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I J, ,. W Y AiN.

W. 31[. aA IS, Editoi.
Office Third Story Baltzellis Building,; corner of
C- -ommerce-and Chestnut streets.

:{ "U 34,i tP-r1_VS.- three Dollars per)annum,
if pjdi.t in iv.,i,'e, or J,3':150 if paid witan six
I nr mrnthh,4, or" ,4 "if'paid thereafter. \
f No iib'ipi)ni taken for a less-term thain stx
inrilh's--,id 432 will invariably be, eho.rd for
..I "th lt erio No paper will be discontinued until
"all irreariges are paid, unless at the option of the
propreiet r : 1
AoVEaTisEME'rs.-One j iuarp, (t wel ve'.line
_or 14,t.0 will-be inserted at the rale olf One D._,I-
ilar for the fir#t, and Fifty Cents for every sub4e--
quent insertion..-, .- '
iDTothoeF who q.lvertiie by, the y6ar-a liberal
dis -onu it will ,be Aide; but alt advertisements not
i ,tr'ctlv .1rtaiiny to t'i-,ir own business, as well
'a all:hrl al,'.lrti' ne,'ts sent in by them, will
be charged at theusuail rates.
S '.1- \!1 leal advertisements must be paid for
in advance.
:, r !W'ive Dollars will be charged for announc-
ing candidates for office.
All advertisements from a distance must
he ar-,-mi-nied with the cash, or city reference,
to insure insertion.

Win. 0. Porter 4% Co.
No. 41 Water street,
Djec 30 Apalachicola, Fa.
BB. k. Nonrse,, H B.Stone, H. W. Brooks
N6 oirse, Stone & Co.,
No. 46 Water street,
Dee 12 A)alachicnla, Fla.
Locklhart & You ng,
:No. 53 Water street,
,novlt Apalachicola, Fla
Harper" HoItlie%,
?-, also,
ds,;entt. for the
.. of the City of .New rork,
: Nb. 51 Water street,
Dee '" A;al)chicola, Fa.
S W. T: WOO0D. 1,. B. BALLOU
,? Wood & Ballot,
I O i,-e No. 42 Water street.- Ip stairs.
Jan 16 Ap-ilacliioh, F;i.
" \A., .WVLIF.:, WM A. McKENzip.
F"'*. 'Wyile f cH ,
No. 42 Water street,
S.'pt. 1, 130. v,)alachicola, Fa

] -5 P.,rtc,.Jir t tteation 1l)did to e .tting up family,
steambhoal aril ship stores.
No. 449 Water street,
"- I N.Iv 14 _i atlchicoll, Fla.
a. F- Abeil,
"" Wa-')TA.LTE A-lD R-T1_IL,
OILS, GL XS & c., c.
Al.iv-- k ^,neft asmirrtm.nt of Statinery.
r -. of riaestwlt and Water streets,
: **: ':.A ril 1I Anlaahi'i ola Fa.
*^. '*.i*:.emina Saiter,
.... '.; ., No. 43 Water street-Up 0t-airs,
.; .: Dec. 1, 150. Apalachicola, Fla.

C. %llen,
"*-, 'n' Wholesale and RPetail D-aler in
S:-:." O-IAS3, BMVHIES, Me., &c.
S 'also,
." ";' .4 general alsortntent of'
o enr of Chosnut & Commerce streets,
_Dee 4 Apilachicola, Fla.
B. S. Bl~twley,
;No._ 28 Water street,
.: .i 1 T A:_0ala licola, Fa.


... '.>:v Nor.4 Water adCsnu she ts.
[)p(De ,5 Apalaehieola, Fa.

r--" ]1/ ,'1 B. 'd El flsa &Co.,

:'' J~N- ARE, BOT. SHrroEr HTS
r'-."....; "" a, "- NCo. 5 W ater an hsiree ?t.
S.' i. Dc9v ], Apdaeahicola, Fla.'
t' ;~ CI&. P ,' ElardL .. Gcrn V' Ry, I
t :-.* ,* : ,":* N~o. 50 Wateru stleet..
I...,* Nov. !.1 Apaiehncola, Fla.

!| S. M. Nicieerson,
i. -HATS, CAPS, ze.
.( No. 1 Columbus Block,
.";'- Dec. 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
1,: '. -. W.^. ", -COMIS'ION MERCHANTS,
^l?:'-") \ "No. 13, S.m. Charles Street,'
i:..-"' .. '\ New-Orleans
\.'* .- '.tW S. COOKE.' Amos HORN.

~h~eP--a~----l---- -- --


vp~-s~~~(~ ~~WL-L--U/3



men, one hundred and sixty in number, 1 head with my right hand, I could'not,.even
were ordered to go on board the vessels.- if I could have let go the bush with my.left,
They refused to do this, unless their fami- have used my knife, which was in the rig&t
lies might be permitted ,o accompany them. pocket of my browsers,. .-, I
This was denied, and the soldiers were or- There is an old nursery rhyme which
dered to do their duly. The wretched speaks about
Acadians no longer resisted, but marched "Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. ,
from tlhe chapel of St. Pre to the ships. When the pie was opened, the birds began tosing.-
The road from the chapel to the, shore, V as not this a dish to set before the King .'
just one mile in length, was crowded with However the King might have relished
women and children, who, on their knees, live black-birds, I doubt- if he would have
and with eyes and hands raised to Heaven, fanced a luncheon off a live rattle-snake,
entreated blessings on their young friends, but these were not mny thoughts usr then.
so unmercifully torn from them. Some of Although beautiful the snake was, his skin
the latter broke out into bitter lamentations; glittering in the soft sun of a fine day ii No-
others prayed aloud; and another portion vember, yet 1 felt no appetite for my deniC
sang mournful hymns, as (hey took their meal. But things were becoming dresperafe.
way to1 he ships. The seniors formed so after adjusting my position to command
another detachment, and their departure oc- the neck more easily, I bit with vig-or! Tho-,"
casioned a similar scene of distress. Other thought of it salkes me-now" nearly- as s.ick
vessels arrived, and their wives and children as the bite did 1hen. for on thei f a an00 .eces
followed. Their dwellings were burnt be- corning ii my mouth, 1 gave to Mother
fore their eves, and the work of destruction Earth the hasty breakfast which 1 had en-
was conplele. Eighteen thousand souls joyed but a few hours before, and became
were cast forth upon the pitiless world.- so faint with disgust that I could scarcely
Desolate and depopulated was the beautiful keel) ny two holds; the snake hissed and
tract (hey had occupied" their homes lay writhed, and that' horrible-forked tofigue
.Rmoking in ruins; the cattle, abandoned by went dancing in and out! No devil could
their protectors., assFmble about the for- have had more fiery eyes. Again I wound
saken dwelling-places, anxiously seeking myself up to the frightful task, and gnawed
their wonted masters; and all night long and gnawed till the vertebra was in two, and
the faithful watch-dogs howled for the hands the snake was lifeless theoretically, but' still
that had fed, and the roofs that had shelter- that horrible tongue we-ot i) and out, but
ed them. my danger was over, and with one6 effort I
The distress of one family will serve to tore the mangled head- and threw it froih me,
exhibit the suffering of these refugees.- and quickly disengaged myself from the
There was among them a noiary-public, remaining part.
named Rene Le Blance. He loved the My gun, which had rolled to the bottom
English. On one occasion, the Indians of the ravine, Ilelt, 100 exhausted togofor
would have persuaded him to assist them, 't, and not a little in fear of more rattle-
in an attempt upon the English. He re- snakes, so after making my way to the top
fused, and (he Indians, in resentment, made of the ravine, I steered for the nearest
him prisoner, and detained him four years, ho nse where 1 g wa vehicle add drove to
At the time of' the expulsion, Le Blanc my friends, where I was confined Io bed for
was living at an advanced age. His fidelity three weeks from an illness growing 0uto
to the English. and his sufferings on that tile great state of excitement which I had
account, deserved favor, but he found none. undergone. And I owe many thanks to iny
Le Bhnc had twenty children, and about sweet Mary for her kindness to me during
one hundred and fifty grand-chihdren.-- the period of myI convalescence, which
These were embarked in different vessels, brought two soulsloclosersympathy.
and scattered indifferent provinces. The The planter sent for my gun, and at the
unfortunaield malan ws set ashore in New same time ordered the negio to bring (he
York, withhiswife.,and the two youngest of rattles, which' he did. We counted four-
their children. Love for those that were teen My friend begged to keep them, and
scattered, carried hint fron 1one i If thouaht them but a small exchange for his
rnotlher. H e r I a 1 )- -PP-r T 'h re ""rug-rc .
he Ioi-ld thrfee of his'lhildren, and there, ALL FOP, TiHE BEST.-Blessed are; they
despairing to recover the rest, in penury that are blind; for they shill see no ghosts.-
and sorrow, he sank into his grave. "It Blessed are they thatare deaf; for they
may he quesiioned," says a writer, in the never need to lend money, nor listen t:q
North A,,merican Review, -" If the history of tedious stories. ,< .
ihe world exhibits a more he;art-rending in- Blessed are they that are afraid of thnn-
cident than (lie exile of this amiable and (der; for they shall hesitate about getting
unhappy people. Whein the traveller con- married-and keep away -from political
templ:ies the noble dykes r?;ared by their meetings,
iiin siry : while lie walks hene, ih tlte shade Blessed are they that are lean.; for there
of their abnnd;iil oi-rchards, and stands over is a chance td grow fal:
tile ruins o, their cottages, or muses among Blessed are they that get no officeunder
heir grves, his irraginaion goes back to a government ; for five hundred and fifty-two
s'senen of rural felicity and purity seldom reasons-not given on account uf the short-
seen in Ilie worldl. and his heart melis at lhe gess (f tie days.
sudden and dreadful fate of the Acadians." Blessed are they that are ignorant; for
[From the Spirit of the Times ] they are happy in thinking that (hey know
Th bilr bi," nd n misakeBlessed are the peace-makers, for they
S" The biter bit," and no mistake shall see Cod-and get most wofully kicked
My Dear -" St)piri1.- .he following most by heir countrymen.
horrible adventure occurred to nte some IBlessed is he that is ugly in form and
time ago, when travelling in the Valley of features; for the girls shan't molest him.
Sllie M ississippi ; those who have been Ihere Blessed is she that would get married,,but
will recollect the ravines which are often can't ; for the consolations of" the gospel are
r met with hack antong the bluffs, caused by hers.
the waslhings in the alluvial by the frequent Blessed are the orphan children 5 for they
and tremendous rains; these ravines are have no mothers to spank them.
. often over one hundred feet deep, and ex- H OW SPDERSMAKE BRIDEs.-Some of
s tend for a mile or more. the most distinguished naturalists in the
One morning my hospitable host, having he ostdb istha spiders, have the aIs rt h0
business in the neighboring town, begged I wr beaie s thater haie thear
crossing streams of water on bridges of'their
would for one day excuse him and amuse 'I
th yself. Shortly after his departure I took own making. Mr. Spencer relates the fol
myg nadrm ld-u o a-e lowing cut-ions fact : Having placed a large
e my gun and rambled out for gae,",h full-grown spider on a cane, upright in the
,e I midst of a stream of water, he saw it descend
e I had strolled I don't know how .ar,iand the cane several times, and re-moUnt when it
e with but indifferent success, thinfl,ing more had arrived at the surface o4 the water.
d of Mlary, the blue-eyed daughter of my host, Suddenly he lost sight of it wholly: but a
- and how -o catch tier, railhr than bag par- few minutes afterward, to his ;.reai astonish-
s, bridges; when I came to one of those large, ent,i he perceived it quietly pursuing itS
e deep ravines which nature has plowed in the own ,_y on th other side of the stream.
i- soil. Being tired, l concluded I could yen- Having spun two threads along the ceane,-it
s, tlire to descend and climb up again, rather ha ct one of them, which, carried by the
,- han go around, for the. distance seemed wind. had become attached-to some~object
e. near a quartet" of a mile, and the ravine was on th bank and so served (be spider as ;i
t- not over 1(OO feel deep. W while seramhlmng bridge across the water." .. ..
tt up the opposite side, at mid way, to my FAHRSLV.Xweortoao
v, horror I saw coiled at the Ioot o| a clp An FATdERly man, .--ed-liwek ac for ti agle
,d "ofbushes a huge rattle snake. [ had almost an eleryia >l, i,,,olthe a offoreable-
,e put nmy foot upon hint, wlten the snake, famr wledqife Insuanc he ffe 0mpanyhi
.y roused at thie intrusion uplOn his solitude, Wal stee Lif Inue C panyr,2h. ia
to rose and rapidly coiled bitnsolf around me. faebern th pfa,n sml ofi* w .ho,..
ve |HaId I ave lhad tine for thought, I should knwsheh good ^hig lo ld colandgfersal
it" not have acled better thanjdtid, which was th weitte wrenak suhel code r priuarl-
1l1 implulsively to Ihrow my gun away, and way fao [Swh, whcwePrepiet tartichiy
seize ,he snake near ,he head. A moment's engage tol Mr. P esi re'n,"ha insu
v, hesilalion would have been fatlal to me. so ehn" a nd a mn sh eor~er n:Sok
d, Here I was. fiorty ,,r hfify fee. above thie~bt- re h- lif fo 10,"ad tue o
nt ,omn of ,he- rav,,,e. hol~iin w~ih one laudi to ing felellk, ywhevrs en ; weo labgger
1t he huslies to prevent my falling down the foo than, he-ookemie, whene. lBut ygha-e
el almost perpendicular height, and wilth the at him^^^^ after h'cncom.B'tbyga-l
e. other having hold of lhe snake's head. i s!m seh wfas rn't So fnly tte r a llgo
he To fling >he snake away was my first idea h didofasudents onyand I'm c go.ef
le but tha, was ,00 dangerous, besides, being Thr' th dokmns an r a in'te
e nearly eight feet long, he was too. tightly_ tht, ( on y.,, ,-,hp hor."ewa o sir an. *i'"

as coiled round m e. I knew no house was .. .. ............
to near, and the cotton fields which I had been The-above is a faet.-Spiri othe, eTimes.i
ng through were not likely to be traversed by HERE'S A CHANCE, GIRLS'--There isia
-r- any one ; therefore all succor from others place in New Hampshire where they never
ie was a thing neither to be hoped or expectedhave any old maids. When, a girl reaches
ce Minutes passed like hours; the serpent twenly-nine, and is 'still on the' ladder of
re was hissing, darting out his horrible forked expectation, the young fellows "club ^to:
eir tongue; his tail was wriggling and his rat- gether and draw lots for hter. Those who,
ist ties going, and every now and then 1 fancied escape, pay a bonus to the. one Who get9^
eir I heard his call answered by others, much her. There's galla-nry for'you. Three
too near for my pleasure. As long as I held ladies of our acquainlanib'e.wmuld stal'tim-i.
or- my present advantage, there was no danger mediately for the .Granite .State, ht they
ed from my boso m com panion, hut unless some- are past the'age.-UCai e S I tem. .. ..-t hey
ed *ihin g turned up to relieve m e, I could not arepst t ...... .. -.
ire. hold oil until the snake died of ohld age or CONJUGA. L '.AFFECTION.--Are' you.- not
old want of food. But when our fortunes are afraid that your wife will get 111 Irred aaiin,
-it the lowest Ihere is a urning point. A when you die ?" -" hopes le.may, aa
ers bright idea rushed into my head, "- To bite therewill be oie rem'a1in lhe wortid w o wI
ig, his head off." Having hold of the snake's know how to pity me."

'Ani sfnesiq Wirritc ga

! ,[J, FLYNN,
(Late 71. CLARK)
ni CONTINUES to carry on the
W I --business in Apalachicola, oppo-
V*1"'Ugm4"site the City Hotel in Cntlrc st
Jp!h Having superior wo,' confident th~at all who may patronize him will
find that they have called at the right !hop.
French Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather
Boots and Shoes made to order, of the latest and
most approved style. Also, Patent Leather Gai-
ter Boots and Shoes made in a superior manner.
He will keep constantly on hand a large and se-
lected assortmtentr of Ready Made Boots4 Shoes
and Brogans. All mending, &c.,donewith neat-
hess and promptitude, and on terms that cannot
ta:, to be recognised as in kaep:ii- wilth ti,k con
pet:,,:, in trade and the c',-eness of" tb, i';,, e-.
Apalachicoa, Dec 9, 1S47. 47-6m
Underwood & Caigh,

0% RESPECTt1ULLY (,fert heir ser
,L vices to the citizens of A palachi-
cola, and the county of Franklin
generally, in the line of tehir pro-
fession. Having monthly com-
$munication with the principal
Northern cities, they will be ena-
bled lo furnish their patrons at all
tirneswith the NEWEST AND LA-
ed monthly, showing at a view the most Fa.shion-
able Style-, of Dress, which will be a decided
advantage to a fashionable community.
N. B. Gentlemens' Morning Gowns and Eve.
ning Wrappers made to order; Cloaks of ever
description made in the usual firms ot the day';
Walking and Riding Gaitors made in a superior
manner; Tunic Dresses and Royq' Clothes of
every description made in a neat and fashionable
style. All garments made at this establishment
warranted to fit.
(CO- Shop, Second Story Baltzell's Buildings.
Entrance on Chestnut street.
October 14, 1847. 39-6m
"- A plate of Fall and Winter Fashions jus!

Underwood & Caigh)
Apalachicolai Fa.
fO-All orders attended to with punctuality
and desoatcb. Jan. 20

'! I" tlanc0t.

[The following account of the Expulsion
f the Acadians-which is the subject of
,onigfvllow's new poent Evangeline-can-
ot be read without mingled indignation
nd sorrow. Surely the world is getting
etier, for it was our ancestors who (lid this
ruel thing. We take the account from
lie Union Magazine:]

So much of the charm of Evangeline is
ei-ived from the very foundation of the nar-
ative-tle simple dignity and earnestt'ss
f lhe characters, and lhe deep religious
one of'lhe interest, that we are surprised
Wr. Lonii'eiiow did not in a note. or else-
Wlhere, give his readers the historical fa' t
Ivhch inspired him wvidh so exquisite an
leal picture. There are many, dobiless.
0ho hiave never read tlhe crel story, and
uch will he glad to see it in a few words.
ondensed from the best auwhoriiy on tire
uhject. To our thinking, the historical
accuracy of MNr. Lonafellow's picture en-
hances its heauly. The fact. as given bv
-alilburion in his history of'Nova Scotia, is,
[i brief, as follows:
Some dispute existing between the Eng-
ish and the French. respecting the territo-
rial limns of both parties, the region, about
Hudson's Bay, and the province of Acadie,
snce called Nova Scotia, to settle the mat-
er, were ceded to Great Britain, in 1713.
Acadie was inhabited by an excellent
French population. When these good
people found their country yielded to Eng-
and, and themselves no longer subjects of
he French king, they were grieved to be
"Orced to acknowledge another master.-
They knew that the French and English
were hostile to each other, and they dread-
ed to be compelled, some time or other, to
ake up arms against Frenchmen; they,
therefore, entreated the English that they
night never be forced to so painhul a service.
and iniglit be excused from taking the oath
of* allegiance.
This request received no special atten-
ion, but fur a lime, a kind forbearance was
exercised toward themn. After a period of
'orty years, the English government came
o llie conclusion that these neutral French,
as they were called, might become danger-
ois lo lheir interests by taking part wi;h
lhe Canadian Frenclh their active enemies.
Oi, account of this presumed danger, wiih-
)ut the legist alleged provocation, or the
east siow or justice, they look upon them-
selves lo drive out of their possessions this
)eaceable, prosperous, and unoffending peo-
The Acadians had no warning of their
f"ite. At harvest limne they were ordered tIo
issenil) e in a certain district, and being col-
lected, were informed they were prisoners,
-lhat their lands, cattle, and moveables
wire no longer their own. bu[ were confis-
cated by government,-that they might lake
whlat lhey (coeld convey away, but musl
irnmedi-lely qiit the province.
In one sin.Yle district, two hundred and
fifiv-fivI houses, as many barns, eleven mills,
,iani one church, were destroyed. Shilps
were it) readliness to convey ilie persecuted
Acadiians to different parts ofthe Continent,
-to Louisiana, to French Guiana in South
Americ'a. and to distant pl~ices in the then
British Provinces on the Atlantic.
These people had been reituirkable for
ilheir industry, their skillful Ihushndry
their pure morals, and their exemplary pie
ty. Their lands produced wheat, corn, )>o
iatoes and flax, abundantly. Their houses
were convenient, and fUrnislhed with al
ihinas necessary to comfort. Their nuiner
ous flocks afforded lhe wool which wa.
nianufaciured in the fhanily for their cloth
ing. They had no paper money, and lilll(
silver or gold ; and lived hy simple exchange(
of commodities. So little contention aros
among them, that coui-ts and lawyers wer
needless; the wise and experienced decide(
their small differences. They were Caiiho
lies; the priests drew up liheir public acts
wrote their wills, and t;epi possession ofth
dIocuments, until dealh ciliedl fur lhie exe
cationi of them. To ,rquite these services
the inhii'hitaiits allowed ihiem one twenty
seventh of llhe harvest for Iheir subsistence
At the lime of tlhe disp~ersion, lhe Aea
diains were 18,000 in number. No war
existed among them; the poor were few
and the prosperous cheerfully SUlpptrte
those. These uuforttunaie people were ill
victims of their own integrity. Had the
-lak~et) Ile foathi which demanded of thein
violate the best aiffectionas, i'hey ,tight h;,v
retained tlheir houses, their fields, and lihe
flo)(ks. Tlieir good feelings demanded onl
the inrocentl ]ihernv of neuir',liiy.
In Seplemher, 175,5. Coluueel W inslov
an iiffleer, usually resident ;at 3Marshifiel(
Plytnnulhi County, M1assaclhuselts, was set
wul th le King's Comnmissiott, lo dentolis
llhe property of lihe neu~trals, and Io exp
thiem, vitlhoutexception, from llhe proving
(Co(lonel Winslow deeply regretted that h
should be employed in this service. H-
.knew, so lItj said. lh;>t they were of *" tlq

same species" with himself, and "it w;
disagreeable to his make and temper"
inflict pain. His first measure, on landing
at St. Pre, was to make prisoners of serve
al hundreds of the most considerable oftl
men of the settlement. "In consequen
of their earnest entreaties, the prisoners we
perlnitled, ten at once, to return to visit ihe
wretched families, and to look, for the 1a
lime., upon their beautiful fields, and the
loved and lost hornes."
These unhappy men bore their aisfe
, tune vith firmness, until they were order
on board the transport ship, to be dispers(
among people whose customns, lanrtua(z
and religion, were opposed to all they he
dear and sacred.
On lite 16th of September, the prison
were drawn up six deep; and the you,

MI. N; Scott & Brother,
HATS, &c.,
Cor. Water and Centre-streets,
Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa.

A. Dodge,
i .- No. 40 Water Street, > "
Dec 3. Analnchicola, Fa.

Simns & Cheever,
Office No. 36 Water street.
dec23 Apalachicola, Fla

Rtobertso Allen & Co.,
And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
pger Wares.
Dec 24 Apalachicola, Fa.

CLarles Rogers John Munn. Euzene W. Rogers.
Chas.. Rogers & Co.,
Water street,

dec 21

Apalachicola, Fa.

J. Stevenson & Co.
No. 45 Water Street,
Dec. 23, 1847. Apalachicola, Fa.

J. Day & Co.,
No. 52 Water street,
Dee 2 Apalachicola, Fa.
(C- Agents for LLOYDS ; also, Agenls tor the
" 2Etna Insurance Co." the "Protection Insurance
Co." and the "Hartord Insurance Co." Hartford

D. B. Wood & Co.,
No. 44 Water-street,
Dec 2 Apalachicola, Fa.

A. N. McKay & Co.
No. 40 Water-street,

Bill of Fare.
Fried Oysters .................. 371
Roast do. ................. 25
Stewed do. ................. .'0
Br,)iled do. .................. 3-71
Oysters in shell ................ I0
Roast Duck ................... 25
Broiled Venison ................ .2.5
Broiled Beef' Steak ............. 20
Broiled Chwken.. .. ... .. .. .25
HRm and EZ.s, &c ............. 25
Broiled Te;il ..................2.5




Dec 15

Apalachicola, Fa.

J. II. & J. TV1. H111,
No. 4S Wator street,

Datro^.niion al Notfct.

0-J" May be fund at his residence, corner ol
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov S.

,_g THE public are respectfully informed
f 3that the above establishment has been
. ,,,ti'-irely refitled, and is now open for the
reception of permanent and transient Boarders,
and the subscribers hope by -trict allenton to Ihe
busdirness ot their house to be second to none in
rendering their guests coinloi tale. Their table
will be supplied at all times with every delicacy
the market affords. Planters and Captains of
vessels will find this a verve convenient house.
Game, Oysters, &c served up at all hours and
in the best style. The Bar will be well stocked
with the choicest Wines, Liquors and Segars.
Attached to the establishment is a Billiard Sa-
loon. spacious and well lit up.
Grateful for past favors, the subscribers hope
that their friends and the public will continue to
sustain them.
November 11, 1847. 43-tf.
Apalachicola Exchange.
THE subscriber informs his friends
L- and the public in general, that lie has be.
...... come the Proprietor of this above well
known house, and will be pleased to entertain
any of the travelling community that may favor
him with their custom, and will also accommo-
date resident boarders. The bar will always be
supplied with genuine liquors of the choicst
Apalachicola, Nov 14, 1847
City Hotel, Tallahassee.
N OTICE -[ have to inform my friends and
the patrons of this house, that I have leased
it, and that it will hereafter be conducted by
WILLIAM HEMINGWAY, Esq who has for
many years been connected with the first class
Hotels atthe North, anu recently from the Amrn-
rican Hotel in New York. Bleaving he will
keep an excellent house, and spare no exertion or
expense to make his guests comfortable, I recom-
mend the house to my friends and the public.
Tallahassee, Nov. 1, 1847. 43-6m.


N -the management of this Hotel, the under-
signed will use his best exertions to please his
guests. He asks the public for their patrcnage.
November 11, 1847. 43-6m.
Bacon, Flour, Sngar, Coffee and
A LWAYS on hand, and for sale low by
Dee 23 E McCULLY.
Sweetmeats and Preserves.
A WELL assorted lot,just received from Ha-
vata, for sale by E McCULLY,
Dee 13 50 Water st.
Irish Potatoes an& Onions.
A FINE article tor sale by
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.

Dr. S. Parsons,
Apalachicola, Fa.
May be consulted at the Mansion House.
Dec 30, 1847 50

Dr. A. W. Chapman,
01- 0fice over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawley,
(entrance on Chesfnuit street.) R-sidence at the
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
January'10, t846. 2-tf

W. e. 11[. Davis,
Ofiers his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-rand will, up)on
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of-the Middle or Western Circuit, He will also,
araue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tdillahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at-, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846."*
A. G. Sentlnes,
f- Office, ,Vo. 2 Capt. ,iimnion's Builhling,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
11. -E. Owens,
.CrLAYTON, Barbonr County, Alabama.
April 29, 1846. 2-tf

Rat, Aloase & Cockroach Poison.
TH.IS very efficacious remedy for extermina-
ting immediately, it'a proper application be
made, of all of the above named annoyances. His
Flea and Mosquito Poison has attained a very ex-
tensive celebrity for its invariable destructive pro-
perties to that, order of insects. For sale by
August 14 J. C, ALLEN, D,,,'.
For Sale.
5 KBBLS Hay, now landing from shin Flori-
00 dian. Apply to
Dee 23 NOURSE, STONE & Co.
315 l SACKS Liverpool Salt, cargo of Br.
3150ship Queen, for sale by
Dec 2 J. DAY & Co.
BEEF-Mess and Prime,
Pork-Do do
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by"
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.
Bailey's Tonic Mixture.
HIS is a valuable componnd fluid extract of
Cinchnna and R'lbra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.
Saddlery, &c.
SaDDLES, ot various patterns and qualities,
Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits,
Saddle Bags,
Martingales and Whips, for sale by
WM. G. POR'rER & Co.
Dfe 30 41 Water street.

"" \ D. DaUfortlt,
;:. "EtrTFAULA, ALA.
,12otton bought on order.
,!IV Refers to
SI'.. T'6w Orleans-.
Mis' W YLV & 5CKENZIE, I Apalachicola

J. ;

k AL

^At a1.riiG r.




Cor. Comnmerce and Centre, sts.
T HE subscriber respectfully announces to his
friends, and the Public, that he has opened
the above house, and solicits their Palronau-e.
November 25, 1S47. 45-tf.

Iailliard Saloon,



- g1l81611

II--- -

beggar boy, who had heretofore begged in
Castilian, but desirous of keeping pace with
the march of" improvement, had evidently
been taking lessons of some volunteer, and
now he begs in pure English thus: Give
this lpoor, blind b'hoy a bit ; for he is one of
the b'hoys, and d-n his eyes if he is any-
thing else!"


[From the Savannah Republican.]
A friend has placed in our hands a pam-
phlet lately received from Dr. Simpson of
Edinburgh, on the discovery, nature and
properties of this interesting agent, used
for producing insensibility to pain.
Chloroform was first discovered and dis-
cribed by Soubetran in 1831, and by Lie-
big in 1832, while its composition was first
accurately ascertained by Dumas, in Paris,
in 1835. Dr. Simpson, however, has had
the merit offirst using it by inhalation, and
it is a pleasing fact that Dumas was acci-
dentally in Edinburgh last autumn, on ser-
vice of the French -Government, and there
witnessed for the first time, with great de-
light, the successful use of a substance
whose properties he had investigated, as a
matter of mere science.
The name Chloroform, is derived from
Chlorine, one of the gaseous and acidifying
principles which by union with Alkaline
bases form Chlorides-as the Chloride of
Calcium, or Salts-as the Chlorate of Pot-
ash, &c. Chloroform is chemically speak-
ing, a Perchloride of Formvle, this latter
substance being the principle of Formic
Acid, which is obtained from red ants, and
also from several vegetable substances.
Ti[has, there are three compound chemi-
cal bodies which, inhaled into the lungs,
superinduced a state of anesthesia, or in-
sensibilily to pain in surgical operations-
tho Nitrous Oxide, commonly called ex-
hilerating Gas, Sulphuric Ether, now so
often used, and the Per-chloride of For-
myle or Chloroform. They differ mate-
rially from each other in their Chemical
constitution so that their elements afford no
clue to their anEesthetic properties. The
Nitrous Oxide is composed of Nitrogen and
Oxygen, in proportions of one atom of each.
Sulphuric Ether has one atom of Oxygen,
four of Carbon and five of Hydrogen ; and
three of Chlorine.
The Chloroform is a dense, limpid, col-
ourless liquid, readily evaporating, and pos-
sessing an agreeable, fragrant and fruit-like
odour, and a pleasant saccharine taste. Its
specific gravity is 1,480. It boils at 1410,
and is not inflamniable. Its advantages
over Sulphuric Ether, are :
2. A much less quantity is necessary to
produce a given effect.
2. Its action is more rapid, thorough and
enduring, and one under its influence is as
though one were for the time non-existent.
3. The inhalation is much more agree-
able, and the subsequent effects cease al-
most immediately and are not unpleasant
while they last.
Dr. Simpson gives several other reasons,
but we have embodied the most important
ones above, to which we may add that it is
less expensive, more portable, and easily in-
haled by applying a handkerchief moisten-
ed with it to the nose and mouth.
Dr. Simpson has used Chloroform with
the most admirable and complete success in
several serious cases of midwifery, and the
results are such as to show that its happy
^ nfaj on Vyequalled by the perfect safe-

SINGULAR SUICIDE.-There was quite an
excitement raised in the New York city
prison on Monday morning, in consequence
of the self-destruction of Dr. R. Wells, ar-
rested a few days previous for throwing vitrol
upon females. When his cell was opened,
it was discovered that lie had cut his leg,
just above the knee, almost to the bone,
. with a razor, severing the femoral artery.
The stigma which would attach to him from
his conduct, evidently led to the commission
of the fatal deed. A number of letters were
found in his cell, in one ol which he con-
fessed his fault, avowing that when lie com-
mitted the fault he was laboring under the
influence of chloroform. He has left a wife
and one child, to whom he requested the
news of his death might be given in the
most unobjectionable manner. Dr. W. en-
joyed the confidence ard esteem of a large
circle of friends. He was the person who
first discovered the effect that chloroform
produces on the nervous system, and it is
now ascertained that he constantly used it
for a stimulant on himself.
A Russian Crcesus.--M. de Tisxkiewies,
the richest landholder in Russian Lithuania,
died a short time since. The St, Pelers-
burgh papers inform us, that he had left to
his three sons 2090 villages, containing more
than 60,000 serfs, and in ready money, 10,-
000,000 crowns; and that it was thts gon
,leman who was said to have refused the
hand no" his daughter to Duke Alexander of
WVirtemberg, who afterwards married Prin-
cess Maria d'Orleans. His daughter mar-
ried Prince Sapieha, and had "2,000,000
crowns for her dowry. A letter from St.
Petersburgh says :-" This gentleman's pro-
perty comprised 46 extensive domains, on
which there are 20,000 families of peasan-
try, reckoning in them 60,000 males. In
money, hie possessed 56.000,000 Polish
florins, in French money 12,600,000 francs.
He had six children, of whom three sons
besides tits daughter survive hinm. The
eldest, according to the laws of .Lithuania,
inherus the whole of this immense wealth.

He, however, has assigned one fourth to be
equally divided between his two brothers.
desirous of-notoriety is in a fair way to be
gratified when he falls into the hands of
PUNCH. Our distinguished Ambassador at
the Court of St. James has presented him-
self so often as an orator at Lord Mayors'
dinners, Agricultural Associations and other
public meetings, and has exhibited an elo-
quence of such marked characteristics on
those occasions, that he has become a ra-
ther conspicuous personage among the
notabilities whom Punch delights to honor.
The following report of a speech on a festi-
val occasion is found in a late number of
that periodical :
The distinguished foreigners present,
especially Mr. Washington Jackson, were
greeted, and that distinguished American
arose amid thunders of applause.
"He explained how Broadway and Corn-
hill, were in fact the same. He showed
how Washington was in fact an.Englishrnan,
and how Franklin would never have been
an American but for his education as a
printer in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. He de-
clared that Milton was his cousin, Locke
his a-ncestor, Newton his dearest friend..
Shakspeare his grandfather, more or less-
he vowed that he wept tears of briny an-
guish on the pedestal of Charing Cross.-
kissed with honest fervor the clay of Run-

s v


party and of free soil, free trade, free labor THE COMMERCIAL RIVALS.
and free speech, endears him to the demo-". The events of last year, includidf" e
cracy of Erie, who will be proud to sustain fminie and the subsequent financial 8 s-
him, with all their energies, for any office sure in Great Britain; with the influof
within the gift of the people. specie irfto the United StateS, coostitut n
MORE OF CHLOROFORM.-Our old friend epoch in" the history of the two nali is
John Van Buren, who has come downaiqd which is likely to be memorable. It' s
fixed himself in Wall street, threatens to likely to be memorable for this, viz: Afftit
give the vote of New York to the whigs by marks a period who the two countriesin
a majority 60,000, if his branch of the party their relations to one another came to a Sjb-
be not preferred to Dr. Brandreth's at the tract recognition-i-he one.., of its weakne 4, 0,
Baltimore Convention. This is good news and the other, of its strengli,,-..Ve.yaIk
to the whigs.-IN. Y. Herald. comparatively. ,.
It would be a snmlall affair to England ii~n
CHANGE IN THE WESTERN MAIL. occasional scarcity of grain should call Ir
,Importations of breadsiuoffs Irom the UniV d
We feel under high obligation to our de- States .... "oid ,la'd cola -
legates in Washington (or calling the atten- .turns inanuf. ...,ohe u\\fef
tion of the D epartm en to the subject of the exchan g B >he "" ver ':di "
mails in this section of Florida. We hope at whe h e ,,Beca isey
n-qhn mu',t ni: ke returns in nion,1
the proposed change will prove advanta- 1-, ais a po lh...e
geous to our business com m unity.- [LQ uzn- ,cas epp N n I wll th. at e
~~are SUp I yn'rehswilhl mlnufct ,}4S
cy limes, of oirt1'f- and miere thian iliai : the t
W ASHINGTON CITY, Jan. 18, 1848. -oII ;. andent ,h nn of th e
"- a is o i 'g eo 'id e n t t hill i e ve r y in f u s io n o f E w.
To the Editors of the Tallahassee papers: I .. -,":
GENT'N '-X\ e talled on the Postmaster pr ,cious, ,,etals in ,is way tee.t.r-
i .r ens a"d(nlarges our domestic resoiurtesjo
General, some (oys since, and, after an exa- I i ; / ,. h -s \
mination of the several different schedules #8 t10f .4) addTmal vigor to is fac. ,
of-elRpp y. Nay, the pros-pect is t
proposed by different citizens of different -.. .' ,, 1 s 'i !
places, th e 1st A ssistant P ostm aster G ene i 1f g-" v.: ", ... .," -,- and
ral made the arrangement stated beloW. \V ,p^ee cesfl,,,yiiw nlaInid iqm
,.i .h r-- .,I. .e 9 o w n leho nsl n l s as I re a ud y th e
will thank you to publish i, with this noe V o .s .' o manufar^
.y ,- .. : 4Iq r$ f'eci IO..sonle RrliCleg of nmantiae,J.
for general information. Wewill thantt "J"
Q uincy T imes, Apalachicola Adverutisr, EI )t ,P -M l," '. .....
Newort Gazette Marianna Whig, and Pet- .and,- th.. 1 '- .at Gre. B -
"1 '_ .i" h e ti sIrna qu mie presence Ol mnlntlunes 0o.'_.aS-
saco la p apers, to in sert th em also Ifth ,,,ee s.e .c_ o rii t -. .. id e s o
most interested would consult together a(d n.. ct" .d c" .t a r OM*T
.- irI e NA!`OLEO11 'fhey h ve lauoh Illleir, -
agree on a better arrangement, which will c e -n hJ
suit all, the Postmaster General will con- ponents the" art to conquer; Iflat-En -E
.... .has no I"nfdel a rM0nopolof o.k rL*obe "
form to it, if it does not m aterially interfere 0.f- .. ny i. ies of B -
with the main Northern mail scheduled. .1 1 ," .,,
, 1 1 cessarllVSa d D supp l ell Selves, |O a nitfil0
The schedules must be made to con- "s y s <. ", ,ea ,1 1
,. m. i. ,4 .grea-ter.evxz^'t 4fn .eretotore, < .4h n|e
form to them. These schedules are not *- r i r -.. I -- B
precisely those we recommended, but are, ,r'qwconiq. -This train of re*wj* -r -
1, *7 ,. ,, 1 ces a reference to the United Sliaies ^~id
the best which, under the rule last mention- 11V_2 o ,il, ,1 lsi ,.
ed, can be made. at present.,What some of reith the first mention of t has'eo,,ssy" s 7%e v-
the people of one place desire, others of ... t 4b r -g 1
.... ... .. and- in recapinulalino telp tuormin l&bt i'B -
another place would strongly object> .. o. ...
.. ... .. ...i .... actelin ic. i, ndica-i 'I the 'esourcese ; alit) -
R espectfully, your obedient servants, .. .,, .te
JAMES r WESTCOTT,0 JR g gress, -of this country it ik said. W..,.e
E C. CABELL. "Unite- 'States possess all the etemeJ f
grpaines1 in greater abundance than V
POST OFFICE DEPARTMEN-., "d ^lr peril whoeverexiste,l ; Ihal it"_'d
Contract Office, Jan. 27, 1848. $ lv dishoifw-lt fo'-inesliolnB the fatt,-,^ -
GENTLEMEN :-The following schedules ish-not 1 o adinit it at once; ihal ehI-
are ordered on the routes from Quincy, via kees have even a greater variely of cje
Chattahoochee.toApalachicola, Fa. viz : bhaiChioaand a better soil; that 111 e
No. 3522.-Leave Quincy every Tuesday geogrphically better placed lhat e
and Saturday, after the arrival from Bain- world is accessible to them ; lhatlreo gn,
bridge, say at 7 P. M. Arrives at Chat- if necessary, grow food for all the in I
tahoochee same days by 12 at night.- tants of Europe, three times lold ; thatl ey
Leaves Chattahoochee every Weduesday have in them the true blood ol Eti d `
and Saturday at 7 A. M. Arrives at that they do every thin.2, as well a%> E .glIAIl,
Quincy same days at 12 M. and, as if in obedience to some rls.i_..t_-s
No. 3523.-Leave Chatlahoochee every impulse, they have a -_oa hea lu" s"
Wednesday and Sunday, at 1 A. M.- which nothing caR restrain; [lthat eir
Arrives at Apalachicola next days by 7 statesmen are full Of foieIhoii2hi [flat 4ey
A. M. Leaves Apalachicola every Mon- ate now within a week's sail of the '4i,
day and Friday at 12 M. Arrives at Chat- and will, by-and-by, be rwilhin fel s'
tahoochee next days by 6 P. M. steaming of the East; lhal 'liey.^Styer
According to the present schedule, the us in China, in Africa, in Chili ; *lhaley
mail leaves Chattahoochee for Pensacola on are taking the whole trade from tn-3;inat
Sunday and Wednesday at 8 A. M., suiting they are sending us. nol, only. domesti4d yii-
.1he above change of 3522. 1 have the honor cles-clo ks-chairs-bnu boots an^s o1es,
to be, very respectfully, &c. &c. and nearly the whole material onIou-r vptti-
S. R. HOBBIE. Pal manufacture ; that they are enda'orin.,
Hon JoD .ST OTTIl I .1-1
un. J. D. WESTCOTT,,Jr., Sen. and after a home and foreign supd.Inf c on
"6 E. C. CABELL, Rep. in Cong. cloth ; that their mills muhiplV tee, .'.glv,
and that, as their minerals; ir4d ', oa0ield1s
Loco-Focoisii IN THE DARK.-Every are on a scale of immensity, they want no-
one remembers the incident which fills, gave thing to defy completion but amcrease of
populat ion-""--". .
the Loco foco party its name. At a recent
,. ,-, ,. Out increase of p p lton is asr~rppid as
meeting of the harmonious Democracy of O of populate i ;
New York, a repetition of the same scene a wholesome growth requires. Besides the
occurred. The anti-Wiliot Proviso De- natural increase, we have large anrld.al aic-
,. T. ,7- cessions from E u ro p~e, nm hlitndes ','h o ;)void "
mocrats of New York met in convention at h Br>.itis ll o lopi es ndI i t dr, -,, o on
Albany, on the 26th ult., and after orgoan- ie i r -t 11
*" T i T r<"> i shores to enjoy the advantages aind 't'0e b If1-
izing, by choosing Judge Denis, of Oneida s eo the a ng n bs-
& r ii i i sings ol free institutions. :.
county, Presideril, unanimnouslIy adopted airsna of fre insituions f. ;i
county, Presiden, un an o the b adopted as The conclusion arrived at by thJe journal
address, denouncing the "lbarnburners' aIs ->.
& ,. .w e have quoted, is (hat E n"ln d I'iti l st change
traitors, and going in for a vigorous plose- he policy ted isa s h e c olonie and.hrEa6
,, tier policy towards her colonies4, aiid.;regaid'
cution of the Mexican war. / *- ,
Tn ohe fo w i c p wa r. them as forming an integral part -f her soil,
The following paragraphs from a report as muc so a, tig the wev' ,ante ,
of the proceedings, will show the grave de- the is and reas asrth ug. e w re a is wy
liberative character of' this assemblage of E nh iland wof rea f have, asw. to l(is l Wa
"nwlgt." t5, Ene and would herself have, as welt-fas the'
,ne ligh,,ts -." '.., United Slates, a variety of iml.,les. andl ol
Mr. McVeen was proceeding with spirit Stts a v i .
and eloquence, when suddenly the Assem- soil, with a corresponding vriety of proa -
y chamber ws plned in E dar- dnictions. What must be lboked lo foe
less; some of the ridiculed gentlemen had sate .y, add th ,ornil, in e o. l'nln
found the way to the gas pipes, through "i an inres f trd in th- Ea, and ct,
which the chandeliers in the Assembly pefc idntt of th rnoterfunt ]-a" he
chiamlber are supplied with gast" by turning colo,;.nriest-t. -
a sc,'ew in one of these pipes, they lhad sud- Th fis o|'. ths (oee~ To Ure 1'a
del cu off th sul of jas a invove with China and Japan; the latter, some ra
he chamber in complete darkness. While dica &hne in th rtselna joiy
theeconvention was in this said condition, TpE CHOLERA.-AIH accounts':from the
sardonic yells and ironical laughter issued o,) worh sbicw that Am,rica. must irievi~ta;-
fromt(lie throats of the radical Democrats, bi ,e^ visited. nd l.hnqt shortly, by the rerri-
who choked up the lobbies and galleries.-- bi scou~ge of cholera ; and, as yet, nothing.
The voice of the Presidlent, who attempted is don either by Nliona,, sfateor Muni.-
to restore silence, was drowned by the loud cipal authorities, Io prepare for ii.,,Msost"b
cries of' the spectators, our readers will recmembier that th'e ctiolera
"One of the Vice Presidents, who, by of 1832-33 was preceded by a remarkably
chance had a.Loeofoco maltc) in his waist- ,it ndj);, humid winter, like the one n-oow-
coal pocket, ignited it by scraping it a,.ain t asi y ns. If thlis be not pro to ( o Whnii m ay;
the wall. This blazing locofoco match be^ expected, it certainly is a remarkable co-
which the Vice President held up over his incident, as in bothi instances :,c<-oiiii of"
head was saluted with the lone star.' 'bring cholera in Europe reached, )his couftrry at"
in your firebrands,' give .:im unecot Bran-, the sa season. We look for Some slight
dreth's pills,' 'ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!' At-i attck hefo~re the dawn of" anotherr new"-

ter the lapse of several minutes, one ot the year, and or pits i)revalence, as i peslilence,'
supernumeries found hisway into the charn- during the spring and summer of '!849.
ber with a farthing candle in his hand.- Bicknell's Reporter'.suggests that 'a com-
This luminary exerted a very limited influ- mission be appoint-ed lo visit the scenes-of
ence; but by its rays some of the officers -tie pestilen-ce,. to in-qui'r-e- mi'nutely in-i'to4is
of ihe convention were enabled to find out history, and ascertain the best prevential
the cause of the stoppage of the gas. They and remedial measures, W iearilv en-
detected two or three of" the W ilmot gen- dorsetheproposiion. W while ho u ever.we
tlemcn in the act of turning the screw, and perform every possible preparatory dtiy, let
this, of course, caused the provisoists to beat the dra enemy be met wiiont.)a. Dr.
a retreat. The gas being turned on again, Dawson says, i- relation to the cholera of,
the chandelier was relighted." 1832, that it was generally remarked that
the most perfect immunity wvas among those
ANECDOTE OF GEN. TAYLOR.-A friend who combined habits of cleanliness, teipe.
relates to us, that while Gen. Taylor and rance and industry, with a happy and tr-ao'd
his diminished command were returning to quil mind, fear being reckoned, among the
Monterey from Victoria, in obedience to the most active causes of the disease ; a-pr'po -
orders of Gen. Scott, the weather was bad sition borne out by, the medical men wbho
and the roads worse. His troops had to visited the sick and who ggen".yall-f escaped
wade through mire and water, and many all attack.tWhen the cholera--was raging
were almost unable to proceed, through fa- in Vienna, Dr. Marenzeller. slaff physlcjBap,
tigue and sickness. Gen. Taylor suddenly administered cuprum and veralrum tobl1S0,-
reining in his horse, as the complaint of an 000 persons, none of- whom fell victims to
independent reached his ear, said in a voice the disease. The same res-ult was ain'ed
that could be heard at some distance- amongst 80,000 people in Hutr,-ary a-nd Po-
"nome, my brave comrade, give me your land. Camphor has also b-eein found suc-
hand, put your foot on mine, and spring up cessful in cholera.--N. Y.Sun. '
behind me." The soldier obeyed his orders .
to the letter, and as he wheeled his horse, GOING O voBED.-Goig 'to bed we hav,
the old General continued in the same ener- always considered as one of the moit'sober,
getic tone=-"If every officer of my corn- serious and solemn operation s whichpimao
mand would take a sick soldier behind him, can be engaged in during the whole twenty-
there would be less suffering and complain- four hours. With r a young lady it is alto-
ing.", As he concluded, it was amusing to gether a different sort of thingg.:;, When
see his staff and others hurriedly endeavor- bed-time arrives, she trips up stairs, with a
ing who should first pick up a tired soldier, candle in her hand, and,-if-'sbh1has had
' -N. 0. National. pleasant company duringthe ev&nftig'"with

nymede-that Ben Jonson and Samuel-
that Pope and Dryden, Dr. Watts and
Swift were the darlings of his hearth and
home, as of ours, and in a speech of about
five-and-thirty minutes, explained to us a
series of complimentary sensations very
hard to repeat or remember."
HORRIBLE MURDER.-Intelligence was
received in this place on Monday last, that
a most horrible murder had been comrnit-
ted on Saturday night last, in Randolph
county about 8 miles east of this place,
upon the bodies of two negro traders, from
Virginia, by the names of Trotter and Bol-
ton, by some person or persons as yet un-
The circumstance which led to the dis-
covery of this dreadful tragedy, ate these,
as correctly as we could ascertain them.-A
gentleman passing the Pataula bridge dis-
covered in the creek a fine trunk, at once
suspecting that all was not right, he pro-
cured some of the citizens in the vicinity,
and obtained the trunk,-upon breaking it
open, letters were fonnd which at once
pointed out the owners-search was then
made for the bodies, which were found in
the creek near each other, with their heads
nearly cut off, apparently with a hatchet.-
Traces of blood were discovered, which led
them to the camp where the foul deed was
perpetrated; and from appearances it was
supposed, that after the mur-er the bodies
were placed into the wagon, conveyed to
the creek and thrown over the bridge. The
wagon tracks were traced to the camp, and
then seemed to lead off" in the direction of'
Messrs. Trotter and Bolton had brought
out a large drove of' Negroes, and had dis-
posed of'them all with the exception of some
two or three. They were no doubt mur-
dered for the money it was supposed they
had in their possession. It is thought the
negroes were engaged in the dreadful deed,
but no doubt is entertained but some white
person or persons led them on.
We understand th;.t the community
where the deed was done, are greatly exci-
ted, and that a large company have gone in"
pursuit of the wagon. Intelligence has
been received, that they are in close pur-
suit of it, and that it is in the possession of
negroes alone-the white persons we ap-
prehend, have pocketed the money and
taken another direction.
It is thought, however, that the robbers
were somewhat disappointed in their ex-
pectations, as the unfortunate victims to
their rapacity, had disposed of'their negroes
principally upon a credit, and had not made
very large collections.
[Eufaula Democrat, Feb. 2.
AWFUL TRAGEDY.-On Saturday night
last, two negro traders from Person county,
N. C., of the names of Thomas P. Trotter
and Richard Bolton, were murdered in
Randolph county, Georgia, near Harrison's
Store, by two of their own negroes! The
particulars, as communicated to us by Mr.
J. T. Palmer of Lumpkin, through the
bands of Mr. Thornton of the same place,
are as follows: The mnrdered men had en-
camped for the night, a few miles to the
westward of' Cuthbert, between that place
and Eufaula, Ala., having with then three
negroes, two men and one boy. While ly-
Ing together on a matrass, asleep, the negro
men took position, one on each side of their
victims, and at a given signal, cut their
throats with a razor. Trotter was not so
fatally cut as was Bolton, and was able to
j, mp up, when he was despatched with an
axe! The bodies were then carried off a
mile distant and thrown from a bridge into
a creek, when the murderers proceeded to
secure the money and burn the notes and
papers of the deceased, and having set on
fire the bloody matrass, put out with the
carryall and horses in ihe direction of Ma-
rion county, taking the boy with them. The
discovery of the murder was made on Sun-
d(ay morning, from the fire having commu-
nicated to the woods, at the scene of the
tragedy, which drew the attention of the
neighbors to the spot, when. after a short
search, the mangled bodies of the murdered
men were found, as before stated. Pursuit
was immediately made, and Ihe negroes
were overtaken in Marion county, and
brought to Liimpkin, where au examina-
tiou was had and these particulars elicited
by the confession of the neoroes They
were to be taken to Randolph county, to
await the penalty of tthe law for their awful
crime.--[ Muscogee Democrat.
have been favored, by our [ellow-townsmnan,
Dr, Wurdeman, with a noble sp~ecimeo of
this valuable agricultural product, from his
plantation on Lake Monroe, about "200 miles
up the St. John's River, in East Florida,
which speaks conclusively of the congeni-
ality of tlhat region for the sugar cnlhure..-
The cane is eight feet in length, and nUml-
bets no less than 21 succulent joints. It
also bears, like the cane iu the West India
Islands, a beautiful tassel, that waves in Ihe

wind like the plume of an ostrich-an ap-
pendage which does not distinguish it
amongst us, nor in Louisiana, we believe.
We are also indebted to the same gentle-
man for two specimens of mineral water,
from his place, the one impregnated with
sulpher, the other a strong cathartic, which
we shall submit to some of our medical
frieuds.-[Charleston Courier.
SAGE.-The New Orleans Delta in publish-
ing a letter froml Mustang," its correspon-
dent in Mexico, says :-
In the letter of our correspondent 'Mus-
tang,' an unfavorable opinion is expressed
of Mr. Polk's message, or at least of that
portion of it which refers to military opera-
tions. Our readers will make all due allow-
ances for this opinion of our correspondent,
when they bear in mind that he is a warm
advocate of taking a defensive line and of
the withdrawa] of our troops from the in-
terior of Mexico."

LIFE IN MEXICO.--Speaking of the "ad-
vance of civilization" and the march of
improvement," a writer from Mexico says:
I This has becomequite an American town,'
and in ptoof of the fact he adds: a
One hears English spoken at every step ;
it is becoming quite fashionable with the
natives. I was surprised at hearing so many
Mexicans speak it. Some, too, are learn-
ing the strongest part of the language, such
as oaths and other delicate phrases. I was
very much amused the other day to hear a

In the year 1780, a young London mer-
chant, having won the affections of a lovely
-girl, also obtained the consent of her father,
rto whom she was an only child. The old
gentleman had a singular fancy that they
should be married at the same village church
where his own happy union took place and
-being a sufferer from the gout, he placed
'the young lady under the charge of her
aunt; and ihe happy lover taking his own
valet, set out on his journey to Westmore-
land. Soon after their arrival at that place,
a letter, futll orf transport, was dispatched to
the father; the wedding had first taken
place, the bride had been pronounced by the
,old vicar to be nearly as handsome as her
mother ; and although the bridegroom wore
'no 'shoulder knots, open sleeves, or panta-
ioons'!' he might still compete with the
bridegroom of earlier times in appearance.
After the ceremony, the happy couple took
-a walk in the vicar's garden; and the valet
aware that they would soon leave the place
#for their further destination, went into the
refreshment room at the inn ; and knowing
that his master had drawn the charge from
his pistols the night before, and that the
state of the roads required every precau-
tion, look this opportunity of re-loading
them. Upon their return from the stroll,
the young couple went into this room, and
the gentleman, seeing his pistols laid where
he nad left them, the. night before, and
l.eing sure that he had unloaded them, took
lip one of them and presented it at his faiir
bride, saying, with the most winning flat-
tery, 'Now, maiden, repent of all those cru-
elties you have been guilty of towards ine-
my sleepless nights, my days of anxious
hope. I will revenge myself! Fair tyrant,
you shall die with all your instruments of
torture about you, and that enchanting
smile, those killing ringlhts.'
Pray, do not suffer me to linger,' said
the confiding girl, laughing merrily, at his
agreeable nonsense. Fire.'
He did so, and shot her dead Who can
paint his horror? After a pause he rung
the bell-his servant entered, and his mas-
ter, locking the door, said in a singularly
marked voice, ', William, did you load
those pistols?" The unfortunate wretch,
horrified at what he saw, mechanically an-
swered, Yes.' His master instantly shot
him dead with the undischarged pistol.
After this, in a state of insanity, we must
hope, he wrote an exact account of the oc-
currence to the bereaved father, and con-
cluded by telling him, that two hours ago
he was made the happiest man alive, but
that now, as tire object of his love lay dead
at his feet, lie should finish his wedding (day
and his life by falling on his sword, if his
heart did not break before he could com-
plete his intention. This sad epistle being
finished, he put an end to his life. The
body of poor William, whose fatal careful-
ness had led to so sad a catastrophe, was
interred in the village churchyard, and the
corpses of the lovers, attended by the half*-
bewildered aunt, were brought to London,
.....-Aan ria ey lidi n ave.. i n. the__ iis t
v.'tiere -fe 'now i-3ne wwher 1a6 Mee
lived a happy and a prosperous man.

MRs. GAINES.-Extract of a Washing-
ton Letter to the New York Tribune.
The real heroes, or rather ihe hero and
heroine-the lion and lioness-of Washing-
ton at this time, "admired of all admirers,'
are Henry Clay and Mrs. Gen. Gaines.
With regard to the latter, such an enthusi-
:astic outburst of sympathy and admiration
as has attended the "late favorable decisions
,of her great case, by the Supreme Court of
the United States, was never before witness-
-ed, I presumne, in this Metropolis. Mrs.
-..Ilya ,aines, despite the most unfavorable cir-
,cumstances, and the most powerful combi-
nation of interests adverse to her rights,
has, by force of her own genius and moral
-daring, aided by the indomitable persever-
ence of the General, vindicated her legiti-
macy and heirship, and her consequent title
to the immense estate of her deceased
father, Daniel Clark, a man distinguished
-alike for his wealth, and his prominent 'posi-
aion ,in tlhe early, politicall history of'the Ter-
ritory of Orleans, now the State of Louisi-
1 have no doubt that Mrs. Gaines has
hadl,and is destined to., a mnore brilliant ea-
reer than hardly any other American woman
has yet enjoyed. Her father an Irishman,
,-and her mother a ])rench Creole; she is
highly endowed by Natuxe with that open-
..earted generosity and fearless promptitud-e
*which characterize the children of llhe
Green I~sle. coiabined with the fascinating
manners of the daughters of "La Belle
tq'ranee." All this is tempered by ;a "smart
sprinkling" of Yanlkee enterprise and prac-
tical talent, elements of character aroused
to the highe~t activity in her hy a burning
sense of injustice practised on her from in-
'aney. By this combination of talents, and
wthe romantic interest which attaches to
her history, she hadL while hier pretentious
still rested und:r the clau, of suspi-ion,
gathered around her, in herannual visits to
Washington, an influential circle of friends
and admirers, emlbracing nearly all thie mng-

mnates of the laund,/w'hile at the same time
1her.genuine amiability has warded off the
shafts bf jealousy, and made her equally, a
favorite with her own sex. She has over-
come the deficiences of early education by
l8eag asoesiaion in the most polished cir-
cles, and as a conversationist, I have never
meta lady who was her superior. She is
small in stature, easy and dignified in man-
ners, elegant in person, and possesses that
,kind of French beauty which makes one;
forget the fea.tures-though iu her case they
have no need tojavail themselves of an ex-
,emption from criticism.
And now comes success, tiumphs and
-abounding wealth to crown thiscombination
of attractions, and to place Mrs. Gaines in
< undisputed possession of the highest rank
' in the fashionable world of Washington.-
Her apartments at Brown's Hotel have been
a crowded reception room, day and evening,
ever since the decision. She has been
waited on by Mr. Clay and Mr. Calhoun,
and by nearly every man of distinction in
the city, until the halls of the White House
are deserted in the comparison.

A VERY OLD BOOK.-A gentleman in N.
Orleans has in possession a manuscript
copy of an old Roman missal, written in
Latin, on vellum by a monk, about the
year A. D. 300. The book is, consequent-
ly, one thousand five hundred and forty-
seven years old, at least,


(W-- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
WM. N.V. CtI-IEVR, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula, Ala.



0&' The vote on Mouday last, upon the
acceptance or rejection of the law repealing
the City Charter, resulted as follows:


For accepting the law,
Against it,

Late Jamaica papers received at New
York, continue to harp upon the falli!7g
prosperity of the island. Many proprietors
of estates found themselves, at the close of'
the year, without tneaus to take the crop
off the ground and work it into sugar and
rum. Mr. Borthwick, a member of the
Imperial Parliament, was on a visit to the
island. At a public meeting he declared his
purpose to recommend and urge, on his
return to England, the abolition of all du-
ties upon Jamaica sugar and coffee, a trans-
fer of' the blockade from the coast of Africa
to the ports of Cuba, Porto Rico and Bra-
zil, and an extensive system of immignition
from Africa.
It appears from an article in the New
York Express, that it is in contemplation
to give Gen, Scott a giand reception in that
city on his return home, in honor of his
brilliant services in Mexico. The gentle-
men who are at the head of the movement,
have announced that no political feeling will
be permitted to mar the' festivities of the
More than one hundred and seveniy-five
thousand dollars worth of merchandize was
entered for warehousing at the port of New
York, on Friday, 28th January. This val-
ue (says the Herald,) does 6o't differ greatly
froum the amount daily warehoused for some
time past, and is a very l'arue increase beyond
the same business last year at this time.
The Milledgeville Federal Union of the 1st
instant, gives the following explanation as to
the resignation of this gentleman as U. S.
Senator :
We learn that on Saturday, the 22(,
nil., the resignation of Hou. Walter T.
Colquitt, was received a tihe Executive
Departmnnl, His letter of resignation was
written on the 12th January, while oi his
way to Florila, anid mailed on that day ai
Shell creek P. 0., MIuscogee county. By'
some accident, it did not reach its desina-
lion until the 22d at noon. His Excellency
Gov. Towns, left here on the morning of' the
same day for Virginia. Consequently no
commission lias been issued to fill the va-
The resignation of the Hon. Walter T.
Colquitt, we understand, was accepted by
Gov. Towns, on his return to Georgia, and
Herschel V. Johnson, Esq. has been;,)p-
pointed to fill the vacancy.

NEXATION ?-Senator Cass, the great gun
of' Democracy and upholder of the Admi-
nistration, who is now the most conspicuous
candidate for the Presidency on the Demno-
cratic side, in his late letter to Mr. Nichol-
son, thus answers the above question :
"All the descriptions that reach us of the
condition of the Californias and of New
Mexico, to the acquisition of which our ef-
forts seem at present directed, unite in re-
presenting those countries as agricultural
regions similar in their produce's to our
Middle States and generally unfit for the
production of staples which can alone render
slave labor valuable. If we are not grossly
deceived, and it is difficult to conceive how
we can be, the inhabitants of those regions,
whether they depend upon the plow or their
luntary labor requiring the investment of
large capital, can only be profitable when
employed.in the production of'a few favored
articles, confined by nature to special dis-
tricts, and paying larger returns than the
usual agricultural productions spread over
more considerable portions of the earth.
In the able letter of Mr. Buchanan upon
this subject not long since to the public, he
presents similar considerations with great
And yet we are gravely told by the parti-
zans of Mr. Polk that the "ksafetyof the
South" requires the annexation not alone
of this Territory, but as much more in ad-
dition ? There are none so blind as those
who wont see, but such plain talking aIs that
of Mr. Cass should forte the conviction upon
the most prejudiced partisans, that South-
ern men should have nothing to do either
with him or his projects.

THIRD WITCH.--All hail, Macbetlh that
shall be king hereafter.
The following is a resolution passed at a
democratic meeting held in Buffalo, a few
days ago. Prince John is in the line of safe
precedents :--

Resolved, That we recognize in John
Van Buren one of the most able, and un-
wavering advocates of popular rights. The
manly stand he has taken in defence of the
principles and usages of the democratic

_ _

IIPlb--~--"~ --L*~~---ul ~ L-- ---- --1-I ~sem~UI~Y-~sl---- ---- -~ ~~--------1. __

For Liverpool.
AM THE ship OCEAN, Capt Brownell,
^^ having the principal part of cargo en-
J aged, and going on board, will have
quick dispatch.. For frerght of the remainder, or
passage apply to HARPER & HOLMES,
For Liverpool.
i-- THE fine Br. ship QUEEN, New-
r land, master, will have dispatch for the
-a above port. For freight of a few bales
to fill up, apply to
Jan 27. CHAS ROGERS & to.
For New York.
THE last sailing coppered bark CUM-
^ BERLAND, Hiscuck, master, wants 300
Ak bales to complete her cargo. For freight
of which, or passage, apply to
Feb J0 A hODGE.
For New Yort.
^-^ THE brig MANHATTAN, Johnson,
^ master, having most of her cargo engaged
k will have immediate dispatch.
Feb 10 NOURSE, STONE & Co.
For New York.
!HE fast-sailing sclr' LEROY, Be-
^^ dell, master, will have dispatch. For
i freight or passage, apply to
Feb 10 A DODGE.

I;me a8' eagac ite i6er, is in her head-the can-
die is 154,Pon the toilet, and her luxuri-
antMf4ii Aspeedidy'-emancipated from the
lhra,o5dficor'rls arid 1)ins. If she usual-
SP~av'rs ; watel, curls" or uses the 1 iron,"
TieraTii-)s-brushed carefully from her tore-
fieall. dird-th'e W'hole mass compactly secur-
ed ; ifnot, why then her lovely tresses are
soon hid in innumerable bits of paper.-
This task accomplished, a nightcap makes
its appearance, edged may be W'ih plain
muslin, or may be with L.ice which hides
all, save her own sweet c0tuntenance. As
soon as she ties the -strings, probably she
takes a peep in her * half blll-lle .al hilt slhe sees. The light is
11out--her Ii,' ,lieate form gently presses
the en'li ai,,l like A dear, innocent, lovely
"creature a-I ,lie ii, shlio falls gentley into
s-leep, %i ii a sweet smile on her still sweeter
T.'ae. A man of course, under the same
eirc.,IitaIces, acts quite differently,. Every
:m v enien t in his ...liIi'lhtr indicales the
coarse.rough .l oI' I' len na tufe.-
wlhon"alr i~s reaay. Ihr snuffs the candle out
wioi Ils fiEhgis" lil, e .' cannibal, and then
j QV"fifh 'intoibei like 1 savage. For a few
,.-,:m'om~eill he ,iin~k.s.f^;:all the pccadilloes he
':nmay .have vcn-mittlid, lli'oth Illth da5y-
vo%4aqVow (1) amRtl d i.i:', ,--.-,roans, turns.
...over"stretiehes hinma.ell'--then all i' sihlnt -
.ard tlhen.1.lhe heavy 'liyeihlng el the -lnm-
leie^-7 Erclt,,i.,,iiiff/ret,^


CorroN -*'Sir ce our, ,ji.irday s ict, ori ilierehos
tiIen a o'+i v,,, inq'ini -ity-or ce!jtL -,i l wi dilyv s.al', t,
I e"'.ne ex.y tI c,-'f 31.1O t1o 60, bjI-';.'. Nihl t b,..f,,rr l.st
; '4 ,e re'beived a icle r hii-lic, ielport of laier ji,,t l[-
:;(? genee from "Li verpool, but as yet it has produced
" ,b'ut little, if any, ,effect upon our market. We
.." coiumiiue our |ir.vious.quotations.
4h ej W fl ...' ... .... I ......... .... ....
O i'd '1t G ....d i,,rd .. ..... ............
2-'... ..M .i~ tlii,- .. .......................... .61 a 61

% ld ..F .11. ......... ....... ;. 7'.. .. a 7"
., F a- ir. . .. . .... +. . .. : . .. .7 i a 7 |
"]..'*rr,dNr,.--There has been no change in the
,. '." Yai,:' t0 eiltihoi I,,reign or domestic ports since Sat-

Tanners' Oil,
OR sale by
Dec 30 B ELLTSON & Co.

For-New York.
STHE regular packet bark MAGDA.
SLA, A. K. Dodge, master, having-the
s most of her cargo engaged anrtogoing oft
board, will have quick di-spatch. r, For-lance of
freight or passage, apply to .. ....
Jan. 27.. A. DODGE.
For New Yorki.
; THE fine brig METAAMORA, Grani,
,as'er, will meet with dispatch. For
eight or passage, apply to
Jan. 27. NOURSE, STONE & Co.

Oil Cloths and Carpets.
5 PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 yards wide;
15 3 pes super Ingrain Carpeting;
2 Stair "
10 Tufted Rugs,
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec. 30 41 Water street.

Stocekon hand Sept. 1, 1847... 57F 988
Received past 3 days ........... 4928
previously ........ *27214
TTotad ....... 32750 63958
t p.\l?>' ed past.3 days .......... -'-
7"*> previously .....1.... .1609
pTotal.......-- 12492 24777

Oi handain. -hil|board notcleared 20258 39181
Commencing Ist September, 1847T-and same
time in 1846.
-PT--iPr To f.. l L ,.
'F7nr i /TotAL
{.'ttU- 1FrH r;.,tP-,P. I'Er,. 3 tlaiySiot:ly.. "" 'lea{,in
L i ,-p.,-[|' ....-l .... ... ..... .3810 ..3610 ..4176

ttn~ir .............. ..... ..849 ..849.....
e ........... ...... 958
O lh-1 r ports ........... .... ...... ...... ......
Total to For. Ports. ...... ...4659 ..4659 ..1321
New York ........... ... 833 ..3139 ..3972 ..5894
B.eostlon ............... .. .. .. 2035 ..2038 ..3961
Providence .................. 774 ..774 .1623
P hiladelphia ...... ..........................
Baltimore .... .......... ... 729 ...729 ..1170
Neev Orleans ......... .... 50 ...270 ...320 ..5733
Othrerpofts.... ... .... .. ..... ... 1262
TotalCoastwise.... .83 ..6950 ..7S33 .19643
TOTAL-PALES ............. .12492 .24777

DRAFTS on New York, Boston, Providence,
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bought; and
Sight Checks on New York sold by
WM. G. PORTER & Co,.
Agents Bank of Brunswick;
Dec 30 41 Water street.

POTATOES-100 bbls.; Turnips--50 bbis.;
Cairrots-50 bbls.; Beets-50 bbls.;
Parsnips-25 bbls., for sale bv
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

For Baltimore.
TIIHE fine brig B G LAMAR, Knuad-
i qon, master, having most of her cargo
i engaged, will have immediate dispatch;
For freight or passage, apply to
Jan 13 CHAS ROGERS & Co.,
......... "For Sale.
1,11 1THE subscriber offers at private sale,
ill';;; hi's residence, on Market street; Aitach-
11i;1' Ied to the premises are all the necessary
out buildings, including a bakery, oven, &c, aft
new. Xor terms, apply on the premises.
Feb 3 P FAUST,
gSedond Story BaltZell's Buildings,
^^ ^ (Entkanceeon Cnv-tnut-st j
N B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefully
repaired. October 21, 1847..

School Books.
S'HOOL LOOKS, of all kinds, just r, c'd by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN.

0(\ HHDS West Indies; 50 tierces Florida,
50 f4 sale by i ELL'-ON & CO.
Dec 30 Cor. '' ater a Ad Chestnut sts.

ATS and Caps by the case low for cash by
Dec 9. Cor. Water ..md Chestnut st.

T HE proprietor of the Athenaeum Bowling
Saloon" has used every endeavor to make
the establishment an agreeable place of resort,
and is thankful that an ever discriminating pub-
lic prove by liberal patronage their appreciation
of his desire to please. He will always keep a
choice assortment of Liquors, and refreshing
beverages, of a sort to tickle the palates of Old
Bacchus' most fastidious sons; and Oysters,
cool and delicious, fresh fromn their native banks.
For a pleasant commin-gling of exercise and
amusement-utile cum dulce-there is nothing
within the circle of gymnastics to compare with
a gime of ten pins; but those preferring less
active amusements, can always take a hand.
Come one-come all."
Apalachicola, Dec. 30, 1847. 50-tf
No. 39 Water-street.
RECEIVED per brig B. G. Lamar and schr.
Elizabeth, (fom New York-
SHOES--Calf "1Clay" Ties; (do Nullifiers; I.
Rubber Over Shoes, with leather heels
and soles.
HATS-`- Amidons," Beaver and Moleskin, in
extreme fashion ; also, a variety suitable
to country trade.
GLOVES-Kid, Silk, Linen, Woolen and Buck,
of all varieties.
HOSIERY-Cotton, Woolen and Silk.
ALSo-A few fasionable Pilot Over Coats,
Black Sicks, Pants, Vests, &c.
Jan 13, 1848. M. P. ELLIS.

Feb 7-Schr Elizabeth, Cliff, fm N Orleans.
Feb 10-Bark Madonna, Mitchel, fm Portland.
Steamer Quincy, Allen, fm Chattahoochee.
Steamer Notion, McAllister, fm Franklin.
Steamer Eufaula, N'Naughton, fm Jernigan.
Steamer Boston, Morton, fin Columbus.
Steamer Viola, Van Veghten, fm Columbus.
Steamer Mary A Moore, Moore, fnm Columbus.
Steamer Lotus, Jones, fm Columbus.
Steamer Albany, Griffin, fm Columbus.
Steamer Emily, Hall, fnm Columbus.
St'r Apalachicola, Thompson, fin Columbus.
Steamer Flint, Damerel, fm Albany.
Feb 4-Schr Pauline, Young, for New Orleans.
Feb 7 Schr L Sears, Sears, for New Orleans.
Feb 8-Ship Andrew Scott, Emery, for New
York, by C Rogers & Co.

Burlington, Cook, 535 tons, fin New York, wait-
Ocean, Brownell, 566 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-Harper & Holmes and C S Tomlinson.
Urgent, Rogers, 622 tons, fm Liverpool, waiting-
W A & P C Kain.
,,Tesse, (Br.) Oliver, 679 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-Hill, Dawson & Co.
Fl..idi ,.1" Whittemore, 443 tons, fm New York,
waiting-Nourse, Stone & Co.
Queen, (Br.) Newland. 650 tons, for Liverpool,
loading-Chas Rogers & Co.
Constellation. Flitner, 276 tons, from New York,
wt,,-.--D B Wood & Co.
'M.TIIedi,:, IT, ..-tck, 414 tons, for Boston, load-
i,--l.) B Wood & Co.
donnanna, Mitchel, 489 tons, fin Portland, wait-
Sarah Sheaf, Sands. 401 ton's, for Liverpool, load-
ing-J Day & Co.
Gleaner. Smith,'289 tons, fm Rochforte, France,
waiting-D B Wood & Co
John Brower, Tolford, 310 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Alice Frazier, Trott, 406 tons, for New York, load-
ing-W A & P C Kain.
Cumberland, Hiscuck, 385 tons, for New York,
loading--.A Dodge.
Magdala, Dodge, 298 tons, for New York, with
dispatch-A Dodge.
Sarah Bovd, Drummond, 342 tons, for Boston,
loading-Chas Rogers & Co.
Triton. Luce, 267 tons, for Providence, loading-
T L Mitchel
New England, Andros, 238 tons, fyr Providence,
loading-Wood & Ballou.
Mary & Jane, Flitner, 346 tons, from Liverpool,
Isabella, Preble, 315 tons, fm Havana, waiting-
C Rogers & Co.
Florence, Woodward, 349 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B Wood & Co.
Manhattan, Johnson, 246 ton,, ,for New York,
loading-Nourse, Stone & Co. .
Metamora, Grant, 195 tons, for New York, load-
ing-Nourse, Stone & Co.

Hardware, Ship Chandlery, &c.
T HE Subscribers have on hand for sale-
LOCKS, assorted, Butts, Screws, Hinges,
Handsaws, Millsaws, Crosscut do, Planes,
Compasses, Augers, Gimblets, Chisels, Brace
and Bitts, Rulps, Bevels, Squares, Broadaxes,
Ship d&, Collins' do, Adze, Hatchets, Ham-
mers, Shutter Hangings,-Blind do, Steelyards,
Counter Scales, Platform do, Cotton do,
Kitcnen Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and
Tongs, Fire Irons, &c.
BLACKSMITHS' Bellows. Anvils, Sledges,
Hammers, Vices, Screwplates, Stoeks and
Dies, Tongs, Files, Rasps, &c.
IRON-Sweeds, English and American, assorted,
round, flat and square, Band, Hoop, Sheet and
Boiler Iron. Railroad, Spike do, Horseshoe
Iron and Nails, Cast, English, Blister and
German Steel.
PLOIGHS--Single and Double Cornsheller.,
Cornrrills, Logchains, Trace do, Ox do,
Shovels and Spades, Weeding Hoes, Garden,
Laue and Grubbing Hoes.
CORDAGE--Manilla and Hemp, assorted, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin, Coal Tar, Bright Varnish, Hand-
spikes, Blocks, Oars, &c.
CASTINGS-Sugar Kettles, Mills and Caul-
drons, Bakeovens, Spiders, Pots, Enameled
Kettles, Tea Kettles, &c.
TINWARE-A full assortment.
Wholesale or retail.
Apalachicola, Jan. 20, 1848.
9Q BBLS Whiskey; 10 bbls Molasseq;
29J1 tierce Rice, just rec'd and for sale by
Jan 6 E. McCULLY, 50 Waiter st.

Net and Twine Taunfacturing
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan's Patent
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and
Bundle Twines, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines,
JVA B. JVAets and Seines knit to order at short
notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agents,
October 14, 1847. 39tf Apalachicola
Groceries, &c.
JUST received from New York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of Groceries, &c.
consisting in part as follows, viz :
Crushed Sugar, "a fine article,"
Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup,
Cog. Brandy, a super, article,"
Com. do.
Holland Gin, of the best quality,
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum,
Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Starch,
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey,
Brown N. 0. Muscovado and St. Croix Sugar,
Bacon Sides, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold low by
Nov 11 50 W it-r st.

.""HE subscriber will be receiving and opening
I in a few davs, an entire new and extensive
assortment of READY MADE CLOTHING,
direct from the Manufactory, consisting in part of
100 blanket and pilot cloth Overcoats, assorted
style and colors
50 Monkey Jackets
Sailors' blue and gray Round Coats
Sack, Frock, and Dress Coats
Cloth, Cassimere, Satinett, Janes and Tweeds
Panis, various styles
Flannel Shirts and Drawers
Heavy canton flannel Shirts, Driawers and Sin-
Fancy cambric and Linen Shirts
Gents. and Boys' fine linen bosom Shirts
Fancy and plain Vests
Hickory Shirts; plain muslin ditto
Suspeid'ers, Gloves, &c.
All or any portion of the above will~be z"'d to
the trade at New York Factory prices. T(" rms
made easy. Call and examine the stock.
JNO. S. ItUTCHINSQN, Agt. Factory,
No. 28 Water street, up stairs.
Apalachicola, Dec. 16, 1817. 4S-tf
flydraulic Colton Press.
HEH, subscriber is ,'-'i|'r to inform his former
patrons, and ship masters generally, that he
has the above press in tip top ord,'r, and is now
prepared to compress cotton- as well as can be
d,.ne by any other press in the city, and on as
good if not on better terms. All he asks is a trial
The warehouse is now in good order, and ready
to receive cotton on storage.
Apalachicola, Dec. IW;, 1847, 48-tf

Groceries and Ship Stores.
R IO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powehong do, Souchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Frdits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens. Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oa~s, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Eec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Map Agents Wanted.
TtHE subscriber wishes to engage in the gale of
his Maps a number of young and middle
aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velling agents. Having completed new and
greatly improved editions of his Universal Atlas,
72 Maps; large Map of the World, Reference
and Distance Map of the United States, National
Map of the United States'--also, a variety of
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices.
Northeast corner of Market and Seventh
Dec 30 Streets, Philadelphia.
Blank Books and Stationery.
EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
"- Ship and River Bills Lading;
13-oooks for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just ilefa-i_-,t and for sale by
March 1 -- '.-V'TL-.
IVM BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov -28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.
RESH Fall Crop, *-r sale by
F April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Dry Goods.
RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannel, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO
Dec 9. Crie, Water and Chestnut sts.
HHDS St. Croi gar;
5J 1.5 do New OlKas Sugar;
20 bbls St Croix "
5 bxq Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground "
100 sacks Rio Coflee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 ,, Sperm.Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

SIX weeks after date, application will be made
to the Hon, Judge of Probate of Franklin
County, ,for letters of administration upon the
estate of G. G. Windham, late of said county
deceased. A. M ELL10TT.
Apalachicola, Jan 13, 1848. 52-6t*

For Boston.
THE fast-sailing coppered bark FLOR-
ENCE, Woodward, master, will meet
^^^s~with dispatch. For freight on deck, or
passage, apply to
Feb 10 D B WOOD & Co.
For Boston.
STHE fine packet bark JOHN BROW-
^ ER, Tolford, master, will meet with dis-
lA patch. For freight,on deck, or passage,
apply to
Feb 3 D B WOOD & C6.

For Sale.
200 SACKS Salt; 20 firkins superior But-
200 ter. Apply to
Jan 13 NURSE, STONE & Co.

100 SACKS Rio, Havana, and St.' Domingo
100~v7 Coffee, for sale low by
Dec 23 E McCULLY.

Tn iy.
.: ,. .. .'QUOrTTtoNs :
" -^' 'To L;-. -i p._'.,.l *.." ..... '. .. ...-.'*.*.'.... :..9-I6d,
." r "T' H ,'. ,e .... ". ..... ... '..v. ... .. .... .--
.* _.N e v V..il .. .. ................ 9-16c
.,.,) i t,-[.,n .. .. .... ........... ..... 9-16c.
T_,o "P' ri e n,:', ..- ... .................. 9-16c.

For Boston.
*4r THE fine fast sailing ship MACEDO-
qNIA, Jack, master, will meet with imr;
i nediate dispatch. For on deck freight,
or passage, apply to
Feb 3 D B WOOD & Co.
For Boston.
i mond, master, having most of her cargo
A Son board, will take a lew bales to fill up.
Apply td
Jan 27. CHAS ROGERS & Co


L ast


Dr. Woodruff's Dysentary Cor-
FOF Diarrhoea, Dysentary, Cholera Morbus,
Cholera Infantum, and summer complaint of
children, for sale by
Feb 3 J. C. ALLEN.

General Comm_1ission Balsiness.
T HE undersigned has taken the Brick Store
two doors below Messrs. Greenwood & Mor-
i is's, and will devote himself strictly to the busi-
ness. The Store is large, for the storage of
Goods. Every attention will be paid to purcha-
sing, selling, renting, hiring, &c, of all kinds of
property,'either publicly or privately.
Columbnq, Ga., Jan. 13, 1548. 1-1mo
Tr11 publicc are hereby notined, that Ihe nn-
drrsined is owner of the 3,k- ry establish-
ment in this city, formerly conducted by Mr.
Edmund Au-tin, and that from this date, he will
continue to carry on and con luct the business
connected with said Bakery in his own name and
for his own interest.
Apalachicola, Jan. 1, 1848. 2-3t
Fresis G:x'Blei St-ees.
A LAG' '. sortme it ot Fres-i Seed, just rec'd,
and for sale by
N v 11 J. C. AI, LEN.

M/ADE on shipments of Cotton to Liverpool,
Havre, New York and Boston, by
Dec. 16 D. B. WOOD & CO.
WHEREAS, S. R Bonner became purchaser
from the Apalachicola Land Company, on
the 22d day of April, 1836, of Lots numbers 5
and 10, in Block number 28; also, the wharf pri-
vilege known on the map 9t plan of the city as
No. 29, at the price of' -1.r,' .',, for which he ex-
ecuted his notes, &c in favor of said Company,
which remain unpaid, with the interest due
thereon: And whereas, by the agreement made
with the said S. R. Bonner; it was fully under-
,tood that in case of failure to pay the said notes
according to the contract, the said Company
should be at liberty, on giving thirty day's notice
in a public gazette, published in Apalachicola, to
re-sell said Lots at the risk of said purchaser, for
the benefit of said Company, and if any surplus
remailied, after paying said notes, given for and
on account of said Lots and all costs and ex-
penses, the same shall be paid to the said S. R.
Bonner, or his legal representatives; and where-
as, the said S. R. Bonner has failed to pay said
notes, now the said Compay, in pursuance of the
premises, will expose the Lots aforesaid to sale
at auction, in front of the Court House in said
city, on Tuesday the twelfth day of March next,
between the houas of 10 o'clock, A. M. and 2
o'clock, P. M. for cash, to pay up said notes and
costs and charges.
JAS. E. BETTNER, Agent of the
Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Co.
February 10, 1848. 4-5t

On Cons' gnnment.
JUST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, "I Celebradad,"
10,0O-0 Cazadores, Esmero,"
6 dozen Reserve Maderia,
S 1 "Regina" Port,
6 Cherry Cordial,
10 Tomato Catsup,
Forsaleby McCALLA & ROMAN,
Dec 2 46-tf 9 Columbus Block.
3f\ C(\f\OF the most celebrate(] brands,
30500-10 just received, from Havana, and
for sate by E McCULLY,
De csl5 50 Water st.
West india Fruit.
1Q CANISTERS West India Fruit, preserved
s with its originalflavor, just received from
Havana, for sale by E McCULLY,
Dec 16 50 Water st.

T HE Subscribers take this method of inform,
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which Will be
sold low, consisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles
Fancy Prints, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured
Silks, Frode Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Satin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latestTashibn
Ribbons in all varieties
Brown Shirting; 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4 -
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bags
Hats and Caps, all styles "
Boots and Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds. ."
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous t,.: mnei.non.
Call and examine for yourselves. .
Dec -2.3 Cor. Water and Centre sts.
B. Ellison & Co., Cor. Water fnd
Chestnut sts ....
M!ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all-sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline;' I ,,iN,, 1 Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, F.,1i do. Whale d&a.;Ol'ive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits'TbtE-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty,. Wlire
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Greens
Emerald do, Imperial, do, Chrome Yellow,- Ver--
digris, LithArage, Sulphur, Bright Varnis.b, "Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine- Coal,- Paint
Br..]-l,~, Varnish do, Tar do, Scrub do, Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck, Eig-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Likht d6,
White, Blue and Red Bunting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Ha'ud
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar, do, Deck Brooms;
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, AxesAxe.
Helves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Ironsi. Marline Spikes-, Ship'p-Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, Torme.ntors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Rigging; Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers, Hatcelits.Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets.. FLndsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Loeeks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hi-nges,. Padlooks,
Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyards, Hand Lines,
Deep Sea do, Log~do, Fish do, Hand Lead&, IDLeep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bat do, Funneis, Lahthorns.
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin.Ware, Cfockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &.c &c.
Apalachicola, Dec. 9,1847. L/; .
Guuavn Jellies.
N diltere,,t nize-,l b.-\i e, just received from H-.
va sia, aid rul 'sale by '
Dec 23 E (': .... E M LEY;

Per steamer Lotus--Mr Jernigan, Livingston.
Per steamer Emily-Rev John Crowell, M D
Per steamer Mary A Moore-Mrs Moore, chil-
dren and serv't, Mr Simmons, Cowper.
Per steamer Eufaula-Mrs Morton, Judge R C
Per steamer Boston-H B Stone, A Asher, P
.... Per steamer Apalachicola-Mrs Smith & child,
Mr Borax, lady child and serv't, Jno F Bosworth,
*Jno Gaskins, servant and child.
Per steamer Notion--Mrs Ann Cox, child and
servant r
Per steamer Quincy-Rev J 1- Rutledge, W D
Ackin, Maj J G Camp, Col W P Stockton, Isaac
Ferguson, J L Smallwood, J McCall, M McCall,
G T Burger, A J Kolb, J Milligan, S Hays. Jas
Per steamer Albmnv--o10 bales cotton to Maclby
e Kirnbrough; ..' 1 I. !rper -- tollo a's: 53 do
To Nourse; Stone & Co; 311 do to A N McKiiy &
Go, 34 do to Sius & Cheever; 56 do to Wzn G
Porter & Co
Per steamer EmilY-200 bales cotton to A N
McKay, V Co; 168) do to Suns fV Cheever. 139
do to 11 K 1I1ll; 15 do to I L,! Wrishl; 52 dho to
Norse? Stone \r Go; 5i) do to .1 )ay.-V Co; 43 do
to L,'kihart IV, Y,)aug; 41 dto to Wylie & ?4c'K-1)-
zie; 22 do ostnmh:i-gs to Hill-, Dawson &c Co; 40
sacks corn to J F FV-mior.,,.
.-PTr steamer i m ,,,.-, -,.i'i bales cottfo .
P e r steal mr er ,- -- l,,, b ales c o tto n it) D 1"
Wood.*X Co; 15 do to I M Wright; 95 do to A
N McKay & Go; 63 do to Hill. Dawson & Co; 53
do to Htarper & Holmes; :3 do to Sima & Chee-
Ver; 20 do to U Kogers & Co; 53 do to order.
Per stpamrer Lotus-400 bales cotton to D B
Wood & Go; 152 do to Hill, Dawson & Co; 122
do to D K Dodge; 64 do to Harper & Holmes; 37
do to Lockhort & Young; 2 do to Maclay & Kim-
Per steamer Mary A Moore-743 bales cotton
'to A N McKtay V Co; 35 do to A Dodge; 181 do
to'Lockhart & Young; 16 do to Wylie & McKen-
Per steamer Eufabla- 289 bales cotton to A N
McKay &6 Go; 25 do to Lockhart N,- Young; 71 do
to-MXclay & Kimbrough; 269 do to Wylie & Mc-
Per steamer Boston-500 bales cotton to D B
Wood & Co; 71 do to A N McKay; 17 do to Wy-
lie"& Me Kenzie; 12 do to Hill, Dawson & Co.
Per steamer Apalachicola-30 bales cotton to
Nourse, Stone & Co; 20 do to Harper & Holmes;
27 do to Hill, Dawson &- Co; 8 do tp Lockhart &,
-Young; 226 do to J C Maclay k Holmes; 36 do
to J C Maclay; 20 do to Wylie & McKenzie; 6 do
-to Win G Porter & Co; 3 do to A N McKay &
Co- 100 sacks corn to E McCuily.
Per steamer Notion-287 bales cotton to Hill,
i-J? Dawson & 0o; 243 do to Maclay & Holmes; 207
do to W"- A. P C Kain; 106 do to D B Wood &
Co; 63 do to Lockhart & Young; 19 bales domes-
tics to Harper & Holmes
Per steamer Flint-58 bales cotton to Sims
Cheever; 100 bushels corn, 14 cases tobacco to
J H Hull.
Per steamer Quincy-105. bales cotton to W G
Porter & Co; 96 do to H R Taylor; 42 do to Wylie
& McKenzie; 1 do to S & J Shifter; 9 do, 13 sacks
corn; 6 bales cotton to Sims z Cheever; 18 do to
LLckhart & Young; 18 do to D G Raney; 8 do to
GT Burger;'90 do, 3 bxs tobacco to B S Hawley;
9 socks corn to T Orman.
Per barge Live Oak-61 do to W U Porter &
Co; 143 do to J Day & Co; Ido to Wylie McKen-

NEW YORK-Per ship. Andrew Scott-833
NEW WORLEANS-Per Pauline-75 bales cot-
toa, .V.
ier schr E Sears-50 bales cotton.

Ch1ocolate. -
/' U L3S. best Spanish No. 1 Sweet Chocolate,
just received from Havana, for sale by
Dee 23 E McCULLY.
Liverpool Salt,

OR sale by
Dec 30


UININE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

A FEW boxes of Stewart's Refined Candies,
for sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st.

Iron, Nails, &C.
')' TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
,2, 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities,;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 English and American Vises;
20 Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by_
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Candied Fruit.
JUST received from Havdra, and for sa-le by
D-c 23 E McCULLY.

PLAINS, Plain Irons, single and double, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Guages, Mortice do, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Hooks
and Staples, Butts, Screwg, Hin'ges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps, Axes, Hatchets, Coffee Mills, Sledge Ham-
mers, Smith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvil,, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

MTunsic Music Music !
.= E THE subscriber respectfully informs
? F']7-'a-j the citizens of Apalachicola, that he
intends to recommence teaching on
,ext !l. 1. 1..I ',y, 27th instant, an evening class.
i'hose desirous of taking lessons on the follow-
ini.,, instruments, Spanish Guitar, Flute, Violin,
(Tenor or Alto Violin) and Violincello, would
do well to apply as early as possible, as they can
have the privilege of selecting the hours which
mav suit their convenience.
T"mas :--$10 for eight weeks of two lessons
each wee!, the course to close on 16th March.-
Application at my office, in Baltzetl's Building.
Jan. 20 l-tf T. C UNDERWOOD.
N. B. No reduction will be made for nonat-
tendjance, except through protracted sicknes .
Shieriff's Sale.
BY virtue ot a mortgage fieri facias, to me di-
recled, from the Circuit Court of Franklin
Cbonty, in favor of Henry G. Guyon, versus Jane
Vallou, Adm'x estate of J. W. Flavel, deceased,
and William Valleau, her husband, I have levied
on the south halt of Lot 5, Block 15, and the im-
provements thereon, being the premises mort-
gaged by J. W. Flavel, deceased, to plaintiff in
execution, and will expose the same for sale at
the usual hours of sale, in front of the Market
House, Apalachicola, that being the usual place
for holding Court, on the first Monday in March
next, to satisfy said fi fa.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
By B. LUdAS, Deputy.
Apalaehicola, Feb. 3, 1848.
Thompson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha,
FOR the cure of consumption, chronic, bron-
chitis, asthma, w hon)uing cough, palpitation
of the heart, liver complaints, and affections of
the kidneys, for sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

A FEW dozen bottles, just received from Ha-
vana, and for sale by
Dec -3 E McCULLY.

0 BALES Georgia Osnaburgs, on consign-
10 inment, for sale by
Dee J. DAY & Co.

Boots asnd Shoes.

BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Provisions !
UST received per schrs. Elizabeth Hull and
Santa Rosa, from New Orleans"
50 bbls Flour; 20 bxs Cheese;
10 hf bbls Butter Crackers; 10 firkins Butter;
10 bbls Pilot Bread ; 20 keg Leaf Lard ;
500 lbs super Bagg'd Hams;
3 hhds N 0 Sugar;
Which will be sold low by
Jan 6 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.

DOZ. assorted Syrips, of superinr.quali'y,
just received from Havana, and for sale bv
Dec -23 E McCULLY.

Horse anAi Dray
F-OR sale r'heap. Appyv to
Voy 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Bagging and Hope,
F OR sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st. -
K./~ RBLS Champagne, tors~ilf hv
O5 Dee 30 B ELLISON Co.
SWEDE Iron, Scotch do, Weeding an,- irden
S Hoes, Blacksmiths Bellows, Cotton an-. V'ool
Car ts, Spades and Shovels, Cauldron an,. :,5tgar
Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by .
D-ee 9 Cor. WVi!er a,.d Chestnut sts.
Geiiesce Flour, Goslen Butter,
A %D a superior article of CHEESE, for sale
by E. McCULLY,
N ,v 11 50 Water st.

For Sale.
/ K BBLS Hay, now landing froln sl it) Flori-
04`5 dian. Apply to
Dec 23 NOURSE, STONE & Co.
3150 F\ SACKS Liverpool Salt, cargo of Br.
3150Jship Queen, for sale by
Dee 2 J. DAY & Co.

A FEW bbls puire Cider Vinegar, fnr sale low
by E. McCULLY,
Nov li 50 Water st.

Hydrosttatic Ink Fountain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,
Sand B x.?s, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clas )s, Weights, &c. for sale by
Nov 18 J C ALLEN.

BEEF---Mess and Prime,,
Pork-Do do
Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.
.Bailey's Tonic Mixture,
T HIS is a valuable compound fluid extract of
Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.
Saddlery, &c.
SADDLES, of various patterns and qualities,
S Bridles, curb and Snaffle bits,
Saddle Bags,
Martingales and Whips, for sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.
Bacon, Flour, Sugar, Coffee and
LWAYS on hand, and for sale low by
A Dec 23 E McCULLY.

Gooll Pens.
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior
Gold Pens,just received and for sale by
October 21. .J C. ALLEN.

Western Produee.
ST. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, Lard, Whiskey,
Sugar, choice and prime, Molasses, Pork, mess
and nrme, Bacon, Hams, Sides and Shoulders, for
sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Wood Ware, &ce
BARREL Cofers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Wafer and Chestnut sts.
OOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by thecase'
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans '
6 4 fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and.Chestnut sts.

T russes,
SINGLE and double, for sale by
July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

Thomsonian Medicines,
JUST received and for sale by
Feb 3 J.C. ALLEN.

Drugs, Medicsnes & Chemicals.
AFRESH supply of Drugs, Medicines and
Chemicals, now landing from bark Reform,
and for sale by
Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN

Dr. Woodruff's Worni Specific,
A SAFE and efficient remedy for worms, for
sale by
Feb 3 J C ALLEN.

Sweetmeats and Preserves.
A WELL assorted lot,just received from Ha-
vana, for sale by E McCULLY,
Dec 16 50 Water st.
Old Reserve Whiskey,
F Smith's Eagle Brand, for sale by
Nov 11 50 Water st.

T RACE CHAINS, Spades-, Locks, assorted,
Wagon and Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives and
Irons, &c. &c. for sale low by
Nov 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Irish Potatoes and Onions.
A FINE article for sale by
Nov. 11 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.


'* t.
SEfDLITZ, Yeast a,,d, Sda Povditrs 0t w .he
best quality, for sale by,
July 17 J.C ALLE N,j

The Indians' Elixir,
A CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, for
sale by
Feb 3 J, C ALLEN.

Dr. Woodruff's Antibillious Veg-
etable Life Pills,
FOR sale by
Feb 8 J C ALLEN.

r"'-`~Y9""1'C~~CC~iP~IIR----IIIIPIII f~--~4r ~~._~ ___~h--I~LI~III~C~YC -I I C I i- - ;...~ r. I: I


2Ulal :Notftcrs,

At Chambers,

UST received per schrs. Elizabeth Hull and
Santa Rosa, from New Orleans-
50 bbls Flour; 20 bxs Cheese;
10 hf bbl,; Butter Crackers; 10 firkins Butter;
10 bbis Pilot Bread ; 20 keg Leaf Lard;
500 lbs su per Bagg'd Hams;
3 hhds N 0 Sugar;
Which will be sold low by
Jan 6 E McCULLY, 50 Water st.
SALAD OIL, just receivedand for sale by
Apr I 17 H. F. ABELL
A FEW bbIs pure Cider Vinegar, for sale low
by E. McCULLY,
Nov 1 50 Water st.


Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the authority in me vested by law,
T will expose to sale, before the Court House
Door, in the City of Apalachicola, on Monday the
8th day of May, 1848, between the hours of ten
A. M. and four P. M. the following real estate,
situated in the City of Apalachicola, (assessed as
the property, of Liewis Curtis and Joseph Dela-
field Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Com-
pany,) or so much thereof as will pay the Taxes
,for 1i47, assessed, thereon, and in arrear unpaid
to the State of Florida, and the County of Frank-
lin, together with the cost of advertisement and
sale, and which said real estate is described as
follows, in the Map of said City, viz.
Block A, range,1, lots nos. 1 to 14, inclusive,
unimproved; block A, range 2, lots nos. 1, 3, 6,
9, 11, 13, 14, unimproved; block A, range 2,
lots nos. 2,4, 5,10, 1.2, improved; block B, range
1, lots nos. 3, 10, 9, 16, 17, unimproved ; block
B, range 2, lots nos. 13, 14, unimproved; block
B, range 2, lots nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, improv-
ed; block C, range 1, lots nos. 3, 4, 15, 16, unim-
ploved; block C, range 2, lotsnos. 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, unimproved; block C, range 2, lots nos. 1,
2, 4, 5, 15, improved; block D, range 2, lots nos.
3,7, 8, 9, -unimproved; block D, range 2, lots
nos. 1, 2, 5, improved: block E, range 1, lots nos.
3, 4,-5, 16, 17, t8, improved; block E, range 2,
lots nos. 7, 8,z 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. unim.
proved ; block E, range 2, lot no. 4, improved ;
block F, range 2, lots nos. 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 19, 20,
unimproved; block H, range 1, lots nos. 5,89,
10, 11, 13, 16, 20, unimproved; block H, range
2, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, unimproved; block' J, range 1, lots
nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1.5,
16, 17, 18, 19, unimproved; block J, range 2,
lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,S, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unimproved; block K,
range 1, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,20, unimproved;
block K, range 2, 16(s nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block L, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9. 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block M, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 19 20, unim-
proved; block N, lots nos. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 17, 18, 19, 20, unirn-
proved ; block 0, lots nos. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 7,-8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved ; block P, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block Q, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, unim-
proved; block S, lots nos. 1 to 20, inclusive,
unimproved ; block 1, lots nos 4, 7, uni-mproved ;
block 1, lot no. 8, improved; block 3, lot no. 9,
unimproved ; block 4, lots nos. 3,4, 6,7,8, 9, un-
improved; block 4, lot no. 2, improved; block
5, lots nos. 2 to 6, inclusive, unimproved ; block
5, lots nos. 1, 7, 8, 10, improved; block 6, lots
nos. 1, 7, 8, 9, to, unimproved; block 6, lots nos.
2, 3, 4, improved; block 7, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10,
unimproved; block 7, lots nos. 6, 7, 8, improved ;
block 8, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, unimproved ;
block 9, lots nos. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, unimproved;
block 1t, lots nos. 3, 8, unimproved; block 10,
lots nos. 4, 7, improved ; block 11, lots nos. 4, 8,
unimproved ; block 14, lots nos 6, 7, 9, 10,
unimproved; block 15, lots nos. 4, 9, 10, un-
improved; block 17, no. 9, unimproved; block
17, lots nos. 6, 7, improved ; block 18, lots nos.
2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, unimproved; blocIt 18, lot
- no. 4, improved; biock 19, lots nos. 1 to 10, in-
_--c[usive, Unlrijil overt; brouka4, t ,'I 1 -i
inclusive, unimproved; block 21, lot no. 5, im-
proved; block 21,lotsnos. 1 to 4 and 6 to 10, inclu-
sive, unimproved; block 22, lots nos. 1, 3, unim-
proved; block 23, lots nos. 6, 7, 8, 9, u-irirproved;
blockl24,Ilots nos. 1,2,3,6, 7,8,9, 1,unimprov'd;
block 2.5, lots nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, unimproved; block
26, lots nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, unimproved; block
27, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, ummpro'red; block
28, lots nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, unimproved; block
29, lots nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ;
block 30, lot no. 8, improved; block 31, lots
nos. 5, 8, 9, 10, unimproved; block 32, lots nos
1, 2. 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. 10, unimproved ; block 33, lots
nos 6, 9, unimproved; block 34, lotN nos. 2 to
10, inclusive, unimproved; block 35, lots nos 1,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ; block 36, lots nos. 2
to 10-, inclusive, unimproved; block 37, lots nos.
4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, unimproved; block 38, lots
nos. 2 to 9, inclusive, unimproved ; block 39, lots
nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimproved ; block 40,
lots nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, unimproved;
block 41 and 42, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, each
block, unimproved ; block 43, lots nos 1,2, 3, 9,
1U, unimproved ; block 44, lots nos. I to 10, inclu-
sive, unimproved; block 45, lots nos. 1 to 10, in-
clusive, unimproved; block 46, lots nos. 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, unimproved ; block 47, lots nos. 1 to 10,
inclusive, unimproved; block 48, lots nos. 1 to
10, inclusive, unimproved; block 49, lots nos. 1
to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 50, lots nos.
I to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 51, lots
no3. 2 to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block 52,
lots no8.'l to 9, inclusive, unimproved; block 54,
lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimproved; block
55, lots nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, unimproved ;
block 55, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unimprov-
ed ; block 58, lots nos. 1 to 10, inclusive, unim-
proved ; block 59, lots nos. 1 to 1,0, inclusive, un-
improved ; block 60, tots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, unm-
improved ; block 61, lots nos. 1 to 8, inclusive, un-
improved ; blocks 62 to 69 inclusive unimproved;
block 70 lots uos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ;
block 71 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 73 lots nos" 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ;
block 75 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 76 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unmiproved ;
block 77 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block '78 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
'block 81 lots nos 1 to 10 inclu-sive unimproved;
block 82 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 83 lots nos 1 to 10 lnclusive unimproved ;
block 84 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 85 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 88 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved;
block 8"/lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 883 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ;
block 89 lots nos tto 10 inclusive unimproved;

block 90 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 91 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block'92 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 93 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 94 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
,block 95 lots nos 3 456 78 9 10 unimproved;
block 96 ioti nos 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved;

block 134 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 135 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block .136 lots nos 1 2 3 6 78910 unimproved
block 137 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 138 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 139 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 140 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 141 lots nos 1 2 3 4 58 910 unimproved:
block 142 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved
block 143 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
'block 144 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
! block 145 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 1-46 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 147 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 148 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 149 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive uuimproved:
block 150 lots nosl2 3 4 7 8910 unimproved
block 157 lots nos I 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved
block 158 lots nos 1 to 1.0 inclusive unimproved
block 159 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 167 lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 8910 unimproved.
block 168 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved:
block 169 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved;
block 170 lots nos 1 2 3 478 9 10 unimproved
block 174 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 175 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 176 lots nos 1 236 7 8 910 unimproved
block 177 lots nos 1 to T0 inclusive unimproved
block 178 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 179 lots nos 13 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved
block 180 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 181 lots nos 1 2 34 58910 unimproved
block 182 lots nos 1 to 8 inclusive unimproved:
block 183 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 184 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 185 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 186 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 187 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved
block 188 lots nos 2 6 7 8 9 T0 unimproved : block
189 lots nos 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved: block 190 lots
nos 6 7 8 9 10 unimproved.
100 feet lot No 12; 50 feet foot of Leslie
street; 100 feet lot No 16; 100 feet lot No 17;
100 feet lot No 19 ; 90 feet foot of Centre street;
60 feet South part of lot No 20; 30 feet North
part of lot No 22; 90 feet foot of chestnut st.;
100 feet of lot No 25; 90 feet foot of Cherry st.
Also--All Land lying on the West side of the
Apalachicola Bay, North and Wett ot the City of
Apalachicola, to the Western boundaries of
Franklin County; also, St. Vincent's Island, St.
George's Island, and Dog Island, (exclusive of
that portion of' St. Georges and Dog Island owned
by the U. S. Government) ; also, all Lands lying
East of the Bay of Apalachicola and bordering
on St. George's Sound, and running Eeast to the
mouth of New River, from thence in a direct line
to the Chipola -Cut-off, following the Apalachi-
cola River down to its mouth, including Forbe's
Island (so called); the whole containing 285,000
acres of' third quality of Land, and 1000 of 2d
quality, as per returns made by the Assessor ot
State Taxes for Franklin County.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
and Ex-Officio Tax Collector Franklin Co.
Aoalachicola, Nov. 4,1847. 42-6m.

Dry Goods.
THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Bangups and Tweeds,
Super plain black and fancy Casameies,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10, 11 and 12 qis,
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirning and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheefingi
EngliSh, French and American Prints,
Extra 3uper, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Sillk Cravals and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Satin, Marseilles & Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importersand Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or etail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. 30, 1847. 41 Water street.
THE Subscribers lake this method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and its vi-
cinity, that they have now on hand a very neat
and well selected Stock of GOODS, which will be
sold low, consisting in part as Ibflows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles,
Fancy Prints, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured,
Silks, Frufde Ryne,
do. Montella
do. Salin Striped
Fancy Cashmere Robes
do. Merino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread
Shawls, Damask Silk
do. Marino,
do. Plaid Wool
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion
Ribbons in all varieties
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4
Bleached do. 7-8, 5-4, 4-4, 10-4 and 11-4
Blankets, 6.4 and 8-4
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting
Carpet Bags
Hats and Caps, all styles
Boots and Shoes
Clothing ol all kinds.
Also, a neat assortment of JEWELRY, and
many other articles too numerous to mention.
Call and examine for yourselves.
Dec 23 Cor. Water and Centre sts.
B. Eilison & Co., Cor. Water and
Chestnut sts.
ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
M Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Pall do, Whale do Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Enierald do, Imperial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Liih-irage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, Paint
brushes, Varnish do, 1ardo, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
fish do Coton do, Heay Ka~vens do, Light do,
White, Blue and tied 131nting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screw-
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspike", Capwfain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarvingdo, Axes, Axe
Helves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes. Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, Tormentor.-,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Riging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Halmmers, Hat'chets. Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, tHandsaw
Files, R-at Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges. Padlocks
Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyards, Hand Lines
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do. Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanlhorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c &c.
Apalachicola. Dec. 9, 1847
Iron, Nails, <&c.
0n TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
^ J100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualittes;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 English and Arnet ;can Vises ;
20 Bellows ;
1"2 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Colton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, fo~r sale by
Dec 30 41 Water street.

Boots and Shoes.
QOY'8 and Men's Russet Bro ans"
.L) "alc^'s sew'd and peg''d K~ip Brogans ;
Gents fine Calf' Brogans :

Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children': do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large ai.d extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Water street.
POTATOES-100 bbls.; Turnips-50 bbls.,
Carrots-50 bbis.; Beets-50 bbls.;
Parsnips-25 bbls., toir sale by
Dec, 30 B ELLISON & Co.

On Cons'gnnment.
JUST received on consignment-
16,000 Segars, Celebradad,"
10,000 Caz dores, Esrnero,"
6 dozen Resrve Maderia,
\ 6 "Re)ina" Port,
" 6 CQerry Cordial,
10 Tomato Catsup,
For sale bv McCALLA & ROMAN,
Dec 2 46-tt 9 Columbus Block.
30 000 OF the most celebrated brands,
309000 just received from Havana, and
for sale by E McCULLY,
Decs15 50 Water st.
West India Fruit.
1-_ CANISTERS, West India Fruit, preserved
10 with its originalflavor, just received from
Havana, for sale by E McCULLY,
Dec 16 50 Water st,
0t LBS. best Spanish No. 1 Sweet Chocolate,
50/\J just received from Havana, for sale by -
Dec 23 E MeCULLY.
Liverpool Salt,
OR sale by
Dec 30 B ELLISON & Co.

Franklin Circuit Court.
Thomas Orman, f

William B. Finch.
T being made to appear by affidavit, that the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the
State ot Florida, to wit, in the State of New
York: It is ordered that service of said bill be
perfected on said defendant, by publication of
this order for four months in some newspaper
printed in the City of Apalachicola, requiring
him to appear and answer said bill, otherwise it
will be taken pro confesso.
At Chambers, Sept. 20, 1847.
A True Copy. Judge, &c.
October 28, 1847. 41-4m
In Cliancery.
Thomas Barkar, )
vs. Petition for Divorce.
Sarah Samanth Barker.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit made ia this case, that the de-
fendant, Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond
the jurisdiction of the State of Florida: It is or-
dered that the said Sarah Samanth Barker do ap-
pear and answer the said petition within three
months after the publication of* this order, or the
said petition will be taken for confessed; and it
is further ordered that this order be published in
some newspaper in the Western Circuit of this
State for the space of three months.
GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C.
January 6, 1848. 51-3m*



Julv 31, 1847.

Net and Twine iaamufzcturing
(Up Stairs,) BOSTON.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Bryan'3 Patent
Twine Stands, Post Office Twines, Baleing and
Bundle Twines, McCarty's Cotton Herring Twine,
Cotton Seine Twine, Tanned and Untanned, Flax
Herring Twine, Hawser and Shroud-laid Mack-
erel Lines; Herring, Pohagan Shad, Bass, and
Dip Nets. Government Seines with Bags; Cod,
Herring, Mackerel, Shad, and Menhaden Seines,
JV. B. ,Nets anad Seines knit to order at short
notice. B. ELLISON & Co., Agents,
October 14, 1847. 39tf Apalachicola

John M. Carnochan, B i.1. fo and
VS. p Bnt fr account and
George K. Walker, et al. partition.
U PON affidavit of Complainant's Solicitor that
the Defendants mentioned in said Bill do
not reside within this Circuit, but within the
United States: It is ordered that notice of the
institution of this suil, and the filing ot the
amended Bill, be given in some newspaper pub-
lished it the Circuit, for the space of four
months, and if, upon due proof of the appearance
of said notice in some newspaper so published
for the time mentioned, the said defendants do
not appear to said bill by the next ruleday,which
shall come aftor twenty days from the expiration
of said period of four months, it is further or-
dered, that the same be taken as confessed
against them.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
Compl'ts Solicitors.
A True Copy. WM. VALLEAU,
Dec 30. 50-4m Clerk.
In Chanceyy-=Franklin County.
Mary Green, by her next friend,)
vs. Bill for Di-
James Green, Defendant. ) vorce.
THE Court having been assured by affidavit
of complainant in the above cause, that
James Green resides beyond the State of Florida,
but within the United States, it is ordered I hat a
hearing be had upon the facts charged in said
bill at the regular term of Court next ensuing
the date of this order, and thereupon to pass a
decree in the same manner as it the defendant
had appeared and were present in Court: Pro-
vided always that a copy of this order shall have
been published in some newspaper of this State
for the space of three months at least before the
first day of' said term, and due proof of said pub-
lication be made to said Court.
GEO. S. HAWKINS, Judge, &c.
A True Copy.
Apalachicola, Dec.-2.5, 1847. 50-3m

Groceries, &c.
JUST received from New York, per brig Alaba-
ma, a general assortment of' Groceries, &c.
consisting in part as follows, viz :
Crushe-.d Sugar, "a fine article,"
Pickles, assorted, Lemon Syrup,
Cog. Brandy, "a super, article,"
Com. do.
Holland Gin, of the best quality,
Northern Gin, Peach Brandy,
St. Croix and Jamaica Rum,
Maderia, Port and Malaga Wines,
Soap, Candles and Starch,
N. 0. Rectified Whiskey,
Brown N. 0. Muscovado and St. Croix Sugar,
Bacon Sides, &c. &c.
All of which will be sold low by
Nov 11 50 Wtter st.

Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of' a mortgage fieri facias, to me di-
rected, from the Circuit Court of Franklin
county, I have levied on and will expose to sale
at public outcry, before the door of the Council
Chamber, (that being toe place of holding Court
for said county,) on the first Monday in February
next, the schooner Oregon, her tackle, apparel
and furniture-levied on as the property mort-
gaged by Ebenezer Hoyt and William C. Law-
rence to Enoch C. Roberts, William Hickok and
Frederick W. Allen, partners under the style of
Roberts, Alien & Co., and sold under decree ren-
dered by said Court on the 16th day of Decem-
ber, lS4---- oTn tes4.d adfi f'a. has
i s s u e d .. .

Groceries and Ship Stores.
RIO COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. CGoix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
[tyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheeso, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime P.ork, Mackerel Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco. Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oa.s, Buckwheat, Mustard, KPice.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO
Eec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.
Map Agents Wanted.
HE subscriber wishes to engage in the saleof
TLhis Maps a number of '3oun and middle
-aged men of moral and business habits, as tra-
velli- g agents. Having completed new and
greatlyy improved editions or his Universal Atlas,
72 Maps; large Map of the World, Reference
and Distance Mal) of the United States, National
Map of the United States."--aso, a variety o
other Maps, including several Maps of Mexico,
the subscriber is prepared to furnish agents, for
cash, at the lowest possible prices.
Northeast corner of Market and Seventh
Dec 3:) Streets, Philadelphia.
M BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
By BENJ. LUCAS, Deputy.

Jan. 4, 1849.

Sherifftl Sale.
B"Y virtue of a writ of'fieri facias, to me direct-
ed, from the Circuit Court of Franklin coun-
ty, ii favor of Roberts, Allen & Co. vs. Lockhart
& Young, and Thos. Lang, Ex'or, &c. I have
levied upon, and will expose to sale, to the high-
est bidder, for cash, at the Court House door, the
Council Chamber, that being the place of holding
Court, in the City of .-A|.,.,!,ic .1 1, ,.n the first
MIonday in February nexr, 4thm r1, legal hours
of' sale, the following >.. i.. J I.r. -i erly, lying
and being in the city o(- Q,- bi ,.:'n.:.. i. Franklin
county, and known and described on the map of
said city as lot number 9, block D, front range,
-4tuate on the corner of Water-and Centre streets.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff:
Jan. 6, 1848. 51 By B. LuCAS, D. S.

Calhoun Circvit Court.
Fall Term, 1847.

David J. Mears, )
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Elizabeth M ars.
T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that the defendant resides out of the Western
Circuit of Florida, and out of the State, it is
ordered that said defendant be required to appear
and answer this bill of complaint on the Ist
Monday in April, A D 1849, and in default
thereof this said bill be taken pro confesso, and
that this order be published in some newspaper
in this Circuit, for the space of three months
before the day ordered for the said hearing.
December 7, 1847. 49-3m
In District Court of the United
States, for the Northern Dis-
trict of Florida.
Daniel N. McLean, and 1
others, owners of the|
steam boat Augusta,
vs. I Libel for Collision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula, [
her tackle, apparel and
furniture. J
NOTICE is hereby given to all whom it may
. concern, that by virtue of' an attachment
warrant of arrest, issued in the above cause, I
have seized and taken the above mentioned Steam
Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel and furniture,
to answer to the libel filed therein, for damages
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.-
That the said process is returnable before the
District Court ,,Fthe United States for the North-
ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's office of
said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
third Monday (17th day) of May, inptaqt1 at 10
A. M., at which time and place the said cause
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachicola, this 15th day of May,
in the year 1547. ROBERT MYERS,
U. S. Marshal.
by H. R. TAILOR, D. M.
May 22, 1847. 19-tf

Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of' fier facias, to me di-
rected, from the Circuit Court of Franklin
county, in favor of Charles A. Green versus Wil-
liam Foster, part owner and agent of others part
owners of the schooner Surprise, I have levied
upon the said schooner Surprise, her sails, rig-
ging, furniture, &c. and will offer the same for
sale, as she now lies, to the highest bidder, for
cash, on the first Monday in February next, with-
in the legal hours of sale, at the Court House
door, Council Chamber, that being the place of
holding Court.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff.
By BENS. LucAS, D. S.
Apalachicola, Jan. 6, 1848. 51-ts

Blank Books and Stationery.
LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H F. ABELL.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.
RESH Fall Crop, for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Dry Goods.
RtLLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannels, Blan-
ke'-, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON &% CO
Dec 9. Cor, Water and Chestnut sis.
5 HHDM St. Croix Sugar;
15 do New Orleans Sugar;
20 bbis St Croix ,,
5 bxs Stewart's Loaf "
10 bbls ground ,
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do.;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
1000 lbs Lead ;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 30 41 Wa.vr street.


sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of' two fi. fas., to me directed, from
the Circuit Court of Franklin count'.; one in
favor of George Sinclair, and one in favor of IR.
J Moses vs. Henry Hodges, I have levied upon
and will expose to sale to the highest bidder, at
the Court House door, the Council Chamber, that
being the place of holding Court, in the City of
Apalachicola, Franklin county, on the first Mon-
day in March next, within the legal hours of sale,
the following described property, to-wit: The
dwelling house, situate in the city s)f Apalacii-
cola, on lot numcer ten, block number nine, cor-
ner of Centre and Liveoak streets, property of
defendant. JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff.
By B. LUCAS, D. S.
Jan. 26, 1848. 2-tds

block 97 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block 98 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 99 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block 100 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block 10.1 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 102 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 103 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 104 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 105 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 106 lots no? 1 to 10 inclusive
block 107- lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 108 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block 109 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 110 lots nos 1 to 10inclusive
block 111 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 112 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 113 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 114 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 115 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
btdck 1-6 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 117 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block :118 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block -1.19 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block 120 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 12t lots nos I to 10 inclusive
Mock 1N lots nos I to 10 inclusive
Block 123 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
hlocK 124 lots nos 1 to lO-inclusiv
block 125 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
block .128 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
,6' block 127 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
'obteck 123 lots nos 1 to 10 inclnsive
ftek 129 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
"'Aak 130 lots no I to 1e0-inclusiie
.; "Wock 131 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive
block 132 lots nos I to 10 inclusive
blotlk 144 lots nos I to 10 inclusive

unimproved ;
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unimproved :


The above Periodicals are reprinted in New
York immediately on their arrival by the British
steamers in a beautiful clear type, on fine white
paper and are faithful copies of the original-
BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE being an exact fac-
simile of the Edinburgh edition.
The prices of the RE-PRINTS are less than one
third of those of the foreign copies, and while they
are equally well got up, they afford all that ad-
vantage to the AMERICAN over the ENGLISH

Hydrostatic Ink Fauntain.
A FEW Hydrostatic Ink Fountains, Pen Racks,
Sand Box-s, Paper Folders, Stamps, Seals,
Paper Clasps, Weights, &c. for sale by
Nov 18 J C ALLEN.

A FEW boxes of Stewart's Refined Candies,
for sale by E. McCULLY,
Nov 11 50 Water st.


Gold Pens.
A FEW of Woodward & Brother's superior
Gold Pens, just received and for sale by
October 21. J C. ALLEN.
Western Produce.
ST. LOUIS Flour, Ohio do, Lard, Whiskey,
"ugar, choice and prime, Molasses, Pork, mess
and orme, Bacon, Hams, Sides ano Shoulders, for
sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

PLAINS, Plain Irons, single and double, Ham-
mers, Draw Knives, Augurs, Auguer Bits,
Spring Braces, Timber Scribes, Turn Screws,
Marking Guages, Mortice do, Saw Sets, Wood
Rules, Adzes, Wrenches, Saws, Locks, Honks
and Staples, Butts, Screws, Hinges, Shutter Bolts,
Brads, Tacks, Copper Wire, Melting Ladles, Rat
Traps, Axes, Hatchets, Coffee Mills, SledgeHam-
mers, Smith Tongs, Mill Saws, Anvils, &c. &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut sts.

Wood Ware, &c.
BARREL Covers, Painted Pails, Tubs, Flour
Pails, Measures, Trays, Axhelves, Buckets,
Brooms, &c. &c. for sale by
Dec 9. -or. Water and Chestnut sts.

For any one the four Reviews, $3 per annum.
For any two, do. 5 "
For any three, do. 7 "
For all f-ur of the Reviews. 8 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 "
For Blackwo)od and the 4 Reviews. 10,00
"-All communications should be addressed
(post paid) to
LEONARD SCOTT & CO Publishers,
79 Fulton St New York.
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Dec 9. Oor. Water and Chestnut sts.

BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by the case;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans;
fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Dec 9. Cor. Water and Crestnut sts.
Old Reserve Whiskey,
F Smith's Eagle Brand, for sale by
Nov 11 50 Water st.

Castile Soap,
UST received, and for sale by
Nov 1 H, F. BELL.


Drugs, edicines, Paints, Oils;
Dye-Stuffs, Perfumery, c.
af THE undersigned returns his thanks!
to his friends and the public for heir
liberal patronage, and begs to inform
that he is now receiving an addition-
al supply, which added to his former
stock, renders his assortment unusually large
and complete. English, French, Gernian and
American Drugs; Cosmetics; Perfumery; Glass
and Druggigts Glass ware, &c., &c., are offered
to Physicians, Country Merchants and others on
the most liberal terms-all of which he warrants
pure and unadulterated.
Wholesale and Retail Druggiit,
45 Water street;
Apalachieola, Nov. 21, 1846.
Drugs and Mledicines.
I THE subscriber has, and will
constantly have, on hand, a complete
assortment of, DRUGS and MEDI-
CINES; w h.* i e will warrant pure
and of the bost quality. Country
Merchants and Planters-will firid i
to their advantage to call, examine and price hiA
Goods, before purchasing elsewhere,. -
N. B. Physician's prescriptions. put up with
care and accuracy at any hour of the ds) .0 r tdht'
._J. C. "tLE,
March 21 Cor. Centre and Commiierce sts."-
On the seventh'of December next.
A Daily Journal of Government, Legislative and
General News.
THE subscriber is now enabled to announce the
completion of his arrangements for the establish-
ment of a well-organized and independent Jour-
nal of News at the Seat of the General Govern-
The leading features of the United States Re-
porter will be the following:-
I Early Intelligence of the movements of the
various Departments of the Government, in re-
ference to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign
Relations of the country, will be given with
scrupulous fidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities
for obtaining information, (he Reperter" will
be enabled frequently to communicate, exclu-
sively, intelligence of the most important cha-
racter ;
II The Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings
and Debates of the United,,Stateg Senate, whieh
the proprietor iR bound to furnish daily to that
body, in accordance with the terms of the con-
tract made at the close of' the last session of
Congress. The arrangements now made will at
once fully secure to the Senate of the United
States an authentic and complete record of itm
Debates; and to the people-in a greatly enlarged
degree-the benefit of the experience, sagacity.
and statesmanship of that body to which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful
III The Proceedings and Debates in the
Houte of" Representatives will also be given wit-lh
fullness, imparliality, and the utrmost prompti:,
tude. Each day's record will be completely
made up, and appear in the Reporter" next
IV a Synoptical View of the Proceedinngm
and Debates of all the State Legislatures, will
be regularly given. Members of Congress and
all classes of readers will thus be kept fully and
systematically informed of' Domestic Legislation
in all sections of the United .Sfates
V Early Intelligence of all important move-
ments in the Legislatures of Great Aritain and
France will be communicated by every %te'atner
from Europe, through reporters in London and
Paki.% who possess peculiar facilities/'or Obtain-
ing information.
VI The Genral Xetws of the Day Wiff be
given in a condensed form, with industry and at-
Such is a brief view of what the United
States Reporter is designed to be All the plans
and arrangements have been well matured, an,
the hope is confidently cherished, trial t te -117.
S. Reporter will. prove itself an energetic, in-
dustrious, dignified and perfectly independent
journal. It will have no party views-no political
bias. The proprietor, by'the terms, of his con-
tract with the Senate of the Unite.: Satwewi
bound to the condition that"'Uthe paper'shall con-
tain no political discussions except the debates "
It will be a vehicle of NEws--not the organ of
any set of opinions. The grand aim of the qub-
scriber is to establish, at the Seat of Government,
a faithfiul and prompt reporter of all sorts of in-
telligence-a responsible agent, on which the
politician, the business man, the mannfacttireri
the mechanic, and every one interested in the
affairs of Congress and the Government, may rely
at aH. times with implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of snch a
reliable Jovrnal of" Intelligence, on terms which
place it within the reach 'of" the great masoes ot
the people, at the cor'nmencej-en} of what pro-
raises to be a most interesting and eventful periodl
in the history of Congressionial proceeding, wi~lt
be regarded with favor by all classes of (he corrr-.
munity ; an'J, having thus stated his objects, the"
subscriber respectfully solicits a liberal and gen-
eral support from the enlightened pub-lic of" the
United States.
Stenographer to the Senate of" the U. S.
( The United States Reporter'" will bef
prin-fed on a large and handsome sheet, and i.ued
every morning, except SuLndays, at the rate of-
$6 per annum.
SIn connection with th~e daily papr, ,t erewl
be issued from (lhe same establisbn'ieht,--
Tise lMirror of Congress,

This publication will contain exclusively the
Hep,6!s of the Proceed;"- and Debate@ o the,
Congress of the Uni;ted States. Itwill be issued
sen i-wedek1, in an elegant qiifto' i; mn, througIh
out the sessions of Congress, and will be furnished
to subscribers at the rate of two dollars fowrthe
long session and one dollar for the-shori session.
It is believed that this great national %,ork *,I1
bee deemed indispensable in the libran r.1: every
public institution, politician, and profesionaA-
man, throughout the country, and that itwill- '
regarded by the great mass of the people'aith -
very best political text book for their1own iiruc,
tion and that of their children.-

Throughout the-session of Congress, ]Extra`
will be issued irom the office of the 1 UniteI
States Reporter," containing the reports of alk.
such Debates as may possess peculiarl\ exciting:"
All subscriptions and commnfiiications to 1A
post-paid, and addressed
United States Reporter, Washington, D.'.
July 31, 1847.
All newspapers throughout the. United States,
who publish this Prospectus once a week -from,
this date till the meeting of Congress, w-iltbe en,
titled to an exchange with the United States
Reporter," and will be.placed.on the li4l of thos-
to whom the Extras-wrill be despatchid.
Gua sr Jellies.
IN different sized boxes, just received fr0m Hai,
vaha, and for sale by -+,-.
Dec 23 E McCULLY,
1ES DLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powderb' oI(he,
best quality, for sale by
Jnl1, 17 J. C ALL-EN. i


THE. undersigned propose publishing in the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with the above title.
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it will also contain the
current news of the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy.
The want of a local paper has been severely
felt in Jackson, Walton arid Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
this Journal.
The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the 1st of September.
TERMas-Three dollars per annum, in advance.
"1 50 if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the year.

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated February 3, 1848
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mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
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mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: February 3, 1848
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
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lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00106

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COMMERCIAL I ADVERTISER'FUBLISIIED :au'fnt'' Dfccctorn.i, i! J. FI..YNS---- -)-ortr- -.. r neglect-; :and- -;the odds-are, in the end thati secretion-the! -- ---- eyes are aid lo "--wilrer.It .-"-

EVERT THURSDAY FY --- :------ ---------- ---- -- (Lute T. CT.IRK.) i he is making a thousand! a-year, before Dr. is only when the
J. L. WTMABT.W. UiuU'1vootl 4 Caigh, HOOT AND SHOE i\lAJ\EH. HEXAMETERS Easy has heard the rat-tat at (he door of forth under the iiripul.se of rrow-thlll

TAILORS"At CONTINUES to on the BV A PROFESSOR BCNGTOWN: : rHVERCITY his first patient. speaking the anguish, of the mind-lhai it

G. 31 DAVIS, Editor; TZELL"S BUILDING, CHESTNUT-ST. ::. business in Apalachicola carry, oppo- In Vermont, on the slope of the mountains called Now perhaps. Dr. Fussey may of the can properly be called 4 tear Hence its
Green, where the beech trees two, be the Humbug but I much sacred rhar.irter and he
f. silo the City Jlifelllt C'lIlrc1. ; very I sympathy' which
Apalachicola: Fa. As thick spatter once the
grew ( place/ is called
Bdtzef'sBuildingscorner of wurlnrf": i j", question whether he is the fool. it seldom fails to create.
OJic Third Story (03-All: orders attended to with pnnC'll1alitvand Having superior \ e i Baltimore) I had
Commerce and Chestnut" streets. despatch. Jan. 20 confident that nil who may patronize: him will A cousin, Jo.-ima chrijtencd: a preacher of salvation What applies to these two doctors, applies 'I Every icar represents some indwellingsorrow

find Ihat they have called at the right shop.I'rencb unto men generally to every trade MU! prc<;.... preying upon the mind and eatingout

TliKMS.Dollars annum, 11.' N. Scott & Brother, Calf Skin, Morocco, and! Patent Leather All ; a fellow.fluent speaker, and, indeed, a very clever sion under the sun. Barring: a lucky its peace. The tear comes forth tr declare -

3CRIPTIOYv.-three per WHOLESALE AND RETAIL .' Roots and Shoes made to order, of t I the latest andInn..t chance now and again, adventurer will the inward and )
in advance, or S3 50 if paid within six.. DEA' RS IV He had a blacked-eyed, black-haired daughter, an !struggle in 1lrII:1trure

irptii+, or ?* :'J if 'paId tliercalfer! : DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, Hoots approved and Shoes style. made Also,in Patent' Leather manner Gaiter and may have her now, find that in the Battle of Life every man against further strife. How meet

mi1\th bscription[ t'a for a less term than six HATS, &c., a superior Her name Katura, and herage, when first we at agulping must! be his own trumpeter. Sound your that the eye should! \II" ,the seal of 'ars-
So *'1 tai He will keep constantly" on hand a large and Selected -
!! invariably he charged forvttbJind Cor. Water and Centre-streets : met, own : and ride where!
Si charge
; ; : over everybody, or they cannot occur: unobserved, hut
a.llladp? Roots Shoes : "
assortment of Hr> Sixteen.: Says J, Katiira bt'auland I
discontinued untilalaTl"tlr"t's you're
."hit ,-rio4 N'o paper paid, unless will be at the option! of the Dec 23 Apalachicola, Fa. and Brogan*. All mcndinj.c.done neatness if you'll condescend! a somebody else will sound his charge, and blending! with the speaking' hrautv of the

l are A. promptitude; and! on terms lhat cannot We'll dance a jig together." Jigs were all the go ride over you. 'I. eye itself must command :attention and sym

prDprlt'lor.t'vca &Ftk: !!.-Onesqtiare] (twelve lines! Iodle. fat! lobe recognised; as in l kaep' \\ni,, I <. .' lust lit that time, We are inclined to think that the following pathy.r

al,\.+tl ,,ill be inserted at the rate of One Dollar SHIPPING & COMMISSION: MERCHANT, petition in trade anil the c't> 1.-1 of I' And Miss toe Katura and heel knew the double shnflle and the is Whenever wp behold. a tear h lit onr kindliest
1 for the first: and Fifty Cents for every subsequent No. 40 Water Street, -Apalachicola-- \ !tt, IS: 17.- d7-GmUHderWood As well/ sundry! othersteps, quite ankle) breakingand A VERY COMMON: HCMBCO. I sympathies iwaiL.-ltt it have a sacred' :

DE'C'l-:!. \ '"chienla. Fa. claim all that i'o
insertion. '> gnitrAnkle 'I upon weran to snrruiPand
& Caigli Jack Cotherstone is fellow
advertise bv the a liberal showing. Her did like a good enough, |' comfort under! afhieti What
those who year eyes sparkle two n. rivrrs
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amount will be nude; but all Advertisements not W1\( W.SIMS. WAI.V. CJIKEVEK & ;Jlli@m 9 diamondand her lips but he will set up, not exactly for a millionaire 'I of tears live flllwnf'xd''IItv' l the cruel and

err,+ctly :isrtainin? to their own business:, as well Sims A Clicevcr, UESPECTH.'LLYi.lt:; : heir services As red as the best coral found in Florida, began to but for the possession! 01'-" no matter perverse wars of manVa! has spreadcarnage its
11 teal l vlvertisements< sent in by them, will tlieciti/.ens'; of .\i,>;-ir| i- part. ; something handsome, cominr''hle.quite I arid;
asa Office No. 36 Water Mreet. I :My heart was all on fire, and o'er my soul broad desolation and Ibr eyes of
fcchir;,'d at the usual rates.Sj ; dec23 Apalachicola cola, and the county of I Franklin ;tins! were softly stealing. enough, my hoy, to keep the pot boiling widows and orphans: have been suffused with

: \H lej-il :advertisements must be paid for :, V generally, in the Imeof t tehir pro- And who are you'1"! said sh."I; GUESS YOU BE and. a little over." tears has ihe

in' adn'1re. Roberts! Allen V Co., ti-
,: .give\ Oilhrs will be charged for announc- DEALERS IN HARDWARE AND SHIP e' with the principal \ DEALS |IN: PORK AND: HAMS: ; AND: GITS IN noon. He had just dined, and was in the homes of millions, and weeping( : and wailing

iatO candid advertisements from a distance must SPIKES AND! CASTING LIKE r.(.r. MY DADDY LOST, i.As-r! YEAR, AS MUCH evils which we have
"j: > All! : m' bled to furnish their patron at all\ gin-and-watcr.: He had heard' foot may conquer given

h. :a.I'II1\1"IPi: with the cash, rr city reference, Manufacturers of! Tin, Iron, and Copper .Sfcix-
t"hell!!' insertion. iE'are.c. -- TKST Pi.\:rrs OK FASHJOv,rerrivmonthif AS!' DKAT.P IN: PORK AND HAMS: of smuggling the lowly compound very into the i great tide. nf!ri.r: Slpl' we pn/.f this

-:;::;: Dec 24 Apalacliicnla, Fa. rrl sfioirinsat n riitrthrmosl Fashionable And then she sailed' / away and in my disap n cup-board. little philosophy. 'determinedmerer
Slljltor DnsK, which will he a decided ment J did :MIZZLE. to ]
Dfrcctori in
fX 1- tear
33uillf -
i ?
: !r.arleRo2ers John Munn. Eugene W. Roger*. id vantage? f fo a fashionable: community. "Just in time, my boy, fora glass of wine i ff tfflf-lu.w
---_- -. -==:.--::--:z: -=-::- = -- -- I will fM" Watching the
:: :: ::: Clias. & Co. rahlilt
= Rogers. N. J5. Gentlenu-iH' :Morning roll! Honing : -some: port. I got it by mere accident ;
Win. G. Porter & Co.OEALEt7 COMMISSION: : :M E R C H ANT S, Wrapper\ made t t" order; Cloaks( of <>\1\ jU I nCtUanfOUfJ.. but rather flatter myself yon will find' it e\eas the tclegiaph Ilf the mind within,

: IX (;OOI? A \n COMMISSIONMERCHANTS. :: Water street, deerition;: made in the usual rnis of f the let"; -- -- -- -- ----- -- ------ -- slightly the thing- of eighteen.- let us observe it with anxious regard! ; and I

: 1-r 21 Apalacliicnla, Fa.J. Walking: and Hiding Gaiti.rs made i-i a snperii' i: All.I AL HISTORY OF HUMBUGS.: And in spite of my vintage declared preference for whether we are moved ti> cnmpLtini l f.}tie,

No. 41 Water street, STEVENSON. T. II. AUSTIN nanncr; Tunic Dies-is and: llnv-f': Clnthes ol' BY AXOI-S: n TEACH. the liquid vulgarly and familiarly denomin existence of supposed or r"i.1TII lejthe

Ute 31) AMUciucola| : Fa. every description made in a neat and! fashionableAll Tuts is unquestionably a striking ated. indication nf the coining tear b* held asa
very Old Tom Jack
J. SJcvousou bolted out of the
& Co.
(iT0'ir-'S II l B Stone, 1 11. \\.. Brooks All garments' made at this establishment, vv-nk.! -a humorous lilll Volume of the room to order the sarrrd truce tu unLindly! frHmg. and! all!I
C O ;M :\II :5 lOX MERCHANTS Il'f1lTnnftd girl to bring up a special
: .
A C'i'. to fit.t our efforts lie devoted! Is the substitution of
!S:)itrStonc highest class written with great povvrr, and led sealed benker. .
S 0 :V :11:1tCI1ANTS, AND t(:::j. :Shop: ecorid Story Baltzell's; Buildings smiles for tears !-R.
i -4
C 0 .\11 I 1lItralln Chestnut! "In."ct. apparently with equal ease so fluent is the I heard the outer door! shut and before Kemp.
DEALERS IN DRY) GOODS! Arc. on open -
:\i. l-i i \VaUr"reft, -
diction Jtiiil] unlabored! tin Angus ]B.
pj.j2( I : A',ahi!hirnla, Kla. No. 45 Water Street I October\ 14, IS 17. 3J-: Jrn style. she returned, but attributed it to some IMPORTANT: FROM: MEXICO.
Rencli is his
-- ----- --- })..c. 23,17.: AiMhchirnla.: Fa. ; A pi .1.' of Fall and Winter''aL'n :.- j '- unexceptionable in jescriplionof (peculiarity in the construction of the house, During lh.organization of ibe House of
Iiicmba and
rs. ; depirinres character. and
I.nttrt: A YusiMjr: --- rrc' I'd.! which plWt'lthe entrance to the celleragenext ,
,) .f.1 Sl'N: I : -nl F0lWAIIINGMEItCl1AN Jsac: 1iAIL DAY. DANIEL: J. DAY. !'ceriesviih great: fun and taletit. Witnessthe ; door, or possibly over the At Representatives of the Kentucky Legislature -

: I'S, .T. Day V Co., DEW DllOP following account by him of the humbug length! the damsel re-appeared, empty'liand-way. on the 1st ii.si.. says the KnoxvilleRegister

>To.VJ: Water tn-et, COMMISSION: J : 1 ?.1 IKi I: CHANTS, of ed. Mr- John B.I.ydunas put innomination

n'ldl 1 Atla: ricula; < Fla No. 52 Water-treel, w2t. for the otc. keeper.
A GENERAL: INVITATION.: Chas?, sir, it's after 3 o'clock and th.-
-- -- Dec 5 A|>.jl.ichicolj, Fa.frjAcini The nominating; srl.so/ read in Mr.Haydon's .
Ht"iu & Iolnwo ;;. for LLOYDS alo Ants for the vault i is !shut."
; rttrG; There is! not an axiom, from the first! page; behalf, the following roniiinirnca-
CQ\I.\llSS10-J: : F.HC H.\XTS. o. ,1tn: 111-nr..II C'PCs."' lilt' Protection i lusiiranec;; ) t t The work is carefully and
of Euclid the last neatly got .
to "
** more overwhelmingly lion, which Jpubli.h from the Frank-
'f .
aU.1, ( ) and the Ilart.wl Insurance Co. Ilaitford well WP
silent t\tr\ the Gnus Cor. Commerre ami Centre sts.1IIC.Iibcriber true than the assertion;; that people who give woodcuts.printed, and illustrated with excellent fort Common t>alh, with i single altera-
---- ,
sJX[ M'JTOXL I I.VUR\\CECOMPAN\: : % general invitations are, in that respect, al all tion.Ve have lake the liberty of substituting
I>. K.; Woo &; Co.,
Tc/'fr ; i-ectfully aiitifiunres, to his events I IJnmbugs. word of for the used)
of tic Citvef"etr THE PHILOSOPHY our own one
friend that
:\'1.,1: Water street, MERCHANTS 1 and the 1'1l1lir. hf has ('pf'nedthe Why don't you ever come flown toHoney Beautiful) Tear bv Mr. H. to designate i the depth of the
above house; and sulifits! whether
their I'.ilronae.I.ItAK lingering
tUchicola/ Fa. ; Villa ? Mrs. Jones upon :
De 12 ; No.J1 l Water-street, -nrnon and mv- t'n' brink of the blood and dirt" at Buena Vista. With
I le' I -I.c
BYINGI'ON.November25 eyelid
D....* 2 Apalarhicola! Fa. self would be so delighted to seeyou. Anytime ; or that exception the letter was as follows :
: furrows
\V. T. WOiH1. I Kr HALLOUV __ 1 S 17. 45-tf. ot me care.worncheek-thiIJ art
know just! suit yourself: we'reat To the numbers the Legislature.
"aDd < Billion, A. N. McKAY. N. C. ROBBINS. CIIAS. PRATT. you beautiful in thy simplicit-greal becauseof nf

CO \\Of IS* I O X M 1 I K RC \H A NTS; Kill of Fare. hOIIp.-oh dear, every evening. Don'tforget ; thy modesty-strong from thy very weak GKNTLKMEN have, at the solicitation'
OH.-e Xo. 42r U 'treet.-l.Ti M.iirs. A. N. :"flrKay &:: Co. shall of
< Jan 16 AjMl.ichicoU; COMMISSION: MERCHANTS: : these I
Rua-t 1 (\ V'. . . . . .:i..*/ tt days. own thy claim to sympathy 1 who can resist that my- name might be used as a
AtvVVvwr., \\':>t ,;:: MclvK.\/.u! : ;. No. 40 Water-Mreet, Stewed do. . . . . .iO) The Joneses arc in the habit of giving; thy eloquence ? who can deny mercy when candidate for -Dnnr-ke,'per in the lower

'$\")' & flcitpuzifstO per} I:;) J\l'lLtrlli'rjl, Fa. Br"jl.I.o.! . . . . .37J these;; vague invitations.! Of (course! they thou j pleadest ? Beautiful Tear branch viz : the House of Representatives

\1 MISSION"( \IERCI1ANTS: ;; t O\-\tcr< its sJtI..l! 10 arc never meant to be acted upon. and. in Lei us trace confident. of
N ,. .1. II. A: .!. :T. ISri'5>; a tear to its source. Theeye my capacity to discharge the
t IVit-r s-.M-o.-l, Itnt-t //11.2.: ; tipI'd'l'I'Y seldom come to anythin .- .
i is the
itt.1,1s17.-; \,HItC'I! ,'oh, Ft. .FACTORS: &. COMMISSION( MERCHANT: :;, Ilr: il''d Vent:"" in. . . . .'J"> Once Irn\v'vrr-.Tone!' will never forget the most attractive organ of animal duties of the post, equally well if not htr. 1

-- -- -- ---- :\o."h Wali-r, slice?, 1 UiiuW: Het-t(! Stca!:. . . .20! ) fatal; ; 11:1\--a: deep plot which had been !lon_ bodies. It is placed in a bony socket, by than any other man"ou cOlIe! .sefprr. I
k .f. .Hr 1". which it
1 is
( D"f'1'2 Ai'\r.\cni.-oT\ |lr"It'd! i! riiicKci: !:. . . . .25 laid against; his into protected, and wherein it find'sroom I deem it not presumption in me to a-k ihe
W t )!.":SAL.1'! i) IU P.If. GROClI! n, : : peace, was put execution.
Hin, ad: 1tr I:! : -, t'cf . . . .2.:) and to perform the motion requisite to i ifs I favor at your hands; nor will you so consider -

j-Ptr-'il-; si-inStit! ttt-vitlot,1 +llItI"1uf'b.Ito'ritru.. family.| ;Jrortj jitJililiotitcr1. [ : nr..il. <'tj.r.I.! . . . . .2.i? ? 'I'h.lady gentleman were in the uses. The ra\s of light which transmit the' it when 1 lpll'spnt some ornv claims in
in act of silting: down to a quiet little dinner, I
Vo. id: iV alertreetw im.iges: nf external objects enter the pupil t your (cons'ideriition. I have no objection; to
.--- --- ----
when \\'eultlle knocker and in walked
--- - -- ---- ---- ----- rat-tat ,
\ 14 \Mli"lii-r, Fh.H. V-, I .. H."' L l till ouch the chrystalline lens and fall upon those worthy gentlemen who are candidate

"'' \t.\ SYHXEY n I n EE)1.( H. : J Smith. the! retina.'upon which, within the space represented I for the same office but whilst I ranty
r"J3Er f' a'ooo
F. Aboil, L Aha at dinner. Well never mind
vV fc>- :Mtv h.. fitnd! ',t his rf':idincp!, corner ofCctte ; by a sixpence, is formed in all\ nothing against tllf'U. must confess I ran
I've taken word
utr .n
'S\t.'lIN: X'T ;<, \IWCIN: : iv>, PAINTS, [ : and IIi:,li streets I opjiositc the ;\laU"II'1i IS TT. P ';a' A if !!2 A :X T Don't just be on any you at your You, see you I sec.can beauty and perfection, an exact image of I sabur little! for then I i is true, Mr.Branhatn't .
')'L' 'aJ \.;: ,".".. kf'1. I Ho'lso.' NoV N.SUiEON "' ; : ".' Iji- :ro niTtfully informed make myself quite at home" many miifs' of landscape, every object displaying ,i claims are urE'Jt. and next lo
_._.n ;
\!sr,5! 't lrlI"lt Statinery. 1)r. s. i'ttnu" ,. 1'-='-.it) that t Use' ;h\e i-tn'.Ii-lifr.cnt' has beenC.iU.ii And the next moment Smith was installed its proper color and true proportions my own in point of importance. He i is a
'' $ '""n 'tn\1t .t'lei W.t.-r stnvtAsnla'iicnU, -tft.S and! lakes, hills and soldier/, gentleman and scholar
r. > : "t valleys/ insects : a no doubtof
DKNTIST ;" !!'" !lt'. n-filf.!. amt I i is IK.W open for I the I 1 ) with his legs: under the mahogany, i!
: just
; ;:
.\ ni 11 ;. .( Fa. r,.rcjiln-ii! "I' |.,'drier, r.' tii"l Ii. iiSi'tlt IJ;,)ardi-r*, and flowers, all in true keeping, are there it in the world. Bm I have all these
another rattled the knocker
as peal vvrs;
-- Fa. -
3Q ApalieIncola :i'id. \ the -uVriihi! r- IK-; In strict\ atlr-nton\ to tinbux'irnji upon shown it once, and the impression produced! : qualifications myself: besides I :am well
Ii :i :ahl act'I'. and Ihe'isilnrs hell Brown
COMMISSION t e MEItCii.ANT: I cr3It. e con<:'ilid)! at the a.lesion JIn ;- of! I the'it lntii-c' to. \lit' !sfroi.d. ) to noiif, ill rung on thereby' upon ihe filaments/ of the optic (qualified/ for the post. As to my friend
the A how 511C'h Smith
ire was ) new comer. a.
N. 4J Water !street-Up "''airsAita'.irhiooh < ,1'.17| 5''J 'iidri.K! their i'1,--is roidlnitable.; Their t table nerve causes a sensation which communicates Allnut, he may make a good Door-keeper,
had made such Smith had
b.!'. I, 1 n. '!: Fh. Dr. A. W. Chap in a n, will: !be *; uiphfd| .it :dl Alit(',; with every drlicacy a speech, as to the mind the apparent qualities of' but he has ht'lf in the Legislature and has
of spoken, anil he was installed: I he side of :
HllJ.rdf.! Pl.ir.lcrs and by
--- the mark; Captains the
; 0''ilke oW.'r the Dru!{ S'tnn' (if( B. S. Hawley, v.iried objects we behold. fed from ihe public cr'h (long enough ; besides
.1. t;. Allen, \i-s-fls \\ill\ find! I this ar.t} convenient house. that worthy gentleman, the Joneses, husband
(tntia'jceon Chestnut trefRisidtncc;; at thehence That: this wonderful' faculty of vision I doubt if he ever !
Wb"" "..I.| ,,+nl d t it-nil I n 'al'r ir.ulUt IJalt/ell. G.IIIKOvstirs, icr served up; at all\ hours and} and wife putting the best possible 'face; be may 'mpleIIClnpude.a
Ijtely: occupied by Dr. it is I have. As Bill
;oO;. vl'lIVKS: ) : 1'IS1orL: in the btt -tvle. The liar will !he well: stocked the. matter. But worse remained be uninterrupted, necessary that the in Camph.t. I know not
January 1'1' 1 1S4G.( 2 tfW. upon
GL.IS; ,tf I s tic.aln transparent: membrane which forms the that he ever spilled hl.lul. (
: ,11.tt- : : t c., \MlhthrrhouT,:t \Vines, Liga.rsand S'gar hind.! Another alarum at the another external country
.' <:i. '1. Davis, Attached to the (>tablihinent i is a Billiard Saloon gate covering of the eye shall he kept( moist or served her very much in any other ww.Whilst .
visitor and the directions of the
.'1 ::7urnl iinrtnfJit nf ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR)( AT LAW, < |jiaci"U :and: w ell lit up. as stage md free from the contact of opaque sub i t I wis in Mexiro undergoing ihe
j30)itSIiLANnSST.A'fA1( French Drama have it le From
:\.ltl'! &ctc. G.'ers his services! to the public in either of theabove Grateful fur p..M; favor, t the subscriber hope meme jeu. stances. To supply the fluid which shall hardships: of camp hlV. he was at home playing -
COT of Chtfsiiut & Ccnrn streets,
rr'- that the knocker I still
Dec 4 AjuUchicola; F'.... capacities.He that their friends and the public will continue to moment never lay- -a moisten and cleansethe eye. there is placed the fiddle. WlnM I was treading the

will practice regularly in Franklin! Cal- sustain 1 i I them. continuous train of gueslt, pourE'din upon ilt the outer and upper part of tte'ball; n |I sentinel's walk exposed If) the storm and

R. S. II\vloy, hounnd Jack-on: Circuit Courts-and will, upona JAMES Gil; SON &. CO. the stupified Joneses. From every part nf, small gland which secretes the lachrymal i the rain the sun and the devil, at midnightand
f.f'rijt'X:> COMMISSION MERCHANT: November! 11 l'd7. 4i-i\: \ the town-noith, south, east, and west they
special! retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court ---- --, --- fluid, and. puts it out at the corner of the mid-day in obedience to IIP! ,'al of
DN V Water .reel! fit f the :Middle. or Western Circuit. He will aUo, Ai raaaieolt Uxcliauge.'f1IE came flocking-every one hungry, everyone eye, whence by the motion of the lids it is my countrv-he was diim-iog and frolicking
> .Aiilacliicob, Ft.v eases in the Court Appea's at T.illaha\ expecting dinner, and, extraordinary to
argue subscriber informs his friends equally spread over the surface, and thus about with the n. Whilst I was wading -
see, tlif se: "!aion rf which, lie will always be he t bellllS state, every one having dropped in by the WI.nt
\ + ry iV .lone, -sag and' the public in f'.eral.lhat has moisture and clearness are at once secured. up tog my knees in blood and dir', fighting -

.g0"ER8!t AC t*, ) \IIS.-1':,' :MI-JKCHANTS, present at, unless! prevented by accident. come, the Proprietor of this above well merest chance. In fine, by five o'clock When we incline to sleep, rite becomes killing. and sLivio rite. enem PS o| our

Nag 4.J Wat-r-trfft. Apalachfola, Spptornber S, 1 1S4H.. known house, amt\ will he ple-asid lo entertain Jones had near forty of his acqnaintanc s ey '
D 5 - comparatively bloodless and dull.Th .- common countiy. at hyena / />/ I'C ___ Aillh icoh, Fa. .\. G. Se in in es, any of the travelling: cornmninty that may favor assembled in the hospitable halls ol Honeymoon **. eyelids! drop to shut out everything screwing around ihrouglitbe | Tiioneermg -
iJerlAdryta.: '" him with their custom, and will\ also jccoinmo- Villa. jMrs. Jones looked as if stir lonntry. .
+.tt;() \VlT.M\M A WoOD ATTORNEY AT LAW. !
which might! tend to arouse the slumbering fur office, all living oti the best
B. iniUon. & (* Simmon' 'Lite} resident boarder", The \\dlalwa\sbt about in her sleep : the girl
O., :.i- Ofirf''i) : Cnpt. Building, were walking;
senses. The secretion of the lachrvorilglands ; of the country, (lemlemen-I have fought
CO M Ml SS I I") ',* 11EIIII! | .v NTS ror. of Centre & Commerce&frceH.nfv5 sirmlied! with oiniinc iHjiirirs nf' I the rhnire't; who opened the door was in one continuous
JOHN PATRIDGK.Apdlachicola i is probably all but suspended and the for my (country.. I was nt'the I( first UH> SI' !ed
'fJ ;
OF.\uno; f"4 : Apalachicola, Fla. quality.! the cook below
it Y ( O J lS, /Wr.I'Hm./ : .;:;, h tlr\nD\\RI:, Nov l1 I, 1 1,17 giggle! ; was reported as organs ofsighl participate in the general rest. the dizzy- heights. of Baf'Fnr\ at Monterey. -
___ convulsions and
TIN \r.\itE, n' JOTS "IIII::;. HATS, II. E. Oivens, -- verging on ; poor When, after a long night's sleep, the eyelids I iw I :Is before foremost in (Jen.Butler's .
C.PS, Cat! ):-lIRV; SHIP ATTORNEY AT LAW City IEol first open, there is. therefore, a dulnessof desperate i-liarge! ni that loan and
Cat.ti CHANDLKItY.and &C. CLAYTON, Uitbour County, Alabama.: :! : -I I have to inform my filends! and forth and scour every tavern in the neigh- vision arising probably from the dryness at one lime chilnpt the fortunes of the dav
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F April IS JO. 2-tf I of ihe cornea ; then occur the rapid motionsof by my act- of g.illantry and n.tn

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Nov 11 Aiwlar'iicol! t, tea; THIS very efficacious reinwiy for i-xt 'imina- I Hotel in New York. liilc-iving; he will \ and what i is it cured him "windows"" of the body havi been pro powder and lead for three days: :and only
immediately, if a ( application be house and exertion one. cleansed! and in order for drink the blood of the :
Jus. F. 1'u'rior proper keep an excellent spare no or perly set the eye adjusted (.' I was there
'ENCEAL IlKCElVIXt. FORWARDING, ,'-l. mad, of all of the above named annoyances. His i expense, to make his guests comfortable! I recommend of the Humbug of general invitation. to the quantity of light it must receive that I rose above mysell in courage and gallant

COMMISSION:; MERCHANT, Flea and Mosquito Poison! has attained a very ('X- the house; to my friends and,. the public. Not less humorous is he when describingthe and we are awake" for the day, and daring.In .

:\0. 50 Water ivecelebrity for its invariable: destructive? properties THOMAS: HI )WN.
forth to with conclusion, gentlemen, I
may go tenewouracquaintance have only to
Nov 11 Fla. to that order of insects. For sale by Tallahassee, Nov. 1, IS 17. -J3- tn.CI"y .
MEDICAL nUMDCC. the beauties of nature.It ask that you will vote for whom 3011 (''lease,
.. August! 14 J. C. ALLEN, 1)ragr gl i est.
HU. P. M'CALLA., GUMTAVE RoMAI.V. After all, Humbug is universal, just because is 'from the glands which supply this and that you will please in vote for me.

11i.dlla & Ron1ain. For Sale. HOTEL, i : it is necessary. S.ime people have moisture that tears flow. Among: physiologists With great r'spt'l'r. gentlemen.

COMMISSION: MKRC CHANTS BIlLS Hay, now landing from shin Flori- too much of it for their neighbor's comfort, it is well known that emotions-impressions Your uhell.nllfrVanr.

Nov. R b. 9 Columbus Block h5 dian. Apply to and others have too little of it for their upon the nervous system-exercise a J. n 1:YDO:

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S. "*. Nickerson Salt. There shall be two men, doctors, for example secreiions. As, for instance, the mere eloquent epistle, the ballnting was entered

BEALEIIINCLOTUIXO. BOOTS SHOES 3150 SACKS Liverpool Salt, caigo of Dr. TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.IN of equal learning and skill. Theyare thought of some savoury dish, or delicious upon and it is painful to add that, ofninelv-

HATS. CAPS, Arc.fto. ship Queen, for sale bv the management of this Hotel, the untieigncd /. on the look-out for a practice. Doctor fruit, or something: acid-of the juice of the seven votes rasl. .. Your obedient servant,

-pee. 23 1 Columbus Block, I).>e 2 J. DAY & Co. will use his; best exertions: to please his Easy puts his name on a_ brass plate on the lemon-will excite an instant! flow of the J. B. Baylon. received but one.

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Cootie &; Home, do WIJ.J.L\l\IIIE:H G\VAY. room to wait for patients. mind influences the lachrymal glands :
Union states that| on the of the
COMHS"5IOStEltCIIA No. TS. Bread-Navy and Pilot, for sale by November 11, Ib 17. 13-6m. Need I say that he has generally to waita which copiously secrete and pour forth the nil. nidl 21st
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New-Orleans _Dec30 B F.LL1SON & Co. Bacon Flour; Sugar Colic am long time ? chrysial drops, and these, as they :appear: who during the bought
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F. (HALT Refers to D'c '.>3 K McCULLY. being immediately wanted, while attending / out upon the surface(; the eye is protectedfrom tish Parliament: is one by Colonel Thompson

G. DQNLAP E } New Orleans.! .. Sweetmeats antI Preserves.WELL received! f dom! havana a religious meeting at Exeter (Hall.- injury and the offending substance is lo cal the attention of ihe house lo

''. VYLIII Liverpool Salt, A assorted lot,just E McCULLY, Not a form of advertisement-barring those washed away. The feelings which excite the facts : consequences of the present

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I. \

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a ... .- -- .-....... ..,_- ,, *.. -Ju... -.'--- ...r.: -: ".;(-.'.:.-..r...-"',-.... _:, '- ;: ....._ .. ,;0 .,.. -' .. .-Hr. "'"'- __ro'., '_ ..L-.. ii"Ji-.t-):. ........ .' -, .- .-.p. -"." .f.-. '/ ', .. '." 'J :", ; .,: -' _i '-.- .., -" :' ''," -'', .. .,-. ., ."teA. .

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\ n .

A \4" I. r" ,". .4L'i I> !

-::; --_--- -- '------ ----.-*---------= If__ __ !!!!!!_ -- ., - .- ,- --- -- -- --
LETTER[From the atiunallnt'llit'nct'r; ) !1 1845, when the bill was under consideration I which had frequently been made by a Dents COJIJIEUCIL ADVERTISER.APALACH1COLA 1 I adoption, is not believeJ by any man of but bank agencies, insurance -.

J'ltO'l1 FLORIDA.; It. CABKLL, OF' he moved as a section to the bill the iden- ocratic House is too palpably absurd to deserve sense and correct judgment. It.is a weak and persons doing business, who cnmpanlt/*
tical which is this time called (heWilmot moment's consideration.The do not
Election of Speaker of the House of Representatives proviso at a "
invention of he( pliant tools of the Executive side here, cannot be taxed.
-Mr. Wlllthrup-\Ir: John \V. Davis) -The Proviso." This assertion has been newborn zeal of the Democratic THURSDAY, FEB. 3, 1848.
Wilujot Proviso Southern Democrats and Southern --- ----- -- ----- --- -- to prop a cause. 4th. None but Freeholders
made and repeated in most of the Southern ; journals add their hypocritical cant about -- --- ---- --- --- falling can be Trust
Whigs. papers. I hold them lo it, and out of ihe .invasion of the rights of the :-5outl." CG- The following gentlemen are authorized Such being ihe opinions of ihe \Vhigs tees or Councilmen, a provision which;
their mouths will I condemn them" .the :South in danger," and such Agents for the ADVERTISERand will par.
HOCSE OK llKriu>ENTATivK\!', own stufl pro- CODaltCJA. as to Gen. Taylor's advice to ihe President, takes too much of an
JA.u.tRY 13, IMS.MT.SSRS. Mr. John \\'. Davis voted for this pro'iso.The ceeds from no peculiar, to the receive and receipt fordubscnptions, or advertisements the aristocracy, and t
argument sought to be built by the operation of which would wo'
EDITORS\ : Since the election of I Democrats of the last Congress stand ; South, but frm blind partisan feeing, which :- up debar many
Speaker of the House of llepicsenlaiives' self-convicted of having elected to the I makes them applaud or in one of \V;\V.CIIF.RYERrsq.Albany, Ga. Savannah Georgian as a conclusion to their thy men the) privilege of serving as Trustees

the Southern Democratic; papers' have been Speakcrship an advocate of "the indcnlical/ their own patty what they condemn a po Major JACK HAIID.MA.N, I Kufaula. Aid. false premises, falls to the ground. The who might not be able or willing to
--.- -- 0o
tilled with denunciations ofotllhernVhi s proviso" introduced by 1\1 Wilmot.. I do liticalopponent.I ---- - ----- -.- allegation of inconsistency i is not maintained land in the City.

who cast (ihcir votes (IiI( tile [Hon. Robert C. not regard \1 r. Winthrop's's proviso "identi is further charged that the ..Whis of FOR PKI2SIDENT, -and the feelings falsely attributed to For these deem
Winthrop. The last mail brought me a cal" with Mr. Wilmot's. The Democrats South, in voting for Mr. Winlhrop, reasons, we the adoption
budget of these papers from my own State say they do, .'lId. so believing voted fur ilsadvocate. "voted fur an abolitionist." 1 am not charitable ZACHARY, ''A YLOR. Gen. Taylor of distrust for his Whig fellow of ihe act in question not advisable and *e
--- ---- -- --------
believe ------------- citizens is without foundation in the
thai this trust
containing the most illiberal and abusive enough to is not a totally citizens will refuse their assent to It.
articles of myself, with such choice expressions rhe offence which ihe Southern Whigs wilful misstatetncnt. These journalists know "Till: WIIIO( CANDIDATE) FOR TIE fact, not to be deduced from his acts or expressions
as "Traitor. to the South" False to of the present Congress have committed i is, such not to be the fact. PIIESIIENCY.: the existence of which TAYLOR MEETING IN NE1VOILf.t13.
his own Country" &c. for ,voting (for THK not that they have voted fur a gentleman who Mr. Winlhrop is opposed to the further The Savannah Georgian has an article other basis than the rests on A large and enthusiastic meeting of te{,
ABOLITIONIST WINTIIKO1 !" sustained the antislavery proviso to the Oregon extension of slavery. But what Southern under the above head the object of which no idle and envious inventions friends of Gen. Taylor, took place at New

The editorial corps in other States have bill, but that they have elected. a Whig hear does not beat in unison with the following appears to be to demonstrate that Gen. of such papers as the Savannah Orleans on the 22d ult., at which the
probably had ] for decency Speaker; of Whig [House of Representatives. sentiment him Georgian whose M.
more regard propriety, ; patriotic prposec by not allow himself to be ma'Je the course towards its political resolutions
and truth than iu Florida, ; but there Had :\Winlhtop been a Democrat, at a festival in Faneuil lall on the 4th of Ta'lorwi: be lowing were adopted, and Dele
opponents seems to the
are certain l facts connected with the election he would have been eulogized by his presentrevilcis July, 1815 : candidate of the; IVhig Party, and that Mr. governed by gales appointed lo represent New Orleans

of Speaker of the House of Representatives as" a Northern man with Southern .: Our Country/ : Rounded by the St. Clay wishes to be, and the Georgian concludes sentiment common to a bigolted People of in the People's Convention, to.be IioIJen ;
which are of sufficient intcicst principles." John's Sabine or however hounded old, that "No good can come out of Naza- m m
general to ,1cthe b saving, that the counsels of the thai city on the 22d February, to
justify tne iu for this After this had been described. be the ) Ireth., nominate
asking a place communication "infamous! proviso" or measu..emclltsoe Whigs arc troubled and the object of their Taylor Electors. The Delta
in the columns of y our paper. appended to t The Oregon bill every Southern or less still our country-to be cherished in What end the Georgian; :and other demo- says thatm. '.'
1 yield to no man ill devotion to the rights Democrat but TIIRIK: : rotrd fur it ; DIr all our hCII., lo be defended by all our Ultimate selection uncertain. cratic tluential men of both parties joined in the
and interests of the =Souih.' As a Southern i Winthrop voting; against the bill with the hands." We entirely agree with the Georgian that papers hope tosnL ere by constantly cal:

man, I most: cheeifully gave mv vote for Mr. proviso and ;Mr.] : Davis votinghr it. (See I shall not slop to defend :Mr. Winthrop Gen. Taylor irill not accept the nomination hnrpitfg on the impropriety of the Whigs ,lV/iereasUmoa, concert and
\\rtuthrop, and make house Journal 2d Session, :'JSlh! this malicious accusation Gen. Taylor for the ro.operitiol
mean lo no :apology Congiess, against : liveryman of He has announced such lobe supporting Presidency, are es.entiallo the success of
for it. All admit his times the 018: 322! inclusive. who leads knows the bitterness of any parly. al great en
for ollir.e ofSpeak' pages; to ) (lie we are at a loss to imagine. If the terprises especially those of a political character .
'r. \'a IneuthrrnIhc> I Ilooe! i is perhaps I make no apology for f Winthorp for abolition opposition to him in his own his resolution. AleClay's friends will is lo turn the Whigs from such design and to producetsnch, co-operaiion
better qualified( to disihaijt: us duties. Imin introduced this proviso, though he trict. The abolitionisms: iu the House of no doubt press his claims, and he may be a course has been proposed lo hold a Convention it
IIy far the ;gieator number of the .Speak; voted against t the bill ; much less can I I.j Representatives refused to vole fo him because nominated ; but we very much doubt whether such advice, coming from such a quarter, will Delegates from the several parishes of

ers; of the I 11.1u-f of Kepreseniaiives liave jll.lifyIr.: Davis, who voted both for ihe in their opinion, he was not "sound I he will run, especially if the Southern be received with the slight consideration State on the 22d day of February thus
been Southern tiar'n. At the commencement I provrsn! = and+ l the bill. Southern Democrats on the question of slavery." You have; il is entitled to. ] the object be to nominate Electors who are favorable next, 'ih-to
of the present session" the NoiiheinWhigs who voted with him can doubtless make an only to icier to any abolition paper of late Slates are not represented in the Convention inflame the resentment of General election of Gen. ZACHARY YLOR r[) "J
presented[ a candidate pecnhaily, : t I u aaI excuse for him. date to find it filled with abusive articles of :and we do not believe that any one of to the Presidency, it i is therefore 1\
lifted trop his talents, hijh; char;".ter, geullemanly The charge! of want of fealty: to the South :Mr.] Winlhrop. Northern Abolitionists[ and them, save f Kentucky)', will be so represented. against hisVhi;, fellow-citi/ens, there again 1. Reslrec That we cordially

: department, md parliamentary experience comes: ) with :a bad grace from gentlemen Southc'r Jc iccrals arc ('(equally violent iu When the Georgian speaks of Ihe inconsistency will they be at fault both because the old of proposed to approve be
lie was elceicd: -not one Southern who supported!' :Mr.l Davis; and most of whom their denunciation of him: and (hose who Her has reason to know who are his friends, den in the city of New Orleans, at iheiimi hoi{
Whig voting :again: : *! IIi III. To have contitliuted the election of Mr. Van l BII- voted for him. of theVhig party, (and of course -and so far as the war is concerned, ha aforesaid, and that One Hundred Delete
opposed his election bemuse represented icn, who acknowledged the "right; of Congress The object of this communication, I repeat it means to include the members of tint occular demonstration shad be appointed by the Chair to MhiJ
a constituency \vhtis! <. institutions Ia! not to :abolish slavery\ in the Distiict of i is not to make an apology for my vote part individually and generally,) in supporting on the plains of f city and parish in the said Convention.represent :

tolerate slavery: vfoiild. have been) an act of Columhii; .," and who, in the New YUIK for Mr. Winlhrop I cannot apologize f fordoing ; General! Taylor and opposing the Mexico, and in the Halls of Congress, that 2.! rtvthed. That, confiJing as we .do..

madness and crimiml tolly. It woull have CUII't'nti"lI.'uted to plaee fi Vcc negroes on a what; is right-but to expose I lie hy- maintenance of the the the Whigs are true to their country in lime the wisdom, ju tic(', moderation; unit.! K}:i '
war- Georgian assumes
been suicidal, fatal to tile! South. l fooling with ichitfs.! pociisy and of fjouihesnDemocratic : !
so misicpresentations< of peril, and ready to support him on the puti" l implicity of (en.'Pay inr, aslhs,
doing, Southern H"p..e'"lIttlive.. : would, in It i is ch.dged; that this proviso to the Ore- editors, who are either wilfully premises not sustained by ths course field of battle Ir;:le.1 by his whole life, and in j his .
.t..c', h.H'eolluwlI! themselves 1.'I..\l1'tItS! cou hill was ihe origin: of the famous "Wil- or ignorantly misleading the honest peep)e of any respectable: portion of the Whig against Ihe fire of the enemy I devotion to his country as displayed p"lrolr, in !
'1'01.111-: SOUTH." mot proviso.' ;; Hilt] it will be found by reference of the South. parly in the Union. The Whigs, as a body in front, and to protect him at home from the I many battle fields, we will not approach| him',

It i is well known.. that the South is in a to the same Jc/mnal. page 2GO.() Ihat Very /rslcc'flly. citizens either .fire in the rear"-and the effort will fail, to a h 111 pledges, given on most ; ;!
as private by volunteering occasion*
minority in the( Concessional and Electoral another bill had. been previously ptis&rd
: servant because he recognizes in ihe authors of i it by politicians, but are content to
reJlre ClllatiulI. What would. be our condition which may justly claim the paurnity\ of this E. C. C.\uL.: their services to fight the battles in Mexico the 1 the past :ts a sufficient Inol uj{>ot
of "
that Remnant guarartee '-* tu-1
if rte take the position that we will not disiingnshed offspring. I allude to the --- ------- as well as by giving it every encouragement Organs of Hunkerism lure conduct! ; we wish to htrn
support a man for even a secondary r/jire. joint resolution for the annexation of From[ the Philadelphia Kvenins; Uulrtin.! ] in their power have aided to carry on the who sought to asperse !his flir fame bv 0 their country the Candidate as he will be to the iie!<
who does not come from our own !section of Texas.: The! third condition" on which ;Monterey capitulation censure. I'rtbidfnf. of ihe ,and
MUTATIONS OF successful Ptople not ol
PAllTICS war to a completion. Any examples a p.m.
country ? Will not the North .retaliate the consent of Congress" was given to the 3. h'evulcrd'tbat we take piensurern.me ;. ,
Can it be expected that the people of the annexation of Texas concludes thus : The aspect of political affairs at Washington to the contrary, and that there are ABOLITION OF THC CITY CIIAISTER.; nouncmg; to the friends of Gen. Taylor ,.. '

free Stllrs111 give i to in the iii.inopoly 1 of And such Slates as may be formed out is amusing to the lit ct rle. Never such we do not deny, ale but few and sad The citizens of Apalachicola will he over the Republic that we have the bi

all the attire of Government They can of lhat; portion of said teiritory ling south ; peihaps wets the limc-scivers of partymoie ; exceptions. So in the State Legislatures! on to vote next Monday, on the l'alcd reasons fur assuring them that, come W.",
control all our iuijiotlant elections and; will of thirl-six degrees Thirty! minutes noilli at fault. So many: !Presidential candidates questionof come, (;en. Taylor will
not submit to such unrea-onabie; exactionson : : latitude, commonly known; the ;Misconricompiomi : ate in the field, and so various appear and in Congress, a very large nwj'Hilyoflhe\\ abolishing the charter of the City. Although the may position in relation to the not retire Irma

the pait of the South. ]Is i it, nice in us >e line shall 'be admitted/ into the to be. the opinions of 11111, lhat truck- \Vhis have ever been founc ready, and our intended removal (from the City which the people have !Presidency him. It.

to forgtt: the admonitions of the Father of Union with or without slavery, as: the people S t ers know. lot which way to double, nor willing, to aid the Executive with their removes much of the interest which we 4. Resulted, That it pl.ue.i the of tl/,
his country, who counselled us;; to beware of of each State asking admission may desire turn-coats WII'1 to taJ their next somerset. votes, iu measures calculated to bring the should) else feel in the mailer, yet we are rnoeting, thai the refusal of Gen. Taylorr:,
sectional issue ? Shall and in such, Stale States shall be To-day Duchatiau stock is and tomorrow
wc \\,1110111'icck ; or as tip become the candidate: of
to involve ourselves iu angry siri'e! and( bitterness formed out of said territory north, of said down. Now; Cass has lit plaudits of war to a successful issue. But when the not altogether without some feeling of the so ;far from any particular pariv. -'

of I..dillith. our Northern brethren Missouri" compromise' line ;L\\'J-RYOn.: IN-: the hour now he loses ( One week! origin of ihe war comes in question, ihe kind <'l we are led thereby to make some should constituting be considered, a just as ground cvitlcw ui',;

and couit a geographical contest, in \onjvr.\m' SKUVITUDK: (except for crimes) Scott is talked of by the whig*, and the ne.thmriedly Whigs dare say, what John C. Calhoun remarks on the subject.In cIIIIlint.!lll'riu qualifications fur the tin

which every advantage will be on the side, of M1A1.L BK: I'KOIIIBITKD.: repudiated.' Tic presence of :Mr.Clay and a host of other great men, and pure the firs! place we will premise, thai i in charge ot the duties of President. ;
those wi would niche our enemies ? The 7'Afs/s the true LVl/aJide \\\rilniol\ proviso. : who comes like : ghost: of iSanquo; have said that .>. Rfi>olrfd. That, in Jen. TV
-' trua |>alts'y n( lliu S..itl ',., t., I... /t-... ;.. tl... \I Mr. Winthrop's proviso applied to trait 1\ does i.ot increase: the haimony of lie scene. patriots, : TUB WAR WAS our opinion-and we believe that other gentlemen f lor. lo ih Presidential: election ch/ur
maintenance (fits rights, but to lie JUT.The alicadj belonging ie"ut. f

[ Whig: \patty, Noitli "III5oulh.! is which properly came within the principle ol Olft'li: Hf the breaking up i of old parl-s.- ItT: -the act abolishing the City Char r will strict observance of the Constitution public ,

characterized by :a spirit of conservatism. the Missouri! compromise/ ; but here we seethe They have had their day ; they have ;answeie.d [ The assertion that because Gen. Taylor be declared null and void, because the notice the general principles of policy mainlaiut,a 0;
It embraces\ in its comprehensive view the principle for the first lime extended their purpose; and, with a hopeful I :
advised the movement to the [Rio Grande, which the Constitution bv Washington, Jetfersion and, 3Iadisun.G. .
whole country. It is not influenced by a foreign'rilny. And we fudevrrySoot him trust in the future, we look for; Letter ones : requires befarelegislating Retofred. That ihe -
narrow conitactcd, selu'-h sectional policy.At e n Democit J our special and peculiar I 10 come Every age i is more, democratic, ordered b)the President-and that therefore on corporations either in creating ;m sound judgment, the lofty patriotismthe ,'

this moment, it is will known that most friends, with ::Ir. John \\'. Davis, voting,, for ; than the preceding. The doctrines that if Preiden acted unco\ litulion- them or altering iheir charters was not of" ( 'tI. Taylor, sterling mtgni, ,.,

of the X'jithcrn "'!1"-. ; are willing:!: in cast: 1 it 21 Wilmot proposes that his piovi-io ; suilt 1-41 our forefathers are not liberal enough ally. Gen. Tavlor is also to blame for the given. ]If we are rihlthe vote Monday eminent services ant more rendered t''Iicn.U,ihe .. .it. '
their vote fur a Southern 1 man; for Piesidentof shall extend. to all territory hereafter to beannexed for us : and lie, prilllpll' which t v / i- >
advice-isi: subletfn e, the resort to whichas will be of little importance. lay during the present war wit'i MMUconstitute
the United States. And shill it be said ; this "condition" was applied to cil.d for hI'e the [P ui- the
that we of the South should force upon teniton- thereafter to be annexed. tau*. True wiloI! consists Ill keeping; up i detente, b)the Piesi-Jenl. and his supporters When a People do away with the fnrmol l future condnrt surest guarantee lhat :.
them. ;geographical: issue, md compel our The entiie Democratic party, except ;\1 r. with ,,1e pJit of the hour. John ;'C\lol is strong evidence of his and their .. Government under which they live, there {I.is i hand*, and II'Ili no-* war will of he sale

Northern fiieudsio vole for a Northern man, Holmes, of South Carolina voted fur .\J 1 r. was one tin I best men of his day.. yet he consciousness of his guilt Admit thai Jen. should be sonj great and weighty consideration ] hi" motion that treaty will t'e.Kcc.1receive
and thus elect a Notthern Pre Taylor un give advice: lo the for and honor and irferesls of .
so they should be our
ern Speaker, Noitheiii Clerk, Northern ofticcrs : very time I they were condemning ihe :South ion 'Iatllr: was the li htlf his celj'r.lliol. coin 7. Rri, country. '
Whi but he believer] in witchcraft.: President as to a political if it prepared; with a substitute calculated to ''., That our hearts; i :are fi--!
of all kinds! and establish a Northern ell !' for having voted fllr1 r. Win Vet if Newton ro\'clc/l. supply with and,
Government throp.. And! I have not heard a -suspiricniexpressed or Mather lived now, and still retained turn out mat tie adoption of the :advice led the defects and remedy the evils con n- in I joy elevated unite' at the hope, ..f f "rf;

The accomplished, Speaker! of the House l lint ;i1 1 r. French was opposed to the principis on which they then ac'I't, the country}' into an unnecessary war, and plained of in the old system. What maybe ; lustrum tilt Washingtona place' ouce filled who,by like our hit
of IN his Slate resisted the .\\'ilmotl'\\'iso.' what I tyrants and bigots they would be con- min
Representative" own that the advice I
act unconstitutional ihe evils know
of which can
complained led to the no party but his !
The Jl: ] sidct eel Men die but country ali
successfully time adoption of llie principle I war against Winthrop and those parties SIf'ivc. and
inasmuch as Gen. Taylor was not investedby of the act of Ih,- ruled by no motives but duty'and >atraism. -
upon which Southern Democrats, insist that who voted for him has been renewer at the surviving; perpetuate!doctrines which ouubtto : passage Legislature, tare v e [
Southern \\1I11S should 1 have acted.: Al the : South because; of his: late vote lo refer certain be cXl'lort'lJ Hence every generation the People with the power lo advise ihe not informed-but presume that the

Springfield) : (Mass.) Convention, held ill.. abolition petitions to un>j of the stand- shoullla\'c a new party We see, to-day President in the management, of the Foreign principal causes which led] thereto, were the : \ DLIS-S.-The! Washington corp

September! list, a resolution was; offered' ing committees of the 'I House.A party still adhering! to formulas Relations of the country, Mr. Polk cannot- heavy tales levied by the former Councils, pondeni of ihe York Evening '
"that the Wliiis: Massachusetts; will support IWtig House of Representatives (the which Ilweter good they were halfa .pw .1 .
take from and the
refuge condemnation behind such of the thus refers this
funds to '
no in:in for the office: of 1 Piesident and ,I J7lh Congress: ) refused to repeal a rule forbidding century agu. are now tl.l wants of profuse expenditure of excellent officer ut
Vice Piesident but such as art known by the reception of :Iholliol petitions. the age, while the wings, with even more advice. That another individual agreed the City. Now, inasmuch as any evils ot date of rh: Olh int."Major .

their acts or declared\ opinions be opposedlo ) 'l'lle'eth:! Congress, !, as I am informed veneration for the past mumble over many I with him in the propriety of the course he such nature ate clearly to be referred lo ihe Illitt, arrived in the city test

the extension of .'!very." 11 Ir. Wii.ihinp about seventy Democratic majority, did cola. which went out of fashion with all : pursued should no more be permitted to be manner in which the powers granted by the slay and receives on all! sides the warm
and the of this > rule. (On the lOlh December sensible when toupees and tuckers welcome. He
opposed pteveuted: passage I Kl 'altlis mel plead; by Mr. Polk in exculpation of his charter were exeicised. and nol to the charier wears no military tojrgrj
re.ulnlioll-a\'uwill; :: his deiermmalion sr!osuppoit 1611, (see. House .Joural. 2d Session t 23lh were buried with our grandfathers. pat even a button ;" parses quit
a slaveholder for the Presidency, CIIrC1s. page 58) Mr. Adams offered ;a But, there is another reason why we rejoice fault, than the same defence would be allowed itself would seem that the reform desired through the crowd without exciting: aUt.

should lie be the candidate of (he Whig petition praying (the abolition of slavery in I to see old parties breaking up. It is to .avail in a Court of Justice, when is best attained by means of a change lion. Not a corporal has return, d fIr

party.It the. Disitict of Columbia. On the flcslion. Ilic tendency of parties, as of dynasties and offend by a man charged with a criminal of rulers or a change of conduct on t ihe the camp, but has made more dupu*
was the duly Southein: Whigs to "lal the petition be leceived," lie vote religions, to grow tyrannical as they increase offence. More especially is such defence part of the existing authorities. Good Wahiti:(toc than this brave and occopl'ohed '
sustain such a mm. I could. not reconcile sioodjcas 107naysSl.. ( Page 50.) Among"I I iu age and power. At first/ a party)' government companion of ihe greatest ft tl'I :
it to mv'!' l'lfta adopt a f.iUe principle' of ac the yr!... were 11es,rs. John W. Davis; and professes the utmost liberality, but, in the untenable: when the act charged i is the violation does: not always flow, as a consequence heroes. To look at him, you might r..,
lion which this gentleman had; repudiated, R. C. Winthop. A mOl.ion to lay on the I course of years, it becomes proserijilive ; so of the sworn duty of the President to from wise systems,-we must elect him for a very modest and. Into .

and} make him the 'lira victim to Southern table was lush, (pae 51.) The petition was that the same leaders who began by professing Support. the Constitution with the natureof proper Legislators: and instruct them as hi* voluntary "cer"\m.I., no one "o>

selfishness, by refusing:: in vote ,for (him as referred lo the Committee for the District t ; "freedom mil'opinion to ;all end by which obligation he i is presumed to be our wishes when elected to obtain wise lear that he had ever faced a l foe or lou.
presiding: officei of ,ihe House of Representatives of Columbia. (Page 5These) petiliolsCllllillHclto disowning every man who refuses: blindly to i battle. He i is just such a man t'
!' after: lie had! "pledged. himself lo vote be l.f..lpc. to the committees! obey them. A parly m.ll. in our genera fully acquainted, whilst the party advising.is legislation,-without this, the best syslemswi : might suppose (;en.T.tylurwould select:

for the Whig candidate as: presiding, officer after that time. present House ofRepivsenlalives lion, is a slave. .J elrcl'sonHfl into power because of his profession to be deemed fail. his luunse on the field, and fur coinMii| :<. ,
.of the nation should he come from the which has a small WhiginijKiiiy as the ap.>slle of toleration : Polk has grown comparatively ignorant of the restrictions Now, inasmuch as the present Council shin in the trot"

section (if the country I ieprese.nl. the vole on one occasion was as bigolletj and relentless as any inquisitor which ;are imposed by Constitution on lies set to work in earnest to retrench (lie .
The 1W/llzrdlJ'I.t/e hit whieh ;\1 r. Winihrop equally divided, and made the vote of the Yet the one claims to sit in the seat and expound lie SC.\r CULTIVATION.: The St Au-:; :,
has commiiied.. iu offeiing a proviso Speaker necevary ; a circumstance which[ the doctrines. : of the other Fatal I the Chief Magistrate of the Union and city expenditures, and have adopted meansto line lie raid gives us the following inter.

to the Utegou;; bill at the :'Jd! I session of I. never occurred with the 'Jdih DemocraticCongress ] delusion to himself and followers! Jefferson certainly, he should not be deemed when r reduce ihe expenses down to about ing statement of the produce of 1] acre,

;he 23ih Congress: to the efl"ct ., that slier iu which these petitions were re- was a man ahead of his age ; Poll is a man advising a military movement, to have -,400, for the current year against about land at Moccasin Branch, in Sr t, Job

Khali be. neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude fen c.1 without the ;aid of ihe Speaker's Vote thirty years behind il. By .. assertion we weighed and determined ihe political con 3,500 last year, which reduction of e county which had been planted, case :.
in the said teiritoiy.. otherwise ih.iu; I is now pit-tended ,1 that "Mr. Winlhrop's s do not mean) to be personal to the President:: xMr.. Paul Master
Ju the punishment of rnmes: !' whereof the. vote has let in a flood of abolition petitions" we speak of [him only as I the representative sequences which might result from its adoption penses will occasion a corresponding abatement 10 barrels of sugar 250 Ibs. each at

piity shall hue been duly IUIH'il.tecl." Foi I to disturb: the peace of the countiy. This of his party :-:and we say without fear of or the right of the President to orderit of taxation. we deem il more advisable (cents, $150

Jhis any language: ;! fails to furnish words flood .as let in" by the vote on the petition contradiction, thai il is lime that his party, to be made. I to await the termination of their term of 100( gallons molases at 25 cents, 23

strong; enough;; to express, the indicium: ; feelings pies !nlec by : r. Adams in December, as at present organized, was broken up. 1 It The light in which Gen. Taylor's letter, ; office, in order to ascertain whether not 37J; bushels! of coru at $1, 37 ;
: of the Richmond! Enquirer and otherDemocratic I 1811 I, fo reception of which: Mr. Davis is lit) !longer the parly of freemen, but of or Cane sold, :U
:advising the movement to the Rio Grande it is practicable to obtain the reform desired]
papers iu my own :and other voted, as well as Mr.I Winthrop. What drilled Janissaries-no the
exponent 1.
Southern ::\ late;. Whit: will the cltllltrythillk / Democrat refused to vote for Mr. Davis of the untrammelled will people but f is viewed by the Whigs, and we dare say without an alteration of our present charier.
c.v3 3
of the atfecled indignation: and pretended after ihis vote ? None. And why this de the wire-pullers who call llicnisdces the party that Gen. T. will so explain it-is that i it So much for the propriety of an ; This is at the rate of one hundred
devotion of ihe"c journal to :Southern nunciation of Mr. Winthiop? There i is and U'/L like Jules priests ofsis, profane was intended to give ihe President the benefit of our system But we have to add thirty three dollars to the acre, and was |
right;; !*, when it is told that ;\lr.Julm \V.. but one ;anwcr-\Ir.; Davis is a Democrat lie holy mistcrics of democracy icilli their jugs of his military knowledge and skill the f duced from high pine barren land, cop P'
Davis the late Drnwratic Speaker of the andf: Winthrop a Whig Their actare i ling ttick. I asa lowing reasons, why we could not ned. Mr. Mastres is a man, with;
House of Representatives voted fur this the same, but their offence widely different. are Iwo good] reasons why we General in command of an army destined vote for the abolition of the charter under my negroes., and had only poor the assitenceti

same iniquitous proviso," and that the rejoice over the breaking ,. up of the old par to carry out certain views of Slate of which the act in question : son of IS years of age, to obtain the abtr

name of :Mr. Davis is found recorded with i It is well known to those who arc engagedin tiCS. Yet ihe leadctt of neither seemaware he had been apprized. lIe left r'' the determination 1st. No substitute is provided[, so tint together with an excellent crop of co

that of Mr. Winihroi throughout: the whole this nnholy purpose to stir the blood and J ol [their coining doom. Oh miserable of the constitutionality of the act to when] the charter is abolished, there will be I peas and 1 potatoes. Mr. Mastics made'
of the proceedings: Ihe (House on ihe said: ,1 exasperate the feelings of the South on this blindness. The Assyrian, we are own mill, and boiled the juice down
Oregon hillY And what can exceed ihe delicate subject of slavery that the object told, feasted when the enemy was in his civilians-the President and his Cabinetthe no existing system of municipal govern- common pot in the open air.

impudence of these exclusive: friends of ihe of the Abolitionists can bo obtained, so far streets. The inhabitants of the World before parties vested by the Constitution withthe ment. Mr. Francis Kogero, from 1] sfv

South in their present hypocritical professions as the reference of their petitions is concerned the ( oodoere dancing and giving i in 1'owc and supposed to possess the 2d. The property held by and debts due of the same quality of land obtained 15 lit'

? I Every Democratic Representative without a vote of the House-simply I marriage when the Deluge burst upon them. ability, to determine such questions. Thata to, the old corporation, will be entirely I lost rels of syrup and two barrels of ."""*
of the last Congress voted for Mr. Davis. by presenting them at the Clerk's table. Three thousand years have not made men In value :
If these Democratic editors really believe They have been repeatedly so referred.- i,, wiser! man like Gen. Taylor, proverbially modest to the citizens-no succeeding act of incorporation ; 4G5 gallons syrup at 31 cents, 5'I11

ihat the Southern Whigs who voted for ;Mr.Winthrop The committee have in all cases reported and deferential in the highest degree to his : can invest them with ihe rights of 500. Ibs, sugar at (0 cents,

have by so doing proved themselves them back to the House and asked to be U. S. 1..NANcts.-In: the House of Representatives superior officers,-a man, who had made the old municil :pity. The lots, squares, -

"traitors to the South," what term, discharged from their consideration. This on Wednesday, a bill was reported war and not Kfmr affairs of State his &c., given by the Land. Company to the bI'1
according lo their own confessions should i is the course by Mr. \Winthrop.I from the Committee This is at the the ac
of of
approvec Ways and study would when a Colonel undertake to city will revert to the owners. The debts rate $139 32 to
be applied to them for their support of a in common most of the Southern Means authorizing a new Loan of$18,500- the due When it is considered that this i is the p
man for the identical office whose votes are members have opposed their reference.- 000, at six per cent. was announced weigh constitutionality of a measure city cannot be recovered. duce of the poorest quality of land, and It! |
identical with those of Winthrop ? But the idea that the reference of one of that a bill would be reported I fromthe Minority which might involve the serious conse 3d. Under the general incorporation act, the sugar was manufactured in the rud

' The Richmond Enquirer speaking of these petitions to a committee by Whig of the Committcs, wlich. It is said quence of a bloody war, and after having taxes can only be levied on real estate. mannner, no one can doubt that the sit;

": this subject says : "'But this did not salisfyVinthrop. House of Representatives renders our slave will authorize an issue Treasury satisfactorily settled the propriety of it i in: Draymen and retailers of liquors cau be cane alone should be cultivated by the phi

Dlr. \ On the 1st of February, I property less secure than ihe same reference i Notes, in lieu of a direct Loan. 'his own miud, advise the President to its made to pay taxes in the shape of licenses: ; thousands leIs of Florida. There are hundred
of acres of the richest 13qd





.. .
; x -
-- -- -. -. -

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I .
r ---- ------- .
, .- --- -- -- ---' -- -- -- --- ---_. = ___ _
4-- = -------- --- -- --
-- .L-
lying III S111'II bodies_ of from tOO I wholly worthy of the office, and) yet he is COMMERCIAL.Corro.N' l'LIN' \ E IN T B 11 11 I G E X C J A THEN EUM. --For -Liverpool.- -- -
far democrat
ibis ': 'hhh might proJucc a nor a whig. Zachary ___.__ ____ _.n THE OCEAN
10 i,000 act( Ihan Ihc iboVC.SdrdflflUIi I Taylor. will be tiiumplimtly I ; elected-;ind -- --- ----- --- : ri-tifF: proprietor the Athena-urn ]?owlinn ship Capt Brownell
Since I the
having of
uuJaulIJ our Saturday's some principal part
jnorC a Republica1l.Fr11WIII.lJdphil yet-his election would not a report, PORT I (J[-' Al'AFjAChJlCOLA..I'.b. X. 1. Saloon" has used every endeavor to make cargo en-
[ but prove whig ei;ht or ten boats lime arrived, with full cargoes, .- -- -- the establishment an agreeable place of resort Imaged, and going on board, will have
I victory- victory of popularity and virtue
--- quick For of
-- dispatch. freight Ihe
----- recent ruins river in fine and! is thankful remainder or
hdir.j put our boating AlltIVJD.Jan that an ever discriminating public
; U.lil tJn I over faction-a victory of the American passage apply to HARPER & HOLMES.
( m\II\" I order. The weather during ihe i p3?t two days has 27-T5risf Manhattan, Johnson, fin X York, 1 prove by liberal patronage their appreciation Fuel 3
: U people over panics- a victory ul"the I constitution or CIIAS STOMLINSON.For'LiverpooI. .
"WIGta) -
been very wet, consequently but little of th. late 10 ;0111'.1", StntCo.. tlf his desire to ple -*(. lie will ahvay keep a
hnllrt.'tJ! jtlllrnals in Ihe United States over the Hements of discofl-all.1: of Jan 2S-Ship: Hiirlinifon, Cook, fm New York. choice assortment of Liquors, and refre..hinbC"l'rJ .

Si I, 1I.lilell heir iI'z 10 Ihe ni'tir ; the Union O'CI the incantations: sedition. I atnviils has yet been offered. Some 1300 bales Sehr f>!:'ov, I'.r-dHlj;, fin, Ness Vork. es, of a sort to tickle the palates of Old TilE line Hr. ship QUEEN New-

11.1\. e Ireach'/'llI1"d1l I ,I i:4'aJ.IS: PresiJeitol I And yt we hoar the organs of factions crvuigoiil I 'however li. ve l.fi-n s.l.I: il.isveet! ut prices fully Jan 2y-n=eir! IViline, YoulJ fni New Xor! I.lccm"' In,4 I'dlidi'jussotis 1 ; and Oysters, land, master, will have dispatch Icr the

I f' SI.llrs. III IH'cl'e,1 .1anH'i J.'Ihe J.. ; I forH I iintn.icnl.iie P"'IIII.I.h';If f fau | up; to the rates current previoustolhearriv.il (.1 the Si-l.r:31 r..wrt'ne.'l..rfl'Sehr fin .NewJan ()rlealJ"! 'ool and ihIi4n5I15IrCd) from their native batik- .lbove pt'rt. For freight of a few bales
Ln1ttI llh of Jan. l-'mni the sales of the Elizabelli Hull, Tuthil, I tin ..t-v [Fur Iu till to
lll'half flf the .\lIll'ri1IJ IH''I)It\ infatn.ition: Kindled by the it ul accounts past Oile.ms." a pleasant commingling of est-rcise and up apply

"lk.) III of( ).It Iy-OIi behalf) ofwltl'u lIeS to hind the eyes of paliiutism spi sclt..h-I I o t three days, we quote : Fob 2-P ark Cleaner, Smith from Rochforte, alllu..t'rnellt-utile cunt lukt'-t there i is nothing h Jan i27. CHAS ROGERS & Co.

I II I iIKi.ncuoi "II t I i interests, ('....c1,1 i virtues of a public benefactor. .The best I II : 1IM t*J IOi". ... .. .. .. .. .. ... ... France to 1) Wood it Co. within the circle of gymnastics to compare with For New York..
Ibe Fedrral; 1 I'uion, against; Vd. to Good OrdMid'lliu .. .. .. .. .. .. Schr Louisa Soar?, Sears, fm N Orleans.: a nr ne of ten.pins; but (hose preferring less

../ 1 (.'Ulllhinalillils-IIII Iwlllll If ""wrlIolI candidate exclaims a party organ is a I !. .. .. ... .. .. ... .ft] a (>) Steamer Quincy, Allen, fni Chatt.ihuochfe.Steamer active amusements, can always take a hand. THE fait sailing coppered bark CUM-

Ilionalil" in :111 wars, light I or \Hun: I.I candidate of our clique Why ? Oh because Good \Iiddlit1g..6. a <1)1)J Southerner, Oarr.ud fin Eiif.uda. Come one-come all." &RERLlNL, llIuucuck matter wants 3UU.bales

'C," n hall of(the spi.it of patriotism, which i,i he would sacrifice the interests of the )11,K I 1. F.llr.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .7 art Steamer Notion McAllu-ier' fin Franklin. JOHN B. JO\F.S. to complete her cargo. For freightof
__oII lb Fair..I. .. a Steamer Knfaula N'X.iughton. fin .Ternigan. which, or passage,apply toFtb3
other feel- : the { 8FKKir.nrs
native land above countr-ac. even rights of the peopleto Apalarhicola Dec. 30, it7. 5O-tf '
cahts hveof, -Th-! rise in our river has producedmore Steamer no"lou.lorlon, !fill Columbus. ..--. -- .- ._- D B WOOD &> Co.
behalf I I of the I na- the selfishness!
allli ,'irllles-anil on gratify of the party to Steamer Charle: ..lon, Phillip i fill Columbus.Steiimr .
ings 11.It', delighted to render hOlJur whom he was indebted) fur his office Here activity in the freight inaiket, and the rates ; Viola, Van Veghleu, fm Columbus. FRESh GOODS, For New York

1100.11011' honor .IS (I 12c." i is the point. A paity makes a bargain, tacit I have M&htlv!i improved. Two ships have commenced Steamer Champion Cnrlvvallnder, fm Columbus! IVo. 39 IVatcrstrcct.pECEIVEl TilE regular packet bark MAGDA.LA .

/ !loading for Livcipool at 9-10'd. The engagements Steamer Marv A Moore, Moore fm Columbus.. A. K. Dodge master, the
t1ii a UiLiflUiOfl ot f. General I 'Jiy:- and implied of course, with i their candidate, Steamer P (; fm Columbus.Steanur ) per brig B. G. Lamar and srhr. having-
vlllna. rpf'r,
1 hi uot ? that i if elected the coastwise cor.-i.-t of a ship and barque 1\ Elizabeth from New York- most of her cargo engaged and goin; en-
TiCMdential chair May. is it : -we, t party, shall I be i the 11 S Smith, Freeman, fm Columbus.
J IOVunn ni to eleclion I ? Will I I I not (elect and t the country secondary consi-1': for Boston, and a baique for Providence, all at SHOES: -Calf Clay" Ties ; (jo Nullifies; I. j board will have quick dispatch. For balance) of
.tI1. I freight
no or to
!! ]GI To New York the rates have aloo advanced CLEAR 121) Rubber! Over Shoes, with leather heels! passage apply
uriials iler.it Can : ,
1 iC'1 inure lnilIic J" ; soon raise ion iII) state of political semi- i j Jan. 27.
I hItlfld,|, ) and sole A. DODGE.
S'X' loiious flag-and I with I one glow- : merit or morals be more more to 9-16c. Jan 31-Hark Rob'tVait, Johnston, for Liverpool "
.,Ie to.1I lIt eeura.II" )!, !hy> Hill, D.tvvson: A; Co. HATS- 'Arnidons, Beaver and Moleskin, in For New York.
: ? and thundering shout I secure infamous--for a republican people, who QfOTATlON'S : Brig Cr 15 liamar, Kuudson, for D.lhimorIy extreme fashion ; also, a variety suitable THE tine

;ng. Million of the good old man. to the are endowed with violtion and free suffrages. To Liverpool ... .. .. .. 9-16il. Chas I losers: A; Co. to trade. brig METAMORA Grant
.1 Ie l'o II;u vie . ... . .. ... .. .- country master, will meet with dispatch. Yfreight \>t
\\ shall their ; Feb 2 Schr Lawrence
I ihe ltopublic e to make the perfection of Venires, for X Orleans. GLOVES-Kid, Silk Linen, Woolen and Buck,
, l'llion 111 government To New York .. .. .. ..!.91t'c..1'i or passage, apply to
J c11t I 1-Thr teoptt|> !ha' 'e lnin in their' I keellin I -'. leason, j justice and right ? The people are Boston . .. .. ... .9-16c.!} 01ll'aIl5.Feb 3-Schr Eii/abeth Hull, Tullnl, fur New of all varieties.HOSIERY Jan. 27. NOURSE. STONE &. Co.

see. did they cvpr surrender" a not sick of these t trading candidates of trading' Tol'rovider.ce . . .. .. .!-Hjc.; ----- .-- Cotton, Woolen and Silk.
ally "hen, of politicians; ? and have have boiler To lial'uuorc: ... .. .. .. . 9-H5C. LIST Ai>o-A lew fasionable Pilot Over Coats, For New York.
he!' ."--ercy ; parties ; OF VESSELS IN POUT.
.ollil'r' rl'sul"lct .. .
0td THE fine
"I le -- .-- -- --- ---- ----- }Black S' cks Pants, Vests, .c. ship ANDREW SCOTT .
( I candidates and better ----- - -- -
Krelor 1'iylor, I Presidents than -----
vi''n' liel,] ;Ire on VCOi parties;i COTTON STATJ.MENT.: Lar-t $11 II'S. Jan I I'.i: 1 Ij t'. M. P. ELLIS. .i- Emery: master, having part herrargo

ill ooi.tain, hill and) dale vi ( ). w.iliSeci can make-and for this, reason they have 'I I year. Burlington, Cook, 535: tons, fm New Yoik. waiting on board. For freight of the rvmamoVr,.
__ _ ___
did lueiiiIsta nominated and will elect the Hero of I JJnena -Master.Ocean .
of the 11.'JIIS, ; ; lUOnl NE\Y GOODS or passage, apply to
I ) 1rzg' giape. Vista-he immortal Zachary Taylor, as Si(11flhI.1iItI; -l'Jlt. 1, IS 17. .tj7 1)38) jirownell! SliG( ton for Liverpool load- rT1j I HE! siibaciibi-r will he receiving and opening Jan 6 CIf\ ROGERS & cn. .
\ with U11)t.) Received past :3 days.. j1tt! : in?Harper & Ilolm..s and C STonilfi'!.=on.
We have been ridden to de.-ath by thequcterY President of the United States.IIOWM.UIHIIAL previously .. ..li7! Urgent. Ung.'rs.2 tons, fin Liverpool, %vvditin"V in a few d.iyan entire new and extensive For Boston.
25171 jjGG assortment of UKAHY: I MADE CLOTHING I ,
of lf'( i ielenls-electc.lbJ -- To'- \ A A: P C Kain.
lur'-V voter* from : .SOULT ITIICIIASliD: HIS Exported past 3 day.-. .. .. . .2P<1 Sar.ih Sheaf, Sands from Xcw York, wailing direct (ruin time Manufactory: conUtinn in part of THE fine packet bark JOHN BROWER -

ithu..htJu 1' and peniientiuiy 1'iCTUUK (JALLKUY.; previously .. .. 1)331); J 1JICn.; 1UO blanket and pilot cloth Overcoat, assorted Tolford), master, will meet wilh dis

brOa(1'( Ilritlcll by (JsJl 'ate.prt. 4leIa- People! reproach me with having Total....- 11531: 1 J7BJI! Tesa-, (I5r.j) Oliver! 679 tor.", for Liverpool, load- style ai.d colors patch. For freighton deck, or passage

fur i IIP IIKMC sraiilicaiion of a selfishnmWe. stolen in but I them inq-tllll 1 1 I).ifl A": Co. :;() Monkey Jackets apply toFeb

"o"nc The country IMS'; been almost t pictures thorn !Spain' bought On. hand and on. shipboard r.otclearei!. 13Ji; :37972. Florldian: \\Vhittcinore \13; ions fi.i New Yolk, Sailors' blue and pray Round Coats 3 D S VgOOD & Co.

of cupidity, and, sir-bought -- ,- -- -- ---------- ---- -' --- w.n ting-\our.-e, Stone & Co. Sack Frock and I Dress Coats
1 -le.l! iinJir i tlie.r Rr.ii| :, For Boston.
.t,,;,,, Indeed I said the listener, with an in- EXPORTS OF COTTON FROM APALACHICOLA And'-ew: Scoit, Emery, 318 tons, for New York,
moie <(Will Its "''l't' ieit ,"lor lha"nv 11).lIlillC Rogers Co. Cloth, Cassimere, Satinetf, Janes and Tweeds THE fine fast sailing ship MACEDONIA -
survives creduloiid. tdcv.ition of the eyebrows.. Commencing September, 1817-and ame
viiH"i'I i iB rul'rs' I 10 sIMre: lhe lorllirin' 4 Ves f them sir !' returned.] Queen, ((11'(; .) -\'wl llIl. (>->(u ton, for Liverpool Pants, various styles Jack, master, will meet with immediate -

\ : IIf I ln'r avarice. I It i is fmiti t tintimc bought I time i 1 in-l.S-Ui._.(,;- _ _ _ loadtn-Iws B:niters fc Co. Flannel Shirts and Drawers _. di-patch. For on deck freight,,

iron*Jill i : %%'..s heaid iu i ih. j: of
i < "ellpl the; famous paralytic; --it cost me two win rniu 1'X'OltTIIJ. .: d.lp.ou.ly.! season wailing-L) U Wood & Co. gletti Feb .'< D B WOOD & Co.

(d.| iI! I Oie uttiiin. an I I I h 4 vire-s
-! >up"'i,:e.J'''iI' '.> tile viiucs! if |'.iliiois.' ; 4 Yt'l. two lonl.s-I\1 as fine fat, Havre... ... .. .I..i.. .. /1"\)1'... .. I. .. -D Wood A; Co.r.P'fLT"ES.. Gents. and Boys' fine linen bosom Shirts I For Boston.

\\';,.11'If ;pally. iiiiiiiucs-hirK ffb.iI ofvjod. as ever laid NantTne.te: /. .. ... .. .\. ....,. ....,.. Fancy and plain Vests _:frTILE: A1 barkS.\IUII! BOYD Drummond -.
uf lenderlic I sleek, o'y 1111 you eyes . .. .. ... .. !) .S-19.! .
hv'iHiod willi *lie dlle.lII ICI r% ; Gleilwr.milh.. 2'\llons, fm Rochforte, France, Hickory Shirts; plain muslin ditto master, having mo'it of her cargo-

(uiTile c"llIlt.hi i JI. tir lie ho nest ruler of on..' ( .l"nO.l. .. ... . .. .. .. . waiting U Wood & Co Suspenders, Gloves, &'. on board will take a lew bales to fill up.
Hut two monks for a piciure !l' exclaimed 011.1'1'1',11\t". .. ...I.. I. ,.... John IJrowi-r; Tolford, 310 tons for Doston loading
All lo
/IIilll ni.itd.ize.1 with j a oml I lie.ut) : .: I r any portion of the above willjbe sold to Apply
a :t ie.u the iniumrtal th I ii- astonished 1 list ener. Total I to [for. P"rt'I"Uj.j* .:;Wj ..Hi3L! ..1,21cev : -I> P. Wood V Co. the trade at New York Factory prices. Terms Jan 27. CHAS ROGERS & (0FOI'
ui h roumuT'ir ; r
IIf 1 Bul'u< :| 'M '-\ K Hl".li -Clias; Jo: f'r.- & Co. Baltimore.
sir !' said Sottli ami} it was iu this way that I.o:ton. .... .. ...2.4| ) .:.i: .1'1' JNO. S. HUTCHINSON, Agt. Factory,
.li enough :o f"1'11ilr tilt whoJrt: j'ole| :ii 7741I Cumberland! I Ili.-cuck.I Us'o: iou=, for New York, .. THE fine brig B G LA MAR Knud-
.. ..
|I' the made" (take more of Prm'idenrf . ..1. .77.J .Hi::; No. 2 S Water street stalrI'Jlat'hil"J -c-i' ,
bargain was; : |In.din-IJ Wood A Co.I.htsd.il.i ,
,1 liey \\/1' Iti. 4e I.'" .uus ami ftrl.II1tI': i ; SOle I Pi.iMflphi.iI'allliuoiv! .. ..I. .. .. 1 ... .. ; \ lec-. I Iii; 1'17. up on, master, having nuNt of her cargo
alt having .1' 1JOII"/ for New York! withdi.patch : Is.ffHydraulic
ton '
,) .11'/111 liic Initia as the unly j"lI.I.ili. I- I llh': I Uiir-iiiidy.) One I\CII g" ( .. .. .. ,I. .729. .. .1..1- .. ---------- engaged will have immediate' dispatch.For ..
.111,1,, l I' and -A I kiu-!
lit 11:11 c-r.ther I hard by \\ llin lon N4.V ( )I'I .. 1"-) .I95. .a- )1" Coif Press.TII freight or apply to
l uf ,'ur nau.mal >ali-iv and ic. - 41 I' Sarah( 1'ioyd; 1 1 ill II iii .nJ, 32 ton, for Boston passage
.ml !J.i ,ill'* I '4ItiStUllLIiJ h 'lIe J-heet anchui hii.- & -, 1 and a great. mi in- )Iiiit'i'' 'I'.n/.I./. ; = !: : I. : loading-f'h.ia Rogers: (c f'<>. : siih-cniit-r! i'u happy to inform his former Jan 13 CIIAS ROGERS & Co.

: I !bctut mv men took up l our quarters 1 ; I in a lot il (/.I.twi"I'. .7J.: .fl.W; ..li i5:. litii:: Triton. Lnro 2H7 tons, for Providence, !loading patrons, and ship masters uenerally, that he For Sale.

lIIh. UK'IVu. condition has (J elltul."e made: the la/.y monks give usA 'I'O'J".>f.-1.\1.1.$. .I-.I-, . . !I .11..1.1/.1.)1; -. I T LMstchel. haQ the above \\irc-s in fin top order and i is nowrepand .
\ .*i ;a uolds f'n. Taylortut New England, .'\ nil 1'0", 23S tons, fyr Providence to cotton ., .4THE subscriber utters at private sale,.
wine -_ as well be
jjuod supper :and plenty of good amiilien _. -:=_ :: compress a* can
his Market
h residence
h.l..i"'lij his bitig a cauii ;i; on street. Attached
/ lunv.M'l: I as ii loading; -Wood & Ha u loll. drlnl' by other s in the and -

.; di'l! lor I Pa-Mdewy.; Think awl i",'d.1.h l ne \.t1 oIl to bed.Nxl P.\-i.: (; t-US.; : Mary ..'.:; ..IanF'in!: ; -r, 3Ji:mJ ton, frcrn Liverpool, if not any on b"ttT prc terms. All he city asks is a on trial asgocl _r.-._ to the premises are all Ihe necessary

; .\ "'fIIt"-ooiiiMiatitw ;..sa ,. 1 in.irning i when I he men were must IVr fte.imer Enfau11! -Mi.* Snipe?. Mi- Harriet wail I I i n-:.l.i'Ter. The warehouse is now in orderand out buildings including a bakery, oven, &c, all-
]j >\s as -rt-d Mi-" Man: r-H'K, '=, .1'1 i i i-.. I U: C J' Isabella! IVIfh :ri.l tons fm Havana good ready
all/II I will I was 1'01 tl'd tome that sOle tvveniv N-iip'1::?, Sp..mi waitingC receive new. For terms, apply on the premises.
: ,;;ui:li>iHie of ttl ? .\IIIeli44H people had .f I Ii.\'. I K; C Uiilloch, I R I II r Lo.-klurt. Mr W.ike-! Rosens fc Co. In cotton on storage. Fob 3 P FAUST.J. .

i-or \''U' --wt! never as ihe c.lwij.J.le of a ur ihiity fII grenadiers: heel li..I'j'.1, Foster, .Ma.ttr..Iilin l :und I I tuirSumus.. thOrefli''oorlwurd, ".!9 ton-, from New York: JNO. S. HUTCHINSOX, Agent. _

l.i.'..wu. I Jli-r I .ila'ii, i-s 1n, :uppt'il( llu \oui found % 11 I i i ihoir t throats cut-the good( I I'-r "''.titer :\'-ut tu n-:S I 1' \'"; ''
*. O.i t.1I' and! 'lofty monkh..! jut severed t their wind pipes nsiliev "-' Meainer Ciia 'l'ion-.1 U l I Ia i uS and fjmily! ,
leeliiiir p.ttno AUCTION
:: r.t:mc.s.
s|"'pl. and sure enough, the poor lell :Mis I i :.itl"\ .tll.lller.1 i I I-- Ale.\dnder.
,(tIe| -ji- !lif \.u l'I lender homajji- audrrvn'eiii l dead I Per s-teaiiR-r (Ch.jf-.u-lr.:5: C l llogers and anh.ittan, Johnson! 2IG ton, from New York, A NilGeticral Second Story BaltzelPs Buildings,.
'i' lo th!; Ooii-litutiou. and four go I"wo Y'I'rt.I$ as !slaughtered shecj) i.imiiy. \\'.lIIHonr-f'. Stone v (0.Ietwltlr. Joiiimissiou Business. (Entrance on Chestnut-st )

: Im-ki-Miigsof rallY jealousy! 1tIIihe WV1I. I immediately; had all the monks IVrteanur Q-iinry-M"K Lu.q and I MTV'ISi. ) : .., ;1'.11I1. I'l-j) !ton., for New York loadii. -"PHE -- APALACHICOLA..
ue p.iltix uiuier! ned has taken the Brick
for the I up. and said; lo them ; .) infernal; vaga- 'Ii"! s 1 IJiiilock. )l Ir- \\'hHlIIltll1.I! P.uUork.I R -:Xoiu-c, Stone & Co.DRAFTS Store
\\ -ur-isiJ I ii flii: ii'iw rariM-tl on I 'UI L two doors t..lowIe.. Greenwood & Mon.I N. B. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry carefully-
I' N Mt-Diu-! ) --- -
\bonds., I ( afford to lose Grenadiers LineKiinl.ro'idi, C MtCalKi. --
..TK-l's' n5! iiftir". \ 1.1 \ l h..1 is the I i lespiiiisein .I't my the 11'1.| l Ii IIIIi-, I II I I Pu'r'Ullol., I)r H I ElyV II - !.'", alli111 devote himself strictly to the busi- repaired. October 21, 1S47.
:u this ; and to : uf t fact I I':xc l :t ii e.
hi* \Vhy.thai aiiue American nay. fOI'ilce I II 1111. J :cJtunlill 1' I II I V mn ; ie.. The Store is lar:e. for t hp et ..riri._ AI'
intend! h.ingin,; : one of you !"-.Such on New York, ll;,/ ton, Providence, ioods. Kvery attention will be paid to purcha- iron, nans, h Per .
(Ji'flmi-; : !hIS been \\'f'ue,1; thntiiglinni I ; i ihHe.iris I I< : every MfaniT Mary' \loorp-'lr Dinsle.IVr I
1ohlJIII1I"! I! i bound jiid leap I lo a Wrtd. of despair I never heard, followed by s-tiMim-r )u.lun-r J'ike, J Monroe[ ri i !& tufi ma a-id! Iti It i lot,re, bought ; aiid Sill:4, selling, renting, birin, &.c, of all kinds ofproperty '20 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes ;
SuM Check- New York ."I.IIJY 1 100 kegs Nails do.
supplications for, pardon. Alter I'liven.' S Steail on either publirlvor! privately.
meet hill' 11\ his gloduu lit-totcin to our[ lih'llS \VM. (U. PORTER( Co. 4 casks Weeding Hoes assorted
them 1 far 1'r: .r.arr..r1.,1.10 \ : rt', I )Wright, c ROBERT[ S. STOCKTON. qualities;
( consented toiir.i.n
u tiiiniH": "-. liii lh SM-iti I has l-.eeu l.i lId- wt'I : .1 A Mrfvenxie.} Agents Bank of I Iirnn-,wick, Cuilumrrdmm., Ga., Jan. I'-:', i Is IS. 1-lmo 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
them lian the
1e..j III'r' It 1-4.1:1. '.1'O'n t.a i'Wr..I" (9fltIIII : as only to : Slle: titim- I'-r -teaiiu-r PI'\'II1H.I-r Loekhait: t, lad? an-J! Jpc :3)1$ ) 1 \Yaterilreet.Advances -------- -- -- 20 English and Amencan Vise*;.

.1\.1.' ili'I4I4'l who \\.ulj doplM' her "f llitMii, as i hey had killed. of our men- I -'rv.uit, :Mis i, i :irifuin, :Mrs .lovce, Mias Taylor, 1) Notice. 20 Bellows;
< I IH\ K I I nine, \iehol-l r.ndvv.-l! '.iut f'r.'iivhawt r lIE uiMic! notified! that the
".'a M uveulv odd 1 and t they were t to draw are hereby un- 12 dozen Spades and Shovels
("%'49I ()It. j i' esiiH<'y, UI i tffniJerogalJi*y to i!o-v. Thf doouit'd I lot were soiiji set onesifif I''i -t ta
Jis: :1\\:1: .-oui'tty. DLckiii.tr.iiripTs. I I e, :,e'.,' Von: and B.I-t'lI. bv ;iS-i this city, formerly ccnducted by Mr. ;
ihf ktmitod ground their 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards
I Hl'h'I fll.:. t. I ,'to'ft""I'V (If p.ine.r. Aany ioV-s| --- -- --- [h(1. i I'-> I D. ;a.; rO'JCO.' Edif '!nd! Austin, aid that from this date he will r
1 -.tn.i;! mv nifii wre ju ''1.a l \", \ \\ 01,11.1 U'II :c,1. ..1 i :1 lCEtfl continue to carry on and conduct the business
; thems 3)i7. lrV olviiir'N= IJyheniary Cor- 1000 Ibs Cast and German Steel for sale Lv
oftlif vii-lims decl.treil
.t11:1: uidh 'tV! up vvti'-tit\v< -v.inK-r Smith 'rn-r; -112 ln!lr- cotton lo A : connected with ;aid in his
i.iI''II";' .t: h.llwl' fUJI'!' ; III' Bakery own name and WM.
,; s.- -" I to to. i iht; Aljini and iiii a".i ilaut.S .- \ Mi-Kay te; Co20 .:" I.'l1c. .. .ld\.elll.ll'j; :; 4iil: for" his! own interest. G. PORTER & CO.
lit d'I"'u
'fI"rlm \\'IIM (:tf11 I IUI ,
"I' Dec
1''II do Lr.i'kli.iV* \I'.J 30 41 Water streets

: .' 'loriHiK ".l'iihiic if-! ..ttiIl R"'pu'dsr.: to !114' '1')1 .an'l: oblige you. g.111 letuin. butre.illv I P.-r to: .f-.ner! Enf.V :!si! i I'Sli! l It,d!"; cotton to A N I, 'OrDi.IrI'II'l.: : ( Dysentary and Choler.i 'I1".r1m.,. WILLIAM AUSTIN.

iiM-'t-: I ill" Ion, Itriu: bd il'a (-.. t :M -MVt us !" do to i,' C :p.ouIui; .1! I'csh Brogans
11! hl.le. -h"rs.wro" < itie t. 1f'I'oi. Garden Seeds. ;
i -ti: ) tri.itity ":11- | :t .. C. ALLEN.rITIE BOY'S
h'liii.i' '"1 'lit' ,' IMII-I and "..e..1. \ in.tuc:.* (mtli .( :tIt e.. :"III"lt'I), you really must hart I Per.V I".iln"\ ItAII.:4-" X"If'.l-! do l t.i" .A 1 1111.X McKay, 1'1 ion A;in Co Lok 103! -- -- \ rAE( : assortment of Fresh Seed, just rec'dTX sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;

..ViiIz wit I i I th.* r. si I I ; Uu\\'aa',', hil) (;hau.ljc.. and fur sale bv Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
t <* >, !...-to tfl.,.'* ili! h-diai/ iiii\ he i Ifjicilio'liO I do in U'yho A: Midviuzie.P -
oI\ )"!'jiu<-I vut'MS altI tIlt cli.iii oi; Li .I" i:," 8>aid the Abbot, .we have, hid .-r I..ml'r I IIa 1H1"I-12: f" tIes cotton: to C | j: icr:111'1' h. ve on hand t for >ale- __?_rJ11 j. ALLEN.. Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's d..
| -L LOCKS, a,-ortl'd i, [liuttScrew-:, llinay[ ?, Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shod
:M i lllillo's ( it-as a rca- !I! ot'r'II> ; 271 d,) lo I II.np.r.Vllolnn I -; .11 i I d" ;
Si I li"Ii pa:; 'Hiit ol a ct ole looiii, (ii.'Voidol'all aIj and In I/.t'jlr-Iahc I', J D I l n \\.J tc c'o: 5/1' .1..10 T L :MmhdU; I do J II.iiid-i.iw-i; ;Jili..ICro,-:cut do, Planes, School Books. Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.A .

inoi4>! p,IA 'f- \.11111./1-,11 c ij- us o. to .1 1 I.ivV (Ci>: '>:; do lo Siuia A; L'heevcr; 51 do Compas-se.s. Aujpr-; ", liimhletChi*.-I'., Brace SCHOOL! BOOKS all kinds, just rec'd by large and extensive ortment, just received

01'U'III"-.11I u 'itu--all i Muifi.r ;m,Ul l :tllinl !I I ih'iu ht this wis; a fair enough bargain, to A X MK.iy .\- Co and IJitt-i; I R'lUBoveN' S juare-,, Iroad.i\f-i! J. C. ALLEN. andforsae) by WM. G PORTER & CO.

'; f IIHMII 1 Lt.h'IIJ.! itiaii (>f the I lot off 1 ihe two dignitaries, and, up; went the1'.IlhI5 I IVr -l I" iIIl'r: ::i.rI.ori-31 f b-il's cotton to Ship do, Collins' do, Ad/-, I Hatchets, I Ilain- ----- and Dec 30 41 Water street.
1.1e ci'il; the two monks for the 'ld.lKlln'lrolh! ', : 5(1(, do 'to C Ifo-"'H A; Co; QT7fX1XICJ.mphor Piperine !ust re-
in BlinJ duSteelvatols
Shutter "
snne' niiMtl 1 I ::11/1 l 11'1.11 a.jt'4I'T a.liit- ; limem-", ; ,
MO) do to I H.iri'rHuliiies; : I 2(5( do to A X ,Jc1.I:17 by
Ididn't ; )
:Murillo. And jet people will sa Coiijiti-r Scales Plallorm do Cotton! do "POTATOES bbls. Turnips-SO bbU.
ton. Mho liilii. innt Indu i
i I'' afis.ilu'p! :1111 I ;ii ; ,erjoII. and adniix! of noIIUMU buy ) Spanish: :!aier)" Per rN-ami-r 'Jmncy-207( I h tlo rotton to Lock- Kilcneii Ware, Table Cutlery, Shovel and Candied Fruit. _L Carrots-50 bbls./ ;. Beets-50 bbls.;

: and liuck-'cfio with h.lr.1111:: ]I" > Ii;,. :3b.\s tobai-cii to I B! SH; vvfv TonijFire Irons, kc. Parsnips bbls., for sale by
C'lljU'IUi1'3; : ] Tin i: 1 INTKIUOK OF THI i: E.\ITI.-A fact | 17010.t! I lull's <-.tn.n to Ur d J Potter >'v ('o; BLACKSMITHS' IMIows, Anvils SII'd.I', U>T received' from Havana, and for sale by Dec 3() B ELLISON & Co.
I l.n-iioii-i. :lull-. uniutU' coir.biu.ition Dl"r 5
Itt;; or I to tilttniiiHial 1 IWlul"-t, <-r.' >stiiv. i iI II 111' I IJ ( ; I: 11!> sacks On
: 1,1t proved by the borings for arll'.ial cotton to Kiuicy; ; corn lo J S DieTorres.I Files, Ita p-<, vViC.IRON Cons'.gnment..

I ( >Jil vviin r-cuiU'fni in ult rj. t'\I'J I if I t iiio t ti' wells 1".11"11 in the; suburbs of Paiis, namely, that ll'teiin-on: ; 1(1( do to Tdrnian.Per ) -S\veeds, Iuigl li.hand Ameiican, a"rted, b-O TIIIDS! West Indies ; W! tierces Florida, TUST received on consignmentJ -

(be \1 at ,j1 'icri5i.:e .(I!( ()r. -I'I|. : -.teaiwr I Mary A Moore*K'-:) bales cotton round; ,llat and\ stjuaie, I n.m., I loop, Sh>el and for sale by I.. ELLISON & CO. ,_ 16,000 Segars, Celebradad,"
of the earth
as \ towards centre to A X McKay A; Co; l Kilo to U'vlif MeKt-n- **"
r-u-fiu <>i' p.ilnouc "'\,ilbil. \\ h.1 vviiitsIK \ :1 ; Boiler I fro, Railroad, Spike do, I Hor.-c>hoe Dec :*;) Cor. Water and Chestnut s-fs. 10,000 Cazadores, Esmero,
J!) do to Lockhatt A (J do Will G
thrirmprralnrc I increases ;11 the of ZI"! ; : Voung; to -
I ill'' 111.I"fJ'\; A lool u1 p.iflV lilltvvlin I raIl Porter Ac Co.Per I Iron an.l Nail, Ca-t, English, Blister and Cordials. 6 dozen Reserve Maderia
| j ;iiout! on i* degne: for fifty feet. That 6 "
I v\oud! accept I as tl. place consecrated! every steamer Bos-ton-.")',)') !hales! cotton to 1)) I IITood German Steel. FEW dozen bottles received from Havana "Regina" Port
tu iMiuuial This i is t i bi ions. dt I ti'< whole interior portion of the earth, or at \\ .\' ('o; 20t) ) do to Xour-e, Shine( Ar Co; .1; PLOUGHS I ;I I -Single and: Double Cornshellors, A and: for sale just 6" Cherry Cordial),
>- by
I :111 11. i i \"l a ureal part of it, is an i igneous poilion do to J 1 Day A c Co; :9 .tolo A X \Iclay.Go.; Cormr.ills I Lo ehain-", Trace do, Ov do, 10 Tomato Catsup,
1' "::1111 fl al hOI;ot heart ; vho has nn i
wt"pottfr. hut idiMiiical vviih I lie, fame; though I dam; not affirm it, i is still rendered A: Co; lilt do to T L Miiclul, 470( do to L-iu and Grubbing: I Hoc- Osuablll' s. Dec 2 40-tf 9 Columbus Block""

11.111(1.1 and iiiit 'iifKMMirr: uf his couniiv.i of'olc.l A X \Ielav.CII.. CORD.UJE:-Manilla and! I I.Miip.as-sorfod, Pitch, ; HALES Georgia Ostiaburgs, on consignment .
!' the 10
t -
I Low highly probable by phenomena I IVr -tu.i 1''lona..2. bales coitun to I I I n .
Sii n-ii ;a ui l lowers, above and owr- iui'r ; Taro"in, Coal Tar, Bright VarnNh, IlandCASTINGS' for sale by Scgars.nnn
j noesThe facts connected with t ihf-ir erup1 Wood V ell; 50 lo to C K'ozers A: ('0; Sfil;I do, ;(1!) Olthe! most eelebratett] : brands
l ail I How Dec J. DAY & Co. .
up.; shrink
coiiijx-tnors i 1,1' Bl4eL4 0 \.c.
they !I.i )ro, 30
1 lulls have: been ascertained and placed be ickcorn to Lockhuuituuii; ; 2 into pi:uiift round the base of his a'rpaine l s.II iur-> to lLrp"r.\ I lloliin-n.! -"uu'ir Iv-tlUs t :Mills pnd Catildiotii Syrups. and

I Is. i I. im-li MI.IIJ ai IJamk'l d.scribe-uu : !j yond disput: low, then are they lobe II Per s-ti-aiiii-r' 1 II S Sunili-(i->3 hals cotton! loMadav Bakf.ivvn-i: SpiderPots, EiiaiiielcdICilllei DOZ. assorted of for sale by McCULLY,
Syrups, superior quality
,11'Ja}lie coi.ld! h.tvcViji accounted i .r ? 'ie theory prevalent some A:; Knnhrousli: ln( ') do loV .'u A PC I Tea let ttle I <, \c. 5 ju-.t received from Havana, and for sale by Dec 15 50 Wafer st.

I' \ ( .n; "ilCI that theyire caused:; ; by lip Kaui; 51 111/1 to I Hill I .ItV-tl ,\ Co; 1 12 ,101/1.\ X TINWARE: I full I a-oitme.it.I
U.-e ?: E
\ :- I.hit hf 4ia ot'hfart?, (' of I immense coal beds, is" \li h-u' i'c Co; .'" ito to Nuiire, .' loiie A; Co; 1 1do \rtwles.d,' p-t.ul.: McCULLY. West India Fruit.
m perfieilv or
OIJ"liul -
l in hi J""rt: (-',n'. I to C l Ito:ersAr Co. 1 0 CANISTERS West India Fruit preserved
and abaudom-d. IWJInTSLLE:; & Co. Horse and Dray
; f1 uP, ii ; _.
VIII e.ntirfly i LO with its received
Hilll: that : oririnalfiar'or just from
I'f'lc\ tlIfri'an pcnjiS I ,'' All I the coal: 1 in i I the worle would never afford! i.x: t'oi'rs. Apilachicoln! Jan. 2ti I, I b I IS.BIiLSWIn.li.y FOR sale chc.tjJpply; to Havana, for sale b McCULLY
; ,
ro HixMisiMf. tzI, cxulteJ, )
: ; -
II virtups.tii'ti'Mius II McCULLY
IJ" 50( Water st.
auiK-nihu-i.i love /.ich- fuel enough (for, : single capital cxhihitiou} LIViUPOOL-iVr haik: KiiSwrt: \\'alt1.Jj4IJ (i l'O{ ('I'ies. Dec ID' &J Wafer sf.

: : : ilicy ;, of Velu'ius.Ve must I look higher than d- rnltftn.I : ; lu b'.ds: Mola,.e-s ; Ba ;-illg and Hope,
uTayloi :H. father, cherish him as a: I 11.\! L'fLIOIE-Per brig GBLanur-721) bales )9: : sale .McCULLY IIardynre.TJLAINS .
fruMnl.jii I this ; j[: have little doubt that the whole I t lurcc u Ri "e, 9.t rec'd and lor sale by FOR by ,
\\ 'lj f.ictnr. Plain Iron, single and double Ham
\ 111c.wanllliI1; do ; u j' rcsNon the action of electric and galvanic; cotton.MKS._ Jan: ) E. .''ilcC I I.LV, ;.Water st.TanneiV 11 :no Water st. ;
They; tile\ mJS unboundedexteitt ---4-pr'eflflfl! --- -- JL mers, Draw Knives Augurs, Auguer Bits,
\11 t"It 111 tl -- -- --
because he makes no efforts lu SUCceed principles, which are constantly I in t the -arih. ''i'fJ:1 n1 l1a.n: ;:'ii n;. Oil, Cider.1T5LS Spring Braces, Timber Scribes Turn Screws,

l II y spt-ciousprofesMotis. fake i We know that when certain metals are ;. CK i \WFUIJI( IJ, \vould M..M. n'!5!-lfully: k, by DhO Champagne, for sale by ; Marking Guage-s Mortice di, Saw Sets Wood

or deceptive arts. .Six hundred prum.-ies i ',1 brought' together, powerful I electric action is 1 the l/idu-s nt Apulactiicolj, that she \ .FURsd l) Ii) R ELLISOX( & 't'. _. Dec :IV') K ELLISON : Co. Rules, Adzes Wrenches, Saws, Locks Hooks

UaU! have raised, II" ;public jour.: !! evolved, and a light is produce' d.! supi'iior i is ) to make dr.s>es ill a no.il :itid fashioii- and Staples, Butts,Screws Hinges Shutter Polts
.1 ; (! ere I lung( I ijjc In.par'd IVolice.O1X Iron. Scotch do, Weeding an."rden
.Ial Brads, Tacks Copper Wire Melting LadleS Rat
Whole\ in t to the splendor of th" j !bl and solicits a shan I.l( p.ifiona e.eiiilcsuc SWEDE
;.i .1 effulgence [ lilacksmiths Bellows anVv'ool
country will o..... ....; ie sIIeladur I 1 0"(r' corner IHJIHO; the 'Jd".titI'IluTC'h. I week after oLute, application IIC' made Cotton Traps,Axes Hatchet, Cont'e Mills,Sledge Hammers

his popnla.ity. and( let.oxv. ; as le, of sun. :Now ifa smal arrangement ptoduces( : oppusitu [ I O to the lion Jiid,'e ot Probate of [Franklin Card, Spades and Shovels Cauldron anwirrgar Smith Tongs, Mill Saws .Anvils &c. &c.
I111I1S! 1'Vh :'i.SlnrilPs i.
I his success lo that which such results, may we lot expect from County, for let teis of administration upon theIlatc'of Pans, Ploughs, &c. &c. for sale by For sale by B. ELLISON & Co.
!tallI Colut l he these i immense beds of G. \Vindhain late of <.iid countycceasd. Ii ELLISON & Co.
J better lit t.J thaI, |I' the combinations of Sale ( Dec 9. Cor. Water and Cht"Stnuhts.

I to I the a 1 1 1I lOIMKl 1:1, tt-VIIId, metal to be found in the earth? Here we virfue (if I a nicrtfri ie lien 1iciatO me directed ] A. M ELLIOTT.! Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut sts. -

ls country Union that binds( .StuH-s i of BY from Circuit Court of Franklin Apal-ichicola, Jan 13, h tS. r'--Gt* Provisions !
the t the )
into one, aiid the Constitution : ha'cthe ky to all grand phenomena i Oenescc rioiir, Goshen Butter,

to the I temple of which "uicc'i volcanic action. An illustration I on :a small County, in favor of I Henry G. ;uvou, versus Jane For Salt a superior article of CHEESE, for sale JUST received per schrs. Elizabeth' Hull arid
: patiiotism.ho AND Rosa from New Orleans
i' V.dloii, Adin'x (-tate uf J.V.. n.ivj'ld.-cca-wl, ,
scale in the ihermolectric bat- E. McCULLY
\\ then may be s'-en SACKS -Salt' 20 lirlcms superior ButUU ,
can be C\C\\ 30 bbls Flour 20bxs Cheese
superior as a 1.' and William Valleau, her hu-ibaiid I have levied ; ;
caldi.S' and Nov 1 11 f(0 Water st.
date or as a President ; icry made tf zinc bismuth, antimony, ., ter. Apidy! to 10 hf bbl Butter Crackers 10 firkins Butter
to Xachary; Taylor 1 I? 011 I the south hall ol Lot .r, mock Ilj i and the improvements ; ;
ome advocate what call .a whole-I packed. in I a box and varnished. In this, thereon, bein the promises inort- Jan U NOURSE, STONE & Co. I-IATSand Caps by the case low for cash by 10 bbls Pilot Bread ; 20 keg Leaf Lard;

soulej lie' heat is while the top is cold ; ------ -------- -- Ii. ELLISON & CO. 500 Ibs Hams
w-hi- BaggM
others I a whole-souled demociat. .. cvoleelelow gaged by J. W. Klavel I. deceased, to pLiintifl in super ;
." "One and we very case of the volcano execution, and will I expose t the same for sale at co.n c. Dec 0. Cor. Water and Chestnut st. 3 hhds N 0 Sugar;

'whi-s; ___'lie .s, paper the says on the side of the: in t the interior a fiery ocean is heaving I the ii.unl: hours of sale, iu front of the Market 100 SACKS Rio, Havana, and St. Domingo Trusses Which will be sold low by

altogether whig.lest anil calllJte.ho( bene :" its surges, while its peak is capped[ with I House, ApalachicoL, t that being the usual: placefor Collee, for sale low by E McCULLY. double, for sale, by Jan 0 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st.
Dec 2i:
wholly worthy ol:f Court the lir i iu March SIi\"GLI-
. the everlasting snows holding on I Monday J. C. ALLEN.
!! ? iCV secure a wl"S victory. Ik s.iid Ii fa.JOIIX. OIL receivedand
next, I to satisfy SALAD just for sale by
of I and .
Just Oil Cloths Carpels.PCS
our ilk. LUCAS, Sheriff: DI'IIS, iUcdicsiics & Chemicals. 1 17 II. F. ABELL OIl
1 This does not describe Woodruff's Antihillious Vojcfable h Oil Cloth, 1 and 2 yards wide; of Medicines
; and
Zachary Taylor- |Ii{y J). LUCAS, Deputy. 1 AFRESH supply Drills,
for I lie 'S nut hugetherVIi.> ., nor is J he al I I- Life Pills, Ap-Jdaehicola.Fcb. .1, ISIS. .{ pcs super Ingrain Carpeting; now landing from bark Reform, Vinegar.
'o ether 2 Stair and for sale FEW bbls Cider Vinegar for sale low-
democrat. II'] i is alc by by A pure ,
superior K, FOR 'I'hiallpSou'solnI( lO111Itl Syrup of ID) Tufll'UU'I,
either of ie I, candidates] 8 J ALLEN. Nov 11 J. ALLEN by E. McCULLY.
e Iwo deijijitionsfur embraced in the, Tar and Wood Naptlia, For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. No11 50 Water st.

ply the definilions will e'ptJlatolt I Ij Woodruff's Worm Specific, .the cure of consumption, chronic, bron nec :ji') 4 Water street.Siddlciy Hardware. -

(quai 1 to any. party w.o ouly waut au- t'iamid cllicient remedy fur worms, tot FOR i I j IS;;thm.ivv!!aO"II1I1 i (couyh; palpitation &c. TRACE CHAINS, Spades Locks assorted, Chocolate.

No j "arty in the rtsideutal chair. ASA of the heart, liver complaints, and allbctions of and and Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives and 50 LBS. best Spanish No. Sweet Chocolate,

w (heiiy hat any lal: | devote Feb 3 by J C ALLEN. the I kidneys, for sale by SADDLES various patterns qualities Irons, &c. &c. for sale low by just received from Havana, for sale by
( wholly and SlIallle
'tliilPrd'jiit* Nov 11 E. l\IcCULL Y 50 Water st.
ALLEN. Dec 23 E
Office can, bu wholJ worthy ofilu Fcb! 3 ___ic Saddle HagsMartingales McCULLY.
Elixir. -
Unless The
"wlw'oe ry or democracy J and for sale by Irish Potatoes and Onions.
superior[ /' re CERTAIN remedy for chill and fever, foi L Tliotaisoiiiaii Medicines Whip, Liverpool Salt,
'ot 10 !Iatriotisin. \Vasllnglol wa A sale received and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & Co. A FINE article for sale by sale by
'altoeIber whig" :u< yet he wa s 3 J C ALLE I JUST 3 J. C. ALLEN. Dec 30 -H Water street. Nov U E. l\cCULLY,50 Water st. FOR 30 BELUSON&Co.I .



.. --.. ._, _.._.. -- __ 4 .' h. .- -._ .b ... a-
., -- '- ,. .
4 .. -. .- .f' : : -
.-. .. *--,.S 4- -- __-- ." -1 --t '- ;; : -1' .' _'' ..."W./ !. -' -" .
.. "-o"o'." 'J"..,. ..----- -4 -- ..-. -4--- .. -."." .: 1"A. _
k ":ril "" : .. :: ,
.r i ,
-- .. .J'L ,," 7
S \ .
< .t 'Y
S.--- ?-v-- J-r.* n i.. -t ; '"' : ',
'f t' ._ -
x. ":t .

4 -a--_ aoL ;" .',' '" ... jw. :! ,. --j:

.4 '','.- .. 1-


-. .- -------- -. : L:: --- -'- .-... .- ,' .. --- --I.--- '...u.;, ..-, -- -". 1lt.l1.. ,_

..t-- -

-w -
p. -
-4-:_ -.--- -




." ', -_ _. -A. ._ _!_ r __. ; -oJ _. .__ --
Tax Collector's Sale.BY t block 134 lots nOl 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved : PROSPECTUS ?LcaL 'NoUtt : :Dry Goods. FRESH ARRIVAL OP
block 135: : lots DOS 3 to 10) inclusive unimproved : I
subscribers and
virtue of the authority in me vested by law, l block 13((; lots nos 1 2 3 (5 7 8 !9 l 10 unimproved i: OF THEFLORIDA THE offer for sale a large sea- Drags, medicines, Paints, Ou.
able stock of Goods
will expose to sale before the Court House I block 137: lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : I WALTON CIRCUIT COURT. Dry consisting In Dyc.StnflTs, Perfumery, itt

Door, in the City Apalachicola, on Monday the 1 block 135 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : i WHIG III Chancery part ofNegro THE undersigned returl1lhietbank'

8th day of May 181s between the hours ten }block! 139!) lots nos I to 10 inclusive ullll1ll.ro\'ed : i Thomas Barkar, ) Kerseys and Linscys, to his friends and public .
block 140 Jots iios I to 10) iucln-ive unimproved% : A WEEKLY PAPER, White and Red Flannels, it liberal t ty U,.I'
A. AL and four P.M. the following real estate, j I vs. v Petition for Divorce. patronage, and bt to fl\
block 141 I lots 1 2 3 4 S 9 10 unimproved Hangups and
nos o : Tweeds.
i TO BE PUBLISHED L\ oI'wlllI/I"VN.Il: that he it
situated in the City of Apilachicola (assessed as Sarah Samanth Barker. now recthing :
j block lit lots ) an *ddjtl
nos 1 to S inclusive unimproved ; Super plain black and fancy Ca'ameres, al
the property, of Liewis Curtis and Joseph Delabl appearing to the satisfaction of the Court supply, which added In
| nck 14-1 lots nos 1 to 10 incluMvc unimproved; : I THE IT Super and trench hit
field Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Company |block 14i hits nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : undersigned propose publishing in the by affidavit made in this case, that the defendant Cloths, stock, renders ins assortment hnUI1IaIlJ Jaa

,) or so much thereof( as will pay the Taxes I block 145: lots nos 1 *to 10 inclusive unimproved: : ] Town of Mananna, Jackson coniityFlorida, a Sarah Samantha Barker, resides beyond Whitney Blankets, 10, JI ana 12qrs and romplete. English, French Genua

for 1817, assessed, thereon and in arrear unpaid I block 146; lots nos 1 to 10 I inclu-ive unimproved I : weekly newspaper with the above title. the jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is ordered Duffil Blankets, 9 and lOqrs. American Drugs; Cosmetics ; Perfumm' C.

to the State of Florida, and the County of Frank- j block I 17 lots Ins 1 to It) inclusive unimproved : I This pver; will be devoted to Literature, Agriculture that the said Sarah S.imanth Barker do Marseilles Quilts, 9, 10,11 and} 12 qrs, and Druggists Glass ware, &c., &c, are i
tt OCk. 14S lots I and Science it will also contain the appear Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
lin, toether with the cost of advertisement and nos 1 to inclusive) uuimproved : ; and answer the said petition within three to Physicians, Country Merchant ai-rfoiher
block 14.: lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved : : ,current news of the day and articles in support of Brown Shirting and Sheeting, the most liberal terms-all "
sale, and which said real estate is described as j months after I the publication of this order or the of which he warn,?
block 150 lots nos 1 2 :32 7 8 9 :10 unimproved : ,i (the Whig Policy. Cotton.Osnaburcp,
(follows in the Map of said City, viz.. said! petition will, be takeir-for confessed and it pare and.unarfulferated.
|block! 17 lots DOS 1 2 3I 7 b !J 10 unimproved : i! The want of a local has been ; Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Block A. range I lots nos. 1 to I 1-1, inclusive, |block 15-J: lots $lOS 1 to 10 inclusive! untiiitiroved : i felt t in JICICSOIValton paper severely is further ordered that this order be published in Linen andCotton Checks n F l\nF.LL,

unimproved ; block A, range! 2, lots nos. 1,3, C, j block 159 lots no* 1 to 10 i.clu"ivt" unimproved : ,f and Washington counties some newspaper in the Western Circuit of this Irish Linen Wholesale and Retail Druggif.
and has led the! ofthis and
9, 11, n, 14, unimproved ; block A, range 2, : I block Iu7 1013 nos 1 2 :11 7 t> 9 10) unimproved : I J to proposed establishment State for the space of three months. Bleached Shirting Sheeting, 45 Water atreL :

lots nos. 2, .1, j, 10, 12, improved ; block H, range I block 1W(; lots nos.l to 10( mclnMve unimproved : '. Journal. GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. C. Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1916.
block block lo'9 tots nos I lo 10) iucln-ive unimproved : ) The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient patronage English, French and American Prints .
1, lots nos. 3, 10, U, 16, 17, unimproved ; j January G. ISIS. 51-3m
B, range 2, lots' nos. 13, 11. unimproved ; block j I block 170( lots nos 1 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 unimproved : to enable them to commence its publication __ Extra :jiiper, plain and twilled Ginghams, Drugs and Medicines. -
block 174 lots 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved I by the 1.101' Super Cas'tmere d'Ecosse
fins : SeptemberTIRMS ? At Chambers THE siibacntxT
B 2llJh 2.3 4 5 G 11 lia'
range no* 12irnproved and
|block 175 lots nos 3 to 10 inclusive unimproved :: : Three dollars advance.. Extra Mu-lin de L.iinp wjij
block C, 1, lots ins. 3, 4, I:, 10, unimproved per annum APALACHICOLA, DEC, 29, IS17. super ; constantly lrtr eon hand.a ,
; range |block 17( lots. 123 j i 7 S 9 10 foirpjl,
unimproved .
) nos :: I r
$3 : ) it paid within six months 00 at the English, Scotch and ,Amt ril'an do.
; block C, range 2, lots nos. 9, 10, 11 12, j j block 177 lot.s nos 1 'to It) ipcl'i'ive unimproved :I ; or j Sf John M. Carnochan, } ,, It ass' rtment nf DRUGS and MEL
13, unimproved ; block C, ringe 2, lots nos. 1, ..1 1 lilock 178 lots llS I to 10 mcin-ive! unimproved :: end of I the )'ear. V f I'II"or account and Super Italian black and figured Silk, C1NE. which b ,'iIIrTaJlt 1'1\.;

2, 4, 5, 15, improved ; block I D, range 2, lots I !M 1I I block! 17!) l lot.s t pos 1345: (67.i 9 10 nnnnptoved i: BEXJ. G. LIDDOX & CO. George K. Wilkor, ft RI. $ partition.UPON Black Silk Cravats and fancy llkfs, and of the twt fnalir. ,. Cf\onJJ

3,7,8, 9, unimprove.l ; blork D, range 2, lota ;j ]block HO) lots laos 1 10 10 mcln-ive unimproved :I .TllvU.1': I7._ nfii.J.ivit( of! Complainant's Solicitor that Super English and Pnnre Silk Hkfs, Merchant.* and Planters will find ,
block I'll l lols 1 1 : 4 .7 8 9 10 unimproved English and! American Cott t ton I Hkf* to their advantage to call
nos ,
nos. 1,2, 5, improved: block! i E:, range 1, lots ln j > :: AltlCRICANXct Defendant mentioned in said Bill do examine and trice hi
; block 132 lots 1 to S inclusive >rovrd Madras and Vermin head: Hkfs Goods before
n-'S nmin, ;: ,
purcha-irp elsewhere.
3,4,5, 16, IS, improved ; bl.ick I E, range 2, j IInll'e"j.l.llhin. this I Circuit but within the
1 t block t 1"<5 .Ift-s nov I io 10) s illt"ldiUlIml'rc''I.tI! ; :: uil Txviiie :lanuractiiriji L-nlies' C ilfon 1 Ifosp and Gents Hf-lmsp N. B.
lotsnos. 7,8, 13, 14, I I16,17: iS, 19, unim. I block I"'! lots no' 1 to 1.1) I IIIClll 11I11IIj.w\'ed : United Stale* : I II I i i.s ordered t that notice of the Physman'si pi-escriptions put up _p{

provel, ; block E, range 2, l"t 1''). 4, improve.! ; ;block lv i lots tiosi 1111 1J; I uii-lu-ive unmiiovfd I :: Company, ''I institution i of this suit, and I the filing 01 t f the Super Cotton Satin and Flax t.lr"t'ill Thread?* & Worsted Vesting, I care and accuracy at any boor nf lI.ddfir nieitf

block F, range: i, lots, no* :, 0, 7, n= 11 t, JO! 2 i, i l !bl'icli: H'r.. !It'I>. 1105 1 lo l.h.h'I\'t') : lIilll111'fI\'d: : 12 COMMEHCILSTRFEr mended Hill, he given in s.>me newspaper: (publihed J. ALLEN. ,

unimproved ; block H, range: 1 I. his I 10 ."', >, '1 1)1.) '!k 1 *>7 lots. nos I I t.i; 1.1) utciiiivt' uiiiiiiroved : (Up Finirs) BOSTON.M .- l in t the Cnrint for the space of lour Plain Jaconet anti and fi ('d Swiss and l checked. Muslins -March--21-Cor.. Centre. .and Commerce itj.
Cambric Mn !in '-' -
10, 11, :, 1 13, 20, U'um'ru-ed; ; bt'd! 1 Hrnge 1 : : l hll1'101"i nos 2li t; 7 d !9 :1:1:) uiiililiioVi"d! : block monthsand I if, upon! due proof of I the appearance *, -

2. lots nos. 3, 4, "t 1, t G, 7, b, !H', M: M, 1 12, 1 :, I 11 I ', IsJ) !lotno, (; 7 s< 9 10 nniiiipro\fd : block. 19'J lot* 1.iiinfjctmors' and Doalrrs i in Bryan's Patent' of said notice in some riewspaper oil published! Needles, Pins Tape, &(. &" WILL BE rCBLISHED AT \VA!HINTON B-T.
J j I n<'9lJ I 7 S 9 10 uniinpio\i'd., Twine Stands?, POSt (O.Iice: Twines Halting andHundleTwii Which have b"en elected with ffreaf rare inNf' On fie .c tenth, of Dreftnltr ntxt.
15, 1C, 17, unirnpr w.'d ; hi! ck range 1 1,1' for t the time mentioned t the said defendants do
!.< M Cartv's Cotton 1 Heirinsj Twine York and H.slon.from
nos. 2, 3. 4, :, 0,7, s, 9, 10, 1 II I. 12, 1 13:;, 11.I l :, WHAIJF! LOTS I not appear to said bill by thenext ruledaywhich Fmpnrtf-rsand Agents NUMBER ONE
C ut tin SiiiuTwine Tanned ami Flix I of Manufacturers
UiJanned the !
at lowest
16, 17, IS, 1.J, unim ived ; bloi-k J, rane2" 11)3) f-et 1"t Xo I 12; 5'-feet') foot of L""lil' j'I shall conic after twenty d.ivs from I the expiration n-arkf-t rate, and or THE
I 1ll'1 l rill' Twine I ILuv.-ir and SI.rolI.lalilt.ck, offered! vinleIt. "
lots n"w. 1, ', 31, 5.IJ. 7. ". !',1 M), 1 11 1 12, 13,1 I .1 I, stnt! t ; I'Jil.-tt' :' 1 1t t Xo ID; ; MJ) led lot Xo 17 ; j ol paid period of 1 four ip.or.tli*, it is further or- are now at or >!aI"1! favorable J UNITED

15, 1'3. 17. IS. 19: 2 'I. imnv'roved: : ; Work K, I I'JIII|t '.'I.t hit Xo 1 19! ; '.Mli-el I foot of C.'nlr<' Mrect! I ; erol Li.'ies ; I H err ing, Pohagiii} Shad. Hass; and j I dere l, that (the same be taken as confessed term* by WAI.I G. PORTKK I & Co. STATES REPORTER

rut: I, 1 hl ts nos. 1. 2, 3, I. !: '*, 7, b, l U I.l'//, I II I t tiO;' JVc-t 1 Smith put ot| 1 ht :Xo 2J ; :30; ) Ic-et t Xorlh I Dip Nets. G'f'rmnl'1I1cin< with Ihus ; Cod 'I ngsin-t them. 1 1'(. Jr. 1 J" ((7 41 I W.itiT streftJ.A I A Daily Journal of Government, Legt.lafi
1 l Ion :Mackerel Shad and Menhaden Seines and
t2. 13. IJ, n, 1 15,17 4 1 b. I I-.1',2 .I, mn.vr.ved! ; ; ITt of I'll Xo 22 ; !.M I l'''t for.t (II| ( ht't IIIIII "t. ; So ing, GKO. S. HAWKINS, JmLje, &c. I CARl. Gentral N e\\'s. )I

bl.' 1C, range 2,1 I tis nos 1. 2. 3. .1 J, 5, 6, 7,1:, l', I 101') (fet! i i' lot Xo-2'i ; !1U feet foot of Cherry st. e- CARMACK & SPRATT Subscribers fake this method of inform- I THE subscriber is now enabled to
-V. 7 Jtli; awl ftdnrs nit lo ontir nl.s'lorl TilE announce
10, 11, 12. 13, !, 1"), 10, 17, IS, ly, :I'. uni'Jiprove. AN.,- \ ii 1.1ntll\'lJ! j mi t the \\',',1itl..' ol| t theAtMl.'chicoia notift'. > B. ELLISON' & Co., Agents Compl'ls Solici'ors. the citizens of Apalachicola and its vicinity I completion of{ his arrangements fir t he establish.inentof jg|,.

.! ; block I,, i'ts n:"-. 1 1. 2, 3. 4-, 5, G, 7, s >vXniibandVtl of I IhCityolApilichic October I J-t. 1M7. 30f! Ajialacl.icolaGroceries : A True Copy. War. VALLEATT, that they have ni vv on hand a very neat vvell-orsianizcd! and indr|>endeTir Jc.nr

9, It), II, 12. :, II.1 I 1i, I I'", |I., l'',1 ', 2'i, umnprov ,ild, to the \\V-f-r.i lnuid.uifs Df'c3f501m Clerk. and well selected Stock GOODS, which will be nal r.f News at the Seat of the General Govern!

"J ; block M, 1 lt. It l 1. 2, 3, -1, :, G, 7. ", I'miiklm r-.uuty ; also St. Vuicenl'1l.ind: St. &c. In sold low, consisting in part as follows: I tt ent.

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 11. 15: I'i' I 17, J', 19 :.!, initn- Oi'omi'V( i I-land, and Di's I"hilt, (exclusive of >T rrceivi-d from Xevv Yoik per brig Alalnm Chancer--F.:1nklill County. Cloths and Cass niercs, various .1)( Irs, The leading fralurps of the United States

proved ; block N, lols nos 1 "V, G, 7, S !9, I!hr;cs and Doj I Inland! owned ,TU a general assortment of (jroceries, &c.roniting Mary Green bv her next friend ) Fancy Print--, (II). do. porter will b.- the fdllnvvingr ]Rj.

10, 11, 12. 1:, H, I=, 16 I", 15, in, 20, unimproved l bv the' U. S. Government)) ; also, all Lnn-Is 1\, ill I j in:i part ns 'fellows( viCruhrd iz : Vs. V Rill for Di- lapaca Lustre; do. Figured, I. Early Inflli nff of tltt mo

; block (), lots n' 1. 2.3. t. :, I. 1, 5. y, I i:I"I t of th" thy: Ap.iliclncola; and bordormsi Sugar, "a fine art iclo." James Green, Dcfenllant.'Ol''e.. Silks, Frrde H\ tie, C7r.: JJipmtnunli of the fjVtvrnmrnin'm'rJ/'flflf

10, 11, 12, 13, 11, 15, Ifi;, 17, I IS 1 v.i. 2".I'ln- ni St. Geur..-'s :"'11111. ati-i 1'U1Ilin.: : I>:a4 11 I llu- Pickles, assorted, Lemon Svrup ,"IIE Court having been assured' by affidavit do. .!rnt,1la lfort'.f'p to ltriestic affairs and ;1) the For'

block P 1"rs 1, 2. .1 1, ;, t,, 7, ., month t <.f f Xe v l Ilivor fiom t thenc-e I adnoi I 'I I line J
proved ; n. : ID I ( i d g. Brandy', a.s'lju'r. article, of complainant in the above cause, that do. Satin Striped r.i 1'uri .r.< ft the rfuntry111 be

9, 10, 11, 12, 13: 14, 1.1.1)Iti.< 17, 1 IS, I 1'-, >'I. inim- t to I lie Chipula (2nt-i.fl, folbmurj: I the ,\p l lIH'lii-: f'om. do.llollind James Green resides beyond the Slate ot Florida, Fancy Cashmere Robes "'fl1i'ul; its titttlitv. p.,..f-Hing pernhar I.n111

proved ; block Q, 1 lit' 4 ii'-s.' 1 1. :, 3', 1, ;>, i tier tariliti

9, 10, 11,12. I 13: 1, 15, 13.li.I I l't,, -i.)), unimproved ; 1 Ltn.t ((00 called) ; I the ".vhule c,i'it t lining 2>i i't,'(: I"al'fc Nit i him Gin Peach Brandy, hearing he had upon! the facts charged in said do. Dlnne; do. I bfn.iM.d freijueritly tn .inrr.urucarp, e.'l\1

; block *<, lots nti. I t.) 2), inclusive, (if I Ihiid ']'iil it'' .' cf !Land and 1UOJ of 2dtitty. St. CroIx anti Jamaica Rum: bill at t the regular term of Court next: enduing Tii-l i us, I India: Book q;-v>.Iv, iIt.'IlII ot the most important ch

uaimpr.ivol ; bl n-k 1 1. Ilt. n-w I 1,7. 'lipII\r; t}pI :a. prr returns n.id! bj the As-essor ol Mid.-iu: Port and Milaja U'inc?, t tt the date of tins order! and thereupon to pa-is a do. S'.\'i-.s, Lice and Colored rarffrr.IL ,

bloc.k I, lot ft(). s, j rnproved ; !>'! i-k 3, 1< 'J, State !'axes f.r Franklin Coiiitty..101IX : S'iip; Candles; ai-d Sfaich decree in the same manner as if the defendanthad EdgingLile, Cap and Thread I 77? rtl il"trm Efjortu of the Proeirdinn

unimproved>l ; bl.ick. -.loo! tins" .". I I. L 7, ', 9, unimproved : LL'CSlirriir; : N. O. l.-rtiti. Whi-kf-y; appeared and were present in Court : Provided Shawls, Damask Silk nn>l JJtbatfit oj tff Uniltd ftliittt S.l1nllu

; block1-, lot no.. 2, inprovv.J ; blork and) I'v-O.Tii"ioT.iv: C'-llor|"ir I'ranUIin! ( '0. B'O'.-u!I X Musi-ovado! !;, and St. Croiv Sugar, always that a copy: of this order shall have do. .Minno I H.t-. ,frj.n.. tir H b"ii'i l fi> turnisb I dadv l that l1

5., lots nos. 2 to 6, inclusive, 1"limlr/\'f! : \I ; blork AaIw'li'nll. X'iv. .1. t l"'l. 42-.I<;m,. B.i''in 'j i i !105, &c. &(. been published l i in some newspaper of I this State do." Maid Wool. ri-if' in acc..rd.inre with the t-rn-< I"r' the .

lots n'13. I 1,7 S, I..), u-ipiovi'd! ; block G, MSnos. : ilaevHT's Sale.BY Allf I I w/ich; :: will I I be HI'll'lw by for I the spare of three months at least before the Kid Lace and Silk Gloves I .-t rr. lfle at the clo K it the l. sf *?,rin.tr3 ,> ,|

1, 7, S 9, I 10" 'i'uiv: )i.'\','.I ; bioG, lots nos. 1 E.: Mi-CU'.LY, f fir'-t day of .1icllf'rrn, and due proof of s-aid publication Tuskan Gip-ey; Bonnets, bfe.-t f..rslion! t"t"iir ''-'. TharmmrmenN run ir.rtf \\i Ili.t!

2, 31-, improved I : ; til,,cX: 7, 1.4s no*.1. 2,3,1'! I 10, virtue 01 l a inifiri I ''f lion I faci: is, t m" iiiI Nov 11 nn 'V 1'1", st. l be made to said Court. Ri!>!b"ns in ;il virutiis I I vice fuslv f'
unimproved : bl irk 7,1 1.t* .1 r. r., 7, '. uiriroved; ; I uvti'd I frmri. thi' t Ciiruit i I Court of I'rankl'n nifl te r, c.. nj t I
county, I hiv levu.l un and will i I I w to .al\,> and SJiii Stol''S.RIo I'ttebf
block S, lot* *. :3, 1 I. 6, 1. u uni 1 ovp) Bleached} I I.h.t,.,
fO : ro\'e. ; I A True Copy.: d7 'i, ;-i, I-I. 10.1 arc I i-l : ar..f tft I his. I ''''-;ii a v.rf'arh PI
tt 1'1J'hc (JIll erv, IKIOHIho t door .
block !l.I'lto nos. 1. .1 I I. 5, ', s, '. u nrnriveI I : WILMVM VALL.KAU Clerk. Blankets t). J all.1 -- t I d.iru.-t! .tfit ,.t the t.,,.,. r.rf'.
t.'n.iii'it'r! (t shit bv'ing to? I'i<.* if! d.IiM!j: C block 10, lots nos 3, ". '' nn '1'\,1 ; b-H! U.lofs ApaLlf'hic'pI1. D-r. H, IS 17. M-.lm Ingrain and, Citton Carpeting .I ,IP. -"..>n!htp rthafhavt ''oily'. f.. \\ II/d
i lui sthl co-i:ilv. ,) on t'lc', firt t >-mtliv i-i Febiuarxu.t Si.i (Croix ch.I !Polio l Ii'o"| ,, \ .nri2 I lyon T'a.[ It-tv
4 7 I hl. !, I Msnos ---- ---- -- .
nos. : 1, .
unproved ; 1------ Carpet Bags vtr l lktd with sclicifoiis
1. t t!!.e schooner 1 Or' iur I l.ickiV, .Tiii.irel I MV-'OII I iio. Po\vcioti! i;". Soiioluui : dll. ( ;iiihen15iUrr aid rf:rirliii: {
unimproved ; block 1 II I, I'lt. 1 I is 6, ', :i.> in, .,ad fnrnlfl1l'c-Ic\'id j I 4)ii h.. proiNly'Ilnrl-: ; i 1 (C'li-r,,,>, L ud. 1 I' iron I II'inSpies: Sliould Caliloun Circuit Court. Hats and Caps all Mvles rf-z;ir.!
UTmpNhlHI'k in, Ms nos. 4. 9), ]111. in-: on as ,T-, \t 'd.i.-i&: : \\';",-.kt'I; ,--i and I'mriB".'f, Fall Teioi, 1317 Boots and! Shoes: II r. Tie rrorraJ.n. t anti Utlntts in 14P
imprwe; bloc'* 17, st's. 9, unrnprovvd\ ; blork' .z 1 god !b;' i E tiic7.ir 1 U"YI t awl: 1\Villi.sn; (C. La-.v- '1 ,... rind! Prune, Pork. ?.!fkcrcl: -hI". Salmon! David J Mear, } Clothing ot ;ill kind Jl.'tt'fff prfrntatict.* will as(. btiver..

nl.. G, 7. impr\'c.; I ; block! I IS, Ms tI()'. r ue! to Enocli C. ;Ixob.TtsVillitiri I 1 Hickolc 1 and I II"'rrilO'lId' ( an-l I '1IIigII.-:. (Cod Fi-h. Ton '''-I. v*. > Bill fur Divorce.F.liz.'n Also; a ne-it a-isorliiiei.t rf JEWELRY aH tUlb.-, *. irr ir'iality anti: tl," uirr. !r 'Irh

2, 3, 5, 6, 7, S, 9, ( : :) ... ; blocic: H, 1 lit t r.J..rick; Allen partner-, und"-r I the ,.I\h.f I IVj;","'', Sjiif.-: ,, C( ,it-iii; '. I"'ili''rllle"I ; ; ( )l!i\*--. .th :1lr5.IT ) many other articles too rum.iron- to trei.tion. I tlId.( Eir:ilav's remrd will he ( ir.ir.if"

no. 4, improved: ; bi-,ck 11, JoJs nos. I to 10, inclusive Uo'eits, Allen & Co.; and "olll1nd r decree rend.Ted ri li'r, I'i'4;/-?. Soip, Starch. lolicci :Xavy appearing: ;) to the satisfaction of the Court Call and cX'1mine1"1' vr ursf-lvts. I I rmd i- u;>, a-d appear m the R'-I 'Jrn..t'.IJ,. |

: block 2'J' lots nos. t to 1, i I. bv siid ( o'rt on: I lh.-} 1 10th l dlfli'1 J('l'II- l P.rfiul, Pilot do, CraC'I"rs.'III"- ar, I!)rid Fruit-, fiat" t the defendant resides out of t th<> Western M. X. SCOTT & BROTHER. I I I TiI:. Jr r" nUlrr..rn
u1in\rOe'1 : hi7-'lI1wlai hsai.i decree ill li l 1.111": S.ilt I: a 1'I"ni', :J"C'arn"i.'rm w..Uir!
inclusive' \ : ; !)l- ck 21.)1 \). 5, improved I 1""Ufd.I'r. 1'.1. IMSJOHN row I 1I! tit, Corn, th.>, Buckwlu-jt! t \ill"Iml.Ilct'i I: Circuit of Floridi and out of I the Slate, it i isordered Dec :3 Cor. Water and CVriJre ,.1" I I IV. ,'f ffffnnplical Vine of theami Procdinp

; block 21. lnt, u is. l to I a'll 4 to' 10' I, inclusive For 11.' by B ELLl(OX .V: CO: that said defendant' be required a;'j>ear - I Ji'lmte f j/ all 11,1'at, L'gulatu'", wilt

unimproved ; h irk :1, Iot; nos 1,3 n'iirn.proved LIT.\S, :hpri f f:(' f) C.r. \\ttrr. suid (' -tnntt''. :arid answer this bill tf complaint on the l NfMondij l t B. Ellison & Co., {:or. Wafer ami 1 1 I.. r" Ilarly JI\'U.: l\If'mbf'r. fit Cergrvw anal

; block 23, nos. G, 7, S. 9 1, u iirtirovvd; ; By J1KXJ. LUCAS, Deputv.Jin. ; --:!-Ia ) .\:4'U'S-- --- 1uli'I.---- .- in April A. I D. bb, and in defaixi'tier&'t Chestnut. t :,I\1) (!iii.'i ,.f readers will trm be kept tlll.11
block'24., lots nos. I,',3. ti, '. ',9, l-Kunnipr v\I ; -ro.-Isjx.-- --- ni-tds I I r- of'llhc'rib'r1"h! to the sale If I thn nd bill be taken pro confe--o, anil SHIP ClIANULEKr.MANILLA ayMfrr..tieatv; infnnr.ed 1 of' n"'rt"lu' "Ltgllahon

block 25, lots nos. : 1, .*,, $5 InIIPNCIllck! \ 'h"'Hr'. a"'. n1'11 his Maps a number!( of engage in and middle that this ordt-r] be published! i in some newspaper ar.dll+ mp Cordage (If all "i7f-- I i in all "e!"f.or." of the Untfrd 'r..rf'S
23, nos. 4, o, \, s, U/, ;, young' : in this Circuit for, I the of three months
i illf' V. ml,
lOt U111r.\ virtue space Wc
: BY of a \\iit ol lien ti.j ". to mi (direct aged men of I moral and bi-in"ss habits traveling >rmline, Mailine I plln- Kfirlymrnl l1igiee ff.till imrr.TtoTlt mOr"
27, lots nos. 1 to 1'), iclnsive: nm.Mvvd: ; block2S ] 1)1) as before the, day ordered for I the aid hearing. y.irnXiknm.Sporm Oil.i I Fall!! in the [
from Circ'Ji: Cvnt ot t( Franklin county : ago:'I fs. I 11I'IIplplf'aI: ) andirn'atlv do. '\'h'll.! de, (!ivi- 1..rjtltlln'* oj (;rnll brilatnandfrom
lots n-H. 5, s i, 7, 1)), unimproved; ; block i i-i tavor of n"h'rt.11'11! &, (Co. v;. Lo:khaitYori i irn'rovd editions i t of I his 1 ITnivorsjl new Atlas I Ti tOM AS HALT/KLL Judge. do, Lir'?"f"11 dll, f Uando: BIicIII./ S.-inr-; Tur- I l'nnr111 I i.. "'.mrr.'HI)r"tt'I'' 'Iv piey iIIIIOltf
29, lots .1 G, 7, S 9, U u um.novpd; | December 7. 1 1S17. 4'-3m P-ntine, P"in'wdow I ; '
013 ;; !I" f'1I"hlff"
.. # .
-o : and Thos. I/in-i, }i\'or Xc. 1 have ; I Europe through re'-frtrr- T
7-2 u. r.rlf\n
: .
block 3.J. lot no. S u'limprived: ; 31 1, l I.t Mips! ; lirg.' M i:: :) of the}: World, Rr Vr''nc'' -- ----- -. l."it1. U f'd d i '. Yl'jiw ( )'hr. 'hr"rrw I ;r""f aMj
n03. 5, 9,9. 10, u-itTiprovel I ; bloc': 1)1: 1.to nns 1 levii-d upon. atid will r\.n*- to) ae, (10 I the higt-: a-id DiJIleehl':; :\ (,t' t the United "Iafl'"atltlnal' 1 1I III Siistriet Court of the Unitctl h-inr.t'l: ; ((1. 1 itiperit; il'f"! ('hri>,me: Yt"lImOr! j P-.n-s "j )I'r..r.'i pecuhrtr facilities' r obtain": .
p.1 l hidd-r, 1 for ra-h} at I the; (( I House rl ig i ir-i| 'rrr,..!M. r.
i-iit! d.i'.r t tie! I 1.1' tip! I ; .
Mip United ligri-. 1irh4r ,
: : Slat.-II.! tv ifotier "" !
1,2.3.6,7. s, 9. 10, u inrv''i, ; !:111k 1 .':53, loN: : ", aII' t States, Ioi the !Northern Dis- 'nlh'r.; Irihl Y.trni'h, ( ','.:1 II
Council I C Chamber I hat !bein I lh1: ilacpof t hoMi! :' : do, Tar f I'iffh, VI. Tff (;,1Iml AVir* of th? Pay will
6 9 unimproved blo."k 31 loti 2 t'i ( z j'I : Mips; rirlu: lii'4 ?.'\'r.J Map" ft I :Mi I !'\i'o, triet of rinriila.IN "-I", Torp-ntiRf.! ,' Coal!, Pain: bt
nos. .
nos. ; I <*o'irt in 1 the City Apalachicola.! ll.e ftr.t j I ri-li'! -. Vtrni"i do riv-I' i". a CMiuIt-r.-ed hri.with?
on I 1 1I tlii Hilrtr' t- rrTrr-l t" flu :II,!, It eiti! fTcas'.i ( : T-trd.-I Serif) It.. ( ? du-rrv ar.dar-
10, inclusive, u'nrIE.l; 1 ; bl i-'c! :n. 1 its ?ns 1.; Mo'idiy I in: IVbru.irv! next vvithin} I the lg.tl) iiu-ijs! I :'t I the lu-.vc-st p', -ibll' Al.MIRAL'I'Y.Da9i.1 r.'lmlIIICk.;! CII uk.I \\'" ::. I Hn--!- D-K-K.inF'I:,._ I rtj..r.

6,7, ', 9, 10, uni.nproved; ; block 35, 1 l.its: n.... : 01 sile the I f follonm. -crilx-'l, prop-'isv: hnri1 : : :. .!Jdress prices. N :McJyt'i! and li-'i' di>, (otr.-! (I'). I H-ivy Hrr.-: it!II. Li;II' if-. S'l-b i i- a rf? iVvv of vvh"r I he T*Jltt&
to 10, inclusive, unimproved; blo"k 37. 1"1." ii-w. } \ Hi-1 "f oilier-, nsvntrs: ot th- I \Vlntc. |1,1'1", "rnd f.'nj g.rntcC'J'.r: I S.p1.4 H. T' '' .
ritv i-f4iViIT
>vmx in I I: AiMlicdiculi: ( Franklin! S. \1'CTrs: MITCHELL, : di. '' Ii. b( .\hroi ,h. ..lA,18
4,5G 7,8,9, 10 .} : block ::1ht.. stiMm bit AKgu-ta, do T.ick.S|!i ij' Sj'l ikM! Boat do. Ir! } frrw I ..
unimproved .
(( 'wlond known and d-scribed on tlio nap of X rflu'u-t t r-irm-r 1.1'! :Mirk> t :iiid S<:vmtli lack j arrsrg; : > rr P' N have bin .s. I II! r atnrrd, *r.drh.
no*. 2 tQ 9, inclusiveunimproved ; block 3'.', I'.Nnos. sid: : city as j,1! nuinljer !9 I. Mock I D. front, r. n/: "\ )'" .! Streit-' Phil'.di-Iphn. ". Libel for Collision.Jiydr.static BirO.ir crfu-.: Anchor. llnnrf-pk--. ( 'np, rn: hi'tiH rfT'fioVr.fly: rherr-htfi, Hat rtt" '* '
', block 4i The Steam: fin; it Euf.nli: blocks Sinve-, Jb, f|. 'k H-tT1lt
1 to 10, inclusvv' ; u'Utn.in.ved ; I K'- ft"nh
-itiijtco.n the corner \\.II'r inil I Ceitntivcts.! p< r ; nve ,if-Hf nn .
;\ Iir'Cflo'f 4 )! ; i'i LLS"AN I D I'THENIXi : [ : her Pump D-ck) IJnckpfCtdir: do! II"'f'. I erprcerir in.f
;, 1 :3; 4 5, G, 7. S 9, J 10, unimproved ; i'\le, apparel| anti irnoro- t"'r. ili ,.
10:9 nl ., JOltIXCA!! Slic-niK! : >J. BIT fE'l-5, j j-i-,1 received and fr -.tic bv tirt tirc'. Corn do. (,iti\ui5 M illf-f-. Strvii.a.l 'hi.} Ax,-.Axr i., f.l l and f't rferrU? infe; rr'fnt
Ijlock 41 and 12, lots n"i I tiv, :i.1': m'l.' cai'tblok % Jan. 6, 1 IsJS.: 5i By J5. LUCA 1) S. Xovtl I J. C. .\LI.t: '. t J I II.MVsllookindTijimb I !'-, Box I f'I{.If.f".1: I }j. i.rn.: !. I Itivill t I have no pdrr, \\. '-ru.pfliticjlrn.

unimpr.nvJ: J ; hh'-k 13, lots nos 1.2, J, -- ._-- --- NO IICE i i-i IU'rl'l'n! to all WK TI it mar Can do. C.iiion tie. Hint! do. I 1'i-h d,.. Ciulkir.c I ."--. The fn.pri'f'r, t hv ther 'r,. -. ..1 hwcinfrr'f .

10unimorove-l( ;) ) ; block-1 J. I IIs nos. 1 11.1 J lo, indll'5ive. Sheriff* ;s1t. iilI1i itaJi"'i au1 Slatioiey.J 'VII" TII, t tint t by; virtue of.an .if!v:( :V.en"warrant : ;1 Irons Makii-i? Irons .\1ra'I', :\ S.rtP.TS I nif i h the Sm.ite; i ti f ff.e I'r.itr' States. is

block l"ts ni'iJ. 1 to lJ. inclusive J ,: .farnM, is.ijod; in the above cau-e, I Buns I'ij'i' ; .';-. Cook'.* Lt.flr-c!; T..rll"'I1o -. t. h Ir.l. to thi. roiufition' that '* ll.e

unimproved ; 1. of a 'v"l ll)' ",'rl f.ICi.IQ.' in me Ii-! EifEllS.(; '. Journals I % I I)lay Iool&c.I! rlividersC.'inM "raT .r -hlb; tr'lI-
bl, nos. 3, I I. 5. By'irll have -i i/.t da nd! I taken t the above mentioned Sfeair ( ";i'?. Sail X-t' unimproved ; N.luf. :: from I IMP: CircC.nut: of Franklin iJ -Vj reims FooNcaji} : and I Lc-ttrr Paper; S-ine do S riesr ; rh. ij.bais
BOlt Kufaiila: her clot. I'.ilm-
; tackle tviuir } )
S I bloc'c! 17, 1 lit" 11'1.. I to 10 apparel and furniture, h'L'-ing Lsth -r If will :JMa TfhiriV Xf.Wtho
6,7, unanr.ve: ; tH11 ClitionJ..tfllJra'd'ln: : Un ,, )" / ota
.m.Iia of l Green 'I'r ; I'ump d rgan
< : Ijvor Charles \ rhiveHammer I
the : 1 H I ,
> to .m-.vrrlo I libel tiled t for ? !riipri'h --N! .
therein d .
inclusive bl irk .B.I 1 .ts t 1111( image* >tv .! d'O' ir.n-r ". The ,
uYimprove-1 ; nos. I a'nl Rir.'r ; ra d nbivrih
JI"I Ship : IliilLading: Auurs I'l inn ot the :
lam:: j"ot..r. part ovv.ier ail'1) a:ent of others ; for a C'lli i' n, in a cans. civil 1 and nHandMus.. ( ;Jiti.Wr-t.! H"nd-aw
10, inclusive unimproved: ; ; Work I 1.1, los! 11.1.: I r.\tiers uf t the d.!.u m: T s'nr-iise, I have levudi.tin Booo'c''! for L-ll-r t I Pics.Bli'iH That I the-nd.1Ifoc's ; returnable maritime Files l Hat Tail do, Iron Sq.i ue-. Cu.-boi.rif' L(.ckStofkdo -, "r '.* Iii *'et.tIeI i'-r! at tlieStat, 11 fi'; \-rrrncrua

to 10, inclusive unimproved ; lo-! 'Ie; 51 l, 1 Lfoi: no< ( I thi said Sir-rise, her sjils Bills; of ExcluMge and Checks, is before I the Hooks( ant Stipes: I Hmsf".. P.dlork-. frt't'-f"; and(! ;i.r"ITI'f rp! rfer ..t' all sorts of) ins
: ; siuoter ; ri' [Di itrirt! I C'url"ftll United
1 to 10, inclusive, .lilil lr.n'el ; blofik 51 1, Itsnos. :i i: f furniture, fx-c. .itjd will Hli-r I thimelir; .Iul l I u'fiveorid, f>,r site bv > Slates for the North Wood Saws IVndmt I H.i'ilynrdHuJ I Lir:., ft !ni.i-r.ei!: -a rf't'j fJ1!I.!e a agent r-n which tilt
2 to 10, inclusive, u'utn, :>roveJ ; block 5.J, u. II F*. Am Lr.. Nil Dis'nct of Florida, at I the Cl"rk.office fit Deep >ea d->, LUg do. !;i-h ,I.:, llw] L.,,rf- i 1.,1, Itl .r-nr,. the IMHIS -o man', the nianntarturcr,
-he lie to the hi lio-t for J
sii as : now tiltler x.ud dun, in the city of a do. > liir'-1
inclusive block 5J Apal.tchicola on the P.? lleVll>. F&unri.1Ltartrn.! the fw1 1( t.l i .
lots nos. 1 to 9, unimproved: ; J. :, : very one r frr<".rfd in tar
lots nos. i to 10, iiicliive, unimproved: ; blo"k (.i'i! (1') Hi.- first Monday ill IVbrutry IH'xt. withi 7r) .MN; 1.1. .' PILLS! AND I PliCINIXi..L i;- : I t"irelIor1l1.1Y ((17th I day) of May inlant. at 1 i Ihf lp;.il hours 55 lots 1.2 3 4 :5, S, !9, 10'), unimrvH place causeis Cari-mre-iV .st .11 times with mr lint ronfiiN! ,. .,
nn ; ; CoTiril I ChamlK'r! I that bcin: t the place of,I ::1 i I' iTJl -, jn- n-renrd and for sale by be heart! Tools -.mp| ton Postr 'c.D'c (
block 5(5( lofs nos. ] to 10, i-i'-l'i.\',?, Iwil1ljll'OV.; holding Court. Xov !'s I II.I F. A HELL, I 1 rtl '. {11 -Allah.l'hilnla. !9 I. I' 17 It is !t"Ii"" d I If.?f I the e tabtiNhrrnt rf such
ed ; block 5S. Iota n is. I I.) 10, i iriclu-.iv.', utii'n-, '" _. Dited at .\palach icola, t Ilii i* 15fh day of May, rfli.riff Ji rnal *:/ l.itfilixtHcr.w terms which
proved ; block :9, lots nos. 110 10, -I'lMve, un -ril1: ?5"I':aara; Arrow Giofit.KEW in the year isi?. ROBERT MYERS, Fresh GtrenSc' {!I.ice it vi irlin the reach if tf.. cona' wa-e of
fly 111::1. LUCAS, D. S. I l : 'i 11Ie: i.f !iierinudi: Arrow J Ro t t. II S. Marshal. LACE ...srftt.entt I Fre-h S. '
improve! ; block' 6 J, lots IIJ I. It.) S, inclusive A p ju.t A visf rec'd.and th" people! at :h.t.oi 'meitc.t t., fatj.ro-
Apilacliicola, Jan. G;, ii.Sheriff's 51-ts 1'1 and I f sale lor, sale .. ;
( r by D. M. bySeiiool rni-- I
improved ; blockGJ .1,1i nos. 1 I toSinclu-iveun ___ __. by H. R. TAW/R, to') a rnf'-'ir.frt-fiMri: -s i :.t. ft;. rericdin
( inclusive h 1\f'; I- J C ,U.I.r.N. May 22 IS 17. Hl-tf) Nov 11 J. C. ALLEN. I ti.e rf f f ron "
improved ; blocks 62 t.) )! : limproved ; Sa.lc.By _____ r-.frry :r.v-ior.al I : : < I' 'Ii. will
block 7'') lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved; ; Ink Rooks.; he r -:Jr"f'rl! with Jav, r bv all rU''(* a t the comrmiify -
block 71 lofs nos 1 to M inclusive! unrnproved virtue of Iwo Ii. fis. to me directed. fromth 5"biJ5soi's Pitcit Barley 3'ociiitaii BOOKS "? : anj: hnviny thni! ; sfaf.d! his
; of' .ill kll." i"-f rec'd a bjt'rt",
A FEW I lI'alr'sIJlic' (Ink Konnram 1'eu Racks F.y
i Circuit (Co-jit of t Kranklm rounly% one mfavor T70II , SCHOOL ,
block 72 lots no I to 1J nirlu/ivc unimproved ; : "nSsrrib 'r linr3, lib ral and
1 1 !
block 75 lots nos 1 to 10' iriflmive unimproved :; of (Jeorgc Sincl i I \iir, aii.l one i in f'tvor of I 1. .L1 Xov IS J CLir.X.. /L :Sit-d" Box .. I'.iper Folders, Stamps; Seals, J. .\LLEXQUIXIXE al-'tpprrt l frern the r.Iighfentd tf griber the
J :1"sl's'S, !'.i.r-r Ch 's, Weights, &c. for sal,. public
lletiry 1 Hodges, I have levied ; !
block 76 loU nos 1 to 1J inclnsive U'litnpr.ived ; upon Carnji'ior and PiptnnJust! United :tat'- .
and vvll sde th R17.VS, Pelt Knives A Scissors! \"ov IS J C \ LI.rN.
: expose! t to 'to lugnf-t, bidJer atHi :
I for sale bv
block 77 lots nos 1 to 1'j in-l'i-ive unimproved: ; rt'-I JAMES A HOUSTON
block 73 lots tvs I I to in in1ttive i unimproved L ; -* Court I Honsed,' ir, the Council Charnh-.r, Ill'll'' N isortinent, '.I RJ'/.IM i iVn I liUi11111 4.01,1 (.cu April 17 II. F. BELT. Sfrr.rrartr ti. the Ser>atf- r>l the. IT.,S.
being the pl.ic- of II .l ll Img i Court, in the I }i City of I S'i :soi.s, of'Rodgers manuficfiiie: !Iflr sde bvX.iv ,.
FEW Woodward
& Brollu>r's
block St lots nos I to 1J i ricl'i-iive u iinvrived I : A superior Candied l'I'uIt. fx.rhe l.i'.d "fjiVs Rt'rl rtf'r" will b,

block 82 lots nos 1 to 1'') ncluwe! unimproved p :;; d\p.ilaclncola:Much, I"i.rilvlin; within C'Hinlv! fin (the first Moaljy Is J AUJIN. (;:0101! l IVn just n-cc-ivid and for sd: > byOcf..bei reC'eicl I from 11:1\: .HI... a"ti i f>'r sle !bv I printed: ">n a larga. anti; tan IM'nie.-heefarid, issued
hours of
iri '.xt. I legil sile, TUT
block 83 loU nos 1 to 1') in-1'i-iive u'limprm'.I|I Ihi 1 f d--rrib.'d t Coujjri'svj "Valcr, 21. J C ALLF.X.Western 21 R MrlT'LLY.HHD.S ( I e-try mi.rnin, e.xrert 'u..davs, at the rated
Mowing to-vil t The
( propertv, : F Ii
block 81 lots nos I to 1'1 inclusive; u umproved I I ; !>:: ;< and} miail bottleju t froin I JheSj ring, Prodsiee.ST. i ?(i |p'r .lr.TlUt:1.
ciiv' '
dwelling I : house' sit n'te j in t the I, of Apatachi- ''IX 11IoJascs.
blok 85 'lofs rns 1 to lo hd'lilulirnprlwcd I ; !. ilc 1)it ''
u i.
LOUIS;i Fl.-iir 1 Ohio do. Lard -
: (',11. IOn lot nu!n-er t t"I. block "'IIII'r' Whi-key, UV-t
nine (
01'IIc 1 Indies )0( I tierces FIrri.h.
blok 8'J lots 1 to 8 inclusive' unimproved! I \: ; In ren-rrfJon;
nos 1 with
J C ALT.i.Sy : \\ t 'ur.ir choice the if.-ily there wilt
> .f Ce.tre anJ Liveoi'c.' streets : : aOllprimp.1..lao1..p".l'lrk., tness JU paper
r < t f-r
propcrlv silo by f B.! ELU-ON & CO.
block &7 lots nos 1 to I'i inclusive unimprovvj! ; IJfl be i.mttl 1 fn In iI"!
d.-lc-.da.t.: JOHN' l.UC.il'riU: and 'rne.: 1 Bicon! I Hams, Side* and Shoulders, t for Dec 30 -a.rr-e e-talihniertt.
I tie's Cor. Water a"d Chestnut.
tt Syiiij of Wild
block 88 I''ts nos 1 tl) 10 inclusive unimproved ; I Choi-ry,
15. Luc. ;. I D. S. sale! by B. ELI.ISOX & Co. The Ittirror of .
; Uv \ Congress.This
block 89 Ms nos I to f 10) inelu.ivc tmuv.irovej: ; I T-'S < fl' ialld tor. d.! t In Dec Cordials.ArEV .
) Cr.r.'atH and Chestnut .t!
.LrL2 ;
JC; q. 2-fd
lots 1 t to 10 inclusive unimproved I a-i J. C. ALU :. publication will rontam excluivel fhRrp.
block 90 nos ; ------ --- hen bottles' just rt-ceivvd {from .
block 91 lots nos I to I D: inclusive uiimprivebirick ( 3 ; LEo I \ A15 D) Ss OTT Ac GO'S ,LIST OF I Hops, Wood Wus-c, .% c. arm for sale by lia-I .:rtscf.t-e ceedin2s and Hi-harps of the
i, All1EE4 Covers, Painted P.uN, Tubs, Flour CnrCTM- r.f the' United s'lafe afd
92 lots nos 1 tjJ:' rrl'Hive unimproved ; Fall B Dec 23 E ; ; It will be i *
for sale bv
block 93 lots nos I t,} 1') incln-iive unimproved; ; FOREIGN: IOI>lCALJ>. FRESH 1 17; Crop, II. T. ARELL.W : i'.ill-, \Jt..l-lIf" s, I'rivs, Axbelvcs. Buckets, : (sem-.vecUv I in an elegant qtnrto fr.rrn. tl.rroeh' : *

blo-k91 1 loN nn I tn |I" I ri *l'isjve rn'irnvwl, 1 ; HEPUBLICTIOV OK | Broo,. S-c. &c I for s.il. iw l Ink. iint the session ef Ctipgn-jw ar d will hI" Iurn,4be4

blo95 lots ins 3 1 5G 7 S U I') uni-n-irnved I ; J I TUB; r.(( DIX( a1'All rRIU.Y! REVIEW, I STAR'S and( Svvayne's lal--njn of Wild B. ELLISON St. Co. BLACK and) lied Ii.k. idno Cotton Marking do. to sulxcribers at the rate of tiro dollars for ill*

block 951 l't< no 121 ,3 7 S 9 10 'l"Iimr'veli 1 ;; 'ni-: r.ui\Huu! < RKVIKVV Cherry! }\received and! for .alt by Her 0. "T Water and Chestnut sis.OOTS '' \ and} fi,rale bv A |Ia.ngse4I4'it :,iid our dullur for I he short session.

blork 97 I 1..to1 no* l to 10 ui<*lu"ive nriiur.roveil, : I ; THR I NOIini: I HIUTISH HEVIEW, Nov!* .J. C. AlLHN.A ) ,' Shoes and! Brogans-- -,--by the--case- ; Nov 11 H F. LL. It is believtd that this treat national) work will

block 9S 'lofs no? 1 to lo h.I'loi'cI.imlr''t l : cI I ; ; WESTMINSTER i REVIEW: Dry oods. J Women's Shoes and Hu-kins ; Syrups.-- -- bee deemed indispensable in (he library ef evtrj

bh-k 99 lots nos 1 to 1) inclusive unrnproved ; AND DRILLIXG I *?, Tirkinjis, Cotton Osnaburgs: Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans ; D07. assorted >yi tips, of superior quality, public institution, politician, and proftssionu

block 100 lots nos 1 11: loin-l'i ivc unimproved: ; BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH I Kersey Jeans Fl.mnelBlan: ine scw'll Brogan S ; 5 ju>f received Irom Havana and: f< r sale bv" man, tliruuiiiiit! the country and that it will be

block 101 l ts nos 1 to 10' inclusive unimproved ; l\L\GAZIr-iE'1 I kets, Tweeds, Sit i rlll1 I '. Shel'l jugs, Checks, Men's pe tel Boots ; Dec 23 E McCULLY. regarded by the great mass of the people a* (be

block 102) bN nos I to 10) iwl'liliveIlimlrllvc'd' : ; Ginghams i : Calicoes, Ieli'ies; I Ho.ierv, &.c &c. tine sewed Hoots very be-t political text book for their own instruction

block 103 lots nos 1 t( 10inclusive unimproved, ; The above Periodicals are lepritited in New: For .:ile Ly IJ. ELI.ISOCO.. Russet Brogans. For sale; by Horse and Dray and that of their children.

block 101 lot nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; York immediately; on their arrival by the Biilih.steamers i Dec '.>. 'or.Val'r and Chestnut sts. II. ELLISON & CO. FOR sale cheap. Applv! to

block 105 ll'lt. nos 1 to 10inclnsive' unimproved: ; in a beautiful clear t type on fine whit j I 11 E. McCULLY, ..Water st.Uapging IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.
Old :( ; Dec 9. Cor. Water and .-ts.IJailey's .
block lOa lots no. 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved ; paper and are faithful; copies (.f the original: serve .YIiisey, Throughout the session of Congress, Extras

block 107 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved i ; Bi-ACKwoon's \:AZ1NI' being an exact facsimile II O; Stn i Ih's Eagle: Brand; for sale by sale ; and Rope, will be i iued from the office of the United
Tonic :1lixtlll.C.rr E.
: of the Edinburgh edit MeCULLY: by McCULLY( States *'
inclusive ion. FOR RepoitiT, containing the of all
Iota 1 10 unimproved
block 103 nos to : reports
block' 109 lots nos I lo 10 inclusive unimproved 1 : The prices of (the Ib'I'RI'IiTK are l less than one 1-?'uOUiI :rd Water, :t.tiiininc fllS is i valuable compound fl nd extract ol 11 no Water st. such Debates as may possess peculiarly exciting

block 110 lots nos 1 to inclusive) i improved I : I third of those
block Ill lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : arrl equally well got up, they afford} all that ;advantage Sulphate and :ITInriatc L for the cine of Fever and Ague. Sold by BIlLS Champagne for sale h" All subscriptions and communications to he

block, 112 lots nos 110 10 inclusive' unimproved : to the AMERICAN over the ENUM-H Ititii Calomel, Ac.TUST Ju ie 12 II. F. ABELL. 50 Dec 30 B ELLISON) & Co. post-paid, and addressed
lots 1 10 inclusive unimproved n-ceivt'd add! lorale bv -
block 113 nos to : : reader. JAMES
11IllSt. Croix A HOUSTON
block lit lot I to 10 inclusive unimproved : 2S .T. C. ALLKV.iTIe 5 Sugar ; ,
I Iron Scotch do. Weeding and Garden United States Reporter P. c.
TERMS. --' 15 do New Orleaiu Sugar; SWEDE Washington,
10 inclu
block 115 lots no* 1 to ive unimproved :
; Cwuaicals.A July 3! 15-17.
Di'tis block llfi l lots nos 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved; : PAYMENT TO UK MADE I.V ADVANCE. i.id All
block 117 lots oo* I to 10 inclusive unimproved : FHI'U; supply of Drugs, Medicines at .I \\t\t Stewart's Loaf u Cards Spades and Shovels Cauldron and Sugar who newspapers throughout the United Sfa'et
: For any one the four Reviews, 3 per annum. (Chemicals from bark Refoim Pans &c. for iinbli.-h this Pro-prctn once a week from
block ItS lots nos 1 to 10() inclusive u-iimproved j now landing 10 bbls ground u Ploughs, &c. sale byELLISO this date till the .
block 119 lots nos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved :: For any two, do. .0 and f.r sale by 100 sacks Rio Coffee; r 0 do Java ; B & Co. to an exchange matins with of Congress the United, will lie Sutel entitled
lot Iln 10 inclmive unimprovrd For any three, do. 7 Nov 11 J. C. ALLENHardware. Dec 9 Cor. Water and Chestnut "
block 120 nos : .. 40) bxs Aromatic Tobacco; __ sts. Reporter and! will he placed on the Ii.t of Ibos*
For all four of the Reviews 8 "
lots 1 to 10) inclusive unimproved -- -- -
block 121 nog : : TiO 1\llIfl'd (10. to whom the Extras .
; wllbdespaiched.Guava
blQck 122 lots no* I to 10 inclusive unimproved : For Blackwood's azinc, 3 Gcncsee Flour, Gosheii flutter, _
I .r)0h\s
lots I 10) inclusive unimproved' CHAINS[ I Spades, Locks aborted 20 Sperm ; brown Soap; a article CHEESE sale Jellies.
block 121 no* to : For Black wood and f the -1 1 Reviews. 10,00 TRACE AND uperior of fir
blocic 121 lots not I to 10) inclusive' unimproved : J- All communications should be addressed l lpopt and{ Cart Boxes, Drawing Knives andIrons 100 hs Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; E. :McCULLY, FN different sized bo\i-s, just received from lii
125 lots I to 10 inclusive unimproved I & sale low 1000 I Ibs Lead ; -L vana, and for sale
block nos t ( paid) toLEONARD I .c. &c. for by Nov 11 1 5u Wafer st.FIArSand by
block 12<) Into nOR I to 10 incisive unimproved : SCOTT & CO Publishers, Xov 1 II 1 E. McCULLY, 50 Water st. 200 kegs White Lead No. 1, Extra and Pure. Dec 23 E McCULLY
- block 127 lots nos I to 10 inclusive unimproved : I For salehy WAI. G. PORTER & CO. Caps by the case I low !for cash by

block 123 lots no* I to 10) inclnsive unimproved _. 79_ Fulton St New Yurie. Irish, Potatoes and Onions. Dec HO 41 Water street. : B. ELLISON! & CO. c.ErDL1Tz. Yeast ard Soda PowoVnTof tb|

block 129 lots nos I to 10 incli-ive unimproved --- I FIXE article for sale by Dec 9. Cor. Water and Chestnut st. jJ best quality, for sale by

; block 130 lots no 1 'ft 10 inclu-ive unimproved! IIEETINGSShirtingsand Prints, by the A Nov I 11 E.: :McCULLY.' Waff st. Candies. July 17 J. C ALLEN

block 131 tote no 1 to 10 incllJ ive unimproved bale and case, low for cash by j' A FEW boxes of Stewart's Refined Candies Trusses, Castile Soap,

block 132 lots no 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved.bloik. B. ELLISON & CO. SALAD OIL, just receivedand for ale by for sale by E. McCULLY, S INGLE and double, for sale by TUST received, and for sale by -

123 Iota cos 1 to 10 inclusive unimproved Dec 9. Oor. Water and Chestnut ets. 1 111 H. F. ABELL Nov 11 50 Water st. July 17 J. C. ALLEN. J Norll H. JoF -. ABELL7 .


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I- S S. .
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