.- OLUME V. .


___ ___

B. Eivisoi & Co..-)
24 Water street.
Jan 23 Apalachicol-, F.
E. J. Hardin, <
9p Office, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,,
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
Roberts, Allen & Co.
And -Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per Wares.
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
Sims A Cheever,
Office No. 24 Water street.
decl2 Apalachicola, Fla.
W. T. WooD. E. B. BALLOU.
Wood & Ballou,
Office No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs-
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
Thiomas Preston,
No. 28 Water st.-Office second back room.
Dec 26 Apalachicola, Fa.
J. II. & J. 1I. Hull,
No. 48 Water street,
Charles Rogers JohnMunn. Eugene W. Rogers.
Chas. Rogers & Co.,
Water street,
dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
Green & Conncry,
No. 36, Water street.
Pelican Mutual Insurance Co. of New York.
CHAS. A. GREEN, Agent.
Dec 5 No. 36 Water street.
Jolan S. Hutchinson,
No. 50 Water street.
-Solicits patronage. APALACHICOLA, Fa.
Jas. F. Farrior,
No. 50 Water street.
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fla.
P. W. Cullen,
Solid's a share of Public Patylonagt:
Coolie & Horne,
No. 13,St. Charles Street,
feb 8.
Edward tieCuilly, -
Office No. 50, Water street,
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
D. Danfortlh,
- Cotton bought on order.
Refers to
B. F. HOLDEN, New Orleans
Messsrs. WYLIrE & .MCKENiTE, Apalachidola.

o-r May be found at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the. Mansion
House. Nov 8.

_ __~l~arYa~~ _

Sr- .- I ? ,A ,, I.:l. :.7i .i l i. F I ,
LcKlo.rt A' 'Oilllln,
S* V II 3 S 10 N and F 0 R W ARD IN G
*-, -.MAER CHANT S, -
-" No. -53-W atei- str.'-t
S,. ?l Apalaehicola, Fla-.
T, ,-i n Il'. DANIEL J. DAY.
-. *'. J. 0iy1 oke Co.,..
'' No. 52 Water sta-eet,
,*.- 5- Apalachicola, Fga.
t-so, Agents for the A1 ,EtnaInsuranc Co."
.he Protectiont Insurance Co'." and the Hart-
.\r Isuranee Co." H-artford C. mn. .
Harper & Iolie',
S -" also, -
" -. e ht' -tfor wthe
of t,'if .iC y ,f. jYew Y.,r -
'1 163. 1 '. % .VtJfs?6 reet,
) .; >- v r ,1 ,,-:d, 1 .. T -.
'V F4. P-. P 101',1 *. ', .
': -- -M-B-etw+0KDs. -- "
No. 41 Water Street,
gc -.Apalaohicola, Fa.
or B. 'Wori & Co.,
0 -vI M Al 0 N AN:), l 0 RW VA RD ING-
.'4 EM'RCH ANT-,
No. 7, Colunmbus Row,
Nov. 29, 146.. Apalaciicola. Fla.
wVyiie & lcKenzie,
0,. 12 Water street,
t 1,1316. Yaoalachicola, Fa.
S. & J. Schiffer.
j& Particular attention iaid to putting up fai-ily,
steamb'oat a~nd ship stores.
No. 49 Water street,
Nov. 14 Apalachicola Fla..
HI. F. Abell,
W MLI.;, \LtP &ND RI:T tL'-
L \LE1R1 I \j 1 D IC NES, P AINTS,
lr- \. general asqortm,-,,t ,-A tuti,,el N '.
0 >. ,'f Chestnut and W 'tr I'.,-,
Anri ll -ApJ.ilaihicola, Va.
II. D0 l ardlen.,'
No. 2 Co[limbus Buildings,
Dec. 0, 115. Aralachicola, Fa;
4e 1 ii its *tta'
No. 43 Water atreet-=Up tairs,
Dec. 1, 1. 5. Apalachicola, Fla.
Sollige & Pratt,
No. 40 Water Street,
Nov 2.- Apalachicola, Fa.
1-i. I. Taylor,
S. No. 22 Water-street,
.. sept-2 Y .y' .Apala hicola.
Francis Kopmian,
'V A'i ND. :-" 'LA .DRE A At LDErALER IN
octl C hi.rn'l- rre? t, .\|.ila,'li."la. I ,..

Dr. A. W. Chapman,
CO Office over the Drug Store of B: S. HamVloy
(entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell,
January 10; 1846. 2--tf
W. G. 19I. Davis,
Offers his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
-He will practice regularly in Fi'ahklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counseli in. any Court
of the Middle of Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846.
A. Senmmes,
0- Office, JVo. 2 Capt. Sinlwnon's Building,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
Ht. E. Owens,
SCAYTroNj Barbonr County4 Alabama.
April 29, 1846. tf
John Bilbo,
W7ILL practice in the several CoAP of the
South.Western Circuit,and Thomas and
Stewait counties
Aug. 5, 1845. 31-t

o having been appoia Ins
for the County of Fro
the public in that ca
duties appertaini

k, W\VOOD.
Sootd ,& Co.
No. 2 Columbus Buildinwg
Oct: 31. Apalachicola.

B. S, Hawley,
No. 28 Water street,
Dec 5 Apalachicolak Fa.
Avery & JToneS,
'* ; No. 43 Water street.
Dec 5. Apalachicola, Fa.
S Edward 1ITcCully,
S'No. 50 Water street.
I D-ee .'c .. .... 'Apalachicola, Fa.

He slowly toiled over the stee 'hill, braving
the storm, Which now raged in its wildest
fury. The, rain fell in torrents, and the
wind howled as a legion of famishing wolves,
hurling its doleful and angry echoes over
the heath. Still the stranger pushed on-
ward, Qntil he proceeded two 6r three riiles
from BIeric ik, when as if unable longer to
brave the storm, lie sought shelter amidst
the crab and bramble bushtles by the way-
side. Nearly an h6ur had passed since he
sought this imperfect refuge, and the storm
had increased together, when a horse's feet
were heard splashing along the road. The
rider b6nt his head to the blast. Suddenly
his horse was graspedi y the- bridle-the.
rider raised his head, add the traveller stood
before him, holding a pistol to his breast.
'" ismount!' cried the stranger sternly.
The horseman, benumbed, and strike"
with fear, made at effort to reach his arms;
but in a moment the hand of the robber
quitted the bridle, grasped the breast of the
rider, and dragged him to the ground. He
fell heavily on his face, and for several
minutes remained senseless. The stranger
seized the leathern bag which contained the
mail from the oorth, and flinging it on his
shoulder, rushed across the heath.
Early on thefollowing morning the inha-
bitants of Bervick were seen hurting in
groups to the s)ot where the robbery had
been committed, but no trace of the robber
could be obtained.
Three days had passed, and Sir John
Cocirane yet alive. The mail which con-
tained his death-warrant had been robbed,
and before another order for the execution
could be given, the intercession of his father,
the Earl of Dundonald, with the king's
conf4ssor migit be successful. Grizel now
became almost his constant companion in
prison, and spoke to him words of comfort.
Nearly fourteen days had passed since the
protracted hoptin the bosom of the prisoner
became more fitter than his first despair.
But even that lope, bitter as it was, perish-
ed. The intercession had been unsuccess-
ful-and a second time the bigoted, and
would be despotic monarch, signed the war-
rant for his death, and in a little more than
another day tlat warrant would reach the
The will of Heaven be done!" groaned
the captive.
"Amen!" returned Grizel, with wild
vehemence, "but my father shall not die !"
Again the rider with the mail reached
Tweedmouth, and a second time he bore
with him the doom of Cochrane. He spur-
red his horse to his utmost speed; he look-
ed catitioiisly before, behInd, and around
him, and in his right hand he carried a pistol
ready to defend himself The moon shed a
ghastly light across the heath, rendering
desolatbn visible and giving a spiritual, em-
bodimeit to every shrub. He was turning
the angle of a straniggling copse, when his
horse reared at the report of a pistol, the
fire of vhich seemed to dash in his very
eyes. It the same moment his own pistol
flashed,and his horse reared more violently,
and he vas driven from the saddle. In a
moment the foot of the robber was upon his
breast, vho, bending over him, and bran-
dishingling a short dagger in his hand,
Giv mie thine arms, or die I"
The heart of the king's servant failed
within hlm, and without venturing a reply,
lie did a; he was commanded.
"Now, go thy way," cried the robber,
sternly, 'but leave with me thy horse, and
leave m( the mail-lest a worse thing come
upon thle.'
The nan therefore arose, and proceeded
towardsBerwick, trembling; and the rob-
ber mounmiing the horse which he had 1eft,
rode rapdiy across thle heath.
Preparations were making for the execu-
tion of Sr John Cochrane-the officers, of
the law vaited only the arrival of the mail
with his second death warrant, to lead him
to the scaffold, and' the tidigns arrived that
the mail had again been robbed. For yet
fourteen days and the life of the prisoner
would be prolonged. He agai fell on the
neck of Tis daughter, and wept, and said-
"It is good-the hand of heaven is in
Said I not," replied the maiden, and for
the first time she wept aloud-" that my
father should not die !"
The fourteen days were not yet passed
when the prison door flew open, and the old
Early of Dundonald rushed to the arms of
hrs son. His intercession with the confes-
sor had at length been successful; and after
twice signing the warrant for the execution
of Sir John, which had as often failed in
reaching ils destination, the King had seal-
ed his pardon. He hurried with his farther
from the prison to his own horne-his family
were clinging around him, shedding tears
of joy; and they were marvelling with grati-
tude at the mysterious providence that had
twice intercepted the mail, when a stranger
craved an audience. Sir John desired to
be admitted--and the robber entered. He
was habited as we have before described, with

a coarse jerkin ; but his bearing was above
his condition. On entering heslightly toilch-
ed his beaver, but remained uncovered.
When you have perused these, said
he, taking two papers from his bosom, "cas
them into the fire!"
Sir John glanced on them, star
became pale-they were his death
'" My deliverer!" exelaime
shall I thank thee-bhow rela
of my life? My father,
him for me!"
The did Earl grasped
stanger, the children ernm
and he burst into tears
." By what name," e
John, shall I call my
The stranger wept at
beaver, the raven tresses
rane fellupon tie clbakl
'"Gracious Heavens !

,"^ ~ ~- ____ r -
Wo G. -'I. -DAVIS,*-Editor.
OSie, Thlir.l Si.r,. Baltzell's Buildings, corner of
Cii,,w.-,e.- and Chestnut streets.
'- N ThIMS.
SjTascipriows.-Three .Dollars per annum,
if paid in. advance, or $3 50 if paid within six
in intlh, or 4 00 if paid' thereafter.
No subscription taken for a less term than six
dironths-arid 82 will invaxrably be charged for
thit period.. No pip-r will be discontinued until
hll irre ir-;es arei>o i j.ileSS ii the ,-- i..if of c r e
no' r prie.tor.; 7L 4- ***
k ,ov:i ri-G %i : ,rs-.- Onesquare, (twelve lies
ir ls'- will be insertpd at the rate-of One,? Dol-
lar for th-e first, and Fifty Cents (:.r 4?' iy subse-
quent insertion.: "
Po those wvho advertise by the year a liberal
lisco'uanr-wi[ll be nade; but al advertisements not
-strictly -ertini i.; to their own business, as well
a3 all le.al idvertise-nents sent in by them, will
be charged at the uual rates.
f. A0l'leral advertisements must be paid for
ih advance. .
--- ,iv e Dollars will be charged for announc-
i~ng candidates for office.
3- .ll ,.v rtims > ts' frm a .1;-t.a n-e must
he '-, n m.,' ;, tviih h.l!e "Ash, or city-reference,
'to insure insertion:..

I swtsintuanous

Wbhen 'the tyrahnny of the last James
drove his subjects to take up arms against
him, one of the most formidable enemies to
his usurpations was Sir John Cochrane,
01ncesler (6 the present Earl Dundonald.-
He was one of the most promin-ent actors in
Argyle's rebellion, a'hd for ages a settled
gloom h'uog over the hose of the Camp-
bells, eneloping in common ruin all who
united their fortunes in the cause of its
chieftains. The fiame .doom encompased
Sir Johni Cochrane. He was surrounded
by the king's troops-long, deadly, and des-
perate was his resistance, but at length, over-
powered b y n nmb'ers, 'he was taken prisoner",
tried and condemned to die upon the scaf-
f(61d. He had but a few days to live, and his
jailor 'ivaited the arrival 6:f his death-warrant
to lead him forth t6 execution.-His family
and friends had visited him in person, and
exchanged with him.the. at, the 16ng, the
heart-rending farewell. But there was one
who was the pride of his eye and of his
house: even Grizel the daughter ofhis love.
Twilight was casting a deep gloom over the
grating of his prison house ; he was mourn-
ing for a last look of his favorite child, and
his head was pressed against the cold damp
wall of his cell, to cool the feverish pulsa-
tions that shot through it like strings of fire,.
when the door of his apartment turned
slowly on its unwieldly hinges, and his keep-
er entered, followed by a young and beauti-
ful lady. Her person was tall and com-
manding, her eyes dark, bright and tearless;
but their very brightness spoke of sorrow-
of sorrow too deep to be wiped away-and
her ravenesses were parted over an open
brow, clear and pure as the polished mar-
ble, The unhappy captive raised his head
as they entered.
My child! my own Grizel!" he exclaim-
ed and she fell upon his bosom.
lly father! my dear father!" sobbed
the miserable maiden, as she dashed away
the tear that accompanied the words.
"Your interview .must be short-very
short said the jailor as he turned and left
them for a few minutes together.
God help and comfort thee, my daugh-
ter," added the unhappy father, and he held
her by his breast, and imprinted a kiss up-
on her brow. I feared that I should die
without bestowing my last blessing upon the
head of my own child, and that stung me
more than death, but thou art come? and
that the last blessing of thy wretched father

"Nay, forbear!" she excltimed; "not
thy last blessing! riot thy last! My father
shall not die."
Be calm, be calm! my child!" return-
ed he,." would to heaven that I could com-
fort thee, my own-my own But there is
no hope-within three days thou and all my
little ones will be--" '
Fatherless le would have said, but the
Wod died on his tongue.
Three days!" repeated shl, t-aising her
head from his breast, but eagerly pressing
his hand my father shall live! Is not my
grandfather the friend of Father Petre, the
confessor and aister ofthe king? from him
he shall beg the life of his son, and my
father shall not die.4'
Nay nay, my Grizel," returned he,
"be not deceived-there is no hope-al-
ready my doom is sealed-already the king
has signed the order for my execution and
the messenger of death is now on the way."
"Yet my father shall not die !" she re-
peated emphatically and clasping her hands
together Heaven speed a daughter's pur-
pose ?" she exclaimried; and turning to her
father, sid calmly; we part now but we
shall meet again."
What would rtiy child ?" inquired he
eagerly, gazing anxiously on her face.
Ask not now," she replied, my father
-ask not now ; but pray for me, bless me-
but not with thy last blessing."
He pressed her hand to his heart, and
Wept upon her betk. Iri a few moments
the jailor entei-ed, and they were torn from
the arms of each other,
On the evening of the second day after
the interview we have mentioned, a wayfar-
ing man crossed the drawbridge at Barwick,
from the north, and proceeding down Mary-
gate, sat down to rest upon a bench by the
door of an hostelry on the side of the street,
nearly fronting where what was called the
' Main guard 'stood. He did not enter the
inn, for it was above his apparent condition,
being that which Oliver Cromwell had made
his head quarters a few years before, and
where at some earlier period James the
sixth had taken up his residence when on
his Way to enter on the sovereignty of Eng-
land. The traveller wore a coarse jerkin,
fastened round his body by a leather girdle,
and over it a small cloak, cotnposed of
equally plain meterials, He was evidently
a young man, but his beaver hat was drawn
down, so as almost to conceal his features.
in one hand he carried a small bundle, and
in the other pilgrim's staff. Having called
for a glass of wine, he took a crust of bread

from his bundle, and after resting a few
minutes rose to depart. The shades of
night were setting in, and it threatened to
be a night of storms. The heavens were
gatheiM black, the clouds rushing from
ie s~aipd sudden gusts of wind were
anina)long the streets, accompanied by
avy drops of rain and the face of the
Tiveed was troubled.
aven help thee, if thou intendest to
such a night as |this,' said the
at the English gate, as the traveller
4 him and proceeded to tross the

/ minutes he was upon the borders
Desolate and dreary moor of
which for miles presented a,
fern,. stunted heath, here-
with, thick,; brushwood.

There is
kee landlord a
noted for driving
which he has aint
property. He i tl
ber of dwelling-house
that he is not over-scr
charges, whenever he
whom he knows to be
object is always ro lease
term of years, to the best
the utmost farthing in th1e ,ha.
A diminutive Frenchman ca
last winter, to hire a dwelling he owlP
Portland, and which had long remained
empty. References were, given, and the
Yankee landlord ascertaining that his ap-
plicant was a man after his own heart"
for a tenant, immediately commenced to
"jew" him. He found that the tenement
appeared to suite the little frenichmann, and
he placed an exorbitant price upon it; but-
the lease was drawn and duly executed,
and the tenant moved into his new quarters.
Upon the kindling of fires in the house,
it was found that the chimneys wouldn't
"draw," and the building was filled with
smoke. The window sashes rattled in the
wind at night, and the cold air rushed
through a hundred crevices about the
house, until now unnoticed. The snow
melted upon the roof, and the attics were
drenched from leaking. The rain pelted,
and our Frenchman found a "natural" bath
room upon the cellar floor-but the lease
was signed, and the landlord chuckled.
I hav ben vat you sal call 'suck in,' vis
zis dam maison"-muttered our victim to
himself, a week afterward-" but n'importe-
ve sal see, vot ve sal see!"
Next morning he rose bright and early,
and passing down town, he encountered the
A-ha!-Bonjour, monsieur" said he, in
his happiest manner.

"Good day, sir. How do you like your
house ?"
"Ah! Monsieur-elegant, beautiful-
magnificent! Eh bien, monsieur; I hav but
ye one regret-"
"Ah! What is that ?"
Monsieur-I sal live in zat house but
tree littel year."
"How so?"
I hav find, by vot you sal call ze lease,
zat you hay give me ze house for but tree
years an' I have vcr' mooch sorow-lfr a-.'"-
"But you can have it longer, if you
"'An, Monsieur-I sal be ver' mooch glad
if I can hav zat house so long as I please-
eh' Monsieur ?"
1Oh, certainly-certainly, sir."
Tres bien, monsieur! I1 sal valk rite to
your offees-an' you sal give me vot you
call ze lease for zat maison jes so long as I1
salvant ze house. Eh, Monsieur?"
Certainly, Sir. You shall stay there"
your life-time, if you like."
Ah, Monsieur-I hay' ver' mooch tanks
for zis accorrimodation."
The old leases were destroyed and a new
one was delivered in form to the French
gentleman, giving him possession of the pre-
mises for such periodas the lessee may
desire the same, he paying the rent therefore,
promptly," etc, etc.
The next morning oiur crafty landlord
was passing the house just as the French-
man's last load of furniture was being start-
ed from the door; and an hour afterwards, a
messenger called on him with a 'legal ten-
der' for the rent for eight days, accompanied
wilh a note as follows, '
I hay' bin shmodke-I ha bin -droWnid
-I hav' bin frees to death, in ze house vot
I hav' hire ov you, "for ze period as I may
desire." I hav' stay in ze dam house "jes
so long as I pleese," an' ze bearer of zis vil
give you ze key !-Bonjour, Monsieur!"
It is needless to add that our Yankee land-
lord has never since been known to give up
" a bird in the hand, for one in the bush !"
" SEMPER PARATUS."-[fora trade.]-A
good anecdote is related of an old seventy-
sixer," -a former resident of New Hamp-
shire,-who, by the way, was one of those
whose immortalised names are enrolled b
neath that sacred Declaration pledge
and all for our glorious liberty.
dence was his peculiar charact
in private and national affair
evidence of it in his social
ing fact is given : (We witl
A few years since, in th
N. H., was held ari annual
as the Derry Fair,"i
ed all classes of person
able object, but prinH
of racing and trading
Old Mr.

and in the s-eas~oNP! w nrn and So~uth-
tern dealers visit those cities for the purchaise
of goods, these agents attend the hotels,
learn the names, and if possible the identity
of every one from abroad, who are calited
upon at all hours and in all place by these
psrsons, and in solicited to purchase at thist
that, or the other house, as the cte.ina}-.
be. The thing has got to be hiahb o 'in-
pular with merchants who reside ;ia digs*
tance, and the usage has now been fairly
run into the ground. The imporliphlity',bf
these fellows has become so general ahdsi4
preserving, the buyers have been annoyed
and finally disgusted with the whole system.
Occasionally the 'borer' gets "picked up"
-and we really hope the plan may never b't.
introduced among the business men ofBbs=
A waggish friend of ours in Philadelphia, -
who loved a joke marvellously, but who
despised a "borer" above all other things---
invited us one day to take a stroll with him .
about town, and see the operation of this,, -,
system. We assented, and about noot-time; ,
afithr making several calls, and seeing the ,
modus operandi whereby the country mer-
cbints were badgered and cajol'd into bay-
ing what they did not need(,; or want-we
consented toplay the "Western inerchant"
for half an hour, at the next hotel we should
come to, our friend agreeingto introduce
us to an accomplished "borer" of that iik4
well known about town. We stopped at th6
-House, in Chesnut street.
"Ah, mi boy!" shouted.the Aborer' to mb "
friend as he entered-"very glad ito se
Mlr. A-- continued m t riebd;-."ihi
is Mr. B- from Boston. We were loobk
in qfor-youu."
"'Ah! Mr. B. veryTiappy in the ho or:
Yes sir, very. In the Dry-Goods line, Mr;
B3.? Yes--T see-a little diffident. Head
bad store about bus in Philadelphia,--'bor-
ers,' 'drummers,' 'runners,' and all that:
Nothing in it, I assume you, sir. We've bthi
best assortment of Dry Goods, hats; chpk;
boots, and so-forth,.,at No. 234-street, iti
this town, without any sort of compaiifoi
or exception, and this season we are selling
ror nbth ing, positively nothing"..."
"1 deal but little in that line, sir"--
"Never mind that, my dear sir--hee.
mind. It's just as well--small favors thabk-
fully received, and larger ones in proportion.
We shall be very happy=--there's the gbpgp
Dinner; gentlemen, have you died te Glad
of it-walk right in, .very happy to see you,
-very."--Steward Two extraa' oir No:
78-and Charley-a bottle of Sparkling
Hock. This way gentlemen; Iain m very
happy." --- .
We were forced to the Dining-robin, en-
joyed a most capital dinner, by the way,
smoked a few spare regalias with which the
gentleman was very lavish, and parted with
him at 4 P. M.
At 7 o,clock in the evening, b.hi" gntle-
man called upbh ui at ihb Htbie where w:e
were temporarily sojourning.
"Mr. B. very happy to see you"-saitl he;
as he came in.
A few, pleasait words passed, when we
smelt the shop again.
"From Boston, 1 think; Mi. B.;
"Yes, Sir." -
Great place, that Boston.;
"Yes, Sir."
"In the Dry Goods line, I thiink, S1i."
"Me, Sir?" .
"Yes-Dryo. ."D
Oh -

-'i1.11.16r jirmtocL'. '
e v..ir .r i ri -r. -7,., r W Brooks.
Ni),airse., Stone AL to.,
,. "I ; 1 >;S( [) N M E R 1-i H ANT'S,
No. ) iW after tr..-:et.

-P. I. L i' stil ,.Co.,
CO V1 vt I 3 1 I 1 YISCHANTS,
d\t, 1" t] i r

Oct. 24 'P.)aclc icola,. Fa.
J. C.. Allen,
"- ', il a.le tod :-eFtairlDealerin
oiRU'Li il')!C['ES, PAINTS, OILS,
GLASS,, BtU'SHESj &c.j &C,
A general assortmhent of
cor. of Chasaut & Commerce streets,
Dee 4 ` Apalachicola, Fla.

March 22,



L rla

om. Times.l

,an(] liquid excre-' to (to this early in themiorn 1 7
+ion of' their food evening, that the (Jew- may
Iat~on and through spreading over the leaves, anw7N
I^e atmosphere, rains t dries it on them it will require a c
Hck to your growing I ble rain to wash it off. I design tryi
r on your part But experiment. Take this for whi-t it i
['apes by ilhe bowels and if any person will please sugu
lhe most careful hus- or better modes to prevent or dt
skillful and timely ap- worms, please let us have them;/
We think it safe to time we want the information, tI
s a dificiency of lime, crop, as the enemy is surely here.(Y
tn e rs sE I ns, potash or soda in all c .... m1i

the staples of our compost- OMMU CIR AM
anue ad dcaying plants, the trim-
gs of tle vegtable repast. .By mixing APALACHICOLA, SATURDAY, SEPFB
five bushels of common salt with ten of -
lime in a like amount of muck or mould an {i,- The following gentlemen are au
important double decomposition takes place Agents for the CO.lMERCIAL ADVERTrlsEP.,
in the course of a few weeks, by which the receive and receipt for subscriptions, or ai
agriculturist has the carbonate of soda and ments:-
a soluble salt of lime, called the chloride of WM. W. CHKErVE1, Esq., Albany, Ga.
calcium. The carbonate of soda possesses Major JACK IIARD31AN, Eufaula. Ala.
great value, from the circumstance that,
like potash, it will render silica (flint sand) FOR PRESIDENT,
soluble, so that it can enter the roots of
corn and other crops. To dissolve sand ZACHARY TAYL(
and make it serve as'nutritious food to plants ..... ..
is a point in practical agriculture of con- THE WEATHER.
siederable moment. Theonly solublesilic- We have had a good deal of rainy
ates are formed by the union of silicic acid weather for the last ten days. The
(sand), with the extremely soluble alkalies, tionsseemed once or twice to dene
potash and soda. These minerals, as well
as the alkaline earths-lime and magnesia- approach of the autumnal gale, at
perform, in the economy of nature, many citizens made their usual preparat
important chemical services in addition to barring of doors and windows. T
their value as constituent and indespensable has been remarkably cool, so much s
ingredients in the organization of carbon, m w c f comfor 1 1
nitrogen and the elements of water, into the make witer clothing feel comfortable
stems, leaves and seeds of cultivated plants. fear that such cold winds and rains
How to promote the organization of starch, have experienced will be injurious
woody fibre, oil, sugar, gluten, legumin, cotton.
and other vegetable products of great value,
will f'orm the subject of other articles in the ACCIDENT TO THE MAIL BOA
future numbers of the SournHEN CULTI- The Mail Sitamer Eufaula brol
VATOR. It is hoped hiht ihe above will fur- piston rod on her last trip up, when
nish a few useful hints to practical men, al- Iola. The mail was carried up on
though our remarks seem to lack point, be-
cause we have not seen eilher the land or back and bronghtdown in a boat.
its growing fruits at the South L. CAPT. IVINGSTON'S COMPAN
Rochester, N. Y., July, ]847. ,. ., ,
t IWe accidentally omitted to notice
CULTIVATION OF THE VINE. last, the departure of Capt. Livin
For two or three years young plantations Company of Infantry. The Talla
are tilled with the plough sx times in the r fr i t 11 r o
year: thrice to open the furrov, and thrice to
cover it up. Vineyards, ir general, are pary. We notice among the priva
ploughed four times : the first abor to loosen names of many respectable citizen
the roots, done with a plough called cabat, whom we are acquainted, and we
about the 20th of February; he second, in therefrom favorably of the material of
April, is intended to cover up the roots of M
the vine, for which purpose tley use a pecu- lt is opposed. Much praise is
liar plough, called courbe ; tile third, done Capt. Livingston for his efforts in
in May, is like the first; and the fourth, like the quota of troops require! of" Fl
the second, is done with the tourbe, as soon and to Gov. M noely, a-o, c-',fi. i-,
as the third is finished. A wefd called chien- like exertion: n, ;in ,No we i,,d-,st;
dent, or dog's grass, is very inkurious to the
vine. In the months of January and Feb- expenses incnur, liy hiiin l(Or HliMt p
ruary, laborers are employee to examine out of his private mtiis.
every row, in order to root it up. In the -
month of May, the useless birnches called GEOIGIA M()-NTEI BATTALI
bois" gourmand, are carefully cut off; but This body of troops so much nee
some are reserved for layers. [n July, they keep the Guerrillis in check, las bee
thin the leaves and smaller branches. that pletely organized, ;nii laiive leli ere t
the air may circulate more freely, and tiht ei W ar ps a h
and "';it- i exico. W e. are ple;tsed to le;>rn i i
the verjus, or young grapes, may the better '
receive the solar rays. As the vines are S. Cailhoun has liven ai),oinoted Lieu
seldom more than fifteen inches higl. and of ihe Bati;ilion. Give llt e Ge,,rai
the young grapes are liable, for that re-ison, porlunily, ;and tlhey will a;irve out al
to be covered over by the earth thrown by thenselve will their sabrc. M Ay s
the last plough, women and children ire
employed to extricate such hranchts and atend them.
expose them to the sun. Every fouror five "THE WI L \ OT PPROV[SO-SOUT
years also the proprietors take care to have CONVENTION-T-ATTITUDE OF I1
the moss taken off the vines, for it r, rbors NORTH
insects and fosterstheir eggs. Thisihould We desire to keep out readers a,
be done after the frosty weather. 'Tie vine of all that transpires on the subject
produces at the age of five years: atten or
twelve it has acquired its full vigor, md the Wilmot Proviso, and we Iave to n,
care it receives, the nature of the s~il and following.
especially the cutting, decide as to it: dura- The Charleslon Mlercury Iins lately
tion. The latter operation takes phce in forth several long and well wrilen a
the monih of October, at the fall of the
leaves, and ought to be finished bpfo'e the settig forth the unconsiitn onalily
frosty weather. It is the most difficult part Proviso. The Camden Journal calls
of the culture, and requires a judicois and for a Southern Convention ; but fev
experienced workman. In the canon of the call. Tie Union has, at last, s
Pauillac, there are vines said to te two
hundred years old, and still good,whilst out against the Proviso. Better lat
01 hers are perishing at the age of tiff. In never.
a sandy ar gravelly soil without mu~h hu- At the North tlhe press seem mt
midity, they will be of long duratiot; and vidd. The Democratic portion of i
some vines are. shown at Pessae wlich, if .r ri-
we may believe tradition, dale fi'on the aimu11f;vrothPois,
fourteenlh century, having been iranted no doubt, all parties, Whig and Den
there by Clement V. The average duration will be, if more territory is acquired.
of the vine, however, is stated to be from a among the leading Whig papers
hundred to a hundred and fifty )'ears. The North, we ar rjice tose rls
only casual evil to which the vine is e:posed Nm wnr 'olet s'a ^
is hail. which, though uncommon inPauil- to alvoid a collision upon the subj
lac, has frequently devastated immeise es- slavery, by some such means as th:
rtaes. There are but few instancesof in- posed by Mr. Berrien and other "
jury done by the Spring and Autumnalfr~osts; the abstaining frorn the further acqu
but fo~gs, followed by warm w eather, are of e rt r. Othe W hi papers
highly pernicious, causing the blossoms to o etr*ole'wl ^0
wither and fall. There are also threckinds North urge that the Missouri Cutup
of insects which make considerable nvages line should be extended through an+
among (he vine .the escargot, or snai'.s; the tory to be acquired, and the princi
puceron or barbot, a small golden-colored th Copoms appie to ti e
beetle; and the altelabus Bacchus, a most teCmrms ple oterg
destructive insect, that nips off the blossoms, of slavery within it. There are Nc

These insects are rarfnlly picked andhburnt Whig papers, who aigue ably, that a
ou-ile \\\l, ve\ard.--Bordeaux: its .Wines of Congress, restricting slavery in te
(7,,/ ',,* '
to be acquired, would amount to notf
Ritrurr-i'v ron THE \ARMY WoRM.-Mr. practice. They contend that the i
W. Thompon, of Fort Jesup, La, in a tants of such territory, after their er
lelter to h he New Ot leans Picayune suggests into the Union, might permit slavery
the f;,llou in :
Fromiruay yeais observation I have the limits of the new State, withi
see ointlalio, eaworms ill not eat any oIlher violation of the Federal Constieuio
vegeliable or lis:df of any shrub or tree b vt if they should permit the introduc

the colon; -4nd front experience it is known slavery by any provision of their Stat
Hiha the l,.aies and berries of the China o s i e i
tree bu-.l, n line ",d ,mixed with water, the situation, or suffer its existence in pr
s:,luraiion midle 11ile strong and sprinkled thatto attemptto exclude them from en
ou or 0-,ver eaL't .)r, or any garden vegeta- into the Union from such cause, wo
hles, will d osir,-, d ,r drive of all worms or both wrong in principle, contrary
injoriols in-,PtI- from them. Therefore, spirit of the Federal Compact, -in
plocure a l.1i-? q,q in ily of the bitter, as-
Iriliir ent or,.iir ini, %t-uls; or leaves ofsuch sible, and inconsistent with a longer
trees, for i,,.Iance.e, s thle tobacco, Jerusa- uance of the Union.
oLO;k, (,,r worm 0,1 ell,) boneset, James- On the part of the Northern Dem
:eil, dogl fe, r, el, cockle-burr, or press, we are grieved to say, that wi
or leaves of the peach tree, wild
redogwood, pawpaw, or or two exceptions in papers under tl
ind or beat the leaves or trol of the Administration, we find not
Rough with a pestle tending to repress the strife that the \
Phinn; mix therein bar- Proviso has engendered; not a sing
water would be the ject for reconciling the conflicting
I'llrong); a few hands,
this liquid in the left the North and South, and no expedie
NVigswith theleaves on posed, Iby which, a decision of the M
t, +nay sprinkle the tn usin)imTn~ ~ ,i
Ithe cotton, as fanst as Pto viquso, toion 'beit .
,e rows. In this way Prv is, .lr ( ", ee ,i
hirg e p ie c e o f lar d in A s fa r a s ti ,,. D o n m ,,,raH o f ill
Itld probably be well a t the North 'is concerned, w


_ Generals, convok-
:Division of Forces

to a W ctions-Speculatirms ;'I*
on S'dmaWH^^ duct-Tampico,{4T., :

At a late hour last night, our kind friends
of lhe Patria, gave us a proof of ihe follow-r- -
ing interesting letter, lately received by
them, from a correspondent at Tampico.--
Aware of the intense anxiety prevading all
ranks of the American population, at this
critical juncture of the history of the war
with Mexico, in which the destiny of the
capital of that country lies trembling in the A
balance, we give it to our readers, as the
reported freshest news from the head guar-
ters of the commander-in-chief of theene-
my. The account of the council of war,
held by order of Santa Anna, seems authen-,.,
tic. For the speculations which the letter
contains, on the conduct of Shnta Anna,
and his collusion with General Scott, and
Mr. Trist, we reproduce them with extreme .
doubt of their correctness. Our readers,
however, will lake them for what they are
worth; or, in other words, will give th'rml
that construction, which their .,nowldge of
the man, and the events of the .rr,. may
warrant. ;",
[Correspondence of the Pgiria.]
TAM.%PIcO, A ..ffst 16, 1847.
MY FRIENDS.-Our intehgence from the 7k
capital reaches to the beginning of the pre-
sent month, of whO h the-following is a
The Council of Generals, convoked by
Santa Anna. were, of opinion thai General
Scott should, be attacked in his positions;
but Santa Anna said tlat it would be better
to dispatch a division, composed of ten
thousand me6,'to take post between Perote
and Puebla, for the purpose of intercepting
lhe trains and convoys that were marching
toward lhe latter place. and thus to get pos-
session of the resources which hep Aineri-
cans ,expected ; and further. he advised that
another division ofeqwd! strength (len -hou-
sand men) take np a; poi,,iiion I'eiween Pue-
bla ind the city of M1exico..h,, remainder
of their forces to remain- amd co-ver tire
capital. Santa Anna's 1dan was taddpted.-
At the present moment (the beginning of
Auaust,) thpre is in 'he city -of Mexico a
force of 35.000 men, and as that under
General Scott does not exceed 12,000 of
whom a certain number are invalids through
ill health, it is improbable, from r'he. rumors
which are in circulation, that thte atterwiill
qnit Puebla uniil he has received-'eonsider-
able reinforcements. This," ways lhe Pa-
tria's ,"orrespnrident, "is the current bKirwf
in the capital, ahlhoih here it is anno ,, ed
that G(pnpral Scol took tup his line ofel a. -I
on (lie 71h] instant. : "
-"I alears certain that Generl Tavlor
will conimnf.e his march on Sari Lous
Potsi,";it dtip end -f the present month, al-
ifnuih, from positive information re'eiv,-d
here, lih will And hiniselr obliged in aw;iii
the arrival rf considerable rein-fiirceoienis,.
since the Mopxicat forces thai are now watch
ing his movements'liflve lately been much
"There is a wer'i'1 opini'mn atlOt capi-
ial lhai Santa An, is in <:o. 'niva (ice with I he
_-C 1i.,,-1 ",t \V 1iLI< ..n-l lb-at-1-1," i.4 tdi -
posed to make pIa-ce -on any pretext whal-
ever, ha|. t)l the present tlime, noi(linti
posiiive thereon is known. ;and it is vt-.
pr-ob;ihl>p ih l at Itthe latest nomenet, in 1rlis
cas'e. fiherp will be a rotation, sinwe lhw-
majorily, as it is assirlted. are disposed to
loose all, alither than aaree to a pacific ar-
rangement, in thle 'present eireumnsaicps.
It is alm,,st t~iken for ryaoltd tlhat Geln, rat
Scott and M1r. Trisi havi,'a thihln.1 ndr-
standing. secretly, with S'anta AnnAi.
I have hf'arf say. that it li-he'lpn PIeP lot
sented to tIh' Unitpd St:ites GoVprliltwn-n.,
that it is highly necessary to ri- i'!ortae Ihi,.
point, since it is fepired, and riot with lt
reason, that one fiti, ,av. whvhen- 'iich an evert
is last ihoughi of; there wili be, a ,a2vfnera! l -
rising, and the \vhole of l i A);thfriirn ,
here will be rhutchered. I Ver'i C0 ,,,:'.. "-
well, they are-not wilhonl stii ar-ear>."
IT. S.

^^^^^^Bk^^^y look for aid to pro-
igthat a Democratic Senator

^^ ^^ ^^t Higns of our enem ies.
ite stands ready to oppose us,
n to hope that some of the Wes-
Filstand by ns. Oat'chief hope
rests upon the refusal of Southern Demo-
crats A'r Whigs to gi o a National Con-
vention for the nominattorlrif a candidate for
theiPresidency, when the choice being left to
the People, with Gen. Taylor before them,
expressing a willingness to serve if elected,
and declaring himself the adherent of no
party, we may reasonably expect that he
will be elected. If the election goes into
the House of Representatives, Georgia and
South Carolina will hold the balance upon
a strict party vote. We entertain no fear
that Indiana could be induced to join the
other Free States, in a combination to elect
a Wilmot Proviso candidate, if such a com-
bination sliould possibly be formed-an
event which, in view of its effect upon the
stability of the Union, and the difficulty of
reconciling the discordant materials com-
posing tlhe parties at the North, and uniting
them upon any one man, seems beyond"the
range of possibility. Without such com-
bination, if the thirteen Whig Stales vote
for a Whig-who is not a U. S. Bank man,
and is in favor of a moderate Tariff-
and who is opposed to the Wilmot Pro-
viso-lthe Democratic delegation in Geor
gia and South Carolina would undonbt-
edly unite upon hlim. It rests witi those
Slates to make the choice of a President,
in ease no choice is made by'the People.
Before the time for such selection arrives,
it will be seen whether or not there is any
necessity for combinations to prevent lihe
success of the Wilmot Proviso. If there
shonhld be none. each parly will arrange il-

M )bnrntl.
Beair in mind thie circumstances that, so
much of' tlie fertalizing ingredients, like (lie
salts of potash, soda, lime and magnesia, as
do not enter the roots of plantsin cultivated
fields, after their solution, descend with the
water into Iho subsoil, or are carried by it
into creeks, rivers and the ocean. It is be-
cause all the streams that run into the sea
hold various earthly salts in solution, which
solar evaporation over (he vast surface of
the ocean leaves behind, that its water is so
much s-lter than its tributaries. A gallon
of' water taken from a well, a natural spring,
or a river, and evaporated to dryness, will
usually give several grains of minerals not
unlike the ash of cultivated plants. Tillage
without cropping will slowly, but clearly,
disintegrate and wash out of the surface
soil all its most useful mineral constituents.
The writer, who has devoted much time to
(he analysis of soils and their products, has*
found those that contain only one grain of
lime in one hundred thousand, except as an
insoluble silicate.
Cultivated plants cannot grow and per-
fect their seeds without a little lime; and
if they could, no animal can possibly re-
store the daily waste of its bones on food
which is quite devoid of this most important
mineral. Permit the idea to have its full
weight, that all cultivated crops would be
alike valueless to man and his domestic ani-
mals, if destitute of bone earth. And as
neither a cow, a sheep, a child, nor other
biped or quadruped, can possibly know
whether grass, corn, peas, or any other
plant, does or does not contain the elements
of strong, healthy bone, Providence has
taken good care of his creatures, by wisely
preventing the growth of crops with this
latent and serious defect.
If subsoils did not possess more of the
phosphate of' lime (which is found on ana-
lysis) than long tilled surface soils, so as to
permit the roots of starving grain to pene-
trate to the region of alkaline phosphates
and get minerals enough to bring the fourth
of a good crop to maturity, hundreds of
plantations would be as destitute of all cer-
eal plants as the great desert of Sahara.
Naked bones, however, are not the only
things that man and beast .must draw from
the bountiful earth. Most animals are
blessed with an organ called brain, one of
the ingredients of which is sulphur. This
well known substance, combined cheinicaly
with the vital air called oxygen, forms Sul-
phuric Acid, or Oil of Vitriol. A l llhe salts
made by the union ofthis mineral acid with
metals, alkalies and alkaline earths, are very
soluble, and liable t(9 be washed out ofsur-
face soil, except the sulphrate of lime, or
gypsum; and of this the, supply is far from
being generally abundant. Leguminous
plants, like peas, beans and clover, and we
will add corn, wheat and potatoes, usually
need more available sulphur than the sur-
1,.'ce soil contains. It is a very simple pro-
ceszi to separate the gypsum in 100,000
p.'ri- ofsoil and to weigh it, an account of
which, as practised by the best French che-
mists, we will describe in a future number
of thisjjournal.
If Nature uses the same ingredients now
to form a perfect wheat or bean plant that
she did when Joseph was sold into Egypt,
:iand will doubtless continue one uniform pro-
cess Io the cnd of time, in organizing these
and all other crops, can we not learn how
much of the substance of the siol is really
consumed and washed away in making 1000
Ills. of any cultivated plant? W ill not
plowing a little deeper and .bringing up
alnu ina and (lie alkaline salts, of which that
eairh is so peculi;,rl.v retentive, al once
lie ,h ,-, ,ll-, I N ,,l .1l 1,I to leic h ,
Its',]J.,,,.0 I \[lite, -In d 9ad,.
I, .t t I,,., l,. n it, !a l Olt-
l -I Io id fl,,"owever, s i t)hl

Ii;lVe Ifound it eitinenlly

e Id bul'l1 bones, well
ile'wood -aslies anld
'sl;,lble intamllle.--
,l peas(0 S','olclh

,ia l r feeil ,,-

pictur(i re, m
friedsalw n tsef* but when
transmitted into the present, it is as ugly as
a pretty little sucking pig grown up to an
old. grunting porker. To-morrow appears
to you a beautiful green island in the stream
of time-gilded with sunshine; festooned
with flow-ers ; .but when turned into to-day,
it is no more to be compared wilh the to-
morrow -tliar- is to-morrow that is to come,
than -n oMd April-fools day is equal to a
fresh Fourth of July-. But all to-morrows
are deceitl'ul--as the phosphorescent miarsh-
lamp which tlit traveller never reached.
My friends, ifyou are guided by appeai-
ances alone, in this half-lighted sphere, you
are very liable to be deceived. What seems
to-be a smooth and solid foundation for (he
foot, often turns out to be merely a sky-pol-

ished puddle. Look out for hypocrites,
'dressing in black doesn't make a man a saint.
]f it does, the devil is one of 'em. It is
said that fine feathers nmke the bird. There
..+ismuch truth in this; but when you see
young men and women dressed beyond the
111n1%rk of propriety, you may take it for gran-
ted that they are 'birds,' and nothing else.
The best looking women often make the
worst wives, and worse puddings ; however,
I would not have you, my dear bachelors, I
would not have you search every nook and
corner of female society for the ugliest
specimen of the sex, through fear that one
more prepossessing might turn out to be,-
as my friend Josephus says, stained bass-
wood instead of true inahogany. I mean to
say that you can't. tell how good eating a
fish may be by the color of' the scales.
My hearers, a beerbloaled man has the
appearance of having a goodly supply of
flesh upon his bones, but you know he has
not : so many a lean.+hind. gets bloated wilit
vanity and parasitical praise, and is mistaken
bythe superficial as possessing the adipose
of talent. As upon the grape and cucum-
ber vines, so there are false flowers upon Ilie
vines offriendship. Button up your pock-
ets in the face of him whose new-made
freindship, exhibits an extra fine polish, for
appearances are deceitful. Where there is
a general fog, don't imagine that your neigh-
bor is in a thicker part of it than yourself;
for he can see just as far as you can, and,
- haply a little farther, if his optics be keener.
There is so much counterfeit in the world
we hardly know what is genuine. Vice as-
sumes the garb of Virtue, and gets beaued
about by Mr.; Respectibilily, as though she
were a heaufil"fl creature from soul to sur-
face, and her breath didn't smell bad ; there
is so much fashionable flummery about
Piety that you can't tell her in church, from
a heap of silk-swaddled sin, and Immorality
is as much disguised as poison in a baleful
My dear friend,;, it is a very deceiving
world we live in, and you must judge of no-
thing merely from looks. The adder that
stings has as-harnless an appearance as the
snake, that nas tlhe will,. i):i i)e ks ille power,
to in~jare. To redi w ireliker + fhi be hot
or cold, you ;niis( feet of it, to a1scerti'ir; itk
flavor, you ;nil' t lislep, it, (O ip") ; F ,'-
honesty voii mn st ti v im,, : (i t f,,)
a-ll a b n .t i ,, :. 1. ,,'' d *i := .! ,i .n ,; ; r "
B u t r n ... :'. ; :. p
it nn o +" ":;*"* ". .',+ H *. ,:-0 upon
S art ,, ; p;tvn 1"i.
S o) ': *:" : '* :

raising self under Iheir respective banners.
11ri ;a--
[,e fr AN INCIDENT AT r.\PE 'MAY.--A c1r-
;n,1 10r ',resp ndpri of the PhiladhI] l phi;i Enqq irer,

writing from C',IvI 1s;, l i Thd,'rsday. re-
lit,-s aIn;iarrow esr:;ipp wlIicli M r. Clhiv Iai
I llie prpvions venin, :
Aftr dinner lip rodp 0l 1 on o ih bench,
it, lTr. Brol!;ikev's coarli. drawn l)y four
splendid hlrspes, aCenMmpaniod by a laidy flora
Kontiinkv and two of his friends. On their
retnrin, as llhey nptronehlpd the liotel, the
driver, in ilrhin,_.! orn or the ipleaders. rather
_ id on v ,:'"n pil I -ijn r- Y in -i--e p kir n .
Boil] leaders then kicked lhe horses behind
them, and Ilhse .njmpid and preared until
they broke the sliaft, and rnn llie carriagTe
into thel felnce. Just bh fore i( struck. Mr.
Clay seized the yonng .lady in his arms,
opened the door. and leaped out of the car-
rii)ge unhurt. before the driver nr nyv bystan-
ders were able to render assistancee"

PAREI.DES AND ATOC-A.-T-le N. Orirgans
Picavnne pives the following f;act on the au-
thoritV of a priv;ite loner, fromI a reliable
source in Vera Cruz :
From Vera Cruz we learn lhat Senor
Atoeha met Gen. Paredes after [lie latter
landed and reenggnizod hIim. Paredes is
understood to have sgnified to him nby a
sign to "keep (lark," and the handsome
senor did so far t(Ip space af an hour or
more-at all evenis until the distinguished
Mexican had passed out of the city's gates.
We have seen these (acts written from Vera
Cruz by a gentleman of sense and discre-
tion. From him we learn, too, that Senor
Atoch held a situation in the customs at
Vera Cruz, from which he has been prompt-
ly dismissed for conniving at the escape of
Paredes. Every day is further developing
the fitness of Senor Atocha to act as the
emissary of our Government!

Louisville Journal of the 171h, alluding toa
report that Col. Benton had written to
Washington demanding a Court Martial for
the vindic:itinon of his son-in-law, Col. Fre-
mont, and the punishment of his adversaries
in the late troubles in California, adds :
It is certain that Mr. Benton is prepar-
ing himself for a terrific attack upon the
Administration next Winter in the Senate
chamber. At a town in the interior of
Kentucky, a few days ago, he got into a
conversation upon the subject of the Mexi-
can war and became immensely excited,
perfectly infuriated. He said that an oppor-
tunity had been passed by of making an ad-
vantageons and honorable peace, and that
lie could show the I'act and would show it.
As for the whole aannazement of the war,
lie averred that it hId been nlterly disgrace-
f1l. He stated that he should go to Wash-
ington an ake one speech upon the sub-
ject, u^Bne, and that it would be the
iater eI of his life, and he was wil-
l~ngthatto.honld be tlhe last. In speaking
of the adlW istration, his language barely,
all, fell short of downright enrsing.
L wrathful declamation lasted a full

)nr pose

fled to
n ('ri I -
lhis for
lal ,}as,
tt. Col.
ilns 1Op-
ory (or-

l'11. E

of tile
ote tile

y given
of the
v ec(h1o
e, than

ucl di-
t seem
-and so
a', the
ect of
at pro-
at the
y terri-
ples of
nula tion
any law
hing in
ut any
n ; and
tion of
e Con-
would be
to the

o cratic
,ith one

Ie pr

[From thp N, 0. Com. Times. 1
Guatemala-Another iRichmond
in tlhe Field.
In our paner of Monday last, we made
an extract from the extra issued by the Pa-
tria, on Sunday, containing information that
the President of Honduras had issued a
proclamation, calling the attention of the
inhabitants of that portion of Ceraltal-A*me-
rica, to the war between us and Mexico,
and exhorting them to make common cause
with the latter republic, in the struggle in
which she was engaged. We give this do-
cument below ; it wrs kindly furnished to
us by tire editors of the Patria, with the
address of two Major Generals of the army
of Honduras to their troops, which we also
append. These officers immediately re-
sponded to the wishes of the President;
having issued ihei'r address the d&y after the
proclamation of the latter appem+'d, This
mark of sympathy nn tlle -ria of'h ie Go-
vernment of Honduras, 'is- nothing h!n1- na-
tural, from the perfect identity of. origin in
the Hispano-American races, to w@hichi II,
Hondurenos and the Mexicans beh, ng. ,.
The President of the Stale of Honduras, to
the Ceutral Americans : -
'Fellow Coontrymen-Fatality at "present
governs the destinies of Mexico, andl threa-
tens her sons with desolation arinl extermi-
nation. The Norih Antoricrans hlve de-
stioyed the, splendid polimuiiiion of Vera
Cruz. taken possession of its ruins, and are
marching on the capital] ; and at the present
moment, we know not till\l otlier afflictions
may fall upo that n llMi.
They are our brolhers-hlieir perils are
ours; their fate menaces us; we ought not
to preserve silence, but should assist them
in every manner, in their'honorable strug-
The whole world knows that the Hondu-
renos are prompt to fulfil their duties,- Pf
whatever natnre they may be.
At any peril, I shall sustain in the State
an honorable peace ; but I will not accept
it at the sacrifice of the honor of Honduras;
for a degraded people is fit only to wear
chains, to suffer humbly the menaces and
injuries, (scorn ;nd insulin) with which tl-i
strongest shall think fit to visit them.
I address myself on this occasion, to the
governments of the Republic, with -.hose
observations which are convenie.6 to thie


o Ui :;-'!a; i iL
Ad. ^^^

.... ,,J f life ,
o iv,' wilth-



and will


ote the
nd our
tions of
rhe air
so as to
e. We
as we
to the

ke her
n below

in our
e Com-
ates the
s with
f which
due to



T HE subscribers respectfully inlurm their
friends, and the public generally, that they
have opened the above establishment, and are
now ready to receive boarders, and hope through
proper attention to receive a share of patronage.
The Bar will be well furnished with choice
Wines, Liquors and Segars; and the Restaurant
will be well supplied with Game, Fish and Oys-
ters, of the best quality in season.
June 22, 1847.
N. B.-Gentlemen who wish tor refreshments
in their rooms can be accomodated at short



:* subj'eci, in o
- it proper, we
cans-) assisnH!
l least to man
I lheir cruse an,
Division an
our Mexican
inhabitants, co,_
<--"r" "been able to defe
handful of men, i
capturing their territory.te d
annulling their rights. What e
fate or the Central AmericJ|
continued dlividiled ?-I
The Hon-hlireti-f, have- a
he, m selv'e< e iioi liii ,rilly-greal. e'e
nlietl i) dlividle ilit,.n. pui-inrjt-, action the,
Ino-4 Convenif-in Slp,'ir-.'llk--^, has been
insuffir'ieni 11 I -, .. to(
the government tihe law
N 111P\ h.aVe C-onsid,-i,-I I,'r, their
-' ghnry, an'l. thei,"h, liin....H~
/hat .ple.i i ,i ,. I ... i1 ii:.i' w ho
go\'errs he destinies of a [people adorned
with these virtues !
C'omayagua, 1st June, 1847.

The undersigned Generals of Division tc
qhe Army of Honduras:
Comrades-The sufferings of Mexico are
notorious, and the obliZation on our part to
co-operate in her defence, is evident. Her
s ens 'are our brethren, and the cause which
they sustain is ours, viz: that of liberty
against conquest.
Yesterday, was published the proclama-
lion which the President of the State, in
the performance of a sacred duty, addressed
to the Central Americans; and we are de-
sirous of manifesting our deference thereto,
and our wishes to co-operate in any way
he shall think proper to enjoin us for the
purpose of our assisting neighbors. For-
ever be forgotten all those ideas which can
divide us. Our country is our first interest,
our first passion. Her triumphs is our glo-
ry and our honor. She demands union
ateong us, and that is enough to secure it
cordially. .Union and Liberty is our motto:
,eternal -apprgbrium to all who shall promote
-dissensions: and1 conquest.
Coinayagiia,',June "2, 1,847.

[From the Philadelphia Bulletin 1
S E TA 'I I V E S--T H E P R E 5 I1) E"
r I :.... 1 IEC TI ON.
-.IThl it,,ill in- Tennessee being definitelv
* :i~r l.rr"n- por, e cettitalv can he attached
"!L:! l'- ,,I ,-,li-i,,,. in reference io thl e politi-
"' i il i.il-t fi.the next M-to ise olf R ,,pre,,eiit;-
Irive-;. Thilo next t]iinsf will be com(poin ise'd
"II' n".1_', mern'bers, and, cotsequentl"?' 115
will contstitute a majority. Elecions for
mpin i -'l',, have been, held it 26 out of tlbe
29 States, wilh the following results:-
Whizs, -l -, 1192
Democrats, -: -.. 91

There are 21 membhers ye to be elected to
fillvacancies, and to. supply the delegations
-in the 3 renimuing Slates. It' no change
lakes place, 4 o' tlie 21 members to be elect-
d Will be whigs, and the balance, (17,)
,l,.io-.rii.. This would give the wligs 116
ei-Tieibers in dhe next -Howise, or, a mijorry
of two. The chances are that the majority
A\ will exceed, rather than fall short office.
@ Another vitally irmipportHnt consideration
gtrows out of the sta'e of political parties in
t 'he next House of Representaiives. Many
persons suppose that at the next election
for President n'choice can be tiade hy the
direct votes of tlie people; or, in other
wortdk tier, will be so many candidates in
.1,he field 'or that high office, no one of them
'will he able. to secure a majority of' lhe
^*-whole' nwtiber of votes cast. In case of
suelha conirn-ency happening, a President
'A .,r....,, ,,i,,.-'. As ou r readers are aware.
'%v!fkh l.tis occurs, the vole is given by
Sil.lcs..ard (lie vote of-each State,is control-
led lv ;r majority of its I .... ,,i ,,n T here
;lir'Itwp).'V-]iiuer S ata es in !h-._llie l n ; and it
wile], Iioip efolr.e ,take Ihfi,-.,. Statas to electi.
As we hatch already .slaied,t elections ]lave
tieen held "in .26 States. In New [-amp-
Sshire aund (eorgia there is a tie iu tile dele-
ga~tion ; andI unless m alttors ec )1n'd he re(',n-
ciled, tile vote of these two 35tates wo;!d; b..,
lost. Tlhe remnainirng twoenty-f'ou~r Sl:.upp

stern republicaneprjfciples, and
if possible, over to, I T side of' the
r Country. At length*l&Lord North,
believe it w:is, offered liflF, as a I'ibe,
1 f New Hampshire.,&Ethan listen-
'ely, and replied', tlj lhe offer re-
IiK strongly of a nrA'Bpent ,rene of
whore a less-,iainportant person-
lted;t Jbe a more important
y F him the whole wrd
po s N'nit' he would but fall
iorship him. "-And," added
ing his keen eye on Lord North,
,ou believe it&j lie d-- d rascal
a square foot of the territory !"

ays Lord Eldon, Mr. Justice Gould
H a case at York; andi when he had
.eeded for about two hours, lie observed:
ere are only eleven jurymen in the
ox; where is the other one?" 'Please
yon, my lord,' said one of the jury, 'he is
gone away about some business, but he has
left his verdict with me "

ToE WRONG MAN Hu'NG.-A young
printer named Boyington, who served his
time in the office of the New Haven Palla-
dium, was hung a few years since in Alabama,
upon a charge of" lihaving m murdered a com-
panion with whom lie was travelling. He
protested his inn, ee.e to the last, but
without avail. Recentlv the landlord, in
whose house the nimiir' r as committed,
confessed 'lie criiie 11 mi ,s i deathbed Boy-
ington wa, a vm!;i(_r ,. nd' fine talents and
1)pire1)ossf si; ln e, %% lose guilt was
deem ed .,, .i..-. iik irom the fact that
lie was thelasi persiu seer with the murder-
ed man..--[Albany Eve. Jour.

ROYAL CANDOR.-George II. being in-
formed that an impudent printer was to be
punished for having published a spurious
king's speech, replied that he hoped the
punishment would be of the mildest sort,
because he had read both, and as far as he
understood either of them he liked the
spurious speech better than his own.

To the Voters of Franklin.
Having been solicited by many of the citizens
of' this County, to become a candidate before the
People for the office of Senator, in the next Gen-
eral Assembly, and bemg willing to serve in that
capacity, I now present myself before you for
election to that post, if you shall see fit to bestow
it upon me.
Having oftentimes expressed my decided con-
viction that caucuses and conventions are con-
trary to the true spirit of our institutions, it is
not surprising that I have preferred tocome before
you as a candidate in the old Republican fashion,
such as was used in the early days of our govern-
I hold it to be the privilege of every freeman
to become a candidate for the suffrages of his
fellow-citizens. If the People desire my election,
I shall know it by the result of the canvass-if
they elect me their desire to make use of my
services will thereby be manifested more certainly
than by means of an election brought about by
the influence and management of a caucus. If I
do not receive a majority of the votes polled, I
shall learn that the will of the People has not
seconded my wishes, and I shall bow in quiet
submission to your decision,
August 21.

APALACHICOLA, Aug. 24, 1847.
Fellow- Citizens of Franklin County:
In reply to the public call made (in the Com-
mercial Advertiser of the 21st instant) by Many
Citizens-that they are desirous of using my name
as a candidate for the State Senate at the ensuing
election-I have to say frankly to them, and to
all citizens of Franklin, that if such is the spon-
taineous desire of the voters and citizens of the
county, they are at liberty to use my name for
that purpose. And if, at the October election,
it should be the will of the majority of the voters
that I should serve them in that capacity, I shall
undoubtedly teel (hat I am highly honored, and
feel too, un'ter a deep sense of obligation to serve
faithfully the interests of the people of this coun-
ty and of tbe State to the best of my humble
abilities. I am, with all due respect,
Your obedient,
It is hardly necessary for me to announce to the
people of -Vranklin county, in reply to your re-
quest- to *-" use my name as a candidate for the
Sen'arc," Hant I have no aspirations of that sort
and c:mnnot now imagine any contingency which
conhd induce me to offer revself as a candidate for
any offee. I am, however, happy in the belief
that this sentiment ,nf rrmio does not prevail in
those days, as we alhvav. -hipd) alto 'dance of' our
most intelligent and tpalr'oic c'iiizens who are
eager to serve the :meople .:r \Wl;[vh-f"vp sacrifice of'

personal convenivtnce or [pryiktr iiitt.i'ots. I am,
of course, flator,-..! !-, the colm}limcntary terms
with w which v ,' i| .... l* l ,-)i!ieations, and
might, if .- '1 l ny poetical spee-
ulatiorn. !< i!-rivc nucn satis-
faction fr';i :;
I shall the more willingly ,excuse this call "
upon me through the press, if the writer of it
will consult me personally before using my name
publicly, in connection with any office, again It
will at least save some typography.
Sept. 2, 1847. J. C. MACLAY.
W- We are authorized to say to the voters of
Franklin County, that JAMES F. FARRIOR
will serve them in the House of Representatives
of the next General Assembly, if elected.
August 21.
{V We are desired to say that WILLIAM
VALLEAU, Esq. wishes to be considered as a
candidate before the People for re-election, as
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Franklin County
August 21.

On the v,

A Daily Journal of G(

^ ^ e W a s,^ ^ ^ ^f
*Tew Yol^ ^H ^ H
Desire to have
Taylor concede
tor of the letter
3 an(r manly reply.H
| We proclaim Get
Ic;dinimilted to whig princli
w will carry out without re
ly expediency if elected. 4
Ba~it it is~the ,jll city o

)General Tv ased whe
a whigjg,^ ff B, promptly resl
r "a wive' ar an( inquired ofwhet11
will consent l K ndidate for tlhe Presi
)dency.. his sl/ally is--,' Yes,
Iif the peopq as a mere
politician. (l evoked to
Vhig principles 'ut t lH ciples leach
me that country is superro tnere party-
and if elected Presiddnt, I s Iall be Presi-
) dent of the whol4%.country lead of a party.
We take the general alH~p word. We
' believe that lie is honest as Ois patriotic-
) and we rejoice that the people are about
elevating to the Presidency one who Ihough
i devoted to whig principles and pledged to
aid in their triumph, is certainly above party
tricks and party expediency, and will never
be subservient to mere cliques who seeks only
there own advancement or paltry objects.
And because we presume to take Gen. Tay-
lor at his word, and because the whole mat-
ter is so simply placed before the people,
the Union imagines there is trickery and
mischief at the bottom of it-imagines a
plot on foot to cheat the people; and protests
that we are attempting to conceal from the
people Gen. Taylor's real opinions!
Now all this is very absurd. Gen. Tay-
lor l]as written thatl he is a whig: but he
has also written that if elected Presidea-jby
the people he will be their President-the
President of the whole country, and devo-
ted to his principles, and not the President
of a party! What more would the Union
have ? We do not pretend to advocate Gen.
Taylor as a "1no-parly candidate," and this
the Union well knows; but as a high mind-
ed, conservative whig unconnected with par-
- tY cliques, and entirely above all that is
- dehaling in party; at the same lime that it
is pride to, avow and sustain the conservative
I principles ol'the whig party. 'In oihe words.
Ihe is not One whd looks upon his own party
as paramount to his principles, and ready
to sacrifice the lalier to advance the former.

crops of Baker county, with few exceptions
look well. The corn crops are matured and
have never been more :iaundant. Corn
will be very cheap, and tlhe corning fall will
be an excellent time for those who wish to
emigrate to Baker. We have seen crops of
sugar cane, or rather patches" of one
acre or less, which are now common in every
neighborhood, the canes of which measure
from 10 to 14 feet high and ]have several
joints already matured. Among the best
which we have seen are Mr. S. Lncky's and
M r. James-A'rliue's. The later genfleian'
showed us a rice patchon high dry pine land
which had been sown broad cast in May. It
now averages about 5 feet high, some of the
heads measure 10 inches in length, and it is
estimated that it will produce 50 buslels of
rice to the acre.--[Albany Ga. Patriot,

A NEv KIND OF C)TTONL.-One disco-
very often leads to another; and science, in
seeking to test new experiments, has not un-
frequenlly fallen upon hitherto unknown
and exceedingly valuable results. It seems
that this truth lhas very recently been fully
proved in Itle proper preparation of gun cot-
ton. We learn front the Medical Jonrnal
that a physician in Georgia, in recently at-
tempfing to prepare gun cotton from a re-
ceipt sent him by a brother physician, was
unisuecessful, aud fouurd to his astonishmnent
that his cotton would neither explode nor
ignite, heing anti inflammable. On investi-
gaiing, to find out the cause, lie found that
he had not used the right acid, muriatic
acid we suppose. He repeated the process,
innd the result was the same ; so that he
i claims to have discovered :> method of" ren-
j Bei-ing cotton incomnbustible. He says tiiat
I this cotton can tbe prepared with little ex-
pense, as he has tested ihe matter sufficient-
ly to know that ii can he manufactured into
clotb, (lhe lint and texture of the cotton be-
ing not in the I-asi injured, hut capable of
being made into clothing with as much ease
as fi'om the common material.
[Mlilledgeville Recorder.
Atlas, giv s a short account of the dinner
whieh was given on Saturday last to Mr.
Secretary Walker, on board tile steamer
Hibernia. It appears that the toasts given
were complimentary to the Secretary, and
almost altogether of a Free Trade" char-
acter. The Hon. J. P. Bigelow, however,
who was one of the invited guests, had the
independence to rnn counter to the general
sentiment, and he did it in so good natured

a manner as to add to rather than detract
from the general hilarity and good feeling.
The Atlas thus tells the story :
At last, however, Hon. J. P. Bigelow,
who was present, was called out, and he
gave a happy turn to the matter, by relating
an anecdote connected with the history of
that eccentric republican. Ethan Allen. He
was at dinner one day with Lord North and
other magnates of Great Britian, where His
Majesty King George was toasted in every
possible form, and the sturdy republican,
like the friends of protection on board the
Hibernia, courteously consented to them
all. Finally, Lord North called upon Al-
len for a sentiment, and after referring to
their toasts, and wishing to put their courte-
sy to the test, he gave : His Majesly-the
Devil." His Lordshipand ihe guests gene-
rally took the .joke. and emptied their glas-
ses. Mr. Bigelow, after relating this anec-
dote, gave as a sentiment : "The doctrines
offree ir'ade and protection, in prop-r pro-
portions ;" which, with tlie anecdote, was
received witli shouts of applause and laugh-
t.r by the whole company.
The capital anecdote related by
P. Bigelow. at the entertlnmni )y
board the Hibernia to Mr.
ker, in regard t, Etlh'
English Ministry t e

.THE subscriber is now e,
completion of his arrangemlt
ment of a well-organized and ii
naL of News at the Seat of the Gene
The leading features of the United States Re-
porter will be the t'ollowing:-
I. Early Itelligence o/ the movements of the
various Departments of the Government, in re-
ference to Domestic affairs and to the Foreign
Relations of the country, will be given with
scrupulous fidelity. Possessing peculiar facilities i
for obtaining information, the Reporter" will
be enabled frequently to communicate, exclu-
sively, intelligence of the most important cha-
II. The Verbatim Reporls of the Proceedings
and Debates of the United|States Senate, which
the proprietor is bound to furnish daily to that
body, in accordance with the terms of the con-
'tract made at the close of the last session of
Congress. The arrangements now made will at
once fully secure to the Senate of the United
States an authentic and complete record of its
Debates; and to the people-in a greatly enlarged
degree-the benefit of the experience, sagacity
and statesmanship ot that body to which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful
IlI. The Proceedings and Debates in the
House of" Representatives will also be given with
fullness, impartiality, and the utmost prompti-
tude. Each day's record will be completely
made up, and appear in the "Reporter" next
IV. A Synoptical View of the Proceedings
and Debates of' all the State Legislatures, will
be regularly given. Members of Congress and
all classes of' readers will thus be kept fully and
systematically informed of Domestic Legislation
in all sections of the United States.
V. Early Intelligence of all important move-
,ments in the Legislatures oJ Great Britain and
France will be communicated by every steamer
from Europe, through reporters in London and
Paris, who possess peculiar facilities for obtain-
ing information.
VI. The Genral AJews of the Day will be
given in a condensed form, with industry and at-
Such is a brief view of what the "United
States Reporter" is designed to be. All the plans
and arrangements have been well matured, and
the hope is confidently cherished, that the U.
S. Reporter" will prove itself an energetic, in-
dustrious, dignified and perfectly independent
journal. It will have no party views-no political
bias. The proprietor, by the terms of his con-
tract with the Senate of the United States, is
bound to the condition that "the paper shall con-
tain no political discussions except the debates."
It will be a vehicle of NEws-not the organ of
-any set of opinions. The grand aim of the sub-
scriber is to establish, at the Seat of Government,
a faithful and prompt reporter of all sorts of in-
telligence-a responsible agent, on which the
politician, the business man, the manufacturer,
the mechanic, and every one interested in the
affairs of Congress and the Government, may rely
at all times with implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such a
reliable Journal of Intelligence, on terms which
place it within the reach of the great inas'es of.
the people, at the commencement of what pro-|
misfcs to be a most interesting and eventful period
in the history of Congressional proceeding, will
be regarded with favor by all classes of the corn- !
munity,; an], having thus stated his objects, the_!
subscriber respectfully solicits a liberal and gen-
eral support from the enlightlened public of the
United States,

It is in fact a paper that MERITS thbe tro-
nage of all MECHANICS and MANUFAC-
TURERS throughout the UNITED STATES,
and should be in the hands of EVERY ONE
that feels an interest in the advancement of
Mechanical or Scientific improvements in this
It is published in QUARTO FORM, conve-
niently adapted to BINDING, and furnished to
Country Subscribers at the LOW PRICE ot
IN ADVANCE, and the remainder in Six
Months. Address,
MUNN & GO., Publishers,
128 Fulton-street, New-York.

to te i i esi n through
I' dl ies which bind
owfl iemloove r anin ry together, and to
secure thatwe now sympat and feel-
ing so essential Fthe rpfosperiy-df both(w1 sal

pect. ify A* BLoth- eshl
find our labors amply repaid.
To enable ue to confinaae our present connec-
tion, however, and to do all that we wbild w-.ish
LoAd in the way f improvinT g ThL-Gebrgian,"
wemust look for an increased support trPm the
public ; such we now solicit and confidently ex-
pect. Wsre H. BULLOC;(
THE DAILY GEORGIAN is published in
Savannah at TEN DOLLARS PER ArNvum, pay-
able semi-annually, in advance; or,SIlX DOL-
THE TRI-WEEKLY GEOP(,1iN',-flor the
Country, is published to meet th arrangementt
of the mails, three times a,.w-eek,"(;' bbsdav;
Thursday and Saturday,) at the Oi16ce of tl:ie
DAILY GEORGIAN, and contains till the ihlel-
ligence, Commercial; Political and Miscella-
neous, including new Advertisements pttblhed
in the Daily Paper. .^.
THIS PAPER is sent to all parts of the Stat6
and Union, or delivered in the city, at FIVE
DOLLARS per annum ,*l", at THREE DOL-
LARS for six months.
every Friday afternoon, at THREE DOIDLARM
per annum-all payable in advance.
August 14, 1847. .. .
Printers' Furnishing Wairehouse.
.No. 17 Canal street.Row.
T HE undersigned beg leave to annbyieia to
Publishers and Printers, that they have es-
tablished a complete and extensive TYPE FOUN-
DRY in this city. The Book Letter of this
Foundry was cut to order by workmen of long
experience, and, as no expense was spared to
obtain the handsomest faces and to perfect it in
every respect, we will venture to say it will be
found as handsome, if not the handsomest ih the
United States. We have also a very handsome
assortment of Flowers and Job Letter bf the la-
test style, to which we would call the attentionn
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All
articles manufactured by us shall be Of ai tate-
rial equal, it not superior, to any manufactured
at the North; and as we shall sell Typb at New
York prices, we trust to meet with enceurage-
We are now prepared to manufacture B3RASS
RULE and TYPE of tibny magnitude, with pro-mpt-
ness. We would also particularly call lhe at-
tention of Printers to our LEADS, having ah eh-
tire new set of moulds, by which we &ree enabled
to furnish a perfect article. We are also ,Agentf
for the sale of the Napier, Washinglon, and
Smith Presses, which together iWith Chases,
Cases, Composing Sticks, Furniture, jihk; and
every other article required in the Printing busi-
ness, will be kept on hand, and fuihis'hea at
manufacturer's prices.
Editors and Printers wishing to cafablish a
Newspaper or Job Printing-Office, will be fur-
nished with an estimate in dellall for the same,
by stating the size bf the paper, or the particular
style and quantity of v ork to be executed.
0jr- The proprietors of newspaper's who will
publish this advertisenent six monih, ahnt end
a paper to our office weekly, will be paid ft" the
advertisement by purchasing six times thehmoi:nt
of advertising bill in Type. tRREN CO.;
May 22, 1847. 19-6m 6 17 Canal st. ]Row.

Apalacelicolat Exchange.
n1-n THE subscriber informs his friends
and the public in general, that lie has be-
come the Proprietor of this above well
known house, and will be pleased to entertain
any of the travelling community that may favor
him with theic custom, and will also accommo-
date resident boarders. The bar will always be
supplied with genuine liquors of' the choicest
Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 1846.

Chattahoochee to Fort Gaines.
'-7"..,- ON and after the first day of
-----.,'-3 JULY next, this Line will be
-.-' .... .....run regularly in TWO-HORSE
STAGES. The undersigned, having the con-
tract to carry the Mail on this route, intends to
give every facility to Travellers who may wish to
take this ronte, by Columbus, Ga., North.
Go6d Stagas, the best of teams, and obliging
drivers, will always be provided; and in a word,
every pains will be taken to give satisfaction, (es-
pecially during the season of high water,) to
those who may choose this route North.
The Stage will leave Chaltahoochee every
TUESDAY- and FRIDAY, at 6 A. M. ; arrive
at Fort Gaines next day, by 12 M. Leave Fort
Gaines every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY,
at 1 P. M. ; arrive at Cqattahoochee next days,
by 8 P. M.
Per'ons travelling from Columbus, Ga., via
Fort Gaines, Blakely, Chattahoochee, Quincy, to
Tallahassee, will find this the most expeditious
T. D. WTL`.I\TN, PrnpDrietor.
Q.-.incv, June 26, 1S47. augl4.31-1m

Twenty Dollars Reward.
VWILL be paid for the apprehension
anai delivery of a NEGRO MAN named
"LEvi, who ran away from Macon, on Sun-
---&day the I1th inst. 'Levi is a dark mulatto,
stout and well built, will weight about 180 lbs.,
a little bow legged, speaks slow and long with a
strong voice, had on when he left a Satinet round
coat, and checkered pants of country homespun.
I expect he will make for Columbus, as he lately
lived there. Some suspicion exists that Levi
was decoyed or assisted off'by some white person,
and if so, St00 will be paid for the villain, and
proof sufficient to convict him.
H. L. COOK, Agent.
Macon, July 20, 1847. aug21 32-4t

Stenographer to the Senate of the U. S.
00- The "United States Reporter" will be
printed on a large and handsome sheet, and issued
every morning, except Sundays, at the rate of
6 per annum.

In connection with the daily paper, there will
be issued from the same establishment,
The l-Mirror of Congress.
This publication will contain exclusively the
Reports of the Proceedings and Debates of the
Congress of the United States. It will be issued
semi-weekly, in an elegant quarto form. through-
out the sessions of Congress, and will be furni-hed
to subscribers at the rate of' two dollars for the
long session and one dollar for the short session.
It is believed that this great national work will
bee deemed indispensable in Ihe library of every
public institution, politician, and professional
man, throughout the country and that it will he
regarded by the great mass of the people as the
very best political text book for their own instruc-
tion and that of their children.
Throughout the session of Congress, Extras
will be issued from the office of the United
States Reporter," containing the reports of all
such Debates as may possess peculiarly exciting
All, subscriptions and communications to be
post-paid, and addressed
United States Reporter, Washington, D. C.
July 31, 1847.
All newspapers throughout the United States
who publish this Prospectus once a week from
this date till the meeting of Congress, will be en-
titled to an exchange with the United States
Reporter," and will he placed on the list of those
to whom the Extras will be despatched.

0 HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
20 do New Orleans Sugar, to arrive;
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java
;.40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
"50 Mnft'd do. Br6wn's and Libby'";
120 Sperm Candles; 50bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
2000 lbs Lead ; 4 casks Linseed Oil;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1; Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. -PORTEPR & CO.
Dec 6 41 Water street.

nmav be classified as follows :

l Vermnout.
,V M a ssa e'hl .ei I,-"!
"'.3qCO unteft ie il,
4 Rhode, [slawi,
5 New York.
6 New Jerse.v,
7 Plplaware,
8 Petinsylvania,
9 North Carolina,
10 Florida,

12 Kemuckv.
rpTwelve W\iig i.a
Slates. In th,- tltre

I 1 Ma'i] p .
Q Yir,,.i'.n~
"' ;i rij!i n a ,

T HE subscriber begs leave to inform the citi-
zens of Apalachicola, and those of the neigh-
boring country, that he has established a press in
this city for the purpose of printing music, com-
posed and arranged for the Piano Forte, as well
as for other instruments. He intends to keep
constantly on hand a selection of the most fash-
ionable pieces, and his prices per copy, shall be
moderate, to suit the times; he also offers for
sale, Piano Fortes of the most approved make;
he is prepared to repair and tune Pianos, and put
them in perfect order ; he also begs leave t
that he is ready to give instruction on the ]
Violin, Flute, Guitar and all [he different
Instruments, such-as Bugle, Cornopeon,
Trombone, &c., and offers to teach his
their residence. Those wishing to
services, will find him at all time*'
on a visit professionally) in his mus'
lth/a'nzeum, Coirmerce street. '
Orders for Music or Instrumental
prompt attention. H. BER
Apalachicola, July 10, 1847.

] "' i it S ,
NJ icihli ga 1,


Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer
T EALTH RENEWED, and an invigorated
and healh ~,ondi .tion of b d pbdueed
by the use p A VESCENT
iE.LTZE :'-
'T d toi

tlweive Democraic
reuiainina- States lo

In Chancery.
Cornelius Grantham, )
vs. Petition for Divorce.
Fatha Grantham.
T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit made in this case, that the de-
lendant, Fatha Grantham, resides beyond the
jurisdiction of the State of Florida : It is ordered
that the said Fatha Grantham do appear and an-
swer the said petition within three months after
the publication of this order, or the said petition
will he taken for confessed; and it is further or-
dered that this order be published in some news-
paper in the Western Circuit of' this State for the
space of three months.
GEG. S. HAWKINS, Judge W. D.
Uchee Anna, Aug. 21, 1847. 32-3m

he heard from. Maryland, Louisiana and
Mississippi, the Whigs will probably carry
the first State, while the Democrats will be
S1eeessful in the last two. This would
make the States stand, 13 for the Whigs,
" /- and 14 for the Democrats; or just there-
verse, in case we 'are in error in assigning
Louisiana to the Democrats. Still, no
choice could be made, as it takes fifteen
Slates to elect a President. The Democrats,
in order to gain the necessary vote, would
have to look to New Hampshire or G(eorgia,
as would also the Whigs in case they snc-
eeeded 'in Marvland and Louisiana ; and
consequently, thfe balance of power would
rest with those two Stales. But these are
speculations which we leave to the politi-

ticle in a late number of the Manchester
Guardian, we learn that the number of
spindles in operation in manufacturing cot-
ton, in the several manufacturing countries
in Europe and America, is 27,585,000 which
are divided as follows :
Eugland and W ales ............... 15,554,619
Scotland .... ..................... 1,729.87--
Irerand ..... ......... ......... _. 2155503
Stat-s comprising Geriman League. !li'., ,l
Anstria and Italy .................. 1 500.000
France ............ .... ....... 3,500,000
Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.. 1,870,000
United States ..................... 2,500,000
Total numnber of spindles ...... 27,585,000
The value of all the buildings and ma-
L ,chinery necessary to drive these spindles,

State of Florida,
TO all persons having demands against the es-
tate of Nathan Seymour, late of said county,
deceased, notice is hereby given that 1 have ta-
ken from the Honorable Court of Probates of said
county, LettersTestamentary npon the same, and'
that all claims will be barred if not present
within two years after the date of this advert
ment. MILTON -1 SC
Apalachicola, July 24, 18,47. 28-2n
authorized agent during rtiy
the State. [I,,.-'ll '. I- E
Coffee. i by
100~r BAGS RIO, for sale h y-^ ^
1 U May 15 J" E^ ^ ^

(0- We are authorized to announce Mr. BEN-
S ,N LUCAS as a candidate for Tax-Assessor
ctor for Franklin County, at the elec-
o.er next. Sept. It, 1847.

L, oized, to announce Mr. JOHN
L ate for the office of Sheriff
Eat the' election irin October

Sept. 11, 1847.

Extract SalrsEpar|
BULL,'S- &SAN-DS', lor sale by
single bottle, by
July 17 J,

RESH Fall Crop, for sale by
F April 17 H. F. ABELL.
UININE, Camphor and Piperine, iust re-
ceived and for sale by
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Sarsaparilla Syrup.
UST received, and for sale by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

Bagging and Rope.
100 PCS Kentucky Bagging;
1 100 coils Rope;
4 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by
Dec 5 41 Water street.
Iron, Nails, ec.
20 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
2 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;{
20 English and American Vises;
20 Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 4 41 Water street.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

G REEN & CONNERY, No. 36, Water street.,
LJ have just received and offer for sale
125 sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop;)
100 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
200 Old Rectified Whiskey;
100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap;
5 hhds N. O. Sugar; 5 do Moscovado.do;
20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
5 Hams ;
20 barrels Clarified Sugar ;
10 boxes Loaf do;
50 Sperm Candles;
20 barrels N E Rum;
10 White's Baltimore Gin;
10 Domestic Brandy ;
10 N O Molasse ;
50 boxes English Dairy Cheese;
50 pieces Kentucky Bagging
30 coils Rope;
10 bales Alicant Mats;
80 bxsand hlf-bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins;
10 Lemons;
75 Manufactured Tobacco;
25 casesassorted Pickles;
30 barrels Mackerel, Nos 2 and 3 ;
20 half bbls do do;
20 boxes assorted Syrups ;
20 & chests and boxes Gunpowder and Hy-
son Teas;
10 chests and boxes Powchong Teas ;
2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy;
10 baskets '" Heidsieck" Champagne;
50 kegs Nails, assorted sizes
25 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ;
3 tierces new Rice;
20 kegs and quarters new Bnckwheat ;]
200 bushels Norther Oats.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, 1846.

Franklin Circuit Court,
Charles Barnarnd, Abel'
Adams, George W.
Barnard and Charles
Larkin Merchants, Attachment.
trading underthe firm Sumswornto$4543 90.
of Barnard, Adams Damages 5000.
& Co."
John Dill.
T HE Defendant and all others interested, will
take notice of the institution of the above
suit by attachment, returnable to the December
Term, 1847, of Franklin Circuit Court, and will
appear and plead thereto, according to law.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Apalachicola, April 13, 1847. aprill7 14-4m

Franklin Circuit Court.
D. K. Dodge,
James C. Watson, et al.
D. K. Dodge,
vs. Bill for Partition.
D. McDougald, et. a1.
EORGE W. ROSS having filed a petition on
S the 22d April, 1846, praying to have a cer-
tain amount of money now in Court, belonging to
defendants, appropriated to the payment of his
fees as the Counsellor and Solicitor of said de-
fendants; and the matter having been referred to
me as Special Master in Chancery to act and re-
port upon the same, after having given 30 days
notice by publication in the papers. It is there-
fore ordered that said George W. Ross, the defen-
dants Watson, McDougald, et. al., and all others
interested, to appear before me in the city of
Apalachicola on the seventh (7th)-of April next,
then and there to present or defend their respec-
tive claims, &c.
Special Master in Chancery.
Apalarchicla, March 6, 1847. 8-5t
.r- The hearing of the above matter is post-
poned until Friday, the 16th inst.
Apalachicola, April 10,1847- 13-1t
(U- The hearing of the above matter is post-
poned until the 30th June next.
Apalachicol, April 24, 1847. 15-2m
0yS The hearing of the above matter is post-
poned until the 30th of November next.
Apalachicola, July 3, 1847.

0 HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
1 20 do New Orleans Sugar, to arrive;
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do. Brown's and Labby's;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
2000 lbs Lead; 4 casks Linseed Oil;
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For saleby WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.
Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer
EALTH RENEWED, and an invigorated
and healthful condition of body produced
This prepare' to be
j i~ ost po tor
lbrlesevent .
i, co

State of Florida.
Y virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
d shall expose for sale before the Court House
door, in the city of Apalachicola, Franklin coun-
ty, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of October
next, at the usual hours of sale, so much of the
lands lying opposite the city of Apalachicola, and
known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining, as
will be sufficient to make the sum of Three Hun-
dred and Seventy Dollars and costs, for the
amount of the State Taxes due from the Apa-
lachicola Land Company on the additional quan-
tity of assessable lands lying in this county, and
liable to Tax for the year one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-five.
officio Tax Collector for Franklin Co.
lim icola, April24, 1847. 15-6m

Saratoga Water.
UARTS and Pints, fresh, for sale
April 17 H. F. ABELL.

Blank Books and Stationery.
EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &c.
50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Memorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading;
Boooks for Letter Press.
Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELL.
For Sale,
100 BBLS. FLOUR; 50 bbls. Whiskey;
1 50 bbls. Molasses; 20 hhds Sugar.
Just landed from schooner Ann, and for sale
low, for cash, by
March 27 NOURSE, STONE & CO.
ATS and Caps by the case low for cash by
For Sale,
1 HHDS. choice N 0 Sugar;
1.0 50 bbls Flour, by

SALAD OIL, just receivedand for sale by
Apr 1 17 H. F. ABELL

7" yHALF boxes Manufactured "W L Roane"
S Brand.
44 half boxes Manufactured 'W Price" Brand.
39 ," do. "
28 .. W Barlow" "
48 22 lb boxes J W Morgan" "
1-2 lb Lumps.
5 boxes Manufactured J W Morgan" Brand
5 boxes Napo-
leon's" Brand "Magnolia."
5 boxes Manufactured Napo-
leon's" Brand "Strawbery."
50 20 lb boxes Manufactured < Napo-
leon's" Brand Magnolia."
9 boxes Manufactured Morford Honey Dew
10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars
30 doz Negro Caps; 60 doz Hoes, assorted."
Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Cards, Trace Chains.
For sale low to close consignments, by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.
Oil Cloths and Carpets.
8 PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 yards wide;
3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
3 Cotton "4.
2 Stair "
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.

.Bay Runm.
A FRESH supply of A. French's superior
Bay Rum, just received and for sale by
June 12 H. F. ABELL.
Dry Goods.
RILLINGS, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans, Flannel, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, Sheetings, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, &c &c.
For sale by B. ELLISON & CO
,J.an 23 23 Water street.

Franklin Circuit Court.
Barnard, Adams & Co.,
John Dill and Elizabeth In Chancery.
Ann Dill. J
T having been made to appear by affidavit that
the defendants John Dill and Elizabeth Ann
Dill, reside out ot the State of Florida, to wit:
in the State of Georgia. It.is ordered that pub-
lication be made ftor four months, in some news-
aailr, printed in the city of Apalachicola, requi-
ItRo appear and answer said bill, else it

JTZ, Yeast and Soda Powders of the
quality, for sale by

und Candy.
S ed Essence of Hoarhound
eived and for sale by
s]Extract of Buchu.
D genuine, for sale by

Boots and Shoes.
B OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Childret
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Sho
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf
A large and extensive assortm 1
andforsale by WM. G. POR
Dec 5

for sale by



k~'trm~EPrt.c~tcatoc~i) ~oj

OTICE-k ix months after date, I w
N to the lan. Judge of Probates tor
County, for a final discharge from the
ration of th tate of Donald Campb
said county, based.
Apalachicola, June 5, 1817. A


I___I I

AN., S-



3 OR the cure of Dispepsia or Indigestion, 3il-
e ious anrd nervous Headache, Constipation,
, Diarrahoea, Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel, Flatu-
f lency, &c. For sale wholesale and retail, by
d Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN, Dribggist.
n .,
- Tarrant's Compound Extract of
Cubebs and Copavia.
Stands unrivalled for its
Efficacy; it performs a cure
in a few days-no cohfint-,
I y Ement or restriction in diet,
is necessary. It will bo
Sound invaluable, being pre-
pared with the greatet
possible care, upon well
tested principles, founded
upon that important law,
first established by the cel-
ebrated Dr. Fordyce, viz:
r that a combination ofsim-
Silar remedies would produce a more certain,
speedy, and considerable effect, than any e1uiva-
lent dose of any single one.' In many cases the
disease is entirely prevented by its timely appli-
cation. Fcr sale by
Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN, Druggist. f

The remedy to which we would call the altenz
tion of the public, is one which has proved suc"
cessful for a long time ; and it is universally ac"
knowledge by all who have tried it, to be FARt
SUPERIOR to any other medicine ever employed
in diseases for which it is recommended. It not
THIE WHOLE SYSTEM, but it dissolves arl
carries offthe superabundant slime or mucus SO
BOWELS OF CHILDREN, more especially
those in bad health. The mucus forms the bed
or nest in which Worms produce their young,
and by removing it, it is impossible for worms to
remain in the body. It is harmless in its effect
on the system, and the health of the patient is
always improved by its use, even when no worms
are discovered.
The Canadian Vermifuge is only 25 cents a
bottle and is much more easily administered thaL
Prepared only by JOHN WINER & Co., 83
Maiden Lane, New York.
H. F. ABELL, Agent
Jan 9 f for Apalachicola;
The Great Canadian Remedy.
Unrivalled for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Spitting of Blood, Whooping Cough, Difficul-
ty of Breathing. Pleurisy, Consumption,
and all Diseases of the Lungs.
Bronchitis, a disease that is sweeping thobtu
sands to a premature grave under the name of
Consumption, can be cured by using this medi-
For several years past, this medicine has beer
in use in Canada, where it has become universal-
ly known, and is considered the best medicine
in use for all pulmonary diseases. The great
success which has attended its use in that counr
try, and the many truly wonderful cures which
have been effected by it, has induced the proprie-
tors to introduce it into the United States, con-
fident of its being the most safe and valuable re-
medy ever discovered, and adapted to all diseased
of the lungs, when any of the functions do not
perform their natural or hasty action, exerting a
most grateful and soothing influence over the
functions of the whole system, diminishing ex*
citement when excessive, allaying irritation,'
sorenessand pain, and speedily imparting renew*
ed vigor and elasticity to the whole frame.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by
JOHN WINER & Co., 83 Maiden Lane, New
York, soie proprietor for the United States.
H. F. ABELL, Agent
Jan 9 for Apalachicola.
Balsam of Liverwort.
A REMEDY most perfect is said now to be
discovered in settled Consumption, Liver
Complaint, or any of their incipient symptoms,
on the Chrono-Thermal system, by the use of
Doctor TAYLOR'S' celebrated medicine, the
Genuine BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, Which he prec
pares at 375 BOWERY. This plan of treatment,
now espoused by several eminent physicians, sis
and has been for a long time, the secret of the
unparalleled success which has attended Doctor
Taylor's medicine in performing its wonderful
cures, which in many, very many cases, have
been almost incredible, but the conclusive proofs
the Doctor can bring forward are irresistible, and
'we advise all who may have coughs or simple
colds even, to use this perfect specific without
delay. "Franklin says a small leak will sink y
big ship." Therefore, cure your coughs before
your lungs are past cure. For sale by
J. C. ALLEN, Sole Agent~for
-- Apalachicola.
CAUTION-The genuine Doctor TAYLO ,i's
BALSAM or LIVERWORT, has on the bottle a
splendid steel plate engraving, to prevent cotins
terfeits signed by Gurdon J. Leeds, any. ,other is
vile and dangerous imitations, and the public are
cautioned not to purchase or deal in it, as it iay
protected by the U. S. Copy Right Laws. :'
March 21, 1846. 12-ly '.

I __*_


Hints ia
ry, -& -.
urns his thanki
publicfor IhNiA%:
buebegs(to infwii
_ng an addition-
Ied to his former
t unusually large
ench, German and
s;Perfumery; Glam
ss ware, c., &c.,mare offerc4
countryy Merchants and others on
terms--all of which he warrant

19 ../!ARIJV.N'.

opose publishing in the
ackhson county, Florida, a
with theh above title.
1be devoted to Literature, Agri-
lac ne; Rit0 wI also contain the
s of the day and ari. ticles in support of
t he eb'~ hig Policy.
Constitution The want of a local paper has been severely
ery free white; felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun-
mty-one years and ties, and has led to the proposed establishment of
t the time of offer- this Journal.
United States, and The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
nd had his habitation, ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tace of permanent abode in tion by the 1st of September.,
Se preceding the election Te a s-Three dollarsper annum, in advan-e.
Ueshao oft vote, and who shall, at $3 50 ifpaid within six months; or $4 00 at the
eand for six months immediately prece- en 2 of tae year.
-time, have had his habitation, doricil, BENJ. G. LIDDO1 & CO.
a place of permanent abode, in the coun- July 31, 1847.
Paich he may oDer to vote, shall be deemed OOTS rhes and S, Stoes.
ed .oter at all elections under this Corr- 10rCOFFE Java do,Se e St. r eDomingo do,
s and none others, except in elections by e ,eNorthern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar-
gene -ic~iket in the State or District prescribed_
by law, in which cases, the elector must have St. Ordix do, Porto Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Ps Hyson do, Powchong do, Souchong do, Goshen
been a resident of the State one year next prece- Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ding the election, and six months within the ders, Molasses, Whiskey, Mess and Prime Beef,
election district in which he offers to vote : Pro- less and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad, Salmon,
vided, That no soldier, seaman or marine in the Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
regular Army or Navy of the United States, un- Pepper, Spices, Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
less he were a qualified elector od this State pre- Capers, Pickles, Soap Starch, Tobacco., Navy
vions to his enlistment as such so>Idler, seaman or Bread, Pilot do,' Craellers, Vinegar., Dried Froilts,
marine in the Regular Army o" Na of the Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
m n irow iioot, Corn, Oats, Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
United States, or of the revenue service, shall be For sale by B. ELLI8ON & CO.
considered a resident of the Stateein consequence Jan23 24 Water street.
of being stationed within the same.
Passed Senate, December 1, 1846. OOTS, Shoe and Brogans, by the case;
D. H. MAYS, President Senate. DWomen's Shoes anti Buskins;
H. ARCHER, Secaretary Senate. Men's, Boys and Youth's Brogans;
Passed Honse, December 16, 1846. c 4 finesew'dBrogans;
ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps. Men's pegged Boots;
M. D. PAPY, Clerk. fine. sewed Boots;.

OTICE.-Six monthly ter p
this notice, applicatiarill.bel
Hon. Judge 0'Probates for Jacksonf
final settlement of the adminiistra'ipn
tale of Samuel N. Spears, deceased,
county. h ELIZA SP
February 14, 1857. 5-Gm Admi




n Hep-
Daniel K.c
shof John
h ose trus-
McDo Bill for Dowe
mpbell ;I- .-
on ;-Natha
on Hines Hoa t
Jones,, John H. f h W
Edwatd Cary, tru t h h n
ames ad P. Ca.lhour
SL. Bas- cot "
firm of
Sloan ; ou-
Mot e o

a bankrupt; Deiel McDo D
gald Jo see Lawre e
O'B. Bran illiam H.
Brockenboroug and the Bank
'of Pensacola,
T appearing to theesatisfaction of the Judge o
th Is Court, by the affidavit of the Complain.
ant's Solicitor, that the Defendants hereinafte
named do not reside within the Western Circui
ot the State of Florida, but within the Unite
States of America; that is, that the Defendant,
Joseph L. Hepburn resides in the State of Texas
the said George O. Hepburn in lhe State of Mis
sour ; the'said Annie E. Hepburn, and Carolin
B. Hepburn, and the said William Howland
each in the State of New York; the heirs
John Peabody, deceased, and Daniel McDougald
their'trusted: the said Hines Holt and Seaborn
Jfones, J ahn H. H oward and Edward Cary, trus-
tees of Cphoun & Bass; Mordicai Myers, as-
samre ofallorge W. Ross,ea bankrupt, and Dan-
and each reside in the State of Geor-
e puli; the sd John W. Cam pbell, Hudson A.
'iruitonc, Nthanweel M. Thfornton and Duncan
IcDouaatd, each reside in the Slate of Alabama;
the said Joseph lBranch and Lawrence O'B.
Branch and William H. Brockenbrough, each re-
side in the Middle Circuit of Florida: It is there-
fore ordered, that the said Defendants hereinbe-
fore named. and every of them, do appear arnd
answer the said bill oft complaint, otherwise the
same shall be taken pro confesso against them
and each of them in default : Provided, this order
be published in any newspaper printed in this
Circuit once a week for four months from the
date hereof. Dated April 11, 1847.
Tudge fo the Western Circuit of Florida.
Complainant's Solicitors. 20-4m

In DiStrict Court of the United
States, for the Northern Dis-
trict of Florida.
Daniel N. McLean, and l
others, owners of the
steam boat Augu6sta, ]
vs. Libel for Collision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula,
her tackle, apparel ant
furniture. j
N OTICE is h'ereby given 'to all whom it may
_ Moncern, that by virtue of an attachment
warrant of arrest, issued in the above cause, I
have seiTzedand taken thp-above merit ioned Steam
Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel and furniture,
to answer to the libel filed therein, for damages
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.-
That the said process is returnable before the
District Court ofethe United States for the North-
ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's office of
said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
third Monday (17th day) of May, instant, at 10
A. M., at which time and place the said cause
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachicola, this 15th day of May,
in the year 1847. ROBERT MYERS,
U. S. Marshal.
hy H11. R. TAILOR, D. M.
May 22, 1847. 19-tf

if Wholesale-and Retail Druggist,
i r 45 Water street.
Apalachicolb, Nov. 21, 1846.
iber has, and 'will
,0 haave, on hand, a complhtre ^
of DRUGS and MEDI-
which he will warrant pure
j oand of the best quality. Country
Merchants and Planters will find it
to their advantage to call, examine and price his
UGoods, before purchasing elsewhere.
N.B. Physician's prescriptions put up with
care and accuracy at any hour of the da, or night-.
March 21 Cor. Centre and Commerce sts.

Dry Goods.
THE subscribers offer for sale a large a
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consist
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Plain and Fancy Jeans,
Double twilled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking-
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirling and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints-,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Snper Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or ; etail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec. 5, 1846. 41 Water street.


*, "an all
Led b' h
the interior, to
our beloved S.ate
.-secure that one'nes. # % andiw_
Iing so essential p, we shal-1
find our labors amply repitd.
To enable us to continue our present connec-
Ition, however, and to do all that we would wish
todo in the way of improving The Georgian,"
we must look for an increased support from the
public; such we now solicit and confidently ex-
pect. Wm. H. BULLOCH,
THE DAILY GEORGIAN is published in
Savannah at TEN DOLLARS PER-ANNUM, pay-
able semi-annually, in advance; or, SIX DOL-
Country, i s published to meet the arrangement
,of the mails, three times a week, (Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday,) at the Office of the
DAILY GEORGIAN, and contains all the intel-
ligence, Commercial, Political-and Miscella-
neous, including new Advertisements published
in the Daily Paper..
IIS PAPER is sent to all parts of the State
and Union, or delivered in the city, at FIVE
DOLLARS per annum; or, at THREE DOL-
LARS for six months.f"
every Friday afternoon, at THREE DOLLARS
per annum-all payable in advance.
August 14, 1847.

Russet Brogans. For sale by
n 23 24 Water street.

An Act to amend the Constitution of this State
so as to make the sessions of the General As.
sembly biennial instead of annual.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
HITouse of Representatives of the State of Flo-
rida, in General Assembly convened, That the
second clarse of the fourth article of the Constitu-
tion ofthis State be so amended as to read as fol-
lows, viz: 2d. The members of the House of
Representatives shall be chosen by the qualified
voters, and shall serve for the term of two years,
from and after the day of the first election under
the amended Constitution, and no longer; and
the sessions of the General Assembly shall be
biennial, and commence on the fourth Monday in
November, in each and every second year, or at
such other times as may be prescribed by law.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That the third
clause of the fourth article of the Constitution be
amended so that the same shall read as follows:
3d. That the Representatives shall be chosen on
the first Monday in the month of October, in each
and every second year, from and after the first
election under this amended Constitution, or on
such other day as maybe directed by law.
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the fifth
clause of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
read as follows, viz: The Senators shall be cho-
sen by the qualified electors, for the term of four
years, at the same time, in thesame manner, and
in the same place where they vote for members
of the House of Representatives; and no person
shall be a Senator unless he be a white man, a
citizen of the United States, and shall have been
an inhabitant of this State for two years next pre-
cedinghis election, and the last year a resident
of the district or county for which he shall be
chosen, and shall have attained the age of twenty-
five years.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That the sixth
clause of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
read as follows, viz. The classification of Sena-
tors, as made at the first session of the General
Assembly held in the year 1845, shall continue
unchanged; one half of whom, as nearly as possi-
ble, shall be chosen forever hereafter biennially
for the term of four years: Provided, however,
and it is hereby declared, that the termin of office
of that class of ISenators unexpired at the first
election under the amended Constituticn, shall
extend to, and expire on, the first Monday in
October, eighteen hundred and fifty.
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That the first
election for Assemblymen, under this amended
Constitution, shall take place on the first Monday
in October, eighteen hundred and forty-eight;
and the first session of the General Assembly, un-
der this amended Constitution, shall commence on
the fourth Monday in November, in the year
eighteen hundred and forty-eight.
Passed Senate, December 22, 1846.
D. H. MAYS, President of Senate.
H. ARCHER, Secretary of Senate.
Passed House of Reps., Dec. 29, 1846.
ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps.
M. D. PAPY, Clerk House Reps.
March 13,1847. 9-6m

On Consigaanent.
THE subscriber has lately received on consign-
ment, the following articles :
2 casks choice Old Port Wine;
1 Old Madeira Wine;
1 superior Old Scotch Whiskey;
2 Pale & Bro. Otard Brandy;
i" Dark Dumond Brandy;
10 baskets London Club" Champaigne.
Also, a variety of Segars, all of which will be
sold low, for cash only, by
Feb 27 50 Water street.
W ISTAR'S and Swayne's Balsam of Wild
Cherry, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 J. C. ALLEN.
HEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for cash, by
Jan 23 24 Water street.
WVistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
1 DOZEN, just received and for sale by
,. April 10 H. F. ABELL.

B. Ellison & Co., 24 Water street.
M ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
Hambroline, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum,Sperm Oil, Fall do, Whale do, Olive
do, Linseed do, Raw do, Boiled do, Spirits Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Chrome Yellow, Ver-
digris, Lithirage, Sulphur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, Pitch, Turpentine Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tar do, Scrub do. Clamp do,
Lamp Black, Chalk, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
lish do, Cotton do, Heavy Ravens do, Light do,
White, Blue and Red Bnnting, Nails, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, Brads, Screws,
Jack Screws, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, Shives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck Buckets, Cedar do, Deck Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, Making Irons, Marline Spikes,. Ship Scra-
pers, Bung Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, Sewing do, Palms, Rigging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers, IIHatchets, Chisels,
Augurs, Planes, Handsaws, Gimblets, lIandsaw
Files, Rat Tail do, Iron Squares, Cupboard Locks,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, Hinges.. Padlocks,
Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyards, Hand Line&,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads, DeepI
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar do, Funnels, Lanthorns,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pots, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c.).&-c.
Apalachicola. Jan. 23, 1847.


.y AND
Printers' Furnishing Warehouse.
N'o. 17 Canal street Row.
THE undersigned beg leave to announce to
Publishers and Printers, that they have es-
tablished a complete and extensive TYPE FOUN-
DRY in this city. The Book Letter of this
Poundry was cut to order by workmen of long
experience, and, as no expense was spared to
obtain the handsomest faces and to perfect it in
every respect, we will venture to say it will be
found as handsome, if not the handsomest in the
United States. We have also a very handsome
assortment of Flowers and Job Letter of the la-
test style, to which we would call the attention
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All
articles manufactured by us shall be of a mate-
rial equal, if not superior, to any manufactured
at the North; and as we shall sell Type at New
York prices, we trust to meet with encourage-
ment. .
We are now prepared to manufacture BRASS
RULE and TYPE of any magnitude, with prompt-
ness. We would also particularly call the at-
tention of Printers to our LEADS, having an en-
tire new set of moulds, by which we are enabled
to furnish a perfect article. We are also Agents
for the sale of the Napier, Washington, and
Smith Presses, which together with Chases,
Cases, Composing Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and
every other article required in the Printing busi-
ness, will be kept on hand, and furnished at
manufacturer's prices.
Editors and Printers wishing to eatablish a
Newspaper or Job Printing Office will be fur-
nished with an estimate in detail for the same,
by stating the size of the paper, or the particular
style and quantity of -work to be executed.
-O The proprietors of newspapers who will
publish this advertisement six months, and send
a paper to our office weekly, will be paid for the
advertisement bypurchasing six times theamount
ofadvertising bill in Type.
May 22, 1817. 19-6m 17 Canal st. Row.

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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: September 11, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
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: : : : Q: .f .- .

j I .. -
l ,: : 'c
"\ 'r
k -_ "" 1 ., ti *
4 .
: --- ;,
'', ; -

: : o .. &Iw., t- : : j

J9 t,4e ., ,4 .

., ..,.,. 1 "- :

: j1 IL : :; t$4 ;, I 'tLIllER t P4 :

i-- ; -b---- j:, -
-_ _ 1L .,.
# ,
-- -"- : '
---- ; : ., ..
=c-==--==- -- -- '' ,", ..1 i..it: .
-S- .
-e ,. -

VOLUME V.] _' -_ [ SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1 4V ., r TT'n'rnnn; S:: Hii f. : _
-- -- L ..- '..LVI 11; ''Idr.iZ; _!" .. ') III
-- ,
.i" :-. ,.J. .....:----.t ,'.: .., ;i ;.
fiillERCIJIJ ADVERTISER, liUnfntfJ',1J rnrt t6j ---1 I t l aing 1--- .I'If ..:;J .,.,. .',. ., .... ,- k. Ii
f j.J: Sooaj. : :another '' ( L" b::1' i
SATURDAY PY -- = -== -= -e. I! tonisit came 1 f.<, ithet'pI: ..
ralLURED rf'ERY: BENJAMIN: : Er.Lit-o\ "answeriinidi' M.: v'':":" I
.l xf. .
s. L.V v ::11 B. Eiiiso I Ac CO, :. ; I ptoposttin1waIrno-st} ; I infanabT'aecede4! .. -: r' .

COMMISSION MERCHANTS \ ONE WAIw'I'hcre Jp.", SoJ iLwoafcfcopinae from day lordayT '. : '
editor.j ?
\ G. DRY GOODS, GIJOCEIJIES: IIAHDWARE: drove! on isl whife to'.lla.ki.week'. : sicJMr'remaining =-"' ''''''':: }--- '.S -1'

,, : 4t: 1IPs, l>'uTimcorner of TIN WAIli;, HOOTS SHOES, .1IA TS'. him, ) ] miles kee landlord TT i\ ___________ .: .i aTease3fe te.. 'lik;room ,tutirufehli. (J' .. :- J. 4oa -

5.1. r ro.11!,!.J jre-- .1'1 I II"' tI ;-tlut"r..t.: CAPS, CKOCKUIY: SHIP his l to noted for driving gaIns" '!., '-N ,- ,: oemlyhe o rd.fig" t'J\

CHANDLERY, &c. which he has mlmrjproperty. tflDgt: Jhekpo3t ihat:bbmeb \
21 Water street. ,

<.-'rfl fi r.e MS.!U 'I lars! per annum, Jan 23 Apalachicola :, Fa. ''Ar lie w way- lerofclwelhing.hious. He i is tl. -_ _ ; :->;';...'jo". .$;t --, <, -:_.. '_morumogJ._ ,; -

' V'81.h'i 1;;' -<5, ,.r -l : ) if paid within six E. J. Ilnrdiu, ] he I that he i is not'over-scru ;d' L 8Ia_vBc ton'7lmefft ..
'V1 I 'lam if mult' hereafter.! .. zU .OR13QRERs." '
\ FACTOR AND COMMISSION :MERCHANT charges whenever he ; -

i J-inon; .:JI: : ) *ttUii il! mvarulily for A \It"-tfe Mm ch.'r\ than*..d *fllr1)1'.r ixw &j-:: Office, No. 6 Columbus Buildings, bells, The feet whom lie knows to be 1'8 to t York and Phibdef"M. ;. ,

la1! -i'j:'; ; willbf I diicoiitiiijcd until t I I Jan Ifi Apalachicola Fa. object is always; to lease .-.-' f" bitWWI"m.' nt1. cfe ,om '." .

,!J.y'I,!.TUn..n.1. ire i.Lii, Ufl1S at t I. of 1 lhf.I Itobcrts, Allen V=; Co., Sir I the term of years, to the best .-_ .". : k.:-.-.,.ft..,. -" C.tclJ.

,"el"T'I'E't 1.-0 U's 11\\rp, (1 t w..h'c. I 111\('''' 0': \LT2KS IN HARDWARE AND SHIP by the utmost farthing in thcfehap M .
\" ; the rate of'r1the One 9 1- J I\NDLERY, IRON, STEEL, NAILS, ( A diminutive Frenchman calia. Wfrftrf.;) d..
Vili > if
*rt' :
'J- "" SPIKES, AND CASTINGS, last winter to hire ownP r-- | -\cki.c[ ; : rwn
an'l( Fifty Cents for c'l"rU..C- \ a dwelling he I .
: r.t, : Ii
; i
: And Manufacturers of! Tin, Iron, and Copper tried ) Portland, and which had long remained mel :

':'in%::"" : I I i'ttl..e !hv the year a liberal I Fares. fold. ripply. References were given, and the rain johilii ._ tiouses; eo '
\ ; .
' til KIlII! ? n d : h.\t.llI d\'crti mpnt... not Dec ]12 Apalachicola, Fa. Yankee landlord ascertaining that his ap and in the seasonWTTh and Southern \ .
jailor r
_fMQll dealers visit those for the I
tn t i -ir Itwn b.me11 JlliclI1lVas' a man after his heart" cities purchase
,.tlr rt l111! : WM.V.. SUI!>. \V1I.V.. CIIEEVER. to the own I
:' ilfrti;.' n.MU: ...!at in h)' them, will for a tenant, immediately commenced to"jew" of goods, these agents attend the hotels,
TI1 ll-il Sims &: Cliccvcr, and ) He
"H.2Ze4 1 ttthc' .i,:ul I rates. COMMISSION: ; I MERCHANTS, : him. (He found that the tenement learn the names, and if possible the identityof

it \1I tl'lil( :iU' ?rlt.! !jn; nts must be paid for Office( No. 21 Water street. I t er appeared to suite' the little frenchman, and every one from abroad, who are called)

,airanr.e. lecl'2 Apalachicola, Fla. he placed an exhorbitant price it but upon at all hours and in all places by these
the upon ;
1 >!H .r.* >v'11 'h.* c' rjed; for' announc- who ; psrsons, and in solicited to '
t\'e the lease was drawn and duly executed, purchase at !'Jis.
,.'--nitlit' "t t.'f "1 Jj 5'- \\". T. \\" truant moved into his may
- d'j 'rll'| ;' i- "'< rr 'i a 1i4 1.nrc; tn'ist Wooil & Ballon ; new quarters. be.
, \.1( ... Upon the The thing has cot to be highly
1III"| '*'!. 'r 'I'V' rCf r'n't"I'"q' EMISSION MERCHANTS kindling of fires in the house unpopular
,is ) COM ::: ; with merchants who reside__ di.
it Was found that llin rliirnnovo wnntrln'r"draw at a__ __ _-
stairs. n.
(1 Oilice No. 42 Water street.-
)"'r M Up in "
"r lug
,-'-' -_..j..._ **"*' .T.in 16 Apalachicola, Fa. his had ," and t the building was: filled with; ; lance, and the usage has now been fairly;
-- smoke. The window, sashes rattled in the run into the ground. The importunity of
'; lji I OJ1 Jh..r t\JCl.\ : I Thomas Preston, wall I these fellows! Ills become
wind at night, and the cold air rushed so general and 56
-,- -- = === :- AND! TOBACCO lions .
-- COMMISSION MERCHANT preserving! the buyers have been
"I I IV5.. Bro.lItOIl :. ) through a hundred crevices about (the annoyedand
. 'i.I'lr;'. '% I INSPECTOR: AND BROKER.No. when finally disgusted with the whole
flis.', iiII I t N :\1 Ene II .\ X T S, Dec 2-j; Apalachicola, Fa. er ) melted upon the roof and the attics were gets "picked up"nnd
drenched from The we really hope the plan may never be- -
\"o. 10 Water street, -- ful leaking. rain pelted,
\'I 4 .A f'ucf'la.. FI a. .J-iI. & J. ?T. Hill, ; and our Frenchman found a "natural" bath introduced among thebusiuess men of Bos:

COMMISSION; : MERCHANT, ; room the cellar floor
- FACTORS & upon -but the lease ton.A
(;1u-et .art V Vouiiz: ; No. 4Vatr street, but was signed, and the landlord chuckled. waggish friend of ours in Philadelphia
.' \1 I l < irvl FOR ..V.It I I D I X G.t' of ) : now who loved '
Dec IJ APAI..ACHICOI.FA I hav ben vat you sal call 'suck in,' vis a joke marvellously but \vlleJespiseJ | >
: { .
her ;
-- ; "borer" above ..
zis darn a all other lliincs
't). 53; W ter-trfct, CharlesRogers: I John :Mnnn. Eugene; W. Rogers. brow : maison"-mullered our victim to invited "
us one day to take a stroll with him
Apahcliicola( Ha. himself, a week afterward"butn'zmporcve -
& Co. the
Cia Rogers ,
t ble. about town, and see (he operation of this '
sal( :
see vof ve !
see : ,
: I J.t'.IKL J. lJAI. as We '
n .1 l uv \ Water street, Next morning he rose bright and early system. assented, antI about noon'lime, :;

i) iy V; Co., lc 12 Apalachicola, Fa. ') and (passing down town, he encountered the afthr making several calls and seeing IheII'f' """
'U-UISSIOY: 1 \1 !E It CII\ :'; T5, ---- ------, -- -- ed I landlord. modus operandi whereby the country mer-

:No. 32 \V.iterstriet, C. A. GRKEX. C. 11. CONNERv. :% ; : A-ha Bon clnnls were badgered and cajole'd! into buy
monsieur" said he
Fa.jVi jour, inhis
tchicnli! )
' VIM and
-.5 Green & Coniicry, the ; happiest) ing what they did not neei', or want-we
ClniliMiraneeCo. manner.
\:!"' ; COMMISSION: : I MERChANTS: the ( war- consented to the "Western
play merchant"for
" Priietan 1'i-mnrc Co. and the Hart"C Good day, sir. How do like
.! -' C- ." IIrifor! Conn.Ilarpor No. 3'3, Water street. I house ?" you Jour haWaii hour at the next hotel I weshotitj
FA.Pillcan .
- short ; come to, our friend azrrrirg; to introduce
iCOMMISSION\: 31O1P11S;. Mutual Insurance Co. ({New York.C11A I them !! Au h :Monsieur-elegant, leuuhful
i us to an accomplished "hin-er" of thai
; ,
; 1 : MERCHANTS, <. A. GREEN, Aent. ( magnificent Eh bien, monsieur ; I hav but well known about town.V
"I.". Dec5 No. 3-J Water rt-et. I ye one rc n tu -" stopped at the
1S," '*/< fur /:,(' ter," ( Aim! What is that ?" -House, in Chesnut ssreer. .

.V 'X T'* V. .' N'.;'H: \\m: C'HIP.\:\ .1 oil n .S. nut( hiuso.., her wild" :Monsieur sal live in zat house but Ah, mi boy !" shouted the 'borer' to my

.;' ,'. "' .f' '-"r 1""':'. \ U C T lOX E E R AN J) COMMISSION: : I on tree littcl friend as he entered-"ray glad lo ace

\ .. ,f,'r .Orr..', MERCHANT [How year." you."
? ..
\ ul '-' .1.! .. !F L No. ;>Water s-tret-t. born .' Mr.
# I! i 11- head ) Acontinued ftiebd "thiS
___ I I hav find, by rot you sal call ze lease, my .
I S tli *iN : AI'\I.-\CIIICOI.\, Fa. -
Til.fi.. 1*'>rlrrV: : f'I). .-. .--patronage.- -- --- moic t zat you hay give me ze house for hut tree is 3Ir. B-from Boston. We were looking

';715: 1\ 'J-I): I>:, .\ '\1' ( kJ1\h'l.1"' I Jas.: I:'. Fnrrior, that years an' I have vcr' mooch sorow for aai." for you." .
MK'fMA-N;:' rK ry1h .\T. H EEIVlX.: : FI1H \\'.\ItDl\G: & : ] But you can have it longer, if "Ah Mr. B. very happy in the honor.
\... II Wetter "; 1 lrc-4. COMMISSION 1 I EICIL\XT: : \: ; ) "'oh wish-i you Yes sir, very. In the Dry-Goods line Mr.
...S \!ut.l1hit'fth. "f't. Xo. :50 W.ittr 1re..t. thy ] a B. ? Yes-I
I little diffident. Heard
; see-a
.. "An ;Monsieur be
sal mooch
. ver'
--' \ ,, Fla. glad
n. : ':\ ( ( ;; _
D. TJ. .V >')!! A Co., ___ shall ; ring if I can hav zat house so long as I please- bad stories about us in Philadelphia-'bor
'11 ; fl-\5! \ \ I "* ,1 '1! V \ K)1XGi 1 P. "'?. ( iIieii, ; em- eh' !\Jonsieur1" \\ ers,' 'drummers,' 'runners,' and. all that;

\1':1W'1: i \\r<, AUUTIOXIIR !xi D COMMISSIONMr.ucii : ed he t I 1 : !' Oh, certainly-certainly, sir." Nothing in it, I assure you, sir.Ve'Ye the

\ 7, (i'.4 f I'n "i< U">.\', !. I AN: 'r.Salirtlg fort I his Tres lien, monsieur! 1 sal valk rite to ,, best assortment of Dry Goods, hats; cap ;

12'". ;1' I \. ..\. aariiC.l; t. KM.! A 1I"are' uf Pitlilir PntiGnngf. no the offees an' sal boots, andso-forth, at No. 234! !-street, in
your you give me vot
Oct 21 I Ar\ncmcoiA, FA. little ( very I. this town, without sort of
: call lease for any comparison
\\i.Vv.K. \ 'i \. McKozxc.Vj zc zat PflUSOfl jcs so long as 1
---- '
] I t oh sallull house. Eh Monsieur ?" or exception, and this season we are selling
Ur.Jini/.if, & Homo zc
'lic| V COo {( ; ]
rM\IHsr'c; r 11': Hell) .\ :\T S cn\! '\IISSION!: :!!CHANTS, word\ : In'a) Certainly, Sir. You shall stay there ror nothing, positively nothing"=-=-

N.. 12 .Vdtef =::In'f, Xo. H.: Si., Clirtrlt-s' StreeiAn '> i : ; ; I your life-lime, if you like." : "1 deal but little in that line, sir'

,I.,!. 1. J'> I ;. \ Ii\1.h) iI'.11", Pi.i. Nw-Oikafls head ; his All, Monsieur hav' ver' mooch tanks "Never mind that, my dear sir-never
, :S. 0'1'1):1 AMOS: fIor:'(. .- mind. It's well,
--- iw Ins ) I for /.is accommodation." just as! -small favors thank
-i. .V .!. Nc'iittVr. f fp'j'! -. ; ;; fully received and in
gmaticl I t The old leases and ones proportion.We -
---- ---- were destroyed a new
fIWCI.n; : -
tn1.iuD; : 1:1:1'11.: ,
. Ict \\lI'cI : 1VUIIhI3', ronfi : : t delivered in form the French shall be Very happy :-there's the gopg.
h' one was to
Pr.ciUr::/ L': HIO-I I ml to) ,mini:? upffinlt'j !
t :n"i"MI 1 t'd 1 hlil' -tores."u AUCTIONEER he i gentleman: giving him possession of the premises Dinner; gentlemen, have you dined ? Gladof

\ I r' .Vter-.tre! <>t, :. '.7'7. for such paiod. as the lessee may it-walk right in, rery happy to see you, _

Vf. U ,\nltciirola! : Fla. Jan S lf OHice! Xo. oO, Watr-rs-treet Apalachicola, Fa.I : ; I ] t }', desire the same, he paying the rent therefor, -very.:---Steward TWO 'extras' for No:

be i: I 76-and Charley-a bottle of Sparkling
II. (:\ A5HMI, promptly etc, etc.
'..V(1'F. '''n IhT-\n. ). Oaiiforlli, ready; ; t The next morning, our crafty landlord] Hock. This way gentlemen ; I am rery
.MJCTIOXXI: ) COMMISSION: : MERCHANT I has ; and happ} j
1\! )'W'T! :n'C'XtPIXT' was passing' the house just as the French
)11'3, ra. \ .;:. "..., &.... AXD (Jr :'\ LlLJ..JL( 'J. the man's last load of furniture was being started We were forced to the Dining-room! enjoyed

\ .i\ :" !..ril, a '' ni-ii'-nt I of 'tatiietV.Sr. rUt'AULAI.: .\.. ; from the door; and an hour aflcrwar sa a most capital dinner, by the way,

.' >< (C, ..i.tTt! a'ld V\'itrr -irPeU\ cr rj-: Cotton bouuht on order. ) '; ( : ; messenger called on him with a 'legal ten smoked a few spare regalias with which the
:III .\'nh.ltiront.!: Fa. I Refers to t I I rob gentleman was very lavish, and parted with
_.. oget der' for the rent for eight days, accompanied
-- --- -- B. F. t IIf1L1)F.x, ) ., Orleans.1 left, him at 4 P. M.At7oclockin.
II. 1). !>'II'1 'M, I.' .1. C. I)t'XI.-\I', J l IW pusi ; I with a note as follows :-

Vi. l P .J-rn"1-;; !'J'TiUlim--, \It.-: 1 \\'n.l1: \. :MCKINzn; :, ) t falll( ; I ( u !MONSIEUR.I the evening, bur. gentJe-
r*. l". gcIie4a. F-i. ( .\jialacliicr.la.I.1 shall I : ; man called upon us at the Hotel where we
I I'i J J '\. lit' !ICIIIN'-OV:; J hav' bin shmoke-I htv'Liu drownedI

? ) of hav' bin frees to death, in ze house votI were temporarily sojourning.
1' 'i l :ii 'i i11rv, i :\11'. B.
eil ( ; ; very happy to see you"-saidhe;
1\t \J 1i I z : X \1 ','. I IJf; ..1[\XT, Ul'OfCQSfOHtll) [ XOtfCffl.X .. ; ( him hav' hire ov you, for ze period as I may he in.
as came
i. 1 : i .,. ,.- .,..,_**'. .1 j'u-8, ,... ... .- ---' 1 that desire." I hav' stay in ze dam house "jes
-ask { t A few pleasant words passed, when we
t. \ nh-hirola, Fla. ( so lone as I plccsc, an' ze bearer of zis vil
\\ \ VINE1T() (BEEN j )1D smelt the
- '--- : but t : yet give ze -IIonjour! Monsieur shop again. '
.. -I '.VUI.Ks' PttATT.uri (;::;- :May be 1 1'iuiid at his rf-ulfiiCP, corner of' lIe ) I i! ner It you i is needless to add that our Yankee landlord From Boston, 1 think, Mr. B."

ill:1: : v Iran, Cent ic and Hi;h streets, opposite the l\tanQion wept I the has never since been known to give up "YesSir." .5

'::, I I I .I fl-i! >I IUMERCHANTS: )llou-e. Nov S. tIle ; ( a bird in the hand, for one in the bush !" Great place, that Boston."
; I I' V.tier Street lie a I in Yes, Sir." .

-\ I .\T. tlu.lti'o1., ,, 1. ))1'. A. \V. Chapman, On ,i SFMPF.RPAR.tTL'S.-/ora[ trade.]-A "In the Dry Goods line, I think! Sir."

U. It. Taylor, (:j- OIe! over he Dmu Stoic fit B. S. I Hartley', tile () t ; for good anecdote is related of an old seventy- u.I.lle, Sir 1""YesDry

t- H ON AM) FOIltt'AKDIXG (entrance (in Chestnut !Direct.) Hisidcticu at tIt ing ; I t my sixer," -a former resident of New Hampshire Goo _.

M EIC1I.NF I hoii'-e lalelv' occupied by !Dr. Balt/.ell. from ; ,-who, by the way, was one of those "Oh -

No. 22 vVdlcr treef, .Ltllllary- -'JOt.' ]15JO.. ,.- ------ 2-tf-- git te, I whose immortalised names are enrolled b ted ,

.i_:_I Iv_ _.______._ .\n-t1aehirol: i.-- \Y. f.. 31. Davis, door old( neath that sacred Declaration pledgi
Traucis 1ozvaiii, \ I'TO1NEYNI) COUNSELLOR AT LAW, of and all for our glorious liberty. J

r'l''I.I'L.; 'Ii11 RVTAIL.TlLEft IN ):]I'r:4; his services to the public in either of the I \ I dencfe was his peculiar characin '
JX:i);. }HUTS, slI'JI'.S! : ;;, HATSX:; : abOVe capacities. inn, : private and national] affair] .
ri/riII\G I : of it in his social
JLr. : evidence
1 11c will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- being _
.-t HLJ'nif Hv : .<;:HxTt, .\i.laehinla.: I."h.: iuii and Jackson! Circuit Courts-and will, upon his in log fact is given : (We with

ooi;. I A few since, in tli
,i special l retainer act as Counsel, in any Court years
'. Wood & Co. of the Middle orYVtern Circuit. He \\illaNo, sixth N. II., was held an annuaj -
CTlovFt. ; \ :NI) COMMISSIONS : : Court 'if Tallahassee L'air"r- I'
: ar:;ue cases ill t Appeals at his W as the Derry | _ 4 -
II \ :\ T S the sessions of which, he wIll always be land. ears ed all classes of perso ;h 4-'- -S tJS

.3i: :\". :2 C"I'JIDIJ'H jiujlJjn.rI present at, unless prevented by accident. rali. able object, but prin ;tani -

......:...! All t1.tchico1a."II Apalachicola-, September- --- ISlC.A. and ) had of racing and tradin _JI- S- 1 --
---- -
V I Old Mr.wooden ; \ -t
( \r( I !tjIN' i V Co.; G. Seiiiincs, ( r :
\ 'I I .t' :: GII.-\\T: a to pOStr __ ; ratitt
LAW. } -
: r.Ir T"f'r. ATTORNEY AT He -
-5---:: !I t .1_! .' !t1 wf,1a. V.4. er:: Office, jo.- 2 Cap Sil1 I1Z011'S Building, ; with mencementhorse wh ji h5n4r't .
In ,
ror. Centre & Commerce streets. 4 t"Wt
I 1 I. !Ht'U.Jt nov5 Apalachicola, Fla. in ; seemed to i_. -- : S.L .' '"-' r
: It '4"" .._ _... I :",5Jrji ::
!! ; II ; :I1 - for t deuce wa '
--- ---- -- a :
I S S 1'\1\1': .''; OILS[ : : :
;j'it C.. c. Iff. L'. Owens, from Theo1L! _1 '

.. -", ATTORNEY AT LAW said during g mu. count '"

i);) l.' :":"'f t-*(,rllll",1 of' CLAYTON* hat boir County? Alabama. night _ _ v-cs yutre& --- f '"
tiI..Y\j\; *, :> I'AT1iEUY( fcc; Ac. be U: :
a -
(.,! April l2".191G.) .
kLrbLfl thnfe -
.J. & Coinnprc. strf I-, gatbe: IS wa .," c- -
-S--------- __ ,_ :-ilichicolal1.t.| ) John Kilbo, t ;k Whtb&1! : ..'.

I; .n. S. ILLVIly, ti :im jW- ,,,tf,,,,,<,!.', .,,,', .
'U; LAW -
AT ,
JI ATTORNEY _ t ". ,
\ \ -W: ;
? : JnllIOnHClIAXT: : I % L- .. .
.fjr" <'"
GA. ( ,
.. .
ALBANY, < % ,, "
:.. :\0. : :t.t: -
h, tVjtcr street, practice in thd several CoWt 'of the ; o '

"__.__--- AIl.1'iiCO3) 1 Fa. WILL..I .Wetern Circuit, and Thomas and ___ __ __ '- '- -- - -S 4- I t. :' "\.

tVery .J ... Stcvvait counties c '
i- On( ,. 4- .
J.tllt t 31 t
: :
:S ) \I'I11nN MK11CIIAXTS: Auj.5,1515. .. _ _ S -ah4 l_ ,.. I.
__ _
jm :\o.4:{ W ill"r rilre.t. _- .o- : r

'- Apaldcliicola, Fa. T UMBER INSPECTOR.-The mo --- :a.:
----________________ JIl -
Edwari JJ having: been ;appo' pa'r' I' :r

: :McCiily, for I the County of FraT _ tt 4- -i Li

1 i1F MERChANT AND) DEALER the public in t-tatcan : *-; -

OD AXD GltOCElUEStl. duties appertainij' -- __ -i :-.5 .5

'"V.)..... .'O. 50 Water ptreet.Apalachicoh. | I L -S -- 5' c. '- cr5 ,.

Fa. March22V -S 5 -
5-. --..
: -
-___ -.- ;%

o \ ,. _- : III :_- jL

i ; : _- _

$ .

-;;; : = a-

1. .
,...i"rft:. ",- ,
-- ___j_. :_L.


_________ __

7 : ? = = :

-- 1; ,; z'It'4. iT

I .
4_ 1 _
,&t _
r'-1ft 1*

I (] it iir <, ,: :

;,--.. I II
'" -
1&fti\ a:

__:.: ; _
.; Of" n_ ----- --
,, S -
J. IS So
." -
> ',".-"..'.,., I do this early in the morniWdr! late in the gill i is their 1: Or_ "om. Tim'!! ] "

W.: ..' evening, that the dew may Jpst1 i|" I daidate know :tb is against .tc o.

0&.J S : i spreading over the leaves, and w LlJKr MeQ' Bf
? ; organ, the Ji : j Gen'Talt
: : dries it on (hem it. will require) a c? I', '-'- ed i -r ) fo,lGt.to
-, oft 1 nut e .the positiono.her oT .
: ble rain to wash it design In inxperiment. a

: !. Take I this for w hat itand i I I candidate, is at on ,.:"a. I srSgiAl

S I if any person will please su<:, ; I fufct; none could! rebut 'S"("c.
3 5. :I better modes .to or di !
r prevent
Wilmot Proviso late hour
Ui last
: a nigh,
b puId1nP1rther! please let us have them ; 'Ii'ime onr !"nI",|
.ibIL _ b ii _ S o f the 1 Fulfill, gave us a I'"ut of i lhi| 1I\'tr\ !
Mfched him
lie information r.
t we want I I
&kl 'I _.
i ing I letter 11
interesting "
., r hot njit idth i crop as the enemy is surely here7 te n y look for aid to pro- them, from a correspondent lairlj at rpee"1' bl

I- p ienultrn-" can lii .' tht iglls: of our enemies.j Aware of the I intense idrnpie, ....

fIegarLt to*! 1re 1hn : COJIJIBIlUL\JJ\ \l\D\TI\ .5 that a Democratic Senator ranks of the American! anxiety I'opulaijon prea inbk: world 5 5"S rbl.
lof c ows, It critical of
stands. the
; ale ready to us, juncture history
,10benefit S -- S oppose of the alS
____ 'c. ef;. POrkb - that with Mexico, in which I the
of the \VesS
I nto hope some destiny of-.3'
iL ili ;ai ,
capital of that lies '
4. : I -- ---- '- -- .. -- will stand us. Our chief country lreml>lin.;
; rn a ::::=:=- = = :: : : by : hope b blhnce ill th1
we it
give to
.. : .- .ich iy S r {Jr2' The following gentlemen are ftuthori/ed rests upon v < the refusal of Southern Demor (freshest our readers, a, :i.t

.- ___ ___ 4:1( .: ,. I Agents for the COMVI.UCMU: AovEKTisriand: 1 will news from 'the, head! *, .
SCOT Rf I I crats rff l Whigs 'lo gf *t a National Convention h ers of the I commander-in-chief J the.3'my. !
na t recede and receipt fiirsabscrijMioii, or advertisements of .
for the nominatior"nf account of the "
*(, p1ckjit r n candidate for Council oi
:: still. j :- held order of ''.
by Santa
ej ''JIeii! Mti leth) ____ \%TM.V.. CiiF.KvntT: q., Albany, ( :la. I the Presidency, when .the I choice being left lo tic. For the ; Annasf''mg aUlh en.

i1 1 .. : Major] JACK UAUDMAN: Iliildiila.: : Ala.FORi'flESIDIT. the speculations' winch I ..he |

y:7P& '4 __ __ I ptPr3haiV-A erfl : -____- -_- .._ _- __ -- __ n -.-. People, with Gen. Taylor before them, contain! on the I conduct, of S .nla An"'
4t3d' 4 pd1 bi expressing; a willingness! 'lo serve if elected, and his collusion! wilh General -Ti
4 ( ) Scott ;

; d 1)II A4; : __ __., .. .. 5 .(iVi1'it 3'1 : and declaring himself I the adherent( of no Mr. "Visi, we reproduce I I them with! exi'r--! !.
) :
4 M.i. kh ; ; ) ZACHARY TAYLOR. parly, we may reasonably expect that he doubt I (I fl'I correctness. Our read '
; .. however, will .take them for
-, I
-- -- what
.5. -- --5- will tiC elected. If .the election into .ihej j:
a : : TIlE \VIATIIIII.We : : goes I worth. ; or. in oilier words, will t.i ne Iht

: -: )have had a good,! deal of rainy stromy the House of Representatives; Georgia and I that construction, which their | ,

_ ( South Carolina will hold ihc balance I' the man, and the events of ihe ? (
weather for the last ten days. The indica- upon war, 11\.I1
.. ( ) a strict [tarty) vote. We entertain. : no fear warrant. S
I ( t tions seemed once or twice to denote the I
I : that Indiana could be induced() 'lo join the! [Correspondence rf the I.rrM.]
approach of .the r utumnal' gale, and our
_______ Is TAMPICO, A >:!. -, IK.i
other Free Be
: Slates in
a combination to elect
citizens made; their usual preparations of I Mr FRINos.-Our inlellipnrf'
i / ) !: I (rom ''I.
;fit bninl15e ; barring of doors and windows.) The air i a Wilmot Proviso candidate, if such a com. capital. reaches to the negimng if ihe .

; Il bination should possibly be formed- !pent month, of which ihe p
an I
i; has been cool much fo luwllI
ir m I remarkably; ; so so as 'lo I I '

1iirtiirt.-' F--... lilt'. tfl much of t the '- make winter. dllrin.feci comfortable. event which, in view of its eflccl, upon I the I i Ii summary : "I
alw.I" c
III ilSI.lf; t hilI'h"n" I Ii I The
salts; of potash), ; I I( : of the Union Council of Generals ( (uhtvoki, ,,
stability and the '
( difficult of ,
transniiited into. the is i fear .that such i ) j
: (iresent. it as II.I;. asa ; ; cold: winds and rains as we J Jha'c i Santa Anna. were of
do not eiiter ) I opinion' 'h. ,
[ fitr.tr.
pretty litlle I sucking i pig grown up lo an! field*, after I ,. I ( experienced) will be injurious to the: i I reconciling the discordant materials composing Scott should be attacked in )Ins

old gru ill lug p "nker.. T to you a beautiful ;,:. ..f'n island ill the streamof : ; i UC1I((
into I '-'-- I them upon ; one man, seems the to t'ispaich a division I ,
cieeks I t any beyond I i! compost'd of ,
time-gilded" with outshine ; festooned, I AcnnnxT TO Tin :MAIL IJOAT. I ihons.trii; take .f
cause ;all( I ihe &.1 I I 1 range: of jJfJ'isibilitVillwlIt such : mf'n'o post hc l> >rwf'C'n PHO ,
with flowers ; but when turned, i into. I to-day) hold 1 iaiion : I : : : The Mail Siramcr Eufaula broke her combination and' I Pm'hi!,.. for I the ) !.
: : purpose,1.1 nu>'
it is no more to be ri'tl ; if i the thirteen Whig Hllles'life : rcepiip; ) ,
CI)tupt: with the 1 t : ( ; I. : the "
I and .
t'l.ii ( ) I piston rod) on her last tiip up, when below trains convoy H lii 'I u ,* -i. ",' ,
morrow that is to-morrow tint i is to come, I \ I for a \Vbig-whto; is not a U. S. Bank :: "'
toward the ,
man, I latter .
old I ihe ocean) I (' I ) Lol a.rfhie mail was carried on IlIIr'e-1 place :a- ft'K:
than an Apiil-fools) ) day; is cqn.il ma much siller : !, up l and is in fivnr of a moderate() : Tariff- 'i innd !cession' of .the resourcecans ; .\ \lfl., ,.
fresh Fourth of .1 tilv. J But'all i tu-moriows k and brought down) in :i boat.
deceitful the' nf water taken I who is opposed t to( I the Wilmot Proviso expected ; anal I fm.-u ; v ;..-ihki, r
are ''
lamp which th as'. traveller phosphorescent: never reached.1IIlr; .- h- or a liier, and h( I : I CAPT. 1AV1XGST'SCOMI'ANV.Te :: : I -the Democratic: delegation i in fle-ir another tin i is'ion ('1' fOrJ" I in-u'lio\ ,.

My: friends. if jott are guided by. apj1C'IImlces usually* civc : \\ accidentally omitted t i lo notice i in our : gia: ; and' South Carolina would undoubtedly sand lila: nnd men the) take lip of a".11! met, fuf
unlike the ash t \ ,
( r. ,,
alone, in this half-lighted[ : : *phfi, t, the departure of Capt. Livingston's !I Mm |
you without c () I l ( upon him. It rests with those of I their forces to remain ....d! ruv" ,
r \
are very liable to be deceived.! ,! What seemsto ( Company of Infantry. The Tallahassee; States Pt'f'sicfen..1 I II Santa. Anna's 'h.eapilI. \
be a smooth and) solid foundation) for the disintegrate t I i ; to make I the choice of a plait) vas :i-npt'i! "> -

foot often turns) out I lo be merely a sky-pol: I I- soil l all I I"us most I t pers furnish the( muster roll of .the Com- I in ca:JS' no choice !5s made by t lie People. At t tIll present moment ((1111: >hf'Ir.olo.: '
ished Pili) I..II... Look; nut for IIJIIIINill'S.; Tlie writer, panyYc' notice. among the privates the Before the .lime for such selection arrive.1 i force August.of) there i is in the city 41f M\ir
I the of :"o 000 anti
analysis ( men, ?:s that
dressing ill bl ick doesn't nnke a mm a saint. foi.nd those ) ) mes of many respectable; citizens with I it will be seen whether or not lime is General; ; Scott does not exceed nn-lo
If it does the devil is of 'em. It IS any I 1.OO} '
one i i. :
lime, in one ( on we arc acquainted 1 : !, and) we judge necessity! for combinations to prevent: thesuccess whom a certain number are ill\lllIt..lllrr' ,
said that fine feat tiers m ike the bird..! Them ;
insoluble) ih lent ; refrom favorably of .the material of which of the Wilmot I ill health, it i is improbable. from the rumir.
i is much Proviso.
: truth i in I tins ; but when! yon sc(S } I Ii. If there

young men and) ( women dieted) )beyond! the* Cultivated ph t ) is ('ornpo ed. :Much piai; :" e i is due to'F i' should! 1 be none. each; : party will! ii- which 1 are in circulation: that i il** 1.11I"1 i
fect t ihelisccth : qnif I Pnel! i nn'il he receiied ,
mark of pntpiiely) Jon m:iv I take it fur gran- if they could( ) I ;u pt. Livingston, for his efforts in raising; sf I If a roir r then,I respective bannersAv : aFdireinforfeiitenlt.. IMS., ri n"i. >
Tbis"ay ihrffriit's
led that they are"'birds,* ami nothi'ig! cdse. i ; of I
: e quota' lumps leqnii- of( Floii :
the a11I1 .
The best looking often store daily; ( tiriesp, indcrir. "i is the current b.fi.

wives and women make the) which i> quite I I I I !' th I .lo (lov. :Mosl I h'. a r.-f". < r> !;II t i- (!'lie; for : : Kcitu'NTT: :: ( \ri' 'I i \Y.-\ eon : in the raputi!. .iiliooih| '! here it is ..iiinminr
worst worse pudding, ; ; however. t t !
I would not have: you dear bachelor f mineial. I 't'i I I e exeiiions. ..rt'' '. !U \\i- Ii '!li-r-tand; (or I I -",piM'djM't i>f ,ihe; i PhtlatN( ; -Iplji-i Lrquirer.( : that ( ienral I :4'1111= lt lonk! ilpbis j lint nt ,iisron <
my ; I t
weight, t that:i I all)I I tbe 7"; ,
would. not have )'ou setrch) everv nook and / ( .Xpl'lI....!>. mcnreil I.., (linn) for thai pnipo-e '.'V i'ii-u, from (' i tu'n! '[ hut r.uiiv. 1'-1 I iristant"I ;
alike valueless 1 ,
appear cert tin llni ( Jen" Tn,
corner of fennle society for .the ugliest I t of his private < S 1 1.1''.... ;e narrow e dlihr.: .
unls; l if nt'-: n- eipe \ f'Iiha I -: !'will comnien, <'e his march or .'.n [t.,,,,
of the
specimen SI'''. thto'tigh: fear; t tin one '
neither a cow, t ; llie previous, rveii?i<' : j Pofo-i. at I the trail tif t !lie iitm.O''.
: :
CiOiA!: < pr"nt
: .
more prepossessing miuht; turn nut I n be r b : ; !' ; : MATTAI.IOVThis (
biped or .\ fr"r dinner, tut otiIt.::: fro'ii ',itive inWinatmn
!he rod! ;
.J reure I
as friend () ep1JIJs bodof < f ni on t the I ivch ,
my s4is, stained' Iriss-; : I iroops sd iniirh ueeded: III ;
\vood'insteH) of' true mahoginv.; : I '* whether grass, i !' l ; the : i iti r :\sT r. l Biol.isk, i c\s* c'lIac'Jr. drawn i i !i.' hi- \vill find hinisHI oMt-r'-t I"1'
n ;an I lo t'ineriillas four
keep ill c'llt'd. has, l by ;
>ei n
plant i tines or completely I lliearrnal f.f ciii-sider.iMr' rl""t'. ..,
that I I i ii I' "
say you can't;)? tell how good e-iimg: a I ; 1 <,p'enii! fish be \II th > color of Si IOflZ. I I or ani/ed. .irnl h.ne left eie I this rill'I a July f omI i -inceihe M, xieanf.ircesih; ... anrnn' ,".
may \ of the sciles.My :
hearer. ht'c rll.alell! Ulan; Ins the I taken; good caie)) : I : ; 3l I I'xic'o. \\ t' are pll.a"l, : tl(I 'in i.-aio dial .las.S \"'tiinikand; fufi of his fiienir;. On thfirI I t;! ing his: moiement> '.;lVP latelv. ln>, 11m,.

appearance of having; ) a go fly supply: Of ;preventing I lh i ( t ; Calhonn has been .ippn'mted Lieut. Col. I i rn a ni. n= lhe\ :'t",prmehd, the hot ii. t the incren"ed."There/.

flesh upon his bones, but know latent and : the ,driver I in cTnfiin1.i ore of th** If'a.I"r! i is :t ge'terat: otmu<>-> -i! i P r\\ ,
he Battalion.

yon has If I subsoils : : ; ; (I i\I': ilie. ( ;lem ians (>p- !". rather IJlllnl t Santa .
Aim i is in i'orinn-n i WIt > .
not : so t lean mind }
many gets blo-itod with j i
phosphate) of ) rlUFIf/, :'ind the will e.uie; for > J.irn to ennnneiiee. kicking.Iloih ; i C.iSune'! \\' ,
,'ani'yaufl ( ) ( ) ) out lorv I :if .i-1i| irgiuun. ; .I< lit:.! I tr i" -' ,
parasitical 111.1 I I Ie
praisn, ; i is !
by the supeifieia! ;t;; possessing i the mistaken* '; : lysis-) I than lung t ( .'! I li ,iiselve with i I their sabres. M hJ l :i SIlC'.i ); leaders I hell kirkeil I t the hor!"!c<; 'behind I I fln..I.u make ppacf on any P".1: .1I >- ,

of talent. As upon i the grape and cucum adipose! pernit tin!.? I t t i tejiti them. them, and ilie, !':e .i"u'p,1> ard: ) reared until I ev-r : !"Itt. tu the prp4'U1' I iim", ";iuurtF'.

ber vines. so there ;H'e false (]lowers; I tho trate t I to the ; ( : I they h hiii broke! I tinh.ift.. ao-l) ran: ihe carriage positive thereon is known .m I II i> v>*.

vines of friendship. IJntinn I t upon and l get ; I ) Jr: IT.1! (I T i-uovi-( :S-S011'IIFUN' : : in' the fei.ce. J .i ;proli.ilil i ito I ilat: at (he latent' moiniin: '. .
up.our : ; rist "Fiefore
in the face of him pockets of f a good () : lO'ETIOTTlTl( - : or 'im E: it strtut. iIr. I r.i-.5. 'iheie will lie a r reartint' sir" .
whose t
new-made; i : !: .:\OH1'1II i ( lay -ei/fd. I the
: h plantations; % \nnri Jadin his nrrr'<:. mtjoiili.a< it !;* assprtrd. d'tlnosi
freindship, exhibits an fine ; are > >>
extia: :
appearances; are dectit Iii. \\lIr4'polish there: for i is eal l plants; as I I i I \\ desire I to ktrp our r leaders nppii-ed opened the door. :and leaped; out tif the) carli ;ilt. rather; thana I"r"p: r":1 t' >h ,

a general fog.don'l; imagine .that your tiei;:hI- Naked bones I : / if alillJa'' transpires(' on) (lie subject of Iltt'Vlllllot I h i ce unhurt. I clone t lie driver fir :1:1\ 1'\ Trn- rangemenf., j in ihe pres-fisj!: rin,. .. -! s.' 5I

bor is in a thicker of it thall, things that ,, 1'ioviso anrl I drr< a''e! a'.i"Jtlf'p- 0 It is almost taken fur traiui-I th; it ( > .
part ); yourself ; 1't) ) ( ; i we haie I to note the were in render :'
bountiful( : Srott and :\1
Trisl hnvi :
for he can: see just as far ; I r. ; miirii1 i 1.
as joti can, a:UI, blessed t i ,II I '
haply a little farther if I I'M be with an I )I : P. :standing. se tI'II Iv. wit Ii :- aim .\ : n ,

There is so much cotinteifeit ptic I in t 1111'] keener'Oildwe ] the I uzi ei ienls i i ( j ; : ; The Chirles-ton: : .Mcrrury.:.- laldy -jivi-n I I \ r.rnrvn: : ATOCIU1'1'' N. Oi'"arPieaxnne 0;:: '.1 I 1 h ue h. aiday.1 that n hi,.... I--. t '(

hardly know what i is ;:('IItIInC. Vice assumes well I known sti I ( ( : : rthi. sC\'l'I'allllll, ;and wi-ll wiiiien I aiiicle*. gives! thf falFmitn! ? fact 1m ibennthnritv sert-d to I ill- loit -.r Stiles: I :.. ( ..

the garb of Vutue" t and gets I b*>atied wilh t lie 'itiI I j, :: : ( 'thiri;::: foith the. ) ) : )' of the of a ;prlv; :ite I,,;rter, fr-irn a reliableonrie tl i bat it i is highli-.>l<-." snr\ to r- t ,

about phuric Acid, or t foint. !since' it i j. ft'.lIf.I. ...,.1 '
by 11'. I >< : iu \ 'ra f-rn'/ "I'i
prctiliiliiy" as thonjli she I t i The :
made t I / \ Canidt n j'llIfI1reall/ ; !oudl\,
llis | .
were a beautiful I : ; by ; : i I reason, l hat one fin. .- -'a* \' I '
creature (troth III I ( From Vera Cnz1'
) to !sur' ) learn: I that SfnorAtoelia
face; and her breath didn't ni'-tals, alkalies : : .i a Southern Conicutiou) ; Inn t fw i-rbo, is l-f! t Ihoult} : Clf il.nr vrisinj
smi-ll bid there
: i ) I
is so much fashiona'de Ihunincry) ; about !soluble, and ; I I I : e call. The Union has: at last., :spoken, ,i uiet flen.; Paidr, !' after lIne Inttrr :, anti the whole i'

that fice: sod, (: () I ; ; landed! and! reco ni'/.f d I him. Paredcs I I lierewill be !u.'h.'rf"l..
Piety you can'i tell tier, in hutch, from, I / i i t against t the Piovio. l getter t late, I ihan; t I I is
of gyp-urn ;and of i understood well ihey are not wih., .- S
a heap silk-swaddled sin.; and I Immnnhtv :: ( e ver. Inline !sonified' ( to him l lay a -

is blossom.as much disguised] as poison in a- bileful: 1 being plants-i like generally, le1 is ; At. the NOrth the press seem much di sign to "keep i ; ,Iarl.; ." nnd) iFie Innd
will ;add corn, I ; tled. Tlie Democratic senor did! !<' o far the space( : ;af an Imnr [From the \. O. ""
My deir: fneods.' ji js a vc.v. dee,- \' i I I portion of it seem OI rrrrat "t). Tmt': Iri1eiiiIa.iuu1Iter I
world liv, rig nee I moie aiail; In :all! even's until the ditit G
we i. :11I1 I iou m.iM. ;; jnd--e: 'uf nCl,- in favor of the Proviso-and' so gnisirdMexican !! I il"lnIond
thing merel! frull, | 1 I' 5 5 ui emit % ; had, in flic Fiflil.
) TJn" adder! that . doubt, all parlies.Vlli anti Democrat, 'passed out of tlu' cil i} gMes.We .

sting: has as h iir.to.-: ;1:1 ;al)7'r-! :*,) .. ;s.. I tile < |) iI () ) C l ; i II be if I have een the!" e (facts written from Vera In our paner of :Monday 1.1.1. we nan ;
4 i is
snake IMI! tt'iM t from the lIeI'
t extract extra issued
: '
"uwt'r. I : by
t Cmby a c'-iitlemm
iiijui ". ,\. j J '.\ .; "" .' :Ii'. !iil J : h, as prIt; : I I : ) l1Ohi the leading Whig: papers ;J' the of sene and discretion. tria. on Sunday, containing; illf"rnalionll:11; :

C'll'i \ .t 14 '. > .I |ltt- tufl : i) I ,: II.cVllr. mists i we will I I I orth we are rejoiced to see, a disposition' : From him we h am, too, thai SfnorAtoch the President of Honduras had! suetl

'. 'II Hi4- .Is. f,1; of ihis j iiirnal.If ; ; j ; held a situation' in .the Ib
1",1 I I ( Nature I avoid a collision upon the subject of customs at"t ;proclamation, calling the aitf-mion ci!
hunt'I ., -
\ \ t. : : I Vera Crux from i inhabitants of that 't'nlr.l1.\m'
If -l. I which helms been portion of {
all ..1 t. ., io form a )( ('( ; } avery, by some such means as thai pro promptly .
,, I dismissed, ) for conniv: rica, to the war between us and !Jpll' '
hit -he did when oser1 by Mr. Berricn and other Whigs at the escape: of
i j t exhorting them to make commonwith un'(
and will I ;;; Pa;iretIe. Every day i is further.
it : } ,
i)' S 'jl)!! I! ) 1 e abstaining fioin t the further acquisition: developing the latter. republic in the s-I.. t> ;

eai.So t S 1 IL: :
I I"j' much orth .that the :Missouri nil our Government: 'lielow ; it wrs kindli Inius !!.. '" r,' .:
of Compromise
the urge
I Sti I
I ______ -
____ h'
: ; by the editors of ,the I'anll.Wllh, ;
mistimed and should be extended)
i % ) ; ne through ternry -
) : I any Mr. BKNTO.V: is .\ NKW PnSITIn't.--The address ol two Major GenriaN: ot Ilip ;(""1 :
I lifc.. I Hi*, of ; I
any to be and
; ;acquiied (he of
I principles Louisville of Honduras to their IIu.1t l sP ai"< .1
Ii- Journal of .the 17lh troops s\
wilh.IIII' i piwing l ) a: little { I alluding] loa
| | e Compromise applied 'lo I lie regulation append.; These officers iminrili.iifU "
hll'' 5 ..1III. 1 i-nioi: and (he ; report .that Col.! Benton had) written i

!! '\ \\ 1 ( : h is so ( ; f slavery within it. There arc Northern Washington to sponded to i the wishes of tbe J'resw''I" |i ibavins
,": ji.tl i1a demanding; a Court :Martial: for h is W' S 111 who that law
; any t tf vindieatinon. ] : of his ,' TI
I I. 'tWlV.. ; son-in-law. Co!. Fremont proclamation of the latter app; ,

:' E !e ivenunent '. II':. I, I'

.; ,.. be would! .
acquired amount to not hiioz I :
Uractice. of Honduras i is no'f': _
f:1"jJi: : htsj in the late tronldcs in
f : i n I !i ; California, adds
te7eitl) ., ': ir : : : : They contend. that the inhabi : t ural, from the perfect idfin, ,," .
tblir; JI't1)( ) fij; ,. i 1 I ( t "It is certain that :\11'. Benton. I is .
( : 5Jt I. mm ;( '.o( tt.ii!1J:; S1afe'Ncv( ; l ; of such territory, after their entrance )himself preparing t ilie II ispano-A n1Prican racest.- ''iHondurenos
( : for terrific
8" eat:1J.t1p.J.bro: attack the and ihe Me\n-an I-t"ni
,.. .- II' efb ar ;( TSi a 9 c sfuL. ( i (he Union, might permit slavery within upon
4 1 1I w1tb tbeu 1 nll; rlb ) ifavfnf.the1w Administration nl'xtVinlt'r in ihe Senate I'roclauiatioii.
., 1 J
I) P, : .t : limits of the new State. without.
t\: lt""! ; isurnrcof 1! / 'f- ; !I I' !, 'rLhC{ of any chamber. At a (town in the interior of The President of the Stale of Jf0jiuras.5the
: Federal
Spartan Constitution and
p'Dlej: 'heir' jg11chJ4Ie( ; ; Kentucky' aft'\\ Central Americans

;: iiay, all tbeir.Jildtento: : 1 IBhipftbatrionrbut'the l tf r1 g b: fji.. ; f I they should permit the introduction of[ days aco, he got into a : !
(; [ t conversation Fellow
: ; upon the subject of the Mexican i- Connlnrnt'n-Farelili :a'' pr"fci
"'':IIe; fiartiy'could.;out. varieiywer.e) ; by any provision of their State. 1lavery governs the declines! .5 fir'I.i..- -. ;OI4t lhl'..
is. !live! :the, exposure.: And'what followed I l.t? A.. war and became i immell t'I.}' excited. "
". '- ,.'. .nation ( t ( f ; or suffer its existence in i tens her !sons' with dt-solati-'ti :11nation. ,.t ,' Iwrnlt
orlteroeinen I
j,Iio, even iiJi. i lt ; "raClil'e'l ;perfectly I ii III nliictl. He said i lint :an opportunity ':'"
; to exclude The l'\urlh \ S :lU'
: boyhood, were'incapabte'' : (I attempt to them from "-' i"slioyed
:flf"itolnify. vjio i had,
; ? ; I : been passed I h) of making an advantageous I. the splendidCruz nr-
: I the Union from ""I'
woiildsaflrer'theireDYjfalls'lq such
be \ : cause, would ht'1 .
oil I
'I' by
I ;honorable taken .. ., ""."I'armarchingtmthecarit.il.
; !
-.: ;., :. iherwild .beastf trlthout h in peace' and that ;posses o.
jou'tc'ry or piinciple, lo the
; wrong contrary rt
{ he S : >
could 'r"
) show 5
S : ,Jblmpcr! or men who played J.in. heavier mchitp nil.c \ the fact; and.) would show i i.. S f
: of t the Federal Compact; : and I ttl"a-
: momentve know
.. ban : A1for( the m" > -
".- : pn.r !! they wcnTTnto,, battle! with ; 0 f.jrfiegarcffed Oti? bt r I IS whole tirinagcinent; of .tile war
\ Ic. 'the ; and inconsistent with a longer cont II IiillC i may fall: upor I.h11; l itt; ii'Phicy > '
J'le .1
: hardships thattt'O'Cd de-. ttiesnl.c1iCest heaveired; that t i il l 1I.1I11'I'f'n, utterly I disgrace ..n'.arr
Jf ; .
<; : others ns (: of the Union. are our tirol Ii -
.... UereVaUme. So nuch ful
lie !staled I that he should' I
t m mgmlf !hkrtlenjng' 'effect of a trial l from, the th&ib jbaL ( ) On the part of .the Northern. Democratic gnlo' Washington ours ; their fate menaces us: ; \\t' oll-hf.n! !

/ ? ikof.e11dnringIiarddip.: Strfnd fastjlierefpreJPCoine / I. ;a iiUL| jitke; one :vpeei-li upon the sub to preserve silence, but sliouM ;1 I'lbtll
kd0drca we are grieved I to say I that withone I strug-
what : ject: urfhyrme in every manner, in .iheir honorable
--:. P ni-iystandfastand i indshIeCp.! and that it would. I be 'the
ihflhkStt lff, < "- ,ratcfl Kecch frjp.
a not of
7 14 h ,.IilJ 4nJ,' :'hardships: are T rRQUen''yo ,: ; I of the Administration, we l find not aline, lint life, and he was wil-I The whole world) knows that .the (H lone, >'''j',.
upon you ; ['n 12 that: i ifslinnld be (the last..
4 .-aJeu; ..1here $ the In speaking rf'no.re prompt lo 'fulfil their untieS'
: to strife .that .theViini
.you may,1eT6een1' loHmoy __ repress iii'
; __ : 1 of the aimrMfistrntion
.,,.. Dr. ; ; ;; has his language: : barely: nature they may he.
Sf.'JI 5
engendered f
: not single
J : : ; a :
I pr
-l8' ; t I i :a II. fell shoit tif I downright! Al any peril. I shall t sustain In ''e"l'l

: ); j for reconciling I lie confhciiii, !; C :. (wrathful. declamation! : rinsing, an honorable; peace : but I f will pot art,1"|.

.. t ; man S (the'Barostali. : t I '(St I lit: Norlh. and South t and no expedii( 1I) lasted; a full it at the sacrifice of the honor of Ho 'lur

btc.Pairi t. '::ifs : iV < J' .1'1 : for *
l degraded is lit
't- by which. a decision ..f tin. tubule !people :'
.5 S ',.W<< r rul. hoj'liif.g! ct sf d J :f I chains to suffer humbly lilt mrnI' ""
.. l question' :'iris'' ,, \ dt'
..... 'I'hewsj to preventitlj/io !love. moder?:\ [ ; 4) L iL4 notorious' Maria I injuries. (scorn and iiisnli.) with Which I Islrnnt's'
; :
'WY- \' wool-! 'rd' _ j..
S t.
: Staff
rt % n' Prison. shall
\ir S imyou! : sure of1hot5objecT) ; and tliejn ) ., t.: : ihink fit li( visit I themI -

,. *****, ntKvrtit:: L-nour : :f.: *. ,. ; As far i as i uIi|i<- D'Mm"t >I. > m 1/1/ _ thither on a I address' myself on this occasion. 10 ht
r '
J"'> '. t"e I [ ttrooklyn governments of the with Ib";
..."- .' ,;; .r" ".0'...' the North is concerned, we 4I Republic ,
.4" !! fJ': tor
.. observations
: : which convenient
..f.: are
.... .. : i;#..'. i" 'S
". l" ;0- -
-.. ,.., J S ._. .. .< '''. ,;., "...'\L. .::.. ,. .1 S
II :. pI ,
4.4' _... ,' _,,"t 0'
;r '
; ; .C' % u ; :'6t ,r-;" '"r'iIt ,
> ,'; .::Ii. ,..,.,'''';. '! ,"l". -- t-,
: ...J. '
". < -
.. ;"." 'S -t: -
)1' .
{ >. ". .I ,. 1.. _
"i : : < :
.55 : _Ic J

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.. :-'.. -; .. ..... ...., .- _-- __ -J!! r .....-. _- __ ._
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Th .. .. ......=. : i,.. -- ___-_-.r -' ......-- ; ... .--d-.. .l _... -.... ..- ::--r j.;... = -
II, ""' T '-- .: .-.......-.'.... ...... ... ,,. .-'" -5'- -
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'- :::_ --- -- --_-. -_-- ---- ----- -- JI1w- _i----5-__ ,
= : =: :: : L; *" _? : -
.j. -Ii T .
ii they J bT1n stern I republicanprinciples* and 1 WILL DC prnLi'1On Tilt] SAVANNAH 0 OBCIAIV.X r-'t .'

;WCI III UItf. _: od t_ : 4hP! ha i, if possible) over trlltMdc of the t/ announcing the tact I bat the nndenignenl .' ',.

,'r -ic# r rr Country. At lengtlt/Lord North, he.crt'M _ "associated tbemself M togethei i .theEditcirtment ".'.. .

.) assi lI. rmoUg Relieve. it wns: ofiered Imfn as a b'ribe, 3AVANNAHGEOR-

Clu1tJ4 ro oH'O' ____ af New lislen"jjely efkethioc siotaaaj to thepat.that .

e aJTh' UNITED ST N papernd .
,1It'f' cl1 rnr1 HampSllire.t} he offer re- _____________ :
'! I/In itO ig1it _Ie. WaS -mr ju Sl .8\'e e- of A Daily Journal of Gaf' -. "
D. --
_ iiate' ;
.W Y'u GmerTnE !
!JeiIC.lntnhablljtnl% : ,_ where a lessunportant personcted and
( 9- dne! hate' __ .
to ; _
jp..fa/iue a more important j uitsrct Ut, _
ahC; 10 Tat. lor conce;( subscriber is now eu- l : .
breD -' Ill ; jjK him the whole world, JntereiIW
III men, tor of the It'll Ij completion of his arran ''rnents
nllul mhs jf he would but tallorship inattrWe ehostietMlbltha I ISa1h
., IPpll.., '. d.lt"i (; rnent of'a xvell-or anized and ii1ri '
and lIIall'fI'pl' _ Ogs _
ClpIUraohl'lI ) him.u AnI] added
\\ IalnOD" .
nat of News at the Seat of the Gem
fI.h' : _ :
their \V
l proclaim Gel ,- ,
Ii A ''I'rll" his keen eye on Lord North, ment. _

f.'t of I he Ceulr 'minuted to whig prine L'(lU believe it-: the d-d rascal The leading features of Ihe United Stales Reporter AMERICA -

cnt.oucd. divide I, "f' .' ,I tt .11f' will cany out without r? S Iii .-j fa square foot of the territory !" will be I lie f'llIowlII- Patent Office earf :
The ondurenosz I I'J /.expediency if elected. I. K'irlij 1u11h1Ztci' of the movement's of the :

Ibr.l"Isclres tiIr3orJIIlrij'ed "It'II1.l'lil'lll.' i I'ml is the ,' city of I _."SciK.NTious CROR.-ul rem m. '"arioll'tJ"p".tme"t..< of the Ifitctriiinent, III reference all new MECIinventir

IF1 cllrile. ... '-rxxhich, I Ieneral Ii he mere jr ) Lord Eldon, "Mr.J Justice tioiild to I lnne' ,s ; In trur -

\ "I'n"lffirienr !jssi ( ; Tax] asked whe Relations of the country, will be I'en1111 and TRADES, withPIIILOSOPHICNL E -
wnt triil I t "I r a ease: at York ; and I when he had I scruinIoIisfiJelitv.' P.,"sesin peculiar fa--ilities uetple( ,--. --
*n ,
In-. ..tffliSBSarnmn ; .. Ttitec I.\ ;1 'hi: yYi" promptly resl Veded for abollll\\11 I I hours. he observed : for obtiimnjj iidornutiun' t Ihe Ih.'pIJrter"111 : an -

,hf l'overnnH'nt their "a vIIif'; ani' IIIqulrt'd of svliti i I're eleven in thetiox rnents ; the latest R. no \0 I j-a-
r- l'on"I'I'. 11(." l'f'r' are only jurymen j I be enabled frequently to communicate, exclusively ;:' .

hare 1111, will ronentdency e ,1I11111f.tle fur I ihe I Prp..i- ; where i is .the other one ?1" Please intelligence of the mo-sf important cha I XIU.NUU IN EUROPE ANDMERM! ;.\vV| ,- %

,I k I":" "n,1, .th'II'' i II I .::.. rl 1 j..nl... S\ II.' his S1 i .... '' ally is'-" Ye. > on. my hud,' said one ot the jury, 'he is racter. i i the difWei.t MF.CHANKiAL: AI jVE.\jEjg| : ,

"hal Ihl'peA tI,' iHIf' I ,Ii: .1.1flonlc,1; if the ptoppolitician. 4cJe" ., .'., !: I n ns a meietlcrolfd U III" ;uvay about some business, but he has I II. The Verbatim Rrporlt of the Procffdinz. I i ublislu-d in a seriesand I ILLUSTR \'rFTDWit pri i !

..prtrtl! .. "'ga. I"fcipies 1 ItI Ins vi-rdici with me !' and Delates of the Uitilnl\tatrv\ Senate, whIch i ; SotiInt

"i" iIire II I tit. .It'\I LI DO.c''l11ay"Uit. I II his JlrlJ/'i"lt'i; : 1\11 t s& leach Ihe proprietor is bound to furnish daily (to that !: more than A HUNDRED ENRVJiN&s.t&c. : Ir "avhe -.c ".

body, in accordance with the terms of the contract .
t 11\1( I tli.ii ct'111111'/I is snperr 0 nerp parl- :; _Juf,r.VI'ltcr-
ht JUtlf'. 1 47. 'I'm"llO U1.\ G-\ : made at (the close of, I the lat s"ion of'Coire. '
[ young '
l It i is in fact that MERITS tb Yrafro- '
and if elected Presiddnt, I s lall be President i. a paper ma? .
punter named Uoxiii'jiou.) \\ il served his -.. The arrangements! now made will at astuf
r/.I rnrrals clf Jjrjiun to of the whol of of all MECHANIC'S: and! MANIKM"TURERS a t .1_ -
'fI lI'lIlcr. i! "conritry kRU-ad a party. I time I i in lie olel"i'( I I ,! New I Haxen I Palla- once fully secure to the Serrite: : of the UnitedState n6gr __ _. tJ

Ihf Jr1H1 tlllOI/fIIlTai : \\ take: the general aVu.% word. We ': (Hum, XVTIS hln" a lew .' .'.ir- -I II('{' in Alabama I ; an. authentic arid complete record of its throiuhout! ; the UNITF.:!) STATf.S: .Hie.. _. .-.- 'tph. "i

"utl."u of< Mexico lrcnllturinu1. believe I that; lie i is honest as lire is patriotic- I Debate and to the in and should
; : 1: upon) a charge of h at 'i> niunlered a companion ; people- a greatly enlarged be in the hands of EVERY ONE I h. __. ublno rt.r is h

and i the obligation on (.u r pal; I Inl'CIoIlrlf'ralt and \rr. rejoice that the people! are about I xvith wh.-ii- .- .1. tiravelling. Het.i deree-I benefit of the experience, sagacity: ; : that feels an interest in the advancement of i ii .- fe lIt vuuch }.\I1lt.
1 Her J eh'vatm" the who lhnnt I and statesimri-ship i at\ that body t to which they !
dHeiMV. i evident.. : I to I Presidency one I gIl ar.d ti
l\I'r his in top.e-il. r, >
10 i protested :-tn, < I"< I I the last, but i Mechanical or Scientific improvements thi3 a y C
arr our bretliieii. and] the cause whichJy devoted whiq; principles and pledged to : without avail. t\f ', ; '. the in have ever. looked with solicitous and repectfulregard. Country. secure that _. ." sxmpathy lId feel- ,

is ours, vithat of liberty aid in their triumph, is certainly above party whose hou-f ', IdlHlufl. I tnt: boesseiXial to t the I |JTosptrt) ft both.xte shall
nsMin : i 11.1 mni': 1 i "a. Ill- The Proceeding and DtLafc in the It i is in FORM
l'flmmitl.t. published conveniently -
.!. ; tricks ami party expediency, atnl) will never ,. ... I fuul i ur labors amply repaid.
thr :
conque ( cotifcsspd; I Miti"toii t'it hibrd BoyM House of Rrl'ff'>enlrztite.'Iwill I 1 also he ;i yen with
a:an' : he who sreks ; adapted to RINDING, and furnished to enable u? to -ntmQe! our ,'ncert ccr.i.tc- f.Tit f.
ntiUished die proclamn-; to mere cliques only .
,uIIA"1. i J I fullness and! the
a I wa>J .1 a ; lii' (' 1 talents and impartiality( utmost t prompti all i-h
do that nMiid
Subscriber at the LOW PRICE: ot titin. !however, and to \ > x
JVl'iich'ihe Pre-ideni of the .t hose guilt xx as tude. Eich si.it's* record will be comnlttelv* ? : Country tod", in the of The lucr; ian: ,"

Ihfl'erflrtllIIH'I'' | : tit' a sacred ,duly addie<
On'--'I' \uierica'is : an,1'e trt'dr. at his word and because the whole matter .1.as IIlel.... pcrsuii.ern: xviih the murder i IN ADVANCE, and the remainder in Six public ; such we now solicit ard conr.i:>Mlv expect.

of ,1.lIlift'ot! |jt': onr Deference then to, i is so simplv placed before the people, ed man.; AlLuny[ HIT.. Jour. I IV. .1 Synoptical I'lrrr of the Proceeding i Months. Address, W>r. H. if: 'LI.LCII.IfT.NUY .
;rDU I and Dfbiilex nf all fie ,';(ale !.I.eitutiire, will, I
and our tvilie- ti, co-operate in any way the Union imagines there i is Iricl.erII.I I MUNN & GO., PuMi IJerg. : K. JCKSON.TFI .
be renl.trv! i'o'l' Members of anal
: : I.
rt\\M\\ I il'i'ik' proper to enjoin u; for tin; mischief at the bottom t of it -iinames, a ; KOTAL CANDOR.-(Jeorze I r being in- all d.l.-'.. (.f reader: vxiil thus !be kept tautly and"Vstem I 1-2S Fulton-street, Xcw-York. : !s:

!''Gfi".i, : 111 f ,...ir ;asliunrcWuir*' For- plot on loot to cheat t the people ; and protests I formed t that an i impudent printer was to bei ;iti'Mllv i intorrned of I Domestic: Legislation I! POST PAID. THE DAILY GEORGIAN is r !'Iished ir

"trrlM1 f>'t-(1'( !">!l :t"! '"'>
!lirilMi- < ii'-o I ntrv i jt our fir'*t IIIHTPS' people! ( ;Jen. Taylor's real'! opinions j I kind's i : speech, replied that he i hoped the V. Karl if Intflligt tiri' nf all important iwcr- i i Apaiachirola J>L\c >iaiif. c-ir.i-annnally, II adva.-ce cr, SIX L'OL-

,r f li..1; i t' I< .I'I., Her triumphs i is om ::lu- No. all this is very a" II\l1. Gen. Tayl"r I punishment would be of mildest sort, mfitl in Ifif Isvi. _ldttiri'i of Great Britain and i -J TilE i -: ::>"criber intorrns his triends L.kSioR Six l\IO:lH a
h wiitien that he is avhi hut lie tie Fianrexill I be cornmunicatefl! 'rl and the he has become GF.ORGIAN tie
.1,1, our Honor. She demands UIIIIIIIa""IIII ; : : : because he had read both, as far as he by every steamer i ;;' public I in nl'rdl.l.hat TRI-WEEKLY for

n 11". '1,1 1 I I III' i. ftIII1II to !.eeiirs ilI ha: also written lhal if fleeted President; lay j i i understood either of them he liked the from Europe, through t reporters in London and : a..B.fl the Proprietor of t this aboxe sell Country, is published to meet the arra,cerr.nt

;H. 1 "1119: ;and! Lil ertis our motto : the prnplc he uill be their Pri.lt'"f-III Paris, who pos-ess peculiar facilities for obtaining ktuixxa; honsf, ui d xx ill be pleased to entertain of the mails, three tirr.es a week; Tuesday%,

I Iflh"t1 to all who shall President, of the whole country. and ilevo- !! *purious speech better l than his own. i I information. any of I the I travelling curnrumuit that fladY layer Thursday and Saturday) at the Office rf the
l iipprolinuui I promote t ____ _
f.Tn, I i VI. The Genral J\"eu-s of thr Iaij will be : him with tlu-ii custom, and wilt aUo acruinii.o-, DAILY GF.OIGI.Aar.dl'onlail1* all the intfllicence -
ted) to hi< principles, and not I lie President! i -
111I1 :
.I.t'o.t: COHfj4l0t.F' 'So Ihe Voters of Franklin. given in a condensed form, with ind'jsiry and at- : d.te reid"t Iwarders. The bar xxill alas be Commercial, Politic! and Mi-crlh-
tl'i would, the Union
FcnnKu. I'JJ'I'h..t more tention. supplied with genuine liquors rot the choicest neon, including new Adxert:>emer.t. tJIJL, .tc!

SAVTOS OUAUDJOLA.rnmivina. ; 1ti'V" tin not pretend] advocate; I lien.Tal'ir Having, been solicited by many of the citizens Such is a brief view of what (lie UnitedStates quality. JOHN PATUIDGFicoh : in the Daily Paper. ,. .

June :. 184;. as a tllI'P .rlY candidate., and this of this County, to become a candidate before the'I Reporter is designed to II'11 the plans ; .\11 ll.1d1 Nov. U 1, 1"I.j THIS PAPER U s.ettoal1ait.. : of the, Stat..

the I Union 1'IIInllw"'IIt lt'i<*h > / and have been well imturni and and Union delivered ftc Itr.t i'lt.DOLLARS .
-- ---- as a m nifif People frrthe office of Senator, in the next General arrangement i or in

T" '\i-';.' Pii; ;!! d '-j! hi4 u11"tu\\ ; rof rr.t/rr whii: iineonneeted with party : Assembly, and beinsr willing to serve in that the hope is-confidently; cherished, tiat! the U. u. s. IIIAII, fROM I per ani.umft: *, at 1 HREF! : DOLLARS -

-' ir T! H MK OF 1: ft'Rt-; ; 4-lxjm-;. and entirely ahoie all 1 thai i.\\I S. Repoiter" will !prove it"f'lfln energetic, in- Ct11ooczee to Fort Gaincs. for six months.
capacity, I now present mtself before you for dustrio'n! (rniied! ;and} perfectly independent --- ON and the tirst THC WEEKLY GEORGIAN", i piUHLttt!
t I \ r: -TilE Pi: ETIL tii-'i-.!", : ITI .lIt % : at the -.inie tim' th.it it ? ,.r f.: : :j after day r.f
l.t&: TH\) !< ...... bia.. The by the terms (If his contract .- U-*_. -:. anr.nm-all able in advance.Au .
propru-tor r in HOnSE
.. T..ttnf' 'p tlf'h1: .1 i f\' t1! I upon; rUII regularly per pax
I r.tfl: t'tnii :qai.| *: t with the *>en tIe of the United States, u Sl'AGIlS. 1 umler-iirned, hating I the contract u.st 14. 1517 :
.. ,t.I., a.I"n c..i'lt (.h, 41 ana.; 'ns oJ oftentimes expressed decided con- _
'"r' III. t who looks Iii. own I Ius II1ig my '
!n ntie
upon party; bound to the conditiu.i that I -the I paper"h.IIII'on- to carr the Mail on this route, intends to .
,, ::1.I i .ilc-do'it.t.. .ii I"*'n"tJf' '" Mi-f t potu.r 1.ar.IIWIIII,1 to his principle.and re..clvti \; \ let iln I that caucuses and conventions are contrary fain no political dis-Ussioiis e1.cept; I the debates: j zive i every \ Travellers xxho may vishto NEW ORLEANS TYPE FOUNDRY -

"' iti1 "I' iieHXI fl 4* 4'1 ,rfcriflce I the latter 1 to advance I the formei. i iTUK to the true spirit of our institutions!, it i-. It will be vehicle of NEW<-not the onran of ;, take this ronte, by Colr.mb'is, (Ga., North. AND

IIVf! Th" H" if '''' U. 1::1I... 4 ,,,, ......;1 I not s'irpii-inzthat I have preferred tocome before any set of nainioras.; The r.ind aim of the subscriber ;: ( (x.d Stat, the best of teams, and obli: in Printers Furnishing. 17 Canal flrtet AVareiionsc.Ab. Jivip. .

.i 2' o"r., ;"1" ...u..t.1'lf'ntl Iv': 11 : (-lto\\'t G (; r.o. .-The cotton i is IIle..tahla.h.\t the Se-at of Gox-ernm : dri'crill always l be provided ; and in a word,
ton a.a candidate in the old Republican fashion r undersigned bet leave to anrtonnce tf>
nil roi'''frf :i tuaj.'rit y. j It'CIWl; I .r. THJJS nf linker county, with i I few exception a lithf'il and I prompt) reporter of all sorts of in- every pain, will be taken to :give satisfaction- TilE and Printers, that they hate ." -
; such a- was used in the early da> of our govern- ffllntence rttf-onvble i'int, on which the the awn nf IiiFi icaltr to
'TI'nl'r. 'i iv- ts'I! hfM in 2S ('HI of ili* 1wl't'll.. The corn rrops are itiat Ii ret) :nd i r & ,) lablisleda!! complete and exte:>ixv 'I YPE1-0UN-
i politician, t the tiusi'seina'i, the manutacturtr, : tho>e xviiOi! wav chfiosttus route Noith.The .
til 'I" r.n1lwin "t. m1t :- "ent The Look Ltller ot this
I .41.1.I' 1 h'\" never been) more :dlllll'Jut.! ( .rii DRY in this city.
I! I hold it to be the of freemanto I Ihe rnl'challicIod exry one interested in Ueafljir ; ;. Sft''; : e' will U-ave Chattahoocl ee {"ervTGF.'D.Y of }
order tvrrkmtn
I\\l"" : : 112 I will he'f'f' chp. nod the romiirj fill \ ill I I privilj every Four.dry was cut to ('n:
; Goxernment
'>{ C'sMrfesatd ; may relyat and FRIDAY, at >> A. M. ; anive
,ti'$1 I become candidjtc for the sufii-aes of Ids experience, and, as no exj''rse vzspared.. r lf>
!III'( ,.' han: excellent: tune i for I ihoe who wj-h t 10pmi.nlC I a confidence. .
all Guiles da M. Lea
t tim':sx implicit; j I at Fort next v, by I 12 xe Fort obtain the handsomest faces and to if in
!1",l..l-i 11'1 !. I. .> ; to IJaker.;; We li.ae MMI crops (If Ii fi-ll' xx-iritizen.. If I tie! People tny: election, r rI Ir i. hfhi-xvd that I he est.hlisirnent! of such a (Gjir.es; every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, ( perfect if willbt-
will tenture to
Pii-tf, i-!,' -Jl M-esuliej: YC! to toe rlcctctl to :, Ut"f t-aue. or rather patche-" of otie I -h.l know i by the rtul of the canvas-i! ,liable Jo"na/llf 1-ili-nigfnrf, m It'rln.'hi'h(, J at 1 P. M. ; arrive at Ciiattahcochtc next day every found respect as handsome, we if not the hartstrnest say in the

.' 101(' I''I' -. .I'I'I in *ni |"U' die ,Jfle.. aiion's af'ft' or les<. xvhieh are now coiii'iioo ill 1 every j they elect me their: desire to make use of my phce \xitliin} the reach of the i ret ma"-es Of u8. P. ;M.Persons I. United States. We have also a very hanrfseme

oIllil' SiaU's. If ('I111i2 e the people, at the commencement f \\ 'hat pro- : travpliin: from Columbus Ga., via.
'if :, i H"n ': ; no nf'i h'Mirhood the (-iiies: of whii'h, measure \ sorxices will be manifested ? : assortment of Flowers and Job Letter bf tle: latet -

> nl! I I'l I i by oen. of an election brought about by m the history of Congressional: proceeding, will TdLthassee, will find this the most expeditious
and til" Imlanre. (17.I Printers est\here.! AH
\\I I i'.i: I.f \VM<:-l of before rurcbasins ; :
rezirdod with favor bv all cI.l.-;1 (.f the community :
'I. :nfll'r' ,T-. Thi.H1t1.l.j l 'vjy. the wluj! I 15; which we have -<*eo are \1 r. S. [ ; rt'S! and thc iiifiucnce: and management of a caucus. If I be anJ having thu-; ttdted} his < th route. articles manufactured b. us shall bei.f. a rnafe-

tn.i..nn' i il I.> not receive a of the voles polled, Isidll ; i.lijecl ; T. WILSON, Prfprictcr.Qincv rial it not superior: to any rnaMitacturid
I 141,1-P. equal,
4I$ tIa' 'f' II I II ft.-xt )f. $4 '1r. James .\ttti. Til-1 I Inter cejulemanshownl I majInty subscriber .Ii! "i?. hbeiiiland I
respectfully a
; general '
', :5i, th H (lie I : } loam that the the has not :E':26.1"17 a'III .-I-m) at the North ; and as we shall sell 1 '. l.e a! New
ir I 1'1." e inres art m q.inti "s a tier 'at'lion )hiih dry pine land wi Pcope support trod I tLe tnli-jtiteued public of the J---------
'L' Dollars Ileuard.WILL York rice< we 'trust to mtt-t with uiceuraire-
"I i : "A-C"; M-i-r: ilwnfvH .iri o< f'rr.'ji which had! been -own broad cist in 'laIt I seconded my tvi-hcs, and I shall bow in quiet United State, utr ,

\rat' "6'r \ !' it1I1urtam! c'nr..iI.tation; awr.jeps abnnt "i feel lush, some (:the I submission to .tour ion. JAMF.S _\. HOUSTONStenrirapher : ?/,5 be paid: for the apprehension rr.ent.We d znannfaf ttire BRA5S
of i'uue' .if p4)i1it.hl, iKtiti"s in dec to the Senate nf, the U. S. I i au d .lix-ery of NEGRO: MAN named are now prepare: (
:IIII\ ; | heads mea>ure 10 inches: in length and it i is W. G. M. DAVIS.August21. RULE and TYPE vI mstniindetxithprorcpt-:
I :1 in LEVI. 110 Iron Mtcori Sun- my
To" tpvt I ll I 1':-P of Reitc| *'' : the! 1 1th itisf. Levi dark mulatto
----\.1\ is a
hare and handsomeheet arId i-=tied ,
: 1""II" "uipi::' >; bat! at .be tti1I {'!f'hJtI : rice to the acr.-.IIIJfl711[ (ia. Patriot.A ; printed on a sto-it :and xxcll! built will weight about bq Ibs., of Printers to our LEADS I at ir.3 ah entire -
Sundaxs the of
I. r Pt.., f"111 IHI ..11C.icf can lie .,;"ie t.%' ..Ie'h I APAI.ACHICOI.A, AI 21, l li.i every-G : mnrtin'Xl't'! .:'! : rate I a 1I111c' hoI I 1'. sied, speaks slow and lng with a new set of mould.s, t-v xxhich we are enabled

'! t ,.f t 111. )CfltC : 01'. inuri iii her I XK:>V KINH or C )TTON.-One disco-!i izr- ci1EIs. of I'miiklm : : |Ier ann'ini.Li : 'Ir\'fiet'.lia.l on xxhen he left a Satinet round to furni-h a perfect article vVY air also A er.ts1

\ t.. : : 'I't will i:: l lie fJ tti.inv "ulfhd11"! <5 in Vf'l' otirn Iridto; another : and science, in i Ftl CUll! with :il'.orc: -. iIl coat, aid checkered pan!. of country hf Hw..pun. I for the sale cf the 3IiEr."at ir lln. aril
connection t the: daily s
In reaIv to the pul.hc made I the Com- paper! I
.'if j tni i I I"f I iMt;' 1IIII! (df: f':flU un. o It< dse-ti seeLinc to ti--i newpxpeijiuetiis. has not un- I c.11 (H be i .Itd from I the sj'.r.e. c-tablshiuei t t, I expect| he will make for Columbus he lately I Smith Tresses, xtliich tnuetltr: txitli ('ases,
i inerrijidvcitier of I the! -21-1 instant I Cases Composing Sticks, Furniture, !,.!,, ai.l
lId,4! !,,. ;,'u" ., t., vciMire; n ftij'rttV of tin : lallf'lI! hitherto unknown ) by Many lived there. Some suspicion exists that Lexixvas ,
f'Ntn"1I:1) upon The Mirror of Congress.Thii other article in the Printir h: : i-
,i'n'' r .if -. .J. |In riP Hf ; ('iti/.en-that they desirous of'u.in my namea I decoxed or assisted off' by some while person, every
t i V'4t <-i; :Hld 4 \r M'dinuIv va'nable results. I li t "ieinsthttt : : furnished
pu'.ihcati. :: will i contain exclusively t the and if so, s-lu'I I t ) win be paid for the villain, and ness, will be kept on hard, and at
; ca.dnjle] for the State Senate the
-i.'i.r, I ; Cf'i, > :<'% 'U;jyyx'n'fij. a I'r*.i illf.I.' : This t ruth has; \ e rv rt'I'f'UI11'I'n fully < a ensuing marilactmer'ji
Reports of the Proceedings and Deb.tte-s; of f I the proof -uilicient to convict him. : prices.
.' ''in-' -i" !"'";prl<:-1 li\. lllP ( Juia, .e of provd in hits proper I'rpparalillll'uf; gun cot election-I have to say frat.kly to them, and to Con:rt-ss of the United: Sufe It will be is-'ifd II. L. COOK, Asent.Micon Editors and Printers xvishfnc; to fafablish a

I.- vi I- ,i-'uc*. \. nitr reafl!"'r* ;.ri aware. ton. We learn from I the Medical Journal ah citi/.ens' of Hanklin, t that if such i is the sponti'ieinc semi-weekly, in an eUvmt 4:111 to It.nn. tbn.u! h- : July 21), 1 1S17. a-c-21 I 3-2-1 1sorci Newspaper (,.r Job Printir.s Cdce will be furnished -

II.'f': :. fll''HI"! the vote is v.'u ty th-n a jihx-ician in ( eoria, i'lTrecentlv at- de-iie of the and citizens of the out I the sessions of Con rps", and Will he t'urni-lied .ts: JlOTE.] with an estimate in detail fur the same
"llr. ;
"'.I i '. '! c the: .'h'uf sicli State is c'of.trol- tfOznpfill ''o nn cotton I fiotn a re- fo sub-criber-i at the rate ot two dollar fr Ihe bx stalin the size of the paper, IT the particular
u 'prepare; : at to forth 'til-I subscribers inform their
cuaty: they are liberty name respectfully
i he .
l"e my ar.d of vf-rk to executed.C3
'. -i -i, I' % of i il. de1 ?2a F). was Ion. sjsr I ihe! shoit t te'i :n.It J. Inend-s, and (the public trenerally, that they style quantity
J it And if, at the October election, | The cf ne'HparU"t.o wilt
lIallnllJIrll'k I xxill proprietors
I''aU'! < in lite Union ; an*! it and found I his.itonihuientthat Iurp""c. I is believed I that this :reit
ui>Her'" fu|. t to hat t-opened the above estabiishmer.t! and are ipenth ahll( rml
1 it the of the majority of the voters aSle the library ot publish! (this advertisement six ,
bee deemed iti
indispen every I
: !!'P istkf fifieen Stata* to clsri.'S his rut ton would neither explode lori 4 wi :; now rea-ix to" receive boarders, and hope through a to our office weekly, will be piid For the
ti f.- !1'n", ,'' tstateil. *!,'(,!i(inhave i flitl.! beinc anti i itifli ni uiible.: ( )III i rivet 1. !i that should sCTx-e them in that capacity, I shall public institution he, politician and I that j.rofessioialman it will be :I proper attention to receive a share nf patron. _e. advertisement paper by purchaser; li is tirctslheaan cct

.-M' I In-! I i in tIt; St itf*. I In Xw I Hnnp.M' I :;i1f'I)i2. to find out the cause, he found that I undoubtedly hl I that I am highly honored, and regarded: !throughout by the creat country ma--i il,t the people as the Tl.e Car \s ill be xx-ell furnished with choice advertising bill in Ttpe.

< *- 4-t 1 ( ;I'nr.a. tiei: 1" 4 T'., in tile ,t"lc'- he hnd nut I nspd the rilit acid, muriatic"H i feel tixi, IJM ler :deep &ene of obligation! to serve bet political; text hOOk! for their own instruction Wines Liquor and ezars ; and the Restaurant JREEN fc CO.,

: IiIan : awl IInl, ; DmH (.4' I.! h. ft". .." 11rI1".I. : W" uppo-e. lie I I repeated the I process laithiullx the interests of the I people of I this county (very and that of their children. will,be of the well best supplied quality with in season.JAMES Game. Fish and Oxsleri May -2-1, 1M lO-4'.m 17 Canal sf. Rnw.1O .

the \'f' of '...,. 1\\1 "' '.4 '' .' ,.1 i'ie result the sameo that het
wns and of the State to the be-t of my humble GIBSON CO. HIIO$ St. Croix Snrar: :

ta.4.( Tllf' t'u''ni 1\\ -1'--f a : MIin IMVC discovered :t method of ien- abilities. I am, with all due respect, IMPORTANT ANN< U'Throuiho'jt \IEST. June 22, J" 17. :JU i do New Orleans nar. to arrire;

HI It II" (..I..itit'l:1"! ....U01'lIIff. : tible.i I lie I that the session of Congress, ['xras do Java
inrombii sacks Rio Coffee
'-tni: < *tori 1 -ays 1 WI ; ><) ;
: Your obedient, _X. Gentlemen__un__ _._ who wish un tor_ refreshment._ _. ____.___
\\ '. liii" ruttnn eau be t'lppuf'dilll tUlIP| will be i.ued trom (the office of the -lu bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
FM'M in their rooms can be accomodated short '
eot-\\ THOMAS ORMAX.To I States I Repot t IT," containing the reports of.all HO Mnft'd do. En wn's and Latby's;
1 \ f' -n ",t. 'Me. 1)f1"P.H he ttate.iriI I tie mattf-r '- I. ,_ riot ic(.
'neb Debates as may poasess peculiarly exciting 520 Sperm Candles; CO' bx. broxvaSoap;
.. manufactured
? i. : ly to kfln\' thai it can be ,' ) M\w t-IrIzr.N:; I'I'11I1t're4. A CAItl
i i I lot( bag Shot ; 50 !kegs Powder;
) t ,1. .I .'"},. cloth;' the lint and t texture of I the I cotton t being be E subscriber lea\ inform the cifi-
to bees
C(7rnrn'.mieations to
It i- and ;
i t mllv neccs-jary for me 10 announce to the All subscriptions ( TIll 2i 0ij( lbs Lead ; 4 casks Linseed Oil ;

',. I I,II. not in the l-ai I injured but I rap.ihle of!'' p"I'II. .if county, in lujdy to tour re- tiost-paid], and addressed! ot Apalachicola! and th.-. of thenei:hborinir :2""'Jj} kegs White Lead No. IExtraar.d Pure.

',' :, I. ; hem n: made! I into rlothini! with as much case I'I' .1kll JAMES .\. IIOUSTOX, ci.untry, that he has established a ;press in }'orsalehv WM. G. PORTER & Ct).

T ..1'\ .. aa -. as from the common material.sffille. I ]ii-- -ismy name! as a candidate for I the United Flutes Itt'portt'r"ahiIOIl( 11. C. this city for the purpose of printing tim-ic, corrpoid Dec 5 41Vatr street.Tarraiit's : .

ixire..iixlvania.. :\; j .. [,l1'/{ ; lircontr.TUK I II pv: '- j" .n r in t it f haxe no asiiiratioiis of I that -ort. ..Tiih31, 1S17. and arranged for the Piano Forte, as well
All newspapers throughout! the United States r as fur other I nf ruments. He i intends ?o keep ElTen'oscciilAperient. Seltzer
". e )),duln. i'i ad: '.'i.t now i it3 ilfIY contingency' which week I II Irom
; I who publish! tins Prospectus once a I
I constantly: hand a selection of the lIf .-shiona'le .
11, \ .nil, Carolina, 9 Texas, : UK.TORT GornTK.otThe: flia.tntjv. COli.1 i niiuce me to oiler rnx sell as a candidate for I I tins! d.ite I till th- iiu-etm: (If r.' iirre.--, xul! I be entitled '
f i r pieces, and his prices per copy, ihall he RENEWED, and an in* garatea'
Atlas ( -borl of the dinner xvitb th United Mate.llej'orier. [ ,
'1'1 Flori-ta.I : JO law a account to an exchange < HFLTII
I | ills" "' Indiana which I was ciien on Salurdav' last I to \J Ir. : : ; ;and will !I' place.1 on .
'no. 11 '
j 1 tint this nt rlno S tie. Piano Fortes of the most approved! mikt-: of "t1VESCFN Ic
sentirrn !-ii-i.- not prevail I to whom the Extras; \\ ,ub! l lie 11.-I'llelll'll. I I ; bH1I' n"
'.' K"i"ticUv. 1 ** Tennessee.Tuc'i ; p'rf'tan'l..l'l. on board the, -tcatrer those l ..' li'd, of'our -.----- he i prepared to repair and tune V\ irii'?. aid; putt -EL TZE1
I :, dax-s- axve :ii- \ IICl'
: ,,- \\. )" ,. *- itxfhc Democratic; I Ujtternia. It -ippears that the toa: !ts given WAIVoClKf'l'IT COL'IST.In I them' in perlc-ct order ; he also bt "s :le.i.o I Is red to .

.1'1'.. Jn iii t Mei <* iu<.inin: States inc were ('0111 tilt mciii;i ry to the Secretary. and I roost intelligent!, r! i I'.u!t T ''Isrii4 who arc Clmiicrry. that he i is ready to ijive iiistrurfi"ii i on the _________ tdayIon

almost altogether of a Free Trade" char I -ajer; toervt* the >w., ." .I i, .t.'v.r sacrifice, of Cornelius Gnntliam, Violin, Flute, (Guitar; and all I the <: f'ft'l1t Bn
''i-u.d" u! I troui.tart 1 100H." Louisiaii; sII.1the I )
\ : acter. The El (JFi. J. P. I'iselow however :< personal con'." i I. '.Ct .r ,r n.-, i ust*. I am v... V Petition for Divorce. I Instrument*, such a-Hii. lr. C'nn>j"f In, '

''\." "" "" Uii| !s will probably! carry who was fine of the invited guest;, had t hi.jn4i.1)ph1iIcnCr f raiirvr, tlitt--' '.v ,;; ".. .tary terms Fat ha, Granthan. )( Trontbi'iie.! &.1'., arid dicES to ik t 'II- a tu.i e!
lirsi Slate, xvhile the Democrats will he satisfaction of t Ihe Court, I their rc..idC'lwf' Those xx..ti. '.. counter I to the pni-ral I app.1fin! (to the
to run j .
'H"'''**(f'JI) |IIC, | This would tMth xxhi!'i, \', !'- .I.d : "ciiiun-s. :indini IT I .. .
m | ast | W0. sentiment, and he did it in so pool Matured by alh'd.ivit! t mad I in I this ca.., that I thcdelend'inl t\ ill timid him ;.tf' a il t t au..4 u
'"4haP ,tin- Stains ;stand; 10 for the \'I1Ig i 'ht, i if ; .-' litical l t spc'ul.it [ -- : Fatha (Jrantham, resides beyond the on a visit professionally:: ) iii;I his tiu-j_
add rather than detract
to to ; .
">'H4 I for -be! Democrats ; or just the rein a manner as : i i a.- .' "(u.-li sat is.ftrt j-irisdiction! [ of'I I the State ot FIlii nda : It is ordered .'lt.irnmrti, Commerce 51 rt'et ,1 '

""'< j case we are in error in as.i2 iing from the general hilarity arid good ffcltll! ;. IOn fro '. that; the ; Ii.t Fatlia I Granthatn; do appear and anvcr Orders fur Music or Instrument fr -

L"U The Atlasthus tells the story : i I Ihf -a'd petition xvithm I three months alter pr'TIlpt[> attent ion. H. DElL _ _ _
>*una 10 the Demucrats.Iill., ; no -: I rei
lion. .1. P. :| I sliall I tin- nioie xxilliii.'ly i "excuse I this call"I I ,
At last however, Hizelow.xvho the .wl Prolespalichicnla ;
.. the publication! tlsis; order, or I petition
Choice roiild |liP made .. it. lakes t EiUi'cnsItpc
Jrl eU-rt President., The Democrats. i was presrtjt. was called out atnl hesave upon me through I the prt' .., i if I tin- writer of if will lie taken fill' confessed ; and I i it is further ordered .\ July 1n.- -1.- a"
a -
In r a 1 happy turn i to the matter l by relating I I will cons-'ilt! me personally befoietisin, my name that this f.rdr be Pllhlhetllll111I1' newspaper '
f1rlf'r '1'1 :airi ,ihe; nf r.f'.SH'otr.. tviilaIIntp Dl:. a,, i FEUCII'2't'e.Ef. .-
anecdote connected xvith I i I the history of I in the Western Circuit of this State f'r thespace
10 1.,1.I Nvw 11lIlI".1Ji'lf' ur (eorii. m piililicly! in connection with any oflice, again ItsiII :.llouso & CockroH
Kthau Allen fie of I three mouth:)
that eccentric
.IIa 0'ild U0 lie, \VIJi'i| in I hey iic- \ at least save some typorajhy.Sepl. ; W. very ellicarious, renet
( xvith Lord North and GEG.<; :. HAWKINS I Judge D.Uchce THIS iiI. : .
."',1..1 l and was at dinner one day 2 J 1M7. J. C. MACLAY.We 33m :. immediately. if a Ilr' :
\IarxUud) and Louisiana; : ; Anna, All:. 21 l H17. : !
f I other! magnates; of ( seat I Itriiiao w tie re I I lisMajetx i made, of all ot the above name, : i .
np1'ientl\ the, balance of would ,
power Kina (cure was; loa-ted in authorized to < to the 01| Flea and Mosquito Poison 1a.a .a 4 .
'*.I' %I'ii hi i Ihlrp! ; im, Stales. ]Bill{ i ihee :1I't'1I.If'CI.I"'IIHI" every ( :jr- are ay voter Stale of Florida, -
: po.ihle form, and) the sturdy lepubliean Franklin County, that JAMES F. FARRIOR FH.ANKI..Iivou 'rY. ten i.E' celebrity for itsiniana i ea :
ulijch leave the
\ c to politiTTOV -
"Ian<. I like I the friends of protection Oil hn i rat theIlibernia. will serve them in the House of Representative all ;persons having: demands a'
I I courteously consented to I theoi TO of Nathan Seymour, late ot said county, r August 14
if -
elected. Pi
of the next General Assembly, ? :
; all.! l Finally, Lord North called upon Allen I- deceased, notice is hereby siven that 1 have taken -. P. --4 aL

r *> 't\'TCltls.-From an :irWe for -enliment= and after referrin: to .\uu..12I., from (the I Honorable Court: (If Probates! of said ;t '

ma late number of I ihe .Manchester their -- county, LetlergTl'-t.lln'ntary upon the same, and :
their and xvishing to put c.iurtesv -
I toasts : We desired to that WILLIAM '
{# are say
1 -"Hun. xxi. |.-arn that the number of (that all claims will be barred if not present* .
I His I :
; to the te t. he, :;ive : Majestythelexil. I VALLEAU wishes to be considered < *
Il n advert"
Hi f. ; *| a a within two after hI d.jl of this
|III l oppratiou I in iiiauufactorm: ('(II- the years .
I MIS [jord-hipand !uptene. 1 ,
:.f. '" 'Ih.' -'-v'ral inanuf-icliirin ronntriesr. candidate. before i the People for re-election, as ment. MILTON SCApalachirolJ S a, -1 .

.%'ir...,. and America, is l>:7.5-x:.)00) () xvhi h lally; I' ;took\T r. I BI the u-low.joke. alter rfnd; f'mplif'.llh..ir relating t I I tinane I :las-'- !I Clerk (-I' (the Circuit Court of Franklin County -JIIY--! I, tsi7- -. : -2rj .1 a 4'r r

<\ ,d..1! as (i0xvs; : I..f.--. :'1\. .sentiment I : The ductr'nies: August 21. ._ NOTICE Mr. C. J. SIIEP \f

.', .. "Itt'dlo I ..,. ... .;.:"MiJ' ,-(' ir..1.! and protection in pwp"r propoitioo -- -- Mr. KEN- aiient during ray

I . .. .. .... I.nq .7-4 ', which, with I the :1111'1101"VaoJ : We are authorized to announce the Stale. [jul>"2l I] 'E'; d oTrWSThis ab _- _ I:1: a
: i . . . :u.r.: ; : JIN LUC AS a* a candidate for Tax-Assessor --- ---- --- -- -- -- to I ;

,' f' '' Ifl-Is (Z.tn ,II .i, t1'. !'.1-.LIh, ) \ lereixeil withhoiiK of applause and langhtpr ector for Franklin County, at the elec- CofFuc. _ -_I4piy Ansonw: ; _

.'.iri4 01"1" Italy.. .. .. . 1 Hd'MH liv the whole company. nAGS RIO forsateby ISII. 29RSONS -' _ -a
IrlIICr .... .. .. ... .. .. .. ..1., .".''.'f.Io'I' I The capital anecdote! r'lalf'tlly "her next. Sept. J 11 I 1547. 1 100 Mav !15 J. 1 .5 ?a -i a :r
Ilz..rl'IJ tll-i tUI. J.I..7 UIIYI h
'. ""-a M,I.'jii. . .. .. 2.5.-HMM! I P. IJi:elow. at the Piiterlainnmbo.ird lOizeli to announce Mr. JOHN having e' 4 ;!IIr ::4.Y .. .
: the I Hibcrnia I to I'.1r. EtICt SursaparBULLS" _ a.e _ :
-- office of Sheritl'
iilate 'for the '
TOlill n.tlnh'r gif j O"hThl' : in h, Eihi" \. SNti'" fur ao.ite by t
P-lllud1"s. : ( ker regard
at the election October _ _ _ _ ax!
value of all the buildings( and IIM- i (if ;IIIClllicr.Vllile 1 _ bottle, by _ I
c St.'lt. II I IS I 17. July 17 J. (.
iiuty necessary to drite these spindles, I'nglish Ministiy t| ,


.. ",
< :,'




4 SI
''. '-., ,
) -


,- ,'.- : :j .' .# -. :___ -r1---- -r-- .

J 1

-- p- --- 'Thrw-
- -- -
'.I ; '
r'I fl. '


.';/ A :.,. ), "( ? f .

..'. ..: ; .' :; ) 7r t t
; ,
,,., ., .. ;. 1 i 'f' _
,. ... "
'L <<< .l L" : t ; .
'' ., ,. .j>. -
". ::. .''t. j.. '. ..;* .:. ii4t

;,:" ." :",..... (. .:."" ,'' I t
'J' .
'e;'.' "... t ; I
'!). .. _____ Aib. A. .. ,
'- .
---- "" f ';' -
-sc; "" "; 1VANNAIIGEGIW1AW. =:- = j J' ....::1.- : ,__-- : w 1JtiI:1.uIliLir.

:::1 : \.: .. .. Iii nnoufctg the fact-lbafc: the undersigned! swmtft f t cat( o w"sro' : .t1t VRESI Ajifl, -

hie totiat lhcmselfe _. : tflaLThtIttfl.j
.. -
.R 16getbeilttal uitheEditoi -: :: -: :=-- :- --:==_ ;;; a; Me41c1ue j
\ :: : Deptrttntot of THE ANf4H'G: ix months after Ints, OUt
date, I w T1LB.WESERN
"! ,?!; NOTICEE : VJI ,
CIAN, waUke tbu' occasion liif:torfont ,. WHIG Judge; of Piobates for Fr. U 'ry, d'f.
'of that. :and tbe' erlS t.1"
County, for a final discharge from the lhallkubi

., :that irrinseaeatB,tslve' alreadmiterial '. dl. PAPER, tration of thef&tate of Donald Campb at _-_ (- ic ''or lbei:
".. : ..traprowBB' itt i I LYTpose .,'f.l1 flU.N'JV/1.: said county.Wfceased. :.. Lt-g.i to Inrcnn

--- S ,$"ldthiop. s1 And r '%OANET WILLIAMS LJm'ft f _5 ng an dditiol.!
.:,.'f': itck. << and publishing in the .Burt dtd to his
p p. Apalachicola, Juried, 1817. ';-6m, forn:
: cturn! _._____ ackson .t ur.u Uall, ,. .erh
.. IVOibUot'endc : county, Florida, a L 'I -I __ .
..... t the I with (the above title 1TOTICE.Six rnonllfl :! ST'ter. pi'' .AEa.1 ren(' Cerir'an
1 i1heL .L' this notice appticatioi1ilLbelion. I rs ; 1'erf-ine a
grpn fi' be devoted to Literature, Agri. and ; CI
I .s .1.c- '
:an4 __ ience; it \vill also contain the Judge, Probates for Jackson warr. &.c., art (ei

ixp i 1-3 of the day and articles in support of r final settlement of (the administration j nac' 4 J buirn, ,' t ountry MerchaMs: ar.d Ol}, r

theConstitution hig Policy. tale of Samuel N. Spears, deceased, 't1'Tn' Hep- terms-all of which be ,'a?a

... : The want of a local paper has been severely county. "* ELIZA SP| ..: '_ Daniel K. L :" It rated. rlailtH.

.. jr 'very free white,, felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington counties February 11, 13"j7.: 5-Gm Admi_ _ti : s: of John F. ABELL

:: : wb- the: i IIly.one years and and has led to the proposed establishment of whose tmsMcDo 6 'hoIcsale-andRitail Drll""j'f

J'f 3i; b1? Yth : it the time of ofl r- this: Journal. --y Goods. _.1 Bill for Dovrer. 4."\ \\ aler 1 Strut:: .

United States; The undersigned i Apalachicob, Nov. 21, IS-fG.
::9v : and hope to obtain sufficient patronage -
.q.-' j; titte a .v-and had his: habitation, to enable them to commence its publication THE subscribers; offer for sale a large a* Nat hat. -- -
:: T ( of the : ( stock of Dry Goods, con,ist limes HoJonrs 1) I uIIClhhhIes.:
.. -v place permanent abode ine5 by 1st of Sepembcr.TEnarsThmree ; .
':: \Ifl ear/ | preceding the election I dollars per annum, in advance. part ofNegro '; John II. 1 \t !,Q Ibt"r JIII: and
ie shall oflen4.' 5'' it Keisovs. and LineS .r' ; EhVar(1CIi > i _c .aH'.on lar.lta) \ti1!
flr -I_ ;: vote, and who shall, at $3 ) paid within six months: ; ori:$4 UO at (the trii ('{f; lit
57 tune and for six months: immediately prece- enl of the year. Wh'ileand Red Flannels, James I'. Calhoun &. ( !11' 1J1t: GS .Ir.d }!r "

ang'sa d time, have had his habitation, domicil, BENJ. G. LIDDON & CO. Plain and! Fancy Jeans, L. Bass-, I. 9 .',,' \vI.f'I, rlf' t' ill tarrff; tL,

.. ;1 homeland place of permanent abode, in the coun- July 31, IS 17.Groceries. Double twilled Tx-xeeds, firm ofWilliam; and of (the b.r' ,,,!altv! f/IJllIh: .

ct'I | ty in-which; he may ofler to vote, shall be deemeda Super fancy CnsamercsSuper I1 I 1rThI \rf'rdlarlr- ;1I.d PIlIllt'r; "1:1: fir.

-. e; for: qllaliflcJooter at all elections! under this: Con and Ship Stores. English and French Cloths Sloan ; Can to their ;uKunr.m i'I r.llI!I, f'X..1I111 ?, d! !! ,

rnatio itorit stil o\and none others, except in elections by RIO COFFEE} Java do, St. Domingo do, Whitney Blankets t 10), 11 I 1 and 12: qrs.) rrnJil! \Tnri, 7'.r.j .i. I Uonds, U'N'ir i-uirhdMi ;'; ri-1-ntfrn. ,'l'Jft > li

one (tie ,irencral11.ticket. )in the State or District prescribed >rlliprn Flour.Ve..tern- fin:' M i fl -SiH'.Tr.t. I.ulfillllankds;
: l>y law, in which! cases, me elector must nave Orolx' do, Porto Rico do. Young; ITyson ;Tea, Denim-s, Kremlins i and Cottonades, a bankrupt: ; Dajiiel McDou- 'I care and accuracy at arty Lour ol tl.eclax} r? ul,,

Sa'a:). ; alL been a resident of the State one year next prece- Hyson do, Powcfion: ? do, Souchong do, Goshen Brown Shii ting and Sheeting, 1 gald ; JosepJcT Lawrcrife J. C.LLts nl.*l

by ding the election, and six months within the Butter, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul Cotton Osnabur O'B. Branc &AVilIiam II.rockenbroug I March :21 G.r. Centre and ('Grrifl.ercs'
: election district ders, :Molasses, Whiskey, Mess: and I Prime Beef, Cotton Drilling and Ticking ------- h.
the .. in which he '
offers --
interior to to vote : Provided Mess; and Prime Mackerel I and the Bank
bclovel rswiTio'i That no soldier Shad, Salmon, Linen and Cotton, Checks, 'of Pensacola -
our S.ate; seaman or marine in the Herring, Sounds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues ,
"secure th it oneney I regular Army or Navy of the United States, un Pepper, Spices: Catsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives/ Irish; Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, Ufftmlants. J

'ill': ot}essential, to the pr \1' less he were a qualified: elector ot l this State prcrioG3 Capers, Pickles, Soap. Starch, TobaccoNavy Bleached Cotton Shirting} and Sheeting, IT appearing to the safi"ficlion of the Judge of ,

find! our.labors Imply repJTJ.' j ; (to his enlistment as such soMier, seaman: or Bread, Pilut do, Cr.lclJo'rs'ini! >gtr., Dried Fr ill, English: French and American Prints j this Court, by the affidavit of the Complain! :

To enable m to conti.iue our' present connection : marine in (the Regular Army O!" Navy of the Beans, Salt, Raiseris. :Macaroni, Vl."rmact'lIi, Arrow Extraiiipcr, pi.tin arid) twilled Ginghams, ant's Solicitor, that t the Defendants: heieinaUer !

ho.vever a-i.l: : to cb all that we would wishtodj (United Stntes, of of the revenue service, shall be Root, Corn, Oas, Buckwheat' Mustard, Rice. Super Cas'imere d'Eccnse, named do not reside within the[ Wes-tern Circuit

in the way (If improving The Georgian; ," considered a resident! of the Slate in consequence For Jan; sale 23; by 1) ELL1SOX::; & CO. Extra: super! :Minim I de Laine, ol the State of Florida, !but within the United 'I
:HValer Euli"h, !, !
"must look for a'i increasvd ssppoit from the I of being stationed within the same. -trt'ct.----- :; Scotch and American do. Slates of America; that i is, (that the Defendants

public! ; such we ntvf solicit a-id confidently expect. Passed Senate, December 1, 1SJO.I BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans, by the case; Super I Italian black and! figured! Silks; Joseph L. Hepb-irn resides in the State of Texas' /

W\(. I H. BULLoriLHENRY I D. I H. MAYS, President Senate.: Shoes and Buskins ; Black Silk Cravats and fancy I Ilkfs, the said' Geoige O. Hepburn in I he State of Mis-; the cure cf

: R. JACKSON. II.I An ci i;:n, Secretary Senate.Passed Men's, Boys: and Youth's }Brogans; ; Super English: and Pongee Silk I Hkfs, sonri ; the said Annie E. I Hepburn, and Caroline j .Fon "! ". IJipt'p"la r/r rr.d f'shl.n, nil.
: a. no' '
i I
HoGsc, December 10, IS !Ifi. I' be scw'd Brogans ; English arid American:: Cotton I Hkfs, I B. Hepburn I and) the ...aliIVilli.lm Honland, 'Diarrahtea, (;/.nt,rv'lrs) Hr-adart.e! : C ,,., tIFallon, ,
j' Rheuinan-m
TERMS'/ : ROBERT BROWN Men's Boofs Madras! and Verona; head I Ilkfs, each in the Gravel Flatal
I pegged
Speaker Ho. Reps, ; ; t State of New York the 1 heirs of j J I lency, &c. For sale
1'm.: DAILY GEORGIAN i is published! in M. D. P.VPV, Cleik.In *. I fine sewed Boots; Ladies'; Cotton I HO-.C and. Gents Hf-ho'p, John IVibnily. drroisi! 1, and Daniel; : Dec l 1-2 xvholes.ile ard: ri-fai'l,

Savamuliat FIN DOLLARS! Piit A.NNITMply- I Russet Brogans.: ; For sale, by Super Mar-eillesand I \\" rjted Vesting;,*, th'-ir tru
able mi.anauH.\, in advance; or, SIX DOL- Act to amend Constitution oj this Slate B. ELLISON & CO., Cotton and Flax Thread, J',!,,!, -. "i i !. !Io\xjrrl and Edward ---- -

"LARSj-qii SIX :'IIO THS. ffi fts to make the mentions oj the General JlsfemMy Jan 2.1 21 I Water Direct. Plain and f Iig'&l and l checked :Muslins:! | ('> .,.' I' -.ii-'i: : &, B.i; .;s ;Mi.rdicai Cary Mxers, Irus4 Compound Extract or

THE TRMVEEKLY[ [ GEORGIAN( [ for the biennial instead of annual. Jaconet; and Cambric :Muslins:: !: ,' t S : ,,-'_(.' \V. Ross; asxij1 Cubebs and Cojinvia.Stands .

Cauntrfft i ii: published! to meet t the arrangement SECTlO.\T 1. Be it enacted ty the Senate and Onsubicnber Cousl.ulllcnf."rIlE : Needles Pins, Tape, &.c. &.c II'1.:' \." I ,i-_ .i l, each reside, a in bankrupt the State, and Dan- -- : !: urinxjiK l II> trr
of Geor- IIj
d. the mails, three times: a xxvek: (Tuesday # ? (' ( of the State of Flo' has lately received} on consign- Which have been elCcll'with! great care ill i ." ; ; '". "-I JohnV.. tfiiiMcv; ; it pt'ri, nit.. a

Thursday and Saturday,) at the! Oiiice of the I tutu ill General Assembly convened, That the the following articles : New York and Boston, from IrnpIrtcrsand .Agents i '!L. ; '.''''' \ dh.lllid1.i : Campbell Thornton, and Hudson Duncan A. i fJl..rr. ,). a few d hix; ,.-no eoriSnr.rrienf !cnrrin .

DAILY GEORGIAN, and contains! all the intel- .I aecond( clarseof the fourth article of the Constitution 2 Casks choice Old Port Wine; cf :Mimifacturers it the( lowest market rates awl, I I -\1.:1.: ,._ .t!, ,',Jet, r 'sideinthe Slate of Alabama I ; .. cr fncfMn in c.ti

licence, Commercial, Political and :Miscellaneous ;i of this State be so amended as to read as fol I" Old :faleir.lVine. ; are now offered wholesale.. oretail on favorable he .11/1 i J Joseph) ; Branch and Laurcr.ce ; ": rS :4 .';...-.1:11 \ ii neces.ry.. It u"I j It'

including[ new Advertisements pu.Jlished'in lows, vit : :2d. Tha members of the House of 1 superior Old! :Scotch; %Whiskev ; terms bv" WM.: G. PORTER & Co. Branch alII() William/ 1 H!. O'B. : I \Vi 1"30 ; fniimf tMa.luatlt", !'(:Ih:
Brockenbrough each ; ) re
2" ,
the Daily Paper. ; Representatives shall be chosen by (the qualified "P.tle & Dro. Otar.1 Brandy; Dec. 5, IS I IIi.< -11 1 I Water street. ; iti the Middle Circuit !; reside II rU'i J-j: : pan.Wlttl' the

THIS PAPER is: sent to all parts of the Staten I voters, and shall serve for the term of two year*, I" rt Dark Dnmond Brandy; -- -. ----.--. .- -- -- i in. iforeoiiltted, that the said of l Defendants Florida : //1 i.If there-I, .!.l\\ :. 11 t'-':! possible care, UIJl.n(011 great

\ <\ Union, or delivered in the city, at :: from and after the day of the first election under 10( baskets London} Clu;)" Champaigne.; Ellison & Co., a I IValcr sired ,, lore named and lu-reiuhe- \ 'i : J fe"tHl! Principles,
DOLLARS annum at THREE t the amended Constitution Also, a variety of Segars, all of which will be SHIP CHANDLERY. every ot them, Ih appear and) a' 'j\H\ i j: If1 t""nded
per ; or, and no longer; and I I ansxver the said bill of ; upon t/"Jr.i i imp./ .rfnr; iw.
LAHSforsix; months. rl\'I'I' thesessions of the General sold low, for cash only, by : and complaint, otherwise! (the $ fir-t
Assembly; shall be MAXILLA Hemp Cordage of all sizes same shall be lake rOl ifc.s, f eatabiiihed' j bx. rj--, 'fl|
pro r> themand
THE WEEKLY GEORGIAV, i is biennial, and commence on the Monday: in EUW.HDfcCUr.r..Y: (', Worrnlinc, Marline, Spunvarn. each of them in, default: against : >itJI eJr.ll..d[ Dr. FIl'o.}. ,
Provided / . :
every Friday afternoon, at THREE DOLLARS November, in each and every second year, or at Feb ?7 50)( Water( street.WIS !,. .. .()aknn.l.. *p'rm Oil. f'aldn: Whale! do, Olive fin mihliolm/l ;in thisonh-r., ._ J'a'Ar vuiiiuiiidijmi i
h any. 1.l'w..nJla.r. Irintr..1. .... .. .m.. th...;. I i t.:
per annum-all payable in advance.IJ I such other times; a> rmy be prescribed by law. PAR'S and uo, |jins t*p,t no, liaxv: uo, lioixui! uo, .-'pirns 'mrpirntine i Circuit .'" r. iar: 1"11. dl. txoiild pri'dnce a flare .
Swaync's Balsam of ( once a \vk fr four : > :
Wild months from
Auii4 1347' Sec. :!. ])citf"rllllrfTlartetl, That the I third! Paint"'illdow ( ;l.ics, Putty, White the speedy, aid! c..r'Mill ruble! tiVct (than
just received and for sale' by L >ad, l Red do, Y,-l'!" xv Oclire! Chrome hereof. Dated prll 11 1 1M7. lint ar.x n,? ,
mreri d'J"e11' '
clause of the '
NEW ORLEANS: : TYPE FOUNDRYAKI : amended tint(fourth the article of (the Constitution be Nov>3 J.C.ALLEN. l I'mpra/d: / (do, I Il1Il'prial clo, Chrollle Yelosv! \"er. I (JEORGE: /:( S. HAWKINS, disa., i, ;OIi.1; ''''umJe one. In many i-j .!. i I' .
so e entirelyremented
same shall read [bx ticleix:
follows | its
) as : diri< Litli Bri, !hl'arnih Judge' fo the We- ". :,
3d. / FTI: GS : rage:; -ulphur, Coral tern Circuit of FlunJa. }
That the and r,1: i'II. For
Shirtings sale (bv
Printers' Fit ra iIi in:; Warehouse. Representatives shall bo chosen on I..) bale Prints, by the dfl, Tar, Io.in: PIII'h, Turl'enlint', Coal, 1'lInt RAND.x LI. & r I\OMR! : "
the first :Monday in the month October! in each and case, low for cash, by ''' do Tardo Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN ,
oIJ.. 17 Canal stint llou I>ru-Iies ililll-il i IHIMIII. Clamp do, Coni'thirnht's, :-;'olirifor1''. 2'-' 1m Din., t
undersigned' beg; leave to announce to and every second year, from and after/ the first B. ELLISOX: & CO. 1.iuiitt Black, Chilk, Whiting:; Rn--ia Duck Cng:_ -- --- -

THE and Printers, that they have established election under this amended Constitution, or on -Jan: 23 21 Waferfreet.Wistar's l h-li do, Cotton tin, I lli'.ivy I Rsivens:; do, Liht do, III District Court of Ihe United 1\'i GU'SI

a complete and extensive TYPE FOUNDRY such other dav as: may be directed law. -- White, Blue and Rp I I ;] B'itut irig.; Nails, Copper do, I States for the rVorthern District
Sec. 3. Be' Balsam; of Wild do Tackp, Ship :Spikes Boat Jo l-- -
further enacted, That: the fifth Cherry. I Brads :Screws, *
in this: city. The Book Letter of this clause of the aforesaid article be 1 9 DOXEX, juit received and for( sale bv Jack Sy-rews.; AllcIOr:4! ll.ni'Npik; C r.ldin ; of Florida.: I
amended ,
Fonndry was: cut to order by workmen of long I read] as fiHows'iz The Senators so as to -' .\prillU H. 1-'. ABELL. !? I ro;. (),ir--. Block*. :,h i vp,.:. Jib 1 Hank"! Hand IN :AtMIItAU1V..VanEeI .
: shall be
experience and, as no expense was spared to the chosen ----- I'ump.I :, n'e-Ii I II1c1pT. Ct'd.H do, Heck Broorn !\. :\Ic Lean, and )J
obtain Ilia hands,jrne.t faces and to pel feet it in I by qualified' electors, for the term of four If ops Corn do, ( 'a'llh.illz1.111"1": : S trying: (It'. A'ces, Axe others, owners of the t r&tfr ?* i i

every respect, we will venture to say it will be years in i the, at the same time, in thesame manner, and Crop, for sale bv I 111'lw..:, I II Iks and 'Flmirnt! '':, Box I II looks, Ball do, steam boat Augo-la: [ j
found as handsome, if not t the handsomest in the same place where they vote for members II. I.,. Gm d.). Cotlon l rIo, g'lat do, Fi.hi un, Caulking vs. }}.LibtI for Collision.

United States. We lure ah J a very ha:1d3Jrne of the llou;;e of Representatives; and no person -- -- -.- A r.r..L. lr l Iron.;, :Making Iroml:, :\Iarin; : I'ik'i', Ship 5crmurs The Steam Boat Hufaula,

assortment of Flowers ami Job Letter of the latent shall be a Senator: unless! : he be a white man, a Camphor and Piperine, t 'r Utiuig:; IJippt"rs, Cllok's Ladle>:, Tor"IPntor, her tackle, apparel and t
style, to which we would call the attentionof citizen of the United States, and shall have been QUININE for sale by u> re- lJi\'id..ro, C.Hllpa.es, Sin Ncedl's( .!il 'Twiu, fnrlt tllre.
an inhabitant of this State for two :Stine do, :-"wint; do, 1',1110., J Iligin: i Leattwr, ,
Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All years next pre April 11 H. F. ABELL. : l do is hereby given to all
/ whom
ceding his: election, and the last __ Pump ShovelHaminer I ?. I Hatchets. CInt-eN: NOTICE it may
articles manufactured by tis: shall be of a material 1 the district ye.ir a residentof : SU'saltiU'illa -n A tig'irs. I'lanns. I Ilaii'Isaws: ( ;Jimblfts.i : 1 Hano-aw that by; virtue of an attachment
equal, it not superior to '' or county for which he hall be Syrup. :Fil.! '.,:, I Rat Tail I I do warrant of I
ay: manufacturedat I Iron S'panv, C ni>!'joaril I Locks, arrest, ia urd ia the ab"ve I C.4t7)1A 3 "
chosen c.m-e JE
the North ; and as xxv s'nall sell Type at New 'I' five and shall have attained the age of twenty- JUST received.' and !for sale by Stock In, I Hooks! and StapleHIII; I r 1 ?.--.. I'.idl.ick, have seized! and la!:"n I h.- a'fI\'c' meu'limed St Tin- ro'IW.(1f" \\Y P I'll : R .71 I .1t: O E.

York prices, we trust to ine--t with encouragement. years.: -- I. 11.1.. '. .\BELL..: Wood Saxva, l\ 11'1.\11 1 I HanlyanJ-, (Hand[ Lines*, Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel and furniture atn hon (,1'I"t : ; < \t f vx"u.il; <-..Ii m iJ.e rftn'-'-
Sec. J.I Be it --- --- ot.e nhn 1 -h )hii
Jurther enacted, That the sixth LIFE .tiJfOFf'iT'S J'f'P Sea do, T4ng rio Fi"h un, tilr.l.YTools a / :<, \ to answer (to the libel filed ; pr""d ric"rthil
We clause oCt the aforesaid, article be are now prepared to manufacture BRASS read follows as ':), just received') and for; sale bv Chall{ I..il/, I'I/.h l'iuts I..o Books a collision, in a cause civil and maritime. kriinx ;f'iiZfI}: !by all x\ho have it d
as viz. The ( b
RULE:: and TYPE ot : with I I classification of Senators Nov 21 I C.trgo do, That the said it t, t I. be FAS:
magmluJo is
any : prompt J. C. ALLBN". h process returnable SUPERIOR
We would as made at the l first session of the General : 11'I.I\'in 1'11I":, Tinw>, Crockery, Cnlenlcl'd{ District before the to t arty i !her: : : :.tvirtnij,li.uti
ness.: of Printers also paiticularly call the attention Assembly! held in the year ISI-I l shall continue Ut'inanti; ; ; Etopc. S-impson PO.5Ii', Arc, fcc. Court tithe! (L'r.iteii States for the! North in m di>fM"f for vx !Jiirh it i is; r-rc'n.t: t rd!, d. Jf nonlv ('{
to our LEADS, having an entire unchanged half PCS: Apalachicola. Jan. 2.5.GRKF..V : ) t7. ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's! office of clrnwon! ) \:s AXD !
of Kentucky IN
; one whom Bagging: VlGtRAT.s
neset of moulds, !by which we are enabled I as nearly as possi- 100 ; said Court, in the of
ble shall be If):} coils Apalachicola, on: the I'HtiUo SY-TEf: : ,
chosen forever hereafter Rope it d Lrarrifs hu
; : aid
to furnish a perfect, arlic c. We are also Agents; for the biennially -1 bales / : ; & COVXERY) X'I. 31)' Water street, thin! \IJrab.(171h(I 1 day) ot Mav, instant': at H m. r I he .ra'uinrlant jJt
for the sale of the Napier Wa-hington, and I term of four years: : Proollnl, however, Bagging Tw 'lI', for sale by : just received(l and otter for !sale! A. :M., at WhiCh time and place the said : tt: "iI: f M I urns SO

Smith Presses!, which together with Chases, and of it is hereby declared, that the term of office Dec .1 WM. G PORTER & CO. I 12i icks (;Jreen I Rio Coflew (!new crop ;) is to be heard. cause PI\\I.fT; OF IX Till: 0:1(1 .* XU

Cases Slicks Furniture that class jSeaators unexpired at the first __ -1 Water street. HJi) barrels :Northern Dated rOWEI. CHILHEX.: 1IP: cst-mcnntl!
Composing Ink and I election under the __ and Western Flour ; Apalachicola, 'flu's I5h! day cf1av, 1 those e in bad .
every other article re-jmred, in the Printing business amended! Constitution, shall 2'J'J: OH 1 Rectified in the b 17. TJe ml'u f rn:5lt.f: la.t
extend to, and Iron, Nails, *Vc. Whiskey ; year ROBERT :MYERS: t't: ret in \I.ich \\' .
will be kept o.i hand: : and furnished expire on, the first Monday in lU'J hOwhile: and. brown > Uer;
t pal rcrs.
amintacturer's October TOXS Swe-'e Iron Soap ; [U. S. Marshal. and 5n it
eighteen hundred and fifiv. 'lo assorted sizes rcirirxing it is i in pr.-ibie fi
; r
: prices. 10'J: kegs Nails .) hbils! N. 0. Sugar ; .1!,) :Mu cox-adodo' bv H.! R. x rrs to .
TAILOR reRtaiii
; the
Se<\ 5. Be it further enacted ,1',. D. M. r in body. Ir i i. !h.trn.'Ir
That the in n" ,
Editors I first
and Printers xvishing! to cifablUh :! 2J casks IJacon Sides and Shoulders May: 22, IS 17. titer
a election fur .1 1 casks! Weeding 1 HOPS! assorted qualities ; __ IMfFranklin !) on the ar'd: the health the
y.lcl J
Newspaper Job under this amended ; b' : pfieht 13alxvnx
or Printing Oiiice: will be furnished 5 i Ihrns
with estimate Constitution, shall take place on the l first Steel Fared I Anvils;? ; Circuit < improved by it-u<(', xxhtn no
an in detail for the same, Monday 20 Engli h 2'J' barrels Clarilieil Sugar ; Coirf, ** di-vovered. e\el \\Irc
by stating: t the size of the piper: or the particular in October, eighteen hundred and forty-eight": ; 2'J' > and American Vises ; 10 boxes Loaf do ; STATE:; OF FLORIDA. ar The
Uell-.xvs Canadian
and the first session of the ; Charles RarunndlIel is :i
style and of General Assembly Vermifuge or.iy 2"ctnts air.tt
work un "
be .
quantity to executed.QC 30
Sperm ( tuitles
12 dozen : I h
Spade and ; Ic amid is
der this Shovels much
amended Constitution Adams George W. iicreeasily !
shall ; H.
The proprietors of newspapers who will 1 the commence on L 10 Coll in,' Axes 2'J' barrels rE Rnm:: ; j ntl.ff. ;dmmbtHet !!
I fourlhIonJ.y November ; Barnard and Charles
publish this advertisement in the
six months, and send year 10 White's
eighteen hundred 10() bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards MiltimorcGin ; Larkin Prepared only JOHN
a to cilice forty-eight. ; Merchants: Attachment.iradinguniJtrthefirm WIXLR & Co., E3
paper our weekly, will be pud for the 10 I
Passed 1 casts Ro\\'lan 1's Cd.t Steel J/lIne.ticBrar.dy; M t.'ileri Lane New York.II. .
Senate, December :Mill I Sr.vs ,
advertisement! by purchasing MX times. the amount :22: IS 1) 1000 liB ; 10 N (0 MolieTiO }St1rns\\orn< 10$ t. I 13 th) )
advertising; bill in T 'pe. D. II. :MAYS, President of Senate. Cast and German Steel, for sale by b.)ixe-' Eighth! I Cheese; rf Barnard, Adirns I Damages .<"ttt). 1. .\nrtLfnt
I II. ARCHER, Secretary of Senate. WM.: G. PORTER:! & CO. Diiry ; & Co." J.H!t' ". P nb.
GREEN & CO. ; .I.hl
Dec ; pipce.; Kent uckv BI ;it' <
4 :! ;. ------
May 22 Is Passed House Reps., Dec. 2'J, ISIIJ.ROBERT .Jl 1 Wafer stnet.MOFFATS !. T3J xs.John --------
17. I'.M'nn!! 17 Canal st. Row. ( coils TIic (. ui1tii-
nope I
iiwnivv\ ., IIPtIa'r.. .ir.,,. Ron.> LIFE | ; JilI. roat Canadian .
--" -- U PILLS AND I PIKEXIX( :: 10 biles Alicanl :Mats
11110.;; St. M. j' ; W2.\KfS:
D. .
Sugar VPV, Clerk House Defer.d.mt SYRl'P
) ; and all
10 Reps. -;, ju-t received and for sale S.) bxsand hlf.bx/ THE other inter.-fcd, xvill: .
by :Mai.
29 do New Oilcins March (nc'croil) Raisins ( )HORFIHOUNH) :
Sugar: to arrive; 13, IS 17. 0-Cm Nov 23 ; c notice of the institution: KLIX'AMPAXE.: !
__ __ It//) sacks Rio Collee: .r do Java If. F. ABELL, Dr.ig.nt.Saratoga : 10 !Lfinons ; of the aSoxe l"nmaIec! for ihe curt ut Ctm ..( lil
; 0 ; --- ------ suit by attachment/ returnable to I a-. i> >, Asiluna; ,
40 bxs Aromatic Slate of Florida. 7i: :\T.llll1f.lfOlllr't! Tobacco: ; December ;j'lttnig of ellOl 1 I .,i.sh
: Tobacco Term ,
; "1 atCI' I IS (17, ot I Frmklin Circuit \\ll"'pI' 1'lf.IIy -
50 COUNTY OF" UARTS 2":) Ca..,',;:b.l\ted Pickle--! and will cf Ilr- .ithm:;. ,
Mnfl'd do. FRANKLIN. and ; ) :
Brown's and
Labby's fresh /for sale I and (1'1:11:11(0.
plead thereto
; ; appear
Q according to law.CARRAWAY and all I>
'J() Sperm Candles; :'rt) bxs brownSoap; I 3 virtue of the power vested in me by law, I April 1 17 110 I I 1'. AltfliL.RIiiik 3'J iirels ,rlckat113"2! : and S ; Drrnchitis &tiease! ita't ne III!,
SMITH: that
shall -- .. half ,! is thtz'sar.d'
100 bags: Shot ; :50 kegs Powder expose for sale before the Couit house ----------- -- -- '-'-- 2'I I til-- el'l! do ; -Miej.iiig!
; door, in the city Hooks and :2'''I I bies: assi>il eti Sviups PlaintilFs Attorney. to a grate Littler the name o1
2000 lbs! Lead ; I ca>ks Linked! Oil Apalachicola, Franklin! county SfafifuICI" ; ..-\ C*., lrCI.atlrt
; pahdjicoIaprill 1 1.:) in !
_<>J kegs: White La l, No. I. Extra and Pure. I Monday: the twenty-fifth day of October LEDGERS( : Journals, Day Books, &c. 2r) j chI; and b j\es Gunpo'.xilcr; :and Ily- I ___. __ __ _. 1 bl7.I al'iil7IIlm;; _ >.urai ii> ..' bx u:irg; this Ierl'

For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. next, at the usual hours: of sale, so much of the : "! Foolscap and Letter Paper; .son Teas I : ; I Franklin: cine.F,
Dec 5 Ian is lying opposite the city of Apalachicola Cotton :Memorandum Bonks I 10 I J thie.ts: anti bnvcs, IV.xdiongToas Circuit Court. r st'ver.il 't.lr5 part, Ihx r:'< tiinr, I' :.s bfel
11 Water street. and ; ; D. K. b
known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining Ship and River Bills Lading; :2! half pipes Old C'ugmiac Brandy ; Dodge, j)> UH in C.m'da.ht'rt' if |I'I hl'l" i: i' unuirdljly
Tar.raiit's. E Ire rvesc e at SeltzerAperient. will be sufficient to make the sum of Three Hun-as Boonks/ for Letter" Press. fD) baskets ''IIcuKiock"I Cliarnpagne! "s. VI.v CHASCCRV.: :. kittiw- anti! is l"'I ldHt! d! the !bt "I f nidirire
I tired and Seventy Dollars and! cosls, for the Blank Bills of Exchange and Checks, :io') kt>g-s N.uN, a-siited I ( SiZeS ; Jamf'sC.'at"l.n D. K. ft ii!. S in ue for all! pullwnary dn.tae'I t.e great

I jEALTIL REXEWED, and an invigorated I I amount (A the State Taxes due from the Apa Just received and for sale by 2" bbN Pilot iin.l.I Navy Bread; ; Dodge, ) -'iccexfuch ; alt'llld! it- l-e in that comv
trr, and
condition of body producedFERVESCENT I lachicola Land Company on the additional :March 1 'II. F. ABPJ.L. J tu-rces new Rice ; D. vs. > Bill for Partition. Ih. in-inx (trl\wor.dPtul cures xxhicb

by the u4e of T.VU NT'S E tity of assessable lands lying in this: county quan., and ------- .. 20 kegs: ;and quarters new Bnckwheat ;.1 McDougutd: ,. et. a- ) h H.bl'n di .CI.d'b. if: has ilitcttlhc proprie
JLTZE liable to For: Sale htJ.J'Iiorther! GEORGE ROSS; having! l filed a tors to the .
Tax for t the year one thousand hun 200 ; Oafs petition on C'Jtul States, con-
: dred eight BnLS'LOUR' 50 : IS 1(3( praying to have fident of ils being the most and
) to be and forty-five. 100 ; bbls. Whiskey ; Apalachicola, Dec. 5, l'il 10. a certain Sari valuablesmedy
!.00 bbls. Molasses amount of money now in Court ever discoxtn-d, ar.d !
remodj"Wf Uw present JOHN LUCAS Sheriff ; 20 hhd Sugar. ----- -- ---- belonging to adapted to ail diseases
estion anolilcioTax, Collector fur Franklin, Co. Jut landed from schooner Ann, and for sale Tobacco.'HALF defendants, appropriated to t the 11J'rm'nt of his of the !lungs, xx hen any (,1 the function do net

_- licola, Apnl2l. 1S17. 1fim /owfor rack, by () b'1xe"I.U1l1f.tcllJr \V L Hoane fees:: as the Counsellor and Solicit r of said de perform their natural ;r haty action, exerting a

-March27 NOURSE, STONE: & CO. -.,, I Brand. fendants; and) the matter having been referred to most grateful and M-othing u.flutnce ove the

aVegetable Aiitibillioiis -- II I half boxes: Manufactured! Price" Brand. me as Special Master in Chancery to act asid re- functi.uj.s of (the whole: $x>teir, diminishing ex-

,f _; it pr.L cct. 1 Tills. I-IATSanJ Caps by B.t the easelowfir cash by :l I" 4' do. port upon the same, alter having given 'M:: tLx-s I cifcmontxhen (x.tcsi\'c, alavin' irritation,

-' plJ' just received and for sale by -. ELLISON-- & .CO. :2 H"V Barloxv" notice by publication in the papers.;, It is I there soreness and pain, ant"ph'dl.; i I i iniparlirigrenexv' '

4_ __ ; -fl, H. F. ABELL. For Sale, --- IS 22 lb 1I'.xei" I' J \Morgan": dants fore ordered that said George W. Ross, the defen ed vigor and! (.. iCII.' \t tide frair.e.

I lb : Watson, McDougald, et. al., and all others Prepared and sold, xxhsaIe! ard retail
&VgfI 1oceasw fHIIDS. choice N 0 1-2 Lumps. by
Oil. Sugar .
amp ; i interested, to .HHIV. 1'_. .. _.
II appear before 9JIOt'rl
lcd, a splendid article, for sale / :;ij bbls Flour, by 5 i Soxes Minufactured "J W Morgan" Brand me in the citv of n'I"r.'I. "" ." ,\ J.are, Ie\
Fy Feb 2 Premium. Hpaiacnicola on the seventh ((7tli) cf York i soie proprietor f the I'ni'ed
April next States.
1 J C STO\TR: Arn. '
ALLEN. then and
/ there
= -__-__- I : to defend/ II.
Nn.-J C. ,AIfr; -- --- I :; boxes 1 present or their rcspec- F. ABELL, Agent
sI Napo-
.- : __ : astor Oil and OIL just leon',, j ire claims: &c. Jan !0
receivedand .
QoLD- Saratoga Water, SALAD for sale by BrandI.lgnil: ia. _Apalachicola.

..- __ for sale by I 117 II. F. ABELLIiay : 5 boxes Manufactured co.. Na: ,,>..- CARRAWAY SMITH:, Balsam of
H. F. ABELL. leon's" I Brand S'C''lalb; isfrr in ( hancen',1 Lh"el'\'ort.
.. "Strawbery. .
w ; ,. .
1iitp Itiim. \ : > REMEDY:
"i hi, :.March/
15 most
t ,
50 20 lb boxes: Manufactured NtIcon's Ibl7. Sti A perfect i is said now to b
,- -
. $Ir4 -a Molasses. supply of A. French's ; i't aii"g! of he discovered in settled
) 1i AFRESH superior Brand: "Magnolia." I i. ( above matter is: posf- Con umrticn, Li>
N j -i" ) Fels, for sale oy I just received and for sale bv 9 IIIeiIalmf.lclllrerl: ; Morford Dew P'} z.t: :u i"!!. !''nday, the IGth ins-t. Complaint, or any of their incipient smptcr',

\ -iP.! ELLISON t CO. June 12 II. F. ABELL. I I 10 Crates Crockery ; 10,000 Plorida Honey Star's } .xua! !,u' 1.mh, April I lu), IS 1713lt on the Clrono-Thermal system by The use (t
1 21 Wafer street. j '."- I II.' Doctor '
Dry Goods. :Z'j;' do/ Negro Caps ; GO do-/ Hoes, assorted." i / hearing of the above matter is postiuia celebrated medicine th
: ____ i" / -.1 until the COth( June Genuine BALS\M
UiV I next. he '
Ingrain prepares
Tickings Carpeting: Cotton Cards, Trace Chains
DRILLINGS Cotton Osnaburgs" j Xiv:: -,'!ncoh at 37;
J ; Saloon. l : Jeans, FlnneN !For sale low to close consignments, by j April 21 I, IS 17. 15-2m; ;BOWER This plan i.f treatirenl,
Blan ,: Ti.f'!
kets, Tweeds LOCKHART I hearing of the above matter is espoused by several eminent phxsiciar, isand ,
announce his Sb irtjrigs,, Sheet & YOUNG. .. postn. -
m : Checks "> -.l| iMtil has
; ( ( the been
N& 1J '_ ]ally, that hSFiaspstabliV Ginghams: Calicoes, Delanes Hosiery &. & Nov. 11 I 53 Water' street 30th of November next. for a long time, the !ccrct rf the
i c c. Apalachicola unparalleled
Cathpb For sale by B. ELLISON[ : & CO July 3, IS 17. t' success which has attended PtCtCaylebr's

Irid Jan 23 23 Cloths and Carpets. medicine in performing its wonderful

---- r6tik Water street. 18Oil Oil Cloth, 1 and 2 yards: wide; Franklin Circuit Court. cures, which in many, very many cases, bat

tZ1 : -jITz, Yeast and Soda Powders of the super Ingrain Carpeting; Barnant Adams & Co., ))) been almo:t incredible", but the conclusive proof

L4kM 1____ jualily, for sale by 3 'a Cotton ", I John Dill aVnd;; In Chancery.! t the Doctor can bring ,forxvard are irresistible a111xxe
i- 1 Elizabeth advice
'! <1> J. C. ALLEN.: 2 Stair Ann f all who may have Cu"Js or siirpl

17'' L r Lt For sale by WM. G. PORTER &. CO. I' Dill. J colds even, to ue this perfect specific withUlelay.

;I id MURIATE of QUININE, Dec 5 -ft Water street. IT having been made tl' appear hv affidavit that & Franklin says a leak "iII irk i a
the defendants "
John Dill and Elizabeth big ship. Therefore
____w your coughs btfae
1 J. C. ALLEN. Boots and Shoes. Dill, rlide01l1 ot (the State of Florida, to wit: your lungs are past clr sale by
sizes, JU recei and Men's! Russet in i the State ofGeor ia. It.ii ( F'o'
-, ki iWIfOEUIill BOY'S : Brogans; ordered that pub- J. C. ALLEN, Sole Agent for
: 0 ication. be made for four
Candy. : sewM and peg'd Kip Brogans o months, in some news- -
II. F. ABELT -: &$ _: ed Essence: of Hoarhound Gent fine Calf Brogans ; r printed in the city (Apalachicola, requi- C.\UTION-The genuine -palrhir"I.. '

:: ixturc. $fCand une sale by Win's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Chi1drei; to appear and! answer said bill, else it I B\ts\M OF LIVERXX-ORT, has on tleb 'tMf);a
fluid extract H. F. ABELL. Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco SSup. n7ro1Confe8so. splendid steel plate ongraxipg-

"1 -r r cfrorT __ a, 'etableSeI4tb .i1 s Extract of Kucliti. \'r Ladies* cosrso: and fine Calf J ")2IAS.., BALTZELL, Judge. t terfeits signed r\v Gurdon J. Lepd,prevent any (((Or.i II
: iAL A large and exten ive as"sort vile and dangerous:
rn m imitations
ard (tf I e
rrA ZD gennine, for sale by t public
andforsnleby: WM. G. FOR cautioned not to purchase i
J. C. ALLEN. __ 1. or deal J in it, as it :
Dec for sale bv
5. protected by the
L.S Copy Right Law,
., | C. ALLEN., March 21, 181 12-ly

T ____ $ ) $iiI r k$ ; : -r


; I IJ : ,

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I\4 \ '" .. -- :. ... :: ._ ,. .

I f'........... .' _'I"...... .. ..ti -,- _; """, ,,,,,, .... ...... __ rr- __..,:- ., ....-... ',. '. ., :t._ .1 ,_ J '.. -..-. --" -1' '. .-- ---.-- _-;.;__ .- ..: ".-'.!! -'._' ':. _. "-- .. __ ::
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I:1: ; ---..: -... -- --i*... ...-&:! ....... ,;;,L-'" ...J-,. _t4\' ;:,'-__ .I", J. o.c w :

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