. ,- _, _v%________ S i-

iVOLUME. \'1.]

.,L, J W WYM-A N.

^. W. 0 ; DAVIS, cattor.
.. .... !.. .."-.....-.t.-
Office, Third Story Bilizell's Bpildings, corner ol
'- Comnetde and Chestnut streets.
ra sCRrPTriONs.-Three'Dollars per annum,
if paid' i-ri advance, or .$. 50' if paid within six
months, or -4,00.if paid therealter. '
No subseription taken for a less term than six
*, ionths"ard $2 wil! invariahlv be charged for
that period. No paper. will he discontinued until
S1il arrearages are paid, unless at the option of the
proprietf I
ADvc-t ra 'it;m rs;-.-Onesquare, (twelve lines
t'lessq Willbelnserted at the rate of One Dol-
lar for the fi.rt.,and Fifty Cenis for every'subse-
utent iniertiom
S-,% those who advertise by the year a liberal
discount* wifl be mati; but all advertisements not
gtrl.'(VypertairJng to their own business, as well
Sas alt' leail adv'ertisdnents sent in by them, will
0gB cihrged at .-vh "ua! rates. .
j" \ll legal dvlrtisements in ,.f be paid for
in advance.' '
s' PiveDTollars &ill be charged for announc-
in candid itevf'or office.
(pj- All avertiserhienlts from a distance muqt
he aeenrnwrnied with the cas-h, or city reference,
ao insure insertion.

* iauu^neu Z~frcttot!.

WMn. G. Porter &, Co.
S No. 41 Water street,
Dec 30 Apalachicoli, Fa.
B, 1. Nourse, Hf B. Stone, 1I. \V. Brools.
Nobrse, Stone & Co. ,
... No. 4) \VWater street,
Dec .' Apalaecliinla, Fla.
[/, Lo'cdnaai & toting,
.N. 53 Witer street,
rw2l Ap.ili'hicola, Fla
Harper & lolmanes,
L .. alSO,
'' qgent, for ithie
of the City of ew York, -
No:.-51 Water street,
..e 12 Apalaolhicila, Fa.
W.' T. Wono. E. B. 'BALLOU.
Wootl & Ballon,
0 fice No 49 Water street.-Up stirs.
Jan 16 Apaladehicolni, Fa.
AlA WzttL; Wi A. McKENZIE.
Wylie & RlcKennzie,
., N-..42 \Vater street,
S Sept. 1, 1.9 -7. \ alachicola, Fa.
S. & J. Scliifen'r.
SPArticular ttenti-t', i.tid t) iuttting up family,
p rteainhoit dii ship stores.
.-No. 19 Vider street,
N',iv t4 Al) tlwhi..-il3, Fla.
JIH. F.Abell,
W ri S. ,'-" 1ND RF.IAIL,
SOILq, GLA.?B, &,.c-., &"e.
ls "o- e ieral a ,s.i tment of St itinery.
J ir. obf Cheistlnut and W itor stret,-;-
April 't .kn:lt'htc.-la, ta.
.1 ienjitiiniin Siller,
NO. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec,, I, I917. Apalachicola3, Fla.
J. C. Allen,
WrVlesile and Retal Daler in
GL.kSS, BiUL'SH iS, x:c &'c.
S .q trP,teral a.sorlirnt of'
BOOKS; B .NKS,; STATION EI{. Y, k'., -c.
,cor. of- 'Chesnut &- Comrnn'rc.- istreel-,
14% A4 Apiclicol Fla.
S B. S. Ifwley,
SNo. -23 W.ter street,
Dee 6 Ap- i lin'iicnli, Fi.
Avery &t Jones,
E. No. 43 Water street.
Dejc 5 Ap.i.chicol.i, Fa.
i B. Elllson & Co.,
... Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Dec 9 Apalachicola, Fa.
ttdward IvCCulII, -
' No. 50 Water street.
Nov 11 ... Apalachicola, Fa.
;, Jas. F. Farrior,
No. 50 Water street.
1 oNv 11 Apalaclneola, Fla.
fiAns. P. W'CALL\. QusnIva RomaIN.
... l rnCalla & Romain, -

No. 9 Columbus Block:
Nov. 18 Apalachicola, Fla.
B. *.'. ljlkete on,
..HATS, GAPSt, &c.
No.'1, Columbas Block,
Sei& .. .Apalachicola, Fa.a

oojke& Hornet
N9. 13, St. .harles Street,
', ... ;' .....Ntw j cfleans ,
feb 8. .. ...
: .k) Daikforth,
.. .- EUFAtLA, ALA.
S S. Refers 'to
B.- '. Ta.oLut "New Orleans.
I. S. I uw..AP .)., .
:Messr. .Wram .A MOKWSlEE, } Apalaicola,
3'. S. fHlr-WouflO i ,


3 icuri. i El IrCClOurI.

Underwood & Caigln,
Apalacliicola, Fa.
(O-All orders attended to with punctnlality
and despatch. Jan. '-.)
1. N. Scott & Brothlner',
HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. Dodge,
No. 40 Water Street,
Dec '23. Apalachicoha, Fa.
Sinms &A Clineever,
Office No. 36 Water street.
dec-23 Apalachicola, Fla.

Roberts, Allen & Co.,
Anud Meitf tcltur fc's of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per I Mares.
Dec ?2- 4 Apalaichicola, Fa.
Ckarle- Ro'er,3 Jnhn Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
C(Inci. Roger's & Co.,
Wratecr street,

Apalaclico-l. Fa.

J. SrEv CrlNS,,N.

T. H. AtsrIN

J. Stevenuson & Co.
No. 45 \Water Street,
Dec. 23. 1317.' Apalachicola, Fa.

.Jr-EitlAn DlAY. DANIEL J. LDA'.
J. Day & Co.,
No. ,52 Wat.!r street,
'rice 2 Apalachiicola, Fa.
.'r- Agenls for Lr,',vDs-; alo, Agenits for the
t .n"ii i iiiurar-'e Co." th- '" Protectition Insurance
Co.'" and the Hlariord Insuance Cu." Hartford

D. B. Wood & Co.,
No. --44 Water-street,
Dec 2 Aipalachicoln, Fa.

S A. N. iTIcKay & Co.
No. 4 10 WVaterstreet.-

Apilachicola, Fa.

J. I.V & J. M.i. i-uIl,
No. 4 i Waler street,

-- -a-.

39rofc [.ional [Notfccu.

.,- May hA f,,und at his re-idenuce, corner of
Centre and Htih streets, opposite the MAlansion
Ho,-ue. Nov S.

WV. (G. A. Davis,
Off:mrs his services to the public in etlier of the
above capacities.
He 'sill pr.clice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
hiijui ,id JJ ck-tori Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a special, r.-lainer, act as Counsel, in any Cuurt
lI the Mi'l.lie sr ,Western Cirtuit. He will also,
arg-'j.? C-,'S in the Curt o- Appeals at Tallahas-
see, tth s.?ssiiius of which, he twill always be
pr;-teiit at, unile- prevented by accident.
Ap'li liii-c.:-l ., So rith-mber 'i, 14;,4 .
A. G. Sem anes,
ij3- Offintc, -j. C<4. q. SinIIIo1''. Building,
cor. of Centre & Commercestrdeles.
no :,i Apalachicol3, Fla.

11. E. Owens,
CLky roN, Barboutr County, Alabama.
April *2 1346. 2-ti
Rat, NIonnse & Cockroacln Poison.
T -IS iSory efticacious remedy tor exterrnia-
tin inimmediately, il'a pr-per applicatio5 be
mnade,ol'all olf theabo-e named annoyances. His
Flea Arid Mosquito Poison ha- attained a very ex-
tensive celebrity for its invariable destructive pro-
perties to that order of insects. For sale by
August 14 J. C. ALLEN, Druggist.

... Notir- to--]--rniiners.
February 6, I'3-I4.
AT KEY WEST svnll be shown on the 10th
inst. It is a first class ligh and will probably be
visible from a ship's deck'at the distance of twen-
ty-two miles in clear weather. It is situated
eight hundred yards North East of thie site of the
old light. The bearings and courses heretofore
followed for entering this port may still be
observed; but vessels approaching the ship chan-
nel in the day time, will find five fathoms water
on the bar by bringing the buoy in range with the
light house and ruling for it.

T HE Subscriber, one of the firm of Madder. &
Adams, of Columbus, Ga., will remain some
time in Apalachicola. He may be seen at Ihe
warehouse now building for J. Day & Co. at al-
most any hour in the day, and will receive orders
SLABS, &c. &c.,
which he will furnish lower than they can be
procured from the North.
P. S. After leaving Apalachicolathe subscri-
ber-will promptly attend to all orders directed to
him in Columbus.. P. A.
SFebruary 24,18.48. 6-m* .

(Late T. CL.JBK)
i CONTINUES to carry on the
busitt-.;s in ApalctlAte..li. oppt,-
(sit the City Hotel i il C:-titre st.
I-tHatir g spteruir w,.t kiiie, ihe i?
corifident that all wh-n may patr',tize him will
find that they have called at the right -hip.
Fiench Calf Skin, IM'or.c-:O. aid Patc-t Leather
B-,fts arind Shores tri.:de to ur'erl. o llIe latest atid
rni't approved st'le. Al-;o, Pttehtt Latlie GAi-
ter B3.-ts aiid S1hoe. ni.1rle iii a .I[-.li-I.-I manner.
I-e will keep contstantlh oin h:nd a large and se-
lectedl a.sortmetit of Riad' Made Bu':m'ls, Shoes
and Brog ,ns. All inierndJinLg,&c.,die with neat-
nes aiid promrnptitude, and on teinrs thait cariiot
lail to be rt-cognised as in keeping %iith the coin.
petition in trade aid the closeii-ess of thle times.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9. 1-47. 47-6m

Umnden'rwood & Cnigln,

SRESPECTFILLY tlert heirser-
\'vices to thlie citizens oi Apalaichi-
c',la, and the county of Franklin
gener,,ll., in the line oftehir pro-
S ( f essi on. Having nionthlM com-
n run :ati,:'n ith thte tprincipe t
N-,rtheirn cities, they will be enia-
"I '- I bled to furnish thieeir patrons ait all
',._. tini,itwtllth e N 'tw T .AND L.A -
ed i'inthli,. .iho'wig-at a viuit, he most Fu.-'hin-
able Styl',, of Dri-, .-i, which will be a decided
adt aitage to a I'fasliion:,ble comninurtv.
N. B. Getilentetis' Mornin G,,it-s and Eve-
ning Wrappers made t, uordler; Cloaks ol' every
de-cri'tioti ride in t he usual f,,rnis ol the da ;
Walking and Riding Gaitors nuade- in a si.tperi.-'i-
matnier; Tunic Dres.ses and RB3s' C'IO- lies ol
every descri'titon made in a neat anid ti-fshioriable
sl le. All garntents made at this estahlislimnet
uwr; annle tofiu. 1
(107- Shop, Second Storv Baltzell'- Biildiirgs.
Enitrance onI Chestnut street.
October 14, 1547. 3 n-,i'.
;. A plate of Fall an-] Winler Fashic-tois jiiust

Billiard Saloon,

THE public are rc-spectfully infr-rmed
that the above estal:M-ltrierit hais been
eentirely refitted, aind is it.W open for the
ret'eptiiii ol permanetiit and transteit Board-rs.
and the ,ubscribers hhope by strict alletilon to Ilie
buis-iness o tlicir lihouse to be secoid to nsoiie in
rendering their gui-'st_ corinil-rtalle. Their dLable
will be supplied at all times hi tcit or\ delicacyy
the iiarket ,tifi.rd.s. Pliuaters and Captlains of
'essels iill riid this a ter\ c'oi \'rini-iit liotise.
Ganie, Oyst-ers, &c ser d] tip at all hours- arId
in Ilhe be-t stly1e. The _a:r %ill hle wi:-li se cked
with the chc.uce-t \ine. Liqi'trs anid S:.-giaris.
Atachr-d ti- the stl.Iiblighnient i,.a Billiard Sa-
l." in. sp .'-i,.us aid wiell Il ltip.
Grateful 1' -r past favors, the sub-hscriber hope
that their Irieirds and lie public %%wil contiinte to
sustain I hen.
November 11, 1-17. 43-tf.


Cor. Conmmenrce and Centretsls.
T HE sibsfriter reslpie.,tlulv anUiounces to lhis
'frie-nd. aid thlie Publ ic, t hlt lie lhas 'penedI

the rb.vit' .,ue, an d soltwits their Palroni:,'e.-
There still always be fi-tilid at the bar
eILectii'i ofr L'oUf..rs, \Vines and Seirar-, and
AlMne HW,-t, within his a-islanl, twill pay stri-'t at-
tentioiI to tho-se that do i Dew) Drop in.
N. B Hot Lunchdaily at 11, A. M.
Feb. 11, IS-I 5-tf

Apalaelhicola Exclnannge.
"TI-fTE subscribrer intr'orms Its Iriendis
1"" and the pui.iblic in general. that hlie has hbe-
ir coie the Proprietor' this abuve tiell
kit'.,rit h,-ue, and will be pleased to critert3iii
ani of tthe tra"vellinig currimiuit ity that mniy f:t-or
hill with Iheir cuslunri, aind will also catcc nini,-
date resident boarders. T'he bar still alwtay s ibe
supplied with geinuie Ili-qurs jol thle ch..'iWesl
Apalachiicola, Nov. 14, 1I47.

Cily Hotel, Tallahassee.
N OTICE-[I have toI iflorm my intends arid
N the palrt.srs ol this huti ,--, that I li.ive Ia.,-d
it, atid tlhatl it % ill lirealiter ln e cuiidtcteil L;y
WILLIAM HEMINGWAY, Esqi ho has lor
mant\ %ears heth ci.,'icn-tled tilti lhi'- t lis class
Hotels at the Nurti, an<,reeent[l, Iromu, the Arrtl-
rican Holel in N.-iw York. Bhle-avnt he twill
keepan excellent house, and spare no exerti,-n or
expense to make his giietsconilur-tabie, I recuni-
nmend the house to m friend_ and the public.
Tallahassee, Nov. 1, 1S47. -13-'im.

N the management of this Hotel, the under-
signed still use lis. best exertion- to please his
guests. He asks the public for their patrcn-iage.
November 11, Is47. 4:.-6nt.

Bowling Saloon and Billliard
THE proprietor of the Attiena-um Bot lini
Saloon" has used every endeavor to make
theestablishment an agreeable place of resort,
and is thankful that an ever discriminating piib-
lic prove by liberal patronage lhe-ir appreciation
of his desire to plea-e." He will alwayi keep a
choice anssiment of Liquors, and- refreshing
beverages, f a sort to tickle the palate. ol Old
Bacchus' most fastidious sons; ansd Oysters,
cool and delicious, fresh from their naive banks.
For a pleasant commingling of exercise and
amusement-nutile ctni ditce-there iq nolhing
within the circle of gymnastics to c.,mpare with
a game of ten pins; but those preferring less
active aunusemnents, can always lake a hand.
Come one-come all."
Apalachicola, Dec. 30,1847.. 04ftf

__^__~__~_ _~_~_~ ___ ~~

ill our strengihl inlo tlie back ard move-
mient, drew on lie oar until eery inch of
the space coveredI by the -sweep had been
gained. At every stroke the boat shot
l:,head, like an arrow disch:irged from a bow.
Thus we worked at the oars for fifteen min-
ntes-itl eenied to me as many hours. Tlie
sweat tolled off of me in gieat drops, and I
was enveloped in a sictamn generated from
miy own body.
Are we almost up to it, Mr. Larkin?"
I gasped out.
SAlmnost captain-don't give tip; for the
love of our dear little ones at ihomne, don't
give up, captain,"

-r----~--~--- ~r~-__L-~.~~





.k <

d-ec -32

Dec 15'

*1 lucrl (nrouu.

[Froni the New York Difspaich ]
It was in lhe monih of February, 1831, a
bii ht inmoonliglht i h- li and intensely colld
lithat he little lti.II 1 rotiinanded lay quieily
at heranchol i nsiile olf ihe Hook.
We hald a lhaild intie of' it, dealing aboul
for eleven days olf tlile coast, ttill) cullino2
noilth-(asteis blotting anId snow and sleei
I'Illing for tihe inost of that l ime. Forward,
Ihe vessel tas thickly coated with ice, and
it was haid t-ork to handle her, as ihe rig-
ging aid sails nere slitf, and yielded only
hlen the strepethrtNhe menu was exerted to
ihe ulmniost. \\'hen at lengtlh we made ihe
porn, all hands iweie woin down and exhaus-
ted. We could not liae held out two days
longer without teliel;
A bitter cold night, Mr. Laikin," I said
to my male, as I I:t lied for a niomeunt on
deck to finishl ny cigar.
The tortliv Dowr,-Easter buttoned his
coat more tighily. around hinm, looked utip to
the mioou, and leli of his red uose before lie
It's a whistler, captain. as wie used to
say ol the Kennebeck. Nothing lives comt-
fortable out of blankets in such a night as
ThIe tide is running out swift and
sirons ; il will he well to keep a sharp look
out fo1r this floating eice, Air. Larkin."
-Aye, aye, sir," responded the mate, and
I iveti below.
Two hours afterwards, I was aroused
-4romt ;I sound sleep, by the vigilant officer.
Excuse me for disnutbing you, cap-
tain," said he, as hlie detected an expression
of \exatiion illn nMy face, "hnut i wish you
would stirn out aind come on deck as soon
as possible."
X'Ihy, vwh;it's ihe mnatiler, Mr. Larkin ?"
\V hy, sir, I have been watching a large
cake of ice ilihat swept by at a little distance,
a ninrment ao, I saw something black on
it ; something lithat I thuughtlimoved-the
moon's under a cloud and I could not see
distncitlv, libut so help te God, I believe
ihu-re's a child floating oul to sea, in Ithis
freezing night. otn that cake of ice."
We were on deck before either spoke
anulhe'r wurd. The male pointed oul wilh
no little tdifYieiuliv, tie cake of ice, floating
ot' to ilte leeward, and its while glittering
sorfl'ce was broken by a black spot ; more I
could noit make our.
(_;el tie glass, MAir. Larkin," I said, "'tlhe
morn ill be oul ol" lthal cloud in a mo-
ntieiI and then %e can see disltinctlyv."
1 kepti my eie upon rite recedine mInas&ofl
ice, wliIle ltlie iouu was slowly w6'oking hifr
wiay thriouLih t lienvy bank of clotids. TIhe
11i:iie stood by it it htie glass. W hen hlie
full .i- l I'tell at last upon the water, with a
Inli.,liccV oilyv know iu our noilhern lati-
odes, I put the glass to tty eye. Oue
gl itce itas enoutigh.
l- Fort ard, there !'' I hailed at the lop uf
inv voice, ;mid witi one hountd I reachItlie
lntimi haclich, and hegan t'ro clear away tlie
litle cutler ithich was stowed in (lie ship's
'.,,tut [. .-
Mr. Latkin had received the glass from
in\ hand, to lake a look f'or hintiseff. Mv
God !" lie said, in a ithisper, as lie set io
t oik to aid mte in gelding out the boat--
" t'v God, there aie ltwo children on thal
cakle o'f ice "
Tt o teen answered my hail, an4 walked
lazil' aft. In an iociedibly short space ol
tlit l te latinchd tile c(itter, into which
Alr. Larkiin and ntmyself jumped, follow ed,
by lieiwo tmen witho took lhe oars. I rig-
ged thle tiller, and lthe mare sat beside me
int ile stern sheets.
Do you see lthait cake of ice with some-
thing bl:ick tipon il. ldils." I cried; "pul
nile alun -iiile of llHati, andl I'll give you a
bottle rof piLim each, to-righli, atnd a mionilh',
extra wages wtrit1 you aie paid off.''
The nmen bent to their oars, but their
siiokes weite uneven and feeble. "They
ieie tised til by ilie hard duty of thle pre.-
ceediiig 'otuilrti lt, and Ihltough they did
ilheit ht-si, lie boat made little more ,way
thini the tide. 'T'his %tis a losing chase,
and Mr. Laikin, Ito was suli'erinig loruie
as lie s;iw how little ite gained, cried oul,
"Pull, lads--I'll double the captain's
prize ; two hollies of rini and itwo itonhi.rh'
pay-Ipoull lad., for the love of God, pull.'
A convulsive effort at the oars r-old hiow
willing the men wene to obey. but tlice
strngith of lthe strong rmnanuas gone. One'
of thlie poor lelluws iashued us iWice, in te-
covennig Ihis oar, and lien gave ottt; llie
other was nearly as far gone. M~r. Larkin
spjrutg lorw;,rd, anid seized she deserted oar.
Lay down in tlie boitom of thie boat,"
said lie to rite man, h" arid captain, take Ihe
o1lher oar; we must row for ourselves."
I took the second man's pIlace ; Larkin
had stripped to his Guernsey shils, and as
lie pulled the bot%, I wt iled lor ihe signal
stroke. It catle seully but firm, and thIe
next Imontiil wte were pulling a long, siea-
uy stroke, gradually increasing in rapidity
tiiil the wood seented to smoke in the
rowelocks. We kept lime. each by ihe
long deep hreatlting of llie other. Such a
pall! W e b:ttl Ibif aid unnil our laces al-
most jonched our knees, and then tlhrowing

Til- ('LIMATr or MEXICo.-Thle cljmne
of Mexico is pIeculhar; beautiful, cri'fand-
serene, but the animospheie ha-s-uo mni.-h
less.oxygen in it ihan outs1 Imit tce hole
econontmy of lift- is -hidt.ged. Thie fUlSui-i'- n
is increased -alrmost double in tlrcquen:.\,,
and there is a iw;itil of-lhat 'viorand rtli'u't"'
feeling which our climiale atN'tuns a heahliiv
man, and once reduced by disease -tAhere.if
is almost impossible ino re:;mn hieilti anma-
strengili. The mornri,2s asre ciol;'Ktoi"'o l, t '
for a mnin in a relaxed staie of Ihealiitn *\v.-
ercise wiom It (iu d.ngei -of taking cl'lM,.wi lin-hi
is almost as bad as any oilier disease I-'ere
and the days are so hIot lhat the ianys of il-e'?
sun cannot be oinnie without prudtiti.%.i.p ,
ver. ThIe natives irap up) iu cloaks hm thedl
mtoiaing and retire at no'cmn. ...

CoNr'selnr.-\\r- 'e -ar.ep n'pto ioc'net'ct il.
ioice of consti,-nce itlhi lie stiirr,'-, ii'P
iibnitri.l ; lint I -ihmiub ti e wi-ong nih d'irino- :)
cenit hour. It .is that' tcintible "i' ('' iii6r1,1n-.
ini.," lien reasott is it%'de amtr, i iio'ne 1
%% which remorse faistens its fangs. It-i, B
man amnbleel awav his all. or iIshot 'T4'is6 4fi1id -
in a dtiel-has lie cominilfeIl i c'-rini, r i'ct "
"cured a laIk -liih i 3it is n he va.ri ,,t -, ',, ',',
wlieu the irreniet.-,ble past ris'es lll.'e--lt rl
like a speene- ilii--n dtii, llt ie tltiiii:' i., z"
mnenmory etld up its -hasl.yv. d(h:,di'-ini i '
[lie witchii, hour hA in iheth'foul 'iei,'al ,i."l',t
in us ca-n least lempi-, l|erl-i,;pI,. bu irtt
tormienmi. At night t e havee "o''t ihing Io"7
hope for, one retige to fly lo'-b>Hihs in rd' "-'
sleep) But at .ri-nornine, slecp i'. et'. 'Viiliit
we pre called upun cleoly io-retie'\v'isdC.tt '.
-act, aud fime.a- ag in the-' 'a ,ngb'n 'mtes.-.s'r
sell'-reproai.h. "- -;*
B3oUrSo TO .-Co mi morF.--,S m.,Av lt'W,,bi-!
lie \V'e l,- ,i sable hkieit itv l.Iie'iti,hc -',a d.
bruishi t as peifIntiiig the Lup.c ra Iinii -ifaslii',4.-
iisg a ltoaister.,wiilh a dall i t ze,-' .-' ',* ... -,
SS ip.' aid. ie li'osie"-. th ai. o t' do.'wI
\\tInt's tde itail i, hios '' '...
1 hiit razor pulls.' ,' ^ .,i
SWell, uo .nt;itnl for dal, .ali ta'b le ,h-l-t die ob de r.,zo, dou't .b.Ureak, ThIe bils; -
bound to cueim o ff .. .. ..

jlle IOp- I
Bui%..+-.._ .Y'J-P io:n +
.... ., ::nio"T.:-- *i l
vBoiwIrG. -Some wti i t i peI f*s i.qk owt w y'-
.he ropes,' sinetIdl' sav.Ihat ho.btnirie'.yt at
sci-tlice hiy .ijef, anrd .tiiiu-t 'Ju-e.u.t e, nileiJi ,ti'
lv those wiiIo. wionu Id, h.Is u.ti'lrg .awispit
inig t.lyliise-hes. I4,.eep..i n- t.l'e_-se tid 'i-'lie,.Q.-4
I,'slnicon. Buit veit- .teele i.t n -Il'O i -at"a i.hl'on d
of doelans, mt os- tesl.ec lll.byig .altlitdrttl ,
Ilhousaud,- citurteoashy- to fiity',o4ioiua.,,:;cicu,
villy to men- thousandd. .o.nid itse.ine ew.-
poieny by .sighi, .t-,, r ,

Ftc OTINt vvY M-EAittKEm--4le nsual-ro
place of re_,'dt -r- Dublin- dttelists, is.,aHled:..;.
the Filteen.t:Acres. An -'itri.tney.-of .ihansi
city, iU)l|einiiirg a' t.hitditrge, Ihouliohr. mostiri
.likely, he w-.as. dxawsv .'ga le:.se,, *aid 'lii.vied r.d
'lls arat orli- t.;Lo m eet llint a't "' Ih ie .,..ac t.-
c-.lleI i'ifletun Acres, be the sanme mnone&-xc,--';

r [NUMBER 13. .

'The onrf, l.i-hedl.as heir blade turned tp*DHERE [u I\ILN GO \VH(;i [CL,'A-I CAC I
It ilie na,.itlph li i.l. 'lThe n-firi-:tho lied S e yeas a g O'! "n C i "-s-- <:t-
Ihin, tetle l,.lieis. and had lilets heat's; one y ao l" Cicao wsTni
thile sttet-itlh wlich enedl them at that iiO- i',r'i, a t stranger turk up h'ia.1 q-ura-re'ls-i t
n it-t iti s, mote 1l,1u litiniNu. he iePrintcipal hotel, a d'litiscrihed his rdrme '
Suidirnlv Mr. L.arkiii ceased pttllig and on 7 he leter as Mr. J-, of St. Lnui."
tnv lt-at ";, nilt,,r.ntit almost sbopi~el iet Fr several days lie remained. there, e.n-a-
1irriit.nui, 'or lie teril.le ilithoiuhli Iil lie had gut iu Ilantsetioo.. tile business which had
bioughi lim Io thie plic-e.i hod lom his -x-
2nen out. Clt-tsed yn v munltd. But I was Sceeilngly plaint dess. *iini n orhs pgenal-
.)ui.l~l rea~iie~l y hs coce eedlin,lv plaiu dress. .inanbeys prj4-'en:-al
AJi Mv re-asst-te, by his voice. apjtea nance, attracted but little t-iffi -oipO ._I
"Gentlv, caliaitn. gently-a sti.rke orio Soon Nr. -1- uoas stddenih/ sezed wh '0a HIt
m ore-tlh re, ilhat \iill do-- and thle ne.xtl 0 .t i6 le w sid O -
,toment tihe boat's side came in conui;,ct n ii dring ti, c Icle was sadly neglet-AJ
v ilih sontitihin., nid Lairkin spiting Iront 6N his Io0,.I t i l il l seivan ij. :,I1,S ileil
ltle boat wih lit heis v peerunon the ice. I tonie 'ln ilte lasilter of the house, Itelt-'liim
Sfilebad up, ani calhin; 1iy lie tneu ilo ake to shilt for hllmself as lie best couldl.- 'I'jus
sianed up.) and caihiing n o [the menj to tmake nie vtto.flloemrnN"ed-
,ihsi fle boat to lie ice, frihl.wed. m 1itlet s tietl on. lill on ie inoorning he.;ww i
\W e laln i lic d.rk sp.ot*i file centre o f1' 4 pexasit p.ied," h'-. l .ihe sadp.nl: ieitnee
ihe. miss. innd lourid wd Iit' le bo*'s, t lie ni m lit e n inlie sic ed to his ietids-.
head ofilie snenialler uesiling int lie bhomol nstl heo cfm. -d o hi rds-
lie larger-bothI were lat asleep! Thle when to tle surpiih-e of all, lie its t',und lto
n be Lin e o~ f Ifie w ea llih iest m'e n in -flhe %W es L~e ljl
leilhaigyv, 1hit tould lia e been fatal bItt f li liies i n ie Itej
con[iry-. Airnnea tenis %%ele acc'rdlly
for tie timelyv iescue, hlad overcome t henm. nItide "-ol; .r l the i' neiial; but ,e'tre tiheaact i ..l
Mir. Lalin--,inasped one ol thie lads, cut onl rites wetr e peinio eitle sirijectc a ";t
li, lshtrs, toie offhisjaclet. and then loos-. hlie i re, l e v in 'c;
eniig Pits o it anai en ils to Itle skin, placed lel g.- av5 g.eei ioknil e vi, K im o,; f tti-',
tlhe killed clidi in contact with his otin A w ov e e
taim bod,, c;irefiilly uralhpin.- over lhis All wele ove.joved it his luitrunie es-ca:ie
gieat r-o.,t. lui..h fe re irocned fioonine frontl so dreadful a fae, and from. ihiat time
ieo.,i. 1] did he s.ilie riih ltie other f i lhl %ere profuse lI their elpre-ssions dl 1 oli .:
I o jIt. I did the sa rnte iti titlrte oilier tr i tt luie 9elicited, hoit ver. if ite nta- ilil e [IV
---and wivc thel n reiunlined tou hle boat,and ti. I "d cu net ary ebit leme i tai r" a I.lh -I, bv
men, now p artially recovered, pulled slowly t tiiehcet" lit -tn -Ib I
n, io. ially coere, e any personal reg;.rd. At length, some otj.e
bat k et" tentued to ask how t lang s aplpeared.to hItnt
The children, as we learned, when we ve .uied t o tihance, to w hich hpeared.'io -n
sul-equ|enlv had ihle delighi of' resiontig e inI ts o nigl ,t I o* had conie to ihe r'rs .li-of
them o their ipaienis, were play insg on tIhe death, where I met an angel, ',o handed
ice ana had venltired o Lo ihe cake which t elite a Jewel tsie as a l. as* ir
lho jiamniiedl irno o a bend of' thle river about I e a jse. i.t.set e at s t rit s to.'t-her oli.r.
den miles above New York. A nmoveniteUt .e id fro nit hivin another,, e hlt. ,itilte-
olftie i tlde had set lihe ice in mnolion, "nd -or iard another sam e in Ir u, .. i :-
he little lellots wete borne awnay on ilha lt rit al d anor) l t saf e *i ny l ia v r ey .. Gd:.
cold might, a;id iotild have inevitallv per- ig n Ilus, for several sies, r'ceevin .ut
i-hed Iut for Mr. Larkiu's e.l-pying tltet as ut- err*in of each, a ticketl fn ..hw.
l!e ucceeditg one, I at last re'lied tihe zIle
lie -ce trts stteelii.2 outn to sea. oflMle heaveuly city. There I foutid Sj.int
How .:o vOu lieel, NIr. Laikin," I ,:,id Peter, tIo opened ie door t *nl',i int r ,
to fhe miule, the morning after this a;dvenr pile in nlu utbh seated "by a 'n-al liol
Sure. Pi i iou b e i l y s all --c,.o
which siood a goodlynlm-tig of stitning
A little sili" in the arms. captain."t he iisi,y Iolhoddy.- G 0ol, mllornin rg,_ ir' sa.'id
noble fellow replied, while the big te.,rs 0of le,' very politely. o"od *oni- tig; Saibt
ertelful liappiniess gathered in his eyes-- a Peler,'" said I. Who a-e o, -sir osk'
little stin iil the arms, captain, but very caY ed lie, Ittruin over the le:.ves of" a i.toe
here," amil hlie laid his hand on the'rough ledger. My inante is.J--,-." Very jr'od,
hirst in u lhich beat a true and a nmaulv t.r i l q'd.
litheart. Mly quain, brave Down-Easier l e i lvedow be -
Si. Louis, in the State otf' Missoiri"
He who i.-tes ite sees into fury and leis Very well, sirl and where dld vont di di.
loose ihe lenipests, will care for thee. TIne I 1 die'd.at hicago, in Illintols." "c.hicti. -
siorms may rage tiihoitt, hlit in thy bosom go 7?" said he, shakin, his hea, -i, "- ;thei' n-
peace and sunshine abide nvalwm.g ,sl ~' a'" l 1'"'"l1*?sn
peace ad sunshe abide aays such place, sir." 11 I beg your par.don, St.
[Fronm the John-Drnkey.] Peler, butr have you a nl t of the United
('COLNE>S: A TAI.E OF A H1EAD Stales here?" "Yes, sir.". AlIlo* me
Sto look at it."'' Certainly v sir."'" WithI lat.
Jdke was a little negro who belonged to he aided down a splendid alas,, nd .[,
D)r. Talialierno; and was said to have in his pointed oul Chiango on the map. 1 All
little tr-rCi'tr"ll-Thrr(-n g cn? Tl?,---irk- '"i MTTrW, -,,Jie, a.rer a tmonti,i s ipue H
-. s c i e eitr i li o % .11. oI ,_S
son's-lo say nothing of Nap. Bonapaile it's l there, sure eiouh, so wlk ii, so ; but
and Zack T.N',lur. He didn't fear etein our I'all blestl" i on atnt tle first lan Ihat
Sever came lhtre irom ithIal llacce !';
respectable fuflow-citizen, Old Nick ; -and Thus ended Mr. J---'s account of his
as for coolness-he was as cool as the i.p- transition state ; and no riture qucsitiu.ns
top of tlie North Pole. were askcd.-.S'ri.t J'tlc Tlims. r ....
J > Tli1 r. T '\. Tl I -

(omnt, d.iy, r). Tali4tferro, ti)on occasion
of ilie et 'tieincemerit of a Medicail College,
of %lhich e he eld the chair of Anatonmy,
gave a diner. Among his guests was a
well-knlown ventriloquist. Late in tlie eve-
ning, alier the bottle hid duue its work, the
conversation turned upon courage, and the
Docior boasted considerably of lie lion-
lihrai, t of his favorite man, Jake. He offered
no bet ihat nothing could scare him; and
illis bet the venitiiloquist took uip, naming
at the same imne the test he w'a-ned iunpo-
sed. J;ake ias sent for and came.
"Jake." said the Doctor, I have bet a
large sun of mnioney on your head, and you
ninus wlIn it. Do you think you can ?"
Berry bell. natnisler," replied Jake, '" jest
tell dis nmgga hat lie's to do, an' he'll do it,
SI wianrit you to go to lie dissecting-roont.
You %%ill hid ntto dead bodies there. Cut
off thei he;.d of outne t ilhi a- I.urL'O knife which
Nou itill find there, and bling it no us. You
mtIn .l notL lake a lighit, however and don't
g-il frighiesiod."
Dit's all, is il ?" inquired Jake. Oh !
benyv bell-. I'llo do i shore f.r sartin ; and
as far being frIghten, the debbil-himnself paint
a gwi nego I'riglrien tme."
J.ike acctidmgly set off, and reaching the
disset-iing-roonm, groped about till lie found
lie knile and the bodies. He had just ap-
pliedi the former to tli, neck of one of ijie
latter, tlien from the body he was about lo
1decapinate, a hollow and sepiulchral voice
L l in Itead alone I"
Yes. shi." replied Jake, "I aint 'liclar,
and i Ludder head'll do jes as well."
He accordingly put thlie knie to (li the he-iad
of llie next corpse, %%hen another voice,
equally utearilily in ils tone, shrieked out:
"" Lt my Ihead( alone '" -
Jake i%.is puzzled at first; but answered
pit semuilly--
Lotk a yah !. Master Tolliver said I
mnus bring conc ob. de heads, an' you isn't
g%%ine to fool me, no omw '!" and Jake hack-
ed away until lie separated lIe iheid fiotdi
the body. Thereupon half a dozeu voices
scre,,mited oul-
R n Biig it back! bting ilt back.!"
Jake had reached ilie door, but on hear-
ing ihns turned rotitnl, and said-
N vNow-noit, .see yah !. Jes you keep
quiet, you damn fool, an' don't wake up de
wimtn nilk. Marster's only gwine no look
at tlie bumps." -
Brig back m y head at once!'" cried the-.
Tend to you, right.away, sah.!" replied.
Jake., as he marched off wii t Ihe hlead. and
in ilie next, minuitle deposited it belbtie tllhe
Doctor. -.
S Su you've got it. Tsee," said his master"
Yes, sahi," relied thiin uniovetd Jak e,-
"lui please be duoe looking at him sono-
k,,ie'c i gfie tnpnllr m nto f, tich-hi rIa, b!'k-
I g/l ,wj."
i l 6 ".11] -"+.0




- --I~LL I

THE SPANISi_ \'IDW)'.W. PIL-.R E.SS i-F THEi (.'-'LE[.\.
There lived in lthie piovinre of (- ilicia, a The Bostotn Travellner. in u I ie article,
.lady so perfectly beautiful. tlll she ws Ih, us speaks oftie lfiprmi--liu of tIe chioler:,.
call-ed by all travellers, and inldeedl by ;ill 'Tlie distresses of En rolpe are r-.iusing.
who beheld lher, the Flower of Sia iu." s to lot et the scoutr r o:cf Asia. The 1I -
W' ith" these ex-cellenti charms, she pusssessed mine in lel intl ,iand Scir il.ud seems Io bI'
0nil ihe virtitles whiclih so rarely aite t, b at Mour eliy elbows. [f"ii, women, andi
found united to such extreme person il hIve- clihillren. spe:kinz ihe some Inriz..- illi
-+ V lines. She had, Iheefore, tut i in. m o ,nes, n irsli.. are H ;, hev II-oi.s;.inl- for Iack
... but especially a cerin.in olil kngliht uil (Cns- i ol'slire.d-i Ain'l Ihi' eidI is ntit \se \Vin h-
'" tile, as coarse- inrmind a ihe i, ltiming u'ly out tL.e merciful interposiiolti of Proiti-
-.inl persoii. Being very we;vlihy. he fully dence, hi woik ior deaih in,' an ol fr
expected this beautiful cre:iinre would gl.ut- mniinv ni, uiiihs. L[ln there Ie 'mholhrer liar-
.. hly-become his wife. he orei pariicu,. ily as vest like the lsi, nal, wh, '- ill Vlii ui- e loi
: lje jvas of poor, thouilgh well. b'.rn p.ieit- f t'relell ih-' scenes or' Io e coining 3s-ar ?
; ;.a-.'ie. But she preferred to allow her "ift-c- 'B t let s Ii trn lor I monineut Io ('.iir.,I
-ions to.rest on a youinngeinllemn.in Mu'AitsilL Asia, and uaidh the pio.ress, slow, ibut ie-
.- estate, but aniialme chiru-cler. inaJ thei'-n sismless, of tihe kinz of terrors, in aaiouher
S married tloin they ioie to lie l-urovirnev, form.n Enrlv in IS-46. it w:,s -inlinounemd tIlha
": dnd spii-t-hree years of as peerfect IrnltIness Ihe Cholern" had cormimencrti'ils rava,-es in
-- -Qis is permited I'rail mnrt.inils to rnfiny. A ilie "Khri.isan. the eastern proviine of Persia.
tend of thi-s periodpt, lie wis obligedJ t10o ; it Ahounf mnidsiiiier it rrlhed Teheran
Madrid, on ilt business of a lwsuil, aii]d where it swept off' en thutims;icld sutls in a
was unfurtunaiely mnundeed on lie wa., 1 fw aueks. -(I.nq u omg out of the een're tci in-
leaving his tnhipjiy widutw niihli one litle fliience anil pon er with a divildel force, as
-' boy, and in rather straightened circiinlstun. froin a cirnquered c:>pii;il, it lto k the '.teal
c.' es. Sliorili al'ier, lie old l(hiiht uigitn ro:,i-s. No ih. Soutllh tiol \'est. spte ,iling
>'" p'rqfifreml lais h-it, wlvhiclh The telre',.ils re- ilte-l tlint ai n to al4ng its course. S-oon
,. "" rejected ; lie ieihlier res|pe ed thlie sic-redt ii ,si l hi.-iian iirler contitAililion- P>it rlaI
"' nesn s of her griel ti lr her turlo- rn sitle, bul is c,-,mi|l ltlh l to vieldl up seven thousand or
lmdlitesteil her o cntnnimnlly. iilt leiiters In.l I is ih lmlitilmiis. ;iin! in thi' m !iible paihalie
lIresent-s. that, hint ti her (;,rhie less chill, Iliinrv thlim i-,itd 1Ill before their itlr.fntiless
she wi ilu li. u ,, hiet-n ,ccr,nicnii lo tie. At Coe. T ilireez ma., .li.ireid till the Ilth of
: ;-lengih shi- decr i'u ilnm IO vilih tl'.iw ti sittlt, t-', i.. hil Ihpen u pal deailv Ibr its iepiieve.
.remtt e villa-gr. io i', e ih -mteit fl i'i tld'i., qll t.)ry ,I ivsul I '.ir'v FIen ti hi i-.lli 1 ,-iu ls
oilious lm-isecili"on. A leo duijv, IJi b-ri' Il e O eie hitir le t no ime 1ru.e. Tliiee- wee-ks
S limle sie Inli iixce onn tl o renin.'l,' it, ier Idier. Oni,.,miali wt' msniten h. it ulli' bn ,l i.I
-o:otuilry lolg.g ng he se rv nt, i i .l ie rIs.,nie fell tl l r-,itiver, antI tioo tiitmllolii ,
ulened to open the dInior of a closetpi in liei petiuns hoirilv became tihe irolhi-s of its
-, 'tintresi's bed rhodom. when ont e-bl WlIe ide.ai, po\in.-
-!body of a man u; :nd thIe police beini utim.- Hiure tie di-.'.i; us ,si sed I iniis trst-
--.. .rnimoned by 'her shrieks. thley s o-' rre,,,tnisrdl waul liroa t'-s4, h. IIe n uiilni in, nl" K i r.
4 6i'ro he. ih:it of tlie old knuiliu of C-O stile. di.un : lmni, u h imlle i.- iiv skIll of an able
Sthontihnli his countenance w.as so II lukeneI pn"-rail. (li.,r.,:id i1s Ine of m ,ich, and ino-
or tmd distorted, as in tappeir starn ily hunmin. c.7-lhid SWIuNh iie,-rin2 its ,leaullv arroms
; -.'It was evident thi.l lie hail perilhiht1 by I'.]- on 7'e-'v Wide, ainld ihle;iienini vim'y soon to
sson; and as thIe unihaippy l.idy citlu g.ive 'firli a ,r.nr-ic-il to-s o A.si' Minor n- d Fi i-
- no account of ilhe mnaler. in sptie ol hier Ilipe. Indleed., rtialttur:- ile.ilv,,tce ou thiis
h lltierno f.ir'annd unblen mislel repiltation, i'ol inilihble enemy iv. me lbtve been co, strunIll.v
'- she was lirown it Io I i ii-ison is hin minr'leress. re, iiiuJeil nf the i.i. lis of anr. 11 i-. cilre-
-: 7h The persecultnn shIe h:il sutft'rfd fio'm llie I'fil lo sez-,' bile roails flr its liuis nf 'comiiiti-
-.. "-I dece.y sed hiright w- tin ert-lly I tI)| ii. l bit tiu'auitn. It ntoiim;s f'...it lJ lii suleimin
-y was now atlribueid to a dsi',iitrlumIe e'.iui, amn inpaisurredl irimnpi-uits iil ii mi hliste, anid
- ;and the muer oder r liiill ner tm ntr hiv- veti sure iof 5lecess. It aut iLcS tie great
S 4ng been cleared up. she wa:si consilere J by -entreis iI" buisines. n.1.; blInIg, ihe sironoer
many pers6ns a21 guily of ho'lh Ciiins, md; punims. l hicIh are in no erse? lelt uitiS<:ilp-d.
:- 'lhe whole province tas sliclued tI)t so \\lien it eni rs ilie w -i, of a ptlliil.us
.. -" 'eautiful a creature sliou.ld Ilus hlate coilv, i nmtes aln,,g fut i on t to Smr'el,
irptight disgrace upon her s,. ind uponui anIl mi.I to wnrrid, uas ilt' ire'adul nupon lihe
:5- 'minlan nature. At Ier Ilual. ihe coun il ws iei nfrl'a slmilv IereWilin2 I'oe. In nbuit 4fi
crowded to excess. Inul a.s tlie I 1-i1 Im.1l nio- lis its w is ,l-tne, niind il einer.e-. oni e
'.thing to offer but assertion ol'iiinuenceir. lhe more into the openi couti tl. ;i,.l Iludrsumes
-' servant. Mutri i, having soldenlo y disillie-nri,l uis ointimd .i, tiiinsv.
: Ihe public advocate lproceeile]d to pass sinn- AntI wliiihit r i it leniliti ? Vill it
.; lence.of de.ilh. It w.ais c llomn i'v iU iln i e linile upon iihe suliv I,1ns iml Mof -iIl .
days, for a woman who lhd comminenild r- \'Will it smop its cair., r of conipirsis imdlel
j er, tn lie first st-rnonglId antil hien burni in ihe w lls of ohil Bvziniiili .! Or nill it
'Q .: the market plni'c, bill before ihis semlenlet so epip oter Eilropee, 'iil filtislh thle sadl wouk
-. '-'could lie pronounicedl, a winhnpss w-is moved which I'iminie hias begn.ir Aid.! tir us Itheme
< 'by rin'lorse Io conl& foivward in lier behalf. is auin'er question mi-ie iifti'resling still !
Tliw ma's tie seiv.ml, Maria, whoin had hull- Will tlie bn-uid Ail:ini- .arrest ilie iinhili nl
eno b.ee n dlisguki.ed in the body sl' n f. I Ou. illie dre-nlet I'W In 1\532 il prnovel io be
..".- .Shti stoodil on one'of thie hlenches, -ind ear- no b irrier. \Will it av.il us now ? Thise
nestjy enlreapted to he. heart. She ihen tqiir s are notl iprtontt led iu ili the tieni
S confessed that shl- had been prevailed ont bs of exeiirg prenitrire aind Cr-,tultlen.s fne-,
ithe bribes ,ind prnonises of tIie old "[,iizh't but rather ie :il mu e ninn l ihln; tihe ilain ea in
tof Casuile, who declared he intended to its I.-ie. isreei:lin its ulumuie and iF\t-iu, anii
marry her aimisire's, to secrete liim in the ido it hterei irne wisd:litm unil\ erjliti.'
closet in Iher hidy's clhiamber, but solemnly
declared she knew no other cause of his SPRING SUCCErrIoNC \airT-FR.-\\'lin
dealh. excel, ihat' on one of thlle _shellve- werbIc-e.-h.-4+.-e --el-u-ll ett rt--hnu .-..r
9 i- piadce-r -Fi- m sweet cikes nimi'ed is inlier robes for a ,nianle of the liv,'lisl
with arsenic .to poison ithe nits, and thati Ihle? reen. ihe lowers spiniLini up in flesh lux.
knight, bYeing rather ltittorous, Iaight hWve dri.,,,,e ni our feet, ttI.l ,,.rv' shrulu ;,nIl
Seaten oftrienin in the dark. and so diepd. At tatiee'lirttun Iortii its I-th, -lulh are so01n
-this probable exstlanaaiun, ihe Court nas in- t, b-htnitel'untpllv | ext.ilrd m nltI blos,,t.ts .amind
.srantly moved to dec irm ihin I ilJy's inno- lentu ir libst feelin.. r- those of wonil-i
ceuice with one voice. She retvied a litlle tl ,i d-l;ght at the noitel,-,ui clh3 .in,- pl,.
at Ihe noise, and being l of tl llif provi. tJit ed in [the g,-tuerti l-ji' ,i ft na,,, c ; ;ti,l
dlential discoveryv, only chlspel her Ihanils, wP then natu;Ially ,-i-.l to cnnImrlnir e ilie-
a. nd then in a few worJs, commending her ctusts of such ui iirmr-sahlniiansutmn. Py
g son Io the gunardianshlipl of goodn men, 10x- what agency. ae ask. .-ies tIme vtepeabl'e
c. claimed, I can never survive the shaneic of warI s-uilenly starl from appuinert ten .-aih
r fhis unworlhy reptonch." and, with n deep ino i ll the benv auntI eaber:nmee of ann.
Ssjgln, expired.--De Balzac. thersln-inimg 1 11t' h i'm s, initer thlle il.ec-

VXNTILATION.-The French chamber of
Peers is so arranged as to admii twelve ru-
bic feet per minute, or about 700 cubic feel
ain hour for each individual. '" By experi-
ritents made in the English House of Com-
mtons, every day ofihe session for two years,
it was found thrit the air was keterioraiedl
whenVthe supply was less than ten cnibie
fOel lier mininte for each person, and in sIl-
try weather from twenty to sixiy cubic feet
were required to sustain a refreshing and
agreeable atmosphere, and for three succes-
sive weeks each memtiber was supplied
with sixty cubic feet per miinute."
Dr. Griscom, in his report on ihe venlila-
.,ltion dofihe New York public school-houses,
gives ten cubic feet per minute as neces-
sary for each pupil to preserve a wholesome
state; and it is allediged by Dr. ReidJ. of
Edinburgh, in his v,inable work on Vendi-
lalion, that ordinarily ten eubic feet of fresh
air per minute arc required by each inilivi.
dual. For example in a church 80 feel
long.,50 feet w-idle, hond 40 feet high. conmtain-
ing, therefore 1"60,000 cubic Reel, there may
be 1.000 person's ; for their ,supply there
would hlie required a change every sixteen
-minutes. If the services be two lIoumrs long.
a tot,oalcliangeshould take place aihout-eiglt
times, 'That is there'should be a constant
-cre,.'of.th. vitiated air, arid nn ingressnf
10.000-ojibic feet of fresh air per mninite,
t9 have it pure at every respiration. Let
us blear to tiiind what has already been sia-
ted, that-the lungs, at each expiration, are
expelling a fluid', .a large per ceni-uni of
which is a deadly poison; that this same
poison is -6ontinually exhaling from the
Whole surface of the body, and th;it these
orgaes, too, are throwing off twenty grains
per minute of aqueous vapor, and increasing
with Ahe'temperature." Let us renimenibpr
also that a single person makes about twen-
ty .respirattons per minnute, and consequent-
ly a thousand persons, during a service of
two hours, woutd make 2.400,00Q. respira-
tioos. Now, i'r-we duly consider the great
amount 't impurity which is here evolved
by'these thousatid humiipn laboratories, it
Swill iaiqlire no great stretcli orthe imagina-
tion to"d6nceive the necessity or devising
some mode'fr its rentoval, and that a large
volume of fresh air is constantly needed to
meet all the want;pf the system. But what
onust be the eondJiiW 'of the air in many of
oul overheated ehurch'es, where little or no
ebange has taken place'duorine the two or
three services i and in snmoe churches it will
be found that the air is not' entirely chang-
ed front one Sabbath to anoiher during the.
winner months,

lion onl'ihe GrPat Ruleri of the \ear, iurks
ilie niatignili .ent efti-e'i ?
Thle nein; by wlinlch this snililePi hurst
of 'veeraiinn is produced. are, likno, Irot of
lie oilither greai a 2encies if riantire, exrt'emne-
ly simple. It is iner'ly the increased tern.
perrniiire of the earth and atiniusphere, as-
siiiinI2 the natural tendlencvy of th-e plants to
awake Irom the leihlir,',ic stlile iii0 which
tilhey aie ihruwn durini "incei. The pro.
2ress of the earth in iis orbit towards ils
aphelion, or greatest dvisance from I he sun,
capises ihit luiuiiiInry to ascendJ higher in
ilie ieavcn.R and to be longer above ilie
horizon, anId thu prndJuces lioneer anlu inr-
mier d.vs. It i a wvel I known phliysic-.l l 1'.t c,
formei'vh noticed, ilnt ilie more perpendi-
cularlvy tihe suin's iay, f'.ill on the suilace olf
the ealih. lie creiier is i lie Iheit they excite.
Hence, ;ts lie stiin. in hiis rnoriliward pro-
gies iin the eclipiic, ,Imly ascends hlgher
Sbove ilie liirizon, ainid consqilenily' dairs
Ils rays upon our liemispherie in if more
perpendiriular idireetioni, thie leiniperaiure oT
lie earih nnid air gradually increases, and
milder anrjd mnre genial weailier ensues.--
Thei efl;.it tipon theecononiy of vegetabl'-s
is more or less rapid, according to their diil-
ferent sirnicitres: butI li no lotun periodil ie
increiascd'l iani' inciteasiin, hoar produces d
universal tlvelopmeri offolia,,e andN flowers.
--The eartlI opens, is ih were, linr bohsont to
the sun; all her veins feel lie geniilI inflia-
ence' and na viral energy moves and wirks
in ill her blossoinms, buds, nndI leaves. What
w;is l:tely hIritneness becomr-s feriliy ; froin
desolatiun iianid dr.ih start up life an'l varied
be:-auty. as ilf henr-..h thle revivin I'footstips
of a piesent Deny. Hence re-sult all the I
niniiZtIl_ anid bea.lil'ul phenomena of spring.
[Satcred. Philosophy of the Seasons.
not to unceranii iliclies, but prepare your-
sellf for every emergency in life. Learn to
work. and not to be dependent upon ser- I
vants to make yourbread; sweep your floors
and ddrn your own stockings. Above aill a
things do not esteem tuo lightly those hono- h
rable young men who sustain themselves f
and their aged parents by the work oftheir /
hands, while yob care for and receive into /
your company those lazy, idle popinjays. 0
.who never lilt a finger o'.help thein<-lvesas i
lon.g as they can k-pep IhoTy and soul Io- i
gether, and get sufficient to live in f.ishion.
Ifyot iare wise you will look nat the subject t
as we do ; and when you arc old e6iough to t
become wives, you will prefer the lihonesti
mechanic, withI not a cent to commence life,
to the fashionable loafer, with a capital of o
ten thousand dollars. Wherever we hear d

I reiaitkel, e, Su-t hic I i;iting lady hmis inai ied
ii Iurltine," e iil.v:c I .t irI-n111h)e Ilor lier I i.iui e
prospemiiy. Ri'lit-s Irl't to ciili.lt-n Iy wea:il-
mi.h paienis l I ol tien l in a .ui tt e ili-eteilI rdl'a
blessing. oulng t', iini ,n. i '.retiir-uiiber tius;
and Inlsio d ot" s,,iiii.li ihe I ,i.?iiu scs ol V.lii
o t etIs. iiir ] exii m III ll ioe t Ils i I Ih Ir-nr
C,.ats, lhok itil'i lli"-ir i hhis aultnd hei it h ,l i lt,.
1 ml ik il ihi(-v iJle au0hl (..-i depend d UipuII
lieiuisr-ltv-s; siee-' il tl 'v hali e miinnls liih-l
t ill hIad ilieni 1) look abuie a bciullN:bi es-
ritence. T'.1lk nil of lle? hc-.iuli'LI v. hite
-ki.ii. .ntd line soilt, helicale h'intii-tie tbpliin-.
did I' ,ii n ani the tilite alIl nai irt'e ol ilie
\o i,,t geuthle[ien. L-t iiil t ic,u'? l'- oliot i
c(uoisid.euiatious dcngci.,s yVout iIoImI-biis;.
[ CGIt ulnir.
EMIGR\TIOtN or EN NL i-( tP i. a V-rIa.! ,s..--
Thle En-h1ihi p.t's isti-citt I-ille (.'ii-
bri.i, iidi'uoini u is tl i teixlit ie liri p.1it iiiitri
;ire Ut-it-' in:lde by Itlie cpeait ll it h l tilet
t(. lloI iir.tle in eiuui.ii- t:.ie i,' tlite LiT4iiIl
Siaifs in l'arLe ntimln:lis. Tbhi LoiinIht
Shipi)ping; aIt.Il [Id .re n-, ile ii i tI'.ie I ,-I f ,f i te il
Ft-l.,rIt Ia V, s \_v s limi- Iii'uib ,rl s ol ni-iu ,t e.le
illi c-%ery tLri'iJl ul" it i:i-in il t ltli'i i i re eitui -
1i'r;iiliL lIo li '11 tii-outil Iies, piltit iilitul Iv 1u
tile Lu iT eil S itut-- ticl it .itth .'uut-.li \it-ti_
pielln i i,', iilte-r s[aie il i u.tiu,'., i tn. tj
fiuili-m their esxar-iii ,l?. 'Fl- hiini.' i ipber oit
tihl F eLir';,a r s \. [hl it his i ,1 i ii' iih
has uilir.its' Cu-limr lii' ,J in LLni' -",il- e, naip.i
oIn P i it inl i i c ii I- im)e :.;l I l I, lti ,.i i
mneelulug i-f i.bnlb-2ai,, itll o-tji '.i tlc- tr iluri
ShI jii-I I'l oli -i :ill Iiue mit:,u s tn qi s '-ll in u I..I-B
lun. wl ti tn i .iS rt':>oheil in t i.mi-'ite tile
ouijei- bhis- e li t e-t I Sh Siilscaii|' us utlitilu time
oa ctri;n' .; s.
T lie c.o- iiu iutllt. e althui)ite,. tt-p,,rttI, it
thi uiimeetutug, ia l 4,tlii.l0.1 mIe. rl,-i-. l i iit
IIJg i%. o I'et e s et l ii ,- t ct ,- li ill illt hIll
-els tunable ilie A--u 'i.iiiiin i t tii.i i,:-
2-t ;h :X 5 e hli. :,I ;i 3 i lit-i- aire ,..i)t ) iii
tlie ndisi tii I tle oiin iiiliu : i e.- 'i a--.in eI l
i1,.it lthis sim pt le Slitieunit-i ( i t f- Il riil lb U,:- jil
Ieleuie tine i t % ikei- I iIn I ti h liiiht I, Ii lcti, -
tll,'e thi 0in ol its utlil v h in1 lii'irtic-t. inl in-
iltienic ut poie t ile ii:.de. I J ie i- l..IItl I liltt nt i
InuIiied alelY I0 shbili nilie, ond c.im N\ il li.ll.
mirt11 iit-cliVy Itlot eli'.- t.
The atwhliesier E\aniiner ir,-rus Ih,lit
I'tliii lit 1s i it.tlln ii t i -S anIm Il't uh. le t i.ni'e-
i tti'es. it ho hi it>- uheiller satedt i hlile inciij,-v
hlien tile siun'shone. uo l% i hli i beeni "A.-
Sisled by llt-i ir rel.,iii es iii In'ieniil, iile ttuii-
2'1tiiti tint Il m it l iI SliateS.'"
'l'iti lw ts eUinuiumi i-I tl e tI-n tilts.
T- 1 fl l.; I] 11 1 elh ,21,1i~ll O'm of ie uo],Y-.r ,i ts,'
c-.. itchl on, .ts it ill b e. \ pi N .l e a'.,I It .
lii' sulib i ripihi ij, iiIll l \it-i t\t. -iiSti-,, ilhi
L oiil n t-nin l -itor Irrl't-iiti. It n (-i irilt.i S ItO
oii, ltb a;nil lie c',ir.-mia ul.iles tilhe i,:nlot i ol
L :i-u'iicah re i |i( U imu li ,1 dliil.iv uI .I: tir il t-
itt coorul ensen as thi-v ai c\liUIIillti_.-
,L.-u cu l,.tl i, m C, i : C'/ : ,',. :.

Tutn.PeI.Nm TL E.--'Fhie consumpiiitn of illiil
atticle is niin'i'eiiigL \.itll\- miin hli -,'i.,l
hle genlt iil ctilI' l.iii uh amJl b,'li'.. (.iitp
[riimic |iltI soi rtt ne b i hit n''ilelue i s it i ll.-
use of ihe di-liilledl slii is tlIM u]itIliie,
kiio n i tuinler ll,' n imille ol C ',ilI'liiJ., inll. i-
mi l o i i p in i ce tub" ril l iu i ii.t -; lt
flunnily. C.mii)il|hrne is altl e\l]>lnttep. ilimliu'
iit- rtiltuln i li ,, t; \ i l ali.,hmi i-i. :i i ilt i
lther'-t or' -e s t Ii lu n ti -. e\ts e l \ I %% i li, r i'r-
ili.\ li,, a n l iliei of <'hl ilr. ri inll ;i l:i fjli\
mutu bit umOtmnmhi i cmi -I nuIt-niS itileI Itlumti11
It i l ttiin I nli] telitne. a uii-tlid iiu .,1 J U .,
i ,e, t iili ith i b ? I p in iriin.i s i ime h rl,- it-
timin lIt_' i Iii N ,1,u itll (' i,',liin'. hiu t. '
liees l onil1 eighlil or iii'n iclr,- im l.i bt i iei
-an-t-c--4'i- n _4- t-f_ fI- 11 mu< t i-- rtI r-rj- r-
ilts Sil lii tie t lie m nilis of D, 'i i huIt 1, .i. ni.,i
.ttI F elt-ri r i v. T-i'he i-i't tnili'.- :iit,.0. i li, i
r],o" s i_, u~i d 1'1111., )(li pfrii1I]P, ;lW ,.. C" i,'r IP
I -ken to pil I % r t ie purir'_ % liiie i ":I'.,'
%% lilCi' is i, Ill d 11) o ii-ti ,.sn i- i]l e I'illi iIl,
I :-i tl n ii 'llen iete is li ii ,|', ieh T l e _i-
Is di imlle'i l i. e ir ill and il.- ir,' i lt i< t l .
I ei' l i rp I i I t.1 11 .tht I I 'i [ i. ri r l i et'
It iiot tino le it N ihiji (_',I t, ,litad .iiI .fi d i 13
lliaiii in l l i e len I rl ile o I ic % ,tIi l.1 i 1 .I ,
tiler. ;tii l lie d .siiilh:llin ii coi u. iu-i 'i i Ili r
Ifor-esi, sii ttig ill tunniteces-.i-r i an 1]ltti itiii'
of relise llt:iVl i:il. T wei.'l;,i "Y e.il ,i; o, m rre
S|)iiims Cl tlti'i'hi llimi? w.is dil ctli'lld in Etniuln ,-
than in ilt e liiedi Si b'1 -. i il ie- io.l- Is-
now' iini e pil in E ii u )l I i-r| iit e iIi1t 'i f r.l
A ne ica -Sci-i;I-c t-A, un ,.
TlIe late Kingi of the Fin,,ili r-ct Pi-s
very litle s1mpnil)h ll IllIm e |i,:-;.olt ol Enu-
b-ird even. TIne f'olht'i lug iXti..cts itllert
the It tie juildgmielu cI the pri.,il ,f liz i-d n liulons l- tIe utilter i-Ii.-ltI ,,,.l -, i.f h] -.
policy. The Liverponl C(iio'itlic!e s.,"s:
The whole u-an-ear- tlu Lnki ijiPilll-I.[.i
since hue as r nisetl iIJ the Ilb',t-ie, c,,t It-,
otul laitlihfu lly il'he COiteiti lu liOi.iu (.\|' i,,n
ol" Naa)oleoin, n-esp '-iin7 ihe LI.,iit lutui-, Ihu it
't hey have I,-.c i l- d rn ,lliiii,;. :it i p \ l ,,-.s
fl'iri'lieen 11u limit;." Nt'i em itlI int ,i i'u i Ii
c ionm in elce a if-i't nii 10ile tiai'li i,ittv, ;iilJ
nevei lihus ;i ruler tlone (i.. |'lIt it:1\ I'| ,t i .-o -i
ihe counfirlmlii hiopes cit hlis cumuilii 5Vlieh. Ir
his tbiv ol' I,'ibul:titiin lucire is uij, one it
s lip ,tlh se a iili ltiun irn It-,nlge It -\|. I ,lli1
'God'bless hiuii .I' .To curo iiil biui!.b libleli\
-tio gig the pme-.e--to sl.utitminl ill-' r ,i,i]
wtlli Ionls--to allachi time tummnv io I t-m l-i-
tm11,-tIo rr-lV I'nr inolecliuni on t tile ulmce-
ht) flaIb suibsertieni uianusleis ant I0 ni-,mutuiutie
lec-ents cif ftnnily ag.:l ,ttlisetmenl-l-iive
ren e ime priniaiy prin-tipls Ltv Itliilthi iis
wliule buliti' Fins [m bei-n i n iui-] ritt Ail ii .

i-iS aIruiu-l1-t- itl h(if pumie'v-nililui 1he 1 i1E, | i-
silioi deplilles Iruni n melting, eii :, nu .
talking together about tihe tlrlecs if 1. hS-ir
e-l-cioil1l s\sileli-- is 'o Ullerlv stilie,', ivu
of tllhe iniej i lenience ol'af ee a ieo]ll,, itu .uI -m
choltr 'it iaris ic a1" a stovei eign Iio ite-ti i' ,-- lo
ptil down all uictsstion a d, a th lo .iablailish da
riillail Vy diespulisiain), hl l it es fl tin -i ite
surpiise ithai a sptiri ued pmul'|,- Ilke IIhe
Fiench 'should recoil it tlhis,'usi lIot tlIt-
yranny of a selhishi man \l) I.iitiumanes in
heir persons tIhe rights aniid clignitv olchi-
Tlue London Tiies Ithus biienly iharc-
terizes his reig.n.
He has contracted Ithe coni-itit-nie'v In a
mere fraction of llte people. T'at;.?rii rm,i'
iodq /Ic has corru/ut-d.i,i M the enrl,.ss r.(-,i-
icaltions of' lutionage. till there ,m'.,, l,.hi/nsng
eft thait .was really ree" He ,i ,. / i ,ui ', rVA
hejfub,'ic ,f 'a /1opultmr u',.tlt', a
i ga' ntt irnpsurf, o.f .1ititenrhzal oruri itt.tin.
Louis Phil.hippe ihas raised all enornmois
irin : hbe has siirnounded Parilenaiih fini-l
and raminpairs, and filleul it iih imilHary Sla.-
ions I lie ihas ttirned a mold chance oin new-
iorn liberty and he lias coutitell dtesi.-oini ;"
he his conq iered Algeria, anl broIll2hi inio
i'rance a noble captive, t lose f.ill &ais
)mniinous of his own ; he has doubled tine
debt and expenditure of bis country.

~_~_~~~_~__ ~_~_~~__~ ~~ ~_ ~ ~_~__ ~__ ___~ __~~_~~~ ____~_~~_~__ ~ ~

;iAll.. ilit :,I.l.rehension natuilally engendered Thie dflg presented to ile republic nof
Iv tlie tiItticuihy of negotiating Bills oin Fraince, it appears, vwae embroideied by a a
]l'-i ne. h-n some cases, we hear il stated, tair dautihter of Anenica, as tlie auun.exed
ti-litis. on London live been opened to0 firiom Giliinii's 'Messenuger will show :
.nie if ",,tir Frenclh lihouses. in anticipation The elegant and.iasiel'ul staff oin whi-li
of lhi- -litflcuhty of negotiating upon France, the FrentclIt and Americun flaus were initied, l.
inlJ tli :i.i-ices to this effect aere received which wai s -peseited on Monday to thie
y t le ( i. piovii-.ionial goierpmenm. by the citizens of I
v Is (t.,ledoile TUnited States, and. wtlch M. Arago
(C Thlie President has sent in a message received iin sltch a lnlmeringa mrnaner; twas
h t ihe offering of Mrs. Wickhiffe,u the lady of
to Coutiess, approving of the course of the AmeriLa Minister at Tuin. Tle Ex-
Mr. I'iiuh, our YILtnister at the Court.of ecutie caminmmiee ofl'.he Anterica.n citizens '
Fiance, in promlpily recognising, in his offi- acknowledged the present in a suitable let- c
ci-ll n h- raeler, the Provincial Government terol tlianks. 7 -
of tI.ni country. D:ATH or JOHN JACOB ASTOR, THE

REPUBLic-.-Jiusiice Drinker. of New York, Jacob Aslor, erntnenti fir the accumulationn i
iln W'-dnesdlayv. received from thni Fiench of ar immense property, expi ed at 9 ,t'clock 1h
'Vi.-e Co( sinl olf Ilhat city, a requisition Ifor oo Ihe miin-nin-u oft the 19ih iir. at liii iesi- W
ilie arrest of several French sailors, deserted dence in New York, in the 35th year of his
fiom ihe French barque Aigle, on whiich age. The HeranlJ sayss" s
wa;s a slanmped seal-- Republique Fran- '" Sympnllorns of ctumlin .dissoltilion muide v
rI's.e. This we believe, is le first requi- their -appe:irance I.,lS .Sit nav ; ye these /
r ,e were oulwardtV- so flint ,s to encourae the f
stion under the new republic in this coun- opinion of a more prot acted issue. Even
try. at eight o'clock this morning; an hourpre- h

I a -

TW IE1111H [ i E -iiI' Ell Dr. Coolidge, who has just been conyic-
e -- -of tnur-er iu Maine, "as the partictlar
.P.1LiACH1C,-LA. TIIUSDAY. APRIL 13. 1648. 0 m d il Mai l l
AP~._.'. _~f _FC. T_ D, -~\'avorite of all the ladies in that region.
i- Th f,.- ',l,| ,,_ ,1-_ ltit i,:- .1r ath-,uzel They tnot only sent him bouquets it hil iiw,
t.-.',i ,., th._' .-,:> iri:L i.uI .\,i' i l- ..: ,,,i ..il prison, but attended his Itrial in crowds, and
rit'-L i\- t i .. t-,:.]'- -I I,..r ,.l:,-.. ,i..:, a.-, .. i a..J t-,a-'- rtem ained in the court house for twelve
u-,., hours eath day, and one of them even at-
..,i '- iI..,u ,Fr.. L I. il o i. ll.* l.em pled to lamper wilh Ihe jury, to ahich..
.1. J- i t, i.ir. li,-.... I- -shei sent privately a sealed ietler. The
S.--- ----- ,.poriespodeiiit ol the Boston Mail, writinig
UOH PUE D T, rin he day oflthe conviction, says:
ZACH ARY TAY\ 1 LOlR.. Some occurrences took place yesterday,
--- ... ... ..---...- ----- ....... ..-- hi-ch are really wollhn ii f record, showing
.l i.i_,.. i- ,.'f; ._ .'. how strangely some women's heartIs nmay be
Thle tiii u,-i'u lri'tiri s nu tihis *,:>:iil'l'tiin operiled upon. The prisoner dinu ing lhe
nill be mni i t' s.i.u 'iuii ,eil It 1I,.,rn Ini t lie trial w v futirnished aith lien. ink andi paper.
l u i tt hu1 c k it ,li i it I i ( ; l i-C < iO n e or f t h e l a d i e s i n t hI e g a ll e r a s ti io n g
,!, L'lilie. iii h e :lhc i i- .1 "l.]- I .1 1. '1 "OIir lu (d ,i\ e_-nl' i,,'i. ,
amid aideil t t friend of lie fi'-soiler, c.-ia l her
\\illi CuiI.t.e t rii:t .,s a ili,.l',tIi. 1 I lt e loai in e.es tipon lime pen ihe prisoner li.id
\V-li I- I I, Iie' W stI-l I',:uI t 0-_ t t- i ul,, i ,-]'. le>'u:i-- il ii lIt ,- _' \telU rficer, to acc-ommoldale the iair c-reaium e.
lu ii, iil ~ lii. v e ie ut,.. d i hte t ao- oenet-dl the pemn ulI the end, of his official
i t,.- ,v- ie d i pIh rod and passed il ip to thle aildv. She re-
lI.e l l lh p,,lti"',l 1. ii -, tl.at it u ,ilt I be ceiedi It v ,it a trembli g hand and ibriu isl
iI.M'-,Iil.' e I ir ,i i lI t it to Il 11 ilteir ii nio lier bosonm. s:,ving,- I'll keep ibis
ti.tiil i,_te. liil-t (-.u'-\ \\'!i' in llie \\'esi pen, whliich lie dailii muian lias held be-
% ,tiu ,l Ifel iili, I ,- I. h flie m ostt :ilu.u..is ef- t'een hI l lin i hum bland tiner." I ntmusl have
soumeilthimi lie dear Docior lits' handledd'
it-Is In ,le i It nfiit,:.- i tu an il,' ,il, te And she I-ept it as a i precious relic inear.hfier
muli,,I to hul,,- beirtirni, throbbing heart. Well liis Byron
I I ilie t eit?- l hru lii .1 -.l C iin l, ie- said thllial ti h is si langc-r thian fic.lioun.'"
ints f-; -ii, t lilt fi .II. s u-.,i s l,, u l. t _i- l.luw- WV hat sickeiaing seisiliillvy ihis Ilily m ani i-
i t-it li, o i~ 1.t'ested Another insiantce Iull as sitkening
It-u'- litmii, f, ,lu-ie of te \Vi.s ol I will miention. A ldlv seated herself in
IlI,- \Vei, (-mn. Tlhirn.is But.ti. is -;veiy Dr. Coolidge's sleigh'anil goti tio bhos to
\u:,\ \ %.iuh ,-iii tpil the i tit ci rated- hiatLil her along. The hoys did pull away
-. : i \ il l ,. t-i, m i ,, .,itl ,.f 1 e- iiu-,t sfier- n;" 1 hIIauled her spine distance. All u- lIat
S'no thliuns must !have pressed ilis sentiiimenial
lir, ; r l ~iiii. n'l -- -riie el1 a,;qii ,ii >.,]n \.-j lilth ,, ~
1 tlady at lhat moment She sal uipoin tIe
FI..I I i.l ah il,.-u ,,t1- ,, i, r 1', -r;,l-r-a man si,-ne seal ihich' hid been %alim ed. n1ilIny
Sbliu.ue l'e- lt ::is li.t? i ,,-t s -ii -i i iill Iheir limes and oll, hv tIhe hetil i-siinn (tr l ix1".
t ivt,' ._ it t. u it., t n.'i tis h,..rl t. nd noo- body of lihe yo'ini- g l ii sician! W hliat ill
1.v l I 11i1i i i t n1omnan not do for love and svymmpalivl! The
I,Ie. d,1,-,-i.101, Ig'. : ', l ,d lil J.Ifl hi 1 ount as ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
above a-re nit fictioriS. bnl I'acts, strange as
hi-u lit iuls ( m-s\F nle VIll; l t t .1iu 1 ii i? wilhin it rtay appear ino Il'? leader.
r,: h li- o l l,: ii ,re ee rdl li' ;'l nlr,-I ve qttal-
iii F.s. F ( '" tl" iliz< l, rl Ftlititla hIo AsToNIlSHito.-Tlie Delroit Daily Ad-
I.b-,,I- Oiu I tl,. Cui'i ,i, luit have re- vetiliser says : "A remarkable incident oc-
(.i( ,,l ni.ulmis iu Ils i, iliil\ t>l. ,t :-.iiton. curred a few days since to a ortlliy citizen
A-- N ,,I-lilitLi.i,. (;,:1- BrO"n i knoown by of Delroit, Mr. Roger Fitzpalrick, breiter.
Is ;I,:is is :, I. _7i-i.1oi, He hI -; liid thle Mr. F. hadt heeni across the rivet, and ou
Ii1I: t-c, i i t1 ItiO Le.i_ tul.lre at vari- reiinrninig in a canoe, with two tithers. the
t.; -hli of bli!)e ,-\i-ci ., of tlie Teiiaory frail bark was cal)sized iu ihe middlle of the
.-idJ Si'le G,, nuii' h nul wis alwavy-s slreaim. The iteather was extreanely rld,
lu.r.I. l i ,1 II- Inbl d ti. it-u iim, inier. W i1th and thle river t;as filled t ithi masses of float-
silt.h -t .111 l.r otin c,,,,il ite. usued a is iag ice. [Mr. F., unable to swim, rhiew
ue :lipe'1_4.l fl th \x iei (fe ol' :i \\'li- tajorir liimself upon Iis back, I'fold -d lis ;iruns
iu %,ir,,.ri. te I t ot, ili lile ;ilppreliension acio-? hisbreasi, andi calmly sibtinitted liim-
it' llie it.It olf he ct'oiii-' e!cielioa, sell'to tile action ol'f the ind andJ the waves.
t -- tlBeinUg a corpulent alifn, and ni:ipped iii a
u 't ii (,' '-iT ',- tI-l large overcual, lie kept oil ilie suilace o l'ithe
ile C iC iil (C 1111 C '-iUI c ,-ni i i,.ii-ed iis session 1 *
waler, butl min a few vmuoiens became in-
r ,I tM I ,,J IV l I t. I ll ,+ H ,-, ,. (. i o l e S IlM w m1
uunscioins. The viuind inas )blowiig fiercely ,
U114 f'~l~^ T lhe 01'i'iii o b siniess I b 1 M '
ii i- l-iii,-. ;Fle ,luihi of btsiiess and Mr. F. troaled roiwaid Her Majestyv's
tr-l'-ite the f i ',ie i l I-t ,ir iii:..'lv sis iall, hlien S r i
dominions. Siome iiersons Iliren i s lo
i- rri- S,i-ili:i i!)r; ititmn i,. r ol" ihlose \\ lto are to i i i i j *i i i
io are to see the holy. dragged it upon the beich,
tie ci' and sent for one of ithe Quiieen's (Corl-onn-s.
I"^iu ri-tA T-F..lt The usual melhliods of restotiir i dituti ned
\VW, ha'.'- hi !,l Iv-, m:6i, it Ihis region for persons teie resoited no--thlie j is pri-ed
llh 1- .'1t -i iitli I .lh t I;r an'y sim ilai open and branNv piui-ed domtin ilte iliro3a ;
I'"7.. I t.. ifl ii- Ii- I.-u ii ht seais of our and [Mr. Filzp:tiit k opened his eves'anti
--rr!T !rn> '.i i li- iTll 'Il lie dlotilhi 'or tile v'eryv coolly inquiredl whliat llhey wiiulled to
, i ti I i -ihis ii- 1,.- f,,, n. i excessive. \ V'e do Iitlh him."
I I 0,- t I h'i, I liit ,i i I ltit iti region hlias
f ...ui: h i1, i,... -,tl ,,h. THE IE',uNAPA. TE FAMILY.
Tie inifn hbers itu tlie Brniap-itte Itntilvs it
-." \'. k-. l "-. _. i tN RUi1GE. Paris have adlieu.sed ihe Fuolhjlowii.i continiu-
I 1. in.,. u ,it-- l iln itiguaished Et ii- nici iiuts lo ihe Piovisional (iov uinmentl:
lin i | In\l l'- I, 1, (;,i ljl' i:, h. ill S;alllrrdi v. and ,-, ,* i
-'uI o" U.'a/.uiiih : AtI ilie veti moIniternt l of the
I', l.,i-1l iit .. 1s l 1' h ii Cant ida anId viciorv ol tIhe people. I-uent Io fie I-,Htel dei
Nt.,i Y- ,,i!. T .I l i\ larc-I 1J) I lighten- Ville. Thlie tdul of eveiv ol:d cilizen is to
.I' itt.pii bl, ,I l u.-].ilIed beluow it an iron assemble aioundl ilhe Fltovision- l Goverai-
.l lii. Itlitfh I i ,l ,::used to be pre iared ue n t of the Repucih :. I consider it ihe
,, fi, nrst dultv o lhe disch:ir eirl, amid shall be
ftl, linue. a;l hichi s ached i h,,pjty ifany patliolism can be usefully em-
i,,ll \ i, rin the c file. I tr s little mna- plowed. Receive. &c.
iii'- I ti,,I,,.-d nuv n to C.,nada, exchanged NAPOPLEiN B,-_NAPARTE.
L_ Paris, Fehrutiiy Q6.
S] ,ill,t1i l ls i nuill n w ir 1'-iends there, and re- Pai F h i 6.
til, ;..I ,...ii, ;11 in fifteen minutes. The enfl/nll. n :' The nitionhli--islesilrs \ I ltile
vt il, t, ti t. t, tle eailhier cold, yet treaties olf' 1 15. T he olil soldier I i'X .liei-
loo, hle lasi broiliex of N;,Iluleon, re-Eniti rs
ihr lal, uas H I e:i i,,ierestinfg to ane-tlp as I |'rrl mha u m enn t llie -'osoni of ihe .-g i eat
\\ is 2-1l. I',_'-1 "ii,'ve tine rapids, and viewing falmnily. The liane nf l" dyni-tlies. Ilas pisseed
:Is I ,til, ititti thlie e-ilre ol'f he river, one of frnln Ft-ranm e! The law of" pruisn;ripition
it t it b i pros s which N viicli weighed on tie, has I'illen tiihli the
u i last of rie Botlrbonms. I netnamid llial t ihe
hIs |.;Li,.,lc ,uill tus Earilhi o'ours. bovernient of the Republic shall issue a
'l'ie tin hilt,: ry did not work so siiootliy decree decl.uring ilatl nv prioasipipluin ;-ias
;is I tiislu .I, lull itt ihe course of this week uin insist to Fr'ince, ;ind h'j-s dis.alpe;tre'l
I till li ,ito it so -l jus ted th at aoy o ne m ay it nlh ul h tlhat ; its in p n 'ed t1 P n11 tis bs it .trei'nn
powers. Accept, &c.
CP ....> i,] < ,fy." JE I-,ME L'tt APA.TE.
Ii k ,,J ilt ui :a huidy has since made the Pails. Februan "26. -
-i niv uci'rii. (. di-slrosed h\ Iheir lieiois tilhe la-t rc.li.e-t e
(1_"' Tile ,Net-York Coumier & Enqitirer of Ioi-i'gu intastiti, 1n li3 from he both
ruf bue 3'1 itii-,. ,;iss : II is a ilti uznt'eigned of exile In place niy-el unuttler time banner ol
pie asutO \e t.ntce that mt-ree of ihe leading the Republic just rr ctliimued.
F ienh hiin' t u: s came forward to-das and \Vi'thorim at hier atruhation than that n I
serving mv crttinlrv, y announce my arrival
,.lis,:',:.i tl ,- ;il tIheir own engagements ma- to ihel meni bers o" the Prot isiomnal Govern-
ticrr,. in Ito course of tine mnonih ol April. aument, and assure ihlem of mi tle-'otedness to
Thie :,iii.iinit t\ias large, and tlie eff-ct of llie cause Ihevy repruenim, as well as vtin
,ihis ,ne.i.ie. so credilable ,o the parties, syanp:a lh for their persons, (
liisN A PrlL -IIN .LOU S orCINA-P PA *TE
Ili:,s Inii ,I lie eff'ect of albayimng very coi, sider Paris. Ft-hi uar QB. i


IC'I~--~p~l I---~------

aind. Virginia, North and Sotlib Carolina,
-'euri.i, Alaba. ia, isis.lppi. -..uJuisia n '
Tennessee;, "4fiaoin:'rtstIiit -7Ai-nsas,
Florida, Texas4 Iowa. Kentucky), Indiana,
ind Deiltware,' unldei their basis of represept-a-.
ion in lialr Conventioi: 'can- poutl ilie 146
-oles'reqnisile to insure his rion.ihaion.a '
How vitally i.nporlamt then is it. th'it all
uf/t..se Stales should setd-j.ul Taqlor Se/a
?alisii-, and should' pr'.ceed pro,.ph, "to'
procure fit .aud proper:.persons to represent
hem in that Convention"- :

A DROLi, Dm:rrNt'iuinNk.fr'.A- 44aE:.-=
\s tile .Yankees. are 'crekalig nip -hilile ex.'-.
ineumeni irn thie Cormercial, .lP'dliiial and
UMiliia.ary worlif, I 'hope' ny 'finilton of. .a
eal genuine malee hrnkee- lmv bot be coansi- -
lered a m iss t -- '"' : t. ',::. -
" A real-genuine Yankee istf.u.11 dari'rma-
ion; checkeil b' imode'atmli6on; 'tide. b4y de-
eraitipation. and- supported, "byc' ed'ihatin..mn
-Re has veneration 'eorrecied by rolerarioni,: ::
wt Ih a love of sr-'- h.aplbtiW ,'nt emitia-"
'i : r ,-i ". -* i:', ':' ",.
ion, a 9d wlihen redliced to ,a.1t ie ol' ?ggfa -
'alion c.in ahsuinme tiiei"rdorsuprolo"rnd idis- -
niilniiti.ni for. tihepcmuipo0,e 61' retahialio., al- "
'nv.s conbiiedi. il'possrbte, w'iirsei -. tla lion+r-
drea live Y-ankee,- jusr -caug,.ht1'wil be-
ound not deficiehn i n tbefollo-winugq'-ili1e . -.
H e i'sself-denying. seill-relyig alwI .I 'rvJ t "
tib-ahd into everything prYilg. t d lE4' -a

,.'.; : .' :

vious to tie. time. he fas enablcd to partake '
ol ome .4glnt noutishm -His death, 'N,
hi6iih w As e .e consetq ui'Ie o, old age
+icerly---l hysiheaiTpoiw-e-lsi;ving become .
'adru;ti eCa tshstthd--evIced no painful i
*I'.b gile, but .wa% v uasv-0 qn, find composed, ;
So.be corlmpair.edi most-fii1v'-.rWan.inl'anl's pas3 :
sage rnio sleep. All his Iamnily were pre-- ''
sent at the. scene. The funeral will take i
police at lou?-o'clock, next Satulrday afler-'
newn; Ironi ti t hetlsu n cPhi-s'uuson, Wil'iam, ,
B. Astor, 3-2 Lin 4vrftt" Place.
.- --:' : i

[From ihe Savannah Repiblican.]
The necessilv of concerted and'harmo.
nious action amiona'the "h"gf4-
in order, to! see-lire '"et.- TrJhfyT'iw'-mina-
lion, is no-w le.iraid acknoWvledgd e-ven by
those wh.o hithecto--have derietmd a conven-
lion un'n&cessary. Believing ihe old Hero
to be so firmly fixed in thfeaffeutious'of tihe'
American people, and (lithe feeling in favor of
his elevation to tJie Presidential chair so
universal, as to preclude the rfneesrily of any
formal announcement, many ) '. -his friends t
in the Southern.Siates, ran dp his flag,'and
opposed the call of any convenliorn. Sub-
sequent proceedings on the part of t-ie.lea-
ders of the D)emoncratic -party lyave shown
tha they intend mniking an orgainized op-.
position to thie old Hero, by running Gen;
,a., or some oilfer of their partizan lea-
tiers againstt the mnan of tile i)eolle- choice
-an! those friends of Ge.-, Taylor have
rherefilte ahanudoned their ire'ious idea, and'"
are now falling into line w.ilih. the rest of
iheirt.-rrrelherei. Every day aftbitdsstrong
-,ohfirinihmton-;s ol ill i ae,t-thie most rece-nt
is iu lih' annexed 'oicr lioti l oldA V\ir ini--
bitlii )tlice of' s In .)n N Pieiileq.ns..
Thelie. it is well known, the R.irhmnhiil
Reptilalicanm na ) (it:e oirziu ol'-.th-iflenie Inls
of Gen. To\i or, w'holi.h deieid a onvetion
uinneeess-ar. Tlie sti-nnlrniber of thIlit pa-
per thus f I iuifl.y aivo';s it-h ich irii..e-o oplinron
oi tlie siilbjet'l, Tild t ivt-es th.i folio ttng uu-
ais er, ble re.so0-,s 'or it
4 .Ir r, ;inlrrs are m"ai% re thoi.twee "iave all
along. e|ae-sseil ouislt-i s ,op'hiutAco-.a; Na:
tinail Couveiitli, _hiin Lio luilg-bit! cuittlidenrce
in Iliat nilhe of -eleclin- a candiiti ie. or
Pictsiilet .ini tu-ljieiiif, -il, i illhe case (,f
(ena. Tvi y'I'. eluir-l iiiuitecessinv. \Ve
lin e li..ni e,el hi., 11.,_. -til.it-c it"i o lelte ecis,i.tn
ill the A lilin i ) [ita i|le, id. L Vt y -ha Ii tibii-
nh.,il, Ie r lull,, iile 0l io rilide. It /'as a aZ -
ihr'i. ,,J ("WI I ;l:i liit/ 6 br (i rit -o'lrr( Upi ,/ 't'.'T '
i. ,.'i. .t/lt.iiiI /ft'r./l. gu m t ri,:nt '.ritt of
t i/' St'(rs we liti isl xpOii-.s tlie slrit-s 'hin e
ih.it lie Ifit- j ,.ls .' J a/jsr. .i.4 i h i'hnma and
Tr'_nie.s e, ii il;ie-'t'r(rr 4-tr Itl.,ies /tut. 1,ot1
-tf a ji.u'~, t/,, I t ill I ot. slaild backk; ljit ill
sen'j Ohi-ir I-lega es, simply' to ro'ri, lhe
su-lb-itit' hlfli llias bierh ul/truntly rodle by
t P, c 6W,. 1t,, it fifp i ':, uf1(1 el. Z n.Z il. y ; aylor
fir ih- next Presuli ur v.antl to tssiil iii tlhe
selerliciu ofa candidatil Xllice Piesideil.-
flit I./ s /. '" iii/l.r'r ilqj'fc.ar in/ i lt
/utrin: in I/it s '.,lt/itt/.lU-, v-C ll coallr ile
util '-'ith ceite iht .l it t-he-Qim'l of hife./c1,-
i hicg ihne od b lii!.- Phlirl-idelplhii Cin-
it-rllol. T"ia loti t ill be reco' intril without -
;a dtohi t :i ilie pe,,ple's c;.iidli e --'lIr tihe
Pie-i.l-terni\. / lo:,. rtcr,. sonie of I'It I riend.;
,/,' G ,i. T7.il..-c _c,\ ait-..t ,,.i. i:) ,i <;il ,,,,:
I/'/'( Citi./l. t i t it, t ./Illi t< 'lt( bi t/l i -. u till .?
.,-'i,, ,.n -,-I d J-,-r I';, lor %till no ;' ILn
h1tll ev- ,iit, b Ie i a niati ol ,ihe 1Coiie1ioiim ;
" lhile lie l ill reill in:i .the liati-t of.ilie
[ l i I lt | ) "e
II is irlie, ih.iI t_-e Ta.lhr rel'fU i-s ib hlie
i nn-ileiedJ exclusiielv a catnditlaie or in-
tr"rinrtiit itt p:mi. WV' do noi knottiw for
which %%e holinr himt iln e 'i'nu me--Illis niubld
etiliit'ill, (ir' his ii-iituliai le' adhelli'reice to---
it. i1H i titii n ill be in no tie-i. f-i alie--.
e'l iy lI i-e r(e',, riiinoi olf ilie -Naiiin'tl Con-
;'ert itui. He i.- already i) i lie fi.-ld, t-ruttL-t
Ih,-i. 1\ tlle pi tople, n'iutin:,ledl Ihyv flie poli-
i s.' t .. ,- iilhlit s iii t-turt-trinns of "all hIt -
ies,. b iy liuiiih l" ieo i.t.ptis ,le.s.;ititj, jm liec
ill-te;hi.t5 in i-e -ry ];int fcf ilie lidil." To a
n,,lilliuiln rim liv ,n N ntititt l (_'oti-'en'tir ri,. li
i- ill ih) ilttuiu i, i-is hie ilr,,rl\ bits il nife. ini
,thua-r bri.les, letuitn bins giauctl.it ;i>Tk'nu.-t
il.-int-" ;s. huit 11 1. ih j'pet.t; boa\Jiis neck
it [ -li|..es ti|' f ;:l kinlI --
'h. "Let hie frit-nrls, of (-e-i. T:a, hro"stiiusin
ii.J r,;.n,.f un r'erv fin-il-u n lIt,- (T-" Vebt.''i llhli" .
is t-elI .i bel'tole ihe |.eopilc-anrl CIctn.v is
?e ,i I-.' -- -
Thl Lre ist iii r iinil riud ,2c u'd sp-ie i/'u ihese
.it1zue-iui.,,l an i] mli>- nrm.utl- is ..tir-.-rrtuille of
lie Ilihiin itt prlt, 'I' Tli,- \"|ii) N uiontal
.'urin eie- inti a ill nunlhem- "'(') totles (,.oiniiiu
huts/i ol \'i-_(.ln iu,,) lie- 11% "till tu"ib isu -
hiu a itirui.t.y. ShI,uhJ \'eyi v St.ie in tlie
Uiiiuih Int- lull, epr'tr -eiiltt, aid (i..ii;.' Thi.-
irn receive (.is lie will) tIhe Scouilhernm and..
'ct-stern votes, they -woitld be suiftciert in
themselves, without thIe Northe.r:: -M.ry

-.-- '-A -

Jo"iq fpiety, p)r9_rr.ieviy,-nd lthe teniper-
YaO'Q4o .cie.t6.jy -is n drf.ging, gagging,
.erggiogT.a.;viriC-g (briving, swapping, jost-
r .h*ii b.u.t(,ing, wrestling. musical, quizzi.
.l:,'.-astironuomical, poeticaRl, philosophical.
-'.riin cb'miGal sot of"a' characiei', whose
:" -.f itTesi destiny is to'spread civil.:tlion to
the remotest corners ol the earth, with an
Sr eye always on. the' look ouL for the main
; : .t)" ,,- '-"w* n
chance. ,
*'" : :., ... : .... FROM M EXICO.- .. .
Bras.-Bythe arrival here .yesterday,
."of-rhe shlr. Ntive', from Braso', (says the
N.. 0. Commercial" Times of tlIe 4tl1 inst.)
S, we.- hav. .received ire E. noids'.Flag to
".-. -'.-the 25rh ultiro, ip.clusivye: .
...,.iThere is n"thriig of mment occurring at
our several m'ilit'ary"posts on the Rio Grande.
': Every thing seems 'o remain in stahi-QUo as
S '. i last advices. We subjoin the. following
fromt'tie Flag : ''. ;.
Monterey.-Our flat'es from Monterey are
S to tFie'lli' inst. The Gazelte of'that date
c wasreived by mail, on Sunday. bilt gives
n 'o newa. The troops declined fborMazepil
: 'and Parras had depai'ed. Col. Tibbetts,
w Governor of Mouierey. whlo had .I)eenii for
saon'ti'nme attending a court-nmartiil at S;Il-
/: illo. had returned id h':'p'.ost. The troops
at Monterey are anxiously awaiting the con-
fi ilation "ofhie. peace-n'e'ws.
S An '-affajir of hunor,'!terniinating fatally,
.?s ''aine of-at Mir, on the morning of the 18lh
S; ins.t., between two'-of.-crs oftthWe Third
;.. --.ragoons. The parties., were Lieut. Jo..
S- H. MNaddox, and Liedit.acting Adi. Edward
M ,, MePh'erson. They exchanged fadir sho-s,'
'three of them akipg.eect on Liei'ternit
S"' McPGherson.. At ite;'sfec.o'ud,.sbot hle %as
> 'o.tanded in the neck,? next in the liirilder,.
'- andat the inunl'th fire Was shot (hiouh'lhe
:f heart, and died iin edial;efy. Lieni. MA'd-
S dox wais uninjureil. They w.ere 6'lth.ou ng
gentjemen of hligh standiihr,2. and much ev-
.. eemedl bv tlire offices and men iof thfir
S regmeni." "The i;m. ne of quarrel" is not
k known 1o us. We nmiderisnd theywere.on
,, tirns offriendslnip ;id iniiniacy tihe evenlgi
prepviqus. .--. '
From I genilehIe iin j'st7 'from MnnlPere.
S we. t-ear ilhat Gen. Wool has g' en 'iiii'pe
of his intend ,on tin iiove with a p' ri of lIis
., irZces, Zbout 0.p bime ., Upn' Z ic,le-,'s.
.. The nmirch, we,:" arIe tolAd, .1,I ciiln i'ern :e
-, b'"- "' IbIt I first of nA x'1 month unless orders
to the contrary ate. receied frbm W a_-hii'
.'on befo)ie that time. (O r iiforni"ta l ko.
sTaies ihar ilthe br..lerlfor Col. Butler to move
S upon- Victoria winli the 3'1 Dragoons' had
been couinrerma.nderd, and that officer in-
'sitructed to hold hiimsell in re';iedites '-for
S," r futrnher orders.

"-The Boston Atl-t, lie leading g- Whlig pa-
Mpir of New Etgland, having hbeeii taken:to
'"ask bylhe New Ymok Triburtie. speaks thus
""b o l'd l y 'an d s i fi fili a n il v'"': .' .. o;
Our seehifg l.ikeowarnine ss. t'itWardsthe
S.-'Claiy. movement does not rinse. f'om any
'+ishrust of 'Mr.-Cl:v's"principles or reqmu're-
ments. The'-Wii< 'silhisetis have gi'.enr e ,eied evidence of
whm thiy think of hIh ; and shl6ld that
'-..genl" ernm an be 'as;io noniri;iied bIy ..he Na-
*lionfll Convtfninii, t ') il I I will a Sin show
S their ilevtiui, bot 1 to 1he, inI Ini mn. 1tohis
Principles. \\W6 behieee.,- 1hwtver. tha' he
S has hid.his chance. The tide in the ,li'ir<
"of Mr. Clay, w's in 184'4. lIjut it id not flow
n.:,o to victrv'. but ro disatrbns ,nd d.ovcr-
hwelmiiing defeat.' ThtPn every hii.nai looked
'ike triumii h ; l'ati st re;,ni of W lii C "sI n-
irnment we'r: blen(ded, into one : noi Ietie ,lid
-it diverge fr'on the, general clanpir i-buti we.
Were:beaten. Are tlhe si,2,s of t.ie iintes as
l' avorahle now' fdr Mr. CI.y as they .eree
'then? have' the 'rains s' ollen the aLie;ims,
: or blended their wv;iteir ititio broader or a
deepeY belll, Are tihey nod, "'ather. mPre
diVergent? If they d.nioti' ult ierly refuse tri
blend and unite 'upon Mr.Cl.ay, do they n6t
'at least Miow n str9g ieliciarnce f6 be thIus
S intt "ereI lofetiher : "
e lirefer a 'orile.:n mnan, this nti e'e.
as our caunldaie, '5nd we could have had
one, heybild-all double, if the Northern' press
"hadb6pe.in true to itsvfG, We 'hanlf alile in
the imost im-plicit anodo ",ihIi te .rles It ofrie
*Nati6nal Convention. We shall' giv-e the
'nomineeour-.hearty sippoitr" Xe are free
'to s;iy hat we ;are for Mr. \Veliiter, .iE;iiigt
'.th'wlogld. I-Ia s the mrnstjustly enitled-tn
.it We hope he. wiN-ge'ttt If, however, he,
should 'notbei the successful ope, ad the Cont-
vention g Soutoh for a canclidate.,ve gbofor'
one who will, give assurance of .Vctory, in
.'reference to one who, however much we
'love and respe.6 him, w"Vill. in our humble'
judgement..judgiu'ng fr'um tlIe present as-
pect o0.ffai'rs,' fail of an e'cciiun as signally
. *,eift'i'Ile h.i 1844.." .
.Commen't upon the above is unnecessary
,-it proves; that the nv.ailjible Candidate
Nortlh and outh is Zachary 'Taylor.
Can tie South be blind enough to throw
away the o.tporiunity .f -rhe &ecurihg A'
'believe that 'h'e will not.

...' .,[Fromr the Ne' QrIlean Tllepiiih -_ ..-

SNever, in 6 s'-.bf New Orleans,' Ka?
there"'4uen s6ci an overw-helming dWfha',
:acha. iotal apa4t rr'rqu't of theDemo-.
'tCiatic rt;, ;at it. rec.eivod yesterday. '
'A Wp.4o not know that' we bought to' claini
it so exl',usively-a's a party itrjiumph iof pure'
S. d correct prjpl, a,tbhe, triumph of
'the soun4 goo['se.se, ,'orrect judgerpent-
S 'odan i'unJ6ijncA op.the tleoplp, .ver, dema-
oga.eJiit4 radicailisp, for it was ;special-.
l :y Ihat'.pi~tb of the lID.emodrath' party, Pthat
was paEticulay bp-'ddd'h'n itn'sofid phlaVrx
S against us i'6"1e Secopd M\unicipality, and
whose zeal and.e*er'ti6ns'"6:te.iring to
S 'bTlTin'the VictA&y. The.. betnti and mpre
*respectablq portion QC the'demnocrat'ic part.y;.
Were not wari'ilt)-enlited in ihe cause.
I, liey weie oppohe>-"tothe gb-ioxiou .lap-
43idatas that, Had b\n"fo'rcd' ,ipori ihe'm..
. They we'r6 .disgusil, and justly so. With
i- various treasures ,i'.. were urflke.,ao&d
S thle'p6 fl',, as aIwefd; and nota few
eveol alarpied, at, the.in.cAIJes that' weje
!fc put fQ~jlh; afd.:advoca^. -,ManV, in., this'
Sftame oemind, gave a r[ctant vote-some
S others, probably,. didn vute at'"ill, and
r tje, ilno diubt, vdted, wi.S.' s'
The tesl( 010 t:he Sec6d. 'Municipality,
q must s r particularly gralirying to those
publteitvarnte who haie '3o ahly and sQ

SM4Ma qod whfi"st dt-hrFf a gratify-
". ajtfuR misisterd aii~' the



,7iili ,- 2?Ii MrtIr.:hh. Mrts E'- iP. C rmcr, relict
..f J. i. n,6 i'.. iL._-, l 7 r V,? r-1 II Ik e dI .ill o.f-M rs.
-.', i.:r. I iv riid nid rAi--if,%. mu.:.irn hile depar-
lui iA 01,,,- In i 11.1lh, ,0i'-- Il1 -irn, ,n I hI, : l xer,.'i-e (.AL ,e,,,,T dr ,Lme- andl l,,,
"lle'.-iir-ih- I|laM-r PIIj,.. al'l lt.. ]] i th ln i,= nI- .Jiid \\ h,,-e
I '.. t 1 u-"l e i i h,.' bI t' lo t l 14,L a'.. [ iil I,, Iulru i Ihl,-'e
Stlie e"r t'i cuniidaliti o ii 'a ilioh' n Jirid |-c? II'll'c-
"tions ofl'It-i ninu'i \irinc. il iu,-e I,'i ili, o
the':heart hichi ihe ilei thi :.i d.i\6 all,.iited h.:]
displayed, and iii ee.-ii.-,P ,.f hil' 01o earili.
prepart'd her 'f6i ihtl-, L'-, r iiv] Ltii]liher wn..ii]d
where so;r'od,w ;i ever felI. and wIIre -,isre. tra I,-.
formed into -an ei-arn d o;,,h l'-I i enl j.)v's
Her-deceased husband vwas-a fre"' t.li,-i.n, id L,:iri
degrees conferred .n lin hl L i ii Enipe, hlu2er il.:in
any ever borie'in tla'. :'.iiiH.[V. -. D.
C'olumb;us, Ga.-, 1,111,! T t,1. h.-i : Fi pap'- i,
p',iee in .y-,-[N 0 N.3;ionffl

.C 0 lIM E R C IA L.


Sto.. I: l, -1 iA .'.-e i 1I, 1)47..... 57S 5
l-tIcc, ived pii 3 'l.a\ ..........210;%
i .ou ,' ... .. 23 .5 i
1' T,.it1... ..- 4996i 92298
E i.-.i,?inl 11.'il 3 daivs.. . **... i n-,fi
plieviou ly....... .... 57955
S....,T, tal..'.:.;..-- i465.3 56132
Or, h, ,d 'inrdon nspuboard noi cleared 303l1:3 (1,16fi

>Conn.mii:',i-', 11 Seft.'iiibS.r, 1S47-anid same
mime In 1 '-46.
r Pas | F'i'-1 .._A LI Last
H tr C P It C F .rP-- O .RT E D I I ,l o -l I l s a s,,"
L, .iii........... ...... .1 1. . 0.. ......
N, 111 ,7................ .................. .........
.ri,- .................. .. 3730 .3731 .1:36i
i,e noa .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. 95'
Other ports..':..,....' 2 .... 2212 _.2212 .....
.Total to 'or ;PbrUtS. .517 .21919 .2709' .13116
New York..7.',....- .... .7s.. I .51 ..9923
Boston.............. ....11806 .11806 ..7928
Providenice.-. '.'..... ... .S23 .2980. .3803 .5052.
'Ph'tladqlphi-:..'. .-..., .... 5 .57 7'. :
SBal i ore....... .... ........ .1190 ..11S0 .1 11
New. Orleans..........147.. 1643 .179ii .134:15
Otherports.......... 55) .........5511 ..2113
STotal Coastwise... .152.0 3i-37 37557 41262
TOTA'L-BE. ................6W-i3 .56132

Per s.te.anier Qtincy--'-Ju,.le Sni'l WCairack,
Judge Oeo S.tIawkinMs,-L A Tlion'..ot,:. J Bond,.
B .'Ell- I M;.in, D,.is, Mrh Sicliir and family
Per steaher B..,uon-Mis" l-li.tr.roae, Mss. An..ne
Fbirsyth, 'vfiss.Ru Forsyth. NMis Foniaine. Mi-,s '
Hlargrove', JT A Deblois, Geo Hargrove, J Htnsard,
W J 1' ul.,il. r.,a'l. in g ro v sar' d,
Per srweamer' \il,-C pt Glenn, J:W Winter,
C Pratt,I R. Gunby, 'hity, P ippi. .......
Per-steamer M1 A Moore-L J Le.aird, lady and
child, Mr-Smirh', lady" anud child, 'Mr1 tingtln.-Mrs
.McCall, Miss.Keils,-L G Hirrnisoii, A McRae, G
"W Whippl EM Phaif, G H Sponmn i 'n .
'Per steamfer Quincy-W H Brockenbrough and
lady, W C Welsoul,-L Lot.t, NA N Zeverly,.
.. Per steamer Quincy,-41. bales cotton to Locdk-
harit & Young; 20 to B S Hawley. -
. Per steamer Boston-61 bales cotton to Maoliy
& Kimbrougi; 32.to Wylie & McKenzie; 253to
A N McKay & Co; 1 to. P:B Wood & Co.,
Per steamer Emily-217 bales cotton. to Lock-
hani & Young; 45 to A'. N' McKay & Co;41 to
Wylie& McKenzie; 32 to Hill, Dawson ;, .Co.
Per steamer M A Moore.-317 bales cotton to A
N McKfy.& Co.;; 64. to Wylie '1 McKenzie.
Per steamer Quincy-l bales cotton to-Wylie
& McKe'n'zie; 96. to. A; N MeKay & Co;.-89 to W
G Porter &. Co; 8 toBSHawley. ... .
. Per sfeamekr-Ciamzpion-39 balea cotton t-:A-N'
'McKa y'& Co 3:05.to. Maclay & Kimbrough; 17
to.J Day,&;,Go 9..to ,Harp'er &;. Holmes; 12tf6'D
.G R ney. ".,.' .. ., .. : _. n- "
P e6 tea er rlest n6 hares cotton.
;- "'EXPORTS.,'' .i' i :, .
LIVERPOOL.-Per ship Soloh-1769-bales cot.
ton .. ... +- .' ;-, -* ,....',:. ,, -". :. '**' .*
Per ship-He:ory;--429 bales cotton.', .
el'j.ip,<7'ngsWesT980 bales cotton.'
NEW. YORK-Per bark Gilbert-759 'bales
coifoft- '- ;:: ,
Per, bark Z Ring-783 bales cotton. ..
Per brig Hava4na-314 bales cot on. 1i -"
SBOSTON-Per ship Ambassador-1784 bale'
cotton ; .
PROVIDENCE--Per bark Wmr and James-
823 bales cotton.
PORTLAND--Per "brig Madison-550 bales
cotton. .,
NEW ORLEANS-Per schr Monterey-270
bales cotton-'
SPer schr Corah-7147 bales cotton.

ing and full approbation andti s:nciion o01
their conduct, it is at the -same time, timost
scorclhin ; and \ ihllet iin teliuke to their
bitter and reckless asiiiillJuIs, \who hlive o
constantlv tilepire- enled and di-toried 1110o-
lives. mneisuies and la.uis; in older, by these
unworthy nv iianu, to auin a p irurient popu-
lariy. arnd so get themniseles or I their friends
into power.
The result of this election has only the
more firmly cornvinied us of tilhe coriectness
of an opinion that we have frequently ex-
pressed, thai the constituency of thle Second
Municipality are the most reliable for sup-
porting sound anid cb.rr t 'prinpipies and
meastites. ani less li',ble i'o be deceived as
to their true inlere'sts, than any owlher popu-
lation .Wit:hin our knowledge. .
In the present instance, they have not on-
ly duly and properly eo'o:sidered, and ap-
preciated the conduct 'and proceeding's it,
Ihe candidates on boih sides lor ihe two
prominent offices, but they have also taken
into view theI policy, that should g~oveirn the,
leadingmeasures for promoting thlie. welfare
and prosperiity of the Municipality, and.have:
decided accordintglv,;as.rTegardsi all the'-bther:
candidates ilat i 'ere presented for their
suffrages." '.
SWe .hope th'e, esson, that has now been
read,,.wil' .be,'a. saiiitary 'one, tb.o all future
aspirants for municipal lionors.- -. "
The l;ite hour, at which we received the
returns, 'Ire;emits us from making further re-
marks upo6n, theniat present., .
It will b-e.seen 'by the rettrri', 'iltl Mr.
Reynolds had a majority against hin in
every ward. ,.' ':?:- -.

-SbUTurj'CAROLIN..--The \Washinniou Ti.n-
iorn, 61' Tuesday .moring,. has the foll0ow-
ing '- '
It becomes our melancbhoyduty (o re-
cord ilie, de:hn of" aniilier member of the
"30th Congress. TheHon. Ja'mes A. Black,
of South Carolina, is no morie.l He died-in
this city last evening, ai t 5 minutes -'fier
i o'clock, slin,.uidedl by lii "wife; son and
ori, lihe. annd most of all ofI he South .Caro-
finm delegation. He remained sensilile un-
til within' an hour xor two of his death, al-
iii, 'ti:t able i6. speak since early in the
"This dki-ressinz event, though looked for
almost momrnentarily for several d,iVqs pst.
will nott:fai! to. penet'r.ate illie heaIs 13 of hi.
nunl o-11.1 f i'renls aInd iic q.laintanit es with lihe

T HE Copartnership, '-heretofore. existing be-'
Stween the subscribers, under the firm of D.
B. WOOD 'CO., expires lhis day. The affairs.
o.f the concern \'.0i1 be ,iq'I,,l.i) d by N. J. De--
blois. D .. B. WOOD,
.Apalahi"cola, Ai.4ril 13,T 1848.'-
SIX months afterfd 1 ,,' I will .apply to thl
nH,'i. J ,iie J .- I _r-i r:.bas r..r Fra.ili' C ,,.iiJ1y,
1,w a iiln l t iiar -.- Ii .:,i i the 'liiii-tij .'. of
the e-t:ite ul H -l 1 Beal. Itre, of ,.i1 c, ,J I, de-
ceased. J -\MEIE GtIPSON, Adm'r.,
SAplachicola, April 13, I'-I-.. ...13-6m
3 GROSS Scotch Snuff;, in half bottles, just re-
ceived, for'sale'byv
SApril 13 'J C ALLEN.

Aa'oinaiic Biteters.
DR. RBL.A KE'S Aromatic Bitters,/just rt.'e i eed
Sand i.'. le by : -.. .. .
April 13 J CAALLEN.
Seidlilz Powders' .
S0 GRASS Seidl.itz Powders that are fresh', just
,,w received and for sale by ; '
, April 13 : ... ,. J C ALLEN.

Iiiu.sioii Jars.
A FEWV nfusion Jars-every family should
b-'have dne-fbr sale '
,April13. I ':I..;. J cdALLEN-.
S, L.. letter P.iPaper -:, .
f.-"-R1k5MS fine LelitrF Papter, just received
.and for sale by ... .
April13 -... J..ALLEN.

Bruiheis. "
HiA IR, Hat, Cli .iht, 'Teeth, Nail and Shaing
I Brushes, for sale by -- .
"Feb 24 .H F ABELL.

- *. 1 -o la sses. '." : '.
") BBLS superior-Muscovado, tfor-saleby
-, -Mc iti J- McUUL.-,I- Watr St

,f^^J Mch,l6 E- MoUJULJ.LY, 50 Water st.
ekoo1 Books,
OR sao by by -, .
F Feb17 1 F ABELI..

., .. ... -** P iles'. J.
D"ITCHETT'S celebrated' Spanish Specific, -for
l sale by ".[Feb24] H F'ABEEL. :
S, 1Castile- Soap,
,TUST tcpeived, and for sal e )y I. ,.. ,
.J NdvI '_, H. F.-ABELL...

* ... 4u~ava Jellies. *-,'- ,--.-;-
04%1 DOZ. Guiv'Jellies, assorted size b0x:,s
J/ just receiveddirect from Havana, for sale
by: EMcCULLY,"
* March 16 -.--. 50 Water st."

C: uba Tobacco Seed.
5 LBSl Trbay.6Seed, ifroni 'the- most celebrated
plantaitio6s of the Vuelta Abajd, just recei',ed
fIrom Havana, for saleby.: *- .. -.t
i Mch 16- .... E McCUtlLY, 50Water;t .

S" Olives. ', ..., :.. ..-,
JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale'
(by E. McCULLY, .
" March 16 .... '.50 Water st.

Proviios; "-
W'f BBLS, Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Porlk;
/'U 10 bbls Flour; -1. cask Rice;.- .
5 5 superior old-Aoeserve WWhiskey;
2 'In v y coijce.Htqns; .: tl **.[ *;-; j
N'ow landing perschr Louisa Sears, and for
sale by ., E. McCULLY, .
" March 16 50 Water st.


.~ ST CL E'~.

Pm IRT -F .\ PAL A -'HI-i'IL ........A I I.'13
"Ap[Iil 7--'hip i-r ,Ii-inr. ,i-.,nri fin Nw 'v ik.
April H.i-S:chr Alt'1. M.util-.i. fin St Ni irk'
Aptil I-B.Lrk MIigJ.ahia, L'oi.l-, i' N ,.,rk.
ko A Dodle.
S. hr P.ir-ii-, V,. fm New % r,_ .Irk n.m .
St.?anlner Qumic%. AI .,. I'n Ch ,iiihoochwe.
.',4i, i-- l r L Il|I I I.ill. In k L',.),| n _,=iL
Stdalcer Viul,, 'aXi Vegliie6, bhin u[Columbus.
Steamer Bostoh, Morton; fmn Columbus.
Steamner Charlestori, Phil-lips, fm Columbus. -
,Steamner Mary A Moore,'Moore; fm Colutmbus.

April- 6-Schr: Montexey, Appleby, 'for New
O rleans. -. .. .
S. April 8-Ship Ambassador5 Hadley, for Boston,
by D B Wood & Co .. '
'Bark Gilbert. :\-\Iilit'I, for New York, by A
D[ odge. I : II .
Bark'Z Ring, Livermore, for New York, by
W GPortere& Go.
Brig Havarina, Smith, for New York, by W A
&PGCK.ain.. .. ,
April l,0-Sliip Solon, Bucknam, for Liverpool,
by D B Wood & Co. .
Bark WVn &-.Ti3,,, Vandever, for.' Providence,
by T L I[i,'hel ,
Brig Madison, Watkins, for Portland, by D B
Wbod & Co.
Schr Corah, Bradbury, for New Orleandi.
April 12-Ship Henry, Sal'er,-for Licrpooul, LbN'
B-Salter. --- : -...- -- "
Br. ship i,.,11gs, Cornforth, for Liverpool, by C
Eir2'is'& Cio. *

BAGt.;ING, Kenii,.,ck ,.........yd
[D 1r1,.I ,-e, .. .. .. ... .\'i
PeimII,. ......... .d
BALE ROCPE, Keii',kv,..... lb
N ,.,riierii, ..... h
IMNlt lll -,........ It
BREADl, N.ivy,..............cwl
COFFEE i, Ri.................11.
H v ,n .............. Ib
Java,..... .........lb
CANDLES, Sperm.............. lb
CORDAGE, Manilla,...... ...lb
Hemp,.... .........lb
S Tarred...........lb
CIDER, Northern,............bbl
Brown Shirtiags,.... yd
S "Sheetings,..,.yd
Tickings,..... ..--. .yd
Cottonades,... ...'.yd
CalicoPrints....... d
Kentucky Jeans,..... )d
DUCKj,.hussi a,................ yd
DYES, Logw'd,-Campeach.,..ton
St. Domingo,.ton
Fustic,. ............ton
Indigo............ b
FLOUR, Northern,..:.......bl
W estern,..........bbil
FISH, Cod,.... ...... b:.....b
Mackerel, No.,,.. ....bbl
S" No. 2,......bbl
No. 3,.. ..,bbl
11 EI R IN'. ....... ". ........ bo\
FRlUIT, Alinmds,..............lb
1 :ni'irl. .....:........... box
..; -Currants.....,... ....ib
P ;--, F'-s........:........lb
S. Lemons, .. .... ..box
FTURS. Oter,...... ;-. .....
GR A iN, O'ts,.... ..m. -.bu-li
(3Corn, .. ............ tLtshl
'GL'..SS, ........ ....,...box
HIDES, G .r.-e,.....-..........lb
"-. 'Dry, country,.. ..... ... lb
IRON, English,........... .....lb
Sv d .. ... .. .. lb
It, ,.i. .......... .. .Ib
,: Shi. ..... .. ...... ......lb
N ..,il I-od ........... 'lb
S" ,in -'. Aijierican, ...1
Bar.is. Whliie Pine,...NIM
.Yelh:ow ... .. M
,-iv",- ....... ..........
S White Oak Heads,..... ,I
LEAD, Bar, ........... .....lb
-. Sheet,;............ .....lb
-LIME,.... .............bbl
M_'LASSES. N. 0....;,....gal
NAVAL STORES, Pitch,...bbl
-' .-oC i nu ,. b. le
Sr Tin...... bbil
NAILS .... ..... ... .....Ig
OILS, Linseed,........... ..gal
: liDhve ...........bottle
'Sperm,.. .... ....:*,"..;.. ..gal
S: Lard,...............gal
Tanners' ,.. ...... .....:il1
Castor,_................ .al
PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,... blI
." M. 0....bL,
t ^ ::' .." .Prime,..bhl
Bacon Hams,.......; .,lb
canvassed,-. .Ib
-LARD, .... ... ..... .... lb
Bu'rr, ........ ." ....... *..lb
CSljEEsE, -;'.'. .. ..* ..., ...l**'b
PrA'roEs..... ........ ... bbl
PF..\NUTS.............. bo.bish
RICE'. .... ..... .. ........ ,lb,
; SPIOCES, Cdi.i.............b...b
C-tlo s,. ....- .,..,.-b
-. Ginger root, ......;.-
S" ground,.,......Ib
Nu.tmegs,.,........ ...lb
P pper,^... .............lb
SUGAR, N. Orleans,........... lb
'St. Croix.... -.... ,lb
Loaf, ............. '.lb
SALT, Liverp'ool,............ ,ic k
C,'-,aier,............. bt,l[
STEEL, :, ..............c
S Geiin.in, ............. I
A,' P ... .. -................... Ib
.P1 ITh iirandy. Cognac,'.... l
(.G-in, H ,illait. .... g.l
'"" ; An,- rnitd ,. ...g il
S Rufn,N. E....... gal
\'].i-ki-.\', Recqt. gil
*: .Ale*ohoL..... ...... gal
SKINS, Bear,.......... ...
Deer, ... .............
SHOT, ali sizes., .".. .......... Ib
TOB1'4'.;'.....'.. ........b..1
TEA. oitiimi, H.\'yon;', ...........lb
.1k ,",o .oo.,b
.ou,: lic.,i ....... ..... lb
TI N............... ... ...... ,
TWINE, Bali,,.....,. :'....... Ib
Seine, ...... ......... lIt
WINES, aderia,...........al
Cha.tm|.'gn' ....... .. doz

M ArAADE on shipments of Cott:u to Livtro,:.
W I.i'vre' New York and Bmst,.,. by
Dec. 16 1D. R. W))D & C)O.
D RAFTS on New Yrk, B.-,ton, Pr'vidlence.
.D Pnilade-ipliia and Bjltihmore, bou;lht; and
C -lit Checks o' New -York sold by -
; : -WM.(;. P PORTER & Co.'. :".
D. Agents Bank f El'Brunrs'i'tk,',
Dec 30 41 Water street.'.'.
IALL persons are hereby cautioned aLa'.inqs
Trading for two notes for one hiimtndired, dollirs
each, given by i lie uiidersigied to thefi., A['laii-i-
cola Land Company bearing dates lhie ilt.-eiithr of
M1rchli 1:46, ,and the fifteenth of March 1.45,
r'e.spieclivkly. T.ie. parties to whom said" ni.tes
were given, hbavi i fiills:to comply with the
terms of their ronracit, tie undersigned will nrit
pay said notes unlesss said terms are complied.
witM hi.Y
Apalachicola, April 6, 1848. : l-'t.

D R. A. WILSON, Surgical, ao .Jft1aii'mal
.Den6tist, from 81. Chambers street, New-
York,.would -'respectfully ui,'.,rum the. ,ciize.ns cf
.ap'-ichicila'J. that hewill remain a-short inie at
-the residence of N. Bak er, Esq., 'where he will'.
attend to the r:",iiii;tir.s- of those who may-de-
sire'fis professional services. ; .
SApril 6, 1_48. .- .. 1-f
T'homas E. Gray,
W IT(LULD respectfully .inform thercitizens of
SA'palrchieola, and its vicihiiiir, that he bas,
just received'd--a i'lindid as.-rti,,'iit of1Summrer
Goods, c.:.ns.iring Qt fUnion hecjs; Linens,
Fancy Oassimeres, 'White Diillen, Pai'n Lini-ri,
-Fancy Linens French C,.tt.ii-id.,N-iiceen Drills',
Fancy.Vestling-s. &c., all of which-he is-prepared
to make tip in the most fashio6nable style; having
just received the Spring aiti Sunim,-r Fait,-jr3s,
'he flatters 'hi-riiself tt: hetl will be able t.. make
.uip {is (ronids to the entire h.;tiltt.,ti.i, ,: his cius-
Aomers,1b6tl'nas t 'o style and lnrci-s H-t I,.i also
oh hand an'asso'rtment- of R-.idv MIad CLoihing,
consisting of Cassimere, Satin'ttee Curttnade,.
Anituckapa\% and 'Linien Pants-, Dress and Frock
Coats, Plain 'and Fancy V,-stQ, PLin and Fai c\
Shirts, Hat Shoes, Ladiei' do., Glovt-, Hdkl,
&c. .&c. Thankful for Ihe liberal pa.ironane
heretofore bestowed upon him, he h,:,mes by un-
tiring exertions and strict attention, to merit a
'cortinuance "4f their patronagee. ,
April, 181. 12 3t

,c :I Razor Strops.... ..
HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops; just re-
ceived and for sale by :.
Feb 24 H F ABELL.



Coitou Weigher.
T HE subsi'ber haviugt been a.pritled a
J ".Viigher of CotIon, retpectfully ),,i'i,, em-
pi- nmert Iroml the trerchants of Atal.ilic.l.a.
He has a fI'inilv dependarit on lii laib.,r, and
lopFes thiat oppo tiuirty will be all iird '_l IIn t,
"m.n a support Ifr them in thi-i c.miiniUit' V,
wture su'li an appeal la; never e bete ri nle in
%ain. A LEX M' ALPIN
March .2 1848. . . ,, ...' ..7-tf'

S. Liverpool Sal, :
F OR sale by :
De 30;'.":I- J3 ELLISON.& Co..
9" BBLS Vhi.skey; 1'' bbls. Ml..lkas ;
,/ tiercee Ri-e, just re.'d'and for sale-by
Jn'. E. MCIICULLV. 50 Water .4f.
S ll l It. *
SCOTCH and Macaih.i,, in btll,.:sand blad-
d-r-, jlzst received and for sale 1h .-
Fehb 1-7 H F A\BELL-
Dr. Woodriuif's Worm Specific,
A SAF1. arid efficient remedy for woriris., lor
sale by" .. ,.. .
; Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

The Ildiais' ElixiUr.
A CERTAIN remnedy for chilt. an-A lever, f
-A '.l.'_ bv, -
, Feb 3 J C ALLEN.


1fl( -SACKS Rio, Havana, and St. D.-nmirng
l k e" C ':fi -, for sale :w b -
Dec 23 .:- 1: E McCULLY.
i Oil CIoths aind .Carpets.
1-PCS oi Cloth, I ar,.d "2 %ards \,ide;
5. 3 pcs super, Ingrain Carpeting; .
2 StairT ."'" -
10 Tufted Rugs, .
SFor-sale by VM.'G.,.PORTER &. CO-'
Dec 30.': ;:. -41 XrW i rr tret."-

Trususv. -
LtL-, 'S si',uerior single and double Ti uisses,
for sale:by i -.
Feb17 H F ABELL.

-For 'Liverpool. -'-
THE supe-i,.r t.-r.s.jlirng ship J-PJ-
TER HATTRICK. [,,lc.weH,, liiavmIg
i,-mcst. of-her carI'." engaged, will have.
d r cp.irh. For freight. el.1' N Ei)
March "-3_ NOu.lL.':, STONE, & ,.,

D. C. D C.
IS a 19
16 a 17
a 13
a 10
a 101
4 a 4
5 a 6;
S a 9
S a .10
12J a 13
35 a 37.1
a 2'1
a 12-
a 15..
600 a 7 00
-5,a S8,
9 a 12"
11) a -16
14.a 22
C, i'a 25
25' a 55
18 a 20

50' a 75
a 800
650 a 700
2 5u a 4,50'
a 12 00
8,75 a 9'00
5 00: a 600
100 a.. '

275 a 300
20 a 25
S16 A 1i8
12 "a 14
400 a .450
4:00 a- 4 50 -
: 75 a:'
S60 a 70
250 a -506-
a 75
+':a ^'-'' "
6 a .7
-5ala 5
Fa a-
\- a ....8 .:
SS. I i
6 a 7
.4 a 6

1000 a 16 00
1200 a
-6 a ::' 6-
10 a: 12
150 a 162'
25 a. 22"
a 450
a ,4 00G
1 50- a 20 0
225 a 3"i,)
475 a 5 55
90 a 1 25
50 a -'62B
100 ah 1 50
80 a 90-
175 a 200
a 14 Oil
a 12 00
= a 10 Oil
S9 a 12-

2,-..:a. +---
97"a .8..
: 5.4 a 6.t.
9"a "9-
24. a 25"
9 a a 1!
225 a 3 Oou
75 a S5
'4A 'a 5
'45 a ., -
37ia 50
9 a 10
1 a 121
212 a 250-
14 a -16
5 a 7
10 a 11
13 a 14-
100 a 125
62L a 75
19 (i a 2500
12000 a 15 00
5 a T
1 75 a 325
1 37 a 1 50)
40') a 42
37 a. 4o
22 k 25
62 a 75
1 00 a 1 25
7 a Sj
7 a 7.
8 a 5il
60 a SO
a 50
''18-a.a "20t
,a 37,
100' a 3 I.1.
lI 00 a _6 00.

List of Letters
P EMAIN[NG in the Post Office, at Apala-
chIto.lja, April lI-t, I1- .
Ande'cron., "Tlv: McNear, ('Capt B .
Ald,;'nan. Bent Mar'ke-at, (2
Aidro,,. Capt D K Ni' Gu"an, John
Allen, B C JMliatt, Albert
Alien, MrhsXr Ani M Millian, John.
Brit, Jiohn 2 Markhliam, ('has
B.,:bilsop, Mary Ann Moore, J Al
B.-,twick. Cleimeit Malhews, A.
Buiml, E P 5 iIzer, Geo
Baiilden, Jas H 3 Miittlgon.erv, J J
Braiihby, JiniL.s McDonald, Peter. ,.
B,,.,\ I.-I'.atid -. McLean, Palt ,
: Iri,',-h, Ren r Mrnill. CaIpt Joseph :
F: 1it, H..Nr\ O'Cotnrier. James .
-ann, Thos 2 Oliver, Geo .
jiv.w,. M rsi Jane Arnn Orr, Capt Isaac '.
B3rocketfl, Hiram ''. Prl,.-Capt Johi, S ;
Bruee, Capt T D Pall, John
Bribee,Ce W."W : lPters.j), Capt H 3
Brc, in. C..,birim Pullmanr J B "2
PFt,:.', Levi --- Penn, \\'illiam
Brower, Hez':,: Phillips. Capt J W .
Brady, Joseph ,. Piillips, Mniss Easter
B3i,''. T. -c Pilke, Franris
C,'1Y, TI:.--s. J Rinwid, R E
'Car1'.,.\'a A B ,- 2 Riid, r., n
C-afe, Jihn -' Rttnes., Mrs
Crosby, GeoF,"- 2 Robinson. Cal:t Will
.Ch.arv. Johtn Rowle. .:,lhn J
Crosby, Capt E R- rd. C E H J
Cromwell, Simon Reees,. Ge-o F'
Crowell,H Ree.s;Johti ,
Cllerk, C : : Ro.in. T-T.'. 2
Choate, Capt E D"_ Ruse,-J R -.-
Davids,:. D ivid 13 Rtach. I. .
Ddlin,:., Pero ar i, BB .
Dillwhrth, Amy Sims. J W -.: ..
Doh Paticlr S,.,tn, F A: .
Do.gett. Samn'l. jr 4 Stern, John IV
'Dix, F L 7r m 1' .1rvI-, Janies ':
Dotinell, Mary St'.dird. E .,
Eunol, Smith. Darid .
Elli_, N.t-ian -. Stribi id, e, T IH :
Frrlti'ran. Capt B 2 Stione, \ -V :V 2,
Fliurber, S P Sinmall, Tlios.
GreeiiniSo, m-'l; S m[,..ckbrd;ze, R
Ford ham'; JohnS St.well, E H .
Fi.ti'e, P -:. Sliall. James -3
Gallhnrith 2 ScaclhigsaG \ V
Gray, J P ; : Swan, C,:.ran "
GiIItnoe, He -1 Sinilh, ('apt Samn'1;3
Gillini,,re, J'. .. Sr itlii, J lohn
Gillirmnre, J.G 2 .Sampnlson. Capt C C
-Gay,,Rev JL> 3 Stk well,E .
Garlind. Henry Stti.t-_i, Wm E
Rurlher-.trd &" Howa'rd' Smith. H P -
Hatnnrioil, Mr SouleG H
H,:..e, H-- ;- *2 .SnSbth, J C ":.
Hill, Henry Stevens,JW
H-oward, Liltleton Smith, Capt Sain'LZ..
Hale\, Jjames Smith, Sani'l
Hilt, F A St.,ckpcle, Capt H
SHdmplirehorn,Geo Sa3d&, Ca't W .- IV
Harf.-Cat Spence, JoL.h '
Humpit, hrv, C R Scantlii. Mlarlii i -
SHi-i n.i,,a J G Sperp. F d -
i!rt, Caipt"Win', ^- TilIIl ehars.t, Capt J-H
ilnr,C t E I t Ta\lor. James
H.,rdia E J 2 Tule, Oliver "2
Hillh.r. ir, G E TnTripp, Giles .-
H ,'.vAnI. B F' "Tomion, M is .s
Heald, H H Thusten, Wm H ., 2
'H.In tIead. C G Thelber, E ..
J'lu"-on, Capr[ Jolhn, Tol'f..,rd. Capt TB -
Tri'aibri'. Johni Trott, J ..
Jesip, J D -: ', Talor'. James -
Jon-,. C H L: .; i't:: T e, J -*
.ac]ksoi, jins,.in, 2 Trailsk. F .
J'lms'in, Abraham V ientrc'., John
Kilby, li,..wi'rd Ventres, Noah C -
Kni'2ht, V-aec .: alleau. Clerk Circuit :
K,-'nt, J R Court
Kirnba];, F W. .'rlitnion, E 0
King, D] C : '. .l ,Vin-low. Otis
Kurz, Johi *. .W \'eaver, Jiepth -.
Lowell. Cq(pJt J C0 3 \.\vnlmi, Albert
Leonard. IXan -. l \'od, M N t '"
L'> r.-"e, eP ; .W A\l.:er,-A P .
Leighten, Capt P 2._ Wal,-n, R L
Lon,-. Those: ": WirsIow, C -
hi ,thl-eu _A F; -:. "VTi~e el,=John [: :-..
] ,-, r ,I Xy. h s- .' -i :..-:: =, ; +:,;,;.--. ,
.4:- P-ri,"s callin- f.r auy of [lithe above le-t-
ters ,itll Ja3 tho.H A are ,dvertiied.

For New iV.ork. -
THE .].hr,,i.l r,,.% .L,ar.k;.MONTA UK',
G aiates, irlaster. %% i Il -l iV'.'e iiIIItcF.Iatke
j,, ; d t -p ti'c h F .r I' r ..,._..' .r i li., --'. h j inig
g l,.d ace romn't.dati.'s. l. lv 1 "
-Marcli 31 N',ItR 'E, STONE S: Ctt.

For Milew orlk.
THE reililar pa."ke tri" i, .-f LA-
Mi ARMAII', kI i,. .. r. ia-,cr, % ,ill I,'w e InR,-
,-iidIllaie ,i-|. (.:.l, F I'r,_,ght or let-
sag e. I n g 1-3.:ellent .:,..tr, nj ..tu ir', 9[,,' Io
- Mch 3 '1, t.lll~;F.,
J. SIE'EN('E, .,
"Nsivl'c''d St,.,,qi i-llz' P,, l11,,gs,
_ .: <=,:. LV.iilrajei n I- 1 il,,-i,.u[lq )
S BIP kA P vL.\CHIC'CI-A, i" A.
N 6 W\ tlch,-. Cil...:k' i ani J.t ,i.A i ci-i, l ly
repaired. .ii. ..b r '1. I '- .
Briish P4_riodicai Lite.atue'e
St-'E BF.l[ !
subscribe fcarih l w ,'.: t. Pi( h .- art ,.. ; .'c
SE PtlIjBLiC" kT"''N OF
THE NOR" f FI :Pf, I-H REViEW', .
THIP \'ES [MINSri'R RlViEV',\,

: .... ': ... SHIPS. ., . -:
Gardin,'r, Youinu. 346 tons, fim New Yorki wait-
11,,3 -- M ai-,er. .. i .L ..s i,
Rowland, Norcross, 411 Itons, fm Boston,. wait-
ing-ID B'Wood &Co '
Andrew Scott, Emery; 318 tons, fm New York,
S "waitina-C Rogers &,Coi .. .-.
South[in. iMlt_',:rii ,i.:, 499 tons, fm Charlestort,'
u aiii'--N.jrn,:.Sto.ne,& Co. .. : .,. .
York, Potll r'J, 433 it.n-, from Boston, waiting-,
i.- M a. er. ,
Finlan.. Johnson, 549 tons,; for 'Liverpool1,''load-'
tn mg-I M Wright.,- :
edallion, I-'oundlette, 547 tons, fmnBoston,'wait-
log-Master '.: '.
Probu-, De Vress, 647 tons, for Toulon, loadting-
I M- W right. .-,'. : .
"Francht-, rT.\ ?r. 393 i.ni, from B.1iion. wailing-
1.1 B Win,,,d \- Co. .
jPeter i-Iiiicj, t,-,kwell. 555 bonl1.for Liverpool.'
P'ter ,.,.d r ;-- Noiiui,-, .-F. r i u 'o.. .o :
W LIId- ''" [r., "Llme' .nr, ht) i,'"I, fior Liverpool,
]'.-.,iliii-T'l P W ood & Co. *- *' '*. '
Rob'L F,,t.II, \\'"-.-, 560 lin--, 'fm. New York,.
;. + ;,wa11 11 I I lM W right. > \ ++ .
'" -.. ..BARQUES. :
L.3 1. la. rFod.,. 29-' itns, fin New York, wait-.
tiu --A L,,-,,l '" -. '. / .
New' EiIl.,ii,, Andio 23.t1 ioni, fin-' "Providence,
S. waiting-Wood &.Bai6.u.-
.Triton, Luce, 267 tons, fm Providene, aliig-
T L Mitchet'. "- .- "
Ocean Bird, Coney, 268 tons, for Providence,
-loading-iTL .Miith.hl. ..
(.cedeaii -i,, ErW (Br) \'.m.in,, 568 tons, for Liver-
: pool. loading-\V A .V ,PC Kain. ,
We\ ),.'. [i. Hitn -. 321 t,,is friN N.w York, wait-
in: N i ;r--, .' .to cI- z ,Co:
Monmi,. .ii'-, 3'-5 i..inse f6r New York, load-
i : -- N u u'l I-..'' ,',e 'G'- o. ,. ';*:- ; '
ti.'ndcii, '>.i-,,u, p,43 i,.tn,I r.,r ,.iii:n, 0.ading--D B
... .. .W ,.o. d &" C7,i .. .. .* ,'* .- : "
Covei. tA;Ier. (Gr ) Pmite-ri':. 612.t-ons, fm Liver-
:. pool, wtim-I1t-.1 tL Co. -
SirJon ii ,. ,--'.i, -( r ) TItri-.n .l.l d, 2'2tons, for
..;' L t.'r|'..,,|, l,:..,,l m,--I M[ ,\ : ,l
Dauitii Rs J (Ri ) h, ..hiji, 6-"_ ton.n fin Li'-trrpool,
;-. w ..,iif i lg 3 -ie r ^i *.' -j ,;. ,
Ctb'-tl.,nd. (P.r ) Powers, 4,i2 i.ns, f.r Liver--
p.i-l, [u.,d ir' -J D,. &u .< o; C ".:

'":ceigiafna. li,.l'll, 190 tons, fo N \'ork, wait-
if A [r.'',I,,. .* "
.-no. Li ,-j ,.. e. _1 r,:,,, t'in Triii id, waiting-
LD W,..od V in'o'
Peconi.-, Pirl,.-. 2.5 ins, fm New York, wait.
i --B l.ii o & C'i. .." .
r B L'nii. iinJ-im.ii 2i., ioni., lor Ne"' York,
.i ,a,,.id ,- .-\ ii, 348l tonse... .. New 'or
S..iadll Ei o'Ah, \\':l,..'t,, 348 tofls, for New: Y~ork,
I h. ,," lo~i t-- M, jfi|,r. 1,'. .. .. .

SALAD OIL, just" receivedand for- le. by
SAp-1 17 H.F. BELL

_ ___~_ ~~_ ~____ ___~

For New Vork.
THE tast ;aLili schr, ELIZABETH,
.Clifll, inaster, v.'ih lave tim ediatl -di--
si ,s ,,atch lor-the l.,p e, p,,Pt. Fo:.r 'reight ,if
a iew bales, apply to .:-2.' ,-I
April -r. CHA-S. ROGERS &'Co.

SIX weeks after date I shall apply to thle Ji..k-
of Pib ,tes io:r Franklin count). l':r li'lt0.rs
otf adliirinsilrdalion upon the estate of D. W. F.iu..
ceit. d...,ed. T. H. AUSTIN.
M'irnh 0'.%. 1ISO ],.--;t
T HE Cirt of Pr..bate will be opened on thie
2i. )th jnst.. arrI 1-w the 1,) days n xt [helrei,-.t,:
for tie purp.:se of audllin thle accounts iot Exc-
iit,:r, Admriii-tralors aid Gu.ardiaiis, by whii:lb
tine iljey are expected to appear or default v. Ill
be tilhd ,ajirst them.
March 23, 14.S4. Judge of Robbie.
iavata Segars.
9(0,000fh HAVANA SE(ARS, c. in-
tJ^./\J. ,ing an ass.ortnient ot ihe Prr-
butld,'s Cab ars' '-" Mmnerva,j" Britanmia,"
-- PartOgc5," ald 'tlher clkoice brands, n,.. lan. -
ing prers,' hrl Ann Marn,,firoin Havana, fo.r -.ale I\
Mch It E McCIULLY, .5) Wa.,ter st.
Tlhoimsoninn Mliediciucs,
rUT r,.o'eived ai.d hlr sale by
J Fb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

ThIe above Pernodi:ah'l,- r.'-f.r;],t' d wi Nt-i
York I ohn n tli e r-,ij i_.-i 1 b ,.the flv ii .i -_:. "
stearrmer. in, a be ,i.it cil.e-,r.t l [-, o, in' tiin v i,
paper and ale laithli ,>i ,4. I i,- riii ,-
BLACKWOOD'S MAG.\AZIN- I-l >;X.a,'[ f,_'- t-
simile olt tie Edit:,ui2h tdiion.. -
T he- L Lr. ," th ,p ,r- 4 t e.1 l? .,-..,.r,-:,t .
parn'-,,ihi E il. ind-T. 4l'hVi.-l1,, RP.,,|'],I -
" Bldi,-'kw,...:.d ia'od tih,. -- [Lc-.iid.iu .I.u11 rn rl\ r"'c,
T rr 1 :liil.'" Eliiu, 'ghl -R,- \ r .. \% lil. ; h.'j I I h_.-
"' \ in!es niiti,,l r R,.-M >;\ "- ',i ;: il. T l'e'-.- N i r. Ii
,--n .. -- ro h o i d bv L
IrV '-,sh R e- ,,:\ 'i i- r,: ,-,I i'r..ll, i-- ii i ri,-i. r...
limav,,ui b,-:iun ".:,r'I.i ; ir, il ,t,' b', L)i. Ci, n',iu .-.
and hiO v dsr,.:,: l, ,a: ,Ill'.. L.:Jr,_ ,?,.l,1 l.l,: t b.1 r, I, l l
Soh-ii-,-I-., JI'r. H -fmin t, i-~.:..ue rt._d '..i h-.'-'ii i.iiid .
BJ3ret"''tir. Its I it.;r ity cli.r.ict':r is tf lhe vtri',
higher t ,:.rder.
PRICE F. ,R 1'7-R 5, ;F i .i.L..cfAIBr[ r'r F.'I.LY.'l,
For-any or,:- the f ur f-u V ii.i *.'J .-;:-r a 1. ,iii'1,
For aliy tnc, d. .-
For a,-V tJn :, -,. 7. m'
For aill" l i.ir ,I th>- Ri.-i <.
F.,r-Eil.ui'L.x,',tl's Ia i,,i',e. 3 "
For lU l, :.:-.d.aid : R,-':v, s. (i "1
FnroE 1 ic'kw.od arid the 4 R-.' tewis, Ii :,it
.Patym/niii t Io be' to'/ I ;i t ,!' r',l' : 1. ot't'once
P PhE I I41 [_,1\I, _
P- .E.MIUMS, -. .
C'l,.is ting 'f b'n 'k ui.ii E o l Ilhe Ir.iljU li.g
aluabl,:- w ,i'l..?. \ 12 : -
F;:hithli-\' Mu-i'. i ,,y. -
T h .in.- ,.ctr.-,pl,.ii iii M j.z-,zine.
Tl i-, L'lihlii i eiier-tIi\ M aazin:.'.
F.I v-,'k w,.,.:.,.s' M ,re.z,,,;+. .
'ft:. L.-tin. tihe Editboigh. -ie Fr.r.'i.n
Qiuaji t:rl\ amin. Idle \V"-,~lIt.iri~.., r [[ev,+:.v..
A nv ,,h]e* s-iibsci~I jl.i [,', P ai.'li\, ,,',,.' cr 1'.'r. t-.hi,
of tlie PR i i i '5, ir ?D a- a t i-am cm1ti 1 i, ; tl i n( i .f
Al .l c ,bl- I.. M.l.
olf the R%., :\+ ,[ J ,L l ,l 'I [,C-1; {.', I
the Pel it.djc is at ,., v.'Ill 'itcCi., iatis. i/m,
',.,lnm '?,-l ama y oI t 'iO l:'r. ll.r i al:.o\ 't ,,i n ,iid.
A snbsi l",er t,. i hr,, i. d -l lhe P _. ..,.l :.' als al
.57 a-yq ,r'. r to' e Fii-.ti "'-lj a t '-_, ,tiMl re.
C,?i e tt |,o Iri',. n hi ,'m i'.n n as' al-,i.a .
.A s.i.li-s,:ril-i'r lI. El ,clKa ,:,,:.,.l ,dii thiroi Revi,-,i- '.' ,.
ai t ', -'- e-,t. r.r it, ili: F., i' R it i,:-\ antl.Btl.i,',-
,,uil, al .f.,.,, ', il[ l 't e'ei tb 'tt .pjrt: hullll ..l l -
t (iili Pha' b(:.iji, 'l' ;,i' r III ,f, in, ;, .,,t.-
1n t1I4 -.i s 'd v n, iht ?o '/ .-:, it,;,' U' 7 :i .-.
1.(I1 BBING-. :
Four ,crpis c' of aniiy '-r all t'.l 't1i at' il ,\VI.iI. .
\,ill hbe scut. ':,i ie .ail.h .- t..i a] Tr e ,- rl i !r,. .
re ,iila r libmc'ipit .n It ..r l ii t -- l h ,_ .u l, i p,,i
bi,-il ---ur.,tr-_. .-',. .
T 'r r V fIwIi I l l ( ;t i ll tk ; C :it, f h w i'i [c I ( I
V Jiru 1iti.
abcmc a//Ioumt'c' i., mam i/ t,, "ct/a/,t.s. rm;.' i l'-int'
min s; i"i any c.,'e e e fi i tiim hl.d, im-ld. rhe b ict;.l.-
scriptiii is- paid i full tt/ I lie plI'li .h,/i. ,w L.-
out rc ,I'Se toi l .lan l c it
A late r array ig-t'iie ir ill, icit"E'i' ish l ,'li .i' iii-r- 4
of Blai'kwr,.d's j \l.gaj7ne -.-CT-Cu bj "iti l .,,-
sheeis s of' that w..rl,' by u i tim % e sh;,ll Le .iTl.i
po p, Iiee l IIe ,tille ru1:b,,b.r'in the. lI'anJ_.w ,., "-uh-
si'Nlot ers belhh re ahi. I,,. l hi',' it ','ai li': r;'itl iitl,,
in aiiy I'i l lie A ,rir jm .ji.iirri,,.n F :,r- |ii al
otlietr a 'ali rii:,, i t .i-re irir.,' It-i i i:u uL,,c i_4 tL .i P
piy sri lar.-e a ro'ri.ricl ,ri r-ii, i.t wt .ma be
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T l. r,-.',.r' m .'e r-pC-atI ; 'ub .,i''i-e .(in l .9 .. It / ,'( 1
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r nmiit.inces' rind c.n ,liiii ?-.t '-,s' slcr ulzlll i- te
al\w:.-s addressed. I,.t-p ld.d or 'i ,:irl.:.-,' 'l I lhe
publisher LEON.AR- D I :S- --'TT. & .,
,, F ilrt:.ii t N e'"v'V .rk ::
LBeuioam. Syrup..
J B RAY'S -,,i'irr L ;t,,.!i st,.,i,.i s --t r EiLjd
S id 1f r sale t:.y" .
Feb 1.7 "-H F A;ELL-.-

Bai" ey s "l Toi'u.c dINixI 'eu ,'
H p'l" S ilt< .i t [,-,Il. :l- ,p.und^.*.ll: tt,.,'ii ,-M,, ,rt,-f
T CiH 1 ,l4 1 ,a s ,I R uL4 r-. a -1.: a.ta hl I .,-b rl,,.:1
tor the cure ,:f Feve-r anid Aiie.- S.,li by. .i -.-
June 1' 1. F A F.-F' -
Mfolasses,: ,i ,.. ,
0 HHD. RWet Inuh-" ,'le) r.-r 'l,,;r II" .
JO f.r salh:. b BR. ELLi,-ON &' CO,
De,: :31.. (.'.r \'at r aid.Clit.i,,iiuj '-ris
Saddlery, &c.
SADDLE, 'I,, \i'ar i.lltriu-- a'nd iitualfitl.:-,
S Bridl,t. c.irb anw Sim4tt'l,,: bits91 '
Saddl.' -,
l., i't.'jal,; s r,, W hI-i], fe.r i,- by .
MIWN. G. -ORi ER C,. .- .
D ec 3j 1 WlV\ e'. r r-t ',:t. -
Panaiia '. ..-
S VWAI NI', HOUICK.'S Frtct,c ju,' r,.-c*itde
rand a lr sale bY .
Feb 17 ... H.- F APEIL .- .
DOTATO( ES- 11-i., hbhl.. Tnr,,i.-- .,i, bt'l-.1 .- ;
C ,rr..t-- .ri bblj-., ; ,,-LII ?,': bhl-i ; '" ;. .b -
Par'r1tps- '2.p bbl., i .'-- i : ... .
Dec 3.1 BE[.L L. N.. '- ". :.,
-IHEETINGS, Shirings and ",'r'ii ..-.'bv.',h .
baleand case. l\, t'o]rv'i"sh, b 1 '- '
B, ELLISO'N&-'O '.- '
D ,-,c 9. Gor. 'W ate, aid C lieshiu rst'i..." ,.. ,,".
S W EDE ir,.-,, S'-.,i'h-d,,. \W-_-.dlii, an:d a.; r-- -.'"
TH;em. Biackuritsl t-. BeHl.;v.' tn, Cottnaiid-,.We' s't .,-it-'
Cur't. Spad., 'ndJ SIo\',:l C' .ial..in'cn a-t. u l '.i -:.,o
Pan-, Plouirth &ie. &u. '.ir -.l.h-b'\" .:... --?,"''
R- 1 ELLISON "& "C:.o>,-.;.. .
Deep Cor. WXV-i ,t i'+ tiih r ,i'"!.fs "

'Fiuouui'~iut-n'' CounpoiButl~ Syr u eir- -:*
Tar uul Wood. NaitiTa0g. ". ." '.t.
F O')R fhe e'urei i :i'f c,-,i;ii.t.ii..nl. clur.,m, -.-bran. .
l" ,titil. isthlm i. '. ll u. iltuif (.'oilm h [, 'li;t. i,'iri
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ttl? ::tdne\s, flor .,leby .' -. '- .- :
F-eb3 .;5' J C-ALLE.N, ,-'-






For ct~ Vok.

.A i' D


Tax Collector's Sale. block 134 lots .os 3 to 10 inclauive unimproved:
axblock 135 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
BY virtue of the authority in me vested bylaw, block 136 lots nos 1 2 3 -6 7 4 9 10 unimproved:
') [vill expose to sale, before the Court Rouse block 137 lots nos to, 10 inclusive unimproved :
n^Door in the City or Apalichicoh on MNlonda, the block 138 lots nosol to 10 inclusive unimproved:
8th day of- M'., 1818, between the hours of ter block 139 lots ns ItoO inclusive uinipI ,ed:.
.- .-.. a., 1 ...-,.. bl)ockt 140 lOt:snos 1to 10 nclusivqe Urll|,iin .i u:.
A. M. and tour P. AM. the ollo'.vwing real estate, block 1 lots nosIt10 3 4 58-9 Iv uniim.roverd
situated in the City of Ar.il icoli.oa, as---.id as i block 142 .ts'nos to. 8 inclusive unimproved::
the property, of' Liewis, Carl is and Jos.'.ph D.- IA-: block 143 16ts noS 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :.
field Trustees ef the Apalaclhicola Land Colo- i block 144 lots-nos 1 to 1 n iLlun.ive niiumpro.d :
pany;)or so mu.-h there.)! as will p.iay the Taxes 'block 145 lois no 1 1to I) inclusive unimproved
for 1-817, aseed, thereon, and in arrear up1d b blck 146 loti nos I to 1) in clauiv.' -unimproved .
to, the Ste.. f Forila, and rhe County of' Frank- block 147 lots no. 1 io I') Inclusive unimproved
lin, to-ether with the c)st of ad,ertiement andI block 1 lots nos I to iiieusive unimproved
~~block 149 11 lo iS I 1.)t1oC10 i;Icti-veunimproved:
sale, and which said real estate -is described as bloc ie ) los ,a 2 3 47 9 ID unimproved
sae +l+ .d' ls 'J block 130 lots tnos 1 2 3 4 7 S:'9 III .unimproved :
follows, in the MNap of said Cit, vz. ; block 157 lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 I) unimproved
Block A, rane-'1', lots nos. I to .'1,-incliusLyV, llock 158 lots tons 1 ti: l1 incl'a;ine unimproved:
unimproved; bloc-k A, range 2, '?ts. nos. I, 3, bhlick 159 6tsnos l to 10 i.icliisiv, unimproved
9, 11t, 13, 1V uimrovei- blck A, range 2. block 167 lots nosl1 2 3 4 7 S 9 1) unimproved:
lots nos.-2,4 '5,l0, l'impriv;ed; block B, rr.ie block IiS lots nosl to 10 inclusive unimproved:
1, l"'ot's no. 3, -1- I,- 1 .1,. ...,.ni i.pr', ed blc block 16a.lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive -unimproved:
Br., los ns. 3, 1 s. ., .,-nimpr,..-~~~d c block. 17)0 lIs.nis 2 3 47 8.9 10 unimproved:
* B, range 2,'2, lots nos. 13, 1-1m unmimpri'ved ;,), block 174 lois n,.is I t)o 10 inclusive, unimproved :
B, range 2, lots'no-i. '2, 3, -1, 5, 6, 11, 12, nril[r.'v- b.)k 175 loi nos 3 to II incliu-ive unimproved:
ed; block C, 'ran l, ltsn is. 3, 4, .15, 16. uinim- block 176 loits-, nos 1 236 7 8 9 10 unimproved,
proved; block C, 'riange 2, lots nos. v., 10, 11, 12, block 177 lois nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
13, u iimproved ; block C, ringe *2; lots nois. 1, block j173Nits laoi Il, 1o110,inclusive unimproved:,
2,4,5 15, 1 im'rroved"bl block rane, t2, lots nos. block ,179lots nos 134578910 unimproved
3, 7, 8, 9, unimpr'.; block D, range 2 ,lots block 180 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved-
no3, s 1, 2 itmpri p 1, block ve r e rao e n bloc' 1- li o 2 4 5 8910 unimproved
"2, -. block E range 2' llock i2 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved :
31 ,t5 l6:-;7 13 1pro, 10, 16,17,18,ange t ,nr
,5,16 :7, improved; l block.13 Its nos,1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
lots .B. 7, s 13; 11, 13, ,16, 17, 1.8,19. unin- block B1144 losi nos ito 10 inclusive unimproved-:
Iprover,'; block t, r a' a 2,.. t no. 4,-improved; block 185 lois nuos to I) incluive. unimtaprovedi
block .,.F ransre 2, lots nos,..5, 6, 7,4031l1, 1! *2)., block 186 lots n'.s I t.oi IDI) inlluive unimproved:
u"iii rmrw'p' ; bloci k H, range J, lots, .o .5, S,- block 187 loi. nos I ) 10 D inc'luiZ. umiinroved,
1,II, i, t, -29),unimproved; block 'H, rrine hl.eok 188 hIt.- 1n 2 6 7 8, 91t uninproved: block
2 tsno.3, 9, 10 11 1213 14, 9 lots nos67 8 9 10unimproved: block190 lots
1.%, t o, 17. u, im,.-rwed ; block'J,' rant', lo' ts; nos6" 789 O UlIn"j-Ro Fd' .
1 1.: .I+ 1 .5 .. \II\ ,F LOTS. ,
nos. 2, 3, 4,-5', 6 7,8,'9,-10, l; 1.'., 4. i., -1n,-lIAH"F"L-TS.
1V, 17, 1,.I, u--iLri'provedh; lil,'k J, r.ire L 2,. 10(Y feet lot No l.2' 50 feet foot-of Leslie
lots nos I,- 3 4, 5,6,97, 9 0, 11, 12, 13:,14,; l'r." t .100 feet lot No 16; 100, feet lot No 17 ;
1 1 :,' ii. 19. 19, 20, uin1r.:rved d; block K, 100 feet lot No 19 ; .90.feet foot of,'f Cetire sreetl
rant;e i, I it-isn.-o 1, 2, 3, 4,'5,6, 7, 8, 0, 10, 11, 60 |fet ',,uth partly ol t No 20; 3') f:et North
13 1t I 1 ',., 17, 18; I, 20, unimproved; part o-ir l., Nu -22; '10) i'."- foot of Chestliuit st.;
block K, -r'ive *2 lots ns 1,.2, 3, 4, 51,',#8'8;-9, 100 feet fl lot N.> 2 !; 111 leet foot of Cherry st.
113 rI 1, 13 14 '), 15 17, 18, 19, 20, noi.niI-' Al.-3-. 11 L-rid lyinm .-n the West side of'the
proved ; block L, lots no. .1, 2 ,34, 5, 64, 6, 7, 8, Apalaclicola Bay,,!North and West of the City of
9. 10, 11, 1 ,3, 1 14, Il 1-, 18,19, 2',unim- Ar.i, -,lii to- the "-W western b.:i, .jrii: c.f
proved; bl.)ock MNI, lots no's.l, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Frijklirl C.uInly ; also, St. Vinceni's Ilarnd, St.
9, 0,, l-1,, 134,15,16, 17, 18, 19 20, uhim-. Geoige's Islai'd, and Do:g Island, (exclusive of
proved; block.N, tots nos. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 78 9, that portion of St. (;er-,res andI Dog Island owned
i0 1,.12 11, 11, 15.3, 1i6 17,-18, 19, 20, unim- I) the Ir. S. Govern-inent) also, all Liids l" in,
provd';'bhltck 0,.lots noi. I. 2 -3,4, 5, 6, 7., 8, 9, E.t ,t" the B., I',f Apalaclhcrra and borderinig
,) It 12, 13, 14. 13, 16, 17, 18, 19,'20, unirn- on St. G,.rg.-'s S.iind. ad r'nnin- Eeast to the
pr,'ived ;'blo.)ck P, lotis no. '1,2, 3,-- 4, 3), 6, 7, S', mt.:.,ilh r Nejw River, r.min thence in direct lute
9, 10, 11, 12, ', 14, 15,',. 17, 18, 19,-20, unimn- J.) the Chipor.la Ciit-o-ff, ldllvwing the Apalachi-
proved; bln'kc Q. lots, nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, .8, cola River d.vin to its m.iuth, inticluding.Forbe's
9, 10, l ,- .i / 13,14; I ,1, 1 7)1 7,617, O,l 2'), iiim- island (,o called); the wh,,le containing.S,,'iiLii'.i
provide; bl.ik ; lts,:n.os' 1t ,29, i,:iti'e, f're of third. quality of Land; and 1000.of 2d
uniniproved ; bl"k l'Jtnfo- 4;.7,ii'imnrove'd ; *u ,lity, as'per'returns made by the As.essir of
blu'lk c, ot nI. -8, improved ; block 3, lot no. 9, Stile Taxe for-'Franklin County. :
ulimprO'ved; bl-Ick 4.l:ots nos 3,4, ff,78,'9,u- : JOHN LUCAS, Sle'iff',l
irn-roved; h[,clk 4 lot no.). 2, improved; block and.:Ex-Offi.i Tax Cllet.,r Franklin Co.
5, lots nos. 2 to'6, inclusive, unimproved:; block: 'Apalachicola,,'Nov. 4, 15J7. 4-2-im..
5, lots ns. 1,7, S, 1), impr.wv,..l; block-6,.lots Ha'dwtare, SShip C7luuIadilery, &A-c.
*lnos. 1, /7,-8', 9, au in r.ved : bl..k 6, lots no.. rpHE Subcribers have ,n hanIal ..,r sale-
2,3,4, improved; block 7,lots'nos3.,1,2,3,9-,10,. Li LOCKS, a,-orted, But-s, Screws, Hinge,
riiin -)roved; block'7;lots nos. 6, 7,8, improved.; Hniilsaws, M aillsaws, CrosesLit do, Pi-;es,
block 8, lots no4. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, unimproved,; C.'ini'j.i-.s, Au4rei, Gimhilt, Chies, ace
lilock 9, lots noq 1, 4, .5. 7, a, 0, u-'irnpr.-ved ; and Buts, R.,.s Bevlk, Sliires?, Broadijxes,
hlock 10, lots n.-I 3, 8, U8,,ii.in'.ov1 ; block 11), Ship do, Collinas''do, Adze,'H'ilchets, Ham-
lots nos. 4,7, ,improved; block 11, otsnos 4, 8, mers, S'iitte Hani.-, Blinr do,,Steel ads.
unimproved; blodk 14, lots nos 6, '7,- 9, 10,'l Counter Scales-, F'arl'itiui d., Cott,,tn. d.
Unimproved- bl.o.k 15, lots nos. 4, 9, 10, un- Kitcien War, T.ble Cutlen, Shovel and
improved.b k 17, no. 9, T)rimpToxed ; block T ongs, Fire Irons, &c. '
r 17, lots' nos. 6, '7, improved ; block 18,-lots nos., BLACKSMITHS' Bellows," Anvils, Sled>..,
2, 3, 5, 6,.';, 5, 9, unimproved; block-jS,;16t Hammers, 'ices-, S.,rewplates, Stoeks.-and.
n'. 4, improved ; block 19, lots nos. 1 to 10, in- Dies, Tongs, 'Files; Rasps, &c.
liosiv, un-,iirnproved. ; blck -2. lots nos. 3 to 10, IRON-Sweeds, English and Ame ican, assorted,
in lsiv'_ e, uam ",. 21,lotno. 5, im-dCRE niiaaid emp assortedt
p e cl ots e t.-. ost; block 2 ripo10 ncor ,- round,flat and square, Band,Hoop, Sheet and,
I.)t, ?,k-,2,1,1.-it 3n....to4-and 6to1.,clu- Boiler Irpo. Railroad, Spike do, Horseslae
iue, uilt'o- unimproved; bl2ots nos. 1,3, unim ,iron andNils, ., English, Blister and
,proved; block 23;,lbfs no. 6,-7, 8, 9, Unimproved; German Steel.
hlck ', ots os. ', 10.,unimprov'd.; PLOTTIGHS-Sirile and Double Cornshellers,
block2t5, lots.no,. 3,4,,r,6, unimproved; block Corn.rills, Log(hains, Tr,'e do, Ox do,
23, lots ros. 4, ',6,9 7,,8,- 10, unimproved; block Shovels and Spaei.'s, Weeding HOe o Garden,
27, lots nios.tolO, iclus3ive, wuiirnpirwve.; block Laue and Grubbing Hoes:'.
2,, lots no. 5,- 6, 1,'8, 101,.eunimproved; block CORDAGE-M- nilla arid Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
to, lots nos. 3,4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ; Tar, Rosin, Cml Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
bloc 30, lot no. '8uoitnptrpved; block 31, lots Qpiks, Blocks, OWrs:, &c.
nos. 5,j8,u9, 10,uiim'proved; block 32, lots nos. CA.STINGS-Siir K-flles, Mills' and Caul
1,2.3, 6,, 7, 8, 9. 10,'uniummproved.; block 33, lots dron Baki.'vns, Spiders, -ots, Enameled
nos. 6; 9,ru'!,tmproved, lock 3i',e ot tnos. 2 to Kettles, Tef Kttle.. & -
1o, i1 'itsive, improvev; block 3,e lots nos. 1, TINWARE--A full assortment.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, urumproved ;bloc,-k 36, lots nos. 2 Wholesale or retail.
to 10o, inclaiive, unimproved; block 37. lots nos.c ROBERTS,i ALLEn& Co.
4, 5: 6, 7, 8, 9, 1.0,unimproved; block .38, lots Apalachicola, Jan.,20, 148.
noi. i'top9,rivedtuiive, unimproved; block 39, lotsds: ,
nos. 1 tp 10 inclusive, itimproved ; block 4'), Hardware. -,
lots nos." 1, 3,'4,-'5, 6, 7, S 9, 10, uiirnproved; LAINS, Plain Irons, irirle and double, Ham-
lock 4- an..d42, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, each ,I. '.ners, Drjw Knives, \Aiur", 'tAuginer Bits,
block, urnirnproved; bldck 43, lots nos. 1,l2,3,9, Spring, Braces, Tiinter Srcibos, turn Secro-" ,
liu'improved;, block44, its ms lto 10, loinclu- Marking Guaget NI.rs, Mi. e d.. Sa,' S.-I, Wo.'dl
give, unimproved; block 45,-lot nos. '1 to 10, in- Rules, Adzes',VWrenicheq, Siws, Locks, Hodks
elusive, u'-timproved ; block 43, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, andStaples, Butts,.Screwg, Hirizes, Shiotter Bolts,
6, '7, 8,'Wqim?0rrved; block 47, lots nos. 1 to 10, Brads, Tacks, ,Copper Wire, Melting- Ladlii, Rat
inlusiive, u iniproved; ,lb ck 45, lots nios. 1 to Traps, Aies, Halt-het,. C..oIlee Mills, .Sledze Ham-
10, inclusive, unimproved; block 49, lots nos.- 1rners, Smith Trigi, MNill Sa.-, Aniilt.R &c.'&c.
to 10, iticlusive, unimproved; block. 59'), lots nos. For sale by B ELLItON & Co.
1 to 10, indecisive, unimproved; block 51, lots -Dec 9.. Cor. W..iter and Chestnut sts.
nsd 2"t0- 10, inclusi ive, unimnprov-e-d 1; block 52,
.... t,-q^ +... .. --yx,, Genesee Flour, 'I its noi: -l.to9, in.nllkive, unimrproved;blc Gn Fior bick mf eui Utr,,
lots n 1 to1) inclusive, u'ninprved; block. AND superior article of CHEESE, for sale
pr. o.v .-.y ...E. TULLY,
5, lotsn's' 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, S, 9, 0, unimproved; "/o i" *\Io:T'
lo-lnk 5I, Lotitbos. I to 10, inclusive, unimprov- 5oy 11 A t er st.
il ; blo 'i 5"!, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unim- T"ATSand Caps by the case low for cash by
proved ; block 59, lotsin6s, l to 10, -mclustve,Iun- ,l ,B. ELLISON & CO. '
irnprovd; blo1< 6,9, lots'nos.1.to'8,inclusive,un.- .Dec 9. Cor. Wader anti Chestnut st.
impro~ dl ;block. 61, lots nos. ito 8,-inclusive, un- -, "
imroived; blocks 62 to-69 inclusiv.e inimproved; Tr'usses,' .. ..
block 70 lotsnoa'-." to,,10 ticlusive uo.jmproved ; Q INGLE and double, for sale by- "
block 71 lots noa 1 o, 10 incrtusive unimproved; 1.3 July 17 .. J. C. ALLEN.
block 72[lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; Drugs, t"edicsne1 & Cluemicals.
block 75 lots tnos i to 10 inclusive uri.mprovetl -A F"RESH supply of Drugs, Medlicines and
block'76,lots nos .1 to 10 inclcisive unimproved; ".. Chemicals, nowiandinig from bark Reform,
block 77 lots. nos.1: to 10 inclusive unimproved; and for sale by" ,-..,'; .-
block- .75%lot ns 1' to-io10 incl'usive unimproved; Nov 11 '. -. ..+ j. C; ALLEN "

block1-lot3-1s'- n6'1 ti 10 inclusive unimrproved;
blocc 8'2lot" nos 1, t6'10 inclusive Onhimprovedi,'; hardware.
hlock'83 'lnts'.os 1 'tol0 inclusive u"i"pr"vel,; rTRACE' CHAINS, Spades,' Locks, assorted,
block .8 flts rios 1 -to 1.9 inclusive unimproved ; JL- Wagonand Cart Boxes, DrawingInives and
block 8-5+ots' nos 1 to 1O inclusive unimproved; Irons, &c. &c. for sale low by .
block 83 lots nos c4 t6 8 inclhsive uninmproved; Nov 11 E ; E. McCLULLy, 50 Water st.
lalock.7 1otn nos 1 t6 i10 inclusive uniriproved; Bagging a-d Rope,
block 89. lots.rtos:'l to 10 mncisnve unimproved,; FOR sale by E. M c LLY,
block 89 lots no. I to 10 iricltasiuie unimproved; Nov 11 ^. Water s,.
block .93 lots ogs 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
llock"0l lots no. I to 10 inclidsive ,uriilp ro-ved;, .-EtDLITZ, yeast .and Soda Powders of the
blhck 92 Ints nos 1 to 10 .inclIusive unimproved; best quality, for sale by
block 93 Iota 00os l4to 10 inclusive unimproved;: July 17 J. C ALLEN.
blo0k ^t lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; -M "
block 93 lots nos--3 4 5 6 7.8 9 10 unimproved; Wood Ware, &c.
block 9. -o^ no 1 2 o3 6 7 8 9 i1.unimproved; H ARREL Covers,..Pairlted Pails, Tubs, Flour
hlnt 01 Q/lots nos l to 10 inclusive unimproved; -LI Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,

block 99 lots nos 1 'to"q0iWne.hluive unimproved; .Brooms, &c. &c. tor sale by
block 9"3 tots no; l to o10 inclusiveu improved; B. ELLISON & Co.
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10tO inclusive unimproved; Dec 9. Cor. Waler and Chestnut sts.-
block 101 lots nos 1 to .10 inclusiv.e unimproved ; UININIE, Camphor and. Piperinie, !ust-re-
block n lots nos t. to 10 inclusive unimproved; J ceiveand for sale by
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;- F:'ABELL.
block 104 lots nogo Ito 10 inclusive unimproved; H ,1 .
block 103 lots nos ,to 1) inclusive .unimproved; 'BEEF-Mess atnd Prime,
%lock-1:00 lots no? 1'to 10 inclusive unimproved; Pork-Do do
blook-01 lots nos.t to 10 inclusive unimproved.; -Bread-Navy atid Pilotor sale )y.
block. + lot nos l -io 10 inclusive un.improved: Dec: 30 B .ELLISON &. Co.
blat I .lots aos I to 10 inclusive unimproved': ,r,,,, Nas &r .
block110 lots.nosIto10inclasiveim.proved Iron, Nails, &e.
bloc 1Ul lots nos I to 10 inclusive 'unimroe : TNS Sed Iro assorted sizes;
blodle't2 lotsnosI to 10inclusive unimproved: 100 kegs Nails,. do.-,
block -fi"J- loAos Imto 10 inclusive unimproved: 4 casks WeedingHoes, assorted-. u'.':-ies;
Block ito- po0s I to t10 inCmusive unimproved: 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
block 115 Ilmts'-os I to 10 inclusive, unitnmproved : ".0 English and American Vises; .
block .116 Lots ioil to 10 inclusive. unimprovedi 20- Bellows; :
block 117 lots nos I'to 10 inclusive. unimproved: 12 dozen Spades and Shovels;'
lock .1tS lots nos to 1 t 0 inclusive unimproved: 10' Collini' Axes; '-
block 19 lots nos to lOinchisive unimproved 0 x Cotto and W Cad.
blocli 12. lots nos 1 to 10 incluisiv ii unimproy. ed. _o o ... a.
blcli i1I lotsnos I1to.10 incisive unimproved: i -case Rowland'sCatt Steel Mill Saws;
block 122lots nos 1 to. 10 inletusivIe vanimproved: 1000 lbs Casand German Steel, f sale by
.CA116,261 lots nos i to 10 inclusive .un-uimpoved: WM.G. PORTER & CO.
l oct" 1.?-ots no !lo 10,inclusive unimproved Dec 30"+ 4& Water street.
blockI lositS nis 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved: Razors b
bloek- .12 lots nos 1 toI0 inclusive unimproved azors, .
bloeW 127"1Qts nos 14o. Itinelu';i.v e unimproved t ,- TADE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers & Son's
block 1231 ots.uos 1Ito .0 *tnclnsive unimproved: superior Razors'for'sale by.
block 139 lots nosI to-10 inclusive unimproved Feb FABELL.
block 130ots noi I to 10 inclusive unimproved;. 4
block 131 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : Henry-'s Magnesia,
block 132 lot s-oosl to 10 inclusive unimproved: ; -rsT received andcfor sale by
bloct 133 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; d' Feb 24 H F ABELL.


THE undersigned propose piLlik.hing in the
Town of Marianna,. Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly nnsxhipat'pr %ithi the Ah. -'e litlIe?.
SThis paper wilt le dvoled tol Literature, Agri-
culture, arnd Scieiice; it writ also contain the
current ne'.'s of thie d i) and articles in support of
the Whig P.licy. "
SThe want of -a local paper has I.-en severely
felt in Jic1;.sn., \Valton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led-,to.the proposed establishment of
thi J.I.urnal. :
ThI -. un:ler.ikned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of September
Ti;:nMis-Threep dollars perannum, in advance.
$3 50 if paid-within six months; or $4 00 at the
erind of the year.
July 31, 1847.

5HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
S 20 bbls StCroix-' "
5 bx-s Se-:iart's Loaf"
1 1i bbls k r:iund ,
'lii sacks Rioi C,,i.e; 50 do Java,
40 bxs Ar-.miii,'Tobacco;
S .50 ." h''d do.; ..... '
20 Spepr C:ahdles; ,i)b',s brown Soap;
I. his Shirt; '50 kegs Powder;
1i:,i Ibs Lead; ': ,. .
200 -kegs White, Lead, No. I. E';tra and Pure.
For 'aleby v\MII. G. PORTER &. CO.
Dec 30 41 W.iter street.

On Coiis.gniuiicnt.
J UST r'-ceived on consignment'- '
. l ,,,)u" Segpars, ".C1eebrad.,i.''-
.I.ij) ,' CazidurL-:,r Esmero,"
6 dozen R-! rv'e "Maderia,
6 ". Reina" Part,
6 : 6" Clih-rrv C,.rial,
S, 10 T.,_m.-to Catsup,
For saleby NMcCALLA & DOMAIN,
Dec -* 46-ti 9 Cluiabus Block.

Tlomn psoun'-Coiuipounnd Syrupof
S Tar annd Wood Naplna,
F: OR the c.re iof consumpti.:n, chronic, bron-
Sclititis, asIh ma: '% ho.piring cougih, palpitation
of the leart, li,'rr ccoiplaints, atin.l aflctions of
'the kidneys, tor sale by -.-.

IIrish Potatoes anid Onions.
A .FINE article fr -ale by .. <
SN,-v 11 I E. McCULLY.50Waterst.
SAL.ADj O[IL, jult recciiedl .onr sale by
SA|rl 117 H. F. ABELL

BULL'S. Said's-;, fi'istiol';s aid Bailey's com--
..) p:.urd rluid extract of Str-:.,prailla, just re-
ce, ved, and for sale by .
Feb 17 H F BELL.
Dr. W oodrufir's Anfibillions Veg-
etable Life Pillso
F OR sale by ',.
'Feb 8 : J C ALLEN.

W IN:ER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale by
Feb'.17 H F ABELL.
v BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

HtEETI'NGI, SlJ)rinins andi Prints, by the
. baleand-case,, low for cash, by
: : B. ELL.I.ON & CO.
'Dec 9. C Oor. Water-and Chestnut sts.
S \V'EDE I S'ic,Stchi ,We'rdig aindGarden
'."- Hoe;'. Pl aksiiitlis B-tl.''s. C..tonr and W ool
Cards; Spr,-ide and Shovels, tC.-ihlron and Sugar
Pan,, Ploughis, &c. ,&c. for sale bv
Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
: Bailey's Tonic Mixture.
4HIS-is I vuiJ.0,'1. compound fluid extract of
I.JL Ciihona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
\Xuna-e;12 v II. F.*ABELL.
5 O HHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florida
,5.0 for sale by B. -ELLISON & CO*
".Dec30 '., Cor -.Water and Chestniut sts

Saddlery, &c.:
S ADDLES, ot various patterns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits, -.
Saddle Bags, .
Martingales and Whips, for sale by
S WMN. G. PORTER & Co. '
Dec 30. 41 Water street..:

WAI : Panacea.
SWATM.&HOUCK'S Painicca. just received
k andfor sale by -
Feb 1-7 H F ABELL.

POTATOES-11-11: bbls.; Turnips-50 bbls.;
Carrots-50 bbls.; Beots-ai-5 bbls.-
Parsnips-25 bbls., for sale by
Dec 31.1 B EL'LISON & Co.
F. or Sale.
0)fl-" SACKS Salt; "21) fijikins superior But-
,.LJJ ter. Apply to '
Jan 13 NOI'RSE, STONE & Co.

: Coffee.
100' SACKS Rio, 'Havana,:and St. Domingo
SCoffee, for sale low by
Dec 23 9 : E McCULLY.

'Oil Cloths and Carpets.
1 PCS Oil Cloth, I1 and 2 yards wide;
1,.5 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 Stair "
10 Tufted Rugs, '
For ,sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
SDec 30' 41 Water street.

Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary -Cor-
S" .-= dial, :
"FOF Diarrhcea, Dysentary, 'Cholera Morbus,
I'I Cholera'irifantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

1O' BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
ment, for sale by .
-'Dec -.. .-J..DAY & Co.

Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Nen's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans; -
Gents fine.Calf Brogans;: :
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; -hLildren's.do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;',- "
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.. -
A large and extensiveassortmenit,just received
and for sale by -WM. G PORTER & CO.
'- Dec 30 41 Water street. :

Blank ,Books and Stationery.
T EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.-.
1.A 50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
SCotton Memorandum Books; .
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for Letter Press. ,
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by .
March 1 H. F. ABELL,

/CASTILE Soap for sale by
SFeb 24


uLcflal tNotic.s,

At Chaunbers,
John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,
vs. I
George K. Walker and Mary '
his wife, of the State of
Fl.-rida, James E. Bettner Bill for account
and Ann his wife, of the ( and partition.
State of New York, and
-Jane McMasters,". of the
State of South Carolin',
Defendants. J
UTPON affidavit of Complainant's-Solicitor that,
* the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be, given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, upon due proot of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by the next ruleday,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c,.
Conpl'ls Solicitors.
A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU,
lDec 30. 50-4m .- Clerk.

Franklin Circuit Court.
The Presideiit and Directors ofl
the Batink of Pensacola, 'InCancery.
vs. Chanceey
Hiram rManlov, and thee-rs. J;, .
S At C2hamnbers, 24th Mareh, 154S.
TTPON reading the Billand Eixhibits, filed in
This cause, ft is ordered,' that service of said
bill' be perfected on Hiram Manley, one, of thre
defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a recidenit of the Middle District of,
Florida, by publication in the newspaper pub-.
lished inr the city of Apalachicola, for the space
.of two-months, requiring said Manley to be and
appear before the Court on the first MNonday in
June next, and answer said bill, otherwise the
same, will be taken pro) confess as to( him.
GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c."
SA True Copy. -
S WLVtiIAM VAiLL.A., Clerk.r
March 30, 1S4S. ll-,m

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, )
- vs.*
William B. Finch.)
IT beinsi made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beumnd the limits oLthe
State of Florida, to wit, in, the State of'New
York'i It is -Iordered that vice of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confesio.
At Chambers, Se-pt. -20, IS47.,
A True Copy. Judg-, &c.
'. -. W. VALLEAU,-Clerk.
October 2-S, 1l17. 41-4m
SIIn Chanucery.
.Thomas Barkar, ) .
vs, Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samatith Bairker. ) : ;
IT appearing to the satisfaction -of the Court.,
by affidavit made in this',case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samanitha Barker, resi des'beiyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida: It is or-
dered.that the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer th.? a'iaid petition within three
months after the publication of' this order, or the
said petition wiill be taken fir c-onfessed; and it
is further ordered that this orderr be published in
some newspaper in, the Western Circuit of this
Sta!e forthe space of three months.
SGEt3. S. HAWKINS, Judge W.C.
January 6, 1848. 5 l-3m* '

In Clam ucery-Franklinn County.
Mary Green, by her next friend,
vs. -- .Bill forDi-
S James Green, Defendint. ) vorce.
T-HE Court having "been assured-by affidavit
of complainant in, the above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida',
but within the United States, it is ordered that a
hearing be- had upon the facts charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing
lthe djte of this order, and thereupon to pass a
decree in the same manner as it the defendant
had appeared and' were present in Court: Pro-
vided always that a copy of this order shall have
been published in some newspaper of Ihis State
for the space of three months at least before the
first day of said term, and due proof of said pub-.
liTation be made to said Court. .
GEO.-S HAWKINS,' Judge, &c.
A True Copy. -
Apalachiic:la, Dec. 2"25, IS47. 50-3m

Calhoun Circuil Court.

. all j erm, 1547.
David J. Mears, ) "
vs., Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth-Mears. : '
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
. that the defendant resides out of the Western
Circuit of Florida, and out of the State, it is.
ordered that said defendant berequired to appear
and answer' this bill of complaint on the l1t
Monday in April, A. D- 1848, and in default
thereof this said bill be taken pro confesso, and
that this order be published in some rnewIpaper
:inthis Circuit, for the space;of three months
before the day ordered for the sail hearing.
December 7, 1.,47. .9-3m
M.lap Agents Waanted.
THE subscriber wishesto engage in the sale of
his Maps a number of young and middle
aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having completed n4ew and
greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas,
'72 Maps; large Map of the World, Reference
and Distance Map of the United States, National
Map of the United States--also, a variety of
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible; prices., -. -
Address, : '
: Northeast corner of Marketirid Seventh
Dec,-30 :, Streets, Philadelphia. ,

S Liverpool Salt, :
F OR sale by ". -: .-'.'1.*- ? -.
F Dec 30 'B ELLISON &Co.:
2 9BBLS WVhiskev; 1) bbls Molasses;
29 1 pierce Rice, just rec'd and for sale by
"Jan-6`' -' E. MlcCULLLY, 50 Water*st.

-''.- '. --Snuff. ., '-
SC-OTCH and Macaliovy, in bottles and blad-
ders, just received and for sale'by
Feb 17 : H F'ABELL-
Dr. WVoodruff's Worm Specific,
A SAFE and efficient remedy for wormns, or
s- Faleby 3- J C ALLE. -
Feb 3 J LEN.

-4-The+I-idians' Elixir.
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, for
saFeb y .- -J C AL ,S' ,+
, eb,3 -j ; JC ALLEN, ,-

--------4-----------c-e -~- -- .r~--m~- I ~l~e~11~7W~ ~-. d --L

per'1 su Iid e L-'i_ ,' .,';ll* i .'5, 1 ojrni r nrl ,
Jiivide-r, Compassies, Sail Needls. Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do. Palms, Rigsing Leather,-
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers. Hicliheis. Chisels,
Augurs, Planes.JIanidsaws, Ginmblpts, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tailf Iron Squ ares. Culpboard Locks,
Stock do. Hooks and Staples, -Hinges. Padlocks,
Wood Saws. Pendant Haimlyards, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do. Hand Leads D,-p
Sea do, Slieet do. Bar do, Funnels, Lanihorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitich Polts, _Lng Books. C.. o d',
Belayinz Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, CGrp,-nniei's
,Tools, Sainpson Posts. &-c k'c.
SApalachicola, Dec 9, l147

Net and Twine Maiim cluring
S Compauny,
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers inrBrNaii's Patent
Twine Stanrds, Post Office Twinei, Baleing and
Bundle. Twines, McCart 's Cottor, Herring Ti ne,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and ULilannd, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shrouid-laid M.ck-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohag.,n Shad. Bass,, and
Dip Nets.. Government Seines ith Bag-; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seine".
.A' B. \'At9 and Seines knit to- orltr at slio t
notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agets,
October 14, 1.-17. 39f Apalachic.-la
Groceries, A 'c.
J UST received fromin Newv York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of Groceries, &c.
consisting in part as follow.-, viz:
Crushed Sugar, "a fine article," ....
Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup, -
cpg. Brandy, a super. article," '
Corn. do. .
SHolland Gin, of-thebest quality,"
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy, :.'
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum, .
l Maderia, Port and MNalaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Srarch, ,.. '
N. 0. Rectifi(d Whiskey, --
Brown N. 0. Muscovado and St.'Croix Sugar,
Bacon Sides, &c. &c. .
All of which will be sold 10Q,.by- ;'
SNov 11 .) Water st.

Groceries and Ship Storesb
R1IO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, G-oshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskev, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Calsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruiis,
-Beans, Sall, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row R.oot,lCorn, Oa:s, Buckwheat, Mustard. Rice.
For sale by B. ELLIS'ON A, CO
Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

SPRING and Thumb Lanrcets, just received
Sand for. saleby' ,- ;. .' .. "' :.. '-
Feb-24 H F ABELL.

T OR sale by
: Dec 30
1.- Te Y s

mners' Oil,

merl s oeseged Btsoos;
firf- se-Wv d P .,Is.|:i ",:
Russet Brogars. For sa. h',_ .-
1. ELL HSON,& CO., '
Dec 9. C-r.. Water ard Ci esilt (sts.
S d' Sale "-
0 .P'BLS Hay. iiow. lanrdinrg frori sl ip Flori-
1J'j 11.n. Appl- lo- 0
Dfe '2:) 'NOItRSE,.STONE & Co."

H1ops, .
FRESH Fall Cr.,p, fsle hv ...
F April 17 H. F.,-ABELL;.

Dry Goods. .
D-RI.LLINGS, Ti,-kig,2, C,,ilon Onahirzy;
J i. ,rnels, Kerse s,. Jeans, Flanrinel-, 'Ila.n-
kts, Twee,]h, Shirtif, Sheetmiis, Checks,;'
GAirIhairns, Calicoes. [telne.. HFi-ier\:, &c &C '
F,.r ale by B. ELLiSON & CO"'
Dec 9. Cnr. Water ad Cli.-triat sts
Varda.e for Cot('Oto .
R OOMI.I.fr ,'iir bales im k.vwer Cil..n Yard.
F A pr2. h1 t C .
Feb 24. D -WOOD &. Co. "'

) EEP.LS Champie. I,,rs,-,le t ov
*JI} Dec 3,) B ELLIS,',N Co.
.-. .

A FEWV bbls pure Cidr \Vinegar, for sale low
by E. McCIULL'Y,
Nov I1 50 WVater.-st. "
Hydrostafic Ink Fountain.
A FEWVY Hydrn.la.J: i .Fu iil a i ng'Pen.acks-
Sand Boxes, Paper olders,-tampisaes s,
Paper Clasps, Weightls, &c. for sale by. .'. -
Nov IS J C AILEN.. ;.
Gold Pens. -
FEW of Woodward & Brblher's'. supe*'i''
Gbld Pens, just received and for sale v'. '
October 21;. J .C. ALVEN.'
WVestern Produce. /' i ''-
ST. LOUIS Flour', :Ohio do, Lar., Jiikey
SSugar, choice arid prime; Molasses,/oricn+'e' "'
and prime Bacon, Hams; Sides ann S ltfers, f6ir.`
sale by ". B ELLiSO1.'&Cb. '
Dec 9. ..Cor. Water and cstnut ss; -.
..IGuaVa Jeil ie
IN differe't sized boxes, just `ir1'eid fro'tIfa;
Svana, and for sale Ey .
Dec 23 .cCULLY.;
School Bpq '.;*. "-'"'
SCHOOL BOOKVS,.ol all kl `s,.just rec'd .by .'
SNov 11 :" ,.C.LA4.EN-a'
Bacon, Flour, Sui,,7'Cof, e "ui ',
Sal .... .
LWAYS'on hand, an .r sale low by .
A Dec 23I .
Dec233 t- E'McCtlLLY... '
Swayui aWista"s ,
(OMPOUND Syrnpl WildChexry' just re.*,:-
V.. .c.eived and for sal Y .
Feb 17 or7 H F ABELL.I ..
I OFFAT'SI#,r.dLLS AND- P yoeEN '-. *i
BITTER~S, received andfoi sale byv,.I.tl
Nov 28 F. ABLL.,Efgi.#. :

4 .

- -- I

THE subscribers offerfor sale a large and sea- Drugss, Medicines, .Pai-nts --011S
.sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting'in Dye=Stuffs, P;sUiey i
part of .' .. ..... ,I THE.q ndersigiiI- retrniigfij hk9 '"
Negro Kerseys and Linseys, to his friends and lhee pbbftcij ik.i "
White and Red Flannels, : liberal patrohIagej. ar _.t.infri
Bangups and Tweeds, "- :"T that he is-vo receivinrit' ddqaj0p-
Super plain black and fancy Casameres, + al supplV,' which added o. r
Super English and French Cloths stock, renders his assortment tin'sbalh'.,-Ei
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs : and complete. English, French, tertiah 'Ipd"
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10qrs. American Drugs; Cosmetitcs; Perfum'er'y; t-iasi "
Marseilles Quilts:, 9,10, 11 and 2 qrs, and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c., are offeret
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, ': : to Physicians,- Country Merchants and others ot
Brown Shirting and Sheeting, the most liberal terms-all of which he'warrantt -
Cotton Osnaburgs ,. pure and unadulterated. ..
Cotton Drilling andTicking, H. F. ABE' J .
Lfnen and Cotion Checks, Wholesale and Retail Dfruggist,
Irish Linen, Shirning and Sheeting, 45 Water-street. ,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, Apalachicola, Nov. 2 1,46.' -
English, French and American Prihts, :.
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams, Drullgs anI Jledicines.. --
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse, THE -subscribt',has, andl .will
Extra super Muslin de.Laine, i i constantl5liate, o .handias complJete
S English, Scotch and American do. S assr rtment of DRUGS and M._DI.
Super Italian black and figured Silks, CI'NES, 'hich he will warrant pure
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, 'and of the best quality. Counirit'v
Super English andPdn'gee Silk Hkls, Merchants and Planters i'll .f!u.rit
English and AmericanWCotton Hkt's, to their advantage to callexainine and pu'ce hiM
Madras and Verona head HkUl, Goods, before purcliasing elseWhere. -
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, N. B. Physician's prescriptions- put up "ifh
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings, care and accuracy at any hour of the da wnftight.
Cottonand Flax Thread, J. C..ALLEN, i-"
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, March 21 Cor. Centre arid omhinetr'Ns.
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, '
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c, &c ..1oln.es' Vegetable Pills," 4
7 FOR' D1'SM'IEN(h"; H EA,0 R' `iFr '
iWhich have been selected with great care in DYS..MENOTRLHEA OR ,. .
New 'ork and-Bost-nn.,from ItnportersanA' A.nts r t' cMENSTRUATION..t .
of Manufacturers, a,; lowest market rates, andI ouSE ccbor ited Pijis 6ave. h .e so ta- ,
are now offered at wholesale or' detail on favorable ou I her ire g is diase
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. that but little need be said'of 1hem,'r:.refr action
Dec.'3'), 1S47. 41 Water street. upon the system is wonderful, they immediately
arrest all pain in this disease, no matter ol.ol6w
A CARD. long stand ng. Pomphlets containing 30 pages
HE Subscribers take this method of inform- o testimonials from the profession, For sle by&
I irng the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi. Alarch 2 J
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat
anid wellselected Stock ol'GOODS, which will be "ATH EREAS, S R Bonner became p'irchaser
sold low, consisting in part as follows: V I' tm the Apalachicola Land Cumpanv, bn
Cloths andi Cassimeres, various styles, I the "22d dav of April, 1.S36, rf Lots. numbers 6
Fancy Prints, do. do.. and 10, in Block No. .'1, and Lots Nos. 7,.,%, 13
-Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured, and I-, in Bluck E2. I.getherwilh thewhartpri-
Silks; Frode Ryne, %ilege known on the inap _, plan of the City as
do. Montella No. 29, at thle price of $1 5,'-.5, fi.r which lie'e^x
do; Satin Striped eI: :. e: d his nobles, &c in ta[-,r c.f said C-.,mparv, "
Fancy Cashmere Robes which emAil, unpaid, With the interest due
do. Merino do. -.: thereon : And whrrots. b the a'reenmewt made
do. Delaine o do. it I Ih he said S. R lotner, it was fully Under-
do. lauslins, India Book stood that in caqe ofl ailnre tr) pay the said notes
Bfusolins, tIndia Book-
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored accii'dig lo he contract, thc said o-mpany
' -;'-Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread should be at liberty (,n gi ing thirty da's:.notice
S Shawls, Damask Silk in a ublic ,zetle. published in Apalachicola, to
: do. Marino, .. re-:ell said Lots at the risk c.. said purchaser, for -
do. Plaid Wool .h e benfitir of said Ci.miany,. and il any sur Alus
do. Plaid Wool.. -
S'Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves n remaied. afl.er paoiin said notes, given for and
STuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest lasliion on account of s*id Lotl- anr all costs and ex-.
SRibbons in all varieties : penses, the same shall be -.aid lo Ithie'aid S, R.
Brown Shirting, '7-S, 4-4 and 3.4 Bo-nncr, orf hi's, lIgi rerrserntative.-; and where-
Bleached do. 7.5, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4 as, the said S. R. Brfier hai failed Io pay said
Blankets, 6.4 atid 8-4 no te, e r r so the said Conray. in r'ursiiuane of the
In in and Gotton Carpeling' premitei, will exi.se -rie Lr.lt aforesaid io sale
Canrpet dGttnCarpetg .....a auct f i"r. ir frort. ri- the Court House in said
HCarpet Band Cap, all styles city, on Thii sday the sixih.diy, o-.Ap.iil nexr,
Boots and Shoes a s between lbe .flirs (Of 11.1 o'clck, A.. M. and -
Clothing ol all kinds. 'cl'ck, P. M. f:or cash, to pay up said noles and
Also, a neat assortment cof JEWELRY, and costs arnd clarcs.q.
many other articles too nuinetroas to mention. JAS.. 1' ITTNER," Agen t of lhe
Call and examine for vours,.le5. Turet.es :f ithe Alal.chicola Land-o.
M. N. SCOTT & BROTHER, Apalachic..li, Maricl 0,4.'
Dec -23 Cor. Water and Centre sts. V'inles on Consigliluen. .
B. Elliso & C. Cor. Water avid J UST r-ceived pet ship Marianna', andI for
B. Ellison h svCr. r n .l se tw f.r cash.-,
Chestnut stso. 1.) baka. Hiedick..Champagne,
SHIP CHANDLERY.5CasesOld Pale Port Wie,
MrANILLA arnd Hemp Cordage of all sizes, 5 e Po"drt re,. ..
.L" Haimbrolirne, Wormline, Marline, Spun- 0 uff G,-rd;n Sherry ine,.
yarn, Oakinii, Sperm jil, Fall do, Whale do, OlIve -I' old East India Madriai Wine,
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do. Spirits Tur- o f"d ESict ilda Maderia Wineby
peninne, Paints, Window Glass. Putty, h 6 ld Scily Maderia Wine, bv .
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Gre,-n, i..rch "2 E lcCULLY;- "
Emerald do, Imperial do. Chrome Yellow, Ver- oI --
digrik, Liih.rage, Sulphur. Briglti Varnish, CopalN -,t- we n ice,
d, Tar, Rosin, Pitch. Turpenfine, Coal, Paint i We Ann ateshavin left m bd and
Bru.ihes, Varnish do, Tardi,. Scribdb. Claunip di. a, bard without cause, the public are hereby-
Lamp Black, Chalkl, Wrhiting, Russia Duck. Eng- "antir.ied against harboring or rinsling her on
lih-h do, Conondo, Heavy Ravens do, Light do, rrj account, as I shall not be answerable for any
WhitPe. Blue and Red Bnlting, Nails, Copper do,. dbts contracied by her from tbis date. .
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boal do, Brads, Scre,, JOHE KATE%.
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Captain Gadsdenn Co, Foi). 15',O. 7-.*-AE
Bars, O.irs, Blocks, Shives; Jib Hanks, Hand" 2
Pumps, Deck Buckets?, Cedar do, Deck Broomsi, 1-)OTS, Shtes and Brr,,ans, by thecase;
Corn do, Caulking MA.lleta Sarvirngdo, Axes, Ax," i ,- ,' d B -ks -
Helves, H-loiks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do, .L .I. r-'I Shoes and Bikits
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, F"tih do. Caulking l Men's, Bo;ts and Yr.uth's Brogan;. '-
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes, Ship Sera- '-" finesM'Wd Brogans;
n-r, Mimy, linr'\; -. P *.h. 1a u-4- s n noots; -. 1 -*0



. .




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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: April 13, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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-':" L.... .
.r. ua. -. "- ,
v __
-. !4":'! : -;",: ..- "'- ''- -" ?

1. ,. "" ..
/ ,-
A ,' -, .,
'htr.. : '' C V / /
t f. tr / ts X, .

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1 ., *.*.- -

oininctciat u u 1, Utrtt6tr' 1 :

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.j .
.4 -

-- .
-- .

,, .
-- :" --- ----- .
-- = ==: : = == = = -
--- -- -- -
= _
-:; ==-:::- -- --O'=:====-_=- = -=-:-_-= :=--===- -= ::-=-_-=_ =' ::' '.:-= .' :._,,. _:=-=. _


.. .. --- __ __._ n _-. __ ______ ._ _
-- -
-' '-- ---- h ._._. __ ___---
\ ADVERTISER I 3t1711t( fJ Dittctocij.Uii J. FLYXX, !tt !JCtUa1t-rOt' The oars Il.tshed: .as iheir bl.I ,de turn ed: t ., \VliuL LO .vir.n- ; '\\ lio t I'if/A
up 1 Clip
ODIERCL\.L l __ .. ___ __ __ _________ .
PYJ. -' --. -- h-- --.--.-.- -- u (Late T. CL.iliK,) ----.- --- -- -----.- -. -----. -- to the rnoaoh!:l,". The! men who plied CAt.O '! .
rCJl.t'IHO! EVERY lcr\vood A; CaighfTAILORS BOOT AND SHOE MAKER [From the New York Dispatch ] them were t fathers; and had (father's; heart's; I borne cars ago. when Chicago was in Tn

IHv" JI.S ihestiengih which nerved them at thai moment infancy, a Stranger look up 1 biz quarters su
CONTINUES to carry on the :::SKETCHES: THE: CAPTAIN-THE RE?- than the principal) hotel, and inscrthttl IIM
was moie human. n..me
j1'I Editor.Biltzell'a BALTZELL'S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. > business in Apalachicola, opposite CUE. -
I : on the register as Mr. J
1v. G. n. D the City Hotel in Centre st. Suddenly Mr. Larkin ceased pulling and! -. of .St. Lau'n."
Apalachicola, Fa. It was in the month of February, 1831, a U) ht-ait for almost For several days he, remained there
cornet of Having !superior workmen, he is ) moment stopped;' us engaged -
.u" T'lird jrnry: and Ch.. tout ritiildinss streets.ThU. ,. {(:;- .\11 orders attended to with punctuality I confident that all who may patronize him will 1 i bright moonlight! night and intensely cold beating, for ihe terrible though that he had ill transacting: tile business which hail
fnllt'rc, ; andde.patch.--- Jan. 20 find that they have called at the right; shop. j that ihe little brig' ] (commanded) qnietlyat given out crossed my muid. But I was brought him lo the piace. and from his exceedingly .

: I :\1 .11. X. Scott & BrotherVHOI.K French Calf Skin, Morocco and Patent Leather her :anchurs inside of the look.. quickly' re-assured by his voice. plain: dress, manners and central
'H -* per annum, Shoes made to order of the latest and I \Ve had !hard time attracted but
arrrroy! "'-Thr'e I.lhr Hoots and a of it, beating about Gently, captain. entl -a stroke or two appearance, little attention.
."\" "I :ricagre or *:? -V) if paid:. within six DRY\ GOODS! ,\LE, CLOTHING AND RETAIL, BOOTS DEALERS, SHOES IV most approved style. Also, Patent Leather Gaiter : for eleven days off the coast with cutting moie-there, that will do"} -and the next :Soon: :Mr. J- was suddenly l'l7.ellitla illness -

it;;:I .Irta- ''If paid thereafter.r ILT:5'c.., Boots and! Shoes made in a superior manner. i nortli-f asteis blowing and snow and sleet moment the boat's side came in contact during which he W.IH sadly neglected'
it 1" flIT a |less term than SIX He will keep constantly on hand a large and selected for the by his boat anti tIle
falling most of that time. ; ,
) "It..n ift.nr! UM< be chared for Cor.Vater and Centre-streets assortment of Hf'3'llade! Boots, Shoes Forward, with something, and Larkin !sprung front : servant taking their
._ I.d 2 discontinued until the vE'5sel'as thickly' coated with ice and dies boat lone from the master of ihe house. left him
.r will be Dec 23 Fa. with his heavy feet the ice. I
"s- \ part, Apalachicola, and Bro' ans. All mending,&c., done with neatness upon
,1 _
I shift
"I I," .,lft' Il.id, unless, at th" option of the and promptitude, and on terms that cannot it was hard work to handle her, as the rigging started up. and calving; to the men to make ; to for himself as he Lest could. Thus

,"rIOI"-If" twelve lines A. Dodge, fail to be recognised! as in kaepms with tho competition and sails were stiff, and yielded only (".ist the boat to the ice, followed. i matters, went on, till one morning!; lie "at

;1\'ta; fl"Et: ;"s-r<.-r.-Ores.iurp, (of One Dol- SHIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANT. in trade and the closeness! of the times.Apalaclucola when the strenr tl'tithe men was exerted to We lau to ihe lark spot iri the centre of! fou. I past playing fur. His poi'era werp
\ ., he M' ..:,rt-d at Cent the* for every subset No. 40 Water Street, ., Dec. 9, 1S47. 47-Grn. the utmost. \Vhenlt length we made the the mass and found two little boys, ihe : then <<:examined. ihut the sad; mirliigence

,Ih' .' fird rn'1 Fifty Dec '_>3. Apalachicola, Fa.IVM. ---- ---- --- port, all hands were worn down and exhausted. head of the smaller nestling hi the bosom of might he commumr-iied: to his s tits| ; -ndswhen -
IMl'ft'f'I'T' \. Underwood & Caigh, \Ve could have held l; to the surprise of all he
nt not l-umd
bv the year a libergl : out two da'Slonger the larger-both were fast asleep The was to
be uf
'Ani.l.-; bit all advertisement not Clieever 111lli@lli 9 without relief. lethargy, which would have been fatal but ; one liteealhit'sr: men in the vvrsirin

.t 110 .\ n-iTf" thrown( buf ine':;, as well COMMISSION: ;MERCHANTS, RESPECTFULLY:: otiert heir services o. A bitter cold night i :Mr. Larkin," I saidto for the timely icscue, had overcome them. [ country-.. Arrangement were ncmrdmctv

.. .: ..., .;-;U-+ 1s.,'rti, "n?'\t., sc>ot in by them, will (Rice No. 36( Water street. to the citizens of Apalachicola my mate, as I tarried: for a moment on Mr. Larkin grasped one ol the Li I ids, cutoff. made for the fnr.ei.il ; but leforeihe uCt

t I i ;i at ibe'r; ;' rates. dec23 Apalachicola, Fla.Roberts ,. and the county of Franklin deck to finish my cigar. his shoes, lore off his jacket and then loosening j rites were performed tIll s, fjf't.t lame to

.'IU'I'\"'.; IH11 afwrtwinents;; m5S; be : .0\\It !generally, in the line of tehir pro The worthy Down-Easter buttoned his his own garments to the skin, plated I j life again; having been time viciim nf catalepsy -

J. Allen V Co., "; fession. Having monthly communication coat more tightly around him, looked up to the chilled: child III contact with his own !, \ instead ot the: grim King ".f Tenors*

air3: ;:r..' ;I aHiw will be charred for annaunc- I DEALERS IN iiAUUV.'ASE AND: SHIP! I' : ) with the. principal the moon, and lelt of his red nose before he w aim, body ciHt'rullyrapping fJ\"erhim his All were oveijoyed !his fortunate t''Ic:' t !.'.ire. CHANDLERY IKON STEEL: : NAILS I 11: Northern cities, thl'ywlIl be enabled from so dreadful a fate and front llm
It lit' I.r a I I replied great (coat which he pror.uied from* ihe j j liirn
ra'l t \ I to furnish their at alltinitSwith
,- I 'rh-." t-fr:: .':i adManrein reference, SIMKES.\ AND CASTINGS, \\11{ r- \t IheF.EST patrons AND LATEST I .. It's whistler, captain as we used to boat. I did the same with the other ill III! |j wereprofuse in tln-ir e\nrsYion- of sotui-
\ Jj- I
; pr1, "vilh th'cati, or city A rid .1'uifacinrcrs; of Tin Iron and ", : tuileelicited howtver.
Cop- l
." .- PLATES OF FASHION,1 Crrt'' say: on the Kennebeck. Nothing lives com- --and we then n'luined to ihe boat, and the' 1 we m.) juilce. bj
.'.r' \'rt\ "tmt'IOiIIrJO per Wares. fortable of blankets in such cumt'Ulary tidtuct'! : ," rather than
out by
ez montihshowing at a view the most Fnthian- night asthis. men, now partially recovered, pulled slowly

Dcc'I. I. Apalachicola. Fa. able Style, of JJrtss, which will be a decided ." any personal regard. At length, some ma-
Dfrcctonj. -- ------ ---- L.Hk.The
[: -.- ._- Cl.aile! Kosr crs John llnn. Ensjene! W. Rogers. advantage: to a fashionable community. The tide is running out swift and childn.n, as we learned, when we ventured to ask bow things appeared him

('hi '. Stokers & Co., X. P. t.entlemens'Iorning Gowns and Evening strong ; it will be well lo keep a sharp lookout subsequently: had the delight of rescuing; while in his trance, to which he thus rrj..lied
f:. Porter .\: Co. Wrappers made to order Cloaks of : 1 thought I had the
V tit. COMMISSION: 1 :MERCHANTS, ; every for this floating ice, Mr. Larkin. them to their parents were plain on the come to river lit

:\,",.", ; 1\ .;" ,.I.< .\ ,n CrMMIS1'1N( : : : Water street, description; made in the usual forms of the days; .. A'Je, aye sir," responded the mate, andI ice and had ventured on to the cake whichhadjunmed death, where I met au angel, who handed
MIil'HNT.S: : : Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superi'ormanner me a jewel to the
.1.(" 01 Apalachicola, Fa.J. went below. into a bend of the river about serve as a I'"'; to other
% 41! U'avr: street, ; Tunic Dresses and Boi"' Clothes of side. On giving this to the fVrryman. I
I. 'l'wo hours afterwards I ; received -
.1;+.ttAehtenh. ..F d. =SI-EVINS: T. H. AUSTIN every description made in a neat and fashionable was aroused ten miles above New York. A movementof from him
:t.) '.-. --- -- from a sound sleep, by the vigilant officer.Excuse the tide had 1Iotlltrhich c:.rritd m**
--" stle. All garments made at this establishmentwarranted I sel the ice in motion, ind
\\Miroo 5. .1. Stevenson: & Co. nrvvard
.. u5"H.j o. another stage:: in nnjournev. (Ju
t ,, If. tujil. me for disturbing you captain the little fellows were borne away on that -
'...', Stone cV Ui,., COMMISSION: MERCHANTS naltze1J's said he he detected log on thus, for several stages; reieitins at
lMl" (,.r' Shop, Second Story Buildings.! as an expression cold: night and! would have inevitably perished
(r 01 \1 : 'l I ,') :\IKUCHAXTS: AND Entrance on Chestnut street. of vexation my face hut I wish you but for Mr. Larkin's. espying, them as the termination of each, a ticket I'H tlc
N.4-' \\Ver-tr.-ot' \" \\.tchi..oh. Fh.l DEALERS:: IN DRY GOODS, &c., October U, IS &;. 3 -Gm would turn out and come on deck as soonas the ice was sweeping out to sea. succeeding; one. I at[ last reached tIlE Ci.te t

:7 i : No. 45 Water Street, CCh A plate of Fall and Winter Fashions just possible" "lloxv ilo: von feel ,'Ir. Larkin" I said of the heavenly cisy. There: I fnuiiJ( Saint

arih.lI.t: ,V YOMIIVSIiS 11 'c. 2'1. HIT.-. Apalachicola, Fa.jEUEUiMt recti Why, what's the matter :Mr. Larkin ?" to the mate, the morning; after this advrn Peter who opened the door ut mj summons
s' ,'l l f IV .\ II D l G ---- -- pipe iu mouth, seated by a small table. h
I ;! \1 i < I r\ .i' .111 DAV. DANIEL J. DAY. n'd.SANS Why, sir, 1 have been watching a large t>
M1 l E !t C11.1N1'S.N. SOUCI HOTEL lure."A wl.ich stood a goodly mug of steaming: !
cake of ice that swept by at a little distance, little stiff in the arms captain." ihe
.'. r,\Vtter-troet, J. Day &:: Co., whiskey\ toddy Good morning, sir," said
JBilliai'd Saloon a moment ago, I saw something black on noble fellow replied, while the tears of
,\ .uUctiicol: I'ta cnDJlIO: : M E R CIIA NTS, he, Good
\ 21 -.-- -- No. 32 Watertreet, AND: it ; something that I thought moved-ihe grateful happiness gathered in his eyes-" a very politely. morning Saint

Harper: ciollne l *. !\>". 2 Ap.ilaclucola, Fa. RESTAURANT. moon's under! a cloud and I could not see little stiff in the arms captain but very ea'y Peter" said I. Who :are you, sir, /" asked -

C I I1 \11 :oj i'N I MEixi t:: i i IIANTNal fr-Afrit* for LI.OVT : ;"aUo, Agents for the THE public are respectfully informed distinctly but so help me God, I believethere's here," and he laid his hand on the rough he, turning over the Ieves of a huge
., .Kliuiti-nrdnreCo."the! Protection Insurance! ledger. My name is .1-." "
r.i." and the Jlartord Insuunce Co." Hartford that the above establishment has: been I a child floating out to sea, in this I hest in which! beat a true and a manly Very. good.
.11''if t f;11' tP where did lye down below ?" "l
I\RtNI'EC'MP\N1', Conn. : entirely refitted, and is now open for the freezing night, on that cake of ice.V' ." 11t'art. My quaint, brave Down-Easier! you livui
\ : at Si. Louis., in the State .f Missouri"
"S1'"r"1. - ---- (
reception of permanent and t transient Boarders, \ e were on deck before either spokeanother (lie[ who l.ihhes the sets into fury and lets
of t l'i> ('.rq fir -\' 'r l.II/'k, !). IS. Woo A Co., Very well, sir ; and where did! die !'*
and subscribers strict
the atlenton to you
hope by
loose the
,. U'i1cr-tr.vT, word. The mate pointed out w'nhno tempest, will care for thee. The
X .1 COM Ill.5SIOXSD! FORWARDINGMERChi.1NTS .1 died at Chicago in Illinois." '
bussine.s ot their house to he second to ill
.1.,.tl.I.-\ir.h.\ Fa. : none little difficulty, the cake: of ice, floating norms may r.ige without, but in thy bosom "
I) '" I their 'orurc.rtable. Their table ? said he, sl.akin his head there's
--- rendering guest: go : no
-- ------ oil the leeward and its white and sunshine abide
to glittering alwavs.
No. peace
T. W. 1 r.. n. 7ALLnU. Water-street, will be supplied at all times with every delicacy such place, sir." 1 beg your pnr.'on.! St.
anOU n.c'2 Apalachicola, Fa. the market affi'rds. Planters and Captains of surface was broken by a black spot ; more 1 PeterlHlt
\V'ani\ ,V : [From the John-Donkey.] have: you a map (,( the United
f' < t\l\l\IIS 1 : -H: i t v \H l: t'tt.\\T-: : A. N. McK\v. N c. nO DI\'S.: C HAS. PRATT.A. vessels; will find this a \ convenient house. could not make out. States here ?'' "Yes, sir. .. .\ihm
; i Vi ',t N i 42 vVuti-r strt'et.--l:' Murs.tn : Game, O\stf'rs, &c. served up at all hours and "Get the glass, )u1 Ir. LarKin," I said, "the C TOLIA: : TALE OF A HEAD. look m.eto

1 ,Iii ._ .tin tiacnicula, !F.t.W \. Jlf'liay A Co. in the b .-,.t st\ Ie. The Bar will be well stocked moon will be out ofv that cloud in a moment Jake was a little negro who belonged::: to at it. Certainly sir. With that

.\t.n ,iV wr, +t ,\. :\kK".I"- COMM I : ISS1ON: : :MERCHANTS with the chofct-r Wines, Liquor.-and Segars. and then we can see distinctly." Dr. Taliafe rro ; and was said to have in his he handed down a splendid atlas anil I Ipoiult'lI
No. 4J Wafer-strt-et, Attached to the eftablihnent i i.a Billiard Saloon I the of out (('"hit'ago; on the map. "A *
::1ldi.'uzip.IC.j kepi eve upon receding mass
i U'.hc'\; my
i "
l little: frame a heart as big as General Jacks& right sir said IIP.lifter a moment's
.\11 / .;;;lkJ'j MCIICHANTS I ; : ])tr. 1i Apalachicola, Fa. spacious: and well lit up. ice, while i lie moon was slowly working her pacej
:N ,. jJ.1'r\ { street, _. .._ Grateful for past favors, the subscriberhope way through :i heavy brink of clouds. Them sou's-to say nothing of Nap. Bonaparte it's there, sure et>bii.li, so wall: in, sir ; Luc

1. i 1"1'., *.wla"hirolal'1.S. J. El. c..J.. ,11. Hull that their friends and the public will continue to lie stood by with the glass.Vhen the and Znck Til) lur. He didn't far even our I'll le blest if tau ainl the! first man that

----. -- --- 1CTOnDJISSIO: :\ :MERCHANTS: sustain them. ever came here from that place !"
|I \ .1. !si'iisn.T.W ; : No. 1, \\"dtnr street, i! JAMES GI SOX &'C0. full 11'111 fell at last upon the water, with a respectable fellow-citizen. Old Nick ; andas Thus ended: Mr. J-'s account t>f Inn

I )LR:> I.ENT: < Kir\IL GROCER, November 117. -irj-tt": : know in northern lati- for coolness-he
i D-r !J'l APALACHICOH, FA 11 . tudes. was as cool as the tiptop transition state ; and no ri.orr question*
ui\i.mily. -- -
Aar l n-1 1 1 .mtun? \
i'ir-:; di- .r -
of the North Pole. were asked.-Sj>irit of Ate Ti1 us.
st fii lit'' -ai,1tttre.s. DEW DROP glance was enough.

S".II \ :;.r 1. 'Ii. ,.t',tuirda,1'la.i. Urafesm'onalfrj :; XoticrfJ.V.I. .- Forward there !" I hailed at the top uf One day} Dr. Taliaferro, upon occasionof THE CLIMATE OF MFAJCO.-The clinnte
\ r
.1' 1 - mv voice, and with one bound I reach the the commencement of a Medical College! of Mexico is
; peculiar: : ; beautiful calm end
I': .\.IH'II t \ \I. S DXEY nHEEX, )1. H. I I U 1 Sit main hatch and began To clear away the of which he held the chair of Anatomy, serene, but the atmosphere: ru<> so nine I ft
.V i ,i.':"v i. v'D Ui:r u i.. little cutter which was stowed in the shill
:: :Miy !h.- t'iuad at !his residence, corner of a dinner. Among his less.oxygpu; in it than our, thut the uhohj[
gave was a
PINTS guests
I V\E! I 1 \ i" IK.NClNf.N: I ,
.1' ((.Itre and lli: li streets! opposite the Mansion! .\.iwl.! of Iif' i The
; : changed.'
v.t.\> ) .. h... \ ... t.t'; .. r. Cor. Commerce and Centre* well.1.uown'entril qnist. Late in the evening -
Hnii-o. Nov 0;. ;\Ir.1..ar\.in\ had received the from is
glass increased almost double in
A':< ._ \i-i-i- il j'- tin'-1t tlf St tti+lery. subscriber respectfully announces to his; frtquei} .
rpHE after the bottle had dune
/ .r. il,i t'1( i--tTlt t ihl .rlt.'r.tr.et-, \V. (.. 31. DavisTTOR.EY JL friends and the Public t that he has Openedthe i my hand, !, to lake\ a look for himself. "Jy work, the and there j is a want of that vigor and robust

\",-i,I II 'I" tliMi I >.. d. FaItc \ AND( COUNSELLOR AT LAW, aboveffouse, and solicits; their Patronage.! ; God he said, in a whisper, as he set to conversation turned upon courage, and the feeling which our climate affords a heahh! *

OiiThiservices: t., the public! I in either of the There will always In foiir.d at the bar woik to aid me in getting out the boat- Doctor boasted considerably of the lion- man, and once reduced: by disease ihere. u .

.ij i"i :nr.i S.iHer, i above! capacities.H"'vill selection of LIjIlOri''i III."S and Secar=, and '. m mv God!, there ate two children on that heart of his favorite man, Jake. He offered is almost impossible to regain;::: health: alf

C'tuli'l.N> X ,. I I.i i '.\'i Ircr:..tr..t-e.1 MERCHANT: i: { :..f.sir.., I. practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- Mine Host, with his assistant, will pa :strict, attention cake of ice !" to Let that nothing could scare him ; and strength. The mornings are ("nol.! too r mf.

will to those that do (Dew) Drop in. Two answered hail, and walked this bet the look for a man in a relaxed state of health 1ft exercise
n- ;. 1 i-r. ,\ .I'i-'r.mi; :! *, Fh.J. ho'i-i and ick-on Circuit Courts-and upon FRANK BYINGTON.N. men my ventriloquist up, naming
a s-HTidl;;; r-.uner! act as Counsel, in any Court lazily afi. In an incredibly short space of at the same time the test he wanted impo without danger of taking tool', whichis
r. .\ I III'l 21, (rf tblldHe \VcMern Circuit. He \illal-o, B Hot Lunch daily at 11, A. M. S-T tinge we launched. the cutter, into which sed. Jake was sent for and came. almost as bad as any other disease there ;

\t' ,'.i'I 'I-- .1"!' 1-1.i li-idi, i>-.il'rn! :: *r:u,- ritin; the Curt of/'fjtpeals' ,at I IIiihas- Feb. J 11, 1:0:, I" i\Ir. Larkin and myself jumped, followed, "Jake," said the Doctor, "1 /have bet a and the days are so hot lhat the rays of the
I,,L. .1 1 ; I, 'I -;<. i\r\rs: : III".":
% .
: .
';.-c, that .. +,!?ins of which, he will always be Apalachicola ExcluUIi the who I of head and sun canno.t Le borne taithoutmroducit; fe
two took.the oars. large sum on ;
-;i..t. -<, it i: :no.;!4 :-. vrrc.: by men rigged money your you
.. .
a 1,.." ;Ir..eat jt, "'il'- prevented by accident TlfE subscriber informs bus friend the tiller, and the mate sat beside me must win it. Do you think you can 1" ver. The natives wrap up iu cloaks: : lathe
.\1.11 tl'H.h.: <-:cttt.-ruber S: 1540.A. and the general, that he has become .
public in
.f yniriffMkar'jcw. ? If ; -- iifi ; ; in the stern sheets. B'-rry bell marster," replied Jake, "jest morning and retire at noon.
5 ttt., i 15, 1 L V \' A -. -i 1 1'tTl't\Eli1', V.- Arc.r the Proprietor' of this above well
(i. entities, Do you see that cake of ice with some- tell Its m -ga what he's to do, au' he'll do it,
ir lit! 1'i' .iii \: t'4$,n n T.tr"H". known ht-u-e, and will be pleased to entertain "
''-.._4__ in'! It' r.'-'4! t. Fid.I ATTORNEY AT LAW. any of the travelling: community that may favor thing blic.k!: upon it, lads" I cried ; put shore Coscn: CI-We are apr to t"o'tf'tt: thr
"1--- ----- {C"i* f ric'-> .\'J. t-'<'ltt- Xitntnoii Hia/ding, him i with their custom, and will al-o acc.ommo- me alongside! of! that, and I'll give you a 1 want you to go to the dissectin .room. voice of conscience with the stilrress of

IE. "S. il I\\'i('.,', J 'or. ol Centre & Commerce streets.nn't date resident boarders. The bar will always be bottle of mm each, to.night. and a monh'-; You will find two dead bodies ifiere.! Cutoff mninizhi ; !but I think! we wrong that ir.ro

trm \ \,V.* > .j.i >> I\ .\IERCHANT,1 j' ; Apalachicoh, Fla. supplied with genuine Iiqtiois of the ch oice.t t extra wages when you are paid oil"" the !head of one with a I large' /knife which cent hour. It i is that terrible "next tutmiinu. -

.n,,,. _. jV.t T -n.-ft.. .. quality. JOHN PAT IUVGE. The men bent to their oars, but their you will t find there and bring it to us. You ." when reason:, i is wide awakr. lIon
.1 t.\j.l\, :
:t. If. 1:. Owens
Apalachicola, Nov 11, 1" 17- stllll..t'S't'1'e uneven and feeble. 'Theywere must not take a light, however : and don't which remorse fastens, its fmng s. Has! a
11r A' .1 .ATT oil: N E Y AT LAW ---. -- -- -'- -, ----- "
i'r tUl'''', used up by the hard duty of the pre. get frightened. man gambled :1vat.is all. i Ir !shot his fnrul
H I"' :':';; x i i.i'.u-1 l ii\ >iiNJ ;trI\\T: :! :"". ('r. vvrov, Biibo'H County, Alabama. City Hotel, Tallahassee. reeding foitmght, and though they did "Dat's all, is it ?" inquired Jake.U Oh in a duel-has hc''fnmiflel'' a cm irmP. tir incurred

!I.d n; W.trrtr.'t.. .. A. nl2': b 11. 2-tf NOTICE I have to i iiflorm my fuends anti : l heir best, the boat made little more way I berry bell. I'll do dat slime fur sarlin ; andas a lauh-it: is the r/fxt wortinf: .

---_. \ u I/ :I IIf' i...-.Fa.. -- -_ -- ; ot t this; house, that'I I have leasedit I than:' the fide. ThisClS a losing chase, for being! frighten, the debbil himself sent when the irn'tiicvrible past rises I I.efmr I.im
3.\1411'\ :: .:. '" tit.1.I.'tu.t \r on. IH FEUCiI'II'W.1NGER'StoIt and 1 that it will hereafter be conducted b\' "
and 1l 1 r. Larkin\ who was suffering torture a gwme to frighten me. like a sl'cctre-allt"n doth the rLurclvarmt, '
n. EI1i.911! ; .V Ctt. Cockroach Poison.rPtli WILLIAM: HEMINGWAY, Esq who has flJ'rrnany'ari
(' t 'louse & as he saw how little we gained, cried out, J.ike accordingly set off and reaching the memory vield IIP its ghastly.. dend-Jt"n; is:
I\1111'r-I 1 j : 1 > .; M !E; ,; f ]| .\ '\ T :.: > .-cilir.icious; for extennm.iJL been connected with the first class!'
: I \ t. remedy :
', ', o. Pull, lads-I'll double the ciiptaiu'sprize dissecting-room groped about till he found he wilchiiiS; hour when the foul trio I iih-
t: ':':' \ ; if application he hotels at the North, ami-rec utl) from the AtIll'-
::y 11) 1"I: : : ; I! iI.;: :I'\\JU:, nt.uleoh tnm Ill imincdutely ol the ahove, named a proper atino>'anres. His MCHotel; ill New York. Beleaving he will I ; two bottles of mm and ewe month (the knife and the bodies. He had just applied i in us can (least tempt perhaps but t.ust

TIN \VAltK C.\PO 1 KD ITS, :SiUJK; ;. IL\T;, Fica and Mxq'iitoPois- has: attained a very extensive I e,) an excellent house, and !pare no exertion or pay-pull lads, for the love of God, pull !" the former lu the neck of one of the} torment. At rihtH'; have one thing; to

CIIAXDLEV, CI'k KEH:!: ,r,Vc rilliP i celebrity f'r its invariable destructive pros expense to make his guesfscomfortable, I recommend A convulsive effort at the oars told how latter, when from the body he was about to hope for one refuge to fly to-ohhVum art!

Cor. Water and Ch.tnut t-ls. icrties !,) that order of insects. Fur sale by the house: to my friends and the public. willing the men were to obey, but the, decapitate, a hollow and sepulchral voice sleep J Bur at iriorninc. sleep i is nver. anil

Dc 9 .Apalachicola/ Fa. Au'ut 11 I J. C. ALLEN, Druggist. THOMAS BROWN. strength of the strong man was gone. One exclaimed where called upon coldly review, and react -
Eiitvaru : -- -- -- --- ---.----- Tallahassee, Nov. 1, IS 17. 13Gm.CI'IPY of the poor fellows washed us twice, in recovering "Let my head alone!" and live.again the waking bitltri. fS tf

.TfcCiitir, Notic to Mariners.COLLECTOR'S and then the Yes, sah," replied Jake "I aint 'ticlar
aROCERA11) C > \IM1: , X'J. ryj Water! streei OFFICE KEY WEST, > other was nearly as far gone. Mr. Larkin and I udder head'il! do jes as well." e

, Novli Apalachicola, Fa. February Ii, 1S4-5.' ) forward, and seized the deserted oar. He accordingly put the knife lo the head: BOUND TO COMK OFF.-Somewier in
, IIE NEW LIGHT, JUST COIPtF.TEDAT : sprung the West, a sable knight of the l lather .
of and
the when
Jatti. F. T tr r Lay down in the bottom of the boat : next corpse, another voice
FlI'rior the 10th
KEY WEST will he shown on ti
jE ERH IUCEI\T\tY.; !-I.WARDlXG 'inst.. It is a first class liht and will probably he emit 11 1 said he to the man, "and captain, take the i equally unearthly in its lone, shrieked out : brush was performing/ the opt math n uf shaving -

CODH:3"'IOIEICII.( .\ T, visible from a bhip's deck at the distance of twen- oilier oar ; we must row for ourselves." I "'Let jmj head alone !" a horsier wish a dull iw.or.Stop. .

1 Sg-11 Xo. :;Water ty-two miles in clear weather. It i is situated TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. I took the second mans' place ; Larkin& Jake was puzzled at first ; but answered ,' said the hoosier. that won't do. A'hars '

; ApJaclncola. Fla. eight hundred yard* North East of the site of the the management of this Hotel, the undersigned had stripped to his Guernsey shirt, and as presently \\ de mattu. Less ?'

'". P. M-I'CALL GC-TAVF.! RUM AIN. old light. The hearings and courses heretofore will use his best exertions to please his he pulled the !bow, I wailed lor the signal Look a yah Master Tolliver said I Thlt'rlznr )Mils.' ..
'I'Calla & Roinaiu, followed for entering this port may still be guests. He asks the public for their t patronage. Mroke. It came gently but firm, and the mus bring one ob de heads an' you i isn't "Well!, no maita for dal, sah. hide handle '

COMMISSION MERCHANTS, observed ; but vessels approaching the ship chan- WILLIAM HEMINGWAY. next moment we were pulling a long steady gwine to fool me, no how !'' and Jake\ hacked / ob de razor don't break, the Lard's

!hors !\o. t 9 Columbus Block. nel in the day time, will find five fathoms wateron November. 11., 1&47. .- .-13-Gm. __ stroke, gradually increasing in rapidity away until he separated the head from bound to cum oil !' '
1'3 ,
with the
in -- -
__ Apalachicola, Fla. the bar by bringing the buoy range the half dozen voices .
-- __ '_ until (he wood seemed to smoke in the bodyThereupon a
S. n. Nickerson- --- -, -- --- light house and. ruining S.for R.it.MALLORY, Col. ATIIEN ;E UM rowelocks. We kept time each by the screamed outBring nOwJ '.-Some witty cjiap, ui.o "DO"'S"the '.

EALEit IN CLOTH 1XG, BOOTS, SHOES, Bowling Saloon and BillliarUKooni. long deep breathing of the cither. Such a it back! bring it lack !" lopes, shrewdly says that bowing is a

HATS, CAI': ,1:c. MARBLE YARD pull We bent forward until our faces almost Jake had reached the door but on hearing science by itself and must be Hitendtil to .
, 1'0.'JvKkc Columbns Block, ihis turned round and said- by those who would, by and
t-Dec. 3 of the Athenaeum Bowling touched our &knees, and then throwingall turning twisting -
Apalaclucola Fa. IN COLUMBUS. THE proprietor .. Jes themselves, keep in the
t '" has used every endeavor to make our strength into the backward movement \uw-now. see yah you keep sunshine of

1 & hornc Subscriber, one of the firm of Madden & the establishment an agreeable place of resort' drew -on the oar until every inch of quiet, you dam fool, an' don't wake up de fashion. Bow very reverently to a million .

j CO MWss.px MEttCIIANTS. THE ?, of Columbus, Ga., will remain some and is thankful that an ever discriminating pub the !space, covered by the sweep had been women folk. Marster's only gwiue to look of dollars, most! respectfully m a hundred

o. 13.,': t. Chd.rlt's 5treel, time in Apalachicola. He may be seen at the lic prove by liberal patronage their appreciation gained. At every stroke the boat shot at the bumps." thousand, courteously to fifty thousand" civilly -

1 :ttw S. C poLE.'w-orl'an8 warehouse! now building for J. Day & Co. at almost of his desire to please. He will always, keep a ahead, like an arrow discharged: from a bow. Bring lack my head at once!" cried the to ten thousand, anti never know

-ref -fig AMOS Hos-f. any hour in the day, and will receive orders choice\ assortment of Liquors, and refreshing; : Thus we worked at the oars for fifteen inin- .voice. poverty by sight.FIGHTING; .

fur beverages, "f a sort to tickle the palates of OlllBacchuil' The Tend right sah !"
utes-it seemed to me as many hours. to you, away, replied
L'C?lo1ANDCOI115 D. Danforth, MONUMENTS, most fastidious!fresh from sons their; native Oysters banks., sweat rolled off of me in great drops, and I Jaleas he marched off with the head, and BY l\hASVRI--Th usual .
STONES and delicious
v D GENERAL 5ON't1ERCIIANT AGENT TOMB,SLABS, Ac. &c., cool For a pleasant commingling!: of exercise and was enveloped in a steam generated from ill the next minute deposited it before the place of resort for })hLli.v0)je *:\,(..js railed

nlile cum tiulce-there i is! nothing own body. Doctor. the Fiflt'eoCrt s. An Tu*,+ t'of thai
which he will furnish lower than they can be : amusement! my
f (;J. Cotton bought on order. procured from the North. within the circle of gymnastics to compare witha "' Are we almost up to it, Mr. Larkin ?" .. So you've got it, T see," said his master city, ill penning challenge, thought; must ,

is! Refers toIT' P. ADAMS.P. gimeof tenpins ; but t those preferring less I gasped out.Almost Yes, sah," replied the unmoved Jake likely, he was drawing a leise. and invited

G.- Drrv H OLB,l.t_, 1r New S. After leaving Apalachicola subscriber active amusements! can always take a hand. captain-don't give up ; for the "but please be done lookin at him soon, his antagonist to meet him .at "the {.lace ..;.

{ \ > Orleans. will promptly attend to all orders directed to Come one-come all" JONES. love of our dear little ones at home, don't kaoe, de gemplin told me to fokli him back called Fifiieen Acres, be the same more or .

r.sasVrtIt & McKENZIE, him in Columbus. P. A. JOHN B. captain." ";4t au'ny.? J less.!
} Apalachicola. 50-tf give up
IJUfC'HJSflON t February 24, 15 15.. 6-3m Apalachicola, Dec. 30,1847.




L-4 ,

.. .. .- ..... -- ........;;., -. -t,..,.i'.1'i.' : .....--r ., -,- .. T
=: ... .
: : ;
.... ; ... ....
;" . &
..... ,
1fr1 a. -: 4 ..- ..... "' ""'. : ....
-- 'Ij.\ -. .. .
.. .
.1102; -'-- d--l..Ll.l. .A. .r;: <;:'. _A1.':: .". ....... : .... "' ;:>"i"J'. :: '.'''''' .'- '

.- .. .- -
.- .

r' 11II. Ir O'R ci

." ; .


I i '


c .

Ar- -- _L err -... ...... -r.w. 4 rVJ._. ._ _. --- .. a.- ar.. ..u.rs. .,. _

-: SPANISH11HV.. I PHOttS;i : OP Tin: CIOLEIL\. remaiked Such a young lady has; marriedi C03D1BRDI1L i ) ] 11 I ADVERTISER.r I l { !| DR. COOLItHJE AND TIl LADIES. viols to the lime- i he

There lived in the province of G.ilici.i, a :' The Hoston Tra\'cll'r. il:1 late article, ;j ;; fortune," we alwaystreinble for her future I i : i l ._ !i i Dr. Coolidge, who has just been convic- of some alight nourishment"W was ,71

lady so perfectly beautiful; that she was 1 thus speaks uf the ;a approach l l of the cholera. ,j 'prosperity. Riches left to chitJren.h'we.l- ----- -- --- ----- -- --- I led of murder in Maine, was the particular which! was .the JM

called) by all travelers! and indeed by all I The distresses of Europe are causing I I I thy parents often turn a curse insead a APALACIIICOLA, THURSDAY, APRIL. 13, 1848. favorite of all the ladies in that merely-the! consequence J' i
who beheld her, the h Flower of .Spain." n"With us to forget ihe scourge of Asia. The fa-I !blessing. Young \\'OI.I. remember this ; --------,---- -_- ----- ----- --- --- i region. gradually exhausted! powers 'icR

these excellent charms she possessed I i mine in behind. and Scotland! seems to he ;and instead of sounding the purses of your Cty- The following gentlemen are authorized !I They not only sent him bouquets while in .struggle, but ws -e' deeceJ tG.

." all the virtiles which su rarely ate to* be'' :;at our very elbows. Men, women, and I lovers, and I examining the cuts of their Agents for the COMMUUCIAI." 'AovKKTisKE.and will I i {prison, but attended his trial in crowds, and to be { most easy|qui and. coo

found united to such extreme personal, love- I(children, speaking the same language with 'coats, look into their habits and their hearts. receive and receipt foraiil, >>crii'ttons, or advertisement remained in the court house for twelve sage ,'compartr sleep. All flly, an Itn.

' liness. She had; therefore' m.uiy wooers, (ourselves, are dying by thousands for lack Mark if they trade and can depend upon tS:- I hours each day, and one of them even attempted sent at the I scere. The (a mrifuner I..

but especially a certain old Knight uf Castile I(ofAread.. : And'tho. 'I-II is not yet. \Vilh-I themselves ; see if they have minds which \V.M.V.. CIF'VEt. IviAlb! my, as coarse in mind as he was ungainly ,out the merciful interposition of will lead them to look above a butterfly ex- Major JACK UAKIUIAN., KufauIa.Ala.JA I to tamper jury lo which noon, from the house next Saturda J

in per-0n. Heing; very wealthy, he fully ,(dence this work of death may go on for I istence.i Talk not of ihe beautiful white J.. OUVIK, T.ill.ih.uaco! la. shy sent privately a sealed letter. The B. Astor, 3: Lafayette of Mace.his\ 0 a t 1[
would be another harvest skin, anti the soft, delicate hand-the splendid -
expected this beautiful creature gladly many: months. Lei there I j correspondent ol the Boston Mail, writing
. become his wife, the more particular: as like the last and who willnturc to i form and the fine appearance of the FOt l'e'i}i S 1 !Z NT, j nn the day of the conviction, says : [From the Savannah -

slie was of poor though well-born paient-: foretell the scenes of l the coming year ? )young gentlemen. Let not these foolish ZACHARY TAYLOR.The I Some THE Rf tbli nil
age. But she preferred to allow her :aflrc- "Hut let us turn for n moment to Central considerations engross your thoughts. I. occurrences took place yesterday, WIG NATIONAL r_..

lions to rest on a young gcntlc.uun of small: I{ Asia and watch the progress, slow, but resistless [Gleaner. a: : : I \ I| how which are really worthy of record, showing The necessity of concerted and'
( [ women's hearts beoperated
1) \ strangely some
----- ----- nious action
estate, but amiable character, and being ,, of the king of terrors, in another may among the JI
EMIGRATION: OF ENGLISH Orl':R.tTtyls.-- numerous friends of this : The prisoner during the \VhiUorll
rllllcral upon.
married to him they retired the provinces ; form. Early: in 184fi. it was announced that The the Cam- in order to secure (,. I
I English papers received by will 'lie 11leh dts;>{>pointe and three years of had in'
as perfect happinessas ihe Cholera
spent 1 ravages lion i is
cOlmcncrtI'iIS now fell and
bria inform that extensive .
us preparations I One of the ladies in the acknowled|
is permitted frail; mortals to en oy. At t the Jhlrl\un. the eastern province of Persia. in the ; to become taliidatl for (icivernor.Vith gallery, i strong those who d
are being made by the operatives i j I and ardent friend of the prisoner, cast her hitherto have deemed
fend of this period he obliged to to About midsummer it reached Teheran ,
vas: go trade to to the United: \ Judge Carrnack! as a catiilidatc the **
emigratl longing the the had) tion
Madrid, on the business of a lawsuit, end i where it swept off' ten thousand souls in a (0101 Slates in large numbers. The London Whig of the West fell sure of victory 'in used, and eyes requested upon pen its prisoner'ss+ou. Xn unnecessary Believing Ihe
was unfortunati-ly muideted on the way: few weeks. Gomz out of the centre of influence and Mercantile} of the 8th poet to be so firmly fixed in he affection o
Shipping UntiI. this quarter! because: that, lIe was so well I nHcer. to accommodate the fair creature
leaving his unhappy widow with one little and l with a divided force as American
t power ', that hundreds of operatives people and Ihe feelJD.jJ]
February) says the the end of his official
and in rather cirenitjstan- : from it took the Known and so highly esteemed bv the people fa"lel'll pen upon
f boy, straightened a capital I
; great emigrating his
. I Ir conquered in every br.lcl. of manufacture were rod and passed it to the She elevation; lo tjie J
received -
r ccs. Shonly after, the old knhrht again roads North South and West spreading to foreign countries particularly to ; of both political parties, that it would be up l.idy. unive Presidential
it with hand and thrustit raalas
a : to
proflVtrM{ his hand which! she tl I .f'iII'I1J1''- desolation and its Soon trembling ; preclude the
woe aUmg course. United Slates, and that thousands. were for their I[
t lie impossible our opponents to poll into her bosom saying, I'll keep this formal announcement
: rejected he neither respected ill? s:rrcd- il lays Ispahan under COOlrilUtinn--hiagdad!
; |
prepaiing: under special Cr_:nizalitt. to usual vote whilst Whig in the West which the darling man has held be- .&
every pen
but in ihe
i ness of her grief tllir her forlorn state: is compelled to yield up seven thousand of follow their The same of Southern.States, ran
example. paper
his thumb have uphijfl
tween and I ,
F .lUol..sleilltrr so continually: with ICitr..s and ils inhabitants, anti\ in the whole pahalie would l feel incited) In the most arduous efforts finger. must .
: the
l5th! February, says that this organi/.ation something the dear Doctor has' handled." opposed cal ot any conven-ho
; presents that I b+n for her ftitherless! child, thirty thousand fell before their relentless has .! in Lancashire, all to elect to office a jnnn they would delight R .
alrea.COIIJICf'c And she it relic nearherjearling sequent proceedings the
kept as a precious
r she would hav. beta -ci.ntent to dm't foe. Tabreewas spared till the 7th of on part; of fK
h -
on Sunday evening, the ICth of Fdiruary, a to honor. throbbing heart.Vell has Myron ders of the
length she determined) to withdraw; t to soim hut thru it for its reprieve. Democratic | J
paid dearly
party have@
: 0.1. meeting of deleGates 'of operative cotton "
!lint the regret that Judge O rm.ick said that "trfrthis than .
l remote village, t"G.'n herself frl1I this I In l thousand souls retires stranger fclion. thin; they intend
forty days "early seven spinners from all the towns teas held in Bof- What making an
i. odious persecution. A few lays bi-f.'re the wnrn to the Three weeks 1:01111' fidd, is consoled: l by the knowledge sickening sensibility lady the or&3nil
position to otJ
illnil.d gr.avc.: ton, when it was reo"'ec to pro-note the fested Another instance full as sickening Hero, hy runnio
time she h.id 'fi\e.'l; on to remove to hrotiiilry Iiler. Oroomiah was smitten by the hand 01. the thru t the next choice of the Whigs of
subscriptions I
object by weekly I I mention. A lady seated herself in Cass or sOle other of their partial
'.: In.lgin::. her: servant, Maiia, harp the same: fell and tlI'I"'I'I" ol.'rlivl's. Brwl every ders
two to against the
Coolidge's sleigh boys
'i.mi..I1.'i. illl got man of the
the door of closet in her
nt'tl to .1 mc the trophies of its i propreVami )
open shortly )
prisons lJc The coinnnttoc appointed at
** bed room when out fell the dead j I'rorlcc. way worthy to supply the vacancy: created haul! her along. The boys did pull away ihose friends of Gen.
this meeting that 4,000 members, paying and hauled distance. Al what Tajltherefore Inn
I of :1111 I the pnie! < being summoned 101'1. in its : is :: long: tried} md of the most st'erlin i some
: body a man : llrc ih? disease was stayed vest hug two pence stem hug each, will in fifty \\ll emotions must have this sentimental ; harlontr their: previous I ,
h j by her shrieks, they soot rrvojjiiisi'd ,' wall pro:ri1-, by the nlllltin. of Koor- weeks enable the Association: lo emigrate i : piinciples-one \\ el acrpt.inllc: with truly at that moment pressed! She sat upon ihe are now falling into line with the j jI
it IIP th'it of the! ol.l kti'ghl of Castile, with the skill of ableeneral :
to dislati but : an
: ready 320) at t C5 each, and as there are 8.000() in Floiid-i l and the wants of her projlc-a; man same seat which had been I heir bretheren. ,
though his countenance was so blackened changed its line of march and wa.ml't. many Every day
proceeded the (he committee led assured ato.d r
lstricts. whose best have in their times and the heat ( the
by mm
lecl confirn.r.tions
years this
spent of
and listnrted. a; to appear' : scarcely human. : South, scattering its deadly arrow's that; simple statement need only be laid:, of of physicianVliat islilJ! will f'ac.t- mOi n

It was evident that: he ha:
son ; and as the. unhappy (lady could!.I :ive (find+l a practical; pa ficlits. strange
.- account of the muter in spite ol her! Indeed, watching advance of this'formidable :
n ) rl upon) the trial. ;:nd lo induce themimmediately his f:illds every one who tvcr came: within it may appear to the 'readH. Th"rr, it i is wl.l known, the RjcJRepublican
hitherto f fair and unb'.emi.shed! l reputiitton, : \ been constantly
rnemye subscribe and
lo it
fully reach of the influence of ;his attractive --- --
sh j xvas thrown iota prison as his murderess. ': n'llidc. of the lc'te. of war. 1 is care and speedily into effect. carry) qual was the organ of those iJ
The persecution she had sullen-d fiom theI I ful to sei'/.f the roads for its lines communication. The Manchester Examiner slates that ities. Few of the citizens 'of Florida who ASTONISHING.-The Detroit Daily Advertiser of G,". Taylor, who deemed a conij

dece.is-d knight wis t Generally known but : It moves fur\iHI with solemn .mimlu-rs of industrious and prudent operatives have ever visited: the Capital, but have received says : "A remarkable incident occurred unnecessary. The last number of

vas now attributed to a dishor.ornhle.! cause, and measured lramp.ns if in no haste, and who have either saved a little money niaiks; of his kindly disposition.As i few days since to i worthy citizen per thus frankly avows its charter 1U4

'and the murder of her hn..halJtllll'\'r h,tv- I I yet I sure of !!ficcevs.: It att-icks li e great when the sun shone ot who 11.IVI bctu assisted -- a Gen. Drown is known by of Detroit, Mr. Roger Fitzpalrick, brewer. tie! tt(
) :in; been cleaned up, she was considcrcl f by | centres of II.ine"J. as bcif. the stronger : their relatives and fiicnds pulilitaa on siiiject. nor gives the fuItuwiBanswerable >
: by are emigrating Mr. F. had been across I river, and on
his. acts lie has had the hp
;as a
of hulh crimes, and iti reasons fur it
'manv persons a> oily puilits.'VhiieIi ::11' no case lef'1sslilf: to the United Mates' Ig.lilo. :

the whole province was shocked thai so I When! it rl1s the u'.,Iks a populous That this emigration of the operatives.' honor. 1'1,serving" in IJ" Legislature; : at \'ai- returning in a canoe, with two others:, the .Our r adrrs are -mare thai. we has.

beautiful a creature should thus have; city. it moves from lo street } of the exi of the frail b.irk was capsized in the middle of the along expressed (
along oursdvts'
j !lf'f canitd: on, as it will be, by private and: put,.- ous penuus >tet ce Territory opiose| brought disrace upon her sr-\, and upon' and waid to ward, : if treadinu upon; I the lie subscription, "illc xery extensive, ihe Hid Slate (;nver ritnent5, and) was alwaysfou stream. The weather was extremely cold!, Convention, having hril- Cllftt:
Noncan nature. At her nisi: the couit vas i i learof a retreating! foe. In about 40 London referred in that mode! of : a
editor entertains the filled with of float selecting
slowl' to l able! and river was masses : landi.J.lr
crowded to excess, and as the r.hhallIo- I days its WOI, :, dune! and it emeries once doubt and :he congratulates people Il of :< :an :11 rfl.ie'll 1Hlher.Vill: I're.sideni, and, believing; it, iu .ifo. tw
tie ice. Mr. F. unable to swim, threw
thing to oiler but a.eition of illf'III'I'.tlte: I more into the open country) and) pursuesits Lancashire upon such a display) of prude ice such ::1 Ilal for our car.did.ito., :assured as ing Gen. Taylor, entirely umcevmr. .

servant. Maria, having: suddenly ,disappeared I onward: journey. and good. sense as they are lxhiJitl-! we :are cif the existence of Whig majorityin himself upon his back folded his arms have hoi lln-.let."

the public advocate proceeded to t pass' ",'n-I And whither i is it tendins: ? Will it Journal (J Commerce.NK. Florida! '\'f Inve' but little apprehensionof icro"shisbrea.t, and calmly submitted himself of f I lp Auuiiirao peelde-and( Lv than[
tence of death.: It \vis; in time sultry plains Mosul ? nal. we lolly intend
pane But
upon o result of the coming cll to the action of the wind and the waves. (ill.ilfl. t i.:
lays, fur a woman.vhi: had committed; Will it stop its career of conquests under 'uRrE\ :.-The consumption of this cliol.CHHTI Being a corpulent uian, and ( in a liQnrl (ua"iJ ha:hen rolrrr! vr,01, -
der, to be first stranled:11id then h n mul'-\\ the walls of old IJyx-intinm ? Or will it alice is increasing, vastly-much 1)-01. cOt:I't': wrapp.et dfif!atf.s IrplornevJr&geiigrrgrlIrtie.'h11eS ; / ,

"ihe market place, but before! this sentence: i!! sweep over Europe:and finish the s:11ork the general calculation and hi !itI. One The Circuit Com coinmenced: } its session I large overcoat, he kept on the surface of the we imt, exJi'r.-the tr..' .,

could be pronounced: a "itlf'sV'I.. moved'j j whiehftnieehasbegun ? r\mdfrusthere principal source of this inciease is in tie water but in a few moments became un that ,ike friends of 'Jaylor in :ALUn!, ,.

V by remorse to come forward in her behalf. !, i is another question, more interesting still use of the distilled) spiiiI,' of turpentine on )Lntlay List:, the lion. CJrorge S. Hawkins conscious. The wind was blowing fiercely, Tennessee, tiod uhtrtver de\fgates ha> .

This was the Sf'lnlll1 lIia. who had: hilh- i I \\'illlh broad Atlantic arrest the march of known under the name of Camphine, and! is 1 j-resiiling. The amount of business md Mr. F. floated toward Her Majesty's been appointed, willnot staud l 11:1.: bni u

rrto hen c'.is:ui'n\

She stood on OI'of the benches, :and) earnestly ,I no barrier. Will it avail us now ? These family. Camp'iene is not exp10sin'.a1II' we 1'01..i:1rl: te!: nnmlu-r of those who are to dominions.( Some persons happening to selection which has 'been. ttlrta'l'j nude
entreated to be. heard. She then inquiries arc not propounded with the view its combination il..h,1 i is, ::1d+1 il see the body, dragged it upon the beach the soi'treigiipeople, t.f('en. ,' n-h.iry "\\

confessed that she had been prevailed! tin by 101 exfiiting: pitMMriture and Groundless fear, therefore safer to use c'Xt.t'l; t where thne: live fiti it. and sent for one of the Queen's Coroners. for the next Presideury.aml to .$.sit in'

Ihe bribes and promises of! the old, Knight hit rather, that we may look the n danger in may be a number of children in a 1li: j'. -InftY I -WLATiJUl.We --' -- ;-. The usual methods of restoring drowned selection! of a candidate',!Vice 1'rfsnirnt

of Castile! who declared hs intended to its f-ice.' ascertain; its nature: and 1."tfIT. alt In making 11 pfIIII!, a medium sized pine lie fiiends oLoiter appear nt
have had less rain; in this region for were resorted lo-the : priedopen J.
marry her mistress, to secrete him in the do whatever! true wi"lloI( may cniuin." tree, will large top. fiirnishfs the Itrpcl- persons force assemblage, ice IIWI/ cnlcu
close in her !lady's chamber but solemnly _._--- tint be.!t. In Not ih Carolina, hO\I.\t'r. the 1 I'I six months, that for any similar and brandy! poured down the throat ; almost with certainty on the will'ufdlert

declared sh: knew no other cause of his SPUING SuccF.r.niNo WIN1'irt.-Whlen: t ices of only I eight I or nine inches I +diameter. period during! the ;List eight years of our and Mr. Fitzpatrick opened his ryesnnd! Pie !bftng echoed! by tff I'liihilrlphnvenlion. ,' l

dearth except, that on one of the shelves we observe the earth _Gradually exchanging are often eCCI'11: TIl tie"- i is liIII.I for ic.-HetiCL-! tiiis: city. The drought for the very. coolly inquired what "they wanted to Taylor ivill recognised wuh'

she hail; placed some sweet cakes mixed Ii. winter robes for a mantle ) the liveliest its! sap in months of December: ., ;, I paM two mniiths has, !b-c n excessive.Ve do with him." a Ito uht a-i (the people's canitutaip' t f.r ,

with arsenic to poison Ihe rils, and that the green, the flowers springing! in Bock luxuriance and I February. The I fiat turpentine: which, Prf'1 Jenty. If hwerer. some <_
that tlie: ioteiior
has llr.nt
knight, being rathergluttonous, mijht have I ; at t our feel I. and t'-very 11 shrub and flows:i.s called: tir;;in turpentine, awl cai.is trust ; ;j.Iantin; region BONAPARTE FAMILY. oj (rtn. Tiit/isr iro, and (hers :

eaten; of them in the ,dark and I so died. At I tree ptittin form Ii its buds, nicl are soon taken to preserve the pure white color! no such cr; use of rninr'Ianl.! : The TiE members of the in the i a crii.title coTtstqntncai trill be J.I'.Ztr

this probable explanation, the Coon was instantly i to j Je IJallif"I1fxpa'Ilc'd: ilta blossoms : which, is natural to it!-rosin made from the : ; !: : : .:10 iionapirte family division find discord. Taylor will n

moved to declare the I lady's innocence I leaves, our feeliiiG"! are those of wonderatjil Ir \'igil turpentine. ( is tra...pareli. The sap;, 1 I I lli.-pd:1't'fI. the :nUDGE i.I i. Paris have addressed! ihe following communications that event be the man of the t ,rtli1
i : (s \ distinguished Engineer
with one voice. 511t,1'\'i.I.1 littleat } "'-!j htattlie marvellous, change is distilled li'.e' malt,, and the 11:1 is ,turpeiii'me : to the Provisional Government : while he will still rein::in the tr.iD ot.
i pro
the noise, and being told! of this providential and rosin and tar. Mine I ) uiv Bride wire cable! on Saturday, and people.It .
dice:[ in the general aspect of nature ; and mrpi Gentlemen : At the very moment of the
: discovery, only clasped: ; her hands, j wo then naturally seek! to contemplate, the i is now, lade in North Caiolina :1,1 Georgia anch'iied it securely both in Canada and victory of the people 1 went to the Hotel de i is true, that Gen. Taylor rVfsfji, :

and then in a few words) commending her i causes of SI: : universal! transition. fly ; than in all the rest of ihe world l part together. New YII:k. Today} (March 13)) I tightened Ville. The duty of every good citizen is to considered exclusively a candidate or
son to the guardianship of Good l and the distillation i i is conducted! in the striimrnt of do know
men ex- what a i vmuv. we ask does the Vegetable I ; it and suspended below it an ironirket assemble around the Provisional Govern party.Ve not
claimed 1 can never survive the shame of world;+l suddenly start from :Ippa"lnl' death forest t. saving all unnecessary transportationof '/up ment of the Republic. I consider it the which we honor him the 'more-ihisni"
) which I had caused be
this unworthy repioach." and, with a deep into all the beauty and) exuberance of another refuse malcrial Twctny jars a:o, more (, to prepared first duty to be discharged, and shall bp senlilt'nt. I his 'immutable' afl.tfnt

sigh, expired., -DC Balzac.VENTILATION. spring/! ? What cause, under the direction spiiits of turpentine t was in Europe l f.ir 111.pI'IPOSC. at: which is attached to happy if my patriotism can be usefully em- it. Iii position wile in no re>pcri >!:
I in the United Slates, but the tide. has the cable. I this little &c. ed! by l r"co_ .f the National'(,
L ----- of the Great l Ruler of the Hal, works Ih:1 pult..yo along machine ployed. Receive. !! ,
.-The 1 French chamber; the magnificent effect I now turned<1 and Europe-gets turpentine! frotr I closed over to Canada, exchanged ArOLIOX BONAPARTE. verliol. He is already in the ftIhron' (
The which this Ameiica.-Scientific( American. Paris, February; ) iht-r by the ;uminarellllJ l> )r'
Peers h is so -arranged as to admit twelve ctiIjic len; hy snI.J'n burst Adulations; \\ our friends there, and returned trial pfoJIf.
feet per minute or about 700 cubic feet of vegetation: i is produced are, \ most of. ill Gentlemen : The nation has destroyed the I : / : conventions ni al! l'
LOUIS 1'IIILLIPPL. all in fifteen minutes. The !h"
; again ties lioiiilreds of
nn hour for each individual By experiments the other great agencies of nature, extremely treaties of 1815. The old soldier of Waterloo ; IIu
I It the The late King of the Fieuch Icri\l wind was and the weather cold, yet meetings( in part of the ; T
made; in the English House of Commons (iIJlc. i is merely increased tem hiI the last brother of Napoleon, re-enters \'f la".1 i
every day of the session for two years, perature of the earth and ;atmosphere assi very little sympathy) from the JU'S of England the trip; was very' interesting to me-up i$ I from thai moment the bosom of the great nomination liy i National Convrutinn. ''
will :
it was found 1 ill-it the :air was: ih deteriorated; .lin! the 1:1urailentlury of (lie plants to even. The following extracts idled was 250 fart. above the rapids, and, viewing family. The time of dynasties has passed; mi doubt as he alrl..d- t.IS tloce.: .
other bodies return his grnpf..i: ( kiledgmenis -
when the supply was less than ten cubic awake front the lethargic; slate illo which the the of .! civi from France The law of proscriptionwhich .I I
true juJgmcut(.1 [people ; !! as I did, front the centre of the river, one of but in no I Ia.. n.
feel per minute for each person, and in sultry they ;ate thrown during winter. The progress : weighed on me, has fallen with the respect j 11I
nations on the utter &di( h'e-.s: of his: the sublime! which Naturehas '(> pl 'iiges of kind.
liz"c : most
weather from twenty to sixty cubic feet of the earth in its orbit towards its prospects last of the Dottrbons. I demand that the any
were required to s.istain: a refreshing and aphelion, or greatest distance from the sun, policy. The Liverpool: Chronicle s.ns : prepared on this Earth of our. Government of the Republic shall isle a x .Let the frifrt's' of' (;'n. Tir sun: i

agreeable atmosphere, and for three successive causes. that luminary lo ascend higher in 'Fine whold career of Loins I'hillippc, .The machinery did not work so smoothyas decree declaring that my proscription was I his. ; name on f''rtic,. -in ::1!;. < 'oureo"

weeks each member was supplied the heavens and to be longer above Ihe since he was raised to the throne carriesout 1 wisltedj but in the course of this weekI an insult to France, and has disappearedwith I :a certain.well "as before the people: "Ind "th" )

with sixty cubic feet per minute..' Ilrjfl. and thus produces longer and warIer faithfully !the contemptuous expression all that was imposed upon us by foreign r
Dr. driscom, in his report on the ventilation d.ivs. It is a w..lldloWI physical f ct, of Napoleon, respecting the Ilourlions, that I will have it so :adjusted that any one may powers. &c. There is much .*ount! good >rr e :11 I :l h" 1

of the New York public school-houses: formeily noticrd, tll' more 1 perpendicularly 'they have leaitied ruilhinp;, nhd they had: cross in safety." .ccepl.JEltOJII BONAPAKTE. sncgp.tjntisand the matter i is snsrrpfl:>i? I

gives ten cubic feel per minute as necessary the sun's rays ; on the surface ol forgotten, nom!huig-" Never did monarch It ii sai-l, that a lady has since made theuidilv Paris. February) I tin plainest proof. TheCunveitlion \Vhiz i Nino
for each I"Jl'illo preserve a wholesome the earth;! the Greater i is the heal they excite. commence a reign mote a 1iIi I'iOI.:Y, and I I
: : The people of Paris having; .
state ; and it is alledged by Dr. Kcid, ofEdinburgh [Hence, ;a' the sun, in his northward progress never has :t ruler more completely! their heroism the last
in his valuable work on Ventilation in Ihe ecliptic: iaily ascends higher the confiding hopes of his countiymen. (In fjf/* The New-York. Courier & Enquirer destroyed of foreign by invasion, I hasten. from t Ihe vestiges land ,lliosi* of \\ sco".in.) thus 14'' uoI; crt>

that ordinarily ten cubic: leet of fresh above the horizon, and consequently darts his day of IrilJltil1 hero I is IH one lo into a nnjority. Should: every S:. ''e ;IB',
his of the 3d inst. says : is with unfeinellph'lslHe i of exile to place myself under the banner of
air per! minute arc required by each: indivi rays upon our hemisphere in : mote ,, sympathise with him-no tongue to exclaim; .I the Republic just proclaimed. Uuiou be fully rl'jlrt.1; eni.-'!. T'lor -
dual. For example; j n. church hO 'feet perpendicular di..ee'liol. the temperature o'f I. God bless him" ''0 curtail public: liluiiyIn : wn state that three of the leading ,
Without oilier ambition than that of receive he will the Ouurltrn 1
long. 50 feet ,-'idet. and 40) feet high. containing the earth and air gradually increases, and gag the press-'to surround the capital French houses care forward to-day and any (.is )

therefore 100,000 cubic feet, there maybe milder and mile Genial weather ensues. will lorts--lo attach the army to his person discounted ail their own engagements ma- serving to the members my country of .the I announce Provisional my Govern:arrival Western votes, they would! be sufficitnt

1.000 persons; fu their supply there The eflVct upon the. economy of vegetablesis I I -to rely for protection on brute force- themselves, without the Northern. ylin I
turing t in the course of the month ol ment and assure them of my devotedness to
would be requied:1 change every sixteenminutes. morn or less rapid, according to their different j to find subservient 11timisteiSanil to promote( April land Virginia, North and South carol!:;
III the well
the effect If cause they as as m
The and
amount was large represent
be two hours long structuresbut; in no long period the I Schemes of family aralllisell.I-I\'e! ; } Louisirl'Tennessee
for their .
sympathy jcrsons.NAPOLEON Georgia ,
t :total change.shonld, take place about eight increased and incieasin heat produces, a I been the primary principles: by which his Ihis measute, so creditable to the parties, BOXAPAilTE. Mississippi \rhan.o.\

times. That is there should be a constant iioivers.il '!development of foliage and( flowers. whole policy has been ill clod. And his has had the' effect of allaying very consider- Paris, Felt nary LOU. Illinois Missouri

egress of the vitiated.! air, and an ingress ol The vat IIi opens, as it \\'crf her bosom to j last atrocity-that of preventing ,ihe opposition ablv the apprehension naturally; engendered I The flag presented to the republic of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Kenlucky, lnJu I
10.000 cubic feel of fresh air 1"1 minute, the sun ; all her "f'il' feel the genial influ- I". deputies from meeting eating, and and Delaware, under the basis of rl''rl'setllt| '

to have it pure at every) t')irxtiun. Lei nice ; and a vital energy \O'eo ;and tvnrksj I: talking together about I the defects of their by the ilifliculty of negotiating Hills on I France, it appears, wag embroidered by a tion in that Convention can poll thel I*'

us heir in mind what has already been stated in all her blossoms, buds, and leaves. What':!. elect urial Sstetin-is so utterly subveisivr Franse. In i some cases; we hear it stated, fair daughter of America as the annexed
.that the lungs, at each expiration t are was laiely; barrenness becomes fertility ; from !!I of the independence'of ;a fice people, and !f credits. on London have been opened to from Galignani's Messenger will show : votes requisite lo insure his nomination.: than (

expelling a fluid, .: large per centum of d.'sulali'1; and death 1r up life and varied I charat iciistic of a sovereign} who desires to some of our French houses in anticipation[ The elegant and tasteful on which How vitally important then is it, .

which is a deadly poison ; that this, same; beauty :1teps .: put down all tiscl..ion. ali lo establish: : of Ihe difficulty of negotiating upon Frante, the French and American fl.i:srat s were united, of these Slates should send full Taylor dtlt

poison is continually exhaling: ; from the of a piesent DI.il\ Hence result all the military despotism that i ceases to ('xcll which was presented on Monday to the gallons, and should pruceed prowp'' !'
whole surface of the body, and that these amazing and beautiful; phenomena of spring.Sierid !I surprise (hat a spirited people like the and that :advices to this effect were received the citizens of *'<1

organs, loo, are throwing: ofT twenty grains [ Philosophy; of the Seasons. 1'rrtich'slinuld recoil in disgust 1 lion the by the Caledonia." I piov'iMonal Ihe United government States, and which by M. Arago procure fit and proper persons to repre

per minute of aqueous vapor, and inr're.ecinz ---- -- -- I tyranny of a selfish man who outrages iu received in such a flattering manner was them in that Convention.A .
with the 'temperature." Lei u' rememberalso (GOOD AnvicETo YOUNG WOMKN.-Trust I their persons the rights and) dignity of citi cri' The President has sent in a message the offering of Mrs. Wicklitfe, the lady of

that a single person makes about twenty not lo uncertain: riches, but prepare yourself zens." In Congress' approving of ihe course of the American Minister at Turin. Executive DROLL DEFINITION O}' A 1Asxcw"

respirations; per minute, and consequently for11)emergency in life. Learn to rrll London Times thus briefly characterizes Mr. Hush, our Minister at the Court of committee of the American Tie citizensacknowledged As the Yankees are creating no litllect a4
a thousand during a service of work lo be dependent upon servants his reign. citement in the Commercial. Political
JprROnl. in his official the present in suitable. let
two hours, 2.400.000 respirations. lo make your bread; sweep your floors He has contracted the constituency: lo a !Fiance, in promptly recognising, ter of Military world', I hope my definition oP i

Now, i if we duly consider the great; and darn your own stockings. Above all mere fraction of the people. Thrif narrow : character, the Provincial Government IJanls. real genuine male Yankee my not be coo"]

amount of impurity which is here evolvedby things do not esteem too lightly those honorable /body he has coru/Jecwll/l the endless ramificalions of that con utr}. DEATH OF JOHN JACOB ASTOR, tiered a-miss-

these thousand hum will require no great stretch of the imagination and their aged parents by the work of their ;I left lul was really le !UliJil. not FIRST REQUISITION UNDEr THE FRENCH GREAT MILLIONAIRE OF NEW YORK.- John tion. checked by moderation.' guided Itf..dt'jf

to conceive the necessity of devising hands, while. you care for and receive into the fabric of c popular Cfn fili(1.Jll a Itt:rontlc.-Justice: Drinker, of New York, Jacob Astor eminent for the accumulation termination and 1 supported by eJut '

some mode for its removal, and that : large your company those lazy idle popinjays gigantic imposture( o Ministerial corruption.Louis ; on Wednesday, received from thcFrench I of an immense properly}, expired at 9 o'clockon lie has veneration corrected by lolerallo"

volume of fresh air is constantly If'plec to who never lift a finer to help thentelvrsaslong Phillippe raised an enormous the morning of the 29th nil, at his residence with a love of self-approbation! antI emlltt ;
meet all ihe wants of ihe system. But what as they can keep body and soul to.cether. army : he has surrounded Paris with forts Vice Consul of that city, i requisition for lion, and when reduced to a slate of agaa ,

1 rnuit be the condition of the air in many ofour and get sufficient lo live in fashion. and ramparts!, and filled it with military stations I the arrest of several French sailors, deserted in New York, in tie 95th year of his valion can assume the most profound! osimilalion -

overheated churches, where little or no If you are wise you will look at the subjectas ; he has turned i cold: glance (I newborn from the French barque Aigle, on which age. The herald says : for the) {purpose o( retaliation.n.

change has taken phur durinz the two or we do ; and when you arc old. enough to liberty :and he has courted: despotism ;' was a stamped seal-" Republiquc Francrt'sc. "Symptoms of coming dissolution made; way combined if possible.with SI't'C'UI| l tl0

three services ; and in some churches it will become wives, you will prefer the honest he Ins conquered! Algeria ant brought into; their appearance last Sunday ; yet thr"f A real live Yankee. just caught, wilt'!.!". .

be found that the air is not entirely changed mechanic, with not a cent lo commence life, France a noble captive, whose fall was This we believe, is the first requisition were outwardly so faint a!to "ncount1 IIU found not deficient in the following q01'' ;!

front one Sabbath to another during the to the fashionable loafer with a capital of ominous of his own ; he has doubled the under the new republic in this coun- opinion of a more protracted issue. Evenat He is self-denying. srlf-relyiug, alwil11f1-j

winter; month (len thousand dollars. Whenever we hear debt r.nd( expenditure of his country. try. eight o'clock this morning an hour pre- rng, and into cverjthirrg prying. He ,,-




k --I---- -
- -
N -, ;
,"Jr' 'i
; t > .L


r- .

-- -w;. __ _. -- -- _S -
: _


5.VJorer .


-- -- -- ------ -- -
-- -- --- ----
of piety, propriety and the temperance ing und full approbation and sanction of -- ---- -- -- --- ------- -- .
5ocicl). He is a dragging ,gagging their conduct, it is at .1 he same (line, most iI4jTf' JNE liVTBLLIOBNGB.PORT WHOLESALE PRICES[ CURRENT. List of ----- -- --- -. --

--- -- ___-_-____-- Letters '" -
scorching and ------
bragging striving, thriving, swapping Jos\\ witheiin, : rebuke to their -- h _- REMAINING in the Post Office For Lic'spool.

Hoc, hustling, wrestling musical, quizzi.cal bitter and reckless assailants, who hate; so OF \PALAr.IHCOL.L..Apnl.J3.- -- -- --- -- ARTICLE*. D. C.. D. c. bt, IS l. at Apala- THE superior Ijst-Mjiinif *lm) I" .II.TER :-

astronomic!, poetical. philosophical constantly tnisirpresenied and distorted = -- --- -- HATTRU'K. I IFor ,
( mo-' --- BAGGING-Kentucky,.-: ..yd 11 a m Anderson, Thos Me Near, Capt B 5 most lu"lmeil, .00H'I:
and comical sort of a character, whose lives, mcasuies and facls, i iu order, by these .\IUU\'ED. Dundee .. .. .yd 16 a 17 Alderman, Ht njlarkE' at, C 'hispateti. or her earg.1 l'II't'tI.11! t.u.

manifest destiny is to spread cmlzntion to unworthy menus, to gain a prurient popularity I I April 7-sip] Gardiner Young: fm New York. Pt'otnut'd a 13 Andros. Capt D K McGowan, John : fl freight aptly |1,1f.lrch

the remotest corpora ol the earili. mill' an and so get themselves or their friends April April 11 10-Schr .Alica Jloonesi fin ?t rark8. BALE ROPE, Kentucky. .. '1b a 10 Allen, B C Minatt Albert ---- NOU1'.t:. 'Tof c.... _
eve always: on tbe look oul for the main into power. to A Lotjge.-JJarli ilagdalia., Dodge fin N York Northern Manilla .. Ih ,Allen Mrs Ann.lIIUgan., John For \en-: viTT-u.-- - --

.. ...
chance." The result of this election has only the Schr Paului", Young, fm New Orleans. BREAD Navy.... ...,.. .cwt lb 4 a a 10J 4i Brit, John.Iarkhi1m.. ChasM Chili THE 'last sailing chr. KI.t/JAlIinif

more_ firmlv convinced us of the I Steamer Quincy Allen fm ChaUahoochee. Pilot.... ... ..cwt 5 a 6. Bobihsop, Mary Ann oore., J MMathews master tviM J h.ive irntru-t'ia.* JH-
FJU'M'ftrasos. ).iIL.XIIJ' an opinion that correctnessof .z Il'aml'r Emih'. 1I.rL-... .1'... "'i.-....I.-..".. HOFFEE.); : : IJid; .. .. .. ...n, &\ n !j Bostwick, Clement A --- .fltCh for the!, above r'l't. For f'rtttgM rt

.-r the arrival here yesterday. we have frequently expresscd. I"'anlt'rrItJ;,\ *n Ve liien, fin Col'imbus. Havana.... .. ...Ih -g a :iu Butts, E P 5 Mzer, Geo a lew bales, apply to .

y thai the constituency of the Second Slf-ain-r/ I g'I.'loo.Inrrnn, Cia C.d unuhu. J.1..1.... .. ... ...I 12J aSo 13 Baisden, JasII Montgomery, J J April .; CH\5! !IJOnrRS: fc V.

'of the schr. Native from Urasos: (says the Municipality I arc the most reliable for sup- Steamer nj.irie,.IPJlllfrp, -, I'm C"llmJlts.!' CADLES, Si-rm ... .. ..Ib a : Branchby. James McDonaldPcterMcLean For __ _

\ 0. Commercial Times of thelih inst.) ;porting sound and correct principles antI !t'alll'rldry A Moore, Moore, fm Columbus. CORDAGE, )Minillj: ..... ...lb a Zm I Bu:by fc Howard Patt THE \v"Vork.. .
.stl kch.I:1bt
Hemp .. .. ... It, : \!O T.\tF.
a Bcrot1"h.
we have received Uie Mctainoros} Flag to measures and less liable lo be deceived as CLEAn El). Tarred,.. ... .Ib a 13" Brut Month Capt Joseph .Gates ma'ter, i\tl i; ''I-\'e iw.ft..11.

ultimo, inclu \'c. lo their (rue iimIt'rests, than t any oilier popu April G-Schr Monterey CIDER, Xortherii, .. .. .. bb! COO a 7 00 Henry O'Conner JamesOliver -.- .Dispatch. I' !>.'ih or l'la> ,.;1. Lk.ii ,
the 23th lation; within our knowledge.In OrleansAprdS i \ppil'by; for New UO.ME5TIC (GOOIJS Rain Titus 2 Geo 2 gOt.d acchrnrr.oc.1ti..s. S':7' i I. ;

is nothing of moment occurring at I the I Drown nJIJWnJrs Jane Ann Orr, Capt Isaac 3 March ::11): :N: )1'
There present instance. they I have not on -Shin .Aiibi5sidor IIidIey; fur Boston Sitirtings..d "H a 81 BrllckNt.I Hiram :I"I.[ STONE & (..
the Rio Grande. I ly duly I and by D 15Vnod A; Co. he'lill'CI 9"a 121II Pray.-Capt John S --- -
our several military posts on properly considered: ,! and ap IJ.nlv ( d )l.'rt. Melchcr; for Xew Yojk Ticking. ... ... .ydj 11% a 16 Bruce, Capt T D P.JII. John ForcvVork..

Every ,thin, ; seems to remain; in statu quo as preciated the conduct and proceedings of Dud1. by A Cotton.ide-!,. .. ...yd I a 22 Brisker, C W Pcttrson Capt II 3 Till rc4' lnr pa'hr true O Jt tA-

41h'ic's."e subjoin the following the candidates on both sides for the two 'il.irk, Z IIi'.?, 1/iverinorc for New York, by I Caico! Prints.. .. ...ydKentuckv fi.& a 2.; Bro;rm, CobtrirnHnnce Pullman, J B 2 M\>, uii'i'.so-i T* m?-'rer, w liL bare t. -
at 'Jast prominent offices, but they have also! taken \\ (n Pouter c\ Co I .Jt'an""I.ui!! 2.t a JJ--> Levi Pcnn, William -- ,mediafe ,'i-f"-*N-t.! Fm t'r rirht WIK,

from the Flag : into view ih: policy that should govern the k Hrl I' G? Kain.Havana, Smith, for Xew York, by Ur A Dr IJUCI\t"IJ'iI) !."?, LonwM,,.r.:11/I11'1Ida'.|. ... .,...Ion yd IS a 20 Brov\er, Hvz Phillips Capt J W sj!3Ich3.e, having) excellentirc mrn .'4r.Ita.'f.f, t',

Monterey--Our <1.Ites from Monterey are leading measures for promoting the uelfaie( AvrillO-) ShipSolon; Ducknam for .' Jsf. Vornino I ,.Ion1'IIIlr. Brady Joseph II Phillips, Miss Easter -- -- -- -- ,4 ftfiE.

to the llili inst. The Gazette of that date and prosperity of the Municipality/ and )have by J I Wood! &: Co. Liverpool, _. .. ... ..ton Bacon IsaacCary Pike, Francis .1. SI.J.\!:, -. --

was received by mail on Sunday but gives decided accordingly, as regards; all the other Utrk01 \ Jame, Vandexer, for Providence. Indi-o.. .. .. ... ..Ih 'X) a 7.; Thos J Raimond, R E WATCH AXD
The deemed for i candidates that by T Mitt-hcl./ FLOUR Xorthern ... .. hbl a S OIJ) Caraway, A B 2 Rand Watson i.UKF.U.SIT .-
n'o news. troops Maz'pil I were presented for their IJnsrMadkonVatkin, ?, for Portland D Western.. .. ... .bbl Gjl a 700( Cafe, Ji>hn Rntnes, Mrs ) -rd Sr TV f! zlrZ'W:4 l"litht

and Parras hid; departed. Col. Tibbetfs, suffrages. Wood iV: Co.SchrCorali. by B FISH Cod. .. .. ... ..box 250 a 450 Crosby (Geo 1-' 2 Robinson, Cant Will ..._" ;:-"j"- U.'lrr.J!: ,I('" a't; nl..nr. r .

Governor of Monterey. who )IMC! been for \Ve hope the lesson that has now been Bradbury! for New Orleans Mackerel. Xo. 1.. ..bbl a 12 00) Chary John Rowles. John J r'fr..L.'CHtCfJ A.I)

# some time :llIen(I.ID; a court-martial) at Sal- read), will be a salutary one, to all future B April Salter.Br. 12. -tnp! Henry, Salter, for Liverpool, by Xo.Xo. 3 2.......... ...bbi bbl1IIFRRIXO ; 500 S 7 j* a 900 600) Crosby, Capt F. Reed, C E H a X R W.ifch. ,. Ci:,1' :,-, jr.; J..ttdn r. :rtUJ-4.

tillo. had' returned to his post. The troops aspirants for municipal honors. ship Oanjcs, Cornfortli for Liverpool : ,.. ... ... .. ... box 100 a a Cromwell. Simon Reeves, Ceo I' 1--repa i r'11.___ ___ 0,:.tJt r :! j 1:.
at Monterey are 41nxi usly awaiting the con- The lalp hour at which we rnreivpil the IJogcrs Jc Co. by C FRUIT. Almonds. ... .. .._.Ib! Orm-pll.. Tl V Ree!. John UI'ilish ---- -- -- ----- --

.firrnation, of I be ;pe.tct new!. returns, prevents us from making further remarks -- --------- -- i.uiMii-" .. ... ... ...LflX2- t-t a. .J IK; Clerk C Roan, T T 2 ltcrilicl liicrsititroS

An "-alt'.iirof( honor: terminating: fatally, upon them at )present.It LIST OF- --VESSELS-- --IN-POUT.-- Prune?. ... ... ..|b! 20 a 25 Choate Capt ED Ruse, J R VALUABLE fnf.'.! r\r; Ti> >../ SIT

Currants ... .. ... Davidson.
Ib 16 a 18 David Roach, J. st."mar! : :> !
came off at )1frr. on the morningof the 18ihinst. i will be seen by the returns, that Mr. iurs. Fis.. .. ... ... .. .Ib, 12 a 14 Dalino PefroDillworth Roan, RB SuZiscrfie

Jirtween two officers of the ThirdIJracoons. Reynolds had a majority against him in Gardiner, Yonn 310 tons, fm Xew York wait- Lemons. .. .. ...box'4' (III) aI 50 \rns' Sim, J W tarly w-ii'< t.'te terms art it,,**. *
. The parties: were Lieut. Jos.II every ward. in?Ma.-ier. FURS. Otter .. .. ... ... ..1-1| 00 a 4 50 Donoho Patncic; ---- -
J Solon, F n E-ruaucm
Rowland. F'I-ATIIEH .. : or
31rI'hron.. 1 ney exeinn erJ iour shills. DEATH or THK Ho.v. J. A. I Andrew ... ... Dix, F L Sin'i" James TUK!
>LACK. OF Scott, Emery, 31s I tons, fm Xew York ... > fif i() a 70 2 llJIliWU: | hKVlK'T, -
three of them taking effect ou) LicntcnintMcPIierson. SOUTH C.\ROLJ\\-The Washington Un wailill-C ':lJgt'rs'Co.. C1LASS. .. ... ... .. ... h/1 250 a 500 Donnell Mary Stodard. E THE XolMfl i.Iilrlsii I liEViEW

At the second shot he was ion, of Tuesday morning, has the follow- Soutlifi.rt, ilcCor.-nick, 4I I tons, fm Charleston 11.Y.... .. ... ... ... ... / a 73 Ennols, F Smith DanielStraubndje THE WE-STMLXSTilil! HLVICIV

wounded) in the ifcl: next in the shoulder lug :- waiting Xour.-e.Stoiif i: Co. IIIDE:, Green. ... ... ... ...IL a Ellis, Nathan T II ,

York, Poliard, 433 ton-, from Boston, waifir. Dry, cuunry.! .. ...It, G a 7 Freeman Capt B 2 Stone W V ANtI
anJ at the. fain:1! fire vi. shot tliron-h the It h becomes> ?- 2
otir melancholy duty to re- Master.Finland IRON. EII; I-a! ,... .. ... ..11 4 a I Fhurber S P BLACKWOOD'S r.nrXDFRGfI
heart, and died! j itinnedbnely. I LIt''. .Mad-: i. cord the death of another member, of z the Jilinsoii./ 519 tons, for Liverpool, load- Ow..dt'., ... ... ... ...It 5 a 5% I Greernan, Small Thog !r..tL..f i

,littrfMiniujtiied.$ 1. TIll'1'. both' .\'ounggentlemen :JOIII)<) roiigre( ". The) Hon. James A. Black ing-I M J Wright IIooj1; .. .. ... ..11 a 8 Fordham, Sam.'I John S Stockbridge, R The ab'e PerG..Ji.t:
Medallion Slowell F. II ;
i'f Iii h ] and] mrh I of t : ui'II IIoundiette.547 tons, fm Boston wait- lieet..U 8 a 10) York -ire-rctre1rd in 1'i\
Carolina is ,
: .tamIII-i :: rsimned () no more. lIe died) Fonce, P iminpdutely o-i 'III.ir!
III I ing-Master.; Xail Hod",. .. .... ..II 6 a 7 Small, James 2 rliva by I, Ilf-.i.:
liv t the officers: and riion of their this cil\: '. la; .t evening, at 25 minutes after Probulc Yn'"", GI7 ton, for Toulon,loading- r.a'inlI1l'rican; ... It 4 a 6 Galbrith 2 Schatchings G W .teamf% in a -:1I1Iid; cU 5rt>f pt-, or Iin. wf'! II.'

\ regiment.: Tli cjHse: of qnariel i is not 11 o'clock sunonuded, by his wife son and 1 M \\'riht. Llm r it_ Gray, J PGillmore Swan, Goran paper and! are ithful r'C4-.( tie cidBL..crwoor ; .-

1.110II in 04.'C understand they weie onIf broihei, ntid m.st of all of I the South I Caro- Frances, Dy"r-m) 5 ton=, from Boston] waitin?- Board" White Pine.. ..:.M 11 JGillrnorc Smith Capt Sam'l 3 '" lIZI, :: being an e..i L'-_
aii.l Iin-i l't! 11> B WoodCo.. Yellow ... .\IlOOO aI600 J simileot' the Edir.tnrgf h edifiua.
rim, friendship intimacy: the evening ai/ iuii. I He remained Smith John
.sensible until Peter IItttuick, lockwehl. jj5 ton; for ;':\(5. .. .. ... ..\1 1i Gillmore They cmt-r.i-e
Liverpool. J G; 2 tu-!" views t-i
II C tiif thrcr
uiihin Sampson. Capt CStowell
PIHI'HI :111 or two of his I.adui-Nour.e Whilt' Oak !T.f
death although ) Jk1d"\112
:II.IIC & Co..i"d"0r i 00 a Gay, Rev J L parties;in lnIJHf-T: l Wtsi.i
Fnini a cenilpm.in ju i ffllm Monterey, I net able to speak) since early in the \\ F..r, Hrl'\'er, (16 ton. for Liverpool "II'Hlin1, Garland 3 E BlarFavoccJ" n. .nJ RJttiC"-;
we le.irn I hi.t: Cif'tJ. Wool ha* C'en tmnrooliiis j t"% f11ui.! I'adti-1: ] Is \\I1J .\ Co. LLAD, ... ... ... ... 6 a 6% Henry Stetson, Wm E and \bc h I.s'rud'.n Qsarr,rlv .
ir.ovcwi *' of Thi Ro!'! FIItoll.rad: ,.. )1)0()!) tons, fm' New York Sheer... .. ... ... .. fl, 10' a 12 Rutherford & Howard Smith, II P .Tory. ; the Edinburgh) RfttexT Wf-: *rd ff
intention i III a part; 1 his distressing; event, though' looked for waiting: -11 Wright.. LDIf.. ... .. .. .. ... ..bbl 151) a I 6' Hammond, Mr 2 Soul G Ii n'-.ttin-t"r n..,i.\; RacficJ.rIle .\r.-rh

Mn-es-, about J.()
The IInre; :". W.' arc ttlill.:11 commence) I not faillu pei.firaie I the hearts of ala, IWp. 293! NAVAL STORES, Pilch.bbl a 450 Hill, Henry Stevens W having bff-n orisjimliy i ufit.1 by 1 1'. 'fir.eiJ.

ilotji the first of n<'M ioi; Ii. unless flUf'IS! niiiiii,.r iisfricnd and acquaiutnnces with I ing-A Dodge.) ton, fm Xew York, wait i ilwlO.balp' a 400 Howard, Littleton Smith Capt Satn'l and no.\ since his j dc,.fh. tiftns; orrfticfi-t b*.r i>

M :ill"1 (0 toll an' 411"! .e'I ilo'l'd fioin \\j.l I V, c* ;profonndrsi; :rid f.n t: hi"// New Ki2.Und; .\n,1rOF, 29: ton, fm Providence] Tar.Lhl 1.osin. .hbl 1 50 a 2 no hawley James Smith, Sirn'l I son-ir-Inv>._. !fIanI; oI"i 'l.d."ilhS.t :,1

tun! l.i.f.np. ihit: lime. Our) informant ..l Iso -- .. \.tJ/in-/ \\'nol .\' KullniiInton :;.\I L !.. .. .. ... .u _.u. r."Y. .t 22.7.., .a .I'3/)0" HilT, F A Stackpole. Car.t II llremt'r. Ir 1it..rai1 'tn3ctet it d-- tit.,-.- .-.-...

.Mies ih.if i tIi dlrI'r! 1r CuI. Isutlr Jo moveUji.in )jctl, -- -- TLMuchel., Luc, 2o7 tons, fm Providence, waiting OILS, Linseed. ..-.-..-. ....n%dl' 94)) a a. 12j.J" Mump.irehorn, Gen Sands, Ca'ptV highest f.rder.Pr.JC .

: Vii-ona: 't rli the 3d Dragoons 1 liudteni :I fl : Ocean Olive,. ... ... ..bottle 50 a G2\ Hart. CaptHumphry Spencp, John. .s ioa 1S4>, (;y srcs-catBEB rca '. .
iii> 2 >"i :lon'h.Ir.. E. Bird C': 2fiS )
rni CTET relict i-y, ten for Providence ... ( R
Sperm .. .. .. al I 00( Scanlin. Martin: For
: 1 50Ltrd.
ronuieiiiMndetl; and that i ofiirer j instr i.f .1- ( '.tiiicr. 1.7d 1 7'dT.; .. In the 11lldllJT Mitchel.l a any one the four Reviews, $3 .
deaih of Mrs : ... ... ... .. al 80 EIigzina. J G Fed p r a: Dn'J.
:tried (10 hold himself in leudinos for C.IIf"r.lI'r:; / Irl: nd- Hid rrji] ';\'"- mOlTn: the depar- Ocean Quei'ii. (iir) \\ .arrt'lt, .>i7S tone, (or Liver Tanners'. ... ... ..z;*} 11 90 Hart Capt Wm Sperp! For any two, d<.. : *.
III:.- .'i fuf" m in llie I f'liaoss: cf pool, 1oadut-"V A A: P C Krtin. Tillingharst t. Capt J II For .ny three 41".
further/ orders. age uiiom i) 11111 5 C.i-stor. .. ... .. al, 173 200 Ililler, C. 7 '
iile ,;.-nt in ih<- t-.xerci-e t){[ teiider d.e-5: and kiiKJjfleciioij \\-I.'bo'tI. U iri321: I tons fm New York, wait PROVISIONSPork, Mess,. ..LIIII a 1-1 Hardin Taylor, James For alt four: au jf theRe'i(-\\?. N s.
: fi-i\e cii'k ated 10 tijeirh'-ait.-. .y; irl! w hose inXour.l', >ron.- V Co .. 0.. .blli a 00 E J 2 Tote, Oliver 2 For Bl-tfku'ood'a Tvfa .xi ;
h'\Clll'1 1'TS AND TIIK: PRKSJIUCV.Tile !i>1'? tlif. i.no lo Montduk, Gates, 3'. ton for a120'J Hilll'r.jr.! G E Giles ie. J
: < one Hipiy. But to tlum! there New York, load- Prime,..bh'! 10 ((1) Tripp, For Bhrkwoi d and! .{ Jt'YiU. ..
IJostonila.. thl- % is--1 lie! sw,'ft consolation! of :r. -Xour-1' Stor.e v'v: Co. a 1InwrilB F Tom fo _
/ 1t'lIlInrfl paper a thousand lecolleci4oiis : Bacon Ham?. .. ... .Ib 9 ion. MissThusten. For Dll'kw'"l and tiie _
of$ New" : England.! Inning heen I taken to I .4 l, II"T t'lmy'intl!.*, (If hoe qll> ?.liiieM: of Dren.ill. Younz,*> !n ton. forlJoston, loading-D B caavassed.tb a 121 Heald.HHHemsfead. Wm H 2 4 Itiw.i i ,&)
Ih.- IIt'inl which the !Jensili rf d.t allot ted \Vood & (".,. Side a : G G Pat/mtrtls to bt wale fit nil ca L
ys her ?.. ... ... .117 Thelber, E cs .t eKfeamrrstir.
| 1II,
J.I..I. i N'rw Yoik Tribune Cow a S
: speaks thus ii'(>la\ed, aa I ihe (-"P1COP t.f ulnrh n.uller, (Br) Paitersoru (12 fm Johnson
on earth, ton, Liver Shoulder! ?.. .. .lbToririEs 5 a 6.LItD \ Capt John Tolford! Capt T B PREMFM: ,
itinilix' .i"lIiiit-an11\! : ..m-jidii-d leer for lhit better and brighter world pool v/rt.tiii;; :-.1 l>,iv &; Co ... .. ... ...Ib 9 In rah ltn, JthnJp
.. ( l-ii s("Mi.iij; Kkt'wtnwi': s 101rt1..thf' heie sorrow is rever' felt, ai.d wheie are is tntiis- Sir John ;>--fc'd, (1 Iir: ) Thrpadzod,2a2tonfor! HerrI.F, .. .. .. .. ..Ib, 2t a 2.5 9'1 J D Trotr, JH C'n ; cf butvdurucs! deLe k.i'I,
a snp
-rii-d I iuio an eternal r.f t bra Liverpool', !n.Iim-I! :M 1 V.'nla.niifffs I .. Taylor James "aluaJc rks, vii :
; CIIEi.5 .
(Cli\.' in.i. mi-Hi does not ftoni jouth \emmis' joys) :;, .. .. ....lbj 9 12 Jones C
arise II
any I H I'-' d.'C-.5"-'l hus-lMud frc-e (]HI' ) Johnson! (jj' I Tate, J lcrlp.y'o 3Ii.ci..r.v.!
Wnf-n ma ('n, and t ore ton/fin'.Liverpool, ,.. .. .. ...bbl' 225
ct' Mr. < 3 nf Jackson
IIII-III1..t t 1 4 :1PI1I1CII'cs|: <.r mpiirooieiits. d"-rr- <-s cditVrred (.n him in Eun'pe, higher titan I waitin,-l\1,,(:,i'r. PHAXUTrf.. .. .. ... .v.busij! 75 a 83 R inborn 2 Trask, F'JfJhni'Jn. The U'h trnpr.lltI1 %b.t7.in'

Tile.VJus .f Dtjstc.u and of .\l:4s- .my evi-r hdriuin thicountry.. j. J!. D. Cumberland! (Br.) l'u"IHl2 tens, for Liver lICE.'b: !' .J' a 5 Abraham Venfrea, John The Dublin Univer.\aazir.e.! b _
'eIII.t! IHue i\'f'tI rrrt1vI) ividenec! of <:nhIIJ\I'] : < ia and f T.iii-i'ias.-ee; '! Fa., papers, pool, iuat.ling-.T Day Jc Co. vi 1 VJ.S.ca: I'lv. .*. .. ...10 -15 a Kilhy, Howard >'en f res, Noah C 2Valleau ELakwo&.4 :( :: : .

vli.t!t 1\I .' thin 'ol bc.ih : ;and lmul!,, lii l that I iede i \lj'Y'-X.,; O XaiionTil.COMMERCIAL.- l. CIUGS.Georgiarma Cloves.... .. ..I lb S7a 50 Knight, Isaac Clerk Circuit The London, the fcUnbursfr the) FCrt't

.:.'ii'icmiti,,:!I ,IIP ;$ig.ii! noitmiiii'1)- )d! hv ihe _,\.1-. - -- Betlell 190 Ion*, fa X York wai- Ginzer*. root, ... ... 9 a lU KentJ RKinibil Court Quirti-riy a.d w. t'rmr.st'r It"k
: i ing-.\ Dt'djZeno *-. ground... ..Ib| 11 a 12 f' .
Whitfingfon E
ii.; Reviews
liit-ir, devoijuii., Iioili lo ;il"l loon :%tl.t 1 'It his: _- -_ _. = 1) B Wood A; Co Pepivr! ... ... ..lb 11 a fj Kurx John at S3 :1',3.er tr. :1hu.. tt"the
1'If.I'II'I"s.rc: Iji'iieiT CoTTON< : i Pccoriic Park SUGAR:, N. Orleans,. .. ...111 Weaver, Joseph Peru'tlacuU! [ uf .-3, will receive
'r.vrEMLcT. gratis
hItWt'\'t'r. thr ''ie I L.ry..lr 2Jd ton?. fm Xew York, wait- Gi a 7l .'\-!, Capt J C out
has |had i| !ht. haiK-e.. Tiie tid!" in tli. sttMir: I i i r-B !;.;>,-on Oc Co. tit. Croix .. .. ... .lb 10 a 11 Leonard VanLawrence 3rJman., Albert volume any n: ih |bre'taitim4abot r r.>nu-tl.
: G B ... ... .. .. Wood MrsWalker A subscriber
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Erpicl-ti. 2UO II the Ttru
i.l \lr. t 1.w. .* inf4l.. lull it did not lion' io 11.1 ;1.u,1 "I.t J, b.ti. ..7S1; tI ioadux,2-t Dcdge. ton. forXewY'ork, S.\LTLi\'l'rl'ool.E.. 1(1)) a 12.j : P .A PWalon $1 a-year, ir to tiis Fo'.ir r. {;cu!* at

im I.? \1'/:1"\;l( :: '. but '" di.;Ttstroiis ntnJ over H.Ct'I\'t'J.. pts-i ; das .. .. .2ts; [ Sarah Iro'II.klt: 313 ton?, for Xe'v York Coarser. ... .. ... bueh l 62 a a 73 f.r.ihu.'n, Cat; P 2 R L ceivetrw prt-nnusi c.j..t ??, ttili re _
li- l pr-ivioui-Jv! ... .. )| STEEL Cut.. .. ... .. Lonir Thos[ losunu-taaahrvp.
\I I'.ill : .!, fi.; '. Th) -n n''r'JI looked I J.13.jUI ioadin-.Lstir. .cwt IS 00 a 23 (1) Winslow, C A subscriber Bl.ickvx '
; : Total: . 'JJ92C ft2291.rttd 1 8 od and three n'ViH.
German .. .. \1..lhewI. A R "
'"e (II I illapl; ; :1ti: I trcf1i""fLi, l JM-I 3 d.iVa ... .(*&*] -- -- ------ --- SO\Pu ___ cwt'12 ILl 0<:) a_ I' 0(1P1IUTS .\h 1Vp.i'I. John at & 3ear, "r f_,. f h!! ii r"tlr rc\"Jt'\U! ar.d 1 l..k--

!.:m"IIIf'I! ijlei.di'd into ini* : nniIic: e StflI did i j-reviously' .. .. .595.y No I i c('. .! ,-1randy.Conac..gal'- :::: I 73 a 323 (::TPL'r.g lt'Thos wood, at iri'J, v.iu receit rte rr,omi&KI.
d"'I'I!, ( .L''ta'-! f.;-lm'ii; 5ol32Oiihindtndonfhipboanlnotclearedl : rPHF. Gin : calling f)r any of the above let lines.iCr.
r rutH tin :-tier.il calltt-II.H: wew I C'opjrfnfrhip; !l.c-ri-fofore exi"fing b"J Hollrfixf. .. "gal 137 a 1.j0 ters will .
> I n' !1.t-II'n. Are the si ti-J of tile tifrios 5a.131 twecn t he >Mib-cribt, u.idir the t firm of U. American.. ..gal -10 a12 say they are advertised. ({; Plcmc lfiparttt.far in xmrin tft

: v ",..'Id, now fer )J r. Cl.iv ss IhW"I'a -- -. --- : ::(>1GG H. \VOOI & CO., {t-\j.ire* I tiiH (1,1',!. This atirs!: \Knrn, X. K .. ...gal J7 a 41)Vhik.'y ) JOSEPH S. MAY P. MIVoficc. iniiiitis itiud a.,tl.I fie tec f is i.Lnftituj'ef,lIe-
IlIrll -- --- 01 I the concern will! be Rect ..gal 22 a 2.5 .
? I Ita,'" III" -.liIS "\\ ulitij\; t d.e .ilItHS.;t EXPCRTS or COTTON FROM APALACHICOLA blofs. litj'j.d.tfrd by X. J. De- Alcohol! !,. .. ...gal fj2; a 75 CLUBBING. .

lIt hl-tidpi! their w.i; ors into* a broader or a: COi11l:1-nCIIJ; M S ptel.I'l'r! ls'17-and same I). B. WOOD SKINS, Bear. ...r... .... ... : 1 (N) a 1 23 SIX weeks after date I shall apply to the Jukp' For crpics :f ai.y rr all c.t thc-a>iov<- ttf; .

deeprr;) Ii'-d, ; \TK tl.v time N. J. DKIJLOIS. 1'(l'r, .. .. ... .. 7 a Probates fur Franklin lor letters will he sent {n cue 3ifcJrts rn -3yrr.ent if ftm
in $1 county
raliier. 1--J5.
ctl\"rt'rl ]h t dJcJH.fltH. fl'JI.ut-rh': more I ------- Apalachicola, April 1.1. [ISISjoice. SHOT, all size?, ... .. ... lb.. 7 a 7% of_ administration] upon the estate of D. \V. Fau-' regular! sthscrintion t( r three-th: tvurth err,
rf'f.he In I-I'd.1 Last Tnlt\CIL _. II. Q.. "" u. b:inr tra.ti.. -
!Sendind: uiiirc IJlin:1 Mr.] Clav, L thev not vII! CUEIt fCi'OBTED. ,3: d.I-Il'rl'\i. IrA If t seasonLiverpool : months sfl-r 2ilc I. will TEA,-Youas- -Hj>on::::::::::::Ib CO a fcl(;)) ueuueuea-eu.March 23, Is IS l. II. STIX. J. .\rt premium* will ie ginn- letae the

it lest clinw a strong iclticldjce: tr; tc'thus I .. .. .. .5I7 ;.1 9ftI.) Il.j 1 .I07.1t.) SIX Judge /'r"bjfes/ apply to the ifouchong'.. ... .. ... a 50 _ ----1 0-'J-' t llbz allotrantf ii: male tit rlulx'
t '.i.i. d ojlhQr 1 II f\\.r.. "" ... j' ".. ) fur IVa'ikiinCoulfly, TIV.. .. .: . .. ... Notice. rnium in be t.H' will pn
u <' ,: !-. xnu!. .. .!.. ... .J"! ii'-"I. !'t /! ; ". .." Jilr a Hn.il! cliscbar I r-i.-uui I the ;uluiini i .lialion of f TWINE, Baling,. .. ... ..1L IS a 20) Court of Pr..bates will he scription i is any cae! t'urni5.fd'T% mjlf>s t.hf sub
| NortltPja the
11 a man. this (tin1. Trie.-te, .. _.. .. I.. .3730'.37.IMS: o tdte of llemv' neat lileofj.jid roinU.deccard. Seine, ... .. .. ibm a ::37k i THE ) inst. and! opened on the paidrj full to the iwl/kfitr", wrfc-'
( j for
11011 I' lU.it.J.tic; : and we could lure: had, ''''IP. II.>.IIIII! HI d.Mflu.. if the Xoithern (- I'.. ... ...I, .'. .2212 i .2212/ .Al.irbirola( April I ) I"l l.-i'.m: ; Champagne .. ..dozW! 00 a 160') purpose auditing the accounts of Executors -. i\RLY COPIE.?. ,
11'' i [I' prl' :- :':= : --- Administrators: and Guardians by
'*'" 'imp in il.ff.V! "|'la:1: : a1.He in 'ot.i! tc I-'i>'. Ports. ..117 d .2l! l* --SC'dl--Snlln'--- -- --- time which A late arran!erienr wIth the British pmMi4mi-r.
01". : : >;.2 7 or of
I in.si( Advances appear vil! BaC'k'ood'1.I _
\'IIIHloIl :'! (: sood f.ij'h' tj! > rt-huh nftl/ XV., w \rk.!. .. ...1. ...1. J'S'.)J I .ISSTjl JI.J!$)2 3 GIlO' early
on shipments of Cotton that
C..nvention.W ... ... t. 1. <- t for MADE to Liverpool, \vrrk' by wl.ichv*' shall teahfr
sl!I.I! "i'p the .I.I..U. ... .J 1rIi( J 1 lJt( f" .792.3 :aJebvAnil L. W. SPRATT
I'I'n re "ur' 1t.II'Y""P11Jr'.e I'n; : '; . .. ;. .S2j: .29":1): ;. .:;:0:1.) ,'! !jtJ.j( : ; I n: J C ALLEX. NewrOu.IC and Boston bv March 23, IS.13. Judge to place the entire nui.b: -r"in the fcar.?* tf "af.
Dec. of
::1:' ,v I h o \ .' .m' for J Jr. \r aic f/t'e lUilefj.hiu.( .. ...!I. .. | .577i.: .ijTTj .. .. --- --10 D. R. WOOD! & CO. I Piohafp.liavaiin ; t scribers! before a ;y ('rr inn rf it can hire*>iir.ft; : l
; l.Sler. a2airlst t 1.1:1.1!: u ..<. .. ...i Aromafic Biffcr -- --- --- in any cf the Arrit'ricjri .1oiirnas.;
:ue .1. I lIt, i. /I..t.' h'") .llrO I .1'I 11 I Exc1attsie. Scal's. For !;: an"f
; t lt m/ : jlbI:1V romitJetl N.--.V cri-ii: .. ... .. ..1'7' ; R nLIU'Sromalic: Bitters just received other advantage.ictfr d to
'I. \\ tll ,i. .WI:; 17J.l1.! .lJlrTot : : D New York AHA HAVANA SEG\ our sub ribl
on Boston 90 cor.tain t s. we
%>I P I 1"/1" I" will :ft it. /mu'rn. Ilt' (I,!I"r :101':, .. ". :. .jO .5:." .211:? tl.d] ,li;>f auic by II. DRAFTS and Baltimore, Providence, *\J\J\J ing an assortment of' tIe Pro- pay so large a 'orl. dL'ratif'n. Ihl1i' 'lw

''i In"" I" I '"'rt 1l .l Co' -4-. ApnJ 13 J C ALUX.S.'idUlz ( ) bought ; and bid; HI I ftrrrfiti&rl t.. 10 i_-sv the .t' f..,. H onry... ..
." 'I. 'JI"fWJ the; Con"f.1 i>t\\ !l"t. \.1520.3 oj7: .::7.4i212: : Siht Check, on \ew Yor! .old by s CdbJna"Iinen'a.- .," Pori".n.q.-...;, .prke ( t- *: in.. .
'" I.'I./' :,. '.,.11::: '__.If1r_ tl rrz : : /of-.1rrfJ_fir TITi.-nA.r.> :. :: .-. . .(,' .,.-'.j'132' Io\v I.'r.s. WM. (;. PORTER & Co. Partagts" and other choice brands, now Lmiiri inereiorcne' rcr.eat si'isertic tarry trtufr tf.t
I :;'C "- -------- \ GRASS St .nifil/!, Pi.wd. i ;; per schr Ann Maria from price V
u -- ,
: f"j;' vrtinrf f'i'f ra* ,')1"1in -- 'rfthat are fresh, jlht' f fs Agents Bank cf I'runswick, Havana, for sale by

'. ,:.< I ,III otc' who, hU\\'I' '.:r ztia.hi i \\C P.\: L \i EI t received and for sole bv' lf'Cm -II \.att'rtreet.; ( -Mch -16 McCULLY., 50 Wtrert.; -miftancc--5 t ar.d rjirnnni. r-.trg sI roiF tut
always addressed.
t .J f. -U'I: t Iiil0 ,.'i1I.% P..rr Aprilia J C ALLEX.C pn.t ,:itf or ti-nnfce'f, tn tPe
in huttlhle :' .I r :
our tlllncTud :.:1111 'J.'ho l1sonian
I. Notice. .Jlc clicjn's publishers. tEOHLOTr
'"1'111. .. & CO.
I''"' "f 1fl-z'Iti: : fr..Jj the 1'1(1' ;1'. tutlg G.MI H.iukms I L A ThiinijKOii J Bund, Iu1it'iotA .:'-. person arc hereby cautioned received ad! for sale by :), Fultnn St .
'ii('i. st.nl of f'1t'd 1 B I KillM.iori.: Davis, Mr! : and FEW Iiifn, .1.1' ALL against -- 7j SpWYorfr.
an Suckny:
on. family 'on u *-evi' 3 ----
% sj ignalhflies ry Virally should : for two notes for J. C. ,\I.T ---- ---
; hundred E-i. :
i* IVr-te.nji 1
; ,; !BII''n-5 .MrsIlar i one dollars (>-l lii'iin S
in I U.; 'ro\e, M.ss I Anne h\vp; one-lur .-aiiby: i j r u j).
For% lit. .\Jia-I J: ForFytli., i eih, given !Ii y the undersigned! to the Apaljchi-: Cotton RAY'S
;; Font..ilJl'Ii..s iVeighes. L1u:1
:snpericr ,
.w' Aim J ij: .
: il'.sf
lit:2'11" J C TB S\"rUJ. vtnil
; ALLEX.I.olKr ; '
IjJl.'i ''" j. uttWcI..rII l.t-r-\i' '. t 1 lM l lieoHargrove) I I J I H I:nsard, col.i Land Company bearing d.ltc-s the fifteenth of r LIE subscifber having been appainreit l I for sale l t.v
: t II|It ,t the .' J Itri'1:: Li i J i. lajdi\in! March ; a
aiMi'tblf.! r;mdj late 1'aper. bIG, and the fifteenth of M.nch J 1Mb, _LVeigber of Cotton Feb 17.
respectfullyoiicits II F
A .
Y'i..d.s.J 'I'I'1r|, i. Z'\-!I.II'T.1fJr.! P--r si'I 'tu.T: ,'jui-C.ljlt} Gli-nn.;! J W Winter 10 ItB?\\IS /line Lulkf Paper just received l'ept.'di\f'I| The parties to whom said ii"tes from the merchants employment HELL.Bailey's
(I Apalac-Iiicola..
C I'r..tI. I I.: 'II I ;
'i.e > Ctiiihy, ("fiiisty, Pipi'in. and Ic/r sale
iij'h lie tlni.Jn I'-T
: 1,1 throw "'le rJ \101rc'-'L.J ,
** :.JIK
Sill'} t the opporinuinOf *Ihp h, !I''uri, ciu-l; :Mrmi'h, loIdilnd child, Lcaird\11'51/1:1.I lady Mrs and April. 13 J C .LLF.n :. trims of t their contract, tiie undersigned will nut t hopes that opportunity will be afforded; him to I THIS i-i \'alllll.I" C'':npc!>d tin-: '\ff'J. i
\ ,
1 iLLRN IRISIDK-VT; ; ? \\.e Jule ;; UcCall, Mi.Keils, L G Harrison, A McRac, G ushes.! payaid notes unless said terms arc complied gain a support for them in thi-i community : and Il'ibra, a vcg.taMtfctrVt: je

believe that she will not. Iud \vVlnpple; EJ: I 1'hail i !, <1 II I I > 11I1 111 .1-1-\TH, I ht. Cli.ll.rs/ TeethNail[ and Shaving with. where such an appeal has never been wade in for the cure of Fever ar.i! .\"tie. SoM Nf -.

Per MPamT' Q'lincy' -\V II BrorkenbrouSh and Brushes, for sale by I WM.[ SYDNEY GREEN vain. ALEX. iMcALI'IX. JU:1e 1-> H. !.'. ..t fTf 5Molasses. .

[From :hl' New Oripln, lady W C \\'',oul, L I Lott, A X Xeverly. Fd h 21 II F ABELL. Apalachieola, .April fl, !M->. ]:-3t. March 2, IS1 t. 7-tf -----.- "-- --- -

A U I3illetiii.] -- --- _
t: M 1 t LXI C 1 P AL RECEIPT.FROM DE.VI ISTKY.DR. 'ZfHHD? We-t Indic :.)
ELECTION THE IXTERIOR. ; > Jierccs Ffr ;:!
l1iola"ics. fjiverpool Salt
Xc"cr. in the, annal Per A. WILSON, Surgical and Mechanical O\J f..rsifbv! H. JI.r.I 'O."
steamer & CD
of Q'Jiocv-H ,
NeW bales: coton! to Lock- f) ? BBLS Mn-rovsdo sale by
\ Orleans. for
superior sale
rt L hash FOR Dec '
en such hart A: Youn20 by Dentist from SI Chambers 3'i Crr Vaf&randChstuir.oLi
i III j BS street New-
3U /""r llawlt-y *J Mch Ifl; E McCULLY 5U 30 B ELLISOX & Co. .
elminS Water
auch --
1 d'ff'41t, Pr sttMtm-r t. York would -- -- ---
ILJI..I and. -loll-fillJdll's cotton to !Marlay -- - -- respectfully inform the citizens of ---
'Jlrt), as Uller rout of tile DemoClallC N:; Kimbrough; ::52 to Wylle.vJcKt'nzie; 25 to School Books ,Apalachic', that he will remain a short time at Groceries. Sadlf'I'1SAODLFS. -, AC. .

We.o receivf'd yeterdiy. A X Mclvav vV To; 1'0' D B I Wood X Co. sakliy the re.idfncc of N. Baker Esq., where' he will QQ BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Mc.lase o1 'It various ;patter-* and oinali:r..
001 J..uow I) FOR ;
I-11'.lflwr ,
'r cud
thifl Eiiul, aQ
it we otiht ?to '-217 bales cotton to Lock- attend to the U ''iatJi? bits.
requisitions of those ho
aD Ulusl claim liait i V Young 45 17 II F A ELL. \ may desire Rice just rec'd and for .de by Saddle IJ'
'IJ to A X
as a IIrIY ; .McKay \; eun to his professional services. Jan-C E. _
and ltiutr1fJl of WvheA! McCIJLIXater >
corr pUre McK-nzie. 32 .
rt principles, to Hill. Dawpon & Co. Piles.TMTCH April G 1S4S Martiiuak-s and Whips, fvjLr by
as the
the 6\Junl triumph IIf Per s-tearner A "oflf-:317 bale :____ ____ lir'L.'
ur.J ? cotton to A KITS celebrated Spanish Snilflf. WM. G. rORTER & C., .
: sense. < X Specific, for, .
McKay A Co
orrect : Cl *>'
and !utelli"nc of the jtlll2ernenteople p.r -tfamer Quiucy; In'lIc-12 bales\ McKenzie.cotton to Wyhr \J sale by [Kel2>] II F ABEEL. Thomas E. Gray, SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bottks and blad Dee t J Jl \-*4iffcr .treit.

gDgutIln! over (le"'',- \ ) M KUCHA NT TAILOR received and for sale .
I ql'' r.HJc4Ili"lI1, for it lcl\t'uZlt"i; Jlj to A N \lcKay & CUi; 9 to W Castile Soap, by 0
lJ (h", branm1 of tbl' was "pl'cial. G I'urlt & Co: 8 10 B S JI.twley. JUST received, and for sale by fTT OULD respectfully inform the citizen- of Feb 17 II F ABELL- Pztsticea.

-ai polrllcul DClflocralir. tirty I hat ; P..r t'1t.'all1ei', Ch.HJlaillo-m, : L.lt's! COtton tl A N' 11 II. F. AI3ELL. V Apalrchicola; arid its vicinity, that he has Dr. \Vooth'uff'sVOI'U SWAIM & HOUCK'S Panacia; jii rccctmt _

11'i J ban.led Inno n iuiljil' phal.nx.; \Jcl\a}' 1.\1 Co'; 3j 10 \JdcJay & KIl/lbrou, ; 17. ------------- ---- jllst j received splendid assortment( of Summer Specific, sale bv
in'le Second ttinct o J IJ..y.0; 79 to Harper & Holmes 1210 D. A SAFI' and efficient remedy for worms, tor FEb 17 If
Ouava Goods P
those zeal ao, Municipality, arid I G Kaney.Per ; Jellies. consisting of Union Checks Linens, sale by --- ACEIJ:
blinthe, eXerlillOS( Were KfDOZ.. Guava Jellies, ass-tried size Fancy I Cc4ssitneresVhite Drillen Plain Linen TOE'-100 '
tkt.Tlte untiring 10 Heamer Charleston-256 bales cotton. J\J boxes Feb 3 J ALLEX. IOTA I1ht" ; TUf:1ip.-.u lrH
teSIeCLbie better Iud OIore < just received direct from Havana, for sale: Fancy Linens,French Cot ronade! ,Nankeen Drills, -ts-'" tbls.! ; J.vtj! -30 bW -;:

were purf" or rIJ" dpruocalC) ; EXPORTS. b y E McCULLY; Fancy Vcsting-, &(., all of which he i is prqmedto The Indians Elixir. I'.rS'1'pibJIs.., (.r sr lc bv ;

They wamft enljteiJ parly. LIVERPOOL March IT.( 50: Water st. t make upin the most fashionable style; having CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever; for Dec 3:.) U
were !in the! caulie. -Per snip i( Solon-1769 bales cot. A n ___ __ _Ef.LISOX_ & Cii'. .
ceived the -
oppo10 time ton. Cun'a Tobacco Seed. just j r Spring and) Summer Fashions sale by -- .
that had "bnnxions cani"Utes Per ship lJ"nry-1 129 bales LBS Tibacco : he flatters hinnelf .that he will be able to makeup Feb :j J C ALLEX.Coffee. SIIEETIXGS. Shirtin-s and Print, by if-;
t"n cotton. ( 'd. from the
( most celebrated
Jurcd I _
They "f're 'h'gumst, upon ''" ">. Perln (Jdnzes: -19SO bales! roiton. 5 pliintatioi's of the his Goods to the entire satisfrfction of his customers low for cash, bv .

tinous.measurt'li T a"'J justly so. willi) NEW YOKK-Pcr bark Gilbert-759 bales from Havana for sale Vuelta byMch Abajd just received 1 t both aq to style and prices. He his also 11. ELLfSOX fc CO. .
mpolicy were c ot Ion. hand \ (1\ SACKS Rio. Havana, and St. Doc !a. Cor. Water and Chestnut!
thaiiI Pursued, and' IB I on an assortment of R>'ady Made Clothing, Domingo its
Per bark Z Rin .McCULLY., 50 Water !t. 1UU Coffee. for sale low bv -- .
-733 bales -
'wed ; consi of
| and cotton. alarmed not ;
l a ''ewtp.nl Per Iron
put forth at thlU"i'lciple 'h1 bug Havana-314 bales cot on. Olives. Attncknpaw and Linen Pants, Dress :and Frock Dec 23 F. McCULLY.Oil SWEDE Scotch (his. Weeding and (l aelen

rrme'of au,1| 1dvoc'aJ.! ) in werl 'n"nO:5TOP"r.'" thij. Ambasador-1784 baIt'/ 8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives for sale Coats, Plain and Fancy Vest, Plain and rue) Cloths and Card Black-with Bellow, Cotton a d Wpc(
( .Carpets. anti
tuft) 'inV' ( Spades S'rnvc-l.$
t.ve a by McCULLY Y. Shirts Hat Shoes Ladies' Hdkfs Cauldron! and Su..ar
do. Gloves
: 1-JOVlDCXCE-Per .
- *. uclai'1 bark Wm and Oit( Cloth 1 and
Probably did 1 IsomeOlhtr. 823 bales cotton. James- March 16 SO Water st. &c. &c. Thankful' for the liberal patronage 15pes 2 yards wide; Pans Ploughs ic. &p. for 'nt? hv .
110 vote at all Super Ingrain Carpeting B
doubt, voted and POilTLAXD-Per J heretofore bestowed him he hopes by ; ELLISON & Co. .
Tile \' brig Madison-550 bales Provisions upon nn- 2 Stair u 1 0
: must be)fesuh i in the St'c'l, us. Col I too.VEW. 70 k DDL Whikey ; 10 do. Prime Pork; t tirinif exertions and strict attention, to merit a 10 Tufted Ruzs. ___ .e Cor. Water .nd Chp.'ntll sts.

particularly \funicipaliIY, ORLEAXS-lVr schr Monterey-270 10 hbis Flour "l cask Rice continuance of their patronage. For ale WM. I 1'holn1)"on's
Public hales cotton. ; ; by G. PORTER & CO. I COU11)ontHl S3'rUl) cr ,
faithful servants who rfJintt 10 those Perechr Corah-147. bales cotton. 5 superior! old Roserve Whiskey{ April 6. 18 IS.. 12 3t Dec 30:) -41 \\.t"'r "',"rt. Tar ansi \Vood altha, ,

!, administered ably and so : 2 very choice Hams; Razor : : the cure
i_ Pohtl thffairs --- C Strops. Trusses. F0.1 co-numpti 'u, ci.r.i.MC, br )'I1-
Clpalir,, aDd .bibt it of the OIL Now landing per schr Louisa Sears, and for HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops just received ", asthm I. \\'ho ,'unsscoujS.piIpit.itw'i!
"ICh SALAD just receivedand for sale sale HULL'S superior single and double Trusses of the
a gratify. 1 17 H. by by E McCULLY and for sale by by t heart, liver romphints, and affections of .
F. ABELL March 16 50' Water !. Feb 21 H F ABELL. Feb 17 thuktdnevsfor.eh't .
Feb 3




"-,-.-.- 'L-.L ". : "": -_,. -

; -.4. .. .. .. ',." -.-,_ .- .---k .. ,_-_ ,- .'
s---1- - --t. -- ----- --- ----
: _

,- : :_.. -
b--- -: '--
: -
-- -
-- -
: _; r"1 -



-1 0 -

-. -- -
1-. -= -

f ; & Sale. -I block- 1:lots- -nos- V 3-to 10 inclusive unimproved : I V PROSPECTUSOF I itJil Notct THE subscribers Dry offer Goods.for sale _a large and sea- Drugs, Medicines FRESH ARRIVAL Paints OF

block lt: lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved : TUCFLORIDA -- 7: oil.
stock of Goods in
in block lots 1 2 :3 6 7 8 9 10 : I Dry consisting Dyc-Stuffs,
J virtue of the authority me vcstcIby1aw, > nos unimproved |I At Chambers, rart Perfumer Ac.i .
BY will to sale, before the Court house block 137 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : WHiG his
expose of Monday the block 13S: lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive: unimproved[ : !' APALACHICOLA, DEC. 2.1847. ofNegro Kerseys and Linseys, friends and the public Ihank
Apahchicola, on
Door in the City h
block 139: lots n6s 1 10 inclusive unimproved! : Carnochan and Red Flannels >
to John M. )
M. ISIS, between the hours of ten II WEEKLY PAPER patronage- and beg |to
Sth d.tlf >\ block inclusive! : A inform
UI( lots nos 1 to 10 unimproved vs. Plaintif'1' Bangups and Tweeds, he j
A. ;M. and f-'ur l'. M. the following: real: estate block lots nos 1 2 31 58 9 10 unimproved : j t TO BE PUBLISHED LY iLlffl./IXX.d.; George K. Walker Super plain black and fancy Casameres, : now receiving an additmf

situated in the City of Apahchicola. (assessed as: block 121015 urns I to 8 inclusive unimproved : his wife of the Super English and French Cloth, : which added to fOnr
the of Liewis Curtis and Jo-i.'ph Del.i- block nos 1 to 10 mclusjve unimproved : I[ in the his assortment unusually
property THE undersigned publishing
Florida, James E. Bettner 1 Bill for account Whitney Blankets, 10, 1 11 and 12qrs
field Trustees of the Apahchicola Land Company block 114 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : Jackson. a English, Frenchi German
Town of Marianna, county, Florida and Ann his wife of the ( and partition.State Blankets,8, 0 and lOqrs. and
will the Taxe block 115 lots no. 1 to 10 inclusive unmIrovedblock : Duff 5 ; Cosmetics
much thereat ai ; Perfumery
pay with title.
,) or s' weekly the above ; t1aq
inclusive : newspaper of New York, and Quilts, 10, 11 and 12
146 lots 1 to 10 unimproved
for 1317 1 assessed, thereon, and in arrear unpaid: nos This will be devoted to Literature, Agriculture ware, &c-, &c tW(
of' the Denims Kremlins ate
unimproved paper McMa and Cottonades
: ,
block ill lots nos 1 10 Jane ters to Physicians
of I- ranklin.to'ethsr i, It incl.i\'e Country Merchants
M tlw St t.\tt! of FI"rih, and the County block 1H lots nos 1 to unimproved : and Science; it will al.o contain the State of South Carolina, Brown Shirting and Sheeting the most liberal terms and other ?

with! the cost of advertisement andSlIt block! 149 lots nos 1 to 10 incl'e uniniprovetilulock : current news: of the d.tyand articles in support of Defendants. _, Cotton Osnaburgs, and unadulterated.-all of which he warnnf
and which said real estate' H described as 1 2 3 4 unimproved : the pure
!. 150 lots nos Whig Policy. affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
f.,11lw*. i'i the! :'oft;p of said City, viz. j Murk 157 lots nos 123478D10 unimproved : I The want of a local paper has been severelyfelt UPON Defendants mentioned in said do Linen and Cotton Checks, ". F. ABELL,
I, lots nos. 1 to N, inclusive, block IjS lots nos I to ) inclusive unimproved : Bi Wholesale and Retail Druggist
ml);l. \ r.Ln.e I in Jackson Walton and Washington! counties reside within this Circuit, but the : Irish Linen, Shirting' and ,
unimproved block A, r.t'ie! ; 2, lots nos. 1 ,3, 0 i, I block 159 lots nos 11011) inclusive unimproved : and has led to the proposed establishment of not SbeetinJ 45 Water itret
It is ordered that notice of the Bleached Cotton
iroved block A, 2, block 167( lots nos I 2 : 4 7 S 91() unimproved : I United States: Shirting Nov. 21, 15.16.
11, 11, u 'urn range this Journal. Apalchicol
9, 11, ;
: Mock IfiS lots nos 1 to 10 unimproved : institution of this suit, and the filing ot the English French and American Prints,
1,>ts n I.. 2,1 i 5 IIOI Z .', impr.tvod; block 15, range;!; inclivc The undersigned hope to obtain snfllcient patronage :
'I block nos 1 to 10 unimprovedblock : amended Bill, be given in some newspaper published super, plain and twilled Ginghams Drugs and -
1 loNtns.' :J, 1 l, .-q) i K, I unimproved: ; block 19lol nos 123478 9 10 unimproved : to enable t them to commence its publication in the Circuit, for the space of four Super Cashmere d'Ecol, : ITIedicines.

V H, nn*.; 2, lots n H. 1 11, unimproved ; block block 174 lots nos 110 10-inclusive unimproved : by (the 1st of September months and if, due of the appearanceof Extra super Muslin de Laine, subscriber hal, and will
It, r.111C 2, I'lts nos. 2,3, I, 5, 41!, 11 I 12: improvod hl"e. 175: lots nos 3 to 1) inclusive unimproved! : TKRMS-Three dollars per annum, in advance. said notice in some newspaper proof so published English, Scotch and American do. haveon handa {omrlle
jtsms.3, 4,15; 1')., unim- : 17G lots 2 3 ; 7 8910) unimproved : the of DReGS and
: ; block C, rn.; 1,1 nos $3 50 ifpait within six months; or $1 I 00 at for the time mentioned, the said defendants do Super Italian black and figurc-d Silks }ltI.
ptoved( bbck C, rri "_' 2, lit" !' LiO. 9, 10: I II, 12. block! 177 lois nos 110 10 inclu.Mve unimproved : end of which he will \urant;
-I year. said bill thenext rule daywhich Black Silk Cravats and
t ; block C, ra-isfe 2, lots no*. 1, : block 17.S lots nos 1 to II() inclusive: unimproved : BENJ. G. LIDDON CO. not appear to by fancy lks, of the best qualily. ptre
1' u limproveJ ; I
: im'u''c'l bbck I n, r.init 2, lots nn\: block 179 lots nos 1 3 4 (; 7 S 9 10) unimproved : & shall come afar twenty days from the expirationof Super English and Poni.e Ikfg. and Planters Cf1nt
2 J,5, n 1, ; 31 1S17. said of four months it is further English and "i fn t
1) 2. lots block ISO) lots nos 1 lo 10) wcu..i\'c unimprovedblock : .ulv period ordered Ikfs, to lo call
block ,
I ( nnjt:
:3,7, ti, 9, niimprovH ; txmint hi
1S1 lots nos 1 2 3 4 unimproved : that the same be taken as confessed Madras and Verona head Hkf ( .
block K. 1,1 its t !no*. HI IDS St. Croix Sugir elsewhere
I raii'-re I ;
: i
1 5 : I
flE.1 'nj"r.j\'t' block! 1S2 lots n"s 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved : 5 against Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, '
:1{, I, :5, I';, 17, IS, improved hhck'K I ru'e 2, : block! 1><:3 lois' nos 1 to ]inclusive unimprovedblock : I 15 do New Orleans: Sugar; them.GEO.. S. HAWKINS, Judge &c. Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted prescriptions rut up ;
I litsm<. 7, S, 13: I 11 I, 1 1", ii;. I 17, H, I 11!9.> uuim. j jV 'I I IM. j: 1"4 lots nos 1 to inclusive unimproved : 2J bhls,St Croix CARMACK & SPRATT, Cotton and Flax Thread, Vestings, at any hour of the dab or njgjf
r.ivel I ; bl.K-'c l:, rrui 2.1 I.t n Solicitors. Plain and and
Swiss checked Muslins
.,.:-!J K, rn:*.,' 2, l 1ft'. tn* .i., 1 fi, 7, ,1.1:) I I. I !9!, 2.'J, I 1 block! 1"lots(i nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved : 10 bbls:ground I Compl'ts fig'd March 21 Cor.. Centre an'd Conin, rr.j..
miin-trirnl;: I ; bl-n-k 'I II I, r.lq! e I I its uo*. :r>, S,"I I block H7 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive: unimproved : IOU sacks Rio Cofl.e; 50 do Java. A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU, Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, -

1 t. 11, 1'?, 1 I"', 2 t.1 tiinproved: ; bl >c-k! I II I, ratic ;1 block 1*.lots nos 2 (> 7 8 910) unimproved : block 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Dec 30. 50-4m- Clerk. Needles Pins, Tape, &c. &c Jolnes' Vegetable Pills, 4
<) !lols 6 7 8 9 10 : block 190 lots Which have been selected with in :\
'!II nos care
2.1 .c ni 4.J, 1 1. :"i.i 'ii, 7, ", H.l J, 11,12 1 !, I I-:;, I 11 I, unimproved 50( Mnft'd do.; Franklin Circuit Court. great MENSTRUATION.rAI UL
nos6 S 10(
11, J t, 17, u n ila'r,1:i : bl>ck\;; J.ran e I, lots i 7 9 unimproved. 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap; The President and Directors of\ New York and Bton,from Importersand A g?nts

: m*. 2.1: I. :r, < T, stn, 1-1, I II I, I I'!. 1 rt::, I H 1, 15: I WHARF LOTS. lOt bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; the Bank of Pensacola of Manufacturers, at :- lowest market rates, and | THESE celebrated PiJIs have become s tam

11.1'7, t"l. If f. '* U'lnr.uv.l: ; bl.ick J, rune 2, I 1') i f-et t lot No 1-2; 50 feet foot of Leslie 1000) Ibs Lead ; vs. In Ch ancery. are now offered wholesale or retail on favorable 1L ous for( their virLes. ii I' i5;;; this disease,

lJ,< 1 ui> I. '!. :3 1 I.a: rt. 7, Si; t, KMl I I 12, I 13, 1 II. ''slli'c! : ; 100! ( feet lot No I JI; HIO t feet lot No 17 ; :200 kegs White 11,1. No. I 1E'traand Pure. Hiram Manley, and others. I terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. that but little netd of them their action

1., Is I 17 l1... li I. 21, uiim.rov: : ; !block:;; K, I ID t I j frt lot X( Hi!I ; 9'i!I feet foot of Cent re street ; For sale by W)1 PORTER & CO. At Chambers 24th March, ISIS. Dec. 30, IS.17. 41 Water street. upon the system is wonderful they immediate! I

j.rilI: I itin*. 1, 2, :3, !I. .">,>( 7, ";;, !H I, 1 1'1,11) 'f.O fret South part; of lot No '2:1') ; 30 feet North DI'cu 41 W.lterstreet.On reading the Bill and Exhibits, filed in arrest all pain in this: disease n matter ot 10"i i
17 IS, l.J,2 >I. IIi7nr.vdb14I1C : ; part of! lot No 2'2. tl':) foot foot of Chestnut St. ; UPON A CARD. long stand r-. Pamphlets
1 I 11,11: I. l", 1 ; cause, i is ordered, that service of said containing 30
l 1 : K. r.riis( 2, lots T'< 1 1. 2, :3I 1, :j.n( 7 S, l', IOU feet of lot Xo 2"; !1M' feet foot of Cherry st. COIS' nllcnt. bill be perfected on: Hiram Manley, one of the TiE Subscribers take this method of inform- of testimonial:from the profession.. For salA t, :

1 f, 11. II. 1:1, 11 I. i', 1 1.i, 17, IS, 1.1,211:) u.iinpMveti .\1 h..- Ml ltd I lyirur on the i West side of t the JUST received on consignment defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed the citizens of Apalachicola and its vicinity March 2 J C ALLEN. [

: ; bloi'k\ L, luts I\f..l, 2, 3.1, ", G, 75. Apal.icllicola! Bay, North and West of the City of ]. ,OOO Segars, Celebradad," herein to be a recident of the Middle District of that they have now on hand a very neat

'I. 11,11, 13,11.11,15) H. 1 i, 1Sl,2 1 i I. miniprnvl Ap.il iciiicola! to the \\'c.tCr boundaries of 10,000 Cazadorcs") Esmero" Florida, by publication in the published and well selected Stock GOODS, which will be \\TH.KKEAS'.S R Konner became purchaser t I

l1h k1, It t< no. 1.2.3, I, .5 ili.< 7S. Franklin County; also, St.'iruceiut':Hand, St. fi; dozen Reserve 'Madv'ria, the of newspaper sold low, consisting in part as follows: from the Apalachicola Land 1'
for the
V, 1 1.1,11.p 12. I II, l-ll":,.lijt,; I 17, IS, 11)21:) ; I, unimpnivel (!l O e': Island: and Dog Island, (exclusive of 0 H( ina" Port, two in months city requiring Apalachicola said Manley to be spaceof and Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles the 22d day of April, ]1530, ,f Lot nuSS

:I. block X, I hl n ><. I. 2,3, I 1,5 ';, 7, ., !9, I that portion i of St. (; and Dog I Island owned G" Cherry Cordial, before the Court the first in Fancy Prints, do. do. and 10, in Block No. 2S and Lots Nos 7, .13 f

1''J, I n. 12. H: H, 15, ]I'i' 17, IS, lt!', :.W. unimjirovvvj bv I tlie IT. S. Gf\crlr.nt) ; also all Lands lying 10" Tomato Catsup appear June next, and answer said on bill otherwise Monday the Alpaca Lustre; do. Figured, and 11 I, in Block F..lr11fthfrwlth Ihewharfpr ?

block O, luts n');. 1. 2, 3, -1,5: 0, 7, S, 1 I. Kit T ; *. lii 2 unim.prwil St. George's Sound and running Eea;;t to the' same pro confesso as to him. do. Monfella No. 21, at (nil price of !>, ; f"' winch 3 *
II, Jl, 12, 13, II 1. 1 I't, I- 17, IS : J, ; Dec 2 .JI.t {Colunibus Block. GEORGE S. &c. : : r Je u.
; lilk I', 1)1" n n. I. 1. :3 J, .1 I, :5, ft, 7, :b: month of New Kivr-r from thence in direct line .- --- A True lA\KINS. Judge, do. Satin Striped ecntt-d, l.is r.I.| -st &c .ir la\.r .f md C. mlary) I

Jin, 11, 12, H, I Jln I, 1 ;, 17, IS, lJ,2 unim- to i the! Chip1 Clt-Clf. following the Apabchicola 'l'hOIIISOn'S Coiiipoiiiid Syrup of Copy. VALLEAU, Clerk. Fancy Cashmere Robesdo. \Ilch rf-m-ir. unpaid with the inferrjdue t

t pr, 1 J, 11,1; I I' 1 13.:: I J L I 1"., l'i. I 7, 1", li., 1'J, uiiiartrawJ ( FOR 1
; ) .Stk: :S;, 1 lit t : ins. 1 It ) 2), inclusive' acres II t third q'.nlity of Land, and 1000 of 2d asthmi, whooping cough( palpitationof IN ChANCERY. Muslins India Book stood that in ca"e of failure to {pay the s.id njw i

11'1hltr.w1.l bll.*'c 1 1. 1 l.*< tI.H J, 7. 1t:1imprO'l'cl.h1J : ; flu ,\ 3": !per returs in'ide: by the Assessor of (the hartlin.r complaints, and aftections of Franklin Circuit Court. do. Swi3, Luce and Colored acci.rdir- ?to the contract, the said CMnpany J

:k 1, l'',t m S;;, irl'lr vod ; bl.ickc.l\ no. y, St.ite Taxes. fur Franklin Countv.JOHN7 the kidneys, for sale by Thomas Orman, Edging, Lisle, Cap and Thread should beat liberty, (.n piv i ins thirty davN n .ficp !

'niI" ive l ; bl I.:,,I.\ l.lu's nos 3;, .1 I I. t j,7S, !9, un- LUCAS, Sheriff, Feb 3 J C ALLEN. I vs. > Shawls Damask Silk in : public ip-zelte. ).UillI4lVCf! in Af'alarfciwb, to I

i-nwnvJ: ; : 1 1tl',ci! 1. lilt no. 2, i inipr-ixvl; I I. block and: ] Ev-0.TiiMoT.ix. Collector Franklin Co. Wiiam B. Finch. ) do. Marino, f.-.n said Li.fs at the rik n| aid purchaser ?

T, 1 it< n1;. 2 t 'j. i iii'liMfe, u limpnved: ; block\ Ajvilic'iicoh' Nov.-. ll7. -IQ-Om. Irish Potatoes and Onions. made to appear by affidavit, that the do. Plaid Wool the bent fit r aid C mpany: and it any sur-lw! r

fjl; )tsn 1,7, *-, 1), I itnprox-i-l: block 0, lots !:ui 'arc, -ialandel'r! &c. A FINE article for sale by IT defendant resides beyond the limits of the Kid Lace and Silk Gloves remained' alter Pa> ins: said notes given for and f

n.H. 1.7, >, 0, I i.mim: \d. bl-jok G, IJfJ! HOg. Sa't Criuer3 Invc on baud for sale- Nov 1 E.:: McCULL, .>0 Waff r !t State of Florida to wit, in the State of ""New Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets latest fashion on account of said I ".h and all (cc-fs and ex- f

2,3 3. itnpr: '?J ; bl ck\ 7l.t,; nO.( .I, 2,3, 9,10, TiE assorted ]Butts, Screws, Hinges, OIL just receivedund! (for saleT by York: It is ordered that service of said bill beperfeclpd Ribbons in all varieties pen Banner!e?,, the same; shall be paid to the'!aic) S I I

Iviilar3vei : bl d k i 7,1 I >t< no* G, 7, -. iinrcvcd; ; llindsdws) Crosscut do, PlICS.C.lljU.5C' SAL.Al 1 117 II. !F. ABELL on said defendant by publication of Brown Shirting 7-9.4-4 and 3-4- as, the said or II'gaJ. repre-er.tatives; aridttt- .
lil.\\'s. .
}.h".t! s.1| II.i< n.-):. :3.: )1. :5, 4. 7, 't, iriimprovcd ; :;, AICls. ;i !, Chi"ll. this order for four months in some newspaper Beached do. 7-8 -4.4-4, 10-4 and ll-l notes, nf.tIle Banner has f.uff-d! ra! jl

Mtisk :., hf.'I..; 1. I U :5:i, 7, S, 9, ininproved: : ; and Bitts, n'11., Bevels j'nre, ( ;, Sarsaparilla. printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring 6-4 and 8-4 said Crmpav in pursuance the I

lil'i-k 1 I, i It: < :i is :t, *, u Ii I tl"lN\''',l : block 10, Ship do, Collins' do, Adz< Hatchets, Hammers BULLS, Sar.d's, Hr ffl' and Bailey's com him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting at premise atu-fnm., wi expf..e. thy Lot aforesaid t" sale

J l-in ,,; 1. 7, jinp-iv? ** l ; blick I II I lots nos1, s, S'lutter Hangings Blind do.Steelyards. fluid extract of S.mapuia.: just received will be taken pro confesso.At Carpet Bags city >m fri' r.f. the Court hhtinse m said, ?
l lot. 0 7, 'J, I'i and for sale 20 IS 17. Hats and Caps all styles on TJ'lri.lay the nlh i div" tf April eeV
u..j'nr: ivel I ; bi> rk I 11 1, ins Counter Scales Platform do, Cotton do, by Chambers Stpl the r.HM 'I
b.-, 1t'flr; I\'f'd; bl "*k 1". I'its m1, :9, Ju, iri- Kilcnen Ware Table Cutlery, Sho\'l and Feb 17 H F ABELL. S. HAWKINS, Boots and Shoes clc.ck belwetl, P. M. for of 10 ,,dc.tk. A. 1 and2

j 119r"\'tl.; lii< "k 17;, n9), irii'nprost'd: ; block( Tongs Fire Irons, &,c.BLACKSMITHS' ---* -------- --- -- A True Copy. Judge, &c. Clothing ol all kinds. costs and csh, to Pay up) Sid. Lttes ar.d.
17, lt< fI H. 0, 7. nn.irwel; ; lE'k H, lots no. Bellows. Anvils, Sledg-s, Dr. Woodruff's Aiitihillioits Vegetable W. V.-LLEAU. Clerk. Alo. a neat assortment nf JEWELRY, and F:. J

1)-. ::, :3.
n..t. 1, im inwl 1 ; block l.Slots 11(15. 1 to 10, in- .., Files, U.isps, Jcc.IROX FOR sile by p Call and examine for \.0\.1.l .. ff ;paUcliicoh Land Co
cl'Hiv.5.n iMvel I. bl ck 2"), lo!< nos. 3 to M: I -Sweeds, English and! .Attieiican, a..sorld.N'IIIO.lt ) 8 J ALLEN. ALTOS CIRCUIT COURT.In M. N. \palachicdlarch ?, lj t is. it

i.. llliiv.., u 11'n'r H'l..I.l bl ick 21, lot nr 5 i, imI and ( Bind, I loop, Sheet and Chancery. Dec 23 CorWater and Centre sts. Wiuies on Coui -iimciit. ---- C

I ; !Jil-i-k :21.1-itsm- to I nndi j 10 1's. incluSj't' B.>iler Iron. Iart; Spike do, horseshoe Vermifuge.WINER'S Thomas Barkar, ) LST received .
2Irvv : Venmluz-., for sale by Petition for Divorce. B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water and J per ship Manama. arid ftr
CJIdi:1 vs. > j
ck22l l1t4 I, 3, unirn.l'k .
bl nos.
1nim'ilt\'el.: < > Iron aril Nuls, Cast, English, Blister and sale !low> f-r cah- {
prvl 1. ) :: 21, l"t-s n ,,,. G, 7, 9.' u'limprll\'cd German Steel. ---- a -------- V _ Sarah Samanth Barker. ) Chestnut sts. 10( baht t
'" 7.",9. 1 ;,uimr'iv'dli1tE ) OFFAT'S LIFE' PILLS AND! PIKENIX( appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, SHIP CHANDLERY. k.Clmpagre, '
..lit':'. .!I 1,1 I s: n'i. 1. !,3. : ; PLOI'GHS I -Single aid Double Cornhellf M IT 5 cases old Pale ,
: 'n. 1 1.ini*. 3, 1, 5 i, 0, unimproved! ; block CormrilK: Logchains, Trice BITTERS, just received and for sale by by affidavit made in this case that the defendant MANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, f O Sinderlari! t t

2..1()*s nis.! I 1.5,0.7; .;;, unimproved' : ; hhck:1.1.t. Shovels! and Spades' \VVeding Hoes, Garden Nov 21 .:LC. ALLEN. Sarah Samantha Barker resides beyond ( U'ormline, Marline Spun- 10 DufF Gordon: Sherry Wine. J
.. til*. 1 to t J, i ld.\.i\'p, unimproved: ; bl.j *k 1.:1" and (:ru'I! I HOPS.CORDAGE --- the jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is or- yarn, OakumSperrn Oil, Fall do. Whale do, Olive! I'J' '' old E-t India
block Shirtings : and Prints by the dered that the said Sarah Samanth BarkeI'd/- do, Linseed do, Haw do, Boiled do, Spirits Turpentine ; Maderia'ine, 8
5 i 0, 7, S 1 ', unimproved ; Minilla and I H.-rm a'rted Pitch SHEETING '
2>, I 2.etn H. : I 0 c old Wine
low for rash jf
;; by Paints, Window (;lass Putty by
and icill1dfria
2,I, lots ms. 3, 1 I. G, 7, S, 9 I. 1'), unimproved; ; T.ir, Rosin, Cjal Tar Bright Varnish, Ihndspik : n. & CO. pear answer thc. said petition within three Lead, I Jed do, \VII months after the of this order the -n f
I I. block 31!, l lots publication or _
S, Oars
Wck 3 I. lot no. ; ; Blocks:, &c. Due 0. Gor. W Chestnut sts. Emerald: do, Imperial do. Chrome Yellow, Verdigris -
ofcr said will be taken for confessed and it
\IIi nprovcl ; block 32 I lots n<>s C'i.ST1NG-S'i.ar K.Mtes! snd petition ; Notice.
p II'H. 5, *, 1>. 11.> Mills Cauldront Lith 4rage, Sulphur. Brihr.ari h. Copal C
1, t.J, 0, 7, ", '.)I. 1), unimproved' ; block: :33, lots fiakp'jvpu) Spi !trs, jot,, Enameled : I Iron; :Scotch 'do; Wet-ding and Garden is further ordered that this order be published in do, Tar Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, PaintBrushes MY wife, .Ann Kate, having left my lied and .

'I'H .i, 9, limproved; !bl-i,'k 31 1, ION" n'),:. :2 to Kettles, TIM: Kettles, &c. I SWEDE 1 ( Blacksmiths i t B.loCoton and Wool some newspaper in the \V.sfer Circuit of this Varnish do., Tardo Scrub do. Clamp do, without otue, the, public are hereby .

I', 1I..t'HI\wunjlf; vel I. blo"k :35, 1 III,; no? 1 TIRE-.\ full t a, oilrnent.Wlioltsjle I Cards, Spades and S'lovcN'! Cauldron and Sugar State for the space of three months. Limp lack. Chalk Whitng Russia Duck. Eng. riIII'I.d acain harboring or f rust ine htrin imy

4 J. 7. *;s 9, l't tIlirnI1'I\'t: ,1 ;"bl ic.k! :n, l till, i-icl'i-iv.f 1 uTiproved; !blo.-k, :;; 37. lots nos. IWBEHT.LLE Co. ELLISON: & Co. January G, 1'1'. :1-3m- White lilueand Red Bunting, Nails, Copper do, I dt.bt contracted bv her from nit date. '
:& do Tacks Ship Spikes Boat do Brad Screw.-
4, ti';: JI.i. 2 t'I ', 1'\41'1.\'I'IIIIi'I'H' '.J '.z I.J.. i'i" ---- -- I Chanccl'f--FI'lkll Oars, Jib Hank Hand. I Co., Feb. SI. 1"1. 7..2.
JI'H. 1 tf) 1'J in"l'Uiv\ .>, uumirwvd, : bbck 1"). IEardvirc.P : nih )"s Tonic ITIixtfirc. Mary Green, by her next fr.nd. } Pumps Deck Buckets! Shi\, Ced.ir(; do, Dick ;Brooms,

-1 tsni?. 1, :3 I, 1, 5 i, G, 7. S 9, I H, inimproved ; : AIX I :, Plain Iron, "iII' an Jdonble, I HimHITS I THIS ]i4 a valuable: (compound fluid' extract of vs. ,. Bill for Di- Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvirigilo Ases.A.xr: BOOTS. Shoes' and' Kr ::ans, by thccae: ; a&

iiloA II aiJ I 12.l.t., m*. 1 to 10, illusive, ouch: DrJ\Knives, Auguer BitSoring -*, I : and R-ihra, a veg t tjble febrifugefor James Green Defendant. ) vorce. Helves,Hooks and Thimblt: Box Hook?, Bale do, .Shoes and Bu.kH; *:."

M,,-k, 11 "nn )r nv I ; bb"k 1'lIt I n'>s 1 2,3 J, :9, Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Scrr-ws, the cure of Fever and Agn(.. Sold by Court having been assured by affidavit Can do. Colon do, Boat do, Fi-h do, Caulking lIen's. Boys and YWI fl'!Brogans,: ;:

1 J, uiii' II' I\'*.J ; block ll.btsn-n L 1 to I JIJ. inc111. Marking Gua:es. Mortice d", Saw Set., Wood I June I: II. F.'A KELT.. TIE complainant in the above cause, that Irons, Making Ion*, Marline Spikes, Ship cra- ftnescMen's \\'I nrl.gl;
sive uii-iririvjd: : ; block 1 1iII.1 1 : 0',0.1 to 10, inrhniv Holes, ilZesVre'iciem) Saw, Locks, Hooks ---- --- --- James Green resides beyond the State of Florida pprs, Bung Dipptrs. Cnok's Ladles, Tormentors, prized Eorts; I
blo"k ,t ;, lots nos. 31, 5, and Sta'l HIt Screws, Hinse Shutter Bolts, ITIolasscs.IIIIDS Iivider; Compasses SaiL Needli.;. Sail Twine, firitsewrd I'o ..tRnset -<:
:!, M limpr-nvl; ; West Indies .7J tierces Florida. but within the United States, it is ordered I hat a Seine do, Sewing dO. Pdlm. iligging Leather.
r,7 S.uiiininveJ ; bbc': 17, bs! ms. 1 to 10, Brads, Tacks. Copper Wire, Malting' Ladle?, RatTraps 50 for sale B. ELLISON &. CO.tDec hearing be had upon the facts charged in said Pump do. Shovels, Hammers Chisels, Brogans. FIT sale bvR. r
in-.l'ntve n'rJ"d bbckIS\ lots nos. 1 to Axes, I 11 Hatchet Cuflee Mill, Sledge Ham- by lardl.I: O & CU".
u \ : ; bill at the regular term of Court next ensuingthedjjteof Augurs, Planesmllandsaws, Gimblets.. Hand-aw ELL
and -
Car Wafer Chestnut
block ,1'J lots 1 mers, Smith Tongs, Mill Anvils, &. .- :30 sts Dec (P. Cr ecu, ut t.. I
nos. ( sSale.
10, inclusive, u'\ mri/d: ; Saws & ---------- ( this order, and thereupon to pas* a Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares.! Clipboard Locks, -- .
Ii) 11, i-isl'isiw, irii'iipnved: ; bhu-k, '>J, |hh nos, F
block .11 1 lots Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.Ccncscc Wood Saws Pendant Haulyards Hand Lines, ,- 1
1 to 1 J, inclusive unimproved ; ; patterns; and qualities, appeared and were present in Court: Provided J- BIlLS Hay, landing from sF f ip Flonthan. *
-- ------- -- loW
Sea do Log do. Fish do. Hand Lead
rn.t't n. inclmiv.! ', u1inJr'el: ; ; block 52, Flour Goslirn Ruttcr SAODLrS.,1ron bits, alwas that a copy of this order shall have Deep do Deep JD Apply ti wI f.
: Sea Sheet do. Bar do, Funnels, Lanihorns
1 liti'tvH., I to !9 I, i in-lusive,, unimpr wed; bbck! :51, a superior article of CHEESE, fir sale: Saddle na, 4.larling.lc been published in some newspaper of this State Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots. Log Hooks, C.injo do, I I Iec -,>.-} NOrRSn, STONE i Co. J

l-itsan. 1 to 1), hcbsive, u'1im1IruLlo"k] AND E..McClTLLY, and Whips for pile by for the space of three months at least before the Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's I E
1,2,3, 1 1,5 S, !H), 1'J, unimproved! : ; Co. first of said and due of said 1- ]!OIS,
:.t. I btsnis Nov I 11 I M; } Water st. WM. G. PORTER: & day term proof publication Tools, Sampson Posts, Arc .Vrc. I
1t'-k.M! i bts ti-js. 1 to ID, inclusive; unimprov'l : Doc 30 i -11 Water street. be made to said Court. Apalachicola. Dec 9, 1'7 I FRESH Fall Crop IV$ sdt t.\ jm{

..'l ; h"t '% .', I"'" n )... 1 to 10. inclusive 'hum- HATS and Caps by thecae low (for cash by GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c. I Aprill I. F. \nEL X
i ro"U 'I.luk'! 5 1, 1 .14 ll');>. 110 10 J, inclusive' uiitnrivel 'I B. (ELLISON & CO. Panacea.WALM& A True Copy. .IUERIC-N ____ ___ if)

: I; bb-k! 'i; I, hh IIli. 1 t
i ; -< I ; b1di 1 I. 1)t, nl),. 1 to. s:inclusive, 111)- -- -- -- S for sale by Apalachicola, Dec. '2:, Ib 11. 50-3m Company, TukiiiaC't.tr.m 0>naho: :
irivel! blocks! 02 tofiyinrlu( ve unimproved ; Trusses, Feb H F ABELL. :
i-n ; 17 12 COMMERCIAL-STREET, ("r r;, Jt-ans. FlannelR1a.m.,
Q INGLE: and double, (lor sale by
bl.ic'c .) l bts n H 1 t ) 1'J' i-icliHive unimproved! ; ; Calhonii Ci'cuit Court. kefs, Tvvepl-, Sliirtinijs! Sheeting, i'k hfliin
U July 17 J. C. ALLEN. hbI;. Tunlip-O bbls. Term iS 17. (Up Stairs,) BOSTON.V
!hll'! '* "; 11 1 bts t: IMS 1 U 1) inclusive; uuitnproved1il4' ; POT.TOES-1O ; ; Fal ( hains Calicoes, Dehni. Ifn-iert, 5c Jtc ]
I') inclusive! improved: .; Beets-50 bbls.; David J. Meara, ) Manufacturers and Dealers inBryan's Patent .
7! bts nos 1 1 t" ; ; Drus, .1cdicsnc'l & Chcllicls. IFnI, wle.by; B. ELLISON ii CO f.
l.b',k 7*> I l.it5 tns 1 t'i 10: inclusive uimpron"lj supply Drugs, Medicines and Parsnips;bbls., for sale by vs. > Bi for Divorce. Twine Stands,, Post Office Twines, Baleing and i Dec i). (r. Water ar.d O,,'-.fnuM |?)
Mock 7" bts nos i ti: 10 in" isive unimproved ; AFRESH'al no landing from bark: Reform Dec 3') B ELLISON & Co. Elizabeth Mears. ) Bundle Twines,M"Carty'J Cotton Herring Twin, --- :

lib-rk 77 I btsJ :n 1 to 1') in-: jsive; unimproved; and for sale by, For Sal.- IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court Cotton Seine Twinf. Tanned and Untanncd Flax I 1iviIie' for Cotton. Li

J h1t' .k 7 S l h'! n 1 to 10 in>: uive unimproved: ; ,: :0I J. C. ALLEN SACKS Sal; firkins superior But- that the defendant resides out of the Western [Herring Twine, Hawser and Shrond-laid Mackerel I ROOM 1'1.'{i 1)I) bales in kwir Cult. I Yari f

Jil<,ckSl lots n I 1 to 10 in" u-'ive unimproved: ; -------- '200 ter. Apply to Circuit of Florida and out of the State, it is Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad Ba-w, and to.. Oar

libck 1 .! lots n '* 1 to 10 iuc :usivc unimproved ; Ilnrri ware.TRACE Jon 13 NOURSE, STONE &Co. ordered that said defendant required to appear Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bans; Cod I Ft-btiL I: D. P WOOD *_C" pft

lil-i-k M t bts n-H I f 10: iT-lnsive unimproved ; CHAINS I Spades( Locks', assorted, and answer this bill of complaint on the lit Herring: Mackerel, Shad and Menhaden Seines, .

bbck M lots n ) I t,) 10 inclusive unimproved; ; rlolnd Cart Boxes Drawing Knives andIrons Coflce.ff Monday in April A. D. 1S4S and in default fee. I Cider.O .

lib-k .) l')ts n-is I to 1'') incl'Hiv( ; unimproved; ; &<*. &.c. for !ale low l hy -I\ \ SACKS Rio Havana and St. Domingo thereof this said bill be taken pro confesso, and .V.: B. .''et and elfBmi to onltr at Sh01.tnotiu. }) BillS Chamj asjie.t..r sale; hv _
; Itfci f
bb' kSibts iv)s I to : inclusive unimproved ; Nov 1 n 1 F McCULLY, rQ m Water st.t.n 1UU Cofll-e, for sale low by that this order be published in some newspaper &Co., Agents, : _.. :o I ELLIx- ': j. 11

Iiln-k .7 I bts IVH 1 to I'J incl ilg ual
1 ti 1') i i' IIJ ive tnimproved ; : ; before the day ordered lor the paid hearing.
h.o-.k'o lt. nos ) sule by E. AlcCULLY, &c. FEW bbls pure Cld \11fr.. for sale } rit
iichnive FOR Oil Cloths and Carpets. THOMAS BAL TZl LI., Judge- A
ms I to I'J mimproved; :
l lkS 111. N.I 1 1 SO; W:lcr by E. 4
11. received from New York brig Alaba- ,
( t DJlotsnis) 1 to 1'"( ifi"l'Hivunimproved; 15 PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 yards wide; December 7, 1617. 40-3m JUST per Nov 11 llcCrLL'* .
hlfk 1 Wast and Soda Powders of the 3 ---- -- a general assortment of Groceries &c. !!.. 4
:' IIti n >s 1 to 1'o i'ldusiw! unimfiroved ; Sf D.rr7. pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
bb-kUJloN. n )s 1 If I) 1''0 itrlu' .ivc unimproved>c; quality, for sale by 2 Stair ". Map Agents "Wanted. consisting in part as ((10viz : Hydrostatic Ink FoumnfliU.A .. [ti

bbsk 91 1 )N n') I. tl' U 0 iu#
bb'k: ) I 1.,10 n'l 1 to 1'0 iicltnive: u-rmprovcd: ; V -- For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. Maps a number of young and middle Pickles assorted Lemon Syrup", Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stampi1* '

blo-'c !0 > bts n-" : I :'; 7 S 10 u-iimproved: ; 1Vooi Ware, &c.J3ARflEL Dec 30 41 Waterstreet.Di' aged men of moral and business habits, as tra Cog. Brandy, a super. article, Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
Covers, Painted( Pails, Tubs Flour new and Com. do.Holand Nov J C ALLDvGold
bt Mi 1'2 0 7.:) 10 .IimlrO\'ec; ; : vetting agents. Having completed IS
M-1-k 01
bb-k97 1 bts niB I to:1: iirlmve unimproved; ; Measures Trays, Axhelves, Buckets, Woodruff's Wyseiitary Cordial greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas, Gin, of the best quality, _

blo-ic9S) lots nos 1 to 10 io.i\/ tinimprot'edIilok ; Broom?, &c. &c. for sal? by 72 Maps ; large Map of the World Referenceand Gin, Peach Brandy Pens. r

nli I to 10 unimproved: ; B. ELLISON. & Co. Diarrhea, Dysentary "Cholera Morbus, Distance Map of the United States, National St. Croix and Jamaica Rum A FEW of Woodward &, Brother'sGold S

bb"k' 9r If) J lflt0 bts nos I (to 10 inrl.ivC\ unimproved ; Dec 9. Cor Water andChe'tnut sts. FOP Infant urn, and bummer complaint of Map of the United States-also, a variety of Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines, Pens,just received and for
-- ------
bbck 101 bts nrH 1 to 1 lii< inclusive unimproved: ; -- :, and Piperine !ust re- children, for sale by other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico, Soap Candles and Starch October 21. J C._stJ'

Mock 102 bts ms 1 to 10 inclusive unimpn.ved; ; QUININE Camphor for sale: by Feb 3 .J C. ALLEN. the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for N.Brown 0. Rectified N. O. Muscovado Whiskey,and St.Croix Sugar, Western Produce. n

Mock 101 lots nos 1 to lOiiuluiive unimproved ; Aprjl 17_II. F. A BELL.EEK Osiialmrgs.I :. cash, at the lowest possible prices. Bacon Sides &.c. &.c. I ST. LOUIS Flour Ohio do, Lard,,'': .

q Mock 101 lots nos 1 t.) 10 lOin-1-isivc inclusive unimprn'edI' ; : -Me-.saud Prime, I \ ALES Georgia Osnaburgs on consign-: Address, S. AUGUSTUS MITCHELL All of which will be sold low by o choice and primelolaSes, Olrd
\ ,* 10.I't. n'o1 1 to uinprlvld. B and Bacon tlU en.
pork-Do do for sale by Seventh E. McCULLY prme
rl.'nt. Northeast of Market
I to 10inclusive unimproved ; I corner ELLISONCo
Mock 105 lots n1" Navy and Pilot, for sale by Dec J. DAY Co. Nov 11 50 Water st. salt by B. -
Philadelphia. 'fi
& Dec 30 Streets
bloc 11,11t. MI I to 10 inclusive unimproved ; Breat- B ELLISON Co. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Cf"Dt#"
block 10? lutz no? 1 lo 11)< incl'i'ive' unimproved : Dcr l Roots and Shoes. Groceries und Stores* -

Mock 101( lots no* 110 10 inclusive ulitro\'tc: 11'01 Nails, Ac. and Men's Russet Brogans ; Liverpool Salt, COFFEE, St. Domingo do, Guava Jellie* tfN

Mock 110( lots noil to 1'J inclusive! ')" d : TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ; BOY'S' sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ; FOR sale by RIO Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar., different sized boxes, just rived frooB'
( 11)( inclusive unim.vov. : 20 ELLISON Co.
Mock Ill lots nos 1 to 10( inel.,.ivc : 100 kegs Nails, do. Gents fine Calf Brogans ; 30 B & St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea 1 vana, and for sale by

bock: 113 112 Iou lots nos nos 1 I to to 10 mcu! ,..v unirprv'c InlnI'lvpd: : 4 casks Weeding Hoes assorted qualities;; Wm's pe 'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do. Groceries. Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Gosher h. Dec 23 .McCULY.
Anvils Butter Cheese Lard Bacon Hams Sides Shoulders
Faced ,
unimproved 20 Blacksmith Steel ; Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes
'b ock 111 lot* nos I to 10 Icn.ive : Vises Super ; QQ BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Molasses; Mess and Prime Beef School
and American 1ola5es.Vhisklv.
Mock 115! lots nos 1 to 10( UflhIfli1OVP1I1J1OC1 20 I English ; Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots. /& t/ 1 tierce Rice, just rec'd and for sale by Mess Prme Shad, Salmon, BOOKS ot BoA reed by
( 161.ti HO* 1 to 10 me: Wock nos I to 10 incll unimproved : 12 dozen Spades and Shovels; andforsale by WM. G PORTER & CO. E Pepper Spices, Catsups, Pepper Stuct. Olives AUF .
Mock US lots nos 1 to 10, inclusive : 10 I Collins' Axes; Dec 30 41 Water street. Snuff Capers, Pickles, Soap Starch, Tobacco, Nay) Coffee a11
Mock! 119 lou nos I f. 10 incnivl unimprovrd utumproved : 1 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards ; and Macaboy, in bottles and blad Bread, Pilot do, Crackers Vinegar, Dried Fruits, Bacon, Flour, Sir

block 121 lot* nos 1 to 10( incll"ivp unimproved :: case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws; Blank Rooks and Stationery SCOTCH received and for sale'by Beans, Salt, llaisens. Macaroni, Vermacelli. Ar Sa> ?.--

block 121 lots no- 1 to 10' inc'lsivr unimproved : 1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by Journals, Day Books, &c. Feb 17 F ABELL- row Root,Corn, Oas,Buckwheat, Mustard. Rice. A LWAYSonhand.asalelowbT/ l
block 122 lots nos I 1 to 10 10)) ioclllive unimproved : \VM. G. PORTER &CO. LEDGERS Foolscap and Letter Paper; I For sale by B. ELLISON & CO \. Dec 25, E McCULLI I.
121 lots nos to [ _
Mock incu.ivt Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. '
Mocs! 121 lots fbi 1 to 10 unimproved: : Dec 30_41 street.t Cotton Memorandum Books ; Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specific, V IvaiV15ma r's ,.,

Mo-'t 12) %lots n..I t,> 10 inclusive unimproved, : Razors. Ship and River Bills Lading; SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for L aiiccts. Syr/: f Wild Cherry,j'ut,"f) .
Mock 121 l luts nos 1 to 10 incI'Hjve unimproved : BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers & Son's Roooks for Letter Press. A sale by PRING and Thumb Lanels. just receive hloc\ 127 lots nos I lo M) inftla ive unimproved t WADE &Razors for sale Bank Bills of Exchange and Checks, Feb 3 J ALLEN. S and for sale by for II by F ABELL'
12? lot*.nos 1 in 10 !nen.vp! U'fllrnvlr! .: by Jlit and for sale by Feb 24 F ABELL. Feb 1 I
Mock 12) Iou not 110 11! unimproved.! ; J.'ph '2 I F BELL. March 1 H. F. ABELL. The IlcUolS' Elixir, _1 AND

Moc'c 11 Hots nn. 1 M M' !oc'J.vt! unimproved unimproved! t. Magnesia, CERTAIN remedy chill and fever for Tanners' Oil, MOFFA TS t reeiyed PILL and for sail.*1T".collee'r'
l to A
lots lelIY'H sale
b'lc'' 111 n. sale Soap for sale by sale by by H. F DruW
ineltwiviunimproved. for by I FOR ,
IoU 004 I to : re CASTILE AEL .
Llo:1! Ill 13! liti no'1 to J inchwifc unimproved; JUST 21' HFABELL. I F ABELL. Feb 3 J ALLEN. 30 B ELLISON A Co. Nov 29//




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