__ I : _r

B. Ellisonl & -C6.;
24 Water street.
Jan 29 Apalachicola, Fa.
E.' J.[ Hardiii;
(r Office, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
Roberts, Allleat Co.,
And M*anufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per Wares.


SW:t. G t ditr.
)tiue, Third Story Baltzlll's Buildings, corner of
S Conaierceand Chestnut streets.,
:." .T. ., M S.
IJTB'AiCfPrvi':>- Three Dollars per annum,
'f paid in adfda,we, ,,r .3 5," it' ptid within six
.... ",, ,oath?, or i -04 if 1 id eie-iiter.
,4o 3bibs,'ription ,taken for a less term than six
1.,) ,tn._-and .$,2 wil! invariably be chargi+d for
ta.t,,)sriod. No, paper wilfbe discontinued until
t i trrea~rages are-paid, unless at the option of the
v '.,'**i~rietor ". .
S)V r -.{:R ri-:':,i L:?" liq Oi i'i ire, (twelve lines
1. : >,<*' viil oi, ,,-i.'rt,., t i tri ? rate of O ae D ol-
r I ir t.,, tv 1 'i,'st, ind Piftt't ( Ce -, fo r, every subse-
>--- ^ 1".-It iisertton. t o -. L
,, in ,\'=,,:, a.lvrti-e bv the year a liberal
,.,.,t will be- made ; =but all advertisements not
,. "tv jertainirngrto their town business, as well
I ,il I a al %,' rti i 1.?.I iit sent in by them, will
I 1 ; i ir> at the.-asu tal rates.
v- \11 l .4d I ivirlisein.eiiti must be paid for
f', 'hlvvoe..
-; j ',,'e )o)lars will-be charged for announc-
!, i", iid ite4 for office.
/^ \ 1 ,I..rtl-in.ts from a distance must
i- >" 1 1 i t I ,..'. he cash, or city reference,
i i.isu re ifnqertion ..

.. .. \" .. .. ,i 8 .,r')iif, i t' i i. ^ ruolth

J, ; d Vt 1; 4-[' N M 1: 1 Z H A N T S,
*: *.....1-5 '.V~tter s-. c'rt,
.. :-..'s'; r'. "' '~ at,:,il.0"ireii f a, i'fla.

.' > ) ..2 ::ki' <-) ^7 .-{ ;*- ) { v' .- L D I N G

.^ *N b.'. ,g i th'r treet, ,
..::nv 'L =. kp lachieola, Fla
.... W AW I

Johin S. Haitf-l11-ason',
No. 50 Water street.
Solicits patronage. APALACHICOLA, Fa.
Jaos. F. Farrior,
No. 50 Water street.
Lbf, 5' Apalachlcola, Fla.
P. W., C llen,
Solicits a share of'Public Patroage.
*Coolie A- SItorc,
No. 13, St. harle S'treef
VvDV;W S CooM':. AMOS I-1611N.
lei) S...

Office No. 50, Wafer street, '
J ai 16 -'" -A,. ,! ,. ,,i.. F a.
F'OFA..A, AiA.
Cotton i,.qi) ,,,, order.
> Refers to
B. F. HOLDEN, New Olea.
Messsrs. WYLIE & MCKENZIE, Apalachicola.
,J. S. HUTCHiNSON, Aacia

aDrofessfonal oticeo.

-- May be found at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov S.
Dr.. A., Wt. Cha#Mftti,
0* 0 Ofice over the Drug Store ot B. S. Hawley,
(entrance on Chestfnut street.) Residence at thle
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell'.
January 10, 1846. 2---tf
W W. A. Davis,
Offers hi services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, 'act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of.Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at-,, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola-, September 8, 1846.
A. G. Se imnes,
8j Office, ,No. 2 Capt. Snimmon's Build(ig,
cor. of Centre,& Commerce streets.,
nov5, Apalachicola, Fla.
H. E, Owens,
CLAYTO.N, Barbonr County, Alabama.
April 29, 1846. 2-tf
Johin Bilbo,
W ILl practice in the several Courts of the
South Western Circuit, and Thomas and
Stewait counties
Aug. 5,1845. 31-tf

t UMBER INSPECTOR.-The undersigned
tj having been appointed Inspector of Ltifber
for the County of Franklin, oftbrs his services to
the public in that capacity, and will attend- to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.
March 22, 1S45.

.... D. 3'. Wo*A & Ci.,
:, ON .AND b 0 R V R D ING
"r /" .,' ,1."'.^^ hA-N F.^, ,. ,
l-:t,. ;' *',*. ". No. 7, Columbusi Ro,,w, -
** '. 2- '* l -,,- -. -,_ ..-, In
"? ; '," .,.. %.T A. _N cKENziE.
": ...-1" '*." ) I I ,;) >N M E[R[CjtANTS-,
\. '"" q L" iVat er str'eet,
-," 4 l*: i ;' l -l.S..?. ,' alact('h ola, 1' a.
: \''4.*4. c ic.
.. .. "v" )^i.; AL.bh+, l."r\LC, TI' '. .; ,
*- *".;"-- ('+a iLar Atlenation ).-i id- t() ,rw ttinig up I'-iy',
"'- t* u it nboait -t1i I Aori 't tes.
..<. ..-' o.- 49 *gater +tr!<;et *
4 "" *. F. AirelI,'
iM !t ); u -'',.\---?D -I,, 'A-IL, ,
' . ^. :<1 l*.}t ',tPi-)rC[NBS,-"PAINTS,
.. :. )., rL -V',^, -C., .Me.
'- ,i^ ^ A V;,. \ ^ *ral asini-ti.,n-it of' Statinery.
,:.; >"r 'ile3tnut.and, Vater -lreets,
*".- i l .. \"*V 'ii "1 ,. ....... Apalachicola, Fa.
.,' ., ,( **r. O zrilten,
V = ,1 ,". 2, C ..li- i.us .m ild ngs,
:- \ t),_c3'2, 1-.lt.. Apalachic6la; .Fa.
"S -_e i niri S .lter,
N,. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
D!6c- 1, lat1'. Apalachicola, Fla.
A, fif't>o6DoE. CK.rLES PRATT.
-: Dodge & Pratt,
.. .. "i No. 40 Water Street,
No'v -2'" Apalachicola, Fa.
', .... ,..-.. H .' T a ylor, ,. .. ..
M ER-.CH A N T'k .
^ ; No. 22 Watdr-street,
sept-' lyy '. Apalachicola.
.Franci RItoI~aa~it
JRY .', .00,3D. BOOTS, SH6ES, AATS, AND!
octi Chestnut-Street, Apalachicola, Fla..
1H. R. WoOD.
Wood & Co.
,;.; No. '2 Columbus Building,
0.1 -" Ai)alachkicola
-77''^ jI,1A. xtitl t ,c C ,.,
0- r I SS.I 3 0 N M E I OCH A N T S,
,' iN '.4 W-ater Street,
Oct. f4 AotlU c icola., Fa.
"' "' ,;; ; ; : C U l~ e a a "
Wnolesdle au Itetadil'i).-'aler in >"
.i)U,-s, A OlELBS, PAIN'qS, OILS,
LASS, B]L' ,U ;, 5,c., &c.
kt '-' ~also, '
,.* .. "-7 ." t i/ .,*fow t,.ent.t of -
"'. 3.-OKS, ,-',iL \ ';5, I',-rlo ELY, &c &c.
cor..,t ', -,,,:t ,* Go.n.nerce streets,
;:d': '*; Dec" 4; A~ipalachlicola, Fla.
'. r -' S$. S. S|I.^wley',
-''- No. "3S Water street,
S. Dee 5 ^l;- Apalachicola, Fa.
.'. '/r"., "".
: 'Avery & Jones,
S" No. 43 Waterstreet.
Dec 5. Apalachicola, Fa.
q .. ward. M)cCully,
" No. 50 Water street.
. Pec- 5 ; Apalachicola, Fa.

1 '/

] Vicr' r 1r


: .# ,

hdctrg. half a dozen runnin- sobs, which he answe,-! The Springs Ire so much more quiet L r, IFE AT THE SPRING7. ," -.-
ed by whistling the Craeovienn,!" I] con- ithan.the Capes," said my husband. We clipped the following fromP6ne of 'r
BALLAD tinued to sob, and he continued to whistle "Yes," I remarked, and. a exchanges a few day
-BALLAD.e, rearedthere is less gay 5sne ,0.6'n1a
O'for the next ten minutes. 3y that lime he cornpany there." 'his moment.recollect to which.0ne' bbelongs'
.Oh ladi,, b'uy'hese budding flow'i's, wa ed o get into bed, wfih i on' tihikyuwilnoyyus lfte credit of bringing it to the 1101i.." Wh-
For I am sad, and wet, and wfeary;-' was r 1 gt whici le' di D Iou think Von will enjoy yourself Pthe cr e n t 10 ie i Den
1 "ther'd them ere break o" da, quite leisurely, and laid himself down pon as well there asai th "capes 7 -" thete in ned if Drin
IWthen ll was lnere break ao d drary -his pillow withat),expresion ofsalisf;iction. Now this w-isa good deal for my husband Blue Lick, or Harrodsbu rg, we are not ad-
Whe.u all was lonely,-sthl and dreary;- Still I sobbed on,>Ihinking that every sighing to say. I hardly kne what to make of it. vlse. It is a good un ad 4ill creat-
Aid long I've soiighitto sell themthere, breath 1 drew was, in spite of his seemning If you prefer going there, dear, let us a hearty laugh wherever itis read:
T o purchase clothes, dun food, and dw selling, indifference, a p anhg to his heart. B ill fro nt g y al m a s I a sw r d w s n t.md
gor^ byl all means," 1 answe .red, Iwas not A few days since an elega'ntly dressed a.nd
For valor's wretched orphan girls- this fond delusion, a heavily drawn breath, affecting anything but 'was in earnest in what handsome young gentleman aririvd' it the
Poor me and my young sister Ellen! that was almost a shore, aroused me. I I said. Spring. Curiostly was on tipt6e "nay it
Ah! those who tread life's hornless way, raised up and looked over at the man-he .VMr Smith looked into my face for some leaped nto the very air,- to discover all about
In Fortune's golden sunshine basking, was sound asleep!. moments, and with unusual affection I the stranger. The register r as exam ind i
May deem my wants require no aid, A good. hearty cry to myself was all the thought.. his name was entered in a plain round hand
Because my lips are mute, unasking; salis(action [ had, and then I went to sleep. Mary," he said, ,if you think the time Wllie P. Mangum. Jr., Norih Carolina.
T-hey hve noes like mine',On ihe next morning I met Mr. Smith at will pass more pleasantly to you at the rhe, sensation produced by, this dis.overy
T h y h i n e r o r o '5-w a s tr e n ii e n d o u s ;an d u n p a r a ll e+le d H 1 e w a i '
Each word, each look, is cold-repelling. the hli'eali fas t ah with read eyes and a sad Capes, let us go there by all means."
Yet onceacrowd of flatt'rers.awn'd, cou.ttenance But he did notseem to no- My sister Jane is going to the Capes." the son of a Senator-his father *as once
Yetonc a row offla't'ersfawi'd e s g ing to.he.. .o s. Speakti',of Ithe U united State S i"n: 34"1 ii
And F1ortune smiled on me and Ellen! tice eiher. remarked, with some little hesitation; s famil onnedtion s SdIafe, dha
I hopeyou enjoyedyonrsolfa( thecon- "and so is Mrs. L and Mrs. D his family connections had i long oeen dis-
Oh buy my flowers they're fair and freslh cert last night," he said. I was delighted and a good many nore of our friends. 1 did tiugsinble for .... e.-
As mine and morning's tears could keep them; at the Iheatre. Fanny danced divinely.- think that I would enloy myself. there this u *
To morrow's sun shall -ee them dead, Her's is truly the poetry of motion." season very much. But I have no doubt I The ladies imnedIately -mplie!l fheir
And I shall scarcely live to weep them! Nowi this was. too ,nnch I will leave it to shall find pleasant society at. the Springs." trunks-spent hours in,' dressing, anll -ap-e
Yet this sweet bud, if nurs'd wilhl'care, i any reader-any female reader, I mean- We will go to the Capes," said my Ius- oppea l at en c-r arrayeitl isil enb
Soon into fullness might be swelling, whether this was not too much. I burst in- band promptly and-eheerfully. of beautiful laces and costly silks." At' the-
And nurtur'dby y'some generous hand; to tears and iminifdiately %, ithdrew, leaving "No," said J, emulous now for the first table all eyes were directed towards .the
So might my little sister Ellen! my hausand to )eathiq hreakfaist alone. He lime in a new cause. I am sure the li-me Senator's son, and many a fair oneanxiously'
So igh mylitlesiser llel!desired an introduction.,: T16-lifteifoin~i
sR Ithe iiu'al, time, which provoked, me ex- will pass agreeable enough at the Springs. passed by-evening apptlo0uctihed a--ahd ad
She's sleeping in the hollow tree, coedinely. If" hpe.hadj)umped tp fr,,m the And as you evidently prefer going there; we hour before the nsual ptimre thedeotpahnd iS-
Her only home-its leaves her bedding; ,tablp and, W the- house I would have fell will let the Capes pass for this yer" y
And I've no food to carry-there, that I had made some impiressi'on upon him. ..To the Capes, Mary, and nowh' se led X t n he o' clng room. .,u
To ooheth i-a s e il b sh dd ngse he Cpl e s, myr n n wh r
T o soothe the tars sh!e will be shedding ; But to tak+ things in this talm way What else." replied my husband, in the very bes At nine o'clock, Precise]y, youn) .art=
Oh that those mourners' tears which fall- had, I ained ? Nothing as I cold sce.- of'humors. I ami sure .you will enjoy gum entered Obe hall, and a buz. of aaiea-
That hell which heavily is knelling Afer breakfast Mr. Sm'r h came up to the yourself far better there. I did not know attracted stt ent of the b les fo t ty
And th,t deep grave, were ment for me, Chamber, a-n(] seeing my face buried in a that your sister was going." his attention, and heled 110 to
Arnd my poor little sister Ellen! pillow weeping bitterly-( had increased the And to the Capes we went, and I didI en- lyorhe vdance, His every movement wais cu'se-
Whe we in silence are laid down flow of tears on hearing him ascending the joy myself excelleti.ly well. As for my ly obimerved, and ssronf the ladi:s such ek-.
In lineslence are laid down, stairs-said in a low voice- husband, never saw him in a better state of c h"aationss as:p, m h ....
fi life's last. fearless, blessed sleeping, Are you not well, Mary r" mind. To me he was more like a lover n What fpiur- 1"e l g manners! fudcnh mt-
s,>,erille of pitying horgaven's own weeping; I made no answer. but continued to weep. than a husband. No, I will not say that g raceful d
l ove ofa foot 0O, he is a-du-ck of a, dear,
P,,,,wnwe'e ivd~uknwnmus de- Mr. Smith stood for tile space of about a either, for I can't admit that a husband may loe0.afo ;he*,adc faier
U !I! r, ow ,i w e 'v ." liv 'd u -ik n o w n m u s t d i p, c h a r m inu tgsk e nffu th el ows t"ns ---n d' o th""e r
e fnlte, but asked no rthe questions- not.be as kind and affectionate as a lover; pres peliar d othesimir.
Nof ,>gue the noi,,,,roefnITale be telling, Then, wihout uttering a word he retired for he can and will be if managed .rightly, pessiongs peculiar, I believen.hto t h f sex.,
Ofdtwo ywg b'.. tr en-heisrtvd irs, from the chamber, atnd in a little while after and a great deal more really so. Whenever -. .,g the entire evening ih.ifavor'ite
P~oor M-irv id h,-rI--ister Ellen I heard him leave the house. I cried now I expressed a wish, it appeared to give him Belle received thle mnost devolved ..alenl"on.
No one hns f'h it tne to-day, in good earnest. It was plain that my hus- pleasure to gratify it. Seeing this, instead frotho MYMangum.' May theybpo fdlioe a4aie'
And ni:)[ ; n,,v the t:;wn o'ershading, band had no feeling. that lie did not care of suffering myself to be the mere recipient who bought they possessed some :atfrat-
And !, h!. thi-esfpo,r dr,-),ing flow'rs, whether I was ,leaidepd or sad. But I de- of kind aitentions, I began to vie With himtions, were greatly mortified-at hi&iiaiia~ikd-
1nnnn. ,. a n ii,,,, t. n Fam +,ding ;- termined to gi Pe him a f.iir trial. If failed in the sacirfice ofiselfislIw isheI t e! feelings, p 'ee'ee, and two. or h-ee of the genle-
M\ .v ,,lis .rni.,,b. free- in this new way what was I to do ? The It is wonderful how all was changed after men evincerthe ingt syepto ofn1i -
T* i:,h,.-', s,s w)-ptchi d -rhly dwelling' 'thou'alht 0f becoming the passive slave of a this. "'There were no more struggles.0n m o ri.nYg oundr the infleice ofey and iy'dit
....- `i-,-.f.,, .: bear their load- domestic tyrant was dreadful. I felt that part to manage my usbaud, and yet I CoI- : the aeendsshe w and .cii-"
(, -,<,d p~ro<-c! hm'u.,hn Ellen!, T could not live in such a state. Whet) generally hall things my wn way. 1Before; s M a,-..te acomliehd and
Mr. Smith came home at dinner time I could not ti'rn himn to the right nor to the some -Mhjeosha were corhumbley throwservnt
-'=- "- ",_, ... --- I was in my chamber, ready Prepared for left, though I strove to do so with liy ut- Rsinto i shade, and you humbhle servant;
IUQUUz0i a gush of tears. As he opened the door I most strengh.. Now I held him with a "sT senfro st c ei-
looked up wilh streaming eyes, and then hid silken fetter, and guided him without really Iors. The Sena-or'sson was declaredvie-
[From Peterson's Magazine for Augn-t.I my face in a pillow. intending to do so in al61ost any direction, tor, and a obry dd he mear-his-hoi no'rs. The
THREE WAYS OF MANAGING A HUS- 3Mary." he said, with much kindness in Several years have passed since that ever- ng lion M a was adai' aIn
BAND. his voice, ,, what ails you ? Are vou sick?" to-be-remembered happy visit to Cape May. courted by a~i the ladies ; but ihee, uei'ion
BY MARY ALESCINA SMtTH. he laid his hand npon mine as he'spoke. Not once since haeoI attempted lnly man- corledth c Bel i enabut ther pior
And I am going to the Philhairmnnic, sinl 1-id not reply. I meant to punish agement of my husband, and yet it is a rare 'eng Belle aed h-
I thought you, understood that," I replied, him well for what he had done as a lesson thing that my wish is not, as it used to be enero
with equal resolution. for the future. I next expected hin to before we were married, his law. It is won- e h :- n, 'a
"Oh!. very well," he said, 'not seeming to draw his arm around me, and be very tender derful, too, how he has improved. I am iure sEvening once mo6e advanced ani t1
beat all disturbed. -,,Then you can use and sympathizing in his words and lones.- he is not the same man that he 1w a five ofd a gain d fortinb. the
the carriage at the dlootr. 1 will wall to the But no such thing He q,,ietly withdrew years ago. But perhaps I see With differ- rof. h app ni mii hag a r- "-
theatre." the hand he had placed upon mine : and ent eyes*. At any rate I am not the same
anee and complimentinug her beauty. in, thii
Sayug this, Mr. Smith turned from me stood bv me,. I coldd feel, thought not see, woman; or, if the same, very unlike what I mote ctravagantlng her teau -,,
deliberately and walked away. I heard him in a col erect attitude, then was. .' ct a e ntern ed he n a, Loeki -,
tell ile .driver of'the carriage to Take me to Are you not well, Mary ?"' he asked So much, Mr. Editor, for ,ly effoi'i to rhi fo"" nt e n, the room. rkeLookin
tlle Musical Fund Hall ; then [ heaird the again, manage a husband. Of the three ways so h'e" w w r it~ r. .
street droof close, and I heard my husbAnd's I was still silent. A little while after I faithfully iried, your fair readers will be at 'We ll he' u i i t -
,.o(isiels on the pavenient as he lel't the hard hin move across the floor, and then no loss to determine which is best. 1 make I ing itil. %
h'o'6se. Without lisit;itinua momentt for the chamber door -shut. I was once more these honest confessions, for the good of myM steward,h" he answi. erea, ,, . l;*'i
reflection, I followed to the door, entered alone, sex. My husband, Mr. John Smith, will be the Senator's son. pointing to
the carriaige, and ordered th,, wan lo drive W hen the bell rung for dinner. I fell half no little surprised, if this history should r eeie ten ato's so s .l en t ,
me-where ? I had no ticket for the con- sorry that I had commenced this new mode meet his eve, and it is most likely to do so, d Iv'dped that bewas iie Pansisnaen- t 111'.
sert; nor.could 1 go alone! of managing my httshand, hut as I had be- for we lake your magazine. But I have no North Carolina."
4"To the M tisical Fund Hall. I believe, gun I was determined to go through with it. idea that it will interrupt the present liarmo- ep I ., .." .,',
madami, he said, standing with his fingers He'll ajt least take care how he acts in nious relations existing between us, but TonygW m indeed,' iasthie Iel, ey '
Io,,chino the rim of his hat. future." I'saidI. I did not leave my cham- rather tend to confirm and strengthen them. St eward."
I tried to think what I should do. To be ber lo join my husband at the dinner table. b"
conquered was'hard. And it was clear that, He sat his time, l ai'se I T could tell by the AN ANECDOT'E Foi' ALMANA'C MAK'eRs.- The news circulaied-Tony sa-wIi he tap-,
I could not go alone.. rinoing of' the bell for the'servant to change Every one remebnlfe'rs the pleasant anecdote lain and disappeaied-.the .mor-iied Belle -
"No," I replied, grasping hold of'the first the plates and bring in.the desert. I was toht of Par ridge, .the celebrated almanac took the first stage, and is how at home,
suggestion that came to my mind-" Drive exceedinglv fretted; and more so by his re- maker, about 100 years since. In tiavelling deeply regretting thait sit 'eie ani admired
me to No. Walnut street." turning to his business without calling up to on horseback into ihe country he stopped the Senator's son ,, : ':
I had' directed him to the house of my see me, and making another effort to dispel forhis dinner at a'n in'n, and afterwards call- \' .,... .
sister, where I thought I would stay until my grief. dfor his horse, lhat he might reach the FGH'rjyG PARs0N.-We have- een it
af'er elevehn.o'clocl and llien return home, Fo'r three taows I trid this experiment next lown, where he intended to sleep. i"f stated that one of tle c- mpa' "s.Ifrpm., is-
leaving my husband to infer that I had been upon my husband, who bore it with ihe un- you would take my advice, sir" said lhe sissppi, at the ba tIe ol B'euba sta, wall
l e a i n g il y b s b a 0o m i na n d e d 'b v a 'M e t h o d i s t m i ks, n s e J '
to the concert. But long before I had flinching heroism ofa marlyr. I was forced, o t'llerYas he was about to mo.unt his horse, before the b attle Meth ois nie r.histI h
reached my sister's house I felt so misera- at last, to come to, but I'was by no mnieans you will stay Where you are for the night, as troops were reform,'"it is"""sad aIhe t
ble that 1 deemed it best lo call out of the satisfied that my new mode wasa filure.- y i wsirelv be overtaken by a pelting a 9e. .g i .,.
window to the driver, and direct :hii t" I re- For ali Mr. Smith'S assumed indifference, I rain" nonsense, nonsense," exclaimed the the folowing pithy prayer, at the head ofhh
alaa ae,-hr s ipneflyu Company: -..
turn. On airriving at orome, some twenty knew that he had been troubled at heart, almanac maker, "there is a sixpence for you, B "" ...- ;' 'a ; 'h.
minutes after I had left it, I went to my and I was pretty well satisfied that he wouldmy honest fellow, and goo,' :afternoon, to tL d th s this dayfen taenctnflct o1l .a
chamber, alld there bad a nearly crying think twice before provoking me to ant'oth~er! Y o." He proceeded on his journey,, and -0' ..-W Ili Iew and theeIya
pell to myself. I don't know that Iever essay of ears. Upon thewhole, fe pet- sure enough, he was drenched in a heavy- Be with is t w wit
fel-t so bad before in my life. I had utterly ty sTre that [ had discovered the m means of show er. Parrridgeewas struck with tene hm
S'fa~iled i'ri this last vigorous contest with my doing with him as 1 pleased, man's prediction, and being always intent on o ad *10"t 'mieteAoresW<
husband, who had'come off perfectly victo- A few weeks of sunshine passedlI must tlhe intrstat "an wis reancie),.the rdcbc oste db "6' ^'s .... ... fo '' u ndm
rious. Many bitter things did I write own that the sun did noi look so _bright, nor teisaaiwsrcivdjtho ste sand sti1l but grant us^ plenty ^cif powder
against him in my heart, and largely did I feel so warm as it had done in former times wtth a broad grin. W+->i, si~r you see=' plenty yofdayligh(,. and-iQo cowa}.rds. '^akr
"magnify his faults. I believed I thoughtt --and then our wills Camhe once more into was right after all." ,,Y'es, ..,y l=t,,ad, you 61d 'Rogh an! eady- under tlhy special,
'over every hingeg that occurred since'we collision. Bit rny ears fell upon a trock, been so,and hereis a crown for you on con- '''S. A.e .'--M-, .--ch"; ., ; .
' Were marCried, anil elected the'refrorn wha't- I could no't see that they madte .the least ditio" that you tell me how you knew of this H.s eomp an. peri'0rmed, prodlgjie&;:oi th(-..
ever could justify rhe conclusion that he was 'perceptible imnpression. Mr. Smith h~id his r'ain." "Ta be sure, sir," replied the man ;fil that day.'..:.. ."". :
a self-willed overhearing, unferling man, and own way, and I cried about it nntil I .got why. the truth is, we have an ahnanac at A lady Was t01d the orher day byV'a-travel -
did not entertain for me a particle of aflfee- tired of" that sport, and in very weariness, our house called ,, Partridge's Almanac,', jing gentleman, thai ID a certain eount~rv '
tioy gave over. "For the spare of a w h,,le' year I. nd1 Ihe fellow issnch a notorious liar, that every lady who' had a small-inouthi was pro .-,.
It was clear that I had not. been able to stood upon tears ;asmy last defen-.sible pI)- wheneverr he .promis~e.s us a fine day we al- vided with ,a husband b j the govern'men ''
manage ay. spouse, determined as I bad siti,)n. Sometimes 1 didn't, smile (or weeks, ways know that it will be the direct contra. "'Ith itpothibul." said the lady, makmn'g. f.f. he
bee tocorectallhisfautsandm~ip hm Bt m huban mantanedhisgrond ikerv. Now, your honor, thls day, the 21st. mouth as small as she could. The gentle
oene to correct, mosthcncilialin, and laev h a u yhero.lmiuaie hJirudlk une, is put down in our almanac in-doors man added, 'that if a .lady had a large,
}ng o'f husbands, wit~h whom my wish would At last I gave tup in i'isphiir. Pride. self- as settled fine weather; no rain. I'looked at mouti "she' was provided- wid :t'o -hus ....
be haw. Still ]'could not think of'giving up. will. aoger -all' were conquered. I was a thaft before I brought your honor's horse bainds." "M y gr "i us" xli e i'
The thought of bein, reduced to a tame, woman in thehlandsof astrong-minded man, out, and so was enabled :to put you ~n youri lady, at the same time throwing hier moutl
submissive wife, who could hardly call her If lI o'uld nn't love him as[I wished to love auardl." open to its full extent. The genileman'be.
soul her own, was not fo~ra moment to be him, I- could at least obey. In nothing dil came alarmed, made his escape al-iost (ihi-" "
entertained. On reflection it occurred to me I oppose him, either-by resolute wdrds or Thie people of Cuba have enjoyed a Sin- mediately, and ..... no enhar fsne
thatl I had probably taken tlhe wrong method tears. If he expressed a wish, whether t,) Sular exemption this year from yel~lo.wfever. .'/ + *::'
with my husband. There was a touch of" me agreeable or not, I acquiesced. There have been but 156 cases, t'hroug-hout TrlE "WORLD HiATES PRF-.TEN~r- -HIOT.

stuhbornness in his., nature that had arrayed One day, not long after this change in my the island, and the proportion of ldeatliq in PIETY,-Ii is not ,true, as thi's: bad writer-
itself against my too earnest efforts to bend conduct toward my husband, he said to me, "that number is only a little over" f[0 per cent. (Dr. Styles) is perpetually saying, Iha'" tfie l "
him to nmy will. A better way occurred.- I I rather think, M ary, we will spend.a Out of 74 cases in the. city of Havana, there world hates piety. The modest indi unob- ",
had heard it said by stmrneone, or had read it couple of weeks ait Brandvwine Springs in,-. was not one tha-t terminated fatall,, trusive piety which+ nfll-& the -heari with all t
somewhere, that n0 man was proof against stead of going to Cape May this season." b humanscharities, and makes a :miangentle "
woman's (ars;, I replied--" Very well, death; although SHORT AND SWEET. to others and severe to himself; is an obj,.et ..***.
On the present occasion I certainly' felt I had set my heart on going to the Capes. I knelt before Lizzie's feet, of universal love and veneration." Butl man-u- :. ''"-...
much more like crying than laughing, and My sister and her husband, and a number of In all theangush ofdespa,' kind hale the lust of powerwhen it is veiled ,"'.'
muchmorelik,t'inthanlauging and3'l siser n<] erhuhan, ana n~ube ofAnd vowed my true affection there, -",.--
so it w"as no har'I tiatter, I can honestly my friends, were going down, and I antici- She cried in accents, "short and sweet," under the garb of piety ; they hate chanting
aver, lo appear hanhed in tears on my hus- paled a good deal of pleasure. I did not You whining-fool resume your seat, ,and hypocrisy; they hate -advertisers a6,d
band's return between eleven and twelve know of a single person who was going to WAT ARE YOU 'BOUT, A SQUATTIN' THAR ." quacks it) piety ; they do not choose to be
o'clock, Crorn the tie, I cried from vex- the Brandywine Springs. But what was the insulted ; they love to tear foll imaiUlt "
ation as m.ich lis frim any other feeling, use of entering into a contest with my hus- Poker' players, in the steamboats on the dence from "ie niter, which sbroUd only "
V. !':en Mr. Smith canme up into the charn- band ? He would come off the conqueror, Mi<.-spss'ppi river, now, instead of saying, I be a sanctuary for (he wretched' an lthe"
ber where I lay, I greeted, his presence with spite of angry words or ineffectual teasg. ipass," sav. Santa, Anna." gool.-Sydney Smith. ..4 .
, ... '. '; .% ., + .: .

Apalachicola, Fa.

Dec 12

Simns-& Cheever,
Office No. 24 Water street.
decl2 Apalachicola, Fla.
wood & Ballou,
Office No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
Jan 16 Ailmhchicola, Fa.
Thiomas Preston,
No. *)'N Water st.-Office second back room.
Dec "26 Apalachicola, Fa.
5. 51. & J. 31. Hnll,
No. 4S Vator street,
C\ arle.^o~ers John Munn. Eugene W ;"o!,N
C'asK. Kogers & Co.,
Water" street,
.di' It A ->palachicola, ;-'a
Green &r Cosincry,
No. 36, Water street.
1Peican Mutual lt,.i1,1,,. '0.Co. of New York
CHAS. A. GREEN, Agent.
Dec 5 No. 36 Water street.



-., ? q .,* 2 '.V ile1r -2' ,1- er '
i t ,,i.i.'i "'. 11 Fa.
.;; *i .,, + ,'.*,-"i -'- ] m e lR ; I ,{ -,,r ""-o.
"'' ) ..-.,.).. .1 .-,.t a',ie Go." add the "H art-
.-. '-* .." ; i! ., ,, I :3 t 'i)

S'.I: > ,I.: s t A N E R C H A N T S,
16-ent.v for the .
.. .... I'," /i )t .\ "V '( .'.',
"-".',. ",1 \V it[?r atr+,i.

).;., 1 u

\ I t i ,',i..la, Fa.

I, i l'ti'' t ''o.
r. ; ).*>,+ i *., ,,' .l [n SSrIO N
''[ i^ ; ,i. \ '. *,'-'
N t I tit*. = ,



En'-s'it;.'fIC EDIUC.IC A .'; i- F, ', AL;_.
The great danger to females at the pi
Sent titire is The negleUt of I ..-,.,i-sic educ
lion. N ut only ili:' ., .,t hil lti,, i ,i
imitullies, the cQ;niiiiru llm ;,t lara-_ mh.t--s Il
Iltnter irnpend. Bv i'r iie #- 'ei' eln aimin,
of happiness in cliliz-.J lii'- i firiiindl inl i
dm-in,'slie i' et aliitis. t1i n must nutiibis ilien
on. tlie iloe.imt, ic ctiullt, and h ibthl (,I 1
fewihf I in.linniu li,-r. Lt IH li r i Ie itrller-ti ,i
._& til'at.l ,1 Illj ilyav it "o -l.le, 1.-i li'. i Ill
jls--ultin, s-16:1i nature reeeiue tlie liilui,
gfnces of vigor am wl ictitnm, IOii ho
%iulit these let the dounestic trliunes lin-l ai
ple place, .
We cnntiot say much to otr d i ,mii,
abtit their rliing, wives arind mothers, b'iut
* nilhIt to tftfk it much of it, andI to give t
lioUIa]it pprominenc. in all our plans I
their education, Ghold wives they cann
be, ait least f6r men of intelligence, with
mental cultliire; good mothers they t604
be, without it ; and more than this, they ca
not be such wives as men needl, unless ith
are 2ooJ housekees; and hlley cannot
good housekeepers, without a thorough ai
imtcical we.uehing to lthai end. Our daug
leti sihoulI be Iprnaetic.Ill taught, to bhal
wash, sweep, cook, set lab'.e, m-.Ike huh) bet
seow knit, darn stockings, take c:rre of chi
sren, nurse, and do every thing periaini
to th.eolrder, neatness, economy and ha
pines of the household. All this they c
learn ins well as not, and better than not.
reesd not interfere in the lenIst wvith their i
tellectual ejlnucation, nor with the high'(
style of. refinement.: On., thie contrary,
si-ali greatly coutiibiuc thereio. Oly I
that timiie, or even a Iportioon of it, which
worse than vwasjed in idle'i,,s.t saunterin
gossip, liivolous rarhni. [ iand thie vario
modern female disiilmliminis which kill tin
and Ihe.ililh be devo-ted todoilestic dinitie
and the donimeslic education, our dalttighte
would soon be all that can be di],-i.
benign, .reeneraiine ifl,.ii,.nce woulil h
forth through all ilhe families ,f the land.-
Healthhaawdjoy wou-ld'-spa;rkle in many a no
lilIr'elkss eve. lihe bloom would retnirmit
grace many a faded cheek, and doctors' bil
wouldI fait give place to bills of \i hI,-soti
fare.--Praclial Educator.

In allmldiinr to tile cortonalirn robe of He
.Miajesty, a London paper ile-.li-u ,i-, i I
fillows:-Thle ro, le is ten y ardi in Iliti|
and qf the stame )attenr i as T:nt worn bn
George IV at his coro-naiti(an. Thlue git-lnii
or warp, is of the richest gil.l-colored sill
of various shades. Sotnme i !-ea may libe form
ed of the variety, when it is stated that n
less that) twnty different shuttIles we-
obliged ro 'he at work at -the same timt
Tile principal surface appears to lie rnassiv
gold. amid ihe figures, which aire hold. a, n
considerably raised, are, of the most magtii
ficent description. -*Those of lh,e rowv
crown; the rose,. the slhamr-ick, and -ill
thistle, are truly beautiful. The e i,,lp. th
fleui.r-delis, another foreign national eni
blems, are also very protninetit a4Mid e-auti
fully executtel..'-
The fitiilviling is an estimate of the valir
of thie different jewels c.i, it ,,.I in tin
Queen's crown:
Twenty diamonds around the circle,
[,500. each, X30,00(
Two large centre diamonds, X2,000
eacb, 4,00(
Fifty-fot ur sinallhrui i:,nla. ,,.!, i.|;,.. in-t
the angles of t'he Itfmit'r, ?10(
Four cros-es, each conimip-ei of twen-
ty-five diaoiutnds, 12,00(
Four large diamonds on ithe imp. of
the crosses, 40.00,(
.Pwelve diamonds contained in the
fleur-de-lis, 10.0(
Eighteen smaller diamonds contained
iti the same, 2,00
pearls, diationi-., &c., on tihe archies-
and cro-ses, 10,000
)ne hiundlreti and forty diamonds on
the mound, 500
'wenty-six diamonds on the upper
cross, 3,000
.wo circles of pearls about the rim, 300

X 1,000
Nnlnl iilhmsahdiiug such an uncommon mass
'jewelry, independent of the gold velvet
:p, ermine, &c., the crown weighs only
nreeen ounces, two pennyweights. It
rasn-ses seven inches in tight, ft'om the
tld cirele'to the upper cross, and its diam-
.er at the rim is five inches,

'ontrection with the foregoing facts relative
e the display made by little Vtc. on the
Mccarsion of her coronation, and the expense
ncurred for some of the "fixins," we give
he ftlrniing estimated value of the cos-
untie worn by the Emtperor' Napoleoi on
&tarte occasions, when attired in full dress
hitnfii uf a French general, as drawn from
official sournees:
Velvet embroidered suit, full
dress uniform, <126 00
Half boots, gold embroidery, 6 00
iVlilimary hat, finest beaver, -- L 1 10
Diamorld but-ton -for hat, weight
277 carats, .' 232,000 10
tbabre, the blade of'the best Da-

maseus'!manufacture, -- -'" 10 10
Sibre hilt, a crocodile of solid
gold, weight 27 ounces, 108- 00
Diamond called the Regent, in
the mouth of the crocodile, 1,800 00
Epaulets, formed of the finest
/ brilliant, 30,000 00

397,741 10
On analyzing the above, it will appear
that the clothing, hat and boots, including
the gold e:imbrnidery, was only X133 10s.;
while on,. the score of ornament, the enor-
mous sum of *397,608'was expended.

that I wax weaker each succeeding day, and
that I am fast aoproacliing my end; a few
more stitches and awl will be over; in
b h'tve i.there is rest for the weary sole;
earth hath no. sorrow that heaven cannot
Sheel." Haivin n said awl he wished, lie calm-
.; ,I y: breatbh'a his last.

SIMILF.S.-" Modesty to the female cha-
racier is like saltpeter to beef, imparting a
tlruli while il preserves its purity." The
fbove is bnly equalled by Ollapod, who:says:
"Feimale.lips are but the glowing gateways
.f o .nptze b'eef ati4 eabbags,n


thle volunteers would "keep shady," he ge
.m-ight lest their courage, and it the same b
line force them to "' kee cool." As tie
lead showed that there were only four feet
of water -in lhlie channel, lie suddenly raised' yr
the mud-valve, and let loose a current of rab
steamin upon the military heroes, vwho were in br
an instantover board, and iupi) to their armn- yl
pits in the river! The lord of steam had cc
routed nearly a whole rigiment, which fled bc
ingloriously at the first cha:trge. tin
A clergyman in Scotland desired Ihis hear- r
ers never to call one another liars, but when
any one said a thing that was not true, they
ought/to whistle. One Suntday, he preach- cc
ed a sermon offthe parable of the loves and so
fishes; and being at a loss how to explain it,
he said the loaves were not like these now-
a-d.iy-s, they were as big as the hills in Scot- (n
land. Hle had scarcely pronounced the sc
words when lie heard a loud whistle, is
What's that," said lie, who calls me a
liar?'" es
It is I, Willy McDonald, the baker." di
Weel, Willy, what objections ha ye to be
what I old i ye.'
Noie, minaster John, only I wanted to
knaw what sort of ovens they had to bake lan
tbhoe loaves j! ?" dc

_] "'.'". i-s.L ., j A'-JLCU LTURL K .
We are agreeably surprised to perceive
re- that kingly dlisoinctions begin to he confer-
a-. red ullon the tillh-'- ofthe soil. These liohn-
hi, ,, i t lio long-been conceded to there use-
,ii I-... I i---toihe non-producers-the titled
inilt ll ii %e s I holive at the e-xpense of those who
%Ie -il,. Ilit iimres of old, lhe successful can-
Il)s- ihid-.ie- oi knightly favors were men of [lood
hie --holdI luIbbers and cutthroiats. In mrIodern
|l"d',)is. ue-ilmh anid high birth hr:ive mainly
ei"- minn-titit#.t he claims for such distlinciiori.
.,1 .hili mi.li in emnmeunt iistances, iliecy lihave,
ig been conferred upon Ine) of great iairu-
S- inents it science and Ihe arts, and thIe re-
ward oh lilenirv merit.

,r" But the pursuit of Agricuilture-the anrt
we that lies at thIe fotun'datiori of all others--Ie
hlie suibstratum on which rests Irto only all the
for industrial iuteresis but thIe whole siructiure
lot of' goveriiniiehits, with their array of digni-
ni tries, aMnid deperidents-ihas not been deenm-
IO, ed worthy of heraldic or knightly hoinors..-
in- The toil of the vulgas- millions lIas been so
ey iong despised, thal false opinions (iof what is
he truly honorable in rIme ptnrsnits of life, a
nd false pridte, and a false manhood, have ruled
h- the world.
ke, Thai the weak anut] pernicious notions
Is, about thIe ease and dignity of idleness and
il- unselessne.ss mnay fully give way, every Whieie,
ng to the common sense whi-h teaches that la-
I bor is hononra;le-is the only true wealth-
aIn we hearlmly hope, And we have an inadmira-
It tion foilr the enlighitenred'tmonarch who I has
n- set the illustrious exarnpie of insliltining an
es-t "O.rder of Agriculture." We see in it tIhe
;I trunmph of intelligent labor-rhe earnest of
let what the future will give to uns-when it
is shall place Ag'icuieniure and thie Usefuil Arts
Sin tline -'foremost rank of civic and national
USg h oBlO~l'S:
tie TIThe King of Prutssia has just created an
s, order destined exclusively to agriculture,
,rs that is to say, to cultivators and persons who
A distinguish iheminselv-es in this department of
10 industry. Thle decoration bears on one side
__ ihe effigy orf tlte King of Prussuia. on tiie,
,w other, a motlo, For agriculhtuinrd meit,'
to surrounded with a crown -ofwheat, with vine
Ils and olive leaves. These classes :ire to be
,e established in this order-the King reserves
to himself tlhe exclusive right to distribute
t he order of the first class ; the second and
- third will be granted to farmers presented
er by thIe College ofEconomy. The disiribu-
;as -ion will take place annually, on occasions
it f ar,- ieihutiral festivals, and the solemn ses-
y sions of Agricultural Soc'eties in the Prus-
Ssian Monartchy.- -[B,7',,,, Courier.
ks '- *
0 racon, of the Dayton Transcript, tells the
re frolhvlowing good one as a pant of his expe-
Srience. He says:
,d We 1aive travelled some 1500 miles with-
i-. in the ast fevw days. by land and by water.
I The la'vernu keepers, steam boat captains,
S&c.., have uniformly chalked our hats, and
e indignantly refused to perniit -us to pay our
_ way. In short upon lihe raging eCranawl,
. upon the expansive lake, in thIe packes,
iolels, and floating places of Lake Erie,
we have had a great free blow,'" and have
unifoi-nily been regardeeda amuonrg the dead
headtis." This vou will i. ,l as very plea-
Ssant, a nd- ce.rltiurly -very a-eeiable and ad-
"vailaorge-ious Way of trnivelling. Bint here
was one free h)low we received, which i
a.-eiTie nefr kiocikitna ung into ithe uiiddle of
Iext week. The incident is so comical tIhat
Swe will relate it if there joke is at o'nur ex-
While on board ,one of tlie sleendidl stea-
mters which ply leiween Buiffialo and Chi-
C agoi, rhe fz orn onr- chin grew rather longer
tihani was .it_, e ,bl,: andI we rep:aired to tlie
I barber shop on board to have it taken off.
The fellow did it up in first rate style. Af- I
ilr lie had cotilied and oiled our head,
lti'i-hrl'dl our clothes, arid slicked us ip fine,
we felt gratified ; pulled out a ditie arind
proffered it to him as a reward for his ser- i
vices. He drew himself up with consider-
rable pomtposity.
I t understandtls," said he, dat you is in Ii
Editor !"
Well! what of it ?" said we. ,
"We never charge editors inofin," said
But, my .woolly friend." said we, there
are a good rnany editors travelling now-a- -a
days. and suwlh lul, itl' ou your part will a
prove a ruinous businesss" ar
"Oh, neber mind," said he, "we lakes I
it all. up off de geemman." 1 e
WVe incoutinently sloped. h

ANA REGIMENT.-The followings is froum tI
-thne St. Lotis Utnuion: When the new In- I
diana Regiment Wvis on its way to CaInai'go, u
a few weeks ago, it evimiced no disposition ii
to obey ihe officers of the steamer, ahthuighi P
prompt to yield suobmission to( its inilitary 0
superiors. As the steamnoat was breasting f
the current under full head of suean, itre w
volunteers placed themselves on the shady et
side, lifting the boat so as to ntake her uti-
manageable. The engineer called oui, te
Triam boat !" bit no one obeyed. The re- m
quest was repeated, but the volunteers stood lt
Iheir ground, determined to meet the dan-
ger of "bursting boilers," or "collapsed
flues," rather than forego the enmrfbrt of fo
liheiriounren.. The engineer thoughl t han if n

y the last steamer:
"WVe are, thank God, in common with
rur country, cheered by the prospect of an
tindant harvest, and thoutn h poverty still
goods over our afflicted country, thanks to
our magnificent gifts of food'and money.
imparative plenty gladdens the toiling la-
orer's cottage. Next Spring, (God permit-
n., I shail proceed to yoir glorious Re-:
iblic, to give expression in person to the
attitude that swells my bosom."

DR. CIIALTERS.-T'Phe coply-right of the
implete works of Dr. Chalmers has been
DId for over $50,000.
LJC The intrinsic value of the shipping
ot including steamships, steamboats, nor
hooners) belonging to 'the United States,
put down at $120,000,000, as a moderate
lintate. The number of persons itnne-
ately interested, at a fair calculation, to
"- Kent ticky has 26 millions of acres of
nd estimated to be worth 250 millions of
ojlars. I

--II~---PS~------ -~~


Mr. Bncchanan concludes his late elec-
tionpering epis-tle to thti- Deniocr;iev of
old Birks "' wilh ithe following seniirrleni :
"'The Missouri (Comtprtomise : Its adoption
in 1820 saved the Union from Ihreatened
convulsion. Its extension in 1848 to any
new territory which we may acquire, will
secure the like happy resultt.' And yet in
1820, when the threatenedd conmvulsion"
of which he speaks was averted by the'adlop-
tion of the Compromise of which he has
become so suddenly enamored, he was one
of the bitterest and n most active opponents
ol that great. healing measure. -

convict has been living for fotur years as
lady's maid witlli a female of rank in mhe vi-
cinity of Picadilly, London. The deno.e-
meni aruse from thle arrival of the snperin
tindent of police at the mansion in question,
when the doniestics were all examined ex-
cept one, and ihait one was the lady's inaid.
"'The very person I want," said the officer,
"for the lady's maid is a man."


ersee and direct Ithe whole affair." l
[Savtinnauli Republican. if
'TALL OFFICERS.--No woniler our officers g
Mexico s .lnd so .hgh it' piul)ih opinion. ~g
*n. Srolt i:, over six feet 'four. Generals am
torlh and Twiggs, Colonels [-Iarney and
ay.andul Mijnri Lally, are all six feet or
'wairds, and like Frank IGr:iiger, well
oponrioned." Colonel D'oniphait, stand's I
x f'petl Iwo; and so far as alilude is e.oi.- It
rned, thie poet, Captain Pike, might, hiss o
r Ihis twin brother. Prelty fair sip)'cimnens, q
the 1 perfidious Yankees."'-.
0 An English committee on the China s
'- vf
iade, stale that the arnount of MoInufa- ri
red articles imported by Chit a froi m the
united States, is near oo,ooo,

A gentleman writes thai he dined lately
the St. Charges, New Orlkans, with hut h
e other person at ihe table. Iv
_-/+ '. s
Dr. King, the American Missionary, has st
en virtually expelled from the Kingdom of
reece by the Gorernpmeot,











~;rp;,~hdi;i~;ll~;~reY~d~bi~b~d;C*L L I;Lm~Lblt~EQI LFI-C~O*LL~II~HI



Cri- The following gentlemen are authoriz
Agents for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and w
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or adverti-
Imen ts:-
WVl. W. CIuriVER, Esq4, Albany, Ga.
Major JACK [IHARDMAN, Eufaula, Ala.



The publisher of Ithis paper hlas calhi
our attention to certain Proposals, forbinil
ing Light HIouses aind Keepers' Dwellin
at Cape St. 13Bias and St. George, which a
published inI a newspaper a;it Tallahassee a;
Pensacola. Finding tha i lie Collecuor
This Port did not intend to give tiis p
per the chauce of making kriown to o
own inetehainics the fact that the Gover
iment desired proposals (or the work abo
Mentioned, -he publisher has inserted i
Proposals for thIe benefit of his Imitrons wl
feel an interest in the mailer. H-e fee
able and willing, at- his own expense,
make known to the mechanics of Frankli
and llie adjacent counties, the fact tilat ihei
is an opp('ortlunity for thetr to obtain wo
fronm the Government. What was (lie re
son that the Proposals were not publish
in a -paper which circulates on the spi
,where the work is to be done, we are at
loss to imagine, unless it is to be "ittri.'1nfe
to the fact of the Adeertiser being a; Wfii
paper. If such was the cause, we can onl
say (hat the interest of the citizens and thl
Government ought to have overcome part
By the last mail we have received inteili
gene from a number of counties, whicl
assures us that ihe WVhigs will have a ma
jority in both Houses of the General As
setnbly. We trust that the power thus ob
stained wil! be so used as to cause ever'
Floridian to rejoice in thle selection o(if Re
presentaiives which has been made, and (
induce a cuntinuance of favor to the XVhiu
Pary.o.un lthe part of ithe People.

By the last mail we have late intelligence
from General Scott's Armty, by way of Tarn.
pico. The channel of communication how.
ever being Mexican letter writers, we do nol
pul implicit confidence in heir staltementi nl
the losses sustained by irUr Army in the
various comrbals.
Sufficient is known to assure us tlihat Ge.
Scott has'captured the city afier two severe
battles, as before reported, and that Santai
Ann:i had retreated. From the lone of the
different papers, as well as from several pult-
lic documents, retc-iirt r,- fromi'nTeIMlexican
leaders sirce the battles, we are inclined to
think that Peace is as far off as ever.
The most important part of the news by
lie last mail is Ihai Santa Anna has resign-
ed the cornmand of lhe army, which has
teen assumed by Gen. Herrera. We look
anxiously for- further acconnis.

IOT PRovIso.-A great democratic meel-
ng, was held in Pittsburg on the 181h inst.,
vhiclh Vice President Dallas attend and ad-
Iressed by invitation. Among the subjects
which hlie discussed was that of thlie Wilmot
proviso. Frornm what lie said we make the
billowing quotation :
"The officers of the general government
re awake to the importarrnce of this subject;
ad there is no doubt that there will be iruch
gilaliol) in both housrues of Corngress upon it.
i tihe Senate. I have no mnoubt, it will be
examined in all its bearings ; and I sincerely
oee that sotnething will be found to arise
toin it calculated to pllace our iustilulirtns
lion a'slill more firm and ensluring basis
i;rt lhey'even now are. rflhe very best
ring which can be done, when all is said
lon tlhe subject tlhat may lie said, will lie
) let it alone enuirely-leavirg t trhe peo-
le of the territory to be a'qiired the bitsi-
ess of settling the matter for themselves ;
ir where slavery has ono existent'e ; ansd
here we find it to exist, the people of the
utntry have themselves adapted the insti-
ition ; they have the< right, alone, to tle-
*rnimie their own instilt1tins ; and, as tIhe
alter so exists elsewhere, they are not to
c condemned for its existence."

blowing, says the Albany E... ,;,, Jour-
dl, is an oxiract from a letter received brv a
intleman in this city, from father Mathew,

Tribune publishes the address of Ex-Gov-
ernor Seward, delivered at Castle Garden,
in that city, on lhe occasion of ihe funeral
obsequies of Danil O'Connell. We make
the following beautiful extract from the ex-
ordium of this truly eloquent address:
There is sad news fromin Genoa. An aged
arid weary pilgrim, who can travel no for-
her, passes beneali one of iher ancient paiml-
aces, saying witli pious resignation, as lie
enteis its silent chambers, W ell, it is
God's will Iha;il I never shall see Rome. 1
am disappointed. But I amn ready to die.
It is all right."
The superb,"' though fading, Queen of
the Mediterranean holds anxious wathli,
through tetn log days, over ihal majestic
stirangier's wiastiing frame. And inow death
is tliei-e-thlie Liberator of Ireland ti has sunk
to rest in tlie cr;aille of Coliimbus.
Coincidence beautiful and most sublime!
It wai ile very d(lay set apart by tlie elder
datughier of tlie C(hurch for prayer and( sac-
rifice ilirouglIoti; lthe world dfor the children
of -he sacked island, perihing byv famin-
and pesile-nce in their homes andi ii) their
native fields, and o the-ir crowded patli, of
exile, on the sea and in the heavens, and on
the hikes, and along the rivers of this far
distant land. The chimes rung out by pity
for is coinnlrymen were O'Conrnell's filing
knell; his soul went forth on cinuils if.in-
cense tha i rose from altars of (Christian
charily ; and thie inoti'fl'il allthens u Irh
recited thIe fiiih, rand the virine, and ilthe
endllrance of Ireland, were his b .....
req u ie nm.

We lha;ve inienliotied in a previoni.s ; itnmiber
ihe itwo regiimenis of ilie wiromen of ihe Can-
ton Uri, bat we find it a Fretich p;iier a
notice of then, which is lithus translated
li!erallv ;
Thie (wo hatlalions, nuihmering fonrleen
hut ,'red f elnales in tili'ary dress, prc.sent
an aspect at 'lie same lime fornmidahle and
captivating. n their evolutions and disci-
pline, they are o'illed to perfection. Cnii-
onsiy eriontru i, su1lleriority of forii aind beau-
ty has lbeen very in ucIl the reason of differ-
ence of grade; the hanrdsotrest are of lie
advance guarM, and ttiis post of distinction
and danger seems' willingly conceded them
bly their companions wtho are lers favored
by nature. Somine classification has been
gtided Iby temperanient also. The nmost
vivid and tfiiiutLv have beenti enrolled as vol-
rigeurs, or light horse- iie more pile ilmatic
ias grenadiers. Those w .ho have figures of
niore embonpoinl are in tile centr:il body.
hose of slighier lforins are sl;tioued at tire
wings. TIhe course and ru de are enrolled
is dragoons atnd cantinieres. Tlhe creation
of this corps (which. with its discipline and
enthusiasm, seems likely, at ilh:ie fi'st tlhroe
f thie coming political movenie nt of Elu-
aope, to take p)OsSeSsion of the 11elvetlian
>f Salis-Soglio. vwh hlas reserved ,o Irim-
self tire general command.
rittenrden denies in ithe Cincinnati At,'asi
hat lie has ever received a letter front Get,'.
['af!or, staling lthiat hlie was opposed to tlhe e
xlension of slavery inio territory already
ree," nor did lie in any form ever express to 'S
iit any opinion on flie suirj-ct."
The N. 0. Delicz also slates that a letter P
rom Gen. Tanylor, received in New Orisatis, sl
laces tire question Iore-iver ai rest, lby show- sl
ign h lilm ohea true Soitltherner, a thlorough si
nti-WVilnot rain. No sensible nian eve i t
x[rected anylhinmz else of Gcni. Taylor. and '
ie Democraey[l!] have not manifested ilieir
sia! cunning, by circulating a story so ut- 0
eriy ridiculous and devoid of iruth.
[Macon illessenger. Pl
According to the Pittsburgh Gazelltte, Mr. ve
)allas stated that the revernte for the first ne
iree qun:irters amounted to 826,000,000 !- -s
'o produce this sum, an importation of "
145,000,000 was necessary, allowing to fi
ave been entirely fair. As, however, it was w
contesuilily shown by Mr. Webster, thai
nimense franils would be inevitably pracli- m
d under the ad valorem system, we have G
oit tle least doubt that it reached 160 or ye
?0.000.000 Fromat the same atuthori ty, we
aru that thie revenue, for the entire year. it
iding on tIre firsl of December, will lie
i.1 inii t i.i This wonhl sUtllpose an in- t |
rlation of $200.00)0.000. if all is fair- al ie li
isloin house. Making allowance for sin
auds, we have no doubt it will require at pr
as! s- t .!i. i i.litsl in )porttatlior I t(i pr tluce
at sTrit. We have made our calcultetionso,
t lIe sitpptsitioit that thIe tariffn'of 1846 ,I|
ragedd eighteen per cent. We have to
'ard that it certainly does tiot exceed Ihat -.
ii mate.
Now. if, wilh the assistance nf the famine in
Eiuroie, wlhichi, aecoridinig to an estiutate
resenled cIy us the other day. swept out of oi
tr porls, within (ile .ear. fairly five 'iillions
hicli would never have gaine blut for its ex- lyi
nence. tile exports were ketit up v with the t'
sports, and nothing more, it is piretiy evi- Sf
'nt that when this demnid shall have
asked we shall have tlris 45 millions W
:ainst us. If. as llie U ition asserts, ihe
evenite be still prrogressing, iliar is, if tihe .
rlp)n'talhiu lbe girowing to ainolnli evei-v, i

Ii ihis se i un if t'iie S ,me. ill be a fi iir
.v. idile ciop : i -11 lit l).it Ilt1111V l Ioo eL-Is
I.Iler tll.il linial. l tinh t i1. I t dil-' ., dl w.irmi
%r-.,ilier i, inlaiuiil Hlie b lul. 6-11, \ .plu .
andI lhe w,,ri ih it hii l 'ireu -i illyy d tU e innihill
harlTi. Shoulil frost continue o'ff iwo weeks
longer, thlie crop will ot fall far short of
las Iyeair.
"From the lights before nis," taking the
whole cotton region into vi should it be arrested fiorlhwwith, will still ex-
ceed Iwo nillioins of );ales, to which mInay be
alded iwenly hlloisand bales per day frotm
now ill Ihe first of Niovembeilre. or Ithe first
killing fross. This is otr judgment, and we
ask tlie reader ti note how far we '.ire cor-
rect or otherwise, Every five days of l'clear
moderate weathlhr will add one hundired
thousandril bales lto the (crop, fort he next four
weeks.--[Grifin Jeflersonian.

THE CoT T)N CROP.-The Vicksbhrg
(. i.) Sentinel of 21sl in perhaps oi)ir lduly It s;ila Ialt so lar ais we
are informed l the alarm as ti Olt wiolrn ha:is
Proven whollly grrotndless. Neitlinr thIe first
notr lie second geireraliion hais tdone any in-
jury worili speaking of. and ii is now toit
lilr inll the season fir them to do ai'ny real
damage, iveni shoildu liHy llappear in their
greales nuribers. StS far as ouir observation
and inftiitnaiion exteids, the COtton corp
will be a fair rimle."

del)iei to a fried fuor thie ifollowiig state-
mIent. lI is roniained in a letter dated,
Monutgomery. Aalnbarin". Sem)t. 1Sth :
The Cotli, (-rtp in Altaina. will be mitch
larger tIhan was atilicip;laid, Although irhe
trolls oitt he' lower branches wre hlsi try tihe
roiug cionmiiued rains-Ilie weed looks finely,
aind is rapidly sr-wina its white clhiuling.-
S ollitr. o 1he planitlers-, I aui irinforitned, are
pickinr g two hundred pounds to ltlIhe h:ind
lpler diee i. All cininir ir ti)hiiking iltat there
will be more thahan alfa crop, ar.td within a
tolerably late fall will save a good crop.-
All now depiends on a hite frost.

watlhr f'rr tlie last fiorl nigLht has een par-
ticularly fine for picking Ooitel. as well as
thie varinous oiliher pursuits of thIe planter.
The cottiin saved will be in fine order al-
tlhough thlie product will hardly be as great
per ;acre as usual ; sfill when_ wie consider
Ihe increased quantity of lind phlianted, we
are inclined t o tihe belief thail there will lie
no great scarcity of tlhe raw material "
af ter alh'.-[Mucon ]Meosenger.
Trphe Wheat crop of Michigan for Illithe
present year, as e-rimated by a gentlemarn
now preparing stalislics for Ihe Palenlr(it-
fice in \VashinIgton, will not fall sliorl mof 8,-
000,000 i bushels, nor exceed 10,000,000
Ibishels. Thle quality of the grain this year
is superior in every respect to the crop of'
last year.

if tihe dawn and death of Tlie Dial" we
hv.e seen noilhing, in its way. superior ti
his. What a happy slate o f things it will
)e, when i style of exfpresion like llie fol-
owing, written plonnigraplhically,t and prini-
td plhpnolypicallyv, will firint our ver-n-aciular!
piTe writer is coitmnieiting on lthe death of
S'ila Wriht~l
" fJumanity laments when sumeh a man
asses away from Ile sl-ite of ntl Irc to t Ie
alue of e'ssence-tlhe Siate of fuilnPess Io lie
ate oft vorid, ltIe slate of visibility to- the
iate ol'invi sibliliy, [Ihestain of r nrtifestalionn
o the sil'te ,vithout )nunifesitaoi.O'"-M-id_/-
lesex (Mi.tss.) Freeman. /
Tihe liost icn Star 6this, hs off t Ihis preci-
us bi of irans(:.hndenlal sl :i
And t catOnoi'n sense l iirin-riates, when
practical a-tuai'ity dlis:lprpears in the inisly s
'irhosivly of gaintmiion-when sackeioth co- n
ered Saxon-En HIisht is sepulch|ered be- c
ealh Ile mountaiuows rIonrderosily of moon- I
line-when unsopp'nis'liealed ideas mount ;
I) into sulli'niilmte ni jrr'rnse, and lapse away
to the luciferouis liLio.'i 'of diaphanous no
Iere." [
ERCE--Contribuled by tIe- Resources of
eor),iai.--Sixty-five barrels ,rf 'Turpeminem, s
ery handsomely und neatly ;urt til, were (
iely ship)eul Ifronm this port for New York. li
camiie frionm Duirien, and was. we r'esu-eiitc,,
ade somlerirei-c on tire Altamiahli river, y
uillngi we are not informed bs y h.vtitn.- p
ever-rl lhimuilredl barrels of u his article wet-i
ilipted fr1omI this port la-tr winter, amnd the "
adhits-ion is Conistanly iiireC:isilig. Tile e
itlrutt.mon of lirpniiiine is ai snuri'e- of it- e
urise wealth. Tits, while tin-reess is siun- ti
e and plain, ard lint ew Itnds are req'sirtd I|
carry il on rporun a argesct-le. It Nonlhi .
airolirna, where inie pinef oresus aie hectrm- I-
g in a gmre-it Inasitie exhitisled, onr ait ;a
ist whire their foweir io lrusiuclitut is
curly dinitiiislir.- tIey m-ike'sortie 400
the~hanrl. A mine of welth hIes ini hose sl
re tre-es rtfScrevrn', whith is just as srire-
weal/h as !linngh il were a Voilt er a coral tl.
ihrarlio>n. We ho)pe our fellvw-eillzens oif
ileven Effi-igliirn ausd rithercoinnlies -will
riorisly ad tress lhni*' se-lves lo lthis task. hi
e0 na-u give the i mhe advice of a gentle- I1
-sonlo In-hof we arinplides faira tipsiinitnn ir';-
sit oini mIe best nosrde of'woirking. He w
id : T'Ins' nest pIht is io go to Nortlh as
i'olii anil buy an old negi-ri, who has
en all iris life iu lihe hisiuess, and let him .l

rarler, we see not how it is possible to
oid a balance against this coniitrv. ly tie ie
st of Deceimber. 1848, of at least o50,000,-(v
0.-[Rich. hig.

-- ~L~..n~~. ~a~uss~amna

Anytiig, ever; til'in,-I. =inj, s.- .
list tin.e rhe antnAole Ihat 1I an't,' wh|, lep.
tal youi'ern inrn1 ,m.iI', w ill ive ta ,I -
CI i rt do in 1 in, i0e satisfaction of all tlie,
enlleinan ',resent." 02 "
Well N n. Smith, sipnlst we ike two .-
," n 'st I's, Just for li14ia ; O &nl.iy W lhlltlei q
rh L w I x l lh 'i .' -
m,"lr. Slnilh evaporated. .r -, -

A VISR AW..II I wias ole of he lawsof '
k'nCurgtus, that no ipor.itons t s uid'he giving -
I y.out InAdies inq marriage. WhIren ihi,"
reat -lawgiver was -alled upon o ij0 sil .. >
his enac'tmetiI, mie oh-.eii-t. that '' ilt Ire.
choice oif a wife. flerjt only should be coln-
idered ;_aind rlh-t time iilaw was tande to pire-,
curt young women hehin- chosen for Il-eir .
'iches, or neglected f'or their poverty.', ,

When yofu write foir; a iewsp ipr',,, be s'ia r
iat umnidersas id t ouri ,rs-If. -a n -
A ran conrfined in jeil ad NeWportiiR. I. i
is sent word to Inhe city Fatihtrs. ihat. Nilt- --
'ss they imnieinatrelyv' repaired i-We .wnials
Iffficiently to keep lIlie cows out, lie won't
ay there another day. ?
The Palmyra tree grows .100 fett high "'
ind perfectly otriigh. :

soN.-The Noilolk Heral.i s-a's : -ealpt. '.
James Wiltlnoghbliy Atiidersrr, on lt tIe 2cd re- *
.itnei l U U., S. li, it iy. hlir is nu'1eil'rlh
1 n1111 i ime lir-ave'iv -t lieUi lm hofell i tm ie feI rribe i
conlnitLt. u.m.s iri irive ol ihis. ity, mand ihe' ".
oldest-son of tihe lIne Col. William Atderi-. .*
son, of Ihie U. S. Marine corps. whlo inar-
rierl itilo one of our nimost ancient and res.
pecmable families. Having cimnpleledIhiis
schuloiasie si.tdies ani hoie, lie was enirred
as a Canlel at the Military Academny at Wesi
Point, whence he graduate with, greal cre-
dit, and enleredi tlie armyy, we behie'ire I1
1833. He was first stationed al tHoulilotinl "/
the froniicr of Maine ani border of -lie ther
disputedd territory," where hie reinafirred
abonr-fJiur years; was iheoa ordered t, fort
Mackinaw, andm subsequently to T.imlia
Biay, &c., anll joined ihe ariny ii M'll,'t
12 ihouths a-gi. He was ani, ,,llm r ilf high
prominis.'s and posssesed of Imre dJsiinguti.slh-
inig trails of' a gentlrteman ull.oCiineiii privnite "
wvirlti. He has fallen like Ia gallanti soldier
fiu mlie field of hibaile, and his menlmory will
lie hiid int horinr by his cunltry. Biunt ala!m
it is hlonorr dearly lpuirchased ; for itie wail Oif
tlle widow and the orlihan is minitialed with
ire shot ,of victory -[ Norfolk Beacon.,, .

ceipils of new Coltron, lightly. We Womiild
quote ihe inairket, for extremes, 9 Ilo 104;i
intiSi sales. 9, to I (c., viz: fiddlingg. 90;.
good Middling, 9,c. timidldling Fair, ]0c,.
[MuiVscogee Democrat.' -

[]asiings, of the Albtany Kiiic-kerborker,-
inusi lie a queer fellow. He says in ai lale
Iipaper:I How any one can look at thie hlin .
mian loot. imposedsd itf 144 liones--ally 'if
quanmly tofelasi uc carlilage-a gill and in half.'*.-
of liitricalilmg oil, ten tI-Riuns-ind onih r l irr;inm n
genuenrs for first 'class kicking.. aundi slill Ii-
lieve that ii is a duty to receive an1 tsuiSlt"t
wilholt inaiiitg a mamii sntell of lealhier, is n
tont oft ins.e exicenricilies "connectled wilht
Ie hi umtian uiinid riaI weh t lever. cow i I (tll

CLERICAL WIT.-" I fear." said a cOItI-,
try curalte to hiis floek, when I explained if)
young. in my last charity serinon, hal 1'phi-
4linthropy wass lthe !,,ve ,tf our species, you
inussl have inisuntldershood tne to say specie, -
which may account for rhe Stanll|es of ihe
'ollecliion. You will i-prove, I hopee by' your
presm1u conirilulioln, thai you are no Itiger
hlaboring under ihe misiake.'

S!eaking of praise, Swifi-t-lbs ts' it is like
amnherg.nis; ",a little whiiff., and by snalh,-.s.
'isver 'y .;miee-itle; lii wihen tinin' hills a-
Ilirplp;-oh in to yot iil- ose it knoicks youL.
dow ni."- t" -
A story has been going tie noninis of the

p papers tihni a physician ii .l -'itCtn trs'leter. N. -"
[I.) hadr l ohit ed the slonlaci nl removed several hard stlbsianees wiii. hu -
hIad completely obstructed the passage rfroms
it. The patient was represented as dliing ,
well, aind likely to recover. The invhliC.,i
joi rnals were ruic i nteies.ted in rlte,.;ie ase.-
anid nany-lenrnred crtmMcuIs ti.nic aif -, '
binl it nnov apprlear? frnm .ie M ll
American. that ihe patient was a-i67lv.n "
scurvy jest, truly ,
.- ._
Ladies whIo cuihivate flowers in) uiheir pir-
lrrs will gr;tefitlly receive tlie I',tlliu ifua I r-
cipe for destroying a-very trouliiesin-rep-- ". y"
file :
\Vorins in pots imy lie. easily de.srliy- .
rd, simply by watering thie soil wit h lirimn ..'
waiter, wlhicht timiy 6e mtinie by pulling '-v. "
piece of Iite weti 1ili-g abho tw in .ii ,to
iii-lt-a pi il of w:ter; wheiie Ih.e whill e i-t
Slackened amift well stirred up)-, it shikult, sd - -
ilowsted to selile. T'ie clear wmter tinl' "..'",
hen be turned off, ani tihe' soil I inlhe 1)(; -po T
'irould be liberally watered wilh it. T'lie
vworms will soon leave ihe I[reinises by
mrwling upon ihei surface. whlien Ihey miiy
he taken offal idestroye-di. If tnoy remain.
another waterilgt may i t afmplied."

DAVD H UME.--A ut hoir -oif Ithie celeltratPit
-islory of' England, having Ione day visiiedr
he house of a certainni geintiti'an, in 1dii-
lrugh, was surprised Iy time emeirk-dl con-
euipt atmd dhisgusti. evidtlenced- ai hjgs. tl ; -
ence, by a smainll hoy, of about l fouir e.irt .'. -.
'C age. W Wiy do yonu s-hun mire. inny '- elm'ul- g n
itle l,.l ltw.v?' eniqmaired the phliloro|)her.-- ..',.-
* Betu;se you are nril a gotid miiant-seeiniug "-. '-
onu disbelieve the existence oif ntiod.l 'ep- -
*lied the child. W hy then il, v.,i .ti( .
)ray for ine," said Ht-nine-VlIa'ite i .ri m "',me -h
Iiih imtnediately raising irs hinnuid am-id
yes to ihn e heavieni, -tuieied tins uouiurlt, uil
j.coit aim iron : "' 0 God, be plei, -r,' t,, rimt r -
h nim the h'uth oflhiy existence.'"' iSui i ni as *
ice imnor,-ssirtm litisit--i.fi',, eni iihatic, arWit-dou
xph-eted llrayer, i lndprudi ,,ed t it t in tire hmiuin '- "
nI ume. Iliat lie is said to have ienriernbered,
rd repeated it, io ihe last hour o1" l;is life .

anit, Mr. .)oniues. thai y~oi saidnn ou titco i -*
iri anynuhintg neater !han iuiry mnnm in thit.
)VIw ]." ... .. .
r Yes, M r. Snm ih. I slti-\ ,o," h, '-i
" Well. M'r. Jones, rdoi't like to hluitag,
lt tIhere is rno niani on eirth i tlimt n-atm |irii ra t a, -, .
liing as well as I cntn whittle it." -
" Pub, non.eitse, iM1 ". S>iii.|hi, t.,ilk ;tinout in .
linimmmg Wham can Vy,' w-bhtile as ;ielt .-
s I ean tlura il 1'" "" .. <:; -.










"'.'d;1, J Ch I

.- .ll -I A-W ri lr.: fill 1.-" .i ,1
-; --^ ^ --T', -.... ..... ,, I
:,--m, f.o-..' A l!. f" l.i...... ..
V-).. I .7--rB G n \\'i-d..in, PWilk im. ,fu N. v, w;
0 ,?, 3 q-- clir C h ir i',un ';,,l.Ji .l ,, '1 '-r tl ,-
P e r- j', IL .i ri, t, *.l"- '< n.ii ,,. i. 1- 1 'h ,l o,! i ..... l.
T .r- .I 11 '*r **,' l|'I[IIP [I';'I', "l'li. i ii ,' ,- i> i, tfin 'l I.' i iiILHI ii
-le-.,,iir M a;ii.,h WlB l;- i ul BM r lErIJ1.1
+:: CIUEnCRD. ,
..,,i. 7-Sl[oop Constitutton, Williams,' for New
IOrleans. I I r .. .
Ocl .l3-?jlr Ch ,man.,' ;,,l~li.-. .,, lT ,nir, l-; .

-"Per steam 'r E .i rl -',, -- I-I \,i-,n rmln, l'irn1l\ .
"- .M rs.-..'oiiii, CS.i.r RiJ.'rn 3\r t.L l.val,]--, .\\ .'1...1,.I1C--

Pirts',n;'r r fs 1.0--4,R Myers, R A Craw-
,. ford,L l-13, 1 Izz ,.1.
Per steamer. Efinfina-5 bales cotton to ,Wim G
Porter .v x .',, 5 js~ck ll, i j[l hI T Crow.
Per i-t r ,,* .,ii,- t32 bales cotton to
Harper i i In'e" "
Pe-r ed-i i'i ,t.i.ll.,--2 bls cotton to D G
R' Raney: .... .. ..

.T3os. C.IUildeilwoold, '.M A.,

...- ( Late oq .ithern G, ,I4 ., i^
~ ~RESpK,' l.'lLY ,,i',-is ser:. .
.vies to the citizens of Apalachi-
i. 4,,la, and the: county of IFranklin
,, 'd. i, in the line of iisf pro-
S .. / .0 i ....... '1 Having rnorithly rom-
:,,, i~iif atid with the- principal,
N.orihi'nhhciiieS, he' will be enabled
f.. l. f'nil'ish Ill- patrol is at all tiines
./; -* ", \%ith the NvWEvIST AND LATESTe
._ '-- t)PLATrS OF ,"'.AsO-+INg, received
4"f-h .'i/' lln 11-i ,r1 -7 sit v'i 1h >-r t sil Fashionable
I of n r' -.- wqin h fwill .e a d:-.i i .1 1-1
S t it f-1'.h l, i a ir, ,I)le c.od uoib ity.
W. 13; ;.j-. ll **....' Mnrniu : *. aGd ( Eve-
nin1 Wrj, irp .ilr t[)'Order; Cloaks '(A" every
,'des, ri ,tion made in toefual rli ot tho day=;-
WV l!in.,"a., l'I'i .I j ,.. Gaitor o 'ad- il it superior
Ina mer; Tulic -Dres~es and E-.-'. clothes s of
L e rrv' d iCi'i,'i..i'i- n n);ale in a neat anid FiQh ionrable
:/:otyle. All sjrfTe'jfj qiidle at Ihis citbiishn hiei ,i
:; o. w i'rar ted to lit. '
*. r *!ll,,,.' 'Seeitjd, 1tory Baltzel'i's Buildi, ;g.
% E tr,.,,:e an Chji-tnut street,
.2- O .',h,-.r 14+ 1847. S 39-6M

P4< 1P y y It3 Taxes!'
P. 7'TON,', who have not paid their City Taxes
t ., aell t ,eall at -No 5.) Water street
alnlt -,-li -, h -l,,'- the 1st N` .rve_,r-her, as [ shall af-
: Ier th.tit (late profneee to collect the Taxes in ac-
3nordri-L-i with ani ordih'.aro., rmpado arn) q' h_,!
";f.,', it ,ur.,,,-e. JA [" '. ; I'l" :;.

"* "" i ) I 1 4. t" r. r v T i .,',-,'',, :-.
,, ScgIo la i the City of Ai*;ila"3-

T r-~.'.E ,,t.ri: le I I.ies this method of inform-
1 -ing th ,',- :tr.,. and the nnblic gerjeraily,
atr [" .. athe vill".;.p,.na -;,-....l on Monday, 111" first
wf N.,ve,w'i>-r, i6,'r Iht-, inlitrmciion of' children in
"I h, rn i,- ,] .i an F. i,'i Edicaition.- If the
t ,,ni'v.-r o'f pn >ills' will -r'pqLi-e it, he witl0 have
Ci''e[iI p *' r11I *i. 1|," 1', 1 i':'.]]d \ -' sistyants.
-*. v :.- .r R '., lI i '*' "1 1., vrlith mnatle,'T nrl iahl**
: '.^ inm i', a d .n .' ... r '1 I \ ,per qla'rft r, (if teri
w ^ .,i. ,+-.... ....... ... ....... -:.. 9 '
00/ V1.. 1cf.i17 N-M'L .J. Ry.\N.
'' .. ---., \ i ," seat' AN

Net; Ne 'and "WH .'1' i ris:
'** '-."." : -l'CnM ttU -IL'-STiaiT,
2g .. "', '"r" -... .

i + ", -,,i ,t ",,,,:.... ', D alersz e ir> Br in's P.-.:+nf
|_ '2 .. .'.+ 0*( .O .iKce ''vi'wi ).", H;aie],iij ;,-
I"'. ,* i; ,- ,,1rr- l i '. v i i.," C t)(t( n H e :'rt1,e -r I r n ,

: : ,, (.'..| :. ......i ii" .+, Tanned rIt Uijtainhed, Flax
I 1 .'.iernT T 1 H.>w;ser'an I"-'.ihri d-laid M~iek-
*er(3i }'', ^.i .iler,,in-.',' '':a ,n" i had lasi and
Dip. Net.. Goveriiment,:'' einei witl) Baas; Cool,
i "' l'.'* ,'ti ,i, "lackei x ,Y. 3. _A%, ind SeiiPs1 knit (o order' al s/iort
I nuti.. ;.i. ELLION &.-, AiOonI-
'..er 1-1, 1 17. 31j:f A n.al,
tA F- j oz iAWaa PaP>,ER+.
R 0 0- If 'AND T RKE M A3 DY


IN announcing the fact [hat the undersigned
have associated tIhemselvei together in the Edito-
rial Department of '" THE SAVANNAH GEOR-
GIAN," we take this occasion to- say to the pat-
rons of that paper, arid to-the public generally,
iii,.t 1A ,r ,- hen-ra have atield.t been made for its,
nj0i.i l iinprpvemant. in oubiard appearance,
].,.- Ihat no pains wi6 be spared to elevate and.
snilain if, characiert.a a comiEcial paper, and
io 1il its cvIlumnawi'th intere.-ting and profitarle
matter. \We feel to.nt.senibly I h3t to render l'ie
Savannah Gorgian such pap.r as the growing .
iinterests and population of our State and City re- :
quire' a diversity of laborl must be expended :
upon it; such we are determined to furnish.-
We shall strive to m,-rke its. columns pleasing to
all readers, and while ourbhumble support shall
be given to the great principles upon which the.,
Democratic party has planted itself, befievi-ng._
these principles to be essential to the perpftuity
ol'our national freedom and the advancement of__
.our national welfare, we shall studiously avoid
all rude collisions With views and opini .ons an-
tagonislic toour own. To%..ender our paper the
firm but dispassionate exponent of democratc,.
principle, Ihe calm yel unflinching advocate o.
Southern institutions, the vehicle of am uing and
in,tructive thought upon all proper --ubjeis,
whether of science, literature, or .v ener;d, in'nr.
niation,-in a word, to make it a welcome visitor
al once to the merchant and the -mechanic,. the'
student -and the.farmer, shall be our constant en-i
deavor;. and if, in addition to this, we shall
be enabled by extending oureirculat.ion through,
the interior,to strengthen the iies which bind;
our beloved S.ate and Cily together, and/-to
secure that oneness of sympathy and ,feel,
ing so essential to the prosperity of both, we shall
find our labors amply repaid.
To enable ui to continue our present connec-
tion, however, and todo all that we would wish.
todo in the way of irnprov-,ing The Georgian,"
we must look for an increased support from tf6
public ; such we now solicit and confidently ex-
peet. Wm. H. BULLOCH,
THE DAILY GEORGIAN is published in
Savannah at TEN DOLLARS PER ANN4UM, piv-
ablo semi-annualiy, in advance; or, SIX DOL-.
CounlrY, is published to meet the arrangement
of the ;mails, three times a week, (Tuesday;
Thursday and Saturday,) at the Office of the
DAILY GEORGIAN, and contains all the intel-
livence, Commercial, Political and Miscella-
neous, including, new Advertisements lpubliihd
in I he Daily Paper.
THIS PAPER is sent to all parts of the Stat-e
and Union, or delivered in Ihe city, at FI-V.
DOLLARS per annum; or, at THREEjDOL-
LARS for six months. ,
every Friday afternoon, at THREE DOLLARS
per annum-all payable in advance.
Augynst 14, 1847.
A N D = '*
Printers' Furnishing Wareihousevl'
,No. 17 Canal stir eet Row. .
r'P-E undersigned beg leave to .announce '-61
JL Publishers arid Priuters, that they have es-
tablished a complete and extensive TYP E FOLUN-
DRY in this city. The Book. Letter of this
Foundry was cut to order by workmen -of long
experience, and, as no expense wasgspared to
obtain Ihe handsomest faces and to perfect it iri
every respect, we will venture to say. it ,Wi blid
fund as handsome, if not the handsomest in the
United States. We have also a ,ery handsomrie
assortment of Flowers anit Job Letter of the la-
test style, to which we Would call the attehtiorl -
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere." All
articles manufactured by us shall[be of a .mate",
rial equal, it not superior, to any manufactured
at the North ; and as we shall sell Type at NeW
York prices, we trust to meet with encouraged
We are now prepared to manufacture BRAIS,
RULE and TYPE ot any magnitude, with prompt-
_ness. We would also particularly call the at-
tention of Printers to. our LEADS, having anw en- -
tire new set of moulds, by which we are enabled. "
to furnish a perfect article. We are also Agentg
for the sale of the' Napier, Wa-hington, and
Smith Presses, whTch together with Chases,
Cases, Composing Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and"
every other article required in the Printing;busi-
ness, will be kept on hand, and furnished -at
manufacturer's prices.
Editors and Printers wishing to eatablistf' a-
Newspaper or Job Printing Office will be fur- -
nished with an estimate in detail for the same,
by stating the size of the paper,- or the particular,
style and quantity of .--ork to-be executed.
1 (- T'he proprietors of newspapers who will
publish this advertisement six months, and gend-
a paper to out office weekly, will be paid for the,.
advertisement by purchasing six times theamoutit'
ot'advertising biUl in Type. R .,:

_ I


STNGIE and double, for sale by-
July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

-100 BAGS RIO, for sale by -
100 May 15 J. DAY & CO.
REAM TAR'FAR and Tamarinds, ju+t ire-
C ,'-j ti1 a3 ,fd ,r lo.- by :....-
ApilrI 1'7 H F. ABE[,."'.-.
Congress lWater.
INr l~i',ts nnd qi'aj'l'?, j,,,t receited for sale hy=
.I,,., 1? If. F. ARELL.
Pa nacea f :
iOUCK and SWAIM'S Panacea just received
and for sale by '.= 7 '. .:
June is? F,2 AlaA-"

u ^ roM HOUSE, ) I t of Letters LIE- 0NAI D SCOTT & COX'S LIST OF

.\p%.%-':I[I,'.:.[.A, Spt. 18,.18-7.5: [ EMAINING in tl..e -te t' Oo.]ice, Apalarhi-1 F "IRIGN- PERIODICALS.
-PROPOSALS will be repeihed at thi O.i e8.L. cola, Pa., o tile Ist of' October, l i7. r RE-PUBLICATION OF
until the twenty-fifth (25) da,)f Oclober, Agrisla, ,-dlvadon Hasted,.Mr T rIE L?,\TDO QJ -j ERLY REVIEW,
12 o'clock, M., forbuilding l(Wo new Light, Aritsirong, David Higgins, \Warher "'I T ; EJNU,;jiH REVIEW,
Hnuses-and two Keeper's Honses at Cape St. Anderson, John Hllt, Jonn Tile N'.);{1I'H 1R[ I'IH, RFVIEW,
.--Ba, .,l, Cape.St. George, respecfully, of the .Brown, Oraius S Halsey, l'hos 4 ]'if WE3 I'M[NSER REVIEW,
following materials, dimensions and descriptions, Butts, A G Jo1es, Cal1d i (coLd)
viz :-- Butt, A D Jeter, Win A AND
lt of Brockett, Haam Jackson, l'o, l ---
The~towe'rs to be b uilt of hard brick, therm aBoutell, Capt Win Le.nors, Hleniry The above Periodical-s are reprinted in New
round, foundations to be snmk asdeep as necessary Buls, E p 3 }...yd Josepih Yrk iminediatelv on their arri-val lyV lhe British
for security, and the outside and inside courses ot Bradley, James "' L.,ll.i, R--ev M ,es st.,,ia.rs n a beaiful clear type, ,n'f ie white
brick to be laid in good Hy'lhaulic cement; tlhe Byin tn, J 1, 1,nJiu,.iao l !p<;,cr and are (aithfnlil copie. of ilhe original-
height of each tower to be sixty-five leet from Brocke brought. WI Mr. ,0, A-iihny i!L.".s-WO"D's M.GAZINE heing an exact foc-
-the surface of the ground; their diameter at the Bckli, Wn D Mlrray, i'lloni.s simile of 'he Edinburgh edition.
base to be tw enty-tw o feet, and at the top tw elve B a r sl, Ja io D M r'l hosh, dr,1 'The |)ric s of the R :. RI'Te s are SPSS than one
'feet. The thickness of the wall at the base to Baker, Win Morton, Stephen T third of those of[the foreign c,)pies,.ind while they
lbe. four, feet, and uniformly to two-'eet at top. Rurgass, Elizabeth Mayor, Jas C are e'qually well got up, they afford all that ad-
The top. is to he arched, on which is t be laid a Brown, Geo M Pindervois, Romeo vantage to the AMERICAN over the ENaLISIH
-soap stone d-eck,, fourteen and a half feet diam- Cinday, Cate' Porter, Ariting reader.
enter, five-inches thick; the joints killed in with Cussans, Richard 2 Patten, Ruse & Co TERMS.a
lead, on one side of which is to be a scuttle Ipeleo, Pietro Ruse,0 C T .
twenty-four bv tw-entv inches, to enter the Ln- Davis, j C CP Reers, Geo A PAYMENT TO BE MADE IN ADVANCE.
tern. -The scuttle door an iron frame, covered Evans, London 2 Richards, John G 2 For any one the four Reviews, $3 per annum.
with copper. The outside wall of'tne tower to FonersoChas W 3 Smith, Augustus G For any two, do; 5'"
.he well Whitewa.hed'lwice over. "There are to Elneel, Michael Sloani,Jolhn For any three, do. 7 "
be 6i-, windows in each toxier, oi twelve lights Foster, Jas Smith, John For all four of the Reviews. 8 "
eaelh,.eisht bv ten glass, in strong frames, and a Flemmiu W ashington Sweete, Albert For- Blackwood's Magazine, 3 '
,;,..,r six feet by three, made of double inch boards, Fraser;Jee 0 Turner, L 3 For Blackw.,od and the 4 Reviews. 10,00
ros-. nailed, wvith sustantial hinges, lock and ^Flvnin;Jas Tavtoi, H R 4 C -Otl- All coriniinications should be addressed
latch. The ground floor i-s o be I..... I [, ,el 1John Thoipsn,(Geo *(post paid) to
brick, and a su~ticient number of cncular stairsiGriyv Michael 3 Underbill,'Thos S LEONARD SCOTT & CO Publishers,
madn of two inch pine b,)ard.l to lhd to within t Guyion, R G Winward, Dniel 79 Fulton St New York.
six feet-of Ihe lanleri, teriiintmg in a stt'?-> I Gat'dner, Thos N Wlli[e, Francis 2 TO 'IF E- P -I
plalform, and connected by a-eenfre post,. From, ,rTeI, ,JI,, VatlsB CApt W.
the top of (he sta irs to the scnatle to be an -iron )orril], Malrvy Welbser, John T-2i1 E IO-?IE JJOURNAL..
ladder with -steps' two an, a half inches wiflo. H..urlsoun. Hatriet Williams, Hairvey EDITED BY MOt 0 R RI S B W 1, LIS.
h'icli TLizht House to be furnished with one corn- 0- Pesonw calling for any ot the above let- ruLBtsur EVERY s.TITTLIDAY, IN TtIE CITY OF
miaed ele o rifal conductor of nch dimeter, ters will say they are advertised. Nrw-Yoris,
madie of copper with joints, 'to run four feet into J03. S. MAY, P. M. dt Two Dollarsper annum.
the earth--a
LANTERNS. SW ATE OF FLOICII)A. IN November la;it, we commenced the publica-
The lanterns and liltingg apparaf~us now, in ral glM^ion of, Ibis fai1lyne'vsliaper oil a new-and novel
nse at St. J.splh and St. Georzes Island Li1ht Y. plan. N siilarwork,Intendedilocontainile
Hon.es are to he fransferrMd to -he new ,owmer., -NOW YE, that it is nereby ord ,red, that PICK 0o the news, elegancies, opinions and litera-
the contractor to re glaze the lanterns with French _. Lnike Lout, Executor on tile Estate ol Mary fureof our time, to CULL ffoe tire wilderness of
ate as and p a in ,,,he ;.h te in si d e an d b la ck T h omI'l as, late of said co u nty d eceased is here by he h our's ever iiow ering c ap ric e, and to R E SC U E
ontsile, and place them on the h^ew towers in a athorised to sel ,ire ioliowing Real Estate of the good things else lost i, the bewildering floit--
pro ercodi fr l*ightin, the said deceased:- a;e of nov'lties adrift, had been previously at-
Ttp contraclor will he allowed to u e all such N E -1 of sectii,2"2, the S E I of section "22, tempted by others.
materials (as are suitable for good and sub,;tanl,.l the S WV I of' seclim If. the S E I of section 26, That we have labored successfully in our voca-
work) that cal l obtained from the towers ard tie N E I ot section 1.1, all of"l1ov.v,ship 1, Rlange lion and produced a paper rena.rkab[e tor its inte-
dwore lhi ta houses at inJ frsph's point oand St. 8, North and West; and lie S E I of section 25 rest, value and popularity, and one adapted to
GeIr1,e':. T:-ldi'- and alsno the hrirks arid _-oranit in" Township 2, of Ri.ne S, North and West. the wants of ALL CLASSES OF SOCIETY, we have
o;, the odlowir at Dog TQland. A sTRfcient The above Lands to be sold for the benefit of sufficient evidence in onr extensive and rapidly
quality *>f K""od brick, i1^ ihelieved, mnay he h.thelteruLes, a>d creditors, of' said deceased. increasing circultion, in the universal Commen-
tithe above named building, tocon' Given under my hand and private seal, there dation l' the public press, and, above all, in the
beine no seal of ... t ,:, this Cth day of September, flaftering encouragement and cordial approbation
pl'Eetee nes A.tD., 18o7. of our nuinerons LADY READERS, in every
DWELLING HOusES. 'Mif03'. L. 'rYRES, [L. S.1 section of tlie country.
A Dwellinl/ -ouse for the keeper is to be built Jud e of Probate lor Calhoun Co.iniy. Ttre scope, design and character of Ihe I-oM
at each placer.),y. ef,!,)unatid on habick, The above La:ids ;vil! be olid at the house C,f JOURNAL ditter from those of any newspaper
wail one foot tniir;,-, ld 1_9 inches helow the James Nalls, on Mod,,y the fiteenth day Of No- heretofore established. The contents are filted
urla':e of the ground, and~c,.rried up2 tee, 7; v n ,' ".. ..next. Terns ofsale, one-lhiun cash, the to engae ,*. attention of 'tile mian of busines,
on whc~icis to be laid a frame building, sills 8 balance in one and two vers. Persons wishing and be a source of elegant ;n!ru,'tion and ente-
inches s~nare, poItsI1 feet hikn, 4 bv 8, braced
-an d below lowesrII feetov nit~ 4t -2 8ne, to buy Lands in 1tFlorida, will do well to embrace tainulent to the doneswic fireside anu tik familyy cir-
h,-,...' and below; lower fl~rina;)oist32 inches this opportunity, as the above Lands comprise cle, and it combines the strikilng ,,;d novelalttae- ,
F,% IS iwvhes apart, brided; chamber floor some of as g 1 2 by 6, 15 inches apart. to ho laid Q0 Ihat olo suitably adapted to the cultivali(>n ot Sea teresis of the higher class of periodicals. It is
-t-he I..,",- i;,il. 8 feet; 6 intheq-root, one-thlird sl' Cotton, and Spanish or-Sex Jr Tobacco. printed in tihe folho form, on large and superior
I*eh. r,", r A hy 4 inches; side, end and rooL LUKE LO I'T, paper, on a new clear type, obtained expressly
Si I .-I.,- i -by 40ood seasoned pine b(.ards and shin Executor of Mary Thomas, dec'd. for the purpose; and is, in its whole arrangement
Sied with the best iuniper, cypress or cedar shin- Calhonn County, Sept. (, lt47. 37--2 i and details, a most favorable spe imen ol, the best
sles, laid not more than 4 inches to the weather tyvpographieal skill of Ihe country. In addition
on the roof, or mnore than .5 inches at the side C'tll'1 i cit'Cglit Coar't. tothese, and as oneofits most valuable peculiar-
andends; the house to be divided into two-rooms ties. it is, in reference to the diversity of talent
with an ontrv between 7 feet- wide; a chimney Israel Moses, Petition for Foreclosure of 0Iem pl o ,y e 'efere, te cheapest paper ityo tle
in each. end,'and a fireplace in each room heSow, vs. Mortgage on a Negro Male Uie te
'with three windows in each parlor, twelve lislhts Ebenezer flnvt. Slave Daniel. s al b, yubr o- t ,ork are en-
eaph 10-bv 12. [?,.NE .:[I HOY1", William G. M. Davis, tirely exhau-mted, we have this day Sattirdlay,
Fhe stairs to lead fr, n the e n}v inln ,he attie ; r_ and al'l persosintere t.,iset ha-ck of the t airs; fttic divided into two Redrtinlion of a certain ne rro maile a ive Oaintel, \\(^ OgaN +L.fyr the express accom.no) rnw.rn, with an entry between 7 feet wide ; one mnortgaiged by Ebenezer Hoyt to Jolhn WV. Babcock Of'NE, sLTBscRiBRRs, and we therefore re.,pe-
of" tlhe dc-ha ri ' to''e snlvfivided into two ; a on the 7th day of 'Februdry, ll-t, to secure to the full/y reqpi't that all w' intiWnd ta/king the .
"-c,; hrrr windomv i nthe eoiirv helween the chain- siid !ll)ix )" )% 10 ,l-is, 8 lv f), rolla-,ed with lead, as of ":. 44, with interest from date at SI per cent prcsen-t number.
well a.4 boihn !!I,-- chilnevs : doors in front and per anonun, will take notice that the said mort- Terms--I'\so Dollars a vear, or three copies
S', k ,i! tho ,ptlry, one in ea 'h rrin abnve and d a 'e has ahen assigned ffr o ,valuable con, !d,.'ra'ion for five doll irs. invaribly in advice.
hp-1,;v .vi, dQ the eloqet ; the dwrs to be 4 pan- to plaintiff--and the litme iinoled for the |i.ayrnent Fh', HO-:,I "JOIUv.NA.L is sent fly mail to all
welled, one inch thick, except the front and back of said sin of .$3-,1 4 indd tne intere-ol theen pirr o[" Ihe Unitd Stales, the British Provinces
,.-i ,r. v. lio 'i are to !)e 1 inch. T he front w ith having expired, t)iaiotitf ti" ,s ,lied his peliti n for a rnl t ,o E Un, ,p S, dto ,,e u, B in str hrog vir appears,
n .-'.. [ii-':i."-.vwith a good lock, bolt ant f latch, fto ecos',irte! i the Cire-:u!t Cwlrl or .t .iou1 c i,I- Vti h the t; Io- lt u'llil y and despitch.
,w' .nn*, wilh goo', hin, 'les; a window in eacl!. ty., i d trill applv fo' i' rd'lo.lr iit lhe srr.ne at Subicriplions, orders, rernittaces, ano all com-
Ih r. .twelve light hy 10. Par ir% ha- t- liee Dc.:.e;ia)r terfn of sld Cmort ne-t ei un .I inaction, must be admires (post paid) to the
*/r.i. ntrv, below aid above! and closert, lathed, R J. M-) :,E -, Ar, y br Pi'tr. Editors, G GOr P. taORRidSt,
il,.),ir.-d ,and finished in a plain and deent min- Septemnher 2:3, 1 f7. 37-3t E r N. p. PWILLS,
ner : gnti-ers back and fow t of thie hoiz'e, with A.,nst -?I, 1 tT7. 107 Vi,,on-street.
rlvik. to lead off the- waler to a visqern; ant A^.irSU;.S<4 ,ne,!iliur in tile brick foundation, ea<'h .side o! the .i_. "i subscriber inlorns hs rends THE NEW -YOK[K
hnnse feet wide, floor to be Rix intlhes bhiow '.-:tJ and ihe pub!Ic In ^ne:'M, that he la. e- SCIE[ -riFI[C AMa.32SCAN.
the sill of the door, the roof :Ohinaled ; all the ._ .. conic the Proprietor of this above w i--
*,ond work, except the roof, painted two coats; known nonse, and \vi!l be pleased to r-t.,]ii T iil' Ye '. r
all the floors in the honse to be laid double, any of the travelling community, tnha nvy !i.vor This po;)nlar Scientific '.nd Mechanical Jour-
At a convenient distance, from. the dwvelling b iv with theil custom, and will also ,!','wrnno-
'dale resident boarders.adyhetbarnedithebeagest ell-
house, to be a frame kitchen .13- bv [2, to st-and dateA (.vhc" ha already attained the larbar wis
on six brick pillars, "2 :-,t Ir.-i.,, tie ronn(t, supplied with genuie liqucrs of !he ,i'.,i, r ;',!it n o,t any weekly paper of the kind in the
+even feet pcsfs. boarded ;,i., -,.n...1 ,1; r iofore- quAlity. J -OLiN PAT rfIDE. world,) will commence its THIRD VOLUME
third pilch ; two windows,, twelve lights, 8 by Amtiachicola, Nov It, Il to. on,
tO and one door; a chinn ev w ith a suitable fi re S-- -_,_, t 2.5 ,A
place for cooking, with .crane, trammel and U. S. -I L FE,'e. -. .ch number of The Scientific American con-
hooks, the floor laid double; the attic floor sin- Ci att"All 0cce 1 t. IFat aSlnC.S. tainis from FIVE to SEVEN ORIGINAL ME-
({le'and matched ; one window in the attic; comn- c.-- --P. O)N and alter tlhe its, daiy of CHIANICAL ENGRAVIN(GS; a catalogue of
pact stairs or steps t0 go into atlfie. In the rear ',^,7-:,- '^ ;" ULY next, this Line wi be ,\MERICAN PATENTS, as issued firom (he
of each dwelling a Cistern is to be built of hard. ...-.*.*.*. -" '....i Un regular-ly ini TW O-HORSE ,
brick, lineu with Roman cement, lar~e enough to STAGE:;. The undersigned, hiavin~g lhe con- Patent Olhice eaeh week ; notices of the progress
encntain -2500 gallons, covered with heart pine tract to carry the Mail on this route, intends to of all newv MECHANICAL antd SCIENT[FIC
boardsd. with door on top, into which the rain give every facility to'Travellers whio may wishtlo inventions; insh'uctions in the various ARTS
gutters from the dhwelling are to lead. take this ronle, bv Colutmbus, Ga., No>rlh. and TRAD)E'!, with ENGRAVINGS; curious
-No~p.ayment is Inobe mnade to the contrael'ors Good Stagas, tie best of teams, and obliging: PnL OS PH CA an C~ctEMrICrAL experi-r
for the above named work unlil thie ixhot+= in each. drivers, will always be provided; and in a word,PH OSPIA anCHM ALep .
ca.se is c,,mpleted and .the sime inspected and ap- i every pains will be. taken to give satisf'action, (es- ments ; the latest RAIL ROAD INTELLI-
p roved-bv thed undersigned, or suchi person as he^ pecialty during the season of" hifh water,) to GENCE IN EUROPE AND AMeRICA; all
.mav appoint, for tihal purpos~e.- The entire w o'k "hose who maychnose th-isroute North, th different MECHANIGAL MOVEMENTS
to be completed hv the fi'.-t daiy ol M~arch, 1845. The Stage will 'leave Chattahoochee every ,. ,TT^ .r .,
SAMUEL W. SPENCER, TUEqDAY and FRIDAY, at 0 A. M. ; arrive published in a series, and ILLTtSTRATFED with
Collecto" and Snp- of Light H-ous~es, at Fort G,nnes next daiy, by 1-2 M. Leave Fort more than A HUNDRED ENGRAVINGS, &c.
District of Apalachiicola. Gaines every VVEDNES)AY and SATURDAY, &e.
_Octobefr *2, l47. at l P. M. ; arrve alt Cqattangochee next days, It is in fc a paertat MERITS the. patro-
-AL'TTV aSSCUaT COU'HT. by 8P. M. -^i a- falMCAISadMNFC
,T, [Per-ons travelling frnrn Colu.m bus, Ga., via na-'e o" all M EC H-A NI CS ndiu M ANti'U FAC^-
& a ^ alaCty. Fort Gaiines, Blatkely, Chattalhoochee, Quincy, to 'IURERS throughout the UNITED STATES,
: \,lis.in Petition) ^^^ or ^^ Divrc F lahaisee, will find this the most expeditious and should be in the hands of EVERY ONE
Fatha Grantham. r onte, rnr o thlat feels an intereGst in the advanc T -appearnni-- to the satisfaction .. .of the Conirt, n ,,-.Tn v.l ,nn p'9 fi' IRJT. :- an lr'i iL- m M mechanical or Scientific im provem ents in this

Ort the seventh of December next.
A Dtily Journal of Government, Legislative and
General News.

THE subscriber is now enabled to announce the
co completion of his atrangeinents for the establish-
inent of a well-or-anized and independent Jour-
,,at -f News at thle Seat of the Genieral Govern-
The leading features of the United States Re-
porter will he Ihe following:-
I. E,z)rlY Iit el/iigcn c. of the movements of the
variow? Dq7partmnents of' the Goverament, in re-
lerence to I)omeslic afthifs and to the Foreign
Relations of the country, will be given with
scrupulous fidelity. I)ossessing peculiar facilities
for obtaining information, the" Reporter" will
be enabl.-d frequently to communicate, exclu-
sively, intelligence of the most important cha-
racter.- "
II. The Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings
and Debates of'i.e UnilediStaltes Senate, which
lhe proprietor ik bound to furnish daily to Nhat
body, in accordance with the terms of the con-
tract made al the close of 'he last session of
Congress. The arranements now made will at
once fully secure to the Senate ot. the United
States an authentic and complete record or its
* Debates ; and to the people-in a' greatly enlarged
degree-t-lhe benefit of the experience, sagacity
and statesmanship ot that body to which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful
1Il. The Proceedings and -Debates in iWe
nouse of Pefwesentatives will also be given with
fullness, impartiality, and the unmost prompti-
lIde. Each ilay's record will be completely
made up, and appear in the "Reporter" next
morn i ng.
IV. A. Sy'nnptiral View of the Proceedings
ant] Debates o all the State Legislatures, will
be 'rei, ,larlY given. Members of Congress an,]
all clauses of readers will thus be kept Iully andl-
systematically informed of' Domestic Legislation
in all sections of the United -tatps.
V. Early Inte/i-gence of" all impe7'tant move-
men13 in the Legiislalurfs of Gr"eat Britain. and
Franre will be communicaled by every steamer
frorn Europe, fhr'ow.gh reporters in London and
Pari-, who' possess peculiar abilitiess fur obtain-
inr infiortriation.
,7I.. The Gcnral Y.'ews of' the Dau will be
given in a condensed form, with industry and at-
Such is a brief view of whqt the "United
States Reporter is designed to be. All the plans
and arraian.ernents have been well-matured, and
the hope is condfienlly cherished, Chat the U.
S. Reporter" wilt prove itself an energetic, in-
dushrious, .digrnified and perfectly independent
journal. It wilt have no party views-nopolitic-a
bias. The proprietor, by the terms of his con-
tract with the Senate of the United States, is
bound Id the condition that" the paper shall con-
tain no prlitica! ,tiseussiona except the debates."
ft wiil ne o vehicle of NEws-not the organ of
anv set of. opinions. T.',- grand aim eor the sub-
scriber is to establish, at the Seat of GC:vernmeni,
a faithful and prompt reporter of all sorts ol in-
tellience-a -responsible agent, on which:the
politician, the business man, the manufacturer,
the mechanic, and every one interested in'the
affairs of Congress and the Government, may rely
at all time with implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such a
reliable Journal of intelligence, on terms which
place it within the reach of the greatt masses of
the people, at the commencement of what pro-
rni-t-.s to be a most interestinii and eventfull period
in the history of Congrressional proceeding, will
be rewarded with favor bv all classes of the com-
munity ; a;nl, havinE thus stated his objects, the
subs;criber respectfully solicitQ a liberal and gen-
eral support from the enlightened public of the
United States.
Stenoarnplphr to the Senate of the U. S.
fig- The "United States Reporter" will-be
printed on a l.arze and hand.somnesheet, and issued-
every mourning, except Sundays, at the rate of
$6 per annum.

In connection with the dailv paper, there will
be issued from lihe same establishment,

Tae [irror of Con gress.
,This publication will contain exclusively the
Reports of Ihe Proceedings and Debates of tire
Congress of the United S;teQ. It will be issued
semi-weekly, in an elegant quarto form. through-
ont t!;e sessions of Conres%, and will be furnished
to suhscrihers at the- rate of tiro dollars for Ihe
loni; sesqirin and one dollar for (he short session.
It is believed that 1his great national work will
bee deemed indispen)sahle in the library of every
puhli," instwtufion, politician, a-id professional
man, throughout the country and that it %,6itl he
_regarded by the great mass of the people as the
very be4t. political text book for their own instruc-
tion and that of their children.'
Throughout the session of Congress, Extras
will be issued from the office of the United
States Reporter," containing the reports of all
such Debates as may possess, peculiarly exciting
All subscriptions and communications to be-
,post-paid, and addressed
United States Reporter, Washington, D. C.
July 31, 1847. "
All newspapers throughout the United. States
who publish this Prospectns once a week from
this date till the meeting of Congress, will be en-
titled to an exchange with the United States
Reporter," and will be placed -on the list of those
to whom the Extras will be despatched.


it n \\ |/ i ,, I <'l b vl uIIuscH ... ovi i .. .. "' 1-1 *i -*
1e f' ii. n of Ie eal T aylir ii. ^s nbs erihe fo r 1 1 by' -i ,,, -, it ma due in this cao that [l e de-
It. '[I t I ,lh e r. so el b y th nsa hids a ll o ,er the le dno tIt, F athha G ranth am n rep u ish e s b e yom ed the
"~ ~~ ~ c n l l V I : i,~ P I 'i t I : h e p c o 0 e p i. r i sd I( io n a ol wo ae t > s a gent and pr )cure sub- l h t sai aha G rth do ipear d an -
I swer I said o te m on within three monthshafter
Ttrio eveiy is, l wsT.r R o fGTI .AND Rv.kDY will the puh ication of this order, or the sad petition
-bethe roc-. i ',jrtod ,,-l,'th e [riends of (ene al will he taken for confe Fse't; a( d it is furta her o
,Taylor, who are in r avur -of his ban\' nominated tiered that thilorder be pilshs in sonie newas-
paper in ,th. Western Cir euit of this State for the
E C DB ^1 l",,y : .Spate of three months.
Letw every well-.wishr of the .-eoantry SENDl Ueheo Anioa, Aunv. 21, 18-17. 322m n
-HIS DaL.A.It-:worlhwith to S t-o Itrdr

F ft ,o i (. el. a h ,3) 0 .S gr to riv ;
S. ,; Na I- I-- et, N, w- Y.,r k. R L C O U N T Y .
'Pic cents, single-; a large profit allows ed'0 D all 4 perons havin- demands acc; inst the es-
"ate of Nathan S 2 urn o do. e ol' said L only,
T I i lie- -u ., 1 fi a efl^ l iv tt in n uhe formation n deceased, notice is hereby given t hit I have ta-
Ct"bil),b in aht pa -'.lt of gtee Uraited States, the ken from the Hono ah le Court oil;Probateo said
bR ai h l aN rlTjMy %i _.or tbe f tarnished, in numbers -*olnt LetitersTe tam entary npon the sam e, and
a. on eaddr) i, post aid. 4nd in advan ce, as bt- ortsat -all claim s w ill .be barredP if not & re O .te
-ein "thi.two yearo after the date of thi., advertise-
... welviopios for one-year; (S ctsveach)$10 00 Aachicola,Apnt. -, 24 N N y. 2C8 OT.
t. .~vet.~lie ,, -(89 ets. aeh)- 20 00 : "A aahcl'. nv24 S1, 2S2
CFtty op ipis c ,,I ,,c ,,c (70 ) cts. ea, h ), 3 5 0 0 R.) H D 3 S t. C ro ix S ug ar; .
4,10 ,e hv,,,I,'edt cc 4" ((3f)ctQ. .each) 60-00 X0 2)do New Orleans Siiar .tn 'arrive;
~1609 acksRi6 Col(-e; 50 do Java;,
i.is,s r el 1ii up.,, 40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
-B )kV 50 ] 'Mlift'd do. Brown's and La.bby's;'
V,,f :.kiall-e.r -IL -W_ .)viag ao~l, 20- "Srnerm Candles; 50 bxq brown Soat,;
[" i' !1 )ell).rgs eav tonn'une toms 109 bi,_-s_Shot ; 50 kezs Powder;
L tr~e j_; pio. ne-m,lk. generally, that lie has 2,); lbs Lead ; 4 eask.i Linseed Oil;
be!weiom~lo torly)ri'tor, of the above establishment, 2-),,) kegs' White Lead, No. t Extra and Pore.
aaJ-h,l0;)s;'by pri-yper management and strict at-
t -t i n -o e r' M i u n e o h e p t o a e F o r s a l e b y W M G P O R T E R & C O .
-- o ovre~i-ililac~fth arnle Dec' 5 -41 Water'street.
heretotbre, So Lil.-rIlil%, b,(-towed upon the. House.
All per-sons- indebted to the, above establish- Extralct Sarsaparillai.
ment, willcontfer a favor by Settling with the sub- ULL'S & SANDS', tbor sale by the dozen or
'-,cribor. JOHN -B. JON ES. -1)sifi,,le bottle, by
: Ava!aehiceoa, Apri]. 4, 1847. 13tf. July 17 U[. C ALLEN.

Being. ) I he very I.-,.i and cheapest newspaper at
thehlovw sl price, ,.- l;'ld ,
0 ",''. D ,)L LR. t"E. i/,payable inadvance.
-Tii.. i- t,, i.sr 1 -1sued every Saturday, at 113
S"i :,s ,,i','.-',r::-a, ,, a handqoimun sheut, with an ele-
I irll;vr.la.l littl,, representing General 'ay-
,, fi. r.. ,,)a ,k at the
:'y~ B':" BrrL,: OF Bl.,'NX VISTA.
it I -td, ill, -Irat..l generally wirn handsome
ellsrjvi',-ijrei',<--<' -l the battle scenes of the
Wjdr, ,%.,:. = .-
'It advocates he claims and supports the nomi-
nation of ;. "
" ''- .. .. .;.-.. .' P ti.L -lII E N T .
'[It goes 5,r .,-11 R,;'g, and_ Ready," party or
no'" artv, ,1- 1i, 'far.' the very best Than in the
-Unlteid Stateso\ be President.,
It t. 'eits^aU[ 1!je iiet~ails a ; incidents of the
war,.n Iii-' a-Y r.-a I,'e inmN ew York.
It i r i o, v ,,r It l in aiedotes, stories, ex-
icitrlu a lae &Cture, &c. r'r-akol;et' all the news
of the week, both foreign aridl domestic. IT IS
A G R ;-\ r p-k V ,,.:; Pn .)ill ,.:., .:..i-, both for city
and country, sub fcribers. .-
lf~i-et|ected t6 have the largest circulation of
v' I... ... t. ,,-' ;, ha f i',,,,m [l w ve av mafit ''riendlv to

Drugs's Medlecines-.
' r HE subscriber has just received per recenft".
-"arrivals -rom, rNew York, a full andcom- -
plete stock, consisti-ng in part, Sulph. of dui;
nine, Hvd. de Potassii, Caustic Potasse, Soticine,-
Murrate and Sulhih_. of MorphineLune"r Caustic," "
Chloride-of Gold and Sodium, Calomel, Jalap,
Ipicac, Iodine, .Rhubarb,, Pulvr. and Root..Setn-'
na, Epsom Salts, Bachn Leaves, Casloi" Oil,
Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Sulpher,'flower'
and role, Copperas, Saltpeter- Alum, Aloes,'
Calcind and Curb. of Magnesia, Glum Camphor-,
Flax Seed, Borax. Also- a large -:ipl:.'o.f as-
sorted Glass Ware, and a general assortment of
all articles in tlie Drug line. For sale by. '
Ju,,n12 H. F, AI'ELL. :
Tarrant's Effervescent Sveltzer,.'
.... .Apes'ienit. -"
H EALTH'RENEWED, and an'i,, ignrated 5
and healthful condition of body produced-
This preparation is universally allowed -to b6"
the most popular 'remedy 91f the present day,Ibr..
the prevention' and cure of Indigestion, Bilious -
and Liver Complaints, Nervous IVt-a1,ne.,s, Head-' y
ache, Heartiiurn, habitual Costiveness,&.c.
Traveller- and residents in warm climates will
find it a desirable article; it prevents any accu'-,-
mulation of bile, is portable, and the r.itlid ol',
preparation is unusually convenient. Children
have frequent oecasiom for gentle and cooling
pur:atives; they will take this aperient in pre-
ference to any other. Sold wholesale and retail-by
Nov 5. J-'.- CALLEN, Druggist, &c.

State of 1Florida.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
shall expose for sale before- the Court House
door, i:1 the city of Apalachicola/Franklin coun-
ty, on M6nday, the twenty-fifth day of October
next, at theusual hours of sale, so much of 1he
lands lying opposite the city of Apalachicola, and
known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoiuina, as
will be sufficient to malke the sum of Three Hun-
dred and Seventy Dollars and. costs, for the
amount of the State Taxes due from the- Apa-
lachicola Land Company on the additionA quan-
tity of assessable lands lying in this tMhunfy, and.
liable toTax for thie year one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-five.
JOHN LUCAq; Sheriff
and ex-offtcio Tax Collector for FranklinCQ.
Apla&chicola, Anrll21, 1847. t5-)- m

Twenty ]Dollarss Rewarld.
"., W bLL he paid for the apprehension
'..- and ,eliverv of a NEGRO M-N named
'F'. [.LEVIv, who ran away fr'om Ma>on, on Sun-
*-' .lav rthe !lht int. Levi is a dark mulatto,
stont and well built, will weight abont .180 Ibs.,
d little bow legged, speaks s[ow and iong with a
stro)ng voice, had o, when he left a Satinet round
coat, and checkered pans of country hornespun.
I expect he will make for Columf hus, as he lately
lived there. Some suspicion exists that Levi
was dtcoyed or as,;-sited off'by some white person,
and iW so, 'l)) will be" paid for the villain, and
proof sufficient to convict him.
H. L. COOK, Agent.
Micon, T.uly-20, 1S47,--. aug-21 3-2-4t

It is published in QUARTO FORM, conve-,
niently adapted to BINDING, and furnished to
Country+ -,,i,.-,il..i. at ,the LOW P[RICE or
IN ADVANCE, and the remainder in Six
Months. Address,
MUNN & GO.- Publishers,
128 Fulton-street, New-York.

CL <

P-ERSONS having business with the sujbcri.
bers durinI their absence from the -city. will
please to apply- to Mr. Charles A. Green., -,.
July 12 J. DAY & CO:

Peter's Vegetiaile Antibillions
A FRESH supply, just received and for saleby
April 17 H.'F ABELL.

:, Lamp Oil.
.WTINTER strained, a splendid article, forsale
by [an3o] J C ALLEN.

THE subscribers respectfiully infOrm their
friends, and the public generally, that they
have opened the-above establishment, and are
now ready to receive boarders, and hope through
proper attention to receive a share of patronage.
The Bar will be well furnished with choice
Wines, Liquors and Segars; and the Restaurant
will be well supplied with Game, Fish and Oys-
ters, of the best quality in ,seasonf.
June 22, 1S47..
N. B.-Gentlemen who wish for refreshments
in their rooms can be accomodated at short

Rat, M0o1use &-Cockroach Poison.
M HISv.-,.. !i ei.'i,,, remre vy for extermina-
_L ting '. li ,I.l,, ft'a proper application be
made, ol'all of the above named annoyances. His
Flea and Mos'quito nPoison has attained a very ex-
tensive celebrity for its invariable destructive pro-
perties to that order of insects. For sale by
,,,-.i.t 14 J. C. ALLEN, Druigist.

-COLD Pressed Castor Oil and Saratoga Water,
just received and for sale by
April 10 I H. F. ABELL. -

Bull's and Sand's
Y-^ ARSAPARILLA, just received, bf'sIateoby
SJi~m1 2_ .H. F ABEL-.

Florida lMolasses.
TN tierces and barrels, for sale oy
Feb 20 24 Water street.

Wndow Glass.
A LARGE lot, of assorted sizes, just received
and for sale by p
,'1,10 12 H. F. ABELL.


L namp Oil
O PF the'best quality, fror summer nse, for sale
b-v-. [iI!v'7]j J C. ALLEN.
P 17!1 I,-.', l -i, ,- ,, .% III) I I,..I. -,, ..
'I_ i:,:.d during his absence from the State, wilt
please apple to Anson Hancock, Esq.
July 26, 1841. 29-4t

Bailey's "Tonia mIixtture.
T-I S is a valuable compound fluid extract of
Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and.Ague. Sold by.
June 13 -. F. ABELL.

PD RSONS having buriiness with the undersivn-
ed, will please call on Mr. WIM. S. DAM-
EREL, as I shall be absent for a short time to a
distant part of the state.


r-.. ,

"-=" 'mlmm -I I Pl II I J "

-I d.iimii,.1 thie .,.ao that. r,- undersigned On the seventh of December next.
have i t1ei.-l fi. -nelve; tl:getl-.i in the Edito- NUMBER ONE
rial pepartment-of "THE SAVANNAH GEOR- OF THEi
GIAN," we take this occasion to say to the pat-
,ons of that-paper, and to the public generally, UNITED STATES REPORTER,
That arran-e i,,:ts h i e aiheady been made for its
material imlrovenl-it in ouiw.,rl appearance, A Daily Journal of Government, Legislative and
'and that no piii.- wil be spfried to elevate and General News.
'sustain i'ts, chi' r'a'er a.; a c, inr i' lP l'
Sustain its c,.',ter 'ih i c,:n.nerci.n l ii.,,r, and THE subscriber is now enabled to announce the
-it, -" f it"l its '.,- th il-?e-lm a -ital Ic completion of his arrangements for the establish-
-m altter. Ie niSLS'I t hv t t t., rendertm e0
avannah Georgian such a paper as tii eni ment of a well-organized and independent Jour-
avann organ suc a papernat oaf News at the Seat of the General Govern-
'interests and population of our 'St ite an.d ity re- i^et
.quire, a diversity of labor nwut be expended The leading features of the United States Re-
tpon zt; such we are determined to furnish.- p t e digetue following-
We shall strive-to make its columns pleasing to porter wil be the fllowing:-
all readers. and while our humble support shall I. Early Intelligentsce of the movements of the
be given to the great principles-upon which the various Departments of the Goernment, in re-
Daference to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign
Democratic party has- planted itself, believingRelations of the country, will be given with
thesa ppinciples to be essential to the perpetuity scrupulous fidelity. Possessing peculiar-facilities
of our national freedom and the advancement of' f botaining information, thse Reporter" will
our national welfare, we shall studiously avoid or gaining information, the ,Reporter" will
all rude coliis irns with views. and opinions an be enabled frequently to communicate, exclu-
taonis ic tonur ,own. eTo r'ndr our paper the sively, intelligence of the most important cha-
,tgn-i tocour own. `-To remrour paper the I "
firm but di'spa.ionate expr., 't of democratic t rThe Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings
princ-iple. thie citm yet unflinching advocate of ad o. .e U pnipedtStates Senate, which,
1' aazmae a meS~tates Senate, which
Southern irni.til ,,ti, the vehicle of amusing and p toris bound to furnish daily to that
intr.tive thought upon all- proper subjects,te proprtorsound to urnsdaly to that
msrtctve thouglt eupon al proper S oje-ts, body, in accordance,with the terms of the con-
whether of science, literature, or general infor- : .. -l.i
whether of science, Wtract made at the close of the last session of
nation,-in a word, to make i a welcomehVisitor Congress. The arrangements now made will at
at once to the merchant and the mechanic, the e
student and the farmer, shall be our constant en- once fully secure to the -Senate of the United
deayor; and-"if, in addition to this, we shall States an authentic p and com rete record of'its
be end 6lab sampy extending our circulation through Debates; and to the people-irragreatly enlarged
te interir toe renghn te rtis whichbin degree-the benefit of the experience, sagacity
athend statesmanship ot 'that body to which they
our- beloved S.ate and City together, and to hav e of wit bodycto ahd r e y
secur that oneness of sympathy and feel- ever looked with solicitous aid respectful
ing so essential to the prosperity of both, we shall Tr e proceedings an Debates i the
fid our laborsamply repaid. use of Representatives wril also be given with
To enable us to continue our present connec- fullness, impartiality, and the utmost promoDti-
tion, however, and to do all that wve would wish-
i tude. Each flay's 'record will be completely
todo in fhe-way of improving The Georgiane
Swe must look for an increased support from the ade up, and appear in the "Reporter" ext
public ; 4uch we now solicit and confidently ex- morning.
IV..B.a Synoptiedl iew o1 the Proceedings
pt. WHENRY R- JACKSON. and Dbhl ; of all the State Legislatures, will
'. HNY R. JACKON. be regalarly given. Members of0 Congress and
: TERMS: all classes'of readers will thus be kept fully and
HE DAILY -GEORGIAN is published in systematically informed of' Domestic Legislation
Sa vn aP ini all sections of' the United States.
Saa:nnah at TEN DOLLARS Pt ANNtr,, mpay,
able 'semi-annually, in advance; or, SLX DOL- V. Early Intelligence of all important move-
ARSboe Six i dvance or T 1OL. -ments in the Legislatures of Great Britain and
ATHE TARS1ol-'iM.Y' ORGIAN. f' flteFrance will be communicated by every steamer
CIO~tLr, is l blis-ed to meet the arra ment from Europe, through reporters in London and
f h, n ', three times a week, (Fesda, Parit who possess peculiar facilities for obtain-
h\'.^ liiul-, three times a week, (i'uesday, .1'. '
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1h .. information.
Thursday andSaturday,) at the Cae o i m aohe
DAILY GEORGIAN, and contains all the intel- Vf. The Genral .vews of the Daq will be
lie -, Commercial, Political and Mrsella- given in a condensed form, with industry and at-
,:.,. inrludirg new'Advertisements published Srlch'
in,,, t luir Such is a brief view of what the "United
TII I a y ', is sent t al pa ts ofthe S States Reporter "is designed to be. All the plans
arn' Lr,,,, r delrvere in the city, at StIVFand arrangements have been well matured, and
DL R piD' anum r, at D -the hope is confidently cherished, that the "U.
LARS for six rnon.-ths. .-DO- S. Reporter" will prove itself an energetic, in-
THER V.-i r "ORCAN, i published dustrious, dignified and perfectly independent
eTvery Fri i' ,ri atRTIiRE i DOLLARS journal. It will have no party views-no political
perannum-a1payable in advance, K bias.- The proprietor, by the terms of his con-
p ie-zri 14 l tract with the Senate of the United States, is
"'' f bound'to the condition that "the papershall con-
NL\W iR-.I. '.' i YPE FOLINOR'V tain no political discussions except the debates."
"...v It will be a vehicle of NEws-not the organ of
Print?'r-.' FR;'i-ilinl a W'ar'eliouse. any set of opinions. The grand aim of the sub-
S. Vi. ', > '.t.. ',tuiet Row. scriber is to establish, at the Seat of Government,
TpHE undersigned beg leave to announce to a faithful and prompt reporter of all sorts of in-
Publishers and Printers, that they have es- teliigence-a responsible agent, on which the
tiliz..I i. cn-l.rel-iand extensive TYPE FOUN- politician, the business man, the manufacturer,
DRY in, lits -city. ''he Book Letter of this the mechanic, and every one interested in the
Foundry was. cut to order by workmen of long -affairs of Congress and the Government., may rely
experience,-and, as no expense Was spared to at all tinie 'with implicit confidence.
obtainwthe handsomest faces and to perfect it in IR is believed that lihe -establishment of such a
every respect,.we will venture to say it will be reliable Journal of Intelligence, on terms which
found as handsome, if not the handsomest in the place it withiti thle reach of the great masses of
United States., We have also a very handsome the people, at the commencement of what pro-
assortment of Flowers and Job Letter of the la, miso'S to be a most interesting and eventful period
test style, to which wvve would call the t,. the in the history of Congressional proceeding, will
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All be regarded with favor by all classes of the com-
articles manufactured by us shall be of a mate- unity ; an:; havi',- thns slated his objects, the
rial equal, it not superior, to aniy manufactured subscriber respectfully solicits a liberal and gen-
at the North; and as we shall sell Type at New eral support froim the enlightened public of the
York prices, we trust to meet with encourage- United States.
We are now prepared to manufacture BRASS Stenographer to the Senate of the U. S.
RULE arid TYPE of any magnitude, with prompt- t-The "United States Reporter" will be
- ness. We would also particularly call the at- printed on a large and handsome sheet, and issued
tention of Printers to our LEADS, having an en- every morning, except Sundays, at the rate of
tire new set of moulds, by which we are enabled $6 per annum.
to fiur'ni'i a perfectarticle. We are also Agents -
1or the sale of the Napier, Washington, and In connection with the daily paper, there will
Smith Presses, which' together -with Chases, be issued from the same establishment
Cases, Composing Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and The iAlirror of Congress*
every other-article required in the'Printing busi- S
ness, will be kept on hand, and furnished at This publication will contain exclusively the
lanfacturer's prices. ,Reports of the -Proceedings and Debates of the
S Editors and Printers wishing to eatablish .a Congress of the United States. It will be issued
Newspaper or Job Printing Office will be fur- semi-weekly, in an elegant quarto form, through-
Snished with an estimate in detail for the same, out the sessions of Congress, and will be furnished
by stating the size of the paper, or the particular to subscribers at the rate of two dollars for the
style and quantity of ",orkl to be executed. long session and one dollar for the short session.
0. The proprietors of newspapers who will It is believed that this great national work will
publish this advertisement six months, and send bee deemed indispensable in the library of every
Sa paper'to our office weekly, will be paid for the public institution, politician, and professional
advertiseiren-t by purchasing six times theamouht man, throughout the country, and that it will be
of advertising bill in Type. regarded by the great mass of the people as the
,( bi GREEN& CO., very best political text book for their own instruc-
May 22, 1_47. 19-6m 17 Canal st. Row. tion and that of their children.

Drugs & Mledeeines.
TiHE subscriber has just received per recent
,arrivals from New York, a urili mnd comn-
pletestock, consisting in part, Siiph. of Qui-
aine, Hyd. de Potassii, Caustic P.,tars.s, Solicine,
Murrate and Salph. of Morphin:, Lun'or Caustic,
Chloride of Gold and Sodinn, Calomel, Jalap,
Ipicac, Io'dine, Rhubarb, Pulvr. andR oot. Sen-
na, Epsom Salts, Bachn Leaves, Castor Oil,
Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Slpli.-r, flower
and role, Copperas, Saltpeter, Alum, Aloes,
Calcind and Curb. of Magnesia, Gum Camphor,
Flax Seed, Borax. Also a large s,,pl.ly of as-
sorted Glass Ware, and a general assortment of
all articles in the Drug.line. For sale by ,
SJune l H. F. ABELL.
Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer
H- EALTH RENEWED, and an iiivigorated
and healthful condition of body produced
by the use of TARi'ANT'S E1PFERVESCENT
This preparation is universally allowed to be
the most popular remedy of' th&-presentday, for
the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious
and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weakness, Head-
ache, Heartburn, habitual Costiveness, &c.
Travellers and residents in warm climate will
find it a desirable article; it prevents any accu-
mulation of bile, is portable, and the method, of
preparation is unusually convenient. Chiildrei,
have frequent occasion for.-gei*tle and cooling
puiirgatives; they will take this aperient in pre-
ference to any other. Sold wholesale and retail by
Nov 5, J. C. ALLEN, Dr'u.-;.', &c.
PUERSONS having business with the subscri-
bers during their absence from the city, will
pleaseto apply to Mr. Charles A. Green.
July 12 J. DAY & 0Y 0

'Batlls aind Sand's
S kR3APARILLA, just received, for sate by
June 12 H. F. A FELL.

1[i BAGS RIO, for sale by
100 May 15- J. DAY & CO.
CREAM TARTAR and' Tamarinds, just re-
ceived abd for sale by
pril 17 H. F. ABELL.
S Congress Water.
pints and quarts, just received for sale by
< June 12 H. F. ABELL.
HIOUCK and SWAIM'S Panacea just received
and for sale by
J 12 t H. F, ABELL,

Throughout the session of Congress, Extras
will be issued from the office of the United
States Reporter," containing the reports of all
such Debates as may possess peculiarly exciting
All subscriptions and communications to be
post-paid, and addressed
United States Reporter, Washington, D. C.
J,d)l 31, 1847.
All1 newspapers throughout the United States
who publish this Prospectus once a week from
this date till the meeting'of Congress, will be en-
titled to an exchange with the "United'States
Reporter," and will he placed on the list of those
to whom the Extras will be despatched. _

State'of Florida.
BYvirtue of the power vested inu me by law, I
shall expose for sale betinme the Court House"
door, in the city of Apalachicola, Franklin coun-
ty, on Monday, the t',,Yentv-fifth day of October
next, at the usual hours of sale, so much of the
lands lying opposite the,city of Apalachicola, and
known as Cat Point,, with the land, adjoining, as
will be sufficient to make the sum of Three Hun-
dred and Seventy Dollars and costs, for the
amonnt of the State Taxes due from the Apa-
lachicola Land Company on the additional quan-
tityeof assessablelands lying in this county, and
liable to Tax for the year one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-five.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff'
and ex-oficio Tax Collector for Frapklin Co.
Apalachicola, April 24, 1847. 15-6m

Peter's Vegetable Antibillious
A FRESH supply, just received and for saleby
April 17 H. F AB ,TL.
COLD Pressed Castor Oil- and Saratoga Water,
just received and for sale by
April 10 H. F. ABELL.

Florida MIolasses,
N tierces and barrels, for sate ov
Feb 20 24 Water street.

WVindow Glass.
A LARGE lot, of assorted sizes, just received
and for sale by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.

SBailey's Tonic leiixture.
T I-IS is a valuable compound fluid extract of
Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable febrifuge
for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by
- June 12 He F. ABELL.

PROSPECTUS am infit.itorat I' otitc I /flata 1 ttl o cro.
T T T A N A OTI'fCE-Six months after date, I will apply IN TIlE WESTERN CIRCUIT
FL OR ID A W H IG to the Hon. Judge f' Probates tor trankhin I OFP FLORIDA.
"E* A" -* County, for a final discharge from the Adminis- IN Franklin Circuit CoUlrt
A WEEKLY PAPERi, tration ot the estate ot Donald Gampbell, late of CHANCERY.
TO BE PUBLISHED I.A' JIdRULVXJI.q. said county, deceased. Arabella E. Hepburn, widow of-
T JANET WILLIAMS, Adm'x. Burton Hepburn, deceased,
THE undersigned propose publishing in the Apalachicola, June 5, 1847. 21-6m Complainant.
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a p- Ic.ica Jneiths after publication 01 vs.
weekly newspaper with tlIe above title. N O PLC-Riax ipict 'atw be ma p etltio J0 oVh L. Hepbur.,
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri- th i Jude a P rlatio xailson cb nty to a Heihurn, Amu E. iieburn
culur, aidScinc; -t vrl 'lsocotai te IHon. Jud-u of Probates for Jacjksoii county, for a I-eriburir, Airiic E. 11e1,burni
culture, and Science;4 ,vwill also contain the fia s e t ha n ta- and Carc',,e B. Hep'bu,
current news of the day amid articles in support of' final s-ttlenieurt oft hle adlmrinrstration of the es- and Caroline ly. FHepbri'ir,
rth e Whig Polticy. dyd es ppot tale of Samuel N. Spears, deceased, late of said heirs at law of Burion Help-
The want of a local paper has been severely county. ELIZA SPEARS, burn, deceased; D.iiel K.
Th at taoalpprha enseeey ^mr 418-7563Anstarx Dodge- the hoirs of John
felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun- Feb'uar'y 14, 1857. 5-n Admiistratrix. Dodge; the hr o John
0 now Peab~ody, dec'd, Vwi-,ose trus-'
ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of P. tee d cDaniel McDuiaeld; n Bill for Dower.
this Journal. Dry Goods. JohnIV W. Camubell: Hudson'

The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its putiblica-
tion by the 1st of September
TERMS-Three dollars per annum, in advance.
$3 50 if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the year.
July 31, 1847.
Groceries and Ship Stores.
R10 COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern Flour; Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Gioshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tonigues,
Pepper, Spiees, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,

Papers, Fickles, Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
Bread, Pilot do, Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, 'Raisens. MIacaroni, Vermacelli,- Ar-
row R-oot, Corn, Oa;s, Buckwheat, Mustarid, Rice.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO.
Jan23 24 Water street.

B OOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by thecase;
Women's Shoes and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans ;
4C .. fine sew'd Brogans;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine sewed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For sale by
Jan 23 24 Water street.

On Consignment.
T HE subscriber has lately received on consign-
ment, the following articles :
2 casks choice Old Port Wine;
1 Old Madeira WVine;
1 superior Old Scotch Whiskey;
2 "' Pale & Bro. Otard Brandy;
i Dark Dnumond Brandy;
10 baskets London Club" Champaigne.
Also, a variety of Segars, all of which will be
sold low, for cash only, by
Feb 27 50 Water street.

W [STAR'S and Swayne's Balsam of Wild
Cherry,-Just received and for sale by
Nov 28 J. C. ALLEN.

SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Jan 23 24 Water street.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
1 DOZEN, just received and for sale by
1 April 10 H. F. ABELL.

1FRESEH Vall Crop, for sale by
F April 17 IR. F. ABELL.
(-UININE, Carnphor and Pipe'iine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Sar-saparilla Syr1ip.
UST received, and tfor sale bv
JJune 12 H. P. ABELL.
iVI BITTrER3, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 ,. C -\LLEN.

Bagying a ii Stopc.
1 % PCS Kentncky' agging;
1 100 coils Rope;
4 bales Ba-ging Twine, for sale by
Dec 3 41 Water street.

Iron, Nails, &c.
'fl TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes,
0J 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;|
20 English and American Vises;
20 Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and.- Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;|
1000 lbs Cast and German Teelel, for sale by1
Dec 4 41, Water street.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

Saratoga Water.
QUARTS and Pints, fresh, lor' sale
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

Blank Books and Stationery.
LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Books for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 "H. F. ABELL.

For Sale,
+BBLS.I FLOUR; 50 bbls. Whiskey;
1uu '50bbls. Molasses; 20 hhids Sugar.
Just landed from schooner Ann, and for sale
low, for cash, by
March 27 NOURSE, STONE & CO.
HATS and Caps by thecase low for cash by
For Sale,
1 HHDS. choice NO0 Sugar;
U50 bbls Flour, by
SALAD OIL, just receivedand for sale by
1 Apr l 17 H. F. ABELL

Bay Rum.
A FRESH supply of A. French's superior
Bay Rumin, just received and. for sale by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.

Dry Goods.
D RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannel,, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Htosiery, &c &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO-,
Jan 23 23 Water street.

S E[DLITZ, Yeast and- Soda Powders of the
best quality, for sale by
July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

for sale by
July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

Hoarhound Candy.
P EASE'S 'Clarified Essence of Hoarhound
Candy, just received and for sale by .
June 2 H. F. ABELL.

Carpenter's Extract of Buchu.
W ARRANTED gennine, for sale by
July 17 J. C. ALLF-N,

HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting iII
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Plain and Fancy Jeans,
Doubletwilled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casamneres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Denims, Kremnlins and Cottonades,
-Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
'Cotton Osnaburgs,
"Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Su per Ca-hmrnere d' Ecse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, .scotch and Aineriran do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents I-If-hose,
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax' Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &e
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston.from Importersand Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or detail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. 5, 1846. 41 Water street.
B. Ellison & Co., 24 Water street.
MANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Wiidow Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Emerald do, Itnperial do. Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Litharage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tar do-, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
White. Blueand Red Bunting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hooks and Thimbles,Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do.-Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do', Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, MAarline Spikes, Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers. Cook's Ladles, Tormentors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do. Palms, Bigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers, Hlatchelts, Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets. Handsaw
Files, R.at Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hoo'< 'n! ito[es, Hinges. Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant Hailyards, Hand Lines,,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, Deep
Sea do, Sheet do, Bir do, Funnels, Lanthorns;
Chalk Lines, Pireh Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, VMc :ze.
Apalachicola, Jan. 23. 1847.
G REEN & CONNE1Y, No. 3i3, Water street,
have iust received and offer fur sale
125 sacks Green Rio Cofleee, (new crop;)
100 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
200 ." Old Rectified Whiskey ;
100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap;
5 hhds N. 0. Sugar; 5 do Mvuscovadoido;
20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
5 Ham.;-
20 barrels Clarified Suear;
10 ,boxes Loaf do;
501 Sperm Candles;
20 barrels N E Rum;
10 White's Baltimiore Gin;
10 Domestic Brandy;
10 N 0 Molasse-;
50 boxes English Dairy Cheese;
50 pieces Kentucky Bagging;
30 coils Rope;
10 bales Alicant Mats.
,80 bxsand hlt'-bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins;
10 Lemons;
75 Manufactured Tobacco;
25 cases assorted Pickles;
30 barrels Mackerel, Nos '2 and 3;
20 halt obls do do;
20 boxes assorted Syrups;
20 j chests and boxes Gunpowder and Hy-
son Teas ,
10 1 chests and boxes Powqhong Teas ;
2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy ;
10 baskets 11 Heidsieck" Champagne;
50 kegs Nails, assorted sizes;
25 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread;
3 tierces new Rice;
20 kegs and quarters new Bnckwheat ;|
200 bushels Norther Oats;
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, 1846.

" .' 14A ALF boxes Manufactured "W L Roane"
'2/ Brand.
44 half boxes Manufactured 'W Price" Brand.
-19 -" do, "
28 i. W Barlow" "
48 22 lb boxes J W Morgan","
1-2 lb Lumps.
5 boxes Manufactured "J W Morgan" Brand
Premium. i
Boxes Napo-
leon's" Brand "Magnolia."
5 boxes Manufactured Napo-
S leon's" Brand "Strawbery."
5020 1b boxes Manufactured "Napo.
leon's" Brand "Magnolia."
9 boxes Manufactured "Morford Honey Dew
10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars
30 doz Negro Caps; 60 doz Hoes, assorted."
Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Card', TraceChains.
For sale low to close consignments, by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.
Oil Cloths and Carpets.
1 PCS Oil'Cloth, 'I and'2 yards 'wide;
1 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
3 Cotton ,
2 Stair "
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.
Boots and Shoes.
OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ; ,
Wmin's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and forsale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.

A. Thorniton; Nathaniel W.
Thornton ; Hines Holt; Sea-
borh Jones, John H. Howard
and Edward Cary, trustees of
James P. Calhoun & Charles
L. Bass, comi)osinig the late
firm of Cathoun & Bass;
William Howland; William
Sloan; Duncan McDtr-
gald;, Mordicai Myers, as-

Ssigmnee ot iGeorge W. Ross.,
a bankrupt ; Daniel McDou-
gald; Joseph & Lawrence
O'B. Branch; William H.
SBrckenbrough and the Bank
of Pensacola,
T appearing to thie sali-faction of the Judge of
I1 1., Court, by the alfidavit or the Comiiplain-
aunt's Solicior, lhat tnhe Delendatils hereinalter
namined do not reside will- in the Western Circuit
'ot the State of Florida, but within the United
States- I America; thirt ;s, !hat the Defendants
Joseph L. Hepburn -.sidles in mthe State of Texas;
the said George 0. Hepturn in he State of Mis-
souri; the said Annie E: Hepburn, and Caroline
B. Hepburn, and the said William Ho',vland,
each in the State of New York ; the heirs of
John Peabody, deceased, and Daniel MeDougald
their trustee: the said Hines Holt and Seaborn
Jones, Joh'i H. Hoxard and Edward Cary, trus-
tees of Calhoun & Bass; M'ordicai Myers, as-
signee of George W. Ross, a bankr-pt, and Dan-
iel McDougald, each reside in the State of Geor-
gia; the said John W. Campbell, Hudson A.
Thoirnton, Nathaniel M. Thornton and Duncan
McDougald, each reside ini the State of Alabama;
the said Joseph Branch 'and Lawreeire O'B.
Branch and William H. Brockenbrough, each re-
side in the Middle Cir'cuit of'Florida: Itis there-
fore ordered, that the said Defendants hereinbe-
fore named, and every of them, do appear and
answer the said bill of complaint, otherwise the
same shall be taken pro eonfesso against them
and each of them in default : Provided, this order
be published in any newspaper printed in this
Circuit once a week for four months from 'the
date hereof. Dated April 11, 1847.
Judge fo the Western Circuit of Fhlorida.
Complainant's Solicitors. 20-4-ni'-
In District Court of the Uniled
States, for the Northern Dis- -
trict of Florida.
Daniel N. McLean, and
others, owners of the
steam boat Augusta,
vs. I Libel for Collision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula,
her tackle, apparel and
furniture. j
N OTICE is hereby given to all whom it may
concern, that by virtue of an attachment
warrant of' arrest, issued in the above cause, I'
have seized and taken the above nienlioned Steai,
Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel mand ufriniilure.
to answer to the libel filed therein, for damaes
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.-
That the said process is returnable before the
District Court of the United States lor .the Nortlh-
ernii District of' Florida, at the Clerk's office o;
said Court, in the city of' Apalachicola, on the
third Monday (17th (lay) (it May, instant, at 10i
A. M., at which time and place the said cause(,
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachicola, thi 15'hI day of May,
in the year 1847. ROBERT MYERS,
U. z. Mai,4hal.
by H. R. T.1Lor, D. M.
May 22, 1847. 1.-tff

Fraakulili Circ-sir Court;


constantly have, on ha' adr'cown-i-it-
assirtment oF DRUGS and MEDI-
CINES, which he will warrant uri
qI and of the best quality. Couvtri
Merchants and Planters mill find i;
to their advantan e to call, examn.ine and price i--
Goods, belbfoe purchasing elsew-here. 4
N. B. Pliys-ician's prescriptions T4r urp T it'
Scare and accuracy at'any ',houri ol'tbc da% .r-'uji il
S' :4 C.-AoIM ,-.
March 21 Cor. Centre "and Cowrnferce Bus. -

Drugs, Medicines, PainIsf g ilsf '
'Dye-Stuffs, Peufinm ryy,. S
,. 's f THE undersigned relurshisitlb ..
to his friends and the Iublic 0or th "
liberal patronage, and begs t1-O iilorm
that he is now receiving an addition-
al supply, which added to his l6oiie'r
stock, renders his assortment uim-I11i3 large
and complete. English, French, GC'irxAn and
American Drugs; Cosmetics; Perfutine. ; Glass
and Druugists Glass ware, &c &c are offered
to Physicians, Couiitr Merch'Ia.i'ts arnd oiers on
the nost liberal terims-all of which he warrants
pure and unadulterated. ,
Wholesale and Retail D7.gi't,
453Water stre-t.
Apalachicola, Nov. 2.1, 1846. ,.
Drugs and tledicines.,
f> THE subscriber has.:'d 'will

, < ^ A ,I -. T -
-,, s. Y .'

FOR the cur. off Vi-.', r ,i r i igi f'. rs.Pjl
ious and nerv, fni- }l;,;e! (",Istlj-i i..
Diarrahcea, Grnt, kil nr. ;tiqi Gravel, 1-',lii.
lency, &c. For sal d' 1., I sale.a d retail, by
Dec 12 J. C. ALEN,.Diugg'i't

Tarrant's Compound Extiact of
Cubebs and Copaiia.,
Stands unrivalled .f'r it-
efficacy ; it pertirn'ns a '<,
in a few days-no 'confine'
mentor restriction i-II diei
is necessary. It will b
found invaluable, being.prm
h pared with. the gremh-.
o o siossible care, inpr i e.
tested ormcipli---, +:'m"..
ulpon that i.'mrueat .1
first es:abs -d t;v.'mto- '-
e 2ebrated r. n'' ,rt- .i
'that a c,'mrn ir r, z
ilar remedies would ,rndIce a rF,,r, ,-: I;,,:-
slpeedy, and considerable dr--t thew .i 0-
lent dose of aii' si,,-h ,r on ,' In :u' u' -s, ,
disease is entirely prevent-d .1 1\, mi- .
cation. For' sale by
Dec 12 'J. C. ALLEN', i-&:. .

C A r I t A k. N1[, t. -
The remi;ei'>d to< "N i \t wnildri e ll in't,- I.. i.
t l,,n o ft h t ;' .s .\ 'ti h ;i ., ir ,. ;: r n
cesslul lori ,. 1 :' i' ., '' ... .
I. (, r.x ler _.i (! ;'- ^ -.-. '. .; .r; ir ,..' 'ia ,* s -
qII' E~^ R]li; it ( ,: .11: ~'. ~r t. **.'iF .i.i i'ir: -i ,, ... .' -, *-
I T 1' FRi 1(I;oB r aiC '. tlier I.r j.17 ''u .j' i F:i
in dn-;f'iQ.- i i wh -it --ri I'' '.0',
o01lv de.,1r.\- n O'() !SA I I i .
TH E 1 '4 t .. .. S I i!. linlt ii. -. ,1.- ; -. .
'.ar--irs ,ifi t -' i'," n'-' .t"r;;' "il'ri;, r- ," -
PREVALEN'i' T N :' KIF F -- 1- .
BOWELS OF (-li Li 'liL, i im,-"
those in' bad hIrealt TI n-ur'rn-s f -.' :..
,'" nest in which W rimns. irrid t:(' I! .. I,'
and by removing il, it is ini'('sIl|. -
rrmnain jit the body. It is Ian 1s- I .. .
,o f tie sv-teni, an;d the ,iecll' 1 -' -+"
;hixvaa inriipr vi-d hiv it- t st-, o .. 1+ -
,1-" d0 i ',lv- i'ec) ''d

V t.


STATE' OF FLOtIDA.. Tb'.- Canadian Verin liu- is:, .
Charles Barnarnmd, AbelI.. bot tl e, d i s ,uich ino 're e-'asil i', '.: .
Adamsn, Geornie- W. oithlur.
Barnard and Charloe- Prepared only by .'JOHN V ,iN : .1 (,
Larkin, MI-rch:itit, Attachment. Maiden Lane, Ne\ Y. il-,, "I : "' _
traitinuinderthe firm .SunmsR\orn t,$1.543 00 H F. V1 'FLL, A-. n,
of Barnard, Alamss Damnages $9000. Jan 9 I.r .'.pJaIrhic.l i '
& Co." I
vs. The Great Ciandian Remncdy.. -'..
John Dill. IVINE 'S rPECTORAL, SI t Ik -
TrHE Deteendant and all others interested, will OF HOItLIEHIOUND ELECAMPANt. "*..I -'*
Stake notice of tirhe institution or the abbve Unrivalled for ghe ,ure of Coughs, Coib ,Airhniu. L
smit by attachment, returnable to the December Spitting of Blood, Whooping Cotl. i ldii ji-
Term, 1847, of Franklin Circuit Court, and will my of Brearhing, Pleurisy, Cii-imUieion,
appear and plead thereto, according to law., and all Disease, of theLiiigs. -
CARRAWAY SMITH, Bronchitis, a disease that is -\r,-epuvg.'.l.i.i-
CARRAWAY SMITH, sands to a premature grave under te'linn.e",. -
Pplp lainti Attov'y. OginsUmlion, can be cured by bsingth.is nedli-,-
Apalachicola, Apriil 13, 1847. april17- 14-4rn bine.cu
Cic t o t inFor several-years past, tlhis : thrdi'rine i' hr blen.-
Fi-ankin Circuit Court. iS ^ ^ ^:^ ;^ ^
FD anklin .iDoeihuse in Canada, where it l a,, o .inm.e imv ,i-ersal
K-,Dodge, ly known, and. is considered thie.bi-nl,-' ii k, ri
VS. IN CHANCERY, in use for al4 pulinonary dis.a e-. 'I lt ilt a
JamesC. Watsrn, et al. utcess which has tilti-itded i1. mi, i it.al iu "uin-
D. K. Dodge, tr'y, and the manyI lrul r -,.ilt-i 1l curn'is which.
vs. Bill for Parlitiomn. have been affected b% it, l tn, m i.irlmr II.t.L-r l (pie;
D. McDougald, et, al. tot's to introduce it into the iited Sit,", cn,!,-
EORGE W. ROSS having filed a petition on fident of its being the nosts'ate aid valuable t-
J the22d April, 18416, praying to have a cer- rnedy ever di,:'.. ci,-,I, .,i-radalited to all (dis(as.s
tain amount of money now in Court, belonging to of the !ungs, 1-,li, ,,,, ,, the tum.lii,,ci (i4 iio.rt
defendants, appropriated to the payment,.ot his pei'rm their natural' r ia.Atv *ra0t(,,; -n-r,lCt ,a
fees as the Countsellor and Solicitor of said de- most grateful anrl '-.- -.lti, i t .'.. c ,' -*-r ,.I u
pendants arid the maiterif having beeni referredd to f'unctirons of the fn r l..-l' ,- a.... i_
me as Special Master in Chancei'y o 6i ai6 d ie- ci eineni r,.-, -x.', tve; ..n.. ,, ... I,-t',
port upon the same, after having given 30 days : sorenessand paimn, anrd s'i,--d.i ;- 1'1 i.-. r ti' -A
notice by publication in-the papers. It is there- ed vigor and eliasti('it tto tIe lrleri'rrv.eX.'i-.-
fore ordered that said George W. Ross, the def'en- Prepar'ed antd- solid ;'whxlhsale ;id ntaiil'bh
dants Watson, McDruzald, et. al., and all others JOHN WINER & Cir ,'b l,_id,-ii -I ii,-[li
interested, to appear before me in the city of York, sole .proprietor t r-the I,.t.-. i .
Apalaclhicola on the seventh (7th) of April next, H F ABL. i.
,.' __ ..H ..F r~. L Age,,t
then and there to present or defend their respec- Jami 9 'for Apalaebicola .
tive -claims, &c. -
CARRAWAY SMITH, Balsam of LiverVIort.
Special Master in Chancery. A REMEDY most perfect is-sait now 'to be
Apalachicola, Marich 6, 1847. 8-5t A discovered in seltlkd Consumirptiori, Ltqi
f-= The hearing of' the above matter is post- Complaint, or any of their incipierft1`s't.lit.it_,
.poned until Friday, the 16th inst.. on the Chrono-Thermal sstemK, "ihl. ta (,I i
Apalachicola, April 10, 1847- 13-lt Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated mie'ir'dfe, 1tk "
C0- The hearing of the above matter is post- Genuine BALSAM or LI ER oRT, \i'-ithlr e I re
poned until the 30th June next. pares at 375 BOWER '. This plan ultreawrieft,
Apalachticol'i, April 24, 1847. 15-2m now espoused by several eminent' ph)si isi,
The hearing of the above. matter is post- and has been for a long timm.thhe ecret (.f:lhe
poned until the 30th of November next. unparalleled success whirl has. atlelded ['tot u'
Apalachicola, July 3, 1847. Taylor's medicine in pe-rfbrminig its wonderful
cures,- which. in many, very- anoy cases, hun .-*.-:
Franklin Circuit Court. been almost incredible, but the ,r..i,<'lu-ii,- iM.-l, .
Barnard, Adams & Co., the Doctor can bring forward are.iiresi-I.bbi, arind
" + VS. I -"
John Dill and Elizabeth n Chancery, we advise all who 'may have coughs or sir plie
Jo nD l ,ad E ia eh In Chancery, .. .. ... W I. I
S- colds-even, to use this perfect specific w..4I. t
"Ann Dill*. J delay. "Franklin says a siwiall lleak vill ibl a
T having been made to appear by affidavit that big ship.;' Tlherefor', cure voyerr-ougt..r belirte
Sthe defendants John Dill and Elizabeth Ann your lungs-are past cure. For hv
Dill, reside out of the State of Florida, to wit: j C. ALLENs Sole'AFni for
in the State of Georgia. It is ordered that pub- nApachicola. .
location be-made for four months, in some news- CAUTION-The genuine Doctor TAYi OP'.-"
paper printed in the city of Apalachicola, requi- BAL-AM .OF LIVBERWORT, ha1 on1,.the h.. tll, a-
ring them to appear and answer said bill, else.it splendidsteel- plate I tram ie.. In t'r-'>.trt -,
will be taken pro onfesso. terfeits signed-by CGrdr .T. I.e-d-.,ar,0 ,-1 er in
THOMAS BALTZELL, Jude. vile and dangei'ous i-mIlations, and the prtlic ibe -I '
July 24, 1847. 28-4m ecaniiined not to-purchase'or deal in it, as .
R OSE and Lavander Water, for sale by protpcted hy the U. S. Copy Right Laws. -
I July 17 J. C. ATLEN. March 21, 1846- 12-ly


I _



w -ft

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: October 14, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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....... I'J
... -
,.::: -

........... ., .. ; ...1 k -- .' :.' t.,. ',' #..J ,#,.;: ..., .dtJ. ,.
... ." ,..Jrr4. .
.' '..... r' \. .
< ,
; "

011t11tttttQ. Utt tStt'I;

---- -
- --
.. L I n E It T AS. COX S TIT V T I U. ET D's TIt..\' PAT IU A. I
--- --- ------- -- -- .. .. ..
: : == ----- .... _
-=--0-=--= : --- -= __
= -. -. .- ---P --- ___..-__,_ __ -._


-. -- -. .
-- = -
--- C--- -

\ ( ADVERTiSER") )Ju'Jinr rJ Dfrcctorn.BENJAMIN .poctq.! .: half a-iln/pn running: 'sobs, uhicli he;answered .'. The- Springs;;' ar;so--much- more quiet f| LIFE AT'' TilE. .SPIUXGS.- .. -

----- -- "
rCBLtSIIED EVERY THURSDAY TY by whistling the "Crai-oviennc 1 continued than the Capes," said my husband. [ We clipped the following from one of oar

s. L. %VV31AX.IT. : II.L''O. Ellison A WILLIAM Co.; A. WOOD.IS. BALLAD.Oh lo sob, and he continued to whistlefor Yes" I remarked! there is less gay exchanges a few days since but cannot at
these flow'rs the next ten minutes. fty that, lime hf there." this moment recollect to which one
COMMISSION: : J MERCHANTS lady, buy budding company belong
G. TI. P1V1S, Editor. A\I) riKAI-F.R IN: For 1 am sad, and wet, and weary;- was ready( lo get into bed which he did .. Don't you think yon will enjoy yourselfas the,credit bringing it to the !light. Whether -

DRY GOODS GROCERIES: : HARDWARE, I gather'd them ere break of day, quire leisurely, and !;,himself down upon well there as! at? the Capes 1" the incident happened at, Drennen, or
Ruildin of TIN WARE, BOUTS( :51101-::;;. HATS his pillow with :an I ofsatisfiction., Blue
Riltzell's ?:?, corner expression Now this Harrodsburg
Third Stnr) When all was l lonely, still\ and drt'ary.- wisa. good deal for my husband or we are, not ad.
)5cf' Still
) ComniTce and Chestnut streets. CHANDLERY, ice., And long I've sought to tell\ them here, sobbed on.thinking'hat m : every sighing;: !; to say. I hardly knew what to make\ of it) vised. It is a "good 'un," aud will createa
breath I drew was, in -;,iIP of his f> If hearty laugh wherever it is read
\ emmg prefer there
ThUMS.: 21 VatertreetJan To purchase clothe, and food, and dwelling, you going dear: let usZn :
Three D )lhrs per annum, 23 Apalachicola, Fa. For Valor's wretched orphan girl- indifferenci- pang to his heart. But from by all means." 1 answered. I was not A few days since an elegaritlydressed. and

4.:. wjn l"ltlprIO'-alwe, or ;3 r>:) if paid within six Poor me and si&ier Ellen this fond) delusion, a heavily drawn breath affecting anything but was in earnest in what handsome young gentleman arrived at ibe
E. J. my young that
,1i3 l "Jtr ;)3i1 therelltt'r.0 t was a snore, aroused me. I I said. Spring. Curiosity was, on tiptoe ; nay it
I11tsI, or taken f>r a less term than six FACTOR AND CU.\DtI SIOXlEnCIIAXT, Ah those who tread life' thornless way, raided up and looked over at the man-he =Mr Smith looked into face for some leaped into the very air, to discover all about
\ 4berIIofl! yO;;: OiHce, No. 0 Columbus Ruildms! ;*, my
,-and S:' wil! invariably! be chare d for Jan H5 AiMUclncolct Fa. In Fortune's golden sunshine! baoklllg.Iay was asleep' moments, and with unusual affection I the stranger. The legis-ter was examined :
'J11./ .anj. N:.> i" >"r will|\ he discontinued until :\ deem my wants req'Jirf. no aid, A cood. hearty cry to myself was all the t thought.I m his; name was: entered in a plain round hand

1 .1'arIt'S' .irt' ,HIl, unlt"'s: at the opIum of the [n.bel'f! Allen V Co., B-caut-e my lips are mute, unasking: ; I aiisf.irtion: I had. and then I went to sleep. =Mary," he said "if you think the time I Willie P. Mangum. Jr., North Carolina.-
'1.i.tt Ari-.:n.vrs.: -0 les 1'1rp, (twt"h'c> lines They have no hear! for woes like mine, next morning: I met Mr. Smith athe will pass more pleasantly to you at the The sensation produced by this discovery

\\.V! viU 'K !".4rtd it the nle of the Oil- j < ;. IRON, STEEL; NAILS, Each word each look, i is coid-rel't'lling. breakfast\ lahli with rO>;HI'f'' and a sad Capes let us go here by all means." i was tremendous and unparalirlrd. He was
,. ,rtt': irst, .It.; f\l)y Cen s fir every suli: "e- An.l Manufacturers ff Tin, Iron, and, Copper Yet once a crowd of ilatt'rers huvn'd, countenance. Hut lie did not seem to no- .. ;My i sister Jane is going to the Capes.. I! the son of a Senator-his father was once
ice either.
''.,t 14ertIJ. I \\\rarcs.\ And Fortune tmiled on me and 1 Ellen 1 I remarked with some little hesitation ; Speaker of the United Stales Sen-ile.: and
MIJvi ) :ilvn-tise hv the year a liberal I hopp you enjoyed joiir::olfal the concert "andsoi.s i Mrs. L-, and Mrs. D-. his family connections had! long; been. distinguished -
.. int vill ')' aiiu ; but alli'lverl! eraentsiint: I Dec 12 Ajialachirnla, Fa. : Oh bar my flowers the)"'re fair
h' ,.rtiu\ >itntlnfiro\vn 'nsiness, a. well 1.11 \ WM. W. MM-- WM. W.CHEKVKR.: Atiiime and morncig's: tt-ar could keep them ; :it the t theatre. Fanny danced divinely.ler's .- think that I would myself there this unquestionable ability.

l>;il oi h'-rtlP: nit sent: m by them, will I Sims ,V Cico\ror, To I nun row's sun ,.h..11\ .\\ -ee them dead, [ i is Irlll t lie poetry of motion." season very much. enjoy Rut I have no doubt I The ladies immediately emptied their

.i-4l it tie' '1'Jl1 rdtcs- nvist be paid forh'nl' COMMNSION I I :MERChANTS( : A ad I phall scarcely! live to wetj j them Now I ibis' was too much 1 wjI! leave it to shalllinll pleasant society at the Springs." trunks-spent hours in drft o in:.!. ami appeared -

$j. Vil!I ljr. l ilwrtuemeats dec12 Office No. 24 Watt-r: street.Apalaclncola. Fla. Yet this sweet bld.! If rmr-'d \\ mUm care, any reulpr-an\; female render. I mf'an- .. We will go to the Capes," said my husband at dinner arrayed in all ihe splendor

.-c ) Itt ,,'iill.; char.;:rJ: fur aanounrJ Soon into fulness! illicit! he swelims ; whether; this was not too Ui II C Ii. I t hurst into promptly and cheerfully. \I beautiful !laces and costly silks. At the

r.' ile. I.It>.. I f.r flr fi ", W. T. Woon. I El'. BALLOt:. And nurtur'd by S"iiif gen'rou? hand, I tears ard! i mnnpi-mhj' :,,'.ly ..ithdrew j Ipa\'i"e'l Xo"" said, I, emulous now for the first table all eyes wcie directed towards the

; \ | I 'rifl it* fr-vn ;i distance nvist "rood ,V Kalloii, So might my little M.-ter i Ellen my h.i-l>and to pait\breakf.isi\ "' ;, :" I lime in a new cause. I am sure the time I Senator's son, and many a fair one anxiously

,'" 1 t I' i ,.,' It' 1.1' 'Ir ("Ity referrie, COM :M MISSION 1 MERCHANTS l: 1 saiilip n<;ml, tifrip, wliirh provoked mo PX- will pns agreeable enough at the desired an introduction. The afternoon
.', OVicc .N'o -12Vdtlr 41rt -lp ;-t' irs. :Slip's: slfepinq in th<* hollow! trt-e, ci'pilin If lie Springs.
i had!
4f."I ly. jiiintpd up from the AntI as passed by-evening approached-and aii
| ..---. J.m Ii; :\ ;. d ,rhicoht.! Fa. I Hf >ny! hor.i--.- leaves h rAnd bedding ; lablp ami eli the IIOH-SP; you evidently prefer going there, we hour before the
: I would have felt will let the Capes for this usual time the company assembled
I I i t ) f t' :":t A t. I TliomaIi.(,,, i I've no food I.> carry. there, tint I !had! ma-lp oomirnprf's: I <;i/ln upon him.i To the (Cape =Mary and year.nowhere in the dancing; room. .

COMMISSION MERCHANT\ : AND I TOBACCO T.> '-c'i-t the the I I"al!! "-lie will be fr hpdlill: But t to tak- things in this rahn way What else." replied! my husband! in the best At nine o'clotk: precisely young .:Man-:

,1 V J INSPECTOR;; ( AND UROKEK.C llh> ti! it tho-e mourner'' tears which f"l1- had T cain-d) ? Nothing, as I could Sl'(>.- of humors. "I am sure will very gum entered the hull and a buzz of aoSuira-( ;

t V .. '.. 'Si! ", 4l. \: ( I ->. i> vVater st.-Uiiice second hack room.D TrMi I lP!! which he.i\il\ is knelling Alter hrf>aHastIr.: Smi h carne imp[ In the {I yourself far better there. 1 you did not enjoy know lion followed. One of the bclle> foriuu tely

t ".. ,J ja.: iV.r.N'i s, .cJj. Apalachicoh, Fa. And tlj t rfef-ji rI't"'er... nn-ni! for me, Chamber and) seeing mv face buried) in a thai: vur! sister was !going." attracted his attention and he led her to

r .'I..f.. A'ifl my poor htile t-uter I Fl1tnVhp' .pillow weeping t I had the dance. His closely
!: hitierly- increased: ::; time I And to the Capes we went and I did every movement
J. II. iV J. 31. Hull. en-
h. :Fist.1
i.. : Mir_ I \ (flow of tears on hearing him ascending: the joy myself!' : well. observed! and from the ladies i such excramationss -
'ACTOR-: Cd \1.\1 ;SSION MERChANT;, WI' 1'1 z.lriCP are l.nd down, excellently As for my
t .iri 'l *W ) .. '\0.: I J., 'I'dl'r ..II'I"'t, I I:.i iitVVI.i-t. fearleli'!.', -ed sleeping, stairs-said in a low \'nice- husband. I never saw him in a better stale of .. as : -
i %' 11DINGV ]),.r 12 \\i.\cui.on. "A } \.. 'r-dr- will f.IIIIII.n! <"ir arnve, Are you not veIl, ;Maty: ?" mind. To me he was more like a lover What princely' manners: Such a magnificent
\ .;.. ---- c I made: } no answer but continued weep. t than a husband. No. I will that figure Such graceful dancing A
iif not
tho-e -avpnV
n f prtjifi
: (.'r -trtPt, Clarl.--; -. ;,- .1 !in I: Mum rijineV .. ? & own weeping ; Mr. Smith stood for the, space of about a either for I can't admit ,hat husband say I love of a (foot O. he is a duik of n dear
!r ', AV'V !i\'ii! ." a
Mltrj'uctila! Fla e.J ,\: Co.. W! : n nnvij inn-l' die,- may
i4).Z-e'I'-' "
V ;1"- :
l minute, l.ut asked) no further questions. not be as kind and .affectionate charming fellow ;ml other similar r expressions
C X-. -'' jhin' "Mrilf.| Tile! i hI' as a lover ;
O \l ld1.ION I :\11 E: I K C tl A .g | idling
I DANIEL J. UAi. \. Then without uttering a word he retired for he can and] will be if managed rightly. peculiar. I believe, to the sex.

;j '}' V CJ.11tl: iv iratcVtrcvt\,'al.chiciiia.\ Of two jo'itisi. bTttk"IIwrr.d! : sirl.-, from the chamber; and in a little while after! :J I and a great deal more really so. Whenever During the entire evening the favorite
; II
: : ; j Poor .I! ifv ..;.J? !h-: --ifrier Ellen '
I\ \ 'J1S"r'5, -.- I heard him lene the house. I cried now I expressed a wish, it appeared to give him received the most devoted attentions

.; S ..! \\'.;teV -kteet'. C. A. ( gi. C. II. COXXERY. No on* I, \:- ',"1 h ui! ; tllf' IIIi tY, in good parn,. r. II was plain that my husband I'I pleasure to gratify it. Seeing this, ;insteadof from :\lr. :\1angum. Many of the ladies i ;
uU: licoU, Fa. (. I'eca Coiiucry, had! that he who thought they possessed some attractions -
', ** An "H ? n.<.' ';.' I vn i.'crstitlirig:; : no feeling! did not care suffering myself be the mere recipientI
.. .-4 '.1": .Hi i'l-nraacH,1J" :IUt' Hllrld (%. COMMISSLOX I \IERCIIANTS Ant! !. !!.;;.. il, 't-,. ;.. 'trPmn! flow'r'. whether I was; 1.I"a"f..1 or sad.! But I de-1 I of kind attentions, I began; 10 vie; with him were greatly mortified at his marked**

t! ,, ':. No. 3'j, Watertriet.PLCIIICOH. ; ; ; termined to !H-e him a fir trial. If I failed I in the sacirfice of selfish wishes and feelings. preference, and two or three of the gentlemen -

:\ FA. \ : 1 in this new way: what was I to do ? The | It is wonderful( how all was changed after evinced the strongest symptoms of laboring -
t :'j\I\ I" t .:tiIpt',, Pdican .ll'lf'wllns"rair ( i. of AVu? York. under the influence of and
; thought of hrrnming the slave this. There envy pas
I'f! } I. !::: passive of a I were no more struggles on mv I I
CIJ.\ A. < ULEN/: ; AV H.No. ;
q.j tCi'TS. ,
: 1 : sian. Your friends the an'J
domestic! 1 winy graceful
a1so Ui"" 5 :J'i' \\'ater'lref't. : I ) tyrant was dreadful. I felt tint I (part; 10 manage; my husband, and yet I
.. .. Col.-and the accomplished and handsome
I could not 1 live in such a state. When generally had things -
-- ---- own Before I I
:if! > it* far Hie ) ; ; n my way. ,
1 T -U, t INnNCE: COMPANY: : Joliii S. Ilsitrh! ssUCT10NEER !>.% ,! _........--.........__,_- :Mr. Smith: came home at dinner time I I could not turn him to ihe right nor to the Major, were completely thrown
",, / *. C'ittjofic Yarir, .\ .ANi> ( 'I .j.j! "t'-: I was in my chamber ready nrepnred for :' If'fr. though: I strove to do !so with my utmost I into the shade and voui humble servant:
""I.. 'I 1''vYdter street, MERC1IA I N !r ;1 i"jCtl1:11F UI a snsli: of t te.irs. As he opened the door I I I strength. Now I held him wilh a I Rustic. was driven from the list of competi

) \ utichic.ila. Fa. No. :)0,1t'r, ,,tu-.1 i. I '. --'- =.': .. -- .. .- ..::::::=::=..- looked tip with !streaming eyes, and then hid) silken fetter and guided him without really tors. The Senator's son was declared victor
_. ___ Solicits natrnna.:;e. AP\L\CMI.-OL..., !Fa and did he bear his honors. The
[From IVirronMH; IZIIII* for .\tmI-m; ] my face in a pillow."Miry. intending! to do so H almost direction.Several nobly
V i. J. i .1'r V <>. I any
: i t"': ,. \ ., \t1.... I.I 3Xiy .Iai. F. l'al'I'iol': THREE WAYS OF VNAOINV.: (; A IIUBAND. '- : ." he saul with much kindness i in years have passed: sine e that ever- next day Mr. :Mangum was again the reign-
: : '. !'.' GENERAL I n III''N': : : ".. FOR WAR i DING: ..VCOMXHSIOV I I. 111"'f1lU'. "hat ails you ? Are von ick?" to-be temerrbered happy visit to Cape May. in< lion. lIe was flattered admired and

: ,..,(1.'; .to'.' ,', : ( :MERCHANT: I'.Y :MARV AI.E
__ ... _.. .t.4''I'" .' i. :; .. jV-' .. X.,. 30( Walertrrrt.Aijla''lncola.. FJJr. And I am :::0102 to I tli* Philharmonic.I I (1111 I I ""Inol reply. I meant to punish of my husband and yet it is" a rare of the charming Belle enabled her to
'! .:. ivotii & cTll ',., ---.- .-----.r.j --. -- ihoncht: you understood t thai," I replieil' him well for what he had done a. a lesion i: thing that my wish is not, as it used tn be i ibelore engross the attention of the ardent South-

.. \ : Ji-V: % iiIG 1 \\ jullcn, w'nh} t-qual( rcsolniior.. ; for the fui n re. I next expected( him 10. \"f''Pre married his law. It is v.'ondeiful erner. .

.1!i :iiTijvr i >, j x'Ji'TlONEER AND f COMMISSION: % : r : .. Oh.ro! ,' well." he said, not sepininz to draw his arm round] me, and he very tendermd } too, how he has improved. I am sure Evening once mdre advanced and the

I ,_''J.. 1: 1"i:\. ..10'. MERC i !:: 11 AN: 'l TStilielts Lent all ilisttirbed. "Then '> on can use : sympathising in his word-? and tones.Hilt .- : he is not the same man that he was five I company again assembled for the purpose

: ,'.li .l1 .: 1"1." a s'wr! ,. f>j Pubiir I'.ifiia the carnage: at I the door. 1 will walk/ t to I timetlmeatr. : I no !such' thin" lie I quietly w'nlnlrew .i years ago. But perhaps I see with differ-I dancing. Mr. )Mangum was again; by the
\' .-. i .-- -- ()r'f ->i \P \.VLVCIIICOI., V.\. side of the happy miss, admiring her -
I the hand lie had
\ ._ I placed! upon mine : and rot eye';. At any rate I am not the samewoman appearance
\.f Vu:. %. ,\JcKF. r.I';' I -- t; ,94'--'-A-: !2f- rjn'- Saving; this :-'i- r. South- ttjrnrd]- from- me I stood! hv in*. I POM.I!:! feel, t thought not see, '1 ; or, if the same ferun1ilie. what I !, : acd complimenting her beauty in the
r. ,' 11. uzi.!. Ilchhralf'l1111)) Jlkrd 1 I lieinl! liiin in rod! attitude.ie | most extravagant language: when a steamboat -
-'.) '.' MISiJONE'Cn: ; .\ANTS awa" ; :i erect I,| then wms.I ; [
J I I .:. '. !, ;t.'1t..; ..-...'.,.t. \ : r i I 1.:1, i Cin.. .--
\" 'r: Ifl" the :Musical l 1-11111111all ; tlien I hn.ir'l' Ille again. !I II man-igfi: a husband. Of the three wavs so ''i around him for a moment, he remarked to
j- "-..'.! \c: I I ,' Aiin'" I!' Rj4 :;. street door! close! and I heaid my hii..)b-ind's I I:1.: -till silent. A little I while after I faithfully tried your fair readers will "be sino the writer

: ... ,' 3 .; ';'S'. I, -; --- .. ..----- I J (in lie tu; < merit its lie left,, llieIHMSH. heap! Tim move across the floor and then loss to determine which is best. I make Well, he's cutting it fat."

: I I'. ; : ,v i''il "Ot; ally, \\',, "', ,,'*. '. tiu!! :< tiioirnMit for the i'himber, door shut. I was: once more I 1: these honest confessions for the good of I "Who ?" I inquired.
," ';, ;" :? : : I .tion, I Iful'nucl\' the iloor Miiered( alone.I I I ; hu-band my My steward," he answered, [pointing to
: A ff' t.; rioxK l ) : (K (u. i rtlf) to i -ex. My Mr. John Smith, will he the Senator's
I Ihf' I'jini.iaf. stiiil ni'lfied' tli,- n-an i to iliivIP *- When/; the hell, rung (for 11innf>r. I felt half no little surprised if this history should ; son.
'JJic .N'a ;H. Wiii-i '.< '.
; I
. : .. ." 3-u 16 :A. d! ,''jlll'! ''!i, Fa.ucTiov -ulieie ? I had! nit lirket' for the. con- : sorry that: I had cottunt'nl'edlhi" new mode meet iii'. p\ p. and it is most li1..ely'. to do !so, replied that h*> was misttkenibe individual .
. I eri : nor could: I !:o :dOlIl' I i of mniLisins, rnv ii iiha nih. but as 1 Ind he- for we lake your ma ;lzint". But I have no was Willie P. )lao llm, Jr. of

i. IV .\bpU. i). nailfu (ii. "To the MiiMfal 1 I Fund fI a II. I !,.rive.! !!no I \\ IS determined' to 50 through with it. ;, idea t that ii will interrupt the present harmonious North Carolina."
\. f: t ; q t : r'(1h. t t.L \ \N!> Cd MM: >SI.I\; MERCHANT: '' Mangum indeed," \tB the reply it's
m iil.i mi, hes..iol. standing -ilh his !fi'iu i'i "rsIOlldlil1 He'll a' least take care how he acts in relaiions existing: between us, hut
;: S I ,'T' "".. 1..I..a\t".l.,. AND .;Ex1it.Isl'; : :! time lim, of lii. hat.I I. i future." Ioiid.. I did l not leive; my cham- i rather tend to confirm and strengthen them. I Tony Welch-mv sieward', and a very good
I :, ;tc '., FiAZI'.A Steward."
, .1' "Itt AL. I tried to think what: I should do. To heconqiiPied her t in jniri mv husband; nt the dinner table. !
-. I t.r..;.l I:rat l..t ir ut.n-iV I'41 trj trit-.pry, \ (:::j- Cuttoti b'lUh: R.-fer-i! OM urdi-r.I I.> was hard. And it was clear that; He s;,, h i.) ; iisnil I Ii IUP. :is I rnuld tell hI the I AN A ECDOTE FOR ALMANAC MAKERS. I The news circulated-Tony saw the captain

'I,1.j .. hi1I14, ,Fa. B. F. H..LPEN, ? I[ could not go alone. 1 rinsing of Ihe hell for the servant to change Every one remembers the pleasant: anecdote! I I and disappeared-the mortified Belle
'__ I J. G. [>exI..p. ) :New Orlri I No." I replied grasping hohl of tho first the platesind bring in the de ert. I was told of Partridge the celebrated almanac ,: took the first stage and is now at home

1. O. O n- lea, ...... that mind "Driveme fretted and his maker about 100 years since. In travellingon !! deeply regretting tint she met and admired
M I : rWVL x \1cKI..ZU:, ) suggestion came to my exceedingly ; more so by returning ,
V;.,. 2 C'llun:1U: ilr.iMiwzs: I \Ia,..(' IICI'1 d. : horseback into the the Senator's son ,
)'., l'i. A'ulaclin'a! ; .J I .i. lIui3Jcofcssfoual i-uI'1c! J' lo No. Walnut I street. I to his business without calling up i to country stopped .
), hl
--' --- -- I had directed him to the house of my j see me, and making another effort to dipelmy '' for his dinner at an inn and afterwards call-

! 'qe ij I. Zilti'JIt1)X S-iltor, j Xoticrs. sister wherfI I thought I would stay until grief. td for his horse that; he might reach the I FIGHTING P.taSnN.-\\'e have seen it
I IllCll.NT, and then I next town where he intended to sleep. stated that one of the comp lue:). from Mississippi -
after eleven o'clock, return home, For three days I tiled this experiment 111 I I
!. \ i. I ; Water >trect-Up !st.iir, -- leaving; my husband to infer that I had; been upon my hu>band, who bore il wit ii I the uni you would take! my advice, sir" said the: at the battle of Betina Vista, was

I, i fJO) (". I I.1SI1. Analachtcola; Fla. "O."SYDXE\r\\ (}KEEX, )1. D to the concert. Cut Ions before I had i. flinching heroism' of a martyr. I was:' forced.i ostler, as he was about to mojint his horse, I!I I commanded ba- Methodist minister.. Just

-\LURT U3DGE. ('II\U.F.S 1>R.4TT. 'XyMay: :: be l'iiaid: at bis: ro-idenre, corner of reached my sister's house I felt so misera-j I i i last, to come lo, hut 1 was by no means -you will stay where you are for the night as before the battle commenced and whilst thr
; Cc'ttieauJ High streets:! oppoaile the MansionHou 1! \ ou will .urely he overtaken' troops were forming, it is sai'd he deliverei
by a
OOIC 4.V Pratt, \ ble that 1 deemed it best lo call out of the satisfied: that my new mode was a failure. pelting
; MPPINV ii COMMISSION: .MCSICHAXT5. ->e. Nov5.. window to the driver and direct him lo re- :J: For all ;Mr. Smith's assumed indifference. I rain." "Nonsense! nonsense" exclaimed the the following pithy prayer, at the head of hi?

: No. JU Water Street, I) A. \\'. turn. On arriving nt home, some twenty :i: knew that he had been troubled at heart, almanac maker, thf>r.. is a sixpence for your i:i company" :
J r. Chop ma iOiiice Be
I with this in the
conflict ol
X.-" ..\fJthchicola, Fa. minutes after I had) left it, I \\entloiny :']I :10111 1 was pretty well satisfied that: he would my honest fellow and 'good: afternoon lo i us day;
___ {;:>- over the Drugstore: ot B. S. Hawley, 'I 3'1 ui."' He proceeded on his journey and Lor i !_We are few and the enemy an
think another
and there had twice before
chamber, a liesiny eryinspell provoking me to
, II. I. Taylor, (entrance on Chestnut street.) RcMdence at the Be with ihou with Joshua
sure enough, he drenched "jnny. usas
I to myself. I don't know that I ever ,, of tears.: Upon the whole. I felt pretty : was in a heavy
; tr.Tt vSION I .AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT hofilately occupied by Dr. IJalt/.ell. I, essay shower. when he went down from to Bcth ho
1 : : January1U* 1 HI J t.< 2-tfW. felt so had before in my life. I had utterly i' Mire that I had discovered the means ofdoing Partridge was struck with t'eimiaui's '! Gilgal ;

No. :-J.!:! \\ oitcr- treet.I -- --.-- failed! in this last! vigorous: contest with my with him u as 1 pleased.. I prediction and being always intent on ron and Ajalon., to Miiite the Amorites. W .
I '.',1 1'H ta"h iI'" ", O; t. l>aTTORNEY \' husband who had come off perfectly victnrictH. i j A few weeks of sunshine! passed, -I must the interest of his almanac, he roi'c' back on do no" ask thee for the sun .and moon ti
___ ____ __ _
__ '! : stand still hut of
the instant and grant us plenty powder
: -Frtiii4- 11oiziii- \ : AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, .. Many Litter things did I write own lit ti the sun did not look :s. bright nor was received !jy the ostler

.\"II'JLF-'LF: t'I) rUT ,,1. nr. ....fR, INs Offers his service* to the public in cither ol the against him in my heart and largely: did I Iimgnify feel so warm., il had done in former limes with a broad ,grin.Vri: sir, you see I eld plenty of daylight anil and no under cowards. Take

''lV ;'JJiJ,. B'Jor.;;;, SIIOK( <, HATS, AND \I above capacities. his faults. I !believed, I thought J: and then our wills came once more into was right after .all." Yes my lad, you Rough. ; Amen Ready M a-r-c-h." thy spetia"chsrge.

Cf.OTIIJ"\G &r.Che He will practice re ulaily in Franklin, Calfioiin over every t thing:: that occurred since: we collision. I But t my tears fell I I upon a rock. been sr", and here i is a crown for you on condition i -
l : tn'it-Strect. \\o..laeI1la.! .. and Jdck-onCircuit\ Courts'-and wi.l 1 1, upon. were m-tnied. and) selected therefrom what- I I could not see that they made t the least that you tell me how you !knew of this !I! His company t performed prodigies ou th

If. R. Voo: a special retainer, act asCountl, in any Court ovr could justify the eanclu ion that he-was ., perceptible j impression. "l r. Smith h rd l his rain." h Ta be sure sir." replied the man ; \,I fed that day_.

Wood & Co.1CTlOXEER ot the Middle or Western Circuit. He \\ill al-o, :t self-willed! nVPI hearing: unferling man, and oun way; and I rned ahout it until I !!ot "why. {he truth is. we have an almanac at i I I i A lady was told the other day by a travel

:\ AND COMMISSIONMERC : argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee did not entertain for mc a particle of aflectio -, tired of that sport, and in very weariness our house called "Partridge's Almanac" i ling gentleman that io a certain country

HAN I'S. the sessions of which, he will always be ,". gave over. For i ihe space( of a whole year I and the fellow is such a notorious liar, that I every lady who had a small mouth s pro

N'fi. 2 Columbus Building, present at, unless ;prevented by accident. It was clear that I had not been able to stood upon tears as my last defensible i poiliofi. whenever he ;promises us a fine day we al- '! \'idet with : husband by the government
) S ISiO. .
.: 1 1. Al.cliicoa\ Apalachicola September- .- ,--, manage my spouse determined as I had I Sometimes I I didn't smile I lor w.-eks. !r ways. know that it will be ihe direct conlrain. !I .lh it pothibul," sailJ the lady. making he

L'. I kitli V Co., ---- A. G. .Scmmcs, been t to correct all I his faults, ;and, makf; \ him I 1 Hut my, husband maintained; his Around likea I Now your honor, this day the 21st ;I a. smal as she could. The gentleman

Co( 4 4 I"t'J.i >; M J K it C II A NTS, one of I the best mot conciliating, and loving hem.: June, is put down in our almanac in-doors ; that if n hdy: had a larg

,', < T 'Vit-r <'f-"t. ATTORNEY Simmon's AT I. A Bin W. of husbands with whom my wi>\h would. At list I gave up in iH pair.; Pride self- II as settled fine weather ; no rain. I looked at I mouth she was provided with two bus
.ti .. Fa. Jfo2 Capt. Ming,
I -- __. ___ __ y.::: .:....'-.M... (UJOffice cor. Centre, &. Commerce streets. l he> }ii'v. Still I could not think of giving up. will lIIgf'r-ali Wrre conquered., I was :a that before I brought! your honor's horse : bands." "My gr.lcous," exclaimed tb-

I. C. \U..u.V'I.A..i nov:; Apalachicola Fla. The thought of beina! reduced to a tame woman in the hands of n strong-minded 'mman.I out, and" so was enabled )put you on your : lady. at the same throwing her mouth

\ ; ui t ..tu! IJ 1;' r .1) -. submissive wife, who could hardly call her I If i I could not love him as I wished to love g u a t ii. open bits full extent. The gentleman became

nu: ; I J ;l'i';- 1.-\Ir 1>. ull.':;. II. E. Owens, soul her own, was not fora moment lo he him. I could at I least obey. In nothing did alarmed, made his escape almost im .
f'I. .: :I i-i ;>. .:. .. c,
41..... ; ATTORNEY I AT LAW entertained. On reflection it occurred tome I oppose him, either by resolute words or The people of Cuba have enjoyed a singular mediatelv, and has not been heard of since.

-' r t 1 1 I .it1 if ft HI.I CLAYTON: Batbo'ir County, Alabama. t Ihall I had; probably taken I the wrong method tears. If he. expressed a wish, whether tome exemption this year from yellow<<: fever. ,

I I\. A. ...." ', ,... I. \ I 1,1 J ) 'EtV I .\P.\oC: .,....c. 1S1G. -u with my husband, ] There was a touch ofstuhhornllp" agreeable:: or not, I acquiesced' There have been but 15G cases throughout' THE WORLD HATES PRETEJCK NOT
.. I. j --. a V ,).) n u"rct'trt"t>h., April2'J.. ) s I in his nadir I that had arrayediueH One day, not long slier this change in my the island and the proportion! of deaths in ; PIETY,-It is not true, as this; bad wrier

-_._! "_ _.____ i ichicula, Fia. John Bilbo, \ ns-iinst mv too earnest efforts to bend conduct toward my husband, he said: lo me, that number only' a little ov'r fO per cent. :. (Dr. Styles) is perpetually saying, t _

p ,.. a. S. "111i'Y vier.rJl ATTORNEY AT LAW Iii III 10 my will: A better way occurred. I Of I rather think, Mary, we will spend a Out of 74 cases! ill lhe city[ of Havana, there world hates piety. The modest and unobtrusive .

\.. \ M.II H1 ION MERCHANT, ALBANY, GA. Ind heard it aid !by nm fine. or had read it couple of weeks al rand '\Vine Springs instead was not one that terminated fatally. piety which fills the heart with I .

No. ii Water street, practice in the several Court'! ,.l 'the somewhere thai no man was proof against of going: lo Cape :May this season." human charities and makes a man gentle

Jet Apalachicola, Fa. WILL, Western Circuit, and Ihomaand woman's tears. I r..pliedVery well, deal ;" althoughI SHORT[ AND SWEET.I to others and severe lo himself, is an object >:*

Stewait cc.unties On the present occasion I certainly felt had set my heart on going to the Capes. knelt before Lizzie's feet, universal love and veneration. But man 1.
A very & Jones, :.II-tf I In ..lIlhe anguish of despair, kind hate the lust of' when it is veiled .
it. ti.s k MERCHANTS Au.3,1l5. much more 'like! rrving than laughing and My sister and her husband and a nu-ober. of And vowed true affection there power
; ) ,
_----- --- my
------- -- -- ----- soil ,; (uirl I I friends down and I anticipated and under the garb of piety ; they hate canting
No. 43 Water street. ----- -- w. ;: ri-i Mi.iiipr, can honestlyaver I my were going She cried in accents, "short sweet
_!:. Apalachicola, Fa. T UMBER IN'PECTORThe undersigned 10 an-iear! hfdlPIJ in tears on my hus a good deal I of pleasure. I did( not Yon whming-fool resume your seat, and hypocrisy; they hate advertisers aDd
._ Lj having been appointr-d; Inspector of Lumber band's rt-tnni h.r i.v,'en eleven and twelve know of a single ,wr..onvho was going to \V AT ARE you 'BOUT, A SQCATTIN' THAU 1" quacks in piety ; they do not choose to _
E lw ird TicCully, for 'the County of Franklin, offers{) his services to insulted ; they love to tear 'and impudence .
t o'cloi! I k horn ;IIH! theatre.; I cried from VPX- the Hrandywine Springs. But what was the folly
J1'II-S;;40ME1CIIAXT! AND DEALER the public in that capacity, and will attend to all a'ion as much us fmm any other feeling. use entering into ;a contest with my husband Poker players, in the steamboats on the from the nier. only .t
GOODS AND GROCERIES, duties appertaining 'totaid arrointmf'nt. river, instead of "I be a (or wretched and the
CORNELIUS GRADY. \\V.e! Mr. Smith came up into the cham ? He would come off the conqueror, Mississippi now, saying, sanctuary

jv. "f' No. 50 Water .Apalachicola street. Fa. March '22, 1S45. ber where i, lay, I greeted his presence with spite of angry words or ineffectual tear pass-," say,. I Santa I Anna." good.-Sydney Xmith. .. ,

r J
., .

C t' .. < ; ." :". -e r .
'Y j .-
.iilt .,..' 'qa .: ., -,(. ;.

.,.., : i'... ;-, .; . ,. nl\l
,- .. ". ..
... j
-. -
\'w- ''. '". ". -i'J
.-" : '..., .- ,p"t .' ".
$. ". .
; -
\ .'.,. ..or. -,. .. '... : .. .. : .
,. .
; .. .
,. ,
'.. .... "
? ,) '
f ;
'" "f" < . __ .. -I ; -
'I .. : ',. _t "- .4: .
i -
""U .....- --- -- .... ... : -


, ....... -fj -- :-
-_ ... . .' .110 .
--- q -- r- --- -
-. -- "..:;.. ....... 4,1" ,1.. ."'.! '-. <'f re -. .' '.'". ,"'.' "- '--- ss -- :
!'. :;"

-- -; .'<-.JHi, :

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: .. J .\ J L.M JU -
__ ._ .cnr..A.._
_. __ -- .11'IlK._ K .- ,;_
-- --P"-. '00 : -
_. __. __ -- ---- --
... -
-"I' : -- :- ---- -- ---1- -- -- =-'-' --= -- -: --- : THI COTTON CHOP. Tilt; UALLANT JJKAD.-UAPT. AYDr.a. e
DOMESTIC EDI'CATION OF HIMALtiS.CV I OIDiit: : O? AtfKICrLTtTKK.We I UKAUTIFUI.: "EX1'R\C1'-'fllc New YOlk of the 1.lr"ill be a f.iirjiveiage SON.-The Norfolk Herald tat 4" ;
[(1::0 jIJIBUU I LIJ\ I\DVERTi'iSEIl.\ In this section : C d
REV.:. \VJ\S.0\V.. i :ij'; :::agreeably; siilpiiscil: Io perceive Tribune publishes the address of ExGovernor ciop : It is perhaps fully two weeks ,' Jarnc9 \ ougy nerson, of lire 2(1giment : \I
The great dan;.'t to females at he, pie- I that' kingly I
sent time i i" the t.eglect( domestic! cdumtitin. .I ted 1 upon the tillers of the soil. These honors APi-1C1flOOL1; THURSDAY. OCT. 14, iS7.r.Theilowingzenikrnennreau1horiLed. 'm I that city, on the occasion: of the funeral weather i is maturing the bolls very rapidly among I the brave I1Itnh( fell in i li., lPfYhiJ" I '

Not only themselves, but hish.md have lint long 11'(1('nlc,! I led i(the useless = -_- :- -- -- --- -- -- .-.: Danil O'Connell.V make and the worm has not generally done much conflict was a native of ihis city, and

families I lie CJ.inuiiniiy :.t large/ I's this I (:t.IASt'--t the. "'I.prOllcNs-lhc titled ( obsequies of hiirtn. Should frost cool inue ofT two wl'I'ks. oldest son of the Lie CIII.'illiam, Ammder.

danger impend, ; lly fir: tin* gre-iicts amount paupers who Ih'ct the -e-\pensr of those who A?lls! for tbiCoMMr.uciAt.. ADVE1'f1SCC, and will the following beautiful extract from the c.oidinm \- longer the crop will not f.di. far abort of si ll). of ihc U. S. Mi.rimr corps; w Iii. ,oa :

of l h.ippiuejn\ civilized life isfound, in lie work. I In limes of old.', i lie successful I cautliilates receive >nl receipt foraubdcriptions, or udvertiseV".M. of this t truly eloquent address : last year.Ftom: rted into one of our most ancient, atj! r"pect.iblc .

domestic relations. and must of this depend* for knightly (favors wI'rt 11'1 of blond. ::- Thf-re i is sad news from Genoa. An aged S. the lights I before t0." taking! the I ':'lIlilic'. I Having Coinjrti.j[ I[* _

on th<' do-nestle! cult u u(' iinl liahiis uf ihe -bold robbers and;I ciitihro.is.I I I I In 1",11'11 \V".M.:! W. CtiKuvrr, K"', AllMny, Oa. and weary; pilgrim, who can travel no further whole cotton region iiitn \'j.\V tin crop, schol.isiic yiudies I a home I I he "asas emrre 114 .
wife an.! mother. Let hI'/ he intellectuallyeducate. days. wealth, and: high bitiii Inve munlyconstituted -Major_-_._'-_-.1,Af'Ii_ _li.lw.'I.Eul.llJla._____ _. .u ._ -._Ala.roi'csDET_.___ ,____ ___ I passes beneath one of her ancient p.d- should il In :arrested' forthwith will still exceed a C.idel al the Military lCUr"'yar'e:
: .! as highly as pn.<.ihle! l let, hrr moral the chims for such ds.iiiictiutis.| h : ; :\\Cf':. saying; with I t pious rcMjinaiioo, as heenteis I two 'milli.ms of b.il'-s. to which may; be Point, whence he graduated: .JlIh grP.t r.rt '
nnd suc'ul' nature receive the highest although hi eminent i instance: **, i ih"V I, I havuIteeu its I I silent? chamhcrs1.11.. it isGod's added; r twenty I thousand bales; per d.1 y from I : dit, and] entered I ihf army, w .- erte 111 \

graces; of vigor and refinement, I'tiThing conferred "P"1'1 (.f great attainments ZACI-IARY TAYLOR. will I i hat I never shall I see llotno. 1am ,now till i ilue; first of November or the first !I J83 I '. I HR was first 1 sra lune,1 a11J1 "hlllt

with these lei the domestic lirtues. find.) ;arn in science and 1 i the, arts! ::ud I lr re. -, --'-, -. ----- --- -- -- -.. -- .-.--- disappointed. But I am ready to die. killing frost. Tins is our judgment) and we the l (room her of. Maine and! border tif lhei 111|, l\ 0-
p'.e place.We I ward; of literary ","'r't. -- -( : -- the how far VVKire' correct I h ilispmed territory." wht-r I ** I hi* "II
CiOViI\.MKNT: COXTKAfTS.The : : It I t is all u tight.) ask I I reader III note rf'lIt.li/J..71
cannot say much to our daughters; Hot tin* PII'suil ff Agiictihux*-tlic anthat of this has culled Thl'111'1 Ii," though fading.: Quern of or ol het we. i Every: live days: of clear I .duttit four 'y..arsV;,' lieu, ordered |rh liln
abut*! their being wires :1n,1 I lies at th* I loon lation, all ohois 'he; publisher paper) ; : ;;i .icki anil I
mothers lint weiiiisth .. : --1 the .Meditcnaneaii; hold* anxious watch. ,moderateveaih>r will m I I add Jilt hundred 'I niw, stitiscqncinly ti) 1'1111
to think much of it, :1nllo give lIre "11.lr.llllr fl vvhich i tests: not I!,!! ai! theindiistinl our attention t t to certain Proposals forbuildmg I through ten long days, over that m.ijesticstranger's thousand; bales: to the crop lorlhe next four l Hay; etc.. and joined the army m MujJ.'* )

thought prominence in all our plans for i, i"'lr.'SI. but the whole -ti' tU'ttii' (' I If i I Lilt i 1 Ilon 1 es and I Keepers' Dwellings! ; wasting ((.iiiie. And now death CI'kS.--[ ('Wi" Jfjfrsmiina.TIIK !2 o.onths a:". I HK I was an otlici-r ol hL','. .
their education. (;Jootl wives of f covernmetits with ihejr, ; ( ('i ni- of (Ireland h.is and,. possessed of t ihe '
they cannot 1 liIl .0 Cape :1. Bias; :11111 St. (Jeorge. which aretmblishid is l theie-the Liberator sunk -- ---- !proo-tisfs IlhllDJI",)l'
he. :.I least fur men of intelligence, without 1 e 1'.1 i,... al.II"p"I.I"ls-h.l.! not 'h"I'1 deemcd : I iu n at Tall.ihassceundI'eiis.icol.i. I I to fI'1 in i ihe CM'He; of Columbus.Coincidence COTT JN CHOP.: The. VicksburgMi. ing ti.iits of ;i gfnt|' m.iii ol'emtnei.i JlI11';
mental' culture ; good mothers they cianot woilhv of heraldic I 1 kmghtU I I Illinois.The .- t newspjiper $ beautiful I and most Mildime) ( i.) Sentinel: ; of UI.M r in.t. sjiys; : Ii i is worth.; UH I IMS hum like gallant; Sh.III'! ,

he, without it ; lad more I than t this they ca n- I"il'"r I lie vulgar i ; millions, has: been >o l rinding. I hat': t lie Collertor! of. 1 It was the veiy I ,Ia.1flollr by I the rider perhnp-i! one duty to ><.ile that :) tar as we i tin ihe fi..ltl..1 b.tiilp I :11..1! his n.rtnurt "II i'i'j l

not he such wives as men need, unites ihev I long ,1''pi.I. I lhal false (opinions) ) lf \Ilal is this 1'oit did not intend to pive this ;paper : daughter: of time (Church: fur pr.i> er and s.ic- ate mlormed" the ;alarm as to the womi h.tspiovcn j I ne held ill honor by hi* ci ut.trv. Hut, ;HJ' ,

.Ire sooJ housekc-eps; and. they cannot hAlt i frilly hllllalll', in the puisniis of life, a I the clt.mce: of making: 'known to our i ifice throughout, : I the woild for i the chddirnof wholly I !l'ollllII111.Ii' I" I lie 11r1 it i i- honnrdcatly purchased: ; for .h, ".111,| lot

{. I housekeepers, without a thorough and (false pride and a fast: manhood, Live: ruled own mechanics the f.icl I 111Ih" ( uivernment -* t the sacied isl.md ;perishing by' famine nor the st-emid en'-r.i'ion has done any. injuiy I t! I tl'. ui.l.ivv ;lIlllfl orphati i I'm niin-l'.,1 l \\1111
1'I'Icic6111e..ching to that enl) Our daughter the world. and pestilence itt their homes and in their j vvorih spe-ikmg I '. .lI1d l it i< IIII.111 the >{ioittof victory2s'i'rfi'lk[ IJeacn.CoLlJMTTJ II
.r IVSI red I. the I woik idmve
should be practically i li:an gin, io ".,1.1', That: the weal: ; a id pernicious; notions pro 1":1 or I ii.tttve fields, and on tin ir crowded paths of I..", m the x ason for them to do any, re.dd.image

tiMsii, sweep cook, set aIi''. m.iKc; up j beds, about the case anti dignity of idleness! :amiuselessness 'mentioned the ptitdisher! I has I io"citedlheProposals i exile. on the sea nud in (he heaven, anil on i ven should! they appear in their COTTON MARKET.Tbe receipts -

sew. Unit: dam stockings. take cue of chil- may fully give way, evi-t"hl'II, I : for I the benefit ol I his p.Irl/ls; who the lakes and along the riverof' this far Creates rut gullets. So f.ir .is our observation of new Cotton hghi.V Wfttljquote .

.;!,' ,. nurse, and do every thing pcitainingoii'.c to the comr.H1 sense which teaches that; labor feel ;au ti interest in the under lit feels distant |md.. The chimes rung out by pity mil informanon extends, the cotton corp I lie ui-trket fur extremes. f> \n JQI.m .

( : order neatness! economy :md happm I l i is honorable; ;" the l only true i wf'ath-% l for Ins countrymen. weie O'Comiell's, fitli'ig! : will :be a fair III.C'." L '.s| able. and willing, :it his own to
*' "f the household. All this they can I we heartily' I hop!, :Ami we have; an :iI iii,i.a- expense knell ; his soul 1 wi-nt' forth on chimls of ill: I good 31iddtn! :, D-Jc. tnuMlm! F..tr. Jllp.HiiMings. .
learn as well as not, md better than not. J Itn I I lion for I the enlightened: munch: v.'uo has make I known to I the mechanic.? of Franklin: cen e tiiat: rose t fiom altars ol (Chris'ian Ai.r.CoTTor! ; Cr.u, '.-\%'" arc iti- [Jill .f.o"ee Deii&irat.I .

'fl not interfere in the least with their in- set the illustrious example: of. instituting an I a mid the! a.lj.iceiit counties the ':IIII"all'rt'; ch.niiy ; and liie moninhil aiMln'ins:" wlmhrecited 'Tebteil: in a I'rieiid (lor lh,. following state .

''!Meriual education, nnr with the high'-M! Order of A !i ien It ii rt'r" sec 1 in it i theIrumph 1 is an opportunity for them to obtain work the f.iiih; and the vinne., and theeiidoianci I' itn-iit. it iooiained io :t letter u'.iu-d.; I I i of the Albany Ki.must :;il'"..,llCIt.1',

s< \ !. of refinemf. iSih : be a rjncer It-How. H'- sa>s inc tale
-. J greatly conliibutc therein. Oulv, let ihe future will give to us-when it Tin-' CoUnn; <'''' in Albam.i. will t lit' murh !I' I paper. 1 llt>vv any one can loot at t\\e\ |ni.

ilut lime I or even a poiiion of, it t, which i is shall 1 ; place. Agriculture and i ihft I Useful I Arts; I that i the Proposals e not. publishedin larger; I th-itt was ai.tieip.itei!. Although the man loot. composed of 144 lumen; -J DT

\voisc than wasted in idleness. "III'rin2. I in llr* f foremost rank! uf civic and uitiunal; i :a i paper \, hicU circulates: on the 'pot > Tut: FIMM.K: : AIJJIV. or S\yiT/ir.r.\M: f.oll.s on ih" lower branches wit' lost |Ii y ilieloii rt i'ii;,roy IIf elastic cartilage gill, anti a luffof ,

;gossip, frivolous leading' awl tin-! various honors : when I the woi !; is i to be dour! we an at I a \", I' I ln\f: mentioned. I m a ;jnevions, i. timberihe : Clint 1111111 d rams-i lie tvreil looks (finely. I lubricating nil. leu rllllll""IIIII'lh''r arran* ,

IHIlcr female dis.illilhic'I kill i time The King: of Pruss'n: Ins 'ju.st r.allllH I loss to imagine, IIIji ie s it is to be .Hjtin''iifedto : $ 'two reiimmeIii- ,the: woniPii (if I' the (C.III'lOll ;arid is raf'lllI1I'win : Us white ,'IIIIIIII"IIf" :.- I gfiuenis lor :tirst class kid.ill:. and still 'fP.lieve I
and health he ( I dUlp.li! duties. order ,!.'.lil', f. cu.i\.I\ to agiiciiliuie 1 LTil 1,11we (fid: l 'in a Fieixh' 'pijcrauotiie I nI'I I the planters., I am illt'u, ""'1''. are t that II M a duty II' receive a-i nuu'r
and the domestic flur.rin. our daughters: that i is to say. to cultivators and persons who t the fact; of the Atiecrliscr being, a"i: I I fif them, which: I is th-js iraiisl.itcd; I pil.j king two hundred pounds' Io the h.indper \\ ii ho met ttiug; :: a man smell of |c,iiber. i"

would soon be all can! Ir drsiicd. A distinguish! ihem-'clv, sil this 1111:111111101 I F i paper. !H sticli! wis; t the cau.se, we can only /iiI'erally 1 : 111f'1II.iI concur in thinking, ihat. there I 1"11'' of I thoseienlricities t.IfIl"I.1,| xril

benign, regenerating itt1uc'lc111.1! j-o I i."uslr'! 'l. decoiation 01 01< say that: tlc inteifot: : uf( the citizens and theiovcinmctt The. I two battalions t ntimbeting fourteen l I will !I'! more ihau; hfi; ; crop; and I wjrh, I '. I the human mind; that we jj.fier CIIwll.llh! | ,

forth through all the families, of he land.HeahliMTid .- I I the effigy' If I tll: King of Prl"ia.I:1; : tucother : ( ought 10 have ovurccme: hnu.'i"'d I females: m IlIlk! :.) dis" fin "f'nl 'oleiably! late Lill will I s.ivf a good /".- (Ito."

I joy would-"rjMikle in many a nn.vliisntlrss I I a motto.I .For :agiicuhur.,! merit: p.uty an :1"111"1 :at ,' 1. same ,lime formidable: ;and I .\II/lfI\v depends on a l.iic Irosl.

I ("f. the bloom would iclmnin I I siiiioipiif'Ml' $ with a c'ro\1 uf111at..illnilf' feeling. -- ( ;iittIfl.; % ; T" their rioluiions, and ciisei- C'ir.tC.u.'IT..-" I fear. suit a ':'111. :
grace many a failed rheek. anddoclms' bills I and tdjve r-aviv. These; das.i' :'ire lii beestablished ILICTIOX.: "jilmi'. they sue o'. il':,'il t m to [lerfectiott.,. Cuioiisly : i.: THE \\'I.'fIlIIIJ: TIIK CROP.-TUPwtath'T Ilry eur.ile. It> his tli>ek. 'uheiil I "l lll.lI'l.,1 myou. 4' -

would fast ive plare to bills! of wholesomeI'nre. ;, in I this order-the King icseivesto : ly the last mail; w'e have ri'ceive.l inlciligence euo'ugh, :priority; of lorn ;:nd beauty I for I the List; I fottiiight has !tieen ;par- i ui my last ,:hiritv sfntion. tuaitanthtupy ; 1In,
Practical; [ I himself, the, exclusive distribute! I'II"\'I uch dIe IWltI.lrIfill,. for well t .
Educator. light to I hits I') m; i reason of difference picking cotton as astlur w; s> t the 'l.te iif our SlI'I..I."fllt.
t the order of the first classthe; second and from a number of counties, which of :grade: ; the h.iiidsnmc.st; 1 are of lie vasif.ti.i oilier puisuits of ihe pl.mter. I innsi Inve misuudfrstood mf* to say .v/Iri,

QUKKN: : VICTORIA'S COO: > .\TJON ROKK.In :.- third will be granted; to (farmers: presented I :assures i us I that I the Whigs will havn a 'majority advance! : : guard :and I.'us fif st of di>tinclion, I The cotton saved; will be in line order although whirli may accttunt fur IIII' sin.,h'it.'m iii) tntoileciiou. ) ;
alluding the. by i the College of Kcoiiomy.' The distiittuliou in both I Houses I III4VI'ilPIt them time pru.lllerill hardly be. as jinatP ; Vou .
to Cllnali"l ..hr of I Her I I of I the (teiiPial; As and mIt mier seem1willingly (: I will ;truc-. I lit. "" b\ \onrpresent
:Majesty i a 10.111 p-ipcr; dest-iibed' I il t as I will lal,1 place! anfla'ly. on occasions -.l'IIa1i'e trust that lie! power thus obtained by I their companions who I :arc t le.s (..von'"I '-" acre as I usual : still I whenCe consjiler: coniriliutiot. that you are no 'loir' ;frlaboring
follows :-' rllm is t leo yards; io lengih." I of agricultural ft'I: ival I and I lie "o'f'ml sessions will I be by lalln""II:: clasiJi/:aiion has; been J ih i i increased: ; (|'iianiity of i.md: planted.; w.- h harm rater lilt' mistav! .'

and of lie same pattern as that Wil I bv of Agricultural Soc'cti'-s! in the Prs- s-i IIStH to cause:: every guided l lv; leniperJiti lent: al.so. Tile most t melined to tIme belief th.it th!:'. re will be

(Jeorge I a his coronation.) ; The !i gionnd., sian :'i lola 'h--/fto I [ ; ( rcr. Floridian Ir1 rejoice in the, selection of JJe- vivid and "tlighiy i have been enrolled as volyieuis. )I- I to cie" scarcity ut't the law 1XI11C1 tat Sp- kin. of prIm'. Swift t,-lls IH (i n \Ia&?

or warp, i is of the richest gold-colored! silt! : I pre.entative.s which i has been made. r lId toiiidui ) oj lidli; horsc-i hi, ; more phlejm.ilu, : after all.- [.MIICOII MtmengfT.The Jimttergris:; ; .'a htt.: w limiT. ; ud) b\ "".".h,..t

of various shades. Some idea mayhefurmod AN KUITOR NOT A (; :NrLI1 \:.- Mac e it cniitinuance: ; of favcr; to the V"higPtiity : : ;as ;.."adit'ls.: Those w ho "have (ijines ol I -.-- --. .-.- is very asrecsible ; }bin when a ot m Iii!ii4tlump
of the it i is slated I that; of the ; the centnl Wheat crop of )I IdhI3afl for the h 01 t it ti* your uo>e it ';n-ks
"Mirllu no I lacon, Dayton Transcript; i tells I Ihf ou the pail" of the I'('t)1de.El luiti I. f'JiJO'fIJrIul :tie' lit body. > \11t
J less than : pie.sent ear, as ftsiuaiird I by a gentleman down."
(wenliffrell shuttles w"'re i good of his ilaise (;l' sliihier f.irms :ai. si.uioufd at tIlt:
as a ) ----- -
fonwilJ onr pail I expe now prepaimg;; sIrrtsl: it:8 fur tin i'.! eni Office
obliged) ; ?
to '
at at I tlI' : )
same I lime. ;, E\\ : ( '\l )IErco:; n III'4. The ('titiI.t* and rn -
: rience. He ys : Iit'I in \Va..ltilllolwill! fall short if8Ol .\ ha bp. '
siorv '
The principal surf..p appears: to be 1.lssi\ : [> the last: mail; IiL'le as maroons: and (enaliintrc TI not ,- n ill: the rout.-- i.pet'H "?
y we i illl
; old. all Ihe fignn'sli'h aie bold.) :mdconsiderably :I \\T. hive travelled some, 1500 miles within : 'lIif'nr.. ol tiiis cot ps (which u-ith, its' disiplinc and I ()0.000) ) biishenor! teeecL! 10.0fXrOtt: ) ;',. ihut: a 'physician: ii! M; ncliesir-r.; ( \.
'. are I most magmflccnt i the' 1 last 1 few day*. by land: ami bv' water. from (;('11I'1'.11 I .Scott's Army. by way of Tampico. ; e..ihusi.isiu. s'-eins lik,." at ihe (li.r throeoftlip bushels. The quality I of tle grain thisar;; I U.) il nJ i,!-lieil. 1 ihe stomach ot t a p.ifir.,1,

description. Those.' of tb' total The I i.ivein keepers/ : sle-uu boat captains.Arc. ; l The ch.imiel; of communication; however I : coming ;tohii ic.i il I moyeme ut ol t i Lu-: superior in every re>p ci to the crop of ;iml n"lU1'I.t"f'J.tlllH"I Mibsiancrs; 't 1"1 PIhall

the :he sii.i! -k. and ., 1unifllliv: our hats; and :Mexican last 1 vear. h r/irpleel\ )1- :rio ted! I hi*
crown, rose, nro4 I rll' ,' ,1:1.1 being; Il'tll'I'1 t ill'r we thistle, are truly beautiful. The eashthe i indignantly lefused to I permit us to pay ourway. 1 put I implicit coiifideiM'e in I I their statement' of ) i is an (', "-, ci..e of the !uoweifuJ arniusof Tr.s"i i TFif paiient v/as rrpresi-tiie.I! r s tinmgwelt
lleur-de-Iis and; other Iu sluul upon ihe "taging (' L1tr.T.I.l.t.inr the days; and ft Th,
foioign ,ali'IIIIII- ;1\1 S.iiis-S.-iglu; ). t'. ho has leservtd to himelf likely rcctiTt-r. iuedic.il
blems, are also veiy prominent) and! beautifully upon the expansive; lake. ii the pteket : I the lo"se
executed.VAIUE t hotels! and UI.lli iiiz pilaces: (f Lal.f; Krie.w I I'f various rombats.SufTicieiit b 'h__ ___ ___ hate seen uni hiimi 2, in its way. 1tlprtiflr t*I f und many u-inifd tnmmeiil- m.nli: tipnu if,
h.ive I had' fre / "' i I hilL:. What; a h.*;!py -I t and
a blow. have TAYLOR I Stilt
gr : ; I is known t to :a. !\tJ"e us that; (Jeii.Sc'tlt Gr.N. AM> TIM: PROVI..O.Mr. u U fit\ .p'/ear-; ; fr-'iii lh M-tiirhrniff
OF QUEEN ''ICTOR', I. i Ilirlllll. h"f1 reiMi'; '! among I the "d'-.id I Iii! captured I the (c-ity' alter I two I Ciitten.'Jen: denies in th; CII'(' onati Ati1th.it -'*; :j be, when style expression tl..eIh.:: following I Atiifric.f.n. flwt the {pattnr1li: ii hen A

'f3tt follrtwiiijj, is :m (' lim."tt* of rrn\-1::1!I 1 'Ihi.1} wdl:l ; erarl asveiv. pleas I' b.iios-! severe ; I h it' has; ever received; a letter t (Iron Gf: r, .1] n 1'I1I'l1pJIPn'rrmltit'lIy.: run! prinfed ; scurvy jest truly! !
"tf I lie different.: jewels ( '." ainej: i in iii; -j j at'd "Titiidy! Atv ;agreeable! :and ;ad. I i ns before tepoited( and! (hit Santa T:.) hr Hating!; that lie! wasoppr :ed to the I phnimJvpicjtllv! will form our vernacular; ? I
(J lei-n'ft ( : ,1 \,1-1: : ; ,. A ay I "f l Hovelling. J io: hHI'1 .\ nIfl I hid: retiealel., From the tons ol theililfcienJ I'XII'II..I..Ia.ry. into: If'ITI:'; V already I | Til'e' writer i H coupuentinu o) the death ofbibs' 1 L.nRr: who riihiratt fli>vvrs in their p-tr-

'rIWI u.'i ,) .. :no ow we Irt'.i\'I..I. vvhich 'II t t -. well!i I In'I'."' Iilll' did he form ; Wright i : !! t tors will er.ifiilly rfceive I he f.i>o>. iiis* re-
if"I.Ii.lnlll.is 1 fMii'.e n : -.it iii.m-Uint i- into the middle! him hue, I IThe I L'uroanity; hllpnl"V1r..n such a mtitpasses I CIIH' Car destroxin*; a irou.fL'.tie .
t. opmioo I very
..t1.5(11.( ) : t ; ,(,{, I : 111 h documents, : emanating, from the \Iexl.:.m any on subjret. r"ll.t
1 I 1 I s itM-i'h'itt 1' o comica! ;tway from ihspie uf nature to I iN! ( tit :
.1' large diamonds .C'2,0'"> il'lH'd.% 'fl" .* I i iv I i\ O. fhUal..u i states I ih.tl I a {letfr'loin
\O each.: .' J'_' V': <- itj dale( I If< 1 the joV' is at our I l leaders: since I the I bailies i w'- arc inclined i to (' : ( ; irm. T;\ !inr i 1/11\111 New Orh-atis! I! slate .t f essence-tilts'a' .i"! (f ftziit': to fe! i i .. \W-ms i ij pots !r.I y be e.isily! dff.iv-!

Fifty-four iic iJ at :I iu-i.-t. eX-I think i i thai: I Peace-: i as far off as ('t er.Th places: I the t I'je.s-M-.in: forevf ::.I n''I. bv *how- I stale t of v.'itd tie slate ot! vi-.;! iltfv to tte! I ,.J., siisrfy! l l-.v watrrtng: the hl'1111' hllt

I the a n1le slaJpr.liIII.I hp funti'T. .li 1VJFt ( :1 I I' \ 'II.''' ifi 1'Miit f Hi(' of 1..' splendid "! ni'-.s! imp.iilant, :part of the ne\.? by i ill: him I to t bo a I rite So ii i !lierlier. a i thoion l h stunol iuvi s'tijilii: v. I the I sflf' iff mitU''St:5iif'j i i r' w.lf..r. wiut-U they \le in.nl'-t h y ;j"!"' .H-:: .i
tufisui it '' IrIf'I'I airl: ChiI III.1 : anti-I Wihnol! IIIIII.n .schxihit' l to I the i-i:, II' \vfhoif rn.lUi ; I l"ucre u1' lone vv'-ignir-*>otit t\. po.ii.U.: \
nr crosses eachcurnpo-etl ot mcnlyfire :I I ) BI/dl t : mail: is that :..11,1'1nll; ia lias resigned m.m eveiexpected t-saiU---.1lid-I'
diamnnds, ] j.0i'!' ;:.! f ::" < if iir l.irge diamonds, Iti,,> tifth" 1: I t''i. 'I0' ;.{ifc.'ablc, :\10 wo repaired i to I theu.irtur : the ;aimy, which li.ibeen Demociacvf I I ) % [ ] h.ue not manifested: heir t Tiitllo: ,.f i.u 'Iar ihus bus: off this preci-|I! ifkened and \11'"1-.tirrett! tii>. it sijuuat l hf'

( crosses. 1f'1'- < i shop on hoa, ; itt I t have: i it t I taken; In}'. h assumed bj ( ;,'n. JJ'fJ'f'I't.c; l look iistial; cunning. by 'inlIhlill; a *torv io utUiiy Juts hit of m Ira.llw'olplllali..nr : I!i :11II\Y! -d f tt) 'rrlt'! Thf cKir; IV,r.r: it"Tfhrri

Twelve diamond)* ctltu.iil.'il' in ilie! 1.\HJO.I The fellow tii.I it up Ill (first rale ss: I it'. After an\iously for rUIIII"\ accounts.Vies 1 i ridiculous! and devoid! fir! truth.Aecordmg : A fill (:.ilu'i} fill sense I'tr-it-ma-trs.: v/trn I !"e turned! mitE and th** soil: i'l f.if put;

tl ur-de.lis, 10,090) .he had combed and fiI'c! our head lr.'acJll JlouJ/,;. practical I a-'tuat'ity: dis-u; !;p-;um iie uutyverbosity j! :hIHt:1 brii lu>r..HVa! "t.:1'J i i' h h t:. 'J'i'.fr

:.-tghtcen; sm.tller ii,:.nti:'Jscoutiiiied! ; lr"I.t out clothes, and slicked us up fine. : Piu-sjiirNT: ).tI..ts AMI Till: \\'IL.llI'r o of eamtofm; -\ hen ..u'kl'lllh rovcreil I i \"rm. will >,If HI' leave th** pre'mst-s I ivupon

iu the sime, 2,000) we grit gratified : ("lulled outa dime iid : : Pr..ons.-\ great; democratic Miii2 ,. to t lit' Pittsburgh! (a/clIl'11'. Saxon Ell: lish! i> si.uit-rere{ l liti..1 I f"1\"li. I aim surftcf"1.hi-" iitey m J

:4rls. dirfinoirix. "\'., on die arches j| proffered il to him. ;1. :, teward: for his "eivice j! i was held in Pitl.sburg! o::1 the Itrth, i'h'! I f it .is stated I ih.it the revenue for the first nea'h I the uig.i1itIait fPl)< JlIH/.h'r'l>ilvufIIlO"f- !be taken! oifiuid: & d-sr..y..! If JV" reinun.Jtmiier .

;!-r.d crones, 0,000) >. I He drew himself up vMth : which Vice I thiee I t qinrle.is amounted to 3. ('.oon.lIo-) : !l"IH'-\\ ;iH'" unsopt'tis'icared; ; ideas mount watrrinc "'y tw applied.:'
t:01l.,1"1"-1 President,
)::('i hundred forty diamond* on | able (I'OIlIIH,!i.. '. I II t : t Dallas attend and :addressed To pioduce' this sum, :111 importation: of up i into lIhll'';, mit UIII.' PII"", :tutJ lapse avray

the iii. id.: ant- 500we I .. I iindeibtaml.s" said }he, d.it "\ 01i i is :::1j|j by I invitation.i Among the subjects Sl'lo'iO'.00l' ) ) )! was necessary; allowing! toJa'c I into' I ih** I tic iLei'nis; liini'o of diaj h.noi; no I ; D.\ill II r'i-A uf the c>.i-;>..,>,>

? )t-MS diamonds on the upper Kditor !" !i which( he discussed was i that of i the Wiluiol been (eniiiely f.iir. AS. however it was w he.It'." I I fIi..lttrv'lf l E"I.II"'i; ,. iutf thy! vtsitfJ"
Well what of it ?" sai-l I IWe i I IAN hit' Lnn'-e fir a cert.tiii centl-iuao. K'ti
\\ ; m !
cross, ,1,000 1 1"11\ 150. From what he said! we make m the i'mcoi.lestiidy !!:flWI1.by :'i r. Webster thai; -
Vo a. never chatge editors imfm *' said : A.ITICM: or COM-j: h burgh! w.i? stirprised by ihe retn-tked; !
circles of pearls about the fun 3)0() ; l followiiig immensiV.mds would! be inevitably practiced ? ;
:llillll Contribnltil. / tJ .' Kfvturrfg
(111111 : llV.Kcr.: :- ufieuri
/ t 'mIit at.d
lie I !/ : ilisuosf. I'\IIPIII'CII}
under the Inst t I'-
J i c/ ritl.jrfih !
system we t\ '
IJut 'The I officers of I the general I ( >ii(.--Sixtyfivbarrels of Turpt'itioe i eice. byA small Ilfof ..
II my woolly friend. s-al| we. tlu-ie i : ; LnV.rnticita not til** 1"1."lIbl I that il'l'l'u.tpd Ifill( or / about linr .r'
.l '* ,ct' .twakeio I ihe i imooi, tariri "I'I i vcij' Itand-omelv and n'*atlv [.!'it up were ft' it '*. Whv! dooti,
this u shisu
at editors I
Notwithstanding such an nncotmnon a good many travelling! no\.j: j : subject. ; 1I1.0"M)00( ")( ) ) From I Ih'- sajiieaull-.oritv t me. H. S -wrfiliiile
mass ;a I; '! iln-re! i i. tie, ihimlr ill l lately' shipped Irom this port for N.w Yllrl.1 I l ftllir !"
davs.aiidsiH-.il ihercwill
be < >d the
lalwralil111 mnrhicjii' en rhalu..ui.t.t"->
jewelry indepenlcn of the sold velvetp yottr > .1,1 v\ul! | learn' that, \\i\ <* revenue for the lliff'I'ar.. .. juir ;
i iii'u i-t both htitis'-s I It ciniscfroui I Dtrn-ti, aliI I \';<. Urcansi'
ermine, Arc., the crown weighs only prove rninons b'tsin-'ss.: i Cit Congress uuon ir. ending on the firsi of December will be WI111..1111I1.: j .vou :n ** not ;i gooil man--"rrir;
( >h. ueber !: t lit I ill- :>en.iie. I h-ive,; made: some-.vhfie on I I'M Al'am.th-i river disbclievi "
iitinil.; : iid III''C no fioiibt.it will bev.'iiijiied you the cxisictice uf t lii-d. ,
reieen ounce, two I Iii s: makes'' :.'!';.()nu.uO.) Tti.11111" tiipposi; an impoit.itiiiii u r -
ta uses seven inches in pennyweights.hight, f.ol the !i it :dl up till titfreiHiimn..'' i I io all its 'beai mgs ; and I sinceiely, : of SC'OO.OOO.OIM) ) ) ( ( (). hail: i is fair at m ihe I iho: ih; we are not ilfllrllhy! ;d/t"-I jdied h ilie dlil.l.VIr, ih"it th> f yon lIur
We incontinently sloped. hojie ihal soioethmg, ; be loii'id to :rise :Sever hundireii irn-U of this article vvn |)rifor itie." said' UII"Ilf'rl'll'lIfl 'I'f
I' I
h"I1"I"ill; ]
circle to .the upper crn and. its diamft ] custom: :allowance for !
; I Itoin it calcul.ited; shipped from I this poll la-t; winter, and I theproduction chilii '
pher: our$ iiistitiiiions I racin his JaIJIIJ!
at the rim is five inches.il II I I": a uds. we have no A Goon STOIIV I upon a 1 siihI liiiirrfirm( and l i is constatuly inert isiug. Thf HIPS to ihf hcavi-iK.;
ABOUT TIIK Niiv ] nn- rndoring !, .is"mih.iu le.ist; s-J.0.H)0()(} ) ()()() imjtoitaiioo Io produce iitleicd rhi.ut.l.rllli!
'r.'nn's COSTLY CoiruuK.: -In ANA I ioiMFNT.: -The ftillowin': is j 'Icniu ; I ihey'eveu now are. rr>'he \ 1'1'hI'' 1alr111.; :; \\'" h.ive mad"; our caletil; itio'iscTti pro.Itict lit ol" I"uUII"'c'; is a source uf immMisi' [t t .}.,t ii h.mti1,1 : O CIo-J. 1,C ]>l(.t.iri tain.; ,
the Louis 1Jmiioi'V thing. wlac.IJ11; :; be done when i. : wealth.!: T'l" wh.de process i is siiti- j 1.) hit tIle tnJft "
St. all .
.llu.rriln with the foregoing ( : ndativen : h"11 I the)m new, I lui i s.iid ,the supposition I that I (he tanfi'of t lr"4G" nftfijf fiitltint. Sin II w .
,1:1" i diana llegiiiient i its: ii.u up Mi. display made by 'little Vic. on thec w.ison way i to iii.irmj, : nriy ; lie :.vvr.ise.l Mghleen per cent. We have mph.ttic.; \m\ nitffrli'd -
a few weeks ago 1 it evinced no disposition to lei it alo-ie "fjlir\-( ,. leaving; 'to IK-| I catrv II on upon a iH'P:1.! In North I I t'\ pta\er. prodncd mt I iht muni I IHume f
i'(m of her coronation, and the : I people I hc.irJ i I tint I it certainly docs not exceed i that .
1:1': :. 1 for some of the "firim expense give I, to obey ih? oiuceisol"the I steamer: :although ol"the territory l I"i bo acquired the business estimate.: i : Caridin*. 1\ 111'1'-- m ih' pin" fiiri--' ate hecitm-I I ( thai he j is oatllu havr rememliereil.
I" we
il. Illhwin estinnted value; of the cos-I! piompt' to yield sitiunisstou to its military; I i of settling the mailer! for themselves! ; :' I if. with, ihf assistance: of t the f.tmine in i iiiv. ;: ill j a itetf; nj'-asuri' e\li.tnsiei|! oral and r->.e;>:ed u. to the last; hour ol Ills hit'e.
I I for where' h least wifrt their itt' IIr.f! ill isiieally
I o1I'pfIla" powr ; imet 1 II
Ihe existence
As I sleamlioat! no i
superiors. was bicasiing ; and
the in EIII'IIP' whieh. according to estimatepiesenled '
Ump" .r'iby : an I
$ lI' r. iotis. when Ktnperur N.II"I"ln unII' the ,1I"Ient under lull IIP.lllof steam: the j! wh M" we find it to ('i"r. ih*> people: of ,the I by us the other d.tv. out of: thminislird. they m 11,,' -o'"'' S4'lto ') > A Br.-\t G.\RT Xt'M'LUSSED"I I IIntfi'r-!
"tirf'l .. i vtduniccis tlaved' themselves the t country have i thrmelvcs ad.ipied i the institution I swept the. ltimul.: A muie i't(we.ilih lies in those siaml.I Mr.I .1 .ini-s. I Iharf >:1111uu could
u'n''riti! .fa .French general, ;i dr.iwn from: (' I shady; our poits) within one \ car. forty' (fivr! 'mllioiisvvh'u I
: ; they have the I pine I Irl... III! 5ei '-v'ii. which i is just assmely : i turn iiniluog ut-atcr I Ili., ibis
side the boat light alone "
atfr ,sources\ : lifting : so as to make: her unmanageable. to determine .h woul'l never have gone hr.,;I for its existence. I any man in
(heir own institutions, I icfnll/'i ;as ihonglt II were a rz''hmt or a coal l low ".
V'-'v.-i" suit full : engineer called;t 11111,1 t ; and as the (he C'XI'"rlSHre kept with theimpoits I
tmhroideret tlmittiriii exists elsewhere op h..ii'iiiiiiiii.'e.- h' our fellow-ciiiz'' ofScrevfit Y f'.. Mr.1 Smith. I id ."
Trim boat but 'Ifle s 'i;
no one they arc not
:in ss uIiform. C12G 00 I" rcfjuest :and nothing moie, it is ;pretty, cvident i-
<: be condemned, for Kfiingliam t : and other willsernnisly I Well. Mr. '
( its counties Jones. I
tlot.'l likf ''lIiI
existence. ,
but the to ;
i was icpeatcd, i volunteers
Hd", Ixiofs, gold G 00' -I r that when: I this J demmd" 'I shall 'h.ivf
j\J J'inaty: hat. embroidery sr beaver; 1 10 I their' ground, determined to meet i the danger ceased. we shall: 11aII liS 4 *> millions .id Irt-ss lit.'utselves this task. h liiit then' is tin man; mi t"'rl lli..r. can; I tint 1Illill
of 'bursting, boilers" or "collapsedfines : LKTTKR: rno.M FATHKK: )J.1'II"WTlw" We (';11' them III' :advice! IIra gentuau !;-- ; i g: ;as well as I can whitlh il."
unuod' button for hat, weight against us. II. as the Union : ';t-ut. the .. I)
277 carnls., 232,000) 10 C '., /* rather I than; 'foteg.t lie comfort of following, says; the Albany Ert"il1olJ.r- Keveuut be still piu:ressing. tint i is. if ,ih. t viiont, we applied fur .i cou>niotiif.i- i ml It. uiisei.se. Mr. Srouh. .. lk aim11?
tii'it on I iht* be.st mode of Hes.iid wllillIaU:11! .
;.lire, the blade of the best Damascu the moment. The engineer I 11/011:111111,11 t if tIll, i is an oxtract from a letter received by imttoi laliou bo :iowinu to :amount >>verquarter \ working. can _\ ',H. wl.ntls* as *f'*
1 a : "The liesi pi.HI is in to NorthCandida as I 'torn ?"
i the volunteers would Iu go II
1'I'p shady, vvi see not how, it is ... !.|' to
n3nufalurc. 10 It L) gentleman i this I from "
city, father 2i1 it hess' ( a",1! oh! "
; bnv win
I an has
might I test I their : and at the negro Anything, u.v..rv.; tl Jr. Jories.-r.
$abre hilt, a crocodile of solid courage same; :"'lIi.l. dance: .' a I iiiM I this 1'11111111'It, i the njj.
lime fttice them by the last steamer : been all his lite in I the I.ill"" :md let him I Just 1 ; n m.t. the "
to !. As the :1rI"'f"| whmiltbPqI .
gold, weight 27 ounces 106 00Diamond "I.cl' con tim 't of December. 1 ItI 43. uf ;mI least .30,000-) ih.il I I can't
called the Regent, in lend showed that; i there were only four feet 14 We are, thank Jod, in common with 000.- [ llirli. 'lUiiff.Mr. oversee .tutu direct the whole affair. ; you can iitr II. ;,',\11| 1 will| give \ &ii a V

the mouth of the crocodile; 1,600 00( of water in i I lie channel, "he suddenly raised your I country. cheered! by t the prospect: of an [S IK'inntik Hejmblican.TALL i if f I tloo'i Iln! i:. K. ';'IC| saiUfiiciiun of .111 thlt-

the ntuil-ralvt, ati'l let 'loose :\ current of abundant harvest and I though still gentleman! P.rcscnt."
Epaulets funned of OFFICKRS.
the finest poverty N
: ; ,. Buchanan; : concludes his late elcclioneering : > wonder our oilicers '
brilliants, 30.000( 00e I steam upon (the military: heroes, who were in broods over our ;alllirted country, I thanks to epitilt) u> tile D"'iuociicv; 0 if Mexico stand! so 'Ilieii jim piibtu: opinion I'IJ.1: i r> Suit 1I; |h, .suppose wegrindstc.llPS take.l\fI

I an instant over board :\IIlnJl to their armpits your iguifirent gifts of food and m'iney.c.oinpiraih'tt 01,1, B..a with the following sentimeni : 0..". Scott I i-. over -i ix feel 1 fit lIlr. (JencraN ;||M. fur I i.a.. iou lli.I! %V hitiieaii.I
iu the t The lord of had) ) ; plenty gl.iddons the 1 I W.li '
liver I
i toiling) la.lIort'"s : \\rllllll and luru.
39 10 The Missouri Twigis Cttlonels
Compromise' : Its :adoption H.uney; and I
On i.74 routed nearly, a whole rigiment' which fled( cuLt a ic. Next Spring, G.IH'l'IIlil-I.hog. and! y'. S. Dm lh|
the evaporated.
analyzing above it May. [
wil appear in 1820) saved m the I Union from threatened: I Alajor ally. ;are all six feet orIPwards
that the clothing) hat and boots, including ingloriously at the first chlr: e. I shad: proceed, to your glorious Republic. convulsion. Its extension in$ 1SH to :any' ami like Frank (''111:1'1'. "wellproportioned. I A \
; to give expression in the \'is : .A\V.- Il vi as of the h; ** or
the person to I one
e'uhriley, was only' ,C133 10s.; new territory which, we may acquire, willsecure I Colonel D.iiuphau; stands;
while un the srfrp of ortMment. the enormous : A clergyman in Scotland' desired his hearers : gratitude that swells my bosom." the like hIPI'.psull.." And vet inIH20. >ix feel I two ; and Sit far as altitude is Concerned I- In Lienrgus, th.it lit) portions should be ci\'r.O

sum of 397.(; 'w.,, ex1etitfrd.S never to cull: one another liars, but when when the t hreai cued convulsion"' the poet. Captain; ; Pike, tmitz: ht'. }fI/II.. ladies iu miia rriie. When ihis
I any one said a thing i ihat was not i true, t they DR. CrnAIRs.-'rhie: copy-right of the 01( which he speaks; was averted by I the adop 1 for his I twin liruim tier. Pretty fair specimens;p.iss !n'al; I"wdv..rVH railed upon Io j ju.ill

TIlE COBBLER'S L\ST \Wonos." I feel l ought to whisi 1t. One Sun.Jay! he preached complete works of Dr. Chalmers has been t lion of I lie Compromise of which he has of I the "perfidious Yankees." this eli.ii"t ntierit!, he itli.>ervFi). I hal ill rhe'

that I wax weaker Mch succeeding .lay, nIl I a sermon on the parable: of t the loves and I sold for over SoO.OOO. become so sudilenly enamored he was one choice of a wife merit only should heronsidercd -

th.it I am fast approaching my end ; a few fishes ; and being It a loss how to explain it,, of I the bitterest I and( most :active opponents or: An Kuglish committee on the China. I ; ,al/lllh:11 the law w;s matlefii prrveni -

more stitches and awl will be U\.t; I in he said the loaves were not like these nowadays fcf The intrinsic value of the shipping; ol 1 hal great healing measure. I I nile, si al I that: the a riots itt of Manufactured l young women 'being! chosen 'for their

heiven there is rest for the weary sole ; they were as big, as I the hills iu Scot (not I including steamships 1 steamboats!, ; nor t articles imported by China: froth rhcUniled riches: or neglected r their puterry"r

earth hath no sorrow that heaven; cannottifd. land. I He had scarcely pronounced the' schooners) belonging i to I the United Slates.is ; EXTRAORDINARY INCIDKNT.--,-A male; Slates i i is n'-ar SoOO.OOO.) When -

." (laving said awl he wished, he calm- words when he heard; a loud whistle. put down at Si20,(000.)( ) 000() ), as a moderate convict has been living for four years; :as that understand your write for a ne.vspip ;r, be sura
]Jy breathed his last. What's t that," said he, who calls me a lady's; maid with, a female of rank; in the vicinity A gt'nll'l11alwr'.les yourself.A
estimate. The that
number of he dined
liar !I" persons immediately of Picadilly, London. The t/ennaf- 1 lately man confined in jilt al Xeyvport R. '.

SUSLFs.-1olltsry to ihe female cha II i is 1. Willy McDonald, the baker." interested I at a fair calculation, todel. : mcnl arose from the' arrival of the snperinlendent : ;ii the Si. Charles, New Orleans, with but has SPlit! word Iu I lift cily Fat. h.r'm. IM.! im-

rel, la1IJcrfr ) beef i-np-iriing a \Weel Willy, what objections ha ye to .175.000.: of police at the 1 mansion in question one other ,person nt the, table. less .they immediately repaired ihr i.ihhi

blush while i preserves its punt}... The what I lold \''." when I lliR domestics were all examined ex.cept sufficieoily to keep the cows out, he \YoU'&
Kf" Kentucky h.is2G millions Dr.
of of the
above i Iii only equalled by OI"Jod. who says : None, master John. only I wanted to acres one, and I hat roe was I the hdy's maim! King, American Missionary, h,>is stay there anotlltT day.

.Female lips are but the ; gateways, I knaw; what sort of ovens they bud to bake land estimated to be worth 250 millions of The very person I want," said the olTic.er been virtually expelled from the Kingdom: of t The

05 ft njacb beef and eabba *." 'thof 'loaves In 7" dollar /or the lzdj's maid if a man," Greece hy the Go\ rDment. and perfectly Palmyra straigh.oJ tree grows 100 feft big-

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CUSTOM ---- -

will be received at thisOJiceJ. REMAINING 1:1: tlie Po-t Uilicc, Apala-hi- FOi: : 5G.\ PERIODICALS.HEPUBLICATION On the seventh of Decembtr next. I.v d.mouncinz the (act that the undersigned

., tue 1st ol O.-tojor 1217.A.IIU .
baveas.sociated Ihemselvcj the EdUo.-
ti>;jetiiei in
u-itil the OF NLT.MBEU ONE
twenty-fifth ,
)) dav-i.f October :
: : : : Salvador! !H.i-ted, .Mr rid! Department of fIIC SAVANNAh GEORGIAN -
tF) -_ _:__: 12 o'clock, M f T buildin; t Uvo; new Luht : Itt rtt.i Ijii I I Vrivri&h. TIE: LO\'r.yc Q J YKTKRLY: REVIEW, OF run "
1 Houses ami two Keeper's Hnn--os at Cape St.t i'tI Iohn I.4jfl'l, ; Tir': 1:.MNULI[ :; ; REVIEW, we take this occo-sion to sjy to the |pat.
: ; I I ItIflBrIwII
% 1sfl, jq a1I. ftvt \ P.hs and C.n <> *"t. G.-or e, respectfully, of the Or.Lui :; lldkV ill[ Ibt 4 TIIE I N >:ini l ijRinsti REVIEW I UNITED STATES REPORTER, H.it runs of that paper, arid to the public generally, '

\ 'I.' I'I.c1v material THE \V .IINI TER R E VI ii .V arrangements babe alicudy beta made for ltd
_, ; l'ti f.llovvin.4 *, chrjic.isionsand; : de-criplions, fl.iii.;, ( Jiw: C.I1C&1 I (cd) A D.iI Journal ot Government, Legislative and traten.tt in outward
.. tV? Ir improvement appearance
,_ n.ilh11.! tft ( vu :- Butt, A i) General News.
tta !;IIItU Jtter, IIIUI ABIvli AND and that no pains will be spared to tlevate aid

1Jj4Uttdt. TOWERS. t'I1 J'ili1o,, fI)111 11Brt&tIt \CKWOOD3 EDINBURGH MAGAZINE. sustain il character as a coiiitntrcial paprr, and
:; THE s'ljirriber i is now enabled to announce the
The towers lo be b-ult of t hard brick, the! f.-nn Iltam JJkOI, ()hiII. to fill tU columns with intere.-tin and profitable
(for iheesfabJisbinent
wnplelinri of Ins arnn.. ements I -
.IIil'II. Cat "**
(.Ln.fl!: ; "jnd, ,'indations I lo be 1
\ i1Ittn., fr e% for se:MM itv, a H! the <>ul i 5e ani m>id.' routes if* flrjlIiv, p J'n j *t, t. ,: Yi-ik i in.ntI i.kttlv on t their iirivil bv tjie RritthvcM ti.d >f News at tu! Seat nf the Ga.ieral: Gtier &- Savannah Georgian such a papers the crowing .

lol1' brick; t') be hi.1 in ood I Hvlra-.lir I rcmtnt ; t the i ilieisht L.14Li, :' >;j->rs n a b.M-ilifil( cleir t\pe, on'fi ie white? interest and population! of I our State and City reI'lire. -

; 11iii. of cMh IVIUIIfl.I I.lil7i4liIJ, 11.flr'rkeur.tu..h 'er ail .ire i.iithftl ., ties of 1'ie' ori mil ; labor
rT9. f.iwrr fo be \iv-llve feet fiorn | !nj c ; I The I lending features of the United States Reporter a dictrstly of nnit If exftinltd -

1cir the! s-irfjce of the croind ; tlieir diameter 1 i at t the)i ', V I I M 1UI j } i.4Oitwon"s M\O\ZIVK !uin, : an exact fjcniule will l bf I the follow upon it ; such \ve are dctcrtiiiud to furnish.
n ttiI :;:
-- bi--e to be lvvent\-twn, t, and at the (tort twelve in, Viit 1) j\1 Irr.Iv, tiitii.sflirI.t : iif lie! tib'irb edition. I.J I.itiIifflt" otjtc moremenls of the We shall strive to make* its: cohnnns pleasing to

r ., ,- I II I \ -'i-i an I frniIv, fett. Tlie thtckne-s of t ie walls at! the base to | Jj.t.i: J.ieo'j%Vl M IIIUh, \r1 The prices o it| the! RK-FHIVTS are less thin one ir'iri'Hti trij!) )irt-n-nt of the (Socernmcnt, Ki reference all readers, and n fail? cur finable support shall
be four feet a-vl 2t1urtin SfttIIeIl I'Liiziet1i (third of t FIPI' of I th.' f.trei M arid while I they be iven to the great which the
t'l.f.'aC i principles
$ >? JJ,,* !. Mr EJurdM : llI1tk- miformly t to t two feet at t n. I copies! lo l) >:ne-tic afTurs and to the Foreign upon(

c Th- fl p i< io be ;u<-he.l, 01 which i iM be hid a I j iItytjr, Ja t.flriis are ej'iilly well -jot !I1; they .ifTird all I lint udvanta fe tt i'II.o nf I the country: will be with Democratic party has planted itself, btlievi'nthese ;

.-,. l R Iyer.5, i K: ACrtw'i iii.iw! (4 t'iiirto< and a )li.ilf teM dia-n-I ti, tp rti J'ter; oii, ktIfleOC : e to the AMEt1.tover: the NSLIMIreader. scrupulous Fidel dv. P i peculiar given facilities principle t > be ts-.t-itial to the perpetuity
.,. r'J i tJJ IV ( ,te l'.Irtt I .\nt i II'I esins of national! Ireedm and
live our the advznceimnt
t oter. iticne-t'lirk' ; t the pit.ts (filled mwith'loil : ti-r o',taiiini inli.rinjtion, the" Reporter"; v.illbe :1.
:. _. __ I ( -. I !chard 2 P.1t lea, & C ; our nitioaai wellare; shall avoid %
on "i<> .ide of whi.-h i-' lo be -cullle' I TCRM ( en.iSl. d frejiieilly to rommnicate, e\cl'i-! we .tndit.usy
Tdt: INTCUIOU. ttVed1 bv I) :! Ii C1).ii ail rock enlljicris with ie\\* and opmiof.s anti -
: tir t twenty incVto enter, I the 1
vi- PAYMENT TO BF. iively, iritelligeti'v of the iiio>t important ch-j-
Win < C P
% -3 ), cot to.i lo t; AEt
& om-ln' toonr To render the
: own.
r t. Ut I.i t'T'i. 1 bent Ii ij.ior an ii r'"i Iraine, rnver.-'d owl er.It. .- ; our Hper
J. ( (%_ u. .1i .1' <" ?. with copper. T eo'iwid} \\'.ul1 of t'oe lower lo .iu. I4IflII; 2 fcIi.trJ Jtihn G 2 For any o<:e the four Reviews, 3 per annum. -Ti\e I'ervalim Tlrpnrti nf Ihfrrocetdiit (linn hut di' passionale exix r.ent it democratic

;;. .,j'.I 1:Ki-1j- utt's culloa toI fa wel! \%.ttlt.U.I tv\iee iver. 'There-are to 1 : l. r.I, CtiV ; SuiU II, Ai.utu GI For ally two, (I.,. 5 a' fin'l DfbiHt oft'ie [7tntril-tSlattv Sttiate which principle, Ihe calmei! uralinchins advocate of
I \I For flue" il'| 1 ; ,
Il..It-1 a'iy >. 7
I !U -2 "1'':. Cfl1tt KJ ln) ( e-iv I windows in ea"h tover, oi twelve lijthls'M"h -' SIftIIII Jotiti.lj Jtiiil'iexitiiiiig For all fo'ir of the Rcvc vt. aiuqvg i ar-.d

aJ eii'it bv Ten ila instrong fmne-s, and a j boh.i'i ace. rtl.inre with t the I leirn-ot 'thecotiIract ir.-lrnctive thou: hr upon all pn per Mibjecld,
For IJhickwoo '
(!or,r-i\- f>rl by three made of df>n'ileinch boards \aiiingtoii Steett Albeit F 'rI51.ickAxla'idfhe Magazine, 3 I made at t the cle e of I the |j--t pe-i-sion (It f whether of science, littrature. rr general iiifor-
I'r t Jee luria.r, J I.. .1 I Review* !0OT(5C3All mat ion,-in a word t > make it a we'ccraeiitor!
'r'- with; n't.nti il bintreJor'j and CtnIre.4. .Thf
: arri'mernents now made will at
L'ii.h'rW3I, i:. A., I1 i, J i ; Vd% (III I I R ( coinrnu'iications siiould be adJresSe.l at once to the merchant ard the rrFcbanic! the
I l.it ,
< b. Ttio id floor j is I to be with the Senate of
Hr:'.i paved .. once fully ecnre to I (the United
1 ittlin ., (pot !> ) t'LCJNAttD) sttnlerst
the hall be
brick, esI] a 8tiTirient, *ri'nber of nrcnlurJtar States an authentic and complete record of its Ijrmer, our constant endeavor L.
(Ji. Z tI(1t III I I ILIII.ti SCOTT & CO PuWiMier*, arid if addition
this shall
) to
iiI.' itf } ta j'i *h HIM" \) > ir-l- to I h M 1 in wituiit'i Dtbiteand to I the people-.-iriagrealh! rr.Ijr ed ; we
I : t. sria,) ; q, ( \ ? Ir.1, ) ) 7i Fulton St New York.TO be enabled l by extending t>urcirculai:< n through
., I li'pt n1 I 'it' I 'i r I i' I in a .J "irl (!<'. ree-tlie !lu'iefit of t the experience, sa uity
( L1.V e1L.r hi r 1't r; Vl1ii', i'ruci- the interior, -Irt-j.a'l'rn the ties which bird
s'torm. ii1\ c > Ticot.. J !): a renttv Mf sf. Frinn ( T.li FT : PFHLIC.EIITLl and -ae-njM-liii! ) <>It tint bo-ly! In which! they
:i A$1LiCi1i (;r' .: i. lItUI V.iUS ( At < belcved S.ate aiU and
t'ile .i1it -'ir Cify trsgcther toM
h th<> t.l .! t K' <' *irs TO th o he in 1r.irI j jj % ;! :29 !have ever looked with solicitous and re-pecttid! ,
i ,,. I "&' rai: y (4 Iriizt21 ;! ; IH. \l tfV \Vtb.t ir, .1 nh fl .1OIJ1Nt74. >cnre that oiitnn>.i r.f yir.pathy arid fech
I l4i'r -'% ? }1 fl.l l 1.'b %'1I h.tf tvI ret ru.
12I._' I 1 1 un4'TI.. 1 1 rIt \ 1 I 1 ) UY inzs es5entiai t'1' both
1:1.: .3. I I .i r- .i ViihaniHarvey ) MUR Rlrj.V: XVILLIS.rt'EMsHEu to :? prerity it v.eshall
j i: '" Ti', H. no fnr'ii-'ied v\ith one r.-m- j IllTitf PrortrJin an'l Debnlrs in InrIliiiiienf
41 I1 : I.Z,? PeISI(14 C.ilifl fi.r anvil fie ai o.-e let- find oar labf M rt w.J.T .
11 iL Hi I 4I- EV'EKV SArrnrMY IN araj-ty [
i.iefe cb'-tri": rnn'4t'1or off rifh diirr.eler, ;1 Tiin cirv orN..WVOUK 111 fa t tntiticttll ;alsr. be Civ"fn with
t tt II t I in.'qtal tcrs Will t av I the) .lie i adv<.iti--d. ('Ii enable iii to cm.tu.ue ntr j'rcse'.f ccr.r.cc-
ri :r. *". i'o" <* -> s er with j"at! t to an four feel into tulie-! unpartnlity; and the uttr.os; (prori;>tilude. -
jI JO ,. S. :MAY P. M.8'5'ATK till, however and all that
to uwild wi.htnI
( :ttI.t
\ r lb. r'i : .11 Tiro Di1:2rS.I1. w
i I the earth* awnnn.I. Eici! it. ; record xvill be completely
t'alr ''itA 'iltitl -> in the xrav nt "Thr Georgian "
improMR'4; ,
I t ; n- LI NTETN.Tie X nember !.i-t made up! a'.d: a;>ne.r in the Reporter' next I II
\ we commenced the
t ;th Pt ICWT'I Or I'LOZSEDA.Cal'ioan publication wemn-.t lo .k lor an increased snppor: h"rn the

A:14F,,. ai1 rn'. and! jj.rhtuii! apnira'iK now in I lit I this ticiilv ne-A-ji.iocr on a new- i'icl| novel public ; such we now solicit and rnnf.J >ritIv expect.
Twt : J > ,h and <" l-land Li-iht County. pi in. Xti Miniiar! unilv, u.teiiiieii literiCfc I IV. .7 Synsplirat I'inc ff Iftc Proreedi *
": f'r !?S1" P4i ">* i -i t t. I mr.i; *, ",- i\'a1 :. ieJ aava'if" 111 c4are t be tranfcrr-1 to the nfl:, fi'f -. ele ijiriv-, iipinion- a rd lilei itur a'/ T'fttle.t <>/ ail tftf late Isritlafii'tif, will HENRY !?. JACKSON.T .
a -
p \ i t tII { flt3f'1O1 tC I? i ia- tht' } interns with Frenbinideand I II 1 I JLL I L<.tt t, K\rcutor: t>n tne$ I E-t .ite ot Mm trie wilderii"-f f.o r<>.:'ihirlv uiven. Mcm' er.s ol Consrp-s and!

,,,l.. ...' \L C. ur :. ; V ..j : I t 1d I)1Ii 1 wt1e bla< ki1 i it'inj iIi'e! >! t.ll! t 0'i'iU d'M e.id, I it n<. re'iv' the h'>:ir' 'Ver d -' ert'ig raprire; and (to RF .tB all caej
: ,: : : -: .. a" ..!l.a'e th tn on ti.e new towe:s in apr .nth .ii-t-1 to svii [ t<-..lAZC ":%-; ; ica.lv mfniinwt! of Domestic Lt' i-ljlion THK DAILY GKOKGUX- is pcbiH&ed Ui
: .r
I t I hi.' .i iJ! di'-'Va' f) :- | ', Ii adnlt had in all ect I' o> !
j i cr -.tVtMi far lii'iti c.T' i i been pievimj aftcM Savannah at TEX DOLLARS PR
.L Ii h.1iv .ANv3rliy.
,, t '.. i i -i : : ; N: K: ot rrli t22 I1-, S 1! of pHion 22 te.J V. Rir''j 1'lll'le ufa'I im/wrtant movrmnilv -
bv olhers.
11 .- : r '*i :"t.'r will be siho'.wd I to u-e all I cij"iI { ? ? 1 ? ; able setni-ann:> in advance: orj SIX DOLLARS
i i
V :, : f..i1'r- { : t-ju.j I 7Tin'en <'s { s rt;r **ii ii-aci1e ir s. < >"! arsd oiUtiiitialj hf ,? vV { H >* tII! I!; li. tilt* > C J of '!l ., *'
: -ltr
i.- a: > j >\ >I !J at rah be obttirw" li-itn the to-.vers and tittX K: i "i "ft tio.t 11 1, all ufT',v.-1-...1,) 1 IttiUt-! I and t, |)r. J'H'i'ii a (pipei ie!jj irUable tor i U-iule-I I'ninrr v\iil V corntr.'mcaled by every Mejiner TILE TIII-WEF.KLY GEOIlGfAX for le

ri i a n ." X itth j'id iV'ot and: t'nS i H: { t21! tJO re-t v.dtio from Europe, I lliiifi h ret'rters: i in London and! ,
14,11 and
5 } < ,
.f a> ?* | ;' : : f 'ini'wiHs at T. J s.';>V-s oint rind %t. ; p.ipnlanty. .t-ul o-ie .idapled; lo Country, K ptnlsvscd to mttt the arrange rnntof
.. ; 1.: rA : hij) 2, lIt i Ki'i f's, :X'tilli i jid: We1-.t. the wants cif t Puri->, who 1)IA' 's; peculiar facilities for obar.irrj -
,, > i-ii 15, and a!** the tiii;"ks and rt'utei.t. > ALL CH--F.S < F SOCIETY, we I.atesiiK the mail!*, three times a tek. (Tuesday;

,? / f ) I r livvs i :ii 1.4 4d. : Tni' :iiIVC 1.il'i tO btj ? iil! i r.r tu! lit'in-at of ; >i.-it eud-nee ii our exten-sixt jnd rapnilvmj I i'if.vr'n.iton.VI. Thir-lav and S.rnHaat the Oi5ce1! theDAILY

.. '. : AL.j I lio! it' j'ef !, a-id civ.tilDiof aid J sd.. circulation The G-nral .Veif of thr Dir will beicive.i
'I" 1 'f tfr*
e i -l Jr."m liic above riainea buildings to coaiD7FELLTNG Given un.kr, my haul a:i4 private i.-al, (there tLtt i '4 l ti.p p'tlilic press, and l, al ove all I, in the : in 2 coiked form, with industry and at- Leee, C, nrncrci.i, P' U eai aria Tietla.nt' .

: i I. : "m ; tc l, MHJ: iu >i. H <4 o.iice, t'iu' (3th div ol :vjtTdOS. ; : flat T CV1 i eCOiT.ItfI F and corded I an, ;ir 'itt tti tcZi',9. rs: mcni'Imif r pw : dv' 'rtwesicrt- published
S'irh i is brief view of \\ln* United
a (Ine
'. IL 1i7. of LADY READERS
our i.nero'.n; ) 1:1 every in tie! DuilPap* r.
Z' W' IJ')ISES. States? '" i.dt'4tICI be AH! the (
/ L. TYRES, [l.. S.1 section( ol tlie roti'ilry.Tnp : Repnrff-r; I' plan- THIS PAPEil i ient tiIj pa't of the State

I' )) .): ? rT,1 \ I 12 r''ia HOIJSP for the lrr-ier i is li he built jute i of Pro'jjti' (lor Calhoiin Co miy. ?cipe| deii and character of the 1hLZE.Jotrnx.ti. and arraicerpi'Mis have be-n well! matured, and and Union, t-s d iiieretl in tie rj'v at FIVKDOLLAKS
tf(4 aid i in hiI brd;. the hope is CMiVesilly cheri-hed, tiat the U-
1 t t3 4' The La'iris be he of dii'.er ln.ni tc! e of tnvIiertt.d'r& -r annual rr at TlillEE: DOL-
t i '. ):I ( tTC1V Tax-1- 1 41PrII a i >vo vdl Ui al I liieue ru".v-.ijj; *". Report will itself an energetic, inI per ; ,
( N prove
I 1
'% t f.I ls'J. The
t.i fitttdto LATSfitrirn"ritFi5..
l ) } cortttraie!
..i i i .\ -t i V i ; ) W.II.Ttr 1? '' ..1JIfl.Siil 3, M A1M: n : .ie titieentlii dtV t : : d I s-ri: !-, di-"ti'ii'ti and perfectly? independent
p .; g.tind, aiI.It' :: t T-t ;: ; 'hs* attention of the ol U'lsiiiaid -. Till: WEEKLY GEORGIA V
ri.in piihlnlifd
< H
\-nviNvf "fvtTerm .>1 atls ca-htii n.! u ,
i ic-Mnu(
i : i "< a1,1 !- vr.ntt- u j itirnal. It vv ill: !h.ve no partv v lew*-no political
Ifl vhii l1' bp .id a fMino fai'< tr:1: Mils H i bi f tnvJiori; andentrr- Friday afternoon at THREE DOLLARSper
ei. ,
> s 'irceol .it.t every
i ,. i' f i-c! ( i-i* Tax :*i ac- I). IT1Ct ii 'te zrt'l t.-o vt 1r4. Ir-tt,4 wiiiiiz: a br.: !' The pr.vmeti.r, by the terms of his con-
lIia. vt t H I jeet lusib.4 bv S, bribed anrrm-al!
,- i A i : -, i :" t't Vttd ': 'V ..JedT ; to briy La i is in Floridaill I I d iI well I to embrace, tainienf to the d >me-HC fireside an.i'atily cir- Ira'-f with the Senate of the United States, is p.iVjiuv.- ajvu! "e.A'lTNt .

.. ir -r. 2 : .'. '{l t. !4IV* t helt% ; Jt4ver ii .riit I1'tII* j t'ns'! o;)|! ul'i'iitv' as the jb ive L :,id-s cotnpnes I| elf, ai.d it roHitnnes t! -'rikin .id;: noxt-1 tltiactionsrj I bound to the condition that 'the paper shall contain 1 t. I" -.
Hv **. i* I 3t bn 'ud caoih.r! t rr I
> H-- ;i' ,
TIN < I.Is.r.; : i '- ; of as xo''d l, if not the be-t, I in I l'ie' State, ;tnd I the new pa"'. r with t the natre abru.Z: '"- no politioa! .i:4Usi-tn s except the debates "* NEW ORLEANS TYPE FofNDRY
j1t t-t< 2 by iL 1 i inch*** iiiwt. to "v* laid -o ibatnitch. 1
UI'I1 >nitar iv adaje; ( .1 1 1 to Ilie r'litiv ili.m uf >eiLUKK tere-N of tlie huh-jf ca-s of pen xiicals. Jt is rLvehicle of ?Xcwpr the r.jan otan' ANDPrinters'
It will
; in fir! riiy of J the rrtn. rafl r 3 bv, 4 ik t1 inrnes; t irhi; dea. e-uJ ;and sI-1 imf i 1 Liid! CIIItIJ t11.1 or 'p..iI I'tb.r i. (printed i in the IOIM (form, on Ltr4e and superior --f of I or/iniojjc. Tlnnd airn ol' fheub- Ftir: i hin;; \Vn rehouse.

: : I L.IT, p- ;ier. 'tu ,i Toe A rjear tvp*, ohtai-it-d e\pre -Iv .Vo.
hv ww rand IU rd< and ffl.'J -rrt'iei is lo e-a1dL-'I, at the Seat nt'il..vernrr.er.i 17 Canal lntt Jinr.rplIEunderMiCfed .
iiee .r 1 \! irv ininiid'cd.. for t'te ;purj '.-f : and i is, in irs: Ii iie! ar.int'tnent
: '1I : r- L. 'Ih tb:2: Iwi (,t t'fNI.tt Iti:1 a faithful( and pronlt; reporter ol'all sorts ol n- tits leavtj announce t1ftitI aid lie' ino-jt lavornbie ,* inen 'it tiu !
.: CuIv. : i n i- i: < ?ettvpurapl.ical
J2LflC sp
.. dt-.e tnilicvii1 tr.ttrrsih tflIZ.1e-a! respcnt< ugit, on 'vhi *ii the J. i'IticN aid Pmtf-r; that li .
; "i ) -i: i-r-, i 1 1' 1 '! "kl'iifjiv the tlr-t I ,. ... po'iMci i n, the b'i-.me-s rna'i, (the manufarturer, t:tbiiheflacomplfteasidextenjveTYPEFOUXDRY -
ii'u a 'i i <. <.r mtr 1'I4fl -1 i i iu >s at tlie 'Jeif totd'--e ond
( oneoi val- ie (
: ; : Ci.ii C3111. a it- (io.-t !< < periiliartie -
t'i.Ticj' itl culdri ?iIp n.'cha'tir, a-itj every onf i tere-ted in the 1:1: this city. The Hook Letter r.f Ihw -
"i". r n m l -; t1a 3i-! .*i a. to be dnidt-i :< to ron !
refeience the
-. to I ot t.>!"nlenuiiored
,. .c <-*' f ii'i it the diversify in tli"infed .. afFirof Cirrearni the G-ivrnment, may rely Foundry was cut to order! by workir.en nf Ioraccoriet'ce

U i .1 1. he will v Pt '"S.!, '.d a 5r. pi*"* i-'h r'torn below.t'ir vs. M 1r4e (In a Ntr Mi1e >l. te-upon'. cheapest paper at all ti-ne-i wif'n imolictt confidence.ff and as no cxpr>e was qlari-4) to"

I I 't l12.I i; *>e 'v d"A !* i j' each put-ir, twelve 114'- fi.iVt. S Sluve L'rnel.r""lBCNli" : .i. nil ,
i .. r. '.'! i 4, r1n ] irIi t I $ !*V !. i I |F '"R HVr, Williaia G. M. Davis, I elixkamlHt, 1P0'1- t'P.I FV/. *.SfEYjI. reliable Joitrnaf of Inlffiisfnre, on term- which every respect, we will ie-iti.re t"-say it mil be

Tir, ml I _" i'hv, t-V q'Z1.r. i4t -. I !'he -Jl- '"s "I l"'ti fr 'Ts t'le Pt1t *. in'o! She atit' : l.J t id .U. c r i-s iit.'rt't: t-J I ii 5 .e F. j-i.ty )1! i t'lf! "llsf ff .-I"t: oit, a,1ir1'-i1! 14'- t'fift'jH nf tltr nl'tce it within tie'! reach of their st nrw-e* ofth" found as handsome, it'not the hand raest i'i the

i .... . . ... .. .* e ,. ..I 7 4.t I I '-! :> fr. .' fS** -ti f-i w/frr 4i I.i :! into l-\v !. I tu ti.n t! H c.-rlji i nci Tn tIC -! t ,- t 1III !, I M' .1.Jous f.n: iittint I pe-pL', at :: ccrrrrr.'ceroo'oI < f wiiat pr"rr Un.trd States. We have al-o a irrv har.dsonie
'r B t'lrrfjurn* >
.t I1,1 1-. AM'L J. iWX.1 -.|', T( I f.'i-v '3 ?* ,, ',.. } t. wde: ; one I : >r' i4 v fn" T 11I%I hi J ItI'I t. fl VP VI. ntt'tJ'tll ttrftt.H'Kt > ef- > -.q! tn I he t Hi"ir i i-iter-sit'.iran eve? tt'ii oeri d at'orltnent of Ftowf- arid J- !, Letter ti the ta-
? i '
.NK.ttm1a CPsi
.- ; '. iii'i ;I'jlo! t'.o ; a < M t'u' 7Tit ii tv (li; rV'HHiri l 'il", '" ,.-fiin10 Hiet ail) tc'i ; 1.u !f i the htorv of C-on- r'-s-ios-il: i r-H'ef-iin;, will tet 'fit P'I' In
\ ) # Ut '
I ; .% i : n t'. rhxt-i- I t iii'i.-n'-k. .7: 11 H a'.iIt. :!*< 'ri K'I >.ii s'ttnof r'7u-1 w'.tl Lr f be recr. rrti-i with la'.v-r 1 v ;!! r'n f- .f Ji! : romnM'iilv '.f Printer teb-re ptircha-irr elsewhere. All!
t \ rn n ;n"ftfritt /! < t S1 'yeriptitins wz 1. ?
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and rsir *Z t fjuBl r!'! 2f I N '. i.ird wit?! 1 t414I, 'I! H.\Mti II i.!(-ri" t $Irmii f* i* -a* i j.irciutto HM :1 1rr. : a-i 1, havmz th'K ifjfe. hts objf'lthe articl-s nariufaclurrd b\ tlh3iI be ot a mate
s I'tTiVr! n-s'ieclfjiilv I ->ii-itJ( a Mvrai a'id general nat equal, it rit s'lpfiinr. to any tnanuiictbrrt
; ; C .<.iii ; f wir-i ft I' out '; j is' r ri irn, iIt it''ti' t'i.t
j'er i I-.Ii!! three
> L .> i fl \i> -ra :>t'.2r, or copies rinp'irf trorn the enlightened! public! of the at the North ; and as we shall --eil Type at XewY
'f4. al .ihl. id '
ft S 13 4 1'I a :t.2t i1k'I e( i i e : r. I tr f.v.-d! .11!! >r-. : ivin'ily ii adva'ire.I'sj .
: i.- '; '-i.1 ; Ih' d irI. lo i I (pj.ii! il.tf-.ind tt! limt iitsnteAl? t .r ( 'fit -* H'> XT. .I.-UJHVAI. ietit by ITMI! to all United Sfate 'rlc prices, v\e trmt to neet with tnctur< 5
l 'i I I'Ii. I .i -.1 J --.".' "I* < .'! II, -i-t 5 t t" li! TON, tr.ent.W.
p .
Sfeno_ nher to the Semte of the U. S.fg s.r? ROW prepared to namifjrtnre BRAivS
1i' 1. t f it ill! 'A.11 it-'i.I j I'iti tirt !.,- 'i.vd i his petition fur a't.I 1 t'> 1:1- *' d i.taa.
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'Afaj'jjeri *
!. n-l jMr.r-; t ..- i'ti i-t irt < The "United States Reporter' will bepm'ed flULE and TYPE of any Cu'-iuitucle, withpruttpt-
>\hm: i io.i l Irc. VU :.i-l ,, {V < i ,
I t.ir.z' ha-i Isintie-lieet and Huedeverv ri".c We would als<> :>artir nhrly! call the attrition
on an. ,
I tj. I 'tt f .t
in ; ; 'r t ):---I Iir. I
t "II 4.I( v. i .s IU ? I' $1-ftP ; :;';b 'I,It U'i'i-, ordt'rrer.nit.i'e I -. .ma nilom I I II -
... I t"I' mor-.i-t-r, e.xcept Sund.s\s, at the rate ote3 of Prtr.tfr to inr I.EALIc having an entire -
: i 1j.t: 4 1'i r., I I ,' .L* T In 'I ii | f "iil'fj.. I ri's 114t t'i-! >, nit !ie.tdilre"'>dt o-t 'jld} fr the

.1 >'!.! j sd "' II... ., ..rv. !,talS' a *d 1 Vn.ati.J -f "?. I hi'; r i. !< J. .*. *; <, 1r 'v :or P. if..Li E.iu r -, (;Ei. P. Mt1! ;, perIn a'mnm. n vet rt'inciiWs.. bv which! we ar? er.afclcd

ft 1. i;a -, ; i l ai fris-Iied: '-, a }:!$i'< .'t 'l .crnt .ftvj- ; :; t, I J. N. P.ii1 WN to furnish a ierlectart'c.eV.! c ar ? also Acer.ts
crrnerii.-n; with the law; tiire wrilibe for the sale cf the: Napier.; Wa-liunctr r. atdSrr.u.r
1 i' : ii'.:t. :s b rk avi tit *' <%f I' *' 1 t! trJiir il;i i< vc'ltMi o.Itll I I-S-I.M' f.o-n I ihe *:une r-fa'ili--iment Prea ;s. vF..ch: t.r with I'Ls-***.
: >
.:. .: ,;. .tin :r i 1 lead ( f" tb n-iler -* a ( rii ; M
ak 111d4tii'1, t I *' ;-<'Ti-i>'r i-iit.i ;t' i.iirvm l'I NEW.YOt! ( "S'sjc ?lirror of ("ojssrrcs*.. Case, Cot,iii.-.ir. Sck... Fcmtur, Ink, and

.. '... '.., K ViJiJe n. Jjf sv -' ;.: :i4 T i-1 :...' : \if us "t>r.ii. tj it litINI- b. every other article required it the Print! ; bu-i-
; If
,i'S "ir .7 f':' 'i c frfl't >'r "V I / ., tI sa & a a a L, aTtis Tii--! publication will contain p\r-lu-ively theRe
d i1 1_; ft> the Proprietor f>l lk' th .: ; nes". wiH! be kept on hand and furcisted at
'I I 'uf j i*
: .i.. ):I: & r3.. l t .t' ; >orf of f I'rt' Proceed i'irs aod i Dfj'ites of th 1 *
. r.ii-f. raii.'r." two 3t ..'.' I .1- '. :.I'l.i 'Mil: !i1. ],!' .*'('(! ) .' -.I. Ja maniactiuer*price'
: .:** A .. "1'?. < .;. see;'! lb c< (Co'Urt ..i f the U'lirvd ''tifes. |It will be i- ned Editor* and Printers wisi.inc to eataomfi a"Newspaptr
J ill t rl i. :- >.. *. .'.- !' cle i'it fi.rtn. Jhrr.ujhi.'it
I.IN! > > ScientifiiI'd Meclisniral J' riii i: { in a't ijuailo Jo, Prtr.tir-a ()tire xviil be fur-
; ; or
'i.U; dw.slni wit'i tht-i/ cu-t4itn aii'i will .l. *
illf '- < i. A1a ri'in-Mwot distance fn-in l5 e i and furni-bed
of t'ir1..re. will be
ditf I l- srti. 'H.e( !b.r i, A'J C i has aliejdy attained t the l-iret er"isiMii'i t ::0' *\I'I' n-ud! with an etioate idetail for the same,
r.tb'it .
i' 1 tt2EiI
"tri I bv >
% S A .1"vv i S A trx i t1tIt 11) 5.' lr.in i j kt''i<*n, l t I 12, toNnd! s 'v- -ti'-cn'ers at the rate o'' ttro ilatlart for the
-tatinr the
e, h'i' piU.1N1 2 feet from the jr 'mnt', .-taIe: i t 1 a-ij weekly paper ot I the kind in I their !orisns' i ri nd nne dnllrrr for the shorfs I. tri. : style quantity '
Vl i ffI1 iZi M. b'J! andhin.iiri" : r '.f 'u (j Ji. Jouc r : J,} will co-ntncnce; its THIRD VuLFMEj is believed that lbisreit rroiil work will
Tie rf who xvillpnbljIi
*,$ eI&4'vt 1 1.i p'ir'i t two wiul*>w<, tx\elve li lit*, bv AMU-'n-oh, :: >. U 1, iU. > bee deemed ri lispens SI.. ri the liSrarv of evervti'i'ili. { ?- pr )i :eti rs r.t3ppr
-r -, ifiituV.: >e{Pt 2.fh, : this! 2dvfrti"frr.e-.tssA irnr1thQ. ard send
: .4y, 1 ando'ie d* >r ; a rhnr-ev, 'tIt a -nil.iliie fli d I fts ioal I
I II-t I I'Itto'I, i utitiian, a > t pn> <
to office w.d be for the
S. 12 .UJ. FflC;S Kh: nusn'ii-r' of The Scientific American con- a paprr cur vrcfk.lv. part
: wi'h i cr.n'iratntpei asd
1 j: j i.! lor cooking, ; man, t hri'r hirit t'te country and that it will[ lie adverti-t-rr.ent rjv rurrba.-in.) < tiC3 ilheamccutotadvertmag
iiO"kthe fl'jor laid dt b! & the nttif flo r/c Mfij t FIVE to SEVF.X ORKilNAL MEfilX ;
{ ; .fHi-.rr
i i I' i l--'I '* rvety .it'n1' : iV, si i Jl'1i recorded hy the ret? inai>t the people as the bill in T\j-e.:

'i ,i I.aTtd4'tu tn
;I GeUraI Tai j IICt <;.;!: or stepu$ 14t into Me.. In I the re.iri .-.5; fh: ( tt.I htrt4u.trlv \MKKICAX PATENTS, w itjed liosn the ai.d th-if of their children. My S-2. 1 17. I'W.m: 1 7 Cat.al ?t. Rov';
the i of **a<*h dcl1zri 2 a Cit 'rn i i- to he htnlt ot hard i j VTUItjii;
in i I u a'
ii 1t t L BVVN ViT.t.lt I h'-j'-k. ijfiea witli Ror.1411 cement lanreenroigh tiiftttIfl S'AGn| >. I The utuitrM nod, liaxii: tJie coiit Patent Oilue each week ; notices of the ;'rotzr('-' IMPORTANT AN'.NOUNCF.MENT.Tirti'14'iout Ds \; ?lcdcciijcs.rT .

i'i n uail'-n-. coreit1*! with be. rt pine i t tra"t to cairv the M 1 nl oti tins ro'itf, inrn! !- to of all new MECIIAX1CAL: and SL'IEXTIFJCinve'.tto [ the 3e'j>t received per recent

-' Tatd. 1 zeet 4iy %11I idi't 'l:)(- !, wit'i'! iior on f'$u, i'iti xvluen the n in <;;vo f.fiv I tfiiitv t<> Tra tllcfiv.o! itiy wi-litu I II ,s ; i:'. r i, :.u'i; the bti1 rcw 4 1u
bad.Co .
i'ittTiiom t'i>- d'.vi-.lfiz-' to ivt- I li.-I : I1I iaV, LJol'iin'rit, Ga., Xoilh.I aVid l r\i>;:>, with F.XGR\YXJ! > cnnons St t itrs !IaM', trr,"' contrt-Tini;: the reports r.f all !I'teteIOCR corHN-tir.2 in T'art. Snlnh. if QMI-

? ta\n
.11 sj: i-ic < , '
4 IN r. ciTilele-i- iud: ) the s jme inspected! ;iid appn.vi every ujinVM ill|| be taken to i ivixitisfarlitin, (ei. merits ; thhtet RAIL[ ROAD I IXrELLIGE.NTH All s-ib-criptions and cotr.ai'inications to be Chl'-nileof Gold and Sodium, Calomel, Jalap,

VL ,! -it\nY LVLOlt AS.xr J bv t1.<" i n(1*-rsij'i: (-
'.{ .." I v al'Iiflt; lor that ;por ioT'v\ er.tue: woiVto I stii.( may cIiiM-i') this r'>uti XorMi.T.'te the difierent MECIIANIG MUVKMKNTS JAMES A. HOUSTON.United Ep-irn Silts ira Leaves. Caster Oil,

:,* r 1 1 'a R.cij>i dJ U- a4y,"' |trtv (r j oe i i..pt.It.I! : bv l i<- :ir. I.IV "f Mar'-li, I'sJ* ;lj.e wiil lue CiMttdixmrVe rvcry Sines Reporter, V.'ashington, D. C. S idlilz l'otvLTSuda PowderSu.pher: tlcwer

1 i 'ir i ie very to- man IZ the S\Ml"KL: W. SIT.VCF.H.: TUESDAY: and FRIDAY at f. A. M. ; arr.v'p. 1'iibli.Jii-d in a s'rIeand I ILLFSTRA TED with Jliv; 31. 1l7. and role, Copperv: Salfpetir, Ataro. Aloes'

i.> : J'rAsid ;it Collector an.5 'i-i. 4I!" Lirht I Uo'i e at !Kor Gines hf-xl d ii'. by I I2 M. Leave PortGdnasfxeiy more (Hun A HL'XDRED[ E.VGUAVIXGS: ; fcc.&r. All ntitwrs; thro-i iont the United States Calcind and! Curb ot Ma r.eJia. Gum Camphor

.. S hi I iii qs'i4i of the Di-l'.i 't o! \ji.il j'-inrr la.IVlilioi .V'KON'n-'DAY and SATURDAY, who i".!'||.! thai Pros"cf'i* onte .t week IrsirD. Flax Set i5, R. rav. Al-o a large supply c-f asorted -

$ r I N-x O-t"I9 2 S1 7 at I I'. M ; -arrue at t Cqit1iuoctte! next dj\ i hi.- dale I till ine ioeiin of Consres-*- will fi- en- Gla-s War?, and a general tortKicnt ot
It is in ftct a that MERITS tie patro- tuled 10 nn e\chinw with tlv tLttlST.Itelepor'r. *
.. I 4 )V'4, tAr1P t.r ,: 't.t f.l,4;! l.I S.1Vrb t>> H f P. M. paper ." and wdl bt- placed i.n the tit t i" those a',1 articles in the Drug line. For ale br .
v 1a '
i *. .t4mit I it'1.C.rt4ii lr'i< tr tv'i! : .; frcni CI'UTiI4! Ga.; tin nase of all MECHAXICS! and MAXUFACTURER' toviioni the Extra- will l b de?,>itched.or .Tnn.M-2 I H. l F. AUELL.JLHerv .
2 :
tit i.a-iic, ir I H : F'<:! 'In; ii'., :i! i'-l V. CII itt.lt.IhtP( Q iit.f-y, to ? tin.'i'hr.ut! the UXITED! STATUS, 'ai raiit's ccul Seltzer
rJ'IIvTi. )
S $ dt re*' C-MS, b4t* f* fitv" %' f r Div-irce. Till i I'la-i---, \\iil ."rid t Itn- th.m"st exjHI't it 'I it ifj'J..i a-id sritiId: be in the l.uads of EVERY: : ONE S1ae FJori:3a.COUNTY' :tIL'FlCi.

thI ti: fr tt4fl.! ) *. I that fVeis: an interoi! ri: the adva'uv-irie'it: ol OF FRANKLIX. RENEWED and an r rv igoraeil
I I Y,C4 t 4tItL1tll olrrr T. \VELX, Pro ,ri.tcr.Ju ) Y ol the ve-ted i-i bv law I HEALTH
riower me ,
r f j' ,(fjrti4( lo tn- KutisfdCtJOT of the Court, Mechanical Scientific this 1 t condition "1 (bodv r.rt>d'jcedbv
I n < i ii ii .3 tV 1l 1ti..n11v 1) J '.v a'ndnif m :d % in thw fa that th.. dele'.ii'it. Qni'v; :if viti, I 1SJ7 a'I I I 'M-ltn t-r improvements in I D s'i' ill expose fur sale before the Coint lloiis? the ns- of TAIHAXTS EFFEIiVESL'EXTSF.LTZER

: : i -i i Tt.tr wiI, e lIlt Fjtlii Cn-t'ipn.; I ,-i-s hevo-id fi! <> CouMry. doj.r, i iitheciiyof t : \n.tl a IUCIII.I, Frjri'xlinci-'n-I APERIENT.Ths .
i1 t ; 'i. i *' i aU fjv -r"Ul 'l'tv I9t1rollar; ICcwarri.'HJ It i in FORM Momhv the -fifth of Ortoternei
'. jn.iiicJim lI' theSt 4La' >f Ft'jidi : If ordeied pribhiecl : QFARTO conveniently tv, tri t-.xentv day prepantioi is universally allf".Ted to be"tie

: 'M.: ; ,.'tr b.14 t.P I !* .'"M" ii I I F t u 'Irntht-i : < aeji; a-id JM.vr :: -/:; WILL bp paid tor I I'te'! T ;ir *h.'n.ima adapted to R1XDIXG, and l'irti-lied to nt t'l. u-inl ho-irs of < ile, so iwh of t the nuf popular rei1etlv! of the re-er.t day, for

11, 'ul act a* j it :zj JtTd witlii months alfert i ;? ? d.-iuvrv n| a NK l :;IIO:{ M i .\\ n.mied'k landlvmsiv; .po-ite the city of A uiichic.ilj and the and r.f Jy-iLestiun Bilious
th* -a'd nelhi the n MiC4tn.nc! tinordT, or lhe-ad: tt-t ii iri ./ ,, L':vi, w ho r 1,1 iw IV (r >rn \J i" n, i.n *vn-1 'POLLMl ktio-.vn as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining, asw and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weak nes.Head-

: 'a t 1D: TJ"rf tGU %S3 Itstly will will h C taken fr el1Ift.l' I ; a:id it inrllier! <>rt -.*...-. i.iv the 1 1th m-t. L 'vi i < a d irk ni'il.illn, TWO A YE\R-O\E DOLLAR ill b sulicient tMimlcelhe .uon of Three Htmdre n'-he. I Heirtt.nrn. habitual Co-tivcno-, Vc.Tr .

'- '.' H'1 1 i lrZ 1 1 nf *heiria'iids 'it ;, ri.rat >rd tIitt thta nrdr he publi-V-d inome newp -- to-it ind A.-I1 !> nlt, will I Weight ah'nit -'t> I'w., IX ADVANCE, and the remainder in Stx 1 a'uS Seventv Dollirs Ji'id costs fIr t! eawint velirr-! and residents! in warn cliniafes will

*"wi anm t.ivur of hi* U-itn? n'&.iu atedta.T t: fr in the W.Mcrn Cncuil t f this State for the a little !bow lezi *d, ;) 'jks
I j,4ee 1,1 three months.; ..tronjoice, Ind \\he'i he lelt a 'itinet rotind MUXX &, CO Pn'jli..hcr12S -. I lae'.iicola Fjind Comjxnv o-i tne addition d
: .! iSY THE I'EOPLC. | (! g-;. ::. II \wrN Jude W. I 1). ( .taf, -ri'llu'e'\. red {!..HI'i lIf rutmtry 1'onic-ipnn. of asse-s.i!ile lands Ivin r. this rfmnty, anllirtSleioTav (reparation is unn >iaLly cunver.ienf. Children

"n-f. *. t-vi.i, r ol' the cosiatry; *E.U'tu t.' 14,p .A TII, \nr.'I. 1-17. "..'-.M"' I IF 1 ecct i he will I 1 in.ilvc t.'r ('"In-n'm-i he Liti-lv lu tLot-st trci.t, Ne' -York. I tor the jear one t thuusaidoi izit huii- have frequent rcra'ion. tor centle! and Ci ..Iinpnr

t :. .. ) lived t Iheie. Some ..tiiriuii; exists that L* viva i POST PAID.'j'lhV then and forty-five.- atixex; hey will tae: thi" aperiftit in pre-

l \ ; JX; &, C., IL1IIesr! (,fri9vu \ dinned or as-Hied fi'tiv! UtII \.vliitt ;ier'a, JOIFV LUCAS! Sheriff fen'n-efo any other. Sold x\hf>les. ii' and rrtailbv

I : Xd-iu-tr.'el, %Vw-V' rk. II \ X 1C L I N C (J I' N T V an.J i If! -o, Slu'J t will be paid! fur the \ilLin, and a' d ofieioTa! ('"llt-ctor for Fr.nklii) : Co. Nov .">. J. C. ALLEN. Dm: t. &c.OTWE. '

b M l-re. a 1ire piofil allotted to r lal! pers isih vt'U deiiuM-1-:. tin-t the e prool uiijcidit to ronvi-t him.i c:. : : and ('OaJk' tur SdtC Apitarhic .Ii. A'rtI '.t I. I" i 7. IVPoiar's -->m "

"I. .It4b of Xitn i-i S --vno'jr Ule itl -anl co'nl v, 11. 1.. COOK Aspnt.MIMH ti j. c. ALLEN. .

'lepu: U n-e l-i ol ji| itj1J.tjctUutin; the formutrm )' dec -i s. d, notic*' I is lierrmveothttl: i I have 1 1k Jnlv) _"I. 1 S 17. a'uil I 'J -tt iLin]> os;. Vcsettj'>"c AutibiliionsPills. PERSONS; having boiieos with the subscri

<*rilr>j'n I Ine I IJonxri'iUCourt of PElt1, tt.- it l -aidcounty. their a'>-=enee from the city, will
;, United Sl the trjned! article filraie!
1 4 t* t,1 the -, a splendid ,
: ztI # ih;ia. I tie rtHJiMJ, itiHUiabersuo Letters Tf w
vutl that all i-laims will be birred li not presented r: '.ii'isi'iiSers p'-pecti'dlv inJiiiiri t fhrirtt 17 II F AHF.LL. July 1-2 J. DAY A CO.Rtll's .
dJrei. 'J .dvt3ce, ituiC.21 T : : _
,: t-/aid, > u wit.iin; two >ears alter thedite of tI.' ; :1(1V4t 1 lends and I the ;piililir ire-n-iallv I I that I tlieV 03:. L. FEUCIITlVA.ESrS '
( OLD) Pressed CsntorOil and Saratoga Water, ami S1Ul'StARSAPARLLLA.just
I14.nt. MILTON X. cOfT. havcopein'il I the si'.iove ela )lH'itni-rit' and are Clat, :.TIonsL'; iV Cockroach S'oisojj.T.'liS .
'S. received arid for sale by
bv recenetJ icr
) j'i4
g ver, ((5 J cW eh) el.) AtnlachicolaJ'iv2l' j l-5 >7. ;>S2rnH MIW ready to rc"ci\v''iir! !fr-, a'i.1 KI ;JC tliron h verv e.licaeious remecj: (tor extennm.iX -
I IUk Aunt IU II. F. AUELL.Foi'iii June 1-2 H. F ABELL100 -
a' 'ci tt.. 1 f : !ID < St. Cr .i\ Snz.tr ; proper atfc'iti i >n to receive a share tf palroiia >. \ nirnediately, if a proper application betoad"

'a (-JCt, : I') -it i di N'e-v Oriein-Suj.ir, to arrive; The JJir will he wvll fnrrii-hfd with!i choice of l all of t'le.i'iovena'ned' annoyances. Hi* Jlolasscs.X Coflcc.

s v ltl'I-acks: Ilio C ..fle; ->n d t Java ; Winr-i, Liquors and l lv raix ; and the Ue-t.i'innt Flea .I Mo-pito I Pokon !IMS attained a very etenstverelebrtly \- tierces and barrels, tor :ae! nv BAGS RIO, for sale hy
% will b< [ l with dime ["i..h and 0sters I Mav l. J DAY &. CO.
4'') t b\s Aronnic! Tobacco; ? welliipplie< fir itsi'ivana'te
I "SE I' CT| UiVnetor Hrowo's and l/i'' bv's uf the best qnalit! ircison.. f.i th it order of insects. For nle bvAn Wafer treet.
,7; M 7 Itt'I 'I'). ; pcities Feb QO 21 I REM TARTAR and Tamarinds, just rc-

.. : Rv1iis SiIni.I 2u '* <;>)crm Ctndles; .r(o bvs brownSoj]>; JAMCS GIDSOX&CO. ist I It I J. C. ALLEN.Lini2 ) ,. C ceied and for >ae by -4 -

I II ( r I'4 k ve to IIT) iic lo tii kens Powder June IS 17. YiIIZlOY GllS.A K. F. ABEI.L.
tI J0' biisShotVI; ; ; April 17 <:.
1 14 iwh: : y. Hut t.e luivei.ta' 'i L)4 Leid 1 ca'tLini-' d Oil ; N. Gentlemen who wish for refreshment > Oil LARGR I'it, of aborted sizes, just received ? .
?) ;
r,4ae4 4,. > .tr I : hment, ejrs White L ,i't.i \ I. Kx'r.i ti't pure. in their ioons can be accoinodafcd ?t short O F the best Duality: l hr *unmcr: use, fur sale /"JL anti for sale bv ConrcSSWfl1er. :
2TJ :
lt II k' :rt 4nltncl atof For ileb* WM. G. POIl ITJ] ic CO. flitIt't'. by [j-ilyH] J. C. AT.LENP .111', )' 1-2 ] II. F. ABRLL.ESailcy's I X pints and quarts, inst received for sale by -

"t 'flert the )atrDnge11'e J.plt. 1-2 If. F. HELL. -,
a )1ITI IJ4- tl Wat erst reef.
1)t ( ., ERSON'' having busjrie-ss with the tindar. T.oii Mixtuiv.'HPIIIS .
lI''raItV I-t-d the House.ndt'.tted 1 ) flS'N' hiving: : hii.i-ie-s with the IrvII.r'izrI.

to the above njion estabhih- ExiriEt I. ed, will plei-e c.iII n-i Mr. WM. S. DAM- stK'ied during his jbsence from the State, will is a valuable; compound fl-iid extract rlL Paiiicea

,*.'tiICoufer a favor *.-!tling with the sub'jOilN'IJ. ic SANDS', lor sale by the dozen or CUEL, as I shall heob-ent for a short time to a please apply. lo Alison Hancock. Esn. Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable tebrifue TTOUCK and SWAIM'S Panacea. just received -

JONF.S. BULLS bottle by' di-tant part of the state. WM. SYDNEY GRECN. forte cure of Fever aad.Ague. Sold bvJnne iI andforsIeby! -
A .Tuh'2 IKII. 29-tt 12 H. F. ABELL. Jnn 12 H. F. ATOLLI -
;* ne,1j, April 9, J9H. 1341Li11.1111 lilly 17 J.C AU.RN" Julv; 77. FRANCIS } OPMAN.I ,



.. a -

I : :




-- -- -- 5j-

4 ,., ts____ _..i_ -

-- -' .4,1 -
i ____ ,. -i? -- --- ----- ---- .v'U-
--- :
- -.-- -. -- .. -. fr-Pw- ; -. .

. i.j

I S : .: ., ::"..\....'L: .

,- .. .
-_ -- .
- -- -
-- .
n -C -aas a ___ -' -= ,
-- -- ---- FRESH
-- -
-- H
TilE SAVAXXAII GEORGIA! WILL PROSPEC'rVS-- tJmi11f trator1.i' "Not ccn. 1 I : 1Lr.oal Xoticrc. I OP T
liE PUBLISHED AT VTASHINTOV D. C. ___,_-_ Drugs, Medicines, Paint .:
I S a-inouncnz tlie tact that the undersigned: On the seventh of December next. I ::=_ = -____ :_ -: ------ I INOTICl'SiX -- -' ---- ----- Dye-Mulls, Perfumery ?H*
have iciated themselves togethci in (tie Editorial OF THKFLORIDA WESTERN CIRCUITOF A '
as after date I will apply IX THE:
NUMBER ONE inontlia THE undersigned,
Djpjrtme it THE SAVANNAH GEORGIAN !i! FLOUIDA. 'Hunshkik ::1
; WHIG Judge of Piobate tor Franklin j to his friends and the
:' we take this! occasion to say to the patrons OF THE the Administration Court; public I h
; Franklin Circuit
for a final discharge IX : iI' liberal tr
County, patronage, and b stoiV
of t that paper, and to the public generally, UNITED STATES REPORTER A WEEKLY Donald Campbell late of LHANCERY.Arabella ,
PAP121B, I i of the estate h\ I that he IS now rprfiv.n- .J'"*!
that arrangenic.tts: have already been made for its in ad!
material i'mprovenunt in outward A Daily Journal of Government Legislative and TO BE PUBLISHED .}[- : .\"\\ said county. deceased. E. Ilepbmn widow ) !. al supply, which added 10 hi : If1Ja.
appearance, < J.\ I WILLIAMS, Adm'x. liurton Hepburn deceased, renders his I
stock assortment .pt
General News. ,
and that no pahs will be spared, to elevate and I m.u I'c.h' :
sustain its character as a commercial! [ and THE undersigned [impose publishing in the !; Apalacbicoli.Juie: .., 1817. :1011lN' L'tmjifuinunt.VI. and complete. English, French, Gtr"? II

'to fill its columns with interesting and paper profitable THe subscriber is now enabled! to announce the Town of Marianna Jackson county, [Florida a ) nC8.-"lx wo il !In. alter publication 01 I American Drug ; Cosmttir ; Pnl'n( tn..fI .... !

matter. We feel most sensibly that to render the completion of his arrangements for the establishment weekly newspaper with t tli'p ab-ive I;it tI le. tin :i..tie-, >,lplt..11I1I1I111 be- made to tlie'Hon. Jo-:l"i'h! L. HeiUr.i.; 'I.-crsTP: O. and ruI..tf {;:las ware, &.c ( af ro r..

of a well-organized and independent Journal This paper will bedcvotodto Literature, Agriculture Ih'lIhllfl'III'h' E. I He.biirri to Phy-irians, ('.III.tr> MmUi., "te
Savannah Georgian such a as the crowing i I Jud-ci: ol Pr,ibate* lor J ;:.*oiri county, hot a I I ,,, d 'i
and of paper !; of News at the Seat of the General Govern- aid Science; t111 als> contain i the til lie adnr.iistratioii, : ot I Ihe e"- ar.d Caroline( I iHepburn I the n.ost liberal 1 ttrn.s-all if whirl" U 'l", **' .-
interests population our .State and City final settlement t .
: *
require .
j: ment. current news of the d.i)'and articles in support of deceased late ot said !heirs at law ,,1 [hit Lri lit ,- and nnadulu ratid. rr1Lt.
a diversity of labor until be eipendtd j tale of Samuel: N Spears; ,
it suchve arc determined to fiirtih.Ve j The leading features of the United States Re- the Whig Policy. i.:. ELIZA SPEARS, burn, dect-asi-d ; D laid K. i r II. F. ABELL
upon ; CUUIlty. c- .
porter will[ be the following The want of a local paper ba< been severely Administratrix.Dry Dodge; IheJ. htirA. Jfhn I \Wholesale Retail
shall strive to make iti columns pleasing to Februirv; M, l3'7. S-!m : I DieeLt
all readers, and while our humble shall I I. Karly Intelligence of the movements of the felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington conn- 1'I Pt-ab'idy' decM, wi II",- triu- l : .-> vYafer.t.<>

be to the principles support which the i! various Departments of the Government, i in reference til's. and has led to the proposed cstabliihir.ent of ---- -- tee H Daniel McDnujId ; Bill tor Do\\er. Apal.ichin.b, Nov. 21, IS IG.I slrtft.

given great upon/ ;! to Domestic affairs and to the ForeignI this Journal. Goods. JlJhllt. Campbell ; (Hudson[ I

thesj Da iiocratic party tobs has essential planted to Its the lf, believing j I Relations of the country, will be given with The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient patronage F lIE subscriber, oiler: for sale a large .arid sea A. Tin-Psion ; Nathaniel: W I Drills and lYlt'dic llt r

of our principles national freed I\:and) the advancement perpetuity of scrupulous fidelity. Possessing peculiar-facilities to enable I them to commence its publication sonabla' ,.toc'.i: of! Dry Go-xl, confuting in Thornton' ; I IlinesHolt I ; Sea ; THE subscriber has, *,,Id .

for obtaining information, the Heporter" will by the 1st of September |mEt of born Jones, John H. I Hovvunland constantly ha\.o! 'P.arda ?u
national welfare shall avoid ,
our we studiously' j t ,
all rude collisions with viernd lpIllIOIl'i antagonistic be rn.thled frequently to communicate exclusively TEH MS-Three dollars pera'unuin in a\.lIIce.! Negro [Ceiseys mid Linseys, Edward Cary tiutet-s (.1 I It a**..rlnt'lIt..f( DRUGS; ard 1.i} 1

toour own. To : our the l intelligence of the most important cha- $3 5Uil paid within six months; or $1 1 U'J at (tie White and Red Flannels .1111" P. Calhoiin; & Chatle: i UNKS I which he \\llI\\\"iI;

paper racter.II. end of the year. Plain and I.'dlll'J. ellis, L. Ba**. coini'osiig the late : and ot tIe btsl nualitv It k
firm hut .t of
dispassionate ex iprinciple i I The Verbatim Report* of the Proceedings BENJ. G. LIDDON & CO. Double twilled Tweed, firm of CaJhoim Jc Ba* ; I Merchants and PI..flltn ?1fr1
the calm umlmdiing advocate of I "lit,||
and Debates of the July .'i1 1S17.GI'OCCI'ICS. WilliaHi I Howland William their advantage' '
Southern institutions, the vehicle ot amusing and Unitrd\Statis\ Stnote which Super fancy Caatneres, ; ; to to call, -x.n n uat utI Irc;:
instructive all the proprietor is bound to furnish daily to that Super English and French Cloths, Sloan ; Duncdll1( Good, ht-loie [ijiirrhasirj' ; (.jai! ( v.I J tfl. '
thought' subject, IJ"U-I (
upon proper huJ\,1I1 accordance with the terms of the contract and Ship Stores. Whitney fjlankcts[ 10<>, 11 1 and l P2qrs.' gall Mortiicai Mvt-r : N. H. E'h'sjejan's pn'lnir.li( ( ts ,
whether of science, literature, or general information made the close of the last session ; COFFEE, Java dn[ St. Domingo. do, ;. cGt.t ., < \\. Ro-i- ; and I ;
,-in a word!, to make it a wdc.nr.e"i'ltor at ofCongress. RIO Du.Iil Blankets, S, !U and 10 11'5. signee r ic care accuracy at? any "hour f tl faA !
We The arrangements 11'1madc will at ; Denims i Ivremli'is i and! Cotlonades I a (ba'ikr-ipl; ; D.1l1ielc angaki ll"J.
M:t o-ice to the merchant! a-id! the mechanic, the St. Croix do, Porto Rico do, Youny Hyson Tea, I }
once fully secure to the Senate of the United Brown SIIirlilr i i ;and Sheeting! i J.ase1thi, & : March, 21 Cor. Ct'hre! al.d (
student and the farmer shall be constant do. "" n ;
our endeavor i Hy on Powchon do, Souchong rio, (.To lien L'Irenc"1 tfft ,,
Slates authentic and record of t its O'B. Branch \VuI I
an complete "Cotton :
; and if, in addition to this, we shall Butter Chcase, 1 Ltrd, Bacon Hams Sid,'.*, Sluml- -
j Debates ; and to the people-in a ire.illy enlarged Cof lou Drilling I I and Ticking, IJrockeribro'iijri and t the Bank l
be enVoled by extei: lin. o'ircircniation! through '. lier, \IfJLls.e, \Vhiskl"1 ", an I Priin" Bl'l'f, i .
the interior:to strengthen the ties which bind degree-J he benefit of the experience' si icitv ,1,... 111.1 Pnm' ['tirk. '\1.tctl'rt'1.( Shad, Salmon, Linen and Cotton Checks, oi Pensacola, J ri:. .. .' III .. a't.ry :...."

our beloved! S.ate a-Kl City together! and to and statesmanship! ot that boJy t.) which they herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod 10'1,11 Toigoe,, Irish Linen, Shir1 tog and Sheeting, nF'f/ulanl. } .. '. .. .

j have ever looked with sc.licit'/is an>l icsp--cilul P""jlt'r, Apices., ottaa.x, i'e.':n-r :.i-icf, Olive?, Bteiched Cotton( Shirting and Sheeting, appearing to ihr i, "s..ti-ticti. .'' ti.<- Jodie of z,, fa ti f '

secure that alienee of sympathy; and fee.1- regard.. C. ,ier:, Pickles: Soap, rfiarch. Tobacco! Navy English: i-Ve-ich and I American Prim" IT I -* Ji oi. -V the ;ii'iaVM: ot iluiCtat.aataisa! ,. '' lJaJ rL '".H.-4 '
insisjess'snlial to tlw prosperity of both we shall .. .. 'if' : = .
: Bread Pilot do, Cracker* "III1.lr Dried Fruit .. '. 7:1'
: .
III. The ami Dtbates in the twilled ihaf I t'n- Dt-it-.ila''t: inafior ; .
i PtocecJinqs Extra .u..T. ;'l l..i ti'i i ;.rid Ginghams.Extra ;ant's SoIicii'T, : : u r. . '.
find our labors amply r<*piid.To Hea-i! :.111. I R iisens. \l.ic.iriirui.'errnicelhi.. Arrow I. -.- _. .'.
1 llcms-eof Ilijircsfnt'itict's will i I I al* ; it.' givvn I : with i t Sri'icr I.'I'fll'n' d'J'l :" """" : j named tin not rfide, i\ n'' in tin- Wotem ( ire'uit I .. 0'" .
enable 1.0111.: O.i. 13aciWii-it! \ rJA'
us to conlrrie o-ir present: connection Corn :, I : '
however and to d L) all that wi* wlllh"i h fullness, impartiality a't.l t.'K"! lit'!ii,41 P'' 'Tiuti- For sale by B. KLL1SOX Jc CO. su])..>r Muslin! de Lainr, cl the State of Florida, b.it.Mlhiri the United I ,. y.... :.. :"-:"/
tude. Eich) :.: record will be completely '. rid II'rll'lIllo.t'l'r : America 'bat t n,. IXffidatitsJorph .oe'
tad in the of improving The Georgian" Jan 2h; :21 \\ ster :street. Englii Si'otcii \ Stale-ol ; ; t tn I ;", '-' -'
way made up, and appear; in the! Rqioiter nextmorning. ::' I Italian bla'-k and fit'U'l.dIkl.) I. Hrpb urn n si 1-. in tf1* State ..1! Tt'xs! ; I
we must lo-ik for an increaseJii: : ;>oit fr-ui the Shoes and Brogin-l the case ; OR ll.in.r .1 t I .
solicit a-il i i BOOTS ; Black Silk Cravats and fjncv I Hkl'sSuper (the said Ge.-ige 0 Hepburn I in lie State of t Misouri *- If ; I. 1'OI.t; ,; finm ,'

public ; such we njw WM 1 II L BULLOCH.HEXRV rivifidentlv. ex- I I IV. Jl Synoptical rim of the Proceeding* Shoes? and Bu--kiis ; En:,lisli[ and\ Pr.nirep Silk I Hkf', ; t the said Annie E. I Hepburn ar.J C'a'oline I ji.J rip n. ". .' ,' f' I.. j", -lp-.1, *.

pect. R. JACKSON. Gild Dtbjtcs of ail the Statr I.t *latu.iest will Men', Boys and Youths Brogans ; English and( \merican Cotton likEs, B. I Hepburn, and t Hie said Willinr.ii Ho'.\ lar.d.padl I i i Diarraha-a, Ct.. : 'I : I \, i '.

i t.le reul.rIS! i\I. \11'nlcl': : of Congress and liaesewM BropnsI ; ; Madras and Verona head I Hkf, in (the State of New York ; the heir rol i lency &1. f r I I. s. f ,

TERMS: I all cla-is-e of t reaJers, will thus be kept fully and \ pegged tine sewed Boots! Boots; Ladies' Cotton Hoe and Gents Hf-hoe, John( Pea body, (]ecei'ed, and Da-iiel! :Dllualll I _! .i J. 4 :'lU ::. i if 11111.,1"I

THE DILE U!'(:I \ N is putili-lied) in.Savannah !lenntiertlly: informed cf 1 I Domestic Legislation Russet Brogan For sale; Super[ Marseilles and Worsted Vostings their trui-iei-1| I the said lli'ir I I II'.lt and SeabornJoin

at TCV DOLL \ll. PKR \;xit. PIY.abl ill .111 ctio.iH of I the Urnteil "tati''. B. ELLISON by & CO. Cotton and) Flax Thread -.-, Job H. Howard! and Edward Can, trustees I ''a:1nl''OI:1IHHtnd 14\lIatlt

: .*?ni-a'i'i thy, I in advance; or, SIX 1)0 L- V. L'zr/. Itifillisnicc of all important movements Jan -2:1, 21 t Water st rCL, t. Plain and fufilSwi-s and checked Muslins ( of Calhoun! & l B.I" ; Mordicai lUst r". a- C I cbs ami Copavia.

L.T:'? FO2 SnIt) l'JtS. ill Hie L,iilalun-s of Great Ji/iliiin unJ Jaconet and Cambric Muslins: !iinee "I| George W. I Rom, a bank -)pt. and Dan- Stands unrivalled 'r

THE': TKMVfiKKLV! I GE'JIIfllA.vv! : the j'i'.wN'1:1[ b.''communicated by every steamer I On Cnsi.-nuICJ. Needle, Pins, Tape &.". &.C MrDtniirald, each reside in the State of Geor- 'u ffkaci'; pt-ni.rn.s,, .

(\ utlril, :* rta'Uis'itfd, tti tmvt 11\\' at' ,'..1 fzotn Europe, I through reporters; in London and! rl" HE subscriber ha-i lately! received on consisjn-: Which habeen selected with great care in I ir'tn ; the said; Jol1V.. Campbell, Hudson A. .1 /rTAi-'i\;: few da}'*-n., clit. ,

.1f th? ?iuiJs .'Ire e trtw* av.'". i ':'av, Paris who po""es peculiartcililies! ( for obtaining 1 moot the foil' >wing articles : Now York and Iloston,fnm I Importi'r nil, .\r.ents Tllfll'ntllnalhalliel :M. Thornton and Duncan I ? nr resfricM.-n mtf.:

Tharsdav ;i'ni <.It''r.hy%) ut I thO'fi.j o: I ifie! I information. :2 casks choice Old Port Wine; of Manufacturer, at the lowest market rate*, a-id McDonald! each reside the Slate of Alabama ; I II \l \ is nt.'ct':"lT\. !rI \\iii '

DAILY GEOltWAX, ..uJi..rv! aj: t-u- iutelC.vr.nivja VI. The Gcnral .':'It'$ of the n.11J will be 1" Old! IJ.l'ir.1iIW ; are now offered at wholesale or etail on favorable; I tie said Jo-etih Branch and Lawrence O'B.

liJcelJc ;, !P.<:;.H-.-,! .t" r| :1.-".-|I1tiais given in a co'idt-ned fmIl.ltl1 industry and at- 1 superior Old ScotchrllI..kcy ; terms by WM. G. PORTKR & Co. Branch and William I 11. Brockenbn.ugh re- I 'V pr..cJ ",ft. Ot' r". I..

'jrl irn'yv ,\.t-: : J* '1.lth:1hedIii t C.t 1.1'). 2"' '-' Pale & Bro. Ourd'Bramlv :. Dec. r. l Isp;. -11 Water street.D. side in the Middle Circuit of Florida : Itisthere. I jy ., ssible edre.. 'II" I l

l t i 'nU: P. '.*i. S'K-h is a brief view of what the "United i Dark Duinnnd Brandy --- -- ---- fore QunuIhal the said Defendants !her .inhe-; \\1 tp"ltd tln'f'1 :. "

T <:5P'j: ,;:i '- "I' '.' -11 us- .J : !:.' State States Rt'JI'rlcidl'i llei to be. All the plans 1U ba-ikcfs London:: Clu.: Champjigne.Also ; Ellison *%: <'o., ill \Valcr street. hare; named arid every of them d-> appear and! .: !r.1'' 111''" th.t I. :'. I I.t.

:11.1! n: .ril arrangements: have ben well matured, and 'arielof SHIP; CHANDLERY.MANILLA answer fh*. said bill ot complaint rjti.erv\isc the 1 fir r tafL .
i'ii. ur --I ) 'U 5..c: < i It. ;.1 i-lVE ( a \ Segars, all of winch will be I .' il'
!)LfJ\INI'I.r :: : ," .t'ran::! ).tL.a I the hope is coal.!c1lly cherished I tbat! t the U. sold low, for cash' only, bv I and Ik-nip Cordage of all sizes, same shall be taken pro conftssu againt them oT.-. .Irar..d : r '

-; :;'r.'x 1'," 'I'. S. Reporter" will prove itself an energetic, industrious EDV.HDlcCULLY, \', Wormline, Marline, pun- I and each of them in default'! : Providtrd, this .-rdcrbe _:; :ial.6'I! ti.iI a i., uitr .'

l1-H\VF!! Lr : ;:\J: :.il;! \V, J* juilisheda dignified and! perfectly independentj Feb 27 .">!\Vater street. yarn (1.3k Ii iii. Sriii Oil i I, Tall! do, Wh.il.do, olive: I. pti'iliil.ed' in any newspaper printed in tin : r, :'," "I'; '. "Iothl r' ,',.

'very Friday 't<'rn .... : n.vKE; ;; DJLLARS j iri.il.: It will have no parly views-no political I do, Lir.si-ed dll. Riiw: do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur- Circuit cifce a week f for four months from the sjued .} -t I c a.: si.!, r.d.! I

]) annum-ai! i'i ...: .-\rju'e.: ,, bias. The proprietor, by the tt m.s..r! Ins con- \n"I PAR'S and Swayn/s Balsam ulV1d! I ;l'! ttT i rue, P.linl"'jl i dow I Glass; ; I'UIThle!I date hereof. Dufc-! April I 11 I, IS 17.GMWGE lent di M- 'it ai; sr:;::j. I :
.nt I I I tract with the Senate of (the United States, is )', just received and for sale by I J.pad, I I.d I do. Y.IIOc.hrt'. ('lIronw I ;rl''n.I'rn"r.dcl tliseais '
August 14, i 1' r,, I : S IIAWK'N'S, i- til"rt". : .
--.-.--. b-.uid: to I Ihe condition tllJt "Ilc I paper shall contain Nov-jS J. C. .'tLEEN.Q ; do, I Impf'I'wl do, Citrolll"l'lo! \, trdigri F
fi Wt-stern cation. h
the Circuit Florida.
Judge ) of i.t i s.iltby
N::VV 0C! !. ) .. 1 nOPE; FOUNDRV! I no political! di.-lI "I'III. except the debates." ;. LilhH", lIll'hur.! tri \"anwh.. Cop.1 .
NDPrintcri' : It will be vehicle! of l'JWS-l1ot the organ of [IEETINGS, Shirting and Print, by the tIu. '['ar. losin ['itch. i'uirpentine Coal, l'.tlnl HAN-DAM. & HAGNER Dec Ili J. t LLKV .
I t.3 bale and case, low for cash bv Bru.h'arni do, Tar do, Scrub 110. CI.nllp d.l. Compldinint's 'nliril..r". fI>- 1m -------
F1ic of The of the subscribe
liiii'i arehDuse..v set grand aim
;i any opinions.! VtiiP J\U'S
L.w Black Clnlk. Whifn-! ', Uuta Duck. Eng
B. ).} ,
;I- '.'''III.\l,( Haiv i* In ('e-tablih at the Seat of Government, & CO. do Li'-'ht do In District Court of the United
Jan 20 li-h do, Cotton di>. I Heavy[ Ii\\'t 11" -- --
21 .
ripHE u'1.} :-.y, ;'. 1 a eg leave to announce (to a faithful an I prompt: reporter of t all sorts of in- ---- ---- --- -- .--1 Water-- --- street.Witar's ------- White, Blufand 1 It:,d B'IOIIII'"diI!.-, COI'i"'r| do, States, for the A'orlliorji District -

JL PUJI-'o.-' i S i'miler?, t that they liave'1- leliue'ifr: I't'.]. .:ible aeiit on which t the Balsaai of Wild Cherry. do Tacks, Ship Spikes, P.oat do, Brad, Screws, of Florida.

DUV i iii tins ciH. Fne: n'lr.tilr! of I'm; I 'i'i: t n.! ', j'ul i-very one interested in the 1' s Oars, lllocks, !Shivc-s Jib 1I.n!{-, [Hand[ Daniel
X.kL'an and!
\priI1'I ) I M.I F. ABELL.Hops F.f'1EilI j
Foundry.vas cat tn orJer by workmen! ul 1 Iii I ii.PfleIce 14 :.jjar: {If..' ,-i.res< and (the Government, may rtly -, ---- Piinip, Df-ck) IJnckMs: Cedar do, Deck l>roorns, jI i -
of her f the!
*, ovvntrs' < -
> J I ..
'! and, as no ovpctife was spared to at .ili tJ Ms .\ 1t1! i!ii.diit contideiice.! Corn do. C.llllkilllallI"!! SIT'llIgt.x".Ax. c ..-- :-
I [lelve.-. Hooks! and ThimMe! *, Box Hooks, Rate do, I steam btnf Au,n obtain the handsomest faces and to perfect it i in! I h i T' ieii.>-.c>d t ut ihe ostablislijnent (.f such artlia'jle
Fall Crop, for sale by Can (io. Cotton do, BOlt; ilo, Fi-li do, Caulkms vs. \ Libel :fpr CC!li:i":1.
every respect, we will venture to say it will be Janrn il nf l-itrfti:r ctj'i terms which! .fe itLj-S
17 II. ABELL.. lront.tkii Iron-, Marline Spike, Ship Scr.i- The Steam Boat F.nfaula: ,
found as handsome if not the han.lsjme l>frs, I'uuug !!,'err. tackle ar'l'; j 2u-l and J j
United States. We have al*'. a very handsome: the pr"p;il.! -. it ".., (1t'1:1"lce.IIPllt; of what prornis QUININE, Camphor; and Piprrinciist! rc- ,I ) \ C'otn. a-sfs, Sail ;('ecll.Iil Twin, irnuituire.t j

assortment of Flower and Job Letter (.f the latest <.-.i I t., V '. *f i .tt-f-"tp sr slid! evctll! period !) for *.ile bv I Snine o14,, :.\\'ia! (!hi,. PalmKi iggutig L"alltcr.Pim : "\TOTICF. is Iwrcuy't > to ;:1vlr! if

slle, to winch we wo-ilJ call the attention ill tl,*> ist-sv". 'rj'! 'i.> ,1 i prc"ecdiic, will Anril17 H. [AIFLL.: I ; oli! SImvels I H Ii imm.Hafchel.-8.I ('hi.-f'-! JL\t r.iav,
_ c concern by'irtue( of .ltradlHu'r !
of Printers before purchasing; d..ewtlre.11 bel'I"'I! \viti! :i .'. '..." .ii I t.11..1'l the! corn- --S --- I \'J .:nr". I PineH I I 111.1..1.11,1.1.1;i -. I H.t'id.awFiles a'i : cAtL: :. .i 11 t-
:'';;j)'lI'iHa: Syrjp.TUST h IJ.it Tail lo, I In-n ('', ,b'aril l F.ofks warra'it of ari-f-r is'ied in thialwue! raiise, [I" i5.
red. .
articles manufactured bIB shall be of a material nri'i'iiiv : .!'il I, 't -'' h -' ii..J I ''us objfiM, the 1'1,1 1 Th! r. .
I s.i'I I < 1 HlllSe 1, .. P.idlorks have - d arid r.ikcntlii-abovt: tri(>nioned! St.MI I
it received, a-i 1 i I'r *.il- I i\' Stock' 'It|o. { I.: ( .
equal not superior, to manufactured subscriber! "uliit4 J liberal and!
any respectfully a general I I II! I
1.> Wood Saws, I'e ud.unt I Ha'ilyards, I Hand Line, Boat; Pliiftnla her tackle. app Ir..i titij\ htrcirtirc.
it the North ; and as we shall "eil IVj-e at t Xew I -' ,',,. I tro.u I Ill. <; 4ene.t! public' of the '_ ___ __ _!H p._ -1 ELr.1 do" !nl .' :
Deep, SIM do, Log do, Fish, hand! Leads! lVe; to answer to the lb.-l:: flied th-rein, f fir dsnn.e.-
York prices, \ve trnt to meet with encourage I United -td!(<. "rY"r"\ 'rs LFXK: JMLL-'; .\ \ ) rihK.vi! IXi St-a '.1.11", "i-i I )I.., l I iril<>, l'uine, : |I., I LinthurnCii. -, t:ir uc'dlinioti, in a cuusc c'il.lad m.rl-! l k. ,-'.' ..or!

ment.We JAMES A. HOUSTON", rEt! ;, just receive, I ind: "for' sale l bv. lk Lin", Pif'i' Pots, Lo r Ho .ks, Car!o (Jo, i Th'll[ tie! ;11:1:I [':ocij>s i is ri't'irnale! :,t'.n': t'e': I'i'Ki-:I -

are now prepared to man-ifjcture BR.\SS St'inzr to the Senate: of t the (U. S. Xov11 I I '* M.LF.V.: H-l-ivin1,' PIITin' [ Wir..', Crockery! Carpenrei's Di4: ret' Court of tii.- I'lutf I Sfaff* f'.rlli-: Nort! i'l {:Jl-fi* : :

nULl and TYPEof any tnajniiudwith prompt {::;- Tlie *. tHtcJ Stat-s R. p.'rter" will be ---- ToolS Ini"! ; -.">;i PoM.Vr Vc. r.fv ,.- .
Bu'-rvri'.iy'a I er-i u 1)i'net >.f FU>n i.l iCi> ?. I
We would alsa call the iM AiMi-icIiicr.l.i.; J.tn.23.: I h 17.
ness. particularly at-1 printed on a I.1re hwlomo-heet, and i isuedrvery : WE ttl tsr *
PI<::S; Ktnfi-sv said C"Hrl(, I'i tt; city of Ap.ilifliicob: : ..n |I,,
tent ion of Printers to our LEADS having an entire I III'Jrllin'Clpt Sundays: at the rate oiso 10 0 a-iMg; : ,rH -s f ...
< f I
set of ml'll111. which enabled I lot roils I [Rone! ; I !lii'K: : : i { ;', Xo. '] '. Water -treet, third \1"ci1(1'7lh: ( I sI fiy>( .-t )I'I\' il1..fmt. at I II; )
new hy we are : : annum. .
to furnish a perfect article.! We are alvi Agents : per .1 bas! B 1i'l. Twi'ie 'f.-.r *'ilf> by G have ]'isl reci-iv.-1 I oi id,I offer[ i-,r sale :. M., at which[ timr ,i-. 1 t.',: eJ..p *iicl rj!i-v iiowEL PREVALI.NI< OF!I :tv-i.- ; .; j' :

% \. G PORTER! : & CO. I T2" s.icks Green Rio Coileee; ) I i. (to he heard. rth""e
far the sile of the Napier, Wa-hington, andmtIi In connection with (the d.ulv: l paner! there: "ill (m-vvcrop : in kit healtr.. '1 t.. ;.,
Dec1 i .11| l U'aJ.-r: t rc.'t. IM'J barrels Xort'n'rn:' : all,1 .s ;i Presses, which together with Chase*, be i-ied from I the ame tablishinet.t, np-j i.ihirh W< ',
---- --- ----- -- --- in tht.ar rp.- t. I' :
---- ---- h17. R'JBERT: j
t 2) ) Old Rectiried! Whiskev ; MVER,
C-i'P', C other arti-le rei1Irel! in the! Punting buines i- 1UJ Lixes .vhite, pale and brown Soap; ; .
very*. will be kept on hand, and finished, at Tfiis publication will contain evclu-ivdy! 9 0 TOX- Siv lc| 1 Iron, assorted si/.es ; "j hi! I. :N. 0. Suar ; -> do Muscovado/ln; bv II. R Tt LOR, U-. M. r main. in the bntly.; It r- Ps.r,' iFr. i- -
AoroI I'M) ) s Nails, lo. :MivI'? IS IT.; '.n th- -v>f'!!, Mini tt..- ".11. _
Ke in-tf
m tactufer's prices- i Reports of the Prweediii-s and Debatesf! th.* 2') casUs: I Kiw.Sides and Shouldeis ; ____
4 casks Weeding I Hoe* assorted iilitie-' -- :1\\! -' n ri--d by tt 1._... ; .
Congress of the United! Stile*. It will b..- issued qi] ; 5 .1 Ham>
Editors and Printers VM'I'IIIC! tn' catablish ; ,
a Friikii Uircsi si! ('o nf v. f.rf. /
2 i Biacksfjiith Steel (r.u'cdn'il.. ; -F. '
Newspaper or Job Priltl OlKco!! will be furnished semi-weekly, in an fckcant qxiaito form thtoughout 2)) English and American;? Vises 20 b.rrels Thrived Sn:nr ; V !1'.: L.I- FLO.i.l1J\ : :! .,h; ; '',ii, i tua- ,,
the e.sions of Congrcs u'vl will he furnished ; 10 boxes Loaf dov'er [
? '
with an n detail for Ihe I ; CInrles i H mi.nriiibel"j .
; "
(tinnt. 1 I. ;: ?. i I'
IMI'UVs Yna1e flIt'rtru :
2'J .
to subscriber at the! r.ite of Iwo dollars for (the ; :.') ', Cn'idles
by stalin; the size of the paper: or the particular ; Adam, C"Pf.i'r_ ] .
a' ;
style and (quantity of .,oi k to .vecittcii. long: sequin wid iif dollar( for the! short( e-sio'i.: 12: d'-/en Spade and Shovels; :2)? ) birrels \ f F.: R-irn ; lar'i..r.J i il I 1.T>11fio., .ct t r.Iv h, JOIINH. :
II' Collins'rs( r
j. It is believed th'dt this great rl ti.JIIll'Irk will 'J ; ]I.) 'V lit -'s 11 a1tirnnrl'Gin ,
The of who will ; L.tri '
proprietors; new ln, .t.
t I :L Mid
o p31'r. 10 b\s Coil ',n and! Woolen H Tan !. .. ", \l'' y.k.
bee deemed in the
this ,advettisetr.eut fix *, and senda mdipensabic library of every ; 1') ;a >I.n -sti'Uraridv" ; trldIl1: 11'1 I..r I he !flu .:: :-S'zrt .,\.rn, f.. 9 lj r: :, hr.'. I ,71
1 case RMV lallI'' Cist: "le.11 III! S; I. \
public institution politician and! I'r.fc'ssirn1tntTl uwii;' Tj V
i : I 0I ltsse.h
to our will be paid for the ; of" p.tn.lrd..1 .,
paper OmC-l weekly : DlrttJt'S .
HilS ;; ?ttJ.v J.I'I !I .' ., .
10')0 lbs and :
Cast Grnnan < I
t.l. firilebv'iWM. ( ; '
advertisement by purchasing M\ times tbeml\lt: : tliroughout the country and that it will In- I 5 ) I>) is- I I'i i lis'i I 1) nry Cheese: ; Co." I i

advertising bill in Type.; regarded by the zreat mass (it I the pw>j'le as (lie CJ. POIirKR[ : & CO. :1' paves.; Kentucky! Mining i ; TJjc Uroat aiacian: -----I- -.'imdvi.5us -.

wry be.t political i text book for their own instruction Dec .1 -11 I \\'It'I'qrp'I. 3') "il3 R' Jlha\ 1 )
GRF.EN &CO., __.___- n__ __ c ',je; Dill \ : l*J:C'j'OJ.L.t:1I
May 22 1"47. 1'.) 17 ( aid: that of I their children. : 1') ii Alicanl Mats
t. LiFE ; all
-lir fn\ MOI'I"\T'S l'II.L'1); jJlhE'\IX rrHF. Deler.dunf aid others interestedill llF HlI f UH.l'\I( ) 1:1.1.l.-\\I'-\: :. i-..
-:, just received and! for sale SO tvs I'll I-ilt-bxs (ne\v crop) MilRaisins; lu.tice of I I ell
. t by thr-jtis'itntion i t of the .tbovv I I\'dlled f for the <-.ire; .* t'l ui.4ti.V < 10.-. ''HID-a.'
Drl s .lltulccincv. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.Throughout Nov >*4 .if. |I.\ ABELL Drujis't.Saratoga 10 Lemoris, ; suit bv attachment, returnable to the December :''ttn! !'..; tit' tli.! % el, \\ 1.1..i i-ii v '.t.. i :ifeiwly .
subscriber' has just receive 1 in'r recent the session of Congress Extras -- ------ ----- ------ 7": :M'1'iufactured( Tolncco of ,
THE: ; Term IS 17, of Franklin, Cncuit, Court, and willappear Ureatliiii, Plenriri'lii' ,iiuanil ,
from New York, a full .1 intl c-im- will be issued from the office of the United "%'atcl'. 25 cast's assorted Pickles; and plead( thereto, according law. tit Ijea.sf) t.f ;ir Lnu!>

plete stock, consisting in p'rt, Sulph.; of Qui- States Repoiter," containing the reports of all Q UARTS and Pints, fresh, (tor sale.l 30' irrels \I.tc-kerd. Xos 2 and 3 ; CARRAWAY SI1TIJ.P3i"lilr'i to nrncliili I*, a h-t-a-e t liar i' -\s-e1'1u'g: ; II."',.

tine, Hyd. de Potassii, C.i'i--r Pota*.i, lliclllf 'Hch Debates! as may possess peculiarly exciting -- April 17 .|If.| l I.'. .1IEEL.. 20 lull oI"! do do ; Attorney.Apalachicola sand to ;i prt lI.llllrt' i-rave under: the USU.f I.C"nuH .

Murrale and Sui ph. of M'>" .ie, f..I1Hr Ca'l..tlc-' i interest. ------- --- ---- --- I 20 b ixes ..1drtJ.vrnH; : !itt, iM'i. btrcurtd by tiII.i (ll.i-* n.' '
Blank Books mid i April 13, 1 Ibl7.( aprill 11InFraaklin .
Chloride of t Gold and S"1./ Calomel, Jalj-i. All subscriptions and communications to be Stutioucry. 20 i cIF'-1.9 and boxes Gunpowder and Hy- CII1<. f'

tpicac. loiine. Rhubarb! Pulvr. and Root. S.-n- p'stpaidand addresed LEDGERS' Journals, Day Bonks, &c. S'n Teas I ; ciI'c-it- I f Fir several years past, lai* cudirii.e Min

na, Epsorn Salt, Bachn Leaves, Castor Oil, JAMES A. HOUSTON, Foolscap and Letter Paper; 10 J oliests and) lioxes i\vchong Teas ; K Dod Court.D. : u-. ia Cuindu, vxhtri- l/a"! fjtfi lit uni1. >
Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, lV \\'. r United States Ht'florler.Pashingtoll I). C. Cotton Memorandum Books ; 'e, ) I j!I know- .
Sulpher 2: Inlf ni|pC'' 01.1 Cognac Hrandy ; ly is d>tidc: red t tl.t-( (bt-i I" t i I
and role Copperas, Alum Aloe JolySI. 1317. Ship and River Bill Lading ; < v4. > ClIVXCERY.. j i ; '
Saltpeter, 10 liisket" 4 Heidsieck" Champagne S | in tie liar all pulmurury iiis-ast t I.t i1'.
; Jamt'C.Wal"ntte
Calcind and Curb. of Magnesia, Gum Camphor, All newspapers throughout the United States Uoooks for Letter Press. al. i .
]i lurcens which '
.r)0 ke Vails 1 assorted I sizes has it- lldl ''
:s ; D. K ie: in '
who imhlifh' this Pro'jpcIUZ; once a vv..k from Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks Dodge,
Flax Seed )
Borav. Also a large supply of assorted [I'll-it an-1 : Bread I and 1 t
this date till the mcetinglif Ij.j bbls avy ; try, the'niuny t truly wrs d.iiuinr > v i:1I
; be
Glass Ware and will entitled Just icccived and for s-ile by \.s. > Bill (for Partition.
general as-sortment of
a I to an exchange with tljp United Stales 3 tierces new Rice; D. have been effictd by if, .l.a* jI(1 fn .jr pptcrs
March[ I II. F. HELL. McDoiuild: tt. al. )
all articles in the Drug line. For sale bv Keporier"and will I tV placed on lie! list of tho e --- --_. : 20 kegs and ',jnarters new Buckwheat ;] r.1 EORGE W in introduce it info the U n.ilui "t.iU.-: t. .
RO S ., .
June H. I. ABELL.TarrantN : to whom the Extras: will I.e "lespitched.Stato ; For Sale, 200, ) hnslieU \.irther} Oats.Apilachicola tIle '-2d having fil.d a peLti.Vjf ?! tidt-rn i.t i its teilZ; the ir.i'j-l sjfr "..d.In.. U .

Ktrcrvescviit Seltzer BBLS. FLOUR; ?> |"hI! U Whiskey ; Dec 5, IS 10.'C'JlLCC'P.. tain i amount t of:April 1510 pray Court into have a Ct-r- inedy ewr vi-it-d, uiul ad.., hlll n.tii i: r.tst -'-
100 money now in Iielotmin-r! to
of IIori1i. ----- -- -- -- -- ol lie; Inlg, u !h"11 Aperient.HEALTH 50 bbls. Molasses; 2'J' hhds Su ir. defendants, i th% < in c: i > iperi I "
appropriated; : to t hii
HEXEWED, and an invigorated COUNTY OF FR \ NI K f, [EN. Ju-it landed from schooner \ltn. and! for sale fee as I l' Conn-viler md v'oliciti tlI.IFn'lIt[ of said ol tie" ,.rm their rut'ir.il,I i r ""i-r.\ -r-n : \-1-1m.t i -

'. condition of body producedby BY virtue of the power voled III roe by law, I low, for rash, by '7 H \LF t ')xes Man.ifdCtured; W L Roane" fendarits; and the rnatt- having been referred trrattlul atda, ntl.ii.<; i: f J" 't .

the use of TAUtXNTS ElTEUVESCEXT expose for sale !bcfiTf I I'u1 CoMit House' March 27 NOURSE, STONE \ CO. B I'.I'11! t" Iiin.-ti >i-4 oi tie \d.dt.hr.. C.I >\.
me as SJl''iJl1.ll'r in Ch-incerv a'll!
SELTZER APEIilEXT.This l door, in the city if .V) I\.I'"h"I1.\ } Fn'I!kin'COM n- ------ --------,--_.- -11 half h". Minnficttired ': W Price" Bra'll) to act report citebe u \\ lien fxn-.sne. .11!. v-!' r H.

preparation is universally allowed to be ty Oil In.I1Ihp. fvi'-itv-lft'i' f.w ..f October FIATS and Caps by t the ease lu-v !for cash by 'I 0 *' (I". ri"hce upon;liv the(".1" \ alter ha\'lll' given ='M:i divs Si're'Us a-..i i pain; aiu;i .*, 4 till.II. I.1"*'
pliblicafion I in the It
the most popular remedy of the present day, for next, at the usual hours of sale, so mucb of the -- _.----- B. 1'.LLhOCO.-:- ----. 28 W Barlow" fore ordered! that said George pall W.[ ers.Ross the is defen-I there ed vigi-r and rl i"iirif% fo I'.iwl[ I., |I. ti.it f.

the prevention and cure of Iiili estion, Hilious lands lyinsoppo-ite[ ttie city Apalaclucola, and For Sale, 15 22 I1) lIOXCi" "J W.Morgan" dants Watson, )McD-.ti.rald et. a/. :; Prepared tot -u.i;i. wt'iisaU-: n tail. t.,

and Liver Complaints, NVrvous Weakness, Headache known as Cat Point, with the lands a I j'ii iii rnz, as 1 fV HHDS. choice N 0 Sugar 1-2 lb Lumps. interested tn before .in anil the all others I JOHN \VL\Ili! \ u v;; ]1\ .,"&:. 1York |1..1fi >.,
; appear me cilof'
4<.irf!>urn, habitual: : Costivencs*, &,c. will bu sufficient tll triake the s-iin! of Three I Hundred [ il50; bbls Flour, by 5 boxes .Manufactured J W Morgan" Brand Apalachicola on the hcventh ((7th) of n-extJ sole (1ro';''io-' i i r t l"i-i'ni Blairs
and residents in warm climates will and Seventy Dollars and i costs l for the Premium.r 11ALF.LL, Auril
Traveler. Feb 2 NOURSI STONE & CO.SALAD then and (there to present or defend their
de.ira le article ; it prevents any accumulation amo'mtIf the State Taxes d'ie' from the Apa- -- -------- --------. boxes .N apo. claims! &c. respective Jan 9 t; \I'l'hll alJ.

of bile i is portable an 1 the method of I 1. hiC'.la L3nd Compiny on the additional quantity OIL, just receivedand for sale by leon's" "Magnolia." CARRAWAY

prep.uatirl I urnnally convenient. Children of as<'s afle lands lym in this county, and I 17 H. 1\ ABELL: ."} boxes Manufactured Napo S eciul Master SMITH Balsam of L.iveruoit.A .

have frejuent occasion (for. gentle and cooling liable to Tax tor the year OIC: thousand eight l hun. }leon's" Brand Strawbery." Apala'hlcllla.1.lrcll in Chancery. REMEDY most {-crttct is dUl J10fa l '*

P.zratives (Ihey take this anerietit in ; Ir""ti and Bay EC u in. 50 201b boxes Manufactured II "Napo* G, IS 17. S-5t discovered in settled Consumption, luau
; wi pre- f"rlyfive.JOII'l &?- The bearing, of (the above
LUCAS Sheriff supply of A. French's superior leon' Dr.mdt. lIolia.tJ matter is postponed Complaint, of their **
(erene t! : wh"lpitle and retail lv AFRESH : until [ or any incipient sjui'1'
,Tiv a:1 J. C.S'i '. nr .!. .'.-. and ex-ofTicioTax Collector for Franklin Co.Apt1Ichic01. just received and for sale bvH. 9 box Manufactured Morford) Honey Dew Apalachicoia! the loth. inst. on the Chrl\no-Thermal svstern, by itt .!* *
-- : AI..T.P Annl'21 \ JUl 12 1 F. -\BY. LL. -\prillO. 18 17- 13-lt Doctor I hi
I iS
-- -' 47. 1 rmPeter's 10 Crates Crockery, 10,000 Florida Segars The TAYLOR'S celebrated iredicfi.e. ,
(ICJ: hearin of the
O''JCE. 30 doz Negro Caps; flu) do/ Hoes, "a "ort()." until matter is post.Prutd Genuine BALSAM or LivERWoKT.whifl1) '*

havmj htisjtviss with tiif I i"icri- Vosrelublc Atitinilliuiis Dry Goods. Ingrain Carpeting I Cotton CarlsTrace Chains. t he 30th June next.Apalaeh'icol pares at 375 BOWERY. Thi plan uftreatr t *.',

PUR50N tli ,: Ss fi'in the nJv \vill Pill DRILLINGS, Tickings, Cot ion Osnaburgs, For sale i, April 21,15! 17. l.2m .
"ir ncf low to close consignments, by now espoused by several eminent ph\iruJ
picas to apply ti \tr. Chtr! ? \. Gt.-,'n. A FRESH upplv just received a'id for sileby : Jean-, FhnnelBlan[ [ LOCKHART & YOUNG, CO-: The[ hearing of the above matter is postponed and has been for a long fimdjth*' wcrel (t '**

July 12 .', !I.Y O >. f\. April 17 If F AIITLL. kets Tweeds, Shirtings i Slier-tings i Check?, Nov. U 53 Water street. mfil I 1 the :3(>th of November next. unparalleled success which has attended ro'faslor's *

- ._ __ Ginghams, Calicoes Delanes, Hosiery, &c &c. Apalachicola, July 3,1517. .
'B'lUN nnd SatbtL'4 t Preyed Castor)il and Saratoga vVater, For ale by B. ELLISON & CO I medicine in performing itsvaid"1"
COLD Oil Cloths ami Carpets.PCS lr-M
\rSp.4) (iLL' rat CiCe;V"I tor II received and for sale by Jan 23 23 Water street. Franklin Circuit Court. cures, which in many, very many ca-r. .
S Oil Cloth, 1.and 2 yards wide; been almost incredible, but the cinclaPf
Jule: 12 11. I. .' April 10 H. F. ABEL 18 Barnard Adams & Co.,
_. __ \I r4'l ------ -- ._-- .--- -_ .- -- EIDLITZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting; "s. the Doctor can bring forward are irresi- atf,'r

Or f Florida Molasses. S best quality for sale by 3 4' Cotton John Dill and Elizabeth f In Chancery.Ann we advise all who may have collars 'r 1I.lln:!

T An 8V'
1UU May J : TMY &co. IN B. ELLISON & CO. For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. having been made to bv affidavit delay. Franklin says a srr.;all leak will !' I
---- IT appear that
REAM TARTAR ail I Tamarind:. just re- Feb 20 24 Water street. i.J QULPIIATF4 for sale and MURIATE of QUININE, Dec 5 II Water street. the defendants John Dill and Elizabeth Ann 1 I! big ship." Therefore:, cure \t"IT rwfl* bEft.I'

C ceived and fur saIl by Window Gla by Boots and Shoes.BOY'S Dill, reside out ol the State of Florida to wit: your lungs are past cnre. Fir sale l-y
s. Julyl'7 J. C. ALLEN.
H. F. ABELL.IN i in the State ofGeor ia. J. ALLEN, Sole Aerrt frr
April 17 It is ordered that
and Russet
.-. LARGE lot, of assorted sizes just received Brogans ; pub1I1'a1&00 Apa'icbiCl.
Water. A lloarltoiind sew'd and be made for four months, in some news- .
c oirss and 1 for sale by Candy. peg'd Kip Brogans ; CAUTION-The genuine Doctor TATIO'

f pints arid ouarts, just received for sale by J'"IP 12 |n. F. ABELL.Bailey's P EASE'S Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Gents fine Calf Brogans ; paper printed in the city of Apalachicola requiring BALSAM OF LIVKRVVORT, has on ,trfK1'1"'"'

1 ..12' H. F. ABRLL. Candy, just received and for sale by I Wm's pe '(1 and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. will be them taken to appear and answer said bill, else it splendid steel plate engraving, to | r.'' 'f "" ''r-
Tonic Mixture.i pro con fesso.
June 2 [1. F. AIELL.Cai'peaiter's Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; terfeit-T signed ,\rl r! et"
Panacea. TIit: i i. a valuable' ) compound' fluid extract ofClol"h'I'a THOMAS by Hnrrlon. l.ertN! iI' >
T Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.A BALTZELL Judge. vile '*
HOUCK and SWAIM'S Panacea just received and R'ibra, a vegetable febrifugefor Extract of Bncliu. large and extensive assortment just received July 2 j, 18 17._ 2S-lm cautioned anddanrPr.uq irritati* ran' fhr -cbiic/itLprotected '

or sale by the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by WARRANTED qennine, for sale by and for sale by WM. G. PORTER &. CO. and Lavander Water_, for sale not the to purchase or deal in if, as

Jon 15 H. F. :\BELLS June I? H F. ABELL. J. C. ALLEN- Dec 5 11 Wafer street. ROSE 17 J. C. ALLEN.by March 21 by, 1846.'U. 15-ly S. Copy Right Laws-

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