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[For the Commercial Advertiser.]





'l R C I A NT S,
No. t'Pr 'V sote r c-0treet,
nov2t A ;ilAachicola, Fla
-a r 'pss r& a-o i R1
C 0 M `I S S 10 N M E.1 C H AN T S,
g'eR'it.-, ./' r t~e
of" the C;/!/ of Ve:.o Yort,
No. 51 Wv iter street,
Dec t-2 Aralachicola, Fa.
W. T. WooD. B. BALLOU.
4V-;,),1:1 & ailw
C 0 NT AI:I, 0 N E R:C [AN TS3,
O.Ki;e No. 42 Water :3treet.--Up stmlir,3.
Jin 16 A>-rdcachiceo01,, Fa.
-A .v.4- W y1.1, W.I A. McK-ziA.
WVylie g 3 t*?&.<; ieii,
C 0 HI S 4 r 0 .P a R C 1[ A N T ,
"*" NJ. 12 \Viti-t street,
S-'.t. l, 1.S17. \,)lachieol~h, Fi.

S-. J. S31ilrer.
AV Il!r,/- TDi,, ANTD) R i'-A1L GROCER,
gr. ^irtic.itltr itt *-'nion purid to i)1ttinsg up f1ily,
ste-un')o'( ani] ship stores.
No. 1. \Voter street,
N' 14 ,\' l,",hicola, Fla.
H.: *?, A5be2I,
\,V nl r [,)r gq y O !'RTI'A.IL,
D 2L tIN ) ; r %,[ c -) C[NF \, PAN-I'TS,
OLL ,GL V,-), 'C-c.,N&, .
AN',,- \) ;1 iir dl *mrtm.nt of Statinery.
C )r. of C i dstnut and Vater streets,
Anril ItI A--alaclhicola, Fa.

C 0 M M [ S 10 N M E R C H A N T,
N'-),1. 3 V.iter sireet--Up stairs,
D -c. 1, L917. AI)alachicola, Fla.
J. C. Allean,
VVholesxle ani Rl etail DLaler in
GLASS, BU.:LT:-. I ,& c., &c.
.4 fienzero r.-ifsorf'tnenf of
B .-)KS, B \ N!,..,"TT[ON'El.RY, ,Vec -c.
cor of Gi3:,;saut Co im erce, streets,
Dec 4 Ap ichicola, Fla.
1. S. 11Izwley,
No. ;-3 Water street,
T) I A'-vil.a'hicola, Fa.
G"'.{ D c ". .. VSVV (3) \[, J.^S<)',T- ,I1a C ..A S" r,
No. 43 W.aterstreet.
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Pa.
B. EllaiSU2 <& Co.,
Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Dee 9 Apalachicola, Fa.
Edward IeCuilly,
No. 50 Water street.
Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
Jas. F. Farrier,
No. 50 Water street.
Nov 11 Apalachicola, Fla.
XI'Calla & Ronmain,
No. 9 Columbus Block.
Nov. 18 Apalachicola, Fla.

Dec. 23. Apalachicola, Fa.
Cooke & Horne,
No. 13, St. Charles Street,
feb 8.

(Late T. CLARK.)
lk ,, CONTINUES to carry on the
_business in Apalachicola, oppo-
Csite the City Hotel in Centre st.
i Having superior workmen, he is
confident that all who may patronize him will
find that they have called at the right shop.
French Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and
most approved style. Also, Patent Leather Gai-
ter Boots and Shoes made in a superior manner.
He will keep constantly on hand a large and se-
lected assortment of Ready Made Boots, Shoes
and Brogans. All mending, &c., done with neat-,
ness and promptitude, and on terms that cannot.
fail to be recognised'as in keeping with the com-
petition in trade and the closeness of the times.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9, 1S47. 47-6m

maison, and lived just long enough to see
the first fall of him she continued to love,
with undying affection.
The next step was to supply her place.
A sister of the Emperor Alexander was talk-
ed of, but objections were made by her
family on religious grounds. Bonaparte
seems to have been well pleased with this
result, as it left him at liberty to look to-
wards the young Archduchess of Austria,
towards whom he may have indulged cei-
lain tender feelings. Eugene, the son of
the repudiated Josephine, was deputed to
arrange a match. in a trice, the match was
made, neither of the parties having ever seen
the other. The espousals *ere celebrated
-at Vienna on the 11th of March, 1810, less
than three months after the divorce. The
person of Napoleon was represented by his
favorite Berthier. In a few days Maria
Louisa set out for Paris.
'When about a day's journey from Paris,
a horseman, entirely unattended, rode up to
her carriage and stopt it. She alighted,
and was instantly clasped in the embrace of
the French Emperor. Napoleon was not
punctilious about the forms of marriage, and
they lodged together at Soissons. They
were married a few days afterward, in Paris,
with great pomp. A singular circumstance
occurred at one of the fetes which followed.
The dancing-room, a temporary structure
erected in the garden, took fire, and so rapid
was the spread of the flames, that several
persons were burned to death-among them
the sister of Prince Schwartzenburg, who
bad given the ball. It was recollected, that
a similar accident had occurred at a similar
entertainment, given on the occasion of the
marriage of the unfortunate Louis XVI.
with Marie Antoinette, also an Austrian
After the direful retreat from Moscow,
the Austrian Emperor united with tlhe other
European powers, and declared war against
his son-in-law, notwithstanding the family
alliance. When Napoleon was driven to
Elba, his wife refused any longer to unite
her fate with his. It is probable that she
would have followed him, but for the advice
and remonstrance of her relatives. But they
were now parted forever. By her, however,
he had a son, whose birth was hailed by the
French nation with the highest enthusiasm.
To this son Napoleon gave the title of
"King of Rome"-a title rendered com-
pletely barren by the reverses which for-
tune heaped on the father's head. Young
Bonaparte died in his boyhood. Had he
lived, he might have embatrased the politi-
cal Rfftw-Mie of I? fit-6-- and possi.ljly, in thoi
course of revolutionary changes, he might
havebeen acknowledged by the French na-
tion as their lawful sovereign.
Maria Louisa is described as a woman of
good sense, graceful manners, amiable tem-
per, and great simplicity and artlessness-
It is, however, only as the wife of Napoleon,
and as the Empress of France, that she
figures in history. Had she followed her
husband in his exile, she would have earn-
ed lasting honor, and independent fame.
She never saw him after his departure from
Paris, to meet the embattled legions of
Europe, by which he was overwhelmed.-
nor did she appear to cherish for him the
slightest regard. She bad loved him, but
only as the Emperor of France. The con-
stancy of woman was not hers. Had the
battle of Waterloo terminated in his favor,
it is probable she would have fled into his
arms. But when he became an exile in St.
Helena, she soon found another husband,
and maintained the reputation of her family
by becoming the mother of numerous pro-
geny. She was nineteen years old when
married to Napoleon, and died at the age of
fifty-six.-[Daily News.
[From the Saturday Evening Post.]
There are very few works of equal size the
perusal of which have afforded me more
satisfaction than of Johnson's elegant and
deeply impressive story of Rasselas. In the
most beautiful and attractive manner,
through the medium of faultless imagery,
it brings before the mind the folly of our
endless search for unchanging joy atnong
the viscissttudes of a life which is ever heir
to "vanity and vexation of spirit." Could
it be fully appreciated its genius would
prove an antidote for that sickness of the
mind that leads to constant and[ useless re-
piningaxtg arnTotr OTne-wouild think while
reading its brilliant description of the "hap-
py valley,"' with its green mountain walls,
over which no enemies might climb-itS
softly murmuring rivulets--its foaming tor-
rents-its fhiry lake and magnificent palace,
in which every desire, as if by enchantment.
was gratified, and where toil and anxious
care might be banished in the midst of a
chosen circle of beautiful ones, where want
was unknown, that in such a; place one
might at least be contented. But it was not
so with the Prince Rasselas. Although a
favorite whom all sought to please, yet was
he not satisfied ; his slumbers by night were
disturbed by restless dreams, and by day
sadness sat upon his brow. And when

asked by one of the sages of the "1 happy
valley" what was, the cause of his disquiet,
he replied, "That IVwant nothing is the
cause of my complaint, I long to see the
miseries of the world." This may appear
to be a strange desire, yet it is not too
strange for discontent to feel.
His wishes %ere gratified, and he was
permitted to go forth to mingle with the
stormy world. He tasted its bitter cup, and
turned from it in disgust, and hurried back
with eager haste to the vale he had left be-
To those who were not inhabitants of ,
that happy valley" it was the place above
every other to be desired. When weary
with the painful toil of day, the Abyssinian
lay down to rest, in his thoughts he hasten-
ed away to that happy place, and in his

dreams it wag a paradise to hiii. B3,ut.
beautiful and Iovely as it was, far fromn being
a paradise, iF it was once fixed as their per-
manent abode, if they were eier so fortunatb
as to be pernited t'o ebier there. For, says
the sage Iinia, speaking to his Prince, I
know not one of all your attendants, who
does not lament the hour when he entered
here." This is the disposition that bears
rule the wide world over, anil is the source
of more distquiei than alI things besides.-
We would fain change places with somhe
one who in fact is not less dissatisfied than
ourselves. The great difficulty is, we judge
too much from appearances-we do not;
can not s9 e he burden on the hear'. Many
an one, whose happiness we envy, should
they give utterabce to their real feelings,
would say, like Rasselas, "I am merry td
conceal my sadness."
" As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow
While the tide runs in darkness and toldness below,
So the cheek may be tiig'd iith a warm sunny
smile, ;
Though the cold heart to ruin rugs d'kiy the
The daily experience of every one bears tes-
timony to the triuthfulness of this--mortalA
are not al'aly what they seem. It is b6-
lieved that we could change places with
but few if any, without looking back witH
sadness to the place we had left behind.-
Every thing connected with the situaiton of
another may seem more desirablb, abd free
from the circumstances that give us pain,
than our own. But we are not constituted
alike, and where others appear to enjoy
themselves we might be far from being hap-
py. Rasselas travelled into foreign lahdso
and carefully examined into the3 situation
of every class of men, resolved to choose
his place among that class, whether high or
low, who were most happy. He sought
long and diligently, and at last was cohtent
to go back to his early home, for he found
sadness and sorrow alike in the hut of thei
shepherd and in the palace of kings& ri,
found that the lowly trembled, afraid of
those who had power-and the powerful
were ever in disquiet, fearing that they
should be brought low, The poor envied
the wealth of the rich, and the rich the quiei
of the poor-both being aloke unhappy. 146
heard some speak of a hermit, a man who
in wild seclusion had dwelt for many years,
far off from other men, alone, and he visited
him in his lonely cavern, And as fie lok-
ed upon him there apparently free frothm t h
envy of poverty and the anxiety of wealth,
he almost resolved that he too would bbe A
hermit. But when he ,as about tt coti.
-gratulate-the old man-the d 1ei-r of thd
wood, on the beauty and quiet of his f"'rest
home, he interrupted him saying, ", Whefi
I first came to this place, its quiet and,
novelty made it attractive to one wveary of
the turmoil of life-but its tiovlty is gone,
and to-morrow 1 shall leave his place."-.
The hermit was not happy. And thte exI
perience of the world since time began doth
testify, that no situation in life is free from
sorrow. And we sadly deceive ourselves if
we expect by fleeing to escape it, or by any
change of circumstances to avoid it ; and if
after examining our situation we find that it
is not so bad as it might be, let us not be in
haste to add to our sorrows the blight of
EUOENE Su-E.-The author of 11 arisiafl
Portraits" in the Atlas, tells soifie sad sto.
ries about the author of the Wandering
Jew ;" of which tale, Ly the way, it is stateA
that not as many hundreds sold of the last
volume as there were thousands of the first:
The following does not tell much 'o Sue's
credit.-[Boston Transcript.
Sue has never sat for his portrait and Ah6
engravings of him are from stolen sketches
taken at the Theatre, or some public place.
Mr. Brisbane, bf New'York, ordered a young
American artist, who was in Paris year be-
fore last, to paint his portrait, and gave him
a letter to Sue, begging a few sittings, Thti
letter was sent to the romancer, enclosed in
one from the artist, who counted on the
money he was about to receive for'the por-
trait, and stated that Mis daily bread de pend-
ed upon it or charity. He never received
an answer. Nnt'many months since, Sue.
used to visit almost daily one off file inns/
fashionable htdies in Paris, Madame~de --,
and hold fourth in her richly furnished bou-
doir, on lheecondition of the poor. ":Do
you ever relieve their distress?" asked Mff-
dame de ---, at t-ha elosfi^tne of these
harangues. "lTo a tr'ifling extent," an-
swered Sue, "*btut though my gifts are
small, they are always cheerfully bestowed.--
I give one fourth of my income i'n- afros."
That afternoon, as he left the Cafe de Paris,
where he had been eating a costly dinner,
an apparently old woman, clad in rags, pray-
ed forecharity. "Go away," was llhe stetri
reply, But I am starving-give menasiw-
gle copper to purchase bread with. 'y ,,1
will give you in charge to a police officer, if
you thus annoy me." Yon will ?" said
the beggar; "and yet, Monsieur Eugene
Sue, you are the man [who write about the
misery of the poor---you are the working
man's champion-you are-" Who0 are

you k" exclaimed Sue. Madame de.-- ,"
was the reply, and the disguised lady step-
ped into her carriage, which was in waiting,
leaving the novelist to his reflections, .
LEAP YEAR.-The Brattleboroubh Eagi
states that the ladies of Vernon, Vt., avagif
ing themselves of the time honored ptero`-
gative of leap year, made arrangement foray
dance, invited the gentlemen, gallanted
them back and forth, and-paid the bills.

SitNetiAk.--fn the town of Eastford<
(says the Hartford .Times,)." there arp now
resident in one house a respectable family.
though not all permanent residents-- a aWy,
her daughter, grand-daught, great-grand-
daughter, and great-greatgrand-daughter"-3
five generations, and neither member ha a
brother or sister.

Underwood & Caighg
Apalachicola, Fa.
,"- All orders attended to with punctuality
and despatch. Jan. 20
M. N. Scott & Brother,
HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,

Ye Christian worshippers, whose fleeting years
Of faith, and hope, and charity, and tears,
Have form'd your living souls for endless love,
And joys unknown in glorious worlds above,
Lift up your hearts.-Hark sister spirits say,
"Come blessed period come millennial day!
The Kingdoms of this world are now our Lord's-
Now, are fulfilled our blessed Savior's words." (1)
It is the Resurrection morn! The first,
When only Christian dead their slumbers burst;
For all the wicked low in darkness lie,
,.Until a thousand years of bliss paes by; (2)
-FiFr saith Saint Paul, those who in Christ are dead
~?*ire first triumphant o'er their earthly bed ; (35
But all in order-first, our Lord arose,
WVhose voice shall break the Christian's long re-
A thousand years-and every foe shall know
The Savior's triumph o'er the world below. (4)
He comes!--the Ancient One, whose dazzling
Like fiery flame, on burning wheels moves on;
His garment white as driven snow is seen,
And hair like purest wool of silver sheen. (5)
A fiery stream forth from Lefore him flies,
And "Allelujahs" rend the vocal skies ;-
Ten thousand worlds in trembling silence move,
While heav'nly hosts proclaim his matchless love.
Around the earth, the vivid lightning roam-
Winds war with winds and dashing foam with foam;
The madden'd clouds are bellowing through the
And clashing cities in the whirlwinds fly ;
The groaning earth is trembling in her course,
And Ocean's voice is hoarser and more hoarse-
But hark What awful voice is that 1 hear,
Like Sinai's thunder bursting" on the ear!?
'Tis Gabriel's trump, that calls the dead to life,
And bids the elements to cease their strife.
Now 0 my soul, the awful scene behold !
See the white bones from hoary ocean roli'd !
Again the tide has parted from the shore,
From caves and coral reefsto gather more.
Ye moldering dead, come forth from 'nealh the
sod !"
The yawnirg earth obeys the voice of GOD ;
The ground is white with bones of human kind,
And mountain heaps the ocean's coast has lin'd.
Now speaks a voice all full of sweet accord-
The trembling Parrh is conscious of its Lord;
And clatt'ring bones leap to their fellow bone,
And sinews come to hold them to their own; (6)
And on each frame, now white as Alpine snow,
Soon shall immortal, blooming beauty glow.
The silent world of death-Jike statues stand
Till each, by soft ambrosial breezes fann'd
Receives the soul-the breathing air moves by,
Kissing white robes of immortality.
A voice is--sweetly sounding, "breathe 0 breath,
And rescue fallen man from endless death."
Eternal youth the rosy cheeks now bear,
And mingling joys fill all the tuneful air;
Bright are the glances love and glory give,
And sweet the meeting cries they live-they
live !" .- -
-From the dark hrnib the Lord of life forth came
Appearing, as before his death of shame ;
And hence we judge, no one deform'd will be,
Nor old ; and yet each human frame we see
And countenance, resembles so the one
We had, before decline of life begun,
That each will know a friend's familiar face,
And long lov'd ones, each others forms shall trace.
Ah, who has not some parted friend to love
Beyond this life, in glorious worlds above 1
Their speechless frames lie mold'ring in the clay,
]n expectation of ihis glorious day ; (7)
But iheir glad souls while in Death's arms we lay,
Shall whisper, Sister spirit, come away." (8)
Is there no joy, when in the war of Death
We yield wire tears the agonizing breath,
To know that those who weep around us here
Shall to our raptur'd sight again appear!
0 yes, ye troubled souls, while mercy lives,
Eternal truth this consolation gives.
(1) Rev. 11 ch. 15 v; (2) Rev. 20 ell. 5rv;.
(3 and 4) 1st Cor. 15ch. 23, 25 v ; (5) Daniel, 7 ch'
9 and 10 v ; (6) Ezekiel, 37 eh. 7 and 8 v ; (7) Ito-
mans, 8 ch. 22 ahd 23 v; (8) Hebrews, 1 ch. 14v.

Dec 23

Apalachicola, Fa.

A. Dodge,
No. 4(y-aferi6 Street,
Dec '23. Apalachicola, Fa.
Sims & Cheever,
Office No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apalachicola, Fla.

Underwood & Caigh,
v icest2thecitize pa
RESPECTFULLY ottert heir ser-
J^> cola, and the county of Franklin
generally, in the line of tehir pro-
fession. Having monthly com-
munication with the principal
If l Northern cities, they will be ena-
bled to furnish their patrons at all
j timeswith the NEWEST AND LA-
ed monthly, showing at a view the most Fashion-
able Styles of Dress, which will be a decided
advantage to a fashionable community.
N. B. Gentlemens' Morning Gowns and Eve-
ning Wrappers made to order; Cloaks of every
description made in the usual forms of the day;
Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superior
manner; Tunic Dresses and Boys' Clothes of
every description made in a neat and fashionable
style. All garments made at this establishment
warranted to fit.
8^ Shop, Second Story Baltzell's Buildings.
Entrance on Chestnut street.
October 14, 1847. 39-6m
(^ A plate of Fall and Winter Fashions just



Rtoberts, Alien & Co.,
And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per Wares.

Dec 24

Apalachicola, Fa.

Cl-arles Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
C las. Rogers & Co.,
Water street,
dec 2" Apalachicola, Fa.

J. sevenson & Co.
No. 45 Water Street,
Dec. 23, 13-17. Apalachicola, Fa.
J. DSay & CO.,
No. 52 Water street,
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
-.--..\gonts for LLOYDS; ako, Agents for the
"-Ii.. I:suraniee Co." the "Protection Insurance
Co." and the "i:Iartord Insurance Co." Hartford
D. SB. Wood & Co.,
No. 44 Water-street,
Ifc 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
A. N. McKay & Co.
No. 40 WVaterstreet,

A m:ileichiicna, Via.

Dac 12

Cor. Commerce and Centre3 sts.
T HE subscriber respectfully announces to his
friends, and the Public, that he has opened
the above house, and solicits their Patronage.
November 25, 1847. 45-tf.

BiliardSal ,... ..
i _nTHE public are respectfully informed
T--- tl,,it the above establishment has been
.J-..,,'i'irely refitled, and is now open for the
reception of permanent and transient Boarders,
and the subscribers hope by strict attention to tlhe
bossiness of their house to be second to none in
rendering their guests comfortable. Their table
will be supplied at all times with every delicacy
the market affords. Planters and Captains of'
vessels will find this a very convenient house.
Game, Oysters, &c. served up at all hours and
in the best sLyle. The Bar will be well stocked
with the choicest Wines, Liquors and Segars.
Attached to the establishment is a Billiard Sa-
loon, spacious and well lit up.
Grateful for past favors, the subscribers hope
that their friends and the public will continue to
sustain them.
November 11, 1S47. 43-tf.

De.: 1.5

Apalachicola, Fa.

J. S2. &f J. M. Maa
No. 4S Watar street,

-K May be 6,und at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
IloI.R. Nov S.
Dr. S. Parsons,
Apalachicola, Fa.
-.c3 May be consulted at the Mansion House.
D ec 31), 181-. 7. 50
Dr'. A. W. Clhapmani,
(i= Office over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawley,
(entrance ou Chestnut street.) Residence at the
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
J minury10, 1846. 2-tf

Apalachicola Exchange.
THE subscriber informs his friends
I and the public in general, that he has be-
come the Proprietor of this above well
known house, and will be pleased to entertain
any of the travelling community that may favor
him with their custom, and will also accommo-
date resident boarders. The bar will always be
supplied with genuine liquors of the choicest
Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 1847.
City Hotel, Tallahassee.
NOTIGE.-I have to inform my friends and
the patrons of this house, that I have leased
it, and that it will hereafter be conducted by
WILLIAM HEMINGWAY, Esq. who has for
many years been connected with the first class
Hotels at the North, and recently from the Ame-
rican Hotel in New York. Beleaving he will
keep an excellent house, and spare no exertion or
expense to make his guests comfortable, I recom-
mend thet house to my friends and the public.
Tallahassee, Nov. 1, 1847. 43-6m.


Late arrivals from Europe announce the
death of Maria Louisa,. Archduchess of
Austria, and Ex-Empress ot France, who
has borne a prominent part, passively rather
than actively, in some of the mightiest
events of the present century. She was the
daughter of Francis I. of Austria, (the same
as Franciss II., of Germany,) by his second
wife, Maria Theresa, daughter of Ferdinand
IV. Francis had no less than four wives.
The first and thit4 had no issue, but Maria
Theresa gave him thirteen children. Maria
Louisa was, at the time of her marriage to
Napoleon, the eldest child then living of the
family. When Napoleon invaded Austria
in 1809, and planted his cannon before its
ancient capital, he was informed that a
daughter of the Emperor lay sick in the pa-
lace, from whi h"-th rest of the royaH-amity
had made their escape. And when he gave
orders to avoid firing on the palace, it is
probable he little dreamt that she for whose
protection the order was given, was soon to
be his bride.
Our readers are aware that the divorce of
Josephine was a matter of State policy, de-
signed to secure Wt^ heir to the French
throne. Josephine having no offspring by
Napoleon, indulged the hope that his step-
son, Eugene Beauharnois, her own son by
her former marriage, would be chosen by
the Emperor as his successor. But in this,
she was disappointed. Louis, brother of
Napoleon, had married Hortense, Jose-
phine's sister. They had a son, a lavoriie
of the Emperor, whom he intended, no
doubt, should be his heir. But the child
died, and this hope was cut off.
A divorce w;>s now talked of. The heart-
less Fouche, unbidden, had the audacity to
propose it to Josephine. She complained
against him and insisted on his dismissal,
but although the Emperor censured him for
his assurance, he would go no farther. From
this, Josephine inferred the probable result.
It was a heart-breaking trial, but there was
no alternative. The divorce was at length
publicly decreed, Josephine submitting with
a formal declaration of consent. The Sen-
ate agreed that she should retain the title of
Empress, and receive a dowry of about four
hundred thousand dollars a year, to which
the Emperor afterwards added two hundred
thousand. She retired to the villa of Mal-

IV. G. M. Davis,
Ofturs his services to the public in either of* the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and JacksonCircuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846.
A. G. Senmmes,
WC"- Office, Alo. 2 Capt. Simmon's Building,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
It. E. Owens,
CLA-YTON, Barbonr County, Alabama.
April 29, 1846. 2-tf

Hat, Mouse & Cockroach Poison.
THIS very efficacious remedy for extermina-
ting immediately, if a proper application be
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November 11, 1847. 43-6m.

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11 qs I a a~ _1 -_.~- o- -~__I IISIS~ -~- I

__ __I

I ml




should exercise a sound discretion and do
it understandingly."
How jealous was Representative Polk in
1825-6, of Executive influence, even when
theviews of the President came before him
sanctioned by a majority of the. Senate-for
the Senate, be it remembered, had approved
of the Panama Mission, and consented to and
advised the appointment of Ministers, for
whose salaries and outfit the House was ask-
ed to make the necessary appropriations. Fil-
ling now the Executive Chair himself, he no
longer talks about the duty and the right of
the people's Representatives, in voting away
the people's money, first to be informed of
the object for which it is to be appliel, but
he refuses to give them that information in
virtue of his asserted prerogative"-a
word better suited to a Monarch than to an
Elective Chief Magistrate.
And then, look too at the difference in
the amount involved. The Panama Mis-
sion required an expenditure of some fifty
thousand dollars-while the people's Re-
presentatives are at this time called upon to
vote away millions upon millions of the peo-
ple's money, although the information is
withheld from them, which they deem ne-
cessary to an intelligent response to the de-
mands of the President !
But it is not necessary to remark upon
the flagrant inconsistency, thus exposed, be-
tween the conduct of Representative Polk
in 1825 and that of President Polk in 1848.
The facts cited are as strong a commentary
as can be made upon the conflicting posi-
tions of that gentleman at the different
periods referred to. Circumstances, accor-
ding to the old proverb, alter cases.
"This, Romans, is the anniversary of the day
on which I triumphed over the Carthagenians."

These memorable words of the conqueror
of Hannibal were sufficient to acquit him
before the Roman people, when charged
with a high crime-with the baseness even
of embezzling the public money. It was
only necessary to recall the memory of
Zama to overwhelm accusation and accuser,
and send the Roman people and their hero
together to the temple, to return thanks to
the gods for the great victory he had
The words of Scipio rise upon the mind,
when one reflects upon the treatment which
General Scott is at this moment receiving
from his country-or, rather, from the vain
and jealous government which steps between
him and his country, and intercepts its gra-
titude and its protection. There is a charm
in the name of Cerro Gordo, of Churubus-
co, of Mexico, as great as in that of Zama-
greater; and were Scott accused of a mili-
tary offence, those names would acquit him
at the bar of the people. His case, how-
ever, is harder than that of the Roman ; his
treatment is viler; there never, indeed, was
a more extraordinary instance of injustice
done to a great military commander by a
government than that now presented in the
person of the conqueror of Mexico. No
crime is alleged that the public know;of-
no reasons are assigned ; lhe public interests
and the peril of his *army, are alike disre-
garded ; and suddenly, in the midst of the
war and the enemy's country-a thousand
miles from his own-ifter a series of the
most un-r-xarmpled victories,, wu a no he very
eve of winning the peace for which he has
fought so well, he is deprived of his com-
mand ; and the world and the Mexicans are
invited to behold him degraded before a
court of inquiry.
And thus do the pitiful politicians, who
rule and ruin this great regnblic, trifle with
its interests and the honor of one of its
greatest heroes. Jusllnian nmay sit upon the
throne, weak and despised, and yet issue the
edicts which humble a Belisarius. But the
American President is the Justinian only of
a day-and only the ape of a Justinian. If
the degradation of Scott be a wrong to
Scott, ihe People of the United States will
remember that he triumphed over the Mex-
icans ; if it be a wrong, however, to the
country-if it endanger the army, and the
peace now so earnestly hoped for, by exci-
ting the enemy with false hopes to a renew-
al of conflict--it is not more certain the sun
rises and sets lhan that they will avenge the
wrong by a double measure of odium heap-
ed upon Ihe wrongers.
There is something at once melancholy
and ludicrous in the thought of the power
which an accident of life may give a weafk
man for a time, over great ones. At Mr.
Polk's orders the swords of both Taylor
and Scott have been returned to their scaib-
bards. On the 4ih of March, 1849, Mr.
Polk will retire to obscurity, to be forgotten
in a century ; while a thousand years hence,
American readers, poring over the pages of
their ancient history, will follow with won-
der the daring marchesmof Scott and Tay-
lor, over the Cordilleras" and to the battle
fields of Mexico.

A friend from childhood of Marshal Lefe-
ere, Duke of Dantzie, who had not run so
brilliant a career as himself, came to see

him at-Paris. The Marshal received him
warmly, and lodged him in fiis~hoteT," when
the friend could not cease his- exclamations
upon the richness of the furniture, the beau-
ty of the apartments, and the goodness of
the table, always adding, Oh how happy
you are !" 1 see you are envious of what
I have," said the Marshal ; well, you shall
have these things at a better bargain than I
had : come into the Aurt, I'll fire at you
with a gun twenty times, at thirty paces, and
if I don't kill you, all shall be your own.-
What! won't-very well; recollect then,
that I have been shot at more than a thou-
sand times, and much nearer, before I arri-
ved where you find me.

gical event at the Menagerie, resulting in
ihe death of poor Kelly, has made the ele-
phant the chief lion of Philadelphia, says
the City Item. A morning or two after the
terrible occurrence the daring Driesbach
took him into the ring for the purpose of
dressing his wounds, .made by sundry thrusts
of pikes, I nces and pitch-folks, in the ef-
forts to subdue him. The Elephant ap-
peared to be ill at ease, and sought to at-
tract the altention of Driesbach, by gently
fondling hirn with his trunk, and then point-
ing to his fool, slightly raising it from the
ground, and in various ways challenging
particular notice. This aroused Dries-
bach's curiosity, and on inspection he dis-
covered he had run a large splinter of white
pine into his foot- Pincers were procured

James K. Polk, cannot accomplish bh moves
on the political chess board.
We write the above just as we have fi-
nished reading Gen. Taylor's letter to Sec-
retary Marcy, which we publish to-day, and
its perusal has excited in us a deep aversion
towards those of whose ill treatment he
speaks, not in a complaining tone, but with
that becoming indignation suited to his
known straight-forward character.

The able and unanswerable production of
our talented Representative, appears to have
provoked the especial indignation of the
Democratic contributors to the Press.--
" Tray, Blanche and Sweetheart" have all
and each growled forth t h ir angry com-
ments upon the letter. If Mr. Cabell could
be demolished by the pen, he had been "a
used up man" long since.
We do not blame our Democratic breth-
ren for "squirming" under the lash which
Mr. Cabell has applied to them, but we do
find fault with the barefaced attempts made
by them to dodge the issue" made by Mr.
Cabell, and we intend to hold them to the
" record."
Mr. Cabell was charged by the Demo-
cratic editors with voting-for an Abolitionist
for Speaker. The evidence offered in sup-
port of the charge, was-First: That he
voted for Mr. Winthrop-Second: That
Mr. Winthrop is an Abolitionist. Mr. Ca-
bell admitted that he voted for Mr. Win-
throp, but denied that he is an Abolitionist.
The Democrats, to sustain the charge of
Abolitionism against Mr. Winthrop, allege
that he introduced a resolution in the [louse
of Representatives identical with the Wil-
mot Proviso. Now it does not follow that
all who are in favor of the Wilmot Proviso
are Abolitionists, as our opponents well
know, but they contended for the contrary:
then Mr. Cabell presented them with the
11 damning proof" that the Democratic
Party of the South had voted unanimously
for John W. Davis for Speaker, and that the
same John W. Davis VOTED FOR the iden-
tical Proviso" the introduction of which by
Mr. Winthrop is made the ground of the
accusation made ng.giinst him of being an
Abolitionist. We may add, also, that James
K. Polk has lately still furtherendorsed Mr.
Daivis, by appointing him Commissioner to
If the introduction of a Resolution which
amounts to the Wilmot Proviso," is evi-
dence from which a man may be convicted
of being an Abolitionist," then clearly
voting, for the Resolution when introduced,
is stil! higher evidence of the sinie fact.
Tried bIy the same rule, John W. Davis,
the Speaker elected by the Democrats,
stands in the same attitude with Mr. Win-
lhrop,lthe Whig Speaker.
But the Democratic Editors, who notice
and complain of Mr. Cabell's letter, dodge
the issue lie presents, and allege that Mr.
Davis's vote on the Oregon Bill is not evi"
dence of his being an abolitionist, and pre-
tend that there is evidence against Mr.
Winthrop, besides [is votes, which prove
him an abolitionist. If so, Ilien we ask,
what other evidence there is that applies to
Mr. Winthrop, which does not equally in-
culpate Mr. Davis. Produce it. There is
none. The votes of John W. Davis, the
Democrat, and Winlhrop. [he Whig, stand
side by side. If we gmo out of Congress lo
look for evidence--where do we tind Mr.
Davis manifesting any opposition to tlhe
Wihnot Proviso ? Or where do we find
llhe abolitionists denouncing him as the
friend of the South? No where. All that
we know of his sentiments is obtained from
hlis votes in Congress--and as we before
said, he and Mr. Winllhrop will be found
together on the Wilmot Proviso question.
So far tlhen as the accusation against Mr.
Cabell, of want. of fealty lo the South, in
voting for WVinthrop, is concerned, the re-
tort made by him, that he followed Ihe ex-
amaple set him by Southern Democrats in
voting for Mr. Davis, the evidence fully
sustains. But Mr. Cabell, very properly.
felt disinclined to cover himself from
censure by Democraticeexample-he knew

that coin of that stamip was no longer
current in Florida. He denies that Mr.
Winthrop is an abolilionist-and he sus-
tains his denial by showing from Mr.
Winthrop's speeches-from his refusal at
the Springfield Convention to make the
Wilmot Proviso a test question in the Pres-
idential election-from his refusal to appoint
abolitionists on prominent committees in
Congress-and from his sentiments declared
in public, that he is opposed to the aboli-
tionists and to their designs. No such evi-
dence can be adduced to show that Mr. Da-
vis is the friend of the South.
But another charge is made against Mr.
Winthrop, and over his shoulders a blow is
sought to be struck at Mr. Cabell. It is
that he voted to receive an Abolition Peti-
tion. It was first stated that his vote, there
being a tie, caused the reception of the peti-"
tion. This, it afterwards appeared, was not
the case. The motion to receive the peti-
tion was lost-one of the Representatives
had, however, been put down as voting for,
who had voted against it. Here, again, Mr.
Davis is found agreeing with Mr. Winthrop.
The evidence produced by Mr. Cabell shews
that Mr. Davis voted to repeal the Rule pro-
hibiting the reception of Abolition Peti-
tions, which a WHIG House of Representa-

tives had established, but which a Demo-
cratic House repealed. Both of these gen-
tlemen voted to receive the petitions, though
they both were opposed to the prayer of the
Petitioners. They did so, because they
deemed the reception of them wasa right
the Petitionerswere entitled to. So thought,
and so voted Mr. Clingman, a Representa-
tive from the Slave State of North Carojkpa,
and his constituents have since endorsed
his course by re-electing hin to Congress.
There is one matter which we think it
proper to mention in connection with this
subject. The notorious abolitionist Gid-
dings, has written a letter in which he
violently assails Mr. Winthrop. because of
discourse in refusing to appoint him, and
his brother Abolitionists, on the Committees
in Congress, they sought to control. He
denounces Mr. Winthrop, as a friend to the
South, and the slave power-and accuses
him of hostility to the -friends of freedom"
as he styles himself, and his fellow incen-
diaries. The Boston Whig, an abolitionist
paper, one of the Palfrey organs, re-iterates
and endorses Giddings' charges-and strange
to say. Mr. Cabell's letter is brought up by
the Whig, as evidence to convict Mr.
Winlhrop,. not of being -opposed ,to Aboli-
tion, for that they know full well he is-b ut
to establish that be is too friendly to the
South. Now what a spectacle is here for
the People of Florida!-Their Representa-
tive, whom they chose spontaneously?, with-
out the dictation of a party caucus-that
Representative, a Southern man, and a
slaveholder, accused by the party whom the
People of Florida have dethroned, ofaiding
abolitionists to office, and at (lie same time
the abolitionists at (he North, are using' the
letter of the Representative from Florida,
to his constituents, as evidence to prove, that
the mran he contributed to elect is a sworn
enemy to abolition and its professors.
Bul, it is not by the abolitionists alone that
Mr. Winthrop, is attacked, lie is assailed by
some \Vhigs, of his own district, with all the
bitterness peculiar to family qviarrels -be:
ca use he is infizvor of voting supplies to car-
ry on. the War. His condtet on the War
question, in the lost Congres%, led to the
formation of an opposition in his own par-
ly, to his election who ran a candidate
against him. That opposition was fomeni-
ed by the Democrats. 1l was his assured
purpose *to sustain t-he Executive in all
proper methods of prosecuting ihe War,
to successful termination, and his manly
opposition to tihe abolitionists who had
attempted to control the Whig Parly,
in Massachusetiss, that led to his election
as Speaker, by ihe Soulhern Whigs-the
same causes provoked, .nd has still con-
tinued ihe animosity of the Abolitionists,
who are now making war on him at home..
A meeting of the citizens of G;,dsden
county, favorabl, to the election of Gen.
Taylor to the Presidency, will take place.
or, the 191h inst.
A large and numerous meeting of the
friends of Gen. T ylor took place lately in
New York. T. Piescott Hall, E-q., and_
other orators of note, addressed the meet-
ing. The New York Herald says the great-
test degree of enthusiasm was exhibited by
the mnecting, which, like all other Taylor
gatlierings, exhibited the pleasing spectacle
of an assemblage of the People for politi-
cal purposes, without tlhe party hacks on
either side being present to mar the una-
nim~ity of i le proceedings, or to give ii ;i
one-sided direction.
The accounts constantly brought to 113
bv ,our exchanges, exhibit llie fact Ihat there
is about this time a general movement going
on among tlie friends of Gen. Taiylor. and
gives sufficient and reliable assurances |ha
the feeling in his favor is fast spreading
among tlhe PEOPLE.

Gen. Wi. Bailey has announced himself
as a candidate for Governor at the nex! elecg-
tion. From tlhe fact that the Genieral 'u- -*
ounces Ilis intention of rtunning without
inriiialirg any design of submitting:'his
claims to llhe decision of a caucus, and al'so

because we notice that ihe Sehiinel has
been requested to publish the announce-
ment, we come to the conehisinn that Gen.
Bailey is in the field and wilt not withdraw,
Convention or no Convention. If such he
the case, we honor him for The firmness
which he displays in resisting the caucus
system. He evinces a just sense of the
feelings of the People of the State, whn he
comes before them as a candidate in the
manner he has done. The last Congress-
ional election sufficiently evidenced the
views of ihe People of this State on the
subject of Conventions, and all who wish to
secure a majority of their suffrages, will do
well to mark and inwardly digest."'
The "Florida Whig" suggests the name
of Gen. Jackson Morton as ihe Whig can-
didate for Governor. The opinions of the
Whigs of Jackson are entitled to the great-
est respect. In this instance they fully ac-
cord with onr own wishes, and wouldno
doubt meet with general concurrence. The
West is clearly entitled to supply the Whig
candidate for next Governor, but we are afu-
thorized by Gen. Morton to say that it
would be impossible for' hii:to6 serve if
We beg leave to suggest the namnof an
old and tried Whig for the office in queii-

[From the Philadelphia North American.]
The financial panic has subsided in Great
Britain, only to give place to another panic
connected with the subject of national de-
fence. Steam has changed the world. It
has, virtually, destroyed the'empire so long
claimed by England over the seas, and, at
the same time, robbed her of the insularity,
which, in former-now the old-days of
ships and sailors, was her sure or sufficient
protection. All this Englishmen are begin-
ning to learn, and to feel and admit that the
sublime boast of Campbell,-
Britannia needs no bulwarks,
No towers along the steep,-
Is now mere song and emptiness, a perilous
flattery and self-deception from which the
people must rouse and buckle on their ar-
mor, or wake up one fine morning and find
the Gaul thundering at the gates of Lon-
We mentioned, a month or two ago, the
first dawnings of this new feeling in England,
which were first caused by certain porten-
tous extracts, that got into the papers, from
a mysterious letter attributed to the Duke
of Wellington, although some of the papers
affected to (reat it as a fabrication. The
impression it was well calculated to pro-
duce, was interrupted for a time by the sud-
den convulsivln in the monetary world, do-
ring which individuals were driven-to think
of their own rather than the public perils.
As money gets easy, the subject will be re-
newed : and it is now m thii atesthat a great
and painful interest, affecting the minds of
Englishmen :high and low, is beginning to
he attracted to the present defenselessness
of the islands, and the substantial-it is no
longer considered visionary-danger of in-
vasion from France, tnder which they lie.
Newspapers have taken the matter in hand,
which has been alluded to at public meet-
ings and is about to be discussed in Parlia-
ment ; and the Earl of Ellesmere, a peer of
the realm, prevented by ill health from soun-
ding the tocsin in the House of Lords, has
come out inthe journals with a long letter,
expressly written as an alarum to rouse the
government and people to the necessity of
"Awake, arise, or be forever fallen,"
are the ominous words with which he intro-
duces the subject to the community. A
more powerful letter for effecting the pur-
pose he has in view, could scarcely have
been written ; but it sounds strange, and
even melancholy, as coming from the lips
of one of Britain's proud and haughly no-
bles, so long accustomed to defy and des.
pise all the world in general, and France in
particular. It would seem almost as if the
spirit of Cressy and Poicliers had vanished,
and Agincourt and Waterloo were forgot-
ten, when an Englishman discusses the abil-
ity of France to revenge those fields of her
humiliation, within the sea-girl walls of
'Britain itself. 0 But Lord Ellesmere dis-
cusses it notwithstanding, and he does it in
a very honest, ouw-spoken manner, not hesi-
tcting to treat Johnny Crapeau as a brave
and formidable fbe,-who has it almost, if'
not quite, in his power,* at any sudden mo-
ment, by a terrible surprise, to avenge in the
flames of London, perhaps with evils still
more fearful, all the defeats herelofore in-
flicted upon him by his island neighbor.
I do not believe," says the Earl, that
it would be impossible, in our present slate
of preparation, for a French Minister of
War,-favored by circumstances, to land on
British ground a force sufficient in numbers,
discipline and equipment, to march in any
direction along the turnpike roads of En-
gland. That direction might depend on the
place of landing-it might be Portsmouth,
it might be Chatham, it might be the capi-
tal. In each, in any case, with our present
means of defence, I believe resistance would
be useless, and an attempt at armed opposi-
tion only productive of useless bloodshed.
To oppose in the field snch a handfull of
regular troops as we couhd muster, scarcely
provided with artillery, and totally destitute
of a reserve, to a French army, such :is, un-
der my supposition, would be brought
against the., wouhl be an act of useless
desperation. If (lhe French were to appear
at one end of L~ondon, the wisest movement
the Guards could make would be to march
out at the other. For llhe rest, three how-
ilzers would be sufficient; and the Lord
Mayor would soon be busy with the details
of billets, and whatever contributions might
be accepted as a eommutation for indiscri-
minate plunder."
The Eairl does not write wiulh the tone of
terror. He believes in the dormant power
ot England, such as no other country ever
yet possessed," if that power can be only
awakened to preparation. What he featrs is
surprise," and tlhe deadly feeling of ani-
mosity and revenge, growing out of tlhe
burning memories of tbe past," which lie
is sure is unive'rsally cherished in the bo-
soms of the whole French people. He hints
that the expense of a proper preparation (by
an increase of (he standing army,} might be
provided for by a diversion of the moneys
now ^" annually lavished, not in the preven-
tion," buit tle aggravation of the horrors of

the slave trade.'
In short, there is getting to be n pretty
general solicitude felt on this subject in En-
gland, connected, in some quarters, with a
growing suspicion that France is secretly
meditating an invasion,-in others, a melan-
choly foreboding and presentiment of com-
Aing evil. The suspicion is illustritcd by a
letter in the Brighton Gazette, complaining
of a "I whacking French corvette" lying in
Harwich harbor for the protection of the
fishing trade," with an unusual complement
of officers, who improve every spare hour
"by surveying and sounding lhe harbor."
The foreboding seems to be expressed in
one of Tupper's Sonnets to, America, pub-
lished in a recent number of the New York
Literary World, in which the poet-philoso-
pher appeals with pathos to the- filial affec-
tions of America in favor of "poor old En-
gland :"- I
Go, wondrous child !
The glories of thy destiny fulfil:
Remember then thy mother in her age,
Shelter her in the teempest, warring wild ;
Stand thou with us, when all the nations rage
lio furiously together-we are one!
It were, indeed, an evil day for England
to be exposed to that calamity of invasion
which she has often, in past days inflicted
on France. Besides the want of armed
defence, there is the invitatioff of universal
suffering in the kingdom generally, from the
hideous increase of poverty and pauperism,
and the state of quasi-insurreclion and an-
archy in Ireland, which must be of itself a

dangerous temptation to an angry neighbor.
conscious both of her power and her op-
[From the Richmond Whig.]
In the excellent speech of Mr. Tompkins
of Mississippi, on the reference of the Pre-
sident's Message, (which we should be glad
to publish entire if we had space,) the right
claimed by the President of withholding
from the House of Representatives public
documents called for by that body, and be-
lieved to be indispensable to an intelligent
discharge of its responsible duties, is con-
futed by the course pursued by the Presi-
(lent himself, when a representative of the
39th Congress, during the Presidency of
Mr. John Q. Adams, to whose administra-
tion he was violently opposed. Mr. Thomp-
kins, in the preliminary stage of his argu-
ment, un lertook to show, and we think he
perfectly succeeded in doing so, that the so
called precedents relied upon by the Execu-
tive, and which his well-instructed organs
on the floor of the House read from the
"dog-eared books" with which they had
been furnished for the purpose, do not in
truth fit the case to which they have been
applied. But if they were, in all their res-
pects, entirely applicable to the state of
facts involved in the issue between "the
Kingand the commons"--between the "pre-
roo'atives" of the President on the one
hand and the rights of a co-ordinate depart-
ment of the Government (and we may pro-
perly say of the people) upon the other-
President Polk has unquestionably deprived
himself, by his coursed as Representative
Polk, of all right to take shelter behind
them. He has placed his name upon the
record, in direct opposition to the doctrine
embodied in these precedents, and reiterated
in his late Message. We invite attention
to the facts by which this assertion is estab-
lished, as we shall condense them from Mr.
Tompkins' remarks.
At the first session of the 19th Congress,
the famous mission to Panama, at which
place it was proposed that Plenipotentiaries
from the leading American Republics
should meet for the purpose of deliberating
upon grave questions, in which it was be-
lieved they had a common and immediate
interest, gave rise to a protracted and ex-
cited discussion in Congress-that measure
having been selected as one of the salient
points of attack upon the Administration by
that tesselated Coalition, consisting of the
fragments of all factions disappointed in the
result of the Presidential election of 1824,
the avowed object of which was its over-
throw, "even if it should be as pure as the
angels in heaven!"-Gen, Hamilton, of S.
Carolina, one of the most talented and
zealous leaders of this mongrel party, of-
fered a resolution in the following words,
on the 16th of December, 1825 :
.' Resolved, That the President of the
United States be requested to transmit to
.this House copies of all documents or parts
of correspondence [not incompatible with
the public interest to be communicated] re-
lating to an invitation which has been ex-
tended to the government of this country
' by the Republics of Columbia, of Mexico,
and_ Cemtral Amerien, in ioin in the delibera-
tions of a Congress to be held-iTii]SThms'
of Panama,' and which induced him to
signify 'Ithat ministers on the patt of the
United States would be commissioned to
join in those deliberations.' "
On the 31st of January following, this re-
solution came up for consideration, where-
upon Gen. Hamilton modified it, by strik-
ing out the words in brackets; to wit, not
incompatible with the public interest to be
communicated"-which, upon motion of
Mr. Webster, then a member of the House
of Representatives, were immediately rein-
stated by a vote of that body. On the 3d of
February, Mr. Ingham of Penn., also a
prominent member of the Coalition, moved
the reference of the resolution to a select
committee, with instructions again to strike
out this qualifying phrase, so as to make the
call upon the President like that recently
made upon Mr. Polk, absolute and uncon-
ditional-and upon this motion, Representa-
live Polk voted in the affirmative, although
as President Polk he now virtually denies

thie right of the House, by refusing to res-
pond to its call, to make it in that form!-
The resolution then came up on its final
passage, and passed, ayes 125, noes 40--
Representative Polk voting, with Gen.
Hamilton, its original mover, in the negative.
And why did hre vote in the negative. Be-
cause (says Mr. Tompkins) it was not- an
unconditional, absolute call." The discre-
tion allowed to President Adams, and which
is now claimed as one of the unquestionable
"prerogatives" by President Polk, rendered
the resolution wholly unpalatable and dis-
tasteful to Representative Polk. In 1825-6,
he held that the "prerogatives," of the Pre-
sident did not permit him to withhold from
the Rcpresentatives of the People such in-
formation as they might deem necessary, in
the proper execution of the high trusts de-
legated to them. In 1848, by refusing to

uc a-re~ -O"- t h-o" [-Io-u - i n-- n s w e :r ;o a
resolution, precisely such as lie had insisted
on in 1835-6, documents in his possession,
and deemed essential by the House, he
denies the right of that body to adopt a re-
solution of that character. In citing pre-
cedents," does President Polk regard Repre-
sentative Polk's opinions as of no weight or
authority ? We might do so without exciting
surprise; but that he should sacrifice his
self-love to policy, is scarcely natural,
though it may be necessary.
But Representative Polk did not give a
silent vote. He argued the question ; and
from his speech on that occasion Mr.
Tompkins quotes the following passage:
Some gentlemen seemed to entertain
the opinion that, so soon as the other de-
pattments of the Government had deter-
mined to depute a foreign mission, the
House of Representatives had no right to
question its propriety; but were bound, as a
matter ofcourse, when called upon for an
appropriation merely, to grant the necessary
supplies to carry it into effect; that they
had no right to deliberate, consider, and ex-
ercise a sound judgment on the subject ;
but were mere passive agents, to record the
decrees of the President and Senate. For
himself he was of a different opinion." [I
am of a different opinion now, (said Mr. T.)
and he has changed.] He believed when-
the Representatives of the people were cal-
led upon to appropriate the people's money
for any purpose, they should not do it hood-
winked, or upon the faith of others, but

and the piece extracted, at which the joy
of the monster knew no bounds, and he re-
peatedly thanked Driesbach in the only way
that an Elephat can thank any one. It is
curious that he is quite friendly now with
Driesbach, although for six years he has
sought repeatedly to kill him.


CC- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WM. NV. CIEKVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula, Ala.
JAS. J. OLIVE, Tallahassee, Fa.

When the gallant Scott deprecated the
" fire in the rear," and seemed to dread its
effects on his fame more than any danger to
be apprehended from the enemy in his front,
he spoke, no doubt, with historic recollec-
tion of what had befallen other great com-
manders at the head of armies, abroad in
the service of Governments, the manage-
ment of which at home was in the hands of
their political foes. His knowledge of hu-
main nature told him that an unscrupulous
politician knows no criterion of right or
wrong save the success of his party, to
which object greater and better men than
those who now sway lhe destinies of this
nation, have sacrificed constitution and laws.
The fate of Marlborough, his unworthy
treatment and final disgrace-the base trea-
son of Bolingbroke and his party, who fear-
ed the influence which the triumph of the
General in command of tlie army might
produce on their political fortunes, more
than the disasters which the. triumphs of
France might inflict on England, and the
just cause in which she was battling,
was, no doubt, presented to his mind at the
time he wrote his famous hasty" letter to
Secretary Marcy.
He knew the character of those by whose
orders, and under whose jealous eye, he
was about to draw his sword, and he who
never faltered before when the trumpet call-
ed the nation to arms, hesitated ere he
again donned that armor in which he had
done the state noble service, and gained for
himself imperishable renown. He had a
name and fame to risk-he knew how each
idle word or inconsiderate act of his might
be treasured up-and how easily any great
deed which he might achieve would be
glossed over._ He knew the power possessed.
by his enemies--how they could delayv his
supplies, cripple him in his movements, and
in case he failed, make hiim responsible for
what was occasioned by their omission to af-
ford him sufficient means of successful ope-
ration. He knew that place men might he
dressed up in military trappings, and though
to make a soldier was aboon the power"
of the President, yet that widh a party in
the Senate at his back, he could, by a
stroke of his wand, create a Generail-and
that such a General, if he stumbled on a
victory, would lay his laurels at the feet of
him who created him, and whose failure
could, by an expert use of the pen, be laid
at the door of the Commander-in-Chief.
Thus informed of the character of tlhe
administration, and knowing the aversion
with which he was viewed by those who
composed it-with the knowledge of the
power and means at their command to stab
his reputation, we need not wonder that he
wrote as he did, nor need we now, when the
event itas justified his suspicions, wonder ait
the prophetic spirit in which his letter was
written. It was his knowledge of mankind.
and his far-seeing judgment, which enabled
him as clearly to predict what has happened
to himself individually, as to pre-announce
in his "Orders" at Cerro Gordo, the glori-
ous result of his splendid military combi-
Had the attempt to injure been confined
to the conqueror of Mexico-the studied
purpose to confound the successful General
with the dangerous political aspirant, might
not have been so palpable, and plain to the
view ; but when we call to mind the MorN-
remember the withdrawal of the Regulars
and diminution of Taylor's force generally,
whilst Santa Anna looked him in the face,
at the head of 30,000 men, and last, not
least, when we call to mind the insult put
upon the gallant victor of Buena Vista, by
the revival of an obsolete army order, and
the significant connection of it with his let-
ter to Gen. Gaines, made by the lettereof
Secretary Marcy, the conclusion is irresis-
tible that both Generals Taylor and Scott
have long been marked for destruction by
the Powers thiatbe." The will to injure
is uot wanting, that is clear, but the power
is feeble--there is not "strength enough
in the bow" An eagle towering in his
pride of place is hawked at by a mousing
owl," but a generous and a just people are

his protectors, who are able, with a breath,
to destroy his enemies, and to bring to
nought their puny plots. What Santa Anna
and his Mexican legions, aided by the Pass,'
could not accomplish on lthe field of battle-
the defeat of Winfield Scott and Zachary
Taylor, his friend and correspondent,"


.,-A*IV A I T 11LT I ST M In "iv vni"IIT flIn


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LONDON, Jan. 21.
MONEY MARKET. Consols were selling
to-day at 87 a 87j.

Sif: I have had the honor to receive
your communication of January 27th en-
closing a newspaper slip, and expressing
the regret of the Department that the letter
copied in that slip, and which was addressed
by myself to Major Gen. Gaines, should
have been published.
Although your letter does not convey the
direct censure of the Department or of the
President, yet, when it is taken in connex-
ion with the revival of a paragraph in the
regulations of 1825, touching the publica-
tion of private letters concerning operations
in the field, I am not permitted to doubt
that I have become the subject of Execu-
tive disapprobation. To any expression of
it, coming with the authority of the Presi:
dent, I am bound by my duty, and by my
respect for his high office, patiently to sub-
mit; but, lest my silence should be con-
strued into a tacit admission of the grounds
and conclusions set forth in your commu-
nication, I deem it a duty which I owe to
myself to submit a few remarks in reply. I
shall he pardoned for speaking plainly.
In the first place, the published letter
bears upon its face the rnost conclusive
evidence that it was intended only for private
perusal, and not at all for publication. It
was published without my knowledge, and
contrary to my wishes. Surely, I need not
sly that I am not in the habit of writing for
the newspapers. The letter was a familiar
one, written to an old military friend, with
whom I'have for many years interchanaed
opinions on professional subjects. That he
should think proper, under any circum-
slances, 1o publish it could not have been
foreseen by me.
In the absence of proof that the publica-
tion was made with my authority or know-
ledge, I may be permitted to say that the
quotation in your letter of the six hundred
and fifteenth paragraph of the superseded
regulations of 1825, in which the terms
mischievous" and "1 disgraceful" are em-
ployed to chnr-aicterize certain letters or re-
poris, coveys, though not openly, a mea-
sure of rebuke which, to say the least, is
rather lihirsh, and which many may think
not warranted by the premises. Again: 1
have cairef'ully examined the letter in ques-
tion, -ind I (Id not admit that it is obnoxious
to the olhjiclions urged in your comtnuni-
cation. 1 see nothing in it which, under
the same circumstances, I would not write
;agaiin. To suppose that it will give the
enemy valuhible information, touching our
past or prospective line of operations, is to
know very little of the Mexican sources of
inf(rin iion), or of their extraordinary saga-
city andt facilities in keeping constantly ap-
prized of our movemTients.
As to my particular views in regard to
[he general policy to be pursued towards
Mexico. I perceive by the puiblicjournals
that they aire shared hCy many distinguished
staltsmes n, and also in part by a eonslicu-
ous officer of tlhe .ivy, the publication of
whose opinions is not perhaps obstructed by
any reguilations of his Deplrtment. It is
difficult, lhen, to imagine thlat the diffusion
of' mine can render any peculhir aid to the
enemy, or speci:,lly disincline him to enter
s into negtoiatinns fir peace."'
In conclnusion, I would say that it has
given me; gre;it paiin to be brought into the
I )osition in which I now find myself with
r .rftird ohibe Department of War and the
Government. It hais not been of my own
se(-c1,ing. To the extent of iny ability, and
lthie me;ns placed at niv disposal, I have
a sought '.- llfully to serve he country by
carrying oul lthe wi.-,hes and instructions of'
r tlhe Executive. But it cannot be concealed
I thait since the c;ipilulation of Monterey the
confidence of tlhe Department, and I too
much fear of the President, has been gra-
e dully withidrawn, and my consideration ind
, usefulness correspondingly diminished.--
e T'"he a;pp;,rent determination of the Depart-
ment to place nie in an altitude antagonisli-
cal o tilei Government has an apt illustra-
e lion in the well-known fable of Esop. But
s I ask no favor, and I shrink from no respon-
I sihiliiy. W hilie entrusted with the com-
imarnt in thlis quarter I shanll continue to
. devote aill my energies to (he public good,
- looking for my reward to thie consciousness
of pure rnotives and the final verdict of im-
partial history.
o I am. sir, very respectfully,
r Your obedient servant,
f z. TAYLOR,
iMaj Gen. U. S. A., commanding.
s Hn. 'W. L. M aBcY,
e Secretary of War, Washington.

r B3y M'r. Cabell : Resolved, That the Corn-
s miltte on the Public Lands enquire* into
s the expediency oflproviding by law for the
g survey and sale of so much of the public
lands as have been, or may herealter be re-
lurned to the Lund Office of the U. S.
a ">unsaleatble," as the settlers thiereon shall
desire to purchase at the minimum price,

e $1 25 per acre-Agreed to.
- Also Resolved, That the Committee on
- the Judiciary be instructed to enquire into
3t the expediency of providing by law. the
r fees of District Attornies, Marshals, Clerks,
-Commissioners, and other officers of the
- United States Courts, so that the same shall
h be in force in all the Stptes.--Agreed to.
)f Also Resolved, That the Committee on
e Commerce be instructed to enquire into
y the expediency of having a Custom House
e erected at Apalachicola, Fla., and also to
have a Marine Hospital erected at the same
place.-Agreed to.
n [A message in writing was received from
v the President of the United States, but not
e opened.]
e Also, resolutions of the Legislature of the
'. State of Florida, in relation to the expenses
of the Florida volunteers, prior to their be-
ing mustered into the service of the United
)f States-Referred to the Committee on
d Military Affairs.
i; ADMISSION.-The Resolution from the Sen-
[t ate, calling upon the President for informa-
s, tion respecting any communications that
)t mav have taken place between this country
s and" Mexico, since the battle of Churubus-
o co, has been answered and the papers which
passed between the American Plenipoten-
s tiary and the Minister of Foreign Relations,
I el Senor Pacheco. produced. Some exact
e information seems to have quite outstripped
e the slower official intelligence. Nothing
e that has yet transpired will surprise the
world more than the distinct and direct ad-

mission, on our part, that thewar was caused
by the annexation of Texas to the American
Union. This fact has out-travelled the rest.
It is said by the Mexicans themselves, that
all else falls into insignificance, by the side
of it, embracing as it does the settling a
boundary, the surrender to them of posts,
and ports, exchange of prisoners, and the
establishment of peace.

[From the Baltimore American.]
The letter recently published from Gen.
Taylor to the War Department, admirable
alike for the dignity of tone and force of
expression, contains aln allusion which at
first sight may not be obvious. The ap-
parent determination of the Department,"
says Gen. Taylor, to place me in an atti-
tude antagonistical to the Government, has
an apt illustration in the well known fable
of 2Esop." The fable referred to is, no
doubt, the following :
One hot sultry day, a Wolf and a Lamb
happened to come just at the same time to
quench their thirst in the stream of a brook
that fell tumbling down the side of a rocky
mountain. The Wolf stood upon the high-
er ground, and the Lamb at some distance
below him. However, the Wolf, having a
mind to pick a quarrel with the Lamb, ask-
ed him what he meant by disturbing the
water, and making it so muddy that he
could not drink ? and, at the same time,
demanded satisfaction. The Lamb, fright-
ened at this threatening charge, told him, in
a tone as mild as possible, that with humble
submission, he could not conceive how that
could be, since the water which he drank
ran down from the Wolf to him, and there-
fore could not be disturbed so far up the
stream. Be that as it may, replies the Wolf,
you are a rascal, and I have been told that
you used ill language concerning me behind
my back, about half a year ago. Upon my
word, says the Lamb, the time you men-
tion was before I was born. The Wolf,
finding it to no purpose to argue any longer
against truth, fell into a great passion, snarl-
ing and foaming at the mouth as if he had
been mad ; and drawing near to the Lamb,
Sirrah, says he, if it were not you, it was
your father, and that is the same. So he
seized the poor innocent helpless thing, tore
it to pieces, and made a meal of it.
The Moral subjoined to this Fable goes
on to say that when cruelty and injustice
are armed with power, and determined on
oppression, the strongest pleas of innocence
are preferred in vain. and nothing is more
easy than finding pretences to criminate the
unsuspecting victims of tyranny." This is
excellently in point. Again: How many
of the degenerate, corrupt and arbitrary go-
vernments," exclaims the moralist, "with
which the civilized world has been disfi-
gured, have exercised their vengeance upon
the honest and virtuous, who have dared in
bad times to speak the truth !"
Any one who calls to mind the course of
the Administration towards Gen. Taylor
friom the time when an effort was made to
censure the capitulation of Monterey to the
present moment, including the withdrawal
of his best troops from him and his subse-
quent exposure to an overwhelming force of
the enemy, his long continuance on the line
of the Rio Grande, doing garrison duty, in a
state of dull inactivity ;--calling to mind all
these and other particulars, any one may
see that the occasion which called forth
General Taylor's letter of reply and his al-
lusion to JEsop, was one of a series of direct
or indirect attempts to put General Taylor
in the wrong before his countrymen; to
show him at variance with the Government
and suffering under its condemnation ; and,
if possible, to rob him of his well earned
glory and cover him with disgrace. With
a man less cool, less determined, less firm
in the consciousness of duty, this insidious
policy might have prevailed. It has not
prevailed against Gen. Taylor--but on (he
contrary the persecutions he has suffered
from the Government which ought to have
sustained and strengthened him against the
enemies of the country, have the more en-
deared him to the people. With a profound
admiration of his great achievements there
is mingled a powerful sympathy, which, in-
spiring indignation against those who have
wronged him, fills the heart of the people
with a determination to have justice done to
the hero who has exalted the national re-
nown so gloriously, and who, under all the
adverse visitations to which he was stthject,

invariably showed himself patient, enduring
and calm, as well as courageous and indo-

[From the Charleston Mercury.]
We received from our Telegraphic cor-
respondent, yesterday, the following des-
patch. The news was no doubt brought by
the Sarah Sands:
WHEAT.-Supply good, and we reduce
quotations from 3d to 4d for 70 pounds U.
5 States, as well as home made Flour receded.
. Indian Corn and Cornmeal gave away again
to-day. The following are the quotations:
United States Flour 27s to 28s per bbl.;
Cornmeal, 196 pounds, 14s 6d; Indian Corn
per quarter of 480 pounds, 30s to 33s;
Wheat 7s to 8s 9d.
t There is a little firmer feeling to-day in
Breadstuffs, and the decline seems to be
checked. Corn has advanced is per quar-
ter, and Corn Meal 6d per bbl.
, COTTON.-In the ecrly part of the week
t the demand tor American Cotton was gen-
I eral and good ; and the sales, to Tuesday
evening, were 18,000 bales, and full prices.
Since that day the demand has increased,
- and holders having shown an increased dis,

^' 'tion--one who is identified with-the earliest
t history of Florida, and who has seen ser-
| vice-and whose-acts have always been ap-
proved by the People-General THOMAS
BROWN, of Leon. If Gen. Brown will be-
come a candidate, we consider his election

Y New York True Sun of the 22d, a paper
which has hitherto kept a strict neutrality
with regard to Presidential or political con-
tests, thus glowingly sp aks in favor of the
"People's Choice:"
I General Taylor the People's Choice.-
.Having preserved a strict neutrality in all
matters connected with party politics since
our connection with the public press, and
determining still to do so, we deem it no
obtrusion on either party or its favorites, at
this time, on our part, to press for conside-
ration the name of Gen. Zachary Taylor, as
a candidate for President. In so doing we
consider we are merely carrying out the
wishes of the people, independent of party
considerations. ,No party claims him to the
exclusion on his part of a proper sense of
duty on any leading measure for the coun-
try's good. The mere fact that both of the
leading parties at the present time refuse to
consider him heirr candidate, should at once
convince the people that he will not be
trammeled by party influences, that hang
I like a mill-stone `-arouhnd 1th6 nek of any
candidate, the exclusive choice of an astrin-
gent convention, ::w,ho hargain for their
:" choice with him who is to receive their sup-
No departure from written pledges can
take place by an individual elected under
such circumstances, though the country be
deluged with blood, or her industry paraly-
zed with Utopian enact inets.
From all such destructive tendencies his
own repeated assurances leld us to expect
utter exemption if" Generil Taylor he elect-
ed. Steadily refusing power from a mere
party, he stands with folded nrins and closed
1. lips to all their appeals. To one ;nd all lie
answers, that if elected lie will be the
President of tire people, and not ofa party."
(G- M1r. WEBSTER gives, in ;I few words,.
a history of the Dorr Governm-nt in Rhode
Island, which never got beyond its embryo
state, andi may be s;iid to have perished be-
fore it was born :
"You find ltie whole embracedd" says
Mr. W ebster. in ihose two days, tire iiii(i
and fourth off 3lay. Flie rench Revolu-
tion was thought to be somewhat rapid.
That took /hree'days. But this work was
accomplished in' two. It is all there, and
what is it.? Why, they vote a Trreasurer
and a Secretary, a;d ir. Drr, GOverni
and choose officers of ihe Supreme Court.
But did ever any man under lhal autlhOrity
attempt to exercise a particle of official
power ? Did any min ever bring about ;i
suit? Did ever an officer twinke an arrest ?
Did any action proceeds frotr ;auy member
of 11le aoverniu ni, or fronm any aent of it,
to touch a citizen of Rhode islandd in his
safety, or his property, so as to make the
party answerable upon an indiciment or in 9
civil suit ? Never. lt never performed m(ne
single a;'-A)-*( Gvtwraine.ot--it nev.er did a,
0" 4 thing in the world! All wais patriotism ;in(d
S all was piper: !init wilh p:tirioiism ;>n(l witll
2 "|>,|)er, it wenit out on tire 4ih of M ay, ad-
mitting itself to be, a:s all must regard it, a
contemptible sham! ',
At the close of his speech Mr. Webster
expressed the opinion that no harrm wi!
grow out of hlie Rhode Island agitation ir
1841, hut r.illter goodl ; that it will clear tht
political atmosphere of its noxious mists
and probably clear men's minds from some
unfounded notions and delusions.

J. have had accounts recently of a daneerons
-counterfeit of a h:ilf-eagle so well executed
as to defy detection. On etill~ing it opcei
tr he body was found to he silver. The Bos
Stone Atlas reiiiarks nlou the subject as ful
-;lows :
I ~" Tt is the easiest tlhing in the world t(
Detect such a fraud, it" it really exists, fo
Swe Ihave only to take Ihe specific gravityy o
t he coin by weighing it i> the air, arnd it
;water, and dividing tlle weight in air by it
h lss of weight in water, when the presence
oflbase mental will be, detected. Par-e haul.
mere.d "gold has a specific gravily of 19 65
100, and h1-nimiered silver has a sp~ecifi<
gravity of 10 51-100. bHammered eopp~e
: hits a specific gravity nf 8 89 100. Thi:
manner of dtieel'ing adulter;tion of gold i
not original| with us, Archimedes hayin{
discovered it some time ago.'"
We find the following in the August
Chronicle and Sentinel :
It. is suggested that the core of th,
", aduhterated quarter eagles, recently dletect

v ed, i's'a mixture'of platinum and silver.-
This, perhaps-, will account for the jus
weight, of, the coin, platinum being heavie
than gold, as silver is ligliter.
A coin might be made of copper and plain
tinum. and thinly plated with gold, which
would be precisely of the size and weight o
the coinage of the U. S. Mint, and of couis
would have the proper weight in water, hy
the hydrostatic balance, as well as in th
atmosphere." -
FUGITIVE SLAVES.-A report has been
made to the Senate of the State of New
York by its Judidicary Committee, advers
to the recovery of fugitive slaves through th
State Courts or the agency of State officers
@^ The Report ends in the following man
"The Committee are unanimously o
opinion that as the State of New York had
no jurisdiction on the subject of fugitive
slaves from other States previous to the for
mation of the United States constitution
and as the State Legislature is prohibited
from acting on this subject, and as justices
Sheriffs, -.nd other State officers cannot
legally act under the law of Congress, it i
unnecessary to prohibit them from doing s
by statute.
1"The common law is sufficient, in it
civil and criminal remedies, to punish al
Stlte officers who interfere with fugitive
slaves. The power of retaking fugitive
slave is with the owner, assisted by th
United States judges atd marshals.

PORT OF APALACHICOLA......... Feb. 17.

Feb 14--Ship Diadem, Tucker, fm New York.
Bark Cumberland, Powers, fm Liverpool, to J
Day & Co.
Schr Ontwa, Cordsen, fm New Orleans.
Feb 16-Ship Liberty, Pratt. fm New York.
Br ship Dauntless, Johnson, fm Liverpool, to W
A M PC Kain.
Brig Leonora, Manduiel, from St Thomas, to
Nourse, Stone &- Co.
Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Eufaula, N'Naughton, fm Jernigan.
Steamer Boston, Motion, fm Columbus.
Steamer Mary A Moore, Moore, fm Columbus.
Stt amer Emily, Hall, fm Columbus.
Steamer Southerner, Garrard, fm Eufaula.
Steamer Champion, Cadwallader, fin Columbus
Feb 10--Bark Sarh Boyd, Dummond, for Bos-
ton, by C Rogers & Co.
Feb 12-1Br. ship Queen, Newland. for Liver-
pool, by Chas Rogers & Co.
Bark Magdala, Dodge, for New York, by A
Schr Ann Maria, Brisbee, for Havana.
Feb -1-Bark Isabella, Preble, for St Marks, by
C Rogers & Co.
Schr Elizabeth; Cliff; for New Orleans.
Feb 17-Bark Triton, Luce, for Providence, by
T L Mitchel.
Bark New England, Androsi for Providence, by
Wood & Ballou.
Dauntles, (Br.) Johnson, 689 tons, fm Liverpool
waiting--W A & P C Kain.
Diadem, Tucker, 657 tons, fin New York, wait-
Liberty, Pratt, 689 tons, fm New Yorkj waiting-
Burlington, Cook, 535 tons, for Trieste, loading-
I M Wright.
Ocean, Brownell, 566 tons, for Liverpool; load-
ing-Harper & Holmes and C S Tomlinson.
Urgent, Rogers, 622 tons, fm Liverpool, waiting-
W A& P C Kain.
Tesse, (Br.) Oliver, 679 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-Hill, Dawson & Co.
Floridian, Whittemore, 443 tons, for New York,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Constellation, Flitner, 276 tons, from New York,
waiting-D B Wood & Co.
Macedonian, Jack, 414 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Cumberland, (Br.) Powers, 402 tons, fm Liver-
pool, waiting-J Day & Co.
Madonna, Mitchel, 489 tons, fm Portland, wait-
Sarah Sheaf, Sands. 401 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-J Day & Co.
Gleaner, Smith, 289 tons, fm Rochforte, France,
waiting-D B Wood & Co.
John Brower, Tolford, 310 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Alice Frazier, Trott, 406 tons, for New York, load-
ing-,W A & P C Kain.
Cumberland, Hiscuck, 385 tons, for New York,
loading-A Dodge.
Mary & Jane, Flitner, 346 tons, from Liverpool,
Florence, Woodward, 349 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Leonora, Manduiel, 194 tons, for Baltimore, load-
ing-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Manhattan, Johnson, 246 tons, for New York,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Metamora, Grant, 195 tons, for New York, load-
ing-Nourse, Stone & Co,

For New York.
ThE splendid fast-sailing shipFLOW-
^ RIDAN, Whfetrmore, master, will hav?
dispatch for the above port. For freight
or passage, having superior accommodations, ap-
ply to the master, or to'
Feb 17 NOURSE, STONE & Co.

COTTON.-Our river is again very low, in conse,
quence of which the receipts thus far this week
have been very light and will continue so until we
have another rise. The sales this week have been
to a fair extent, principally on foreign account.
The Market is considered somewhat easier, pro-
bably to the extent of ic. We however make no
change in our quotations.
Inferior ................................
Ord. to Good Ord........................
M iddling ... ........................4 .,461 a 61
Good M iddling........................... 6j a 61
M id. Fair ................................ 7 a 71
Fair...... ............................. 7i a 7j
FREIGHTS.-We have no change to notice in
this Department of business.
To Liverpool ......................... 0-16d.
To Havre ................................ --
To New York .. .. .................. 9-16c.
To Boiton ............................ 9-16c.
To Providence ... ................... 9-16c.
I year.

For New York.
,p THE last s tiling c6ppered bark CUM-
BERLAND), Hiscuck, master, wants 300
bales to completebher c'argo. For freight
of which, or passage, tpp'Ig to
Feb 10 A DODGE.

For New Yotks.
"'I HE fast-gailing .chr LAsOY, Be-
i^^^dell, master, will have dispatch. 'For
i freight or passage, apply fo
Feb 10 A..DOtIbOV.

For New Yok-;.
^ THE fine brig METAMORA; Grint,
i master, will meet with dispatch. For
sl!ireight or passage, apply to
Jan. 27. NOURSE, STONE & C6.

For Boston.
_a THE fast-sailing coppered bark FLOR-
j ENCE, Woodward, master, will mfleet
i with dispatch. Fot freighf on deck or
Passage, apply to
Feb 10 D i B WOOD & (d.;

Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1847 ..... 578 988
Received past 3 days ........... 344(i
previously ...... .... 32949
"Total .......-- 36973 63958
Exported past 3 days ........... 4571
4 previouslyo.......... .12492
Total.......-- 17063 24777
On hand and on shipboard notcleared 18910 39181
Commencing 1st September, 1847-and same
time in' 1846.
Past Previ- TOTAL Last
WHITHER EXPORTED. 13 days, ously. season

..1808 ..3810..5618 ..4176
....o..... ....,o.. ......
........'.849 ...849 ......
...... ...... ...... .. .958

..1S08 ..4659 ..6467 ..1321
...6431..3972 ..4615 ..5894
...910I..2038 ..2948 -.3961
..1190...774-..1964 ..1623
...... .. .729 ... 729 -.1170
.... 20 ...320 ...340 ..5733
............ ...... .. .1262
. 2763 ..7833.10596 .19643
............ T7063 .24777

Liverpool ............
Havre..... ...........
Nantz..... .......... .
Trieste ...............
Genoa .... .........
Other ports ...........
Total to For. Ports.
New York ...........
Boston .......... .....
Providence ... .. ....
Philadelphia .........
Baltimore..... ....
New Orleans .........
Other ports...........
Total Coastwise....

Per steamer Emily-Mrs J Hamilton, Miss C
Holmes, Miss V Holmes, Rev D Cairnes, Gen J
Dill, Col W H Talman, Dr Conmer, L Dunn, S A
Grier, Proutman, Crowell, Daughtry.
Per steamer Southerner-T R Hutchinson and
daughter, J Earle.
Per steamer Quincy-Mrs Hinkley, Maj J Coe,
D Buie, D Browning, S Hutton.
Per steamer Peytona-W Hansard, Struver.
Per steamer M A Moore-Dr E Stone, S L Sol-
omon, Guliford.
Per steamer .Quincy-J Bradwell and lady, Mrs
Dr Ely, Miss Beman, Dr S J Baker, S J Baker,jr,
A H Bush.
9 Per steamer Eufaula--Mrs Clark and daughter,
Col Battle, Z R ozmmon, T J Rozmmon, S Davis,
A F Lochala, AC McKinley.
Per barge McFig--Mr Crowning and lady, Miss
Silvesier, Miss'Skimader, Hudson, Bryant, Martin.

Per steamer .Emily-Z56 bales cotton to A N
McKay & Co; 154d6 to Lockhart & Young; 141
do to Wylie &5 McKenzie; 125 do to Sims & Chee-
vei; 110 do to I M Wright; 1 do to Nourse, Stone
& Co; 00 do to order.
Per steamer Southerner-161 bales cotton to
Lockhart 55 Young; 117 do to C Rogers & Co; 80
do to Harper &.Holmes; 61 do to A N McKay &
Co- 65do to Maclay & Kimbrough; 58 do to Wm
G Porter &5 Co; 19 do to Sims & Cheever; 7 do W
A & P C Kain; 98 do to Wylie & McKenzie; 84
bxs tobacco to Nourse, Stone & Co.
Per steamer Qmncy-261 bales cotton to Lock-
hart &5 Young; 42 do to D G Raney; 10 do Wm G
Porter & Co; 30 do to B S Hawley; 8 do to J Day
& Co; 7 do to Sims & Cheever, 8 do to J W Ri-
Per steamer Peytona-319 bales cotton to Lock-
hcrt .V Young; 101 do to Sims &; Cheever; 90 do
to A N McKay & Co; 20 do to Sims & Cheever.
Per steamer Boston-51 do to D B Wood & Co;
2 do to Harper 55 Holmes; 89 do to A N McKay
& Co; 14 do to Sims & Cheever; 7 do to Wn G
Porter & Co; 81 do to Maclay & Kimbrough; 51
do to J Day & Co.
Per steamer Mary A Moore-435 bales cotton to
A N McKay &G Co 53 do to Lockhart & Young;
44 do to Wylie & McKenzie.
Per steamer Quincy-35 bales cotton to Wm G
Porter& Co; 35 do to D G Raney; 38 do to Vy-
lie & McKenzie; 4 do to Lockhart & Young,; 8do
to J Bradwell, 2 bxs tobacco to B S Hawley.
Por steamer Emily-331 bales cotton to A N
McKay &5 Co: 90 do to Maclay & Kimbrough; 9
do to Sims & Cheever; 5 do to Lockhart Az Young;
82 do to order.
Per barge Hawkeye-107 bales cotton to J Ste-
venson & Co; 20 do to Wm G Porter & Co.
Per steamer Eufaula-146 bnles cotton to A N
McKay & Co; 38 do to Lockhart & Young; 21 do
to W GI.Porter& Co; 153 do to Wylie & McKen-
Per barge McFig--56 bales cotton.

LIVERPOOL-Per ship Queen-1808 bales
NEW YORK-Per bark Magdala-643 bales
BOSTON-Per bark Sarah Boyd-910 bales
PROVIDENCE-Per bark Triton-703 bales
Per bark New England-487 bales cotton.
NEW ORLEANS-Per schr Elizabeth-20
bales cotton.


Cor. Comniflerce and Centre-W#,
T HE subscriber respectfully announces to his
friends, and the Public, that he has opened
the above house, and solicits their Patronage.-
There will always be found at the bar a choice
selection of Liquors, Wines and Segars, and
Mine Host, with his assistant, wilt pay stfict a;t-
tention to those that do (Dew) Drop in.
N. B. Hot Lunch daily at 11, A. M;
Feb. 11, 1848. 5-tf

HULL'S superior single and double Trusses,
for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

Lemnon Syrup.
J B RAY'S superior Lemon syiup,just received
and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

SWAIM & HOUCK'S Panacea, just received
and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

Hardware, Ship Chandlery, &e.
T HE Subscribers have on hand for sale-
LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Planes,
Compasses, Augers, Gimblets, Chisels, Brace
and Bitts, Rules, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes,
Ship do, Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham-
mers, Shutter Hangings, Blind do, Steelyards,
Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do,
Kitenen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and
Tongs, Fire Irons, &c.
BLACKSMITHS' Bellows, Anvils, Sledges,
Hammers, Vices, Screwplates, Stocks and
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c.
IRON-Sweeds, English and American, assorted,
round, flat and square, Band,Hoop, Sheet and
Boiler Iron, Railroad, Spike do, Horseshoe
Iron and Nails, Cast$ English, Blister and
German Steel.
PLOUGHS-Single and Double Cornshellers,
Cornrrills, Logchains, Trace do, Ox do,
Shovels and Spades, Weeding Hoes, Garden,
Laue and Grubbing Hoes.
CORDAGE-Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.
CASTINGS-Sugar Kettles, Mills and Caul-
drons, Bakeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled,
Kettles, Tea Kettles, &c.
TINWARE-A full assortmenL
Wholesale or retail. `4
Apalachicola, Jan. 20, 1848.

Notice. _
SIX weeks after date, application will be made
to the Hon. Judge of Probate of Franklin
County, for letters of administration upon.the
estate of G. G. Windham, late of said county
deceased. A. M. ELLIOTT.
Apalachicola, Jan 13, 1848. 52-6t*
Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
FOF Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J.C. ALLEN.

LIBERAL Advances will be made on Cotton
consigned to our friends in Havre, Liver-
pool, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and
New Orleans.


Feb. 17,1847.

MADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool,
Havre, New York and Boston, by
Dec. 16 D. B. WOOD & CO.
DRAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bought; and
Sight Checks on New York sold by
Agents Bank of Brunswick,
Dec 30 41 Water street.

POTATOES-100 bbls.; Turnips-50 bbls.;
Carrots-50 bbls.; geets-50 bbls.;
Parsnips-25 bbls., for sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

On Consignment.
JUST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, 1 Celebradad,"
10,000- Cazadores, Esmero,"
6 dozen "Reserve Maderia,
6 "Regina" Port,
6 Cherry Cordial,
tO Tomato Catsup,
For sale by McCALLA & REMAIN,
Dec 2 46-tf 9 Columbus Block.

Swayn & Wistar's
COMPOUND Syrup of Wild Cherry, just re-
ceived and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.

Thompson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha,
FOR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
chitis, asthma, whooping cough, palpitation
of the heart, liver complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, for sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

SCOTCH and Macaboy, in bottles and blad-
ders, just received and fcr sale by

BULL'S, Sand's, Bristol's and Bailey's com-
pound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla, just re-
ceived, and for sale by
Feb 17 H F ABELL.


For Liverpool.
/ [ THE ship OCEAN, Capt Brownell,
having the principal pait of cargo en-
,ASaged; and going on board, will have
quick disatch. For freight of the remainder, or
passage a')ply to HARPER & HOLMESg


For New York.
^ THE brig MANHATTAN, Johnson,
^ master, having most of her cargo engaged
wawill have immediate dispatch.
Feb 10 NOURSE, STONE & Co.

For Boston. ..
,-, THE fine packet bark JOHN BR01Y-
h ER, Tolford, master, will meet with dis-
l^patdh, Fot freightjon deck, or passage,
apply to
Feb 3 D b WOOD & Co;

JSecond Story Baltzell's Buildings,
(Entrance on Chestnut-st )
N B. Watehesi Clocks and Jewelry carefully
re-aired. October 21, 1847.

Thomsonian MLedicines,
UST received and for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

5 DOZ. assorted Syrups, of superior quality,
just received from Havana, and for sale by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

Fresh Garden Seeds.
A LAGE assortment of Fresh Seed, just rec'd,
and for sale by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.
WEDE Iron, Scotch do, Weeding an,- G-?rden
Hoes, Blacksmiths Bellows, Cotton a--- Wool
Cards, Spades and Shovels, Cauldron an, Sgar
Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Horse and Dray
FOR sale cheap. Apply to
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Bagging and Rope,
FOR sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st.
0 BBLS Champagne, for sale by
50 Dec 30 B ELLISON Co.

Candied Fruit.
UST received from Havana, and for sale by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

School Books.
BOOKS, of all kinds, just rec'd by

0 HHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florida,
50 for sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 30 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

QUININE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

Drugs, ledieines, Paints, Oils,q
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, &e. :
| THE undersigned returns his thanks
to his friends and the public for their
liberal patronage, and begs to inform
that he is now receiving an addition-
al supply, which added tohg former
stock, renders his assortment unusufaly latge
and complete. English, French, German and
American Drugs; ,Cosmetics; Perfumery; Glass
and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c., are offered
to Physicians, Country Merchants and others on
the most liberal terms-all of which he warrants
pure and unadulterated. -
H. F. ABELL, ; i!
Wholesale and Retail Druggist, \
:45 Wafer kirt, 't

juBy l tj. U iuLn


THE, undersigned propose publishing in the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with the above title.
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy.
The want of a local paper has been severely
felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
this Journal.
The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of September.
TERMs-Three dollars per annum, in advance.
$3 50 if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the year.

- I

_ -r- jL-.-_- ~y _~d~_ll~a~Ps~LLllbP-~ I I I .II II .. -)-i--LI~. I1~3Ci~LLIIIIII~~

" 7 nW 91rVW 1&tv r_~tv

Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the authority in me vested by law,
I will expose to sale, before the Court House
Door, in the City of Apalachicola, on Monday the
8th day of May, 1818, between the hours of ten
A. M. and four P.M. the following real estate,
situated in the City of Apalachicola, (assessed as
the property, of Liewis Curtis and Joseph Dela-
field Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Com-
pany,) or so much thereof as will pay the Taxes
-for 1817, assessed, thereon, and in arrear unpaid
to the State of Florida, and the County of Frank-
lin, together with the cost of advertisement and
sale, and which said real estate is described as
follows, in the Map of said City, viz.
Block A, ranme I, lots nos. I to 14, inclusive,
unimproved; bloek A, range 2, lots nos. 1, 3, 6,
9, 11, 13, 11, unimproved ; block A, range 2,
lots nos. 2, 4, 5, 10, 1-2, improved; block B, range
1, lots nos. 3, 10, 9, 16, 17, unimproved; block
B, range 2, lots nos. 13, 14, unimproved; block
B, range 2, lots nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, irnprov-
ed; block C, range 1, l tsnos. 3, 4, 15, 16,, unim-
proved; block C, range 2, lots nos. 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, unimproved ; block C, range 2, lots nos. 1,
2, 4,-5, 15, improved; block D, range 2, lots nos.
3,17, 8, 9, unimproved; block D, range 2, lots
nos. 1,2, 5, improved: block E, range 1, lots nos.
3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, improved; block E, range 2,
lots nos. 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, unim-
proved ; block E, range 2, lot no. 4, improved;
block F, range 2, lots nos. 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, D, 20,
unimproved; block H, range 1, l ;ts nos. 5, 8,
10, It, 13, 120, unimproved; block H, range
2, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, C, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 1t, 17, unimproved; block J, range 1, lots
nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, unimproved; block J, ran e 2,
lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1t,
1-5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2.J, unimproved; block K,
ran-re 1, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 41, 5, G, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
1--),-13, 1t, 1.5, 16, '17, IS, 19, 2J, unimproved ;
block K, range 2, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9,
10, It, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, IS, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block L, lots nos. 1, ,2, 3, 4, 5, G, 7, 8,
9, 10, It, 12,t3, 11, 15, 1W, 17, IS, 19, 20,unuim-
proved; block M, lots nos. 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, I.5, 16, 17, 1S, 19 20, unim-
proved; block N, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block 0, lots nos. 1. 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9,
10, 11, 1.2, 13, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block P, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1.5, t6, 17, I3, 19, 20, unim-
proved; blockQ, l)ts nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, It, 1-2, 13, t1, 15, 13, 17, 18, 19,20, unim-
proved; block S, lots nos. 1 to 2j, inclusive,
unimproved; block 1, lots nos. 4, 7, unimproved ;
block 1, lot no. 8, improved ; block 3, lot no. 9,
unimproved ; block 4, lots nos 3,4, G, 7,8, 9, un-
improved; block 4, lot no. 2, improved; block
5, lots nos. 2 to G, inclusive, unimproved ; block
5, lots nos. 1, 7, 8, 10, improved; block 6, lots
nos. 1, 7, 8, 9, LO, unimdreved ; block 6, lots nos.
2, 3, 4, improved ; block 7, lots no3. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10,
unimproved; block 7, lots nos. 6, 7, S, improved ;
block 8, lots no3. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, unimproved ;
block 9, lots nos. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, unimproved;
block 10, lots nos. 3, 8, unimproved; block 10,
lots nos. 4, 7, improved; block 11, lots nos. 4, 8,
unimproved; block 14, lots nos 6, 7, 9, 10,
unimproved; block 15, lots nos. 4, 9, 10, un-
improved ; block 17, no. 9, unimproved ; block
17, lots nos. 6, 7, improved ; block 18, lots nos.
2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, unimproved; block 18, lot
no. 4, improved; block 19, lots nos. 1 to 10, in-
clusive, unimproved; block 20, lots no3. 3 to 1),
inclusive, unimn)roved ; block 21, lot no. 5, im-
proved; block 21,lots nos. 1 to4 and 6 to V), inclu-
sive, unimproved; block 22, lots nos. 1, 3, unim-
proved; block 23, lots nos. 6, 7, S, 9, unimproved ;
bloclO24,lots nos. 1,-2,3,6,7, 8, 9, 1,unimprov'd
block 25, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, 0, unimproved; block
26, lots nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10,, unimproved; block
27, lots nos. 1 to 10, i iclusive, unimproved; block
28, lots nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, unimproved; block
29, lots nos. 3, -1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unim)roved ;
block 30, lot no. 8, iunimproved; block 31, lots
nos. 5, 8, 9, 10, u1'rnprovel; block 3:2, lots nos.
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, unimproved ; block 33, lots
nos. 6, 9, unimproved; block 31, oitc noa. "2 to
10, inclusive, unimproved; block 35, lots nos. 1,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ; block 33, lots nos. 2
to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 37, lots nos.
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved; block 38, lots
nos. 2 to 9, inclusive, unimproved ; block 39, lots
nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimproved ; block 40,
lots nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, unimproved;
block 41 and 42, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, each
block, unimproved ; block 43, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 9,
10, unimproved ; block 4 1, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclu-
sive, unimproved; block 45, lots nog. 1 to 10, in-
clusive, unimproved; block 43, lots nos. 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, unimproved; block 47, lots nos. 1 to 10,
inclusive, unimproved; block 48, lots nos. 1 to
10, inclusive, unimproved; block 49, lots nos. 1
to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 50, lots nos.
1 to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 51, lots
nos. 2 to 10, inclusive, unim~proved; block 5!2,
lots nos. 1 to 9, inclusive, unimproved ; block 54.,
lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block
55, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ;
block 53, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unfimprov-
ed ; block 58, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, munm-
proved ; block 59, tots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, un-
improved ; block 69, lots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, un-
improved ; block 61., lots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, un-
improved ; blocks 62 to 69 inclusive unimp)roved ;
block 70 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uimmproved ;
block 71 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive urnimproved;
block 72 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp~roved ;
block 75 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp roved;
block 76 lots nos 1 to 10 inclnsive unmp~roved;
block 77 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive mumnipoved;
block 78 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 81 lots nos 1 to 10 inclus-ive unmp~roved;
block 82 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 83 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimpr'oved ;
block 84 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp roved ;
block 85 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unpinproved;
block 86 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unmp~roved;
block 87 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp~roved;
block 88 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp~roved;
block 89 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 90 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmp~roved;
block 91 lots nos 1 to 10 incluslve unmmproved,;

block 92 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 93 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 94 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 95 lots nos 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved ;
block 96 lotg nos 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 unimrproved;
block 97 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 9S lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 99 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 101 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 102 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 1033 tots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 101 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 105 lots nos 1to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 106 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unim proved
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 109 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 110 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive improved
block 111 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 112 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 113 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 114 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 115"lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 116 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 117 lots nosI to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 118 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 119 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 120 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 121 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 122 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 123 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 124 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 125 lots nos' I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 126 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 127 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 123 lots nos 1 to 10 ifolnsive unimpro'ved
block 129 lots nos 1 to 10 incl'uiive unimproved
block 130 lots nos 1 to 10 in elusive unimproved
block 131 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 132 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved i
block 133 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved


Nov 11

IDry Goods.
THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qrs,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c.
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or retail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.

block 134 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 135 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 136 lots nos 1 2 3 6 78910 unimproved:
block 137 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 138 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 139 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 140 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uniinproved :
block 141 lots nos 1 2 3 4 58 910 unimproved:
block 142 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved :
block 143 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 144 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 145 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 146 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 147 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 148 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 149 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uuimproved:
block 150 lots nos 12 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved:
block 157 lots nos 12 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved:
block 158 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 159 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
"Tlock 167 lots nos 12 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved
block 168 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 169 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 170 lots nos 12 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved:
block 174 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 175 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved .
block 176 lots nos 12 3 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved:
block 177 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 178 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 179 lots nos1 3456789 10 unimproved:
block 180 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 181 lots nos 12 3 4 5 8 9 10 unimproved:
block 182 lots nos I to 8 inclusive unimproved
block 183 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 184 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 185 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 186 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 187 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :
block 188 lots nos 2 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved: block
189 lots nos 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved: block 190 lots
nos 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved.
100 feet lot No 12; 50 feet foot of Leslie
street; 100 feet lot No 16; 100 feet lot No 17 ;
100 feet lot No 19 ; 90 feet foot of Centre street;
60 feet South part of lot No 20; 30 feet North
part of lot No 22; 90 feet foot of Chestnut st.;
10,9 feet of lot No 25; 90 feet foot of Cherry st.
Also-All Land lying on the West side of the
Apalachicola Bay, North and West of the City of
Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of
Franklin County; also, St. Vincent's Island, St.
Geoige's Island, and Dog Island, (exclusive of
that portion of St. Georges and Dog Island owned
by the U. S. Government) ; also, all Lands lying
East of the Bay of Apalachicola and bordering
on St. George's Sound, and running Eeast to the
mouth of New River, from thence in a direct line
to the Chipola Cut-off, following the Apalachi-
cola River down to its mouth, including Forbe's
islandd (so called); the whole containing 285,000
acres of third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d
quality, as per returns made by the Assessor of
State Taxes for Franklin County.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
and Ex-Officio Tax Collector Franklin Co.
Apalachicola, Nov. 4,1847. 42-6m.

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, l

William B. Finch.
T being made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the
State of Florida, to wit, in the State of New
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confess.
At Chambers, Sept. 20, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
W. VALLEAU, Clerk.

Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846.
Drugs and. Medicines.
J THE subscriber has, and will
constantly have, on hand, a complete
assortment of DRUGS and MEDI-
CINES, which he will warrant pure
and of the best quality.- Country
Merchants and-Planters will find it
to their advantage to call, examine and price his
Goods, before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B. Physician's prescriptions put up with
care and accuracy at any hour of-thedavor night.
March 21 Cor. Centre and Commerce sfs^

1 i

October 2S, 1847. 41-4m
In Chancery.
Thomas Barkar, I
vs. Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samanth Barker.
T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is or-
dered that the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition within three
months after the publication of this order, or the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is further ordered that this order be published in
some newspaper in the Western Circuit of this
State for the space of three months.
GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C.
January 6, 1848. 51-3m*
At Chinambers,
John M. Carnochan, ) ? Billfor ao.unt and

July 31, 1847.


The above Periodicals are reprinted in New
York immediately on their arrival by the British
steamers in a beautiful clear type, on fine white
paper and are faithful copies of the original-
BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE being an exact fac-
simile of the Edinburgh edition.
The prices of the RE-PRINTS are less than one
third of those of the foreign copies, and while they
are equally well got up, they afford all that ad-
vantage to the AMERICAN over the ENGLISH

On the seventh of December next.
A Daily Journal of Government, Legislative and-
General News.



T HE Subscribers take this method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which will be
sold low, consisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles,
Fancy Prints, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; Zto. Figured,
Silks, Frode Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion
Ribbons in all varieties
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 5-4, 4-4, 1'0-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Ba&s
Hats and Caps, all styles
Boots and Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to mention.
Call and examine for yourselves.
Dec 23 Cor. Water and Centre sts.
B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water and
Chiestnnt sts.
MANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pemine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Lithlra-ge, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine. Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tar do, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting., Russia Duck. Eng-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
White, Blue and lied Bunting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
.jack Screws, Anchors, ttandspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes, Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentors ,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Bigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers, Hatchets. Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, Handsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges, Padlockq,
Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyards, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &c.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9, 1847.

THE subscriber is now enabled to announce the '
completion of his arrangements for the establish-
ment of a well-organized and independent Jour-
nal of News at the Seat of the General Govern-
The leading features of the United States Re-
porter will be the following:-
I Early Intelligence of the movements of the
various Departmnnts of the Government, in re-
ference to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign
Relations of the country, will be given with
scrupulous fidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities
for obtaining information, the "Reporter" will
be enabl,.d frequently to communicate, exclu-
sively, intelligence of the mest important cha-
II The Verbatim Reports of theProceedings
and. Debates o&'the United;Stales Senate, which
the proprietor is bournd to furnish daily to that
body, in accordance with the terms-of the con-
tract made at the close of the last session 4f
Congress. The arrangements new made will at
once fully secure to the Senate of the United
'States an authentic and complete record of' is
Debates; and to the people-in a greatly enlarged
degree-the benefit of the experience, sagacity
and statesmanship of that body to which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful
III The Proceedings and Debates i2 the
House of Representatives will alsa be given with
fullness, iiTjpariiality, and theutn.:cst prcinntti-
tude. Earh flay's record will be completely
made up, a;,d appear in the Rel orttr" next
IV ,! Synv.ptica! View of the Proceedings
and Dibates of all the State Legislatures, will
be regularly given. Members of Congress and
all classes (of readers will thus be kept fully an!d
systematically informed of Domestic Legislation
in all sections of the United States.
V Early Intelligence of all important mcve -
ments in the Legislatures o` Great Britain ard
France will be cormr~unicaled by every uearicr
from Europe, through reporters in London ard
Paris, who possess peculiar facilitiestor obtair.-
ing information.
V I The Genral Xe"ews of the Dai will he
given in a condensed form, with industry and at- -
tention. '
Such is a brief view of 1Ahat-1{t-e-*,United
States Reporter is designed to be. All the 1 lai:s
and arrangements have been well r'atred, and
the hope is confidently cherished, tihat the U.
S. Reporter" will prove itself an energetic, in-
dustrious, dignified and perfectly iridepende-rt
journal. It will have no party i it '% --i-. pl,],
bias. The proprietor, by the ii:rn, Il 'hibl c i-i
tract with the Senate of the .I iicd SU.?,is
bound to the condition that "the papersltrall con-
tain no political discussions except the debates "
It will be a vehicle of NEws-not the organ of
any set of opinions. The grand aim of the sub-
scriber is to establish, at the Seat of'Gbvernment,
a faithful and prompt reporter of all sorts of in-
telligence-a re.-ronsible agent, on which the
politician, the business man, the Ynamifaclurer,
Ihe mechanic, and every one interested in the
affairs of Congress ard the Government, may rely
at all times with implicit confidence.
It is believed t hat the establishment of sv.i-h a
reliable Journal of Inelligence, on tern % %hch
place it within the reach of the great o.j-e- p,
the people, at the commencement of v1,ai I.r..-
raises to be a most interesting and eventful p.et. d
in the history of Congressional proceedir-.-, \,%ill
be regarded wilh 'favor by all classes cf I he com-
munity; and, having thns stated his obji,:cls, the
subscriber respcclfully solicits a liberal amrid U'rn-
eral support from the enlightened public -..l the
United States.
Stenographer to the Senate,)of the U. S.
(bir, The "United States B,-r[;..rer' I\ill bo
printed on a large and handsomesheet, ar.d iind
every morning, except Sundays, a_ tlit r a eol
$6 per annum.

In connection with the daily paper, there %ill
be issued from the same establishment,t. I
The Mirror of Congress.
This publication will'contain ( xcluisikelY the
Reports of the Proceedings arid Debates o'f the
Congress of the United StItes. 'I twill be issued "
semi-weeklyj-n an elegant quarto form, h'roug_,
out the sessions of Congress, and will.,be furnished
to subscribers at the rate of two dollars for the .
long session and one dollarlfor (he'short session.
It is believed that this great national work %ill
bee deemed indispensable in the library of every "
public institution, politician, and professional'
man, throughout the country; and that it will be
regarded by the great mass of the people as the
very best political text book for their own instruc-
tion and that of their children.

Throughout the session of Congress, Extras
will be issued from theoffice of thei'. United
States Reporter," containing the reports ef all
such Debates as may possess peculiarly exciting
All subscriptions' and communications to be
post-paid, and addressed
U~niled Slales Reporter, "W~ashington, D. C.
July' 31, 1P47.
All" newspapers throughout ihe U~nited 'tlaes
who publi-h ihi;s Prospectus onee a week from
thiis dale nil ihe meeting of Congress. will b~e eh-
tilled to an exchange with the "' Irnited lales
Reporter,'" and will be placed on the list of-,lho~e
to wham ih,- E.\lra. will hp dos.paiched:

VS. partition.
George K. Walker, et al. ;
UPON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suil, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished in the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bitl by the next rule day,which
shall come after twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Compl'ts Solicitors.
A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU,
Dea 30. 50-4m Clerk.



I I-

For any one the four Reviews, $3 per annum.
For any two, do. 5 "
For any three, do. 7 "
For all four of the Reviews. 8 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 "
For Blackwood and the 4 Reviews. 10,00
O}3- All communications should be addressed
(post paid) to
LEONARD SCOTT & CO Publishers,
79 Fulton St., New York.

Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of two fi. fas., to me directed, from
the Circuit Court of Franklin county, one in
favor of George Sinclair, and one in favor of R.
J. Moses vs. Henry Hodges, I have levied upon
and will expose to sale to the highest bidder, at
the Court House door, the Council Chamber, that
being the place of holding Court, in the City of
Apalachicola, Franklin county, on the first Mon-
day in March next, within the legal hours of sale,
the following described property, to-wit: The
dwelling house, situate in the city of Apalachi-
cola, on lot numce.r ten, block number nine, cor-
ner of Centre and Liveoak streets, property of
defendant. JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff.
By B. LUCAS, D. S.
Jan. 26, 1848. 2-tds

No. 39 Water-street.
R ECEIVED per brig B. G. Lamar and schr.
Elizabeth, from New York-
SHOES-Calf ",Clay" Ties; do Nullifiers; I.
Rubber Over Shoes, with leather heels
and soles.
HATS-" Amidons," Beaver and Moleskin, in
extreme fashion ; also, a variety suitable
to country trade.
GLOVES-Kid, Silk, Linen, Woolen and Buck,
of all varieties.
HOSIERY-Cotton, Woolen and Silk.
ALSo-A few fasionable Pilot Over Coats,
Black Sacks, Pants, Vests, &c.
Jan 13, 1848. M. P. ELLIS.

In Chancery--Franklin County.
Mary Green, by her next friend,)
vs. Bill for Di-
James Green, Defendant. S vorce.
T HE Court having been assured by affidavit
of complainant in the above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida,
but within the United States, it is ordered (hat a
hearing be had upon the facts charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing
the date of this order, and thereupon to pass a
decree in the same manner as it the defendant
had appeared and were present in Court: Pro-
vided always that a copy of this order shall have
been published in some newspaper of this State
for the space of three months at least before the
first day of said term, and due proof of said pub-
lication be made to said Court.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
A True Copy.
Apalachicola, Dec. 25, 1847. 59-3m
Caa~aan Circait Court.
Fall Term, 18417.
David J. Mears, )
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth Maars. S
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that the defendant resides out of the Western
Circuit of Florida, and out of the State, it is
ordered that said defendant be required to appear
and answer this bill of complaint on the 1st
Monday in April, A. D. 1848, and in default
thereof this said bill be taken pro confess, and
that this order be published in some newspaper
in this Circuit, for the space of three months
before the day ordered for the said hearing.
December 7, 1847. 49-3m
In District Court of the United
States, for the Northern Dis-
trict of Florida.
Daniel N. McLean, and'|
others, owners of the I
steam boat Augusta, I
vs. }> Libel for Collision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula, I
her tackle, apparel and
furniture. J
N OTICE is hereby given to all whom it may
N concern, that by virtue of an attachment
warrant of arrest, issued in the above cause, I
have seized and taken the above mentioned Steam
Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel and furniture,
to answer to the libel filed therein, for damages
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.-
That the said process is returnable before the
District Court of the United States for the North-
ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's office of
said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
third Monday (17th day) of May, instant, at 10
A. M., at which time and place the said cause
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachicola, this 15th day of May,
in the year 1847. ROBERT MYERS,
U. S. Marshal.
by H. R. TAILOR, D. M.
May 22, 1847. 19-tf
M11ap Agents Waaited.
HE subscriber wishes to engage in the sale of
T his Maps a number of young and middle
aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having completed new and
greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas,
72 Maps; large Map of the World, Reference
and Distance Map of the United States, National
Map of the United States---also, a variety of
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices.
Northeast corner of Market and Seventh
Dec 30 Streets, Philadelphia.
Blank Books and Stationery.
EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Books for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELL.


Slieriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a mortgage fieri facias, to me di-
rected, from the Circuit Court of Franklin
County, in favor of Henry G. Guyon, versus Jane
Valiou, Adm'x estate of J. W. Flavel, deceased,
and William Valleau, her husband, I have levied
on the south half of Lot 5, Block 15, and the im-
provements thereon, being the premises mort-
gaged by J. W. Flavel, deceased, to plaintiff in
execution, and will expose the same for sale at
the usual hours of sale, -in front of the Market
House, Apalachicola, that being the usual place
for holding Court, on the first Monday in March
next, to satisfy said fi fa.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
By B. LUcAs, Deputy.
Apalaehicola, Feb. 3, 1848.
PLAINS, Plain Irons, single anddouble, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Guages, Mortice do, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Staples, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps, Axes, Hatchets, Coffee Mills, Sledge Ham-
mers, Smith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

T HE subscriber will be receiving and opening
in a few days, an entire new arid extensive
assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING,
direct from the Manufactory, consisting in part of
100 blanket and pilot cloth Overcoats, assorted
style and colors
50 Monkey Jackets
Sailors' blue and gray Round Coats
Sack, Frock, and Dress Coats
Cloth, Cassimere, Satinett, Janes and Tweeds
Pants, various styles
Flannel Shirts and Drawers
Heavy canton flannel Shirts, Drawers and Sin-
Fancy cambric and Linen Shirts
Gents. and Boys' fine linen bosom Shirts
Fancy and plain Vests
Hickory Shirts; plain muslin ditto
Suspenders, Gloves, &c.
All or any portion of the above willbe sold to
the trade at New York Factory prices. Terms
made easy. Call and examine the stock.
JNO. S. HUTCHINSON, Agt. Factory,
No. 28 Water street, up stairs.
Apalachicola, Dec. 16,1T817. 48-t"

Hydraulic Cotton Press.
T HE subscriber is happy to inform his former
patrons, and ship masters generally, that he
has the above press in tip top ordrr, and is now
prepared to compress cotton as well as can be
done by any other press in the city, and on as
good if not on better terms. Atl he asks is a trial
The warehouse is now in good order, and ready
to receive cotton on storage.
Apalacbicola, Dec. 16, 1847, 48-tf

UST received per schrs. Elizabeth Hull and
Santa Rosa, from New Orleans-
50 bbls Flour; 20 bxs Cheese;
10 hf bbls Butter Crackers; 10 firkins Butter;
10 bbls Pilot Bread; 20 keg Leaf Lard;
500 lbs super Bagg'd Hams;
3 hhds N 0 Sugar;
Which will be sold low by
Jan 6 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

A FEW bbls pure Cider Vinegar, for sale low
by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st.

Net and Twine Manufacturing
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's Patent
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and
Bundle Twines, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines,
XV. B. JNets and Seines knit to order at short
notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agents,
October 14, 1847. 39ff Apalachicola

HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix "
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coflee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.


Hydrostatic Ink Fountain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen. Racks,
Sand Boxes, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
Nov 18 J C ALLEN.

Gold Pens.
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior
Gold Pens, just received and for sale by
October 21. J C. ALLEN.

Groceries, &c.
UST received from New York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of Groceries, &c.
consisting in part as follows, viz :
Crushed Sugar, a fine article,"
Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup,
Cog. Brandy, a super, article,"
Com. do.
Holland Gin, of the best quality,
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum,
Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Starch,
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey,
Brown N. 0. Muscovado and St. Croix Sugar,
Bacon Sides, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold low by
Nov 11 50 Water st.

BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.
FRESH Fall Crop, for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Dry Goods.
RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
A FEW boxes of Stewart's Refined Candies,
for sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st.

Western Produce.
ST. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, Lard, Whiskey,
Sugar, choice and prime, Molasses, Pork, mess
and prme, Bacon, Hams, Sides and Shoulders, for
sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dee 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Gnava Jellies.
N different sized boxes, just received from Ha-
vana, and for sale by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

SEfDLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
best quality, for sale by
July 17 J. C ALLEN.IW

Castile Soap, q. .
JUST received, and lor sale by .
Nov I[ Iif. F. ABELL. ".
im BITTERS, just received and for sale by "
Nov *21 J.'C. ALLEN.. 'o :
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints,. by them_ ;; N
bale and case, low for cash, by f "
Dec 91. Cor. Water and Chestnut stg... -
At '^


A FEW dozen bottles, just received from Ha-
vana, and for sale by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

Groceries and Ship Stores.
RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel, Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soa'p, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens. Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oa;s, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
For sale by B. ELL1SON & CO.
Eec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Wood Ware, &c.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
ment, for sale by



J. DAY & Co.

BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by the case;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans;
,, ,, fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
,, fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: February 10, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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-- .- .. .
: -

1/ '

-h. X. ( ; /J-e J ( C'' ; /f r' /

) .


, .

d_ :


ommctciat1 to,....1iiT11"ITi.. j ." c!,.,."'"'J

: r .; t fW- UttJlt6tt

\ J'1rl4 : i lIi

: < J'l" r -.. ."' .r-. .

.-. ",'_._,.J -.' lJro" '.: ; ,f.A ."

4t ..,'..-w'W"6Ju -


.-- .
---------- -- -- --
-- -- -
--- -- :-_- Oc. _= _- ===: == -__ ____ _____ __. _


--- -
-- ---- ---- ---- .

!I.1I .IUm i ADVERTSEB I .lRiiltc73 Dirrtn. 1).: !i iUiidrrivood FL'l"\'X, YitcIl(1Iif0It". -.-- ----- I men, one- hundred- -and sixty- in number -head with my right hand, I could- -not, even

--- -- --- .
F.VERT TIIORSDAT Ft -- --- ( 7' CUK ) :- -- -- ----- ,. \M-re ordered lo 'u on board 'the vc!>cls.- if I could have let go the bush with my left.

rCBLI5IUD: > V Cai;ii, D SHOE MAKER I LXI'ULMOX OF TIIM ACALIANS.B1 They 1 lefnsfd to do this, unless their f.imiIIPS have used my knife, which was it the right
J. L. TAILORS I CONTINUES to carry en tie EVKLIVA, I.:-- might he permitted accompany llicni. pocket of my I irowsers.

BALTZKLL'S BUILDING [The or the This was ,denied and the soldiers were ordered There is an old
account which
n. ).WIS, Cditoi.BdtzII's '. ;' ',j m Ap.dachicolj, oppo' folluwiiig Expulsion nursery rhyme
ir. G.. Apalachicola, Ile' the Citv H.tel 1:1 C.-.iti.: <' I of the rc'adi.II.-\hic'l: ; i is the subject clLongfi to do iheir duly. The wretched speaks about

Building corner of : \' woi p. .. 5 new Kvan ; Acadians no !longer r's1sle.J. hut marched! Fo-r and
< !!:- .-\11 orders attended to with : superior! edne-ran- twenty Maokhird haUed! in a pie.
0..Scft ThIrd 141I11nt'"rce lnrv aaH'li inut strcets.Tiiiras. and dt,*-i.stc h. '.Jan I : who may, patronize him will not be lead \\ illwll l"t'l Ilil"c! ildilIaliol I Irom ihpthaptl of St. Pre the ships. '.\hen the p:? was opened, the birds I."glIto tinS',
i c.dl'd at the nsjhth'i! |' and snn oV. Surely world; is The road from the chapel lit the shore. \\tS not tt.is a di-h to set befintr the Kins '!"

11. X. Scott iV BrotlierVHOLKSALE ; Morocco, and Patent Leather better I lor it wis our ancestors wlm did'tlil'this j i just one mile in length' was crowded with [ However! the King might have relished
tI.l'tlrt e U .Ihr per annum \ AND nKT\lI I : to oHor, ft I the latest and I women and children live black-birds. I doubt if he would have
acv*"* within six"lfjn TEAK' R cinel ilriii.Ve take the account from who on their knee, :
il'-n-c :1: r J if Piid
nr : ) !It.. Also Patent Leal bet (Jai
1 thereafter- DRY GOODS, CLOTIIINU, BOUTS l tlic Union Magazine :] and with eyes and hands. ;.11 lo Heaven, fancied a luncheon till'a] live raitle-snnke
I I pinl ''; made! in a sii;)'ri''r man er.
+ HATS, .Vc., entreated: hissings their but ihpse were nfil m thoughts then.
ninth for a le-s term than MX on young y Just
; ; taken fal\llv hand a lave and 'I,
'n on -
><"'' '(!'t. ) wil!! mviriil.lv be chard for Cor. Water and Centre-street-, I ol R,-;adv 11edeonly J; Shoes Soninrlinf the char,; of Evnnseljne is so unmercifully from them. Some of Although benutilul the snake t"as. his skin

,iim*-nnJ-* 'Jn-; I,t.iPr will be .liscontinued of until the Dec 23_Apalarhi"ola. mellill_, .l'.lfllI! with flC'-I'' 'di-iived[ fioin the \'cn fonndntion of the nir-; the latter broke out into hitler lamentation: ;; glittering; in the oft sun of a fine Jay in November.
itf ,' ...gare paid, unless at the option raise-ill others prayed 1 aloud and another ; yet I lelt no appetite (for denic
4t1.:rnr", A. Dodge ', and on terms that cannot simple; dignity : t.tll.111; ss ; portion my
jIT"'IfIf'lorTtol ._0iesjuarp, (ttvPlvelmes as in katp ..: \'. in. i I. .. i I'I of the 1rl.tl'IS:, ; and IIM! ur religion, I sang; mournful hymns. as IlIpIfillli theirI meal. Hut things were brenmmg desperate.so .
."'''J' SHIPPING & COMMISSION( : th> of t'. .." I deep iljp ; seniors .itier ;njostirig! ion command
in tit
-1 "t the rate of One Dalfi : c -" .i. tone "h f the! iaterr'.it I. 'that we aria situ pri"ed I way ship The formed my pn-r
, I".r) n.1'1. sub No. 40 Water Street, : c 1>, 1 1517. 47-G'n j another detachment the neck .. I li' vr'n The
r the and Fifty Cents for every "elu --- IMr.1 LoniM'fil.'ivv die! not in : note, or t.lsl'! and I their departure oc- mote ( :ily" >r r
(tllf Dec'2.1. A"d chicnla. I casjoncd ; similar of distress Oilier thought of it n.j.ke me no1 rr'lrli:14 irk
s tvhrre. Iii! scene
;: li'Moric-al a.
+erl iO'I. \ (l Caih, glrr' 1f ,.$ fan )
gaentIn 3lvcrtise bv fie year a liberal vc-Jsrl-s arrived and their wives and children a- the bite dIll thru, for or. tl.e' (.it and pieces
rOth1. \11 \\\1. V'.SniIVJr. W.CHE ': ,0s \hit 1 ii, II )II'" i iiiin 1 i uitli i so fxiinisitp i ;a i j l : 1 (
'nil'1 : hit -ill i h'er.tlsE'mpnf" not1"rtllt a I { (iiIhj vid. Their[ coming in 111nll"I!. I to Mother .
113'11{ it will -i- : Sims V Chocvcr, idea I 1111-true. 1 1"1 here ;ue Ilaldll.hli.(Its"". | dwellings were burnt be.foie gave
.*''_tlr t; to t'I i-ir; own h-ines in them I as well will COM.MNSiON I I M E Hell A X T { :>Pi c IV1 I'LLY "it.: 'If heir s.-r ulid 1.1lt v4-r r'\1, l the rrnel 1 .ton', anti | ( their eta., .nd the work fif dearnrtion Earth the hasty breakfast winch I h.id enjoyed -
t Ti*' tie its sj-it by '; 10 the ctltt':. \pd.II'hl-- was t { ihonsai.d but :i f'-xv hours before and became
Office No. : Water street will: liel.l.; to ii in |VW'ivinilcondcnst I j j complete.' Eighteen sonlswere ,
lrittSeii ;a ..
b. ( (iitMte+ dec23 \'1:1: l.1("1111:1. :S anti] I the coni.tv: tit f l'i;>nkhn I ltl d fmiu the 1.1 1'f i[ cast forth upon the pitiless' IHrI.l.-! so faint with disgust: that I could scarcely
ilvertisen-nts: m I I'Fn
;( l :11 l -rant n th-iinenl. telur | r.-
r.r111" Desolate, and the keep two holds th" make hissed amixtiiiiied
depopulated beautiful my ;
Itoliorts, Allen V Co., > flaying innnlhh rn 11i- SII'Jffl.' our iiririUttig. tier II jll.ril'al; j
"il'v I'll! *" will charged f',r annnunc.ililllt DF.AI.FJN I IN HARDA'AUi.: .-\XI I I ; .(;; .' n trim the pnncipal actui.M: y nf t :lr. Lon;ffiifiv's; : picture PII- I I tract they had occupied : their homes lay: and! that hcr :l>le to iked tonne

*'* f'T o Tl'%<*. CHANDLERY.( IRON, STEEL ,\ 'ril cities, they \\111111' ...11:1I I Icints itt I"IITIl}! f.tct. ;i-j ti\t' |b\, smoking in ruins ; the ('alilt.. abandoned by ,i xvent dancing? in and IIUI0 devil could

IR I. Ml ih-crtnvn-lts from a liefanre m"N< SPIKF.S, AND \STL\GS ', 'd to tiii'nish; ) ttieir: jatro''t: alii iliitiiiiirinii; Ins. history oi Nova Scoli.i. i is, the'r; protectors, as.t inlde about the for-i I! have had more fiery eyp*. A::MIM I wound

;,ra..n'Ilted n Ith l the cah, "r city rt'ferer'rt'* And Manufacture's Ti1l.lron. and \ ar"\\mlh the _\L'\\'I'''' AND J" in burl, a isJsoine 1.Ic:\,: saken dwelling-places, anxiously seeking : myself up to the Irightfnl r.tsk. .u.il gnaweilami

111i1r. I I ,' i",c.'rhnn. per \n rarca.Tcf "'r I'LT.S 01I.I.1111",,'rt ;'- Ilk 1le: existing lietwrcn the Fn- their wonted masieis! ; and aM night; long ith" i rimed till the \trrtlIlra'a.. in 1 two. ard

01 Apahrhicch; /, Ili 1t'/1l.' tI'II/O.\_ F/\fnn- lisli{r and the French icspecling th? Irrrito- faithful! wau h-dogs howled! fur the ]ind9; ;! tile snake was liU5! tlienretically. still

Ofrrttorn. ,, ..\, which will he a decided that hail fed, and the tools thai [had sheltered that horrible! tor.gne wer.t i in and 1 out but
33u7il1r Ct arles Kr!pr< John Alnnn. Ivizene W. { n1 ( of lint hi parties, the region. aboutHudson's I I
; hle .
---- -- ('I'mn.II'lill' them.{ m? danger was (IHr. and with one effort Ifnt
--- Chi. A Co. I B. ', and I the I
-- ICoxrrs ; province of Ac.nlieA ; .
!! ( ;liiv.s: and! Eve-
-- F vter .V Co. COMMISSION( \1 E I C 11 X Nova Scotia The distress nf one family will serve to the mali I"lt head and threw it from me,
Ural. <;. A T : :' III to ordr.: Cloaks! ...1'1 n since callc to settle the! matter I
l1E1LIitS 1:N' 'J'- II!' A\'H COMMISSION Water stl''c.f. ; in the Usual :, ni.s ot t5u- d It'; weie ceded in (; \,1 IJntain: in 1713. exhibit the snffei'mg; of these refu .f's.- and qi'itkly tliser:g.iged ti\stt"! from ihe
lU'l1.INTS! flee Ot t At'.ilafhicola; ; There was) among ihem reuaioiu''if, .
M } : : Gatt< rs ma ]I" \PI a .'Ipt'l'i. i Ac.idie VIMS ilhahil..d by an excellent a notary-public. |
No. 41 Water .street J. SIKVK.NS-I.N. T. I1. DICS.-S aral i tuts ((/. tI.r.t F..dl p'ipiil.ition.( \\1".1 these: good mined Rene Le L 1'1 rce.: lIe loved the t j "My
lltor 3((1 Apalachicola! Fa. J. Stevenson A made in : neat and |.''hi r.abli-\ people f<,nnd 111.11 funnily ) 'lo Eng: English. On one occasion the Indians (,f the ravine. I It tt. ton e.\hiusie:! to gc for
6't. X.virse, (B Moue, \V.lruoks made at I this tin-fsiahiishtni-iil! land, awl llienisi-lves/ ) no l"II i'lott.r -objects ol would have persuaded him to assist them it. and not a luile in f' ;
I \'o' r* tN Slime V CryCotilINSIUN COMMISSION MERCHANTS the I Fifnt.li king, Il.\ were giieveil to b in an attempt upon the :: ;i.ll.ni.ll. lie letiised akes so after m..king my nay lo the toleof

i I MERClIANl'S, AND "sfnry Baltzcli's Buildings.: to acknowledge, anotiier : and d the! Indians; in resentment, made! the rme.. I s.Ueriti f.r the nearest

:0.tl) Water street, DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, \c., street. f.r''c:-knew tli.it. the French and 1l'r.-Englishweie him prisoner and deated him four years. house, where I got vehicle. .u.d cJro10

Dec 1 12 A uUchienla I'la.Lnctlrtrt No. 13 Water Street, 39-Gm hostile II each other, and they dieaded At the time of tse expulsion.! Le IJI-mc; I ray friends! where I IH..-. ciMifined lo ted for
--- -- n-c. 23, HJ7 Apil.ichicola, i fall :ant Wit.ter Fahiioa- ja.: I the weeks horn an tHn' a nut of
: .%: Vosmar to ,he conipelleil: some tune; or ;,I".r. to was hung ;11 an :Uh'.IIII'e'! ""f'. His litlrlilyto I growing
JSREVIIAII DAY. DAMKL J. the English, and ; tfie great slate of (\t' tt UPI.r txhiihl hailundergone.
COMMISSION' .I."t! FOKxVAUDI.NMCRCIIAXrS! I G Like up| ;o'1 against, 1 Frenchmen ; they, hissnfreringsonih.ilaccount l
J. Diy A Co., thereloie. ; the 1: ( that deserved t favor;+ tint \\iu found} 1I11:1f'.1 And! I oxxe many ihaiiks lo my

No. -V; W.iter street, CO DJJ:5lo I N M IEICtJA: NTS DROP might 1CP: t'IJIPI..c I be nrceil( ) 111 t".li.1 p.iinlnl a seVife.they Le Bl.ini haul IPIIIlIldr: ,", awl about sweet Mar-' for Iu.iruIIlP's to me during

nw21 .\lllt,' 'iiiroM: Flailarler No. 52 \\'dlpl'trp"I, JZ\ .mil milt Iw t-xcnsed fruni Liking; the oath; one hnndied and fifty grand "hilrln'II.1'11 .- the l p'-nod,! uf my convalescence; which
__ Df'c2
---- -- ApiUchicol.i. 5.1015! locb.ser
embarked binnght two sympnthy.
j I L of .allegiance.This! (" were TJ Iirfl'renl'eopl! .
A II ol Hit's.COMMISSION frAcent< for LLOYDS :d.o, :1:rnt. "
"PiiS? and! The pi.ir.ter! sent for ai.d at the
scattered in different provinces.. The fry : Ion.
.I'tiMlii-nrrfriceCo received ;
il.\\TS. "ihe Protect .
I EHC Km "' lequest no speci.il attention -
also..Jffnt (0.** and the 11.Iftlllfl Insuidrice I CD.:' 1. m, ; hit lor : time, a kind! forbe.ir.in'-e vvjsexercied unfortunate man; w.is srI ashoie[ in New- I II same time ort'ered the negu) lo bring the

1ii'tiP; CM in and Centre sis. tuner t them After a of I: York, with his wife; and ihe tununU"f'sI tfj rattles, which he did.Ve CItlrllt'lllour-
---- ---- period
SUV 11' rU\I. I I'c;.IR; .\\rr. COMPANY, D. 1;. Wood A (;0., : : (oily ye.rIhP, English government 1 j their dlilclll'lI'e for iho-e J that were teen My friend begged to keep IIIt rn. and
/' ..VC irk, : n':' eetlijilv: .iMiouncrs; to hI': came I t to Ii:ht'tllCIII but :small{ exchange for his
Of fir .f./V > COMMISSION ill.-, carried him from city
conclusion one to
lo the
I'llhiic./ |'f., | hiss e neutral (French 'I..call..t-d.
fil :11.1 .
N.I. :! Wate .lrl" MF.RCIIANTS I He real pl..i..iipina.
-.I. diid .,.limits tu-ir; I'diu.t'! : .is I I h.n crt' c.illed.! might b coni** danger-
o j! i > \ No. -J1 1 Wdtci-slrnc-t, ; he 11111111"Irt.c/ of rhildren, aralthere.despaiiing DKST. I;;lescd
I-RANK UYlNGiO.N i tins 'to their interests bv taking parr vvih: ALL FOR THK are they
\VT. \\1. I I- n. H.tl.LiJI Dec 2 \IrhN'lt! ; ; -. -10-li. the ( '. )' .mrench.. | ther: active etn'1nn's. I to iec.veiihe rest, in p*>nur\ that ;are blind ; for they Inn! iof e no ghosts

f\r-)nl tV B'illou, .\. X. \lrK \Y. N C. R'-UB1yS. Cn\s. P (lit account of this; presumed danger! : vvnh- and snriovv. he > mk into his rJ\e. It HII- COt \t \11 .q l I'. i tIE:; ;! A. X. .HcKay: cV Co. dint I alleged provocation, or I the never tit money, nor lo
OnN'n \\r.tt'r.trt'.t.-tj',iic-'l.stnr. r.,. . . . ..1: Y cents least shmv: uf jnsiice. ihelook( npfiti them-/: Nor. Ii Ameiic.in 1:tif\\11: the hisiorv ofthe i trrs1)-9fnrtr I.I .
16't f
Ian ___ n_ ___ I . . . .1:, selvi i 10 drive iiiif of .their. possessions this w.ul'l exhihiis: a more he.trt' lending incident I Blessed! are they that art afraid of thunder -
'I.V' W V I.I K. W\.McKKNZIK.. No. -\VjtiT--treet, . . . . .:0 and thin ihe exile ot! this amiable andnnhappv : for stnll hesitate' about
peaceailePto unott'cmJing : they gelling
Wylic .V 11Itt'llzir. D\" I 13 Andachir., ; .']l.i, . . . .3il: : l'erll\Js people. I ; pcoji1.! !. \Vlien the traveller 1'on-I I tiMrried and from *
keep political
COtltilil')11 I ; :{ 'iLANTti . . . .1.\ j 1"11I1'1.1"0 I the t noble civkes reared hv theit away
\ ,. I l flat "r ltr't, .1. IE. c..1.. T I. Unll.i. I I . . . . 2 j The{ Ac.tdi.ms: had no warning of 1111 ir t i..I".IfInlp.! he walks beneath, the I met-lmg
S'i't. I. l"I nUchirr.li, F-i FACTORS .V l.. )\ i- >ION \-: { : ; .-2't & I.ite. AI haivi-st; tinii they weie mdi r-d to I ; shadejof 1 Ulesseil Me they that are r lean ; fur I here .

-- ---- No J.011.'' sii.1 .. t.fjsfonal I t n n.-t.nsl, t> in a c(' I.illl distrn; I. and being ruts! theii ahnnii.iiil ctchard-and sta.over |;, is a chance to grow fat.

s. \ .. _r.'IUT '1". f.r 1 t2 \\I.\f :II"ot.\ : 1 ( '! : !.' ''.j lect'il!, wee'- infoiini'd, they tvf-ii> pn-nticrs. the ruins ol! I their cottages, nr miises an.ong I Ules eiJ ire they that: get no office under
tV I )L"; ILF: \S:) Itl.:1"\It. (;rWnR. ._ _. ,. iln-ir graves, Iii, in.agination goes hick: In asrfnenf I i live
: th.it iheir
---- : \ _': -( |.inis, ( lake, and movcildesvviieno I governmen ; for hundredand fiily-xo
l PimciUr lit rinii:I Milt-i t mm? up\ family.bt I ... . . . ; ii I rural r..lil'll) and :jiuritv seldom
-- 111'1 ut ill tiii-h.rrc.! ;; 3JrOrt Xo tiers.VM ? lnn fi I their fiwn. bnl v.eie ( tinfis- reasos-not given on aciount i f the short-
i .IPIiu the null-I. and his he.ut metisat the
--- fated heoveinnieni that ihev f| the
\.i l.i .V.iter -In'd. -- ,- I might i lake ness of dais.
\ n- t It V tilt"tlirihl.l ; 1.-\:1.! -- '- SO'JC! HOTEL I what they!!: cimld (:01.an a but muiniincih.ilel -t sudden and I ilicadlul fate td the :Acadian:' i iFr..m it Bleed are' they that :'re ignorant ; for
\I'l' .. SVD EVdiEij( ] l : i t
I"il tiie I'ro'\'illl'l' in thinking that know
) they are happy they
1. F. .\ttIJ. ; Saoon, [ trn- rviritf, '!" Tirnp 3
,:r M tv' b' t'n*id} at his ro-id. ,rp, ('-' l lCffstre In one siri_I le di! .trici.; two hundred andfillylive CH'fthin:.
\.V f.I..-. wo 'I :I' \ft., ; AM A .fXAKK ?T( ':LV: EXTRAORDINARY.:
)E VLSI! t"t ; ;". ',E );CIN-S! ; P.\tS1'. "(.d. IIi;!lj streel, 111'1'.11.|) the \ : houses.> lIIallharll"; It-veil mills I'lessed are the peace-makers, for they
1C A \ T. '
M'.Us The biter bt.: and: n" mistake !
O'f f.'. ;L\s ;, (1".f'. _N..V 7\i and on? rL arr I1. were dc! strive' ,: Shipswiie shall see God!-anil r.t mostofull.\ kickedby
A!'t\ ;" 'fllaHIIIn.t"f 'taII'ery. f:'. S. SirsoEs.sum I: :' :irin--; 1/11111' ;ilf.r71c in le.i-ln.ps i io convey the persPcnmlAc.uli.ii.s I .!// Dear :y//r/f.:'-'"he following mot j iheir t ountmnfn.lllessfd .

/. r. t, C 1.-""I'll dill t"t\ ,1.>r str.-, I.: UN !; :.h.\(- c.-tI'II. .I:inctit I". isfcii ;; to diir rent Partuftse Continent.to I horrible ,advemme occurred i lo me somelime I ; ) is IIP ihat is ugly in form and

\"Irl1,! I I \ ,1 tl"II"' a. f'a.fir. DENTIST :0'.I.! n.lll.!I,.ehd r'1 Iran-iPret 1'1"1; I t.r4 rd"I'!:,, Lnnisi.inn, in Ficnch, (iin.ina in South I ao. when liavellmg in the Valley of features : for the girls shan't} molt hit,.
: (/
ij i iii i S liter, AjuUchicnld ho; e 1I Tcl It,-ntr'n 10 the \ 1111'nti.; and to dist.mt t pi.tecs( in the then I the .Mississippi ; those who lisle been there Jlp; ?.f'11 is she that would gel married. butcan't
j1 t he ns-ilted at the .Mansion will lecollect ihe rlill'hieh often
C 0 M \11.I < IO N ME !ftO il ANT, } hi/!-e t"; IM -i coid! In none' in llntish, 1'iovinci-s on the Ail.itnic.Thi..e ; for ihe consolations ut the gospel are
I.r3)ISI7 51 t -'s' ihle Their t.ihl- had bi-f-n n'.rl. lhf'! for met with back; among. the bluffs: caused by .
Nil /xViter sreet| -!;:.i .MirDc. -, < coti.li.it: ; people ( : ; hers.l;
I 1,1-517.: .\ .1'da-lacnLi! Fh. 1)1.-\. ti'. Ciii! iutu, .it t ail I 111's will (-\'I)-licae\\ their .11I11I.fl'\, their skillful: IIU I'IIIItV. i j the washing- the alluvial by the !frequent >lcs etl! are the orphan cliidrrn! ; for they

:. 0 !;'enVerthe Irn't t tre IIf t B. S. II. : t .. Plai.teii and llpllill" tit- their. | nre m.ii.iN:, ; and their exi-triplni pii;> J I ;and I ireinemlons rains ; these ravines are have no mothers: to spank them.

.1. C. turn, (etitr.jnre C 1..1 n'II >t trw-t ) sulcnco t I I! l I;il" \t.1 coiivemenl h"I>e- iv. Their mils I piminced! v\Iie.tt.. coin polatoes i often over one hundred I feet deep, and ex- I
\\'btIt'.I.I How SrilJKRS liRIDGIls. Some of
: ill {-I ul U-ileri n t\c | tin at hours and I tend for mile MthK -
URUfi. h.1n-r htelv 4cc-i iied hy Dr. B..hell..Lruirv \.c .1 .mil (fl.ix. ;..llIllIclalldTh lr housesweie I a or more.One
ttlt'1\F'P.U\TS! i OihStiL1Siltl'l i the in the
The B.,r : stocked' most distinguished natnraiists
.t. 1U. 1f i 2 \ IIc:1 ; I morning my hospitable; host havingj t
: Ycc.. Convenient, anal lnnfi-ic| with all tI
world ,
Wim- beheye that ; h. the of
Li-jU..r ( '. dr. I >piders ve art
A 1.11. \''. (i. .11. I>a\'isTTORXEY thin.-nrcesuv I. (011I1'01'1.! 't'heirnnnler- I j hiiMness; in the neighboring town. begged 1
.i "U'rQ' I e>tihlHhmeit is a Billtaid Sa- : crossing streams of water; on bridges of their
'hrl'1If'1 fir \ ( AND COUNSELLOR AT .ifloiiled: ;i wot.Id for one day excuse him and amuse
llncks the vv.iol I whuh I
ous it was
; well lit/ : 2u1 Ir. relates the
BOOKS. t.\SKf.\TI'I\r.\ up; own miking. S'enlrr following -
cif of Cti'sut i: Conran-(-- strpet4 -,. Otters hiiserviceto the p'lhlic in : .t fdrlr,. I.11.rrihpr.! .oh"I'(' m.innf.it'iniei,
_Uec AutciieoU.! 1 FU. .il)ve capacities. all] the public "Ii, continue to ingThev had un'a'ft' money, ;and hlllc pun r 9 iiiYhithin: rambled out for game, fltll. m\\n spider on cane, upright in the
R.-- -- HP will practice regularly in Franklin I silver or :old ; ;ihd lived by simple exchange \ ; a< I went for want of thouht.." midst! of a stream \\:1IPr.lu' s.w it descend
s. ; !
rivicy, ho'jn and J.tcksnri Circuit C' irt-'-and \\ ill | JAMES( GIBSON fc CO. ol commodities. .So little coniFntion; arose I I had h strolled I don't know how far. and) t
f.-\C the several times and when it
ro't AN' remount
.J M.ISsoN! MERCHANT t a "illl'"i-tl' l act "* Cnun e|, in any lc.t'. J 13.tf among limn that cuiils and (lauxeis wereneedliss with hut iinlttlVient! success, thinking; more : cane
had I arrived the surface: the
'1 '" i\'atrr- ret, i at water.Suddenly .
of{ !lP ifll! i\'rlrtr Cirrnit. --- --
,. | > or He VM Ii!! of the Isle ed of
\larv. daughter host
T 't ; ; the nisi and C'XI''lil'lH'c.d' decnJcdtheirsmall I ey my
\ ,," Ilicoll : ; he lost sight! of it wholly but
1t. !1' 'OI dr.'i** easm the C-iurl '>t' :\i! ;>eal' at l ., lx'II. : a
I ; dilierenccs. Th.Wf II' ( !,nho- and !how *n catch I her, rather lhar. bag par- i
. \ :;rl' *; ., -'!e, t'I'- "I>S IOIH+ of wbl'! h. 'he will \\ : subscriber Ihl"rr. triiMid I few minutes afterward to his <;:.;al astonish-
:.irr %, I 'r..l. that he has !he lie. ; the pue he it
G't}.:;.its \ .I" \11..1.1., ] .J, :a';:;iANT'. prrY("lt .it, unles s prevented hv accident.A. ;: ( in grnr 111IIt"til. !perceived quietly pursuing its
No U \V.tter-TT-et .\i'.1Ij ',wJb. :'jfc'IIlt"r! 151 II, I : i'ru, art tui.(,1! t'l" ah.t.'I v. role 11,11'1'111", and l.ept' pos>es&nm of the deep ravines which nature h plowed in I the way on thc other side of the stream.Hiving .
--- docnineiils, ili-.ith called for the : soil I ring tired. I coi'clnded I c''ulll'pn-
'C4 _Aiili: liieoU! Fit : will he ;ple.Kfd to '-II'rall. until e\e- I spun two thieads.long the cane, it
(.. Sctiiniv
hartexl.-: ,.r..y -.\-\.-..7"lv7 ATTOI5XE AT LAW., |i eocntinniitv Ihat mal.iv' r III;ill II of them. To ri'qsiite; these 1'n'il'c'S. ture to descend and thin!! up again rather had: cut one of them which, carried by the
10 I j /, .mil( wl'l also .1rc:0II,110- the inhi-hii.ints allowed! them one ( than go ,around for the distance seemed I
B. Iwriiiystvfnth had attached
wind become
CHUin A: 1>).. {:- O.irf'il.. : C-ipl. Sninnoti's Jic ,; tn some objecton
C)1IMI, ; ; I I' 'IE.t ,; !II i t\Ts i : -iiUiie! IhI'; I is ol 'h'.II'.1| | the the < 100( feel deep.Vlnle scrambling! !
a''I 'Irvrt 1'Ii 09v.( AjIdJdlir-oh, ; tu. the time III di-pei.sioii Aca-.I not over across the water."
nay : ; .
G') M). i'tO'F;', tlice: II IlI( )'.i.1/1/ :, --- -.--. JOHN PATlIGE. : "i"l1I'le IS.01)0) in IIlImIt0! want up the opposite; Bide, at 11111a), to my '
TIit'1. I;' r If. K. Oveiis Nov 11, 117 A FATHER'S Lovr..- \--td. two
i : or ago
CAi's7ci CK'ir\Vini ?' existed among them ; the poor were few horror I siw ; at the foot ol n clump
'{< "
) : ATTUC I N E Y AT L \ \V -- -- an elderly man. dressed} like a (comfortablej
I had
Im almostmy
of bushes rattle snake.
C1t\DLER1! 1c l, t c.I and the PI'';P''IO'lo, theeilnlly supportedthose. I: a .e
Cor Water and Chnlt "I.. CI.\YTO.V, Bitbu'ir County, Alabama.April 'alaha. ; Inends and These nnforitin.itr' 1"'lIplf''I'! sit e i Pat foot upon him. when the snake, j farmeraltlll qu'nllyint.i the office of a.
I. mv
I hi\ ill.rr Wall Life Insurance
-U'"c9' '\ cli icolaFd. 2'f. 1'l'. 2 : ol I I tlm, bun-e, that I : I have leased I vittiutIheir I non i integrity. II.nl they mused at the intrusion upon his sold title. I street Company his

E ;llvard llcCnl): iGitocEa ; hcreiltcr he conducted! ,hi t.ikcn IIII' 1)llh which ilem-mdeil) ol them Inviolate rose and! rapidly coiled himself around) me.t farts hearialie; pleasant smile ol on" who
AN'I) > DU. L. FEUClll'\ \{H! wil h.iVi Had I have ha.l for thou hit. I should j knows lie has n go "l thing to left : and after
C M ;JIS.SIOX MERCHANT i I : ;\ Y, K-I.: who has !'fr I the best .iHVctIH.IS. in-\! might t; time
\O. OJ Water ft reel.rEinvt Rut, .House A Corkrour.Ii .' connecte 1 with; Ihe j firs-t cl.is" retained their houses, their fields: and, then not! have acted better than 1 dui: which wa- j the wealherly remaiksuch old codgers alI -

NOr 11! aldartlienl! } t, I.'a" T. IIS wry ellicacioiHn.." tl. lor .,, .' ii, anti recently Irom the Ami floi.ks. Tiieir, goiid feelings demanded, onlytit' impulsively In throw mv ami away and I j l nay favor us with, when weary pr.nicularlyi
tnt( immediately( ', it, a -. B.-lc 'vins he gull i! piii :i:etL. loll '!Ir. President" that his
Ja. F: :U'Ilcti.E |I'r"I-r| '' 71'Y..k. I i iniiocont) I tilt:11\' of nciiir.diiy. sci/.e; the male near the head. A 111II1IInl's i
made of all ut' the ; named I t i titian I !son Reuben 1 -. had a month Lt'Iircinsu
( EIUI. 1t.;( FOTWARUIXG .t ai ive annoy.inceH. h"I" "ld "i'.I'1 no (\ : -
Flea d',11,1.. P..ISHI. has allaniod i his tscomfortable;) I red his; life for 8l-30i> and looking
CUJiHJSSItt1L ; jmtn" I a \ i jii\' r'C'ol- the butu .1 stouter -
fit"rf'cI above
; 'dCf1AXTu. f an officer nsn.illy resid'-nt I .it 1.lr.llIi'ld.PI Here I I'a forty sir ( j i ]
friends i-.d the i'iiblic'I'iIOM.1S !
tensive for invan.i'ile :
S crle'inly ( II mv lelloxv.
\t'atrt.irrcl j ravine. you never seen ; nor i bigger
xxiih hand
Nov month Count M.is.-.iclnisetH, wis sent ; ,ul of thin ; Induing one to I
11 !that'' order nf insects For ale! fl1) VX. ) |
I''rtie !t'l fool than lIe !looked like, wiienlC
Ai'; \:111111". FU. ; the bushes falling! down the, laughedat
C- with ihe King's C"1111I,i.oi"", to ilenndi-.li lo prevent my I
1s17. -13-Gm.
1 1.
P. SpCLL An nMI I J C. ALLEN, 1 uC him after he come ht une. But by gracinus -
t''lpt.I'i and with the
f.trol1'\\'p. KOMAN. ihe piopeity ill'the( nenlials and lu almost perpendicular height,
,'Calla & RaO'lln. For Salt HOTEL i them without exception, from the piovince. oilier h.ivmg hold of lie! snakes head I j'To imsier, lit"irJ'r so far out after all.

co f .II.IOX I MEUCHAXTS 1 X K BIlLS Hay, now landing from sUn ., C..lcol".1'III..IIIw ilffply I rebelled thai he fling the snake away was lily first idea !I ]Cm he died )1'a sui'u'cnt only ten days ago.'l'heres .

.",.or. 19 Ao. 0 Columbus Bl. ck .J'J (11.11 1. Apply to should be emplo\ed in Ihi; service.. He I but that was loo dangerous besides, beingoe.irlc [ the .Iud"- I1If US. and rill come for
;alichicoli, Fla. Dec 23 1"Ot RSE STOXE & he the nonet. He was my son, sir, and ain't
-- _. -.--' I.IIf'W.:01J ho sad; that they were of the eight feet long was too tightly oilier heirs'
-- led
S' J1. ie'e son, Salt. it 1 same sl''c l's" with 'himself, :and "it wasdisagiee.ihle coiled round me. I knew no house was no

DE.\ttf IN g(. \TIlI'\G. BOO f!-5, SHOES, 7 S\CKS Liverpool} Salt, cargo ; to his; rake and temper" to near, and the cotton fields which I had; d been The above i is a facI.-Spirit of the Times.

:10.1,\TO, CJ.IJ'. ,t.c. e 150 ship Queen for sale hvDrt2 :, FLORIDA. inflict p.iin.' Uis first measure, on landing through were not likely to be traversed by HKRK'S: .\ CIIA>ct:. (IIRLS.-There is a

Dec 23 Colurn; nt'lI'k, J. I D \Y & of thi- Hotel, the under at St. lre, was to make prisoners of sever anyone ; therefore ,,,11-succor from others place; in New Hampshire! where they never

Apihcincola, Fa.coo'e B-Er: \ 1"oj:4 and Prime, Ins best ex'i-itions to please his hundreds of the most i on>i d [Iorlt'e-- tinBreadNavy the |>n'iic for their pat( rage.t1ILLIAM Minutes I like hours the
CO \US'310SnllCIlXTS -Do HEMINGWAY men of the selll'IIICIII.hln consequence passed ; 'tqcntwa. j iwcnty-nine. and i is still on the ladder of

bo. 1& t Chsrles and Pilot for sale hv 13-lj'n.- of their earnest entreaties, tin-prisoners) were hi.-illc. darting out his horrible forked expectation, the fellows club
S 1517. young together -
i trees, Dee 3U B ELLISON & and! his
theirwretched his tail wriggling rallies
SewUrleaasteb perIIIIIIPdten :at once, to letnrn tongue ; and draw lots for her. Those who

.houw 15.; S Co. JE. Aatos hoax.1U Bailey's Tonic Iix nl'e.TillS ', Mil:I', CoIIec tUlt (families and to look, for the last going, and every now and then I fancied escape, pay n bonus to the one who pets

ii a valuiM cmipo'irid fl-nd f' Salt, lin. upon their beantifnl fields, and their I heard his call answered by others, much her. There's gallantry for'you. Three

D. Danforth, .\ and R'lhra, a vest table hand, and for sale low by loved and hxl I homes." too near for my pleasure. As long as I held ladies of our acquaintance wonld start immediately -

CII011 'iOCfMISIOJF.RCII A\T: for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold I hv _____ F-CULLY. These unhappy men bore iheir misfor- mv present advantage, there was no danger! for the Granite State but theyare
'. June. 0II.. I.'. A bosom but unless
AND GENERAL AGENT. 12_ and Preserves. tUlle with firtnne.s. IIl1lillht'J were ordered from my companion something past the age.-City /Urn.CONJUGAL .

'. EarAULA, ALA. Saddlery, &c. : lotjii-t n-ceived from Ila- on board the transput I ship lo be dispersed turned! up to relieve me, I could not

""ColtOQ bought on ord t"r.ft ol t varionpitferns and by McCULLY, among people whose customs, language. hold on until llie snake died of old age or AFFKCTIOS.--Aro you not

>',.>.Qes.oRf'ren to SADDLES curb and Snaflle bits, r Water st._ and religion were opposed to all they held want of food. lint when our fortunes aral afraid That yonr wife will get married' again
) G. } New Orleans. Saddle BatIJ.Martingales, Onions. dear and sacred.Oil : the lowed there i is a Inini'.ig point. A \+ IH'.u'ilie ?" I h"pt' .ht|, :; .. tot

5lea,aI1evL,1e. and Whipfor ale by and the IGth of September, the prisoners bright idea rushed into my head: !, To( bite I iheie will be one m.iu *m the wurld who will
J. S. ul k tcKEl'tZU:,7 G. PORTER & lor sale by off." hold of the snake's I I know how to
H t'nttrN.sx. S Apalachicola,, WM. E. McCULLY.. 50 Water st. were drawn up six deep ; and the young bis head Having pity
Dec 30 41 Water : .

:.. t rnP"w. -

g', ;lf
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"'.1o ; ..- ; tr.
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.' I --5 tl
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",. .. .. '' ; :." w. J .'.' -,- t
-- ,
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'AtI -. .r' .
.1T f'I .ww .
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'- __ _...-. ,1'o '#,'. : ... _. '-).. #.. ( Mr4'1'. ... 1\- :" ._ S -- .
J J' .,1 /
.. rf." ; \ ,." r. .f _-" T "N'- .. .. 911',-" ,. G 111r. ,. t. _.-r-
> ,
--- ".i+lr sr .. )

,:., -s- '

," -..". ,- '.=. .-.. . -. ._' ; M .., ", '-'<".' .- _.' -' -,-, '-- -'' _=: .L.t ._.' '_ ?2 _. ,.or.1 .


'\ t S \ .
-, \


T __w_ _. .u, JI y--------------- --- .- _- .- -- : 7-- ".- -- _

LOYI'::, HEVEXGK AND 'U1CIDE. From the Savannah Kepublican. i nymede-that Ben Jonson and Samuel beggar boy, who had heretofore begged in j j party and of free soil, free trade! free labor !| TIIK CUIt11Il.CLti. -

In the year ]7130, a young London mer- CHLOHOFIDI I I that Pope and Dryden, Dr. Watts and Castilian, but desirous of keeping pace with | and free speech, endears him to the democracy ( [he events, of last year,Kiv.lt i !v'

clnnt, having won the affections of a lovely A friend has placed h in our hands a pa in- > I Swift were the darlings of his hearth and the march of improvement had evidently of Erie, who will he proud! to su.r:11. 'famine. and the subsequent iocludinq financial' t tl!

girl, also obtained the consent of her father, (phlet lately received from Dr. Simpson of 1 home, as of ours, and in i speech of aboutfivearidiliiny been inking !Irssnns of some volunteer, and |him, with all their energies, fur any once sure. I Great Britain, will the pr

'to whom she was an only child. The old j Edinburgh, on the discovery, nature and '!< I m minutes, explained to us a now he !h.gs in pure English thus : "Give -; within the gift of the people. | specie into. the United Stale, co'.epoch i t u, I

gentleman had a singular fancy that they properties,' of this interesting agent, used :series of complimentary sensations very this !"o blind !'hll a bit ; for he is one of' Ion OF Ciii.oRnKORM.-Onr old friend ( I in the hiStory. of the two !ute .

should be married at the same village church for producing insensibility to pain hard to repeat or remember. the b'hoys.<. md) d-n his eyes if he is any. John Van IJnrm. who has come down and 'vvh.cl I I h i is I likely I tc, he me monbte.I n.I't.'

where his own happy union took place and I Chloroform was r first discovered and disciibed thing !" fixed himself Wall: slreif, threatens In '.likely I to l-e memorable! fur "

being a sufferer from ihe gout he placed: by Soiibelran in 1831, and by Lie- Innrrf.I': 11tnuER.-lntelligenee wasi .- live the vote of New Yoik to the wicig. bv 'lar I.: \1I'I IIII| two 111'I"..1,h?:

the young lady under the dirge of her j big in 16:;2, while its composition was first i I retlH.d il place on Monday LSI, that ; ( | a majority fJO.OOU.; if his "branch of the paiiy 'their rl .lllon. to ??,. Curr, ,

aunt ; ell 1I I ihe happy lover taking his own II accurately ascertained by Dumas, in Paris I a most horrible murder had been committed CUIjlEIUJ] It ht\ 1 nrEU'fISEI.l be lot, preferred to Dr. Drandrtth's; at floe burl' t n-coenirion-iJ. alOIIer our. ,,ns rime, Il(i''.
valet, set out on his journey to Westmore in 1S3.J. Dr. Simpson however, has had on Saturday night last t, in l Randolph -_ -__ -_-_- -h-_-_-_- -_--_ I I Baltimore Convention. This is good news J; ml the other, of its strength. wrakn5.

land. Soon after their arrival at that place I the merit offirst using it by inhalation and county about 8 miles east t of this place: APALACIICOLTlURD Y. 188. '!; t tft to the \t higs.-.V. 1". Herald. I!j 'comj>aratively.) Wen

a letter, full of transport, was dispatched to I j I.j is a pleasing fact I that I Dumas was accidentally upon the hndits of two IJgr trall'rs. from - - ,I .--- --- (! It would be a : If.lirto, I E: '

the father ; the wedding hall first taken II in Kdinburgh last autumn, on service Virginia, by the names of Trollcr Uol- ( The following "nlllH1 are antboridAseiits CIf\XI: : 1 IN : : i I., occasional! 1 scarcity mal if :grain Mnmtd ngl 1 and( ,

place, the bride! had been pronounced by the of the 1 French Government, and( there ton, by some person or persons as yet un fr the tO'IIEIfnl: : n>F.innd, will I \ l(! under Tm high WTEID11.obligation to o-ir delegates !I: i.nport.itions, of bread,tllr' from iie!( r..1(tn.

old vicar to be nearly as handsome as her 'j witnessed t for the first tile, with great helight known. rectiveuid receipt turdubacriptiuiif, or dJn.ui.cIl.lb. in fur calling the I Stair, provided I Knal.in.l: could. '"
Washington attention \ .
mother and the bridegroom I [ circumstance which led the discovery male
; although wore the successful use of a suhstamicewhose Tie lo ;- of Ihe to the the 'I"rl'in nianufat lores Io the full r _

no shoulder knots, open sleeves, or panta- I! (propei I lies he had investigated, as I a I of this dreadful tragedy, alf these, W.M.V.. Ciinivii:, 1": ']., Albany: (:. mails in this Department section of Florida.subject We. the lXc lnge. But the case i Utn cite nt ,
loons!' he still with the could ascertain them..\ JACK HAII : Ala.ZACirYUY t hope
might compete of mere science. as correctly we .Major! >'I enl when, .she musr make .,,, dll.
maier the proposed change: vviil l prove advantaCeous ? ?? ,In ,
'bridegroom of earlier times in appearance. The name Chloroform, is derived fromClttnrine gentleman: passing the Pataiifa' btidge, discovered Jecause I ifns r InCn
neersmiv is
I to our business (> ;a
After the ceremony, the happy couple took ; one of the ;gaseous and acidifying in the creek a l fine: trunk, at once l"U: 1.2 1 HH.!::')', I Twits.W.mnrtT. COllluuilY -[ \art supplying{ I oiirM-Ui's with proof fin;, ,II 1.1,, '
a walk in the'Icar's garden! ; and the valet i principles which by union with Alkaline suspecting that all WIS; not right he procured : [ 'ol our ono ; and more than thai "
; n IS, 1S18. j' :
aware that they would soon leave the place :j bases| : form l'hiltrides-as the! Chllrd! ,, ffCalltl. some of the citizen: iu the vicinity', : 7', Iftf Mititts .f ,f:,- T"fIII'*: m'I I ;also i m is evident that every iufuOI'1. 'hI ol I. ,, ,

(or their further destination went into thcTefreshmellt j i, | o SI\s-a. the Chloate of Pot- and obtained the I Ila.-lltl breaking it (;'I"sV.: on the PostmasterJeneral precious metals in this wat"Stf'o 'Ir" ,

room at the inn ; and knowing ;j.i asI. &c. is chemically speakins. open, tellers were \ at once Tie vote on Monday la.l. npoi lint ( some days cal1.,1 md.' after an exa- 'ens and ml.irufsonr fornestic! res iJfr n"'..

that his master had drawn the charge! from \ a 1 Perchloride of Foimyle) this latter'substance pointed out the o\\.lwr-.h was tll'l acceptance or rejection of tin; law repealing; rinaliol of the ; ,) iliilerent se lied ii ho's 'as to impart additional' vigor Io ibis r..et'
his pistols the night before and ih.it the : the ; of l Formic made for the were found in evl'r.1 of sehf-
hell+, principle hodil'lic'l the City (Charter resulted as follows : proposed by different citi/.ens of dillVrenlplaces supply. Nay, the I H ,
state of the roads required every precaution i obtained! from red ants, and the creek near f'.Ih uthel. will 1l'ir heads we shall :o I'rslltt I
I.\cill ; For accepting the law, 25 the 1st Assistant Postmaster deneraf : beyond a su1 I s ,Iy, and fin.
look this oppailunity of re-h ;iding : :1"1 t fll several vegetable substances. richly cut apparently; with a 1III'hcl.Trale .- made the arrangement pete successfully with KnsUntl: ,

them. Upon their return from the stroll j i Tho :there are three ( i-hemi-, of blood( WI'I' Ilitnvr'rctl, "Ilr'h led Against it, 75 statfllllllw.'l' Ilthtrto This illrL.
< compound : ---. will thank you to publish. with this, note, ; hfr own. n already' tiir
the young couple went into this room and! cal bodies+ which., inhaled into the lungs, them to the camp where t the foul te.d was Laic: Jamaica -- -received, at New I HI for general) information. We the 'in respect to some I of etarticles
the gentleman: seeing his pistols laid where ; and from ; ('" it was papers! \\illllnlll | An : m.inulipt0r
superinduced a state of anesthaVia: or in- perpetrated :1laI' I ((Juincy Times, Apalhitola Advertiser,1Newort i Knghsh journal declares as the
I he nad left them the night before, and thai after the bodies VorU, continue! to harp upon the fallirg: |I [ of be!'
; |I sensibility to pain in surgical opealiols- supposed (:ia/ette. Mariamn Whi? and Pen-j', many in Ensland.: that (;real But,

l.eing sure that he had unloaded! them, t.wi j r the Nitrous Oxide, commonly called ex- were placed into the wagon; ('ol\Jlrlo, piospcriiy of the island. Many proprietors sacola to insert also If tho !stands in the presence of inultitudes '
papers tht'l 'e or|
\ .p one of them and presented it at his f.ir; I'j hi'cniting; (Gas.; Sulphuric Ether, now t. the eet.l. and thrown over the bridge. The of estates: "found 11'lsd\I's. ;l the close of I lost inteiesled would together: and 1 'nnf.ictnrini and cominprci.il dangers; th.)rti

bride, saying, with the most winning ()lat often used and the Per chloride of I For- waol tracks Wt'll traced to the camp, and the year, without riu.at.s to Jake the j agree on a better arralftl'nf.f"ln"ll 1.Ii.lt will I like NAPOLV.ON, they IMVP lallt_ iirir0'| >.
t tery, Now, maiden, repent oal I ih.i"e cruelties nr 'r materially then to lead ol} in the direl.ti'11 of nol' j; Pens the art to
style Chlorform. Thfdil SIIU'e suit all, the Postmaster Jeneral; will : conquer that :not|
oil'the and it into and iron-j fir
of towards ground not sugar!
t you h.I"c Ielnily : met from each other Chemical Lumpkin.Messrs. : i form to it, if it does not rialh' interfere !J lla. no longer a monopoly of skill or of"nv-
f my sleepless nights my days of anxious i I constitution so that their elements idiimllio! Trotter and BollOJ had; boll: nun. ;1 r. Rorthwic-i;, a member of the I with rlu main Northern m'l mail schedules j j Il.ets, and thai neighboring; States will :

; hope. I will revenge myself_ Fair tyrant clue to their .anesthetic properties. The out a drove of 'Negroes and hIIII--; Imperial; Pailiamcnt, was on : visit to the I The schedules must t be 1..HIp. to con-I i cls.arily supply themselves, |O a inB'i

you shall die with all your illstulelts."ftorture I Nitrous Oxide! is composed of Nitrogen and posed of them all with, the ( of some !i greater extent than heretofore '
i 'xctJliol i island. At a public meeting he declared his form to them. These schedules are not | thho) ?
about you aril that enchanting; Oxygen, in l proportions of one atom of each. two or three. They[ weie I 'murdered -. I precisely those we but ate j productions. This train; of rellertu.n! ,;*

smile, those killing ringlets.: I, Sulphuric Ether has one atom of Oxygen, fur the money it was supposed they puipi-sc to rClllelc and urgr on II. best w Inch, tin- rfcrm'ul'lI..r.rule I.I.t mentioned {I ces a reference tit the United Mate+ms': ;|.

Pray, do lot suffer me to linger,' said (four of Carbon' and five of Hydrogen ; and had in their possession. It is thought tillII return to England, the alHliicl:) of all duties I tlc, can be made at present. What some of I! with the fir.l m'Miiion of that cul/l..n\| .

the confiding girl, laughing merrily, at his :j three of Chlorine. rCS were engaged, in the dreadful; I deed! upon Jamaica sugar and cutler, a transfer the people of one place desire, others of I. rrnnrks of the writer reasr to, f flf' !pnp.I .
agreeable nonsense. Fire.: I The Chloroform is limpid rol- but no doubt is lltl'IIlil'd hut some wiiite I land in rccai>iinltriii the fmrtndahie
: dC/sr. of the blockade from t the coast of Africato another place; would strongly: object: in. j ; rl.
t, He did so, and shot her dead. Wh.i can 't ourle s evaporating, and person or persons led I hem" on.We i' acterisiirs ituJicatin! the .,.
lillill. readily possessing the of (Cuba; Porto I llico and IJniil Respectfully obedient : resources ::1(
your !1'f'alS. !p
his horror ? After 'I' th. the
paint a pause 11 rung : ; fragrant and fruit- like understand; t cnnmnnnitytvhrre ports J \MKsVTSTtolT: : Jn. ?re-s of this I-OUMIV it i is s.tid. ih.,1, -. .
the bell-his servant: and his master the! deed was done, an excited and an extensive system of immigration:
l'ntrrrr. I odour, ;and a pleasant saccharine; taste. greatly ; E. c. C.\ laLL.; : I.tritrd! States pose s all the rb! mcp.rrejitness <

locking ihe door said io a singularly i specific gravity is l,.liO. It boils at 111 an-1, that a large compiny have gone iu fioni Africa. in greater abundance; ibm

marked voice, 'William, did you; load I j I land i H not inflammable.( I Its advantages pursuit of the wagon., Intelligence has POST OFFICK Dr.rAr.rMi: ? other !people whoeverexKtp.t! ; char ii \vn?,,

t those pistols !1" The unfortunate wretch over Sulphuric! Ether: are : been leceived, tint 111)are in close pursuit I appears from an article in the New Contract Office, Jan. -J7, 1849.IKNTLK.MKN S I be dishonest!i to qoe>lion the l.u-r. wt\ \ ,,

horrified at what' hr saw. m mechanically: answered 2..1 much less quantity is necessary. )' to of it, and that ii i the possession of loll Kxpress: that it is in contemplation (; : : :-The following. "cledult.}i ish not to ;.dmit it at once ; iir.it tbr V ,

1 Yes. His mister instantly shot produce a given effect.2. negroes alone-the while persons we ap to give (;il'l. Scott a giaii'l' reception in that are ordered on the routes from (juincy, via kees Ir.ivn even a renter variety_ of i-tim:

him dead with the ulllli ch.lrell I ,ii;tul. Its action: is more rapid thorough) andfiiuiirittX InII., have: pocketed the moiicy :and Iii home in honor of ClatlaholcH'f. to Apalachicola F.I. viz : 1 t than ( ''hin; and a fietter soil ; that the* ,.
city on ; return his
; After this, in a stale of insanity. wt must t j I, and one under its influence i is as alot her lil (cliol. :0. 3.-: .- : .Quincy every Tuesday! I! Ceo:raphically; better placed: ; thai ;.11|| (II}

hope, he wrote an exact account of the occurrence though one weiefor( the tile: iioti-existcnl.:) J is thought, lwl"'I. that: til- robbers+ brilliant! services in Mexico. The gentlemen :lld Saturday after the arrival from I'ain- world is accessible to Mien ; that iliPt ,

to the bereaved father and concluded :1. The inhalation i is 11,1 more agreeable were somewhat disappointed! in, their expectations uio;: are at the head of the movement, bridge, say at 7 P. M. Anives at 'hat- if necessary. jn w food' fur all the roil;, ,

by telling him. tint two hours ago and) the subsequent effects ce-ise almost as the tinfnilutialc, t victims lo have announced: that no political iVtling, will tahoochee same; days by I at niaht.i (ant; of Europe three limes r\! l : ib.o-!

he was made the happiest l man alive, but immediately). and arc not ulplcasaltwhile their rapacity had; : disposed{ of their negroes be permitted to nur thc"leslivtis: of the Leaves Chattahoochee tHr'.tdll: ( da\ have in them the true bl.nni of I'j": ; ,

that now as the object of his love lay dead they last. principally "111 a credit, and 1.1.1101 madeDrnif'Cntt and Saturday at 7 .\. M.I Airives at- that (they io every thong; ;as well as K J.: '

at his feet, he should finish his wedding day Dr. Simpson, gives several other reasons very large,colel'liols.l occasion. Quinsy same d.iys' at I M. and. as if in obedience, to sone: iiiVsirn,

and his life by falling. on his sword, if his but we have: embodied the most! impoilantones I liLl"; jc!,. 2. More than --hundred- -and No. 3523.: .-Leave Chaiiahoochee: impulse, they have a %k jo-i; h"III.lnpwhir' ; .
heart did not-Im.ak before he could __ __ __ one seventy-five I I every .
complete h '
above to whichH' may add that it i? Wednesday and Sunday, at 1 .\. M.-- h nothing can restrain ; ib.it, 'fay
his intention. This sad epistle being less expensive, more portable, and easily inhaled .\ \H-Uf. r"K.\1/\'.-( 'I Saturday: lidl: tlll'lt: tlollais worth of iiiercii.mdi/.e was Arrives at .\Apalachicola: next days by 7 statesmen are full of rethoii jhim\ II,.

finished, he put an end to his life. The handkerchief moistened last, two negro traders from P.'r"ol ;county, entered: ( for warehousing at the New Within
: by applying a : I.or .1 A. M. Leaves : every Monday are now a week's sail of hf \\%.
body of poor William, whose /fatal carefulness with it to the nose and month. N. C.; of the names of Thomas: l P. Trol1; York on Friday 2Slh ; This value and 'at.PIIIilcul Arrives al Chat- and will! by-aml-hy' within ft-ii il.i..
had led to so sad a catastrophe, was j and Richard Holton. were murdered, in .allil Frilly 1)1
Dr. Simps has used with I steamii2 of the East thai
m Chlororr ( the Jfcnil/J.) does not differ next days by G P. M. ; they PnrnnnI
interred in the village churchyard, and the the must admirable and complete sussesin Italiolpl county (Georgia; near !Hamsun's; a'o greatly According in the present schedule, the I 1113 in f'iiina. in Africa in Chili ; iliith--)
of the attended) ; the half- by two of their i '1'hrpmrtirUlar from amount daily unit housed for
corpses lovers by own negrne sometime
I and l the
e\.tral serious cases of midwifery, mail (leaves Chalahooehe.: for Pensncohi on are taking; the whole trade fn ni iis ; n

bewildered mint, were brought to 10nd.l, results are 1 such as to show thai its happyn"V ;; ;, as ("Ollliliclld :.n us by 11 r. p.tstand is a veiy large increase beyond Sunday and Wednesday at 8 .\. M.. suiting they are sending us tnt only iomr
and privately lait in one crave, in 111f .l( >,.rc rp only "fllrr: by the perfect salo J. T. Palme of Lumpkin.! through! the the .same business last t year at this time. jhe. above ch.IIe of :3522. I have the honorto (-'llIcl--'htir.-IJlII hour* ;a"l tKiand -_
where the father had hands of Mr. Thornton .
of ihe
oncelived .
.' Un\ wrelcu.d I}which alelis ls itsjudicious 1.. same 1.11'1.alt' -- be, very respectfully)'. Arc. &('. nearly the whole material' of our prim
a happy a prosperous man. ;as follows : Th murdered men had
encamped -
--- ---- RKSIHNTION tnT.-1
: (:1 E\TIR: ('o1.(' S. R. IItHP.IE. pal 'manotacture ; that they are end'avorr,
SI.NGITLIR Sficit'K. There for night few miles the '
was di a to
rllile:1 I The Milledgcville! Fedeial Union of the 1stinstant. lion. J. 1).IVETCOTT.Jr.: Sen. and ? after a hump and! foreign supply "f enrt.v
MRS. G.\ t:<.Kxtract of a Washington excitement raised in the New westward of ( 11ihberm. between that;: place :
1 E. C. ( I cloth I that their mills xc'ifiiti!
Letter to the New York Tribune.. prison on Monday morning, consequence' and Kufaul.i; .\\., having: With them threenegioes giv s the.following expllaliol as I to \CELI.: ,"p.1 Cons S SLoco and that: as their nnprals ni'it'ij.lv, md r rnil fid;.'

=, The real heroes, or rather .he hero and] :;, of the sllf.destruclion of !Dr. I II. Wells, ar- ) two 111 .allo/! buy.[ Willie ly- tie! n SiI.ltOI of this gentleman ;as (U. S. scalt of
are CTI a immensity. lbv
heroine-the lion and lioness-of Washing- j rested few days prfriOlsli"'rhmil] ing! together on a Ilalras+. :a"I iecp, the negro Senator : I I.e -} uroistt IN TILE J.rIEn'f'nie thing to defy compelion but; wim: t".

'" ion at this time, admired of all admirers:,' upon females. When his ('1.1 was opened, men tool position, one on each idc of their \\. learn tliat ..I"IIJl.rs the incident ( l r..: gave; potiularinnRsr ; _" an increisi (
; on Saturday. the! 2' ;
. are Henry Cl.iy and ,Mrs. Jen. Gaines.; it was discovered that lie had emit his h- victims. and at ;a given .il.d. cm lli'-ir j Ill' Loco {lien pally its lal,( Al a recent
I : ::111. tile resignation; of Hon. Waller T. j ( increase of pnpntafinu! i. ;a. r 11'111
eti1m 0I'the harmonious, I
With regard to latter. Mich an enthusiastic .just ab.ivn the kll'C. almost t to ihbone) throats with a ra/.or. was: noi nit : Democracy: of
11011,1 Il
111 (Coqiiti.! ; v.as; n'cejved at the! llxetitive.Deparmi'Mit. : : wlotlesortlegrotsh requires. f Il-: 'rb.r'I
outburst sympathy and :1.lmiralifl j with a 1 razor severing lilt f"IIral: aitery.I fatally cut as was; nUl'II' aim was stble! to \ew York a repetition of the <;m(e s"nf I
Ills Idit-r, | i natural increase we have Lure mal .
II 1..iUI'ill! ; miss: i-icrurred. The anti- n
as has attended the late favorable decisions I The lila "llich1'11.1 I attach: to h'oil from jump; up WII'1 In wis despaiehcd: ; :.u.txt \\,1101 PI.\i"o De.micrats I
will \ I the! l. ili regions from : mul'irfijcs' _
on ; J.mnaiy, while h | Korope. ] IK
'IIJlt'l : (
oil ;
of her great case, by the Supreme Court of'I' his conduct, ,'evidently led to ihe commissioi The bodies! torte Ih"1 1111'; .l Ier a > !i of New York met in ('ul\'llrUI atIlba'iy ,
to Plnriiia and the Urili.1.lJllllli.. and ihr
way ; 1.111' on that; day -11 j the 2G'h nil.. and >lo-; to n
of th" fatal deed. mile and : on alter
the United Staes..1" never before witnessed A ii nu.brr'if letters werefound distant; from a m brii'ge( ino: I orraiviumg -

1 presume, in this Metropolis.. Mrs. I ) in his l'cl. in one ol which he enleased ,!- a (red"I"I Ilro\1 mO.I'r.: proctedt-d lo 'hII"'l( P. ( )., MusiMigert ('III! Ih| :i by choosing: .Judge I Denis, of Oneida t shore! I.H. enjoy the! ;:,!rJllIai; atiti ibe hl'! ;
; sntiie accident, ii did lie : its desiinalion ;- : .in'g. 01 free 11I"lItl1rlllll'.
1 ,
, Gaines, despite the unfavorable circumstances I his avowing that when he com secure money' and 11111 tijc" notes and f'.H:1 p ('llltyPre.idell. unanimously adopted altildii I
lost until. the ? d :al u-,nn. Ilis l'xieli: I The ronelnsioii arriveil ar !h. file\ } 'lI'r'
: m \ t
I and the must powerful combination Imill'I the fault he was labming) under lh,' paper of t the deceased!, :and havinj, set on : ; -', denouncing the hanhnrfs. as I
( ;Jov. Tow us, left her" the | we have i is Mitt l.n .I tn'I fibs
on thi .i quoted urea :
iiiurning ( i traitors and I :
goina in for
of interests adverse lo her right, I influence of chloroform I H I, haled a ail's'affil fire the bloody 1II..a.., put out null ihi- : m a vigorous pio.secnliuii -
same (day! (bur \ ) i1.1. Con-' : f her 'IolilInw.IfIJ.. her (.fllolli,-.. ,"
ntiy of the Mexican rt-t iihem
has, by force of her own genius and moral j one child to whom he requested the carryall and horses in the, diivciiou of Maliou : -qu 1.1 ; war.j .

aided by the indomitable perseverance j news of his death might Ill i\el iu tin I i county, I taking t the buy uui! them. The commission has !bem i i-ued 10 (ill: t tl! e .i-j j The I following paragraphs; from a report I I as forming an lllt'r.tl'arl, of hr .aring. ; iancy.MThe i of I as mtieh so as though; IWI'rp ,u.It'J'i i tI ith"
the Generalvindicaied her legitimacy most unobjectionable 11IIIfr.: Dr. \\'. eujoyed discovery ;11 the 171Ir&Ii was 11"it: mi Sunday I the proceedingwill "hlIhl grave de-
ics-ignaiion of Ill, Hon. \W.I'.IT: ''iberative character of this i!I inland of Great Britain.; In fin/ wr'nslind ,
and ,heirship. and her consequent title, the confrlcnce/ and e f'(1 of :alr: morning, (Ir11 ihe fire having communicated ; assemblage ofnev
: : : would' herself have as wc'l' a* !f"I
4o the immense estate of her deceased| i d.ell of friends. He was the person who lo the woods, at the ClII. of ihe Colquitt. wn understand u ( was :accepted s; bv I, fights..ir. i
United State*. a \'ari..fnf cl'in irs iil
I '
father, Daniel 1 Clark a man dis-tinguished j j first discovered Ihe effect that chloroform tragedy which drew the attention of the (;Jov. Towns, on his lo Georgia; all; j! :\ .MeVeen was, proceeding with spiiii !j

alike for his wpahh. and his posi- produces on the all it i is neighbors t I the spot when. ;alter shoit t 1'1111 j :and l eloquence) when suddenly the ,.Is.emiiy j soil with a corresponding V.If'I.V: III! |I'r
prominent nN\'Olo !system : Herschel \ Johnson, Ksq. has 1 bee.-j ap- !; chamber, in diifliori-i. What mint be !lunkrtl! In (I. .
ition-in the early political history of the Territory now ascertained that he constantly: it "l'anl. the mal.I.d bodies Id'tll; m inhered was plllfc Kgypiian darkiic's -
lcc adds, the rinelniff ,
fill the .safely. journal in
of Orleans, now the Slate of Louisi for a stimulant on himself. mel were (Ild. as befoie staled. Pursuit pointed to vacancy.Wnvr ; ; some of lit ridiculed gentlemen: had! ,! Int
j found the ih "i. ;lIrf'fIIU mil'trt'irt in lll' J-\. flI,1: / .
i ii
ana. was made, and ihei,eg roes way tl ; gas pipes through i I
,4- I have no doubt that Mrs. Gaines has I A liiissinn CIl.us.-J de! Tisxkicwics, were illnedi.lrfj o\'rtaI'1 in Marion and is TIII; : :IUTl TO GAIN c1.1. .- 'i I tI which the chllll'I''r. in the Assembly >frt\rt: \ identity" ff he mother ccanfnt tnIcol"iies \<"

had. and destined i to, a more brillant career I the richest ha { ". Lithuania, brought] lo wl.rl(1111): .llilaliol :}:x.1'rlmSenator ( 'ass;, the great ,','III! chamber: are supplied gas ; by turning .
i died a short time since. The Petersburg LIIJdn. i a in one of these pipes they had snd'only !j'I The first of these foretokens future w,*
than hardly any other .\ICI il'all woman : was had 111..e patticmilr: ; ehciied of Democracy ;and upholder of the ,Admi srr'l '
has Her 'father; lt! papers, ;inform us, that he had left to by the (. of the '! cut off l he supply of gas, anti involved with China and Japan : the latter. semen
an negroes
yet enjoyed. Iri.hll. 'lrc..iol who is the
hi.lr.ltiol. now most conspicuous dicai changes: in the British colonial[ pohc:
his three sons 2090! the ch imber in !|
containing morithan he j !
and her French to
mother a cnolf: ; she is \ilags. tal.I.1 to Italll.lpl county io cOlpl.te t.I.les"'llie 1
highly endowed by Nature with that openhearted 60,000 serfs, x11+1 ready money. 10- await; the penally of the, law for their .a+vlulcrime..iluseorce ealeic'le' for the PIf id"ICOi the DC.II-;I i!the fol'elitill was in ; said condition( TIn (lIouR.-\-AIl amounts from r"*\

generosity and fearless promptitude 000,000 crowns ; and that it was thus g'l [ I)' m'jrrtit.TIIK crane side in his, Lie letter to 11 r. Nichol-i I sardonic yells and ironical 1.1:1111 issued' .JJ.I worIl! .1"\. al: .t .1mnri: : .r'.,t t-v. ?

which characterize the children lleman who was said to have .fl..dlh,' -- -- thus the above i 'horn tll'? thioals of'rlr radical iVrriociifs.who 3
of ihe !ll. alSWt'l. question : j : hiv !I.'i..ir.11. ,"III'Ia:.: 'ohor !t.a, "' 0e .

.reen U'le. cCuilinet with the ,iasrinating; hand ol his daughter lo Duke Alexander olWirtemberg SLTO-.V.II. (CANK' IN FI.lr\-\\"f' .,\1 I the 'de clipli"I.Ij.1 reach us of til. clk.lljl; the lobbies; ;:nd :thietits.-! ; hi-: >-.-.nlltIf !.I".t.rl ; ;,'. t p. ;.. t. '. ii I -. '
who afterwards married Princess have favored; fellowtownsman.Dr. j ot line President, who
by our : :
of daughters of .La Belle t'Cl'l Tlt.'lll'e attempted
manners cOlditll1, ol C.dl'"ril: .II.] of New i is Ioae either byripal N:1'n11r. t'. ELI,::e I i-r Mi;,
Maria d'Orleans. His daughter Wurdeman, wiih a noble : of to rest OHsilence. was drowned by the loud
France. All this i is tempered! married specimen I
by a smallsprinkling" .Mexico, to Ihe acquisition mil'whicli our efforts ,- an Iiilirirte.. In ,'wlr.| : t 'I i'i .tt* ,I
Prince Sapich.i. and had this valuable cries of the .
of Yankee and 2.000.000 agnciiliund; product: from his .spectators."One : .
enterprise practical seem at diiecifd, unite iu representing nor reader' wilt; rrirtil..I.r fi.,1 tsar! r' ''
talent, elements of character arousedto crowns fur h:1: dowry. A letter from :1. plantation on 1Lahte'luitui'. about 20'') miles those present of Ihe'il'c Pn.iII.II., who, bv .
countries nf
the highest activity in her by a burningsense PttfcIlrgh! says :-" This gentleman's, propeily up I the St. John's. River; iu Hast; t I Florida, ,ill. similar, in their produc as alclllralle s out chance! had a LOIHflcf: match in his wai.t- miM and' IntrnM ti w'rri'er.1".1.1\Itke. a it.i r,-n.r..;." r.' .

comprised 1 cXlenSIdOI on which speaks ( mil'the coal pocket, it i scraping :it ; ,
her congeniality by
of from .f conclusively iruitl't against
injustice practised on in- I.II" Middle !
Stales aril generally unfit fur lite IJIJUc(1 j passiir: ; If lies! .f 1,1 j>r."' .f( v i) irch '
this of talents, m.1Iy which there are 20.000 f.llll.s nf peasantry of t that region for the sugar culture-'- j (I llin wall. This blax.ing; IlcI,.:c.t rnac1 iii
fancy. By
cOII.iu"liol ; ; IJt if ,: : "
of slaplesc1irlt render'sl'cr ex >"ehMi.
ran { certuhily: H: a rM '
al'lll .t rilmvi'leeei
the romantic interest which attaches r.e\oll; in them f 00,000) male Ins The cane i is eight 1 feet t in length, a numbers j which the Vice President held! up over his -
: to 1. ( labor calnnlilc. If we nut grossly ,>. :1 s 1:) hoEh inct.ni'r i : :'(1..1r1
j! money, possessed 50.000,000) Polish no less than 21 succulent! It lre \; |head was saluted( with 't lie tar.: bring;
she had while !her joints. Inlt.
history pretentious I dfceicft/ <{'!!/ il is difficult to lime \ .ler: in Kuroiv-:- r< .iciied! I-!: '. :i ':'"
ctill rested under the cloud of I florins] in Fiench money 1 12,000,000/ ( francs. also bears, like the tI.I.: in ihe West [IndiaIslands ; eOlni. \in your lirehr 111"; 'give tom oneni ilranjdreth's -
suspicion) ire dtn br, the inhabitants:, of regions, (the same; sr.si.: We li.nk for <.mtir ;Vattack. :
fathered around her, iu her lo Ile had; six children, ojwhll three sons a beautiful lassr-l, that waves in the j ( !pills: ,' h1| !ha |ha,: ha ha !* At=
nllal "i.il' whether i
they the their before; the nf itler nr
plow or > ia\vn an< :
Washington, an influential circle of friends ,.idcs his daughter survive 'lii mu. The wind like the plume' of an 1"lritJ-al; ap- II.pl'nt upon ler| the, lapse of st\.crallllltl.! one of thesnpcrnumcries
C.\ : Involuntary and (lor i its :
hcls. 1:1 si\vj: : year prevalence a; :) pestfenc'e.
I lo tie laws of..Lithuania cndage which does : I1 IILIHJS. found his into ch.iiu-
el.e.t. according I not it
t and admirers, the way lil.
embracing nearly di-lil'li.1 :
.1 mrg- labor the of dining' ihe spring and summer ofIJickneU's 1"4 J-'
requiring I il\'t.tll'll I '
of the land while inherits the whole of this immense wealth. amongst us. nor iu Louisiana, we IJII n'. her wiih a farthing call:,' in hand.! -
i at time its
same ,
tl. large capital; can only l h that ;
fates ; profitable Reorier imission
He, however: has assigned to hieqinlly We are also indebted h ID lh. \111 This exerted a limiicd inllnence [ suggests
J "her genuine amiability has: warded: off (he ole flllth ; same gentleman Clplo production of a few f.Ilcdaricls. I luminary very be appoititrd' lo visit the si- '
shafts of and made her divided (ftWl'CI his two brothers. for ivvfn of Ilillfral:11'.1.: : 'ec.llhe ; (but 1J"il, rays some of( ihe ImCt.rof
; > jealousy, equally, a specmcl. +l by nature to speci.il di.s- j the pestilence, to inquire iiiiniiielv CIIJ1Ij
' fU'1 his place; impregnated: with I ( ihe conventi'iii were f"I"'el! lo find out
+ favorite with her She has ole
own fex. IVI'r. :.Mil. ]HA.NCROFT LONDON. A tl lricl, and paying larger icturns than I liie lai"tnrallil asrertaiii the besl '\ !
i IN mandesirous sulphcr. tlU' a cathartic: which. the cause: of the stoppage of ihe gas. They
; -cornelhe deficiencies of eddy education by strong ,usual I agricultural productions spiead over i and remedial: nn.asures. We heartily ,
of-noloriely is in a fair way to hegratified we shall submit to some of our medical (duecJed t\1 or three nl'the: Wihnot -
: in the gentlemen
,I Jon, Rc.lealiol most polished circles when he falls into the hands more consj lerable portions of the earth.! | dorsp the pr.'ipos'uion.! While! howeter,'
I of friends. Courier.les'1'ANu ; | in the act tin and
-[ turning screw,
and as a conversationist, I have never PUNCH. Our Ambassador; at Clululol---- Ii I II tin able teller of Mr. Buch.ulal 111)011 j ,this, of caused'the beata perform every possible preparatory duty, fc
distiuli.het io
I met lady who was her superior., She is the Court of himself ;\l I'UKSIIM'.NT's i II his subject not long since to the public, lie 'I lIIUSC. provisoists the dread enemy be met without/t'nirP1 c
presented ON Tilt : MKSSOK. : retreat. The[ gas being on again, j:
small in stature, ea.y11 dignified in man similar considerations with turH' Dawson in relation to the cholera
so often as an orator at Lord Mayors' :.-The New Oilcans Delta: in publish- I presents gt.ltforce. the chandelier was says :
ners, elegant in person, and possesses tint dinners Agricultural Associations and otherpuhlir tug a letter from .* Mustang,** its I ." relihted. 18:1thai.: it was generally remarkedthe lfu
conespon- ---- -- ----
I kind of French beauty which makes one meetings, and has exhibited an eloquence dent in Mexico] says- And yet we are gravely toll by the partisans most perfect immunity was among Ibl)1t
, forget the features-though iu her case they A.NKCDOTK: OF (iK.\. ',Y Lnn.-A friend who combined habits of cleanliness *-
of such marked characteristics In the teller of 1 temprancn
of 11
' on 111. cnrreponIrnt'\lus-( r. Polk that the safety of the 1
relates that while Jen.
In us and
exemption occasions that he has unfavorable Taylor j and, intlu"Irilh a happy and Ira
those become tang, an i is
a rather opinion expressed South"
from criticism. requires ihe annexation not alone I his dililisll.d command were returning to I quit mind, reckoned' t
fear being rmong
conspicuous personage ihe of lr. message, or at least of that ;
. And now comes success tjiumphs and notabilities whom Punch delights among to honor. portion; Poll's refers to opera- 'of this Tenitory) but as much more in ad-I Monterey[ ,.1 Victoria, in obedience to the most active causes of the disease ; a proposition
wealth to crown thiscomhination orders of Jen. Scott, ihe weather bad .h'
abounding The following report of a speech on festival i- lions. Our readers will make all due allow Iliiol ? There are none S') blind as ( borne out by the medical men
of attractions and to place Mrs. Gaines in : and the roads e. Ilis had to
: wn troops visited the sir ICln1 who esCaltall
occasion is found in i late number of ances for his opinion of our correspondent who wont see, but such plain talking as that generally
of the highest rank wade through and water and
undisputed possession ,
lire many attack. When the cholera taw'
that periodical : when they bear in mind that he is a was
warm of Mr.] Cass slwuld force the conviction
in the fashionable world of Washington.Her were almost unable to fatigue ;
upon "recfll. Vienna
Dr. Marenzeller. staff physadminister !'
"The distinguished foreigners advocate of a line and ofthe
. Brown's Hotel have been present, taking celi'l.ivl 1 the that Southern and (:
at ; cn.
partisans, JjO
apartments especially lr. Washington were withdrawal: of our from the interior loSt prejudiced sicl\le. Taylor suddenly) d cuprum and veratrum to ;
: :crowded reception room, day and evening greeted, and that Jilcsol Americanarose of Mexico." men should have nothing to do either reining in his horse, as the complaint of 000 persons, none of whom fell vlctitnitthe r*

since the decision. She has been independent reached his ear, said in voice
i ever amid thunders of applause. with him or his a disease. The same result was S'ft1?
! waited on by Mr. Clay and Mr. Calhoun (hat could be heard at some distance anti Pit
80,000 in
people Hungary
.He explained how Broadway and Corn- LIFE IN hxlo.-Spealillg of ihe "al) amongst
; i and nearly man of distinction; in "Come, my brave comrade, give me SUCcessful
by every land. Camphor has also been found
hill, were in fact the same. He showed of civilization" and the *" march of your
vance that
i the city, until the hills of the White House [\VnCI.-Allail, Maclelli hand put your foot on mine. and spring up in cholera.-IV. Y: Sun.
how Washington was in fact an Englishman a writer from ;Mexico ,
says : : u. "
r I are deserted in the comparison. improvement' slllc Ieert behind( 11'. The soldier obeyed his orderst
and how Franklin would have beenan --- --
never .
quite an Americal town, a resolution
pissed at a the letter and he
as wheeled his horse
American but for his education) as a and in proof al'he t fact he adds : democratic meeting held in Buffalo, a few Ihe old GOING TO BKU.: -Going to bed. we bart
General continued in the
t VERY OLD BOOK.-A gentleman in N. in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. He de : same energetic always considered, as one of the most sober.
A printer One hears Knglish spoken :at every step ; I days ago. Prince John is in the line of safe lone-" If officer of
\ Orleans has in possession a manuscript cJlrelllhat Milton was his cousin, Locke it is becoming quite fashionable with the |precedents :- mand every my com- serious and solemn operations which a 11130 i
sick soldier behind him '
copy of an old Roman missal, written in ancestor, Newton his dearest friend natives. I was surprised at hearing so many Resolved, That we in John there would\oulillal\c a can be engaged in during the whole iwen'! '
recognize be less and alto'gether I
Latin on vellum by a. monk, about the, Shakspeare his grandfather, more o less- Mexicans speak it. Some .too, are learn Van Buren one of the most able, and unwavering ing. As he concluded suffering, it complain- four hours. \Vith a young lady it il Wbct

'ear A. D. 300. The book is, consequently he vowed that he wept tears of briny anguish I ing the strongest part of the language, such advocates of popular rights. The see his staff and others was amusing endeavoring to a different sort of thing. }

ODe thousand five hundred and forty- on the pedestal of Charing Cross- ..3S oaths and other delicate phrases. 1 was I i manly stand! he has taken in defence of the who should first hurriedly tired bed-tiniearrives, she trips upstairs, .i ha4
seven ,ear old, at least. kissed with honest fervor the clay of Run. I very much amused the other day to hear a principles and usages of the democratic -JV. National.. pick up : candle in her hand, and,the-if she has-*%11 ,

pleasant company during evening




i 4i I ., I Ii".


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:1 _

-- -- _fl -- -U awU..oa.ja..j,..;:;;. I-.


-- .,--'- .
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)head-the cande 1 1111 1 1I'T -- -
in her --
ideas .
acreaable Ilardivnrc Ship Chandlery Ac. -- -
ome her luxnnnnt A T H K J\r iE Uri. & TUIt aeI
i* placed on .the luilri. ami rj lIE Sn'' .criliers have on hand fur salt For Liverpool.

lnir speedily! emancipated: from the : LOLKS; aborted, IJutts, Screw!, Ilins: *, r1-i j IE proprietor of the Athen.vurn Rowlinir and Ttviiic* 7 1aituftc1iiriiiColnhiuiy THE ship OCEAN, Cart Brownell.

,jr.,ldom of C'fland. pIt1. If <>'e iiua1-,; i ii \ IAl4.(2hjll&. . .. Feli.lu.lLlVEl. i.vulsivvs I| :MilUaws' Cro scnt do Pi.me-i. I Saloon"[ haustd every oml-av ti> tnake & ,'tavni.j the principal part f-f rar o en-

is wear water curls" or uses ilie iron, : : Conpa-sc-s, Ati.ro, Gimblet. Chialo! Hraco the e-tablishnierit an a.. reeatile place of resort 12 Co.MMinteiLSrKf er aej and g nnf on board, will hare
fiom her loieiMJ and 1ht, ., Rjla.s, HevtN.Spiares IJroadavi-[ and is thankful that an ever dij-criinmatin ijuick Un >jr"b. For
ouistu'd earelnlly :; pub Ire nht of the remainder,
)fifr I"" i is comptclly st-ciir- i F. |, 7-Srlir niixibetli! CiiO; fm \ Olcri. Ship i d.', Coil i ui' d hi,>, A.l. -, I Halcbot*. I U.iiitn.r I ,- lie prove by hral! patnn e t tht-ir appreciation; (Up Stairs,) IJOSTONMjniificfirer i'.i-s.trre apy {o HARI'ER C HOLMES. or

; ). auJ) I the wlMle UM l J*ie Mr.Ib! 1O-.l.iL, ; M.wJi.nu.1! Mir< Ii- !, \\n\\ I'-rii.iuJ <. Stii: 't 'r I I !'_' '., .fflJ} (lii, Sti.i; P. .iFd (.l bindes.re to plci-e. I lie mil alvvoy L.vp ., -* and Dealers in Rrvan's Patent 111,3 or C11 AS STOMI.INSQN.
I iies-rs Allen
hen iier lovely ; | .r liuni'-v, I fi, ,
CJifnU.. why Meaiti \ C .n.itcr S-v.: <. Pl.iionri! do. Cot toil do, choice asortnKtit Liqiw and freshing! Twine Sta-ids, Po-t Ole: TVmeIJalem. aid
'anon McAHwer For
ln.l' in innumerable bits ( l paper : fin Frji.klm, Kttc.ienVare Tible CuJU-rv everas of a ,,jit I to RufidleTvviups i M ICartb' C1.t ton I H.-rrin KiverpoolT"
soon m.krs M"am-r l L ,f1 u.i.! \\.jusijj! : f fin J.-rr.isan Shovd! ai.d; I tickle fu jMistes.,1 i id ,; TvMne, THE tine 1r.
acoompii-lied, a iiliir.ip! ; i ., Rieehumust Cotton Seine Twine Tanned ship. QFEEN. New-
tatl a.s, ar.d
Tin M v; jifr Ho.-ti n. Morton, fm Cnltimbn.Vmd ( I .&t.8LACKSMI tastidi'tm j-.tis ; aid: Ovstew: Unlarinrd Flax lanai
,(H appearance. r la(- l t)1.l y l hi. wit h i plain i.aiiir Van \egliien, fin Cin.i| FtI' U.-llo-.v AnviN, Slcd-M otol and d.'i iriou |,e-hi| t ru tbtir native bank I Herring! Tv\ine, 1 (.t .%-er and bhrr>nd-laid M.irk- < .-tna- T, will have di-patch tor the
lace Inch hide* '. ,, M A HainnifrVices I Ior a pk-isanl frel Lines; Herring I Poha-jui |Dirt. Fir iret.ht; of a few bale
ith v Mooie Shad. RJS-I
,,, or lilly be v. I. ny Jf.nirc', fin Columbu- cre vuUles, Stoekd nd comminirlir rf e\erci.l\ to
her own sivrri countenance. As St.a ut1 Li.t-i-, Jon<->. lia I Colninbos., Dies, Tnntti, l'MRaps I ice. -->tfi/e ruin ,lulr> -I there i< noihucvvifiu.'i Dtp Nets. (loverninent Seines with R.us; Cid. .I :.t ->7. ap| '

aj5 f4Vt -she lies i llie strings, piobably >he Sieatner Albany;, Gninn, tin ( 'oltiinhu.3. IROXM'edf, Eiuh-hand: Ameiic.n. assort e
..oonas '19 tier l"s: an'J !Ii1I' Mllii'Mjf I *Steamer i'r A'MlHrfiN'Tao IJnnlv.: 1 Hdll.1 I tin Columbus, round, U$ >t an-l sipiue, l U nidlloop I She.-t and a mm*" of te'i pins ; but t those ptt-ferrinz le.s .k--c..v 7iic\T VorK.

lake* a peep what she -ftThe; Imlit ioul i-> btcotuer i-nut, Kamerel pson.fin im Co1..imba. IUle.- I Iroii. l RuhtMil I Suke| di>, I Ilor-e-'noe active an.u-tstneiitscan s.lvvajs loJie a fiawl. n.? .M/ an'/ Stinrs knit to ordtr nt tt'wit a.1e- TilE ta-t saItire.t pperd bark CUMTISLAND. -
blushes at Albany. notife.
] In.n aol Xa.-ls Cal t, Eiulish, Ulster and Con one- cune: all R. ELLISON & Co..r Agents, : I i. Hi-n> zriaTer. war.t-HCO
her fair, delicate form j: Mitly i pictbe < > ( October I 11.1 1 I 17. .
( tJi U ED. ernliPLOlkhlSiZh St c!. ion x R. joxns > } n!f Apalachicola li zn, U-t I or cjr1c. For IrrigtC
couch nii'l' like .1 dear, innocent luveh and Dnible Cr.rn-hel'er--, ;tchicoia, Doc. 3n, 1 1-17.t ; ,-)UtlE lal win. n.i r J.B. to
Feb I-SHir Pnliw! Vojn for NVw ') :'. afarpiy!
it.ti. rlans. :c.
s-lie fail uentley ? ,
as she is, ( a Ii1111 i I I 1 0. -h.iir.Trace do do '1'
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creature 'i' -S'nr 'I. 1IJST A DODGE.a'or .
--- .. ;tli :i-urn smile on her still sweeterface' t:/.i % ...J_drS. -ar-->, for t- Xe\v- Oran A _!._ ; s and Snaii! <. Voiiai! _' }Hm <_ ( ;.,i.! -nLaui ['i-s: ; : }() )S, received Ironi X.-vv York |>er brim \laba- ---- -

;; :\ fl)4'> <>f c ure. u.idrr the s.cjrrMinstatire .ute, j YoiU; by 0 k'nui-r-: Co.: -- ---' and 'Ir ifliZ! 1 l.a-.i : 9. 89 'Vater-s1vctt., con rf -mi ifm/, a -iii.-iui a' all lLitI.l d trruccries Av Ioik.4E' .
in Ialha.t.a
part as
\ acts (J ti ItC differently.! Kveryninremenl COR: !) -\(iKIinilla arid : !'-m' nsoif d, Pitch, I)
in hisli miner indicates tlie LIST C ft' VESSKI IX PORT.Durlinston. Tut hioin. C.'el Tar, l riirtt! Varnish, hand&c. .1 V El./tbeth, Imrriciv \'al-; Pick! s, a. .orfed, Lemon S\ru ), z: Si ivirsr mrst t.1 her ca'u, entared

hItIZl1' Ii' >i1't of his fdb'ii nature.Co .- SiIi1'&. () ... SHOES-c.it; ; -'C'i.tv" I'i i<) Nnllifiirs; T. IV.;. Brandy, a >UJH r. article;," Z*will have imiiirtiiatr diiMtch.NQFRSE ; .
\Vhrnail i is rea-ly lie j-null- tinrandle; OIK : ('lk. ,"35 ton*, fm New Voik, \vaitHI dron --' \\\f.-.r\ KotLlr' Mill! ?nd Caul ll'ib'n! r O.er shoes, with leather heels ( ( in. do.Holhnd STONE &. c<*.
? M.j-.cr. ; ,. 'ovt n<, Sjtuieiv, Pot?, E.iainiried:
and cilf (Iiu Fur X t.V4)ih.
.mil then of the
llnscis like a cannibal, I beet quality, ..
with) his ( can, IJrownell, .">fifi( ton for Liverpool load- Kettles, Tea Kelth-s, cVc. HATS' "'
? ..
l like For a few ; Ainidt'i.s, Beaver and Moleskin, in Northern Gin, IVjch Rrandy, -,-- fa-f--alir- M'br Lr.ROY. Bej' -
a savage. TINWARE
into ins-Harper A Holmes and S full
: C TomliiiMin. assoitment.
jumps extreme ta4liii'n St. Crr.iv ; : ialt. rr.i t r. will 1.v'
also and) Jaiririifa r
; a varitvuitabe ; Rnm. ihit1atch. F ttreig
momenthe) thinks of all the %peccadilloes; lie Urgent lloier->22 ton-, fni Liverpoolvaiiin! ::- Wholesale or retail.ROP.RKIN. *
AV A XP l C Kain. toconntrv trade.GLOVIN Maderia, Port and Mal:4za Wines t or p. se, .:pr ly tttO

may have committed thinusu lie d.iy- Tee, (1r.) Oi\i| >r. 679 ton*, for Liverpool, load- Apalachicola ALLEX &, Co. -Kitf. Silk; L-on, UV Ion and Thick, Soap; Candle* and Starch, Feb A nnpcr

VOW s a vow to amend( soon -groans, turns iri-I liili I I DaWaon) \ fo.Floridun Jan. 20, IS IS. of t all! varieties. N. O. i rtiftVtsiakev; ,

himself then nil is silent HOSIERY r [ -Cotton Wcolc-nand Brown N. 0. For rieiYori, *.
Whittimore113 tons fni New York, (I, roceric1 Silk. Mas'-ovado arid St. Croix Star, Tilt
arid then the heavy Inealliiiigof the si lumlf Vi1ilig-\'tir.r: >!ione Jc Co. .7 I3HLS Whi-ltev ; in l.hN l.nse< ; Ai>o-A le\v t.isiciataIa'! | Pil'.t Over Cr.d!=, Rj.-on Siils, ice. i'vC. -- Jii L. n-itlir. par c-t h.rk MAGPAA. -
Queen ( i ir Nest land. (J50() tunfor KIrtck Sick-, P.- All ; AK. !)* ($ a"trr. liavir: th *
) ;
ot ?
__[ rrbting' paper.COMMERCJAL.. Liverpool, 1 tierce Rice, pM rec'd .ind ( r siic by Ve..Lc.. winch will be sold low byE. 1
r. lituiiniflu, : ?. |fl iozers\r Co. Jill KJ, N N. i'fst of b. ri-4rsC'' <':>.. i.4 'd .k.d: sasihfEr.t *: C>r
M. .
'i E. l'.E'.LlS. I: MrCrLLY
ii i McCULLY.Oil
Conteilati.i, Fiitner. 27ti; ton-, from New York, W.iter >r. Nov I 11 I h, will ha\e i'iiCi; ; ;r'.1eL. For btbree c.iea..tat .

wditmq-I > 15 l Uood k Co.Macedoniji 'L'atLIerS' Oil, 5] NEW li)4 ruV TrT 'it. t r tIa-.24( j'iI. tu

), ..T.irk111 ton, for Cotton, load- T7VR sj o by E i.bscitbtr ( '()Ce1iRS : nd Shli ;) Stoe',. hn T- 1)flCCr
inS-] > ]J V.'ot'di i'c Co. L1 De.'i'J T > will be KCVIVH :_ nr.d fpnflZ ) iq COFFEE: :, Jav :, do, M. lani.a. d. ., | i.

:;;;;._ ;;] our Saturday's report there has 8 RQ1I. R ELLISOV & C". in a (tt.v of d I'n't READY entire new wil r\f* :
been a qadv mqsrrj for cotton with dally% sales icihe Madonna, Mitchel, -Ir'J tout, fin Portland, watt- :\OlllM'I dir! <-"t tr the MADE CLOTliLVJ, St. Crorc jo, Prt0 1 r.0, do, Yo ins I Hv>on T-.j. 4. THt: tit- i>i>4 MKi.VORA.. Grant.tz .

t;. thilf. Niht btfr la-i ins-:\1 i-ier. OIX I weeks after hale, application: b" in"di' m Manufactory, con-i-tin in putt tat l lD'i Ilysmi I do. Povvcjori: ito, So'irhon,; ri.i, i losben a. r, :hI r.t, tt! :, ... [,_ liar

of later inleligence arab Sheaf, S.uid401) tons, for Liverpool, loading O to t the I lion. .Ju.h.c J ot Probit, Ut t Fr.tnklin ] ftlankrt ad: pilot cloth Overcoats, asortedst hutierCi e, L-rd. Uicon H ltn-," *liti.. i.lders :d i ei: :'it or ; i"f*. ,.?.[ ,\ ti,

received a telegraphic report -J Day V Co. County, .li.r It'tt.-is ol admini-lratii.n the \ lc and cf 1 1. it Mo!a-ses, U'hi-h.ev 'Me.- an I Prune JJeef : '- -: ftl.F! I: ;. fltN& Co.
Liverpool but it lias produced Gleaner. Smith. 2'9:> fm llochforie Upi 51)() Monkey! Jackets :M lna mid Prune
from as yet ti>rjs. France, estate of O.; (\Vnidharn; lat .- if -.IJ 1 I'oik. Macker-l: Sr.ui r S.dt.ion, I
< !
Jitde. tf any, efiect upon our market. V.'e waiting-U H \\oo 1 A: Co dt-cpas-d. c.i.ity Sailors"; blue arid irroy R irid Coati 1 !"rrin?. Sound-: and Ton-i- Cod Fi-b Tongues J'or Knslon.

tat John Iro\v.'r.! Tn'fonl.' 310 ton.*, for Ho u>n, l kd- A. .M ELLKilT.I S.tck, Fr-.ck a-id 1)ra-s -"oars leppr-r, Se., "=. C.t-.i. ,.>. IVt.er; S HKOlive; -,* ;- THE i. s.r---.hf ,' -...)[. rt-I hark FLOIT

continue our previous quotations. iu?- ) Wood A: Co. Apalachicola, Jan 13, l'lS.Fot' ( ::14 Ii. ('.i}aer:', Sat i.tjti, Jan s anJ Tvvetds P511'1',1 l'ic, *! !'.V0'1'''' Ur'Tobirco.. Xaw': "F.NtP. .cdvVDid, rr. v. r, w ttI rattiiti
Alice Frazicr, Trau.: 41''( liatis, for New York load- do Cracker.Vinar '
1efloT i'.i.ts( varouIvies Dried FrttitI -, di-pDt> fi. Ft r tr>. ulf t>i> tterSi, ,th:4.: tft ; i.rd.l44Iijlu ins-\V A \ 1' C Kain.Caubeiland Salt". I>eans, >.df. lUi,ens. Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ari j a-f, apply ta
t1; a lhicuc! 3s3 for New Yoik .\CKS S ilt _" i l firkins rianncl Shirts and Drawers row Uoot Corn ,
: ; % tons, ; MI; c-rinr Ruttcr. Da.*, Biickwhcir, .Mu-Unl. Rice hat ,, 10 I)
&; oJ .1idj1utg 4id. |n.iiin! A I Po'l e _..d.j'__ Apidv t to Heavy canton llannel Slurtd, Drawers and Sin For sate by ii. LLLISOX \ Co H VOOD; Co.

: Fair. i 'aEir it lagdal *. I )('al.:( 2Hton! *, for New York, with Jan 13 NUUR>E, STONE & Co.COflC glet fsTancy 9 Cor. U'rtter and Cbe-tnut Ms. ITor IJ .tznz.

-...i a -| -i| A l <>u'reSir.ih cambric and Linen hirf* TilL :tiui& r-.ick.-r i. '.
.rk Jt.N EKTrlf'rd.
EiGHts._T .Te ha* been uo Chans'in :hehihj finxd, I ): niiHond, "42 ton, for Boston, (;jerit-. and Bos* fi-ie linen bosom SblrJa ;ip ( S'aiilech.r .
( iiE rr.o5"tt, v il l! cictl withdisiSi
l'dtflZCl.t! I linger- Co siib-criber ivi.beto -
in the alof
w either iawijtt 01 duuie ic pom tince iatwacUy. 1 An SCK Rir, Havana, and St f D I ._" I'ancyaiid: plain Yt-sts .L er.ae jC, :>afch. Fr trri blon deck
Triton. L'ipp, 207 ton, for Providence, loading .mr. i Hickory Shirt- hiMis! ; a nurrib.T: otun.j and middle ; .rLsasnt,
T L MtciiHXew .LUl/- lie.-; fr sale l-j-.v i iDecr > ; plain innlin ditto areil a;>:i v toF.
S-i-i d men cf moral a- -1 b'i-n"-s habits, as trn-
rarTT Lltnd:: Androe_ 23S tons, fyr Providence, E: Mcr'i'LLY.Oil ip.! r-s, &c. veiling: a.art4. | } .b 'J J> U tVOOD & Cft.
\1 ii! or nnv.m- m, ..I ll.th I.r. > .-... .. .i .. H.i'.in/ c.iii.l"tfd new and

TuUtvwTo Ti L Man; AT KiHJt J.sue:; Flitner M-u ,L /31G j < iiiwkj.tons, from Li\eii pooh], Cloths and Carp-: *. t; trado u* NV.v York F.jotorvYrices. I :" .;reaflv 2 M.iao im ir vcd prhtiM- au f his I'nivcr-'til Atb-, f'nrTHR

1 W UU4 J.I1cT \t h iii n1t'r.habtil4. PCS OilCloth( I and 2 yards vide ms'Jo.-t-v.: C-l I! aml-\-H-! ihr'-foc-ic} | ; tarz T\I i'' <;' the V"rld, Beferee'aial -.'- .,nc t-.-f a,,:i..: shj i' J.Ij3Q_

o I.n' ....-.. l'if Me, 3i. tonS, fin Havam, waiting! 1 0 ? |>"s up'-r Ingrain C'arp--tinj:; ; J.\ J. S. IITTCIlfN '..iX, .' ,.r. Factory.Vo \ lI.ialtiCt oaf M[ap of the F'ii'r- States, 'a'ticn.II.z 1 :* J k. master, will tceei with! irrtfe -
C J'ojrrrs & Co. the United -- --- : r.ruetv it t'ti! ,,
).tk. i
twvi4'a' :( 2 Stair vater-tr.-et, -fairs. <:i-[ tch. F. r rn deck treiIit,
FlorenceWodwMrd.. "19 tons, for Cotton, load- I 10 I Tufted R-izs ;, ; nl'a'iierLi. ), l' l' -. up.l--tf other Mjp4, including io.verjI Maps o4 Mi.ie.', or :.r a, .hy t ,

:-- CDTTO.V STATLMEXT.: j Lt it.g-Li 1) Wood .V CoVdnh.ittjr For -.sIa! l liy WM. (;. PORTER k CO. the subscriber is prejnred; ro 'urnish agents, i> r 3 Diflif) & c.
cash at
v ..irr 1Ttr. fleat y< raiiliu C(1tU Pres. the lowest possible j rices.
; '. .Tclm-ou, 21 14(! tonr, for 2\t-.v Yoik, l 41 I V..it.-r -trtat.! '"J; ;H'C -'ib-ciiinT; is h.ipi'V to iiilorm: Ins farrncr Acid re, For i: }5.os:.

3iJ41s itf. 1...1S57.. ...-. .. lft2".57')ipi I't.tdin? XJMI-< tone \ Co.ra 5>r. VflOiI VtIti' I>} senltry Cordial L ( afro is, -t.idhip: mir- _'. ru raiiv l.'i.r: i.o j S. AUGUSTf'S MITCHELL, -z--_' tIE -rk-APAl I POYD.Drnaiud. -
I a !3tila < !r.iIit. l'''5 ten, fur Xi-w York, lo.idStniir" ha- ) !,, sbove in Nortlica-t !. na-fer. h ,
.4 10U' 2721 I !* i>re- tii[ t..p ord-, and i is i.ovpr r corner -J M. rket ar.d Seventh i- r. -t i.l r.er car wt.'urd
Tutai i 327AJO.J i3'J3S iV Co.DIlM'i'S FOF Onrrha. Dvx.-nt.iry; ('h-.lra M rhn pjred to cotnt'res-5 co'tfn.as. vvt-ll asca'i b' Dec :'it Street-. Plailla! !phiza. will t Uta ietuielo fill up.

:,ptred pa t d4 .. .... . I Intantum, and Mimuicr compldint ol din' I by any r-jhtr fire-s in t'ie' city, arid on a hIgh A-j: :'v t.)
pV1ObIV. 1I ). children) for sale !>vF.b % I it nut, <;'i 1 bjtf'-r tpnr.s. .\il Ii:. :i X'H i i In1: : Ctflk'i :iii Slationcry. Jar r.jT.. C il..'.S ftOCER* fc Co

Total.-j 1.J.9:9: 2J777EIPOSTS ; on Nf iv York, U-i ton. Providence, .'!_ J. C'. ALLEN.POTATOfN T'ie i vvir. Ii-'tisv is rcr.v I ii;i t tj'md ,idor, "ind, rt-ady L EDI; El <, Journals, D'.y flork., &c.5ij For

i '! : :Ipisia :. 1I I HaltimiTc, bought ; idml. to re--ivc cotton on storeJXO. -. i ram Fonl-car and Letter Paper;
(bahd and on tilPUl fllt c1earfd 2t2' : .* Chhs! "M ..NIv Y< ikold by .-!no, ll.! ; Tuirnia-5) bbs! ; S. HUTCfirXSOX. ta.t. Cotton(: Memorandum' Rooks I ; 'i 1 !; :: the bru l B c; LA MAR, Kr.nd.

t "vi i bblj; JJeets-.''"I l.bParMijs !-! : Ship and River Rills '." in.i-'t: ( r, having r"-f o f her
\VM. (;. PORTER & Co.AiTetits ; Afahcl'icobi, D -c. I I J-- i ?: IvtfA I ; carz'>
Or COTTOIJ FHCM APALACHICOLA B ink ol I;spin-wick, ) -.--j.) b'jls., (fur -d: <- l tar Jny.ls: tor L'?ffe- Prtsfilaik > r.g'4.t d, u .il tuve i:.!!,:c
Cuuitneucz' I-t rfptinl, Ia-17-and arne Doc 'c i II \Vat -r -trcet.MA Iei-n: 1! F.LLNOX( ) & Co. L C T I O 7t Bills oi Eicchanand Checks, For tit 14 .t or j s- te.I'nIv" l.>

1zu.-- in l'J: ANOGcaciat Just revived and torsslc b'; Jan ) CIt \.> rC'ifiER5S & C.

;_LTittrt .% 4 Oil ( tI'.iilit1. ( :atui'iio: March I t! 1'. .'flCtL For Sflt".

mcB cicrrgrn.3- ,j< the firick S'ore "i''A'l"s i at pritatesaic'
H.ine l Xevv York and l-i-i'>'i l vDLC 1(5,1( HI'i < \ ] AXD PHfEXLX ,
$ .... .... .... .. 1-1t .4170 1 10 I 1). H. WOOD i.( .rc CO.WHEREAS. KI 1,1 ') er.irs. Cnzjdor'Celebradud, ",Esfifr. 1.' two d.iors h> lo.v M1' r- ():?( > oo l & M'tr-' .i\rl KF 1 I F1'E1 R>, |j'1..t r.-eived ?nd for sdle by ;IJfj;; r.;< ridef cT 01 Market -' reft. AttachgJU -

I ii--, at.-l will ;s are all trii* r.tcessarr
Xiiz .... ...... ".". .... . . 0 k dozen Ro--rvp" Madetia, .;.:. The Si. re is l.rjc'r; Dn'g.-1/t. out btnldiics iFicIiidit; if bakf
1rw4 .S9 S R Ronner became purchaser n "R.ria" Port tie st'-r-iif r Land fl'xid-s. Evtsy attention vviit be pai I to r urcham4 r.e\v. L'ortermsapl.! v:. the premise.Ftb .
Apalaclucola 'a
Company, en fV f
euo* Cherry C rdiai
< > selling: rtTiln/ turing, iwf, ol ail kinds of1io.rR rail Crop, for sale lrpril .t t P F. UST.
OiIirTou1io :the 'jj.i dav of April, *>? oJ Lots nunibr-rs find 10 Tom.ifo; CaMip.; ; 17 H. F. ADELL.
I l'i' in jtlock number '," also the *. hat ; ,'tathvr public-! :>:riaMvROBERT -
For. t' rts. lJ5; 9 .iwi :.l2: J JNJ : i t'pniil. l'or jlehv McCALLA ic ROAfAIV, J. SWATCH 'L'NVL'.
.- kMrr.\n on the rnu 01 plan of th Dec S I'OC ETO.V.r Dry CJoods.
w'tk. S83 .tr .* 72 ..3l ; city as JO-tl .i Colur !b'i1:1 rk.OI <.l nil>iw, OB,. Jar i'f, lif.. l-lnm AND CLOCK MAKHK,
\4I. -'J, ti.e price <5i<,w .srt' .2-r-- .:;* ;i DRILLINGS
f- >,id< 3r'4 .774 .lu .> r.iti-ij 1 Lit not.--, \o in Javi-r tol l sai.l i l C.aIadtiv! e.a i ';. i\j>,ICL.r % Jean*, Flannel-, Rhn- jU.crr-v? Seccd Sov Cvi.dh! s Cuikiir; .

I'.itLd ivi.iclj ri'iiir.iri unpaid, vviUi tbo i jntere-t OUfjer 0 1) '1 the most celebrpfe-l lrtnd nil ] nblic ar h'Tiby not }("]. t ht fhp niI. t l't t-i, T-.veeds! Sbirtinrs: Sheet; inz Checks, (Ertrtce: ('TI Chf.atntit-SI ) ti
%1aI )r?.72t: .7 l4 .lK"trS n'i' : Aul wht-n-.i bv the ajrn ni<-iJ ri.ide! a.) ti vj' .t received from i !. v t ..,?{ .I. tI -r-: rued! j isrt-'n'T'f) f the 'S t ''r :tv c
:4- * liv i H: MrCl'f.LV: fi t'i city, imvtlv ccndurt i bv Mr! 'rvdcby B. ELLISON & CO j N B. \','.ktt2es; Clocks urui Jewelry carpfultjA

li.; .... ._ .._ .". . ._. . .. :. 12'2 I t'ut in case of 1 faiLure to pay 1 tbo stid notc>- l Jk'-l5 .10V..rf.U'ost ; | t E haun i .\\u-ti'i ail that l lioni tus: 'f.ife. (la- will I Ii Dec''. (.nrWaerarid_ Chestnut fsHHDSsr. retiiirc.I. ttahar t7.

4! '"o nvi ....;. !?** .TfiSiT* .Tr i .!9iiiT< 2(-c..r
ToTAL-tauN. .T7TZ ..77777ljriC bf at lihrity? i.n ssvmsr tbi.ty div"- M'.tsc.-: ; l !. Q r "v-Vi TF.: U !. i ty 15 d..> New UrJL-a is Sucrar; rflflj S ':iln rs take tir r. ,-th' :: I i-ia public! sr.ixetle. pubiis'.ed! ': i in Atalachic'-i.11, t.I't' t.< | '.1 t Imln Fmt; ;j-ro-rm-d .H own iier; '-t.

tHiid I Iia.t-! at tae! n-k rat t SJid I'lirciia-ff, torh JO with if- (tniiljtucur, j'Nf i-< : t .d tioto WULLM! rST1N. JU b'lSt CrMX j. i!.4 the citi2&-rs if Aj'.il.sc.Siccb anti it* viCjnjtv. *

t } <- b .rifit oaid) Company and i1aII.1 J I Havana I ; tar -j If l l.v E: Met i CLLV"f A-t! i.-hicola} J.m. 1 IM J. ?> hStewart's Lost" that li..s have nrv'i fund a vei/ reat
't s'lrj'lu- 2-3l .
ti.r .
.. .
tftfl.-\1 jttijjfl_ ,
.,. i .iI ..
.. Jl" t. A- I M. I.' 1. I'" .. 10 bbls .. .. .. .- .J .
'" ... .
-J i iiiijy ncv .111:111 *. !< ttJ. .a -t :-.t $ 1'S
-ii, .u 11IV 2.sa u en tets.iLi Fi' sacks Rio CV.fl.-e 5' do Java Io-.v, co'ifi
I. -v : ; I ; i2 1:1 putt ss |r>i>oCfotlis \ :
ofiid Lots and all
\- Chocolate.C A L\fi( -ortme t ,-i l Kres itrtt 4'') b\s Aromr.rrc !
: ..i.it'r Mary > i jis: recM, : Tobacco! ; anci Cisiicrcrvs, cark-os stvle3
\ M MMoore llie ',rnchal! be *
the -aid
dul"rx eto t paid to S15.. \
& ''' .' T"r \ L.-S; lieS? n ,i-h No. 1 Svvet-t Cl.--.latc: .A: i-i.I I 14 b. 5' 0 cl' Fancy Piir.ts *! .
Su41tbIi.: ( ';.vr. H< f.i-i !I'> J ent.tiv i and !..
4Tt--r, r '
> < : v\
P.r -[.-. :, lljfaula-, Mortuu, Judge 1J CIVr .n>, the Mid S. I 11 JJi-nner h.is fjild I lr> pay -aid t i. .1 '_i .j i.-: i.ajVafj luin II jv am. far ,!- !iy -.\ V n"J.. r. M.f.EX.O 2l Sperm Candle?; SOb brovSoa ; Afcj-ica; Lrr.slre; do.Slk .

l)1e t : MC VLLV. 100 h3t Shot ; 5u kegs Povvder( ; Fr d Rj ne,
l-r )' jpt !3 Stone 1000 lr Lead d. Montehb.2ji1.
Af A Ashir, P **, will '\n; >se the Lots al'>r<">iid Jo *...ileil Liverpool Sail "IDOL 1 OUKS, o: all hint-! j j'it r c'd Hy ;
2>JiJ kejrs White Lead, No. SiI1ri
I Extra and Pure. ( I
v'v Stripet
ooamer Ap.l.,, hUMr? Pa.uh V rhi'J ,t4irti ii T n, ii frot.t <.( theCouit: I 1..ii'ac in said T0!! .i.bv] .1. C. ALLEN. For [
-ale by WM. G. PO RTER &. CO. Fancy Cashnure fl' t'e
Air ]ll1lN.; i 1dv i-inid ajd 'it oa Tu .. Jay: the twHlth dn i.f Mai.-h next 1.: 1..c) .V >?
J'i M-n'X Juo iJotwonu, > > ) i B) ELLISON &. C->. .VE, C'inph arid Pip rine lust! Dec 30 4 41 Water do. Merino do.
Oi'IXl > re- street.
'-iiii rw,,: aud JuIJ hi-t.vo-n thf
: liotics <'l 1 1U o'clti'-k, A M.l a ido'clock. 2 '
and t t.ar ali
I r Xur.n-Ir. Ai Cos, child aa-i P. M.l lor ca-h, tV-i p=iv up s.sid 1 u' les .T.d Iron, :\aiN, At: \ Lvn CiIie' do.< Delanis d*).
c..I .11! ,\ TONS S.vtdIn'ii orted ._ _: H. r. AF TLL. Mnin ij, hidi;* Bonk
< -1, a'ld ch. r < s. ) a- ?./: $ ;
A'Pt. Qiinrv-lrv. J If R-ni.dztV, !I'' .l.\v i C.: nKTTXr.U! : A! ntoftlie, I ,_itfl l'i') kf .:s Nail--, do. (;aLliue4 'kuA1. A FJ'.V boxes cfMevv art's R-fi iedforsdleby Ca'dies, tb. StTI4-s, Lrce art! CIcre1

x.tHIrt. J ( Cut,,. Cj W P S ,, :kt .,. l ac 1 cfk'cofli'2! I Hof- as-oitrd ; ri .i1. ,1! fr mi hizv ., I'V E. McCl'LLY, Edin4, LUie Cap ant.t. Thrr4Shttchs.
I : '" .1' '1 MniHwo'id l i ii-l.'J'S la Land Co. ; T"p n .i.i tar Nov l II
:: :; J M <%11, M 1 M-c( 'lKKrLlPT > 5) Waft r st.C Damask Silk
I ; 'I. lur.; r, A S KJb j February l'i' I, >> 1-. .1-StiIii.ie 2 i Biack-inith Stii i Faced AnvilJO ; I E: McCl'LLY.HHDS : .
:' lld *. Jt (IlL Marino,
.ckttin-y. Eutflish and American Vises
; KBc f *. d \m.-,r* re.
K Plaid Woe
I J 1tie 1iIi4 <
< >0 Relb.ws ; f\ Ii I U\-f l.idu-s: : .') ) ti.T"rio Plain Iron-, siiiul: anddnbIe,1hm- Ksrf Lace and
FRHJI Silk GIoveKrbbon.4
TlH-: l\TiMR.: : I HEsub-cnberiespecltully inf < I 12 dozen 1j: PLAINS
<>rm Spadeand Shovl< ,
JVrsva. ; ; f .1 r -ale- by ELL -'ON C ) Draw Kiive, Ai A,12ur flits
r ib: : j.i .' .: ,1' r( ,, s ApalacbiC'; 11, 1aat! he I') '' C'lir.! ? .\\, S : Zare.t fasM.rt
"r f ; D-c : > ( >rim Rraces; Tnn'ier
: Scni
: .j. i' :! ,r > I : i 'r. alcr a ft Cht-tirit | .s, Screw'sbrkini -, all varieties
; in
i31i i- nd-i
Hilt to ri'iMiijiiji'iice teaching ] ) bxs C and U'.n.lon
on.1 .ltou Cards
: ,
1 .,4. :: -i. -,:.- ; : d! M. \ ; -;\ v ., -.1 I 'i I iJT.'h! ; instant, an evt-nu.n t cis'Ii -. 1 ca-c R.JAland's Ci4 Steel Mill;Sius* cireiia E<. ; (iua es. M'-rfice do. Saw St-, \VotdRub Brown Shirt u>>;, 7--, 4..4 and 3-1
? .v. t.B- ; --, A'i/t-s, Drenches Sj\vj Lor-us tEn i
d .k
A ai 4 1 !u Wjj < >-t- 'I i. : ris '.1. t iSvniij !, (.us on the t<.llow- I 1"/U" lrJ3 Cjst and fri'!. ri st --l, f rsale bv rK\\r di.'AM bi'tths, jut received from HaA amid Stail4, BUtt Screws. Hi'ijee, Bleached dn. 7-S S-l, -1-1, 1'M trttUt-I

J /_ Vr !: ..i.r-"i: !, 1t.! .. V 4 '.. ri-i/-!
:. .: : ( r r .\lt<> Vi i hii) and Yiilir.c( .>, would ).. -r{' II U'atc'rliools -tret. > E .M'-CIT.LY. -, Axes, Ilafchef-i, CV-ffee Mill*, Sle.'Uellaratners and Cutorj Car etin;

.: 7. t. \ : ,f. i i \\ 1! > .::i;>ly as cathy as ]>o-si! le, as tin y r.m.ve Carpet Ba-s
4. Smith Ton
s. Si-.s Anv h &c-
hI.1T4{ and
i : i ; i, t ; j i -: i. I tlo l nvil4<' of M'leclin the hours which and Shoes.BOY'S Can., all stvi
i : XLE'J: ; Gf-oryi
c. v\ 'a .. (i u-i\ ; 'J fR : Oiiatiurg en cotzsin- For sale by R. ELLISON &. Co. Boots and SbvesClothinot
: ; n t> tit I th* it rn'in-nienc and M!,.ia'o! Ru-ft I5roin ; i\J ini-nl lair sale bvD Dec >
( f : {9. ('or. Water and Chestnut sts.
i Ia. I ,'K- ... I .1 A < A < r > .I TfrtMs: ;-* tO for ei htveeks* cf 1 two lessons '< s--\\'d :ifid pr'd Kip liran* ; -c .1. I DY fc Cn.Svi all kind.*.

:! I f -: .: i<-b '\ .-u, I trio course: to clf on ] ilih I Mauh.li .- (ji-iit-fl.if ('alltViui' Uioira'i- : Frovi' iois Alsi, a neat orhue'if of JEWELRY,

\' J !H' ,;i at my office, in Biltll's Budding. pe.('d and ev\'d Siiors ; Children's do. do. !"t y i TfJST n-ceivcd -cbrs. Elizabeth Hull and many! other articles too r.riern4: 1c mention.
a. : V I. J U. .' 1-tf T. C L'NDERU'OOD.N S'l-ii-r I LadieIvid and, Monceo Shoe- ; ri a )rt.' I | -, of -uperi r ipiali'y, .J Santa RSWJ, from New Orlean Call and examine tr \ 'Tittikes.M. .

: '.. HI"r'; 1t Ufl ) a R 1 N > reduction will I I bf mide lor nonatSJifriIP Sup -r Ladies' co..r-f and, lir.c Call f lof-N.! ) pi-f r.'c.vcJ Irom i Havana, anti l f U r sai*> by 50) bbls Flour; -20 I bxs Cheese- N. SC* > IT & BROTHER,

'L .: d.a thi r.auzti raeted sikti ..\ l.ir.za* a.'id D >: 2 '> E I: McCULLY. ; Dec J3 Cor. Water and CeiiIre"4.ii111 f
: i.. i ? iiIi? ': eiit.r_ "Pi aX'.t Pr'.t ; eXteli (! .asiartrnott. jn-t received --. -- 10 hf bbls R-itter Crackers; 10 firkins Cutter; 4.

: -? .t.a-r! ';\ v < .bta; i.itor.j.r! i $:ic.y and br .( Ijt by \V.\I. (; I'ORTJR: &. CO. EIor'ie :inS Dray I 10 hhL! ls Pilot Rre.id : 2''> ke-? Leaf Lard; I ; ; A Co., ( cr. Water fliRt
.. : e..ttji ta, I) l D.-C : \ hea A ak| to Ra- 'd tiaras
a'a super I
I Dv-ftfl & ( .2J 1) | i- aa| ., rn'.rtt: i-j;<' fii-ri (rtci.i=!, fn mr (hi- Fynl ;i' ; ; Cho< !:iif '.ts.
'a Ia, i l .a fat d tis Hirp. r JI'ltii..r 7 I ) 'Cti-.J. irrn li! <* Circuit ( 'ouit ol I'r.rikhit I II t E:. M-'f LLY, si ii Watfr -t. 3 bhds X O Suzir ; ';hhtl) Chl.NI'LE1Y.1i. .

'' l.aCr.11afl. :: uutiz: 2du (Ia i: t'......4.. :._ r.....,. ..*. n... M, /i /:, rr.r.atJ -.. For. Salr. .a.---. --- -----I 1$ Which will be"ld low bv ... ... .
I.Ia > .r.< -
? ; t-
'. "n'; .f'.L L- r- riiilJiay, uovvJ'J taRt.1iui irojn s' in Jlori- ---l.- Jan 6 McCULLY, 50 Wafer *t.A ; : : Uli -IirIlTrabrnIinp -
Adin'xtjie U'.Kl ivelil.-c
'1tiii'r t < M-ed. dun. !1iNOt'lC FOR ;.de by E. MeCCLLY, Wi>r ol np, M rlrip. Spun-
Miiane-4 Aj)plv
; ,\ \ tK a 'a: 'a; : A I ,od.I.41.. ( (I1l4ifl ,,1d William VjiU-an; I.er liu-' >i.tnd 1 have l 1vicdon Deer! STONE &, Co. N'':v i 5:) Vter si. SiI.flV. yarn, < ). kiini.i>..rrn O-l. taj!
l 3.j ?; jj; dci to % ; 11 do the *oulh nail ol t Lt. ." Jilock I L'i, and the! im- Jlo, Linseed ">. Haw do, BoiU'd ifo. Sj ints Tutpirniuie -
1 Vyli. \1cKs-i. Cider. FEW b's! pure Cider Viuecar, *T 'ae? low PaintWindow,
rvetnit4* I ttureon, heiru the premi-es morttfajed Sail.Ol i-i-5.! I'utty, White
I'-i- E'f IJla-2- ) h.tc ( : by J. W. Htvel l, di-ce.u'd. I to pi untifF i inexecut i /.-A SACKS Liver..o..l. Silt, cargo of Kr. jJ XA rnLs Champagne, 'OP- ', l hr bv McCFLLY, Lead. Uta1 do, Yel..ivv Ochre, Chronic Gr en.
aa.25; do ottrn '' A N 3 Lvy Dec.'JJSWEDE R F.LLluiN Co. Nov I 11 1 5i i) Witer t. llni'T.dd do, Iin.ienal do Ciirume Yriluw Vcrdi
to LHVnriYoiinV'! and lor sale by -
'U 7 ?1 / I.U, VMIv )o ( the airi'' (or .tie: at ship duoeii,
AH.. ; ri-. Litlura! .. t', Sul >hur. liruht V
lutIZIf.. nroUii: 2,3'Jdo \Vy'fc|, Ale"o I theu-iiil hours of s ole, in iiont of t the Mjrla-t Dee 9 J.'DAY & Co. : Iron! Scotch II''. Wridii.u an.- J- 24lStL12C Ink Fountain. d o, T.tr. R.-'ti. Pitch( Turpentine.rniyh Coat,, Coj Paint dl

l r -' Ettir latflf.i)) h'.l.s I House .Vnlachic; ''h, I that bt-in I the iH'i.il place; B "-\ aliob l'rnne, I Rlick-ifiiths: Ri'llov\-i, ('nitonal.-/ iol A FEW t (lyd.- -i.i'ic: Ink Fountain--, Pen Racks, l lrt-i.! Varni-ti do, Tirdi. Scrub to. Clamp do.

!; v'\it C > do i N MK4y COttflfl IT do( D UIn Jor holding Couit, on the first Monday in March Pork-I D.i doHnad Car Is, Spades and Sliowl- Cauldron an>_ tr.jar jTi. Sand X s. Paper Folders, Stamp-, Seals, Lim Black, CIt ilk. 'b'hliuiug, Riiii i Prick. Eng-
? 12 dii ; \V'y71 next, lu satialy sud fi l.i.JOHN. and Pilot fir nlc Paper Clas \\ih do, Cotton (hi). Heavy Ravend fight do
to lull, l)4vMon & ( ,. -Navy by Pans, Ploughs.c.: &c. l< -ale bv is, Weights, A.C. for sala> hvIS .
:ahehcIld_ i LUCAS, SherifF, Dec 30 I! ELLISON: Vhute. Rlue .and R d hioirttii.z. Nniis, Co'er do
: tiattrt fcCo. 15 ELLISOX & Co. or J ALLEN.. ; ,
CtLU1 ___ do b
SI.at .' to __ Tac.s! SIiii; SpiX-? Boat !I.
( >.
fl 2' d 15. Lucvss i Screw
) I'y Iejauty.pu1achiila
2 daa ha ; : to 1 Iir'r & I lohrnt Dec '. Cor. W f. r .1 d Cl eslnnt sta.v.i Jack Screws, ?.
tufl) idW.aifl ('() (10 t ) LockIirt ; .\ Fc-li. :'J, l-l->. IJailoy's Tonic !fixture.TFIIS Gol I IN'iis. llitndpike.s, Caprtain

Ta I \LU1.l'22j da' Iaa j ( tl4y :: I!vI'Ii ,; : ; (II) '{'flttII9I"i of is i a Vdlu.ible compound ll iid e't tact o it( G ( ( <: rionr, < os3iMi Cutter, A FEW WocKl-.vard Ao IJrothpr's superior l I'unii> ir=. *Oar.l, l hek >Bucket!ocki >invesi.LVd.ir Jib H. llatnl -
( Deck
2aJ do.
oi.piitiad S'vup Brooms!
((I V111 f ; : to hf. TalCFeiizje; j daj and! R'llira, a ve ttabblebrifii e As'D a ii enor article ot CHEESE, fir sale ro! : I'encjtit received and for sate bv Corn do. ('udkmiiLk' -;-, Sorvir, ito. .'ixeAxe.

t;4 Iu. o. 3 do lo A N McKay A Tar and \Vood Nap1It, for the cure of Fever and \aie. Sold bv.line E. MKTLLY, October 21. J C. ALLEN. H r lvf I !< < ; > and TlumbVs-.r.ov, Hooks
pf-t l.O4UI..r CaltU\'aTIaii..7 I; CU.y.! |7'Oi i{ t!1." cure of con-mnptiuri, chronic, bronI. 12 II. I'. HELL. X v I 11 I HO Water: *t.HATS Can do. Cotton do, llio't do. Knli d.>. ,Caulking do.

D4wstl : Cu 2 lj.i1.' c )ttoa to HH., chiti-i :i-t-irni, w'idi' nti! :. cnn li, palpitation Western Produce.ST. Iron, Makii'? Iron*, M.trrnf; >i>ike .
toVVv'irV.Klln th) to. M clJyJc IlnlITiar ; 27 ol, t 1o- lic.irt 1 liwr I complaints, and allections: of Sad(11C1Y&C. and Cups [bv" I the castlow for cash bv LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, LardVhia.key, p-r, Bun% L>i'pfr3. Coeds I adlec.? Tormentor Ship Scra-

a : G t I \::' Viuii"( To D 15 l W.wdJfc tli<- kidncvs, lor sale hvIV S .\DDLES, ol various p.itterns and .pi.ditie=', R. ELLISON At CO. iUar, choice and prime. Molasses, Pork, mess lividrrs, Coinpassf Sail Needle-. Sail Twine?,

ticr 1's.i. }, llptXflp. ;; 19 biles! duines- ) 3 J C ALLEN.Tliomsoniaii I I5ridlcscurb and Snallb bits, D.-c 1'. Cor. Water nd Chestnut st. and 'nne, Bacon, Hams, Sidesant Shoulders, lor Sme do, Sfvvin:? do. Palm, Ri-jsms Leather,

t1Iiflq liiiii-. bales Saddle Haas, sale by R. ELLISON &. Co. Pump do. Stio\eK Hammer.Hatchets.. Chisel,

J R ITJU buhe1 euro, 1 cotton to Suns .t .lTl Ieicii1CS! Martingales and Whip*, far< s.iUby Trusses, Dec 9. CorWater and Chestnut) sfs.IVooil Anqur-s Phne*. lland-ivvs. ( fimblet. Handaw

cies tobacco to T r'-i'a-ivd and for -ale bv WM.: Cr. PORTER &. Co. SrVOLE: and double, loi sale by Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares. Cupboard Lock.
I 17 J. C. ALLEN.jjiis IVarc ttC.J3'REL >tock do. Hooks and
POTlp bd1P Citton toV I Fi'i' J. C. ALLEN.Di D.-C31)' 1 II I W.itf-r street. Staples, lliiigf Padlocks,
( ; Wood
4 Saws
& ; 3j do to 11 II Ttvlor Covers, Painted PailTubs, Flour Pendant Hanlyards, Hand Lines
42dntn tV Clieinicals.
CQIa ; I do to S & J liilFer; 9 do Wylie WoodrtifPs Aiitilulliousitahlc V( Bacon, Flour, Siixar, Coffee and Mea-urrs, Trays, Axhelvcs, Buckets, Deep Sea do, Lo? do. Fisb do. Hand Lt-ad. Leep{
: j bat 13 iaicks supply of Dru s, Medicines and S-a do, Hiet-1 do. Ilir
COtto do. Funnels
LLha to Chercr Life Pills Salt AFRESH Brooms, Jcc. Xc- for sale bvR. Lanthorns,
& J do to nov landing [from bark Reform, Chalk Linc- Pitch Pms
Young Lo
(; I : IS 4, to I) U .ile F.LLISOX & Co. ? Books, Cargo do.
flatacy do by hand and for sale low
Dijrer. on bv
9g do 3 bxs ; to FOR ALWAYS and for sale by JVIayin Pins, Tin.Ware, Crockery, Carpentei'd
tub4 to I Dec 9. Crr. Water and Chestnut
'er carato T Orrn4fl. S lIdwley; b 8 J C ALLEN' EMcCULLY._ Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN : Tool, Sampson Posts. !ccc..

*taie 3 do to Lie I l.y Oak-61 do to W ; P4)rtr & Dr. Woodruff's Worm Specific, Sivccfiiieafs and Preserves.A I la ril ware.TRACE 100TS, Shoes and Bro ans, by theca; Ajialachicold.. DecU, 1S47. .

Cu; 1 do to WyIi McKn.I SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for WELL assorted lot,just received from Havana CHAIXS I I Spades! Locks, assorted, J JYornen's Shoes and Bu-kins ; Guava Jellies.

I A sale by for sale by E McCULLY, anti Cart Roves, Drawing Knives andIrons Men's" Boys" and Youth'" Bro ans ; I N different sized bn'esjut received from Ha

EW Y0IKpr POILTS. Feb :3 J C ALLEN. Dec 1G -VJ_Water st. &.c. &,c. for sale low by linesevv'dBrogans; vana, and for sale by .
bitip Andrew Scott-3334tWO Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 5>) Water st.A Men's pegei1 Boots; Dec 23 E McCULLY.
The Indians' Elixir. Old Reserve Whiskey, 4. fine sa.yed Boots( ;

LCAXS-IVP* Une-73bdc.cou CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, for Smith's Eagle Brand, for sale bvE. Irish Potatoes and Onions. Russet Brugatis. For onto bvB. Yeast ard Soda
1aty A OF:: SEIDLITZ. of lie
Scars-50bales sale by McCULLY. FINE article (lor sale by ELLISON &. CO., for sale by

cotton. Keb3 J C ALLEN. Novll 50 Wafer st. Nov 11 I E. McCULLY, 50' Water st. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Ctetaut sts. July 17 J. C ALLCX. :

-- ,4,


. -
" _.:...._:;_a..a.m -
.- .. ...
a ____
h :

------- -.-'-' --- -- ... -. a. _.

: ,

-- '! -- .-----..__- a_ .. -a'.-. .

--- -- -



-.ItaL.--'r----J -l-_ J t -. w I- -!::i- S
._ _
Tax Collector's Sale. I block 131 lots tins 310 10 incluice unimproved : I PROSPECTUS I iLtjJitl 1otftrn. Dry- --Goods. -- - FRESH ARRIVAL OF --- ..-
1li'ck ;\IIls nls:1 In ) iucliiive uniinprivedlil"ck :
virtue of the authority in me vested by law, : Ills nus 1 2 :1, 7 S 9 1 UIIIIIIH.d : I OF TI1KFLORIDA -- --- -- ------ THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea- Drugs, Medicines, Paints Oils:
will evp,' eto silebefore the Court lloinel hlk: 1.1111. flI4 I t lu I In I I rcluIunll.lrnd: I Ihloe" IN CHANCERY. stock of Dry Goods, consisting ia Dyc-SUilTs, Perfumery, &c.

)l .mr, in IKJ City .'f A.ial-icmroli, on MonJux the 1.S: Inls II I 10 II IHII :I'(' UIIIirO\.d : : WHIG Franklin Circuit Court. part ofNegro THE undersigned ret uri.s his thanks!

St.i day (If Max ISIS, between the hoursol tea I.9!. hits nos I II h tiaclu-ive : Thomas Kerseys and Ltnscs to his friends and the public
Orman lor
A. M. a.id liiur P. M. the lollowrig real fMate, hi,:. 1 W I.'f ni' 110 JII clui\ 11lljlw\eJ I! : I A WEEKLY PAPEK, White and Red Flannels, it liberal patronage, and begs to iheir
vs. inform
si tinted in the City of Apalaclucola (assessed as block(, 1 I 12 II lots Ills IIS 1 I 10 2 S.1 ileluln'"i t 9)t) unlrprowd! :: TO 1111 PUBUSHKl) I.YJLlltMJMV.l.THE William B. Finch. )> Ban ul'i and Tweeds that he ii i.ov receiving an addition' ,

the property, ot Liewis Cuilts aul: Joseph; Dela- hlock 11.1 lots HO nls 1 to ulirlrovtd, : I being made to by affidavit that the Super ("dam bl.ick and fancy Casamercs, a! suppU( \\ 'hutch added in hi! 'former

field Trutec.of the Apalachicola Land Company block U IloIS IO$ 1 tu H 11111.'ll.e ICIU.I: uOlprm'I'J ul1rlw\: : : undersigned! propose publishing i in t the IT defendant resides-appear beyond t the I limits, of t the Super English! and French Clot h., i stocK, renders his 1 n!s.,rl n.,1I1, ur.u!.iially large

: ,) or so much thereof as wil pay the Taxes: bltlk 1:;lol un; 1 to 1 ilcui\c: unlmlrond: i Town i of Mananna, Jackson county, Florida, a Slate of Florida, to wit, in the State of New Whitney Blankets, 1 h:), 11 and I'JipsDufiil and ("''l'h'le., Engli.-h, French, Cern.an and

I for IS 17, assessed I, thereon, in arrear unpaid block I'IIS nos 111 I!clule: : I weekly nexv-papcr with t the above I title. York : I It is ordered t that srv ice (.1 aid bill I I be Hlankels.S, !J and 10 Ilrs. American Irugs ; Cosmetics: ; Perlumen ; Gla'J

: to the State of L'Lri&Liand the County of Franklin bloek I 17 IllI"S I I I i Ild"I." Ullllf\'cf i : I This paper will be devoted lo Literature Agriculture perfected' on said defendant Marseilles Quilts, 10,11) 1 and 12 qrs, and! Dnifflr.-t i Glass! ware &c fi.c are cflered

together with the c-Ht oi advertisement and block 1 B 111. no. 110 1,Idu"IllljIW'el!: : : : and Science ; it viII also contain' the thi- order by publication of Denitns I Krenlins: and 'otlonades, to Physicians' Country MerchaMsat-d
I for four others
} ) months in
described ble. I.tluls! 111 Icllll'II.e) I Iuill'rll\td : current news of the day and articles in of some newspaper Brown and the on
sale, and which said real estate is asfollows luS support in Shirting Sheeting, most liberal terms-all of x\Inch he
I ) nos 1 2 3I 7 $ )It I.. : the Whig Policy. printed the City' ApalachicoLi, requiring \warrant
in tire of said City viz.Black UlllrnYl'i Osnabtirgs, and unadullerattd.
Map 1.luck! l:7 IUIno I 2 ::1 .47 S Ii O) ,: : The liirn to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it pure
A. ran e I, lots nOi. I to 11, inclusive, block IS lit DOS 1 to I\'e 1 lnlroH'd : want (It.a local paper hn* boon severely! \\illbc' taken cClntt o. Cotton Drilling, and Ticking, II. F. BELL,
unimproved; block A, ramie '2, lots nO:. 1, :J, ti, hloek Ijl'ls: uos 110 1 inch: Ullllrorod : felt in Jackson. Walton! and Washingfi: :'t conn- At Chambers, Sept. 20 1S17.GECRGC Linen and Cotton f Checks, Wholesale and Retail Drii 'ist,
UnliroVd ,
9, 11, I'J, 14, unimproved: :.; block A, raze! 2, i block Hi lots ris 1 2 : 7 S 9 10 ; : ties, mid has led to the proposed establishment of S. HAWKINS( Iriih Linen Shiring and Sheeting, .1'5 Water strett.

lots nos. 2,4,5,10,12, improved; block n, rtnge I block } lots 10 I to J incliiive uniml'wvet : this Journal. A True Copy. Bleached Colton Shirting and Shecfint: *, Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1S1(5.(
1, lots nos. 3, J 9, 1(5( 17, unimproved ; block : block! !) lots 1105 110 illdu..inUnlll1pr..erl : The undersigned hope to obtain sufllcicnt patronage W. &c. English, French and American Fri fits:
block 170 lots I 2 : .J 7 S (} 11)() >d to enable thorn to VALi>.\fT. Clerk. Extra: -
nus : its
B, range 2, nos. 13, 14, unimproved ; block 1IIIIInprll\'l commence publication October 2S IS 17. uper, {plain and twilled Ginghams, Drills and Icdicinos.
hlock 17-I lots IBIS I 10 t" allusiy: unimpron'd : by the 1st of ; -Jl-lrn ,
B, 2, lots nos. improved SeptemberTMISIS --- Super Ca 'irncre sl'Ecosqe, THE subscriber has ai-d)
_fr r ;rang C, range 1, btnl) 3. 4,15,:10.. unitn- I blOck h111"k Ii 17H:: lors lots noi'l nos 3 I 2 In: JU ti I iuclitve 7 :Ii I :J 1 In i) unllnl'roH'II uroirnprovri :: -Three dolhn per annum, I in aIvance.y WALTON CIRCUIT COURT.1i F.xtra: ;.,upiT Mu-li'i I de Lame, constantly! haveon handa "f 'r.I't-will I |

pioved ; block C, range 2, !lots lo,. i U, Id, Hf 1 12, I 1.101'1 k 177 lots no 1 fo III I I) i ilc'P.Ive llllIlIl'i'O\'t'I! ( : } 50 if paid within !ix months; or 51 I (JO at 11".1enJ ChuccI'Y. English: Scotch antI American do. I a-S'-rtment of f D.'U'GS ai.d MFJ)|.

13, unimproved ; black C, range 2, lots II 1, block 1;. IlIls iiOs 1 III I ICIlllca..IIJllllIIl'rov'c I : ) : of the 'e'r.! Thom.is Haikar, ) Super! Italian: black and figurtd Silks, I CINES, xx hiclv he wIn warrant; i lire

2, 4.ri, 15, improved ; block 1)I range2lols nos. block! JiJ I tots IIns J :3 .J 3 6 7 H !9) lU) uIIIII.\pwved : SF.NJ.: G. LIDDOX &: CO.Julvn. vs. > Petition for Divorce. BlacU! Mlk! Crawls and funcv I Ilkf's and ol tha best mialilv. Ciunfrv

3,7, S, 9, unimproved ; block. D, 2, lots I block ].tll) lots IIIIS 1 fl 10 Ifl'lO-ivt UflIfllpr&Ve(1hlot'k : : is 17._ Strait SamanSh: : Baiker ) Super finli-.li: and P-ngee Silk Hkfs, II Merchant. and Planters \ ill find ,V f

no ;. I I. '. .">, i improved: block E, rn:rang, lots nos. i 1"1 Itits nos 1 2 3 I S 911)) ullllnprowd : appearing! to the satisfaction of the Court, English: and .\:miel jeans Cotton Hkfs, to their advantage lo rail, examine and trice hs

1 3, 4,5, 10, 17, 13, improved; block E. ranee ;: buick 12 10ls II'IS I fo S Inclusive! UflhI1i'rVII : AIJEKStMIVNet IT by i'.Hiljvit made i.) this case, (tint the de- Madra-s and Verona head; Hkfs I I Goods before, purcha-ir;5 elst'here.

lots nos. 7, 8, 13, I It t, 15, 10,17,1 $, I I'J.) uuim- I j tilt'ek hlUlk: bl 1 11"I'Ino.!1/0/ nos; 1 1 10 t'o )11 1 I I'I)) i illclui\"t inclu h'! uri Ulllnlj1rllv'd injrovedblcLk :: :112(1 '.'wincIauuf:( tul'h- lend! :irit, Sarah Sarnantha I H irker resides beyond L;idles' Cotton f Hov and (;Jpnts I If-hose, N. B. Phx-tcian'.s prescript!.'n rut IIp \"il"!

proved ; block E, ratine. 2, lot no. .1 t, improved ; I I'3 lof flos I rn III) in'hh' :uiiiitprovedLIICk : (:OUJl..nr: tie! jurisdiction of I he State of Florid : It i n ordered Super S;fin, Mar-pilU-o & %VurstedVestings, care and accuracy at any hour (.f the. d.t rr night1.

block F, ran.;e 2, lots nos% .", <*., 7, 13, 1 11 ly, 21.! 1'G I that; the i"il Sarah Cotton arid Flax Thrp1d. 1 J. C. Al.lFN
.._,. u__.._ : '.1 .,. :. _.. ___ .. .- I !lots 1111' ; 10 !I! !IH'u\'e! uiiinproved:! : 12 CO\I\f.ItI.\I- .1'RFEr, .Samantii. Baiker do appear ; .".,.,;. "_.1. 1 ..1. ...',.,;_ .. _..1 .1.-1 .\farM.... 01. r_*... i-----.. __ f* ,
unimproved IMOCK rtac; i IMS "i*. i uioi'U i ii tots nos i 10 il i) I inciisr: iiii Ii1tiri1tl| l : Stairs : ftiij answer 1t n'v si'd! petition wi'.hin: three i.ini .tun u.; u ->" !- aii.ic-neCKCU .Hu"n9, .S 'u'I anu commerce, sit.
Up ,) 1JOSTON.Manufacturers
10, 1. 13, 10, 2-'J, UUItfljfl 4)-Ct1 ; Llock H I, raturs !Mcc!; 1US Inr: nos 2 fi; 7 ti? !ur.impiovcd : Mock ( I Months: alter I thp ;pnblicalion of this order or the Ja'-onct; and Cambric Muiins, _:

2, ni. 3, 4, ;3: 0, 7, -. t){I'J, I 11, I 12, I'l.: 14, l I"y lot* nos (fi 7S5)) 10( unimproved i : block 1Lllo15 and Dealors in I'ryan', P.tfpnt said: petition will he taken for confessed, and it Needles, Pins Tape, &c. &cAVhich WILL BE PCDLISHLD AT WA!JU.\TO.-V D. eOn .

I::, 10, 17, unimproved ; block J, range I. !hIs! I nos.li 7 S9 10 unimproved.WIIAKF. Tvxinc Stands, Post Office!! '.vinoHaleing and: ( I I I is fin I her ordered I hat this order be published; in : have been "elected with: great care in the sicettth of Deetmltr next.NUMBER .

no*. 2!, 3, 4, 5, (, ;. S. 9.:.l i 1 11 I 12, I n: M I, |I.:;:i, LOTS. 1 Hnii'ile TV.5ri 's, M''Cirt; )\- Cotton I Hei'nrig TwiH, ,I Mune nevvspaj in the Western Circuit of this New Yoikand IiiStOfl from I mporter?and Agents ONE

IIi' 17, IS-, ly.: uiiuivrrved ; block J. f.me 2, 10> loot }l.-t, No 12; 50 fret foot of Leliestr Colton .;t'Lie Twine, Tanned and I'nlannrd!' Flax State for the space of three months- of Manufacturer. at the lowest n.nrkrt rafrs anti OF TilE

lotsivw. 1,2,3.: .1,3,0,7. >. 'J, 1''), II.1 1 12, I 1:5:,:, J II.n 1. 'of ; 1 III< )i.:Meet' lot-o 10 I i ; JOu J feet lot No I 17 ; llciring: Tx\ine Hawser and: Shroud-laid Mack-: GEG. J. HAWKINS[ Judge W. C. are now offered at vvholesale or, etail e-n favorSble UNITED

::i, 11';;, I 17. IS, Jl! > i, unimmni-d; ; block I K, I 10." I I IVet lot. No 19 ; f't'1 feet foot of I Ccnt.'e street ; piel Lines ; Herring, Pol'gm Shad.; JJass, and January G, 1 I 1-5. ,1-3m. terms by WM. G. PORTER! & Co. STATES REPORTER

r.uue 1, )lots n'I: 1, _', ::1. J, .">, o, 7;, >, l P, t lu, i I I. \ .'.n fec t flouth' p.irt ol lot >;'o 230) ; : feet Noith Dip Nets. Government Seines with' Hags ; Cod, DPC...TO. 1 1" 17. 41 Water street. A Daily Journal of Government Legnlative ,

12.13,11 1, l", l'i.1.; I l-, J li I, :2, >, unimprmod; ; part fit lot No 22 ; V'! fret foot ol Ohe>(liuU St.I0ti I Herring, Mackerel, Slud, and Menhaden Seines, At Chambers, A CAHD. General: Nev\,. and

block. K, ranije 2. ) ) 1, 2, 3, .1, ::}, I.' feet of li.t No 23 ; !HO fret foot rf Cherry t.! Lc. APALACI11COLA DEC 23, 1317.& HR THE subscriber is
10, It, 12, 13, 1 I 1. lo, 10, IV, 1", U, :!I, UII:"I .\1- -\IlI.\wI hill on the \\'est side] of t the .\: li. ;\t'h ami $<'inra knit lo ortlrr at shurtnoticr. John M. Camochan. T Subscribers the citizen lake this method of inf irm- completion of his : now enabled 10 annOIU.C'e the
jug '
proved ; block L, 1 lis! no1, 2, 3.J, .>, 0, 7, Ap.ilscliirola B.I; ), North: and \Vttt ot the City otpal.iclicolt i IL ELLISON: & Co., Agenl b. Bill fopGporgpK.Wlkerf acciunt and that ol Apalachicola and its viCinity i! mpi.t of a wcll-nruaniml arransrements and for thee>rdbi;
9. 10, 11, 1 12,13, 1 11,13 1 I i, 10,17, 15, IV. 2.1\1-) : 'I \ to I theVc,-feiii bound.iiii-s i ofi October I 11. IS 17. 3'Jtf: Apalach: coLt / 4il. C partition. and xvel, I selected they have Stock now(it I GOODS on hand a Inch vety neat I nal '.f 1 News at the Seat of the independent General GH'oeru.Jur

proved ; block M I, hts r.i,' I I. 2, :3, -!, :. 0, 7, S 'rnnklm r innty! ; also, St. 'incent's 'Inland! St.loriiiri''s <* I'OCl'ics. Ar."IUST 1 UPON allld. vit of Complainant's Solicitor' f hat sold low, consi-ting i in part as liil'o\vs vx : wilL be ment

J 9, 10, 11, 12, 1 13. I 1, 1 J..lt:; 17, i IS 19 2O. ( Island, and Dog I-land, (exclui''e of received from New Ynrk.yr brig Alabal I Defendant, mentioned in said Hill do Cloths anti Cj:sirnerts, vartc.us : les The leading: feature cf the United States Reporter

proved; hock N, lots, n'*. t, 2,31,3:'
10, 1 11, 12. : H, I:, I 1'i 17, 1 li, ll 9, -0, uali-; j I bx'u2\ !iT. S. (j'lvcrnifieiit)) ;
proved ; block O. lots nos. 1. 2, .'.', .2, 3, .", 7, 3, '.I. | I I'.isf: of I the Hay of Apalaclncola: and bordcriiii! CiUMud; Siigar, a 'lint- article: ," institution of this still and t the filing ot I the Silks, Fn dt- Rxne; vnritjtt' litpaitnt'nt* of the (ivrtrnrntnt oft'
13: 1 1, 15, 10' 17 I IS. 1'1 :'. 2):j. inim- St. ( Souitd atid Cea amended Bill I h. in re.
10,1,12. on >eiirf' s running: "t lo I the Pickles, assorted( LI'III"11 Sxiup i : !, yiven in some newspaper publi do. Mmitellado. ( : ference In l'I.rr.t'-II{ affairs; ama: to the Foreran
proved .,ck P, 1 l'ts ins. 1, 2, 3, 4, 0, 7, s, month if New Hi\' in lied
: : < ( r. from thence ai'irtrt! liiie Cog. nrandy: a article," : in "the Circuit, for the pace of Jour S.ilin, Striped Iit..tm mnr's of t the (" '11 II fry, will bp iuer vi7hsciuptili
t), 10, 1 1. 12, 13. 11, l :, Iii, I 17, H, W, :', uiitn- : to t lli.> Clnptila Cut-'Li' ; folio-.xin.. t the Ap.ilaoincola I- Coin.
proved ; block! Q. Isti n.>s. 1, 2,3, .I, : ,j, i. S, 1 Ilivrr; down t to its mouth I i including( ( I IVibcV I I : : Gin, of I the biM ility, cf said( notice in some newspaper: so published! (Ii). :Mprino do. for obtainirintrTiiidtu; >n, t lh I .- .. Rrp rt -r"

9,10.1 12. 1:, 14, 1:, t 10, 17, 1-s, It), 2''), ui.im-, Isliiid.1: ( called ); the xxhole' c
provcd ; block S, lots nos. 1 toJj, inclu-iv*', thin! quality cf Land, r.id: 10ii/ of 2d.l3. St. Croix and Jamaica: Riun: : not appear to snnl bill: by the next ruleday,which Muslins, Ii-dia! Book stwly, illld1icl.ce of the most mipcrlant char.icfer

_ _ unimproved; block 1, lots nos -! 1itnroved: | ; 'JlJ.\ltly|' < per ictunis nuc'e' by the Assessor ol JMadena, Port and Malaga Wines:: hall coiiip afu.-r twenty daxs trotn the expiration? ili I ). SsxjLuce and) Colored -

block 1, lot no ., i improved! ; block 3, lot no. l I. Stile 1.ixcs for Franklin County.JOI1.V Soap, Candleaid Starch, of I aid l-cri d (A t four mor.ths it is further ordered Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Tfirtad ; Ifrfl' 'nfmlim Iltfortiof the Prpr t ulinirinnJ

u'ti'iiproved; ; block 1, lots nos 3;, I. 6, 7. S '. unimproved Lic.herin; : N. 0. Rectified Whiskey I that 'the sane be taken as confessed Shawls, DarnaskSilkdo. : f)at(* ,,f'/'/, Cnittd.Klntts Smote, which
i block .1 I, i lot ii',. 2, i 1 ; block and) E' .(mdo T.I Colled IVanklin! them.
; ; improve : : Co. llnnvn N. Mn-rovjdo and St. Croix Sugar, against ;larino.do. : t the/ prrieNr{ i I.' h"UI.d: to furnish duly: to that

5, lots nos. 2 to Ii, inct'i-ive. unim.iruu-d: ; hl.tck .\'i.ili"lncri; Nuv. l' 17. .12Om..Shcritt'N Iijcon SideXc.. \('. (C.Et). S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c. Phid Wool boils in accordance with the terms III the 'UII-
.'), 1013 n.) I 1,7. s, 10, iluprI\'t.! !; block! tit luN CARMACK & Si' L\TT, tract rr.aiSc tie. rllJ .
at ot
the ,
Sa. All of I.ich11/ be svlI'\\\l Kid! Lacp and Silk GlovesGltlf'V -e I. t..iJn c.f.

nos.: 1, 7, S., y, I I'l:_ u'linvireved. : : I ; block 0, lots tins.J.3 I ,. .,:. .. .e' ._ ...._..,._.. r.-. ,('__:_ ._ _to .f.. .Ml-riT.T.V...;. Coin i'1t s Sol id'ors. 'rll.fan Hlinnota. hfc.of .f.tl./x.: > C'h' rixThf arranzrmf-nN nw narf..11 .
4, improvetl( ; IlnI.* IO ij, ;j, ::1.11, i T < n ti"ji j iimri _c ijcri iani; <, 10 rile iii- A True Copy. \\ VALLEAU - |- J ---q- B.J11.-1 l:2lll'.lll: I: fully .t-rt: : '
I.t \J lectrd, i Irorn t the Ciiruit Court "f 1-1311dlll! Nov 11 I ill( ) W :'tf-r'-t. \ Rihb'tni, jn: all( varieties once secure tn tie: Senate ( United i
bloc 7. lots nos. 0, '. ; Dec no. '' i
unirprO'e. ; imprl'I'o 1)-) 1m Cleric. States an authentic
'CII'I..I.\', I h ive levied on aril:1 xvil I! KP I to alr (I; I'C'rI S iiid Stores. Brown "Nhirtmtr, 7-b, 1-1 I and 3-1 ao.1f''IJ.ltfe rm r! of iu
", no*. :3, i, 3, 0, 7, u iiiiit>n>veJ ; exp Ship IWnfes arlll l ih
to I ,
block 9 I. lots no.;. I. I, 5, 7, S, 9, usimioveI: : it i ublic outcry, bi-foto the door (>f the CouncilCliruber I RIO COfFJJt:/ ilo, 't. D.iminsi.i' do, Ii Cliaisct--}'--I'rauklia County.Marj Blei.-hc-d d"). 7-S, ;-.I, 1-1 1, 1U-1 and 11-1 de:re<.-;the ben-fit* ppoiuI-n of the a greatly enlarrfrd

block 10, lots nos. 3, S. I,ill troxvd ; block I'"i, : (I tliat! being till t < place 1,1\ hoMing! Com: I : irt lien : l.li.ti\Ve-U-rn do; N O( Su
lots nos. 4, 7, improve 1 ; Id irk I 11 I lots nos I **, t loi; i ud cdtinlv,) on the (firct Mondiy ri Pebiuarv :1. C.i.K; oo. Porto I IJtco: do, Yo'iiKi! I Hyop Tea. '.3. V Bill for Di- Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting(: l.awexir l looked vxith sclicitous fiMh III they

unimproved. ; block I It I, lls nos 0, 7, J, in' n-vt t I the .'hooi! .T Oregon" her tackle, a:>|nrclatitl l I \';(.) v,1'). Povx.. .ho-ii!; do! Sour liosi! : d'i. 'Ii; >jh<'n James: Gircn:, Defendant. ) vorce. Carpet Hairs ren.4rd. ana re-pecltul
tniniliit'loxird the 1:1'111.it.f. Lard I II! ico.t H.im-, Side* hn.i-| Hats and Caps, all stxlesBoots
; t ,
on as i.iort-
block 15. iols: U. 10 propel: ly
nos. .
unimproved n-
i block; 17 9 block :..I'd !t'v K:'lenexc-r I Ilojt! and V'i&!!lia'n C. La\v- d!-.;. :Mol-' :;f'.--, \'.'li i. I;tV, .M.--s I .Mid; PnmiIV. I I Iles ,-f, r T HE j : Court )having; : been assured by affidavit and Shoes I HI i I The .PTrnfTami firbntrs ill the
i'nproved ; 10. mitnpMwd ; and I Prime P-ik. ickrn-1! Hud .L of cc.tnplainaiit i the above that I1uieoJ' W >reirntnticti xxill al-ir. be
n-nceto Hnocli; C. K.ibfiN U'llliifii I i Siickok l a-xl! : I. Salmon! i in cau-v, t Clot hili .; 01 all kind / 17, lots nos. 0, 7, improved; ; block I'.j.l is no*. Kredi-nck. p : I IlerrinT I Soinuls! and Tongue", Co:1 I'i-ii 'TIIIIII, JaineGreen: re-idea hC\'ollll'he I Stateof Florida[ Alst I a neat a< rlment of JEWELRY lot li-e.: and the nrp.isf irs' .

2, 3, 5: il, 7, ?, 9 I. inimproved ; block I I-. l-.i ,' Allen, pat, triers unu-r t tin MvleolII Pepper Spices, (C.it-uK; P"I'I.r( S.inc.Ohv'! ."s-, butvithin the United States it is ordered tint i a many: her t articles too and! E.ich !!lax'record xxill be com.ir.ffi.tnde. /Itfflrinace
I ,
no. 4. irn-iroveJ: ; t lid, k I 19, l.its nojt. I to l 1, ni- eit*, AHe'i & Co., and s"> under decree rendered ("apsrPickh'S, So.ip, Starch, T'hcco..I: nnrrirotis to n.ciiti.Ti. and .
y hearing i IIP bad t tie tacts u < a in the
: : charged said Call and ; ; peur "Rejorfrr'
upo'i i in for
clmivp : ;'rn\Ci uioi.\% \"\" ?.?. : t. i j. In std Court( on I the I 10th 1 day ol l Dread, Plot;! do, CrickcrVui! i i ir. I DnejJ) P.mtllean I- extreme! Vfursclve" nest:
inclusive uJ'n, leflin iroved ; bliel21 I. lot flI. 3, improved her 1S17-jn \xl.lch Mid t'-04-oo ,iil Ii n\.crn-I| -, S,It.!l I I! a *"Mis. .U.ic-uoni Venn ici-lh. ,\r-I lull at the regul!ir term of Com; next enduing M. N. SCOFF & iJKOniER, rr.i rr-ins::

; block 21.lots n.i. 1 to ; ;1)11 t -10 i i iucl'j-: UjUud. row 1 i! ."t. Corn, (Oa.s, 15:iek: \ 1..1 ii. Mu-tanl. I U: icy t ll-eduteof t tin ordt-r, and I thereupon to pa-is a Dec -23 Cor. Wati-r and CVnJres-ts.: IV .- Synspli'fat I'inc olPrlrr'Jjr,

sive, uiimproved; Uick22! !luli nos.. 1,3: tnun-: JOIIX LUCAS Sheriff, I For .-.oJ.> by t i' ELLII I ( i decree I in t the Sim nunncr: as i il t t the defendant itiif I)">ne>> nj till t'ir latr fafiilatu'M, wilt

proved; block! 2'J, lots -11;. 6, i, '>, u liiu.tr-ivod ; Bv DCXJ. LUCAS, nl IHly. Et'cI!> C'..r Water siinl Cln-tiiiit' <. had( appeared and( weie present in Court : Provided B. Ellison A: Co., (01". AVaier and be re
hlock'2lhtsn-M. 1,2, V3,7S9, l'J.nli) > rlir."d: ;, ; Jan. 0, 145. 31ids JIllfUf': \Viifed.- al-.x-ns I ib,it a CO.IV> of I this order shall I have Chestnut sis. ail d.| t-sf.a ;.t r.ad.,. will tf us h<- kept fuHv II.I.tl'rr'III'anv |
; been! "lIltl: !i-lud : "I Ibis >. : mtuni, ed ,.f Dorrettic '
I a some IiP.sp.iper| I State SHIP CHANDLKUY.: Li :iaLfion
block 2" lotno 3 I 1,5,0 mi'nproved tilck! .
< ; I i; !
S1H irru JiaBo.BV "UbM'ii'.ur iielo .iI.I.zt': : in t the iU' <'f fi lie alle'lloI,: of thtrnitfrt;
TIn i r t .pace..1 I three months at lea-t before t the [ V and I in lI"'f
23, lots nr>s. 4, 0. 7. 1), 11impl..I..I: hl-ck MNILL: Hemp Cordage (if all 'Iiu'l.
: S virt'ip: Mailine l
27, lots tfl lV.J), i ;mrnpr.T'J" : !1)1 l lk: I aed -1111-
1'.1 lrui'e : .1, I fiom tIlt' Crc-'II: ;t C \.rl n!t' rrinkltn; i cointv :mp'i: d'IlOrd} : ; j-sd( h'I.n"ahll': : a- trivelli hcalion I be made to said Court.GF.O V-irii: '4 111111.. Sperm Oil)i I, !Pall do. Wli.ile lid ( > > .* in thr Lr.i titi.rt9 vi (;,f tit itntant tmi
2S, lots 7, 1)). buick l hxerlo i
fli. :, 1, Ili njrn\'eI1 ; Kivor of i H.IJ"rlilIen (' ig ?ge'it-i. i laving i ronif; L-li, II new andZieitlv Lit, '." t'tanrtxxnl be .
;.1 i & fl. \ :. Lo-kh.irt) : S. HAWKINS, Judge &c. :- do. Uaw do, I5oilf do. Turinmine "f rnrr 'iniralrd! bv evetx .t..II.tr
2J: :::, 1, 0, 7. S, 1)), ., Spirit.- -
lots nis. .1j'L'd im >iovcd! ttthirio, ,1' "
II t hit .
: c Y"'ll ig, a'id Tinw. Ling, I.r. &c. I h.Ile'i. '. ] \tl.i, :\ True Copy.WIM.I I I J'.iirits.p Window i l.'l I 11.-.-. I Putty, WhiteMd !ftrtn Europe! thr.-iuh r-ri rt. r- jts .''r d.! n iui
bl..cl 3), lot ni... S, ui in tiioVC1! ; t ht.I l 31 I lotnos. .21.11'! ; 1 tr.e :M i lljI ol the W'.ild i R..! I,< I ll: .-tJ its, Ve.i\v .
< |
j't! u 'fI!. aiid will (.1'0.] v I tos.ile, to I tht l.ig'iM : renceaid .VM V.VI.I.K.\tr, CI.rk.pI.I'hil'lIl. | ( lire, Chronic lr..n. Panwho( r. .--H peculiar f..oihrie-: r 'bfain-'
3, g, 9. 1 i I. 111 u-nproved i ; ; block' :2. lots in.s 1)1"1.1I111.11': : i>|' the Unit.-d N.itn-ii.il Jmerald; sits, Intienil I I sin
tatis Chrome
11If/.I.'r./ I lor; (.:-1i, at t the Court I Ili-u-v I d l"tor, I l.eCouncil : : :, D.c.Jo, Is 17. 503mC1g,9Ill ; r.low.r- inLr i lists" rHa;'?1I n.
1,2.3,0, 7. S J. 11. iIiI'nr'l, ; block 3 n.: i Map 1'1'! t the United _. .11 i ri-, Litli4r. !
I"l' : ; Snlchur./
St.ltp.--.ro 4>
; : ----- - nrr.hl.Imi.h
1 ChunHr.lhl1! being: I tne place of t holdnir i a v.irittw o : CI'I'.II VI 77. '- (;nral .'joCl'' oft;, IJnaY;I be
t) H) .ii rlied 1,1'ick 31 I, l lit 2 to olhi-r :MIK, I d". Tar I KO-III.: I Pitfii, I
no 11 :.) ; I.. I ; i'I\II.JIII' < sevei tl 'LIp' ol Mexico % Circuit Court.Fall i Tiirjifiitine.Co.il.u Paiiit,
'o'Ut' i ill the CI.of liven
t ; t Ap. !a( !iKia!; on I tin* :iir-l I in a condensed torin, with ndu-rrx ar.dattetitmrt. .
10, hdll iv", IrllUlr ve ; block :n. l"ls nos 1 \Iotnlix i i-i Kebrmry! re\t, wjlnui,t i thele! ..il Iio'jrsot' : : I IIPtr! ::.ciib-r, i n |P-I-I'.lrl'd II. ttiri.hazcuts:, ; :, for Term, 1517. Hruh..Irni.h I. il<). Tard. Scrub il.. ('I:imp doiinp I -
C, 7.5. 9, !.', utsimpr.nvd, ; bl>ck :'>. 1ts : Ca-h, at I the lowest D.n'i.l.Jrear HI'ick: Cii iK. Wliitm?. I llu--ia: I>"ci I>sj.
IO' : siie, the t following; ; dc< i'd) i poxible \ rWd. ) Ii Si-h i is brief of
li do a
ari'> I r'rtv; iving Colton ito. I Heavy I: en(14) I view what |the '- -lnfe -
tl') 1): inclusive j u-trnproved! ; blo.-k :37. 1 l't N no,. Addle--, vs. v Bill for Divorce. .i Ltclit d"11111 .
rid being j in the citv: ofVul to.ucnli.: I r.niulin \\ iil'if.ind, Ked B'"IIIII'' : Staffs Rep rtfr"i-fi""i-Ft:.fl hi b.If the Ur.-
-1,5,0:;, 7, S, y, 10 u-iimproxvd ; block! 3>, Jot.no S. AKGfNrr; ; < \ Eli/n'xth: '! M.irIT -, Copper do. } : fI -
coTilv 1 :uIIIIllIlInlll; ) ] '-- ,' fin t tie '-;1.1\1 of MITCHELL : ) do Tacl'hil'[ : Si'i"!.. .-. P.ti.it Jr.. Irai-? :rr.v-. I and arrar.irnrerN htxe; bt'.n1'. (U| r at'.r>d, an4 "
*. 'toy, nel ll.ielziI.n.roved! ; block 3'1.I.t"Oi. I slid) city as l 1..1 iiiimiier! fl. Mock: f D, front ranj-e: Northeast rorner of M I.irk't I and Seventh appiMrmg; ; : to I li.p: -afisfacliin of the Court lack S-revv-. :\Anchor hItud-pik.". t'ap-41n, i the h.''' i-" (cor.tidenflv rheri-hrtl., tr.af :rlt ..rf.S.

1 t<) 10, ifcb i,1 frwed ; block 1 J, _.lt11l1.. :. ---> on--. tli..' -> cm'nrr--..-, nf.. \.r.it. ...-. .- -.1./..!. (.>...itr. ... .,-".'r..I. .j. -.De-3)-- -)- - n' 1, 3, 1, 3, S i Y, I1', Ilnlr.I\.1; 1 : --- -- Circuit of Fl'.ndi .rid PumpDeck; BucketYdar Jo I Dei .n. "
1111 of ( k Brcorn'inn
JOHN! UC.\; ", sht ritl: [ LfFE PILLS .\: > IMHirXIX] i : the State, it i. -. 1 lnrrn; ut, drjr'unt-d a'.d I |rtl I> I irdrj r.irrnt _
IloCk11 and 1.2.1'lt- n s. I to 1..) :: oiiienil ( : do, C.lulkin? MillerrMmiisdo.
i'lrtJ\'I' Ne Ja'1. 0,1 1 1-:11 fly; U. Lrc.\&. 1). S. >, just received! and for *tie hv thataid dl"-idant: required: tn al'l'l"I"anti : I lie Ive, I tlooit- AxAxe j' nrnal. It will have nopirfx: tf.x--rnpi liru: ..I Ibas.
1 hi ,"k 11 It : ,11111 Tlllin' \ ,
bltk. 'u-iimprove: ; ; :n* 1 , : :a'I-4\\.r this bill: of complaint the : -, \\\n\ I II"ik\ \ ?, 1 n.li! il>,. I .
ltJ, 'lim.r'\ed' : bock.! 11, I .t-n.n I ItolO I,. I I indu. -- -- -- ---- Nov 21: [_.1. C .\ 1.1.1Ulanl ::. :Irlllll.lyi'l1'111., A I D I IbIS l and on 1-t Can, do. Cotton do. Boat; , I 111dOl.; (V.itkins I ; TI'f \ n-pnt-f r, !I.> IKf err: 11 !" f i n-
ShorilT'sBV Stlc. default Irons, :Makiu'j IronM.irlme, tract with the Se-i.ite if! tts" UniNil 5'i's lJ.
i If
sive, } ; block\ 11.1 1 >t ts n *. 1 to H), nrliHive i ; Sprc.Sni,' rtraprs. -
'nim.r\ I thereof this t .jid oill I I hi-taken
Rooks anil Stationery. pro cnnfen. and Buns l>, bini'id to I the condition that)
virtufofa I "the
writ ot l fi TI ljci.to me di- IIpp..r> CookV Latiles.. TormentorIixider i I paper-h.: !l o ii-
unimproved; d : bl ick: 4''i.lll.I 11;. :3, I, ,3, ,- fio'n I lie Circuit( C-nnt of rranklin LEDGERS: : JournaU, IJ IV IJookv, &c. that, t thiord.T I l be I'isihi! li>hed I in some newpaperin ", Coui,>.is-es.: :al: NeedleSriil; Twine-, lain n. p-.hfic.l
0, 7, S uiim .r ive \ ; IuCC17' 1 1.,1. nos. 1 |fl i j.incliHire r,iii-itv, in lavur of Charles A (;rr('! -r-us Wil- > FnoUca-i ami'Lelttr Paper; I this t Circuit: fV-r I the space (.' I three months S-ine d unir; ived ; bl i-.i --,1.11 1 ""3. I to Cot before the d.iv oidt! tor I HIP aid Pump the, shovels I llainnier I M *
I hi''i: Fo-.t. r, j p.1I t ovier: and!: agent elA'i ,-, si ot,f o.miH'I.:; Tt.e srjr d I atn. nt lPt' -n5'
10, inclusive, uunviroved: ; blockIf, lots no 1 THOM B.\L ?"rPline#. I H'niUaxvs. < Jitti?!let-
\S t
TZELL ll.ind-axv -iTiliet
Ship a-ul River Hill Judge. i is -
'. to
of the .ch'Hintr un-'i-.e, I have leviedi Lading ; e iiJhli.h. al Our Stat f t G".terr.irmr,
to II), inclusive, II'UI1rn'd; ; blo-k 5 1'1 t, I its no". December 7 N17. Files, Kat: 'Fall do, Iron :q'lareCit ':>oarl( Lock-
Ioool4} -t!}-3m | ,
for Letter faithful
l'rcHI and ,
nri i theaid schooner Surprise, hr-r !jil<, ng- Stock sin I Hooks a pn-tnpt ri-pi ncr .f all sirts> it In.Idlitonrfit -
and St., (
1 to n: inclusive, linvjrovel: ; bl-ic'c! 51, l< .tinm. -- pies, I Hiii I i ?e!. Padlock
I'J' ircIIHi11inpr: vecI ; block, 32 .zi i'I:, I'iriiit' ni e, &c. and will oflrr lh t <. .rne: torsile ; ink JJilNol; Evi-hang- Check, III District Court of the United \\01111 -'aw-. l'.nd.lnl I 1I.I'.lyaH. I lIalid Lint'I .. u./oTl.bh u!enfn which the
tl inclusive blickol, I as she now I lie--, to the I hi:hig'ie' t bidder, for Jiiit icceived and fur sile bvMtnh I 1)t'1' Set d Ii). 1..0; do. I'i-ii di'. I II I;anll: 1.1,. lJ..p" prilitirnn. the bustieman: ">' riMRiitartarrr,
to 9 States fortlie
lots no!. 1 % unimproved; c..I..IIl I the first :Monday i in Febiuary next, with t : i 1 |lI I 1-. A HELL.M. IVortliern District Sea rill, :,hi.'t.t .III. B Ir do. FIIIwl, Lanlhnrn.. t rnechar-ir! ar d .-\iry .'1:1" ii.trre-tii in ft.eatf..ir. f

lots: nos. 1 ti: n. inclusuv, unimproved: : ; I hlft i-k i i the l-'gil 1 hours of sale, -at the Court I llnu: e of riorida. Chalk LiIW;, Pitch i'iits, Lo Book. ('.lro di,. ; 41 C"nzrcarti tbGrvcrnrr; I Iii, n.av rriy -

55, lots nos 1, 2, :3, J, 3. S. 9, 10' u'Iirnr ved ; fh>r, Co'ncil: Chamber that being the place of :) '".\'. Lit1!'. P1 LLSNII'IUENIX IN .\ .ll1IlALTY.Daniel nl'ldyin Pin". Tin.Ht, Crockery, Cari' nler': ;at all times with unr.hcit ci'tifiifir.ce.It .

block 53 lots nos. 1 to 10, intI.i\'I: unimproved ; holding Court. HIT I FEIN: in-t receivtil ,'ut for 'Ide lay N. McLean and Tool.-, Sanip.-on Pol'c Vc.Apalachicola. I I i is bt-lttxrd tbt'I't"! e-frtbli-hri.tr.t: cf snch

; block 5S, lots n('. 1 to h. inchiin unimproved JohN LUCAS, Sheriff.Hy : Nov .& H. F. AHELL, UruJit.Hops others, owners of the ..Dee 9, 1S17 Juvrnuli>/nte'lismcf&n tern v htch a IIulirrJI

; block 59, l 1..I I 1 to i-,1, itlIu'I.\! ?, un-: HK.VJ. LUCAS D. S. -- -- slejrn' boat .\uu- -ta. 1 Iron- ---- place; it withi'i the reach tot the ureat maesctthe

block 0'i ), lots nos. 1 to S. ild')"0,11- vs. Libel for Collision. Rails, ,.c. t .
at thp .
Improve Apilachicola, Jan. 0, ISlb. 51-ts Crop, for sale bv TONS Swede Iron people, con mrnceiiieut of \\ hat | Pmists "-
1 to FIlF.I1.Fall OP! assorted sizisJ
S The
; blockOl.lots nos. Ih"lu.iH'ln. I Steam Boat Eufaula, ; to bt a rnr mfprfsfir:irardeventtnl .emd p. )
II. FABELL.. &\ ii) ) kegs Nails |
improved; blocks 02 toOy inclusive ulimpr\.t; i her tackle apparel and J do. in the hi:<.fov ( Conirtyi"'iial J'rl'f"t'tdlrlil
block 70 lots fl')" I to 10 inclusive unimproved: ; ; SiiC'ifI'S Sail!. Iry G1)i. -- -- furniture. 4 casks Weeding HOPS I assorted cu.iliiie-; .; be rpcariinl with ,
tavi all
bv ct.s--e.
II r nt the
block 71 lot* fbi 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; BY virtue of two 'li. fli. I k file directed from liCE is hereby given to all whom it 2'I! Blacksmith Steel l Fared Anvils; rum
TickingCotton' O- na"'Ir o/, NO ma} mnnity ; atiJ, having thn s 4jJrsJ} his i bj-cl. tt.uf.criber .
block 72 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive Uliulrove(1block ; I the Circuit Couit of Frdiiklin: I county:: OIIP in .Dnll.f.JG Ker-tov<, Jean, *, FhntioU, IlanI :- that by virtue of an attachment 20" English and Athei lean Vises ; rtspt-rtlnlly solicit- a t'herLard tfneral .'

75 lots nos 1 to 1 inclusive improved( ; favor of George Sinclair, and I one in favor of a., keTvxefds! Sliirting-i I j SlieHing-i *, Checks warrant of ;arT-f n-ued in the above came, I yO Bell.-xvs ; :! snpp rt from the cnli hfeReil nWic; if the
block lots nos 1 to inclusive u J ::III'l'S's.. Henry I Hodges, I have l<>vied upon! have wei/edand taken 12 dozen Spades and Shovels |
il iirziprivedbkck ; I Ginghams! Calicoes D..I "If'> <, I H".ioty, Xc &.c I I the above mentioned, SteamBoat ; United States.
77 lots nosblock 1 to 10 inclusive J and will expose to s.111. to t the highest 1 bidder at Eufmla her tackle JII> Collins' Axes ; .
unimproved ; For..tie by Ii l PLLISON & CO apparel and furniture' JUIF. \ ; .
7S lots nos( I to 10' inclusive the Court House I door, I the Coincil: Chatnbrrth: I to to the libel tiled 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen, Cards ;
unimproved ; Dec 0. Cor.Water'i.If'I1vtitut&ts.him < answer therein for damagesfor SfenfurhuFr: ; to tlr Str.u41 tr I" S.
block SI lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; being: t the place 01 holding Court, I in t the City of ----_ ---.-. a colli-ion, in a cause civil and maritime.'I .- 1 ca>e Rowland's/ Cast Steel Milfsaws; cr3- The "UnrnI: Mal-s Rrp* rr -r" xxiila )P
block lots inclusive Apalddiicola! Fianklin county, on I he fir-t Monday :.; St. 1000: lbs Cast and German Steel t fr-alp f
S2 nos 1 to 10 uuitnprovedblock ; 5 CroixSngir ; irai: {HII.!> said process) is returnable before I the >vWM. tin lar-je and1 har.d-i rr'e ,hei r.ard i i.-tri

*s1 lots nos I to 10 "lu-.ive unimproved. in .Match next, within. ,. I the legal hours of sale 15 do New Orleai-s Snirar : I lluiri: ,i "*".r' ..fHII! > I ITniti'd Slates for :!lp. \ -
block SI lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive! unimproved ; the following. described )property to-wit : The 20 "hl'4 St Croix District J i' of: Florida i at; (the l Clerk's J ;office of I Dec 30 -il I Wjft-r -trtct.ISoots1 :,'; I'tr annuct. & -

block S5 lot* nos IS'i to II) inclusive: unimproved ; dwelling: douse situate in the city of Apalachic 5 bx- Stewart's Lof saidComt, in tie'. city of Apalarhicola, on the -- -
lots <'la, on I lot numcer ten, block number nine, corner 10 bbN! and z uw'i.
block nos I to inclusive ground "
unimproved ; third Monday: ((17th day) of May innta nf:, at 10 OY'S In enriat.ctisurjib tf.+iail\! : pir-i. tf.i.c will C
block 7 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive of Centre and Liveoik: streets, propt'rlvof 100 acks Rio Coflpe M di Java "f andlclI's Russet: Krocan :
; ; ) Lv
l irprl\'fc ; A. M., at which tune and place the said l ;l l fri-rn the -nn.e r-i.V'h r.i: ,
cause :erj
block 5S lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive ; ik'fendai.t. JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff. 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; is (to be hcaid.Dited JLf 'vic.f; ;: sowM and pog'd! Kip L'rrgan.- ; ):: v

block Si!) lots nos I to 10 inclusive u'.irpro\'pl; Bv B. LUCKS, I D. S. HO 1\1 IIft'd clo ; Apalachicr-1.1 Cents; tine Calf Bioijans ; 'ZAC Jlirror of Cosases. Tl
this 15'h
block 90 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive- unimproved ; Ja-i.20, ISIS. 2-lds 20 Sperm Candle*; .riOh\s brow n.Soap; in the yearly 17. ROBERT MYERS diy May, Win's 11<:!'1 art! ewd Shoes : Cliil'lrt-r/sdo. do. Thipiibircafmn$ wiU cout.ia; .: thf1cip.,14

block 91 lots nos I to lo inclusive unimpinved ; LEONAl H D SCOTT te CO'S LIST OFF01CEIG.V J IOU bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder ; U. S. Marshal Super Ladies Kid and Morocco Shoes ; it the' !'i..e.ethrgs atid 1)ehalt if ti'.

block 92 lots nos 1 to 1 inclusive unimproved ; I Off( UK Lead ; hy H. R. TAYLOR, D. \. Sup'T Ladies' coarse aid: tine Call Boots. Coires of the t"i.l:,s.I Si.ife*. If wit! be i'.ojt'tI

block 93 lots, no 1 to inclusive unimproved ; PE2&IOD1CAL.S.REPCBLICA1IOV 200( kegs White Lead No. I 1. Extra and Pure. May 22, 1517. ltfHydrostatic!) A large a;.d eXtensi ye a""orl m'n t. jti-t received semi-xxeeklv in an elegant qiuitu( Irrnitut -. trsioh-? De

block 91 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uInrm''c; OF For'laleby WM. G. PORTER & CO. and for sale by WM. PORTER & CO. tt-e sesi"nof Conirri s and xxill be ftirnt-M

block 95 lots n">s 3 .1 1 5 f 7 S 9 10' unimproved ; TUB LONDON QUARTERLY REVIEW. Dec :iO 11 \V.I'r i 'Ilrcet.Candies. ; Ink F.uisitain.; Dec 30( -11 I Water street. to n-cnbers! at the rate ct' lieu tMtura (fi-r Ifcelonisision ;1LONo

block 9G lots ns 12:1: f 7 S 9 10 unimproved ; TIIEDINIJURIH HEVIEW.TilE A FEW I Hydrostatic: (Ink Fountains, Pen Racks, arid one tldltur for i Le-shs.ni sesofl.

block 97 lots nos 1 to 1 inclusiveto nraiinrwIblock ; ; I NORTH URITISH REVIEW: FEW boxes of Sand Box -:. Paper Folders Stamps, Seals, 1)T.-\TOES-JtJu) bbls. ; 'l'nrmujps.--.3, (O bbls.j; It is belieted that I this great iati.'ttl| wirk vill

9S lots nos 1 inclusive unimproved ; Till I 1,: WESTMINSTER I REVIEW, A 'for ale tc\\"arl's R.-finr.l Cat.dies, Paper Clasps Weights &c. for sale by C.lrr..ts-.IJ: bbls! ; Bt't'ls-0 bbls; lice deemed ir.di-pensable: in the library ii e"ri

block 9!) lots nos 110'J to ii) inclusive unimproved ; .I by E.: McCULLY, Nov 18 J C .\ LI.F.:. 1''r'nil'i-2.> blJl:., fir sale bv. public m-titntion. politician, ami Ireft $innal
Nov J 11 | ENNoNoE.tA"0feb
block lots flOe 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; ANDULACKWOOD'S --- .10 I Watirst.: Gold rens. Dec 30' B ELLISON & Co. man, throughout tie ciintry and that it 'iR t#

block 101' lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; I EDINBURGH( MAGAZINE.The Hard \vare. A FEW of Woodward &. Brotlipr's superior -----. regarded by the great n.avt ot T the people axtry

block 102 lots no I to 10 inclusive unimproved ; I I PLAINS, Plain I lion-, single and double, Ham Gold: P"lIijUSt received and for sal.' bv On Consignment. bf-t political frxf bin k for their vxnin>truc*

block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; : above Periodicals are reprinted in NewYoil Draw Knives, Augurs, Anguer Hits, October 21. J C. ALLEN. JUST( rereivnl o! consignment, tiou and that ot their children.

block 101 lot nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved; i : immediately on (their arrival by the British Spring Braces Timber Scribes, Turn Scri'ws, )( ) Segars, Celebradad,"

block 105 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; I I steamers; in a beautiful clear type, on tine white I M.irkiiig Guagcs. Western Produce. 10,000 Caz idores, E "
,.. !. .n ,__... ., h_ '_ ._ 1 ...--. .nt.... ........ j.ifhf..1 ...;n., ."f ,i.,. .,...:...:...1 Mortice di. Saw Sets Wood I4 r. TTTI..y ,.'., .._ /tu... J i--i UrL'L. .t-* .1._.__ ,fn_ '.u llero.. -. IMPORTANT ANNOVNCEMENT
OIOCK iu' ion no i (I I". Innu'IVe UIHnlrfVII; |1"00'| IUILIIIMI n.j.ii- .I I lit < ;111,11- unies /\u/es, 'V rI'Icne4: SJ.W.., Locks Hooks *j'io i >iiii uinij in, i.,urn, vvnisKey, u".c..cu -- i\es.-rv iviaueria, i nrou-it.init tin* -essnm ,,t Congress, Extral;

block 107 lots nos 1 to 1 inclusive unimproved ; JiMCKxvooD'g MAUKZINK being an exact facsimile -I and Staples; Butts, Screws, I Hill I !('!, Shutter Holts OMi.rar: choice and prime. Molasses,Pork, me'ssand f G "Kegma"Pir, will be i-surd from the office cf the United!

block 103 lota nos I to J incl'Jiive improved : of (the Edinburgh: edition. Brads Tacks, Copper \ViI (', Melting Ladles Rat Tine, Bacon: Hams, Sides ann Shoulders, for 6 i" Cherry C-rdial, States Repoiftr. conlainine the reprrts i'faJ

block HI!) lots nos 110 inclusive uuimi1o\.d : The price of the RK-PKMH arc less than one Traps Axes "I at chefs Coffee Mills Sledge Hammers sale by B. ELLISON & Co. 10" Tomati CatMip. such Debates as may peculiarly excilirg

block lit) lots nos 1 to 10) ,inclusive i m 11"i v 1(1 : third of t those of the foreign copies, and while t they J Smith Tongs Mill( S.I\\, Anvils, &.c. &.C. Dec !. Cor Water and} Chestnut sfa.Wood For salebv McCALLA & ROMAIN, i mit t'rest. possess

block ill tots nos I to 10 inclusive unim'rov.r, : are equally well got up, they ;afford: all that advantage For sale by II. ELLISON & Co. Dec t 2 -ir-tf j Colnn.bus Block.Scaurs. All subscriptions and communications to hA
block 112 lots no 1 to 10 incl'\iivf : Ware, 4c.
block 113 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : reader. Dec 9. Cor. Wafer and Chestnut' sts. BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs Flour ; post-paid, and addressed

block Ill lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : Alea-un--1 JAMES A. HOUSTON.
Trays, Axhelves: Buckets
block 115 lots nos 1 to 1 inchlsivp unimproved : TERMS. Provisions Brooms, &.c. &c for sal. hvB. 3 0 000 OF the mo-t celebrated brands, United Plates Ueporter, Washington, D C-
block 116) lots nos I to inch ive unimproved : received per chr-. Elizabeth Hull and I just received I from Havana, and July 31, l!<47.
block 117 lots nos I to 10 Icu.ivl unimproved' : : Rosi from New Orleans. & Co. l for sale by E McCULLY, All newspapers throughout the United 5t "*3
block 118 lots nos I to 10 uiimiroved; : any one the four Reviews, $:'J per' annum. 50' bbis! Flour ; 20 hx: Cheese; Doc 9. Cor Wafer and Chestnut sN.l Decsl J 50 Water st. xx-hopiibh.-h; thus Pro-peofn once a week fwi'

block 119 lots no, 110 10 incltiMveIn unimproved : For any two, do. 0 .--- this date till the meetms rf Coiisn-s will heel
10 hf bbN Butter Crackers lo firkins Butter Shoes and Brogans ---
o ; the
block 120 lot nos 1 10 inclusive! unimproved : For al\'y three, do. 7 10 biN! Pilot, HreidJO ; BOOTS by case; West India Frnif. titled In nn exchange with the United ?' "*
Leaf Lard Shoes and Buskins "
block 121 lots nos I to 10 inclusive' unimproved : For all four of the Reviews. 8 ; keg ; ; 1O CANISTERS West India Fruit pr'sen'edwith Keporier, and xvill bf placed nn the h.-t of tiWn'

block 122 lots not 1 to 10 inchisivelo unimproved : For Hlackwood's Magazine, 3 u 500 Ihs inper; Bagg'd Hams; Men's Boys and Youth's Brogan ; _LO its oiisinal flavor, j-i-t 1't'I'eiv'lllrom, lo hom ihe) Extra!!* will br de.patehed.I .
:3 huh K 0 Sugar u" fine sew'd
block nOl I inclusive unimproved : Fur Hlackw-Kxlandthe .2 1 Reviews. 10,00 ; Brogans ; Havana, for sale b> E McCULLY Guava Jellies. UCTp.
Which will be sold j
bloc 121 lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved; : low by Men's pegged Boots;
N Hlvana.ind
should be addressed different sized
I ocr:: All communications Dec 10 :5ll 'Valpr st. boxes, just received from
inclusive unimproved E fine sewed
blockblock 125 lots nos 1 to 10 : 50 Water st. Boots ;
12? lots oil to 1:jncl'isive unimproved : (po,1 |Ml'd) toLEONARD Russet Brogans. For sale by Chocolate. tr sale by
CO Publishers. 23 McCLiLLY
block lots 1 to it inclusive unimproved : OIL just receivedand for sale
by B. ELLISON & CO. !
12 SALAD I'nbe'1 S.nuiish N..l Swept
Mock lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved : 70 [Fulton St New York. I 117 H. I.'. AHELLVinegar. Dec 9. Cor. Water and Ci.estnut sts. I i 50 .just received: from Ihvana. for sale E1DLiTZYeataed Soda Poxxders

Week 1!lots nos I to 10 inch 'lt lot nos 118 10 incll:4i\.* unimproved : S MEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the Old Reserve- Whiskey, Dec 23___E McCULLY. J"lx 17 J. C A ,

block 1.11 lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimprovedblock : bale and case low for rash by A FEW bbls pure Cider Vinegar, for sale low Smilh's Eagle Brand, for sale by Liverpool Salt
132 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved; : H. ELLISON & CO. by E. McCULLY.l OF E. McCULLY Castile Soap, S. I

hlok lU |ou fOR 1 to 10 :n luaiv unimproved ; Dec 0. Oor. Water and Chestnut sti. Nov 11 l 50 Water st. Nov 11 30 Water,st. FOR sale 30 by B ELLISON & Co. u JUST'received II and for sale by H. F. ,ABELt-



-t_____ -- .- __ :: _._L -- - _
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