\' Medical Companion'ill l h es. 1't t14 std tii-l'ndarit* to a'i|>eir ai-cl .ii-\ver said vs. > Bill for Divorce. DOZ. Guava Jellies, assorted size boxes
Ie o
.I\arTlct diinu..trainSI t Iii steamer (|uincv-Mr ( Jri:,.ard, faniilv and I bill, otherwUe t that i the "arno be taken pro con. Elizabeth 'tIers.IT ) D just received direct trom! Havana for sale
"Hie 1"""; -:' mi the I4hli. I hi, bwu furliiiiden by *ervt. ('t'li A C
i hn :Ill ".guvtiutue, all arrati.irittJi.. I 1.\'. (lit t'\'l r *;'..'::. :\l 1 II'ItI'f. 1.lu"t !h.' add) ret'd, 1".t.pai.l: l, April -Jlth, IbJx the defendant resides out of the Western March M 5I\Vater st.

1,\ \ 1'. .re 2(JIIJ= IIU. A pi fletl: tiit Out P.-r t-teamer Viola-J II! Farrier: N F.aker Mr. to Dr.1.: :)l.tu: icc.i'i IJo\ I i-.M I, New York A true copy '\;1.LLCP, Clk. Circuit of Florida, and out of the State it i is Cuba Tobacco Seed.

\\ 1t1l'11 Ia.t.i ftf'f'fI Kelly ____ \I !<;i..I:1
'' ur.d. f"IIld.jlf' h IV I ordered that said defendant required to
pCc.lltIii City. PtiMi-hiii- i )!lire, !I'".' Libert y->t reel, Newvrk. --- appear *" LBS Trbjcco Seed from the most celebrated
t ::1'1101 tla- fl4tI1:4, :. has flU" i'J.a..J UEniPT FROM TillINTF.'noi I !: and answer this bill of complaint on the 1.:1 t &
Congress Spi'inVat>r ol' the Vnelta! received
plantation AbaJ<> just
I I\iay .1. Ili-r.; ,
lit' bt! fnMaH
( i-utton
l 11"III"lIt( : cUI.1t .11",1 ; Per Mcam-r 'hauipin-.i; I i Monday in April A D. ISIS and in default
.rlll lIIltn.lr"- received, direct troin the Spring. For from Havana, for ale bv
t.... t Ir"11 : 1 .iv A: Iviiiibroiizh: t G; tn Swif-As. Clt"-e\i>r: 2 to -.UjHai.--'ir Cai.Oti. aiul l'ireHKXUV JUST thereof this said bill he t.lk"1pro cor.feso, and
'CI lUtp eif. the pr.'i hU!lil i he tu A X '-:dar.Co; 133: \V A J P r K-nn: ol by J. ALLEN.. I i Mch 1ft' E MrCL'LLY. il O Water 4.
I that this order be published in some
1..1111.lIlhc i t.ljiitii; ttlp".ln's| are i to I Ilar.M'r A: I Holmes12.1 1'J: I I'bloiU1' to ildi1 JIulnf.u:1ol') 'tla.1 I.: ,I newspaper Olives.
> _ _ I in this Circuit for the space of three months .
::1' I"lIlIlne.J to l..ocl.lloiTI A Younq 22(> 1 loV n Poriei .V CoPer T (1KATACAP; ( coiitmues- imnu- -
c..r oat their I ; .
J JARS sale
ni.jec's.reviluii.m : .. "ViIIlOVIIS' before the day ordered tor the saill hearing- very superior Spanish Olives fir
fhl'Y !P. tlll"hd.: : ( iiii.ni m Ma 'and.0.. : .i I'. lroadwi\! 8
11.1".1 I Moainer } ( at hiold "' { ,
i tUllllUUIt to hold I Loekb.irt .' Y.MIIIL' received, 50 Lo window ]7J! !I" :
thiu' ; V: Kiyibroiisrti JeST
elty ; articles
'ltret Ileeling. ,III dritt. of rile, (;IJ\'fflIIWr.1 I:') to 1 ll.irwr| A:: I llolni'-r! : >s'i I.) .\ 1\ 'o.j.IC'I.! : S Hi:.ew Its Yoik Uodv, the and ii.lbming Uiva-l PI'I"' <, Caitnd.'e: Milit.nv t Bo Cal'\!I''.,, :. For sale by J. C. .ALlES. I December 7, IS 17. 40-3m 16 ------- -50' Water st.

oIIld( at the risk of llf" to i..ue COhnLrr p..rt"tlllf'I Iiu-ton-217 biCOIUM! I l II) .Ma- May 1. Scotch Snuf& .
1'11'1J1I'ir,--, Sc.ililnuiS.nldle! .
-- --- -- --
1Jrj'I."n"lw.lli and ..o hMu i i/l1uhallf'nll"l cII" v. 1\IIIIIrolldl ElllIh2j; 171'0 HI'l ha d:!tt."1'.tl1I ciKtfin to Co.Pt'r N .1 (lit lu-, I Il'.Nti-l-*, lritlles! Etimi Case, Fire Cap, Salad Oil. I Map Agents Wanted. 0 GROS> Scotch Snctf; in half bottles.jmt yet .

the l4fCISiiZS. .l.iferen. locations on ihe day ,,f l) -bo) ;;steamer"; 2 12 to "Lockhart Y."-JI ,'; !::5:111 (.' I lojjf i5..ir Skin ('.tj >, &1'. $*.<'. TINT received, per .bnj; Manhattan, a few cases i: rTl LIE subscriber wishes to enae in the sale of ) ceived for sal? by It

j.rt'.tl deinonsuatioH, and to carry no I r-vt Co; 12 lo \Vybe Ai \c-Krn/i! '; 7 to A N Military I and I I'ir. Comp.mies about forininsr, orcotitetnplrtte Ol; that is ij.wvl. J. C. ALLEN. I I JL his Maps a number of young and middle April I 13 .J C ALLEN.
arlllo III t hI' III"ce"siuu. i 1 ,V i il I,! be i aged men cf moral and business habits, as travelling -
22 larger ii.-- tt tot ;
McKay A; Co; to ch-iii/insr their ;u r."s, can I.1 1 Aromatic ISittcrs.DR I
,. _ ___________ and
GU\'l'rnlll IJt Mcms determined to brin2'I Per Meanier Lotus-1J! I. :! .- r..ii..n i to X .1 I Iblois I--) supplied with I'tdi'5 I I'll ( ..tht5Y adduiii., the -PrestoiiN Extract of Leinon, : agents. Having completed new BLAKKT.S Aromatic Caters jnst received !
1 Kiinlmuiu'li! jJ] tV I IITdlman I i editions of his Universal Atlas I
A improved ,
: greatly
: :
matters Ifil III M-iclay ;
lo a" 'IsSue ; above, at I he ,boiti':t notice, on I ihe nn sl t rta>on.iblo and for sale bv
: at Lar-e Saucer Jellie-, .c.
01 once. p., bod.escavalry i ; 2tO: C A ( ;SrienV < ; 17 to J.ickl.ntA FOR( Ilivorm CUs.t.mK. : 72faps ; large Map of the World, Reference ;
terms. May 1, I li'i-Ot. II April 13 J C
infantry and aniliVry.aie i I dialled I : Younrr; :31 I to A N McKnv .V CII. -- -- -- sales by J. C. ALLEN.May I and Distance Map of the United States, National !

than IDto the >}lelrlpolt", to the cxttni of more Per Meanier rimlfMon' II II.! -- colton. III Hill\V! Calhoun County Tax Sale. I. i iI I Map of the United State*-aNo, a variety of Seidlitz Powders. ,

ten l thousand mt-n. I DawM-ui A: Co; 121 to Harp-'i V ll"li : 02 to IiiI.lasii other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico Q GRASS Seidlitz l'wt.rc'tbolt are fresh
:32 lo Marlav: \ hi'r.Un.n li.IVr Y viiliunt I I the po\\tr vi-steil in me by law, Cooper's ; i I justw
Livrni'ooi.i April I 8. ] A AS PC steamer Kaiii;QII uruc'--:9: b.i\\>!< c.ini( I 10 I.'tC- E i I \\ill I I oxpiHff'ir ..d I,'. bi'torc' t the ( eu rt-loii'e JUST received, and for sale by i the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for ,- received and for sale by y

COTT .-Hie cotton maikrt exhibits an Join .V::; Your.; ."> to \\' (; P"H.-i/ A: < 'iIVr III door, ill the counlv of Calh'iuii, on thefir.-l Monday J. ALLEN.. I I cash, at I the lowest possible prices. April J C ALLEN. :.

aerae 'lerli! "'e of al'mjl i'1l' Ih. since i-leanipr Chilllltillll-I1: l tu..b! -.- c-tlnn toN A ofII -t, i I J"h.I I the f.llo'.Miig described Nay .i. Address, Infusion Jars. -

'previous advittI A dir I )lc'KiI.v. Co; V to Lockiiui I \. Y"utis: J!)' toMatlay property; or S'> mucb I"hiei'''it l as will I 1 pay I the S. AUGUSTUS MITCHELL FEW Infusion :
was doiJg. Ac Knnbroib; H to \Vybc \lcKvnzie; Slate and County tax due thereon for the yearl Citler.C Northeast corner of Market and Seventh A have -t.lrs-e\"try. family should 1
one-for sale
.J 147 to Hill! D.I\\ OIl .V Co to-wit A BBLS Champagne, for sale by Dec HO Street". Philadelphia.Dr. by j
LauriTcxlJ IVr Meniner Quincy-37 Lues cotton to \\ in O : OU Dec .'{u D) B ELJ..ISOCo.. April 13 J C ALLEN.
tll|U1S flf'cll1lifu1l.Y{ describes Tbe S W } ol Section .1, Township i 1 I. Range !I. -
his Porter & Co; 3. to U S Hu\vey! 3 to A N Mc School ISooks.U'lIOOL Woodruff's Dysentary Cordial
enioin, on I'Pu-IHJ": home after an abf JaCn.. N & nr. jiihitir! tlie l.u.di: of Sleplu-n Richards, Letter Paper. .
'enee fIJrl Pt'rf'amt'r Ylola-30n) bale.ontton! to N J purporting I to belong I J. A\U'llhasri-on.I I ( BOOKS, ot all kinds jUst rrc'd.by BEAMS fine Letter Paper just received
) : "I looked round- AJ.I.I.I. .:. Diarrhcea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus, 10 .
'here SIIjrj] In t'il lay clock in ilw cor- Dcblois; 5l to Lockbart As Youns; 3') J l>.y'Co.EXPORTS. A No, ili,. NV 4 of Sectnm? s, 1'ovtthi1i I I.O Nov 1 11 I ------ J. C. I.I FOF Infantum and summer complaint of and for sale by .. .

De,; there hun Range \H, XV, and the Vi'III the S W 101' : : Coffee and :' April13 J ALLEN.. t
Bacon Flour Siitfar for sale
= 'thu' "lilt i Lcd cuitains un- children by .
der Section Hanfie H\) ii W
r Township 1. -
wbich I t pur- j. C. \...:. \
and liati l sl 5" I knew tile hovel LIVKHPOOL bark Ocean Queen-1590 P'jrling to belong to U'in. VYyult.Also Salt, Feb. 3 Irish Potatoes and Onions.
Liu,8! by the fin I could LWA YS on hand arid for sale low by FINE article (for sale by 1
iw not speak. hales Cotton SO) acres of fil..1 t rate land number not A1 Sarstiparilla.BULL'S A "
as S t ",nand sb d) tears, with fee-lines NET YORK-Per bark \VeyboMPt-W4 bales known, purporting tn belong t
If'3* Ncr mn relr unilcr the S1J- coiton.P Al o, Su acres second(! tale land, mlinber: not fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just re- .
Had I brig j eOrgianna-H! ( balep ootton.HOSTON Surayn & Wistar'sCOMPOUND HEETINGS
Dot hare fOule) In> f'"hr: in a palace it would "T -Per bark Hrend*-ISfifibale*cotton. known, purporting to belong to Jas. T. Evens'est / Syrup of Wild Cherry, just re.ei'cd ceived and for sale by S baleand case, ,Shirtings low for cash and bj rznts, by the ,l'
been bales of f I 17 H ABELL.
home.Vhen friends paried PUOVIUEXCE bark 'l'riton-i31 a e- Feb F
Vy and for sale by
14 land B. ELLISON &.CO. .
Also 517 acres liNt rate number not
the Scollint"Passion: fifty that years ago would, i was under cotton.Per I'ehr St De-nni!-103 hales cotton known, purporting to belong to Call X Gamble. Feb 17 II F ABELL. Dr. WoodrufPs Antibillious Vcgctablc Pee 9. Gor. Water and Chestnut stsC -

ag.10. till they never meet -- --- --- --- Also b'') acres first rate land, number not Liverpool Salt, Life Pills, I,
-- -- T
- Razor
they in but lo meet Strops.
Eternity to belong to Saml. Parkhill. sale i
antr Warranted to Cure. known purporting ( sale by
a D ; by FOR lIAP IAN
IOU Sp, alisenc of frl> years in the same /FOSTER At. COXE'S genuine Southern Tonic Als", 610 acres of fir-t rate land known as FOR. 30 B ELLISON & Co. b 8 J ALLEN. and for sale and Emerson's Strops just received J

in with the ume fdcndi. and they, toot \J compounded from medicines of our own ninll..Hld. and purporting to belong to the Apa- Feb *l by J

more comfortable circumstances than and lasting ('urfor fever and luctucold Land COIOP"Y.ISAAC .1'1.usses. Osiiaunrgs. II F BELL i

"bto I left 'them was a blessing which few forests and a pe-fect for being the best Tonic in o:"cs of JACKSOX, Sheriff ar.d HULL'S superior single and double Trusses -I\\C\ BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on conSignment IIOFFAVS LIFE PILLS AND PHtENI.V -"

bae tDjoHd. My father died iu his 9.lh I general ague debility or weakness now'Im"I. for sale Ex-Otficio"Tax Collector C. C. by \J for ale by Lvi BITTERS, just received and for sale byNov

)e3r.: by [April! ;] 1 II APF.LL.. May 1 1,1 IS IV ltd Feb 17 H F ABELL. Dec J. DAY & Co. 21. J. C. ALLE.1'r. i.10.

: ;





-- -
j (

-' -- __ 'r"1_ .- -

__ ------- __._.. _
--.- ----- _
%_ :: -T: .Iz_ .- Sr -.- -




: 4


__ -
---- -
? ; : --'- --- ------- -

t British- S crJoiIicl Literature AMENDMENT TO THC I'RtsPLc'l'trs: I iLct Xottccs.At Dry Goods. FRESH ARRIVAL OK

4 iLUAULIi PREMIUMS: ',IO NC\V* SUDSCRIDEUS Constittitiosi of the State of Florida. OF Tin THE subscribers oiler for sale a large and sea Drills, Medicines, Paints. Oil-
*' stock of Dry Goods, consisting in *
Oil ambers Dyc-Stufls
of *
I tart c.
Sulscrftt! early' u>.'.iVe I fie ierns ere low / .' FLORIDA WHiG A PA LAC 11 ICO LA, DKC. 23, 1317. Negru Keiseys and THE undersigned returns his thankto -
rrnposeil (??197rrtit1 ti hf?" F1ZIl ( czq'ral&Naliti his friends and the public llJf
A 'UEKLY PAPEB5 John ?!. Camo'-h.m, Plaintiff, ) White and Red Flannels, lor ( ,
flr.PLC'iJ OF !/: Kil; >j< ct t) the uilijn i f the jiixt ; vsGecrge R.ingujis aial Tweeds : liberal patronage, and begstomf0m

I Gruu1 .:Iss( TO JJJJ PUBLlSUilD LY L1:1.L'.VI.: ;; that he H now weiring
Tnt LONDON OJ \ U IT.HLY hEYiEW, J.U/ l.Vatkcr and Mary | Super} plain black .nd fancy Casamcre.9, al an addition
U 'Hi": KOIXKt'KMl REVIEW, -- his wife, ot the Slate of Suptr Enirlisb and French Cloths, supply; added lo his form*,
AN ACT to amend the 10th Chun-ol i the 3th TIIC ieisigned I the stock, renders his
propose; publishing in I assr rfment
\ TUG XOKTH 1'lUflSU IIC1EV Flouda James E. Retti'or; Rill for account unw.uallr
Whitney III mkets 10 large
Artii-1.; of t lie Constitution ol t this Slale, so (ha Town of :Mananna i Jacks m county, Fluiida, a tiff nd J | and I'JqrsDnifil and crrnplefe Erhish l French. Gfrn.an
) I.flc wE.i'MiNsTiu Rl VJIW, and Ann: his vvil. ol! j ? partition..it Rl.jnk ls, {and I ,M
t the Judges of (fhe Cucuit Ciurts &.Ii.4t1|, l.kli ) weekly newspaper with I fie! above (title. andl 10ips.M.ir American DMIIM ; Ci metirs ; Perfurcert
( of t New York, till.s, f>uihts, *, lo, U I and 12 ? ; Gh
t i their ofhc-'S lor o"ei of This will bed.-.oledlo l Liferatuiv Atrri- qr and Drncrgists Glass
a tenn IL -\C1OOD' EDINliniGH MAGAZINE, i I. dnriiiii g.'ed behaviir.i cut(Ut (', and Science : i it .vi 11 als.j coi.lam I the Carolina in, and Ctittonades, to Phvsicnns, Country Merchants ard ot
t State: ot South | iirown Shirt ii .mnd ta
i .SLCTI'N 1. Jie tl cnacttd by thC Stnate lId euiront news of the diy aid: .:tides in support ot Defend inKJQPOX J /* : Sheeting, the inost liberal terms-all of which hewarrW

above Periodical* rinted in New Home: li the the Whig Policy. ttt Usriabiirgs, and unadulterated. u
\ Thc ere rrj vf/
Yc-lk; jnfledialely, on tier! ai-'ival by the RritishMeamer ( t jui .humbly f oIl vezu !, That (he The want of a local paper has been Pvt iely: t I Defendants mentioned in said Rill i I I do Linen and Cotton Checks Ticking, H. F. ABELL,
in beautiful clear line white Clause $ thcr th j felt in J.i'-kson. Walton I and i ounI Wholesale!
?, a tvpe on ilClh ol >t Ailicleof t the Constitution Washington not ie-ide within this Circuit, but within the Iri-h Linen Retail Druggist

paper; a*ul arc fail hl\L copies i the original- ol this State be so .une.ded as to lead as follows, I I ties, and has led to the pioposed establishment of t j United i States : I It I is ords red I that notice of the Rlei'-hed: Co', Shining ton i and Sheeting and lu* Water stre* f.

lit.CJtvv MAC.vii-: boii.4 an exact fac- ''vi:;: That at t I fhe expiiation of the nesent term this Journal. institution of tins soil and the filing ol the Enslish Frc'n a'a'Shirting! Sheeting Apalachicola, Nov. 31, is JR.

'* ;j taste tf tne Edinburgh i .- 'iji i'i. ololfire cl the Judges ol the Circuit Co-nts, with The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient patronage br I American [Prints,
amended Rill I I, niven i in some newspaper: pub- }:\tra -t.c-r! 11 and
1 hey embrace thf tews of th three great i the exception heii.in.dter i mentioned, Justices of to enable I them to commence its publication li-h.'d in the Cucuit, tier ( he -pace of lourmonth.md Super Ca'-hrnt,, un d'F.cosse twilled Ginghams, Driis and 114'dlchlies.

parties in 1'nglad-ti'ry.' Whi.'MA, RadicalRlickwood -- I fhe Suj,ieir.cCi.iiif t, and! the Judges ot {he Circuit by t the 1st t of September it, upon dneprooi ol I thaajipearanceof Extra Mu.-lin de THE -ubscnber has andcon.tantiy ffi

I and the Lo i arc Court.iail! I be ekcftd! I lor a teim of L14it! years, TKHMS-Thiee dollars! peranmnn, in advance.; id notice I in some news-paper published English super Scotch and Lame, haveon. har(1a c1nrle,

Tory ; the Edinburgh Kfvu-w Whig ; and the and shall hold I tier! : otCivs for I that I term, unless >3 .rU H paid wilhin si;:\ months; or $1 UU at the for I the time mentioned, t the said drfendants do Super I Italian, black and American do. ass'-rtmt'nt ot DRUGS ard 'IEbl.

..' \\V-st.iiiu4iT; Rev-jew" lljclc..l.: The "Noilli sooner reti-oved undei t lie! pri'visioi.s made I in Ibis I end of the -vear. not (10 sinl bill b\ the next rule ,which Black figured Silks, CNE'! hicl he t i1 t arrant
I appear Silk Cravat- and fancv
1'ntuh Review" is ni 're H jrili-ri''iscl.amlt-r' Coi-liluli: fur this anao. .it of i Judges by address BENJ. G. LIDDON Sc CO. shall cornealti.r I twentv (davs (loin t the oxpira'ion' Super English and t Pon-ee. I I I ar.d of the best quality. C
having: been orciniHy editt-d l bj Dr. Cnahnei. or impeaclunenl aRJ fur wjliul of July :31. 1 ,17.K Silk Hkfs, Merchant and Planters!
6' : ; neglect duty) of said period ol tour month"! I i itislnitlxr I or- English: and .\meriran Cotton I Hkfs I will had it
and Lo.v Miice htsfkath, lu'inir ro'ulncted bv Ins tr oilier rrtisona'ilo' cause, which shall 1 not hesuO'ciei dond, I that t the same be taken as confessed Madra to their advantage to call, examine and Frzce
: CroixSiu-ir ; and Veroni head I llkf-j
\ son-iii-Jj-.v, J3r. I 1.uni, b-unridUd vwth Sir I David) if round i lor imp.-nchm, the (;I.nernor, HI IDS St. ; thtm. I1 Goods, before !'rrhasup vst.wj.rrp]
1 J I.'i: do New: Oilcans Sugar ; against L lilies Cotton I Hose :ir>d Gents I If-hose, N. it. I'hIsiriir's
C lr.n\j.ter.! Its lituiar. ohsntrU': : is of the vu < snail L reti ovc nf j them the addrf-si.f I (
; any on t t two I < ;r.O. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.CAUMACX Super Satin Mar-eiUes & Worsted prc4crIpfi 09 [ Ut "ithi
bblsSt Croi\ ,
biied 4dfc. thuds of the ; 20 Vestings, care and acetirac at hour
i < <-'ieul As-emblv: ; Pmvulcdhowiccr cSrn.vrr any of the da
.-. 5 bxStewait's Loaf Cut tiii:i and Flax Threat!,
rfl1'r.! rnn iiJF ', (tr T'i .-< r.iuj :. T'P. EARLY.") That tl.e cau-e 01 causes shall be stated at 10 bbls around (Coinpl'is Solici'ors. Plain and fig'd Swi,. and checked Muslins, Marcli 21 C.-r. J. C. ALLF'V,

4: r jny nihe ianr iJcvifrts, 5.-:; jar amium. length in viv.i adi'a' a-ul entered on (he Join lou sacks Rio Collee) ; OT) do Java A True Copv. WJM. VAI.LK\U, Jaconet and Cambric, Muslins i Vn I regard Ccmn.erre sfs.fllolmrs .

I .tr .' u t'.vnti tf 5 .' !.I iials Tfi.it of llie neb lloi-e.. *!ii ; eaus. or shall be notified the ,
causes ( I
: j'4t 4ac: 4 '. 7 Judge; intendid o 50) liil t'l do ; rrikhi CiIIIiI Coiir. %Vliirh, have !been electcd with great rare in j FOR! l\-.II'XifluthF: | ;, OR
M> to bt reinovc-l and hu elnll
? !
i ,
,;d 114 14 4'.q b' adnnltt'd 20 Sperm C'andles; 50 b\s brownSoap; The.1I Pie-idt-rit md Din-cfurs ofj New Yoik and I Roston.frorn I Irnportersand Agents I METILATIO: \
| lo a fieaun in: hi-i own di fence, be-
**jr BJ.ir i' '. iloie anv! vo.to( l..r snc'.i I leinnval shall! I I pa-s : and i in 100 I () in s Shot ; .i.J kegs Powder; I the 1 Ilant 1: ot'Pitiacolt,, IIn (Manufacturers, at I the Iovc-t t market rates, andre T IIESE tlebrared P.ll. have bocrme sn

c- < r L1i> a 4 .4 lOflO, lbs Lead! ; chancery. a now offered at wholes-lie, 'r rtail "nfivorable ous tr their virtues, in Curing th,,
sit h ca> s I!I.e Vote e t taken bv veas and di.'se
S I IiLl) ravs ai.d eulervd o.i the Journals of tach house 2 i MI Ice-s While Le.id, No. I E\fraand 1'ure. Hiram Maidcv and other". j terms by WM. (;. PORTFR &. Co.Dc. foil but htile nd bs.d: ui f ,hm, heir achio,,

For W.M. G. I'OR I'F.R: & CO. I :{' i, 1 l' 1". upon I tbesvstun i, ,,,,
:' P'iia: !i1) q I' i ilI : reie.i. clv aleby At Cirau.lxrJlth March, ISIS.TTTON 41 I Water heef.A < !],? IrrmInt.Iidtl
D.-c 3': 11 V..ifprJ' ,tret1. ane-t all pan ,n ,list| lIC4SC. ,
reiiling thR.il and Exhibit-, HI.-d in ( .
?, no ma.ter
; h-.un; .-N SKC.2.. l.c it furlJi'r marled., That the Judges ii, hew
_J I his it.M-: I It t i i-, onJi'ivd, I hat -euicpof t said CARD.J long stand rig. Psrr.1t.! ,, ClllfailllnrJ
iiMtrd .d uit'it1cd Ciint I ( 3j
.i n. n 'T 't a firution,
1 ..J.. of
> > i s iEoflLwitg On C)12S'.ZtIJIItCHI. IIE S iL nbers e'4inini3!, funt
; -( 1.tkitIii-* method infurm- tl.e
:'liall! be divd.dv: |I.t( n.to four cl.is.e The lij.l. d I pi-ifected) on I Jluani )udcy, om; i.l I the J trucsi.n I", r
.j' i" re ci vet) on consi !nniei.!- tli.- cit %(>Tis of ar.d iN i 1dtrch2
; fir-1 cl ==> shall !i.rld Ins; r r ll.etr ollice or offices (l-ltTid.rit-J! ho ,iijv; ,n > ftin t.c! affidavit! ill.tlhiKin ing Apalachicola vicinitv.tbat 3 C ALLEN.
: :; : '. S ir.n'i 1 ()i Steal's, Celcbi.al.td; l br rrndent I !!'.... !,,sve now on hand; a i-f-at
to a of the Middle! Uiitri.'t olFi.iiid vt-iv
',: t 4. h: ..; jrI i.'l fbe Serin of twi ven-: I lh" eco'id! lor I tiieteim I 10,0'Hi' !) C.nloieErnero/' I i. hv iica>:i>n i in lie and wult 1 -. 'i leciul Stock GOODS f which will be \ II EREAss Ronr-eTbe'caa rl;:;;; ;;
f third i for h > of six pu new p.iper; I.
< 1 f.-nn
<) lour
ttthl2:4 Ut Ti 114r1 joartnv I ,> eais, '* ia 1 from he
I :' G do/en Rest i v e Madei sold low co i3i-fng in part as Sol'ows Apalurlnroi. La d
h h'C lislscd tii' of. : Cf'rnpry
I for the
in city Apiilarhimla, si>a'tut
: i ;the i'jriEh for }!: ttrin i" -igif! vs tr4. thi 2t d.v of e
.f. Regina" I'orf, Clotli and At'rii, te. ,
u CassitDcres -tvles f 1i.P
I tuo "iili-t! aii ManU-v l b : various ;
> and
n t to i "nihiets
% Yi." L .1 i'. if t "i. J., .'. r.Tvitn | |1.Ii'.t.(3 the Senate: by I the Con litntionnl' ma- 0 &' Ch. try Ordial, ri'iiiitriii > Fancy I'rir.'s do tin.Al. ani! Pm, ti fib ek a'.,, ;irtI Lts .
i }fl m Dw tnb. r'C.. J IM"I Pa--cd I Ihe I ll.-u-e (.f api'fir l : bi-forc I tii<* d.nrt i.n t the fir-t Monday in ar1el in \i ;, .
<1 Ja11' | v '.'' 1 .:r. *> rs|: ji ,t. fAnv It'iets. il'ri.- the Constitutional, I 10 T'.in.it'i; Catsup: June rit-xt u1d! ,i>.sver ->.jid bill, r.thiTwisc t I the l'.:>aca Lnsfr ; do. Fignred, h. r'i'--k E. mt zTI. t iii. r: ..
v-:>'is,'.e, >." l l-(>1k> d. t ntntiv"by majority, Vit- u'fttlfljl ,., '
Ui .vc < r <> i For sale bv McCALLA &. ROMAIN, Silks, FrRvne! | : J; ,, -t. ,J ,
will b .tkin! ( -
t cliiTI' him.c.r.oRC .
sain ti
: Janu.trv 4; ; 1. .ty IWO (4p4,4 Jec'-2 1 1H J Colai.bin Rloclc.EIools do. M't'tt' llado. > -t.t fr pr'f i.ei':3,1: : j rerifle .1 f ,
; : ;
: s. HAWKINS jtui &
All t! i'iori'1 v\i'l .ubhih) not! .c.
t ,
? .*! i. re: .*.', grats one !papeis i S.ili'i Striped : ti n' 1-s., &e p", tav r if s-. '

*4Ln; : y ih. .i I'/it-t h. .:r.itd.t.t rnou-- ?fl.anP! i '?O u: chained.I andBOY'S htcs. A Tim Cu'v.Vii.i.i| r..r.cy C.i ,''uusre, Robes 'vvr.irh p venuif nropif, wiMi n. iI' ( ,,' '', ';
\ r. ,
V\iLbAV Clerk. r
.vur.'i-iT, i iis.. I ; S..M: ,
.-% ttI1; ::4 < <>< lh .' iji'uicil< at I] it.in.j and :.Me.i's i Rn-i t Brogans ; do. \I-ririo do. ; -: : .\ m by ar ,
March 30. i"l". Il-2m r t r: .1.
1 *4w-the i"a R .* at J sMil rc- ; L.(1.m2r&l, CltsdIt'vy, i. se\v"l and I peg'd Kip i Rrogans ; do. II'tine do. % M he s.A lS. K. fc, ,:rt.r, it VTH'u, .! ,? ,. '.

C % un. 14 k- i'" T Gent-i line Calf RrogjirWnf : Cii.\CEJV. Mu-lin India Book st' 2 Toi: 1? ce-- iiI'irr to .
P'iiE j j : nS-fihi rs h t t .* 4(1 tiit' t J. L'->C"II-s; a*. i'k ', iull! Seiews, Hinirp*, < pesi' '
: i :-iire 'I I tt4 (% 4J ( ] ? ij . t ,.n :"i' ?.g lhirfl rf 1: i

% I1Ni, t t4t' PLC .ium ri.-! Super Iidiecoarse and fine Calf Ro< t<. vs.Vjihaia lit !>" :*' .
I j C "I.J'.M -, .\'irr-\ ( n:.bi.'t-, ( "hisei*, Rrac I Shawls, DaTn- Siikd' a-irrtictTr; & A t'-d' !t -; to

!! I AH 1 Bifts. Il-il-s, R.'vcl- ju.res, Rrid.. xe<, A large ad ext.i ivc a.uruont. ju-t received \ R. lYi.IT .- S S1 >. Marino ;; ? i. ri-k .--. r I

: Lj.. JV.4'ct 6** j '.. *'"< "* rf w.to h'icprctziv2t.v | Sln ;' do, CnLti is' do, Ad7.>. Hal'-hft", I II I imC and for sale byVi'I.. G PORTER &. CO. b.-uu made; to appear by affidavit, that the do. plaid W' ol !- n4jt f f'r ; ;;;; ;114r: : a'

dJtd ueI d'a i I StI ir& Stittr ltEiflg.: :, ( dteilvard 1V-C 30 IIVater s.! rect.ESooks d !iidant -iifd! beyond the I limits of the Kid, La"r- and Silk Gloves; rornaine.L afl'y qj r.-. n.n tt .;..rarrf

winter Scil; <'>;, 1'iallonn$# do, Chiton do, S'atf! ot Klotidi. to wit, in the State of NevVi.rk Tuskan Gipsev Honnets, latent tfeshif.nlib.kxns ',n arcemnat f4 s'ad Ita vj r"i u'in. ir4 .

rd'f any < rJl of ine .'i'V< wttii K.lenen Ware, Table Cut let V, Shovvl: and ELiiK aLKIGIll aad aLiolery. : It is c.idir-d t tl.it} i'rvirf df
Hf *<> f *i .* < 'i.rs
ulirt !.s'T *li u 4"T rhn :-fh 4 ':rih! coj V t IJ-R.iws. AnviN; Sledgo-, Fo ,,,rt, and! Lot tr Paper; tl.is! .rrd' r tr lour in mthin some new-paper Bleach d d-. >. T-S, j-4, t-4, I:M at.dll-1: : the ;;_ ;: rr 1. t'i d ti' 4ld

":4 th'li'JT '>*J*. j I HaTnii.i-i-s, Vii Screwplales, Stoeks and C-iftofi? .Menonndnm! RookShij ; priiit'd n thf City of A;>alohmieiti; re'juiri'i% ni.in\ft? :., '>-1 h and f1Ifi itt ,', w the s.L: t. or33s ursan.

A ;t-t. .% prii. a* irV 7/i' /> ,i irVrr ///- J tC&art I ll.e-, 1'oi'!s-. Fill s, Ha-ji-5, ic. i p anal Rivei RillLsdmg I InTo 1 alimir: and itiver, >uJ Gill, otLtnvisc it r.iiii; atci Cjjtt-iij Curp tifljj ,-:,..- -, KI i ,-xf.; tr.ir j.t. al. r. --ul to ,d| .

(I1fID4JI'Y fV ,als.V J47 -/r/ (, i.. r will pi; _- ; hi )""* S-.v c'-.l-j, Kiijjiish an.l Anurican, a-sorfed, Jlonok"; for Letter Pivs I vill h i* t tien: uro rontex Carpet F Rr--sI .1 .s trr ? ft. f f the C.urt H b u-e ii. ,a.j

1qut._ $ J. I'l.fiKhfd, u"t4' thEe subfrri : r< tidlht and l
| !i" ) i ; jjaid :a'i' /. r j/ *.W..vt will.- j Jf .u. J Jl.iin.i.J I Spike do, t Hor-eshue I t Ju-t leceived and 1 l-jr sale by" < ; S. !hi.\t'KlNS.J Roots iiid! Shf>esCl' 'p. 'fl tr-.r* ,.r i p .M.H.. A. iL:t; am,

.- tr' sc m i'tf I Iron and Nails Cat! E.iglish; Lluter ar.d Mirrh; I _ __ II. F. \ TME A True C'o.y.; J'ld .-, .r*. ,thlnjr oi sli Icif. !s. n'rIek[ P. \I |..r rash, r.> pay nj, -.J ,.. fes arc
\Rf.Y: : jbPiE. ;;.'tnianPL.UItI'ZSImIi V> VAM.KAICitrk.. A--! ., a n"\t vrtt-ent rf JEWELRY, a: .? :- arl .

j ,' Double Cornshvllers : i (:4'. Ocfuber 2'. Is 17* ii lotVtLE other t I art iehe too i>un er..ru t 1TeL.tn.R. JA'. F:. RKTTN} J. A"Ttr.fT'P!
A 1' 1" Trair -J vth li" )!t .f .2. Wisher? j JIT: r : i Cnpartner-'np, heretofore! evi-tm |b-. many >
: :z Tfi-r.
''I ii1 nUek-A-u.! tl's M;. ?:tie M C T' s t. N eariy i *""fi triiN, Lvljin-. Trace do, Ox do. tiieubi (Call; .ii examine!' f .r vonrf-'lve-. t-rf 't f the Af' hi-l.tci.ia) Land Co
'v een I r bi rimd the firm of I U.R. .
I eh4'1 44 ibt vv ik, !h j I :< !i v.<- .-i: II be ?bie ""', ..-n' 1 S'lad.-s, V.Veding Hoc.-, Ga: d.-n, WOOD &, CO., <-M.it! -- this) dav.r Tne all.iu-; ( U tThi' CO (ThT.Jzi M. :;. scorr; & I n; no 5 HER, -_tt'mdelici 1-1, March y. T-lr,.

lii 114 ; *- J v Lj-i.'i-r: ii ; t, r. Wdt.-r an-f Centre st*. Vines o-i
i'iiIi p 1'.JtM',:. at.v v I ijj; .'t.i'i ':;.'! !u5 .. : > 1' o I 1 1 ; C. Tar Rrisrnt Vainisb.IIand-I .s. -. Petition Iff L/ivorce. 55. K !! soii A: Co., Coi-. "tVter arn = ; and f.r
in jt>i ? 1b. wi nr ,n J ,. -. i"'r this ai.i) 'i. > .i N. J. DEBLOIS.Ap.ilnchici / 9fie tt>vfurrr--' -
l1i .it" trtc- 'i"i- nit.rs <;'!k s, Rincks, (Jars <5- Sarah Sttna'ith R rker. } ('! ts123It Sf's. !
t *< ) vx.r -, t la, April I I'*, l l*!. i'.k NHi.dCl' *"
vy .o tu"rs a <-..aifiru<5 i, II at vo7rirr flZ479 lY ciis-s: tr K-tlii-5, Mills ?nd Cauldr i.l.up:' -'artng; to t. e satisfaction of I the Court, sit; Ctl \ \DLKKV.M ca---.14 {',,V i'. ri tVu e.j I

ed4UI.i4L-4 tL MI *".<. JJ kejivcn Spider?, Pot?, Enameled JVoiice.S : 1.. by affidavit rn.ide! in ti-i!: case, that In ih-! ; \.MLL I .\ .I'idif-n.p I ; ; C T.h.T' f.r* .i,: i..sH 5 .' Sirt..fnit.- *. c,

I rhi Ssdt 4 z1w?; Jj c./je I.ze K-vt: s Tea Kc'Jles. &.c.A'AKF. \ uioiths after dite, 1 will apilv; to the: I fcrni I nf t, Sar.-.b !Sur.th!i a l-trkc'r, r'-ide.- h yi iic i >riV. li:!-..-. IVi irrl t,'*:i'Y, -il:' '. uny.trri. iy trnir G, r '. S'

: is I t :.-A lull assoitnirnt.t : 'I I n. Judge 'l 1' Prtbit -3 f< r 1 Fiat.klnCnunt I i } the piris'lictK'ii of I fhe Stat cf Floridi : It i is ordered 'Mftnru..XTKI'M. !, r.i.'o.! *'."ti.-. ":', n'u I'l 'S ..WE-rJ.rff. rrv W.rr w'-

4_.;; at icnmrun:-: ,'!" ?- -. -uJ-i befjMul WjjoRsjJt* r>r reful. fur a final di-chai .' fii'tn the aihnini-tiat'on, of that the > nd -S.ir.t'i S. mantli R.siK' r.l-I > ai-: do, l.n.r i d 4lii. ii ,iwv Jo, Ij.ii'S! ; '- Tnriitif.i f ** old M -f ,

- : i .. *. ii ROHERINLLEN &. Co.Ariiiu'hirii1a. the estate ot Hemv Rial late of saul rounlv de- peai ;uil i answer th si d petition within thrr-e ) \ I'l' 'fs, \Vi.iduvv < in !' it>, W !ltir ? .xV-iij JI VjVn .-. ',v
2lay' } < r > .h ty the I L a'J!, IJi'd: do. yellow > 'u--, ('bro! lire1 .irrh e p. :.j ,-
ceased. J.\ IE' G1RSON; Adr'i.'r. months rj' .
after ( he ttio'i ol tliiidt the -- .
I 'iib1i.er. 0\JJ{ > fCO/f i0.. .7 vi. 2< >, l ls.Br :: public j r, '.r -------------------------- _
ln-'r f ;!t\ ijnj.: ; r* il! !(>. (nit Jliv', V'r- -- -
7 1 K. l* -j V- \. \ V< rk.A ; I- I'-i'.in! -j.nd petition will !> taken fnr conf' ed : and it (!'n-, 1."Mr: e, "tthur i ; ;ru.r;: '..---U. t"..; .1! ; f
is IVni! t': .
I -- }*, :c.T''NS !t'!' visiotzs : is Suitl:- r .rdir-il that this rdtr be p-i1 u-'i \i IM d<,, 'l' tr. f'o-m. 1'tttTur; 't'iin, '. ( '.. .I. i'. inr | .i'\/T : **. Arm K. jfs b_ vf'2: ui'f rv ; -d ;:

-I, .:) i. S.Md.Iio.i, a-, .ilcl sizes ; RRLS Whi-key ; 10,1... Prime Pork ." me tu-wsjiaptT in th.' \Ves.ern Cucuit of thi-i t'-h'! -. Varta! dn,, Tjrdr.bio.. Ci Lt-i-|> if J 1 1L -L/J b< jr.! vvifrnnr r-t jp, ftt.; ,,,{-.' (. ..', ; : ;,,

I I -.VLL i'rn ar r; again..? .dt.) I t :.o-i Nil, tl',. 7 0 10 Inis Fl-.iir : 1 ci-c: Rice; .t ate for. thrs-.ace of t ttuee months I'I' I i.;: .,'k, n.'i sl \vh.ttrU'. i: :-k rV.KS;. .;? '. .' h.irfurr c.r Z--: t ;' r

.! hI? V r vii ti's I ) .-I ,':! 'i >il ri.i 1 cis\-: W.1'fli'i.j Ho s -- .i.rl.ri quahiie-{; 5 si ienor ctld He-vtve Whiskey (iE ',. .-%. HAWKINS, Judge W. C. b-ii il.t, Cutfoii . H-.ivy Uavi-fi- >, Ljsbt do. mv atr j 4a1: ? mt h.. a'---i.1 : i ..'

'e&i g vt: V 14 1 '.! < cl.-1 2 BU'Vfc 7iith Stf. Fa-od Anvils; 1! choice Ham- ; Jai.uirv 0, 1' is. "il-'Jtn* \Viii*". 4.1-if.ji.d h Ilr-J: flit; 4.j, >,.!.-, Ctsi-r d.'. debts coniacud b t her rtiu. :> i- .. t-

'( .i Ia titt .Ce.tj .:.: iLZl. ?' : f>i-enth o! | 2 ) J-iuiisiiand Auicncun Vibes; voij. ; do Ttf.. Si! ,. S.t; f, Ui>.,' tic, llr..!h.. >-re-.v-, |

., Yiire1i 2": ;, :i .il i*. :: 'i 1 I" S Bell vvs ; Nov landing per tchr Loin-a Seirs, and lorsal Tack Screw Atich.hJand1k"[ ; .-. ( .5'i-V.m; I iP.i i. P.. Feb. JOIIKKUEJ.saen .
ST. IJ- *
r isciv.h. Ti'e swie t. "i iii tiit. : 12 l-t/j-n Spade* and Shovels; by i: :bi4ctl.LYlarcIi : m niy. } i ( ,, I?;, civF.ivt: -.-. .1!:!h t 1L.Vll.mi *, -ir

C ?\ 1'j 50 WaliM 10 : llinAxi __ i T> OUTS Sif?
ifl ttin
t14 h 1 ii '4 Io I -: 1 m. hv th-
si ,
-- --- -- -- ---- -- -- ce
\s. V 'i'l for <) Corn d.! (::4iiUiiimr X\! !pr; .srvit u.i>>. \\- .-. Axi-1 ;
tinwot' 1 J bts C 'M'>:i and; U'.i.'n Card i: Ne2t1. r J_> IV. metStwM anti
I c's 'trit, n* iirw1t-rjj ntil not I : i B'i-lc- -
.Jrne.; Greei, Uefi'nd.it.t. \ >rce. fTHw-, I Inol.mil Thiiiib! !* -, I'\ ITo.>* \\ ,!t' ill,, j
iiL- 1er :. u crnpleiv'j. I 1 R'u\ha.rsCast Sfi-o| Mill Sn.v10 ; I on New \-ik, Rton l Providence, j C.in do Cotton do. idii di. E-h! tir'. 'ii\jr! l Uemm", R .y* and Y* writ*. [,r-. .. -*

I J' Ibi C."l i a.d! ( trniti Zt. .-1, j-r-ale by'WM. and Riltitnoic! b-jught ; and r1ij (B Court !liavin tii-on a .ured by affidavit Iroii-, :\I 1-ikitim? Iron--, *>f:CIIP! >tiikfr-, >iip ccrs- i '. .4 m.esvd l -

s Y1)NV ;niEX G.; POUTER: & CO. Sight Checks on New Y nk sold bvWM. .L of cornpl.t!..ant i in the above cau-v-, that ;i.'r. Huns I I'tj'fwrC.n>!kV L.ttl!!."., T- r11T4'nfot-.. j M'n s 1o-irmr1 -

S .\! lj'iS, .\-inl '*. !. tJt.. Dec 30 -I H I Witt-rsti ert.vaze. G. PORTF.R' ) &. Ci). .T.un-- Gnvn! re-id'-> !v>i\id-r C.nti-i's. S.itl N*"*"!!' Sat! Twin, { ** tin,- .i-t--d IV ts;

-- _\t.iits il-ink 1 ir'ii'. ick, Ivit t witbin i the I lTin'cd! Sf.it.it ordered I hit ahiarini S'jt' do, l 'fwir. d '. I'tlcJHJs, .i-2 fxaihcr, i 1U1.tt Brosiar.s F F &U bvII.

:: : ;! \ Dec ;3 M; _1 M'Wifir-live 1 !. ; be Irad I upon t lie i.ircharzett in said Pomp (It'. >!iovI IM! tmntror' Harrh.-. ht-fl-. | CLLfSt-N

: IX wf Court next en-un. AliI i?*. l'.toE'4.( I Htiid-.tWf. I ;Mrnbir-r-s, IHnd-aw I "V'' ? fk r,1 i & ('tj. m

I I_., tV.j'ett4 't I thi-i > order, and t th'-reiipnii to pT-- a Files l itat T.tii do, Iron fn.in-'. ( 'tijibiT.r.i Li ck-. I j -_ -* \ttr ma t i t-f. nft*_ .
Knc*. I l I Hat, Cloth.-, TtUh.Niil and tock do. Hooj ntid St.t;!!. I Ilns. s. P.iik! --
iri'14 1'mmn'i.r
of j'l'nicett 1I i 1h =! I-1 l\ Fai. > s, S.n'nTurn Scu-ws; HAIR Slaving; decree in t the s un-' mariMcr as if t t tlie d'f( "i.lant j Tor-i4.----
.! nl. T.'II. .'li'! ;i'lN. Mirki'ig: Gurjes Morlnv d I Saw Set- !,rot.l for sale bFeb'Jl \ Wood :Siw.-r l'Lnf} I h.--.Jyard.-: t lian.l l.u.r.-, }
.Tci had I appeared I and were present i inC"tirt : I Pro- l h-Pr| *< -a do, L'-ET: d<>. Fi-b J<>, ri-miT! LeidT -,ra > ; ::: 7 JfBLS Hiv r.< w !at.-ii: frc to r F! rip.JeJ -

t '.1 irh 1,. t' It'll.-, AdVrfKhes: S.r.v-j, Lorj[ | I look" 1 II ARHLL. vided ah.i\s 1 lh.it a ettv, ol I lhi-> order -.hall have > (h>, >!i.-cf fin, IJtrdo; Fnt'r., ..< ,'"' >T': rfran. Apt I iv t-.
tti i S* iduButts, Screws, I Hn. .-, Shulfer' J Roll- lieen I of I this State Ch-tlk Liif-s Pif. h BOURSE
; ; % :!2)t %4i1g1I. 1lIl'S. pnbti-'ied in "iae ni"\spaper; PotLrsr I i'oi .;?. C.sr o d. DtL : STO.\ .v C'.
I HiiJT.I -k-7. Copper: ; Wire, M, Itinix: LidhRat I' for I lie -pa<*< of I three months .it lea-t before t the P e.uiu? PinTII \V.n*, Crockery,
(111 (1(1(1 5 x v v N A v :a 4' i.nitaIn- Tr-i-; \\-s !llatchtf-. C.iie Mi-t!! s'h-d je I lain- CRHLS: ; Mu-covado, for sjle by fir-t diy of said tertnvid( in proof of aid pub- Tool-, Siuon: pr.iT Ve.
.J iz in i : tn, .'t ..; i -, pi ., 'J \lrb I M i 1 E :M.-CI'LLY I 5u Water I
I "' -ocrs, -'fiith: Tong Mill: Sr\-, Anvils, &c &..c.F. M. heal ion be martGD __AlMiehuoia._ ; I D-f t>. 1-47 TT'nE-.lI Fail Cr, p, ;or sitbv
"Mn--ivi.n '- ] -
ids : :
'- -n-ia,
*' '. rsdeoy R ELLISON &. Co.D School l ooli* ; [: ). S. HAWKINS, Jude&c. A IE IS If AX .L April 17 11. F. :\ ELL1l'
*' '' 13artu4i i*.*, a "1 'n i I. rli-i. t !,i ; i-, :,'W 1 ihdinz . C'r.Vt.r > ,
; Chf-tnut sts. .
t' ?r "r A.m M tr. i. ito" i II ji f>;\ ( r ; hvMci T? .I' 'y A True Cony. cl a MI* '5'\v5 c Ifluma t11'it2 -

C McCLLLV, :5) A.:1:i i ,tTIioEiir t/ l; ? !-, 'P i'. oir, *ai?>ss '!! 2ICI .T_l Ftb I 17 I H I F ARF.LL.[ WII.I.I\M: VVI.I.K.vt% Clerk } fl %. ,
__. -- Apal: i"hicola, I)'-c. '">, Is 17. 50inCalhoiiu Company* I\R1r.UNC.S. Tlilv.tsl-. t.ri.n nUeN. -' .-
Ni) a s1.leu.. .i 3i dele fl t CIIEINF.I I f.i. .ile Piles.DITCIIETTSrrlebratcd. j_)_ Lii'o-s. Kcr'o .
.LaiFLr- I
oiiii If if :! '. :si 'i? 1-2: COMMLUCI M.-Srni f.r. j jUp -
r.-i--ivtd a.sI for -ale by 4 '.v ECULLY[ Spanish S1u'cifhfo| r Circuit Court. i TV.L>.!-, Shirr .y. S" ..rm-. t-;
Stair- '
.TU.ST :{ 'J.C. ALLKy.sihsjilir N v I f :vi 'Vv tier s t. [ | ] H F ARHF.Liiava Fall Term, Is 17. ( ,) I nxTO: \. I Iin Fiarns t'-lu-tt-, I-; -r t-. | ; ... v x., tc

Manuf.ictur- and Dealers j ri Krv a: -- Pitf t For >tlleby t:;. F.LLJM'X
TATSani Caps by the rae low f-r ca C)1t01 i 1. 1 R. lu.stjN: to CO. > > Rill for Divorce 1'wine Sl.cid-, Post iJHiciTwiru -, ,:ttt-.r: amid ;i! D--t). t"r v ..|, r ..( .: t it- i-
1! hiving !h in ,ipp .i'tted aV4jtIE1' Gujva Jellies, a-si.d| ixe boxes, Rii: ':die TwinMrCarrv'sC.. tfr. iLrn: -4 Twi. v |

.J '.itt:1: r-s ),-<-4u.lv! s.,! -.!iI -; emp1' Doc t. 'or. Wafer ;and Cbistn t. .__., ju-,1 received direct from I II I itana.; tor sale r.li/.ibeth: h'-'ars. ) Cotti n 5'i tie Twine, Tand and F.: l-ar-i' d, s 'I i ;\ I i.t'tza2 tytii ,.

vm'" t i irorn |i j ni'-rc'. i .1- <.f A i,:! i< :ti *o.<. russes, l bv E McCULLY( TT' ;appeannii I to 1 the -ali-Jactinn of I the Couif lleirmi: Twine, Hm; ir and; Shroud-Ian! Mafeei *--- t } r R:\ y'sj .j. u'.r I-,,JT- > .*ii,'. '"' rttoe' JB a
that: t the defendant i.--nfi- out of the We-Urn .
I Ill I e ha 1 a f*milv d *pui i'tt tri Iii;* I ijr, .i.sd : a-vl double, tr sale by Maic'i, i It'; 5ij; \V ili-r -t.Tob.Ktco Lines; I Hinn[ <;, Poling m Shf.d. Ki -, ;tr.dI I .>sidr! J..IHU
SINGLE Circuit of) Florid i, and! r.iit of the State, if i isfideled '
that ;*j)' :tu utvvill: ir> alud:} I m t-i I 7 .1 C. ALLEN. Ciiht See4. that said ikfeiiilant f>ere'iired: to appeal I Dip \"t-N. (C iv.-rnnient Seine-s wit'i ?'u-; C d, ; _* .'b r H! F AiFLLI .

ain a s'j;' Tt 1 and thin lull f
t: C'. 23iuI t s. ansvM r <>l uriLit .%iwrt. ucU: an :ip'al Jiauevr b n : .dr n.vain. .
; A 1 itiJ :;II plantatioi'S Of f t IhaYuelta Abajo, jut t received A I). I Isjs and default : '
ALX 2.IALi1N suiiiI.v; ol iiu's, Medirihcs and Apnl, in : c..v: IJ. \'tit nntf Stint knit lo r///r nl ; 'T Tf is ,_ a v.-i.: i, r- r .? u: ,i f., .1 t v r.-
from Havana, t tor)! '; JI!' bv r soi'lntitirr.
IC:..i: iicals < iToi .. I hereof 1 this ;,iid l bill betaken t cintt'--o, und:
n >w landing :* balk l pro I 1 'irifit} >(K> .n-il ti'i' '. '
.1 i : > =
:3. 'i : 4tor
M.rh 2, ISt5?. ; tf : R. F.f.LIMN Co. :t v.-j::
I '; I : i [ & A-nt*,
at.l 1 t sale that I Ihi-i ordi-r be !
.1 pnMi-s'ied
by in some ne.paperin the of Fevtr .
tnre aiul '
-- October At':i. : :
1 I 1. I Is J7. S'Jtf A ... ii-tia
'IIIIIIStII' ( ) lOtIUd ofrO'l i Nv I 11 1 J. C. M'.VCE Olives. t this Circuit fur I the t siace;, of I lliree months | I June I- II. \

'1'ai ;tuzl .- 8 JARS very supeuor Sjianish Olir. for sale before the da\ ord.-nd forth** .iid hfjrinj.THDM d ; 30eC2ies. ce. I _

arc.r by [E. MeClJLLY( \S RALTZKf.L Judge. "I L'ST received tiom New York briir Alab.iin ::9 ol2'es.
"p..i ,
til*- ctue i-t r.i 'ii.t'it! s., ; i bit.r- l'er
p \ CHAINSjiniis I ? Loch, i'O.(3 ('.( March! 10 :5(1( U'atir-t. December 7, I" I.I1ii I. !'.i-om ,) _i, a general ortment of Gruccne- & I HHDs'U'e.-t indiev ; -rx tJ fie-ct-s Fl.nJa,
etiitt. .ttmfls. ._.
lit j _
\v o !'m <-'iu.n. KI I J '
_._ iVaji'i i.tnd; Call R >xc-, Dr.i) >vigK i:: v ,--u. < I r -aje by R. F.LLKON: i-t'O.
ol fie b Mit liver and -is -t. oll1 Scotch Smili' con-i-lm-r I in part as follow.- i/;
r :upl'iint>, < 'iis Dec 30
I Irontec. &c. f.r
il" I'-.v by Cur \Vatt and Cmlittt} sfSaddlery
) -14'lllS lbut'd. C'rn-lud St.r **
td''s t.. ,..ii.' 'tV GROSS Scotch SnufF .i tine article,
th | I in hall! bottlejust l lceived ic-
Feb 10'J r \M'N'. I __Njv-jj j E McCFLLY, 5'') .. .ite 3 for ale by 1'1J 'f 1 I-ubvnbir xM-he-i to 4tl.Ige in I he sule: of Puklcs, a' .i.ttevi, Lemon Svrim, -- -- --- -- ---

: ____ .-- : his numb'T Co Bran article &c.
ami and
Maps middle
ICopc, April 13 J C ALLEN. a ofnrij? { 'g. y, "a super ,
g(4t? ;vi '. OR-leby E.: M.-CCLLY. aged men ot.intri 1 anil bu-iri'i--' habit, atn- Corn. do.Holhnd SADDLES, 11 I vaniti- paiitins.mil tjuatities,

IRE I ;1y T !KJl1 I nst I .' "'' !lo-e L1 Nov Aromatic ihilPis. II I curb and Salle! bits,
A II 1 :,i u \\ if r si.I7 t. Yr jog! agents. lining coinpl-ted: new and I Gin, of t the "' t quality,
Water, jj.t lu:"i.' i, au: 1 lor ti!<* bvOA D II BLAKE'S Aromatic Billets, just received greatly unprovid edition- his (Jnivt>r' al At la*, Nort hern Gin; Peach Rrandv, Saddle flags,

Airit U i.' 'tTt.r. SEfOLJTX.! Y..tst,1 Soda Povvo'erof the and for sale by 7'2 !Maps l ; 1 Lime Map of I the \V1.1 lit, Reference St. t Croiv and Jamaica Rum, Martingales ar d Whip*, fr r sale by *

J I lor sale! by April 13 J C ALLHX.Powders. and Distance Map of the United Staffs, National Maderia. Port and M.d. naV'ine<, WM. C. PORTER i ('o.
O/C St la
OJe: : \ by Wo )!l War. j Arc. ') GRASS Sudlilz Povvd.-rsthat are fresh. j'.ist other Mips l including I several .Maps nf :Mexico i N. O. NVrtifitd Vhi-kev,

April 27 H I F AREI: L. BRRIL I c..vis, p.-! ,!,.,. I.iul,!,, TU'.S Flour '-w received and fur sale by the su'Hcribr-r i is prepared to furnish: agents, for Rro-vn NO.. Muscovado and St. Crcix Sugar, %VAUl fc .

: : Mei-ures, Tnvs Axhelves, JiucLets, April i J c ALLINT. cash, at I the lowest possible prices. Bacon Side! ic kx.c. S ai.d lor sale HOFLK'S Panacea just reCti

: Rioo i=, &.c. &c. for s.il Address, All of which will be sold low by by
) arliclH o 31!C Ground Mn-Jaid, ,n Infusion Jars.A I'Vb 17 H F ABKLL,
fir aie liy Ic rO. Cor V..tiirai'd Che -'- FEW Infusion Jan-evtry family should Northeast corner of M nki-t and Seventh Nov 1 :)0) \V ><>r *t -
L have one-for sale by Dec .'{''I I POTATOES) 100 hbN. -, Ttirnit.O ttlS.,
Street-- Phil I l
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(1JI Ni Nfl, Camphor and Piperim-, !uTFrechived April 13 J C ALLEN. rocorios and Ship Storos."OK 5U bbis; [Wls-50( bbls,

XId riisliltc Ink ronti:. ',.,.z. and for s.ile by Woodruff's Dysentary Cordial ) COFFEE) : :, Jav.i do, SI. Dotninsio do, Par-nips > bbl-., for ale bv -
Hydrostatic Ink I Founfanjs, Pcji! Racks! 17 Letter Paper. lA Hoc 30 C*
AKKW April _If. F. ARELL.BCCF Northern Flour, Wt-tern do; \ O Sugar, __ _R ELLISON i
Roxes, Paper Fold w, Stain-; fc'cals. -Miss and Prune, 10A REAMS fine Letter Paper, ju-t.received "lyOF I DiarrlutM. I Dvsentaiy, Cholera Morbus Si. Croi\ do, Porto K'ico di, \ outi? Hyson Tea. -

Paper Claps, Weights, &*. lor.tl<- by -!)< do and for sale by Cholera I Int.mtnm, and summer complaint ol I H>, *on LII). Povvchon do I onchondo, Coshei; Vermifuge.IXER'S .

NTv 18 J C ALLEN. April 13 -J ALLEN. children, for sale Rnticr, Ch e. Lard, Racon I Ham-, ?ids Slioidde W Cauidian Yenniluse, for sile by
Jlre.id-\.ivy and Pilot f'.rs-ile by by MolaMVhikev Mrs" Felt 17 H F ABELL.
and I'rune Heel
Gold Pens.AFF.W Derw _ELLISON_ # Co.Razo Irish Potatoes and Onions. Feb rj J. C. ALLEN7. Me.-s l and Prime l'oi Mackep-I Sii.id, Salmon,,

of Woodward ii Rr-.lher's superior l's. FINE article (lor s.ile bv SaistpsiiIIa. Hernn!?, Sounds ami Tongue, Cod Fii-b Tongue.-, SWEDE Iron, Scotch do. Weeding art! GarJes
/ Pern.jiKt received and for .d bv & RUTCH AR'S and Rodgers &. Son's Nov 1 11 I E. McCULLY, 50 Wdffr.st. tiLL's, Sand's, Rnstol's ami Railey's compound Pepper, Spices, Citsnps. IVpper S.mcf, Olives, BlacksmiflK Hi liow*, Ccirt'n aid % _
WADE B Caper, Pickles Soap Slarch Cards, and and :Sum
; October 21.l J C. ALLEN. Ra'/.ois for sale fluid Tobacco Navy Spades Shovel Cauldron
.'? I bvIVI. 'U c: IIEETI NG Shiitmgs and Prints, by the extract of Sarsapanlla, just received Rread, Pilot do, Cracker. Vmeg.ir, DnecTFruiH, Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. fir ale by

Western Produce.ST. [ F :\RELL. 0 bale and case, low for casli bvR. and for sale by Rean, Silt. Raisen$. Macaroni, Vermacelh Arrow B ELLISON & Co.

Ohio Whiskey ELLISON Fcb 17 II F BELL. R oof. Corn, Oa.-, Bnrkvv IIH.,t, M 1 u-tard. I R
LOUIS Flour, d >, Lard Ilcmj's Mi.esia, & CO. ice Dec: i) Crr. Wattr ard ClCASTILE < ,.
choice and prime Mtlas4P.I3nrk. inesj TUST received and for i-ale by Dec 0. Gor. Water and Cheslnut st.ji Dr. WooslrufTsctablc Fors-aMiy H ELLISON \: CO _: _
.tU1i1)ihIiOlIS C. Dec \9 Cor. Water and
Cln--lnut sis.Lancets. for sale
Bacon Harn Sid Sliotildtn.. lor J I"l b-Jl by
and prrnc, sanu H V :ARF.LL: R c y.or Strops. Life Pills HP AEEIL
sale by B. ELLISON & Co. OFFAi'S I LI1-E: i'iiLSXVi' > 1'iUKNL? HAI'MXN and Enids-iii'd Strops, jut Feff sale by __

Dec 9. C'r. Water and CheMnut s( M RITTERS! just received and! for sale by ived I and for sale by FOR 8 J C ALI.EX. SPRING and Thun.b Lancets, just received Ad\'ances .

-- Giiava Jellies. Nov 29 II. F. ARHLL liYnggis'r.Townseiul's _J'Vb'2l I II F A HELL.MOFFAT'S : sale by MADE on ihi;'n.enls of Cctlun to Liverpool. J
Osuabuii's. 'I'i'l h3-* H F BELL. New York and Bo ton. by

1N different sized boxes, just received from Ha- aparilla, LIFE PILLS ANI/PIKENIX I I f\ BALES Georgia Osnaburga, on consignLJ _Tanners Dec. 16 D. B. WOOD & ,

ai.d for sale by \ {U :i f received, and lor sale bv just received and for sale by ment for sale Oil ,_
J liy sale
De 23 E: McCULLY. j April 27 II. F. AI3ELL.r Nov VI J. C. ACLEN. D< c J. DAY & Co FOR 30 by B SALAD OIL, just receivedand forwle b?






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