: AT LAW i the bov.hou, and w-licits their Pal i ; ; :eThcrt V :Ijeeit fatten;. Irnin a !:rtimber of the ih, I .. gi-rd trr.fle, peiptliajly!
\ ut I i -'tic da, / :t. I \ rflHXIfj: COUNSELLOR ,
- __ : either 01! the \\ill ..t1wabe fou-.d at the bar JtI titus that Byron expressed !imrlf.: r\evy; YmU Evening :Minor, which w.is \ ist- hum: op !hs: Inek hy his hut temper which .
O.IlT!; ;.isSt.tViCe' in tL2e public in and
S. *
Wifand ,
J., ij i aLl < in.r, Jet.Id'it ic.. -d..dlfn'I.f Li j'l"-!, : gar i it 111a.1 t I a 11at, i1I I language, thai I lass llie w holt-I provoked all! his employers io !leave him
"I wijjtfti
, .1.1! > < > X MSlC.iXT; ) :Mine Hn-t with his a-:i.tant, will !PaV ":nrt at- Ieor ought i lo have been by Harry with :
I- he.irt haie.; Count Guiccioli vv>is the nw oernl I AncMiier. a lucrative business. lost Iii
; ; .V" itrrtrect-'J,' 'i3ir 11" will nrictic re.tt 1.,rl.I. Frankiin; Cal- tectiou to lhce that-do (Dc.01'0'1) iii.1R Franco :
several est.'ieand! was lond of vi-H !. hut k b\_ nrna/.ittg: d.ligence at thing
HYING10N. ig every
Conrl.-Jlld will I
V uURiiicnU: Fh. io'i and 1.fk-wiTiCircuil ]"''' \\K
- ---- -- .----- .t ,:.i"':I.tl -t4i'ier, ict .is C'inti-sei j in any Court I I N D Hot Vmc1I'iJaiIY at 11, A. M. I ihem. They$ would iiot have: cared! for !hiliiiKiiomama i T If r. NTCKSSITT: or ASSOCIATION.Tin lutl his bus:ni -:. Another who steaililyliMiov. !

:.f..11 :,. (If! t1 1'. ::4 'idle -tr We-T.-n Cir -L1 it. I Ht- will I 1 jlo. Feb. U.I ISIS 5tfj h.nl he noi wished to I lake h-:: wife ie.i-l-.ct.le. in the; course .,1'l i i'.s pere"ii'iiiiiuis fd hs tI ;lcP. is; steadily (followed uisl.iiiile.
,. '. '- 'I.' "I t..t'l.j ')A.ll.n; T.ill.iha : h.is Ih..tn..d with i hat sn.ivnvwhiih I! Another who honest ftnd
ar, ii'a< in the C-mri '-\IlC'tl.! [ : al <- with him. Hverylhins :osng on well'in was constant -
\ i' -: I;r;i\'i; *. i u\rs. OILS -...', tit" s;>;iiits of \w'lifh! he viII always bet AtflILCIIICOE1 ;;xchanc. Ravenna wh.-II iur cnsmopi-liinn; his-I I hits inII't.tl/Io/'ai: requnem'-ui. ih.it; : io his w:)1.! erred hy perpetual mis-

- LIM.. t. : o KC.JCC. s.t".e.'t ,. :, !rit"iiri'! \"it 'd bv ;iccidet.fhipf'ta ,j i& TH E .-1h-.'riwr! iiitorm, hi> Iriend. hand I i. vtii-il t ihe Couniess I to :,ieep itItann3; il I,U. o i'i':1: :the Eth' \.:IIIi' Li
; //1..0.1.. >"'1' ''. ; :\.at; : .:iteifi1i.-r S, ISiC.:. iiffnj and I the pllhilc ;enf'ral.lhlt I he ha' will beIlW him In Iutui!".;. Byron who rhd not t I' ncv '!1 r:1I;i r'1') ot I hose leather brtr lies which lost- I ii. Ir iutk t II> iu.'orsiiij. by snnrgnine

f, ,. ; ;". '. rtrT ,.'." : tv' t.... ".e, .= c.iinc I tlie Ppipriel of this above I these itia nu S. Hull who fe riot! Ir-r ho 'in- j Ill.oiicnl Soi-iely di',iiel! loP.ir\ I fne,l "I't clhion. lij trusting fraudulent

'. .! \ I' n !1r't'...!-. A.ATTOUNI'.Y. G. SCtUUU'--, know hou can"! \\ I III he pleased to I'1.1t rlaw should Mmv. iniccioli. if litlofUnvcd ;! in l IJri;:: bats fur the benefit: ot the insolvent: : rnf n, Jiri'i! hv rii inks I: AT 1.\ \r. ihnt rnafnvrr coinpronii.se; '
I cnmtiiiinity I I
V "t of the I travelling i (
uu-'iie t.o'I.i.
__"_ __ : Offr', -'"' 2 C '/>/. Sin'Hion'iHiiifiJing; any him \\ith Iheir ciioloin and will sLo accoiiiirio.date I her. !propo-rd) I 10..101'1' v. jili |11I't.-| 'I|: lawlh.it were p.i-sed ni the rmi' 'to luini has giii.d! laid \> ho !has a had wifV. J never

tc i. s. is ivi-icy{ 4ot. oi C'etitrtC' \'lwrf.tI'N'I"n'I.j r,.
; '. ;: > .1.1 ; ;'MERCHANT! ; .Al'ja; hi'Ih, Fla. su"' "5ilied with genuine liqm.r* of tIP>> rtn-ir.M rassing 1I1\ It'I\ and in the moitifymjr, ,pie. 'I 1 I 1 n'llm41' t.mii-r leu years of ;!;:. and! ; .-!, tarclul: of his earnings; and strictly

'- :* iVit'"r "t-t'r t1 -- q-iality. JOHN PATRIDGE.Aj C'lUiiohs ur .lral.t'IIIS;- and lal..lwud. lint; :iwhn.se 1 \ lent ai.d lifelike, ;ij'pnraiu;: e COM- l\IInt''st. whn complained: : of bad luck. A

\ II: t .i".l". rt ., f!. HI. OWC'IJ', 'alachic< la, Nov 1-1, 1S-17 all elopement is 'not in accordance v.ilh I Italian I :! Miie.d'I: iugi) wi'h a gtidnon wlui>? ni- good liar..fier.; good habits; and iron indus

. \-..'::'" V 1 >'ic*, ATTOiTEY( !: AT LAW --'- minner Such thing- ijiongh. ', VIIYIrtqiient i! !iad !1..lI (fr.icluied I hthe kick of a PhilhaiiniH I Jsri impregnable lo the assau4t9 of ali

: : : > '[ { I"-I": V .liilvCIIANT; ; ":I."r(N% Itrj".r! Co-iuty\ Alabama. City' Hotel, 'I'ztIInJiaseC. I in England atrl 'dso quite iok'n ht ill I I Ira & that finds irr dreamt i.f. Bi f

I: :V t ; iVittr .fri.AMl.t"'ncol. .4r'i.: .'. il'). 2-tf \JOTICF.I I -I I have t.> infonri mliiends I ai.dxN : m 1-'lall( I', HIM hni hide $Knuuti in lialy.wljcie open .1 liii ioicd! of l'iur houses, livetitvuitiC rr !,-u J see :i taileidentalinn cjeep.!c out of

--- '-- *-, Ft. I. I I lu-! 11 it run* lit I this hou-e, I that I liave leased I i (be 1IIIIIIII,eli freeilom eninvci! hv:. ;ic r' s of |I..itd. :u till other movable jrnperiy. a t.ivrru late in ihr liner.oon, with hi* hjnuI'I Utntk

: \-.1 t'w .t ** :. I :> ::. L. FK Uf'a-I.\\r.\\"GEn.S it, i'id I th-tt 1 II will I reader: he nducttd(I f.'r hWILLIAM \ I huh I I II ell ladies 'reinlei.vvoisi! ; than; n.ele--! .ii.I then left in dis iisi in ('IiIl.CIplt'11 l into his [pockets. I ihe rim of his hat

t._ U. m, si fc t .p.. I :::u. u oa't (\ Codu'uae Eoisoii. : HEMINGWAY r.q"dlll the ha el.isHotil < the !scandal; ansed by 61:111.11111'. (Guiccioli I' of th. scarciiv of uateipruofugar inii>Ci; up. ami I the crow knocked' in. J

: ; lie to -l :.T S. : rpi. ', ..i!1'> "IHICHIUreinem: I'-r extinniiM1 11101'1't''r* hecii connertr-l \\ith firjt theAintrican I wunhl not tht-reloie li-len to aJ; elopctnenl. '! 'aunt! -tewed j 1"11 y. "hitli was hbt-iaiiv kept :know he! has had bad; luck-for the worst of
.' 1'.I.t: <> IN t .. ii.a:,-ly, II ., primer jiihcatun! hi- I at 'hf' Ni rt II, ann iecentl t:> Iroin tioin III" ai the luncral ol the, m nwh all luck io be
Ic* I ". ; : ) ; en:,. | \' \ > Hi.tel JTI Nw Y..rk. Iievinsi! he will but I IS she hi\11 AV : *; ) H.\itn.\\ltE. 'ltll.f; ill <.f t'I.-a'. I\e irIe'1 an'iovacc". lli 1 i' : v.i>ii't burn at the tune \tlt'U1 was liill'l .-H. H'. Jar'ier"
u > r soin'-ihinu of much :
>. -i jiCi' ; and tioexeiiion I orexpense she proposed
> lLr -\rell.'nl hn e, are
:: ; ) lvee:> an t |' 1.
< FlojnJ :XI P-ns' biattained a'pry exte'mivccfle .
< :i
; i 4Itt ; -hai I.J .
'. Ci'V.KCKV: SHIP to ma'\e tn i< :iif>tcomfortabif; I r"'rti- C..alt' dr.imatic., effect to Lord l'!\ nut ; sheoll'erei1 :; c' f.-! : C HN'DLEilY, Vc intv l"r itsi.iv.inaiiU-dc-tniclive; : ( 'jll'Ii'ertit' Diend I the houe to my frie-'d* at d 1 he public in aitempi mutation of 'Juliet :am! I But amid all I these stirring events! are -..veI Tin: Tr.EATV \h: rco.-" Mustang.:,'
For sale .
>rV.u tth.it orJi-r of insects hy
r aod Chestnut "tsA.itUc'.ncoU. j < THOMAS liKOWN.Tallahasee lier-elf .lf for ileail. She hail she I lilt rerIii; a- q"ifSI'f'1I1 as a lice in n tar- of the New Jrf.us! Delia in a letter from
Au u-t II J C. |l'a""l
cks. -------- F4. -- -- .--- ; Nov. 1, 1SI7.$ -n-firn; said; suie meaug of sll ct''s"ullI.j1't''li," b-illel.; Are iinr libeuie- h bulled inI I ihee'nv if Mexico.I.ttcd J : March 1U, :;js : r .,

Etivanl\ UcCulh'. \olic to :Mariners. I this ru-e. Bill I the bUndness- (he complaisance I Iuir'.huni' and died in sand lor the aimiM-- There: :ire fifty rnembeis, of Congress" at

N. I I* vJ u.''i; .' .1 Water.11.-*I0.< .vlBitCUAXT, CCLLLC fOR'S OFHCK KEY Wr .T, > ci'rvTALLAIIASEE. HOTEL, of I he Count mnde it ii iit.eeess.ry I 11111'111 of llTose terrific pnlfiitaii I 'S* who collect pre-en, at Q' erei:ro-there. are 'fifteen.at.

- ,' street. I-Vbnnry tj, 1S4& > for I ihem to Carry out his de-ign ; I ilic. ashes; '''. .he soaji-hmleis; and) I perpeir.ite thi pl.-ce wn, will If-ave Monday for ihe -V
A 11..1 .
a.ch< .
; t, Fa. [1IIE NEW LIGhT' JUST COMPLETEDAT Counters I di iii l not pass her-ef| off for dead | puns al puv.ite P sri it-s-i ihe 1'/1) t dnn! d eat (.\'t''IIlmt'.I-lherc> hns been an order .

,era; \t Jtt.L'.FLrri4)r, : 1. KEY WEST will In? shfiAnoti I he 101 hn.t and. Byion had no occa-ion to (:.Irrtilt" l.,ly : flag of huma'i redemption 1Vhen. in I the :! i-sued I hy the! Mexican Government for- ,,

J Ht;tv. ;>:in\T FO t'Af.\IHI.nssfov \Gz i It i.; a firM ci i : light! and wdll'rl/bJbl.\ off. her hu-baitil permitteil; him in travel (',)ii 151' I.I' hiitnan events, il becomes IIt'.ss.n' I tie! hoiiling ihe election* in tht Slates front
tIE {CIIANr, i-ible fr.im a s'-ii/s . \', 53 i io dispense vv'uh I tile u"e Inb.iiiu.i '. lip no: delegates been elected. I
- Wdter FLORIDA. anil her Venice.But .
str! ",t woalhur It i is iilUdtfdMtlht with liei alone I lo escort t to
---.--------_kLlICIlr'2l! }i. hu raili-s idrod in\anlt clear North E lot "f the pjjC "I theM N the management of I thi Hotel, the undersigned ai length' even I ihe Count's endurance I \vnnd! inileed t be a dmible! d\ed villain who hear not a doubt expressed among ihMexicans .

;,key tt'l(\..\. ;u"r'v. IvOMAIXMEiJCHA.VTS .I I Ii$.ht.) The beariU! < and course-s" hprc-tolorp I will use liihesrexerti11t)* to pleasp hisgUesi. was exhausted, :and he sought to break off i vvonid muzzle the ox who leasts; upon I the in referent( to I lie raiificatioo of who

, wt' ['CaI1a 4 R)1D.t.ill. itll'i'.vil fr entt-rifi-r this i port rrny still I I I hetJxcrved ts. He asks the public for their pat intake.WILLIAM this liaison of ihe Counters' with Lord Hy 1 extract of powdered! brickbatand: whosesupp'ii trc'ity. 1 have heard! several of the Puroparly *.

!1w t 'IO ( ; but venrls ap-troachinij: the ship channel HEMINGWAY.November roil aii'Po crown the whole. Byron nfteiri! : II'p..rlHII"il", lug .iiions lesouiid "lit." says tl at they -would vote for the S t

3. [9 >
: --. Auahchicola! Fh. on the bir by bringiiit (the buoy in range with thetaght -- very his glory, his !fortune a nil even;; his name _with ihe map: of iheoild upon it. I 1nti of ot'inioti that the vote in favor :

s. n. tic.cr""olt house ami runiiu for I it-I A T"HE TTffiu IBowliu uts.-ll. He proposed to 'iI uute. inlrcinli to I Lei cmiie %. hiil; come vve are prepaied. I' of ratifying' the treaty will be a very strong .

mU$#' ''X I r. S. MALLORY, Col.MARBLEYARD. Saloon and Billliard lake her in America vvheie he coiitil live O\>ii'r>, men. ai.d oilier limits with l>cais, II"'. If- iltitreaty should! come back from 1

Ii-\T... C.U.zc.l3urs. SHOES, -' ; nOODle with her under a feigned name, a":1 good snuggle; ; bill old folk-! like ooisclves have a the United Slates amended ihere.vy ill. pro- .

iY: Xo. t Columbus 31,t b.ih> producing. nol loutiv. he a good deal( debate and delay. 'J .
It Athenaeum
-------------" 1 ichicoh, Fa. I\ I.COLU.TIBUS.. n J. HE Salcon"proprietor: Ia'lI(<(l.(1 every, end'-avor to make had happened to lake this turn hue illu-tii- I seiise-eliiiiinaiing deslinilermis., the>world plendiffious MARYLAND AND THE VICE Pr. SJnE cT.:'

b1 CBo'e 4 lIornc'f Cllbif'rihl'r. on<> of the firm of Maddeti! & the establishment an reeahlp place of resort oU3 Poet might have prolonged his davs and and solemn. Thus wags -A i-orre-pomlerl of the Easlon Gazett,'- *

& f \I\, (lJ't!) iEltclI.XTS, THE.* *, of Col'imb'H, Ga.. will .remain sometime and i llhatlkrulltuat an ever discriminating public perchance have been living at the present and t the tail of t the JnhuDo'ukey.THE : urges Hun Reverdv J.Hhnsuo as ihr Tajlnf .

- Chuies :trt'el. in Apalarhicnla! He may b, serti at the prove by liberal patronage t their appreciation day in some obscure corner of the United randidate! for Vice Prrsiilenr-of! the United'

..Ii, S. ? ew-orleolllS. warphnuaflOW building for J. Day & Co. at nlmofei of his desire to plet.'.. He will alway keep| a Slates under the name of Jackson .or FRENCH nt\'IILc'ws.-ThE' excitement States especially as hfbOil.. though ncS'H

AMOS HORX. any hour in the (day and will receive orders choice assortment of Liquor*, and rt'frl.'Qhinl of}Old Thompson ; he might perhaps I III I ue. heller .,of I the Frenchpopulation of our of lilt oiliest' ?t'tPS. has never had a President -" .

for .beverage?, of a sort to tickle the palate lo preserve his iflrt.uiitl). have t turned, farmer city on the receipt of the r. ceut news was or Vice President. *n
.LY .. f b. DaliforUa MONUMEN'I'S. Bacchus most tidioiw sons ; and Oysters.C'K I Frenchman .
their"nath'e banki or tradesman : his 'memoirs vvonhl never intense. A highly respectable --V *'* I).
_ \ II' ItX TOMB STOIVES >1 and (ielieicIuQfreh from while walking! Chestnut XKW, PARTS OF
G MERCHANT, commingling of exercise awl have been pubhhedmil the world, by this heard of if. on ; si.On SPI-ECH.-Accaraiagtoh3; .,
.C ER.\L AGENT, SLABS &c &c., arnus'mcnl-utile For a pleasant cum Aider-there is nothing lime would never have known or forgotten ascertaining all the ule,;iis.! he ihirw hi< the new elementary works on grammar ijewords '

jolt too bo D,,q. n FUFALTLA ALA.II which he from will the lurniib North.lower than they can be within the circle of gymnastics, tOjComrare with the name and a adventures of the Countess. hat up. which loil, ed oni lamp-post, and iIltutl" and "lailor' are no longer *
: bETR..cen to procured P. ADAMS a gimP of ten pins r but I those preferrinj l less Guiccioli.: shouted out, 'Vir.ti rice la Fnmce.- nMinhut verbs. The former is ,a. *
-.--- 1-' P. S. After leaving Apalachicnla, the subscriber active amusements, can always lane a hand. But it was not t' destined lo be so. fh holt- world may he dam.; sink au;. I burn lip[ active the synooynm of 10 do;" and the,*..
cEN .; 14 p. \tw Odeau.I. all." .. ; rnoi la Lflle France cot SAFEf7re \ I 1.IIII'rt'erb passive the of "ib
"\ will promptly attend to all orders directed Come one-come. I. Countess, had no, penchant for sea voyagesor j>onr synonyme
I. ruE 'f JOHN Bl: JONES. "
4 "ct. to Ic diablc est mort! -[Doukey. suffer.Y' .
,.' him in Columbus P. A. 50-tf a retreat i io America ; she preferred I r&nfcr
.. I\.EfZrE.S Apa1a.blcoh I. Ff'brnry 1N. 1 c4q. 1.3m' ApalachiCl1 Dec. 30, 18 '.


S .




V .
*__c ; _. -- -- --- V

... I -. -. -i-I--
----.-.-- t t3o T'1"' --,._ -

------ -
ot:. __ .. ...,,,: .. .;.. __ .. ..
..Jr-- -- .."' '" ;":? ;- .. :.- -: -., .- .. .... -. .- -'.-- -. -
---u .

l .



: : _.' '
.y' ,: -'- r i J


-- -, ,- ..-- !. ... .-. .-r _. _. __.--__u .__. _I_ -
-- :
: TKEATINiS A CAbE:: : ..\ : 'lleaveiisantl earth !" He was HOW fully j his conduct by the Government, and the of freedom, without the conservative influence real owners, to elect other Trustees in the I ROUGH AND READY AT U

jV JOHN JOM.S: I :M. I). in his senses. heavens and earthVliat! condemnation of his Commander-in-Chief, that springs from general virtue and uncompromising place of those first set of Trustees who had The Editor of the Port
I once scut for, in it the bounds of human patience, and A republic is I Gibsl
great ails my head ? j passes integrity. no served out their time. Here we find a very Herald, has been paying ,
tend a gcuileman' of respi-t. .' For mercy's sake keep quiet," said the I : makes us sick at heart. better than a rope of sand, if the materialsthat I $)| t
Taylor and
wife :i l b.dv uf l uitelh.ienei' ( wiff with glad\ tears rushing over her (ate. i! And who is the officer with whom the : compose it are not to some extent strange state things. The Directors are I thus describes i in v*

J -i.i--! I iiM-ovi-re, I him i; m his 1 I'' YUle have hpt'll1'1) ill. There, there, Government has taken; sides against Win- homogeneous ; if the masses from whom first under the authority ol the Trustees ; the 241h! ulimo :

wcn-el.-s, np'iti die[ ,floor. now' !" .inil sin- spoke soothingly.I Dou'( field Scott ? Is he the same who abandonedhis power emanates, do not discriminate between but afterwards, the Trustees are under the I It may interest a portion of.

(.),n ;.niung at the. house I 1 ] say a oi d. but lie v'ry still !" post, on a punctilio, when our army lay liberty and licenliou ne s. That authority of the Directors, so far as to be to know somewhat of the honJ',
H- ill ;:I"t: (1st! I es s of mint! "But my heat L I lt feels as if scalded.Where's ; .- I under threatening cannon of the enemy ? coming events wi prove that there is this ture of Gen. Tajlor-wew.il ff?'
*I Wha) is the maiter with ) ? my h.flEP Heavens and earth, Is he the same who, whist in this citY.spoke discrimination France, we fondly hope. even created by said Directors ; and after that his family reside at Baton,

I asked un meeting his lady Sarah I don't understand; this. And my in terms of contempt the noble old If so, all will be well ; and ihe combinedefforts hat, these same Directors are again under are not will,| |him at the po| R.1

tears and looked the pictuic of arm \\'hat's my arm tied up in this way General by whose magnanimity, with, the of all her enemies will not shake the the authority of the very T-ustees. whom dwelling, which stands close to

"I am afraid' it is :apoplexy" for ?" aid of Persifor F. Smith's skill and general- firm foundation on which she stands. they had just, created. The real owners the river, is a modest while fn lh

i "I found him lying' on the I 44 Be quiet, my dear husband, and I'll explain ship, he was enabled lo regain his position, deed Trustees one story high. and would not J '
! had to all appearance, fallen it all. Oh be very quiet ; your life in the army ? Is he the same of whom the COMMERCIAL'ADVERTISER.APALACHIOOLA I gave a of trust to the three ; cular attention, from R8 rift/?

: his chair. His face is puiple, : depends( upim' it." patriot; Gnines declared in t this city, when but did not give any deed to the Directors. I comfortable negro huts and the : ,

be breathes, it is with great Mr. H- sank back: : upon the pillow! informed of his resignation, that he looked Now, when the three years of the Trustees' and order of every thing

: I went up to see my ); from hich lie had! risen and closed his UpOJI hm: as a deserter' in time of war ? Is THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1848. office had expired. into whose hands would dicate to the rye of a aroQD.

; been lifted from the (floor, and : (to think. He his hand to his head, he the same officer whose conduct at Pue- -_-._ .n--- ..-_ _-_.-_ _u_-. --_ .----. getic planter, ,man of busiDesi
I eyes put he deed of trust from the real owners fall 7 L L
: ing upon the bed. Sure : and felt it tenderly all over, from temple to bin was pronounced by Generals Quitman, cE-: The following gentlemen are authorized the proprietor. Every thing
was purple and his breathing ;! i temple. and) from nape to forehead. Twiggs, and Smith, highly prejudicial to Agents for the CO\ERCIH.; ADVERTISERand will I[ could not fall into the hands of (he Directors provided. and every thing it i.'

I somehow tho symptoms did) I Iapopex a. Is it a blister 1" he at length asked. the honor and safety of our army ? I he receive and receipt subscriptions, or advertisements because the six names of the six place and ready for immediatethe .

} Every vein in his .4 Yes, dear, you have been very ill.Ve the same officer who waked up one morning :- Directors' would necessarily have to be inserted same close attention the ?, 1,

was tinged, and he lay ,) feared) fur your life," said Mrs. H-, affectionately. a staunch Democrat, when he had always 'Vt.l, CUFhVFR,l' iq., Albany, Ga. in ihe deed in the place of the three ;i details, which found him in the ?*
I still saw no clear indications "Theic have been two physicians } been Whic before, and as suddenly became Major JACK UARDMA.I, Eiifaula. Ala. ready for ihe foe is observed in Ihe
of the friend and of another officer, JAS. J. OLIVER Fa names of the three Trustees and after the mem of his plantation.
tft approaching! congestion ally TalahaSe.
in attendance.II .
.. __. ___.__ _
-- .
Hadn'l he better: bo Lhtli I dosed his eyes again. His lips who, before this, had been the constant' --- -- -' -- n ._ -- Directors' names were thus inserted, ihe Entering the house the
anxious wife. theme of ridicule anil abuse.If FOR PRESIDENT, from his desk, where GeDt'
ed the inntrd. Those nearest won; not much edified real owners must each of them sign the he had
u I don't know ihal it I It (his is the officer who has been put a lellerto some "anxious" co
; is : t by t lie whispered words t that proceeded ZACHARY TAYLOR. deed in his own handwriting. Of course Kt lacr
t replied. I think! if we let ; I he re'fro III. They would have sounded foiwaid to t.uinl I ami instill Winfield Scott --u. . __ ____ sliaking our hands hearlily. haoJed']
---- ----- this could not have been done without
I will pass! off 111 tli,' course oft stranuly; !: ill a church, 01 10 ears polite and) we I think the choice is an admirable one. --- --- turning j i The furniture of ihe room waJjplain

1 "A few hour:, He( may ; ii-fincd. After this lie lay for some time Tint: noble old commander who, t through ar: The engagements' of. the Editor in the six Directors! into six Trustees, and j as that of his tent in Mexico. J

lUur." 11111' t'l. out the i trying scenes of an unequaled cam-( the Circuit Court, now in session, must betaken making them one and the sale body of men. '! corner stood a weather-beaten de* J

I "I J dnn't ihi.'iu the case i is .'TlneatPiie.ilvithipuplexy) I suppose ?" paigu, stood so nobly by the (flag of his. as an excuse for the paucity of editorial Then it is certain that the of trust we thought we recognizi-J ? aa Macquaintance.
and I devoted himself, with S1H IisingIe.siiimiiIedniss I..et The other t
iu.id.im.: lie then s.nd i uteri tigat ively. country coineri ,
in this i
; .'Apoplexy not dangerous .. Yes, Lai I ," it-plied; Isis ife. 4* I found to the glory' of our whole paper. must have gone back lo ihe real owners, as cnpied by a table sofa and ,

'l I ;hardly think it ';ll'opll'x! ) i I yon I lying insensible upon the floor on happening army, l is fair game; for those who. in all THE LATE JOSHUA STEVENSON.In soon as the three years of ihe first get of.;. ihe latter of which stood .Sit-

I "PC,1whl1 do you, think it i ;; to comr into your room. I It wasmost their deeds rt'c\cc not ol ;aught, but their common with the rest of our fellow Trustees expired. There is no second deed 'I cher sparkling waier. and 'oothJ

':Mrs.i U- looked :. ; piovnlcnlial, tLat I discovered youuiien own selfish ends and personal; ;aggrandize citizens' the loss of who of trust, from the rea! owners, to the second I I No carpel covered the floor, sodjo
we deplore
f delicately hinted that h ole ii t. one hung tim. the walls. Either
I : ; I I did( 01)I you \\ould certainly have Trustees. of
have been drin'* !!.ing too much dit-c1." Blt. still, if I the blow was t to be. struck by had by his amiable and kind disposition, set of The six Directors' : hatl, have been useless articles lo 1".

: she positively aud ; Imu-t ) I II-.-.-- shut Iii... ryes and miillcted some- such an arm, we would have pitfcrred that warm; heart and ripe wit, grown upon our power from the real owners, to elect the I Upon the mantel stood a Mmlltl,:,

,, jected."No.. tlsiiig; v.itli an air ;,1' impatience. But its ;another I scene, t lhan t the City ol I Mexico, had affections, ali become to us a cherished second set Trustees ; but il the real owners I containing a handsome bofjuef.banJthis .

, doct.ir ; I (I:Iht! to : ntr;inmg was not uudoistood.rinding been II'c"'c for i.Ve would have pre- friend. Mr. Stevenson did not choose to renew the deed of I was the gilt of some one of fa
1 that." slitf continued. I) I him out of d.mgcr. lilends andid.iir.cs erred other witnesses ufeuch a degradationihm came to ibis place; a trust, lo this, second set .of the ral's lady friends, or culled frnm ,
, the disease i is moic deeply' I j reined and the sick man was left the enemits of'our country ; those stranger, in search of hmealib-his residencehas 'frsltes. garden, we cannot say. L'ponibeJ

sure IIP had bolter be Mid. :ai.uie I uilh i I Ins 'family.Sirali ; i II enemies, vvl.o: conquered by i the valor and been but of .I few years (duration but it election, of them by time Directors, amounts : pel spaniel gmvely holdin?

4 bleed! him. doctor ? .\ few' 00 : I .. !" hr- :said, .. why in heaven's skill Winfield] Scott, would find some lasted long eroygh to disclose a host of good to nothing. To give a deed of trust implies mouth and wan hmg. with ali at!

\ taken from his-irni: mav; ;give n;line did yon pcimil (he doetois to butcher solace for their i ignominy's and misfortunes, calculated confidence in the ability or integrity of the I inlel'tst,1 affection, everyglance
qualities lo raise him to elevated gt
an -
J stagnant ciicnlation: .,1 Idood! in lilt I in I Ihisa;sv J I I'm laid up fur a week or in a malicious joy over the bio*, thus aimed Trustee ; but here we have no showing of his li le.
Thus I. after the chief whose position in our esteem, and to excite : During our visit he
: urged, : some two..it.d :all for nothing. by power at strong arm I showed .
deied howl 1 and bmdagf. : : : a. It wu-; !III save 'y'IU life, dear." had prostrated t lie iii. They should have the warmest feelings of love and friendship: thai such confidence as reposed. in the cent swur which he had that rnUtT:

S ein fioni which the blood \ "Save= i lie d I -I I !" ordered Scott to Washington and there a whilst the most captious has failed lo 'discern second set of Trustees; by the real owners was the gift ofiheSiaiei' ]

lieved him of about eight ounc I i "H-u-sh 1 There Do, for Heaven's COllr sunounded by' political; intriguants in his character aught to of this properlY : luck" Theblad.was strai hl.aa1

culating! medium. But; he 1 I. :-ake be quiet.1 Everything depends upon might have conducted its proceedings to any justify cen appears from all this, that the only finest steel enclosed Its a *cbba,
b\e\ as before, much to the dl :; ; it." length' and lo any cUllcusiol I without eliciting sure. I may be 'truly said of him that he I we presume vva> of silver hieajTy
kind of deed which will be of value to
j Ionr wife. With f'slure ofimpiticnce i [II- shut much :ltCUliUI or respect from the died leaving not only not iu enemy behind any with gold The hill \as of mo'hmf'! 1 1j

"Something else! insist: be (! ) : his eye-., teeth and him; ith, !..;, and lay perfectly people I I him, but not ,even a single individual who the citizens of 'this place, will be a deed I j beautifully inlaid with gold and, J

she urged, sn1'ng: that: the : still for some time. Then he tinned his TllfC are some peisnns who endeavor to ever had cause to find fault with his con- signed by the real owners of this property. stones. In the lop ol the hilt -:jj

complisbed not liltig. "If I i III face t to i the wall I, muttered in a Imv petulant ;piejudice the po imn: of ( cu.raI Scott, by duct. Such The present Trustees, when they discoverthis ;ali splendid amethyst. In one ofth*
fame is
not quickly i lehcved he must \'lIice- dwelling on the ar miii Li of I temper displayed a precious legacy to of the scabbard : m,ignifh-eni mui.t .
defect in the chain of title, possibly -
By: ibis lime I seveial: fiiuuds -Too j !bid too bid; !I too bid: I'' by who, nnal* 'le to impeach, ; the truth his family. Il must be grateful to iheir bereaved t the other ;another ame. 'hvst. Cf

who had br-eu.ctit for arr \ ) : I h:1I11I01 erted in my first and! last illlpr"s..ioll of I the facts alleged I ;IIII'W\11 by him, strive heads to know that an entire community procure dtt.c of trust from the teal scabbard was engraved! a suitable; in*]

t upon me the adoption of so of I II-* > disease ; neither had in I weaken I their effect by ha1 ping upon the sympathise with them in their affliction owners ; and t then, according to their articles I- and appropriate mhltI:.
measures (for restoiing: the sick ; i Doetoi S- although lie used a very ex- I est I tst.ss of his temper ali i the imprudence that of association the deeds of Delafield) As we have I lately: been am'lstlh
as they mourn a devoted husband
sciousrics"! inc proposed ; I r.ii.rd i n: t y mode of I lieatment. Thc.'facts of I his I Ia ii g mia gt. This is 'desperate I resort. and Curtis as Trustees of the Apalachirola ravings nf an abidiimni-t e>(ifi< "t l Ucounty
another his i and kind father, the citizens of Apalachicola Ohio, who) denounces *j
% all o'ver his body. of I lie case; weie I these! : 'hF people however, are not wont to expect Gen
.k hot Wat'r. I suggested: that U- had a weakness I He could not great patience and troderatinu in a gallant ; regret a departed friend whose residence Land Company will be good. The reason as a slaveholder and! -Mr.ffiikenis!

well to use a stomach; pump. taste of' v.inc or strong dunk uiiluuit being IIfce. so badgered: ali) persecuted as :among them had contributed to render why they do not give warrantee deeds is flesh." we wiil rneniion, lor the be-,

\\Thy. doctor !" asked one tempted into excess. l BUlh himself and (neleral Scol t has been. Andrew Jackson the society of the place: cheerful and now very pi:iin. There is confusion in their some of his readers: who wil pnkj'
Perhaps he has tahen I Irf' rtil'llIls'f're ini-nil'ied and giicved at t this ; I though seldom wiong, was not very mealy- articles of agreement, and an egiegious this: article, thai hoe of GfD. Taj'tl'!

.4 -.n Ii fOtl.! and thn-)'. l hy admonition' and! he, by, good! mouthed in his language: towards those who happy. Peace be with his spirit groes whom we saw, 'fo.-k healihv : '.
blunder ihe A Court of Chancery
.Impossible, doctor !" said 1'I..o1ul nl:... I hi'"l i lo Iii ing ;.loout a icloriii. t.rossed I the path of his clIl my. The people at bOII'm. |>y. and wr are told' thai; lIlt are a. \

Iras been home all day, and t lint to MMwas to !taste ; to taste, was 'In frill.At < siippoited and justified him. And so the HEX SCOTT. in Florida will soon bring these men ledfy! allacltIIIO him. In the \rc

drug of any kind in the house.: l 1..sl his; IV i endnt ;;id\ him to shut himself people, i m :spite of the punv efforts of ihe \Ve observe that ihe arrival of this gallant into a straight line, and leach them how to lllI e. on our approach we fuuuit

No brandy ?" I ventured ; : : : up ;at li.jiuilor' a ceitain lime, and SI'C'I I pallio..IS t wil I excuse in \\numeld Scotl. ; soldier i is announced as being near at do business with a little I more precision. little negroes and n"gtesses rumpd

again. if total aliotinencc, vnnld: 1101'I, : him even stronger language I han any he hasyei hand. lie is said to be expected to leave I ACIT1Z L.\, playing apparently; far hsappi'r. and ]
.' No, doctor :No s1)it its of t stiengih.: lie ::o on pici'y' well fin a few used in designating the conduct of t those Vera ly better clad, and more cleanlf I]
; Mis. 11 : who the Ciuz about the tenth of April. A [For the forjiipercial Advertiser] ; than three fourths ol I the
\ the house returned diys\ -pariiculaily, so a;; his coachman k''pta broughi IIJol'lhe country shameful persons
I II \ rumor is afloat that Gen. Scott will DO'! 1)0 DO"! children have ,
fended tone. well-filled boillu fur him in the carnagehoiis ; scene t'xhililed in the Capital of resignhis And what.' ask Do bear in mind we seer in travel.,. .
was not the regular: : j ?. towlmli lie not nnfieqnetitly' resoit-ted Mexico.Fiom I I commission in the army, to avoid a dis- you. National road, from Wheeling t loll.

and had been Called) to meet I j:' ; b'U a too aide:.! devotion, lo this \bottle mi ssil under the act of Congress which : that the iI E. Church, in your city, is VII, in the free Slaie of Ohio. .'

F emergency becau-e my office brought on t the supposed apoplexy.Doctor [ the riiiladelpbia! N. A .\ U S. Gazette.] provides that in case of the numberof very deeply in debt-do remember that this The General toW us thai he bail;
be nearest to the dwelling: : ( 'I S- was: light ill hi.. mode of t FJ"CIEElS:; A WASHINGTON"This' :: :; peace debt must be paid voluntary contribution lirely recove'red ironi his rerem a

Feeling my position to he a \! I Heating ti-e ili-eas.- *i-r|| all. and did not err : i I,,1..1, has; fallen (fiom I the lips' (,f lajor Generals shall be reduced to one. at the hands of body-do not neuralgia which still slightly aff'ca

suggested that the family ill Miij.osn: | } : j: tint it would nici the ciedis-' moiu) than one ci"llnclIishec for intelligence tie has no donbt sufficient reason to believe every forget his Ie!". Wilh this exception: her

better he called. .1"a. p'jsitiun.) The cnr; V. .iS cffetltul. H- and patriotism, since t : recent' astounding' thai the President will not retain him as the that ..I you may give is not in reality donated narkably well, and has altogether

a' But the delay doctor." : kept quid 1 on I the sn'ijt-t! ;t, and bore his ('evolution I wlidl has lade monnrchs turn Major General. Wherever h" and but lent and to ihe very best Paymasterin anxious, care-worn expression WK
.No harm will result ti >h.ived; In-.id; upon' lux shoulders' with as pale with Ivi i., allil inspired with new hopeititl goes I the universe, and you may certainly expect I we 1 have seen his: countenance cd!
I fiesh of all nations who whatever may be his future attitude, the Mexico.J
ed. replied. could ,
much he Awig
philosophy! is muster. cnuiage mel at His hands, compound interest on 1 ;
But mv word did not :14 i1He i: after llie sores made! by the blister !had are Ir IIlt'f, down by the iron heel! of oppression. plaudits( and gratitude of his COUnlr'meDwil all amounts invested-do forget the low USED-UP- -POLITICKS' --

ever, as I was firm in my disappeared I !, concealed I the i barber's work I If it is meant by his, t that France; in follow him and be to him a grateful The TiE sketch of a "Drtj j

do any ulore for I the$ patient ii I 1 until his own hair grew again.: He never her piesi'iit exigency, needs a controlling recompense for the years spent in adding to price of cotton and all your imaginary litician"fitUowihg is from the pen of the ba

came they had! lo submit. I 1 ventured, upon; wine oi bra oily, again for (fear; spirit who shall, by wise counsels and "mo the fame of the American people. glooms-do not meet the Agent with so C. Scale :

make a call! of importance in t of apoplexy.WliMi) '. derate haste. li.mnonizo and blend conflict military -'-- many excuses as to call a blush to his Peter Brush was in a dibpida'rii'

hood, and) proposed going I I the t rut Ii leaked out-as Irak out I ing ; who shall; repress (he violence LIEUT. COL. FKEMOXT. cheek, and not only make: him feel like a lion-out at elbowoui at ItRmjpotk
the time Dr. S. arrived ; but I ) : stuli I things always will I-the fitends of :Mr.II of passion, :and exhibit (to the conviction and
omit of ; wemt
\Ve sincerely regret to learn that the beggar, but also discourage him from a .ts. spirits-. ( I j
the sick would not suffer I had many a I hc.nty laugh ; but i they' t of the iiiassts I the distinction between street-an .. out and. iue ipeel.
room. wisely concealed) from the objei i of i tlreirmeiiiment liberty :and licentiousness, and point out the President has accepted the resignation of most laudable; purpose. Do settle down He sat upon "ulei.CUJl9ioDt. :

When Dr. S- came, (he fart that I they knew I anything only foundation on which a Republic can the gallant and accomplished but perhaps upon some amount to give, hit be only one his head I upon his hand. Ins ,!ba'

aside for a few minutes rid I / 'I' moie than appeared nf (because of his sup be planlce with a ProsPect of permanence imprudent Fr mont. Hud he have remained half of a dime. Do, do, and do don't dela; '. placed upon a stepping stone. JL'i
views of the case, and I ; illlle and success we give our cordial and hearty' .
pissed: i ; had fot a".
in the army he would undoubtedlyhave In short, and in earnest, I am some time been 11lDI. ;
done and why I had done I Washington the of he I
I -- afscll. was man deep thought which he nhntlht
proceeded to the bedside From I... IK-lta age in which In lived., He was raised upI added to his already precocious fame TIl! AGENT by spitting through his tceih furl! "

There was still no signs! ( THE 1 COURT I OF INQUIRY.Like :; I )' Piovidence for the accomplishment of a and have proved in the hoyr of need an MANUFACTURES 1\ THE( SOt'TlI. I the At heaving.if
\ noble lion 'it led but not ultr Inglh.
a : hay, won
arid But
consciousness. difficult
most important work. efficient commander.: May success attend The rapid increase of manufaciuiing establishments he spoke i"They
intimidated i: by i the snapping and barking ofI
Dnn't think his wise and he he would :
gifted as
you was never him in his future career in the South is attracting a U..t'lllo tell nw. jin I
let loose him
shaved and blistered ?" asked I lie! canine JIIIk: upon by some have achieved t the sublime results which .
ouily. royal huntsman;! the Commander-in-Chief crowned his eifoits, if he had not had I the Our regrets at the retirement of the gallant good df ..1! of attention. The great advantages trust in vv.mied prince -and I havn't.'em nothini
i ever to borrow
Dr. S.- thought a of finr Aimy i H presented to the twenty best mulliallhc: i wllrhl his ever furnished, South Carolinian are mingled with feelings possessed by this section not only for and I
of them
and I let Iov- never any to bur
oflu i ,admiring i grateful! Stt
said millions i for laying I the ; of a of that his mantle his immediate but ,
attitude of criminal liHUJatiu government pleasure commission supplying our own, wants, thing .f Ih..l. Princes? |H>O)>:
a on
Ye. by all means. ; citizens in his under whose ben..fit"lt influences we have -falls on the shoulders of one wor- also for competing with the manufacturersof your trust in poliiicioneis Tsentiments.
and also for a fresh fly Llisl I trial i in ih- host.c capital captured by been happy and. I the
genius and valor. 'J\'!<>se. will have been of prosperous.be nteelr.back thy to "follow in his footsteps.' The gallant the Eastern States in their own mirkels.: I There's no 10 nsfdiii*
nine. our republic
by germs may I h. 1 'been seiviog a'-'
-1 looked iuto'lhe face: of instrumental, in \bunging. :annul SuCh a mortifying lont prior to I lie revolution. They are Loring succeeds to the vacant Lieut.Colonelcy. are becoming apparent. and ere long capi- thus tlav'f> like a ; OIDII

with surprise. He was [) .. spectacle :as this mns' pLiCS :i very seen in t the spirit, the intelligence, the probity Cerro Gotdo and Chapultepec tal and enterprise will be flowing in tin, gs a nil 1 huzz.i. patriot v c"libIJ
1 hinted him ; low eatunate upon) I ihe character of our people I the indomintable and the ,% Il
earnest. to prt'se..rance. bear witness lo the courage and abilitywhil.h direction. In copying an article which re gemmIng blue as blaze* ? 1 hiani l'
that mode of t to expect t that it will I I elicit from I them piety of the little band who reached our
good he as a commander. In ccntly appeared in our [the Charles; Wilci\'s. got licked lilly I tn mtSCtuu't
other scnlimrnts but those "flhl' paper
But he spoke confidently of any slern-I I shores in the May-Flower. It was (here in Josesses know how blick i
said that it would not only ( ; est rebuke' the most, scorching, withering, ,the solemn compact into which they enter his hands. ,the reputation of the .Brave ton Mercury] upon Manufactures in Geor- ken Iw se> for the many pood) of e.Ihr t

but he believed, takeaway annihilating; corn and indignation., ed before leaving t iheir frail birqne, that; we I Rifles" will never suffer. gia :and Tennessee, the Baltimore American wealth and the purity' legal ritbi |
lion thereto and wilh which The people's he.nis are not yet' so seared the i slt'p/lakel which led on
a sec incipient ,.makes the following comments : for whatVh,. f lo'r nIX If' !
) affected!: to a high degree. and dried up t II y the fires of party passion by a piocesii slow but sure, 'lo the Declaration LAND OWNERS IN APALACIJCOLA.MR The gradual: extension of manufactures in ('smile out ol i.: the connirj ba

The barber came. The ; : I their rcepimns have not become so blunted of I Independence., There i is nothing EDITOR :-I t beg leave to say a few the South will no doubt take place in obedience whole of it in her pocket and'l.iout !
cooled! down the.1'si
or their patriotism; lo
shaved and ) effectually
: 11--- was ; I that muses our indignation more '
the titles for real laws of of earnings. 1 can get .
words in reference to estate to Ilh.'C productive i\y
the blister with his own lIallll / ) point, ill it they can look on such scenes: than to heI ihe miserable prating i of economy I dido'
covered as arc now presented! ill the, city of Mexn: he rudimentsof in this city. The murmurs of ihe great which ,leach thai every mile of iransporta- Repul is nnarateful.
scalp I who have
pletely jhc some to
vet lonlj1
reward .
lion 10 which Ih. raw material is subject or my s nice-* f
i :and not feel I list a gross I indignity has been I out their majority ol our people on this subject, have "
occiput. our true history ooth
throwing before it reaches the place of manufacture, took good care of and have
'a Let it remain on for :I ofleied to I"C.Nstnsial: (; hoiy-a slain cast I. and casting those to to to be ominous of I
sneers contempt upon always appeared me adds ,proportionately 10 I ihe cost of the finished Being took of was the J
then make use of ,the upon our C'irllldlC: : a d:ilk pac; ; added III. whom they are indebted for ,their rich privileges some --approaching trouble. The lime has article. Raw cotton, sent to England: Republics; is care ungrateful, .'0 I"
If he our hi>'lory, which only( tin* loud and I unanimous
said Dr. S-. and hose lachet are
slle's -tint I I Ian
manufactured there and the
back they I'ou
come when one who has bought land t sent to love my r.a
of the and
i every
voice people can "
of the bh expunge
the action unloose. Such '
during not worthy lo a man United Stales in the shape nf muslin has office-1 dlln'l care w'jand
oblilrrati: of the Trustees of the Apalachicola Laud
Sensibility .Is lit for Ir and spoils I wanted 1 take
stratagems ;
uneasy. the to
dorlE to perfofin two voyages across Atlantic easy. ca
after." The sober ocoiid, I IL))tight of a noble and) Tiit* snot bus ol ln"spirit are dull as night, Company, must feel that he is building his the freight each and"these and I want coon''?!
call but I grateful: I people will I pronounce: I the tiial ofWinfield And his af1.citolis: dark us Erebus, paying way ; country my
I did
not again ; .
house r.nhersandy: and uncertain of thrown of Head worlfor is
a charges are the me.
L-l such be tru-ted. upon conveyance upon cre
( Send t, under t the circumstances:i : t : man
S- the result.the friends :i nil t tin dismissal 1 or IlIe.ac'I" llalof I his accuser \Ve have expressed our deepest interest foufdalion. Our condition, however, is not purchaser of the fabric, while all the profits --talking, that's my line. TA'
After: we left ) .
I cellars in the bar
without in in in the of the struggle by withotit of the manufacturing process are enjoyed oyster root'
ground the bed ( any parallel injustice success mighty : so had as to be : remely.In f'
upon 1 talk all stoppi
by the foreign esiablishmeiMs. can Jay, only
sordid, calculating, ; cold-hearted ingratitude.Il which France is aiming to establish a free between ihe
the blister
though : the lately argued
lay ; cases of and whistle. jiit P3m
The facilities to wet
by reason my
I I has no redeeming: or ,ptlliating: views ;- republic with all its i immunities and rivileges. -
signs of returning Trustees of the Land Company of advantages oh'water and the alike. I've been on all sillrl.
If there shall be failure of which Apalachicola power
further than an it has; not the shadow ol an excuse reason a ( I
and it that the improvement of ; have become so and I know-none of Vm 2ate01t.
tossing or j jU lificalilill. It stands alone, a solitary we will nol permit ourselves lo entertain the : thf Squatters appears maclilfry
or an uneasy and I've
I moan hours the bllrnin case in our history at least, "
p For IWO it half
tender skin of Mr. H-'s : General being tried for doing his duty' comprehensive views and a just appointed by vote. three men who were system of policy, with such judicious assistance : aTuF d.y.

a then removed. It bad his whole duly I for defending: i ihe glory of appreciation of I he great objects to be gained attend the : as government may fairly bestowin
Trustees to
empowered as to its arrangement of a Tariff to provide for LATE SCIC-Wt .
then our army and. country tried by his j junior in committing government lo the hands
DrejsioEl, were applied landed interest of these real owners for ihe wants of the Treasury, there will be lit- notice Iheiu
but still the officers, in tlnj very scene-of his noblest exploits of the pefjlp.; If there are intelig! ''nce and yesterday. i"
c repeated again ; -and made lo stand here, before t the virtue in the masses to enjoy their three years. Six men, constituting' a board tle occasion for sending our raw cotton James Ervin, who shot )"\tll ,
a deep .tupor. low hale and without take hereafter to England for the purpose ol' having head) in his chamber at l.HnfeJ. S I
for he theip to
world, t the ptitileges ; the real ,
'* It has done no g< sung of lllri uantli whom his favor CIII1-\\ advantage of the (hey have it (nought hack to us in another form.When about G o'clock. A. '
for the doctor sll failed this
send & owners to attend to certain parts o the South shall have availed in""tlie .e ,
of of able to
then the of H warmed into existence, and whose malice; I to diffuse the principles of morality I hope being ,
Just eyes I landed interest, under the diieclion of the all the which art and ingenuity of the fatal aCI..
he looked with half otherwise I i impotejit) government patronage' briety I that every man shal be a law to improvements announcement .
onward andsuccessful The six Directors have made in the manufacturing i planation; which might min.2ate'of .
face to face nf the anxious has supplied' with a still::. I himself ;0" their career wi the three Trustees. process .
rounded the hlll. This altitude I i is sufficiently humiliating: in in spite of opposing influen however, were to continue in office a longer it will have advantages over all other I the blow 10 those whose eI' B

What in the mischiefs any view, but i when it comes in I that; point, I cei.Va hope and trust ibis wi be the time than the three Trustees, and when the parts of the country in the particular that palsied by I these sad tidings. .

said. At the & a IhalVm.. J. Wonh can rise before a grand development to be wilne But it its manufduring establishments may be I' sought in val to discover aflj
at length sensation about his ) Martial in the City of :Mexico and COlrl'l cannot he too often reiterated that there is term of office of these three Trustees expi erected OD. the very spor where the raw ces that shed light upon t

fcis strange baud rather heavily the teeth of Wiufield Scott thc approval! of no charm in a republic to confer t the blessings red, the six Directors bad power from the material is produced, Those. who knew him bestr wcr o

.. .

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tied;-; the e"ent-and those who loved him cumstnnces should demand it, a firm front t MARRIED,' I -- -. -- .: .: :

bj confounded by it. He wasa may be opposed to the direful spread of an On the 16th inst., by the Kev. Thomas E. Gray COMMERCIAL.COTTON List of'Leltc.'s -1 1 Tor Nest \ork; .
tnost were Mr. Laurence the Post t Olfice; at .
Joseph to Miss Calhoun THE fast
Nancy covpe.rnl.atf
these -c-i.-
-yboog gentleman, perhaps iu his twentieth archy. Beyond preparations it is both of this city. ht, IMS. \Plla-I I fastened top.
I per bark
year, of an ending presence of gen- rIot anticipated at present that; the Emperor 1 j' On the 3d Inst., by the Rev. Thomas Gray, STATE IENT. I Last. Andersori.Aid. T.ho McNear, B .". i Dode.matler.i..no\\packet l loading MAGDALA, and will,

lie deportment and of a high sensitive and will take any steps beyond the confines of Mr John Eid to Miss Mary P. Maisner all of this I year.Siock ,'nr.an, I5enj; Marlzt-ztf! Capt, C Ii I have Cwpatch. For freight or bnin
his cffy on hand SepC I 7. ..57 9 awdge.
of Mr. dominions the
courageous spirit. lIe was die son own tranquility which" Received past J daY5. ... .. ..271:16U A ndroil, *'at I> K )McGovran John superior accotnnwdtions! apply to

James Emn, long a resident of this city. will not, it is expected, be sensibly distur- previously .. ....952tHTotal. ) Allen, I K (C "VImatt, AlbertMilltw'an Arral :tT. .. DOD
the grandson of Ihe lion. Henry Clay and bed. [COMMUNICATED.] .... .- 95525 9391 Allen, Mrs Ann M John For --

oo either side of his family was connected Turning to the South of Europe. Sicily I Virtue the strength and beauty of the soul, Export U past S days .... .3266 Brit, John Markham.. Chas THE Xew York.
merit and distinguished) has obtained the constitution of 1312. and Is the best gift of heaYen." previously... .. ..67827 B l lhsnp.hry Ar.nIollrt, J )I rvgnhr packet brit fiEORGI-
with of-gr-at .\.NA Bedell
names ,
Total.71093 master
banns the
in ihis seems resolved to a free Government I While the of friendship of B stwtck, Clctlcr.thlhe"s.1 most
renown. It may not come to pass enjoy offerings are no _SX her car?r> engaged and Roin board
Units E I: I P ; GeoMontgomery. < on
life that brooding mischief which unsettled independent of Neapolitan thraldom. Notwithstanding > avail to restore to the bosom of a bereft family On hand and on slnpboartJ nolcleart'd 29101 3"2'2flS Bai Mzer \111 have .jnick tlispatch. For height b'a.-
-- ---- --
his understanding shall ever be known { that i the Government had reinI the being in whose existence centred the hap pi- -- B JamttcDonald.l'dtr 42ranrhbv. re, apply to

but from what we knew personally of the j j'I finced( ihe garrison .Messina, the :JessiDese ;: i ness of the widow and the orphan, it is due to EXPORTS Commencing OF COTTON hI FROM 1s.t7-aud APALACHICOLA B uhv fc: IIlIw..rJlc L all. Pall :Af.nl20; ___A. PODGri
5eptember same -----
young man's, disposition and character we1 stormed the fortress of St. Salv.tdore on I Il j departed worth to make some transient record of time in 1s.t6.I Ber">iish, Ben 'lorrlll, Capt Joseph For Xc\v '..ork.TIIE.leltltdr.l'w .

-are persuaded that if it were possible to l the 7th lust., and put great numbers of the I (the virtues that adorned friend Brut 1 1PFPrevj.I Henry O'Conner James '-rb' 1 bark MOXTAUK.jp.TjiGafM .

read the secret troubles that preyed upon garrison to the sword. Sir William Parke's a whom death WiIITUEIt "XPORno. I / t Last Balli, Thfls 2 Oliver, Ceo master, will have immediatesfadHpatch.

his life. the rash act would' be rememberedmore fleet remains on the coast ; and it is confidently hath stricken down, and when we can know him .3 daysously.TOTALispacin_ IILtverpoo -.vui, MM Jane Ann Orr Capt [Naic 3 I .- For frei i.h or passage, having
.. ... .. .
in soirow than with chiding..". O. affirmed that the English Governtiier.t 'no longer in the active participation of the nobler I!el vre.... .. ... . Br.'kl'l, Hiram Pray, Ca'it John S gOl.d accommodations, apply to

otk imt. haved. temined to support the Sicilians; I (duties of life, let us at least snatch from the Nantz... ... .. ... .703.213281.25031.116.)1, Bill'i ', Cpt; T \J 1'111!!, JohniVtrs..n I I March 30- NOnilSK, STONE A.. Co.

Picayune in the maintenance of the constitution of:< J grave the recollection of virtues that the cold I Trieste...... .... ."..' .... .37"J(}. .3'i30 .1368 l griJ! (', C \V Capt 11 3 t ---- .,:'ot. \( \\:York. -

1812 ; and it is to he hoped for I the of Genoa .. ... .. I. .. .. .. ..!. .. ..I..95.sOlherports. D r.g 1. t'Mriln I'lilhnan.JHJ i --t.-- TIT: rrc'ilar packet brig G 11 ..\ .
pence :epulchre is to entomb.In -
The News by the Hibeknia. : powerless ....... ... .2212.2212, .. P mce, Le\i i I'ctin. WilliamPhillips : -: MIl Krudson,
Europe, that\ Naples will continue under the uia will have iro-
our private arrangements we the exercise of this prh'iege. a large circle Tot l lto For. Ports.. ..70L27i961.3027( (( .13116 Rnmrr, HtZ Cart J WBr.y --_: ,rrdiare dispatch., For freight or, -
Through I form of Government I 'asa -
. present as any endea : Jnsvph 1 II Phillips I Mis* Easter
of friends perform a melancholy duty in offering; New york... ... ..1915 .1ot; ;having excrtlent lr.tn.J\bll\r.f.! apply la
Smith's limes establish .1s.\all.:1U7.
the l B
vour to -
iVdmer[ Sf up a Republic, by intrigues >ron. Isaac l'ike, FrancisKaimnnd
have I t the tribute of a tear to the of Mr. Boston ... .... ......11306 .11S06 .931t1 _Jlch :;1/ A. DOD! ;a: .
.for the last Hilcmia. It comes by express of French emissaries, will be resisted by the I memory Providence .. ....53O..3SO34333..5o32, i', Carv. Tln.-< J 1 R H : _____- : _

of the mail. These adVices English fleet.Serious JOSHUA STEVENSON, who departed this life at Philadelphia .. ....i--i---, ;. .. Car'i1': ", An 2 R.wd..al.iOa? I IG .. SI'1v: r.,

one day in advance disturbances have occurred in I Savannah on the 12th inst. B.tltlmor. ... .. ...I..1l (,.118u) ..! Ill' Jrm: Jturae-, MMRobinson. ( \LTlJIXI CLOCK f.\Kr.f:.

confirm generally the correctness of"Our Sardinia At Chambt'I'r the 141h in"I..1 The deceised native of New Orleans..... 117.1790.1907: 137-1a Crn.IJY, GNJ F 2 Capt \ViIlRowIiN.
). on was a ltyianc, but Other port:.. .. .. .. 1.5.>J''1 .:5:5l: .2:16.' fh.irv. Jol.riOoJiy. John J Sec.nd Story llluU': Ruilt.r.
telegraphic despatches. 'I cries fur a Republic were uttered bm the !I I for the last six years he was a this : r"Y.J1.. l rl.tr.J.I.cc: ".is tt'f''r.II-t 1.PAr.C1iICoLt.t
Total Coasiwis..... 2007.37537' .4012i-13fl 9TOTALRAr.Es. I C.ir'f J II: Poet.d, CEil 1 : t .Y .
Tile political hurricane which has swept mihlar. ) rest" red ra uuq uilliiy. I It i is reported I plarb, engaged in commercial pursuits and universally .. ._. .. .7HIJ.JI.f:, ('r"ii.wi'II. SirnonCr. I\: Geo I.' ": .\ A.

away monarchy: in Fiance, IMS extended lo I thai the Killof Sardinia Iras consented to respected and beloved for his bland and 32j '\ ..ll.JI( F IC-oI. J"t.n N 1 n. V/ati-hes, Clocks: anJ Jewelry nr.-tnft-

Germany ; and in Au!iri.i. after a despotism (lie convocation ol' a constituent .National ( : Cl-rk, C Roan: T 1 T 2 p.iire-I.. OctcibrrC'l.S'eriodical I. II7.
I his frank and -- -- -
manners manly ---
Prince Aletiertiich has been.compelled Assembly, aud! I that he onlv, holds the au.iIitnj.t deportment Ct.oate, C.i-,1 E I D Utise J U UI'iai; !, -- -
of forty yenrs. LIVERPOOL-Per IIer:211IIeALU.uLE !
to lake tti flight, I the VienneseIhwwg rat ion of the country until its meeting, and his many generous and noble traits of f bales colton. ship Peter Hartrick-1S12 fti) .lv/. Divitl I.jch.J V

I lAen up arms and o\.erah..wn his which is to lake; place without iteby. A character. Per Batk Cumberland-1362 bales cotton. l D..lr./: ... }Pttro R.an.: Un PREMIUMS TO! NEW .snSCKIlJKKS j -

The States Assembly of I'I'oernmetlt. body of Savoyaids in Paris have; claimed to Though but in his meridian, the shadows of f Per bark fir Johll t'r.eford-U: bales cotton. I -/I1"rlh.rw y: irr..JV
NEW YORK-Per brig Sarah rowD-i7! I D..I o''", I\tlifk S.ton F SJNJoi.e rarttj U'. iif the f'.rnis are fair '
the ISilijnt. he admitted under the authority of the i ]life have fallen, and the has closed
LOW Austria were to meet on I grave over bal!. s cotton l n" 'dl. S.Jw'l, jr .1 Stern, Jf hn \VSirvi -- ---- -

.. to Irvine an address to the Emperor French Republic but M.: i Lamartitie; to him forever-that eye that never beamed but in 1 Per chr Elizabf'lh-5J3 bales 'ollon. !Pix, F I. -', Jarnes 2 KE-r! BI..W.\T'O.'i UFI

Ferdinand praying for the abolition ol ihe I his honor dismissed ( hem with a rebuke, kindness-that heart whose every pulsation was Per b.lrk New Engloind-t96 b.tles cot ton.: I D.'fit.cll ?.Iary Stniiard. K: THE I I LONDON QLAITKR\Y! : :! REVIEW.

censorship of the press and oilier reforms. declaim!: I that he did riot wish to disturb the in unison with lriead-hip and fidelity, and withal 8'2'1 PItOVIDENCE-Per hale, cotton.PItTLANDPer. bark Wm and James- EmioN.; (F. Smith, Daniel T EDixnuKGii: : ; IE\IK'A.: .

A proclamation issued in the afier- pence of Europe.Tli' r.lliX.lhanI"r ; Straubrid, T H- THK i I NORTH! UlffllSi I! RCVTCTi',
brig ladison-550 bales
tnoon arjnouncii;; the lesi:;iMtion of Prince: Kingdom, of Greece appears in a the generous and captivating qualities that collon. I l -irt.in.C. ;'} I II 2 Stone, \; V 2 r THE WESTMINSTER lttlf'I \\"

Metteruich, and the: whole city ".IS illumm-I ferment uith troops inarching in every di- adorn human nature Per bark Ocean Bird-530 bales cotton. !r!.-:dH'r! P Small, ThosSt.ckbritjte I k

.ated in I lie evening. <_)n i ilie 14lli t I the students reEL iii U. I It I i is morn than probable that the -.all, all, that promised fair NEW URLEi\XS-Per schooner rah-I-17 r C r'ef1JII, Sa rn'j ? l It : I.GKOU'S CT/NBrilGH: V! ;.ZiXE.
sought the to forever bales colton. f-'ordlurn Ji 1-: \t
there. II
mmi of the imbecile Otho las grave, sleep > S StO\.lI.
and the burgesses .Je:.:,in id aim, and drawing to a Per schr Paulinf'-117 bales collon. Four.P
has Sin.tll Jane42 2t
I cI""f'! Revenge no dagger lo bury beside his ,
the vacillation of I the court tifcich knew nut ; dmth: chat'hin G W The above Periodical are repriiV inXrw
demanded Iu Sp:iin) the general tranquility has grave-enmity no pardon to inscribe upon the -- - -- -- Y rk immediately on rla'if' arrival b
how Hi I oncrde I the reforms nor I not WhOLESALE PRICL CURH.LXT. (Jray, J P Sxvrm, t',1ft '\t.! finfb

I \et was in a josi iou to irfnse. rvrnfried for been distuibi'd. The English Fleet having slab that shall mark his last resting place. -.- --- -- -. : G illmon., 11 I J Smith Capt Satn'I 3 steamers, in a beautiful' den type, on :'k r whiff

, '-sometime, the authority nf the Kmr eior been withdrawn; from the Tagust some ap. -. .- Gllm: <.re, JGiiirnrts Smith John paper and are faithful C' pie. i.f the orkinal-

pit-Illusion is felt in thai Portugal ATtTI'LES O. C. D c. J ; C I.LACKWOOU'JZI ): heirs; an txact f esimileot" -
I highly precarious.; I In I fact the AUMIKUJinnnaicliy I manv; quartets 2 Sjirnpson. Capt C
: is \'Irlu.llyf'S'UIH"1.' Tlie ili-- I maagain; b..eoml'lhe seat of intestine MiRUE r IiVTBLLIGEME.I'OIST I BAGGING, K nlucky.. .. ..yd I: a W (;av, R.-v: J L 3 Stowel!, E embrace the EcJinbur! ;h c-dition.

_._ lundee..d 16 a 17 ( ;:."". I II.T-.rv AVrn n They the v.t'.r tliw three creaf
strife. -- -' Stetson,
At ---
all i is -- -
missal ol M''il rnich. and the ovi-ithmw nf present qniet.Un ---- ----' in
... a 1:1: I parties :, \Vhi. and IIuilicviK
his despotic MSI em, Mjam aMimier, the |lt!mk' the Icth the inhabitants of Cracow el APALAfICOLA.[ ..April 20AKIUVED. ]I BALE nOPE Kentucky.. ... Ib a 10 1\"I.lr/.rJ t torthern. lIa'} / lIo.\.1I',1 Smith, HI* .* Blirkwood" and the "Lr.i.don f 'jarterL" are
------ IIlIrlt:, Mr So>jle <; JI
ether te heieifi P''()chui inul ::1 15.000 I insurgents .. Ib :.t Tf> the "
which l>itid '"; t : :eriruiKMate' Repnb'ic. f.,d.r... I If I Smith, JC ry; Edinburgh lU-view Whi ; nJ the
ol EIuIIdl. IJolu-mU )Io' a sa, (JalJitia 'II I 11"11 arms. On previous! day i the ManilIa..lb a 1O.I '* We<{rniasrr R: -vifItadicul TheX.rth
lie h ll'ii
April 15-Schr Aureliu, Sch enb! ck. Ira New BREt'iD Xavy.... ... ... .cwl 4 a 4 I/w- Stevens.J Crifi-'ii "
T\rol J and .Scl.ivoiia (Goiernor; was compelled by ;the people totelcase : I leview i i.n i(re of a rrhiiMJ character,
Styiia, Orleans Pilot,... ... ..Cwl 5 a (i1 Iward, I.iUIiton Sraith Capt 1Hawl -
; aud H remain l" I be se ri what fu t ii 400 ;political prisoners, implicated in April 17- hip St Lawrence, Bowers, fm Prov.ienc" COFFEE, Rio, .. ... ... ...Ib 8 a 9havana. I ,.,', J.: &" Smith, SaiiilSrockpole having 1 :been cri.inally tdit, d bv Dr. Ch,!Itnt.!.

limns will be fixed lo die .mthuiity uf( .Austru f'j the n'C"11 inurcctinu.On .. .. ... .. It, a 10 Hill! FA Capt: II and no.sinc his death \1.r\\\'Z.\ conducted lisy$

flio 2J'I: i inst., bills having been posted AprllSShip Arcole, Proal fm Vera Cruz, to ,. ... .. .. 12 a IJ: 1 Hum/'ff-horn I Gel Sm: -, Capt W pon-iti-Ijw, Dr.I I Hanria. octattd; wIth Sti 1aiJ
l'roiwr.'flie I :1 } CANDLES, Sperm, ... ... ...Ib 3.'j a 37 I I Ur>ntcr.. Its: literary ch-ractcr u of the ct-ti
independence of l ohrjnr and Hungary b*' thy ie!:Miis. and ( ;lrmal'S, calling upon, chr Lon'icu Fears, fm New Orleans. CORDAGE.. )Ianilla,.. ... ..Ib a 2tiS Harf.'CtptHninuhry Spence John h ighect t-nler.

is ine.vii.ible.Alre.uk; the !people III a the, French us ive limn arms, and march St t"-mf II Smith' Freeman; fm Columbus. Hemp.... .. ..Ib a 12Tdrred. l C I R cant n. Mai(tin : FRICES lS-15ir

drliriiim of jU\, ate liking Mepto 0 ruts will 1111 t in 1 B..IiuU ami (I.ttiii fly to esl.hli..1 :'..Im.r Southerner, Crarrjrd fm Columbus. ... .. .Ib a n HhMi'.I I; Sperp, Fed I ron 'unOCRJBED tee t..tRL".'
Rrjinblics. aftoiit oOUO peo"pc! :1".llr 'wlon. (11rf r. fin C< lumtius. CIDER, Xorthefn,... .. ..bbl 6 ro a 7 00 H.rf C.iotVrn Tillin-barst, Capt J II : For anyone the fc'Jr Review;, :3 per awCOTO
their fre'-dom. A j flrlld.llliatallll.> issued hth \ J I' { assemliled : Im'r; .\[pi lUrhicoU Thompson,fin Columbu t OO)1rST1C GOODS- Hiil-r. F: Taylor James For any two, tit,. 5 ."

.' KmjitMor; Ftridm.uid MI thf loth. rdt J ,, at i t IW'II. \\ ho. Iu\\.t'\'er. contented : eanlprI..rv A .Moore, MO-TH, tin Columbus.imi.cv : Brown. hirtins..d 53 a. S Ibrdin; KJ 2 Tote Oliver :2Hiil'l' For any three,! il>. 7.*

the lilit-riy ol dippre>>. I the C-I"i-ibli'.!limetii uf I the-i.si-lu. u itlt'bnrniiig I tlu-ir national; Oi:". ::1t.llr (. i Allen, fin ( !sai ta.IutRuchire. :5heetmg.5,...ydj 9 a 12 jr, G i I-: Trir,, G11e4 For ali four of the Reviews. So"

a iMUori.il iranl, .mtl a cousin, ,tit inn lo lie A4I- irle:, of \'r with the cnntinrnl.il powr- DO"'tl' Morton, fn: Columbus.! Tickings..d' 111 a lti; I Howard. IJ I-' ToKwon, Mis! For BlackwooiTd Magazine 3"

as souti.is the deputies of 4 h.' l'rsi.tiicial irs is at an end, except as f :irds Russii.ll Cottonades..d 14 a 22 I I Hp.iM.1! I II I II Thnstpn Um II 2 For Bl.vkwo'd and SReticws. O ..
granted CLEAn El). Cdico! Prilll .. .. ...ydl 6} a 23
Sidles t can: he (:convoked uiiith i. I, the Poll ris**. it will br exci-edingly dif- Kentucky J t'all ,. ...ydl 23 a 5.1 I H"m"f..all.( > C G; Thetber. i: For EI.irkwoettandthelfleiews, IffjOOPaijr.ifiits
April 14-Br. bark
fixed fur the :3d JulTile Kni|>eior is enHhu J'HI I in t keep die French, people I from; rushing Liverpool, J Uriy ft Co.Cumberland. Power, for DUCK, R'Js ia, .. ... ..yd 18 a 29DVE J f'l>vhi! < >ii, C.tnt! John Tolf'.rd. Capt TEl tt be natfc in all cases tiC cteir, .

rtceive-l bv the wher .I their; The Government in Ship Peter Hattrick for Logw'd Campeachy,. .ton :r.ilia'it. .I'.hn Trail J II PRELl f J
!>ia>(ically people :ir will foch.wel. Liverpool .. J : ,
St. Dontirigo,.toui J-r.: : I) Talor, Jurr.es
all Nour.-e Stone te Co.
ever ht .Ipesrs. and I at the I la't :4.ri-inRts April 15 Brig Sarah Fustic. . .. ...ton J'-a-sC 'IfKnight. Tate J : mt': of ll.e icllo\ti- s
tier was CUIIIIlt'It| ) ,lori-d at Vienna, .5 if 1 I die multitude I I I i irtleifere.I I Ji w f i doso York bv A- X McKay&. Co. Welch, for New Indigo ..... ,.. ...Ib, 50 a 73 Llerm. ,Is. :'I'i "f' J Tra.-k FVentre v valuable rki. viz :

In Prussii a similar rt".tllill"lI
place atteii'iel! I with .i (;Viclutul$ I .tfU"'IIIII. ofblood. :; resisi' my gmeral ilisplay; of sympathy ; .- April IS-Schr Aureia.*, chet'r&eck. for Per \\Testl'rn.. .. ...:bbl 6 jO a 7' (Oil) : l Ksltv. I1owlrJ Venire?, Noah C 2 Metropolitan ?Ma-ca/ine ,
Fish ... .. .. ... 250 a 4511)
SdCold.Schr. The IJuhlin!
II "iti II I fu-t ,urll.d lint Km: I "for die 1'oles. A pany; of twenty-five Clift Mackerel, Xo. 1,.. ...bbll a l2 (till) Uart. : 'Vallean Cler!; Circuit Univerity b o.,.
Elizabeth for Xew I1lackwotd4
FrelerickViii.un.| In.I beennm;: .-Hed i I" Polish. ,1"1.11. left Paris i few -days Schr for York. .5 Xo. .. ... 87j a. AUItC K J liKtr Court J'I zihP. ;

fly from In* dominionbut his proved to sinc i (\ ':illlhl I intention of penetrating; inioPnlnnd April :I.ry IJr Aus'ista i irk Sir, iJ.srier John lleri'sford Xew Orleans.Thread- No. .. .. 5 lx) a 6 OilhERRING. ,.. il, I' WSittnli? ton. H O The Lrndi-n. the Etfirbth"h! fh For"i* 14

tie flullltt' Tlie : I 1 and raising the standard of revolt.' gold, for I by I M U'nijlit.Bark ... ... .. .. .. boxt 100 a. Ki: .<.'. D C \Vmlv, Otis Qnartf. art) the IV.1 LninsTe tft.I't'\
C"tt' Kinz: III'| I'rutM.i: igsued Li\'rjool.
FRUIT ... ... ... Kr7. Any fine subiil! ..
Coney Almonds. .1(' : j.ts'i?! \\.eanr.J'scph! ; to liUctwonI. r to )>
a drciee convoking the HIf'I. to lake Thru comilrIIIMI. \'I Paris are looking \'"rthgre.t T L Mitch OCt..n! lrJ. fur Providence, by Hai! ,. ... .. .. : 275 aPrunes. 300' J.\t.iJ;i, frJ; c 3 \\\:1n. Atber lof the Reviews N'; a-year, nt t s> an./. taw tf

-measures for die rneraiiuii of Germany, : to ihe. ie
lor the formation, of ;a griifral Znllven-m. in die Russians residing in or visiting, York. .. .. .. ...Ib 16 a 1 L'llr"'H'v, P Walker! A [P volume any ol th- pr.inicros abure narad
.. ... .
which the same me i ures, weights. ar.d! the l P.Iis have rll.t'l\ct au order lo leave i the mons.. ...... ..boX 4 00 12 a a .1 34)ULe ) 1'i'lf'n.! CjnlPLOM 2 Walon R L A subcriber to any thr-e (,t' the Piri.-dical* at'

same commercial. lal' ehall hmd mother c'u)1111 'di'It'ly.' LIST OF VESSELS IX POUT.SHIPS. FURS.Otter. .... .. .. .. ..., 404) a 40FLATIIEH _'. Thos \\nsl'lw.! C ST a-year, or to the Four Revii-ws :t'nil re

press u now free, but the indeprndenre of manili-stcd bs, s die at the absolute G rdin.r, Young 34fi tons, for Liverpool Ioas 1. GRAiN. Oals,.. .. .. ..bu 75 a :I.T"s; A subscriber t<> Lkl.ickv\ocd: and three K"wit-ws;

it I domination deparimetits them iigJ JJay) A: Co.Rowland. Corn, ... ... ..bu5hl 60 a 70 fjP'r..., -u (' iling f;>r any Jl the u!>jrc let at sy a-\ear. or ti> the Four Rerttvis antl IShrfcwpod .
Germany to be guardtd hi a stnct unlit aTy over assumed by t the Xorcro, -111 tons, for Liverpool ]bat I- GLASS. ... ... ... ... ..box 2f'O 1\ 3ltJ( ( \\ill sy riat'j" are advertised.JOSEPH at iWt will receive fate r'nnui telnines. .
system as h..rel.f"rc Parisians, and it was apprehended t tli.it't the in?-S C'd ;m.St .- .. .. .. ... .... .. a ,.J f
In Hanover the spirit ofs4urni IMS: decbred returns (or I the election front the provinces IA\\'relcP. lower.E 4fil tons, fm Boston wating1' t. hIDES Grf'ell... ... ... ..Ib a {Zj:: Plrnse be paiticuiar ;,1 namim* t.'Aer.;
rtself would tell the 1,. Drvcountry,. ... ...lb, 6 a 7
GuvernIlie'it. Ilchel itiia.s
in efpully siumllc'nJ modes. iZiiii-t Provisional Pral, lI): tons, fm Vera Cruz, ".aitg- IRON, ElIgi: h, ... .. ... ...' -t a Nol r e(. :n ttcsirettjantl fie iccr&s tulstrtttdjCLUCRING. :,.
On the 17th ihbi., a vat it It.isle i I v.vj'i< after dJfe shall apnly l to the JIK' e
sit ii .1.111. M \Vnsiit.Andrew ,. .. .. .. ... 5 a :L SIX : :; .
bled before tie pal.ice. Thr.,*d w rts it- cot Ernery 3IS tons fm New York, Jloop.... .. .. ...Ih a-,2 iTob-jtes! !li'r Franklin CftmfI'r lotter.5 Four copies of any or all of the above \J.

lormed thx the King was iilisjiu-e, l. The : I I.NFI.17KX.K OKIf LtTJR.\TURE.: wa'.tms;-C Roger? \Co. .. .. .. .. .. S a JI) of adnu'iKtratton: : upon the estate of I). U' Fau will he Sfiif to one address rn rner.t c.f tbe:

clamor iucrcasrd and ill a'jout' hour lie were asked what hter.iture would Sit outhf orl. McCornuck: 4 .! tons, fm Charleston, XaH l od .. ... .. ..lb 6 a 7 ct-tt, d-.vas-t-{ T. II. AUSTIN.M regular stibscripfion for three-the paj fourth
Crown an the s ) lor I the laboring man. he would answer. wailn-Q'IItlone; & Go Cating. A.merican. ..Ib 4 a (j; ,ir.-h r 2t: l-' F 0-Gt' being gratis. cope
Counrillers prevailed Ihl'ili; LtfInEItBoards. __ ____ _
upon York Boston
< .hat tons. frm waiting -
; it raised him from I'edin eVa
'l-teDukeof Cnin1ic,l-Pl.! MMI nf
.the Third) to accede to the dem.mds] lit' the class prejudices and from 'lal and narrow J"hn.on, J549 Ions, for Liverpool, bat 1- Yellow .. .MIOOO a160a) TIlE Court c.f Pr.-bates will be opened on the! alloirancf i* made to ehil, nor will pr*-

people. The ideas. just in proportion as lc became acquainted Hi2-1 I M Wright Staves..M in.!, anl for the Iu days next thereof, mi'irris in any cae te furn!Iitd, urdes the sulws
censurthip" of die ;press wa- Medallion, Iloundlette 54t for 1 White Oak Heads .. ...\J .a ,ripticn i is paid in full to the
abo.ishc.l die uitli the nobler minds of those tons, Li\erpool. .. 1200 fur the purpose < ; situ I ::sof t}lId! , a-ain loadiiii S Cain Heading.. ... l recourse to an agentIIARLV .
wh.. have literature. he Ad'ninistrafors. and Guardians
decUred! pul.hc ; and A Zt vnauuirsu\ us putisuied i Aut as Probus, I Ue Vress, G17 tons, for Toulon,loading- LEAD .. .. ... ... 6 a f:! ,th bvhic'h 1
1r"l/Ied. No disorder I becomes capable of appreciating their com I M Wright.Frances p Sheet.... .. .. ...Ib 10 a 12 tune *.v are expected to appear or default. will tate COPIt.A .

III S.nuftItlllliLlr look r4ce. I prehensive, xjewsdieir i ddil'I'. beautiful I Dyer, 393 ton, from Boston, waiting \ .. .. .. ... .. .. I 5') a I 12 1 be filed a anc.t them. of rrJr.ement with, } the Crifish J uMi ...,,
The -vents luvc lIe I1"1'11. and lender sentimentsvill: he rise above all Ma-ter. MOLASSES. N. 0. ... .. al 2J a 2t; L- W. SPR-\TT, Ilariwod"s! ila:axine secures tw n* tail
King has been couHed! \\' March! :J.I..t": l Jiul! tht Probate. sheets of that wi.-rk Ly which!
Jo convoke !l-- influences and wdo Fdy Brewer GM6 tons, for Liverpool 1, AVALSTORES.Pitch..Lbl aI 3(1( :e we shall be able
Uie I nlel., I he Ct.lI elr'lt||,,p n-| I|h.. rf.ss I w ;1! (; : CIIrac'Ied narrow no- loading i -X J Deblois.Rob'i Oakum.bale a 4 1C' t to place the entire number in the hand- t.," j-oh-
''! Med ; trul by jury. reli|.,i..u" fiee.lo.n t1t1] I iKiri-. and ;acquire -Ole of t the essential h Fulton, \\'adt.51) tons, fm Xew York, Rosin. .bbl 150 a 200( ilavnuaGO (;al's. scribers before any portion of it can be n'rri'ui
a u of wisdom. Who he Tar .... ..bbl I1AVAXA sEARS; containJJ in i
olher principles was .I wallmg-I :1 22.'S a : (14) DOfi any of the American Journals.( For thi
Duke Mlutiirjr reforms are secured. The I IIK| world over, that was die. IHsIIivc.lht' BARO.IES.Mdsdala NAILS.. ... .. ... .. ..keg 473 a 531)) p inijan ;ortment of t he "' Pro- (other advantages: secured tn and
of Bru our
u."':tk has 1'/1 OILS Linseed.. ... ... ... al 90 bid HI 1\ subt'riber.u. ve
r.'lIp'II., III 29S loading a 12; "fabtnas-, :iIin&rva, "Britannia,
for Xew
tons so
ihe ) ? but Dodge York pay large a consideration
.fullow UalC
doHiiMlic. 1,1111Vll lie
thIn hcac"lulg .. Ill:'
t'K IlIpl. .,flbe t 1\1111 .Jf S"XOII '. -A \ .. 50 a f12SI't : Partu.'r-i.:' and e.1 her choice brands: now landinz I- !
:' the r.or.uit. man- he whose intellects were nOlgt.Triton. ... ... .. .. compelled raise the price cf the )r.) pzi
L-WIM, Lu14 rm, gal 1 00 a 1 ;'])I e.
2b7 for 2Iaratron
(lir Ann
Monies Luce, tons, Providence loading- per s I ( : for .1\'a'I
*' i.s *:.iII ), ,;;a'utie.liuniul.uu MI rontr.irted! Ihalile n .tS i incapable ol doing Wood Jc Ballou Lard. .... ... ... ...gal 80 a 9.1'fanners' ) 16 \lcClltLY.J1) y Therefore we repeat subscribe tarty tclif tie
disor.l!, il!?? which .. ... .. ..gal Water st. pi'ice w loirRemittance.'
rig the that around him.if Ocean Br -- --
j jiMirc to was Queen. ( 563 for Liverpool
die ) tons, -
palace widu ", |ltj-i. b"1J d..tJI..lilwd., I :''c loading-\Vtrtn.A \ P C Kain. ,. ... .. .... 17if a 20:I Tonsouii Jlcdiciucs ? and communication* slinukta
The .1 man hid t liberal measure of conceit at II ,
awuII" Ia.\.c hllwf'\'l'r. I PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess. .bbl a 1-t (OHn I always addres-ed.! post-paiJ
\ rr franked
repr..t.d: I he I lie Veyboett, lldins.32I tons for New Yorko.tinNoure .'1. ).>T ceived a.tllor: "ale by tn the
e"llt5. itl.d LoU fllnlt'z. 1 I c"mmCfC./t'11 uf his' literary career Stone V Co M. 0.. .bbl a120 i publishers.! LEONARD SCOTT i CO.
his I"'n sent .ti, ; II : I Vb! .{ J. C. :\LLF.:. ,
Fnnktort. 1'1t KIII.. ;tlr.I! ,. lie wiMsl'l) have less Jis he dll-hed the )1onl.tk. (iates, 3SS tons for Xew York loading n.\conllarns.lb Prime. .bhl a 10) Ofl 7y t Fulton St New York.
? 1t.1cumo M-irrice and 1 literature and the Xmir.se Stone i Co. 9 a 12 Cotton Weigher.THK --- -
In lie dete1,1 heights tf ; as : Lemon ---
mediate} '. ,lff'(, l the, ,uIjujisu lu *MlMf j iin prospect: expanded. like t the traveller cros'suiU Brenda., Young, 313 tons, forBoston loading X J II canvassed. .. .,....Ib a ,')') .- having fiet-n appointed a RAY'S LetJr Syrnp.
) ( opeuiu, IIf Ih" DebJois-! 7ia 8II of Cotton JD superior :sJrul'ju.-: rec itfrf
; I ( 'liiuub'r. ; l.'iglJ r respecttiilly; solicits employment I-
"lid ':SI .fd.t : the Alps, as he iocendetl one )ek he Shoulders,. .. .lb 5i a (; I '.d *'-r s.tie t>v
Ills Coven Br Patterson 612 fm Liverpool
ur rf'-.If'lu'" in -'icIIJ. nter, ( ) tons, LARD ... .. ... ..Ib 9 ; front the merchants of Apalarliicot-t. 17'
JII U.uJen would find another and when ic a 9 :
jet J Co II F
110 Iniurre"fi'lu III'( Ih* Ilt'a'anll Jilt'r. waiting- D.I BurfER .. .. .. .. ...lb 24 a .jCUF.f"F. He has a family dependant on hi< labor, and MIELL.Bailcy'.s .
rin lie } l"e hind ;ascended: the would (find Ddunilet-s, (Br ) Johnson is9 tons, fm Liverpool
IOIJU tlliouus Jtlrls IS le.uflllltill l .he highest Master.Oeorgianna .. .. .. ..Ib 9 a 12 5_; hopes that[ oppoitunity; will be afXirdcrl: him to :! Tonic 32i\trr.
ocrt'tlse.1 COn Iitttce a glittering peU -a iiulili array uf ,mind Wdiling- ".'. .. ... ... .. ... 2 25 a 31H( i sjain a support for Ihem! in this community, I is .valuuhle[ : !
bl'rn proclillimed. a rt'l'uGlil" IJ.J which hitherin he had been unable to ;ip- :/IC.1. PFA\UTS.. .. .. ..bush 75 a H., where such an appeal has never been made invain. TIIr.s( and Rubrj compound fluid txtrecf fit'

Iii Bvlgiugn preei-iie. lie said that in proportion as any (' ; Bedell. 190 tons, for X York loading RICE.. .. ... .. .. .. .lb: 4i a 5 i ALEX. McALPIX. I for III'un' of Fever a ve-rtaHlp ttbrgie
the chief event hIits hf'f'n Iw -A Dod?p. .S.Ca .... ... .. 45 aCloves. and Ague/,>ul by
I March.
Ut'J'tlll101I, of ush i man 'berame acqiramied, with the heaulies Zeno, Din-more 221 tons, for Philadelphia, load- .. .... .. ..Ib 37& a jl) 2, HIS. 7-ff JI1ne 12_ H. I*. ABELL.

retI ban"-Ihe 1J"n'l'aJ"'III. hy he I wu : and :sympathies of literature. in the highest ing-T L )J.lchel. Gifl 'er rool, .. ..Ib 9 a 111ground. -- --- --.-----

SlJciele Generale. of Bt'lgiurn all,1 thu I! sense-as he possessed the nature. of the G B !edIIi.it' Knurt-on 260 tons, for Sew York & .... ..Ib 11 a ]2Nutmeg3. 4 Liverpool Salt, .TA Jlolas'\cs.
The InCsSjIrs Weill 1',1 I loading-A Uodcp.PASSKXGEKS.. .. .. sal. by HHD.S West Indies: M tiers
to li'note P' ,i I scholar he found thai he had entered .Ib 212 a 2 SI 0Pepp"r. FOR FlonJi.'JU .-
rendered 1111'4 step by the b.snks u(' I lrt .- -- -- --- .. ..i. ..lb 14 a 11) :-M B ELLISON & Co. t.Tsaleby[ K.; F1LLISON: & CO.
& elJiUIA, alRlolS1 COI Jlu1..ry i' a new region .hogt'Iht'r-lh.I( he vas without SUGAR, N. Orleans,. ... ...lb 5Aa 7St.Croix..lb Doc :w "?,r Wafer ar.tlCesrrststaSaddl.'ry. !
20lb iolt. a bill : --.s tits i the pale of class influences, and thai he 10. a 11 Groceries.BP.LS -'-
Was Per steamer Smith M II
I'resenlf'd e Joyce, Rickley. .... .. .. ..lb ; Whi-ke 1J( l Itbis| Molasses :
mellf, ?ing le&l I Ihad entered the brotherhood of ihe human Per steamer Mary A Moore Mrs. Odam Mrs. Loaf 13 a 14 29. > ; ; \C.
the lormer hank currency r the wit'S IIf! rare that he knew not even national distinctions cCall] Ur C Battle, U Hall. SALT, Liverpool .. ..sack 100 a 1 2362 1 tierce Rice, just rec'd and for sale by SADDLT-l'-J I \'olrJilfl"lfern; -* \Iu..iitilo
10 the ets of It'll trill E Coarser... .. ..bush a 75 Jan 4 0 E. McCULLY.() Water sf. I ISnIlU and Snaflle bits[
Per P
uteamer Quincy-Capt Tomlinson Roberts ,
liuns, and of the taller, the 1 i In fact the noble galaxy of pure J M Veatn. A Cawihorn. STEEL, Cast, ... ... ..cwt IS Of a2:5J) i Saddle flags,
i. its fonilto most ImJl'lrlflOI minded men whu had ht'el I he scholars: of i iI German.. .. ,..cwt 12 00 n 15 v/ Martingales
bUSiQCS Per steamer AIMlachlcula-)1rs Crow S and
lu Ihl" amount uf' d | Capt SOAP .. .. ... .. ... .. and Whips, friIe I>TU'M.
twenty ?nhhlionsuffraocs i lie world, belonged no more to ..ilioIS. I Ii Sutton, J A Kuthven Atkins, 1 rll'r. Ib 5a 7 SCOTCH Marabov, in bottles and blad- G. PORTER
Sortie tlilllllllil"* I SPIRITS, Brandy. Cognac. .gal l 75 a 23GinHolland..gal received and for sale by & C".
cei hue t.II..f'I place i i sects and "arIieS. than the ((1 run-I uncut which I Per tteamer Bo.on-J Dawt>on and lady. MissV Dec 3U .1 t.art
flO I the L u'I'mh" (Jordan, Mi"s S Gordon J Flo'urnoy R Flour- 137 a 151) Feb 17 II F ABELLDr. -fr-ef
fr4lnuer. : The that
Tbe IJrI above. them. light t shone .
Duke and Drli I \iS Ur II Lockhart H Hall Jasme Abercrombie; American....gal 40 a 42 .
pettit ale Jiving inreiene. studied) otloflL' i I from the distant stars was not a light that: noy Whipple- Rum, N E ... ...gal 37 atn Woodruff's Worm Specific, Panacea. -

Brus, ". 10 Holland refirlllitnt, a( i i shone upon this or that nation> and the Whiskey H. ct. ...gal 2'2 a 2362 SAFE and efficient remedy for worms fur' SW.-\DI & lIotCK'S Pan.1CE'l jn,' -n-it"f'd
a I Alcohol .. ... ... 7.'j A sale
der 'endefJCY ''u disllr' gal a sale bv by
has of intellectual uorld RECEIPTS FROM THE INTEKIOft.
m..nif"slt"d iis.lf but no I i stars the werf equally SKINS Bear.. .. ..> .... .. 1 00 a 1 25 Febl7
POlitical results have kilowe irnpurlitlll ,j common properly dear to every lan that Per steamer II. S. Smith-410 bales colton to teer..7 a J Feb 3 J C ALLEN. H ABKLL.: G

In B.uuia the ) I I felt a general l interest ill his fellow creature. Mrtclay & Kimbrou:h: 167 to Harper & Holmes; SIIOT.allsizes..lb. 7 a 78 The; Indians' Elixir. fl TOES-t W hbl". ; TLrnijJ:1o Lt

our Frdnce eeaer.al cumanellion thirotjh" I' And that grand result would be secured by 155 to "Lockhart ,S,; Young; 23 to J Day Ac Co.; 17 TOBACCO,.... .. ... ..Ib a r.o for chill and fever Carrots-50 bbls.; Beets-Wf bbl lt.j

time' aud Gersnuny ha %earcely ".ul' the cultivation and uf literature to A N McKay.Co; 1G to Wylie & McKenzie; TEA Young Hyson,. .. .. .lbSouchong 60 a ))40 A ceRTAINemeJy sale for Parsnips-2-3 bbl ., for sale hv ;
to : pursuit 50 to H K by
produce dff"'I. Tht" Taylor .. .. ......Ib a:10 Dec 30
N"'holofll. howurr .io E"verllr among ihe working classes.-[Lecture at Per bteanif Mary A Moore-107 bales colton TIN.. .. .. .. ... .. Feb 3 J ALLEX.. -__ Ii- }.I tispx & Co.

b. Mwjier of \V, lA U&.ih ilirectssl ti I' the Sheffield Mechanics' Institute, by John to A X \lcKayt Co; 44 to Wylie & McKenzie; TWINE Baling... ... .. ..Ib 18 a21) ler1nifrge. -

Immediate t baa -mmande.d the Tiylor. 3 to Lockhart Y Ollllg. Seine, .. .. ..lb 'a : 7& Coffee. XERS C..l ...
0aBMillion of all the military j Per steamer Notion-646 hales cotton to D B WINES, Maderia... .. ..gal 100 a 3 lit) lAH SACKS Rio, Havana, and St. Dorain"o ',v r 1 17 : Verzn4)u-e) (or ., J f L-

.' A large ItOr ton of the of I ------- -. Wood iNs Co; 47 to Lockhart & Young; 51 to J Champagne. .. ..dozDEM 1000 a 1600 1UU Cotfee, for sale low by _I .}' AUr.f.L.
RUllur II to be N Day & Co; 36 to A N. McKay & Cu. ___ ._- Dec aa: K SVKDF.I [ !Irs'". -'t'olch dr'. \Vee'T .
1Iac..d -
to he Oft a Wilr fooin2/and, olce.ALJ4 Per ateamer Qnincy-51 bales cotton to Lock. ___ I Bl.irlsjith: K .lc\-! .tII; )(.' ,
This ,assemble.) jt the l81 (I3lh) April.the person* are cautioned against hart iNc Young; 191013 S llawley. ISTRY.DR. Oil Cloths anil TarU.: < .:,!.. ", tt S t '*' C. "<.!, and U'tolPans
&te1 Says the for two nole for one hundred dollars Per steamer Apulachicola-124 tales cotton to A. and .) CtU!
decree WILSON, Surgical lfeclaank.z1 Plouhs iir. r .d
required by PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 &c. jt- : : >uzar
*. in Ihewe.t of I each, given by the Undersigned to the Apahchi. Maclay & Kimbrough; 3 to A N McKay Co. Dentist, from 81 Chambers street, New- 15 Wt"i : -c. u lr xile bvr
maolfellloJ? lri78P'r'DK Europe, 1 cola Land Comp my bearing daf.s the fth'enth Per steamer Boston-533 Hill, Dawson & Co; York, would inform the citizens of 3 pcs super Ingrain ; > ELLISON
|he sinful' of respectfully 2 Stair ** t.-o & Co.
1ttt design ubvertinK |i March 1S1G, and'the fifteenth of 49 to Lockhart &; Young; 37 to A N McKay& Co Tor.
luthu'ri'-iea The Apalachicola that he will remain a short time at 10 Tufted{ Ruzs, ; -. W-iVra-dCheatm.! st.
bdles -
alliance Per Southerner
of friend- steamer cotton toNourse.
1 I respectively. The parlies to whom said notes _.
Ihip and the Ire liei by whirh Rusai" I is were failed to comply with the Stone & Co; 210 to Lockhart As Young; the residence of N. Baker Esq., where he will For -die. by WM. G. p I 11.ho'c-'I''()IS'sC'ouspoiind *. ; .
given having attend to the of those who r
eOQQetJed -tJ to\Vylie Ac McKenzie ; 6G to A N McKay requisitions may desire 1)ee 'Jr) "' .UI'
with the t of( -II :U'
neighboring Powers, im.V etuis their contract, the undersigned will not his :ur:1: ("Hi X:
st t
Pose <.i.41 toJD.iyiCo._ professional services. ,:, -
u. a. said ; :
| Jpo a sacred duty to take tiwi pay laid notes unless terms are compliedwith. : Ap.-.16.( 18JS. f-2-tf Trnsses 1-'ctt
placing a of .'.. --I .
portion onr HULL'Siincncr: ; i..r'l."t! It. .,. ,
froop' opoo a w8r footjog, that, in cajs dr.f WM. SYDNEY GREEN r BITTERS just received and for sale by /1ASTILE Soap {;sale by ; '" ," ,. '-. .

.Apalachiccla April <\, IHJS. 123t.El.r.V'ATlNU Nov 21 J. C. ALLBi\T. Feb .1 II F ABKLL. Feb 17 1 the .ulKe\s. lor vile; bv.
JI F; \DEr I.. Fl'a
J C l\l..LY




1 1r

--- .
.. ,- -", :.

: -. < :- .. '" ... .. =i_ --- '& .. 4 : .
-C r _

- ,
-.-. -- -' - V .__;;;;;-r -.-, -_- _-; _.___ __; .__-= .
< *' r'1 -; -
____*- .- .. .

T, ,






T -.. .- .r'w- .. -- -- --- ..
-i __ r "-u -_ : ":"-. ---- --.- .- .
-- -- .
-- --- ;
Tax Collector's Sale. i II Mock 134 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved : i PROSPECTUS I iLcjJal NoUtr Dry Goods. -FRESH- --- --- -.
I block 133: lots nos 3 to JU) inclusive unimproved : : ARRIVAL OF
t BY wirtnn4fLheaiflrnrity in m vpsiedbylaxv, blodv 1-Jt; b lots no& 1 2 3 6 7 S 9 10) iimiiiiioxrd, | : OF THKFLORIDA THE subscribers offer for sale a large and iea- Drags, medicines Faints.

'illi""t i to ik1 bw'Wt? tlie C,''iu Il"U-e block 1.J7 lots ..1)' llu 10 incluaive unimproved : At Chambers, stock of Dry Goods, consisting in Dyl"ff8' pcrtoraeiyTAc ik.

1.'Jr. in thi City of A 'o111C1W'nlllIJlnaJd: \ the block loi lots nos I to 10, inclusive unimproved : WHIG APALACHICOLA, DEC. 29 1847. (I'art ofNegro TilE undersigned retun. .

Stsi: day of Mix:, iS IS, !between the hours oi ten bloc 1 1JJ lots DOS 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved: : Kerseys and Linsejs, f to his friends and the hUtbisVi io.nl-

A M. anJ 1 1.fl2r P. M. the lollmving r"111' tale, bloc!* 140 lots nos 1 to 1II1Uc1u..i unimproved! : ,' A WEEKLY PAPER, 'John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff, ) !. White and Red Flannels it liberal patronage and public "

bloc:, 141 lotsno$ I 2 3 4 3 S 9 10 unimproved : TO BE PUBLISHED .Al.lIRl.'lN""V.I1.. vs. Hangups and Tweeds, I begs to iDIortza
situ tied 11 the City ApiUeincol i, (assessed as that he is now
block I42loisnjs 11n 8 inlu..I\'t' unimproved : George K. Walker and Mary Super plain black and fancy Casameres, receiving anal add'f ot.
the pr-iperty, ot Licwi* Curtis t and Joseph Deli- block: 143: jots! ios I to 10 1I1c1J unimproved: i i iblock THE un.lcrsied 'propose in the his wife, of the State orFlorida Super English and French Cloths, supply, \hlch added 10 hi, fonner
field lYuitees of the AiulaclncoU Lind: Company publishing stock, renders his
144 lots 11 10 ,inclusive unimproved : Hettnerand assorln.cni
,) or si much thorc.il u111 pay te: Taves block: 143 lots n-is OilS 1 to 1 It iticjtu-ive ummpioved! : Town of Mariatna, Jacksnn: countFlorida, a Ann, James his wit E.>, ol the Bill and for partition.account Whitney Blankets, 10), 11 and 12qr and complete. English, French unuSUally'Gemlan laf

for lSl7ase3iaJ aul block ItG lots uiciuMve unimproved weekly news-piper: vxilh the above title. DuIillH.1ukets,8, U and J U ijrs. American and
thereon' in arrear U'ipjid nos 1 to 10 : State of New York and Drugs; Co.met.c. ;
to the '?(.ite of Fl ,iriJi, and the County of Franklin : block 147 lots in s 1 to 10 i inclusive unimproved : ] This paper will bedexoledto Literature, Apricnltnre Jane McMa-ters ot, the Marseilles Quilt' y, 10, 1 11 and 12 qr.s, and Druggisis (;1,88V p. &c,p'fumf'IJ&c i Clan

lot xvith the t cost .of ailierliseiient, ) and block! 143 lots nos 1 to W) inclu.-tve unimproxed : and Science; it will also contain the Denims, Kremlins and Cottonadep, t.o Physicians, Coui.tr> WerchaMs t are (ftt

111and xv'urli: sud real estate is described as block 14J lots no* I to 10 .inciii-tve uuitnproved : current news of the tbv. and articles in support of Stale of South Carolina, Brown Shirting and Sheeting, t the n.<.st liberal fern-.!! aid o'htTI 0
block: 130) lots! nos 1 2 :! 4 7 8 J H) 10 unimproved: : the Whig Policy. Dt fend 1l1ta. J Cotton Osnabnrg*, of hicbpure het&mnb
( lllw" and
the of aid unadulterated.
', n: Miji: C.ty'iz. I b'ook' 157 lots no*-1 2 3 4 7 S 9 10 unimproved : ; The want of l a local hail been Re'erelrfelt U PON affidavit ol Complainant's Solicitor that Cotton Drilling: and Ticldn-- ;
Bl 'i lots 1 to 14 inclusive paper
J' A. range J. nos. 11. F.
block 13S lots 1 10 mcln.-ive ,
nos to unimproved : Javksnn. Walfon and t the Defendant? mentioned in said Bill 1 do Linen and Cotton Checks BELL
umm.mix'ed: ; blockraige2' lots '}':. 1,3,6, block l 139 lots fl()': 1 to 10 ..Cl!ilsi ye ummjirnvvd i : Washington counticj not ieide within this Circuit, but within the Irish Wholesale Retail Drugget
and has ofthis Linen Shir: ,
0, 11, n. 14, IJ ln'r'v.1, ; block A, range; 2, block 167 lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 S !9) 10 unimproxed : led to the prcposfd establishment United States: It i is ordered that 111 ire of the Bleiched mg and Sheeting, 45 Water
lots t1): .>. 2, '!, 5,10,12, i improved; ; block B,'.inge block 163 lots no* 1 to 10 iiiclu-ive. unimproved : i i Journal. of Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, Apa13'hicob, Nov. 21, 1&-IG.
this and
i institution t smi the the
1, lot n Bill be iven
n, rugj 2, lils n i3. IJ: 1 1. n ii-nmivvd : block! block 170 lots nos 1 2 3 478 0 10 unimproxed : to cmblc thorn, t"i commence ils publication amended : some newspaper pub.li..h.cI Extra :per, plnu and twilled Ginghams, Drills and 11f'd'ttnes.
L blot* 174 lots nos llo 10 Uiclufrive unimprovfd :: blIP t in the Circuit lor I the pace "flour( Super Ca' d'['
: 1st 1 September i Iriere rl'oIe, TUK
B 2 1 hU .r irn"r-
rail' -e no 2,3,4, ,0, U 1:2, snlMcribHhas[
block 173 lots nos 3 lo 10 IHcIoIHunIlIJl'ro.d monlh", ;and if, upon dUl'l'rnor of the Extra and
: j TKHIIS Three dollars in advance.S3 appearance supi'r Mu-lio de Lame wilt
cd; bh'f C, rti.; 1, linn is. 3. 4l"i, 1'5. unnnpiovcj per annum constantlv lax, ..,>n hard.
block! 171)( lots 1 2 3 ( 7 8 9 JO unimproxed j of f slid n'ltice' in some
nos > : newspaper so published Eiglish! Scotch and 'f'flltJ..tp
30! il the American
hin six. rnon.hs do.
bl Itt: C 2, 1'11:1 *. 0, 10 1 11 12, p.iJ'i ; ; or $1 J 00 at ass. rtmf'Tlt ftl
; mge no bio'!; 177 lots nos 11010) incl'JMve unimproved : for I the time tnentioud I the said defendants do SUIer Italian black DRUGS ard: Alf-Dl.
13: n iinvrove.i block C 2 lots 1, t hock'! I end vI'I the xear. ; and figured Silks, C 1lE.wtiC'h he
; range 178 lit.- nos I to 10) itic'niHVp unimproved, : not to sud bill by (lie next ruledav winch Black will ft'unnt
appear Silk.
BFIXJ. G. LIDDON CO- and fjncv Ilkl l rnre-
2I, 5 5, n, im I: iMveJ ; bl., k 0, r.:2, lots tK 3. Work 179 lots O1 34.3078930 unimproved : & shall after dav' and of the best quality.

3,7,3, 0, ntiinpnvei I ; bl-ck 1), ratig-j 2,1 its block ISO lots nos i 'lo 10 inclusive. unimproved : I July: :31, .1c47. of aid come peri"d of twenty four tr.onlhs a Irom the is expiration, Super English and Pongee! Silk HkN, fprrhanl" and Planters vU CflJnl"
it find
bloc:!, Hl lots! 1 2t 5 89 10 further ordered English and \merican Cotton I Hkfs, to their advanta it
njs. I 2, o, i nprive.l: hl % : bl.vlt: E. C bl I 'ct' 1S2 1"f3I1'15 lIlt t SincliiMxe 1 unnr.proxvd! : HHD St. Croiv; :Mur.ir ; (that the same bu taken as confessed Madias and Verona hcnd Ilkf-", Goods belorp pritt hb
1 I'i, 1-3:;, i 17, IS, i iinprorel; ; r "x< 5 j-nrrha-irp else where.
hi! >c'1: '31..t I ts nos 1 to 10 inchuixi unimproved : 13 ib N"-"x- Orleans Sugar; again-t them. L idles1 Cotton Hose and Gent" Hf-hose, N. B. Ph'ieian'
Iit 7 '' 13 It M l 11,17.18. HI. Uii i-n-
< ?
nn. .
biock 1*>4 lots noi I 10 10 inci'Jsixe u-iimproved : 2U bbl St Croix h GEO. S. HAWKINS[ Judge, &c. Super' ; Sum, M.ir lIjt
r ?; J thrdav
!Mock; H3 -
Inf"'ilI5l I
i t lo 10 UK"'a-ive unimproved : 3 l hx SIt! w.rl's Lnftrvbblsjrroi'id CARMACK & SPHATT, ', and Flax Thread rr night.
btnc! F, 13. u.- 'I, tots -\1; .'>, G. 7, I'1: U, H, 2.. block! l-r; Litnos 1 to 10 incl'j-ne unimpiowd) : \ 4< Compl'ls Solici'ors. Plain and C. ALLEN

n:1!'I'rr'k-cl I : Mick! II. raiga I I his uc-i. ">, >, l,1.1 l ,!; 1-11..13 nos III 10) i iilrill..i\'l' uninvrnved : True fig'd hvi.andcieckrd! Muslins, March 21 Cor. -'---> and Corr.nltrtp
101) sacks Rio Cofi.'p .VO do Java A Cojiv. WM. VALLE\U J S'I.
; : .H'nnel a-ul Cambric Miv !iri
< -
10 li ; block H. l hioc'i! : lv lot no2H; 7 83 !,
11 11, il.uiim.'r.nvd. : raze l > : 10 u.iqiprn.d: : block IIoliiics'
'O.l.tsnu. :3. J. :i, G, 7, S, 0. 10 11,12, 13. 14, !-'. lotnos' 6 7 'J9 10 unim/roved : block 190 lote 40 bvs Arom.'lic Tobacco; -Dec 30. )-jm Clerk. Ne.Hlli", Pins, Tape, \{. &,c I Vegetable pm. -

13, 13, 17, u'uJ\'I'J.: : bl>.*:'j J. rt ,.ze 1. l 1..1 t* ., n."sG ; 39 1') unlillIowd.; TifT M-iil'ddo ; Franklin Circuit CIlIrl. Which hive been selected with great carein FUU DY&MKXOUUHKA: OK 1'AtNITJ CTHESE
II 11 I I VvHARF! I '20 Sperm Candles l ; .Ob4'hrownSoap;; The Pie-ident, ind Directors of New Y&ik and Boston. from Importer*:md Agents Al K.NSTK UATIO
1'AJ. -1, 3.i.. !. 3, 7, 5. 9, l \ 11! I 2. 1, IV LOTS. :
13, 17. IS, !:'. uuMiiMiraJ ; lii\:k J, ranio 2. ::: IQ' f-ot 1 l-.r' N12 i ; 3J fset fort of Leslie JOn bi: S-ii-t ; ;30( kis Powder ; the Ba-ik of Pen acl'l.", In o Manofacturt-rs\ at the lowest market rites, andre cclebrat.d PilU have berime In Jam:

!,,*, 14. 1,2.-:1 .1.j, 3.7, *. 0,1 1', 11. t 12. 1 l.;<,14.l : sr..el! ; loii.'t-t: Lt No ]1-3 ; liJJ feet \\t: No 17 ; I H)1 200) III i 1Wili li>s Lcid: !; L..w1.0.1. E\tra' foci Pure. \ Chancery. a now offered at whole"If' fir etail on favorable that but litil' their virtues, in curing thM diilf'a. ,

15 i. Ii;. 17. IS. 13, 2', uiiimnxed ; block K 1 M";i,
r4-w 1. 1 rt.
U. U, n, 11?, 17, 15, 1 h>,2), ij-iun.irov. \ ,.. ; ;ji.if (.1 I lot .Vo 22 ; A') feet toot 01| Cile:1 nut: st. ; reading ihe Bill and Exhibits", filed in 1 I"'I stand no matter fl' how

W,.*k 1C. rng-> 2,1 ts! IK 1. 3. 4. ">, 0, 7, % ;', ""Wi'I t>et if lot No 23 ; I 93 feet 'toot; of Cliciry st. OSJ CoU-nlll ( ciu: >e, It is orth-rpcJ.lhat It'rv t'cofl.w! A CARD. "I'f rig. Pdtj.pMelcontaining 30 t: page,
I'M I.-1. U. U, 13, I'), J 17, IS ll', '(t. uiiimJMmH .Ms'i-.\!U Lind I hing I on: th! ,' UVfct side ot' t tin* NT i-ci 'gnmonllf..fjfr bilL: he perfected on I Hiram ;\Tanlev, 'nne of the THE Subscribers take tin method of inform M.srh (torn the profession, K..r o tr. by
ne'i H on e o i- the citizens
; 1)l hk: I,. 1-it* i 110'. 1. :2I, .", <3, 7, S, '. .\i!' 111 hlf"'IIt IJaxX. Si-gar: ;, C.chradld.: defendants, who appears from I Ihe affidavit( filed !that ol Apalaclncola and its vicinitv "J C ALLEN.l.oriruer .
1'. I M, il, I '. 13. 11.13 lu.li. IS, U, 2 MinimpMV.d A.i.'hrliici; 'I I. to tl- \t\-t.-rn b'lu.idincs s of 1U,000 ( '.IZ :'nrc:, Esmeri," heiein, to be a recident of the Middle District? 01FI'I1'irh :thev now on lurid a very neat 1 I J ElnAS, s n I
and \nllsl'er/l.d
; bl.2k M, lts .a1. 1. '2. ::, 4. :% u. -. s, rrs"Uii: C"iriy! : ..N.: St. Vhiccut's I Nland\ SfOivigo's (C ilo7n "J K"s ixi- Maderia, ] by publication in the newspaper pubIihed Stock of GOO!DS, which will be V i\7 I trn''1 'hepal.t"hi.la heca'p.e pnrrhar

l\ !:', U, 1 !, M: U. n. B. 17, Is, id-2.), -1'jjin. Isl-fid: {, and D.c I Isl.nu!, (pKcIusixo 01Ihat 0 -Ifgra"Porr J : in the city Apalaclncola, 1 for the spaceof sold Cloths low, consisting and Cassimeres in part as follows! : Ihe 22d d.iy. I.r Ar! riJ, 1'3G. ,Laid f Ctmpan1.. on

fuwttd l ; hlick N, InN, nos 1. 2. :1<, 1. 1 i, I 0, 7, S t I, t porttii'i! cf St. (leoig'.s, and( Dog Island I owned 6\ CIt'lrv'Cordial: two mont h-!, inquiring said Manlev, to he and various shIes, I and II', ill Block No :/j and L(3 nUIJlbfln

i'J. 11. 12.:! 13, I'. 1;;, 1(3( 17. IS, I 1'J. 10. u-iitn-i ,,1\,1 tl l the L S. Gm-eniueat) : also, all Lmd Ixing 10" :Tun: it.- Catsup, appear before the Court on the first Monday! in Alauaca Fancy- Prints Lustre, do. do. do. I and 1 II 1, ,n Bluck( E2. 'If'lhrr\\il'l. Lot. N,,,. 7/8. M

;,r"vI ; hbk O, l' t* no*. 1. 2, .J. 4. .">.1 ii, 7. S, 9, i Ca-M of the Cay of Apalaclucoh! and bordering, ror !ioln, McCALLA & KOMAIN, June next and answer aid bill, otherwise the ; Figured, v ilee lir"n "" the the wharf} pr,.
Silks f'ruliR'.ne map '
1). 11, i:, 13, 14, 11, 10. 17, 1.. 1>), "2J; uutnrrnv j I m: St. Gt"> -:' 'S
(,i ; buck 1'.1 n* 111:. I. 2, ,11, ', fi i, 7. S, j tmtJlh I of< N'p.v Hi v'r, tn tn 1 Ihe-iec-I! a direct I i I life -------- -- GEORGE S. hAWKINS Jude, &c. murd: hi- rulM &c In lav, which ,I.f' u-
do. Safin .f
!. 10. 11. 12, H, U, 13,11 i ;, 1 17, I*.?. UV2<-I.I uirn1' j 1 1 Jo t.c!; Ctupnla Cu-: ..fr', 1 >IUp-wi!! ;:; the Apalachi-: BooK :; :3rt Shoes.BOY'S A Ti ue Copy. Cashmere Striped Robes which rem-ir, Hnpaill, l, with r the said i CI mpanr,

pnu'ol : bo! :! Q. l .& fl. 1. 2,3, -t.J. a, 7, S, i '-oli; (Uix-cr: d'ixva to its m!'nitli! j 'I'ltlin: Koibe's tad! Mf'tV Rus-i ft Bro all' ; WII.MVM VALLEAC, Clerk. Fancy do. : Merino tl.rnonnd. \lw-.b the inrtfrf'rl due

tl, 1), 11. t !. 13, 1 1. n, 5.17, IS, l 19), '1-,, uui- j 11..1; ttid (.1 called): t the xvh-le c.i .taming t j 2S3.000ot : '< , asr,". nlfoht made

J 'II I ; blv.-.i: S, lots r.'I 1 t I :2 l, illrtu..in'. I ",'j(0 thud qti' Li isV_ ci Lnn 3, and lOiJU) of 2d Gents' fine Call 1'ioga-i--' ; I.\: eit'cEitY.17s'ankhiim Muslins India Bonk .Iord that in ca-e of failure.; to ,fully urldrr:
u,h1'1\l blk 1. !ht nos 4,7, 1I'limI'I'o;e41 ;j.iu'lif. maJe the Assessor pay lip dd, fjfpt
: ; as err returns: by ol \Vn"ped] all'd) '"hoes; Children's do. Circuit Court. do SvxiLuce and Colored ;accord g to the contract,
bt.rk l 1, Lit .no c, inr"Vfd; ; hl'I'k; :t. lot n''. 9 i, .t "''Ite TI'' fur Franklin: Ci'ntv.JOHN, S'ipci'.idio: Kid ad: Morocco Shoes ; Thorn.s: Oi man, EdgingLisle, and Thread hold h" OIl liberty. rn cibrut, Ib.rt"d CNnpany'
U'1iI:3N\1. hh 'o -t.lo j ; 003 :. I h G,7S..9. :1111 LUC.\?, SIc! ; Super, L-u'-es; C" ..TMand fine Calf Boots. vs. V Shawls Damask Silk I in a t.nbhc .,Zf''p published! notice
'N\'tsl hlnr'j 4 lit ni 2, i prwe.t : block ami Kv-OiucioT.iv! C"ll.vfor Trankliii-Co. \IIIatblrf\lalo
m; ; A hrgc "i..dcvt'"i-ivois: just received I William B. Finch. ) do. Marino I r'--('H *alCf Is*, at tl.r: n-k rf said,
5, lots *i.ia. 2 tn <', I rifl'isiv.", u'1i''I.r"Iod: ; 1Jh uric: .\'nl: L'1!:icil.| ,. rI., | j' !':. ;j'.f.\ aiidior-.h-y! \\'). G PORTER & CO. :She benefit r.f aid purcIar :,.
be-in made to do. > Cr-mpany. and
:; by affidavit that I the Plaid Wool it nr'lu
3 liM 2 S U, :1lf.Wi! h!,>ck ((1, l 1t.1 Nnn. IT appear; anv !
fJI'tl\\u'c: ; Ci tii I D'( 'M) 41 Water rerwir,'il.l alter
ii p : ery, 't. street. defendant re-ides bi'jond Ihe limits of the Kid, Lace arid Silk Gloves naxc said nr.ffS
1.7, S, 9, I _', u liai ),?.'.'.l ; bl: iok G, I I.rs :KWJ I' given for and
I lr: "n'N'ri'nTs h 1\.: o-i !baud t ti rviU ---- xvit on account Pf nd Lr.fa ,d
Stale ot Florida, to in the State of New Tu kan Gipey Bonnets !latest fashion all rnut,
.3, 1, i :n-,r.n*,n! : ->!tl\-k 7, lit* "..i1, 2,3, U. I''). 1'.1 and e--
I !
LOC K., aa-"rll'd, I IJ nt:t->. S uvHi':::esJfj'i.Niv > :it7ifc Boo'is ; :(l Stationery. York : It i is ordered t In:it service of -aid; bill be Ribbons in all xinefies pcr.-e, the amp hall be paid to the said S.R.
''J'1i'n'N\: ; bl. ?k 7, loB ni*. 6, 7, i iarn\.d: : ;
I I : .MilKuxs, Crn, MI! ,1,1. PIIMLS ;: Day Books, &c. f fcnr.r. "r hj"'lp al
: : LEDGER.lUII"IJ perfected( on snid. defendant, by publication of Ilrnxvn: Shirting, 7-3, 1-4 and 3-1 repreeruitjves; ; and "bue.
1J1" k", Ii l< nll. 3, 4, >, *>, 7, S, u'li'otr.el; ;
C.lnII; ; nsoAii or-!, GimblifCiii'iUi.see) ; : : : .:; .i-ul Letter Paper; I iim order f t'r;: f.mr montin in some newspaper Bleiclied! do. "i.SI 1-1--1,10-.1 and 11-4 a-tv! -.iut! IS. R. Bonier: has fad,| to 4fd

bloc: i 9, t"t snf 1. 4.. 3, 7, S, ii'iim'iwed, ; an.l Bitt.. R'll-s, i5cXt'lS j'ur?, nroau.e; :, Cotton: : Memc-randuin Books; printed in the City Apalichicola, requiring e Blanket, C-.4 land 8-.1 noted, nt.\\- thf' said Crrr.pay in {.ursiianceTl pay the
mi 'r.\I bl i-k 10
21ei k 1 \ !III'< ni* :}, n : < d.t (Minis' dn .\d/.' I.tcliri--I Ship and Ki'.vi Bill-: I 1 will i
Ship : -, ll.im- Lading ; him to appear and an-wer said bill, otherwise it Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting rTomiw. cxposp th* Lr-N aforesaid to safe
hI ck I 11 luts-i 1 'S.tI'.impN'C'C
1i:1 Ii .. 7, nnpravo: ; is ni'r, S':11I11C'r t llin.'i'unii'iJdo.) [ !' ."tei'ljard 1 *, Hr-nok'! s (f.ir Loot ttt-r Pre lard
bl'i-'k 14 1" tno< tit 7..J, in) |
> ,
; ,1-its 4, 1'WI Co'intcr: Si-lie! *, Pi.t lnitu d-, Cut too do, : : Bills! of Kvchaugfl: and Checks, At ChamberSept.. 20' 1S47.GEORGE HaN and Caps, all shies ( itv. on Thursday .ftp. 'njm'r.\ blk! 13 n w. I1. .
; ; K.'tc'icriVjv.: T.ible! Cutlo'v: Shovel :1::1 Jut tccoivcil a.id for ale by S. HAWKINS Boots and. Shops bo.xxcei. the t''lIr ,1' 16 oVlrrlr. A. J
i'J1'r.. f ; 1)1)<*:k 17, 'I.i. 'J l, 'i'nn:>r "'t'l ; block: i1. and ?
To'ij f TIIC I lions :M-rrii 7 : I (clock P. M. fur .
', &c.ACKWHrilV II F. \ nr.r.r! A True Cnoy. Jud & Clothing ol all kind ) Cd h, to pay said
17, lots nni. r' 3, .;. 1. 7. s i.', :iumjrmJ; ; !ilrU; 1 >, lot Bdln.H1'i1 L : SJwlIlit'ini'rs : ,?-., lYotire.vil W. VAttEAL', Clerk. .\I'i: a neal assortment of JEWELRY, arid cots and 'har f'q.

n '. ,1. ni' ir-ivel I I. bi'ick H..I.t I IKK. 1 to Iu, in- Die I .Vves! Si-re-xj'l.ttcs, Stocks: and r j- E: Cotiartrrrs'iit-!, i eretofore: citing beU'.P October 2-, IS 17. 11-lm many other article* too numerous to n.eiition. Tiu-tees JAS. E. flETTNER, .gent of the
l"on I'"il-s f
I K: vVc. the .
t-i.c; -- -- -- ---- Call and exirnine Apahcl.iccJa
for vnrlrl.h't'1. Land
4'.1'1u'Ii'nlru'c.h: block 2). lots no::. 3 to ii, I i *-R 1 ll"ta. "ns.'rl'r: i!, undtr the firm of D Co.
H OX'r'ls T>-_' i-h :rIi 1 An-iican nrc'1; %lrAL.rO.CIItCUIT COURT. .\paJaC'hic.I.lan'l.. ">
jnd'u ?. '1lhr.: H"I'I ; bl'"c't'! 21.1 ht no. 3, im'slock 1 11. VV )Ot) S. CO.. '\: hf thi- daTill' ailviif ; X. SCOTT &, OTHER, ?- --- 1S45.

r"v I : '21.I.-t-. ,.. Ito I a-vlfi to tl. I mciu.umproved r"'ln.I,111t P.,tiler: I h'vi.;aw1':11Ia Htilr-ifl: !; ', l B Spike lall.llo"p.I tI",. I Hllr..c.ho:Sh..cl anI,> < the concrin .vill liquidated hv N. J. De- Bark:In: Chaiieery.Th -Dec--:"5--- -- -C.- >-r.-Wat,'r and CentreIs.-. ---(--. M'incToiiLbT s OI1SilImenf.
bl ick 1..101.I I lH: bl.'H. : ir, )
!Llt'-. ; .niimHliwk t Irxi :m'1 ?;"jil-, Cat t i'nglish, i>liokr; and D. B WOOD, x-.e. S Petition for Divorce. B. Ellison' & Co., Cor."Pater aadClicstiiut II received pei ship Jlananna and At
irwe.I; : '2:1.1: its ',os. G. 7. -. M, r. mn: r"vi'J ; x. J. DFBLOI -.11( "O-A* torcahV -
14'4'Vil.liNnjv i.1.1./j.7.S. 1.11).11'lilUIt.\j: GT-ITI Stnt.l.'LI1'rLrli'. I \ 1r-j"b. I Sarah: '"m' th Darker ) Ms. I) ?b.-keN
; I : : '\-rl; : H. 1,1 ; Hitd-ick Chani.pane
bl,:'iS'23, hta-iK. 3. 1. t, <*s irfunpriveri ; bl-,ck 11 an-1 DwhK Corn-or. r-. i f II appeirin to tiio satisfaction of t the Court, SHIP CHANDLERY.MANFLL 3 ca-'e orjPae: pr'1"irle ,
C:'ir.itri'.is' r Log"iiin! Tnci" d"1 11 L..e. ,
u\ j bx aJiidaxit: inari.1 this that the .\ and Hemp Corde nf all i7e
:!. !': rn.. 4/.j, <,. 7, *<. 1 J. U'H-n irovwl: bl-ck\ in case, de- ', S Sar.derlar- "
Sltt:11I,1: SwvVe,!Jin Hues GnJ; 'n, S'\ i.pv tn- 'tft-T d! ile, I will :apply lo the 1 1I 11'1\11:101.: -s it",h Sa'in'ilba l liirker, re-ide beyond I >, WorrniipeMaiiirie; Spun.im ; -
nii-l Jsivc irnoroved bi\! 10 "
27,1: 1i 11 1' 'J Duff
n < GorcTon
uli'nlr1.1 blurly12J LTI 1'1! Gr'i'xhmg: I Ho{ ,''. 1 f.i t"IPI' Pr I iiihs t '"cr Frarlklin'Clll1l1tv, the .uri"iclion! of the I State of 1ln, ida : It i is ordered v. ( >akim. rverni Oil, 1.,tldo.! Whale do, Olixe: Sherry Wine.
2;. lts 11 I'. 3, J, 7, s. 1.1. \ ; CuR.Gt; i; M nl! i.1. *. t Icr ti.t'.i ,1i'hal1'1110 ; 10 lid: KM Ir dia .Madena \\
I the ,
: mll.i ) in n---"recl.; Pie, ; admini-tration nl' tint thfsii.l Sirab arrnnth B IrkH dq rlo. Liroe-fd do. IJ.ixx l: d", lioiU-d do. SpiritTnr! ne.
lit* ni. 3, I, ft, 1, **, y, 1 +. t3nLmsr.ev'i l : I Tar U'.si:i.'Oo.l t Fir Brit! Varnish, lla-.d-: t the e.tito! cl Ilfin D'al.; late of sid count I v de- pear alaI p'iswr t th.- ahl petition within three aii- l",-ntni'I % Paint. \\Wmdoxv "I ,'-,. PflU'hut i *; old Sicily; Madena Win., ht. .

lA-ici :3 ). i'it n 1). S, litnprovel: ; .; block .U, 4".Njus. tii .. ll'k.. n"I'.4. & cKj-r-d. .1 \Mi! < GIU; :UX, .Adm'r. months alter 1 the of this order Lead (fed do. Y..IIIIhr.., Chrornc GrPI'n. i Mirrir 1_ E McCULLY.
:. S, i'. If, u irn,r 'vel: bi vk 3 12. ITJ i n4 ., : publication or t the !'Iin>-rald do, I liriien il I d >, "hroinf v..n"w..r i 1- --
( ?
C \S 11N ; "-.n : I, r ::. S | < '
:'lr ;. ?4ii!!' rill -ilif"i pl.1..111'I.1.rril: I nWhikr 1 1 1. 1-i: ,
:" ; f i.d il .
; ill! I he taken
I, 2.3ai,9. 1 ', ) ii-n ir 1\.1.1 hi l.c:( m.! }L.5n __-_ _ H__ __ pel 10.1 \ confe; ed ; and it digriLiii4rrt! ;e, -.tl'hur. nrt Y.irm-h, ( .,V ot'ce.
.H t3, '\ ," um') 'v.---! S;>idfts, Pots, I 'jatc-iecl I!I .' ,; .. fns : 1 is CUi'1 her oidertd t that,: tlus m'lr be published' l'ioine do 1 Tar LI o-ri, Pitch Tnrpfntinp.Co.il. P.urn"opal; 11l\/fY 1 wife, Ann Kate*, 1"'ir'rft t my bed and
Konlcs "l"P.J Kcttli-s: ,"
& .
1 \ i .rl'Hitl'! 1111.n;>r >vc I ; blu-ic 3;, !htol n.Q 1. Tll'WAnI'-\ (, 0 nrL ; ;, : ]ii 1) do.: Prime Pork ; < nexspapn; jo the W.-teri; Circuit of this I Il"t"hpr do, Tar do, crllh) tli,. Cl-impdo. I without can**', trIP punTic are }hert'bj

6,7.8, 9, I'J' H'Iimlr.lVe,I : hlck 31: lol. m<. 2ti ; aoitmrt.1Vli'les. i I1) !Si'is; !n 1 :-ir: I rik Rice; Slate fur the space of three months! Limp Clack 'In1k. Wlntinc. l> i!:-irf Dr"i K. Hn-: catitiorscd asain!t harboring or tru-hip lifr oriRIV

I >, i'I iiH*ey ; GEG S. HAWKIX-:;, Jm-e! W. C. l Ii-li di>, (0t'1': do, I ll.-a\x- Kaxendo.: Fiiit du."III" .1 I account, as I shall rut bt" answerable for

J.. ', ", 7, *;, U, It. n tnr..vt'd: ; b!..-'j' :t. lotsna .' : ). E H! I'c. 2 vi,r. f:)"i'i c I li.tms ; Ja.nnry; C;, 1-.5-. 51-3m" \ B.IW.UJP': IJed: r.iinaiis.: Xail Copper dn. debts! : contracted b) her from tl.i dafp. any
;\'i'll.ic'il'i." 1, J.I1; -'\ '.j-s. 1 do TackSliip ?'uke-, Boat do. Brad-, Screw-.
2 to u, n "lU'ivp, tJ'IifWlr'J\ -d : Id >ck :'I'J, i >N ---- X">.v \od.'l': \ :' '. IIr I/iui-a sears and Cnl' ---- ------- --- THc! Sfxv Anchors ; 'I' JOHE KATES.
IIilnl-i'kt. C'a -r.iin i
tO]. 1 t<* IJ.' i ncti4iv.! .>, tl mt'r I\.i : block! .1 I, Ila ;' war4 s tile by K )IcCULLY.f lu Chajioory--Franklin] Count}'. Uirs Oars. I Koc! !. ". Shive-, Jib I Link-. }I Il.iad I! -n.r'--riVn Co., Feb. 5J j J._t 1S4S. ;.:_*

t'Ai ai*. I, 1, .. 3, 0, 7, S 0. I It 1. u'IInr.we.t: : P'I .-\1N f >. PI till I Ir 11 L-, >;4-i4if: find :!Inutile, Ifim1.1 arC";I I r. 30 Water *r. -vlary G.. ':. b. h.r TIt i1 ) l PnmiD; .ck Bucket Cedar Jo. I) -tk 1'rron-. I cho a -

l,1ic k 41 'I 42,1'its' n ',. lt-. 11>, i Ildu.i\o. p.tcli L .T*, Drnv K'!V..o1. .\riAu.'n.: li.t-, - -- -xthan- -- -c.------ -- x-. i. i jilniD.I Corn do, Ciulkimig Millet*, Sarxingdo. Axes,Ax- BO"TS ai u Hrfzars, by thecase;

b1i1zk. l1'ai1j1rlv 1 ; !h\t l '!t '3, I >t-: tin J. !.1. 'j, > irn. IJrfi-s. 1'1'1.'I/'r Scribes. Pur.i; S-TI-VX *. : Xe.v York U-iston Provi. Jaraes! (Gicc" D f"i il.1l1t.'loree.. L Ht-lx'e*, hooks! .,iid Tii"rnoIfBoxnk|] -. Bale do. :' Shops ant! Hnski's! ;
iR'T C-M Icncc IsIenV
I:,.'I i l-n .; r-.ij; h ,"'%-:, 1 1t< nq|. 1 to I Jt.IIlru.| Mirk14 (J 1.If'l.jrtirt.. d.! S.i .\' S.>!iU*<,..l l LPnilad': '!Iphii ..wl! Haltimi re, ,bought and, ; Court !a\'in: been assured by affidavit Cm Iron do Cotton do. Boat do, Fi-h do. C.lUritn: : :: 'I Boys'I and Yttith'U Broeani': :
ivl blank .J 13,1 I I.t. n'< 11' I';, 11- Ivils .\dJ..- \\rr.H ; THE *, Making Iron-, Marline: Spike.- Ship cra- fine}e\v'd Br(
\! u IPO r ) ; ;, ';::2". '.t'\*, I.ock-s, Ilo<:k- Sight. Choc!:. onxv Y.ik ",id bvVM. cornplu; tint ill I the above cause, that i prBun? I IiiperCook; '.- Ladle'. T \If'n' pegged nlt gJn5j
cltHI isv, a n.irovcil: ; : !blii, ':'v .15,1 h'< u.>?. 3, 1, 3,. a''I'1 i ,..., (U:It., Scris, I Hn.I ,- s'lmttcr Hi-I1-, c.; PORTER: & Co. James Grceu ridt" he\'on.llhe Stateol Florida, DixidtrCunipasf; ?. Sail i I NVedlfS"i,>il n.t I l.nt1r"1 I tinsewf d PnF ;.

(1 S, 7, N. 'Itite ir v.'l! ; !bl.I17.! I .t!4 !:1'.'. 1 to 1 H, ra-lj{ Ticks, Cup-K-r( \Vir'. M..Itinj: L'j(lli-", K:,itTt .\s: : Bank ol IJrnnsxvick, but xxillnii the United btates, it i is ordered I lint a Seine do, S.vxing, do.I P.ilm*, 1 J'izsing: Leather.: J Ri-set Gr"tans. !=alt;

iq-1'ni. mitflfjr.nv.1: bli":'c S3,1 I >t* no,. 1 t-' .IMS: ,\-p*, I 1.llch'fo1.( Tuff.- MiJ--! ;|MU:. Hatnmcis. Dv T. 1 .11 Wat r street.TTAIK hiring be !had upon the facts charged in said Pump do Shoxd-, n.If lIrtt'ro. I!llarcliet Cln'elAugur -, 1,I n. r- h.v

J.1. i.ic'iire.! 'nfniMyeJ ; blk l... l l.t" I.< 1 L Smi: h T.n;--, :Mill S.\..", \ \nviU- &.c. 5c .- bill at the refill ir term of Court next *. Phrie! Ilind-iw ?. (-j imbletH! 'il-i st' !I nt'r ELtISO ; & CO..
blu-k 1 31 i 1.1.I Ts TIU< iv H'w.lws. enduing! File*, Rat Tail do Ironqu. r.-r. WatEr ;ud ( 'l'cf, 1t lor..
td 1 11 J. i icS-i.ive, '1 m'lN\'d ; ieiiy i: rI.I.I"O: \ ,. Co. I the. dife III tin- order! and t ITPCopboard LockSlock -. -
1 tu n, ': \' ?, nnnirvel, 1 ; !/u,ok 31, 1 1.1.: D.-c 9. C<--r. \\*,!'UT .1'id Clir-tn: -..M.A il..t. C1.t:"n -, Tet-tli.Xail and Saaxii.jLJ. .r'. decree the thereupon to pa" n do, Ho'rtks ;and Staples I Hiif I =. P.If i"I'k.. For Sale.

2 TI 1), hclu-Ji'.e, M'M.TI 'T'cJ ; hl'lei) : 32, -. ---.-- -- Urn--! !, ftr s.c: t by KI same man-ier as if the defendanthad Wood "NIXV..*, Pendant I Hdnlynrd I *. I Hand Li rues. ,. T1BLS Hax,
(enelo'e; 1.'IJu'. ; l I i aopiMred; ) and were present mC"urt I : Provided I Peep Sea do, Ln do. Fish do.; I Hand ;, meow landing from I inFlor1:
SH'a IVj ?
Hnttcl' LeajDeej. D
t,.ti IMS. I to 0, n.-1-i-iive. u'u .ni.r; n-eil ; bl! ick 31 J, : ; II F AHCLL. : I dian. \ppl.to
I i -- alwivs that a copy; of this order shall have Sea do, >hepf do, B-tri>. Funnel-, T, mf.'iorn-: .
article -
Ja sJJ"riIJr 'I I Cllr./.f'rsJI I /: ----- --
bli-iv ( --
Iit4 1 T-i II, i'lrl-jiiw! 1 u inn ; ; # Dl'c 3 :
t.n XOt.r
beei Chalk Line Pitch > STONE & Con
rl JWoJasses.C : published some newspaper til I this State Pots. LOg Rooks, Caro ri.>. _
:., 1-tt4.)4 I, 2, 1, Jj. S. 9, II: ''iM-n .Vi p"norIII for sile !
in-1'i-iiiv U'ipr! st.f > hy .
i,! tli-:5, loi in*. 1 tc I1): 11L1flIrvet : first ii.y "I said term, ind due )root ot.id ;Imjl-nn; Post*. ..cc.. Op'iO

: hl i'C, 1 ht" I''H. 1 tn. i iicl'Nive, '.iuj::!- i T A '. an.j i C.jis hy r t'lccasc' low l-ir ( .ItCh! by .wk- -- --} Iti-J_ T. McCL'LLY.no; -- i \ -t. .- I be made to Mid Court ; publication Apalaclncola. 1),'c 9,1817A7ICRICAX FRESH' : Fall Crop, t' ,r sale h r., ,

pro'11' l ; hi;.>"k33, l Lt4 t n-K. 1 ?o 1(1, i.i lu.ivo, iVi- i 11 B. P.LLIsON: & CO. Si-'tioo Cooks, GEO.; S. HAWKINS, Judge, & -. --- ---- -- --- 17 H. F. ABELL

jtn )M7cl ; blok Ol.lotan'v* I 1' < irl 'III"I\; ..1J iimi I\ 0. Tor. ---
: Water ; rI l ChcM'vit!: :; oi! !h'>' A True COil; ). ---- -
1 to S,1flCIUiV,1Ji :, --- ---- -- Fii 4 H and T\vl II"
rv.-elbloik01lit'< e
:> I nos ; inn during Dry Goods.DRILLING15 .
Fc lli
II ARELL... Wn.i.i YM VVI.I.KVIT, Clerk.
block! 02 ti 03 ncl'j ive ifinnprnxc'' :I I I'U.scs, *
imirivpl ; --- Apal Hncula Dec.2"i, IS 17. r 0-3m Comi :any i Tu king". Coiinn O nabnre'; g
Mock' 7.) lots ID* I to 1"> i 1.1IHi\'e uittnri.v1: ; :! V: "Lll: .i1.J doa:ilo, lor s.t1., hy I iles, 12 COMMEUCIAL-STRF.ET Ker-ev, Jean, Fbm.el.BUn} -
----- -
Mock 71 lit!Ii noi ti 1'> i-i"l'H.v.j; u uri,>nv-il I ; .'I LIUIV_ I 17 __.. C. ALLEN DITCIIETT'S I I -k-:iratod Spanish Specific, f for Calhoun Circuit; Court. Stairs i kef- T\\=t..t., Shining1. SbeHings, Check;

j 'Hlik72ht i ? nos I II) 1) s-i-lu-ive 11 it- ;n-itJ ; .: 1)I d5. .1VZLUSilr'.. fc C Ii'!flIC :Ist [R-b.'l I] II ,F AHF.f.L: Fall Term, IS 17. (Up ,) BOSTON.; I n!!gharn<. C.ilicotDelaws.. Ho-i rx. &rc

1 1o-k" 73; lot-? WH I t I I'l i rirl i :iw: tlI IIIrJ\I; ; I 4 t vm: -;l I I sti.tjiiv of Drug--, Mi'diciucs: and CastHl' Soap, David .. Mca1xs. -, *) Manufacturers and Dealers in Brxan's. Paff-nt 1 i Fi'r ,ile by R. ELLISON & CO

Mirk 7"; 't* no* i I M 1) i'id iiv u'iti'iir, "ive-l ; i l\xineNfa'd-i, Post OHice Twine-, Baleitig adBundleTwi'H's I D,"-y. "r.r ,
', Wan.rardCJue4gr
LX. 0'C-siirals: :IUA 1 Lirsding i from! bark llefoitn, JfST \ aId! lor sale by > Bill for Divorce. ( ?ta.
hl i"k! 77 1..1.t nos 1 till"i in 'l'hi\.* uui-nprovt-d; ; !| and! f u .;ilt' by ir H. F. BELL. Eli7.iufi: !r ars ) I! M!"Carfx'sC.'ltonHerrm'iTxxiiie. t i -------

blir'c 7> L.I4 tn 1 to IJ iI;-h-ive unitn:>rovvi,! ; i t|I X'I11 J. --- Cotton Seine Twine, Ta-ined mid Untannrd Fl i\ 1aItgC for (ottoir..
C. ALLTXrp1n : satisfaction of
lo the Court
Wok *1 l' ts mi 1 to 1') ncl-i-ive mnn! 'f\'el I ; ; --- --- -.-. i :: (;nI\:1. Jollies.l I appearing! Herring Twin, H.ux-er arid Shroiid-laid irk ROOM: tor r:'iUU bales in lower Cotti-n Yari
.I t that the dfffidant! resides out of the Western
hiork Jlot* in i to I'l in-liivc; :aiimi'r.1, l ; I if:11'11 WU'('. p- () DO; (;lla\'a Jellies, a-s-iled. si/.e bo\e<, Circuit of Florid and out of the State; it isfidered erel Lines ; Ht-ning. Pohngw Shad. Ba<*, at.d ;.ilv to

till''; "1 lot n'H I to I I rrl-i-ive irinniroici; ] i, ,: CHXIXS, S.udes Locks I'- 1(011. 0 jut received. direct Iron Hivanalor oIah.h. that said: defendant; required i to !Dip Nets. Government Seir-e with Big ; Cod. _I2Lj I: D B WOOD & Co.

hlek 1 IIII* m I t'> 1'') i'Hrl ; : .-L W go' i 110.1 1 C,irt U IVP-S, Draxvng Ivn v*>- a-ul: I '" E )McCULLY and( answer this bill of complaint on the appear l-t I Herring, Macferel, Shad and Menhaden Seine. Ci(ler.T.oLS .

bI'I:: "3 lot tv ; I ti) M nrl'iw,; 1I..inmr"v'd ; Irons, &.e. &.'. for *.ilc, l".\\' bv Mirch If. 50 W bt'?* *j !',!< no I to S ii-1'i'ivv u1irnr\'pl; ; !I N ,\11 I I) :'f'Cfjl LY.i'IWiltf'nt. &\ B. Vet* ami Srinrs knit to onhr at shortnotice. I ho Champjgms fur sale bv
this mid bill betaken CUnrCI'tand
Cia Tobacco Seed. I thereof' t pro Dec 30 B ELLlSONCoVinegar. .
bIr.c'.o S7 bl" n"'* I tT 11 Ml'iivcinimir"ivi-d; I B. ELLNON & CII., Agent--; ,
-::t ; lI.i-amiForiic Iope. LIN libicco "<-,'d l, Ironi tha mo-t celebrated that. I Shi-i order be published in some newspaper S -- -- -- --- ----- .--
Hl. k > I hh no 1 11 lij i h-IIMIVC inirmroved: ; 5 14.1'3-17. 3'Jlf Apalacliici-la!
(hy i C. \1r-CI1LT.Y !11! rit.itio.-s of the Vuelta Abajo just receive ill tins i Circuit I, (for I Ihe space of I three months --- .
ricliuh'o 'iirn irol l
lits I t Id l'i (
bl'ikJ ;
nos 11 .1jV( t.r'SKtDLITX "t., from II.ivaru, tor silo: hv before the div: ord,'ud l for the said hearing. Groceries AC.JU A rEbblJ pure Cidtr Viri-ear. for sale lew
hh 1 11 i'l) nji'1'iiviunimproved
fclo O'l m ; ;
Mfh IP C: 'I1 'CUr.r.YjO; ) st.t.Olives' THOMAS BALTZELL, Judge. >T received Irom \f'Yurko hriI.loa bv E. aicClTLY,
bloc HI >otno' I to" 10 rHuivfi u:1imprm'I ; : V"M-t a-.d. Soda Powderof the J per Nov 11
Wo"k'11 Iltti< no* 1 to I'l' i-iHii.iv uairuro\'e; ,) ; | ', for sale bvJuh S December 7, 1 17. 4'.)1-3m f ,., a general a-s-ortment' of Groceries, &c. 5OVateyuit.Ilydreslatic -_

hlq'l :k: '..! I'rf* nos 1 to 1'1 I i i\I'I..i\; I '" IlIif1'.r"vt'.I ; 17 J. C ALLCX.Wao.1 8 ..J.H'C'I')' superior Spanish: Olix-os fr-r ale ----; --- -- con-i-tmg in part; as lelloxxs, viz : Ink Fountain.

I1) i r1tiiv' 'morovfil I.I I _ ____ by ITIap Aifeiils Wanted. Cru-h l Sugar, a tine article,"
11's-ic MI Irf" nos 1 tj in ( ; E. McOULLY, FEW Hxdrosfatic Ink Fountain, hnlb'ks

f lo:'< \)', I\S nos 3 4 3 fl 7 S 0 I'J" 'rinr.'v.i1 I ; i War, A-C. March M( 5
}>lo''c 93 hi!N O'H I2 ::1 C 7 *s 'J 10 mirn-ir ivil l ; I: \IWEJ. t Cov.rs, P.n tied, Pills, Tubs, Flour -- ---Si tC -Sl -lIff. --- -.---- Maps a number ol yung and middle Cog. Brandy, a super. article," Paper Ch-ps, Weights, &c. for sale by .

hlork 97 tit* no 1 to I'J' it,"h.w naun'irivwl ; .J I'nl-, MiMJiire*, I'nxs, Avbelves. liuckctt aed men of moral and bu-mess habits, as triVflling Com. Mo.Holland Nov IS J ALLEN..

Jilock li t"l"lfH 1 to 10 illrhsu'e II'lirtlr..II. J ; I3ro'> a-, &c. cc I forsul'livI 3GRO Scoich Snuff in half bottles, just re- : a elts. 1 Having completed new and Gin, of the bet quality, _,
lila-Ii 1M I ht" n')* I to I 10 inrliisjiv: : n-iniiprnvcil; ; i i i I 11.! I'LUSOX & Co. I for. -ale !hv greatlv. i improved editions of his Universal Atlas, Northern Gin, Peach Brandy, Gold Pen .

bl t::k I'J) J ht4 nns I to 10 rtcluiv; nnnn-'rnvc I ; I I I DocO' {'"'r,1' r .nd') Cbf-tmit ts. April I n _J C ALLF.X. 72 Maps ; t.lrc1.11'1 ol lie World, Reference( St. Croix and Jamaica Rum: A FEW of Woodward & Brotherg superiorGold
--------.----- and Distance M.uieria\, Port and
---- --- ----- Aromatic of the United Malaga
Map Wines received
Mock 1'n 1 I ti nos II a I lijh.-lii'ivt! tnumprovc'd; ; Bitters. States National Ppnsju and for sale by

hl. c'c' 1'I2: Hts no* I tn l'i) m-I'Live irnnrtroveii! ;! QIH.NINE. C. mpbor and Pipcrine, !':st re- ]DR RL: .\KK'S Aromatic JJitteis' just received 'Map of the United States--;a No, a variety ot Soap, Candle- and Starch, October 21 J C ALLF.N..1

: block lO'l( : iots nos 1 to 10 tIrlu.iwlimroI: ; \ and! for -ale by and for s.de bv- other Maps including SP\'pr.IIMapq of Mexico, N. 0. Rectifi.d Whiskey. .

block l'III"ti nos 1 to I lOiMflmiv( ,' IJ'lil"i'r'I\'II; ,:, .\IriI17 ._H. I.'. ABELL.5l.M April I in J C ILLr':1Scaicllitz the stiiKciiber is prepared to furnish agents, for: Brown N. 0 Muscovado) and St. Croix Sugar : r Western I'rodiicc.

h1'l rk 1'Vi lots nos 1 t to imilum- 1J.innrQ\'l'll : I :: IP"" aid: Prime, --- Powders.Q cash, at the lowest possible prices. Bacon S'ides, Ace &c. S LOUIS FlJir, Obiu do, Lard. Whi'kejrugir ;.

block I'll lots no* 1 to 10 inclusive IIIlim'rn\'f'tI! : .1) Pork-D.I C\O! GR \SS SuillilPoxxdersthat: Address, All of which will be sold low bv choice alutIrime. Molasses.PorkuW '

block l'J7' lot nos 1 to 1'J' inclusive itn'i".vcd! ; I I Br"al-n': and Pilot for sale by .w reci-ixed" and, (for sale are fresh, just S AUGUSTUS MITCHELL i I E. McCULLY, and prIDe, Bacon, Han.!, idPl ariu Shou1dersIsale *,
Mock KH lots nos 110 10 nch-ix'e! uniiiipnixid : i !De, .'',<) t H ElLISON & Co. April I I 13 J Northeast corner of M,irket and\ Seventh Nov 1 11_* SOW.tPrst., by B. ELLISON & Co.
I __ __ C ALLEX.fitl'.isiou Dec
9- Cor. Water and Chestnut
block 1'r"' ) lots fbi 1 to lit) Inr.I'"I\'P.| nnsmerov44lblOCk ; : Dec 30 Streets, Philadelphia.( sts-
Broil, "V.-iils, A( Groceries and Ship Stores.
110) lots nos 1 I') inclusive:' i in' i'r vcd : Jars.A .
block lIt jots nos 1 to II) inrlu"iv unim/rov-d : ) 0 T'NS: S.vi-dc I Iron: aoioll ten,1 sizes ; FEW Infusion Jars-every family should DI' Woodruff's I)>'solitary Cordial RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do, Guava JcIEies.N j.

block I12l Ilts nos 1111 10 md'iMvc' iinitni>rov<*il : .w lin> nogs Nails, "rl.I IMVP one-for sr.le by Flour, We-tern do; N 0 Sugar, different sized boxes, just received from HI.valla. *

block 11:$ lot nos 1 to inclusive unnniiruvcd : ,I I cis'oding I Hoes, snilod qualities,; April 13 J C ALLEX. Diarrhoea. Cholera St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tt t. i arid (tot sale by
block 111 lots no, I t block 11: lots nos 1 tu 1 10() !inclusive unnnirovi'd, ; : 'M ll'iglish and .\ruc1 can Vises ; Letter Paper. In'antum; and summer complaint of: nl'"f'r. Che-se, Lard, Bacon Ham, Side?, Shonl- .

block 1IG i i' ts nos 11010) inch-ive umiti.irovcil I : .'I yi I) Hi-ll-.xvs ; irk RE\MS: : ; fine Letter Paper, just received I children, for ale bv' tiers, Mola-ses, Wbifkev, Mess and Prune Beef, School Book$.

block 117 lots nos I to 10 !mclu-ive ullllllirO\; ',>rj : 12 ilr.ren Spades and Shovels; Xl/ .';ill..r sale by l Feb 3 J. r.. ALLF.V.Sarsaparilla. 'le 'I and Prime Pork Mackerel hld. Salmon, SCHOOL BOOKS, of all kind*, just reo'd bf

; block ItSlots nos 1 to 10( nicl-i-ivc uninirovc.i; :: JII(\ Crollin":01 I Auiil 1.1: J C ALLEX.Irisli Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fu-h Tongue.-, J. C. ALLEN. .
block 119 lots nos 1 t., 10 inclusive, nimiroxcd; : ; Pepper, Spices Catsups. Pepper S.IUCP, Olives, I -
block 120 lot* nos 111) 10( incH-ix-** 'unun% ;>rovrd : I )JO I bvs Cuttofi and Woolen Curds ; Potatoes and Onions. BULL'S Sand's, Bristol's and Baileys com Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy-: I Bacon .

block 121 lots no. 1 to 10 inclusive, unimproved : 1 cas; |{ .xhrirsCa-t Steel Mill Saws; A''f\I J E article loiS -df bv ( fluid extract of Sarsapanlld, just received Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruils, Flour, Sugar, Coffee Dui.

c block 122 lots no* 1 M 10 inclusive unmprnvt'd! | : I 11UOO Ibs Cast aud German: Stool, for sal. by I II I_ E. McCULLY. 50 WatersVermifuge. and for sale by Bean, Salt Raisens. Mncaroni, Yermacelli.! At- Salt, GALWAYS

block 12MoU nos 110 10 Incl'l-unimproved! : WM. G. PORTF.K: & CO. -- -- Feb 17 H F. ABELL. row Root.Corn Oa., Buckwheat, Mustard l Rice. on hand, and for sale low by ,.

blocK 121 lots no, 1 to 10 niH isiv<- unimproved : Dec.10: .11 Wat PP root. For Zal, Ly B ELLISON & CO F. McCULLY.
110 10 inclusive unimproved __ ; 7r \lH'S; Iec9 Cor. Wnt and Chestnut -
block 123 big niw : 1it Canadia.i, Vermifuge, forIle by Woodruff's Aiitibillious Vegetable r "tlt.Lanccts.
block 12-1 lots no, 1 to 10) incisive unimproved : Itaznr.s.ADH WVh' |17 II F ABELL.MOFFAT'S Swayn &
Life 'Vistnr's.
Pills .
lota 1 to 10) mclu.iv' unimproved niirCH ;
block 127 nos : I & :\U'S and Rodgcrs & Son'ssuperior -- ---
block 12, lOts no: 1 to IrtinchvMx-f ummpioved : Razors for sale by LIFE PILLS AND PHCENIX: FOR sale by SPRING and Thumb Lancets, just received! COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry,just rt"

block 121 lots nos 110 10 ineh-i vc unimproved :. I Fob 'n v AKF.LL.Henry's just received and for sale by 8 J C ALLEN sale by for sale by

block 130 lots no 1 la 10 inclusive improved : I Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN. ; Osnaburgs. Feb24 H F ARELL. Feb 17 H F ABELLM ,
131 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : -
block amnesia --- --- '
-- "- -I Ill BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign1J Tanners' Oil N
block 132 !lots no* I to 10 inclusive unimproved : I received and for sale by for sale OFFATS LIFE PILLS AND.PH

Hock 13t: !lotn nos 1 to 10 inclusive nnimprovrd; I JUST 24 II T ABELL.w CASTILE I by H F ABELL. inent for sale by FOR sale by BITTERS, just received and for sail.b;
Dec J. DAY & Co. 30
n ELLISON fc Co. Nov 2S H. F. ABELL, Dn'gg"-





."i. __J-- -
I _,-

..^..-...'. nr t
.;i1 ,>'?^ -, :* .*. *
"A f

In A Tl ''i-+'' -^-:' '

.":I; F ^ _______i__"_"
.^i(~^ A .DEl~^R ,ssnq ., B...i.-r,

['_ M#11 '-'TR11,DAY' .Y U l-wood &
rL, Ii ,fat a VI M
-.. .' .-m *I, 1 TA I L OR
It.'.,.... I'dy ES.i.toto. BALTZIELLS BUILDING,
,'h1 .. Hkrd.v-rtl 13 'ildn corner of 'rK3--All orders attended' to
'ATi DEI. Se R v.e C

p 1"ollo.; .TH per annum, '
-.1 ~ 1 pWH'%Vthi sx Vt L)F.%rAND RFT AL
R1311 fe 5r i d 'a DY CLOTH I N 1,1
nn. .4 J)if, p~ild hereaM~ter.DR 30
.eam r*lHermthaii,,,x 1-ATS, \c.
^ .^ 'Voaiiblv be chJ'\g d'd. lor Cor. Water ,r-d Cerit
.lh~lD^'riTyi* let'i va** r**y l' t b v e c hal d foii r ) 03
h ,' .,',. &l*eii at the.opti n of le A a' Doio ,
',"~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~.A 'i. ": -."' "' TE-' BDodge

HInj dtkdlt he rate *of One Do-l-
fior,. ,d.il' ,i t P r [ Ce ,its for ev. ery ;uL e- No. 40 ater Si
S4 ,ent'i, i .ti ,, f, A
e,. th' a vthl l i i- d l'1ht iq 'bvy thei.y vear a lib eral -M V. -2M1 ,

x: tieir o, as all leol vertiso-.nents seritin by them, will C 0 0 A l M I10NNTFB
. be chr, e .. at the 3Ual rates. .O ce N.. 36 i.t r
S 1 .I1 lev,1l amIo'r.-e. lnt m- l t be p aidr Fr c. .
izi,'"ad '7vah pe ..,-. t e t l, D o e. lel
~'~ ~,~1~d~.~]~a har,4bh d be r ailhg n'dIn- Water ard e ,
kl .1ite. ,ill-aii',lJ 15e b DEALF. QS IN r, \L)I VA
jfr-i lidt"i I.n., mce--^ CHANDLF.RYr. IR-iN,
aZ. I I i r-..l j'-y'rr0 wtfs r" n a 'd t&anl' m ld Jp[Pr.; .\ANF)D C
K? i >nie.i 'f( he camh, or city rerence, A ,w 7'.,
oa in-ra e iartioerni "Tre
____________________________q._- per fl'rres.

u s: iS .. .'.,,

W lin. G. Portw' & Co.
,' "" No. 41 W adirtf lreoi
Dec 30 A11.1Achici i. [a.
q3'*y ..1 No,,i',af;, "11-'B **'nn [t.l \w Br:.:ol,
Nirse,' t6'ine & Co.,
,2. CO MPM ra.'Y -N M E R.C N A N TS,
No.46 W after s'tect,
Dec, 12 'A 'al rhirl, F:i .
.. .' 'L' g'n.Ss rt , 'o ,,,,g.
C O M "M1 'S I. 0' aN. ,1. F O R A' A R D [ N G'
'M E RC'H AN rS,
'-4' No. 33 Water street,
nov.2a1, 1 iAA).lia ic,-l.,, Fla
7 -7 ,',1

"- R aipe" i'lolshei,
*,., H" :> 411 .
.no .:-.. ;; '.qge t .f 1 af e -" F "
of' t.e. C'q ot: f" 'u. V'}l,',
No.'11 WVtter treer,
'bD c 12 .. A lichi,,l1. Fa..
T.'W o Dr.. 3 I BALLL.OT.
; '',L W o t t_ I B n" ll~ ,
i c 6 k sL-sfI4 i 4r 1i. IC '4. NTS',
,e .,l.tie No-.. ..\ 4teY itrect.--tT|) st[iir3
.. 'Ja'n'16 "' 1-' 4, ,I C 'iilCIli F.I.
.. .. '.v W. i ., e- \. ..,a K'ic,
W'lle ^ MIcIyilzi o O M'N vL i "1 irO qs,.. Gil-C l-I N T S ,
S,;J,42 Waiter stree'tf,
Sept. 1 1 ', \ la .hi.ch : 'la.Fi
Si.t &-J,. Scliffr.
.V i,< <) L E 3~ .kE' / \ D .;.,,l e r A[" I '" ^ R ,O :7 R -
[? pAlricil :wilon;> d D) .mIQIM iiiM',[IIINi
jt a nh'n~ir toi i ^ip *'ora
'*.' No IW '.Viler f.rer !r,
N,. '.'.-.14 I: ail-.:licohl Flh .

-*E.kLE'i,N +W4.3I, IrJI.CLN5, PAINTS,.
'- ;- + ":. .O I',! ; 'q L \S ^ i, & c.'+ L- '- :
"J 1 aenr t i''lti C'n t ,r t.tiner ; ;'
C ar,,' .: C'ti.'t.hfit and '.V-it.r 4treo,s, "*
ki. i^'lf .. A li -'ric.,li, FPa.
r -- ABe i i i, "--fter "
.C 0 M. Ui.I -1 3 qI 0-N M'E R [WH V .N Ts
N',....J .W ater street- -l I raii, 'r __. .
,.D'' '. 1. tp.7:". : laj chic. la, F bi.-
i; +1. c .. A l e *;. +
a. i ,,:-W l, l'Tig le id i .1 l.il r)-.:.e'r in ,
D'I.- .-, ,I )IorG[ L.1 PAl.'4 s, ,oILS,
G b.x-3 L1.6 HF." k .%zc., k e.
S 1' h it Is ,;,h-f" ..

DBec6 nr*-'J? ~-.T ArIILeRaCLt,+I.*L.'
..e" 61' G..std .'s Go'Tn'i'-ryi1 -il'r.Pi,"-.-
Ude .Ii ,. "(" 'A[,l.,iiicol,4"-l. .t. .

'l* B. S., li'twley,'
IFAOT. ^R A'qDV 2.',!. ,,lT iSH)N,>\ERCHIA.NT;
.o. ..--W ifcr +rer 't, '"
D PC ,- ",' ." '"A 'a lif','ic,',li, 'a

-,d, vi..wa' ..ikcz4uily;
t&Ol.CER. AND.U:#.Vl-VtJrirSION M.Ir.GflANT,
S No. O50 Water street. -
N6 ..: i*. ., A kpdlaC-icnI :a.

t P.- ~ rGt-v-F, ROMAIN.

O-So S.."O'1f tVw R'C IA'NTS,
S. -.v* d-i U N;. O .-@ C5 1 t ,1 tis' B l o k ,: "" ; ," :'" '
Nov.l.i -\ ..*- Aoal'4chicnla,1 Va:

i --u i.---d-, I I

- I s.o s,
t *'HIr-'A CA; ,,tc;
-. ., .,,. Mo ':CaIi babugi Blnc k;
e, Dec. 23 '-.. -Ap-Jachicnlat', Fa.
''' Cooke- titrute,
I~N 1 3.lL. 0harhes i'teei .
[ ..', ....- .-Orlean "' .. .;'."
A. A'W1090K. o -. A*O;-1HOR. ,
a' t-wf^ : -- -^ *
S .- '. ,1lao ,Hi.rtl,
'- a '- "- u U ... A -
"4 "' ,, ((y ~ o ot... t rraei t-^ *.-' A'* ...
F t :'; Reiff to. ..<.i f:

? S iS y^S^1',, A"aahio"
^.3 Itsb lr~,j






jim chi,.'la, Fa.
S with plnclialilitv
J1 n. 1 ',)
Sr i'lher,
.L nF,-jLrRS IN
r]-.l rel "1,

1 ,. ,.
reo! ,
,,nl1i,',l'.ll Fa.
r -ir -.' F 1
VI1 ihlir ,,la. Fla

I& Co.
'r I NG(-<.
i Iron, an'- Cop-

Dec -1 Apalhchicola, -a.
,?I arll F.-z-er I.,in MInm n Eil..e,' W Rogeri
cuaNI II ogen'RC & ('I.,
\\rit-r a-sl ?etl,

d.0 -. 21

Ar.nk slai~caha. ~a.

J. SrLvra-F ..N-. T. H. AUSTIN
.. Sieveilsol1 & Co.
C .)M l 1SSI) 10 N MER C I- A N T S,
DF.ALE'[S, [N DiRV G-O,'iS. &c.,
No. 45 Water S'reet,
D-c 2',. '47 'Apl.dachicola, Fa.

J*; i.P .'*:W ,il D. '. ]P .,Nil L J. DAv..
J. D;ay & Co.,
C-M M I-IS [I N M E.- C H xNTS,
No 52 \W'u[ ai ,i.,,:. .
[','a' 2 Ai.il ,'hicla. Fa.
'-- \j .-nf a I.-r L ''.w-r, I ', A ',:n-I- I_,ha-ir thI
* n r. II a a elaca'h.'-> "" II'a "" i'r..,-n; nan .rir.r:', -
CGo'-" and the "'aHattord Insurance Co." ILarifi.-id
Conn ; '
.B. WoodI & Co.,
-o. MF.'R('H-rNThS,
- \ '* No. :44 W at'er-street, --
Dec. 2. A ApalachicolaaF a..--

A. N. McKiY. N C.'RoBinS. ,CHAS. PRATT.:
-. X A. N. McKay '&-Co. :-
S No. 40 /a'ter-si t, .
'.Dec15 ApalahchieobaFa'
~ ,S. II. A .1. fI. Emiln, -
:' -..'. -No. 4 ^Wa rl'r strec-t :
,-C 1 '- A L',CT.-OL A, FA

W1. .. Yf) YG P .ENA ,D.,
6_..May be fraund at his rt'd-i c,'e--, ticner Il
Cetfre ana H're neetr s, '.:1ip" .it.? tlie M jra-in,,
H ri..- .'- -. -"' : "Niv a

:' W.r, (. iM. n'iS,
Offt.-r. his services to th.t p.ublic-in eitlier of ithe
.. -.. above i :apa e" .u t: -
il'le ill practice reil 'il in Frminklin, -Cal-
Jioun and' Jackson Circurit GourUt--aid .il, ,U)".n
a .i,.. L ry- liner, act is C,-.,i,,el, in,. any GCohrv
of l t ai-' 7 -.I-.le .,r W e-'Tra Cir.-uit. -He '. ill -iso,
argue cases in the 'C.,.irt of \l.lIpeals -l T, iaha-i-
see, thie sessions of which, h6 will %law\as be
pre'?-ei ,t, Inrle_-i prc-er.inhd b', *',,',:id,.iit.
S.\;'il}.'hl..:,li, Se[, 1e11),r 5, .1.-4,,.
A.. (G. Se.Elll1.,
-Offi&ct,. '2 (i Cp,/. .^nalona Bhn;rng, -
: exor. 'ot Centre'& Cnmaa'--er in e4.,ets
m .nqV 5 ,->;. Apalaehicola,.E-a.'-,
'.- *--t *. w e n ..s \ ___ _
.- -. TO -i. E. 6wca1I, a- 1- "
A-TTO R:118Y- A:T L-
/CLi-r6r', B arbnir Comaty, Atab'da'n.-'" -
Apral 1l-il 2- :- -. 1 S 1-a1tf
-- 6 tie CL.' 4CEt It' I E S' E

'r1":L[S very eeicac-ios, remey. Pa'or nxttectraA-
ItaL t1 rn'i mediated' ifl. I'.r ier iupiili''akaiir b.-
.rpa'd'e.ol a.11oC ?h'eabho'e ua.nrneaJ 3,ina'n.a're',?. tI-J
'F.ea aid MIo)sq itoi.P,;i-nn h.i- altaltiarni-d i vI' ex'-'
tensivy q,'leh rtly 'r its iayi.>i abLeldstr.uctive pro-
' per.0ie to that order of insects 'F?'qr su by, "
.Aig'ust' 14 .3'..C. ALL.Lg ,' 'ugsgi..
Nol't to [ Iarhiner'.'
CdrvLECT6dlkd5 OjF~ I 0 (1 A WKS.4, )

-AAT LEEY WEST bill'-be s1oWf1 nof the% 10th"
inst., It is a first Ja.ss light and.will pri6bably be-
visible fiom a ship's deek at the distianc6of twenm-
tv-twon miles,Ifn clear >?a11her'-t. is Otuat,ed
eilht hundred \arl" orli E .st of tlhe'-ie lI ti,'e&
.ild IAht. The bearings arid' n .-1 r- hereliIr'e
I hilba'red' fair' enterih'l'th'is ipnrt mavy still hie'
'observed'; but vesselh apr'hoa'cimg-ith.hip chhn-.
,net "in .the day time,.wil find five thoms aaatir-r
on the bar by bringir* the buoy in rangb- with thle`
,tight house and r.iing_: r-t. r .;i -- '- : '
- ;,:.-,.; : ; + ., S.,R.-MALLOR Y,:Col.

"; : -I1.COlLUrIBUS. :
T HE ubi'riber, one.of the firm'of Madeelc
Ada in o'f olimiI..'G.;,,,,il! rern pi,
'time.in"Apalachieena "He Wsy be'ant X e.
warehonie now building fa* J Ds & i COat ail-'
most any hourin the day an'wtiI receive'orders
tfor + .; .- L' + I I I '
- -, MONIT IENlTPS, : ,
, SJL ABS, -c; &c4 ,
*-hijhc he Will furnish lower than they can be
gprocured from the North. .. D i ...
+ -* ', *..^- ... -,. + +.- P.ADAM s; -*:
' P.' S. A.'fer'leavIng Ap-diachicola, the sibei..i-
Mber will promptly attend to all orders'dtreoted to
'him in Columbus. P A.
Febniary 24 1849: 8-3m-

(Lnite 7'. CL.3RK)
r i CONTI'JUES to carry on the
i -i a1 .-i Apal.:il cnola, ,,ppe.
6ia m Bile lhe City H.lel 1i Cenlre sl
Having S.lpe'rr w,.rkmnen, lieIP
,.eifi.le., ai ...t l ll w ,lin may palriinze hirn w ill
finla ail they" havp .call.d lat the right .linp.
Frer.lh C..If 11 i Mi;rrc<;,' arid Pateat Leatihe-r
B.it i -ed Shne. rn,:ade ito order, cl lthe l .t-I and
nirap.r ai_,r,-ved -t\le. Alo. PlIe-ni Lealhel Gii-
ti:r 13.',r.i aled li,,p m ,ide in -i t11.i-nr man er
He %ail kee'i con-t11lh, a on halid a larre arnd se-
leaied ,a-r1rerinifr tal R.-adya Maide B,-lts, Slne-i
anid Br', raii All neiidir, &.c., dimip wilh neal-.,
ne.; '-i d Lrormiitand a lnd r-n i.:-rni-. th. ai3 a cii.-I
la'! tt he r',ie '.'a-ed as in kaeping with lhe corn-m.
I.etill'ii in trade andl ihe cli-,seii:s. of ithe linii-..
A|.al ichi-..Ij, Dec 9, IS47. 47-6ir
Thomas E. Gray,
IT)TLI.L re-,cti nlltl y nni.n IIIe citizens nf
A1 ]lr,?1liti..ld, andi r I- l virinilty, Ihat ie lias
j'1t retelr el-a sll-nihild a-i-'rln'riil of' Summrrer
I..,d -i ..'ic" .i- sh o-f Uiii,.n Chliecks, IrI eiis.
Fa..'v C0 ssa]ri'. Wlaite Di ill-r,. Plain Linm-r,
Fancr Lii,. -,-. Fie'lh Ci,.rt.iDiad,., Nankien Drill.
Fatii(\ &ertlig. .'-., all ol tvw ich lie is Ir'-pirpd
I( nijl> .ip in ihe n: -. i l'j-hi,.nahle sl.)le; hta ig
ii.i- r, i-e el lIar- Spril,, and S iirirer Fa 'alnae,
he .intl.rs hintaa.- la hfie \*\ll be able t, naaka-
irp i- ;G-,..ds ti the en 're Satilaialiari ol ,t-o atrus
loners. b t Ii a; t- sl\le .- rid prie-,i He lia-a al-en
.- liaand an as- i'.rtreit l)I R avlv Mode (.Cllilia,
>cra.a,ii.a pl C -s.m-lee S.-,ti'. ale, C .ll-r-in de,
Altiiek.,ilJaw' and Linen Panrs., Dre'- arnd Frocl,
C..at, P1,ell .rnd a'nac. V.-i-P. Fl iin and Fa, cr
'`ltn ,z Hits. Si,.r-s, L',lies' do. Gl,.vc--, Hilka.
t, & TlalikiaIIl t hr thu Iber.'il la.irrnan e
lierel',il.re be .' t,\\ d lin ri him, lie hpee1a by 1n.-
liriti r -x i:rrilr -i aiidl Slt't altertUlin, tO iTieln a
coir, tilitl.T i .I their palroui.ge.
April :., 18'S., 12 3t
ViUideiwvood & Caigh,

SRESPEC I'FI.'LLY a,,rlt heir ser
% >'-;e toi lh, citi/.eras oI Apalachi-
col-d, nd lir.e co-uF y .. I hF'r,,iil llI
verii ir IIlN i,, tlie line o l tehir ir,-,-
l e ,.-.,,[ H u ii 11,, rli'ih i ll c-ilr,-
municaliiii "0i.ll' lit pr'ircipal
N ,,irlh,.'i' vmtll'-i, l hl [ w il[ i 3- ena-
bled i,-, ri'iim l, tli .r paj rri,,3s :'t al[ l
.tinreswitll lthe NtL:w-T AND LA-
,TESTrPLAT''S-OF F'AtHI-)Ni'. eeivC -
,lI iia,'tllq,, 'swing at a view the most Fashion-
able Style-, of Dres. hich avi l be a decided
advantage to a f.ahi..r,:i,le .,.m4 i da.ii q, L
-. N. BGeailnTii,~".' Mai,,inhara Gowns and Eve-
inina- Wrappers:ri4,ae ta ciid-r'; Cloaks of every
deisenritiin rrade in the ui.:il ':r ns atof the day
Wadlin'g and Ridding. G iarni Iil, in sper-ior
riaIaicr; Tutic e [)i t:! aid r-'..)l-.'Xothes ol
-e r:- ,'i .erii j,.irr niade in a rn at ail fl', ii'ijabl'-
* I [ ..ahl i -(e.,,Li,. -eiI', .dt-i ,. .. i ati -t.a-6las',>tb l.i-+ i
1.',.11 i rt /./ fi'.
uShoa- .Sli, '|, r'c.ol qt.-,rv I3Bjltzel,'s Building-.
Eiia a,:.- ..a Cle-irnul irea et. .-
" 'Otober 1i4,15" P4-'Im6
':r A plate of Fall ,and I'iliter Fash'ions just
received.-, :: '. : a* : "' .


Co'r. Co0n2n1 erce a1d 1Ceentrc-sts-
F'- I P. -iil)-s crie'-r ( i ei-.tia y a'aniirmic 1. Io Ills
Ifr-ra-nd ;i.:l ihe P hi i llr.Ihat I-e |a' rp'ei-,;l
.the above hi,.it'_, and st1licil. their Patronage.-
T nhere: aailh i+ ,laj\s be fi-,jred -it the b-.ir -
-,l.,--,-an'n l Lt .iai.irs, \\'oe-fs 'd S p S -,al arm
Sl\Ii'a'1 'a1. W itli ]li at;-i-.h, '.a I l Ill p3a\ ir ta t at-
teiuti-n to those th tfdo tiD) a IDr irn'. ta
*-" '*- R- [FR\NK VYIN-GTON.
'N-.: t nB Et i ncah'a ily at li-, A. Ni.
" .Feb. l, 1848. .- -:" I-tfa

1ii .llc:'icolii Excliaim e.
T'-3, ~H E r-inl.;niriher t i.,r Ii- li- Iriend
S.ana lle iiibi, ba gerar-ral.tthathe has-be-
co-ne the Pr ,'i|rietl>.r af Ilii. abit %e well
known house, aai 'hell -he aid'asr-d tn c.t-raiaia
>ny 6'f 'the ir n'-l liaag 'ar..nilainilt.- rMiaf -a f hair
hliah i\ il', nte iCU,itI, an al wil l s ir, .accomrO.
date'residernt h.,al'rd r-. 'I lie bar a% ill alwaysbe
i., 1i, le, wf geritunn laquiirs -'.l lhe cI i iciisI
quahiy.-:-'. -+' JOHNPATRIDGE.
i- 2Aiaalachic,,lr, Nov 1,,4, 13l7 .,.-. :;: *-.'1 .
V ,'.-'i 'y 'ibteI, Tailalassee. .:'
-OTiGF.-! have t6 ina.lrira, iIt iened ania
ri.. te ,.iruon i' ,i l i.'.ite, that I. ha.vp.i eased
it 'and that- n-it 'yil herealter hie conducted by
W ,ILLIIAM H'-EMINIGv.VAY, Es(1". who hias fIor
: many,.yat.ir-i beeiicorifriete1 with the fir'A cl.ls
Ho)tels atthe North, arntli rceiitly trmroni't le Arr t-
"- .ican Hutel in New'-York. B.leavirig he will
Sleep an e ca'll-rI ha.i-', ,ii ,are no .exertion .1gr
4\pe ae If,'t-rial..e lP a gi],.i- -c.iat'f.rl.hbl I. recoim-
riniitd the'h'c.u-, to nmy 'rih-,d. .0 d the, p 'blic.' -
a* ..;, ,-,;" :THOMAS BROWN.-7>
-Tarlahassee, Nov. 1, 1847. 43.n6m..


'TN thnerianag,.niert ol hlli. H.lel, thi unhder-
.4 igned:%vill use l,- be-iiexertii,-"to -pleasehis
.guests. ,Hea as-s lhele ,iihic ,r.lliteir li( i nagle'
November 11, 1'41 i. 4_-6m7

:: A T iEN,_EU M
v Bdiwiodg Salooli ad ; Bid liarad
i,.n. Bo 0-, -.
rTIHE.pprqyrietor i lthe -Atheriaemn) Be\alinn'
La Salon" has' ied evpry enda-auvor I'. make
.lhe e,-lalilArmenril al i ,reeahie police olf r'eorf,
Said iis tla,,kfid that all ever discrnminatingm pub-
tic proe by lIbe'ial.patronage their, appreciation
if his desire'to s please., Re'wil v ai ay, k.ep a
.hi6ice assbO&ient ot Liquors.'and refreshing
),.everagea, of':a -sortto tickle the lealiteq-of ld
'Bacc'hus' most fastidious sons; and -Oysters,
col and de!ii6,resh frn om their'nalive bir.kas
'For a pleaisrat'0?ommmiging rif exercise and
; anusemet.f-jtecv dum- u ldce--there, ik lit-ttg
wii':i thiIe cice (if gymnastics toacamn-,are witb
a' oime of tefi pins[but 'those *toeerrina less'
active ainusemenis, can-alwayslt e a haft- +.
Come one-come all.".- ,:;. .
Apalibhieola, Dec. 30, 1847. 00tf

Isrm I --- -------- --- -------- ----~---Lsw

haid htipe nend o t1ake ibis fntit. liehillustri-: I -i .-ile woiin.aiidilrs if-r i. p-n
ous poet- i ihit have prol-.i e his dai s nird A li-i s olie Thi-i .S' ile world
perchiance hae heen livig a, their presentt and the 'tail of.the Job-l'i-Ddlakev. ;
day in some. obsciirecornerof the Uni-i ~-. .' : ,
Sites, under; the? name of J.airk,,a or Tni F.ENCH REVyoLu'rl'.-The' ex-
SThominpsa .) lie itligt't, ir'rha(s, ti .bheit.ter 0citeinqnt of the Ft ite i i t ii h po Li ,ioh aIi o lhr1
Ioi'cpreb'erve hisinc-.l',. iiio., liivetii-urneal 1,ii,.i i n. e'an l' receipi o f i Ie ri (.-hni t t4-ti. w as

or tradesitani: Is miemnoirs wo'iild,. never iniense.. A highly re)re-lcialale Fr-ni lijia.n
have hIeen phhl,-hed, ,inrf the world. by this 1tip, n of it-, whih'e- alkina ona (Chelni SI.
tirnie, would never have Known 0or forao+ten Or a'acerhai."amihO anl.lihme altatis..h laCai ra hli-
the nhame and aventiOures 6f the CtiUC e. haitifi'p. whichi1 lidl.,i-,on-1'lahp Iist. aiel
uic itiol _i :, a : ....e t e -. .:oniO ied out, Vte:.f, vie --la F,',,, !- le
tit w.l noot de trned to be sn. The hol' world Imay be dhn..sia,, ou. si, 'huuu.p
mCovisiess hadlnopVenchant for-sea vo';ages ],oii"r moi-li' belle FWuice e(h S.arE. Vize
or a retlreat iU America; she preferred to Veafer le disable e t mort!'- [Donkey.



,. ISCCilalirOUf ,erl l Iram;i i l;v. s ei ,, rd |f,,i-,m liet, lhii: riid.
; id Ihe Pot, it ranield i I r libis .esaepailion -
[From Ihp Bosion Aildar.] II \;'1 i IiI Bp on. it i aS -hic u.iho .aid, e i flp
THE COUNTES- GU ICC IOLI. Sai iliict' sli' qriiied willniiit Ipiel thP
BYRON'S LAST LOVE. li..h pl.loan i s,,.'iety I o iiichi he lieIl
SBY EUGET NE GUI NOT. raisd ItI. .r, ;llld sif retired to a iiid,]I
In ann'nnnina the ,airiage of thile Mar- ("",,,, hna" hel,,,irl o her l:ahp, ,,p.
nila lII.,ll un(it" i%%,f , h 'lvlred l. i [ ,1
quis tid- Boi-sv. it hais been said I Ih Ifli l l- oI l,.lla'l s ni wa 1 nl ee l., [- Lar
hWe peer eas allo wt to marry lhe "Coa nin -s .i In aidl ..5 wlr. -, i i *very f reI whi .-h Loe d
Gii'(',ili, Ihose nfame Ila. been inimoriile l.z- ae al lt v-i- te 'r t.
ed Ihv Lord B13on. ,ul teri,'h.)ps theie hI .s he a.a.o"oal"ea tolilav eecamt-e laclt in
he.I, h l e slllle .lisi.ake as Io lhe f l 'rr .al. l'i Ihh l-',e l a j 1 t 'l '-- P "eI'e- h.,ti '--
The Gi,ice.i,,li miilv, v ., y n m ,-ro ns it l il I I;,.i i, y ie.-if l, l. fl ele pie ,,,e or the
of 11:1 pof~i- l- .;I tl ow -Ow, it oi lil ;l ti r,,till,-Its whi( 1
IV. ; Inrrisla s 'vrt al '.OiI II.c SSes ol lh:-i ,,I,. ',, 't a I, ,:,'lta ,I(h v- the (, aI H .l,
n il e h o l "1 \ w 'h o i t .Mi i e B o i,-y t : y I ly v I l'. h1 V li|ll, ta "le *h C(I-Il,wr, <, vl aic
rm.A de lI choi e. Y -ithe rle re ,poI ol Ihis ni.e h ,ei tlh erlanI trl el .Il, f, -e tap hi. i lnl ,rie ila
,a"..;e. I l h la.. lllales ,ni Ino 1. C-l. ,oI ,,, l P l.a. ltIier? Loid Bl ,i i rri Ij.-ired her.-
am ng lt.-e Faiaboiurg Si. ( G -Itnai. h as.nu'e 'I lak M .- % I u aa lh i e I las'.t l .l .e and hli I:a..I
maitre inoile it-l i Iia-,it thai f,,,ier cel.i.,nat 1 a e, I e ," L ,,,I Bl l .s aalo.e a 'eln ali, I
i.f lhe eCoa nless Goiccioli--a eel t1,iv Iil a Ia P 3ii B.M i aei 1
which lhei- pre are a re deaih offile illiu.-tliaai-4 l l te Ci,Ine G (ol t, l hi.
poet gave her lut[ t.o eaIly iLl life. -.iu e ,e: .
_I. In lthe iThe niv>t.is .ef Bp -r n. so .-hnIin i.( Iv .' In t ,1,a al ci:,,." ,l B -l li.v h e r- n.l
tta~tilI~li-d e-ollaiel :e I, cr-d al ta i:e-t el- ft l. elie' BatsN. ai tl ai, I
imlIIl.-d lby Monre., fonlai, n en re
n nminh er ,l'lelails w itih regard ito lih s C'o,,n. a e 1 1. tr 1w .ala., IA a. l ;us rh. I 'Ie hL enI
le.s G u l -cioli. Site w as a ylu na l,.I, ,I .l e l Ie h HI a ale .'l,,i l I 'l iI-I, q ile .- 11. I 1i -. -i
R[ .,,,t,, na. idai lagh er of Cout,. G ,,tth,,e. l aiu astl hr% ;,h 1 ,li ill,,, w l i n .-l int. i well
Rvernna. an; l ni:1rlr d tin ai old ;,l I ..a l -l i -a I a a I "l-: "fiaI I
,,s-,lltd macl,, l,,r51. e B i<- he not
w dowe. e > l tihe 1 .ii.ne city. A sh in little h h,,M.'d la lhe i, ,1 e .. r.v (i l
Ihelote her ieelile i,,a .h B ,to ilis %1,helaa12 h u ,. i- e a,, 1e. Hn ,. I, hiI
girl h ,.d left l h er coave,it it lo) rt in ll (i, l r- C .., >sa ,%. .e a ld.,," tl. m n, il li s l% lie,
liuolirioned union. The poel ahd C01Co. 1 l t aaa ia-e H daia'"a a r. i is taiiel
It,.,S Joel e.,c ] ,1 it-r a v .,t e.1 e li i ltit s.11, an 1, i ,p P ill" t- e L -n. AlI.,,fi, h .he rI.,
ol ( M ille. B aizoi,,. Ill 1818. M ihlle. (.;lv.citl l ;iw, e i; a- l a rli te < t c ell urante F liar M .
a-, lherln twelli, a ld L[ ,ril Bvron Ihliri .-- ",ie il *i, l ,- i is ,':b le .lie, il.-
( ee~~C iatae.'4 (i ,iia 'aelaiIs.;fit 1 e- p ionr t italla lIt-
" lieia le,v buia l I l' ll ,lit li .t-firsl ioot l, ilie -
ex 'hltaged. Alter this fisi ialifvtlew II r I ll "'.l'a'l" i'--.. She le.ai. hI-t ia-l.f ce ,-
CuulIle.IIe, Sa s in a lelie.r. speaiiki, tul" [,, ,,IN l,, ', "s e I i*:'. H ea lfea un.s
1i t- lial r'oul L IN.i h 1s 11a:a1.ahe"enl
I)1 : H-ik ftcr. so nnolle arnd id .t h-;,uiil aI. h i l la li a n a, i- :'h1 *rinc
i i i- i i *i l :li l I.nI" Cu-if.nie mi. umn all ii-;fli-,pnnpe.
ile llind olt l nl h s voicP, his itlmarne-, lilt- o '. lr, 1- 1. 'i%.- lie I' an alta.l r ah eei
i i i i iil ,,r', 1t O.1- o _n \ F" n hi r I ;]|u .111ll r'~ i iVe eln
Ihli ,iL sand enreh.aln.. ii-raNts laoutliinI i n. Il.e p s *
i ~~~ ~ ~ t h -f 1 i ilIu ,,)vi ; I.,1 lIr. (.:.Vuiiess ]i,.; 2oi eritei l\
hint a being so dicfirrent l'rm all I i.i, L a a i
P! ,\ t, I- I i c -i (1111-111I1111 \'% l' L ih \ Ci lld i le-
ever seen so sua tetivir lo lli 'r-., tih: at I I nea hld 1 1 WI I, iti it 'ei a. nl Ili
aot lii tOi ar i i i Iarltiil.. si allliich. 'l\e s im.'r 1n lee
nol 1.ill O rei.eive .1 prolfound inil're--i,)in.' nuit .
"> i I fnl.1lkiil.,, \ ,.1 I oj( '] h ee +e i.-. .-,nrct.'P
Byrtin. O1 Ila pan. i xp'e sa'd iiw -ll hi hai%,Ili u l a. c-.
i" [Il .I Ie 1.ill u .\ril by ) h 1 .' hE 1,.h Ai- iih,,-a
all ille ;l tul I;il lv;lcily ofl Ills iil.lauil.rilon. II I. t he ai l i ,,ll hc tl sen-.,t ., he-ll R l
**li n nilv .sn i t ; ~ l Is aen dil --ll lipIlr tnilI- t Stlai let u e ,el
"lt i in) hInt love.' s;aid hli- 'a alllen L,,rIBe,1 ,4.-C] a tl cc tiu l hul ll ol Iet ot a.
ai ailv,.llte C lnill h1ie vety e nl pl a ela II .ts l.,,,i i b ll. ilaiil.mie Gnica iili
dtaIl.ls oul ihis nhv nlire. lir nks lI ih+..- rSI i- t Ile Go hlds. ," ght S. I e
leiiers :rnil a1 these ine iioit-A all E liope is W iy l-. il, ee l C r. i l.
I a ',l a 1 ,'II. ;ail i f.-.C l li [t i l elli:lrla n ls (al
l.aia li.ir i lh all li i. i,,clle lts ofal l s I.i 1 r- h .r t J l. ,''he s:l: i,i re ei or e Ia ,i itis
Wi'it.r.t. W\ e leirn liom ilie.-,e ia .,l t on ili, .
*c ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .e ,,I1 } 'f "11 .I,',:l ;,,rIii>v ,uii;g2 hier laiir hl ,'i Hi~d
firsi. separalion. \a'ien tlie Cotie'-.,; iel'i \ v I ,- i I, l .i li ir h a a ,I l a lilir a d
I I .1 1 ei, r 11'''"I %% lii1 -1 1-- lo n ll-r%
nike tou g>go a i h r hu.-h).ind to RR f i-ira[.i. h i ,, tele lia l r
she ld taint-itd lhtee tlnif s in suta iicc si .;n. :al 1,.aao tls I. t l, hl e C ,iallirss G a i,-clreli
t;lllk i o_ a s-1ile ol I:anhnL or in u, li I t -ali. I, lalI-i alle -: l ill i'ala. lanI r-
11 .1 Oil I i ?_ie [Ie ljnl heI- nul i led ;iap in.
vvOuld have diedl il Lond. B\trn hII nou 1 at : ,, -ii-a i ,e tl ,ii
'i i to H H IHa i al a \ < ta IlL hi |ra-1 it lirse I itlae
,0o e 10j, I tier. [hirrll} h.il ile lt-i.l ,i N i
,i lte iin R ave iai., hlelore her li ndle l. ai,, a... Na e I) tal,
h atle' .ii. a n,' ite ilbIa lait\, ail'- |aI ,lln.y oha
Counf .Guicciola,,. e(-lt to beek him andl ii2h1tr : a V 11.)le 1 1afa i l at- aa .. -
si alLed I i n i. i-Ji llala, e. .. ,, le I tia t i '- riI I,,.t li; T e. l,_r i-one
- AUI-i tli- I"-1TN on%% rote: thi C" ,,.I ia 1 h i1 nr- Dtlire ,!,iel
i i i ~ ,% li |r U t 1~I- awlini i r i t, cii e himi ;I
tess lhIs ;I tiitiarinl A ought ;in(l in li.lelllill- h ,,. .. 1i a t ite hi a ,
ent -er, ." a hi she. endur es b n t hole "-. I I, ts, halt te Countess Gui(:cioli
leile ve wlilAse endures nobly, in' lhre -, 1 -1 E 6 1 ,- .
hada nfli-nence enoatiah rIver LolaIB Illi Ili
It, t i ae ,.rt, oft lie 'word.' Yet ihe l;dtice l im io give p )his -pemt n cI Dr on
a itoruAs ioet soon qali t l ihis lig t tone. >.a "hs t ee l s 0 ,
H il MaIn l.Tieased. 1 ai 'hsorbed his a-liecedetspro o e
Iheaa ;a,)Cclo ew 1 and alasutn-bedla Charlcellc*a-athat Ithe Ceiial.-.. ialy at
tihe GU i.Cia nI.' heawrites, d l( hlerJ maha- ire' i M .di id so Fir as
dy. H er ,- ough has stian hidden *a* .lse.--"- a,,,S. -'.:d. s" ) o ,a1in11. i,,1Ie
She had an er.upltion of-the skia about tWo il ei nt 1, I'- 1.i, ilale. Ihifl lialee tll .s a
yeairssin e .wlca hshe--vfry ooli,1,li .lalt Ilfi- l e he [Hiie tI Prees.
da l. feair iut li that 'he aill sial, iha.e a [i: ..n h J,.t.T"-Doili]y '
co sitinrpiion.i. Her ,.o,,inilitian I is Ili.I. CLEVE ; 'Vtt 'i\G "
ie ltltai- y. a So.ii has b,.-e n wnh a' alirhl_ 'Ii orl ,i (i> iv ,,1e our liotllnr). exch.a\ll fs ;a
andt .tach at oare atr.vhoml I felt a 'rel] :.,.I-. I lia ir e e p,.Iset> t.e
1It'a10 H;av'e I esi bie-rn able to :.e, v e- v-en ,
Ilie lile o- .1I dog that I l luvo vd. ti il t i tiad Ii le I t-a i:"r, whi'Ih is a"ken. or -110u.l
iee .. -. Iive bFer p ,ti ,eti, linni H late i in hiher ol lih
1 t Ia Iltus tIIat'B3ron exprIeser t I a iaf-l, Naai l i lk Viiel a ivriog Mlitor,- awhtia-It w:;i r u it-
inl hat it nriliar laniiage tha i11%s lie 1 i.", r *r I",oro>ri I hieve beeu aIinei ly H :1-
a e* '."; ,I Ill., 1- "I elO ,"-I h \' e uilrl ll -3 "
heaalst hait.- Count r- i._- ai li2.i s Iar ie' e r .- F r ar- "
eI severall est;iaees -in w.s aIn d t vi ... a .a ii- .t .
flilltn. Tllt-V uoI.ld Ii o ha;ive cat.l lI i aIl,. : I lf EC ESSITt'YOF A OSIC a'ATION.'
m..ionniiiaid hI.il lie no.r aishi' d to d ake hiswife e The Itt ., aI,, witlh.iiin Everylhin-g w, as goitig ` ona%'lcl ri,,,,,, li-. ,Ii, ra,-i uia h hi t t Sa ii'
in Ra veii:na,-ii, wVhytl tour[ (oees >i.,elia;il t-\ hi- a l h i i It I -Led ia i)a:al ai-qi t-eni.'-iii. Ili I
h i) iaaae i iav e t I6 4 e oa iistess to .,-e i[11. i i t i .' 1 II iL Ea 'l\-ei, llt'I I.. li i,>,, -e. +-
bitin to Bulhneiria. Byro), -whtlo idia t f. ii I-ilr e,.I, ot IIh.se l.ailia-i lt i lieis u Ihiclh
:iese : chaig s. a al a wh eo -feared l a esf', li- I-i.caHi a oiial ei, itvi t l .-iiiatl t o i- i e Iii la
fhionil c ,ero i eroniie Miiea (;tiicc ,lt. il it I ir l.,I" a l 1i, I l. thli.liefit ol i ine] l',-ra
lllo vt-d iher-. ipro ia.-,-il to ilipe '%,i ha, lIe -- l -. It- t l ae-.' l- i).,sel o l li t riail t o lijiln
''I S e l wIt ." Sl';n a.da lo Is t. eln ,adol piii Iial it.aleal fi-aam ii ii, eaci-h ol
ra;ssing itI si iv. a l Id 1 o lhe Itllo l\ a111r' I" li a I n-,e .t ,[liult- leln t) I (a of 1. 1inil
C,,t, i'i ,.- "l'-t'r; ..,'eiha a;inii la l..-k h r,,,l. B ,, I a )ii., a iti't r ai l lilr-lil,,- ai.|ie i,-aii. e coat-
all -11 lipetatetatcmi
Iil a li)[ie illH]I tS 1 1 t i l l .rct.nIt- aa ala h lr%- a "lt d &i hl ia a i 1I'- l lr .1 i rtaaa a \ a\i i ii
II e I isl e t I if, a "I: rila, te % il 1] 1 ,- 1- 1 s .' ,'il %t I I 1 I t, t~ ,III ] i llh XI lit I f\ ] t l -
Ij n Ir,''-",-- 1 r' l 1% 1h 1 -P il
:Jlarn rlan tlers'. ,S-,lcit itang-.-. IJt i a 1 a, I\ It-a I 1.-. l.i.. l'a: ir ihc c. "a ; i ail-
IrT~qu~eaitin ,13 gl ;.l iel et lt Ii qi I (i e-a i,i n il lil:i i [al4,i 1' |-ir i u ah itia l, .i\ ItIo-
.1iii" F'alce., are bit IIIle Itlu\a ,, I li .il Ii '- .,'"I-, .,ad ,o!betci l c i hvi...'a -s. t et,-, -
wI'htt er rlie ul nh d f' nl .' ..,il Ie \ 1,,e a'e, a i- -I i .e I 11 111 c. tnd oil-iel ii i,.:aile pro-
l'lie s. a, il 'a iused .)\ H i.'_hl. M miei (.,;il. q"' i i P o e l oll- sa- ell.'nci o :i l'iraI -i" ;\i
i h e) i n thiiS) e'lete liste i- l ,i e ipe- l i 'l l a"'. ?i"el' ha iy. l h Ii li l lytl\i he-
ipeot. et~t i~ als shaa 11111 at grIO t Itar-na ha- I lie tea lr'Ialia I lie ,'a' .. ;i i- l li-.- e il el *t lie I t1 I
-tlelittl. sle prteposprd ,,mll.hi,,,_ of .mm h a' h I li,".,'l htt ,.111 t alite time atlen h t 11 aas
Mreaif.tr diltalle effect to Larc Il ron.; slit- liira' : J Ilira 1oilji.
ofere(-,( lo t lttil Ii alit n tia Juliet andU Bait ,laiihl ,l1 ,hiee sl"irin. paeni<, ail..e
ias..eLrs.-I ,'- tf ',ar ,de;,l, Slae hlirl. hi o ti. a Ie qae q "i I a .ec In i.tt-
sId. sure tle-aDs olf shCCePslitl t i.-' i11ai barrel Are eu- lil eris tl he l _ll- il
this -rUse. .B ut lle hilhilie-.'s cr, a i aI, e- liC'ailrits ,' _ll Ied Iin a. J ,or t-e -i"iil --
I)ilaisilti(e0:o(ltite Count nade i tia. It- hear -"r .:, y I ,,,i, a 1' 1" i i ..F. IctiI il e -aa.,t,- ei, a- a t \\ i collect
"fr'-I -hem tQ eairy '. ut this dfe-.i-ti ; Iho a.-lae-s lielbs soap)-boilers, ;,iil id-erilear.,le
"CoillesS di'd let pa'ss- hier-cif ol lar di ;., pala ;l I| V.,iP l),riies-rhe pd;l i cil
'ani Byrod Ict lial o oiccasa-ionel,,caarry t ldVy 1 il-: 1 ht ,l I'aeitiai t l-hii nniiin ? \' ihm-n. in liP
off. as her hu lie.nrd i)eral),ltd'l lta ice) t0.eaii c0urss al" hliun.la e-atnt.,, il hie itr es haeer <-
with liet a;lone. arid to escort her t i c sury" (hi -ll.sa,, \iih ilia.e Ia .tol -,,, tee,,. Ipe
But ai he'ngi. even tle oont's p a ,teidh l nt d be a du lila was exha,'stled, :.nd he s tughlt t~'- bil ,,ff ', a lIi nal zl.'tlie ox wa io leaslsi* ipiin itle
rii: aliSln Of" ihe&Ciiuntess w~It "Lord By-,l e ir'ae-l p.O1' jhadhr' lt laeil,lhi;i-. atdl aa thlse-
-r nfo nal'd:O treewa lha wh lde. Byr.ii ,,el'-icaf l- yl,-il', ,,,,aia .i eaii|.lic .liaioln iF-. I.i.,d ,.il..
v,--ty geiteio, sy to s c~iiFnce to hi-i l.ii- ,, ,. hli_' tilie' cel tlhe e..a- It lal,ei, Mi'eie'a Alias
hiis glba'y. hue fol-tntie. and e.\ien. lii-, ,,.ih e -awith ihe i )l ..< el lhe caoitld i1eica11 It.
its.l '"[- e i'e.roIr tied '.la ,o M iine. (-,.itia:ieh hIe 10 .e e- ,ne ehiat tome. t'se ;,re ir'ple npld.
take- her" to Ah ah rica,' lhaeie''i'ie or ldOi[ ia r I -lit-, it 'i. ;aiia a-tlie-r il"ti -" a ahh.ia ,id.
'Wilht :her und'er"a t il"i ti 1 namte, .i, : .'...e. e', ia a ,, itl (,Ih i hld lil,e c.c-airlau.s laa\aa- a
citiztLi and a Itead ole at I'.aiilv. If 'hliil':s ihaillei d 'l h -aI,-- oi l ha.,b\ eoilo-,lacug. ,l.l

-A eri, ,e'inilei 6f itie'Ei h loneE .n-Gnz4''
ar -- Hen -Rivaete J,.iehaiset, p -'
,",icididate ,Ir'.Vitce Pr-Mi -en'tiiof 'the ijiik
Stle-!.. .p-i;t rtH as Man 11l:nd thlonI. tI iqi -i
ol rile a lIp Stretp -l';, tever hid 'aPre ,- -.
deil' or' VV ice P sie 'ln. x n' ha' '* eM' "-
N.,: PARTS Or SPFECH.- A'cir-.' it*
th,- new a ela 'ema i.viy wors: ornet) ,spiu -
autril "diindi aatied titilor?) are,- qrh B t .
11aliin5', itI"ii a vaths. Tlhe fornier--,its.aa. w tif.' ..
i c1i' l ie s.v'l e-a of."' ) ;dI .-q a -.nd5ifh' ;
I I, t.I a ve-b passive, the synonynie of "lo
suffer." : ,

~r~Cllce~~PJb~bOrrZarnwa~,~ -"2' '~'Y

1~1 I_


-r rr~ ----;i


I havte- Ittd of several cases ofl -people "
lirsina r homee frmni a ites tSi.,lir rit cal tiOre; -
and M r. 'M. Cialderwo,,il uas fon .hWtpi. '
;ib.'t-eI fioon hI,,ne, si-,-zed -wili. pycI-7n
aliiaeltV ihicant his. I'f niiy. Ihal., .wia lrul a e..a.
110 i.i ay wa Iy a.ll1 0 In arco.1i41.t for it"i- -
fi'lI hnI-,' II1 iiallF-h-ed to fly 16 tlI.eni. MAr re-
rlmove hat-In Itii ile hnoese ihey we-re.ihha.
lhina ; cane a in of.atlicht lell clown. i.,me.- -
dialel', alterw.;irdis. No notion of sai(h A"`
t1iiti tii tie hila et- r rbelore occur ed to-hirt.
ticr at .; ila Pie ann. a ie;i.on uhal eai ter- i e(x-
[eCI il; Ilie- accidi, nt oriinaiing froin some .
tl-laci in l lte foeundahrion. A virictmet-ance
i X:i IlF\ I N iiila.r Ir, tili ,i.; rel:,ed li- S illt _ig
-ee ,- P-M-a4+s*w' ?^-Bee-It--rtr-t'rii*l~crir oifjr.-a memai, ,- "
;it i litI lil ; wia n.. he li n' l 4p;.,'V 'Ilileg In
ninli-atny. tas s-acddenly seized tiih- a con-
%it liol l.hII; hi Ot,.Iha to go litme... As.
hie-a, -ev. hl >,. laS ry onil( riafIly ilkin'g -
i;i,. ,n1 l bIad fnoilhhii to do ;i latrim hle re.-
si- .v.d ilie i ,nlo iiiiiir, ; iut it tretti n-i l w it.lh-
n-ia-la 1.,rie. ih;ia li l&ra lti hl e waa s oblig'pd to -
,ield. On te;ichiine li- hrliase. lie Inlrnd .
IteV 1ll a nas lie h;aid Irfi iti ; it lie -nor :.
1I'el lilisell crced to leiIae It bed from ,
lthe -crnerfir n wlhichi ji slood to anoilier';-
hiat. ;as it I ad a.ilua% s sion d i|lere,.ie.resi1dl
iliis ici)aalsioitc al-a,. However. tlie .resisl.- -
ail, e wa'., iith i hah. ,,Id as it seenied...he flt --t
lie tnmusi do il : .su lie stltimoliued t-l ie mait(.,.,..
iami,. iih lie -r patiI. l i.w Ihe I,-d to thie:oIlier.:'
side pilthe rr,-lm; ;aiheP \& uich he fell quite
a I iase., it ;iIl teiIn lr.e il o slenrd Ile rest '-of
lia e .I.f-nta a willh .Is tiend At ien o'c."lc -
Ili. i:,Iiy. biole up, wdt he retired woti .
al,.d Weiil t io bed andfl .o -sleep. In'-ll- ile|-tm -,..,
d;.- eIl I lie ,i hl2 heI w;1 s a w:,l,enei letie t loady "o "
crash. and or, loiii,oi 0outl, hie saawalar i : -
l.ac2e le;na li-.,ia .illin., hbriaacing Iaijo.thj.
c-*ililia m1ii1li. nill _.';i, l ita e e- l!' onati . '*- -. -"
j.ci hi],. held iial .oc'l'eel.-ed. O e.oJf lhf.-
iiiusl r, nallil,;a e i na s (,f .ilt:rsenj nienL J -
,know. k i I hliii a ihll 0t C'ieaned rili m v ryq6 hlfri "-
-.ee on boa. ao ia,.le' of her naj..st)iy's s.ii ,. -
alhit Ii i,, ,,f' Poit-Mnopt.i. iThe offic-:er..
hl-ina Ut' I dli y a- Ii ali .ess r"Ia le,. .30.v -
Lieulf ai:t1 P. sniilal-a' id. dh wn.Jias Inilf
anria tiIK. i),sli-iI -( t:, Ia has l|la e. .mid .urFip ,
e\Iri-itIy l pale. H hei i 'osn O i:S; l .[,he -
ilile. (,ec iin'- Iris I'e vivith I has hl-:I all-s,nsf -
It-,ied Irom ilhe oumn. Theic Im|sideitI. {ftf
tl-e Ime-, siJppeiot inu hn Ine be i.I.- s.nt one -
olth lle-yin mt t oe IO einqtUire hit.atwas ia l
inialler. At fi1.Il M\]I. P. tas ,wll ling-,1b
>p';, b ; buh. n..h eihi I I s.eil, hlie cnnfesst-s i
ilii hli- Ii:cd Lbeaie s-izel' i v n .i ta i dt-n.api.i
it F-tisilahle im pri -sion imbIl ;i," -rIolIer hlie h d
ilai n ilt Iahi a iva-i ,il-ad. -'He diel '," saiH
hie. on Ilie 1-21i ol AftAi-ist. ;at ,ix o'clock, ;
a l i -ile I il pria n i l'-i. at %a r a- .
ii"'-hile ciaa.*ll-or-e-nv-rmrow rhas CTriviatiin.-en7aii
in cll e c 'illit, Ol lIsi. tI WaViQ 'e.Pfipd.IQ to Whe.
llet:r. 'l'h- ynu['ar Ill ,'I1i h.il d.el at Ca;dyna
,ploie, at I hIe 'pispis;e itird n" pniioned.-t
M rs,. C' '& l'i l-t /( vf ?u tu c. "", ,- -
GOOD ANrD EaD [itcT.--1 taliy Ihe'e. ae
Sell as ;,,, thi\ t-ai e, iii.,;i i thl.lie-s cret ff what
is ( all'-d gi1,/ a;ni bad l'irka'. There- ,art
nIllen M io. iliap,,bilh Provilenic-e to have.jin1 w
itlp!;,i'.,,le spill e ;i'iialst tle i, heicaliin
,hie I- O. v. \ ,1 a rc-lc li-c dL.old a Ie '."
l, I taii 0 l 1. tht-ir live Lu ck forever r;i' _
:, 1;, them.i lhf-m, and lor oilbeis. On ..wi'lTh "
eiodl pile-staan. loit his lbck id tlie rip'",.?'
a-het-re lie liha .i'llf-'d naa li.is tit ne, a' ;,l',i :a1A-
lin -n lie shinildhaave e Ieeni tatlhe-' r iC -.'
A i ,.ir.a at-ia a i ', 1ti l rraai p' 1,,i pIt i h "' .
hliItni t.11ll hi. a y l l I, llh s hi ol. letmpller whit, f -.
,ill (1,ied all hli.; em lovee,'s to 'leave liih '.""
Aioulhiei, aiih a Itictaiiye-business. l6'jl ai'is '.
Il(k I \ ai, aziiig dh li f nce -at' evaert"t'.i "'^'6.,
hl, li li h-la-,', r-sl Atla liher ,-t'io si a j I .
inlhiv.-d li.. tidle. iis ste dimV1 'illdIo we'1bf ..
ilii !e. Aitarlier. 'who was lionaesl ,t h dtnJ 1,'n ..'
;:la1 1 olito i woil,, eried 1 y. 1)pe'pieuat-'a mi4`
jaed.:hclitheta'-het h~acke-cl .diea~yito-n^~f. *F-1nnnI-
''-i- ,lI ll i:"r .ic "iv iJJ r iT' Fy ah^ -
1I,.- ih.- d Ilck u t h o las- hI ld t-tia'. i l'a '-t .a
Ilath s Sp'leihitrtllra .,b,.trIi6s1Il-iafrpuaduleint -
[W aa. ,aidl ha e siP ta -l Aw i'ap never

new n eall-'Its lv-'sr d, ti l;g. -_urwourkingpu,.l'ni :.
mahnrai. t(liet 'ul of his eirn'iirgs. '-ind-slri lt. -" .
hliinipst. lhr, coiiplalindI of bad lu3ti A.
oni el h .ai eter. cna,-, lialilits. andti irain-. iJljii .
11-y. are ,,impre'Fincb;Ible to-I1e as--.&1&a1.. f.r f A l
t-e Ill IaiJ-.iliit i-fie -u.es.ver t-lretintal'ef. ' i.f'-
aht,-, I st'e a i;iaieidemf-lionl c,'eapii 6ui ou f@
a l.at ala, lae- itn elha f lcaenuaOn, twil-h lim h ja'nith "
V,(_l,> i.braO his pliI, tis. thi. irim no hI ts i" i at.-.
F ra ed telp. lila ilhie (critnl knon t'pdt in"' a i- -
l,ln,,\" lie Ihn-a li.,id hail li t-l-af r-.the-worst dE -
all lua k H to he-a -,5ligard, a kna-ve, o',"-
l r. H I-. e r. . : .
'- "-- : -....--
T t.: .-I K.ATY IN 1 xl-:h:co.- ;. lIiast an .,.." :
of IlIe NNet ")rtIea,,s..De.)iea. in a., ltterf,,o', "0--.
hl-i ncl' i ex co, *.'1 eIl nrich 19, ,s^-'jj ,
iha lielaii ic. l,at ,cl Ah el hi ,,,y ."..l..' s
"'l,,.,e "tre fil'y rnlleiheis ol. Conr rpi ,..-at
presei,, :lt Qiret;,ro-ah,.re aire itl-een1);' "
Ill i. pl.Ire t ,li a ill Ie.avae'.bnt M (.tii. y--Ibr.lhia.;;>
-rat 0at G m,,t-ii'p ift'hi --ll.r'lc' ,:heis,.hf-ir aip r,'.- .
dler i-sta.-d ci ile ltl exitl;n G6v.ermiirn-e.
Ilte hit'erlitag l]e eh-c'ons ifi tli' Si'ae< froi-ta1a;.
atli-hi no .lel,-'s.ies .luaae .c eei. I e ejt', ts..a "
hi.ar ,,u1 :e Il-eht plll 'es -ed a-ci,9n, c.,i' xa...Lx
t aI s in t ela -ie ,Ce Iaa ile t rie ifin .'ai io, ..of...i-h,t'
tteat'. I h.,e lihery'] scea'ei'l 'i,,hhe;-Purf.
i a tn s:ie s tl.,a lihe' a" ea: lcl vdte foa;-ilJO*h-a
tilii> i-ii ii iadf po.sibe. put ;n ,eic4 i
;tr I "in (f opiiortiaIal.l-a vqje~nJeo .. -
cl- r.atil'.tta' .lIa trc-ayaiy i bV aCVerp.y i!Q'D.t-f -.
curie' I.ii itsi rat v hloca Id coni~t.bi~dhl&pmrpije
Ills Uaiaieal Siaare ;itienihee-. 1tJt-ere ayilL~pr~s;^
li b;,le ;i good ale-al caf akbaeaddp.a.,-f *
-MAR L'A ND AND T'yE VC n~rEC'.-

_ .+ ,


---- --- ---1 f I n" -


"ivibrv '& .IU A-
*G&GI:iER. t '3.)':[12"tl*^O' -\ri,:ltC[.ANTS,
". .D...: ..-N'o.- W Aee'srreer: .
Dec i ,' :..- 1"' )-S, A1L -IlacL lcola, Fa. ,
_: I u 'i .: <.' ;.N',' .." .- ." .' W n .... '. r 'A -& "

S k "ND. fi:E ,Rrt. "IN" _.-.
TIN 'XV .E.',B;rPS, Sl-lOt. HATS,
a. Of .4 D ,iERY... -, E
(o,. Wtter td Ch -tit 'osts. "-
S9 "'- -&i*pd.%h4 col.a, F l ..

I -



________~a ~ -a~lers nq-r --- l~~r-r- -q~i .- I -

'' -" -, BVY JORN JONES, Al. D.
was once sent for, in great haste to at-
'"tend a gehileniamn of respectability, whose
w" "ife- a lhly ,of intellience and refinement
.'* '- a l li-u. et-rpl'i hiif "n) hie room, lying
setrsless. uLIpot Ihe floor.
0. Oi arriving atIt the house I fund Mrs.
f"H- in gr-a,,l ,luitre-s of mind.
"Whiav' is the matter with Mr. H. -?.
.1' asked on meeting his ladm, who was in
tears and looked the picLure ot' distress.
.: "; ai afraid it is apoplexy," -she i-plieil.
A'.1. o .tl44iwm yinig on th.e-.fl6or, where Ihe
-. had, to all appearance, fallen suddenly from
:- his chair. His fice is purple,- and 'l-Mi.gi
lie brqatlies, it is with great dilticntliI.t
went up to see .my. patient. He had
--b6een lifted from the floor;-, and was now ly-%
* i-ing upoan the bed. Sure enough, his face
was Ipurple aind, his breathing labored, but
esone.how thes symptoms did not indic'ite
.. apoplexy. Every veinin Ihis head, and face
was tinged, aid l.e lay pe feet ly'st unii.l,, but
I still saw no clearindications of an actual
W;. '.. ( approaclditmg congestion of the, brain.
'.- iadtn't hlie beiler be bled, do tor '" i'.-
Sed the alixious white.
I dlun't know that it is necesstry," I
replied. I think if we let him alone, it
S ;1,,l1 pass oriff ,i the '6.otirse ofi a few hours."
"'.A few huni!.. Hfie may die in half an
." hou t'. /'' '
,I1 don't tLhik the case is so dangerous,
: '**rid m "'" 1./ ."
.. Apoplexy 'riot dangerous. '
I hlr1dlv tlhinlt it -al)oplexy,"' 1 replied.
.. P -ay. wlial do you think it is, do.clor?"
: lrs. 1-- Iolked anxiously in iny face.
k d.' d *l tluitai'l y li mied that he' nmig!i possibly
tI;.Ive been dlriil, inru too much randyy bIut
., ".'she. p'lsitit'c.ly i, d a, l. m ost uziili., .uu il\ o)I-
M jvcted.. .
-:: No, dbc'or; I ougliht to, i.w aoout
.that,'' sl *,cQntinued.' "De1ei, I upon it,
th.'*he disease is more deC'ply seated., .I amrn
sure he had beitet' be bled. Won't ybu
", blel him, doctor ? A few ounces of blood
ta). ken from his arm may give life- to i Ie now
.. stagnafit circa, lamiui i ,f blood in his veins."'
SThus urged, I, after sonie ie.l'lecuiiu 'o-r
i dered' a. 'bowl and bandage, and, opening a
cvein-from which the blood flowed freely, re-
S lived hiti ofabout eight oUUcPs of his cir-
."' ,ulatiing medium. .Bul hlie slill lay insensi-
ble as before, much to the dii-ress of his
poor wife. .
omethinti else 8'tlst be done, doctor,"
-,'she tged, seeing that the bleeding had a'c-
'. com'plislied nothing.' '6( my- husband is
.. not quickly telhieved, he must die." :
S" By this time several friends and relatives,
who had heeii .sent for, arrived, amid urged
,.diponumne itehe adoption of' some more active'
t measures for restoring the 'si-ck man to con-
"-siousness. One proiosed'(m.ust;iard plasters
Sall over his body, another his immersion in
'hoi wat-tr. -1 rsuggested ; that it might be
well io use a stonach- pump.
h VtIy, doctor ?' asked one of his friends.
;. ;- "Perhaps he has taken soinedrugs," I
r.,'mp possible, doctor!" said the wiue, "he
has been home all day, and there is no
drug of.auy kind in tihe house."
N brandy I ventured the suggestion
.- g ain .- :.,-;,.* ; .. -
S,-"N0, doetor-! No spirits -of any kind, in
ilie, house,' returned Mrs. Hl--, in an pf(
f' ,fended tone.
Si wano"nol the reua-farfAa ilym yiciiB
i-: h had been' Called to- meet the alarmiing
emergency because nmy office happened to
She.nearest to'ithed dwelling of' Mr. H- .
"eeling tmy position to be a difficult one I
-suggested :that the' lamtly physician had
better he called. -
."" Bur the delay, doctor." said the friends.
S-'-N ho riiri will result from it,-.be assur-
ed." I- replied -' .,
::- But iny word il notI assure them. How-
ever, as-. was firm in my, resolution not to
.do any iffore f6.rthe patient until Dr. S---
-came. they, had to submit. I wished to
ma-ke a cll' of import.ince in the neighbor-
hood, .anid proposed going, to be back by
the tilime Dr. S. artivedi ; but the friends of
Srthe sick" would not suffer me to leave'the

i:- When Dr. S7- -carme, we conversed
": aside for a. few .minutes, and I gave him my
vieWs of the caise, -ihd state tihat 1 bad
dote, and why. I had done it. We then
pro$eeded to the bedside of our patient.
There' was still no .signs of approaching
consciousrness. ,
Don't you thihk his head ought to be
:- shtay-ed and bIiet~red ." asked the wife anxi-
* 'i~ pi i-o a ly ;' ,;^ .\ , . "'-. 1 *
: -<'Dr., S..- il uught a momixent, atnd then
i ,.,rr, :.:4 ';.,.* "-' '

, :;.-: iYesby all: means:. Send far a barber;
(nd also for a (frelm fly bljstlr,-Tfur inches
b y.i. y~ni.e'."' ..:"- ., '
I .lookediuto-the face of Doctor ,S-
/'wij'hTi urprise. iHe was_ perfectlyT grave aind
eatlnest.',.l hinted to bitD my ,loib of the
good that mnode? of treatment would do.-
.jz Bjur-he sp1ke~confid~ently of the result, and
saadIyhat it would -not only 'cu-re the disease,
but he bhlieved,2, take away' the prtedisposi-
. i: t beiebreto,.and with which Mr. H---was
affectedto a high, degree .
The barber .caame. The head of -Mr.
w'ss shaved ; and Dr. S--applied
the blister with his-,.wu |n ds,. which .cmn-

.iletely covered ,thcsca.lp. from forehead to
oceiput. '
-.et it -remain on for two hours, and
then make use of -the ordinary dressing,"
*aid Dr. S'I-'. "If he should not recover
during .the action of. thj blister, don't feel
neaiy. Sensibility will be restored soon
. ..'.aft.r;*. ,' __ '- ': : ,; '..
-I did not call again but I heard from Dr.
--the resitt i
After we left, tlie friends stood anxiously
Around the bed upon which the sick man
lay'; tough'the blister began to draw, no
sigs'6of returning .consciousness 'showed
themtsevs-Y further than an occasional low
rpokioor an uneasy tossing o(K1 tie a rms.-
For two ho-ur the. burning parched the
lo.eder akin of Mr. H--'s head, and. was
Then removed. 'it bad done good service.
Drelinzgs were then applied repeated and
"epeatied aga ; but.aill 1'be sick man lay in
a de.p 4tup;r.
-" t i-lap doneno ganod.. Hadn't we better
eed for mhe doetor 1" suggested the wife.
U Itthea the eyes of Hl---opened, and
Sh. lolked' with half' stupified surprise from
rie" to face if the anxiutus group that sur-
..RoundeJd theh b-.
'-Wbat in the mischiefs the matter ?" he
at leUth said; At the same time feeling a
s trahmr e sensation about his head, be priced
bi hbaud rather heavily thereon.

, Wilth a gesture ofimpatieince, H- shut
his eves, teeth, and hands, and alay pei iect-
ly still for some time. T hen he tumiied1 his
face toi lhe wallmuttered in a low petulant-
voicee-. "
Too bad! too bad! too bad!" P
1 liultnt erred in my first and last fim-
pression of H- 's diseasee ; ihtilier had
Doctor S- although he used a very ex-
t-riordinary-mode of treatment.. The facts
of thIe case were tliese:
[1--- hadd a weakness, He could not;
,taste of wine or strong drink wilhou't being
tempted into excess. Both himself and
friends were mortified and grieved at this
and they, by admonition, and he, bI)y good
resolutions, tried 16tO bring about ;a refobrm.i.-
B3ut to see was to taste ; to taste, was to fall.
At last his friends urged him to shut him-
self up at home for ii certain time, and see
if total abstinence uui, not give, him
strength. He go on pretty well ft'- fea i
days-particularly so as his coachman kept
:a well-filled bottle for him i, tll,- muiiiige-
house, (o wl ti lcli he not-tintre l-t--mi-lif -Tt'sti iI-

citing much attention or respect from :the
.. here are some persons who endeavor to
i)tt-Juidlice Ihei' position of" fen,.ril Scolt, by
iwltll,,g on lih- ';iarinth of temper displayed
by:him,.\!ho, inmiL-le to impeach thIe truilh
"of the fCrls allek'ed and proved by him. strive
ro weaken their effect by harping upon the,
tesliness of his temper, and the imprudence
of his lI.uiiug,. This is a-desperate resort.
The Ipe-,iile, iuowev-r, are noit oil to ex-
pec-t gi-,it patienie and moderation in a gal-
lant officer, so badgered andl persectuleedil as
General Scbtt has been.. Adrew Jnckson.
though seldom wrong, was npt very mealy-
mouthed in his language towards those who
crossed the path of his duty. The people
,iilliiPuiul and j.,lifiel him. And so lhe
people, in spite of -the puny efforts of Ihe
partisans, will excuse 'in, Winfield Scott.ll
even stronger I. thiai.e i|nn any he hasmyet
itsed in ,lri,, ithu ti'e Lminduct of those
who brou1li uipiium the coniitry the shame-
fiul scene -niw ixhijited in tihe Capital of
,\i t'.- ]- u.

ed ; but a too ardent devotionto thifs bottle : .
brought on the supposed apoplexy. [From 'lie Phil d-iphi.i N. A &- U S Gazette.]
Doctor S- was right in liis mode of FRANCE NEEDS A WA.-1INGTON "
treaLing i'c, disease after all, and did not err rlhis rem;uirk -has fallen fiom the lips:- f
in supposing that it would reach the predis- more than one distinguished for intelligence
position. The- cure w;as effectudl. H-- and patriotism, since the recent astouniing.
kept -quiet on the subject, and bore his revolution which has im.,le.monarchs turn
-shaived head upon liis shoulders with as pale wihii feai, and inspired with new, hope
much philosophy as he cuill iiituisirr. A and fresh courage, men of all nations who
wig, after the sores iiaJe lIvy lie blister had are trodden. down by the iron heel of oppres-
disappeared, concealedd ile b:irbli-r's work sion. Ifit is meant by this, that France in
until his own haii,- _rw ;rit. He ever her pie,,'ilt exigency, needs a conirolling
ventured upon wine om brn.)y agadiii Ib fear spirit, whoshall,.by wise counsels and "nio-
ofi apoplexy. : derate haste," harmonize ;,and ble-nd conlfict-
W Wht the truth leaked tult-is -ala out ing ehiti i'eis; w ho sliill repress Ihe lio-
suchthings ,ul'.is will--tlue friends of Mr. hence .of passion, and exhibit to the conric-
H ihad many a hearty laugh; but they tion of the masses the distinction 1'etwe'en
wisely concealed- from the object of their liberty and licentiousness, mand point out the
memriment the fact thathey knew anything only foundation on which a Republic can
more than appeared of the cause of his sup-- be planted. ."ith a prospect of,'permianence
posed.illnes, ". and success ;'we give our cordial and heayiv
assent. Vashingion wis ihe man of the
From he Delta. age in which he' lived. He was raised up
,THE COUgRT OF INQUIRY. by Providence for the accomplishment of a
Like a noble, lion :at bay, worried, but not most important and difficult-work. But
intimidlated by the snapping and barKiog of eand gifted as.he was, lie would never
the canine pack let- 6oose upon him by some have achieved the sublime results which
royal hutfisman, the Commander'-it-Chief crontiedId his eft'ff is, ifi he had not had the
of our Arrmy -is presented to the twenty bpst m:lt-ial lthe w,rlid has ever fut niished.
millionss 1 f his admiring and grateful fellow- fr i, ite ;udaion of a government,.
-. .. ; )' g u t iOIofa ,governmen ;,
citizens, in t(;fe attitude of a criminal o under whose befi fluees we have
-,, ." .. under'whose- benvfir'eniIitinflllences we have
trial in the, hostile. capital. captured by his been happy amInd prosperous Indeer, ithe
genius and valor. ;lose who have been- gers of our republic mni be traced back
instrumental in bri)iging about suclit a mor long prior to lthe revoluiiou. They are
I"tif i'ng spectacle ats this' ns m t ," Inace" a very ..
ifying spectacle s this, mi plac a very s e ,in the spirit,, the intelligence, the pro-
low esti atei u on the eh'araciear-of ou-r ideo-.- I .
low estimate upon te "a o o bity, the indumimnible piresever.ince, and the
ple, to, expect that it-will elicit-fromi mere ,;...t -, fl. r...n . ... .- ;
pIe, to expect that i will elicit fro.m thei 'Piely of the little band who reached our
aiiny other sentiments but those of lhe stern- shores in the May-Flower. It was there in
est ~ ~ ~ ~ s~re relk, hetotheo hM. tllItn
est. rebuke, the mos t scorching, iilIernmg. the 'solemn compact into which they enter-
annihilating scorn and indignation. edbefore leaving their frail barque, that we
[he itep e s h it are ol et s leared
The ,people's heart are not yetso seared, see the incipient steps taker which -led on
and dried up by the fires of party Is.sion- by a process slow .but sore, to the Decla-
tiheir perceptions have not become so blunt- ration oh tnilep'ie.detice. There is nothing
ed, or their patriotism cooled down, to the thai rouses our indignation more effectua-
zeropoint, that- they can look onpsuch scenes ly, than to,- hea_ tgue iiserdle rauinrg -of
as are now -presented in the city of Mexico some who have vet to learn the. rudiments
and not feel. that a gross indignity has been of our true history, throwing out- their
offered io.the.National. Glory-a stain cast sneers, and casting contempt upon hose to
upon our escutcheon, a dark page addedto wom they are indebted for .their rich pri-
our history, which onl'y the lo-ud and unan- vieges, and whose m hoe's laehet th-ey are
imnous voice of the people can expunge and v worthy n unlose"' Suche t man
oh~lie-ate. nt.'WOrtiiy to unloos."S u ch11 t m-
o b lif erate. .. ..
The shber second -a noble uin "Is fit Fr fit ii 'i, stratagems atd spoils;
e sber second thoughtof a noble Th-e motions ol his spirit'are dull as night, ..
grateful people will pronoimnee the trial of And his .fl'-( iuS dark as Erebus,
,Winfitd, Scott,, utnder ihe circumstances,' Let no such man be-trusted." .
3n.l the dismissal or pre-acqufttal of his ac- We have expressed our deepest interest
user, without any parallel in injustice, in in the success of the mighty, struggle by
sordid, calculati.ig, cold-lhearted ingratitude; which'France is aiming to establish a free
It has no redeeming or p-illiating views;- republic with all its immnunities~and privi-
it has riot the shadow of an .excuse, reason, leges. If there shall be a failure, (of which
or justification. It stands alone, a' solitary we will not permit0ourselves to entertain the
ease in-'our history at least, ,,f a* successful thoughtt) it will result from the ,wanr.0tofen-
General being tried for doing. his (duty, lighfitened, comprehensive-views and a just
h'is whole duty, for defending the glory of appreciation of the great objects to be gaiu-'
bur army and country tried by his junior ed in committing overnmeni twlthe hands
officers, in th'te very. scene of his noblest ex- of the people. It'ilhereiare intelligence and
ploits7-and made to stand there, before the virtue enough 'in tlie masses o, e-ijiy their,
world, the target for fbe low hate and cun- privileges without abusing them; to take
ning of intriguanis whom his favor had advantage of 'the position they have gained
warmed into existence, anmd whose malice, to dill'ise the principles of moralhty and so-
otherwise impoatent, government patronage briety so that every man shall be a law to
has supplied with a sting, himself;" their --career will be, onward and
This atMiiiude'is sufficiently humiliating in successful in spite of all opposing influen-
.any view, but when it comes to that point, ces. We hope and trust this will be the
that Wm.TJ. Worih can rise before a Court grand development to be witnessed. But it
Martial in the City of Mexico and hurl in cannot be too often reiterated that there is
-the teeth of Winfield Seott the approval of Docharmitia republic to conferthe blessings

Heavens and earth!" He was now fully his conduct by the Government, and the.
in his senses. "Heavens and earth! What.condemnation of his Cuilm.inrider-in-Chief,
ails my head?" it passes the bounds of human patience, and
For mercy's sake, keep quiet," said the makes us sick at heart.
wife, with glad tears ii.-hiii- over her foce. And who is the officer with whom the
"You have been very ill. There, there, Government has taken sides against Win-
now !":;and she spoke soothingly. "Don't field Scott ? Is lie the same who abandoned
say ai word, but lie very still !" his post, on a punctilio, when outr army lay
"But my lieaj&]t feels as if scalded.- under the tlirrateiiin cannon oflbthe enemy?
Where's my hW-lI Heavens and earth, Is he the same who, whilst in this city,
Sar:.l h I don't uidlersian l thi.-. Ani'l m spoke in terms of coiliemlnpi of the noble old
ar'm WVhat's m) arm n lied up in this way General by whose magnanimity, with the
for : aid of PerifV F. Smith's skill and general-
Bequiet, my dear husband, and I'll ex- ship, he was enabled to regain his position
plain it all. Oh, be very quiet,; your life in the army ? Is he the same of whom the
depeoils iprn it. ... patriot Goines declared in this city, when
Mr. H--sank back lipoln the< ,pillow informed 'of his resignation, that he looked
from which I"e had risen, and closed his upojp h':m as a deserter in time of war? Is
eycs tfuIthink. He put his hand to his head, he thesame officer whose conduct at Pue-
and felt it tenderly all over, from temple to bla in-was pronounced by Generals Quitman,
tetrple,and Irom nape to forehead., Twiggs, and Smith, highly prejudicial to
-Is it a blister lie at length asked. the honor and safety of our army? Is he
Yes, dear:, you havebeen very ill. We the same officer who waked up one morning
feared for your lIfe," said 11ms. H-,S af- a staunch Democrat, when he had always
feciionalelb. There have bec n two phly- been a Whig before, an(d as suddenly be-
sijenins in aitendance. came the friend and ally of another officer,
II-- lIsed lIis eyes again. His lips who, before this, had been the constant
inii id. 'l',iise nearest we.rent ml chi edi- theme of ridicule and abuse.
fied by the'whispered w0ordsthat, proceeded If this is the officer who has been put
IllI'rl't,,iiii. They Would -have sounded forward to lunii and insult Winfield Scott,
4tranaly in a Clhili,. or i: eii.-' polite and we -think the choice is an admirable. one.
refined-."After this he lay for some time Thiat noble old commander, who, through-
quiet. out tie tir ine scenes of an unequaled cam-
"Threatened with!apoplexy, I suppose?" paiai,. stood so nobly by the, flag of his
hIe the.n sad, interrogat;ively., country, and devoted himself, with such
Yes, duar," replied his wife. I found -in e e-iniledn, -, to the glory of our whole
you lying insensible upon ihe floor, on hap. army, is fair game for those wh., in all
1i. 1,,,i to come into your room. It was their deeds, reclke>l not of ;alnit. but their
most 'iil,,ih.l I that I discovered you own selfish ends and personal aggrandize-
w.hen I did, oryou %oriildl certainly have meut.
died." -But, still, if the blow was lo be struck by
t1 :shut his eyes and muttered some-' such an arm, we would have preferred that
thihg-withl an air oft patience. But its another scene, than the City of Mexico. had
mea.ni wg was not u.i.r-'sioid. been- t.r-ecic i 'o- i il W e ,.*li],l have pre-
Pidindrig:him out of danger. friends and feared oiiher wit nrs.-s ofiu.hl) a degradation
relatives retired, and the i k n,111,111 was left thin lie enreiiiS;o oo our country ; those
alone eitIi li, familyy. .. y eniemies, who, coniqueredI by ithe valor and
SSrahi!'' h e'said, '1 u1hv il lheaven's skill of \Vinfield Scott, would find some
narime d(id you permit the do ii ors o bIutcher solace for their-'iOi,, and misfortunes,
me in this way ? I'rh liii up.for a week or 'in a imalieioun joy over the blow, thus aim-
two. anfd all or nothing." ,' ed b% potier :i the chief, whose strong arm
S"Itn ui- u save your life, dear." r h.d l- rosir,,eil them. They should have
S"Save ihe d-l'!" ,ilered SC.it to Washington, and there a
H +us There! Do, For ileavrn-s Co-jrt siiriounn-.l,. by political intri uanls.
sa-ke be iiei. Everything'depends upon minight have conducti-d ils l|iiceedinas to10 ainy
it." length. and in- an.v ritc liisloi. tiilmnu teli-



OZ-- The following "eiilenien are authorized
Agents for the COMMEICiAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
Wm. W. CHEVER, ESq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK HARDMIA, Eufaula.Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVER. Thilaha-see, Fa.


The engagements of the Editor in
the Circuit Court, now in session, must be
taken as -an excuse for the paucity of:edi-'
torial in this paper.
In common with the rest of our fellow
citizens, we deplore the loss of one who
had by his amiable and kind disposim ion,
warm heart rnd ripe wit, grown upon o'6ur
affections, and become to us a chlierished
friend.. Mr. Steveuson came to this place a
stranger, in search of hiealihl-his residence
has been but of a few years duration, but it
lasted long erough to disclose a host of good
qualities, calculated to raise him to an ele-
vated position in our estf-elu, and to excite
thie warmest feelings of love and friendship-
whilst the most captious- lias failed to'dis-
cetn in his character aught to 6-usiify cen.
sure.,: It may be truly said of him that he
died leaving not o"ly noti an eniemniy behind
him, but, not.eVeo a single individual who
ever had cause to -iidl fault with his con-
duet. ucl a fanie is a precious legacy to
his family. It must he grateful to their'be-'
reaved hearts to know -hliat an entire com-
munily syiip;athise.vith them in their affic-
tion-that as they mourn a devoted hus-
band and kind f .hier-, the citizens of Apala-
chieo'la regret a departed friend, whose resi-
dence among them had contributed to render
the society of the place more cheerful and
happy. Peace be with his spirit!

We observe that the arrival of this gal.
hant soldier is announced as being near at
hand. [ile is said to be expected to leave
Vera Cruiz about the tenth of April. A
rnmor is afloat that Geo. 'Scotti w il resign
his commission in the army, to -ivoid a dis
missal under the act of Congress which
provides that in case of peace the number
of M.,jor Generals shall be reduced to one.
He hits no doubt sufficient reason to believe
that the Pi resident will not retain him as the
Major General. Wherever he goes, and
whatever may be his future attitude, the
plaudits and gratitude of his countrymen
will follow him. and be to hi-n a grateful
rcompense forih'-e years spent in adding lo
thie military faime of, the .Afnerican people.

We sincerely regret to learn that hlie
President has- accepted the- resignation of
the gallant and' accomplished hut perhaps
imprudentFremoi-t. Had he have remain-
ed in the army, he would undoubtedly
have added to-ihis aIeady precocious fame,
and have proved in the hor' of need an
efficient commander.l May success attend
him in his futture career !
Our regrets at the retirement of the gal-
lant South Carolin'ian are mingled with feel-
ings of pleasure that his manlle-his coin-
missioun-falls on the shoulders ofone wor-
t'hy to follow in his footsteps." The gal-
)ant Loring succeeds to the vacant Liult.
Colonelcy. Cerro Goido and Cliapuliepec
bear'witness tob the courage anid ability
wlhiih lie pIossesses as a commander. In
his hands the reputation .of the Brave
Rifles" will never suffer."

EDITOR :--I beg leave to say a few
words in reference to the titles lor real es-
tare in this city; The murnmiturs of the-great
majority ot our people on this subject, have
always appeared to me to be. ominous of
some appro-hiti.hg trouble. The :timre has
come when every one who has bought land
of the Trustees of the Apalachicola Lan'l
Company, mniust feel that he is building his
luouise upon a riuheresnndy and uncertain
foundation: Our coniliimion. however, is not
so had as to be vithbot a reme'Jy. -'.
''In the cases lamely argued between the
Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Compa-
ny and the Squatters," it appears that the
real owners '(or stockholders) of this.'land.
appointed by vote, three men, who were
empowered as Trustees to attend to the
landed interest -of these real owners for
three years. -Six men', constittuting a hoard
of Directors, were also appointed by the real
owners, "to attend to certain p,,rts o( this
latided interest, utider the direction of the
t-he -'tree Trustees. The six, Directors.
however, were to continue' iboffice a longer
tinte than ltle three Trustees, and when the
term of office of these three Trustees expi,
red, the six -DireQtors had power from the

of freedom, without the conservative influ-
ence that springs from general virtue and un-
compromising integrity. A republic is no
better than a rope of sand, if the materials'-
that compose it are not to some extent
homogeneous; if the masses from whom
po*web emanates, do not discriminate be-
tween liberty and licentiousness. That
coming events will prove that there is this
discrimination in France, we fondly hope.
If so, ;ilh will be well; and the combined
efforts of all her enemies will not shake the
firm foundation on which she stands.

peel. 1i l Ji [ 1 [ U I II L UIII n II IlU Illlw 'I t n UII
all amount- invested-do forget ,ihe loI
price of cotton and all your imaxinar%
glooms-do not meet the Agent with zo
many excuses as to call a blush tu his
cheek, and not only m.,ke him feel like a
beggar, but also discouir.ie him Irom a
most laudable jiurpose. Do settle dowin
upon some amount to give, if' it be onli one
half of a dime. Do, do, and do don't delfv.
In short, and in earnest, I ant
The rapid increase of manufaciiiimig es-
labhlishimelts in the South is atirn,.ing a
good d,;,l of atllenlion. The great adviin-
tages possessed by this section, not onnl for
suplplying our owu, immedime w;n,$t, but
also for compelin with tlie maniul'fiacturers
of the Eastern Stales in their own nu:rkets.
are becoming apparent, and ere long c:api-
tal and enterprise "ill he fl.,winij inm ils
direction. In copying an article which re-..
cenily appeared in our paper [the Charles-
toil "lercur)} upon Maniulacttires in Gebr-
gia :and Tennessee, llie B.ihimiore American
makes llie lollovinig comnmens:
The 2raduiil extension nol'mninufacttures in
the Souih 'illi nt doubt take place in obe-
,dience'to .tho'se aWs oofi productive economy
which teach that every mile ofl' tr;ansprima-
lion to which iliphe raw minierial is silijecl
belie it re ,,hes uhe place of m:iintiafacmure.
adds p)ropo' otatel) to lihe cost ofi he filti.h-
ed article. Raw coiifin, sent io EnglanIl.
nianutfacinred there aind sent back to the
Unimei States in the sli.pe ol' muslin, has
to perfolItn iwo voyae:es across the Allantie.
p:yinig the. freichil each way; and't lese
charges of conveyance are hlrown upon tlihe
purchaser of theI fabric, while all the profits
of the niaiufatmciring process are enjoyed-
by the lorei,.n esiablishmpis.
The laciliiis oft m nmilacturiig, by reason
of our advantages of' water power and hie
improvemtenm of mmJtiinerv. hIjave become so
great in this country. ihai. under a stable
system of policy, with such judicious assis-
lance as thie covernmeent miay fairly berstow
in its arrangement of a Tariff to provide for
the wants of he Tresur. ithiere will be lit-
tle occasion for sending our raw cotton
hereafter to Englanld for the purpose of ha-
Ving it biouhtil Iback to us in anolitpir form.-
WihPn the Sonihi shall have availil iiselfof
all the iImprovemenms which art and inmleni-
iiy Ihave nuade in t Ihe mianulfaclicim, pro-
cess. it will have advauta;es over all other
parts of' the country in the particular that
its mlanufticiuring establishtientsi may be
erected on the very spots where the raw
material is produced.

The illhwin.g sketch of a'"Used-up Po-
liician" is frofi the pen -6f -hd late Joseph
C. Neale: -
Peter Brush was in a di.api.daied condi-
lioni-oni.- at elbof..;- ui ; t" knees, out at
po( kpls: mid od'ti of slpinl,. ,"md nut 'in the
sireet--an "-omt and oute"- 'r evvry ,ps-
pece. lie sat upou ihe curnislone.' le,.flirg
iis head uplon his hiamtd. i'i i,-lbow betig.
placed upon a stt'pioin2. stonie..'" Mr. Brush
hlid Imo somertmine-been silent. ab-orbtd int
deep ihouht.i: which "he-iehivedl at intervals
by ;,lpiting ihriugh his -tretli forlornly into
ille inlter. A-'letnglh,'heavinig a deep sigh,
he jmloIe : -". -
T-heu' tse' ito Fel'-r me;'ini'ro' pmt your
irusi in princes-and I hI.avn6'. Nomne of
'eint ever wnted -io bliirrow nothlin-g ,f me,
;,ind I neter see any of them Into bnorrdw no-
hiing f thiliem. Prince! puooh! put not
Smou,' irist -in -' lirii'dne; i- Thi' t's ny
sentiis'nts. There's no r,*o'-niedui'n:s .abruit
Ihit. Hav,,'i '".been siving mity cuminttry
ili, fit ir- ;,rs- like a phiniror -goingi to, meet-i
mhg-. ,rid- huzz;,iig um 'diliglie.s omit. mid
i tming blue as bl.,ze hiayn't I blocked dll
mlidmiws, gol hitked' fihly'iimtes, carried I
ion't know how' niajy bi ick e'es and bro-
ken rinses 'or- he tnhoil. of .1bt c.um'ion.
wi-alii ind the purritV 6t legal"'ii-ghis'land alf
lfor w'iat ? WhyIfor n'ix :L' nny good has
ronim, oti. of it, the cobun'iV has puit the
whole of-t inf h poeik' T'ad 'swindled me.
out n ofi mev arrni.h's-'.1' 'iin 'g0 no office.
Rei[uli..s is unnratelftl. 'r.1"iidn't 'watt no
reward ur- tmy services.' "I only wanti- to be
took good came of and t've-nothing to do.
Being iook care of' was 'fh: main thin'.
Relmiblics is .ungrai [ifil--h i'iswaeged if
they. ,iYt4 I ove'my,- iqri x ,anF d I waf. td
ain office-I didn't' care, ihat.,' it was lat
and easy.'-.lWqanie'dl 10 i'fake care of. my
conniry, iin'd I want 'i'my'couniry to take.
care of ine. Head w'o'k -is{Vhe trade J'm^
"- o-, 1 V, ,
for- talking, tat"'s mylinde, 'Talkiog in.thB
oyster cellars, in the bar iroonm. anywhere.
I can .alk ll'day, only 'sioppinig or meals-
aod to w.ti mvy whistle.:' Jiit parties is all
alike. I've'" been oin.'all sie'S-iriem 'em,
and I know-none of 'em ga'te'jhieany'lhiing,
atd I've a great' mind ma knock off and call
it half a day.". : .. .

THE LATE' SUicib, --We "omirted to
notice, yesterdlay.'-he suicide of young
.a e _S .. .. ......s .. .. .._, Yn
.lames Eit", Whitshot' h`imusetf' through the
head in his ch'ai,tber at ihe Si. Charles"
Hptel. atWout 6 o'Ilock: A.. M.,,on Monday,
in the h6pe ofbei'he ablp to irci'pftny tbhe
ainonihcemnen.-of i-1e fatal ai" by some ex
plahn'tion which ni'ghti mittigale thie 'everity
of hlie blow to those whose hea;rns will o.-
palsied I)y ihese"sad t i.igs. 'But we hav11
sought in vain ib' di-sever'ak' tnyicium.aan. ;
ces that- -'hed' -igh"r u nh t, msnystery.
Those who knew Nh" et" wei tmonstat--Az

_~~ __ ~__~ _~_~_

- -1- --

--- L- -~ ~- ~3i

real owners, to elect other Tiustees in thie ROUGffIND READY".... HOME.
place of those first set of Trustees who had The..Editor of '.4APa .i n (Miiua.)
served out their time. Here we find a very Herali hd --be-en pa. ,it to GeneraI
strange state of things. The Directors are Taylor; an4 thus des-1f IW dhbis pI'er o
first under thle authority ol thie Trustees; the 24th MW60i a.2
but afierwards, thle Trustees are under the It my interest o'|trtion of our reader.
0 to kn-ow somewhat 6f"-Ihe, huse-and rural-
authority olf the Directors, so far as to be tu o ome w-hat of.rbeAiuse.ahe furi-
t lure of Gen. Tayl.or-wWi.lerefore state
even created by said Directors and after 1 that his family reside atBPatl6. Route, and
that, these same Directlur-. ate again under are not with him at' the pl'aiiaton, .i
the authority of the very Triilees, whom d'telling, whicli statds'coseio i b. of
fire river, is a'modesr wi frame" hige,.
they had just cre.i:ed. The real owners e tryp h a ti whle frame holie,
.;one story high, anid would no'-t aract parti-
gave a deed of trust to the three Trustees; Icular aitenin from'.he river- but the
but did not give any deed to the Directors. comfortable negro huts, and the cleanliness.
Now, when the three years of the Trustees' and order of 'every thing aro-iud; _*b-id in-
dicate to the eye of a'strange'p6,Alpn~eher-
office had expired, into whose hands would getic planter,a the n of a bustranies'ain.eters, wa
the deed of trust from the real owners fall ? the proprietor. 'Every thing- 'se'nt0l is
It coul4dnot fall into the hands of the Di- provided., and every' iintg 'is- 1'fitsproper
rectors, because the six names of the six place and ready lor imn.idiate use..n fiict,
Directors would necessarily have to be in- Ithe same close attenliMn6t'oohe irUosPminiute
i details, which found him 4in the camp ever
serted in the deed, in the place of' the three ready for the foe, is observed ip ihe arrange
names of the three Trustees, and after the imeni of his plantation. .'.
Directors' names were thus inserted, the Entering ihe house, .hbeGeneral rose
real owners must each of them sign the floma hlis desk. where helioad jusrconclud
a letterto some"anxiokusnjand
deed in, his own handwriting. Of course 11iieung our han idsoe u "' odehstkia e, ai
s h.k~ing our hands heariLdy, bouded us seats.
this could not have been done without turn- The l'urrnture of the room -was alinnst as
ing Ihe six Directors into six Trustees, and phlain as that of -i's tent in Me-iieo. In doe
makingthem one and the same body of men. corner stood a' weather-beler. desk, which'
Then itis 3cerain that the deed of trust wec thought we recognized'a-an-old cirp'f
h acquaini.ince.' The oth6r coi-fiers were oc-
must have gar.ine back to the teal owners, as cilpned by a table, sola and sid.lioard, upon
sooti as the three years of the first set of thle latter of iltnch -siood glassess and a pit-
Trut-es expired. There is no second deat cher ofsparkling water, and *nothing else.'
of trust, front tie rea! owners, to the second No carpet covered'the fluor,and, no mirrors
ohung nip tile wall.;- Either'of these w.ou4d
set lof.Trustees. Time six Directors had hat.e-beenuseless articles to him.
power, from the real owners, to elect the' Upon the mnani'te.l stood a sinridl china vase,
second sel of Trustees; but il the real own. containing a handsome boqu.t!lbut whether
ers did not choose to renew ithe deeil of this Vas thie gilt ofsonme ont .of: the Gtje-
ral's lady friends, or calledd. ,front Itis own
trust, lto this second set of Trustees, the r d e o smh o
garden, we cannot say.. .-4p1'n IIe flogy sat
election of them by tho Direciors, amounts pet spaniel. gi,1velv lio-na stnti. his
to noilfing. To give a deed of trust, implies nioutli. and a'aiphing. "iat'ih h h apparent
confidence in the ability or integriivty ofl the inleitsl and' affection, every gesture 'and
Trustee ; but here. we have no showing lance of his monster. -
r During our vi.-it he showed us a nagnifi-
that such confidence as reposed, in tle ce t sord which he ad that morning re-
second set of Trustees; b, the real owners ceiveJ. It was ilie oitl',fihe.Sae"iae of "Ke-
of this property. lucky. The blade was sitaight. ;nd of the
It appears Irom all this. thai tire only first sieel,enclosed inl a s.cabbard which
kind f dd w w b a v we presume was of silver, heavily flared
kind of deed which will be of any value to with gIld. The hilt .asf mother fl'ea'l
., ~ ~ ~ ~ vt rid T 1 1,""S1-'he hill m as-DIFmother of pearl.
the citizens of lhis police, will be a deed lie;u 'iii l|y iiiliid with I gold aiid"- pr- .ious
signed by the real owners of ihis prol.perl, stoes. i ltlie lopf 01 The'lif' was a large
The,:present Truistees, when they dJiscover and splenilid aineihysl, t.n_'inneol thIe bands
ut lie smabbtarnila irtby.navideein
this de-ecit in ithe chain of title, main possi- te oliere s aunblar a nt.u.ilien ruby. and in
he olher arler--._amihvstl- Upon the,
bly procure a deed of trust Ifrom the meal scabhald wais engr.i.edtl a s.,itab-le inscription
owners ; and ilien, according to ihepir art ,-ind ,'plom, lol ale emblem s. .
cles of association. tlhe deeds of Delhifield As %e hl:,e I:ih-ely been am,'ised wil ln ihe
R Mn'at;s of an Whins=,]ti,-f arren
and-Curtis. as Trusiees oft lhe Ap.l;,,clhitola 'aoull.0 of1a,. aho lri-nst eutue enurf Warren
T A ^ *. i 'Oi utiil\ (.>lb. Mh Io drnuuunt'es Gen. T'ryto
Land omnilmnty, %ill be good. 'he reason as a -lavehioldler ;rnml t ir;,ffi, ker in hunuan
why they do 1iot give %arrmnitpe deeds is tie'h," we will nientlon, lur. tlhe ben-fil of
nois very p i.ini. Theme is contusion in their .-one of his, readers who. will perhaps see
St, e1Y le hei~e ai- ct ian ieiihis article, tha t hose of-Gen. Taylor's ne-
articles of" agreeniemt, antd an c,-eoeiomis 1 r,; ho n "esad',' "|i'i-'healthhand hap-
1,1~L1,1 ". 1111 1 vv. ~ itlo e ,.4%, 16,nk ihealilly "and hiap-
blunder at thle botuilmni. A 'ouil of 'Ci'hamn- py'. ; ,il l ,ire told 1 1 li-y ae a ll levo-
cefy in Florida will soon britn, ilhitse men reilly atiai lied tlo him. In-lthe yard of the
into a sirai,-Itt line, and te;m li themI how to io0use. tin our approac;-- found several
-do business "iili m little moie precision. littllle negres anrid n.gresfs-romiping and
d ie ail pcZLN. Ii .r, apparently far^ Iap'~rI a-nd rertain-
STr I E ly lirtier cla'l, and mimoTe cleqanlv in 'tieiri
[For l he Coiiintcial AdJert-er.] persons. ihan three f uu it Is of' the while
l t_,' LOu! bL" -id liildren we have see, in iravelling on the
Ad wh !-ask you. Do bear in m inid N;iiuurial road. I'rott Vlteeii'ng to? Zanes-
that the M. E. Chrch, in your city. is ville. in lhe free StaiteofOh'io.
very deeply in debi-do remember ihal this The General tolrd 'usth'at he had not en-
debt must be paid bv voluntary contribution tirely recovered fornm his recent attack of
at tlhe iauands of ^r, b -,o not folgel iemm"algia.a whltich'stl slig.htlyaff cts one of
t t n o .-- no f his les. WVith thisexceplion lie looks ie-"
that all yo u may give is not ii realty dona- miikably well. andI his ah-glleher lost the
ted. but lent, and o thle very best P.vymtaster anxious. care-worn expressions, wilh which
in the universe, and otu may ceriainly ex- "te hate seen his couLtten!.nce clouded in
.) ,., i m;- ti ...... '... ... 1....i .. ; . M,, ]exico -



tied by tlfe eVMhr-'-and those who loved hir
a' !slmM'Bist confounded by it. He wa
; a,'.tab'qgeAtlbMan, perhaps iu his twen
, .1-1tItt.lt-yt,.of.an erignghig presence. of gen
'lie Aeportfment, a'nd ofa'high, sensitive an
-.'tbuAgp:is spirit. He was the son o1" Mi
.. 3a iis Evi,-' long a residFit of this cit,
-h g'h raodson of the Ho-. Henry Clay, an
n -either side of his family was conuecte
ilth names of-great merit and distinguishe
-: rehowa. It may.mot come to prss in tihi
.life that the,,.brodAlng mischief which unser
filed his 'understanding shall ever be kntowi
bu.t froMin .wht ive knew personally of ith
S I- o .ung man's disposinou and chlaiacter, w
-"re persuaded tatl if it were possible t
read the secret troubles that preyed upo
:'-":. 'bhis life, the rash act would be remenmbere
*" '-...-ipre insaoj.rouw'thian with chiding.--V. C
'-, .-Picaywue, 5tk inst.. .

'bhe News by tle'-Hibek'nia.
.,. bThroogh our private arrangements w
*'bhave' Vilmer n Smith's Times, made u
'for the last Hibernia. It comes by express
S.one.day in advance of the mail. These ad
; .,^ie confirm generally the correctness .
S'otir. telegraphic despatches.
.' .TjkepPliLic'a hurricane whih has sweep
*t.ay monarchy in Frarnce, has extended i
Germnnmy ; alid in Autrrii. aller a despotism
8' forty. years. Prince Meitternich has beel
z'cmpelled to take to flirlit, ihe-Viennes
L"' .li'ng laken up'armni ard overthrown hi
'bvernmetit. The States Assembl' 1o
S "owie'Ausiria were to meet oni the 13il
nst,, (o -rame, an address to the Empero
Fefitnnd, praying for thie abolition of th,
cesorship o'f lthe press anI oilier, reforms
S'.-.'A proclamrition was issued in the after
.".-riaon, announcing thIe resignation of Prince
e' ettiern'ich, anir'he whole city was illumin
'- ated in. he evening. (On ihe '141hi the, stu
ed(i-a.nd ihe burgesses began to .arm, an(
it(ne-a'ucilhtion of the courl, '--hich kLnewv no
'inoi 'n. concede ihe relorins demianild'l, no
.yet"', s in a position to rel'u-". iitldered, fao
.-somie lime. ihe authurilvy (" thie Elilper'e-o
.highly preciriou.. In laci, tle Auisivrrat
mnionaitclfy is' virtually ils0oled. The Ld.is-
S missal ol Meiterifich, an'd, the over liriw .1
'his'despoiic sysiem, snial)'I a-lrnder llietl-i,-,
w' hiclih hind together the 'h-teroueeemi
r' .sftes of Hung'rry. Bohlieirnd, Mloiai a, Gal
.J ....lcla,;.yiad Tyro.-l. Luniiblrd., and Sclavo-
i.0 ; and it reminim s t,' be seen wha'l .futur(
I.. limits will-be fixed lu thie uiiheilrty oi f-Aus-
t ia-Proper. "
',: iThe independence of Bohemin -ald Efun-.
'"' a'g iry i inevit.itle. -Alre ad 'the-peo.pl., in r
S .'i.-liriurn of joy,.arc i-,k6rg sieps to s,'co're
4heir Ire,-doi. A. A irucli.r .iii, issue l'thby
'.-the Ejinperor Ferdinriid on the 15tl.h, cede-s
.. ihe rir y of ilie pres,. ti he esit:bli-'lii1)eit ol
.a national guard, .ind a cornstitt-ion to be
granted as soun Is the depliies of' -the Pro-
V'vincial SltLes can be cinivoked, whici is
A, -'xed'h o -tie3d Jil). The Einlieror is en-
It.hu1a l.ioarlly received by (lthe people where
',vyer he appears, and at i he last ecc%4untH or-
der was completely restored at Vienna,
tol Prussi I a similar reoluiir-i.n has taken
place, attedle'I with ;a l'iiih,(ul effusion of
blood. lt was aIt first reinortepl ih ait King
SFrel'eclu .\Villi.an. had been coimpelled to
fly'rol friii s dtnoiiions, but this proved to
4le. noi the c.ase. The Kilio, of Priissia is-
-'u8-ed a decree convykiig the Diet,' to take
qRnivsures for the regeleerdiin t'of (Gertany,
"bfr lhe lorinotioii 'of a geier.l Ziollverki, in
'ivhich the s.nme ine.-isures. weights, and the
Sesame commercial rights. shall bind itogi,,ther
lle great, Germnanic Confeler.Aii(in. The
press is now free, but the independence,of
Germin'ny it io be gtardt-d hy a sirict milita-
-> -.y systemin as heretol',re.
SIn Hanover thie spl)irit of- reforrh has'de-
l...clarid itself in. equally significant modes.-2
.,,.-Qn );i th irnst. vast multitude assert-
., bled blefoe the palce. ThecT6wd was. in-
.formed .tha ihc King was indislposee.- The
clamior 4aoiresed, tLnd i-n about-an hour the
; .ro.wn Councillers prevailed upon the Kinlg
(late Dukie of -Cumhefdlalih. spn of.George
.nie !Fl'ird) to accede4o the demanrids (if t'Ie
4... people. The, censorship of the. press was
-'nbolished,; the sittings of the S-rates again
." .,declared public; and a gnerall amni-sty was
S igraqitethd' Nodisord.er ,tooli place,
,,5 In Saxony similar events have ocentir-ed.
.; Thp King bas been counrelteul po convoke
i .tlle .Biet l.the censur'hip oh' ih- ptess is abo-
)lished; trial by, jury, religious freedom, and
;t ,athpr.salutar reforms'are se'ctired. TIme
'.- 4ii l^1ow the exauilpl-,of Ihe Kingg of Saxony.
l"bin Bni+via, Lioloi Monmez bas again occa-
-aioned ,tuudlthuuus disorders, during which
'ti nepsi.rce w-jnidows have been dernolis'hed.
.I.h" troop.? .-? ae however, repressed Ihe
-iiotis', w d Lolr.,tniez l.ir;is been sent In
SFranlkfort. lhe -tng- is alleged to have
coiiitio',the-dete:Trnnn-ation to .bdicate irn^
mediatel'.y inf therc|)ening of thei Chaom-
"ber. and'to. a Baden"a-H .insurreu:<,in of the peasantry
tle'uihoumainouiis parts is fearftmully on the
ncraso. At- Constaase- a republic has
*' be n'|iro d'mme :
In 'Belgium Ihe chief event has been the
e .' tUs-eiiou of cash payments by the l*wo
et. ,re. Ai^tle. -Thealeno /egsum andi the
*oci~eie 6-egerale. The measures edontel

",. 4ntance ieodered thin sitep by the banks of
v' o dBlgiuno.lmoat -compulsory; and on the
20Qh iig.. a bill was presented by Govern-
,ifM4; giving legal citrency tb the notes of
---' si f .orli"ptj bank Io'l1ie extent of eit tnil-
: 'Ii gd pf the lalltter, the most important
-: In W lor'eign' business, to the amount of
-.< we-ty hillioau-f fraufis...- Some dislitrban-
A cpsblve-tnrkeg place d6 the- LuxembouJrg
Sfmrau%. 'The Duke ahd Du--hes o:f Mont--
.-, s1et,.e giving in studied retirement at
Brussele. -`' I Holland"a'. tendency to disor-
S der hha'iantifested iiself, but no impIortant
hoalii l result-.iBaire.lowedt.
ussia the general comnimnition through-
u',-'\ IFrance-aiid -Germany has serarcely had
h, "la.ho -. -u' effOect. The Eitperor
. .. ' : . ic h o l a s h b' w e .. $fvso j tt ,a tl a 8!p :d ir e ctd to.
je Mtistr f"War,has commanded the.
",- 'Mmpdi .ip orgewisation ofall the,military
-' 'serves A large omr-Mn of the army of
; 5biai":b pit dbva war fntling, and
S" .be assembled on,t&''lst .(13th) April.
T.ThiastepsaYsthe decree "is required"by
t/ ithe eveintl anspiring in the west of Europe,
.. -manifesting ihejinful designhjf ,au.bverting
legal .authorriles, e' .Uiancilb eyof friend-
silp ai'dd tlhe treaties .by. Which RussaI is
-. 'conqc edwitl4 the neighboringPofWers, im.
p o upo.-ua as a sacred dutty to take timne-
-" InaliMutf f6r placing 'a portion of oXr-
-"I'!;oo1g y.a'l f ootiot, that; in ca* Ici'-w
,. .- i) t t p 6 ,

-~-IEl^rY~ ~~~ ~-L-~l

had entered ihe brotherhood of the human
race, that he knew not even national dis-
tinctions- In fact, the noble galaxy of pure
minded men, who had been ihe scholars of b
the world, belonged no more to nations,
sects and parties, than the firinament which
was above -them. The light,.that shone
fraon the distant stars was not a light that
shone npon this or that nation'; and the
stars of the intellectual world were equally
common property, -dear to every man that
felt a general interestiin his fellow creature.
Andthat grand result ,would be secured by
t-he cultivation and pursuit -of literature 5
among the working -classes.-[Lecture at
the Sheffield Mechanics' Institute, by John t
Taylor. "

I Notice.
ALL persons: are hereby cautioned against
trading for two notes for one hundred dollars
each, given by the undersigned to the Apaa'lchi-
-cola Land Company bearing dates the fifteenth of
March 1846, and the fifteenth of.March 1848,
respectively.. The'parties to whom said notes
were given, having failed to comply with the
teims of their contract, the undersigned will not
pay said notes unless said -terms are complied
with. :
Apalachicola,April 6, 1848. 12-3t.

ii cumnstances should demand it, a firm front
s ^tiay be opposed to the direful spread of an-
i- archy." Beyond these preparations it is
i. not anticipated at present that the Emperor
d will take any steps beyond the confines of
F. his own dominions, the tranquility of which
V. will not, it is expected, be sensibly distur-
d bed.
d Turning to the South of Europe. Sicily
d has obtained the constitution of S812, and
s seems resolved tB ehjoy a free Government,
- independent of Neapolitan thraldom. Not-
r, withstanding that the Government had rein-
e forced the garrison of Messina, the Messin-
e ese stormed the fortress of St. Salvadore on
o the 7th inst., and put great numbers of the
n garrison to the sword. Sir William Parke's
d fleet remains on the toast; and it is confi-
). dently affirmed that the English Govern-
ment havedetetiined to support the Sicilians
in the maintenance of the constitution of
1812; and it.is to be hoped, for the peace of
Europe, that Naples Will continue under the
e present form of Government, as any endea-
p vourto establish a Republic, by the intrigues
Sof French'emissaries, will be resisted by the
English fleet;
Serious disturbances have occurred in
f Sardinian, At Charnbel-ry, on thlb14th inst.,
cries for a Republic *ere uttered, but the
't military restored IriIlquilliv. It is reported
o tlharihe King of Sardnimi hIas consented td
n- hlie convocation -ofa constituent N;ailonal
n Assembly, au! that he only holds the ad-.
e ministration of the country until its meeting,
s which is to lake place without nday. A
f body of Savoyards-in Paris have claimrned to
Sbe' admitted under' the authority of the
r French- Republic; but M. Lamartinei to
Ships honoro, dismissed them with a rebuke,
Se'ecl.,rinlthat be did not wish to disturb the
.. peaceof Europe..
SThe Kingdom of Greece appears in a
e fermerit with troops marching in every di-
- reaction. It is more than probable that thi
Sreign of the imbecile Otho is drawing to a
t close.-, '
r In Spain the general -tranquility -has not
r been disturbed. The English Fleer having
r been withdrawn from the Tagus% some ap-
n prehension is felt in many quartets thaTi Por-
. rugal may again 'beco-me the seat of intes-
I ine strife. At present aTli is quiet,.
S. On ithe IIli rhe inhbli .,bnt-. of Cracow
Proclaimed a R|,iihli(. 15,00'0 insurgents
Share un-der uarms. On -the previous day the
SGovernor wais-.compelled. by the people-to
release 4001politicaleprisoners, implicated in'
the recent insurec.t.ion. '
On the -23d inst., bills having been posted
1. I tie 'Bel.ir.is and Germans, calling upon
I he Ftench tIorgive Vhem arms, and march
* with then 10t B-o lGiiin a'nd Germin.y to es-
, t;iblislh Republics, ab+ui .5,0GO people as-
s seilbled at no0on, who, however,' contented
f 'themselves wilth Ih li riii,_ their naiioni i flag .
A* I idea o'f'war with the continenihl pov-
.ers'is at a a end, except as regards Russia;
1 I tlle 'Poles rise, it will be exc.-edlirglv dif-
' titul 'to keelp the Firen'ch people trom rush-,
irrg to their a'id. The Government will, in
all pioh.ihiliiv, be cq.mpelled by the pressure
of the inb it'utle to interfere.; I(, wl! nIrt do
so if it can be avoided ; but it will not and
* canno-t resist .'any general 'display "f1' sympa-
thy for the Poles. A parry of twenty-five
SPolish emigrants left Parts a few days
Ssi nce, with .-,h-e intention of -peneteating inio
PoliTnd, and t.iiiilg the sta-nd-aT-d 4f revolt.'
'lih'n, c.o Ii try men in Pa ris are 0oolin, '-iil'i
great anxiety to the result of tliheir exertions.
All the Russians residing in or viliiingi
Paris have received ian order to leave ihe
city immediately.
A growing je lousy was beginning to ben
matii'esied by the departments at the atso-.
.lute domination over then assumed by the
Parisians, and it was apprehended that the
ret ius for tihe. electiobi from the provinces
would tell against the Pr6visi'nal G'ijei-
mr e it. .. .
If hte were asked what liter.,lure would
,do for th1 laboring man,, he would answer,
that it raised him from partly feelings, from
class'prejudice's. and from smaflt and harrow
ideas, just in'. proloIrtin as he became ac-,
qjainted.with the-h. obler minds of those
who have pursued lieramnre. .And as he
becomes 'Vapable o'f appreciating their com-
priehensive views, their delihate, b beautiful,
atrd tender sentiments, will he rise above ahl
class iiflrienceS, "contracted and narrow no-
lions, and acquire some of the-essential..
principles of wisdom)'. ,Who was he, all
the world over, that was the positive, the
dogrii;iticlhe headstrong man .Wtho, but
th-- ignorant man--he whose intellects were '
so contraced that he was incapable oi doing :
jnstisce to the good that was around 'him.
I-f a man had a literal measure of conceit at
-th"e comnieficement of his literary career,
he would ha'e&'lessas. he climbed the
heights of science arid literature; arnd as, the
prospect expanded, like the trEl'eller cross-
ing thre Alps, as he ascended one peek he
would yet tind another higher; and when
had ascended the highest he would find'
as. glittering .peak--a- ioble array of mind .
which hitherto he trad>'been unable to)-
precihe. He said that in proportion as any
man became acquainted with the beauties"
and synmpalthies of literature in the highest
eeses-2as he possessed the nature ofthe
'true scholar.>ie found thai he had entered
a new re-ion' aligether- that he'was with.+
out the pale of- class influences, and that he

Virtue, the strength and beauty 'of the soul, -
Is the best gift of heaVen."
While the offerings of friendship are of no
avail to restore to the bosom of a bereft family
the being in whose existence Centred the happi-
ness of the widow and the biphanj it is due to
departed worth to iake some transient iecord of
the virtues that adorned a friend whom death
hath stricken down, and when we can know him
no longer in the active participation of the nobler
duties of life, let us at least snatch from the
grave the recollection of virtues that the cold
sepulchre'is powerless to entomb.
In the exercise of this privilege, a large circle
of friends perform a melancholy duty in ofering
the tribute tbf a tear to .the memory of Mr.
JosHauA StEVENSoN) who departed this life, at
Savannahlon the 12th inst.
The deceased was a native of Maryland, but
fbr the last six years he was a fesrdent of this
plactej :rngag.d in commercial pursuits, and uni-
versally respected and beloved for his bland and
courteous manners, his frank and manly deport-
mentt and his many generous and noble traits (f
'hoiugh but in his meridian, the shadows bf
life have fallen, and the grave has closed over
liirn fi-rever-liat eye that never-beamed but in
kirnidinessi-thiat heart, whose every pulsation was
tin unioirn With friendship and fidelity, and with
all'the' generous and captivating qualities that'
adorn human nature- .. .
Hr-s 'all, all, that promised fair, '
Has oughlit the grave, to sleep forever there."
le'eng,- has no dagger to bury beside his
graVe--'-enmity ho pardon.to inscribe upon the
slab that shall mark his last.resting place.

.P' RT ''F APALACHICOLA ........ April 21

April 15-Schr Aurelius, Sclheenbi.ck. fm Nbv
-Orleans. !
April 17-Ship St Lawrence, Bowers, fm Prov
IJence,- v "
4Ai rl 18-Ship Arcole, Proal, fm Vera Cruz, t(
IM W ri-hr .". ...
%r'hr L'miisia Sears, fi' New Orleans.
Sic.imnr FR S Siniih. Freeman, fm Columbus.
-.imer oiimhern.?r, Garijrd, fni Cohlnibuis.
Steamer Notion, Greei. I'm Ci.luinbius
Steamer Apalachicola, Thromr.on. fin Coll.nmbu'
Steamer Mary A Moore.. Mo.,'r-, Imn CIi'bnibus
Steamer Quin'cy, Allen, frm i'li iir. ,miIoelee.
Steamer Boston, Morton, fm Columbus.

April 14-Br. bark Cumberland, Powers, for
Liverpool, J Day & Co. -
Ship PeterI Hattrick, Rockwell, for Liverpool,
by Nours-. Stone & Co. ,
April 15-EPr, Sitr ih Brown Welch, for New
York. by A N MeKay & Co." ,
April i7--Schr Ps.,line, Yoln&. for N Orleans.
April I_-Schr Aurelhus, S'hePnbeck, for Pen.
-sacola. : .
Sclihr Elizabeth, Clift, for New York.
Schr Mary Augusta, Barter, for New Orleans.
April 12-Br bark Sir John Beresford,Thread.
gold, fbr Li.erpool, by I VI Wrihti. '
tark Ocean'Bird, ' T'L Milch-l
April 2O-Bark New England, Andross, forN
York. : .

, SHIPS." ", .
Gardiner, Young, 346 tons, for LAverpool, load-
ing---J Day &Co. .. .
Rowl.ndi, Norcross, 411 tons, for Liverpool load-
S :ing-S Cassin. .
St Lawrence. Bower,s 461 tons, fm BostonN wait-
ing-T L MAiwihl-
Areol-, Pr.il. 663 I,,I.s fm Vera Cruz, waring-
I \I \Vrr-ht.
Andrew Sco,- Emrnerv, 3"14 tons' frio New York,
W iaihn --C H l o- rrs \: C-o.'. I -. ,
Southtior. MCr-C'rmick. 499 tons, hf Charleston,
%%ali N&oiiri Siie&Co.
York, Pollaid, 433 ions, Ironi Boston, wailing-
M aster. : ... .
Finland, Johnson, .49 tonS fr l1iverposl; l'oad-
ing-I M'Wright "-
-Medalloi. Hpoundlette 541 tons for Liverpool,
loading-S Cas-in.
Probus, De Vre'ss, 647 tons, for Toulon, loading-
I M*Wright.
Frances, Dyer, 395 tons, from Boston, waiting-
S Master
VWindsor Fay, Brewer, 646 tons, for Liveripool,
S- loading--N J Deblois.
Rob't Fultbn,, Wade, 560 tons, fm New ,Y0rk
Swaiting-I M Wright.. ".
Magdala, Dtodze. 29S torins for New, York, load-
Sink-A Dogr ,, NwY ..ko
Triton, Luce, 267 ,ion, for Providence, loading-
: W ood& Ballou. / ,
Ocean Queen. (Br) Warren,.568 tons, for Liver-
pool, lo..diri-6g A & P 0 Kain. :
Weybossett, Hdiris.321 tons for New Yorkftoad-
inm-Nouile, . Moniduk, tii,, 388 tons, for New:York, load-
S ing--N,,ijrse. Stone & Co.
Brenda, 'ou nu,, 343 tons, forBoston, loading-N I
S Debol-i,- ,-.
Coveriantei, pool, waiting-J Day &.Co. I
Dauntless, (Br) Johnson, 689 t6ns, fm Liverpool,
idiinn-- M,,sier. "
Georgianna, B13d-ll, 190 tbnsb forN Yorkt load-
in-A Dodge. .
Zeno, Din-amore, 221 tbns( for Philadelphia, load-
I -ing-TL Mtchelh .ch. ..
G B Lamar, Knudson,- 260 tons, for New York,
: oading--'A 'Dodge. ". ""

Per stegainer Smith-M-H'Joyce,'Rickley.
SPer ztPrrwer Mary A Moore--Mrs. Odath, Mrs.
McCalls.DrC Battle, D Hall.
Per steamer Quincv-Capt Tomlinson, B PBRo-
berts, J M Vearn. A Cawthorn. "
Per steamer Apalachicola-Mrs Crow,-CaptS
iuttoriu,'J A Ruthven,'Atkins, Prter.
Per steamer Bjoston-J Dawson and lady, Miss
V Gordon, Miss S Gordon, J FlV'urnoy, t Flour-
noy, Dr HLockhart, H Hall Jasmes Abereroiribie,
Per steamer H. S. Smrnith-410 bales :colton to
Maclay &. Kimbrough; 167 to Harper & Holmes;
155 to Lockhart & Young; 28 to J Day & Co.; 17
to A N McKay &-Co; 16 to Wylie & McKenzie;
50'toHR Taylor
Per steamreI Mary A Moore-407 bales colton
to A N McKay & Co; 44 to Wylie & McKenzie;
3 to Lockhart -& Young.
Per steamer Notion-646. bales-cotton to D B
Wood & Co; 47 f6 L*ckhart & Young; 51 to J
Day & Co; 36 to A N. McKay & Co..
Per steamer Quincy-51 bales cotton to Lock-
hart & Young; 19 to B S Hawley.
Per steamer Apalachicola-424 bales cotton to
Maclay & Kimbrough; 3:to A N McKay *V Co.-
Per steamer Boston-538 Hill, Dawson & Ca;
19 to Lockhart.& Young; 37 toA N McKay & Co.
Per steamer Southerner-51 bales cotton to
Course, Stone & Go; 240 to Lockhart & Young;
33 to WVylie & McKehzie; 66 to A N McKay &
Co; 41 to JDay& Co.-

V BITTERS, just received and for sale by

Nov 21 *-J. C. ALLH.

List of Lettlirs
R EMAINING in tirb Post Office/ at
chicola, April ..r. ,1848.

On the 16th inst., by the Rev. Thomas E Gray,
Mr. Laurence- Joseph to Miss Nancy Calhoun,
both of this city.
SOn the 3d inst., by the-Rev. Thomas E. Gray,
Mr. John Eid to Miss Mary P. Maisner, all of this

tiei 86

I Past IPrevi-T0.Tt'l Last
WkITHER EXPORTED. 3 days ouslyvl season
Livepool............ ...703 .24328 .25031 .17651
Havre............. ........... ..; .. .....
Nantz.... ; .. ., ......... ... .. .. ...
Trieste..... ... ,... .....3730 ..330 ..1368
Genoa .... -... -.; ........ ".. -.... -.. ...958
Other ports................2212 ..22 ....
Total to For. Porits; ...703 .27096 .30270 .13116
New York..i;-. .4916 .S1. 5-1 2(i7O .li 046
Boston:..4........... ; ..,... 11SV6 .,II6 .9510
Providiene6 ... ......;.530 303..43333:3 .5U52
Philadelphia.... .... :......577 ...577 .....
Baltimore...,. .. ... ..... I lISO ls .201l
New Orleans... i..... 117 ..1790 .197 13745
Otherports................... 55i1 ..'.551 ..2365
Total Coastwise.... 2067 37557 .40120 .43319
TOTAL-BALES.. ...... ...... .7Tu93 .63296

- LIVERPOOL--Per shipPeter Hartrick-1812
bales celtn rut
Per Bak Cumbefland-1362 bales cotton.
Per bark Sir.Johb Bcrreford-70i3 bales cotton.
NEW YORK-Per brig Sarah Brown-S67
balas Cotton .
Per-schr Elizabeth-553 bales cotton.
Per bark New England-496 bales cotton.*'
PROVIDENCE-Per bark Wm and James-
823 bdle. clI,-,n
- PORTLAND-Per brig Madison-550 bales
cotton. .
Per bark Ocean Bird-530 bales cotton.
NEW OR LEANS-Per schooner CGorahw-147
bales colton ,
Per schr Pauline-117 bales cotton.


BAGGING, Kentucky.......... yd
Peanut,.......... .yd
P BALE' ROPE, Kentucky,....; Ib
. : Northern, .... lb
pt BREAD, Navy,...............cwt
. COFFEE,Rio,............ ,lb
S Havana,. ........ I.. lb
) Java,...... >.---lb
.CANDLES, Sperm,..-, -..... lIb
CORDAGE, Manilla,-..,.... I b
CIDER, Northern.... ....... .bbl
Brown Shirtings,....yd
Sheetings,.... yd
Tickings,--..-.. .... ..yd
Coitonan?. E.......... yd
Calico Piurms........ yd
DC : K Kentucky Jeans,..... yd
r DUCK, Russia,............... yd
DYES, Logw'd, Oampeachy,..ton
S" St. Domingo,.tan
Fusfic,.... ........ ton
V Indigo'..., .... .... lb
FLOUR, Northern,.......... bbl
SFISH, Cod,.---.-.-........box
Mackerel, No. 1,....... bbl
No. 2,........bbl
VIC No. .. '.,bb
FRUIT, Almonds, ......... ..lIb
Raisins,...... ....... box
Prunes,. -...... .... ....It
Currants............... lb
S Figs-,........l..........lb
Lemons, ............-box
FURS, Otter,....,..............
FEkTHERS S....-.......... ..l.b
. GRAIN, Oats,.. ....... ...bush
Corn,'.-..... .... .bush
SGLASS,. ...................box
HAY,........ .... cwt
HIDES, Green,........... lb
Drv, country,:..... ...lb
IRON, Enih,............-...lb
Hoop.......-..-.......... lb
Sheei.......... -......lb
Nal Rods,..-..........lb
Casling. American,,...:. lb
Boards, White Pine,..... M
'Yellow ......M
St-Saves,.-............ ....... M
VWhtile Oak Heads,'... ..... M
S Heading...... N-I
LEAD, Bar, ................. Ib
S Sheet,....'...... ... Ib
LIME,.......... ... ......bbl
NMlOLASSES, N. 0.....-.....gal
NAVAL STORES Pitch,- .... bbl
S" Oakum,.bale
: Rosin,.. .bbl
Tar,....'. bbl
NATL8, Lo .... .., ... ...keg -
OILS, Linseed,............ ....gal
Olive,.,..,+ ...... bottle
-: Sperm,-... ............ ...gal
S:.' Lard,...- ..... ; ...... gal
Tanners'... ...... -;,... gal
S "Ca-tor,'. .... +.. .- ...galI
PROV'ISIONS, Pork, Mess,:,.bbl
S ". M. 0....bbl
S" .Prime,..bbl
Bacon Hars, ........Ib
.. canmva'ssed,.. b
,- Sides,........... b
Shoulders,....... b
LARD, ....-...-..-........ b
BUTTER,.... ................. b
CHEESE, --...........-. b-
PoTATOE--.-.... ....-.... ... bbl ,
RICE,. .......... ...... ...:.lb
SPI S oassia,... .l... .-,.'.. b'
l, ~ o .es: ..*.. i*.-....... Ib
6 ii'er root, ......... lb
Nutirnegs, ........ ...lIb -
Pepper, .. ... b
SUGAR, N. Orleans,......;..lb
S St. Croix...;....lb
S. Loaf,...'lb ....-..,.ib
.SALT, Liverpooli,............sack :
-STEEL, Cast,..--..-a......... c;wvt 1;
German,......... .. cwt 1
SOAP,._................ ..._lb
SPIRITS, Brandy, Cognac,... .gal I
Gin,-.Hll1and .....gal
Ru.rm, N. E. .....,gal
Whiskey, Reet.... gal I
Alcohol............ gal
SKINS, Bear...................
S Deer, ........ ..>... ,.....
SHOT, all sizes.-......-.... ;lb
TOBACCO-,.............. ...lb
TEA, Young Hyson, ........ ...lb
TN Souchong,., ......'.......Ib
TIM,...... ...... .. .... .
SSeine-,: .-.... ... ....lb
WINES, Madeia-............. .gal ]
E Champagne, ........doz 11

D. C. -D. C;
IS a 19
16 a 17
S a 13
a 10
a 10.
4 a 4
5 a i(
8,a 9
8 a: 10
12ka 13
35 a 37J
a 20
a 12J
a 15
600 a 700
54a 84
9a 12-
Wi a 16
14 a 22
64 a 25
25 a 55
18 a 20

50 a 15
: a 800
650 a 700
250 a 4:50
a 12 00
SM5 a 0000
500 a 600
00 a :
25 a 00
20 a 25
16 a "18
1-2 a 14
400 a 450
400 a 450
7S a
60 a- 70
200 a 500
a 75
"6 a +

5 a ,f
a 71
. a -10,
, .-a .. 7-
4 a 6

000 a 600
200 "
6 a C'
10 a 12'
1 50 a 1 621
25 a 26
Sa 450
a 400:
150 a 200
225 a 3'00
475-.a 5.5i
90 :a 25
51D_ a 62
100 a 150,
80 a J i9'
t' a 2'00
a 1 mi, t
* a 1i2 i0

9a In O
9^ 12^
a h
7. a 8
5 a (6
.9 a< O
24 a 25
a a 12'
2 25 a 3 fill
75 a 85
4j a 5
37J a t Sii
9 a 10
I a :121
212 a 2'50
14 a 16
- 5 a 7i;
10na 11
13 a -14
100 a 125
62i a ,75
1800 a29 i uOl
200 a 15 lo
-5 a 7 :
y a 825
137' a 150
40 a 42
37 a 40-,
22 a 25
62J a 75
100 a 125
7a 8,
7. a 71
S8 a -50
60 a 80
S a- ,50,
18 a 20,
S :" a,. 371
100 a 300
) 00 a 16 00

D R. A. WILSON, Surgical alnd .-itr,'niiel
Dentist, Ifrom S1 Chambers street, Ne-.,-
York, would respectfully inform the citizens of
Apalachicola, that he will remain a short time iat
the residence of N. Balker Esq., Where he will
attend to-the requisitionr ot -those who may de-
sire his professional services. :
April 6, 1848 i2-tf
(ASTILE Soapfpr sale by

V- reo2 ,'

ters will say tlia-v ar. .dv,irtn.,% .

.; .'.""': .. ' Nl^' lcc.
S'-i X w.-:*)', a "ter ,l:,rc I :hall apllv I,-, thl- Ju,.e
1-) ,,I' P I,,b if... ,r F i l'a i, liri .i.irr\i |.,r l. : ,,r:,
o: .li,,i]ii;ii.-,,_ ii upon the e.;Iat- ,'- D. W Fau
c, It. ,I.:.',.;.-,-.I. T 1-1. A US TI'N .
Ml ,r.'h. "'.!;, l-' I.. 1,iT-ii

T HE C.,,t ,,I Pr..b'te will be opened ,'n II,:-
: 20th inst., andfir rho i forth ii, rl.-,e : r oiidrti,, the ac- ric',int. rt Fxe-
utors, Adinrish'ut.-r. aiir, Gu.ir.liait. b\ \vl ,'l'h
time 'li,\ are e\pr'tled to appear or deflalt wilf
be filed against them.



I year.
Stock on hantid Sept. 1, 1847.....578 988
Received past days........... 276
previously... ....95261
'- Total...r,. -- 98525 95594
Exported past 8 days .,....... ;3266
S,". previously.--.........6782'
Total.......- 710193 63296
On hand andon shipboard notcleared 29101 32291
Commencing 1st Septeniber, 1947-and same
time in 1846.

J||d(e' AI Pr-bate.

J iiije .'t Pr''bte.

Havana Segai's.
OHAVANA SE'G.ARS. corita ii-
,-/v ,)L(_-' i~ng an am,:,n'tmrofM-t he- PI.;.-
bidad.s "Cabi ," "Minerrva," B tainira."
-" Partii''.." atl, ,-.I'h r cloice hrind-. wrw I )and-
ing per .-lir Ani M,,im. forn Hava'., lur ale h\
! "M ;.hJ t,; ]E M.rCLiLL\', .'i,,l \) ater st. "
Tiomiiioilin Iicliciilcs,
[.-TT re-c.rwd .,l l>..r CalAL bN
,[ -i % l":l 1-. '.- "J. C. .LLEN.

iColloli lWcigiher.
T HE 'i,'.i.,l. i lu ,ii.z bi-ji a[.poiited a.
.J 'e-itglir : C',tt.'ni, i 'rel-pet-,ly '..ltr ts eii-
.pl.'., ,i,-it Ir'-,rr the rnieirciiu s ,_.I' A[aljr'lioi ls.

H e -li s a t ra iirl, v dl -p enr l jt on nli l. ,b,,'. ,nid : H t A 1 E .L j..
,i.6tes- llat <:,i|'p.iurtiiiit wil be aliird..d timiii to Bailey's 'Troaiic lifitu.e.--
L'dil a !i3 ,1 -.r-I, tl.r tl,-, i I I i, ,s c, iiiiiIiiii HIS a %alijl'bl irrrpii d 'flid fiMr t r t 4
wVir-. srl i a.1 all 3 al ll-a. 1 ie3 er be-rpen iin l.,- in 1 (i i.? ,-,u-' aird Rl ira.' a ,ea I-tible" I,-,riri,
vamn. ALEX. MeALPIN l:,f the cri- ol Fever nild A'iie. "- SI-ld b "
M,>iI r, I--. 7-t" June 1'2 -: H. F. ABELL.
s aLiverpool Sail, Mola'sses. -''
w 1R sal, by -...--0 /" HHDS \Ve-t ndies- .tieres Fl.'ridJi,
.J' e B ELLISON & .Co: i .r sale b 13 ELLIJ.J1 N & CO.
Dec II ,r. \Vht-'r CiL..r rxt s
B. LS \\'h.-k,,, l.tbl Mclrla. 2, *I tietrce R,',, jii, l rei:'d aild ir sale b\ ADDLES, ':.t ,a.ir,..,,. rttt'r, aidl ijiia ti(s .
Jan i' E. MCA CULL', ?.0 \Water .;. S Brid[re. curb aid Shir:tle'"f ts,'
Saddle EaP '
S lllf. artlngJI, o id \Vbi[.. I-a rtI bn
CcOT C H and M ,, i-,. in botles and blid- G.ll ". P 'O r'I E R .i e "
,ders,just rece-ivel aid fo-r sale bIy Dzc i; 41 iv-. -.
F.b 17 H F ABELL- .4, ""
- Pa lhle$.
Dr. Woodruif's Wormn Specific, VAIM u. .'. ane...
9 IIeINY H hrCK'S Panet i
A SAFE anid efftcient rened\ tfor worn h.r d -- ': JI .-" .
A -5 .le bv .. and lor sale by o *
Feb 3 J C ALLEN. F. b .H. A;ELL.
-D:TATOEs'.4-lr1ii. hbh;. -,T~rlrii-p-.Iijbk
Tie Indians' Elixir. -, L ,r0-,ii bb. B +--s) bl. -
A CERTAIN rei,,rd ,fr cr ll ai d fever, 1"r .Parsl bbs b sle' b
A i I & l e b y"3."" t ; .. 's a l e .b %
Feb 3 JC ALLEN. Dec 31. B. El.ISON &, Co. -
-. l erinifiuge-
r Coffee. I NERWS ( -_', Verui ie, fr -
f-bj' SACKS Ri', Hdavanra,and St. Domirng o F 1 F,11E 1.lb"
,1 C ,fi ee t)r.F .ae l i b -, I.'.'...--r--..- Ir .. t h -, r A BEr '
n, ," ~ .... T .. ^ l-l.)['. lr,,,,, '*c-teh d',. ;\ ,ef- ...... .-...L2-r .
Dec `3 E McIh IIT.LY 0 .--,, F:J',""l.: it '.;B B I l,,g nd aljtei
1Oil Cloths and iCarpels. ->irl'. *' .i ,. "-'-l"*u* id Wi"rj-
P0I Or P S I ( li Ii. I ard 2 ^.urd. .ide;. Par" Plou'Ths &..'. &, ';^^ iJi Pu 1 r"ra t-
2 cs super Igran C.,rp .iri -' ELLION Ci,-
.2 '" s j' -rr ___, .1 -________ Crir.. \V ,^ri,,.id I i..t, rili- et,
108 Ttfted'Ru s. ; -- ".. a- ,
or. Fbq,'aMe by -\\'5. G. PCRTF O). O :, "l"-,Oi''.-3 Cm-Oinf iomn1d Sriu-p o9f
D ec 30 ,' .. .1 -I \\" r, r.-pN, t + 'm 'r Ji irl i'rt It'-, : ''
.. i ', --" -* .T .! ,f r-. -. *-
, _ULL'Ssnpcrior $itu 1 '** ..n 1 a. -'* 'y :-. t .1 *.
F eb 1 7 .. ..b .tre l idne.ie I.." sal L- tv -
eb1 -ll H ABELL Feb J C ALLFN,



Anderson, Thos .
Aldermian, Benj
Andros, Capt D K
AlIen, BC C :
Allen, MtI-' Ann M
Brit,'.John '. 2
Bobihsop, Mjry Ann
B-,n ,\ is'-k. (' I met +,
-Butts, E,P< -
Baiil, 1n. JasH 3.
Braielilh .- J rin -,, -;
Bugby"&H..\.,J ,
* B e r .- ,si l -B e r .,.-+> +. -
Britt, Henry
Bain, Thos 2:
Bj,,, Mis Jane Auri
Brockett, Hiram --
Fu.i.-', Capt T D,.
Brisbee, C \\ _
Brogan, Cobtrim" "
Bunce, Levi .:
Fl r."-. .--I-,Hez
Bi. I, JosephH .I
B I._ saac -
Cary, Thos'J- .
.Caraway, A B 2'
Cate, John' .. -.
.Crosby,GeoP 2
C 'l-,., John
Crosby, Cafpt :"
C i..n.n'-, |. S-i. i.in
t'r .-'-l,H F
Clerk, C
Choate, Capt E D .-
Davidson, David
Dalino. P.-,i.
DilLworth, Amy.
Donoho, Patrick
Dogzett, Sam'l, jr 4
Dix, F L .
Donnell, Mary .
Eunols, F F "
Ellis, Nathan .
Freeman, Capt B 2 "-
Fhurber, S P
I .i':. l:- i,'S'am '] .S- ..
" r, liijn, J...[ri S ""- .+."
Fence,P P.
- 'iir'l rl "2
InnIi3, .t P r
G I 1.,I me. H J .
ml lii -lr .I; J
n;luimr-,-r., J_. G 2
(-;)lll ,,.% ,:.e ;G: 2
'GJa'.. Rev J L 3.
Garland, Henry : .
Rutherford & Howard-
H',in ji,,.ni]. Mr 2+:
Il,,,-. FtMr- 2
11 ll. Her,rV-. .-
H. rJ, Littleton
HF-I .I-,. James
H-ill, F A -
Humrplrehorn, G.eo
Hart, Capt -
FI-Ts,,n.Is.. C R
H ;._.- u, I, G .
I--,I m. C -n.t W m "
Hiller, E .
Hardin, E J 2
Hiller,jr, G- '-'.
HIoward, B F -
Heald,;H H 1 U
Hemstead, C G
Johnson, Cap)t John
Ingrahain, John
Jessu.p, J D
Jo0ne., C II
Jackson, P-; .in" 2
J .l ~.:,.i -).1 l' h1n- i- .
l ,Ii.'. ] .,,w nr.J :' -,.. .
Knight, Isaac --
Kent,J R '
KiinllJ 1 : ..
Kiing, D C
Kurz, John "
Lowell, Capt J C 3
Leonard, Van
Lawrence, P -
L.-i!t.-.,, CaptP 2
Long, Thos'' ,
Mathews, AE .,-
Persor-,< (MI 11 I. ,





For Neie York.
THE fa-,t ailin g copped .af cop"
tiper fastened packet bark MAGDALA,
Dodge, master, is now loading, and will
have dr.-patch. Fur freight or passage, having
superior accommuddations, apply-to
April -i-A. A. DODGE.


MeNearCapt B 5
il-irlhegat, C
McGowan, John
'Minatt, Albert
Milli,,an. Johr. --..
7'Iarkhani, Chas '
Moore, M ".
Miihliew'sA -
,Mzer, Ge0 -.
Moptgomery, J J .
'M-lDoi.ild, Peier
M,-L- ,jii, Pai '
Msru ll, Cdii't Joceplh m
O'L'O-iier, James
i)I river. Geo 2
Ohr, C't I'c.a' c" 3
Pr,%. (.'.i,'I Johnli S ._
' lJ. J.-.hn -: -1
e t,-5 ..,u- u, C a rp t H 3 -
P'iillm;n,, J B 'B 2
Penin, Willi am '
Ph'l lli[s 'a C- t J J -:'
Philli :,s, N11;- Eaith r "-
Pike, Fi ,ci-s "
Raimond, RE "
R Irnd. Watson
Rninire-.. RMrs -
..i,,in-.o,. Capt W iIll
R,:'\s le?. Joshn J .
Re-d. C E H 3
Reeves, Geo F '
Rees, John -'
RoanT T 2
Ruse, JXR '
Ruj.-; I. J -, ..
fl..nr, DB .
II,-., J W 1 : .
Soton, F .-
Sinvi-, J..it'ieuC .2
Stodard, E :
Smith, Daniel-.'
Strrhnbii;,:?, T H-
Stor, ,\\" V 2'
s't, ill, Thbos ..
St ,., c k *ri-,i-, R ., .
S..-ll. E H -
Smiall. Ja..nI -( 2 '
S hli-,l.o!.;,c ', G W
Sw.-ir, t_'-ri
Snii h, Capt Samn'l 3
Smith, John
Sriu._..-.,n: C:ilt C C
.Sr'i' :, ,.I. E "
St,:'l--I~ \VLTi' E
Smitil. It P
;...,I ,G H I -
St.ili.'J C "
Smith. 'ilpt Sarn'l
SiiitjltI, .S,,l'L
Sn,-i.ck ,..'-l, Ca,.t -i
Sm,,ud-. C..[., .
S| ,er<.-e, ,(*I, I
Sc.,dilin. Martin
Sp-rp',. h'i'l
Tilliluar-.t. Capt J H
Tj.N\ l -i., Janie,-
Tu'le, Qtlii Er 2
Tnitppi'Giles : ,
Tom'son, Miss
Thun-.'., Wm H 2
Thelber, E
Tolford, CaptTB T B
T1..I. J n 11
Taylor, J.ames ... .
Tate,J '
Ti'ask, F .
Verntr-. 'John .
Vent-res,'Noah .,C 2
IVl l Clerl; Cirtuit

W :iitrilirii,. E O
Winslow, Otis .
IA E., cl. J.-., lh
W1n1u i., Alb rt it .r -
-... Ms.-i ,..in -
Walker, A P.
W alon, LR L "R:L
Winslow, 0; -
W .e4-1,J,.,n u -n "
,r ahv ojLthe' dboVc l>:--

_ _

i II I

_ ___

For New York.
THE regular packet brig GEORGI-
.A\NA, Bedell, master, having ;he most
.l'of her cargo engaged and going on board
\vIll have quick Uispatch. For Ireight br pas-
sage. applI to -
Alriltl -'0 --A,- DODGE.
For New Yorkb
THE -Illendld ne''- bark MONTAUK,
'-e, G.jates, trister, will have immediate
__edlisptlch. For freigh or passage, having
guc',J a -cornmodationrs, apirply to
"Mairch 30 NOURSE, STONE & Cu.
.lor NeW York.
1 'HE rtlular packet brig G B-R LA-
NMAR, K,'.ud-.:.n, Uiaster, will have ini-
rin,-diale dis'altch. .Fcr freight or pas-
sage, having excellent a.':'ominudail,,ris, apply to
SMch u. .. ..- .A;. r)ODG;E.
..Ms-^Sf Sec-od St,,ry 'alihzell's Build.igs;
..,s F illnEi e -1t Chie .ttiut-.
S"3 N D Witclesi, ('lo.ks atd J-wvlry eare-nll'y
rerair,-,I. Olnclsber *1. 1S47.
Brilisi. Periodlical Llier'.a-lu.i
+ SubsciI t rel l t/iq .i ',/'e t ftr''ns aret lull.'.

The above Pri'ikdials are reprinted in New
York irniid-irJia0t-lv' on tl-rain tsr rival Iy the Britr-lh
te-aniriers. 1I a beaiitliul clear tIpe, on tin e \hliret
paper and are lailitl c-.pie_-, f ilie oritgnai-
BL'ACKWOO'S MNIAG.%zNr:" being an exact fac-
simrilre o rthe Ediniburh edition. -
Tlin-yv Enbracc tIevie ws lt IJie .three iiett
p'artis in Erialanid-T.-r-i, Whia, nd Rladica.- -
I Bli.k,.'c.:,d" alnd lh- Londoni QJuarttrl '" are'
T,-,r ; [lie -- Edinbuigih Res ieW Whig annd the'
Ve'rir.liaiter Ro. le, "- Ra di al. "iT lie -- Notth
UNt i-hli Htrew- isn-e [ faII":. r ig'i[tS chaTacter,
iavins heen or.irillyAlMv clitd bi-'Dr. Chlalrriner
'and ro ins 'si ce hie death, L-..-i' eio'ndur)cted b- hii
s:,n-ii-li,.a, rDr. Hairj, asociated-wLvth Sir D. aid
Pr,', \ter. Its literaijr\ chracter 1i3 oi" the very
tiglijst order. "
PR'CE:, FOR 14S, (rIF 8tnSCRIB-D F(..R EAr.LY.')
For any one the Ibtr Revie\.4, $3 per annum:
F,:,r alj tWn 's> dnI. :. "
F:'r-ai I\ litee, do. -7 "'
For all hloir ofl'the Review. ,
F..r Bl,okv:-..:,d's N jl 'iu:,iue, 3 '
F.-.r B!i ',rl',s.-d ad R-; Re i:\s'-. & -
F.-r l-.--k -,..:.- -d a il c t e Re' ie\\;, laii-,l -1" 0 0
P-ayi1,1nns Io be mi;iid ;i ll 'a/ses hil olnt i' e. -
S ,'-rii-tini h utf a,,bnC .-lhu.inesf, ot lie l;lk'in ,sii"
A..ioblirLtl %,-rk~. \ iz :
w T; Meth p>:lsth Mauazril
The Dublinl iilniter-irty agaziiine.
rlu..,-l'wi,''- .d's M ,;.jzihie. ire
fli, L-,t;ndon. lih: Esiiliurgh, thi Foreigrn'
-.) ite.-trl\ and th e \\estuir,,s;,=r Revirn .s
iAny Oin? b11.1t I l.ii to fPlack-wod.., or to i (.n;.
1I ii e R fIvis a.3I f ;,.e-,ar,.o, to a rv ly o t Pe'
the l-er',-dacal. at ..,. ',ill r- cei' e, ri'a'tis, 01
volnuri. ,il ayv (t ie ipreniunis abova- -nahied.
A subsiiber t1 ant, three erl the Perio.dicals at
$'7 a-ye.,r, rwr to the F..ir R Met'f s t i.S, will re-;
cove to/w I renntim o% Jmnif. s aboi'e. -
*A A lbscrber, to Bl:,kood and three Re'vi.\,;-
at '9i i-uear, or to the Fnr Rec'le\ arnd Black-:
'""-l, A.t .-ftlo, wsill receive thrie pr-cniuma" .set-

;.'-P/l-ease be peoliceuldr- in nifmin- the jre-
miniotii n."- ,.'t- nVN 1/ u-th oreks I ..:in, d I-.
Four copies of an*i or all of 'hie above \sorl,s
\ill he sent to one address on tlaynmernt I' the'
regular -ubscriplion lor ihree-the ft'urth cOl|v
beirrg ratis, ._
[('-"b ])i-/i '(t)nr.- w'/ll be nipr,,n u-hre I/id
above nllotwf.ic i nmadc to clubs, nor u ill pru-
nrrlms mi any caqe he furrniihed,.linless (he sub-
sripltion is paid in full to he puithli.-her., \\ iih-b
out recotuse to an Ofnt. .
A late arr;,ngeinent 'vIItl tI, i ie .sishi pulMli,iu .i-
.F Blackiw,.-,d's laiszine securer ,.. I, s ea Ilv
lsheels olf hat \'-,rk, by, \'hili- e's.liall be AliP'
to tsl.'e tire l i, tine number in i he-liand.( of' sub-.-'
s,?ribers belore any |..ortion of. it. cafi be re prited
in aniy tf lhe Amrernean JournIls;.- 'For this bid
otlier adan stiag~ secunlied to our subso.-rli,r., n c
pay s._o ir-e d consideratio-n, th:'t- \pe nmy b'
c'onpelled tI-- raise the-pri.,e of the lM.w-iajine.
There:-oire we repeat 'subscirbe aflly while if
pu [(' i. tow.'. '" i~ ileM
Rim,'itt sue-ie and c,?nrimlnri, lon_tmn ?lr-trld be
always asldressed. pr-ss-r,'ats t-r'-tranrled,. In the.
publishers. LEO.NARD SCOTT CO.,
7, Fulton St-,-'New York. *
Le1non Syru1 -.-
J B RA VS superior Lm.tn-3\- Ut,,, it r'r-r,'i'-r,-
tl U irL ..i sLe \' ".'"
Feb l.' "r r' ., iiT.r ,


__ _

-u R11

1 ~_



y:'- : .

March 23, 1848.

Tax Collector's Sale. block 134 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 135 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
B"Y virtue ) I Vill expose to sale, before the Court House block 137 lors nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
'Door, in the City of A )alachicola, on Monday the block 13&lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
8th day of MaV, 1848, between the hoursof ten block 139 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
A.! v. and iour 'P. M. the following r(al estate, block 140 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive ui1mproved:
situated in tlie City of Apalach.icoia, (assessed as block 141 lots nos 123458inc1usive unimproved:
block 142"1lots nos i to. 8 inclusive unimproved
the property, of LiewisCurlis and Joseph Dela- block 143 lots nosJlto 10 inclusive unimproved:
field Trustees. of the Apalachicola Land Corn- block 144 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
Spany,) or so malch thereof as will pay the Taxes block 145 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
for 1847, assessed, thereon, and in arrear unpaid block 146 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
to the State eof Florida, and the County of Frank- Hbock 147 lots nis 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
int; together with the cost,of advertisement and block 148 lots nos 1 to f0 inclusive *unimproved
sae,' and which said real estate is described as block 149 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uuiHlproved
Np aof Raid, Cityblock 150 lots nos 12 3 4 7 89 10 -unimproved
follows, in the Map ot said City, *viz. )lock 157 lots nos-1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved
I Block A. range 1,' lots nos. I to 14, inclusive, block 158 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
unimproved; block A, range 2, lots nos. 1, 3, 6, block 159 lots nos-1i to 10 i:clisive unimproved
9, 11, 13, 14, unimproved; block A, range 2, block 167 lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved
lots nos. 2, 4, 5,10, 12, improved; block B, range block 4168 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
.1, ,lots nos. 3,- 10, 9, 16, 17, unimproved ; block block i *9 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
B, range 2,4ofs nos. 13, 14, unimproved ; lock block 170 lots nos 1 2 34 7 8 9 10 unimproved
B, rae -2,,lotis nos. 23, 1 5, ui 11, 12 irove oc block 174 lots nos 1 to 10' inrclusive unimproved
B, ran,,,e 2,.lts no. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, improw.block 175 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved-
ed; -block-C, range I, l)tsnos. 3, 4, 15, 16. uitm- block t76 lots nos 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved-:
pioved; block C, range 2,,lots nos- 9, 10, 11, 12, block 177 lots'nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
13, unimp)roved; block C, range 2, lots nos. 41, -block 178 lots nos 1 to 10 iiclusive unimproved
2, 4,5, 15, improved; block D, range 2, lots nos. block 179 lots nos 13 45 67 8 9 10 unimproved:
3, 7, 8, 9, 'iiinpr,'el; block D, range 2, lots block 180 lots nos 1'to 10 inclusive unimpra-vedr
nos3. 1,2, 5 improved: block E, rane 1, Ilots nos.* block 181 lots nos 12 3 4 5 8 9 10 unimproved-:
-3, 4, 5,I16,S17,1, .linpr..'.l; block'E, range 2, b lock 182lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved
-lo. nos. ?7 8 14 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. unim block 183 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
I I. block 184 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
provel ; block E, range 2,.lot np. 4, improved;, block1-5 lots nos to 10 inclusive unimproved
-block F, range -2, lots nos 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 19, 20, block 186 lots nos'l to 10 inclusive unimproved-.
n'himnproved ; block 1I, ranga I, lots nos. 5, 8, block 187 lots nos 1 to 106inclusive unimproved
A0, tI, L13, 1, 20, ), unimproved ; block H, range block 188 lots nos2 6 78 910 unimiproued: block
2, lots no3. 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9 to, It, 12, 13, 14, 189 lois nos 67 8 9 10 unimproved: block 190 lots
15, 13, 17, unimproved;a block J, range 1, lots nos6 7 89-10 unimproved.
.,nos. !, 3, 4, 5, 6', 7,8, 9, 10, 11t, 12, 13, 141, 1.5, WHAR.F LOTS.
16, 17, 18, It, l; iti.r "'c,]J; block J, range 2, 100 feet lot No 12; 50 feet foot of Leslie
loti nos. 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6, 7,8,9, 10, 11, 12,.13, 14, street; 100 feet4lot No 16; 100 feet lot No 17;
.45, 15, 17. 19, 19, 20, unimproved; block K, 100 feet lot No 19 ; 90 feet foot of Centre street;
range 1, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, .7*8, 9,10, 11, 60 feet South part of lot, No 20; 30 feet North
.12. 13, 14., 15.., 16, 17, 18, 19, 29, unimproved ; part ot 'lot No 222; 90 feet foot of Chestnut st.
block K, range 2, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8,9, .100' feet oflot No 25; 90 feet foot of Cherry st.
10, 1., 12, li, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unirn- Also-AMI Land lying on 'the West side of the
proved ; bl..-: L. lots nos. 1, 2,'3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, Apalachicola Bay, North and West of -the City 61'o
9. 10, 11t,-I 2. 11, 1t-, I15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, uninm- Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of-
proved;- bl'.,'k M, lots nos. I, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7. 8, Franklin County; also, St. Vincent's Island, St.
9 10, 0 11,.12, 13, 14, 15, 16, :47, IS, 19 20, unim- Geoige's Island, and Dog Island, (exclusive of
proved; block N,-- lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9,. that portion of St. Georges and Dog Island owned.
10, Il, 12, -13, ,14, '. 16 17, 18, 19, 20, unitn- byvthe U. S. Government); also, all Lands lying
*proved; block 0, lots nos. 1. 2, 3,4, 5, (6, 7,8, 9, East of the Bay of Apalachicola and bordering
'10, 1L, 12,13, 14, 15., 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim- on St. George's Sound, and running Eeast to the
proved; block P, lots nos.'.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,.8, mouth of New River, from thence in direct line
9, 10, 11, 1f2, 13, 14, 15, 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, u-nim- to the Chipola Cut-off, following the AflaI:i.
proved; bl'ck Q, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, cola River down to its mouth, including Forbe's
9, 10, It, 12 .13,:14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19, '20, unim.- Island (so called);, the whole containing 285,000
povked; block' S, lots nos. 1 'to 20, inclusive, acres of third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d
unimproved ; block 1, lots nos. 4, 7, unimpraoved; quality, as per returns made by the Assessor of
block 1, f6otno.. 8, improved ;\block 3, lot no.-:9., State Taxes for Franklin Counltv.
unimproved ; )block 4, lots nos 3,4,6,7,8, 9, un- JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
,improved;.block 4, lot no. 2, improved; block and Ev-Officio Tax Collector Franklin-Co.
:5, lots nos. 2 to 6, inclusive, unimliroved ; block Apalachicola, Nov. 4. 1847. 42-6n.
5, lots nos. 1,.7, 8, 10, improved;- block 6, lots .i-..dwa.e Sip Aaa.<.ery, c.
no. -1, 7, 8, 9, [j, unimproved ; block 6, lots nos.- Subscribers have on hand for sale-
2, 3, 4, mpod; block 7, ots nos. 1, 2, 3, 9,IQ, LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws Hinges,
utninproved'lblock 7, lots nos. 6, 7, 8 provedd; Hns .. "'" ,-
unimpoved Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Platies,
block 8, lots.no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, improved ; Compasses, Augers, Gimblets, Chisels, Brace
block 9, lots nos. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, unimproved; and Bitts, R s, Bevels, S uares, Broadaxes,
block too, lots nos. 3, .8, tudinproved lct;DOk 10,. 71i O" .'..
block 10 lots nos- 3, .8, ipovdShip do, 1Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, H.am-
lots nos. 4,-'., improved.; block 11, lots nos. 4, 8 mers, Shutter Hanings, Blind doSteelyards,
'untmprov b lock 1t,,,otsr nos 6, 7, 'J, 10, 1u" R" '
unimproved; block 14 lots nos 7, Counter Scales, Plattorm de, Cotton do,
unimproved.; block 15, lots nos. 4, 9, 10, un- Kitnen Ware- Table Cutlery-, Shovel and
improved ; block 17, no. 9, nniTmproved ; block Tongs Fire Irons, &c.
17, lots no 6, 7. improved; block 18, rots nos. BLACKSMITHS' Bellows, Anvils, Sledges,
2, 3, 5, 6,-7, 8, 9, unimproved; block 18, lot .amters, Vices, Screwplates, Stoeks and
no. 4, improved ; block 19, lots nos. ,1 to 10, in- Dies,'ongs, Files, e Rasps, &c
clnsive, unimproved; block 20, lots nos. 3 to10, IRON-Sweds English and Ameican, assorted,
inclusive, unimrn;roveI ; brlckx 21, lot no. 5, o rir. ...n-. .. .
inclusive un rove; ock 21, lot no. 1 i-. round,,flat and square, Band, Hoop, Sheet and
proved; block 21,Lotsnos to4and6 to 10 ncl'- Boiler Iron. Railroad, Spike do, -orseshoe
give, unimproved; block 22, lots nos. -1,3, unim- Iron and Nails, Cast, English, Blister and
proved; block 23, lots nos. 6, 7,8, 9, unimproved ; Ger man Steel.
block'-24-,lotsQnos.l,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,uoinprov'd; PLOPGHS--Sing-le and Double Cornsea r,,
block "25, lots nos..3, 4, 5, 6, unimnproved-; -block. Cornr.ills, Logchains, Trace do, Ox ,o'
23, lots nos. 4,., 6, 7, 8, 10, unimproved: blck- Shov and Spades, Weeding Hoes, Garden,
27, lots nos. 1 to 10,inclusive, unimproved; block. Laus and Grubbing Hoes. -
28 lots nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, unimproved; block CORIDAGE,-Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
29; lots nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ; Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
block 30, lot no. 8, unimproved; block 31, lots spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.
nos. 5, 8, 9, 10, unimproved; block 32, lot.- nos. CASTINGS-Suga- r Ketles, Mills Pnd Caul-
-1, 2. 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, unimproved ; block 33, lots dron7,,, akeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
nons. 6, 9, unimproved ; block 34, Itot nos. 2 to Kettles, ,ra KetteuS, ,te
-" "- ., m- .. xKettles, Tea Ketetle.,, &c. .
10, inclusive, unimproved ; block 35, lots nos 1, TINWVARE-A full assortment.
6, 7i 8, 9, 10, unimproved ; block 36, lots nos. 2- Wholesale or retail.
to t10, inclusive, unimproved; block 37, lots nos.: ROE'RTS, ALLEN & Co.
4, 5,16, 7, 8,-9, 10, unimproved; block 38, lots -.Apalachicola, an. 20, S
rnos. 2 to 9,.incluiive., unimproved ; block 39, lots -
nos. I to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 40, ItariwaSe.
lots nos. 1, 3, 4,,.5, 6, 7,8 9, 10, unimproved; Dr AINS, Pain Irons, single and double, Ham-
block 41 and 42, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, each I.-" mers, Draw.Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
block, *j iirnplwe.1 ; block 43, lots nos.1-,,2, 3, 9, 'Spring- Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
1U, unimproved; block44, lots rnl to 10, inclu- Marking Guazes, Morftice do, Saw Sets, Wood
sive, iLimpnroved; block 45, lots nos. 1 to 10, in- Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws., Locks,. Hooks.,
elusive, unirrmproved; block 46, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, and Staples, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
6, 7, 8,.uino!)r)ved; block 47, lots nos. 1 to 10, Brads,' Tacks, Copper Wire., Melting Ladles, Rat
inclhinie, uidinpr.wved. block 48, lots nos. 1 to Traps, Axes, Hatchets, Coffee Mills,Sledgel-lam-
10, iit,:,J-ive, unimprved ;' block 49, lots nos. 1 rners, Smith Tongs., Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
to'.1. inclusive, unimproved; block 50, los nos. For sale by B. ELLISON & Co'. ,
1 to 10, inclusive, ,.i -rnpr'ii'e'r; block 51, lots Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
nos. 2 to 10, inclusive, unimproved.; block 52, G,
lots noi. 1 to'9 inclusive, unimproved; block 54, Geneseue iFlour, oCOs Sien Butter,s
'lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimprovedj block A '6Y)a superior article ot CHEESE, fr sale
5.5, lots nos 1.,2, 3,4,5, 8, 9,, 10, unimproved; -E .E McCULLY,
block 56, l.1it.nio. I to 10, inclusive, u.ninMprov. Nv ii .50 Water st.
ea; block 5_S,'l' I non 1 to 10, inclusive, unim- iTATS and Caps by. the case low tr cash by
proved-; block 59, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive,.un- .L B. ELLISON & CO.
improved; block 6'), lots nos to 8, io.-l'iive,,un- De'-9. Cor. Water a id Chestnut st.
improved ; bloel.6'l, lots nos. 1 to 8,-inc-lnsive, un-
imnroved-; bl6cks 62 to69 inclusive unimnproved; Trusses,
block 70-lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved ; "'NCLE and double, or sale by
)oclk 71'lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; k) .-uly 17 J. C. ALLEN-
"biock 72 lot tos l tO 10 inclusive u'l-ii'proved; Drg-s, , I iCSeies &. C' Km, iCi-a-,s.
'block75 lots nos I to 10inclusive inimproved; A 'FRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines amd
block 76 lots nos 1 tol "inc ive unimproved; A. Cnemnicals, now landing from bark Refoeim,
Mlock 77 LoN nos 1 to6JO inclu9uive uninmpiroved; and for sale by "
block 78 lots nos l't& 10 inclusive unimproved ; Nov 11 J C. A LEN
.block S1 lots nos 1 to 10 inc nii've unim proved; -
'block 8-2 lots nos 1 t'6 10 inclusive unimprov'ed;.'* ; Hardware
'block 83 lots ogs I to 10 inclusive unimproved; rp-CE CHAINS, Spades, Locks, .as.-n ted,
block 84 lots no 1-' to 1'0 inclusive unimproved ; -1 W go iand.Cart Boxes, Drawing Kn ve. anad t
block 85 lots nos I to 10) inclusive- unimproved; Irons, &c. &c. for sale low by
[.Qck 83 lts nri. : t_ 8i iiclu-nive unimproved; Nv II E. McCjLLY, 50 Water st. *
'block 87 lots iot -1 .to 10 inclusive iunimoroved; n ,,,- -
'block 89 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive nimProved; -r.,,- o a aad Rope, .
block 89 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive t animoroved; O- R l sale y E. M C L. ". -
block 90 lots no3 I to. t0.inclunive unimproved;.1L N" v .1.0W .ersI. 1
block 91 lot nos I to: 10inclusive unimproved.; SE1DLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
'block 9'2 lets nos 1 to 10 inclusiv-e unirproved ; best quality, for sale by "
block 93 lots ntos I to 19 inclusive unjimrproved; July 17 J. C ALLEN. "
block 91 lnts nos'l to 10-ic.Lnui.ive'unfimproved; r
block 95 lots 1os 3 4 5.6 7 8 9 10 unimproved; Wood Ware, &c.
block 96 lots nos 1-2 3 6 7 8 9 1-0 .unimpsr'ved; ..R.REL Covers, Pai'ited Pails, Tubs, Flour
block 97 lots nose1- to 10 inclusv' uniunproved; -I- Pails, Mveasures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,

block 98 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; Broo ns,&c. &c. for sile yv '
block 99 lots nos-' to )10 inclusive unimprnved;Ij tB. FLLISON & Co.
block 100 lots nos I to'10 inclusive nnimproved; I Dec9. '(r Wai r and Chestnuttls.
block 101 lots nos fto 10 inclusive unimproved; I .. .
block 102 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; jQUINrN E, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; e"ivd and for sale by
block 1Q4 lots nos I to 10-inrlisive unim'proved; April 17 H. F. ABELL.
block 105 lots nos 1 to 1i )inclusive unimproved ; B EE'-Mess and Prime,
block 106 lots no? 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; Pork-Do do
block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
block 103 lots nos I io 10 inclusive unimproved:i Dec 30 R ELLISON & Co.
block 109 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved tr ail
block 110 lots nos I to 10 inclusive improved: Iron, Nails, &e..
block III lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved ,* f: TONS Swedee Iron, assorted sizes;
block 112 lots nos I to '10 inclusive unimliroved '4. 100 kegs Nails, do.
block 113 lots n6s l.to 10 inclu.sive! unimproved : 4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities.;
block 114 lots nos i to 10 inclusive unimproved: 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils; .
block 115 lots nos to 10 inclusive unimproved: 20 English and Ametican-Vises';
block 116 lots inosA. to 10 inclusive unrmpl'oved : 20 Bellows;
block 117 lotq.nosI to 10 inclusive unimproved: 12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
block 118 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uiiimproved:
block 119 lots nosl to 10 inclusive unimproved : 10 Collins' Axes;
block 120 lots nos to 10 inclusive unimproved : 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Csrds;
block 121 lots nos I to 0inclusive unimproved: 1 case Rowland's Caqt Steel Mill Saws;
block 122 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:- 1000 lbs Cast and Getrman Steel, for sale by
block 123 lots nos L to 10 inclusive unimproved: WM. G. PORTER & CO.
blocK 124 lots nos to 10 inclusiv, -unimproved: Dec 30 41 Water street.
block 129,5 lotd n(o I to 10 inclasive'unimproved: .
block 126 lots ios I to 10 inclusive unimproved : Razors.
block 127 lots n os 1. to 10 inclusive unimproved: ",TA DE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers & Son's
block 128 lots nos I to 10 inchnsive,. unimproved: WV superior Razors for sate by
block 129 lotsriosl to 10 inclusive unimproved:- -- Feb H ARELL.
block 130 lots nosl te -o10-inclusive unimproved: F AEL
block 131 lots'ihos to 10 inclusive unimproved: Henry's .lagnesia,
block 132 lots nos-,to 10 inclusive unimproved : TUST received and for sale by
block 133 lots nos to 10 inclusive unimproved; J U recB ved ad Ao ale .
I ; J Feb-24 H F ABELL.


THE undersigned -propose publishing in'the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper .with the above title.
This'ipa'per will-be devoted to'Literatur'e,Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy. -
The want of a local paper has be-en severely
felt in Jackson. Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has ledto the proposed establishment of
this Journal.' -
The undersi rned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of September .
TEMs-Three-dollars per annum, in ninhance.
':$3 50 if paid within six months-; or $4 00 t'the
'end of the year. _$- "

.ily' i1, 1847.


1HHD3S St. Croix-Sugar; -
) 15 do New'Orleans Sugar; ,
20 bbls St Croix" ,
5 bxs.Stewart's Loaf "
0l -b'bl .r' -ir.., ', ,
S100' sacks Rio. Coffee; 50 do Java-, .
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 ... M nft'd do.; '.
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxsbrown Soap;
100 bags Shnt; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead; :
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extr.a.anid Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dp-c 30 4"' Water street.

On Cons. i.uuieunf.
J TST received oil cons'gnment---
16,000 Segars, C-..ri-.'d.d." -
10,000 Cazidores, Es',ero,"
6 dozen Rs-rve Maderia, ,
6 .. 'Regina" Port, ,
S 6 Cherry o'rdial,
10 ". JTomaito Catsup,
Formsalebv Mc.CALLA & iONiAIN,
De' 2 46-tf- 9 Columbus Block.
I5ols as d Nimoes.
B-OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
_,-Men's sew'd"and peg'd.Kip Brogans:;
Gents fine Calf Brnma'n
Wm' p:, '.-l and -,.\'id Shoes; Childrem's do.do.
Super Ladies' Kidt aid Morocco Shoes; -
Super Ladies' coarse.and fine Calf Boots. -
A large ard extensivesmsortmenit, just received
andforsale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

B1-iBk BookiL_ ,ind Statioaciey.
LEDGElF-, l..,i,'j[, Dvy Books, &c.
50 r '.l-',.. I .and Letter Paper; '.
Cotton Memorandum BooksI;-.
Ship and R:verBills.-Lading; -
Boooks for Letter Press. ,
Blank !'. .till Exchange arid Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 R- F. E3rT.

T IFE Copartnership, heretofore existing be-
twpen the subscribers, under the firm of D.
B. WOOD & ;CO., expires this day The aflh;r,
of the concern will be liquidated by N. J. De-
blois. D. B. WOOD,
Apalachicola-, April 13, 1'848.

S NOtice..
SX m ontji- after, d ite, I .will, apply to the:
S -I.'v I' i' Pr4b rates for Franklin County,
for a final di-ciharge from the administration of
the estate ot Henry Beal, late of said county, de-
ceased. JAMES GIBSON, Adm'r.
.Aplachicola, April 13; 848. 13-6rn

r7" 7 BBLS Wh-iskey; TO1 do; Prime Pork;
S10 bb.is Floor; IcaskRice;
5 superior old Reserve Whiskey;
2 r very choice. Hams; -
Now landing pce, schr Louisa Sears, and for
sale by ... E MeCULLY,
March lM 50-Water st.
........ E ange.
DRA.FTS on!New York, Boston, Providence,
. Pliladelphia an.d Baltimore, b.,iight; and
Sight lih-I.',a on New-York soild by
Agents Bank'of Brnnswick,
Dec 30 41 Water street.

B rushes.
H AIR, HIat, Clht-he.< 'et ti, N.il arnd Shaving
Brushes, for sale by '
Feb ,, -: "HFA:BELL

S Mo .sse .
EBBLS superior Muscovadn, for sale by
4) MeI 16 F ,MNcC.ULtIY, 50 Water ?t.
So-aool Books,

I Feb 17 '


D IT TCH FTT'I T'S celebrated Spanish Srer.iii-, Fr
sale by [Vehb24]. FH F ABREfL.'
-Cs't'iile S.oap,
jUST received, l. r so lup,
SNovi1 : ... F. ArELL.
'Guava Jellies.
5 O DGZ. Guava Jellies, asoirted- size boxes,
0 -'just received direct froinm.Havaua, for sale
March 16' 50 Water st.

-.Cuba Toobacco Seed.
5 LBS 'l'r -bacco Seed, ftromr- the most celebrated
,i 1 > ti';i,... of the Vunelta Abajo',just received
rrom H ir.,, for saleby .' "
Mch 1G E-McCULLY,,50 OWaterost.

JA- Olives.-
SJARS very superior Spanish Olnvias. for sale
Sby R t McOULLY, -
March 16 -:" 0 Water st.
Scotch Snult.
3 GROS. <,..'o-h Snuff, .i' half bottles, just re-
ceived,.fbr sale by '* ; '
April 13 J;, '-: "-- C ALLEN,
AromatiC -Bitters.
D'JR BL AKE'S- Aromatic Bitters, jnst, received
and for sale by'; : "
April 13 .. '. .. J.C ALLEN.
Seidilit- Powders.-
9 GRASS Seidlitz -Powders that are fresh,just
Received and for sale by
April 13 JC ALLEN.
Iafaision Jars.
A FEW Infusion Jars-every family should
have one-for sale by -
April 13 J'C. ALLEN.-
Letter. Paper.- -
S REAMS fine- Letter Paper;-just received
0J arid ftr sale by ----.--- "'- :
April 13 J CALLEN..
Irish pIotatoes and Onions.
A FINE rti-'l -I. r.sal.h-.-v ----- ...;-.. -
Novll -11 E. M6CULLY,,50.Waterst.
Vermifge. -
SINER'S Canadian Vermiluge, forsale by.
VV Feb.17 F ABELL.
1MI BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J.. C. ALLEN. -

1ASTILE Soap for sale by
SFeb 24


SAt Chambers,
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,- .
vs. / ,t,
George 'K. Walker :and Mary
his wife, of the State ot'
Florida, James E. Better Bill for account
and Ann his wife,'bt the:'f and partition.
State of New" York, uand
Jane McMasters, ot 'the
State of South Carolina,
SDefendants. J
U PON affidavit ot Complainant's Solicitor I1hat
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of'this siit, .and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in.some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, f6r the space of .our
months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so aibhln-hel
for the time rnenlionied, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by thenext ruleday,which
shall come after twenty days trom the.expiration.
of said period of four months, it is further or-.
Adered, that, the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Cbtmtpl'ts Solici'ors.
A Trunetopy. WM."VA.LEA.Y,
Dec 30. 50-4m Clerk.
VFranklin Cirn'eit Ciaurt.
The'Pi:esident and Directors of
the Bank of Pensacola, I Chancery.
S :vs. n ncery.
Hiram Martley-, and others. .
At Chambers, 24th 'March, 1848.
TTPON reading the Bill and Exhibits, filed in
This cause, It is a.rIle-ied, that servicebf'said
bill be perfected on Hiram Manley, 'ohe of the
defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a r-i-leti t of the Middle. District of
'Flo-itla,' by publication in tlhe uee1saa thr aul,.
limpid i'n the city of. Ai.,ila.'lin-,.la, '-r Ih. slaa.'e
of two months, requiring said Manley to be and
appear before the Court on the first Monday in
June next, and answer said bill, ollu-rwiise the
samewill be taken pro conlfesso ast, him.
GEaORE S. HAWKINS, iiadge, &cj .
A Tiue C... ,,' "
March 30, 1848. 11-'m

nrankli-n Circuit Couir.
Thomas Orman, )
*Vs. ^ -in." .
William B. Finch.) -
IT beinZ made to appear by affidavit, that the
Sdetfendant resides .beyond the limits of the
State ot Florida, to wit,,, in the Statt of=/New.
York :' It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said alcf-ndat. by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confesso. .
At Chaml,.ra-, S. p1t. 0, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
W. VALLEAU, Clerk.
October 28, 1847. 41-4m
WAL'rON cit ['riT C4OUICT. .
In Chianceryai
-Thomas Barkar, -
vs. Petition lor Div-orce.
Sarah Sam'atth Barker. .
IT appearing to.th-e satisfaction of the Court,
Sby affidavit made in this case, that the de-
lendant, Sarah. Samantha 1Tarker, resides ne .-md'
the jurisdiction of the State of F.orida' It is or-
dered that the said Sarah Samanth Barkei' do ap-
pear and answer thi'e said .petition within three-
months alter/the publication of this order, ordi the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is further ordered that this order be'published in
some newspaper in the Western Circuit of thi;
State for the space of three months.
-.G.E S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C.
January 6, 1848. 5l-3m:"

In Chancery-Fraanklin Co unmty.
Mary Gr,-:;ni, by her next .-it,) I I __
vs. il forDi-
James Green, Defendant. ) -yarce.
T HE Court having been assured- bv affidavif
Sof cotiin ,i.i--, in the ali)-,ve callus that
J1 ,in.-' Gr- n r, -..----;s beyond ihe Si.ti- ---f Florida,
bnt'within the United St.it,;., it is ,ird.-r,-Id that a
tin-"irig be had upon iue l.'ts: charged insaid-
bill at the. regular term of Court next ensuing
the date if this orders and I lh.-'reip-,in to pa-ss a
decree: in the same manner as if tir da-feitant
had al)peared and were preseit ina Curt: Pro-
vi.',mil '.vu h sii ht a copy of thin- arrl.r shall have
been published in sorrime -t-sVlpalpE of Ihis State
.-T Ihe space ofW-thee ira-nitfin at leastctmeere the
first day 6f said term, and due plroot of said pub-
lication be made to said Coart.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &-.
A True Copy. ;
AWLL-tAM VAL-Lec.AU,Cl-,r'.. 5 3
Apalachicola, Dec. -25, i84. 50-3m

_3Ca 0uoill Cil'acit. Cout'l.
Fall Term, 147

David J. Mea-, ), ,
vs. Bill for Divuarce.
Fl.,zi .-th, M rs ) ,
I" Il'pjitini, to the satisfactiont ofthe Cbourt
that the defendant resides out of the Western
Circu.it of Florida- and 'out -of the State4 it is
ordered that said defendant b-e re.:iiread to appear
and answer this b-ill of complaint .on the 1st
Monday in April, A D. 1845, and in default
thereof this siid bill be taken pro confesso, and
that .this order be' published:in ome newspaper
in this Circuit, for Ihe space. f-thfiree months
before the day ordered for -the said hearing.
December 7, 1847. 4.-

.MIap Agents Wanted.;, ,
T1PHE subscribers wishes ,to .engage i n-t he=saleof
Shis Maps a-a-number of--iun m and middle
.- aged- men of moral and, innesa- habits, as tra-
velting agents. Having c.,nl,,l..d iew rind
greatly in-i;,-a, d inlia,.,rs of hi-' ITiiversal Atla'.
72 Maps; large Map olt tlhc Wrld, R.-fereice
and Distan.ce MIap f i'the Uniicd Stale_?, National
Map of the United Siate----lo, a variety of
other Maps, including several Maps' of Mlexi,-o,
the subscriber is :prepared to furnish agents, flor
cash, at. the lowest poi,-sible prices. -
..\,ld res;-, "- ... "
Northeast corner of M.irket and, Seventh
Dec 30 Streets, Phi l.i,,phia. .

Dr. Woodurnu ,'si -)fysentary' Cora-
- OFO Diarrhea, Dysentary, Cholera Mlfrbaq.
Cholera linfalim, and sumnier compl-ajiut t i
children, fa'r -ale bv "
. Feb 3 :- J. C. ALLEN.

Sarsap arilla.
TULL'S, Sanrid'-, B'sriol'- aand Bailev's com-
-,LJ) pound flui.4, e.tr.ac.t of Sarsapanrlla, just re-
ceived,'and fofr sa'e by : AEL
-Feb ... : .. H F ABELL.
'K. Voodrunff's Antibillious Veg-
S etable 'Life Pills,
F1OR sale by. : .
Feb8 ".-J-C ALLEN

10. BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on eonsign-
i., maent, for sale by in
Dece J. DAY &.Co.

B-. EI1isoii & Co., Cor.-ValeIr and
Chelimul 4%t.
1/M ANTLLA aid Hevp C.r.-ul a, if all -sizes,
Hamnbrolirieo,- ,A'-,inlu-r,. liliie,' Spun-
_-,tnm. O iakm'n, Sperm Oil, Fall do, \Vjl.1,. do, Olive
do, Linseeddo, K w. do, Boiled d-'. Spmrits Tur-
. pentine', Pjm,,s, 'ViiLw Glass, Pitty,, WhAiwe
Lead; 4`d do, Y-11,-m a)chre-, Chrome' Greeh,
F-in.-r.dld d...Tmnreri i ,d,,, hC r,-,in., Ie ow, Ver-
-ini ri-. Lih 'i azie-'. IuI ,hi. Bri.ht Varnish, Copal
-L.,, Tar. R.i-m,. Pint.ihi. Tut,1. rtip. (,, P, Paint
rinli.-. \'rtrni-n i ,..'1 Tirid-. '. 'r-il. d>. 'l-irnm p do,-
1.a, Bl.,c I Cluilk. \\'hnim_-. hIn,.l.i [Di ,o Eng-
lish do-, Collton do-, H'n v '-.-vn-, ,h.. Light--do
While, Blu4ie atdjiedl Biiioi Na Iul,.",pper- do,
to Tacks,; Ship Spike-,. Ba. d, I. Br id -r.i.r-
JTack S-rew A i']uh,.r. H(,,d-I,;k' 1. (" (-. 11
]Bars, ir-. BlncKJ. Sim, -. ,b Hik-, lH.anidI
unmps, Plck Inick-iis. 'i7-'.r n jo. r-i-,:k iuo-.m-,
Corn do, Ciulkiu; Mileu-. S irti. do. AxesAx'-
Helves, H>. I,k. umi T;lim hl,-. BE\ I i-inks, Bale do,-
Carf do. Coiion do. B,.. _-i l.a. l i-h dr., Caulking"
Irofis, Maka'. l, Iran-, MIir:iip Shik,.-. iai p -'rr:,-
pers, Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, T. -,.n-rin,.r,
Dividpers, Compasses, Sail Needles' Sail TvTwi'ne;
Soine-do.- Spwing do. Palms, .;'3_'iar L-.tihFr.
Pu.mp ,i].. Sh._\--.i, H iinmiml, r. [H.i. ,l, i-t. (ha-'l-
.inara-. Plill.'. H ut dsaws, (-;,,hl .- .-,,d- -
File:, R i Tail itndo, Iron Squitres. C,,|b,-.inrd L.,-k -.
Stock do, Ho ir 'aind Si-inr-l-, '. ,IuS'?. P all,',-k-'.
-Wood Saws, Prndrani H.i-lir-I. Handi Linr-
De-p Seado, L,,4 I.:,. Fi-i d.;. in-.id Leads, Dte?'
Sea do, he1"i-( d,,, Bin. 'i. F{I,.pl-. Lanthorns,
ChialkLines, P-Ith P..Is, 1,.2 ERonk. Cargo6'do"
,.rl.a\n',i Pin Tin \\,r ',r. 'r.--ckerv CGarpenter's
Tel-t ,S m1r.s.' Posts, .ec &C,. "
SAbil.,ichieol,. 1),,' 9. I 7 ,'
^c andl- Twl e:.,i u11i p ctairil'.
(omg.anmy, _
S 12 qConMnEisCIAL-Str-R rr,
S(Up Stairs.) t.. IOTON.
AlMaLuba.wrifre-a and Dealers in FRr\'i.'s P aiti
-Tutie '-ui-al-, P.51i )mTIe. u T irit', P... l a-ini d al
C,.ttnon Seii.- Twiu-e, 'F.i,,.l iniinl UliiI.I.ri :, FF inX
iHerritig Twino, H.,iVu-r and Sthint-I.il. Il I ,1k-,
ere Lie-ips; Hei rii',. I-' Ih.-,i 11 Shal. P-,',-, ,and'
Dip Nets, ; .'Q riimer, i Seint-- utti ,lh .-; Co&(d
Herring, S1ac'rel, Slhad, and lMenlhaidlii Seines,
A. -.;JVets.' and. Seines knit to orlrhr at .(Iiahol
notice.; '1. ELLISON & Co.. A,'-m',, .
October 14, 1'-4 7. 301f Ai.tla.-li-i.la
": (& ri'oceries, -&c.
J tST received frorn New York, per brig Alaba-
-,,ma,. a: general assortment; of Groceries, &c.
coni-'imng in part as tellows, viz: '-:';
- Crush.-d a,"1.ur, "a rine article,' .
Pid 'lh-, a-,orie.d, Leirn,-n Syrup, "
C Br.,- d '. -uper. article,"
C om '^ d, -. .,.+/.. .. 5 ".
I H ahd 'G-ia, baf the II-t quality, v '
.. Norlh-rn Gin, Pe-ach Brand%, -: ."
St. Cr.-ix and J;mnaifa Ruin. -
S. Maderia, Porl and MNiila WiteInes, -
-' Sap, Candles and Starch, -
N. N O.RetiJfid \itsvkP .. .'.. -
Brown N.V 0M.Nlu.-ovad, and St. Croiix Sugar,
TPa1'a;n SjiTF 4,, &C &c. 1
All of which \will be sblddlow : -
N"ov-l1" .S'hiaV W,,I-" it.

firOdceries amndShip Stores.
ITO COFFEE, J,,na .d, .Si. D.i,>miuno do,
_] Northern Fl.iur. Welf-rn dro; N 0 Sudir.
St.'Croix d,-, Porto Rico'do, Yfomne H1-'yon Tea.
Hvson.do, Powuhnng id,, Sonw-hong dia, Gnsherin
Butter, Che"-se. Lard, Bacoi -Hams, Sud;,t`. Suiinl-
ders, Mlna-set. Whlisk-v., li'ss and Prinp Beef.
Alezs ind Prim- Poiik. Maickerfl Shad. Salmon.
Herring, Sound. and T,.ngu'ws, Cod Fi-ih Tonzai'.-,
-:Pepper, Spices, Catsup;. Peipper S.uice, Ouives.
Carirs. Pickles. Soap, Siarch, Tubacco. Nau,'
Bread, Pilot do, Crackirs, .Vinegar. Dried Fruitl,
Bean, S-,dt, Raisp:ns, Macrinai, Vprm.icplli. Ar-
row Root. Corn, Od.s, Buckwhe.t, uMi'iard. Rice.
For saleby B ELLISON & CO-
- PC 9 Onr Water and Cliphti-mnul l..

Lancets., -- ....
S"PRING '.and Thumb Lancets, just'reoeived
i.and forsaleby : -'
Feb 24 .. H F ABELL.-
Tanners' Oil,
F OR sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

c old 'ens..... ,- i,- .;
A FEW of Wood\;ard, % Broathr'r-,'i";p;'*r.. I
Gbld Pens, jst received ad fr sal v.,.
OctOber'21. t f e rsJlC..'b
"reslemn' Prodidcu.- -'-
Sr. LOUIS Fl. nr, O.hio "d6, ;Lactl,W-hiMkl -,
vii", r, cU'ice an/l, prime, Mn]bssesPor hp)D_', .
and itr'me, Bacon, Hl-iris, Side.saruia 8ho,. ffidi :
sal, hy B. ELIJSON &'-po i' ,
Dec 9f. Curi' W lVet and 't e sit s6 .;"
G uava. Jellieet. ; .
1N different sized boxes, just rec"iV1'tbmtWH4
L'.is-a, anrid ur sale by. "' '
Dec .3 E;MeCULLY.;_
S c'h o I" o ,,' -i
SCHOOL BOOKS, ol lU kinds, just'.-'^y '".
S. Nov-l. J.' C. ALLErW.-"'-It
.a 9 *'" .' -
BaconiL.Floiur,,Sugar. Oo1eei .Miluu- -
.. Sa lt,, .. ... . ,,"* -. .i .... ""
ALWAYS Qn hand~and Jnr.sae.lnw by .' :,i's' '
A Dec', ,.,M.j
S .. aF .....Mc UL .. -
Swzuyn & Wisv^ r's' ,^' ''1.
-cOMPOUND Syrnp 6i'WldWCh'y'-'j t,'
C ceived&and' for sale by' '" ""
Feb 17 : r F'A'Ai,.'
** : '-t -.. .... ,r 3 (1';* ,.*"rL.' ,.l f '
mL ai a
J RITTERS, just received apd f6risD.'.' "-.
Nov 2S' --. 1F. ABELLi Drgist" : T;

RUgsl 'Notfcro.


__ _~

fDry Goods.
THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
.T sonable'stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
1art of '
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
"Bangulis and Tweeds, .
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Olankets,'10, I11 and 12qrs
SDqffil Blankets, 8, 9-and.10qrs. .
Marseilles Quilts,-9, 10,11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottopades,
Brown Shirting and Sheting,
Cotton Osmajbirn.'.
Cotton b D ling aid Ticking,
Linen- and CIotton Checks,
Irish'Linen, Shir iia and Sheeting,
Bleached Cottbn Shirling and Sheeting,
English, F1renich and American Prints,
-Extra super, plain ad twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ec-.sse,
Extra super Muslin de Lairie,
English, Scotch and Americando.
Super Italian black ,id li_-mr.-d Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkts, :
Super EnDulish and Pongee Silk Hkf, -:
Eniglii, and \mericaii Cotton Hkfs,
Madi,.is and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf'-hjose,:
Supiller Satin, Marseilles & W.-rsted Vestings,
Colton ani Flax Tlir.'.id, .
Plain and ni'd i i'ajnl i'heckEd _Muslins, ,'
'Jaconet art CuaIin ,'I M, s,1 4iris,
S.:Needles, Pins, Tr.ipe.&c.&c. &.
Which have been sel-ected with great care in
New V1-k and Boston, from Importers and A Lenls
of Mnanufacturers, at-the lowest riairket :rate-. andl
are now offered at wholesale or etailton favorable
terms-by WM. G. PORTER & Co.'
Dec. 30,1847. 41. Water street.
-... A CARD. ;'
T HE Subseribers take this method of ihform-
Ling the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
ciffity, that they have now on hand a .very heat
and wvell-slected Stock of )GOODS, which will be
-sold liv, ia.' si- nia,,, i'n t.rf as tbltiws: .
('Ilthls and Cass-innier.i, various styles, "
Fancy- Prints, do. do.
A laiaca Luistre; do. Figured',
Silk's, Fr..i,- Rvne, .
do. Mintella -
'd],. Satih Striped .
S. ancy 'Cashmere Robes :
S do. .Merino do.
do. D1elaine do. '
Muslins, ITudia Book -
do. wiss, Luce and Colored
Edl.giig, L-isle,'Cap ahd Tih'read -
Sha Is. Damask Silk -
do. Marlin,,, ":
do. Plaid Wool
S. Kid, Lace and Silk Glves'e ,
: Tuskan GipAey -Bonnets, latest fashion '
Ribbons in aill v'arivli.sS
Brown Shiirtnu-. 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4:
"BI i'iu.-t, 6-4 and 8-4, .
Ingrain and Ciottion i Carpeting
SCarpet Bags .
-H ats and Caps; all styles
Boots and. Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds. -*
Als(-,' a neat assortmnen't of JEW'FLRY, antd
many other articles ia ui.,rmunro-ai.; a n1ei.lio)'.'
Call and ex-.imine I';r ','nus,|.- I
M.,N. SC(.t I & IROTH-ER, .-
Dec 23 Cor. Water and ('.eidre sts.

_Drugs, Medicines, P].ifiK ',fh._I
Dye-Stuffs, Perfu"mme at .
THP undersigned rteIluii~t|;ani w
Ito lhitfrieiida and.th'q pubuioloi;beeir
Stiberal patronage,- and, begd'ioifpi*rm
that hle is tow receivgAj.nfi addition-
al supply which added io h'is former
stock, renders his assorlnmeni unuiiuly" large
and complete. English, Frentch, Gjt-,nafi 'and-
-A merican Drugs; ('osnjetic, ,Perlut eM ;.Mla% s
and [)iuggiss Glass wire, &c.,"&-c 5,re t'flre<, -"
t., Phlsicians, CouirlN Merchai-t64atoihes or
tlie nosi liberal terms.-all offt'hicliM-Jid*mantI
pure aid unA'dullerated. -:,-
SH. F.- ABELL, 4."
Wholesale and Retail'Druggist,?- ', -
"- 45 Waterstret. -
Apalachicols, Nov.'il, IS46. "
Drugs and Mle hdioh si .-.-,
j T I'HE siubscniber.-. has,'.and kwilf--
Scoii-stantl lia h e.on Iand,'a'corrqPilete,
a a '-ment ol DRUGS a.i ,MEMJ- .
l CNE$,'wlliehl lhe willr~rlantpur&.
:and of he best .quali.v. lGuntrv -.
Merchants aind Planler.&will fitd it
,to their advailaie to call, ekfriinre ahd price his
Gorods, hela-e inureha.ing else-,here. -: .i'-
N". B. Plhi-ician's prcscripli,,ns iutup.-with
care and accuracy al ar\ h.au<,-f 4thf dia\"orr ih-
'J. C. 'ALLEN,"
Marc,',-21 Cmr. Centre and Commertro Vs..
.llooines' Vcgetable-Pa: n ;,, -
TPHESE celebiaid Pill. have .beenme,so I-tn:
f-,m nrh Iheir ,ir'imus, in curig this disease,-
-liat binl little neid besaid of Ih.vm, their olidn "-
ol-i.n 'lie svt.-rn is woind(eril, they immediately
arre-t all I.am in lbis disease, no matt-r-ol how
Iniag sijild lit. Paiin;'hlels cotitainiing 36 pages
olf a.etairinowiarls trarni the prolesi'non For Pireiby
NIuach^ '-J C A'LLfiNr.*
117 H EREAS, S R Ronretr hecpe p urrhaser- "
S irin lhe Apalachicrla LaQ'd Cornmlan,:on '-
the *'2d A.a, ,,i' A.-li, 1S;j, f Los r'firibwrs 5
1aid I ., in, Bh.-rk N, --IS, and Lom9 Nils. 7,_, 13
[rA, m-i in ..[ k E-2.l.. etli- r Ith'lhe wbargi
le-e ai-..u nmn tlinhe man .-i plan of &he .ci1y as s
.. :, ai it ,..- e pric at 1 (r h'- p ve .x-.
r-aim c iii s l -i. -1, : kr in In'v. r I.f said C';znpani,".
olich rcrn,ir, i, .dipal, i-iih the irint esr -due '
tlei,-.r i: Ai.d vhat-r',s. b, the"aeret- nient1 ade '
inl, lle sId S. KR B-r,,rer, it was lullv under-
st.- d that iin ea-e of lailire lo pray ihe said noles,-
.i..rdi g o the conr.ctd, the said C,.inpanv
ina,,i,|d be ul liberln(, in rting Ihirly ulav's.notice
.11 a u,.blic ,zetie p,,blisr.ed il Ap.ilachirola, 16
ir--.ell -i, L,.Ii at rIthe ri-k ol said .riurctaseri T r -
the be'.,,irf r-, aid Crmpany, and il any ur;lu"I
rreni .J, ,!. hllr pa'i in- :said nrlrs; given for a'li;-
,n a,'e.-,iiU of s.,id Lifls a,,d ail cosls a'n-e x:'
i,?nh,-e, tie -;rne ;hall be paid lo tihe said SiR.
B,.ri, ,.,r rIs I, 1. .,1 rt'.pre-er lives; arid w'hu-re-
a-, lh- s.idN S. R. Rmnier has la;ilfd to pay sid
n-..--. r t,,, i he s-11 C-:.tm1pay. in -'ursiian ;e I- l he-
pr.n <,:,. i|| .xl%,,-.e ihI Lr s alrresaid s'ale I
at ,,ii ,..r. in 'fr,,.,,t, l Ihe Court ? .u,, e in s ,d"
'6%.. -,a Thnmda 'Nthe .'itxh'dav of April next,
b,-:i e.ve.n ihe tfr-ar4 ,o I0 '.'clrck, A. M attnd.?
,',"l-r-k, P.M fl,-r ca4h-, lo pay up said ,nte(s ahd.
-'-',[s ;li .d c' tlnlri.' "" -
JAS. F. BETTNER, Agpernt ofthe.,
Tiu-t,-t- rf Ihr. ApalacimlcIa LandCo.
Alal.in.' uac-.li, M archi '2, I.IS. .. -
W- ines on F.lonsignment.
TUST re'eive-d peis ship Mlariarna, dnd f1t
Ssile !,,N!' ir <'a -
1-i b sket Hii-dsick Ctwamprpgne., .
5 a c l-;e 'id Pale P,,'rt \"iie-
A S.,r,.k-ria,', .- ,;7 -
10 1 Dtuff G..r.-,n Shrrrv 1Vine,;."' -
11 r-M Ei- Ir.di:, Mladeria Wine,' -";
S" c.Id Suiilv Maderia W'inb, bl .-_
1 ,ihc 2 E MCkC'LLV..
vrblie. -' i.
-jYTV %Wi. Ann Kiltt, barl'~g* 'ire hi,' Pd_'Q

ni, a"'ccuit, as I shall r.,i be'a nsm bItte- fIr','any
al"it,, cri.lracied b\ her from ilhfIiRa '-

Ra''-sl tB-i r, ( ga.ri. F ,r ale .r

H '. E L L IS0O N & C o .,
DOa.TS. .>e a 'I ~rIt. ns, b( fhecas,. ( .
i 'n 1 i7' St r.7 aia.l i ki s; .
Me' S, Bi.' -i ai.d V.-tladi ng Irom st in 1t.'; r -

h rt.-A p'pl ,, :.
Dec"' 23. NORSE, STIONE*- ,
N i-'r' s pei~a-d Er_ _:_- -- F .-
jn, rpi StC d P.- ,ts ; tin -."
Rma-.s-ri Br.,ainri. Ffir -alp hu' '

I SH Fall Crp Sle.o .-i," -
r' EES1-t in. ,\ lardingh trm &i iitr..-
S. dan. Appl i. .., ..
DIc *.- NOIKRSE, STJN Ei& .Co:a.
lops,, T ~~.~ ,.- : "-
BFSH F,.ill 'Crop, b.r sBle b O .-'- -
A1- 1 17 -a H.^ F. f .BLL.
JDry oc~d-. --
U\IiILLI NG-;, 'bau lk'ai'u,. C-.lion Ossahur'p?;-
JLa i'r-), Kc-rs,?-', Jh-ia's, Flariyet., fil-aan-.
k.-i Twri,--.l.. .Shirt mugs-. Slepet tgs, 'Cpta
C,ncili'jir--, Cil iciaie', D.?liiuame, Ho-uin-rr, &c &c'1-
Fr .i.r-'tea h B. EI.L1SON &, CQ -.'
IL).-' '*a. Ca I'al'dgae for 'o(toal-.-. -
RD' 'IM I t- 3,i".l bajles in lha\er Cit-ltin 'Y-a1. '% -
\ A i,|.Il lo o: .C ...
.FaJ.-2. p B W.OOQ ; SCt,'pu. -,
(aper ClS, 3 hmrr .-ime, .Hi s.ileb v" .-.- -'
NJov Dec B'ELLISON '- i'" !
Vi..egar.. -
-AFEU~' bbls pore Cider 1'lmtcrar, for satelow'
S*bv E. MVcC[Tt'T3Y,;-'
N.-,vl SOIVtl -
N~dm'stalic Iilk FolujutbiBW ,..a.
A FEVV H'idl-nslatic ukl,-inu~iiain.i, -euillcac-i'
Sai)R. .IC-s, Paper IPolde'rs' St'amps, St-asb;
Paper Cli p. WVpigluts, &'c. fbrsa~ie'B" *,' ;-
Nou- IS - .- 3C. .b.TcEN'. -:'

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!-- Commercial advertiser ( Newspaper ) --
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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
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mods:dateCreated April 20, 1848
mods:frequency Weekly
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mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
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mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: April 20, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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--- -- -
: : -- --- _- .

;ADVERTISER 3v:3iflc3cj: Dfrrctorn.Uuilcrwood J. FLYNN, j-aisttUanfOUtJ. I remain in I 181)'. searatilfrnm| l1erllll--IJlr.rl. INSTANCES OF PRESENTIMENT.- ,

O DmRCllL (Late T. CLARK) and the Pope :rant fi hrr Mm! separation I liavr heard of several cases ol people

FOBLI31KD r.\"ERt TIIURSDAY rY i & Caii, BOOT AND SHOE MAKER.in [From the Boston Alia ] I ii WIt not Byron. if was she, who m.ufth! hunting, hoiiie fri-m j rts.i.iiin. I., ol tire;

f' :TI AN. THE COUNTESS GUICCIOLI. sacrifices she quilted .nthuM rri i 't the c'ldIr.: M. Calderwo-iil wa mice whrnj'bseiit
J. L.v TAILURR.BALTZELL'S I CONTI >JUES to carry on tha BYRON'S LAST LOVE. hiiih l position in society which he li.nl; (from Imnii a 'r/eil with uch an
,;--i;; Eaitolir. > BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. .a' '\.!.n.-s III Apalchtcola, opposite BT ETJOESE CCISOT. raided In r. :t lift! plif retired to a 5iiiillrunnlry anxiety about his fami y. that without bei. .
11. in Centre
e.: of Apdlachlcnla, Fa. ,' Having the superior City workmen, he st is In announcing the! mairiaje of the Milr- I honse belonging! 10 her fatJier.: upon i't':.! i., any w.iy a Me' in arrourl, (or ir,* hefri S
TJilwir BiiHin?*, corner All orders attended an income, of tin I I lrr. .lt! in-pelitd 1 to fly to them und
Tri *; on Greets.Der. {S3- to with pnncluality 'o' fit.1 i ..st11 who may patronize him will I qui de Boi'!). it has been said I that I lie noble tun n.rrd lfItij. UTci.lv I rc-
% ((':I1'1rCI inHw-I amldes. ;>dtrh. J 3.n. 20 Snd I that they have culled at t the right shop. ;I'et'rI is nhont in I lie Countess / happiness; was the visit; .vhirh; Lord II"U'tit m 'ft t itt the I oi.se they were inhabiting .
---- marry
Leather B\ inn matte her. vi.ii first ; ui e wing: of whirlell! ( down iu.me.-
and Patent for
French Calf Skin, Murocco. whose I < :.t very rare
Ti inl- .M \. Scott Brztier, name has bro"11 imnmrtahzed -
fre i) 'll1r'l an"nm Boot[ and S"c! made to order, of I the late,-t and Lord B i he \ a> i ottipihici! i to have recourse losh: I lo diately; I :ierwar,!:. No notion of jueh Mtnisloilr.tie
\ But there Ins
by ron.
1 ,,-a5rnv- -.} :n If plid within six WHOLES*: AND RETAIL PKALrR IN- mi,.t approved; stvle. AI No. Patent Leather Gaiter $perhaps) prmem! C sirn) mv'n-iy-,!l'e Pop- (raving | : ; hail ever before occurred him.
i a1 : """' 'I : DRY GOOD:!, CLOTHIXG ROOTS, SHOES, bet-t< h re some mistake :'j in the lrr"I"I.TIlt' I
nil and Shoos made in man er roy v.as; slel' > ,
\ $I'IC' jlwl t'tprclft'r' HATS, fcc. Boots a superior Guicei'di Inrir.ally illl..nlilt'eI i the pie!eii-p; of l\-f\ any rf-i-r n v t.never in xpeel -
,nt \'.or ?i -* term than MXJ.AJ" He will keen constantly on hand a lanre and selected f.lIIilvIt'fY numerous iu) Italy 1'0"1--11/11 aI/I' it ; II, steriileni originating; from
\- ( I liles| wltii It somedefrct
; '11 "Jtriibk fort Cor. Water arid Ct'!re-'trf't'I5I, Shoe I I furnish several countegses nf .1:11, 'Of1 poHlir.I t Fl'II
be chinyi assortment ot R-a'ty Made Hoot, may in tIle foundation.
,,'il! hro-! hilt in 1 Homagna flrr ve the (ian.l.a A circiimiar.cerxanly
> ; :
"--1, : willb* 11. onll1.lut"d 'nit1wii Dr 23 rl3rhiOfl1a.l. and Bpiaan. All meudine&c.t done with neat- name from whom iiI de Bnivy may Iiive! 1 .
,1-r. thi.
io related !i'
,.pi of 1he family! intn! exile. The Cotn.ie folowc! l lhei i" .' Stilling
t at llM 'm"n that cannot .de his dJO te. Yet
.Iud. mle's l ne:s and promptitude and on terms m; : the repot of this mar ) ol i'rof'-ssor Uti
; A. D011c, (.tilirr and III tr.ki' lifrnjnile, lanl. fentl.er of iltrrrMlics i
t-r'lu went ill
with the up
I fail to be recognised in kaeping which hamade
corn- hi I
a rmae,
so mm
",;II'IPlor -v,:' I...-' te" ,iinr-. (t vvH I vo l.ne. SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANT, petition in trade and the closemsa of the lime*. the Faubourg St. Germain commou ha-onre I Pisa \\ Iirr(. Lord Byron rejoined her.- HI JJ!>: !it,1:: ; Ii"., lining one rvemiip in
: of Oe D.ltftvvi J
,\ V\ : ; 'niTl-d-i' the rate No. -If Water Street A'dlachicoj; | Dec ''J, 15.17. 4f7-6n: Thi" was in lad tli- IPS! love and the: !I-; murt-atiy.: wasiuWrnly seized \iih a ronvulion -
Ce1sfor every sub-e-! _ more brought In light the foimer cel'Iril'j> ( dial ;
n4 Fifty --- ; I 'he ot'tht to go hr.me. As.
Fa. :I U'llllIre..r Lord Ihl.m.10: ,iem.iin' il l
OPe" 1 \ahrl.irn. of the Countess
nserti-*. liberal Thomas E. Gray, relelri'y' II j (I..ilillullo!! ihe Coun'eis- Guiccioli uniil his !b.'f';-. !Ii i? .' PS very nniltrtahiy takingtea.

rn'It 1\ 'p V"l 1ir?tjae bv lhe ertisements year a $ not \\ W. >'Dr"1.. W.UHEEVKRSions MERCHANT TAILOR which the premature death of t lit1 1 illusttiuus i j (;ii.t':It U re to Grerce. :.nd had [',:hir g io c'" .ii honie. I p resisted

.,.\ \till '). 111 h : bit .tll! t b'ishess, a* well fc Csiccvci. W'OL'LU respectfully ifltoi Ill the citizen of poet gave her hut too early in life. I IThe I I In the i ntiversiii'ion C2 ?. II hy the pro. the ftiiotiilinr ; flU it itt Ii met! withsuett

rtlI11to t'ipir own COMMISSION: : I MERChANTS, .,la and vicinity, that he has memoirs of Byron. so j-hntnefully:: i I IIlItililalt.d ft.rce. that nr lenglli he olligrd
.:th' it in by them, will jecteij mairiace I ; of )t1. de Bonsy. this I ulmlfsiory. was in
II .tJv 'rti;' n t. Office N'o. SG W ter tr"pt enchd of Summer I I I by Moore contain m endless \ield.! !
1i I. ju t reccivel'a s:\| a..i'.rtll..1J1 ; On renchinj: hs: houjp. he lonmltvety
now : hah
"ItWf'lf i old >
vears en
11r.1 ::11 t'te 'H'Hl, rat4.nt5 mIIt be paid frrttj dfc2J. \palacllll'lIla.; Fla1)tEtS (;iiuids, con-isttriir cf Unii-n Checks, Linens, number ..details with regard i in this Conn- I 4,01-c mote, brought to hah'. These .Iat-s ; ,tliu-g ns he I t.HI left it ; he now
h'ri ::1 -
\ l.1! t Fancy C.*snni-re<-, White Drill-n, Plain Linen, ics Guiccioli.: She was a young lady; t.f felt: himself!
urged lo It. 'led
Allen Co. are ,accnraie." and show thltIIr.('. Guinii! rrnn-vc from
'. French Cottonade, Nankeen Drill Rnmauna. dauglfter of Count (;,
Fancy Lirn'n i itih.t. of I
1iitn ,ill le '! argd ff'r amo'Jnc- DHALK'iS I IX XRJA'ARK': ANP SHIP Fancy V'tllll. &'., all of which he is prepiredto Ravenna: md mnrinJ in an old md nciiwiddvver must I br- aho'it fifty: which makes itJ wfll the: corner in whtri i it stood io another;

"j--ti I, : .; f'r o1j,(. CIIANDLF.IIY.! IR'A' STEEL NAtLS, tna'ce' the most ia-hionahle! stjle having' the I ..IS.IJIIttIIIaII.: : ( I!*. Boi-s-y decs i.othelting h"t. :.s i it h.d ;-.!" ;'\ s SI\rj there, he re!i!f.dths
t1hnf'1'; mt nptti III s.une city. A short time
N. \ ;, i. .-tip'n! "It. fr"'n a 'SPilvKH \STING-5 jii-t received the Spring and Summer Fa.hion<, her to I IIC .'IIIJ1'11. :<'. He.. ;I. vveii I : irniitsif.n; :t-o. B O-\f vf'r" the irsisJau'e -
Mii-1 I'If, the c\n. or city reference.t And ?inufactu.rert Tin Iron and Cop- makeup before meelinji vvjih Bytou, thus \ouusr; \';.. vain ; ab'tsid as it seemed he
l.-M, he flatters himelf thai he will be able to as i the Connie ", j is wtdnwr-d. :.nil h.cl !tI' his Ml
11II'rl'(t 'I.Jt1iitt1.i. per \\Varcs. hi- Goods t" the entire satisfaction ol his cualomers girl hud lelt her convent in form this di is. I Ilisi:I m.riiage a daughter! who is m.urieilto Ii'- tr.U..1 i do! it : su he stiinu.niied the maid,

Dec 21 aachicola; Fa. both as t-> style and prices He has also pioponioucd U iiiufl. The poet and Couulesii th'Piiiice iif L, or,. Although-lie, I Ih and. with her il>i'I. >;ii* vv I lie I I.f d to I tile older .
Dirtctorn.VIM. I hand assortment of R ady Made Clothini, met each I oilier il l Venn t'. in I ihe I saloon side ol ilitrrc'om
; on an ; alter which he lelt
Ji i arl .. T zo.N John Munn. 13' W. Roer illllIlet.iII| ; : age whos*' charms riot rveu :1. quitenf
.-' -'- '- I < i ene conUtin.i of Ca-ssiinere, Sar"n.'tlP, C.-ttnnade.Altnckajiaw of l it-. Ijeuzotii. in 1818. L\1 nie. (itiicciohvvathen I!e lii!Izar has venltiC'l to celebrate, 11u- J ease. and returr.dl. to spend ihe rest of
Ciis. OOI'Co", and Linen Hants Dress and Frock and Lord Bvroo ihirtv.
I'ortrr c.Co.. twenty i j i rile i-vrtiitij With hi.s irteriAt! o'dnck
n. tin
Gnic'-ioli is,
COMMISSIONMit'HVN'TS. CtOlISSIUXIr.nCHAXTS: CaN, Plain and Fancy Vts, Pliin and Fa-ey Their luve hurst t (I'bull m the first look t ttxchatigcd. tiiev i :> ; nti i-r.c ';.tIi.ii to her i ti. broke!
; >;H :\ :0 : I onli' !She he.us her h..if I pir!> "j(, ai.d! he retired home.
: :s i i.\- Water 5.otr'd. Gl"ve 'H 1kr-, tlipoLtties. ; cen-
'LE hut t*, Hats Shops, L-idies'do., !, < Alter this first ititet view th;-I ICouuless i j l
l i: <\r 21 Ao-alaehicola! Fa &c. &.c. Thanltlul tor the liberal patronage in !! tll'Yillt .'xqni-iif- :riltt'. Her features I j :Ir.; wet III Led ar.d io sleep. In the mid-
11 \Vacr sireet. t>;avs a letter speaking of Uy- ti::" of! the uiui. he vv.s: ;:W.i!eceti loud
Xo J.y a
bes-o\\ed him i he hopes by untiring are regular! : and od. !h- hs's mactiilli'etit
I.eretofure I u !
FA. upon !
J. '
T. H.
AII.t.tchic.11: SrtJJ: AUSTIN rim : His i face so noble and so heaunli.l.i I.I I.I rnl
t I -'-" exertiois, and strict attention, to merit acoritir.uance 11:111air.. lie fignie retains al!! is eifganre.ai.it cril.i.) ;: on 'oukii.g ()UT. he saw that yI
'd-i:.-.. -1 II!-n'tuu", 11. \V.Brook I X. Sl vcjisoa it Co. fit their patronage. I he sound ol his voice, his mannerthe I I agr h-a- onU given 1iiI-t. :-n ;;attractive embtiipniiit I l-irgr beam h. d Tiller.! l II)'tnil) ;pan of iheiMlinz

Voiir-tiN Stone A C:>., COM M ISS O X MElt CHANTS April G, I8tS... 12 3t thousand ench'iiiim''nts about him. ma':>e ; fur the Countess has; got eitiiely f with if. :;nit! was Uitig "xacily! on ih.e

t? UlSSl 1 j ; [ IX MSRCilA.NTS.NJ AVD him a being so different fn-m all I have: i. on-* that IlItI"H1I.liv(' cough "llid11IisfH'| -' sj-ui his beth> iad: nccupted.: (mu- .iii ih.

1) '.\'d'er' -'ret j DEALT:::? IN" iniv noons! &c., "Unclcnvood & Caigh, ever seen so superior to others, I that I could ; seii her friendi muc'h.'he set rns in I he I most nm-rkaf/e: rjisr (.f. prrsent mtDI I

,, 2 __ A ''jlicSicol_1.'h. X". Jj Water Street tT IAW. Ic\. f_, VRr.Pr.CTITLL, not (ail ,to receive a profound impression. [. leniarkahU! %\ ,.\ now. Three years since. ]i! 1""OW. i< that wuicli: r.tcuiTnJ! not very long

L')(':i:1: '111 .V Yorinz. ,1 D-c. 2::. 1SJ7 ApiUchicoa! Fa._ .Q Y. tiert heir services Byion. ou tJlIUI., I t. i xpressed 11 1II'i..1Iilll f ;i at the b.II'! given 111111' Knglish, Amh.isailor. |r all the natutal vivacity of his imagination. : I
M-.1 11 I < tit 1 r OK.VARDl.NCM J. VAJ. :;1 t. the citizens of Apalachicola slit mmle; quite 1 a ser.-afton;,! here nut I lying off PoiNmout'h. The ofact-rs
JP.K\IIAH iMv. DAMHI. \ It is in last 1 love: said l he' 'it j will he
,: :icn \ X r s. '"- and the county of Frankliijeneralh ) ; mylast on Lord !Il', ron's accounl hut on her OtV ii. 1 I ii"ing otirday: ill I tin I; mess f&hIonn J .;
Diy & Co., 1&_ i i:1 the line ,teh'ir adventure: : and he very complaeei.iU l Lieuiftjuni !
X ). -Vi tV4ti.itr.t." : [ ,)' .\,uU"'ncol i ., FlaH.irpiM' COMM IriSinx' CHANTS: ,'4" ',:on. Having monthly rrinmuniration describes all I I I the phases of I his love ail t I i ihe f.uicy l and toil.. puht-d r.vvthis pSaie. Mtid turned
'I d j Goiidesof! .
the iJight.i She
01. ____ Xo. \Vjtrr-troet, ; _
ti ,. with the i>nnnpalNorthern details of this adv on tire. Thar.ks; to I the!eletteis e\ ; pale. He then ihelabfe.
Jv ilolmt'N, 1)t'i' 2 A > i-i'-iuco.i.! FJ.nt wore a ; ; | .o cilies, I they, will be enabled I and to these Inc niri. at!!! Eumpe:: i is [hi* I hire; with .
his 1)'t
covering ;
[ the! I
1I1t1. ndretired
tor .I
x T s 'r .\ for LT.OYDS !'o, Anis ) 1 aid! of !
.! .: : s s iN M i": .. o i I A ; -h : t alltimeawith gold. ;a crescent ri:1111I1'1' on
H \ I to tiirni tln-irpatn-i-s > l.iuiliit with all the incidents of this love
4' I.II the;
otl- I. .Fl'ii": I i-iiriijf ell 'I''" !P-I''fill"l'\urancI'? 1\ I her I hio'.v., The ou.lire color of heriliessei : from roo'ii. The prrsideni i r:
.' ,*. l\f! O. and the lItrinid In-uidiif-." Hartford! '_ .d.E tht1WF.T AVD LA- ;'fLiir.Ve lenrn horn the.-e lhat on tl!;, i ir I the ni.., supj-osirig :hit?) f> !be ill. sent
.1z" : Tf ST PLATFS OF KA!Hnv.i''r.t tjid till.I. great advantage! !her fair !::atr and one
COMPANY C'JlHI fit>l sepaiaiion when I the Connie.-: of the ',
\ l'ilVN'CE i \'t.,1 men to what
(; \.fiva I --- unrig enquire was ihemailer.
monthly, shswin gat n VU w tJr fl,31 F('l.iMI. her w hilt jhoiiMers.Since .
nfI" C"ty '}' \'-,e 1VAX E>. J;. Wood V Co., able Sty ft.* of DrtAi, \'hjC"hViii be a decidedadvatiLiue ni e tu go with her Iluob lllll to fl .' : this bail, the Countess Gnircio'i! Ar first Mr. P. was unwilling tosp
l At1.T-M, COMJUS IOVNI I FORWARDING she lainttd three limes in succi !!IIII1. :icfl: af but. .
"'i. > to a fashior.ahle "-"mn''Jnity. I has ben I firquemly seen in l'ar.: and) repiiilaid ; i n Leing j rested!, he cnnfei;<(-d
I. \ ii.ic'Mcoli.: i Fa.. p.n: 11\XT' EVPiiin sailin In n state; ol hnmior in iviuch se! that lie, had
0 -- : __ 1 N. B. CenJl nll'n> Morning Gowns and i i u ) that -he had;; been tnintitii Kgain. ; : been seizeif i hy a sudden al."
\v m- F:. B. 13ti..t.tnW)9I ,\<*. 1 n Watl.r.frr.C't.. .. Wrappers; mnde to oroer; Cloak" of evenJ.'MTr I would have ilicil if Loid Byron had; 'WI\\ and ::0 a Krench >ft. whose rtasn ineM-riiiif i inipri.-sion thaia; brother he had

i fc RV.lcn, -1t.-c.-2- -At pal-: -ifhimh. Fa. ( : tjon iiide: i in the w'ial t.-rIns of the da> ; goife to join her. Ilanily; 'had the pod has ( S..Ilf.t;y.iiiig I'0 ny p seemed to think th n tti I Itidn was tit ad. lie died," said

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.. \V4ter--tr.et.-ITiirftira rnallltr. Tunic Dieses and, J'i\.' Cldhes III( Count Guict'inlt.f'i 1 to seek him lad l then ally mure than II"W. ih** pa-i any oh- J ;
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II; .\.n 11! ,c_nc._'Ilot._FaIt _, A. X. ITXcKuy every drnption made in a neat and fashionable stalled t him in his I'alal'eAI II| siaile' tll Iii'TM: {oIIItlrri.! f'. Threiotie bi overthrow arguments
------r\f; --- ::-- C O M.1 I- CIO .V M C il CII AXTS ,01:111 lrfleJIS t1.aLe at ihi, establishment 1.1 i w ic II f iaiT.i' but lie itt! ee.cd titntiiebv C'" this convu lion. :'01'l,
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\ ) .\ 'TIi iielZU less has ;! consiani ought and :an iiitfri'iii I letter. TIt! m-.u h.i.i died' at Caxvn-
1 I .J > < J klrl.iJ.l.XTS l Dr 1 Ap:1ih1CIl; Fa. 5" .Shoi; Second Story Bjlizeli'.s Building*. tent level which -he endures in hope.: This i if. that lie|| Couou ss Gu:,-ciolitiail young
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Entrance on Clie-'tnut) strctt. ; it.fliieur" enough Lord I> 'n to [sore. the.f'l'p'i"ie'; :j-erinl: nientioned..
---- nvpr yn
\ > l p.1art tr:I-t, of the word.: Yet
'. I. !Ii. \.,lirh, !'*.!!, .:. !J. & J. :.13. Ilr.II. October 14, JS47 3 -jm iriicst act-ejitanc IIII'I. induce! htm to Jiive up his poem i.I f Don: Mrs. CfLict's Xi; ld $>J( if Xalure. .

-- F\CTor:. it COMMISSIONMERCHANT( ; : ;, tt: A phte of t Fall and Winter Fashions just al1lorousuet soon qiiiiud tills hitir lone i itils J{ nan. This 1 j antecedent is ;pfuj.uicns: ; lt, theCh.inCeili
". V J. ij: :iitr. F'I XIt.. \\"atnr *fiwir, receivid. alarm iucicased. 1 am; ah-oihed in, :; GOOD "D 1>AD LtcK.-I I may lieie. fweli
I that the Couiife- 1IItI
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,. j', : \ ..:.' \ \-.) .,i-. !" .1"'J !.":'. \", I n." 1 1'1'1.. \IUrOL.*. FA'il .- -.- -- -- I the Uiiicctnli,' he writes a nil li y tunl.i-i i r as ;iiy! when-. impart the secret of wha;
..: i' it.: !i 'II I t.t fining: .- :-' ,._.._--.0 ,.__::- :---_ ; DEW DROP dy. Her cough has some hidden -..- i' llnerce: ( di! glli.i -y PH far as io pu rsnri4e is railed! gco;{ and bed Icvk. There ;uc
1 t -1 I i .' "11 1 -'Ii.' 2)re.. him hilt t topeak innie t than three times a
She had an eruption, of I the skin .about/; two J men 'i' boo stij'pi-sing: Provji.'ence! to have an
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sip I V it '1' ..r.;. !,, :J rorttjJ :t\1 0 crtj. v% tt-U in the HII,-e ul Peers.
tlFj years since which, she very' tooh-htv, check i iufpiaf'iUie siime: anarSt: them. hemoan.. inIovtrty .
-tU-'iir! ; h f'h. --- -- -
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i i ,tk.I 1 miirh that she will !he: .:!" wretched old
II : ed. fear sink iiia! ) a Fr he age. .ihe. mij-
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n. r. Abi ;i. o.\ sYpxEy) ( ?REEX, \1. D. .I I consumption. Her i oixtilnlion has; thai: \VK1TI.\G fortunes of their lives Luck forever ran

i \" i I.'. .- v!.': 'v.-ti l-.rvtu '_ :;"j: .M A. ;, 1 iV.ir.iI: it ln>; r'-ul'1 !<"<', c"PIl"r o IIC. leiuleiicv. Su il has been with evei. rlIIO: I: In order !i> give our country exchanges a against ihf-m anti for others.: Or.!. wlih

: : \ ')I" ; '. .n n': i' f1 .'ilr and High .*tr" {-'<, ";>;i'i.iTo tte'Ma! *ion Cor. Commerce and Cciitrc-sts. and t'V'ry one lor whom 1 felt a real; aiiarh-1; good! prof !.illn. b-I t his luck in the river,
I ;L.i,. pio-le: for their editorials we piescr.t the
b.f' T"1 ;i .'1-. Not S. r PHE j; !"iiscn'iei! *el' ectlully annonnces, I to his tneiil. Have I ever be.-n able to s.irteven wl.ere he hail i lied nv ay his time a fi-hing") .

\ : : I'-':!' IU.' J'1 i.::t1"tf i1Titi-stitinefy.