..-.~. ".' ~

'. "*;. **:' .-* .... ".. .,LIBERTAS, CONSTITUTIO, ET NOSTRA PATRIA. -



_ _

I am skilled in magic lore,
And can tell thee, dearest maiden,
What the winds at evening say,
As amid the boughs they play;-
What the river to its shore,
Softly whispers evermore
From its heart o'erladen.
I can tell thee how the moon
Breathes persuasion to the billows;
What disourse the'mountain makes
To itsshadow-loving lakes;
And concealed" in lonely nooks,
What the little devious.brooks
Murmur o the willows.
Love thou me-for I love thee,"
Is -the song they sing forever.
At this moment I can hear
The response ringing clear:
,And the very stars repeat
To the mo'on-an answer sweet, -
"Love shall perish never.n.
And if thus Earth, Sea, and Sky
Find a voiae to sing their passion,
Should we fail my dearest maid,
Wandering in this greenwood shade,
To repeat the same'Vweet song,
We should do their music wrong,
And be out of fashion.
i tsC~lancotts.

a5U.i irnmr lIN.rrptto-.-,
Underwood & Caiglq..
ApalachicoLa, Fa. ,
(f13-All orders attended to with punctuality
and despatch. Jan. 20
MI. N. Scott & Brother, .
HATS, -c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dec 23 Apalachicola, Pa-:
A. Dodge,
No. 40,\Vater Street,
Dee -22. Apalachenli a,-Fa. '
\Vz. IV. Simp. WM. W. CHEEVER.
Sins &A Cleever'
Office No. 36 Water street.
dec2.3 Apalachici-da,Fla.
Roberts, Allen & Co.,
-Adi .~l[, rntii,, lhrrrS of' Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per ll'ares.
D,.c "?'4 Apalachicola", Fa-
C ,LrlvesI-,oers J, ,hr M Munn. Eizeene \V. Rogers.
Clias. Rogers A, Co., 1
Water street,

SJ." L. .WY..I A' N..

W..G. G I. DAVIS, Editlr.
'Office, Third Storv.-Bahlizell's Building9,.corner of
:. -'. Commerce and CheAtul streets.
"i"tbKMS. .
dtr.T i pn.JNS.-Three Dollars :pde annum,
' "ir paid in 1'ance, hr $3"50'if paid within six
months, or .4f4,91)u if paid thereafter.
: No -iubscriptio-iLtaken for a l43s.[erm-than stx
months-and..J2.-wil! iaor ablv=-vbe. chard for
thit =eriq,:. No paper w 'be dnsCQoittp. 'nil
all Ji:r'ear-igAare pit.l, qnless at'the option of _tbc-
piOprietor;," '
A A Vr.T -a's.--:O n e ,uare, twelvee lnes
or Ie-ii)'wilL-be in-itne .- at the rate of One Dol-
lar for the first, and Fi'ty Cents for every subse-
1 o those who advertise, by the year a liberal
dis,:o'fil.t wvill be mjde-; but all advertisements not
stritlv pertaminiij,to their own busine;??, as well
a- all legal advertisi-ments sent in by them, will
be c har_#d at theusual rates.
5jl. .I'l le" l a-..ve,-ti-kments must be paid 116r,
in advain'e.
F.,: i, v.h,, Dollirs will be charged for hnnobnc-
inlg eaiiiditet f',r olfi,:e.
S. A ~' All i I,'rrihen fre)rm a distance tn.ist
h,. i,:i ll > iie.! with tlie c -,!, or city referen,:e,
tOi'i~a iire iii;,irtton.

Wail. G. Porier &V- CO.
J-' 4 %L E R .7 1 H .kN T 6 ,
No. 41 W -altl ., reel.
Dee 30 A*p..^l-1chi:ola.^ Fai.
B3. P. N T.1. Cze, 1-1. B .:'tone, 11. W Brooks
om rse' Stone ,V Co.,
* G 0 Al M I S S 1 1) N M. E R C H A N T S,
No. 4-1, Water street ,
: De.-. -1"2 A . I.t-hi,-,la. Ft .
:-1l.kcgln-irt & Yo~tnS,
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A) 1. "vM-I'3SO a. WA DN
V 0 Mf M 1 S S 1 0 N and( F 0) R \W A R D I N G'
M E E1C H AN'rS,
No...)'J ,Vat.r str ele "
nov' A |ala''lrLt...lj. Fla -

J. Sl1EvN "., -N.- T. H. AUSTIN.
J. S:evelnsona & Co. 5 .,
G 0 M (1,1 1SSI N MERCHANT Szp"
No. 45 Water Sireet,
l-c. 2-,, IS47 7ra ala-lhicola, Fa.
'Jf:r.Pt;.\.H DA-) DANIEL J. DAY. '
J. Daty C 0..
C 0 M M I.ri 510-N MERCHANT5, ".-
No.o 52 W .'at r,?t..-
'' Dee-2;:-.1 .- ::". Apal :,. :.|a. Fa.
.... 1 AEeni,-s fror:,Lr,3y:s-.al.io, Agenfs -for (he
-' .--[, I n i Ir.-,riceeCo."l-he I h Pro election Insurance
C-." and the Hartord Insurance Co." Hariford
:C ,,'n i . ". '
0. B. Wood & Co, ;"...
C o M M I SS I0 N -\ N D 0 R W-A RDI-N G
"-,+ .:.-> *% M ER(CH ANTS, ": .>
," .. -. -.!;: -, -N o: 44 W ate '-street,; ; : -
'. . A"\palj c.-'.: -.bi Fa.

Billiard Salont,
".' ,. .AN D
_q THE public care ,- respectfully informed
that the b-i e establishment has been
entirt-l rNfitled, and is now open for the
reception (l pi:rn"rmnent and transient Boarders,
jndtlhe subscribers hope by strict attention to the
business t61 their house to be second to none in
rendering''t ei"r guests coril'ortahle. Theii'table
will be sup plied a't alfltimes with.every delicacy
the .market' affords. Planters and Captains of
vessels will find this a very convenient house.
.Qame', Oysters, &c. servedup atall hours and
in' the best style. The Bar will. be-we1l stocked
with- the clioicest Wines, Liquors and- Segars.
Attached o 'the esTablis.hment is a Billiard Sa-
loon,'spacious and well lit up.
- Grateful for past favors, the subscribers, hope
that" their friends and the public will continue to
'sustain them. -
'November 11, 1847. .. .. 43-tf.

Harper & t iiolne_,"
-.y "i ', ,
No..3 A aVaterslrer,
Dec. 1-2 A .ala.,hicla, Fa.
\%V. T. W.:D-: E. A. B LP.,LLO U.
isr9l it B1allou,
C 0 1 7 M1NS t I 0S)TAE U.1It C H A N T S,
1 _),ii..e No 42 AV.,Iaer I ar el I.'-- i|) 1.,ir |
*Jan- 16i Ap~alaclncolai. Fa.

J. mi ot j..'1 ][it, iI it,
S- No.-48 w-atBrs'eet';tor:
.Decpi T2* */,'ApA(LAOHICOLA, FA,

,, W ., 1. D aIiT- .., D ""
OffersIii. serviovs?,. t," he',p,, ic neither of' the
.-I e (-apacit'i S. '.':- .. .'

H.- 1\iil practice r l.in Fr.ii,,li'i,-Cal-
a. nd ,:a j.ii Jacl:. Cir'Cui., C,)urts-ahd will, upon
a s,:I-c,:dl relaImer, aot as C3ounsel,, mn any Court
,.Pf the MMiddle ,-r \Vesten' Clir it.- 'He -ill also,,
,r.-liie cas-s I tnhe Cui't of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the O-is 'of which; he wll always 'be
pr~esent ., ,t,, iie;' prevented hl i^ ,:if'de,,t.-' '
.'-- A I, ,l:;,fl,]'-."i,:1 Sei'len'b):r s," I846._: ..- .', "

'A. G;. Semnnes,
: .>' --i,-.A;TTO R N E AT LA W. ,
W* ( O 0fi<. .V'6.- 2.- Capt. S~innon' B'/iit~hing,
* ,',,r. ,.,I 'eintre & Commn' r,<. .fil eelsa .
Snnv) Aial ],,ohi -,l), Fla. -
I B. BE. OwCn,1 a
i':- A T T 0R N E .-AT LA W, ;'.
C .L'YroN, Barb-u'r Cor~nity-, Alabamna.

Wylie Ac i McKen.zie,
C :_qS.i['.,rME[RCHANTS',
N.). 42 rat-?r strtle t,
Septa t. .1 I.'. ,:,ala>hic la, FPa.
S. .& J. schlirer.
. 'if, l.a' tl-.: il[r .ut[,'-'n iiIO u ) t 'i [,') .iit iti? H|) 't'li ilV,
ir, ~iivlh. i ..id 3hini sto'ei.,
-N,:. 19-iW aiter ,treet. I
N ,)v 1 4 :-'-- ; k ,\ ,, it lii .:,la' l *_ -
-1-. P. A be, -
W A'\ t.,;.' IL L V"D k I'.L, "
7-kA UE-R IN 0.0)1; S, .E iCiNE, PAIN I'S,
,; i3l ";L \ i'. .,'.. ,'*. -
A l"'-)- A-..l,g. r i ,.-; tir,.--..t *-l' Statiiery.
C t i)r. t')[ i /' t '.;. l ,rtii .| ',. t,,r *'t' tr ?e- ,
A -',i'l 1 1 "A .&,, l,,'lii,^-,li,. 1"' .

C .0 M '.I f S-.:3 I N i E R C 11 A N T,
.'"' .. N,:)-.' 3 W\V ter it,- etrIv,-Uv iirs,
"D .C.. ^ Tl"_ 7. .\;M .',_, lL,?1 t: l.l, [7'.] .
D 1-;1, .o

-': X\' hl e 'le arl^ -i l R -i ,Ii D -.aler in "-l, '
-1)RU t>. .. I.GEDI,'1 it.'1I-.:. PA qN .-, OI- L->,
L-. A..'F _., Bit'_Nil.`.,. .T .:..A.\, .
.:" .*i"/ i,-'.. / nt ,t,,)'!,i'., l ,, "
t!o3, L.i,.,BtL:\.N; :: O .)t,:r .)[ *A C i:;")'.il >." .Q 1 ll'- l.' n -.'i +i ,: t -( ."- -

;: -" '*" : JB S. iri:wley
tU, r"o, AOR L' O \ M ISSIOfq [,N M\ ER C'H A N T,
", N oX,. *'2S W at,-r .,tr..er. -
D c,? 5 .., _- ", A n 'l- :'hi,?,-l-. F7 ..
"---- -wrrt' i,% Jt'ii,,, 7
'.: G".0O,:gRS .- ,."-i .MI ^',[ I'.-qiN EF M E-C'-[.NTS,;
-" -,"* N ,o. 43. \V".t[.?r ,r-,n',er.
Dec 5 A} .\,l.r it':h!ie l, Ft.i
:' : B EN.I.''II1I r.Lis._:>N ''.\VIL'.[ \;I. A -%\'U.:'.D
S. COM MIfS .' .'.[') N r'.; ^i,.':[t \N1"'*3 ,
~~, .IN. 1UC l-i..I"- til
DRY GO-)DS. ',3Tl-,_"<-iE!;iE"'. H.ARDWAFRE,
. TIN _X,.\KE, BO)-rs'.T.'a, 'i-l,)E%' HAT.S, '
": ,_A.P., CRt-),<.-KI.R R, SHIP
.~~ ~ .... HANDLER \.,..- c..
: _" : Cor. "W ater aiid Chieitaut sts. "
Dee,9 .' .. A\i->li;ht'l ola, Fa.
Edward l-)leC n!i y,
.:-"_ -': .. No. 5i) Water street.


No ., to Wian'inters.
OL -,-aS4 coLcr^'i-OFFTOE K-Ef vvEsTT
... : ". y.- Fe,-b i ry 6; 41 4 .- }
"Ar- AT KEY WEST will be_ sh,-;1)m6 tn thle 1,0th,
Tinst/ It ,i a first cl.,vs lIirit'aud l wi pr-_,bjbl be
visible from a sh ip's de,:k'at tl,- distjriice olftv,%e% -'
tv -yd ,m"ites in clear weatherr. -It -ia siliahd
elizht huln rdril yards. North Ei-,r the .-iie'of thel
"I' li=iht. The bearmt'i.s and c,,urses liretuore
follow ed tor eiterna tlhis |:,port noi-\ still li t
ob-served ; but vessels apprti':h.iiig the h-hip ,l:an-
nel in the diN time, will find five I'tlhors j water
on the bar bv bringii; the buoy in range with the
lihlit house and runiri,., f.r it. .:
Irisli Potatoes and Onions.
"L FINE artir le l.:r sle b\
.- Nov11 E. M,-I.1ILLY. 51) Water st.M
Tflioinsoniann Medicines,
JUST received and I'ur sale bty
Feb t3 ... ... .-..J-. P. NJ A [.!.F .

:* .. '"Jas. F..Fanrrior,
No. 50 Water street
.!'6v 11. Appalaih nla. Fla.
iii'i. P. M'CA..,LL-. Gu .STAVF' ROMAIN.
I--., 1Calla &, IRoiain,
.' No.;'9 Columbus BInck.
N6v.' 1 "" Apalachicola, Fla.
-S. IRi. Nickerson,
-- HATS, CAPS, \:c.
". ... Not I Columbut Block,
Dec. 23 ApIlichicola, Fa.

Co6ke & Ho.lire,
No. 13, St.,Charles Street,.
feb *8. .. "




(Late T. CLJIRK.)

street, three-fouths of th t income ,o6ld!
beconsumed for rent?" .*
".What say YOU touSpruce street?"
,, Impossible.."
"..Walntut ? -.
66 N -1 N '
"No." r ,
"You needn't soy another-word, Jacob.
I know by your looks, that you have made
up your mind to go into some mean, shab-
by. disreputable neighb6rhood."t-
"You are mistake "Miy deaf. I have
my eye on one of the nicest, 'nteelest,
sweetest houses you'ever saw,-",';4 -',-"
A"Just telFme where it is?" :
"Before I answer your question, my
love, I must '-I "
.Will you tell me where t!at house is-
yes or no ?" -
"Only hear" -
S"No won't "-" .
rJust on"-- ""
No !" -. '" :* .
Unfortunately 'I -am of an excitable tem-
perament Irjum-ped to my feet-acciden-,
tally trod on the taiJof mywife's pet dog-
and not only kicked-thepooqr wretch for set-
ting up a piercing how.L., but the kick was
accompanied by-.'ani expletive, which 1 am
reminded of to-this-very day. The room
was paced hurriedly, and-by savage threats
and stern resolvies-disjointed and but half
expressed, it is tiue-Iendea'vo'iea to force
my wife into submission. It is almost un-
necessary to add, that-the attempt ended, as
all previous attempts had ended, inb 'aom-
plete ankd lamentable failure. First caie a
white harnkerchief-then tears--fhen sobs--
and then a brief, broken, but still graphic
sketch of her sufferings and my villainies
I never know no'w--(sob)- whale -it is o'
have-(sob)-a happy moment--(s6b.) You
treat me--(sob)-worse than a brute---(sob.)
If my father kne*'-(sob)---h6w you swo. re
-- (sob)- ?t me ": .. -'".
'"I-I-I-swear, Mrs.Joues? I river
.swore in my life. I only .s:aiAi sdmethinhg to
-the dog." .-, ,
You can"' impose-(sob)--upon me any
longer,--(sob)-you looked at me when you
-(sob)--said il. It's a piece-eL(sob)--witli
all ,he rest-(sob.) -You used t'o StlyF at
hoime_-;sobf=-w'ith me, but now you are
out--(sob)-every 'night -of Jbur lifew--(a:
succession of violent sobs.) ".. ,-
-I was.' amazed'--horror-struck-appalldi
at this charge', and in I'low, meefk voice,'
replied- '
Mrs. Jones, you know-you ough't to
know-that I have not been- ot.of this-
house a single night for t'wo months, except
last evening, when I was compelled to go,6t
the office to make up o'u'r,tbilanc' sheet.".,
What was that play-bill-(sob)- doing
in you hat last night-(sob)--ifya* were at
tbe0.=f--of-of--fice?"--(lofud and plrolong-
ed sob-bing.) *-o .. :- o '-
The truth -Hflashed across fmy -miM.--t a-
twinkling. Iihad purchased a -b Ineh of
cigars on my way home'the-precediig-even-
ing, and- the~heariless scoundre-bof a tobac-
conist had wrapped up the -" high flavored"
in one of the small bills which had:been is-
.sued from the Walnutt Street Tbeaw're troat
morning. On my wif&'s dressing-burea'u--
crumpled and ragged-reposed the evidence
of nmy seeming guilt. ",Great Attraction.'"
-" Public opinion challenged and requir-
ed !". First night bf the" Huminane,Foot-'
pad !"-,'-Mr. Tea-rem'irntw-wpiec-es 11
Maty, a man hbs beeh irmporison'ed for life;"
or suspended by ithe neok,". on circunmslan-
tial evidence eless clear and conclusive..-
What was 16 be done -.Assaing my, inno-
,cence was out-of tbe,-'questMti, .*bh .;that*
play -bil- starng--me. in _the- face,. L&fe.ak
Christian and philosopher, I implored -for-,
giveness-pro0mis'ed rfieadmeni-ao.d. Se
:soned th'e p -offp.rq..d:,pfop;*al9s peace witih
a promised indemnity in* the shape of..a',siaki
dress, which sh6uld have a skirt ofsuffic'ienl'
dimensiol.Ismo. satisfy .the. apacious: notions:
of even M-iss Blink herself.,:.' .: :,: ;
Do.yo1 i"ink,1 a-.c-b," b iaK-se~bed,
.half-s ighed uny 1w`11-,- .tat a in arnoi c olr-
ed silk, with gaiters :and,'gloves to match,
:,would b~ebecominglo me;?. ,' *<;-. : '? ".2
"B~ecomfii n~g ? hy;-a;* maroon---co1re-ii
Sil]k would give' a (watmihf[lo~yohr.e~mple~x-
on: that, would .miyke-y~Qu: appear "dtcolloters.
. -g_ what you always appear,.to 'me, tiny ideai"
-real~ly b~eaumiful !'" .: '"j" *: .., \^. ^.::
"A'h;. Ja cob, -,yo~u .are: alw ays .fttterjyg-;
me. Besides',yqu' know, .-we. can't-*affr0d-
i t ." -. *' .. 1-: -'*- -. '

you overheard Miss Blink sny that you had.
the poorest d resse ;of .any-laidy in ih'e
.house ?" .", -.; ..-.' "\-;; .: -..- '. :-" .-. -" ..
. AsI exkpectie~dthis tearng'ope' fi ba re-A
oeehly healed. .w~oTnd-xi;ha~d the effect :,tot
effac:ing all r~erner~b~rancep f the scene whiich'
we had p~assed h'rough,' and-direciint; ilhe
remains of my wife's-witath }6ards-the'per-:
son. and pecuiliairiltes 0f. Miss Blink. As 1
frilly endorsed her sentiments .respecting
itat intereslina young iaily.-and abhused hler

with.-ai:l\ the reckless devoHon of a I',nni,
faihlifult and fruly symiilihising husband, I
_was at once fnllv restoreil toIlie c'oufidence,
affectioini, and love of Mrs. Jones, atrd the-
p" inxlnity" freely accepted. .
That hiibt, after we retired to rest, ilid
subject .of housekeeping wHi' resumed withi
greav- wirnilh. Plans and a-ran-gements
were discuXod -and re'discuss'ed ; an-d Marv
Catherine, nt letatth'. become so'nii'cli ear-
nesi. ,tor to iell me how she wanted hlieparlors.
furnished," Her entlIuqiasm carried liei so
far. i liar she more ihium once beaZed me to-
,get o0 t of 0 e1l' and liiht tlhe limp, fq'r
"the;- p 11i'jinsf of aseer dining ^'h ow, ^r'arny.
h reahdili. hofcnirpe t AhoI-wre .we)re j t-A) ee ro'm;,
with :I view of assistin g ier. IHo' ni' c.atcuia-
.tionsw*Meh:she %%as na, ine w roferent&e to!
coniem|)laied purchases ; butas. ihave A.
constitutional .objectieon--f0rided 0 lied-

!'mi'liishi-to' any 'Uinnecc88qary- c'7p8irpqB ft f
person, ti,'ing ,he hours t.k4'rr^ :".-"
rerwse. the request was n1ot" c.l 'io A .,.itl ..4".." A,-
Wilh the morning' cnme-.'rli6ntjsfd "t.,
with reflc,,ub certain un, q lju .
and 'fngi'ingtI. A doinrorl^^."^efeel .
Iookin house, in sneh a S Bcie|(bni'hofo)j *."' *.'
my wife desired, nid tro6t "e.toblAa jned un-'":ti "
iter five hundred dollar' per annujii: which .
,deducled from iho snin.i I.- 0' ra t ". I q 7
would leave 3 balance qf seven ldrt,( -'
year, ou'l of which the -';ble 1;ts o .1e i-^- ... "
pliied-wages paid-ilie fires kejiL-tj)p--.. t 2 -
provided--o say nothing of. Ilhe- '9 er'eL' .
celer,,s which enter s'o largely ino the, -,j' ':-
cidentals" of both country, inil.Ohyl'e-- .
Ttjes4 d~ibls .ire comnm r,,i tif pd '-i ,-"
wife;" bnt shA'.regarded the rpsuali.nf 'l'-.,"'
cypberings, not s ftie onsrr;I ii n" o "I t 0 lid( '- "
but as downright dveniio,..m.i'.'rre ;;
tor the purpose bf defe.,ii,, iit,;1 rfi ePwi- h ) w .7 1
of her heart the-ie id an&.a'_j^ far `soured antd sat'Uiaiid' with '.boari'iiog-
10liiie sufferings. .r i \ -: .. .. "
, ""You are .-Iihe most ch,ang.eable maih :..
M r. ,J'ones, [ ,vef : et" i;,l- i f?. Y qi :-.
fon't know your own ivn.in "miRrue au ;it .
time. Last n'gIhtyo.h wCI erblelx on ui'ng *." "
to housekee|)in,-. ..r-hii m nin'rPg.jpi, ur
o pposed- to if. -Ani .now, 'st,|)pose, l" lmist l
,end nmy'ayi iq"is rooin-iJrafg1 V'utq,'. M,- .
erable exfistence on lea and ibat--liver al-.
bread dti nd s."S :- ,"- ,; "il
My dear, I havc Rnr ", --.- "
u see bow it ns. You, wakit toUi'RF noS. .
But, I'll disappoimtyou, ,.Mr. Jort's... .r,

another: week fwil a 1 s~ay i6 Phllade[Rhii,"I :
shall go horrve, aid stany ho9m0,16 ii Y .
lave spirit 'euug-b to sqlpoir ipe ;4st a i.
") 1).or-let ,N"o 'h. k "b'
should be sup|)orted. Nol In ,o hotiskee -
! ,ltg"ndeed, after.what y'ott'j~r,)mr'sep'd. -,-.*
.*^"W ili.1 -y u Ihstn-n -p-me one a,'..,li; -.-"
r vrzsi' elpn s [ haIii hgeU l n ny.,(
1; was :mne'reljres'liiin~iiii ha.n du :e,. n.(.a"e-
would e.-; "
atTha~t's'jubilyOur i-va 'T1^ ""W 'Sl M
want to g'o ainywilere, ie,(6t bd?. n,.,n^
then you must"'cohi'heitce" 4l1)bher-66 r-'"
cyphering--as" 1i4'41aI w%,tu tr! C i -ip':Q 1J.
- ver since w'e were m -'rri-' I1UI '^ve
made me-kPoea1ii;,aclun book". -:t-i .ib at
bring any of ihe ninnev l.;cI iff Ii. wa( % -
"spent2, -Just Answer 'mno ih; Mr' ;' -n -
*'"M dear,'" replied, .e My, tipllje;^ ,
was to showbvou-.Avhniaw- T 'i ufpe'

-upon'. We-'certainly e'tn nrwiep hot.se, n
the style you- desire. on'twelve ,i|rdia
year' and the only' way lelf ffonre' Wt|.. -
crease my ionoe;e b.g -o.'e. 0'6Nei.ril 7-
9. wt'j r; a, Iov^.Tl!a vha 'a""li)r ir n for'n.
Suppose try toy!.iannin lirt IifT W -j1 WF
for the prizes whieh lJie 'Iw ,pers iJ -
rnigazinesadvet'rtse 'nea 'fjir eve ry 'i n' nA
[I.ain perfectly a.&n'i-1|ed.Mr.;e-rifs., .
b'that a, man at. your tinie o.if.-=Tr. )fot
b'howf,,- Jabi h't you. nry Fifii asa aiIn
-'.should Jthmnk ofS'.r'ln; a low 'p .' i .i'e -'. .,s'- 11- '.
I said nothing--u h;1 brhld ]-',ay ;[(t&.
quiety.took my .hnt a'na t can'e'..hd'si ellie
fortli; in search ofa housOW! 6 I', w'h11uct s "
fu-i-, and shall'6nerelv y tl'l ::'.; r e'i-t|)
\a1hbuse'whirh l a's pv ep, -t* r! n', e, .s ilR ^ .
(ioino my wirte. SliRis :xprrecl fi
wifh'-,he in- ,oni artani",,renf.r," imn. -
door-arrangemenis, and !nis1 s- 'Sj h'.:'%i "
errergy thint tire- gailen"-'s Aot 'i iv e.ii') ."
enough to raise all the "vp-elilleg wlm.'nr 'l m
need; but ihant ihe sohlarv al'Ile lre'e-le;1^-
lessa nd, al'mw )st I)fanchli ,s r a.nd-wnii:'
m istook f 0ar n clothes IW ne 'i t ,' ll'asla r nh
us all the fruit we' in-iy mahl't",irini;.:"1 "
coming siininer. '"-'^ _.. ,' ,
..We expect r he to fife d"1 in,^'u',df I se
a 1w e e k o r tw o ; *a n t.i i h e n w e a .n U ;[ ?^ .1-
lled in I house -of' oitr ownh-enjvi6n IlIe

waking reahies of boiihdg hobis-ire-nw-
itis- riotl unlikely ihnt hat f' rcadcrs "01":7i
Gazelle im-ty ;gaaln heW~r Wi' Atn`e!`rn~n4flr
J-,QD.0eS': -" :"*. --".-'.... ",,-.. ; -
,,'*^-,' ,* '"*" .."-^.' " : -.'..
"- ;-: [Correspondewe -d. ( bA~ 'E)veiltt^-. i!
.-' .. :- .- lS f ..-
.STE AAl ER J U']LIA b|-6-nigSi pil~(n r Q -T
*. ." "^ .) .* f
\Haye you ever heintlQ. ".SIwtafa
Bend' earne. i.s !il''p i Q I jj. 11. 1
-on, the ai,,horiy -o0f Capi ) .. ,<^. fi4 -
'Some twent y~ ,itrsi ;igp, wh~ .p -~t.'.Ajex.e",
S co~t 'WUS i i s l'ftl..ca',ee'r o'f ^ I.isel97`
and popu~llavtly, the en naitne].e.- .bciKJl.K":
u~niilh;thitvd. It w:i<, full-. olf. jtiie.. desi~tiI_,
:wood, h,:w,,,vei', ind t(i.sL 'oB^, snuii,,,.&..,r ". a
-then anoirerZ.cTpu~ anrmi'be'r, i'eaj>'c(l ;, ljar"-
,,csi ,,illh l i ,, e, o,,,il .,e-e i~b jaS
'qu'lle, a sio('pij:'i^ lte fur ilhe .ho.",,, a~td -:

settler, ..Cicb ,,..iioust.Gdo_ I'^gb.baM.pir.
sncl i prd~n file clearing. .t't.e..re wris.... ofel. --,
com~ieti,,in, utfconirse, ;in)d to.t i| tii'ijbt_.c/ima ,'.
bu.o ile n pea,',,ncc of' --,o -sq:
senre ol id'l, tlemoni 'e-Jblv.oo so 5ofiftr'r -. :
could be s,:en t ihmig do\v~n ljhcwl~e{'ttr~s '-, *-
e.,lge, eahil v',,ving ri pine htwMh, i'ub.e h11? ."
heajd,.;aid e;tclh--ii.l.,.]s clehierw -de~giuil-^nd"
Capt.^ Ale\. ^icnlt itwas;,. 'wh(o ioni"-t~q'iig-i
"cirenmsance, LcliisiejhicJ Ile l!tii[r=,'" ", ... .. _/
.- But liimes ;irp tlihnge~.;'.i-|'^ '-Vcnd. laS, -.,
IbecOJne a pi~lce ;' in~tne). :m~nd otierntt ,(^. ,
"lnve lh.,,! ,hei,"eflec,. and ,Ire .Z..-.**Head--
., .- ., .. .... ?.l ', ,
ers" tale no" piir u na.tever.. .1,t tbe,,... f .l ,:.'
whjchi' ant:icluelKi ilsc'f in "tlt~ejr*.ea)ll ffiy .}'dyJ ..-
in -fact llh,-y ,.nn to tlr-op'i^<''e,i.,.--5'7./TM ,,

name, you K-I,1nowV. 'lK-, nw et.! ft
call Ii et r benod A/?'I erick',t.-- ,'rfn't
do; not :t boat.(on Iletii A 1 r 1 -ivpgn .f .
;iny Siiclh locally Noi a- o r.,anu56f1^e IIht -
or a [ eSSeu pg r Is.. ever pitt ashore-u un [iJ s ., .
01.1 t with.t l. i t old c gnoniinaf io n- .*- ."
11 1 1 I l e.- il i -. 1,,.1-)-
now, i- very t.i.kwa tl,^ fhr ijeyH v'.iHa y i~qo ..-,
am\ thingsin .I -b1 e ,,,.a ".b .
w 1 o0 1I1 n ,e co n e.TI Iolro 6 L p; rd'in -&,5 ciit4 v:
.*uil 'uliati n ;..h'u't th enf !ea~m fa q^l t f.ra eq ," '. -"
inveiet',,e-r, |in WNr-'a'ta~ h.mincl t.l ej ii "
ciatiro,. "A cor:, l_.oiIs1 r.' t i .. s
ili f" m ay 19-" i" 'c D.. ) -,/
lud not long, sine -e .(l ,f .d.'.o^ .he-,iut .-i-' .''o'.
isho' e ;at ,',Qhurtl'e.. tm ?.ff"fie -" I
'a~ have.. 'i -,. :.,4- ,
tally inve areniched.^tthe. td ^ rti'K."s%_nB :

ii.at'er o rlhagr.iphy. i'- ti-fa.u -, "t ay
it is cutting n' Ie malle recog `he har:'" y r-
tie Blend" may lbe recogo3izedf.""''''I^'

CONTINUES to carry on the
J ,, business in Apalachicola, oppo-
l site the City Hotel in Centre st.
I Having superior workmen, he is
confident that all who may patronize him ,will
find that they have called at the right shop.
French Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and
most approved style. Also, Patent Leather Gai-
ter Boots and Shoes made in a superior manner.
I-e will keel constantly on hand a large and se-
lected-assortment of Ready Made Boots, .Shoes
-and Brogans -All mending, &c., done with neat-
ness hod promptitudee, and on terms that cannot
fail to be recognised as in keeping with the com-
.petition inWtrade and the closeness of the, times.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9, 1847. 47-6m

Underwood & Caigh,

fh RESPECTFULLY otferf heir ser-
tidf vices to the citizenso6f Apalachi-
jj P 'cola, and.the county of Franklin
] [ generally, in 'the line of tehir pro-
' -yfession." Having monthly com-
:L ?, munication with the principal
II ) ,Northern cities, they will be ena-
Jj ^ H bled to furnish their patrons at aA
(.. timeswith the NEWEST AND) LA-
--" -- TEST PLATES OF FASHION, receiv-
edae.onthly, showing at a view the most Fa.hion-
able Styl-, o"f Dress, which Will be a decided
advantage to a fashionable community.
N. B; Gentlemens' Morning Gowns and Eve-
-ning Wrappers made- to'order; Cloaks of every
descripftion made in the usual forms-of the day;
Walking and&Ridihg Gaitors made in a superior
manner; Tunic Dresses and Boys' Clothes of
every description made in a neat and fashionable
*style. Al!Lgarments made at this establishment
itarrawei.d to fit.
^ Sholip, Second Storv Baltzell's Buildings.
Entrance on Cheinut street.
' -,ctober 14, 16-17. 39-61m
k)- .f pla~e of Fall )nd rirter Fashions just

Ap.alaehicola, Fa.

, 1 -. ".- : .

[From Neal's'Saturday Ga zette.3 I -
"You're" tile most provoking. man I ever
saw irf my life. So you must be handing,
the smioke beef,"and the crackers, and toast,
to Mis Blini, and musts sriile and simper
at. everything she said at the table to-night,
when you know it was only yesterday that
she told me that my nev silk dress was
rather skimp in the sieti. Let me tell you,
Mr. Jones, *you have a very sheepish look
when you- are trying to make yourself agree-
able.'.' '
"Bat, my dear"--
Don't dear me. If a husband slights a
'wifee in'public, what can she expect from"
strangers?" .
Knowing from past experience that it
would be impossible-to get the advantage of
Mary Catharine in argument, I drew off my
boots-'pu't on a pair of slippe-rs--seated my-
self in an arm chair-dre'w 'lie lamli "towards
me -and made a desperate attempt to be
deeply interested in the newspaper of the
preceding day. This seeming indifference
but added fuel to the flame; and the com-
parisons which were drawn for my special
benefit, by my affectionate but somewhat
excihable wife, will doubtless suggest, them-
selves to such or"ihe4'eade'rs of the Gazette
as have been fully initiated into 'the mys-
teries of the married life. But Mary'Ca-
tharine has a he,-wt--large, warm, true, and
easily-worked upon-and I know bow and
when t.o touch it.. My head drooped a little,
and just such a sigh escaped me as might
have emanated from some poor wret'h who
had lost father-mot-her-brothers-sisters
-kindred-friends-and had been-left hope-
less and forsaken, like one; .of- Byron's he-
roes 6f "dark imaginings." I knew that.
my wife's heart was touched-and that, like
the rock after it-had been smote- by Aaron's
-rod, streams of relenting love would gush
forth withconnubial liberality. .
MislerJones." [No answer.] "Jacob."
.[S0l'll no answer.]- .Dear- Jaacob !"
The last was irresistible. I looked up,
and saiw a pair of bright,: blue eyes, glisten.-
ing with love and asking -for forgiveness as
plainlyas a paiir of bright, bite eyes could
sue for peace and pardon. The reader, if
married, cau readily imagine what ensued.
"'Ah, Jacob, I know I was wrong to talk
the- way Jdid-butthijs,boarding is euctugh'
to ruin the besi ternper in .the 'World., Netb-
ing to do--riothing to' occupy the mind
with"-nothing- r-t look forward to--confined
to your'bed-root from week's eud to week's
end-'and forever .eating salt mackerel.':!:I-I
w*, so6n become like Lot's wife." :
Iam glad you mentioned the subject,
my dear"" ST rep-lied, ".Tor I have been think-.
ing seriously to-day -of going 'to housekeep-,
. , ) l ." ... :. ., -. ,. "
Like all boarders, visions, of elegantly
furnished houses,-well stocked -larders, sleep
inviting couches, And.delectable cooks, had'
time .and again danced wildly" in the Imagin-
ation of my wifee, but the .bare idea 'that
these dreams--co.tonjured up by the delirium
0lf boarding g-house mania--were likely to be.
ietalized, and(may:, be--on" than she ex-
pected, setMairy Calharirine half wild. She
sprrttg towards,.me, and before I haid time.
to make the sligtPest preparailion, a pair of
w"nm nfilips prpssed mine, with a vigor and
sttdenness that sent my-spectaclels flying.
-" ofi' deny it? Jacob. u, kew yoiu fh
someiihng on yotrimwd.the moment. you
camneonie." .,D o itel lnme'ill a0ioutt ii-:that's
a dtar., n1 .l, gn ood,, Old littsbant. 'i." -
,, .. I b haye- nonlth in2g tpo tell you_." "
SHa'%en t you been'lookmin at a house?"
.: .. ] h ,,ve '". .... ': .', 7 ':: ... "-'"
,-" 'Haven'tyou beenprie'ing, furniture."

"I Inew' it-JI knie w i t! u-Put me in a
house-,. of my own,- Jaicb, a li.d I, would .be.
he happiest creature and the best wife i.
the \0tIo'J-let you smoke in th 0 parlor-have
as mint1C cotmrpan-y "as 30L ) liledl-sleep in
bed, in b the 11o i un jts I a.,'s long i a9 ) you
Min,'we1 ahfid wo6uld never ask you-t get ti|)
'in l l Ie miii iddl e o ft h e r i gh t i o :se ei I-'th- stove
Wattled more coabl, -o let'i s live/in Ches.
n1ut' st reet! *1"- '; >:,: ;i;:. '. ,-:' *;'., ** .. .'..... ",:
Cli,'sntiSrii'et " i intertogai'elv eeho-
:ed, willh a hlol of. torror.. ," Don. '.-you
IKnow,- ;"iMs. Jones tlrit m'.'ncorne ts~ex-,.
>aet~ly twelve -huthiled..a-year-ahnd d'0n't: you;-:
knopw. 'that if.I took' ai hobeu-in^B .Chesaut

A. N. 5lcK kv. N C. ROBBINS. CHA.. PRATT.

, C 6 IM IS STiO N ':NI E E,.CHAN.TS, -
/'. "' ".-! ;..... N o. 4-0-.\ at,-r-s areet," .,. '.
' D ec~-15 "*' ". ,A m l chicnlii; Fa,..

arfr.s.i[na[ 0oticr..

.'l.,-- M .,v be 6..un,:l at his re-i,:,'. e, c..-rner of,
Centre -.and --Hirgh' streets, 'opposite the. Mansion
H 6usej .-..- = ;'* : '* ,* N ov 'S .

: Apalachicola EXchatnge.
n--- THE,-subscriber informs his.friends
and the public,in general, that lie has be-
"M eome'tbheproprietor of-this above well
-knoWn h ibuse; and wi'l-be pleased to entertain
,any of the travelling community that may favor
him with their custom, and will also accommo-
date resident biarders.' "The b*4r 'wtll always be
supplied with, genuine liquors; of the choicest
,.quality. .. -,. ,OHN PATRIDGE.
'Apalaehicola, Novo. 14, 1847. "

. ., dl ., 17, 1 4'.13


*, VCityHtel Tallahassee.
OTIGE-- [have to, i,:rnfm my friends atnd
- *Ni .th"e patrons 1 this b:,,,-e, i bat I havee leased
-V, .and .that itrwili -hereafter be. enductelt by
WILLIAM HEMINGWAY, Esq., who has for
thany \;\','-.; been .connected with. the first. class
Ho,:l-; ;tthe Nbrth'-,- a re-cently from theA'me-
.rican Hotel ino:New. YVork. Beleaving thie "will,
keep-i, endxcelle t house, an4dspare no exertion or
.pense to make'lUis g,, : st, I-l .,rtabie, I reeom-
emend the h,6use tu my Miet&ds and the public.
<-.'.* .. -***-:*."-.z' ....THOMAS BROWN.
-Taltabassee,:Nov. 1, 1-84T. 1^ 3-6m.
.t i.**,'K. CIT HOTEL, : -

_I N the n-ar, i, I.a rritl t ,_,' til H,.'t<:.l, the under-,
icntAd .ll nti, h .be-t exzrtit,,,,. to pleaseh'is'
gtilcu s. He aska thPe&i-.ublicfther-beir u Stib .
--j'November, 11-IS7. -13-6rn. "
X- AT :H -R. N

Bovliiin9, Sa uoon a ld MlUlliarid

Sr H E proprM,:,r.e:t" toh,.. '. A thi: nfmt *Bo I'ing
J_ Sailo~n" h'j, ti-i,-'.l ever ,lravor 1,) u-,ije
tlie e,.t ,)1 mrl ali,- ei.' 'hi~eeabl: ,'lace of res,,lt,
and is ,hak,',i ilu, ia i "a,,'ever, dis.'r, ,,iiiir i p b-
lic )r.ve Ipr o Ibpr l -,a i,,i ,e .t eJr.app~r'eiation,
t.f his det r:e t,:, ple-te.' He \,ihl l ,'. .,keep a
chloice a.-.)lr~it ,I Liquors, and -,r,-.fr irig
beverages; .o~f :sort to tickle-the palates of Old
Bacchus' :'most. f.jsii._;,- so'.: r .and. Oysters,
cool. affd-derlicius, -esh fronri tlieit r aiive bt 'il^.
"Fora"i, ple t.-an ,:ii iiiilii >,I exercise,/wa d
":amus,-t 'er, t--,i/ ,.tro 1 d /c -ttliere'ds' nb6 igg
A% ithin the circle o' gymnastics to co-mparew-ith
a girni of ten f',,; but il,-,se preferring le.s'
active- a snu -,eiint, can ilw\'a. I,,lnet hi t ,:t.
"' dfme'one --com e .,ll : '
:.. .: :, : ,,.." *:" JOHN- B.-JONES .*y
: -& p g a} h i~c o l a D.I es ? 3 ,; 1 5 ,- ,7 ^ *.- ** 5 0 r '. .

Hat. 10oteis A- Cockroaich Poiiton.,
r~j -llq ,.,:ry ,::l, i,:' i.:i.-.i? ')e.n,tyl i;-,r ,:sterrrtra-
_l_ t,,,r. inmm ei. -1 3, t f;\ ii'; r.r.I.| r 5p}:,h.:-a;iiol b'e .
11".t ,?, o. ,[) ,1 the j1l.. e I'a ll -d 3'cl,':)e m.'-S. H in?
Flea ,ud, M,)-qit-. P,,is,:,n Pa.i -jtaunned a vei eu
tesfive celehbrt\ I, itsinvariabfe d,-structive pro-
['oriies to,,1 th t ,,rdcer .1' ir, ects. Fcr. sale by., .;-I
Autgust 14 J. C. ALLEN,' DrUggist. "

Nov. 1

Ap.-ilaclnca, l L'a.

,SCOTCH and Maacali,,v, in bottles and blad-I
ders, ju.t received and for sale bv
. Feb 17 '. ,- '"H'-A-BELL,

!--. ', D. Danf1rthin,
0: {-, Cotton bought on order.
Refers to

B ULL'S, Sand's, Br-.zt,:,l'" nd Bailev's co-m-
p1. ,und fluid extract of Sarsaparilla,* just ce-
'eive'd,'and tor sale by ""
Feb 17 H P ABELL.
Dr. Woodriiff s Anfibilliovis Veg-
etable Life Pills,-
F"" ORt sale by N .-; -. ; ., -
Feb8\ S -, 8Q .". .'J.C:ALLEN.

'h-. F.--HnDEN-r New Orleans.
; J,-. G tDUFLAP,
SMemoas. AVKLIIC & NMcKENicE-.,


'-1-,, "' [ '*, -, f / t~* ,. ~' -

*-''' : -- *' "- ** ". .'fS-- '
.. ; .. .' .. : ,*:. '- ^ ,,; .-_, .7. .
-/ ,* .. ., -- '- .* .r^ - ..:^ t
,. I I ', 1 '*. f f : __ -I ^




Cor. Commerce and Centre-sts.
n-HE-subscriber respectfully announces to his
.1 Triehds, and the Public, that he'has: opened
the a.bovi house, and, S(licits their Patronage.-
There wjilt always be found at.the bari
<.h:l>-Oti,,of Liquors, Wines and S.egars, and
Mine Host, with his assistant, will pay strict at-'
tention to those that do (Dew) Drop in.
*N. B. *Hbt Lunch'daily' at 11, A. M.'
Feb. 11, 1848. 5-tf

jozhecl by the President. Th'e length to
which sotch intermeddling islcarried-the
open and avowed positions assumed by Fed-
eral office-holders in CAUCUS ES and CoN-
VENTIONS, leaves-but little doubt that they
are not only assured of the absence of all
risk, of qoffnce, but, from the extraordinary
exertions 'displayed by 'them in, the getting
up and management of such movements,
that they know ,that- in so doing they are
securing for themselves the approval of their
,suiperiors-an'd thatindeed in such services:
;consists"their sple tenure- of Office..
, .The spectacle lately exhibited to the
People of Florida, of such conduct on the
!part of t-he Government officials, is striking
in the highest degree. The newspapers
have contained lately the accovunts'of three
Democratic meetings, held, one at Pensa-
cola, another at Marianna- and the other'at
Apalachicola. The meeting at Pensacola
was presided 6ver by one Government offi-
cer, and another was .presentit and took part
in its deliberations. How many more of-
ficials" were aiding in the'mfeeting we know
hot. At the meeting in Marianna, a Gov-

ernm-ent officer was present,,addressed the
meeting, and was a- prominent and conspi-
:"cuous actor Iherein. The meetingiin this
'Pity was more fully attended, by Govern-
m~ent officers. Every one, we believe, in
the City, were present, took promineni parts
-inirodtuced reoolutions-acted on ,c6nisti-
tees, 'and some offhem ,were nominated as
delegates tote Democratic State Conve'-i
tiOn "t. Madison. T-The object of this and,
the otlier meetings, was to send' diete-zates
to such Convention,. Where candidates for
Govei hor, Representative to Congress, Pre-
_sideni(al, Electors, are to'be- sele'cied, and
delegi',ies to-,the Baltimore Convention ap-.

-Now we do not object to any Government
officer freey expressing his opinions on po-
litical subjects" -and voting for: whom*.he
pleases, but w do insist.t~at_ hey 'oUght
nost to be. permitted to, interfere'na'ny way
to shape and influence public opinion, either
-by ge(ling up adnd taking piirt in caucuses
.or conventions, orby haranguing the people



[From ilie Q ireiincy Times.] ".:
The Apalachicola Advertiser -is appre-
h.- 'ne Ihatl Ile conslructio, t ol f the propo-_
sed R ,II Roij 1'rom Macon to'Pensacola or
St. A,,lrees, would draw from that city a
"ruge prtiou of its- legitimate businessi"
;nI inflict'a serious blow ,nher com-
nierve." .' ',
N,)w we ,do notseeg:t'hlt this result would
necess mlyl follow the coniipleiioii of hllis
ro.iI. Tliis ne.w, enlerprisp, if prosecnel
o co lmlplelion, Jit strikes us,'wou-ld be to
cIre.1e a i,.t7 s'uifs-s, rather than to divert
any, ,sr.ablkl-hed trade Tioin its a'olnstomed
Lh.inn Isp. Tlhe road wonld become 'a great
hjrougltl'arr',.betiween :Jhe north and the:
Gull cities. BrtIin this Apilaclhicola would
lose noiliin- that she, now pIossesses,. On
the contr,iry, -it would afford 'her uid~dional'
I'",,ilile,; of Com municaition ;witlh t''le, inte-
rior, wilt the noriliern and ,more western.
cilis. It will .undoubtedly-be the channel
coit"' .1 iiiniense. trade b'etw~een'the seaboard
rinl lii ier regions of Georgia, Alabama,
Tenips~e,. anI'.l *-her tveste-r-n-'-'s--at-es.'-;B'ut
in ibis per,ilion, nothing willhbe taken froum
A|.I.l i,:ijliolIa,- %hielh she ever had,- orcan
by ;inv possibility ulaian,-except by the aid
of'sti,li a; ; iili-',,id.-, On the 'conli.ii Apa-`
lachlicolai Ulay svize upon a share of' the
;,dv.,ini;tesf w-hKl,: lite whole counltrily mut'i
r.i~I) I'i', it.I Bu we ag,'ree with, the, A d-
veril,.r-, in 'saying -At -Apalachicola us11:11
1,,okl, a oll *1ier, and ava[l herself of all- the,
1 1i,.,I ad", ran.tge by -which she is sur-.
,i,,,,ledI,.l. h I Ilis ;ise of :ge ral -4mprove-.
mert,:no0hlhiim;, i.q allowed to si;ind still. The
.-lea;rir, out ol' tile Flint river,- instead ot'
bei,, trM'ked- a'ho-'Ut should long a'-o hel e
"b-Peen coirnplled. J-.- r t ,:.+ < *
TRe proposed railroad wofl'l, we sup-
pose. carry l't o' I "lie 'r markets sote 1l0or110n
'of the 'otlun -which now rinds Sis W vvVto
Ai.J,:'hicn/-a. This would be a dire e loss
10 ,i-.pllachicol i, wertpit n.ot compensated
r bv thI lie lire'ifn of new buSines-,s, ewjn-
lerests, and new uItilities, around that1 cily,
which we think would restilh fr m I'll e pro-
piSi0sd Rod. It' the. road si'uilI inkcal- e
t11 |)erL.iton-ite, cross tlie river is high up as
i"Foi Gaines_ or at Enifaiiia, as-some sug-
gest, with he- terninus:,at Pensacol, we
slion1lil-,1 icneeiVe thtt Ap:flaehioiola 6 w-Uld
receive adecidWed, avery great benefit from
il., C-ninnecied -w,i1'th +he- roa,'d by ,ler fine
riei, she would be placed iht immeda-te
conr'exi wil ie t 1e-Ug t i han'aelt of trade
jie,J oirav '1 t- '


I _. -


' 4'
-, -t


draft at sixty days w-as drawn by the ship- and papers, beongin,'to E iive ;
per and discounted for the holder by a third sins, ought to be remain aeifter iVl "f "
party, the shipper deelating that it was ceasqd to be obsertveO-W. litlo' otnmlc f m
drawn against and payable from -the pro- rule, -nd ought to "bi.,_expuidgei trocihe .
ceeds of the shipment. The draft -reached -code of 4lnatorial ru".ll.. 1.., ; e. only CW .
New York on the 6th of July, and was ae- embarrash,-*e conseientals..rolen.bern r^ .
cepted. In the meantime, on the 30th of the body. The.r. will always bejxae So-
June, the commission merchant, on whom nators who wiH diralge every -thiag~.t ih,4,
it was drawn, had failed and made a general said and done. The-rele ought to,,6 ab.--
consignment for the benefit ofall,his credi- lished or enforced. *<' "
tors. The shipper also failed at or about ..The copy of the apmwnfll'dl ., publish-.;
the same time.p ed in the ylerald and .t8nm,- pct;"" The cotton arrived on the 9th o'f July and have- the authority of a Searfo *h, -16
was taken possession of by the assignee. A statementt.. ". 1-1 11+: :V .
bill in equity was filed, praying that the A motion"'was made, in se.tr..Amson,.to-
proceeds of the cotton might be applied to day, to remove 113:in]-inc1111.tom,-IBV .. +
the payment of the draft. The bill was de-. ceedings of i6AeAdjY, ami the psbii ,>
murred to, but the Supreme Coart, sitting the treaty aed; t"d ead ^?.rect
in equity, gave judgment against the de- reports mad# of ih.ap.ceed'.PWer .(aeB,"-"
murrer, holding that when the assignment tioned as arguments ia.farbr -td -rIha '
was made the assignor had no property in sure. ,A- long .and eai'fiesdipbus.'0d<& av
the cotton, the draft not being then accept- takenlJace on-the.subyect, : f A, ' /
ed, and that afterward, when the cotton ar-. iVt."Bentoh' will m40e,-i4.ttle]Sfiate,. .B
rived, he held it only as trustee for the appropriation for a-f341.1m" i 1n.tlo.RoM-... ;,
holder of the draft. Of course his assignee 'The rumor that Cerf/Scott hawput un- "
took it subject to the same trust. + der.'arrest rie Cour -of. Juquir),-t rein-
".forced by further letter from yera.CrjB. .
GUARANTEE SOCIETIE$.' Tht friends."of Gen. 9cotM Mi.." --
One of the most remarkable features of halofi go d w round k:o V o Op:t'6t
*- .,, ria-l wa tat Qxsa. Tbwso-nO ia am tL
the present age, is the rapid increase ,and in'' migh mmedtio'n thai obieet IL, :
extension throughout the world, of societies telore a Court .rtial... T 'IM d .
of mutual b-enefit'and relief. The-order or tia -power- lot--striko C~en,. Sott',s-vame -.
Odd Fellows alone, in its various brnfchs, the.-army list:wih, doqt giing tasooa, -, .
9 will, t probably~r do- it. ie the rtiiior,Bhptrld,
embraces within Sis circfe of influence more pr^ te. The anxiel.y for the iassage.o",
than a million families. There are also the theTen;Reginetnt Bill shows that peace it!,
Orders of the Foresters and Druids';whi`h 6ot'coosidered'as the.'certain reaplt of the.
are very extensive inEurope. Then come Treaiy projet. .. ion.
the rapidly growing associations of the Sons ( PUBLIC MEETING. +" '
of Temperance and Rechabites. Free MaI& A(4,atneetipg ibr ,he friend d f.',i -RT
sonry also is gathering up her ancient ener-. ,iA; held at the Apalachiela'ixchange,
sei.oig 13h. ~.. r. ;.
gies, and t-establishing, hbrseif in Ml-her 6il hu&sOay-evening, 13(hinst. Mr. G&s -
primitive strength and beauty. -, R8 1s Was called towlh 'Cfiaii aid"oW.l.
All of the above" nanmd societies h'ave, in O ual-o. ppioifted Secfeli'*y;. Thei-bhfirrhan
some degree, adopted the system of guar- havii explained thve object-of ihe meed-flg,
antees or benefits, and their salutary influ- the following preamble and resolutions*.ereo +
ence is felt through the entire, fabric of so- .offered,i which;-6a motion-, were unatiiaidits-+
ciety. y- : + adopted +. + ^:+-'; ";
Aspiring to the same Ideals of Unity, Whe-rehsh te `priod is`Approaching'when
Harmony and Fraternity, which these soet- the people of thie U.nitedl St's will--e-ral-.
ti w .. .. .i, ... i,- fd upon to select candidates, for the-lBresi-
eties wish to realize in the private rehlntions .,r i;.r, ,,-
o r e m puo dential canvass of 1848, and whereas IQ "
of their members, the AssoctAT1o]0STs people-in other parts of the -country are..," o
seek to re-construct society in its enti'neness, gining- to: hold- primary meetings, foi' % -
and establish universal harmonay We are purpose of conferring with.each-itherK add.;; -
not of those who are -c"sta.tly ralig to, e.press their views and preferences res. -
.... i_ s yrang at pe fi g tfie several.emanet.Citie.rs-wbosd
fwhat.zs, nut %e -have, nevertheless, avreli- -naPnes are before ihe p aple in coiuiecuor
-gious faith in human progress. It is evi- -with-.tie Chifef Magistraay of obe U Uiona:^- +i
dent tbht these societies ,aid movements Be it therefore res lved, li; in the, se*eipaid-
-of acanidate(rta fg u eo~
:are both the signs and means of such pro- 7C- a- n;S idt s ou t hai m i gh a d r es jro f+'
""." r"stati 9* A -should he- -the aim 'nod desir.e,*of.
gress.' Their very existence proves that --y t^rtl hearied AmiricB,.to pre e64 a' ;^
there is a latent conviction. in the heart of iwan-who -will, inile elhe-great Io. -of r ile
c-man that societyqIs not fhat tthe, wants of Whgs.,in every section ol .he'cou.ory..d -d
'the'race demand it" to b e; .hait, responds whois yr .Alife:.onfide'ee and support
c ii r* i j *<* of an, true p31inolsi -.-
to But-a small portion of:the needs of a 4boU Tai e.ehW-h[gs of -.raL--+-
human being.. As it affords nio guar, antee .iDn.reg-ard enry(.ta 'is lhe mo4t digtin- :?
against misfortune, norsecurity ag'aItnps pe- guishd ai'id\LatJle Glhapioi of .the geaet
nury, men-rush to the embrace ofuara,'-,, prineip es~and meases,a theffsuedess.fel:
__ .,_ ,, < +. --" '.- which th lie W hgs have so Iong and. iotlir-
tee societies, where al lneir wabts are. in .'-- .iy..t. ""d 9)04- believe him" beve -
-some tneasure, provided for. al-Il other men, most fit-and able lo.'e.d~a9lt,.
Now it cannot be otherwise than that all battle and to vietory-ii -the-alpa'oactng.
social .institu tions w ill be m od Iffed'b y .h i cosiest. % `? -a. -' .-.h ."l"
,l r .. -. .. *,-, .+ Resolved, That we shoud hail ti e elec...
influence of these--assoeiations.. Soctety.. of H... .. o re ,Pr-side ." as ,wil every where feel their powor, -drink, in" triuhtph which wfbould give u" hiti emngt- ..
more of their spirit, and apply to itself-nore for the past and -rs-eeurily -for ihe'-Piuce*..-
of their principles, It is Tor, this-reason and asarff.rdinge..f.deaeof.heproftre.tQlr
"-- " .... 1 I = i i [ i J popular inieffhge'nc'-,and' gel.-ep,
chiefly that we approve-so strongly of these .. gr-- +
.- -. -.. ..- .. .- of hum an liibner.Ly. -- :; '- .-- '
ass6 c ia tio n s .- T h ei i Vin fl u e nd e a ll: te n d S 'i o a R esolh eda Th a l :tI 'e t is di r ..c t i te sl,'
great and g1prious-end--the complete r"g-.en--we-are neilter ashameW norafraid .' aB'n
eratibn of /he-warld. Odd Fellowis, M-sois, -uon i* b, old.'Wfig platform.. be.t .rrexVU-
Sons of Temperance, ReehaIeldeo -htsoita- d. l.h -l be,.-.fi.pfwrP ,
-- ." : ", ollrtlth and con ,u lesi l i-_l'0 .,!teit_ gf f
tionists of all species,;belongall to fhli same all Republican GovernmenOr;'-'nd j,-r w.-n.-
great army_ f.reponstrUctors;, who asplrefo not su-ceed UlO n hal, we al least. .ave 'il
Unity, and are laboring to re-buildjbthe a- consolalionf_ tt know-that, we demie,_ snc-
bernacles of .H uinanity. These- ali-- -look ."' _.. .. ... ;-i .- -
e ?~,n ir < Resolved. Thai we re!aro aH a~azftbil
forward- with hope to the Great future, and- ;, ir"; ^mer-.
acting in concert .w1t"h the Ch~rcb, watt as t he-,o]srin of unlptri~ijplj.bt~e .t
patiently the full political and social r~e-: ers-and tlinmasogues. y' -_^.;,. .^-: .. ' -
"deiripfion of the whole :raee. When'society" Res~olved, -Thqn wliij#+_ -^^.lj:7
s'al a r rit to i. eln a, +, t' e i.Orator, Statesman aud'-,-ftUl~i^.sii ~fai n .
sa l a pp rop r.at. t sel and^ ad p t h ese -is 7 x ensive w ith a .. S G i .' ov W ..
various systems.:of guarantees, and make merit, is emnpha~icallv--;:bur'firs' cte .doet-"
ample provision for the equa! happirtess of "next Pre.sident, as wfibetieve he ia+of a .!ar_'.-.
allr, odd Fellowship: ,fMasonry, and al'oflher 'ajo~rily urf the Wh~igs, o~f the Unionto".-rf
-limited associations, having aecom plished '+.il e -il use .l ht ..r;- -y g , -,- -... .,, < _ -. "-, secure nts nomination andu iercion, e," jiw ,
tm eir m issio n^. will -be neeo eti no,.m ore. -e ut ,p, ge. o-Tselves lo abid e1 be l die.lsii7o . 'h?^.." ;
r+before -t at.'day :eomes;+)they h~av-e an ;im- Whig Nationat Couven'too, i:au+:d w~e; a^th -tL- .:
Sense w6k}.lo ,perform,^and'w:. who- are" 'friends of aH other asptramis LO feetl pti~nf-i, :

.. .. . .: .* ; +- l i e w l v e d T h a t w e W J +, < ni e y ~ o ru i ^ s *: .- :
enjeo-unter, and many nerce battles to night, finso ,lirpeb 8hte Sw in ^*
:B-tlt-e~t~iis not.<.be discouraged. O itr waf-^ ventiftn, lo be held ;it such liB[>'e._-:ikrll], ^ ."-. ".
"fare -is d'ivine~and oU 'rictory -certain T r'u e, as rmay be desig hat ed, lo -.th~iosTB .. 13 -_& !.'s -
w~e_ must labor and combat. andr perlhaps -b, -whi Naio. a .. ...in~o; :. ^,e
sufer' u le hs fea n. mi',-e :' : herd. at Philadelpnhaon the 7-th.ay~pt4..n .--;
suff --' Bu
^otrw~ill' end, the s t~rm~and eloud willrroll '0n -molions ihe roceedl"e of the rtxeet-

iaway-c'lear and serene the stafSil--eavie "r ff o e pu e. "-- : "
-: _., - >: : ingwere ordere-d loobe pUbllAleo '-'d : _-
' their everlasting., circles on- h i,- and, a- ,-:-in-- -.e ".- *' -"
I 1 -0 -1- 1"o = O h reation, tlle'mneetinogaojotirdeo_..:--".
voice-a voice of inexpressible sweetness,- ," CIHS. ROGJMEBA 'aui-"''
-will---'as'th,-1s frtvnt Ie E lerM -Throne, g 1-jo .3 e', ,
"Ye Weary,, toil-worn, batlle-soiled sons of > < '," "* '-
" earth;,: ascend to your repose atno fe th /3-;'! .- FE SP PNDt -""- ,
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" 4,, ,- ++ -A evei'r'y swing of- ihfe.pen-dlilul '< i .7
Sflamecrowned nosts above."--Gaz6t eO ^ .:, -.
e --+ J : life is" a iiaii'bread.hs i a lg. hat-is .
:.. ^ '. .. tMdils" fi1 "i'dily is'.bli,.' sh ri -
.; ; [ C o r r e s p b nd e n e ee o f th e B a l t i m b r e -S u n ]li phte r a n s ir o r y r a"t n b o ) .,a r -h d a z z lj ,' : - L
A H'q .. "+ e o -. r: -t .#a,.. $ _..ksi ; '
S.... :( IAsnGTo rq, March -14; 1848. ; "teor: it is a, bubble ; ['it U 'a.,b eayh..a a
. Mr. Sevmera- hMinister to Afxico-His '7m- every'swing of rtie perd'tu'bfiia-rilt;'A
S.mediate Dt:parture- The Treaty'Publish- into eterhity. Betwee' tbe. rib.-tfnd. l-y
ed "'is Ge- inke,-Debate -in 4the Senate- setting sun 42,000.,gou lis. 'A .pd- .:."
Rumored Arret of the Court of Inquirz-by fore tLheir Creator. 'Tiues', a's *.xj U_;t---
t n.Scott, _,;-. tiful, 'are those lines.or M rs.- H-'lae jis._,. .;-
f To.Mr.-Sevier, greaitf redit is due for the 'Xieaves have their time to fall,' ,.-7. '.-. : -
. perseverance and ability -xw-i.th which lie has '_And-flower to wliher aL-( ie.a."'" .im
T r a t -0- 1- br.- + s e a m 3 + h, .+
ofughthe Treaty throughIhe Senate. -He ,, A starstt-.bu-.i "-"
Sis.he best man who could have been selec- Thou hast all seaeonsfonlgrie'3 own,'Dea.--.
ted to';carry-it tlhroo gh-, i M exico. His \') '"-- '^- '?.-'-...
coreect-mannier and great tact will enable" 1: While some-pgbmns -in A h.t ZMtof!!oyf
-hinto'remave- flec object ions tIhiat may be" Bates, of .Guernsey "in Ohio, .welegage'd..
urged by .th& B,1rilSh, a;genis aud by the in quarrying stone aortihe'repair'bof. the na-.
M blexican ruler-s;- l tthe. amendmentss of lhe tioni road, on ihe h'ifit l ofC br.dae,
+ treaty adopted by this gpver-nment, they found, in a petrified' stale,, y ,9.'^ '
This'appoiinitent is calculated greatly to supposed to have been t'h!Yidv y o f.- xi -
inucease ie chances of h-.oeoncliisi o ufa chi_! .-whieh+ 1,erllaps'. c.m' rj-s+.aiy^-p_ ;+
f peace,' by ihe' ready excliange of raiififa- defp6sited iT thq( spot. :';Poi. eX. .lf.li:
titons.. M,M Sevier.-wlll leave forihwili'oa specimen of aucient ritfiatbl-was -Io.bdin-
f. his mission, with Mr. \\ralsh,-his Secretaqy bedded in a maisi of .solid jcek apdhtradsP}e, ;
tor Legption. Mr. Haifnegaan lakes his'place appearance of a stone imfge, som-jbwaiat im--
aT th.-head of" tIh e Coinmiitee -of TFreigu perfect ih its outward forni ,t'.avibg!'o-b -
9, Affairs. : + .. .; '. .*- +.' general outlines of the h'u. o .Shale. :.. .
: It is a questionwhetheir the injiunctc n of material of which it is nipjosidappe S ,-
a seoecy upon Senators, as to proeeedmings be a species ofJimestope." In'lhe.-ai.-.T^ "

S:. ._ "_WH II- JE_.: M = ...... ...
A very liuinn 'n-4 ,ir,.I r-es-, c ahle meet-
ing of01'1e Wlhigs of Sl. JUlii's countyt y was
'+ h~ellton Saturllav evcii'. 4 l1 M iri'h inst.,
aT'- rT li.e C iv. Hntfl ii rASI.'Anislie--J., M.
-< HA.NSON. EsI.'Chli,'m,,n,- .I;RI .J.s'. R.
Srichez. Esq.. Secielarv.
hT e objects li.,iVi' b-.een si.ifed, an1d ltie
meeting adJi'iisd by [ei. A. Ptitn -i,
'-- ii Esq,, in ai eloquent speet'h ,,l'in,,,e tlianan
i-^;^ hour's durailion. tihe f' tllloj in-z iesoltii'ii iis.
+" i'*; \ were passed t.lililMGoiis]': ,
'."' ;- Resolved., 'Il~lm exli-In II[-n liiire
..; .++ :- render it tipcessai v. i'n the opinion of tilis
' .: nieelinur, "ihait li'\ W hig l'ariv ill Florid~a
should, Mi ;.is'early a |)illJJ :is pIratc icltle.
'-.: hold a- S tate C6 n v e i I or i s.ritie cLoiiven e-nt
( place in ih-e Slate, for file plirpst of m;>k-_
in< xsuiabla i .rrtnueniienlis t' fr tIh- romin2
fc election in Ili.e Faill. ol' State OUff-r-4, rnd
President -anC Vice PresrPlenw ofIIlie United
: ",,- S.9-tates"; and t.hi.t .liree W hi., DrI-,:.tt's be
S... : appointe,|'fron "altend such convenmio, will are hereby-
; +, ,. auilorizid to ,i)pe lc etlher in p'lion 'or by
S... proxy.
-- .-. B. A. Putnain, Roqoe L-oliiJ. -nd ]J;as._
'Hu. Hullberl, were a -pointedl ,lele,-;ies. .
:.-, ;%'t. <" '..sol,,rel, That a (I ,0n,.....I) nlin2. Com-
i ,- 'care withi :I Siate. C-'vnir:il Cuii lihitiilc-, and
:" C 11NOtlit' t. i:ll tl ltl es Jl I I ,_ ,itler C-41 ( 111-11inll .1
~ : '. in h e "l.l l e.r. + : : r .. r
7 6. D, R. Duh:.i,n, B.Glimtver,s,43. A. Patl-
:.- : 'n.i i, lI_,nalits Lo|)cr, H., M Ill'.-rn,, ie, z,
"",n l I --")per,
r)la Howard, andi .lis. RI Slummhez, were
ad r pa lminted file eiie lll'er., -
.- ..-: R r/soe-../dv T hlat w.' i'-,'-]i-, itl-ily recoin-
netiln w in lite W lri'.s. if i-llili" p-reci-ucis in
St. Jolhn's C nnioy. ainld ,f 1,hie.:other coiin-
lieS in' Ilie Staile, 11i 11411- i fi~eill-]s iii4 l a4 p-1
p)oinl delegates to ;i St:Il? f- ',,i eiilioll,- and
+-, i":- to fake such oiher sie,-3-,Ts'triay'be expedj-
-enl :and requisite for lihe enstuing eluction-.
Resolvced, Thliat i is iiecesasary 1hal lhe
W 'hi p.arly in Fl,,riil.i shlilil 'be relireseriied
in Illc N iiimin.il \ hi'_!, ('ur\r nii, to 1--
se.tible in Plliit.iiellilh.i hi Junenext ; and
that il' no Siale (-inveiitipn, s iall, be held,
-: ,llat the several 1..'oriesli),>llulin,;gCotn-nittec!s
4'fur ilhe counties ol l:'al ;iil Sou1' 1Floriila
sh~ill appiiiiit slime sniialdle person as.a de-
lle,.,lu to said, Nafion;al C.'onve'llio-.
Re.S ,t.,W Th'lirat, h.,Tini_ lull colnfidencein
,- '' ihe ability and sound '44.i principlFs. of
John H. Mclntosh, or Dr-.ill-Couoly, we
,do recommend him to ihe supplit of the
VWhies, for one of ihe elh (ors "of President
and Vice PrPsitleni Of ilhe UnMiled Statesr'
Res,,I'ed, That the letlier of' the -lFon, ER
-C. Cabell, in entirelv s:iisllc'ciory in +relation
lo his vole for Speaker of the; pieiesnt
House ofRepresentatives, an.l that we will
g iive him our support in ilie coauing- election
for Repre-entative in Con,,ess.
"M:ajor Pulnainh then nltffled the iol1owiig,
resoluliotis, which were unanimnously itp-
roved ,
Resolrt ,- That as war under, any cvncum
staliies is a great nalionail-calramity, it
"' should he avoided, whenever- it can be-
consislenlIv whhl naih.ui;l liinior and se-cu.ri-
ty ; thiat we cannot reg.int ilie prt-sent ,war
with Mexico as the result ori-ecessity, but
honestly live flint o'r 'difficulies with
t hat Repulic might lui.ve been adju-s~ted, ho'n-
orably it bolli nations, ihihouti a collision of
arins, if wisdom and sonnd discretion had
been consjulied, and thus, miJlions of moll-,
ey, and thousa,.s f vAilulble livis, wotl
have been saved.
Resolved, Thlal, IliOLli W.0 c:ilnnnt ;1,,ilil
the necessity of the present w,ir %fill 3lexi.
co, yet we ciin and %%ill dIo jiusii-e (u our
g.illant army lhl, has been tn-,,igtIl in it,
w' "hose condJuct has beeun albjve Aill prTise, Mnl
tu which alone our wairinesi hilwnLks are, dis ;
thial we take pleasure in expir',s.ln2 o01lr tin-
qualified ad iiiraio f o' t.,e Uiiisurtl iscd lie-
roism, unexampled djrin, and exi"ior,.ldin.i-
ry aichieveile l is u['lls o;ll.elS i iii I nel,, wilo
'"= have encircle,] the A l.'l'ricar, air'is willh a
h.l11o of glory, and won 1ur themselves an
imperishable f;ine ; tlher.v have exiolted ilie
respect and excited Ili,: wonder of' Enit,|e;
theyare the subjects of lheir coiini's litiile
and grniitude. andI their deedIs ;irnl itn-iils
findings graief'ul re~siionse in the heetitsil"
< Iheir coun'lrtp'nei, will eonstin tle ih pi |rutild-
*, est and mosl brllli~inl p.ige uf ,,-mr hiit,,ry.
Resolved, Thati i( is ilhe dul-y of C.o1--
gress, aind justice and. pIi~rioiis~ii d.,n.til,,
ihis of ihemn, to n:ilke soiie |ilu\ i.-ioit I'r ilhe
duplport and nmainienaniie of |Ih; de"..ilnuit
+ families ol" ihose heroic .spirits iilhin hrve tiei-
,.+ voted iiieir lives InllIheir eounrrv itn ,Ili b;il-
l;"_ ies in M1exico, an,! we ernreslly reeoiuinriid
.. : to our Senators and Ke[)r'.seni;itive in C'un-
L gress, to rise the-ir be:. ' thie |);ass;igeopan act lor thlis purpose.
Recso/ve Sstitution of slavery at'lthe South,. we should
speak and adt like ilnei, and, not Illrrtrv xitili
a view'to political rf e,.'i#- ; Ihat .we ~oldi Ili'is
.. institulion sacred and inliol.ibhe, "t right iu-
eorporated illo andl securedi bv. ant i.',311-
nron Consili'luiou, and in re-lalioui to tthiilh
wed wi-liSl sun r no dt-(llt: llc',. nor uibnmit tO
-= any Provisos ; that we hohd iu tilter eorn-
.leini|>l, as well Iheli inOuiliinI eleii,<.>;ite, as
thie maniac abolilionisls ; [ih:n, iu our opin-

ion, it is an unquestlinablle righil in yny andI
every Slate now in tins Union, or which
.r may hereafter oime inio ilie Unitin, Ioa;I(.IIp
and miaintaini tlhe ins1 1, lilt)iii of' erv %% ith -
in ler liiiiilfi and tlh;it no other c;im ri li(-
fully or constitulionially cunirol her will uu
i that subject. "
The foll-twiug resolllliolln. ihlllodiiced by
S Mr. D. R. Dunhanm: was alo adlopleil .
Resolved, Thai tlii' mietnnrii has noi been
sble to discover any of ilios'e IuIll\ Inyani-
fes$ations of friendly leehiit-i" law.trdi iN.?x-
ico, oH (lie part of' (lie Prepil.-nm of' Ihe
United Staiei. cl,diine, for lijni l, his ;id-
hleyents in this city, in 4- Ile mainner in
which lie has prosecuted" his u-',jas/i-Ajble
and zinnecessar!# war" into ihe of.l'ls of
ihai-t feeble, impoverished, ami diinacied
pb Sisier Republic."
It was then- :
gesole.ed. That the Ocal.-i ri.. Florida
Sentinel, and Savann:ili Republicaiu, ble,
ned they'alre hereby, requested to pulilish
the procee-,ings of tilts meeiing, ; and that,
the Comrmitleoof-,Corre-lPolideuce do furl-
nisll copies to ea'cli o-fr sid papers, and ti0
s uch persons in ihe olilihr counties as ilhev
may deem.proper.
--JO[-IN-M. HANSON, Chairmdan..
*As,. I p. 8S-IHEz, Secretary.

"-' MAJOR WEkBSTER.--'lls -illhint and la-
;'+ ^ meitted officer was only (%entV-seveu Ve:ii'
mlid at the lime of his deatilh.
< .? Fewerivy the merit of others, tbat-have
any o( (lheir oWil, ; '

[Fron lthe Florida Sentinel ] COMMEl ttHI A RTI It
We li,:we encouraging news from St. APALAHoICOLA, THURSDAY, M.AROH23, 1848.
John's. Of" the meeting, the proceedings
0 of1which appear in another column, a St. 8"- The following gentlemen ,are authorized
-Augustine correspondent writes us, -it was Agents'for tlhe CoM oKiucCAL ADVERTISER, and will
by f";r ihe largest and, most spirited we have receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
-h;d '-in seven years--and we shall do far ments:-
better thah we. have done ,in- seven yeairsj -Wm. \W. CHRIF.VER Esq., Albany, Ga.
possbly-ma carry the county." At-any Malor JACK HARDtMAN, Eufaula, Ala.
-r:l.e,.:th'e W hig-ouso ht to put a stopper ou JAS.J. -O Tallahassee, Fa.
at least fiffy out of th-t ninety-seven loco- ..... P.....T.....
foco majority--try it. -We do not think rB^lIDE T,
with the meeting, that a State Convention ZACHARY TAYLOR.
is ai all necessary. ]Districtof county meet- -
ings" can accomplish all that any Whigd-e- GOVER.NMENT 'OFFICERS INTERFERING
sires. Leit each circuit, as was recomnmen- IN STATE ELECTIONS.
_edby tlie Taylor meeting at Tallahassee4 'The increas-e oof t~he patronage of the
select its own, candidate for Presidential
Elector,-andli two Delegates t( ihe Whig President, -an-dis consequent aceumula-
National Con9vention. In the absence of tp of influence .over State elections, has
all evidence too the contrary, we.-take i-t for long been a source of jealous observation
-r.lined that it'is:the universal desireof the and regret to 'the conservative party in the
Whigsi; that Hon. E. C. CAELL should country-the Whigs. 'To diminish such
-agai'n offer as a candidate for Represenita- *, ,.
aa in-ongres. As fuir daoe for, weont- patronage, and circumscribe such influence,
tive inCo -tgress' As ftir Govern-or, we eon- &
ceive there can possibly be no difficulty, has been, and still is, a leading Whig mea-
we have-hot aspirants-fora. onminaltion, and sure, the successful accomplishment of
the question is- .who will run, rather than which is desired by every true Whig, and
who shall be selected. _Hon. SAM.UE, W.
CARMACK' and Gen, THos. BROWN, aro the also by iany of the State Rights Demo-
o-0ly two, we hear taftetd.--;Tbout,.as at -all crats. "
lik-ely to consent to run. Tl,-o-gh neither Among t'he methods devised by Whig
is.-desi-rous o0' a nomination, and both most statesmen, to avoid as much as possible the
willi,,gtoawvoid it, yet, we thinkeither will e whc hav be fu t hv as
take-tliteftie', if designated. The West is e b f to he ise
clearly entitled to speak first in this .male-r, from the abuse of -the patronage vested ,in
"lnd there caranot be a doubt but her voice the Pres.ident, is the limitation of the cli-
xw ill meet with a hlearty and inost eoqrdial gibility of a citizen to the office of Presi-
Sresponse fom eveyy s~cton of the Sraie. d ent.to a term of four years. It is rightly
-Where, then, the necessity of a State Con-
enison 'tJ wbe a o supposede, -that the removal of the most
vention ? District meetingss wifllbeflar more I
likely to embody` th-e sentiment of the Whig powerful incentive to an improper exercise
imasses-andi whe-re iliere are no intriguaints of patronage-the ,desire of a re-election--
and no aspir-,fnrts.for the honors of a no.mi- will cause a correspond(Mng diminution of
nation, theree.Atino ground for -division and t .
dissention. We`- cajn hardlyy conceive how
a State Conven ion.carnbe assembled, so as The Whig party W tthe United'States
to fairly represent a party in all\ sections of have also avowed as their policy, that no
this widely extended and sparsely populated interference of Government officers, in State
State ; ,innd-. the. fact that no such Conven- elections, will be permitted, and that any
tion has ever been assembled, goes-to-prove
its impracticability. s Such conduct will be visited by'the Whigs,
'A State Convention composed of an equal when in power, with appropriate punish-
number of delegates appointed at circuit ment-removal from office
mass meetings or conventions, might,-per- It is becauseI of their-adoption and advo-
haps, be so assembled as to represent fairly eacy of such conservative and republican
.every portion of Florida, but this plan would oa
require time and be cumbrous. UndCr the principles of government, by the Whigs of
other plan, it is evident, that Madison coun- the Union, thatthey have justly earned for
ty alone Will have more delegates in the themselves the title of CoNS rRVATIV7ES-
next democratic -convention 'than all the a a ei a re e ,ed ," "
W est and South, and, probably, the East. irom a11 i -
It istr-ue we shall be told that she Will have dependent men the just and glorious tribute
less votes-but then, on ihe'other hand, she of praise for their faithful adherence to the
will have the influence of numbers in debate, spirit of the Constitution. It isitherefore that
in electioneering, &c.; and those- numbers t 1 ... g. .. t ,l fe s
will, act on a very few w.,lo in, person and by .. -
that notorious invention, proxy, are said to-'his leisure-removed from all the excitements
representI the extremesof the State. There ofpolitical conflicts, and unbiased by partizan
is evidently no fairness in the co-nstitution feeling, has wisely determined that he him-
of any such deliberative body, and we be- self, who has ever been a faithful political
,Ieve it will. be found, after some more ex- "
follower ol Thomas Jefferson, finds in the
perimenits,'to result in greater 'harm than "
benefit to any p61itical party, and create a W'hig party the true exponents of the prin-
general disgust among the people. If a ciples of the 1, Apostle of Republicanism.',
party is-so, harassed by rival aspirants as to Te _s ,.ed name of Democrat-the-false
beunable to get along harinoniouslv with- 1 1 1 r w "
out ai resort to suchiCr an arbitrament, so con- .a d h l. profession cif devotion to the
stiited, it is in a very unfortunate condi- Constitution, and the clamor for "strict
tips. "o construction," has-not deceived the shrewd
So long as it-is practicable, (and-we be- and reflecting old soldier, who has hitherto
lieve i ti iy always be so,) let us, as Whigs
do.al suc in-pim)r- "- nee ".S stood aloof, a calnm, yet observant spectator
do all suceh bllii ue-si in primary, meetings ol -
ihe people, were, eaheh ember may.vote of 'e party conflicts which passed before
direcil"v upon' the question,, 'and Do section ,hi-f "
be reqUired to undertake laie: expense, un- The cQurse pursued in relation to popular
re';onzble distance and loss of time,- to get elections, by -those wo old office under
iIs llnr share of influence .in lhe general ; ... .
Co116-. We need never .xp-ect such"sa- le present administration, authorises us
'rific,. add-the result, if unJ-ertaken, will to presume that interference by his subor-
b,_, as it alwi+s has been, a gatha'ring of the di-nates, in assemblies of the people, called
ceMI- While the extremes, except -they en"- 0 deliberate 6n t-he choice of represe"a-
ier inito i mutual league of offence and de- a n -l i b pra c -
I'euce, will be voiceless. -:. 's not on l ..y p .. .

on political subjects. This is the true State
Rights doctrine, and it is the Rephblican
doctrine, and we call on the Southern Jour-
nal, which professes States Rights princi-
ples; to come to our aid in trying to main-
tain this important part of its creed-bn
which subject the great champion of States
Rights, J. C. Calhoun, has given his opi-
nions in .the shape of a Report to the Sen-
If we mistake not, in Sohn Tyler's ad.mi-
nistration, a Circular was sent to the Gov-
ernment officers, commanding them 'to ab-
stain from meddling in elections. If so, we
should like to be informed whether such
prohibition has been removed. If it has
not, then we present to the proper depart-
ments, for action in the premises, the facts
herein contained. We shall see what the
Government has to, say. If the officers
aforesaid have acted by their command, why
we do them a service in shewing how faith-
fully they perform their duty. If not, and
they have interfered with the rights of the
People, contrary to the instructions of the
Government, then we do the country ser-
vice in making it known.
Doubts may be entertained whether Gen.
Taylor, if elected President, will carry out
Whig Pfifnciples--but of one thing we feel
assured, and- that is that he will adhere to
the Whig doctrine in relation to the Gov-
ernment officers-and those who have been
found offendtlig, by+ mingling and mixing in
political cabals, wilt get their walking ticket
from him. They may ,.lay that flattering
jinction to their soul."
07s' A gross and unjust attack, o the
merchants of this city appeared lately it'the
Albany Courier, under an assumled sigua-
ture. We feel called on to expose the gla-
ring falsity of the facts therein alleged, and
shall content ourselves with so doing. The
reputation of the merchants of Apalachico!a
needs no vindication from the assaults of
anonymous slanderers.
It is alleged-by the writer in question that
he was charged 8 cents per p-und for New
Orleans sugar, and $11 for -Ehaif B"arrel
Western beef.- He, then goes--6-iqtckom-
pave the above charges witfi the"Nj^.. 0O
whwlesale prices current, and windsHpyia
sweeping denunciation- 6-f the'wholebooay of
commission merchants of Apalachicola, a,-
cusing them of extortion., and with exacfiOg
100 per cent. profit on groceriesg,., .'.
If the writer in the-Courier, who signs
himself Baker, happens to be charged-too
much for an article by one merchant, 'we
are at a loss to imagine by what sort of
'ethics he justifies an attack on a whole
community because thereof. A little inves-
tigation might serve to inform the writer
that the N. 0. wholesale price is not a pro-
per standard by which to judge of the pro-
priety of a retailer's charges, even in New
Orleans ~.
It is well known that Western groceries
are suld in this city generally at the small
advance of 10 per ceett. on cost and charges,
and inany staple articles, such as whiskey,
flour, sugar, salt arid molasses, are some-
times sold-at- a much lower rate,
We- have taken some pains to ascertain
the coast of sugar in New Orleans,.and the
expense of laying down in a store here, and
we find that the rate charged for the article
at retail is about 20 per cent. profit on cost
and charges. "" +
1,000 los. sugar cost iu N. O..at 5|i, 5'7 50
Freight, ^exchange, insurance, dray- .
age, &c. 8 0.0

making 6i cents per lb.. It may easil b0
seen thiat the grocer who retails a barrel at
8 cents, does not make a very exhorbltant
profit-certainly not_100 per "cent., as slated
by the writer ia the **" Courier." As our
citizens pay the same-price charged to the
Albany pulrchaser, it is not to be presumed
that with the facility they possess of send-
ing to New Orlea'ns =for supplies, that'they
would submit t:o ati unreasonable charge.
We have inquired and found that -New
-Orleans mess beef retails here at $112 per hbl.
No half bbls. of beef are sold. as-high as
$1i, save prime New, York family beef,

which costs $9 laid down in Apalachieola,

fly Capt. C.PiRNFORTH,'of-tthe Jr. ship3
Ganges, has furnished us with the follow-
ing table of wrecks ofiBrit-h8vesselswjitin
the dates below,, showing a grand total-in
15 years of 5,624 -vessels. The average
number for the first seven years- is -438, 0r
precisely one vessel and a tenth daily.-7
Capt. C. has kept, a regular memorandum
for a number of'yea-rs, wherebyy he -is en-
abled to give theb nameg of all 'the^ vessels
wrecked, iogetbheiw with their tonnage, He
also states-tiat thre mercantile navy-ofGreat
Britain, Up to M1"arch, 1846, consiited of
30,000 ships, comprising 3,000,000 tons:
YEARS. -1..WRE.CKS. EARl.i. < *'No: w'rECK.3
1832.:L....;..... .404. .1840.... .'_. [[....255
1S33... ..... ,680a0 184i..... ...;- 436
"1S34 .... '...".... 344 1842.......... 2?7
1835..7 ...-.'...2.53 ],1 43....'........-400
.'18316.-.. '.-.+'+. ... ]3ti7 18474.. i:..-., .-. .311
1837.+..:.. .. 3...35 1845.... ......3I1
"1838]. .. ..;. ;3 1 1846W ..... ....;537
1839; ;'J. 323
'. Total,..... "; ,5,624,vessels-91,899 tons.,

RIGHTS' -OF" AssIGNE-ES.--A decision :O
some interest to comniercial men and -bank-,
efrs, is repvrted.H thc New York Journal 'of
Commerc.e "
On the._ 29lI of tjune, 1846, cotton. was
shipped from. Savannah -to. New York, for
sale on commission. On the 'same day a


For Liverpool :'"., -'.*
* 4.--, THE elegant t'ast-sailing newbari ."
yi]&MADONA,,.MitcheHl,- master, fialvfpg
AIk-fthe major par(, of..her. ClI,p.en .d,..-
will meet with iinmediate dispatch. ,,rlreiglf"
or passage, apply to ". '.y.. *- .
March Z B WpO A^ ^
For Li'-+-
+T H K superipr__,. ; i
Cornlorlh, Biaa,. ,fl A .m-
:.^^^ cargo engaged,wil 1 ha67Q JrCh^ yor'-
freigtht, apply to .: ,: .:++-)- ,.:
-Feb :24 CHAS RtPi.Pi.-- .3. ,
F or N ew Y orjf A -*.,.*-" '"
'p.. THE packet bark OI|..S, ...
S cher; mas-,er, is now (q6tg) r +A*'
.S^Ssabove port and will have' uidt dispatch'
For. frtieiht or passage, apply.ton- ".: + < .-..
Match *23 .' A .X)Gffi;,-; .'
F. or New York.
,^-^ THE Packet bri6 R. t, FL!.ER,..9 -
j^^^ Bart, masler, ha'ingf the "lnlifoi herCa, W "
Ss~ugo. engagedd, and guing or). bi ardt, i "
have imamediatedispllch. PofiTre'oighbr'paam
apply to "A. D ei.. ";- .
M eh 16, 11349 .. .-" _.
For New York. ,,..-". !; : --;
,^ THE last sailing dop e^^iop!er^ ,
r^^aaeifeb ark Z, RI NG,;Live,64Qre, wt.'
SsSS ter',. ,i ha'e. dispatch r'".t;-abo'^."
port. For frei lit, or passage-, alpply t:i. ;
Mch 16. WM. G.'PORTE9* CZ.e'f--1,
For New York. :' ",I ;, .'Y'
.jp^. THE fine fast salting, coppeyimd anj .
+^^cop'pet'a-tened A *J. brig &'HNE "
.. BUCK, Wondsi'd;, Pa "ter,, v 1t -
bulk of 200 bales crflon tQ fill .i for fteijtt ,.
w which, or passage, apply to "" ; i- T' ,'t'v :' -
M arch 16 v ,A O :F__,.-'" `
For Ne'ew yorkt. ..-"-,.r "
THE fine hark '3 lY.,+
.-E^. V "" brk MARY.&, JAN
^^^'Flitner, master,, wll have aiftmd~abe-,
.S^^^dispatch. For freigh or piamae, P vAin
good accommodations; apply to .'
Feb 24 NOURSEy. STONE_ & -: On -
For Boston.-
T THE fast-sailing packet sMpAA-fAT-
TIS, Cox, master, will meet-.-wirh -dia-
Ak patch. For passage only, apply tr *%'
Mch 16 b.B-WO_ Q. te'.-.-
For Bosto ".... ..:
TH E flne new bar4,e ViAE,,C-bia~
.mglmaster, illi meet wiTh .itntiedia.e.di"-
tapatch. For &ck ftzkh1%_6r`,_qqaje
ply to. '-r' "
-.March 9 t, B-l^OOO.&-Cn. ".

Per steamer Magnolia-244 bales cotton to Sims
&r Cheever; 211 to Lockhart & Young; 48 to J
Day & Co.
Per steamer M A Moore-730 bales cotton to A
N McKay Ar Co, 247 to Wylie & McKenzie; 11)8
to Lockhart &: Young; 23 to A Dodge; 10 to Wim
G Porter & Co.
Per steamer Pevtona-320 bales cotton to A N
McKay &5 Co; 686 to Lockhart &- Young; 45 to
Wylie .& McKenzie; 79 to J Day & Co; 3 to Tut-
*tie,& Wakefield. -
Per steamer Boston-101 bales cotton to D 13
Wood & Co; 12 to Sims & Cheever; 67 to J Day
& Co; 38 to Nourse, Stone & Co; 43 to A N Mc-
Kay & Go; 51 to Lockhart & Young; 332 to 1hll,
Dawson V; Co; 35 to Wylie & McKenzie; 1 to I
M Wright; 40 to Order.
Per steamer Quincy-37 bales cotton to B S
Hawley;' 16 to D G Raney; 24 to J Day & Co; 22
to A N McKay & Co; 23 do, 1 box tobacco to
Lockhart & Young; 11 bbls tar to Avery & Jones;
5 do to Wylie & McKenzie.
Per steamer Southerner-139 bales cotton to
Hill, Dawson & 'Co; 118 to Maclay & Kimbro';
63 io Nourse, Stone & Co; 91 to H R Taylor; 59
to Lockhart & Young; 54 to C Rogers & Co; 55
to A N McKay &'Co.
Per steamer Champion-51 bales cotton to H
R Taylor; 42 to Lockhart & Young; 316 to Mac-
lay & Kimbrough; 44 to A N McKay & Co; 50
to D B Wood & Go; 162 to Harper & Holines;
187 to Hill, Dawson & Go.
Per steamer Eufaula-325 bales cotton to Wy-
lie & McKenzie- 129 to A N McKay & Co; 47 to
Lockhart & Young; 43 to W G Porter & Co; 26
to Sims & Cheer.
Per steamer Quincy--165 bales cotton't6 W G
Porter & Co; 62 to Wylie & McKenzie, 165 to
Lockhart & Young; 183 to A N McKay & Co.
Per barge Hawkeye-43 bales cotton to J Day
& Co; 40 to J Stevenson & Co; 10 to W G Porter
& Co.
Per barge Live Oak-161 bales cotton to W G
Porter & Co.
Per boxes Nos 2 and 4-1019 bales cotton to
Lockhart & Young; 11 to Sims &'Cheever.
PHILADELPHIA-PeT brig New Castle--577
bales cotton.


March 16-Ship Probus, De Vrees, fm New
York, tQI 1 M Wright.
March 17-Bark Gilbert, Melcher, fm Provi-
dence. ttp A Dodge.
Brig Havana, Smith, fm New Orleans.
-Marcli 1S--Bark Montauk, Gates, fm N York,
to Nourte, Stone & Co.'.
Brig arah Brown, Welch, fm New York.
March 20-Ship Finland, Johnson, fin Phila-
delphia,to I M Wright.
Ship Medallion, Houdlette, fm Boston.
Bark Ocean Queen, Warren, fm Liverpool.
Bark ,.Weybossett, Harris, fr,- New York, to
Ndurse.'/Stone & Co. ,
Brig Madison, Watkins, fm New- York.
Marn4 "22-Schr Ocean Wave, Perkins, frinNe-w
Orleans. ; "
Schr Elizabeth Hull, Tuthill, fm New Orleans.
Steamer Quincy, Alien, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Boston, Mort'0n, fm Columbus.
Stearber Peytona, Greer, frii Chnimbits.
Steamer Champion, Cadwallader, fin Columbus
Steamer Southerner, Garrard, fm Colimbus'.
Steamer Mary A Moboe, Moore, fri.Columbus.
Steamer Magnolia; Butts; fm AI6AnSv.
Steamer Eufaula; N'Naaghton, fm f'norence.
March 18-Brig New Castle, Swift, Tor Phila-
delphia, by A N McKa, & Co..



....- Year.
.Stock on hand Septt-., 1847..... 578, 988
Received past 3 days..., ........ 7511
"- previously ..... ..... 72498
,TotTlO..........- 8098778737
Exported past 3 days..---.... ;... 109
previously.:..*.-..... 38643 -
r Total ......,--- 38752 46145
Ojl a. n,-,indori shipboard notoleared 42235 32552"
Co-ormleurtn tI i September, l,47-anid same
"- ="fime in 1846. "
I_, [PsIPreti- TOTAL Last
WHITHER EXPORTED. [ ayslous. Iseaso
Liverpool. .... ...... ..10715 .10715..,8950
Flr vre;? ......... .... .'. "; ..... ...... ... ...
rN jn t,:. ,-. + ;. ;.. ... .. ... : .. .. .. . ...
Trtete ........ .... ......; .2724 ..2724 t.1368
GenOa, ,.- ;. .. .. ; .; ... ; ;:. .... .... .. + ...958
-O ther ports..... ...,. ,,j, .'. .+. .... .. .... .....
'Total to For, Poll;. --. ~j .1-34&3) .11216
New York.i...... i... ;..; .14025 .14025 ...93-78
Boston........... ..:..; ........7194 ..7194 ..5660
Providence.... "- ...-...... .1964 .1964 .,4273
mPl,/l'u.li-,hia ..; .-..: '. ..- ....577 .'. .577 ......
Baltimore... 4 ....... .. .... 1180 ..1180 ..1600
New Orleansg,,...,.-...109..1264..1373 .12285,
O their ports..." .... 7. ........;.. ...... 1713
T6TaIte.l-CoaTt,):Se3...204 21 .34909
TOTAL 3-BQ52.41 ......3...... 3s75 7,--- .

Cotton Weigher.,.
.fPHE'. subscriber- having been appointed a
SLJ Weigher of Cotton, respectfully solicits em-
ployment from the merchants of Apo:h'&licoh'.
He has, a family- dependaht on his .labor, and
hopes'thaf opporLuaity, willl be affbodcd him to
-airn a'.support .tor .tlem in this conimmnity,
Where such an appeal ha" nevO Qeeh made in
vain: / AL.EX..-McALPIN.
Mach 2,4kSS.' .:- fr ;, ,,.

'TI1 RE RA L Advancese--.iH-V bm'1 a or o:otton
c'i j nigrned to our 'riends&'Ai .Hav, 'LUver-
po-ol,, New York, Philadelphia; -Ii Miore; and
New 1:O leans. / .;.".4 "
-.":-' J.':.cCALLA & ROMAIN.
: J 1eb.717,4847, .*- .. 5-11


Finlahd, Johnson, 549 tons, fin Phil adelp!fa'iwit'-
*ing-I M Wright. *
Medallion; Houndlette,547 tons, fin Boston; wait-
ing=-Mastet.., -
ProbuN De Vress, 647 ton's, f6r Toulon, loading-
I M Wright. ; .
Frances; Dyer,-395 tons, from "Bslon, waling-
Mas er.
Peter Hattrick, Rockwell, 555.tons, fo Li.ero'bl;
loading--Nourse, Stone & -Co.
Windsor Fay, Brewer, 646 tons-, for Liverpool,
loading--D B Wood & Go.
Ambassador, Hadley, 452 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B, Wood & Co.- ,_
Henry, Salter, 434 tons, for Liverpolh, loading--
B Salter. "
Rob't Fulton, Wade; 560 tonB, fm New- York,
waiting-I-M Wright. .-.
Solon, Bucknam, 540 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Sabattiso Cox, 447 tons, for Boston,- loading-D
B Wood & Co.
Marianna, Ginn, 389 tons, for New York, loading-
NN ivi'cKaay ow Cpo. .
Ganges, (Br.) .Cornf'orth, 723 tons,-for Liverpool,
loading-C Rogers & Go. "
Diadem, Tucker, 657 tons, for Marseilles, load-
ing-I M Wright. -
Liberty, Pratt, 689 tons, -for ,Li vrpobl loading-
D ,K D o d g e '
Urgent, Rogers, 622 tons; for Liverpobl, loa'ding-
W-A & P C Kain. .
"BA QUES. > .
Ocean Queen, Warren, 568 tons, -fin Liverpotl-
waiting- M aster. L --I '
Weybossett, Harris, 321 tons fm New Ybrki wait-
ing--Nourse, Stone- G Co.
Gilbert, Melcher, 289 tons, for New York, load-
ing- A Dodge. ... ,.
Montauk, Gates, 388 tosri fm Newv York, wait-
.. ing-Nourse, Stone.& Co. -
Brenda,,Young, 343 tons, for- Liver.pool, loading-_
B Salter. :. .
Wm & James; Vandever; 263 torns, FoPro'vidence,
loading-T L Mitchel..
Belvedere, Reriny, 396 tons, for-Eutope; loading--
B Salter. ", -
,'.Z Ring, Lit-ermor'e, 323 tofs., for New Yorkj
loading-W G Porter & Co; .
C6venaniter, (Br.) Pattersonr, 612 t6hi, fbll Liver-,
pbol, waiting--J-Daay& Co.
Chase, Cbase, 381 tons, for Boston, loading-D
B Wood.& Co. ; "
Sir John Beresford, -(Br.) Threadgdld, 292 tods, for
Iiverpool, loading-I "M.Wright. -.
Horatio, Bowtelle, 324 ionrs, forPirovidence, load.
ing--Vood & Billou."
Dauntless, "(Br.) Johnsoa, 6.'9 t,,,,-, fn Liverpool,
: waiting--W A. & PC Kain. .
Cbmberlahd, (Br.j- Pwers, 412 .tons, Tor -Liver-
,p.ooJ,-toading--J-Day & C,..
.Madonfia, Mitchel, 489 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing--:D B "Wood & Co, : :-'
Mary & Jane,..Flitner, 346 tons- ;for New Yotk,
]oading--Nourse, Stone & 06. .. "
'Madison, Wa (kins, ,314 tons, fm New -ork,Await-
rung- M-,'la et. ..+.
Henry Buck, NVcn(-side; 184toh,for New York,
..lo0ading--A Dodge2.. :'. =.- :-."- ;,.,-
R C Fisher, Hobart, 222-tofis, for New York-load--
'" .... in g-A Dodge, : /. : "
Havana, Smith, 163 tons, fm Ne w Orleais; wa5a.!
Sarah Brown, Welch,,-348-tons, f-, New-.Yd~rk;
Waiting-Master, : ,- .. -./

,; .Adv.ances
-M/ ADE on shipments o10 Cotton" t'N Li-kerpool,
Havre, New York atnr BosioUn, by ..
Dec. 16 D. R:. WVOD- & CO.
Exchange. -
DRAFTS on N-vv York, Bst'm, Providen-ce,
Pniladelphia and. Baltim"rleebougfit; and
Sigbt Cl eck. ,on New YIrk-sold by-- .
S- \\'M. G. PORTER SL Co. '"
". ', "...j Agents Bank of Brutiswick,
.' .)ec ..,0 41 \Vate street.
-':, *.::. ':.- -4 -O liv e s ." -. .
8 JAJRS verve y upe,'or.-Spal.ish Oilves.ro:-"8ale
,86. E-. ".cCtLLY,
I M-Arch 165 .b "50 V'ater st.




:-: ily was also foundI a stall row.of wh t. ;I=p-
t j)etC'.to hivc. been ludiun beads, Inited to-
S "- g'e er .... .-- .I C.
V -' The'New Yolk Herald _-ives tile Iollow-
^ .. ing abstract of [lhe Prvisiois o( Ilhe Trr-easy
v s: a mtsanended in tlhe Senate and approed by
t :"~ that body.
\. Article fir t appointed Senors C uevas,
-. (onto, and Airistian comnission~ers Oi the
a, part of tile Mexican governteito 1 adjust
; terms of'a la-ting irealy of" a peace between
l, i ^ the United Suates. of'lthe Norih and the
; Uniied Mexican Smates;.w'ith- Nicholas P.
Trist, doinmistioneu.r of tile Uniied States,
.J *. & c. -, >..+' -- '
r. Article second stipulales that.here shall
'.d be an-iminediatoe suspension of- hostillities
"..'+9 between the. armies of'lhe two republics.
Article third defines the Cuture boundary
.:" + of theUniied States. The line comnen-
ces In 1l1e Gull' of Mexico, threeoieagues
:, from land.; thence runs up I lie middle of the
Rio Grande in its intersection with the
"sotwiern boundary ofiNew Mexico ; lthence
My-- along that souilieit bouidary to the western
y oundary of'ms e; thence t orh to *he first
+; branch of (Tle Gil' which it intersects;*
". ihence-dowei the iniddle of' thatbiauch and
-.^ 'of the river to tlhe Colorado; tlience it runs
c acrosg-Otesiwardly, and sinrkes the Pacific
f" a'ta point" one league south oC'Sa1 Di.eo.
S- The flee iiavi;atiou to ilhe Gull' of Calitor-
; ia and of flhe river Colorald, from the
'mouth o1i the Gila to the Gull', i'! secured
to -the Uniied States. .
', Article fot'th -ii|lltlales that il shall be op-
tionalwiih cinzns, of' Mexico, how residing
in the ler'ritnrv to be ceded, eiitier to leave,.
a; king wiih tlhem ur oilher% ise dis'posting- -of
lleir propetv, (,Ir else. Uilon -ikiitg hlie
oaths ol" ;'lle i.l ece to 0%.is 'ove II'nlit .,l to
be protected it) tle enjovn eiiit of all. the,
H rialos anl innimunitics of .Cili/,etns of' they
Uniid .'Sas. m e
T i, next ',II('l, I))'Ivii'-s tl, it' the U tifed
S tfla es 'Y, -)ivelt plU l i ...h.,1 l i.,Ile 'i 'i'iI it Z6n1d
elrt'et.'. alll inere.lsll l' I, Vl el .,, ( f the
l i h oj',1Inr I','0,,, [,,li i ,,c i ,_,,,.. T o 0 lt is
'efll, -, ll t,.itioii, are: lo--use, their" best en-
den v, 'v r
Ill c,,usid-ratiu,, (l" the exiersiuni of "the
ilounJ.irv of ih'+ Un;i>,I S,,)l's. made by
[ils 'reiI, the Qn.iiied Siates -gbve'rnmenat
1.1srip),h, e-') pay Iu e] exiic-6 th-es ,nU oflnfieen
', ,,till,,)ns ,,f .{,)tl.,, i. I n'ijiis's,,)iir is iul:' it t ^'le
th. the three. riillih is :il[>ri>|>p ri'l- ed l last -.'i .,t,
for [lie furthp,',-,i ,e ot' [i'1.iLC .'and.now sub-
iect to 5Mr. TI i-i's o0d1e r. -Thiss su'm is to
+be I-.iid Io tlhe \[e\n, iln govertim-e'nt- irtinme-
IliatelY oit)ll le r'a' .itit.ni ol" ihe--trea-ty:.-
-- T lit "lei-iinino twelve millions are to( be
p .,i il in l o u rl) ,-,, il ia l n i iiie ints .:: b e a rin g six
per cent. iiile)'ret Irii ei 111C ra call ioi i .of
the irca.v h M ,ico._. Nu p,.;rtion:of'th'is
s tt iii .i s Ibe i' i a ti -^ 'i- a h le ./"": :
Acc-,rdin-, to ,lie art cl,. ihe tT i.lSiae.s
Governinenw utndert:ile(s oll claim. ; of A\,,e-
rican ciiizo,)s l ,a:,,st '.M e'nic,. both ilo-e
alrea,{y" ,lecid'+.{ '1-n,{ thi _e still tn,{eciided-
"-he wIlirlie, {1,-0 % e v .- ', not 1 o .i111)[Hil 0'o mo~re
: '".-, ll,,in thr',e m illions ;nj l ;I q,.uiil,-r:af (dull.i's.'
T hl e ,\]exIc,,n "it 'lol .ei Io,,n,. b :y U's after '
the tl kiiij ])O'f'tessi, o lhe cce,'l~t-rr'tory,
,ire -to -b e d4 liv ,-'re d ,t|). '
hetl'.re;iv ,l" coilrerc)'e of T831",'betifween
S-' lthe two 'ephlics, -o- -revived Tfor the
perioil of fi., t Y'e.':If',- Ii.l- In IN ft0r1 -a -d.s
be I .t 6he-r0i,) 7 il g~t'm-
llinl ih l ^ 3^.-_. '+'"+ '*' .'-*' + + : + .
T hlo' cilit, n hII rH.,S ;,(, 10' le re's, r lo e I '-to'
g- Itll..- M!'oxic ,i n ,ullo) llie.> ;i? soi._ -'I;, I Ile tv'e.i-
ty shi ll lh.,ve bee,, ,,,ili'l. rji,., jre to
: be ;.I )liel I'l" sel i{, ,2 tl) iCi't,)m t h
.'T he 10o,-) o If Ihe Ie iit,.l S1 n'es nrelto
le.tve ile i?\n: I> In ii' e it,,ni. : l i I w" i li r at-
61ifi,'1110)11 ill tll ti,::,v, OfI ,- .i ile .ill sea--
s'lSii sl)' iil'l C.', le oil. ill -hi,.h l ev,?rt l iev
.- -, a i >"Ill retire t 1 1.)1116 h,;all hNv i It1.1. ,n, II\a d
i 1r"! o L ) e I il.l nI~, !.-d1 % i% i 1 _.1 -Ip 'lii, 11.1i th e'
' 1exi t' eI, ) Iieinn ,'1,. UN1i i:iic.,,l.,l t. eI riis. .
Ih,.? sIii"[li<.s uhli,'h ,na~y u''i'n e b,+twyeein'
,-'.*''i th ie ,ilicaiiun of tire Ir, I\N 'n..I IllI, ilibar-
1,311-a11n 01' hll? l :it;, re noi to i b s11bj) ,.
1 0o. i -d :
".'t r l ie '. I r l uV IS ") r ,lin>:'d !,v tho' Presi-
dent an.I Sen Ute. nil,.I 10 ber ,: r~.x .:-hi.le w/ith-
-1 l.+oin Iur nto thn tli 'e u t" its n'ifiri ,llir. ..-
T lhe b~ut, i'l ,ny,ol' Neu M r,-,,li, II,)~ .bDe..
'd efi ned a. h,* lidi io w ,-i D ,,,itu in.'ll'_- i, n|) o-f
... ', i Mi-'xtCO, pl),, li-lied l N ,i N,-,r iik. It, 1.'-17-.
Seve,'al iinliorimnnl attircl ; -, ijii,, ii,, ed.
[he H ,,'al, also ':i S rs he ,.ll,? ui l :n :_z s
ll"i"eh, v,)e ,.n llie ado{l },iii. :'
Yr.s--'^'Isss. A'.hI,,v, A'lhe,,,nn, Bi^-
\ Iy, Bell. Br ,lbtnr', Br,.,I;l, B,,,Il,.r, t'*:,l-
/ i oun, (-.';iin :-, on, (.'ai-.', C.larke. ',)i _'ill'- '1^ ,],
.' + :: D i l_., ui" L]a'-,_.. D--,I' nl' I\ i't'_'., D)AI fi)nl,
++ \ D cinkis,+in, Di),, Di^ ,,i-. Fel,=hi. Fij,_,,..

,i." H al,=', H in,,e-au. H n i i, .iil;.. I.,hn.oit ol' .\il,
+ .-. lilinsii ol ({.,... Jilh,,s,,,i)l I.',., iM.,n.;,,in,
S M .,s,)n, Miller, M o,),e, N il,-?. 1;,,sl,, S,-(i,-r.
-" % S t nar ~e o n fT ii n ,:-- [ T ,Ititl < : ,,,>; ,. nd :-Y u e e l
" 4U:- ': *'' ,--, "->-: .
"- N .AY-;- iM ,-', rs. _Allfe A I, hlson,. I-,5,1"'i,,

.. -,. D ,u.:1.ass, (-;'e,.?'n, L,:'"i,. S|'roi..e, Upharn.'
:- .: \ ebst,'t. \V'esitc,-it--lo.. "

- :, Absent-Me-1 srs. Phelps, P ierce,.Cl.IN-
1 n, H o'tston- 4. .+,jr- .
,ArEs---Whigs, 11 N.\vs--Wh'igs,. 8
.e. mc. n,'13 Dm ocrats, 7
-ABsENT- Whi1s,-'./ 3 OTAL--es, ..37
Democrats. 1 Navs, 15
.It will be perceived fi'om file albove that
theie was but one more affirmative vote hinu
was required for its ra.i.fication-two-lhirds-
of 52,'the wholo nMher voting being 36.
There-is no doubt, Iiowever, that se-erzl
of those voting, in the riegaiive woulJ have-
^ voted otherwise had it been necessary 1to
confirm tOle ireaty. i v "

mustangG." IN lAsim'iTOi',-A, letter
froni' rashingtoni says : .- : ? "' i
.. The reception of Mr. Frean.'r, %ilIo
brouttht the treaty Iroim Mexico to 0 Wash-
ington, at, the Department of Satae, lias.
caused a uood deal of Iughter at the capi-
tol. Coming from Mexico in seventeen
days, he h.-d but littPle time for his toiletie,
ani-on his atrivl sported a blte j~icket and
-*.- pans, bone le. o wliih was of't'aplessu hile
the want of suspend..er-s dipla.yed a (old of"
e. ck linen over the waisli'ind, a broal
:. bummed a'rp.-ulin hai, \\thl a 'ice coevied"
... wit ranellero-loolina- Uhiske's. On hiis
'- :. ending at the whaif Ie hasbened i a coach,
thoughg. the hackmen were in-her shy of
hi.0,) to the residence of the Secretaiv of
State, where he Was tuly refused ailnission
b,.- he porter in Hail'ns. Ho.w,.'er, lie
i forced his way in, and Mr. B-uiihanan was
10. no less astonished th-an his setivit, to find
: in t-he queer chap before him, whom lie had,


at first mistaken, for an-old salt, the redoubt-
able Mlustang, 'and the special ambassador
of Doti Nicholas Tti.."
GEN. SCOTT.-Well may the order for
the arrest of, ihis'illustrious man have exci-
t-led the astonishment of all Mexico, and
especially of those who have fought and
! bled, and triumphantly conquered, under his
command. The difficulties encountered by
Gen. Scott from Vera Cruz to Mexico, and
the unparalleled skill a'6d heroism display-
ed in the various achievemeits against great-
ly superior -numbers and almost invincible
defenses, have attracted the admiration of
the civilized world, and most justly given a
new implulsb to the national pride, which
vibrates in every American hear, where
there is a'spaik .of patriotic feeling. All
may ekxlaim-what in6re could any man
have done for his country, than was achie-
ved rby Gen. Scott ? '-What more to entitle
him to the perpetual admiration of the
American people? What more to ensure
.the fuiles-t confidence and unqualified sup-
port of het government?
rAnd yet, while surrounded by such'exalt-
ed claitns-to; public favor, we find William
L. Marcy, who happens to be at the head
0f the War Department, using his power to
tarnish theffiiir fame of Scott, by insidious
suspicions,. through a Court of Inquiry.
Welt-may it be-a'sted, who is t(be-wau, that
dare set in motion so foul a c-6nIspiracy
against the national honor (which is insepa-
rable frSomSCott's victories,) and meditate
this-bas'e treason against the United States?
Well tnay it be inquired,-who and what is
he ? Nor will the publ'ic ear be astonished
t6ohe"r that, he is the-same personage who,
!+:wh-en Gen. Taylor's army was threatened
with being.,cut to pieces by an overwhelm-
i-ng fprce of savages-who.weie determined
--to giiveono, -qutarter, instead of-sending succor
- to the old hero, sent him i 4nalignant 7'e-

:buke, which the fates have-stamped as it
deserved, -by fixin6g its s-arrival on the night
after the battle of ,Buena Vista !! ,
Such are the prominent acts of the man
to whom is' committed the guardianship of
thle military fime of the American people.
Alas! what a guardian,! One who,
Di'ess'd in a little brief authority,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven,
As make' the angels weep."
vWe may pursue this subject.--Philad.
Evening Bulletih., "

THE PnssroN F0R 'SuRGERr.-"Theodore.
S.+Fay, in a letter to the Home Journal,
relates tihe following aeecdotes of .3ieffen-
-bpch, the celebrated German Surgeon,
whose recent death has been deeply regret-
:+ted by scientific Tneh : :
He was a small man, with high, s;hrill
...ii-e, -and nothing externally remarkable,
.xcep'e.)t I.i,. of brilliant black e-ies,' and a
good. de;il O'f das ah and style in dress and
e:uipageo-.- His ibrst wis for those terrible
operations-forwhich he-was so celebrated.-.
A,,,,,i^ others, this'--He one day. saw a
_err, dent itl the strset, with soruie unhappy
SeP.'rpe,,ence gro,*ing" out of' his head or
,,,'.l,.-arid-that glittering eye ones fixed on
the pie o9r- 'e-Ilow, it .was, no-t possible to es-
caipe .Dieli-enjb:ich addressed hirn, afnd pro-
-posed to operate for nothing. The man
refu'dsed. I He offered a-'bribe; In vain. He
d'escri-bed 1the. probable -,course., of the de-
ibrmiiy '. 'it. would lead to torrments-t'o
death, .)ierli:,ps. TheStudent impatiently
replied, %then lie felt ihe-approach of those
7r.,e nieonveniences, he would address
hins_.;I, l io 'theo-_per{Htorand not before."
Dieffenrha.ch left% hiiii -at length, and the
.young feIlo.v ret-urncd. to his books, 'ipe
'ana d- le tu'-es,;-laughibng' lheartily at the per-
..-.e:aii":e of his formidable enemy, and
congr'attilating Nhlmsef -pori a happy es-
cipp. c -B.t- one ,'rmorning,+ about daybreak,
--a:.k-nock, ,a-t his door announced, as the
sleeper supposed, the Steifelpwtzer, the
boot' cleaner, who -usuallycame at that
hour. "He rose, unlocked the door, and lo !
DWTft4bAeh h .siood- before him, with those
1-,,,: ni 6 1( rafl eyes, -:a.nd four stout meIdical
,s ia d en .t s.s a t 'h is b a-e k -
S"\ "e hav'e C'6me to operate upon youi !"
'* i, .o! D ,..ificr" W e rlter ''" cried the. st~u- .
d~exn(. "* ,-"' :- I.* ** r ..
- The *s,,fge.-i ,iil.,ie a sign. The subject
' was thrown uponithe bed and held there by
firm forice.- He lhadT scarcely time to ex-
press his sense-of his treatment, by certain
Get-mifin exclamations, when his frightf'ul
i,,li,,ii, AS wa hkliikee~ie. off from him, and
"lie "I'iy a mont-l :or: tw0o.in bed, recovering.
lr>:ii'the effects. .::He-_ did recover, com,
|ilhirl\,, and "the"students, the sub~orifinate
,Ieni,,-i,' o0 this dia~b61ical d~ramia, declare
ilhe tigraleful.do~g wats no sooner on his
Je+'.,*^.lii{. a correcerofdand mended man,
.lh:,n lhe ,ent-aud sued lhis benefactor;--and
recovered r., l> :n ,ldaiii;i'ges. "" '
/-A,,,tihe Ipeis;) Iad a p)ro:tuber~anc-e upon
.the end-of his- tonng.ue. 'Up to a certain day,-
the' histor'vis'the,,s~a~ne as the preceding.-*
(_n III,,it ,..iy Dietffil).'iaci, having receiveda-a,
tilal tneti'.;ie 10 ;ill his iprayers and remrin,-
sdnac.es-, r(-q,.tested at Ileaajt one farewell look
at tlhe be'.tt iftIi' ol/iect ol"lhis"desires; The

tn.u. e.in:.- -, l.ptient "U. out his 1on1 ue,
and, ill [le t inllklitl of:.) n eye, tien' WaS a
neeithe through it, ajoni lall a. f iotlong re-
dlininn it immnoveably i n itsiplace- and cut-
Iing short all, expressinns ol' disapprobation
and .inelfeclual arguments'. rlke"happy
artist now had every -thing his own way.--
And what his owaway was I teave you to,
im agine. ; :

ATt'iik TH E.,R RE.-Fronf seven, to ten the
Paseo Tacrn, is t hronge~d and a stranger hadV
better' pause before he rins :theO gauntlet of
such b: tleries of "eyes. and, fans-as he ne-ver
bplbre, in ,Jisu nori-hern philosophy, thought
or dreamed of. 'rite ladies dress in white,
with lieir beaiuititul h.ir titnsacrificed by
bonnet, and, il" ornumenied, by a: simple
or red roses 1,, .).Jz l A,/,,/bi-:-f. .However
perfect may, be.their figttes, you see thirn
not. "Oes gaze .is concentrated in. their
Irze, lustrous, eyes, W hiclhi when you. get
`VW-ithin their Treach,-Swalfowy u -uP .as the
suini, swallows -.. o C ,i t, wle, :he is'r.a,,h
en)oWi-i I') appl-prn.ach lop. near, tlirot ing:, \Y oa
o Ic ai ;.iln, a birined"-iiji eidder, to.'be_-resus-
J:it:e didt ani rl tbil,-ned";by 'thie -next eyes
which fp.is-,. : The' H;,%aneras certainly s-r'-
"Pass the.r Spaii i.tIl"in the 'beauqty,-Of their
ey es-, it 'that '46- :ni'sijble.:
W \\ith tlieireyes a,,,l a1',n Idv6s .(fatns)' the-
fHavaneras have rro. need of tongues, which,
however, they dan --use, onI emergencies;
whereas +every. pretty woman!'crl-i, in sWormf

For Liverpool. .-.',:
,,.-E THE _Sperior f,4,-ailmt .pi ;p.k;P ,
^^ TER. HAT]'RlC~i, Rock~je L .'
,.aBI~most of her cargo eo ,d, wiflkr .-.."
dispatch. F or freight, apply to I'- "
March 23 NURSE, STONE & "

degree, make the eyes speak," no other
than a Spanish beauty can use a fan. This
is to them the idioma de amor"-the
language of love. Assisted by the eye it is
eloquence itself; and, in the hands of a co-
quet, like a gun in the hands of a careless
boy, is ai most dangerous weapon. To see
this language spoken in perfection, visit the
theatre Tacon, which, by. the way, is the
prettiest theatre in the world. Here, be-
tween the acts, 'nothing is heard but the
clicking of fans, while cross-fires of light-
ningglances pierce one through and through.
The front of the boxes in the Tacon is of
light openwork though which the white
dresses of the ladies are seen, and which
has a very pretty effect. Unlike the boxes
of our opera, which invidious conceal all
but the beauties above the zone,"' here
the whole figure, simply draped in white,
is fully displayed. Foreigners say that an
Efiglish worman should never be seen but iu
an opera-box; and the Spaniards affirm
that, whereas an "English woman should
be seen at a window, and a French woman
promenading, the gods have vouchsafed that
a Spaniard may be looked at every where:"
" La Ynglesa en la ventana, la Francesca
paseandorse, ia Espanola, por onde se qui-

Naomi, the young and lovely daughter of
Salathiel and Judith, was troubled in spirit
because at the. approaching feast of trum-
piels, she would be compelled to appear in
herr plain, undyed stole ; while some 'of her
young acquaintances would appear in blue
-and purple and fine linen of the land of
Egypt. Her mother saw the gloom that
appeared on the face of the lovely girl, and,
taking her apart, related to her this'parable.
A doie thus- made her complaint to the.
guardian of the feathered tribe :
"' King genius, why is it that the hoarse-
voiced, strutting peacock, spreads its gaudy"
train to the sun, dazzling the eyes of every
beholder with his richly burnished neck,
and royal crown, to the astonishment of
every passer-by, whilst I, in my plain plu-
mage, an overlooked and forgotten by all ?
The ways, kind genius, seem not to be
equal towards those under thy care and
protection" ,
The genius listened to her complaint, and
thus replied :
I will grant you a train similar in rich-
ness to that of -the gaudy bird you seem to
.envy, and shall demand of thee-one condi-
tionin. return."
W What is that?" eagerly inquired the
dove_ovrjoyed at the prospect of possess-
i'ng w-hat ,eeme'd to promise so much hapf
piness' "
".It is," said the genius, that you con-
seht to surrender all those qualities of meek-
hess, tenderness,' constancy and-love, for
which thy family have been distinguished
in a4 l times." .. .
"Let me consider," said the dove. "No;
,!,cadidi6t'consent to such an exchange. No,
_holt-o'r aill th6 gaudy plumage, the showy
train'of rhat lain bird, will 1 Surrenider those
qualitie' ofr which you speak, the distin-
guished 'feature'&s of miy family tror"i titne
immemorial. I must decline,-good ge6fiini,
the conditions you propose.';
1,.Then why complain, dear bird? Has
not Providence bestowed on you the quali-
ties which thou vaJuest more- than all the
gaudy adornings you admire. And -art thou
discontented still ?" ..
A tea7r started in the eye of the dove, at
this mild rebuke of her-guardian spir-it, and
she~promnised never to complain,.
The beautiful girl, who had entered into
the story with deep and tender emotion,
raised her fine blue eyes to meet her mo-
ther's gaze, and, as they rolled upward,
.suffused with penitential -tears, she said in
a sudden tone, witb a smile like that assu-
med by all nature when tihe bow of God
appears in the Heavens after a Storm-"My
mother, I think I know what that story
means. Let me be your dove I let me have
thaltrnament of a meek and' quiet spirit,
arid I am satisfied to see i.thers appear in
'rich and gaUdy apparel.".


BAGGING, Kentucky,..........yd
rDundee., ......... ;yd
BALE ROPE; Kentueky,...l.. b
Northern, .... lb.
Manilla,... .....Ib
BREAD, Navy,............ .'ewt
COFFEE, Rio,.............. tb1
Java, ........... '....W,,1-9
CANDLEI', aper....... ..... Ib
CORDAGE, Manilla,....... ... lb
Hemp ........ .ib
Tarred, .... ..... ..Ib
CIDRlt..Northern,............ b\
Brown Sliirtd s...yd
Tickings,...... ...... yd
~ontonades';,.. :....... yd
Calico Prints, .......yd
Ke hlucky Jeans,..... yd
DUCK, Russia,.,...........;.tyd
DYE6, Logw'al; Campeachy,. .ton
"6 St. Domingo;.ton
Fustic,..' ... ........ ton
Indigo,. ............ ... .b
FLOUR, Northern,...- ....-b.l.
Western, ............ bbt
FISH, Cod,...............box
Mackerel, No. 1,.....:.bb
.4 No. 2,.......bbl
No. 3-,...... 6bt
HER RING,.-........-.. ... box
FRUIT, Almonds,........... lb
I aisi .... .... .... box
Prunes,. ..-.. *-. .....Ib
Currants,....... .... I b
Figs,....... ..........Ib
Lemons, ............. box
FT"RS.Otter,............ -........
FEATHERS,-......... ......b
GRAIN, Oats,............ bush
Corn, .... ....-....bush
GLASS, ...;..;.. ... -... box
HAY,.................. .....cwt
HIDES,-Green...... ".... ....lb
.. Dry, counmry,..---. ..-...Ib
WRON, Enghisir,t ...;......Ib
S-wedes,..,. .,....Ib
Hoop,'.; . .... 2%*-lb
Sheet,..:. :..'... :; ... ib
Nail Rods, .,.. .. Ib
Casting. A merican,... Ib
Boards, White Pinei....-M
"4 Yellow- ...
Staves,....: .... .........
"Wnlle Oak 'Heads,. .... .. M
.. "Heading...... M
LEAD, Bar,...................lb
Sheet,....... lb
LIME, ...... bb!
MOLASSES; N.O .. .........gal
NAVAL STORES, Pitch,.., bbl
Rosin,.. .nbbl
NAILS,...-... .. ..... keg
OILS, Linseed,....... ... gal
Olive,..,.. ......-.... bottle
S1pertn,. ..-..;.;,-.,;. gaf
tard;.. ... ..... ; gal
fnner .;..;:..- .......gal
.. ,Castor,...; .... ......gal
PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,...bbl
.. Primne..bbl
13con Hairns,. -'".-;.:. I.b
M. '* caisM ed,-..tb
Sides,..... 5..IB
LABRD, -.-''''.- -lt
BUTTE, .;... -"..'; ;--;:.^;}
BurrER'.; .. .:;.. ;.
CR.RESE, .....-..... ;'.IB
P,' 'o s,... "..... ....bbl
PEN.TS,.. ..... .bush
RICE,. .... ....:. ....... ..i....Ib"
SPIC IS, Cassia,... -.... .,;:lb
SPICES, Cloves,.......... ... Ib
Ginger root, .....-. Ab
ground,....... lb
Nutmegs,....... ..lb
Peppr, "... ....lb
StGAR;, 4-.Orleans,...... Ib
.... t; Croix + .......-.... ;.Ib
,: ," .Naf,...-,............Ilb
SALT, ,Liverpo ol,........ sack
Coarser,......-..,.... bush
STEEL, Ca t,............:- -.. cvt
Ge rmaa,.. ....;.cw. w-
SOAP................ .. b..Ib
SPIRITS; Brandy, Coghac,...gal
Gin,, Holland;`..-....gal
.Rum, N.E.....gal
"Whiskey; Reet;..;:gal
Aleofio.,.l ..p-.-; -,al
SKINS, Bear,...........;...-.. :.
Deer .-.., .......;. ....
SHOT, all sizes,.. .. .A-....Ib-
TOBACCO,...-.. ....-......1 ....,_lb
T1YA, ou', 0-- n .1yn,..... ....b
Souchoiig,..-.'...:. ....'.Ib
TIN........;.. .... ... .
'TWINE, Baling,-........-.. -b
Seine, ..-.. ..... ;....Ilb
.Wx INES, M aderia-.-..;... ...-.gal
+_ Champagne,. .:...-, doz

D. C. r> C.
I a y19
16 a 17
a 13
a 10
a 10
4 a 41
5 a G
. 8a :9
8 a 10
121 a 18.
S5 a- 3Ti
a 20
a 12
a 121
6 00 a 7 06
5j a ''
-9 A, -12
ilk a 16
14 a 22
25 a 55
i1 a 20



a 800
a 700
a 450
a 12-00
a 7 00
a, 6 00

a --25
a 18
a 14
a 450'
a -4650
a 70
a 7
ia. 5
a 54
a -8
a 10
a 7
a 6

a 16. 00,


1200 a



6 a 61
10. a- r2
150 a 16'21
25 a 26
a 4-50
a 400
150 a 200
2t a SOO,
4 75 a 550
90 'a 1.25
,50 a 62,
,i0 a 1-50
86 8:i 06

175 /,2-00
a 14 00
a12 -00
,. Il^O
.. a i3- 00'

55'a" 65: +

.'- 5 a "
"45 k" -.
87J a
9 a 10
I a ,12J
2 12 a- ,2 50*
14 a 16
-40 H -H
13 a 14
100 a 125
621a 75-
1800 a-25 00
42 00, -115 00
5- a 7
1,75 a. 3J25"
A 137 awl-SO
4 .40

100 9a 15,
.7 i. .: 8t.
7 a 71
8 a 50
60 a 80

38 a 20
a 37 -
10o. a. .3-00
I0,0 -o a 16,00

J. SPENMI, ,'; -* A.
<0(tt^S6Second Storq RallzelTi;i fitiljni
^s^^<^, \ (Eurraince -ori-C~jla*'
A. Watches, N
repaired. October 21. 18,17.., ..
British Pelrcod, ica'l 'Jb i' '
_VALUABLE PR,9.11Jj TO NiiW 8UHr .
: SCR1BERS! -;.,'C' ;-
Subscribe early while the e~re t. 1 ::.
S_ ,-" ';-, :-.RE-PnBL .ICATtON W0 :'' i"- ".X,: '"
". . e A f -..: "./ .. " .:.
The above Periodicals are- reprin(edj.,in:Ne.p
. Y o r k i r i fi .i a te ly o n t h e ir 'a r r i va l ,Lby i tl o ,
-steamers,--i -a beautiful-clear type- "n 'la -lt"
paper and re .faitbflj copieasos -?V jaia .
BLACKWOODS' WAGAZ1IMK lking.Aa.;eobrf-^^.
stmile of he 'Edinburgh edition. ..* ,> '.-'. -. '-
+ .They. emnbi'a-c the view..of gr & Qe.^ree..
part tes in Eng'l ind-Tory, Wt bi'd f.-^ *
-,Blackivood "and -.a
"Tory; tlle.'^itbnrsl- ievjeW^,Wh "
" Westmil#sfr Reipw." l~diL"'ed]t. .:
Brilish. Revimw.0 it.1 more f argU-..oaac.erffer.
havingn+ been. originally cdinr3'by A .DealAier^
aW now since his death, be
apr!i~';invlaw]Dr.. H amfna, asmOjap~i~fud^j
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highest order. --":; ,' ;' ^
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Fur Blac4wood and 3 i ,teYs, '_* .; : P..
"For Blackwood and the 4R eVteWs; l X" +".,
..P y-en 6 -t { e made ./2 sr." -e'- .inr.A

Consisting of back volumes 4.oFht]j
valuable works, viz: .. ,..- i^ ..
Benlkey'e M is eellany;- '. '
T he Niel ropoli n..mfaig a 1n,..-.:. ', "- "
The.Dablin'lnit'sily ff.l'g :--" a" ..
Blaehwood'sMhagazima*-'.-, -7^ ..','.' .
The- LIohaon," (h-e .X.EiDlHh.ih-
QuarterJy -and lWe i. es',ttff r.e. r'Wf4_
Any .qe. subscribw4g2 t'-QLM"A w ilkcdW 0 t.
the Pe iodacalt ,-5%% I
volIu e .of any 6 1l.thj"pra1ihnsabo/e..na .. -
A subsdr ber to aby ltT'ftirife.e ~ aefj
0*7 a-yeir," of j6 fi PouiVv~w' A f-pwlrgi !
ceive twLo premi mn am a t3V "* '",
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at Sp9 a-year, of't?3 he FouI*-Rew'iih9-k ^^ *-
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60i- Piem b-.epatifk'j:ntf^Cif
mriunis fdesireit and the H-ro'+fibY A f l,..
_, ,. C)LUBTI.te^'^ 2<.""La
...o" copies of'any.,al1";oeT'the.E.tWc'-Vjfefti
wv fiP selt to one'address on.afdnj--"
reguiqar sbs'q!ptiou loa three.-,tae |owrcps
-* ." *)" ^l ,' ,qr" ; esl'
bemg gratis. .;' -"i_ i'^J; *'.,
OU .1-0 premnviuiaji.b ^c^ySeiye*
above P17buan'ee s m odzotI4 o e-ljbi, rdia-^te
, sluts in pny case be 'furnjTs'bd;'6lt'1 -16
,uription pVai in-fuT io +the jt to W Nsy-t
out.-reentr.s' to n agep, 'i *.^ i. +;
o EARL.Y COPLS:-.:..5:',
A late arragepie ,,ilbhhftir' pub %W_
_of Blsickwood''s Ma-gazinDe s.4arq$-5;ipg.f~E
*sheetj ol"'that work, by \v4Y .. % i4AW'e.: -."
-to plae6 flie entire rumber._idJ ."he;., i ,S
scribers before anyporfinn Uf-ik-c au? r,^-.
in anft' .the Americtan ourh*.-; ._ '-nd -
other. ad<'anrag'es aCo(ed i "' ob4-- ."ago- i 6ff." '
pay so rar'.ge a"-o'n,,idvradLQ1' .4 i' f .
comtnpelired. to ra.iie .,]Blhe^M'ESfte^.
Thsr~efoqe we repeat ''AawtKyk^ 'g?
-price -.. .. ...% ''
ke Rnijiit an oe c -a ^?ro AvijriaPp^
alva,' address? oo-paid[oAr'
-, ..:tf^^ ^

In this ditv, on Thursday evening, 16th instant;
by C. "J. Shepard, Esq., Mr. MOSELEY to
Miss ANreNA MARiIA McDONALI), Of Columbus, Ga.

+~~ -Lou B.
".. .11Va COAUlMBIS. ,.-.,
nIHE Subscriber, one of the firm of Maddet &
J, Adams, of-Columbu Ga;* wiHl temain.some
*tirrie-in-.Apalachicola. +He .may be seen at the
warehouse nomw:.buildiog for.3. Day &,Cq..-At al-
most any hbur in th-e day, and will ieeeive; orders
fo r ,-- ..- ., ,,
T.OMIB. STOAIPS;, ..:'- -
SLABS, &c. de.,C .g
vhic-h he will furnish 1ottwe;"han'ttliey.an be
procured frrom ihe -erii." "' ,'.
-* *"- .. *." .- **- . ." .P A D A M S ."-
P. S. After leaving --Apalachicola, the subsc'ri-
ber will protimptly attend to all orders directed to
him in Columbus. A :: p. A.
"- February 24,1848.:) .' .6-3m*.. ~'.

*-*- : 'PASSENGER.., r
Per fime M:aoiiolt"--Col' D "'k -Vasil, Dr S
Cla\"-io, M,%1 Lott, IuiHall, Goojmni. -1 '
Per steni,.-r Mliry A.Mo ofte-,l rs sirith, Mrs
Dinile. Mrs McCall; C Gatdmier, A-Stow ,CJ
Al. ,iia der. CaptD Plratt, [ + ,- -"
> Per steamer Peytona-Mt".Udgway, lady, chil-
drein an'd'serv't, Mr Mount, lid children and
s~fr.ant, Mr C{intty, lady, children and serv't,- Mrs
\V,-:,d, MAll Wingat'e; child and'erv't, Mi- Kim-
hro,.,,h, '_Mi-? Brown, Mi.-.5 Butito'n, Miss Warren,
Messrs W A Kain, Wagfier, Solomons, Aind:.ri],n,
Cfi in;h,-r-s. '- ., ,. ;
Per ie'ni.'"r P.Bto,,-J S9hbiff,,'r, J Simis, Flynn.
Per -i. ,tir I'III.;--- E R B.,ll.,, lad\v ind sr-
va'nt, T, :-: ih wlev. lidzn, l 'iv", \V \W'\'nn md-"
lady, Mr Kolb adii'd lady, Mr,'Harelkon arid lad-',
Mis L'Lifnes, J-Kolb, N -ko,,s.,n.
,Per steamer Etf dil.iW -Tone-y.-T Battle.
Judge-R C Spr,U,,. Dr \\E L.Woodley.' W Sutton,
G- ,:fiiLkl 1,-, ,.A ,D Smart,. W" T-Crawford; T
'Nichols, Wpi. Toney',."Jr; Ma'stets 1 R Sp'anh and
,Per steamer Qninev-Mr Paitari;,,e and+lady,
BH Robinson, H Hays, F R. Ely, Hearn. -. .

. 'N Totnee,.. *"'. ."'".
IX week-s after at .ishat apply toet ,,ldge
of Probates for Franklin countyi bio etters
of adni nitration upon tlie- estate o( 1). W., Fail-
.cett, deceased:' T. ;-1 AUSTIN-.
March'&2314849.- ., : -. 10-6t -
... ~N oji e. -
T ECourt t rProatesitl, beiopen .f
SI b0in'sLt', and for th`e 10 t ,d next t:rf,'
for thed purpose or auaditing th'e a'eouits.'ot F.\c'
utors, Aidministrators and G,.r.triijii'. .yy wiwh,.h
time- tltiev are e pe,',-d to" a,,[,,:+, ,"r dicl'.,,,lt w'll
be filed agi j list t h'em ": : :; .; .
M airch ..., 4 P. r ,!i\ r .)t e.
Hlavana Sea,,,;:
tYf\ ,nHAVANA ^SEG.\RS, cn ritm.
y.,, }U,. ing an ,;is-.. inent ol .1 h -"" Pro-
bidad,'s C abanas,--,. MAl -i1 1wr riit:mlmta..
Partuges," and other choice brands, nb\V land-'
in, per.schr Ann .Maria'r6rri in avana 'Sor sIale by"
Mch 16 E'-McCULLY,-56 Water st. -

: DOZ, .Goal-A Jelrna
"U j'Utf received direct)
. o.,.
b ] arch 'irt .--, i- ;-

. +--. ^"..-->- Provisiots: *! .
i SB'SbS '-Whia~ey;; 110 "lo; Prime 1Pork
'7 -0, io bhts, Fliopi:. -csk R ice; > :
- _.:5 superior-old Reser.;e \Vhlii ,i2.-.-: W Lry. choice Hams ; -
: Now' anJdh," pcr sche LUovisa Sears' .and for
:sal;ebv .- -E. MCULLY, "
,March'k-I r& : t0 Water st.

Ilola_.s., ...:,,4..':
BBLS superior Mu0ov~d0. ,,$' ..
fich 16 E IQ c P 3LI,,, :w. 5 atj'"
,." ; <* ^ / >.i'd





IYl~~OiSO I~ _- I ~ ~, .,

UeQBI1 7~0ttCOb~


Wines 6 Consigpu.ix"eh,. ,: +
TUST received pel abip Maria fiao .pd :
< iale low forscash- : :'.. .' -.
r1' J baskets HiedAick Champagf'e^"'-' -- : -
4~ &Y as:9 6dd&ale Port.Wj [i fT;- ". + ;*.
5 anderlan . -, ."
-< 10,'1 Duff Gordon Stiet ..h W "'''.'-
ID -old EaSt- ndia li"erifi-Witiei',. '-
6 old Sicily Maderia,Wine,b. fy .
March 2 E McC la4M..




D r y G o b d s .' _. '
RILRLINGS, Tickings,'e"Colfon' "naffmurpsi
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannel:s: ".Mtip-
kets. Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings,:-( ciet.'s
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hsieryv &c, e.c ..
For sale by 1 B .. E L L -SO N..& RGO .
Dec 9. Cor. Water."d Qheajtnfl.st* ..!
Yardase for d"- t- .^ -: "
R OOM I-br 3000 bale's'ia lower .Ciot h ., :fdR- "
A pp ly to r.- '* : :'.':'" '
Feb -'2 .-w60 D- Ob ".o: .,.

50 Dec G -.-
: .Vinegai8, '^.-*^-.-i "^^:
A FE\V bbis pure.Cider ^ ri ^
A by ; E. JVCULL;'"}
Nov, 11'.. ,- t .. ? .t;



A FEW. Hydrostatlic Iuk Fountas;,, Ren-Rac ..
Sand Boxes, Paper FoJders.!St.ayip8Sealfa.
Paper Claspsdi.Weights,,&cCbi'"Ele4;^ ,... :
. Nov .. -1 .
od ris.;--- :* ".
A FEW or woodwiixi Sinqthprls'qperter
Gold Peu.wjust tcfei':! a, and fors "_Qd-; '
October 21. -.- .;' .; "J .-A .,., "
wescm e *'r@r ce.,... -.
QT. LOUIS Flour, Ohidd;"ILatd; W .i'"
.Sugar, choice'and pr;u.ne, McolasislaPpik
and prm'- BMaon; Harris, Sid.- a .FShal for+
.sale by ..B, Egt tISA.. A -
.Dec 9. Cor. Water aqd Ctie.s- t',st-.
G n a vraa eil-H "**-:" ;. ** :
]N-different sized'b6xe,.14*-ivea''onilfo
vana, and for sale'by.'-"',' ; '.' .. ,,--
Dec 23E" .. ." ... .. E J cC ILf ,
$ch ol B o o ks.. "::' .3-'^:[. .
SCHOOL BOOKS, oi ,all kind, jus#,-ce'dby .
S Nov 11-'' I J.. c. ALLEN..
BaCos, Flour, Sugar, 001
:... Sa U:,-,^,.. :...:,., --*..:'
ALW AYR.Qn~and, and. fojr ioi. .'jwbV
A Dec ... M2
Swayn &"Wlstar'^,"- ,
COMPOUND Syrup je'WilCh.ry;^. ,
ceived and for sale..by ," z .? -" ','- --
Feb 17 ;| :.;ABta- ; .-
M N ITTERS, jus't received', ard.or :
No' -28 14H-.':F. ^tf~if1-

Bragging and Rope,
FR s-iie by 3 E. A,_CULLY,
Nuv.1 1 )W \:ler st.
SEIDL-HTZ, Yeist and Soda PuvJc-rse of' lie
is best ,lujitit, "lor sale by
Jul| 1"7. J. C ALLEl\..
'Wood Ware, &c. -
BIkPRREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tub., Fl,,Ur
P ils. Aleair-.s, Tras, Axhelves, Bucl.et.,
Bruom ., & c. & c. for sale by, : .:. .*'t':-
-B.. ELLISON & oC.
Dec 9'. -. IeoT. Waler and Chestnut sts.<
UIN[NE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and t;or slge hy
April 17 H. F, ABELLI
BEEF-Mess and Prime, -
.Pork--Do do '
Bread--Navy and Pilot, for sale hV
Dec .31.1 B ELLISON & Co.



Diry Goods,.
T HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of DroGoods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super lain black and fancy Casameres,
Super' English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs
Dum1 Blankelt8, 0 and 10 qrs.
Marseilles 6.uilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Browvn Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgq,
Cotton Drilling ana Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shiriing and Sheeting,
Bleached Colton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prrnts,.
Extra super, plain and twilled Gingham's,
Super Cashmere d'Eco'dse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
Englistr, Scotch and American do.
Sip~r taliah black and fired Silks,
Black Silk Cravats-and fancy Hkfs,
Super English.and Pongee Silk Hkfg,-
English ana American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs, ,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,..
Super Satin, Marseilles & 'orstd Vesfii*,
Cotton and Flax Tinread,' .
Plain and fig'd SWiss'and checkddd Muslins-,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins,'Tape, &-c. &c,
-=Whiciv hate-, i .?ele.td with.gtat..are in
New .ork and Boston. frofib Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers,. at the 1,wiesit firlet rates, and-
atre now offered at wholesale or't-4ail on favorable
terms by W.M. G. PORTER' &' Co. '
Dec. 30,184'1. 41 Water street.

Srgs Stuff,ot ,efirM ae;- *<

THE undermfideunai~~L .*
.to his friends at -'Op public ftfr IB|- *
tiboyal patron'ab^:^d Weito- MiknB
that'.e is .now remeivin:,"aaiwt'tt-r.
Ed suppraibicb addedJ tn (osrw- -.)
stock, renders his assbrtment unogall, =- .-"
and complete. English, bFeb, ei'mi and "ff
American Drugs; Coamet ca iruery;.Glay .
and Druggists'G-a.ware, *
to Physician, Country M hchanx Werftlon ..
1he most liberal tertffs-ar0 .fftv hi e| : 'F"
pure and unadulterated. -'." ".rif. "=.:"
'H. F. ~i ^ J-
Wholesaleand Retail 'Vagfi/;. ** ,
." . 45 Water s 9 $- -"
A palachicola, N ov. *21, .184. : .- .... .
]Drug% and'lMe&l['i"". -:.,.
TH E sub scri, r A a, aM-I"l.
acooslatly have,of baT> ^g^ aahorfMett-of DtU card-l .:
.(6INES, which bew;i. .,tifantP aft
)" and, of the best quality.,-- Ccmf
Merchants add Planfter-will, fijt
to their advantage to call, examiqe ad.,loae. .
nqods, before purchasing el0ew, ".", ', -
N'> B. Physician's prrscipt oi'l p It up.yfit
care and accuracy a! any hour 6,hedat or ni .. -
. March 2i Cor. Centre. d' Conree .l _- .
Holmes' Veget.lt.i '"3
FOLtj DJY.5ENOBRJ1e' Oa P~l~r~ -
-_ MENSTRUATO".. Z \ 4,.. -
T1pHESE celebrated.Pills -have become .Bo failS- *+'*
XL ous for their virtues, in curing tbi..d.aig,..
that-but little need be4aid of rhem, fifeir ...
-ulopn'the system is wonderful, th'ey imned.iatet y.
arrest all pain in this -lisease, D"b matter.o|-1 "
o'nslanding.. Paiphlets containing 3 pag ".
' f..,l.mnials from the profes-ion. For sale by < -
Ma'rch2 '. J t ALEN -

block 131 lots nos 3 1o .1 inclu--ite uumipruved
block 1:35 lots nos 3 to.) 11) mclui\'e unimproved
block 136 Iots nos 1 2 3 6 7 S 9 10 unimlproved
block- 137 lot nos 1 ,.sItoI inclusiie unimprou ed
block 139 has no,. 10t 10 inclusive*uninproved:
bloc,: 139 .ots no:,;I to I IIInclusive unmmpioed
lhlo,:-k 140 lith nos IDI It.) innclusive unm ,pioved :
block 141 l,)s? nos 1 2 3 4 5.8 9 10 unimprov.ed
IL, c k I -142 lois noI 10to S incln'sie unimproved
bLock 143 lots nos1 tIo 10 1nclusise urnimpr,,oved d
blck 1441I q l ,oi a 1t 10 lo I I ,te ItnIVe unimproved
block 143 lots n,-,s !to 0 JII iiclusive untimproved
block 146 h,..s no- I to 11 ) ticluzl- e unimproved
black 147 101-3 1sQi t1 10 10 11i1VUSnlusee unmi ,proed
block 14.S lutt nos 1Ito 10 clusI ve utnimproved
block 149 1uts nosl I I.) incIluIe uuimpro%'ed
block 1.50 .lotII taS 1 2 3 4 7 ?'9 10) unimproed
hlojk 157 loi; nol '2 3 4 7 89 10 unimpro\veJ
hloek 15'3 1'.:..Iiri 4i I t,) 10 inclusive ,ni mproved:-
block 1591 I,,n1 nos 1It,, 11) ir-,cl,)Qi %e untimproved-:
block 167 h.,.s nos 1 2 3 "4 7 A 9 10I unnliproved::
lI,,ek l I^ Ls no; I o 10 t rIt I Uni- Ive uD7inipI..,vt.d
block, 169 l.:.[si n.:,s lo1 0 |Ii ii) .l.hi:]ve uniirniprol ed
block, 7 1I70 l,.is nos 1 2 3 4.7 S 9 10 unimpiooved
block 171 luw nos 10to 10 i)<:lusive unimfiroveJ',
bl,'ck 175 lot nos .th; .11 10 i ineli e-uni. iproved
block 176 h-Is nos 1 2 3 6 7 S 9 10t unimproved
bl,:k 177 loisrcs I to 160 inc I %1e unimproved
lh",ck 17.819 lots nos !I to 1) n--I.i:l|. %\e unImiproved:
block 1791i,,snos 1 3 4 .56 7 8 9 10 unnimproved
block ISO1 1,OS riosI to I0 Iin:lusie unimproved
blockSI :1h-9,lS 1os 1"2 '3 4 5 8 9 10 unimrprov'ed
blockk 1'%2 lots, nos 1Io S inclusive unimproved
block 113 l_3 .,l nos Ilto 11) inelu.;ive unimproved
bijci k l44 loisnos 1 to 10 inclut i\e uujir roi e,-l-
block 1-75 ,-lt nos I to.) 10 ncIluIve unimproved :
Llock 1,.6 Ik.,r ; nosI1 [,t 10 in,:Ilj ,ive urIImioved
Hlookli 1'7 1 Itoznos 1 t, IIIn --h1.1-rve uninmproved
hl,-.c!i 1l I, lo.I I,:. s26 7 9 lW u.improved : block
,149 1-ifs no -; t 7 S 9 10 uinipioved: block 190 lots
no-s ( 7 1;9 10) untnpIoedJ.
XV f-fA[.F LOTS.
1I00_ 1'.el tl.t N) 1-"2; 51.1 I'eet loot of Leslie
_rreef ; !1--1i lee.t lot No I tl ; It'.)j feet lot No 17 ;
t(i-, I;:et l- _-1No .?+ ; 90 let foot %f Centre street;
I'-l:.et S,..tiri part 0ot ot No 2U; 30 feet North
j..art "It I.,r, N.o 32 ; 0 feet foot of Chestnut st.;
IO.U-I 'e,-t ulf 1,,l No625 ; 90 feet foot of Cherry st.
Al-....-.t Land lying on the West, side of the
AF1.-.1c1,w,:.l Bay, NMdrth-and West of the City of
.-(',.jlaclh,.li, to 'the^.-Western boundaries of'
Fr.3inklin C...,inty; also,' S- Vinicent's Islan'd, St.
Gt4-, ge'? Illna'-arid -Dot':Island, (exclusive of
tlhat portIi) ..l' St. Georges.and Dog Island owned
l)\ Ihi- U. S. . G "vertnuieit) ; also, all Landsdlying'
Eat -, of tle 1 ay uf Apala',hicla and bordering
11n St. G.:,r,.'s Srouhr,,f. ald running 'Eeast to t-he-
rumol h,, of Ne'.v River,- rom thencein a direct line
to the ClhipolaO ut-off, 'following the Apalachi-
cola Rivr d.inv- to its mouth, including Forbe's
IslnId (,'so, cnlled); the vhole containing 285,000
acres ofch (ini, quality of Land, and 1000 of-2d
,u iljtv. as rper returns made by t-he Assessor of
St.,it> Taxes fur Franklin, County.,
..JOHN LUCAS,, Sherift,-
arnd E\-OffcioTax Collector Franklin Co.
Ar.,pl:,,hi.,..la,, Nov'-4, 1841L. 42-6m.


Tax Coiector's Sale.
BY virtue o(.the authority in me vested by law,
S wi ft'-e oi-se to sale. beft-re the C.-:Irt H.,use
D.aor, in th C t ,.,f Ap:alachic:...la, on P.[onJl\ the
Stli day rf 1MaI I.'l S, bet,%eEn the hIoursof tel
A. A. and 1"o ur P. M. the ,ll,,.vin reald estate,
s.tuat-ed in the'City of. Aplnl.wcl, (al t, ^assessed as
the propgfy-, "of Lie.vis Curtii and Joselqh Dela-
.field Trustees of the A..?al,':laic,,.' Lantd Com-
panY)ror sno tnu h ther?..t a.as "ll ,ay t e Taxes
0fr 15.17, a:sseshed, therein, and in, ircr ita-npind
to the tWte otf Jhrl.Jd, aid lhe C.-,ilty oqf Frank-
lin, tumo het ,.r w rt!hI the co:'t ':'f" jl.,rti'-"i,..it and
sXle, aid which said 01e l e-ite I described as
fllow, inin thi Map ,Wl.said City, \ Iz.
SBloWk. A, range 1, lots nos. 1 to 14, inlusive,
unimproved; block A, 'rnge '. l,_,ts h:,s. 1, :3, 6,
0;,4--. 13, 14, tnimproved; block A, range "-2,
lot'n.:i.. "-2, 4, 5,10, "1-', tmpr.,-ved ; blhck B, raji.e
J, IQo no. 3, ,. 10 l ,1, 17. l ,,tui proved ; )block
B, range "A lotsh.nos. IK.b 1 1. umini r,,ved ; block
,1B, ran, 2,J s nof "2, :., 1,t 6, ll, 1"2, imIprov-
ed; block (1, range 1, 1'-,tsii,-,s. 3, -1, l..>, 16.. unimn-
proved; bb,:k C, r~inge 2, loU, now. XD. 10, 1, 12,
13, unmproved ; block C, range 2. lotns n,.-. 1,
*2, 4, 5, 1.,i im proved ; bl,,.k .D raig. --", [L..lt ir,,s.
3,7, 8. 0, nim[tp,'u\ed.; bl."-'k D. rainge 2, &its
~ no 1,2, 5, inpro,'.'ed : block E, r.uin e 1., [.:,tsir0ot.
3,.-5, LW', 17, 1 improv,:-t; bl..,,k E, range :2,
lots n.;. 7,6, t3, 14, 1-5, 1,>, 17, IS 1 ", u-rnim -
prove.l ; block E, raml.y "2. P-t w.,. 4, imroveJ;
blo,-k F r.-m g *-", lut .-,. .7,. ,y 7, 1-., 14. 1', ";,
tnnimpr,,v6e,.; bl.xk H, r.I e? 1 loth r,,:)o 3, 11,
Iu 1 ,;. l "2'> t u ri i.,'l.v .l; hl..-,-k H raia _2e
*2, 1 ts 1,",-,. 3, 4, 5 6;, 7. 1'1, I,,. l -, 1 3, 1 .1,
15 1,.'K 17, u'-in pry..\d ; bl.,'. J1 A .jir y e 1, lo-ts
n .:. _. "2, "], I r., ., -, I .1. I !, 1t'_ P "1 1 -, 1 .,
1%-,17, IS, 1'9. tunilntyonr.,,.;!; l't k,-.- A r.an c, *-"2,
.Its u1.1 1, 'I, 3 4, 5 6., 7 ,S 0., 11'. 11, I'J I.,, 1 1,
:1.3, 1, 1 7,. 1 19 ', 1 1, i.m ,t "',, o dt; blocI n.h K ,
rt'a li 1, -its no., 1. '-;. 4, 1), 6 7, '.., 1..). 1 1,
2 --. -1 .1 14, 1 4 145 17. l '. I..','-.', u, I nI-I r..n edP ;
hl1.,':0 IC \ go "2, l ,t s :, 1 m '. 1, 57,, ,, ,6 '.,,
-I'l) 1 1 ,- f-'S, 1 1 4, ,, 1 l.3, 1'7, 1,,I1, '20-. unim -
,troved ; blo,.k L, i.:,tW no:. 1, 2, 3, I, 5A1 15 7, A.,
1, 1. 1. 1.1 12 .13, 1-1-, 15 I. 't,, 11 .1- 1.71 "2:1', uri, m -
pr.:,v,:d ; .bbt ,-'Iz lot I I ,-t 1 "-, :. -1, 5, ,;. 7, S,
*9, 1 ), 11. 1 9, 1 -, 14, L1, 'I.T17. 1 ", I 1" -' ti ti ,t,-
proved ; blo.klI N M. l-, i.. 1 "2. .1i, 3 ,C, 7, 'j ,
I1. 1, 1. 12. 13., 1 1.'. 1,6 17. 16, l'.-, ":'0. ,iiih ,-
pravd ; bl.K:W 0. l.,t; no:n. 1. "2. .?, 5 ", "T 9S ,
't1-. 11, 1-2, 13. 14, 17, ID1 17, 1;, 1-', ,, '0. ,i,,rm-
proved ; bl,,ot.': P, [,:, n. r,', 1. 2, J, 4 4 6 7, 5 ,
90, 10, 11. l-,', F`% 14, 13, 16, 17, 1. 11, 4 : ,l, 1itin-
pr,-,vd Q; bl.,-.-:l.: 1.,t n o.,. 1, 2,3, 1, 5. 6.. 7, ,
1), 10. 1 1-. 13 "_. 14, 159 1,6 17, l., 1' 0, '0 ,, tiii-
pro'vedl ;-hl,.,,: S l,,ts n ,; 1 t.:, i, ii -i ,'e.
L `11111 'ric. ; bl,..-'k 1 I '.:'.I t, s ..I 7 ; I. i I11|)r.: e% ;
b l.. l.+,t *io, ,) irc ,ir-','. ed ; bl.-,.k 3. l._,[ 1,.. 9 ,
u i-im pr.,p ., bl.-, k 4, L,>)T-s i -,is 3 4. 6. 3,, ",: 1 -.111
;imprr,, 'e,.1 W ; ykl,:l; 4. l.t r0 o no ', u, ,'.v<:-e.1 ; I -hI.:,k
5,-.A ts h,.oc: t,> 6, li,,ll tive, PA. imnl .'% ed ; blo:,,-k
lo, [ t_ n.:_-:I' -; 7, S, 1 ), lir ,t.npr ved ; block ,6 lil.
no. 1l, 7,.S 'J, tI.,, t, i:n;:,re-ve. ; l'o -:k ''I. ,, ti ,os.
2. .3, 4. tti;'r,-,'.w ed ; bl...wk "7, lntg n,,. 1. I -', 3. & up,
urin pr,_,'.,:..I ; block b4 9, I.-t n-".3_ ,.. 7, S imi-,i ,:,ved :
blc.k .S l,-,. n ,n "-ot 3, I. :', ., 7, .S tutim -.,r.,v,.d ;
block Ai,; 14,lr no:ms. 1 -4., 3 _', 91 *S 9, .,improved:
block 1 l,-,s M no 3. Al'u, t,,r ,-,Mvei; bl.-,.?k 10,
l..)[tsd .-,. "4, 7, i7"-.pr,:-" ; hl,-,,ik I lt3 ,:,s 4- S,
tr in1proved -; blol-k 1 1, lots 1r,.,' 6, ~.i ), 1 .,
miuim .,rvcd ; bl.ock 1.',. I... 4 i,' .- 1 X 1 ., ut)-
'inmproved; block: 17, ,.>. 9), ininrniP',VLed ; bl.:,,k
17.-Iqs n,,sm Q 7 hiin,>r,..e l ; bl,,,' 1 1 1...ts ri-s.
39 3, 6,) 111117, t1, 1 9. tt ii ;p rovid,; i ,lu>ck .1:', l'ol
no-.-4 i ,uipir. ,id ; bi.,,:-'!; .l.:,ti r ,i 1 to, 1,.1, In -
ineluive, u imipr,,'rve,- ; b l.,c, 21 loi t no:, 35, im1_
prink ed ; bl.),?l< 'l, l,,tW s ..sI. 1 to 4 anid 6 to It.), i,?ltl-
vsire, untinproved ; :,l -.k "'2, I-)t[ ,,,s. 1, 3, ium m-
- proved; btY'; <2.3. lots no@. 6. 7, -S. ,, ,,iq w im i ,d :
blo,:k ';-1 1 -l[ 1.:._. 1 2, ,'3;6, 1, 9 .. ,..a"ni -n ':'.P :
hlo.^ck 23, l.FA ,oo 3. ,34. -1. 0, ,?, ,.t,', t. ,tin',v,-d ; bbi, k
-2.), bits'no 4, .5, ,1, 7, 1, 1.1, u itni-r,.ed; bl,>ck
2 7, lo.ts no, I. 1 to 1,. 0, i,',,?M i.h',' u'im ,r,.ved,; blo,
*2 l.)ts n .-..3, ,6. 7. 5, U1,, um nip,',,.ed ; blo,>k
.29, tots nos. 3, 4, 0. '6 ., *, 1,', G t1in.i-,ruvcd ,
blo.k 11j 3 lot no. S, tnditiiip r,'.,ecl ; hl,:,,:l 31. I.,t-
n 5, 9, 0 10, it. iim i ','.-. ,": ; b kl, 2,: l..,t .s
1, "2. 3 ,3, '7, ., lo. 1 i t. 11 ii t'r -. ; i'3.,lo :'i3 l..,t-
6i4 s. 61, 9, uini rove,-I ; A 1-'.1'."- 34. lofN r,-.. "2 t,
10,i r i nclusive.. Iu.IIjimprwvel d I.,l,.:k ;5, I'bltc ko not 1,
"'6 7, ; 9 1, ,.,,i pr ".jve. ; bl,:,'k 3,:;. lo, t no, "2
,o'10, iriChLF *I\Ve, p, oiii e,,;.,'; bl,-_,CLlc 37, lots nos.
* 4 7 5 "? 7 ,i, l0, u10 im ,r..,,ed ; bloik .39, I,-t-
n 00o.:21t109, 1 .:[uMlj 1v'e. irinproIn ed ; bl M ck 3'_.', l:t,
* n,..l, to 1l, iA M lumve, u,-irn,:,r,',vel ; blM Y :l 40.
.h 't -nI ., 1, 3,:.1, F), 6 1, S *. 11.), *1,,i r .aprva I-,:
. Il l :ok 41 andl 4"-2,'l..t3 r,,,n 1 t,, 1,l, iiL' ln i 10e, e ,'lh
bl. k; r, iri n])'r.v> _a : blo. k 4'3, 1._s ro,;. I, *2, .3, '._i
S1.), u 'iim ;n r'ov ,.>' ; hl.., k 4 1, I.,t rn -3 I to I ,, tin :lj-
sive,.l nim proe. d ; bloc,,k 41, lots n',_,. 1 to 11), in-
li.6 i ve, im i 'rr bits; bl,:, 4,',, lo' no;. .3, 1. .
"'d, "7;- 'u.'i~im -r.'J ed l ; bl..-kh 4"7. It nis 1 to, In,
'aini lLosive, .i'im, :'r.v'e'l,; Mb R, 4 41 l,,t? nI-A s. 1 to:
10" inelnti ive, utiim pr,,vw l; bl,--li: 4",, l':,ts nos, J
to 1,;. n e nu.'lye, t tii irvd ; bl,, .k ._), lots, n,--
I t I,-40, m dlt.sve, ",i tmpiove..l ; l -l 51, I,--t
."nu0 -.2 to"'f"),"'riclui',.'., t',iini:,ru./.,-,. ; bi,-,,:k! 5-2
-i-,ti'o-rt,. l-.'o':H ,-ti'tuive. uimiiir,-,rved ; b[.l.'..' 5"4
lot+ nog':: 1 :to ;1'O,` ii,-lu-ive, urini-_,roied ; bl,:.'li
5.% 10t4 i,.. 1.'*2. 3, 4 -1 5 ?, "_' -. 1,.. ,',,i,i i|-,!r ,ve..l
"blo,:;5.-'k l,)t lot,,r,-. 1 lo,1, mIt'. in-.i^?, uiiiitilirov.
ed_-;'.bloc'k5*'*, lotsmun,:. 1 to lo, inhi.'L-ve, uuiii.
pro,,ed ; blo,:]l.5':), l,. t-i it,_,i. 1 t,:, 1,), in.:lulsi,.e, t111.
im prove,.l ; blo,:k 6;0. ,, t. rot : 0 1 t.,i .. ,m.d ,'i'-i e, 1.11,.
-im prove.I; bl.-)'i,-k',1. l,,t- ,to. 1 to*.:) _iid,,',,ive. ,tl
irnproedt ; blocks 6.2 to ,.''9 itt,:hlii'e ,iiiiiiiro~r:ve,
btock 7,) hot "1103 1 to' 10 .) ,,l,,?K,, ,nimp,',.,e,.
bb.Hck 71 .l,_t.r:-)'. t to I'., t,:lust-ie ti)inilr,:,o'e,
"block 7"2:;'lts .J1os 1 to-l)tr,,.'ltsiv, u ,ini|,i.:.ved
bl,>:k 7.5 tots-n'no. 1 .to 10 i,.','L,.tive u:-itilir,_ve,
.--blocl; 7': loti 1-10. 1 t,, 1,)i' ,:l ,+l'i-i e .uiimutl',r, ?,
'btbclk-77 lot n~os 1 to 1,) in,:-l,.ti'ie t1.1 iutni'proved
* block..% lots n;). 1 to-l,)iii.:li.;i-e u~nirrip.i.-,ved
-block SJ> I,,t nos l" Io 10: in.,1bi-ive ,ii,,rntpr...ved
bloclk S. ,;lot nos 1 to 1,0 Jii:ln've ui'im ,r,:,,',,.
7..block $'3 lot nos 1 t,) li. in.?ltsiiie Uiiiiipr,..>vi-d
block 6-4 lots nos'l 1,o 10 i,,,.'Ji-:iv,:- tinirn proved
block" S5 lota nostl to 1,0 tn~f.t'liie ur~ttImprov,:d
block ._'3 lots EO- 1 to 5> in,:l,'_ t!" tiiii li:,r,:,ved:
:'.. lock $'7 [,,tsi no,! l to 10) ir,.>lhtsve u.nirm]~.rov.]
-'*block $5' lots; it,:s 1 to l0 in''l,]-.i''>: ,tiir, | rrItved

'%.bl-bck ltots.-.nos t to, lo _in,:li-tive tnif.r r,-.ved
,' block 90-lots h,3 1 to 10 i,,:itu;ive unim proved.
.N .. oclk.9 9t.-lots.: ro.qlu to. ii,-1 i oiu, ive unimpfrved,
block -!2 Iu t9 in s 1 to I'J. t1 ,-15i1-e -i-n iii=,ro.- .
-block 9.3. lots 3 uos 1 to 10 iclIt'.- 1 1111mm1 r,_,ed
block ILI lots n,.,s 1 to 11-0 t1,11141%'e u' ll, 'o d
block ,495,otI o os 3 1 5. "7 *9 5utrii rni1proved
block.96 lot.4 no 1 *2 3 ,6 7 S I'( 10 unimproved
'block 97 lot, nu I 1 to 10 irc -' oI 111ve 1u mproved
'bloc k ,6 1 lots nos l to 10 I i,,i'lsi.ie ,.)iimprved
block- v' lots nos 1 .to19. 1nJh.-11iv 1t0 1 in-p1,11-,
-'.block 100 lots noi 1 t,1 .l,)_ in.-' ive .u.%e u mpuin e,)
,blui-k.101 lots nos 1 to I tuliIi ic tive unimmp.ro e.ed
',block 10 2 lots no' l to 1,)ir.:lu-ive unimpr-ved
block 10(3 iof- nlos 1 tIto ill-,l Ive ti." veil
block 1044 loti no; 1 to. 10 i I lI.C Iv. uriirpr, prove d
block 1I05 [-ts nos 1 t,.o 6tn t- lsIIIII urn rlpr,.,%ed
"..block 173I lots no? 1 l 1t 0 n hclu.miie uitnlpr ,:-,ed
bl6ck-107 lots nos 1 to 11.) ildusive uimproved
bloc .-103 tots nos 1 t,)' 10. i.l,.,-Ive uii im pro, ed
*.block li g lots nos i to 10 in e ulu-ve t~imn .r,,wd
block:lno IlotsnsI to 10) incll-lve imProveid
block. Ill lotspos 1t lo) 10 ,n, eu(Ie unimiroId
:block 112 lots npo I to in1 ineliive uIiniproved
"b 'boc 113 lots nos I [o 1) Itnclu'-v.e unIIn-pru\ed
blocl -' 111 ots nos l to 10 inelitvl% e uninipro\,d
block -c os tu 10 i 'l',-,\ I turoii ro\' ,
block 116 Io.t o 6 l:lo 10 ir:1l6.iv.'1 tum1.)oved
block' 11-7 1ot n'ols .lS tu 10 inlui-'ive unimproed
"bluc k 118 1:1l; n l sI-To.10 inclusive u-iimnproved
' block-" 119 iog) nof-t l fo' 10ineltiisive unimproved
.block 120-"1lom nosI tn.1 Tc.h \vr nnlmprov,,d
hlock_ 121-otis'nos I to 10, inclusittve unmproved
block 422 lits no- 1 toIlo. I0ellui've unimiproved
'block "23 IQIts.no 1 to lo inutJlo \, ti)improted
..bloeK 124 Vats nos l.to it0) inl,.-tivp unmn proved
.bl6 k `12-5 lots'nlos 1 to 1 0) 1 incl.ive .,te .iiimp ,io" elf
. 'Block 126l 6ts 'nos 1 to Il) incl..I-ve unimproved
block '1-2.7 lots nos t 10 10 in,- 'i;,ve tniinn ved
block 123 loti nos 1 i. 1it) ineln;ive uirrii -fu rved
block 129 lots nos !Ito 0l incl.j-ive miimproved
block 130.1ontsno03 1 ta I0 inclus-ive 1u1n1) pi o\ed
block 131 lots nos I to6 10 inclusive utimpI1roved
block 132 lots nos I to 10) in hlmive unimproved
block 133 lots nos 1 to )10 1Iti,!1usive unim[,proed

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, .
VS. ; '
William B. Finch. "
T being made to appear by affidavit, thit the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the
State of Florida, to wit, in 'the State of Neiv
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on -said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months 'in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and. answer said bill-, otherwise it
willbe taken pro confesso.
At Chambers, Sept. 20, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
W., VALLEAU, Clerk.

October 28, 1847.


I In Chancery.
Thomas Barkar, ?
vs. r Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samanth Barker. i
[T appearing to the satisfaction 0of'the Cotrt,
by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida: It is or-
'dered that the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition Within three
months after the publication of this order, or the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is, further ordered that this order be published in
some newspaper in the- Western Circuit of this
State for the space of three months.
GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C. %
January 6, 1848. 51-3m*

July 31, 1847.


. HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix "
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "'
10 bbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java ,
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; .
50 Mnft'ddo.:;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 30 kegs Powder;
1000 Ibs Lead-;
200 kegs White Lead., No, 1, Extra and -Pure.
For saleby WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.-

+ ".i--

At Chambers,
ffohn M. C-rnfchan, Bill for account anda
George K. Walker, et &Z. .*pa"tifion
UTPON affidavit of Corapalainiiat's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do,
not reside within this Circut, but within the'
oUnited States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suit, and the filing ot the
amended Bill-, be given in somere newspaper pub-
lished in the Circait-, for :the. space of. four
months, and if, upon due pr'oot of the appearance
of said: notice in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by the next ruledaywhich
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four months,, it is further or-
der.ed, that the same be taken as -confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Jodge, &c.
Compl'ts. Solicifors '
A Trae-rC0py.- -WM-. VAiLEA_,
Dee 30. 50-4m. Clerk.

:- AA ,C -/
TPHE Subscribers -take this method+ rf- infoi'm-i'
X ing the,citizens of Apalachicohaand its_:vi-',
cinity, that they have now. on hand.i. very, neat'
and. well selected Stack. of GOODS,.w*hich will be
sold ipw-, consisting in part as fobllows: "' -
'Cloths and Casstmeires vafiou styles" :
FancyPrins, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured,
Silks, Frodt Ryne, ,-
do. Montella .." "
do. Satin Striped: /
Fancy Cashmere Robes -
do. Merino do. .. o
do. Delaine do. .
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shaws, Damask Silk
do. Mar'inor, .. :
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace andSilk GlOves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest t ashioli
Ribbons in all varieties
13Brown-Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and"3-4
BIach-ed do. 7- 8,-3-4,4-4, "10-4 and t-lt4" "
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4 : :
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting :'
C arpet Bags :- --"
Hats and Caps, all styles. -
Boots and Shoes .
Clothing ol. all kind. "
-Also, a neat asdi-tment of.JEWELRY a nd
many other'articles too numerous to mention. ';. -
Call And examine for yotrrelves. .' .
Dee 23 Coi. Water and Centre sts.:-
B. ElliS] n +& Co.,Coi..: Water" aii4
-Chestat. Xs.
M ANILLA and Hemp Co'rdage of aill sizes,
Hamibrolin6, Wormntline, Marlini, 5pun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Pall do..Whale do, Olive
do- Linsieed do, Raw do, Boiled' do; Spirits Tur-
pentine,. Paints, Wifidow.Glass, Putty-, White
Load, Red do, Yellow Ochre, GArome Gieen,
Emerald do, Imperial do,. Chrome Yellow, Ve'r-
digris, Littihrase, Siulphur, Bright.Varnish, ICpal
doi Tar, Rosi.n; Pitch, Turpstine, Coal, Paini
Brushes; Varnish do, Tar do, 'Rrib-do. Gla-mp'dn,
Ltmp Black, Chalk; Whiiirgi R,0sia Dp..k.:Eng.
lish 0o;-Cotton do,+Heavy _Rave 'do- '.ight .do,
Wmtt Blue and Red BdrUntjhg% Nails, Copper.' do,
do-Tacks-,_Ship Spikes, Bolt d6,9rj t4d,- Screws,
Jack Screws, .Anhiors,, .Handspike, "Capsl-d-i n
Bars,, Oars,:- Blocks,. Shine. :J)b'".Ha ks, ,'Hand
Pumpsum -Dfeck 'BUckets,-Cedar db,>rD.eck-Bioorms,
Corn doi Caulking Malet,Sarving do, Axes,.A x
Helves,H6ooksahd Thimfies, Box Hooks, Bate do,
-Can do. Cotton do, Boat do,. Fi's4h do,."Caulking
Iron0n, Makijg Irons, Mlarline Spkikes,. Shipcra.-
pers, )BUng Dippers. Cook'si-Ladtees, Tormentor-,
-Dividenii Compasses, Sail Needles, `.Sail.-Twine,
Seine doj" 8.win'g do, Palms, -Rigging Leataer,
Plump do, S Mbvels,Hprammers, Hatcliets'Ghisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, iG.imblpt,; Handsaw
Files, Ka'Tailvao, Iron Sq-.'areBs, Caujbard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hirngek-., Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant Hanlyards, Hfand Lines-,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do,.RHa-d.Leads, D-eepfi
Stai do0,Sheel do, Bar do',' Fa'de]s, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pits,- Log Bboks,: Cargo db,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Urockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posike c.
Apalachicla Dic. 9,1847. 1'1 : -"'

On Cons': gnment,
UST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, Celebradad,"
10,000, Cazadores, Esmero,"
6 dozen -"Reserve" Maderia,
6 "Regina"' Port,
6 Cherry Cordial,
10 T. mato Catsup,
For sale by 'MeCALLA & REMAIN,
Dec 2 46-tt '9 Columbus Block.

WT.HEREAS, S. R Bonner became D'4hAei
VV', from-the ApalachicolaLand Com'par.fin,-
'he .22d &ay of April, 1836, of Lotl. num.e.-6
'arid -10, in Block.No. 28, andoLosBNoe ,,..-J
and 14,in Mlock E2, together wi'th-thwha.r. Ipri-
vilege known on the marp ollan-of'the'c;iKy is
NO. 29,-at the rice _of #j18,85,-f6r w/inch B{,ex-
e,uted his notes,-X;(c.ii fav(' "of-said: CozpSty,,
.-wich. Yieian-, ;A'bpad wit. the intereqt dt.i.
thereon':' A4e d*he'eas, by. tge' agreemenifft'(ade "
with the -saia S. .riBoener, it- was fplly Unde
stood Ihat in case-of failure to pay the said nots
according lo ,he'contract, The sa-id-,-Cuompany
should be at liberty, on giving thirty day's notice
in a public'ga'zele, published ib ApalachVcei'.-to
re-sell said Lots al the risk ol said purchaser,"for
;the benefit of said Company -and it anj,' %'.. .
remained, after paying said-notes, given for*&"L-,
on account of said Lots and lal cost aa'idt an.'
pensez, the same sfia1 be paid "oI the'said 'Sy.
Bonner, or his legal represenlatives; and whiere-
as, the said S." R. Bonrie has failed to 'pay ilid
notes, now the said Compaytit pursrrance of M6
premises, will expose' t' IeLots a-resid,(o-al
0 auction, in front of. tW-Coert House.-Iii- id
cily, on Thursday -the sixth day o(Aprik next-
belween the. hours of 10 o'fc1kck,.'M!.'a-M i.
o'clock, P. M.. for-cash, to pay ucr-ald io
c osts and charge es. .' "'
- JAS. E. BivTN'PR,.-Xg. ht ofrr
Trustees of th'e ApBjar=itcola Lnfid'il-:"
'- Apalachicolh M arch '2: 1848.r" ;-'*'

Thompson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha,
F"OR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
'chitis, asthma, whooping cough, palpitation
of the heart, liver, complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, for sale by :
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

SCastileS Soap.t,
TUST received, and.for sale by-
Nov 11 H F. AtELL.

Sheriffs Sale.
O N the first N1.,-tijay in'April next, in the City.
-" :,t, A I1alCii':,l,- before the-'door -of .the-
Co:,urt I I [Ite, [ i ex pose for sale at public out-.
.ry, lh, fll,,Wirig proe'ry-oneBed Plate, four,
pieces, at).1 team chest, twenty-frur Cog Wheels,
011t \:ir& .i..., one small Cylendar, one Connect-
inZ R.-,J, t,.vo,.Piston Rods, one F1orce Pump,
s,?iejter, Pluiner Blocks and Brasses, -more or
"Ies -.... ne-F a Head, one Crank, one lot Flywheel
?eut~ent-=. seven Shafts, two Belt Wheels, one
lot 13..,It S,:r,: S. &cone Excerilricl;,one Govern-
,,r, ,:,,n,, R.-,i, I'.,,.tr large Cotton Screws, Flour
Ue.ffrini. -ie SIart and twyo Gearing, one Shaft and
i%%o F'liv he leIi, levied on-as the property of
Hi'ni' Manley by virtue of-a writ'ot fieri facias
to:) m,- direct'il- Iroi the Circuit Court of Frank-
lin C.-"itY', in -favo:of f'thn-W; Babcock vs..said
Hiramn AMjiley. -"
-,JOHN" LU _AS, Sh-eiifiq C..P
Apalaclie,:.ta-March 3,i848.. "
Hardware, Ship" Chandlery, &c.
-'l-a.So'.).a,.-, i ,b l- h 11 on har,, l'r sI.1' --
.t. KS. .assorted;' Butts, Sc1?ew-i' Hinges,
Hardsa%.,z. Mi-llsaws, Crossebt ,do, Plarnes,
Ciipas-scs, Augers, timL l es, Chisels, Brace
anit BittlRules,-Beveli. Squ-ire3, Ero:,adi~xe;,
Ship do.Ad C-llin-^ ,,., Aklz.-, Halhur,-t, l.inm-
rners, Shlutter larj' ri+, Blind.J d .r'Steelir, l;,
C,.uriter Sciles, Pi-fllorni tL.1, C(ut..-A d ,-,
Ki,'nen W~are,.- Table Cutler), Shuvd adii
Tiii, F_ ieiqrons,:Rc. ".
BLAt'KSmirHS'" Bcllow-3,,-'-Anvils, Sledges,
H.ikiiner- Viees, Screwplates,. Stocks and
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps+,. ,
IRON--4% eo.-ds, En z|I ,sil and A rt-_,i ,can, assorted,
r...,,i;idflat ard;q,1 ,i-,re, B. iriJ, Hoop, Sheet and
B.:>,ilr Ironp, Rail.road,-Spike!dof Horseshoe
Iron-al ar, I Nil, OCast, English", Blister-and,
G--rTiiia SteS.l. '
PLOCGt-H--Sii'le. aii,,a DDouble" +Cornshellers,
C,-,ritrills, J,-,'h.;] ~nn, Trac6 do, Ox do,
S,.vel ,vvktnd Spad-es; Weeding Hoes, Garden,
Lai.i,? .iand Grt.Ibbmt H(es. '
CORD.-GE-Minilla Lld Hempi, assorted, Pitch,
Ta r, R.,,ii. C,.,>Il Tar, Bright Varnish,;Hand-
sp~ihe-;, Bl,...>l;.i,0 C.AS-'NGS-S-'.i.r lKettles.'-Mills aad Cau'l
,li,,n. Bakeovens, Spid]ers, Pots, Enameled
K.ttle-, Tea Kettles, &c. .- -- :. :
TIN\V.A RE--A full assortment.,-. : ';
\Vhiol..the ,:,r r tail. -.
A! Ia). Ci0il ] a, Jail. '20, -1?.S"

BITTERS, just received and for'iale by
Nov 21. J. C, ALLEN.


In Chancery-Franklin Copnty.
,Mary Green, by her nextfriend, .-
vs.- Bill for Di-
James Green, Defendant. ) vorce.
T HE Court having been assured by affidavit
_L of complainant in the'.above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida,
but within the United'States, it is-ordered: that a
hearing be had upon the facts -ehhrged jnr said
bill at the regular term of. Court.next ensuing
the date of this order, and thereupon topass a
decree -in the same manner as it-'the defendant,
had appeared and- were -presenit in 06urt: *Piro-
vided always that a copy of, this order shall have
been published in some newspaper of this State'
,or the space of three months at least before the
fii-st day of said term, and due proof of said pub-
lication be made to said Court.
GEO. S. HAWKINSi Judge, &c.
A True Copy.. I -
Apalachicola, Dec. 25,'1847, 50-3m

SHEETINGS, Shirtings: and Prinms, by'the
baleand case-, lowfor cash, by "
Dec 9- Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

: Henry's; ,Majgnesia,
JUST teceiv'ed and for sale by .
Feb 24 H -F AIBELL.

S.WEDE Iron, Scatch do, Weeding an rdo.
Hoes, Blacksmiths Bellowsz, Cotton a v, Cards, Spades and Shovels, Cauldron an- S,:gar
Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by .
+ Qec 9 "Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

- Bailey's Tonic MYIixture....
THIS is a valua-ble compound fluid extract of
Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
-for the cure of Fever and Ague. SoLdd by
June 12 -. ,. F,. ABELL.

J.MiUce. .;F *....
M Y wife. Ann Kates, having left mynt vB and
M board withoautcahse, Ithla-public ae.'U.reby
cautioned against' harboring "or irultin-gr .her;on
mny account, as I shall nol be ans weiahle'Tr.',s.y
-debts contracted by her from thILe.dat&,. - -', .
S J "JHE'K.'I +
Gasden Co,..eb. 21, i84S. -. '"..T-f. .

"rITaCHETT'S ctlebrated .Spanish Specifie, for
_ sale-by [Feb"241.... H ,F ABEEL.

Calhout Circuit Court.
Fall Term, 1847.
David J. Mears,, "
vs. > Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth Mears. .
IT appearing'to the satidsfation of the Court
'that the,,deferidant resides out of the Western.
Circuit of Florida, and out of the Stated it is
ordered that said defendant berequited to appear
and answer this. bill of complaint on the 1st
Monday in April,,- A, .D, 1848, and in default
thereof this said bill. beltaken pro confesso, and
that-this, order be published in some newspaper
in this Circuit, for the space of three months
before the day ordered for the said hearing. ,
December 7, 1847. 49`.3m ''*."

M" lolasses.
f\ HHDS West Indies;. .50 tierces Florida.
5 ) for sal.eby -B..ELLISON &-CO.
Dec 30 Cor Water and Chestnut sts

BOOTS, Sbioes and Brogans, by the -',.
Women's Shobes xMul B 1. p ki A'*.-' ,, ---
M en's,B oq 9s a .i Youlh's>'Br b aps4 -y{^ ^ ....
Men's pegg .d Bo ,. I-.-
:- fine sewed-Bools; ,.
Russet Brogans. For sale-hy -,"):-- '
IR. ELLISON,& .^.<*;^. '-.
Dec 9. "- Cor. Water and Ci-esilrt.Qt'i.-
F o r S a le -. ,, -7-" -
SBBLS Hay, nW.p o-
5J5 dian. Apply'"d "; "" *"^'-.': :
Dec.23 =NO URSt,. S. TOME &*.'Qo..

FreAsU Gaden'Seed,.
ALAGE assorttnentoif Fresh Seed, just rei3'd
_ad lIr sale by L
Nov 11 -- "J. C. ALLEN.

Dr. Woodruff's Wormt Specific,
A SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for
F sale by 3 J C A .. : "'
Feb 3 J C ALLEN'.

The Indians' Elixir,
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and. fevri for
saleby .
P eb3.. +- J C ALLEN,"

iron, Nails, &c.
TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
o100 kegs Nails, -,, do.
casks Weeding Hoes,"assorted qualities:;
Blacksmith Steel Faced'Anvils;
English and American Vises;
dozen Spades and Shovels;
Collins' Axes; / "
bxs Cotton and-Woolen Cards;
case Rowland's'Cast Steel Mill Saws;
lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by. ;. ,
WM. 'r. PORTER & CO.
ego ,0 .41 Water street.'

120 1
10 1

.... "Liverpool Salt, ,
F O R s a l e b y 7 ,
Dec 30 .B ELLTSON & Co.

-Hops,^ F>.7<, '. ^+" .+5:
FRESH Fall Cropt vr'sale-bv.,-"- .. ;
April 17t. H,"tABE..

S. A IE ICAN ,-. ,-
-et -and Twiii'e Manufacturing
'" : COmpany,- -..'..
12 CoMMERCIAL-SrTR'E-r," .
(Up Stairs,) .3. 0 9 :TOW4. BOSToN^*"
Manufacturers rihd -Denales in B Ryan's Pate.nt
Twine Stands, .Post Office. Twines,. Baleing and
Buindle Twines, McCar ivs C. ot ton Herridg Twine,
Cotton Seine Twifie Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herriing !TwinWe, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
.>erel Lines-;"Herring, Pohagan .Shad? Bass.and
Dip-Net0., Government Seine? with Bags; Cod,
Herring,-MackereA, Shad, abd Menhaden"'Seines,
: .,C.-* ; ..- ."*.- "1 "- '+*:
N",. B. -ets.m and fSeine knnit to order at .short
notice. B. ELLISON' & Co., Age'nLs,
. October 14. 1S47. 391f Apalachicola.

2O BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Molaseq; ,
9Wt. 1 tierce Rice, just rec'ai and. for sale by
Jan 6 E. McC ULLY, 50 WYater st,

p L.ANS. P-in Tr.;n, i,,le and double. Ham-,
ini'-Q. Drawx Kkie,;, A.itrt., Akug-iiEr Bits,
.b).,i,,: Br.'>..s,, T l -'Ttier Scr'l,,I, Turn Scr, .1-v ,
lAl.arkiit ;, Gu.,e, lMoriice do, Sav'.-Sets, Wood
R,,le. Adzes," WVrei,:r, es, Sxw\', Locks, H'bOQs
anr.J St.:i,'lis. Butt:, Sl-rews, Hin oies, Slitter Bolts,
Bia,d.., T.,,:wk.. Co|piper \Vire, Mfelting Ladles, Rat
Tr3|,-;. A\x,_-;, H jtcliet-'. C-,flee MilI Sledge Ham-
mle'r?, Smnithl Tir-,-l. AIhll Saw-s, Anvil s, &c. &c.c
For saI'e by B. ELLUSON -& Co;.' *
Do-, 9. Cor.'W ater'and .C-l)estIIijs tst "
Genesee Flour, Goshe'n Butter,
A ND a stp.,|r,.:,r article o1f CHEESE, for sale
I- (,v- E. McCULLY,;,
N. v'l I 50 Water st.

** ,. r -- 'L:T ru sseS.: '. : .
.ULL'S superior single and ,-,'bibl Trusses,
-H for sale by, "
-Feb 11L .. .. ..H(F. ABELL.
School fooks,
"FODR sale by..' :- .
F: -eb.17 + + 7 -H F ABELL:'
.- Verinifkge. / -
WIlN'ER'S Car andian Vermiliu7e, f6or ale"by
. T Feb 17 .. -. H F'ABELL.. '


Boots and Shoes.
B OY'S -and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and p.ezg'd Kip &3ogans -
Gents fine Calf Brogans;.
Wm's peg d and- saw'd, Shoes; Children's do. do.
--uper Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes; '.
Super Ladies' coarse and fineCalf-Boots, '-" '
A large and extehsiV.eassortment, just received
and for sale by WM. --PORTER &-.CO._-.
Dec 30 -+ 41 W ater street..-*

,' *"*' + -, Lemon SyrIIp. -
J B RAY'S siper0r Lemon s\inpst'receiyed
and tor sale:by :' .. ,...'". ;
-"Feb 171 :-. *-Y H F 'ABFLL..-

*' .. *' Oocries, &c.-' \ '
:TUST received-from New YoA, per-,bTig:Alaba-
,'. ma, -a .general assortment- of Goceaes, &c.
.cjonsisting in p..t^s ft;+la.d:s^.^...z+ ^.- ,-+
.Crushed Sugar, 'a fine a&ricle, "
Pjekfes, assorted; Lemon Syrmp, ,
/ +.C6,g: Brand) a superr' article," +. ,
Holland Grr;-. f the'b'qst quality. +.
aNorthern Gi0, PeachBramdy' .- *'; "
St. Croix-ahd Jamaica Rum, -' ,.
lMa eria, Port and M alaga \Vines,.---
Soap5, Candles and Starch, .
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey, .V / :: .+
Brown N. 0. Mluscovado and St. Crois Sugar,
,,; Bacon SidL ,i''&c. &c. '
"-::.All-of which will be sold low by
--!..,'+.-" --.. +. : +:. ": ."M, C'dC-UCtLLY,
Nov M050 11 -' 506Water st.

:; 'Map ,Agents Wanted.
T"HE'subscriber wishes to engage in th&'sale of
"JL his Maps a number .of young -and middle
-aged. rmen -of -moral,.and. busidess-hjt^bas-tra-
.veiling agents. -Having completed-neW and
.greatly-improved editions of 4isUniversal Atlas,
72 yMaps; large Map -of the. World, Reference
and' Dist'aceM.ap bf the Uhited States, National-

Map"of-the tnifed States' ---a13,o,' a ,variety of
other Maps, including several.Maps.of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to-furnish.agentsfor
Cash', at the l-6west possible prices.- -
A d dress, -* '+;* : "
r Northeast cornerof'fMarket and Seventh -
'Dec 30 Stree'ts, Phila{eiphiia. ...-
Blanka Bols and Stationery.
: EDGER.S, Jdurnils,' Day Books,, &dc1 "
50 reafis F,,.olic'ap and.Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Book-s' -
9S ip arid River BilI? Ladi'ng;"- .
Bodoka for Letter Press. ..
Blank Bills of Exchange and -lhecIs,,
Just received and for! sale' by '. ; .
:MHarch 1 F. ABELL.

.. :,., Sad~dlery,;&c. ; *a:'+.
sADDLESo-f variIous ipatteriTr :iid qtualiti,.s,
Bridles, curb and Sial-He bILs,
.Sjd.JIe B~ags, ; .* ',
Ma -riiiples an dWhip,?s fN-zlebj
-- L WV G. -PORTER.,&_Co..-.
Dec 30 .;.. -41)Water street,.'

H A. r.sdU',.J Caps b' the case low ICyr casIh Lby
D.,:, *- C.-,r. \Viter anrd Che-tnjt st.

T rushes,
,I[Ni-;LE aiiid double, for.sale by -. -
-_ ..ISly 17 J. C. ALLEN.

Dru-s, ledicsnes <: Chemicals.
A IRESH stu[)tily tof Drutt', Medici[nes arid
(.'1. Cte iiatk, tI o% landin- frqm b.,rk Re-l'rn,
and: ( Zi* le biy ': ," .
Nuv I11 J. C. ALLEN -

--, -->- ': -- Panacea., *.:
SWAIM & *H0U.CK'S Panacea^;j.ast received
a in d fo r sal e ,b y '- ..- +* ; i .
, .Feb 17 -:1 F.- 'HFABELL.,

POTATOES-l-I',: hbl..; Turniips---,.o bbis.;
Cjrrots-- 51-, bbls.; Beets-..i-,) b l, ;
"-'.Parsnips-25 bbls.., for salk-by 1
' :Dec30p-, /* B ELLISON;:U-Cb.
FOr, Salw.
:: flf SA.GKS Salt'; amo.firlons siit;ri,)r But.
0,U te~r. Atply-t0 *. .:;: .-
- Jan- 13- N _.-1 NO1 RSE,ISTONE&- Co.

T-RACE CHAINS. Spades, L,,Ik., aborted,
l \..i,,-,iiid C ,irt Boxes, Dra,.ig K !n'es and
Irons, kc. & .:. for I'lA e lowb.y 5- : : .
N.,I J 1 : E.- McCULLY, 5 0 Water st.-

Groceries and Ship Slomes.
R10 COFFEE,'"Java do-, St. Dnminge do,
Northern Flour, WVe-tern do, N.O Sugar,
St,-Groix doo, orto"Rico do, Ybunr Hyson Tea,
Hyson'.do. Pow'.hon- do, Souchong do,. G-oshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hdms, Sdes, Shoul-
ders, Molasses,'Whiskey' Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork. Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Gatsups. Pepper Satice, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap. Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Sall. Raisens.,Macaroni, Ver-h'acelli. Ar-
-row 13 oot, Corn, Oans, Brickwheal, Mnustard, R.ice..
For sale by B. ELLI5ONk & CO
Dec 9 Cor. 'Water and Chesinut sts.

,. +-.- ,' ,-C off ee.- '-* /'
l-- ( SACKSS Rio,"Havana, and St.+.Domingo
!JLU -U C,,fle,for salelo wby..-.;' ,, ':.. :
Dee 2'3 E M'CULLY.

_W A DE & BUTCHAR'S and Rodgers & Son's
superior Razors for'sale by
Feb 24 1 ..-'H F ABELL.
"|r\ BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
_10J mient, tor sale by,,. D
Dec DAo. D. & C..

- Oil Clotlis and Carei.es.
+1 PCS Oil Clothl-, 1 and -2 y.,rds \.ide;
-.15 3 pcs .super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 2 *" v+5 oStair .... -- ", ,
10 T ufted R uqgs,6,p P C I -
/" For sale by WM: G. PORTEx CO.
,. Dec" 30. + "1 '. -"' 4i W ater street.
,Dr. Woodruff's Dysenlary Cot'-
: .:. ." .. d ia l, *.- ** -.\ .
-O'F' Diarrbhoa, Dysentary, Ch,:.l-ra .P-ibusi
Cholera In antum, and Lummer complaint of
children, for sale by -
Feb 3 J.,CALLEN;

S Lancees.
SPRING .and Thiumb Lancets, just..received
and for sale by. N '. --
Feb -24 -H-F -ABELL.

Razor Sfrops.
"HAPMAN and Emerson's Strops, just re-
I ceived and for sale by
Feb 24 H F AIBELL.

s, Oil,.


CASTILE Soap for sale by
Feb 24 -



THE undersigned propose publishing in-the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with'the -above title.
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of'the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy. 0
The want of a localapaper has been severely
felt in Jacikson, Walton and Washington coun-
'ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
this Journal.
The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of.September.
TERMs-Three dollars per annum, in advance.
^3 50 if paid wihin six months;'or $4 00 at the
end of the year.,

'. OR ssle:by .

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated March 23, 1848
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
mods:recordIdentifier source UF00048473_00113
mods:recordCreationDate 770201
mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)001960138
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
marcorg DLC
mods:relatedItem original
mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1848
mods:number 1848
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
uniform Main Entry
Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:BibID UF00048473
sobekcm:VID 00113
sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
sobekcm:EncodingLevel #
sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1848 1848
2 3 March
23 23
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 23, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
notis - AKD6771
lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00113

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( 51ut .

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,') ,.,.,. 'J J 4'
e" .11 ,j. J. y
: ".; I 3 .
F1 tl
I jixgegparryV -.'., ;.-..:;>x:. _' ,
.. _
"" ,,., __: "" ,.
: ; l:::: l / :: It
CUIUhiCtC1L5CILZ, / .1 iiit j i 'li U! U. t. tv t

-_ -. 'J'I: __., .t:t'Ar.'i "",-..1"I:it. M;'.4: j' I I W{ /k .

": ,h... I ..,," "" otu"
'I" "
& -".- 1. "; '
.r -,. _- ,,'"' ,
.J < 'o- -
; :'a--- .. ::.;. ,' '
---4. 4 "
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-L- -t 1..
.J a'.3 ..-... 2----- '-da

.' -- _
--c. _. '_ ._ .r.r..",_

__' __ ._ _ :;-:7 =- .--_ .. .__ ___. =_ -_ .- __= .=_= = = _= _. -- _. _..- .-_ __ -:._=.._ __ __ __ _. _

VOLUME VLl. APALACIIICOLA, THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 18-18. [ ((7t\r11Rn.. 10miiiciAb

, _._ _. ____.___ --- -- -
-- -- -- --'- -_-'_--" s.-. .I t:. -:._ __ _
-- -- ----: -- :- --__ -_ --.- -
\ \ I ADVERTISER) &ju : int siS: Diccctoui. .. rLYNN, J- street, three-fourths of that income won!.! rnalislH-lu- aiis'--.annecessai; :- ,v r.\j. ->-osur- --'- of

: ( Late 1' CL.JJIA'. ) .- be consumed for ?" Ii.i. ,
TIIITRSPAY PV Uuderxvood V Caih, : -- -- -- : :: rent peison, ;: :: the liouts usually (I.wrlt.llio

rt.1 U-HRD EVERY BOOT A\ 1) ShOE: )1AJll: H :I A LO'EnLOIC.( What! say you lo Spruce street ?"' :j repnsp. the rt"lpf'S',I + IM I cumj.lird with.
L. Impossible. \Vnhlhe uufPiin1'
j. rtfl'-rtij
BY and
ri CONTINUES to v.n the : ChARLES M.tCK.tY.
us BUILDING, CHESTNUT-S"I I carry a' Walnut "
? with ict7ffii
: trn.im iinpU-asaut! : ,!doubi
JI !>.% VIS, Edit3i.Tivni : '. Apalachicola Fa. business! in Apalachicola, oppoMle 1 am skill'd in mjgic lore, No."
ir. (.. '., Ihe City Hotel in Cenlie 'l And can tell thee, dearest maiden : and nisVtq. A rIIr.furlfJlr.: cenieellooking -
{: All orders attended: to \\ ith punctuality Pine ?" i [10t1s'. in ti )
of I Ila\I i 11iK.tri'T:: : wnrkrnen, h'.' 1 is "Wnat the stc a neighborhood! : as
corner winds
'.',1'".'. : **rMn"lt7.11'8. and Chestnut Building.tre t:. and despatch. J.In. ,2') cnntidiit tiiat all who iu.iv patronize him will aimJ at evening say, No." i m) wife di! irt-d. rntib! IM.J lie obtained! : untTer -

l\Ilm..rc"; -- find i that they have called at I the right shop. As ihe boughs they play ;- Arc h ?" i i0. five hundred dullars per ann u it,. whichdediiftetl
:31. 3T. Scott cV UrollicrVHOM What the
ThKMS.niimx French Calf Skin, \Jt.rr.'o, and Patent Leather I to its shore. ; ." !i from the stini tot.il. nf mv anrooir.would .

-Tim'e.l I) .liars per annum, \ >.%l.K AN1> RVTA1L.: PHAI.l H> IV Uodts and Shoes nvadc to c.rJer, ol the la'e.t and Softly! whispers evermore You needn't anollcr'orl, JacoK \ leav :' balance of evi't'
o soy tui.mfreit'**
!f 'rl' I.M-V. <>r *1 Vi') if paId'lttU six DRY) GOODS, CLbTHING BOOTS, :SHOES, most approved stvlc.t Also, P.itent Leather Gaiter From its heart o'erladen. I know m.le'' .
;- n til j HATS, &c., by your looks that you have : x'ear. out (If wliich Ilw! lihle \*... ti> be u".
thercalter.nV' Jjix'ts and Shoe made in .
11 ;4 nj if paul a superior manner.He I tell thee how up mind to into shabby ptiei! !- piid-:] fur k.
: than Cor. Water and Centre-sfrcets, can the moon your go some mean, wages f -'t IIPPtllr
I bs
; taken for a term siN will keep' eon-'tantlv, on hand a I.Irl and selecti'd -
\ I'I.rnjltll'l1; invanablv! be charged for loathes per.suaion! to the billows disreputable, riei:iibur bonuh'' prh\'jled-:1J! s.iy notli.ng; i 11 l toe ,'uher, i-t
._ml '= 2 wit I! Dec 23 .\Apalachicola. assortment of J H"IvI." < Boots, Shoes ; ;
::11,1" !i1 1 x-; ,'.,,.' tvjll be .discontinued until r and lro; :III.AU meaJJI! ) ,&.C., (utile 'sit Ii neatne "What di-couree the} mouiit.tin maktsTo You are mistaken my dear. I have ; ceirr.is vtliuh! rr.'rn! h.r:rly into .tltf "Incidentals"
t.1':'',1< '"' '''I--1"- If' 1, unje'sut the option of the A. noc1 c, "s ;pioiiiiilituik! aiid on I tcriiid that earuiot I liS iilov-lovmg l.ikrs ; my eye on one of the nicest, gcnteefest, of both ,>m>:ry ;nlt. rily ll'r.-

r" ''""' 'f OaesquarMtwdve line* SHIPPING & COMMISSION MKRCIIANT, (faj.I,! lo be ii-ncniM-d} u> 1 in kaepin with I t ll.c And concealed in lonely nooks, sweetest houses 's 011 ever saw." Th.se dotibjs. were rftmttn.irrj'nl tit mv

\ V" n.-n-v' "!'"'-1*tt1- at the rale of One Dl" No. -JO \Vattr Street, petition in trade and I fill rio-.e.scss of the .cllm'l AVhat the little deviousbiooksMurmur "Just tell me where it is ?" wife ; 1m.he reg-.trttnl, the -fuM ofcy H'

'V"'" \ .* 'Ii'ii"t, i a'xi' Fifty Cents for every subsc- Dec 'jrj. Af1I1'hi'f\b, Fa. Apalachicola, Dec. 1', I 1M7.l .J "r 1 m> willows. Before I answer your question, my pheriigs. hut as itt U'I.f.ri.n: flf Lurlis.but .
'- -- ----
.J; "f "I' --- .. -. --- --- love, I roust"5' i as (1014: nrgI.i in'1:.' >;Jh-. i>r.'ii.,tarltnirrct
'J 'J'\' \VM.V.. DI'I' W. CHEEVKRSiMis : Uiiitcr\V(,olRESPECTFULLY& CaiIJ, Love thou me-for 1 love "
r r" n'-'l I :.i-lvertwe Uth year a liberal ,. .. .. thee 'rill'ou tell me where tlTal house is- : fr the ptiijii.sf. Dt!' ileff.tli'ill: *- ;arliyi.i..
", .r'. ,: ,I'' \ .:I .> -m I-; bit advertisements" not tV Cliocvor ';., :-:1 .' C.. i -. (-'' -'' S : 1, the son; they sns; forever. yes or no j"I| of her heartthe: etui ;.orl ;iuo i,t" a lift- tlmsi
COMM 1 I S S I 10)11 E: U C 11 A N T S, I
: ," ,'.. ,,.,; tth'irm'n business well 36 \'al.rlreet. 1' : i (.l ert heir services .At this moment I can hear Only! hear"- j i far soared' ; &oh :a&.r..mei uilhi' bi>uriii>:"
Office No.
t ,Z! '| t !ik ..r7i.neat< sent in by them, will dec'23 ATn'.nc'iici'ln.: ', Fla fl t L.- t > the citi/.cis 01 Apaiachi- I The response ringing clear: .No I Ion't. i; !hou .e sufl'eiiriot ;g .

,', I""i\ t tb"!; .HU.il rates. ---- ( / and I the coutity of Fiaiiklinuc.iiralh And the \f'TV stars repeat Just one"I I I, \- an lisp most dlmraMe mati

I -j. V j, i '_ il 1 iUeri laments must be paid for Robert*. AlJpn V ( o.. /r"; ill the line of tfhir pro To the moon an an"wer sweet, 4' JVo !" t 31 r. Jones. I lever Low 1:1 my l.f-. YonrtfU'I
DE .\LF.RS IX I\RIUVAUE AND lIPrUAXIJU.ny ft'.,;;.1I1. I Having i ti.or.lhly cotn- '
"Love hall :
111'I. for :aunounc- (.r\1 r: perish never. Unfortunately, I ain of an excilabteperament. trrr- know your flw"r u.i'i I irunitrr a a
I. i-s: \\ ui charged I IRON, STF.EL.: NAILS, IlIuni..Jli,1lit" the principal

7., i : '. t ;r "ill1! '''. SPIKE? >, AND rASTINJ>, ;, t-.iJI: Ni-rtln; ri cili-; ?, I hey will!I 1 be cria- And if thus Earth, Sea, and Sky I jumped to toy feet-acriden- t mc. Lass ithr you wcieto tlf'fIf en :.iD iitwtMuz

." \ i T'its' frvn a
,!. ,1" '" ; i I I':.' .'.-!, or i-tt> cforiMiCi'', \Varcs.IVrJi ..,2.t'* ,.--_ i- -' times, !t ih the NKWKST: AND LTESTPKATKSOF .- :tHlldt': nil: my d arerf maid, amid) not only kicked the poor wretch for set tjpihem. :1i it. Ann wend I !.iq'gio-t 1 roust

Apalachicola, Fa : : 1.\.ut\.1tN- .* up a piercing howl hut the kick was n y lfaIJ thi iijoiit- 'rag IRI a miserable
I \V.iiJrnq; ; :: in tins: greenwood shade
-.---' .. .- iil it tnlhly, Sifiotoins al a v'u m the taunt Fahtm- accompanied by nn expletive, which I am *-\i-cm! t... fti.>. tt.i .a.I !u::!>t-Utf .r.dbreal
Ol.arl'Uoircrs JiltH' MIIIIM. Enz( ne \V. Rogers.Cii able Xtil> In- which! decided To repeat th! sam! "w'tt song, **
ih ** Dfmtorn.IV uf \viil be a reminded of to this very d.IThe room 1 pinthi.
; *... BS<)u.'l'. tV Co. advantage to a fu-hk./r.Me community.N. \\ e i-hould! do their ln..ic wrong: was paced hurriedly and by savage; threats. : .My tfr::. I I.:t\c unr- '"
C 0 M M I 1551 I 111 E R C I H A N T S, B. Geiiliemens' Morning COVSPS and F.venini And heat If fas II"t.i .
(:. :!'.)S''I' A: (;o. and stern rcsoh'e.-rli-joiUlctl and but h.fexpressed ; !! "I st'. [t'It'.': i ir i i" Y..a t.a..t 10 :iil. r?...
ii. -
lb'tt.I -t I'd -'}, ; \\Tr'IPI.l.rs| n.ade t) order; Cloaks if'every -- ---- --- _-_
; i-'. \\11 ej.\i1liu:' I. : A' tla'-'1.iettla Fa. dt-si-rt .thin! tidc in ii! U H it i is true-" tndeauireu to force 1 Bur ITI& 1:1.1'HI.in'H.. Mr. J >nr*. N j|
; \L. ; K\ -J ; ; ; t' in'ial; f"rnjs ot I the das
: :
; [I
\i :,: ,"d t .1':, ._ .- .--- Walk-lie and Riding (Iiitc.rs made; in a superior .fH Icict1Ialtroi.FL.-: i my \'. ife into submission. I It I is almrat! tn- another v.-erk mtf I -i--\i in lui'uiN. ?;,l.ra. I

J. SI-JVIXM: T. II. Arsn.v ---- -- .-. to ;..1". t that m ihf shaft fioun-. ar.11:7.. It> until .
: ended go ; m.-
:X ) 41 \\ .llt'l r.'rtM. tnanwr ; Tunic ircs) ,<.s ar.d iiays':\ Clothes of --- necessary attempt as jwr

: : I -AI .;-..-.-'1i.I.- --F.-. .1. SI.;\'c''u1l & Co. t-vt-rv di'srriptmn; made in a neat aud fashionable [from Xi'j'IV S.it'iiday (In/fMlP.] all previous attempts had: coiled, in a, RI>:Mplete 'late spirit ettonsh ro *''ElI"" me a* ;. ire

- --- --- stvlo. All nude this! labiishmci.t (j (, JNO TO HOUSEKEEPING.iv and ha men m attie I tiihu First .shcmM( he ff d. Xu'o 10 Imn .
; ''. it 1 H'Io'fI" 11.! V..1ruui. ce'hIssic I M E J 11 < II A NTS, )rhiefltt at re. came a suj-} $" 'C"tic '

,:U..t 1tH'C \ ( H., AND wannn/t.tl/Il jit.Cc .!\COB JNt:" white: hankerrhi'-f then tears-then sobs- ,;. j.t.etl.! itftcr v. !m.-. JV!' ..rIisrmIiri : !

L' ..l.li'! ; >1.\ M CIU'11 ANTS, DEALERS IN liKV taulJe., ., ; /- Shop Second Story Bitltzeli's Buildings. \J u're the most pruvokins man m T ever a nit Ihl'nr I brief. broken but I Mill graphic \\' Y'.L"r!"' tt* HKr ue Eofl1P'tP.3Irs. ,

S.. j j \\.lhl'r .Ir'd i ,o. 43 \''dh'r3r..t., Entrance ors Cht-nu.t ttiett. saw in my life. So v u 111111 be ha imdi tig sketch of her sufferings and! mv vtlhimes.: t, Jorfs. ? r.\.h'i t n.>.aetl my mini?.

:>. : A nh-.i'-'iK l '; 1la. -> October II, IS !'7. t:'.f.m ; lie md '* I never know now-(sob)-" what u i is tr 1 1 was O1t y..h. e-t Ilifl',It' rM 0..m '
_. .--- .}"'. S. l-i7 \:) ,!:,.!"il'tlla! F.i._ I Ill- :lilll"t be eI, and cinckers, : i toast.lo 1)"n.\ei
__ .
(1;jA plate of Fall r)J Winter "Dahions ht\-.It-a vtnnld h, *
;: just ( ) happy momt-nt sob. You .
Mi I I'iir.I smile i nd l ( )
,91lL'1 *V \ UH a::. J'ui.iiAii DAV. li.i\ni. J. 1.1..f. -. ree '1ed.. I i.'i ;. :and must 1 simper .
treat me-(sob)-worse than a hrute-"ob. '.Tf;.I. > tint r.'r n' m"n' 't
i'iiV.tlDING HI ever\fiii)2 I! -Ite said :il the table to-niulit. ( ) j } yayThe. .l
.. .) ..I ..1{ i s < "11 a id Jn' V Co., -- :
: .i ,: J>{ .: M AN rs, <; (\ \.11 l Ioj 1 KI s.1. lElcI1ANTS i; SANS SOtJC1HOTEL3 V. lieu you know it was; onlyesiprday i iliatsl.e If my father I kr.evv-(sob" )-hew you swore want to z>) ;n\ub'rr.-uf} to boy ; IthiD_;.

N\,. '> \\V: Tstret.A 'o.'j:: \\-.,!, r -t'1. I total! l nif Ihal: InlI n7 silk die* v.arathfr > -b-?t me 'I tie ri you im $2t ,':.rrun..a'e ;HJriJlcv..l'rinr : :-

:' .. .: 'u.i: r.: la. Fla I lic" 2 -\P'\ :. ,iuc'ila.; Fa. nHHu'd SaU H:, ; skimp'! in IIrc lirr. Let me IfII'ou.. I-I-I-sv.ear. jh i e ;. Jones ? 1 n 'vn --as if mTr:; U'CJurlr. .L'i L.:u'. .:utf.

---- ---- r!*- Asr* iits lor LI.OII. ,S : ai-o, Asent> tor the .\ v t> :M r. .J JJJes..voti hive a very I\I".pi..h i ion! I swore in my life. I o'.ly said something t" < Ever sift-e 't.It..ra..>.!. y mi f..Isr
UU'ltI.I' Ar Holm( .Klu i i ln-uratiCft .'."tli.- J'rutci E ti 'ii I Insurancer.s" I t: s A u ii A ;v T when make ourself! I the dog." :! i iVon made'! ir.e t.r ej) nnr-.u'r ImnU. U .lbring i1it
\ou are trying ti' \ .
.,1dL-.1'N ;tEIIATS, ri he "ii..rtf-r'i InMiirtiicf Co." Hartford agreea
j att .
.t.." I .":111 I' THE I public: : ar-> rc-'r-ctlinly;. inloi,med b>I ." can't impose -(soli)-upon me ary' nnvi- fi,' m'I'{*. ":.ICi...;'f.-r irVd"

; -- -. -- .- ;.i that i lit ;,'.1 .o -i.I-I'II.1; i t La- :\ Hut.; dcir"; longei-(sob)-\oii looked at me when \r.ti' spent 1.1 nsr ;m\ T m.ttir.; )Ir. .IUhrs-'

.; -; M T':' \L7Va'\\VE I ) COMPANY, I). E!. \Vooi cV Co., ily=entirely r COM SO10lJ 1 ) Fun! \V A II DINGMERt of pernrtit and I Iran.i :.{ B.. rd 1
Yi-rk r/icepiioti ( all the rl'sl-oooh. You hh"n .
fi I used was to : 1 .i
uf C'yi.f.Vt wile in what she from ( ) to stay at :: ria ; ti "t"rt".tI
IINTS, .ahi(1! tlii ub-cnbcrs. !ii I"I'C by -tct! ,ilc'item ti. t tl!. ;public, can expect I
X i. 'I iVittr "tr.1', !" IW'1cr,1I' ( -with me, but now you are !upon. \\ t'H-ldv f.-nn'it I..ij> 1.0in
> \ ati'' (f>la. Fa. No. -11 \Vatc rs"rc !in.--ir.css! ol th'.ir: I.11-: ; tL L ,e'',' ? I > I i.- inKI sl ri/I; ers .
]1) > ; ._, 'i: ]>,- 2; :\1011: tC' t>* '', Fa. rot. !-rin t!!fir: ":<"-t!< r. ';,1..11| tf>lV; Th-ir -d-:! Kllo\\g from past experience; that i' out'-(sob)-every night rf: Jour life- (a 'ihs sfyfe you Ileiro. tin ttS IrS: Irlcoitrt-.r
--- -- ----- -- -- -- succession violent sol,.. \f'arI ,(the 'titty, "i t-t, f. ".
-V. T. C.I.. 1-. H. 1t.toc. .vill be supplied at a.l l lnncs with every delicacy would.! be impossible i lo ee: advantage: of ) .y 'r tu.1i .iq-

t'a:1: ,V naHtm. A. N, McK\ N- C. R'lBBj.vs. 'HAS. PRATTA. the !mark'vt: :afj<,n?i". ri.rtU-rs; and Capt.urn ofvcsi1 Maiy Ciiihaiine! in ;argument, I dicw nit mv 1 was \1II:1z..dh"rrurlruckappaIIf'II' 'crease mv iii'-nrne bv_. s't' ni'ins.kn'tv. \ U

\ -1'1. I I 1:1; : \ \iE.iLXT j : j i :, '. ISeKiy tV Co.C 4 v.'ii! it .d! (h i- a \trv' ri'ii\ci'ftit i : li'itij.T'lvjd !bllorpuf on a !pair of slippers-seated myself :- at this charge, r-iul in a low, me k voice, tny love il.ai I lI.n.t-.3 litrV.>ry torn.

i'I..1 .% i 4J .r .!-r .Irt./-I';, -t.iirJ = M M \11 I S 510 N M l E: i R C II A N TS, G.'IJI<', 0.:1. "=, &<*. u-i n4- .'!!! bonrs and in an prin chnir-drew the lamp; ; towards rephfd"Mrs.- Suppose I Tty my: tun;! tr: \t rici'I': rote l;,frj

))1:1'1' ;i"lclc.I: i U.F No. U V.'.t..:r-? :l--t, in Ihe {t., { .- > i.". Tli Ear; will lie well 'Iodad I me, and made a df-p"rate attempt lo be Jones you know-you ought to |for fie! prlr.-; v, hich: ,10! -wsjip* K .i uj" S

Av: \A"\.1': 1\'" .'\. M.Ki.zt: : .. \\:1: Iht riu.u': ',t \\in- -, 1.'IIJ"r"; ;:.I} S:, .1\.. Inm.-that I )have not been ont of thishitui.e UJ ,:;''zhlt.g ,lIh.c: 0")1'(" Itlrta ? .
p.' 1 15'p j.I.- j( 1... Fa. cel.'pl.illll'j''slf'd i in the r.p\vs>;; of I the v.'iy .
sVyiie & :?2 dl'Ul.i.1 ;-. -- - -- :-\I"C't: .. :. th. { :. ',:i"1."lit! i, a I.ill; d Sa--1 preceding. ; IIIThis "tn'mg indifference per a single! night for two rtjiintlt. except ,:j" "I am peil..rtlv a.nTasltnf.- 3r. JIt rrr.
) .1 .1.1'I: ;E.CI! \ T I 1. F"I. s P .1'i 'II"and \\,11 I 1 11 1 nt i:>.
.; U. 4.V J. M. Hull.CT.jRS hut added lti'l| t rill i ih.: limit' ; :id I ill" comparisons last; evening, when I was compelled to go> toth that a MM.i I.\ ti.c!<- ot f fife- fur .,..imokrnw.
,, (Jrst'n! for '.ist Itvorj. the sulwribfrhrtpp "
; .f :rtd '
I. |
:: j"\ I ; ic "OkI.Mi.IiJN I : ) .dEii'/ilA.Vr.:; ofhce to m..ke! hi!. f Jrnh ri t .
which drawn for erinl : up our ; t.-e -h'-ei.: v!n ;:re w grv ;s ;s I.U
: 'J i.:.l..t.I 1. t t tint 1 Ibttr: 1rnTi is: P.d! (\jjvpublic %% iU coili.usustain --- 1<' Wf'rf mv S|>
_:: _i:' .:_" ___ ____: .. ;\,) I js \I'-: !h I, 1 thcin. benefit by affectionate' but somewhat .. What was that ;Ihy-Lill-oh-rfoin( ) : [ should: think j t"writi.;2 a t"iv i' r. t..'"

& J. 'it.:2ir.J'. D I I'? AI.\T.\I.\, FJrofr'.c.LOtl..l \ in hat hist iiight .sob! I sail unrhtrg 'hut rouM I _
\ou if ?
.IAVES: GILSOJ &C.veu.Lerll I I excitable wife' will doubtless sogge*! ihernsrlvt's. -( )- yon were at 5u hat
X 7 I'.. : -.\/,T..-:. \ \ .J !ut-r\fL GRVTi ( Q, --_--_------- -- --- \ 1 1MT. _. .IJMf.: I to such oi the jr.idejs of i the (jay.f-tte i the of- -fice ?"-(loud and pruloug.cd I (qniftly took mv h .t ah" tune :u.fit.:!

?- i I.. 1:1,11:.i' MI. .i. in jutting,. Ui I iluJy. .I ( [ ::jCortcr.: S "" I :.s lissvben fully! initiated] into the mstfiics I $fttJuin .) j I toni h.-in srrrch 'fl; l hioe. .* I w,. ottCff"j'l

.\ .,1'U hV..litr..t1'.i i IJ! : ,' -inre, llT IiOP; I I'pJ : of the ;!'ird I lif':. gut Mary Cithaii.'ie : The iriiili flashed across my mind in a I II fn'l ; and ,rnf! f.pr, i ly .-..1! ?lit: 1 b..te r. n'tl'

._:' :..-'-I -. -- \ ,!. 1-.i."h.. r"i.! ,\\\7".H.'l' I 1)\) 'J" \' ( 1 r I ILi I i'_y, .t I 1 I IL, i'" '' has a heat i-- Iu; rae, warm, I rue, and I t1IIl.lin I "js.fi: purchased a I bunch rf. ;a house wlsi I: *t ir*- guru rnmti s lfi.f."JC'C'it -

Jauil, 1 ea.sii\: worked! ] -and! I l know how amiw cigars on lilY way home the ;preceding even- 10 mv wit;'. flt* K 'trrffrrfv (?df.tr.t
:'I. r. A hell, .::r1.: i .:. iij..tlI! ,tt Iii" 1"id'Ij.-e, I.ft.r I.: "3I a upon i! -
:' ; hen ID touch it. My head drooped; a lilll,.. I 11/:. and I the heartless scoundicl of a t hac- : 'wjfh tle: in-J'or J''r-f'm.-.r.M: antf oo -
I. -L ; i..n it't'\U. C'JII'" 1 1 HI "::1',' : ) ;! -a: : II' :';1'-.0)11 IHlkf'_ 1
.. ... : .. ., I ,. ; ... \I..;.).' ..' < ,' .uxrs.I dnu.. NATTORNEY .... .. d ;and, j'M' such ;i sigh escaped me as might con 1st had wrajiped up the ;high i I flavored" door arrar'gpjt.fi.ts.and hi(if* uiifr p f",
-.-- ---. --. ;; 'Jtf.i.1 ill one of I the Miiail I bills w hich had been issued 'ecu'rrhar :!lr' .tr1'f i is not ivIc tat
I ". a::4\ "", : .e., "\" Coi. COinI SCr<:c z1 Cehi: (' mangled u from some poor r vvretth who -
. .\ : .- ., .1 t'4 Ilfn' *' ,' ":.'iT'f\. 'Y. G. :JJ. Ua'j", r IE's'i'j.T-n'i' 1"lI.J.W.llfUIC'C'3 to hi. I had lost father-moiher-brothers-sisters from I the Walnut .Sireet i The re that ;' 'eronglt: to r;,.s. aH ij>.' v2.:.<-';tf'. 1Ye rr.av
r rs : -
1-: it: Llj .,. "i'r -'" .,.N, l' AND ( ( Cor.ELLOR LAV fn4-: ::.d the: Pnbiir.! .tlv.t !b. has ns''ene'i; : -til.dtt..d--It it'IHI-lul had: been left, hopeless morning.: Oi mv' wifi's; dressing bureau-- ; 'need. but th.if mh Si.oHiar; ;j'rr.rn.-r"at-
\ II.: 4. :n'F; Li.n.jf'. t" I ihK' ii'i'c!: I in cither of the ciuinplfd and ragged-teposed the evidence': 'lrss m,1 a1iI'sV! ; hr t'htr'loc-mt' tvlsi-Ii T
: and
I' th* ;st"' ( II.'I"P, and s'.i!t-!:1. tin-ir I toi I >; .ken I like one of j Uy ron's lie-
, S' lit- -ilia- -*I > -- I, ;jJ' )VI.2 C.tiCI, d. !n./!: :f.: '.\d.'d: } i i. : .Ti-.i 't the-llol1e'-1!; j roes of "dark iimIiimmi.s.; : I knew: I that of lily seeming :Iiiil. h Great ArtrHlionTY'! 'mistook for a bitli- iir;: "f't'Ht! .ffintf

i. i j'J\. .. ti :,: r, I 11.- wIll pniflice 1. uUrly; iti Frintklia, C'd- :..i'ti:' :. (1 l L: 1'1,1'\ aril i my wife's heart icas IOi1C'ht'd-anrlthar.; like _" 'ublie opinion: challenged; and r<-finired : 'us all:) the tr'i'!; we fJ.'Jtml tirre' : tljeff
-p i ; r' i I'. :; T.'ui' '
.,. .:: }h',-.ni a-j: J Jack-.utCirruii: : I'o-Jtts-;.ti.d \\il;1, U./'., a!\y. i. I H'-J, \Mlh! h s .--.j: ; .',; u'll! pay strict :itte.tiun I the rock alter it had been smote by Aaron's !" F'ir.t l night! : : of I the Humane; Foot-j: 'coming sHtj-frtf.- .
:h'l red- ';.I.r-, '
.' a "'k'i.d r--l.jiritT, wt as '. 'inii-f 1, in ;.:,v111'! iIH,. tii.it tit I in. "_ '' ,
\ I'l t : to -"- (D.-A i Drop !j iod, .slreams; of n-letiti'ig! Live would gu-oh pad: 1 Mr.1 1'tlrrm i in two piiri ( : j \Ve exprc? TO be i P' fi"t'f' itnltr f""Iur-r n
.- _. -_ I ._:_ _.. .__. : .- 'Hi. t. of the Middle <>r Western C.rcnit.; t I He w i ll 1 &lao, !ITx\NK nliXGTOX.X. i week
toil hi nil Ii connubial :Man\ man has* becn impl i"onc.J for lift'. : :a or two : api! v lien wt-ar nt ':,!ftled .! -
.!. C. \11..11. ar;ue ca>fa in the) Cuurt of Apiiuals at Tallahas-! B. lint L" .ch! d!Lat:: 11.1. ; libfialiiy. .
."I', ,.' -mi H(1.1 D ,' ; o e, li! "' >.->si. tis. of w.i'-ii! !iji- wilt ;.lwos be I F-.h.ll I I-i J' r-Ifaladi'ula I *. .//.>// / Jo ws." [Noatisvver.j; ] "Jacob." suspended! by the neck, on cir'III ? in a hn.s! of tiur itwrs-ej'nrrj; the!
-r .a .. tial evidence I less clear and condu.\ '. waking reaiitip: He :oonrdtrsti! '".s. drt.-.un-
-- -- -- ------ Still D-fir Jacob ( .
,It.PIli! "veitpd by ItI'Cldt'lit.A.doll'I.i:1 [ no answer.]
I' .1'i K 'i I viii";: i .ii <: i r.uiLs I jir's : .. .\ !) dJ.I :('. What was to be done ? Asserting innocenco 'i it' is rot uiiliki-ty( llr.il the Ti-xt'rrs tti ih.
I --, u.. L. i .S, .: :..:_ I : 11I1II'r! s, j:.j/j. The last was irrr..i llhlp. I looked] tip nay -
*..!, .- .- -- -- -- 1.-1 Till: ",' -'fJlr:: .liinjs" I Ins; triends! md s'tvv a pair of bright, bine Ii..tt n- was out of I the q nest ij Ii. with that'1; Gazette lflitY. ugitmJoue h.tr coin MV. -t1 1''i

: ,. ,'"l"hI1""f..r, II .\ 1* ; S( rA nHC", ;::iq rind I IH-! pllh!. i'irt :i.-al. 'tiit; lie has !beor."f 1,; illilh; love and asking for forgiveness eyes as play bill staring me in ihe face. Like a : ?.
\ '- : I \ --i1" '" .".. T T O U N E V A T L A V.r. .. 'l.u .- the Pro'I.ofl'r H t hIS! abivofl|
.I.\c. Christian
and -
I ,
.'jJ.: :: '_.. H''r{,. .jr.-I-, ; _.r ()lii'f,- '- (''/. Siainum"- liniltiing, "IH\\'II- -hulls'", ;menll I I be pleased I to entertain |i i plainly: 'as a pair; of blight, blur es could philosopher, implored) forgiveness L rresTon.1: n- e oi tbeJaa. 1tereIIej

_: ,t 'it" .:' '..11: rI.: f'T. Ot .Vllfr.! ii C.rT t':. (..ll'i..t allY t t f tintrauUuu; cuu.unuiity I lliat! ti.iv; 'lavor sue for peace and )1I ion.! The, reader, ifmarried. -promised lmemU1t'l1tlml seasoned STLA3tE.G Jt:1.U, Miss&sipi Rwu.
(. '" -- ------ --J nov-* A;.al.t:hicoh, Fla. him with their uslf-'ii, and will! aKodali { can; icadilv I itmgine what ensued. time! proilVied, [I'rop3SII.!* of peace with j : (
: 4, ii-to.
h. .,. fi I'.vSiry, I t'eowIIJo-j I a promised indemnity in the shape of a silk J ; J
.' t': Owa" resident I boudrs.:. Tie bar \\il Ah, Jacob, I know I 1'a wrong i" talk a .
t i I.{ \ II. .
\ ) r.l :.II.I'tX : ,
: :dEUCIL\XT. i suppliedith, v' iiUiiiu Ihjucr" it t I' t tin1 chi;.ic'. I'j the way I did-but this boarding is enough dress I which should have a skirt 1 sufficient: : Hare yon iver Ite-uJ: howt $L4'ft-T ..
A -i-s iVltcf sliv.t. ATT OR I \ I EV AT L A \' (:
I I jii.iliiy.' JOHN PATR1DGE.Apalachic' lo ruin the best in ihe world. Nothing dimensions t lo .;ti.fIhe I capacious notions :
I temper "-::-l'll its ;; V.1if.n: ? I'll :dL
"'H.d"III ",..l, l'.i. j ( 'I. 'YH\, !B.d.J.'lr! i ( '"nI': '. .\LIL'I..a. .la N-iv JM7. of Mi-ss Hlmk l herself. t ; jo>.
; II I I even
to do ) to the mind ,the
-nothing occupy (on authority .f Cat.J,,. CRi .
\v.' -- -- -" -- ------ -- -- -'- .. fs.Sfoine
: ; Ac 3 .\1.0 ',1" I'f' Do think :
)3i %. u. forward lo-'ontillt.d you I J.i-ja-cob haff-sobieIJ.
; : .' .- ) .i ,1"-1: City ISolel 'i'Isr.t'e. \\ilil-nrilhin" to look ; :wc:.:: .\.-.1> ;.go. tstitrn C.p?. ,Alex..Scott .
1.1"r.; !.\ "T" -- half-sighed 11ifl' that
n .. I 10 vour bed-room fromIt.k'o end t to week'send a maroon colored ; \.;- h: h> t'u'1;; cattet; i>f i; ru lfc-
> tl M it.-i-.Tr- i. a .. t '''' .1. .. ) I h..v.> I jht" lends I andIN ?> .
1064' r. l"I'1i.1t .i. ( \TOTICE-I 1U3 n.v silk, with gaiters and cloves to match. "
: :, I imickorel. .
--and forever Kiims salt 1 anti I :
,, 1 ; ; : li.'n i..tmtU-s5 inu 4Waa
F.t. : popu.mty.
.111.: I. the ,.; 1:11..n: that I haw leasdit I ,
____ p.trciis -I'
u. .!I,1, ,\ Cociroiraf : L'i'(2. ; would be becoming, I lo
- -- uM ,, hpcomc like 'Lor's ire. I"j j '
I". .. aid: I that it will I I h. n-alter be conducted 1 bv s< in \ ,uniniiu'iitt! : t: n.s. i'uit;[ ot fir,*'. emitj'
\ f"Vl J i j" ,"'! '. ini( \tiTiinna-' "
11.,1.111 n-ry )( fi'i'is 't'JI"Y LJecoming JVhy a m.uooti colored
H'.1:111! lit.i'.. c )., I I' :. nnin"1,', ''." it ., r ....-I '.; .UM'.OII !I". WILLl.DIIIEJ\C\\-\I ;: Esq. \\ ho ba4 lor; I "I am lad; you tuentioneil) the subject, silk would warmth wood Imwfver. j-rui tlrst vue si .:! :ir. S.t+1
I .., .1 -. '. IH-CTI coumfteJith, ] the first d., Ill dear" i leplicd; tar: I have: been think-; give a 10 your cOlllpll' ,then arotI.er-iih: ; uisoihtr ,
i \ : .1\ .l' ; .,., 1 I.-, .,:' dl!J -.t ; 'i..i'. i.i- :-1I.Irn'i' .> .' .(', =. J His many vo.-rs; ? } ion that would r ; .ju.l a f ar-
ro.\. ', .4'1il. .:t 1I 1\'. '. I "lea a'ui Mos'piito i i'Mis-m: his: :iitt.ii'sfd; ) a v<-rX. I Hotels I at the Norftt? 3t1j reevntly I Irnrn ihc Ami--i in.seriollsly; to-day of going to housekcepI make Jon appear to others j! vest with hU at.e, tn.ill the 1'&J,1 l'evami

Ii t \I M 3 J.<'j r. ;15'\: t" ;1':< -.< I.\IHW\II] : eI-H'p CI.ll"lfi I :lui itsiivjiia'jUd'! ,.lructi\v i ''- rican I Ht.lel I I in New York. JMcaxui;: hi1oscillii \\ili I I ; in:." -what ) ou ;idvvays; "appear to me, LIlY" dear quite a s;.>j'pir5; f.t.tt'?:
i'41'S,II.MJK> I. ->:.JoiS Ml'iP! H. I'p.rtlt' t. that order ("I'l ins'-cts. l'i\iliy kt'l'paa; ri! house, and spare III e\ -rtion orIn I.I all boarders visions of elegantly -really beautiful | (finally them! : n:;.: a pe feet itislj: ,,f ruuh

i'HVHLEIic'! iV :\II u 1 I 11 J. C. ALLEN, )ru'ht. tIpCte'(' make !iis irn.--t-ri.ifjforlabif-: I recommend i furnished) hOllses'I'II I stocked laiders, sleep "Ah, Jacob, jou are always flatleriug !IIIIC. settlcrs, t ..ch ...II.i.o t1.. Lii titloUb
t the }house t lo mv tnoi.ds and, t the iubli'- lie sides know can't afford'' ojf
Ujr ; ---- ne
Ii u'-lttrrdlj -.O\l't' s,... -- -- - inviting' conches, and detectable I cooks had you I such pn'i"i..b'n! Clearing. There .:* jreaj

-.t-I''T:_- '0.___ ___ \.\.ltlo1'h1cola Fa. JVotic to mariners THOMAS 15ROWN.Tallahassee .. I time :md ngiiin danct-il; wildly in the ima:inniion it." i i cOml'ctiii"lIucutlr: ;.I.tlllt.t a .. git f.m
Xl1 1. 13Ua.'ITV
I7. ,
c! \\U'd 'lcCltll :: -- COLLECTOR'S "OI-KICK KiVi.t>T, ? of my wif, but the hare idea; that Can't afford it ? Didn't }ou tell me |but-on he appearuace uf a LtitIHftUCscow

';i' '-ti'; A\J,!) C I I1 lJ. ) JVbnnry 0. l 1" ls. f fIK these dreams by the delirium lOll ovcrllE'anliss) Blink say ihtt I you had; II( iil. t1..rflttUi!
: : -lU\ M1tC1L1NTNu [ 1' NEW LIGHT JUST COMPLE'IEDAT { 1IOTKL., -conjured up ( \h !(-tutl!.!n f; ln

i 11 I N.J. 3j Water: slret. KF.Y WEST will, I I bcIo'u'on the lUlh of hoarding-house; l/1allia-were likely lobe lire poorc&t" dresses of any lady" in the ; ,could be si CII rushing down ;u. rlc wedge ..(: .$

----..--..--------------- .tlachknh: Fav in-t. It is a fir>l class I k i ZliI! and \\ill probably be I 4 realized: ;and' may' be sooner than; she expeued house ? I| ; ;: each '".-vii 4 a |.ii e t.nrcli ui">ute [t'

.It.. F. TatTiur, vi-ible from a ship's dc-k .il I the distance! ol I'.s ti- m-1; set Mary; Cat han tie half wild. She As I expected, this tearing open of a rej!I |liead :and ..om Ii---in lii.ftw tf>e de .uil-and

w.\ILt\J. '. JIKOEIV'IX';. FOJtWAIlUING .,". ty-U\o mds in clear -.%.ather. It >i. situated :. ., sprung' I towards me, and before( I had time ccnlly healed wound had the effect loeffacing Capt. .A ea. Sr.tt t it was. w.It !\lm II ;

'.uMISSION; ME.ICHANT, el.ht hundn-d vards North U.ist t of llicMie c.1! (Iboj.ht. to make the slightest preparation) :i pair of i all remembrance ihe scene whichwe cirt'IW..I.UH'E", (tti. $5i1rI! the [i-i. si.become .

0\ 11'j.. 3J( Water "Ir..t.t (Ir li The beanies) and courses lu'rl.t,11'foll.d TALLAHASSEE: :, FLOIIIDA.X warm lips pressed mine with a vigor and had passed u ihrough, and directing ihe nut finu'" ;1.: chli' !! ; mI., Lf.Ut! ha,.

p-----------' A1t\.lch.oh..;---, Fla.lL.Io. for eu'iTiic I tillS ,p'-rt may slid lie I the Hiaiia: i-tiierit of t ttI. Hotel 1 i, t the uiuVrigncd I ,Icimess that I sent I1I)' spectacles 11yiu!. remains of my wift 's wrath; towards the person a i.U.-e ;*' tiwt.ry :tn
P. \1LL\. (.I'T\\r.<' I''I'C : :. observed ; hut ve-sels appmarbin" th ship channel .-! \\.11 tie his be-! (e.Vt-itu.n to PI"I! his I u Don'l deny it, Jacob. I {knew you had; and peculiarities; of Miss Blink. As 1 have !had! their HTVi-r. ;i:Hllht. Keiulers"
a I la Rttitiaiii. III the djv time, will find five fathoms wat.-r guti. He 'asks the public lor their pdllcllae.WILLIAIIUl1WAY. fully endorsed her semimenis respecting -
mind the take 1
C something t on > our I moment you I :I' rnl.cU1It' t."r the iflte
O in
I\II IOX M 1I BUG: HANTS on the bar by bringing the buoy in range with\ the : ; Do ittliaCsa that interesting i lady and abused J her
young which
hOllle. tell I all about I :11:1 Ued i-f!
me :
Xo. II and it. November IS i t-; 1 H-Cm.:! camc to their r..rfv avtithy
Columbus Block light house runiif'r 11 1 .
with lie of aloud
all devotion
I ,
N'? 1" MALLORY. Col. ----.-- --- --- -- -- dear; kind, good), old husband. in fact they want r.- limp tiit.. __-_____ tidt
_. __ AoaUehiroJa, I Fla. _. '' faiihfuf aud i htNi husband, J .
-- truly symnplt I
----- --- -- --- -- ATIENEUMBOiiI Hut I Iln\'c noihing, i lo i tellou.. name, you know. They m-w lHt'W {T

/L "il %;I' OU, Irish Fotatm'S and Onion 'a ] aven't you been looking at a house ?" was at once fully restored to the confidence, call their bend! Amfrlijta; Jjtnd but it '

l-\LLn. 1\ n. III ,. I't 1"1' HcJE'. A FINK article for sal!? bv yr Saloon and Jiillliar.lJfiootii. ] have.; affection, and love of Mrs. Jones, ami the ilo ; nut about ,.o if.--I fF1 er is cojajxant wor ot

.11AT:0., C.\i': ,Ye' Nov 11 i 1-:. !kJl.J..Y.OTat.r't.. Haven't been furniture 1" inJe' lniIY" freely accepted. such !
?iO. i Colur5g BlOCk YOU pricing any locality No' a %'ounil'uf frfich

.-Det. 2'.1. 'l'lioinsoniiii Mcdicities, THE proprietor of Ihc Atbenipnm: Howling 1 have." That night, after we retired to rest, the or a p-as.sf,!f-r is ever put ashore until lhe>
------ C------------------- I F'aNTS TUST received and for sale by has, used) every endeavor to make "I knew it-I knew it Put me in a subject of housekeeping was rfsumed with out with theii tilt! c.' nol1linati..u I This

e & lIor.i1I ., .! 'h 3 .. C. AT.LFVSlIMil. the pstabh.sliment, an a. i eoable place! of resort of ai1l11 1 would be warmth. Plans and t
house Jacob is
CO\I\ ____ III) own ; great arrangements now, \-ry .&, Livarui. for iliey Ii..vc "tar.us
.,.11. U..1IJIEltCH''r. C narks :5trl'elA.n1lW -. and) i is I Ih II"fllllhll i an ever di Tinunatin I i public the happiest; creature: and the best wife in were discussed and re-discuss"ed ; and Mary anti things ti ihe Lef,!'. and timing .luiht-i
I heir
\"W-lrJ dCIi and Maraboy, in bottles and blad- prove by liberal patronnue I appreciation the wo i Id-let you smoke in the parlor-have Catherine, at length became so much earnest who have; come hoim from school
S. C SCOTCH of bisdi-'sire) to pie:-,!. I He \\ III ulway>. keep a Loaning ,
fI c OJK& A\tos: non received and fcr sale by choice a-sorttii'-nt of Li.iiors,, and refre"bin I as Ill tuchi company as you lilcll-sleep in thai; she actually sat up t in bPI), in order and I \ hat not ; but then tearnLo.it ineu are

-. Feb 17 I II I F A BELTSarsaparilla. / beverages, of a sort to tickle| (the palates ot, Old bed, in I the morning. just :i s l long is 3 to tell me how she wanted) t ihe parlors inveterate their altachini'nt iu early ;;uiu.'

AtCTI0 P. Daufpl.th, Bacchus' most fjsiJiiis| son ; ai.d, Oysters, V.I r1'('d-'hfld woulIIH'\'t'\! you I lo get up furnished. Her enthusiasm carried hei so ci.uitius.: A compioinist' ;?. IIII\ 't'vf'r. if is

; \ CO'nt1 MERCHANT ULL's', Sand's, IJiistf.rs and Bailey's compound cool and delicious fiesh from their native ball, ).,. I in I lie middle of the night lo see if tIme stove far, that she more than once begged me toget Ihll1\!:ht, RI-IV be flTectrd.: One ingt-nioui
AND GENERAL AGENT B fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just received For a pleasant commingling of C\Ilt'i.e: o.nl! I wanted more coal. JJo let us live in Ches- out of bed ,and) light the lamp, (for lady not tatog sinc'. dcsirrd) ti> he pijt

Cotton P.UF..UL.AL.\. and for sale by amusiemertt" -tittle rum dnlcc-there I i is nothingwithin nut sireet !" the purpose of ascertaining how m.invbreadths ashore at Shurlfe !"-thi. Hpn.l"rs

IJ3 I It on order.Refers Feb 17 H ,F ABELL. I the circle of gymnastics to compare with C/iesnul street ?" I interrogaiively echoed of carpet there were in the room, have snaicheil' at the id >, the sieam-generally

B. F HilL! to -'- --- -'--- -'- -- a H'tm of ten pin" ; but those prefet ring less wiih a look of horror. "Don'l you with a view of assisting her m Some calculations boat men are inclined to uv..rlo..k the
t Woodruff's Aiitihillious Vegetable aclivc amiii.eineiil'sc.in always take Jifnvl. tnertrmatter
iG. D tYLJ.peV' Orleans. Come all. know: Mrs. .1 ones that; my income is exactly which she was making in reference to oforthogr.ipby. and) ht.att.r.lhuuliit ;
Life Pills one-come
J.'? \\V': McKwzis.: 7 sale bv JOHN B. JONES.Arahchicola twelve hundred. a.'car-and: don't you contemplated ;J'l1rch.lshUI as I have a is emitting the matter rather short, Shnrte -

H t'TCIIINMN', S Apalachtcola FOR h S J C ALLEN. Dec. 30, hE-I?. O.tf. knov. that if I took a" house in Chesnut ntruti'na: cMtciion. -founde-J oa rhea- Btcd" msy be reco cJrec! hf !

.'- -







--. _..__._ _. ._. -- .
r=t ; __ __ -- -_- -. -- -. : -' .--: -
--------- -- -P A: -- --- -m. T _---i-. ,- -. -- ._---._.. -.


.- ,. .-'' ',-r'; .-- .- -. -_-_-- __ _._ I
---.41 r----
.. .&.. .. -- ; : --. --;: r. -_ _
.1 ---- ---- --_
p I '1 : : -:: -----I [- _


i (" A \S\( lL' \ z) \. .'I*

r *1. .





_.. __6>_. ...-- .. 1__u .-ftl '. _. ,."-..- _. .. "J- .. _,. .. ._- _. .
-- .
\ ( :11:1'1'11'); ; ; J JOHNS.A : [)From the! Florid Sentinel ] -.. -..-. __.

very numerous and respectable; meeting WJIJClI(; ; ETJ: Y H< J ix ST AI I 1'1! ;USTIXIATATi !: (,MtlilllL: i I" ADVBRTISB8.CirJCOL \ \ I j on political; subjects. This i is the true State f I draft at sixty i I days was drawn r bv I the ship I and, papers belonging II to the .. ..; .

of the Whigs of f St. .1 ulIii' J. i I Rights doctrine, it i is the I per and discounted t for t the :,?,
: County was .- !: COS\;::TlULr ) I : I all Republican I lllell'r by a third sums. fut io be retained !
held) on Saturday evening.: tilt I 1 i March in t., doctrine call I party; I the shipper declaring that it alter '
> I { and we : on I the Southern Journal wasI ceased it) |he observed. /I
\\ i is
at the City Hotel I I 1 iu St. Augustine--- .1! M.HANSON. I. c have: encouraging news from St. f.rA.l_ IIIURSDAY, MARCH. 23, 18.1. drawl against payable! from the I ;an flt;
.1ohll'of t th:; meeiina, 1 he proceedingsofwhie.h h- __. ,- II'I which professes States I Rights i principles i- I of he anr proceeds rlll', and oughi 1 to be cxpun<>.,1| fUll'\te
I K (
4 Ksq.: ecretar\ appear; I in another! ('ollm\, a : [i:;"- Tiie !- : -':\". tg: gentlemen are antborixed lo come I to our aid in trying i to maintain New York on (he Gui of July, all was acceptfJ embarrass ihe; ; rules I h seriPs '*

Augustine ,correspondent! writes us, "it was I lutuls: itt.!I. ( I II >::.kciAt. Ar vnnrisii:, and will this) I In Ihe) conscientious fumbrr rJ;
The I ; of creed
% objects having ti1**!ii st iteii.! and the! important part -on meantime: on I lie SOih of Hie body. There

meeting addresMil IIY Benj.. A I Putnam! hv'had: fir in t llie largest alt most and spitited we have H'I'i,1 I u i .!;j.; subscription or a dvertiscillrjit which subject the great champion of( States unl, commission Ill'rchanl, on whom nators who will divulge"il always| be !? so
; we du farbelter every 'hat
Ksq.: in an eloquent pecrh of IIIOM: f than; an SI'\i years 1-- J. (J.; Calhoun it was; drawn, had: failed and made a general said; ami tlll' ;
Rights The
: hs his opinions tofli. rule
than: wu have: done in (' years, \V.vi.V.. ( !; .-n: -> (la. ; given to b
: ,
I hour's duration the following lesolutious : \1 p 1r1 i. Albiny consignment (for I the benefit of all I his creditors. lishecS b"
or enforced.
pos.-ibly ; I iit AI Major JACK; I HAKOUAN.l J'Juf.iiila. Ala. in I the of the Sen
may carry lie Co U any : shape;: a Report to m The
l I shipper also failed aboutthe
were patse(1 unanimously: : ) at or Tlw
JAS.1 .1. OM. of
:, 'c, 1'a. copy ihe amended .
rale, Whigs to
Resolved, That) existing) circumstances IIi .ou pul( stopper% on :1 TalaI1s ate. same time. Ihe treaty, pubr .
at lea-.t filty out thai locofoco ell. Uerald: and'Sun, is
render it necessary, I in I the opinion I of this I III ninety-seven FOISZACHAUY) I If we mistake not, in John Tyler's administration The cotton arrived on the !)th of July have the of CorrtCt. ,
majority: r tiy i it.I \Ve. do not I think i nESIE ', ant authority a Senator fu
meeting, that the Whig ill I'I.ji tw was 1.11'n possession: of by the :assignee.i r "<
paiiy statement.2
with tin i : tha State a Circular was sent to I the Government h
should, at as'early a 1)1 i.d us practicable! ; : (unH'lliul: I 'fJ\):.LO I It ; I bill equity was fled!, praying "that the A molinna' in

hold State Convention at some i convenient is ai all necessary. Uistrict "county 11'I'I. I officers, commanding; them to abstain I proceeds of the cotton might lie applied' tothe day, to remove mate. secret session r

\ place in the Slate: for the purpose of making ings.can I Let((I'uIIJli-. !! all that any Whig desires. 1 ( ;'I< 1"1'1':!; ,,\\1. I-NT; '! )i'i-'ici-is: : .'..' -.1'Il"I'I"I': ; < ; I I from meddling! in elections. If so, weshould I i payment of l the draft. The bill was de- ceedings of ihe body injunciion, and the pabIcatoJl Iron I

suitable; arrangements for th I r rominelection i ; ; C'lr'lIil. as was recommended 1: :IM'ATIJiF.KOTIONS.! : i like to be informed whether such I I| Ilrcc to, I but, lie Stipicme Court sitting : ihe treaty and the documents ,
in the Fall of i by (tIl Taylor meeting I ; at Tallahassee. incicaso; of the of ;! in equity, and
l Stalo Officers, and select Tlc patronage tlc: ( has been I it has gave judgment against the demurrer made of the torre
i reports
candidate. for Presidential! proceedings,
ill own 11011111111
: !
rClo\CIJ I
; were
President and: Vice Pi '>idenl of the [United 1 President, nnd his consequent accumulation : holding that t when i the assignment L tinned I as me G
Kleeior.I ) :ami, I ttvo 1 Delegates to the Whig: not t, I then we present I to the departments arguments: 1 favor of the !
'States and that :ltn't'lIi I I he proper was made I the : had properly
; I i : Uelegan-s of influence State I assignor ; no in I sure. A long
National i elections has ?
'"PI0''ute.t from I Ih'. (C-ity'lIf St. Au !ustine I to'attend Convention. In the :absence: "I over for action t i in the premises, the facts : the cotton, the draf lot bring then accepted ,, taken place on ane earnest discussion I ha'!
l .
; evidence to the we take it r Ion;: been :a t source of jealous observation ) subject.
that '
such convention, who are hereby coutiary) herein contained. \\ e shall see what the ali aferwanl. when u ihe cotton ar- I 1 I Mr. Benton WI, |
planted! thai it i is I the desire of the r ul the move in the Senate
urI to conservative in theCnllI'Ilc rived he
iiutoriz'iJ to I eithei i in ot byproxy. Iwh'I'IS.1 regret parly ( only as for the
appear prison uivernment has to say. If I the officers tr"ree appropriation for full mission .I
t Whigs, (hit I Hon.; ij:. C. C.\rII.I.: should I holder of the o"f : to Rome
again offi-r! as a candidate for I 1 I Whigs. 10 diminish suchpatronage )2 aforesaid: )have acted! by I their whywe j draft. course his assignee i I|. The rumor that Gen Scott h.nput' .
Representa look
t It. .\. Putnam Roque! I!!ou.ud. and) .las. cOllnanc I it subject to the same trust. ihe
: ( circumscribe such influence jder arrest Court of !
II I tive: iu COI ress. As for O \erHiH. we conceive I, do them a service in shewing how faithfully I I Inquiry, Ii ,
u fliert, reig
were delegates.Jfctolccd
appointed ; : i I iheie possibly be no tliflc( ii liv. has been, ;and still is, i loading \\hi.g mea: I ------ I I forced by (ulher letters from Vera CYuip
) That; a ('orve We I 1 l for nomination 1 aAn.\TEr E:5.: j I. believe 1!
a the fl
JI\ UIpirllt aldIIH'III4"liol I successful of
iiuftee accomplishment if
of be : surf have I '
t seven appointed to communicate is ic/ll than t inteifcred with t the rights of the One of the most remarkable; features of has! one good ground of objection
i nut, ruthci ; to
with a State; Central;. Committee, and"Comity I \11 which is desired by every I true and: the
who .hall be Hon. S \MUKI.' : W.CAKMUK \VIig People, contrary to the instructions of the the present age, is the rapid increase and I Ifato1: : that Gen. Towsoa Ii a .
Coriiiittccs: ol ih!' oher: Counties also IJ CIY
of the State DCMIO- officer. He
: might
I mention
: :in the State. i and ( In. '100. BKOVVN, arc I the .) 11 I'j Government, I then we do the country service f-xtension (throughout i the world. of societies I l before a Court Martial. The that' ohJfctiol(

.' 1). II. Dunham, : I p.:. ( )Ibvei.is.B.! :. ,\. I'.K-: only: IWI we! he.ir tdlt.. about as al all 1 crats.Among i i in making it L iivut. of mutual benefit and relief. The order of I the power io strike Gen.; Scott's ,,, t b

,., imn: I Ignatius: i I Loper, .1 lo<. 'J L 1 I l.-roandt-/,, likely: lo <- a ,
tnostwilling t Ia'\ons.
*Ora Howard and, .las. I II.: to as much as possible the
!lalrSIIfI if I will do
a'nil elected Piesident i.. if
to avoid it, yet, we : willtake i will carry out embraces within its circle of influence probably} rumor shooM!

-appointed the committee.Rcsulrcd. i the I field, if design.iled.! 11:11eitHr TheVe -t i iscleaiK evils "hicl have been found to have arisen Whig! Principles-but of one I thing we fecI'assured than a mil/i,1 families. There also lore the prove tre. The anxiety for thee ; !
TIa.III n < are th Ten faiia O
ifully 1
jie i.-e.im-
from the abu.se of the Reginent shows
enlitled! to speak fr: >t in this matter: I patrol.eslld i in arid that is Bl peace ,, 1
(hat he will adhere Orders of
Irteinl to I the Whiz*, ;It l other precincts j I,ii to I the Foresters and Druids, whichare not coo .. *
and there rxr.nnt( be a doubt Lit her'OC": I the PiT.sidcnt. i is the limitation of the eligibility H Ilw'hi i"erec as certain result ol
St. .1 ii1in ( ::1111111\'. ;i''l l nf' the other counties ; doctrine in relation to the Government r very extensive in Then Treaty projet. tie.
will meet with r.nd. .ii Europe. cemethe 10'
clrdi.'pOI..t' of j I .
in the State, lo hold meetings and : a citizen to the office of President I- officers. -
and those
appoint who have been I J I
i fiom pf the State. rapidly associations: of the I Sons I
delegates! E to :a Slate; Convention, and I, \ every S'ctlll& I ; to a let iii of four I is ri hllyS'JppOSI'o I I growing I ,I PI"ULC( \IEETIN; { _
When'. i then, the necessity of a State (Convention I : years. 1 found) offending: by mingling) and( mixing in I of Temperance ;alI! Rechabites.; Free
10 lake such other steps as may be expedient that t the relo\'al I of I tin: mostpovvciful ( !I JI-I At a meeting of (he friends of Ihsu

and requisite I for; I iht ensuing Heiiion.Rcsnlccd 1 District meetings: I willc far mine incentive political i cabals, will get their walking ticket II IIi sonry also is gathering up her ancient energies i (.,\ -, held!,! at the Apalachicob; .
I to embody the (' tit Whig! : to an improper) exercise Exchanj.on
J.cly from him. '
Thai: i it i is necessary lh.it ihe i They may Liy that and re-establishing herself in
I all her
masses: -:and wheie there are no intriguantsand I of flattering Thursday} evening, 13th Mr. *
; -the of election ; Cn
Whig 'parly in Florida' should' I be. leprc-eoled II pationage desire a re -J tnnction to their soul." primitive in.t !

iu the National I Whig i: Convention: : to assemble t i no aspirants$ for the honors of a nomination i- will cause a corresponding diminution of --------_ strength and beauty. !, ROOKBS: .: was called to the Chan; ;ar.'l \, ,

i in I Philadelphia iu! June next ; and i j I then. ;We i rs no ground for division anddisscntion. : the evil. ci': A gross and unjust attack on the All of the above named societies ili\'C in E HO.NK l appointed; ; Secretary. The (CIIrrJ: ;

that if no State Convention( shall, he held I, ( can hardly conceive how: merchants of [ some degree. adopted the system of guarantees : havirjg: explained the of the
: that; the several ( : State! (JI'Cllirl C:11 I he ass'IIJlet, so aslo i Tit( Whig i; )parly of the United! Stales t this city appeared) ; lately in (the j : object I Iffllr
Corresponding Committees i or lenffts, arid !
: I I a : in all sections of I h have also avowed their Albany under ieiisalur.trv influence the fflu\ preamble; and, resolutiontfltojfered
i for the counties of l-a..1 l aliI! South Fltll,,1.1 fairy leprcscnt patly as policy, that nointeileience Couier. an assumed signature. I- is felt ;

shall appoint some suitable! person ;1" a delegate : thiwidely extended' and sparsely; Iopul.ller! (I I j i of (jovcrnmenl officers, i:State l \Ve feel 1 called on to expose the glaring I- through the entire fable of. society. which ou motion, were uuIIittto.adopteil. : .
State and. the fact that such .
; ; to said; I Nal'.rjnal COm'1I1( illll.; ; no COIVII-I: elections: will be permitted, :md that falsity of Ihe\ therein alleged, and I I I I) .
RcsotcK/t That, having; full confidence: : inihe i its I: i impracticability.A ; evtr been .;assembled, goes to prove "lel conduct will be visited IJ the Whigs al;), shall: content ourselves with so doing. The j! Aspiring to the same Ideals of Unity I Where?, the period i i.a(3roat; ( liiciwh-1!1 .

ability ami sound Wing principit s of I ) Harmony and Fratcu zuity, which I the. Ci I the people of the United
i "
e (
) i
.John Slate Convention; ,'oiposcllof an I qua: 11'1 in I power, with appropriate punishment reputation) of the merchants) :: of Apalachicola; :; ; SIIhS.1 ilC:\
Mclntosh I
: of Duval] County.v.rdo ties wish to realize in the led 1 upon t ; tn select ; hr the Prtst-
relations 1'HllilJII'
i lulld'r of delegates appointed at ci u e'uilmass removal) from needs vindication private
office.It no from the
< recommend him to tin; suppoit 1 I tit f the assaults: ofi I dritliiil i cI\aos: of 115 1 and whereas
of their (lie
Whigs, for one of she electors: of I Pi evident i: m l meetings or conventions, might, perhaps I I is because of their adoption and( ;advocacy anonymous. ( blunderers. I I members, the ASSOCIATIOM.ST: j people iu other parts of the ( :: : -

and \ II'S. of
stidi! the .,
of Florida : conservative and republicanpiincijilcs ; I alleged by writer in question that I : 1t'li lr i the
but this woulrejtiire I
pinion ; :
Retired( the plan and establish
That universal
f letter of the Hon. I K. hnrmcny.% We are I purpose of cOllf"ririh/ e.irh i.rhrr. act
C. C.ibell ii li.le flflI be cumbrous. Under; the : id I I government, by i the Whigs u of: he was charged 3 cer.ts per pound for New I
lo their
entirely sitisfacloiy in relation; not of those who are e\pre' and rwpecting ,
tn his vote for Speaker i of the piesent other plan; it is evident, that Madison county the (Union, that they have justly earned for( Orleans sugar, and $1 11 for a half barrel what is constantly railing at I t the sever.tl .einiaext ptfr.li"CHIZb :whose _

I [House .Representatives, and thai we will I h alone wilh I't more delegates; in the themselves the title of CONSKUVATIVKS: : \\"cster beef. lie then gees on to con LI we have nevertheless a religious I. [ names are before the people in ronu ctioa '

I; give him our support in the coming: ) election !I next i West democratic and! South! convention and, probably, than) tli all(' Ka.si.It I hI and have merited and received from ah)u independent I I paie, the above charges with the N. O. faith in human progress. I is evident i- with the Chief *Magistracy of ih" Union:- ''.'
for Representative in Conzrcs. ( that these societies 1 Be h therefore : '
and r''f\elr.II : in : .firctn ,.
I is true we sh.11 be told that she will havelrs men the just j and glorious tribute I wholesale prices current, and! winds up by a I mo\'pnwnt I :1
Major Putnam then 1I11"'lellhc I following( are both the signs and means of such i.f t a candidate for I thai lth and r,-r';: >n-ii, ,.'
1 rflr, hiI I Ihcl, Oi I ihe other hand; she L: of )piaise for their faithful adherence sweeping denunciation of the whole of! progress. I '
resolutions which the body
were unmnnuu: I..ly approved ) to Their sl Ialill, iC :should! ''J!' tbe.uirn, il/j ,urine j '.
I have ?
I tlie influence existence
I of itinnlicrs in that
: wil : i ddlalt, spirit of the Constitution. I is therefore that commission merchants! of Apnlachicola, accusing 1 very proves ; every true hearted American. (o prs*'ur '
i n electi'ineciing, i\c.; thu"e numbets I there is a latent conviction in the "
heart of man"who
Resolreif! That as war; under any circumstances will act on alt io and h: t the gallant Taylor! in the calm reflections of t them of extortion, and with exacting; I! : will unite the ureal; body ol'huizs tb
is a great national edllllilil a1'1) few'II person by man that society not what the wants; of I \\ in everv. s.ection of the
Ii 100( cHuJry
that: notoiious! li-isme-removcd: from all the excitementsof ) per cent profit on dlUwll
i invention. > are said I tu groceries.
should be avoided, whenever it can be, Jl/ ; the race demand it lo be that it I i i.s, worthy the confidence and supjiunof ;
represent' I the extremes of t There conflicts If the writer the ; responds
IaIC. unbiased in Courier, who signs
by ;
with : partisan all .
national t
consistently : ; honor and security 1- ant to but a small I t true (patriots.Rcsolrfd. ,
is i of
portion the
; that we cannot regard! the present war evidently no fairness I in t the constitution I feeling, has widely determined t that hchiltdf himself I5iker, happens to be charged too j : needs of a j : The .ue Whi s of Fr.tnk-

with Mexico as the result of necesMty, but u, any it Sill will be deliberative found, after Iwt\)( :nd we I believe s who has ever been a faithful politicalfolUnvcr I /uch f for an ;ride by one merchant, we !; human b'ing. As it affords no guarantee j lin, regnrd' Ilenrif ( '/-;?/, as the:mnit, ihu-

honestly believe t tint difficulties some more experiment. against mi>forlnne, nor security I and! ale! Champion: ol the
our with
l .*, to result in greater, harm than) : tif t Thomas I .lcl':5on, finds in t the 1 are at a loss to inngine by what sort of! against penury ui.lltr ; ,:rPt
that: Repulie might have; been adjusted honorably u men rush to the embrace of I [riTicijles and measures, (for the "'!'C Hi:
l benefit I to political and i ; \\Vhii' ) the true of the ethics he justifies an attack whole i' guarantee -
any paity party exponents principles on a
to both nations he hziveso and
without a collision; of t'a societies, where all their I which, ( Whigs long untuin -
wisdom general disgust! among llie, people.) If of! the Apostle of '' community: because i lie reof. A little i invcstigalion :' wants are, i insome I I .
arms, if ( and sound) di-cretiun had : Republicanism.; u I Iy strngcled, and we believe bun. .bow 'y
party 5s so harra: by rival ;a"pirini.s: ; tob measure, for. ; Y,
been consulted, and t thus, millions of money t.t as I The assumed fame of I Democrat: ----llieMalsc 1 milit i; serve to i inform the writer provided ail other! tnen. most lit and( able to ieli asi I

-- and thousands) of valuable! lives, v.-uuld] e unable a report to l to get such alll an:: :aibitiament harmoniously: ; !M> without constituted : and !hollow!!' profession of devotion i to ihe t that the N. (). wholesale; price is not a proper I!I Now it cannot be otherwise than that all;!h I battle! and to victory in the appmclll; ; ,

have been saved.Rcsolced social institutions will comesf.RtMlvd.
J be modified
: it is in a very unfuitunatc : Constitution' i and i the clamor! h for "strictcunstrut 1 standard: by wilcl to judge j of t the ; by tin; .
That thouuh! : vc: cannot admitthe ) crr- propritty ; i influence of these associations.: J : Tint we should! hull; i IK 11""

necessity of the with Mexico tion. I io!,t has not deceived, the bhrevvdand t! h of a retailer's; : charges, even in XcwOrleans. :I Soeiety i toil of Clay lo- the Pres.ici.-y.! ..> ,
present war i I Imore
will where ll.lr1
So I long a- it is I practicable: : ; I (and we 1lic"f every : feel their drink ;
; power Ill
; old soldier! who I t wuold '
yet we can and] will do justice j i lu our 1iclil. has hitheiioMod I ;' in IS:1 rmi.'vfor '
l it : : so,) let us, ;as Whi s.do m of their and) ;
may spirit .
I itself '
always :
J. to
gallant army that has: bee:: engaged in it, ;all! such bilsiiMss;.) in I :. aloof, a u cain; \et obscrvart spectator: 1 is \,1 known that Western groceries apply more j the past; and !security for l! : ./ *irr .

whose con Incl IMS beenab-jve! all! praise i ;and! piimnry: II"il..S /(11 of the] conflicts which ale sold: in this I of their principles. I is for this reaon [ aUl as affording1 evitent! of th- |1'1"IL' ** ,
t the :people) \\ !II c each; member! voteI : I p: rty passed: before city generally} ; % at the small i '. .
lo which alone our'al'lnr: ::&1 111.lIt1arc, due" ; I : may advance chieilv that we approve 5.) strongly! of these I u'I popular intelligence. and the gl ic.ir ju.) >Ii; .c' ,.
I directly: ) the question, and' no H'CliIUIiI him. ; 110 I per cent, on cost {
that we take pleasure; in upon all charges: I of huii; >;>n liberty. ,
; expressing our unqualified ; Their
admiration l..c unsurpassed: heroism j.. iequired to undertake lam); e exjiense usireasonable Tie course: pursued in relation (o : and many staple articles! such as \Iii >:,e\,1 j asocialior; influence all tends to i Revived! Tha r. in the Crir. c-., ie* ,'

unexampled: dating i and ext riuri it 14- : its: lair; distance alt loss: of I lime. I lo get elections! :, by (hose who hold) cd cc fr'iJIl Ilidc// l flour, sugar, sal and! molasses, arc sometimes j great and glorious (i'nd-f/e/ complete regeneration I t. e are neither a.hlme,1 l nor ;m.i.-l I I in? staruj.oii J'

achievements: jf its offne.is J slan' of ii.lltirnce in the yeneialcouncils. sold (J f ry menwho
an; t al much lower
lie j jWe
I administration rate
: : authorises :
c need never >neh sacrifice ; !present I us I do that !.
have encircled the American: with l'1pee of assoriationits we i': rests upon the[ ,iirm; i'lHti'i "'
halo of glory, and! won fur themselves arms a and' the I'sul, if un! !Jertakfn, will I to presume I that interference h his subordinates have taken some pains to ascertain :i ot'le1IeranCI rcch.hitc : of i truth I all! consiitntes the os.lv: >.;*:i I.' .
an ) species belong all
b.?, as it always been, a ,:.IIrill" (Ii t I ihecititre. t the cost of in New Orleans.and : al to the. same I )! -
imperishable Lime l ; they have extolled t the 2 : :, in assemblies. of the people'! called sugar thc j, ;II Reptibficaii: Government and.H'.i -
of :
i i : extremes, -X'I'PI ) army reconstructors, who (to .
respect and excited the wonder of Kuropc; ; t they enter to deliberate I : on the choice of 1 I expense of laying down in a store Irere, and aspire j nuf siicceeJ upou! al. n e at I feat h '*fc.Tii.sofatitJD : ','
the of their into -i mutual;; ; league; of offeree: an! 1 de- representa- I Unity. and are laboring tu re1 1 build! I to I.COT that we dosesvt-i! :t..
they are subjects countiv's JlriJantI )e fence, wiIIJC'oicck.! t'vis, is \tint liLt\)' pamiUlL but pei haps (:;t- we find that I the rate charged for the article i ial lie'p .
l .
bernacles of hut Cr: ;
graiitude. and their deeds .md I merits inanity. These :all !,
'Ji'lcd by the: President. length to retail is about( 20 per cent profit on cost !j lUl a, .A.cd. !1 .' '
I 'fr 1 That'E regard :: :
H finding a grateful response iu the iieaits of forward with hope to the Great Future, at ntl! !
their Mich isVairifd the and charges. save tl ;u which i is cbtit'rrred' !by I iiiie: n;'
countrymen, will constitute th.- pioud-1 let [Fwl tie! fi'iiney' Till .] wlJll intermeddling :: acting in concert with Church wail'' .
and most 'brilliant page of our lii>toiy.Resolved TIl: rnosi'BCTs: UK APALACIJICOLA.Th "1.1 arid avowed positions assumed l by Federal !1.01)).') l Ibs. sugar cost in X. O. at 5], 57 50 I patiently I the full I I 11u and ; :. the nfffpriit':: nl ntipiificipli! ;! i'tike jet-> -:
political; social and !, _
redemption ers 'mo
That nes.Iit
it is the duty of Congress I ofliec-holders i in CAUCUSKS and Co Freight exchange, insurance, drayage :
j Apalachicola; Advertiser i is j a : *:\- &c. of the whole When > ',[1d. Thai while '"': \
and j justice: and patriotism: 1 dematid: ; appre S 00 race. sneiety r > 11tu:: ;.I'i"t.
hensive \'I;\ \.;, leaves but little doubt I
i dial i the 'W that
construction of the I /they: o Statesman Pa.l.ri.hl.h
this of them, to make: some provision forthu | roposed i, shall appropriate (to itself and adopt these i I rator. ant t .: :
support and maintenance of tin I destitute: Rail I Ihi iuJ; from Macon to Pensacola or are not only assured) of the absence of all SG5 50 j I Imalilg various I is coextensive with all Civihy.nlmerit : ..HtR,
systems of ; and! make! I .
Anilreus! ; ,
families: of those heroic spirits who have devoted would: draw frol that city a risk of <> ]lIr but from the extraordinaryexertions ; C-i cents per 1 Ib. may easily be | guarantees is emphatically I our tiis' tnet 1 )lrt '
.large; portion of its legitimate I ample provision for the I
equal of
their lives' their : business, happiness) President as WP believe he 1.' of ,I 1r.;
to : in tllf ,
country : battles ) displayed) by them I in the t I seen that the who retails barrel
in Mexico, and we earnestly( recommend! and "inflict a seriojis blow on her en Iii- and getting; Scents grocer a at I all, Odd Fellowship. :Masonry, :1r all otherlimited : I u majority of the \\ hi;s ut l the L.; ": i:
of does
: up management such not make a exhorbltant '
III'ne. 10\'CICnlS! very i "hife! will-! use all ;';.h'" :I-JIMUS
to our Senators; and I Representative; in ( ingress I a ocalion(:! :, having accomplished I \1 h\tO
to use their be>t efforts to procuicihe Now we do not see that this) rf'sul would t that they know. that in so doing t they are profit-certainly not 100 per cent., as stated j jby their mission will be needed no But I secure his nninuual ion ;and elect.uu. \H'lt ".

passage' of an act fur this! purpose. necessarily: follow I I the completion of I this securing fill themselves t the approval of their the writer in the .Courier." As our before that more. I pledge oiTrsrlvrs i to abide lie! iliixun: of : ;

14) id. This new enterprise, if prosecuted I ) I day comes, they have an immense I Whig National I ('onventinn. ai.ti we ,!>kJffriemUof
Rcsolccd That the and citizens
: on subject of the institution superiors- that indeed i in such services:: pay the same price charged to t the
of .slavery at the South, we should] lo completion)) it I iLes us, would be to work to perform, and we who are I !. all other aspirar.ts to nifet u* '0 i,
consist.their sole tenure of office. Albany purchaser, it is be .
create huMncss not to
tt mm rather than to dinlt! presumedthat ] connected with tion, comrromst'
*peak: and( act like men ;and not merely' with them have severe trials to silibrspirilifconcls ant
;I'SIlhlislHc) i trade fiom I its accustomed Tie spectacle exhibited to i the with the they of sending That \ U
4 view political( eject: ; that we hold i this : lately facility possess encounter, and many fierce battles; to fig hl. j Iufllul. we will meet <"''II .
clIIJls. The road( become a People (of Florida of such to New Orleans her of the Siaif. i it C
institution sacred and inviolable, a right I incorporated wonlc gr.1Ihoroni'a. conduct on i ihn for supplies, that they Bullet he frirlls tt parts > -

: into and secured by our common ".;.;.......I'.MI.,liet. ;,.\.'ieui ti.- \t lie I.north. i.--. i and. the I I par: of tlC (;lovernment officials, is strikingin ; would submit to an unreasonable charge.: tare is divine_.us, not, and discola*.ed. Our w ar- I H'ori''n. t(be held ;>t such iii:e ".':|l !",*.
Constitution, and in relation to whitliwe "I .. .I.Illlllla wouiillose __ the o our victor cerain.; True, I I ;as may: be drsi! <:n itef: to choose l Jeir-
I i \ have
highest degree. The c inquired and found
will suffer no
any I'focisos ; that we hold! in utter contempt ; contrary' it would afford( 11'1 additional I I contained!; lately the accounts of t three Oi leans mess beef retails here at Sl'J per bbl. But let us fear not. The day! of j h held at Philade! !fjih'sa) on the ?ti! J > it'JIi.:|

as tvell the mouthing demogogue, facilities: : fj. communication with the interior I Democratic: meetings, held, one at Pensa No half bbls. of beef are sold as high as toil !i titxt..
;i ; will
with the northern and endj, the storm and cloud will rollaway
the maniac abolitionists ; I that; I in our opin. more western cola; another :at Marianna, ;all the other at $11, save prime New York family; beef, I On motion, tIle proceedings of the aie
I It will: clear
Cii and)
j&5. -
be ihe the I
undoubtedly t : I serene stars will
ion, it is an unrjiieslinnaldc) right in any ami I I of an I immense! I between i the seaboard chanllr Apalachicola.; : The meeting at Pensacola which costs S!! laid down in Apalachicola weavetheir j ing were ordered lo be published. I
very Stale now in this Union, or which I I everlasting circles on high, and a
may hereafter come into i the Union, t toadopi I I and upper) ) regions of (Jeorgia; $ Alabama, I was: J1'iccd
and maintain the institution I of slavery within 'I'III's.ec and l other western states.; 1 Hut :and another was present and tuok part o: ;::: Capt. CUI'OI'I, of the Br. ship will sweetness, C1.S.! lOGE' ..ta-:
speak lo
her limit(*. and t that: tr> other! can rightfully 'j in this operation, nothing will be taken from I in I its deliberations. How[ many more of- Ganges, has furnished us with the following "Ye us fro'die Eternal Throne, \ IIo>K:, Secretary.
Apal.ichic.ula, which she weary, battle-soiled
or constitutionally control her will onhat I I ever or can I ficials" were aiding in the mecting-we know l table of wrecks of British vessels within toil-wor sons of
by any possibility attain I the aid earth ascend!
except by ( lo your the1uinecrowned LIFE'S
/ subject. of such I Railroad.i not. At t the in Marianna 1 t the dales below, showing a grand total in I repose among PfLl-LL\I
: Government
a l On the meeting ; a ] At -
fl '
Apa swing .
) hosts every pendulum spies
The followiug resolution*, i introduced! ) by I p! contraiy I above. -[Gazette of ;
jMr. D. It. Dunham was alsr, adopted :* lachicola .111) seine upon : share) of tlead.1Ia officer was present, addressed the 15 years of 5,0:24 vessels. The average the U niol. g\ into ett rrJlITh measure of flt.'

lUsoltcd, That this meeting has not been \ the whole country must 1 meeting 1 ;; and was a prominent and conspicuous .1 number for the first seven years is 438, or ht h lile i is a hair-breadth ; it is a tale tbat'i .
reap l from it. J5uf we agree with the Advertiser told its is like the swift shuufe"
Able to discover of IHIM i manifestations actor: I therein. The one vessel and a tenth ; rapidity
any ; many;$ meeting in this precisely daily.Capt. [Correspondence the 1'altiniore Pun.
in saying that I ] the n* .,
Apalachicola; must transitory rainbow, or the dazzling
oa (he of friendly of fehin&(he President towards of Mexico the- look about 1I and avail herself III al I the City was more fully I attended by (Government j C. has kept a regular memorandum WASHINGTON: March 14, 18.18.JI t teor : it is a bubble ; it is a breath.every t I';.

United Stales part claimed. f for 'him by his adherents ;, natural: ; advantages; by which sur officers. Every one, we believe, in f for a number of years, whereby he is enabled Seder as Minister to Jl.ir-lis Immediate. swing of the pendulum a spirit gOIi

in this city in the manner: in fUldl"'! In 1 t ibis I age of general i illfve- the City, were present, took prominent parts: lo give the names of all the vessels Departure-' Pibil- i into eternity. Between the rising anJ''j|
"el', nothing, is allowed to stand) ed is Genuine-Debate in the! setting 42,000 souls summoned "
wrecked sun are
which he has prosecuted" his nnjnilsfi'iblt! slil. I. resolutions-acted on commit together with their tonnage lie ,
and clearing; *>ul of the Flint river, instead! of I Rumored Arrest( of the Court of Inquiry by l fore their Creator. True as well as betiful .
unnecessary war" into the vitals ofthat I tees, and some of them were nominated also stales (hat the mercantile of Great
talked about as navy Gen.
feeble being should long ago have Stol ffc.To t are those lines of )1 rs. Ilemans-

Sister Republic., impoverished" and distracted I 1111 COpldCII delegates to the Democratic. State Convention I I Britain, up to March, 18-t consisted of Mr. Sevier, great.credit is due for the Leaves haIhf'ir time to fall, :

It wag thenReQlled THe proposed Railroad: would, we sup t at Madison. The object of this and j!: ;30,000 ships, comprising;3,000,000 tons : perseverance and ability with which he has And lowers( to wither at the Xoitb v:'

pose Cal ry t I CArs .
Thai the Ocala 1rti. Florida I i meetings, was to send delegates : WfECKS. :0 WRECKS.isaii ', And tars to set : but all-
of I cotton I which finds its i is the best man who could '
Sentinel and Savannah Republican be, lie now way to: 'to such Convention, where can id ltes for .401 isio..K, i I have been selected Thon hast all seasons for thine own, 0 PC'
Apal.ichicol.i. This would be a direct loss 13: J.(;ilt 1S11 t: t to carry' it through in Mexico. His

nnd they are hereby requested to publish) io Apalachicola, were it not Governor, Representative to Congress, Presidential lsJt: JSfJ I ) correct manner and ; r"f
compensated great tact will enablehim While som-ie-r-sol\ in the empl
the proceedings of this meeting ; and that: I 1SJ5; .2.5:5: LSI3. i
the Committee of Correspondence do furnish for by the creation of new business, new interests Electors are to be selected, and ]S;%(i.; .. '... .31i.( IS 1 1.:.!1 h to remove I ihe objections I that may: he !Bates; of Guernsey in Ohio were ent ,, ,

copies to each of said and lo I and ue.iv facilities, around u that city, delegates: to the Baltimore Convention appointed. 1 -;J.:J.; IS 13.:3J I urged by the British agents and' by the i in quarrying stone for the repair of the **" '

ucb persons io the other counties papers as they r which. we think WIUJ re HI from the proposed I 1 :; ..323:ail: 184(;. ; Mexican; rulers, In the amendments of the I tioinl l road," the I hill west of CambriJ,*
: ] take the treaty adopted by this '
deem Itouj government. they found, in a petrified state, what 1
/nay proper.Jon M. IIAXSOX Chairman upper route, cross I lie river as high $up as Now we do not object to any Government I TtJal..5G21 \'esH.ls-tIJ:9J! ) tons. This appointment is calculated greatly to supposed to have been the body of :au Io*''

JAS. It. SANCHEZ, Secretary. Fori ( ;ail S or at Kufaula, as some suggest officer freely expressing his opinions on political RIGHTS i increase the chances of the conclusion of a child, hich.. perhaps, centuries aS o.1

"ilh i ihe terminus at Pensacola, we ) subjects, and voting for whom .he OP ASSIGNKKS.: : decision of I peace, by the ready exchange of ratifications. deposited in that spot. This extraordiBJl(> I 11

officer was only receive a decided, benefit from they ought r ers, is in h his mission, with \1 r. Wulsh his (
twenty-seven years I i very great : be reported the New York Journal of Secretary j bedded in a mass of solid rock and has
aid at he lime of his death. it. Connected with the road by her fine permitted to interfere in any way! Commerce : I ol f [4egatiil. Mr. Ilaiuiegan; lakes his place 'I appearance of a ston image, soml'bat 'tl'*.,

river, she would be placed in immedialccOllexion ; to shape and influence public opinion) either On the -_ :at the head of thp Committee of ForeiguA I I perfect in its outward form, yet I hari nor Iii"

F -wenvy the merit of others, ;that: have; with) tile great channelj of I IrudrnuJ by and in 2lh! of June, 181C, cotton was flairs.Il: T.
getting up taking part caucusesor shipped from Savannah general outljnes of the human shape. .'
r oj' their own, travel. to New York, t for is a whether the a"
rJ1 question <
of 4L
conventions, or by haranguing the people sale ou commission. On the injunction material of which it is composed app f" -'
S4 same day a :secrecy upon Senators, as lo proceedings i be a species limcstooe. In the $3lD ca IiV1II


1 J .


J 1

I .

N .


-', --_j_ --_ I, -- .---- ,,-. :-. ,' .. i -" .__- -

--- --. a..vn .,...
7 ,t +
?r. x : 1 ,
a. ..
n 4 ,



'".a+sr.. .
+ .r..a-wssrsa r..ca am+.n..w+cx.+*=ta.t vs n.+nw.lurlirT +u_w t

asu 1i und a feiiiall row of vh.U :>p"Vriu al first mistake/ fur an old salt, the ted.Mibt- t j Jerre; make the cc.s speak," no other;t : '>:ro t Tin: iXTiiitiou.Per 1'IwI.I: .1Lr fr,1Cl: .rr rllzT. t Z.irt

1 race bccu Indian ireada, Inattcd lu1 able Mustang, and the special Jntba s.tdor than a Spanish: beauty can use a !fan. This "|, rsteat'i T M.-i;noha 211 h lies rot ton t.ms: tI i'ir r 1ft tool.r .
1 of Dem \tcltnl.s'1'f"h, :." i iiiN. is in t them tlic idioma dc amoi"- -the | -J ( 'heever; I'll to Lix.i.hart A: Wu.-.j: ,,; I'* J"-I.lI Ip. I s'ra rtur t.ut tlnhrr ltp I'1:

'thtr' 1 > A < '. ARTICLE-*. c. rt A, IilrkttN.l
Lingua" ol hive. |V : Ir r. GJttrry
: Assisted the t _
---- by i it
ev isj
WITH MEXICO.Tl.e ( : n-, r-lClil may the older for I'rttr.rnu'r M A Moore-;:;( ba-! ? 'ton i u.l .iliCilN-Ll, lirnnrrltit'd i> .t In e ii s-o-f i' J.t-r CJT.J.. rnjjjcil. will lJ1N
Til! ; IIKATV: eloquence itself: amt the hand of 3 rt I t'r .
follow- ihr ;:crest( of ihis iliu>tiiou> man have excited in ; a co- j X MeK.V} ,>: 217 ID XVylie A; Melv-n n1US -- yd l'> a 17ItALU l.siatct! : ;, to

New York Herald gives the ( goat, like .1 gun in the hands of a e-iteless J t+, I Lrxtitnit, vouu..;; 23 to A Doii;:; IU to l.u n _M.r.-h' ; xi>nK.; STONE
the of md
as-tom-limem all
abstract of lie !>roviHo ol the Treaty Mexico, : |; bnv. is :.1 must t dangerous weapon.; T t
'" ,! In especially of thtise whet have fought ami'! P+T ote.ini-T 1'rtbal-3U bales A XMiKay | .
anti eott.ni to
; tin laun '
approve! re
atttcltdrd.! in the Hate ? ; spoken m pcrfeeiion. xisjt the I rir
a btnduJ: tiiumph.inilv conducted, under !his X (Co; O'S-i to IVickhart A.unr.u; 4"> t<> ,. "I...lt- a 10 ant tast iuitnij; new Lath

that hOJ command The diff'Ciiltics eiRoniitcied by thcan r went:, which, by tin: way, is the XV'vhe'vV MeK'Mizif; i1! tuJ Day.v f It. ;j ;o Tuttl. ; I 1JCATXivy, cwi 4 auu .. *- xlON.Mi.'cbfil.. nta,tit. t>avim;

ucle first appointed tenon Cuevas, }jjteltit'st ihe iie ::i the world!, lieu1, hc- .- .v: \V.ktildIvr ?tbr nl.l'r, I'Jrt It lrr rJrr, rn; aPlt,
( from Veia Cmto 11c icu md i
and AtiisiiJ" commisMoncrs on the en. Scott \ ; ; twven the arts, poilting is i he.ird hut rite I L stumer f'o:rt n-101 b.tir.* c-ollnn to I U 13 > II' Sa Si'll will meet -.vitii tir.n.fUiatt: d.Jndt:h. IVr ftft ll'p

Cootn fofll'C Mexican; government to adjust the unpaiallcled skill and lieioi-m displayed clicking of fans, while cioss-fiu-s of light- 111'? +;! vV Co; 1 15 t.r guns \. Ch. ev.-r; C7 to J I 1M>' lfivans,. .... ... .. iIr > 12a ; Cr i+a trr, ;ti ilY t ,

T tteatv of a betlYfetltermsct in! the various+ achievements: again t greatly I IuinCClances >.- (.'.>; :;- (I" N'/iir--. st..nCo; i:i; t.. .\ N'c! .ii i JlJrrh : ,i; WOOD L C .
pierce -
Idling thrauh auJ I
{ numbers and almost invincible one Ktiy iV C+; 5t lo I.ockii.in .V:; Yoiii5"J to ihlt.!! 1 t1L1? pt nlt, .. .ILI ..i .1 :;
supeiior : "" "' "
.! States of Xoilli and! the The (fintit of (the boxes in the Tacon is of j 'n.ivv
\lp\irnn} ..rate. with Nicliol i iIC i< 1*. defence, have attracted the admiration of | light openwork though which the white U'nsht; do;> t.- Order.IVr ,
i iir.; t:1SCC
I ui! ijt .,
.n ;nisiwrr of the l' uttcd tatcs l the ctctlrx/'d] world and moinney 37 bales n>tt ,n to i; < T.irredi.i..U-I! u 1 I"> 1 + t.Uttolt rtl, nur, i,JY.L i-ait uf her

} x151, tUln now impulse to the national pncle, which i Maw ley; Ili; to Oil Kaney; 21 to .1 Day \, C<:: 22 (' / :!: ; nrh rn, .. ...n?,it 60+t s It: S&rz > _. '
has a very pretty effect. Unlike the boxes t tof to A \ A Co t- tu i.. 'LL,11 ill bJS eA"p.rvvT{ F Vlr
McKay : ; 2 J do, 1 box l(>In-rt> to 5 < 5OOf ir> I -

e wore} :ccnndsrpulxtes that there lrall vibrates iu' every American heart, when I our opera, which inirdious conceal all i j ]Lrln.lrt \ Yonns; 11 bbl tar to Averv A: .lu.ie:'; F-rovvn lurtints,... yd ."'j a. S'. J Ji ;reLt, at,;.!; ,
of hostilljtiesn there is a spaik ol! patriotic feeling.; All 5 ii. loVvhe \ McKenzie.IVr '' i'I h'tl l'lLl s hUfrGrL Ctr
itmnNdtatc suspension but the beauties "above the /.one,1' here t i SjeetiDSs" ,....y<* U is -!-: i .
an rxrlaim what 111010 could! man M'',iim-r Southerner-13.1 bil--, mttoii; to TK'UI-! V
ol the two republics. may any whole yt1 Ua
armic: the figure I'or
in .Av
n the have; done for his country, than. was achieved ; simply draped while, (dill. ltlte.na,1: Co; Us to Macl.iv & (l\nnbr., .': fVttt.tt.-.l--,.. . "yd It"a 22t''ieo York.Tfi .

lel\, icl ethirJ driinrs J the future' boundary Jen. Scott ? What entitle is- lully displaced. Foreigners say that an liJ: 10 \oiirsf, MOIHA: Co; !>1 to U I IL Tayi'TA!) F'nul?, .. ... u''!! 1ria 25yd '-r',. ?: p. d tier b..rk oir.nKnr.: at t

the! t'j titcJ ..iIllrriil .l '""* ":' "r< r' H ">,ty i0ndib tf r tttet

flee Gull! of Mrxico, ihroo leagues !him to the perpetual admiration ul'the( ;an opct a-hex ; and! the Spani.uds aflirm A \ Meivrty ;> arrr ,rrt at 1 tali btv r ti
ces n tVirnce runs up the umMK- of the .\ !m 'i ican people ? What more to ensure that, whereas: an Pertiain.. r ( hanipion; >\ balfa Pa1L'n In IIIt U i t: la+Crc':!, ('attn; ;trhv.tut ? f or frtri it r>r t i a i :jm-, aj-plv! to

omUnJs "i'h the fullest confidence and unqualified Knglisli woman .shouldbe I; Tavlor: 12 to Lockhart A: Yonn?: :311; to M.e-- t, Uttllllllr.frltrF'r : March J'; A

}' Grande torts I1'f'rscr'i thenSliern support seen at a window, and a Fieneh woman I Ipiomcnading. lay V lviniroii-li! ; n to A X Meiv-ty Af..<: aUto () ir.. . .. ... ... font

boundary nfjNew .Mexico ; thence of! her government ? the ;gods have vouchsafed that U 1 15; XVood vV" d.; Ki to Ilar.t-r| Ai Holmes; :? > Ib .".) a 75 i'oru V :J % .

southeiu boundary to the western Atid yet, while! surrounded by such exalted a Spaniard may be looked at where :" 1 17 to [Hill, L>.t\vr-on fc Co. k'Llti.i; Xorrtit-rn, . j . .. libl u 8 si'lAWsiem nii : pket! bris I u. c. FisijKU} : flat

i claims to public: favor, wo !find William every Per -L '
fiat ,
north the u
biS thence! jfi75 fat t. : b., llh
La r--r. t
Vnglesu v hi.
i ul fjmc ; en la ventaua la Francesca n ; sf jl>l ha f>al,
I Ipaseandosc lie .
y L. who be the head ; 12i) to A X McK.iv A; Co'; 17 I i. IF. Co.-!, box'' 200 a 4 5o
ballb 6 0( the Gill tvhielt it imctects ; Mairy, happens to at t la Kspanola: liar onde sc rluicte. Lockhart A: Youns; 43: to \V G 1'urrr.t' t'u; 2IVr -> Mackerel, X-N I,. .. l lj al2 *un tVo. ;;" erc,1 l .snJ $otr( wri U a r if, will

I Jetvn the middle t t'ace tit thai branch and! oHhe Wai Department, using his power to ." to tittn< 1; CDcer. 2, bbl KM a 7
i j tbt to the{ Colorado ; thence it runs tarnish; the fair lame of Scott, by insidious f-teaiiiL-r < inmcv-ir.j bales crtton to XV t.; Xo. s, t'M; .> o> .t GOO 'i'l'lv t,. A.Mh iPJUGl::.

0thP rivcr the Pacific suspicions, thiough;; a Oouit: ; of lac airy. Porter Co; (>"2 to \\Mie A; MeKen/--, 1M! loLoekhart :. Is ; ..
catrarJl atd! Mi I : '" "'""
' ,sn' ; south of .<. Dh'zn.TheViee Well may: it be asked, who i is the man; that A 1'A II.\IJLK FOR LADICS. V Youri?; 1:>J to A X McKay 'c t'u.' : .. ... . Tor r\v Vorlc.'I .
oic league an Naomi, the younjj and lovely daughter of Per bane 1d\Ykcye-t[ 13: bales coltuii lo J IhvA t l> :i'-i! !*, .. ... ..! x! iI75 si I> !VPrune >
navis.iti.iti i to the Gulf ol" Cal'sl'or.fiver dare set in motion so foul! a conspiracy Snlatliicl and Judith, was troubled in spirit ; Co; lo to -itcvensjon A: Co; ID to XV {11; Porter -;, . ... .. .... lb( 2' u 2.1I ; rSK t.-,r ..olnt+: r, 1pra tt art: cupptrr

, anj of the tI Colorado, from the ag-iiusi ihe national honor (which i is inseparable because the A: (Co. i''trrauaa.. ... .... ...liri I! ; IU a is' + ,la=knr I', r''. !. ii G. Lrvr r m lre, trrat.

I oia ;Ma. llie Gulf, H secured from Scott's vinoi'ies. ) and meditate at approaching feast of tiuinp }Per b-ini'* !Live Oak-Ifil btlcs: cotton tXV t '. i r'=,. ;. . .. .... ibi 1'u t itJ..IIS ? tr, v. : i.r.r (' p..r-S: trS r9p aSuPe

j mouth +,f the < to tin* b.ise itra-ou against the i'nitcd States? 1 c1 N, she would be compelled to appear inI Purler A: Co.Ptrboes ... .. ..bo.t ((10 a tnp Ip j jV J ; t. 1'. r litu'i.:' vr : j- ,::P, ;jitS'f -
l nitNJ ftatr I her stole while of her Xos 2 and -1--1011)! bilerott a ;JoLockhart .'THi i r
tuthe Well plain, undycd ; same iW) a 4.JFKATHEUS J! U VM ;. f UTKI1 &. t'f>.
it In who and what t the is
\rlir-ie MHrtli( ,?ij>ulates that it shall he op- may inquired| would V Youns:; 11 to Suns A Chet err.1:11'UIT IU '
k votiti;; acquaintance in blue
appear .Yew
!taste J \ btl.-h
of now rr iJiuh !-
Ith ciucn: + |
( and) and l l fine linen of the land '
uooatl purple ofKapt.
to hear that he is the same who, l l :. -s TH; t.i.U:, i t zillne. rupinprl ao
he ceded. either tu leas personage '
in the t rntnry to l [Her mother aw the gloom; that! PIHLADKLPIlIA-Per m.xss r ? >\ l : r--ft-neJ! A I "
otherwise di of uhen ("Jen. T.ivloi's aimy was: thieatened bri? Xew l\i. c-57: i f.ox.V) u uHY ft ;,1.!. unHOKV

j or ?; o-ig: with! overwhelming appeared on the face of the lovely gill; and, hdl''-: cotton.i .. ... ... ... ...c-.vr; .1 75 ZgQg IJI'CK Ir .'. ;:.,*r. IJat. r, 1rattstlklr

,their, lieuprln; or el force of who determined
allci.uur to this *ut cruu+-nt, to I savages I iryoiiniry, .... Ibj t+ a 7Hoo'i -
oJtlisof A dote thus orate her the \ tiT PJ*- ,. i 'y f / ,
1 ji the enjoyment of ail the to pirc no juaiter: instead of sending succor complaint to i vi i\TfriT i in M fp t iirt' '. _: lt. .. .... .... .. .lb' f'; s .+ M..reh '. '
I .
i ?,. !protected cf citrxens ol"the( to the oil l hero, sent him a iiiuliqiiunt rcv.huh guardian; of the feathered tube : i : FJ mi !j 1 L*. .

' j .ijis and! immunities ',.. the tati-s have itt "King, gFuins tabs i is it that thj hoarc1 ; ... .... .... ... Id, aSVtr >
stamped :is
oicr J, strutiiiig peacock, spreads its }gaudy' I'OKT;; [ i >}F :11'.1 LICIIICUL,1..11 !-reii 'SAlTlMX'KI ;\. ,.. ... .. ... Ib S a 10Xail 'ill-!: ni.e bark \IAKV & JAXK,
,, 11',111 lhIt t11 LitP ,! nvii. hy fixing it.s artival on lite ni,ht : FTud:1 .... Ib l 7 '
'i7w t.+ 1t r't r rl' 1 + : + 1 + train to the sun da//.ling the of > a pji l' l bnlr. rr .=t .r. aiti!! hare imrnerlrate
!! ta4r ri'; ', ; /'/ -, !i.iiL: fJJiti 111:. ar.rrcln.1L: d uFiwrds. ti t ; I .
tt t' .a ani r : t t'Ir fr' ih
! :,;t+ _+/t. rntn+ ; rt : ; beholder with his: nchly burnished neck, I,1 1lhC-: .rte ; t c Ir.yJrr, ha itry

t ?i rt it tor is it''' h +' iN' Il+ ::1-arN n( 1tPi Such :tee the prominent :acts of the man 'March 1C-Ship 1'robue, DC Vn'CF, fin New !;o'd .:ccuatn, djr;';i-s, .ipj.U to
: and rural cioun, to the :.Vstoiiishinent of ; "VVliite Pine,. ...MI
1'I :, '', tilt to uhiiiu is committed the guardianship ofI'M I York, to 1 M Wriqiit. hrb''j i N ta'I u K, L r a i q tn {1tt : / ; Yellow- ... .iMlK( alGWVhae'MJ ()
+ every passerby, whil-t I in my plain plumage March} 17-Uark Gilbert Mdclier firs I'rovi-
fune ul'the American ,
'" : II tUa: .lr= tU tti! ,.. :i' 1,:Pt t'Ji military ; people dt r? ... 1l SSos
dencf .
overlooked A
i Aiis; nh.ti a guardian One wJio, am and forgotten by all 1 to e.15ri \ ; I lead;,. ....M 12 00 a 'rlil: ;; ttrbt:, parhri
Ildvann Mnitli frn New ( hlrau bipS3laT'CIS
J'MU" The 1 wavs, kind! genius} seem not to be ? : : Ilradin, .. ..
I, Ih ,' ;:,, ,'?, .?-,+t.t of !i0 ,,.tliMlJ 4f jK. t' ,".--%! i-i j httlilniff authority: March 1 -11; irk Montauk( dates, fin X V-irk, It ln; n.. i i r, tt ii! nPVt ntllt +113
+ goal towards; those under thy care ;and I !t.lUrar, .... ... . .. .Ibl I? fi :i Csfhfet \ Y R
* -. --jdi f atsd-ti.- fete: beftrre k ,
heaven Xour-- A
huua tuc ui th+' ued a nr !r byt ; ? high to Stone : Co. Hi! 10 12"LTMi :Jatl'S "r p. rJr': Unlval+pt! ; t'a
Ai.i iv the unel weep protectiotf. lirt; Sarah ]>ro\vn. Welch, frn Xw 1..tk. : a Mchj.ly [ h; D t: tl !tII>' w f, .
.. .
,, .. ....
the t, nv, t.t+ + rritvi 1r: ; u rr+r rt .t. hbl,15.> a lfyXAX'AL \ .
t V.'e jMirsne this subject.-PhiIK/! Tile genius listened to her complaint, :and Mare! !. 2i 11-> hip Finland, JOIIIM.I! : f-ii PliiiadLi -- --

ai'' 1,' i> P 'V* '<> "OeXl''o JW+ sUT +tlGtrs'olnll' | ; i.it may J 1 thus replied : !;>ln.ito I M"nlit.. TOill' /Piti-n''i.'bbi; -.i'1.

,i; .,.'is i !fi: i.i us. In iljis'jufli: is i tntll: !fd him rCI !trit. 1 will) MMMedallion; lioudlette, fin IJnJ'o.i.' ( a THE: t i. v revv h Jr ;neCil.1SC.'ka r,
gr.int; a train similar in liehues : a { li/ .
: '' uuit't: ; :atllrlnatrd: last t at+ar that you Hark O.-i-.m' < iueen, Warren, tsn f.uer-t'o|. 1'oairr,. .li l 1 .">! ;t 2tiT.ir > ,,, 'ustr r. 1t t i';! r- PPt r-ib!! itnrnciftafeoatch (! -
of the bird
to gamK poem to liark Wcyboaoett, Harris ini :fiefs \ rk. to r
you "
/liirt'i1'' f91:1r1'' : ,n'r: Uf It**4C'%. and! u. w t..uhtia Tin: J'AS Stone
envy, and shall demand of theu one condition '
,. : 'Mr. Ti.: '"* ider.. Tin< sum K i ur F.jy, hi a letter to the Home Journal, r ling Madiann, \Vatkins, fin New Vm!;. NX1LS, ktq17... 5- ) ; to
in return. OILS, Lit fed, ... ... STril{ !IK) a 1 2"i 1Llrctt .' ii h 1Vttjtl fc C*.:
,,H-'i.i 1.u. li." MrMC.tll guV'-njitietlt Jitint- relates the fol1o ''in aces+fuu'; of h iCiJcn-; "What is that ?" eagerly inquired the ttr MarcL! :_-Mrhr Ocean Wa\e, lVrkjufuXew: Olive, b-tte! | .'.) a fiiv

,;li ,;, ;\ mi tit*r ra'ijic: tjuti S ich.. the celebrated icrnian Surgeon; dove, overjovtd at the piospect of possessing Eh/ul.f-th! Hull, Tuthiil! fin \.-\vSle.ilJliT + trhui;. L rd '
Tin te'Sni'iJi-S tvK'Sve lta'ar; > arts Iu ln' what seemed to much < iiJlny' Allfti, tin Ch! 'If.I'lvxiiee.Sreani'T !'i!; 5.3 c. >3T 1.1.1 t'! i .': i t r/Jt'E MAKKK.X .
promise so hap+ ii-rr !
!. n I t.l t rn antua! }u+t.tintNt, ;. in-ar'it!; si\ ulr!i t st; rerfiitJeath has: bec-n deeply i egret- pines 1 i llo-toii; Morton, fin r' '!'mil.1-': Kdl r.. ,-- i rC ,:. t' rS idli'fit': ErntttrrlF't+,

a fr r'.t+' rliiratian t ttil' ted -ulific rr.unrr IVytona, 1 Hff-er, tin l'1; ii / 1Sitaiiur -. '
r c rli' ttcr! ttl : r+ by set JiiPii : '" PHOViSiCkPork Me .Cbl!,
It i*, said the genius, that con- s. a4 ( )
you Ch-iinjiioii f'ad'.valin: 1 l. t.ii { .! !
-iiu itjFte.nner
tr ;.TV !t'V Mej'Xo: r : )!, tit'tlts M. ()...
Jit small with hi h shiillv. I .bblt al2r
was i a man, a ,
,, sent sunender all those qualities meekness : Southerner, (wetted, 1m Col-iiulm*. "
rtitc, and nothing rcnrukaLlNt Steamer A Moore loor-- .' Prime,. .bbi!; a.lOv'1jc'on J V.',.:.cl.c-: *. ;Ii, -Up.urei anJ Jw.y.!: .
,- ) ; e.xteinally let.denicss, con-tancy and love, foi Mary ,' tin ( iuiu!>us.St 1;- Il.m=, ... ... .H!,| :9 u. WH > csrrtrlliy
,11'c'/t kith t11 the art t-J**,' e i 'aesi ta'pt a pair cf biiihaiit Marl; eves, ami a which ih} family hale been diiiinguij'iied Mmer Magnolia, IJutt; fm -M'' .!!!* *' caavv.sedl! i aIbi r :, |. Drto.V r's lit '

tiU i 'urn' n'lert<+lti : ail c; r
( 4/'i! ao-'J-f-t: Mv! ,, both ih-is* .Ibj ri ,. ji"s \
rll' I't t
.". Ili this for tho* > teinbles "
; xvis: < "Let nip'cnnsider, said the dove. \n: CLl.llilil). VALUAIiLS( :
rl it t' at tope r.1 ttrid: rti) ur. !e 'NtHi for which he celebrated March l IVi N'v Castle Srt-fi r,, Phila-
operation was so 1 cannot consent to such an exchange. Xo, ? r !; :
ilj-!/ ut!' ;' h !', t t'". q't! tu .1 ', :suT In tij ir+: li,,, oilier tiiis He dcldua! by A X McKay A: Co. "7JP..rniE
+u ?, :--- one day saw :ain not lor :all the gaudy: plumage, the showy !!> a .GrGacri3t: earl vtiite lit fntraletlutt':.'
;t1! )rt th" '' 'naa .-is .,ulaq-.i.: .1 of dull.ITS. anr'Nnt the street with -- >, bbl 225 a 3 O) if
some unhappyMite train of that vain bird, will 1 snircnder those
'!':i 11'xit .1n ;..r+ ltrr; t r''I, Iy u; al;rr1.V" of his head LIST OF YESriHLS ll: i' HV. PiXUTs, bh, :; A C-'t
r Psrr+ : crowing out oruei qualities ul'tvhielt vo'i speak, the distinguished .... .. K EPU3 LIC ATI'+X OF
= the KICK; : .... .... IrY 3J a 31SIMChSrassw
Hilt .
11 s.-s-i in HI i ccijv>lU'nii SHIP.Fiuhnd -:
+ ry, ,. ;and thul liluteiin eve once fixed on features of rnv. un'.ly I from time .. .... .. .... .... I-! 45 a TUB LOXDOX oi-AirraiLY Kuvinw;

i.i -j ii<'!r. 'rwti tip, the j .)"j frllmv, it was not possible to escaj immemon.d., I must t decline, good genius, Johnson. .> !yton-, fin I'lfsla.W.'Iii'ju'iit021 : ; l JL'1L i: (..lust':.. .... .... .. :, ui 3 ._,l) TH" r.DINUL'Pjni RKVIEXV.TlIKNOirril .

J Tii'- ire itv u1 (umi.nrrc of! 1' il."lie !rt'7A'a'irl )". 1lirlrrnhath addre.ed him and '' M Wnsht. Uiti er root, .. ...Ibi y* ;a IDround ( lilUTISU KKVIR17.TliK t
: proposed the rouditinns .
Medallion 17 tonl'cn I Ini7 Guaua wait
; ,.... .Ibj 11 a 12Xntiner \ : WE-VmiNsTER KtlVU'AV.IJLACKWOOD'S
f nuJhins- The .
1 tu u'trrate >r man "Then uhv complain, dear bird .' [II.is -Ma-t i .r.
' *, .... .... .. hv 2 12 2 oO"IV
p"1tu1 of rt 'ilt r :rr :,:'1 rta; ::t'rYard; I'Tobu* )Ir 'rrrc 617 for Ti ii1! lu .dtn u
iefn<'"1. U ; otferc a l-nbe. in vain. Ill- not J'rovidence,: bestowed on you the qualities ton3, : + -r, II. 14 a 1(5St ( stti

ii-, > i-ii'ue-l ,d l tit: i'Ki.tjj! oi o ijh m ru-
:u ,,; irtn. }. ft would l leail to tnru'eutstrJt' ands adormtrjsou admire. And art thou Franc.I Mus I >yr. olKi ton*, from I.'joii: n .titil:;- froi\ .... .. ... .H.I 10* a ll"

'I'd'- c'si.| t ,ii !nri ..re to te res' ,rr-l t/ > er.IVter t", !L| 13 a 14SALT
Tile .tbovv
? li. jjfuhajK. Tin stuilerit} fuipHt'iPiitly, djscuntet.ted Mil I"A Hattnek, lJokwelI.w5ti'ii- Litrrrrul Liv-rpool, . ... -ackilOO 125CouHr Peri-jtlieaN arc m is rinttll in X
Ji-;| jl j.\ (ra .ijjTJMl.'i: : *' ,d.-i.;' ,is ; !: tfC.tM !'+'; It' d 1, when! he f+-h the approach, of! those tear slatted iu the of the dove, at loaini;-Xoursf, Stone v.V t'o.< bu-h1 {?2\u.a 75STKEL Vork imca-Jiatcly on their ...rrivst by rhe: Itituh
," .. ..., eye
\ Ii ...
J. VI Windsor <
( I Fay, llrewer, JK> tangy, !tor LiYertuotlnadw in hit
sh l b
r tfr iiuvemiicf he vv.iuM; 1 address: this mild reV.il.iof her guardhn: spirit, and : Ciu-f' ... .... ....clvtt IS ihi"i 25 (h) araers a autiini cie- r tvp. en IsbiiP
; Wood
D 1! v\
,, It i'o
,'- i !! !t...; >--:: )_ thT<.st.-ts.: iairtt li"l the ami before" ; ; Gennin, .... .... ... cwl2u! <) a 1 ilplrt.ti' paper a'id arc faithful copittf the! uri irkrl--
i operator; not she promised, to complain.Tiie Ataba.iJor: HailU-y, Jo2 ton-, f< r ;; iuttlm '
never ? : *
.. ** . .. . .. ( ,' ht ,: Jk.tc.tii
i h'' r ; of th l L''iiV'l St.ii.-- -ir a.r. fc w .li : tj .ACt111 Unt ; t: !!L:e a.'J eSaf t wc
i-iVtbai'h! i ifi him ;n+ J tr'n !th, and the beautiful who had entered into ,,-D'ood \; Co.IJinry. .
girl, rii'llMTS! IJrandy. Cognac .. .gal, 1 75 325 sitnilecf the EJiaLur! hTluy
I E.ltiluA.
'M} a
'- v.:: :a: thf ? :u in1' .rt r -.i-r.t- S itr! Kit tons, for L.v: < rKr.,I, lu.riiu! ;-
.. j' iu lrlluty! n'tumcii; to his book*:, pin the storv xviih deep and t.-nder emolion, din; l ll.ilI.inJ: .... .;..il1:57 a 1 ;fit ttnb av the vii.-\v.4 of Il.s:
I 15; S.dt : three ivat
II i
i.l i-t NI! t- 1ia 1. +2'i' i 11.C .. ( r. "
: +
e.i'i Jai )-iuies. l.-i'i': hini heartily at the raided her Jiae blue to meet her Atiic-rican,. ....g.tJ! 40 a 42 in
> i.i per eye mo llo/t! Fulton Wade, Slit) ton?; fm Nev.Vork, ; attics F.m'In4Ct rl \tilt,, a ;J [Illicit!
> in ( .is'rtn. in w 'i Ituin, X. II
evii.f\ s* ytylncr of his lurutid.+hlt: enemy, and,l i ther's *::1r", and, a> they tolled upward, waiting! M l Wright. -il| y7 a j.> "Klickvvouf! "' and the Loi.tlon <,:rarttlhare
ll' !I'' ; : t !.". key, licet. .... 22 25
U : > s'uni !
( t1ti'i a
; .iii'J galj
-; :; coriir.4tuiatiij himself Solon, oknaii; u 10 ton, fur I/iviTjiooF, !oatsabattl Ton thjtilmhur h
esc HI-VH-W"
I r utrw a happy i snli'iis'-.l+! with penitential: tear >he aid i ini ; Ito,' ; anti ti.-

,, !bi' !tlli'.rll'i w.h, '.; '+r't', !}C llr1rVl' .iM| liar ouc iiMn/iH about di\ break, t i a atid'irn tone, with a smile like that a->su- n | J i: Wood \; Co. r.ICI\,11rar, .'... .... .... !?. t{ lltll-t l :.iilriTti Wefmiu.- R.-vu-w" IJatftcjt. Tlie.NoitHritrb
,n ;1,1'"tlnt'L': tt'I' :1tbtli -, Cox, -f 117 ton*, fur l lV-tin: :Iivuhus- l' "
? 1 rin; 3 luj'ic'u at his tuat a.inoiincetl, :as the me+! by all natnie when the bow of ( Sod! f B Wood V l'o.lariannalutn i >eer, 7 a J Kevii-vr is nn-.v of a re li ifbavin clcatrt't, f,
1',! lt/ ,':,'; u hi sizes . .. .. Ib1 < been
; r r.lc ar; : ; urr .i.iti sir! v 7 a 7T ;? vru>n-iily ithttd by Dr. Ckatc/er+, ,
r : ;;it,1: ; rt ,f tr'! !rrt } : : :; + t :'? |wr suppnsi'd, the Steifelputzcr, the appears in flu [leavens: afler i sioim-"Mv 9trntforvl'urklualin; ; | :i.A\'n IS.'. ?< .1 r..fTL.l and DU.V since hr! + lit: ', th. bm4 ibnduTf; d l+y hr-s

i, I: a:i >.! fit ', hoot cl*.mr, who usually came at that t muthr r, 1 thiul: 1 kmnv what that start -V .' .>i (. A ay a No.i ) a'n-iu-layIr. I {anrla.a-ticiatrdviti, trharic i iDr.
mJJH .
t.o-ij-s i.i: ,: ;, r -
; ; t > \ Coruforth 72.5 fur( 1.ivcr1oule
tnu -
3'r ) ,
rti ry. hour. He ro e, unlocked l the door, and lo ratans. Let ulc he tour dove ? Irt me hits C U A 'u. ?- iionr.. lb| u 50TIV sstrr. Its literary chacackr i* tf lire
Dlt-'jeiih; ifh stood before: him, with those urnantrnt loading- users : : . .. .. .i i vtrtrf
that of uu'cl, auJ hihe onler.
,.- 'M .i'v i Li t.i 1, r.:Li!:' 'J (tinIVcVj! i iI a rluirt pnitI Diadem, 'J'neker, Gil tons, for MarwiIi-t! load TXYlXhl.r.tlinz Ib' IS 20 ,
y !**i *-rMral: 's au-J! four stout medical I a
''i .; .. 1 | ey and 1 ant stiaieJ: to see other; rt j in?-! M Wriffht.Libertv 1 '
Sen I appear t
.i ite. .1:1, (> i :,* ., j ihin PRICES KrtS (!: St'B>CnilJEJ> ICR 1' CLtt.l
: tv
> >ill :' ..is :it his hack.Vt : ,, IVdit, tip!) ton for Livvrj".ii !luutli;:;- tta'.L'tia
rich 'autly ;
1.1 1:
.. ... ..
ant apparel ll 1l'A :
i .r n. f'.s: su! r :'-. i ,' ; .j-j-. !1) K hutlge.L'rs a Dn I-'or anv one the four Reviews', t3pcraMtitina.;
\ : have: come to 'our'! Ci.ui! > .. ...dozAliil| < KitlO'MARBLE'YARD";
operate : ane
I upon } ; a ,
) flvrd I Icy.r,1 .V, vv \J.--,, ,, 3,1,., : Dvnncr H'ctlcr.'"' -ni, llout-r-. ';?_> ton, fur Liverpool, lo-.idin;_ F'ur any ttr -, tin. C

Ki--J: .? !.ui! ijj-.vti rti )M'iHlN! tr ofJ \vj cried the ate 1:1l: IIIU: W A A: 1' C bait For any three, iV. 1 **

.1 I ". p-'i!>i hfd at N rtl \-;s,, ,i.f 1-<17.'vci.n rlrnt. !n Ibts rit1: un'Cliur-aa} ctruin;;, lu h ul-tent x.+rcccs.u For all f >nr of the IJevievvs. > **-
The: surgeon ma'le a si _n. The subjectwas Ocean t Queen. Warren alit tun.fn, : Lher+ool, For niackwooil'd Ma ,zir.e,
1, C..l. ::11 I ,
/ imurrlntit; : ;., I -. .-, 1 oi-utfij. } hctJrtl,1-y., r. -- ? ; t cr t I.COL U JIB UTpilK
: tif.j--ii! np'iu the bed and held there by :vaiting Master.Wevl Fcr P.larkvvord! aid :: K.-vievv. 1 K

f t u. i. i '. 1"*? .,; dfm I'irce. He !had i scarcelv time to e\- ?.1t ; .1YV.t lar.r.t 11t It\.tl.u, of t ;, ( ; oH-tt, Ham, :>21 tons fin Xev- Turn, traitGitLert.IlclchNr : Niibsoriber' ene of the firm of Madden For Blarkawx,! end theI Kevic\v, Itl ltt

._ per| ;-v his sense of his treatmeiit, by ceitain t ins Xoiirse, ,2 Stone'J tons.V, Co for vVw Vork; load .1,1 t ui,, ( t Coluinlnis: Jj., will remain sometime ppyiiKii'.s' fy le nmde in all cases tt mlrcura.e .

.1t.t_ *, i'ru. ui exclamations, when Iris frightfulioJliiiiJtv + J inq-A Dud e.Mont.ink in .alacbicola.; He tows be rrn at th PREMIUMS,

'. / IItIJt, 11.1 +, t ( :itl t : was wlii,k'-reJ ol'! from him, and 1 C;;ati-s, ;o'sS ton, fir. :rtv'i rk, \vi- vvari-ho'isi" riots building fur J. Day &i Co. at alHi't CortMstin i of back vclumca
ef the
a ? in,-Xour e, Stone A; C<>. >l anv hour in the day, and will! i receive orders ? ,
.' lie lay u motnh or two in bed, recovering CtT'I'OS T.1'1'1: 1i:: 1'. L1of t valuable vvi rk?. viz ;
.1 liat7s aif 11is.., il>;tttt, Jlrenda; Younz, oiJ: ton-, for 1/iver.nn I, lo.iiu! ,: (tor
Ifoijj rfl He drJ r.1 r
tlif -
Ii' cts. it-cover, comp'rtolx 1.! Jlentley's ltt$ctIlanc.!
Uix. ahrr.J
:t i. 1)atvui 1
ll it it 'rttlr.. ;'puo. and the student the subordinate tnck on baml t pt.1 ,l li. .:Jit 9 11'milJIllll'E,1'arlJcffr: ,2t3! tons, fur !Vox ide.ice, TOMB* The Mctivptiiitan( Ma a/ine.

,lnnro. lnt.r, I d it-iii"!!!. of this diabolical drama, declaieihe Iccriyrd; pJ ;; } ... .fist lo.nhn; ?=l' L lathe!. STOICS, The Dublin I'mlrrih .;Iaztl.c
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due Mibscnlnr.ij to Kackvvottr;! to
',t remvercd heavy damages.l ) (I lr.; ) I'atterson. <'!l': ten.-, U.i J/iver- S. After leaving Apalacliicola the subscriber : <>r oats
it >f the Reviews 1
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., person upon Uahandandunsbtt+Lnardnatclcarrd, d'3i '_'.i i'_' Chase, Chase, 31 tons, "foi I.utuu, loading DU him to the PenrdaeaU at .fO, tt fill receive, gratis i out
? then of his Up to a ct-itain in Columbus. p. A.Kcbruary .
tongue. day, Wood A; Co volume of any of -the prvip.mnv state: trtrttt'tL

V-+ 1,1- ",r. 11'r'V'-11-1"8'--;NUtt--15! -utts, U',iiaai, th1 history is the same as the preceding.On ; .- E7.PORTS OF COTT02J TTiIb'I' APALGCRICOL A Sir John IJere.-foii; !, (Hr ) Thr.-a! :!l'olii, :;2toitforLiverpool _2 !, Is4 .--* 6-3in; A Hibs-criber ti anv three of the rrodrcaU; at

I+' that day, JieJnbach!] having; received n Cunlncnc; iu; 1st rptvubrr, l li-and swore loading, -1 M Wrutit.Horatio Cotton WcijjJier.fTMIIl j? a-ye.tr, IT to the F) tr Rc-.iew-* at ; -, will rcceive
;rS. 1'11e11n, 1'nYCC, CJVule'- r.ontelle, :>2l tons, fur l'io> iiieiice, loading ltro \oliiRif'* abfltc.A
'0:1.: j 4. final negative lo dl his prayers and remonstrances time in I IG. Wood A; liallou.Dauntle. : subscnber havuijj been appointed a premium as .

requested at least one farewell) look I -Paw Prrvi Lailvtn t .-*, (]Mr.; ) John-un. 6 i-I!) \tan-, fm \erj-ool 1, .L Weigher of Cotton, re.Ni-ctfully solicits em- subscriber tn I'iackvvnt And thrte Reviews,
K nu: VOTI:. rnrr.tcrn;:ren I 'rnrar. .. at ?!J a-year. or to the Fmr Reviews ;arvd Bfarkvvott -
.1x1, _11'1 at the beautiful object of his desires. Theunsuspeciirr. n wailing-W A A; 1' C KHI.I. phiuae'it from the merchants of Apa'achicoh.He _
111. tss-11'hi" p-itient put out his tongue, l.tvrtpoul ... .. ... .. ;.1011S.1U11S 9:U Cumberland, (lie.) I'owers, it( 2 tun-, for Liverpool bis a family dependant on his labor, and {, at alt, will receive c thrte pretniuin. volume.
U'rri"S'-.n Ieuucrats.l ... loading-I Day & Co.: hope that opportunity will be atrbrded him toaiu
the of there
itt I..INT |,,,2S 3 TiiTAL-Avcn, :J7 and, in twinUlinz an eye, was a j anti. ... ... .. .1..1. . I.irnt I. Madonna i Mitchel, 4{*>J) tons, for Liverjiool; loading a support (tor them ih Ibis community, gy- Fliae be iintlicullir in naming tnt prtm'mms -
Uemocra.s.. needle through it, about half foot long; ictainiuz J ; -1) L> Wood A; Cn. tletirt'l oiul the iccils siit sail*d fur
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\'i1.; where such! au appeal has never made in
It tt dl 1! be perceived from Ia it immoveably in its place, and cutting ( .. ... . .. . .. i. . Mary 'L Jane, Flitner, olo' tons for New Yolk, rain .1LE:\. McALn.X.March CLUBBIXCJ. -

there the above tit;it short all of disappiobation Utberpurt;. .. .., . . . . loauins-Nourse, Stone A: Co.rnics. Four of
tc.s, but 011C llirc( afljriiiajive expressions 2, 191.I 7ffAdvances. copie-! any rr all of the above works.

"'1 rrrlaircd for vote than and+ ineffectual arguments. The happy Total to l'ur I arts. . 1:31..131 .11:'.'G will bo sent to or.c addre?* rn ('aTrt-enf! cf tl.o
V | us latificaUoM-mo-ilunN -_ Madison, Watkin?, 31 i tonsI, I hn Ni-vv i"ork! '.vat
of :,:, the whole irimber artist r.ow had every thing; his own way.- j \rw Furk, : .. ? ?. ,. ( !. ?! : .n ing-Master. regular subscription fcr farce-ths fourth copy

voting l cmG I leave ;,,, ilIt..ilII'AifI IERai.ldvance(; will be made Cotton bets!; jrrati.--.
TI1FTf 1400 I dUUIt And+1 what his own way was you to ; Henry Duch,11'ooJsulel8l; tons, for Xe\v Yoik, ; on
of '. however, that. meral"hosevmrn I I'toYprtlr! N . .. ... ; S'?, loading A Dodse.11C co'isi' ned to our friends !in Havre, Liverpool 2frtmivlns n-Ul If ;tern frhtrr tic,

in the negative would Lave imagine.CUIIVN h151,1 ttlrlplt'ta. . .. I .Sii :fiirCJt Fi-her, H..bart,2! ton-, f.rr1t York loadins ; Xew fork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and l above ttlfutrancf it r.wilz tv clear, n<
""M othetHue had it been necessary t to iuturN. ... ...1 lhu..ll. n, ..ini A DocUe. Xew Oi leans. mium in any case he inrnNlu-d, nr.lc>3 tbegybcription -

confirm the treaty. L\tiis: Tu KIR DRKSS, rzc.t : ., I! : PSY lrl+'and.. . . .11MJ..1''lii'.ltiai.l': '!- Havana, Smith, !(>;{ ton, fm New Orleans war t- McCALLA Si. P.OMAIX.Ptb. .< Fs paitI 1/1 full Is the j-trE/ihtrslyth!
tlthPrpurt;. ... . .' .. ... ..lilTo 3 in -Master -
f TIII: 1'nr.tTttt-beam seven to ten tittscu'1'acurl c ? 17, 1> 17. 5-tt out recourse loan crgtn!.
1cT.tY had r :'tv'. .1tri ';'n I :ifl MI Sarah Broun, Wtlch, 3-H tens, fin New Fur'Li --- --
(; I11 .t sui> To.-v.A I / thronged and a stranger tvauinJlaacr.. HAKLV COPIES'.
frotn letter better befoie he the gauntlet ofburh '1'UT:1L-nAr.FS. .. . ..:;rQ,_,. 161 AdvancesT"AlE A lato-arran-tnuT.t vvi.h
l'htn, b tun says ; pause runs \ / on shipments of Cottofi t., Liverpool, lLtrlTritis.Ii |>u!>IU..cr-|

.'The : haiteries of eves and fans as he never \Itlc _L\i Havre, Xew York and Boston, by of lllackvvo.id's Magjxiiuecurt-* to iw t-arlv

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tn tuu. Irom Iltiru to 11'ah or dieamcd of. The ladies diess in while, Per bte.un.-r Magnolia-Col I) A Vason, Dr S SIX Probates fur Fiaiilvhn for letters- to place the entire number in Ihe hand of sibsenbers -
the county
at lleptrUnent; "f ;;laic 1 has hair unsacrificed Clayton, M Lott, las !Hall, C.ondman. before any portion cf \t can b.e reprinted
caused with their beautiful hy I( of ailininistration tlie- i--lae! < I f I U. U'. f Faucett
J "uud drtl; of 1Jtnl "Sl'ier the : Per steanit-r .Mary A Moore( -Mrs Smith, Mrs upon on New Vork, IJoston; Providence, in any nt the American Jrurnat*. F.JC; this anti
( at cnpiMexit bonnet, and, if ornamented, by a simpleor Iltnlc Mrs deceased. T. if. AlLSTlNVI DUAl-'TS
'u nuns fiutn :McCall: C Gardiner, A Stow, C J and Baltimore, bought ; and other advantages socifrfd to our s l>;criher*. we

tl'ly hr b,,, ,but little ut seyentctn: red rose a lanvtJii Anrfaluzc. !However! j Alexander: Gap! I) 1'ratl. arch 'J.'J.l: sis.1 Hl-iH Smht Checks Xew York sold by pay gn I.sr: r a consideration, fhaf: vmay bfcotnpeHwl

+od Ume fur iii, tuilettc, perfect be their figures, see them Per ftiMisrcr: Peytona-Mr Kidsway, lady, children
ou hts ,,, nvl nets you and \VM. G. PORTKK Co. In raise lie price of the M.igazintr.[

I+aot., ulr }/ ul pnrtr tl a blot Jac6ct and not. One's daze is concentrated in their :servant, Mr l s--rv'l Chilly, Mr, lady.Mount, children, lady and, children s--rv't 1, Mrs ami IK Court of Probates will !he fpeiifi'' nn tin20th Agents Bank of Hnmswick; Therefore we repeat 'subscribe early icfiife the

the ltiat ul tt hiPh tt ;(s st r.,ply.,, tvlrilNu large, lustrous eyes, which when you l get Wiiod, Mrs 11 abate, child and sees't, Mi.ss Kunhroiiph nist., and liar Hud! iv- n-\t I there.-f, 'Dec :;0'I' Water street.Olives. price is /
Phecn bnru ?,leaders litlJ| of vMtlun iheir reach, swallow you up a* the ; Mi s Crnu n.:11ias Havton, Miss Warren, fur the purpose of auditing the aec-umt'* "t f:Xeentorj Ilcuuttariccs and communicati+ should be'

tltlUnr'r llal'a! broad sun swallows a comet, when he is rash ( MevrV d !twin, Wagner, ;Solomons, Aiult-roi.;, Administrators and Cinniiaiis. byvinh! always ad
t.lrpulw j Chamber?. firno they are expected to appear or default} 11 ill!t verv superior Spanish Olives, for sale publishers. LEOXARD
=i covered S.IARS CO.
'ttli enough lo approach too near, throwing oil Sl'p1Tit ,
ranrlr'ro lu',h ) Per Meatner Boston; -J Schiller; J S'iniFlynn.. be filed against, them. C. McCULLV, 7&
iao ?,,. at in;; tehiskers On his out again; a biirued-up cinder, lo be lesuseitaied Per -tc.um'r Quincy-l K I Mall-m! : lath ami Servant L.v.. sritrr.. March U; 'to Water st. New York.OnaVa .
CW'l'irl __
lute% the tic' hastened! '" a coach and rebiirned by the next eyes l: S IJaw'lev, 1 Ids and serv't, UTVynn and March Si ISIS. ,ludrie of I'robatc. Jellies.

br m haclnlea Itrtc rather Sh y winch pisThe llavaneras: certainly surpass 6drllr; Bulb and l.itly, Mr' HareUon and lady, Provisions r' POZGuaya Jt-Ilies
**. +l to the residence| of the ofh Mr- L I Linei-, J Iv,ilb, Nickolson lluvauu S v ai'HAVANA rffP DLS Whiskey+ ; 10 do. !Prime Pork ; asnPtted size boxes,

'aie, t+'here (he was Il.itirefused! Secretary the Spaniards: in the beauty ol their t Per s-te.iin.-r MufanIa-C.! \V Ton y, T P lttl r'. SK\IN( containing / \J 10 lilMS FLour ; 1 cask Rice; juaC received direct troih Havana, for sale

6y I,o tter admission rye:. !if that he pns iblc. Jiidse II C Saitin, DrV L AVrnodly.. XV S-atton. an assortment f>f the Pro- f superior old Reserve Whiskey; b> E McCULLY.ITIolasscs. .
force ui tt aitirt,. However, heft With their and abanicos fans the C. Strickland 1) Omar \V T Crawford t larch iR
J eyes ( ) A T LidaJ?. "Cab.ma.s," "Mmcrva," 15111.1111113," 2 ycry.cftuiccllam; ; ;(! IPatrr st.
1 no and Mr. I'uch.itiati was Havaneras have need! of which Nichols, XV'm Tonej Jr, Al.istcra R Sji.inn and I
leis a aluuthed no tongues, A Spinu. Partugns, a-id other choice brands, now landing 1- NOW lindiii per schr Loyisa Sears, and for : .

to Mle l!: uecr eha than his servnrit, to find however, thej c.iu use on emergencies ; 1'crstramcr Quincy-Mr Paramore and lady, per srhr Ann ilaria.lrom i Havana, for said !byMch + sale by McCULLY, ILS} superior lie;;oyadu, for sale byMch

P before him, whom he had whereas iu 10 E McCULLY, Water st. .March 1G Go Water st.
every pretty woman can, some B Jl Kobinson, Haj's- R Uly, Ilcdrn'. 10 E JIcCULM', 50 Water sjv

; + ; : Jnlpvu.q,A. i

-; ;: -- --.- --- .. ._ .. _
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'-:---- .

Tax coIctr's Sale. block lt: | lots mis :15 to 10 mclu.-ive unimproved : j I'ICOSPKCTUS TLVE.U Notittci.IN Dry Uoods. .FRESH ARRIVAL OP
block \\5: li ts this :> tu *0 iiiel'isH'- unimproved! : | THE subscribers oiler for sale a large and sei- Diits, Medicines
: T>Y virtue of the authority in me vested by law, i block l.ifi; lots nos 1 2 o l> 7 S U' 10 unimproved : i OF, T111FLORfDAT stock of Drjf Goods, consisting in yc-Stnfls Paints.

4 .i I"} I \\ill exposeto5ile, before the Co'iit llnusaDaor block 137 lots, nos 1 in 10 i inclusive! imunpiovcd : j C3IAACKRV. part of 1'erfumcry, ,
: r.i tlu CiU of A;>alacl.ic..hon MouJiytheSth bloc! 12S lots ItS 1 to 1 1(1( I inclusive nnunpioVfd : j jj HuG, Franklin Circuit Court. Negro Kerseys and Linses, -*.->y&/f THE undersigned return hi

day &t M.i> is j lN bt-r.\oui the hours ol i ten j 1 Hoc!; 13: :) lots. m>s 1 tu I 10 I mclufive unimpioved : i Thomas Orrnan, 5Vi. White and Red! Flannels, to his friends and the public
block Hi) lots 1 111 inclusive unimproved j ji A WKKKLY EMPKBS, : liberal and
.\. M. "and tour P.M. the following u-al estate, nos tu : V Dangups and Twei-ds, patronage, be1
situated 1:1: the City of Ap.ilacliicul.issued ast i bluc'v III lots nos 1 2 31 J S 1)) 10) unimproved! : ; TO Jill PUBLIShED LV JUHLLYY.1.Tun William 15. Finch. ) Super plain black and fancy Casameres, .. that he u now receiving
bloc! 8 inclusive ummrro\ed '
112 lots 1
and! Deliijield ; I P.OS to : bin made to by affidavit, that the Super English and ['rench Cloths, n! supply, w Inch added toh1,
t he of Liewis Cuiiis Joseph appear
property, block 11 I:> lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : | IT stock renders his '
undersigned theTown assortment nai '
i Trustees of the ApdUcIncoU LuiJ: Company lili fk 111 lot* nos l i to 10 inclusive unimproved : propose publishing m di.2cnd.int resides beyond the limits of the Whitney Dlankets, 10, 11 and 12qr3Dullil and unu ]
,) orsj inti.'li lhen.i i as will pay the Taves block 14-1; i Ids nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved I : ) of :Marnnna I s Jacks.m count ty, l-'luih'.a! a ; State it t Florida, to wit, in the State of New Dlankets[ ; 8, 0 and !Uors., complete. English, French GtnL
1 40 mcluMve weekly neusp-.iper: v ith t the above I title. \ York It is ordered that service ot said bill be Marseilles Quilts < 10 I 11 and 12 American Drugs ; Cosmetics ; PerfmnervV*
for IS 17, assessed, thereon! and 1:1 anvar tnpjulto block H<> I is nos tu i unimproved : : j, qrs,
th? Stat oi'J'1 iri Ji, aid: th-- ( Vnty: i f Franklin l( bliick 4 17 lots ni'S' 1 lo h) !mcliis-ive nnimpro\ed; : This piper will be devoted tu Literature, Agriculture j pcTlecti-d on said defendant, by publication of Denims, Kreinlit.s; and Cottonades, and Drui&ibt Glassware, &c., &c, su-flr' *

together wit'.i the cost if adveitisement and bloi-lt 4 IS lots; IK' 1 to 10) inclusive r.nimproved : j nut 1 Science; it will als > contain! the j t tins i order for four months in some newspaperirjl.tL'tl Brown Shirting and Sheeting, ,to Phj.siciar*. Country Merchants ardotl *
Ibloc!; 1 lil lots no4' 1 tu 1.) inclu-ive ui'im.irovcd : I j current nev.-s i.f the dav and articles in bJppuit of the of Cotton the most liberal terms-all which he'wi l?
4 sale and which said real estate H drccnbfd as [ in City Apalachicola, reiUinn| Osnaburgs,
block 130 i-'i.s hos I 2 .J -1 7 M !) ll> wiunproved : I the Whig IMiey. S pure and unadulterated. **li
of said viz. him ti anil ansucr said bill otherwise it Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
follows i in the Map City, appear ,
block! 1.17: lots nos 1 2 i! 1 7 ?S !9) 10 unimproved : The want itt'a local Ins; been serely H. F. *
4 lots 1 to inclusive paper will be t ikcn confesso.At Linen and Cotton Checks, ABELL
Block A. range 1 uos. 14, pro
It I 10 inclusive
lIc' US ts no* to unimproved : felt in Wholesale!
Jackson. Walton and! W.Hmit"ii! and Retail
inunpro\eJ ; block A, rie -2. J Jfs nos. 1 ::, ti, block 1->! !I'ts r os 1 (to 10) inclusive ummpiowJ : j cni1iI Chambers, Sept.2.. ), 1 s Il. Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheet ins:, Irug2ijtfApalachicob

'. 11, 13, II 1, uaunpioved: ; block A, range 2, 1 block hiT lots nos i 2 ; 'I 1 7 S 9 U ummpioved : i I ties, and IMS I k'd t to I the proposed! establishment ot i (;!ioun: ; 5'. IIAWKIXS, Bleached Ci.tton Shirting arid Sheeting, ISjfcWaf rstr<*t
this Nov.
lats.no.2, -1, 5, 10, 12, improved ; blocli IS.fau | hlofiv 1H lilts nos 1 to 10 I inclusive imiiupiovfd! : Journa!. ; A True Copy. Juds*, &..c.W. EnglUh, French! and American Prints, 21, :;

1, lots nos. 3, 10, t I', I 1-5, 17, u iiniprnvi-d : block | Mock !<;!) l< t i iius 1 in 10 inclusive unimproved) : The undoisi! iu'd hopp; to obtain sulVit-ient t patronage V.M.I.KAU, Clerk.YA Extra iujx-r[ ] lain: and twille'd Ginghams, Drills and
block 170 lots I 2 : 1 7 S y !'J to enable I them to commence its ..ubhcation -
IKIS unur.piovrd! : { Cashmere
1 block j > Octi5r 2R, H17. Super d'F.cossc,
llt; range -2, lotj uos. I': I 11 1, unimproved: ; THE
Mock 17t lute- non I ?o I III) inclusive! unimpioved : t by the Nt (,Septeiiib. Extra subscriber has,
Muslm de Laine and
Ijts ::5 1 .; i 11. 1. super| '
B nos.2 improved
i! ,
u, -
blotk 47.1 lois lbS o to 10 I inchi'1.VP"' unimproved I TIK.MS-Three dollars per annum, in .idv.mce. \ L'WON c s ssc ur COURT.n constantly have.onhand.a
Scotch and American do.Sopor
; blockC, raujj.I, Ijlsnos. 3. 1.1 1 i, 1 IJ.. uniinjuovcd I bloc, 17i lots 1 2 3 (5 7 8 J 9> 10 Englislr, ,
; nos unimproved .0 : assortrnent of
: $ 50 i il l paid uOliin siv inonihs ; or $1 I UO at the Chancery. fallen! black and Silks f DRUGS and Jig
I ; b1'c ck C, range 5, lotnos. fl, Ii<), I 11 1 12, blin-k 177h.i.snosl I i to 10) include: unimproved : end of the figured INKS. which
13 block C ranze 2, lots iu s. 1 block 17 lots 1 to 10 inclusive tear. Thomas IJarkar, ) Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, hey ill warrjntB..
t tuimproveJ ; I nos i unimproved( : and of the
4 KEXJ.; (i. LIDDON & CO. V Petition for Divorce. best
2, I, 5, l.'i, improved; block I I, range'!, kt* nos. block 17.) I h.Js nos 1 3 J .1 fi 7 a I.) unimiirovcil: : vs. Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs-, Merchants quality. CCB .
July :31 1 17.SSt. Planters
1 :3, 7, ?, 3: unimproved: ; block I). lange -J, lets I block IN i) lots nos 1 to 10) i indu-ive tinimptoved : Sitninth IJarker. } English and Amtrican Cotton Hkfs, to their advantage wrll j1
I2 Z block I r.tne 1, Lilsnos. block J''l lot.? nos I 12 :) 1 5 8 !9) 10 unimproved : j I' appfarm to (the satisfaction of the Court, Madras and Verona head Hkfs, to call, examine and LntTk'Goods
no* improved : 1h1D. Cioix
t | block IS2: hits ios 1 to S inclusive unimproved! : p. Sugar ; L bv allidavit i made I in i this case, I that I thedelendant Ladies' Cotton [Hose[ and Gents; Hf-hose before purchasing elsewhere. 4
3 1 3 13 17 IS i bl u-k E, ra.ige 2, ) ,
I iiuprbv ; (!In Now Orleans Stir N. J]. Phvsjcian's
!block: lots ) indu-ive ;
j : 13 nos 1 i to I Id I unimproved : Sarah Samantha Uirker, resides beyond Super Satin, Marseilles &, Worsted prescriptions put noul
lots 7 8 13 11 13. h>, 1 7, IS 19. unimpwrel Vesting,
nos. i I bloc! 1S4 li.ia nos I to 10) inclu.-ive unimproved : 20 bbls St Croix the jni isd id bit (.1 f I the State of Floridi : It t is or- Cotton and [Fla\ Thread, care and accuracy at any hour cf the da> crWJ
; block II, ran e -:, 1 t i. I, improved ; t' block < lots ) inchi-ive ." bvs StP-.vait's Loaf "
> nos 1 to 10 I i u-iimproved : > di--: I t bat t lie s.iid Sarah Samantb lurker tin J. C. ALLEN '1
ap- Plain and Swiss and
black 1% _' lots >. '>, li, 1 J, I1.JU' fii'd checked Muslins,
; ra-u m- block 1 t 0; lois nos 1 to 10 inclusive iinimpioved: : I lUhbis I pound at.d tin.sasil within three March 21 Cor. Centre and
.r answer I petition' Commerce
uuisnpruveJ ; black II, ri'U' 1 lots no*. S, i.lo.-k l->7 loIs nos I Jo 10) inclusive unimproved; : I 100 f.icks Ilio Coflcp; .10 tlo Java [1. Jaconet and Cambric Muslins' a
Viiths alter I the publication of this order, or the
a: IgI 11 M, U, -2)t u-.iiapi-AvJ; ; bl*k-k I H I, i.iic: block S5 lots nos2li i 7 S J 10 unimpioxed : block .1J! h\s Aromatic Tobacco and Needles, Pins, Tape, fcc. &C Holmes' Vegetable Pills
; --.id lit ion will be taken for confessed it ,
: I, lots nH3, -1, o, O. 7, v, ,, i i, ; i i.i i j, i:;, i i, 1S9 lot.s nos U 7 S 9 10) uninijToved : block 190) lot- '> ) Mntt'ddo. : IttI ; Which have been selected! with sreat care in Foil D\.MINOIIIIEA: : f: I I on
; i j. fujlhcr onlered that this order be published in
aosO 7 Js9 lfj unimproved.V.'JJAItF. New York and Ilosttn( from.
utIaIr.iv4'd tS J I hits Ir.ipr>rter and Atrents
11 J7 ,
1-1, ; rinre 2f: (> Spprm; Candles0is t I,rownI in the Western Circuit of this
noj. -2, 3, 4, f;, 0, 7, v, i', I r. 1''1. l-. 13, il l'l > LOT.S.Ket ( I 100( !Ings Shi.I ; .TJ kegs Powder ; stuns State t fr newspaper!> the! ;space uf three months. of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and TIIE celebrated Pills have berrne sof

<5, 17, IS, In. uiiiir.v.> : bl-x-k J rT.'o 2, lu ) i.t .No I 1-2; : I fei-t fool cf LilieHolivt KKI'J, l ll.sLeid! < are now ofleredat wholesale or etail on favorable ( their virtue, in curing thI4 die ,
; (;i: ;. s. HAWKLVS, jud e w. c. xAt
l.ita HO*, i, -2,3: .i, -j, '.. 7, s. ), iv, I 11,1-2, 1 r.::, 11.li ctrr't ; I I li.f Xo Ii5; ; 100 feet lot No I 17 ; 2-).) Ufgs While! I I L-ad, X>>. 1 Extra an-1 PIIK- .bn.tiury i;, 1' 51.trn: terms by WM. G. PORTER[ &. Co. that but little need be saul of ih.-m, their acui .

ii ii, 17, IS.;; U2 t. mHT'fovcd ; U ic'.j K, j 1't i frtt l'-t No H> ; .UJlect foi.t .l I Centre street ; F'eralei.v WM. (2. 1OlUl'EI & CO. Dec. 30. ic ('. .Jl! Water street. *>n the svstein \\ondertul, they immediy*

ruz I, lots nns. I. ->, ::. I, '>, < 7, N n', '. H I I I ii'j lltt Son'h pait Lt 1 M Xo 2''"' ; 3o feet Northpuit Dec 'M I 1 11 \\.itfistiiif.* I.On 4Jij aI1)C'S, arrest ail pain in this disease, no matter m

li.nJll, 13, L'5. r; i-. J.L VJI, uitnpr.v.d ; of! lot N.IJ2 ; I'O' IVit foU ,1 Chestnut st. ; Al'ALACIIlCOLA.Dcc. 2.0,1317. A CARD.rpIE !i.n c stand ri. Pamphlets containing ,?.*

uor: K i;in. 1.ts n I !' 3, 1 t;, t,, 10. feet f.f t 1 l4 No '}."> ; 'JJ ftt fo..t nf Cherrv st. () John M. Cnochan, Subscribers Like this method! (..f l inform-i I of test!,inornate Irem the Irufesii.n. IVr st Li

20. 11, j' !, 11, n. i"i i ), n. IN i ?,\o. uni- Also-All l L-ind hin 01 I the! \Vc.t bi.lo t'd t lieijiachi.'lt I r. cMvcd on cons ntiM-iit: : BiU fwn accoiiri and JL jog the citizens of Apalachicola and its vicinity 1Jdrcb-2 JCALLEs1Tl1I.1il'S

proved ; block L, I ts no-. 1 v'J, 1, Ji, U, 7, .\ Bay, Ncrth and \\"c-st of the City ol t JUST I Ii .'I I Segals: Celfbiv.il'id,"* ,neK.Wlkcrf/V.1 91. J 1'arlition.FTPOX that they have now i.n band a very neat

t). I J, U, 12.11: I i4 *, 1 :. 17, % t4, 2'). tniin- Apal.srhic.-l -., t.) I tha Western bound iiir ol 1 lU.HJJ I Ca/.idoi-cs: Esmero," aifi hvit of Solicitor that and Wfllselected Stock HOODS' which will be S II KpnnerIrorn heearre pnrch ,

|)MVed ; fclncl:; M, lots >*. 1. -', :;, 1, .", ', 7, S, !'raiklin r.-unty ; ;:lso, St. Vincent" Isl.md, St. t'; d.i/.ei: I eirve Maderia 1 \J the Defendants CVrrplair.ant'd sold low, consisting in part as follows: the Apalachicola! La'id C.mpan, ,

J, M, II. 12, 43, 1 4, lo, ), 17, IS, li> 2' uuinpraveJ Gi' .i.. f"s I-and! and Dog Nland; (e\rlusi\i ol r;, Regina" Port, I bent ioned HI sasd Dill doie'ide Cloths and! t'a-sirneres, various tles, the 22 I day ..f April, !-%, f L"l .. ,

; blo-k X. I't nos i 2, '{, -!, ', ',, artl.Lot4NflS. 'Ttf
I uted States I It is ordered that notice of the
: :
w.li, i-\ l", H, l', i-J 17, H, I iyA>, U.iizia'.v..J by tit I". S. overi.rneit! ) ; also, all Lands l Iving: :M i Tftm.it i Catsup, institution L'lsfre; do. Figured, aid 11 I, M: Kock E-2t<'cethfrvMl; Ii fl'ewharfpft'
of this fruit and t tho ot the
; l.J.:: U. I' m.i;. I 2 1 3, i, ', C'jst of I Ilio iay! -if t Apalaclncoli! and bordering IVr.s.tl-bv McCALLA \ ROM1X filing Silks, FroilV !Rynivdo. viUe ki.iiwn on the in.$ i. plan ot( tlcnut.

I ), 11 I, 42, 1 31. 14, 1", 1.5, 17V l'.', VJJ, uiiwprfl'g4 I11:i St. (Ii-'i "s Found, and runiiir. lleast t.) I the D.-c :J! ;I'-tt; I '. ( 'ul-iiiib-is: i"ck.:! iaended: Dili I, Insiven; in some nev\spapcr pnblislud JMrmfella j rcii. '2VS at the price .of Si-u ,r,, t t. r winch h ej.
: (the Circuit for the of /tour ,
$ ; 1es.l l k T, ht. n =. I IJ.. ::, l, ", '', 7, -s, I uonth i f Xt-.v River, tiui!:i I tlu'iu-o in adne.-l I line: in space do. Satin Striped f-fU'tJ 1.IS li'-tts-. & in iV r 't s.ith| | Qvvhith

il, 10,11, ti, i::, IS, H, 1 lf tL 17, IN l'v! <, 1It iuiW to I the! Chip'-li Cut-oil'i; following the Apal.ichi- 'rao ;; !;;iI1'M (D' months, :and i if, upon} diifproot. of the appearance! Fancy Cashmere Robes ; rr.air. unpaid, with the ii.ttrestt

| ved ; bio'k O I >t3 U' s. 3 :2. :y, 1 I-:i, tj. 7, *>, ea! liivvr down t > its mouth' i including; i''ib"'s 'S'urnml )(, iiIlhl, of said( notice i in some newspaper so 1ihl! Iiahcd do. .Mmi.o[ do. ( f-r'f.ri : Ar.d whereas, by the r-L-rtfr-ent
for t the time i mentioned, t the[ said defendants( doiut with the Said lJ
9. IH, i I., I i. !lj: I, !.', i'J, i 7, INJ, J.i, nnii.iuli ].1] HI-! (so cjllad) ; tlis .vh:>le tMiitau.itiir i-,1)! )' *' ) J'O1 thf cm.ut consumption! chronic, bro-! frj. Delaine do. S. II' .nr.tr, it v .,s !ol\!

Vr4vt'4 -"* S, lots n 15 4 f t, inclusive, :ji'i.-s of thii.l quality cf I Land, and lO'Hj' cf2dj.Jv .1. chins i :.stii( >n. \\t.o t >mg coii.'h ;i !kiIi <>,i appear to said bill by t the next rule day,which JMuslin-5, India Kook $t<>f.I tt.at in c.i-e ( tuiSure to } av t! t said ntt '

i bliick 1ta i.s 1, .- inprwed; ; ] nude the Cmilaints anl 1 ..-cti'jris! : shall come alter twenty days from the expiration do- S>viss, Luce and Colored at-.rttt'! i. to the contract, the .id Onipsn
uinj'r ; ] a- per ivtuns: by Assess r ol (it t t tlIl! lu-ait, I livi-r ; :} : .1 1
I t f said pcrmd ol t (four months h I it t is Further or- should beat
bi.-k 1, 1 l-'t i o. t, in.r ived : L! .-t :i, 1tt no. il$, .it.itcjTav.-'s J".rr I'lankli.! Ctuntv..JOHN the ;.IIilc. -, t I' '' "-ale bv [ F.dgings Lisle, Cap and Thread liberty, in trivir, thinv d.t' nfHio
U !:ipr.iv ,' 1 ; block 4, ioN u s "i, 1-, 7, -s, l', tin- l.UC.1ieriU, }i'i.'i '! JC Al.LKX.TFST I :i-red, that the same b-j taken as confessed Shawls, Damask Sill!: in a public gazette puhjishtd in Aj'..Tuc hjeila.! |
itapnved; bl.ick J, 14t nu. 2, iinprxvo I ; block aid: K\--: <):Tjci.iTav C< Ik-dor Iranklii Co. gainst- them. do. Marino, re-sfll >,iifj Lt.t.s at the risk <.j said ( urcla r.V'f
:uii14 ): ICO. S. IIAWKIXS[ Judge, &c. d ,. Maid Wf.1 the benefit cf said C anti
3late !*os. "J t J, i.Jt-1; jjive, tiin.r.vcI, : block li ie d.i, N .v.. I, I I 7.ShIi1'S mpany if anj so fet
T. J'ji ujs. 1 7; s>, 1 J, uupr vex1 : Ulocl: 0, lots rt'ived, ar.d fcr sjle! bv CAHJIACK & SPR vi r, Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves i remained, alter paying aid n.te civn iort.

t'M. 1 7, N y, I1', u.iiu: jrev.-1 I -, hIi:.: ', l4.i?s nos. St1t' I I H._ ':: .\ flELL1tJ.'F'T's : Compl'ti So!icilors. Tuskan (lip-ey liormets, latest ioihtcrtllibbons | on account r.f &oj"d L ts ami til! ( st* and n
tl.p tri; M i ,d ne\t in thr- CitAjulaclnc \' A True Cony. WM. ALX.EAU, in all varieties pen e the arne shall be- Iht ,
2. I, i1n r43'e( ; blu1 7 I tt 2, J 4, 1'I, ON : iy 1:1: April \ LIFE! PILLS AXI I) PIKKXIXVI | raid tu >ai(! S F
viiunpr ivo J ; blck 7, l lih -. *. 7, N njuAvd; ;
black: N In's no--. .1, 1, Ti, C, 7, '-. u: i.ipr ivol : I Hu-% I \\ill iMiosi! I fr s..ic ;.t piblrn'lt- N.V iSHEETINGS .1. C. Kss la)1CC1'y--F3'LilkiI County. do. 7-S ">-Z,4-I, 10-4 aatltl-1 the said S. I?. Hoi ner has (i.i!, d to r>3TNjiote .-

4 iil-jc'tc y, lots zos. 1, i, "i, <, i, i4, u.inn Tjvrd ; .ry, th f >i ll! .uiir/ jiroji.-ity: -one Bed Pi.1! ti'irlte' : JUanket-, 0-1 and 8-1 1 *. row the Qaiz! Crmpay, m j ursiianre ..f frf.rfmisi'
block I J, lots n-J3. y, SVUMU >M'.v.l ; M! ik 1", at. 1 steam chtst.twvnty-Jfjur Co.Vt"h .el->, :: ; Shirtings and Piiu-s b\ t ti. -,..Mary. Green, bj !her ne.\t friend, ) Ingrain and Cottoa Carpeting ?, will rxpnse tf.v[ Lrifs atsre.iathI > tottjnt

ifjlsji.w. I, 7, improved ; !black 1 lots nos. l, NuainpniveJ one 1 ijt.. t.ni one! small < *ylt-ndir, one Connecting : ) low tr c-ish: bvH. vs. > 11i1! for Di- Carpet Pa..r4 tucti'in. in frnt ii the Court lf<'ine in aici'v

; block II.1 1-it-j n, s 0, ", 'J, 1(1( l Hf j, tao Pst.n liuis, dm l Irt" Pump, ELLISON & TO. James flreon, Defendant. } vircc. H.sts and Caps; all ty Its on ThiirsJair the *!xrh d.iv 11 A-.ril r. vf

waiuiprnvd ; block I. .' l'1. n.is. 4, 9, 10, unimjmnvi sjvuiti: I'lumcr Blocks and iJrassos, uj'-rc i r Dec {9. Cor. Water and Chi} tint -t tt1.y's N.TUST r?" Iin Court having been assured by affidavit I'oots and Shoes bi-rvvcva the lj.. urs f !u o'clock, A. .M. awi {

; block 17, nq. 4.', uma-pi-nved ; block Jess, oie: Ta I He.id I PiK-Cratik", r.:4: ? I >t Flywherlments -- i. of cornplairnnt in the above caue, that Clothing ot all kin.- i/cli.cS, P. M. ft.r cash, to pay up sjid nttes a. ,

.. S 17, lots n.?. G, 7, iin;);.we I ; bl.-'.; 1>, l ts no?. '' *evcti Slnits, two BJt Wiic< Is, onb4 ( lames CJreeii resides bevond the State of Florida, Also, a neat assortment '.f JEWELRY, ard ct'ts arid rhi.rzs. i

.. :3, 4;, '7, te, unnapruvrd; Llt.n i lt l U jit Scrowr, X.c. fine Ivcentnck, o'.o ( Jovfrnr '< ( eived and for sale l.v" !mt within the United States, it j is ordered I hat a many other articles ton ntiinprr.iw to r.criti-n. JAS. E. HKTTXER: Aa rtr.flke

n> f"i.- li.5. Ivir l.iiu.j; Cittou ..Scrvs, Flour I I I II I F A HELLS [ hearirig be had upon: the facts charged i in Mid Call and examine for \ur-lves. Tn-t'ts 1.1 1 tIe Apalicliic Lai.dCa /

larfve e, n'-iir.n-eJ! ; Ul jck 2', 1 >'* n >s. :{ t > 1", G. jii-.ir.i: '. Shaft a-ui t t-vootMrni "' Siu-lt and WEDF. lr..n, ."otch ..MV( iilii.. ..:'i :l. !bill at the regulir term of Court next enduing. M. N. SCOTT it. BROTHER: .tpr !arhtci>ljt, Marrh ?, l' Is. I

ine1qiv4', ii iitor ; l 21. t ,. .. .'>, inkJrweI two 1'iv iV'n'fN, loviid on us the jmiperty iiI | I H. f..;. Hlifksii ilhs I P. liows Cr.ttiii.i o he date ol this order, ami thereupon to pa*, a Dec2''J C'.r. Water and Centre sfs.U. u'iii:

; ti1ck -21,1-itsu >-. 3 f i a'.dtl to Miu) I ihrn I Alai.iev.: by: VII Ut' I fa writ t ) n-i d i n'rted Jiom t tli-; 'ircuir i i Couit r.f FrutikIri h.td appeared and: were present in Court : Provided Ellison & Co., C'or.VaJcr azjil TEST ret ship ,
sire, u1itap)1..i; b! "k: .2, >Jsr* 1,3. TIIMbl I Pans, Ploughs, ,.c. &.c. lr vo| |liv sale !.w (for ca-It-
,roe3; : i i it ni&i 1'r : &'< 'jrity, m favor (1 John %V. Uabjx-k vs. said l n ELLISON: fcc ('. alnavs- I that a copy: i/f t this order shall }Iiv.. (' I') bisktt.: 1fi.14ik Charnpazr.e

lot < .7 Ihrain .Maile\: \ ( % \V'i!. id C!i.I. been publi-'iied i ii: some newspaper ot I this State; Sill !> fn"NJLKi7v.MAILL : : ,
< as. 1.42,3, 3 !9 .r. r .n: t 1.1! -t't. 5 oM Pale Pt rt Vine 0
bIL 4'), lits '! >.. :{, 4. ", 4, : : : ..rv ; blc JOHN I.UCS, Shciiff F. C. (fnp th1 ap: cf> rf three months :it least bpfrc the .\ :an'! Hfrn; C.'rd.n.rt! of ail -iz "., 5 cases" S'trler.t''s! ,
\ Jicliic.i.t '! i* l I. 'oic '? !fiist di cf sud term 'jnI dii of said I [ lrK '.Vc.nnlii.c Marline
1 ) 1, ', .;, 7. N 1a uiIarcT: ; fakck2'J ten; > > proof publication < : Sp-tri- 10 DitiF Gordon SberrvVirp.
144 1 1. 1 ti-i.J : :'', n : zijr.ed : block! 7.1IlS is a v..lu: i!>coiiipound llmd, i-xtruct (.1 t tt l/e m.ul" t t-> salt! (C<.'uitID yarn. ')..kttn. S.'rni i il 1, Faii'lo.!! \.Vbab- do, )!ivf .
74 i> > '
." 7: i '. '19i u.y-j'.vJ l iilivk *_Sartlu-as'c, ?. !iij (Cliaiidicry, tVr.f t (>iti'iu.ia! atd R-iI'fn, a vegi-t.i'i-! it ',riiulor ; ,-' ( ). S. HAWKIXS, .Jud..e. &c. do, Lu.5erd do, II.iw d.'. fl.'ii.d da. pirit? TIKntine 1 10 uhl! E.ist Irdia M.idenaVine,
2 ?, 1: t-5 a >*. o, N ;
- .. G oliliiciiv Ma-ltna XVtnn, bv .
8 i.11! Sxi'i--uijL-! hivun.i haii'l ft 39, its'm>. :U,..1, 0, 7, S' vc.l'', H,!blk a'u jii.A-td,31 lots; lJ"KS, as.I.-.j, ]JulH t S'-fews, I Hint;. *, 1 2 1 1. 1 F. \ IJF.LLD V.'lI.LI \.>I V.VLI.i..VU; y. Clerk.Apal Ltd K.-d tIti! \ll11)W Ucbr (dirotne ;-r ri, -M.i'ch s t: M. ULLY.1.
W-ick ti i t S 'iitfipr > : --- -
:: > l;'iIr.tlIl 11., ; di'. r'JP'.V \ .
1 lljiids.iMilis.tws 1 : i Ciosicut tl.i i 1JI.mi'sVnjMsfs ; ,
i'-hicu! Dec. 2'i 1 17. riO-3in
Cis. %5 5, L*. 1 i, u-il-apr: v -.- '. ; 1>1 > '* -2, I .ts n ,s ( \I2erC tinbIci ('Ii i. Is HI.AN- a : :i, .hiri. Liih r.te. rihi.iiur. Friht 1.trrii-h, (',.r.l Noice. I

1,4. 3, 5, 7, ';, 0. I1;, y u nor >':,-.l ; !>1 ck ::1.} i ..Sth ; 'id 1 I'itlK'l: -s, i'u'vc-li, S j'r.rc, JJroi !11\---, l11'C.leI'ate.l! Snui.Hli j.c.-in.-, fi. cjjic;; >!! >5 Circnit Court. CliP, '['tim, lo-u, l'iu'h' ; (::4);)!, Paurlr'ihi. : MY vie% Ann K.if., tavir. !1. ff r> h.d4
)$ 6, 9, iiiiinrtroved ; Wk; :HI.j la!* nos. 2 1 tics l .tr.u-n do, r d.., Sr2b; d. ( Itriip itLti \TitiiMit TIL-SP tLe! ;.-M,',IC art fc**|
bv TF5F .
ah- Ft-lra !
do CulluB'1 do Ad/- I Hatchet.-I IJ ?: [ 11 Fall Term, Ibl7.
Ship .a Ill-
[ BI.irk Cii ilk. \ 1 .: nck. E- "K-d ai.ajn-t h.uU' '. imy
inclusive, H-wnpnv 1 : hi >'k G">, lut nos ] I ? ;, -.i t Mtilii 6,,7, S, 9, 1..s. uuimjr: ived: : bl irk :3-i;, l"s! nos. 2 incrs, Shutter Ilaiun.gs, JJlmJ d iSteeUaids. David J. Mear.-s J)) \his\\ jo, t ofinri dII.-;ivy !il.tvciis nr, Lu'ht d", I acroui.t, a* I l.al! i.- I be au r.'. ie fcr Ideals
Counter( So:ilfS, PLittorin tin (;ott., (1 li vs. J- Dill for Divorce. Wlntf Ill'ic.m'J I U (
: Duntr.z. X.nN tin
N : 'lti.'r ,
t4l1, inclu-iv, u'.}!!i1) ): -nvl!: .bl iH< 'J7. lots nos. ;:4-\ 1IHOU'e.t; Ii.-lies ; ol) ti-n-. sJ'I ri L. : | c< ntracttd b> her froia t' .- t.JurlE...'-. 4
KitcnenVau Table Shovi-1 hizaitli! do Tack Uoa' do l d
-, Cutlery, .ti.d Ship pikis, >n> $, crew-
b'.a-k :W l"tsn0j. : I 0 VlorMlebv h I II.! r.LLI.! oN' r. ). ; KATE.
-lj5G:, 7, N 'J. M. mijvr..vd: : >
TOM S, i"iilrui: <, &.c.IJLWKSMITHS' .11' appearing to the .satisfaction of the Court Jack Serevvs. Anchors 1i.i'1pk.s, Cafaii[
blck ::5'J, l h-5-i ). :'it i t '.. V..tr a'l Cl.it : On '-.' Co.. VS. Sl.ll< 7 i*
2 to 9, nehi-veirujnprjved: ; I-.VAS-A-ivils.|| Sledj.-s j < r !: .n L that the defendant ieiJe out ti' the Wo ttrn lt.irs, (.).trs. ibcks, Jib t1.tnks, Ii.tn'fl'Llrnp. : :
113;. 1 la U, iflCtiiV.! uiim,$r.>ved ; blo"k I'J, I .;: I i.ik Btickrs, 1'd.ir do, Dt'vk Brorinrii :-,
I I Circuit of l'l' rid.i, and nt .f t the State it i isrdered ;
Muorn.Ts, Vices; Serewjdjtcs, Stocks a'al E.'jJ' il dlil! ':S JSCt'tl1*. > (> ( T5OOT.S, Sh. antI llr.ns. h the ce;
u..hn.rf..v.l ( do ( .iltixi ht
13t5 nu. 1 :1, 1, i, 7 ; trvrZ Ax. .kx.'
DMT >na, l'iI.JLi %) ;, kc.HION L.i; : l'ie.b Z..d reiftlI (tii.it; said defendant:: berc |::ired to appear \Vt Shoe ami C-vi!
ItIre.t1i jneiis
1'J i.rlusnc, caclik i j-t: I ldv-I tru1 'Fnmbirsflox hooks, ah.Caii ;
I.i1o ri: 11 and2 lots !, s. 1 ,
aaimir vM blocl: 13, 1 >tno? 1 2, 3, :f fI'JI : -S'.vecds, i n.i hsjiand Aci'-ican, is.i.rtod, /\. and! firsdebv'j ind nns.ver !his bill of complai.if; ( :i th? 1st do. (' ; ) (11,, uit (It), [ llI do. (' Mefl'S, Eojs and Y nihs !iir.; z : t
: : > ; 1 to j't nvlu10 r in ni, t1it and IM ire, ]1uil, lItitp: ck 4 1 1 N ns. -
niTnini"lil! > _
; ; > lioler I run. U jihoaj, Spiljc d I i, I HorsPalioc I hereot this bui siv. 11iwr'e.i ; 13, j(4 ; nP';. I t.s Ii), In..1tuive Iron: an 1 Nails Ca-t, Lnghah, nii&ti.r and ()z1fl 's Yo: t:, that I this older be published in .sjrne newspaper Divider.-1) Com.us-. s.ni Xeed!.'sai! '1'tvin.-, '. fif & \\i d Iii; N

unitnprove ; bliZr ljii flhJ. 3, 1 I (J rm.i'i; S'tc'l.l.PLMICH.S .4 SAIT and eilicieiit: ron>edy l'.i v. j. .: =, l i r I in this Circuit, for t the sface of I three months Seine; do, Sewing dc. F.ilins, i Ig.11Ig L. utiu-r.: Pnset !ire.zans. F< r ",it;, !liv i

*)I '7, 9. ,! ; t1 .17, I'4s nts. to l ,: : ; -Siiwk' and Dmiblc Conv.liel!< r-, rs.ii; u/ jelbie the day ordered for tlf stid! hearing. Pump d fil, rfliovvf, I Il.tinm.-. II itchcts. Ciu.elAuqur --. IT. EI.LM : CO.f. .
tiuitarwti l 1", l..s no. I t. Phne*. II iud.-t-.v- ( imbet! Hnnil-nw v
Inc3ive. ; ) -, ,
l'.h j r .'r.rY.cIIIs' : JJALTZELL
r..r.itnilis; I Lojrli ujis, TI.I *
Inclusive. uuitn.iri vc l : I,1i'l U S'loveh and S ItI.4.| Vv't-edin I llo.-.s.I (; December 7, H 17. -lOJJmiron
] Stock do lloi'ks! and Sta.e!
!-.rk '), I'its ns H.ne P.tdiock-,
10 inclusive umtnprov.'J ) > ;
_.:::, .;____ ; : Lm; and CJni:)hi a. I Hoes.COIMJAOi I L or iilt'. Jdiaa.
Wood Pen.i.ini
r { Hand Li.it- _
- 1 tu 1U, iacl'J'ive, uaiinprovel; ; bl ick "ii, lot: Cr.RTAIN I I remulv for. chill a-:: lVv < r, f. .Ti"ai3s;, .iws, Ltily-iru's .- BRLSH.i.n.w :.s.ditfr risrirF
: Manill and I Hem's I a'rtid 1'itrh, Sea do do. Fi ii di Haarl 7
:t Deep LO.J = >. Le.idt. >-p;
-IF 1t3. 2 to 10, inclur.v, uirnpr-ivc.! ; block 32'oti .t sale by 5') 11'ONS Swede Iron, as-sorted sizes ; do l\cfi dt, ) O Ap-! f'> .
I'.ar do
: Tar, K .sin, Co.il 'l'dr, Illicit! Vuir.iah, I Haisdsjuk Sea; > Fitnueis? Ltntlt.rr.! .-, : I
nos. 1 t. tf, inclusive, 'Jrunriruvcd; ; bl >ck 31 I s ISlucks, Otrs, ice. I l'eb3 J f' .\ :'c.L1VCI'IOO ., 1 i I I ki' s Xails, do.I Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots. L-.g Houk.-, Cargo (*>, 1kc23 NOL'asr.; : STE i C ?

*-* lots no,. 1 It 14, will jt', unimproved ; blo-ii: CAS i'JN-Sn4.tr Kettles, Mills End Cauldron : I casks Weeding! Hoes! assoited ijualities; : I>ela\irg! PinTin, Vv'arCr, cep-, Carpenu-i's
5:;: lots ms. 12, :3, .1 1, 3, N 4,4, 1 U31IZll; ivv.l] 2'J IHacksinith Steel Faced Anvils! ; Tools, Sampson Post.e Ve.Apalachijola. 11'I
block 31, lolstios. 1 to 1''), mcl.Jsjve, unimprov : -, UiUcovens, Sjnders, Pots KnatnolctlKttles t 17011 sale bv 20) I Knulisii: ; and American Vises ; Dec 9. lsj.7. Full Crop, tor sale hy
t 'fea Id-ttk-s t c.TINWAKK I.? l-c.i{ 15 F.f.M SON) Ci. FRESH
cJ ; block T s', lots nos. 1 tn 10, ii>cliJiv 1 -A t full assoittnent.Wholesale I *
; block 5 Mots ms. 1 t t. M l, iiusive, ui: -. I or retail.iionnuTs. (J '<)CCI'fl(4. 12 ilo/.en Spades and Shovels;

improve! ; blo-lc Jk>tjn'.s. 1 t'l'-.i'jd-jsive.u'i!' ALLIX: &. Co.A ':' c' 1515I.S \Vlu.skey ; lo' liljjs M.l I.-s s ; 10 Collins' Avs ; Act ann T\vne UlasT2 ftocris.DIJILLINT. hi

improve I ; bkr'c01loN 1 nos. ] I Nincl i-jvvun >ialacliicola, Jan. 2U I, I S I.ft I. _1 ) 1 tierce I lice, just rec'd and f i -iti.- I by 10 I bxs Colt ju and Woolen Cards ; C'Jr1)ay, Tirkir.C.ttn:: OI

improved I ; blocks >i t.i 'V> iaclusivi; tl'ullIC; >vd : Jan i:. .McC UJ.LV. 3' UM< r r st 1 case Iluvlan1's Cast Steel Mill Saws ; COMJIEMCI \L-SrnFEr, Kersex*. Jva <, Fr.L-. 1.

block 7 J lots im I M i i nciu-iiva unimproved ; i :? i'l ii lp. ItlOO( Ibs Cast and (Jerman Steel, for sale by ket5. TtveiTs. Siirtit4: .'lv' L'Cir.hatr..t

block 71 1 liI' n >t I to IJ inclusive unuaprovv.i ; 1)!\1NS.I Plain I Irons, .iIl4le and double, I Ihinmots [ 'i'i'ii.si s. WM. U. FOIITFJI fc CO. (L> Stairs,) BOSTON. Calicoes, Dchs.. II'i: r-, r

block 72 I'.t.s uii I lull inclusive u-iiuipi >v. d ; 1. Draw Knives, Augurs, AiS 'u-r Hits, HULL'S suj c:rior single and double Tiu-'s.- Dec 30 .1 11 Water street. .Iauu1.ietnreN and Dealers in Dnan's P.it rit For
-.block 7i lots no 1 tu 10 i-icluiive u:liiupr-A-H ; j >.>trj'. Hn'ri-s: Timber Scribc-s! Turn: Scns, by Twine Statids, I\ -t (OHicw Twir.es, Dalein-j and Dec '. Ccr. Water .n d Chit.tiat3C1riIC !

block 7
block 77 lot uo? 1 4o I0 inclusive uiiirnprovcl I; IlilcAd.e Wrcnrbes, S.uvs LnckI I Hooks BOY'S and Men's Iluastt Dio aiis ; Cottnn Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned. Fbx for Cotton, fT

block 7-s lots no* 1 to I I") inclusive, unimproved; ; andSJ ijik's U-ittsS"n, I IIinirc Shut ter Holts, School iCOS, sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ; Herring Twine, Hawser and ShroudlaidI.tck ) 00I tor ."{i') > bales m K wer l""! v"IX

block l lots nos 4 tu 10 inclu-ive uuimprowd ; Hrads Tack*, (CopiicrVir<>, Melting Ladl'-s, U.it 11-I;' l.y (lents line Calf D rowans ; erel Lines ; Herring, Poha: .m Shad. Dass, anil! Apply to

blokN 2 Lots lus 1 to I') inclusive tnimpro.-ed ; Traps, A\OS I Ihtchfts C<,fi.-c Milh, Sled'c Hammers i:_F .i)JIJ I 1 IIK 1_ APKLL.Vermifuge. Win's peir'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do. Dip! Nets. Government Seii'iswith B.t.t4 ; Cud, Fd.)21. I) !: [ .t C'

block bl lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved h'mitli 'Polios Mill i I 1 S.iws; Anvils, &.c. *cc.Forsalahy Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Semes,
block bl 1 lots nos 1 to 10 inijtuive unimproved ; 15. F.I.USON ic. Co. T;r 7l\iiIS' : Caii.idiuii'cIiiitig..-, for -'iit bv Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Hoofs. fee. Ci !er. }

block sJ lots II-M 4 tu 10 inclusive unimproved ; !Dec.- :i. C-.r. W.itcr; a-id Chestnut > V 1-V. 17 H J F AHULL[ *. A large and extensiveassortrnent, just received .;A: 7>. .AtIs awl Stints knit to onlt" nt short ;?rDuLS Chaui-agia-.r s.,1> hv gVinegar.

block S'i' lots nos 1 1') i inclusive unimproved : LCIZIiI and for sale by WM. G PORTER & CO. notice. D. ELLISON & Co., A en'.s, .J Ieet:' .B 1LI.NL'N

block *>7 lots nos 1 to 1') i inclusive inimprovvd j ; GtllISt'C I'ZOUI'iksliei.. Butler, B HAY'S Lemon SyI'a ) Dec 30 -11 Water street. October 1.t J. I H17. JJ'Jtf Ap:>!ac .ic IaAc. VAFCW
block bS lots nos 4 to 40 inclusive u-iimproved ; a su fcrior article of CHI'l-Nl-, t I'- sale J superior SViIipjust received ; !
AND f.-r
and for bale bbls Cukr Vnvar se.t.
liyF.li wra1lti.; ; ure
block SlHots nos 1 to I 10 I inclusive unimproved ; E. McClM.LY illa|> Agents Groceries, E. Ai-fl-LLT! J.mmw J.
block !' ) lota: no* 4 to 4u inclusive unimproved: ; NQV 1 1_5(1('J VaIor! s*' 17- H F AKI'.LL.Saddlery : U lin subscriber wishes to en a-je in the sale of JUST received Iroin New York, per brig Alaba Nov >u *

block 01 lots nos 4 to I 10 inclusive u-iiinpioved ; his Maps a number of young and middle a general assi rtment of Groceries, &..c.conistiny 11 -
J the low for cash
block 'J2 lots nos 4 to 40 inclusive unimproved ; HATS an Cjjis by H. KLLISON case: & CO.by SADDLED, ol various patients: and ipulitics, ajjed men of moral and business habits, as trivelling : in part as follows., viz : v Hydrostatic 1iihF0111118'

block U'] lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; Dec '.t. Cor. Water and Chestnut st. I curt and SnaHlc bits, agents. I Having completed new and Crushed Sugar, "a fine article," FEW Hvdrostatic Ink Fountain Pen K't

blok 1M Pits ncu 1 to 1i iuclu-ivo nnilnplor4cl: I ; Saddle 15a sMdrtmiales-, greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas, Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup, A Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamp.*"!

4 block yi lots nos :'j I 1007s 9 I 10 unimproved ; Trusses, : and Whips, fur --ale by 7'2aps! ; 1are Map ol the World, Reference Cog. Brandy, a super. article," Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. tor sik hv -1'

block DO lots IKH 1 2 .'< '5 7 *J 'J 10' unimproved: ; SIXGLK I ; .md double, lor( sale by WAI.: 0. rOIVI'KIt fc Co. and Distance Map of (the United States, National Ci>m. do.Holhnd Nov IS J

block 97 lots Iris 1 to 10 inclusive ii-nmproved ; n J. c. ALLTN.V lice :30 -II I Water slitet.SWAIM Map of the United States-also, a variety of Gin, of (the bpsf quality,

block 9S lots IllS 1 to lo inclusive unimproved( ; Lw2sMdiCsIles other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico, Northern (Jin, Peach Brandy, Gold Pen*.

block 9'J lots nos 1 to l lo) inclusive unimproved: ; < Chemicals.A 1'iiiacea5 the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for St. Croix and Jamaica Kum.Madena FEW of AVowlvvarJ & Crothrr's 511

block 10) lots nos 1 to lUinclu-ivp uuirnproved ; J.\ 'i'jis' ': si'l'l'ly f Drugs Medicines and I *c I IIOUCK'S I ran.ict's j just ivcoived cash, at the lowest possible prices. Port and Malaga[ %Wine, A Gold Pens,just received and tt1r5311'tE

block 1U1 lots nos 1 to I lonclu.ive unimproved ; I !. f.ral.Chemicals.- l now landing from balk Itcfoim, : sale [byI'Vli Addiess, Soap} Candles and Starch, Octoberll. J c '

J block 102 lota nos I to 10 inclusive u-iimproved, ; 311 Iiy 17 U)F AIH'.LL."nOTATOKS S. AUGUSTUS MITCHELL, N. (.). Rectified Whiskey,
Nov 1 11 J. .
block 103 lots nos I to 10inclusive unimproved: ( ; I C. ALLEN -100 bbls. ; Turnips____r>(0 blls Northeast corner of Market and Seventh Drown NO.. Muscovado and St. Croix Sugar, Western Produce.ST. Lard,

block 101( I lots no* 1 to JO inclusive! unimproved ; Eflir lvurc.fHRXCi 1 Carrots-.00 bbls.; hi.vt-5lj bbls ; Dec 3U' Streets, Philadelphia. Bacon Sides, &c. &c. LOUIS Fl.'ur Ohio dO. ,}'
; All of which will[ be sold low choice and prime,
block 10( lots no? I to lOincl-isivfl unftnpr.ned ; by
> : CHMNS, Sjia-les, Locks, nssJ. ted, Parsnips U.i bbls., lor sale t by Shtitt
I Sides
Hams ar.u
Bluik Rooks ami and ,
block lUfj lots no 1 t..) I 10 inclusive uimnproved I : ; I 1Vai.oiiil Cai Hoxes, Drawing Knives and Dec 30 H ELLISON & Co. Stationery.LEDGERS E. McCULLY, prme. ELLISON &
block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved! ; Iro.is &c. Ac. for silo low by Journals, Day Books, &c. Nov 11 rj( Water st. sale by B.
: ,
For Sale. Cor- Water and
( and Letter Dec 9.
Foolscap Paper
block ItHlotsnoal to 10inclu-ix-e) unimproved s Nv 1 1 i:. M.-CIJLLY I 5) W.tcr 4| SACKS Salt 20 lirkins Uut- Dooks ; Groceries ami Ship Stores. ___________ -j
superior Cot
block 1lI W lots tins 4 lo 40 in-l'i-ive !unimproved : 9 ; Memorandum ;
block 110 lois no 1 to UMnclnsive) improved : R:1git1 and Itopo, ter. Applv to Ship and River Dills Lading ; RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Dominsjo do, Guava Jellies. .

block ill lotsjios 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : T'O1; { sale by K. McCHLLY, Jan 43 NOUKSK, STOXK &. Co. Doooks for Letter Press. F'lcnirVestemn do; N O Suaar, IN different sized boxesju received"*

4 block 112 lots no 1 to 10 incl-i-ive unimproved : L1 1 Novl I fiu W:i erst. Blank Dills of Exchange and Checks, St. Croiv do, Porto Rico do. Young Hyson Tea, and for sale by
block 143 lots nos I to 40) inclusive! uniiniroved, ; : Coflfcn.ff Just icceived and for sale bv Hyson do, Powchon; do, tjouchong do, Goshen Dec -23 EMcCVthSchool '

block 114 lots nos 1 to 10 ,mcluaixe unimproved : I Ell4ITZrCa.t and Soda Powder* of the j \ \ SACKS Rio, Havana, and St. Domingo March 1 "11. F. A DELL.W Duller Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoulders
block 115 lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved : I bi-st quality, for sale by J.U U Coffee, for sale low L v Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Reef, Books.
block 116 lots nos 1 to 10 inclu-ive ui.ini.roved. : July 17 J. C ALLKN. Mesa and Prime Pork. Mackerel. Shad, Salmon, BOOKS, ot all kinds just
: Dec 2'i n McCULLY. Razors.DE Herring Sounds and Cod Fit-h Tongues SCHOOL
block 117 lots nos 1 to 10 inclu-ive unimproved Tongues, JC.. t
p block 1H lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uiimprovcd : Wood Wuro, A-c. fc DUTCIIAR'S and Rodgers & Son's Pepper, Spices, Catsups. Pepper Sauce, Olives i ,

block 149 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : [ Covers Painted Pails, Tub, Flour Oil Cloths and Cavptts. superior Razors for sale by Capers, Pickles, Soap, ?tarcli. Tobacco, Navy Bacon Flour 5iai'coffee *,
block 120 lets nos 1 to 10 inclusive umm:>rovrd : BARREL Measur.-s, Axliclves, Uuckcts 1 PCS OilCloth, 1 and yards wide; F't'1)21 1 'II F ABELL.E3 Dread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits, ,
block 121 lots no. 1 to 10 inclusive uiimyroved : Trays, e 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpi-ting; Deans, Salt llaisens. Macaroni, Vermacelli. Arrow Salt,
block 122 lots nos 1 to 40 inclusive unimproved, : Brooms, &,c. cc. for sale bvH. 2 Stair OsIIil)1I1s. Itoot, Corn, Oas, Buckwheat, Mustard. Rice. on hand, and tor sale low bl.<*-

block 121 lots nos 1 to 40 inclusive unimproved : I). ELLISON & Co. 10 Tufted Hugs, 1 Georgia Osnaburgs, on consignment For sale by B. ELLISON & CO ALWAYS F. McCUJ,
: j Dec 9. Cor. Water and Che-tnut (s.QUININE I for sale IVc 9 C.nr.'ater and CheMmit
blocK 124 lots fibS 1 to 40 inclusive unimproved For ale by WAI. Cl. POR'IT.R \- CO. by sts. --- atCOMPOUND

block 12> lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive .unimproved : Camphor and Piperine, !ust re Dec :31> 'I \Vattr tre&t. Dec_J. DAY & Co. Lancets. .4
block 126 lots nos 1 to 40) mclu-ive unimproved : PjxING and Thumb Lancets, just received / Syrup of Wild Cherry,]
block 127 lots nos I to 40 inclusive unimproved : for ale by I>r. Woodi'iiir's Dyseiilary Cordial Razor Strops. S
and! for sale and for sale byMOFFATS
block 12S lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved : April 17 H. F. ARKLL.BEKF CHAPMAN and, Emerson's Strops, just re- by Reived F "
block 129 lots nos 1 to 10 inclu-ive unimproved : for sale by H F ABELL.
10 inclusive uinmpioved : -Mess and Prime, Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus\ Feb24 II F PI'
block 130 lots noi 1 te I ABELL.CASTI LIFE PILLS AND
do Cholera Irilantum, and complaint of JtF Tauiicrs Oil,
Do sunmur
block 131 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : and for 5J
: block 132 lots nos 1 to 10 inclu-ive unimproved : Broad-Navv and Pilot, for sale bv children, for sale by LE Soap for sale by OR sale by jut DT")
4 fclock 133lot! nosl 1 to lOiii'-hsiv i I mimi.ro\ed I | ; Dec ;;(u B ELLISON k Co. Fob 'J .F. ALLKN.. H F ABELL. Dec 30') D ELLISON A Co. Nov -2S H. F ABELL ,

-- .
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