t mnderwoodt & Caigh, B
Apalachicola, Fa.
fB>. Al orddr` attended to with-pinctuality co
anddeslai'rch. Ja 0 fi
1-.1. Scott & ,roiher,,
'. -. "* HATS, &c., H .
-i Cor. Water and Cedfre-st'reets, egc
,fie e '. : ,Apalachicola, Fa.`" an
::-' .+/.^-A,-Dog-% "'
-Y .: .-No.-40 Watfr Street, .
.Dec 3. i .. 'Apalachic'olaFa. -.
..". :Simis ^i; Cheerer,,, .
tjoMMI.S$0 N_ M E R C-H AN T S, ;
... 00fce No. 36 Water street.
d:ec23 ApalachitolaFla.,
Roberts,- Allert &Co., -
And M.anufacturer's gf Tin, Iron, an. .d-Cop- ,
S' per Wares. "
Dec 24 ,Apalachicola, Fa. e
Cl.Ae-s Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers. ad
Chas. Rogers &Co.,
WiteY street, d
dec 23 + Apalachiola; Fa. -1
J. Stevenson & co. es
kAND -
No. 45 "Water Street,, 7
: De., 23, 1847. I Apalachicola, Fa. t
o. Day &'co.,
No. 52 Wate'r street,
Dece 2 ApalachicolaFa.
f Agents for LLOYDS; also- Agents tor the
'* 2Etna Insurance Go," the "Protection Insurance'
No." and the "t--artord Inshrance Co." Hartford
; to. Wood ,& Co., r
No. 44 Water-street, .
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. -N.-tC-K-y__&- Co-.
"-No 4.0 Water-street,
.e, 15 Apalachicola, Fa.

.- + No. 48 Wate,,r street, s

-.-- May be found at, his residence, corner of
' Cetre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
Hotse., N. ov.. *NO8.
W. In' Davis,;.
Offers his ser iceis to the public 'in either of the
.. 'above capacities.
Ile will- Practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
l,,,,i, and Jackson Circuit Courts-and Will, upon
a. pecialretaioer, aet -as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in. the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
pIr'esent at, unless prevented-by accident.
Ap\:f.-l-i, .l.-,; Soitemt ,-r 8 1N462r8 ,
A.Go. Semiriics, "
8j- Office, .X6 2 Capt' Simmon's Buihling,
,- :.. ,cor. of Centre & Commercestreets.,
nov5 .- Apalachicola, Fla.

C Ti rAT ,-.Barbonr County; Alabama..
:- Apri-,146 <: '" ': *r 2"--tf
.Nat, IIOM'? "&Cockroachi Poisoi..
t, rTH[S very e'tiacious remedy tor exte~rmina-
'.*L tin, iiii~i ~,, -t.l\ if a. l,r,,tw ,p:'l il||- ai b:' i**! e
made, of" all of the above named, annoyances. His
Flea arnd M Osqui'to.Pdi ,,''', l i,.latt-iincd ua e~ r e~x "
* tre, 4\-,.'l-lhiIlV ,r.t'r ,li vat',; bl _.l tu iv .pro-
i,,--itlie I.., that ,,',r er',-,l" in~ect F,-,r sale-by;. ;,....
August.!4; -' J+" C ALLEN, Druggist'.
S Nolic Io Mairiuea's..
[- .-* *" ` Fe.brua.ry 6., 1848.- -"; 5.
'_J 'AT KEYS .WVESTF'wil11 be +shown on .the 10th
ins.t. .It-is~a- first; class light and .wilU probably be
v,.ilsile fromn'a s~iip's de>ck at the~distance,,of t e n-.
,\ tv-two miles in" cigar weather._- I't.is '-Situated
eight hundred yards'North East of the site of thee
,.,I]ldli.-ht. The .bearings- and courses heretofore
'* ;",il,-i.(d for entering thi's port m:-y still be
N. *ob~rvedt; bt vessels aor,,**"',:al~ins the 'lu|.> Chan-
ne.nl ,i lie. day/.titne, wfll fi,,,t five lath,-,n-, \vail-r
,,n the^ bar by brin-iTrin^ th,_ lm,,'v in range with the

light house-and ,.,-nini t'-,,r it. .
+ -. : .-S-. R. MALLORY, Col.
fIrisli P9+otatoe aaid otions.
- A FINE artice4fowr'-:,ei e "- '
" .- Nov II "E.- McCULLY,r50)Wat.-rst.
Tiouisoni.an Medicines, _
JTUST received: and for sale by -.
T -Feb3' ": ; J.-C. 'ALLEN.
!. "':.'Snuff.
SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bottles and blad-
ig.ders, just receivedandfor-aale by
/ "Feb17 ".. H F ABELL-
-- " - Sa i'sapaa'il|a.=.-] +) :
T "I'U +LL'S, #Sand's, Briat,:,l's and B.-i ley e*?com-
*" .D'pound fluid extract of Saraparilla. J.ust re.
eeiv' and-for sale; byW ; ... '- ? "
Feb 17 T-- H F ABELL.
Dr. Woodruff's Akilibitliouss Veg-
etable Life Pills,
Fl O'R sa by, .N
Feb,, 8 w..-'J -C- ALLEN.

f S A.'* .

., +. ,

+. l ] +-

A A6 I

[.NUMBEl'Ra+'" ;-:

.-I ~ ,~~.... .I r_ pi;p"L.P"~~'~~n~Ed~U.-4iip~e~C-x -~.-UII~I*rflllp~bi4~1~:~~~:~


13- .IL

T. TLYNN, Tlhe Revolution in France. Boulevar4J, between the CbaieaW *ld'Eau ind 1-tie resigYa1i.1 .f iH hisry wrthno .
(a T CLAK. Olhe Ambigu, a superior officer ordered Tie ,a great :num'her more-,0.wo:hadlrrelusd t" .i
30(0T AND SO MAK ER, ABDICATION OF THE KING,, National Guard to charge the people k- hut, turn out ma-deth, hr aplaraace." ." "
O' ND FLIGHT OF THE ROYAL FAMILY. says the, Patrie, they refused At eleven o'cl e -
, CONTINUES to carry on the --- In the course of the day M. Cremreux, distlrbance An thg"Rne I*.;DPrlis..-th e ..i -
business in Apalachicola, oppo- ORGANIZATION OF A PROVISI0NAL GOV'T. the deputy, went along the Quai du Louvure St. Martin, ati that neigihorhood,.anit.l ;" .
v si.e the City Hotel in Centre st. -to he Chamber ol Deputies, followed--ty 'tIroops wereall wididrawn. Bti l beinjwple. ."- ::
Having superior workmen, he is ESTABLISHMENT OF A REPUBLIC. 400 National Guards, in uniform, without were husily engagei-in' endtr"ting' "r.- --.'
infident that all who may patronize him will ",
nd that theyS have called eate igh We are indebted to the attention of tie nle morning, a post.of (he Muniial pn l had turn up a great part ofI.he footpav e- .-
ops Cand Shoesinde to rdero helatand Editors of the Charleston Courier for the -Guard, in the Rue Mauconseil, was rarrie-dl me0t, had seized some. ist appr-oved style. Also, Patent Leather Gai New York Herald and Courier and Enqui- by the people. Soon after the Municipal -ome iron railings, nd..in fac, '
.rw-Boots af Shoes' made in asuperior manner. extra, in advance of the regular mail, Guards succeeded in retaking it; but the s. ', all .. -. .-- .
[e wiIkeep cfistantly on hand a 'large and se- ext people subsequently attacked it wih renew- was possible to remove. Pe di~ctrt .
cted assortment of Ready Made Boots, Shoes containing accounts of the French news. ed ar a succeeded in" again gelling emo,ing some of lie slones was on"',i '
ndBrogans. All mending,&c., done with neat- The Cambria arrived on the morning of possession of it. o .ible, but lhei1b. iivrned il,-r-hrt(l'T1t .- -- ..
ess and promptitude, and on terms that cannot During he whole day, a large crowd w:i
ii! to berecognised as in keeping with the corn- t 8 inst. h e L n ih during h o f lae c row; was i s-S, .-
etition in 'trade and the closeness of-the times. 27th ult. She consequently brings two s bh Ministry of
Apalachieola7, Dec. 9,IS1 47. 476 w esltrillie c .-~ v e u + Foreign .Affairs...The~y-crw l :C.santty. Ingc6 nstru'cte~ner_e me nt'q .-.
weeks later intelligence.-[Say. Repub. "Down with Guizot! Loni live Reform" lessert, a short d(,,tane fr<4n1lhe BoriJeVari,..
UnediAfaw~ood & Caigh, [From Galignani's Messenger, Feb. 25.] T ep a. e ational Guard pc T1l pavement was tllierO 'ue ir-tl+e .
The information which we have to Iny cupied the Arcades and the Rue deRi'voli Ing in front of .he loi.el was_ broken dao*"
before our readers of the events of yester- ,r t .h d A l ... crovd wasassem n ard several back-cabt:- v.ere seized. -A -i -
RESPECTFULLY ottertheirser- day, will be found of great interest, both as d urin .day .... d-g ose'n shouting entrance in o the FabOurg Mo~narir'a -:
.SL^9 vices to the citizens ofAP alachi- regards some of the details and their results. ", .o ye te1 Nat-a .u'rd' from-the Bouleva9d, the'.iob wfai alo *- -
[i "cola, and the county 8f IFranklin L.n lieth.Naionl.Gu rd ro.n.Itlie. levr .. e- .. -. ..
By abqut nine o'clock in the morning, I gaed io construeti,--a .ar te "Suv,- "
peop assy,i t e neof t pa em bled in considerable num bers ,aIn e co rse. o, f t e, M ,n i ,i l G uite p rm was-expre ssed at i l he tro qps .hel -
fa i fession. Having monthly corn- atta cked a ody of the nti]i.. u.tr., rise... ...... .. .... .- t- ... .i .iio -
|\ municafion with the principal u n the quarters St. Dems. and St. Martin, Xi ,v wtmlawn,- but ,r, ws sa-lu, t wrre .
fc\W Northern cities, they will be ena- and at ten onclock mhe nad .succeed sret in the M a smal nu lieeof b sily en.apeedln.-rtle hiotot^ .Mm'.-;- ..
| bled to furnish their patrons at all erecting barricades at thePorte St.Denis, s ae-n teMa rais,"and oa-m assisted ll. of F. r Atr.ofo olfr-.. .
-., +N-a ti.o n, al, Gu u ar d s h a v i ng c om e s it ed, r-"-O f--. A re, n
times with the NEWEST AND LA- in the Rue de Clery, the Rue Neuve Saint p... :_ Aar quenl fusil lades confirm h-alinf, Rteememn^- "
....---^ .TESPLA.TEs O FAsHIoAeceiv- Eustache, thc Rue de Cadran, and the Rue A t four, o'clock, the intelligence t The mob seemed tolerably good- !unor. .
d monthly, showing at a view the most Fashion- du Ptit-Carrea. A fusillade took place t --bem initr ,h- .. Oo fon several of them plieny advised .r :-"- ,.
WeuStyles otwilarreau.decided at someeofot tl, ce tem nsr ad given its resignation-L-egan' o se ra ofh m lttly ."" ,. !. .
le Style, of Dress, which will bea decided t s { tese barricades, between toe ,, .", porter to ta.k- toe -y-streets i pre rnc,.-
dvataet a asioabe cmmniy.populace and the municipal guards. Two Pvy I to^ thel^ vc *"" Boulevards, slating. that hre.was <
N. B. Gentlemens' Morning Gowns and Eve- e demonstationof satisfaction. en -
ling Wrappers made to order; Cloaks of every du S l 1 "l i a crowd of well dressed persons. on I lie B 0,
description made in the usual fornls of the day; levards, testified their j i ng prsons were w .tip.ie ds n^ d^
Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superior guards were pursued .o the place an Ca e, d -0--- u
nanner; Tunic Dresses'and Boys, Clothes of by young men armed with sticks.. The At about five o'clock, thie mob made ;n The only armed 'force we saw w ,
-very description made in a neat and fashionable guards fired, and,wounded several persons. attacko t he gr d houeon-the- Bloulevard. of the National Guard; .which, w sgre,61 "
tyle. All garments made at this establishment A woman, the relative of a tradesman, was, whee < ,om, ......... by the mob with cries of 6,-Vjve,4a',Gardre :
narrated tofit. ~we understand, killed on the spot. Accord- .... n,-a Tif s',wcceed epd in disarmin, tlw e Nationale!'* A number of boys a.-i. stt
i Shop, Second Story Baltze's Buildings. o te Pare, the officer of a pLatooi-of ,, d : themselves with smashin he-as amIi -
-" ,r , ., ; sold lerS, w no occupied lthe po +I, a/i 1/i, .. ."
-ntrance onChestnut street, me National Guard, wobo was on tle place, _- ...... "nd ,- The guardB house on tie loul.vml Bonne.-,
Ocoer1,84as9-m ^ so indignant ttfal be citied/ To Arms')" r~a DPvlehsbe' bnoedlyteloW'
8j A plate of Fall'and W inter Fashions just s erup n the Muard hoard beat a ge ocluse were smashed. The'Nra- Nouvellehas e,,nebr..-,ynsw o,,, ,-
receved.wh -ereupon tme tuinicipalGuuauna taionel Guard ;Aso released some prisoners and Ttle mob was occiipie, mn~ojilnu,tl-.:eA~x+-'-.,
reeied. treata. Two hours later, one oJ our re- 'w.^"... .c^onfined i.. e fie o th "thig pieces in ,ieie r ..a.|^ ,
SO UI HOTEL porters passed through the place du Caire. arr3ndiseent down the iron railing, &e. .:,<-;
SANS- 0U HOTL It was then perfectly calm-in fact, tota i Itis wilhe deepest rpgr.et'-l," uwe .ea,.
Biibard Saloonsu a t ese ecp beg N oa At. about seven o'clock. an immense e.:l-k
souar wasOU to obe seen except three National .^^ t ^ ^ ~ l^ --e(wleocl k -^^^
A Crowd. consisting almost exc4usively of peJr- "nounce (twel've ocok a ni!l ht: .#
Gursi h asg u C ie."'llent l llne,0 st alone ---A
AND Guards in the PaSsate tre. a sons of the working classes, many of them 141h 1regi'men o 0 11 .'" : I -9
E ST AU A N Tv. At ehe Porte St. Denis, the troops char- y you ng, front of the tloiel des Affair.!!Etran_re^ ,
,THE public are respectfully informed ged the people, and the barricade-in the Rue onry yuh, -descended the ouog mn whumeroups groum -".., -'
fiS^ that the above establishment has been Cadrn, at the entrance of the Rue MoA They wt e headed by en heari blazing fired to-pight ns l. ..
M entirely refitted, and is now open for the torches Tlal'ey sang tlie new yarorite song, io n e'aloGu rds a iheii -! ad, .i, .Di .kilHso :i 4
reception of permanent and transient Boarders, m t was attacked by the Municipal beginning a considerable nu iber ofi ih en,< besides +
and he s b~drbershopeby srictatte tont the G uard, "who. fired on the m ob, whereby a"M ui po rl p tr ," '
business oftheir house to besecond tononei-child waskilled, and two worktnen andthree C'etlo urlsb a. p si g d'envie." o-,di many o*h rs.. ]u ...
redrn ther uetsco notable. Their table women were, ittis said? serionsly wou-nded. ,, ... ,0. t Ireaete ctm n. --r!;tm =+: -
rendermg t cMr ,guests comf r _p d. i, ,-3 --'e .. .r m.^ ,. .. .. -i,^,, he r it would e mo.e correct ito say t a l ney ,,'e t...... r ,:, l ien-oll'arh-y
will be supptied at all rimes ll'th every delcacy At o clock, tre crowd wp ......... .a nstenstheya re-lie.nig....... .,, ..., --.
ith the ma oiest a Wind s Planters and Captains of vicinity rthe artin, an there o nly t hose tw o' e -" "Ffoadbodiesg least we t, ithe K M .onlmd. -
.the est s a a of e o n lthe re -eaSa b e ( t r o.; e r n ot. e ste e .l sew .- -
vessels-waio findthis a ver lconvenient house. w re cy Mah es L In- O n them,. Mthem r of Fao A abriolets-, trees, :b. ls.;u tlro.,/p- -
n the best st style. The Bauwillbe rw e stoe fired on themob compelling ttorereat. fcanr ,. they e fou i n,'b yy "s"_tang f ,. _. c tl v n, V ow."d"| I"Irow u, n in Ihe. r 'i r '-d L ,"
with the choicest .Wines, Liquors and Sgar At 2, all the, q quarters of the markets are te. oreo" Ier ons-, "7,"'Downbourti Mointm'wre.-,I 'T. 11 .,'.
A attached to the establish ent is a B illhard Sa- fu o 'u ; U h r a a t l o f z dt D ow n w i tll) .G nizo t F aub o m .g 're nd o th e rst ree ,e o e l the R e B o)]P u lii rd t

losaiu adwl i p ful occpiced. There wash a~ battle ofcu ^ ^'tre and o^Btheen streetsn flours okv.- Bole'pV-Af4
e 1 lit u y v ~~On reaching the 2Nlinistry of' 1,oreign A f- e[ a 1 -]i + --
G ~~loon, pa stous favdo. rs .",th...r s .hope 2 t re ,g im entt on th e M arches des In-t o gS om e a abri"letsp-trees =b rtvr> m s,. u 01.o l ....
e fo m r c p t ao tu cSt nnt b unic besides detachments of the M uni- fairs, t ey lound ass m le v r sr oing" foicrere-a Io 61ng l oe l "
t h a t t h e i r fr ie n d s a n d th e p u bl ic wat e s ,oop enage to d s p e r.n g o ne- o / a g ^ ,a," |es"aio en s t o -1ac tr f o r s a 'it
ta heem. uarld horse andthoe t, and th detac- es of to s e withi "lnkto r the y Boulevars 1ruck drago -arJi n B .-
sustainAME thG ^,, IBSON &.CO. ment of cuirrassiert. Two pieces of cannon pied thnewhole id. -of t _,,(lhrriaeebt heoulenthdvardhse__;
Nover wil 1" ," at ba8 47. ...t-swi the baexce olldn onl the R u dnee tile pof baarricade, tbueton t he la o noe., h'. .n. A.de ,, -' ..
s e mbetion fLiur s, Wins a. Stereo s thespot,rone i cthenwa M re pa ,-. ,. o. .. torndup as n t oe nt J. p laces .,,., m.t :
Acltowards the R ue M onD en a ,ni th e e ,,.tdu, -P;,.'. -Atio Sheh ur etwhictin e nrl etp. ...
+, .ote ,wads th d l F rr nner expected to see the m~ob )comne in liso .,... -- -;: -: :--
THE W DbRiber informstends to s ne R.ue o e te rron. rere, with lhe roons, l ut l instea d ofth atthei beco e mowe h thentuops ., .e,,d of.bcom. _:
and the publi ingenea ate asb They were ready to -b e ployedpatla sra -ts' bpfilee off on the pavement, eom PartheParis 'coa s ereos c--
-.^^^S rnSJent's notice. The fish market was occu- (Or arrs 1 VT ,.;Be! e -

fill! I On the Plabatt a roustel,'ent, and theyw'ere followed by all their large -lion of about one hunded,

". r^ S ^eis ,las .osatn h StlO;llng rive^ ^ la Itol 1e t" II/U -- 2
-s a O n th e p la ce d Char o st el,theg whose up .c ra YN atio nal-hi fard ; c1 m posa 6, 11 Ailw. o os t oth .;.. -
C i Com mere and Cenote-sts. o smetame. cha~ged e groupsd h After having passed (he soldino ei the the ffieens of the fourth tegion;.e, t,-, ,I
H-E- su b r .ierts c of rtannounces.to his we r assembled there estaut shed, but cr odeoa ,wed e rific shon townwt wadst e haml erofDepu6a e. du ), latel- '.- ,
f a n d t h e P u b l ic t h a t h e h a s o p e n e d t e r ds p e sr s o dg o n o n e So p s oi e d i a tuely 'r abe r w, e o f or m e d w t heon f te he P s wn. st e -
_L a.... .h d e ," w as, w s c : ,i. "f ", : "
the above house, and solicits thkrlPatronage.-- assembled at anoher.. -,-fr me t s s it s, lipe ord hem-ruc ofhehes was mbed ne e i t oi m in -, ,
T h e a t t h e b a r A t t h e b a r r ic a d e i cn t oh e a ne d t he PI y a c te l e t ea "t or s m e ,hi n gr l a-l i k etor d e r tt h e so ntrd e h -i C bnfolt e C a, nvn c ec hirl i e o tbd : -o"
ano the Lir a *atiu!" thePon dela 6
selection of Liquors, Wines and Segars, and c wul f detr a ooy, ,d i y ., the ar :e t

J- ^ w T he wasri h ealf es troye, tne M uni cip alp 1n 0m n Pwl rs^
M in H os ith hi.a sisan illpa -s rict at- G uereant eomne iT a ii rlll/~ e c~ ~ -- ., "?'-..
Mtione tothos ewthh satdo an, wFLORIaDrop n. ard fired, tand several personsatere and. .. n ed t ro ,w- ttounti l they reoceedt hdes o the-0 Ch ambi. t -
.. .. ... ..em e wt D rof t is otel en d G d ed,, w th G i oth e ch u rch of t h e 'a oeleine. oer t ain. toe l t ,"rom., -0; sli. .er. -ece vi. .. -
tentto ed wilo t se that u et ex ti ons o plea wounhe o. ,o .. td .1 ,ri s ,; ll1 0 ..... m o en esa v tiell t as ,-q.fil ._e | i ,s .,ea ,
.. . B e t w e e n o n e a n d t w o o c l o c k o n e o fo u dt ach. me n t _o f "t e ... o nl Gar, = ,"d w,, ~i ll oni ..a tr r o~ t 3 10 l is -. Y .a r n r .!es;
N B o u n c h d a i l y a t 1 1 A M V i o 'n e o .T h ~ e o n i n n a ntu ,, '6`,. t h.. . o t a nd.. "6 '- : . .T "
N. B. Ho L Y -'--,- remrt'ersvisited the different quarters in -. .. :.___'J w r 61w db r~l n br+fd.:t
whic d 8 8u u i st rb n esp ev ied n Boi- m-9 went[ to tne leaders of it, recom m end .- w"re. -' ....b a "gr zit n n. : n d;''.
,. in ,ct them to exting uish theirrtorc ues," +,a ) t u tiu ,- o- the "f .... io .':-..;dt. ...
Apal chnolabxc angrd"erleyrdTihth ue t. en-, te RerS. ,s ,_g ", .....im _ed"iftte^ly tion, Th e petion vas.thepn.et- t t.+-rtii(_,
T H E subsc riber inform s lhis friends l M artsin, t e u : t D ni, th e R u S It-Montm artre. th e R u e S t. n r r y .1.0 t .U t r d i : t -Ce pe x .. ; -E %.,-,-.2 'i
and the public in general. thathle has be .. ..' b--:theal tre ts com pleiendn ue ,t wit"h t'h' C r"e. .. ... -o or ,a om a t a e ' ,, .. r ...., );.. = ,,,ie h efoqo th s c ow .x c p.
come the Proprietor of-thtis above well Ho or, ...and,,,,, ind n e n h Bfactesn eall, ...... .........he. ...-. __-i,-h 41sin-at-tw+;
-f-- "n ... ...... ...c-iall n a ,t e o ts i "l ua d T e o' t he ,"c ied, --To uch trated between ,o 81 .. 6 t oil.--
known house, and will 6e, pleased to entertain ur. T em bte~re, o.D ...:+' ::' .. ,
any of the traveling community. ,,- th. ...aat mas r D, u -, ,,,u . =., -. -s 'al n '
h i w it t h i c u to a n ill a ls o a ec o m m o n is~ a n d S t M a rti n t n e r w a s a a g e s s r a o-- -R u o yl- w. ; R u -e n e n d n U e t 1 "+
d at r s d n t b oard er,,., T h e b a r -w ill alw ay s b e b la g e f m t r -- in fa n try a r g o n s, ig t r a p p a, -,_. il t e. fe ti n"o "yi g "v b arrao u e' ip eandes f hic h ,a s a o eenSt: t 4 e'e q -
supplied h e uinlwiothof t e c oic st dra ooninduuocpasgof's the ochoicest dragoonsret andas m municipal w re on rguaerds'h both-hors.edteresde -. .,. -tn l.'ln st r of T I teror. + .. "has ,."" i' '"e;
P P O H N A T R D G E a n d f o o t. I n th e R u e S t. M a r t i n f r e q u e n t anbs a 'e --w r &e o ; i ltq-wi~c ia v n tW e + -
Ap la hcoa Nov. "- -14,"847.imm ense crowd, which l so sang a-s ,onei.. cabs], a" ,& c,. iled -wi" "pavng t' "
a achlcola N v 14 1847 aFes were expect M, .,, -t e' badnd wtor alue.
A F 1 ." Ch -- [. .. + 'r, __ an "" M urir a r il a e : and 11 ux w .T .r. ,, ':.,, . .
it toel l~lahsse 2. natmp t:e;:rt;C~a';ia:U:a mesitoirensn;'la0n the"Mrelas..- dd~cv11]e n~~[,n?'-~'

guests. He "asks the public f r iPlace de-Pelits Peres, and from thence to' -" as- -six ,c ;- -a ,- a- surround ed and! -tained fqr-ev*al- ":
g W ILLIAM HEMING-WAY. P r _. ..... n.. a w ssoked .,of; aq-d many, persons lig e "a, ...:-" .+ '.- "- '.=e"
WILLIAMth HEIueA. Montrmartre.- They were foflowed, was stoe~^ad^ hor P :heost*-1ofy omhse w er^,&
Nye~nl~erl.:184by an 3mm. enge'crowd, who alternately'_sang u P spo taneo6usly. ni.^u lt1^ ^1 of vne ^ mwoe ^
et ri "-, 11
2F _M T 1 7t L M th e M a rs e illa is e ." a n d c ri e d ..V g iv e -.1 e r- o u is b e c a m e m o re ".. ...%.ie n, ,,,)irh ,n.y bftn a sse ml-h o f0 5 0. ." .
A T HGEuN J UMe Natioi"r At about theat time Pulaceer.1o 11nnls" .' "" r 's h "
-S alloon A: B U~lliard 1')eop1 streets, : dlna lalt ,9en. S m I -tr )y ,_-6 ie byIieii'-
Bowli S ral1o6on and- Billiard car 'es were mad8 on the a.en le 1peoplb s o ", r1' 11u'w in,-,.... dtachments o( section into th- receivivi L oxes of o iae^kQ .: ,,
:_ -.B oom, int l .e P 'l A n. r es .Arts, the Place Fbands br f ^ tv^n^ e-, "-:" '
r T pH E p r o p r ie to r o f t h e: A th e nae u m B o w lin g dee 'E n eo le d e M e d e c ine ., a n a ,in a / th e' ad N,.e- [ ,- a th e P a i s e f orm e .F ..r.. ..
-SAloon .has used every endeavor to m ake "oi i ng streets as fa r as theR Place au uert, ^- :",,l t p in,4 ;- "n th e P at, 10 .1, .l^ io n of -h Na ,,na ,
the establishment an agreeable place of resort, "pic et s of tr0"ops of the line, national and the. l. ..- "Y" -. a d Cte G r l w is as sem bled yeste rd y m orn in g ote s h g
Pickets ofb t where baofltaheslhaetein erec'eu, a nu e- o,,of't1
is thankful that an ever discriminatingpub i al guards, were stationed at almost -" "he.r e" b- '...ca.es ,iLd -.een ," the Placa Tsrenr e, on e; 1" t hem .!_ ti ... A
. roe po by liberal p onage their appreciate all the corners of the streets. st" .....s.peop were r lIng,. ....stheso f 't Vive-P la Re'T e. I.r. e..e. ...n., .
of,igdesire to please. e w H a "*^^sa Y a "" thr Y -J ,-
. m. ,,ce,.... tn /e I io "nothor- aT he P eriee ans w c -e w"s wal p- "osh,,-... ..e s c w o m f t news of pe. J ,e
e a- teen -t deLhors, andrefer ng l re r no n of tile mu tsters, -aInd te r p ,. or .- .. .,ers
* e v e r a g m es -ofd a s o r t t o t i c k l e t h e p a l a t e s a O ld. R e eP e t M l e d s t o h P l a d e s a r e tir e d ha~ i t eft h e r t he l o n, ,he r B etne e fi v e n d s .loc k mQl f (,, ,
s moTst fastidious sonsOan .ysters, baa. li.o, n- o" f e-e.hdLpeopne were less.dr.fa ab e, bund,.,b-a- that. ... .., ---.,a u.,d. .... "e N ,' uy .s,',
- e ol.and delici.us,.fresh from their native banks. t nchs ed t peopreow a de. ,es-i n e a d .1 .h, enn'.u ed t1 .
lin of ex rmse and t, eh mient of euirrass ers to'enter'the street, , ..... -n ne ., .nt _.. 'e( cen oui t n o s r61. '
- or 'a pleasant commn gligng of exercise and L e ... ..nw-,, 'o e ot evaO 'N - ,,",4#r < ko.. --
rrst,,t- tl u uc~ hr sntig aproceedm m .inwhich he was warmly 'o.--aupec~6w( ...w. ..h;%'i,'' aw f.3 e~n ~ ~elteue .
withill{the w-iei i~rce, of gymnastics to, compare with ported hy' g is e, 111who Uuei d cr-e iies -o1+ artried opposit'',tbe. h:!h e l ,.of h' M n- or-- v R. a w'i',, 3,d eio.'rn a ,a'fevi,,g te 0le.Nt, -
a g i m e of t e n p roi s b u t t h o s e p r e fe r r in g l e s s L o n -i~ e o m ) D o w n' w i th G u i z o t d' t r l o t e g n qIulcs a n s o e siu 0 ,,
inw; rne" Q.ca:"" lways a log ive R ." or "" "' a6' s"m" 'w"e'r.... .. .. i
01M e..11..' W he P o-nt"N-6tte ]7)uie,. ;: i.. .
active' mse r, .a lastakealhand. In n e sweet, Wh"ich lead's'to th'e Places des, fired atihe hotel. ^.. .,,r B tenf~ n ; lc ,- Q.~ t,
JO C m g e ~ ~ e l '', ;-. P etits P eres sg n N afio6 na l_ .G ars also -T i e N national G L B t"e iti e an
A ClchioaD63,87 50-tf 'preveteth tt0ps fto~m entering. On the strong Yester ay, and ',when the new~s0i M mepl uad wh resuti cit

*#o 'J i, W I W AN.

W. G. --7. DAVIS, Editor.
^.i~ce?'Thi~rd Storv Biltzell's -BuildirignF, corner of
J> G o~ipimk2ce. ato (h'PI~lilut lr eels.

UB ;.CRIPTl-)NS.--LThrt- 'e'Ll.M-rs per annum,
J i id i d-in.1 or --t3 51Wif plid within, six
Vp thtr, for $4-4]l if paid1 thereaker.
o q tizeriptioti, Iaken for a less te-m than',fi
Si ts-and Invariably be charge for ,
q) ( tod. No ^pier *will be dii,- ontilied' until
"--at til op

Vrim i>r rages aue Imid, unle;- al IPopun oftlhe .
MME.R C[A! lAV R insER

.ic," Third be toMryB d at tz e rtu e of One Dr rI-
Slr jtile a-i-t, J114- Flftv Cents lor every sub-=e-
? ,o ? nt erti ee.u s re
:r t r, t P ive.- -Thirti-e .v Ole yl ar anlibeu l
S. I ^~i, i4n ade, br 3.. 'ital urtid withino 10t
!M I-, p.or ar,,"-r t..I th-ir eaxii as wel
oall ?,,lb l Atio ? 1 tak*e n t i b. y the'nt wth '
'ti-"i nd*I l ,vii tnv'e r ial. s t be paid for
'^' I -I,.l 1 11*il1 be clirgc-, f:o r ati.'- outc-
{++q. } v l b tl*** r ,*'l'!e lat m the a r tance ,t._ 't
hJs- 1h1' 11t,-1 arvt.'l ltl, c.eis or ei t y ciet-
]J -n ranuserti. -3Bic -vn. ,

|| --Win~. G.' Porler A Co.
L' KLER IN *-E .V^ 0'"
m l Nl... ai '\'.j'-. 41 i'o n I t e, wil
D-l.)e aM A pi l : .le iu a t. .. "I
i Lr t, -" t H L *i,,r 1,t 'A'.Vup i
M' roniri1;,Stone & C~o.-,
C MI M DIl '; 'S b4i 0 N IN' r E R c I,:, r *s.,
i fl ,'aJ ,t o. 1',.r Wrfi, t.; t L.

De.- 1 I' A-2. ,l' _'..l N
N- Lork5 rto & Y 'o.lit ..

C O M .IM I SSI 1d F Rt-' FI A RD I Ni,
|| -MERCtAN1"S,
9*N ,.>. ".:; \V^a.,r str.,-.- ,
.j ~ ~~I I,,,R i A[IJ:I'.. N T S
1Ht.'riper &'. atelm^ F
)C ,M, I I S S I f % M E R C1 H A NiT S,_
j ^.4 c',/ t.,' /he"
SUN M u r A .\L. I N R A NTE COM P A N Y,
i1 of/ t'e Cilh.l otf X.'it l'j,'/',
N.:.. 5l Water str-et.
Dec" 12 A i ,l ,l'i,i','la. Fa.
?_ \, r. C. E. 11. BALL .
6 -4 IVoo1l t BIi1o0s,
C 0 M' M I,.[ II -i N [EK 1, 1: A N T 4',
t. V .,:, qN o. 42 t' r fre r'- Iii' -nilS..
| 16 A i ., .,'..l l .
A L V \-t.k V ., WV., A. kLvyc r,-zKENz :.
W Wv Jiae 'M Mc.eCitzi C.
C' 1) M At l' I 1) N .7 "1 E R C H A N T ,
[ -1-. 4 2 \;V al.et' I tr,?. I I :-t
; S' .?,Jt. I, 1, 17*I \ ,r) ll i.t,_ l ,_i.?.-. t. i' :..
A; .- J. c11i i e,',r .
i \V-I'L-_L S ; LE A\N )D R;El'. L ;rll )CEf .
I hT- L1irii.? l uIr i -'Al~i 11111 dllp "" 1?"i -1"
..: <* ,r,. ,,j ',i ,,, ,,t n J -l u l,, -, :I-t' +..r:
N o. t '. il ti N ,,, I 1 A ;, ,l ,,'},,'"l1,. FI H
|. fl, F A _ti. "
fc ~ -V .-[ )L+-- k .'M % 1 i, '. 1 iIL.
'D U\LE[I N l:)"I;. ; _4. MELI)CIN5. P.AIN]S.

SA m'l tl -- -" l ,' ...'." .l -'
Ii atf .8 j ui-. a ; i t er -
C ) -M M. S ". 1 ,:) N M E R .- H -, A t T ,
[- N .. -1 :,! V .iter s5[r.:,-'t-- -(' -'. :" -"
; ". I l g L 7 \ ~l, 'i[ a l h -- : ,l Ji F l I t.
S\V h,-,l#: ',l. 1,1.) [R -_,, l E):i-:,ler ;n
1URir,--" '. I ',eii- NL:^. ]-':IN-I'. '*[L.,
*t..-'. :. l-'-a,-_ L ^ = .. *-,-
Io, rk i l'~l_ .-t'.C'l .... .t,.. .. ..
B .),)<,*'., B3.L \ ,a : 1; A.I I, ), I;..,, .v ..' 1'
D _, 4r ..! ''T i" .''' -\1, 1 h p. ,I.'^ [.'1" ,** .
B, S. EKalvlev,
rACTJ)t AND) t-,',I.\[|q:[i1N LERiH-k'F~s ,
i. v r A,.-_ w rt, "-. _. ,
Gi O,- \1 ,I '*,-I,,,^',,I ",.* V ,~

I ]]), ;* ;V' .)[t'lr; ,n,:qt, I' I.

"r N h,\0.'i [L HANTS,
CAPS, C K .0. 1- SIP
Cor. W dter and Cliestnlt sts.
Dec 9 Aplachicola, Fa.
Edwaird IVICA ll. ,
iNo.,. 1) Water street.
Nov 11 Ap ilahicolj, Fa.
Jas. F..Fa'rrior,
No. 51) \Vaier slei.
"* Nov, I I Atib -Jhlcln., fFl.
itHA.1s. P. NI-CALLA. 31 Lr ;TA\r REMAIN
IVICalla &' Bomllfi<,
,! No. 9 Columbu; Bl;.-ck.
Nov. 18 Aoalhchicola, Fla.
' S. RII. Nickerson,
S '-': HATS, CAPS, &c.
No. I Columnibu; Block,
Dec. 23 : Apil-.i, icola, Fa.
y Cooke ,& Horite,
No. 13, St. Ch lpes-Streel,
'- ANDREW S. CoOKE. AMos H-o,_nN.
feb 8.
)0. Danl'lorll,
; W -ottonboulit on order.
*" Refers to
B.. ffA1o ,l
' J.G. H^IOENP, New Orleans.
; Messsrs'. IVYLIE &. MCKENZIE. ) Apalachico
J. S. HuictiNSON,



: : ; -. r ;_Lq; j;4c,. r;

I .

.. :-*"



,.;,j- iTvan; ,^.v,,,,i s In-nse. "'lI[fei omeer
coninuir,,dinii^the -detachment believed .ll:it
it Ivsan attack, arid immediately 'with a
.. guilty want. of refleeti*n commanded this
ri: ,ien to fire. This officer- was imii,:diaiely
placed in prison."
-.. ; Fr.,r li-/ A Paiis National, Feb. 24.,
` M.- Le-m erciere, Peer of France, -and Co-
:.. 7 'lonel of the 10th Legion, h i-.i stated to a
' 'battalion 0:6f tlie Legion th- t. the etneute was
-.- ::Y crushed, and that the National. Guard was
called un to give-a testimony of confidence
I i-) t t-he government, one ofe the N.iii.niil
Guards stepl ed- riovard and declared that
(h ey would nt, t fi., it, and tha-tthey A]ll desi-
red ai chan-e of'iiii-try and reIerm.. .rlles
words were received with acclamations,
Gen. Fri.,nt having stated at,the post des
.... PetIs Peres, that :tohfy had conipell, M.
G Guizot and -M. Dticliliiel -to resign, there
was a cry-" Tlhat is not enough,-we want
- .' the overthrow oftho whole ministry'afd its
-i. i- *itnpeacliment !" : -
: ..In a delachnient of',he Naliin:Al GC.oard
\' 44 -t the Rive. Piuon. ihepre were cries, in :,,n'.I.
"tiontno thoseeof, Down witli the 3hMin-,i%!"
S of "we wone have thiteve-i in embruidriv,
;any more th.in ill r '! 1 "
1n-- flle Palaice Royale the: Municipal,
Gbard attemn|led toehairge-the people, but
were prevented by the- National Guard,
The emplOYec-s of' the octrois at the bar-
tiers, yesterday received orders to remove:
the barriers are occuprhd by -,the Na'tional
-- luard. ,
SAbolt t~wo0 O'clock,utle. colonels of the
'twelve legions sewt a deput'i-t0n to the
Kir-sg, infiri-mi'ng himn that -it was impossible
,, l to preserve ie ih-ranqnility ofilic city unlss
prompt and signitieriive eon-cessions should
h" e made. '
J lgt Ibelfore seven o'clock an iimmeni-e
inunibeir o-i nfini I niIIc-hed up.vile Boule-
vards. lowardi llie Porte St. Dennis,;,and
:.. other srotj delachmients occupied the vi-
ciuiiy of die Minnisir 1.,f Foreign Affairs.
.....Some firims took pl.l e lietween ilhe soldier.;
.And-the peolple at the bari i:,.idt-, at the en-
i=rance-of the Faubourg,"
l, Fino -seveen -to"teLoacllaock, the ipeu)le.
continued to erect barricades ia different
streets. and in some places here was ftiniig,.
A t ab :0u t ter o'c h:,cl,,'the r rooPS w ere all
under arms as hfit'hslt,o'- olpo)iie .fhe hotel
,of thie niiniIlrvfor:foreign ;itfiirs. A Ia-rge
body offcavaley'-was dr. w nill up in the middle
),f.the street,.arid a dense tangs of i-f.inti"
%vas drawn round the hliole of tllejhotel.
.Drumns were heard,- and aAbody of infauntry,
advancin.. As the;, ,ipproaed ii was per-
ceived that it was preceded by a body of the
people, all armiled in dirte.rent ways,I and
bearing (lie iri-color flag, The people, and
(his body of soldiers advanced towards the
.soldiers on guard, and, afte- sor e eplana-
,tions, accompanied by shaking of hands and'
,crossing of swords, in the, niilii.miy style of
salutation. all tlhe soldiersern /'l,. ssheaihed
.: ;their bayonets, the officer.; sheathed their
swords, and quitied the hotel, leaving the
people to a,et as tifey". pleased. All that the
latter did was to cheer vehemently, mwtLile a
;young nanil mounted up over tile gate arid
took down, amid loud cheers, the f-in that
*, :was waiving over it, i$hokily alter this. a
(body of Na ional (tua'd .came firon the Rue
.eg Caltucines aminst loud cheering,, and

DovacFE.2(,'715A, X.
All communicaiion by"railway,- abd dili-
gence, is, suspended., The station of the-
Northern Railway has been-burni. It is nm-i
possible, to get -o.ut of Paris by that line;
,All was tranquil inr the nianrer.6f ihe;Tui-
series. ". -- -
The Moniteur contaims a aeries of official
papers. The ..first islthe -pi-o.leiamtioot :
the ,Provisional, .,toverrnme-oti ,as giveH by
the NationMl, ,which 4oj0o0s. '-'. ,
"To.the.Ftehnchb eo0~e..-/"": "
A retrograde government hasi benwover-"
turned by- the heroism ol" the .peoIple Iof
P aris. ...- ; -
SThis-goernint has fled, leaving behind-
it traces of bfbd, which will for ever for-,
bid its ret Urn. : .. ; "'
The bood ofihe people has f 'ow -l. as iri
July, but happily, it-has not been sbed-ir,-.,
Vain. It has"secured--a- national -a~id popu-.
lar 'governmeit- in aco'rdanqe Whti_ the"
rights,' the progress and the- wIl-oT thid .
great and gere-i0os-people. : '-
A proeisiona[, governineqtl -W i- call of.
Sbe .people, and'scnuie depeu'lies in (he sitting
of lie 24th of February, is for the mromert.
irivested with the care of organiizing and sB-
ctUriog the national victory. It. isetwnposed
of,M. M; ,Dupont de i'Eurle, Lamartine,
Cremieux, Arago, Ledru Rolh[in and Gar-
nier Pages-. Thg secretaries to ibis govftrn-
mebt are.-M M. Armcnd,- Marrast, ILufB
Blaicj, and Ferdinand t'locom. ." $
These citizens have not hesitaled for an
instant to accept the patriots repission vihici
has been imposed upon them by the uigeR- :
cy ofihe occasion. ,.
,,Fr-nchmea, give to.ie worla -iTam-
ple Paris has given to -France,i' Prepard
yourselves, by order and confidence i Yourr
seJves, for-the institutions which arebo(C
to-be given'to, you. *'"* .,
The provs-ionaI government de tirewa re-,
public, pending the 'ratification ,Q. f .Ah& .
_French people, wh0"arc to bi immediatelyly,
consulted. "
Neither the pe'ople.of Paris nor tbhe pro-
visional government, desire to sua1il.ute
their opinioin'for the opinions-of thi citlzebs
at,,largeyiupOn the definite forms o.-gviJrtfu
'frint, which the national sovereignty 'shialt
p roc latir '" :; .- .
I. "L'arnite. de -la nation." for-mbt BeocA.&
forth of a[ll classes of th.e pedotel' which
eomposbe-it.. .-
Th government .of the naflon-by its~l-, ..-7'
Liberty, equality and fratiernWYlT0I;prttfl
p rin c ipl e s. s-. .. 7. .
The people to'devise and maintail-. order., '
Such is Um'democratLie-. -oGvelrVeal

took their station opposite the hoel,,as the
4gpykry retired towards tlhe Mad elinle.. Very

I ber ... -
"'The disbanding of the Municipal
Guard, -
; Ak'general amnesty. -
These demands ard just and moderate.
fHow can they'detain in. prison men who
0 did *nni. 'Z., o 1n Tues,.Iy, what tihe Naitonal
7 Guard and:lhe people united,'did yesterday,?
! The impeachment of the ministers is but.
.tao well justified by what l1:,s passed during
I the 'ast two day Thle conflict, between
the nfislrv andsthe people, has.arisen-o.ut
So-thlie question on the right of rneelii,.--
The ri'iht must be establi.lied dejfato.-
SThe citizen's have purchased it but too dear-
I ly. Electoral reform has, been pacifically
r called for ,by all -France. Paris now de-
mands iftwith a louder voice. It is time to
listen to it, The liberty of the press is the
i guarantee of all ,other liberties. With it
PFraice would never have fallen into, a-p
t abyss of blood-of blood from which it is
I resolved to emer e. The laws of Septem-
, ber-have tnutilntc..J the treaty of the press,
I Let themrdisappear.: The Municipal Guard
-has, signalized itself by, excesses; it has
violated the laws by firing without making



_i_ A6


. .]? .. ".... I I rl. "- r .. I I I ...

_ _1 ___II_




6 "*


^:' .



Ir -


Robinson, who was"trie dole .u
in N'ew York, for the ruhrder .fF W, -
e"t. must 1U1 more U b
assigned to a cat.. We do 4no kno
often he has been kined i te newsf
but io sooner does his obituary note
pear, than iestarts into being im odr-o
mote corner of. the United States. ,
days ago we coftd. a paragnpb, rrof
New York Tribdue,'Doouucing the
of Robinson'inifie everglades of Florid
"positively for the last timie." This p4^;
graph has called forth the foilowipg.j
claimer and a1ilosnrds'from the Newf
leans Crescent:--[Philad. Bulletin. .,
The paragraph published in our coluh
yesterday, and 'we notice it is pubrisheal!
the northern papers too, about the suppo,
death of Richard P.. Robinson, so unph i,
santdl connected with tbe infamous mort
of Willen Jewett, years ago, in New Y
city, embodies an entire mistake. Robiu g
is nol only.still living, bat is in most flo
fishing circumstances-as we are this meo
ing credibly informed by persobs who kn *t
him well. He is a Clerk of the Circ kf.
Court of Nachidocbeacounty, Texas, whb
hi resides. Soon after Robinson was
q'4iied of the murder of poor Ellen Jew
he left New York city,- nd emigrate
Texas. He fought vt thelbattle of Sno n
cinto, and was afterwards out with GeneJ '
Rusk, in the Cherokee campaign. Duri'
the latter he was wounded in the right ar4
which he coftsequently losL the use of,,; b
he writes a beautiful tLand with his left, a ,
expepliiiotisry too. "i
His name now is Riichard Parmlee. j X
is nigh forty yeais of age, and "has accoum.' ,
laved aa han'dscrme fdrttiit. 'Mr. Parmlqi. i
some years "snce, married an iuteresti:'"
young lady of Texas; 6f most respectab- "
family, ond has several children. He ralkI
considerable interest in political affairs, a ,
is a "Hrouston mann '-ofteu caivssing i|
county in times of pitiical excitemeni. H
manners are;-s omewhat reserved, tacit^
and haughty; 'btit from-ou.r information,;:
is well fiked by'his neighb'ors. Ifedoes-ni
particularly shun conversation on the shook
ingtopic which has given'sOrpotoriety tS
his name. He,. "of-'ei,)rs6 "avows h-rset
irnoeent=-as a jury has declared him.-
Wbatlver, mray be the fiict0n *ohhat point, i
is *Wfdfeniable that- Mr.'P .4 kby.his energy
prudence, courage, and rs.pectabl connoc
lions, bas- raised himself to a substantih
position in the, world. 'Fvr our part, wi,.
'ire glad to bear not only thait he is living "
but is doing well.
Some one has betut hoaling the Crescent.
or that pe' is 'r~yng.'to :"- rua saw," pon

its readers. "rfa" vetiitblie Richard ,. is
keeping a tvoodyard., sign of the hatcheton
the Chatiialooc'he, aW(va U Vhmllaly known
to tle 'steamboat ,ia'en 'Os "11Dirty Dick,"
.He was last soen a, few -days-ago, sitting on
a log ot the G"-eotg& side, clad in-, a-red'
flannel shirt, Id pb l aiing Oh no, we vei
mention Her," on tl hGWt-raf Irute.i
0 The secretaryy of W r .,has it. iu
conte'mplarion to order ihe cIen-.eharog of'
Ml ijee 'uVAict Yiis %i' llie itny.- ^': ~
TAHE R-EVoL-UTiOqt,,rq _FRANCE., .
In the NeW York' 39tr9ativ z/f' Cmmefch
of Monday, we find somoe additional inteilli-
gence, with rerd to "the ,Revoleup.16n,i 'nd a i-"
patently up i.toa ilfer (retioj ifan ias'b-efore
been published. The ,rovisional Govern-
ment appears^ lojiave enlereilypromplly on"
their dutiesco-Bi exercised tlipr "; tAhborify
without interruption, confirm niogre "opinion
now generilly e tlilred-, lhiEthele will be
no more violene'elbut that a form Pfgover-t
ment according& with the wishes 0othpe~dz
pie wilt be 'delib~eA,'rely testablish-ed, and. as-.
sume Power without any organized opposi-"
I ion :1' ^ -v

The following letter, addressed to a com-
mercial house of this city, and exhibiting in
a'strong light the importance of improving-
the navigation of Flint river, has been band-
ed to us for'publication :
,DArviLtE, Mardh i14, 1848.
XDe&r Sirs:-I 'feel'so 'mriutch he impor-
tance of improving the ,river between this
and AMba6y,'that 1cann6t r erain'from drop-
ping this line to you ou that subject.
I was in my brother's sto'e this rovening, ,
and observed some barrels which I at once-'
recognized as being barrels of New Orleas.'
molasses. On inquiry, I found that he had
just received it from Macon, and paid fort
there 3`7Jc. per gallon, and 62je. per 100
Ilbrs.'freiglit from Macon to Danville, making
the cost of it laid down at Danville 43ic.
per gallon." The same article I priced at
Apalachicola at $4c., which, with the freight
up at- 'ti 50 pei'barrel, would make it stand
in here 28c. against 43e. "via Savannahand
Macon. Again, when I left here on a visit
to your place, there were three -wagonsload-
ing with cotton out of the ware hotme upon
the river's'ba'ai 'here, 'and rate of freight
given (and which was-considered low) was
70c. per cwt. At that htine 'the price of
cotton'in Macon was from 6 t6'i, while-at
the'By the 'price was from 61"to 7c.
You '6f Apalachicola seem to have gom
idea of the'vast amount of'trade, above Al-
bany, which naturally belongs tojyour place, ,
and which would surety go there if the few '
shoals were opened. They all lie within
ten or twelve miles o-f that place-all lie be'-
low C.tton B lu-ff in Lee county. ,
The cotton trade I look upon as'second-
ary'to the'immtnense grocery trade. 1
Otrf population here is priftipally.sta-
'lionary, while that of Baker is transient,
In the three or four counties above Al-
bany, there is annually grown from 30 to
35,000 bales cotton, nearly the whole -of-
which goes to Hawkinsville and Macon by
wagon', at an average exvens-e of about $3
'per bale or5c. per hundred lbs.
Let -me mention to you the names ofTour.
or five planters on this side o" the river, and
whoge landsjoin, and all live within 'five to
seven miles of this place, viz: Taylor 150
bales, Jacksons 400, Huguenin 300, Bivins
250, Jbhn B. Lamar (just settled within the
,last twelve moabths) 300 bales.
We' you 'ever driving over a beauti'ful
toad and come'suddenly upon a fallen' tree
across it, where the under growth made it
impossible Tor you to-get round it, and dif-
ficult to get overr. If so, you have some
idea of (re 'obstructions of our naviga'ion.-
If you can make. me up the sum of $1500-
,,i TPooO r-i Apptihfco'la, I-w-iYr-ptedge my-
self to have a like stim subscribed bv, the
planters here, f'or it w-i'll be a powerful in-
centiv and encourage them ior the work.-
For this sum I assure you t,-a't I will be
able to open The shoals above*Albany so that
,we can at all. times bring as great a depth of
water above that place as we cat bring to it.
As I above remarked, the shoals which shut
us out all lay within ten or twelve miles
above Albany. The river from that up lfur
sixty miles in a direct line, has no obstacles
and is beatable for eight months in the ye-A
I have hastily penned .down these few
ideas,-crude and disjointed as they are-. .1
hope you will take the subject into conside-
ration, and give it such shape and action oas
youathink proper. The subscriptions can
be paid the one half this. spring, and the
other half after the work is ,done next fall.
"- ." Yo~i'r's truly;", ------.---. -

..FINANCE ANiD REV0tbTioNS.-An impor-
tant financial[ consideration arises 'out ofihe
Revolution in Fr'ance... Should its effects
be practically extended to other parts of
'"the Old- Wortd,'hle republican spirit suc-
cessf~ully revel Ut ionizing other governments,
the financial may be as great as the political
revolution. The New York. Herald. has-
some remarks on the. subject from which
we extract the following : .;.,r/ %
"What will beeotne of the immense debts
of these nations, and what; will be the posi-
tion of the holders or these claims? The
house ot .Rothsehilds'has rec-ently'hmade ,>m-
mense loans to the renc~h Government,

and it is by no. means improbable but that
these and other debts willbbe repudiad---
c-ffdee&d "b th-e new, government.-R I is"
highly necessary that a republic should
commence clear of debt, that its system of
taxation may be economically arranged, and
established upon a proper basis; and we
are prepared to .see every vesijge of the
claims against France,. for previous loans,
swept entirely away. This, may pro-dace
another financial and commercial revulsion,
in Europe, the effect of which may bei of
the most disastrous nature. W.e maybe
upon the eve of a revolution in ,he finances
and'commerce of the world that wi change
the -whole course of trade-,",
A letter received by the Cambria, states
that the Biitish Ghovernment has given -ar-
ders for army. clothing,' equal to. the conh-
sumption od 10,00"p cks of -wool, or 240
Ibs. each.' ,This goes to AshQW that the gzov-
erinent views'with much ieiterest thepre-
sent state of affairs-o.o the Continent, "and,
"anticipates the possibility at least of having'
to provide foray Very large increase of the

l? The remains of Lieutenant J.'W.'
cautey, a gallant young,. officer in the Pal-'
metto regiment;" who fk:l1 meotally wounded
in the- battle- of 'Chapultepee", arrived at
Charleston,-S,. C. on lihe _'tth, inst. in the.
harque Acadia.' -They were received wi~l
due honors ., '

the required summons to disperse; let it
give place to a civic institution. Finally, a
general amnesty is in every mouth, in every
heart. By these measures order will be
promptly restored."
A temporary Provisional Government has
,been announced by acclamation, as-follows:
M. M. DUlONr,
A.RAt6o, (the Astronomer.)
This Government has 'issu-ed a proclama-
tion tnjo641"ing on the people to preserve or-
--der, but not to quit their revolutionary atti-
tude. They propose:-
The unity of the Nation.;
Liberty and equality ;
The government of the National"by itself.
*The Provisional Government has declar-
ed the following :
M. M. Dupont, (de L4'Eeue) President
of the Council.
M. De Larmartine, Minister of Foreign
M. Arago, Minister of Marine.
M. Cremieux, Minister of Justice.
Gen. Bedeau, Minister of War.
M. Marie, Minister of Public Works.
M. Ledru Rollin, Minister' oflnteriar.
M. Betamont, Minister of Commerce.
M. Carnot, Minister of Public Instrue-
M'. Garnier Pages, Mayor of Paris.
Gen. Covaignac, Governor of Algiers.
Gen. De Courtals, Commandant of Na-
tional Guards.
The issue appears to have been, that after
a severe struggle with the troops, the peo-
ple succeeded in obtaining possession of the
Palais Royale, and the Palace of the Tuil-
leries. Louis Phillippe and his family had
fled, and before leaving he signed his abdi-
cation, which is said to be in the following
words: "The crown which I -received
fi'om the F-rench Nation, I abdicate to the
French Nation, in the name of my grand-
The following is still later intelligence:
"London Telegraph Office, 2 o'clock 24th
ult. We have just received a Telegraphic
despatch which confirms the appointtryen't of
the Provisional Government. Comm'unica-
lions are still stopped with'the interior."
Odillon Barrot proposed before'the Pro-
visonal Government,uhat- a. regency should
be-fa'med under the Duchess of Orlea'ns
.until the Count de Paris should attain his
majority; -but it was rejected.
The latest advice is'dated Liverpool,
Sunday r~orning 27:h ult., to this. effect-.
The King has not yet arrived in Eng-
ED IjN F RAcC, and tranquility nearly res-

yard of a houSe in (he Rue Bourge l'Abbe,
'were fo,'ced to lay down their arms. The
Nationzl'GuaMd negotiated between the peo-
.ple and flhe 1M inieip-rl Guard for the-disarm-
ing and "lhen it was effeuted the former
took the latter under their proJ ect,.In. The
-exaspet'alion ofihe crowd against ihe Muni-
cipal Guard was o0s"t in-tense, i,,- to the
severity with which tllat bqdy had acted .in
'different quarters; and when they' issued
I.from the court yard, a strong- free was re-
,quired to protect them. T11e people -iteb
demandedd ihat they should be made'to take
off their shako., and that they were obliged
to do. They were then led along number.
ofstreets, headed by a dehncemri ofcnuras-
siers, and strrrounded by ,the National Guard,
the' troops of ihe line forning a passage for
then to pass. On ariivin at the Place de
I'Hotel de Ville, a clever cavalry movement
prevented ih-! crowd fronc enweiing, andqthe
Municipal G guard were'lhe6reby .enabled to
escape into the place.- They then'warmnly
expressed their lhanils to, their deliverer-.
'At nine o'clock the.quarter- Transonian
-and part of the Rue St. MartiR were filled
wilh barricades, M,:iih we, re gunrd-ed iu mi-
"tilary fashion by tihe people. T'heinr habi-
lants were ipoli[cly ;co0.,lIc 1'1,l -o their ,resi-
d 'In th, Rije R.iiniieaa, the people, carvy-
Iin4 torches, knorl,.d ;it the doors, until
some on,01 ,It; .W 0red. They then cried
"o H i, 'Vo. irms -" -Yes. hen give
*hen." Wher-n tlhe arms.- were ,2ge.o, the:
'people wrote on (tle doors, 6"'On a. donna das

As i lie cr m Jl w:ii :i rHiaiel of. the inisiry 7of Fo, i':ff Affairs,
*:in wP' iineii elill liv-'usual c' riesl hoY were
dired (In witliu imy-pi>.vi ',s Bnotice., and
filftV-lwo per-5,,l.; t..fll. dead or wounded. A
cry of ven[I- :ince Was -ilnlieii il,-ly-ulteired
bv lliahe peolpe, the viciims of an abominable
A.imbuscade. and, se:vert:l of itbe~r li.v,.ie-iird
iinlo lIh,' n0i.libnrinrsr. re~i'is, s-hriiilii,,-, '"[o
ar ls1 l1 i ;,i a-I'ni; *I -W e ,r,- being: assassin-
aled !" Slhorti'll te-r we saw" a heart arrive
*at ih e of-rii e ir l lle .I II ,,-..l toni iiniii.'. ,dead
lbndivs. rhe lelhiclze was Siliroiiepi by
.fle |I?oilr%, %Ito were i- and ful- of
iiili n.ti,,i ,ind who i.h,_m ed the bloody
'-bodiis.-e. iing.";. Tily are assassins who
,ili;',e slave slain Ililin W e will avenge
"them Give us-arms -arms `,he tor-
'clihe, casting their glare by twuns,, on the
'bodis and~ on the people ,added to lthe vio-
lent :erholiQns -of the sLene. M. Garnier-
: "P`aoe' hein, at'that moment in the offices
of ,'tihp l^V' ta.?/<; .id.adies-pde the people, He
promised linl -.he would ei-ploy lis efforts
-to ol)iaii .*4,r ihe1 r, I'- thus attacked the
saiisl'action which ii i ir.lvireI from theseim-
p)ious and alro.lou>s io i niers. Thle funer-
al trYiin'left the-office, conducted and light-
-cd in the same manner -th("Y conveyed the
`bo,Jips to distant rq aiters.
M. tie, Gourtais, d-pulyv of the O1posi-
..!tiw, lhasltened to ille Boulevard des Capu-
: -ci- s1t -,aoscertain the causes of this shameful
; bi rcherv. [le informns us th;t the colonel
of the regiment whtch'had caused.the-firing
r(o lake place,was in consternation at what:
had occiirred., He'thus-explained. what he
called ;,I deplorable imprudence. At the,
mnoment ai %%liiclh the crowil arrived a bullet
4from a Ohn, which went,_ff by accident in
.i lie a.rden of el'lie lim el, ,.roke, r rfij ^ ,t,1 ,

where, the soldiers along tlhe boulevards
took off their- bayonets from the muskets,
which they reversed, appearing much to
enjoy the scene. Whilst this was going
onj the people wantonly, set fire to'the bu-
reau at: the hackneyw coach station nearly
opposite the hotel.
In the evening., a group of .young men,
headed by tri-,olor flags and 'torches, and
ledl by a captain, a lieutenant, and a sub-
officer Iof the national guard, went to Ca-
serne de Neuilly,,to demand the Trelease'df
sdmre persons whop had been arrested. ,Oa
being assured that they bad been released,
.they qu'i-etly, dispersed.
An aliaek.was made on ths Hotel de. la
Chancellerie, the windows were smashed,-
atnd the crowd insisted on the',windows being
An attack 'has be&n directed against
Mont. Valerian-some sheds were 'turned
A't tAhid'Bignoltes four'.children have been
L ined and their bodies are deposited at the
guard houso.
Thle Debats says'that the collision which
lock place at the Ministry 9f Foreign Af-
l;irs, was caused by a crowd, headed with
or~ches and flags, -attempting to force its
.way through theranks of the soldiers.- It
'says nothing of the number of kilBed and
After midnight the tocsin was sounded in
,lie Church St. Germain des Pres, and ibe
rappeel was beaten in several quarters.
The following, declarationwas yesterday
signed'in the 8th-Legion of the National
,,1,We, the undersigned, all belonging to
the National Guard, declare that, in the
midst of the troubles of ,hewcapital, the sum-
mons ,lo assemble having hemen eaten, we
the protectors of order, shall proceed wher-
ever we may beWordered to go to prevent or
arrest the effu-sion of blood ; but at ,,he same
lti e ble ,,l- protectors of liberty, we declare
that our'object is not in any way to approve
of. the mrii nsterial policy, eit-lOr at home or
abroaid, or t'o lend any support to a ministry
,wh-ich, on the contrary, we blame with all
t'he energy of -good citzens. We do not
deliberate under armns-we merely, state
our way of thinking,, before we go to our
post.," ,
Yesterday evning, at about eight o'clock,
an immense crowd 'proceeded to the resi-
dence of M. Odilon-Barrot, and entered the
court yard of his house, and many of them
his apartment, in the most peaceaLle' than-
ner. A deputation advanced towards M.
Odilon Barrot, who was at the time in com-
pany with many of his colleagues. M.0.
Barrot addressed the deputation as follows "
My-friends,-I think I see your fathers
aof July, 1830; it is a display of the same
courage-the same generosity (unanimous
cheers.) And to be like them, worthy of
liberty, be calmn in triumph ; that is the
character which is saitab-le to the cause of.
right and liberty."
,Lond cries of'" Long live Odilon Bar-
rot," were then raised. M. Garnier Pages
added a-few energetic words to persuade the
crowd to- retire .peaceably. The shouts re-
Icommenced with increased strength, and
were taken up by the people .in the Rue de
la Fernie des Mathurins.
^. h.irjiii lhfe yIv~hctl ,n;.bt jlhw nennlo _uwx
busily engaged in erecting barricades in the
prhsipall-streets as well as in those of smal-
..ler ones in which it might appear of impor-
tance to prevent the entrance of the milita-
r ry.
Tfie following -proclamation has been post-
ed .at the Bourse:-
Orders have been given to cease firing
every where.
We have just been cha'rged.by the King,
to forim a ministry.
"IThe Chamber wili be dissolved amd an
appeal be made to the country.
"General Lamoriciere has been appoint-
ed. commandant .of the National Guards.
"Duvergier de Heuranne, Lamoriciere."
All the ministers have quilted their hotels.
The Bouse is'-closed, "
'From (-alignani's Messenger, Thursday afternoon.
'"SomeJ of'our extracts from the leading
articles of the Paris journals ofrthis day will
be 'ehd with painful interest We begin
with aquotation from the Reforme, as be-
ing a Sort of manifesto put forth for adeptlY)i
by the masses who are now in. open opposi-
:tion. to the constituted "authorities. This
journal says; '" The ministry has sunk
in blood ! With .h -must ,be pulled down
that o0dious infamous system of which it is
the-expression. The French people wish
t~o ,be. free. ^ They have proved it ; they
-h.-,ve beeii as great asthey were in the years
1789 and 1830. It is still worthy of liberty.
.But iSit to b,'-Lelieved that~the, change ofa
SGuiZo~tfora Mole or a Thjers can. satisfy
them. -If any. men do believe this they de-
ceive themselves. .
/We, who. have a right to speaks in the
'hame of the people, fre rwe lhave never aban.
doi,?d them, never deceived them, we make
ourselves the echo of their just demands.
The following .are llie demandss of 'the citi-
zens of the ,)resent day.:

he liberation0 of-the citizen-s arrested
yesterday.ond.the day before I ,
*" The impeachment of the ministers.
"'The -right of meeting consecrated de
factor by a banquet on Sunday. '
"' The olectorial reform, founded on po-
) pular bases- .
-Tie abolition .of the lawsof Septem-


KCS The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADvERTISER--and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WM. '%V. C-IFEVER, Esq:, Albany, Ga.
Major JACK L-ARDMAN, Edfauja. Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVER, Tallahassee, Fa.


Whig ..Aeetin-g.
At a numerous meeting of the Whigs 61
Franklin cdunty,'held at the Apalachiccna
Exchange, on Thursday evening lst, in
pursuance of a call for that purpose signed
by a large number.-of voters, on motion of
'Win. Hdtit, EVq. M. Pitt Ellis, Esq. was
called to the chair, and (Daniel J. Day "re-
quested to act as secretary.
'The 'Chairman read the cill-of the meet-
itig,'wherein the objects were stated to be
to express the sentiments of the Whigs of
Franklin county, as to the proper persons
to run as candidates of the Whig Party
for Goveroor and Representative to Con-
gress, and also to consult as to the pro-
priety of sending elegates tthe Euchee-
anna Conventio'n.
W. G. M. Davis, 'Esq. moved Mhat the
meeting do not send delegates to the Eu-
cheeanna Convention, but in Ihku thereof,
that the Whigs of Franklin signify then?
prevetience 'for such persons as candidates
for'Gorvernor and Representative to Con7
gress, whom they are in favor'of, by'resolu-
tions, and that copies-of such resolutions
be certified to the -C'on'vention at -Euehee-
anna, which 'motion was Tosit.
On motion of B. S. Hawley, Esq. a "corm-
mittee was appointed by the Chair, consist-
ing of B. S. Hawley, Wm. 'Hone, H. W.
Brooks, W. H. Hughes, J. H. Hull, to se-
lect delegates to represent the Whigs of
Franklin at the Whig Convention at E'u-
cheeanna-said committee, having Telired
and consulted, returned -A-id reported the
names of E. W. Rogers, Wai. Valleau, D.
J. Day, J. H. Hull, B. S. Hawley, Avery
Downer, J. C. Allen, as such delegates,
which selection was considered and ap-
proved by the meeting.
On motion of W. G. -NM-. Davis, Esq. thle
meeting proceedeil to vote for a candidate
for Governor, when Sam'l W. Carmack
having received the entire vote of the
Whigs present, was declared the unanimous
choice of thee Whigs of Franklin.
The meeting then proceeded to express
their prefelre-nc'e for a person to run -as tlre
%, nlg ca-fi~tnlTe-'Tor'Repre'sentative Io Con-
gress, when the name of the Hon. E. C.
Cabell being put in r.omination, and no
other candidate being presented to the
meeting, he was unanimously chosen.
On motion of B. S. Hawley, Esq. it was
resolved,, that ou'r delegates to the Euchee-
anna Conventioti be instructed to intfom
that body that Snm'l W. Carnack is ihe
unanimous choice of the Whigs of Frank-
lin as their candidate for Governor, and the
Hon. E. Carrington Cabell is the unanimous
choice for Whig candidate for Representa-
tive to Congress.
On motion of D. J. Day, Esq. i't was
moved and carried, that our delegates to
the Eucheeanna Convention be requested
to inform that body that It is the wish of
the Whigs of Franklin, that the Whigs
of Florida should be represented in the
National Whig Conventon, to be holden in
Philadelphia' on the 7th of June next, and
that the Whigs in Convention at Euchee-
auna be requested to appoint delegates to a
,State Convention, to be held at Wakulla at
some future day, for the purpose of nomi-"
eating delegates to such "National Conven-
tion, and, to select Presidential'Electors.
On motion, it was resolved, that the pro-
ceedings, of'this meeting be published in
the Commercial Advertiser and the other
Whig papers iu Florida. -
M. P. ELLIS, Chairman.
D. J. DAY, Secretary.
We have t0-day visited the above gallery)
where we have had the pleasure' of meeting
in daguerreotype many of our" citizens, amd
we feel no hesitancy in recommending the
pictures taken by Mr. Wv., as, the best that
have been taken in our- ci~y,-and Wouhld say.
to our citizens who may wish to availsthem-
selves of such an opportunity, that nfone
better will offer.. 'Go at once and have your
physiognomy transferred, as natural and
beautiful as life.. Mr. W. will leave our

city some time-in Aptil, for Quin-cy and
'Tallahassee, where. he Will have awarded
that palm of excellence,, which public o0pi-
nion heretofore has confirmed in the.most
substantial manner, and by their enlighten-.
edand, liberal patronage.

papers say" As regards the prospects of
,the Indian, cotton, -culture at the present
season, the reports are unsatisfactory' In
many of the districts; of Guzerat the plants
have become shrivelled and withered,,and
consequently the quantity will be diminished
and the quality deteriorated-. The export
and import duty on-cotton have been re-
,pealed, without restriction or qualification
as to vessels, carrying it. Thi's Will sacri-
fice ab00t jt30,000 a year ol revei, ue."


JIprom tde'Tallahasee Sen'inel I
A person styling-himself Mr. TV. S. Car-
penter came to this place about three weeks
since, from Charleston (S. C.) by way of St.
Marks. At the latter place he gave out
that he, had money which he wished to in-
vest in the purchase of cotton, and obtain-
,ing a hitterr of introduetio-n to oue or -two of
* -ln I" |I h ne i u^'~ ff L. j ln~li ll-1C tlljl
commenced operations. He exhibited a
certificate of $6000 on deposite to his credit
in the Bank of New York, and in (lie pre-
sence of one of our business men, enclosed
this certificate in a letter to Brown, Bro-
thers & Co.. of New York, in which he in-
fo-rmed them that he should draw upo-a it in
three days. Taking his witness to the post-
office, lie dropped what was supposed to be
the same letter (but now believed to be ano-
ther of corresponding size and direction,)
in the box. He then sold drafts to the
amount of $6000-actually refusing several
applications to sell beyond that amount,
alleging that his deposit was exhausted,
un-d, probably still ficrlhor to keep up ap-
pearances, he purchased seventy-nine bales
of cotton, which were duly forwarded to St.
Marts for shipment to New York ; and so
after these and sundry other little exploits,
Mr. W. S. Carpenter vamosed on Wednes-
day the 8th inst. for Apalachicola, to return
in a few days. Since that time, Mr. W. S.
Carpenter has not been heard of-but his
drafts have become dishonored. Brown,
Brbthe'rs & Co..know no such man-find no,
certificate of deposit in the letter which
they have received from him-nor is there
anything on deposit to the credit of Mr.
W. S. Carpenter in the Bank of New York.
In fact, Mr, W. S. Carpenter is a humbug
-his drafts are a humbug-his certificate of
deposit isa humbug-a forgery which pro-
ved, so valuable in Tallahassee, that proba-
bly he has taken it with him for a similar
operation elsewhere. The protested drafts
came back ot Friday morning last, and by
same mail, three days later, a telegraphic
despatch significantly inquiring, Isn't Mr.
W. S. Carpenter a swindler?" A scrub
race' for St. Marks came off directly after-
wards,--purse, seventy-five bales of cotton-
which were attached in short order, and this
is the poor apology 'for $6000, to say no-
thing about the premium upon-therexchange.
Now all this was very ungrateful in Mr.
W. S. CarlTenter, For, being a man of
very genteel and prepossessing appearance,
tall, well, made, with auburn whiskers and
goatee,,a certificate of deposit (or $6000,'
andd nobody knew how much tore, as a
matter of course, Mr> W-S, Carpenter's
acquaintance was duly cultivated. He was
dined and wined, and feted,"so that he' may
be said to have done this thing as. people's
".bed and board" are sofieiinines left, "with-
out just cause or provocation..", We may,
too, as well add the usual caution, and
"warn all persons against harboring or
trusting him," or they may be as-badly gam-
m6ned as were the Tallahasseeans.
Soule, a leading member of the Bar at New
Orleans, and recently elected to represent
Louisinua in lhlie Senate of the United
States for six years after the 4th of March
next, was sentenced by Judge McHenry,
on Thursday i.st, to' imprisonment for twen-
ty-four hours, and to pay a fineof one hun-
dred dollars for a contempt to Court. The
'alle.'ed contemp)t consisted in Mr. Soule
looking at the Judge in what the latter,*con-
sidered an Offensive manner. Alarge num-
ber of persons visited Mr. S. while,, in con-'
finemnent, and when liberated he was escort-
ed home by. umwards of* fifteen hundred
persons. The $)1. fine was paid by a pub-
'lie subscription, no person being allowed to
contribute more than a dime,

STHE superior fom-faifing Aip P*
^TER fLA-TTRICK, RockwQt,..h^vJtg
,.,,, SmEost.. of' fle C eogaed, will hare
dIspalch. For freight, 'zto
March 23 ., NUJOlRF,,ST;dNP &, Co.
4?6r -LIJVJie-2 *I.
;^ THE elegant fas -Pfaaing, new bark'
'^ MADONA, V^tfhef, pi)*er. havinkf
a---iC pthe major OW f her ,eario eeotged,
will meet with unmein ate di~p&(cN "Vao IreTght
o0-paage, apply to
.March 2 DB. 'WOOD "&, Co.
T< or -Liverpool. ..
.^ THE superjpr -Br., rhip, GANGFS'.
^^^Cb~cnfdrt A Wvef Aviug. pqpt. of. her
Ak cargo engage3,willhave diqpatchi Pop
freight, apply- to t=;,v ..,. .
,Feba4, : CHAS R R ERS &, Co. -
-- .For.erw York.- : ,
__i THE splendid new iar1 MO.TAU k,
_+^^^(^ates, master,, will have dihmI iate
+s dispatch; For troiigh or lqaSs5We'h'avitSg
good accommodations, apply to- -
March 30 NOURSPK, STONE &-b.-
For New YOrUfc'. .,
,^-v- THE regxllar parkeri rig UA
^^ MAII, Kjimcdsod, tisaler, wjihary-4F',np
3 mediate dispaftcf,. For freight, or, paipr
sagepibaring excelent ci~iin(Ht.,linns,,a~npl, to
Mch ;30L ; A.I)t>IG&>-
Vor New u Von .
,_-., .THE packet bark<,l t P.,
^^^cher, master, is wyv Jduig ,fIV t\\a
Sgabggwe port:enS ivi'll baVIuick dispatch. .,
For't'Fergor passage,a)lylo -
M a rc h 2 3 ".. -A D OP G -
For New '. *., ,. o
THE fast sailing cYoptKere(- ad qoppc r-
,^^^ fastened bark Z.R-N<. Lir'noje+ ii~tn
.S^~ter, woJl havefdispamth lot- ne ;abtir
port. For freight or pas-as,',app'lv"'t t "
Mch 16. WM-G.P(^lTFR.CO

---- --- -- --- -- ~_~ __~ ~~~.__ _.~ ._- ---~-- -- -----_ ~--- 1--~11 --


~ _I


.i --- -:~. Li-I~-MIT,(II~-

CIU VUlIIP ll I' L Idlial~


1 I Y

rTHE Subscribei, one of the firi of Madden &
_ Adamns, of .Columbus; Ga., will remain some
time in Apaiachicola. He may be seen at the
Wvairhboe nvow building forJ. Day & Co. at al-
most any hour in the day, and will receive orders
for ,.
SLABS, dice. &c.,
,which he will furnish lower than they can be
procured from the North.
P. S. After~leaving Apalachicolai. the subscri-
ber 1will promptly attend to all orders directed to
him in Columbus. P. A:
February 24,1848. 0 -3m* *
AIrish lftatoes andl Onions.
A FINE articleforr sale by II
Nov 11'- E. McCULLY,50 Water st.
SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bottles and blad-
ders, just received and for sale by, I
Feb [7 H F ABELL-


-- I -- ------r I

'CASTILE Soap for sale by .
Feb 24 H F ABELL.

SSchooi Bookso
FOR sale by

. .. +

S Tho0msonian lfIedicinaes,
UST received and for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.


'which' France owes rto herself, asd which
our 6tffotts will assure in her.
Such are the first aces of the provisional
(Signed.) Dupont (de I'Eure,) Lamar-
One. Ledrn Rollin, Bedeau, Michael
Goutlecalix, Arago. Beihmont, Matie,
Carnol. Cavagnac, Girnier Pages.

The municipal taI,.| is disbanded.
The pi'otectiou of the city;of"Parisis'coh-
fided to thp National Guard, under-the or-
ders of" M. Conrtais.
The second is a proclanlalion of the Pro-
visional Government to (lie National Guard,
thanking them for their good conduct.
The third gives the names of' Ministers,
: ,+,0 same as National.
< The fourth places the Prefectute of Po-
: ;- lice under charge of Parsi, and Confides the
safety ofthe town to 1lhe National Guard.
^ 5. Dissolves the Chambers, and interdicts
S... the peers from meeiihZ, announcitig [hat a
National Assembly will be convoked as soon
;+-- as the Provisio,,al Government shall have
regulated ,measures'of order and police ne-
cessary for votes of all (he citizens.
PAmq, February 24.
~ r At five o'clock the Provisional Govern-
ment assembled in the Hotel de Ville,.sar-
.- rounded by a people in arms,"-and; full of
-generous enthusiasm.
To the people btriii'iig with the ixmpa-
t lience to kiow Ihe first acts of the Pro'ai
signal Government, M. Louis Blane an-
: nounced the republic, which was- received
,) with eneraelie ar lause..
MAl. de Lainarlnn had already,,in theGfeaf
hall passion.,rely inmedthe'people, and was
followed hv Lediru RlIitn, Of whose speech-
es no reports ;ire given but they are said to
have excited great enthusiasm. The min-
islers i:miin.- heen named, and public safety
secured by ilipe a|)oitmfiii< of K. Cour-
i.ans to ilie conimand of T'he National
; .' + Gunards, wilh 1M. G(linard for chief of the
elit illijr. ('iv-[-l Fl-'I; Bedeau and L ainori-
c cire clime," f:.,rward and offered their services,
wh- liich were ;'c, pi,.l. .- The first Was named,
: Coiman,,lte'. ol" th~e first Military Division,
and olteredl ,ii,'Iry of. War.. The second
|roposed.l tu i.Irch to ihe'-frontier.
The N itir'l assures the people that they
inay ,re.-_iie l'iteir affairs with perfect safety,
order being- coml)letcly restored .

-7'FTE ME:C.7A. COMMISSIoN.-lThe Ba'l-
1imer. ,('/'51 0f1" Monday, states itat an assn-
ciame Trenly (vinnls-ioner, withI p-owers
extiaordinary ;Zn, M1 iit-It-r Plenil'Otenliary,
': l has ijen appointedd to Mexico, in conse-
quence of Col.'.Sevie'r's, delenil:,n byillness,_.
o ; HoU. Naihan Clirfftod, .-S. Attorney Gen-
ei;il, was* nomm ted to, 'and confirmed by
.' he Seiiie -on S iiuidaY,"an'd" set out that
D) night -on ipe SouiheTn rioute- i'n cofinpany
ith Mr. Wa lsl,, lre Secretary -o'f Le(alion.
'T The a.,,. sy.--" --Artagemtient'* 'have
+ 'Cbeen o.:ttl(,-t 6 'e rx out thKe 'Obrnnissioner
+at once frotnew lOrle'an- to Vera 'Cruz,.
and t11encie -to the caOifal; *an'd similar ones
i" for o n: Col" Sei~ver, 'vho topes to,
:'"%^ "-leav-e 1.i,-1 ,I.._ u -on -Ft;+nor -Wednes-
-A i,[ ,' -- ,, *
: : .' _, ,i.,t .V l.T' FRC(:,. THE MAILS."
-- -: fh is -i a,,.,l in the D es INIines V alley
% .+ ~ h-i.: ,f-h l ip r,-;lp't D eljll "I It rn:. III 44t AV ,l, I).'
tn2'ini, Iri.; d 'lp le.'l tl it he proceeds of the
"t'rant il lit, se,'i,:ri o f D t l.,,i.1 to Ihe State of
-- + o Iow:I, a* e I o 1 h) ;1 | '[ i ,,| ,-,l stfi'ctl1 to the
:. 'LConimlliiiji Ili f ho -pblic hIitiddings at Ibwa'
-", 'Cil'y, the olId sf,,t ol' o g,,ernftent.
1 : T lhe trial (,l" D'.fV..P ,l.' l.. e, for a
...... I rider of (i'n 6 n& asso'ciate iatie'd Math-
p s, lat H.AII,,', I. M.]ine, is now proceeding "
a( An-n'2iia. Thle e'videffce is -very strong
'a';ain.- lI iill, :n,1i hI's coii cli,-,n is- very pro-
b. 1ruble. 1!,oui oh Hon Geoo,'e Evans defends
Shim I'J', irial x '-x ilos Ili,: ,leel,.St inteYest,
-. 'l-n1d the I.!r e.il c iuich in Augusta is crowd-'
ed %I l l;l14t1n1n01. Cooledge Was a tta'shing,
specnihilinr, Mu-,,,- man, and appears to have
borromel inimev of N1 vl]'?w% and th'en des-
"toveil Iliin !o i;?t riI 0fq.he debt. He g~av^e
lhim jrain'ly. i.I,,,!ed .,ith Prussi'e Acid,
whii(;li Iillr-d l hini'-with-the speedd of" ligh't-
1ling. T his was In 11-< o-, II onirle, ;Jlid C.o0pl-
:eI,.ze |~i] ct,',',l ihe aidi ufa tI,., iiit nooW i
w i l r ..e ;r i i I i m ,)[ e llo l t.eii v th 'e b 'o dly .
SHe pi olil.,lv li:,d rot C,,It'fll i'\~di (,n _-1 speedy
'; ;a dealh, a'nd expiecle,_l lIh.,i M:.,lli^"; wouhl
g.ei ti out hn- room -',and Tall "dead in the
street or dlie ins ome olher house. ."
.. An Engineer off ihe C'oiinicliciit River
R ,illri,ii],. tit,'hi l'l lI~y name,, and rather
Svernla'tivii llil, l''\in.\ 1n litnell.lnsulted by
+., t, l~rolher ei,,_ni'er: seiii hini, a,,ii' in~il.,iui
" <+O'. '"-confee- n i;ihd: ,)i ol<,"/w !,iir-I was very
:T"iea~iiiy ;,,'cted(. SeL, i,, .; were appointed
...--ilhe driy came--}ie p;,rties were stationedJ
n'. --an, I'tn.li,,l wit'h two murderous, hut
.7 rii'th r "in,'mnrt huiolin'., lIorse.-pi4t'ols, tlhey
.: ve.nt alt it'-:A't ilhe firstl fi,'e, tlie cli,,illienged
l',t I'iaiyfll p,'o-li,e, Io ,all :,lilie.r.ir, cp (.ir-
l1'ir c t a s a d o ou r n ail'- liile ilhe c lim .s ,-n

gore flowed il icM) prfu:-ion.. _Th.q bloboId--
SIhirsly 3ilchell I cut' for0-*ler life, and was
last seen clinging to the hindmuos par of the
down train to Springfield; while the latest
advices from the field of honor" represent
I.is poor victim as, vainly end-eavoririg to
,, Temove from Ilis vest'.and shirt bosom the
stains of tihe 'c"ickcn bio,;d.
'We learn from the Ohio Stafesman lhini
^ a young n man named Miller, "6 or 1.7 years
of age, who had been employed to 'carry' ihe
111 Iail from Warshiug toil C"-H. Fa'elle
,-.: 'couny lo Chilicotlie, w s a-iesled a few
days since, for opening the mnail. l appeals
11tat, finding the lock loose, le lool; it off'
L and threw it away. He then, according t6O
his own story, looked ini0-1he bag, and took
-hd6d'ofsome packages of p-ilfei's, but did not
touch the letters. -.It' seems "also' to b6
doubtful if* he had any ghili IuV e 1 '0her-
"wise than i.impering with Ihe fastening.
"T- e lad expec-,to be sent to the'pefiiten-
tiary, but expressi-, much concern on ac-,
count of his old and feeb.. 'nllge, Who was
supported outof his wageA. .. '^,
At New-Orleanis. on the 7 nh iii.taiait,.
City Bank was robbed of :271 doubloons, in
.the following sdinguirly tbriuv and adlroit
m Inanner: Diiring" tile forenoon _otine person
"\ entered ilhe Batk v without being seen. ar.1I
C-. .L, |iroceedtihg to the pri'v;ile vault of tile Cash-
!- r, Mr. Robert Palfrey,' took iherefrom a
b coi nt-ainina --271 dublohm ,., valued ,at
Y- 643^'N The gold hff'befen deposited tile
-:;:. ,lay be4 re by a cousin of tile Cashier, as a
sT. $'.ecil "41`0,sit, The whole circumst inces

i connected with the affair are still shrouded
in mystery. There is go entrance to the
. vault but the one near which the clerks and
officers were writing at the time.
Mr. John Cook, Jr., of Winchendon,
Mass., has been arrested on a charge of
murdering his wife, in Fitchbutg, Mass.,
by administering arsenic to her in 1834,
fourteen years ago. Suspicions of foul play
were excited at the time of her death,
which have since 'ripened into assurance
upon observing that her body, (which was
deposited in a tomb,) has remained in a
remarkab-le'state of preservation. A recent
hnmlysis of her 'stomach has detected the
presence of arsenic therein, and the testi-
mony of the nurse, the sexton, and of'geve-
ral. doctors, tend to fix suspicion on the
husband, who is now in custody.
A Memphis (Tenn.) paper menitibns bhav-
ing seen a beautiful specimen of rich lead
ore, weighing some twenty pounds, and said
to be seventy-five per cent. pure metal, sitx-
teen of 'which is silver. It was brought
from the hilly region neartLittle Rock,
Arkansas, 'by a gentleman who is 'engaged
wit ha company in p repairing for extensive
mining operations'; several thousand pounds
of ore. have been extracted from a hole dug
three feet in a vein found to extend neair
.half-a mile.

IMiORTANT'T DEcisION.-A decision has
.just-been made:in the Superior Court at
New York, in relation to the ri.ht of a fac-
tor to sell,- after he -has paid freight and
ch-arges; and incurred -expenses, :notw'ith-
standing a subsequent direction of the prin-
cipal for him to withhold the goods from
the market. TIhere is no decision on the
books of a similar case in that State. The
Court held to the, principle that a factor has
a right016 sell to reimburse his advances,
although no acceptance have been made
upon the goods. This, the Express be-
lieves, is different from the present under-
standing, based upon the celebrated Ohio
RUSSIA.--A letter from St. Petersburg, of
the 71h February, states. that the cholera
had disappeared from the provinces of Pen-
sa, Woronesch, Toula,,and Taurida, and
from Cherson and the neighborhood. In
the provinces of Nenij,-No'iogoiod',-Koursk
, and Kiew, the .malady had not-made ,y
fresh- progress-, whilst in those of Podolia,
Volhynia, and Minlnk it had become more
,intense.- .
Louis on the evening of the 10th inst., the
tabin of the steamer Avalanche was dis-
co've'red.to be on fire aft 'of'her w'heelhot'se.
The flames quickly enveloped. thee whole
boat, and. c'o'tmunicated to the John H.
Hard in, from 'thence to the Hiberffia -and
Laclede, and in I-ess than half an hour' the
four Were in one mass oi'flames, and at two
o'clock, were' burnt to the Water's edge.-
The steamer tudora, fortunately, was cast
loose *in time 1to escape a similar fate. The
ste'rn'of the steamer Charter Oak was atone
time Vn fire,0 bts hey ,&,ax(I
M+t,-.,-...-+--< ? ., -5^ o i ,a7t: rem en. A
barge along sTde Of the Laclede was also
butrn'. Therle we're severa] kegs of powder
on the Avalanche,' ,but 4the v.vere taken from
the hold, and Cast overboard. No lives
'Io s't.

Gen. Pie'rc'e of -New Hampshire, has re-
signed his comMission in the. army. ',And re-
sumed th` 'praCtice. ofthIe law.
,D. Nil'es, our present charge at Turin,
married ile re.other of Eugene Sue. She
has gone out wilh hi'm t -his post.
H Hora'ce Greeley and Sam Houston had a
discussion recently at Dover, N. H., when
Sa' got 'used up, of course.
It is said that the ship of the line Colum-
bus, in the cruize just ended, has sailed
more than _'68-0400 miles. Twelve of the.
crew died of cholera at Manilla, and by Va-
rious diseases and casualties (orty--five otheIr
deaths bave occurred. I-
ht has wittily, but Somewhat ufigallanliy,
-been said, that ai woman is the reverse, of
her mtirror--that'one reflects withoiul talk-
ing, and the 0the~r talks without reflecting.
A men who chews $14 worth of tobacco
annually, stops his newspaper because he
,(:atnot afford to t-a'ke it; ,
Gen. Scott, it is said,' will return to. the
United States immediately after the aidjourn-
ment of" the c:ourt- martial:
'It is calculated that thert' are at. the pre-
sent time, within the State of Arkansas,
;aboot one thousand individuals who are
professional gamblers. M1ovehment's tre ma-
k-ing amnii.r the people for their suppression
by Legislative enactment+ -
Tlhere is a man in Cincinna~ti now worth
five hundred thousand dollars, whb,, twenty,
ve.,rs agO, workedf ior his daily bi-ead on-the
liver.. ,

"I'm boarling out," as .the loafer said
When he c-urled- up for the night on a pile
of lumber. J
W b\ hy is a ship's crew like a bomb shell ?
Because, when discharged, they goon a bust.'
The easiest gav to ge:t ar living is to sit on
a gaie andwail for good luck. In case good
luck, don't come along; you are no worse
bffthan you were before;


D. C. n. C.

a 10

4 a 4f
5 "
85 a ,
8 a 10
'121 a I3
.35 a 371
; a 20
a 121
, a 15
600 a 700
1 8i a 81
9 a 12J
11 a 16
14 a i2
1 61a 25
25 a 50
18 a .20

"S a,.75
a 800
6$0 a 700
250 a 450
, ...a.; 100 .
876 a 900
500 4 600
100 a
275 a 300
20 a 25
16 a 18
12 a 14
'400 a 450
400 a 4 50',
2 a
60 a -. 'to-
250 a 5 00

COTTro.--We left the market on Saturday with
all transactions in cotton suspended, in conse-
quence of the unfavorable nature of the "Cam-
blia's" accounts. There has been thus far this
week a pause in the market, the sales being con-
fined to a few small parcels at irregular prices,
but getnerally at about j to 4e decline on rates
currefit immediately preceding the arrival of the
*" Cafbria." The fewv sales made have been at
atodt 6g for good middling, and 6Q for middling
FREIGHTS.-A British vessel han taken an entire
cargo for LiverpooTat id. American vessels road-
"ing fiffd-soine difficulty in filling up at 9-16d. We
have no change to notice in the rates coastw'ise. "-
To Liverpool ........ .............4 a 9-16d.
To Havre.......................... ".'..'...-
To New York.......................... c.
To Boston ................................Re.
To Providence............ '.: .........c.

BAGGING, Kentucky,...........yd
Dun4ee, ..........yd
BALE ROPE,'Kehiucky,. .... 16
Northern,..... lb
Manilla. ....... lb
BREAD,.NaVy,.............. cwt
Pilot,.., ... ..... ... ew
COFFEE, Rio,.............. lb
Havana,............ Ib
CA-kDL "S, Spem...:.... Ib
CORDXGE Manilla,...........Ib
Hemp,.... 77-.. b.,|ll
., .. Tarred,....... ... lb
CIDERk, Norther ........ ...bbl
Brown ,Shirtings,....yd
Tickings,.... ... ,...yd
Cottonades,...... ...yd
Calico Prints,..'...... ,yd
Kentucky Jeans,'..'. ..yd
DUCK, Russia ......'......'. yd
DYES, Logw'd, Canieqachy,".'.ton
"' St. Domingo,.tou
ustic,.'........ ....- .. to*
Indigo,...'.'-.'.."'...* ...Ib
FLOUR, Northern,.......... bbl
Western ............ bbl
FISH, Cod,:.................box
Mackerel, Np. 1, ...... bbl
1 o. ,....... bbl
No. 3,...;...bbl
H ERRING,..,':.............box
FRUIT, Almonds,.............. lb
Raisins,............. box
Prunes,. ... ." ...'.'. .'.'.Ib
Currants,..;............ lb
Pigs,,.. ". ...* ........ I b.
Lemons, ..'....'.b6x
FURS,. Otter,..'...............,.
FEATHERS,. .................16
GRAIN, Oats,.................bush
Corn, ....'... .' ....bush
GLASS, .......- ....". ..... box
HAY,. .... ... .... cwt
HIDES, Green,................. lb
Dry, country...........Ilb'
IRON, English,................ .-lb
I-o op, ......'..;.....-:..... lb
S eet,... ....... ..4......Ib
Nail Rods,........... Ib,
Casting, American,...-..lb'
Boards, White Pine,...-. M
"t Yellow ......M
White Oak Heads,........ Ml
"i Heading,._...M
LEAD, Bar,. -............]i lb
LIME, .... ........... .... bbl
MOLASSES, N. 0........ gal
NAVAL STORES, Pitch,..-.- bbl
Oakum, .bale
Rosin,... bbl
Tar,...... bbl.
OILS, Linseed................. gal
Olive,.........'; .....bottle
Sperm,............. gal
Lard,.............. ....gal
Tanners'...."...... gal
ReVISIONS, Pork', Mes,.. ..bbl
M. 0,.. .bbl
-. ., Prime,..bbl
Bacon Hams,'... .....".. lb
--." canvassed' ..Ib
Sides, ...... .. o lb
Shoulders,........ ib
LA^D", -.... ..... ......... lb
BUTTER, ........-...."'....Ib
CHEESE, .... .....- ..:..... lb
POTATOES, .............---- hl
--.- NlTf 4 ........... .. ..1
SPI O-S, Cassia,. ..........lb*
SPICES, Olove,.....b.......... lb
Ginger root, ......... lb
ground, .'.... lb
Nutmegs, ............lb :
Pepper,.... -.........Ib
SUGAR, N. Orleans,........... lb
St. Croix.............lb
Loaf,..... ...' ... .lb
SALT, Liverpool,..........."sack
Coarser .....'........ bush
STEEL, Cast,,:.............wt 1
German,......:... ....cwt 1
SOAP.... ... .., ..... o ... lb
SPIRITS, Brandy. Cognab,.... gal
Gin, Hollahd, ..,al
,", American,..;. gal
Rum, N. E. ...:.gal
Whiskey, Reot. ....gal
SKINS, Bear......... ........
Dee'r ........ ...........
SHOT, al si2es,...............lb
TOBACCO,....b........... ...Ib
TEA, Young Hyson,. .........:]b
Souchong,............ .Ilb
TIN ........... ... ...
TWINE, Baling,........... ....Ib
Seine, ..............lb
WINES, Maderia,.. .......... gal
Champagne ..... .... doz I

I year.
Stock on hand Sept. 1,187..." ^8 988
Received past 3 days........... .^773
previously ..... "....83347
Totl...".....- 86698 78737
Exported past 3 days.'...".......4318
-previously.......... 44072
Total.......-- 48390 46145
.6n hand and on shipboard notcleared 38308 32552

Commencing Ist.September, 1847-and same
time in 1846.

Past lPrevi .r Last
W'HITHEREXPORTED. 13 daysiously. I/season
Liverpool ............ ..3S32 .10715 .14547 ..8950
H avre ................ ...... ...... ...... ......
N antz ................... ... ...... ... .. ......
Trieste...................... *2724 -.2724 .. 1,68
Genoa ............ .. ..... .. .... ... ... ..958
Other ports............ ...... 2212..2212 ......
Total to.For. Ports.. .3832 .15651 .19483 .11276
New York ........... ... 486 .16117 .16603. .9378
Boston-....................... 7194..7194 ..5660
Providence-................. 2980 ..2980 ..4273
Phil'delplhia. .. ..........577 ...577 ......
B'altifrore..... 1180 ..1180 .l600
New Orleans ......... ...... 1373..1373 .12285
Otherports........... ...................1713
Total Coastwise.... .486 8421 .28-907 .34909
TOTAL-BALES.. .*.. ...... --3-90 .4614,5


For KW .o ...-
..,, rE -fine ,psi ?krPi^. cop per-.fastenq(td.A I- bri," -',.\{Y
3^^r BUCK, ,-awf- t,
bulk "or 0 bales 'coto,", t fitl iup; fturfreig t tof
which, or passag, -apply Io.. .
-; March 16. '- ; A DOD'G..,
IFoor Jsostos.,
THE fast-sa'li,,g pakekt ship SABAT,.
^a^^TIS, Cox, (iastc-ir, .mit-nefl vri.lFi dt-
patch. For 'passage niy., apply to, ".
Mch 16 D B WOUD&.-&;..-_

10-00 a 16 00
1200 a
6 a 164
10 a 12
150 a 16'4
25 a 26
a 450
a 400
150 a 200
225 a 3'00
475 a 550
90 a 125!
50 a 621
100 0 150
80 a 90
175 200
a 14 00
a 12 00
a 10 00
9 a 121
71 a 8
61 a
9 a 94
24 a M
9 a 1

45 a
371 a 50
9 a 10
11 a 124
212 a 25Q
14 a 12
f4| a 71
10 a 11
13 a 14
100. a 125
62J a 75
800 a 25 00-
200 a 15 00
5 a 7
175 a 325
137 a 150
40 a 42
&' a -40
22 *a 25
621 a 75
100 a 125
7 N 7
8 a 50
60 a 80
a 50
I8 a 20
a 371
100 a 300
1000 a 16 00


'Per steamer Emily-Gen S A Bailey, lady and
daughter, Capt J D Roland, Dr H..Lockhart,.J;C"
llusa, D J-"Day, L F Stow, B M Fluker, Wm H
Per steamer Apalachicola-Mrs Thompso'in and
'children, John Thompson, Capt S Sutton.
Per steamer Notion--W Beach and lady, Migs'
Per steamer M A Moore- Mrs B "J Hoot, child
and servaht, J L Mjller, lady, child and serv't, D
Morris, lady, child and se'rv't, J M Bluldworth G
Kent, S J Smith, J A Calhoun, Dr W L Cowa'n.
Per steamer Quincy-Dr H Lockha't, R J Mo-
ses afnd son; Jos S May, 'F Arnoa an d family, Mr
Per steamer Pe'yf6'n--C F Bemiit, Y W Dev6-
,raux, R L Jordon, L Yaxborough, Dr Prall.
Per steamer H S'Smith-J,Lafnb.
Per steamer' Boston-John G Winter, R M'"ers' ,
Jas Smith.
Per steane'r Maignolia--LS Wafta, J P Hardee,
Capt B.Wynns.
Per steamer Quincy--Re'v T M Lynch, B Ellis,
Dr Carnochan, S L 6olomornlnl Brw- Rdt~wrd...

Per steamer .Champion-116 bales cotton to
Maclay & Kimbrough, 96 to Lockhart & Young;
68 to J Day & Co. -., ,
Per steamer Emily-147 bales cottonn 'to A N
McKay & Co. 145 to Hill, Dawson & Co; 88 to J
Day ,& Co; 60 to N Cruger; 38 to Wylie & Mc-
Kenzie; 35 to W G Porter 5& Co; 15 to J H-& J
M Hull; 4 to Lockhart & Young; 19 to otler. ,
Per 'steaner Apalachicola-449 bales cotton to
Maclay & Kimttr6ug; .45 to A N MacKay & ,Co;
60 to Hill, Dawson &< Co; 26 to C Rogers & Co;
26 to Lockha&t & Young; 44 to Wylie & McKen-
zie. *
Per steamer Notion-345 bales cotton to A N
McKay & Go; 62 to Lockhart &, Young; 27; tp C
Rogers & Co; 25 bales domestics to Harper &
Per steamer Viola-100 bales cotton t6 D B
Wood & Co; 7 tp Wylie & McKenzie.
Per steatmer M A Moore-556 bales cotton to
A N McKay & Co; 185 to Lockhart & Young;
83 to Wylie & McKenzie.
Per steamer Lotus-150 bWles cotton to D B
Wood & Co; 55 to Harper & Holmes; 12 to A N
McKay & 'Co.
Per steamer Quincy-20 bales cotton to Lock-
hart & Young; 4 to W G Porter &- Co; I'1 o D
G Randy; 4 to J Day & Co; 20 to B S HawleY,; 4
to S & J Schiffer.
Per steamer Peyto.na-50 bales cotton to D B
Wood & Co; 51 to Wylie & McKenzie; 95 t6 A
N McKay & Co; 500 do, 34 sacks corri, to Lo6k-
hart V Young.
Per steamer H S Smith-4562 bales cotton to W
A & P C Kain; 215 to Hill, Dawson.& Co; 113 to
Lockhart &. Young; 94 to Harper f Holmes; 53
to N,.urse. Stone &.Co; 48 to B Elison & Co; 33
to \I .lav %\- Kimbrough; 7 to A N McKay & ,Co;
3 to W G Porter..
Per steamer Boston-100 bales cotton to D B
-Wood & Co.

Per steamer Magnolia-=-141 bales cotton to Har-
per & Holmes; 75 to Mactay .,& Kimbrough; 81 to
Lockhart & Young; 55 to Nourse, Stone & Co;
30 to Wylie & McKenzie; 126 to W A & P C
Kain; 13 to A N McKay & Co.
Per steamer Quincy-33 bales cotton to W G
Porter &.Co; 5 to Wylie & Mc.Kenzie; .4 to A N
McKay & Cb, 5 to B3 S -awvley; 21 to Sims &
Cheever; 4 to J Day & Co; 27 to B EIUsboa& Cb;
A0 to otder.
LIVERPOOL--Per ship Liberty-2057 bales
Per ship Urgent-1775 bales cotton.
-MARSEILLES-Per ship Diadem-2212 bales
cotton. I I -. ,
NEW YORK-Per ship Marianna-'1018 bales
Per bark Mary & Jane '-1074 bales cotton.
Per brig R G Fisher-486 bales cotton.
PROVIDENCE-Per bark Horatio-1016 bale"
c o t t o n "

"For Boston ,
^-^ THE fine new b.-ffque Cl IA.E, Chase
L-t~ master, will mept Wilh jimtnediale~dji-:
,,A k i Sp atc h F or d ec k hrc ig lhIt" r 'p a s!?, .e', a'f ,-
ply to ,. ....
March 9 .. R D r/00,)-& c' .

fep~y~jS^ Second Story Bultzkll s Hdi g,
^ ^ ^ (E,(fr,,nce on C ,estnt-si ).
N. B. Watches, Clu:ks and'Jewelrv, carefully
repaired. : October 21. ]S-17.-
BritiSh Periodical l rteiraalirc!e
SCRiBE S + +:-
Sv&rfeeary ,,,hale' th~e fr,',ns are uto' ? +/

I ,


Uilase, Chase, -I tOnS, for B oston, Ioadt g-D
B Wood & Co
Sir-John Beresford, (Br ) Threadgold, 292 tons, for
Liverpool, loading-I M Wright.
Dauntless, (Br. Johnson, 689 tons, fm Liverpool,
wVaiting,- Master.
Cumberland,VBr. Powers, 402 tons, for Liver-
pool, loading-J. Day & Co.
Madonna, Mitchel, 489 Vtns, for Liverpool, load-
ing-D B Wood & Go.
G B Lamar, Knudeon, 260 tons, for" New York,
loading-A Dodge. __. -. .
Madison, Watkiris, 314 tons, fm ew York, wait-
ing-Master. -
Henry Buck, Woodside, 184 tons, tor New York,
loading-A Dodg.. ,
Havana, Smith, 163 tons, Nm Newk Orleans, wait-
ig--Master, ...
Sarah Brown,. Wiech, 348 tons; fm New Ygrk,
waiting-Master. .

w-. ANb. *. ;,.

Thq a .ove Periodicals :are jrpol nted.'. New.
York immediately on their arr'iva ,v. Ihe British.
steamers, in .abeautitul clear-type, on fine white
paper and, are f.iaithfuk,. copiEs of the origi'hal--
BLACKWOOD'S M,..GAZIE,-. 1eing an exact fac-
simile of the Edinburgh ediliio. '
They embrace the views of "the three gret.
parties in England--!( rv, Whig, and Radic-.!.-
"Blackwood" and the "ILtondon Qiarterly" are
Tory -the "ld&niVr-iRe4vip.v'" Whig; andth4
" Westminster, Reeview"' Radical.--, The _Norlh,,
British A eviejv< i' qipore ol" a rehrgiusclaract:r'-
having. .been originallyveditr.l by-Diz.-,Ghalmcrs,.
and now sinceJhis deq;lh, beoingvutiduptclby'hti
son-in-law, Dr. llanna, as.socialed wtflh ir: D'vid
Bresvster. Its literary characler'is o. the v l y-
highest order. ," :. **... .''.*\
PBRICES FOR, 184.8, (IF. suBrsCBIBirDilD_1n&ABi.)'
For any one the four Re.iviews', $3 '\r ., Dull).
For any two; di. "" 5-* .' : ""
-For any three" .,., < 7 "
For all fourof the. Reviews'. 8 Y .. ..
For Blacki.ood's M agazine, 3 "': "'*
For Blackwood and 3 Reviews,: 9 "A
ForBlackwood and the,4 Revie ,z, 10 ,I'. :
Payments to be mn.de in (711 edseti ws-ie
P R E M IU M S, .... ;,
Consisting of back cit'ros ofll.e I tieJ ln' h
valuable works, vjz : ++, .-
Bentley's MiscellaRzy. **-+.f.'*7 : ' +
The Metropolitan .Magazine,...-. '
The Dubl-n Uhi,'ver.-ity Magazir:,;" i- /
Biacl.: wV,',od's M ag.- z e. --
The Lohdpn, the Edinbur,,h,' thIip I.'Vrrfig
Qlijiteorlv, and the \Veslmtr.;tlr-ivteview,'". ,
Any one sbsc-ribing ,orPlac'(a odl' r.r loiopne
of the Reviews, at 3 a-i-r,' fn 1n a%\ I\T() Ot.
the Periodajcals at $5, vil-. fev-,ve., grai.is, o,-
voiu'meot ativ' f the.p;ejriiuirris above, jamn,.-. '*
A subscriber to- am, tl)rpc( ol" I he Pcr,,d-cfalQ at
7a-year, or. t'oth FPor R?.vrws,. a., re
ceive t'wzo prremriium."olnin' -msahbo ..... .- "
- .A subscriber to.Blackwood nnd hihree IV- ,c,is .
at $9 a-year, or th t heFour Rview%% aitqtl f a.. .
wood, 'a $10, will' receeive thrie e ,rcnium vel- ;
umes. '
' 0:2 Please -be p &arpcitlar in nomi. -yIg l,-. 'r-
"miums desired rif the wforl, { i:bsr 'Td'ittJ,(d m.-
;, .. ..CLUBBING. .-..-
Four pies: of-any-or all -01'. he abht', {\ ri
' will.be sent to .one 'd~ies on j, w t ,c( the,
regular, subseripjli6n' lr l t,''ee--tht('rll copy ,
being gratis ',
0 yNo prem'iyms witl"-be ,gitin. ir ,tlif .
aboVe allowance ii madze ti;yfiic'l ris, .r, %6\I if'e-
miums in anyca~ ebte furnisfi~d, ,, Ir..lhe-suh"
seriptibn i I,,,,d ind i./n l tj l.,e .ubfi/.p & '1 \-s .
.outrecourse to all oe.nt. ::,'. + ; .
::* RARLY COPIES, "\:".?,
+ A late arrankgemeni %& h Ie Erilish p publishers -
of Bl3ckwood's Mag..ziine srur-s .lo. ti earl --
sheets of. that work, Iy wvi,- vh we sL-i be 3 bl1e
to place the entire Fiili',,.-r in Lhe 61,nds-of sub.-.
scrib~e s belorp'r ari i" pf' ,iii of if. can ll 4c r-e ioted
in any (f the ArneriiMnJ,.nrnal.g. rol (h1.ts nd
other- advantages secured tin cur" subscri-bersi wve"
pay so large a cori.-lerali-n, ,lar '.We "na y be
compelled" i0 raise, the pri'e..o I'' rlngazlne.
TbeI'efore 'we repebe tb cilw early it-bile thlh
p 4 i c i s i o w ,' .. ,
Remittances 'and cnmm,',i,-atifs sth~outd- -be i
always addressed, toM-nild or franked-, to "ttie1 _- .
publishers. LEONARD SCOTT& CO.., *
.. .. 7-0 F" 11 _r) St New .'0ork.,.
Guava :len /," )QOZ. GuaR0a Jellits, asn'r1 ::e'd b
* -J5 just r~ecpved- dirirt f'rom HRix-id f,?a or Sale
by E M;;CbLrL.Y, ,
March .1 .051 Walpr,,t..:
('nbii Tobacco Seed.'-t -

L "H- IrtJice, S>:'id. I r<'.n Ihe most eCe' ycaledt.
plantatiops ot the Vuelta Abajo, just releiye4;.,
from HaYana, for sale *by } .{*v .:s
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water ST?

Franklin Circuit C Itrtt.
The President and Directors of
the Bank of Pensacola, ..... .
vs ".- In tbancery.
Hii'am ttanley., and.others;.. .. .
At Chambers, 24th.lareh, 18.
U PON reading. the Bill and FExhibits, filed in
this 6adse; It is 'r6'eted, that service of said
bill be perfected on Hiram Manley., one of the
defendants, who appears from the affidavit filed
herein, to be a resident of the Middle District. of
Florida, by publication in the peWspapei pub-
lished in the city of Apalachicola, for the space
of two months, requiring said -Manlpy. to be and
appear before the Court on the first Monday in
June next, and answer siaid bill; otherwise the
same will be taken pro confresid t b him.
A True Copy. .
WiLlat.klt VAL.;EiU; Clerk.
March 30, 1848. 11-2m

At Chambers,
John A. Carnochan, Plaintiff,'
George K. Walker and Mary
___- ...., -FI +1. (t M < -


bis wile, of tne otateo uf
Florida, JaImes E. Bettner Bill for account.
and Ann his wife; of the and partition.
State of New, York, and
Jqne McMasters,. of the
State of South Carolina'
UTPON affdvit of Complain.nt's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for' the space of four
months; ahd if, upon due proof of the appe!aranc'e
df said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time -mentioned, the said defendantss do
nota ,iFpp-.ir to saMi bill by the next rule day'which
shalt come atter twenty days rom the expiration
of said period of four months, is further or-
dered, that the same b'e taken as confessed
against them.,
GEO. S.H'IAWKINS, Judge;&c.'
Comp, 'ts Solicitors.
A True Cop. WM. VALtEAVU,
,Dec 30. '5'04m Clerk.


S ASrsaliarilla.
B"ULL'S, Sand's,. Bristol's and Bailey's corn-
pound, fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just re-

ceived, and for sale by
Feb 17 i H F ABEL4.

Cotton i Weigher.,
THE subIsciibef havirtg 6een appointed a
Weigher of.Cotton3 respectfully solicits em-
ployment from the -merchants of Apalachicola.
He has a family dependant on his labor, and
hopes that opportunity will be afforded him ,to
.gain a support for them in this community;
where such ani appeal has never been made' in
vain,. ALEX. McALPIN.
March 2,1848". J 7-tf

Dr. Woodruff's Antibillious Veg-
etable Life Pills,
F"OR sale by
Ieb 8 J C ALLE.,

, M 'ADE on shipments~of Cotton to Liverpool.,
Havre, New Yor-k and Bostonr, by ,
Dec. 16' 'D. B. WOOD & CO.

J- change. -
TRAFTS-'On New York, ,..,-ti,:n, Providence,
.Philadelphia, and Baltihr,.re, boughit;'and.
Si.-lit Checks dn'New York sold:by
,' ; WM.'G. PORTER & Co.
S- .Agents Bank of Vrmii,'ick,
Dec 30 41 Water ,lreet..

RULL'S, superior single and double Trusses,
for.sale by
Feb 17 11'F ABELL."

8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale
U by E. McCULLY,
March 16, 50 Water st.

Havana Selai's, -.9
{n -nnn HAVANA. SEGARS, contain-
^T9}0 \.,00 .0 ing an assortment of the' 'Pro-
bidad, S"Cabanas," "Minerva, Britannia,"
1 Partuges," and otber choice brands, now Iand-
ing per" shr Arin Maria, from Havan," ; for sale by
Mch 16 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

Provisions !
7 BBLS Whiskey; 10 do. Prime Pork;
10 bbis Flour; 1.cask Rice;'-,
5 .. superior old Reserve Whiskey;
2 very choice Hams;
Now landing per Schr Louisa4 Sears, and for
sale by E. McCULLY,
March i6 50 Water st.

OIXw-eeks after date I shall apply to the Judge
}J of Pr6bates, :for Franklin county, for letters
of administiatiou npon [lie estate of D. A. Fau.
pett, defensed. T. H. AUSTIN.
r-aarch -'3, 1 -s- 1,1,-it
H l-. Police.
HE t_,-
T i. .rt o P of .Prbat,,4 I vlbe -,)e ed nrn the
.. 1. ., n r kr tII 1l, dI \s nx tliere,,,
[o r llit? lr ;n- ""
'A t,',ti"L"tiltUd['ill'l; f.1 E ",
.t'r; ". tl-l or_.; a ,iif Gt ir,] aw; .INv which
tinme tlh,?Y, are ex-. -, .
... "te iInappear -,r delault %%Ill
be liled a Ar l-z.) 't ikl.'t.- .
S I ...... *, l 4 \. *,- t 6-, I ,
"\"" J u d g e o f P ro b a t e .

W INE.R's Canadian'Vermifugefor sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL. ,
S .. jLemon Syrup.
J B RAY'S superior Lemon syrup, just received
and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL. -

ALAOD IL, just receivedand for sale by
Apr j 17 H. F. ABELL .

Brushes .
H"AIR, Hat, Clothe,.- l-' Tcth, Nail and Shaving
Brushes, for sale by : ,,
Feb 24 1 H F ABELL.

liazor Strops.
(CHAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
V^ ceived'and for sale by
Feb 24 H F ABELL.

"D TTCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
sale by [Feb 24] H .F A'BEEL.
Castile Soap,
JUST received, and for sale by -
Nov i1 H. F. ABELL.

0 K BBLS superior Muscovado, for sale by
5. Mbhn 16 E McCULLLY, 50 Water st.


PORT OF APALACHICOLA ....... March 30.
March 25-Bark Ocean Bird, Coney, fm New-
port, R I. [
Schr Mary Augusta, Barker, fmh Boston.
March 27Brig G B Lamar, Knudson, fm Bal-i
timore, to A..Dodge. .
Schr Ftzaheth. Cliff, fm New Orleans. i
March 29-Ship York, Pollard, fm Boston.
Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee. x ;
Steamer Boston, Morton, fin Columbus. i
Steamer Peytona, Greer, fm Columbus.
Steamer Charmpionf, Cadwallader, fin, Colum'ibus.
Steamer Mary A Moore, Moore. fm Coluimbus.
Steamer Emily, Hall, fmT.Columibus.
Steamer Apalachicola. Thompson, fm Columbus'
Steamer H S Smith, Freeman, fm Columbus.
Steamer Viola, Van Veghten, fm Columbus.
'Ste'arher Lotus, Jones,jm.Columbus.
.gleamer .Notion. McAllistcr, fro Columnbus.
teamer Magtdoia, Butts, fm'Colum'bus.
Iharch 24--Ship Liberty, 'Pratt, for Litverpool,;
by DK Dodge. t
Ship Diaidem, Tucker, Tor Marseilles, by I M
Wright. ,. !
Ship Mariannet, Ginn, for New York,'Ny ANt
McKay &'Co. ,
Bark Mary & Jane, Flitner, for New Yotk, byI
Nourse, Stone & Co.-.
Bark Horatio, Boutelle, for Providence, by-
Wood & "Ballou.
March 27-Brig R C Fisher, Hobarf, for New
York, by A'Dodge.
March 28-Ship Urgent, Rogers, 'for Liverpool,
by W A & P C Kao.

York, Pollard, 433 tons, from Boston, waiting-
Finland, Johnson, 549 tons, fin Philadelphia, wait-
ing--I M Wright.
Medallion, Houndlette,547 tons, fm Boston, wait-
Probuq, De Vress, 647 tons, for Toulon, loading-
I M Wright.
Frances, Dyer, 395 tons, from Boston, waiting-
Peter Hattrick, R ockwell, 555 tons, for Liverpoolt, r
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co.-"
Windsor Fay, Brewer, 646 tons, for Liverpool,
loading-D B Wood & Go.
Ambassador, Hadley, 452 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Ijenry, Salter, 434 tons, for Liverpool, loading-,
B Salter.
Rob't Fulton, Wade, 560 tons, fm New York,
waiting-1 M Wright. I\
Solon, Bucknam, 540 tons', 'fo4 Liverpool, load-
I ing--D B Wood & Co.* ,,
Sabattis, Cox, 447, tons', for Boston','loading--D
B3 Wood &.'Co'..
Ganges, (Br.) Corn'forth, 723 toni', for Liverpool,
l1ading-' C Rogers & Co.
Ocean Bird, Coney, 268'tons, fm Nkewport, R I,
Ocean Queen, (Br) Warren, 568 tons, for Liver-
pool, loding-WA& P C Kan. .
Weybossett, Harris, 321 tons fm New York, wait-
ing-Nourse, $tone M C'Co. .. -, '
Gilbert. Melcher, 289 tons, for New York, load-
ing-A Dodg. *. ..- ,
Montauk- Gates; 388 tons; for New York, load- -
ing-No.irse, Stone & Co.
Brenda,.Young, 343 tons, for Liverpool, loading-
B Salter .. .
Wm & James, Vandexver, 263 tons, for Providence,
loading-T L Mit'ciel.,. ,
BelvedLre, Renny, 396 tons, for Europl'e, loading-
.B Salter. -
Z Ring, Liverraore.,3'? tons, for New York,
lo'ading--W ,G Port.r & Co.
('nui-nn *ta /T>\ "xAc%- -.



F'RESH Fall Crop, forsale b"- '
April 17 F' A EL-L.

Net and Twinie Manufacturing
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON..
- Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's Patent
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and
Bundle Tw'in.es, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad. Bass, arid
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines,
&c. -
XV. B. ,Vets and Seines knit to order at.short
notice. B. FLLISON & Co.j, Agonts,
I^-1 ^-- *' J "I*~ C i ~ ~ .?A .- 1 Qn'f"- I-

2Q BBLS Whiskey; -10 bbls Molasses;
9* 1 tierce Rice, just rec'd and for sale by
Jan 6 E.,McCULLY,.50Waterst.

-* *' ry'Goodigi, ^^'
D RILLINGS, "Tickinigs, Cotton Osnahurgs9.-,'
Linseys.,-Ker.seys, 'lJeans,-,Ftabihels, Blan,'
kets, Tweeds, Shirtirgy, Sheefings., Check,4
Ginghams, Calicoes- Delanes, Hosiery, ,,c. ,&,d
For sale by B. ELLfSON & CO '-,"
Dec 9. Cor. Water. and Chestnut.?ts.

HULL'S superior single and double Trusses,
for-sale by,

Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans I
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid an)d Morocco Shoes;
Super.Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots. .
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G PORTER.& CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Yard age fo r C o.t ton. *?- ^.
ROOM for'9000 bales in lowcer.Cotton Yal.
Apbiyto 0 '. ."-
. Feb 24. D B WOOD &."Co.-

WTINER'S Canadian Vermifugefor .ale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

Cider. .-
50 BBLS Champagne,: forsaleh. '-
50 Dec 30 B ELLISON- Cd '-

S Lemon Syrup.
TB RAY'S'superior. Lemon syrup, just received
and "for sale by.
Feb17 H F ABELL.
Saddlery, Wc.
SADDLES, of various patterns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits,
Saddle Bags, :
Martingales and Whips, for sale by
WM. G. PORTER, & Co..
Dec 30 41 Water street. -

Map Agents Wanted.
T- HE subscriber wishes to engage in the sale of
_L his Maps a number of young and middle
aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having completed new and
greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas,
72 Maps; large Map of the World,-Reference
and Distance Map of the United States, National
Map of tle United States--also, a Variety of
other Maps, including several 'Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices.
Northeast cor-ner of Market and Seventh
Dec 30 .. Streets, Philadelphia.

TTATS and Caps by the case low for cash by
S 0Dec 9- Cor.,Water and Chestnut st.

. Trusses,
SINGLE and double, foi sale hv
July 17 J.'C. ALLEN.

Q.WAIM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received
K. and for sale by ,
. Feb 17 .. H F ABELL.

POTATOES--100 bbls. ; Turnips-T50 bbls.;
.["" Carrots-- 50 bbls.; Beets-- 50 bbls.; '
-'.Parsnips-25, bbls.,;for sale y .
Dee 30 B ELLISON &-Co.

Blank Books and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.."
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper,;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for- Letter Press.
Blank Bills .of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March-'1 H.'F. ABELL-."

For Sale.
O'[:' SACKS Salt; 20,firkins superior But-"
2 0`0 ter. Apply to
Jan 13 NURSE, STONE.& .Co.

S Bagging and Rope,
TFOR sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 1 '-50 Water st.

-I f SACKS Rit, .Havana, and St. Domingo
JfL/v^ CofIee, for salfe low by
.Dec 23 E McCUiLL.Y.

SEIDLITZ, Yeast and.Soda Powders of the
S best quality, for sale b'y
July 17 J. C ALLEN.

WADE & BUTCHAR'S and R-odgers &,*Son's
,V .superior Razors for sale by .. -
Feb 24 H F ABELL.

Oil Cloths and Carpets.
1 K PCS Oil Cloth,.I and 2 yards wide;
5<. 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 1Stair "
10 Tufted Rugs,
'For'sale by- 'WM, G. PORTER& CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Osnatbnrgs. '" -
10f BALES Georgia, Osn-aburgs5 on consign-
:Jf ment,for sale by .
Dec J. DAY & Co.
R- azor Strops;
/"C HAPMAN and _Emerson's Strops, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Feb 24 H F BELL.
C ASTILE Soap for sale by
Feb 24 F, ABELL.

Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
F OF Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J, C. ALLEN.


THE. undersigned propose publishing in the
Town of Mariahna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with the above title.
This paper will be-devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of the dayand articles in support of
the Whig Policy.
The want of a local paper has been severely
felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
this Journal.
The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of September.
TERms-Three dollars per annum-, in advance.
$3 50 if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the year.

I -- /---~ I

', -, L ..- L .1 ,i 11 *11 ,i %' -'^ 1 ,1 *. .<. "
DrUgs, B edi aes, PaUt 0OPO
Dye-Swituf, P,,rfqamerty, ^g &THE undersigned returns 1.4,4Ju.
!9.~y to his friendsa. the public fqr=i refi (:":" T
H^J liberal patronageW .be 0 gs to inform : -?-
/Sl~m that-he is now teceivig :fa addition -:"
IIcI .eal supply, which added fthisformer ."" ":
stock, renders his assortment unnifty..rge '.
and complete. English, French, Gertnf ?wd
American rugs, "CosmelJce; Perfumeryrmii' i.01s
and DrpggistqGlass ware, &c., *c., are wfta f ... ;
to Physicians, Country Merchants, olben s -do
the most liberAl terms ,-alt.qofhb.hi W a|* .,-,'
pulre and'mnadulterated. : _.;; :'. ':'.
...., H..ABY-LL .. : '
Wholesale and .Ae.A._a_.".g't-
45Wai'fet ';
-A palachicola N ov. 21..; ""-> :1. -": .-- 6-
Drugs and IAR.icine i-'. '
i THE M.bacriber .ha, da .- wiff .
^SB^ constantlty-,.JV.v_,ob hand, a cempleti v "
Ssortmei.tf f i -UGS an4Mk
f CTNES, t4eh he will wwaiaitijrr1_
4R 9 and of the'^est quality.. Co.nfi"y '
S 'Merchanteiahd Planters wl] 'filnd t : -
to their advantage ts4ajl,Wexamine an4 price-is -i.
Goods, befole'purchb2_, else'here. ...-."/-'-.
N. B. Physician'!mrescriptions put ui-" itb- .
care and accuracy ataOyh ourof the day pr'niehf:. "-
'*J?:C.ALLN -.:
.March 2.1 Cor. Venture andd C6mmecM. sts/.' ;"
Holmiie's-' Vegeable fIEMJ44 -
Tr[cHESE rated Pilts have become 'so fi' "-.-
T- uous9for their virtues, iii curing this dis e, -._ .
that but-little need be said of them, their 'actin.- :--*
upon the system is wonderful, they immedtiaiy'
arrest all pain in this disease, no matierto. o
long standing,. Pamphlets, containing 30-pae' -
of testimonials fromn the profession. For sale.by, -
March J -U"" "J ._AILUL .;,:

*... I--.-;1 ~ --~lb----~-- -I I~

v-> twk c< v i mTT~t I


_ ___


W HEREAS, S, R. Bonnet btsame pnclraser "
from the Apalachicola Land Comp.any,"o 6 "
the 22d day of April, 1836. of Lotsnumnber S*
and 10, in Block No. 28, and LotsNo6. .* 8, 13*-
and 14' in-Block E2, together with theWha lf pi-' (. :.
vilege known on-the map b plan of thie cityas
No. 29, at the price of l,365, for bhich ees-, .
ecnted his notes, &c. in favor of said Comp .any:-
which remain unpaid, with: the interest due,
thereon : And whereas, by the, agreementfmado -
with the said S. R. B'oner, it was fully under' -
stood that in case of-failure t0'pay the said notesi -
according to the contract,, the said "Company
should be at liberty, on giving thi-ty, day's notice-
in a public gazette, published in Apalachicola, t`'
re-sell said Lots at the risk of said purchaser,foa -
the benefit of said Company, andif any suxpluA :"..
remained, after paying said notes, given for and
on account bf said Lotaiand all 'costs and eX-I
penses the same. shali be paid to.tlieraid S.R.,
Bonner, or his legal representatives; and where- "
as, the said S. R. Bonner b as, failed t0 pay said :d
notes, now the said Compay,in pirsuane-ow6f ffine-
premises, will expose the Lots aforesaid to _ateq,-;
at auction, in front.of the Court House .in said
city-, on Thursday the'sixth day of April net, -
between the hours of 10 o'clock, A, sf and-- "
o'clock, P. M. for cash,.to pay up said. note- an: __
costs and charges.
JAS. E. BETTNER, Agent of te"; .*
Trustees of the -Apalachic&laU Laiidd-.0 -. :-
Apalachicola, March 2, 1848. ... :, '
Wines on Consignmeit -..
JUST received pet ship' Marianna, and fo. .
sale low for cash-, -.
10 baskets HiedsiekChampagnhe -
5 cases old Pale Port Wine, ;
5 Sanderlan'i ," t .
u. Duff Gordon Sherry W .rne ..
10 "old East India Maderia W`inei
-6 "old Sicily. Maderia Wine, by- ^
March 2 1 :McC.ttY.,
_.: Notice..- -:-
fVY wife, Anrr Kates, having left mybed- and"
M-Y1 board withoutcause, fire p public are hereby'
cautioned against harboring -or trusting her on *
my account, as I shal lnst be answerable'for, any
debts contracted by her 6-o6n this date. "-. "
Gadsden C6., Feb. 21, 1848. 7-21** ;
BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by thecase;
_LOWomen's Shoes anti Buskins;, ,' *";. "
Men's, Boys and Yoths"Brogans;-'-;:,~./'-
,, i, fine sew'dB Sro"gnsi '1
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots; --"; .'
'Russet Bkbgans. For' sale'by r ? ''
--- ... .1B. ELLISON.&:O.," "
Dec 9. Cor, Water ahd C.e$n'iuftrs." "
F o r S a l e ; : . .
i" p. BBLS Hay, now landing from SlA FlorlI
.tJ dian. Apply to :.. _
Dec-23 NOURSE, STONE & Co;-

I 29 I ,

I W,- GAY, I Ak.Vr- --I VOY YA 1141% A''' "

- R-I1Y Effaffso-mI IVESWENN.--



Liverpool Salt,
OR sale by
Dec 30 ., B ELLISON & Co.

) ;1 __ ~I

PLAINS, Plain Tronis, si-ngle and double, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Brac'es, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Markifig Guages, Ml.,rt-ice .1,, Saw-Set?, Wood
Rules, Adzes,-Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Staples, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper'Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps,_-Axes, Hatchets, C41ee Mills, Sledge Ham-
mers,. Smith Tongs, Mi'l Saws,-Anvilsj &c. &c.
For sale by : B. ELLISQN & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
'Geatesee Flour, goslien Bai .tler.
A ND'ar superior article ot (:'H ;E. Ifir sale
by E. McCULLY,
-Nov 1.1 50 Water st.

School Books,
FOR sale by -
"Feb 17 11 F ABELL.

Octooer 14, 1t84.. ut[ ..Apatachicota. Vinegar.
--Groceries, ;&.' .. A FEW bbls pure Cider Vinegar, for'sale: 1,6w
TUST received from New York, per brig Alaba- bvyY. "* -' *".E'.,i tiLoL A-'4
J ma, a general assortment 'of Groceries, &c, Nov I I ',0 Water: ".t?"
consisting in part as follows, z'-.- Hydro-Aat56 ""t" ""
Crushed Sugar, -a fine article," FEWHydrosiatic Ink PouuitfaingsPe'R "
Pickles, assorted, emon S ru p, A Sand Boxes, Pop'er Folders,, P4,'ip.swl', -
Cog. Brandy, i a.super. article,"; egt&. frsl bv' z-^'7-' I
Comn'. do." : '
con- do ,,, .., .-. *Nov IS *. ,. : J-C I-A-U Ni ^ '
Holland Gin, of .thebest quality-' ; : ;i .
Norther Gin,,'-Peach Brandy,.. ;" .* Ool- P nie ? '..."
St. Cr 'x and Jamaica Rum, '- FEW of Woodwhrd Brotheris dpera -
Madeiia, Po"t and Malaga Wiues,. -...A.. Gold Pens.t received and-for-sale by- A>','.
Soap, Candles and Starch, .' ^ October 21. -, .,J'C. 'A .!l ,"e1 -
N.'O. Rectified Whiskey-, ." .. 1 .. ..
Brown N. 0. Muscovadodnd St. Croix Sugar,IX Wclrn iProdwcC.., .
Bacon Sides,"&c.-&c. S : OT. LOUIS Flour; Ohio do,'-rLardWhiskei'j;"
All of which will -be. sold low by' -" Sugar, choice and prime, MCTAses,-ort|B
-. :'- '5 : :" E. McCULLY, and prime, Bacon, 11ams, Sides anl'Shoiy.daf."
: Nov 11 50 Water st. sale by, ,B. ELL-ISON -.&-Awl: '. *
.: : ,Dec 9. Cor. Water and. ChvtuhsM-4; 4
Oriwei-ies andi Ship.Stores.%.. .- .,.
R1I0 COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo:ddo.- G niava rei, ',-r, ^.
.INorthern Flour, Western .Ie; Ni OveSdga, 1 N different sized'boxes, jstTeceiv'd frpm~ta. i.
..St. Croix do, Poxto;Rico do, Young:Hyson..Tea, 1 vana, and for sasle by ". :. ,
Hvson d0. Powctiong do,' Souchong'do, Goshen nec 3 2 3 ~ E AfaIuc'. ""
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides. Shopl- : .-. .... ... "
dersi Molasses, Whiskey, Mess anddPrimr Beef,. SiO! KP'*",$ .... "" ,'i; -
Messand Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon, 0I(HO0T wf S '^"i,?>racld !t..,. r
Herrinz. Sound-; and Tongues. Cod Fish Tongues, J:.,,''.~ '?2 '.. ,)/1E '
.K^^f^^^^^~S SNov"]: I^ -
Pepper,._pirec.. Catsups. Pepper,.auce, Oles, -
Caper-4, Pickle-3, Soap. Starch, Tobacco Navy m ir anI~~l'Ili~[
Bread, Pih.,t do, Craelkers, V Zear, Dried Fruiii,, i -- v .. -- e- ,.
Bean-, Slilt. Raiisens, 11da aroni, Vermacelli..r w v ''i .*T r i1 -'" *t*}
row R.OOI,( orn, Oa;?, Buckwheat, M1uqtar'R" A LIVAI Soflnhand, and fnr.salv.lq! by-,,.:,,.r
For sa lp by- X1.E.1ONf ^ Dec *-2-.^.- ~~JLL
Dec 9. Cor.-Water avid Ch~f^16 *S;^T-a"
Lancers. 7 Swuyn .&^Wisti,98 .
,PRING and Thumb Lancets- ; reP &ebOMPOUNDSTuof- dCihirryijs-;".1,"'
.--.a -ld, for saleby ceived and for saeo & bv .. .. -t',
FebiF A "LL....1 / ,. -. F-b t7 -.L*: -"- LABEL..-.
'- *. .i iie', -' ". "*'" *m01'1 P E' ';"pp " .:" .-
...,, -, . .J .O 'Rf B TTERS, .just rec~ a d . ] ; .
O Rsa le, by-A C uo. ---

"I N C' I V -


-Drugs, Medicsnes & Chemicals.
A FRESH supply of Dr~ugs, Medicines and
C,:.-jiial~, now landing from bark Reform,
and tor sale by >
Nov 11 J. 'C. ALLEN
Hardware ..
rpRACE CHAINS, Spades, Locks, assorted,
AL \-,-,i ,.l Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives arid
Ircos, &,-". &c, .for sale low 'by *
Nov it E. McCULLY,50 Waker st.

Wood Ware, &c.
B ARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
-Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, 'Buckets,
*Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
.; '- B. ELLTSON & Co.
,'Dec 9. Corp. .iler and Chestnut sts.
Q-UININE. Camphor, and Piperine, !ust re-
N ,ceived and for sale by .
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
B EEF-Mess. and Prime,
Pork-Do do
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.


Dry Goods.
T HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Super'English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French. and American Prints,
Extra 3uper, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Si'lkff
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hktf,
Super.English and Pongee Silk Ikfs, .
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hoseand Gents Hf-hose,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c.'&c.
Which have been selected with great care in
Newv York and Boston, from Importers and gents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or retail onrfavorable
terms by WM. G. PORTE.R &--Co.
,Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.

Rxgal Notices.

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, I
William B. Finch.
T being made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beyond. the limits of the
State of Florida, to wit, in ithe State of New
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of.
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro conf'esso.
At Chambers, Sept. 20, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
W. VALLEAU, Clerk.
October 2S, 1S47. -& 41-4m
In Chancery.
Thomas Barkar, I
vs. Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samanth Barker.
T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida: It ts or,
dered that the'said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition-within three
months after the'publication of this order, or the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is ft'the'r ordered that this order be published in
,one newspaper 'in the Western Circuit of this
State for thespace of three months.
GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C.
January 6, 1848. 51-3m*

-:: *'".','.'raxcollPclou Sale. block. 134lots nos-3 to10 inclusive unimproved:
I. ._"-a -o ..... blockl135"lotsnos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
BY virtue of the authority in me..vOstedlbyly.v, Nelock -136-lotsgnos 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved:
B I [ ..i.. expo.,^ to sal.. before the Coirt H.i.use- block, 137 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
...... i e |- .-of 1 --. orMa.ndav the bloak" 138 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
-StDoor, Il 1!"19 City-st -Ah :ch,, .l ,.,,x.,.,.L,,. block 139 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved :
*Sth day.,)l Mi>. 1_, b.?ten the hoursot ten block 140 Jots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved:
- A. M. "ri k'.ir P. M LtJe l',:,ll,- .in-r,_..I .:t,. ,block -141 lots nos 1 2-3 4 58 910 unimproved:
-itu-t.?din th.e City ot'-Apjl'.hlrLj. (.,s.,-_-. l block 142 lots nos I to 8 inclusive unimproved :
the p '1?rt':.\, ,er Lte.v i. ( "1isi ar; J,.ti h Dela- block 143 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
*field Trutees,: o"f the Apoi,,lhicII l> L d C,',nrid [block 144 lots nos l.to 10 inclusive unimproved:
' n-an t ,r s,, mu,-.h there.-.t a-? 4 \ [,l |v the T a .- I'bjock, 145 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
lor -1 47, a. tsr. la1, the e-u,,n, an,.l.in a ',?:.,r)a, p .i..l LLl.-'. l 4146 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unim proved:
to the State ~t" Fl,.ri'da, a*ri3the Ccoiitji f. Frjnk- hl,..k 147 lots nos I to 10 irncusive tmimprovedck
to ethe r ~t h the t .-r ,'- at_. r nlet a,,, ,loc k 148 lots nos b 4 10 incluaive unimproved: <
noehirth t1e..3 described,-asi b ock-.-149 lots nos.1 to 10 inclusive uutmproved:
--sale, anV "wich si re:,l _sl f described as .block -150 lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 89 10 unimproved: t
follow,., in tleiA-Mi!A,'---it; j CCi. viz. n 't bl,..,'k 157lots nos 1 2,a 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved:-
S Blo,'k A, ran.ri ? 1, l,-ts 11nos. i .-t, linclUQii' iVP block 158 lots'nos i to 10 inclusive unimproved: |
unim1 roi e.,I bl.-,,k A, r,.nr_ "- l,,ts no.) 1. I 3, block 159 oqts nos-1 to 10,inclusive unimproved-: t
S11, 0. 14 imipro lots non 2- 4-'5, -10- 2. ilnrTved l.- .,'Ao-s B, range block 168 lots nos 1 to II ineul-iTle unimproved:
lots-nos 10 10 1F" l- l,,i m u lbck blLoc k 169 lots nos 1 to,10 inLausive unimproved:
.,... o, _`,: .. 14, bl,-r..v k bL .,-k1 lotsnos12 3A 47 8 91r0 unimproved:
1B, range-2 Pt-1 nog.,4. -1. -4; B. ran :e i?, I,,ts n.o.?. *', .', I..3, ,_.. ]* !. !". n,-,r,.[*'.'- )black '175 lots h -S I to 10 inclusive unimproved :
ied,; bl.ick C, rili 1, t1.,t ;no_ ":, I. l._. 1,1... u .m- block 176 lots nos-1 236-7 8 910 .unimproved :
proved bl.,clk C', ra-ll '& I,_,t ii,.'.-',, -. 1 12, block -17.7 lots riosl to 10 inclusive unimproved : E
.1'3, uniripr,:,ve.i ; bil.,c-k (., r..ini;a 2, lots ,I-s. 1. block i78!ots-nosl ,o 10-ielusive Unimprovedi
-2,'4, 5, !5, iinpr...ed; bl,:,'l I), range 2, '.:A n.s.. block- 179 lots.nos i.3 45 6-.7 8-a40 unimproved :
-'3(,.89 nr,v.\t ; bl..-k D, range '2-,lof block 180 lotsiosl tto 10'inclfsive unimproved:
o ,blo1k 81 lots nos 1 29-3 4-5 8-9 10 unimproved
3os,.l,a, 5, m167 \.: v d I ;., b l ckE,, r no..blac kI2 Iots-nl1os-1-to, 8 inclusive ..unimproved:
3, 41, 5-, 1C., 17.1, 1 .irnpr,_v.:-.. ; block :E, raag~e:2i, -^ .^g ~n l e u i po e :
"-- black 183 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
Ilt it.-3 .'7. 7' 1.-4 4t 1, -15, l6, 11, 18,1 .,m "1. k [,,,| 184 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved:
prove.?I ; b ,'k ; Ei range 12, lo7t 13'. 4,. irir.,V. k 15; -I.-". '15 i' no-s tto4-10 incelsive unimproved :
bl Pl; .' w '-,- a t, l-ots hos o 5, 6, 7-, 13, 14, 1-9, 20, block I-6 ::, n ot;I to 10 inclusive unimproved
ti;i ir t" 1 "*'1-l range, 1, lots Ids. 5, 8 ,1 ,:. 1,7 lot;n.,i 1-to10,inclusive unimproved:
0, 1 l',1,'2 .1. ..ii.i.iproved. block T-, range hb .k loc Ih n,-s 26 78 910 unim proved': block
Lots nos.:1, "-15" 89 0,`,,,t, i, h1, 4, 189 lotsnos6789 10 -unmproved: block lots
A 1. .. 7. -111.... ., ,-,I b lock J ,' ra, nlg e -1, lo t,-; -n os 6 ,7 8 9 10 .u nim prov ed -
n .- '2 -; 3 -I . ., .: 0 1 1 ',, t 2"3-,"14 -3 t W H A R F L O T S .
'I,';, F7 ", i,,, v,.,,,.'; block J r [i _'<- 2 J 00 ?'{ e lot 'N ~o t2 ; 50 feet foot of L eslie
nos. ", 1 z! '4,. street; t00-feet lot.No 16.;. 100 feet lot No 17
1 I) C), 17,19 13, % 0, unimproved; I,-.. 1, K, .100 feet lot No 19 ; 90 feet-foot of Centre street;
r e'--1 ,lots -nr _.A. *2, 3, 4[ -G_ 7, 8, 9, 10;-1,1-, .;,. I,,.:. South part o6 lot No 20; 30 feetNorth
1,1 1,1 t'L- 1. 17, 8, .19 2I, unimproved ;- part of "-1t No 22; 90 feet footof Chestnut st.;
'h'l ..i [, 2, 1I -o, G r, .;)"!:, 2,' .,-'l, '5, ',8, t, 100 feet of lot N o 25; -90-feet Toot of Cherry st.
10- L.2 ". 1'1, 1 1.,-17, 18 19-20.,-uni M- Als'- All.Land lying on the West side of the
proved ; :;bock'L, I :d ,..,-. 1, 2, 3, 4, ',-G, ,7, 8, Apalaehicola Bay;North and West of the City os',
*l' 10'-2t''13,! 1., !t>,'1. 5, *18,19,I2:jInim-7" Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of
'-roved- block M,"-lot,-s"*o,: '-, 3, 4, 5,-6, 7. 8, Franklin County; also, St. Vincent'4 Island, St.
in io. r"i ,'. 1, i2,15;,1 12M, 9 20, unim- -Gebige's Island,- anrd- Dog Island, (exclusive of
)'r. e,'l- ; i,'..,'L N, I,'- n nbsI. I, 2,3, 4,,5, 6, -.,-8-9,' .that portion of St-.Georges and Dog Island owned
lin, ,, '12. 1-:, lt!.(l.'.,-G [1G 7 IS, 19, 20 n- by the U. S. Government.);- also, alt Lands lying
i~r.,'i',",li 1bo, 0,'lot: nos;, 1. 2, 3' i,-5 dl, '., .East of thKe Bay of Apalachicola -and bordering
*1' :,. 1"1., 1'3, "4, 15,-16,'7, 13,,19, 20,1untim- "on St. Geoarge, Sound and running Eeast'to. the
1)rov.-,1 til., -1. P,'lots nos-. ,L 2, 3., 42, 51.G,,7,- S, mouth 'of New .Rive'r, from thence in direct line
9 'l), 11 1 l3, 11-4 1.'-,. 1-3, 13., i1, 19, 2,), uniam- to the Chipola Cut-off, following the Apalachi-
prove.] l1) o,''-Q,'13t3 ) 1; 3, 3,4,5, 6,7,8, cola River down 'to its mouth, including Forbe's
1- l t. 3, -["l 14, 15, C1-3 1 7, 1"8.,19,._2,unim- Island (so called); the whole containing 285,000
plro-ved;-"b'l-icik-S,. lots nos. 1 to 9,i.rl'i.,, acres of third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d
U ,- 11 ,-. ;bt5?. .,lt^ .lo.4, 7,unim p r moved ; quaito, as per returns, made by. the Assessor of.
1 [,l,)-l 1 .A.- no ) 8 {.t[|l l; :,l.. 3, lot n .-b .9.9 State Taxes for Franklin Coatifly. .
| ]][1[]':'" :-,* ; l~l.:,,": -1.1.';,'=; 3,:, 6,7,8 91, n- JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff, .
i n;,r',v.-.1; ~l.,.."-', 1.t r.., '." ', impr oved ;, block and' Ex-Officio Tax Collector Franklin Co.
4-.i: 2 .. ,,, 1, 12 1.., u-'. i-mpfovedo ;" block Apalachicola, Nov. 4, t847. 42-6m.
5,lt.-.S 1. 1. :'. 7 ,, i.-,roved;' 6ock 6, lots Sheriff's Sale.
n'),i: 7 _,,'.,i'9,,. ";" --A; blo,k 6i lotnos.
n4. 7 7, ".re *1.0, % lot n 1, 6, 3WS- 0 ,N the first Monday in April next, in the City
S,', e, ; block -s n"g. -,J-of Apalachicolia, before the door of the
,onitpro8ed ; blocktlots nos,. 7, 8,|niproved C^urt Houie, I will expose for sale at public ouf-
bok, cryot no. 3,. 4, 5, G, 7, 8; unm e t'r, (he following propert--one Bed Plate, four
b 'lock 9, -lots -nos. 1 , 1 ,,-5., 7, 8 ., 9, uln mr p roved ;y
l -1ok lts- nos. 3'. 8, mpii oved ; block 10, pieces, and steam chest, twenty-four Cog Wheels,
,c., 1 '- o47;no, m 8 prved h ;1,." 11,lots nos. 4, 8, one large and one small Cylendar, one Connect-
ots.-no.,. .... -r'vd ......... 1 1 Jing- god, two Piston Rods, one Force Pump,
u nim pr 'oved ~i b .,l 4 lots n os, 6 1, 9-,
uniim]proved; .lh.,,k 1'5,' lots ns. 4, '-10, un- seventeen Pumer Blocks and Brasses, more or
mproved "b," -1> .no eI ;Pblock.:-71 8 ,,lo mtsnos. Seguimnts, seven Shafts, two Belt Wheels, one
1, 3,l.t "6,- 7,-,9,u i,":,,,..c ; black 18-- lot Aot Bolt Screws, &c, one Excentrick, one Govern.
no -,, ,, 7, -ck19, Iotanos,. tio 10, in- or, one Rod, four large Cotton Screws, Flour
cn.siv 4, m, n-.,1 e t ; btc! -20,ck-ots no,. 30to 10, Gearing, one Shaft and two Gearing, one Shaft and
ictsi,,| -,,,:1;bM ,t 5 two Fly- Wheels, levied on as the property of
prcv~e~;',,1.-,.: n 21,10t t-t24 1.otn o.6to 0, iinclu- Hiram Manley, by virtue of a writ st fieri facias
spove, ,-1.-'ij-ov.1. tblk 22, lots nos. 1 3, unim- to me directed from the Circuit Court of Frank-
"ive, '; bl.c, lin County, in favor of John W.Babcock vs. said
>roi.!iaiaii4^ i^iri.^i^^^I hr II 1* 1^,i., .

XIjtljt if J Xlu- l 9T

July 31, 1847.


HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
.15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground "
100 sac sRio Coffee; 50 do Java,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs4owder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead, No. l, Extrasand Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

At Chambers,
APALACHICOLA, DEc. 29, 1847.
John M. Carnochan, Bill for account and
VS. partition.
George KX.Walker, et at.
UPON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said*Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institulion of this suit, and the filing.ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time -mentioned? the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by thenext rule day,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
.of said period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
CAiRIVACK & SPRATT, : =. a "
Compl'ts Solicitors. '' .
A True Copy. WX. VALIEAUU,
Dec 30. 50-4 m Clerk.
In Cliancery-=Franklin County.
Mary Green, by her next-friend, "
vs. Bill for Di-
James Green, Defendant. voroe.
T HE Court having been assured by affidavit
or complainant- in the above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida,
but.within the United States, it is ordered' that a
hearing be had upon the facts charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing
the date of this order, and thereupon to pass a
decree in the same manner as it the defendant
had appeared and were present in Court: Pro-
vided always that a copy of- this order shall have
been published in some newspaper of this State
f,,r j .,no throe mn~n3.that, least before the

THE Subscribers take this method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on- hand a very. neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which Wil te
sold low, consisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various style--,,
Fancy" Prints, do, do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured-,
Silks, Frode Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shawls, DamaskSilk
do. Marino, .
/.." do. Plaid Wool
..'.Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan-Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion.
*- Ribbons in all varieties
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3a4
Bleached do. 1-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6.4 and 8-4
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bags
-Hats and Caps, all styles
Boots and Shoes
Clothing oe all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to mention.
Call and examine for yourselves.
Dee 23 Cor. Water and Centre sts.

bn Consignment.
UST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, f, Celebradad,"
10,000 ". Cazadores,1 Esmero,"
6 dozen Reserve Made'a,
6 Regina" Port,
6 Cherry C. owd-l,
10 Tomato Catsup,
For sale by McCALLA & ROMAN,
Dec 2 46-tf 9 Columbus Block.

Thompson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha,
TFOR the cure of consumption, chronic, brorr-
chitisz, asthma, whooping.cough, palpitation
of the heart liver complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, for sale by.,'
Feb 3 '* J C ALLEN.

Castile Soap,
JUSTreceived, and for sale by -
Nov ItH. F. ABELL.

BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by,
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Henry'S hagnesia,
TUST received and for sale by -
. Feb 24 H F ABELL.
SWEDE Iron, Scotch do, Weeding an r ol
Hoes, Blacksmiths Bellows, Cotton a '" o
Cards, Spades and Shovels, Cauldron anr-. .S.-gar
Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by
He-."' 2 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water and
Chestnut sts.
AIVANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,

*?3 lo t .i 11 -; I", .,. 7 ". !' ,i n ii r. ,\'.e-d : b l'.,,?k
27, lots nos. 1 -to.O,inclusive, uqnimpro.ved; block
2., lots n*,_. 5,S6,. 7 Q, 10, unimproved; block
3, -lots nos3' 3, 4, .6, -7, 8, :9, 10, :Unimproved ;
b 3:),;ot -no. 8, ,, i block 31, lots
nos. 5, 8 9, :10,-uinimproved; block 32, lots nos.
" 1, "2,13-;.,_,, -7,'9. 10, unimproved ; block 33, lots,
'no3s.'6, 9, ,niinprw-r.ed ;block 31, lotN nos; 2 tp
1.0, inchrsl ve, u- I:,r..-, ; block :35, lots nos. 1,
6, 7, 95 9, 10, ,inimnr ,,.,.l ; -bloek 36, lots nos. -2.
to 10, ianck;ive,, unimproved; block 37, lots nos.,
-- 56-7, 8,'9, 10, unimproved; block 39., lots
no'S-' t., ',, |aclu iive, ,'-iiin 'i,, ..'.',A ; block 39, lots
nos."II to6 10,. n,'i,,'',, unimproved ;block 40,
t-,f no3. 1, 3. -,.5, 6, .7. "_. -4i. l B,,u ,r"I.r,, I ,1d ;
bllo'.I; 41, and- I ', lots nos. I t,. I i iculisive, each
bl.):1,-,|Hi-' 'r. .I ; block'43,lots nos. 1, 2,-.3, 9,
1J,-uznim;royp d ; lv,-c, ,; .44, lots"nos. I to l0, inclu-
sive, i-irn:,r.-.l ;"b.:l,:k 4"7, lots:n<-s. I to 10, in.-
clui ve, 1.1u.-ir i ,-.,- d : !,: ,-'' L46,[ots nos. 3, 4,-5,
6, 7, 8, 11 iii ,vo.I ; l|,-, 4' 7, lots nos, 1 to 10,
iuclu~ii- iiin;)r. I:.,V 1; I.'l.-lk 48, lots nos. 1 to
10, mclutive,.iUiii r ..-*,p ; block 49, lots nos. 1
to 1,,, 1 1 l.,|'1e, unimproved;: block 50, lots nos.
.1 to 10; i ',lu ive,. ',,ik',, l! block 51,_lots
nos. 2 to 1, in,-l,|ive, unimproved; block 52,
lots nos. 1 to 9, in'elusive, unimproved; block 54,
lots nos. 1 to,1 0, inchfluive, uInimproved; block
55, lotsno3. 1, 2;,3,4, 5; 8, 9, 10, unimmroved;
block 563.- lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimprov-
"ed; block '), lotg-nos. 1 to.10, inclusive, unim-
proved. ; 5 ._,)',, ..ri n... 1 to 10, inclusive, un-
improved; blook ,60, lots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, un-
'improved; U.bok 6.1; lots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, un-
improved; block, ,_-' t.'-. ,5: nn-IF-.ve i,,imi .roved;
-block..7': l0 tsn,-4 1 I t5 10 iinclusive unimproved ;
block 71 1.-,tz;. wo I tto 10-Inclusive unimproved;
block 72 lots nos 1 to 10 ibnlusive- unimproved;
blo,:k 73 5 ,Lots n.) 1 to 10. iil.i-iuve.unimproved-;
block 7i; lots .n.)4 1 1o 1.0 inclusive unirproved;
block 77 l,)t- ; ,.:,-ji 1 to.-i0 1n,.--'1, i unimproved;
,bock 7_- lots ni s It to 10 In "ILLi e unirmproved;
block "I Iot n- -, -1. .t1 10 i ,:l .i'e unimproved;
block 82 l,?It_, nos g1:t,'i1 tn -ln-'. un-improved ;
bloek 83.-lots nos 1 t.,, l.J in,:luse. unimproved;
block Sl -ots" ',nos .-to. 10 inclusive unimprov-ed ;
Sblockd 55 lots .nos _lto 10,inclusive uniinir,..ied;
,bloclk-86 lots hnos Ito 8 inclusive unimpi-oved;
'b loc k 87 Io t-i n os -1 .to 1 0 .in et usiv e -u,,in ,' ,,v o,'J ;
block 83 lots n0s,.. to 10 ;oiwl'isi,:, unimproved;
block S1. ) lots nos-1 t.o_10 inclusive uninl o ,-,n'o -:,..l;
block '0 lots nos. 1 tot1 0 in :I-l ye |iiiir;|,.,ved;
block 91. lots nos .1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
"block 9-2 1ots .nos.-1 to 10 i,,cli,;ive unimproved;
block 93 Iots ,no3..l to 10 inclusive unimproved-;-
'block 0.1Ilots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;'
block 95 I,,t3, nos 3 4,56 7, 8 9_-1'0 unimproved;
'block 9,1 lot; n,.3 1-2 3 6 7 8 9,10 unimproved;,
block 9746ts'nos 't1 0 10 inclusive ,irai-,r..,ve?.1;
`blk 99 lots'nosl- to TO inclusive u-nimproved;
block 99,lots-. nds.-1 to,10 inclusive unimproved ;
block WIi lots nos 1 to- lO.inclusive, unimproved;
block 101, lots nos 1 to 10irrclusive unimproved;
block 102 1otsno 1 to 10 [iwo'i-,ive unimproved,
163 i'M.-, it;[ 1 ,, uto In il.?liiio unimproved ;.
-block 104 loIt, nos 1 to 10-inglusive unimproved;
block 10l1 lots nos 1 -ol() inclnsive unimproved;
block 10.6 lots n.-l I to 11 l, i.si.|s -L unimproved;
block 107 1,A;t nos 1 to 10 |n.1luhiv'- Unimproved;
block 10 lots nos I io Wn irwli-iv? unimproved:
block 109 lots n,1,o; 1 oio I n) lu-1iv i unimproved :
block 110 lots nos I ro l)t nii lisi.e improved:
block 1i11 lots nos 1 io i t) :.|lu.i%\ unimproved :,
block 112 l"It nos I to 10 in.-l.t-iw.. unimproved :
block 113lolt; n,;, 1 Ito.l) incluclVe unim'proved:
block 114 lot-, nno 1 to It 11) n 111 ierii r.r,,:,> .-,. :
block 115 lots no;. 1 tu 10 inelsiiive unimproved:.
block -116 lotis noi 1 iIto 1 inh.uiei unuimproved:
block 117 lots nosI 1 ,-, 11 in,l]ii,. ve unimproved:
block 118 lots nou I to> l' n.I in lu.ie uiniiiir,,ve,:%Pd
block 119 lois nos 1 to l. 1,. ,.-li-ve un uimpl,) ',?o
block !120 lots no5 I to0.0 in:)li: ,.. ntiorl :
block 121 lots nos 1 t Inl.._. unimproved :
block I122 lot.; nos 1 to 10.1nclsive unimproved'.-
block 123 lots nos 1 to .) in0lij-i\e unimproved:
block 124 lots nn-; 1 to 1Il in-.lu.-ive unimproved :
block I'25 lot? nos I to 10) in,,l Jtive unimproved:
block 126 lots noz I to 10 ,,,iiicli.e unimproved:
block 127 lois nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block-' 12-3 lots no; I to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 129 lots nos'l to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 130 lots nos ;Ito It )nelusive .unimproved :
block 131 lots nos ,Ito 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 132 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 133 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive- unimproved;

A pl ic, iir,-l.!~q M :,rcl' ?., ] I'. '.
Hatardware, -Ship Chandlery, &c.
;-pHE Subscribers have on hand for sale-
JL LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Planes,
Compasses, Augers, Gimblets, Chisels, Brace
:and Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes,
-Ship do, Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham-
mers, Shutter Hangings, Blind do,Steelyards,
Counter Scales, -Playorm do, Cotton do,
Kitchen Ware, -Table Cutlery, Shovel and
Tongs, Fire Iro'ns, &c.
BLACK-tM [TrHS'. Bellows, .-Anvils, Sledges,
Hammers,.-Vices, Screwplates, Stoeks and
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c.
IRON-=._ v,:. ,ts, English and American, assorted,
round, flat and square, Band, Hoop, Sheet and
Boiler' Irbnr.-Rilroad, -Spike do,, Horseshoe'
"Iron and Nail;;-Cast, English, Blister and
German Sre,.. .. -
PLOUGHf?--Sin1le -,arid Double 'Cornshellers,
,.Cornills,, Logehains, Trace do, Ox do,
%.-.v,:-kai jii..l.S;pkdes,.Weeding Hoes, Garden,
Laue and Gr-ubbing.Hoes.
CORDAGE-Manilla a-nd Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.
CASTINGS-Sugar Kettles, Mills and Caul-
-drons, Bakeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
Kettles, TeaKettles, &c.
TINWARE-A full assortment,
Wholesale or retail.
Apalachicola, Jan. 20, 1848...

JMII VI'* -.T W I I CjI.A.II Ij .
THIS is a valuable compound fluid extract of
Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
June 12 H. F. AB'ELL.

111v 'uiy ul s(d[IuI ielnld u uTILI jjiUhoi t1 Att u
location be made to said Court.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
A True Copy.
Apalachicola, Dec. 25,1847. 5 50-3m

yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yllow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Litharage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin. Pitch,. Turpentine, Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tar do, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck, Eng-
lish do, Cotton do4 Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
White, Blue and Red Bunting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, -Shives, Jib Hanks, .Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do,;Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingdoj Axes,Axc.
Helves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes,, Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Rigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovelsi Hammers, Hatchets, Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges. Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant Haiulyards, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Doep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots,-Log -Books, Cargo do,
Belaying.Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c., &c.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9, 1847,

T"TTCHETT'S celebrated Spanish Specific, for
JU sale byv. [Feb 24] H F ABEEL.

Calhounu Circuit Court.
Fall Term, 1847.

David J.'Mears, ) "
vs. > Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth Mears. S
TT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that. the defendant resides out of the Western
Circuit of Florida, and out* of the State, it is
ordered that said defendant be required to appear
and answer this bilf of complaint on the 1st
Monday in April, A. D. 1848, and in default
thereof this said bill be taken pro confesso, and
that this order be published in s6me newspaper
in this Circuit, for the space -of three months
before the day ordered for the said hearing.
December 7, 1847. 49-3m

0f' HHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florida.
-5 for sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 30 Cor Water and Chestnut sfs
FrL-sli Gaden Seeds.
A LAGE assortmentof Fresh Seed, just rec'd
.and for sale by
Nov 11 J., C..ALLEN.

Dr. Woodrufi's Wornt Specific,
A SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for
sale by .
Feb 3 J- C ALLEN.

The Indians' Elixir,
A CERTAIN remedy for-chill and fever, foe
_sele by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.'

Iron, Nails, &ei
*"-7"1 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
20) 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities';
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 English and American Vises;
20 cc Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
-10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
: 1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
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Commercial advertiser
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Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 30, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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j1 .EllfJ" II'FA,f ,1 AM )
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L91on1NiettiRiLI I ..- ..--\L- ., )..1., ". ,-,'.i '.f. r.t, .II. SH i Ihs in,a t, .' *-, 1q .. ..-
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.I'I. 11 j I.
I :.i: < ., V 7 '
't" r c- V \'' '
J :.t .li' "" ": l'9 V ,
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_- -._, _::: __ -.. _. ,.- '._:_-- -':' .. ... -_' .-_- ___: -- _4" 7'J 11_ F ., "..._ -_ .. -- -

-. .-. ----- LI II'IJ"I"'I'J': ; ( ..\ PATl.'JA.APALAClilCOLATHURSDAY : .

.. ..
-= = -- -
-:0. : = : : ==-=- o.OLlrI --
__ -__ __ '

VI.] !: MARCH 30 ]lS-i& [\ fjjjj

.--Vr--- 1 "'- ----" ..--..:---= .-. .-_- _' -.- --- .- -
-- ---------- -- -----
-' 1 Tilt> iu "S''a '. otilpvai4l. Iht' n'H lIalinH cf| the ininisti I known
eSovotiou was
j FSi3LLnii \, 11Iff'J'I ( 1. between the Chatem l"Kati: ;:':

UEnrI.\lJ UEWIJSEII) u ine.Q0 tIiL'CCt0L12.UIIIi4bI8oci- ( :i' (1..nup. ) I lie Amb'uu, a superior officer otdfieil} Ii'' a :reat utHnh immune v w hi; had! fused Ic,

TltlHHHl.\t' py V SJI10C MAKKK ': .\ ()>; o-' TI1K KING. Nation.il ( ;Jnard to clnr;ft th.' people ; hut. luiri out made their app-v.r.incp. ,

1"iIO! r.nRf .V Cni.h. HOOT AND .\M: FLI'MIT; ; I. .; Thi: 1 Uo\AL 1- .. .11I..y.! says the I Pal rit', I lliev f'fuI'fL I At eleven c'.d"! ihi-ie vvas no aeiual!

.J. f.. np \' ::11 .\ : '1' A 1 T. 0 II S CONTINUE; : t Ii) c.mOil, the !I J Ju I the course of the cl.l1.! Cr:'mipnt. ilisiiub.mce in the HIM :,. Ieui (the Rue

JJALTXHLL'S BUILDING, ('I I ESTN UT-ST. hn-ii r.l'-" 111 .\ ".d.'lw'la. oppo5. : oneNrxTin. or v PHOVISIONAL CO'T.ESTAOLl.HMrNT the deputy went alon: the Qitai in Lmn'ir St. 3Iai tin. ai.<{ ham: i.ci Iiborhnoif.? and the

G. 11. It \ ,PI 1 11iIO" Apalacliiofili, l';i. V r5J .ilt. I lie 'ih'- lItd( III (;'nln' stI I. I to the Chamber 01! JepulM'c, followed ?.,. : r.tIpV'fl' :i& \ il huh awn. Bill thr people

I Havinguj I ](>rinr workmen. h4 1, nF .\ n rp'TILIC.( I !Ilu iK ,iin for-
ofVu''i 5. 11)0) Niiiiunai Clu.uds in uuilorm.l'ilhol were f'OC"'i lit ruvmsi : a
!B 1 t1.1\\ nl1lldin ;#, corner OC5-A11: orders altendoil to with puhctunlilyJan. confident lti.it all, I wh t ina> }patr
t'iur"- I..taut *reeis. anJ tl ;patch. _CoHI. _,_ find Ihat tl.l'II.n'I'! call! d :ul l tbeiiilitli"|" : We indebted lo the attention of the anus.I
____ __ "u are had: turned! "I' rill" foot .
I In a cteaf
Fieisch Calfin.! M'-rncco. nnd Patent! L.>athtr j jIiout the morijinpr, '' post ot the Municipal; tip part ;pavpniei.t.
X. Scofl cV Iroth, 1'ilitois: of the f'liJsilf-jfjn,: Cotuier fiJl'lhe V h.nf 5ei".i-cl ; ; annum, 'ind Slii.0- made to orJr, nj I the lali.tIId I J Jmo Ciunrd; in the Jlue i'j a ticunseI.: wn" r;,rriptll
1I\I.r\ Per :
-.r: i.. if iuii within six \\'HOt.V.1.1; AM> 1n: r\I r. HKALFUS IVDllY >t t3ppron.| l .4.t> k.l .AUo Patent Leather Gli-1 j Nun Yoik\ Herald and Courier and ] riqul1cs \ the people. Soon after tic* Municipaliuaids ; some iron ntm'nand.. m (.Ie:. posN"-s!pi| Vlhtinsvtvts
iv.t 1
't r
;I or CO01: >S, CLOTllLNG( ;, ISOOTS; SllOMS, I ler I'oots I Ill:: She, made in a '- :'.' r ma n-r.: e\Jri; in advance of tire regular mail, (V; siiPcefdcd. in rf'la Kitiz it ; hilt the of almost rTmtlnnc uhifh.irremove. I

,," ,'r'ii.i I' thpi.'alter.l Ie term than MX HATS, Arc., I He will keep constantly on liatid a hare and belecled people sihsqueullv ;.i.nackrd with renewed V wa paJ-sihte! 10 Tlidtlicnity! (."

', ;: :'. mvarubivbe!' tor a chared for Cor. Water and Ccntre-slrc"I;, l t :i>is CllttII'ntf t I n. n.ly :\Iade I JIooH: Shoe I ? I containing account of the French news. anlur i mini MiLceedtd \\s ;a.in;; tilir I ;: rermuiivmr, sump nt' ibr srof.'s v ;. ronsi'ferM I

: 1 : ,\\/ WI;t1 ll I h..a.-Coiimnied.. ii.t.1 I'c 23 __ __.Al.ila'lliC,11, F. anlll Hro ;;II.. Ail tiicndii! ; ,u, V''. -"' with notlne 1. J t The Catribtin arrived on I the morning of I, possession ot .it. | : .V l l.nr the umix'uiivMiett l- ". laoor wiihmtiratPil

: tuiti.- *ttU" option of the >s and promptitude:! ;and <.i! t tn.i I that cannot i! ; slnmis *.f .* {5ov n wnli ( ittizot .'"
: '
,:" .\. 1)ode. I t the .III' thc I?th inst., having; Irfi I/iveipool on the'JTih Dining the whole day, a !.Irt' crow ii i wsasseiuhled :
ivrojrsc-l kIPpi1'II )
bill ) l-e |:] ain } S
"' I In the Jlue Me h.IUiu'I' bein
_. )'lesinar.NCtn-: I""* i SHIITIXG & COMM 'IOi) MKRCIIANT, petitmti! 1:1: ir.ui.if!id the c\! -,'.> >s of lit-- lni"Ap.ilaclnc -. mitt She rlln"f'IIH'nlly] brings m two in the vicimtv of tinMinistry of l : >riim.irtri- was -
I."r: of One }ol. Forei"l1f:liro. Th'rit',1 [iur-i- c UUMrlJf.t'lt I ae:,r the hinI tlr I B\ltln DPif"sf -
l-l l ..! t tti rate l.t". l 1.-. t'.l' 1C 17.FaicIaoot1 17-G-n 'nty."Down ;, ,
\ No. 40 Water Strc t, < weeks later I illleJli iCflCC.--- [S.iv. Rejuib.;) '
\ I ab.e- .. -- "' 1 t. :i.hort if--t..r.rc; i li ,tii : Iu- IuulirarJ.'F
\ \iv!: Cent for every > -- -- with (ttii/.ot; J l .oi;, Ii'pt.f.rm}: .
; Doc '_';3. .\p ihcliicoh, Fa., & Cai.a: [ From todi: :n.imV: \1f'--II'r. F--I 2"> ] i:" rhcntfitsr f I I.. -
-- : A sltnri'4 jII'of the N.;; iin.il: <; .;:rC <} <.c- i V
'V j ,,'i- > 1 hv the year a liberal \- :1. '\\. SM- .- \\-.r. W. CHEK\ KK :'-'. :V (.' :J.r.o. i The intoitnilioi: ) which we. have to 1 1,1) Ii pied the Arcatirs and the imrdi'! Rivoliduring ,. : ;iui; in Sn>i't ':f iL.! : lu'.J w.js 11J e>!,eii down.i .
i'I i_ i ;; d 1 1ill"J before our learieis ef the ricnls! ol \'pterday -
: j: 'llt ,.ilaJverti-omeiitsiiot:I : Sitlis: A CIlfM'l1', : [ I lie iliy. A larsje crowd was i--etn- i ami !1 n'r.II! (tct.'cfl'f'r..- 't'izf"1. At thrilenUHiiie )
V .. well ; }JlKspl-X'TI'l: : I LLYoilciticirsirr'tl'i'1Ils( !I will h be, loiittd of ret inlciest I, both a.;
h.t..jn"lS ,
',r..A"i! COM :M I S s* 1 O NI i lV'I: 11 C 1 II 1 A N T s; hleil t there. and) it amused iis-i-Jf: in sl t>.utio ,. I info! the F;! ljour: Montiuarlr
V 'at in liv them, willinlr.it' : fY} # \ "*'" ',.Ilil'' 01' Apalacbi- lejiards some ol I the iletaiU ltltlllll'ir; iosnh! < I W.HIT'r'fi. : .
.1, nIN Ofllce Xn. :>1 G II Jjon i from ihe Ih'un"II.! the moh was ; t-ii rip
Fr.'iiklm the National; t until f
I j4.(' 'li! ud !Si." ro't-.t\: ot: ; : : ,
-!. lll'c :: .\ptIlI'lli' uh., 1'la. : i Jabuut nine o'clock in I ho Ft1ifljti.lCIl ::, ., .
: .. i | iu irrtr.i !
-V ; 'I.t..r In ; ( foRvrutin! .; 1 u "ur-
t must be paid for .-- ------ --- ---- iZ'Ti. railA i'IIIIlIIe"rt.llIr I proiiin. ; nutntifis I llie cour-e 01 l I the ,1Upu.! I iJr! mo'i(
,',r: i.ji -.its -j- f ) !': ; :sr niblel in considerable; .
: roI....., A J I on A Co.. 4-c. t. !,.>?V ). I Hiviiii; Inflllthl,1'111'. at I ached a 1lIdflf i the Mnnic'ip.il tin ml;; \ I pi'swas 'xal'.r :>!:! i!; irimps. Fieinj;
iI.IWW.HI1: SHIP "\' wiih: the I&Clp.,1! ) 'ill the (juailers Sr.?" Dems and St. M.iriin, : 1 '\ *; OfFflu1. bu IfV;.* !.mlh l lt IfwUn,
fr announcn DIvALKiK: IX : iiiiini-.ii"ti; ""I which "'. in
; i ,_' rnrrcrf! ; l k was ui a 2. t. ; ;.1 1 1I 1
V V,:.... cHANni.K'iv! '! [fIX: STEEL.IL5., iV,( )0\ : / Noithern citi.-', tin; 'v will I 11( ('::1- .(' and! at I ten o'clock I they had; siiccrile-d in I street in t thit! i Mariisand -in.tll nnit.-f-r olNalional C !| b-isilj iT i.*2f ll! !icr the !in.trlt ihf :!lIIis- .

I i r "n :t lil"&IH" 1.1110.1 1 SIMKFS, AND C VOTINGS ;; I f t\\ bledto InrniN! t their patron* at ail : eri clint' 1'IHica..s: at the Porte St. Dl'lIi,. I d'tiaids, having -osc: ut :.ss'.siet!i,; : try' lit' Fr: ia n Atl.trr.n: .Itt ? uns; ,- ot Iresn'iil -

i : "' 1.11. iH.i'f5; f nfirmr,l Hut, .ralemeiM.
V V TJ"TPt\'U'IJ J 1 F'"IIII.J'l.I'f }/-- Ktjstache'; the Jlui'de;1 C.nhan: and I the Iuc:
lifT ,_.. \1ijiacbicoLi, ';. i>l inniil'i/if. skati'ing (tl n vit //" the must Futliiimabte du I'rtil-Caiifaii.i t A ftisillilile look place (;frrr
U .t. I : 1 fosptrr.il uf lliPtii p'.Hu'l ulti"'lt our re-
be decided the, minihlrv had cuen i js jesi;r.auun ito .-i:: .
> lJn..oiI \\hirli! will a : 'I
'lf/I ;/ I
--1 < at of I the-s haniradrs; I between I the .
;a'/'HJtj ;Dfmtonj.! 1 '.ar'!,* !H.<4,:rs .1,1111111:111.! : HnzcncV.. r.O Cf.. !. adv.ijije; ; I lo a fa-hi.nubti': ,',,tnmutiitv.N. '. some and the uartls.rfwo b,: jrpne-i.illv: known. It wastereiveii: l h\ i i porter fn t.tkf ih*' U\ -. t..t hi t>refrr nco

: ::11". f5ox<'Ii ,v ('o., 15. ';('!11"IIl1: ,)rn i 11: CIOAI-J and r.\',"- I I populace nuiiiicipa : I every 'iIur.flsiIillrOfl: of s.tistVartn FIvr: I';> lilt! noul-'ViuiU,! s'uutt:.: thai Ilu'u"a .

(;. Ij,2i" .' 'i Co.i CO\i\ll I S StX I .M lECIL\T I 55, lIinrr,1pc!* rna-le to oi.ler : Cloak's: of ever.; I j xounu men \er' killed.i I :and t !the innnicipilUiird :I I ) !.1 ."...."...t. ..I'. ....!.I ..I..."""_.>..I..n I" ''....... uui iii II.. .nOoU....- : /hn 2er i in ixissin!: aur.: fie; !.,ttPr. Many

U'Ii._ I. .- \ \ jJ CU.Dlllnx1' Walojstr.'i I 1. de-,-ri.tioii; HMP ill I the n-ual i.nn-i ut I the i-r..:,: was lhi-;*riptl. Several municipal I I .-..'; I t. siii! >-l t thei: ]jll y by slmuti'jVive ,-. i' p( r:nnstN"' it.";!.tt4i: i' {' ;uul *!'iivviii lIe:

: ,::" \ \ :, I d.f'] .n! 1\1'.1al'hil'ola.I',1. \\.iIig and: ]liidi.:!." (i.ut'-r- inatli1:1: a j-'Sj-cii',i ii.anter r 1 Boards were purc'H'IIIO! I I tin place dn (:Iirc, la I p.eloime !"' >4t1!!lpviriN.; armed. v,iih IP ui-lb! is and t Iii bs.

-- -- -- ------ ---- --- : : Tunic, I Dres : .d'!B.;. -' Clotiie\ rot) I In \omi2 men armed wish stiLs.nd,1. : The! : Tiw >r.fy; ;'ttM"l turctvp ..'W ". a .1\tlr;'
-111't.t. At about five o'clock the !
\ :; .1 i : J. ScvN'.N.: : T. H. Ai TIV t ; : run men: ,
,\i; ti i<-!t.ri.!a, J'a tv Vty dvsrription made! in a mat and fa-hionable ; ; t lii ed. and wounded >c\"f'ral. | [pri-ons. of the \iitinnut tlinrtf.: wli.ht ;as cly r.'tt'r
att'ick tiie ijnard house th l lu-vurti l
-- I on '- j. Ntrvrisson .V CJ o. ,111ll! 1 -r.inneats uiade at t this eLbjihiicitWIIi i! A wom.1, the 1 relative!; lit a tral 1':Ill 1fJ. w-a'1 j site U with; cru->:" Vive- t.. (-;l"rf"
\\ ilronk ut.>
It. I IJotme-Noi.veilf when- ., j f
< "
-.p 'm/rt/lo ri: priorn rs v.pre
V ClPIl:510X MKH CHANTS Ii!. understand! killed the Accoidi
I on spot. -
we N'.itioii.tltA; ft"s! atniiscifthfuiselves.
Co.liii'll .. .nmnrr
rt.t-' f"'lt' <.V {.-5S.o! s-cond 5=ton.- Baltxcli', nnilllin. con lined. I It succeeded! m uibrlmjpT: tli'j.soldiers '
: ,
,\--11 to the [, I.ic. mime! oinc'-r of a pi noon of .
\ \ : : A.KTS, i iii: : who tli* a"r its .. : with >'avliir.. 1:11'4! laiMjx.Noi.v -
\ -. .VI.r., : I "'; ,..t. .liJIALKR ? 1> DRY (inoS: Arc., F.ntr.ii.-e! o-i: Chenitut: slreiet.OcUoer .". j 'the National: ( iiiard, \\ hi., was: on the place. occupied ;5H t. ; {"I.t- 'rio.i g H'hr icte.e "n rt.,' la."I,. ..u!" nlllllt
.' : II J, 1 1S47. .i'.mJ Ir :sill tii- I'ri"IJIH'r11 the wiiH: i '"'
:\ .. .'-'ti -1I1 Th.t X'I.1: "VVaKT ?rct, \tIS.!o iii>h ::::lIt that lie cicl. "To Arms .-He! has :I'f'i-ni'I.aii.liiiM-'t: by the troops.aiHi .
r. ihe house .rtias'sed.! Tf"! :N ;
----- 1 ; A laU-"I Fall airl' V/ialoi FuiiinU'j j;ire -; I fjuaid were ; :-s
t 2:1.: 1'1_. _: 1 rllr II' :. 1. i I' whereupon tile ?'l! nnfipal:; I ( i tin r1 beat a t :hpmt>b w.is; ocri ;pied! in pnlltnfh'uiir = tviy
: i
vV tfomtff.s iv n. I liois.il:I (; in.ut! :.!so n-lcaso; d SflrH"* pri oners
L, \'t.1; DAY. uMrp.it. Two horns hat er. one oj otiricporteis ; tit the. iutctiur.tlown (IjneiLtitI
J JNMI.. J. V- -- -- ----- -- ---- -- --- la : :
I ,'OH vV AiilMXOi .1 llm1.\If I D.vv.) who I weie i roufiiie.! I ill t the Maine; tf tin-! f ten

V i : 11.\ \ t S, .f.; nay (V $yO., Ss'NS[ SOUCI HOTEL p'issed: t through the place du ( .ii re.I t third! arroniii>(!Uirnf. )| the iron FltIlV. cv.'.
> .. U'.i'u-r -!rol.. tlMIZ1.N: ) J : 1 IIt:1r1cT; I :. !tiHiad aln I It was thru pi ilerlly (lhl1-in fart:1. not a At aiiout .seven o'clock. :111 irttr.ivise: icfowil. hi.i with IW; tU-i-pi ipjjirt licit \t p an.

\;: i'':.t -'ii' :--.Li. 1U :\0. 32: W.it r irf-t, soul I was I lo l.c St"11 except ihres NationalItiards .iSmcsi : f ,' fI''nn'H'he( i.Yiurk at oi:lit> l.it the
V't -- A pViit! 'liirola.-F.i.; .\M I' (; b ill lh> passage tin ('airt'. corisistins ; pjrcjusivelv ( ;p'1'sons : -
!Vc 2 -lib rp! mf'f fj""l"tlu! liu '. ta&ioiicit iafrOllt
. ;11'1' (: i c.JU '"":. A "i'TJ** fr LL'IVI : nKo, .\ *ni. lor tiuiiu Ii Si: S '? A U 11 A -i T At the Purll'1.tlIi!. (tin tioops; tli!: of the working S.isses.: many of t them of ;h. UtI..1tr"ar: i.lrm=rtl...
E L i! _\ S T '* inrcCo"'i'i''! Pr".c.tioll I In-iiranoc 1 verv lLfl. deseenue! *! the Hanl\'arc!s-. !
:.1 JI .!Ft -1 r ,
: : I'lIil.iafol.rJ
V: : I Hartft'rdMIM. ', Tili'pnMir I .:." i I' -' : ; Cftd I diP people'! and t the harri.-aile-( th" I: r.j j fin'! to-tiielu an ;t ntmiPioHs riit. of
I ( .Hul "Hnrtoid In:utatic" Co. T'oev headed I I f bv b.'. fil.i/i!
,' ,- '. .I.: : la": } 'iii-hmcnt: l.abeen I ; vvfti1 t ; r.u-ri iri: :'2torches.
'. tint i : ( 'a;lr.II, ;at the entrance of tin I Hue : P I 'olln men \\ ho v.ere ini: w till oonUlc :';.
Cl ( _. f----ll ) 2 p.t
./. !/ <. I Hi f _. nu. ellrty: rcfitt.-d a.44i; I is 11"O.1'1I1I1r; I the I I 'l 'i.'y sang :she: uetv fcnnriie son::.
CtJ\IP.\Xr mmrf':1": nMackfl: hth, Municipal; lUlia I (titan's their he.ul nt itrt'lf!
.: \\;ci: r at ; ;1
V: : .i. N- r:. ivouti Ao.: : ., r.'{'l.'i'l!1":1 of l i" 'rlB.wf':11! ;al.ii! I trallsletit; J IJ..aldtr-; beginning
.' ( '.'tp "t .V'rr IVfc, COMMISSION:) I FOIl\VAIMIXG; and I h,. --u'-crf"- Isi-po bdiet :it ttntti to l.t-! I ( inanJ. who fired on I lie mob l whereby a .Mnnrir strip; I a cons'idi'iabif number nf tlirtn.vvotiftlr 1esdc: _
:ra ,
.\ .. .1 vVaiers'rert. MF.nriiXTS.I be ecotd 1 to inrendiri childAas killed and two worb'wn and three r pC'esr i many others 'i'lit* .-'ii.t 1U"lCl}
b'js-ir.e-s .f their lion-e to tionf Its'rt 1 If !1':11": ( b"Mii. l t.I''B; itrz'.i fn :,-. !
V V aL..iir.4a, Fa. t..ble worn"1l'r<. it i is i said!, .f'riln"l\ wounded.At rie! TU'mpnr. .riiri at R .
* __ '- No. 41! Wjtc-r trccf, ( *: I ti.eir {r'U'-t-! < .t.I..pthle.: Their I I Or it YallllnlOr. to j Ism =rratf'i\or ( f p; l.irfy -
porrvct tttnt
-- they
i "' -1 IV;:. i. iiiiL.r.VatL ; : flf.rV Apal-jr'iToh, .,.Fn.A. will i he supplied! at ail limes i wiih cvtv d<'li'acthf > 11 o'clock. t IIIP crowdis .!ence in lie I those tvv.i rt for sty they r-trelv i I later hour nf :he ni:ht. win.n some ot the ,
; :
---- --- only >
: A: 8tllflt.T : ---- -- --Cn".l'n.TT. mnrl- ..sll'TdPla.tcr; and Captni-s! oi i \'icillilof the I'orle St. Mailin: ; and\ there ; ;,,1 r'Ht I.O'IiPS (.tr 'feast twirfly. i it was, .said)
Al'-Kiv. N C. n"UHt'\'S. bp\i 1911.1! them them! nieran'l1
II' i i I. : U 1:1 I', r ,t .\ .'"' i' >, N. \'I'.ds111 j:1d t l-1": \ "-c-iti\enit-nt' hou",nff -
j ,. \ IV. !(::5i.aj' & Co.COMMISSION" ii ..11 !InI1I" Old t V. v.ini towsnJs :III" n's? ;'. .- Ii1w nat,r. Jr
\ L.v"t' 'r .;: t.-1 I ,' rt iu" (;.1/111', U'f'"'a'"i '\ ;u' .4 i I Ititoini A neNir hinrnl ol troops with : :;
sl ; !! !
[ !1'1 .\ .M' ,". .%.>!,!, f.1._. ] :Mii I : CHANTS ill ti! <" 11l'.1Th.- .' n..f1; be 'w 11 "1"1'1\.1\! f.icd on t !ie II1O'). compelling it I to retreat.At ,'hal; '. "cl t lie rpfrai:% by: ontii2 :i I were imnal'I!, IL.h tlfimn rr in si\1"* H mte iiu

-Jti '. u'v A. :\lcJv':>.u::. N". I J Vttf--ri-! ( with I tin- di'n.-t f nlt'O. Li-i'-, and S2r ] :. :ill the quarters of time markets ar* the fun-- of t their trw :<-v'D iv< n \vjrh (iinxot Fat.botir"; Mf-ntni.irtrp.tMP; 'Kite: :.I!thIIJi!-
\ It i otiibli-lituenl: 1 iJJiiliuid Saloon [;I'-II with (jc/ot;! : :I" .
I *V> J H' ..t ili-2 vik/.is. OIH: A :, I'.ir-! ; :la, 1'.n .\. Atlacln; to the : : t fully occr.pif'd. There wi; a bnllnhon; of rrp and other fie'> rlii*? hs I!hi- lioiut v;n.l.vSoriip -
rvf i Af-
tl i.n
'I i i I.f. s.' ) c: '..II:1ItTS: ; __ V VVV V Pj 1i ici 'U< ands'li lit iit 1" it, I the -Jl I st resjiniPnt on the Marches I de" InI On rcai-h'PC p Ministry t cabriolets! :ru's':, bari'N. arttlartictps om her

.V .. ..'.....'1 .1. EB. it .1. '.'1. EIlJt. ( ;!a er..t t;.r PI:5t f.'or'. tw! .a.rJ..r.! ; St .1 I 1..c.,1.;. lU.firliinpnK. .. nf theTnni. _: l.nrs. tin v Lii.III <" ,snliJfrt: very stri":: f.rcrs alsoil'iiJir ftrthpf aenDs' Ihr
! V : : 'r : I .... I'r; '.'!' .n,1 f(I.,. t.,.!.,!.;if. ....;ill: rllIt...._inue I.. ?...t.t.fl*.. ..--. .. .', > : .?. ; wer :
-. t 10:..",':1:." '1.... j'1":,.. 'I.V',<(\'oJ/'''n'vn.,, ..'. .i-.v' .l.IM..; .",."-:.I V.}V S .vil'CIT'T... ..! -__ n ....' I.lt I .1"Ii II.e u.zS4 Ii" I .u n.- cip'il ( iijard.: liorse and loot, and the detach- fir l infantry aid I urZfi. dlilh ClCt.tf.il'd I Hni.Ui.irii! ilf-s !tniipr. M at.> (' rtn :i kiwi
:ItjiIi t tiC:.', wtd'h! of the BonlevarfU
: :; tlr whole
.\.J. .. ri :. No. j J- VV.iiu >'s 't.t .T .:E; (; iBSfl & ('c J wpm of ruirrassiorTV.o pieces of rnnnon i if b: rricnfe.! but tIme p-iveniPi.t; h;,: n. l *'':1't
n'r .\ P U. .rni, \, FA with the.excppiion of lha paV'-mt-nt; nrr-rrh" I
v. : \v > !{.;: .vn, !tiR-jCER, .. ,.. ._- -". _. X-veiiiber 11.I 1M i. V J-'J-f.:;: -- were on the spot one of whic.It'a; < directed' i K'.e I I-'t' iJu HiMisj'ar'. Some }t morn tip ain rh' nrhrr psc! mrt1tjun.iAm (
i i i: 1 i'.1 .rtU'.u!;
V. i '' -1 I I' ,< -i.,r--,. .,.\ ":J .ff'f..J..J. .. t'O'0 tC't' 1)T"tD O.) other toxvaids; the Hue de la Ferronni"re. to see tl::"' uoh (0uurm pfitl! :iiin I j'omc mono tr.Tnrjnil.Eel .

\' ,', .1 1 with tip troops. I Inn insieml of fJsrr: the : .
: ,
: ." "_. 1., They wen1 ready to he employed; at a moment's t froa: .. :'... I'.ii,: Vi.Id'....<.:0,1'' T( :. _.J_ :i -
'S .: iVLt. 1'1 t. .rJ'' h-hcarprs tilt d oii"on! the rt'nr.
I ; ; u <
': 'jll'I-Y '1 I. I D.} :'1 notiee. Thf fish market was occupied r pivet trt" :
( nj ftrtirf dnt k rn.
\ tL SV1)NEV) : .. ** w em rltree ; fl I
i-- I 1 1 c 1.'U, l bv ba'taliou of ihp 1st regiment.Ou rembrr4 ofNaiiwnal dif,
L V. .. j_ :Mt:> 'j :-4tid ..t In- r.-id :J.< <', r"rr olr..T" 1ftJ. 'lIf a IIP! hor and'I rlt.-: were fi.I'ov.cd:: by all tlteir I..rgcti.iiti. ; ion abo'.i: mre linn >fa
\N' h': r\t., the PI ire du J.irouel; e vi'rh
V 'j!< ) the ?.l.iiiujij :" On '?r l. ccr'i .fi-1 1 tiLv- opjKjy .
Tt : j :. >i] :: :eixcs PAIXT who ;
1ri :Xovlr. .. ud { '::te-1S. :Municipal ( ;Ju.ird ehar:eil the croups ,' oftirpK nf the iVnrtli !Ic.rop, wrtit tuwanfs -
I ". Q nPlH.'t:(! :
i > I. \ > -, '., \?, H i- Cor. ( after Affpr having ;fa''eu1 l rhetTt if'T.'. the}

V : '. ..1 ".r if "St I tI i'ia.'ty. -V f: :U. J:2vi, T fHub''Ti'MT 1 '! re-j:crtiuily: nnnoutices, to his vvete assHinbb'd iheiP ; 1 but I tile people : crowd raised a ternf.f shout of "Down with[ : the Chamber *.>f D""pt> i-". A bartal-;

.' r ., I il I '.'." i.'r s'sv.'ts" \: I)1lNEVN1)! \ COl'XSKLLOR LAW, I I1' J. f iri.-iuiv, .itul I tiie Public. ibst I I) he has opened t dispfrs'inc on one pot, immediately l re- ( ;itiixot !"* after which, having formed thernselves I ion i 'tenth U'iion. v liich: was in tIe s-etrif**

Fa.I and toiltheir Pal'olla.e.-I! asscsnblpd! at another. uf i.e! Chanii: n.Iv.ti.ceii In the! Bii MIirf
A 'iS! i ;.P >h. the ibu\f ld'I-I' so. 1
: into iii like onir. 'rae'i kup
! ,_, : ,fJjU-TS: his service* to the public in either &i 1' the Tlicr' w.il alw' .i\s !h. t l-'r.d: :ut: 1 the l-'tr I At t the barricade in the Hue dp 01 pry. Si ItIC: I'Z they '* I the PI.lit drC1.i;, Oil!'', and d.rnf! : tha'! .

11 .(. .. 'i Luin. :II1; r. to'\'C eacit: ; 10.:5. .,.Iel'1 1 ion (,f J.:; ,u"V Hli and Sesars; and which was half: destroyed. the MunicipalIiard : the rternal )T tCIIrir: pour la {-afi !"' } th'y' Iiad ordt-rs! not to pprrah any ,:*''nl.ii .

tr.) I -: : ) \ :.IEi4i1 I .\ :iT. He .v.U l I practico r-' I.l.rly! in Franklin, Cal- :Mine I II I"i.t\ ',,: illt fin a--i t tilt! will pufctriet atteTt1o (; fin-ll. and several persot.s \;ere ::!r.j continr.ed! to liawl I i it ;nnMf tfiey: n'u.IcI; i i!i tii'ij to >r<>fp'*'I to Uiir C 'hanwJ"1! ifiaIHOli.rri.

\ ." .V ,--r ,tr, ,-t-1! .-.d.r., :i .1:1,1: o that do ( I Iw ) !))roi: iff.FH. woonded.Ue.tvvei'n. liip elI II rci of lhMn'eleiu.I : : .". Theie lar eilrt.Mhment { .' .. '

t: -. V .i j, FJ t- "- rd t IJDIT, :a<"t a. C of
_. __ i > : one and: two o'clock, one ourrepoiiers mUll Darrot ami ?.I.I1I'1r Pa:rs, wOrtwvrc
\\ {'tn Cucivt. I He \s i 11d"o, I A. :. lioiicd. The ronmraudt'nt. on the
Middle '* Lunch at tl I keftns "
i tii or N. 15. I Hot daily iiwhicli
.? ] the dilieient riinrleis ,
\1 \isieil
iil.rr of rpuiips
n. Tallaha-- ; ( | ft.IIowftl:: tot :reat iu ?-.
VV: wi-4 d-.> isi thr C' urtif Appeal FI.II. 11. !J" !h. _r.-tf_ I niq!). went to I the !ieadeis of it. r''cottim' nd-
j .i I : Ou mile
I I : !11. I f'r n oub'vaids il
ls be -- -- disturbances piev.nled.; the il ilse titw-
will 1 -- of
he -- -- nn juiEln
: .f "!ii'Ia. ;ys --- -- oPI o ;:!
i tij" < -'- tliem! iht-ir torches anti
V. \ .: FiIX :. 11l1.$ 5C \ '. St. in t lo extinguish: : i to
!It accident. .\.paadticola.: LxdlUI I in the !Kue'St. Dennis the Hue 1 th rnmtseJ *l"
l tion. Tl.c & >
w..s ; u
uni.-s prwiMitfii 1'Cttion
.. .: : :: -.1 :, \x::. j pC..lt at, be onIC'l'IThe' torch-bearers imnH..1IC-;: :
'. .k *lebiril ept'fllhpr S, ]1"1a'1. Till'snhenbir! If"rn.hi c1"\\ :\Ia: t tin, I ihe J Huo i \1 ont mat I Irl'. I the I Hue: Sr. CrPHiieus. V
: I h l'omplied'with the ad thoas.tndvoices 1
has t nest. :m a
i1 .'.../ / -- .- ---- | aTnI' I th.* ;'nIIic m tieiieraLthat! he Uimore. and it fact, all the principal streets, reft vvtl
.1 '.1 > n "r } nfi ifj 1 :i : The f ilurrs of this cr were ci>ncf -
-S. G. S(! utle the Proprietor ol this above wrli I j r. shouted fjoIZ live the Natior.nlinard. V
1":1. i \ rI'l'n'.kc.: ; LAW. conic t the I i crowds: were very dense. Vn I llie i >oulevanls tj.itetl berweeu Ku? tARTO'IKCJ ar. l ill!
ATTOIJXF.Y AT I will I I l he to 'utel tail ( ; ." Tilt! mob tlirij rriel) To Duthatel -
"' hI iiinl 1t'oIscl
I I" : t 'n'si Tri .tr '!". L'HU'.MI "Sn-t I I the Port Si.t I)f'II- VH'edu
near rul! bi-twi-pti the
psprciallv: 1 Hue de Monm
I t.I 11II.. .ld, -1 I L !33": ()!$jri. JW}. i Cup .i"1II1'II".0 J'liiMing any .r tbe travplhnir "Jmmllllly: tIll) may tavor I ," and went alnn"'lhe: Hue Ho\.Ie. : vihapparently ; rtrr. :
nis and St. Mntin;i I. I there was a l.ir'** :;:"PIMbla : and the Jlue St. Mariin. the
--- --- -- CIlIJHl"l'l..tn'cl" Temple
oor. cl Centre i- : hun w'i lib I I Ill-IP p'lsioui, and wl::!I al<-:> al'cfIIlfliio1l..k | : I the i"It'nt'iou of ;payitig a \\-il\ to

S. -wty. tlfJ\j.: \ ,:il jrhie'iii, ,,!Fla.: :. ri.snJeiil boardersi.e) Lur willulwas be ; e of military-infantry. clra nofl<. lioht lh' .M inisipr of the "mteiior. I rrieaifes: of which ss has been already

i ; \ \ > t ,1 .jflJ! OS MERCHANT, 'I li <;is fit i tit 'ti'a"tJOHN : I dragoons, and I ntunicip'il: I guards. both hor ju
I. sUipll'd'Ith: neiuniie there al.so
I Ilonore
flue St.
27.ATTOIJ. a. \\ In the vv.s animmense
: > \VIt'r -tr<-.-', 'jualitv. P.\TlUfJGE.I IA'MbobiPoIa : and (not. In the Uue St. Martin frequent e.ibs. cars, cc.. fitl'lvil"! pniiustwucs..
; \'II"h! 'l: ,.T" :'V: I IY AT LAW I i rrowd. whih :a!M n tans ns one I
; : I Xov. I II I > I 7.IctI : dialers were fxectlled. : Itlt''e ahumlor. wiilioni resind =rJccf".
f I5n :: j'ir Ci>;iity: ALLana. ---- --- -- man Mourir pour In p.ut rim :I" and! At\ "
: -
the nlt"
iV.MV. .V JoWf', \vir.v -- i An :attempt lo rrerl barricades: in 'T Maiseillaise. : the crovv f assemblpo! in wilier sios : .\

: ': !II"\; iJIAVT:: ] :. .\ :,ril -'i: l..lf' 'J-tf ('iI ) T:1I3aha.itt"o. Si. Antoinc 1 was prevented, -is wct (* also :I u rueS Cit oyens the! of Hue! the St. llonore thefl.n I b >ncade; in th, KMP ia Ttmp'e. ne..r ,tleI

:"'. VV i ; VV'.IT-T-! ,. n'St 1 I ; i: I h-jve t I. i inform inv Iriendsj Ull in the Hues St. Laurent andSt. (Oil :ascendinc ? Puitou.
.\Iatt !<-!1t'.Jh. Ka.II. MF4 w ,. i.. 'U :a iIIT.\r, Gi NOTIGF.j ot/ tinhoue, that, I hstyv leased I. other attempt6 in I with a detachment! of National I Guards! I Rur; ; ,k* rO s ill.i: ,ant! 'Te ww; sur-
: 1 An irfiirrr. *
V V -- tV arlcroarh Poisozs.'TA Lay.are. in.itit.t'd by .. red! tl'; yhocormtiamTet
:: ?, :3IoiMr \\ill '.liter he euiidurted I b\ and l 'fa regiment of the lirw'hf'r'lIpon n
tl.at it \
and \
: \ V \\ .. .- I it t, :: Cite and the Rue ut' nri-ht.J
A.V. de In which
;: \ I.' 1 f. r '\tritiii :: ; In the flUe dciatiimfui
rc'rl'cjY 1.:1' n
t !11'; clSiracii; Y : who has litbt> National
: \\ J.I.I.\\I HIMIX: (; \ INJ. thousand} voices l LOIIJ
?: Uhaa! CI- *II..).. itmn! hr the had to disperse? Iintihi. the I that
JIIt1c'llIat..1\ .. : :11'llwl! Constantino I troops : ,1' tiii- !haricul6's in was
pri'.M-r cl.issHotiIi quarter
i the tiis t one
'd uc : '1)1.1111.1 I with I
bs- ( ihe line !I" to
iiiard Ion live
1 : l ( :
1.:1.: i -i' I'. i !; j; .; IlT I I m.iiear; : ;
a'imnanceHis the
I'. .' i\ 1I'hl"uf .ill ol t!ht:;tljt v.'nairi(-d ; I I ?; at I the North, an-i recently from I the American On the place du Chatelet; and t ilIll1)1 came a fierce shout of .1)o'nith struck.bt a ball. A 1.mrirmde; at. Jteturv

; : : : '.Ii\I:: \\',\ m, 1 Fla and MojUito 1'.II..on Jn-jaH.iiid I a'cry -x- Hotel in New Yolk. Ud I<*,yin4 he will Pont an Chance. a ftis'illadp! wis Kept up for Huizot !" to th<" Ittic u.,} cd byarii

1\ '-v'J,: i: ". :n>i;". HATS, tt--! sverlei>rily for itsiiiv.uubledtriu'tivc properties keep an excellent !lolIL', atid spare nocxejtion or some time. I In the Hue: des i'thIe.dii ( 'olvaire of the I ry.In .

( I-! i : t:::i'Y., SHIPniVN'DLKJ I t., that urd.T l of met-cts. For sale I liy.AU'ht : expense, to make\ his gue,t
Cor : X'c. 1 11 1 .1. C. ALLKX. }ru -I"t.- mend the hou-.t lo my hiendand the public.THOMAS destroyed by the iroo; ?. I li.iriicailes; : which miiiisliv had; become generally! known in :). cfe S't. IH..tr% (Clu-f: attaliou fJt the
U'.iter -- whichit
and --- burst satisfaction
Ln Maut sts.riiicoU. -- -- -- -- 15110WN.: Par.s: tliere WiO :a

".9__ ___ : i iI:1 Fa.::. :_ \Ol i( lo 31 :' U('VS. Tallahassee, Nov. 1 I. 1 17.Cl'I'Y .I3-.II1. were (construcieil in the 1 Hue du about Temple four would I be difficult: tn dc-ciibe.! : 1"arI' par- 34lh ti-ainiet.t v.as killed.F..M.itV .

K ward :711:Cully Cou.i.crou's OH-HM.: Key: WI.ST; ? were destioyed by the troops I ti''. of lie National; ; I (;nard paraile.! the : P.ri (Ct3U\.lt, '. .t.J .,
:.. l February 0;, 1' |I. $Srrllr. o'clock. A chef de battalion, was, it i i is The Sk.rvit-1' of il..* nrroniJissctu.-nt! post
.I I : Vive 1-
A\D UO'J'I.a4'E shin
) : i j I.IMiMliilCIIAN; : streets, I the officers! and men mtiIIZ
A .. -. I I1T..'" "Irt..t, : xiw LIGHT, JUST CO ll'LETElJ I said killed.) In Hefoime,'' ::nll! the crowd cheering. ofTices was impl.te.l y. .tt'n.y.! -.af l.fe Iavbpfore.
WES will be sho.\u on the lUlbinst. des Victoirrs and the Place The nOIcc
KEY .w0'h The Place the insurs-rnts. post
.:JL_ .\p.lhc-I'.i"nla! Fa. be /" V loudly. P 'mik, of .r)00 'n 1-300( men and i by
--'n !. I It t is a first das lubl and will prol>ablj I .1 : tin Caioussel: were occupied( In strong detachments T_ r ", for liPIl.! I ; M "p rn'miimme'I l constantly; rbiscJl
Ja. .. rarritir of I I '.l' rIOt abei'it! rr\iij "Vive !In .' ',niP. -
.. the distance I weri- I" boys : :
deck at
'" vi-ible ln ml a ship's both of dragoons; and i infantiy.The That[ in the Rue riv-hirwrr: w:a* irtially: inlerrnptecl. -
( '. ;
,. 'Hh-IXi: ;. i Kojt\VARIJIXG .V inib'.s dl'ar'calhrr.. I It I I' situatedvtjit r.)J :and 1 singing I lii" .Marseillaise. and) on be-
I 1 .1 tv-two in Palrle r tales I that; in passin! aloncj Ycsi"I.I:111.1; the day before
Ul's-i : |\I< )\; \iciiANT! ; HieoMlu'ht.
thcit.ol t divi.icd l Iii
f.f the
bundled \urd North r.-t in I : met by t troops they
Sol .">i\Vater| sir.'i-t: b-Tft-Jore. TALLAHASSF.K, FLORIDA. I the former I the juckets of I th! N-itioual; I cdrc'lwill,1 ihe insurgents, PP'\li"l: the postmen from
\1) The beatitr/s and courses I ihem ", ,>nd a< s.jn as they had pas<
'_ _:\:b tI.t'Illf'fll.t: FLt.V still beobserved N the management of I thiHold I I theuncUr- ( iitnid cried. "Down with ( iiii/ot Ijonq PISS Inking the ft'UrrWill the receiving boxes
: To-
V : .lIo\\'ell 1 l for entennir tins pott may I his : I ihr'tr criesnd their on:.
P.I'C \ 1.1.Gt.r'F.: no\l.'U 1t1J1'l.cli approaplun) ) the -"P' clinn- 'i i n .d will u-e Julut ( Xi ttums I to please live ]Heform !"' They proceeded I to le: aids half six o'clockin iihimin.itiur:I and on 1'LICSIV! lIi"r i om:' or ilu-sr postmen

:11'Calla.Itoiliain, net in the; day time i will I find: f?\' tat horns water :V L-sts. I He asks the public 1 lor J l'.r..MlNiVAY.November I:(heir I patience.WILLIAM ;; : Place de Peiits Peres, and\ from lluMice m to vv was spoken: past:of, and nnny persons li:hietup :, was surrounded: al! iJctainptl! for several;

OMMKSIux I MTICIt.\NTS I ( on I the bar by'br.nirms the buoy in range with the .'{-6ri. I the I Hue 'ulnnt inii-t; it'. 'I'h'fl' followed StTOfltiImeo: iiml The illumination I Oi l'j r hours.: The post" uffcrji omni'ns.ies: : were

N1. \Ii C"IUtn u 1llCC. light house and ruiun for it. 11.I 1' 17. V hall i immense, crowd who lI alternately i : .:; when the prevpnteil fiom ramrn: :*. tin' ,.hClc of ,1 Iuu

1\. 1 :flalJeiC)1).Fl3.} S. MALLOUY. Col. -- the. j1ir-e; iIhake." and cried Vim let'ltiarde course, became more general populace the dI\!: by ana<. emb;. ic of !UO) or 5CO lrmelS! I
__ --- U M went t hlruIIZII
-- -- Naioxvlin jl I in lar< c 1H1I1Iher*
.n ----- A T H E ;
th.it time
S. :JI. iid OflIOII.A ". I Nat juinale At I about( ; Numerousliands men. Some 1.'Hers'Wt'ft' spoiled by the in-
ick'I''OIlU.lt Irish Potatoes : streets li ht ).
e:ailing :: iy
\ 1Ct.( Saloon au(l 15illliard wcreII.ulc on I the ;as"clllhle'tlp'opic into the receiving boxes of watcrtr
''Till' SlI01:5, FINK article f, r' :x bv.vlcCULLY. ? charges : alone. or /following! detachments; ofNationa' jecliou

hATS, <\fe.'SS"8Colu'n Nov 11 1 E. 50 \r lt r st. ICooin.THK in I thc Pl.ire St. Andre tics Arts, the Place ( ui.! went about shouting "Vie -. some oilier matter. .

'j No. I "I. nbck. Tliomsouiaii Medicines; proprietor of 1 the .\tllCIi.1 I1II P.owlnm I I de PHncole: de) Medecme I and in llll the adjoinmn \' le Hoi,":": Vive I la Hefoune,".:md sin inu [From th,' Par;? Reform. Feb 2t J .

_____ ;Aplachicr1a! \ Fa. >
Cootie & UO.'JW, JLlvbfVl'da'- J. C. AT.T.F. establisSunent! an :urer..blo! ;phce (,f rtM.rl!, icke7s I of tro'ops of t the line national: and where lutiicadps! had: been eiecieil, an.l ihe Juanl was assembled! : yesterdy morning on "

CMIf4.1ON! :lEllCn.XT:, and i is I thankful\ I that an ever ,I di"cnminatinp;: public Intl mud Psi1 cuards, were stationed at almost! :resisting the t troops; they ceased; I IVs t the Place; T.irrm.e, im:" of I bent shoui'cll

o. U. :0'1. 4'hul..s Strp.t S n II If. prove b\ liberal patronage their appreciationof all the comers of the sireets.: pl'opleHre i \IIa Heforme !" wliprpiipun \I. I e.mercit'r. .
the of time
t j in bottlrs and blad alvva keep a resistance !hl'.1 they heard news
and \lJcahIlY. will
I He } of
\'w-UrJeans hisdosifc
to pleise. that t the corner that
; Patrie Its :It orders lioshntibl
SCOTCH The assu'i the Colonel, s-ivc;
t : .tw. S. Coou:. AMOS Hon received and for sale by choice assortment of Li.jiiors.. and :xeliebinK D.-h-boide, thief de tesi:natiem of the miii:mismr. antl t the t tioopsletiicd llu National Guards
Lrp.IC'lil'r.I. be sei/.pd bur I ,
H F ABF.LLSarsaparilla. ot f Old Hue other ,
Feb 17 sort to tickle the pahles btit .1 C hear that on I p-'ints
beverage? of a head of ;
-- --- --- ----- illioui ad Oysters battalion: of the 3d,\ Lesion, :at the a reasonable ard between 51.1 non rimtin: him. declared! ? that he had oulyI'xPfst',1
D. ; IJicchu: : mo"t l.ist sons ; delchincnt t hI' people weie less
allow a -
CT1IJ\ AXu Uanfol.th, Bailoy cool and delicious 1'1l."h' from their nati0..111 j .. strong 'detachment, lefused I to t lure and ten oYloek in the evening. 1 their sentiments.
c' nnllSS(0IF.RCIIAT 'II.L-S, Sand's Bri-tni'" and com- enter ihe street, '
and of cuiirassiers consisting several
comroinirlmsj of A iiacbmeni! com- iii
.A\-n ] :
For a pleasant cuivvd) from of the t f.iubotirijsanive.i
\; ) just received larse one
EXfm.\14: AGENT !P'IIJOt'Iid extract of Sarsaparilla, i is nothing which he sa rudy\ supported a *
amusemei.t-vtilf cwn /rr-the-rc i n proceedinc in I was the hotel I of the M'm'Htrv pinipsot: :JM) !Legion, [prevented I liP :Municipal .
and 1 for o'l'lhill'
:j. '' 'AULA. ALA. sale byFeb V to wilh his who uiiered(I ciies of ; e'aiVIm.
Cotton b'Jahi FA DELL. within the circle of ajmnastics compare ) by meiv ? shots \vfre OnrrJ fr.nn nttackin; the people!
; 17 H for KOIeien Anils,1mcl some .
order.Refers .
o-i! those lev with ( ; uI/.oI .
___ a u-im-of tenpins ; but preferring Lnnp I luc Heloim Down Pont No're D-mf iIJetwfcii
r. ''ftt, to Veg- active ainusemenl-.can always lillie n hall !. which h-ids I to the Places d-s fired it the hotel. live
) Woodruff's Antibillious In one-reet, inusteicd rather and si.\ o'clock, about fifty
The National: Guards
DccLtp': s \cw Orleans. etable Life: Pills, Come one-come all. JOHN '15. JONES. Peiils Peres, seyne Nalionnl Ouaids also yrstepl'iy: and, when the nrvv of Munirip.vl nttcf-: ? ,..1:01I"re shtit! io :i coutt
W'Ln On the strong
H' ; & sale the from entering.
cKEzn. ) by ; Mf prevented hoops
trcHrs o t \palachicola. FOR 3 J ALLEN- Apalachicola, Dec. 30, I IS 17.






_. ,_ '.- 't'a. -, .. '. .
V V V -.- __.___. V ..-: -. :> '-.o ; '. --" V
--'- .- -. _. ; .
-- V
V > _, iL. ', ,. __ _
{ z .f"4:
;_. __-____ _- 'IoWI'J, '- <- : -V_ -

L ,.;.....: ----' -. ....---- --_:: _. I. ._--._ -- --- -- '-
____ -r- ;;; I ft__ .. .____.'>_ __ .,_: __, ,
r-: r

( i S\ t

.. ,
.. % a


L t


.. .
", ..
: _,i10' '1VNOR .'d1"d177r V Yv/.TIS.Tf 7ts.Jr .u.aioY] T i1__ -
I .
yard of a house;; in the Rut Itouigc I'Abbe, 1 Iwheie, tile soldiers aloof| the boulevards I the ----
trquired let i it 1
.summons to disperse 1
Lei- were forced to lay down their alll1 The J look oil') their bayonets, fiom the muskets I give place lo a civic institution. ; a (i) ] l i ; J l FIST .IlViii TIL\D: RICHARD P. )

National Guard negotiated between the peo- which they icvciscd, .apcaring| much to I''geneial amnesty l is in every mouth Filaly, III every OIJIU1ULlI1 lDVEI'fISBII The following letter, :addressed to a commercial I Robinson, who nonIX:0

,: 'pie and the Municipal: : Guard fur the disarming I, enjoy the !'celle.Vhilst this was going [ heail. Uy these measures order will be AFALACHICOLA house of this city and exhibiting i in in New York for the murder' :

and when it was effected, the. (formertook on, the peoplo wantonly set fire to the bu- promptly icstored." THURSDAY, KAIICII 30, 184 8': a strong; the of | etc, must have more <
lilt importance lie if,,
' the latter under their projection.' The !' lean :at the hackney. coach station nearly -i I improving;i! assigned to a cat. \\ I
I !! 'exasperation of the Crowd against the i Municipal !- i i opposite the hotel.r PROVISIONAL CVERNiMENT. { > The following "IIIlnHn are autlioneiAgents II the navigation of Flint river, has been handed 1 often he has been killed e d0 lo

(I Ii Guard was most intense: owing tu th In, the evening, a group of young men, A temporary Provisional Government has > fo the COMMEHC-IAI. 1:rcTrsrrlnd +v ill: to us for publication : Lit no sooner does his i in Ibe"

with which that had acted headed color : been announced by acclamation, as follows: receive and receipt for subcnpuuus, or advertise- than he olill,
severity body in i i by tri flags and torches, and 31. M. | DANVIM.K:, March M, 18JP. pear starts' into bein."

i 'difTerent quarters ; :and when they issued 1 ;:, led. by a captain a lieutenant: and a sub- I DuroNT, merits:- DcrtrSirs :-I feel so much the I mole corner of the United !''

I\ I from the court yard, a strong (force was: ic- ofliccr( of Ihe national guard, went to Ca- 'LVAMARTICK, :, \V:!!. \\'. ClIrec,1'sq< ., :Albany Ga. importance days ago we copied a Sl taa;
(the Astronomer. Major JACK I HAIMMIAN. Ivifatdn. Ala. of i improving the river betxveen this pirc
( quired to them. The then seine dc demand -release'df An.Go. ) New York
protect peoplo} I ;i Neuilly, to JAS. J.. Tribune "
OMVIK announc
t t demanded, that they should be made to take 1 some persons who had been arrested. Ou ROLLIN, : Tal.lhas"ec.'F.I.I"Olt and Albany, that 1 cannot refrain from dropping I of Robinson in the *,ergladfJJ I

1 off their shakos, and that they were obliged)1''j being assured that they had been released, GtnxiFR'I'Aals LAHIE.This :' IMtESIDENT ibis line to you on that; subject.I .positively for the last time ,
to do. They were then led along number they I graph has called
a 1 quietly] dispersed. Wlo in brother's this forth the
my store
t. of streets, headed) by a detachment of cuiias- I An :attack was made; nu Ihs Hotel! dela I Government has issued) a proclamation ZACHARY TAYLOR.: arid] observed evening claimer and disclosures from ro+*

siers, and surrounded! by the National Guard I Chanccllcrie, the windows were smashed enjoining on the people to preserve n'tiler r- some barrels which I at once m j l leans :- [Plliad.} ty!

,. -. the troops of ihe line forming a passage furl i and the crowd insisted on ihe windows being I but not to quit their revolutionary attitude. 'hi recogni/.ed as being barrels of New Orleans The paragraph published( Bu!Ifi,

them to pass. On aniving; at the Place dc i, illuminated. They pioposevThe ; :Uctil; molasses. On inquiry, I found that he had I yesterday, and we notice it i Ii o>Q

I'Hotel) dc Ville, a clever cavalrmO'crnelll- t I AM :attack: has been directed" against unity of the Nation ; At a numerous meeting of Whigs; ol I just received] it from : and for i it the norlher papers too, about IS .

1 prevented* crowd from entering; and: '!he I j :Mont Yaleriau-soll1e sheds were turned Liberty and equality ; 1'ianklin county, held at (he i l I there a. \JCOI pail of Richard P. the
The government of the National by itself. I Alatlchicola ; Vic. per gallon, and G' tc. 100Ibs.'freight Robin
Municipal Guard i per sandy
enabled) lIown. : connected
were thereby t lo i Exchange, on evening last, in I with lie I
into the then Al the The Provisional Government has declared I Thursday from ; to : of Ellen Jewell inrin
escape place. They xvaimly I Bimiolles four children have been ) the II !pursuance of a call for that purpose signed 1 :Icon nllile. making years ago, .
expressed their thanks to their deliveiers. killed and their bodies are deposited at the following : the cost of it laid down at Danville 43 c. city, embodies an entire II I,
t 31. M. Dupont' (de L'Kcuc) Picsidcrit t by : large number of voters, on motion of is not mistake. '
At nine o'clock the Transonian still
quarter ;guard house. I per g anon. The same article 1 priced at only living, but is
; 'and p.lrt of the Rue St. Martin were (filled I I The Di-bats sa s'that the collision which! of the Council. I Wm. !lone, "K;<'q. M. Pill Ellis Kq. was thing crcumstancesas 11 r

with banicades: which xveie guarded) in nit.- look place at the Ministry of Foreign Af- 31. Dc Larmaitinc, 3Iinistcr of Foreign called to the chair, and Daniel J. Day requested 1\laloChicol .12.1c., which with the freight il; credibly informel by we arrl!
I Affairs. up at -SI 50 per barrel, xvould make; it stand E him IJerol;
fashion tin The fair well.
'lilaiy inhabitants .
by people.I was by a crowd, headed wilhtonhrs lo act as a (,
of f
I conducted) their 11 Aiago, Minister of 3Iarinc.: secretary. in here 2Sc. 43ic. via Savannah J of Nachidoches, ,
were politely to rest ; :;nd) flags attempting;; to force its against and II Cour Ih
Crcmicux 3Iinistcr of Justice. 'fhe Chairman read the call: of the meting county,T

lcnces. Fires were )lighted; ,! ,) fur the bivouac way through the ranks of the soldieis. It[ 11 Maccn. Again, when I I left here on a visit resides. Soon after Rfbin

'In the Rue Ram'.niteau 1 the people, c.niy-I says nothing of the number of killed and 31. M.iiie. Hedcau! Minister of War. wherein the objects were slated Into be to your place there were three loading !f gained of the murder) or poor Ei:

lira, torches: knocked at the doois, until I wounded. Minister of Public Woiks.M. I express the sentiments of ihe Whigs ofFranklin wagons he left New York city. and r
Ledm with cotton out of the i el'
Rollin. 3Iinister of Interior. house
some one ansxveied. They then cited I I After midnight) the tocsin was sounded in county, ac to the proper persons ware upon .! Texas.. Ie..._ht at the !
44 Have ?1" the \I. lictamont, 3Iinislerof Commerce. ihe liver's bank here, and rate of 'i cinto, anda. baiie.
: Then[ Chinch freight
yon arms i ems c'lvc rt. Get; main+ des Pre, and) thelappol afterward
tn run candidates of the ,
ihem." When the aims were ;six'en, tit c I h ) was beaten iu scveril: q uartcrs. 31. Cfirnot' Minister of Public Instruction. as Whig Par y given (and which was considered how) was Rusk in the Cherokee cam. outlh,,
fen (Governor and :
'pcclplewrulc 0:1: tile duor. Oil <* Gamier of .. i | Ih'er.
'arrnr" !" : signed i in: the s Hilt [Leion of the National 1 11 Pages Mayor Plr.: i and also to consult as lu the propriety ii winch he lost ,
; in Macon consequently the
; Governor of j was from G lo (G4. while
Covaignac colon at
tin croud w.is: :assembled: Icf.jii! theTlmcl .' ( ; : .:: : CI. of sending! delegates loathe I ruche c- I he writes ) hand wroth. a
I De (Couitals, COIUandan'l of National J t the] Uay; the price was from G t to 7c.
of Ihe Ministry: of Ftll't'( :mi.!I AJf.iii--: i! \Ve, the undersigned,; all belonging t tI to (;inaids. I anna Coriventio'u.W. / expediiiniisly (oo.

and weie mining tin usual; { rises, they! weieJfued the National Guard: decl.ue that in the I You of Apalachicola seem lo have jjo ,I j His name noxv i is Richard p ,
I The issue I (G.; M. ) .
to have been, t lint after Esq. Cleat themeeting I i
im without( any ptcvious iKitire, ;and:I I n:ii i!da1 .1 t.ftbe i I troubles of I he capital! ,I, ihc sum I appears I l..i. : idea of ihe vast; amount of trade, above Ali i I I s nigh forty years of age. and hiji;

(iffy-* vii poisons lull Iraq I or wounded. I I mons to r.ss'juililc having, been beaten, xve i a severe struggle wit Ii the troops, the people do not send delegate's to the Kuehceanna !' bans, which( { mated a handsome forinne. ft Ir.l. j
succeeded naturally lo }
cry of vengeance; : was: imme.li.itely, nlleied! : the protrctois: of older, shall I pioceed alter I in obtaining; : possession of the I Convention, hit in liI (hereof, belongs; your I some years since married. .f

by the people! 1 the victim. ; uf an :ibonmalde'ambuscade \ ; :!. ever we may be ordered to go to prevent' or I Palais Royale, and the Palace of the Tuilleries. I that time Whigs of I Franklin signify ihcirprexerence j alI) which would surely go there if the few young lady 01 Texas, of mOt an,s:
: and l'\'l'I".c1! of, them) hastened i anesi the elitism ii ol blood ; but at the! same I [L Phillippt :and) his, family had; !I 'shoals were opened. They all lie within I l.'m.ly; and has several cb.l/en. (/ A
: such
: fled, befeic he his I fII' n;; t
: leaving abdication persons
into tin nei,hboiina sticcls: shnutin: "To \',: HUM: bcin! :! piotectois' of liberty, we declare all signed l'arJlitlatC ten o twelve miles of I that place/ -all lie be-I considerable interest in {1"lirlc3t ,
which is said lo be in the for '(; and ] i..
artlt'c; i thai I following I iovcllr Representative to Con- 'is a Houston
arms tn ] art beins: ;assassinated : : : our object i is; not in any way to approve' loxv Bluff in Lee Inn"--.fro r
!" :Shoitly after wn inv: a "can: :amveat !I! lit" she: mm-.terial: policl'ill1tr at !home or i words : "The crown which I receved gross, whom they arc in favor of, by resolutions Colon county. I 1 county in times of polirir.il n"i,

I I lilt office ol,t r the; Y.t IIIJI/I/l conlainin.1.i i dead J j i,;, abroad. or to lend any support to a ministry !I from the Fiench Nation I to the ,! :mil that copies cf such icsolulions I I The' color trade I IIIIok upon i a s second j!{ manners; are somewhat r"(ierreJ Xt'ltn',

.:bodies.] The! vehicle was suriounded, I by) 'I!|, which, on I the contrary' xxe blame with all ti Fiench" Nation: in the name of my ;grand be certified to the Convention pct ]Kucliee- I arv. to the immense grocery trade., I and haughty ; but Iron oil? ,info, '

the peoplo, alto WI'IH weeping; and full ofj;t the rmi 1g y of good I citizen?. We do not son Our !population here i is I principally! stationary is well liked by 'bis neighbors it' ]

:jIHII uatiun amid who showed the blot.l V I; deliberate..! under! ar"s-\\, merely The, following is still later intelligcncre : anna width motion xvas lo>t. while that of ]>aker is transient. I particularly shun) conversaIaonN"T. ( |

:bodies, riving.; "They are :assassins: ;: who I our way;I of thinking! before xve go to( our I Telegiaph Office. 2 o'clock 21ihult. On motion of l 15.; S. Haxvley, H"q.I a 'committee In Ihe three I ink toj.ic which has given;; such
\ bate or four counties above noH/
l' Alj
-li.ivc\; slave slain I thornVe! will avenge! I poM." \ j just Tclcgiaphir xvas appointed: I the Chair, consisting i i his name. He, 'of course, ,

them (Jive us :aims\ arms;; TIIItor. y(-*tel"tJ.l\" e" nillt!, at about eight: o'clock, despatch which confirms, the appointment, of of n. S. ', } II. 1\-. j! bany, there is annually :1\\1 fiorn 30 to I Ii innocent-as a jury bat aow '
the Provisional I Hawley) r
dies, easting: ; their) glare;.. by tirt L,, on the I an immense; croxvd proceeded. lo the .rest I GOVCr nlClt Communications \ l'Jle i i :}.JOOO bales cotton, nf'arlIhc whole of \\ batrver rrry he the first cerafPl1 en char
till ihe interior." Brooks W. I 11. Hushes J. IL Hull, to select I t
'bodies and on the people: added! to the violent dence: ol M.] Odilon Horror, and entered ihc arc slvJpcd will : | which goes lo Ilaxvkinsville and Macon ,i! is nnlftfi..ble that 11. P.. h hIs !
Odillon f
'emotions of the s e'III'J.: : ( ;GainierP roust card of his house, and many of them ( before the Provisonal delegates; to represent the Whigs of i at by "rulerce.. courage, and r";ret ( f fnont.

iges, being at thai moment' in ih.ofiiees! his apaitmcnt' in the most, peaceable: than... I (o\'C I me I f.' III a I a regency .shouldbefoimed I Franklin at the Whig Convention at l Ku- wagon an average expanse of about 311 has raised himself ro a ahf v r '

of the .Xfjliotidl" addiesd time\ people. Hepiomistd ncr. A deputation' advanced towards: :31. under the Duchess of Orleans comtiiiiltc having i pCI) bale or 75c. 1 per hundred! Ibs. Position in the world. Fo onr"
until the Count de Paris cheClla-sair Itlin'r
should) ]
tint he would employing! tfftnts! t Odilon B.rol.. who was :u the time in company ( attain his and) returned and, the I Let me mention to you the narnr-sof four are glalil hear not only that h-j
but il reported '
to obtain fur 1 the people thus attacked .1 the] I with many ol his; colleagues.; M. O. majority ; was rejected. cln II'd. I' or five planters on ihis tide of river, and but i is doing: well. (
The latest I advice is' dated Liverpool I, names of K.V.I Ru rlsVnl.. Valleau, D. lie
featislnction which} i is from these i ;airot addressed the follows Some
required mi-! > deputation : : xvliose lands one has .
pious;; and! atrocious ministers.l The funeral ;My fri"rHIs.-1: 1 think 1 see your faiheisuf Sunday. ) morning 27:1: it It., to this cfG'ct. T. n.J II. [Hull, 15. S. Hawley, Avny m I join. and all live within five to that 1)lel hoaxing ih ror
The King lis w>t ( anivetin lingland. \, !lHI miles of this place vie: Taylor l.jO paper Iryrng io "run a.ca"
train left the office, conducted! and lighted t. July, IFOO: ; it is a display of the same: Jc Jowncr, .1. C. Allen as such delegates, I its
) in the A Rri'L'RLic: ItS !IKJI: : KSTAIJUSIIKD : I !bales Jacksons100, Ilngurnin 300 IlivinsJoO readers. The it'rrlre: !
the ,
same manner: ; IhcUlln'H.d t the) coinage; same geneiosily (unanimous which seleition considered and \'ria"e '
'bodir to distant' qtiaitcrs.: rhecrs.) And to be like them, worth) of I : i:."FU.\.NCK: and (ray, +rilifyrtarly rr..vlorcd. the: was :ip-l John [>. Lamar (just settled within tllast to I keeping a wooilyard! (;iuuf for I: .
to *. ;31. de Couilnis. deputy of the ( 'pas,. libeity, be calm in triu mph ; that is the' .. 110"1'1) ; twelve monlh) 300 bales. 1 the I Cliatiaboochee 1 an;1.is farmir.rii!
tinn. hastened. lo the 15otilcv.ini: des Capu- chaiacter! which is suitable to the cause of I --- -- On motion; of \\'. (J.; !;1 1.I'i., E-.I' 1 ih'i}' I to !the .
[U'rcm! the tirn'inel Were ever hiving steamboat men '
] you over beautify'tioad as Dirn
Tal.lw'ce a
cins to ascertain the: causes of this shamefulbutchery. light: and,,, liberty.! meeting, proceeded to vote for candidate t e i. He

II I I c i informs us that tin I colonel{ Loud dies: of Long; live Odilon 111; r- A person styling A riNA.\cnir.; Al:lr. I//'. .S. Curpciitcr for (Governor, when S.im'l \\'. C.iiniack I : ) and comesuddenly upon a fallen tree was last seen a few days am. sr;.

of the regiment which had caused the filing t I'Or"I''C' then lai-i-d.' M. Gamier: P4Igcsa.ldl'J came; to this himsel place about three I having received the eniiie vote of! theWhig's i. :across: if, where the under growth, made it a log 0: the Georgia, site dil| ia I

Ito take) placc."a in constcinaiion; ; :) at what a few enrignic nerd] to pursuade; : the ;since, from Charleston (S. C.) by \\'cl.S I. I I impossible 1 for you to pt round il, and) difficult flannel shirt] and] phying"Ob no. ei
xvay ,
had l occurred. He thus explained. ] \\ hat I he cioxvd to elite i peaceably. The shouts recommenced pieM-nt' xxas declared lie unanimous mention Her"
:lrl\ At the 1,111'1 [place he gave out t to pet over ? If so, have on the Ger.nan flute.
you some
railed a deplorable imprudence. At the with increased sticngth, and 1 boa] choice of the AVhigs of Franklin.
which he wished! to in- idol of the
moment which, the crowd arrived] bullet +ere t.d, l II tlc in the Uue tie money obstructions of our navigation.If ;: *
at a ; en up ) : (people' 'vest in llt puichasH of cotton, and obtaining The meeting, then proceeded t to expifs's (L/ The Secretary ol War hcontemplation
:from a gun, which went uf ff'} by accident inllic la; Fcime des A1.lthurums.. i loiter ol you can make me np the sum of-51.500) .
a : I introduction to one 01 two of their picference for a to the to order) the
garden of the hotel! broke\ thp" !,.., ..f.I.! .. 1)Illn't i the. wind'! iiipbi' ill-1 n+'nn'1' >..nrn ,il.o 'J'.ll.li-M-.5 person run :s: to S'2000 ai I clean sbr.
iicui,..,..iii \.UIIIlJel't' II(1t' C. 1 lie officer, busily/ crgaged in erecting bariicades in the .LIre '.n.,1 ...,?11.1."I. ':.d.! :,fi t aim; I Ili'lU." ;and. l \\' III: candidaie. : for I Repiesentative i I trt ( ongies !;i .palaclicol \\ i pledge rnti .'- all the upper li.psi'1 the army. *

commanding] the ilrtachment) believed that \ nrincinal stieris- - -:i-<-:. \\1,11-- .. :..'.., in... ilinc.. ....v.o,. ....ronr.1, "....- I certificate of[ iii'-iiiutius. ue cxiiiniicii a i <, xhei: the name: of the llin.' I L. C.: self In hl.e; a like sum subscribed bv the -- --- -
it was an attack, and.) immediately with a ones in which, it might, appear:, ol importance >GOI(() on deposiie! ) ID hs: credit I l I !planters here, fur it will 1 be : powerful J in- THe i KEYOLl'TIOX IS FRA\: '-
in lacing in
the of uninatinn: and)
BII" / New York, in the Cabel 1"1 r ; no' In the
guilty want of reflection)" comnrinded his : to picxent' the entrance of the mililay all pic- : I centix and) encourage them in I the New York Journal (f C;,'
of ul'o other work.
scnce bn-iness
one u r lose.!
fire. men em: f'alli"II.; b'.ing,; pie-enleil In themeeting / ,
This of
men lo officer
was 3Ionday. find
inimvdiatclyjnlaccd : For xve
this i ,
? ihis ceiuficale in letter !; sum I assure l tViat I illi1lona
a lo liiouu l.io-
he unatiimouslv lv you bp
in pli isuu. I chosen. wil
Tie following prt.lam.llion has been post- then t\Co.; of New Yoik, in whi, ( h he in- / aide to cpcn rhesho-ils;, ; : thai gcnce.with} regard to the Revolution! ,-
ed at Uourse :-- On "'motion of I 15. S. lli.wley; K.. it a"J'pIary so
l-'r.nnthe P.ui-National i : I I-Vb if. formed (hem that he rj. wasiCsolvrd {
!'11.lc draw upon it in 'I I we can at all times bring I parently' uploa; niter period hw:
31. Lemeicicie. Peer: uf France. and! Co- "Oideis have; been given Io cease filing h Ice dad's. Taking i ; his witness! m I the post- I. : I, tht our us'I. gates t IM the Ktichee- as great a depth of been The Piovc.Mn.il 11.H
nhl'rc. M xvaler above that plfi ;; i l 1.>
"loriel' of the 10th Legion, having; suited: to a evciy office, he dropped( xvhat :xas supposed, to be anna ( 'Olf'Uliol be i irsiriKted, to inoimI 1 place as we can bring to it. het.

""battalion of ihe ).f'1,- th I tin. Olfultai lo .We have jus; been chaigcd.by, }' the King the SIC; letter (but unto believed to be another I I I that. body tht/ S.un'l, \\". C.irmack: i is ihe: i As I :above remarked, tile shoals which shut I their merit appears .lohave; enti r.d} pronr'

crushed, and) that th" Nation Guard was: .1011 : minisiiy. I ( of 1.o.Ildl.size, ; and .liicctioii.) !I! ,. I' us out all lay: within or twelve miles duties, anti exercised their m.:
; of I the I I
Chamber will be dissolved Unallo \\"hzgs "I F..ink-
called I on, t lo give a testimony i confidence Tie aid] an I il the io\ lie ::11'1 sold dralt.s! ; to the '1! 1:101" aIH111); The river from that I without inlerru[>tion, contirmsiij tb? I'I
appeal|) made lo the lira a-, their e.u.did.tte! for ravening and up for ;
countiy."Geneial ,
Ito government) ni'; of the: National I i I amount $COOO'actually refusing scveialapplications ;, I sixty miles in I now genet Hy entertained drat thern
Guards] Lamniicieir: has la'cl ;appointed i I Ion. j II.; (Can, iugtun the a direct line Ia.. no obstaclesand
stepped) forts aril and declaied! that : to !sell beyond th.it; ;amount, j C.ti1 is uliIOIS: ,
1 (1 commandant of the National ) is boatable no but tiara ,.
( inaids. for Ilort i"fence" innnoi
they would nut do ii, and! lhat they ;all desired alleging; { 111,1 his deposite was ('xl"Ill'd.; 'j! choice for, Whig candidate for I Representative eight months in the Yf/; :
(Signed i ) "Tmr.Ks.OiMMiN: I. I:ur. 1 have men according xviih ihe wiII" af'" t
a change; of ministry and iii unit These \ ::11. probably suit further to keep' ii 1' appearances to Congress. hastily penned down these few

words wire received with aCI:! IIl1aliulJ' 1\'f'rgit'I' de J lleuianne, l Lllolilcu.. he piiichased SCH-II "-nice bales ; ideas crude and di-joinicd as I they I pc: xvill he deliberately established, ,
,1 ) have quitted their: hotel of I On motion of 1). J. Day, Ia: it was are.
Gen. Friant hiving Mated at the po-l de, cotton, \bicllvcrc duly foiwaidcd; I to St. hope! you will take the lIme power without n organized ,
The! Uourse subject ;
i closed.I'ioiii consideration
Petits Peres, that they had compelled, Al is J .Marks fur .shipment! to New Yoik, ; ntid so : moved and carried: that our delegites{ to I lion : ) .
Guizot anll1.: l. Duchatel, to lesion; then; I ( :aliu
was a cry-That is not enough; -xve want t our extracts: front the leading: 11'r.. S. Carpenter: runwsril on Wednesday ; to inform that body is ihe of f you proper. The subscriptions C1 All ,
fome1 11.lt communication
the overthrow of the whole mim-iiy and! its :1 Palis of this the Silt inst. fur : ; ; :i lo return 1 i wi,1 he !paid the one half this spring, and] the by rail\'ay :IN'
} r III journal; I day will AlaIaduloll. I the Whigs of Fral.din. that the; \Vhigs grace is suspended. The sunon
impeachment in few days. S ; W. S. other half
be read with : 11lt lilc after ihe
painful uunest t.I'c brzulI work is done Northern,
fall.Your's .
; of Florida should be next Railway has burnt. ht I:
In in the blf
detachment Carpenter has : '
a of ihe National: Goardin I not beard of-but his
a from ,th ]Reforme rCllcsell.t
i ns being !
will quotation possible to
truly, out of tiw
the Run Pinon. there were airs in addition i;: a sort of manifesto,: put forth for adoption dialis !have: II'COIC di.shonored. Jliown; i,, National: Whig (olcnlol, to be hnlden i in All was tranquil get the P.IS by ol _
I ilerie i-
to those of."Down) with theof ,:\1 ill i,11'\ !" by the: masse ergo are noxv in open opposition Hrotheis, cc'o.l.now no such utau-ind: no j i Philllephi 1 on the 7th of June next, and J FI .\C: ,\l : *. iO quarter
"we won't have certificate of i nJ\'UI.tTl-.n
: thieves iu -'IIIIJrui.1, deposiie in the
] letter which
the .
Iy- to constituted authorities. This 1.;, that the Whigs in Convention at 1: uchce- financial arises The Moniteur contains a series ot
any nvirc than: iu lags !" they have leceived fiom him-nor is there j i cfnsiclr..ltion out of th
Tin has : epapers.
In journal says : ministry sunk I auna be requested! lo appoint delegates to Revolution in [France. The (first is the
the Palace no"alc anything ihe a Should its prlrama'lie
; the :Municipal I in blood] With it must be pulhd{ ] doxvn on depositu to credit of Mr.W. drtclsbc Provisional

Guard attempted to charge. the p'-ople' lul t that odious infamous: system 01'w'lmieh it i is S. Carpenter in the Bank of New York. :1:: State Convention to be held at \\ : \{! at practically extended to other parts of thE which GU\rmt'fl.follows asj'ti:

were prevented by the National Guard.; mho expression. The French people xvisdito I' In fatt1: W. S. ( Caipenter is a humbug1!' some future day, fur the purpose, of nomiuaiing the Old World, the republican spirit successfully '! ::1.:1.i Fir nth People. :

The employees of ,the octrois: at the barriers be fiee.. They have proved il ; they arc a humbug-his ceitilicate of delegates to such National Convention revolutionizing other A relr rHleerlert has been
the barriers yesterday received orders to remove : J fhncir beuI as great as they were in Ill years I deposiie veil so valuable is a humbug in forgery xrliith: i i'. and) lo select Presidential Klectois.: the financial may be as governments the turned by the heroism of the F0, '
arc the National : that great political I
occupied<< by I !) ami 18:50.: It is still worthy u( !liberty. 'lalala"sl'c. Aruba' ;

Guard. I I I5ut is it lo be believed that the change of"! I bly I he has taken it with him for a similar .1 On motion it was re..ulvIII. that the {proceedings revolution. The] New York Herald has PanThis government has learin; b:.

About t two o'clock, the colonels) of the :1 j l Guizni for :a Mole or : Thiers can satisfy operation elsexvhere. The protested drafts : of ihis meeting be published) i in some remarks on the subject, from whichwe illraCt'S' of blood, ttlJ for evil

twelve) legions;; sent a deputation: to the Ihl? If any men, du believe this they de) came: back on Friday morning last, and by the Commeicial Advertiser, and the other extract the : bid its wil >
King, informing him that it was impossibleto themselves.V same mail, three days later, ;a telegraphic I following r'lur.
CCI\'r Whig iu Florida.M. What The ol'the ha tIJW'L; ;
preserve the tranquihty of f the city unless who have a right lo speak in ihe despatch significantly inquiring, Isn't AIr !IMJcrs xvill become of the immense debts b bloot people : :
and \V. S. 1'. Cl inuan.I of these nations and what will be the July, rat happily it has not breu A
prompt significative concessions should 1 of the for'wc Carpenter a; swindler A sciub t ELL position .
people, have abandoned
t lame never : of the holders I 1 I vain has secured national, and
J. DAY of a
J>e made. them, race for St. Maiks; came oil' alter Secretary. claims ? The I
lever deceived 'them, we makeourselves _.__ directly house Nab
u. ol [Rothschilds{ has 1.11 government in accordance I
Just before seven clock an immense : bales of recently made immense -
the echo of iheir just j demands.) Wimls-pursc seventy-live cotton H. 11'1IU .w.s; i\(5iiiinioTVPn; : : loans the rights the and the will{ 01*
:1 "French progress
number infantry m inched up ,the J&bule-& i I The l following are the demands of the citizens were attached in shoii order and this Government, .
yards Inwards the is the (3.\iLiv.+ !: : and it is by no means improbable but great generous people.
Porle St. Dennis, another d) of the poor apology for 5-GOOO, to nothing that t
prescl day. say We have today visited the above these and other debts xxill be I A provisiona at the f
detachments about the government
strong; ; occupied the vicinity I 4 !'he liberation of the citizens arrested premium IIIJlihe cxchan e. galery.vhcl =
of the Ministry of Foreign i Affairs..Some I yesterday and the day before Now all this was very ungrateful in 31r. !: \ : xve have had the pleastne,{ of meeting cancelled by I the' new government. It i is tie the people and some deputies in these

firing: took phw between the soldiers.and I I .* The impeachment of the ministers. \V. S. Carpenter. For, being a mal of | in dagneircolype many of our citizens, highly necessary; lint a republic should 1 invested 2Jth of February, is for ihe 00'

the (people at ihc barricade 'the entrance 44 4 The tigbt of very and) prepossessing i ant commence clear of debt, that its system of with the care of orgjmzm;aJ
gcnlee feel
consecrated de appearance we in
I meeting i no hesitancy the
recommending taxation curing the national It scum
be victor
of the Faubourg.From facto by a tall, made with auburn whiskers and i may .economically:, arranged, and
seven lo ten o'clock, the people} ) : .The clectorial on reform Sunday.founded /oall'c. a certificate of deposite for SUOOO, j pictures taken by :11.V.., as the b-st that established upon a proper basis ; and we of 3L 31. Dupont de "I'Eure. 1 1Cremieux Lam ;

continued to erect banicatle.s; in different bases. on popular ::11t nobody knew how much mme, as I a 1! have IH'l'l I taken in our city, and) would say art prepared lo see every vestige of the I Arago, Ler) Kollin aDd.

streets: and in some places there was t firing.; t!! .* 'J'hc abolition .of the laws of ScptcmI matter of course, iIr.V.. S, Caipenter'sacquaintance | lo our clizt'no who may wish to :avail themselves claims against [France; for previous loans, nier Pages. Thesecretaries to tbi gO

At about ten cluck, ihc troop were a her was duly cultivated. He I was of such swept entirely awayThis may pro-luc e ment are 31 31. Armand], 3Iarrast,

under arms amt hithj, oJlIH"ilc, the hotel ,I, 4* The 1 I disbanding) I of I the} I dined and wined, anr fl I'd, so that he clay i :an opportunity' ', tint none another financial and commercial revulsion I Blanc, and Fetdinand Floeom.These .
Municipal i better will offer. Go and have in Europe, ihe citizens have hesitated
/of the ministry for foreign affairs. A lar;;n Guard. Il said In have this thing as people's I once your effect of which may be of not f

body of cavalry was drawn up in the middle) I A general amnesty: .I" bed :and board" softiclimeN left "with physiognomy trallercII. as natural and the most disastrous nature.'e may b e I instant to accept the patriotic mission

of the street, and a dense mass of infantry i< "T1ie.se demands ;ait 1t* just and) moderate.) out just cause or provocation." We may, beautiful as life. 111 r.'T. will leave our upon the eve of a revolution in the financesand has of been the imposed upon them by the '.

was drawn round) the whole of the I: too, as well add the usual commerce ol'the world that cy occasion.
bate! ]Hoxv can t they'detain in i prison who caution, and) city some lime in Apiil, lor Quincy and
Drums and] 11'1 .warn all the whole course of trade" Frenchmen give to the world thpie
were heard a J)tIdy of infjntiy | did singly, what persons against harboring or
Tuesday, the iatiunalr Tallahassee[ whf-re he will have --- Paris has P
advancing. As they approached, it was pc 'I Guaid; ;and the people united did yesterday? trusting him" or I hey may be as badly gammoned awarded. A letter received by the Cambria given to France. '- ;

Ceived that it was preceded: by a body of the The of the ministcis as were the Tallahas'sccans.CONIKMPT that palm of excellence, which I public opinion : states yourselves by order and confidence tfPj
i i ilJcadlllent is but that the Biitish selves for arc
has institutions which
people, all armed in diifcirnt heretofore has confirmed Government given or
ways: and ;j too by what has passed) in the most:
lilec during : OK COURT. lion. Pierre ders for to be given to
bearing the tri-color flag;; The people and I j I. the last two ilay rt The conflict, between Soule -- substantial manner, and h their enlightened army clothing, equal to the consumption The you.
a leading ulrmbcrofthc desire1
this body of soldiers advanced.] towards the '! he Iar at New ) of 10,000 packs of government
: (
and he wool of
j ministry ( people, has ;arisen Oilcans and liberal 240Ib.s.
out public,
I recently to represent all pending the ratification of
soldiers on guard and, after some explalJa- I I of the question on the right of meeting. Louisiana iu) the Senate of. the United _n ____ each. This goes to shew that the gov French people, who are to be imsaed.o.

/ }ions, accompanied by shaking of hands and(I i|I'I'hc j right Hoist be established dc facto. Slates for six years after the Ito of March COTTON CROP l:1 INDIA.-The English ernment views with much interest the consulted.

.crossing salutation of, ..lithe swords soldiers in the military r//rmcsl style
heir bayonets the officers sheathed their called for by all France. Paris pacifically on Thursday bSI. to i imprisonment for t+venlyfiner (he Indian cotton culture at the present anticipates the possibility at (least of having visional government, desire to so .

swords, and quitted the hotel), leaving;: the mands: it with a louder voice I! is now lime to dollars hours for and a contempt to pay a to fine Couit.of one hundred The- season the reports ate unsatisfactory. In to provide for a very large increase of the! at their large opinion, upon for the the definite opinions forms of Ihl of CII'r

people to act as they pleased. AH that the l listen to !il. The _
the of
of the
latter did liberty press is he( alleged contempt consisted in31r. Sonic i many districts of Guzerat the plants army. ment, which the national sovereigt3itlproclaim. 1
was to cheer vehemently, while a of all -
guarantee ollrr liherlieVilh it looking at the Judge in what the !latter! con have become shrivelled and withered, and The remains of Lieutenant-- .
man mounted the .] Fiance J. W. '
young: up over gate and would never have fallen into

,( .. look down, amid loud cheery the (flag] that i t abyss! of blood-of blood from which it apt is sidered her of persons an offensive visited manner.3Ir. S. while A large in gum con-' and consequently the quantity will be diminished Camey, a gallant young officer iu the Palmetto f forth"L'unite! of classes de la nation of the" formed people 6rt M6i!X

was waving over it, Shortly after this a rsoh'cll to emerge. The Jaw of September fincment. and w lrl liberated he was Escorted the quality deteriorated. The export regiment, who fell mortally wounded) compose .11.
body of National Guards come from the Rue have mutilated the of the and) import duty cotton have been 'b
treaty on repealed in the battle '
press. of of ['he ,
des Capucines aminst loud hOle by upwards fifteen hundred I Chapullepec, arrived at government of I the nation b"l i
and Let them
took their station opposite. (he cheering hotel, as, the has signalized disappear.itself The Municipal: Guard persons.. 'rll $100( fine was paid I by a pub without restriction or qualificationas Charleston, S. C. on the 15th inst. in the Liberty, equality and fraternity' fps
by excesses it has lic

u Cavalry retired: towards the .Madeline. J Kvcry \'iolaledahl Jaws by /firing without ;making contribute subscription: more; than no person a being( .allowed to 10 about vessels vl'yo.000 carrying a year,it. ol This revenue will"sacrifice i !. due barque houorti.Acadia. They were received with I principles.The people to devise] and maintain, *t

Such is the democraticr goU'O




I ,

... .


.. .

\ -,._,. ,-_.
.. ,_ _, : .
C v.-: ";.; L ." :"- --. -c.--- ii' ,. -

- -- ". -- -- --- ----' :- --- _.- .;;--If,---.- ::------z-- '? ____ -" .. -.- ..- .."m ':-_ ',-:-; __''.-_-.' _- _. __.l .-_-. ----- .JJ '. '-<









-, ,. .
--- __r- -".-r _

which Franc owes to 'herself and whichmtrefloils connected wit, Ii llie O.--.L -----h x. -
t : aic still shrouded I --- .
will assure to her. I in itdir -.- .
There -
Such :ire the first acts of the provisionalgovermenl. %] vault but the one near which no entrance the clciks 10 altofficers ,the' I -- -- .- --. -- ., llLl It I X E STBMHEMfi' l I l 1WJlOLE:5.L- .: ( I'KICES- CuiiKEXT.Xo. -------- '- -: ,. -.-- --" -I

-- ,
- 'or ,
were -. -- ,"
the -\Ve left -- --._-
writing at I t lime.Mr. I (lie market on ---- -- .; .C.'pool.
with -- --
Saturday "
Si dp I'Kure ---- -
IIl'II. ( Limarline. -- Tiff:
( ) nupnnt ) all --- --
TOUT S'lpt'nor
Lcdru KoIJin, Hedeau' : MichaelGouderauv J ; : : J John Cool, Jr., of transactions ill cotton j>ii pt'lhl'd. in conse OF. APAI.ACJJICOI.A.I[ lfCh' U.7 -. -. ATTICUs. 0. c. 0 I! j4 TF.R fa.st.ailm"A'iTRICK -' t'II' I'E-
: = r. 1 K.Tkvtetl
( Arago. J'cthmont, Marie, Mass.: has ) haviig

; ) his wife : ff accounts There has been ,thus far ARRIVED.: I"uuk". .. ... .'rI It.a : dispatch for freight nwjjgtd. will liae
Carnot.' Cavagnac, Uarnier I'a es. IIUrdfrl; I in 2d ibis March 23 n apply t,,
I Fitchbiirc, ass-I week a pause' the -Hark Ocean Bird ."' ,... .. : .%ldrda'1 f
The municipal guard is "i banl'cII.' :lflliljs'erin' ; arsenic lo her in 1S3J, lined to in market the sales !being ('on- port I I! f.I Coney, fm New IULE ltCP1. IeWtUCkV.. .. Ih a J:;; -- -- XOUHSf IJ'XF: : $_ IV
few a
The protection( of thfi city of Paiis i< ronfided fouricpti t years ago. Suspicions of foul pl.iv : but a small parcels at regular: prices, :chi r Mary Ausii-tn Barter, fin, Boston. l'Irlht.'lII ... III Itt : For J.iv.erpool. -- -

to the National iiiard wpie t-xciicd generally at about' 3 to ic decline March 27-Bn? O B Lamar l\lanillJ... .. .1& I THE: elegant fa"r.
under the order ai lime of her dpalh; on rates' tunore, to .\ 1 Knudaoii fin [-aT- mUl\D[ tt IC It 1 4-- *u"u! :j new J.aik
is curren' Pudge. Xa\'t.. .. )(
of M. Courlais. vhich have since immediately' preceding the arrival of ihe .ew'' 4 a 4 1 } i l :'DOX,', Mitchell
Sehr rna-ter ila.rn
ripl'llr into assiinmcc; "Cambria." ICJi/abelh.) Cliff fm New Orleans. Pilol;,... .. ..c\\, 5 .. the
The second i is a proclamation' of tile Provisional upon obseivir g t that Ier l body ( was about The f..iI'ab; made have been alI March 20-Ship York, J'olUnJ fin Boston. COFFEE, FE It). ... .. .. ..Ill S& l a (ill; \\11I meet with major part (,r fcrr raiL'r, eri.a!" !.

t Government tu the National (tuard, deposited iu a torul,,) has wlic'1 in :a i I O'j;1 fur good middling: anJ G.J for middling Sleanir ( ninev, .\II'n. I fin Cliattulioochre.; II.\.ilu.I I ,. .. ... ..Ib MaIO') I or t'a-age, apply immediate ti di-puN-h. For rrd) tp

Ihan\.in them for their {rood conduct. teniaikablc: state of I, fair. Steamer' ; lo:ton? Moitfui, fill: Co doiimlos 1 ..(.,:. .. .. ..II. 121 iI I:i : )

.I.. : preservation._ An.is ICfn'' FRIlnul's- ,\ l ,iri. ,. __ __ Steamer; IVvKma.' t ter. fin I Cohmihn i .\ nLt "l'rm II. '/" n_. _Mil.I! _ f. 'n WO' ID L (....
L ... ." .1 1. -
The Ihirll Ihe of "I .",",". .0.-.1. o.I .
gu'es IJames Iinistrrssame "I' : II sromach -- -- 'Ii"" .. ... : C)11).1JE(
fer tieiecicu me for 'Kcn all .nltl'l'caro '* '*ilti4i.'|. till. 'olll'Tlh'l \iilI.iJt: ::: :::: :::: iil : ;) For -- '-
as National. presence of arsenic I herein Liverpool at t Ad. AIIIl'fll'an\'l'chro'd; I :"tP.utn1Pr Marv Moore >' 1Il"lIJi ... I Liv.superior ll.uuJ. .
and the testi i I [ : Moore. fin Cojuii'ibus.! 'I ). ... ..11.11 a 12
The fourth; places the Prefectuie of Police mony of the nurse, the sexton, and olseve rug hid( some difficulty in lull rig u,> at 9-1 6d."r" Steamer' El1Iih'.II.III.: fin ('lIllIrnllU! TclrrrrJ . .. .nl.. iI I; I Corllto Tilt: '.r. .t'li' H.\Xtas.; :

under charge of Parsi, nnd confides the: ral doctors, tend t lo fix icion have no change to notice in ,the rates coastwise.To Steamer StcaiiuT Ap.ilar; incola.: Tboinpr.i, trim Columbus C1DE1.DOMESTIC\ortr..m.! .. .. .. .!I'' 6 (1a 7 Of S m J )Itc. uzitsr. ...' mni. I''U .r |h rru'l.l
snsj on I the: I I S Smith Freeman fm (C+( itS- -ear '1 ris.t'.t'dwi. f..H' .
safety ofthe town to |Ihe National Guard. hnslaur, who is in C1UOTAFIONS' CobunbiH. I I Irel :r.-J.rd. f".r
now f'1.alll'r'III
Browns ,
custody. : Van V Shsitring apply| I to .
l' h"'II. I I'm Columbus.' !, .yd 5' 8:11t'rtll .
Liverpool .. a. .,
5. Disso1rS the Chambers R.. Sie.uiifr 'I a I"e-b,
lUll J
interdicts a 9-lfJd. Lotus .Tones, fin .. ; 21.
; A )Memphis (Tenn. Tu I Havre J Columbus. .pli !9 a l __ CIIA i.ocr :s &
the from meeting ) Wiper mentions ._ Steamer XOliol1.lcI.tl'r; fin Ticking> ... .. -- -- tfI!.
peers announcing that a i I ing Jt\- To New York Colllllllms.I .oo "\1 II H a Ih j.011'i""h -
seen a beautiful specimen of Jc. tt'lInerIagnoia! Butts fm 'Col CottonI.-s,. ... : .. 'd .
National Assembly will be convoked rich lead; I 1\) Bo-ton) II 111![' ,. } ) l i
the Provisional Government shall as soonas have I ore, weighing some I twenty I pounds, md said I To Irovidence.C. C4ien!" I)n'1I1 ,.. ..,.II f.% a ..,.J- f ;a''of.Till.' I I : .I"lId"f: r.1 w I floU"t.; 'r\rl .
to he .
Kemstucky fIn.It'r.nli
CLEARED. Jeanm'd
regulated nieaurcsof order and seventy-five( per cent pure metal' six : -. ; --: March '1' HiCK, Pui-si.t..d[ 2.j a 5j II.patf'/l. FIT ,'" arftl..I..r
police necessary teen of : 21-Sbiji IS fringEs .
which -- Liberty Pratt a :I) or "
is silver. for 1'.t :1Ct". 1L'flU
for votes of all the citizens., horn the I was brought COTTON SsTATKMEXT. I Lat by D I K Dodge.Ship I Liverpool, DYE-3, Logw'd b Caumrwwliy. .ton gI)41I( aicomntmudatins! ;s 11 pl% '" J 1

hilly region Liltlft Hock I I Diadem Tucker SI. lJomillo.tlllJl M.J re!" :{'>
PARIS Arkansas year.IS7Ti Tor Marseilles, by I1 .J.n N'I'fl.E:, Slo TONI: f C'..
February 24.At by a gentleman who is ''oikfJf.all. Sept. 1; ] Wri hl. II", .. .. --- -
endued I E- --958 / \iuVoi: -
(five o'clock the Provisional (iovern- with a company) in i : for Hcceivcd paM delays.277.5 Ship Marianna, Ginn, for Xew York Indigo..I"1 3 0 a 7.j H". .
prepaiing, extensive fy.\ N' Frnri '' t
ment assembled in the lint ci de Ville, surrounded mining I npetalinns I I ; several I t thousand previou.-lv .SJ:5I7; : MrKay\-Co.; ; \\"tl'fll .. .. ... ... IbI 1 80U( :; THE: regular; j. ---f :.r.>* :: JI J.\-
of pounds( Total' . l>ark Mary A; Jane Flitner .. .Ihl 6 iO a 7 lit)I :\I.\U..l\lIlId"I.
by a people i in and ore have been SRCDS; 7S737 for Xew Votk' by FISh, CoL :.. ( \ .;, h''t
[ arms, full) I of extracted fiom : Xour .. .. IIh'.t"r rt&jzl. -
Ilvported Stone hl
three a hole; dug pa.-t' 3 days . ...Wis: --- -
eUlhnia m. in vein Bark I Xn 1. .. 1.1.1 :" ,/1' .
generous tif a
llonlm ,
... found to extend near previously .. .. ..J1072 ". .. .: Buulelle, for Pmvidl'nrp_._? .luxv .. -- -:- "'" a I I' p. hvJr1 g 'c'lI'lIt i<( [ :
.na..f.1 .
To tin* people burning with the impatience half a mile.htporr.T. 'lotal.- -153.90: \ OOIlli.llIlIlI.. n U 1 2,. . bill' S 75 a f> lie) )k l )II .se14; v.
March 27 X o. :>,. ... .(JIll! 500 \ .Iouat
-Brig R ) --
to JI.O\ the first acts of the Provisional Fisher, hobart, for; Xew nr.lnnxc; ; .. .. a b'OO ---- .
.On hand and irk, by A . .. .. ..box1! -
( 'ovcinment M. Jhclsl\: decision has on shipboard: not'cleared S-soOS: :;t 2.j.; Dodge. FIUTlrnonI 100 a I'mA>' .
: Louis Blanc announced just made 2t Marc.li 2S-Ship Urgent . .. ... .ib:| uYojJin
'tIle lepublic; which was received I New bojMi York ; in the Superior Court at t EXPORTS OF COTTON FROM by \V A A: P C Ka jr. ', Rogers, for Liverpool, ItaMiis:; .. .. .. ... box'' 2 73 a ". 00 4-- THI i ;si.'k.-t ft.lfk ;; lttIb..Ir.:: tf, ..

"jtli cneiseiic applause. I in relation 'to I the li iglJl of a (fac Commencing lt APALACHICOLA Prunes, .. .. Ib1 I 2u) It 25 Q dlf'r. iii.!<.ttr. is i.,.w. lnp-tfc foe r'i' ,?

: i de Lamaiiiu had tot lo sell, jifif-r I lie has paid'freight: and I September! 17-aid same LIST OF VESSELS IX- PORT.siurs. Currillll.J( )' ifi; a IS Iflre! port anil st iH t h!*,. i it au i 4jts;..JI. Ii.

:1 :11111il t lie (real charges, and I incurred -_ .time in 1S4J.(; _ Flu.-,.. . .. .. .Ib! 12 a II I For t treitrLt n. It-sat., i'J 1.lJ. ;
h passjniMlcly) l ) the I ) : and expenses' slot' Wit Ii. -- -- Lemons .. ... Jf.rclJ
\vaallowed boxI! : :
11\,1 standing i : '00) "
( bv Ledrn Kollin pupll.wllc a subsequent din-ciion of I the prin "IIIIItF.t Exr-ouin: |3 ThEPrcvj.j. / /I Lit Vork, Pollard, -133: tons:, from Boston, wailing FlJr Ottr, .. ... ... .. |I 400 a 450) j -- _,.-,_. _____ 'I' NrtI ;
cipal for a
sJfrch. him to withhold ,the IY' ()II--- 1' 1 Master.Finland: i FI'\TIJI'I: I ; : :... B'oa- eut -
es no ippoils' are* given but $they ;arf li I ihe maikel.u There! goods from I I iveipool 1 I. .:...;;2. U-J 1 t- .Tohnon 5 19 'tons fin Oaf .V..V.biI.-b'i! : 'IHE: irii.
is .JI' .J' I-O) Philadelphia! ,oo. !'rl..r i SIIIII' ,
no decision < wait 15 1 ,'.J
have xllfr? great cut, Ii tisiasn. The miiiUtcis JooLs of on I the I l.ivre.. . .. /.. ".. . .. ..... ing-I ::Wright.. Corn .. ... a I 4- tI..tl'lt'rf: .j.J.] iij.; tj j r.
a similar case i jn | ..NtHItTne.le. ... .. / /. bii-h' ( ) 7o bit 1, Z. I t. \t;. P.s., .
hat, tl. a .
' hating been% named' :11" public safety; Conn held : ; The .1.[. I. . I ." .. .. ... Medallion I lomnillette,S 17 tons, fm Boston, wait- rrss. .. -. ... .. ... bo\i; 250 5 kr111 lia'v t r.t.&r L '
'to the a ( '
I seemed t by thc appointments of M. principle 'that: a factor has j! .j. 2721 ..t' .];mif' ;- ins-M.i-ter. HAY. .. .. .. .. .. For t-sjMr.: !ii r!I. fi.c "r"'iJ
; cwtj
to I th<* (' of (011lal. a liehl i 1 lo sell I to leimburse his advances O u I UO.l . .. . .I. . .,' . .I . .1., .!,: Piob'i.fi( \'rl'.7 ton, for Toulon! loading IIIDEr, C'II.; ... .. ... Ib'') a 75 p"rt.Mcbf j ;. Irti.hl.I..I.* ; ; !-. ;)[--v. t.. ,
the "
N-nional a
11 t ; I F .ilihoii Ill'rpor 1)1') i M \ \v.\t. j ;. .
1111 )
< rizl.l. P'
h ) tI'J U ,
; no acceptances' havp ,i )1'' .or} country; .. .... .111G -- -- ; J .
( ; itiards: with ?d (ininaid f lu dlif'II I the upon; the jjoods., This. I the been made "Iotallo.I'or.; 1)Orl ,.,'._.;;s'2' .I.TfJSi'Tjnsj''lT'TG: ,' -J Frances Dyer, 3f)5! tons, from 1oon.'ai'ill' iirov: .f-in"ij:. "., .... .. .. ... n./ .11 .a. 7 riTHE I."t.- ... "..........,. .--

et.it' UHJ'ir. ( Jenerals HI'I'I..1' :11,1 Lam..i.I / is diffcient Kxpress) bphctps. Xew Vork . . \It cr, '.n.1..1.,, .. . .. ... 1-)1, ;- ;:, J\ THE tlmI.'I...t! .
cin' C..IIIP;: ;$ forward : from ,ihe present underlecision. 1:0.:1011.. -NG .Iill7 .J 1Iihe_'; :;;; -!JWjsj Peter J Ilattrick[ Itnck well 5> > for hoop.' .. .. ... lb5 I .Hlp i.'upt': ;or
11.lt"r'd IIi, senices. ''a/lllill .. . .1_ _. J .". 1111 .. .1 tons Liverpool, .. a :0 "!; !" r-t..r:1: .t f '
IJased .. __ .c
I. : IIn.. ". .1. I I. 10.11. III-i: .;)lIhO Ioadin-Noirsc: Stone A Co. SI.et't... .. .. jve-f-v .. '" *"" ( :xrv
I C .
Providence .
:"'(" 1" 'I'rlturillell Ull . . If. 8 -: : U J B.CK.1 i( ...
\nlll wtn' 'pl'II.! 'lw I ,j .: H) >, \ url..or a In --; ?! .
ft.1 : I I i ; Ji (" .-127 Fay, Brewer ( I.-PV. -r i .
i i : F li I (Ion, Xail.J'HI" . \.r !
'Jall'l I Philadelphia:I I I J . . > for Liverpool .. : ( bulk of -JDO'
Commander ,
) lilI / .II'i a 7 bu'es
ff I ) >?7 ,37 loading ; ri f I h fill:
IIi I) pti
f | Wood C.bn
;Military A Co. .: \/lwrrcan
iol. Bali i i i more. . . . ; : ..H., .1 frti.U.f
:iiil!( ollVrt'il! )1 Iili.ln, of \\;/ The' second D'\l'l'I.UI\\'I.'J-| : OF TIII: CJOUIL10 XPw Orleans I . .'.. ': ...110( .IJ' -'0, I i)0() Amba--ador, I Hadley 452 tons, for Boston, load- 1..lJ\JBpU_ 1/ a b Ir pa>s.:;e, apj-'v;: 'lw _
J:7:5': Maic't
j : in
I lojioscd tu 11.0'1:11"1,. the funnier. n I::-U.A letter from >;r. JViubbura O'lierporljT:I, . .. I I '' :! 122<> -!) B WOft A:; Co. Jn.lftl. :. \Vhsite Pine.. ....J -- -I IG- A iIE. .

The N itional, assures the he: Tih Febmaiy of .I :: ._: .1"1' .17J3 Ilt'my.jter.! : for Liverpool, loading- Yellow .. .\1110) Its) 1fj FofTIIFfijr ;.' ". -
pi'ople 1":1111): stales t that I the cholera tI t..lfoiMv.-ie.; ; I,.K(; .2rL')7i' TK Salter.I; St.iv.Vhittt,.;.. .. .. ._. .. a (tM) u..
I ) :
11>' IPUIUP their aflaiis, "il1 ft'lleCI had ilisippeaied from I the I provinces of Pen-l TOTAL-IAI.IS. .-. ._ ', .-. i. :t.JOIliI.f.j::! 1:$ !'(:J Rob't Fulton Wade, ;"jfiO;() tons, fm Xew York, \ .. I.lk. Hf'o\I''-.,.. ..\1112\11 00 a -1-- .- .1'1'I .l.x: -,', :! p.It":...,>f>;ip S.BVTff !

tri.er bcins;complct I ri'ot Ill :Woronesch. Tonin: and 'I'a uritla r wailing M Wright. JJt'i\.Jill ... ..: fl- : 1-f'I n it-rt-f wtiit .fc- .

) ( i mm Chei'Miii, and the, ,, and Solon,. Jucwam. 510) ton, for Liverpool l load LlAI), J'lr.? .. ... .. ..Il, 6 .r i patch. I fir Lea-.t. c.d.!,', apjrl; la ;
(hboihood., ] 1'\-51'\: i EI: :. ing-D B Wood A : .. .. a r. )''I'hIj :
I the n : Co. : .. .. .. \\"oJI
Tin: :I:: I\:; COMMISSION. -The I5alli.'Jior provinces) of Nc riij. Notogoiod Per steamer: In.ily-r Sabattis Cox 4 17 .. .. ", II a. Iriir ---- ----- &. en.
ai.d Kour k C.-n S A Bailey, lady; and tons, for Boston, loading D) .. .. ...llltlll.jl! l ) '-
Kiew 1 fi
: >:.tm: of Monday. slates that "the malady; ; had not- made (daughter (.'apt; .1 I II t Roland, I I'r II I I Lockbari B Wood te Co. .\JOr.\-5'E X. n. .. ... zal it For nJ h.tUi.

:1. n 'o- fresh. pio-ies ; v.liiNf' in ,lho< ( ;all l.'us-e, 1) T Pay, 1. F Mow, B: M Tinker Win, J C! < ;ianges, (Ok) Cornforth 723; tons, for Liverpool .\\'.1.3TI1lU'( )J :=, Pitch... ,' 2-j a f) THE fi'K- :-trn '.\ IMr'i'lc t'u.\-r..rr'.t'
( i.ue: Tieaty Cu unmis i ;p of J'odoli! Owens.JVr II a .1)1)) ,
; i.Jlmg-C
< 1.i,1 powers Volhuiia I and Minsk Rogers A: Co.Jtqns. O.llnm..halt: i : :>ft r, will; rr I".rfa. _
it had become 1 steamer a .1 'MS) .1 or ItlTflr.1r.r ii
r\tiintinir\; :; antI! Minister! i il.teIlSt' more \pal.ff'llIlol.-.lr. Join );L t c.I,. i't iir" .
PI'III'Jf'lllial)', children, John '1 TIJIIIlPund| ] .hr..3!/ ( a 2 JJ! ; *., ._!I.. t rWATCH ;ej-.ea.r-- .' .
boinji-un Capt S Suiton. Ocean Bird, Coney 2W; .. ply to ;
tons 22.1
Tin ;
has; licc't ;i ij-pniniel t to Mexico' IVrMeauierXotion Newport, R f; XAIL .. .. a : fh175 ) .t .
i in cotiseiUence FC'l.TJ.Dllm Beach J and vamting-Ma-ter.i .. .. .. I !
\TS UUKNT. PcnnauJVr.teamcr! lady Mi-d (ii 14S : a 554)) lf-h9: ft :.k ::"'. .' :, iI ftJ. .
: I.inc.erl.. .
At -
.St. Ocean ( .. .
of (
Ir! .
) Iovirrs l by Louis Jueeii ( ) Warren, 5fiS tons for Liver !Ia 1 23 --- "
(01 illness on 'the ,
evening! of the lOih, inst. M A Moore-Mrs r; J 1 pool loading \\' Oli\.t.. .. .. .. ( '
. inn I Nathan, ( ,the md i r-h'alJr..J Hool'. child A A c P C ] ilin. ottl. 54) a 62?, l" :'l' :.
' : CliJl.iid U. S. Attorney (;Jeii- rabin of I the S"IIIH'r'al.lllcIH'" wasdisrovend L ;tjili'r|] lady: i-bild i md -"r\"t' I II) Weyboi-sett, Harris I :321 tons fm Xew York wait- p'.rl1l.. .. .. ... ... tll 1 (no I 54)

clal, was' nominated p to be on) fire aft Moinlady child :aud! | ""-n't I, J M Blnldwiuth; (; ing,-Xourse, :'r'I1t'CIl Lml, .. .. ... ...gall O a AX5 i t {Uh'K( M.Sw'f !:1:.
to. and ) ? l bytii of her! uheelhouse. J Kent, > J tfiinih. J' A Calhoiin., ( iiltl'rl.t.I.I'r. ..._. ..._ 'ral1nlfS'. .:.. .. a JU
CoJfllrr ):1\ .
'file I 11.IIII'S! _...._ '! I InV) L .',-n i : fii.tiI':4 .
; Cin.v.in 111 -'t-'ry
fllliIh.t f C/I\'I.II".I.. I Ibiiat. I ,fI. d 'I. -- "'11:0, IOC tw lOTI, loall- Urn..: :1 i --,
'he .1.
.. ( ,'. ud .s.t. .., .' .1. t q .I v >iiii< t 'lillll"Y-lr II A I ) C.ur.! ... .. .. 'm'o .' .. .
:tllile U Sitlda. : -. .tnt. r... Hd c-oniiininicated "n'IIOI' ., and: los Locl.I.lrI. Jl J :1Ose. I IMS- DollsMonlaiiw. ; /* PIO'I:510X )I 17; l 2 no L-"- t'- ( : I. r '.' .', tus (ir'4u-s: )

ht 11 III Suutheiu! nniU*, in JJardin I fioin tu tin John 1 IJ.! \\'nod. son, :S May, F .\ rniu ard IwlllrIr < ;Sates. :)->- tons for New York, JtI.Ld.tzizNoure. Pork" Mess,. .!'lI'a;' 1-11)1) :.V4 'i'L, C:rtCiLo.a..
compinvwith ,thence M l. 0..
to the Stone A Co. .f.,1
Mr.: i \Vnlfh. 'hoSecM-taiv 1: of I L cat lou. Larledp; and in less than linlf Uibernia; and r.IIII Per I steamer,'. l L Jordan.P"ylnr"I-C F n"l1.il. J \\' IJ'I.. Brenda,. Vonng, :3i3 i tons', for; l Liverpool, loading. "l'rimt".bh'a! '/ a 10 12U''If)) repaired.N: B. Watches, 4 'it'.-v-; .srI: .Frwcirv 'a.ruIU!

The 1 : ." 'our wcie I in an hour 'the Pi L V.iibonnisli. Dr) J'rall. B Salter.Win n.lconJi..m ... ... o a ]2caI"sI'U \ - t'hby'! r :!f. I. ITVALUABLE .
su- :- into < ." :
1 l.t lia\ u1st'; s o flames rs-teamer I H I S : "
AnjjfiiiiT.ts md) I'I"I-.J -
; :it twi Lamb. ;; Janie, .
ton 1'(11' Proviilcncc[ .IIl !
. been irnl'to fit liit:1: .. t\ eip h ii rut' tu i the I'I .
ctiny ou: the Oniunis-ini.or: watei's rd ('. Smith., i R I :MyerJa i --.. ; MifY-hel.., ;, it S <
Theleainer;i ) i : uudori. > ]1.h'l.'d''ft.. I: : ." Will J.,. ... .I. i' ( r'SK.M'l'\iS f '
; llenny, mj( tons for 5 |\> 2'W
;at on.- \: fnriunately I loading l' a fl. < .L'r-
fll <-u <;1,1 to \"cr.i Crux Ofixc MI ; was east Pert.Mner! MagnoHa-LS! V.'"r.a.J B Salter. r.\Rn. .. ... .. ...11., ." ''' '.
1 timeto: ', P Harder I t J a 9.; \ 'f' .. ." _
i-srapp a -iinilar C'.ij.t } J _
; thence. lute. The! \\'ynns. > 'A I Ring BlrrrEn. .. .. .. ..
Livennore .
01,1 to the :32 5
capital: ; and similar ones ternI thf Mt-amer: Charier; IVr I !-tean.er! : ( fans for New York, CIIIE. .. .1111 21 a 2j-; SIlj rrilJ e ecu-t ,.f.ili> tt J
J Oak. was; at one !ln-ney: -Rev: T M Lynch. B I I Ellis I loading-\\ ( i Porter ( :.. .. .. 9 TI'S ore tR'u ..

$fur conif\iiip' <',:. Scivor, ulju ]Illpfs| to ; o lime..,...on.. ..fin-. .,.. but sIte .was saved bv the I L\frett.J Dr ( 'amoeban.I i ; i :01.>' I L >'o|,-rijois' I Branch: : Edward., Coven.inter, ( Br" ) Patterson (112; o[ton.-5- fni I .sv.r. : ,1.I'\.rnr I I :.1...._..,...... .. ..............IIJ bhl!! 2 -T o:! !a : 1'11"r. J2' --- ,-- .-. .. .-.4.-.; ._ .b..I.4 .

feaxe \\.shiuiots( UQ Tuesday) orcdie "lUll" in II"<- iirenu'i). A __ Uia.-e; Ufi.s/ ', :bl>l tons for Bo.-ton: 1..lJin.II > I'ICI.-. C.ost.t.. ... .. ... lb: -is it a 1 rlJ : lD-UFi( .11 n-: wTHE H.: .

11\: .. /aryi* aloi; : side of t hue I La'I:I |Ic de was ai..o} I I.'ECEIPTS: : FUt \\1 1 THE I IXTEIJIO1I.Per l B \\ A' CoSirJohn SPIULS 1 CI 1)\'O..u a ._,,' NORTH i Rl'llll fn\IW.; .

"inn.:. 'J'lier- MI-IP several Krp I < nf I pov.ifer -learner' ( 'II Jllli'illn-l llfi l biles cotton 'to i Ilere.-ford: !, (Br ) Threadgold: 292tons, for (Jinger ... ..1,1, ''id J a JO) rIll wa-r.ziNsui:!: EU'\'UW

on the Avalanche, l.ut M: i idav .'c 1 Knnbriiugb! .'].> t III Lockliart (.iverpool, In.lllin-1 I Wridit.Dauntless 4' grou1.I, .. lbi ,
( ;!.1.Nr4s: they were taken: from I A; \ oun 11 a J2 .
: I ,
: THE H-j 5 to .1 ,D.IV :\- ( ; ) ( Ut.) Johnson, (h!) tons, frn Liverpool -" '
ft FII\1 :tIL tJ.e hold nrjd 0. ,p Nutitvg', .. .. ..111! ; 212 21) .
i 1' ":ih.(1! in ) cast nci board. iS'o lives waiting! -ALiMer.pnol ., it '
I l''rle.wlt.r III
dl ValieyVlii EIlil\-117 hate .: .. .. .. \CKWoorrs HDiXDirnt.H!
cotton '
\ lii Itist. to A X11:1.1 Cnlltlwrl.II"..!. l. .tr'. P"'I'N. ., .1/1'/._) 'nn" .r.r .r...' ._ "" .1.t it Jli 3E.tGAZNI''rite ;
it ili > :. ,
\ Co N. irlrtn
t I -
115 l ,
< / : I 'to Hill.1 Ihw-oii A (; N- .v.- ,. .. ..Il.o! '
; ;
to JKeri.u I j
t't'jll : > 73r.
; I I,,. ,.,: .I'. I.. "' .. loading--T I D.'y A: CII. a
'i'ion.' !i :> deeiueJ: p ; 'M '" .' 1':11' ;; 10 \\ (1'01..1( above!
'1 1I ,.m n| me .- 11..1 t 0rd.-4'.dl.. of tluJt I i > ( leu. Pir-rcp of New: ; Ilainpshiie I I has : -; :,."> to \\. ( I'l.rier I :ACo; I 15'I1t'11"to J II I I .\.: .1 Madonna) ) Milchi-l -1'9>! tunft'r Li,'erj'ool, load- Loaf.. .. .. .. ...1"1! 13 1(3:( a a I 11 1 York iniiaedtatflv. Peri'iJii-aJ-s? : ;:.r" .I'I'. .",*,ittfr. t h :. ,.

.tlt Cf| Jam! lo I! ;-1,,.rt'ul|I ic- J M I I ilui I !j .1 1 to I Lockbart A- \ouns ing-D 1 B Wood A; Co.irr.tos. .ur, Li\'l'rjlool ... nn li -ir Mjr. *. ,\.v tlir! .r.'I..h
I 101 i:ned his comiiiiinti, |lie ; : l II!> l lit OW-'T. "c,; I (MI) a I 25 stcantcrin b.iu:
i. HI l. II) !fi ;IJ'r1'rj'I'} ; strictly tu the snined ill | ;utiy. .ind ic- 1'er -11'ilill"rjI; aI.lI'lrlf'o/.I-II II!' !:,d.'- eottoii [to : COMer. .. .. ...\u-III (2 i 75 I a t:.1! d o.ri"'" ). far. tt T tdt.
d t (1 im'[ If.usi: of th. jnjljlitbuibiings. at loivj! I the practice' of I flu: law. ;;I I.l'l.l- Kiinl'-ioui 1 i ;!.!: -55! to .\ X ..l:rtIFav ACo. ; ( r n L-itnar: Knud-on 20'0) tons. for Xew Vork! STEEL, (td1. .. .. ..cwt 1 VU .L 25 1)0) paper and are !.titi: {1I1 ci-rrf.sft trie e'vm..trm.;.'-

"1.I., I.. ol'i se'. D. :Nil.-*, I (;(0) In I Hill, !, l >1tV-I'tl'' ( 'o; 2'i 'to C lw"I"e.: .; I !loading-.\ lode.Madion ? GermlO .. ... .. ewti2,' 11f) a 1509 Bt.vcicwoci MAIAZIVK fy'iiiijti x.i-t I.l'-

,1411"nltl.tI. trjl'12 our peseta' I harge at Turin, 2'i'j tu I Locl\bat: A: Voiiiig. ;; .1 II I In \Vyhe A: Mcl\en-: V..itkms, :311 t tons.fm Xew' York, wait- SOl ... .. . . .... .. lb' ;5 a 7 simile of Edir.tlmr.ih? vthf.-.

11U! II 141 ol Dr. V T, ( :'
in 11,1(1 I of : } t>uii;> a 'iri.ic: : I I has :oic nut' with' him 'tu his post. JVr I Mearner Xoljnn-J.:: :;i lub-s cotton to A X I Henry HIIfk. Wool-ide, 131 I tons, for Nework, Gill:I6 11..11,1:11.g.ll I I / 1.:.: a 1 "=,:) parries in Ill: : I : .!t---T. r. IV b::, :,ir..J K..Kr.! 1 _

-. / L I ; Maine 1.m4"1tJ: McKi\: Co; ; 1 it 1111.1.. ; is tI t ( f 3 I Horace h ( 1'.1and Sam. Houston had! a I I.'cger.-: : tOj: 25 bales: il-iiiRviico! to ilaipir I [ I Havana :,nilhi. Hi;: tons, fm New Oneans, wait- I.1: 'filII, X. L.: . ...i-'jII :7 a -I:) T"rtltt': Cef.oi.r4i| fT\ :.\y'n UJ i 'j rtsii.a'ciJiiu. on

:iI.ta. cudeiice i j. MV"j.niM : liscn-Moii icr.'utl\ IIolliK'S.I'er i Master Whui-key, Iect. ... ia ; :
(' : :it' iJover) N. I II. when ii'g- ; 22 a 25 4W4trcinstT l "
i iI iJ :: lz i:n. :-ii Irs 1: I steamer; Viola 100() biles 1 Sar.di .\lcullOl . .. i-tl.!: : rt.- .x"II!!
(:(41.& cIjlJ1i, n-rv : S.u t.I got! used of cotton to D) B ]::1'011.'deh! 31S tons, fin New York ...oitl C2 a 7-s British "
'I, Ii pr.- up i. course. \\'()< d.\ Co 7 I EX[ ,.. .. : Itt"w"; i-: ft: r,1 .4 lImits
ilj'e. .
I Iiti t 11h! : } Iii.. (i'eoix'e ; 1 to 'yd"lI7.i.. waiting-: .- .tl.'r. .. .. .. I a I 231)er. I f I d'arar' r.

ni. Tie- tri.i] E".lflo ddi'IHJ It j is _said ,that' the ship of ,the line Colum Per I --.Icurwr1; A :"oTl.j.itj: ; tia-s! cotton 'to I ) '. .. ... .. 7 a t'! ;,I ha.imjj ;t'n ti ::ii.'ulv. oht. It by [),. Cirttl0r>.

'nid lip "xeiK-s ihe .'(''! lfl14Ee-t, bus, in tin crui/o A N .IClllV A C( 'Mi !., hi-
lamest ch'Jic! in ; just ended, has sailedI'Min 1 hi: to \\' ; Franklin rircuit C'onrl.'ieident \( '().. .. son-in-li\v >
) .\ U .: .' i is cioxxd-: ; ,111'JcI"IIZ' .. ... ... S a iil T >r. 1 llm: ;<. nA#>pMft cd11 l h1! 'I"s. (;OUI1fi"I'a: ; iLihin : than fj"tMH'O( (, ) miles. Twelve: of I llmeiew u Per Me.iiner Lotus-150 bales cott<,n to D B 1'111' -ind Directors oft TI-:.\, YOllno JIYOIJ,. .. .. .Ib 60 a Nt t) 1 Brew>fer. Is htcraiv cliuracfn vf ;.. *uj!

1 "PC'I'II"II 1 \oun: man. ;iad' > ;, died of cholera at ..Manilla} ; and by valious Wood iV Co; :55 to I Harper A; iloltnes; 12 to A X t llcB.i.kcf, PCIIiclCIJ.I! 1 I ouchon.-.. .. .. . lb a 50 bi-*he:t crtltrr. fc .* .o iy

\"mowed I : apj/i-ais' to have: ; diseases :md ca-uahies M<-Kay .Se.- Co. vs. ( In Chancery. TIS". . . . . .. 9 .

''Mixed p him tntnm\ of Matliewx. and tlieii I ih-s. deailis! have, oce.utrcd.It forty-five other Per I s-feam-'r (i'iinc\' '-20) Ird .s cottpn t to Lock- Hiram Hanlev, and others. I I IAt T\\'lSE, ] :sling... .. .. ..i.1 i! 18 a 2..) THICKS ron f l4:;, (tr nvtx-rtiiiftsr r: H *',.RI/" .J

; fo cvt! lid.
'bi.m.Jy dmjmtd] with I'ni I win, uugallantly t to s.\.1 St Jlifri'r. r \bil>it<, filed in
Champag-nt .. .
him. For all\
I 1"I..r witiithe! sj.ccd ul 1 h htIII. 1"11 said I lhat: a xvoman i is I the reverse of Per Mejlrner) 1'ytflflt-31): bales cause; It is ordered, that service of said I --- oz Hi ill tbrv. ifi! *. 7 .

'l i'f lu l :,. 'J'his xxs, in liisoxvnoirieo.) ;,1.1 I l.'onl-: her I lIirror--lral, one reflects without, I I talk Wood A: Co1; t to WvhV McKen/.ie cotton 05 to to D A B bll: be peifectod on Hiram I .Man ley, one of the -T: ---- "-I For all fonr-'t: t'v: R.-views.. .H .*

:: I piuciiied ;.i. t.f l ill and ,Ire NI ll'Iay.Co 500) do ; fe.-idants! who fn.m the ; MARBLE For Black'v-i .\|; !.: : '. :: .
tl ;i sindeiit' ; & other talks; ; :ilacks 1 appears affidavit filedUPOX YARD
( without corn Lock-
to :
\ I",' "' Cl.wa rctlccin", hart h \ Vcung I i : For nbl'l._ .n.k.1... .. "..".,..I ,. l"u___ _. h.
"U 'iist: liim; 1Il'lelll, 10 IIC a -- "'-" ""''. -
U ,) II I II.'M ._ . .__ reClllf'nt III Welll..ldl J oJlrict !J1 IN'
H"I I IIt .\ 111:111110 L US. Blackwofj-l
( P'I'I::i !:; |, hd; nut c.de Itl'tle,. ) ) ) chews Sl.1! J 1 worth of tobacco '.1 "''.IIIII'r II ; "II1II1oall's colton to \\' lorida, bv publication in I the newspaper; pubisbod I aml.he Rftit-vc?, raPJ"
u ,
I :a rfe.i'li" I, ;;'\ expected: tt.i| ; : i( Ut u 'i 11..1.\ a IIJlJlJaIi.5101'0 his I i i newspaper because lie"allilol I A 1.o'kl.III.Y""II AP! C I : Kain; 215 to.01 Hill I ] ),ssorI' A: Co; 113 to ): ill the city of Apalacbicola, for I the space Subscriber one of the firhi of Madden & Payments !*> be made in it't (W Cj in '. '.11111.

"I i 'tit ;MatLews wUlld 1 alibid to lake i it., ;; to Harper I A; t Holme I ( *.; 5:{ of two months, said of CoIumbiH
rccjuirin Ga.
; ',1 his; room and dad to uurI.510110. A: Co; 41 'to B I Elli'oll.:3 ; JManley. to he andnpear will remain some f n[ EJII! t:.UO"

:''ieet i 01 r die in .some other house.An f.,1 jl I tl I (;en. Scot I, it is said, \will return I to M.ielayvV! ', }Kimbrungh. ; 7 to A X McKay .'c Co;; JUlie before the Court on t the first Monday in warehouse time in Apalacbicola. He may be seen at the CtIl..it fit.L: t-f I>;"k Tilrn I :* tf tic (,Ef. '.
i United .: t to t the :y t to W (. Porter' next, arid answer said bill, otherwise I t the now buildin; for J. D.IY & Co. of al \valuable rk. sit '

J Kiiziiiper on the River : lat (5 immediaiely after, (lire :djourui- Per Mcanier; ]Boston' -100 bales cotton 'to 1J B I same will be taken pro conli'sso as to him. I most any hour in the day, and will receive orders B.itlyV )Tu-r : .
f: COlne.ticu lI.ioy.
of he -
utir tit ( \\'lIud.\ for
\ court martial. Co. GEORGE S. HAWKINS Jud -
d..11 :11'hll by luuiie, ad! e, &c. The "vit! fr.' hf .'.f't
.I rather Per :pi ltn : :;/,nc'
; \trd.lli \ Mramei; :Magnolia II bales Har A True Copy. ITIO IOIEIVTS
5. cotton to .
\ It -
f.njcj i iq ,
I'f" n;: i tusil! | 1 II'liither I\ calculated; that there are at the per A* Holmes I I ; 75 1 10 M.iclay '.V PuM'n f'r.r.rr-ifv .1Iazn
i 1/,11'd pre- Kinibronsh 81 to WII.LIVM VALLCAUJ Clerk.
U. ; T03IB
n in.--r: ; STONES .., .
Blach. !!
nt lime
sent :( within the Lockhart : l\Jg'l.-rrp.
hill au irniMtioii; .State' of Voimg 55 to Xllllr'on..
: '
,' .,. t t Arkansas, A: ('o:;; March 3''). 1 I' b. I ll-I .
J I.I 'I'i ;all.1, pi idoJs--. xxbich! 'I about one thcuvind: i incli'iduals110 :3t) to \\'vlieIdc'lzu'; 12: ; JoV A A; P C ?mitt SLABS, i.Ve. A.C., Tbe L'-nd.. n. th. K.hr-b'irsb.: fer F IP* i 2t.
!i Iv .u.. wao'C'I' arc K.'im' ll: A X : which he will furnish !
t .cepted. professional 1111,1:1' ; to I.I.ICo.. Chambers lower than they can be Qti itterv. antl lh \\'fo-fmIM ', r.'at.\t
:'cIJII.I'n '. } .
; Movements
I 'th.; d.v ,';:,' | ;IPI.lil'C'c' are ma Per learner (iuiney--M:: b.desotton to \\ n APALACHICOLA. 29 procured from (the North. .\ny on' siibscninrto$ Li'ltik'-viwcr
li.'s e.
1 .iiil., 'I'-I. l \tI" ) ( among) I people,) I their suppression 1'.III'r.Co; 5 in Wylie A: 1 of I the Ri vit-ws f'UtP
\JcK'lIzit'.1 A
d to .
1"li"Jc uf ;
I..MII |, John P. i
:s ] ), .\. Cainochan PJaiiitift' ADAMS. a.ar. pr f.
\ ar.fnw t-t
: 1
\ by Legislative .McKay A: Co. 5 'to I B S
1 :' 1"" r \ umjdnous* |,utincient enactment.Theic ; llawU-y: 21 'to Sims A: P. S. After leaving Apulachicola the subscri. the Perirtbr.u-; i". "ii i ;rt-'vh'e.
I lookin Cheexer; 4 to J 1 jIY.Co 1 :: 27 to 1 B; Ellison vs. rr-ili.-*, car
\.I! ::l iI'1 the first IWI..pi.lfl. ,th-v I is a man in Cincinnati( now \ivoitli 10) t'j tdt-r.( ; Co; Ceo>rge K. Walker and Mary I will promptly attend to all orders! dlreckrlll'l volume ot any of: the pr< !iiinrns: .rM>vi-.1'iH.tl. .

!f'"l r l-ll lir'. I Ie five I hundred Ins wife of the him in Columbus. P. A. A stiVr! ber to ,**v tfinv of the Tt
ch.II' Ic'd i t thousand dollars who -- -- -- State 01Florilll ftwiirA* at
1 )11.trale, to (I ;'I'I"lralcf' ,iea I.111CC : I twenty EXPORTS.: ) J.lines E. JMtnor I February 23, 1518. G-Cm: $7:1'1'1': tt> tl' i.', ur [Icvtfw* ar s
.i;i dUlr 'ijj'- _\ea lS ago I worl.ed (for his daily bi cad the Hill for account __ ceive tiro > vttll rir-
1g ore fbmed' \Ilile th': c.iuison. p J'i v'fr. on LIVERPOOL-Perhip Liberty-2057 baled and Ann his wife, of (the rand partition. Irish Potatoes ami ]'Tftnis'm H'Iumt"t ; th.'H'.
il I icl prolns.on.. The cotton State of New York Onions. A su'jsfrti'p:: to f lIickvT J r.I' tn.f': : C\'iH\
tlur blnodMv ( ( I 'I and FIXE article for : .
Mitchell cut' for Pin Peri-hip l'r "II'-J77.j' bales I by at S':) a-\ "'Ir. cr ti> tie! i'l'Jir .
dear |life, boarding : cotton. Jane McMa-fers sY.it
l'iSI t ; and was out I, as .the loafer saidwhen ; of I the Nov 11 1-. \lcCU.T.Y ; r.:6.t-: :
Se.n \ 50
thn-itm' MARSEILLES ,. WaKrst.A wood', at fIll will! .
; II the lie curled fur the ship Dilrlem-2'lI2: bales State of South Carolina retvlic thru (fnruiui #L-
down tram IljntlJS car; of the up night on a pile I cotton. umes.gtj.
li, J
: "ril/feld ; \\ | | the| l.te, of I lumber.ol XEW YOU K Per IkfendantTJPON --. SIIII .
!1 \'jl'Cs from the| |lionur" f-inp Mari.inii.i-1018 balesCOilOII. aHidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bottk-s and blad : I't'rtnf bf j'n/n'IT ;11 ,14'i.ih: (., ir,:
I ticr ,
, Ils jwor victim as vamly i rprescI, Why is a ship's crew like a bomb shell 1 Per bark Mary A' Jane-1071 bales Defendants mentioned in said Rill rillnot received and for sale by 1Iliu1JelL.. !cd t>mt the vtt-rLit nf.tr.tClIJft7.

tenIO\'e ,fr"" his vest and j l''t(''lreavolil'' i i g to Uecause 1 when discharged) goon a bust. Per 1 11"11.\brig I! C,,1,111'1'tc,, .bales. cotton.. cotton._ re"i.<' ..Iin.. .Ihi... (,.__,..;"., u I.,,. ."..1111111:.P. :. .1.1111'. -Feh---17--- ------ .if. .i', .\\fIl..L.nr: T Four f'f rT".",!'Yr..,u. .'

flitlS ol the chicken llooj. I'JbOI the The I I\.U ) JI.II..I.1L.I-l'l'r IJdrl. Horallo-IOlu ball's United States : It is ordered that notice of the -- --- rrpic-j r-f an> *'roll of theh. r' --r.tt I'
easiest gay to gel a living is. lo sit cotton. i institution of Sarsaparilla. will h' serf to ,
on this still, and t the tiling ol the nr.f: 't drt. 4 rtijavn'-!
We learn from a gate; and wail: for luck. itnendcd Sand's, Bristol's[ and! r etrsar !. "t'.thy
the Ohio( Statesman' goo'd Jn I case good Hill.I be given in some newspaper pub- BULL'S Baileys com 'm :eriT'tiIt1 Ur j'it'.'-the tt nth!
a 'oun nR man ; ,tint/: luck don't come l lished in t the Circuit fluid extract ot Sarsapanlla, just beins; cr. fiv'.i --. cer y
for reeived -
*1 named: Miller Id you arc no worse Cotton WeiTHE ; '. (the space of four c and ..
of for
; e. who 'hail ')PPn cmP')' or ]7 years .off t than you were before.A subsciiher }having been appointed) ) a i s months, :and if i upon due proot of I lie appearance Feb 17 sale by X:: > }n :;1."1m:! .*.-;".'/ L- $& n nZtr Ig.
yfd _
In11; f.om. ( 10 carry ,he of aid notice in H F ABKLL.Dr. aLar" Kf/wrtinn ,
"er of Cotton some ml f.-r ct1"!
Washmg.ot. C. respectfully elicits newspaper so published !nrrv jj!
ci r II.1 etnplouncnt -- -- mini.'., fI"
t ; for I the I tune inentioned. i-i :: r:: ho :
aiy turrr-hnf
OUflty. lo Chilicothe 1'le lva from the merchants Apalachicolt. said defendants do f "oodl'nff'sntjhilliolls e tr: l N.s# :be ocfl'fil'ti.t -
d. was: :irH' few < ne.e S1.DI' He 1 b..s ; not ;appear, ) to said bill by the next Vcs? s i i- p.u.-l: iu ftt.'f ta ifie *
"Ince. for lec < : a family dependant on bis; labor and ruleday.uluch I fKlfchntitft i
\ ,
opening) he on hbipini.-nts of Cotton to Liverpool I Jjifc I'ills -
thai, m.il. 11, : ,. l\- I hopes h that' will be shall comeaftuT twenty dabs from the rer-.tir.se tai: t ItHzt.
? opportunity) aflorded; expirationof
fldilg the) lock ? I I Xew York and Boston, by ) ) him to S sale by #
31It and IlleY il j Ioosp' lie ""'ii'i' "il1< JVc. lii 1) B. WOOD gain a support for them I in this community, sai,1l'ril.d of four months, it is further or- FOR. ) 8 r.UL: COMBS .
) & CO. : J C -
away. I then dered, I hat r the be ALLHX.CASTILE A late
his own Story' le .ICCfJJn? I lIt) where Mich an appeal has never been made; in same taken, as confessedajr.tinl I -- -- arrangement' with tIlt' 'rjts1: piili4crs

It' hOldor lookll) ( illo i lie ,",f took Excliiiigi'. Yilill.,, ALEX. McALriN. them. Soap) for sale by ot B'a.'kwoi d'.s Mat:: xirif s;::' lrc-:4 to IM early;

SOUe ;' :; "'f New York March 2, ISIS. GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c t II F ARKLL.HULL'S sbect.s t-.l i th.twrk.:
touch:|, I ? |pa"elsIJut;'' DRAFTS on Bosfon Providence,I 7-lf iiy xvi ici! uv s-t..tfil be> al>' ?
rl( Ilters. cir rlt I -- CARMACK & S PR ATT, -------- --- t to pl.ici- tin.* <
1 -- ( "nlil'
--- ?
dO and Baltimore i.nibr in
I :,Isu s bought ; and I : l.inJ->t" ub-
SelIC to he 'I'IIlss4 -
tbt I\lrQI i lie OI\'es. .S. [
JiuI Sight Checks Compl'ts Solicilors. s cribe'ttWt4)nf .
: New
: on York cold by my t"'rtn>rn-f ii ran
hn ty I utern, UIJr.I"e : \\',. <;. 1'ORTKR: & Co. 8 JARS very superior Spanish Olives, for sale L A True Copv. Wai. VALLEAU, superior single and double Trusses, in i :>nof tile' :raeri4.1iIt .1""rn.1"'C'f IIl'r"r.ioft',1
ti "he Ifiis
.1 la's} tllpfriu.i,1, I |, E. Dec 30. by arnl
(" ) III fas'elif' 3.,. Agents Hank of Brunswick, y McCULLY, fiO-1m Clerk. Feb otllf'r'ItIValla: I'' spcurr.l to err lIh'nitIEr'e
'. bur eXprf st s.1 10 the pe"i'ln'Iir Dec .'{((I -11 1 Wafer street. ,March- -Hi---- --- --- *0 Water-- st.Provisions' Havana SCPflI's. JTEAUELL.; l pas'I l.irsr' a con-tWi-raticn; t II{ ;,t. wp mOll be

I1Ittt of his old and feeb flinCh,, conc'rnPpowed on :Ctoull OH Ann HAVANA SEGAKS, contnin- School Hooks conipelL'il t'' raise theii| in' ot( {tilt M-israxincv

i'. ) our fr his mOl her. who, was JVdlict:. hIlLS Whiskey ; 10 do. Prime Pork; ( *\ \ \ jug an assortment of I the "Pro- FORaleLy' Tlu-ref, re 's <' repeat subjcribe tarty tchile the
,: ., wages. weeks after date I shall f ro the 70 hirlad "Cabanas II price /> f eDrIt SIX apply Judge 10 bbJ9 Flour; 1 cask Rice; s "Minerva, "Britannia" .- F .\BELL.Vermifuge. -

CAI.I'y Nfw Orells. on the 71h inCI:1I, '\. of Probates for Franklin county, for letters 5 superior old Reserve Whiskey; PartugBS" and other choice brands, nowlatsol- J KiMi.ittantvs, and cnmm'ali"; loins bcnM be

1 {f Ball\ -- --- .obbed of 271 doubloons, in e. Ht adininistiatiou upon) the estate of J). W. Fau 2 very choice 1 Hams ; ing per schr Ann Maria, from Havana for sale by WIXER'S Canadian Vermifuge, for sale alwa\s adilres.,pd. t'o.sf."aid rr fi-anki-d.! to the
tlt c deceased. by publlsl ,.
'na) Wowing, Miigularly and March T. H. A USTJ N. Now landing Per schr Louisa Sears, and fualeby r .Mch 10 E McCULLY, 5 _
1 daring nOtr: 7H-VI.Vi.!
s E. McCULLY --- St New
During -- ,
the - -- OIL just rcceivcdand Lemon --- -- York; .
some --- for -
111tre4 sale
person Syrup. ----
''he March SAf.\; by
10 1
1C Bank' without being seen, :ud I rnilFc INn I I Ce. _______ 50 Water !t.- ) I 17 II. ['. ABKLLStrops. TB RA Y'S superior Lemon received C:ava Jellies.
''er IJroffedill the' Private vault' o f the C.isha't 1 J.* :iin; :nrt! of Pr.ball'sViII be opened on the r Ii.'uslw (for sale by : ho io/'. (::111\:1.; Ji-Ihts awrf.il .

(. \ 'lrRobert Palfrey, look therefrom a for lie |'unl :IIJlllo' r he' 1" rJlYS nlxt 'tlnrn.t'' Hat, Clothes, TeethNail and Shaving Razor FeE 17 II J.' BELL. ju.-t receive! dircvtfn.ro: Havana size: bcxc.
HAIR for
It, COfainiof' : utors Ad i lIi'l'lft :.IfI.dIIJlI the acounts of Exec anti Emerson's Strops, just re n.\ sale
&n- 271 doubloons, valued! at I III fur sale by CHAPMAN Ii has. K: M"CULLY. .
The I lime they are exor arId. .IIJrrlcdlls. hv which h ].'elai II F for sale by Mar'is J',
d gold ) A BELL.BBLS tTCHF.T'
laj h.ad been deposited t1I L : I-'el 2 I) celebrated Spanish Specific fi --- 5t> Wal"r. t.
Ifue be filed against !!" ) appear or 'le'' leE. .Irci4h) by : consiu of the Cashier, a I: 11lolasses. sale by [Feb 21? ] 11 .1" ABKRL.: rfc ( :!!)a '.a'iJc(() fi.'d.--.

.)Q&it. The whole ciicumstances W. ('luJllsollian IUcdiciucs, ; LI ; Trbjcci sVi-d from t ihe .
SPRATT Ca-stllt.Soaj mo colt
March 23. IS IS. t ) brafcil
superior Muscovado, for sale by i )
25 received and for sale pi iat&tiof5
.ludp ot Probate. M'hfi] ; E McCULLY, SO) Water ?r. r TUST 3 by J- C. ALLEN. JUST[ .received I ( and for sale bv JL F. : from i Hav.ir.n.; .1.I,ot r salebvMcb I.c.ucII.! Abjj., just rtccivtil. *

CELL. Iff i: '
McCl'LLY, \VaterV.:




.. ._ ';._ II -."o. _. --' -' .3. ,. < -.-.. -II' ..

.__ .1 -; l'I-__ r."_ ;: .: ----Hi : :3.-z-c--, ." ,.--.. -. ....

R r


4tJ V _____ ._. __ __ -
V V p -



.a ,, __. _x ___ .___V_ _- -.- --- w---
iiT.: ; L'l V -

Tax Collector's Sale. i l4 k 1:51: 1 lots noto 1H incl-i-ive unimproved I : ?LcLLt OtitFi. Dry xoods. FRESH ARRIVAL OK

block IIW lots iii>e.i to i It I) inrb-iv.' mnmi-ioved : t rpHE subscribers oiler for sale a large and seaD Medicines
) V virtue of the authoi ity in im- visi'tI by law,
J) \vill expli) sale.befoiv the Coyit ilouse i iDaar block 1:57:; lots no* I to I 10 i inclusive unimproved i : ? 4W i:< czzArvcKitv.Frj part yc-Sttifr, Perfumery, &c.

I 11) th > City of Aralachieol, on Monday the hl k 1.JS i b it i ruts I 10 i h 0 inebiHve nnimpioved:1bluc't j fJ IUI) BIG, ;; liJi3a: :: Circuit i'onrt.Tiuun nfXegro Kcrsevsand Lms }s, *" THE: undersigned returns his' thanks

15th (lay of M.U I i IS between the hut'.rsol t t MJA. 15.iia: mi*, I i tn I if(, I flClfl-I v' unimproved : .T&jY : : :- (Orinai'1. ) White and Red Flannels, ,'-.- -.- to his friends .u.d the public for their
l es-t"! bit"' 1 10 ot.-no-, I to ttl$ inen-v! ; iiini!: >red : j liberal) patronage and
M. and 1 .sir P. M. the l.tllmving' ie : i V Hangups and Tweeds begs to inform
I Mock 111 1.h- ,i< s 2 ;: :> $ 9 U) mimi rou'd : TO ;:/; 1'(, nsiii LY MMILLI.THK William f that he is now
siluited: 1:1: the City of Apahrlucola, (.i's- atbcpropi'ttt.ut ( 15. Fn.-h. ) .Super plain Mack and fancy Casaincres, receivu.g an addition
bloc'v'lS.1 *
; ; no-( I t.> IIK'I! >-I\H% mumi'rjvd: :
Lieivis Curtis and ,loph iVnileld 1 t4 1.'.' ; 1 <: .d.-in t u;>pear by affidavit, that 1 the Super'English and French Cloths al supply, which added to his forir.ei
tor renders
iubli.-liiic i in ''hf s ;, his
Trustees of the ApaLtchicol.i Land Company 111 .it.-s' no? I to I ID i inrln-ive lii ui'rive1 : : Town cif Mariafmj propose | 1 I defendant ie-itles( beyond the limits cf tin; Whitney Blankets, 1 in, 11 1 and 1'2 nsDulfil and assortment unusually Jam

-i_ ,) or su ronrii thereot! a* v\ill pay the Taxes l I'Nn'k! II.i;) oS tta is I in 1(1( iti<'!ti-ive unun i )rovei t : i ibli'ck Jackson county, Florida, n 1 j Stateo! Florida, t to wit, in the State of New lilankets.S; J and KJ lIrs. complete. Engl-h, French. German am]

lor 1sI as3'd, thereon, and! in arrcar unpaid : lit! I. '! < no# I i tn 10 ineln-ive tin uiruvcd : i weekly newpaper \\iili I \ \Ia\ .ibove I title. Yotk : Jt I i cidviid that service of said bill be Marseilles Quilts, y, 10,11 and 12 qrs American Drugs ; Cosmetics ; Perfumery; Ga! ,Is

In lh(? Stite (A I'l >ri Ja, and the County of Franklin blo.-k: i 117; lit taos to 1C I inflii-ive ur.nr.pioM'c : Tins piper will be devoted lo Literature, Agriculture j perVct.-d cii j.aid I defendant, by publication of V Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades, and Drutjgi.-N Glass ware, &.C-, &c., are cflere d!

togetherith the ct of adwitisement and block 1 !"> oi.s n< s 2 block I II1'' I't m>> I in 10 J inebi'ive, uuun,>iove' : I news of the dav an J articles in suppoil ol' i t the most liberal terms-all of which he
sale, and'wlue'i Ci'v' nf A pal ichicola, reqnn trig; Cotton Os-nabuigs warrant
block M'l the Man of said lirn t.i a--- ,vd .nd bill pure
otherwise Cotton
follows, tn City viz. J .ui-'wer a itwill Drillingand Ticking,
ck l7; 01.4 no$ 1 2 ,} 1 I7SJMO un-.ifpiovei lor-al !iabeei
Ulork .t. ra2ze 1 lots nos. ] in \ f, meluive.uninwroved block! IV? (-nos I to 10 inclu-ive iintiirOV'I a paper : severn yI i he I tiik n pro eonte' si.At Linen and Cotton Checks, II- F. ABELL,.
; fi( I H t i in .1..i'koti'a I ton and, i
: block A, rang" 2. 1 lots tu>s. i :{, ('.. !hl l nek I-V InT< ini.s 1 to l 10) i..eln-ivi iiniin: ruvei I j and I haled Washington oounties II I- ChamberSept.. 20, I 1S17.GKORGi Irish Linen, Shirting and Shectinc, Wholesale Retail Druggist,
I lo tl.e all
.., II I 13: 11. uaitnprovod; ; block A, rang.; 2. block ii!7 ot-nos I 2 :; f 7 > }9> () uniinpiovei, this(l ..lo'.nn.il.The proposed e.irnent r.i! i-: s. IIAU'KIXS I Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, to Water street.

; lilts fl. 2, 1, ",. in. 1 2, itnprr vvd ; block 15, range block! I liS; ots no.s I to 1(1() nicli--! ijRiirprovei II /v True (,'< \>y. Judge, &c. English, French and American Prints, Apalachicola, Xov. 21 ISlfi.

I I Inl.s( n.n. :3, 1 K, r 1 17. u.itmar ive.l : lihk Mock: 1<;K> OA no. I iij ] Mm 170 <>tr. nos I 2 :5 I 17S 10 unim;>iov< i ibleek mnie I lo enable ( hem I lo eommence i its I publics'lion Oct.'r Drugs and Med jcjig.
I;, la'sirt* '?, l'*fs r.os. 13, 1 J 1. unimproved : bl vkJ l7. V11liVV Super Cashmere d'Ecusse,
171 1 ot> miovi1T. I i I by I the I Jsf t of'SVplembrr.TKHIS I THE subscriber
{, ranto 2,1! I"It3 n.N. :23: 1, .1, i., I U I I 12, tTisr'v-; ." Extra super Mu-lin' de Lame, and will
lI.ck I loi. 3 to 10) inclu-ive Tlnee dollars in rALf.9-:
pe nniin,>rovei per annum, advance; : COURT.In constantly } ave, hand
\1 ; Wvick < ra-ig.* J 1 .'tsnos. :y, i, 1 j.? j-v. ttnunpiorcil t '! 176'oi.! 1 2 :? : 7 S V' English, Scotch and American do. ,a complete
( % nis !9 1 Id nninii'K'vcd !?:.! 50) it pud within -iv inonihs ore,V (U'J) at tin. assortment of DRUGS
I : bl >ck C, rJfl..t e 2, 11i i. M, ir I j i'2, block 177 h l> no1 1 to 10 mcl'i'ivc unimpioveil : end of I be ; : Cl1ilCCV3. Super) Italian black and figured Silks, and AIEDI.!
I II, unimproved ; black C, range 2, lots u* s. 1, block I 17S lots nos I to 10( tnelnsi\e unimproved : .vear. TLofi i- >ark: ir, } Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, V CINES, which he will warrant pure
1JEXJ. ( ;. LIDDOX &. CO.
*!, 4.r, i 1", improved ; block 1), range2.! lots n<><. I b'uck 17.'MoN! no 1 3 1 5 ((57; SJ 9 J II 0 unimproved : v-. >: IMitioii( frr Di rrce. Super[ English: and Pongee Silk Hkfe, and of the best quality. Country

3, 7t 1 t. uniaiprovel 1 ; l IiLck 1 >, ramie 2. lots block I">0) loi!> Iiflc ? to 10 l) tin ln-ivc unimproved : .luIv ::I I' 17. Sir di S.tm: f !i iluktr. ) ] >hand American Cotton Hkfs, Merchant and Planters will! find il

n s. I 2. "., improved: : blmk I".r.in.v. : 1 1- it's... !l.!<)( k 11 I lotnos 123 I 5 S !9 I 10 unimproved : ? Ill IP-? St. Cioi\-Suar TT aMi| .:rin I lo the s.ttisf.irtion uf I the Court, Madras and Verona head Hkfs, t to their adv.nta2e to call, examine and price hi<
bl.trk T 1C .' block I2 lot- I4..- I in ?> inelu ive unintproved : ,j : J. by: alfld ivT; i > de in t this ca-e, that I ihjdefenda ) Goods, before purchasing elsewhere.
3, J'i;, 1.J;;, 17, Himproved: ; ring- M ick I IN"3? |I' ;
< 'oi# no | id I 10 melu-ive! unimpioved : ,! Sar.th Samantba X. H. Phvsician's
( : ( liirkcr
l 7 13: 11 i i. H";, 17,1'-J : uniin- ic-iidesbeyotid prescriptions put upwitf
fsM. Satin .
% 1)113t43Ti .k 1 1 lots 20 Ilil :-t Cii' Super Marseilles & Worsted Vestings,
1) nos I to I Id( i inclusive uriini >roved : .. care and
] the
juri-diei: of t the Sl.'te of Florida at hour of
i I It t 5s accuracy any the dav
: ordered
blnck 1 2. lot i J, improved : or
rang n Cotton and Flax-Thread[ night.
; Ilbt.it t I Ixl lotnos, 1 to !'I i uielu-ivv! unimpioved! : 5 bx--5 Slew-ail's I.ot'II ,
L its'iios. ." ii. 7 1 1. I N. I li', 2n, t hat I lie's,nd Sarah Satnanth Haikerdo! op- J. C. ALLEN
F, rrsi2.1 i, block I l-'i lotDO( I i to 10 i.icln.-ive nnimpioved : ) bbN ground Plain and lig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, March
tmimpro-.v-i: ; bJnei: If, ra .: 1. 1 >:s MOj.. '.'. bl-i'k 1 1H7 lot.? nos 1 to I 10 : unimproved! : 10:) Back's; Kio Cofl] f; 50) ih Java pe;:)' and a V i-\er tlw sa'd petition) within threemoiitlis Jaconet and Cambric Muslins 21 Cor. Centre and Commerce s'fs.Holmes' .

Iii, U i I'J, I 1'% 2 I, \i. it.i' MV'l : !)ln.'k If, rannoJ. block l I' |< ino 2 (! 7 .s J* 10) unimproved; ; : blockI'JiM.'N Vt I'l) bv-f Aromatic Tobacco : ali tr ( he ;pn'oltcalion of this order, tr the Needle, Pins, Tape, ice. &c- Vegetable

tuts U ... :t. 1, Tt% C, 7, 'c I''. 3 1''M II. I n!, J'1 :{, 1 H. I 'u.s f J7; Sl: 10) ummprovMl : block, 190() lots 50: Mi.flMdo\ ; a-iid pelitior.; will l he taken for confessed ; and it Which have been selected with great care in FOR DYSMLXORRHEA OR Pills
15 14; 1 J, bi. .', ri'-re 1 K t> nitfli 7 Sf) 10 unimjiroved.VIIIK. ; is further 05 d-. red that I tin is order be published in New York and Boston PA1XFUL
isiit.isr''d: ] ; l Qj '' Sperm (Candles 50 bx-s brow Soap:, from Importers Agents; MENrSTKUATION.rpIIESE .
n. 2, ;, J, i, a, 7. .*. I n 1. :n. I 12, I ni u i. ; \ : LOTS Jim I liz: ; Sht ; 50 kegJ'uwdrhtWH ; "ctr.e; nt'wopnper in I the We-tern Circuit of this of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates and I celebrated Pills have become

13, 17, ix IX tniiapi-tvtv) ; t i."v J, ran ii--J, i ii lo) ; T-J I I"t f Xo !I. : -VI) feet fijit l i.f Leslie | ( ) ) UK Lead ; State f for ( liepace of I three mont us. are now offered at wholesale or let ail on favorable JWH for their virtues, in curing this disease so fara-

(q i 1i 1, .*, 3'I.. .1, !i,7.M'', 11 i U, I 1,14, | Mivi-l ; ?1.t IcH l I. t Xo J J'i ; J ) I feet lot Xo J 17 : 'JOO l 4 kes White Lead. Xo. I llAlr>atid Pure. :SMI. S. HAWKINS, Jud-p*W. C. terms bv WM. G. POUTER &.-Co. that but little need besud of them, their ,

I.*, Is; 17:, i' M, -J'. naJJn.r.'Xel; 1z 1)t'k K, | ion fee} lt No I In : nMit I f<><>\ t.Centre\ s-trect 1 ; I\.r. stkl'vV.l.. (J. POUTF.U: ic CO.I J-ijiii! -i-y I n.s. | JN. I-.1rn* Dec. .*} >, 1M7. -H Water street. upr>n the sv-tetn is wonderful, they action

r4- 1 3 its a. i. ':. ". 1. :N i-. 7, -, '.'. 1 ]Ii.i.U.13 i I. Ue.-t S..ulb p.tit 't t h.t Xo >'' I : 30 feet Xfitlipirt I) :;(n i 11 W.iUrIrett.. I _'il chaLu2)ers, anet ail pain in tins disease, no matter immediately of how!

: 1J. 1 % I'i, J7, i i-, l. .' *, u-n: t.'v ,! ; ; f\\ \Ii nXn\ _> : '.' ) tort; t fn.t ol Clu-tnut St. ; A CARD. I IT i.ng staii'1-ng. Pamphlets

Wari: ; K. t-.. h go 2.1 I iNi -s f. 2. 'J, !, .',, i',, 7S, i., I lojf.vt) :;c. 29, 1317. lIE Subscribers take this method of informing of testimonials! from the rofes-ion.containing :SO pagE

M, 11. 1 J. H, 11, 1 ", I Is J M >, 1'I, 2.t, uniml 1 .\ '.- \H 1 I !1/jnd l KriL' '>n I li! ,> \\V-t side ol'tbe I "I LJ'I'reetjve1 on consignment I John :M. C.iiiinchun:; "in-n.liill for account and I the rifi/.ens of Apalaclncola and its vicinity March J C ALLEX.Frr sale by

r v t'i : ; vk L, Kts :i I, 2. ;i. 1, ''. 0, 7, .\p.tl u-bic .i l!. X.rib n'ld \\"<-t o: Hie City ol I nn.i''; i 'j SIJT.M-; : "Celebr.tdad," partition.! that they have now o-t hand! a very neat

11 1 I. I IV 1M-*, 31,3 .., I .% 37, 1-, l, y. MHIIIIprnro.1 1 1I \p.il.cbioi lj. to the \\e-ter.i; boundaiies C'lKrankiin I 10,1' i (cjj( Cnzul'.res I"si : ;eri.K, W-kcr/! ti. $ and well selected Stock GOODS( which will fce WHEREAS, S. R Ronner became purchaser

; !1)'t! *k M, 1 l.A.: us I 1. 2, "S, 1, "i i, '.. 7. >. I C ii1ly ; .d I i, Sf. VinreiitV I Nl.ind, SiJcoi ('. ili./'n "lles'rve" Madcr.a, .F UPON( ) artidivit of C .nplainanl'.s Solicitor that: old low, consi-ting in part as follows: ( ApalachiroIaLand Cirnpany, on

1* I if, U I I 1,13 I H, ] ", it;s 17, 1 % 1 9 2 ), minprarM ( cNLnid, and Do* I-liud. (evclusive of l ltt c- IJ.-'iti.i" Port, lJfletnl.infs rnei.tionu'I in said ttilld ) Cloths and Cassimeres, various Mvles, t Ihe 22-1 day rf April, 1830, rf Lots numbers 5

; "''.-) ': M, 1 i!* ins. 1 2. -5,1'i, 7t s i lli l port i nn "1 St. < eoisi>s ami ln I Inland owned I i. Cli. trv C irdil, i not! nide within t this Circuit, but within the Fancy Print, do. do. and 10, in Block Xo. 2>, and Lots Ne. 7fS 13

!. It, 12!, 1 .!, I-!, 1 *, I'l 17, 1N 1 % 0. nairujr j bv the r. S ( Jovernmet.t )) ; aUi, all I Litrl* I Ivinu i ii ; I in'P Tom.ito Catsup | I I'mtel Stiles;t i ; It is nrJi.red that I notice of the Alapaca LuMre: do. Figured, and 11 I I, in Block E.2, together with thevAharf}

t *.v *i1 ; '. fk n the map n plan i f the nly pri as

3 Ml, 12. VJ, 11, It, 1 % 7. 1--, 1 fl'; 21.I luuin-- o-i St. George's Sond., at.d i imminz' : Kea-t 1 1 theM I )cr I li-tl t !9 i C.luri.bus.' IMek.Thompson's amend iiil!, |uj jriven in some news-paper pub-. do. Montclhdo. No. -29, at the price t'I\ $f-,2'.j' fi r which I.ecxecn'ed

: t r-t rAj ; 'k 1 I*. 1 ..Tn ". T 2, :t, 1, ", ., 7, -, I i'lih ifXeA Company
J!10,11. 1.. 1 ::. J .M "n i- >, 17i% li .' ', u-iim- j Jo the ('hijv.i.i CnJ-.l, follow in? (lie Apjlachi- 4J<>*is [>usml J t4yrtL> <>!- !in nil I is--as.d: : i if 1, upon due proof of the appearance Fai.cy Ca-hrnere Hobcs which remain, unpaid, with the interest due,

i r vJ ; !i ''< *|. i d4 fl'$. I. 2!, :j, .!, ". :, 7. j e o1t Uiver d-ivn I In it- mouth, I including 1'oihlljtid r 'a amiVo<)d 3ia[>fha, | of said ii'.fice i in some newspapir so pnhlislied I do. Merino do. hereon : And whereas by the agreement irade

?, M. 11. J i. i n, 11, 11 i ii,1 ; J*. ln-> ', n 1 (-i c.iHd;I ); I tho -.vbol'j containing 2 "iuu.rri' Jj;) "IT'Oix: the cure of coii-umptidii: chronic: lr.iT- ,V i for) the tit., "" mentioned; th said (1CiL'ILd.tiltd'I do. Delaine do. with the said S. R. I.'onru-r, it was fully under-:
-'i : I I iIU.iVt', .1 i tijiid .( Land and not ap'ic-r: tn said bill by I the next Mulins India Hook store that in rf failure
| v.$ ; i ;\ t tidlity] < lonO I i of 2djuj.ti. V 1. ehitis asthma. s ()-);)ilag CCU..hI, |'; : i<1,11 iof case to pay the said nctrsuccordir.g
i i. I i1 ; 1 7ii ;;flI-.) '( : I ntur.imade I the [ -hall! c itoc after twenty davs from I the expiration Ii Swiss. Lice and Colored to the
1135 : ; as j per : by t e>Sor olSt.it 1 the 1 I heart, I liver I eoi-iplaints, and atlct ins oh ( ) contract, the said Company
1,J Jk 1 S < n % r.r.: >v 'i ; \\\-k\ ::, t i n. *l, I e Taxes lor lVii.Iin! I i Counlv.JOHN t the kidnev, is.r sale by | ofid ]prrid of four tr.onthit is further ordrred Edgings Li-le, Cap and Thread should bf at liberty, tn civinr thirty day's! notice

U 4i : *' : W rk 3, !< '- ms :;, 1, <*. : c. a LUC \S, Sheriff, Feb 'I J C ALLHX.TIJST Hint (lie same be taken as confessed I Shawls, Damask Silk in a p'ibiir ir-izetle, i>tiMsI.tdm Ap.dachic'l.-i

I : ; *1 1. l'i 113. 2., ; 1t. ami J'A-UJicio; ) I'4"Hector; I'i tn1d ii Co. .-- aa-.i-t;: : I hem. do. Marino, re-ci!! .iid Liit af the rik t-t adurcr: | 5 1 f 4i-"l'J'iv M! block !' Xov ( :ts1il ( JIIO.; S. IIA\VKI.\S. JucLje, &c. do. Plaid Wool the benefit ( f said Ci
: !* K2 to 1rn:1tv; ; j AtiI'hic i, J, JVJ7., .- ;: mpany, arid it any surplus
3, 1 tf i< *. 1,7, % II, i ra.M: w.-l !>' n-k tj, JoJ-s received, and for sale bv C.vjr.i.cc c Spa.v rr, Kid, Lare and Silk Gloves remained, alter pvinc said note civen fiTDr.i
li'U \J jliv'i C, J.'f< u Jsihcrifl's Malts I I II. 1'. AfiKLL.MorFA'rs Cotnpl'ls 11i'P'rs.! : Tuskan Bonnet on account
a U < !, 7. V, I *. tl : i- ; Gip-ey latest fashion r.f said L ts and all ro-f.s and
: K-k 1 .! :. J 'J. n l<\ ti.! iirsl Mond.iy i>i April next in th< Citv V : ". Tr-i'j Copy. Wai. VAI.I.EAU, Itibbons the ex
I 5,3, 1 iaH-nVil; ; hi 7. = !!-s ; OX Lin: PILLS AXD PIHK.\J( I\ in all varieties penses', arr.o shall be paid to the said S. I R.
k%. TtMWtr ve I. 1 1 rk 7, I.4* n i;. <4.* 7, -, i-: -v.-d : 'I 1 ApjLtcliic I la, before. I Hie! door l cd' I the : -\ just leccived! and f .-de byXov De 'j': *. :r/j-fm' Clerk. Brown Shirting, 7-5, -l- I and 3-1 Conner, or his I h.gal represeutativcs ; and whereas

f.fE ". I j 1. e 4;, s, u mnpr >.e.l ; Cur! 1 1 ,u-e. I will 1 < \ji/<.' f.c .de sit p-ihli ic | .1. 1'. jflsa jsjiui'.t'ry r.iiasik"ii nner has failed fa pjv said

I4ie"* !4. 11* a s. 1. 1, ;. 75.. u, umrf.vcd, ; tlij 1 Ilvvin pcrIv-ouc; Jjeil I'iate, Imir __: VV:: I Blankets, C- land 8-1 1 notes, now the said Cr.rripay, in {,'arsnancerf the

; 11 Work 1 ', 11* n is- '"' "* iJi j r.1v'L1 : 1I4 jk I1'', pieceand -'easn elie.ftwenty-J(>urCfVbeel-. SIIKKTIX'JS:: : Shirlinirs and Prints by I lin h;;u: .Maty: Green: bv her next friend, Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting premises, %chL!' exp-'se; th. Lots aforesaid to sale

I1in3l; 'ei ; b1C 11, l U14 tj..s <5, 7, -4, "I i ; 1! rI i, t'.vu I'iitnn! I Hodune j I I'orec I I'ump, F.LLISOX & Cj}. .J.hIn(' Green; Defend int. ) vorcc. Hats and Caj s, all styles city, on Tiinrsdijy: the sixth day ti April! nest,

tiaioipr >rd ; bl-i.-k i"i, l"ts ii'-s. j, j, j i, uj.ia
-i5'ii ved !lnck ; one 'i\-j lead, une Crank, r-no lit *h wheel 1. of t i in' I Ihe above that P. M.
i Mvr : l !o"k 17, in. 9, ; r ; : complainant: cause, Clothing ol all kinds. tor cash, to pay up said notes and
17, I.t s n-is. fi;, 7. inipr.nel; ; Un ;k is, Ids *. Se meati.vn: Sli its, K\o !1flt! !( V"i .' !s, one ) ) M ; ;: ; J!urn Green; reside lievond the State of Florida, Also, a neat assortment nf JEWELRY, and coats and rhnrrcs.JAS. .

i, :j, "i, ';, 7, .&, i'i npr.iv.-il; ; ''d 1"-I lot -lot H"!' :v'ekV.e.: one 1'ventriek.cric I jnvern-- reeeived and for sale !iv" j bul wiiliin the L'nitei" States, it is ordered I that a many other articles too numerous to mention. H. BKTTXF.R, As 'r.t rf theTtnf.

-uI. 4, i-1 >r. ved : i ?k r.: l- n ts. J li J 4, in- r, f''i.- I JI >d. Jour lar i (Mton Serevv--, I'lour! 1 II r AP.r.I.L_ ; beair; :_' b. had upon the facts chIargiVd in said I Call and examine for ourselves.M .- -s < t the Arahcbiccla Lar.d Co.

4..1q.i'1 uii'ii: :iMv.'l : i-V 2,i, lots ue.;. 3 j., } itl < Jcarit-.', rt'ieSliafl! a-id I v' (;erii. one Shaft and I It 1vErl: Ir .' do. \ etdii.V .u; rHors :V I !.l! :-I l the regular term of Court next rn-uin:,-r X. SCOTT fc I)ROTH El?, Apalachic-, 3I..rcii 2, I" l5.

lFifl! U ,ve'l l 1'C 21.1 I I''I( u '. -">, itn.It'i two J'ly V.'hc/'Is, levi* ;.1 l f>u as the piopeily I ol t I I JJlacksmithi; J) 1'iow.s; Cotton I a j I flu-di.te '.f 1 this order, and there'ipon I fu pa-s ain lec23 Cor. Water and Cer.lre-fs. %

,' frtiV.! : l .1'i ; 1 a-j.l '. t'. 1 iie-i- HIIMI: M taJi'V. l by vnlnr-I of I a writ of i lien facirss ('aids Sp.nles :and Shov! C.aiicirnn an. .,, *' d--! < ri.(e t the same manner as i if 1 the (fondant ; itics os Coii isiiincut.

ve, 4)1' ? ; '.211.t. 1)4. I : 11I: !M- t 1.1 ni" diifct'-d from te! Circuit Curt of rnnklin Pan?, Plough--, &c. &.e. fur < de hvn bad 3'>t 'Mred and were present in Court : Provided B. Ellisou & C'o., ( or. IValcr and JrST rtrceivrd ret ship Manar.na, and fcr

t; I; i *.c.' : .,,I-,1 tu C, 3. '. i.'. U..i 1 ': Co'i': ty, in favor J JolmV.. JJa'! cock( vs. stidllir ; 1 KLLISOX & c<\ .d'.vajs t that a copy .of I this order -'mil! have Chestnut <*t<;. !low fi r ra-hIf -

,1 i ei \5: iiilf-v. ; TVc '> ('r.Vater aid hf-i n p'ibli-hcd inrno newspaper rif this State SHIP CHANDLERY.MAXILLX ) ba-ktts Hitd-ick Chainpagns,
33, It< u I*. 1, :'t, *}. 7, i i'l. titjimir, nvd: bk'ckt7 Apalaeineola, Match ::5, < !I-. I Clie-tnut St.Vi1Iey's V : :> ca-e- old Pale Prrf Wine,
TOIJIC [ and
.nisitirc. ? C Hemp Cordage rf all sixes
( ; \\rrf ,
1 t-s Vt')& 1 to 1 i, j iic: : ;!i1 ( trumpr-iyM} ( ; block V | rpniS i-i ;av. ] fluid fy : ( ,.,* > -... ...n... M..I:..., c-rton. "t Sar.dt-rianV; : v ':
21 *t* nt<. ", ti*, 7, *., 1 u iin.r, ivd : !ilo.-k' 5I rcl\vm f Slij> Cliamllcry. .I Cinehona: and Hulira'a Cntapiiund extract: ci li 1 <:.ifiun be imdf to said Court.n yarn, )jknni, Sptrni Oil, F all uho. Whale do ( Hive 10 Dull (;r.rdcn Sherry Wire.

23, lot< >.\ >*. S. I, ((1, 7, S 0, 1J, u .! ; rOlII! l Su'i-cntJLTs' Invv on lu'rl I rdi for tIi-; cuic of Fever and vc VV i (aide fLbnfu 1e i <; (). S. HAWKINS, Jud e, 5rc.A do, Linked do, I'.r.v do. Boiled do, 5iirirs Turpentine. 1'J' t'ltl Ewf t India; Mairia Win?,

fclask 3 7 J L 1-it nt>. Swi'iip: vml ; bl.i<*'.c 31 I, 1itsJi'j ; J. LOCK') <, as-nrtd, U-UN, S.M. W <, I II I m, ,--, .*''MM2: Ague. Shl hv True Copy.U'IM.IVJI : Paints, Window 4 ;bss. l'uryVhtt C eld Sicily Maderia Wine hv
J J % : !inF.S (_. _. H. j r. AIJILL.E : VAM.I.\f, Cl I.'r.aI.rl1if"da Lead. lld d In, Yellow Ochre, Chronic Marc ,
*. 5, \ y. ii, U ii.air: ; 1 ; i I)1f3z'k .52, l'iis ii's : ) (' do, J'I.tjt; V Green, __ 2 E McCULLV.Xoficc. I
C. ........ ..._ :\! Die.2"i;, I. 17. IJmerald do, Imperial do. Uhiron't hInw Verdisri .
1, 2. 3, 1., 7, S, 9. U, innpr.vod ; 'jl l ck ::1); lotuai. j ,< \lllillJICI- -, (_ i.ci- lil.l'-C iIS. 50m .. Liilnr.e :- -

1 1, .t, ?:ijinirov; <'d ; hi--- 'JJ, lot nn.2! to i an.l! Hitt--t 1 Hull--' I tveI-, S puros, Ur.ad! i\f-, DITCHCTT'.s I i: :::;! eeleiiiat.-d Spanisii Speeifie, for CaRI.o)11u Circuit Court.I do h Tar*, i Ilo-in, ,Pitch.Sii-hur.!, Turpentine.IJru'lit! Varni-h Coal, Copal P.iir. wife .

10, nrlmvc, uinr.W; < 3 ; hlrk o'j, 1 its :*')< Ship do, Collins' do! Ad/.e, I II I .frlnt-, I Il.itnner.s.Sliutfer : !. [fi"L!: lL__ H F AKI'EL.HIIDSUVt .__ *ul I Term, Is 17. ru-h'-" V.irm-ii do, T.trd >, Scrub do. Clind, | i>.1, MY" ,without Ann Kates havine left my bed ?r ih!
< 7 S 1:> Itlock 5 lot I Hj-isrrii! *, !;linddoSfivIvjrds V V Black can-*?, tie public are hereby
5. u'uui.jnvol ; tio2 Da; ,d J. Mearvs. --, ) Limp Chalk Whifinc. Russia Duek. Kng- -. cautioned
Z4 3t<), nsl'i: ;jv :?, mmir, '.vd; Ulk 37, l It* m.1tr Counter' Scales Pi-iUonn d<>, ("<1 lton d I, V lull li-h do, Cotton do, Heavy iJ ven< do, Liht uo I, j : against harboring or trusting her rnmv
7, ", ti. ii. -ii .rinn'od ; binrk! : :'J-. 1< Nu Kitene'i'an>, Table CuJleiy: Sh-ncI ai.il ,PtrI i I I I T Indies : 50 tierres Flori'ir fjr 1)iv&re.ear. White, P l'iei'id: Red Dtmtws, Nails, Cop;'er ole. account, as -hall not be answt-rable for any
T'I l Fire !Irn- JJ f. r.sale by J{. I :i.Lro ; &. CO. ) do TacksShi Spike Boat debs contracted bv her from thi date.JOIIE!
s. 2 t > '.*, i riil jiypmunir; >vi ; 5il.-\% ;;. I J',tin8. D.-c :;' i Cor appealing to the sp.ti-faetion of the Court Screw
W.if n-d *.
1 In' I. j rjcluiv. irjinir, A-C.I ; M-ick! 1'). I5il'nvs! Anvil*, Sled.'r-s ( r : ; Cbe-nut! IAL -- Hand-pikes Cai-r.nn; KATEx
--- i I I'M} I the defendant i leuieout I t i.f 1 t the We-tcrn Har-s O.irs I P.locks Ga den *
I II V 1iives J ib Co.. I\ 51
Vie tanks. I Ian > Is- Js.
lait 1 :i .I 0 7 > if' ,v-f ii.u'is, -, Sercwpl.ifes Stuekand i T. :
; : M
n i rr ; Dies Fi 4 .ii at Svd. Circuit of Fl rida, and out of t the State, it i isoidr l'iirnps, I ) k I'ucket' Cedar do, Ieek Brouuin
l.)1E11c 11 ml I M, lots n' :. 1 ( ; ti.at nnid tliihlers. Shoes
< dHejuhnt
* -- IIIO>* ver-ds L >itme; ;itM Fie-'i I Seed, jn-t n c M bereij'iired i to appear S.irvii do, B and Bms .r.s, by t became
-- Jflk, '1'i1ir..vt1; : bl i -VTS, 1 rf-s nc 4 1,2. :{, ;s, } I>i hsband! .Ameiiean a ss..rled I, t.d I lor -' lie bvXovJl .nl: answer I llus hilt"of cuini/laiiit on the 1tMi'idiyin I I i.l%Ve. I I a'uk s a nd 'ITI:u ni1bBox I looks, :t 1t ii.I. Wimen's Shops anti Bnkms ;
li mim.jrn'crJ ; block 14, 1 >l< n-s. 1 t41 I0ii-n.! r vindSltt and --pi.tie, i>itidII I hiiiip, '.u.t.t! t and Can do. Cuiniui do. Bott ihi 'anikiri Men's ;
.1.! ( ALLKX.I : April, A D. Ma.l in dcfailtt -.f > ) > u'v z; Buys and Ycuth'Brtiar.s '
iyft u-um'trurc'l! h'k 1'i 1 t1 II nUr I Iron, li-ulroad; Snk" I Irons, M.tkir.g! Iron* Marline :
; TV* 1 1 u .i-.jpr.-.v.-d: : h''j: 5 'i, li s ii' '.', 1, .">, (mil an I Sail-, C.i.-J, 1*:t V Ii-jh, lUiati.-arid I >T.VooIriil's Worn: $i>i>cs i4;, i'i.t' t this pfrIJiim liipperCook's; Liidie*., 1rrui.'nrtr-. Men's pe
<1, 7-s, uii''r vl 1 ; |i'-'c 17, I r.tis.. 1 ;.i I'l, fJ.Tin.in; Steel. /A SAFi I : aid: I t5.ciL-nf! iecii't: for woii.is, i'r I this Cirruit for -one newspaperin Divider*, C >m;>.i-es. Stil Xerde! Sail Twin". fine ;
I the Seme do sewed Boots
spaeo ot I Ihree months Sevvinz do ;
iarl'jp; uiiiRipr-nvl ; i>! i k .1'J >, J its no- I t (ti.e set
< iy ovderrd for t Iii' -aid hearing- Pump do, hoviIII( .miners. I Hiteiet! (ii.t't- Brogans F. ralebvD.
, inr-'j!' !. rk J *, !1)!' tn*. }I C"rurill inTrjre do, Odo, : J C ALLKX.A THOMAS DALTZr.LL, Judge. Augur.Plane:-, II I itid-a\vs, Uuiiblets. II.Mid.-iivv: : ELLISON & TO .

ta c 1 J, i i-jWu-iive( uII.rf4; .t l; :Mfi.-k .">'t, l-jts ;, >s. S'l i. 1 lo l.i in'pi'e' unitn; ruVtl I ; bi-i-S; ; "il, I itlioi. L'nif: Tjd fJrul! m. I Iocs.COlIiJAGi iIli:1h, V Stock do. Hooks ar.d S;:spies! I Hinge I ?. F.tdlock3 -

'J tt U, in"; isive, uattaprivcl ; block "ri, : Mtmll i and I Hemp I > >rted, Pitch, CIIIITAIX I 1 I remedy for chill 1 1 and fever V f.-i J Iron, Nails, (%:e. Wood tavvf. Pendant I HauivardHand Line,. For: Sale.S .

lots fl'L. 1 to '.', itj"iu'Uv, u1imrbv'1: ; block l, Tar.... .R') n. Cos: !.Tar, l.riirht Varnish, !II.uid.i. 4.s" !bvFeb.'j .') 'I'ONS "'''de lion, a-sorted sizes ; Deep) Sea do. ,. l.'g (10. 1 Ti-h lo. I Hand Leads. Deep JIay. r.ow landing frcm S.jp? Fluridun. -
lots no*. 1 to 1 i, iiH'iir i -, uuitnjmwc'd; ; !I1.! *-!; fl1.r4, )N, k' -_ : ___VV__ JC ALLF.X.Salt I : tO'J ke s Nail-, do. Sa do, >!iI.i t do, !', ird I,\ Knunf!*, Lanthorns 3.J: Apptv ti>

!>!, lits n-x 1, 2, t{, 1, ."*, -1, 9, 1 >, u-ii';j;,: nvj ; CASi'JNGSnrar I Mles Mills] ?nd CaulJron LiverlIoI I caves Weeding I Hue--I a-soited I c1ualit ics'; Chalk Belavin, Liri"s..PuTin Pifeb Pot'.' Log Hooks I C.IIITO d< Dec 2jNOlRSE: STONE Jc C...

Muck 3J, I lots uos. 1 la l-l: in<*lu ivp, n umprov.cd ; < *, JJakeiiv.'iiSpider, -*, I'ot3; Knameled T'Ofl s.d," by 2J: Blacksmith Steel f'ae&tjiiviIs; Tools aiori Po-I :-..t vVe tP, .Crockery\;c.Apal Carpt'ntrr'5 .

; block TIN, hits no*. 1 1 1 I In, inclusive: iun- KeUles'IVa Id-ttles, e. j_ I'r .j p F.LLISOX( &. Co. 20' English and American Vises ; icliieol... Pee i 9. 147. Iol)! ,
proved ; f !ock.r:l, lots uos. 1 to 10, i ii. l-3 u-o, u i- TiXU'Al.'K-.\ full a --.;. .lmcnt.U'iioksjle __ : 'j IJelli.w12 ; FRESH Fall Crop, for sale by

improve I ; bik! OO, I.itsir.s. 1 t.i S, rr'lm iv. uaimprovvl i-r rcl.'til.KOIJKKI'S. (J t.oe(.% iIs. I do/en Spade* and Shovels; A 31 i: RICiN 17 II. F A HELL.fiiry .

; Iilockiil.lot'i Is"I J lo iu"! I-IVLS-II- ;; : ALLHX fc Co. 9 u THU.S Whi-kev ; HI]i bids Mr.law? ; It) ('othins'x& ; \ct: anil T\viiu -.

improved ; blocks 02 tHii* inrluive un iapn vfd ; t1chk.1a, J,ri. 2' ', !>. ..- .1 1 tn roe Kieo, ji-si rec\| and forile byan 10 b\s Cotton and Woolen Cauls ; )1n11aaci1lri:: Ii)0d5.

l lock 7J lots ii'M 1 to I l't inclusive unimproved ; :t3d vre. _::1V C __ I:. MeCULLY. 50;( W.ler 1 rase flo land's Cast Steel l Mill Saws ; DRILLING Ticking-, CYifm l O< ahti2s! ,

I lock71 1 >ts ui 1 to I > incisive irutnprovfl : 1)T.\IXS.I I'l-iiii I Ir V V V fuOO Ih-j Cast and fJerman Steel fr sale by 12 Co.MMKKCIAL-SrRFEr, I Ker-evs. Jeans, Fbm.tBun! -
nkti] leinddoule] HimJ.
block 72 lots 1 tn 1) inclusive u : I. 'I''iist's. G. kefs. Tweed-, Shirtmss Sheet Ct.ecfcs.
nos utopfived ; tiKT-, Draw KtiueAu WM. POIITER fc CO. (UpStairs,) BOSTON &ni.
1)1Ok 71 lots iios 1 tb' 1 inrlu-ivc u.ti!jir.vel ; S >ri'i4 Ur.r-i -, Tim'ii I 'r crije!ur-s< Turn Auiur ScrPtv J'its HULL'S:; .superior single and double Trusses Dec -10 .Jl 1 Water street. ?antifartnrers: and Dealers in Bryan's Patent Gin !Fiatns Calicoes, Delines lfo-i.-rv, Xc A.C r
bvIVh For vale!
block "'; !lots nos' 1 to l 1') inrl'Hive u-unijtrovcd :, ? Twine by R. ELLISON fc CO
I I _t_ I .s ... I .. I ri ;., ..,. ,. ,...nt.,. I. Matkin? fJuae- .M'.riice: CIr'. S.iw Set. WVmi! 17 ii i- \ i'vi r Hoofs :sn l Sfarids! Post Olfiee Twine*, Baleing awl lxc t)- C-r.\Vater rd Che-tt.ut tararda
Knles, Adzes, \Vrencies! Sa\v Lock I Hooks I .- and .Men's Kii-sc-l Bundle Twines, )d"Cart%'s Cottofl l Herring Twine, _
block I's lots s 1 H 1) i'i-lti-ive Brogans ;
and School looks B0'5 Cotton Seine TvM'ne
% adi.TUultsScrews; : I Hinf I Shut ter Holts Tanned and Untanned, Flax e for
s scw'd and 'd Cotton.
block SI lot? ii4 I to 1'J' iri'-lu-ive: uniirnr'm*] ; sal' pc Kip Brogans ;
ISrad*, TaekCV.pper Wire, Meltin)? Lsdh-, Hat FOJl' by teiits fine Calf Hio ansVinV ; Herring Twine, Hawser, and Shrond-laid Mackerel T> OOM fr, 'itJtn() > [MIes in lower Cottt.n YaiJ.XV .
block S2 lots n ; Trips AxeIlatehf I I Is, C.yf.-c Mills: i i I Sledje I llamrriei I &' 17 II F' AflEI.I... \ pe-r'd and s-cw'd Shoes Children's do. do. Lines : herring, Poha an Shad. Bas, and Apply to
block Stl: lots n is 1 t< 1'J i iiiuivc: unmipriivcd .-. ; Nets.
-, Smith Toti -, Mill I I 1 S.ms Arivd-l VI'lili Dip Government Seines with Ba s Cod
c. fee. 1Ilr4'. Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; _Tcb-- D B VOOI&C'.
lots V jii-lnsivc
block SI nos 1 to ) unimproved; ;
; _
j Tor .sale by I B.! KLLISOX I Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines.
k Co. C.tnadiau'crIrl
block s't lots nos I t to 1) inclusive, unimproved ; IVc .t. WIXF.U'S ii iie, 1 .r -ale bv Super Ladies' roor.ie ar.d fine Calf Hoots.A Cider.oO
f'sir. \\r.iter arid! Che.sfnut-N. .
ci I Ifl > Kl'-lllSIVi 11fliflI'rIW'i7 II F'VV AMKLLI large andextensiveassortment, jut received ke..v
B. Manil Siities knit la order at s.'icri PIIIV Champagne, t.irs l,. hv
block; lots nos 1 to 1'J iiH'Htvu' ( ( (jeIe."e I'lonr CIIIOU and for sale by WM. G POKTEIl & CO.
; ( ()SIiCII uilter, SjTtSJI. notice. B. ELLISON &, Co., JV Dec :>t 0 K ELLIx'X i"-
block Nl' ts nos 1 tt V) I icl'ii.'elil utiirpioved A XU a superior article of CHKE4T HAY'S superior Lc.'nons Doc M( 11 Water street. October Agents,
for sale JH} iupjust received V ... 11 1. H17. .{'Jtf AualachicolaOrororics
ick SO lots ins 1 to l >> inclusive U'iiin.ir'Vc
block i)3 lots nos 1 l to 10( in-l'nivo unimproved; ; Nsvl 11 ___ :'i i Water st. _n-i j7_ II F' 1\fll.i.L.: 11&eii1s Vantod.F. iVc. FEW bbls pure Cider Vinrsar, fIr ale ItvA
block 'Jl lots nfl 1 lo 1 Jij inclusive: iiiiiinirnvfd] ; i I I F. hiib-jcuhcr vvisliOdlo en aie in the sale of received from New York, brig Alaba .t by E. MrCrLLY,
TA 1'S.tnd Caps bv t tbe ease low for eash ; ( (, ) 4% ( his Maps a number of and middle JUST per
block H2 lots nos 1 to V) jatbiwc uiitnproved ; U. by [ young I a general assortment of Groceries, &c. Nov 11 fjvafer;( jt.
B.! KLLISUX: & CO. SADDLIN, d various patterns I and ijnalilic-s, aeil men of moral and bti-incss habits
block 93 lots nos 1 to I'l iiiclu-.ivi; u'liroprovod ; as tra- consisting in part as follows, viz :
Wock 4 l lots nas 1 to 1 I'l !: rl j ivo uti.tniovcd; ] ; De r :9. Cor. Wafer and Clicstiutt.f., Saddle ,UasMaihngales curt and Snatlle bits, vcllinp; aent. Having completed new and Crumbed Sugar, a fine article," Hydrostatic Ink Fomiiaiif.A .

block U hits nos 3 .t ". '1 7 9 10 unimproved ; Trusses greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup. FEW Hjdro>tatic Ink Fountains, Pen Rack,,

block 00 lot* nos 1 2 3 rt 7 s 9 10 unimproved ; OIX'H.i' : and douhle, fur sale, i and Whips f'-r sale by T2: Mas[ ; large Map of the World, Reference Cog. Brandy, a super. article," Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps,SeI*,
by WM.:
block 97 lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved! ;, ; fj Julyn J. Dee3'J G. POIlTFii & ('o. and Distance Map of the United States, National Com. do.Holland Paper Clasps, Weights" &c. for sale bv
IirI4iV. C. ALLHX.tV ) -Jf Wafer street.Panac Map off I be Frilled StateiNo: a variety of (Gin Nov IS J C ALLEN.
block 9- lots nos I l lo 10 unimproved ; of the bet quality, ___
block 9'lots ms 1 lo lo inclusive! inimprived ; lizs; lCIiCS1IeS tV Chemicals. > other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico, Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,

block 10' lots nos I to lOinrjiuive unirnprovcd ; ArKl 1:>"H i I s-ii| | Iy of I )r'j' Medicines! and 1W.lM & IIOUCK'S < a. the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for St. Croix and Jamaica Rum, Gold Pens.A .
Panacea jut received FEW \V'otKlward &. Brother's superior I |
block 101! lots 1103 1 to M inclusive unimproved; ; : no-.v laiidin; Irom buk fletci) un, I aid fur sale cash, at the lowest possible PriCe Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines, ;
by Gold
:and fir sile; l bY Address, Pensjust received and for sale by
block 102 lots no* 1 to I HJin'luiv.'t unimproved ; Soap, Candles and Starch
; i-vb IT ,
H 1 I'V V\ t lLL.OIA.l.tI.sJVMi : October 21. J C. ALLENVestern .
Nov 1 11 1 s.
J. _
block lU'J J Jots nos( to I I I'ti-jrlusiv unimproved ; : ; AiTJusyrs N. O. Rectified Whiskey,

block 101 lots nos 1 to lOi'ifl'isivo unimproved ; V ) : : ( bbls. ; 'l'nriiil-i( hUs; Xorthea-t earner of Market and Seventh Brown X. O. Muscovado and St. Croix Sugar, \ Produce.

block 101 lots nos 1 to 10 rirl IIL\C1; I S
block 105 lots! no' 1 to lOindusivc) unimproved ; J. SjadcLocks aborted, .1r4Iis-2T, | bbls., for sale bv All of which will be sold low by Sugar, choice and prime MolassesPorkm< pS
block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 iniu.ivc unimproved ; Wao! said Cart Haves, Irav.-in? Km ve-> and Dec 30 H ELLISON & Co. Blank Hooks and Stationery. E. '
Irons &C. fur -ale low _____ McCULLY, and prune, Bacon, Hams, Sides ana Shoulders.
block 10S lots nos 1 to J!9) 1 indn-ive: I unimproved : Xov, v'cc. by For Sale.S LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c. __ Novlt 50;l Water st.Groceries sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
I If I i B.; (:
M'-CULLY. no WjlTsl.anil Foolscap and Letter
block 109 lots nos 1 to 10) inHn-ivc flfliflrV.jttock !| : C) .\CKS 's1 1( ; 2'J' firkins superior But Paper; Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut 3(3.(
XlOlotsnos.I to It() mclu-ivc i nipr.vdlilock : iSoi><', \)\) ttr. Apply to Cot I Memorandum In Books ; and Ship Stores. V

111 lots nos'l to 10) !inclusive unimproved, : : Ii'U( --de by ij:. McCULLY, Jan 13< NOURSK STONE Ship and River Bills Lading; RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do, f iiava Jellies
& Co.CoIFcc. )E
block 112 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimj.rovcd) : Boooks for Letter Press. Flour Western do
.i Xov 11 J I fOW'.tersl.SI'MDLITX I ; N O Sugar, N ditlerent sized boxes, just received from
block 113 lots nos 1 to 10 incJiiiivc nnim.iroved : : Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks, St. Croiv do, Porto Rico do. Young Hyson Tea, I
block 114 lots nos 1 to 10 nclu.-ivc unimproved; Yea-t and l Soda Powders of the Jn-t received and for sale bv Hyson do, Povvchon do, Souchong do,, Goshen vana, and for sale by .
block 115 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved! : \ ffSACKS Kif, I Havana, and St. Butter Cheese Lard 11g. no r. A t.riitt V r1I
for sale by Domingo March 1 11. I.'. A BELL. Bacon Ham, Sides, Shoul- --_ -
1UU 1 T -----
block 116; lots fibs 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : iJIy 17 j. c ALLKX.Wooil Coflce.forsalelowliy tiers, .violates, vv lu.-Kev Mes and Prime Beef,
School JJiiohS.
block 117 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive' unimproved : V V V __ Dect2i: MeCl'LLY. Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon '
block 118 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : $ V lLazo vs. Herring, Sounds and Tongues Cod Fish Tongues SCHOOL BOOKS, c* a* kinds,just rec'd bf

block 119 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : Covers- Ware, &c. Oil Cloths and Carpels. WADE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers &.'Son's Pepper, Spices, Catsups. Pepper, Sauce, Olives,, J. C. ALLENKa VV

block 129 lots nos 1 to 10 incuivunimjnovrd! : BARRRL Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour r' PCS OilCloth, 1 and 2 yards wide Razors for sale by Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy
block 121 lots nos 1 to 10 tndu-ivc unimproved : Measures Trajs, Axbelves, Buckets, .3 3 ; I"cli2I 11 F A BELL.Osiiaburgs. Bread, Pilot do. Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits, tUI Flonr, Sugar, Coffee an A
block 122 lots no? 1 lo 10 inclusive' unimproved : Brooms ic.c. &.c. for sale bvII. 2 pcs" super Ingrain Carpeting" ; Beans, Salt, Raisens. Macaroni, Yermacelli. Ar Salt, I f
Stair .
block 12) lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : ELLISON & Co. BALES row Root, Corn: Oas, Buckwheat, Mustard, ll '*: ALwAYs on hand, and for sale low by
block 124 lots tins 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : Dec '.>I. ( or. Water and Che-lnut sis. 10 Tufted Rus | A Georgia Ostiabtirgs, on consignJ For cub* by B. ELLISON & C'* E McCULLVSwayn

block 125 lots rios 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : For sale by AVM. G. PORTHU fc CO. \ merit, for sale by Dec 9. Cor. Water and Cbestc_-g'f ----- IHUMe

block 126 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : UININF Camphor and Piperine, !ust re- Doe .'{tu -11 Wat< r street.fi Dec J. DAY & Co. Lancets. .'
block 127 Iota nos 1 to 10) tnclu-ivc unimproved : Q cfiived and for sale by A- 4Vitar's
block 123 lots nos 1 to 10 mcln-ive unimproved : April 17 If. R ABE!.!.. >r. Woodruff's Dysciilary C'or- Razor Strops.1HAPMAN SPRING and Thumb Lancets, *sl receivtd /COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherrv;jost *-

block 129 lots nos 1 lo 10 incisive unimproved : ___ V_ dial, / and Emerson's Strops, just reV sale by reived and for sale by

block 130 lots nos 1 te 10) incln-ive unimproved : B EEF-Mes.; and Prime, i'Ol. Diarrha-a, D>sentary, Chvlrra i'1nrbus, ceived and for sale by Feb 2 1 F ARELL-MHTanners' Feb 17 II F ABELL _
1 to 10 incln-ivi! unimproved, : Pork Feb 2J II F ABELL. _
block 131 lota nos -Io doUread Cholera Infantum( arid summer complaint of *1'OR % OFFAT-S -
block 132 lots no* I to 10) inel-i-ive unimproved, : -Xavy and Pilot for sale by children, for s.dc] by .1. PILLS AND
sale ,
Soap by sale by / just received and for sal-.bf
inclusive unimproved ,
block 13'JloUnosl to 10 ; lec ;w' B ELLISON &. Co. Fcb 3 J, C. ALLEN. CASTILE H F ABELL. F Dec ;* B EDISON & Co. Nov 3S n. p. ABELL, J. S



V : -_