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L-LN U ivi-UDj-lfl0

Sibintion to attack- the head of the War De-
partmentin 0 Seh.sitive a point; he.fully
dgreehd vih t'he hero ofLundy's Lau6,,that
rearward attacks were decidedly tu fotbifir~rt-
able. gut lie would take oecasioli to say
that things were not going oi aswel as they'
0ould; if lie hdd beer! permitted tb sacrifice
himself into a" Plenipo-General. He wa'9
for peace, an hnino'able peace, which mrfeant
a large -iie'e, and had the warrior plenipo
sacrice been consummated, he would have
s86h a ,lie'ce, and niot a mere patch of the
bottoth or-- "-[Here Marcy rose again,
and demanded wetbier 'patch' had an,
refere6410.b him ?I Bulliordexplained; he
meant lpatehl at the I botltm of lthe Rio
tan d .f';_ 'biH e ,ould to nt be inier-
irupteq main; the"wai- department should
causion 'fo'r itto burst :t breeches-.
Marcy agaih jmiped up, Kave clai'medtAe'
floor," audsoughlt ,to throw .o|l upo 1 3h.e
Waters CfoiscorJ,.h Court
not to rprmitits.frlf to be riven and rent to
pieces IN)e--. 'Marcy in extreme ire,
demanded an-explanniion ofthe w o'd 'rent'?
Great cinfusiori nsuied. Bullion appeal-
ed to the'presideht, who, after whispering
with the J~dge-advocate, decided -thai the
war eparltnent was fundamentally out of

Maoiy ro1e with great wrahh and sad hebe
had lien inited there to'condemn tive pri-
sone,, not ti Have his breeches conti ully
thrown in bf,; teeth. He was the heeai of
ilie Var Derartment, and a' proper respect s
for hat Department, reauireid that lhe I
shokid fight o-retire; he hoplded (he Court U
woull spread upon the j,,urn:,ls that h,.e
telihrdl not rureated. FHeretipon he left'-t
preeliiately, giving obliqued to the door-
but s he squatled around le-pass out, a smadl l
pate was visible on the seat- of bonor,
whig Ritchie aaid w'as a crescent, selected,
no dubt, as a eOat of arms from his ances- [
torsiaving been crusaders, but old matter- t
o-fth swore it boked like a linsey half l
doljt.; 9
,. Te Court then re6simed business, and a
Bnlbu with a modest blush again advanced. c
He egged that t-he court would not con- sg
sideany time consumed by himi as misspent; a
in fat bis was the sacrifice: he was speak- a
ing )r the wireal 6f mankird,- and not as a
usui, for his $8 Oer diien'; besides h6 was
neglcting a treatise on AIgehba, particular- i
ly a;pied to the computation of mileage. 01
]ieed, both the curt and the country
had Very inadequate idea of his import-. -
anc; true, he did not consider them very '
mu'i to blame, ais it was extremely difficult r
to cmpreliend him in all hisvast magnitude. t'0
It wuld seem that greatness had of late be-
coit a family affliction, and if not soon re-
Jitei, both he and h sot-in -mhaw would 1
hl-atb put the government to tthe expense- -y
olheMarcy quar(erings. In couclusion, ,o
hAwould remark, that everybody knew his
sainients: they had long been before the ,
country, they' were simply to condemn n,
erybody generally, but himself and son-in- dL
l:i; and to-violently advocate both of those
'ihe-venerable father Richie next address- sa
etbe conrt in the following laconic speech; '
"!ous rerrons."
)ausage replied : He thought no good ar
doocrat -would make use of ",urrin" m
wds. It$ smacked of aristocracy, but he cl
hied from the proverbial courtesy of the r
verable martyr, that nous verrons" had )
nallusiori to his innocent indulgence in in
ssages. It was true They were there lo de
trt of war and condemn two old war- i.1
ris, but be must' confess that, amidst br
svds; epaulettes and' pompoons. his gentle
tlligits still turned on sausages-. .it was
hipa'ssion and his weakness; he tej'oice'l k
in)emocracy, but he gloried in sausages. fa,
If06 two refractory old bantams were to es
beunished,(he would propose that-the sau- .
s ration of Taylor be stopped for thirty
dal, and .Scott stopped from writing pro- g
citations. ,,
iekly, Ficklin said he had great respect pex
retihe gentleman who had just addressed ur
th'court, he was a top Sawyer, aye, a lip bi
tbiSciwyer, and if titles were not anti- .,
depcralic, he would like to see him creat- ie
-diuke of Bologna ;yet. he must adnmonish be
hiliefried that his degrees of punisl-nment e
liii.0t tiieet the cases and crimes of the two ha,
'liiiers, Ior, what Tay lor, the first trans- t,.
Sreri reari but love for sausages, to dry
ip ,oll':s ink horn was worse than frying ,.
iveli-ls. Hewotuld therefore propose thai '.
heyboth b'~e Sentenced to read his last "
p~eeli in Cong~ress every morning before m.
ireMilait, for thiirty days, and to consider"o
iiiu:t, enlleiiian for the same length o"of
.\.ba.-.li)\- Shannon differed wrih both. vl
be,ntlen'ii. ;It was not.the proviencie OJ*'a
be~cpui-t to passi~enteunce of death or sen-,,,
ieueoTiitipossibiliiy. Qyt would be deathh'
a ,1. si",? oi'. ik,f, .*,,d an impossibility to L.
on--i~leit Ftckl, lEn ga entleman even fo:r- a
ingle;. 1,01)1b,1, far -less, for -thirty days.- ,..
?be mast cruel pi,,iislim'cn t he conII think r .'.

f (an.\hey werC Sitl,,,taiinii.de, if they C'jud(l 't
-t., heoc d
; d [ IF)(] /, I /, was III-it they .Silo-uld .1 .
e;,l ,.rnor Rejon8s despatc.hes addressedl."-
) hiIt| 1"Oud imagine them addliessedd'Io
e 111-;e erPry, morning for iIiiiiy d iys ; 8-
11 HInMeimber said in conclusion thai he' the
ad hi'l"Cl IYeen s.kineil, literally flayed (el,
live by leaM in mch less time fhan thi. M
kt this stre of the procrediag, the Jud ge-
Idvoc,1e0 ad tilhe foilln i nite, wtrich he b '
tated ha tust been-handed in. "
"Seign(s: Ahthough not a member- of ele
our honipble body, I most respectfully sili
eg leave suggest to the conirtt,chat the of-
nest efficiht ipunfshment for the prisoners ref
vould to b'ondemn each'one of them to cei
vrile a bo.' "b ar
'.Wilh hlIconsiderationf&c., &o.-*-' firs
^ '\ WADDY" wh
The cou summed up,' hut bein., so dis-I tho
"acted-Inqnion that they could nt. agree' "ner
na'ly:cl 'n 'le,.1 to. refer the whole nitim te' lif,


Tap undersigned propose publishing in the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
weekly newspaper with the above title..
This paper will be devoted to Literature, Agri-
culture, and Science; it wvill also contain the
current news of the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy.
The want of a local paper has been severely
felt in Jackson, Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the.pioposed establishment of
this Journal.
.: The undersigned hope to obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
tion by the Ist of September.
TERMS-Three dollars perannum, in advance.
$3 50.if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of the-year.

to the Judge Advocaie and Senor Atocha,
who found as follows:
Scott, not guilty of disobedience of orders,
having be6'en' spnt out expowly id head
Taylor, who having already disobeyed the
DaedR river manda .at Buena Vista, forced
.8hort to' kick Santa Anna down 'Cerro Gor-
do to keel) even with him, for, bidh they re-
'compmend that Congress should present him
with a massive siler 'ladle, with ih'e rep're-
sentation 61f the oaftionai eagt6 perched in
the rim, with a be6k full of macaroni.
STaylor, guilty of'charge and guili] 6'f
the specification. The office being one of
gra-ve importance. they sentence him to be
ke[pt as inactive a pos-sible ,during the ba-
hanceoftbe war, and at the. end of it, to re-
lieve the man of Duck river from the cares
and.- repSonsibili es of his present danger.
-bus station. .. ... "

ALMUNTE. JidigSAdvoicate.

[From Sharpe's Magazine1]
THE qt ."' -
The old lady who related the outlinie ir
the followieg singular story, heard it told,
in her youth, by no means as a fiction, but
as a real occurrence. Shl even once knew
the name ofthe old northern family concern-
ed in it, but that,.with the exact daies, she,
has now forgotten, if she evr knfew the lat-
ter; and having never written down dhe story,
she has Do means of recovering them.-
However, from her express mention of a
tight wig, worn by the benevolent old hero
ofthe tale, we have fixed the strange occur-
rence not earlier than the last century.
-Towards the end of a gusty October day,
abqoul.h.t year 1730, a barrister of the tern-
)06ewas skiing reidding, when the opening
o.-he.door, and the servatsa abnnoncem
rneut Of "a gentleman," interrupted liin.
He rose to receive his visitor, who proved
o be a perfect stranger, a pets-tin of 'eiry
gentl6ifanly, bui extretmiely old-fashioned
appearance. He wag dressed in a grave-
colored suit, of antique cut; a neat, tight
gray wig surrounded his serious, and even
olemn, physiognomy ; silk stockings, rolled
t the knee-'; eno'rdrousshoe buckles of gold;
cane, headed with the same metal, and a
road-brimmed and u#,ocked hat- complet-
d h-ds e'quipmeni; which was I6' the fashC.
on Of (he last years o'Wihliam the Third,
r the first of his successor; Having stifly
owed, in the exact way prescribed by the
tiquette of the era to which hedseemed to
long, he took possession Of the chair of-
ered him by his host'; and, after a bieorai-
orv ahem, thus bgan, in a slow and serious
a oner. ;' -,.
" I think, sir, y6oi-ax&1Jie lawyer erpifb_- (
4 by"tre-S -amiry- -hao-p..,y--
orksbire you are, therefore, aware is about
o be sold." ,. .
"I have, sKi', answered the barrister, t
full instructions and powers to complete :
ie disposal of if, which, though a painful t
uty to rip, must be performed." "
"It is a duty you may dispense -wit" ,
aid the visitor, waving his hand. "the pro_
erty need not be sold." ---
" May I presume to ask; sir, ihether'ybj. v
re any relation to the family? If so; you n
ust be acquainted with the absolute'ne-
essity of selling it; in consequence of the o
aim of another branch of"tbe family, just a
turned from beyond sea, who, as heir-at-,,,
w. is naturally 'possessor of the estalt.e
default of a will to the contrary; and whbo:
sires its value in, money, instead of ihe' a
nd. Th~e prteben o69sgssor is unable to a
uy it, and must therefore depart.". r
".You are mistaken." replied the .old a
gentleman, rather testily, ",you seem not to a
now oft lhe will of Mr P S-'s great g -ntl P
other, by which 10 not only left that, his
late, to hks favorite grandson, this gentle- P
an's father, 'but eveh entailed it on hie ta
eat great-grandson."l a
,, Such a will, sir," said the barrister, C
Was; indeed, supposed; for many years, to 0
ist; and, in virt.ue 4f 1; -Mr. S, has; d
Dtil now, peaceably.enjoyed the property; "
ut, on the claimant's application, renewedfi
arch having beth made for it, either the
ilier proves. wholly unfounded, or it ba$
en lost, or.-destroyed. Cabinets, cebets, di
ery room. in habiledl and un, inhabited,.d
ve been rafsacked in vain. Air. S-- ...
s now given up all hope of finding it the v,
Ie ist(o becompleted, in the course of next' a~t
*ek ; ;ind the fine old place must pass into K
e hands of strangerss" -o
t" You-lare mistaken once again, young P'
an," said the strange~r, striking -his cane r
the floor; "I say, Sir, the will exists;- c'
o, ," immediately," continueded he, in an ?1lt
thoritative tone, "travel-night' and daiy. ls"
ou may save an old family from disgrace
d ruth. In hihe end room oit the left wing, ,
w ni,,iihibiied, is a closet mn (he wail."
" We have looked~there," interrupted the e<
rristef". *~ s
"Silence,-str; there i a closet,-1 say. In r
a~t loset is a large :chest ;.that chest lhas ai .
se-.bottom, -and iunderneaib that:is:':the .'
esS. I amn certain of what I(say. *,lTsaw *tt
e Dialper tdeiposiie-d there-;'no n-r]iei.e ,hen, o1

by whom. Go-:. you will find it w1ro1 la
iir troubler.- My nfame, air, is Hugh
--. Ia-rinot now personally known io _
eiproprhetor uof .- Hall; bult Falb is
action and have his welfifae at, lieart.-- ,n
eglept t notto follow.nv advic ,-it -.. ir
So saying the hld -ndlemnan arose, nganin
wed, and at thedoA-r pun on his lia. in a .
hiou which would- have enchamned -an 's
gatofquen Anne's day; arid slidingthe *r
ken string of his cane on- the little finger sa
his right hand, on whirh the lawver-had In
Marked a- very fine brilliant ring.'he des:-
nded the stairs, and departed. leaving the-'
rrister in the utmost asionishment. At sl
st he felt half i finliend to consider the
role as a .hoax ;' then aeain, when lie '
otig}ig of--the old gentlem-in's grave man-
ri; and the Intim'ate knowledge ho'.'rmst 4t
ve 1possessed tf the house, to be'able to aI

describe the room so-exa'ctly iii which the.1
chest was, he could- f'ret but iebve hint-a
be sincere.. :q,
dAt fengih,'aL, ter much-d~clbdratro6hn h6
de cided upon im m edialei dep ar1tUr e and
arrived, on the evening of the fdhb ri d,-ay
at [j-Hail. Th'e sale h'dbbeh-thehAo"-:
ly theme of conversati'o-n at^every-p.lne he '. "
had passed through, within iwery mile'.Ies--6ti.
his~destinatidn i anid much anil' Ioudl. wis
it lamented, that the squire.shoalId' be leav-i'
ing his house forever, .aEt0-t-fft poa,r"'-
John --would never ejoy his ritghofsS t ..
persisted in calling lhe pong.o" of di" 6
estate. On his entran-ce into i, !ansio'i:',
signs of approaching ,eirova 6r.. W .
met his eyes. Packages ".fil.e 't il l. "'*
servants, with sorrowful coan~r-e .i'ajf re^-
-huryng bfut.; and llie-ram fsw~ iriger-'-
id'g adly 6ovr the last din4et lie-y.' veirr-"'."*,
to partake of in their regretted hom-.
Mr. S-- greeted his friend w-1ifV-.- ~a "
prise, which changed to'iei44eifl,0y i '.
the barrister, requesting, his-pfivatp ea'._de"
cared the reason of his uppearat"'a. :.
cannott be',aid be g''lf
thfit no one. shoulder c 'ihfve heata^if
hidding or the deed but 1'he.old 46,herleman Z*.i
you miention). Depend upir-N-fi'-hjav166
been deceived, m'y dear 1fr %.i'bIf-,,0
sorry you should have ta.e..'t.n& .(h l:"',i
.trbqble, t so little purpose' A li' 2 "
,The barrister mentioned -ihe harfi-'t', lua; ''
vfsihor. f: .
"Hugh S exclai'ie&- ik he _ntl- t ",k
man, laughing. "I hae*6ot 4.efaiiffn in*
the world of thatiname." : ,1, .: ,'
It itf worth the trvii;h. ^,'vet,.:''-at'
the lawyer; "and since I have con%'e;.j'-A".'
I will finish the adveftuife;"- "- --
Mr. S--, seeing bhs iend'det.rr.ti4
ed, arlengibconsented io satisfy hi"/hv ahd,-"
iccompaihied him towards the aharnt- ".
specifiedd. I.As they crossed one of tlig'r o'm
if) their wAy, he suddenly sto61ped ."tieore
4-Jarge rlU' length picture; ForPO'ie6-2'l
sake"," cried he, "wjo is Ihisp,"
My grand uncle," returned Mt; S-.
" A good fellow as eve- lIved. I wish," .id
all my heart, he were-live no*atirhh
has been dead 1hese,thir years.," .. :"L
What was his narme?"- -_ -"<" "
"Hugh S=..--... The bhiy oneb oi f "ur"
family of that name." -':'5. -". -
"That is the man who balledI bPbi.-me;
His dress, his hat, his very ring aire'tb e re "'i
They proceeded to the cioseb, lifi'd the
raise bottom of the trunk;. and fou'fad th-6 -
deed. .
The kind old uncle was iiever seei iNga90i.6.'

is extremely remarkable, and well-kbithi of
. r-'.ot-- ihat .ra m g. all jihe ar.i
=taers we III_$ v"_tth in te New_.Tes'a- "
meiff;,-there aFe- few represented iT .bre 1
Amiable light, or spoken fff th strfagbr. eiirm"
of approbation, tn n :hbset- 4 'L f_ ti ili-
tary men. It was tfo'aicenrurion. a mili-
ary officer; whose^servant was cured of'
palsy by the author of oxur eljiigimn; lha bat be
aid I have not found s 1. T.fiii-.''- -
in -sa 1e 4 9 .U
,hr-at aonr Saviour's cruei xibriy:ive ilit
oluntary; honest; and unprejuditcetesti, :, .
nony in hi'.favor: TrIly thlis-4"as the Son, ? "
of G6d. It, was a' c,u,.ion w n gci- ",
,usly, preserved the life 6f St. -raul when
proposition was made to destroy him after .y
his shipwreck on the Island rf Mbilita. .:
iva centurian to whom St Pek-twas -se '",
[i ,(he express appointment of GdO; io makin "
tim the first convert among the Gentiles;("
distinction of which he seemedd in every
respect worth,; being,,.as we are told, a Just
nd devout man, one that feared !3bl ti-ith
it his house, that gave iuch "-ms to th6 -
people, and prayed to "God alitays *
When we see men, bred ujp in armiiS.' "e; "
heatedly spoken of in -Scriptiure inuch,
erms of commehatioph #4i these, we.arbA'
uthoriged to conclude ihait hle: prbfgssir lb
aeSy ate engaged in; is not, asi-ome mis'lakil
Christians profess,- to think, an unlawnt '
ne. On the con'- ry, it seesto be stu: ...
lio-usly placed t y 'lie sacred'w ,r ts ir 'n a '-'
arable and ahn- nralhe li"htid *io"
h.'liga t it always has".%en, and always
ught to be considered:" H.eilio Un,der-
iikes an occupation of great tonl ahidigeat.
anger, for the purpose 01" savrng," d~e(end-.4 -
ng, and pr'oeetirng, his~cbi~iiifiy, is a most[. ,'"
atuable and respehtable mhember ol" socitly ;
nd if he conducts hitmfelf with valor, "fidel- ..
y, and humanity, and amid.st(he horrors 'j
f war cultivates the gentle inahmners of- ,^
eace, and the virtues'bf 'i" Iholy life, he/r --
lost amply deserves, arid assuredly..will re'*
eive the esteem, the admiration, and, the
ppla use o f his gratefu-lico u nry,:aWE^what ,-/[
of still greater importance;, th[g'ppr-olba;' :_:
ona of his God.,[Ord _Div'nt:" ." ^:--r-'-

0r respondent of" the Builingjtn Gaze~tte'"' 3
ays, lh~ere is a rose buish fnourishing at hthe -" .:'
*sidence of A. Murray Mcllvaiine. hear "M-
ristol, Pennsylv~ania, known "ltj be" iore^ .o '
ian hundred years old. ln he %ear .c74y

here was a kitchen built, which qe,6ro4..f'1,jl'." -
n" hlie corner of the garden,.idS'-e'rgashs V'- .
idiheicrne,-stone wiih greai;care,s'day .-'
it was a |pit/Io deslroy so 1).pcpaa b sIyf : '
Rrce. then it hais never lCeiled t(6-00 ,ce63 .
rrotusiom of roses, shedd-uig -airound" the -
rost delicious of all pcrfume.&-^iimeiimes*
hias coined lo.r years ovetr ilesecono.siory ,
windows, and (hen deciinid LU'V'tdpgrees-.to "^
lie ordinary lIeigh.t. -.:he. fifjh-'g'fnef ,i.^ o-.
nown regaled w'ilh is -sw ee ^ N bt farlt- :
ore(his venerable bush,"is a tree of .tile', :
aniee age, now ineasuring 1,*ry threefai i
n eircumnlerence-a ',btiionwood. .._., '*...

",Well. John have you made .fliat-butevitl ":
inh e w e ll ? -, -- ,=
.W-ll, I guess it don't 166k ';bad, but .'-!
was a tarnal job thoug'h. I co6b1'nt g t9.a^'.-
other way, aid I look thelfdepiie
nd ieel'd tbe dnrn'd ha'rk all oiflon' .
.. .-"^ :. ,- .*- -r
-' ." , l, ..


Julyi 31, i4'4.

Q^HALF boxes Manufactured "W L Roane"
7I Brand.
44 half boxes Manufactured '0,W Price" Brand.
-,9 'C"' do. "
*8 '" "' W Barlow" "
48,722 lb- boxe ,,J W Morgan""
1-2 lb Lumps.
5 boxes Manufadtured J W Morgan" Brand
5) boxes "4 Napo-
leon's' Brand I Magnolia."
5 boxes Manufactured Napo-
leon's" 'Brand "Strawbery."
50 20 lb boxes Manufactured ,' "Napo-
leon's" Brand '" Magnolia.'"
9 boxes Manufactured Morford Honey Dew
10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars.
3c dozNegro.Caps; 60 doz Hoesi 1ass1ored."
Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Cards, Trace Chains.
For sale low to close consignments, by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.

Oil Cloths and Ca rpets.
PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2 yards wide;
3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
3 Cotton. ",j. ..:'-
F.,r -,Ah, hY W'M. G. PORTER &. CO.
Del. 5" 41 Water street.


B 1 Bools ind Shoes.
BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
B ken's s,.'d' and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ; -
Wimns pdz'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
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Super Ladies'coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A lafe 'and extdrniive assortment, Just received
and for saie-By WM. d. PORTE &- CO.
Dec5 5 :.. 4i Water street.

,).0) TI)\-4 S,<,:Je Ir-in, v;-'-.rled ziizx-i;
-,iLJ ii'r ;,.*,'z- N,,Iilq <,,>.
- ,7 ,', ;" l'rt".'.]in.;-H,:'tn, ;i'i':'rr'.:',J ,i'|iiiies?
20 Bl,,,''snilh Sto1 Fraced ,\An i\;
2.d '* Eir-li-ill ,and Amei ican Viseis j
a " B, R .-ii,,\s ;
l2d/'iSpade.; mil huei;
10F CoLlins' Axes, "*
1Q bxs Cotton and \V.,,AL..l Cal,-i.
1 caserowland's 'nqi. Ste.?el Mill Saws;
1000 lbs C'as and German qte.?el, t'.-,rsale by
WM 1. PMRTE:l.t,& CO. .
-De6 4 1 1t 41Water street.
C iroce8ries and Ship) Stor-es.,
1 O C-',->FFEF:, J.i.. d.-,, Si. D.-,- in--, o do,
-. Northerm Fl...r, \Veqtern do; N 0 Sugar,
St. CroiN do, Porto R-,,: do, 'oun. i Hvsn Tea,
Hson d,:o, Powchong do', Sou'chong do, t-oshen
B,'0,,r, Cheese, Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, MNolasses, Whiskey, "Mess and"Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork, Mackerel. Shad,' Salmon,
Herring., Sounds and Tongi.s; Cod F:,sh Tongues,
Pepper, Spices&-Cal,hs. Pepper Sauce, Ol;.':1e.,
Capers, Pickles, .oar, Starch,. Tobacco, Navy
Bread,,Pilot do, Cra.l,-r;. Vinzair, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt. Raisens. \M.icawoni, Vermacelli. Ar-
r,),w R out, Corn, l.)a., Buck whe it, Mustard. Rice.
For iale by B. EL.-.,ON & CO.
Jan23 I--- :;, -'," -- 24 W ater street.

[From the Baltimore Patriot.]

he Matamoros Fatetg publishes the fol-:
lowinig r'otrli't or ihe proceedings of a Court
Martial assembled, to try Generals Taylor
and Scotlt No official account has-yet. ap-;
peared, in the Union; awlI there is no evi-
dence that the sentence of the Court has
been fully approvedd: Under the circum-
stances,.,we shall explect the official journal
to deny the -correctness of the irport and
even to quetion the authenticity of the'
wbole,-proceedings. But no one will be
mislead by the contradiction,, or induced to
put less confidence in the report than they
otherwise would. 'the probability that
snch ,la thing should have taken pldece, may
without great violence, be presumed from
what is known to have occurred. If the re-
port be untrue, it is something like Mac-
beth's witches, it "lies like truth:" ,
Convened ;fA "iMango Clavo" W th: trial
of Generals Scott and Tavlbr, upon ehai-
Ses preferred by General Sanla Anna :
The Court was organized with Knox Po-
qzie as President, and Seignbia .Almontc as
Judge Advocate, with the following mere-
bers : Lieut. Gen. Bentoii, Warrior Marcy,
Kave Johnson, Admiral Mason, Martyr
Ritchie, Saussage-Sawyer, Ministerial Wil-
sing.Sinnbn and Sucker Ficklin.
Sj,,-.;ficaloitdl.- 'ai, wkheriais, tfiH agfore--'
'said S: ffaJt"Rna did leave the Island of
Cuba a( the/ instance arid upon the invita-
tio o0f lo,irf superior officer, to wit: the
command/ntrof'_rll BDuck river and its de-
pendencies, at an inmnense saicrifles of cocks,
gaffs, ahnd slashes; abandonirng- a fvoiii,.
bet ;' ':,lueIl aIv'till cock jockies at one thou' "
sand doubloons; upoi the following safe-
guard., which they, ihli..said Scott add Ta'Y-.
lor, di~re<.;:-Je'd. "lo ,,-F manifest injury of
all it0c-Cht v .,li,rs d'lod.usi( e 'of Havana t
and scandal to their superior of' ,Duck. river
and its dependencies aforesaid'.- He rbthe
Judge Advocate read the FOassf (r
"To all Jack Tars greeting: If the forei,
sworn refugee hero of San jacilto colpe$
your way,' you needn't see him, as I ;kil
playinga'gatne with him, and you n,,1tSnt
d.shurrb (lie-am ,. \ -
[Sizned] Km)x P., of Rio Duck. .
To all of which the prisoners plead, quien ,
ddbe. -
The evidemre hljving closed, Ma'sdi rose
and said, he wisheil-f fit comrt and country
to bear in mind, that ihe Duck river pass i
had been duly respe ,cted by ihe Navy, mid
subsequently dihn .i'.l. I fy ilit prisoners at
Buena V ista anil (._'e ',o Gor.l o. *-'
The Lieut. General deprecated invidious b
comparisons between, those two arms of our
nationol defence, and hoped thecourt would
frown down ail,subjects calculated to make
breaches between them.
11 This brought Marcy to his feet; he wish-
ed to know if BullioA h.a,d any allusion to
him by.,the word' 6recpes'.c"" t
The Lieut. General disclaimed any ina- f

"BOOTS, S!hjes3and Br,ani,: rvy tIelieCae;
W.) omen's Shoe s aril B I,]ll'kn;
-.Meni', Boys aad Youth'% rrM ans;
'. 6. i ne sewv'd Brogans;
M en's ) e'.?-gea ] Boots,
fin- sewed Bouts;
R.m-'?et Br,,gai3. F r sale by
J.an ''3 *.. 24 Water street.
Oil Caoiisi itnennlt.
T H M allA, rb er ha-1 latele'I.r receAdad on c nAign -
2, cjaiks choice, Old Pott Wine; -.:
I o1 Old.M.Aoira. nine I i .
1 "* superior Old -Seoieh.Mhskev ;
*2 M' Pale Br,.Otard'Brand";
i. D ark D u m mn d B rav"id ; A -
P'! baske&Q' London C1I0b" Charnpaigne.
A13s.1, a vrietvy of Se .,rs, all ofM which will be
A M,, d l- o w l wr c a ns n ,,Iv b y"-
ED W;ARgl.-Atc dULLY,
Fo.bT) 7'' 5,V Water street.
i T irA-'s ., a' S w3\ns Bn4m of Wild
V Cl,_rr\, Ait,.t r,.,ceive-d and for sale by
Nov'.?8 '. J.-.C. ALLEX.

StEF.TI3G,-..Shitirrn,'and"Printq. I.,% hie
bale and-c."use. Ir.v for cas;l-, b%
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. -Jan,2e" 24 Water street.'
A*ii4ar's Balstarn f Wild Cherry.
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-.1-:- April 10 H. F. ABELL.

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J Apr!l 17 '..ft. F. ABMUL.

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., ceived and for sale. by
"April 17 .. i ,.F. ABELL.
' Sarsaparilla Syrup.
TUWT received, und for sdle by
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1S-- q3iig and Rope.
m nPCs' KentijLuky Ba-in-sr^
1UU lIOA coils Rope;
4 bales Baz-gintz Twine. for salejb v
Se, c5-,. ", >, -.11 W water street.



:L ,J. L W. tl A -

: '^. ,. ;' .-. .- LIBERt-AS, CONSTITUTIO,,ET rOSTRA PATRIA. --


II:_~ i_ ~ ~_

_ _


,= ,


:i;VtLUMIfE V.]


The author and date of this excellent compo-
sition are not known ; but it is qnoted by an au-
thor in 1599, as a well knon production :
My mind to m6 a kirigdorm is; ,
Such perfect joy therein I find;
As far exceeds all earthly bliss ,
That God or .naiute hath assigned !
Though much I Want ihat most would hae, -
Yet still my mind forbids to crave.
Content to live; this is .my say' ;
I seek no more than may suiffi6e i .
I press to bear tid haughty sway,;
Look, what I lack my mind supplies;
Lo! thus I triumph, like a king,
, CQntentwith whia t my rind doth bring-,,.
I see how pl,-nf, unrfejis Of.,
A hasty cl i ml-)is soonest fall i
I see that such u1,1 i5 ah:,lo ,
Mishap doth threaten most of all
These get with-4oil', and keep with fear;
Such cards my mind could r6'vet blegr.
-No princely pomp;,rio healthyy store,
No force to win the vic6toy;
No wily wit to salve a sore,
No shape to win a lover's eye,;
To none of these 1 yield a thrall ;
For why t. my mind despliseh all"
Some have too much, vei siill they &dreve;
I little have, yet seek no more ;
They are but poor tho' much they have;
And I am rich with little store;
They poor, I rich ; they beg, I give
They lack, I lend; they pine; I li,e;
.J laugh not at another's los;
r grudge not at another's gain i
Fo worldly care my mind can toss,
I brook what is another's bane ;
1 fear no foe, nor fawn on frit-.nd,
I loath not life, nor dread mine end.
I joy not in- no eartihly bliss, "
1 weigh not Crc-Zs' wealth a siiaw,
Foi"care, I care not wh I it is; ^ "
I fear not fortune'. fital law ;
My mind is such as inav not move-
For beauty bright, or force of love.
I wish but what I have at will,
I wander not to sek for more,
I like the plain, I climb the hill,
In greatest storms-] sit on shore,
And laugh at them that toil in vain,
To get Ahat must be lost again.
I kiss not where I wish to kill;
I feign not love where most I hate ;
I lack go sleep to win my will, ....
I wait not at tie mighty's gate !
I scorn no poor, I fear no rich ;
I feel no want, nor have too much.
*-.?The court nor cart-I like nor loathe ;
Extremes are counted worse than all;
The golden mean betwixt them both,.
Doth surest sit, and fears no fall ;
This is my choice ; for why 1. I find
No wealth is like a quiet mind.
My wealth is health and perfect ease;
My conscience clear my chief defence;
I never seek by bribes to please,
I Nor by desert to give offence.
Thus do-I live, thus will I die ;
Would all did so, as well as I.


'" ",IV. G. Ho. DAVIS, Editor.

9_ fOice fhniid tscoryi:"itltell's Buih-Jinl, ,,corner o
Br -" .^ioinmree and.Ghestnuu stireets.

,sc.RttPrto.s. riihree Dollar- per annun"
i' paid i'n advAance-!, or $3 5)0 il' paid w\itl;in si7
mi-iit'hf ot, o 00 if paid thereafter.
N3 s.tbscription taken for a ,.-s te-rrn than si
'Mro1us--and 2--wil! invariably be charged fc
Itht period. No pAper will be dis.,omilimedu min
-All irre .r'ies are pi-d, unless at che otiotun of ih
Atov E:LriaE t E r:irs.--O3ne !3-.uare, (twelve. line
or ,. will be insvrted at Ihe rate of One Dol
tar for the rirst, rind Fifty Cents for every subsie
.,-'Tothose who abcrtise Iv the' Year a liberal
div aodat w ill be nilte ; nt aill ,irerris. .n,:t i,
.'tr^tit pertailn2 to their ,.:wn bh'x i ciHo, ;in ,ve
aS all ,og l a lvertise'n.inr e;elat in l)Y theim, wil
bi charir'-!d at the usu.,l rates.
Vfj \14\ 1 1 a lv erl r't< milst lbe paid.6 I
rin a vani'ie.
0 '7. '="v le D)l1 ri r w ill b ,:liirg.-'d! I'm',r anno, nce
ir;il't~.li t.,t,? l",r ,.,''i,'e.
-3 -' All ^^l .rtl l n,? l I'r, rn I .1 t.anee 1 ni .sl
i. .- .. i> I vith the ,:i. or, ity r it'

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,-dE sqi',rilpr.i ,if-,Ar for sale a large and 'sea
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W nitiea.nd [!.-..1 Fl.>n:,el3, .. *
S Plum .ailFn.| ."t ^: .J,:.ti_,
\. .D,ul~ie'tw'lll,:,l 'r~ve-ds,
Sili[er fd i.'Y Ca.1i. ?-rev-,
Slte ,,r E hii .i :,i'l FrelCli Clotjhs,
,: W hitney l31 iket% [1.i, 1 L .in L-2 qr3..
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b?ii in.it, Ke n[ims and C(ltrt.lifj]e3,
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Cotton 0'n.h'j-,
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i 'o '} Bleaclled Cot.ton SH!irri,, 1 1n,. S1 -e1 -tin?,
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if- ." Super C t -l d-.r ,.!'i'a.: ;
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2F" .,,-t"', -,'. S.:.t.'h a,,I .I A Tei ican do.
': u:)ic-r Itali .n t ila'i n *'li''ffia,red.Silhgs,
Black SIN Cri tAl-" Ail) l'.i''i S, :rs -
Su"J-J r E"'l ish iit P,, -i .lk H xl';-
* E-i'i lish a ,id .\m-n : arl C, :,rt..,, H- ki'-;
ka' ., Lldra4 \ld Ver, th l H ?I,1 ,"'. W C
T _1, 114)J|R C t,, H i-', an.t G 1 -t'-, ose,-.,
S'lper N[ tr; ilhlc- a-'l W ,r~t..-d \'.?ttlin 3,
.c .I1tt, : I F[ -1 'Irl r.l 1 "
..- P l i. i of lin ,l x.vi i 1 i : !-, : .M ,isl!'s
J tico,t. .t',l l' mt Mrie ;M i r't ,
T? N-.^ ETS 1 jkz~- -.-

Ht r-nsby %V I.
'. D e c 5 \ l .. \'l t ., t ,1 r : .r e'
In. Eli>oi&C~. i water street.
S'A 1P L.'HI \NF)L E R
NU ILL k a rt Hein p C->'1 ""e r iiess
,[ H m') :r -ir -a t" IV .- M VIMr ?, Sp.,n-
ira, a onSi)'n roll, 0'r 1 F t ,I "l l -' d ,i O live
ir.n b Jo i l"L -do, B} > l'-d do, Spirits Tur-
'inn?; Pe i3 ..1 \Viido? 1 i- Pu tty, W white
l .,r ll'-i d', V'-I ><;'--*' t.' '. rOm e G reen,
11raid do.> fill .)-i al *)*.Chrcmin^ Vellow, Ver-
r ii li Pr. ', Hi liui. l E i, '11 VI. i S C opal
*, T. RI-[ ,, [^a.% Tur i .i' ne. Coal, Paint
A tr laraiz-, pr.? ,rd.>, .'crob do Clamp do,
Sf' i rik, 0,. 1, ilk' W i[' iin.,, -iio Duck. Eit r-
t', i'O; lP on do. h deavyv R '--i.e d-1, Li htl do,
'1.3, Bluj,!-:ind R-d Bm iiS Ndails, Copil~r do,
.p t.ip ? e? )-i' BroJe, -erwe ,
S ',o -'rah v d -An.h:ral ,", Chr,,. Vedsikp w, "Verii
~ ~~~~ ~~ r;L li;,o[el lu r-- 1-1 tt eda! P m

'x S 11 k, oi'dlf \ ,S,,31 n, ,i^ t D ck,:E. l .
,i I-.ck B-lck-[; .eJer d, -Le k Broomi,
Ci (C1Jlkiii- a-tteis S irvirg-do, Axes, AMIN.
t [ A hi T blr,!s,. 1,. l Hooki, 13-j"le do.
C C lotor dil, B',i'I do, I-=I) do. C.iulkinlg
.,- Ir'j.tlil rilg [rorn.,; M'.Iarline Sjiike, ..'5hip S(ra-
p't 1ui^.it|er,!, C.,ok's l.anlles, r.-,rm,nt~r.-,
_3s, Ctm~pa-.se& Stil N edmli, Sul Toiiitr
S ~ln S ,,,.viil^ d ,o P ilm s-, [v.is ing L .-atlie r,
ldo, S.i.&.vp H ifrI ner-. [iiehlets-;. ."h1s,?
." Ai,. Pl~'I i es, H ill- iit -;, Hu', l- J .ts i lljs %*
S-a i l d'oat t Ir.o n r >quires, Capb,.ird L ecks,"
51..^ > H .k aqi'-1 ?iip le lliln^ P-d]..).-kq,
%I 35 ,vs. Pemint H ,ilyirls., H-id Line-;,
U-! *A do, L.); do, Fish d,.>, 1 inIp Leai'-, D"p
rS'. do, r ir do, Funnel ,' L ,nih..rn;.
CPQ in.s, Pui,-li P.,s. bLj 3 ..)B oks, Ci.t-o do,
i] :Pi'as, "T:i ',Vir,, Cr,.ckery t Caynitei's
rniilji Po-tl., s V'c.
:-, .: ":: iachi'.,)la .lail. 2 '3. 157. ''.":
',~- x, C NZVN -W .... s treet, -
?N" G J q NEtY', *N,> :. ', Wat-.r street,'
-* vW e pi-it. receiive'l aiiuil *ifr t\ r ler a ,L -
': *t" ks Gc.'en Rio C.n'-i;-e?, (ne; d?6op;'1
' li rr"els N.rthtrn an.1 Wesitern F'[j'olr;
" : -..>;". *' 0 1.t R e ,'tiiu ed \.V lii-le.g.
: 1b ,\-e s w h ilL1, p itle' :' n'l ro ,.v r S o a;i) : -
*"-" -^'. 1 hliiJs N.,0. Sui-",r; 5d"o M~t.,_ovalo do;
;.: :r t l ca-ik's Bacon, Sldes andl Shouilte's;
=.- 1 .'_' -H a-m ; .>'j -
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f, ) b a r 'e l s N r R u ; . A
:.-, J0 \'h' :; B.l'rinn,,reG.i,,; -
: 10 D" D i cn \ n n ,,d '-; ,
"A i. ol0 '" N 0'..jN/ls <.... ; ;'
,. '"t 5) pie':s 1,entieiL-k .3:t,_i r~. . .r
:.'"W b ld e t. li e.-i t M i.'' \ "2 -:

.:" i- i/ "2-bo L % .rrn J ii '; . ;.. '- i

.?.?. :29 chests andl b.j'. G.,gnpn'.v,l,:-r "-ni Hy-

l "^ 10V ilhe lt -nd l.\-s P,)ovh'ong;.'Teas;
.="' "2 h.-lf~ioe- @.'(9V C.,m.,'-, Brandy; '-
-; j D) b Ake- ,1 H eid-sie l C ha'm pagne ; "
, ) 5') kegri Naiji, a.3iorred sizes"-
-. -.' :2.5 bbl-3 -Pilot an.' Navy Bread ; r
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1 )20 kea a,'-d parite'rs'new Bnckwheat ;] '
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Apalachicola, Dec. ., IS4M.
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rDR/LLIN.GS, Ticlktn..s, Cotton Omabthnr,
'DR'Liney Kerieys, Jeans, Flannel,, Rian--
,ket Twaedi, Shirtings, She-ins;, Checks,
d. in 'h0m% CaLicoes, Delaneg H,i,'ry, &c. &6..
tor giale-by B. ELLISON &,- CO. -
.. ,-Jan -23 .U 3, Water street.








; ~ :"- -~-

;/ '*

/ '*

Act /



_ ~




.-- The following gentlemen are authorized
Agents for the CO-MMERCIAL ADVERTISER, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-
JosEPH F. MASON, Post Buildings, corner of
Hanoverand Beaverstreets, New York.
.DAVID BRAVO, Esq., New Orleans.
WMd. W. CHEEVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula.,Ala.

to our Republican condition, and no farther;
and no argument should be permitted to
weigh in favor of the continuance of any
principle of our Constitution which does
not rest upon a basis which is evidently ap-
plicable to snch a p'olitical system.
We have thus glanced at some of the ar-
guments that we have' heard advanced in
favor of an alteration of that clause of our
Constitution which provides for a lifetime
tenure of office, on thepart of ihe Judges to
be elected, to which 'we may add another
reason which hasbeen adduced in argument
in our hearing, by some of our citizens-,
which is, that in the present early day of
our existence as a State, whilst our popula-
tion is small, and the members of the Bar
bTy no means numerous, to make a selection
of Judge 'at fhis time, who are -to fill their
"offices for life, during good behavior, would
be unwise, inasmuch as we may reasonably
expect that ^in ten or fifteen years hence
such will be "the increase of our population
and consequent accretion of legal learning
Nothe Floridbaffar. by means "of immigra-
tion of gentlemen learned in the law, as
well as by increase +of knOwledge and expe-
rience "on thb biif'"Of the present members
of the, profession, that the People, through.
their Representatives, willqlaiV-'beitei room
for selection, and greater opportunities for
obtainingg that degree of talent and legal
erudition essential in -one who fills the im-
pfortant office of Judge of both" Supreme
and Circuit Courts. We' -<-not design
hereby, nor d5 we suppose that those of
our citizens who expressed the views we
have here adduced, had any intention to
speak lightly of the qualification of t/hse
who now complbse our "Statl -Judic1iary, at
the same time we are cafididly of opiniodi
that ten "'r fifteen years hence, (here -ill'be
found at theFlorida Barge'1l1enenofwhom
to say that their knowledge of l:iw, and na-
tural abilities will be of a superior order to
that possessed by the present Judges, can-
not be considered as disparaging the in-
tellects and accomplishments of the latter,
unless it is argued (hat they are the perfec-
tion of the profession. Such must have
been'the reasoning of the Convention, whefi
they limited" the term of the first chosen
Judges to fivoenyears, and provided for a new
election for person's to -fill the Judicial offices
for life at the expiration of that time, else,
ivhy did they-not affix the lifetime to the
office at once.?
We may-recur to this subject again, and
in the mean time we trust that it will receive,
the attention of the citizens of our State,
and that wa shall have an expression of
mblic sentiment upon it.
'WAe noticed atn article in'a late Charleston
Alercury, 'complhiining that certain circular
nstructions-to Co-I'ee to-rs-w-e'eeTlffllisfre' in
papers in northern seaports, and not in any
of the journals printed in the qpurts arf ITe
south. \-
We'ha've not been inatlIeniie io hlie gross
favoritism displayed ,it Washington towards
our northern 'bretheren to the neg le'd6f
he south.' rWe havelately met with cases
n point. :There are two Light houses and
keeper's dwehnoirsuobe erected on the coast
of Florida, and -srange to tell, proposals
for the building -f the-same are advertised
n'the Boston Post and Bay State Denmo-
;rat, but nothfiing of th'e sort is lo be iouind
n the Florida pa'per's. Why is this 7 Our
tiechanics aire s~ure'ly as ceapab?^i and as de- .
erving as those of the north. ^TIhe,,Bu- ,
eau of Construction :,idi ..Rpairs" +has I
alely issued proposals for fu_'l;j.inga'large
mount of timber fo~r t ,e.Jjv~-reipr
ion of whtch is to-yi l'*t-i'i^^^'ilvin ,he ,*
southern States, aina.'iiCt^la^ r^^b.'r-_sip- ,
,,,ed ,ro,, Cr, orlestf.o,,.^ rn iio'- ,
cola, Penisa'olii or ^'tlf^^^ ',ia-^^^
her piren,, yet nort.lne.>:a^^? '*
s to be fntjnd ,n,8:o.thern pape rtra .r'^
,,e hv-fwi,^ }atn~hat so.e-h .c2or- J

nanoeiu-,e'is to b6e fottu^^'heact "that the t
ich coc;:raclors nive'^t'^Q'e'N~th, and have
n' influen'c'e tu WVashingtoo. They wvi~ll
ake trhecontract.for :Southern yellow pme

imber, and sub-ler%. iIo. Southern men. t
i." .t" ""' s'L S u.er m "
.1ak inga^ h.'.nroAmtoithejob. If the con- ,
ract .-aat ihe Southhe Go-
ernme_'VDu I d save sorhethiug, .but ,the I
avorite",con-r.apis^ .would suffer.

: ^EAT[I-R.
The rains ihaVe e$cceeded by Hfve.or
ix days .of h0o .tdi'r weaiher-the ther-
nometer rangting.'as high as 87 :inthe ]
iade. W~e now'have-fine westerly breezes C
nd occasional cloudy skies, so that no~twith- b
standing ihe". heat of the sun" we.aretd.1Il -
moifoitable. The health of our city i.l:
till good-, as it has been for the six past .b,

By the arrival- of the schrs, S. & V.r Par-
ons and Mary Ann, we have later intel i- 's
ence Irom Mexico, contradicting the, re- a
oits of Gen. Scott's-ocectjpation of ihe '
iiv of Mex-ico, published in our;-paper of 1
lie Tth inst -. / n
"t- *> ,o _, h+
0j" The YellovV Fever is said to prev-aita i,
n New Orleans Ito a considerable extent,'
lhe niortiilihy is said to be much lgreai,'r so
han appears from the reliortsof iinterments; In
deaths occuriina in private practice,: we st
ave been.told, are no.ttaken into ihe corn- .w
t t t a t i o j n : v : i r
, : -- -- '. *'. + *' *
.. -...W

ti ; .


&^- ^ :*..* '. L--^
+ -- '. m ax- -
. r, ** W w U. +- f t T-' --- ,>- ae iafam K isssEaa .;,Aisn =3 ? ii*
*''-.-<.-* ,.'_ -.ain-Frorn .Cir? bHtzi ,,e ,li,' tr.] [l-om ihe 1!.i+-on Daily A d\periler.l
$' The- Plld;idelplhin Spirit of- the Times We have recently met in several quarters
tsks this queilioun; btt in.-teid ofanswering with the inquiry--" How is Massachusetts
it, gives'us a long lecture on the benefits of disposed towards the nomination of Gen-
party organization. And what "are those eral Taylor for the Presidency ? It is clear
benefits? As- far as we can comprehend htat no one can give a positive and definite
them, as explained by the Times, they con- answer to this question and we do not know
sist- mainly in the power assumed by a few ,that any one has made such a canvass of the
-i 'individuals to make the President of the Jstte ofl public opinion here, as would enable
+"+ United States,- members of congress and' him to give an approx1nate one. We took
other'public funtionaries. We would lIt. rd-- 'DoL'( ion about three months since, to give
.i-y expect the Times to desparage pmlty lbrie'lly some reasons against a.ny agitation of
conventions, because they are. t-he sus-' the Piesideriiial que-irioi alrisiig out of -the
.-. 't nauce which maintains -vitality in partizan prominene-e givento: General Taylor; and
papers--and *yet-no persons are probably those reasons stillexist. -But in reference
better acquainted with the fact, than the to the question above nuitled to, this seems
editor.of he ,Times, that conventions do to$be a ,proper time to avert to some princi-
notalwa)s truly represent the sentiments of pies in the selection or, a President, which
htl'e6-pa-riy which-they Undertake to control. may well enough be settled here in advance
.. They toofreqnetntly resenib'le packed juries, of tie naming of candidates.
1 seleled for asspecial prlrpose, than chosen -We-may first allude to a proposition whieh
for the admipistratinn of Iustice, or the has been'advanced in some quarters, and has
protil0ion -o|f the general good. And-yet found favor with the unkltinking, under the
',+ -+" the.C.imies thinks that no candid.ite for (he "cry*. of No un ithh slave holders,"
*".. Presidellcy should be supported unless pre- It has been urged by' ome fanatics that a
-- "' Vipusly nominan,d by a national convention, person conscientioasly opposed to the-in-
;-Its ,argument would go to prove, tha(tno stitution ,.of slavery, cannot, under arfy-cir-
_. tnan -anbe a patriot unless he be stamped cumstances vote for a slaveholder for any
,Aas genuine by a conclave of interested parti- office. If this proposition were true it would
: z zang. An udea-t-oo absurd for Serious con- be a first and leading rule in the choice'6f a
a S 1 s .l0,ra'1irn. ... . presidential candidate. Bat it-must be clefr.
.: 1* The Thilts re.eats uss-eclaration, ."that to every one who respects the cotnstitution
:. to support-Gen. T.aylor for the Presidency, and desires-to presrve'the Union, that it is
bel'Ore heec.knowlh-.pes his belief and con- not true. -Its. direct tendency is to jna-ke a
fi den.fid:e in- democratic |principles, would be nothern and southern party; its immediate
n direct alpno;licy 'romn the political faith of effect would be a practical dissolution of the
.-"'e.lhie democratic pa|ii v.' If this be so, there Union,' whatever name tiialftbe given to the
.," :-;'--g"-5q ,Lir ou. apnsolmtp.s from that faith, event. To carry it out would be to-enfdrce
.; '.':-':--rijreaboblis, as well as elsewhere ; tfor, il the' a "qnalification- for office" not contempla-
' levniou were to tnke place to-morrow, we ted by the Constliuiion,"Tinl to awaken sec-
2 ." 'have not the least doubt that. Gen. Taylor tonal animosities, not.necessri'il"^involved
would receive three fourths of the whole in the question.of,-the presidency, and. fatal
o?. vote given. But what is this political to the existence of the government.-
..aiilj' which it ha- become so essential, to For these reasonswe hold this: proposi-
prrofess ? In What are-we to have faith? in tion to'be wholly, untenable, and one which
n.,i.ineii.nr in iiieasures ? [I cannot be in mnen, cannot influence any large part of the voters
":' ." --.. lor the npost.ite p-irizan is generally most of Massachusetts. They all have strong
i'o- i .cofi]i'ild ii_'by his former oop0,enis, al- feelings upon the subject of slavery. They
*. i.* '_llinu,l,- he may hive -done nothing more regret its -existence, they are desirous for
^.. o '. ihain.chanPe in^Hame, without renouncing a its extinction+ and- they- are-determined to
-+' +- -sig'eN. ofri-iJouo, formerly 'entertained. It usetheirfull influence to prevent-its increase.
* cannott he i)mes ures, because they are too But they will not commit themselves to the
', nuctrtafing-:apdl'uns'uble. What then, is fatal assertion, that they will not unite for
;" thle "political Iaiith" spoken of ?- It is sim- the good of the country, with any of those
-* ,. ply- a rentnciarion of the exercise of our who, under the compromi-ses of the Consti-
OAvnhminds ahd judginenis, adil a slavislh tution, now hold slaves.
-+ "'suAuission to the will of'others. A few men Another point constantly brought into this
+ ._.combine to elevate a particular inlividluil to investigation now; and suggested by the
S.iS'filie, hli he mnay be uted n-s their tool-- question which we have -cited, is that .of
". gy -,i't.tile I):1r ','lnchierv into motion- .- military, success, as forming a claim to-ci-
'. '- p:i;k thle'ir "colnl'ittees-noninate Iheir man vio position. This is a matter, with regard to
--and the decree goes forthI as the ;ict ofthe" which the'ltheory is easily stated, while the
party :.. and iuppori of the a-et -constitutes feeling which sometimes opposes that theo-
poliiicirfaitih." We do not belong to this ry is, with difiCulhy, to be controlled. The-
school 6f politicians. '.-. Presidency or any other civil office should
We claim the right tO exercise our Own _be looked upon as a post of duty as well as
Jdlgeement, and hence will not submit to be a post of honor. To have performed some
drilledJ0o the support of a measure which public serviuewell, while it may well entitle
. we know to be wrong. To talk of parties an officer to promotion, furnishes no reason
adhering'to fixed principles is a perfect farce why lie sh ould-be placed in a;station which
-dind. n-rP.-)"y ever varied more in its prin- he cannot fill, to lose in a position which he
ciples than th:it to wlich the Times would did not seek laurels wb!h he-had fairly won.
"* require Gen. Taylor to give in his adhesion. ,,--This is not an [objection to select-ng a
Was 'thal partly always anii-tariff; anti-bank; mifilitary candidate as-such for a civil office,
S atiinterniillImprovement? No. The very but only a reason why-the claims of a suc-
founderr tf-t&e party was at one time in cessful soldier should not be considered'pre-
'favor of a protective tariff; a, national bank eminent. itr is sufficient to show that it is
and intern~al'.improvements. When the not necessary to givehigh office to a sue-
famous :e-aim to the whole of Oregon up to cesful General as a reward fer military ser-
54; 40, received the executive sanction, it vices- and is, we doubt np.l, so much a part
becam-e at part of the political faith" of of.the sentiment of Muisaclii, seti-, that its
which tha, Times Speaks, 'to support 'that people io:iy be relied j3r0on not to g,r!ejIheir"
claim. When it was abandoned by uri- t.a_-._.-flf3-t* s .y--.or w ith wh6:-e-rinciples they-
'te.ltig-;en and disCreet Inini le" i England, are not satisfied, hi,)w-e-r successful .e may
Siri LCcor',lne withi the inqiructions of the* have been in'-he field.
President, it %V;1s-'rciouiici?d as-, It lundariien- Finally, we may say for the Whigs of
tal dirine of the p)arly, qnd ien were re-- Massachusetts, that their first object in
.le-?ed froom their laithlih-its efi acv. Pirty sfleeiin, a candidate willbe'to name one
princ.ilI-s, as they are callilf,, art, p)'rpetli.,llv hio will represent their principles as they
u,'.ler.-,iia ch inge; and, unless a man is apply, to the whole union. They do not
" -... ... J -^-^ J,^. 1.. *,*,,, ., t.tnI loose" wiiih hij %isli 1o set up the candidate:of a sect or a
cotscih-_.nce-d-.eloUUclig, -tffcy:3 wtlmt- lit; .u. .Theiir choice must b'e a strong-
S.'", supported yesterday, or vice versa, he ca'n- man, able and willing to carry on the .overn-
^ "" ... "ot s'i 1i,, keep pare \^th party movements, ment of' the country upon 1'he'p~rincrples of:
.. as lo be cousilored .as=one of ", the hous'e- the constitution, doing'the good which that
". :3 ,hohlt'l ofthl'e-lfalhl'ul." instrument permits it to do, and not using
'^- ip .'^'-lle T.,ne, c,"nsders that '"no -parly' its restrictions i"ro the purposes 'of eil.
'. '- pet", as itccalls them, w~ho support: Gen. Whether orr no that choice is from amnong
ri>= rr Ta.lo~r. rts the'-Pntcast. of other parties. Jt: the h~roe~s of our gallant :army, will be a
.-.'%;t '"istl'^e. They have seen and'expert-- seeon,.uhry consideration. "It the civil quoit-
- ei~ced llhe evils whtch have resuhled Iron lies are not, fully exhibitted, th'e milita-ry tri-
mirleu! parly conflicts; thel a li e witnessed unnphs iMtstgo for noiliing. If the W higs
"' the deiitoraliziig Inritui,]ea whinch they have of Massachusetts vote a,ainst Taylor, it
-exercised n.ipou llhe c,-nn'nunitv--the des- will nol be bscaiuse he is a"'slaveholder; if
.+ pieable vittuperaiion ofou.r greatest and best they vote/for him., il willn'ot be because he
L-men--the' recklessness of consequences-- is a General.: e *
the mean .and selfish scramble for" office; +7 ,
ahid" the dismissal of woitliy, compet~ent and .NEW ENTERPRISE.--fldIfor H-avana+.-
~faithful'ulofficers, to make "room for sturdy We copy the following from rhe Baltimore
;,. a.nd boisterous party mendicants-- and Ihev ,-n ,ofr ,h~i
si to see ;* termination put; to tthe diS- ." lnu -s" 1 ,., .
*graceful adI dJisgusting scene. They want We learn~ trom+ a reliabl souicein
,i inan to ))reside over he desti eso t e W ashington that the contract for earrying a"s h e ii s f h "
"-cotuntr, .who has the honesty to do what is mail twice a-rnont~h between Charleston and
r hi, and the nev ei toeui HaVtana, has been awarlded by the Post-
wvould iuIid ce hi neS'I do W ron g -- w ho w ili f. m t.,tt r G general to 1egsrs Mvordecai & 5
" ,. spuirn syco ,p h- ;""ts' r "is p i',e' ., ad^ G ourand, a wealthy and enterprising firm of

conf'er-o appointment wheIe there i Ctharleston. .Lthey are to immediately
vofe -- PP "h & th r is snot .. < .
me .tmthe ariien build too large ocean steamers, orti000
'" t. "nil c'lient-- ho wifl-bethte Pre- "ag ,-"
) sident oftihe nation and not. of a fctlion- tons each, arid of such eonder .and make
;"d who, in -"all tile ends tie aims a,, will that, if required, they can be converted into
look to the perpelinllv, hla,-Ipness and pros- war steamers with despatch. We are :also
" perky of (le U-ion. Su "a "m"an they highly gratified to learn that the earterpri-
^-+ tconsi-er Gen T'lor" and hence they ,, sig contractors have determined to build
isire that he shall be elected President, with- their vessels mn Baltimore, thus giving to
..-"; r: Io4 ttiniderooin. tihe polluting embrace of our mechanics an opportunity to enter .lhe
T. > party. Believing lhat Ih %%ill be able to lists as rivals for speed -ad.nd model' in the
:i'.= *" pour oil upon the -troubled waters," so construction of mail steamers. That. they
.... :-: !hat tbevinay glidle url eacefully and harm- are unrivelled in mechanical skill is uni-
-:" "" -lessly, "they ask him to stretch fboih his versally admitted, and there is no doubt
".- > hand. But llie Times says no: although but that the Havana stenmerrs when set
-: "-7 , ot1 mi.i.,h perform this gr&t work.afloat0by th meehantcs of Balbymore; wjll
J: rwnr prefer that it h hould not be accom- be unrivelled for model and speed."
: .- plish'^ you may -- ride on'-the whrilwind We presume that the first named gntrle-_
,. anddirect thesti-rin, if you will direct it man in the above paragraphh is Mr. M.)C.
to your own, aNnniziffe, but we desire that ,-
V9 at '" M ordecai-, of 'this city w hosee nin r,'antii
a. < vtt will not uindertake to calmn the raging M or(J ea1 w l t s wn e an t le
,'/"" elements." .. A enterprise is well known, and that the last
S* -- -name is Mr. Victor Durand, now a resident-'
-( ., A Goon Jo0K E.-,-A correspondent of tile -.C" -
.. *i "+n^ .... 0 o. of, Tew York, but who has'had, and we
: -- irenton Gj-azelle slates that, on the arrival t
.-. of tlhe President at Philide phithelsunes' believe, still has, business transactions with I
j-:. '-: of Arch street Theaire, not wishing to be Cliarlpsion.--[Charleston. I ,rs. -t
S... outdone by tlieir neighbors, ihrew to the "
- : breeze one oflhefamoLs flast used in 1844, 'MEXICAN PRi-ATEFR?.'The foltnwin' n 1
+ witil itefollowing instription in the tallest important notice appears" in the Gibiiltar !
kiudl of letters Polk, Dallas, Shunnk, and Chronicle of 23d of J1ne 1 '. "C.
the Tarff'o '4.;"whereul)on1 -arose ashout.-,:,6 "'"' '
the P7'rio' 4oeasout We havs been ;lIelven tlhe copy of an
^. which would haIve done lionor to the unter- orderaissued 'bv tile Emperor of Mortoco,
;> "i./icdl of that eventful year. So-, matiers to his:- g'overnur? and- a.,e l,-,, aouhorizin
.stnod tur about anliour, when som e of the the seizure and- confiscationof all privateer- I
. -older boys''sug"!;eslell an improvement, by ing vessels entering the ports of his Em-
Scu.'ling" 0 'he Tariff: lhus taiing, nnwit- pire, lhat ar6 fitted o'ut against the com-
lingly, more of tfil history of Mr. Polk's -merce ititrisue foe office, ind of his2i cdli tistirra- '_ t
; iion, th in either thie young or.old boys in. Marryin- fur inotieVuy'm be., gld for. the 2
:: e:;let, .- ., ,j- d.) but it i generally I ead to the heart ,
+ -" + +- + w

[Fronm the Baltimore Patriot.]
We have already alluded to the faict that
the democracy of Harford County had de-
clared in favor of Gen. Taylor for the Pre-
sidency. We lhive before us the official
proceedings on the occasion, and believing
that all parties desire to see thetn, we give
them a place in our columns, as follows :
[From the Harford Republican.]
At a meeting of the democracy of Har-
ford County, convened at the Court Hob6use
in Bel-Air, on Saturday last, ,i8th July,
1847, for the purpose of appointing dele-
gates to represent said county in the Con-
venti6n to assemble at Elkton to nominate a
candidate for Congress in the fifthCongress-
ional District, Col. Charges S. 'Sewe.1 was
appointed President, and Alexander N6rris
and Luther A'. "Jarrett, Vice Presidents,
and Henry Richardson, Secretaryp
The object ,of the meeting was stated by
-the President, and the following proceed-
ings had : The following gentlemen were
appointed delegates to represent Harford
county in the Convention to be held at VEIk-
ton to nominate a"c'andidate for Congress";
Win. B. Stephengbn, John C. Walsh, J. R.
Nelson, Henry H. Johns and Otho Scott.
" Resolved, That the delegates in, aften-
,dance at Elkton have full authority to fill
vacancies so as to give the county i full re-
After the meeting had appoiiptd .dele-
gates, the following preamble andr+esol'u-
tions were offered by Otho :Scott, 4nd sec-
.ona'ed by John C. Walsh, und ufiAfmously
adopted : "
Whletreas, this meeting,-in corrinon with
his fellow-citizens generally, entertaining
an exalted opinion ofthe -patot',srm and
distinguished abilities of Gen ZtcHARY
TAYLOR, and believing that diee grat ser-
vices he has rendered his couitry, entitle
him to the_ highest honors whi&h thenation
can bestow, and learning-frcm his recent
letter that he- is unwilling to be thi mere
instrument of'a party, but that if ht is to
be llbnored by having the Piesidencp con-
ferred upon him, it must be done Iy the
people.and n6t'by party caucuses. an( con-
ventions, and we being a portion tf the
people, do. tl'ttrefo'e ,
Resolve.;That we will support Gneral
Zachary -T'aylor for Presidett of the Uiited
,States at the next election, ,nd we earrstly
recommend him to our felow cities as
eminently fittedfor that higl station.
Resolved, That we believe GenerIal bay-
]or, in his political theories'is a Jeffers6ian
Republican ; that he is ii* favor of a sX'ict
adherenceto the provisions of the Cdsti--
tution of the United States, and V'ul '-
therefore give to all sections of the Uion
ihe benefits received by the Federal om-
Resolved, That we request the deletes
appointed by this meeting not to pledgehe
Democracy of this county to vote fonny
candidate for Congress who is not favorble
to the election of'General Taylor toihe
On motion, it was resolved, That tisse
proceedings be signed by the officers of'he
meeting and publislhed 'in the Harford ie-
publican, the Baltimore Republican id
Argus, and the other Democratic paperiof
the State.
R i ll,'H I j, ERRETT, V res -

[From the Baltimore-Clipper.]
TheWhig Convention of this city qt "
at Franklin Hall, on Wednesday' eveni',
when the following resolutions, offered c
-Colonel John Pickell, were unanimot*,/
autopted : "
Resolved, That the members of ihis Ct- s
vention recognize in Major General-Zachv ,
Taylor all th'e high qualifications that
essentially to the faithful and proper disehae t
of the important and responsible duties f !
the Ch~ief ^Magistrate of the Union, andi t
view of his patriotism, his ability, :his fir
hess and~his 'integrity, recommend him>
the suff~rages of the people for the n<
P r.esi~iriji Of the U united States. t
Resolved, That this Convention consiy"
Major General Zachary Taylor alre'advi i
the field as the people's candidate fotr 6
Chief Mag, stracy o1f tlhis Na'tion, andi-{
sucli entitled to the support of" every \k *I
Whig in] the hand. I
Resolved, That a copy ot" these resol, t
lio~ns, signed by'the officers of this Conve.
toon, be forwarded to-'Gen. Taylor. I

AFFEc~i't.b.-We sohmetinmes rneet wv. ;'
men who seem to think that any indulger) (
ina tD n~etiionate feeling is weakness Thr i
will return 1"!oim a journey and greet thr
f:imilies with a distant dignity, and moe

among their children with the cold and 1ow,
splendor of'. an iceberg surrounded byis
broken fragments. There is hardly -A rioe _s
unnatural sight on earth than one of thtie t
families without a heart. A father had liAt ,
ter emxtinguishihis boy's eyes than take a"Iy
his heart, who that has experienced thejis
of' friendship, rand values of sympathy aid t
affecti-on, would not rather lose all thab s"i
beautiful in nature's scenery, than be r6bbo i
of Aite hidden treasure of his hearltl W' b
would not ratherr bury his wife lh-anb6ury Iis
I,)%e fisher? li, would no.t--rrher fC6 d', 14/W
hi-3 child to lthe grave,.than ento,,b Lhi, ,
l),liental^-.alie,"ioni?-+Cherrsb, then-, Your
heart's hestt :lfI-ctionn Indul'2e inll Oie ,wiir
and gushirig einoti6ris of filiAl. p r-ental i'n,
fraternal love. Love God. lu\e eierylbay.'.
and eteryvllhino. that is lovely. Te:ich yj'r f
children'to lovIe, to-love tlie'rose, ihlie.rin; e
to lve their parents:; to love iheier`-d. }.
Let it be llie studied object of their'do'es-
tic cul.tuae to give threm winrm hearts, aient
affetions. Bind your %hole famiily loegier "
by these str6ong cords. You cannot Wke c
them too strtog. --Religion -is love,; | qb to U
God, love to.man.-Chambers e, daR 4j

( W ly are girls bathing like a leas-, ft
ant summer. drink? Because theW are 9
asses in water.-[Boston Post. N } c
That'll do for the' yankees. \t
"*-x 7 i o_ *
A Proprietor'+of a' hone'. mill aihtises
that paties sending their own bones'o be'
I;rjiund, wilH lind iiheir -orders attend to L
witlr-pectuacllitv aund 'dispatch. a

The benefit that has been produced apol .
the farming interests by the associviion < "
the cultivators of th[ toil, fo the purpose "
of discussing systems of i, fier&UtVKe, -co,"" .;
paring individual experience, snr.topjjtd. '
ing theories for exar-iineti-o.and Eipplicalioio an
to practice, has beeieoewanad Pelt'n alms t M
every State, as is evidenced' by teb institu- ;
lion of such societies., "* q
We are not aware of -the existence of any
institutions, of the kind a lluded to, in *i~bia -
.State, wbhereat we are mua b 4rprized. '
Florida possesses r.'souvii which, .if ie-
veloped, would add- g rea y to w .eal '
many of which sourifes of. pr.fitoable agri-
cultural industry are yet uexpLoor d.' We
trust ere long to sfile tIe eler iAe anc "
'ntel!I'gen~t + a g r, e t, hu ravigv; !n:_
gaged iri a conibinio'bow'.Hhor.^--
the mie-ans of Na ti6n C+Ey.. eilS .+S
Providence has bounjifulfy sg, 'a for- q
them. Let Them endeavoT.-.to -,"" .t'
reward which is said,''o be d",i.t
made two blades of wheat g-rowe' u t
one grew before." .... .
We are pleased to observe tr'ar..:rter
city, Pensacola., is doing'a brisk" tirade wi-th "
New Orleans inr-'he-gticle of lumyfr f ... '
notice the arrivals and 'eearance -:.ag .-f *+M
ber of schooners every week. .IfPeni .'1 "
6ould'rorm a counectfon with tlle intexi o
or with Savannah, by Rail Road, .she*.oul'
soon take high r,"nlt as a commercial tow,,.
There are a great many prudent an'd eter-:.
prising capitalists among her citizentg da :
to the honor,-P(he business mei of'Pe +
sacola it should be recorded, that they fi_ "
rented but few, if any, instancesof insolvency
Sluring tie 'orfimercia-l 'r+"rv: s oT-fl3G
and 9"V -' ...
.+o, *. ,^ .- .% _T ..
PENSACOLA "LIVE 6O,"K'* R 'J:'- fc.
We are plea-sed to 'finh ,hat 'thi'pa pe .r..-'
gives evidence'f a desire on, ihe.. prtof or'
its Editor to bevcome- useful, tn-b Ie camre i "i
nity in which he has set- up- lls Household
Gods, and the mnen'tal capa-i, y di -played n .
the editorials of the j.a-per, '%esb'it.( little
doubt that if Mr. ujnier-.mpets with suffi-
cient encourag, en V "he i-hl.ea to ac-
complish hijs 4".S;s. PoliRcs asidei.we see
much to admii-e. ddhe matter-pontainedc in
the columns of-jhe Live Oak. ; '' "
MTO-NEY PAID FOR NJ Cr '.:-.i.. !c-
Queen stated i-1 evidence before a commit-
tee of the House of Commomsjast mio'fthb;;
that in hlie.-cou.Yse of .te list *iwenly-nfiv:
ye;irs, England .has paid, 'foi cntif6i alone,.
to the United States, 268,000,000. s4',riug,'. "
or 5'.,300,0.00,00.0. *" "" f
AN6THE R'TAYLOR, LETTR-':;'"'.4" ,
We publish, below, a;leiter fi-DiBm^ ^^!
TAYLOr, in reply to ron addresseio.- ohir0.-
hy P+-,-:ERa.KE., S^rTH. s. -'-'n-"" -e
design of eliciting hissenl'ime.hn 'iin efefi- rRnce`-- f
to .tim.political opinio-as of the N 'iiv,6Am A. n "
rn party. It wVil-e sen ;tilhg%'. ,.t^^ -
refuses ,o be 'the ean'didate of 'W*e--MN' '. '
American party-', 'as he rerfiied. oefo'e. lie-. -
the candidateQof either ihe Denmor:,., r ihZ." "
W higs. He is i,-n ekiihle in his rsTl'ria-- ) ..,
hot to go-into office tra iptmeilp.xb 7y &.-^
dogmat; For this wMe 'fil'. ...-iif- e,
want what we have not had?'o'6y:r.e'-'rs--
a P-resident of'.1,e de-'S, iry. 'fivit
parly.-Prt~ade0p6ia d'4llteti.. : -: '4,ft:t
Camp ner M^tere July 6, l J ?
Sir': The,(, o~spect~s of a Native .,\j,f ">
icain pa|)er., .l_[).^,.f~d','vy-ourseil', fo,-'
,led :lo "e-^lece'cf.~isfo ^
has ben dhf'llp .'ie ..... -""-"-:Ti'. lb"s|H '
marks, and to whc ine orof ,lie ^ .
Amerir-an pa,'ty 'require. ass'Bt fiom tfl..
ivhom they favor'tor l h'e Presi'clency,. ifSS. *
ohll sayl with (all candor, tl,.oti if ele'te~d'.tHtl|
Tfjice i/ ,nest be by Ike span tai e ''-waP "'.'
the people at targ~e, hnd wlthouitfg"nc,; "7, ^^"

.*#fiil that high office, it mud.,e uw.l'am SO^ ..**-
led' withi parly obligations or interpsts'of'l Hs"7,
.+EE Co.ST,','Io'JSo Af.' THE VrS I l -:

I du not desire the Presidency,, nnd ,?5,^
til i h sfi m asntob conide (" i:

idsesired by lhepectple, irrespective ofyaK .
Your pa r- rhe'No.. which you Li ^'^
kind enough to promise-will i ,eryl E'
eeptable; meanwhile I can o i-y`"..`.-e'-i' ti-| + '
prove useful to i,'e counr,. "'- I
Very truly aud sincerely. your.6b' J '.-'-
Major General U. Army.. -
"'PETER SKEN SMI"'Ti, Eseq., 1;Philadelpl B.." "

FEMALE C'uOR.,uE..-!!AX /errant' girl :iK'1,
Lisle, temarkablh for helsyrleps dy'sfi.m..
fon, laId a wager lh d ahV".1u -I h;. t. -l jh a.o.'
eharnel-hnuse a:ir l i nid ist W il.lL,. li g nd ,'-
bring from hlience a dep-d nimas-sliill. "A<^: '
*ordingly., a t ihe a1pqp ted 1ipne, site ven'-. '
but-the person wifi whom.-shef ruaf,.-h-, i'?
bSt hadd none beflreanl hid hrsIR',^ '- ,"k
place. When ,he 'ierd ".ier desffeil' ad
a;ke up llie skill, he called out in a. h'll6w ^-
dismal voice' Le"lve ve my -head,,V"!.|'T f'i k "
girl, instead 'di'|)l;iin.gsys nipto)^ .if" iorf I
-brf-r frie/itr very cooly -laid. ir"db I h i.,- -
a^ ." \?11l, here il is Oieo.n'i.,-ad tob ':.
idt-iher, upon whilh the- vj e r..ipi "": -. :
/.ealr "P e moy head !" BW trhe 'he.h ." '
;ifl observinz- it was tihe same;,voice --Lla r : -
mid called before, answered inr-her .own" '
country dialect, Nae, inae, friend, yeocana, ^. -
a' twa heads!" "

INFLUENCE 0 WOM.Ao".--Tbefi "":-"<
omething lo me,' says Byron, 'very *8i) "-''s"
>g in' lie presence of woinien.h .
range influence, even if one is n 't.i
"it-h-them. I always fepi in beier6hm 6 .-
ith myself and every ihing else, -if wilh" .-.
Sk e ,' ;. ..n -. + ,-.

0 The Rev. T. M. LyNcH will preach
at the Methodist Church, to-morrow (Sun-
day) morning, at, 11 o"clock; also in the
evening, at half-past seven o'clock.

It will be 'perceived by a perusal of butir
paper of to-day that the Editor of tibis pa-
per hais presented his name to the voters of
the county, as a candidate for the Senate.
It is now little more than twelve months
since we took charge of the Editorial de-
partment of this paper; during "that time
our course has been 0pen and-indelv'deut.
We have written whatever came upermost
in our mind, anua have advocated such doc-
trintes and such policy as- we deemed cot-
rect, without 'regard to whether ,e rriet the
approbtion of every mair-conscious of
being actuated'by a desire to Promote the
welfare of our felloiv-citi'zens, we hitve not
hesitated in our course, 'wherever we salw
our way clearly. If we had at any time
become convinced that we had fallen into
error, we have stood ready to submit to
correction-we have only wished to pursue
the right path, and could but feel rejoiced
when we were shewn that we had strayed
VWre do not pretend to think that we have
met with universal approbation-we -know
to'the contrary-we have the assura-cee lhat
we have gone counter to -the wishes, of some
of our.former politdcl friehds"in some
things which we have-written. But we are
of the opinion that we have done right, and
we believe that a majority of the unpreju-
diced think with us. Such being the case,
we are prepared to stand or fall by our po-
sition. If the manner in which we have
conducted this'paper, and the opinions we
have herein expressed, have met the
views of a majority of our fellow-citizens,
they will pronounce judgrmeht in our fauor
at the ballot box. We abide, with perfect
reliance on their judgment, and our own
rectitude of conduct, the decision to be
made on the first Monday'in October'next.

By'bnc of the provisions of the -Consii-
lution, the next Judges who are to be elect-
ed after the expiration of the current terim
of five years, for which the present incum-
bents were chosen, are to hold their offices
for life. *
This pi'ovision ofi the Constitution iwas '
adopted from the Judiciary systems of other
states, in'some of w~ich it has beensubse-
q gently altered. The expression of public i
opinion, as exhibited in the action of various I
Conventions which have met to alier and
-1mend (he Constitutions if Vaih'oUs Statels,
seems to indicate a preferenceefor a limited i
duration of all the offices within the g'ift of
the People or their _Rpresenitatives. A *
stated recurrence, at reasonable periods, to
new elections by the people, of persons to
serve them in public capacities, serves to
keep alive within the mind of the -officer I
he responsibility which rests upo'n him,
md has a tendency :to urge hi'm to'tiriceas-
ng efforts to be'found fat rhful-in his steward- t
ship. Too great an independence of pub--
ic opinion, 'on the pat 'of the officers, is i
able to run into a contempt of the will of
thePeople. Th'e frequent exercise -of -te .
elective franchise, on the part 6f the".peo-
p)e, leads them to a close scrutiny of the
iets of their servants, who fill the various t
o)fces of State, and prevents any'thi'ng like
ndifferen~ce a's to 'the persons o'n whom the
;hoice-may fall. .. -
These principles have aiiway~s'been recog-t
nized and acted upon in ft'aming the Cou- t
stitutions of the States of this Union, save
that in some States the, old maxhim of theta
English Constitution, that Judges sho,ld r
be independent of" the Crown, andl holU
their offices for life, has been acted upon,
so-as to lead to the insertion into their
Consitjutions of p~rovisions of a like cha- s
racter."&e real0ns which led t0oj1te esta-, t
blishiment of lIhis" principle,:whiclh frst;'-o-. 's
mired after the Revolution in the reign of s
\Villi,;am the Third, was, that prior to that s
inte lhe Judges, who held their office dur- c
,,g "(he Ktng's pleasure, instead of as at s

)res.ent, (luring good behavior,'were little s
else'hlian instruments of oppressio-n.I the
hands of'the Prince,- instead of breing'a
bulwar0 of liberty to lhe subject, behind
.vhich lie could take refuge- from [lie en-
roachments of power. tf'(hen-ihe reason
pon which the provision by which the c
udiciary.are to-be chosen lor life, depends tI
or its existence, as an anomaly in our
otherwise Republican form:-f .G6vernment,
eases to apply here, where:;ihe People are ir
he sovereigns--may it not be reasonably ar- I
.ued that the provision itself should cease '1
0 exist?. We have adopted the-Common d
jaw and the Constitution of our English h
ncestors,.so far only as they are applicable 1)


hl' tLtl IU -

S TOT[CE-Mt-.'.C.. SHEPARD is ,ii^&ly.
authori'fed'agent',ii'i~L"'my absence from
- t:ie S t .-.: [I] \ 'i] ,. TI,- [L L Y .'

IarF, i llc r: A ..... .. fla Ni l

L I.ZLlr1;8 Y,,T ParL;%nis- K-,:r!y. full Mecw
se I^ 'I r, 1

~i- -t Ir~--~ii~~-^---~L- _~._~II__I~1~.~ Ii_L.-___-L_~ ;I I




I ~



- -'*"*.*

. :England, and to insist upo% the payment of some whigs in Maryland, in reply to their
a debts due to British subjects [loud cheers.] 'rerolutions nominating him for the Presi-
e That we have the means of enforcing the' dncy. in. which he s tys" ;
f rights of Briti.h subjects, I am not prepared i"flf ihe good people of the nal-ion should
to dispute [hear, hear.] It is not that we so*greatly honor me with the .elevation to
are afraid of these States or all of them put' the Chief Magistracy, I shall, by all zealous
s together, [cheers] that we have refrained endeavors and*- to the best of my' ability,
from taking the steps to which my noblT. stitive to serve them, and maintain' ih,. best
. friend would urge us [hear, hear, hear,]- and highest interests of the whole country ;
s England, I trust, will always have ihe yet, though 1 feel impelled to yilId to the
t means of obtaining. justice for its subjects call of the people, at large, [ should bail
n from any country upon the face of the earth with~pleasure their determinalion to confer
s [cellers,] But 'this is a question of ex- sogreata gift on someeminantstatesman."
e pediency, and not a question of power;
r therefore let no foreign country who has done [From the Charleston Mercury.]
wrong to British subjects deceive itself by a FLORIDA POLITICS.
i false impression, either that the British naiiodr The Live Oak is a Democratic. ncws-
is or the British Parliament will forever remain paper recently started at Pensacola, Florida.
d patient acquiescents in the.-wrong, or that. if Its namne would imply some affiliation with
c~iled upon to enforce the rights of the people the Navy. We have been -altradted by two
nf I I
of Englandl, the government, of. 'England a1tles, the one headed -Politico-13
f will not have ample power and means at its phical Sketches," and the other Senator
e command to O6tain' justice of them [loud Westcott-The Hon. J. C. Calhoun."
cheers fron.iall sides ol the H'ouse.] In the former we are advised, as one of (Tllg
Mr n-tumeJfollowed: -extraordinary incidents in the. life of his
a- t, He approved highly of the sentjmenti Excellency Wi. D. Mosely, that he was-a
t just delivered to the House; for he had al- room-mate when in. College of President
, ways thought that if foreign states became Polk. ,.Wim. B. Lewis is said to have been,
debtors to British subjects those subjects had for may.: years, the bed-fellow of General
e a perfect right to, claimtnthe protection of the Jacison;'Ji," History. has not informed us
tBrittisb. Government. He trusted the terms, whether t..his. 'contigu.ity even i.rmparted to
used by the noble Viscount would have their 0y the great qualities of that hero.
Sproper effect on som e-of the States of the Irfe first act ol Mr [olk's administration
e Nori.h American Uhion0who were indebted walto drscl"r,,e from office the beBd-fellow
. to this countrY' He had always taken a olf '. illI. 1ririni fi'ie'nd ,In d taltlo n, which
t deep interest in the United States.of Amer- sh W-, the estimation, he places on such
f ica. He thonght he perceived in them a (ealhe\-bed- associations. .
3 rising prosperity fi'om the policy of a wise ,[f trip article headed Senator Westeott,
i and -honest Government, but h.e was sorry there islmost bitter attack on the politicall
to observe in latter years that, notwithstand- J'u1!'-i-ir",of that gentleman, as well as o n
ing all the means which they had to satisfy Mr.lCai alun. Mr. Westcott, as (he Rep-
r all their creditors, they had allowed their reseitaldvt of Florida, is exposed to the in-
,g claims to -fail into arrear. The United vesigatiots which his constituents may
y State's had thus lost the-high character thin! proper to institute, and can/no doubt
. which they once held; but he trusted the, jn1ty his course to.those who have reposed t
sentiments-of the noble lord would reach conudence in him. For notjoining in the l
them, and that ere long ihe'ir credit would coniinationsof Benton, Turney, and others,
Wberedeemed'." aga ist Mr. Calhoun, and for sounding the
e o : -alan on rhe Wilmot Proviso, he seems to
d [Correspondence of the Charleston Mercury.] harV excited,the displeasure of the Live-
KEY ",WEST, August 1, 1847- Oah "By his trickery and -duplicity in
The mail packet sloop Leader, Brown, proiring his election contrary to the "
master, from Charleston for this port, sprung known prefercence of' the people," is a '
r a leak'on the 18th ult. and to save the lives cha~e made to the prejudice of Mr. West-
r of fhe crew and passengers, was run ashore cottwhich somewhat staggers us. Who-
hon the beach-a few, miles to the, notth of washis preferred. popular candidate,.? We
d-.New River, where she soon became a total had'lwrjys understood that Mr. Westcoit c
g -loss. The deck load, consisting of lumber, wasiominated by one of those Conventions, (
s was throw. overboard; and the balance, to tich the regular Democracy bowed
ni consistinig of 8 or 9,000 feet in the hold, obefnce, and that he was selected as the
with the materials,-was lauded on the beach ackvledged auhorof certain anti-Bank
t in good order. Capt. Brown arrived here dochents, the paternity of which had
in a boat on the 27th with the mail, and on beeippropriated- by another, and who, on
the 29th the whole concern was sold at auc- the mutation of thoWe papers, had rested
s lion. Theliulibrought$12,materials$50, his Jaims to thIe Senatorial chair. Orn
and, cargo 883. .. wholshould the mantle have fallen'?,r
-Seven slaves employed on. illi"e ublie n
, works at Tortugas,: lately made an attenmpt- : NLDN'T MARRY A MEGHANIC.-A. C
to escape to Nassau. They stole the Jight' your man comme'nced voting a young v
house boat, a schooner of eight or ten tons. womi, and she seemed well pleased.. -One c
and having furnished her ith water,. pro- eveng he called when it wa's quite late,
visions, ..&c, set sail about miidnight for whid led the girJ to inquire where hie t;
e their port of destinatdn. The. next morn- had ,en. C
-; ing, s.9 soon as the fact vas -known, Capt. "had to work to-night," he replied. -
r" Thoifimpson, k-eeper of the Light, purs-ued "V you work for a living?" enquired -
n them in an open boat, and fell in with them the tonished gIirl.- Z3
if off the Marquis Keys, when they cutaaway "Ortainly," replied .the young ma-n;
the masts of the scb9orter, destroyed th-e I'r i'mechanic." .- --_ .
",'ujdcr, &.-nnd-"iied to 'sea in a 6.-nall .. ;/ brother doesn't work, and I dislike a
0 boat which they had in tow. _,They' were the line of a mechanic," and she turned '
; subsequently picked up by an -English ship,- up -l pretty nose. 'n
(name not known,) bouod to Liverpool, re- Ti was the last time the m-echanc'G
'presenting themselves as shipwrecked sai- visit, the young woman.. He is now a ,
lo rs. The master suspecting the fact, and wealV man, and has one of the best of
not beina willing to aid f i their escape, w0 for his wife. The young lady who )
- stood it: close to thereef, and landed.'tiiem disli, the name of n- rneclh-inicOis now v i
eon one of the Keysto. wi ndward of hi fhe Sfe of a miserable, tocd-a_ regular '.
d place, from whence they proceeded to0iMatN"-'.aigr'i about grogshops-and, the poor -
acumba, where they w-ere captured by the and ',serable .g:rl, is obliged to take in n
. -wrecking'sloop Key )Vest and brought to was.ht in order to support her self and 7
-:this place. Three of (hem belonged to S., child,.,. .. m
R. Mallory, Esiq"Cpleclr o this port, Yeho dislike the name of a. mechanic, a
I two t90Mr. \Vmn. F. E~gli'sh one to Capt. whosbrothers do nothing but loaf and
Thompson, keeper of the Light at Tortu- dressieware how ffibu treat-,young men. N
:e s'dntMs aooS.uswho prk for a living.. Far better dis-
d tine. ca" 'card ivell-fed pauper,-with all hislngs,..
The brig Volucia arrived here yesterday, jeweeI brazen facedness, and poinposity, n
thirteen dayvs frm the Brazo. The master and (e to your affeettons the callo'us ,C
(<'a,t~i. E.chhe~rger) reports that news hiad hanti 1pinl'--lli,.;eniland induslrious meehan- T
b, ien i,:ceited I~rni the city ol" Mexico, re- i,'. r, us;nds h:,ve lIitlerlv regretted the I:
I |)'esentin2 thai.nSanta Anna hIjil collected { I'lbl,\, \o hiave turned their li icks on honest -
f Iorce of 0.0,q00 m~en] (anI reinii'orcemprnts inilhsit A lew years of bitter experience
r ,Iiily .irriving!.) to OlpI-ne Gen. Scott's p~ro- t'ni:,hl~heui a severe lesson. In this
1 iss t l e ll all- of ihie M1oiii;iyzi 'i s. coii-ntrno m an, or wom an should be
"t" T h tlwi ngl b t hi i e ras e, tie ]tst soon e p eccl re .pecc i, in our 'w ay o f thinking, w ho .
tto heair of some loill lightling in those dia,-- "ill nowyork budIvil or" meni'tlly, and who
.ain,.,s, tlhe result or twhic:h, in view of tlhe c~uil lIr, li rs withl "s,:oin wh,n introduced ,
[)'ist-, c;!nniol for a moment be doubled, to a ht worlkin man. "
Thie brt V'olii'ia sailed yesterdayy ;.l~lei- '*
noon, biu,,,I to [-I.,v iiii. NEGa L<-,>I>:.-- "I tell you- war, S~mi,
[C r(o~ n eo h C ]r- ,. C .r, ? I hi~b a inon~lro uis spritete uid, m a~s~a!is
A;lv.^n', n orniin',lowni in de calbh:iie patlch.':2.. t (,
WAII* Tfl, N,' Af .I e. ,,re.o 7. '" Y oulon' sez s0 W hat-you,.'slpLt'i ^
Te r"av rsee' i~ t' '" \Vhv pnt', sed d:." was "0nly'one :'

^^^^^ H5 *jH--Bif **^'L ILfLI I 1HIMI I ti1:11I. I tell NOT -'.A K ,; ft I "LV It,.
i- pe mo-t pi)-?T9B 'hi'. ,, th it a nfe o 9- h 1', \ I
SR ~ wi p iiln ,whIc.hl would cerl1.iinly at." *k, i *.r
l n s I nl w e w c t, t 0" ". r, ,v'd miA htV wiutelligent nig- b
m i n a ItIe.vIV. T hec,' re|>.irls %%er'' -. ,, =.
n> I;-, r it o l Phe ll' )1. Ln 1 L I vo> r

To the Vaters of Frankli. ,T"E SAVANN.&A CM1EOlk IAN.
Having been solicited by, many of the citizen INs I anQtmncing the fact Iliat the underitpgncd
of this County, -to become a candidate bP[ore the ve .a-sociated' (heiraweves together in the FAito-
People for the office of Senator, ir the ntXt Gen- ri1epartndnt'of ".THE SAVANNAH OEO.R-
Pepl f.o the ,off aceo ,en wirlingther616t, that-GIAN," we take this occasion to say to the pat-
eral A-sarr~h ad-being willing to serve it> that rn ~htppr n oIlepbi eeA
,rbJN ,,,a~ p dfo r s o r 'th a t p a p e r a n d to -th e p ~ ub tie g e n al- ,4
c.,p2c(Jty, tInow present myself before-you for -that arrangements have alreadylbeen made fowp
election to 1 pot, if you shaleef t tb material -riptoveuiant in outward appearance,
it upon me.p-i.-a1 see fit to bestow and that no pains will be spared -to 'elevte and
sustain its character as a commercial'paper, ar4
Having 6o)efimimes expressed my-decided con- to B11 its columns with interesting and profitalle-
viction that caiicuses and conventions are con- mitier. We feel most sensibly-that to render Ihe,
trary to the true spirit of ouir institutions, it is Savannah Georgian such a paper as the growing
notsurri~ng hatI hve refrre tocom beore-int~erests and population of our Statezand-'Cityt3
nourrngta h peereeor ure, a diverspt,, o ao -oy
you as a candidate in the old Republican fashion,' .upon it; such we are, determined. t&,turnish.-
such as was used in the early days of our govern- We shall strive to make its columoia'pleasing to
"meat. .all readers, and while r.ur humble sinp, t shalL !
m e nt e g iv e n -to t h~e g re a t .p ri nc ip les u i, o wh i ch ,q d h e
-1 hold it to be the privilege of every freeman- Democratic party has-iraated itaelf,, beiev ng -
to become a candidate for-, the suffrages of his these principles to be essential, to fhe perpetui,tv -
fellow-citizens. If the People desire my election, of our national freedom and t"ie- avajanberneaf- of
I shall know it by the result of the canvass-if our national welfare, we shall slu(dlsly void
all rude collisions with vievi s 6pa im ,89t. i-
they elec me their desire to make use of my tgonistic to our own. T6 rod-# our." te
services will thereby be manifested more certainly fi.im.4ut dispassionate exponent o-f-dowieatic-
than by means of an election brought about by principle, the calm-yet .unflinchi, ig .agdira.of "
the, influence and management of a caucus. If I Southerninsti.tu ions, the veh-icj s iauSiftg afdd
intuetive,..thought upon all "troper sW~-9eaN?.
do not r .ceive a majority, of ihe votes polled, I w tikher of science ierature ".- ge eral "
shall learn that the will .of the People has not mation,-in a word, to make it a v~ecotwevisiltr
seconded ,my wishes,- and I shall 'bow in quiet at once tothe merchant,and the m..hrj&.0,.
submission to your decision. student and the farmer,, shall be.cr conljagg%2''
reavor; and if, in addlwn1--lW* ;.'^ B^"~.'
W-. G. 'AVIS. be enabled by extending,our-oic, trcLi.l-^H ',
Augugi f. 1: L, tne interior, to Strengthen the -rOt beloved S'ate and City "toge Ler'.ant6t t
CC,- MR-T- ro0MAs ORMAN:-Many citizens are secure that :oneness of sympathy anaA lf-6 -
desimtus olf.- using your name'as a candidate for i'gsoessentia! tothe prospeilyof botl-we a|:t'
the State Senate at theileniuing election. They fit..ou labors amply repaiA, '-" *.-
do not.stop'fo enquirer regarding your availability ToJ enablevus to,"co a tl,-ut" dPr a nl eoneM-"
i, .- ^-'~" tion, .however, arnd--Jo do all "thatwevvbwlud~cish
* whether yoluare popular or not-they believe to do in the way of improving ,Thkb Georghn,'"
in your.fitness tor tie office-have no party ends we must lodok for an increasml, upptert'-frbG7 tnwe
to accomplish, andarie-willing to pace "the inter- pubaei; such we now solicit and- con'fidently ex-,
pect. Wlw tAV. BULI'06k- ,'"
ests of Franklin County in your hands in.,the HENRY;`R -.!A=K ."
State Legislature. They are of the opinion that
the public interests are not always best subserved TERMS. 2 ?: '^1-
by those who are the tools of any party THEDAILY GEORGIA--' -; publishedd .i ,
yts aethe ts Savannah at TEN DOLLARNSW. B N.ni : pa ,
August.21. able semi-annually, in adv0q-W"`-or, SIX DOC-
0 We are authorized to say to the voters of TLE-TRI-WEX' Mo s /N, '
Franklin County, that JAMES F. FARIOR Country, is pu btis hedtI o t Yhe. a rf'ragq t.
will serve them in the House of Representatives of the mails, three times a, week, (Tuegd'" L .
of the next General Assembly, if elected. Thursday and Saturda-) art the Offiace o
^ ........ DAILY GEORGIAN, andcon-tAins' A ifat',
nligene Comercial, Politicale aee
OQ- We are desired' to.aty that WILLIAM- !.inclink.new AdvertisemeHlsr-e .
--'- ""~~n :he D~iilyPaper .. .. ".
VALLEAU, Esq. wishesto be considered as a. 'tjR-IsiK "ent to all p of-t-".t--te
candidate before the People for -re-election, as and&]B 2nt> 6c-'deliverei in 'thfc.,Lv, at F WFE
Clerk ofifhe Circuit Court n(< Franklin Co-inty DoL..ARS-'per annum; or; at'7TIRYX- DOI-
A ugust 21 LA iSfor six modths. ,: -" ,
S- . TPI'VEEKY' GEORGIAN, is -'s ish
THE NEW-YORK" "" every Friday afternoon, at THRlk. -
THEN. "Y ORK per annu m-all payable in adv.Jn
SCIENTIFIC AMERICA*. August 14, 1842.." ,-4 .i?--
Third Year. A pilachicola Ex..c -I e. '.','-
This popular~cientific and it'ehanical IJor- J THE sub.icriber 2_J fYiers
-. L j. and. the public in genr r@his bet=
nal, (which has already attained the largest c^r- come the Proprietor of'- i e.-iwl
culatfon of, any weekly paperof the kind in-th"', known house,.and wil" be-pleavs'e' 'to -terta'iBw
world,) will commence its THIRD VOLUME any of the travelling community .3hat may favor l
. Stur.....a........... Sept. 35t, hm with their custom, and .will also cficcbim6 ,
o n _"fti' ..y ,.ep t 23th ate resi den t b oard lers T h e -b ar vw ill alw a ys
Each number of The Scientific American con- supplied with -enui "e l iq .r-W .y._et ,
ains from FIVE:.to SEVEN ORIGINAL ME- quality., JOHN PATRIDGE.
CHANICAL ENGRAVINGS; a atalogue of Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 1846. ,- ".. _
AMERIGAN PATENTS, as issued from they ,AN Sf WOt-BO -,-" 0' .
Patent Office each week; notices of the-progress su s fifo r B -r ,
t" ~ ~ ~ : I1 .'- I!l.,~~fA /, '" " L _- .__ _ubscrii....bers respectfulliv. r ":iir
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la.t feels an interest in the advancement of -this- Iechaninca' or Scientific improvements in this posed_ ahd arranged for the Piano Forle; as well .. "
.ountry as for other. instruments. He'intendsq.'to'l1 e.. "I- :
It is published in QUARTO FORM, conve- cnal hn d ,selec ion o mstfrsh .
-1 uuu .~fvi^ ^onable pieces, and._ -is -pti-ces per bo.y,' aIl a I
gently adapted, to BINDING, and furnished to moderate, to suit" he, tfimes"- he .al, or, -?C,--
Younlry Subscribers at the LOW PRICJE-ot sale, Piano Foirtes^T t'he rmost-ap'proved"Bt'ke *
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,. .... CE an the. .. .ner in Six' them m perec-te order ; he alIso begs leavye-to s,,y; "
,on '*- *A-,. an- me reaoe* < that he ls ready to gtve instructlon on Ihe. Pianoy,:: .
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2.:__-^ ON and after the first day of prompt attenfiBn..: ; H -',BERN IR Etf -* .;" :
^^ ^^ ^JULY next, t-his Line will be :. .=[:.%- .':. Proess.oMusic. -
"'2q rnregularly in TWO-HORSE Apalachieola, J_:".J.10. 1S47. "26-tr ... ''." ; :- "
"IAGES.' The undersigned;- hayving the con- .. .' ... .. -* .l S .
ract to. carry the Maift on 'this route, rntend~s to Stalte of. Flori~da,) '}; W "
tve every facility to Travellers who 'may wish to F- RA N K L I N- C 0 U N T.< "- :^'" -'*
a-e thi route., b3, Oolimbus, -Ga., :North..; rp-Q aill persons having dermards .againsr th,, w' ;-"
Good Staigas, the best of teams, and obligtng 1" late o,'Nathan Sqeymour, la.te'o,,l's.i.d-t-,f,',,v.- "'.
rivers,-wi~ll always, be provided ; and in a word, deceased, not le. is, hereby gi~n thE&Ae ta,' '
very pains will be taken to'give satisfaction, (ea-, ken, froro the'S-Ionorable'-Courfof p.-"-saidi,'--'
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hose who ...muf choose this route North.. that all claims will, be "bar-red. if" not -.," ^e tt._o'. .*:-:
The Stage will. teav~e Chattahooehee every. within two _year's after- f]-e ate i,".ihiisa-;d,v_.'tie ...., a._
FUESDA and FRIDAY, at 6 A. M.'; arrive; men*t... MILTORN.j.-SOTT.'. -
t FortGanes next~day,'by 12 M. Leave Fort "Anarachicota, July 2'1,S7 "en '-SS-si-.^ '' '"
iaies every'WVEDNESDAY-and=SATURDAY, .. ... .... .-'":*

t I P.. M. ; arrive at Cqattahoochee next days, 'P)RSONS having businesQ witl,-Fhe U '"
y'8 P. M. T J_-signed during his absence 'rom the'Sta **
Persons -travelling from Columbus, Ga.,,i't please apply to Ansr.n Hancock. Es,:.- ^-
Fort Gaines,,Blakely, Chattahoochee, Quilicy to ,. .- WVM. SYI)NE- GH--IJ
Falkhassee, wil-find this the most expedltdus .July, 1S.41. C'7=4T : 'J-?
Pa1te ""." --" ..a
- T. D. WILSON, Proprietor. I,', S ,',vin bu i-es- vit' '.l.d"
in,,,'vJulie2o6, IS 17. ag 431,- -m ed, w.|pte. call on Mr. W S DA-M7. *
'" -- EKEL, as I slntlL be absent for a short time t, a
Twenty Dollars Reward. distant part of the state. "*'*. "' .'r" "
Sr a f he apprehensIon u y 17. FRANC.T-KORPIAN.".4 ;
%.r _I b e lpa id f r i e p io n. ; J
S and dell-very -of._ji: NEGRO MAN named W,.r,',_, .- ,.,.
< % L Evi;,w ho ran aw ay from M acon, on Sun- ,OT-C E ....... .. ...... -. .. -...-. .. .
.la",he ll'hinst. .~Levi is a dark mulattor, ERSUONS having business_ w.nt n the subseri.- .,,
i ",; --- ,, ,_ i_ .' ... .. ,. ers duriz rthteir absenceefrom rIthe city, Wxtli" "'
tout and well built, will weig.ht about 180-bs.., ,-,- a ,
' ... ', w~ha ?plse to apgtlyto1.)r. Cna-fs. ren
littI. bow legged speaks .slow and long w ith a rG-reen i , 1 2"I p -- "
tropgvoicea had on whe-nhe left Satinet round' J"y 1 y -. J. DA\ A Y& ,-O .
oat. and checkerec pants '4 country, homespun. Y anH P o -:
.'-.. .EIDIJTZ, east aSeda Powder6- of the. I'
Ie\r,:ct he will nake tor Columbus, as he lately -.^) best qu.ililv, -fo sale by ,
Jved there. .-ome. suspicion exists that Levie : Julh 17 J:,C. ALLEN.
Nas-.tecoyed or'assiqted offb'so&me ,%hiteperson, P a U f QUIN- e-'. 1
nd ifso; l11:0 will-be paid tbr the villain, and ULPHATE and MURIATE of QUININ
roof sufficient to -cnvict him.'- S ,*- for s9le hb" -i' "-," "
' :- H. L. COOK, Agnt. July 117 --.. C. ALLEN ". '
-'Miccn,.lulv" enY^- 'au 21 32-4t -_ W '- ..-I- :
-loari'OlUi1d ;:3iy. "
-Dl.-Li. IFEUCHTWArNGER'S .. EA'SE'S Clarified E;4erece of. FIoarho-td4 6
lat, IClouse & C'ocLroaclv Poison. "L 'Candy, just receivS arlndflbt sale by ..; ^
'T[-I'' erY etficaciou_ rernedvy for extermina- 'Ju e" .H 1!..F. ABEL .L. _.y
1 111- n'- im nediately, il'a p '.T-ro erapplication be .. .. -
na~te, ofoll lftheeabovenamed annoyances His -.., Hi r -.
Flea and"Poisonha'H, t ""ained ,very F te bt est qujalit ursum-nmer usefiw sale .
0,,bv LJill'y..J J. C.ALtLEN .k
-, ive ,'elehr, t tor-rs invariably destriic e. i .W. .. .
we iipq t. that order of insectj. FPor sa'[dby -" "a" -vCoffee. -
A-\,,-u.4r 14 J..-.-. ALLEN, Druiggist. m .BAG-_iO for sale by -
7 -. ... L .u .. I l'. J) Y & GCa .
,,-CK.vand! SVAIM'S-Pnacea Ri,,t recei ed .REA-IFTAT.rAR.anI Taftxinds, just re,".
;.!Il fo ; 'sale by . .-. ^ ci ,'ed nr.d bf 'sale by '- ,13
June 12 H.-F,:ABEZLL., Ap in17 ..... 4 H. F. ABE.' r .*

'.riailOfthe Steamer Hibernia. LORD PALMERSTON AND PUBLIC DEBT
' FIVE DAY.S' LAT'I FR1OM EUROPE. Below are copied certain passages from a
*"t.oiviefon o, the Fjcach Peers-Arrival out of speech of Lord Palmerston in the Hous<
the Fri-po.e 1,c<.duniu-.Decline in Bread- s o L
s ql. of Co"""n1ons, in reply to a proposition o
,eThe steamship Hibernia, Capt. Ryrie, Lord George Bentinck, to enforce the pay-
' ; arrived at Bostob on iMonday mornin-, at S meant ofcettain debts due English subject'
o'clock, makiott the niliin 14 da:,ys-hal'ng I 'r n Spai
^ left Liverpoibl-on the 19thof Jjily'. She f My noale friend [Lord eorge Ben
brings four das later intelligence than re- M o r ,o
eevdbr teSemr\~lingtow h tinck,]- has quoted passages from the laws
ceived by the Steamer WiVashinsion, which ., y^dw h otie h
let outhI" o o h 5'-fl of-nations; laying down the doctrine, that
Tleh .uialsarising out of the charges of 0oe Government is entitled to enforce frorr
corruption mlade arain_-o the present minis- the Government of another country'redress
c ofFrptIone wiic ca s u at for all wrongs.donpe to the subjects,of the
Itliyof France, wh ich caused 'so much agita- e ^ etmkn h plcto o
-tion :mo0ng a ll paiti:s has resu lted'Jit the G -overnm ent -ai g th e application for
l, on a n ,s .... resltd n ..suihe redress, and that, if redress be denied
7 ,onvietioh -o&-.thte three Ipeers, of boribery.-- .- ,h-,olr ,f lh r n|n rn"" .7
.c nvic ionviictie re ].e rs ois e i t m a be ju tl obtained by reprisals from
All^ co.11,e(],, *sit a d.dThe M inistrv will be dissolved. "r"c-l w ich ty noble rrient
T h ere is no p ollu ical new s from Ireland of tha la id d ownm
Sle.l'eaQ o-ance. ,. c" But there has ,always been
-The Q"i~~,9 I e t1cedida.- With pro-
'. .... ^ K -^* ,: a ...'P, drawn a dtinsretipn between the ordinary
.... *^.^,^...' -1 -t ...... Ittransactions of Brtis.h subjects with the
.l~~~j ~ t i' oll Ol q t he o 16t h l i ult.-" ". ," ..
t- I l.te_ qu ee n in per- governments of other countries. [.Hear
V. .T_. ^, I hear,, hear.] -When a, British subject
ciba 'tld. Th.Lo u n drs',V :Itnbe 2zd0 fJu1,1 engaged -in trade with; thee subjects o a
announce 'the lo-oe of"lihe seven yeeairs'-par- ^ -j "
'.A ikt- nt-, after which the Court would`,e~m 91.li n e-~n[v t s: m r~lat~ n;;
.;-lia~~~i^.^,aherwonihlcli toe Corwulm th laws^,,^: of that country
(-gk'0r.Scoilid. where her Majesty and f r.ress. If,,those laws re not p
d Albert inienI to pass a portion of the rly administered in his -case, then the
sum.ri'er at the ..iootinag lodge of Lord British Government- ,steps in" and de
Abe corn, an idst some ol the most-remote. .. ; ,,, ,,
anll grnfd mountain scenery ofher northern dealt out or that redress .shall be given b:
dominions- the Governm nt of that SIafe. "It is to the
1[1 eleeilons3 for ihe .new parliament 1, ,, .. o com
-w would i"m edin iely.take place'. It ca cu, a 1iv.li l ite of thee, country to encourage e
r, .'i-ll" b a, I- -. a m ereiai deallin' ,s w 'ith foreign -countries; but
lated that the Liberal party Ido oanan otknowitlt it is to the advantage o
-Scession of' no less than- 80 seats, in the tcoontr to g'e great encouragement t<
..-.^ 'o nin v ele cii tos; an in-rease that-will give .t i ..ou. to g ivesgrea t te r -a pi.tal
6 1m elect "-i"' n --n -qn ;IIIIi tiln U Ic_ i-~t i;a ltaiI
.to th e g o vern m e-nt o [ L o rd J oh n RE u sse ll a' 1B r [s- --vt h eir ,- eap i
i m r l i_ .t h e --" n e w. t la )I,- ln i O T O f l'e l 1. n eo u n t r i e s 2 L[ H e a r ne a r .]
good ,Olkllgn., II Ili t-tne ewpall
'" o d :. -h "w l a It quite sensible-of the great I por
) .o .1 -, u, 1 an sb tance of" thjs.qu.esdion to a vast, mass of' he
-, -o ., a e majesty's subjects. -T:hetse debts are owing
: ... >re:lV sli-n,,ihened ny. I,>r? occurrences, ^ .... amou. t. Th,:
Il ch, 'oaliti.-,n 1h ,s;bet.n i~a c dt .tbetw-een F } > ? .? '" .7 ''. .. .
L a ordiJo n 1i ll>a nden o-oi--jert Peeln ave been contracted with an immense num
*. Lnrd .IJ, hn lU'ssll an .Sr R,, ... i eel ber of persons of most litnmited and contract
ih k. not i ni"e tpnenlly and emeans-men who have invested the sav,
-- openly ,Icl ple, until ilier tllhe eleliMns. ... ,ofan ind-ustriou's Kif, or. the small re-
T'.l- pr, . .p ci. el ilc li.rve.l in E nlan,1, "",s -, peIr.,aps 7o, dilapidated f .-.nes, ..:
n,"'l ,n lact:. ..-ll' i I.. i n abun- n doubt- asa speculation, being tempted
dI nt supply to ihe I'lr-ner. Iv the high rate ofinterest promised them
", Th o h.l ben I,,_ ,o~l,-e rtlis-vrred t, u ...... number. really acting from gender.
in I le- rwin. viops. ., seie l -ng rm having sece
a.a I vi s T he ......-zo ',- in b oils Impues r .e g
a-ll a .lvi its. Fhe i ,nTr esi oI e ter- n eaN by those cou-ntries struggling in IffiicUlties; o
;1i. In .I Illir .v| b --"l :i ;lo engaged in conflicts for that liberty wnich
I Th(, n .1 lte: irbrIn:>l[,>slev-ry rreilc e njoy [hear,- hear.] l am perstladed
( .it l. are in ; li.. con~lini. e fat besidesthe inducement of hiIgh interest
different n niifl tim.,in.z. dis"l ct exhibit, t ere- haYqbeen generous and good fee-ings
nm ore activity ill In t h Y II >1 e for son) l e, tU ..' ',..^ up..-a great num ber of th e per
I 1" .. > soils who have advanced their, i ianey in
Thorp k-.morei r.n"ss -i." i, -I. Ihese loans [h-ear,_ hear.]. And, sir, tha
vii ."lrket. :lt l,:[-le C, i,-z nla ,Ik- i1v ,. llr |I-I[a t -1 1 ,- L -, L .
; --~ e ", a..l, ,,, ,,.~ a undoubtedly adds 8 o the baseness of.-hll
-11i pr |)r.ice t.Ipm pifor I(..e dc-l1"-"11".,ot governments, wllo have- broken their enga
-il l... .- gements- and never fulfilled their pledges
.IndianCo, ^ r"is I' *ll a t fort.. .per. [cheers.] I cannot, sir, retract that express
sio n_ stu [renewed cheers] bee. I iSeher'e is hard
F Io1.: w4rlln; ;,it Livc,'|),.; 1n the l one_ Governrent indebted in this,.manuer
" l ilt'. at 341[o ,5 -hi lIii I-zz
,( ..- .. o :.' s =* "' a to British s,,i'ils ui h in i -ght -noi have paid
".[ tik e-]1 wol n lli,,, ste,'liJ e toe ^if p o the whole, at ledst some 'portion .f th
it.^ -.v l \\ .,t. interest upon dne ,bts which they have*con
T Th-r ..IhI-; heeirn !o It n.-e mn n ottil". since ftra e 't heup L' ', e r- T y o os
th e ,le pm m l i- (i f lilt- la it -tp -ir m -r. r- te, h e r r h e g u a l
"l ( -p l -. ... -derino their Iesources-, and allowing their re
S ir lil.t- .. in,) i' re" eiv "p--venues to be plundered and pillaged in the
hlv ih [i ,b,'n, : ) ,; I 1,,4.1.e ,t 3 _,k ,:, ; ,,coie ^ .io ,[ ear, ]earl- even allow ing thi
- ) \ [I.' *," h- 1.. t '", ', ; ,-, -,members of the administration to amass for-
1; Fl, ,"'tJr. ,) IVI-) l 1.1111 N,, -%%, ,1If S. il '" 1 -' "
.- -. 7 1 s, tunesfor themselves by t110 mis-applicatiot
7- -'o to of the puboi< funds heara, hear.] One hal
19l of their revenues which is co 1ectd is iiii$
W ^ H r ', .' .... ,l "".. a1 ap)l ] on its. o.Dwaw y to-t-h-s ttrcasury, at-,
r 1) 1'l1 "1'1.i-l "", ,II" tff. I I l, i r p"an. o the other half goes to
i I'. fI illegitIqnite piUrloses, unconnected w ith the
Iih, ',] %I "V r f | ' 't"' Il I II.S61'.t [ 1 ,1 "h nx. f .- -
aic, t w :.) ("** 1 :11.'e It. ; l interest ol the countyy; and then they come
l.- .... *,, the for of paupersand tell us they are
ill ,,, I [] o [l o I' 1.;, a1, 1[ "l 1 .2 rI 1.- -1."C,
',w-' "hp l m K "n~i Iid,.," t 0 met their eng.gements [hear
i r it u s [ i ) l ,rr l -i a l'r i , r ,l ,. i li i* 'ir v l .- ... ;
-i lt) ) ,, l- it-rnust be admitted tllati i.aLiy of the
1.,; E r"^""" ,11 .ho "7- ",, V,., .,- South Almerican States havebeben-n a state
<,l\ ]I .^.>" w-,-i 1.1 w > if iernal OUI lO l I confusion wvhic s .u e.
fill. f. ,mni Ilif-s Nr. so-me excuses.for their nieglect of an-indis
: .-11N, a.--.Il\ o nCs lo [ ,,,1 ;re ptabl obligaiioo, remember lalkin;
o.0,- t* y a ,re.i* l ,:et,'. ,blea,,lel ,,,<,'lr> .-l.T ne d i t j; t h a very i bl agent ilizen of
kr _bzlir.'. ,n, G deooe, \Vi w e .. .. .
*hnid,:I has no'w sC t m S li v,ti.lblv. nd th'n e t:ntatesit Unon, w matlean lion, which I
1,e l 1 tie; iri' a -in d. L-rg imb ,-io,I~ U o 'I ,s rain hc
e~ri,nes,re at lhan,l,. L',r,e n nb.ers of b6i'eye o'.be as perfectly true as it is un-
hi li-ove hi,1n sont back io their o" n doubiedlv sirikiifi". co th-v fo,,nm.t ,l, n nl, r >tie o p ,-rn lion 9 'i e'en s t e
Iof 1- t w, i., b,bt-, no inLon .ve i enece l,:s s ^S t es an th South A ierican States, iQ,
vj et .ei'po ienee,I .herefro,n ,,s t e ele ali i in lsb
Fj rW itl of \],-. (_J'tCo;.nell hs been ap- [.st eth ,id~tev set-e ll -lhe:J di;.ll ntesbox
,i prvlt tile l,'^ero ",lwe C..,, r., ]he [-ar ^]tea',:, headed, "Lhink thte
'-> ^,- *ii'r'- ,it' l,] )0'"t I'- v IS s'vorll to.-i e_--'tlnlll* *aS S ^H lur
.. i i r .... --- I'll ei'is anii H ^ B hs S Iroubles,)n e an'-:
.- .-2;).'i+ u't he hia_, aJIIla. oth'er Ibeq01st.;,""nr cc S S H B ^ ati us i,,ou

1, -".-- ''f.' I',lri h'eel lewinsn llr.]^^^^^H ^l~vvpt
..a. .el 1t~: i:,ioj n. ,,.-[ antmr hlnnlpi fi i^^ ^^^ kAdith Sut
-,.-. "er An1 ii cnim^'iini i le re, I^ H ^HH H^I leave ffMk
.|^. o.fet[ [, whi,'ht Itiin s 10ir lbl le,1), inr.)-^^^^ iB^^ H ^~

"':. il.le d} ,: ;. ,t s.I Toioo he w i,, es "; ** "if thPt th c ph ave set
:".. c ^d ;. e l C li r a p ..M ;'7 "l h" [ hop tile^
.l- -el~ime n And.pr> Pei >^"'"'7"^-/""^ ^" H

:^ .- ,n cn,,. .h l lu i e le ,b r*h' "" "1 4 -

B 11,hIes-:--[n 1-.3 cop-- y .I/,u-[le ie Ji-1 ,, ,
je.... ,, t of ,qq Of hir .''oty
;?' W .3 l 'o r" 1 vh v P a r np en i ,r a ,,,l s e% e ra l !",I / t," t i. ...m t/h
s, ir'l in t v .a 1co a l fi dl m a t C u lie n ,,t 1 i, ../ l:'h1 ^m u .-s l te Sit
;. afterthe comment e menle t(i oft '1r'' 7,",, ', .^l..
ol iX6r mine6 01f silld w,>d d,.se,|>v,red. T ftc- 1 e '
11i 1-1hin liW .i-' of gr" tnu l of the coil d ,lller "Jt nl my <:
N- .'l d ...
ant C LI r'. Ihe \ ,'- n,.a,|Wh ch a l.,s c I1i, o ; .. i l" Itt wers e I) Id
2: ictns. .^ q.'.],nir,',l ,t,,ilihe tovetn,nen-; l,1" -la d- th l -e i**^ l*iJ":v "1 ^f
._- -.nl L ieryA\ Iis i)trther ,Iowa a rule Ihatl slle'i rM
Ii,,,,s ,of"a ,diffi;:e,, kin,,,' th
il rl em e ered -i < ^ ,i.,, ,\ i 1.^ I" i 1.:
._. .reist, M e fo. h purch se ,I ha1e ; ; 1ir an, l'ih,[ a c,3
i. -, laws ofti[he al i n-1 to ,o so.,
G i '.- as lt V i'seei 'n "i lilnfli. I do not1, i I1e 1-1 ill ;IN \ wV:lV [,"1
olett l ,I r n:)n:v e,i P')'e V)re ;pro',ire ;I do o aw.ay i ith l it, as1r [ I) i\'e 11%I\e
,t,r it, ,.t-re nei\ C i On r tb, a rienl i g ferail principless adlv.mced e hv mynoble
H eokilces H P eisstlel l/'Y,:I.:c- ,_: r <,1, v/hi,-.h I'i end [ lIe:r. iear.] AlIllh u-21 I em great
1.. P-1h 17I,-. l in he hj]ls Il I li[ a ilio, Iies [ the l-lnii'e, iloi n it,,,nls o0 1' ublic policy,
.. I; ,r e -j __ ri < -i. ii,, :ii ,, ,I -h r- n e \' r -r a n o p,, ,; i ~ot I | |I S L ; i[ [ e s e n t ii i ,. n h o r! M a j e s t y 's "
..tor~ i-lite appe;ired to h .i ', lle 'Z, g (,\'errilirtnt thli obli .irimis wlicll the pro-
c-chaunce- of- soiceies lie %%as :rresteI a,4 pj o-e'. ;.l.lr'-i- i\,,ul|lhrw lii on tlteni`, yet
-A 1,1,,,1V 11 inI | ,Jriso -.. ,er., (,, ,,i Oi i / ( 11. t ,,"
S,-amn nz ', the nt ilb-.r or the ,,icli1;i of thait (. c' ; VV, .11711 V"-(/i:" _' r fi "c tO'. t/. :'rs8tQBri-
JIlle.zii .ic. o"1-f iks tool ofilie T ulilerieq. t,.dt.- bjc,:t', /t..? the ti,, ,; m.1'/ ".. :,me0'When
R Ro ME -- LFi_ er 1 nu1riieraCninoi nn ,.-. that 1"* ....,^. I; ; Io F '.i;/ ** i 't i<(.-hear,
i lie Pope lh:if| i', il t\n',tw o dhrr,'e, i the one u 1"'*" t /i' t'i: ..Ir,:,,tI.:ani i',, n, li:s i,'ni ct.
*' Ollithorizicg ttihe ormt ition ol',i w- i ioi:m l v.-lar'd a, -"'[ ',(J,,-. sbh ecl, o" tlti ,v .,;wn/ri, [C heers
Eon ii the French principle iihr, linll t Ihils Is ront1 all 6- e..] 1 11.1ii,, I '.. t thf,, that the
'- omniTo1111,. andi the other ;.111clio ill- tlp /I 1 "*we m!ty i7/1,111 WIN
'*-; establishments of riihlroads. I hei" two .... ."! ,,i, ilq i / fwe..*,i r 150 r / /. -
"-""- ltniel"S Ires h-i pi reduced thII ,- rie iiv-s enl- .',"" / ,/ 12 ^^i~tt 6, , :. thtb asi i n- Ii t I ; It is also r I-poiiii l n',r "tt".l [airJ ,:l e,.]" A id I ( ,o I ll \ irn
. P-* i X I;drefused to s,;n a, 1;c I e for Iheli ,,ln t ih t lih \^ ,:i not. nmike |ilo)per el-
'. ^ fi a ishmelnt( f.o It' e.'htt.ndred ptrs ni-r,!)b-no i. Ilti adJ(eiltelvy 1 ifil their en-.n emients,
. . "^ us'io llhe careifint-. Spveril ,,Ilirse ,l"ji- orlhis iUi irv/i-lhidie1 m1 A e e ;iv be in of-
"" hrie.favor.,hil"'oA-ustri t %erel in imuninent lice, .inI may be conii^Jetl hy lhie torce om
anrer I'ron the excited potlll:ic bji \ were public opinion, and by ill'e votes-of Purli.i-.
- ^ 5icued bv the rnnel.v luterlerence of the 11 ,?t [hear] to ,Ipar jji-n that which
'"i nijlur leaders. l! lhertu ha.; been the established practice-br


















. ,,, i,,



, pr(.ceedl Ly~fT~Tgrf~e'Ty^
1-. le n o f t 1 n t r f i o ., l:-.,tl,-3 .1 ."
*illi) 's tiff y ll,-,is:tt lI i en ; ,.i1id int.
dl( 1 li esen e i theie"reerm i "ce I'
r e, li ar.y I a il v I I as dII,
-onl the offijem;rsSt.
We are rei 1 I

in i Iled nh e not nk P, the
of the rem y Al r.. .a
Q. A,-dIee nm in t s bject of'
Ill, ;lin,-vle,;|ion o Llh[pronmpt
(;reI [,Iitlill It) appll-rt:11 which
shev(oilI Claimn b %%I \:I fic-Itioll
"Tor d-bi-; ,Iie from Sp) lbcs
im, th the Ilr,,Ximuily 1of W.rr1-tion,
pil|'iLeilles moi,,, .Ile m l e I 0Ll1 EI'hlrr
S' -maes %%willd Ibe -;o 1ddllerous t) the. I~ suIIre 1)yv %%a I'. Tndler piesed(t eire ml'CII Iln e.;
Ewrl:mid maY not lake this -step,,but the,
tinme may Comre wheii that Gij eertI'lIne n m~ay-
,leein it "expe Hie nm :'
Thet e i 0 f o the -election-.returns,
I'rot I nore r74vorable:-to the-
%% h io[ citeI. .

ner?(n, I'm N \." Orl, .r.i-
lldiU,-, "Tiiw.-r, ['I,.Ir N,?\\

ppe n i u, t Chwi' t n o-elhee.
Aa- mooe

*" \ :.Peti~tion 1-,,r Div,-rc,:.
JTT appearring t.) ts.t- sAf,,fi,.-n of the. Coutt,,
1 by affidavit ni.ji tl', co.,?, that the de;
pendant, Fatha vir., i-.Ini. resides- beyond the
jurisdiction o'6f '" l w .- F l,, lorida; It is ordered,
that the said'Foli;i ialcm,,, do appear and an,
swer the said-,pelitio v (li,,ii r.:- m i",hh :altr
the publication of thitorl.-r. ,.r 2Ihe aldi ,i ,.,i
.,. illd,,,. taken for- con ss.-..l ; 1n1 t it,hi furthe-r <,r-
dered a tlat this order i I,,II,;!,.: i 1,1?e ii,.-,s-
paper in the W ..--;r-]r, ir,,, f ,. f t t.-, f or the
space of -three-m orthj "- .* '' : "
* ;,:* .GE,;. S.- HlWK[NS, .Tod ..W."D.
-" U1 h,.-e. A ,,,;, Aug. , 1847t 52-3m

_ ~ IL_ ---

S." A .W D O F T H E S T A T E j .F F IL O B ID A ,q- ...
Prinier.,1Furnishiu V Warehouse.. PCPOSEDAlND AGREED To BY, THE-SECOND IN THE- WESTElRN CIRCUIT B. Course, H B Stone, H.W.Brooks; C
,*' Q. 17 Cana! tr ee Row. .4 GEN ERAL ASSEMBLY; SUBJECT TO THE OF FLORIDA. NOUisc, Stone &; Co.
u n d e r s g ',,~ b e g le a v e to -a n n o u n c e ta 'O; ..... .. .N u s e t n o
T IHE undersined _e, l '" ACTION N OFTHE .EXT GENRAL IN Franklin Circuit Court. 1 DC0MMISSION-'MERCHANTS,'
La Publishers and Printers, that they-aae es.- ASSEM"LY" IN'"CHANCERY. No. 46 Water street,
lablished, a com plet a d e e Y PE" ..... ..... F_ .... .* X A rabella E. H epburn ..w widow of, D ec 12 oA palachicola, F la.
D R Y i n t h is C i ty T h e B aokk L e t te r o f til s -12s o a e h e o t 'Foa o f th is B u r t on ne p b u r n d e c e a s e d L o ek l ia r t & rO ul l = r
F-xotndry wa cut ts order by workmen -l o aState as to.extend.to all fii_bwkte male ii- Complainant. LCOcMMhS S and FrtR'R D I N G
.pice anda o xes.Ws habitard, being cilizensliylQI nye States, vs. l':- -M ISS an FORWARCADING
*o t in th e h a n d s o u lei ra c e s ,tr d to p e r fe c t it mn V S,, ^ ^ / Mf ^ ^J s p .H e b r G o g 0 .o 5 3 W t r s r e
,e very re ip c t, w e w il v e n tu re to say wit w l b e .^^'n a n l sc ^ A H e b rn A n nige'E.H e b r 2A al SFl
i io,. it Un~m fn. h adoetnl CTION 1. Be h eniacte'd Skfh'e Se3nate and and Caroline B. Hepburn, nov2sl Apalachicola, Fla.
Uf.ited St efs., -We,.haveala avery hdn.andsome S H s o f Representatives oJU',State or Flo- heirs at law of Burton Hep- JEREMIAH DAY. DANIEL J. DAY.,
: as~sortmento yof Flowyr.i and J-ob L ,eteer of the:- rid in Gelieral lsewmbly convened, That the burn, deceased( Daniel K. .. Day A Co,
te t t le., t6 1 ,,hich burn, Caeceaseda-,-lDanielKn
t ,tl .to :chw o n, % A ll firstciauie o0the sixth article of the Constitutioi D odge; the heirs-of John C O M M IS S IO N J .R C A NT-Sy
j | l P i ,t s I t .>~ r e p u r c h a s in g e l sa a cr e .' A l ^b e o a m e nr d e d a s .fo ll o w s vi ,z : E v e r) f r e e w h it e P e a b o d y d e 'd w h o s e t r u s ON o M2IO a t e r strC e etA-,
-+ :' t '- r u itred b y us shall be of a m ate.- .No-. -52 W at"era .treeorto,
i...l.'- mr ''t rsdbu3.sabL- ,"-ra male persi'of the age of twenty-one years an ..-tee is Daniel McDougald; Bill for Dower. Dec 5 A lachica, a.
ralt e.Ntrl,a l r 'ar,, rraas we shallaelTvpeat aNi ew' upwards, and who shall be, at the time, of offer- John iV. Campbell; Hudson t 8-,Also, Agents, for the "Atna Insurance Co."" A
a!.r:ti \.'i' ; -ru as weet sell -ypd a l ie ia tve, a citizen of* the United States, and A.*Thornton; Nathaniel W. the "-Proteetion Insurance Co. and the Hart-
or. .prices, we trust; to-meet wi.th eciou'a^- ,,'shall have resided -ana had his habitation, Thornton ; Hines Holt; Sea. od InsurainceeCo." Hartford Conn. .
ea-' re e enowp ,repi t ,n RAS domicile, hbme and place of permanent abod.,-in + born Jones,.Johfn H. Howard i Harper & Holmes,: +
% RULEaqnowlYPE ofany magnitude, withprompt- Florida2 for one year next preceding the election -.and Edward Cary, trustees of '+ COMMISSION MRCHANTS
SnEs ," w- aoYpartirnilarly ca'itthe at- atwhich he shall ofFer to0vote, and who shall, at Jame PCalhoun & Charles COMMISSION MERCHANTS,
..i. Wswehu i to parlE < ilarly alltim e and- foi six m months im m ediately prece- L .J.Bassi e om posing the late a len s for he
S tent~i. ol Printesto urLA.D" iavnan dingJ'Said time, have-had his habitation,- domicil, firmt of Calhoun &e Bass; S
'+tire new set orf niiou[,l% b .' which we'are'enabled fr -o ah u a s
o f,,tnir n a ee t~ art ie m oul ,l w W e are a o Agen tsl homedand place of perm anent abode, in the coun W illiam H ow land ; W illiam SUoN tUU AL i tyo. f u N e CO M P A N Y ,
t for t h e a i.p ofe ct h et Nipl e ,-- W ae -hre alv a n d .ty in w which he m ay oA er to-vote, sh all be d eem ed' ^ Sioan ; D u ncan M cD ou N o .he C W ateo- s t ree q
.for the oteNpr, ah a and I -_^ '1"6 No.lachicola stree
+ .. ... .. r w i t a lq u a l i fi e d V -o t e r a t a l l e l e c t i o n s u n d e i r t h i s o n d ; M o r d i ea i M ye r s a s .D c 1 p l e i o a a
q -i 0 Sata.h Presses, which toge her wath Chasesi ond none others, except in elections by signeeof George W. Ross, Aalachicola, Fa.
Ca -,Corni o.,ng Sti,r-ki, Fur ni ur Ink, en eral. 0 P o te C O
: ..- ,'ey Cot ar tice r, uire, t i n ith e Pinting bust- gen eral ^ ticket in the State or District prescribed a`bankrupt;Daniel McDou-.
n^ er\ -; w ricll r~iiir rl o n thand, a nd f urn iihed at bytav, in-which cases, the elector must- have gald; Joseph & Lawrence DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION
ea-, wilt be rl.ept ob hand, and turn.hed at been a resident of the State one year next-p~rece- O'B. Branch; William, H. MERCHANTS.
+ ma~daict.,rer s prices, d-i n the election, andsix Imonths within the Brockenbrough an&Athe-Bank No. 4V1WafatStreet.
Editors and Printers Wish, n to eatablish a election district in which he offers to vote :_ Pro. of Pensacola, Dec AIalaohicola, Fa. '
11. he. -wI.ith an estlim-ife in detail fir the same, vided, That no soldier, seaman ror marine in the Defendants. .:+* ... D.+B. Wood & t0., .'*<
tatin tih e Size of the pnetar, or the particular regular Army or Navy of the United States, un- TT-appearing to the satisfactioni of the hte; of 1M S Atd Oz Co R nr
le.s quatity of t he ex paticula he- were a qualified elector of this-State pre- I this-Co iiTy iAhe affidavit of the Complain. (0MMISI ON AND FORWARDING
+ s -and'1quantity of '.*.ork to he executed. "vioui to his enlistment assuch soldier, seamanore ant's Solicitor' that the Defendants herIift er No. M7 rolCHmAN TS ,'
ir- The proprietors'of newspapers who will marine in the Regular Army or Navy of the named do not reside within the WesterN7Ciicuit ,ov ^ C1846 ol
publish th, advertise entsix months, and send U t I t ae or of the revenue service, +shatl be -ol 'the State of Florida, but within the United -
apprto our office w~ekly, will be paid fo~r the nASttsorWhNV2914.4paiolF.
Pd pipeto will bea piid l m e a. resident of-the State jIn consequence States of'America ; that is, that the DWfendants A.vt WYLIE W A;McKErzI. '
advertisement b y p e.rlig six times theamont o ,e ngstationed within thesamer4. Joseph L. Hepburn resides in the Statoof. Texas; ALVA WyLIE .WM-A/,Mi.e
o Fadvertsin., bill in Type. Pa-sed Senate, December 1; -1846. the said George O; Heiburn in the State Mis. COMMWyieON ME PHANTSz
GREEN & CO* ....D. H" MAYS, President Senate. souri; the said Annie E. Hepburn, aud Caoline No. 42I Waterstreet,
:, Mv o, 1 47. lQ-H 17 Canal st. Row. ARC HR Secretary Senate.S ; :.1 '', B. Hepburn, and the said W illiaw Ho0and, No.. I 42 W ater sr ee hitla Fa
NOTICE. : Passed House, December 16,1846.. ",-' each in the State -of New York'-; he hdrsot Sept. 1, 1346. Apalacicoiaj Fa.
ATLL p'ers.-1n;are herebyv warned not to con- ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho.-Reps.' John Peabody, deceased, and Daniel McD0 gald S, & J. ^hitter. -
tra.t t.r, r,-.ie,:e, or t, hipanv Cedar Tim- -A. D. PAP, Clerk. their trustees; the.'said Hines Holt and S.aborn WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER,
b',ercut~or talkentli..- 1, t -, d [-i(,1tthe Apalach- ; -- Jones, John H. Howard-and Ediwaid ary, trus- Particularattention paid to putting up family,
n~ic Lnd .,l~p ay ,rv n ;,'_ no permit lor An Act to-amend the Constitution of this State stees-of alhoun & Basg, Mordicai Myer as- steamboatapd ship stores. .
ay ,,hii vihl~e e, -.r n ,,ficei.; alo hereby --soaas to make the sessions of the General As- signee of George W Ross, a bank ript, andpan. + + No. 49 W ater street, B
S *gi*e to crtiino .1e 1 ,, ,, ._. known to be sismbly biennial instead of annual. iel McDougald, each reside in the State of Leor- Nov0. 14 Apalachieola, Fla.
no,v e i.-v i i c -it rin ,, .i .ll ,'- a q iiantity -ECTION 1! B e it enacted by the Senate and gia; the* said John W Cam pbell, H uds o A A l achlJ o J
S^ C ed r ,T r .-",'. L ,,,- ", 't e -id C o m p a -o u s e o f -R ep r e s e n ta tiv e s of th e S t a te f F l T h o r n to n N a n ie l M T h o r n to n a n d D c a n lt A D e l IL
n v .v1 : ) .r;,-,.,)iJ O- -.t evy rivers,-to rida,in. General gssemblyconvened, That the -Mc~ougald, each reside in the S!ite of Alabma; m n^ srS M D i R T I NT
r di .,tlw," ,,i;,owfola tr .s,, nd not at- aecond clare of the fourth article of the Constilu- Ohfe said Joseph Branch and Lawrence.)'B. DEALER IN DRUGS, MEDICINE'Sg PAINTS,
t,..,,r \, r ,, ,. I F r l r pen'lties -_'f tion ofhis State he so amended as to read-afol- Branch and W illiam H. Brockenbrotigh, eac re OILS, GLASS, &c., &c4
tilelv..l h,? e 1'1e. d aiaathe tows, viz: 2d. The merpbers of-the House of sidMin the1Middle Circuit fFlorida: Itske Also--A general assortment of
"r '% rieS, i a a '.- e ,,-,, 1 icte.I nr implicated. Represen-talives shall be chosen by --the quaiified" fore ordered, that the said Defentdants hereibe- o.roll Chestnut-and W after streets,
--- :j ) "^. P- I)F.L-\FfCLD, voters, kad shall serve lor the term of two years, fore named, and every of them do appeafand. April 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
..L'-,rS C U R from-anid a'e, the diy of the first election under answer-the-said bill ot complaint, 0thefwisithe H. IXl Dardenj C
'> r T r',,+te e...,l t ethe h e a ended C onstitution0, and no longer; and sam e shall be taken p ro conf'esso against ie jt N o. 2 C ol um bus B uildinf'a+
*+ By' heir Attorney: the sessions of the Genera.l Assembly shall be and each of them in default: Provided, thialdern_ Dec. 20, 1845. Apaiaehicola, Fa,
"* ^ 'JA1E,; E. BETTNER. biennial, and commence onthefourth Monday in be published in any newspaper printed inhis- ,,.,
m~irhi,-il \'iril-^ l'St7 l.VNovember, in each and every second year ,oi 21:t Circuit once a week for fouir"months fronthe .3 B enlA-,1carwltl,
i." c It i,- I et I V iril he. "" Ti :S.... ..
,suc~h. other times aw, may be. prescribed bylw, dabiehereof. Dated April 1,47 .; COMMISSION ME-,C.HANT9,.
Cabinet Futrufturee Sec. 2 Be it fi'ther enacted, That the third GEORGE.9- HAWKINS No. 43,Water street--Up stairs, h
JAIES 14. COOK, 9-2 Broadway, near Wall, clause-of the fourth article of the Constitution be Judge fo the Western Circuit of Floria. Dec. 1, 1845. Apalachieola, Pla.
street;,-New Yok, offers for sale, a toll and amended so that the same shall read as follows: RANDAL,& HA.GN-ER, .. 's F rd .. .. gd
complete-as.,rtmt ol'CAB.INET FURNITURE 3d. Thift the Representatives shall be chosen on Complainant's Splicihors. 20.tl l An red, E .^^ T, .
S .anl CHAIR+, which he warra-its to be'equal-to 0 he irst Mondayin the monthofOctober, in-each IFACITOR"-NA?^COMM
S any_ n the itty, at the Iollo~ving unusuall] low and every second year, from and after the first IH Distriet Court of the Uli~d :'/M+EKRI3HANT, (
*: rates: -election under:this amended Constitution, or on States, .for tha- orthcrn D No. 2 Columb us Block,
AN,;,r Mahgany. fltfas from $20 to $1530 each. such other day as may be directiedbv law. trict of Florida. Dee,184.5. :. Apalachicola, ,Fa.
do. Chairs 31) to 1-20 per doz. Sec. 3. Be itflrtier enaeltd, That the fifth. IN ADMIRALTY. ALBRT Dov .C CHARLES -PRATT. h
do. Rocking Chairs from$It, $510 each. clause of the aforesaid articlebe so amended astb Daniel N. McLitan, and : ik T Do.a
+ do. Bureaus. ,, !5 to$75 "1 read as follows, vjz: The Senators shall be cho- others, owners of the pPTde P ratAc
- do. Card Tables $10to$'30 sen by the qualified efptors, for the tetm of four steam boat Augusta, SHIPPING& COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 0
d,.). Centre Tablei, 15to.75 -yeara, at the same time, in thesame manner, and vs. Libel for Collisi ': -. No. 40.Water Street,
"do. French Bedstead,, $ 1Sto 1 i0 n?, the same place where they vote for members The Steam 1Boat Eufaula, iNov. 2 Apalachicola,,ra. s
Also Feather Beds, Hair Mittresses and Be.]- ofthe House of Representatives;-and noperson hertackle, apparel and -I-., R. Taylor, _2
din. olfthe finest qualities and at the lowest mar- shall be, a Senator Unless he'be a while man, a '-furniturte. COMMISrI ON AND F ORWARDI-NG
'ket prices, citizen of the United States, and shall have been "VTOTICE is hereby given o tall whom ithay MERCHANT, +:
: N. B. No ex'ts charges-for packing and ship- an inhabitant of this State for two years next pre- JN'concern, that by virtue of an .attachent. No. 2i W. ter-street
pinm. .+ + ceding his election, and the lait year a resident warrant of arrest, issued in the above cau, I- septW ly_ ... Apalachicola.
E-__ -uarv -27, 1S17. 7-3m of [ie district or county for which lie shall be.-hive seizedand lak,?n the above menji ned San i -lotn n,. -
HHD3 St. Croix Sugar;
) d1 N ew (Ogrl e ii s uu a r., to a rriv e ; fi v e -y e a rs toa a n s w e r to th e lib e l fi le d th e re in fo r d iag e s RR V C f w Di v B O O T S S H O Ep HA T A N
W0 sak 1L" 50- do JavaS Sec. 4. Beit f further enacted, That th_sixth for. a collision, in a cause civil and .marine.- A
) s Rie t] ;^ .5, do Java;clause of the'aforesaid article be so amended as to That the said process is returnable befh the oCtO -I he nutG,^ &c.' hi ot l1
40 b..,A romatic oToa o -.. t. ,.read asifollows, viz. TaeL clas-tincation of .Sena-- District Gourt ofthe United States for the. rth- 021. Ghestnl4lrek, Apalachicola.Fla..
Sper ,m C andies;o51) ,_. row_-, oap, tors,.-al made at the first session oflthe General erff Disirict of -Ftl1 rda at the Clerk's ole of H .R .W oon: -
,.-,.i ..- ,,, .... -,-, t p wder. Assembly held in the year 1..-. shall continue said Court, in thecity of Apalachieola, the -W ood
2000 1,li iLead ; 4 ,cas.s -Linseed i0 unchangedd; one half of whom, as nearly asl pssi- third-Mondayq(17thday)of May, instant 10 AUCTIONEERS AND COMMI SSION.
*"s-. ]s 1- rahi'pT eas]:no 1xtraand Pure ble shallr be-chosen forever hereafter biennially A. M., at which time anrd place the saiiausse M E R C H A N r-sr.. ""
1o1yA V 1 t171 -r)C "''or the term of four years: Provide Dec 5 f _l-ifetr a iqhereby.dec~lared, that the term of offied,'- Dated at Apalachicola, this 15th day (May,*vtO-f- 31. jllalchico.la
o! mat cnrs 1iSenalors.unexpired at the first in the year 1847. ROBERT MYERSf 60".
Tatr.aut's Effervescentt Sellzer election under the amended Constituticn.-shall U. S Marsh ,[. Ir'i \^ ,- "*
.-L-.yS,'R.T Marsh. j C U \I I SS 10N .[E It C H A NV .
-..p erien t. extend to, arid expire on, the first M onday in hyN .5. R.T A iV O I ., No.at5 xS rfee S'-:- "ret
"EALTH RENEIVED, and an invigorated october; eighteen hundred andififty... May 2"2, 1847. 19-tf Oct. 2> Aplachieo!a Fa.
H and healthiful cokidition of0boJv a rboducea See.. 5. Be- ,it'urther enacted, That the first '
by the use of TARRZ-kN"S EFFERVESCENT election for Assemblymen, under this amended FWranklin Circuit-Coxri .. C. Allen,
SELTZER APERIENT. Constitution, shall take place on the first 'Monday' STA1E.O- F VLORIDA. 'Wh.olesale adeailDealer in-
'y This preparation is universallv allowed to be In October, eighteen hundred and fort -eight; Charles Barnarnd, AbelR U"G., ".D -N DE8U EDIINES;,PAT NTS, OILS,'- -
the most popular remedy ,f, the'present day, lor and -the frst session of the General .Asembly,-un- Adams, Georgea W. .. GLASS, B Rb'SI4E?, c., Ac. i
"*ly t'he" prevention and cure of r.rndigestion, Bilious der this amended Constitution, shall commence on Bar.n'd and Charles :7 L 1 alto, "of t
:-, .. genera asoriment of,"+
and Liver Complaints, Nervotus'Weakness, Head- the fourth Monday in'+November, in the- year. Larlon", Merchants, Atlachmei BOOKS, BLA&NKS, *STATION ERY -c, V'e.
.. ce "~tun haiua "s "nss&c eighteen hundred and forty-etght. traddinunderthe firm,}.Sumsworn to43-90.' cor''of Chesnut A 'Commerce streetss"
mulation ot" bile, i-? portable, aind the method of .; H.,ARCEr~R,.Seeretary of Senate,-:. J -vs. I .,. p+.-p 8. S~'-~Tr 'J cn.. Hawey
; preparation is _.'Wa'sutally convenient. Children PassedHous-eof Reps., Dec. 29, 1846.- John Dill. -', FACTOR AND CO\MMISSION MER1CHANT,
.hive frequent fcasion (or gentle and cooling ROBERT BROWN, Speaker He. Reps. gTpHE Defendant and all others interes|, will No. 2 Water street,
+., jpur~iati\'es; l hey will" ,take th~is aperient in pre- M D. PAPy, CLerk House Relps. JL take notice of the mnstitfutiiof : of tl' above +."Dec 5 -- Ap~alachicola, Fa. "
- % "sierr-'e to any other: SHd. who esile and retail by ,Mairch 1;1, 1S47. 9:-6m '". suit by attachment,- returnable t0 the Dember .Avlelygdl Joles, '
.. o. 'J.iC ALEDugs, ....tt O lo d Term, 1"_31, of Franklin Circuit Court, dwill GROCER3 ' GO.'iISSION MERCHANTS,I
.- : D ^g 6 I Mi e d e c i n e s C O U N Tr Y O F F R A N K L I N a p a a d p a h ( R W l ? M e O 4 w l r~ o ~ c -
": .... HI-E s,,hscrilber"hs just" received per recent lilY virtue of the power Vestedf~in me by'law, I !"+? -.. CRAAYit^ SIq. -De 5 Apalachicola, Fa.
.L arrivals fromn New Yorlk, a full and co~r,- .13 shall. expose for sale before the Co .,rt H house A palachico1a A pril 13 1847 aprti .14 -4rm PA T R &,C0' '.TS[ON' ." C
,. ptete stock, consisting .in paurt, Sulph. of Qui- door,, in the city of Apalachicola, Frankli,,coun- +P1 -1- pi 1 84. ap ll- m F CT R ,C MSI N M R H NT '-,..
nine, Hvd. dePotassii; C a,=stic Potasse?, S,,licine, 'ty, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of October Franitlin Cir>if '^..l *O No.4i? Wat,6r street, +.' .fe
Murraite and 'Sulph. of M.orphine, Liiner Caustic, next,, at the usual hours of sale, so much' of the, ID"K" Dd,,e' "' ","Decll2 -.' APAb-CHICOL, PA. '
Chloride ot G-old and Sodltm, Calomeel, Jal,-p, lands lyirgopposite the city~of'Ap,'lchiola, and : "-"vs. B ' I GHNCI ":+ .. BENJAMINS EI.LION. \WILI.IAM A. \WO0j.j
+"Ipicac, Iodine, Rhubairb^, Pnlvr. and Root.. S(?n- known as Cat Potnt, withi the lands adjomnrng, as- JamesC \ats~n, eta el. A",, g^y iifi r f n .^A. <
':+ -na -po t, "ah Levs -do Oil, will be suffi,:ient to make the sum of Three Hun- ',.D.K, Dodre, .) .. .COM.MISSION AlER.OHsy '',
-. Se~i'liitz P~owders, Soda Powders, Sutlpher, flower dred and Seventy Dollars and costs, for*- the .- +vs. yg 6 ,'B:( ill Lo Partita +. AND ODEPLERS JN ; L '
&; .and role, Copperas, Saltpeter, Alhm,n,.+Aloes. amo,,nt ,,f the-StateiTaxes due from the Apa- Q co v,] l n g --ial" R ODGO~B ^ AD AE
Catcindf an~d (urb. of Magnesia, Gumll~fassal ad~yigi li ony'an Camphor, laclncola Land Company on the additional quart "- I-F~rFw Rn ifi it;;o.on ..TIN WARE, B0aa ^^B , HATS, j
< FLax- Seed, Borax. Also..a large snpp.lv of as- tit ohf "ssssbl Apinds 1ying piryin thi couve, an Gcer- "=: "S~ n ^ e C A.PS, "J
S* sorted'Gtass.rada eea assortment of. [,able IoTa f~o the year one thousand eigh, hun- tain amount of money nW'inourt+bnngbc to (-: '---------l "
,,, alt artices inlhteDrug line. Forsae by "dred and forty-five. defendants, appropriated to the payrint Of his ,l'an2 ;.-eBiola, Fajl
"':r:i Junle12 H.F. ABELL. *"Yn. ,X'n^i.' :.. (".'1^^ ....l R K -* ', ':,; ,. -

-I .......... ad ....................... ...... U tendants; and-the matter having beetreferred to FACTOR AND MMMR
9.-1 "n SARSA PA.R-[L'LA, jut-eeeivedfior saleb. ApH. 17. 1.-m me as Special Master in Chancery tqact and re-F. ACTO ce No.e,
ll- -+ iS+ J une ..12 -. "H.... FI. F. ABELL. "-lPe er's V egetable AntibilliollS port upgn the same, -after havingg,n 30 days J l A a^ahi ol Fa
+ Pills. notice by publication in the pipers. It is there- I
rl'p i't srlv t. FRESH sulppl,, just received ar, d lor sale by lre ordered that said George IV: Rois, the defen- Roberts, Alien & Co.,,
FRElNSLHanddouble, lorsale bv April 17 r H. F. ABELL. dantsV Watson, Mclouald, 21. a/, antall others DEALERS IN HARDWARE
July 17 J. ( ALLEN. interested, to appear bellfoe me in tie cily of CHANDLERY, IRON, STEE
C irpe nt~er's E xlra el of B cllell. ,L a lp ) O il.* Apalachiculh on the seventh (1thi) of .April next, ,.LS&.I
W- "- TARR;4'TED gnniine, for sile bv X' W INTER strainedl, a splendid article. 1I`rsale then and there to present or defend tHe+ir respec.g
s:< July7 ~ J. C. ALLEN. T by [ ja13.)] J C ALLF.N. five claims, &c.
; '.. .,- ,< *vOI QLD Pressed'Castor Oil and Saratoga \Vater, ". a. S!*ITH
,V + .[ lait ilryti '*- i)'just received andfor sale by i + Special Master in C(anc
-, "* E+;ER Jn,,rJs, fDav and Cash Books, Anprl H.F.-.ABELL. "Apalachicola, March 6, lS17. *->t ?.IV. -CHEEVER-
> J I' Day M-em,,rai,.'lnn B.-,,:, ;. Fine Fools Cap,L Let- The hearing tof the abore maFer posaL-HThillns & Cheever,
ter pap-r, Pen- ,.fP.l,.r -cxiption; Desk Water, Florida 1I1olasses. poned until Friday, the 16th inst. t S I O N M ERC H ANTS,
Pen Racks, InkS',v.'Q,itills, Sand Boxes, En- iN tierces and barrels, for sale oY Apalachicola, April 10, 1-47. after street.
-velopes, &c. Al-: e assortment B. ELLISON & CO. ft .- The hearing of the ab2 "hieola, Fla.
of School Bo,,l ,-,i lit. ;.-test ,IJ m st.- approved Feb 20 -), 24 Water street poned until the 30th June nex
' + -editions, fI~q' .,ole by +T "E"31 ApUlachi-ol i, April-24, 1;4i "B. BAt,0"'
"7 ) 17J. C. ALLEN. "(TbE!UP".fe- The-haigfteab
7 -. LL Alllellthen llu.Bowling Saloon. poned until the 30th of Novemb O N'
- P- 1, D viti'$ A Black's r-iIE -,-hcrber bs leave to announce to his ptaah Jl 3, Of4ic ;
.... "'ELEI RA'fE)1 Bl,,ik md Red Writingn In k,.frien.J1- and 4he public generally, that he has 3 Jan 16 i m In, Fa.
jiit r,-,:eived awv.l l..rsale by becomesnile proprietorof ttheabove establishment, Flanklin CilcUitOIrt. Th '
J1uy 17 J. C. ALLEN.- and hopes by proper management and strict at- Barnard-, Adams & Co., + COMMISSION TOBACCO
.Exlr.let t-l'saparlilh. : tentlont I to )erit a ronlinnance nf the patronae vs. I In m",ance" INSPEC KR.
TULL'-; v, :;ANI)S', I1r s .aeXbyith dozen or heelofllre so librally besto%%ed upon the House. John Dill ad Elizabeth lNo" o 5 Wate kMeond room.
l5+' :+ J i.) sb :lebuttle, by . ,. All persons indebted to the abolb establish- Ann, Dill. t Dec -6 wl'acco la,"Fa .
'?+. Juy T7" 'C AL[EN. meant, ,will confer-a favor bi.-Irling, with Ihe ub- TT having been made to appeapv affidavit that
-1 scrib-r. "JOHN -B. JONES .L .the defendants'John Dill an(Elizabeth Ann tpr~on
-:-:+,,'. Congress Water. Apalachic,,la, April,9, 1S-7. 13-If Dill, reside owt eo the Slate of 'lorida, to wit: DEALER IN- NG, BOOTS, SHOES,.;
-.--. .. '"i .-)N pints and ,ularts, just received lor sale bv Window rklass. .in. he. Sate of Georgia. .. is ered that pub- "HATS, CAPS, &Ac.
.N- L A R E l t, o Ication be m ade tor four m onth i,,tsom e ne ws-q N o, .1., 1u bsClo k
_= '-.Junle 1 H. F. ABELL. LARGE lot, of assorted sizes, just received I pap inbed ia e for lof Aahis e1olumbus Block,
.' '" and Ilr sale by Dc paper priced in e city of requi Apalachicola, Fa.
Coffee.- June 1-2 --- H. F.--ABELL. ring them to appear and answeisaid bill, else it +
100BAGS RIO, for sale by will betaken pro eon res.. Edward NcCully;
10 0+ ...)a 15 J. DAY & CO.aier'-T ncliit e THOAI.\,, BA.L'gELL, J~udze. .
....H. T Is is a^vluable compound fluid extract 01X ?+J 2S, 17 5 -JERCHANT ANLDEALEf
4', .. REAM TARTAR and Tamarinds, just re. -h .Cinchna and Rubla, a vegetable lebrilfuge --. Jy' 2 -7 --S n -IN DRY GOODS AND Cr
*: ;. V : +.. ceived and r'.,rsale by .for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by "0 OSE'and Lavan er Water, tr sale by No. 5' Water strHlH
+-April. 17 o. H.F. ABELL. June 1'3 H. F. ABELL. ., July 17 .: C. ALEN. Dec9 : a-
H. : '* ~t..- '~^' F. ABEL J e L A D c; .P


____ _LI~____ _~_

ousinessv ,vvctts?,, FRESH ARRIVAL 0:,;. "*'*
+ Drugs, ltIedicines, R.1 40R. 0 -
'harles Rogers -JohriMunn. EugeneV. Joger. Dye-Stuffs, Perfum-eff^Sbs'
C h a s. R ogers & C oi <- 2 tH^ ,-? dersign*ed x 4qrt hanrir ""* "
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ) thisfiends and the pub'lyir -:**
,11 ,,7 -...... - ' liberal patro~eige, -!lbe lnt a '
W ater street, .. ... ..W -- o .-
dec 12" A alahhi,--a a a, tbat he is now rSa.iTI .an.8-af'ron- ,
Apalachicola, FaPi fAa pp ,ibai t hn e
".. .. .. .." "-w al impply, w hich actdis to ''hi f r" 15
'. A. GaEEr. C. H. CoirERY. -srock, renders his a sao VWe' 1.0 lusu l 0;1 HY'JA Y -
C OMMISSION MERCHANTS, AmeriyitrtDnip; CosmeLica; Perfum' : ,
No. 36, Water street. and Druggists' Glass ware, &c., .- o.. i .:' ,
r APALA A,,, A....' to Physicians, Country Merchants an. oil.'61 1 o. '
Pelican Mutual Insurance Co. qf New York..- the most liberal tsris-f-all of-which"I.-e wk .9ts-"
CHAS" A. G-"EEN, A en .. pure and unadulteratld. d' -\, %.
Dec No. $6 sF. AJtrett,, A
D 5o. *6 *.ee. ; Wholesap and RetaH-1 ]Druegi .
Jolan S. !llIHu son, .-ilWat t^., KI
&UGTIONEEPAND.-COMMISS.ION: Apalachicoll, Nov, 21, 1WIf.. ._, ry ," i ,
No. 50 Wati. street Drngs and Nledicinies. .-
Solieits patronage. APALA.Hiti. 4. Fa. lf THE sts'criber 'ha aAl ..,. ...
tts, _.]Parl~or, ,- B conqaotllyvhavd,'oflA uL a col.ll +
Iasi Fa.?,rmerit ot-'DHH tKS.,rDt-. .
NERALE -T, rA)R) DNIG-" *- C[VES.,whic, ^^MSrirev "
COMMISSION MERCHANT,, ,- and" of the .f4ti. ....
No. stree,. I c o a an "I
ee_.".-,if phladhtcola, Fla. otn theif advanaaee Itcall. examine anfl .e 1a ,
1P* Cl~t:.- e -l~letl* Gnods,,&fore |'uW.hasiL~ eisen 're r .. .. ..
AUJ,TIUN-&ER-AND N SP h ,* 9 cr P"TP. ,, wit
-' "M E ROH.A NT. ^*.-^ care and acvcira.,y at.any hoslrii'(pd?1g|=. '
M -:, t.9,-3 m,-p
Solicits a s/w e o P.' iblic PateonavG.-. ar i t o, '*ff.e *L < "
Oct 24 (. '. AP-L U, LA, FFA... c, .. r r(.+ ;
.. COoke.'A /.H o-rne; :< ,. .. '. *
ANo. 13 ERt. Char es St-ieele "'
"7- N Ww-Orleans "
A-UIw S ." X
S C o b" Edward .... -"- 7 .... "'
: ::A U G 1C-T'lONEER
+ Office No. 50, Water sityeetj+ -.k
N]Jan 16 ft Apalaa lcol0a Fa. "]P.PP, the cure of D iispepsia rqdd e tm Bi. '
D...Ranfortho Jous and tietvb'.s Headschex-tvQnslpal itor_ .
AUCIOXANDOMMSSIN MRC~A f~jDiatrahcea, G'ott, R'!eu;tis', ravelv'e, Y-'latu-.
. ANDA OERAL AGENTjM. len, Mr.. For, E.FXVIA AL., Dec 1-2 "1,C! AlLE!&, D sggk ;
Ci3- Cotton bought. on oi-der.". .
..,-Refers to TarPi'drlos CgimPdij~tld 'Extirt~ltf "
B. F H o t iatv i N e, O r, lb b s n n '.npgvi -' ;o f+.
. D Ij N L A P i Ne r e a s S fa n d s u n i aii t d .o r i
Messsrs. WiLI E & MC^ENZIE, ,. S X efl cacy;.it p wwt' i-s,-cup &-
J. S. H ttd4iN8o ApalacMcola. 1a' in vya f pew a -- n a *".' .

WK, SYDNEY GREEN. in t IMi 'a' ^
00-May be found at his residence, corner of on ... i.' a
PSten High str Peets,oppsi.te herMansionrteoshL
nousn. ... v.. .. "i I d h "
,-_ .N o v 9. _.brated Or. F o t .C 1y i K,:
S. D,. A. W. Chapman, 'tharacombji.6..CA,.;tt.-
,..+ f ,t-6 c hp 2 .. .. .. .. ],a+ remoted v.0ipld prodtineea f td Ji' wri,
Ofif ice over the Drug Store o f B. S H a vv'e y j eed %- and consiiiera b -t an"a" : '" V
, nre on C heslrtiut sfeet.) R evidence at the P' .o f.-otsi n er"le-,o ci.1 han'ar ^ ^- 14e
louse lately' occopied by Dr "ai el,,,' -- .~n .l0? g, ,^" .'n. ,.,ytea as f .1
Januartely 0,18. ..... "_alzell Disease is entitrelt) i)rente"d by ilstimey .li
_a .u 1846.-2--tf cation. Fcr sale 6y. -( -- :.--:' -
...Deec12 C.. ; -)s. c.
-W, 0. M, Davis, .
Offers his service to the pubclin either of the " -
above capacilies. .-.eg -" ."
He will practice regularly 4,qtanklin, C,' |ft-':;
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, djnp mi
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any, Court :':"
of the Middle or Western- Circuit. 'He ,will also, M 1" f TW
Iague cases in the-Cuu r of.Agpeals at TalHahaa- BffiSEB.SB.B&B
9ec, the sessions of which, he Will al'wa",s be,
resent at, unless prevernted by accident. --f *- Iflfi,.^
-Apalachlf'ia; September $,81846.- +, k.," if

S" =Office,-JVd._ ^-CaptR. Simwon's Bizi/liigi,. The teioern- to wl-.ich ve would A l..
rot. of Centre & Commercestreets-. I lion of lhie public, is one %vhi-h ,l I vjd#.
--1o ^:_-A~pa'a--hiola ,-Fla-..-*cessl l lur a long lime; and it'Is tay.
H .. -B O w. .." -,' ,-,'1 eIP!.ed by all. who have trid it, .l*-
U. J9 Owens-, -. 1 ''-;' vl+
-- A T -.- ...... A : A .- 'P / R -L any -oter medicine. eveir.eip*
':+ /^ 'ut -a~ A.T .L &.W., +*-.' tin di(-eus.,! for which *i'ti.recoin'felend .d- .R, '.
CL-AYT 'N, Birbomr County, araa -.^ ,.nli "de,-,rovs WORMS A^D"lNV-f-'?!] BF- '
April *29,IS'46.. -: ./^o:9;-...,f' "THE. q WHOLE S .'TEM, bit it diss. j t'-a "
...... .. -; "._ eornrw offthe lu[k rnhunodaiit, slih e ornm cu-v. '.
r" Joan Bilbo,. :":- PREV.AI-.NT IW T'HE -ST -MA.1 -I
-.. "* ALBA 'Y, G +A ? ,L-".i 1h"),,-,, n b .1d h'e a~ll,. T h i *rtf& u is tjw M 'l
1Ts,-u practice in the several ,Ctt :onfltfe ,_,r r e -l .,' -t, 'I V w sn.iQ.-prd c'd ll'le r. 6 h t '.
V :South Westera-.ircuit; arid. Thormas and id ty re,".1., ,:g. it;. s it.s po ble 11,- apnA^
Stewai tcounties-` -<; rem a n ,n t l. c b,,ny .. i i.s aar j-,m.1t1 eff "!
A Aug;5.,184-5. + "- '? "3) ,r -on the siysI.eni, and-thelKeffe tlth ~ai l'u ppi'ti '"
- :'-.:- P '" ... '.,Iltays. iml)rovcd hly it use, even % h ni xs .' *
T .UM 1FR INSPECTOR-The und snd ared" o ,'ed, ,", ..'

LuhTvingben appinfcat fnse^bi d The Caeadian.Vrir gis 6n1.j
u..hvin. .be n ap id.ns .- c Lumber. bottle ard is uch ore'easily adi h'is
aro the Cou'nty of Franklin, of-,.rs his Sevi Ilbes to other. -b -.. ..
the -public in "that 0-apacity, aind wil-attend t~o all rprd ny b J H V
duties' app 'ta oihig aid appo9int'met. "q

CO L (TSQR-A T)Y.* Doctorn T VLane, N ew nr .h r i6 (, if .
March 2'2. IS45. .5 hiske- Jpan9,,"t;rO. ". F o. A plBF, "

'\\J5 "bls "M"sss "3 hhsSir 'no effoe ry .eea inert-phtcafs.-
Jutladd fro 1cooeAn hn lrsa e and! een to Ca lngltimatl-ssBe, ~h ^
"WLN E RI''S lElr" h 4
"owTOTh, app.ly Unrivalled for the cure iif CoughEsC Dol ..
March 27 toUR., StOhE & klin i ,i'b10 of'lodjciud, Whoopig Cit gh ;,,Pri

Cony b 'a -'.'ors whc n m nvey niiifs 'v-^
Comitn e1 th and ty of. h Bl o thing. Pleuri.-y, Consu o. -
B L -"O [e Docand-al DOiSea 'ae,.i of the Lung] '^"
said county z"thatis %w
.,. : weadv;..ronchilis, al dseaho thai .s U.est
'd.to ga pret-ature grave under g'i ='

j 'eu.d" s"o. "?..mi ^
"S-ALAalachicol jAst car, be cur,

Api 1 ine. F. ABEL ,- ;;*: ._ -A ti,'' l ."
e V( -etral years past, flus ndctDic r en
; n u s e n C a n a a l h e r e i t h t i b e c o r i A & "
[-C' know")%,, and,-i. Oon-IV dered.It he b P,'e Tile.-" '-S-
e ( sa d n u e romr a l :.Q. qd l io, rw,ty d ise ises. rea tI. z
.IZ A S PEAR' 3 R, st' e lbeh Ia a'te n d eur. ;e n .
A: Bdministral rix. ,,' ,- e n lu oledlr h^A -
he% ebeen cetrrd,b t has OT'de
o tl-s after d'ate,4! ilil'plv to,,,s to introduced itl t ;, ot~he .tUnie. brr="'-,
"]rhate .Court o1" Franklin fident of its being tire nosi sale-.11) s
B S distharae from the dn-inis- nedvever discovered, ard t adopted "
N ov 2Soi J ol n C A P e ,r'i ,,, s, ate l of arc 21, S, 6hei l -l % (i f t" no "'.
based. ."" perform Ihe-c-r natur.ra ',:ial -aclt 1: .. -
SH1A.KELFORD, didm'r. nmost grateful and snolf'htSg 'nflue pti,,.
ov. 21, IS16. "" 4--6m fl'liction-S of'"tire ,hol &Syvstem), -d:it
~~~~~citement whe.9 e.c~~, rayi n -
~~~~~sorer, ess and pain,,.and slpeedilv i'm, . .. .+.
ga 'ed kig&" and 6la-Ai, iet'- 0,le- b
tsIresh,'lor sale eta e .n old,.w I l' a ..
U.-.. .AEL. JOHN VWIN.ER 4 Co. q3 ,aiden ,"
s and,.-taii~nery. Y ork, sole pro~ieolE? EL[r6Li)'t '.
als, Day 1Bools, &c. i' a v-- /rA l' ".-. -.
alp and Letter Paper; Jan 9 .. ,.a ?
hihuin Books ; =.. Liv, "S
Bils Lading; Ialsa m e' ".... Is.i.I .
tetr Press.' ." R'ENIED'Y tperfect 19 "aid ,I be
vS e l l le d G o 0 1 s t i l n ~ l
ot E xc ha 0ge afid C heck.s, + :- discov +e d, _. s~e/, .. ;p i" n .6 0
Just teceivedatnd for ale-y""='opiturlYo ll kti.h[lyli .
Marc I ::t' t,"i-, ,- on the Chr,O-Tnermal ssteby h6e'fse.,14l
... . ~~Doctor, q.T c~sbyLO. Rloln,i
,For. Sale, -'-Genuine &.,Ls." O' ,o L*.J, .
1 0 0./ 50 bb~s. .AMolasses; -21) hbhd.1'Su~gar. -nibw e, -edp be v y everaf tn n .. Th S] ,.s -
Just landed from schoonerS'Ann, -and lor"sale bintd 11 been for a. Ion'g.1imr,--N'tI ( 'tl .i
low, for cash, by .. ., Ur,/'ral~eled success %%life ., a's a-,] d.'DU lOr' .
A" ch '27 N TRS ,E & 1- 'or's -tnedicne..in er[f mm ,lug: .ind It)
__ -- .,, 'au res, %%hichn t man'V, very.,jffan hpd"
"T AT~and Caps by the case Ilow ior cath b en am,,l mi-A i retb~ble.&v't..rhe0-c'`,6h "u i ro s
Jl_ -. .B. ELLISON. [li /te Doe'tor eran bring lI'Wl~rd i. st:! Pe;Ar
Swe advise all who Ma '_avr4'' u
For S Ae,. cl.i 6,'er", to t~e rs.pe}c'l" +' 'i! ..oI
1/HHD'3. choice N 0 Sugar';. A -la"y.
.Lt~b51)2 bbl~s FJ~ur,' .Ushy-' uTO .&-rkC ea rn'in:asa 'ul -oib l~_
10 ,.V"ig shipY .T~herefore, cer {iil..
y) o u r l u n g s a r e p a s t" / ( '
;SALAD .OIL, ju~st reeeivedaind Ibr gale b.y, -,J..C. A.L L-E o'Ig g-. r .nr-.
Apr 117 .' / B L '- p .,ia ',..
5' : Ljeloa. .
.. B yigli., _CAUTIoN--The gefRiuine sDoct:dr? 0111
BA7LSANE OF LL V, '~t as-n I -h ii a
AFRESH sumpl- i. A.rench s. superior, spl'enmfid ste~l Olate engr~v. A..0.Pie 6pu.
Bay Ruln,.jus5t, recep0 nd lot Vleby i- s b: r o X-U,' .
June "l:,.g -i: H...F. ABELL., ~eanddnetu~mttds n~ih'ie'r,_
]/OFFAT S.[1EtLS_ AND PHZEN[X cautioned not to purchased 0q~ ..n 'e
MYl BITTERS, jjjt t:eceived' apd. tbr sale by protected by the U. S. Copyo.igh 'ta' ,
Nov '25 H,- F. ABELL,, Druggist., Alarch 21, 1846, 12-4y '-"" :-"'!"


40- *-Ir




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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated August 21, 1847
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
mods:recordIdentifier source UF00048473_00092
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mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)001960138
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
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mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1847
mods:number 1847
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:BibID UF00048473
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sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1847 1847
2 8 August
3 21 21
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: August 21, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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System ID: UF00048473:00092

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"'-"'" -
-. ," ""1'" -- _-----
: : --.- S 5 Sc -5--






OIflfl1CLCat. Utt t.5tt I'

= S
-- --- -
------- --- -.---------- -- .- ---- ------ __ __ ___ __ _
LIBElt T ___ _..__ ,-----5--
-- h_ ________ ___COXSTITUT____ __ __10 ET NOSTRA P.l T It\ o J. .
: = - --
o c:: 0-- : "- =- =' == ::- -- _ ____ ____ __ h ,
: _._ c .--_ =- ._. __

-- -
------ -- -
-- -- ---- 32.
.- 5 i
COflIEU'tIi[ ( f ADVERTISED)\ PROSPECTUS : i )ortl',!!? S '! tC IiliifllO attack t the l head of tile War De- I to the--Judge- --Advocate- - -5 -- --- ----- -- -5-- t

OK THE ==- ::- -:::: - -. 1 p art iiii' t in and Senor Atocha describe the ro-om
-- - =: ::: so sensitive
-- --- -- he 1 ;
point so ,
: > KVEUY SATURDAY PY ( ; fully who found as follows (exactly which the :
FIJ1fljIIII JACKSON The author and date of this excellent composition agree WHIG not tu
guilty of disobedience
I... of
rearward be
J. orders
I attacks sincere.
are not known ; but it is quoted by an author were decidedly uncomfortable having been 5
-; ;: A in ]; > !Km he take seta out expressly to hear! At length, after
G. J,(. DAVIS, E.: tol'. WEEKLY PAPEI5, jmt. as a well known production : that things would occasion to say Taylor, who having already, the decidetl much deliberation, he

TO BE Pl'ULlSIIKD 7.V l-J.lll.-1.-1. :\IYII'D: TO ME A KINGDOM IS. were not going on as Wt'l as they I Duck river mandate; ; Buena disobeyed upon immediatedeparture ; and
Hull Jin ? corner of 'ttould, if he had; f been permitted! to I Scott t Villa. forced} arrived on the evening of the fourth
., Third Story n,1t1. I1'* My mind to men kingdom is ; sacrifice to kick Santa Anna down day.
:tic'' CImmrc! : and. Chestnut oireets.ThKMS. THE undersigned:: ) propose! : publishing in the Such perfect joy therein I find, himself I into a 1Ieni po-cmieril.( [He 1 wag do to keep even with Cerro lor- at S- Hall. The s.ile! had been the only -
Town Mariama: Jackson county, Florida a As' far exceeds all cnithly bh-! for 1 peace) ::1 m honorable: peace which infant; commend that for which they re- theme of conversation( place 'lie

weekly newspaper with the above title. That God or nature hath! as.-isned a large piece and had: (he warrior plenipo with ; Congress should present him had!: pnssed through, within a every
riiree (Djlbrs per annum This Though miicl' I want that would a massive silver ladle iwedty of .
a.mrrinv! paper: will be devoted to Literature Agriculture most hae sacrifice been with the his destination V
consummated he would repre- much
have ;
1 HIilvnv, or SI .r" ) 'f pild within I Ij six and Science; it \vill also contain Ihecurrent Yet still my mind fOlb'ds to crave. such a piece and : sentatiun of the national eagle perched in it lamented that, ant antloutfy C
;'j a mere patch; of the : the
tot ; I the rim squire leav
'L. or .::1111 if paid: thereafter.S : I news of the dayanui articles in support of Content bottom with a beak full of maccaroni. ing his sTlul S
live is house
to this
than my Slav : [Here Marcy forever and
.i-i-Turtion uken for a IM term MX the Whir\\ policy. rose ngain, I Taylor guilty of poor Mr.
_; for I seek: no more than may suffice nd S charge and guilty of John would
ch.m-.J ; whether
'I,',:.- mi I S.! will!'! invariably be The want of a local paper 1)fl3 been severely :I pre:"s to hear no h.iL'qhty ( demanded 'patch' had any I (the specification. The office never enjoy his rights* as they
11 b-discontinued nnlil s-way ; reference being of
'l'' I(iii '\.1 ;'..,".r will 3atthe I oi I the 1 felt in k..on.Vallon and Washington!; conn- Lnok, what I lack my mind supplies ; to himJ] Bullion explained ; he grave importance: they him one persisted in calling the possession of the .
nl & sentence
I'f' ri'fdr.MMiJ, 11 option ties, and has led to the proposed establishment[ of I Lo thus I tnuni! |<>i, like a kin m meant patch at the bottom of the nit I kept as inactive to he estate. On his entrance into the mansion

.",\lfIt'I'lr.n.. :'t tS' r .-O\C[ "l'JarE'. (h'C 1 I lnP! this Journal. Content with what my mind doth bring. Grand,.' lie hoped !he would not be interrupted i lance of the war and as possible at the end during of it the bai signs of approaching removal every where

,V-\: Mis.-rt.vl at (hit- rate ol One: lol-! The undersigned! !; hope to obtain sufficient patronage again ; the war department should the to relieve met his eyes. Packages filled the
) A-.ll. IK I POP how plenty surfeits oft; man of Duck river from the hal;
l' the flr..t, aid Fifty Cents for every $ub..cJurat to enable them) to commence its publication A hasty climbcis soonest' fall ; restrain Its impetuosity ; there was no .occasion :and responsibtlites of cares servants, with sorrowful conntenarjce's, were
; r tr Inut\i\;; : t i by I the 1..1 t of Septenber.l'Enlsl'hree I see that such as sit aloft, for i (10 burst it. breeches-. ous station. present danger- hurrying about ; and ihe family j were linger- S I

'ollw w'n' ;\ h'ertJ; hv t'le var a libenlMnt dollars per annum, in :advance. ::\lisllrlp doth threaten most of all : Marcy again jumped up Kave claimed the ing sadly: over the last they were

will IK- IB da ; b-iUll ilvvrtnwntsn.ilk & :)!:1 il paid within six months; or $1::' J 00' at the These gui' withoil, ;end:: keep with fear ; floor. and sought to throw oil the By order, to partake; of in iheir, regretted horn!. ever S
11-; I tui.j.t'. *" f .d l of the .\ear. :Such cards my mind could never"' bear. upon ALMONTE, Judg6 Advocate.
:.. -| >vrt.inn-- to lllpir I 'vn : !S, a* "< waters if discord. lie implored I the Court Mr. S- greeted his friend with a stiN S
:. all 11 1 1"ii 1 iNvrli-sei 1 itssait...: in b%' them will July :31 t, IS 17. Xo princely pomp! wealthy stoic not to r.rlllit[ t itself to he liven and tent t i lo prise, which chan'P/I to incredulity( whert

;" .lllr ,.1.\1 the IHJ11 nte! ---- Xo force 10 win i i the victory, pieces Ike_. Marcy in extreme ire [From :Sharpe's Magazine.] the barrister, private ear de-
S ,
1 :11 l ilwrnjn'.it! < nvist be ;paid: for Xo wily wit to salve sore' ,
.4. VI i Tobacco.O"yHALF a deinaudcl THE WILL dared the
an. explanationof the word 'rent'! reason of his appearance.
NTo -h.ipe to win lover's
:" ,1.1\1 hoxel.ullIr..ctur.J:! "W Llloane" To of these I yield a thrall eye ; GreH onfus'ion ensued. Bullion II A TAU OF TiE LASTThe ct Tr rn", ._ I cannot |JP"J :.Iill,..! u f. r/rr.u.
;. ;' ) f' I ill h,:> I"lurJ-,1; f\1' mnminct'l : none a ; L' _. nppeal- =- -T ? Jp- l IIUC..
]1\ / I
'1/1'! 1 lit-< i 'I' .. II.'" -' Brand.It For why 1! my mind (ktpiseth: all. e I i i 10 Ile prf'SIIJ.'nt. who after whispering} old lady who relal.f the outline ol i r, tint no one should ever have Iieardoih'e
y: u I 1 1r half boxes :\tautifacturcdV Price" Brand., the ,
with me sin bidding i of the
jidge-advocate deed
,: i.: -' :i- : >ts frtn :t ,11..t'n't; nvist decided t thai t the followieg llar story, heard it told I but the old gentleman
\ .1 I 19: '< do.) ::301l\P have too much, ,'pl! r-iillliwy! crave ; in
,I' Mii'l I vitii ths cis'i, '11' city ,retcMvnce: _>3 \v Barlow" I little hive, yetr -k no more ; war ccparincnt was fundamentally out of S 1 j )youth i by no means' as a (fiction. but you mention. Depend upon ft, you have

'. 'iti, \t. but tho' much have ordrrMarcy: as a real occurrence. She even knew, been (deceived my dear friend I
i 11"1'' ri- I b :22 l Ib h'xci" .I W .\1oran" Th.'y Ire poor they I once ; no only!
.. 1-11h: Lumps. -\11I11 I am rich with lillle store ; : roc: with great wrath and said lie the fame 011 the old nothern family concern sorry you should have taken SO' touCn 5

Th"v pfor I Inch ; th'-y! be:;, I jive: ; h hadl.el invited there ed in if, !lt that with the dates trouble, to so little "
condemn exact
Hry (SooiN. .r 1thnuf.tct'ired! Jv :Morgan"! Brand Tiiey lack, I Ii'iid they pine, I live. to the pri she purpose.
; The
not ti have his now forgotten, if she barrister mentioned the
Pieminm. sOlcn. breeches ever knew the Lit name 6f his
: '" nil *rs ..::11'; 'fur ,*,!" a lare and ieaMii : continually
: ter and visitor.
pi--. -t'-x! 'Jll''j' I !roii's" Brtntlb: : nolia." I arnds'1' ; i'0t iit I :u not h1ur's rrain ; the Var Detriment and a she has no means of recovering them.- Hugh S-!" exclaimed the
,, i.l( !I --4 ,' Fo[ worlcJlv: r-tre mind can 111.-5, proper respect [However gette-
:; box.'S ;M.innlVturi-d \apoleon'.s" my till l 'fiat ; I from her man, laughing. I 'have not
.\-'i./. ,; hri- -\ .itm Linsjvs::;, I brook what is anoiher'bann ; Department, tetuircJ| ( that he express mention of a a
'I\\ iiio 4 I :it "I! i'l.i'1:leli, Brand "Strawbery.: I fear no foe, nor fawn! on friend, shouil fight o-ietire i ; he hoped the COlr tiahl wig, worn by the benevolent old hero the world of that narrie."

/Tl.111 I .. I I If t !.'> JtM.lS:, 30( 2'J 1 leon'lb .boxel" : Brand!Manufactured"" :\" -alllia.tI "Xapo1 I loath not life, nor ilr-.id iiiine end.I w011! spread; upon I the journals t that; he of the tale we have; fixed the strange occurrence "It it worth, the trying, however sa'M

!M 11'l.l' i,: 1111,1'J't I d", ; retire/, not retreated. Hereupon lie left not earlier than the 1 last century. the lawver ; /nJ since I }have come so far
9 Inxes: :\1.'Infll'lnrp,1Iorfonl": HoneDcw joy not in no rn-t''v bi-! ". ,
< i.l IT i I f' n-> t\ti4'iu'-, 10 Crate Crofkery ; lO.Ooij Florida; Seirars: I weigh nut i -" we.dlhI! a stiaw" < ;. j precfjitately Diving; obliqued i lo t lie doo. Towards; the end of a gusty October day I will finish (lie adventure."

si;'I 1"1'i t H: l uiis.i: .i-iJ FrenchCfathsWnt :j., d,v. Xearo: Caps; ; I.ill() doz I Hoes, a.: orlt1." For care, I r.irf n : wll..1! i u i is;; ; h 111 3 he squalled( round to pi3; out, i : about the year 1730. a barrister of the temple Mr. S-, seeing his friend so dei rthin.. "

t ii-\' i iJUilv-ts, 11',11< and 12qrsi Ingrain:; C.irv-tnu; Cotton Card-, Tral'e Chain*;. I feir; not fttiini!:" f t hi !riw : I pale t was visnle un die seat of sinaI, was sitting reading when the opening ed, at length consented to satisfy him, and
i IIlli) i i iJli'iJiets' : "'i. I) and JIJ 1 11rs.j :My' min, l .i- -neii .i.. in For sale low to close consignments! bv ? aid; was; a crescent, selected er'dll's announcement towards the apartment be
j 0ii: .H. ktuli is and C ttouJes: For beauty' bright, 01 l""ic* i mil .i'il-Sheelin t *, LOCKUAUT &. YO'IXG.XCI no dnbt, r.s a oat of arms m from his anceslorsiavmg of .a gentleman" interrupted him. specified. As they crossedone ofthe roorhj
HI' > ,
(c' ,fll71 i \;i (O-i'n'j) :u PJJ; \'. 11 1 1 :r:'i! \Va1rrtrect.. I wj-h but wh.it I h iveit will, been crnsadeis; but old! lull t er- He rose to receive his visitor, who proved in their way he suddenly stopped. before

; .tii l Tir.kin *, I xvdiider not to sek' for inure: 0.(1 swore it holed like to be a perfect frr ngerp' t son of a large full length picture. heaven'3
t' I D.-iiiinj ( linsey Fo
''tt-i-i! : : ; Oil Cloths and Carpels.Q i very "
Hike the plain 1 climb th hill hall
.. gentlemanly; )', bu't extremely sake, cried he, .who is this 1"
i.ri-i; i-i 1 i Cit'ia! : Oh.'Ck! PCS OilCloth 1 I 1 and 2 yards; wide ; I In sreate.-t torm 1 sit on S'IOTP' dol /lc-flshiond .
Iris'i' Liu 0'1 i. S'jir'in.itui! SliPetinp! ;!;, 1 U :.1 :: ..'I'r! Ingrain; Carpi-tint; And l laush at them. that toil in vim, T('. Court then rr-stimed} business, and appearirice.('. He was a grave- My grand unce." returned Mr; S-.
I!, -i u "1 '\ (C .tt vi "t4iitii1.J1l :S:!I o,'lin;?, :?J Cotton "J To get what: mu>t be \lot asain.; Union 1 I with a modest blush again advanced crulot cut suit, of antique <:ut ; a neat! lightgray "A good as ever lived. I wish. vvitli

K: i-1:: : ,I'r.- i:,''i 11 i A-ritrir-tn!' Prints, t 2 :Stair I lie I egged tiiaf (Iht eon i-t would m not con wit surouI"lpd his serious, and even all my heart he were alive now (btit he
:\ra! 'I'ir. :>1 IiI1 a-il: ) t'.vilieJ (;Inaln1: I kiss not where I wi.-h to kill ; solemn silk has been "
time physiognomy
'' ',, .. ForMe hv WM. G. PORTER & co.n..C 1 fein not love when. mo.-t 1 hate ; sideany consn ned by him as misspent; ; stockings, rolledat dfrlhese thirty Jear.Vhal
*\ l-'l-'kTi': t ( j?( ; the knee \ his "
r> -11 Water 5tl'e't. :I i lack no s-leep t to win mv will, in f..t his \Ii; the scrific e : he was speak- ; ; enorinousshoe buckles of gold; was name ? ,
Evtr! I.-1 i T \1\ i-li.i d<* L iincv ----- I "watt! not at the nullity's g.ite I ng; )r the weal of irianUind! and I i cane headed with the( same metal and "Hugh S-. The only one of our
r do. not as
S- it-i: ;; t'l i Amerieaa (
i: -1. I 1 i.', rich! i broad-brimmed family of that "
liools and Shoes. scorn 110 pool ir no ; nsir:. for hisS diem! and uncocked hat name.
"'i li.r.m; : 1'h'k; !*"' fi. 'ire. ilk-l. per ; besides lie wasnegitmga i completed
I I"r I feel have much.Th
want too ?
no nor
:!j.r-c: "k Cru-jt* i'li? fanrv 1lkf D ()Y'S and l :Men's 1 Ru'.l t Bro-. .I1I" ; i t treatise on Algebra, partictil.irly ('cltis equipment ; which was in the fash That is the man who called upon me

Si J i ir K: ihs'i.i 'I ,1'111\ta.t"I': -silk Jlkfsilrit % ; 1)1 M t>n*<' ;a,'kV'd ;a-ul pe,('d! Kip Brngan;
t:eut1i'.IC: : C.IB'!! I Bro, an* : are counted worse I than; all IJred or the rsl of his ( They proceeded to the closet. ;
C.ttf\:1 h1kf both successor. _
: ;
!: I \u' 'r:1:1: ; the court and Having stiflv
Lr.I.:: Li '
\\ 1r1'- po.('d l a'id* "l'w1hol..'';; Children's i d.). The ;S"ldi'n mean betwixt I ihem both lie country I,..?,! :.. .1-- .. false bottom of the liled ---
ii Ju.nlLi P(1 had! > u 'i in exact trunk and
\ I'll I V Lli ;. ; v* ry inndeqnate idea of I IIt way prescribed by the the
S'IHT LidieKid! and l Morocco ShoE'< lnth surt--t !-oil. and fears: no fall ;
Jar'-;* (C I't'i-i: I UiHe ail (; "'II l< Uf-bo, Sop.-r; I/itlii'*' nurse; and) fine Calf B \1,1"!; Tills: I-MUV choice ; for why I I find anr; true, lie did not consider impor-I etiquette/ I of lie era to which he seemed to deed.

s'i HTI 1 11"1 M'I, '< :a-i.1V'irleJ! Vesting: ..' I Ilr.l! -\<'eytf'i'ivp.Hsoitmt'iit\ I, jitor t rpce ndllj ::\\vealih I is I like;! a quiet mind.Mv iiitn I to bl.utip; ::11 i it uas; extiemely difficult | belong he look possession of the chair offend The kind old uncle was never sceu again.A .
( itt t I ;I'lix 1 l TiPltl" ,:-...,,!, him I his -
host -
II 1 11
,.le \\\ I. (; POKTF.K l CO. t lo (inpreliend I in all hisvaU by : :'d. after - -
( & preparatory -
ly hill magnitude.
t-< ;; (1'I > ,'j".1'1 1 r''i: .""kd M'lsHnJi :., ; i wealth i j" !he.i'ih aid! p'-rff-rl 1':1": e ; thus ScntPTURXi.
Do c ') : Water Inct. wtil'l seem lli.it had flil. beg n. in slow and seiiousmanner. VIKW OF
\1 t .1'1.1 t'.iahric; : Muslin?, .. Mv i' n-''iue; clear my dupf dd'tnce ; I rC'aITfq.; ; of late be- < is SOLDIIRS.-J t'
... -- ------- I eebv! III,ilI' | a extremely remarkable, and
,,4.a- family
never co'r if not i
\: Hl\\ I;, 'X". &: S Srall i)0 ali'lion. ali soon re-
,V .c.letei with A'eaf Cdrp:= I irM FraJ.I, t ( :Nor Ir. deM-il I t rll ::..vcife.. .' Ii' c-f/jt both lie his son-in-law would .I think sir, you are the lawyer cmployr our attention, that among all the various;
i i 11\ ii i t 'I"I) ; ; arSorlr.l ft/es
: 11'011.
; Tll'l'" do I live, 1111I':1\: I die l by the :S- characters
; life whoso! we with
family meet
\ \" .i ; I M I H! i4s :Nit; dll.I Would( all dido.,. .i.. w.1as\ 1. to put the government lothe expense I \oik.shire pio| cny in nt. there in the New Testam -

.1 I i i ': al! t l1i.1iv..t' !MIHI !<.:! r.tt'S. J'II I 1 c ,ss V\Ve.lin.j I Hoi1-, n-sortej j :j jln1ilies ; -MS--- ---- -- I idlie ;M.ircy quartrrings., In conclusion; be you" are, therefore aware is aboutto amiable are few represented in a more

u I'.' i \ !I..t; ;; ,v \Le.\-\ .,' !t ut l Wr 1\'or" 1Ie '2 t l Bl.irUs.nith: Mcci Fa-ed) Anvils: !ivo ii Iii remna iL. t that evervbodv knew hisSfiimi.iits sold. light, orspoken of in stronger terms

1.- ,. \v\i. <;. i'0'iri.u ('" :2'J K.ulisb! and AUtel ic..n Vie,, ; TiurItanroit3t [( : they had; Ion 'b"cn-before the .1 have, sir," answered the barrister, of approbation than those of certain mili

i i.I '. 5". i"l I i, ,,1)) \V.ttir'rr, ,' : j < "' IML.ws; S__ S_ ,_ __ __ __ _-_ h_ -_ ,_ -_ cintry I t they were simply: to condemn .(ful instructions and powers lo complete tary men. It was of a centurion a mili
---- -
- -
n. i ]Hj:1! %: e,... t iraW r strct'l.f 1-2 "zrn! Sjmie: '.'; uu' S'iorel': :' t[:From I Baltimore I 1'tt riot.] ctybody gencr.illy: but liimself! s'l.in-1 t disposal of it, which I though ( painful I tary ofccr. hose servant was cured of

.; 1U;' cHIH.: ..!":ftY... 10' (Coil ill';' ,\x"'>; COUBT: MAI1TIAL KXTBAOIMJlXAllY.; I I'i and to violently advocate butli of those !I Igitleinen. duty I to me, must t be performed." palsy by author of our religion that he
I't) b\s {'. It'ln al.1Vonlell| Cards I ) It J is duty said I have not found
aH!' ; : ; ; I : you may dispense with, so great faith jad
\\1,1. \ s I d I t1ni; Codl.1'; ( ; The ;Matamoros; Ftdg publishes the following i :
\1 I : i Ct.P !H ).vlanl's Ca..;t SII'I1: ill :Saws ; said t the visitor, waving his hand "the not in 1smel --* ..uiner centurion;
: I ". \\\T'r'nlin, I trillW. Sjjll/l- Richie I
: 'JI I', and ( 1 rep')it'cif the proceedings of n Court t \'lneralJlcfatller next address-( property '
: \\"ful J" ( );i'e ICWJ: 1'jji Cast -f'nnan Sfoel for sale byWM. need not be sold. .1m. .it gave that
I.4 1 >d .l-.iild.i, edie' crucihion.
I I i. I"" \i I ;" )l'r,1I court in the laconic
.'i ui-titl emblcd! I (lencrals ] speech
: : ; to
0. I'rtKTKIl it. CO. try Taylor following ; : honest
It III..d d -Itril". 'f'Jf- I ask sir whether voluntary unprejudiced testimony
: .- I I i. i il: IA- d i. s <> "'fJUS May presume to you -
'. i i' i-' '.\'laJt' } \' UisI'! ; v, U'niter De" i .! t Wati-r: -tivGroceries and Scott.; No official: account has yet appeared ; i-errens. arc any relation lo the family 1 1 If so, in his favor : Truly this was the Son

i !. i I ,. Y-MI iw O.-'ir"*, OiKi : 1'1-1"/1. 1 in I tile Union, and! I there is no evidence !::Iage; replied : lie llioti:hl IK good be you of God. It was ;i centurion who
with [
i .. i i i .. I I.r n: "irul! preserved of St.
'.-. :. 'I.\ I': ', il.iUjr! Itruiit! \.troiI!I. C"'II; n !Ii O JFFICF.: :, ..1.1dn., St. Doming fI do, been Under lie circinnsiancps \Is. ItJ smacked of ;aristocracy but heh I ce.sity of selling it.n! consequence of the Paul, whena
I i'. l< i-1: t, 1'itrli, 'l'jrifltIL: ', Coul,,, J'.niu LX :Xyrth.M-n Fl'I11'"e) -ll'rn do; X 0 Sfl2.: fully approved. .ed from the, claim of another branch of I tie family, j just proposition was made to destroy him after

\\J-. \ ,t':I-t.f:. : i, r.ird I:i.Hy5oi t; we shall expect the I official journal I t proveibial courtesy of 1 the I returned from beyond sea, who as heir-at- his shipwreck / the Island; of i\1 china. H

I' '*': '. '<, 1 111! ;, \'iiiliqZ.: {fl'ii-'u I ick. I Li:.?. f : dO. I'owrlion? :
H1't\ 'MI 'Jo. l I'y[ lUven* d I >, Lisrht tl.), Ch'""e, !LtrH!, !nlCoIIII.\II1"I idt*?, Slinuld even I to question: the :intheiiliciiy of I IIP; null 1151(111 to his I innocent I indttlgence in in naturally ofwill possessor estate, by the express appointment ofo}
i .'$ :i1' I":>..JBl.Ilin.il".CnljI'r; ; do, \ t1. ,. Prime 1 B.. IldIJ to the contrary ; who ; to make
: rs, :Mol.t--e-: =, \\'hi.k, : ann .fI whole l Bul will be saes. was true they were there to ant him the
proceedings. no one ( I ( first
i >-. ",11,1v.k: : s, IJjit dn. Uralr-J Screws, M--.S; and: Prim'- Pork.IIf'"r"1.! Siiail, :Salmon sri of and condemn te- its value in money instead Jhliml. convert among the Gentiles ;
-' r.---, Aiicii'tri'', 1 lIaIl'Jilik Cji-t.im I I ir-rrm, ?, :Sii-in,!Js and Ton: n<:?, <'oil I ri-ll:: TOIIL'UIIVivr -.-, misled by the (contradiction orituliicod! t Input two old war-I The! present possessor is unable to a distinction of which hp seemed in every

1 H:' ,"r., 1 r:!- o'is :;5jllve. JiU I Hdn'c-: HandII I i: l | S.nce.:: ; '', Catsup- Pepper Sauce, ()|;ves, less confidence( in I the report I than they ns but lie must' confess that : buy i if, ali must t therefore depart." respect worthy, being as we are told( a just

I" !j' "BI kt'f'i t ; Ced-ii c'd! Dick Brooms;: r"ii"r; Pickles So31.lrch.! Tolncco. :Navy otherwise I would.) The probability I that; svrds epaulettes ami) pompoons. his gentlelights You mistaken." : devout man, one that feared with
'! \inllets Sirvin do, A,1t'\x u I are ; replied the old nt
> t -ns Pilot do Crlci.'fi''in"! Dri'-d) Fruits, still
BpM'l ar turned
II. i ': tnJTlum's! n.\: Hooks Kile do, l Bean*, Silt Itai ell?::. :Macaroni, Vermaeelli. Arrow such a tiling should) hive i lakC'n place, may and his on salvages ; I washiias.sion !enlll.'lan. rather lestily, .you seem not to .11 his house, that gave much to the'

t: 'I' .t"t d'! !, Hondo, KI'I do, CaulkingIr.in : Hoot Corn Oas Bncl,wh"t.i: ", ; t U:i Ice.: without great violence, he presumed from weakness ; he rejoiced I know of i he will of Mr.I S-'s great grandfather people, and prayed to God ,always.WJieu .
1 1. T "'I': I ';, \la ri: n,* S'i ik(*.:, Siii! > Scr not only that his up repeatedly ;
". I''.,',: 'r Cuo'i'-s, Lilies, T"rrnpnlllr, .-, Water' If two old bantams
: .'ari2J: 21 tn-et. port be untrue it is something like ;\u1ac- ic refractory were to spoken of in
\\t-. i' 1 1!.lino's.; :: :Siil :XeeJlf, :-:iil Twin", estate (lo his favorite; grandson this gentle Scripture in such
-- --5------- -5- beini.sliedlic
:'-1., .- 'WIIIt: ii'i. i'dlm-i, Ki .;in; L-atLtr!; : Shoes and Bro anS; l by thecae; beilfs witches I it t "lies like t truth :" | would propose) I thai I ihe saii- man's father but even entailed it on \his\ terms of commendation: as these we arb

. h N i. <:MVf'U, I II t Ull'IlTHltc'l' ... ChI'( ;; ,1.1 .;. BOTS.: Shoes ant B'i , ,\, l .... I IIt1llHw (;,un'1u. I 1I.td..w d.i; and Scott ; from I
<, ; wilting
II u t. :ilen's, Boys and Youths Brogan? ; Convrneil at "Mango; Clavo" for t th5 trial pro- :Such a will, sir," said (lie barrister they are engget in, is not, asome mistaken
l".id.i Fr ( oih! mil Locks
h H: r! L :! ii.Sj. nrc#, ;;, claalions.ickly .
;M '. .1.i >Uiii; I s'lofII.! .s Hiii:;.; :. I'ddlock'?, : ." llncsciv'd Brogans ; of (Jenerals Scott ,and Taylor, upon char H was, indeed, supposed) for many; years. to : profess to think an unlawfulone.

-.v-. l'.Miltnt I I Iitlh'.trfIh'ld I I LI1It*
i i 1 I". L l >; do, "FIS'I dII h t.iii-l L..d(1( ,<, I ll i.f it, fi-n sewed Boots ; Court was organi/.cil: uilh J ,/fJ.r Pofjtte foihc gentleman who! had j just addre:sed j I until now, peaceably enjoyed the diously placed by the sacred writers in a

::-. i 1"1 d h, B Ir d.1. FiiTi'ls i L-inthorn-! I >, n"",*3C.t: Bro.'ans., For sale: by thcouit, he was :a !top Savvjer., ac. a I liplojS.ivvyur I property; favorable and an honorable and
ns President, and Seignora Alnwnlc as but, on I the claimant's/ application; renewed light ; in
1 is l'iI.-h I'.its, I Ij 1:; I.iok" ::, C'tun do 1. IJ: ELLISON & CO., and if titles were not anti- I this
I\: : I'MTii. u \\T.tr-*, Oockiry.! Carpe nter'6 Jan-23; -21 Water street. Judge 1 Advocate, wch t the following! iiiem- se.uch' having been made for it. either- the .light. it always has been. and always
deocratic he would like him -
, i- u '- < i l'<>-!% \:,. \:c. 5- __: l_I-TS_ i : _Lien t Gen. Denton,_\_VarriorlarC'; ; : \', to sec Cr'at-i bf i'.ef: pr'eswholy unfounded, or it has ought to be considered. He who undertakes -

L ".'! t. Lt'I 2. 1'I7. On Ciiaiizieiit.hIE "! 1 l I\ivft: Johnson Ailiiural .'l asoti, ;MartyrRiichie J I 'duke) of' Hologna; ; yet he. must ;!d 1110 mush h I hell or desIJ'tl Cabinets, chests, an occupation of great toil and great _

: .: ;-v-'-; i \- S'K.IV,-N'r: 1. Water street 5-, su'isTibpr' ( ha. lately received on con'i.ii-: Saussagc-S.iwyor: ;Ministerial l \Vil- h liHriend that his decrees. of punishuipntdidoltnect J every room and uninhabited danger for the purpose of saving, defending -

''I I 11 I" r -..i\'I'I.l.f! r lor sale 1 ment, I the follo-.viti articles : sing: Shannon and Sucker Ficklm.Clittrge m t the cases and crimes of I the (Iwo have h : been ransaelf1 in vain. i1 Ir. S- i and protecting his county, i' a most

-1" -s. ;r' i /Ilia( C,i3'!,'ci-: or OI'DKRS.XjicciJlcatioK. pri!icrs, for what Ta\lor, I the first transgrcior has now given up all hope of (finding it ; the \,llnall.nt respectable member of society ;

-.'k! \'irt'iern' Western Flour 1 I" Old :IarleiraVlne ; That ) cared hit hue for sausages (dry a himself with valor fidelity
an ;
11.: / .- whereas! I he aforesaid sale is tl) be completed: in ihe course of next conlncls -
.. (Oil I 1t -liie.l: \Vhikey, : : 1 superior Old Scotch Whiskey: ; Santa Anna did leave the Island of i up ott's i ink horn was worse I than frying week ; all I ihe fine old place must into i anc humanity and amidst the horrorsof

'b 11\: '. while I jile: :an! brown Soap ; 2"U' ."Pale' & Bro. )lard Brandy : Cu'aI! the instance and upon the ill\.jla-I h livel-ls.) I lie I would t therefore propose( I tlmtheyioth I t hands of strangers." pass war cultivates the gentle manners; of
Dumond lIe
II"t t U X. O. Sir: ; ; ."* JIf: "i o\'a'tlt o; J Dark Brandy; ( be sentenced to read; his last and the virtues of
; peace hemost
I V) baskets London: Club" Champaigne.A's tion of tlie.'r superior officer: to wit : i the I You are mistaken; once again, young a holy life
B S1JC4 3:1J SoulJtri!
.1"i ; beforebrc.ij'iit
tnt ; in
"' Ihin;: 'i, a variety of Se.4aIall: of \'dtichvill be commnndait: ; of all!I Duck river and its dcpendenci'S. speeli every morning m man; ," fid the stranger, striking his canon : -; m amply deserves and as utdl.will receive

'!1mI_ Clarified; S iir ; ,.ulJ low, for cjli >nlv, byKDW'AUD ) ) at an immense .sacrifice; of cocks, I l J for I thirty days, arid to consider the floor ; "I I say, sir the will exists.Go .- the esteem (the adrimlion..and the

""'V'-iVutf: il.$ ; MccuLLYi : aIR! slashes, ajaiiihui! iii rig : f.ivmiii; h hgalrs him ;i gentleman for the .same length of i immediately" cohfmued he, in an :applause of his grateful country) and, what

1 ;Krm C-i-vlles; I F.'!) 27 ;GO( Water street.TNl'Mt' bet ; valued by alt cock jockif.s it one i thousand lirre. I authoritative t tone, i ravel night ami! day. i is of still greater importance, the approbation ;

i barreU: N E the Ambassador] Shannon dihTe red( will both You of his [ Jirine.LoNGEvITY .
Ibm old
following safeguard save an family from (11.Ol
; dhlblooll upon i may disgrace
'i ; and Bah ol Wild ll'e
i 1 Swayne's am t |nllrmen. It was not the provience of
( ---
l ; V' V received and for sale which they t I tIC said! Scott aiM Taylor and ruin. In the end room ol t the left wing.
I Cherry, just by lie
) I) Iln Br.Hld I cutui t (0 pass sentence of death or sentence oV DAMASK ROSE.
y Nov -23 J. C. ALLEN. to I the manifest; i injury i of now i Illilhabilet. is a closet in the wall." -
'I N 0 risrevardec. t of would he death
MJ4 1 -P*; ,. impossibility. correspondent of the Burlington Gazette
.- --- I I ( \ d'lndusirie.I ; of Havanaami ; I .\ have looked there, interrupted the
j ives T H ulis'i. th'v" Cheese ; SlEETNGS.! Shirting and Print! by the : .1) scandal their superior of Duck river t to Sill Scott's ink i 'it an I impossibility)to I IohiSi barrister."Silence. says there is a rose bush flourishing at the
.J) I .I." 4 } ututy ''fnll\.".' low for cash, by C let Ficklin
; a gentleman even a residence of A. Murray Mcllvaine
aforesaid. Here the sir there is closet 1 In near
:. "' and its dependencies, ; a say.
t ''ill ,. Mica-it Mit"I"S'ill ';' Jan 21 B. ELLISON 21 Water& street.CO. J i5id Advocate if.nl; I the P.iss.: single\ omtril i f.nCSs| for I thirty days.- I that close is a large chest ; i that chest has a Uiistol Pennsylvania known lo be more
The mast cruel he I think
': ) ',\:.: n I 1'.tflJx' (,a .v Lr1)hl.: !. Uairins: I ; -'- -------- -- --- -S i To all lark'f'arsrcc1iig : If I he fore ( punishment' <011. I f false bottom t and underneath; that is the ihana hundred yearsotul. In the year 1742,

f J J .. Lp n'vu,'"; "'i tU"s Et.ilsum: of Wild Clion'y.DOXEN I sworn rflq l'e of San; .1 ad luto comes of (and it\hey were Salamanders if they couldstand (deed. I am certain of what I say. I saw there vas a kitchen built, which; eucroicl.don

7'. ,. \IIWJf,, t'lrel' To :a..co'.r. ) j'lst received and,) (for site byAonl your way, you needn't see him, as I am Selnor and live,) was that they should( the t paper deposited there ; no maier when the corner of the garden and the masons

1 u ('I "H'ilrtpl: [ Pickles; 1'..# 10 II. F. ABELL.Hops !playing a with him, and you musa't re\1 Ilejou's despatches addressed or by whom. Go : you will find it worth laid the corner-stone with great care, saying.
;JI' birr.>!\Iickcrel! Xoj, game I to him5 end i them addressed "it
2 lo "
a-vl 3iHullo'ili imagine was a pity lo destroy so a bush.
------ --- -- disturb the your trouble. My name sir. is Hugh pretty
I d Ii) do'; game. I Ihtlel morning" for I liii ty days ; Since then it has failed
every never to
of Duck. S I produce a
P. Rio known
'111"i"i [Signed] K: )X am not now } to
;14 'lrlej'nJ\ ; ;; ; I the nun ..ember said in conclusion that he
; i of
; Fall Crop for sale hv profusion roses shedding around the
f'l FRESH, To all of which I he prisoners pb-ad, tjuicnsdle. I ihe of S- ; I am his
-'i Ti a-il I proprietor
1) > Ten invtfsGunpo.v.ler iod llyi 17 H. F. ABELL.TU had; him; .l I been, sLum mmcii, I literally flayed; lel.iiiou and have his welfare at heart.- most delicious of all perfumes Sometimes

1 at i "'i",1 is all;1 ti P. ----- evidence ) Mason rose alive by yjm in much less time th.1 that. Neglect not to follow advice." it has clitned for years over the second story
i\cs: )>v< bo'IVas: : The having my
; : r., Camphor and Piperine; !ust re- cu..lll. Allhis t ( of (he proceeding, (he .1, windows and then declined
''i site% Judge by to
i .If '11 'les OH Connie Hra-jJv; QITI\r and for sale by and said he I ,* em 1111; and country So saying the old gentleman ;arose again degrees
| > t.'v.; .t< '' hIi.idi..ckI, wislt'III Ailvocatefead. (the following note which he bowed and door his liar in the ordinary height. The fifth generation
Champagnef ; A riln II. F. ABELL. to bear in I 'li. Duck river pass at the put on :i
J"I I(" Vail .morfed si/ps __ stated. I.ltllst been handed i in. is now regaled with its sweets. Not far
: *, ; --- -- had; been duly I I the Navy and fashion which would have enchanted an

-' :t '>ul< Pilot an'l I Navy Bread! ; Sarsuparilla Syrup. i suliseqiietitlv dislnximed f"I'rl.by'In, prisonersatBurna ..'cignts/ : Although not a member of elegant ofQii Cfl Anne's day; and sliding the from this venerable bush, is a tree of the
.t II.T.-PS ri. vv Rice T rfreiveil! and for sale by I ; Vista :1,1 ( Vrro (Jonlo. your !homfiblo body, I mo'jt relctfuly1J .silken string of his cane on ihe little fingerof same age, now measuring thirty three feet
-: k -s aId I Bnckwheat June 1-2 H. F. ARELL ,
'I* l 1't"P.trther pirters Oat.new ;] --- ------ --- ----- -- -- The 1/i(11t. General depr) .--caliMl invidiouscoiiipaiisdiis leave .su gest I lo I the court, hat I his right hand, on which the lawyer had in circumference-a butonwood.Vel. .

.:"' ilv-lucDia I 1S4Q. \yTOFFA'PlFK: PILLS A'JD: Ph1ENIX between I those I two arms ofolr most ffficfti t punishment' for the prisoners remarked a very fine brilliant ring. he descended -

:0. _- 1'i BIT FEUS, just received and for sale by I nationol defence and hoped I the court would would to b ,undemii each one of them to the stairs and departed leaving the .\ John have you made that bureiti 5

Dry Goods. Nov Q! j. c. ALLEN. frown down all subjects calculated to make write a bo it barrister in the utmost astonishment. At shine well 1"u

1jrLu(. :'.. ;;. Ticking: Cotton Osnabnras; na in;; and Hope. i breaches between them. With hi/ coosidetation &c.. &c. first he fell half incltend to consider the I guess it don't look bad, but

Ker vs, Jean FlannelBlan! 11)fPCS Kentucky Bagging ; WADDY. whole hoax then again when he 'Vei
Pt.t I This brought Marcy to his fect ; he wished as a ;
Th.. <;!\lrtl'l":.'.;*, Shorting, Check., I'i'J 100' coils Rope; of the old 'twas a tarnal job though. I canPot gir at
; if allusion The summed but distracted thought gentlennn's
11\\' to know liad, to con up beini so grave man
: 3 "*, Cll'coes[' Djlaie. Hosiery, &c &.C. ,1 balei Baaain; ;i Twine (for ealejbyWM. Bu.liOn. any and the intimate it any other way, and I took the foreplane/
J 'leby B. ELLISON & CO. ."G PORTER & CO. him by the WOll breece91 in Union that I they could not agree, ner, knowledge must

Jai1 t.-* :23 Water street. Dec 5 41 Water street. 5 'Ihe Lieut. discaimed any int. (finally corUidcd I 1 to refer the whole. matter I have possessed of the house, to be able to and Iel'd the dtn'll: 'Ijark all off OD',," SS

..':.-.t. / S I '; : -5' ,

jli'iC p/,: I 5







S S _,,...': L
\ $
: S- & -- 5- -


4.- -. -.5-----
S S -- -
I -

( _.. ..-....._........._... '-H__..'_.._'_H ._.. __--.____ .. n ..- -

;- ;: -
-- :

I -j -i: 4-: -

_._ _._
,, #. _- ---- -- .n.-IC_______ ee' .,...". 't 3 J.t : !! L- __ ": _:.>L""" __- -- ----- -- ..- -----.---------. -'- -- -- -: -: :

." %From; ; tiie' Haiti! mote C'lipj-ei ] f From the Boston: iMily) Adxertistr.] I -[From- u tli"!i 5.tltniorr: I'atiiot.' ] I ho our Republican condition.and nofarthcr ; ( I r l \

!" \VIIAT IS DEMOCKACYV: J: t 1 l UK QU! :STIUN OF THE PRESIDENCY j (;l.N.: TAYi.Oi:-iiAiroii J; > COUNTY( !i COJIJIBHLIIJnrBI1'ISBl.() ;t ) and tit) argument should be permitted to Tie benefit t lhat has !!Cefl Proil'I

The Philadelphia: Spirit of the Times[ } We have recently met in several quarters: We have alt eadv' alluded u to the fact that weigh in favor: of the continuance of :any the f\tag interests Ly t1P| "Ba

iisks% this question ; but i instead 41 I f answering: with the mqnir) -" How i is l\JaschUSt; ;: '; the( democracy; of"Ilatford; County had declared AACH1C i 187 principle of our Constitution which does the cultivators of the soil, "i '

it, :gives us .1 Ions: lecture on the benefits of disposed toxvards the nomination of General -- -- = for 'Ihll.
partv .tni/ilinn.: : And what arc those i Taj'lor for the Presidency 1 It is clear j in favor of Gen. Taylor for the Pre JO* The following gentlemen are authorized not lest upon a basis which i: evidently applicable of discussing systems of :'griCIIu' '?

benefits! ? .\s flr:1s we can compichend that t no one can give a i po'inve! and definite I std ency. We have before us the official I Agents for the COVIMEIICMI ADVm'rsERanr will 10 snch a political system. paring individual I I'. anSI| ,et

them! as explained)' the Times they conan; \\'Cr to this question and xxe do not knoxv i pioceedings i on the occasion, and believing receive and receipt subscription?, or udret e- We have thus glanced at some of the arguments ing theories I for cxaraatlof P.

tit mainly: in the power assumed by :a. fcwI I t that; any one has made; such a canvass of the lhat t all parties: desire to see them, we give nients:- that xve have heard advanced in lo practice, has been soon andl
individuals to make: the President, of f tInt :j: state of public opinion lieu c, ns would enable JOSEPH F. MA<=I>\, 1'ost Bllldmgi corner of feiC il
them a place; in our columns, as follows : Hanoverand IJea\erstreets, favor of an alteration of that clause of our every Slate, as i is evidenced "
United States: members of congress and :: him to give an appioxlmate one. We took by Ihe
:I I [From ibe IIal ford Kepublican.] D.\I HKAVO, Ksq.; New Orleans. lion of such I societies. Iti
which for lifetime
other public funliuutries.Vc would h.-.rd-: .. occasion:- about three moi/ihs 5111CC, to give WM. \\". CIIKKVEIE, Es j., Albany, Ga. provides a
I ly expect ihe Times to dcspara; c pally.| briefly some leas.ms against any ,agitation of Major JACK HARD.MAN, tlufauta.! Ala.PRESIDENT. tenure ofct on the,part of ihe Judges to \\T c are not aware of the I
conventions because the I a meeting of thc democracy of liarford -- ---. -- -- ----.-- existeflee
they are the sustenance ; I ihe< Picsidential question: arising! out of ---------- -- --- --- -- -- --- be elected, to which 'xve may add another institutions of the kld .*)
: which mainlains'ilalil)' in parnxan ptomincnce given I Iu General I Taxlor I ; and jf County, convened at the Court House aluded( 10'"
p.lprrscud: yet, no persons arc probably those reasons till exist lint in reference I( in Bel-Air/on Saturday last, 1,8th July, FOI reason which has been adduced in argumentin State, whereat. we are much

belter acquainted; with the fact: ihui: theio, the question above alluded to, Ihis seems ':,!,1847, for the purpose of appointing deleI ZACHARY TAYLOR. our hearing, by some of our citi/.ens Florida possesses resources which SUr

editor of the Times, that conventions do I lo be a proper time to aveit In some pnnci- I 1 gates to represent said( county in the Con- _-_--. _______n.____-_- -_-- ._----_- -_ -_- __ _-__- __u___ which is, that in the present early day of veloped, would add( greatly: t0 t 'l

not aluays truly represent thc sentiments' of pies: < in the selection or a PieMilent, which j I i ve ntuon to assemble at Klkton to nominate a ci: The Uev. T. M.! LT.NCII will preach our existence as a State, whilst our population many of which sources of er, ,
candidate, for in the fifr"Con
the parly which they undeitake to control 1 may; well enough be settled here in advance j Congress rcssI proiabI:
They toofieqnently resemble packed juries : of I the naming of cnndid.itcs.; I ional District Col.! Charles S. Scxvell was at the Methodist' Church, to-tnorroxv (Sunday is small, and the members of the I'ar culual industry are yet nnexpr0rj! \

selected for a special purpose, than chosen i! \Ve may fust allude to a proposition xvhich appointed President, and Alexander Norris ) morning, al 1 o'clock ; also in the by no means numerous, lo make a selectionof trust ere long to see the 1

for thc administration of j justice, or the has: been advanced! in some quartets, and! has, j I II I and Luther M. ,farn.t Vice Presidents, evening, at half-past seven o'clock. Judges 'at l tills:time, who are to fill their intelligent. agriculturalists I enerrii} ;!? *

promotion of the general good. AIIII Jet found! favor with thc uni'iinking, under thei.y and) Ilemy Richardson, Secretary in *
j The of the stated offices for life, during good behavior, wouldbe gaged a combination of eflbrtta'
the Times thinks that the of "No union vith slave object meeiing was bye }
no candidate for holders !I :: *
th President, and the following pioceed- lE unwise, inasmuch as xve may reasonably the means of National 1 prosperiJ
It has
Presidency should be supported unless pic- urged by some fanatics; that a will be perceived by a perusal of our .
nominated, ings had : The folloxving gentlemen xxcre I that in ten or fifteen hence Providence has ?
viously by a national: convention: person conscientiously opposed t to the i institution expect years bountifully spread
of that the Editor of this
Ilarford to-day
Its 1 t argument would go to prove, that; 110 t of slavviy; cannot, under any circumstances appointed delegates to represent paper pa- such will be the increase of uur population them. Let them endeavor to L.

linn can: : be a p Itriut unless he he stamped Vote' for a slaveholder fur any county in the Convention lo be held at :li1101 j I per has presented his name to the voters of and accretion of legal t learning reward which i is said to be me-* *

as ;genuine by a conclave of interested parti- ofy.ans. ( 1CC. 1 If this proposition were true it would 1 ]I i to nominate a candidate( for Congress : the county, as a candidate for the Senate. consequent due to hil.i
I 'VI. B.i; .Stephens-oil( Juhn C. Wajsli; J. II.r in the Florida Uar. by means of immigration made &Iwo 'blades of wheat
An idea too absmd; fur serious con- be a first and !leading! rule in the choice of a is now little more than twelve months grow .
f'itll'ration.'t i!' presidential; candid:tl e. I But I il t must be clear i j Nelson, I Ilemy I [11] .Johns and Otho Scolt.j since I of gentlemen learned in the law, as one grew before." et
i the in xve look charge of the Editorial department -
The Tinn's repeats us ueclatation; "that I tolo every one who icspecls the constitution: )j Icolrcd. t delegates atien- I \eil as by increase of knowledge, and experience rX 1
Gen. for ami that it !d ance a Elklol have: full authority lo fill I of this pap\r ; during that time nrr TIL\IEr,g'\"OtA.
I support Taylor the Presidency, : desires( to ptcsive the Union, i is j on the of the members
pr.rt We
before he acknowledges his belief, ?nJ I confidcncc not true. I Ils direct tendency! is In make a J|' vacancies. !() as 10 give the county i full re- I our course has been open and independent. present are plca3ellll observe that OUr
of the that the *
( in democratic: principles: xvonld be! uoiheru and southern ;party: ; its I immediate presentation.j We have written whatever came uppermost profession, People through city, Pensacola, is ruin( :: frsk ,

n direct apostary! from the !political, faith* of L i fleet! would be a a practical dissolution of thc: '!\! After the the mppiing had) appointed and resolu-dcie- in our( mind, and have advocated} such doctrines ) their Representatives will have:: better room New Orleans in the crticlt-; of lumber trde.*
the democratic pail_*'." I If I this be so. there : Union, whatever name mtehl: be given I lo the j gales, following pieamble for selection, and greater opportunities for notice the arrivals and t
I lions offered Otho Scott Hid and such clearances
were by see'm policy as xve cor-
are Jiameious apostates: from lhat faith,, fi tlll. To carry it out would be to enfoice I tlt'cmct obtaining that decree of talent and legal oraB'
hereabouts, as well as elscxvhere ; for, if I the a "qualification: ; for office" not conicmpla-'m !( ended by John C. Walsh' and unanimously; | ret, without regard to xvliS'Lcr we met the her schooners:every week. JPectC
erudition essential in who fills! the im-
election were lo take place to-ruorruw, xvc led I by i lie Constim UI ion, and to awaken sec I a optec : approbation of every man-conscious of conU form a connection xritfi ,Ihe, .

have: not the least doubt, that Jen. '1"'Jlorwould lional animosities not necessarily involved j h his Whereas felloxv-ciii/ens! this meeling, in coirinon' ) with being actuated! by t tt desire to )promote the p"orlanl office of .Judge of both Supreme: or with Savannah: : by Rail Roi,( it
receive thice fouiths of.the whole tn the question} of the presidency, and fatal I : generally, e'crr.llin and Circuit Courts. We do not rci'.1herey soon lake !
i an exalted' of the pat ot'ism and ; welfare of our felloxv-citi/cns, we have not iish rm:5 < commercial"!
i But what i is this the of the j opinion I
vctc given. political I 1 ttfaith" 1 e\Ut.incc; ) glJ'crnmenl.i do that those of i
nor we ) ;
which it has; become so cssenti: 1 t\j For these reasons we hold this proposition '- i j j distinguished abilities of Gen Z&cjuiir hesitated in our course, wherever we saw: suppose I There are a great many Prudent and tjiprising

J In what) have II i be untenable and which I !I TAYLOR, and( believing that tie gr.it ser- I'I'I '. If had our citizens who expressed the views: we capitalUts; !
'profess) are we to faith ? it j to wholly one : j our way cead) we : at any lime amfinj Rfr rtnZfE
I '! vices he has rendered his entitle have here adduced had I \;
couilry intention
men, or in measures ? It cannot be in men, cannot: influence any large:!, pall) of the voters become convinced that, we had fallen into I ( any to to the honor of time business
for the apostate: pirlizin: i is generally mo>t '! of 1 Massachusetts. They all have sluing j j him to the highest honors whi(1 the nation speak lightly of t ihe ( / of those I sacola it shotsid itI o Pe
I'I'i be
j I error, we have stood ready to submit i ltli/icliol t recorded,
confided in h by !his former opponents al- : feelings upon the subject of slaxeiy. They:: J can bestow, and learning frm 1I"Il'CCnl'Iellcr i to xvno I now our .iaie ,. Ihar thl,

though; he may have done nothing more I legiel its existence, they are desirous! for l lilt he is unwilling to no UM merci I correction(: -we have: only wished to pursue cOlpose JUIltlary:1Ihe hut few, ifany inrarceiofino 1tSfnlfrl 1

than change in name: without tcnnunciug a its exiinction, and ihcy are determined to {i i 'instrument of a party' but ihit t if lit is to the light path, and, could but feel rejoiced sale time xve are candidly of opinion Tliirin: the commercial rrvulsiom Of![*.

their full I I i influence increase be honored by having; t lie Ptsidenc/ con1 that len or fifteen cars; hence, there bo and '37.
single opinion formerly entertained. It use (to pievcntits i 1 xv hen we were shexvn that xve had: stracdtherehom. "' .il
V cannot be measures, because they ate too I But t I they will not commit t themselves I to t the! i I ((erred upon him it must bo done I) the found at I the Florida is.,.get:)Icuitimu, xxhorn .- -

fluctuating and tins'ablt.'I1it! I then, i is fatal assertion that they will hOE unite for j 'people and not b)party: caumses conventions ) to say that; their knoxxledsif- (- of I hw, :and natural fE"tOI.11'. "AS"We
the "political faith" spoken of! It i is simply thc good of t thc co(2 itt IS)', will t any 01 those!: i I and( being a portion o f t the \ve do not pretend to think that we have abilities are pleased ro find that lull
will be of
do therefoie a superior order tim p?
'! a renunciation of ihe exercise of 0111'Ol'n who, under ihe compromises of the Consti-( I people, ; j met with universal approbation-we know : ives evidence of a desire ;
I liebolcc. That; xve xvili sipport Gceral that possessed by I the Judges, on the
minds and} and slavish tntion hold slaves. present can-
judgments, a !' i now to the contrary-xve have the assurance thatWI. its Editor to 'become P1rn
iubiuissioti to the will "others. A few men I Another point constantly brought into this I I Zachary Taylor for( Piesideit of t the liiied not be considered as disparaging the intellects useful' II the to!:}
States at t the next nd have counter lo Ihe wishes of some nity in which he has
we gone
combine lo elevate a pail: ic n I.r individual i: j investigation now; and suggested by the j' clcCli'JI earrsily and of the latter, set up I.isGods nfO p !
office : which have cited is that of recommend dim to ( Mow citi/.es us 'If our former political friends in some accomplishments and menfal !
: that he may be ued ilS their tool- question j xve i ill lie en pie: :liv fli !
I lit tEhf0r lhat 1 hi"1! station. unless it is argued that they arc the perf.c- paPf 1
they put the p: ity ichinery: into motion. military success, as forming a claim to civil eminently things which we have written. But we are the editorials of mile

pack: their committees-nominate their man 1 position.: This is a matter with regard to Rr'ullcd.! That xve JJ.Je'e (;er.r1: Baylor of t the opinion that we have: done right, and lion of the Irofe silu. Such must have doubt ;hat if,)lr. fapI'r, leave; botE".
-and the decree goes forth as the act of iheputy which the theory is easily stated while the in his political; it a Jeffeisqiian;; believe been thc reasoning of Convention, when meets \lhs,;5
I i Republican ; thai he. is ir (favor of a 1ici we that a majority of the unprejudiced cifi.t encouragement, he will!
: and/ support of the act constitutes feeling which sometimes opposes that then- they limited the term of ihe. firSt fl aide lo
.' political faith." We do not belong to this I iv l i.., with difficulty III' COfli rutted. The ;adherence I to I the I provisions of I the CINI'Itution think! with ii. Such being the case, chosen cfrpl"T: his desire. Politici? ; nfp' :

school of politicians. I Presidency or any= other civil office: should I of time United .Sales and 'tvjithd| We ''be looked of well I I 11lellorcJ t! give to all 1liOlt of thc LJi.tn election for persons: to fill the Judicialoffices matter contained;
claim the right to exercise our ownjudgement : upon' as a post duly ;as as I the manner in which we have the column; of the Live "
; and hence will not submit to b c a post of honor. To !have; p"iormed! some) I{I ilc benefits i rcccl.d b: t the I Federal ampact. conducted! this paper, and I ihe opinions we for life at the expiration: of that time else, s.

drilled into the support of a measure whichwe public service well, while it may u ell entitle I i i: have herein why did they not :affix, the lifetime to the )JonP.W: FOR COTTOV.-Mr. )JIj,
That the expressed, have met the (
: 1..rlrcl. xxe
know be To request dHeqtesappointed
to wrong. talk of panics an officer lo promotion furnishes no rcacon !
office at once ? Queen .rted; i in evidence ,
adhering to fixed principles) is a perferi farce why ho should be placed in I a !station; : which I by I this meeting lot I to pled!:the| views of a majority of onr fellow-citi/.en, In fore a eomnr:

and ,vatic 1 I' Democracy) of I this county: to vote lortny will We may recur to this subject again, and lee of the IIou no part) ever ; more in its principles he cannot fill, to lose in a position!: which he I they pronounce judgment j ; i in onr favor; .I :
than; tint: to which the Times would did 1 l not seek laurels: which he h:id faiily: won candidate: ; for Confess wll is not fa\ltJle at I the ballot !ox.Ve abide i i in the mean time xve trust that i it will receive tint! in ihe course of ihe last' twenly'elr -&.

require Gen. Taylor to give in his :adhesion I. j This is nof an [objection) to selecting a u lo 1 the ell'cliol. of l General TaylorPresidency. 101le reliance on their judgment, and wil !perfect the, aiietitt'in! of the citizens of our State, : :, Enranl has: paid', for cn'lon' afar,
oni own
Was that patty always ant i-t.trilT; anti-bank;; military: candinatc as such for :a cit il office: ,, ,
anti ,internal I Impiovement Xo. The very I 'but: only a reasonxhy the chims III'a sot I j Ji: motion, il xvas i- oh'l', That t tjsepioeeedmgs lectiincJe, of. conduct.. / the decision IP bei ;ind that xxe shall have; an ".Dressier of to thr I'nited! States. t*(',:!.OOa /ne.n) :u 'ttrr._. .."

founder uf ihe jrarty was at one time I in cessfnl soldier should not be consideied! pre- I be si i :ned b\ the ofii('eis of hemefiing i ,made: en tie first .Monday- in Uctul'cr tn > f.FTATE public sentiment upon( it. 0: I .:OootY,00Q.ANflTI1E1() .

favor; of a piotectivc tariff! ; a national bank!i..; i| c lilitiC tit. It is sufficient t to show tint I I i it I Ii ise all published it tIle I li l je- -- '- ------- -- -- -
and internal publican; I the Bihimnie: ; idAr j' GOVERNMENT roN.mE.: T.\n.fl I.r.T'f'.T.We : : .
improvement* When ill : not necessary i to give; high: office! 10 a soc Republican :
us, and the other Democratic JLlICJ\IY We noticed an article in !late Chr.rleston! publish below : lerr.-r fruia fa
famous ;
claim to the whole 411 cesful :
General rcxvard frr :
Oregon up to \ as a military ser : P1Hur I Iy; one of t tie piovisions uf 1 the Comtij 'I.
;)140. received thc executive sanction, it v'vices and is, we doubt not, s,) murh :a part t I the State. j tution th" Mercury, complaining: that i certain cire uil.i r L.TL0[.. in reply to 'on- :aiMre! ,>eihntv
I ,
I became a pail of thc .. political faith" of of the sentiment of Massachusetts I that i its: elIAS S. SKWKLL, Pre>'", j jI |i ; next .Judges \\'hl are to be elected instruction. t" (.. .I'ectrirs were published! I in Ly PKTEK, SKK.V SMITH K.sq., with i>

which] ) the Tim!; tn that h ive their .):\.\Mil.ll: ; NoKKI3.Lniir.K _,. alter the expiration of the current Irrl ,
spcAs support people may be rC lied upon not to :; I F \ })rc-',. ; in northern nndul in design oleficitirig his senlimfi in
claim. When it was .ib.tiulnncd: bv our hii i vnt ts fur any on'- with hose prini'iples they I ;M. .1 J ErII'r': of five ) vais, for which the present incumbents papers seaports any : referr
and! discreet minister fci i : HE.VRV UK'n \ii; )io.r, Sec'y.f !i of t the journals printed! in the prms( rr the to the !political: opinions nf the \tArJ ,
( lelligent in ,:. Kind 1, { arc not satisfied/ however s-ioces: ; ful he njav; I were chosen, are to l hold! their offices I! I : I
p in( \tcorL1tIctilh the instructions: of the have been in the field. I life. snout.i.re. j: Icnri par It will r.ue seen tl'i!:.: ,' a"ntr.. '

President it was renounced as a fundamental Finally, xve may say for i Tie Wl'i s I j I ll-'rn-: : ljltiinre! (dlPft'l-I'! ] I'I I' fo hive not been italcnti\ i il.e :ro' s I I refuses: toe! the candidate; /the! "i1 I
This '
) doctrine of the party, and men' xvcie released Massachusetts; that their I fiist object: :n I DALTE'1'flEV111t ; ( ' ; lie ra"11
; ) from their faith: in its emeac)'. Party sHectinn! a candidate: will be to name onewho ', I T A Y U(11 X'(\IJ l N ATE/i adopted frollll Judiciary I systems: of other (1\'oilist displayed ;Washington towards! tI t i I ihe l".rv.t r" : !) ''Ile la'
I : The Whi Convention of our northern breiheren to the neglect: of I caixttiditt of either ilme T>e:no. ; ,i r.rVhu '
lirlU ciih's; as they arc called, arc perpetually xvill represent; their) principles: : : t lie): I this cliy I Slates, in some of which) it h.is heel subsequently :

undergoing: ch.ingc: .. ; and), unless a man is I apply; to the t\ huh e IInio!!. They dn not 1 I at !Franklin I Hall I on Wednesday elt, aheicd. The expression of public i the south. We have :lately met xvjtlj cases \ ,. He i is inJlexthJe:! = i'i !v:: rrSOJlf.:! ::

.1.n..1 'oO ,1JV fast; and loose" with hit1H13) is xxish t to set up 1 the candidate: of a sect or) a the I lolloping resolutions / !i in point. There are two Light; [loupes andkeeper's not to jo into ofHsc :rnumtntlkd bythiitiiis. .pair
Wll't ofTercdy
conscimnce-deiiouiciii I opinion, as exhibited I in the action of various I| '-
WUllC: tcciinti. Tliir fb'i'ue be
&pinned yesterday 'ice'ersa must\ a !Miongman : Coone! John xverc unanimoiK Conventions dwelling to be erect.d on the coast rIr this W honor Inm! W.
) or \ he cannot able and willing to canv on the overu- Pittel which have met to alter and
S-i far keep pace: with party movements, ment of the country upon the principles of I adopted : amend the Constitutions of 'var.'ous: States, of Florida, and( strange to tell, proposals want xvh it we have nor hind I for "i> ir.v years

as hold to of be considered"as one of ,' the house ihe constitution, doing thc good which that t Ucs ,h, d, That, the members) of (his CV .seems to indicate a preference for a limited for the bui'dins of the same are advertisedin : a President ot ihe t'fl.Oj. ." < : !''r(

I he faithful.; instrument i permits it lo do, and not! usin;:zI. \'cnliol r recocnizi-in in Major t (ji'neral Zacbv. the Boston Post and Day State D.mo- party.-PtUadtlphia.lie'it..
The Times considers that I tin (party"men I i its restrictions for the of evil.Whether I. Tay !lor all t the hii2hu thnt duration of nil the offices within the gift oftlC
pmposes qu.ililicalions cessential I crt, but nothing of t the son i is to be found: HKVDQL.VRTI: : ,\IDI or OtlP\1
as it calls them, who support! ) (;ei i. or no that choice is from amon: :: I to I the faithful I ;and; pioprrdischai; ; People ot their !Representatives. A

Taylor, as the outcasts of other parties.: It the heroes of our gallant army, will 'be a of the important and lesponsililc duties I stated recurrence, at reasonable periods, to in the Florida pnpci.Why is this ? Our Camp near Mbr.terev- Jitlv- 6. l&

is a mistake. They have seen and experienced i- secondary: consideration. If I ihe civil qualities the Chief Magistrate; ; of the Union, andi I new elections the of mechanics are surely as capable: all :1: tie- Sir : The prospectus of a Native Aiean '

the evils\ which have resulted! from are not full)' exhibited, tle militaiy. tuumphs view of his patriotism his ability ., his fin I by people, persons to serving as those of t the north; The Uu- ; paper, to be Coifed byoinsctf, foded

violent party conflicts ; they have witnessed must go for nothing., I If the Whijis ness and his i integrity, recommend hill I! serve them in( public capacities, serves to of Construction and to me with ,attached remarks (torn r

the demoralizing influence which i they have of Massachusetts; ; vote against Taylor i it tIme snliranes/ of ,ihe ,people for the ne I keep alive within the mind of the officer rear : Repairs" haslately has been duly received.

exercised upon lie community-life despicable will not be bseatise he i.. a "slavehofder ; I if President, of the United Slates.( I the responsibility which rests upon him, issued proposals for furnishing a )Iarg ; Upon the points alluded to in tbo' .

vituperation of our greatest ami! best they vmcfitr him, it will not be 'because he- Ilci>olicd, That tliis CII'rllliol( (:con--i j j and has a tendency to urge. him to unceasing amount of timber for the Navy, a great portion marks, and to which members of liteAmerican ..

men-the recklessness! of consequencesthc is a General. Major General; I Zachary Tavlor of which h to be found only in (he parly require assent from
mean and hellish scramble (for office all.ad)11 efforts to be found faithful in his stexvardhlnp. \ivhom they (favor;; for the ,
; t I the Southern Presidency
tie ;as people's' (' ( ( ; States, and could be better
and the dismissal] of xvoiihy t competent and; NKXV E\TEta'lu' J--J'IlilfiJt lJacin.'c .- ief Magistiacy 1 "fIlii" Nation, :.nd ? : Too great an independence of public from Charleston supplied only Sll!I ll all candor, that if elided.ojjice .

faithful icers, to make! room for sturdy' \\ copy the (flowing. from) the HaltimoieS't snch entitled to ihe support of every te i opinion, on the part of the officers, is Savannah, Apalachicola wist le by the spcntaineovs t
and boisterous pall ty mcndicanls--and I Pensacola or Mobile, than from the people at large, and without
they in the land.
desire ::: to see a tcrrr.inalion: put to the disgraceful JiCbolvttf{ That: a copy of 1 these rc--oV the The point, yet not a line of advertisementis on my part in any particular.
and disgusiing: scene. They want \\Te learn from a reliable so( nice) I ii: lions, signed i i; by the officers: of t thisConve- People. frequent exercise of the to be found in Southern ever Jill that high; ojjice. it must It untra..

a man to preside over the destinies of the Washington I that: t the contract for canin I Ittice <; a lion, I bc ; ( !len. Tavlor. elective franchise, on ihe pan of the people any paper that led uil party alligations or interest
forwarJl'dlC have
-- ; country, who has the honesty to do what is mail a month between Charl -"toi; and; J leads: them t lo a close scrutiny of the we mel with, indicating that such contracts ( ( UNDER NONE BCT THOSE O
right and the j Havana, has been awarded! by ihe Postmaster ------ are offered. The CONSTITUTION
nerve to resist those who| t- acts of I their servants, who fill theHious true secret of this Tit: AD THE men u
would induce him to do wrong; -who will General to Messrs Miirdccai I to"GOllranlJ. '- AlncTIVe: sometimes meet xxi ; manoeuvre is lo be found in the fact the ESTS OK THK SATJC.N AT LAKCE
and men( tt ill) ( think that! indnlzcttin offices of State, and! like i th:1
j-purn sycophants from his presence, and a l xvehhy enterpribin" (inn ofChaileston. S"I.11 any prevents anything rich contractors live SERIOUSLY AND SOLK.V.M.Y DLMAND.I .
confer no appointment where there is nol( ; i They are I to I imincdiaiely I an affectionate fecl'my is wI'al.Il'5O., Ti : indifference ns to time persons on whom the: :I the North, and havean do not desire time Prcsillennd
merit in the I build! too Ii steamersof wil I ret ii no from a joniney and t influence in \Vashio lon. They will
recipient-who will be the President FgC oeean: ; 100'jtons ) I greet I' choice i my fall. yield thus far my assent to be cunHl
of the nation and not of faction? each, and( of such model and make families with a distant, dignity, ;and mI These have take the contract for Southern yellow pine candidate in the lowb

and) who in U all the ends h he, aims at" will!!! 'hat, if required, they can be converted I into' I among I their i chiltucn with i I vise cold and( Joy 'I principles always been recogni.ed timber, and sub-let it to Southern men, is desired by the people sale proportion. of\

look to the perpetuity, Inppiness and war steamers with de 'Jlalcll. W: are ul"o stileinlor of ao iceberg: "nriotiinled) by S' and acted upon in framing the Constitutions t Your irralfrlir
pro-! making a fat the PlPe.r-rIle
) of the learn that Irokcl fia; ,ment's. There is hardly; of the Slates of this profit on job. I he con- "li.h
peril Union. Such a man they highly; ;gratified; lo ; the enterpii- : a imenunalnial Union, save i kind enough to
consider. Gen., Taylor; and hence they d!L'i'1"' contractors; have determined to bull l ; : siuht on earth; than: one of the? that in some Slates the old maxim of the tract was given out ai the South the ( o- ceptable; ; prmise-wi! can only hoj)! i

sire, thai he shall be elected President, without i their vessels in Bahimoie llins giving! ; I IIIClur families; xxithont a Ila 11. A father; had btler English Constitution, that J udge* I vernment would save something but the prove useful lo the country.

undergoing the polluting\ embrace of mechanics an oppoilunitj I! I lo enter I lic!u ( xiingnishiliis boy's eyes than lake arty i sho'JJ favorite contractor would! suffer. Very truly and sincerelv.:
be 't!
your o )
'party. Believing; lhat: he will be able to lists as rivals for speed; and model, in iii p his h'Mrt, who that has experienced, ihejr s I independent i of tie Crown, mlhoH I Z: .rA

4' pour oil upon ihe troubled xvaters," so construction: of mail I steamers.1 Thai I iheyam : of friendship! ; :1cil'S: of sympathy; :111 j their offices for life has been acted upon THE WEATHER. Major General I*. YLR

"that they glide and unrivelled in mechanical skill is universally affection; : ( lose all tli.it 1 iF'IH' as to lead to the inscnion) .O
may on peacefully harm rarll'r '1:0 into their The rains have been succeeded five PETER: SKEN SMITH, JlnlaJelptl
%lessly, i hey ask l him to stretch forth his admitted, and there\ is no donht, lutiful'llature's i j scenery than I be roJof "!*-- |I Constitutions of provisions of a like cha- six of by or .

hand. But the Times says no : although! but that the Havana steamers when set the hidden treasure of his IIarl1Vhl The days hot sultry weather-the thermometer FEMALE C'OCRAUE.A .errant girl }

you might perform ibis great work, xve afloat by thc mechanics; of 1 Baltimore i will j xvuubl not rather bury his wife I bury bis I racier. reasons which led to the esta- ranging as high as 87 in the Lisle, lemarlault f for her fearless poi

would prefer that it should nol be accomplished. 1 be unrivelled for model and speed." love for her'V! iii> xvonld not rather fiuiOw, !( blishmenl of this principle which first oc- shade. We now have fine westerly breezes tion, : a wager that ste would goiotoicharnclhonse

You may '. ride on the whrilivind \Ve presume that the first named!! gentleman ,,: his child to the grave, than entombpaiental his Lin red after the Revolution in the reign of and occasional cloudy skies, so that notwithstanding :ar midnicl'; 1! vvith a lisht an-

and dirccl the !storm" if you will direct it in the above paragraph is )1 r. M. C. ht'a: rl'S best alrcI.tiollsCheri% affection.( Indulge!'h, in t then t the, yotir( William; the Third, was, that prior to I that the heal of the sun we are still bring Horn Ilenct a iley! man't.skull. Act
to warmaue
your own advantage ; but we de.ire that'r Mordecai, of this city, whose mercantile gushing emotions of (filial; Del lime the Judges who held their office dur- comfortable. The health cordingly, at allu'/tt time she \eat ,
you will not undertake to calm: the raging;' I ; parental; of our city i is but the person / slut J inaili tb:4' \
elements." ;. enterprise is well known, and that the las! fraternal; love. Love God love everyb py, ing the( King's pleasure, instead of as at still good, as it has been for the six tsummcrs. bet had befirennd: hid himself & .

A Goon -"- -- -- name is \Jr. Victor Durand. now a residentof i and everything thai i is lovely. Teach j ur present, during good behavior, 'were little pi place. \\'lwl one he her descend f l aDd'
JOKK. hltl
Trenton Gazette -A correspondent of the Yew York, but who has had: and we children lo love (10 I love the rose, the n in; else than instruments of oppression in the ; rake up t ihc skull! caled oul in a hitmilO'
states that, the arrival to love their
on : to love their. ( d.
believe still has business parents ; hands of the I LATE FROM MEXICO.( (Ji.ral'uicc, "Leave: me head !" Tb'girl '
of the President at Philadelphia, the transactions with Let it he the studied of their do Prince, instead of being a my
supe object ;s-
of Arch street Theatre, not wishing to I be Charl eston.-[Charleston Ncics. I tic eu It one to give t them warm hearts, at 'nt bulwark of liberty to the subject, behind By the arrival of ihe schrs, S. &". Parsons instead of displaying!i symptoms of h"ror ';

outdone by their neishbors, threw to tibreeze ie affctions. Iii rid your whole family I togt ierby which he could take refuge from Ihe encroachments and :Mary Ann, we have later intelligence said or.fright Well,, there very cooly it is then laid," it arid down look a U?

one of the famous flags:; used in 1844, MEXICAN PRI\'A1'J-F.Rs.-The: following these strong: cords.) You cannot i Ike of power. If then the reason from Mexico, contradicting ihe re- another, upon which voice repea''
with the
following inscription in the tallest important notice appears in the Gibraltar I them too sIrn:,:. Religion is love ; l k r 10GOII of Gen. Scott's I "I tie
kind of letters, Polk Dallas love upuu.llich the provision by which theJudiciary pots occupation of the eave me my head Bnt the herIc
Skunk, amiIke \ Chronicle (If 23d of June : to Journa that
IJn.-CI/1lcrs' of '
to be chosen city Mexico, published in girl observing it was thc same voice '
'Tariff'of'42'J' whereupon arose ashoutwhich ,, We hays !been shexven the are for life, depends our paper of
of hind< called 0Wa:
copy an before her
the 7th inst. answered in
would have done honor to the unic r- order issued the O:3: for its existence, as an anomaly in
by Emperor of Morrocoto : \Vhy our
riftcd of that eventful So are girls bathing like a eas- country dialect, Nae, nae, friend, je eaD
year. matters his governors and agents, authorizing ali summer drink ? Been thet are otherwise Republican form of Government, U::?' The Yellow Fever is said ha' itta heads! "
stood fur about hour when
of the to
an some the seizure and confiscation of all lasses; in prevail
xvater. Boston
privateer ; [ Post. ceases to apply here, where the
older boys suggested an improvement, I by mug vessels entering: the ports of his Empire That'll do for the yankees. i the People are in New Orleans to a considerable extent, INFLUENCE i

cutting of die Tariff; thus making, unwittingly that are fitted out against!! the commerce sovereigns-may it nor be reasonably argued ; The mortality is said to be much or* wosl.tN.Therft sorteO-
more of th history of Mr. Polk's of ihe A that the provision itself should than greater sonieihing! to me, says Byron'very
United States of America. Proprietor of a hone advViscs cease appears from ihe of in the otf>'
reports ing o"f *
intiigue for office, and of his administration I that mil II, exist 1Ve have; adopted the interments, preSlnce women ;
than either the old I IfcaIvJ in- Marrying for pnrlics sending their own (' 0 be Common deaths occurring in private practice, we strange inflenct even if one i* not io J'
or boys be
for )
young money may gold the ground, will find their oideis attcnid to Law and the Constitution of our English have been with ho
lIaul, but il is gcucralty lead! to the heart- with penctuallity) and I told, are not taken into the cotnputatioq. always feel in better :_
dispatch. ancestors so far myself and if WtI-
only as they are applicable \\llh iu ken.' every" ihin c else,

,:-::.'J -
< ,
.,> c'.., c j
-. : '-, ,
: ,
.. J ,. ""' ,$':'.:.. !
) '. :
.: .1. te"1.f; ,_,. .'i W : -> !
; >::
: -;
: .
'. ,.'I I .;' I


'.': .'A..,".;;,::1 .. ,
L- I

N":1' J .
,..-.<: -... . ; i.-- : '" '. t.' < .< '.' .' -" .. J' ;

\ ,
.I .
-- '- .4 .
\ .

: -
--- -- :- -
-- -

: I.

- 'JUT VP'per



4 r

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-: = -:-

LORD! PALMERSTON AND PUBLIC DECT. England, and to i insist the

of 1fl LATEt( :iinrr FROM 1beIflia.1L'UPI.Cozrr'J1i Below are copied Certain passages from a debts due to British subjects upoTi [loud payment cheers.of] some lerulutions whigs nominating in Maryland him, in for reply the to Presidency their To the Voters of Frasahijap.having THE StYiI.tfl GEOI-WLi %.

lv I ft'c JCnCJ Peers'irrlVal uitl of ,speech of Lord Palmerston in the House That: we have the means of enforcim the in which he says : been solicited by many of the citizens I.v announcing the fact that the wc'ersigcd

fe 1" 114 JJcadtu of Commons, in reply to a proposition of rights of British subjects, I am not prepared If the goOd people of the nation should "f this County, to become a candidate before the have 3s.ciatd thcn.5t-!;es titcttiici itt It I.ftite-

to dispute [he.ir, hear. ] It is not that we so honor with the t! People fr the office of Senatcr, itt the nest Gen rial Department of 'I HE SAVANNAH! GLOK-
; mvatly me
) Bentinck the
Lord enforce "
Ilibernia. Capl. flyrie George to payincut are -.ifraid of these States or all of them to eral CLAN, we take : ... -cra*.<-n to jay to the j>ttrons -
'rue put! the Chief Magistracy, -hall all Assembly, and beimr willing t'' serve in that
by zealous .
murninZ. a of ceit.iin debts due of that pd ttl.d f. the ublic eraJJ
Boston fin \1otidV English subjects together, [cheers] that we have: it-framed; ; > [ tei >,
at endeavors and' the
best I
irriCJ to of my ability, cjpacity, now present myself befi.re you for that crrjn.aiiitnt'i have alir
14k (from I dy H ate! for HJiraferiul
0 cl ck. rnakiut the nip in JuI. She from i pain : taking steps to which my noble strive I to seive! I them and maintain I the. best election to that post, it you shall sec tit to bestow ic.pr'u-n..J.t in < utx\ard tprtarar.ce.

t JrerpOO On the !1 of ti! rcCeie 4. My noble friend [Lord George Ben- friend would urge us [hear, hear, hear]_ ami; highest I ni crests of I the whole country ; i i it upon me. ad!, that no pdins will be bj.arcd to tlt-rafe ar..l
dS later nic ut ,linck] has' quoted from the laws England, I trust, will always have the sustain
brine lour WhiCh passages yet?, though 1 feel impelled lo yield to the ]j its character as a crir.rntrcial paper, aid
by the Steamrr \\ as n o-i, of nations; lay i tie down i the doctrine, that means of obtaiijing justice for its subjects call of t the people at Lirge. I hhould hail I Having oftentimes expressed rr.y decided con- to till its columns with ir.ttre>tirg ar.d prthtabl

!rft otI1hLflPI( On thc 15i1,. 1 (one Government is entitled to enforce from from any country upon the face of the earth with pleasure their determination to confer:fiction that caucuses and conventions are con matter. We fctl most sensibly that fo rerdi r Ire -1

'rue tril. nising OUt of the elarZes inini the Government of another country redress [cheers.] But this is a question of expediency so great a gift on ome erninaut statesman." trary to the true spirit of our institution?, it is Savannah Georgian such a paper as the zreixg

Ion made I he pi eseni for all wrongs done lo the subjects of the and not a question of power ; not surprising that I have preferred focome before interests and pcr.ulaticn f.f lur State ar.d City require '

fly ol l'raflCe. % )iiLII calisell s*) 1flUC1 in;iZitlItlu the- Government making the application for therefore let foreign conntnj who hat done 1 [ From time Charleston Mercury.] you asa candidate in the old Republican fashion, ,it a tlicfrsily such f l.Ur mutt le rtfjt'mltdupon

aH 1 ties 1h5 surh redress and that if redress be denied wrong to British subjects deccirc FLORIDA POLITICS. ; xre are dettrn.iifd to furr nh.-
. ;iinosig ; 1 bribery.- itself bj a j such as uas ueI! in the early days of our We shall strive to loakp if.s roli'i.ir.
conjrTiOfl of the IhICC )*er' U IstI it m.iy be justly obtained by reprisals from false impression, cither that/ the British nation The Lice O :k is a Democratic. ne spaprrrecently ment. govern all reader", and while tur hur.Lle "i !pifa-irp shall t

- hi tilseq( tIIC! of i1n CIIlViV dks'lvCI.Ifl1. time nation so refusing. I fully admit to this or the/ British Parliament will forever remain t stalled; at Pensacol.i, Florida, I houlilfo t be the be sivt-n to the prest pnrcipU.s vy.cn 'prt which the

rf, .Jini-try 1I be Ireland of extent the principle which my noble friend patient acquiescents in Ihe irrong, or that if ;its nuuneumuld imply some affiliation with to privilege of every freeman Dfinocratic paTtY has pla/.tui it.-tlf, L !it\ins

i. There is nopol.i.cal. ne.s from has hid: down." called vpon lo enforce the rights/ of die! people! the cavv. \Vt- have been attracted by two I bcome a candidate for the saHrases of his these principles to be cssen'ia! fo the perpetuity

ihr least iinjor1flC.Q I '"* But there Ins always hern of England, the/ guv eminent of En stand articles, I the one headed( "Iol it ica-l ingra- How -citizens. I If t he People desire my election, cf our national freedom and the a'hanm.t rt ( tour
The U. S. friaa'; '" M-.ce.lonn. wit!Ii pro- : drawn a distinction between I the ordinary will 7ii1UC ample powrr (ZflII(1US at its phicil Sketches," and t the. other "Senator; I shall know it by the result cf the canvas-it national welfare, e shall sti-!Jn.Iy arcid

uont, for the siamns, poor of I lielanJ, ar- transactions of British subjects with the command (o obtain justice of them [lout! \Vf.ipnti! -The[ Hon. J. C.:; Calhoun." they elect me their ile-irc to make use> of my all rude COllisIons with uws ar.d! op.'nKt,* an-

n. rived at lierdesiinatimi on tli<> 16th nit.t '. governments of other commies. [ Hear, cheers from alj sides ol the House ] In I lie former we arc advised, ns one of the --rvicc3 will thereby manifested more certainly firm tgonistjr but di-to our own. To rtr.dfr eu- pip r the
the in )ert pa--i<;nafe e.vpw.fnt it t !'err.rcraItprir.riple -
, fwasrxPectP( ltnat Queen hear hear.Vhen British Mr. flume. mOlhWPh : extraordinary incidents in the life of his
the -d of July, ] a subject, than bj nieans: of an election brought about by thecalcijef urijii! rhii; advrrar? it
would, on Thursday} in trade with the lie approved imhlilv of the senliiilenis! ExcellencyVm.. I). Mosely that he
engaged subjects o a i was a ftc inlluenre and of Southern ir titutior,=>, the vehicle i${ anti
management a caucu If I arnesueg
,t iunce ihecoe! of the sveii year parSment. foreign country, sustains a loss, his first just delivered lo the [House ; for he had al- room-tumat e when 1 iu College I of PiesdentPoK. do net receive a of Ihe! in-tructi\e thought upon all tTfp r s iib? 'cr?,
after which the Court juuM em- was thought thrt if became Wm. II. Levis majority votes r.olkJ, I whether of science PC
applications) to the laws of that country foreign stateS is s.ii'l to have; been, litt-ratnre. rr LPP1(rat Irtformation -
ha bart for Scoihnl. here her Majesty and for redress. If those laws are not pioperlv debtors to British subjects those subjects) had orir.any years I lie bed-It How of (General shall learn that the will of the People has not ,-in a word, to make if a vu-lcrrr.e vjjitcr

prince. \lbrrt' intend to pass :a portion of tI' administered, in his case, then the a perfect rihmt to claim I the ;protection of the I Jaclson; but Hi-tory has not informed us secor.ded my wishes, and I shall bow in quiet at once to. the inercitaiit an! the r.c< hanir, tf.,

b '. 51nrner at the %shoolin Itd.C ol Lord British Government steps in and de- I British ( ovcrnn1ent. lie trusted the Icumns whrlher this contiguity even imparted to subr.i iicn to your decision. student anJ the farmer, shall be our -ntar.t tndeavrr -
amidst M>,ne of t tlif I ">">t remote used the noble Viscount would have their iii of the ; and if, in additUn to this, we shall
ibrrcorr. mauds( either th.it the law shall be properly by t u| any 1 great qualities of that hero. W. 0. 3!. DAViS.August DC enabled hy exttndir.g

jj,, -MO.! mountain scenery of her northern dealt out or that redress shall be given by proper etFi-ct on some of the States of the The first act ol Mr.' I'olk's administration 21.! the interior, to itrei.srtl.fn ctrrcircv.latif.n Ihe tie which'bird t brooch

tn'n I fl I')fltt the Government of that State. If is to Lime Not thi American; Union who were indebted waj (to diMihar! fiom office t the bed-fellow our beloved S.ate and City leather, and insecure
eec1iflfl for the new parlnment to this He had taken <>f illurtrious I friend CCMR.. THOMAS ORazAs-1Iany citizens ate
Tht' advantage; of the country to encourage commercial country. always a jiii and pation: which that ontnt.i of t s\irpatliv and fefl-
",i won! I unmV.hat'ely take place h i iVe is calcu- dealings with foreign countries ; but deep j mtc-rcvi I in I the I'uited Stales ol Amer shows (the estimation he places on such desirous cf using your name as a candidate for ir4soesenjal; to the prosperity of bcth\vc -hah[

,Ile: ,! iii.it the Liberal ;party mil obtain)! ;inurn. I do not know i tliatit i is .o the advantage of ica. He thought he perceived in them aj feathej-bod a
acrPOfl. of n- less than 50 s-an in the this country to give great encouragement to j i rising prosperity from I the policy if n vvi-oami t il 7t- article !headed( Senator Westcott, do not stop enquire regarding jour availability To enable us to cr.ntimie our present connec

cmit..2 Henions; an inciea lint uill gite British subjects to invest their capital in : honest Government, but he was sorry t lher i i- t most bitter t attack; on t tl.e "politic;.! whether ycu are popular or not-they believe tion do, however, and to do all I that we weuld wis!
Cola Eovermwni' f Lord John Kusseil n I lo I observe i in la'ier t that 1101 wit ii imot- _jumJ'ir": of that genllcman. > well to m the way of improtin;: The Gct-rsian.'*
tI, loans lo fo reign C4)t)ut rics. [ I Hear I m hear.] years ; s as qn \Q\irJiliifts\ t tor the office-have no ond- emnt Im" for

t O ??? i w.ikmj majority in the new parlia- .. 1 am quite sensible of t the re.it: 1 impoi- log all the means whirli they had lo satisfy Mr. <.'alroun.} \1 Wesicott, as the Represritativt to accomplish! and are willing to place party the inter- public ; such we an no-.v increased solicit an'lenrldjn1tv'stipprtt frrnv exPecf the-

out iti tance of this question j to ;a vasl iuas: of lie rsubecms. all their creditors they had allowed their ; ol Florida, is exposed to the in- WM. H. IJfLLOCir. '
i-i.Mwn: ciins eroutid, nl 1 has been rl.iims Umt-'d! stgitioi.s, e<-t3 rf Franklin County in jour hands in the
'i ( majesty :* The1 debts are owinelo ; I I.i l.i'ii into aircar. The ; which hs constituents mathiti HENRY R. JACKSON.
OWLI. '. .v : I by taic occurrenceiti -* them to an enormous amount.( Tln-y Slates had thus lostthe t high ch;iractfrw > proper to insiiiute! and ran no doubt State Legislature. They are of the opinion that

.. C.. M'I' I in h.is been coiicortH between have; h bf eucoutr.irted wit h an i immense number I Inch I they once held ; but 1 he I trusted t I tlu- jub'v[ hi course lo those who have reposed j jconUfncc the p-iblic iutf re,ts are not always best subservedby TERMS: -

. :ind i ,r J! ,,':!! ilas-sili and Sir ll-ibert I'eel. of peisons of most limited and contracted sentiments of the noble lord would reach iu him. For not joining in the those who arc the tools of any party. THE DAILY GEORGIAN( is pilli>h i if

Pen. : i. 'mover i is not In be generally and me ins-men who have invested the savings them and that cue long their credit would comin.itiotis, of Ileuton, 'Vu riley, and others, August!. able Savannah TEN DOLLARS PEaAMtrer.nat.'

.. pr ( u' d.r] U Pi 1 ae'il m! nf'or the elections. of an induction* Iffo, or the! small re- be adeemed." agairvt :Mr. Calhoun:i an-l for sounding; the senii-anr.ualiy.Six M in cdvance;. or, SIX LOLLARSroR -

.I",. pt.. 'c i* d<' IIIC harvest it) HusUiid, ni'tins i j)rlnps of dilapidated foiiunes, zr.mc alari on the Wihnnt Proviso, he seems to ck-: We are authorized toay to the voters cf THE TRI-WPFKLY: *

fnc : l tirt all IlJinipp.: promises an abunjpfily no doubt as a speculation, being m tempted [d rrc-jmtjder.ce of the Clmloton Mcrcurv. iiav excited t the ili<:pl -asure of the Lice Franklin County, that JAMES F. FARRIOI1 Country is published to meet GCOKGIAN the /cr /. ,

1Bc ( : 14 i i In* f.irmrr by the hi'jh; t rate (jt i Iii ertt promised t th''in, KEY \VEr, Ang'ist J, 1l7- () i'fl) its trickery and duplicity in will serve them in the House cf Representativestf the mail, three fizr.cs a week! arranyr.entof (Tuesday,
lit* lit"1.1 in p stat oi rot discovered | The mail packet sloop Leader, Drown, pnuring his election "thepiefciTcnce tl.e Thursday and
i 1 I but a great number really acting from generous contrary to I next General Assembly, if elected. Saturday' ,) at the 0111cc of the
; I i-ittin; eo1 S. as stated by the last impulses le tiliine (ruin having s-ecu 1 mmiasl er, fi-ctai: Ghnilcston for 1 I Ins: port, sprung Lull,!, of the neoule." is a Auu-t 2L.cr DAILY GEORGIAN, andcr-nfjir. all the iattj.

l't'.. Til* i nj,n ioa entertained by I I those commies St rim c iiiig i ir: difficulties i or'ensa r a leak on the 18th ult. ;and to save time lives (.haje; made to the prejudice of Mr.I Westcoliuhicli U'ence, Commercial, Political and MisccKaneoua -

". -, t'i m it t tWe! *ill be a Iire yHd. pil in conflicts lor thai liberty which ol time crew and pissen ers, was run ashore somewhat staggers usVho :;- We"are desired to say that WILLIAM including new Advertisements rubli-hed; t

flit oftnrnn t"i'i u 'i iftcturer* in :*1 lfl24)t every branch; we enjoy [hear, hear.] I am persuaded on ths beach) a few miles I to time unit Ii of wasliis! preferred popular canhidIteVe( ? VALLEAU, Esq. wishes to be considered as a in THIS the Daily PAPER Paper.

,,: ne in a thriving condition. The i that besides t the inducement of hieh interest, New River, where she soon became; r. total ladlwys: rnderstood t that 21 r. Wesfcottwaiorninated candidate before the People for re-election, as and Union, cr delivered 13 eat tn al!the pert nf the SPate
in city at FIVK
t m 'r1O herc have been generous and ,;ood feelings by one I ?. C'.t.-Ii cf the Circuit Court ol Franklin Co :.nty COLLARS per ar.nnm ; or, at THREE DOL-
(1'm. lliau they lnvo lor some timeX opcrriing upon n great number of the perLSIMIS was ihtov.u (ivcrboaid i ; a rid I the balance.coi.isting : to iich I lie regular Democsacy bowed j jobnce August 21. LARS for six months.

ved in .. who have :-idvanced tiirjr phoney in of n or 0,000) fort I in the hold, and that he was eectel! ;is the | THE WEEKLY GEORGIA; V, is p&lfeheJ

t Ihtlfisuffi T : >T i k mor' firmness: in! tin* TV-.nrri, i these loans [hear, ha r.1] And, sir, t that with th<; material-$, was landed on the beach a ici.rtvlc'lged' author of ceitain nnli-Bank! i THK XEW-YOHK every Friday afterncnn, at THREE DOLLARS -

<, t. :,iII I the si'es' tnad J-; have I iron *lit a : unlouutedly adil Jo the baseness of the 1 in good older. (Japt.i I Broun arrived here uIortirnt the .teruiiy: of which had per annum-all payable in advance. q ;

to at .- r ": irt:< t141 prior to ihe Depart; ure of.i"i government* \%ho have brih cu their t'ngaiietr.etits. 1 in :a boit on the 2lh with time mail and on beciippropriatcd by anot'her, and who, on SCIENTIFICT2ird ..UT1iiuc.tN. Auyi>t 11, IS 17. -

,' ;irmd 5 never fulfilled their pledges the -JOih! the wh-jlc concern was sold! at auclion. the i.illation of I those paper*, Ind rested; Year.Tiiis ApalaeiiirolaTHE
we ? 4. ( 'urn is hel.1 at furty shillings ;per I sir that I The i hull i I I broim gut $12, tnateiials $.30, his Inims to the Senatorial rhair. On Lxch.aase.
[cheers. cannot retract : expicssiou popular Scientific and Jfechanical Journal ____ s-iS-cnber informs his frien-.L*
ned in r r. renewed cheer because there is hard- and cnrjo ;S'j.; who.should! the imntle have t-mhk n1LINr and the )!uIblmc S '
[ J TR [ < 'fi general, lhaf he has ber :
"- r. I -- which his
F-; wi semin at Lavcrpaol. Oil \ I!if OM jfovcfiment indebted i>i this manner J Seven .slaves employed on the public ( already attained the largest circulation come the Proprietor of this ab'-ve writ

,.t.' al! 34 vi ::1 >lnUiti2*. This i a | /" lif'ilisk! subjects ukich mishl not Jiavc paid.j ; woiks at Toitueas, latelv made an attempt! \\ Murir A MKGIIAMC. A cf any weekly paper of the kind in the known huu-e, and will be pleast-d to entertain 9J

r. Mc.cmmit.- t'n of tan ufl5 i sterling since the j if not the whole( at least some portion of the to escape; to Nassau.: They stole the light your ir.-HI commenced vTsumg t a young world,) mil commence its THIRD VOLUME a'mv of he trarelhr: community that may far

l fr" tiV IK! Wrii'iin iou.Ar I intercut the debts which/ they hate co.i- house boat a schooner of ciht or ten tons womi, and she teemed( wll pleased. One on SilurdaySept.. 2-3th, + urn with their! cu-tom, and will also acct.n.mo-

moctb.uiyfirf. ,. lis !,< n t>-> e1ntiein I Cott in. sinn* i trac'cd [upon hear; h ca r.I] The50 on I s'iiandering | and !hiving: furnished her with water; provision cver.g he called when it xvi's: quite late I Fach number of The Scientific An- 'rican contains dt resident bcar
: uitiiri' ni f the Itsl te2tner.T their i tcsoutces, and allowing their revenues | <, Jcc. ret sail; : ab >ut midnight for | v.hi-? led t the gui to IU'|uirc here hej from FIVE t to SEVEN ORIGINAL MECHANICAL (1'2ahty.suppihc1 with gei.ume Iiqncr-5 JOHN rt the fhnrrst?

i''n' in; :re I4Ie! qijotnti> received and in the their poit of destination. The next rnnriiinj ; had :rn. PATRfL'GE.
I to be plundered pilh.iged ENGRAVINGS ApaLtchirda, N >y 1
H. l I-
a cf I jj
i atone. I ll'-rn.i' :1li'mr. sweet 3jt 33<; I the so soon as I the fact was known, Cap! !la'l; lo woik tc-ni-ht," he replied. ; catakgae
collection, [henr, hear]-even allowing AMERICAN
cmerliug 7 -, Yt 1-. 41. to *. (! ; numbers, of the administration; to amass; It,rI Thompson, keeper of the Lisht, p'irsucd "j you woil for a living ?" enquired PATENTS, as issued from the S.tNS SOt'Ci I50T.CJ. -

i ;i in. or ii--ii. 'o U 1 1Ift! 2 New Orleans. Tia"s for themselves the mis-ajiplicalion ttinm in an open bo.it, and fell in with them the (onished girl. I Patent Office! : each week ; notices of the progress rpllr: stJb rn'jtrs respectfully ihf.-rnt their

I h ; f4'riq 7* to S CTJ'l I by off t the* Mniqiiis Ke\, when they cm Srtainly; ," replied the of all nov MECHANICAL and SCIENTIFIC ._I_ fru.d5. :
4 m n > i'4. ; -a of: IP! jju'jlic' funds [he.tr, lica rJ] One half away .. young man; ar$l the ruhhcic < mliv, that they
is 'the mask of the sCJ.lnnr"'f, destroyed ths j 1'iii; mechanic." invention *; instru.-i(,ii: In the various ARTS ha !med t.-ic above tafahsircnt} and are'
of iheir which i is collected misip.
n Gfn.t : t 1.i ho tlr fa-v.i rf\euups rudder! &::c. ,.ni puiieu to sea in a 1 si5'l' I v brother doesn't! work! and I dislike and THAwfvJ: with ENGRAVINGS; curious now ready to receive boarders, and h-pe thresh J
: .>!lC'J! on its own viy n I he uu I "
t (o litn : I <)\ :1" di4U'U1t't'I UH'I fii'll
'ith) ihercrice 'i .. .':-fit-. i 1rat'4tel: bv Th Utfr die ;;t1i'2Fu4' purjMj :1 anconnfcted vvisli t t'ejiit ': S ubequentlv picked up m by an Hugiish ship, up I' pretty nose.TJ ,- ; {ho latot RAIL ROAD INTELLIGENCE Uir.es, Liquors and Segmrs; an-l the w icTd-ne.Re-faurant
v o) { "' li'ury it.a fur iheir (nirne not h no w mm.) bound to Liverpool, ic- J was tIme last time ihe mechanic; IN KCUOPE AND will be well
"( I <*re t of t the count iv ; and then I ile' come, AMERICA ; all supplied with Game, Kib and OMter -
> > i i .:jun. :s7lr.i* its n- presenting themselves -Irjivvierkcd! : snilors. ; the young woman. He is now nj <, of the best quality in
and tell
in time f.is'a of paupers us they arc the rlifllrcht: MFICHANIGAL MOVEMENTS season.
e A meraire .; i iV' .. _,. i nvn a.-Mj eflerti" The master suspecting the fact, and weak; mil, and Ins one of the he-t of JAMES GIBSON
jrirblr. lo mtet lhtr: tigg'in) >ents [ near, ubu-hti HI a series, and !LLl'fflArED with Ox
tnir4 -i ; I-) -, :; ,i 1opmd! l flu the ren.iv:1: not being willing to :iiI l in their escape, worn for his wile. The young: lady who i i June 22, 1SJ7. ---S -

. ; S I ; cTive TEl r-Iie. ir. ] s'ooil in close I to the reef, an-I 1 I ladc: >l them, ilislill the name of a mrchani?, i is now ta-fc tli-mA HUNDRED ENGRAVING S, &r.&c. V n ox. .tiemen who wish for refreshment
-* It in-iei be ad:nitted I that of te!
I !1 if ': -'{ : ( I 411' DIkP many on one of the Keys to vvindwird of this I the iCe of a miserable! too!-a regular S in their room can ba acccscdjtfd jt shrfnr.tice.
li ,- South America: Slates have Icon in a &talc .
.f. to ? tl.i Miss !5 from whence Mat1 about crogshopsmd tlie H Is in Lot that MERITS the ___ _
%t ; w41.1liy a- tf iiUeuril roiifnsiou: which has aiTordedoiue place, I they proceeded to vagri ; : poor j a paper patron

'( (.1 <1 II .-. : rT4te ?1eTmZIh. > excuses for their neglect! of an indis- 1 mm tuba, where they were c.ipture-l; by t the and erable g rl, is obliged to t ti-Ue in j jwaslt *b'3 cf all 3IECHANICS! and MANLTACTi'UF.lN 4 A CAID. -

.' tuijoma % >. -.\.rlttflIfrtiii Treland are pucibli; ubhgatiun.! 1 remember I alli jog j wrecking sloop Key;: West: and brought to iu order to support her self! and throuihoni the FNITED STATES, rT-,1lF: subscriber bs leave to inform he < if i-
''i f"A! fiV'ir.ible! ch.irettr.- this of ihciti b-lon ed S. child.i I J. zeus c.f Apalachicola and th
jNMfe citizen j place.: 'J'.ii ree t I to aid iou'.d! be in the bands of EVERY ONE se ct theneish-
'.V par ) one day \\iih a \f.ry intelligent! of
,> s'Mtin:, iti vi'ilencf. and HV ; R. Mallory, Esq. Collector of this port Veho di-ikc! the name of a mechanic boring country, that he has established a pre?< in:
\VC the stales tlHPNorlh American that feels interest i ia the advancement of
one ol in : an
r has now 4et in favoiably, ind that I two to Mr. Wm. F. TZnglioh ; one to Capt. vvhoshrothers) do nothing but i h ,d ;>ndilrccseware this city for the purple et! :>rir.tir.s: KUsic, con*, H
Union, who made an observation; which 1 Mechanical or Scientific improvements in this posed and arranged for the PlanFtrte, as well!
vears"fef : ii"* ire at ha-i 1. L'trje oum'jers of I Thornton, keeper; of the Light at Torlueas '! how you treat young men
believe to be as perfectly true as it is undoubtedly as for other instruments. He intcr.ds to
I IPefl back their Mason of St. who 'urk for living. Far better discard Country.If Keep
me sM ut lo own ; and one to Mrs. Augustine. > a hand
striking. The difference, he en a select un of the mrsi fashionable
1 : Eijsl'n' under the vithi all his rings i/putti-hel! in QUARTO FORM, conveniently -
:is'o operation; said.'between us who belong to the Unite.1 I I !ueil-fed pauper, pieces, and his prices trrcopy, shall he-
I'Wiiw. bit tjfi inconvenience, has ;asap m State", ntid the Souih American .Siats, is The brig Volucia arrived here yesterday, jevvt-lr bn/.en faccdncss, :and pomposity, adapted; to BINDING, and furnL-hed to moderate, to suit the times ; he aNo citers for

rinrci$ tliorefrnm thirteen days from time Brazos. The master ;and tc to jour affections the callous CVmtry Subscribers at the LOW PRICE ot sale, Piano Fortes of the most apprted make
thir ;
ju .t ihis-thev settle all disputes by
). T'. .'I rfl I. O'Oomiell has: been apiie I ill- cart ide-box----we b t lie Inllc'-box.-- (< 'apt. Kschberger) reports that news had j hairleiinlell'ment and industrious medianif. < TWO DOLLARS A YEAR ONE DOLLAR he is prepared to repair and tune Pianos, and put
yem 'I. PerItjt Court. The t > I Tuis-inds have rejretted! I ihf them in perfect crder he also begs leave tn -
; been ifcHved from the city of Mexico, leprvsentitix bitterly) IN ADVANCE and the remainder in SixMt.ntbs ; say,
[I N-ar I Jiear; ,] r-XVc, he ;added' 'think the that he
H.m iofr ''Ivoii-riy is wirn lo he under that Santa Anna; had collected ;a folly, vrj have I turni'd their backs on honest iready to give instruction on the Praaa-
m'! t'r is au indefinitely less troublesome and Address, Violin, Flute, Guitar and all the diLTerit
ion :: .'J h" iia<. a ivt; oiherbequcsts, I foic.e of "0,000() men! (and reinfoictment&id.uK i industr A few years of bitter experience Jjrass
more convenienttmethod adjusting our MUNN & CO., PuMUher, r.-truiEents such asBu Ie.
Ccrncpei-n, Saxhorn
-> Mr. ily, the Secretary of the arriving) if) oppose (Jen. Scott's tire-! taught hen: a severe lesson lo this
-. I ai i'.s demesticaflairaV: [hear, hear.; ] I Iasi l-2b Fulton-street, New-York. Trombone, &c., and dYers to teach hw pupils at
thohe I.r1 I. ifres>s to I the I Jails of m ihe Monta/.uinns.- J roiiiiir'no man, or woman should be heir residence. Those
; h to sajrrtfiat believe'the' wi-hins to obtain bis
i ln5tit Iion civs: Til da n't .ppy StalC3are,, begioing to leave oF! | That i beine the rase, we must soon expect respect, in our way of thinking who POST PAID. services willed rYn at all times (except when

rotUt3 : I Corn, whifli In? briu i iutr'I *- to hear of so mo tall; lighting in those dizi !i will i I I uowork) bodily( or menially, and who -- on a vi rartridge-bbx; -.Some of them have st ta u. s. :?i AH. FROM
I li'-htvl; Iii meet the w-tuts of tin | sings i t the result of which, in i view of I the cud I I I ihr lips with "S-COKI when introduced ithccneutn, Commerce street. -'
good example the 5otbers, by paying ChaUtilioochct lo Tort (!iiJics.
cried !"ili'dy lo caue far seri-isis very for be doubted. to h.l Orders for Music cr Instrumenf-\ meet n-iti!
more : : p;ist, ci'tinot; a moment a ; working man.i :
what 'is due for them, and I hope the UN 2nd alter the first thy
prompt attention. H.
out I 'M-ijiry In the country thin ihe1 j The brig Voluria sailed yesterday alterI ofe BERNREUTF.R-
-," b test will soon follow it, [hear.J: And if a next, this Lmne will Professor cf Music.
aIendar. into con (i 14 ) noon, i NKGR: I4UtiiC.I tell you vat, '
lolhe i good'cxample is set liy those:>wno"ltibertoInve !; -- regularly in TWOhORSESlA(1. Apalachicola, July 10, 1517. 2'3-tf{
t,'h'. TKCJS public Health, been /m the habit dealing with the i[:Corre.BpoivJence of th f'harl!'--''on Co'irmer.r.5jiiro. .] 'l I hab a.nonstrous: .spute vvid] mnssa'* dis The uaderi-i/ritd, having the con
-The State Iritis before the morniirovvn! in de cabbage! patch. the Mail oTi this route intends to State
n.irtridge-box- should hope it would not \\ Atm 7. () tract \\u' furry ofFioa-ida,
(1$ q, I|"ish K ciu: i upon The of a speedy ; are now
)51 W i'snri'l) ( I ;public, attention, rurnors peace 'bout ?" take this torste hv Colunjb'i Ga., North. all having demands
| persons against the
hj\, [Iiughter; and "Ibjfre" from JUr11 / wind4 the Administrafion es-
GI1IG r iH on ilie -i\i:\ of July, and "Scattered to the and ; ; Why sed dar was only one Jowl StZas. the best of t'amaud oblisrinj; .1. tate ofNathari Seylnoar, late o1 r. sajd ,
nasa county
"* I I lint the J\V//t American who
.rl 'r.d i it tv-. 1'be psrI: *iP o iin ] Stqtcf, ; may piocecd :a ijpiue: to adopt all mensures j' friXoal/s aik, an' 1 st-d dar was drives! v\iU always be provided; and in a word deceased, notice is hereby given tLat I 'have Ia-

D. : ;. .d ( iihicr.c. and 1 M. M. n-'tlj! ure nllf to pjjf, and--who have nolcx- in their power prosecute: the war. i more poison buf to him I did, iii ii 0." I every pains will be taken to give atisf.iction, (is- ken from the I1uoraMe Court of Probatesof said

, and .sp. '.i.-r: .ml IMl.ipr.i. Peers of ctnich'i'ecer! far not paying [hear]-i&/w II is not suppose'dlhajflrthe Administration Ho-v; prove?" pcci'aily dwing the season of /i.'i tcattr,) to county, LettersTe-tarr.entary upon the same, and
have no internal reculntion, no in.zlztarydjc- the illusion of'.jTspeeJy 'ysir those io choose this route North. hat all claims
have contrmbtftedtoprOtnptC \\ may will be harm! if ncTt presented
JniJe : 'irrie svvitidlin
: --r'1'i ( ) down in de Bible. I
] : bribery "Whv set -
WIlrtj f- t 11" T'i' tni<,r, of cicil n-.ir t lf i justify theft breach 'of ieacetiijJiiriicertaiim; : that: per- l!' is strictly The Sta.'c'will[ leave Chattahoochee ercrTLE.'lAY within two years alter the dire of this advertise
*0 ; is the suh16 d.it" ,ih cams'firth; : an' o'j course FRIDAY at G A. M.
Q" ., fh-1[he-ir] -/ i>h'>ti! 44 'i .sin: 0'a; company: for thr/ : ccle of their Southern fbrctfierhi recently ;assciied, d.ir must 111)! been tree oiidt-js! cone out'I at Fort Gaines next day, by 12 M. Leave Fort Apalachicola, July 21, 1S47. C5-2m
I 3OULe L\ I'-iini'n'K-r and several' but wtuil Ihemse'lces their ; Toie him ; ts* it. 1 tell you 1 prove it, Gaines every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY,
elIlOe i ,. ki'i a roil field :it Coiihena wipe from history In the most posit/ve/ manner, tint a ne oti-J i honey !J" at 1 P. M. ; arrive at CtiatUhocchte next days, i5FisONs having business with the und rijsied -
that blOt which be considered Attain j
I ['/ -tlier l ilie I cuniineuceincnt of must alion was pending, vvhieh would certuin; Iv .i "Cicsar, jinj'iA mighty vvintelligent nig- bv 8 P. M. 1_ during his absence from the State, will .
r4tI3.I. of s.dt wa discovered, upon their national character. [Cbeera.J I result in a tre.ttv. Thf'-e reports were It '" : Per-orw travelling from Colncribus, Ga., via please apply to Anson Hancock. Esi.WM. :. .

roiL1 ., *\nc ,- (.-round of the coal do not differ fiom my noble friend as far'as spread in order to help the stock market. gdim-vou Fort G lines, Ulakely, Chattahoochee, Quincy, to ._ SYDNBY TllEEX. J "*

:' 1 Priy '''' v< '4mn i of which) a distinct i this goes ; and if it were the jToIicy oftEng.. All parties concerned may soon make up Tallahassee, will find this the most expeditious Juiv-Lt j, isa. oc-it '

S.Arn' % tb ur--1 I rv,,., je Government ; : laud-the wise policy of ErgIand-.to lay their minds' lo one thing-lhat a ncvv.Joaa route. TERSONS !fi m.nim. bu-iness vith the-undersitzn.-

f fnladelpl'm m 'ni ( "'r'"' *n 1 his partner, M. down a rule I that sin would enforce obligations injisi tie'called-for_ : as soon as Congress, T. WILSON, Proprietor. ed, will please call on Mr. WM. i>*. DAMEREL -
$ 31-lm
June 20 1517.
of different kind 1 think ; .S -------5 Qiinrv, ,
M'n> rHUT! Defoliations with n we should shall meet1. V? V- as I shall be absent for a short tjtne to a
iid iml S 1tar. M. r-e, for'4bc cf have a fair and full, right, aedordingto the Withoutiloubffthe Government will DOW PORT-F__ &?AE4ACJIICOLA-------/'uit--- ::1.1 'a.'vcil1)IoIIarS Rcirard. di.-tant part of the state.
purchase -1 t
: = --
,.ss disposiii ,.. laws of the nation; *, to do so." f'jfc A proceed to fillnip ihe volunteer force'to ihee. : -5-S-- -A It R !VLD.i' c.VILL be paid for the apprehension July 17. FRANCIS KOP.VAN.

fltO CCtT1q0 tainniph.- ] -' I ilo not tiifaii in any way to qualifierJ Jem of the act of May I3ih 1310, which'allows A: Parrons Kerby, fin New anu delivery of a NEGRO MAX named XOTICE.TERSONS .

a light %Wst1tJll. I ::eI tr, pr.ioue ;i J away with m lie absent I have sivcn-lo the I fifty th'iusand men ; and I increased Orleans.&hr -. (( LEVi, who ran away from Macon. on Snn- having business with the subs'criJT -
Ac4 t, for thereuit.ir MarvAnutnersnn. fm New Orleans. ----day the llth inst- Levi is a dark mulatto,
$* ( 111nPr! b. I general principles advanced by my noble dillioience in the recruiljug' service hers during their absence frcrn the will
a sinple city :
, she wC0 t1I ei t'. ,f friend hear hear. Although I entreat has been enjoined tip.on ADa1 9-Shp lpl.nIb, Turner, Irorn Nw stout and well built, will weight about IbU Ibs.,
# czte1t9i which [ ] anti) :a Jready -York IMyrit; please to apply ta Mr. Charles A. Green.
. nsad shelst.tc the >..- ', ,i, ufiP| an1lmorjI be0 the 1 ilmise 1 upon arounds of :public policy, the oricers'a5hCe'ej( ? ,r
in "'-. i I ivIiPnovrr an not I to impose at present upon her iijesty'Guerni J i j \ { '-zVe
and t. .- ofp jescefl4 ; r-l to have the V ;,stS t eimt the obligations which I lie proposed are reimndedrbyUhe lat J discussions T I expect he will make for Columbus, as he lately S best for sale by
in a t V., |he was: arrested a,., aJdrcj would throw upon them, yetI in the BritiirPParliatneat: concerning the 5 In lliaiicery.Cornelius lived there. Some suspicion exists that Levi July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

cd !" 'J'bC '" :-m. firtieral' (Jii/.zioti MuinWr / iconld 1at1iis' opportunity of warning indebtedness of.Spain to Bdtishi subjects, i ''irauthai( ) was deCoy eti or assisted off by some white person, .

loinS of hot- of the! victims of that 'foreign Governments uhv/ arc c/fbtors lo liri- of the remarks'repeatedly'maae'jy Mr. J. } vs. IV Petition (for Divorce. and if so, #tOO will be paid for the villain, and SULPHATE and MURIATE rf QUININE S

,it down abjl.5 tIj. of the 'fnflrics. l tish! subjects, that the time may come when Q. Adams, inllie'IloosV the subject of !} Fathidrantham.S I \ proof buflicient to convict him.

arid look OP! r -.Mints announces thnt this ll'juse will no longer sit patient [hear, the annexation of Texas, it would prompt TT apnearinj; (l-> if satis'artinn of the Conrt, II. L. COOK, Aent.Maccn July 17 J. C. ALLEN.joal.houEt1 .

ice repeated 't kii.j I t w' dt-i-rees, the one he.irj Mit-lfr the irrongs and injustice infuclcd Gieat; Brinin to ;mlhmrumpriatejCua., which j t J. by allidivit nidiin thus CJS', I that tbo deewIJr.f July 20. IS 17. aug21 32OR. >t :

,l the heroic arinil0|
e voice thin 4 > priuripie. ,; ,ihriiiishnui) his from all I.Je4.
her 00There Ii. 4fl' $ mm, "lfir HJiiciionintlie time ntxy r0rtie W/LtFl tiLe Itrilish nation will and t that: I the proximity ofBfitislyisurpation, j jpriucijiles svver I tluiaid pelilnvr-irhm I three montln alter rTWIlS very efficacious remedy for exterrnina- June II. F. ABELL.

,eud, y cDa rim of r-ilr r"l|<. Tln-se two not ice with trunauilili/ the sum of 150 millions and example lo' lhe Southern' t the publication of thi I nl.T, or the said petition JL tins immediately, if a proper application be S Lamp Ci S

i"> !proJUCCfI time gre.iet en- due lo llritish subjects and he/ interest States would be so dangerous to the measure vvilli taken for coied ; aol it is further or- made, of all of the above named annoyances. His the bsst quality, fir summer ne, for sale

- 1 alO) lila! not paid [L" cheers.] And I would warn by war. Under present circumstances, :I d-rcd tdat tliis nnltr pnblnhed! in s.irne newspaper Flea and Mosquito Poison has attained a very extensive OF rju'ji"' ] J-c- ALLEN

...._. ii : | ivr e''OM2n a decree for the i 'hem that if they do not make proper' ef- England may not take this step, but ihe in the Western rcuit of this State for the celebrity for its invariable destructive properties -

'veryomeII S "t uJiijrg.4 t 1Pron flnoXj. foils( adequately lo fulfil their engagements, time may come when that Government may space of three month to that order of insects. For sale by Coffee.
, i- ta if \VKINS Judje W. TXTVJOTICE August 14 J.-C. ALLEN, Drutist. BAGS RIO, for sale by
(1ELJ. S. II ;
AS"v<>ral "f hsc 'oflhis country, wlrucvermen: may be in office deem it expedient. : 100
''It J1SHI.tl Mav 15 J- DAY &. CO.TARTAR .
Uchee Anna AoI.I. IS 17.
,s not in 13V1 t A 4 ,, ,, 1rM Wfrc in I'nmineiit' And may be compelled by the force of The chju icter\of the election returns Panacea.fTOUCK .
bt-iterburno nicd! and the of Parliament from i ] favorable to the and SWAIM'S Panacea rcceim RE.-'dJ and Tamarinds just re.
-- -; T tb* populace; |but| were public opinion, by votes Kji&Jslmore -Mr. C. I SIICPARD 13 my duly just C
else, if : ,r';. """'y iu: rierence of the [bear] to depart from thai which whig iexpected. J.N authorized :igeit'urin: t.iy ab-si-nce from "I. and for sale by I IcI Ii ccived an j for sale by
liuherto has been the established practice of addressed a loUrr t' to"4 Lthe State. [i'ily-21] T. CULLY. June n II. F. ABELL. April 17 II 1. ABEI.L.


< S :
: -5 '
S t. '5 : --
S ,'S A'-- -
a ia%.? -sC
.fl, I ; .- h..' '*5a'-- -- _-5-t -
S. 1 : -I: -"-'- ui
:; L--- SS -.5 S S

r .T

w .*; I


_ -- -
: :. 5 ,


JtT -




11- _- -. --- _.- . -. .!-- ..-...-: .- --- -- -- .--- - .-- -- --- -- .. -. .
NEW I OKLEVXS TYPE: FOUNDRY AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTIONOF 1Lt KotCces.: I : 3llJntnj! Decretory.: ) iriiuiiIfttttorl:; !. FRESHRR1.- ,\ OF-- .-

ANDPrinters' TilE STATE OF FLORIDA, --- -- S
------- ... medicines Paints
-- --
--- -- -- ----- :::=::: ==== ::= .-. -- -. Drugs ,
Fti ni i1i Iii; Warehouse. --- --- -- ---- -- ----- ::: :: =:: or:I
'"\"o. 17 Canal stud( Row. PROPOSED AND AGREED TO BY THE SECOND IN TIlE WESTERN CIRCUIT I I I B. f. Notice, II I 15 Stone, H. W. Brooks. Charles Rogers John :Munn. Eugene W. Roger Dye-Sfnfl, IJc.'flller ftc IS J Jnkj

I be:; leave to announce to GENERAL ASSEMBLY; SUBJECT TO THE OF FLORIDA. JVonrse, Stone &; Co., Chas. Rogers cV Co., THE i ,thai
TilTu1derligned (ACTION OF THE NEXT GENERAL IN Franklin C OMMISSION MERChANTS to his friend and the public
that have Court. COMMISSION
: Printers they eslablUheJacomplete :MERCHANTS I fofc'tirrr i
amievteiisiveTYPE, FOUNDRY ASSEMBLY. IN CHANCERY. No. 40 Water street, Water street, W. liberal patronage, and begsfojnr"that

in this city. The Hook Letter of this Arabella E. Hepburn, widow of] Dec I 12 Apalachicola, Fla.Locl.u.t dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa he it: now receiving an addir,

Foundry was cut 11 order by workmen of lonsj .'In .f ct so to amend the Constitution of this Burton Hepburn, deceased, .-- .-- --- al supply, \fich added to his forr o n-
aaJ to Stale as to extend to all free white male inhabitants & YOIIIIK, C. A. GREEX. C. H. CONNER tock, renders his assortment r.ernte
experience, a* no expense was spared Complainantvs. unusually
"obtain the handone, : face, and to perfect it in being citizens of the United States, COMMISSION and FORWARDING G.'eci V: Conncry, and complete. English, French German l

'every respect; \>v will venture to say it will be io'/<''Il111IIt'De resided within this State one Joseph L. Hepburn, George O. I MERCHANT Water S, COMMISSION :MERCHANTS American Drugs ; Cosmetcs ; Perf'jirerj-n;]la 1 Hid,
No. street
- 1i;\'nJ a* ha'1"rn( if not the handsomest: in the year, the elective franchise. Henburn, Annie E. Hepburn 53 No. 36, Water street. and) Drusrgii-fs Gla ,ware, &c., &c., are ,
1. Jifit enacted by the Senate and and Caroline B. nov21 Apalachicola, Fla. to Physicians, Country Merchants tit:
United tatos. We have: also a very handsome SECTION Hepburn, APALACHICOL.A, FA. and redo
.; oj the State of Flor'uLi heirs at law of Burton Pelican Mutual the most liberal terms-all of which {l
441rtnlnt of Flower* and. Job Letter of the la- Hep JEREMIAH DAY. DANIEL: J. DAY. Insurance Co. of l\'cw York. he warnpure
would in General *'lssembliconvened. That the burn, deceased Daniel K. CIIAS A. GREEN and unadulterated. Wi
te..t stvlc, to which we call the attention ; J. Day &:: Co. A ent.
of IVintir bf're ;purchasing ('ls \\'herc. Allarticle first clause of the sixth article of t the Constitutionbe Dodge; the heirs of John} COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Dec 5 No. 3'') Water street. H. F. ABELL,

so amended as follows, viz:: Every free white dec'd, whose trustee and Retail
;: m ,'mill'tur.d l !bUi shall be of a material No. 32; Water street, \\l)1esalt Dnipgfef,
cj'sal, it IPt ..ai' rir; to a-iy manufactured! male person of the age of twenty-one years and is Daniel McDougild ; Bill for Dower Dec 5 Ap.ilachicola, Fa. John S. Iliitchinsoii, 4 > Water *trp t.

a': t1.,' Vorth: ; .nd a.. we-lull! sell Type at :New upwards, and who shall be, at the time of offering John W. Campbell ; HudsonA.'Thornton I CO Also, Agents for the /Etna Insurance Co." AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION Apalachicola, Nov. 21, IS 16.

York wv IrIt t to meet with to vote, a citizen of'the United States, and ; Nathaniel W. the Protection Insurance Co." and the "Hart- MERCHANT I I -. ---------
prices encouragement. -.
\\hoshallhave resided and had his habitation Thornton ; Hines Holt ; Sea ord Insurance Co." Hartford Conn.Harper _. No. 50 Water street. Drills and 'l'diCincs.

We arc ni.v prepared; : to manufacture: BRASS ilomicil, home and place of permanent abode in born Jones, John II. Howard ----- Solicits patronage. /\/\r.u..cICOLo\. ,, subscriber has, and"

Florida, for one year next preceding the( election and I Edward Gary, trustees of fc Holmes, have.onhar.d.acrirrl ril
nUJ,l': .ln1 1 rYPEoltiny t magnitude, with prorapt-
- at which he shall oiler to vote, and who shaH, at James P. Calhoun &. Charles COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Jas. F. FI'io.', of DRUGS and
call the
\ We would also particularly attention llFt
- ies. such time and for six months immediately preceding L. Bass, composing the late also GENERAL IIECEU'INrt. FOR WAR DING '=, which he will ))i.re
of Printers( to our LEAD, having:: an entire lsenli for Ile COMMISSION : \ warrant n li
said time, have had his habitation; dornicil, firm of Calhoun & Bass \mHC.XT. the best
new set of mouldby" which we are enabled: ; SUN No. \ qwality. Coon
:MUTUAL r INSURANCE : 50 \ inl.'t
home and place of permanent abode in the county Willia'-n Howland William( I COMPANY ." "lrCt'f. rTIn and Planters
lnfurni. perfect article. We are also Agents ; Dfc P wifl fiPli
a of the City of..iVeii, York ApiljCh'roI.i; Fla.P. I .
and in which he may ofler to vote, shall be deemeda Sloan ; Duncan Me : : to to examine
lor the .ile of the Napier, Va.hiiton, cal and price
> No. \Vaterstrel't t hi
all elections under this Constitution Dou-I W. !
voter at
qualified : paid ; Mordicai :Mvvrs f i (
Smith: Presses which together with Chases! flee 12 : : -I"t'wl.ur.
A-ialachiCola Fa.
and none others, except in elections by lignee i of GeorgeV.. Ross AUCTIONEER '
Ca4..! Co-npo-m:; Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and COMMISSION prescriptions rut tm Udtf.
other article lojuired in the Printing bmi-' general ticket in the State or District prescribedby a bankrupt ; Daniel ;McDou- Win. O. Poi'tcr *V Co. MfRC1I ANT. any he Ur f,f tl r (!hi\ ni\
every law, in which cases, the elector must have ,gaLl : Joseph & Liwrencp DEALEltS IN GOODS AND Solicits a share J. C. t g: .
nel', will ha kept on hand: and furnished at t f COMMISSION of Public Patronage. "UrN,
ntaettuer's prices.Editors been a resident of the State one year next preceding O'B. Branch ; William H. MERCHANTS.: Oct 21 APALXCHICOL, F\ March 21 Cor. Centre art!
the election and six months within the C"ontu'f S'J.FOR .
- and Printers wishing to eatablish a Brockenbrough and the Bank No. 41 Water Street. .
fur- election district in which he offers to vote : Pro- of Pensacola, Dec 3) Apalaohicola. Fa. Cooke &: Homes ,
Jo' Printing Oilice will be
Newspaper; ; <>r ; COMMISSION -
vided That soldier marine in therl'ular MERCIL\NTS,
no seaman or
iiUhel with an ostmnte in detail for the same, Defeulanls.TT I). K. Wood & Co. No. U. Sf. Charts Strcei
of the United ; ,
Navy unless %
Army or appearing to the satisfiction of the JnJCoC
by statin:; the size of the pIer; or the particular COl\Il\lISSION AND NVw-Orleans
style and quantity of ror'c to l be: executed. he were a qualified elector of this State previous I this Court, by the al! davit of f the Compainant's t. FORWARDING ANDREW S. AMOS '

"iW: The of who will I to his enlistment as such soluier, seaman or Solicitor, that the Defendants hereinafter MERCHANTS, feb IO ::
proprieties newspapers mirine in the Regular Army or Navy of the! Ciicuit No. 7, Columbus; How, .
publish this a4terti.1fleflt six months, and send ; named do not reside within the Western Nov. a- .
a piper to our oTr.p weekly, will be paid for the Uni'ed: States, or of the revenue service, shall be ot the State of Florida, but within the Urited 1 -- :29, IS 16. Apalachicola.! Fla. Edward Jlc nil)', 1

c.-:: :di'red a resident of the State in consequence, States of America that i is, that the D-fenJanN
advertisement nv six times theamo\nt ; ALVA WYME AUCTIONEER
: purclnsmj:;; W1\! A. McKENZIE.
bill T cl! "-.:i'l' ; stationed' within the sam Joseph L. Hepb.irn resides in the Statfof Tex; .,

ofad\'ertlslIIg in 'pe. hREF.CO.: ., Passed Senate' December 1, J IS W. the said Geotge 0. Hepburn in ihe Stte of !Missouri Wylie !McKenzie, 16 Oflice No. 50, Watr street. t

:\1'\' 2!. 117. 10-fi-n; 17 Canal st. Row. D. II. :MAYS, President Senate. ; the said Annie E. Hepburn, art! Caroline! COMMISSION No. MERChANTS a.an ___ Apalachicola, Fa. the cure of Di-pepsia cr Indigestion Bi!. l li
43 Water
-- H. ARCHER, Secretary Senate. B. Hepburn, and the said Williatr HovJand, : street, D. Jallforlh. and r-rvous J Headache, Comtipa'fio il.n
NOTICE. Passed House, December 10 ISIO.ROBERT S eiJt. 1, 1310. Apalachicola AUCTION AND [)i arral.oo Gout I.
each in the State of New York ; he hrs otJohn ---- II lSSOX( :MEUCHAXT, Rhenrratism, Gravel, Flat

A LL pcrs >n.. art* h<>riiv! wirned not to con- BROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps. Peabody, deceased, and Daniel McDonald S. &; .1-. S hi rc.----. AND GtXErL\L -GFXT. len ey, &r. For sale wholesale and retail, hu B-

.L'\.. tract< 1-ir, rc'Ctiv<', or to ship any Cedar Timber M. D. PAPY Clerk. their trusteej; the said Hines Holt and Scborn WHOLF.SALEND RETAIL( GROCER, fta'-\uLJ, Al.4. DecJ2 1 J.CL ,\LLE', Drugi. t.ai4i.a .

cut or tike-i i n t'v Lridsnf t the Apalach-, Jones, John H. Howard and Edwarl Carytrtcci- l'articularattentiori p.iiilto putting {cx-;- Cotton bought on onrr. -- '
icaU Land C i npviv : ..-r.. btg no permit lor .in .Jet to amend the Constitution of this Stalefa tees of Calhoun & Bass ; Mordicii Myers, assignee steamboat and ship stores. up Refers to T lit's Compoiiiid Extract

:any sidi privilege \ 1'notice\ I n alv hereby as to make the sessions o} the General Jlsstmbl of George W. Ross, a bankript, andean. No. 49! Water street, B. F. HOLDE.V: ? ". ( ubcbi aunt Copavia. : 4 If

give-it j cert lill t>otmnvoi't1 1* ., i t ,iiv knovvn to bej .biennial instead of annual.QECTION icE :McDougald, each reside in t the State of !Cor- Nov. 11 Apalachicola, Fla. J. h. DL-NLAP, { Jew Orlcans'Mcsssrs. 1 : Stands J;

.! it <''"i'ti \ .1 I Mil "i i..iz. a 'ijiuntity 1. Be it enacted by the Senate andO gh ; the said John W. Campbeil l, Iludsi A.Thornton WYLIE & MCKENzIE, 1 unmalltd t fori I I.

ol Cadtr rxii.'r .' i !. :.. ,>t ft'l
'r .' i to in General .'ls convened, That the Wrtor.F>Ai.E RETAII. J \ day-nf. cunfin,, -
'IV, VU: 'I' ; j : il > -ifinr\v| rivers, cl1lbl.1 each resideinthe S'ateof'!: Alahma; A.VD l ef
t1ci: 'r i .* : 1':4: J,1\ tresuss, and not at- aecond clare of the fourth article of the Constitution ; the said Jo.eph Branch and Lawrence )'B. DEALER IN DRUGS, :MEDICINES[ ( PAINTS,, i i ] '. Vis i(err or restccfin-> m r die f, r

tan ,t r t r' u n\ H,1 1 J'i nr. Tlie penalties of ( of this State he so amended as to read! as follows Branch an.l William II. Brockenbrough, cadreside OILS, GLASS, &.c., &.C-. -- JrofcFtional;! otCt f I :_. ncrs4ziry.' r \\n !re

tb-li v will n! ..tricilv e iiiri.l l :aain..t all the viz : 2d. The members of the House of 1 ;. in the :Middle Circuit Florida! : It is ( (e.fort' Also! -A general assoitment of Statincry. --- .1 t ) :::; "d i pre.od L I

'11irti} ., in ai\'.v.4i*'n ICte I or plicated. Representatives shall be chosen; by the qualified ordered, that the said Defendants here@ee (\ Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets, iLSYDXEYfiRfiEXilLD.\ ) h \ i f l' ., t'osi,1e( ?lth He: grete K
and shall serve f<>r the term of two ;, April 11 .. care, iildri We i i
J J >!i-iJiI lH \FIELD, voters, years for named and every of them, dj appeaandanswer Apalachicola.Fa. \\ 4t-: :,__ / te-u-d
L!:.VIS CURTIS, from and after the day of the first election under the said bill of complaint, otherwisithesame Centre ccMay be found at his resitk-fice, corner of ', ''p ; riricijies, foUMt i

Tr.t.tpcs ''It t the Apilachicola Lind Co. the amended Constitution: and} no longer: ; and shall be taken pro confesso against Icmand No.II. D. Dardcn H arid High streets:, opposite the Man-inn i l1 upon thai nnjM rfanffirf t 1,
2 Columbus ouse. r
By: their Attornev: the sessions of the General Assembly shall ,b e each of them in default : Provided, this \iler Dec. Building, Nov 5. P <11.1..ht'bvebraftd It.enl

JAMES: E. BETTNER.nril21.H17. biennial, and commence the fourth Monday i in he published in any newspaper, printed inthis 20, 1513. Apalachicola, r a. Dr. .\. '\'. Chapman that a *.I.t.\., il

.\'Hhrli'h. \ K-Ot November, in each and every second year, msuch 2t:: Circuit once a week for four months fronrthe ICcnjamhi Salter f.rOfficeovertiie i.ar --'- 'n,durp CPlbiu.l" i: 't".1, .

Cttinct I'iirnitttre.TAI1 Sec.other 2 Be times futther. amay enacted be prescribed, That by the law.thirdclause I date hereof. Dated April 11,1517.GEORGE S. HAWKINS. ( .COMMISS10N: :MERCHANT, (entrance on Chestnut DnigSt-re freef.) n of sillcl R. S. Hawlev at the. I d!x ,Irtdl.HI'1J ald. "',"; f eftrf! :I han tun ai'.\ rfie t'bl r 1 ,.

;:; H. COOK J. Broadway, near" Wall of the fourth article of the Constitution No13 Water street-Upstairs, honse lately occupied bv Dr. lent dc -. (.t any Dingle Im('.' In fliat3 rsIt,

.J l :treet, New York: offers for silo, a full and amended so that the same shall read as follows be: Judge: fo I; the Western Circuit of Florii.R.NDVLL& Dec. I 1,1513. Apalachicola. Fla. January 10, IS-10. Riltzell 2fW. ( di-..a-e, J ti e:,tireK}. ,relented bv) its Im. .' : .
H\r :NER, catlin: sale ltJ
> -- by
conplefeassirtmaUofCAlHNETFURXITUREanJ [ -- I Irr
3d. That the ---
Representatives shall be chosen on I.S. Fred. U. --
': CII.IRwhich- he warrants to be equal to Complainant's Solicitors. 20-n DII-as; O. }I. Davis 1 I JT. :tLLENDmugtt .
the first : the month : ?It.Ie"
Monday in (October, in each JFACTOR AND COMMISSION: : : : _
any 11! the city, at the following unusually lowrates and every second; year, from and alter the first In District Court of the UiiCd i MERCHANT, AND COUNSELLOR AT- LAW, '\'IEU'S

: election under this amended Constitution, or onsuch States, for the :Northern DM No. 2 Columbus Block, Oflerd his services to flip public in either of the I _

Mahogany: Sofas from $20 to SloO::) each other dav as may be directed bv law. trict of Florida. Dec 6, ISlo. Apalachicola above capacities. i iI '.
do.: Chairs 3J' to 120 doz. : I ; -
per Sec. 3. lie"further enacted That the fifth IN ADMIRALTY.Daniel He will practice in I,
do. Rocking Chairs from $:) to$:;0 each. regularly Franklin. Cal ,
clause of the aforesaid article be so amended ast to N. :McLean, and ALBERT DODGE. CHA.RLES PRATT. houn and Jackson Circuit Courts
do. Bureaus $:) to $75? read as follows viz: The Senators shall be chosen Dodge & JPraJf a spcchl retainer -and will, upon
others, owners of the i apt as Counsel, in ;
d. Card Tables to : 1
dj.) Centre Tables, 815$10; to$7 830:; by the qualified electors, for the term of four steim boat Augusta; 1 SHIPPING & COMMISSION[ MERCHANTS:, of the Middle or Western Circuit. He any will .10 !
at the same time, in thesame manner.andin No. 10 Water caes in the 1
years vs. Libel for Collisil Street, arIJp Court *If 1I
do. French Bedstead', $H to 8 9J( Appeal- at T'l.'iaha--! n 1i I
the same place where thv vote for members The Steam; Boat : Nov.2'2 Apilachiroh Fa. see, the se,-i' ns of which! he i
AlsFeather; Beds, Hair Mattresses and! ilelof, the House of and E.faula'i _______ \11 alwajs bt 1I '
Representatives esent at
no : her tackle ,
; person 'r unlepreverifpd I bv
II. I. '
din of the finest lowest 'FalIr arrident.
: qualities and at the j : ,
; marsh all be Senator unless he
be white I
ket price, a man, a furniture. J J j COMMISSION: : AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT (: Apalarl.ih! ;, Septembers; I-iG.
citizen of the United States, and shall hive beenan .
N. B. Xo extra for and NOTICE is hereby given:; to all whom it !lay ----- ---- ,!
charges picking s5iip- ,
inhabitant of this State for _
two next A. G.
years preceding that
by virtue of an attachint. No. :Water-street I II ft
pinz.FrtSruur! 27.1"17. 7-1in his election, and the last year a re dent warrant of arrest, issued; in the above cant' I sept'2 ly Aoalachicoh., ATTORNEY. AT LAW. I fi

--. -- of the district or county for which he hall; be I have seized anti t taken t the above mentioned Sim CC5- Office, .,\*). 2 Simmon's I Ie .I.\AIIA: :% vi u Jill,'
H'.IDSStCroivSuzar! chosen, dad s>h Doit 'Lc'I!
Knfaula her I
tackle I.
10 ; : apparel and (uruire,p cor. Centre Commerce ; II : \JI( no YVhlllO C3ll tLe t J
2) d) Xe\v Orl las Suzar, to arrive; years. to :ans-.verto the libel filed therein for djages. rWHOLES>:ALE .ANT RETAIL DE\LER I.N novS & 5trpc'*. (tion i of Hit |iti'iir.' IH one wfiirhCc (rJ" cli

10): sacks Rio Coll e; :50' do Java ; Sec. 1. Be it further enacted, That the sixth: for a collision! in a cause civil and marine. DRY GOODS. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AND ---.-- - -- Apnlachicola-..- Fla. j >->int' Ic cll'I.: rIme ; and l ir j is nniitrar Ft'td,1
10 bvs Aromatic Tohacco; clause of the aforesaid, article be ''o amended as to Tint: the sid process is: returnable betb) the CLOTHING, &c. II. E. O\f<>ElS, -- KI; ; w'It;',(::! Sv! ;,!Ll wl-o" l h<1\ frkrf: I, r", b r.\j I i I

:i') &' r Ilft'd d J.: Brown's and Labby's; read as follows, viz. The classification of Senators District. Court of the Unitel States for the irthcrn octl 1 Chestnut-Street, :Vpilachicola.Fla.. SlTEKIUi'i: ff. any' ptf.er; n.edirii'r t r

20 Sperm Candles; :50 bxs brown Soap; as' made at the first session of the General District of Florida, at the Clerk's ole of H. R. Woou. ." ATTOrXEY AT LAW in di-ea-t-t} r whii li it i irecr.n..n-'rd.tnrtI..J.tJ rt t fuc.nly l; .<, .

10) ba: Shot ; 50 kegs! Powder; Assembly held in the year IS l 15: shall continue slid Court, in the city of Apalachicoh, thethird Wood &: Co. \YTOV, Bar uO'lr County, .\labarna. dt-.I-.y: \\ORMS I AND !INYJduBAll; [ f" .

2 D) }Pis' Lead: J casks Linseed Oil unchangud; one half of whom, as nearly as possible : April 29, 1'113. TIIK IVItuLE .
; ; Monday ((17th day) of May, instant; : 10 AUCTIONEERS; f COMMISSION: 2-ff SYMKM: bnt it d.si: ihnicarrus
For''1''> Ie.%White.. la I I. Xo. 1 I. Extra and Pure. shall be chosen forever hereafter biennially A. :M., at which! time and place the saiuuse :MERChIANr ;; --------------- .:tt the -ujM-r.-'nuidant:! stiuircr r. ticc. ,

.'siteTy v. a nf'\n-rr'R' ; &. CO. for the term of four years: Provided, hoivevir: is j t.) be heard. N'. 3 Col'i-nbii! Building' .Joint Rilho, i PU\\U.T( l I.\ i STO.MAtll All:
;;. Dec 11 %water street. 'nd it is hereby declared, t that the term of office TiE
Dited at Apalachicola this: O"l. :31. ATTORVCYT I OF .
diy oMay, \ nlfliicolar. nOWF (
o class L.\\ CHI.1HE '
of ibenators "Ht f'tl ir
;: .f:. Tarraiit's KIFert'csccut Seltzer election under (the l unexpired at the first in the year IS 17.( ROBERT MYKRS:;, .\LTA \', (; I -e ;in b.d amended r
Constitnticn, !hall I. l'mis i \ Co. I
: practice
Aperient. extend to, and expire on the first in U. S. :Mirsh; COM\IISSION; : WILL\ in thf vver.il C'>nrr:ot tF i- 111 nt-i. in \ Vnrrn'r} < dt ce tl.nr} \
Monday MElt
by II. R. TATTLOU DI.: Western Circuit arid alit h l liv riHivsui; ir, it i" \
,; RENEWED/ and an invigorated October, eighteen i hundred and fifty. Xo. 15 W\iler Street; Thrmaanri iII'lblt| I r
'r; ', : condition of boJv producedby Ser-. 5. Be it further enacted, That the fin-l -May2-- -,- Is_17. _I'M! _ Oct. 21 Apilichicola! Fa. Stewar Aiu. counties, IS h !,ion I the in" iht- budIt: i, in .ifty* ,I:
the use of TARRN! : P.S Ki-TERVESCEX T election for Assemblymen, under this : : 31-tf : -v-tein, ar.d HIt Icalt!! rf i It.L"._ta:, J '
amended .
', .., Franklin .I.e. tj.f (
Circuit \lh alwa .
; SELTZER APEIUI T. Constitution, shall take CourtSTATE lI"hoI1'5.1t ---. I I ? impr>>i d I!y it> uev .r. vdr %Len \\ ; ,
place first 1.1
on It'f
Monday OF FLORIDA. \\ and Rftail I D-al'-rin) ( i di-covercd-
; : < ,
This preparation is allowed to be i in October L'JErlsrrCTon -The 'nnUer in7d I I I
universally eighteen hundred and forty-eight" Charles DRU'SIKDICINK- ;
Barnarnd Abel : PAIVTS ?
; : OILS The .
the most popular; remedy (Jf the present day, for and the first session of the General Assembly, Adams GLASS, BltLSEIESc.&e., I Ins-Jector: of tll.ber i I 'anadran Yermifu is or ly. :>."> c4> l '.'. '
under George W.
] for t Ihe Count buttle and i is .
of much [ Cr.
the prevention and of this Franklin, of't-i-' his mcre-3sily : 'm .
cure Indigestion, Bilious Constitution, shall commence on Barnard and Charles alo( the SrVies I to ther.Prepared. uhllih, '', .
and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weakness,Head 1- the fourth ;Monday in November, in the Larkin, Merchants A general assortment of public in I that ranrifv!; "lni will I at"(cud to I I : I tr

ache, Heartburn, habitual Costivcness, &.C. eighteen; hundred and forty-eight. jear firm, j. Attachrne' BOOKS BLANKS, STATIONERY, &c & duties appertaining: t ti"sml! .' 'r.'ittrnerit.: al oul.by JOHN S.,. '.7-I .' '.
Sumswom Maiden
Travellerand residents in warm climates will Passed Senate, December 2-2, IS of Barnard t08.1 90 p.tradingunderthe cor of Chesnut::; ifc Commerce- streets', C-RNCLirsGRAlY. Lane, Ntw Y'mk. .

find it a desirable article; it prevents any accumulation D. J I. ;MAYS, President of Senate. & Co." Adams I Damages $:.>O. D'c 4 ApaUchicoIa, Fla. March 2 2. 1s15.. j Jan II. F'. A n'IXER2'

of bile, is portable, and the method of H. ARCHER, Secretary of Senate.Pa vs.John B. S. \ ,

preparation is unusually convenient. Children el House. Reps., Dec. 29( 1846.ROBERT Dill. FACTOR AND I COMMISSION hawley[ : ,MERCHANT:: alm n tr t r 1 The Great Cana Iiaii Ii edy.IER'S -. ..
have fre .
occasion iOtt
Iuent for :senile and cooling DROWN, Speaker Ho. j (! 'J t.
Reps Defendant and all others No. 2S Water street 1 .
THE interest, will]l PECTOI.AL RIP ,
pumtives:: ; 'they will take this aperient in pre- M. D. PAPY, Clerk House '
Reps. notice of the institution of ahovesuit Dec 5 Apalachicola Fa.Avc.'y -Sjxmonth3 I OF .
th afterdate
fersnce: : to any other. Sold wholesale and retail 1 by March 13, IS 17. 9-Gm NOTICE will, apply InREIUl:1 LLLCAM E. ;
X'to J. C. ALLEN by attachment, returnable to the UeTiber IJoi.Judg&'fPzobates (lor Franklin! Fnrifaled Cough?, i'o nna, -. .
Drugist, &c.I .
: Jones
f. State of Florida. Term, IS 17, of Franklin Circuit Court, id will] County, for a ,fin discharge: : from, the'Adminis i 'II"? (.1 floodV hfopmi l iuzl 1 ffltrI !- ,
).'II'S;; and plead thereto GROCERS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS; : t ration of thc.estate i )} of f Ijrrailiing.; CUll I r,
& appear
Itlcilecitics. COUNTY OF} 1" JLN K f. I x. according to I U, No. 43: Water street. Donald: Campbell, late of I and all I'l 11l"un,. :) ,, a, -
V" ; his: just received recent virtue of the CARRA WAY said countvdeeeas d: *T .*_- .,' >'ae" Lun' : '
vested in 5
THEsi'iscnbcr per BY power me by law I Apalachicola Fa. : BronchilN
a (!-e thai is -wt .' ttCD- Iv.
New York, a full and complete expose for sale belore the Court PhintflPs Arjisey.apriijl J AN&-.WILLtAMSiAdm'.r!; aC .
stock, in door in Hone Apalachicola, April 13 J. II. fc J. ill. Hull, Apalachicola, i and, to a prt-dature grave ui.dtr I tl.aoie of f fCons'Jrltoll
consisting part, Sulph. of Quinine the city )Apalachicola, Franklin 1517. ; 1-ltn; :. : -
Hyd. de Potassii, Caustic' Potasse, Solicme, t ty, Monday: the twenty-fifth day of October coun --- -, .- FACTORS & COMMISSION[ MERCHANT j:;, : {'ef be CJtc by u>inju .el -. -: -
Murratc and Sulph. of Luner Caustic next at the No. IS Wator street, NPTICE"ixI after piiblicalionToi cinei I ,,
Morphine, usual hours of sale, so much of i- _
Chloride the D. K. SSl"cre"UCo"; Doc'12 AP\HCHICOL FA ion win the For several \ears pa1-, this inpilir .abtt!
of Gold and Sodium, Calomel, Jalap I l lii lands lying opposite the city of Apalachicola, and H e'mdet' *
in u-c
( Jack 1 in Caiitd.ihere iiliursal-
Ipicac, Iodine, Rhubarb, Pulvr. and Root. Se known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining, vs. IN CIUHCF.R. B ENJAMIN: : nr.usoN. WILLIAM: A. Woo pnal< Judge'orres'ror ; a it l..iboc ,
D. l 'I
as know arid .
na, Epson Salts, Bachn Leaves, Castor Oil, will be sufficient to make the sum of Three Hun James C. Watson, et al. ) i B. Ellison cV Co., ale.of 3tratior ofthe e-- i > !;, cciii-idered Ihe( lJ dcuo ,' _

Scidlitz Powders, Soda Powders, Sulpher, flower dred and Seventy Dollars and costs, for the- D. K. Dodge, COMMISSION: : MERChANTS county/SarnuelNSpea'rs:,. ., l ipd lit f said I I in.e' for which c all .1"lrl'I.lr) dia I ,*>.f e greitmz'cess 'I l -
and role, Coppera, Saltpeter, Alum, Aloes, amount of the State Taxes due from the A vs. > Bill for Partijm. AND nn\LEns is: February 14 I :' itu:ettv .t tU \.tl ,
Calcind and pa- D. McDousfild S DRY GOODS [ lS1.m Adniimstratnv. t and tie m.induly; t i WeIII.'IIUI(: ) "rbbI. :
Curb. Magnesia: Gum Camphor, lachicola Land Company on the additional : et. al. : GROCEUIBSJLVRn\VARE, j
Flax Seed, Borax. Also a large supply of as t tity of assessable lands lying in this quan rtEORGE; W. ROSS having filed attitionon TIN WAKE, BOOTS, SHOES.:::; HATS:::;, -Six months I l.a\t'been (.fi'ctt-.v I, iia i I ili!t Pl'f"t '"::-
county, NOTICE alter date, I will ( to
CAPS I. apply I it mti- tlui d r
tOIS i ,
VJ the22d CllOCKrRYSHIPCIIANDLER.Y.&c i n. ,
sorted Glass : ,
Ware and l liable
a general assortment of to Tax lor the year one thousand eight hundred April, IS JG, praying to lye a certalll Hon. Probate Court of I Franklin ti'lt'Ttt ot its < co
all articles in the Drug line. For; sale and t amount of ; ;' i being the ri'st.k i ...imedv I bltn I'
by forty-five. money now in Court,bJonging to 24 Water street. : Count/, for .a .final 1 discharge from the adnunistrutionpf ever t1isctivr.d ., 'I
June d defendants :; : I
12 II. P. ABELL. JOHN: LUCAS Sheriff lees as the, appropriated to the paytrnt of his' Jan 23 _'. I Apalachicola.! FJ.> thee tate of John C. Perkins, late I ot the !(ings, when anv oi d'llui| db-s f 1.
and Counsellor uhinf
ex-officioTax Collector and Solicitor f said defendants or lit. e
Bull's and for Franklin Co. said.county, deceased .
Sand'sRSAPARILLA their ;
perform natural
Apalachicola, April 1817.] ; and the matter having beerreferred to E. J.' IIirdtnACTOR. M. I r h..t :lfl. irttflf' I \
.\ just received for sale l.r-Gm I most
by me as Special Master in F AND COMMISSION SIACKFLFORDdm'r. grateful and snothirs: ; 'I.Htl IL ;
s Chancery foact and MERCHANT. ; rApalachicob. oe
June 12 H. P. 1'eter's Vegetable report functior-s ,
ABELL. Atitibillious upon the same, after having gin 30 days (fjCj- Oihce, No. 0 Columb'usBnildings, "- < 1-tim; I of the whole sv. >1 in, dii ,t I
Trusses!! Pills. notice by publication in the papers.' It is there Jan lfi Apalachicola. Fa. cittmt.nt when excessive, allayisrvrene rt3t'; '

and double, for sale by V FRESH snpplyjust received and for saleby fore ordered that said George. Ross, the defen Roberts .Saratoga "atc.'. ,.sand pain, and spetdih unj,! ;reD : .t
1 17 J. C. ALLEN.: : April 17 H. p. ABELL.I..alliit : dants Watson, McDougald, it. al., and all others DEALERS IN HARDWARE, & Co., ( \ nd Pints, fresh, (tor i ale eUARTS d vigor and ela-ticitv. lo Ihe wl'fePrepared .. t (,

Carpenter's Extract of-Rucliu. Oil. interested, to appear before me in tie city of CHANDLERY, IRON, STEEL AND, SHIP April 1 % II. F. ABEL!.. and sold, w hl.lt a tlai.b .,.
WARRANTED! genuine, fIr sale hy \VJ NTEn (.trained, a splendid article, for sale then Apalachicola and there on to(the seventh ((7th) of April\ next: P'' .SPIKES AND CASTINGS( ; ,',:Blank:Books and '. Jai:, soie &Co.'ft-r, j te>3Al.-i I'mvd te %:t, t :11t '.

J. C. ALLEX.Stationery. by [jan30] J C AU.1 .N. t \'c claims, &c. present or defend their respec.t Manufacturers_ of Tin, Ironand, .' Cop.f. .;T.- EDGERS-Journajs: Day Stationery.', & ) lroldOf 11.UJELLnt t" t .

COLD Pressed Castor Oil and Saratoga Water-, CARRAWArY SMITH.X\ !.#Dec.; 12, per..JVaTe6.."' ;;>,,- JLJ Cotton 50 reams'Memorandum Foolscap and Lpter Paper; --Jan.--0------ firBalsatuof Ap.J 'cJ! I t'J
T EGER;:, Jo-irnN. Day and Cash Books A \ received and for sale by Special Master in Chancery.. ,"1 t Fa. :.Ship' and River Bills >; Iivcrwor\\ 'f '} ("

J.-I !Metiorantlrn B ntc. Fine Fools Cap Letter prilfJ-- _-___._ !II. I<'. ABELI. ':__ Apalachicola, March 6, is 17.St -' .'_; \Vlr, : ": W.-SIMS. WM.'W. CH EEVER.Si :-. Boooks for Letter Press.Lading; REMEDY rflSt perfect is said i 1) .(I.
-- -
------ The r I' 1) .,
paper Pensv! -r\ l 1" settled CorisiiuIftieT\1.\
Pen Racks Ink' '< J = poned until Friday, the ICth inst. j j. -c I COMMISSION and Checks, ; I i f ItC
i i iQulN, Stud; Boa, Envelopes : I N tierces and barrels, for sale oy MERCHANTS, Just icccived and for sale by Complaint, or my of t their s
Apalachicola ) ,
&.c. Al- > i ':-rv extensive assortment B. April 10,1S47 JS/lV l / / Office No.; 24 .Water street. March 1 incIIItrt Ot
&. the Thermal
CO. on
of SChOll' I B.k.' >' ,. :.I'l'-it jii most approved Feb 2U 21 Water (r-:: The hearing of the abovj 1.J bitter,is postponed 'dec12 "' -:="Apalachicola, Fla. H. F. ABELL. Doctor TAYLOR'S-'" : ( t ::1't) .
;;treel I. ;
until the 30th June :* : ct'I.ra'd t.eritiU- 1
editions, fork'( .iy nextjt < J For Sale .
July17 J. C. ALLEX. "SET E1I UP." Apalachicoh! .April2.tIS. :t(J f ;15-2m,: J. T. WOOD.< 1 !Sij Ei B. BALLOU. BBLS- FLOUR 50 bbls., Genuine'JIL XM or \\ ,\fi'rbl! 23. 1i
; ;
4 t -- Atlicnrciim fowling Saloon. (CO-): The hearing of the above alter.is post- ; Wood fc:BallonC0MMMISSION.MEftOFtANTS,\ 50 bbls. Molasses 20 Whiskey; pares at 3T.> nOWEI\ Thiplan : ': :Li (\1 !

1)I\'i.I's: >V nlacl; 's rut lIE subscriber\ begs leave to poned until the 30th of November ext:: i '- Just landed from schooner; hhds Sugir.: now (;i)/"'> tiitetIte5'1 phSC', 2)a' ,tW
his -'
CELirtR \ rlW! BUck und, Red Writing Ink, _L friends. and the public generally announce, that he to has Apalachicola, July 3, 1817. -- I,. Office No.42 Wateistreet.-Up: stairs. low, for cash, by Ann, and for sale and bw been fir a long nded J ) 'It

'e \.J and 1 t"sale by become sole proprietor of t he above estahui.shrn i Jan J 16 0ifc.,..h.'-$:.Apalachicola, Fa.Thomas March 27 unlaralelt'd success which has :!t ) I
ent, STONE in i9
July J 17 J. C. ALLEN and hopes by Franklin Circuit ollrt. .__ &CO._ _. pertormms ftI I Ia
proper management and strict attention Barnard Preston --- --- cures, which in manV't (
Adams and many, verv (1
& co. Caps by t he
low "
to merit FIATS case for cath "'I
Cxtr Mtt a continuance of the by I'fp
Sursaparllla.BULL'S patronage vs. 1 COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO n. ELLISON been almost nrrl'dlbll" but the c 'rrl 1 U* 2

; & VXDS': :: lor sale by the dozen or heretofore so liberally bestowed upon the Ito 95e. John Dill and Elizabeth} In lancery. INSPECTOR: /AND BROKER.No. &CO. t he Doctor can bring; forward art IC1s.| t, .1'

: bottle, by All persons indebted to the above establishment Ann Dill. J 23 Water'st:., Office .second back room. Fol Sale, we advise all who may have c
July 17 J. C ALLEN.I I will. confer a favor by settling with the ubscribor. TT having been made to appeaiv affidavit that Dec 20 t ) ,J' %Apalachicola, Fa. 10 HHDS. N 0 Sugar colds even, to use this ptrferi !1'tIEr.j.: :1 r.1, ,li

JOHN B. JONE S. I -L the defendants John Dill andElizabelh Ann 50 bbls Flour, by delay. Franklin says a snail l ht'$ll.j>, 1 flQt .
Congress!! Water. Apalachicola April 9, IS47. 13-tf Dill, reside Si: IT Ill i 'kcrson Feb 2 bi,ship." i'rf" P .!
out of the State of lorida, to wit _NOURSE. STONE CO. Therff'rl', cure j i ((
:j.fI! N pints and quarts,just received for sale by Window f.I ass. m: the State Georgia. It i, Mered that publication -: DEALER IN CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, QALAD--- OIL _. your lungs, are past cu ( Fri Sale I! .) '}"'

--June- .--12- H. F. ABELL.- A LARGE lot, of assorted sizes, just received be made for four month in some newspaper -, HATS, CAPS, &c. 0 Apr'117 just rece 'ecand for sale bv J.C. .ALLEN, Solegenuine '! .__\h:: .: -'u''""
: and No. 1 Columbus II. F. ABELL
Coffee. for sale by printed in the city of A'p achicola, requiring Block, /\paIJC -

June 12 H. F. ABELL.Bailcy's them to appear and answei said bill, else it Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.Edward Bay ilium. CAUTION-The flcctcrtM
BAGS for sale r
100 RIO by will be taken .._ FRESH BALSAM OF LIVERWORT, ha t 1 r t,
May 15 J. DAY & CO. Tonic Mixture. pro confesso. A supply of A. French's superior ( .
:_.. THIS is a valuable compound fluid extract of THOMAS BALIELL: Judge McCully, J. X. Bay Rum, just received and for sale by splendid steel plate encravinjr, to ny') 11r .,

CREAM TARTAR and Tamarinds, just re- and Rubra a vegetable febrifuge f July 21', 1817. 28-lrn' COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALER June 12 ._ H. F. ABELL. ferfeiU>si-jnej by Gordon J. LeeJ!, I.'t "
_ IN DRY vile and dan ; and t tn< ,i i'i.
and! for sale by for the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by AND GROCERIES[ emus. imitation, r!' (
and I.ayanderWater, sale by MOFFATS LIFE PILLS AND PHffiNIX: cautioned not to deal is" orlal
-\pri117 II. F. ABELL. June 12 ROSE No. 50 Water strj purchase (Ir by
H. F. ABELL. .
17 C. ALLEN..-. Deco; Apa1iico1 Nov RIER just received and for sale by protected by the 11. S. COp flight La.: J4i 23

i:.;: H. F. ABELL D< gist. March 21, 1816. 12-ly
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