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.:' ,,.*-, ", '.- .L IB E R T A S, C O N ST IT U T IO ET N OS T R A PA T R IA ; "' '" T'" : "..'-- , "'',' .

V0LVF] *,, :';, ... E -APALACHICOLA, THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1848. [NUMB'
.WJ J- :VU -in ,-i- -. JLYNNi i .' impression whteh--our so-aihad madefpo w! ^^^ ^^^^ 0-Wo.. :

*UBL'AD VR ^^-TV URIDle Uidtood. A Ca^ bootOT AND SHOE MAKER, f^^rtc; the^ ~ r^ HomeK -^i I "'rn
: '. ,i -' A L O R S -, ,:', C O N T IN U E S to carry on the e n h e lu o w s W rihtope u? if I w ere ""younger, ye u perh aps na ture tbo ug h iey ,a v, O. reeoH ecr oa .
1-t; -; '7.,;IL ,.:, 11 '"1" .. ....1.1 ..O ne m orning the luxurious au1, Ifs I' 'fi.e f.+ ackn s. .. a- .: ::
r-. -.ISr, Editor. BALTZELL'S BUILDING, C HESTNUT--ST.: JI migbUstehses iptate. 'e a, o ppa-rticularly atghome. His serva't had or- might estate atie f.,ckness1 ask or sou. eet[,befre. .Mf.yfave aarke .
,,-+,W.. I.. ,.--, ....... 1. Apalaehi,_.ola,.-.h i e..ne y.n.upr orw rk.e e ers to ato dmit nobody, and he, in h1is morn- But a f- youneed not measure cor- thnnce-.tur a.. ,
'O ll e, t ili r'd 41 ,rv-'mB"ilhtinicG e kcrpof ,- orders attended to ,,h p,. c,.]it, ,oni e him w ,5 ing gow nwand em broidered G reek cap ,as plim ^in m.' 3 y:, ", w..+ "
:.-.0" l' m -erce. and L.-'KestauistreetL.i anddes4patch. ^ J* All.ey have called at the right shop; loungingnoon. his sofa, dreamingeout some 'And if yout are notit the:fitst,8s ge,oT e. has sprung ,ao -,, e -ov.'^,W,.
.,; -* '- .I ... '.' -. e E.-ench Calf Skin, Morpr co, and Patent Leather new typelof the sex, which so bly r hfe,. interrupted thle bCotnt, ; .are d e"," Ill 1TCerlte 1 .
-, .. ... -,-; f,1,T9-; pema nnutm, .*.. i N Sent{ A BJother, :'Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and touchess lifter "Narure. A sudde ,s tether mated n tat, for tI hohg b Bthe w;h ,shTmekor I' M ..V .
Fr p^K w3' l. Pid wvithnii-K .. WHOL"AES kND RE^TAIL DEACER5 2* W (p!oe tl.AsPtn LahrGi rsu pnn fth oraosdhm ctgr f ps.tit/.)wih o nwee yasja~ ^ y tit W -
'_ "' r. r; t h ta 1 HA, T _., -. ',. & c"fromb rW and d atos made int a'0 p ro is ,.veric, and, looking.t up, be found have given a v'lus,+so .success ,ully,- d f I d ah negh f ou go.-th er".heolon- 41. :
-' "Ne' ript ;,'de-st a rere t ^ W a, e- "nd r. -. ne r;ll k.e1 .e Drestsnt on hand a large and se- a lady before him, who had wlked past the wo hicnnrwepsw6d .'ouap er.e...J k : ":
.n.h.2 .l in i `' 'h'-' S-2 o n 1 C-ed 3sorn t of' Ready Made ",pots. Shoes a ssu e (he respon- Your fir + l i said. --. ^ .
ruCO6 N iJ I D4-23 .pala,'hico1 a,,,' 4na-rogS^. All mending,&c.,done-with neat- ,, B v t p

r.. tr re lt .. .. .. Anrranacea ron Dunesc.u stre 476aldf the bes i m to politen e s d theap have bee n mor eo: to re
A. r FIdge ,t d s slghl t wfrow ino fo< ho eebros th wi thuan p 'ago.- May Y nk' did r e ,,
-u ,it i N~rti on ,4 -W a e r ~ et '" O, -, A | l3 ,. -o etrhI. A &ai1 4 c.,ni- .s ". m ie n w ithl 0o c o m : de l a",

'Tto -v.o rt bF %'LER Nl' I\VR W. (;I-M",. We, \V HEV 0cob- 14, 184A. :2 (59-) H.. .,. <; voic ,ull of .... d +i.cul .usic ,f hig bre-. am+ F ^eidt owan. hlavnefyu dm.hisF ties tha ,he m~gnemo.-.-Cel1rate" leno.._e**o a + +"'. ^;^W: -
rp, '141*^PPI NG & S COMNIUr1 ft i ns tal V s e ro ee tthei s fco rc-T we n as or t5rf oues, wl h i IIo. jd avslseol-ruannd.

^^l.^ 4 .. .. + : C 0 M M- IS hteo NaMEand Winter Fashion he^ p ases, you o pietr eeto ih^ oc er no.new uh ae nee; : cpBO,6te ,y=;rs e..- y s ed. ,p m-,cv :. ',- ,.*: ,-
^ W I^ S60 (5 r 0 e, D i;cNI*( I^a -f~ r oa and the clountyis of-Faki h kl an unoscosns of tbh e.y^crfs i~ tt ee^pwo am~anaebelfri9Drt^ ,,*
^ ^ ^^ ^ ts~ t.1~ du 3; Ap"1laJ-lco~a,- Fla., as in-aci geeali;h ieofthrpo', ^to plt erson hofmaige. f ntws o- im plys. '., .,. tanadse^ ^;~ k^ in e r,. t, t. fl o3,rt Al-e T. oo. 3f till- fessot a^" Unthly co en- s h owe er mien,a d reteab le ousnress f oie "t i fl,. a youpem U md to pa y my a-fddrse p n^h da etr
rokVI Iv'.ll.ibchr.,roanuc DE LER-. IN AR WAR AT D S IV\| i Cainwihteprnia aHh rpidtohseqir s w o oyo.C ,E, ,VE"ihiR ad^.-

-- '. ..L o ,I I'I.+" 'O_ II____ j,-;-.... n._+ ^ ;' ":'..a ". .: ; +iveu .... m ,H ... ... .... I+have Sr-.n t e ..... .. o ,e ......al.c ~ w b. .- ,.o -, E. .
...l.. IN -R E S P E C T U o- 0-, h e g cT-M o n ; *V: B a .d-et i l h farda o.xh or ru r r e e .e ^ a r OEn .-KoE P ; ; ra. .. p ..
M~~~~ ~ 0H ATNT" A], I' z; 1~i'..' 1) N^ "" M~ Eiin Ratr Cmade' T in su ero, 4 "an l he 1 n vr fe l more se-sbl r a a Z o.8 an ayi :re'l, n h y Pr U~,,H h d la m 0 *ou B-h svolet t i
'. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ofc Nil 36 No.4i.r!-,tre., s "t the citizh^ a. ^ ^r Th rs es n s Bofs Cplothes oft ae of^ co plm^tay rer; Atrtd 4oehr nrl ~ness=r fa~~a:h da \ .ri;br ^ -

,:Cl?,[-ai,[ b ON \IERCL-[A TS, :- M S O 1-; C A.NT., : 9; .^h .Seon Str Batel' Buildings li e h ntec u tr, t m' bny i- ia m o.1 0,0, sh ..... co encd l s e ol he~ r omov n. The tui_ ,- fa frO
.C--MM A,1'-r, t_< h1r L^o'n- : a- A.-n' .~ .tte ; + ,^ E Tran e oni aresntt resect. ul info rmed ssoey 1a o there-- t d o+ n ot a y o u helg ated le.ethe ike ly ow g ron ln~es,u makend^ do n~ ..... *. %* '.- :
*Dells ^e t fll` ua rattit *.- *^N .4 ae i.e,' colteo Fall and thecontyer F ra nkio n ju the Yskil andur rncnsc ousn haess of in de d; w ho ~ a nhs T ete .o ~ r~s -j t o e~ y levsi fsw g r .A p-~
kit~S~lO nuisFR t be GJ paid fur in the linen xqistespt t sfunihe wihofdrsoo dliac. *..r l"seJm.*- .i .hs ^ ,

a.* ,, H l H s,, "" J Pt,-. n.,u eC.tt '''ee w n 'tan e D_ * ..S A a bsolute ... ... ".' + -+ ., -.e ., ,a ndl 'I e leg ...ance1 as wel as Ow '' # r, A *--- ;-k +h "en" s u, im cuein .o artaseo l '. b -e 6e n.et a od fe i~er-o-
***' -* ". "~~~l.N ^ -' ^ ^ V;- L :'. 'J.- T .. .. /.+ .less,,r "-e-eb11[y. [o l aff rd. *[U UY -Uil~]s++'" LI [ aU U +t+ll~ | ~ . eple:OLD.- ^,+Pau+l ,+ I .G ,, L hb. hab.r, "' ,.-,e pp ae -. d^, :..lh^ L. .,

*. ....~~n'^ C M N ,n L; l~ er [i~rely re nf ett d and] is now open fo the ,el l e n o u~g n th at .th e seco n e O W nle r uie ve r. p o-rt an~t m a ny a I; i I iin l 1ma -ea a .. clell .. ireed in g ," k a l= g te, c. t ,,'- "
S N^I- . ^ .. ..---- -- --- T re<'eplb,t,,,o +permanent; and transient Boarders, expec s -o pa ^o lh extirvagances of' the:+ +i h siS~wiset o keeIp ani exiat aceo~un of all naris, ,a~nd .wan,n.g.0u.nd,+,.te p^., ,ddl.b. -. _
0ance. *tbrf% Alev A,% ^ Co. -y^"-*^^ ^ n~ ^t ^ "bes~ b~r ^^^ IJ ou' x pend mevt -to: apayerrof pinrs. !sr~j ,w~~ ^ l^ hesl A

n O~.~ ~ .^ VE ; 4A T ,.* v ^.- N C R n~ C ^ P ^ T ^ l ad ,11unc f innd l H, av in g c emon~t hly~ curom- ho ev r, w it ." litl trm lusns' l,,sice fml vewllibi n or N as '8 ^rd* .,,,.

.. n+ o lt ^. .. ..V+,-:et- | l ,.' u.a; N-oo - ^ t.O., "s RTT t~~e Os cibers<, ol^ eb tr ictdttupo a t o e ,ll ho, an Pado me M '+ $10.000 '" .... prce J,,,e "'-'"ols --ilo 10-+' .... r asin "we i ras rey BiwoTS m.^B oya avmeao uhf n~l t-ol .. .-' .,
*,C)n 1-[ SIO *NL 1 *i ]i i^ ii l __*A e rl a lOR i~ N llG b,. r e.,; ol The Bar 6 se ill bes\eeo !l .tononem :i~ ,l cuulv .'J 11,1 co se t lo r l-.-ake -, "or lo ..heis ....d ve .^;induce;; ,at., per on. .. to lve, ( id s tnll 'a dle, hey gr'w be'ut r""spPde al*''"' l
,|ACi.0] 0F1" T r 0l,[ xpT Ei "HN p., ,. A|3,cl, a [i arL ". :_ ., ,,,, ,,b~ l'^ u u ,.,e ,.. ,., ^ ,., e ^ Juutt-+ I. a.nsw r ^ ^s.g, l,^-.+ o ,,ve ,ls, ,,-- ^ ^ ,..,.*. -
I. .....i.l.be..ht, ,n]/for un ,ic T ,i ,rw i ,th A le p rin ial 71

.. i in'4 id lie z Y.) r office .. SB.o A- -,,ur ,thern c bi c w ll be-enat a s e l r e xplie to h aisbensnt Io er ths 150,000,o c ,.relulin d 'l,e, d o n ey ;pe nd it ",.le a frit sm and i.^ L f ,eioml. :-.
n ;.CHA.L IR ON. -h itaf a l r., y 60.. -
''r f" a'.\'\ 1ta. l.l h.-. "bad...e\' "- .... of4r ec .... I piturs, and, ,,, e .e vihr h o i es of .o.. sti ,l o spe d e fr eeiseul.''h l e on th e t e ndrw g. w ho_l,. 1 .

" : ii- ,,AiE A 1i; 1,'^l U, .*O b ^.,+ "2 A Ir:u- ,cnHI ,L >, rFA h :re~fr, reaad C pans o .. . ... .. ... .. .... ..... a l+-n, ,. ,w works wh-sa d i h irr o t so i wilrd"nue""il-an"en-ee '1 o" h +.o lllH'e HB ii~ -g: + ,
A l '1W'o 7,lan pt id it 7 : a o "in i h r l" I Ie.;bP I p r"p ",'lm s-
it) it tirea I. r. \ 11 LLLN'^s. (- na ;thJi U I' -?h- runi ng sof y iloqty, I ov' m cse r '? o t her, line dfa ne exeralZ~C-,u 'ad 'ivaulage ,,h sI' si s pi a i ,cl e

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'lc.AL^ ^ '*'. i ^^ ,,nnv i..J Hi~h .r..,.. 0, i S, ^o Oiuires *, w ih wil be a- d e tha q u rpesti !wth c ut ryhotuse -is fored -nghenubtsto de u lrl y)--biT.Mey w ho n e xreser ea ei misl n i .b f r~y u k c ^ f~~lf

3 i t iI i- t [ rIJ-^ ^ '{,^ "'n." H" : 1 a'KantN C tI.. 'aI-[s nbTT vesrelnltIr dthoer.o.:,, n .! .l-, has ou- e.ak co"pliment 'fah mpe'i of "er ieY" i -' ic o a e b.,n-;t<.'.a,-,^ n,
,r ,- v [,- T r. '1 .,r..Q... .. ... .. G n. OlerS M r n' o saE," e Je-o a n e-u t aroug boe hnisscrtineuuuu iy p r es, Iien a.r ltramio I tao ar a sweoy ,.o, :ccesf la e -havg,, .
4. n G' APo.-i.t.e,.' r>> E.1A N a. >,I;Ns-ELLCOR A LA Wrappers ^^ mae to order; Cloaks hteofevesphrhsyI,"*htee tmoar en~s*Ihy e buee-e~~ko u.^ ^ .

.- -[,-INA V. IM I0_NT, .N'AT.[ E R C .'H A N T h SMi,,e H h,-,,eeo \Vlhin,. L, !,,.,r>an ,,wm p ,ry.s._y aI- ....... .... ... at s. t wed.. .. .. rp o-t.o. ,o- >he D ru ,,-Jo e,. u dish.. ..,

t.- l 'i>s 11 a w wn o/ ,O io tmase inL ,the usuaw rooilob(,e a'edy

"n -. ^^ 1^1 Yu "i- N~^l1 .>- 4< \ s,' l C.:' st ",let, ,n '; ... ^-FA N "Y N T N he 43-t- ... l urs -~ eve o.r o "t toie of ,y u ,.s ec;,li,fied cous~ e ond fjlcns irs. If c al'.S be-. -^* g+
.L ,", 7 .' 'N -->.)-.. .. ..,tle .ea ,t .,+g. and R i ding, ait.l m ad ,i .. .d o.uperiorallyt.ndes c d a po a d s t he r r -j ,. -QO-" I .
l^ I,.)1 .- ''- .^ NLr) OIL SIL T');," ^p., +_Ht,, .l l ow o ,wpalachich h Fa. I s t san d I the. library so eltasso,'ijewfhMinam ue-nonin asceelm i.Y -in. -dte llai f. i, 'p i,'l-hi:t o-"
;+D ,, ,, ,,, -,,No. .41 W *.a-- r-ir---- manner;- O Dresses andC B oy' i Cl oth es of I v a d e- W are o t an I)ero-s, ilw e wf you r ,. .*. ..*. +. -^.- --

-N t"' A~ rto.e. '" .. ] l ,"0 -;J ,,t0 ,h ,"-" ':'.+4'. "er an- th p"li" "eer' "t a .'e has s m i n e r e s.' ... ,- ... q ch ld ren. ih) y h'asea an ot been r e ldca ry .} .i c g .-.. ar vo,, -e.r .. d ",.,y o'- ,
F .- t a areplie d th e rear, t roma, er i f hel n t atecho i, ted e l 0Cod r-P b.'

iB^>l^ B l:S, '^ T*>-l-l^ -. ,A+,, +t.l C il, SeiV nc I,, ,N. '_:+. kn.. .I iue an w:illi be pleased to .nerai ngg a .,ee~ to 'nur a', g + plets ],,tc' ; ,g up,~ ~ a re nf hl.; -. '''' .... ","" knve sc+rs n-r4^ 't e '
.De l.- F. < -. ,- ,, ", _-,,r. tre T. H-, -t. -riJT l -b- wilt al ay e r n l I oy o s u of 'b^ ^l "ker l t e uprno l :evueae s Ih| se of is* d --.b in a n aa. h fashinabl
W -n. ^S^ MECHANT ,,;_ __,slt.l3- e. I-l .gar ents mne at ths estbl shmn whic y ^ ^ ^ -woksi .or give tobu neggs welbich ,o.nerb,-o suplde w~ .g~t ~ i ^

"" ',-" *^ *rt, '.-.r .. :WI ,' ^- "* ^' .,,*^* "I+- N .. .. 1. 1 4 No.45 V~u-i->..i A .ii S-J war--- _ran1\ the par n Ant i h ef atIh v e d it ^ is v made tha I ish sc biente my im offo r.;u hern jui ce tof ok: p lacn -ell W itha.n srb 'snh V ui

U^,.L^. N [ : ;k. ,I j!?.-. ,--, "" t,,, t,,l.B H, f ^ ch o^.'t 'r^ ^ ,.'" "i,..accounta~gn !.o ,Do mnl nc a li+e tt~ t ,,, .,, ,n y. boks, but. l, ,d htl l. mor milk.[ i g .. 'r _, u ~ d ; ^ ,-. ' p .* r
... IO,.|M C lJ:[I [.d' \.,.t .-^ lAe,? S, : +,v ..y ,;.* ,,.- .. .... ,:nl --- :: ;,,-'- ,,:,,- an -so, .eist,e .P.,,rdh g .- n m.. ,la 00r tnx scra'ttl ny 0!, iS f6s en ^ cTO iyN:Ca .o te.K.o I. eourlpauue~fuou ,owu^aill c^ .c^ .d^ .A,^_-- ,, .
: *-+: ,u ,, \ ;r, r ... ,o 1- e,. tr ., 1'E \ t" L','.-L '-L .',t ,..- l, ,0 2"Y ?. H ,'" :- .- ^" B a l c l o rc ap a tm e is w it h th e ri s o l .h w h S i "e t e e g y e t a.. ,.eslr.a" -
.+-%':rl vl. S to" 9f 1 ;- l _- ^ -l-r .-e\;.^.LL a.
.N M':" O ]; i'" I h -'O Nrv, 'st;l-l i' C14T;n e u ,. .' : ' i,." l ln m d ,e f oe ll- '; ,.0. ." - ..!...,
; '" I' NI E R C H N T ,B-u... 1ildi ,llbr"on"e in t-,ilen n cc L~ u ..:. xn s g at "c6'-rde g' J .. ...10'0, ,.,. ..'0,\, a, -esl -e, hlals' '[Ico. ,m:1 ..,-
. '. ' ,. ,: '; ,,',,; .', r t tl.. '\ T ;, ,: + .1 .. :...... + M i # -[ < \ it. ,s a s tat,8l[pa sp'ct,..+ ahts,.i w eStoryas.Batlytw lkelpplr's'n t Ih s.rr wn'slfittil'et et Y'.1" I' a1' i-n on Iy'A is-I' 'i"n" '''++l '-"
t"{)31 N, t L, k ryllr .khn tins JJ" ket Y to', ron "'tl .INbi 46II1ritaP I-I
... ._ -', +, ,r ,-l ~r\ t : tntrt'e Oo e )D o '~ l e',n ~ i l lt t r ii r o m tt e w l n ualse!e m ne l ~ ~ t
.. 4 % -I [ -' '-Its ad weion uheen 't" st r AeetB.INt ress ed," he atld am ... re ,+ o + oa ,i t r selg t e ... ,. l t +. +
'ri"" 1"l=1 .. % ,,Ivh"> }. I ,',,.,a ,1J .; + ': .; "'-" -. , +: .." ., .. ". -- ;". ":. I'spe..t~~le o'u se f r y u .'nP ) olIs. ] :" O'ctob""er'14,, 1847-. 3,, 9-`6 ,
0 q, I" t.. ."' ', o:, (he i eb.acesk.,-, ,-t a! a n & em ."roo tm h d a l a 1 ', A 1I .a'. n o .M d m w ll uh adspn ,p iere ,fon l' n rse er n e n i us h. ,s.1; i.i -.'ffi e-.s 11; .[ P ..
t" a qO : .. r JI "1 : : ( l t' l ',I , M I, L -+ o 1\ .tF lCa .'n H e .b e a ue I J 1I.. o ne r m b h e o je t o f y u r v iin i+,a g,.;e.2, ,
-~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o' 45. Wate u]" l+ n ... IoC rl St.r"eetalt fF l nd W ne ahosjst ilYe-.;, q: yur.... :-.wuld_;'j,, indeed,- h.,,v ... in hi, s T,,, :e,9,w , .... ...es,-Z,.a,- n n u t y. .r se tmi..
' !t i ' +- ,-- -J ,+ F [ L r _,, ._ . :" -- : '- - l l .+l \, a b = A n l a h i O l j x e l a a g ~ u ,: e ,e m t m +, s a +J t n u n e s ,+'tYDY snu u 'a bIinat ec; n dIi ", u i_ cS os ,'Ie a" T ."ec u
DIUr r. 9 e i".s: 'n :,, ... .-+",e -' h ci ,T E ..u~ e a e m .r n h!s t t n s h t ~ a r ad x l~ e I ~ t ih ar o ~ ,n pe ots t waI e w l do o r "--, .=..l
L 0 ,. ll `47 ., t. ,e. ,r g l,. at]t e uh _!n e ea-th t e a t," s fiv en t idleaio sbeiunae s.n" ., charm 'ai c ,. dren h, tt heyhb elrt been e dnae} ]!ei~ ~ l, r n ,~rte o
-% N" I S .S e, ',", ,,4t,,.t.! -_ .. 'I Ft e r0Sitr t hsI-) e R P r m ,'a,, ifIFli i-t ,11ihri ~ ~ han e il v r re, e ah s of t e tth ~a i " 'b [e
-'. -' F \S -t" :- f r n e q i ioer t o el'i? b /
B ) -K , T \N .S 5 '~ l .t.-, ,'l..+t. -" ..,-D ..(N. I L J. A l h s + n wf] e p eae + e te~a + a dr i r te 'spt' to 'I q ire 'abr ut's' a p with' = : .. ,, ', g i d k es s i o r n r z, r en "
-c + t"" tt t, .,,x 3R F.Y T L \\. ,,,'c"tl-e ;+,+ { e eno st+atm y~ vo .,.iht+v,..ine tinA NtS',nS,",,,UC1 -HOT EL nc e isabance Wei 'hs ,+,+.,;'[, 6 w.. d =.-+
", I t l l J -' 'I. ..b s . ., . .,I '-.d, ......s -..a.w it. .)
~~~~~I 0e \ ,.,..,u -, "2 h,..\.:L ./.s,,,,, ,,hn,""nh\ihte,":t t:,,:n ~laso eo mo ~ ca evrtal+nmHeW ihh s s ound theSatuday4 cEvengPot.,.cpo ree',e rludiiiet,:0}!-
.,:."2. :" i '' ", 1[. M O .'C H A N T S' ; O," "L'D,\ 1 i 4 e eiA PStF0oe ol li ri il g stfex YOUNG. -: 9 pH.O:,'USE!- _
-, ,- _.t .,. lA a } ,,,J : . . + ... + : .. .. -- ''A. ..N"D- e a :less s c.. n bpl .ebri,-I Nt y. could li" '' p r enfl t .+u es :s so e fr lsf x -o,, .IrdT h e e ,ps f sa.,t'r e E,.Rq _t .
a -, o.-' tile,- ,P ro -,ii -l nzu anm L &?s e tfly i ormen ds m on ey the, unvel t needo,.notlnow ing' r, l.fl, and do'
N) 4, \ a,+r71tr:,w t ,,d tFd w.......d I he atrteao ven s of thisho mei'e at has ben tens theovan.1luae o hm~ a ve th 6 sieget ,nV" ,rn ofloud.,tier' ,,u edaLh tey'.icef'nlemso n +elm "" .."'
4,.1H a iv dDS IC -C o "il I, I r
N... i- t -rNFoF :p t, ` 0 ie M I -S i .0N N L F,. ... .. .1 11 t le s i& ibr- a 'ho b t i t -tee eto n 'o, th e m e 5Q .ie.- th... 3u s, .:. .. -. to +i ,V o r x o-.. .... p in. .. otr.Io - l h a ~i.
IT M _d A 3 ... 1- 1 F A. .. -- l-,,tHlAt l e ,,S, -, I. .a m to ....l1d, ,"a d d t ,',he C o ', -. s, 'I.. .. .. EL : r o Nti-.,iii .u ro u r'` i i 6.pyound s lf u r.., ., .. .L i .
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_ ^^ L ^d hrstld SI J. C. A LLEN. Dru,,,,^ brotigh't"* m e. here in ., ?7`- O W d. S ^ S,^^'
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0 W a l i P L E TE D / T, I toe e y tusu j b a k e lhre e fua rle ~s or a n nu > On e th rh a
,.,;-ti_ i" ". '- a .i 1 Fa | tI N Ep \ LW 'HT J[. I'-r C.Ir' i "1 ili 1' i d >;,, .-'^ :, "" fflaBI[ ,- :' ::'" ':% nr cie fihh fw ou ae ta e a ia m a s' no'Vra 'ie s r.'' ,- ;. q ". -' ..^ "* u 'l'a "p r ,lln s.I' #: fi r.: ~e "M 'a. s" .*
-,,-- ... .C'.-KS'r-"] .' MERCA NT,~l -, -v 1^,- ^ .... - h-, i b..,,,.d .* TALLAHASSE ,-F O 1A ... +% "L)L 7nw'h+'pto4 "m^,atp. n m "U"' "' E u MIr brelennont hipbn r t ite N ~avu, .' | ,; ... *.,;.*,-..--__. ?.L'.'3f- :"^

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. O l.N- M HANTS, ^ ,^ ^ t e 11 nd ne "..h -v"r Iv 11. 1uFI N -nr o.oilen o I ou a l ee ie en ,l ,,
;'' ,.C.-buF Blo,'k e Fa b./ha -1 ->,'6,I ,,ur. .s M I, h." :"iz 1 _i s re -; : buts ^A" "^. ^ .. .. d^ v^ 4,,. Jae0 ,e afi ed "rl es. l l o e in.It' .

I+V,^ n. d,:,LT -.l3F ln RO[, ^,, -t. t, A .lT tl I t t- U M ern otatle apc liriv f x :, ,, r ,o e ~ m t. l d^ "1~3 n 1 .'.N^
4 14-,t -A R.DIb ( II r d. If II I II "[,I "'I F, 0AII T Y o mA e r ul 1e pnI l I n" t I 11e I LI'N' a ". ,% "-

"E.LE. ...,' S', N(S F -0 R W t .. I----------e--- -- ---- ,--t AtL-- i:u ll li says, Yd'ef/r e. ''. aDO v dor o u lalw i ieJartu r, rim es '+k'" -"; '' -

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0. 10.'S : oH A'. .o S ,t a1 N1-,1t11" l l o r, .. ," n n e a e or 1
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11,zlt ho '- all : NA,11-vdo,"
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-ATS CAPeS, &to1 liinm i
] H bc ur l l iN l O rel i. e wb p mpu a t r d t oa13 1d, d o + + i, + + 'HN B O Em t+[ t ,-, i, t t ,e r t hej % y is t erb n i '. i ; l I a e t c [ + : c ~ ~ ~ l ~ e e o s e
~~.0; -. -D I L; I.legu t llvnt P t vpt ywth ou f h ir th oughs serk ied all e p bd (w s e,010e .., ... 'tj
. es r No\,, I H M cUz z ,,lc iol m i ot nb + : ...3l 1 ro0 t ':. :
..H r z[Ps '-,hebuary3. IN.COL3m* Aoalach io-.Usede rvj lte..s-,0 Ill Jt..+ + : ? '[
F!q u irbe ii .I'tl i il A ii e Q~ LI .4l-I1rlA ali'k i ,lit el I d alo a h l liw -- ofw e .-aoqfdna r, li- "r f ll




. j ..T_.% ; . ,,. Al -,
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,hfA A&.


_ aim-=

-" "" "" FROM CAN'OC'N.
The substance of the news by the Sea
SWitch at New -York, has been published in
aa b-ief rormn The New York papers con-
tain copious extracts from the Camnion a-
e i .-" .
pers, froin whIich we",'lect the following :
,- ,.' -CANTONt, -21st December, 18S47.
SLr ", SrJohn Divis is still.fi`iee. and' is under-
stood to have'been engaged it negotiations
with Keying, but us yet very little li.is traiiis-
S' pired'-eTher as to, rhe nature of his lemantlds
Sor how fir tFic'y are likely to .be compliedi
wilh. We do not, however, apprehend that
nany.,Teress yhich may now be obtained is
S to'be considered a finril aljmstineit of' our
comlirtiuts; indeed, His Excellency ex-
pipssly declares, .in his reply to lie miner-
P.hants that any measures of redress oni his
p,01t will not debar the British Goveinmeoin
ftom farther.measurei of' its oin. It will
'd. depend, therefore, ou the viws laken by ltie
Government at home, and whether they miay.
'r" Tegard the recent horrible catastrophe as the
c'rihne of individuals, or chargeable against
the Ch'nese nation, v.hat ultetir measures
will 'be adopted. T1be only thin'g2 ofiici:lly
announced is the-executmiont o o' ur of Athe
t:crimiuals., antid the assurance that others are
untdergoin, examinautiin. and uill sutffer the
severest lUimishnent. La-,t ev'enimii, two
irmtndarini waited ttpo Sir John Davis.to
an'tnnee that fourof ilie "ill.iers liad b-en'
convicted,' il would 'pbe. deiapi-atedtin the
mouiw-n i$tt 4lw:t!g-ch!iltee.
The Chiniese. were, anxious ih'at some
otlter,. place s.,iildl'be di"sehI 1 i i, i, ;i-nl. it i -
z a'id, |irop).osed the e 'ctloii l.:m ,iiiil bylow
S Caantoi ;.bnt his excellence' recoliehl thiit lie
expiation should lie maiden .1id the exanmle
shown where'tlihe ctii', halid been c,,iin nltir-l,
and in the presence of' peri'sins h-l'.,tedl by
himnself,,and as many of Lhe loreimn ci.iiiimU'-
S nity as chose to attenI. Tlhe IH.- C' seani-
er- 'Pluto wady.o'derel' to 6e in reaJinress atl
.- dayv.brak, 'or the purpose ol'tLcunye\mi tilie
," secretary o thlie sUpriert itend t nt 6o''t ide, tlie
S vice consnl and lie inierpiettr- u to lie cun--
sulate, wit trhinvy im-n amidJ uthee of,i'ers lf
(lie 9'5th i cimif't. 'They tirived at Hwanz-
'cAik-leeabout hliailf pr st 7 o'clock, wliere tlie
Chinese soldiers.were loinl Idrawnri up on the
levvei connimmon b'efore- lu Hdll of AtniL.stirs.
O0r handful of solihiers, aigiienl',-il by a few
seamen, ih;,iving la'ndeil nl hiii ileni., Turig at
once aive the order iu a single w,)rd. and
wilh sIarthlong.rapidiiy one of lie criminals
Swags run out from one ot'..tuhe.:yboats.. He
seemed a :'stout, decently attired p'esanil.
SHiis hinds'v.ere tied bUehind, Ins back, anN
his mouth wavs g'aigced. "H.ivimg ibeen sho-
ved forward about thrivny or forty.'yards frorm
the shore, 'hlie. fell or was t1i'u%,i on Ilis
knees in the open space between hlie E6-
glish and Chinese soldiciis, aind his bitund
a r. mns. being elevated so as 1o cause him to
stop, the execimtioner raised hisI lono he;,i
bla'de, and at one blow tie he.id -.vas rolling
,n't'he grountl, lthe ehansgly trurnktumbling
oh th, odiir side. The othir thiee 'were
bu't repetitions of' the first, e-xcep that the
list and youngest seeined tlo min.ke an i ov-
lunta-y effort at resisiatince. TlIe lu%%hlewas
S. -done so.quickly, 1liA, wo gemiilemen fi'trn
the Pluto. -who'followed the officials in uno-
S theA 6boar,'did not arrive til, t-le attendants.
were lifting ihe cornpst-s inio their coffins.'
The number ol' Chinese soldiers was esti-
; mated ti about four hundred. anJ besides
those on thie-ground., nall a,.iri-l- wvre "t
tiotied--at thie entrances in the 'll,,a e and
., beyond the triumplhal archi.'crowdis ofu' villa-
gers were observed, sufficient nto set at defi-
ahice their own ill-app.inted niih.mary, ifhiliev
,really-are, so hrave'ns ithe plicards issued by
I'them, or in their name, declare them ii be.,
Having quietly suffered a..d,'isgrae'ful execu-
tion.to. itanke 'place before their ancestral
temple, ait ihe inistince amd i|ii'the pre .$nice
of the hated English, it mniy be doubled
whether they are beyond the'contirol of the
authorities." .
'.Ir'has,been stated that thefBriiMh steain-
erPluloii iianid sloop Scout had destroyed
eoveraj junks aind over ahuindred pirates.
These pirates a:pp'ea_.t'o have bee .a despe-
ate set, e tsfollowing..extiac will shaw:
4.Tbe whole of'lhese.jjnks were destroy.
ed. by fire; on board therm hail been found
vastt quantities of'stink lo'is, mnatchlerks,
'mdsk'hetoon', spears, pikes.axes, &c. with a
.very lrge supply of aimnnition. 0.n being
boarded, Ihe guns were always found loaded,
.and;in most instances having the iiatches
read' lighted; in ,all, the'numerous legs,
arms, and :other meirn'berS of the body,
rewed about thedcl~ecs, were fearful., and
Iegroans of the'wounriled arid dying" ap-
palling, the wretches' sliciting on all hahds
'to have an end pu;t to.their .sufferings. So
.dt ,ertiined '.were the rascIs not to be taken
alive, tlhat many 9f them in ahe, water were
..seen attempting toc'u^ their throats, others
to drown each other.' One was stabbed in
'th'e attempt to blow up the magazine, when
-fortunately discovered ; another, seeing'g it
.,seies'.-to continue his flight, was in the act
., of laobrriig the Isail, to give himself .lip,
'wheqi'his head was severed frombhis body bty
-one o the' pirate crew witthao axe. Seve-
rau itempas were made to fire the ship's
'boats. and many of rhe. pirates were picked
-' ..-de0:' wilth musketry fpom 'the ship, .when
about tu ,'r~eon"* lti;'-,N nfn,-'bu-m. rh'

- provisions necessary* for their crews was
foftid'dn bomird."" .'' :' '
SI.MPLE DtvIsIoN;-VWe` heard -Wsto'ry
-the oiher night on the subject of "Divi-
-lion" thatwe thought ss6n "at the time,
and nev.r having seon 'it in- print; we are
.en. "ipted' to-give our readers.,the benefit of it.
'A Sotiheirn planter named P,., pretty
'welI to do. in the' woil(? now, was some twen-
y years ago ,a poor boy' on the eastern
r hor.Lof Maryland. One of 'his strongest
and most marked traits, of character was au
r7is, ,w, er, -
inordinate love of fioniy.,' This, however,
'is characteristic or the people of "them
Miggins," where they practice skinning strap-
Sers during briak seasons, and skinning one
matbt$ber duiing'dull.times. In due course
of titie P. was of age, and thought.itabout
- time to get married. He went toa neigh-
iboring village. and in 'the course of events
"was introduced to a daughter of' Jndge 13B.
Dang fine gar" sald the embryo speeu-
fatoir to a friend who was gaining him
-entrance among the elite.
"-Very." ^*'*'*
"Nl*V w much might Judge.B. bhe,.worth ?'
.- W y, ',bout $10,000," was the reply.
'..And how many children has Judge B?"
ditnfinruedjthe inquirer."','J'
e- ".'aOnly ttiree ,...
'Three info ten goes three times and a

third over," mentally c.iphered P. Here
.was a chance-a glotious chance-and lie
improved it too. He made love to the
beautiful and unsophisticated daughter of
the Juidge with all thle vairitions. Strange
io say-lor hlie %as as unicotith -a looking
cub mis ever went unlicked-his suit pius-
pered, an.d iliev were married.
Tlhe hoev1y moo11 passed off, as all oilier
honey vniooi',s do. ,ind ilhev wevvee happy.
Tlie bride was lively and chatty, and often
n.made allusions to hier hriothIers and sisters.
Siariletld at a ntimuber of inames hlie thought
should inot be in thie c:taloigne of relations,
one eveniing at tea, lie said-
Mi v dear, I Ithougtlit thee w:,s only three
-' 'So there are, by miv Ma, but Pa's first
wife had eightl moree"
-Eleven ,,o into lell n tincs antd nary
one oi'r !" -said lthe .astonished,, P., who
jumped up, kicked over the chair, and
groaned in perfect agony, I'm sold I'm
sold and a:d--n sight cheaper than an old
bell weather sheep, at ih;it !-Pittsburg Sun-
dlay 3 li IVI
TRIAL OF DiAl CooLIoDGE.-The princi-
pal witnessing the murder cas.e'at Augusta,
'Me., a young mian nait ed Flint, who saw
,the'dead biniv ol lie muurihered man in the
prisoner's office, and helped to remove it to
the place where it was- found, has not yet
.come upon the "stjnd: The Commercial
Advertiser says :-
SIn the me.,inime a deadly coil of circum-
stantial evidence isgathering round the
pmi;..in'?r. -The purchase of Prustsic arid,
station as it can ,be made,'" from Boston,
when lie had abundance of the kind used
'for medicinal pttrpones-his money dealings
'with the dece.seil,. %% which lie afterwards de-
'fiedl-his uirency to haive ihe deceased
ctoe to his office on lthe night of the mur-
de.r-his amienrlj, -at the post mortemex-
a minaliont. (1in which he took the 'most.ac-
tve lamIt, to have the contents of the sto-.6
mach tinivvn awaN -these and many r, v lier
strongly .rimninatipng facts, are abiidaniilly
establihlld by a 'cloud of tnniesses," aud
seems to" leave no room "for a quesiionof
hiis guilt. The correspondent who reports
the trial for the Boston Ch'ronoiype,s,', :-'
Marchi,.- TPhe prisoiiesiilepd 'even
more Iranquil tllhi' usual, and .' pleasant
sinlile liimined his:face as he t6ok hisseat.
The l.iiJiis, a; usual, croIowded th'e g-allery,
"mmd seetrine' to feel a ,gieai deal of sym-mpaillV
for the handsome Doctor, "ho Was dIt-esse-l
with great neatness. I learn that a large
number of inagnific-ent bouquets were sent
to: his cellldst evening by several, ladies of
the 'ciie y -
la.'hcli .17-' iilht'l.--Tl is said that the 1pri-
sotuer, who'has d-iit ig this trial iiainif-sed
the utniost coolness and self- posbessi-oi. has
abandoned himself to the wildest despair
since thei+adjouorpnment of the Court this
alftrrricol. I learn that aft,-r reaching'his
cell'he burst 'irilo tears and refised all con-
sola0ion froni m thlie attendants. 'He lhasl pro-
laihiv come to fie coinclusion that' his case
is hopeless. The iel'eial i'm resii'on jnow%
is ihat be willbb co 'nvictel. Fli tl. Itie'sli-
demi of Dr.C6iol Ilge, will probably,,beintro-,
duced to-nronow. .

H1YDaRfHOBIAo '.--Tl'ie following clear ani]
circuniiianrtlial 'accoi'ulii of' case of thl-it
dr--r4lf m.i u.l t ],-,ilrniphliihij, .isfr uam. he
Bucks ('..oumy lPa.) Ilttllhi.enc-r.:
.. Mr. Fries, desiiiig t, igo to the city
6on the ifiornirig of Nov. -23.J, arose about 2
o'c lor-6ki 'lhe.iipg 0somi noise ai,,ing his
poultry,, lie weenit whliei.e I i fow'ls ivle, and'
found there a young 'teiie:r dog, which he.
c'iunht runuinin, mind was immediately bitftem
by tihe dug in tlie. left hatad; and partiuftcarly
in the little finger, wvhitere, the chief wbund
'vas. He secured ilmIt l6o1g afier a short'con-
filc-i, and Tied lm iImi liIe piazza of his
hiomise--his digit ini keeping thlie do, being
to deiecLt lie persons tu %%lhini lie btelonged,
4and whum hlie supposed -0.,obe lobbing h'is
hen roost. "
He tobk' curisideralsle pains t6odiscover an
owner, but loutlnd none ; for this purpose he
sent him to the school hause, that amny of
the children might, if possible, identify him;
hie also biouhitl him to Do)lestlouwn on the
25th fdr.the same purpose ;. and turned the
'dog 'loose and followed hiim to near Kirk's
tavern in Horshamn on the 24th. The 'dog
died the. morning of the 27ft1. It is not
known that the dto,_ are anything while he
" was' at Fries's. 'Be'fore he.diejd he gnawed
his fore paws nearly Off.. A dog at Fries's
wasbitten 'by hiini, and died about three
weeks ier. '
i+"hbe mnorniug of the 24th of Februayv,
about twvo o'clock, Mr. Fries was awakened
'by a ver5"sharp' and acute pain which he
.supposed tb be rheumatism, in the little' fin-
ger that 'was bitten', and at the seat of the
wound, (which had 'healed, .up, however,
ho.ut iao soon as ordinra-ry. wounds dp.) The
piain ext&,ffed'd to ,the middle of thfe hand,'

t'themice down the" ends of the other fingers
of the saame hand, thence up the left arm,
across his breast and down the.right arm to
the ends of thle fingers of. the right hand.-
TIhe time occupied in 'this traniti'ion of the
pain '.as about fifty six hours. After this,
(10 wit. ott Saturday .night,').;he woke with
. tremendous pain in his head :and back of the

neck, which he complained of and express-
ed an opinion that it would make him crazy.
With intervals, the. pa.in'conninued 'until
Sunday 'evenitng. when he obtained'-some re-.
'ief from a preparation for rheumatism.-
'.On.Monday lhe ate his dinner with his usual
Sappetite,' and drank three cups of t'ea.-
About'an hour before sunset he asked hi-
wife far'a bowl of water, in which he direct-
ed her to.put sormemolasses and viniegar.-
When thiswas presented to hbmi he exhibi-
tied the'first symptom of the dread of water,
formirrng -the characteristic of the disease.
He.could not even take the bowl in his
hatid, but the'w hinmslf backward, and
showeddi.fficuhty iu breathing, similar to a
person suddenly plunged in cold water-the
effect commonly known by the term of
catching for, breath. He then sent for his
family physician, Dr.John Mathews.
STo show the dbctor :the effect produced
.on him by the bowl of water, he undertook
to di'tik again, and with the same result as
Before. The doctor pronounced it a case
of :,hydrophobia. Mr. Fries would not be-
Slieve it was hydrophobia-andDr. Mathews,
(o convince Mr; F. and the family .that he
had formed a correct idea of the disease,
desired thati thie physicians at Doylestwvn
should he sent for. .A messenger was des-
patched, and Dr. William S. Hendrie came
duriinig the night, perhaps about o .Q'qcck,

By anotlier experiment on thie part of Dr.
Hendie ilh itia tea cup full ol'f warmn lea, al
4 o'clock, hlie concurred with Dr. Mathews,
anid pmonouniced it a c.se of lhdi'oflihuhia.
AIr. Fries ,as not convinced that iti as llthis
disease uitil about 4 P. 51. of lthe s-inme
day, when the pain passed ruom ithe upper
pat ol hits bodiy to the lower.
About four hours after this (8 o'clock
Tuesday n lit) lie was under nli|)rehension
that lie was about to h.ve a parox)smi, atid
was tied aiouind his wists wilih a banmidker-
chief, at hi. own request. The p;irosnsm
%as however ,ery slight, diiting whnlih he
retained his entire reason. FFioti this time
until he died, on Ftiday mnoiling at halt'
past four. lie had no recu*rence Ol lie pi)r-
oxysin--save a shuddering whenever water
was oeltred hiin. He was in p-osessioii of
his reason uiml TiuThuisdiy evening about
seven o'clock. He (lied apparently 'ioni
exhaustion at half-past four on Friday
morning, the 3rd instant, without a strug-
gle or muscular exertion."
[From the N. Y. Express, 29th ult.]
Anrrival of the Caledonia."
The French Revulution Complete-A Re-
public Established throughout France-
Louis Philippe and. his Family safe in
.E ,,il ,,l, if : .fc
At midnight we received our long expec-
ted telegraphic despatches from Boston, ap-
prising us of the arrival of the Cunard
steamer, Caledonia, brii,..'ii'. full and in-
tensel5 ititeating accouitils from all Eu-
Of course, at so late anhour, we are ob-
liged to go to press, without being able to
digest, as we %%,.,tl t.tike to do, this iiiipor"'
taut news,'.for our readers.
We have read enough. however, to be..
able .to, aniimnouine that the Revolutitn iil
P'aris' has been sanctioned by France-that
the iioiiinmialhg6vernment will stand hold,-
ing ii-t If accountable to a new Assenbiv ol'
,the people' ie[ieseinlatives, to be convened
on the 'O2thl-that llie faniily of the abdica-
ted king, with himself, have been kindlyv
received in Etglandid-ail that all'Europe,
so "IIar as leardid ftoil, is in a feverish and
exLtetd stite.
'From the Euti:'',a, Times.
S..... LIVERPooL, March 12.
The Revolution 'in France is now un
fait a'ccomplie." The abdication of Louis
,Plii ,l]' -iE-tli6 ala loititnieeil and rejection of
a regency-hlie complete triumpli of the,
Parisians over-the army--the establishment
of a Provisional GCoveitmenti-the creation
of a Re[''iublic-the overthrow of the 0ouse
of Peers aid titles ofillistintlionh-lie itieci-
pitale abject flight of ill the iietibei' id(' the
Orleans family, with their misguided mrin-
isters, to: our own shot es, or to othiler places
'of exile-the immediate recognition of !jhe
new Republic of Frabce by Great Britain,,
Belgium, Switzerland and the United States,
have all fallen in such rapid succession, that
the events of an hour's age ""doth hiss the
.speaker."-each minute teeming \vith some
mighty ocemieurce, affecting the destinies
of whole nOations and dynistics. Thlie spe-
culations respecting the (Cianses. incidents.
and probable results of this sudden and
mighty social convulsion, are' various and
,infinite. The facts stand ouii in historical
boldness of outline, depicted 'in siucli iile-
lidle ch,iiacieis, that the might"endure "till
the last syllable 6f recorded ii-ilei"'
AX Provisional Goverment has been ota-
n)iz.ed by our neighbors, the nieiibVis of'
which are celebrated hlijiojlii,,i it lie. world
for genius, eloquence and sciemne ; erne of
theii are' of .almost- 'romantic' integrity.
Carried away by lie eloqt ence'of La ilar-
tine, the excited, iuignv'iu table inobof Pa-
ris thr,-i down the muskets which in ll-
filsl Itury of their new-born zeal for Libt-iiy
the had levelled against the popular liberty,
and by their unanimous shouts invested the
Provisional (-u% eiiiiif-tit with the full au-
thority of the State. As the revolution o(.
1830 was the work -of the bourgeLise.,.so is
the Revolution of 1848 the act : nil deed of
the working,class, who have sealed the in-
faugm atijn of their power with their own
blood. TiThe qlueStlin' which ever oane asks,
his neighbor i '- W ill. it last ?'!' Every
.man in EnglanId, and we believe elsewhere,
hopes so. Larnartine himself s,;. in bis
address mu (oreign 'piip erS, '" We ii sire, fo'r
hiu iimtIiy, t hat peace may be prtserved-
"re even hope it." Sincerely do w'e re-echQ.
these words, eniipli',imv" them em+ iatically
even in ; amore enlar'ged sense than M. La-
martine-we hope that peace m1 i be pre-
served, both without llse Reliublm, inii with-
in the sphere of its domestic doihiu)n. Our
sympatbies--nay, our interests--re all in-
timately interwoven with the matiileiince of
peace; but the great social problem which
these men who are aiming to gover|a millions
by a stroke of the pen, isof too intiicale and
complex a character at once to be solved.
The ditticulthquestion of h.iuman labor-the
real .and only source of weahli--annJ its more
equal distribution, is the great argutme'nt, to
the height of which they propose to direct
all their efforts. They may cut thislGotditn
knot, 'but to Unravel it by the slower and
surer'process of developed indtrstry, 'found-
ed on peace and security, far ,,exceeds, we

fear, the ephemeral government, however
absolute or well dis-postd ...
Commerce is at a stand. The funds have
fallen enormously. Considerable failures
are announced. Clubs are in the'course of
formation to advise or oveawe the G6vern-
'ment. Strikes 'of workmen are becoming
more numerous; daily'; operatives demand
'hn increase of wages, and have expelled
large bodies ofEnglish workmen from their
rivalry in the construction of railways. The
moderate politicians, the represeiitlticrs of
: the middle classes, have disappeared from
the scene, arid amid the chaos of passions,
Enigland waits with her arms folded, in deep
and anxious alarm for'the next scene in this
strange and evenitful history.
PARis,Feb. 29.
Mr. Rush, U. S. Minister, accompanied
by Dr. Martin and. Maj. Ponsin, likewise
waited on.the members of the provisional
Government, to whom he delivered a most
flattering address. The details bf this in-
terviewi are taken from the Natiopal. On
Friday, at 2 o'clock, tde representative Mi-
nister from the United Slates went to the
Hotel de Ville, in formal recognition 'of the
Provisional Government, as a representa-
tive of the American Union, to be the first
to welcome our infant republic, (or-thiere is
no bond more powerful between nations than
community of sentiment. Thelstep taken
by th9 Minister of the United'.tates' has,

ed estates eitibtace 168,032 acres 61f land,
I ei.pli',ei-d 2,2.553 laborers, and produced in
.2.3-?, 14.178.1iogsheads of ,sugar arid 5,903
Piu. ieoC,'i of rum. Ina comparison drawn
betweenbtthe products of 1382 particular su-
ga'r estates, iu i lie years, respectively, of 183-2
and l.47, it appears that they yielded,: in,
1832, 25,928 hogsheadsof sugar and 10,008
putncheons of rum-but, in 18471 only 17,--
359.hogsheads of sugar and 833 puneliheons
of' rurn. '
Of the coffee plaitaiions, 465 have been
abandoned, containing 118,400 acres of
land, employing in 1832, 26.830 laborers.
The number of 42,820 laborers, employ-
ed, in 1832, upon a certain, number of
plantations, has now dwindled to*13,973;
the 'rest having generally become ,what the
report terms "independent settlers." ;
It is stated that the free blacks will scar-
cely ever work'more than' five days in the
week-in some districts only four--and that
the average time of field labor is ."'from
five to six hours a day,"' that at the.anniver-,
sary of freedom, at' Chrislma nas-and on some
estates at Easter-"-'the entire agricultural
population spends from .one to two weeks
in idleness," and that at all those periods,
even if thie canes are rotating on the ground,
-and t'he coffee falling Tfrom the trees, no rate
of wages will induce the people to work;

IIlnder exiln:,t cii cunisiances. serious im-
poirtaice. Alihoighb fully awaited, it, has
touchel.[ ;IutIely lie inienibeis of lhe Provi-
iihni:il Govermiltnet, i.rid alter an interview
in whiih) i eie exchanged ithe noblest ex-
prissioniq, they m1 a body accumpyiied the
representative of thle geat niatliun to the
rltiresholih of thle Hotel ile Ville, as a proof
(i' the cordial 'itiecitoin l% hicli musi ever ex-
i-t btw een thle Aietici-an iiaid French Re-
piubli'. ;.
[ i,'-,r tlL N. Y. 1 -Ie' ild, 2l. iih ult.]
TILE i-lt-i.'nTA r\NTTS .1" OTHER
PAI;T.','- --: EUI ,-, PL.
Our t.I itri t.reign ilnes is not much in
aIILi',uIiI. I, nt i im ]iiii aiMiil.
SIciil .- It is rutimn.'-td at M .;ieilles that
thle KiI i, of Naples Ii.s complld willth tlhe
ldeniind-s f tlIe hpppile of Sicily. The
M iiis-i v i- f re m-I n ili. i.
ITALY.-T'lih-e J.-iiit-. alrin'ied by thle hios-
tile denmoinsir.,li,..i m'uiJe a2.nmst Ithem by
the people, ih.,e ;,Irely quitled ihe city of
Turin. The Jiiiurn.l'. ,fl'Tnum. fully ap-
preciated thle itdene of' thlie French revo-
lution, and ii,,'w ;e enciiLir-i'..ii, the king to
put himself at tmie hi":,d filio national for-
ces to effect iliu salvhiiion of' Italy.
PRUssIA.- A (,iri:.-.),:ileiilt 'mt Cologine
writes, that ,lie nihiiill, classes of Prussia,
as in other lbriii.li Si ile, re determined
to achlieve'ii litic il iniilepetii.li-nce, and have
potential 'voice in .I meinnient ; they are
peaceful., bit r'-esoiliii -l i- rtiit-ld to tLhecoun-
try, aiJ fi,'iii iin :.,--eltmiiii iheii' tiglhts.
A.usTIA.-T'Fhe ,e=.i_'aliii of Metier-
nich was anniim i-il 'orI a cti iiiint in Paris
on the Sth uil. Thlieie a landd council
of' hIlthe miiiiniiet- irmiei-iti.itel held on
hearing froini-I, pis. (-'.'ili'rs were des-
patched in .,11 .Ii,: tioirs. Count de Fla-
hant, Fren 1 Ii Aiib.li-? ,.Ii,,' ,it Xrienna, is said
to have faini!- ,I.'l 'i ,i.iirin f tlie news of the
'ailic i,, tcl heio le l i i- He started next
,;,. f',i Eih ,Liii. 'Tl n, v .hliousand troops
aie to,adv'aine to Ir:'ly, tiiltout delay.
SThe account iti the irilutlon in Paris
reached Vietiii.i ini lie 1st tilh.. and pro-
duted a prih,.6 l i1;rt-sjV4iton. "The con-
se ei111 ion %' lhithi ]irt:%'iil,,I .," says a writer in
tihe N ili', 'I. r:'iit,,_i be described. The 5
per centMul-i.llic; t' ll I 'ivin 91 to .'2. The
iit-lli-eliite froin llal\,. 'received in Vienna,
was ai tliin% lbhl -s i li.,licr ir'.
BAVARIA.-At Minmithi 1 rising has taken
place, and ;a conhiil.itiuti has been extorted
from the Ki, i;tl iI, iiitint of Ihe bayoneit.
Prusia wtls AiiinI',., bIlt wont ifiterfere.
.The Germ.ni S:mtes ,re on the brink of a
S SP.,'mN.-In S|.,mim. fihe French party was
0v',ri lion. (.'ii-,iii .i %%as in despair-
I,, .i','h li.t ,,il .ii..el L,I-pension of indivi-
diiu.il .gifiU;,I' ie tIe l' lihv i Two millionsof
.iiotiudls; were obiatiltd tu support the Queen
and tin',, .
GREAT BnIAtr.IN -It otild scarcely have
-been -limtip liii bitd t hli.t thie great move-
men t which hli.;s ,, ,,ul-d France, should
have been felt in .uini' degree in the Bri-
tish I ish "i, .
In Liiloi a liifling, disposikiQn to riot
was exhibi-d. 1 Ili,, -arlier part of the
week, butt -lie li.,r'lt-is were confined to ihe
.misc'iievou lii'vs ;ilil artizans out of em-
plomnent-.-,--ti, ws 1,,eedilv restored. In
GIl -'.ii. the titdiiI "%ere more serious, and
s Ae' .i pei Ihi i f h e been unfortunately
shot by th(I iniilii.v. Tihe riolers in tlat
city were i-ierel'- ili-.,'e..-w4-q-p-indt nl
tlhe shopsz, ,.,wl I' ,, -videtiily neither con-
.cert or-any' political object in view. ,
In 1 iM ..lie- -., oi6ne tendency to dislurb-
,ni':e i, i,4 l nO c',lii]iti d, but every thing is
now iliir .ii L.vt'rpool, tra c|i umliy has'
0er iitil li [,1 e., ; itii bers of unemployed
porfers amld i.tli -have- assembled on the
;Exc'haitmge, but iu.) |',liiical feeling is ob-
s =, ,hla'i. ;. .; 'b-,;' ; "
I. n Ireland:.no hr-_ach1i of the peace has
yet tak66 pluce:;, but the exciting language
of a 'certain' portion of the press, which
surpassX e ill',, ih;,1,,, 'i i an our rcCollectioin,
has not ..'....,d 'it, attention of the authori-,
ties. '
AV'ei;W'e no :iiprchension of any serious
di-stt.ili.,ice- of"the public peace throughout
Ehil.i,, 'Igene.ially, arising from Political
opinions, although depressed stable of trade,
,and the ex.,:i;i,' uncertainty naturally inci-
dental ti otlie iirl!S on the coniinent, must,
we fear, produce .i state 6t disquietude and .
suf'T]imgiii ;imua'm-.t numerous classes, for'
SOmie Iilile i>i cminie. '
N.l-somi', i int..niiment railing pulled ,up.
FiJitiiina-i-,i lies, lost. Thirty ,or forty
l-,e ,-.,, j W O mI rll,'r .' : ,-
Military wvt.i' tnder'arms, and* the magis-
trates were asnImulled at the Town Hall.
i At Dumfnries. and Paisley riots wereap-
pre ended. "

DTiL5.--The ieliomt of the committee .ap,.
pointed by the House of Assembly, Jamai-
ca. to inquire into the depressed condition
' of aaiicmi-lti, e ih that island, gives some very
ini iiestlin,.- stitstics, indicative of t he real
decline of tlhe Wet Indian colonies-once
among tlhe richest and proudest jewels uf
the Briush crown-ffrtm which we make out
the following enindensed results.I .'L
Before the passage of the Emancipation
act, tiere weie 5;3 sugar estates; of. which
1'40 have h,-_,i -,handoned. These abandon-



,i=- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for ihe CoMMERCIAL AD-VERTISEP.,and will
receive and rec.eiii for subscription's, or advertise-
WN'. \V. CHEE\VEP, E.'4.. Albany. Ga.
lMajor J.CiK H-l.iar.,ur. Eufaula' Ala.
JAS. J. OLiVLR:, Tailldhussee, Fa.



The Bar of Florida has lately felt the loss
of two of its itost distinguished members.
Mr. Hagner, young in years, but ripe in
legal learning, full of promise, the hope and
pride of hiis family, and the object of re-
spect and admiration to his friends and ac-
quaintances, was suddenly removed by the
hand. of death. His decease was to us, and
others of his acquaintances away from his
abode, a sudden.and unlooked for even.
but those around him saw bui too clearly
the indications of bodily decay. His spirit
was too vigorous for the fragile tenement
which enclosed it. He truly fell a victim
to his ardent endeavors to discharge faith
lully .the duties which society imposed, and
those which he had, in assuming lthe lobe of
the advocate, voluntarily devoted himself to
the performance ofl. I-s career, though
short, is full of honor, and lie leaves behind
him a fame worthy of tnoble emulation to the
rising members of hlle legal profession. In
his private anil social life his walk "%as up-
right"and void of offence.

James A. Berthelot has been Ior, and fa-
vorably known to t'he citizens of Florida as
adistiniuuished lawyer, and as a prominent
member of the Councils of the late Terri-
tory. ._He achieved ienown. at the. Bar, in
competition with the ablest of its senior
miemnbers, before the writer of this was ad-
mitted to its society. Ever courteous and
agteeable, his whole course with the legal
profession and the world, was of a character
to insure the regret ofall those who enjoyed
the pleasure of his acquaintance, tit it
should terminate in so solemn aind sad a
manner. No man had more Irienis, and no
man better deserved that the world slihouldl
be his friend Ithan Jamnes A. Beithelot.
He hadg long viewed the approach ofl
death as an event which was soon and
surely to happen-ithe disease which cau-
sed theterminriion of his mort.il career
made its appearance some lime since-and
for the past winter lie has been confined to
his bed under its influence, thus time was
afforded, him to reflect calmly oil his ap-
proachiing end, and for preparation to rice,
it as becomeda Philosopher and a Chrisiian.
G .F1.. .. [RES'S.
The Democracy of Florida-or rather a
portion' of it, assembled at thle Madison
CorLveniion lately, to select a candidate for
Congress, who might have some teasoniable
hope of defeating ithe man whom they had
twice essayed in vain to conquer. Having
tried their hliand on Mr.i.'abell with two out-.
and-out Demnocralic champions, and having
each time fedileio obtain-o a riajority, hav-
ing exhausted the weapons of Democracy to
the last arrow in ite quiver, without effect,
on the invulnerable object of their assaults,
it became necessary, in order to insure suc-
cess, to. change the mode and means of
warfare. ;.The rallying cry of "Democrals
to the'RPescue!" when uttered by their late
candidates, lailedl to bring up the hitherto
Democratic majorities. The conviction was
inevitable, though mortifying, that the
" glory bad departed from Israel"-that the
People were no longer wt'ith 'them': ,
Contemplating in dIespair the inexorable
fate which threatened them with the loss of
the dearly prized "'spoils," the Democracy
cast about for means to retrieve their fallen
fortuties. Open warfare, having proved dis-
advantageous to therrr--having sustained
defeat whilst combating, under the auspices
of Mars, they bethoughit them to make an
effort for success, by adopting another hea-
then Deity as their patron saint-they re-
solved to sacrifice to Janus-him with the
two faces. At least, we venture the suspi-
cion that hlie must have been invoked b# the


having once belonged to us, .and ali.hough,
our Democratic friends may' successfully
dispute our title now, and he be so ungrate--.
ful to his old friends of 1840, as. to disown,
the" solt impeachment," yet tbe' comloct..
Still remains-that. as the Ex-GpvernQr hs,
been I "
* ." All thiings by turns, and nothing. long,"'_ !
hlie may soon be wvith zus' a'gfaiin-,.Lthe wind
may shift-and if so, the weather-,cock must'
veer with it. Tempora mutanltr e;,;nosa
mulamur in illis," is the Gove'nor's motto;,
and will be our consolation ,in deftq..f
defeated we are. 'f .., -

PRESENCE OF MIND.-An event which "
may be almost considered miraculoous,_,tqok.
place on Thursday, at the athldrbilof',No- '
tre Darhe, Paris. A worima'dihamed F-aur,
employed in the repairs"which are`,.W' ','be-'
ing carried on, was raising- a piece'of" wiod '
on the scaffold at the top of the northro6wer,
when he lost his footing, and, being pat the
edge of the scaffold, fell. His compainibs
shrieked with dismay, doubting not t-bt, i''"
falling fiom such a- great height,' hewbAld"'.
be dashed to pieces.. But in biadownwad
course, Faur, who did not lose:-his peli.'-@, ...
"Tt/ r ', i^ t,,R



and that labor continues to become more
scarce every year, by the people withdraw-
ing from the plantations."
It appears from the report that thle sugar
and.coffee produced under those circum-
stances, are boli raised at an actual loss,
which is estimated in view of present pri-
ces. at 7s, 7 1-2d. per cwt.-" without taking
into account interest on capital, and money
expended, equal, at the leist, to 3%i. 5d.
more per cwl;" while coffee is represented
to be, "if possible, even in a worse condi-
The Asiatic laborers have not been
found to answer the purpose of the coun-
try;" but "the Africains" (i. e. the new ap-
prentices) "have proved eminently useful."
This is a very melancholy picture; and
the conclusions to which it almost impels
the mind are equally melancholy. The
emancipated negroes and Asiatic laborers
will not work. WVhy? It does not appear
that any men, free to refuse, are willing to
work-or to work hard-in tropical coun-
tries where food happens to be atiiainable,
as in the WVest Indies. The African ap-
prentices have no choice; they undoubted-
ly work upon compulsion : it is mere affecta-
tion to call them free men : they are slaves,
under another name.-[Phil. North Ameri-
ca n.

II---- -_ -

Convention, when the name of Wmz.-P.
Duval was selected from the list ofaspirpnts.
Having failed lo lead captive the'indegea-.
dlent voters of Florida, by .holding'up to
heir view the bold and olOn front of mod-
ern Democracy-having found'totheir cost
that lie number of those who were willing.
o follow their lead was "few and farbe-
tween," and that the Democratic vote of
Florida was each day growing.sinsaller gpld.
"beautifully less," theyhave.hit' on the ca,-
pital expedient of exhibiting as theirchamn-
pion one who has worn the- belt," who- is
known to fame," and as to whom the imost,
ignorant need not ask, "who is ihe?" The
eotemporary and follower of John Pope, the
Federal opponent of Henry Clay, in days
of yore, when ",Harry of the.West" sus-
lained the war of 1812, will-be deliblhted to
find in theperson of the present Democrat-
ic candidate for Congress, a companion in
arms. When the Ex-Governor takes the
field, the admirer.of Old Ilickory.and:.the
disciple of.him who essayed unsuccessfully
to follow in his footsteps,!' will "Irejoief
and bg exceeding glad" to behold .--once
more the friend of Jackson and Van-Burep,.
The Hard-cider-HarrisoiiaD.Whig of 14 ,
will feel his life-hlood, course, warmn.,ijr
his veins, once aeain, as his memory fondtly
brings back the eloquent voice which made
the forests of Florida ring to the praises o('.
the Herb of Tippecanoe, and'anon.-fiery iuv.
dignation will again fill his breast as he re-"
calls the vehement denunciations, which
were heaped on the Little Magician'?iafid
his "Sub-Treasury," by the "Foresi-t.borip
D,'|nosihenps" who preached Harrison,
and Relotim." and dispersed the dark-
ress of._ Democracy in FloriJa. :T-.h
Harrison. men of 1840, on .seeing,, the.
present Democratic candidate for Congress,
will swear "" By the Shade of Old Tip,"' that
it is thial same old coon." The Tyler men.
of the last Presidential epoch, (if, indeed:
one can be found to ." acknowledge the
corn") will be delighted to find, one of.-thofse
Harrison and Clay Whigs who felt that ".it
was g4*. enough for one man to.serve'.n-
der honei ,John.' There, is nok.,a v.ote-
in Florida, let him be WhiggorDemocrat.-7.

let him have danced round a hickoryjpole in
iie era of JacksoniSm-lA him have drank.
hard cider or have -trod a measure toi:the.
tuine of 'an! 'an .! is a ustd vup nran".-t
let him have clamored for the Great -eg-
later, or shoutett for that ,S'ubstitulte,, w.hi-h,
as lthe Democratic candidate for Coigress'
iruly said, was aptly represented by the fi-
gure of MIerciry, thie god of t.hieves-let him
have fallen into the ranks of, the Fal.tpff
crew yclept Tyler's -Corporal's Guard, or
let him have bellowed fjr Polk, Dallas and
Texas, tiere is not one of the number but ,nay
ji.stly la? claim to GovERNOR Wm. P. D u-
VAL.. as his peculiar properlyy. '.,E.b ,,nd
every, of I hemn can point to some well k-no1 n
period of the Ex Governor's political li
%%hen hlie made angels weep' .with hA
l fantastic capers" which he clit in display-
ing tlis devotion to the tenets which h iey.
severally have professed.
Now, knowing our opponents well,. and
being well advised of the deep .designing+.
acts by which they essay to steal away-from,
ns the sweet voices" of the people, 'wle.
doubted not but they hadil spme jnlfern4j
last card" to play ou us; but,,Heave.n
shield us! we little thought Ahat' lhey de-
signed ..any such Machiavellian stroke, of.
policy. To'put up a candidate who cpn
claim political kin wil.h nearly every.ohe'.of.
our own voters, at thli atme time, that his
Democralic sponsors are anthorised pri-'
lately to assure tlie JfithfJul that the Ex-
Govemnor has undergone baptism-recanted..
\Vhiggery, and is as good a .D cihcrat. ,as.
when lie followed the lead of I be. Federalist,.
John Pope-is to much for human -ji ,
lure," and we e'en 'a 'most give Cabell up
tor a "gone coon." What with the Go-
vernor's old Kentucky electioneering trick's,
of swapping tobacco, kissing ,Podly .and
chucking .Sally/ under the chin, talking horse
and cotton to the farrmer, singing ." John
Auderson my Jo John" to thif old ladies,.
and reciting "Tamn.Q'Shanter" and rehear-
sing Ralph Ringwood" tales to the;" gals,"
CabeUl will surely be beat all hollow -a'
least, so no doubt our Demnocrautic friends
.. .. -. ..... ,, ^A',, ;
fondly" hope. Well, we have one comfort,t-.
we certainly can claim the EiSGdver.or-as.a.
havin onc beone to us, an al.bo *





of mind, contrived to grasp hold oe' a rope."
He- clung to it with all the tenancity of des-
pii.r-;'.but.presently one end of rhi rope gave
ray,'and the worR.man slipped along it near
the end. ''Pereifving that he was then at .
diktince of tenh'ty feet from the ground, he
Sgrasp9d .tlie'- cord with all his might, and
Satuially hung sdspended for several minutes.
A Apength, feeling his-strength give Ivay, he
Spitck-ed yp..dj 'his resolution,,and giving a
spring, abamrdoned the cord. To the in-
','" tetS0 astonishmknt of the terrified.behold-
emr-he fell &,i his, feet and did not receive
tl(&ligh.esi vontusionu, nor was he other-
wise affectedd ithan bhy a momentary weak-
nWsA-eused'by ilhe emotion he had under-
gb .-G'alignani's Messenger; '
[For the Commercial Advertiser.]
,Duties are of two kinds, agreeable and
disagreeable, and among the latter there are'
/ none, perhaps, so much so, as those which
ssutie theform ofcharitableagencies. Not,
&.'be sure, that'he as an agent feels that the
dbjectfoJ6 hich'h-bstrives is not a'worthy
64'-'e;' buit because r'fia't object may not be
genderaU6yi0nddstood, or if understood, ad-
lbl' tteled-'because. harnian 'charity is blind-
S because when you todch'a man's purse, you
woU'Dtd'This t'ende'est' sensibilities, and Ily
"; y e'f~ abld '16 --be untied, 'dr'treated
1ril..ha:sdrrt of con'sained courtesy which
9*brs 0d little of welcome.." Itis, however,
bopedtifliat "thif humble effort may open,
" 'effect'lU.lly, a door to the best feeliiig and
kfndet' charities 'of those to whom it is ad-
Sdressed, by presenting its object in such
J igJ'ts, that -its plausible worthiness may be
feb: arid. felt by all. It will be borne in
mind' that wd; as a'sect,, for' what we consi-
Sder good reasons, never build pewedichurch-
Ses ;thus cutititg ourselves off'(rom a sourcee
of-'.great,' revenue, thai we may open our
doors freely and indiscriminately to all who
may feel disposed to come. Atrdhavingin
; thig" a made our church revery body's
house,. we feel justified to lay a claim for
tHe payment of its debt upon every body.
Henci will be seen our entire dependence
opbQr.subsC'il)tion, or voluntary coniribu-
ribn, 'to build and maintain. this *t of
<, chuc'bhes among us. Our church in tlhis
pl'e-ha's beenri, from its commencement, in
*an embiarrass'ed condition-One, too, of ithe
,-extent of which the public mind has
rrhhaps. not been aware. It is ambiguous
tb say, slimnply, that we are embarrassed : but
wifltntfitzi atinignity is removed by a con-
cigs statementi, of the precise, and even
*Mr1ing'j'amodunt 4o which that embarrass-
.menqt e'iends, there will be a basis fixed in
ilk -mind,' upon which to'act;by way o
d'indi,' 11I this debt were small, then,
WriIy, "our' spirit would not suffer us to
hiakean appefil; butsince it is not confined,
and'cannot be contracted, to the limits ol
our own a'.Jit, .who does north see the ahso-
lut' necessity for levying a' tax upon the
char'ies of. others. VWe say tax-but i0,
dear u'b! Mhat a difference between civil
.add ecc'lesiastical taxation ? 'The one is
fik'ed: in its' ratio, amount, du', -&c. by those
4 .W receive and use it, while the other is:
S- subject .to the decision of. every individual
upotn ihom i is lIvied :'and, too fequenil,
t'he mind ol' the Zlonor does not perceive, as
clearly tS'tha 6of the legislator, the grounds
of'oiecesisv and public weal, upon which he
lai's his 'raiio. The latter,' from senator
dbW6n'to chiy.councilman,'i -or county com-
S iTssidner, seeing the great iecessiiy for
xfate houses, penitentiaries, court houses,
jails, c6tincil chambers, and so on, hesitates
iitt' A moment, to levy his enormous and
b'utdeqsome taxes ip.'6on'all classes of soci-
ety. and .with as little hesitancy orders them
doubled, if not given in at a specified time.
But the'forementioned are public buildings
-,o is a church-and are necessary to the
V6'r9 existence'as well.as prosecution of our.
fat-famed civil government-so are our
clitrch buildings: moreover, feeling a s rong
attaehment for the government under which
welhve, end possessing" the means, we Wil-
* hnigry subject ourselves to taxation at the
hnnds of those, in whose ability to make a
proper, equitable, 'and just. estimate of the
pr'opiortional amount necessary to purchase,
not obly substantial, but even elegant furni-
ire for Uncle Sam's great house, we have
confidence.' Well,'I dare say you are at-
taclied to the cause-of virtue and -religion,
rorwhicb-our boasted government is a, mere
hl1irter. don't know that you teel. tbe
mflae confidence in the parties constituting

an executive in this ecclesiastical taxation,
(I m sure, however, they will never get the
chance to gauge you as deeply, as some of
tD'et't'er stamp',) but, then, A.,t is very cer-I
.tl: ti latl'grit part of our national furni-
tureis made up of church buildings, for
*whrfch the civil authorities do not provide;.
Ii i *' .
,mxanifestly leaving the. inferente, that thisis
to b deoneby some other authority. Well,
Apalachicola room ip-the Florida wing-
joining the Alabama, oaieorgia wings of
this great governmental'.-fabric :-:ha been
.furniile by contract,' on whieh there is yet
Sdue. neaiR2,000. Possession has been giv-
,eu, aud held for aear three years-and, of
course, the.crediting sgllei'is becoming im-,
pdtaLpt, the more so,, since being a trana-
sciental, occasional resident, business of this
sort's htd' to settle at a distance. What is
no~w;to be done? To0be sued' we are ashaT
n med -tq be locked 'out of possession and
privilege, we like still less-and to repudiate
or pfead bankrupt law, we do protest we are
t.'1nesi, The only alternative, then, is

,to "plank up"--" fork ever'"-pay the debt,
and remain in quiet and honest possession.
.Now since the coUnclusion is,"that the
sum necessary to the liquidation of this debt
must be raised, let us proceed regularly to
work. Taxes are first assessed-then col-
lected ; and since the office of assessors per.
tains to those best acquainted with the abil-
ities of the individuals taxed, it is, of course,
expected that au equitable, as well as a suf-
ficient tax will be levied. And If any of
these assessors are found to have acted par-
tially, we hope justice may be metedout to
them in the high court, of an enlightened
public opinion.
The Collector will commence'his work
as, soon as each citizen shall have assessed
upon himself the requisite tax.
Respectfully submitted by the'

`[From the Tallaliassee Floridian.]
At a meeting of the bar of Middle Flo-
rida held at the Court House in the city of
Tallahassee, on Saturday, the first day of
April, the Hon. SainL. \V.Carmack was
called to tl&e Chair, ana 'George Call, Esq.
appointed Secretdry.. .
The Hon. Samuel J. Dou'-glzs explained,'
in an eloquent and iippropriate manner, the
object of 'the meeting to be, to express the
sentiments of the bar, on the occasion of the
dealih of. their brother, James A. Berthelot,
Esq,, aind offered the following Preamble
and Resolutions: '"
SAs citizens of this community, we feel
the most sincere grief atl-hie death of our
friend and I'frllow citizen, James A. Berth-
I'o, Esq. As members ol'he bar, of Mid-
dle Florida, we are called upon to mourn
,till more deeply the early deaih of our
much valued' brother, that, whom none
stood more elevated for all those kindly
Teelinogs,-those generous impulses, that
link mnan to man in4Ais pilgrimage through
life. Gifted with a vigorous and polished
mind; possessed of great amenilvy of man-
ners, and being ever mindful of tihe just
rights of others, ourdeparted brother bound
himself by 'ties if affection and respect to
those with whom he associated.
Cut off in the meridian of life, when the
heart is full of hope and anticipations for
the Iut ure, we may well, while we bow in
humble submission to the decrees of the
Most High, pour forth the mournful tri-
bute uf our gtiefat his untimely fate.
Resolved therefore, As an evidence of our
teslpect and regard for the memory of our
deceased brother, James A. Berthelot, Esq.,
ilie members of-the bar w-ill-wear.the usual
badge of mourning for the period of thirty
diays. : :. ,
Resolved, Tnat the Court be requested
to spread the proceedings of this meeting
upon the records of lthe Circuit Court, and
th;it they,be published in the papers of the
city, and that the ,Savannah papers be re-..
qiiestc(Id to reptiblish the same.,-
Re.slved. T'hat a copy of these proceed-'
in-s be forwarded by the Cliailiman of this
mceeling to the relatives of the deceased.
Goc. Duval paid a feeling tribute to -the
hil'i cliaractr:j- and manly virtues of the de-
"L 2,utd. ft.i tM ,itjB ifwf tH*H1' ,,.,IIl--
blhie an.. resuluitions were unanimously adop-
ted. -
S'AMIL. W.' CARMACK, Chairman.
GEo. CALL, Secret"`y.

SAt a meeting of- the members of the bar,
held in the Supreme Court Room, Talla-
hassee, Mondav. March 27th, 1848, on mo-
tion of Mr. Archer, Leslie A. Thompson,
Esq. was called to thlie chair, and M. D. Pa-
py requested to act as Secretary.
The object ofthe meeting being stated by
the chairman, Georae T. Ward, Esq. offer-
ed the following, which were adopted un.
animnously:- I .I ."
The Bar of Middle Florida, deeply af-,
fected by the loss they have sustained in the
removal of their deceased brother, Thomas
[. Hagner, have met to pay a tribute to his
.men mory .
The profession bf which he was a s'o,
the bar of which he was an ornament, and
the social circle of which, a bright link is
severed,, all alike mourn his loss and feel, a
common woe. "
And if such are the feelings of his bre-
thren in this afflicting dispensation, ,what of
co.nsolation can be said to'.those who.stood
in lthe nearer ard more endearing relations
of life; How if from us, there falls the-un-
bidden tear, oan sympathy for woe like
their's be said! .
Cut off in life's auspicious prime; when
all his virtues shone so iwell, his fate was,
like the new blown flower. Although the
tempest has cme in evil hour'and all the
,hopes of longer life and future usefulness
are gone, we yet bow before the incrutable
wisdom of. the Most High, we trust in his
decree, and we say'-o'er the grave of our de-
parredbrother, God's will be done.
.Restlved, unanimously, as a feeble an(.
outward testimony of the mnemoary we cher-
ish of our departed'broiher, we, the Bar of
-Tallahassee aud Middle Florida. will :wear

the usual'badge of mourning for thirty days.
This expression of our feelings shall be
placed on the 'minutes of the Circuit Oburt
now in session, and the Chairman of the
meeting shall be requested, to send a copy
.thereof to the family vf the deceased..
. On motion of T. J"'Heir, Esq. -
'Resolved, That the proceedings.of thts
meeting be published in the.city papers.
The meeting then adjourned.
"L. A THOMPSON, Chairman.
",M.'D. PAPY, Secretary.


/ '.'- AlCH STREEiT,'4 P.M.
DEAR ALICIA.-Could you oblige us with
your opera-glass for to-night? 'Pa won't
buy .because the opera won't stay 'but a
short time; and we feel so awkward without
one. In aste, Lizzy.
P. S., You may wear Sue's black'sack if
you wish, ps Pa didn't take a seat for her.

'DEA)R LIzy-You are welcome to the
glass, but you will not be able to see with
it, as it has been out of order for three
years. We always take it with us, and pre-
itend to look, which answers just as well.
I don't want the sack7 a I pmade o e out of


CoTTON.-Since our Saturday's report we have
received the Calidonia's accounts to thie 12th tult.
from Liverpool. These accounts being unfavor-
able for cotton, our market has declined full 'c.
the sales to-day being at 5j to 6c. for Middling to
strictly good Middling, at these figuers there is
but little, disposition manifested to operate, the
sales being limited to a few hundred bales.
FREi,; Hrs.-The tonage in port has,.been con-
siderably augmented during the last three or four
days, which has caused a partial su-pension of en-
gagements, _and a decline in the rates foreign.
'jhere is now no d ifficuliy 'in. Shipping in Amnieri-
can, vessels to Liverpool at jd. Coastwise we
have heard of no engagemlenis below fc.

-I year.
St ,-ock on ha-- Ind-e-p-t l-fp-T-1.... 578 9S3
Received past 3 da s............l';2
*6 previouil'v. ....... SS2 4 2 .
Total.......- 9173u 86654
Exported past 3 days........3089
S r Total..-... 54095 52772
Oiruiand aid on -liipbo.ard notcleared 3764j3 33_;2
Commencing ist Sep'temniber. 1847-and same
tinie inI 1q46.


Livetpoul ............
Havre...... ......
Nantz........ ....
Trieste............ ...
Genoa............ ..
Oilither ports..........
Total to For. Ports.
New York........
Boston.,....... ..
Provid-ice. ......
Bal i inre...........
New Orleans........
Oilierporus... .......
STotal Coastwise....

Pa-.t Pre\.i.
.3d I j o ""l-. rOTAL
3 dav 'l o ul : ) rr
S..1429 .14.547 .1597t
........ ,3730
,...,,. ...... ..."',.
.....- ;. ..... O.. 37I
...2212 .2212
S.1429 2I4, 9 .2191
. 17045 .1704:5
..166. ..::? 10o,22
...... 29S') .29 11
...... 577 ...577
.. .... ..1180 ..I1S0
.. .... 1373 ..13;3

. A. i ...517 .32177
...... ...... 540195

I Lu.t
lI'.-" son

0 .1368

, .ai23
(.. }...

Per seamer ('hIrle-on-Nlr Cox, llay, child
.and serv'i, Nilr Nolaind. Miko,.i.;n-. Snii;ili, Kyle,
Prather, sr, -aiher, jr, BarniIard, XVise, Roberts,
Skipper. I :
.Per steamer Champion"-C C Green and family,
Mr.Bond. .. ,
Per steamer Pvionia-W ( t M Davis, B Lucas,
Master Davis, lia\ ell. Tirner
"Per steamer .pal ,>hice.la-Mrs Worthen, Mrs
'R A Owens, chilr.-n : s er\'t, Miis A E Farrior,
Misis M C Farrior, Messis Berry, Sutton, WA'iiht.
i-l.,'ens, Thomas, Klonkfolkwotth, Master \Vor-
^,,-.-./ r,, iu. -UI m m li-ss Chap-
man, Capt McAllistet.
Per steamer Viola -Miises Schlevys, Miss Ca rnes,
Mrs Van Veghten;,J Jones.
',Per st'eani.-r Chinpion-E Bryan andlady, J L
'G Baker and d'ualiier. MIs s Dickson, Dr Wilson,
Col Nlihon. \rW R-f ailn. J T Myrick, C Smith, J
Roulhac, Ch'ipnman, Barkley.
Per steamer Charleston-135 bales cotton to
Harper & Holmes; 50 to D B Wood & Co; 133 to
Hill, Dawson & Co; 30 toB Ellison & Co; 11 to
Wylie. & McKenzie; 17 to A"N McKay & Co; 8
to I Day & Go; 5 to Lockhart & Young.
Per steamer Champio0-52 bales cotton to Mac-
lay & Kimbrodgh; 27 to Nourse, Stone & Co; 238
to A NMcKay & Go; 98 to W A '& P C Kain;
86 to J Day & Co; 50 to Lockhart & Young.
Per steamer Albany-263 b'ales cotton to Smin
& C'heever, 33 to Lockhart & Young. .
Per steamer Peytona-350 bales cotton Lock-
hart & Young; 6)0 1o D B Wood; 15 to A N Mc-
Kay & Co. .
Per steamer Apalachicola-131 bales cotton to
Mrclay & Kimbrough; 56 to Hill, Dawson & Co;'
25to JDay & Co; 29 to AN McKay & Co; 23 to
W''li-e & McKenxie; 0lOto L G Owens; 8 to Wm
G Porter-& Co; 5 toin'S Su-ion. -
Per steamer Loius-105 bales cotton to Hill,
Dawson & Co; 160 to A N NlcKay & Co; 55 to
Lockhart& Young; 50 to J Day & Co. "
Per steamer Vi6la-378 ,halvs cotton to D B
Wood & Co; 80 to D G Raney; 5 to Dockhart &
Per steamer Ciaiiipion-54 bales cotton to AN
Mckay. -

LIVERPOOL-Per bark Madonna- 1429 bales
TRIESTE-Per bark tBelvedere-1006' bales
, NEW YORK-Per brig Henry Buck-442 bales
BOCSTON-Per bark Chase-1168 bales cotton.
Per ship Sabattis-1660 bales cotton.

D R. A. WILSON, Surgical and Mfechanical
Dentlist, from 81 Chambers street, New-,
York, would respectfully inform the citizens of
Apalachicola, that hewill remain a short time at
the residence of N. Baker, Esq., where lie wvill
attend to. the requisitiorns of those who may de-
sire his professional services. ,
Apyil 6, 1848. ,12-tf

Thomas -E. cGray,
WT OULD respectfully injorm .the. citizens of
js Ap'alrchicola, and its vicinity,that he has
just received a splendid assortment' of.Summer
Goods, 'consisting of Uniori .Checks, .Linens,
Fancy Cassimeres, White Drillen, Plain Linen,
Fancy Linens, French Cottonade, Nankeen Drills,
Fancy Vestings, &c., all of which he is prepared
-to make up in the most fashionable-style; having
just received the Spring and Summer Fashions,
he flatters himself that he will be able .to make
up his Goods'to the entire satisfaction of his cus-
tomers, both as to style and prices.' He.has also
on hand an assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
consisting pf Cassimere, Satinette, Cottonade,
Attuckapaw and Linen Pants, Dress and Frock
Coats, Plain and Fancy Vests, Plain and Fancy
Shirts, Hats, Shoes, Ladies' do., Gloves, H-dkfs,
&c. &c. Thankful for the liberal patronage
heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes by un-
tiring exertions and strict' attention, to merit a
continuance of their patronage. '
April 6; 1848. .- 12 3t

S Razor Strops.
C HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
. ceived and for sale by. -.
Feb 24 H F ABELL.-:

8 JARS very uperioa Spanish Olives, -for sale
March 16 50 Water st


, PORT OF APALACHICOLA...... .... April 6.

scarlet flannel yesterday, which, at night,
looks like the real thing. -
Affectionately, ALICIA.
P. S. Where does your glove cleaner
live?' The fellow who has been doing for
us, has raised from ten cents to a, levy,
which is an imposition.

DEAR JENKINS-Do you cab your ladies
to-morrow night, or walk 'em ?
Truly, SAM.

DEAR. BROWN-If it rains, I cabs. Dry,
I wAlks 'em. Always, JENKINS.
P. The wind appears t6 be on the
"-ke vi'ry." City Item.

M ADE on ;hipimeliit of Cotton to Liverpool,
Havre, New York and Boston, by
SDec. 16 D. B. WOODI & CO.

D RAFTS on New York, Boston, Prorile',nce,
;J. Philadelphia and Balrimnri', Lught; and
Sight Checks on New York sold'by
'Agents Bank of Brunswick,
Dec 30 41 Watef street.
A LL persons are hereby cautioned against
trading for two notes for one huiiidred dll ir,3
each, given by Ihe undersigie". to th.e :\p:,i'..hi-
cola Land Company bearing date-is the filteeith if
"March 1846, and the fifteenth of March 1"4,5,
respectiviel,'y. The' parties to6 whom said i,.'res
were given, having failed to comipli' with tie
terms 0of their contract, the undersigned will i.jt
-pay said notes unless said terms are complied
with.. :
Apalachicola, April 6, 1848. 12-3t.

At Chanbemnrs,
APALACHICOLA, DEc. 29, 1847.
John 'M. Carnochan, Plaintiff,'
*. -' ,vs. ,
'George K. Walker and Mary .
his wife, of the'State of
SFlorida, James E. Better Bill' for acco6ntt-
and Ann his wife, of the and partition.
State of New York, and 1
Jane McMasters, of the ,
State of South Carolina,
Defendants. J
U PON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor-that
Sthe Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
'United. States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, he given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the pace of four
months, and if, upon, due pro6r ofThne appearance
of said notice in -some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by thenext rule day,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said- period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same' be taken as confessed
against them.
S GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
CompPts Solicitors .. ;
A True Copy. WM. VALLEA:Ui
SDec 30. 50-4m -Clerk,

F OR sale b3
D 30

Tanners' Oil,


__ L


March 2:3, I4S.

L. W. SPR -\TT,
Judge ol"Prnbate.

Havania Segars.
Of t'tfr HAVANA SEOARS, contain-
U..W Jing an assortment of rthe Pro-
bidad, s "C'abanas, '" Minrerva," Bnriraniia,"
SParti.t' ,;." and other choice brands, now lind-
iug per ;f'lir Ann Marl', from Havaa, ifor sale I\,
Mlch 16 E MNcCIJLLY, 5) \ afterr srt.
Thounsoniann Medicines,
JUST ri-ceived andl for sale by
Fe-b 3 J. C. ALLEN.

Cotton W IVeigher.
T HE subsi':ber having been appointed. a
W. egher ,L Cotton, respectfully sol[it,- erm-
pl:ymeint Irom the merchirants of Apalacli:i''ila.
He hla- a family depervlant on I lb- lbr, arid
holo.,e that opportunity will be aflrded himn to
gain a support hor them in tins coniintunitv,
where sitch an appeal has never been made in
vain. ALEX. McALPIN.
'Ma.irch 7, 4S.. 7-(f

.70 BBLS WVhi-key; 1), do. Prime Pork;
li bbls Flour i cask Rice;
5 superio-r old Re;erre Whiskey;
2' .vdry choice Hams;
Now landing per schr Louisa Sears, and for
sale bi E. MicCULLY,
March l0 .ii \Vaer st.

H]AIR, Hat, Clothes, Teeth, Nail and Shaving
Brushes, for ate by .
Feb 24 -H F ABELL.
Mo olasss.
bg BBLS superior Muscovad,,, 'r.r sale hy
A,0.I Mch '16. E McCULLY, :,. ,Water'.

School Books,
OR sale by .
SFeb 17 H F ABELL.
*. .' ; P i l e s .

D ITCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
sale by, [Feb-24] H F ABEEL.

:Caslile Soap,
JUST received, and for sale b%
Nov11 i. F. ABELL.

Guava Jellies.
DOZ. Guava Jellies, assnirled size- boxes.
'5J0 -just received direct from Hdvarna. lor sale
by, : .. .. E M.-CULLY,
I' March i't .i\ Wjatr -t.

D Cuba Tobacco Seed.
S LBS Trbaccb Seed, from/the most c e-i-hrated
/ planiatmoes of the Vuelta Abajo, just received
from Havana, for sale by .., ..
Mch 16 E McCULLY,'50 Water st.


April l-S.hr Corah, Lee, fm Pensacola.
Sihr Mlonier.'v. AiNileby, fm New Orleans.
A Iril :3-B k N w England, Andros, fin Prov-
idei, P,. id \Vod &- Ballou.
Brig G-prgianna, Bedell, fin New York to A
Dodge. i
April 4-Brig Zeno, Dinsmore, fm Tiinidad, to
D B Wood & Co. "
April 5-4Ship Andrew Scott, Emery, In New
York, to 0 Rogers & Co. '
Ship Soithport, McCorMick, fm Charleston, to
Nourse, Stone &,Co.
Bark Triton, Luce, fm ProiWdence, to Thos L
M itchel; ; : H .. -I .- .
Brig Peconic, Parks, fin New York, to B Elli-.
son & Co. '
April 6-Ship Rowland, Norcross, fm Boston,
to I6 B \ ,,,i,, Co.
Steamer Qunicv. Allen, tnm Cliauihioclihee.
Sieminer PryLona, Gireer,fm Columbus. :
Steamer-Champion, Cadwallader, fmin Columbus
Ste.lni'r Albany. Griffin, fm Columbus.
SNejiiie -Clii rle-ton. Phillips, frn, Colnimnbus.
Sieanmer.Apalach,-.oli, Thompson, fm Columbus
iStealnir Viola, Van Veghtei. fni Columbus.
Steamer Loniu., Jones, fm ColnibtLis.
iem', r lil',iiil.a. N'Niiiliion, Imn Florence.
?teanier Emily, Hall, I'm Coluthbus.-
April 30-Brig Henry Buck, Woodside, fior New
Voik, by A Dodge. .
April 31-Bark Belvedere, Renny, for' Liver-
pool, B Salier.
SApril I-Bark Chase, Chase, for Boston, by D
BWood& Co. ,.
Bark MAlidotiina, Miichel, for Liverpool, by D B
Wood & Co.
SScbr Elizabeth Hull, Tuthill, for Havana.
April 6-Ship Sabattis, "Cox, for Bo;tnr,, byD
B Wood & Co. "'*

SHIPs. .
Rowland, Norcross, 411 tons, fm Boston, wait-
ing--DIB Wood & Co
Audrew '.S',,t. Eniiry, 319' tons, fm New York,
w taiitii -(_ Rogers tV'o. ,. _' .
,South, oI ,.1 -(,rinick, 99 tn._, fm Cliarle-tun,
: waiiliii-N,_,urse, Stone& Co.
York" Pollardl, 433 tons, from Boston, waiting-
S. Master -
FinI.ain, Johnson, 549 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-I: M Wright.
Medallion. Toiiiidlelle, 547 tons, fin Boston, wait-
"ing-M ter.
Probu- .-De'Vress, 647 tons, for Toulon, loading-
I M Wright.
Frances, Dyer, 395 tons, from Boston, waiting-
S DB Wood & Co. .
Peter Hattrick, Rockwell, 555 tons, for Liverpool,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co. ,
,,Wi'd-or Fiy, Brewer. 646 tons tor Liverpool,
S loading-DI B Wood & Co. "
Arnjr.;aIdor, Hadley, 452 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co; .
Henry, Salter, 434 tons, for Liverpool, loaditia--
B S lter. .
Rob'i Fulioi, Wade, 560 tons, fin New York,
waiiing-I M Wright.
Solon, lBuckiain. 540 ions, for Liverpool, load-
ing-L D P W'ood. C .. ,: ;
Gangrs-, (Br.) Cornforth, 723 tons, for Liverpool;
loading-C Rogers & Co. .
New England, Andros, 239 tons, fm Providence,
wi~itling-WVood & -Ballou. ,
Triton, Luce, 267 tons, fm Providence, waiting--
S T L Mitehel -
Ocean Bird, Coney, 268 tons, fm Newporl, R lI,
w.itig-N[.-tser. '
Ocean Queen, (Br) Warren, 568 tons, for iver-'
pool, loading-W A & P.-C Kain.
Weybo-sett, Hlarris, 321 tons fm New York, wait-
inz.-NourNe, Sione .S Co.
Gilberi, Melclher, 2'9 tons, for New York, load-
ing-A Dodge.
Montauk, Gates, 388 tons, for NewYork, load-.
ing-Nourse, Stone& Co...
Brenda. Young, 343 ions, ourBoston, loading-Li B
Woo & Co.
laddlinw-- LT ,'eheT.
Z Ring, Li'.-'riir,, 323 tons, for New York,
1,ihliri -W G Poiier & Co.
Covenanter, (Br.) Pdlteron.r. 612 tons, fIm Li\er-
pool, wiatiiig-J D.1' & Co.
Sir John Berel'ord, (Br) Threadgold, 2.;2Ionz, for
Liverpool, Ioiding-I N Wralhi.
Dauntless. (Br) Johnson, 6S9 ion.?, fin Liverpool,
wWiniig-I-Ma si er. *
Cumberland, (Br.) Powers, 402 tons, for Liver-
pool, loading-J Day & Co.
Georgianna, Bedell, 190 tons, fm N York, wait-
ing--A Dodge.
Zeno, Dinsmore, 221 tons, -fin Trinidad, waiting-
D B Wood & Co.
Peconic, Parks, 238 tons, fm New York, wait-
ing-B Iliuon r\-Go. .
;G'B Lamrar, Krridrin, 260 tons, for New York,
loading-A Dodge. '
Madison, Watkins, 314 tons, for PortlanWd, load-
< ing-D B Wood & Go. '
Havana, Smith, 163 tons, for New York, load-
iiin_\-XV A & P C Kain.
Sarah Brown, WElih, 348 ions., fin New York,

'List of Letters'
R EM.\INING in the Post Office, af Apala-
L chicula, April 1st, 1848'.
Anderson, Thos McNear', Capt B' -5
Aldermian, Benj : Markegat, C
Andros,Capt DK- McG,,uwan. John
AllenB C .Miinatt, Albert .
Alien ,Mrs Ann nM Milligan, John -' '
Brit, John -. .2' Markham, Chas-,.-
B,.bihsop, Mary Ann Moore, J IM :
B'.stwii'k. Clement Malliews, A
Eitt-s. E P 5 Mzer, Geo .
Bai.t-'n, J,sH 3 Montgomery, JJ
Brari'hby, Jamnes McDonald, Peter
Bugby & Howard McLean, Patt
Beroush, BerU Murrill.Capt Joseph
Britt, Henry O'Conner, James
Bain, Thos 2 Oliver, Geo
Biown, Mrs Jane Ann Orr, Capt Isaac 3
Brockett, Hiramn Pray, Capt John S
Brue, Capt T 7 'Pall, John
Brisbee, C W Peterson, Capt H -"' "
Br:,g.'ii, Cobtrim Pullman, J B .. '2
Bunce, Levi Penn, Wlilliam i
Br6wer,Hoz Phillips, Capt JW IV
Brdd,, Joseph 14H Phillips. Mis3 Easter
Bacon. r;iac Pike, Francis
Cary, Thos J Raimond, RE
Caraway, A B' ,2 Rand, Watson '
Cate, John Rurnes, Mrs
Crr.bv, Geo F 2 Robinson, Capt Will
Chary, John Rowles. John J'.
Crow.t, Capt FE Reed, C E H 3
CrolritVll. Si.oen r Reeve-,, Geo F
CroiM-I, H F Rees, John
Clerk, C Roan, TT T 2-1
CIhote, Capt E D Ruse, J R .
Davidson, David Roaehr-J- .
Dalin,:,, Petro- Roan, BB
Dlilw.[thi, Amy Sims, J W
Donoho, Patrick Soton, F .: .-
Do.atr, ^San'ljr 4 Sterns, John WV '
Dix, F L Sirvi, James 2'
Donnell, Mary 'Stodaid, E
ni:nio.kF ." Smith. Daniel
Ell i, Nathan Straubridge, .H .
Freeman, CaptB .2 Stone, W V 2
Fhurber, SP Small, Thos '
GreemanSam'LS Stockbridge, R '
Fordham, JShnS Stowell,H E .
Fonce,P Small, James 2
Glhrith r' 2 Schatchings, G \V
G ra, J P'-: Swan, ('oran
Gilt'nimore, H J Smith, Capt Sam'l 3
Gillmore, J Smith, John ,.
Gillmore,,J- 2 Sampsin, Capt C C,
Gay, Rev J L 3. Stowell, E :
Garland,,Henry Stet-on, \Vm B .-
Rutherford & Howard. Smitli, H P ': .
Hammond, Mr 2 Soule,G H :
,:,,d._, H ", 2 Smith, JC ,
Hill, H,.nr"y" Steven-, JVW .
Hmnard, Littletonr Smith, Capt Satm'l
Hawlev, James Smith, Sam'l
Hill, F A Stockpole, Capt H
Huimpirehorn, Geo Sands,- Capt W-: .-
Hart, Capt Spence, John, .
Humphry, C R Scanlin, Martin .
Hiqrina, J G Sperp, Fed ::
Hart, C-'ipt Wm Tillin gha'rt, Capt J H
Hiller, E Taylor, James
Hardin. E J" 2 Tule,Oliver 2
Hiller, ir, G E; Tripp, Giles '
Hmvward. B F Tomson, Miss
Heald. H H Thusten;, Wm Iff 2
Herr',tead, CG Thelber, E j
J.:hn-3on, Capt John Tolh'ord, Capt T B ::.
Ingralham, John Trott, J. :
Je.;-pip, J D Ta lor, James
Jones,CH HTate,J,' .
J'lks,:i, ,Ransom 2 Trask, F '
J',litis.uii. Abraham .Ventres, John
Kilby, Hiward Ventres, Noah C 2
Knight, T.aac V"alleau, Clerk Circuit
Kenit, J R Court
KimbalF _Whittingtnn, E 0
Kiii't, I) C WIirislow-Otis
KitnzJoln Weaver, Joseph
'if-fw ell(. 'apt J C 3"'W1V'r eAT e .. -
Leon.ard, \'an WVood, lMrs3
Lat% rence, P Walker, A P
L.e-i'vlitn, Capt P 2 Walon, R L;
I.,:. i,, Thos ; Winslow, C
NI irleis, AE Wiegel, John .
I.' ,le, Thos : :
'i- Per-,ons calling for any ohl ihe above Ilt-
ters will '.av'they are advertised.

ULL'S superior single and double Trusses',.
H or sjle by
Feb 17 H F A- LL.'L.

Dr. ,Woodruff's WVonrmn Specific,
A SAFE and efficient retiedy 'fr wVornims, for
s a l b y I.
Fch 3 J C AL.EN.

The Inadians',EliXir.'
A CERTI'AIN remedy Ibr chill and flver,.for-
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLE-..
Liverpool Sal,, '
FOR sal.- V
L ec 36 B ELLISON & Co.
99 BBLS Vliis.kev-; I, thbi, Motas' ;. ; .
29 1 tierce Rice, just rei?:d and for ,\ -by -'
Jai -- E. M,-CULLY. .'tWajr-.,-'

S n n lf. ""* i 7.'.'.
QCOTCH arid nachi,,. in -bottles and bltt-.
Sderi's, just received anid for sale b' '
Feb 17 [ F A5.DnL"'

/ I.



S.. .... I" I=Io w .. .III II

For Liverpool.
TH-E superior I'ast-sail.ing ship PE-
tTER HAT MRICK, Rt.ekwel, having
tnost ol" her cargo enfged, will have
dispailc. For tr'reight, allpvy to
March ,23 NURSE, STONE & Co.
For Liverpool.
THE s-iiperior Br. ship GANGES,
.Co:riilrth, rn-rter, having part of her
r s :a ergtd, ilt have dispatch. Fot
Ireifiht, apply (1,1 .
Feb 24 CHASE' ROGERS & Co.
For iNew York.
THE lust sa.ilimz" s4'hr. ELIZABETH,
^":CIP,'Ilr, mjaterq \vIll hiae Immeliate dis-
I,:;tcl, t'.,r the aboue port. Fop freight of
a lei% baleis, apple) tol
Aprilt. CHAS ROGNER.i & Co.-
For iNew York.
.g THE sjle.i-did now burl MONTAUK,
lates<. master. wilt have iminedjate
,ti.pJ|aldh Fur freirih or pasage, having
- 0d ac.inirudat].,'r.. appr'ly to
M ,rch :i, NOI'RRE, STONtE & Co.

For NeW lork.
THE re,'ilar paIl:et- Ltrig G 'B LA-
I*MAR. Kidiin, rinater, ,ill have irm-
n-.jLdiaiie disltci ,, ritfleight or pasf
ia. having ex,:,lient ld,'umnnmLd1ti.iist apply to
M,..hl :-, A DODGE.
For NewV Yol'k,
TIHE l.:,clt bairk GIL.BERT, Mel-'
,'her, ki.ai>r. i' nw loading for the'
,l,,,e part a vil w'l iba e|quich dispatch.
F ,' r w ,.i,,,r ,,r [^ -' --k'-;r2 l, Ito
Mlarcih 3 A DODGE,.-,'
SFor NeW Ybrk,
THE lat s1aIln- otpptierd and copper
,-ti'e,-r,,d b',rk Z. RING. Lvivi niore, inas-
[rte, will hi.ve d.-pat. h lor tIne above
port. Fr Irni~lit or pa.sae, ;prl Io
MchI 16. \M. G. POUTER & CO..

SIX week-3 after date I shall apply to the Judge
o I' Prob.ates Ilr Franklin county, I,-.r letters
o' admini;tration upon the estate of D. IV. Fau-
celt. direCa.ed. T. H. AUSTIN.
NI tr.h --3, 1;l4'; .- r
PT HE Court of Pr,-bates.will be opened on -uiw
20th ihsti, and .rlrthe lo d-lys nm t ler.-,,.I ,
for the' piurpie of auditing te account; nl Exe
.utors, Administrators arid Guarrdians, b\ rtiA 'i
time they aic expected to appear or default will
be Smiled against tlienm.

,,,, -".-' S ectd ._a't lt v l.ahi tll's Buildings,
-F.e,^tt.-''-?' ^Ft 'e .n Chestijut-st )
N B. \Vatclies, Clto0k. anind lc\eelrv carel'illy
repair'iJ. Or I eltrr r 1. 1547.
Brilish Periodical Lilerallurel
'tibfcribef vtc, li r',i'/,. lie /I.rni ar'e tot '.'

A 1,n


The above Periodi,Ial are reprinted in New
York imineditcely 'on their arrival by the British
stedii r-,, iu a beiullul cle;,'r tvpe, on fine while
tape' aidare iitlill-l c-,fie' ,,i o lie origin.al-
BLAsKWOOD'S MAGAIZINrl beini' an-exact fac-
simile of t lie Edinibt rh edition. '
They enmbra'-:c the vi'-v- ot' the three grt.eat
*parijeis in En'l.,idTd-Tioy, WliiL, and Rndicil.-
I' Blick',,ood "'I ;Id thlie Londpin Quijrterly" ar.e
T,_r\ ; the'" Ediilbiur'h Review" WWhig ; adl the
" W-ititiins.ter Review" HFiadicjl, The North
Brillh Revie '' is more eft a religioljs character,..
havmig b-en origiirlly edilitt, d b- br. Chalmers4-
and now since III! death, being r-ooinductfd by his
,,n-in-baw, Dr. Hanna, asiocifaed 'vilh Sir David
Br.- %%ster. Its literary character i, oh' the vert'
liij Iie.'t order.
Fir alny omLeli Q(rLievyie y.. .'.3 per annumu,
'or alih,' I\Vo, doi. ....' .
For ar% tlhiree, do. 7 "
For all t,,,r ,-f'tlie Reviews. s ,
For BIackW,,ral's Mag.azire, 3 "
For Blacli\oc.d and 3 RevieuLs, 0 "
For Bl'lackw'od arid the 4 Reviews, 10,00"
Paincital lo Ie Tmiwdlt il t1/1 cases in a.dwance,
Consjititg of back uoluiieS 01' th. Follow in,
valuable \>,.ikk, \ iz:
Pelnt h-y's M i.cellar, y.
The A ,=r'.p,:,iliaju M :, ine.
The Dubl in Uni\ieriti MAlgaiine.
BIcI',' ,i ,,'d'; M ,',i:.Zii,.
Thle Liidn, the Eclirbiurih, the Foreigrn
Qi.,il.-rlv. aird tlie We.tniiis;er Revie',v.s,
Anyl' one *ib-sc Libii.- to ,lcl,,od, or lo one
rif tlIe Revi,-w;, at i3 a-year, inr t-I artnY twi Cf
the Pel 'd, r.ill at .7.5. %ill .i-rtceie, iM atis, one .
volirie ,1 ary _l tlIe t ieifiunms above in'il-d.
A subs-,ril.ier to an tIlie? 1t ithe Pltnodicakl at
$7 a-Leair, ':irto th le t',. Rev eifs at %%, will re-
ceive itwo prenlil.im olurri,. i 'i .,irl e.
A biil.C'nber' to BIcl',ck,:..,d 'id tl three Reviews,
at r1, -ear. or to toheouir Revie.r i arde] Rack-
wood, at .Ifu, will receit'e lhre prenmiumT vol-
frs. Pl.e5 c l b poIl'cl/ar in narmiiz 'Mte pre-'
"2i11,1 1- ired o/r l t. 'oth r/,wr.s b>trbtdfdr.
Foi.Ir copies i1f any or .il .,I the aFo'e works.'
will be seiit to one addresr- on panmentl '" lhe'.
re'.iilar sibscrip(i-in lor three-the kfurth copy
beiii,, rat-s.
(r10-, "o i'rftiums will beO mit' .1c.iItre the
bthui,' llow/leieiioc i iodi l( tllab. nor \ intmius i:n a',i ca-e ,,e I'.i -iiied. iitil,-ss the sub-
sci'ripti, is t. i]id in ull / I to ,e pUbli/iiti.i, ith.
out recourse to a ll 'l.
A late arrangernrt witlh llie Crilis:h l.,iiigher-
of Blarhn'',:,d's MaaJzine CuireqI to n. earlv
lsheei ol that workk, by i li'li we slibil be able
to plj.'e tllhe entire rimnbinert ii hle -haAds.o'f sub.
scribers ,hrlre :a, tY poric'n ,or it cat be reprinteA
in aniy 'I' [lie Anierilarn Joriinals. For lhis and
other !haitvi,:- ,ecrr:d t onor suLsc irbers., ,te,
pay so ,laj-e a coiiiideratliii,, tint we (Way b,.a ..-
comnipelled tn raise tIe ir-i',r of' tI,,' M3'.zlaine.
Tliere;,re we repeat, ;'i .'bs':i;f f 'y u'/ile 'th. -
pri,'". i. tot,,.' .
Reitrittaiic'c i id co'miiiii'aitiors should be
alwa*y_- addressed, pr.Ot-i'j.,I r.r Irariked, to Qi6
publihslers. LEONARD SCOTT ,&.CO%,
Filton St., New York,.
Lemon o Syrnp.
J B RAY'S Siup.er-:nor Lern'in, s3 ruipjUt receive
aiid lor sale by ''
Feb 17 H F' A BELL. '

__C IL__I


_ I

*>Y'. .-
.* "*5


. II. .. .

I .11_

- -I

F.R&?4-: A.R Rl A, tlg W ..,^ ; ['.
D rugs, .1lvl divj1ieS .,Pai nts 0 r '
Dye.-Stu"s, Perfumer y, qt. ,
fensa/a^ THE .unilersigied return hi'is|4__*f
.tcS~y l hi-ii lrieiids-dnd the publitc'lf-r, i~
]a~y 'iibera[ 'patronage', .-n bes,,t 'ihlg% '
^^^ that he is nowy receiviig ah'g aq0it'.
a 1supp y,' \ h ie.,h- a~ded to hii Hr'4r
stock, leader ; Is a,"ori ienf iVhuisuly,'-l111A P
and complete 'EnfliAi. Frnnch, G.eGnta.' -Ad
Anieriea] Drugs; C',.,sirieic?; Perfnm'exvy,;-Giass
and Di-iigyti.ts Gla'ss %%are. toe- &,4.- a.e. 4mveAt
to., Prselris.Cuitry JMer.bhApAs.and otkr"W.
tie ic-st liberal lIri?-r.lO IL' o'Mlch. he wirraRte
pure and un aidulherated; "' .. -i, ." '.- ... .. -
W% holesale'afid Retail tri'It ,^1-.'"
45 W ater.street'. -
Apalaclhlctihl> Nov. 21, 15l 16, '.
Drugs and Ilieidjcgnes.t '"
THE--'Ab-.c'iber 'hgs,' afd'"'tivJIl
contrahitIYv have; en liand,a2o6bmf)lpte
a,-...tlntit o,,IRUGS and AIED1-
C I INE.S. h ?,ici' he % i 1I %'arranr- pilre'
.an'd of tl-/e best "*qualily;.-"*,uhnl _
Meriha.r ts and ,PJaptets WcI.s Jpdv i
to their advaiitge In cal, exa ire and price-h "i
a ,. .. I ... _-. I...
G ocd. el,:,'ee t -0'chas'rii' g el. ifiere. ..
N. BI Phie'ian's:pre~cripnc'rs-1oiutl.up f-
care aril accuracy atana, ahe.r ol theda,..qr niol-
S J. C. AL'N;.
Kl~r.-l CT.':CPnre and 0o'mn.JJekf.
Bi.Mi 'I Vegetable HPIlSIP "
*;. ;MfcEN,.LTHUA.1:ION: .. *.i
rI-HESE cdelebial.d Fills hae. be#orfie ,o. .JAn.
P ,us l'r I veir- ItuI`,-. in currig I'his i;a i q.j -
that bt Itilo ne.d'be sa l (,I them-, Mie'ir adlioH
uipo:,.r .lihe-st-t'el isi wondeointl, iheY i'rinr'Aewdalol.
wrre't all |itin in tihii. diseoseqrjo nMalleq of how
t,..rii' t ~d r.-: Pamphlqfets containing aOfpag ,
,.,f' leslrn-nizls from the pruvlession. F-n'r"tle' R
^-*^ ,*, .J..C .ALL.NFt. -,
7" ... ... .- ** -
, HE.REAS,. S R -Borner'became piifcha-se6
AV IIn tllhe .Apalochicr-d a Land CAmpany,-oH
[he "-2-'-1 d:. I,, Arril, 1- ._- ,.IT Lois' imbersj-5
ajrrJ 111, 11 "Bl...k N *:'n ,:ai',d LT. N (,;"W ', "
jlin. 1 -I, in El.,.,. l E '1-" l,.L-ethler ifli iKhI i pxxl l rri
Si,|_-',. !. i,, Mi ,,n tilH lii:ip- i.i p,l,! ,I 1I,1 etlV,,a P.a
N ,, ;'j. .,i I!,.: p"n ,h .1' l':.'7..1,-1 P .0 r ,, l 11e I jfe ex-
,till,..Ir [i. l,,'i,l,'i... A.t-." i~rrt,,.r ,.t *>j.Il C,:inp$ajny"
i\ lin,'i] i l h ,,, I l,, L kii I |ie i i e r x -t'^ i '.
I ~l lir: ...... : .-1\ ".-I -. -,) the a:,r ,:,irtflde
, ,ilh 1 1 .,- iil R P,-.iici,e t u as ullv'ufidf-'
~I.t....J I lhal ,r, ,." ...' ,.it" i|llilf it, [, ,.'. r,** rtM ;. l,', l li'i.- ,;,iiirl,rf. [ t| f .- jidl: 'f-:'.y rir nat *
__ : I I Ic I.-v
bI .J h t libib- r, in re th.i.M do.i'no ice
in apInll,|,: z* ,zei'i^ !,,ibli_lr d ii Ap.:,irhd<,-t-i4r, 1o
r-r- .ll 1.1 .0,I ., bIi Fl b F d II, 1 ,, said p -,nr I rt$ ral(to
htle t.,:i-, r -,I r -.f I.4l (:'.i 113n\. a d.. 11 arvurF.ju
r,-n,,i i ..... I., h'ic-r p'0 ',,, '.,id wll gs, il-e ii lr i ahid
,',r, :,, i.i.u-, ) ,',t' ni,,j L,-a, 1,,d .a ,:- /.1 -A'd ;e
F';yIHO Iho- *'-rm. ,'I'l~tb,- t;aiJ'.ri.,-r-,r.|i.>ad .S,,Ri
[.,,(,II^l, ,'r I|I,!.h', ErrI jrv-prer, atjv,:; atnd.-ivhfle-.,
i ll.I I ,5 h, 1 "- "" I. ;L ,f, 7i,1-'1. d' t o'." de,

Ai a:tic ,.r., lin h ,,i ,1 I..i Iir l' u u tie- 1 ?said
'. ,,,, < T ,'l' .,i.. t/-11 -41 v dI v d ,f A ril"f n .I'i o
bi:l.\.:'-ni tlne ,.,uir .... IN -,,',.; I,;,ck. 2A f- &^.:Jdatfl'
I,.' ..- .1. P. M h.-r ca li, ,t:, p:o up J, id_.. utcs. ari
.'':' .i s n i : r p :r "P 'A *,; ,t ,,/- h'- -
Tii. :-,til..;.,!;]. Apal ,clhiei~l..Leitd C:a.,
:\ dl, .v'l|i. .IJ, :M\ ,ll*.h ':?, 1*'4-,. -- . .. _f'A
MrIl 0il. {'.Oilf.i,ill~ln 4G.. .,
.- _._S i -.... ivd i .ii.-ihip. Mlar~i' na, an'd, foi-
t .-i ,: _, I,.,r'V -hi- .. -..., .... .
1" .b,.dik H i,Jd-,ek C ,.,iipagtie',.ii: -..,
5" ,',.ei-. ,-.lJ .P ,I~e -P,,-,rt. U'lin?, .,. -.::_,}.. -
Sar: ,-Ila ," *' rid. I
'Iu D l.l!' j..,lt r rc, rl' ""i '
Ilu 4. ..I..1 E .-,,t J.i.i :A adp r la a ri e;3 e ,
A., ,K ,I, ;. f'-F,\ M ad ;-r i 3 ,\\'itip. '",\
,, I- ...... -.-^-j r:--
'Nal C C O ,a 1 .,.- .:.
M V 'Mr., n \ !/.. fKi l trr~i~ t;'p' 'a
1 a Ij. b,,,id \vilhl~ ii (.* 1iisi5 l,,t i= |l.il,.l R '"'"r,ihelt-b'v
I """ ..... Il .;r,,.i],]i_ hli rl),:n n nrir,,,> ;t. I l' i r '_ er ( l, ,
rt.\ ,.;.:,> ,,..i l~ j s-lial l i,'tI.,- .l ;i, ,5 c I .:,tl,|e f'Cr. ii y

1) :'.Ao D J-oll i T ^
"i .- t S '* .
-,..O .T ,S t-',. :' F, d 1 B iL ii ; ., _._.... '1', .. .

\V ,,,,,,, C ,| r,, -,. 5 S l ;,.i ; --I ( "I .
1Mt.1i'- r;.",\ ah jJ y hiii PI T,'^ r ,;',.. ':'..' '
", .nl ,:-s,-v. ff inri;
"" ,',-,,[.^ t... E ,,r ,, -, .; .- ."
** r ',, i -_. F ,, .,_. F;,,,,(i ; le ,. ',' ,. "'-.-" ".
-. lii ELLLts,:N. A; .iQ;d-;,.i
r ",- -.:,. 17^It 'd'r ,t~ i[1 .C'1 O r.t 't'j ur.:-?.t

PB^r! L-^ H,). P" *"iBI''^ i'luori-'
,h^ 1 -ial. [.'t, '!,1 1,.1 .:-r'. ...
D, ..;.- N(,[;r'RS, S TONE , Co,.:-:

iF r ,., H F i _,,, 1.Cr i'; l r it e .' b v L. ?.;*** ; .. .,
!' Alrrt_.7 ""*; *: -''-I. _F'.,.JBEL.L.;,

D y -ods ..'"";. :---
D K.LLI NG>',, ', 1.kn,,'-, C ',l hi.i:l t0-nr~hitt'rf;
_" LI ..-v. ,, Kc.r. \ ./Jca-r,,, ".Fl~afii]el;-', JB.. -.
)..-.t:*, T .I,-. I,,- Sl,,ririiL. Sl, ei i,,i ,i ....'.C I't]ecf's;i i '
-l ilih,-'ilnl, l."..!l,;e--: r,:l",e -l,-li-. 'idi.-. &e.C &Ce
_F-..I i,-. l;, ., B,, E LLKMO N.;A.-' CQ,:'.. :
I,,.,- '.,. t",<' r \nW rr, ,j ;n p~(: .i' -iht::ts,
llI'ai i~ ll e_ f'oIr {'O1 1o. .i." "- ,c. ..
R '-OM ,i.r ,',,,, nii~i ..l..-, In ,,w,;-, t',.;t,,,ir Yiard;. .
I t -i,,,i? t ,-" "* ....**" *' :. '--,\
F..b"? ;i.. D r. -w n ."iip -. r)-%
.('Edles-. *. ; "
v^ 1~\ [r !;L -' h C lirirrllj.-. l" h', l' <* I !'v ,-" ,i.,"
'^ J '..... __ J^' B. .-^ f
,i :El{ bbl. i~ur.-- L'n-^r \'ncli,,j-ir,fig.al to;,;y
-A b\ E, J,,$;TlL'.'C;'
N ,,v 1' ".1 ** "': ; .. ^'.Ju'Wdia e '. .' !
...R. A


, o . ..

. = I

Blank Books and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Ju-rnals, Div Book, &.c.
r0 reuns-1 F,:,Ilcap ati,dLetter Paper;
Cotton MNm-rorand.lum B.,','k-;
S Ship a rld Rivei Bill-'Lading ; '-J.' '
B.:i,: ..ki, rort LE-tier P l'-a,3. ; .'' / "
*. Slanlriits 'of .Eschange grid Ctecks,'-^ "'
Just received and forsale by' ... '.' l' ... *.
i March 1: ,-'.; FL f. P."ABELL.
-. . ', ',, ~V6''' { 7 ";

i:-, i 13^: ;.ltU "ment, fOr saie.b'. :. !.i..^,.., .-.. "
, Dec e" ...A .& Co.
{" I iIOn Syr'up.
JT B RAY'S suprilr..Lemon s inup, jslt rec. u\ed

i andS-'for sale:by- ". ';., : ,. ": .'.o i\ '
: Feb-..l/-T "'.. H'F ABE 11,1
;. Trusses.
H ULL'S superior Lqingle a~nd, double Trusses,
S 'fr .ale bvy :*,? ..'<- -
' Feb.l-7.,L-F" IHF ABFLL.

;, Oil Cloths. and, Carpels.
'1 5 .K -S Oil Cloth,, and .2 yards wide;..
,i)./ 3 pes super Ingrain Carpeting; .., i -:
! 9 ':-. S air,':-. '. :
.. 10 Tufted Rugs, ,-;, ,
J For sale by -WM. G. PORTER:& CO.
:, Dee-30; --: ; :,'; .-41 Water street.




., O F T H E -

'T HE i,,,,rl,:-,_'i,--; i,,-,] I~r 'pbsi ,,,ibli_ i 'in "the
Ton. of MN'rianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
w eI'-.:k lv ,i,:\ -| ,j|,:i' ,.*,, i ti !j i ,,-,jl ... title.;
Tini: ,-.i. ,_r ,\ 1 l, I dI ,,...le,] I-,, L ii- i':inue, Agri-
?liI.ti'1r.-, jid ,?leiiL-; it % ill also contain the
current i,-,,w .-.Ithe d \. ." .-l u.nicles.in support of
the Whig Policy.. '
* The .% .1.,l of ,a lal' paper has been :severely
felt in Jacksonv \V nl 'i and V ,'i .l .l eoun-
i -v, 11,;t,,id l i,:, th'e proposed establishment of
thi" ,l,,i.lij i-i]. i "
The The liii.wn'l igr hopee to obtain'sufficient pat-
ionage to enable tli.--jiI t,, ,:,..]]11i'-':ip- i-ts pdblica-
4ion b'v L1,- ,.;? t 1 f' p t,. ,:r ,. :. . ,..:<
:T:rMs-.-Tlihi .i.e ,hlljr |,,-_i-,annumn, in-advance.
-: 50 if pai d alin, .i..\ months; or $4 00 at-the
e inJ O lii-" \ L-arI. .. r
J u l *. l- ," -" .. ;
r5 ,.'- l i [r 'T S t Q r i \ S i -, r ; ; ', ^ ', .. ^. : ;. .
!." ,J.. N,.,. Qi leans Sugar;
'," 1 '. l-b l:,is r. i'., l 'L ..' '

iR' l i' R.. k ..' C ll,-i; :50p :do Java:,
{ l. \, ,1 A ,.'l.,,-.,t,,' T ,..I,lCa CO ; :!
5 0 -" -' ,f l' ; *
20 Sperm Candles; 5pbxs ."..:.nSt'Jap;
." 100 )',' Si,,t;'50 kegs Powder; '
VV] 1bs L," ;- .*
Wi I:c,.: '., hiir L.-.,J. )... I,Extra ,in 1 lPur .
'Forgalehy WAI.,PO. 1, of,.
D ec.30 : 1 .,. rre t. .

Dry Goods.
TrHE subsLcribers otirr- for sale a large and sea-
s,.,nable stock of Dey Goods, consisting irl
|art oM
Negro Kwiseqs and Lilmces,
WVhlte and K-J Fiunrels,
B.ijiqi.l[,5 Ha d Ti\ed's,
S.lp.r !,lair black and.l laicy Cajmveres,i .
Suip.-r Eir.li-i-sh .ii Freneit Clotlh ,
\l'hitrne\ blahiketl, ii, 11 and- 1l2qrs
[MuMil IlankonlSA. ,0 wd liui qr-.
ML)i.-:ile Qs Qomiil, ;, lii, 1 1 aito 1-2 rsi
Dehlmii.Kr,;:inlli.- aia d Ctltijhades,
Br,;,.,vn liiing and Sheehng,
Co:ton Uilabu r,_-.,
C,:,t> i lliihi .iiid Ticking,
Llrien and Colhui Checks,
Iri-sh Linen, Shin il auid'Sheetin-,
BTeaehed C(lio:,n Shiroutig and Sheeting,
English, F'reicll a d.A !nerican Prints,
Extra i,.,o,'. | ,I it, and t[t illed Gi( ghains,
SiJp lr' i h(imi_-rf d'E>,:,sse,
Exlra 5ur,,r MUsIli du Lame,
Ei41sih, ;,.l'lh i a,' il AAmericia do.
S'loer Whalin blalok arnd lgured Silks,
Black Siml C'ra%- 15 alid [jaiwe Hkl-s,
SupI-er E|,,I_ -i -i, h1 r-',ijl ee Silk Hkts,
Eiighsh a,:r American CO-ion Hkfs,
lla ras and \'dr,,iia lie',, Hkf'%
L.,dies' Cotolr, Hoie a, nd Gemhs Hf-h-se,
S,.lt,, Sai,. M .irlll'-. "WVi.ltd.\,estinis,
(',,t,,-n ar,,.d Fl ix "l'lwead.
Plain rid',t Sivi^-ian'd checked Muilins,
J.,-',,nr t a',d Can-h.rnc M tlu ;Sin ,
-Needles. PinrS, Ta e, ,ac.'' *
WVl,?h li hie been QelL-ctcd wilh r'eat i care in
N 'of M nil t urers, at the lIvw,:tr ilarkefL rate&. and
are pp.v odtereda! ,vh,-li.ioe ,,r tail rnd, favorable
terms by WM G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. i ;0, 1.47. 41 Water street.

"T a x C ollector's S a le. I l."Ik 134 I,,* i,.,-3 ,, i i,,...,." liiii.,'.e'J :
,, block 135 lolt 11 6 3 L,, 10 lIiAl.uLlve Lillllil Pr"':'\ ] :
B ?v~ite dif'he autihoritv in*me re'ted by la..v'd [i,:.k 1361lors ihs 1 2 S 6 7 8 9 10 ,hi i,,ri,),cd:
%V itl e p o-ie, o gate,be "f-, ....? th e C :. rt 1- .:.II e l l:,7'l, .[. !-i :,I to 10 iii..I,,! .,_- u nim proved :
S .". ID oor, ii hi c mi of A0,l10.i. 1,-3- lPI I' ..I II -I "n.. .. usi ." I.,, i,-'t
6: t h d a o l. M ) ,l ^ 'i, ie '. h e. o u rs o i f t e rn b o cl I l,,T, I.-..., ,, .
A .3nd J L "r P. ."-. Oe.. .l,,.Ii. I real estate, 0 b Oe[1 1 111 111 1 11 [1,"l '1',. I. :
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ : 1 -bai ,d 3 r, ,vA H e iesa~ ''ock !14 1 m --: 1 "3 4 ", 111 L, ri i I -, 1)
sit!ted n.the Ci.ty -I' A|1) l .j.-,li.1 ..l (se sed'as t o," Ir l' nr"-l t ' ii 'i t r .1.:
'.. the property, ol L ie '. i aii J,,--plh D il1i- 1.block 41 .'i-', S -s ','i..,11 1 ii i'l(,\ '! :
aideld Tru.itees ,.if t h ie pi tl' .j' i'-"-'l, L.L,.ld' Ci.i-,: block 144 lots'nos"l I.: i o I It i ,. ii ._- u iiiii r-llifr :
panV,) or.s.i in u,2 thli ,?re, a .% ill p ," the '1aj ,:. i block 145 lots ii,.. I to: 10 inclusive 01iiin,1. ,i "'1. "
for i 47 aaise ,,dd, itherc-l, aln.] 1ii ji rear unpaid _- block 146 l,ots .os.. to.1 0 nclusive. -iillliii,]jo\ .l ,
I ,W, S,.i"e of Flr'ri-I iu the C,,,miyi of FIrank- : block '14.lots, w If, i.i l.,. .unimproved:"
!. - -.4-11 .1 .... 1 b_ loc[,'148 16oti;s Ii t)... 1 I li .I, u in iprov ed .:
L lirn, to -o e ner wit hn ie ,.,t ,.,f ,i'., ,,Sernent't and IJ I r 1* ;;;;1,;;;
'~~~~~~~~~ blck I 01"It~ i'Ih 149 ,.i-i,-uumpfOVeu:
, '. sate, arid rwnhic:h ,5 .r.. l Ie i d..'?drW I 3s l,,, -150 ]I,- 1.. ,.- r2 3 4 7 8 9 10 iJi..ii|.,r,,...J :
follow?, in tteMap aol t';aid C it.%, viz.- block" 157 1.-.-. u,'.- U2 3 4'7 8 9 10 Lininifio,.tJ :
Block A. Nnge 1, lol" n,.. 1 to 14, inclusive,,' block 158 lots nos 1 tol i, i-ii.,; unimproved:
, nimoroved; block A, r i,- e "- lois nos. 1, 3, 6. blodk 159 1 ,1 i 1 n,,s 1 f'0 i raehlsive t, iIi u,11 :,10 :
y"'9, 1 U, 14, uunnproved; bl,-,ek A, range ,2, block, 167 Jots nos1,2--3. 4 7 8 9 10 uroi'igr.oved:
lots no4. -2,4,, 5,10, 12,-improved; block B, range .bockk W, ,s I n .: 1 l,:, 10 it,:.,,.-. ..n-mpro--d:
S 1, lop noi. 3, 1, ), 9, 16, 17, unittiproved ; blo 4 P OQk ,16 lot. os I t O rn,.l".- unm prove,:
B, range -,, .lots ioq. '139 14, : unim roved block- blc o pl 1- 1"1 ,i I '3 417 11) u n i mprov e o.d
'-,. B, ranme 2 lots 'ns. 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6,4 ,16,26 in,pr .,v- ,, 17 1 5,: n, o 3 i,,I,,,i| ,, In nt,,,,, ,, d:
ed; >bl,ck L, range 1,-lotsnos. 3,.4,.5l ,.16., unii -- hIn k 1'6 hk 11 u,, I "2, 3 G 7 -i 9 i~ i [ ir ..\,:, :
P_- proved; block C raage 2, lotsliqs.,.- 1p,:0 ,'.'1- 12 .,,,.i- l';'; loi-; n ', 1 I,., iw iji..III l ,_.1 t iil rl ,,- d :
,,,t3, Uiimpro'ed ; bloclcG,. range' 2, lots. no., 1, block 178 lotsrnos-l ,I, ,1 ifictusive LillIiiii .ro eif :
-, 4,5 .15, impr.,'ved; blo,:D; B, rarige 2, ,,t_ ,,3 '-3h. k 11'90lots; nos 3 4 1 7 8 9 10 u nimpr6ved':,
3, 7, 5, 9,. ur in~im 'et.1 bl.::..k D range o', l.-ts ,l.ck 80 .,,l- i,,.s li, Yl-i i,,, l,,:^ u,,i ,,_,,eil :
1 n 2 I,' 5, im rn : r',. l E, ranze 1, 1.,. -,, k I!,I now.'li' -2'? l 1 '2 9 W s tit im proved:
', ", 5,_ 16 i fpr .,: I block E, range 9 boc' 1,3 ,,:t n.,s ;1 I S ; ii,1 po ,d
it sn.Q: 77,' 13, 14,' t., 16' 17,'18, ;19. ualn lI -, 4 i ,.,^.,,, 1 i,, l, ,,,.li- i, i,.m i,,,,\e. .
prove.I ; blo.: ; E ra,; *, ".. not no. 4, '4nim proved ; bh.,.lk 1` 5 I,-,i i,,-.. 1 1., Ili i ,, i .ifI iJn,111 |.r,..,l :
.: bto k'F ra 4o'?6, [.j.3nos. ',6,.7,,1,j, 14, 19, 20, [I|,:,.I 186 I,.,I. iI.% 1 ,,. Ii il i v, iiii ll',r,', v d :
unp [iWroed b;lW k q >..rarge 1, lots I ,1... ck 187 l.:.i, n,:,. !',,. 10 iii,.lsi- e iiiui r..,-d :
1 o1 13l Iy," 9, uilrrnlproved'; block H ran,.e. M ,-:,k IS -. l.s i,.,s 2)i ; 8 Ii ,i iiii .:,y ,= :L b ...'k
`"2 l 2, 1 ", n 1.,,3 '*. 7snos67 *'9 1uru ml-'i'\ : blLLk l 19 01,,.:>[
.. .1 1 6 ,
n.ol. 2',.3, 1, .', 4 1, I. 1,, 1, 12, 1 3^ 14. *.", \ iA[; F LOTS. 7 :
1-3, l7,* .'1 iiiiiiiu, r, o-', d; r-l :..: J, n ng.= :., ; 100 feet i lot' N ..,5t(.:50 feet.-.J t.,-,f.Leoti,
I.-^ ', ,n. 1, 2, :3, 4., ,3, ', 7, Io ,9; 10,11; 42, 13,-1 1. 1 ir-, ; 1 fior;P t l.-k .,., .1- ; 100 feet- lot No,,17 ;
1. I 1 q:7 ;i/ n i'l '20, i'iiiin ',,r... e;t.' bl, "- i ,, id.1 eet ,:.r N ,,.. IN'. 1 1 ,-,-t foot-of'C,rit?- si rei-r,:r
1,I n ..; 3. 4-1 7, 1- 1 ;I. feet Sou h)Ypalt'tof; lot N'o 20; 3-l1 f--,r N.,i rh
1 1 1,'l, I o, 1'l, 17,1,18," 1-, 20, u',,ni'" Ll; ,- ,rt bt lot No 22, 490 feel foot of ICli.!rilf st .
-.", KIg K. r.v ,. 2, lots nos.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, ,, ', ", t,, l'0 feet f' 1.Ii N.- 2..; '., ILAt foot',,{ f 'ierrv st.
.' .1 i, 11, !2_, 13, 14. I'.., J 1 .'7,1 1 18 1 uni'm Al.; ,-- \1] L .- I i i. ri ti.,- 11',-.- side of the
|i'ove.l ; bin'.1k L, Ir no.4 ,2, 3, 4, *'), 6,, 7, S, A pdlach .-,1., i. ,, N,.:.i[lh rind W ( r 1I th., Ciityof
'" 10, 1 1 1 1 4, 14 1 'i 'l6, 11, 18^19, '. u nim A l, -ir, ... tl, \ '-- -r I ,.,,.i.] '. 0 6f
..:* proved ;' blnl1-1'M I,.t--.4 s. 1,'2,:,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, raraklin G6unty; also;4St. .1-V,,eL' I ,; ,,, .L St.
,I, I1 1 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, '1'7,.1S, 19 20, unim ;.:,' ,:-' isla,.d a,5 1 D o,.; l.-- .1, tex.:lhi ,'.i of.
pro.ved; bl.).k: N. 1m; nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ,6, 7, 8 9, Ili'iportion +el :S. i'.-.r'ie i a,.lDog 1- ri, ]., Io cd
.1,t, tl,' t.l, l l '16 '17,: IS,.1 29 .un, i )i- .by the ;U', 9 1 j, : r,,i eI ; :,l- o, al! L .iii.i- II,,,
proved-; blt,.,:l 0, I,.t.. nos. 1, 2, 3,14,51 5 "/7, 8,.9, E I;i of the', ;y >.l Ay l..l k'ola and bordering
t10, 1 1 ,P ; lI.;, 1 1, 1."', 16,- 17" 18, 19, 20, unim- o n St. .>:-'i, :,, .i'.d ,,. running Eeast to the
prov,'j ; l:i,:ck P, I._-5 nos., 1 2,'.'3,) 4;,'5 6-, 7. I in,-,nth ...I N -.v River, from thence in adirLect linie
1 ), ) L,'1, 1 2, 1. ,4-! 1.5. 1, I s; 1 04 1,, :', ,i,,i'i ,,t- ,i,: Cliip.-.i Co r-.,rF, ,,l..1.ving t~he'A palachi-
'Provred ; black ,, ots'.nos^,,I, -;2; 3, I.. ?, c-.. :.lA!i P,,-r down .to its mouth, including. Forbe's
"., 1 ,'' ,,'1.2, ', ,4, I'). 16,-.7, 18,-19..'?..i, ,iili"-w MD I .. .I ., .il..);. the whole containing 285,000,
roved^' block. S,.l2ots nos."'. l 'it "-,.I, Ir,,?[,i;i.e ,?'i of.third 2 AUlify".-oft Land.,-. nd 1000 of 2d
:uiimiir i,'e,'' blobt-.l' !ors nos..4,:7,uhiimpi'oved; qbi.liy-, a-; rpi.,-rletqrn made by the Assessor of
b lu -k c ',,[" .,t ,1', rl .% ,.1 ; b loc k 3 lot *n o .,9, : ,-, 5 IL T a t s I ,. r l.' ,,i ,, C ,,u ,,l -. "**;
'IA irm proved; tII )k 4, l,..> s I .,4, ,.7,8, 9,' U ; .- .. ,I JO N ., Iternil,,...
'iinurvweI; lIl.%Lq; 4,, Aot nao, 2,. improvedd; bl.ck P and, Bx-. 'ii'el-, Tax':olleetor Fiankii-n.',:,.
"5, 1 t. n,1 '> to ,.^ inicl'i'i' ;' i mi- r-,".-c tf;.blo ck \r,.!ti,)i6,,,',, -,. N ','. 4. ''';. .'.i',,r,.
5', lots II.i. 1, 7, P? .1,.tn, ',,'^ l.k6,. lots t l aif .

*no-..'l. 7.10 iA,~ y l f' u ... i -- l ; ) l I..l~ ; .. Ilo 1.1'1 s. .i f*" + .- -- .
IO,2K l .s 4 [: i ',r,^ ,'b loi Ila .ll 2,N r''r iJtt-"Ll, i Aprine't" in.th .
-u ini )roved ; l .; 7 ".lots enos. 6,'7,'S, oil -prw ed n lspi ni"i ., Ab .re the r,- ...f t -
...b o. 3,4. ..... ,%,nl," ,. d t .-" ] .od t o P "-q fos "ne s le a .c ,ini
i. block vut, e I'7,.8, '9 .l I I n pI- -p,- N- one BedrP tate fi]T
black V), Ion n3 .3,8 u ,i ill,,,V',-,l ;;'boc-k, 10, leces', and slteain chest,,tvwenty-fouir G-,*` J i -..-
SLOes. 4j,, ,mpved block;, lot nos, 4, 8Ione ,, l
uni~rfipioved ; block, I4T lots :,nos 6,. ^, 1 lO Q 0 1- f .; Rod tkv& Pl.h.;** Rtods', F..IV,- F1.11,1p.
.'Junimlro'ved, bl.lek 15i.lota :nos:,4,9 1, i Yenteen Pl~u_.,r NU,!-.9 ` -,,.j Brass~es&mor-e ,.I
*- 'improved;, block 17; no. ,-.ijnimproved;.:,blo k m." es-'.o.fej ea 1e.- .... r..i.,o"e lot Flh.A il l
1 7 l e ti n r s 6 7 i l l pl .L i, a ; b l ., k 1 8 ,, l o tl i ., -'.. i- t .. . .
.2 3 ," 5 7 "-i I l .- [ I B ll F e &. I I ,l ,, ,-,i-O, r G rn1
**r' 4, irn;II I; b I l ....: t In Il ... Qor' one 11,J, I",ur I17"1 -,h'- s lsuI F il- l r
.* '- cl i~ Imu rnivirfbr t.ld ,; bl. .. lots nos.tt 1, l l, ; '- 11 -.h..
Lncluiive, unimn-ro ,.,l; block 21,1ot.To. 5 ill[- :. ... '', -,1 : l,:llc ** I" '
pr ; bl o -3l .l.- n... lto 4 a &d6 to l", r.i.:l- r, .I1il,-\,;y \!li,? Ota \ 't ,,1 i- l I.,? .,-
31ve, umnpr ed ; bl.;ck lots-noo8. 1,,'a, j-inm fro t!, .Circ,, .,. t 'l .
r' p1oved;"bloe 2 3 ol ,-Joh6,7,8 ,9,n .v ,-" - -. k
Sb~lbit24,lotI n0s.).,2,-3.1 6,7,.8,9,19,tf~impr.,J d, ,;, .. '.._; .,1 0
block -i3, lots noi. 3, -I, ., 1 111ll,41*. 11 w, l.1.,:k .. :. '" -...
'26, loti nr .4. ,.3. 7, 5, I, unm pl..,..:,: bl....lk *_A ,, I.:,cl, . 1 -4'..
i 27, I,.tq nos. I to 1,, n lJl,.,~l~p.,, l., I: L-Illd l'qr0 ii ( h l si4rv
i~ ~ 1,^*^ *^1;e~'T '~l;^ 111'lardiar<*, SlaiiT 6;i)~ ~ iy
29, l.At. nos. 3, 6, .;, 7 7 J, l'), U iD -i,,, ., l ._ K", as.,rl.Cll, [',nl, .,.,.^ .-i r,. -
block, .-), lot n,. , i,]: pr.ve, -.k .l, l,.,r 5
nos. 5, 5,9, 10, arimpi .vel" blo,-k 32,l otA.nos, C *-c ,,,: A I. ., ',,,l-,,:t:,. [-' ,.:..-
3j,6,3 6, 7, 5,,. 1.,0 i, '.... ')lock 33-, 1ots ; .. .. .
*rnos3-6,-9, unim pr.>. d ; bl'.,.' .o1, 1 t' nps., 2 t S, .-. p ,1 ,. d..ll,,+ ,,,. lA,--, t ,i,.i,. .t [1 ,i,.
10r'incluii ve, Urinpn, .?.. bl -k l. ots nos. lI .rs. S l t-r -I .,, -. l:1i,,l .j.,.-t ,.[, ,i...
6 1,0 S,9, 10), ulimpro'e. l ; bl,,,l cb.06ots n'0os. Counter Scales -Plutt ,,r ,1,,, C,,I,.,, .do,
rt:0 10, inelja ve, uiu rr.:'.:.,.d; I--,, 3^lr7,.ots nOS. .;* ,K ,,: \V~ re, "', ,[l C,,tl,:,\,.';*,,, and
4 5 ,'9 3 7 5 9 ,, 1 0 u rn., 'v c-.l ; l 'l.'.'l. .* ,, l -, t n n ". F .I ,? r ,,. *_'. -
noi 2 to9,.incla4 tve, i-.,ni ,,,.. d ; _,l..,:t, o. I BL A (-'K S \ 1 Fi-.' ..ll..,., -\,, lI :_. -.i-
S o.1103. 1 to 10l inch sive, u.,,i il,r,,. ; bl.,,:L, 4. H ,,,,:,,,'-r.', ',r,: .. .. *^ p. i, ...., 'roeks and
lirt-i 1103. 1, 4, ', 7, -' : J J *' "'i|.. ':.l ; *. ';[ '| ,, y ,,.,, i'l-,!, p ." ',,.
V. lock 41 rnd 42, lotr 1t. -1 i.i l ,,:h 11r.1-,,v N, | \ . ,
-block. uhimpr .-i'ed ; h ..'k 43,,!ots-nos 1",2,- ,9, ,. 1 "rlvd.... | --t
:11,),unimpro ,ved bl.w lz 4 1,d ots ri .O., l ,0 ( ^ ". I ;i i; ,,,- "
siVe, u"iinpr,)'ed; block 4,,lotS nq. -too l r-. 1 [ ,I I N .il, Cast, i ",,,
el sive, u,1 niprove~d ;~-llo --k .4;,loBt .no3..3, 4, 5, i G -.inar-, ... ,. .
3,.lj.ii,-cwel ". 4. 1 ,,l.' u" "to ', rPLOT TG`-1 --Sigie'. _and:""Pr,;ibl? ..CornsheIIle.rs,
inclusive, unimpro., l." o btoi 4"-5, lt.r nos ,-, m Tr is do., 0:, -' o. b
I [ i 11. e 'k o,, ,1 ( L 7ii'I I .'.' J l", i r 1Q: O U X "10
f10, iRcLuiVe, uiun-pr,,. ed;. block A 49,lots nos.. I : i -s!,, ." .J S \',-, H oe Gad,.
tO 10, iticlui3.ve, 1 .'11ir,,ved; .,. lots nos .- "La ...eand Grubbt g;.Ho. es.. o ,.
Slto'U10, includi\', ,ilnpor,.. l k 52C.R'..M1, ils '(R O EManilla..and Hetp't ,assoirtedP;I .h
1 113. 2': to 0 i'r ,ls.sve, .u ,,ir,p-,'..J b .., r ar,_Rosin-,.Coal Tar,.Btright:Varnish-Hand-
Flits no3. to. *.., i etlki -;. ...u i,;,r,,'...".,, b o ,. .. S ,.Blocks, Oars, &c, .. l
l,'t snos. 1 t 10,-inchluste, lr,,, r,, _.l.,l; blo k ,'A' S,.,..-;s- .. ^. K.. M ills and Caul-
.5., lots nos l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8- 9, 10,. unnnproved'r ., n ., ,,' s-, P; E"a-led
.' .. .... :." ,po.si; ,' ..., s .... q=",-P,,t; E nam~led
block 53, lots lies; 1 to 10,, inclusive, unlmp~roy,-**. e Kettl .. ; : ...
ed,; .bock <5, Ilt nos. 1 ,to 10, lnclr,,ive, unnm^ .......... iuL" [ .- i.c.. .. L i *
proved i block .59 .lo~ts nos. 1 .to 10, inclusive uu- '! ., O \\ ..l.;t ..r ..r.] < "' "'
im proved; block 60,[ots nos., 1to 8, nclu sive, un- .., ..... .. ....' R',iPE-R]' '.-AL[ T FN & Co
"n roved;-block61, trts nos. 1toS8,inclusive, un- ; A",1hi',.hJ -- ," LL "o
I,roved" bloekO 6'2 tfo,' nj inltlile uaitnprovedl; ..... -* '
block .70 lots ao9" 1 Id;. 10 incelusive'unimproyed ;: Hiard IIarie.
b o/lock 7 t lnt3 no .n'-, ]sir,lte and d ,-,uble, H am -
Sblock 72 lots no 1 t~o 10 inclu-ii^e u.,iiapl,,vej, J.7 n,.:-r,, [)raw.Kri~e<, Augur%: Aiuguer Bits,
lock 75 lots' nos 'f lO'o1in'cludive i-,iin,,r.ved ; "i.'ririi; Braces^ Tirnl,r Serl),?s,-Turn S,-'r^-,,
iilock 76 1ots nos l t~o .10 iniclusive u'imp~r,:,\'edJ; Mlnlkiig Guages,-Mritce *d'o. Saw Se~ti "Wood
tblock"''7 Ioti nos" 1. tp. 10 inclusive unimlproved" 'Rujlin';; Ane'zeVri::,iclie-i. Saws,; L-,,ks. H:.i.,1,i
lock 79 lot uow l'{ l0 inclusive unimproved ; andJ Stapl Butts, S,'re,\,,., Hiri~sfi^Stiiutt-r R,,:.li~,
Mlock.S 1lo!: nos. 1 .10 n'-lOclusive tnimprovejd'; Brads.,: T ,oks, Copper.Wir-, M,-:ltin,. Lidt.ll. R jt.
block 8-2 lots tnos 1 to 10 inclusivie unimproved ; Traps;A?(es, HatchetsC,ttC..re hhll-i, Sle'1i;-i Ham-
"blockS83 botas Tio .to 10 inclusive Unimproved, mers-,.-Smirili Tongs, M.Ill Sa.ri, A'i lsl, ,ic. &c.
b'l6ckS 810lt nos,! to ,10,inclusive janimproved,; ... Eor~silleby I. ELLIS)N.A. C,-.
'-.b loc:k 8 .5 lots no s .1, to 10 inclusiv 'u nim proved .I~ g,9; '-i :. C or ,. \Vner ant.t! C lIe-lirilt st ,*
b l c 6 l t o i so inclsive un m ro ei o,, .,. G .. ...
IUlock S7 'lots noa 1 to IO-inclnsive Lunimprovpd; .xae c 'lou r "oslie li B Iutter,
;.lor^^i 83: lots noS.l torIO 'inclusive, unimrnnr,ed; : A N Da *superior article of CHEESE, far Sale
.block 89a lots nos **'tbi .10.inclusive Imuitnprove~d; i:tA- by.. "" E. M, CULLY (.4.:
** L 'etlock 00 lots nos 1 .to'lp).inclusive'unirmproved,; '*" N~v 1 .50. 0Water st.
: ;.:b*l 4O- 4('ot.no g. 1, to ltO in clu siv. u nin p Omed ;. .-T A T S and C aps b. the ,:as \ l,:,r ,cash by
fl'oclc 92 lots Wos 1to l10inclusive unim proved; ;'j-1 B (" rLL|S-ON bl.ock 93,lors no9'.l-to 10 inclusive unimproved; De,'-. Cor Wat''Ir 'and l|"Che-tn'jrl'/"
"bloek 91 lots nos 1 to-t0.inclusive unimproved; .

oibfk 95lots -nos"3 4 6 718: 9 10 unimproved.; : Trusses, '
tblocke 96 14t1: nua I 2 3 '6' 9118 910 unimproved;. QINGLE and double', f:r s.leby : ,, .'
"- block 97 lots'nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved; : k_)July'17 ": ; ;i ; J. C. ALLEN'-
block 9S-lots,tes 1 $os 10 ini~ l-usive:unimproved; DrUgs,, .ediesuies & Chemicas
S-lo6k, 99. lots no3ols t6 10 inelusive unimproved ;- FRESH s-pplYc, "1 ..ru'. Medicines and
S Iblol k 100 lots nos I to 1u me Usive unimproved,.; .'A.-Chemicals, how. la' -" ,from bark. efo. ,
M- block 101lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved; for sale by .... ; .,
block 102 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; ; Noy-li y """ N
block 1l3 lots nos. -to 1o0 in lusive unimproved6 S i ;
b', blcki'i041ts nos'1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;' Hlrdware.
block 105 lots-nwog.1 to lOinclusive unimproved ;- irPRACE CHAINS, Spade,',.;6c-si ,assotA-
block 106 lots no?,1 .to 10 inclusive Unimproved; .L '\a'gornand.,oart'Boxes, DiawingKIC-ivesand
b .oak 107 lots nos l, to 10 i .clusi e Un rri .oyed rons, & c. for .ale lo6 by .
oci 13 lots nos 1to 10 inclusive unimp.ro, e : Nov 1- : EI IcCTLr.T )') WTer '
1b oce l.109'lots nos~ltol10inclasive unimprovedl ""'
b ox 110 lots ups "to 10 inclusive i m prove'd'f .. r ,-g 'gging and Ro",,,
e% e.- IILlotwak o 1 to.l0 inclusive unimproved: }' OR.sale by ,E. McC-TLLY,3;
b oc't 112lotsnosltol inclusivee unimproved: *.L Nov 11 -;:-- 50Wslerst.
% oc ltl'lbIs nos',t&.1,O inclusive, unimproved: i '. ; : ..
> Idek114 lots nos' to 1'k inlusi~ve unimprovedc. t ?fDLITZ,; Yeast and, Sddi-iPowders of the
%b ock 115 lots nos l to 10 inclusive unimproved j0 best -quality ,-for s".le by o"
b Qbe. 11, tots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved" July 17 D e 9.. W.dCh sLs.
'b 6^ 1171 ota nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved .: "
.bock l8'l.otno3:itoltincelusive unimproved: iW. od Ware, &C' "
V kI" 19 tots nos I to 10 inclusive nimproved: ARREL Cpveari Painted Pals Tubs, Flour
'b oei612. lots noaltod10 inclnsive unimproved .pails7 Measurs,Trays,-Hves, BucketL
'b ockk 21 lots nos I to, 10 inblupive unimproved: ', .
bock 122lots nos I'to TMO/Clusive unimproved,. Brb-oo. c.&. sa^^h .-.f -*,
b ock d2 lt1a nosA to Ininclusive nnlimproved b :_r.. --- andPri "'
bode&. 124 Iota nos 1] to 10 inclusive tnpimproved ... Pr lor. Wafer and Ches'tn7utsts.'
b $fk125 .lot: ng: I to 10. inclusive unimproved ,-TrT~?r )*-- it-
bok126 W ons noalo 10 inclusive unimprmveil I nUfNTNE, Camphor *nod Piperine, !ust w-
book 127 Its nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved: ,N .ceivPd and dleor sale by
S bodk 18 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; i. D 3BLU 17 H. F. ABELL.
b ock' lots nos I to 10.inclusive unimpro~ve- EU- Ns and Prme
1) ock lti noiAl tz Ift inclusive' unimproved .tEF es adPm,
b o iElnltgrbsT 1to 10 inclusive uninikproiie-di 1JLJ Pork-Do d-;-
b~l 132 lots noa I to 10 inclusi ve- unimproved: Bread-Navy and Pilot, fo r sale by
fcltk 133 lots n'os I to 10 inclusive unimproved. Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

" Franktin Cire iil Coulrt.
The Presidefnt and Dirl',.-r3 o of "
the Bank of P .Nrsae.l | IhChar: er,
v .. : .. l '. *' :
Hiram I aiil ,., aiid nllirar i. J
,< A lM Cliti ,er -, "-1hlli March, 1848.
T PON ,.,- hii;:te Bill an..l ,iiibrs. filed in
this ia it is i-.rdere.-I that ri' ice.of said
bill be.perl-cte.i- oI,- Hir.-aiu i\ anle\. one 6f fhe
d elledjnl$, who appears frbm the affidavit filed
herein, to be a resident of' the Middle Di'tri,:t it
'V lori'la,. pu.iblihati n -in thie' niewspapeir p' b-'
lii-ied In iitecllyof XpdlahicdicA;;fdr ihe -space
0f'two'mboihts, requiring said MAanley to be and'
appearbeford the Court on tleP first Mog;ay in
June next, and answer said bill. otherwise the
saine will be laken pro corile?.,-) s t(, him.in
GEORGE S. HAWKINS, Jtid;-, &c-. & ..
A T rue C-,py..sP } ' ; ...' i
Mirch ",1:1. !5 l5. 11-2m

Franklin Circuit Court.,
.Thomas Orman, > ,;.. -. !.
W ill;i :m B F in c h .. ,., : "
]T bbilSw-z irad.- to:, .ippear by affidavit, tlit Ihe-
dclei idjnt( re-,,ve- be ,,rd t lirnits of'he
Srai,: ot Ftbrid.i, to \.%it', in 'tIe State of New
York : It is ,-rdered that service ,t iaid bill be
iperl'edc,.,l ewi said defendant, by puiebl tiui of
'this "or.d~ei'. for .otur: monthsAn-.some newspaper!
printed'-tin the ;City ofS AjI:' 1achifi,-o,. l. "req 11i'iirig
him to.appear .:m,,d ai,.,vr .-aid bill, ut-rerw.ae it
will.be taken pro con.l5o. ,.
A t Chambers, Sept. *'-21, 1547.` "*"
S' --. GE-)'E S. HAWKtNS,
....A Trt'e Cnpy.. -, i iJ ,.e. &e.
\W. \"-\LLEAr. Clerk.
Oct...b.:r *:*, 1 -47. 41-4nI
In lI'haicery.
! T l" i:,ima ,B arkar, ) "
. vs. .' -Petition fo 'iDivorce.;
,Sarah. Samanth Barker.) : -' "
]T apearii tI-. 'llie sjtif'action of the.Court,
b- afidjit made in this case,' that the de-
Icd.irit.r Si S r rih Sim nltla F lrk-r, ,. I'e' .ld ; be\.,i-d
tlie jiu i'd]et,,,n of lie State, of' Fl,,rida : It I1. 4rr-
dere,.. that (he said Sarah SamanJth Batiktrdo ap-
-r ai,.id answer Ih,4 da Illroll'.,I' V itlll tliree
months after ithI- publ,'ili,,n .f 1 li_' ,,,rdr,, -r the
S ,i'l i'etition,% ill 1 e t,,kei f1-,r c,.,,fi .~sedl ; and it
is furtlih r ,-ii-r.d l( a tl,.i;.,i'rd _r be |iiblilsh ed in
"-nw il -, r w;:.> in the W ,\e'- ern Circuit oT this
'Sta1te'foi t11h -p ace of thl'ee rit r hrli-. .' "" "." L
":... GE1. S.. HAWKINS, Ji.i,1?e W. C: *
i; J-nuany ,3 1_.. t ... f-,!-. ':l-^n '
Il C Ihsan c eri-- Flran klin a County.
Majr\ G "ren, by- I,..r next 'rii_.iI, )
'.vs. :.- Bill Il r D i- : ,"
Jan-ie-s Green. Delt.hid Int. ) t,.j,?e.
rTP HE C.,_iirt Il i I h,-,- fi a-slur'ed by a tiJjit
.L' 'of .e,:,i i].,iiicai[ hI the? ab':'ve eaiuze. that
'J~nt.h Greeu i'e.l.- b,_\oud the Slateol Florida,
but %% ithir, Ilhe lUn led Stiates, it i. orderede d ihat a
l,.--iriig be h-,i up.,n the la,'ts charged in ;,aid
bill atthe' re,ljar leim rOf Court iiext'tn'uin,-
the date ,, this ord-er, and threuipon to pads a
idecree in the same manner,as it the del'eridart
'hd ar, p..Jied arn', wd : pre 1.rc-eit i, Court: Pr.-,-
%'j<, d al,.\. tliat a copy of this order sshall hiave
.br., |i'.ul i 'lie't i, i .ii,, e |\it- 5.,a ,erl c lf IIis. Stare
!.r the -..- 1,f [hrliree u11 rit is at 1 1,t ,bel,.re the
first da\ 4,;aid tern, ,-id dlue prool of jida pub-
ilication be 1,1,, .le to said C..n rt.
j GEO.- S. HAWKINS, Judge, f.
'A. True Copy. .
,,TLLT..Tr VALLr.AU. Cle-r%.
Aialo.ll>'..li, D te. ".25, 1,,4-7. 50-3m
Cnll!aon1 n t'rCil' il Courl.
P- I L Bru i- '
Divid J. McIajr,
vs. M- B1'il fur Di % ,rce.
El];z.'hilhi % rT,(:rs. S .. ..* '
I r -Ippeaji,,,.- i ,, I h. s i .i ti-.i at',n of 10he Cohrt
that the deti,,.l.:it re-id -e ,:,o t i.-f the \\ o ttrn
Clr:.i.]it of-F l.ii .. a ,id, .ut ..,f h e State, ir i.
ordered that, said de ,ifndjit berr'.,i' rel t,-i a[.,'pli r
iand answer this, bill i.,f e',,,r[,iarit on tme 1-r
M ,.,nid Jr, A .r'il, A D. 1_-15. ar.d in def,ltj
tlierc,,f tli- IV_-iL bill It'!- t.,kl-i- tr.) C:',I:,l'-ss,-, and
thait this ,r..,J r be piibli,.licd in s,-,me ncw tpap-,er
.in this C w', ,i.iir. f, rl thele S.,ce 0:1. tli'e n ,i.,t, tl/s
brf.:.re lihe i.l .\ ,".ler,; I,,ir tl i s? i.i g I ,, rii-.
T'H0%lAS. B.\LTZELL. Ju,.J--.
. Decernljr 7, 1N 71'1. -4",-3rn
Iron. Naill, &e.
,')'/^' TONS'Swed 'Irlon, a,:,r'ted sizes;
) li'-nII lk'egs' N ,Iis :, .' dok).
.,' 4 c.-];~ W eeding H'oes a ,, "i-.'tcd, nuail ies ;
2.0 Blacksmith Steel Facled AnnIll;
2,0. + Enzlidih aind American Vises;
r 20 '. ', ;Belloqws-, : . ....
.1-2 d'Z,?-n Sp.-rle anid Sl,,ovels; ..,
410 ,",* C, ,llin A\cs; : r =
. 10 bx.? C:ilt.,-n a,,,d W ,:,_,enCards; "
1 c -.e R,.,. -l nd'-_t' aISt SIeel M ill Saws,-
10nI Ib1; C'a.t and Gmarmn 1t'eel. t;,r -ale hy
,. .... j', M. G. PORrIEh .& CO..
D e ,.c 3 1 ..-- 41 \\rater ;Ilreet. '',,

TF] E S,,bs,-riaers iake [I ineththd ,:,fr oi_,rm-
biy "l nr >'irtzi/np of Ap.',leiii,',., and ilM oi-
ciniry, that ll,,\ h-ave nv, o. oi hind a very iheat
,and welleletd St:c:k roI'GOUDS, w which will be
sold l,,'Wa'. c sl-i1i- iPiao t 5rl As I,,lOws:
Clikll airl- C(.iiri'ts, various .t.les,
Faiiv -Prints. do do.
Al:p.iF3: Liistr.; do:,. Figured,
Silks. Fr.,d- Rh\I,
do. Ml.,n'tlh
dn'. Stiti Stripedl
Faiic\ C;,hliure R.,bt
do. Mrir,,,- do.
do. D,.lare do:i.
Muslins, lidi.i Boo.Ik
d.). S.4%%i-.-. LI,'- : aind C.,iol ed
Egin;, Lile, C.,p ).d Tljr.,-ad
Shiawvls. EDari,',51 Silk
d .... Marin,.-
d,. Plaid W-,,,I
K;I., Lace and SIk Gil .,.-.-i
Tusiklar, Gil,',' Bonrinets. Ijt,.st a-_'iion
Rilibbons' in all \a.'l-li, s
Broj;, nS.li'rimh, ?7-S, i-4 anrd ,2-4
BFl,-l.chd ,J,,. 7.5. ', 4-4, u-4 and 11-4
BI iiIkel.-, ',.-4 .iid s.4-1
Inu.'raia nnd '.,lluhi Carpenilig
Carpet Ba-[':-
Hjt5 1nd .1Cap?.D. all -r\lcs
B.,iol 1 and Sl,,e. I
Cl,),lhnn ,l,- all I.in.1s.
AIk i, a nett asy,-mrtlhh[ i.f JE\WELRY, arnd
l man1 other ari icl, e-. ,,. i, inn-rl l.:to- ,.- nm ehliili.
Call and1--inii e l,,r \,.'j le ,:'.
De,.: "-o3 C,,r. \\ ei'r :,,,l, Ca-,,lre ati.
B. Ellison A, Co..,' C'or. AVal er and
Cliesll"1l _ls.
UkANILLA and Hem, C.:,rdA 2* of all siz s.,
jitilir,,lie, \Vir;,ilm,-, Maihlme. Sp.inu-
v% rn. ,. la k riti .. '_',- riii I k -a1. F l d ,:,, W -li'l-,- J..,. I.III', -.
;.do, Lins-d ,.,ldo, N -%, d,,.n, ,,ikrd d,.. S.Hn, Ti[.
rt-ruu.. ,I, P .Ih- IV.iald:. I- r %,n \,. V.11 ."
I 'I. l; I j 1.f \ ft.-.u ,: or Ir i. n i-.ii --T7 I --ii .-.n
iti' L ih r.r,;. np r ,i .,r. l:i V_-ll \'" rI.h, .',' .V i
do, TiT r, F ,-,;.,,. I- ,i irh "',,r,,-: 1e.,_',,,l P.,m i
B rj-lr". \".ar,,-, d,-. T., ,I'.iii .. .-, rub ,.h.I C'1 ,n r i .iu..
{L Iiip B ] i.?k -''ii ll,. \V hlni ri-. ', "l .-- ", r .,.'1.. E n,-.
Itl l d _',., .,l ,.. I 1 H.,-:l'i,. l-;,.,,- r, t. I.. ., l~-li[ d .,..
W hile, BI, ,t In,1 i;,iml ,i-0,1 N .nl,--. -',-q.- l ,:1,..
d., Tvi,_S. o p q, "i'i. .... B,..,,i d 10. F "r.. !n.. __,- ,," -.
T'iek L'r.', i -'. A III. hl~ul H .tliii-i",ik;'b. ._C i-,r n,h
B .jr. O irs.. 1 J0i, .-. .. [l ,i k-. H ,n,.1-
P rni ,-.. t ,.:-k F.,,,k-i"_. ''d ,r Jo, ]:,-,_l Uro,-.,-,-.
("u rn do. ,_il' iij k ,, '\[ I,- -. Soi ,,,iis ,.,,.,Y.'.r-.- A -.,
H..he% J,. l,,,.k~ :ii..:l Thlnhii.!. B.:,\ H..,,:,l.-. rj|' ,. ,,..
C"_.ln do. t-', .l-.,i d.'. ,_,,.. i -, 1.,;.,. [-',r, ,J,,. (' n,.,ll i ir
Ir,,n-, M ak.k ri.:,n:. r'i.,rlIq,-' $1,,i,-% I, ?-, i-
t,-r., [~i .-z [qif,,r-_. i:',,,:,k',.~ 1.-,..I. T ,-,r,,i-h.[.:, .
rii\idi-r, tC i.,ilri..-#:-. ^ i1] N ,i-il, .1 '[.\M r,,..-
Sh*-in d,,l ''.-'., ihi d,.,. P liln L' i-2it!' [ ,'--ihiri.
P ,.Inip d ,,'. .'-ri,_, .. l H- lniriirr I I', -l,_" -i ,- '1... I r -.
A ug,. r-. PI ,,--. H ,iiitl= riw'" ;' r inil~l.-i., [i.,,,,J .\
F i le -. l;..i t T ,i l -. I ,r' l i ..}uj r,=-. C'iitb _.,-''"ir, l .,:,*:cl.: .-,
\\'o."l ..1'. .. Pcii~tal~~ [ .,,l\,,i,r1-.. H -in l Lir.....
])el,,:,.. ,t.1,. L,,;' It,,. FiIl, d.,. lnIi I, -,,i: t_, (',
S ,=a d ,-,. *lieoi d ;...^ .i- ., F,,. ,, ... I L -,,-,,],,_,,,, .
C li .lk L in,"-. P ii'.hl P,, L,-, L i-. ; ....:.k ,"'*,i ..' ,.1..
B~e[.tn In- PlII.L Tin \V"..r -. Cr.-,tk.l: 1 L ..' jir..,iir',-
Toja ,,!, sini,-,,I1 i\.t-. i r...
Api l.:hi ,,: ,-ol. d. L i.-," 9. 47

"Oil {Ol!_I~et. '
"lUST received .i..it .?i-iihl-lii-
i" (.' ,""' ,1 ell ". R. ..;.i'.r., ,. "" [\la* ,i : ro, .
S 6. '"- '; .' -Regina"_.Po.i,': ..: ,;' .
6. .P : _'l,- ,', *C ord'ial, ,. *
,:" '* : : 10-*" .Tomato<.Catsup, .
: For-,l:1,., McCALLA % I.-:iiAIN,
'D ec 2 4- i -C '-'...I .,,:,'.' B l,,c k.
'T aml0 111 li'm ('lplin~t 6ij"_I'll p Of
Tara Wloil 11,0011 ;tlia,
F OR tli core -of consumption. ,'i-irr,, .,, br.',ri-
*' ch'i'fis, a tst m "\ 1,,_,' ,,.i,,-; ci:{,,, .h ,]. l-,ir iio:n
:of the heart, liver, complaints, ,,.i ath-cti'i ol
:the kidneys, for -.akl-.by "
:Feb. 8 : r *. I. -.. J C AkLLEN ...
1Ii0sl Polalo.,e sma1 -i D ioins.
r t V iN E ll l., r I hv -
"-A N ,,\ 11.. C ,\ ,- i:l .i[. 'i". "." -, t.

Q i ?,-iT IH .i'.I ,i,,',-', ,\, .ii h,.t.4l:s aid blad-
;k, *'- ,,i 4. ,ii-t ,'.;,:c-i ,*,Il -,,.1 fo ,i,- h, liL
.-',:l_, I'" 1 H ,-C ABELL"
rarsa-pa i""r .
D l -rfL'-:. .'% ,,,,'-, lhi I i..!'< ..1. 1 ..il-\' e~m -
? p6und r] i.J ] ir..-'t of "~:',. _. l .[ illl Jl.l re-
,ceived, and for ;Al, 1 ,%\ ", ..;
Feb I7'.-' 1"7. ,.H F ABELL. "

Da'. 1V0oOiriltofir' A..t iatli iols -Veg-
.- i, :.,.etableh Life Pi!s, '. '
F, "o i s,- L .***: .. .
F leb.8. ".. C : .. .' 1.. ALLEN..
*V ir t '. fin vi .
T i%. .f-:P .' ,,,:i,; ,,iu 1 ',,J I ,, i "-.I1 for sale by
'' F'... 17 ., 'H F ABELL.
A FFTA I L-1.7 r. F -K Pri;L -4 N DrPH i-N-IX
C!'M Fi [IEIl.- r.,,i l o.,. .,,d "...r -_le by
I. 1 _-'t t., [ .' ,'* ,- | I. i -i,. I. r .
_. fLLi.-_',,N & C0.
Dec 9 0 GCor. 1".' I 1I i ... Chestnut sts:

S .... il, n; sale pby
': T T_=~>T ',,.,',.,.,r. 1 ,r',.. l, r sale by .

7J -'-., 24 1 ,H1F ABELL,.
S i ,i.'. i l: ;- r-. .,7' .. :,-'. '*," '' ,.l -. '-.'.- .':.[11 .:i d i l-';? 1,7 (
,;.-;. -' i.:i,- t, ti,'._ T ,_,i;... -. C otton :,i d \V o..l
I',' l -." '-. ,. "1. and S C,.' 1. .i.iii lli aid'Sug rit
,P an s, l.1-,, i1 ., & c ,& c for Sa le b y -
S. --"II I .'r';I.:B* ELL-TSON & Co-..'
! D~e 9 .. .. Cor. Water and i0.;'t,,,r s).
.I'.iS.'T' P.OA;C.: ?MIavlnie.

;frthe Pr e ,,t ever:anid-.,_ Sold'v
Ju ne 12 _".F- H; 1. ABELL. ,

** K HHI-IS \V'--t !i,.I,.l.- ;,'., ti. r,:es Fl,-,riJa,
:5 t -, leb., i'. ',I.L".1ON & 0 CO.
Dec 30 'Cor Watet-ard Cheilrl 4ts'.,
S.... Fre sh Gatleaa Seeds."" -.,*'
A.' LAGE' ....,'iie,,it.,i l'i.:.-l, Si:-cJ,jii-t 'rec.dd
A and for sale by- ; I '*.r.
{_ N.' i L r J. C. ALLEN.
Dr. Woodrnff's Worm Speeife,
-A FE a,,d f,-,ri:'irt i ?ir:dy f>:,r w\.o nv3, ,..,r>
sale 'by- '**'" *'*
SFeb 3 .. '-'- '' S:" a ALLEN.,
W Tihe inma-ll', Elixir.
A- CERTAIN remnedy for chill and fever, for
F,- Ih ": J (C ALLEN.

N~et and Tlr i e 1MIii>lf;icliBEairii_
('0o lllany,
1"2 COME RCIAL-StF.rE-r,
(LTI) Stairs,) BOg I':'N.
M anulfaetnm eii ar,,n al.'eji .-r in F:.i ,,' P,.,r ,t
T % ine Sta,,d., Po-st Oli,-.? r Tiirn,,-. Iah..! 'rii.i '1,r1d
unrdle ',vitirt :,Q, A]J 1 i C, .i,:,r, H err I i *'t% i 1
C,-,tt,,n Sroije Tw ine, Tonrii.,Ld.and Uni ,jrit,,-d, lj\
HerrinE r Twine. Hv'.\"-.r .t Shr,,n.]l.idi! M j>.,l;-
erel Lines; Herimii.-, P,,I,,,Z.,u, Sha B s-s, ",,l'
Dip Nots. G.,,ertnoit .eelie "itl, P, ;;_ d C,:,d.
Heiring, Maclik rel, Slia od, i l lMlrda i. :.'iic.
C. -
.X B .A (7n, .I ,t I 1,'it l.., ,.], ,l it tro..
nolie. B. ELLISON &. Co.,-A,-:rI -Q.
October 14. 1_;45. .')'.Ilf .A pji.r-l il

Bools and Shoes.
RBO)Y'S and Men'5. Rus.e;t Br>g-:in. ;
D Men's sev'd and peg'd Kip Brogans'; -
!Gents fine Calf Br,:.,:,iii-; '
W\nu's fe ai' d sade.i Shoes; Children'sdo. do.
S,.i,er Ladies' Kid and M,:,r"e)o Sl,,,e-.;. L
Super Ladies" coharsi.arid fineC A 1 f Bo--ot Y. i ?
*\ A large and etmlsiVe a'-,rtint. iust received
:andforsale by WIM. G PORTER'&- CO.
SD~ec 30 ,.4I Water, street.

. ': iiveis-EooS Salt,, j.,/
.F- OR.: sale by r > 'L **'* "i :''': ] r'
F OR-: Dec 30 ., : B ELLISON & 0o,.
i"' :- rocfa'a~es.
0 ^-- 1c BB r L - \ i _.i tk Q ; 1 1.1 i i l; ,| Me _l 3,,e ;
2'94 I .1 6irc.e Riee, lst. rec'.d and for sale by..
i Jan:6 V, E."McCULLY, 50Water st;.
'f. "*: :-, Satdlaier~y, &c.. -"* '.,
S-ADDLES, ot various patterns and qualities,
0 Bridlese, rOrb alid '-i, t1l.- bits, -
Saddle a^' '
i .Martirngale. ,ind W hit:: ; 'l;P by : "
;WM. G.o PORTER' & Go.;- *:
. Dec O 8 41 Wamer street.

L 1ap Agenti Wanted. '
T HE -ubseriber \iile- to elig.ate Iii the osaleof
i ii Ma, a number rd ', .iru, and middle
a_'ed men of mon! and business habits, as trM-
vellirn a2eiis. Hait,< m c,,in!,l,:led new anid
gareatl\ imyprovN d edit,.n: ofrhis NUniw'eral Atlas,
7'20 Mip, ;'large-MAap ,:,o flie Wild', Rr'feretice
ind DistanCe BMap of the Ur, ied Slates. National
M'aPWf'the dTit,-,t rtat,----al o.. a variety of
"other Maps, including seierAl Maps ol Moxieo.
'the"subscriber is prepared t,, fiifnish agents, lor
,cash, at Shelwe.-Ot possible pricess .
d ddres-1 v 's-'? e .
N:,Ttheast crner of NMi'1>t and Seventh
Dec 30 Street_ ,Pliiladelphia.

Groceries, &c.
UST received Irom New. Y,Y:,ik. per brig,A.lab ,-
11,3, a geiriirai[ a%,.rs-tmerit coi Groceries, &C.
cond* ~ins i'n part as f. llo\"- iz :
[. I'rii r,a t'.2":ir. .. *- n'n "-'rfirle," ** *
Pickles?; a',rted',.Leni,:,n S'ilp,
C.,<. Briahdy, "' a super. article,,"
Co0m. don.' l
Holhtid Gin, io'f the be-t quality,
jNo,.hern Giin. Peach Branidy,
St. Cr,,IN and Jjlama-a Runm.
Maderia, P,:,rt and Mal.,g \Viiies,
Soap, C.mdle w\rid Sltakch,
N."O. Rectified \Vhfsktv, '
Brovfn: N 0. ,u',o, ad,.: and St. Croix Sugar,
1 Ba ,on Sides, & c. & c; .
All of which willtbe sold low hv "'m"
Nno 11 1 111 Wter ;t.

..' Hy) rlOilolilc [ ;I- vlftw. *
'[ \ F E'WH\ dr l^..'.li,,: 1,I.. Fiiunriii-',s- en- Kiaeks;
A-Ik..Saikd B'.X i P.i piir, Fi;..l,d r,, .qt&'rps, Seals,
Paper 'tss, W eiglits,&c .;..r h ,'" ',,
* 1. 2S ,* "f, ^ C A L~

.. 4 '. I .! ... t ;IA" -.'A ,
old. ens.. ;1.-v -
A" :PE\r crw,,of t\oH, rt' ,' ;6,IteP(ls "i" 'rior
'-i (.o d .-Pe,r ,. it, received td-ii i'r, s'.lpibv"'';t1
O l,,ber ; '= ', ... I ", : 1" i :P A LEP.. .
.;..1.. ,,'Wii.iesieru, lProd~itcoi-',f ,i^'i'ij,
.Q T L O U iI S F l ;, ,r )-O .d o a rd W h i sk e y ,
^'i,. S ui~i- r, ,"h'-iclle al'nci .p'rim e, lM oIassecs.'P, rk, m es d'
*and Tinie, "BAter, [Hani, Sidt'ei Bt .sD Cle.,by ,. .'., .. 1.-.E.bL HSOJ., :Co.l .
Dte '9. C,,fr..-Wattr and .Ch'e.-tout~ts., "
I I i ., i i; I ; ',' 1 11 I ] I I I

i IP a n a e a ..' ," -: '
1SWAIM &;k HOUCK'S Panacea.just. received
:i a n td -o r sa le b y *' ... "
' Feb'17 i ,*,.^. H-F ABELL.',<
P',TA-OES---,,.-hbl-., Turnips5-)0 bbls.;
Carrots-50 bbls;;..' es--. bbls.;
.Parsnips-25. bhbls.,i,,r *sale bv .-* -', .;-
: Dec 30' B" .. B ELLUSON &"Co. .
For SalIe7 ;,
SACKS Salt; 20 firkins superior But.
.2UU'ter. Apply to .': *;.' : ; ,* ..
- Jan 13 '* -- NOURSE, STONE & Co.-

Groceries amid S!ip Stores.
RIO COFFEE, Ja,,i do, .qAl. D,-itillio d,,,
Northern Flour; Wetlerfi "do; N 0 Su~a',
At. Cr>,i\ d", Porio RIOd,, Young 1Hyisn Te".
Hvsnni do,'Peiw'h?,n ,.In.'-S.i.uhong ,1c,. d G o shen
BOWlCpr, (7h ~aeso Lir.dHBa,,n |imE, S1dO., S*r, nul-
de&rs, MlP--Sp-,I\VnIdk'r' ,"PS', a d Plw\, e'eI"
AIMessaid Prihe Polk. MckerI .'Sl, .1d, 1'9..,n.
'Heirritig, S ', s rinn Ton~i's i". Cod FfiliT.'-majt,
Ppllpet, Spi cs, C ,ur--. 'Pppa-ir ., iep,'. iv-5,I
Cai,,'rsi. PAM kles. Soamp Sin'rch, Tobcco. Nav'y.
Breadd lPjt di 'r,:.l-.ers V~nSiq ;,r, .ted Frl.lll
Be ri--,'?.,li^ 1" I,'.: n,_l M1ir.i,"'ihini Ty -rm iwolli.' Ai-
ro 'v"Rb,..c.,Br,, ,-'a:; .,B k'he..[.irir R,,e.
Forir I- bv' B ELL-'L N L-.L'<-'
{. l'ee 9 ". C ,.r \ J-r-alll '.li--.tr'. .1s

S : ; .(< ui tialv a ,.J o l el i l s i. i ; {,.- '" [
| N dfft-Felit s)Zil n;xl.esjua'-t rectived'.lrm..Ha.
J[ v\ ia'. atd ful sale bv ... .;,.
D ec "3 -' 1" :' "' ..... E M 'c .[T'E E Y '.
'.-*' *"^hoo lioO .- ,
,IC'HOOL BOOKSS.61 all,-kindr 41;6stfrft by-
J .. 4 ,,N i .

-Bacon, Floiir,'Siltgar, 'Co" e6"i';Od&
., i ; fe ..,' ll *^ ta t^l ^.l ;l ..,** !" v .I;'5 i --
I I49ft" i.1 .. '
A. L.\VAY on hanidand forrsale1 lnw',la^
.' D -, .. .., FN McCt'LL.A. J

S-',;::. !+ .> .R a zors. ,.>'.("!.
:W ADE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodg"ers &q Son's
i -1"l'Sulperifor Razors foir sale bvy i 1 'h.'-
; A.-Feb:9 -. "; '.. : .,i <- -Hr .AB'ELL. :

-hrl ',R SACkS Rio,..Havana-, and St. Domingo.
J-vJAit,.Coffbe, for'sale low by -.: :
Dee23 R. . E McCUIiL.Y.i-,,

CO llPOUND S'-Srp. ',,,W in..'d Cri-re,, just re-
C e d rid lJ r s a le b y .. .. .'
F eb l.7 ", "* ..1,7 .,. H._UP --A, (B. AIL .

'i La, icelt .. ,.
SPRTNG a,,d, Thuiub Latcets, just 'reeeivEd
.and forsake yv
Fehb"24 H F .ABELL..

Dr.' oorUff'.s. Dysentary Cor-

" 01* Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera!Morb'us,
J. '.Cholera"'Infantatm, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J; C. ALLEN.

BITTERS, jitst received- and for shi[ by
Nov' ". H. F, ABELL,=Dnlggist.

' Talnners' Oil,

ASTILE Soap for sale by
Feb 24




* # 1*0

rigfal Noticts.

FOR sale by
Dec 30

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: April 6, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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..- c.- i _. : ..._-. ., : _._J__ -_





S (J.J. c. .Ir" /

v -



: .

Y"J.A. :
It r m. -_-.... t-i,

% ';:;:;:? ;:
l- PS .
$ sE te **** b'tigtLict4.

\ ty fi I r- .
r .
4 I
--:-. J ; .;:,. .\i" 0 f
: ;" .
.' _
VI.&f = a 'J. <
E"'o .
_. V&Sfrs&t-i ?&* J

.-. ,._ u. '. '_ -- --.- ," -' __. __..__ = .IFI


.. n .
-- d

VOLUME \.L CiIC iTI.Il'isD.tYi tL.j: IS IS. [KU1\fBER12.

._ -. .. _.. _. _
-- ----- -__ -- --- -. ,_ ------
--- -- '--- -- no h --- -'- --- no __ -- -- ---- -' -- _h .

CO'DIEnrL\L ADVERTISED)\ S5urJinr5 Dfrrctoun.Uti .. FJLl'XX, I Il.lIte Ui'crIIan 1l impression; whichyour suulh.id I made; upon: AFFJCTINO: I>CIDE.NT.-We have all

) 1' ---- -- mine. 1 heard! of
-- -. - -' CL.l UK.) --- I certain wonrertul effects ul l insliocr .

ruuLI11I n KVEUT TIIURSniT FVJ. (lcs\voo l & ( aihl BOOT AND SIIUE MAKER From the:, I 1J'-r.1': Jo-irml: :]i And now that you see ml'. may I venture I j1\"y which: parents and otfspnnt have recog-

I.. WT :.1If' ,V X T A I L O II : tie. Till: COURTIXd; ('F bALZAC.OIIP to hope that ) Oil repeat what you have: j i iwritten nized each othfr. ilo if by the intuition of
CON1'INlEtocarry on '
: : Ir.oming. the luxurious author,!, was HI I lutre younger, you perhaps i imi nature, though they base- no recollection of
BALTZELL'S DUlLUINvJ CHESTXUT-ST.! 'n-im i "-s I in \ ).t1ah1OIa, (
:11. DVIS, dj1oz.TirJ \k : oppo- paiticubily: ii' hump. His hi lesir"le lie frankness 1 ask ol 11 meeting !hrfure., :
: ;
\ G. g. IIP I he; City lIftelw! <('crlrl''t. seivant h.d; orders : itt I s Cilt. I II I .ln\ uf us have marked

HalWii-. corner of Apala 'hicoU, Fa. I 1111.J, .)('flor \vdikt'."'., he Hrotifid. I I to a:I Imil, rlOlodrllillp! : ) j in his mOl n. nut at mv J age you need not measure com-.i tht-magnificent burst ul$f passionate recognition -

a::t, -* rv !a-HCiirstout h! ::T* treet.Tii r. .dl orders attended to with pinctmlit} ..-n I tiiat all I who nay patronize, him will I(IIi in! ounand einhroiderpd! (heeL cap, was plilll.nl<. i I with: which lie hravit.un) ai ih, Surrey -

Clnarce -- and-dl' iHtch.-- -- Jan. 20C. -:::i (hat tluj i have c.illu! at t the right s-hop. ItllIlJ pm:: en his sola, dreaming out some And if you are not :in: the first sta:c of has sprung 'lo\T..rds the {'Ily Hcknowledgeil -

MS.I. J \. Scott Brother, Kr.m-h Calf! Skin, .Morocco anl Putent Leather j jJ. new type; of t the six. which I, he .so ably re- life.' intt-rruptpd the CUIIlIIt.it are 'I victim of !unmerited every ,lhinz

Thf I V 'lla"! per annum, n J.>.It?- and hoe made to l.rJ'r, of t the latent and | I tnuclifs niter :ca t ii re. A sudden, Mither i; mated in that, for I have long been i in the with shriek!. of 31y 'Un:: lost itaushler !"

n'RtPTt""I-* ; \, or ?} -,J ,if paiditiun; sixifPw,14 DRY WHOI.E'U.I GOODS) CLOTHlN'ti A'I) RFTAII.! / HOOTS DFAI-JHS:, rillOCS 1>J moat apiinivodtvli1.. Al"o, Patent Lf.ilhei G.tiI'I' brusque op, r.injj of rite door) aroused him category (,f -past; ,thirty,' 10 which you I, answered hy ;i srn-arn of 3J\ f iher. who

"r Vi- Mnt.ft'u-ivafter.. than : HATS, Arc., tci HiKi'-. and Slmes, tttC; in a omt'Wt
!4' term jdur \ hand and '
for i HeAil! .c"p ciK.-taii'h! on a !lanze eUvtt'd -
riflti.k"u | a lady $before him who had walked! wl h.i' ': \\t. gratitude.: I tind two of Hercules hare
\11 t1 4',1!'1n\ri'11i: he. ;:d for! Cor. V/ater and Lcnlr -"tre'ls, assortn.ent: ol U any Made )Hoots Shoe, past the owe you a ; ; pilu.rs I

1t"Si-ad; : 1..1..1' wIll' be .tl"'CIIOflril'. 1\l1tll! DfC 23 Apalarhicola, Fa. and Dro ,11'11 ml'fldin.c.dltlll'with! : neat- I dismayed servant :and ;assumed the respon Yt.lr: {t.;: -: trUer said lia'.z'ac! turning: I foUnd! tlitre ra 1.1" ?" This .in u its way. b

ttttl 'nAi I' LT" 11d, n1s at th" optwn.of the ne-. and pr"r.iTih1l{ 'Jf, :iril. on terms tat! cannot sibility. ]al/.IP'S first t thought brought a over tfi.- pal kn!fr in his hand dates fifteen atT.ctiug vnotJ Si. aril: we have often beeu

a\l.rr-tTt$ ,. ttvpl Ii n"sriM *. I. Uod-c, tail to t IKr"r'itr.i,('il iin kiicpin; \\ilh i lh l com- I sliehi frown upon Ius eyebrows. but with an ) f ;irs.i l)1ay I ask I *why you t'the theatre wlfrf it was

'",""1'rllnc >f' .,,;.-)tt ip the cT-u rate. (/f One Dncvery !- SHIPPING & CO.MMl-sSloN! MERCHANT, petitinn: in track :ind the rlosenifcs of the times. .1 instant's; :: 'intehe s-aw iljat; i ihe intruderwas I then (roiin ID in- ;>$ you have come 'It.chy. I :.iii;: en ; but :.i is r>ot hiilt'so jMtheiic and

:\ \'in,10:1 ild FIt:. Cents Jor sub-e- No.10 Water Srect, Apalachic la, lAf !U, l 7.UUtIWOO(1 -ll-G-it a lady (it'i i II IMP best claim to pout pnp5s. I should! thru Lave been more woithy lo reply :carrely more lr.nu.iie thia! a httl! it.ciJent

*dl1! *heU' DPC 'JT. A?> diciipola! Fa. --- I She was, i in fact a person of singular nobJpRpss to VCJJ.' we hcanl (.f as having: happens the! other

1ueil wertl'\\1'!?. d\'erti. bv 1'ie year a liberal \VjTT W.Tl.. _., .__' WM.W.'CjICEVfcR. I I' -. '. j r.'&- Caigh, of mien, ;agreeable:: ; (cour.tenancp.) a I \. as ;t bartlett woman then-ro-d.ty T day at the >tim. li.itthin! ; t'tabti>hr pnt of

fl ti.)::i1'' t m'i ?: b'lt: .11 i1t'ert ;emQntTflt Siiis l .V Clicevor, I' ;Ijr -: --V:\ 9tf' voice full I I of I the difficult I riuiMr of hi!!h hieedphia.sps niti a \' ,d"w. I |Ita; e to your divination: to the mcemuiis =;lr. Cantelo. A chicken

.lw1'ftt oruilu'u; tNiixa: i !ia m>*s, as well COMM1I'N\EU1l.NTS 1 1 1 I HE-PECTl.T: 1 : otiert! heir ser inz ; aud sue I' cf'i'clIIJII( If>ur Balzac's! see the force uf my rf;; Jn. If you re- which haft J just been bmit;hi i:1tJ< exrslencr: ,

aui j 1:11 d.'rti."na !'It 1a !* them, ,'tu'nrjti Office No. :\Vat.-r; -tr.Ptdec'23 t1'L.t \'ICI'' IJ he ClllzelS: 1.1 :\pal"cllIctla ff ('o ttliuii unenury recpp'ion with proarh me for i.ot corning fifteen years earlier was seized \ .\ an iri-iuittive ci>n c>ou!oesd

urZ3 at fie u:11 TC AnalacliiP''la, Pla. (( \ ? and! I the county o! I I'rankhn (he ski., iiiid ii HtIflioIiSI1e5.S of one who you c*>ii'f-ss! :.t least that there is now of having been iiiettnl( fur its flirt hi to

'ru" t til :drl ssmonts Cllst be paid for i.; ;;::. f' al'rH; i i 1'1 the I 1Inl.01 i hllIr IJrl11. I was used to flattering IJnma e. It was, no ti.i"i: fo !O.P.' I: steam, and seeing a teakettle on'he boil

JI ajl-aIlC naI''t.Uh'n & Cft._ .A f"It I l..>'-,i''I1. Having monthly C' lm- .I however with a I tiemulousi.ess t of voice Arrl you peimit me to pay: my addressesto i II pOll the ajljacrnt hob. ruLed! towards ilwjih
fill' -
.' ., ') II: .\.i it be CIlr: t'J announc11 DE\LiitS IX lIRY.r.HJD! 1JP! :. r Jnunll'lt.1J'Ilh; < t the ;principal '
:j- tr : \ J (hat she r- plied to his enquiry as. to whom yo'i! / ali the K teit: refection; of a hiM for
( nffice.r CIL\X')LEr.Y. IRON, ?TE.I'LIL>% 4 v; I Northern, citi.-s, they will be enI :- : I
i "11 i itk.h' .rri.p"11.r sitS fn'11 a 111talr.; : tnl1ot S.-IKKS: AXTIXl;"!, !: !: :> I I\.)l I hkdlnl.fni.| : !, thfir, iKiirons it all he 11lIllhc t honor of receivin:. f ?iLl,'e Mme from; Vienna on purpose. its pirenf. are! ctin; in; ile.xperalrl! ) to its

: ,\il' 't II i: \ .t 1 :J." ', n:' ; : if.c'i: And M .:' ''.".! "Cs r-f Tin Iron, and Copper .i L H m fc lime.wlh IIai" \r.n'T i AND .\- And now that you know ;my name,' she A II ofi't-r of marriage s II simjjly put would spout refusal ti) be torn awjy. The kettle -

1" ..i'I.r 1'j : ., 'I.i3t Ill/rr TI>T Pi.\rrSOF F.\'IIl-.x.nrl li'- said: 'it remains for m! to mention the 11)0t ) have f'mjarrasM' 'd, perhaps alm M 1 any il trembling with\ em.i'ion eten to the top

:" "I I O'c 21 Ajalachicola} Fa. monthly, showas at n cit>iv the 1I1Oot Fn,han- t live of my .isit. J have seen in the papers 01 ii'r man :ban nal; : 'le. but (v/p have from oS its IiiJ.! bejjan srtirt in toi.es Iwlf of ten-

; lt-o--r-I'. ---.._ ; ---- --.--- --- able Slyh of Drrs vvhi-h I will be a decided j I ilrit: your ;letty countrv? house is for sale.I I ih-best authfiri.'y! ) his reply, expressions I I ilerness and half! of 'i=rtny. until it seemed

, -. f" --- ",1 arirt-: ,:iTs JohnMnnn. E'IZIMJC W. Rogers. ddv3nlai ito t a fashion'.M<> roici-'ui: .ity.N. I should!. piopi-ily I I know. have treated with of Breastnl; : I pleasure! his rn-wU permitted! I full even to birsinz.: ;inui. crec explosion as

, :.- H. I'orlcr i. Co.ii. I!| f;)ats,. J n-f'Ii"; tV Co.. U. (fiitlti.: '' :\fornin (;Jo-.vns and live- you fiirotich rny man of business, but I you tpndfrr.p.seKPT* of :i tact a dehcai v and I 11 I he preach iirnii-s; have it. let f.ilt its hot

n.- '., )" *" .., ,11) c,).".'.'.''-' ..)'..' I COMMISSION! ; J MCRCIIANTS, mmVrap;:c-rs' made I > onl-1 ; Cloaks of cvundecriptKn must pa\ f'.ronr crlebiity by excusing mv. a I'n'se::c ; ol iui.jj! whichvoulj: I havi- -turned I tears on the liejj oj he ch>ckfn. as if inKetitle
ldp !
."t. :) 1 1'I ; t: in -ti f iMial l*Tns: ut kvie daj; .
.w. ',1i\"T: : I \.itorstoet: 1' .." .W :1.l.1 lu1iiZ! (;r.Hlo"rrI11I.!.. Itl. 3 S'II't'fllI' i coming) pprson-illy: I to make enq-tim-s.) i the hc;.d ( f a younger womar. or of at.y r..ronlliuu 11" reLur! morashii > ihe latter

X.J. 41 W:: .rsnt. ., ? t -d *" 2'5 .di-hirola. FaJ. manner; TU-HC 1)1'( .,' aid: P.<,\'<' Lli-fhes! ol f I .1] Iaa': 'iever: felt moie sfn.illulam} ,' womH-lhd the lovcr.s. in a day or two after l hid: ciaimfd. Of course ll..s:; violmt fiecp

1)4'21 4 : :,:'-! : Sr::\::.-"'::. T. H. AUSTIX every de#<"npton! made HI! a neat and fashionable I iPifd[ the ;author 'I lie x.i'ue'! of the echo >tart'd! to f:i.f'r. in the! Countess's car- of p.tthos was the drath of the poor chit; !

11 j -?Sf.me n. %.\-ou5o! : Isg't J f1cvcaso2; & Co. -t tle. All ar'-ients made at ihi5 eatablisiiinentU'aiiantediojit. which myworks haH z\vrn\ to rny name. riag. for \ &enrm;,. near which iu her ut)'rbchaipiu whose rt'tnairls.re.. IIY 3Ir. Caatcln's! htimune -

. ;., r. X.lar't. Stunc 't Cr1. t s. And it "...; true that; I wish to abdicate! : mv ; t'rte} nnrria: ; :e took piapp.! With :i s. din',- cms. iiuiiieJtuirlv plated in a
: ': Zi IX.1 Ene \'ST', j j1. (:Zr- )hIP i, Strand Story Baltzell's I3uildingCht -. I little! th.-oT.f! in the: cosjn'iy. I am only clii.I incoine (If 6ifjOOCIO) ) slit has ,-(mtnf'I t'fJ. hei1 and rCUJ !d.

CIMI.: 1.1: ', '.Vrr'i't.! ANH EIfrHWl' f;!., ->inut .otrc'd.{ I tres-e.! I thaI I am m not I there t in show you its and seeii's li'.ely to continue fo make the --- -. .
.t '01.1. 1'ht. ALOIS IN iPtnoous, &c., Oct ib jr 1 !, 1 S 17. :3'f-jm
A j ; bcnrie the Ijpst : in his Fiftips than GoETrw.-Ceeatr-c.I: ofien
'l De 1' : 2 ; : ; to advantaae.. 2-: : it rolll : -:happier men are an-

-- ---- Xa.1: Water Street, f"5A pi:.itt' of I\ll an 1 V.'intcr.Fashions just{ Yt' .. \.:ur prc.prltcou1I) : have indeed hf wa" ill !his Tv.rniiej or thirties, or the I iu VKi by I ihe ti,irs "f sfranjers. A student _
Lt>niT: ,'.trt *c i-nu n..-. ::::1, B17. Anlc: !! c'h, Fa. reiv I .! .t
1i\'ef11 I'lisilciieious! 1.It.: /;. to wht reference! is u.ade witliunJerst.io calkui! ( elie3 ltou and
i: d vA AllDI. -'-'--, ; I hermitage, : ar.oUier charm r >: one* at > 1"d'' : < --- -- --- ---------
',: O :.1 11. \1 : l"C ;! \ \ r ;, J-.:. .jui !lUy. lUMLi J. I'AV..J. .SAMS SO'JCI HOTEL loran 'XfllilP:: :)l it furnished; with :f Itrc2cy.fro'n : to. kve him. Go"he. rurar.nj tr> his usual

i ; \.; :'.'r4r-l. Bay i'. Co.. absolute: t.1"HHI\ elemce ss v/eil a: with i u>i Jin. cnnseiJf lo be seen and wfter the
.\ lJ; : .I. t a !Fia i ii COM.1ISl'N> :\1ECIJANTS i ;; niHal',1! aloI:, a I:IOU II v v. hic'i: itnly: a'rT'r; of \our bound- [ i-: I OLD :CIAI': : Lr'JlLut"G H ;::- EIE ?-
No. 32 \\ wr5LfI'"tt, AM* |h&sst'I'bril\: :!;! afford.' i S. clm tit'r. ;he ;IPP-tUf'lt. and 'Aithunt
' :u.:. r Ifl2tP', T>1,1, d '-lnc..ia! Fa. IM srr A u is A : T. Ah, Madam; I h-ive sppnt too much If would acid waste in family took a chair ai.d "t'ilel! himrlf in the
)( E R L' tl AX Sj for Lr.ovT.s .i" )\ tor the' your
cJI.I1SLJN i 1'1J. "r.t"1 ; z'nts
: 11,,+. I .. J tauln"ltr.H'Co't 1":" PnI..t.'flcn; I n-'IruncP a....._' TilE!: iitiilic :-I- iv-.t-; ( njh: ; n.r >rrn,.d money I there-but I do not 5:1it' to heighten am nil to .the following rules, and do i.ot I iniihr.p:: of the room. Th-?.nleur. fir fromtjibarrnssed

.; r, .,, f.>r ik* C'v.;'* and ijf ** .irt.lrrl I ItiMii.inc-." Hartford ?rthat! ; t! c.ifi\-; I -I'i..fr/it:: !,j- l'iv: the v.due; of wh.it: I have to sell. I kt.ow ilespse: rSiem becauae tbpy etm soP utiiin htir.Z ** !.v thi-5 nnt-xpecteiJ j Iro->

S'JN: ,nr''" \L I I \-Ji tE COMP.NY3- C"1I'R. _. __ ...rLe'tjr"y! f 'itUii r. aid] i I" H ,vv "I'eft fdr, l fI.4! ; I 't'I! ftiotiqh that the second o>tncr nevereppcts [ 'tdL.Z : i.uv: a iiiilc makes a mickle.It I .edin';, took a h:htcif! wax rand'e in hit
-- -
of t'f C/! lJ/f -Ve "l" Water .-->: :and t'.ouVsrub.' r- h.l.; by -!net utKnton to I t1.c I .
X >. : .rTjcli c-o iJ MISSION I *.N i 0 iU II WAn DINGMKRCUAXfS ; nrnin fir.sf. you expend!-pvrn to a paper (.1 t ;);.fl5. This viewed him .on nil!! sides, then Sftiinsdown
V nl.i": li")! t. Fa. biis.if.fs rf ti't!: ? r hnl1-, t to he 'Clltocto .
-- _: > I render::.; their ut-'f-' ('''r.Iiiahle.. Their table 1 Iain told,' added! the Countess, 'that j .uilS',\' -. two pin,poses ; it makes \ou: n,IlCI the <'iHhJhe drew out his purse, and (

..\.. or 4. n'" 'a V 1 I.-.. n. n.f.WU.:1 :;:. .1 1 .ttef-tr't, will be siipfwl;; at all t tunes with every jdelicacy your ouilay t ihu- has) been at 1t':118150.000(). I c.It'l'ui! in speiuhng money ; and! it fp.abi-s! taking from it a s-nsall piece of Mlver, put it

-:,. ,t: UlHo:1) .1}..c .:. Ap'.l. ,vie'1F.a. ihe market ati rtl--- lar.teid and Captains olvescls and it is precisely; the sum which I come to \ .i.r !I'.tis'-.r: : I to jute precisely-whe': !.>%r on the table and v/ctsl avrrv' w'ubc'Jl sjeak-
-- -- -' -- -- '
CI\lI,1)( i 1., ..NJin \11ll-i l U.T:3.: A. X. M, K iv. X CROHBIXS.. Cir v'. PKATT.JL. will li-id t5.u! a ier C'Uivemenl' house. offer you fur H." I his 1.ai: !iiy I I.*. ? witl:1.: h.s: ;.Ut.CU.l. Nu !.t"-i- I i il!; a won'!. .

I I .1: .,J t' 1. 'rr: f.-I""I, irI .. G..1II, Ovstt''!,, i .- ""J'\etlltJ: ut all hourand i i'.rJ/,.i ne; )IrtJam310,000 is my price, pt i-ie, I :I''o'.ish: ;;minton! tIPI'f'U't'H .:s ------

I I ISV it "ll" j'f' "ui' N. McKay & Co. iti't I. Ih'.t >f'-K. TJif 1 H ir wlJlll.11!! j'fclctd.VAerai : : : I :'H'! I co.: !1l! (.tit cor-sfM to t.\e! n.ore forI. I I e;hl'l's. ?'.:(:Ltf t".vr hiiittce a person ro !live: Tin: Bois.-Bcv3 have an unfair time of

".\! % ..VV.L'V! :4A- .\!C'XVJE.lti'tzi c:1. us-I'x J MERrIIA'Ts! .s :!.Ii t 11.,.:,.fI'. .; ,. n'-. ',':...:..'.'.. Lj'"r.. : ... ::11.diI .,.':'ar., .1! ,. j : ,_ .. J I... 1_, __"._ ". __t.: .1. ,._ :_ it in tLs\T rid.! -:hi-v cct the! iJroiniicks IJ'Crille
\" viic AJ *. No. 4 J0' 11
LJ1\l : > ) V .\1 >: t'J.iAXTf >'*, : f: ] -, -\d.t"Jllr:1.: : (;;;r4-.f: !,: fL \:. "4 r"o ,. fl"I' i"lIllor-rib'r" b.t'" Mnusjcur.' :.t.cl; I will not i.hare% rny off'-r offi.'uen I uithir..z 1.o t.: sickness; iudnce you fo spend"i.oieiLtn r the hot taks: at l.reaUa-t till evcrj body

X.. i.: ,7.- v.; ,'f. - : tlu.'t t hi:' Irettt-; .: '. .her": !:.c \vil:; c<,.iti..ur t.l times your no-uinnl prier: But nine shiHinss!! ; if you have; nniilo'i rise is supplied ; they are MiutLcd"v.hcu:
.. i.li-u.'ou: t"iirer. _3.i:. A' .1. 3. ISssIcr' !, m; as ivc'I! rs t that I ofiVr! thus much they are in ami!
1 1. !' :: k. :tI1'I 1:71. .y fain !;,ir a lb"! do! no! spend! butce sl'\'f'nY.tivl'! :;ptnts. .tol!:) not to n...le >uc I;
--- -- '.\ ..;', &: C'J.\: :.! .-ioMLIHLIIANT.! : \ .;, fur'lhlhot I p. ex icily as i ir sranila fun,itnre r t rticket
jxMESGinsoxi.ro.DEW ; they are off(
arm hf I
I if! I\ n> in lies
: just
s i : day
kw .. ,. ; \irn ve a a be
( ;;,,. :J- t. ... .' : : v" i, ...' i/iduif ai.d! ,
i 11.;'. : \T.": \. .') .I' "..'.\i! '.'". '(./*. j D :.! ..:' \ '. ':.:I..'T.\. 1'.L.O :: !rll. iS17. '1" to. :, even yo-nr own copies of your -..*' I'.eJ ia sppjuJ ((.lfIV cents. eet ot the evening, when it is itt nitetu

,- .' .. : .t; .., Lt.I: : ',..HI.., .i4iff.il';: 1! .___-.. -.--..-. ._ _'._v'avra --- '1\\ n \ Odd. whirh! st.tud in the hbr.u'v; so To 1t51.Ir i :e with -ijiflnenti.il! antI! cenreeJIr.t'l'p : o it by the fzrt and tell stories ; iu a d.lQu..IO
.-- --- -
. .. : "I'I 4t'i.tr -' -. j -.--=s.- --- - -- -' DROP H iI ldli.LUhlJtlwJ..' way, they arc ac-J !
: i.1 :;; v.lih! n-i appearance of qrairy.! HII- I put upoa : rtbbeJ: o?lheirI
\ .. :1':1 I 1t'afijJi011t'OtftffJ.. rfl.e C'JlIaess rose at this! nnd! commenced auturni ri,his.
1.-. I : ; : has Us advantages I
; v.on.iMy ; particularly
.\ ,: iTh. ,
; 1 fl.! --. -- -- - -- --- ."i, 1 carflfssly and cart..fllllf'anllnin" t Iulp.rlnll':1 "i.eio ilip.-c is a family: of sons and: daaihters -
--- ---- ; -
I SYICEV ( H lEENMi 1 1)) U > ol(the great lom.mcer: making ;> : ODDS !..N;: EXD3.
t!. r. &.biL VVM\ !) 'I iiizt'a'VCor. ji4-t ciriiin: upon; the t theatre of life ; .

,." :. .- \;. v :D ': :i.11.-, ofte rUflaifl! Mihloquy! (If criticism, full of bi.t hkc all other eitcrna1 I Ii is s'.IirI--liJ some Yankee of
.1 ;. . """r ;LY 1> 5l'"U'i; at iiH, r'ld L".r<>, cnrs.er : advantages. rh >se coarse-lo
: v -, 1 .,\ : -. .n )*r:N '. ? UX j .;' I' .'t- _..1.' I 'I' .1. .. .'..0" J"",'.I..".11.' :\1..,.:.,'Jol Cou: n<'rj:< rsuslnpHK CetCS'I I f ues..e arl I.irilI.tlIiIY.; :and as!,nc- t te! frppsj (lure their proper priceand may be boaght be an ext -Uet.t plan! .tlwata to .mec>ute uuitin's
) -, ; !.i'% X?,, :.1'. :J. I N"v ". f'J1IC'i'lftirh I : I tint t'Wt'lI I bred inenuitvvhii ; \ : Sercth! before
too who kick :
.' ; U ; "I'. i stibs-nVr' 1".-:- (-'fully: aitif.iric: to hs: de..rty.;: They npvr reserve a cent you him for it is
\ ,' I isai i' lit i.-rv.> h m'.fs'!
\ : h -.------- 1 in'. has I a complinipnt:; of fill imperilrifijfp. i- of I Ib'ir! wnh which bettrr to bear. ln itiii.St than tCJ n.ikean
he openedthr1
that incosne to :
'tiMif!: meet
1 ncls! Mi thei! i any tinI uniMicce -
,-. I. : -: tit .I.d! iV.v: ::. '.!N, tV. (. :'. .:ivix, I a :;!Ii..ic l bore u this I"'rulillIf I his .
I' and solicitstl.eir! l'"atr.t.mgc.- I tt( .50 dear! fot I I >sful ..tJetnjit at thn hin fellow: and
\ ,- ; M \ .1.'I.1. .!. XTniXEV-AXD COX-ELLOU: AT LAW, : ho\,' li'iusf, ; en ca'aiiiy, hay too the! : ; a
__ --- Tier 1 .- will always h: {f ,ur.d! at the! bar I. !Inchi-lorap.utmpiits: : viI ii the' philo ophv whis! If," whatever temporary !benefits t get your eye teeth knocked out."What .
: the
'.! .11- iii i S tUer.f' I 0TvTs, hisSc-rvir.:. tu tt..' !!: in either sj-leclion of I J.IIU'V; In,'s ai-d S*. .ir-, and I which cold] no i fail one ol Jiis efiitis and m..y" derive from society. b'elf-dpn! i; ,

M .1'! : -. '1'\ \IETCUANT. I ..!IJ\'C ItCilil.'S.: : Mine Host, with !his aw'ant, \ iLl pay Mnct attetIOfl 'ha'nt.s.' ud! W I1Iui. a.t l lat they wakd! ( pr-;:'ortum to the nirrownrss of your : 'IH'\'J blessings children m' !" a$ tb.ep.irMi .

X.. I r.: IH.t 1 t.a'.e*-'*.) .'o>: v llf w.l! t.rjciicp re:uUrly! in Franklin, Cal- tu tLosc t1..t dU ( IJ\) Drop ill.FJL t t'l, eihe'-'ito his l linle working ronn. at I the will eventually be i thf hippiest; and clerk aif. when he took the fees for

I '7 .\-+ thVn: l Vli. fI''I'. J'1. J k..nl;: Circuit t"urt-r-ar.d \\iil: ";:>'m \_ K J\lXGTOX. side ho aid)- christening them.
__ ,_ : ___ : res-pectable course for and \onrs. If
I -i.il r-taint', art :. ('"Hf-t.t in any Court N. BHIt Lunch daily at 11 1 A. l1.1'I.h.ll.ISI' a And o\v, :Madam will I \ou condescend you '.i 0
.1. C.fl .\Uf'".}, "I f\\v\ fHl"; 5 or Weter'l Circuit. II? vMll( rd-o, ; r_-lfTUT. inloiume 7JJut voti are ;prospsroas. perseverance and industry There is said lo be a boy out Westso
\Vi .'..- ,!'- I"J "l-nDMl 1 ur ':'ft T.illaha- __ to of the IIh'ctf your visit will! not fail to in such
:: ":t I5 In the <"rt '-Appeal-- at plat I' }ou :a situation brisbt that 'isis father h'mi
r.IJe uses its a looking
.i1-. .rj': !' 1 iip.uxrs' { ())1t. will be A aladlkula i'xchuG'. ; seetiIi: ) tile, said' the Ciuuites.
-iiicIi always I I \ourambitiou and if
., .', t'i' <' I'-sMoas of 'te l covets ; you glass to ih.te
; by.
iLJJC 'liS, ce.tee. T.'Vc-itcd acrtdeftt.. I : MiS.-niln.-r! ( n.tormbi! = I iru-nd- I 'that I uve already cxplaii.ed I that witli
it will
( be
.r.-e"t at, tIe-, ) I' I arc imt pirsperous. well fur *
*:-, !; !b b1th -
AJ.. ,l"hIClh Sf'lt! mh'r '. 1.J/j.( .' aiid the p\r!'!ic tn -?da'f..tI.lhClt .c >; t suTI'i"lil'e.lrr.e"s.( hildieri: tint: have not been rduc.te.' Kitchen! cirls are termed "
.l i"f'i1 ii''ortu">it ofi : will I they ; now
.. ._ n I'r. .ritt(''r ot I tin j? ab"( e young
- .L 'IIC t : I Parde Madam, if I believe !
: me, : t tlal. !ladies
\ of "
: I ) ic.t \ '\", rTt r\ ; tvr f' .c. I 10 huher hopes thin they will ever the other ;'izror. People uhujznnd
: : !; ", and will I I bo I'I asl'd t to ('rtl'ltalll :
", / ., '- I It ic \'.J.ttt- -'r-"t.;, A.ATTORXKY. 1. e.nnJ kW"\1I hoiiMi, under i a re'e.xt to ;ii.qune/ about a plae: reaJu.,1, kr.ivfbsri.-ors arid
f. : AT J. A W. of the tr'avrlluic community' that triat.1'I.r t tII Cr ('. eal." is razors "pt-ntferuei;
1 Wii.! : 11 ,. any ; I whu \ohave no mteiiiiori of buying, \ou ? \\; -Cup :1 nu of the "
revolution. F.ks!
__ :
jittlilut and will i aUtj ilicldidf
', ;- O:fi4rCu1'l.:: Simmon' %, nrti with tJ.firciKtori: jjeommorcidmf lonceal \priiable! moli'cIirh i hasjvpi. as pound cake, and is cheaper.! Orre cnji 01'1 "

y.:. ..'. U I\"JC" r{):. uf Centre \. ( !..!(- <'ctrts.t ,J.trt' 1t.1r.Thc! 1 bar will i always heslIIIl.d niche : of his butter iwo rnps of S ncar. I three cups of t .retermed! rwfound ilicc.tigarur"The
r \ ::: U VX > J 1..1" <;i: A MEX ',,CH .VXT, ; .\1-jiarhiro1! l'Ia.E. : with genuine lii|;;(crH, "''I t tin- l'hj.1(1'IaIIlY. !; :! ; priceless pleasure I i in-
.). -iWdt T
!11.> '. \-j4J l .r'-i-(.h, rol; '21.A OW'U", A :.lachcrJla0; \' 1 1.1.! h-ii : It is one: (it' I tie! pritiiezes of (.\. baked: pans; or cups.) Uake 20 minutes. amongst the new !list id' ;patents is one for
| _
.. '
.TTON1AT! LAW --- -.-- -' per'n'ncoiai, : it ives lissome fruits? IR t'X1't.III"e TKA CAKK.Three cups of sugar, 'three rct.immq the waist ut the human body in a

ii'-ry!. i; Jane: *. (;sty ISotC'I, TallnTOTlCr. !: "'f' 1 I' I the flowers of which it roiis ". i desirable iorm, without! tucin 'he
"I' it- ;.; ... c I rii--I .1.c .I..t'-T..J; : CL'I'S, U.lI.J'J'lr C-aity, AI.1bHr.a..lri1' : u iI I eg;s. one cup of butter, one cup ol milk a pn ( : in-'
I Lave tu inform tnI I lends at'i :Mv ; life has been iiven lo the ofwoman cUl. euiccc l'eS14lib! from ti l-.t !latrir
X..I. It XVatr.n! .\ I hI! -tI \ eiit. study spoirfulof! dissolved ;'earasm.! !: :and four cups i : ; *- i :"".
'J.-.' .Vl.'i'lJ'.LN : r.43' F4. -. -- .- ._. 1'Ihl.i t pifn.ns ot t tins!i i !h,'.'I'! .>, that 1 \\A\K lc..s.-u I have) ) made: t this srience) thy. pro of ilnur. ind( I the juirc of nf'It'U1un-nelll I
-----.. .- will h.-r ilUrbe conducted by A man in a p-issum is hKe Vesuvius in
t 2 : FE.T =!e'Vl.t.-\'Ca it' it, and that it < : fp.silll1.ill' n; I iherrby a prnftrnionwhiih : b" 1 If it is stifFit will an
VM \ .'.h 'L'n I.-.'.' \\1 A.. \"Ja 1: WILLIAM B.MING\VAY., I Esq. who has lormam Mt up. so t not stir easily eruption-vomiting f rh: Camrs anti rrdhotsttiiiis.

I"'P' :: : C-).' !MJ. :.Hos, & 'Jdu'dl: PO"H2.rr. bi-pn, connected with t the first class I 1.1:0'1') (to account III my IlOfdhilt I i.tld I} a !htt; '\ Inure milk. xvhich ilocrcii iniine-Ji
\ear: :ilrh! into
'I\11-j i i I' : : i! .i \ T s, .! :. v'--rv I.i"a'f.a:: < -< TtIIWIII: 1 I' extfrniin-i- : t lecctitlv[ troin t lie .'\UJ"- which am: at liberty to use also in the "
.. : ; : b> 1 11l1tll" at the Nurt iaiui I LLKCTIO.N: CAKK.-Four pounds of Hour, own h.iiOiti, till chai.ce tiitecis it.o'Cr the
AVI >,.<'. ". < "IN. r,t. 1: :IIt.dlatdy. If a |pr..r! Pl'hl'atlOa| ricln :1'YI.rk.. IJcc-\i! !1" \\"lUptpan ch.incrsri'piiv.ite: life which concerns only
Din I r > vx.T'fl, ; ; >IM, f l-.' I. ,:.>. ;\: iiurA'AR-! .:,jde, or! ,-.li:i -it\' tin- .il>';vetu-ucti ann'.y.f.res.: IH-I Ilotr-1 ill hou4- and span w e.ert t. rtexprse or I mv.splf.' three quarters qf a pound} of but Icr, four edze of the craltr, tu deal dcatruclioti: to
TIN 'W-\y'T ) .?<. iK* *. HATS ha. aitaivfl!t ; a vm PX- exctflh-nt % one pound of one pound of others.
,. nt..l'i.-ri eggs ;
] > Flea --..11: ) ,< i to uiaki.is! !! >tscomfortaai.' ', I Itacud i ro f ii- I Yoiihink then, salt) the Cotinti-ss-,
: l MI11CIUXDLEiiV. for it- i'ivar.iabledp-lru! (tiv<' pro- : '. I I C ii rants or raisins uou choose, half 1 a pisloi ,
te'i\'I' "1.h.1Irity d thl'
Iv 'ihatit, i is
.VcCor the 111)1:0 to xnIrit'l. :11 I;,'.I'lIirpt.al: ; i only curiositywhith C.unelh
!J. J.ipouica. form
\' and j.ertie4 to. Ilut IlrJ ltfroJ nifcfcts.; I I'-r foi. 1jROVN.Ta11aase here ?' ((d't't"r ; wet it with nulL ;.s soft as u prettier crna-
Ch."tfl"J !I fanlight
otter .t5. \ i me :nenu for the had
D !9 .\ .1. I Fa AuH U J. C.LLI', rii.-l.. : K..v. 1 1M7. ,J:3:1.: can; be, ..ml be moulded! on a board. Set toris hi t brute or lHiJrsmaid
------- -. _. c( -- --- \o !-r il i ia :a curiosity: linked.itha! : than any antticut: fl.nvtr uhu-h
-' the
-- :
-' over oigrit in winter; ; in warm weather ingen-
Edxvar.lAXD McCisIIyaocELt Xolic to I1L1iIVS.Cox..z..Lcrwt's UO'J'IUA deeper I I'c.. three hours is f. laity o1 in.ui, urof\\'OI sm.'Jho is more i ia- .
; CITY I usuallv; enough >r it to rise.A .
C HIMl-SSJO.V MERCIIAXT, OJHC KKY \\EtT, ) That lo sav you slIllpose-! gel iU3. can furnish."O. .
I : loaf!: lie of flour
No. O'j Wdter street. IVbrn.iry: 0, I 1-1S. irpun ki\ 'You ink y'O.i ;mystify m<'. arid xvp will SIZe common bread .

Nov 11 ArtI1hic'1Fa.. NET ur.HT. JUST coMPUrrEi> f 1.1.1 iiJ4; proceed we Jiad; met at a rii.isquerr.di; ,>-, should bake three .quartos of. an hour e tiling I have nsticed in all crea: J I

Jus. I'. 1 KKY WKST: will i I be hho i.on I H.e 1'JtluM h thou I face i hat is HUP --- surgic.ii "
rarrior, .\' II 1i for, soq your no uper llior.s. says Dr. Dedi*, "they
in the
ENE1UL JtP.CEITfu.t i \' th1No .V- !. It is a fir-t cla-N liai.t: awl' \\ II |r.ibibl.\) be cr.. .\ for me. :U ne'er saw you before. Hut; EQV.LITY.Lieu enant Navy. are always followed: by a uost mortem exam- :.
COMMISSIOXIE11CHAXT.: s'uijJ' ..loci -tthf t11"lan .r txven I walking! along! lie street the other day, meta -
vi-ible Iro-n a n.OP.IDA. divination inHion.
wlifsay: fou -
T.\LL\ll.\S'ti now, my
*o. 50 Water .trtt.OV ,,.two in.lf-s. m dear weather. It i> Ztlutt.d: | I i tny siilor who had been on shipboard with:

-\ 11:1. : Ihr-tIf'III.,. FL,. eight hundred >ard, Ninth 1-.Ilt. of the!> sie; ...I t I the the mallt, ;'>UIl'ht vI' thi lIokl, the, underizncd ]his- I fair; ma,( .\I.'r, / know you! him during his !.ist cruize. It has been aid that any Ii\v\er who a
Ix lIe.:1 t.xcrtjnu. to I'h';!c \V reiogmtiou, can there be in
tau. P. The bsjiinis :and conr s hcntiMWIl will u"c Itb a. flow do Jack .'" said the oitficer.a. writes >o ,
't'CUL" Gt7\'rtvR ROMAI.V* old Ih' : for their pit'r( flage.V1LLI.M I II I II d'e ; clearly ; s tu be tntelhgibltr, is an
Mill l he the public words l'
.n'Calla Romaiii )..v'I for cutt-rina this port may 1.11.t He aI k. II E lJCV..\Y. I How d'} do, Jim ?1'' replied the sailor. enemy tu his profession.
\ '
clian- \ I \pllin. Dal/cac -
will with
the I went :
aipwarhn.ij hip on a j
C 0 01t IS S 1 10tI: I U ell A X T S (b<"\'I'd l ; h'll'cr'oIds | .'J-Cl11-: I The officer drew IIirn..f'lfllp with dignity
No. 9 Columbus Rlurk net! in ihQ diy tune, lull lid fi'.e iathorw water November-,-IS- 17.--- confidentuli) \ ; Jour face is strange: to j jme and a frown lnwernl! utinn his liiovV.'hy /. The water that; lo\vs from a spring: does

\ov. 19. AtaIlIirf,1! 1-ia. 1111 t\lie bir by'hnn-.u-. ltuny in range with t..o"MARBLE but si 11] \.iVt knownou before. Superior 10 do call 'me Jim 2" he asked. not cunge.11! in winter. And iho"e "sentiments

.. ail rUlin f"r it. A THENJEUM liii. lint hav of jou uf l
-- -- -- ---- light i hf-5C I a peculiarity; expression fiietidship which fl.iw from the
in the dis-
Cot a tone of rc.--ciiiietit: at
i.JEA.t.tR. S. :'i. Sic {el' ou, i S. IL MALLORY.- ,- llowliHSacw:} and BillliarlHoom. 1'lheir thoughts, speak: 'a. theywrite. : proper heart c.inuot be fiozt-n Ly adversity. .
IN -
CfI'THI. BIOT( IIOES -- At author The s' /. is rt'p.'t"II
says /, "
U\To'. C.\P, \c.o. YARDCOLUJIBUS. inerav \ do) VOLt call me Jack ? rl'tllrnPl1Ihf'sail'r Grimes wa* asked ,lie other, day if be
Boulmrp tltt 1Jllll."lllve' received dining, nn -
1 CUbU fl f f the"11.c" nn : t with marked exhibitiou ofnlitnisIed ever veiled Paris.
m..rk, ]IE proprietor ; as : an \Vlty. no. not exactly
Dec. 23 'to mak i ''V letters t of Li rids and I !
IN endav! or I v carci-r{ many ,
\D tlachic/\1a, ra. Sallman! l/a, ucd every di liilJ' replied I the old wJg. but mother's maiden
tf r'''I t, lie i nil them I have; my
r'eslol.place know t ers-a amon
Cooke Subscriber, atic of Ihe firtH <''f Mldcti &. thc p"t.abh..hmclIl! > all !t The offnrer. a good-natured( merry fellow.undeisiuod name; : was French.:
4 home pnb- who
dispnininMms of those
CO'I\USilOS THE. -, of C..1!imbu*. (.., will rinji 'ornc and i i. I thaokful that a-: ever preset veil corifspondence i he matter in a moment, and
IE ItCII.\N1'S.U.IU at the I Ih-ir: appreciationfffd have the mo.st pleisn[ ; re. A man Was finer five
hi"f.\t. lIe .. be Mn I) patronage pivcf lately dollars and
I .
,. time in Ap..la laughed heartily."Ah
t :.St ewOrleans'1I.'I)1lt Chdj-Ies Streel, warehouse now building for J. Day & Co. at almost !- (: : ,i to plel"e, I He I will : lY'p\ a As he ;. ihe author drew from his I Mr. Bowline he Costs in Oo>he:>, Oio.{ :: fur appearing in
and ret'' bing see, replied,
S. CO'ItE and will receive orders choice a-sorttnent ot Liquor-, of letters carefully: enveloped &iurch wiib his i i.it lie
r'id' t.
II\I AMOS HOR*. aniioar! ill the day, \ Old I selrCI: it all!I r1lw.' on. prosecuted
the pa1ateof ou an equality
tickle! \
nrt tn .
bevt-rasw. of a ;withdrawing I I I one, he held up -y the pastor of the church. .
ar.d Lieutenant American
-" forMOXUMEXTS Bacchus' mo-t fastidious !{.r.-; ; "Kxartly: : -

'. 1). Danforth, : COOL and delirioushc-h 1mm their native ban,. its.slIpr110n: to the Countess.' his fair < \ou know, and ou the soil where every Did! yon ever sit down! to tea where Limii.ilk
ivCflON TO3IB STOXCS, 1 I deny it ? said 0 -
-xrciMun \VIIltdJ
AND COMMISSION MERCHANT CtIII1iIlfII I'f! man's in.itl. w. -, the
a on taU!
for .
a ilcn-.ant .
A SLAI5S! A< &c., lIulhill I and! flattered I being asked,
ND dttfa-tl.crc 'I" visitor I.n am happy
GEXERAL :\GF.T.P.'JFA.UL can be anl\lSl'l h'lIl-litile rllm ;I'lie offii-er: shook! the f.nnw's! hand: anti I Ii ytni tale cn'.Llu. sir !1" .
which he will lur-n-h J.'u' tl.an they are w ilh lound l huh I I.m.wYOIJ. ,
", .\.Ltb "ilhm: Ihe circle of :n mn:. !lir i to com tint _\otl| ; IMP out. passed on. !lie ii-lls! the juke himself and I
Cotton bou-Ut: procured frora the North. but tWP'fi.rrig less itISI, *tt'll before I sax.yon.. II H a Mnsutar
on ordpr. P.0.13.. a ',tn-of ten pins; laughs (avEiit ;as capital.: : tact. that the oldest) pjier;
i. r u Refers to tIe 'lb.-ri- active an,\s c.mcnt?, ean alwjya' ,trtca Ian'1. and my in your hand tell JO what 1ihousht now t-xtaur .Is hi|!e St. Viwit Gixei'le[ pubU -
J. t: qL tJr. } New Oceans.' ber P.will s. After promptly leaving attend Apalachicvla to all orders, directed' to Come one-come all."JOHN B. JONES.Apalahio1 ita. Under the mask of an in- AH jiieat I CllH.I\h'rs ate. gtnerous-geue- I :.ieil m the i iaaLd! of :c. Vinceut Vest.

t.ip. venlure to the of their InJies. V
PA co oitdad to avow YOU rous [ thoughts, services and wishes.
3. ?r.. Wnn: & MCKENZIE him in Columbus. :, Dec- 30 J lEt?. 50-tf .
HurcHwws, i AtlllJchicoh. February 2 4, IS 15. C-Stt*





t.i. .

'_-.-- ".-."--'-'-.'- ..- ,-. -- .,''-,--a.m.:-.--_ ..- --.---, III -'- -.. '1. -_.-..-.- .' .t,00..- -. q.-_" &-I'f"'P.*" .\ :- IIII'f'----- r -".. --_ .-- .. '-- --.. ._- '' ._.. .. .

f ;, ['..: :_--z -

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;c \ _

tu.. : I \ "\ t ,') ,

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: :

f-- -- ___...-= -.r-.. -- -------------- -- == ::-- _un__ .- --._. .. _._- -

1'iJO.M C.\\'l'I: third over," menially es ciphered P. 1 Here 1 15y another experiment on the part ot Dr. under existing circumstances serious im- and that labor continues to become more Convention: when .

The substance of the news by the Sea was a chance--a gloiious -and he I Hendrie with a tea cup full of warm tea, at ;) ri11iCC. Although fully .waitcd. it. hastouched scarce every year by the people withdraw- the name of Wr.p

Witch at :Ncwutk, has been published in improved it too. [Ue lad love to the 4 o'clock he concurred! with Dr. Mathews, :acutely t the members of t the Provisional lug from the plantations." Duval was selected from tbe list of aspir

a biicf form. The New York con beautiful and unsophisticated daughter of I and pronounced it a case of hydrophobia. I Government and after an interview It appears from the report that the Having failed to !lead captive the

papers the Judge with all the variations. Strangeto Mr. Fricsas not convinced that it was this in which were exchanged; die noblest expressions and. coffee produced under those circumstances sugar deft voters of Florida, by indepa

tain copious extracts from the Cuiton; (pnpeis say-for he was as uncouth a looking disease until about. 4 P. M. of the same they in a body accompanied the are both raised at an actual loss- their view the bold and Op j I

\ from which we S' '-ct the following : cub as ever went utilicked-his suit prospered day, when the pain passed from the upper representative of the great, nation lo the which is estimated in view of present prices -, open front of cwern

": CANTONJlt.t: I Vr'celJlhl'I", 1817. and they were married. pail of his body to the lower. threshold of I the I Hotel I dc "ile. as a proofof at7s,71-2d.per cwt.-" without taking Democracy-having found to their tow

1 Sir John Davis i is littilll! [lieuand is under The honey moon passed oQ', as all other About four hours after i Iris ((8 o'clock the cordial :affection must ever ex- into account interest on capital, and that the number of those who were wiD!|;
... stood 10 have been engaged iu negotiations honey moons (IC), and they were happy. Tuesday night) he was under appiebensionthat isi between I the .llIlricr and French liepublics. expended equal, at the least to OS. 5d. to follow their lead was "few and far

e: with Keying, but as yet very litile has trans- The bride was lively and chatty and often he was about to have a paroxysm, and more per cwt;" while coffee i is represented tween," and! that the i/

\ plied! either as to the nature of his ilcnr.imls! lade allusions to her brothers. and sisters. was lied mound his wrists with a handkerchief to be, "if possible even in a worse condi Florida Democratic 'Oteo
or how far they are likely to be complied! I Startled at a number of names; he thought at his own request. The parox\srn [Trom tt! X. Y. Herald, 2'Jil l:: tilt.] tion." was each day growing aii

any redress which may now be obtained is evening;!; at tl'a. he aill- retained his entire reason. From this limp 1.\I TS W EL'liOi'E.Our : found to answer the of the pita! expedient of exhibiting their

to be considered, a t iiti.il I adjustment of our .:My dear, I thought there was only three until he diet, on Friday morning at half latest foreign news is not much in try ;" but time Africans"purpose(i. e. the coun-I pion one who has worn the a belt chl
amount! but is ,
four of the important. "to.
complaints ; indeed. His Excellency- past ( no recurrence paroxysIiI.savc prentices) "have proved useful." known "
So there Ma but Pas first whenever SICILY. I t is rumored at Marseilles that eminently to fame and as to whom the
pressly declares in his jeply to the merchants are, by my a shuddering water -1 This is a mo*
very melancholy picture
that; any mcasuies of irdiess i on his wife had eight mur'." was offered. him. He was in possession of the King Naples has; complied( with the the conclusions to which it almost impels ant.i ignorant need not ask, who is he ?" The

I )pail will not drbar! the British! (jovcinmcnt "Eleven go into ten 770 limes and nary his reason until Thursday evening about demands of the people of Sicily. TheMinisUy the mind are equally melancholy. The : cotemporary and! follower of John Pore *
astonished P. who o'clock. He died I 1 i i: have signed.i ; .
said the seven
from farther measures ol its \\'tI. It will one Htcr apparently 1101 emancipated and! Asiatic laborers Federal opponent of
negroes Henry
: depend therefore, on: the views taken; Uthe .1 jumped up, kicked over I tho chair and exhaustion at half-past four on Friday h.\Lr.-Tlw Ji.sinis ;alarmed by the hos- will not work. Why ? It does! not of when Clay j J0 d
'" sold I'm the 3td instant without I lile dl umo list r.itioiis made: against them by appear yore, Harry of the West"M.
j Governmental, home, and whether I hey may groaned in perfect agony, 1'1 morning, a struggle t that any men, free to refuse, are willing to
( regard the recent horrible catastrophe as the hold :and a d--n sight cheaper I Ihrt an old or muscular exertion." i I the people. h.ivt already; quitted the city of work-or to work hard-in tropical coun- tained the war of 1812, will be delightedt
of individual bell weather sheep that !-1'itlsburgSundiiij Turin. The Journals of Turin fully appreciated I find in the person of the
crime ?, or chargeable: against l a i tries where food happens to be attainable present Democrat.j
[From the N. Y. Express 29th ut.! ] ; t the tendency) of the French revolution
the Chinese nation what nlteuor measures: .lacul as in the \Vest Indies. The African j ic candidate for Congress, a
.Arrival of the Caledonia." I :and now aie encouraging( the king to apprentices : companion i
: will "be adopted.:) The only! thing: officially; have no choice they undoubtedly arms. When the i
announced i h the execution) : ol lour! if: the TRIAL OF Du. COOLIDUK.. -The principal TIIIRTKEN DAYS) LATER! F1JO.M: KUllOPi: put t himself at t the head of i the national forces work upon compulsion; it is affectation Ex-Governor takes ij,
witness iu I the minder cise: at Augusta The French to ellect thu salvation of Italy.PRUSSIA. : mere ; field, the admirer of Old Hickory
Ilcfuliilwn A Republic
1 criminals, and the assurance th.it others t ate Complete'-. to call them free men : they are slaves and i
Me., named Flint who saw .- A correspondent :at Cologne I disciple of him who ti
a man Jlstabltihed
undergoing' : examination I) and will sillier the young throughout France under another name.-[Phil. North Ameri : essayed !
.. the dead of the murdered in the writes, I that i the middle classes of Prussia uDsuccUsfalJ
man "
body Louis follow
seveiest punishment. Last evening: m twoiiiaudarins Philippe end his Family safe in ,. can. to in his footsteps,:
office and it to as I ill 1 lit'nishi States; determined "i"rejoin
; waited upon :Sir John Davis to prisoner's) helped to remove ffc.\ olh..1 are and be exceeding
the where it found has I lo achieve political; independence, and have -- -- - ---- glad" to behold
place was
yet ht oott
announce that four I of the villagers lind urenconvicted lot we received our long expected I
Mud.. wonlil: be der.ip.ialed i ii; I lie come upon t II stand. The CommcicialAdi telegraphic despatches: I from BuIOI. apprising potential voice I iu \nrnent ; they are GOIUERCIAL] [ ADVERTISES.APALACHICOLA more the? friend Jackson and Van Bnrti.

fbi nitig.; at I Hwang-t-hiikee.I : ; l ,\ PI User. says: :- us the aitival of the Cunnrd&tcamer peaceful; I. but resolutely t devote;! lo the country I .- .- I The Hard.cider.Harisfnian-\Vblg of l ft
The Chinese;j : weie anxious thai; !s.nne In the meantime) a deadly( coil of circumstantial Caledonia; bringing full : intensely I :and fiim in ;,sI'ril I their rights. -- ---- I will feel his life-blood course ,

other place sdioul.1 !be fixed upon .m mid. n t is : evidence! is gaiheiiug; round the interesting accounts from mc,1 Eu- .AUSTUIA.-The resignation; of Metter- -_ -. -- -._ THURSDAY u ._ APRIL_ 6, _1348._ I his veins, once again, a his warmly .ibro'
aid', proposed the execution ;,!rn'.od below! prisoner. The J puicha: ; "e ol Prus .stiong as it can be made,. from Boston on the There'as a councilor The following gentlemen are authorized brings back the eloquent voice which
Of grand
Canton; ; but his excellency itiht d hat the (course at so late an hour we arc obliged etlil.
he hid abundance of the kind used alljhe 1 I I held Agents for the COMMERCIAL; : ADVEKTisEE.and will the forests of Florida mad
: onhmeiring
expiation: should be made: and the exampleshiivvji wlt'l to go to press, without being able to lili"lers ininiedialely ring to the prise (
f where! the (.t l1'l had bevu coiimulird; I l for njeiiicin.d put' poses-his money)' dealings digest t. as we would like to do, this important ; (from Paris. Couriers were des- receive and receipt subscriptions, or advertisements the Hero of Tippecanoe and anon e
uiih the! which he denied palcled; : : in ;.Ii!! directions.! Count de Fla- :- 'II feI jj.
and) I in the presence of petsuus drputcd by tlcea..t.c. aftcrwau. nexvs, fur our j'aders.Oe dignation will again fill his breast
I his have JKint, 1 French Ambassador; ; :Vienna, is said \VM.; \V. CmEVEKEsq., Ga. as ben-
lihn...elf. and as many< of the tl.n'iu community urgency to ( ( \\ have read enough however, to be Albany, calls the
to his ollice the uiiiht of the murer I in fainted! hearing the news of the Major JACK HARU.VIAN. Kufaula. Ala. vehement denunciations fcic
cu.'iii1: on able "
IS cho-p to alt eii1]. The II. C steam- to announce that the Kividutinn in 1\.1' UI J.\ J. Tallahassee
c.Pluto was mdi'icd, ] to lit in lea.lim'ss:! at f I| .! -his attempts at the PIst; mortem ex- Palis I has been sanctioned; bv Frallcthatthe abdication(] of the l king. He started next -- -<.- .- OI.lvr.. : Fa. I were heaped on the Little Magician"mj
daybreak, for the purpose of conveying the! I ;atilalilil. (in which he took the most active piovisional; I government will i i I I stand holding day for 1 EImll: Thirty ,t thousand troops FOR' PKKSIDCIVT' ; his "Sub-Treasury," by the "Forest.iirj
to have the contents of the stom are to advance to Italy, without -----1 .
secretary Jo thf siipctiulcndrnt of I trade: the pail! ) itself accountable I lo a new Assembly of : delay. Demosthenes" who preached

vice consul .ltu11he iutcrpietcr I to the consulate !- :n h I thrown an'ayI these and i many other I the people's lepiescnlatives: to be convened The ;account of the revolution in Paris ZACHAHY TAYLOR. I and Keform and! "Ihrr

felronuly I eliminating; facts arc abundantly iiOth on the l st ult.. and -- _. -.. -____ _.. __ dispersed d.
wjtli thiity iiH-n and} tluee olfirei.s. oflhe on [ -that the family of the ;,bdicattd ; r'atlrdri'olla pro- ----- --- u- __- .
ftt) h 1 t.d: m'tt. Thy :arrived at I llw.mgchulee ntalll.lll'J: by a .cia ud of witnesses," and king with himself, have Ill'f'l kindlyreceived (I Ii f a profound impression.i ; "The consternation THOMAS II. IIAfiNER AND J.L11ESA. ness of Democracy in FloriJa. Th

about half past 7 o'clock, wheie I lie seems to IC'i\'c\ no rom for a question( of in England-and tint: all! 1 (hope, which pre\.tled.. !says wrier in liLRTIIKLOT.The Harrison men of 1840, on seeing 1 fa

Chinese snldii-rs ere jjlIwlllra\:1I lip tltl t the his gil mIt. The coiicspondrnt who reports so far as heard from is in a fejcrish ;and ihe National cannot he described.! The 5 Bar of Florida has lately felt the loss present Democratic candidate for Congrts

level comtiKin before t tin l : 1 Hall of Anccjtois. I the I I ial f"1 the I 105tOI ( lmronotype. sajs- excited state. per cent Mei.dlics;. fell from 91 to 82. The of two of its most distinguished members. will svv>ar By the Shade of Old ,
ha Jew I :'i.,rchm 1 IT.-' piisuner .' intelligence from Italy, received in Vienna Tip."tb1
handlul of l
Our sal.H"iS augmented: From the European = Mr. Hagner in
TiIP but in 1 it is that old "
: young years ripe same The
seamen, haling: ; ; Ijmied and 1 lotmcd. Tun;: at I 111.t tranquil I Ih.1 usual and a pleasant LlVKUi'ooL: 12.? was; anuliiug I : but sati-lactory. Tlt mt
smile illumined his face lIe took his JIucl l At Munich has taken legal learning full of the hope and I of the last Presidential
once, gave; the order in a single v.oid!, and as seat. The Revolution in France i. now un >A\.iui.\ -- a rising promise epoch, (if, indeed,
with start:hiiiig; rapidity OUt of tin criminals Tin? I Jlies.! as Isua.; clouded I I the gallery, fait. ;teco iii lii IC." The ahd icat iou of Louis place, and a constitution;; has been extorted pride of his family, and the object of respect one can be found lo .acknowledge

\V.IS run out from one (;f the !1.1111-: He and set'lled t to feel a great deal of sympathy Philippe-the appointment and ( ejection of from the King :at! t ll.e point of the bayonet. and admiration to his friends and acquaintances corn") will be delighted to find, of
for the lmm; tidso: inc Doctor. who was diessed I m Prusia was aiming, but wont i interfere. one ihwe
attired :a the !
:seemed a !i-tont. decently ;peanut. legency- complete triumph of the was suddenly removed the Harrison and
by Clay Whigs who fell
His hands; weretied behind his back, aiN: with great; neatness., I Icain that a large Patisil.I over I the army-the establishment Tie German Suites are on the brink of a that "it

his nmuth was: pa:.::I'I!. Having: been shoved number of magnificent bouquets were Hit 0 I a i Provisional I GI\'erlcllt-tllp&p\tiol volcar.o.Sr.u.N.; hand of death. His decease was to us and was glocy enough for one man to serve under
to }his last ladies ofthe .-In :Spain: French others of his from his honest John.1' '*
: was acquaintances
forward about thirty or foity \ at ds from ni evening 1)scvI'r,1 of a Hel'ublic-the overthrow of the 11 on-c ; Ili party away There is not a fotei

the bhnre, he fell or was thiinvn on his t (liv.i i of Peers and] I lilies of distinction I -the overthrown. ((2irist lila; was in despair- abode, a sudden and unlooked for event in Florida, let him be Whig or Democrat-

knees in the open space beiween the Knjjhsh : :Match i :17 i niht.--J is said: ] I that I the pri alijeci t flight of all I t!iie members! precpilatc i :\ t'aCt had 1 proposed suspension of individual but those around him saw but too clearlythe let him have danced round a
I and Chinese and his bound) soner.vlo duiing this trial manifested Orleans with their I ; guaranties: of liberty. 'fwo millions of hdT'pei.
t soMiets family: t misguided ministers ;
indications of bodily decay. His spiritwas 1 iJie era of Jacksonism le"t
the utmost coolness and ef-possession! has pounds \\ ere obtained! to support the Queen '
elevated to him In I lo shores other
arms being; so as cause: our own or I to plates
StOi) ), the executioner raised] hi. lone; heavy abandoned; himself I t( the wildest despair of l'Xie--IIJ immediate recognition of I the an"! tliio'ie.Gr.KAT! too vigorous for the fragile tenement hard cider or 'have trod a mea uie to th

blade, and at Hue blow thv head was ioiling;; since: the adjournment of the Cout I this new Republic: of France b> ( ;i cat I llritaiu.l : : DKITAI.N.-1 Ioulc scarcely have which enclosed! it. He truly fell a victimto tune of fan J'an i a vsid vp man"- ,

on the ground!, the iha.stly trunk tumbling;:: :all rmiooii. I Ileal that after reaching I his, l>clgiumSwit/.eiland and the l.ile.State.s. 111'1 anticipated: I .. great move- his ardent endeavors to discharge faithfully let him have clamored for the Great ,<
the other side. The other tluee ((,1 I he bmst I into tears and lefus'ed all consolation have all fallen ill such merit v.hirh: has; convulsed] France should R'g
on Wl'teImt rapid that the duties which
ftom the attendant.'lie I has SUCC'S.II have lie | in in the British society imposed and tutor, or shouted for that Substitute( ,
probably the en sumo: degree -
lepetitiuns( of the :first, seep;> that the : events of :IIJurs age "doth( hiss the fet
last andoungest; sremtd to m.il.e: an involuntary cOle II the conclusion I that his case speaker."- mirutc teeming wiih some I island; .. those which he had, in assuming the robe of as the Democratic candidate for Congress

1 fFi! rt ;.l i c.-i" amice. The whole) : was is hopeless. The! general; I I impiession now mighty i. occurtcace, affecting lie destinies t In Loi.don! a trifl'u.g disposiiion to riot the advocate voluntarily devoted! himself truly said, was aptly represented by the figure .

dune so quicklv. that tun gentlemen. : fiom is I that he willbn convict d. Flint, t the student of whole! nations) and dynasties. The speculations was; t'xhiiill.t! | I ill die earlier part of theieek. the performance of. His clree. though of Mercury the god of thieves-let bin;
c,f Dr. Coolidge, will probably be introduced t d..surdeis were confined to themischievous
die Pluto who follow eJ the oi.icials: iu auothcj ifspeciing;; 'the causes, incidents llt short is full of honor, and he leaves behind have fallen into the ranks of the FaUtaJ
boat, lid] tit arrive till the attendants to-mnoriow.I and probable results of this and boss and ;irlizans out of em-
,. ... sud.lcl plume:.!- )iilfi;was: speedily restored. In him a fame worthy of noble emulation to the crew yclept Tyler's Corporal's Gu rd, or
p ------ soci.d I
were 1 lilting i I the corpM-s; into their collins.! mighty: ('om'lbiol. arc various and
The number of Chinese Mildifts! was oti- I \IrOlIOI\.--The following clear and infinite. The fads stand: out in historical Glasgow: the tumults were more serious andseviiiil rising members of the legal profession.. In let him have bellowed for Polk Dallas and

_ mated at about four hundred and) It'idt's circumstantial I account of t ;. case; of I that boldness' of outline, depicted in such i"mile-( ; I persons' hive. been unfortunately his private and social life his i walk was upright Tt'xastlue is not one of the number but mat

those Oil ilmo erc.un.t "''''111 fI.I'" '''''.-.. ...jbeyond ._ .Ir.,1' .,. | ( '." '.c f..., tlio H a ) .ti shot. by t ihe lilitar\; The rioters in that
,1.1. Jc :
lllnHUfJ dHp } and void of claim
e tinned at the entrances t to the nla'I'! : ; :tld Bucks County (! 1".li..I..I.) CljCer : ,. 1)fiJf l'h/I/ 's I_ .,1 I James offence. justly lay to GOVKB: >OR V\ 31. P. Di- .
t the triumphal :aic'u crowd!* 'of villa- \1 i1"i.it's, ilesigr.iiig I to go t to I lie city A Prisiunal Govcimcnl has been organi.ed ; I tie shops a mid lad: evidently neither con A. Uerthelol has been long and] favorably v.ii. as his peculiar property. Each aul :

observed; sufficient to set at defiance on the moiuiug of Nov. x'JJd, arose about! : by. 111 neighbnis.! i the members ul I cert or any puiif! : : object iu view. known to the citizens of Florida asa every of them can point to some hOI
I In
were : :M.i'ch 1 "I
gets sier t tendency to disturbance .
their own ill-app.inteil military: ; if they o'clock ; hearipg Mime noii-e among his whicl are u'lclrlll'd throughout tie world! : I has IJIt distinguished lawyer, and as a prominent period of the Governor's lilt.
:; \ but political
and hi r eloquence! ami science ; sC lime of II.t'l t hiitl-t. every thing i is
he vvhne his fowls genius
uel went weie
brave I the placard* i"> ; by I poultry member of the Councils of
really are so :as ; now i I Iu l late Terri when he made wiih
them almost lomantie iule iii quiet.l Liverpool tranquilily has :1elsefp.
be. l iiiuuil lit' let do; which he are 1 ) tn
their declare! them tu I i re a young m ri1 II
in name; !
them or ol bCf'l undisi tuILel t ; lumbers of tory. He achieved renown at the Bar in fantastic which
sufieted a disiaceful execulion : caught running :Mid was: i immediately bitten t Canied i away by t the eloquence I Eam.n-; untmJlo\'cd capers" he cut in displaj-
laying to quietly take' place before ;their ame.traltemple by (hi-- dug iu the Uf( lal.,), and patticirl.irlvin : t tine the l'xciltd. ungovernable mob! ul I 1'., I poiien: and iti.t', have .sse( competition with the ablest of its senior ing his devotion to the tenets which the'

at the instance and! in the presenceof tlc, linle linger where the chief noiu.ilwas. lis I threw down the muskets ,1ic.. i iu t the Exchange ci v.ibb!; bat no poltcal feeling is ob- :members, before the writer of this was admitted severally have professed.

abe I He I seemed i lie dog! :.lt er :a i .shoit COIl 'first fuiy of t heir new-bor (''I LiHHYthe ; )
the hated Ku lith it n ; liUlltC.1 I In I Irel.md no I breach of the has to its society. Ever courteous and Now, knowing our opponents well, am
had ] the peace
the voutiol flirt, and I lied him i on t hits piazza! ; of his ; 1\'clc. against I Iupulr liI'lt lv ,
whether they me beyoiifl their unanimous; in'csled .>, et la.f1: place ; but the exciting language agreeable, his whole course with the legal being well advised of the deep designing
the SblltS
authorities." house-his design i iu keeping;!; dog being illcly lil. g
I lo detect I thcerSIIS to n hOI he belonged), Provisional I Government; with t lit I full I I authority of a nllil I portion of the press which profession :and the world was of a character acts by which they essay to steal fram
It has beeu stated that the l U-ili h steamer of the State. As the icvdiiiioii t-urpii es null!! olIB'M to the
atv.l, whom he supposed to be lobbing his regret of all those who enjoyed us the "sweet voices" of the ,
Pluto and sloop Scout l.n-1 stroked! was the work of the bourgeise.,. .so is has i\i.l escaped ihc attention the autfiori- the It.
o of his
IH'1 roost. tiet. pleasure acquaintance, llyit it doubted not but they bad some infernal
several junks and over a hundi'jd: pirates.; lie took, consideialrle pains to discover an the He\lutiol of 1648 the act :*nl deed of .. .
WeHiavv apprehension of seriousdi.stuib.mce terminate in so solemu and sad; a t card" to play but Hea
on us
lime who have seald the inauguration tH any ; a
have been .Jt but none for I this he wld.il.c.SS.
'fhese pirates; ; to a : l'c- owner "UIU ; purpose .
appear ir own m m : of I the public peace throughout manner. No man had more friends :and no shield us we little thought that designed '
him to ( schiul house, that of power will'll they .,
the extract will: *!mw( : sent tit allY i:
rate set, us following blood.] The uuesfion which asks England ; arising from Politicalopinions ; man better deserved that the ,
ever world shouldbe
the Ililt. if possible, i identify him; i ot.C eniral' any such Machiavellian stroke. d
Li The whole of these j junk* were destroyed : he ctillln'l lo on the his neighbor 'i is .Willil last !I' Eveiyman ; : depressed stale of trade, his friend than James A. Bertbelot.He To- --
fire on boaid them had been loiind) 1 IHo':11 hil Joyleslowl : and believe hm' ; and t the existing: :i: uncertainty naturally inci- I policy. put up a candidate who eir
by ; J.j'.h for the ; i the in England, we ( .e' i! .
I same; purpose ; ald turt'd had
viewed the
'vast quantiiies of m1 hilt: pot 15' matchlnck-, dog. loose and followed! him to near J J'irL'stavern hopes so. Lamartun; Ilil eta-, in his dcut.d! I m tl t the ;attains! on the continent must, long approach of claim political kin with nearly every onei

musketoon" spears, pikes axes! &*'. with avery iu m I Horsham I on i thc 1 tll. The dog address to foieigu poweis, .\c -I'sirt. furhumanity we fear !produce a slate of disquietude andscflcdtig death as an event which was soon :and lour own voters, at the same time thatb,
large supply) of amuimi mm lIitlfl. On being: : that ;amongst numerous classes for surely !to happen-the disease which Democratic
ptseived t
died the Ilril; of lie i7ih.! It i is not ; t ; peace may cau- sponsors are authorisedately pn
a boarded, (he guns weic .atways fllulltlloadt.d.JnJ chit's, known that; the dug ale anything while he wu even hope i it." Sincerely do 'm e re-echo some tile to CiZIe.N.'lot' -ed the termination of his mortal career to assure the faithj'ul that. the El-
; iu mott instances haMug: the imma! these words \, monument railing pulled up.
I eqdi.iticallyeven
at Fries's. JJifoti* he died he thttl made its
in all, i the numerous le :<, was gnawed l'i,:lIt illg- :.o lives lost. or* appearance some time since-and Governor has undergone baptism-recanted
ready ; his neaily oil' A dog at Fries's in a lore enlarged Sf'l.e t him M 1 LaIlIirillwe Thirty
and oilier members, of the body. file paws peisnns I woundfd.Miliiaiy fur the past winter he has been lo er and is
mbe( \\hi; as Democrat a
arms \. ;a. bitten i by him, ,at.tl died about three hope I 11,1 t peace preel'cd. conflt god a
-rewed about the decks, were feniful.: and! "t'ko u ier."The both wilwlllhc( Republiand! within were underarms] aOlthe ma is- his bed under its influence, thus time was when he followed the lead! of the Feder ,'

tlie groans of the wounded, and .l\iog;all hands ajipatling !- \ morning of I the 24th of Fcbruaty, t tie spheie tf dunlst domjion. Our.sympathieb tales At Dumfries\'t'rt assembled! at the riots Hall. afforded him to reflect calmly on his approaching John Pope-is to much for human I 3
the xvretches solieiting on Paisley were -
; o'clock 31 Friesai awakened -nay, our illcrc all iu- ,11 apprehended. "
about r. ts.l end
two : and
: for preparation to lure, arid e'en
their S'lrCI! ius.:0: I m I meet we most Cabel -
to have an end put I lr> : sharp and acute pafn which hesupposed lunately iultrWOVCI with the ,1I"tlall't; of I give
by a
be taken very it as become a Philosopher and Christian. for "
determined the rascals nut to a a gone coon. Wlnt with the
were GG
to be rheumatism, in the little finger peace ; I hit the great social prob'm which .
alive, that many of them in the water othtisto weie" that was bitten, and at the seat of the these men who arc aiming i logovci( millions (2oNnrloN or TiE BRITISH WEST IsIIs.Tlw DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE-- -- FOR COXGKE vernor's old! Kentucky electioneering tmUof '.

.seen attempting to cut their throat*, wound, (w lilt Ii lnd healed up[ however, by a stroke of the pen, is of I too inicaie: andcomplex : icporl of the commillee ap- swapping loblco. kissing Folly ao '
drown each 01 tier. One was wounds do. The a character at once 1 IDC I solved. poiiiied! by the House of Assembly, Jamaica ;
uheti I a. sun Ii as ordinary The Democracy of Florida-or rather chucking Sally under chin talking :
the attempt to blow up l the 1III iga/.me, I extended I to (he middle of the hand, The difficult (question of human :lljor-the ; to mqiiiie into the depressed conditionof tie Ior
another n pain portion of it, assembled at the MauVnn arid! cotton to the farmer "Job
fortunately discovered ; seeing ,arid wealth its : culture in that singing
t thence down t the ends of t the other fingers real onlysoutceof : -;ir mimic agi ( island gives some very
useless to continue his Ilight: wao; in time act the sal! hand, thence up the left ;aim. equal ilisiribution i is the greal aigmcni, to I inieresiing I :: st at 1st 1CS, indicative of the real Coqvention lately, to select a candidate for Anderson my .Jo John"!, to t hits ohllddie'l

of lowering the Jsail to ;give: himself up! II across his breast and down' t the right arm t lo t llie I height of which i they pioposto dnect cl'cilH of 'h,: West Indian colonies-once Congress. who might have some reasonable and reciting ... O'Shanter" and rehea

when his he:id was seveied with(I'loin..IXII'e his body: byt tilt! : ei.ds of tie lingers of the right hand.- all their efforts. They may' cut ib' Gutdiauknot ; among; tlt rr-hest and proudest jewels of hope of defeating the man whom they had! sing .Ralph; Ringwood" tales to the "g a'..
>ne of the ;pirate crew an The lime I occupied in I Ibi, t transition of t thepain but to unravel; it liy the cmcr ;and t the fl crown-from which we make out
ral attempts) were made to lire I the Mhip'sboats : was; about fifty six hours. After t this surer process of developed i indiislJuuud, ? t the rolon!] I mig; condensed results.Rifoie twice essayed in vain: to conquer. Having Cabell lil surely be beat all holtov-

and many of i the pirates were picked uh.-n (t to wit. on :Saturday: night; ,) he woke with dl on peace and) security far (..)eClh'.., we the passage; of the Emancipation I tried their hand on Mr...Cabell with twos out- least, so no doubt our Democratic fnie'

,down with musketry: Irom the ship! the I tiemend I !
about In fire on them. Noihing: but neck, which !he i compl! lined of and expressed absolute o well disposed. 140 have; 11'1:abandoned. These abandoned each time failed. to obtain a majority, having we certainly can claim the Ex-Gomaai
provisions necessary for ciews was au opinion I that it would,! make him crazy. Commerce is at a stand. The lods have estates embrace 106,032 acres of land exhausted

a., found on board." With I illtcnals. tie pain continued until f.dl CIlOriil()usl y. Consiiler.ilUjf.iiluies i I employed 553 laborers and produced in the weapons Democracy to having once belonged to us, and ahboat
I ed. Clubs I in the of ] 32, 14,178 of the last arrow in tfie quiver, without effect our Democratic friends
I 1 D11SIN.-\V'; heard] :1 i story :Sunday: evening, when he obtained some relief are alloul are t Dime hogsheads sugar and 5,903 may
; SIMPLK the subject IIf .* l)ivi- from a preparation for rhieii unit isni.On .- formation to advise 01 P oveavve I tlntiovrrninriii. : puncheons: of mm. In a comparison drawn on the invulnerable object of their assaults, : dispute our title now, and he be so UDgtaK-

the sion"other that we night;thought on .. SOIllI:'' at I the t lime, Monday he ale his dinner with his: usual Strikes of woikmei ar; loililI ; I hetwt't'l I the products of 1382 particular sugar it became necessary, in order to insure success ful to his old friends of 1840, as to disOl
and drank three of t lea.About .- more numerous, daily ; oi| >raiiv( demand e.sjaiex, in the years respectively of 1832 :
and! nev*.r having seen it ii: print, we arc appetite cups I to change the mode and means of the "soft impeachment," yet the com O
i i of ;and liavifexpelled; and i it that
hour before sunset he his an tic rease wages 184. appears they in
benefit of it. ;tm) icldec.
the :1'ktc
tempted to give our bodies work'tien I 1 IriS'J. 25.92.S of ) warfare. The rallying cry of Democrats still remains-that as the Ex-GpvernorW|
named P.. pretty wife; f for a bowl I of water, iu which diiected of4English llleir hogsheads sugar 10,008
A Southern planter i to 50 hId molasses anl vinegar. rivalry i m I the cunsi met ion Irraill Tle puncheons of rum-but, in 1847 only 17- to the Rescue !" when uttered by their late been '
twenty -
do in the world now. was: some 1I'1 put !
well to !boy on I he eastern When I I ilii* was; pr'cl.le. to hyn he exhibited moderate poliliciaus, the rereso| JUves I of i :359;. hogsheads of sugar and! 833 puncheons candidates, failed! to bring up the hitherto S "All! things by turns, and nothing log,"
years ago:!: a poor lie first of the dread of water, I the middle have diappifc-d fiom of 111.Orlli. Democratic he be with 'I
shore of lar'laflll. One of his strongestand I i !symptom casses. The conviction was may soon us again-the
characteristic of t the disease. I the :11 ; the eha>s u a.sions. : coffee! plantations 465 have been majorities. *
most marked traits of character: was an forming t lp secle. inevitable, though mortifying that the may shift-and ifso, the weatbtr.cockI I
however I lie I could nut even take t the bowl I i in his England wails with leI illfull in deep !, containing 118,400 acres of
inordinate love of of money.the This of t hicitiiiggins hand; ), but threw himself backward and and anxious alarm I tie new .stc in (his laud; employing in 1832 26,830 laborers. glory had departed from Israel"-that the veer with it. .Tempora mutantur tt -

is characteristic" where they t practice,people skinning strangers showed difficulty hi breathing, similar'! to asudtlenly strange.- and eventful history. : Thc number of 42,820 Ihorers. employed People were no longer with them. mulamur in illis," is the Governor's motl

in cold the PAIUS."b. 29.mlr. in 1832: a number of and will be
brisk seasons and) :spinning one person ) plunged I upon Contemplating in despair the inexorable our consolation in defeal'
during effect known by the term of ? n.lsh. U. S. Minister, aJmp.iiiietl' planlltiols.; has now dwindled to '13.973 ; defeated
I dull timr-s. In due course (commonly fate which threatened them with the loss of we are.PRESENCE 4
another duiing about for breath. He thf1 sent for his by Dr. Martin and Maj. I'nnmsiimkt'vist! : the rest having generally become what the I
,, of time P. wan of age and thought it catching of the ? 'isional the dearly prized spoils," the
He went to a neighboring family physician, Dr. John Mathews.To waited on the members report terms independent settlers. Democracycast OF MI.ND.-An event V
time to get married.and! in the t'our"e of events show the doctor the effect produced Government, lo whom he dclivdn most I staled (that (the free blacks will scarcely about for means to retrieve their fallen may be almost considered miraculous.

village; the of water he undertook address. The detailstjhis interview ever work more than five days in thef'ekin fortunes. Open warfare ] place the off14"
introduced to a daughter of Judge!: 15. on him by IJJ\1 Haltering having prove' disadvantageous on Thursday, at cathedral
was with I the same as are from the Natial. On some distticls only four-and that F. r.
said the embryo ,speculator I to lifink ,,again resul t1cl to them-having sustained tre Dame, Paris. A workmanhamed
.Dang gal, : 2 the represeiive Minister i the time of field labor is from s
him before. The doctor pronounced a case Friday at u'cock.: average defeat employed! in the repairs which are no* *
gaining < whilst
to H friend who was of hydrophobia. Mr.1 Fries would not be- from Stales vtlto the t five to six hours a day," that at the anniversary combating under the auspices ing carried on, was raising a piece of _*

.entrance among" the dllc. lieve'it was hyclrphoLia-anJ Dr. Malhews; Hotel de Ville, in formal rCf nnor I the of freedom, at Christmas-and 'on some of Mars, they bethought them to make an on the scaffold at the top of the north

"Very.much might Judge B. be worth ?1"Vhy.Lollt to convince ?sh r. F. and the family I Ih:1: he Provisional Govt'rmellt., as a ; estates at Easter" the entire agricultural effort for success, by adopting another heathen when he lost his footing, and, being
the reply. had formed) a correct idea of the disease live of the American Union lo tI'e j first population spends from one to two weeksin Deity as their edge of the scaffold fell. His
a' \ $1.000.() ) was patron saint-they resolved to'I
.. And how children has Judge JJ ?1" de.siied. that the physicians at Doylestutvn to welcome our infllt republic, i1lere\ is idleness," and that at all those periods, to sacrifice to Janus-him with the shrieked with dismay, doubting not
many should be sent for. A messenger was des no bond more powerful betwee/i/ ids t than even'II.ti'e canes are rolling on the ground falling from such a great height, he (

Continued. the inquirer."J patched, and Dr. William S. llendrie came community of sentiment. The I P taken and (lie coffee falling from the trees, no rate two faces. At least, we venture the suspicion be dashed! to pieces. But in his do. .

Three' Only three.into ten ;oes three limes :and i I during the tiigjili perhaps about 1J o'clock, by tie Minister of the United ges has, of wages will induce the people to work ; that he must have been invoked b, the course, Faur, who did not lose his prescac r.





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'5 ; __ ---. ---'
r -.

j-i- -. -- -... ._ ... 1 --- ..,..-. .....A .. ... j It __ l 1 -.-- "_ -
--. ---- 1 Il -'-
-- -------- -


T .


t I I p

1 1t




-..---- .- -- -- -- -- ---- -- -. h-_ __. _-___ __ _- -- u __ __ __ .___ ____ ____ _.
-. contrived- to grasp- hold of a rope. I i I i to plank up"; _4-fork over"-pay the debt, scarlet flannel yesterday, which, at night, rllflNEIN1'ELLIGENCE' List of Letters For Liverpool.- -- -"---- :

(.fn1nJ.clung to it with all the tei.ancity of despair I' and remain in quiet and honest possession.Now looks like the real thing.Affectionately REMAINING in the Post Office, at Apala- TIlE superior fasMailimr ship% PE-

He but presently! one end of the rope gae I since the conclusion is, that the ALICIA. PcJltTOF '. 1st, 13IS.nderson TER HATTRICK. Rockwell, having .

ih '. workman slipped along it near I I P. S. Where does your glove cleaner AI'ALACHICOLA l priii. .\ Thos McNear Capt B 5Markeat _= ..mo-Jt (If ber cargo will have
and sum to the liquidation of this debt ------------ -- -- fga
/. that he was then1,1a: necessary live 1 The fellow who has been doing for Alderman, Benj ; C dispatch. For freight l apply

trance of Perceiving twenty fed from the ground, he I I I must be raised, let us proceed regularly to us, has raised from ten cents to a. levy, 1-Sclir Corah AItUIVED.Arril Lee, fin. Pensacola. Andros, Capt D K McGowan, John .March UUR.f' ::1: &Co.
Allen B C Minatt Albert
inighl, and Taxes first then collected which is an imposition.
the cord with all his I I I work. are assessed- tfchr Moa'erey. Appjfby, fm New Orleans. Allen, Mrs Ann M Million, John For Liverpool.
grasped lateral nuuutes. April 3-Dark New England Andros fin Providence TIlE Br. ,
: bun? suspended : ; and since the office of assessors per. Brit, John 2iobihsop Markham, Chas superior ship GANGES
actually strength give way, he JONES': HOTEL, Friday. Wood v"c Hallou.Hng : CornfPrth, em"for, having part of her
feeling his :' tains to those best acquainted with the dLiII Uwgianna Bedell, fin New York to A Mary Ann Moore, J M
DEAR JENKIS-Do: cab' ladies tng.grdwiS! have dispatch.
fueled all his ,eSol0fon.and, giving apnD' you your Dod" B4stwick, Clement Mathews.AButts cargo Fo
\ up cord. fu the in- ties of the individuals taxed, it is, of course, to-morrow night, or walk 'em ? e. freight, apply (
April I
abandoned the -1-Brii; Zeno, Dinsmore fm Trinidad, to E P 5 Mzer, GeoMontgomery
terrified behold- expected that an equitable well suf- Truly SAM. D B Wood & Co. Feb 21 CHAS ROGERS k Co.
astooishrnf'nt of the j as as a aisden, Jas H 3 J J

tease I"* feet and did not receivethe | ficient tax will be levied. And if of ApriI5hipnrlr'w: Scott, Emery, 'fin New Iranchby, James McDonald, Peter For I\ew Vork.
fell < any
ers. he < nor was he otherwise COLUMBIA HOUSE, Friday. York, to C Rogers "c Co. Jugby &, Howard McLean, Patt THE fast saitmsrfr.[ ELIZABETH- ,
contusion j these assessors are found] to have acted Ship :Souihport :McCorMick, fin Charleston to
Ilijll1est -
partially Chit
will immediate dwatcb
weak- DEAR nr..owJf rains I cabs. Dry, 5erou than by a momentary Xonr;;('. Stifle k Co. I
affected' we hope justice be meted out to Brilt Henry O'Conner, James S for the above port. Kur freight ofa
the emotion he had under- may I walks 'em. Always JENKINS.P. : Bark Triton Luce, fm ProiJence. to Thos L
!. raueed by them in the Mitchel Bain, Thos 2 Oliver, Geo 2 tew hales apply to
Des 'Uessen high court of an enlightened Sk The wind ; to be on the :
,_ ;g'l f1i' gfT. appears Brig Peconic Parks, fin New York, to B Ellison 3jown, Mrs JaneAnn Orr, Capt Isaac 3 April C C1IAS ROGERS &Co.
to> Item.
Advertiser.] public opinion. kc 'l.TI'l'y.-City \ To. rocketllIiram Pray, Cart John S 1"01 1'CWYOrk.- -I

Fur, the. Commercial APALACHICOLAimilU The Collector will commence his workas April f J- hip I Rowland, Norcmss, fm Boston, Bruce, Capt T D Pall, JohnPeterson TIIK splendid now MONTAUK,
CITIZENS!: OF to ) Wood( A: Co. t but
: COMMERCIAL. ] Hrisbee, C \V Capt II 3 (
nit ate., ma't r. will
T0 THE M. E. c1IUUCII.putie soon as each citizen shall have assessed Steamer Qiiincy, Allen, fm Chuttahnocliee.! immediate
: !:: OF ..---- -- ------ -- Steamer Peytona Greer, fm Columbus. Brogan, Cobtrim Pullman, JB 2 ,. lli"fatd-i Fur freizh: *>r pl -usf. having
are of two kinds, agreeable and upon himself the requisite tax. -- Steamer Clumpion Cadwallader, fm Columbus Bunce, Levi Penn, William good accommodation?, apply to

I *ble.and among the latter there areODC4 Respectfully submitted by theAL"TIlOlUZED COTTo.-Since our Saturday's report we 12tlJulr.from have Steamer Albany, Griffin fm Columbus. ['.rower, Hez Phillips, Capt J Wi'Brady March :::1) NOI'RSE, STOHE &C,,. S
i received the Calidonia's accounts to the II Miss Easter
acre which :Steamer Charle.-ton, Phillip, Columbus. Joseph Phillips, : l-'or IVctt' 1"orl..
I those AGENT.
perhaps so much so, as Liverpool. These accounts being unfavorable :Steamer Apalactucola, Thompson,fin Columbus Bacon, Naac Pike, Francis:

ofchiaritabheageflCies. :Not, for cotton, our market has declined full |ic. Steamer:: Viola, Van Veshten: fm Columbus. Cary, Thos J Raimond, R E THE regular parket brig fi B LAiMAR .--
assume theform From the Tallahassee Floridian.] Steamer Lotus, Jones, fin Columbus. Caraway, A B 2 Rand Watson Kr.wNon master, Kill have im- _
be sure, that: he as an agent feels that the TRIBUTE TO JAMES A. BEIlTHtiLOT. the sales! to-day being at 51 to Gc. for Middling to :Steamer: Kufanla N'Naujihton, fm Florence. Gate JohnCr6sby Rumes, MrsRobinson .!cd.alt (!'<(>otcli, Ffhr freight or pa*.

. to for which he strives is not a worthy At a meenting of the bar of Middle Florida strictly good Middling, at these figuers there is :Steamer: Emily, Hall, fm ColurrTbua. Geo F 2 Capt Will[ sage, having excellent acCornmoilationn: apply ti

object that object may not be held at the Court House in the city of but little disposition manifested to operate, the CLEARED. Chary, John Rowles John JCro'byCaptE )1.1 3//) _\. nOWF.Po' .
but because I limited few hundred bales.
oe Tallahassee bales being to a Reed, CEil 3
if understood, adL.dbecause on Saturday, the first day of April 30-Brig Henry Buck Woodside for New IVevs York
understood, or FREIGHTS.-The tonage in port has been con Cromwell. Simon Reeves, Geo P .
April, the Hon. Saml. W. Carmack was York, by A Podge. THE ':-cket bit!: Gt.lfRT. Mel-
human charity is blind- called to lUe Chair, and George Call, Esq. siderably augmented during the last three or four April :31-Bark! Belvedere Renny for Liver Crowell, II F Rees, John her, mrma'kr. i* flA\ loultg this
Clerk, C Roan T T 2
when touch a man's purse, you appointed days which has caused a partial suspension; of engagements pool B Salter. above port an l vrill have ,;uicl dispatch.
because you ecrelilry. April 1-Bark Chase Chase for Boston by D Choate, Capt E DRuse, J RRoachJ
and a decline ia the rates foreign. For tr'gnt or ; t'JMarch
and l passage
The Hon. Samuel J.
sensibilities, lay Douglas explained,
his tenderest! B Wood Sc:; Co. Davidson:! David 111'Y
0uoJ in A ;
be shunned, or treated in an eloquent and appropriate manner, the There is now no difficulty Shipping American Bark Madonna! Mitchel, for Liverpool, by D B Dalino, Pctro Roan, BB
vourself liable to object of the meeting to be, to express the vessels to Liverpool at !d. Coastwise we Wood ic Co. I>illwothmy Sims J W 4 For :Vc\v '"(U'k. .

;Ilh that sort contained courtesy which sentiments of the bar, on the occasion of the I have heard of no engagements below. :c. Schr Elizabeth Hull, Tutbill, for Havana.: Donobo Patrick Solon, FDogettSam'I.jr THE Ia.t sailing ropp; red and! (copper-
It is however, -- -- - April 6-Ship Sab-attis; Cox, for Boston, by D John W -tfixdbirk / I (; Livermore. tna.ter. .-*
so little of welcome. ; death of their brother, James A. Berthelot i -- ----- B Wood A; Co.LIST ::; 4 Sterns! a : -
savors COTTON STATJ.EXT.: Last Dix, f' LDonnell Sirvi, James 2 will have ti. patrli lor tne above
effort and offered the Preambleand :
this humble may open Esq. following I ------ ---- -------.-_ ----
that --- - ---
hoped year. Mary Stodard. E port. Fur irei bt i r pa.:ase, applyn

effectually! a door l to the best feelios; and Resolutions : 510ck on hclnd3ept.:341':578: --9&3 OF VESSELS IN PORT. J'l1nr.t"......v.'f V n bflAIl.(;! ;,.h., S7UII&L n-.a I Mch_1G.___: WM.I I;. POUTER; &. CO.
As this -
addressed citizens of community, we feel ... .. .. SHIPS. Ellis II u
of those to whom it is Received past 3 dyS. .lb72 NathanFreeman : Straubridze, T
Ltodest ch-rities the most sincere grief at the death' of our previoudy .... .....SSTotal. : Rowland, Norcross, 411 ton, fm Boston, waiting Capt B 2 Stone, W V 2Fhurher. J. SPECE,

by presenting its object iu such friend and fellow citizen James A. Berthlot .. .. .- 91730 S6CaI -1I) B Wood & Co S P Small, ThosStockbrid WATCH AND CLOCK MAKEK .
.. .... Andrew.Scott, Emery, :31S tons, fm New York,
|lii.|,! that its plausible! worthiness may be Ksq. As members of the bar' of Middle Exported" previously.past 3 days..... ... ..5100fiTot. .30.-,9 waiting; -C Rogers & Co. Greeman, Sam'I S e, R r.i Set ml! t"ry Iatt1l's: nu.IJin; ,

and felt by all. It "ill be borne in Florida we are called upon to mourn .!!. ... .- :H09; 5772 Southr(McCormick, 499 tons, fm Charleston; Ford ham, John S Stowell, EH !?"'. (Fjifnuce rl!Che!fnut-st )
?rn cllni- 1 still! more deeply the early death of our 'aitilJoursl'.Sone & Co. Fonce PGalhrith Small James 2 s"; APALACHICOLA, Ki..
mind ilwi \\e, ** .. sect for ttlial w<" : much valued! whom sh1lijnard notcleart'd :i613 :rA32 York, Pollard:? tons, from Boston, waitingMaster. 2 Schatchings.G W
brother, than none On hand and_ .on_ __ N B. Watcher Clocks am' Jewelry: carefully
build >ticed ch tire hf u Gray, J P Swan, CoranGillmore
never j ------- t
p-iMins tood those -- -- 21.117.
elevated (01'.11 repaired.
jcrjood! :; more kindly EXPORTS COTTOn FROM APALACHICOLA Finland, Johnson 519 tons, for Liverpool load- H J Smith Capt Sam'l 3 __ __ __ _
cuttiti- our.-elves off Irum a sourceourrat fet-'lilJo'-those: : impulses, that ms-I :M Wright
i. : thus I generous S47-ald Gillmore, JGillmore Smith, JohnSampson British Periodical Literature !
I that I our I link HI-HI to man in his pilgiimage: through Commencing bt September, same Medallion, I Ioujndlette' ::1-17 tons. fm Boston, waiting .
we may open J G C
: revenue, I tim in lS 6. Master.: 2 Capt C VALUABLE PREMIUMS TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS -
who life (iified with a vigorous and] polished -- Rev J L E .
ati-I indiscriminately; to all I Probulf Vrc'gs, 617 tons, for Toulonloading: Gay Stowell !
freely Pat Lat
lour And ha'ilin mind ; \possessed! of great amenity of manners WHITHER F.XPORTED r I.3 \\preVi-j! '! TOTAL I sascnLtverool I :Wright.. Garland, Henry Stetson, Wm E Subscribe! tarlt/ u-fiilf the term; are lute.!!
nm feel JI"p] o>ed to come. and being ever mindful of the just Frances, Over, 3)3! tons, from Boston, waiting Rutherford & Howard Smith, H P .
.... .... .... '. .lI29.1.Jj-171.1597 .10790
tillS \\"a y made our church every badyshouse. nght: < of others our departed brother bound I hlarre.! .... .... .... .,.. ..... ,. ... .. .... D B Wood Jc Co. : :) for Hammond, Mr 2 Soule, G H 1t1-PflILIC0'.TON OF

\\e feel justified to lay a cldim for himself by ties IIf affection and respect to :\ .... .... .... .!.. .. ... ... .I".. .I..I.anlz. .. .. .. Peter.loading Hattrick, Xourse Rockwell,535, Stone:: &ton Co., Liverpool, Ilodzpo 11 2 Smith J CHill THE LONDON QUARTERLY REVIEW: ,

... .... .. ..... ... ; Henry Stevens W
I tho-e with whom he associated. .rrltte.: (), ) : ::3. M6) tons, for Liverpool TILE: EDI KT.ViFAV: ,
the payment of its debt! upon'en' body. Cut off in the meridian of life when the. .... _... .. ..I... . ... ..... I,. ... .9.-, Windsor Fay, D Brewer B Wood & Co.Ambassador Howard, Littleton Smith, Capt Sam'l I : mWl I ; S H : ,
be our entire dependence I Othierports..I I I. .../. ")0)1')1)1 ... for Hawley, James Smith, Sam'IStockpole TiE 1\IEW
will seen load-
Bruce heart i ifull of hope and anticipations: for ;;; lladley, 452 tons, Boston WESTMINSTER r: Y1W,
voluntary cunmbunon. Total to For. ports.I..1-1 lq.9; : in--1) B Wood A; Co. Hill, F A Capt IIHumphrehorn
subscription, the future, we may well, while we bow in I :2191\IH16 Geo Sands Wi'hart. AX'DELACKWOOD3
upou Capt
for loading ,
New York..I. .! .I7tH.j ( : ; Henry, Salter:: 431 tons, Liverpool,
to buiU and] maintain this rt ol humble submission to the decrees of the [1otOIl. ... .. .. ....I..l. .8; (j2, .IOH2.1iUII"W': < ..7715l'rovidence : 'BSalter.Rob't Capt Spence, John EDINBURGH MAGA'ZlNE.The .
church in hi- Most High, forth the mournful tribute Fiiltoq! Wade,5f 0) tons, fm New York Humphry, C R Scanlin. Martin
churches amon! us. Our pour : . ... !, ....1. .290'.29St!) O) .;JJ2Ptllladpiphia : I
in of our giief at his untimely fate. .... ....i. ...1. .;)77. .577: .... 'aitiiig-I M Wnht. hhiggina::: ; J G SperpFedTillingharst above Periodical are repnnfe'1 in Xe\v
place: hIS been from its commencement Jicsulccd tkcrffurc. As an evidence of our B.tltinwrt'.... . ...I. ...i. .]bO.1: bal. .bll Solon, Bucknam. 540( ton, for Liverpool, load- Hart, Capt Wm Capt J 11 York imreiatc\ their arrivj.! by the British !

emijarN: .. ed conJitiou-one, too, of tin* and for the of New Orlf'ans. .. .. .i. ...' .1373 .1 7: .1:) -12Otht.r ins-IB Wood A: Co. Hiller EHardin Taylor, James "teamer.s il a llilul clerr t pe, on fine white ;
an icspect; regard memory our Ganeslr. Corni'orth 723: tons, for Liverpool
port::.... .. "' .i I -J .21]3 : ) E J 2 Tule, Oliver 2 p2petarid are feithfi'l cnpief the oriinaI-
which the public mind has deceased brother, James A. Berthelot, E ::.:.:.:: ::::: 1'.J..dmg-C Rogers & Co. .
fxieut: : of >q. Total Coa-twise.. .... 11i6U!.: (Oj17 ..3217.3JIJ.J6rr Hiller,jr, G E Tripp, Giles BLACKWOOO'S MAGAZINE- beiiuj an exact facsimile -
It i is ambiguous I he members of the bar will wear the usual : -- ,- BAROfES. '
been aware. \--1 Howard, B F Tomsonl\lis3 of the edition.They : .
jierhap not OT.-\.L-c..us. .\ Edinburgh
;)-1J1J.jl.i2i72 fm
New England, Andro, 23) ton, Providence
simply\ th-dt we are tmbarwsscJ ; but bad;.:e of mourning for the period of thirty w.titin-Wood; 5c Ballou. Heald, II II Thusten, Wm H 2 embrace the views of the three great

\osay.( da\; ;. -- PASSlN1EiS. Triton, L'jce, 2fi7 ton:, fin Providence, waiting Hemstcad C G Thelber, E parties in England-Tcy. Whisr, and Radical.
nhrn tnu ambiguity_ removed by a conJ JfesotrcJ. Tnat the Court be requested : T L Mitcliel.Ocean !. Johnson, Capt John Tolford, Capt T B Blackwood and thp" LOldIt Quartery! 'are

..e Mrfteineut, of the preci.-e; and even to spread the proceedings of this meeting Per steamer' Charlecton-Mr Cox, lady, child Bird, Coney, 2 1S tons, fm Newport, R I, Ingraham John Trott, J II.Tes.mp Tory; the "Edinburgh Review" Whiz ; and the
and serv'tJ, r5 Noland, :\115'5< ;amis. Smith, Kyle, ..
Master. .
waning- ; J D Taylor, James Westminster The North
5 aimunt towhichxh.it; embarrassment upon' the records of the Circuit Court, and Prather, tr, Prather, Barnard Wise Robert Pevifw" faJieal
alarming! ;; jr Ocean QJITn. (Br) Warren 5fiS tons, for Liverpool Jones, CHJacksonRandom Tate, J BritUh i, more '(. character
basis fixed iu tint Ihtbe published in the papers of the Skipper. loading-W A & P C Kain.WeyboBsttt !
there will be a ,
extends 2 Trask, F been cdittd Dr. Chalmers
city, anti that the Savannah papers be re- Per steamer t Champion-C C Green and family, : Harris, 321 tons fm New York, wait- having: originally by !,
Johnson, Abraham Ventres John and since hn death, bin ro'idncted bin
I : by
the mind, up' n which in act by wa0 the in,:;-Xourse: Stone .V; Co. no\V .
to republish t
f debt small then queued same. Per :s-teamer, IVytonaV G M Davis, B Luca, Gilbert. Melcher, 239 tons, for New York, loading 'Kilhy, Hmvard Venires, Noah C 2 son-in-hw, Dr. Hanna, associated with Sir David _
. tluna\ oo. It.th were llv'>lc
veri'y.' our spirit' would not suffer us to be 'forwarded by the Chairman of this Per !.i'teamf'r ".Ap'Jlachicol.i.Jr5.ortllt: Mrs Montauk, Gates, 38S:\ tons, for New York, loading Kent, J R Court hi nest order. :

1 meeting in the rel-ilives! of the deceased. 1! A Owen*, children Al !'l'rv'tJis:> A E Farrior, -Xourse, Stone:: !c Co. Kimbdl, F Whittinzton: E 0 :
1r make :in appeal) ; but ioce it i is not confined, Inc.. ]), >'til paid a feeling tribute tu the :\115801 C Farrior, Mes:' Berry, Sutton, Wrght, Brenda.. Young, 343: tons, forBoston, loading-D E King: I) C Winslow; ,.Otis PRICES FOR 1515, (IF SUBSCRIBED FOR T.-P"Y.)

and cannot be contracted to the limiis ot Owens Thomas, Klonkfolkwotth, MasterVor: Wood & Co. Kurz John Weaver Joseph For any one the four Reviews, $3 per annum*
hi.1a;: cliaract! r and( manly virtues of the dcetsMi. For do. ,
Wm & Jamc, Vun.J".r.2G3 tonsfor Providence any two, '
ihn.Per I ;
our own ability who does not see the absolute ,. After which the foregoing;:!; preamble steamer Lotl1Ir Chapman: Miss Chapman loading T L Mitchel.Z Lowell, Capt J C 3 Wyman, Albert For any three do. 7"

j necessity; fur levying;; a tax upon the and, ) resolutions were unanimously adop- Capt :McAlitet! Ring, Livermore, 323: tons, for New York,I Leonard Van Wood Mrs For ail lour of the Reviewa. s .
Per steamer Viola! -Misses Schey! ,Miss Games I'adin-\V (i Porter & Co. Lawrence, P Wralker A P
o charities of l btheis. We say LUJC-but 0, ted. :Mrs Van Veghlen, J Jones. Covenanter, (Br.) Patterson, 612 tons, fm Liverpool -. 1.eighterm, Capt P 2 Walon, R L For lackwood'3 Magazine, 3 u
o ,nn.. \\'. CAIIMACK Chairman. Per steamer Champion Bryan and lady. J L For nad.wod and 3 Review, U
I dear what, difference: between civil ; waiting Day &: Co. Loi4: Thos Winslow, C !
us a : c;!:o. CALL Secretary.:: G B
and t'cclesi-siica: il! taxation 2 The one is Col Milton, W R Daiiin, J T Myrick! C =::Smith J Liverpool, loading: -I ;M Wright. Thos Paynunts to le made in all caes In
. fixed; in its ratio, amount, dee: &c. by those TRIBUTE TO TIlE MEMOKY OF THOS. II. Koulluc, Chapman, Barkley.RECEIPTS : Dauntless, (Br.) Johnson 6s9 tons, fm Liverpool,I CZJ-: 'Persons calling for any of the above letters .

who receive and use it, while/ i tile other i is HAl I'H..; E:*Q. FROM: TilE IXTEllIOll. Cumberland wrlilinglasler.., (Br.) I'owers,402_ tons, for Liverpool ., will savthey are advertised.JOSEPH Con-. ;tin of back voluaes of the folkwini
At a meeting of the members of the bar A Co. S. MAY, P. :M- -
Charlt'ston-l3.j bales wrrkviz
Per to loading Day
yj I steamer cotton valuable :
the of individualupon ] __
subject:! : to decision eveiy held, in i the Supreme Con Room, Tallahassee Jldrpt'r & 1l0Imf; ; 50( to I) i\Vood & Co; 1; 1to P.It IGS. I 1enttey-s n \I"eJJ V.

: whom it is levied : anJloo frequently Monday. March 'Jth, 164S, on mo- Hill, Dd\\'son & Co; 30 In B Ellion:: &: Co; I to Georgianna. Bedell, 190 tons, fm N York waiting Notice. The Metropolitan! ihir.'7.ine.
, \\'vli &;: McKenzie ]710 A N \lcKay: .c Co 8 weeks after date I shall apply to the Jud e
. : ; ; A Dodge.
SIX The Dublin Universit j zine.
, he mind ut the Honor does not perceive, as lion u.Ir.. : Archer. Le-lie A. Thompson 1i .
I J & Cf 5 Lockhart Youn Probates for Franklin letters
to Day : to f: ? Zeno, Dm.-more,221 tons!, fin Trinidad, waiting countflr -
::1 clearly is that of the legislator the grounds K
e of and weal which! I py requested to act as Secretary. lay & Kiri'ibrougim; 27 to Nourse! Stone A; Co; 2W: Peconic, Parks.! :233: tons, fm New York, waiting cett deeeaed. T. H. AUSTIN. The Lt.ndrn, Edinburgh, the FCrCIL'TI
necessity public ; upon The object of the matins being stated by to A McKay: A: ('II; 9S to W A A: P C Kain; -B Ellison & Co. March 23, IS.15. 10-tJt Quarterly and Westminster Reviews

I bases his ratio. The latter, from senator; the ch.iirman; George! '1'. Ward, Esq. offered Sfi; to J Day & Cu; 50 to LockhartA: YOlln G 13 L-am-ir Knud-on, 2C 0 tons:, for New York, -- ---- Any one nbscribir.; to fi Ckwo or to one
Per cteamer Alh.IU\-21i:: :J
:t. down to city-councilman, or county com- the following, which were adopted un- Jc Cheever, 23 to L," khdrt.f.,:; Young. Madison, Watkins, :.H-I tons, for Portland, loading Court of Probates will be opened on the the Pt-riodacaN at 2-3, \\1; receive: gratis, one

' InlsIn'!r. seeing; the great necessity furIa'e animou-lv :- Per s-teamer Peytona-350() bal;'!s cotton Lock- -D B Wood !\c Co. THE' in-t., and for the 10 days next thEre volume any of the premiums,; above nani'-d.

houses The Bar of Middle Florida deeply affected hart Ac Young; GO' to I D Ii Wood; 15; to A N Mc- Havana Smith 16: tons, for New York, Icad- for the: purpose of auditing the accounts of Executors (- A subscriber to any time of the Periodicals at

penitentiaries, court houses by the loss they have sustained in the KMV A; Co. ill,?-\\' A A: P C Kam. Administrators and Guardians, by which S7 a-year, or to tbeFonr Reviews at S 5, will receive -
j4s1S. council chambers and hesitate., IVr steamer Apahchicoh bales cotton to Sarah Brown, Welch 343: tons fm New York, .
so OUt two premium volume"i's
lemoval of their deceased biother, Thomas Mrclav! Kimlirou; 56 to Hill. Dawsou A: Co; waiting! -:MasterAdvances time they are expected to appear or default will "ht.A

not. d inwment, io levy hi. enorm-ms Iud 11. limner, have met to pay a tribute to hismemorv. 25; to J Day. A: Co; 29 to A McKay: As Co; 23: to be filed against them. 0 subscriber to Blackwoud and three Retfews< *
" burden-inn \Vvlie A:: McKenxie; 10 to L G Owens; to WmG --- --- --- L. W. SPR-T at $0 a-year, or to the.ur- Review. and Blackwood -

(axes upon all elates of society Porter A: Co; 5 to S Sutton. March 2=, 1S4S. at ?flU, will receive three prec.iun 'olumes. .'
I. and! mill little The profession of which he was a son. : of Cotton to Liverpool!, .
as hesitancy orders them Per bteam[ Lotus-105 bales cotton to Hill, on shipments
. doubled, if not given in tIle bar of which he was an ornament, and Daws-on A;: Co; 1(>0 to A N McKay A:; Co, 55 to MADE New York and Button, by Havana Sejjars.on (X/: Please be pai tirular in namivs htfrt*
at a specified time. i lie Micial circle of which a bright link is LockhariA Young; 50() to J Day A: Co. Dec.:: 10 D. B. WOOD & CO.DRAFTS nnn HAVANA S EARS, containing mitima, iTd and the icors $lbsmllJjor.

ciI But the foremeutioned( arc public building ,;severed all alike mourn his loss and (eel a.. Per t-teanier Viola! -:373 hales cotton to D B ---'- Excllane. S tJ\J\J\J\J an a o the .Pro- CLUBBING.
Wood A:: Co; 80 to D G llaney; 5 to Dockhart A:: bidad.'s Cabanas?' Minerva," "Britannia," .
-so is4 church and are necessary to t1irery common: woe. Young. on New York, Boston, Providence, Partuc and other choice brands land- Four copies c/ any or .ull of the above works .
t, I And if such are the feelings of his brethren Per 54 bales A N ;, now will be sent to one add'eon ment
existence as well as prosecution) of oui steamer Champion- cotton to and Baltimore, bought ; and ins per schr Ann Maria,from Hava'iD, for sale by r c the
,. t 1-ir-t.unfd civil (government i in t this afiTicting dispensation I [ what ofCttlLsbl.it Mckay. Sight Checks on New York ld by Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water ,r. regular subscription for three-the"korth copy

) are our : !ion can be said to t those who stood WM. G. PORTER & Co. hpinf O. -

P church buIdlIigs: : moreovei feelingasironga.uchmeut : ; ill (lie/ nearer and more endearing relations EXPORTS. f Agents Bank of Rrno"wick, Tlionisoiiiaii Medicines' .Yo }prditiit.'ns tcill le zhtn ichtre the

lI ; for the government under which I of I life. I How if from us there falls the unbidden LIVERPOOL b Madonna-1429 bales Dec 30_41 Water Mrtvt.Notice. JUST received and for sale by abllp l/lOUUlC i made to /pi..', nor will pre
cotton. 3 J. C. ALLEN. miums i: any case be 1i.rrni-htd: unless the sub
IIci .'e live, and! possessing' : the means we ",|I. tear, can sympathy for woe like TRIESTE-Per bark Belvedere-1006 bales scription is p.aic in to the puliitkers, with.

11IiI, subject' ourselves theirs be said cot torm. person are hereby cautioned against! Cotton Weigher.subsciiber out recourse an ".ul ,
dt io taxation at theband when NEW:: YORK-Per brig Henry Buck-442 bales ALL for hundred dollars having been appointed
, I Cut/ oil" i in life's auspicious prime, :; for two notes one THE i
of those. in whose ability to tnA a ; ;lllli.. virtues shone so well!, his fate was cotton. each, given by the undersigned! to the Apalachicola of Cotton, respectfully solicit'employment A late arrangement E.-RLY COPJE t ,
BOSTON IVr bark Chase 1163:) bales cotton. pcMiVhers
0 : dates the fifteenth of from the merchants of Apatachicola. "
prjp r. equitable! arri just t"Iim.lle ol the ; like tilt new blown llower. Although the Per ship Sabatlis-16iO() bales cotton. Land Company bearing his; of Blackwood's Magazine .ecurc9 to early
the fifteenth of :March ISIS lie has a family dependant on labor and f.
s, 1516 and
1'roporiiunal' amount nece-sary: to ;purchase, | I lempett Ins Ct)tile ill evil hour and all the __ ___. _'.. _ H ___.____ March The parties to whom said imtes hopes that opportunity will be afirdlt him togain sheets* of that work; by which we shall b able
r. Dot hopes of longer life and future usefulness respectively. in to place the entire nntnber in the hands subscribers
only substantial but even elegant furniture i I DEN: Is'.nv.DIt were given, having: failed to comply with the a support for them community, (
.II tor Uncle Sam's are gone, we yet bow before -the incrutable; A. WILSON, Surgical and ",'feehancalenti.t. teitnsof their contract, the undersigned will not where such an appeal has never been made in bcory portion;(I f if can: be reprintedin

at great house! we have wisdom of the Most High, we trust in his from 81 Chambers street, New- said notes unless said terms arc compliedwith. vain. ALEX.- McALPIN. other.any -mNiCan Journals. For this and

confidence. Well, I dare say you are at- decree md we say o'er the grave of our departed York, would respectfully inform the citizens:: of pay March 2, 15-iS.- 7-tf advances secured to (J subscriber. \e

11t. | inched to the cause of virtue and religion I brother, God's will be done. Apalachicola, I that he will remain short time at WM. SYDNEY GREEN Provisions pay so large tn a raise consideration the price, that of the we MagaZine.may: be

rot which licsfilied feeble and the residence of N. Baker, Esq., where he will Apalachicola, April t C, ISIS. l3t. compelled
unanimously, as a '
our boasted government I rBIlLS Whiskey ; 10 do. Prime Pork; : Therefore. we repeat subscribe early ichile theprire
is a who desire
mere attend to the requisitions of may <
t.b r Illeller. I don't know outward testimony of the memory we cherish services. At Chambers, / \J 1 bbis Flour; 1 cask Rice; : w loW.'
that his
you feel the : of our departed brother we, the Bar of I professional [ superior old Reserve Whiskey; I Remiltanrc and commnnirations should
, IJme: confidence April, 1S4S. 12-tf APALACHICOLA, DEC. 29, gt7. b
in the parties constituting \ Tallahassee and Middle Florida, will wear -- -- ---- -' --- very choice Hams; : always addressed' post-paid or franked, to "
an executive in Thomas E. Gray John M. Carnochan, Plaintiff Now landing schr Louisa Sears, and for I publishers. LEONARD SCOTT &
IJCo this ecclesiastical taxation. i ii the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. per .Co.
H I : vs. 1 sale by E. McCULLY, 7t Fulton St .
am This of shall be MERCHANT TAILOR :
lure however expression our feelings
C.I i they will never get the George K. Walker and Mary March 10 T 0 Water st. ---
thance to :' placed ou the minutes of the Circuit Court WOULD respectfully\ inform the citizens of his wife, of the State of l..cnol Syrup.
gauge you as deeply, as some of, and its vicinity that be has I Brushes. RAY'S superior Lemon ? ,just received
I Bother now iri session, and the Chairman of the Florida, James E. Bettner: Bill for account JB yr p
11II L stamp,) but, then, it is very cern meeting shall be. requested to send! a copy just received a splendid assortment of Summer and Ann his wife, of the r and partition. H AIR, Hat, Clothes, Teeth,Nai and Shaving : for sale by
tam Goods
a of consisting of New York and
great State I
part our national, thereof to the family of the deceased.On _
ture made up of church furui'I'I motion of T. J. Heir Esq.: Fancy Ca&dmere, White Drillen, Plain Linen Drills, Jane McMasters; of the I Feb at 1 F A BELL.Ttlolasses. .a'lhS'S.IuLL'S .

/;! Fancy Linens,French Cottonade State of South Carolina I superior and double
single Trusses
.bitb' the civil Jtcsoltccl, That the proceedings of this all of which he is ; ,
authorities do not I Fancy Vestings, &.C., prepared Defendants. J
provide by
J :! ni eslly ''easing the ; I meeting be published in the city papers. to make up in the most fashionable style; having affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that 2 h BBLS superior Muscovado, for sale by .>b 17 F .\BELL.: -

,sjDj to be done inference, that this is The meeting then adjouned. ju"t received the Spring and Summer Fashions, UPON Defendants mentioned in said Bill do pJ Mch 16 E McCULLY, ;*) Water >t. _I -

r by some other authority. Well, L.; A. THOMPSON:) Chairman.M. he flatters himself that he will be able to makeup not reside within this Circuit, but within the School Books Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specific,

'Apalachicob! room io the Florida| D. VArY .Secretary.CORRESPONDENCE.. his Goods to the entire satisfaction of his customers United. States: It is ordered that notice of the sale by : A SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, torsale'by
; wing-
JOtoteg the Aliibama both as to style and prices. He has also institution of this suit, and the filing ot the FOR 17 II F ABELL.
4 I this, : and Georgia wings fbeen on hand an assortment:: of Ready Made Clothing, amended Bill be given in some newspaper published Fcb *'<* 3 J C ALLE"
governmental fabric-has consisung jff Cassimere, Satinette, Cottonade, in the Circuit, for the.pace of four Piles. The

furnIshed by Contract, 00 which ARCH STREET, 4 P. M. Attuckapa and Linen Pants, Dress and Frock months,and if, upon due proof ot Ttie appearanceof D1TCHETTS celebrate Spanish Specific, for CERTAIN Indians Elixir.
there is for chill and fever (
yetI Plain and Fancy H F ABEEL. remedy ,
and : .
:1 1 Qe near S2.000. DEAR ALICIA.-Could you oblige us with Coats Plain Fancy Vests said notice in some newspaper so published\ : [ A saleby o

,L ea, illd Possession has been giv- opera-glass for to-night ? Pa won'tbuy Shirts, Hats, Shoes, Ladies' do., Gloves, Hdkfs for the time mentioned, the said defendants do Castile Soap, Ft'h 3 J ALLEN.
) held your .
fur Ql'ilr three years-and, of because the won't but a &.C. &c. Thankful for the liberal patronage not appear to said bill by thenext rule day,which received and for sale by
oJI t0rIe. the crediting opera stay heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes by untiring shall come after twenty days from the expirationof JUST H. F. ABELL. Liverpool Salt,
IfI lttll the seller IH becoming im- short time, and we feel so awkward withoutone. exertions and strict attention to merit a said period of four months, it i is further ordered 1 I sale by

citttlt; more so, since being a tran- In baste, Lizzr. continuance of their patronage. that the same be taken as confessed Guava Jellies. FOR I ec 30 B ELLISON Co.

Occasional' re8'denlbusiness of this P. S. You may wear Sue's black sack if April 6. 1818. 12 3tRazo'r against them. DOZ. Guava Jellies, assorted size boxes &

34Cl on is hard to you wish, as Pa didn't lake a seat for her. Strops. GEO. S. HAWKINS Judge, &.c. ,0 just received direct from Havana for sale Groceries.

eIh no" 8cttle at a distance. \Vhat is &. SPRATT, by MrCfLLY, BBLS Whiskey; lo bbls Molasses
eID I to he and Emerson's Strops, just re- CARMACK '9 ;
S n'ed.10' done 'ro be sued, we are asha- DEAR LIZZY-You are welcome to the CHAPMAN for sale by Compl'ts Solicitors. ,March 1C 50 Water st. 1 tierc, : Rice,just rec'd and for sale by .

0I i bt locked Out of possession' and I glass, but you will not be able to see withit Feb 24 II F ABELL. A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU Clrrk., Cuba Tobacco Seed. Jan I E lCCULL Y. 5 Water t.- .

prl'llege''e like 81111 Iess!! -and to repudiate as it has been out of order for three: Olives. Dec 30. 50-4m 5 LBS Trbacco Seed, from the most celebrated siiuir. ...'

)1If :plead bankrupt law years. \Ve always take ii with us and pre- JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale Tuuiicrs' Oil, plantatioes of' the Vuelta.Abajo just received OCOTCH and Macaboj, in bottles and bInders -

If.C:.; o bODeil. we do protest we are tend to look, which answers just as well.I 8 by E. McCULLY, sale by from Havana for sale by O ,just received and fcr sale by .' I

The only alternative, hen, is don'r want the sack, as I made one out ol March 15 50 Water: st. FOR 30 B ELLISON & Co. Mch l; E McCULLY, 50 Water st. Feb 1 1 F aBLL


S ,

S I .

S."I .

"i .... _' .. ...... : !. y 'J i 5.. -;o : r -: 0 "--
I - :". _.- .. -- -' '--''- ........---. -l! llt _, :!o. -1.. I -= -' : -_ L .' ._ '___ '..c "

-i-----. -- .
.- .

Ft .




__ 1__ --------- -
.nma- --- .
L- -U-- -
-------- ------- : =: : -

Tax Collector's Sale.BY block 1jjlit1IStl: : 10 incisive: unimproved : | PISOSl'ECTUS 1LBat Notices. Dry flood's.HE FRESH ARRIVAL OF

block lJ.3: iots HOS 3 to 10) !inciurive unimproved : -. T subscribers otFer for sale a large and seasonable Drills, Medicines Paints
virtue' ofthea-ithonty in me vested by law, block! 1-U5: lots iijs 1 2 :3 d 7 S D 10 uniui'ioved| : | OF TMI stock of Dry Goods, consisting in JDyc-StuIIs '
will expose to sale, bcf ire the Co irt House! block I 117 l ttt. 1105 1 to 10 inclu-ivK: unimproved : Franklin Circuit Court. part of I'erfunie c'
Door, ni tlu Cit of A-wlic'uf.: h, i u "MmJiythe hi! >< '; l: S lots ios I I.) li) i:!r!' -:ye unun rovi'd : FLOTUDATfiIG The President and Directors oH Negro Kerseys and Linsejs, ;, ;1_ THE undersigned returtuohj,1h'I .
Sth li\ . 1 t10 i.irlii-ive( uiiiinpioved : ; the Dank Pensacoln, I In chancery. White and Red Flannels, --.- to frLenth and the public to
1 b oeik 140) lots' 110.1 1 So 10 I.H' :!-.IVI* ul0I1t1)l.Ir.edt,4) ) : j A WUUKLY PAPC52, vs. ( and : liberal patronage, and beggtftnf ?
: M. au.iur< P.M. I titlullo.ving n1 ct aTe, B.ingups Tweeds
( 111 I lota no? 1 2 J 4 > S !9 10 nnun roved : I j TO U2 PULUSIIRD 7.V J/J/f//-V-V.-7. Hiram Hanlcy, arid otbers. J that he is ilOSvreceivur1ra adj"T*
Super plain black Casameres
situated and
i:> the City of .p1JchLI.1. : : as fancy ,
lih.clv 112 lois 1 f. S iifur.r! iinimjiro'.ed *
nos : j At Chambers, 2 lib March, iSIS. supply, n hich added3to H
the property, ul' Liewis Curtis and JosvjiJi Deh- .I I 11'} lot 1 to 10 Super English au.j French Cloths, ,
(II >cv ncs IrIcl.s!ve uniuii-roved : j Tin Iflh1Ct'5LrIl filed in stock, renders his *
in the fixbibiU a sortir.ent
Bill and
; ( the ,
field Frn.ke< ul th A'>aljcii.-ul.i! Land Corn- bloc!: 111 I I lots no:* 1 to 10) uii'lu.-ive uniuitiroveJ : propose UPON reading said Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and liqrs and unusually! i
Town of Man.i.ma: .1 ick< Florida, a ft ordered that service of complete. English, French. 1Anitncan
on ,
ciunty cjti-ie, is Dullil Cerzran
]jnuy,) or 4) much th'TiMt as will piytiie Taxes block 1J-3 1 Its nos I to 10 !>icu-ive! inini.roveil! : j Blankt-ts.s, ft and lOrjrs.MarseilLs *
forisl?, a-ss<('d, thereon, aril I in arrc-ar unpaidtoth.jStat.jol li! iek l-IO lots) :no.s I 1 to I 10inrii.-i\e) i ntmiiiiuned : j weekly iifwspi'UT: with I tl.o abnvp tlt le. bill be perfected on Hiram Alanley, one tif>f the Quilts, 9, 10, It ai.d 12 qrs, and Drua ists Drn-s ; Cosmetics ; Perfumer TI *
filed ( ;iass
Floridj.anl the Cuualv of Fianklin.tii bII! \ 117 lot> n.-s 1 10 10 ::H-l'isivij unimproved: : j This p.ij'tr will be devoted to LiU-ratcre, Agriculture defendants, who appears from the affidavit Deniins: Krenli.s: and Cottonades, ware, &c-, &.c., are *

thjr xvilh tfiaostof a UvrJi u'aeiit; a.tdsalir block 13S; loth IKXS 1 to 1 Ii) i inclusive tiuiiuprovcd : and Science; it vill ais.i co'itain the herein, to be a reeident of the Middle Di-jtrict ol Brown Shirting arid Sheeting, to P1&icins, Country Merchants and |

;and whirh s\id rr J .ite is ckcribd as Mock: 1-2'* lots rios 1 to li I) i incl'.i-ive iiuim,>rmi-d : current news of"the davanditicks in t'ipport' of Florida, by publication in the newspaper publishrd Cotton Osnabur the n.ost liberal tern.s. .all cf which fce J
l.iocli: 130) I"ts !:.>? 1 2 3 4 7 S !) lu) unimproved : j the \Vliig p.-y.],; in the city of Apalachicola, for Ihc space Cotton pure and unadulterated.
in the of *.ud viz. and
follows Drilling
Mip City, Ticking
bloA l.7 lotnos 1 2 : J 7 8( :9 10 unimpioved be and
> : said to
Thou Manley
| ant ol a I lupil; papnr }bab 'en severely of t two months requiring H. F. ABELL
Clack! A, J lots 1 to 1 1. inrlu-iw Linen and Cotton Checks ,
ran i' nus.
l.lock J-"H: I I4I Is nos 1 to 1) iiicu-i\e! unimproved ,
i : %\
JacksIDValton the first Monday in holesale "
j felt i in i and \V"aui.! i ill conn- before the Court on and Retail
.unimproved ; block! A, rji' _', lot* ;nos. I o', block I5Hos! ; nos 1 to Ii) i..olii-ivi; uniiiiroved: | : appear Irish Linen, Shir'' ing and Sheeting,
bill otherwise the
t>, 1 ll' l-'J: II, unimproved: ; L bi :>ck A raiue !block 1(>7 lola nos 1 12 U 4 7 :- !9> 10 unimjiroved : ties, a'ul ha led to the proposed eatulU shnent: of June next, and answer said Biejohed} Cotton Sbirtiu and Sheeting, 15 Water Street

Lta tiu.- : .1, 5, 10, 1.2, improved; block Jl.iange block! 1'I 1 lots! uos 1 to 1') i uu lu-ive nniinpioved : this Journal. same will be taken pro conlesao as to him. English, French and American Prints, -Apalachiccb, Xov. 21, 1S16.
The to olit'L tain suilk'H'tit patronage GKURGE S. HAWKINS, Jud j, &.c. -
block !' .> Lis under-signed hope)
1, lots ij'H. :;, 1'J' t'J, 10, I 17, immproved: ; block > IMS lo IU I im-lu-ive unimjiroved I : Extraiiimr, |-lain a>id twilled Ginghams, Drills
block 17() lots nos 1 2 :'. 4 1 7 S it I 10( uuiinpLued : ; to onabli: [ I Ihi-in to ciujuiieiicc ila [jiiblicution A TiueCopy.WIM.HM. and IT Iediclnes.
1 1J:, range: 2, lots ns. 13, 11 I, unimproved, ; LlockJirai.eJ Super Ca-hmcre t1Er.osse, Tim
bloek 171 1 lutaiio* ] to lOiiriiM\r) ( Ii uiuii.rovtI: | | : by t the Kt t of SeptemberTKHMS ( VAM.EAU, Clerk. snbxcriber, ha',
bts nos. 2, ;), 1 1'i i, f., 11 1 1 .'. iILIpruv- Extra TIJ'r Miisliii de Lame, and ,
block 17" lornos 3 I to 10 inclii-ive dollars in advance.ST ll-2m con>rantlv have
S i i uniniproved : -Three per annum, March 30, islb. ,or harJ
ed Mirk C, me 1 1 )tsnos. 3, .1, 1 1"), !'h. uminpieved Eugli-ih, Scotch and American do. ,
; block) l'it> I lols nos( 1 2:5 (li i 7 S y 10 unimproved : ; 3D it paid within six inonths or c.1 UU at the assrtmcrit of DRUGS
; bl c'.c C, ran e '-!, lot a no*. Ji I, l' 1 i ] >, bloi-i; 177 lois! IKK! 1 to 10( I inch'ivv I ununrtioved! : end of the! ; 1 CIiACIftY. Super Italian black and figured Silks, i: ClNs, which be and

13, uiimproved ; block C, range 2, lots ins. 1 block 17d I lots nos 1 to 10 ;n.ch-ivc; nnnnpioved : .veur. IJKXJ. (::1. LIDDON & CO. Franklin Circuit Court. Black Silk Cravats and fjncv Hkfs, -. and of the be'f ).%% Ci J

X11, Ti, 1 15: improved; ; bl.vk J), rrw-J, lots ti >s. blue't! 179 li't tsi>oI :3! 457; I J) uniinproxed i : Thomas Orman, i Super Eii, li--h and Porizee Silk I Ilkf?, Merchant and quality.
3,7-, j), tnimprovvJ ; bo.-k! D, iIIIZt t( ts block J-0 lota nos 1 tu 10 inclusive:! uiiuuproveil : Ji.lv.'il.: : is 17.Z _ vs.WilliamB.. > English and Atrif-rican Cotton Hkfs, to their alvauIt4gL. Planters will I

ms. I 1'J, .ri, improved : *;Wc lriiso! J 1 Hsirii -*. b block! uk: lS21i-l.-iKi.sllo IM lots injs 1 i o 4 3 .4> it 10: unitiiprovcd! : HUD.? St. (Groi\Snar ; Finch. ) Madras and Verona head Hkfs, Uoficis, before :'i7rrha to -call inp,ebew examine here.and pn -

: t, ."), lij, 17. 1 IS, improve i ; bloc:* t E, r.in >', I blt -iv 1 'J lott. uos 1 I I lo 1'd) 1;I inrluriviunimprovfii iiiliK-ivv uiniipiovcd: : tj 1") do New Oi1eaI. StIr; IT' buing made to appear by affidavit, that the Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, X. B. Physician's prescriptins

lat-i :IM. 7, S, 13, 1 !, 1";>, lit t I 17, 1 1-., !'. tuihnMvel block: 1SJ I Idjs uos 1 to 10 mclu.-jvtf 1 unimproved :: _'0 bblsSt Crmx defendant resides beyond the limits of the Super Satin, \hr-
|) ; block: E, ran;- 2, 1 it i.n. J, improved ; bloek '.> !lot l? t'tis 1 to 10 I iiu'lu-ive uniniprov>*ii! : 5 b\-i Slewart's Loaf State of Florida, to wit, in the State of New Cotton and FJ.ix Tlifi'ad, J. C.
loc! frni' t; nos. ">, il. 7, 1 I.1;, !I. 1: 'J.i; block: K'f; lots nos 1 TO 10 IlL-j1-1ve; iirnmprov d : li) bbls fjnHii.d '* York! : It is ordered that service of said bill be Plain and fi't Sis-* and checked Muslins, MarcS! 21 Crr. Centre and ALLEN

quiuIIrtYt1; ; ; bl.K-k II rruo 1 l-. s nos. 3, ;>', block Is? lo;> r.os 1 to 10 iii-lus.ve uniiu.irovcd : 1U') sjcks Rio (''ifi.'o: 50 do Java perfected on said defendant, by publication of Jaconet and Cambric Minlins, ComniPrceL,

H 11,17, i-', --> iniupr--.v.l: : : blk If, ranse block! 1S" ION; no2 ( 7 8fl) ,) irisnij-rovod: : block .1 in b\-, Ari'Ti.ittr Tobacco; this order for four months in some newspaper Xer-dles, Pins, Tape, vr. &c llolnieV Vegetable pjii

4, 1N fl4'<. :3, U ", 6. 7;, N H, i ', 11, 1 i. 13, 1 14 I-9 lon.! ..- (j 7 S }9> 10) ur.imiiiovfd! : block 100) lots !rn I) :Mnft'ddo i .; printed iti the City of Apalachicola, requiring Which have been elected with great rare in FOR DYSJIKNORKMEA lij| PA FrpHESE

l", l!*, 17, nmuprov.'d; ; t'! v'c J.rune I* lots i.osU$ 7 0 IJ iuiii: : ,>roi'd.V.'liAltF. 20) Sp.; rtn C indlrs! : "VJlPzs ovn Soap; him to appear and .m wcr said bill, otherwise it New York and Boston,from Itnportersand Agents MENSTRUATION

ti 7, s, -*. t-), ii, 1-2, 1 n. u, 1. ., : LOTS.I'j'l I loo) ) t bus; Si-t ; 5J ke s Powdtr ; \\illbe taken pro conf'esso. Elf Mtriufacturfrs, at (the lowest market rates and celebrated Pills have become

i';, 17,* H, 1.1 u-umpr.nv.1 ; ill irk J, raiui'J, l.-r ht Xo 1-2 ; :'i; leifoot! of ..Lesliestrt'i JiMi) ) ILs Leid ; At Chambers, SVpt. -20, IS 17. are; now offered at wholesale r>r etail on favorable Jm fir. their virtu s i'. curing this ?,

I4.4 tIL 1 I,1:?. I. 5, s7:; .:, y. I'J' M 1 I'-, iyl I, : 1 ) tnJ lt"o 1 Hi; ; 1 t feet lot -\o I 17 : J'i'j kez s V.'iiitf? L'-a.!J. X": I I. E'Vt! ; and! Pure. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, terms by WM. G. PORTER Ai Co. that but little need bed j ,,f them, their a?' I

1 % 1 % I 17. H. 19, 'J iusJin' r.vo.J. : block: K, I I'M i f;'i't lot Xn I 1H ; U'J' !f.'cl f.j..l rf Centre street ; For srd.-by. UT.f. G. ruUTi'.U it CO. A True Copy. Judge, &c. Dec. 30. 1M7.;' -11 Water street. upon the system is uondertul, they immediai?

ranjre 1 1 't< a ,*. !I. ;:. U "',
H: i 11, I"1;, ;;, 17, I-, 1 :>, : u.ni r.ivfd ; } d.-t bcr 2>, 1S17. 11-lrn A CARD. Ii'i: star-d og. PampMeN containing $) ,,.,., ,
l J k K.: tdi 1 >N D '! I, 2, ::. !. .' .;, 7S ;*, It) J l'i 5 iif Lt NoJo ; li'j'' Sect i."t ,f Cherry st. (); Cors ; : !. THE Subscribers take thitnpthixl! r f inform ot e>tirnonial> frcn the profession Frr !

4'Ml I. 12. 15, 11, 1": !i.;, 17, IN J1', -' i, wuin- AK .- tI!! Lan) Iviniy; <.n taVi4! .sldo oi"I the UST riHvivvd on consiLTiini'iit- WALTON CIRCUIT COURT.In i the citizens of Apal'tcbtcoli[ and its vicinity M4ch .1 C ALLEN wfeL ,

fiww.l ; blti*k L, s .< -. J, 3, !, :>, 0, 7, s A-al-ehr I Is IJjy, Xu'th andV.3i, ot the City ol I I Hi.fMjM I Siv'.rs, Celebralid," Chancery. that they have now on hand a very i.eat :-- :-

*. 1-J, 11 12,1-J: 11,1'n 1 If., 1", !t',1 2 >, u.jufxruved A"j'.i<-j."m'-; to til,* A7e.ttr.i b.undjrit s ofKn.klu 1U.U-JO; Caithires, '- i-r.cro! ,'' Thomas Harkar, ) and well -,elected Stock GOODS, which will be % \TllERF.AS, S B Bonnpr beeane

; block M I, kt; a*. 1. 2, ;i, !, 'S, C-, 7. s, <%j jnty; also, J't.Vitjcent's: Ishnd, St. '; d.vxeri: KfS'.TU' Madci-i ;, vs. > Petition [for Divorce. sold low, consi-ting in ;part as fol'ow-! : 1
1 M, J II, 1-2, H, 1 1, i .**, !1.'., I 17, I IN li2''), uiin GIOI.TSland! and Do;..r I l-.ltnd, (exclusive ofIbitp.iiti.xi r, '' '' IJ- iii.i" I'orf, Sarah S.imintb Darker. ) Cloths arid Cairneres, various styles the fa.1 it'Bi.rf1,al Lu'' rI1reb ?, *

j>rnred; W ick N, lit* t -?. .l2.. '4, 1 1"i, 4*,, 7, S y, : ot St. (leor t-s aiid IXiNla'idownedu r> ( hf'rv: d.rdial!, IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, Fancy Prints do. io.Alapara ard ( V ;, -, Jf

S'J, 11, 1-2, ft H, M; 3 5 L% 1% R, --1I, ., ;*;- tJi! ** U- S. G. v ?rniient)) ; al- all L uid-J lyin 10 ftiiuiliIu'. ; ( ; by afh'dmt made in this case, that the defendant L'l.s're! ; d>. Figured, and M. in hi.-r-k r .t il., r ill, ti.- thar1t fil

l rm"i"d ; block O, Juts r* -- :. -'. .", !, :>, i', ', 1?, ; ;l'i-1 tf the! J5iV of Apalachic* h and bordering Fors.l-.v! McCALLV & IIOMAIX, Sarah Sainantha Barker, resides beyond Silks, FrdRyne! I Mf .- *:,', :, -i the JMX ;.- ; ;..-, ., i'y ;

H, lit 11, I 13 L, J !, ", 1 I iT, 1-. 3 l'i, 2 i l, urn-I iu Sr. G ?ori's Sr.und, aid lunum.. Een>t to tho'OMJ Dec'j; ; !! Co! i.j-is:; Block. the jurisdiction of I the State of Florida : It is ordered do. Monti) ihdo. t ,-. -J, ,; I ti rv-H (. ,? zl i*,;. -, ,, r ?. ,.; h |

j rJ : bi'vk i\ 1 : n < t J, :tI, .", 7, N, l"X'.v j hi ivr, lr nn 1 tin'tire I in a direct I line that the said Sarah S-imanth Barker do appear Satin Striped t erntet .1-4 h' 7&O j" t.t'r t .. ud (' mer,

t?. 10, 11 1 J 2, U, J 1, 1"). i.5, t 17, >, Hi2J, untai to t--1; Cbipola Cut-off MlnwiMj I the Ap.ilarhi-! .' !OtPtS9U'S ( ] p 5iJv'J Syreip of and ans-.vor thesa'd petition within throe Fancy Cashmere Robc> ntuv.i tciimut (nip.i'l, v\r.i ft.*. ;r.ti.rp..t(

: .i i :, :. y, i'< i-i Hivt-r dva to its mouth, j inriudin-C l'' tha, months alter the publication <
*,1 ti, U. j:;, 14, l-i, 1% I 37, 1% li-2J, uiulr4vPt1 ; ; ( ; > r.iid! ); the vvh! < !1. coittatniti! 3Mi() ( IT OIl tli1! rnr > f-f c-'i-iin iti'.n.! i--onic: : bront. said petition I t will 1 be taken fur confessed ; and it do. Dt-laine da. with lhe.itfS.. ll 1r.nirtr, it \ ? t'/j?

: !j! 1.*'.: S, 1i:s =. l r.J ), iifl'ifJ.v.! t tr :.rri -: oi't'.iid quality: of Land, and, Ifrirj cifJdijusl rhiJ.s, -j-t'iirti. w''.() i 'i-- C'IL.' .paljiitatton'I is further ordered (that this order be published in Muslins, I India Book stn*;d that in cn? of faii.-f !.> j.. tf ,. '..iniecr.ritRr jf

uixi: .vi ; bl ci 1 1 ; !i K 3, 7'i .''n,>, *ve Illlft.k i ; :! v, ;is jur leturr.-s mad: by the :\S.F; ut! t t'i.Uirt 1.-. &r Cuiji.yl iii.! M ..'. .iflectiuis: olth some newspaper in titf Western Circuit ol this do- S\\i-3. Luce and Colored ; g ;l. cQntrat1 t' e : (

1,1-4 n t. h, j.iJMv.i; ; 1,1 )ik :'J, J .t a. il, j Si-itc Ta esfor Fr :.kli-i .' v.JOHN" ,' !;:dui-vs, im-salebv! State furJju-sp.tce:
: n't"! : hik J, lu's n-s .", -1, 0;, 7. S, i'. 1 1J LIT A'-, Si--riiJ! ; 1V> :y J r ALLKN."otatot's GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge! W. C. Shawls, Damask Silk in a pflbiIf zzetli,. thi4! ? d ra : :. ha'a,

; Iflick, l )j n ,. -2, i.a.r.. ... ,' ; L! ck j jT ,tri>l K\-Ollkio( TJX C' ll'dor Fraiklii: Co..V January t>, l" l 1-. ol-'im* do. Marir.o, re--cit stji Lt: at the rz4: "1 aii n nrrt.a.rr

I.ilii.ts.. -2 > ! ivvd ; bi.u-1; | : > ii *'M'-OII, N.iv,1! > t 7.stt'rir -'' >. and. )aious.A do. Plaid Wool th. fit o.i aiur c. 4p4n ad ;: suJ :

5, JiN.j.K. 1,7, '!, l' ni.H'in d; bl--'i J, !, *?' FINE article torsal.bv In Cljaiicea-y 'Fraukliu County. Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves rem
IM*. 1,7, >, J, <, MU-H i >: : '' J : u'v''; ij. J.Nu.. ; : .tT1. Nov 11 I i IH]. AicfTLLV 1 .'' ) -t.OCOTCI1 Mary Green, bv her next friend, Tuscan! Gip py Conir-ts, latest fashion (Th areu_ of Z.ii., ar tJ l c. ,

._.,uI' 1, iiotp; ..'L.! : hltc'c 7, lots : *. 1, 2, "L : !.), OX tho ln-t Mr-.il..v! M Ar.l) ts--\t, i: I'.ic City vs. > Rill for Di- Ribbons in all varieties centie same shall be pan,! r.! it! e MS". *

4I1jfflt'rt, J ; \>l > '* 7, 1 )!.- ..-.". ". 7, I!i t I. -J : T51 ApahcLiCuIa, b-.ffjv tie! , .1- 1 and 3-1 ili iri ;:, In l. s i rr.cs4 : I r ; d

thk: -, :< UD :J, 1, "i, fl;, 7T N u um.jr.ived ; Court.. ) si'i'i-". I will i xpos fi r -i\\(> at public oulry nr.d .,! 4'.dJuv! i 1I br-tllw aral bladlN' Court having been assured by affidavit Bleached do. 7S..i, -I-I, 1U-1 atttlll-l as. the ? df. Jj. r'u h.f.-,:, ; t, .,4N'V
block 1 1 : 7 i' u ra"r'ive.3 llie t f'iliiviny property t\\c\\ Jl -d Psate, four just received and! tc-; ? jle bvTe Blankets at-'J 8-1 ncNs n'.xv fr-c- said t'er.--
1), lots >ns. >, ?, ; .L of complainant in the above cau-v, that 0-1 t >x. in t ur-marr'pi'.f tj,
block 1 I, l'ti 'K. 3, s, ii ia v.-d bi ttrk 1'J, j j n.-i'c- ril. sleam chti nvlonVheeI. !) I 7 H 1 F AHKLL"FJULLV James Green rc id/s bevond the State of Florida, Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting entis- x: uh. 1.. t.. .:j* r. saj

lofi u 1'). i, 7, I improved ; fil.j. ll, it-'ins J b, o'i<' 1 .,-,' ; asd:.. on" small; Cvlen.Jjr, t.v; : CoMiiertiu t- ii. but within the United States, it is ordered I hat a Carpet Bars at auotzt. i fit-. I t f tl un f I I. .. un s.c

wihiprave.i ; Hock 11, 1:1'.< HH 0, 7, J, Hi.niinirr.eJ seveiiti'fri: !i id, t 1'auatr-c i Pisl'ji blocks RoilOHM and iJrass Fnrre' Pump, :Si'id'-i, ]Jn>ti.i'j ,.'.,1 I 1} liley's comt hearing bo had upon the tarts charged in Mid Hats and Cap.; ?, altles! ::tv, rrt L'm'rs-.r? ri e ; bl-L-k 15, lots !i' s. 4, i), 1J. tin- tiore or I J> fi-itd bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing Boots and Shoes between the h<. .r* tl 10 '-*'iek.t.. M. ani*
extract oi S.s.tnlla
pound jUt re-
blor.k 17 ,. U block less oiio Tea 1 lle. d, unuCrjtir.tie! lot ThwluclS | all kinds. o'tl If e-c: p. ;,r. ir cash ,
1 iriHiiprnved
- Improve ; w ; C&IV''l, n'.l h r iate by the date of this order, and thercdpoii to pa-'S a Clothing ot r J j in. z'.d (.)ieico
17, l'is! ii'is. 6, 7. na.nMvel ; block IS, !1it4 tuts. ,1t IJ1t meijHeven kc Slufts l'eetnck I I-AO CiltVcceU; < :ieor 1-V.J17! 1 1 IA BELL.Dr. decree in the same manner as it the defendant AUo, a ne'it assortment of JEV.'ELRY, and >ts urd H.-.r? : rs.JtC .
: ( *
2, 3, 5, 0, 7, N it, u.iim.M-n.-l ; block I i-, lto. oe bad appeared and were present in Court : Pro many other articles t I. o nuIr.erunto tnciitiuti. IT r.. hr.t lAr.R" A
Z! J, iin.muvd ; bi >c'c 1'J iot< n.' J to >, j iiJunv. tJeiri., oie. I'tl on.Shaft, four auri i. rju tvvofj.'in-C. tt! rj Scrcus, Kl.iur TTaojIraJr's .l !Iis ; t5Oiis Vegj vided always that a copy of this order shall have Call and exrfin.ne t'r ourselves. l uiy-.T.c i.t lhe A: { aU-l.ic..la La: d Ca. -

< u ii:. >r ved ; bl .*k 2 *, lul ; ;.w. 3 to 10, ; te: S.tI! !t and ; )! Li l'IIN been published in some newspaper of this State M. X. SCOTT & BROTHER! Apat- cht- 1 h, Jlurc'i' }, i rb '-.
two Wh.-c--! I l-iid tiin
Fly ; I ,
iad'Hive, u-urn: mvd ; IIsick 21, 1it tio. .;, iiuj ; property uiJlimn OB -. for the of three months at leist before the Dec23 C, ,r. W.-.U and Cen.trests. *
-pace 1i1Ci)1 CotisiL i
rvel b'i.-k! 21,1 ts U" 1 tit J and ;* t-i Ii, iciflivt. : by vulue fa A\rit ol fieri UCMJt [ : I1IflCflt. .
) >
j ; j first of said terni and due of said ,
J C ALLEX.y day proof Publication -
t > mt directed hum I tiu-! Circuit Cwnt < Fruiikhr JhV-b.S B. Ellison frSIsreced ru: Bi.ip Lr..r! .
unimproved ; bl jc-22ius! n-H. 1,11, trum- : be mid<* to said Court.GEO. tt Co., Cor. Wafer ail ; : :.z and ,z
in favor cf John ._ ftivur f fFr
: Comity: W. ilabcock said sne
prore l ; block 23, lots u--s. 4 G:;, 75, '.'. 'i .1:1It.vd; ; 11irai 1I'v. .s. risjifta *1. S. HAWKINS, Judge, fee. Clit's1ut st' F1iedrk

bloC, I,I >t :i: 1, ,3: 9, iitirov'd 1T1\1t2S' Cjua.liin Vcrsaiiu '.fcr ale by A True Cop}'. SHIP! CHANDLERY.MANILLA Cn'par.e, (
'iibsk: : 1), lots uos. 3, h '), 'i;, JV. 17 *H F ABELL.VTOiTATV. \Vrz.i.i.i.tLLA1.r, Cleric. and Hein: Corrf.w! of all sizes } ca ei.'dPrfIeP rt Uii.e'I ,
A .ihrhirola! March -. : S.nt1rln .
25, lots I1) 1, 3, 'i: 7, >, 1'J, u.nm.trv.d. ; 'b! ck > Lii''E PiLLS! AND PIKENfX( Apalibicola; : D.-c. 'Jo, IS 17. HO-Om Wormline, Marlire, Spun- 10 Dnff-ni.nh! : E

27, 1 !t4 ins. 1 to 11 Ji il J-ii-'u, ii utn.ir: ).-< !; &';c!: !ILrItvr( ctitcL'y; 1V1 Bl"F fEljiat! rr.-euvd iid for sale by yarn. ( dktlmn.Slwnaz Oil, tail do, Whal tin, OHVJdo '' rrT\Vnp.:
i block ; Cisom! 'Circuit Court. Linseed do !Raw hi' Boiled dv. J1 irit- Ttt.lirntine JU old; EM frul.sj M 1adni; \Vu.e
iiS, 14t'i ins. .), S, 7, S, i u.ii'ivr: H-t* ; rniII! I: ,. .i'i-jnK-is' h iv I, ni l".r stlL X -vn J. C. ALLEN.HET'.Tl : ( = .- i a
t>3, Ms t :i)5. 3, i *j, 7, S, y, 13, 'iyrovcd ; K-I t < __ : _. : Fall Term, Is 17. Paint, V.'mdow fls! I'av: Win- 6 id Sic.u Manila: %Vir ... >,v
J L' !
I.- is-ortoJ ii.M I SrwHi I !
; <
blick :3), lot no. s, uiihisprnvl; Sii 'di Jl, lots -1-4 < X' ;I-- lirti-u's .ti.! Punts, by the David J. Mean-, Leaf!, lied rIo! Vtil'v Ochre, rhr ,mir< eru _7'fcfHvi: p %r -( [r.rr.
I Ha-i'l'I >.. :M.lUa.vsi ,
-, t. rut 1-Li .
i. n>-- t >, Emerald do, Imperial d'>. 1'hnnn" Yeiow Verilri
S block: :: I-.ts b :1 r.J! luw f- .-. i.vil. Bill for Divorce. ; -
8)4. o, S 'j. 1'3, li-apr-jv-ei; ; s. I t c.so, < vs. >
C ..in"-s;, A'l 'MS, <;;2J.} : !k, < ,j is.-N! (j. x- thrris, Lith 4rt 'i'r' to..it ? otice.rVxvi .
1. -2-. 3, 0, 7, S, 'J. I J.M ijiar vv J ; 'il<. !c TJ. lots all .1 l;.It-&, !It'll-- !IJcVcl-, ': 1r.'>, B..j.lax.Sjiii .-, '.' ;fr.Li: >N & CO. Elizabeth' Mtnrs ) T.tr, Ro .iu. I'r. T.irj ;.ririe. Ct,:.',. JV.t.ifLimp T' / V. Ann K ff<, iwir _' 1 f; rvhrdr1
<5 9, u-iiopr vud b''K31: !' n- <. -2 to Jj.:ri.I. C-< r. > .:fi r .. 1 Chestnut sts."fr .- appearms ; to the satisfaction of th Court .L\
II-H ; iru4it. lTarnt-h d TVl.l. 5''rub no' C iunrd
) ', Colii'i.dii: Aii' I H 1 itoin-t.-, I ll.iinn I IT o-t.p of. veelant can-v, rh! pi.K :,;.- !here*
icl'Kive 1 b! ik :s r>, I-t< o-: 1, that the deiendan: re-ides out of the \YVsN-n Bl '' b'JCi
10, u'li'npnws ; :r.sSh'itterilaru I -, 1:Ilni 5 i'tSrivly.iids ; :ck, Qi till: WSii1; !,, Russia *. Eri'Iili j -atti.'rt-d Oiir4: {.artx-rir tr f; 'txuv ,
fi, 7, S, '. 1'(', uuimprovd-l ; bl-ck 3 ">, 1-.' no2 Oi-i.t.r: S-.lc-., I'ijil: i.i do, C.'Uuu ?. U, itislsnivi;, 11 msMVtnvi; M -< J7. I-ISJHH.! T wr.v i jfrr! snlby" ordered tij.it said; 'lenda.t berp-pired to apt-ear '.Vlite, B1naii1 l l I1rinig. Copor; ctebfs: .
a 1"j, <5, 7, *, 'J, I ), uujr.nvl:: ; ; '; 3-, i< KJi'H. K-'r--! W.T'JVlo Cutlet/.S vd ai.il ,* i'Vh-Jl ''I T ABF.LL.SWEDE and ans'.ver HIH bill of complaint! on the 1-t do Tacks, Sr-rip Spi--! Boat dot{ V>rud#, rirrew.lick -. j JORtract.: d bLet:" fn r: : ;> r
T.H.ZS 'ir.liv.i. '. I J.l I K: KATE
1i .*, tii'>litvvu.uii),>r >v-.] ; bl !; ttj, lul. CLArK<\ilTU-i'; D-l'-nv.: VniK i SW j r ., Mr.ii d-i. \',\-. lin md Garden Mondiyin April, A D. l'' lb, JTcI ii: default ?, Oars Screws, lllock-, Ar&ur-: S.tsvJrb, Il.ui'ipike."lir ; H..akHand.-. C'-toi.. | f-> '*.l, n CoLFirh.51.I !v

ti'H.' 1 te 1 $, i i"i*: .vi% u ijja r *vd ; blk J'>, f ill v'vs-. ili I :1i: h /.. '(.t tfJ1 atid Wool I hereof this said bill be taken |ir cor.fesso, and -
IIr. Viet- < 1'unrDeck H'iekef
l do
Vd. l
::: rs, *, Scvwji.: I .e .>! ,/. at. i r >*vk IJn.r-iKS
its U J. I :3, 4, 5, o, 7, S H, 1 u thiir; i : lJt-: i'il Cards Sttl.-; stn l S mvi 1-. '.:,.uldron and Sugar that tlm order be p<.iblihed in some newspaper Corn do. Ciulkimizl.let: S.jrvired Axe, A.vHelves "g WT.S\! '.; and Bro-.ar;s \.y t..S t I

Mori 1! a-il i'2, !b : u's. 1 1- 1 i.tc! : iriUk -'( IIJOX %f -dfin.U:3: .:-u! AOM C.OI.: -i it't JaI:-, PiuU. ii-, i.c. ice. i I(1 r -iibv in this Circuit, for the! space; of three months Hooks .rid Itmtiilt5-BIx! Hoofc T H-iU-iIiv, %Vi'u-eis t4d jiu5:. .. "
: '1 iiu.i-o.v: i ; 1u i ;k J }, I -: > '. s 1, 2, :J. '. -j.-id.Hit and li i.'JlJ Shuel li f ELLISOX; ) & Co.D.e before the day ordered Inc the sii.l. hearing. Can do. Cotn-n d.N, Ho:tt do. Fi-h 1o. C .uIkutS j :Men's K, >s atul Y ml' !: -

t.,, Ii jim: r ivjd ; Isi l ck II, l .tst- H > 1 J,3i-l- li 1 jitt I 3ft.u 1 liitL-o.d juUf, < .;! dop,H'ir.Ii..e atd it C.-r. V' .-.e: .. .d Chestnut sts. THOMAS 15ALTZELL, Jud.e. Irons, Mnkin" Tri:, M.t-'tn1; S,>ike.-i, iiiji Sor.ipers _. ..: -fir. 'iDrrpi
Si ive, tiann ir ved ; b'1 >, i iU I4'M. 1 loi 3, i iu-; Iri.i ail! NMi; .e December 7, 1 > 17. -irinIron ) ; lltin Di.irwM"1. Fi" k'.- Lad'' s T rm* nr *rr, ; .Mea'& 'eg'd 1rt. ;
ciu.i iV4>, u )iiirove.i) : 'Ji M 4 *, / "js*. 3, I, 5, : C-t, i-ilia'u, CliaU-i ai.d i.k's i11r.1iitp. Divider?, Coinpnsse; s1.:ih! NeedU-s. Sail Twiu-, '. tint.iwoof i: :

i i, 7, 5, u iitr. ir H.VJ. S ; bio ': 17, 1 % Ji-w, 1 ti, L4, C: -n::: Se: 1.PLfjrillS 1. rnilIS I i;; ;i vi-ri!>'." i.V ;IM-,. il 1 Hud extract ofj Nai!<, &c. Seine do, Swixg; ; t.'o, P.mj! Ri ;irs Lpsitber, Rn.sct Brians. ; i r >-..:;- tDrr

uc1tHi.? inr.1: i-., I -Siu'l-j:: and Drul.LC..nXulh: rs CtnrhiMii :i'iil i il ii)% 3. : v. .;' thle febrifuge .') TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ; Pump do. Shovels rlanmiers. llt&its. rjuj.fi.-, B.
Ci.rrnr.sil-i, L' :hair.s-, -Tr.iCf' do Ov Au ur-, Pianp- Httid-aws! ( imbeTs! I trol- w CO..
.o. ,, 1UJ ;ke Nails do.
10 insl'itivc, aina ru J; bl c'i U, I u j fir th fur o! iVvi-r a:: Avic. Sold bvJiinJi : s > lat.
S.i'A'd* and S.iado UVed-: ) ic'G| ji\li.-n File, R.tt Tall,I rlt>, I In.n yie C'ipbo.ir Lnrks. t r. r ;.t ir i
ca-ilcs Hoes assorted
< Weeding
in-iiitivc ia4)r.J I J 1.z: t J 1t IL F. ABELL..rrA qualities ; -
to l'i u "
: ; 1i'J1itid I to 1'J, irjcitHiiv, un.n. :>rov c1 : b1! Tii, 1 .!, V'J Miutih Tu-d t il,=m'i ortKl, Pitch, Mo ss L'O English and Aracucan Vises ; do ;: RfllS ittV i.ii -.!. .,_ Ii. .
2 ti U, ifid'i-v., : !- Hi "i Deep Sea Lo to. Fi-h do. Hand! l L flv! j. :: s
f T.tr, U--ifi, Coil I Tar, Hrqat V raish, !I'.indsi lini) \Ve-t ln-Ii-s-!; : I tiprces FlcriJa Ueli'.ws .i..jr 'ib: ian.! .
do ?
luts no>. 1 t j y. i.t -.lu-iu 2, >i i nr v.Nis ; -k :"j J, JO ; Sea She} -f fc Birdo. Funiie-! L-nthorn?, t -1p: : to -
Juts ins. 1 to li, i "l .ii'u. I z (1 sr c. 'JIf..r' sale by H. i E'.LISON: .V. CO. 12:? dozen Spades and Shovels; Chalk Line, Pith P.ir?. loz linok, C.Lr.z0 do. D-er ; NtiURSE, FE
I') u.ii r K. iil,. :Milis; 5-nd Caul- Jj--!.' :: ) Cf.r V.' !. ia'.d Che-tnut sis 10) Collins' Axes ; Bela\in5! Pii Tin W tr (ttAory, < 'arvat-!* ,
55, lots 12, 3, 3, 3, N 'J), ), 'r ; I -
S blok 03, lots nis. 1 ;. 1 ), ijl, Spultr-i; Pots, Enameled! 1U b\s Cotton and Woolen Cards ; Tool, Saiipo!) IViT Ve.Aitlarliicot. Nojs "
tfi-i, 'I't.-i K-ilN! &*. L'l'Cfilj fiidt'3fi: iecds. Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws [ I>.-r9.). 1 17.tML !I TPRESH Full Cni .. Icr sj'e In 9jT
i' rliji-] ca
block 3 ION 1 t 1 i, n u.
; : TI N Wt! E- \ full a ..nlmcut.U'hdtsilc t \ I L ViE; I ...-. >itiwjti.l t i ui.i Seed, just rcc'd April 17 j. .tELL 3
pro.-ed ; bl-ick: :>J. 1 1.i s n-:;. 1 1 1 tI: 'I 1.V,-, mi- 1000 lbs Castar.d German Steel, for sale by IIC.LN |
and! HH
or rIiI.floIRI' L l.r >altby i
I improve 1 ; blojk '5 1), tat :i"-i. It > x i in-i; 1 J-r-v, UMjmproved WM. G. POUTER &. CO. ---
; bl rkGl-! n-x. 1 tjb.in'lu.iv..iriWirnr !': : ;, Al.LiX! ii Co. Xov 1 It- J. C. ALLEN. Dec 30 11 Water! street. ]>ct and Tu'i ? e Dry

:; <>vei ; blocks 0'2 ta OJ: itif lu-ivc iiimttt d; .A'IiI'i'hi"41.t, ? _)l), 5>r. WoodriIPs Woras Specific, ]' RILLfXGS TukircC-.rt.-n 0-rsS !J

block 7J !lots n )s I to 1 1 \-\ -l-nive iriiin rnvd : MinUyare. SAFE: uid ercit!; ; rvvri.-dy: for w onus, lor ISoots and Shoes. 12: Co.MMEKCIAL-SlRJF.r, iJ Li'.4. *!:erv-, Jcai.F.. i"P.fvi -*-'

block 71 1 lts iii< 1 to I'J ri'-i i sew'd and
Je'd Kip Brogans ; Guharns '.
block 72 lots n-J3 1 to 1 J nu-1'i-i.-c 'i-ihnprnvd; ; in TDMVV KnveA'i I4Ur<, Au. tur Hits, ; J C ALLEN. Gents fine Calf flro Manufacturers and Dealers in Rrv.rr Pafp-.t -, ] -? xr
block lots 1 to 1') i -i'i-u'e innn >r nod : Si Urf. ans ; j *-\-rile: by ];. ELLM! N X C0 JKI
7i noi ( i ; | trt i <, Titn'j-r' Sen1)! Turn Scrrwsiiu Twine Stands, Post OJice Twines Bali'ir. .i-d
WmV 'd aid sew'd Shoes Children's do-do.
block 71 loU ri-is 1 t > M i' 'l JMV? u um, roved, ; : i trki'4 < ''<. Mortice di, Sv.vSit-1 \Voodj j The BiKs\firt' Elixir, Super pe Ladies' Kid and Morocco; Shoes Bundle! Twint-s, -Cart\'sCr.ton Herring Twrw>, !>. ;>. t r. IVaTer :. '! <. -i! a.i3

block 77 lots uos 1 ta 1'J in -1'i-ive uniinprovv! ;
block 7-i lots tns 1 to 1'Ji.j-lusive' Uiiv.I; ; and :Si.i,1Utiils 1 ; S.-n.-ws; I Hinges, Shutter Holt-I I I Herring Twine, I Hawser and Shroud-Liid Mack! I
received f : Vjlft
IVi.'l! A lar e ad:; extensiveas W'jck *>l lots nos 1 t. I) i i<-l'i-i iv<* U-in-ir'! ,vod ; I Un-Js: T.ti-k#, Copper U'nv, :Mdlini t $ Lidk"Rat-I __ J C ALLEN.LavepoI andforsalcby WM. G PORTER &, CO. erel Lines ; I [erring, P4ha.iib Shad. Bi, arI I ROOM" tuF.'bJI.

block S2 lots MIS 1 ro ID inrl-isive snun nvel ; jTi .I1.[ ;, AvsHitihKOife I I ; } Mills! Sledge I Ham- Xets. Government '
Seine- with
Salt, Doc 30 41 Water street. Dip Unj-; !; Cod, [> c '.\ >) .iir> Cvi
block S3 lots nos 1 to in i id'isivc iniuiprovcd *acts Smitn Togs! Mill Si-\ AnviU, fcc. cVc.IVsalehy I ::1Ot cule by Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and:; M'nbadSeires ,

block $1 lots nos 1 to KJ i url.is.ve 1: yiiiii.roVfJ; ; f I. iLLI-X( & Co. ) I ii ILLISOX & Co. 3Iap Agents Wanted.rpHK kc. __ 5..-.I.St ..

block S ) I lots ins I to 1J iud'HMv !niimrovt! >d ; D.-o) y. ( 'CorW..i; and Che-tnut! l -_ : sub-cnbcr wishes to engage in the sale of *V. .C. ..Mnnl Stiii"* knit to order at s'lirinotice. \ Brl.*C f*I**' '*"''".- t r. p.'.

block SJ lots nos 1 to *, iiiH'i'Jv nniru. roVfd ; Geese J. his Maps a number of youiiij and middle B. ELLISON & Co., .- vnts, OO Dec: :.. I! I LI.1-- -
block S7 lots l to 1'J' irH-iMVi; uniM 'rowd ; : FJour, {Joslieu Ettcr, '
nos i : 9 ( J311r ; J I) ItJl 1IlOl3SC4 October M. IS 17. 30tf Apal.u-hicrla
; of moral and business habits trv
Mock hS 1 >ts nos 1 tc 10 hHu-ive inituin; ,ved ; j A XlJ i d s ti jriior aiticL ol CHEI-NE I : l :, fir i1e ..'-., Si I tiirce !Hire: iii-t rci-M and for sale by arid .
block S'.J lots ms 1 to I 10 J i nilusive! Miiauroved: ; ..tl. l lX.vl by ijle(2tLLY: \ .ltn t rt E.: ; \Vatcr st. veiling agents. Having completed new Groceries, &c. A FEU" bbs -uro C.dtr Vrngar. tCrS
r'iT1J.Y..O editions of his Universal Atlas S
block 90: lots ms 1 to 10 inlKtv: *: uiiiinprov! ; I : j Vatr .t. : greatly improved received from New York, per brig Alaba -Tl bv C. Mv CFLLT, J

block 0' tots nos 1 to !10 rirltisive mi i,)rovpd ; :rviSan the $;1d1eLy, &c.SADDLES' 72 Maps ; Iarze Map ol the World, Reference JUST a general a-soitrnent of Groceries, &.C. Nov 11 :r s.
Cap bv fa low for cash by and Distance of the United States, National
block 'J 2 lots flOra 1 to I 10 I i rif-lu-ive uaimprovod: ; f J- I B.! F J .,! variola patterns I and qualities, Map consisting in part as tallow, viz : .
KLLISDX &. CO. of the United State-'-alo, a variety of
lots 1 It inclusive t1IirnrtiVtd $ ruib and J.i .'ie!! bits, Crushfd tine Hydrostatic Ink Fit1IflL
block tlJ n->< to ) : ; 1 JVr >. CT. Sunr; a article,
; % .iter an-1! Chp ,
tirit) st.t.j other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico, FEW Hvdif-ratu- IVunf-a'if. IV
block 91 lots nos I to luitK-ltmv'; u'iiiniroved ; SadtiLBi Pickles, assorted, Lemon S> run, A
block y"> lots nos 31307s 'J II' unimproved: ; j Trusses, ;s Martingales and \Vliip for sale by the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, tar Cog. Brandy, a super article," Sand Boxes, Paptr Fol.ieiStamp*,
1 OlXGLi-: and V.M. (!.'POUTER & Co. cash, at the lowest possible prices. Paper Clasps, Wei'l.ts, &c. ti r MU- byXovIS .
"block 95 UN nos 1 :2 :3 0 7s 'J 10 improved ; I ; double! tur sth-by! Com. do.Holhnd '

block 97 lots nos 1 to 1 J inrH-iv.; 'i.uinpr: : v d ; ) .ltily_ I 7 J-'C. AU.EX. DJP.'JO) I -11 1 Water street. Address, S. AUGUSTUS MITCHELL, Gin, of the !)et quality, J C AA

block! 9s lots nos 1 to i 10 iurl-isive unimproved ; ; zs, 3fcdic.sscs A; iii;. Northeast corner of Market and Seventh Northern Gin, Peach Brandy, Gold Pens.
Wock lots 1 to 1 l'i 1 1 iiK-lu.r.v? iimrnprovc'd ; St. Croix and Jamaica
9'J n'H Rum
A FRINH: ;i I FEW of I1ruther'* S
of Woodward &
j [ DruK Medicines and Dec yij Streets, Philadelphia. ,
Wick 10 J lots nos 1 to 1'Ji'icluiivtj iriunpruvod ; ZL CttemicaU I I SV/A1.M& HOIJCK'S Panacea, just received Madcria, Port and Mahi a Wines, Gold and tlnrsal"October'21. "
:i jvV landing from bark Reform, I Pi-nsju-t received
block 101 lots nos I to I I'M'HtiM') .' uiiimprixrcii ; | and fir ile by ( by" Blank Books and Stationery. Soap, Candles and Starch, J C AI
block 102 lots nos 1 to l'i iiilu I Nov 11 J. c. ALLF.XHardware. Journals, Day Hooks, &.c.
block 1-J3 lots no-s 1 t.t loi-rlusivc i unimproved ; l _"_ ____ ) I'ATOES-liw; !/bl. -, Turnips-50 bbls.; LEDGERS Foolscap and Letter Paper; Brown X. 0. .Musrovado and St. Croix Sugar, Western Produce.

block 101 lots nos 1 to I Iflinrlusivi* nniinproved ;* CarMd-50 bbls.; Be.ts-5J bbls.; Cotton Memorandum Hooks ; Bacon Sides, ice. &.c. ST. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do. Lard,

block Kl't: lots nos 1 to Iii i;i '1'isivc' mirnprovod ; r ;cn CI1MXS.i Spa-les LorksTar IOtCd, ParsnipsJ5 libl., tie sale by Ship and River Hill Lading ; All of which will be sold low by ar, choice and prime. iMolas-f.P'

block 100 lots no* 1 to I M in1u-i we unimproved ; .1. \\ ) >
block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 incluMv'e UMinproved ; 1roI! &1'. ix-c. fv.>--.ilc' lo-v byNuv Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks Nov 11 r>n Wafer st. sale by B. ELLISON &
block 103 lots 1 lo 10) inrlu-ive! iJaiiJifirovcd : ; Sale.OA i adChestUt.
nos I I M-CILLY' Dec 0. Cor. Water
I1 EJ < r IVIt.r''( st. I A SACKS Salt Just tcccived and for sale by Groceries ami Stores.RIO .
block' IT) lots nos 1 to H> mHu-ive naiw.trovc.l : ; t 2f 0 lirkins superior But- Ship
block 110 lots nos l.tu KMnch-ive im proved : : aisslFOR.h'by ,.&\J\t ter. Apnlv to March 1 II. F. ABELL.Ilazors. COFFEE, Jav.i do, St. Domm *) do, Guava Jellies.

block Ill lots nos I'lo ID itifi'a-iv triimprowd : !:. MrCULLY, Jan IKOURSE: STONE & Co. Flour, Western do; N O Susrar, N different: sized boxes, just received fr ,
block 112 lots nos 1 lo 10 iud'i-jvc uniiji.mivcd; : 1 1 fit i() VV: orM. St. Croix do, Porto l Rioo d<>, Yoims ll tyson Tea, 1 and for sale
p block 113 lots nos 1 to 13 Ine!' -iv.: nuiini! >rovc-d : t I Coe.Ioo W; ADE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers & Son's Hyson do. Powchon:? do, Soiichons io, Go>hon v.uia, by
block 114 lots nos 1 to 10) !inclusive! unimproved : E' J)1A1Z, YiMuldtrs Dec t23 E

block 115 lots nos 1 to 10() inclusive unimproved, : I h"t q'lilitv, for sale CoLlie, fur sale low by Feb 4 H F ABELL.Osiiaburxs. Mol.isseeVh.ker.; :Mess and Prune Reef,p School Books.
block llfilolsnos:! 1 to I I) tric'i'tve! uimnirnmh j JulM7 J. C ALLEN.I '> M ess and Prime I'oiklackert'l Sh.ul, Salmon,
Dec ::1
E McCUhLY. BOOKS ot kinds jost
block 117 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive nui-nprovi-d : herring, Sounds and Tonqiir-s, Cod FL-b Tongues, SCHOOL ,

block ItS lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive u iitn, >roved : IVootl Ware, *<:. I Oil Cloths-ansI 1 1- BALES Georgia Osiiaburgs, on consign- Pepper, Spiees, Catsups. I'epper; S.iucf, Obvt, J._C-.L-------/ :.
block 119 lots nos 1 t.t !10 iiiHu-ivf unimproved : 13RRHL T Covers, Painted: Pails, Tub, Flour Carpets. lu input, for sale by Capers, Pirklt-s, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy -
block 120( lots nos 1 to 10() inclu-iv urmnjtrotrd : .D PnU, Mi-a-urc*!, Travs, Axlic-lves, Uuckets; 15 PCS:; Oil Clotli! l and 2 yards wide; Dec J. DAY & Co. Bread. Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, fcru-d Fruits, Bacon, Flour, Susar, Coffee
block 121 Iota no 1 to 10 iiiclu.sivc miinmrovvd; : I Brooms, fcc. &,c. for sjl i.vi :'J pcs super Ingrain Carpeting; lu-ans. Salt RiiiMMi i, "Macaroni.VrnueHli.! Arrow : : Salt,
block 122 lots no* 1 to 10 i"nrln-iv* uniin.irovcd, ; : B. !TLLISOX & U Stair Lcmoii Syrup. Root, Corn, (.)a.>, I Buekwlii.. Mnt-tard. R ice. on hand, and tor sale low M ,
i Co.
block 121 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; : received For sul li ALWAYS
10 Tufted Ru-s B HAY'S superior Lemon symp,just by ELLISON \ CO E McCUjJjSwayii
bl 121 lota floe 1 to Id tnehsivp unimproved : I ;Dcr'J. cic For alJ by WM. G. PORTER &. CO. arid for sale by M Cur W.ifpr andS ( l1t.lnutILaitcels. ----
block 125 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive 'unimproved :
block 121' lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimorowd, : : I UJNINE, Camphor; and Piperine, !ust r Df>c :jI J .u 1 Watpr Mtreet.Dysesilary Feb 17 H F .HELL. AiVistar"*. .

block 127 lots nos 1 to 10 iticlu-ive uri'improvi-d) : ceived and fur sale by 5>r. WuoclrnIPK Cor- '1'I'ILSSCS.IIT'LL'S PIlING and Thumb Lancets, just received COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Chtrry.r1J

block 123 lots nos I to 10 !inclnsivc unimproved : ; prU 17 H. r. ABELL.I'D superior single and double Trusses, and for sale by ceived and for sale bv
block 129 lots nos I 10 10) inclu-ive unimproverfs block 130 lots noil tf 10) inel'iMvi* unimproved! :' EEF .. M s and Prime, FOP I Diarrbfua. Dysentary, Cholera Morbus, by .
block 131 lots nos 1 to 10 IrI-svP: unimproved : 1J) Pork-Do do Inlanlum, and summer complaint of Feb 17 H I F ABELL. Tanners' Oil I1OI.TAVS LIFE PILLS AND

block 132 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : I Bread: -Navv' and Pilot, f-irsnlo i>v children,, for; sale by Soap fur sale by OR sale by rl BITTERS, just received and for :j jXovS
1 F
block 13J !lot* nos 1 to lu iI1t'I'LiV niiiinproved. De.: nn U ELLISON &. Co. F'cb! J J. ALLEX.. CASTILE II F ABELL. Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co. H.F. ABELL, m<

S S. S


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