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_~ _~~_ ~ _~~~ _~~_~~_~~ ___~_~__

:' ^Ttt~r AL'AlERTHER,
L W. V wY N.
.f '/ "- =.... -'----
.., ":.tl l. C DAVrIS, Editor.
O ,. T third S t,-,," B l i', n ,,tlflm ^ e;orlIner uf
l .*' (-oinin '?l-i ;-'? .!1,d Ui.i-inIil siireel<. -" .

I B.C ip -io .-11 ... 7- ""
if( upVid in aylvl--, ir i'3 '" I i w it ..thin .3-X
rlionthi. or (11...- it' paid tlierealter :i, I
N o -b -ripti. ..in .ikn n for a less terml.than six ,
I i ..,ih --. d tri3 %- ill i i v b chl .ir _.-d for
N, l i ,? p i- Iil' -1 1 .h- '"- .. ,- ti
all' irre' .-^,"; ps.J, a;i-l h Pie option of ithe
S- r pL etorl eh e -h
.' .+ or 1, t) ,.v .tl h -in 'rt'l at tN ie rite ul o rp r ,,l-
i %%' ... r tor the ti'l 1, al '1Fi v Cell for every subse-
quyit miserti)II. ,,- .
r. tl,) \v h ,^ :,,-l,,.?rt t h ,: y ea r a-lib eral
e liz 1 li ll / b. i-'1 <11 ,
"rtv p..-r ail n 1.- th 'Lir i, 0 l>,,I in. ai w ell,
,, ti.- i -, l: till bN thlemi, w ill
+= a i all 1,?>1 $t/.lrti'- 1!'- "- - **~ le11 .
.. '- 1d i.hai'-e at tle _' rlz,;,.:
.u.F.-- 1 l^.J.l :tverl_"?]in.?its iU'ISt belpaid for
in a,]arvan.
.+-i-^ l'i'e'oD,-,!lrr will w .. ehar-,c., Ifur honunou c-
in'x ni.lnfi-tate i',r ,rf i ,:e. 1 o
Ett- \-ill a ;,V. rri-,:,in,.,'i-5 I'r',rn a dilanclil m u.t
?< h ,^c~in i',t i,>.l xli t'ie ,:).l' ,.l:, r city reference,
'to I.nlilire ii re i .'tin ...., '. .. _

- Dry Gdobd.
--- 1r H E i. ..:,0, .r I. ? 1 lir-,: and sea-
_,il JL s..,i 's. .'k .,_, i-,* G-,,,.,..Is, c.-.-.i- tinc ihb
-A.+j6 "part of <
.*, 4+ N e-i', Ker_',",-- ,n.,l L,i-?-:. .; ,
1 ^"+ ~W white ai. Rt, l'lii.i-1,. -;.
-P in .':,n el I l':. w' .1 'i ,:, "
.'t t+' ^ LD ~il3 .vil'!?'++' ir^,'d'. .- :+'
.-,- ^ p- .l1 .*^ C ^ i..*.-r ,_-i.,
,t )e ft i^ r E ,IUi ) !i t,/ ti' l_ l-r i -l _.l.ti ,- -
_*"" -~ i-h 'ne ]!u,-P.i' t', t"* -1 1 .1' ,l rs.+, "*
L'- *D.III,-[il ,lll;.: ^ *,-~, '* li* I. I .. !-".1 *..- .
D ,n"|ri-, K(r.-.i-illh ," ,,i'l t ,n i,-,'.ade i .
;%'- vi E>;V ? iil'li'!'( ll .iir l ei:Ltm^, .: "- :
l;:O t'. , ,1]>, tt,, ar,, Ti.,,,l'r?. .-- ?* "
U 1 1 7*i'llcdin ij ..r. (:i l .
'. *':t. 'i h liu n.l : 1d ,,I"; ,,l ll 'l ,- ,_" I l i;. ^ n .- "i.-
B h~l,'hi.'ll: '. ,IC i t h,..-, t.t' Sl.- -rPI iti.;
t" r.-lr F'r i.,4hi t. i ",l o e'.l li iur s,
r".- S ti lra LAr,,- l.:.fe ii'i ,' n ... ll .l ii l. -t ?
'g w uetr. C ,i'>i-." 31 .1-L ,,_. :.
j st -; '],iJ .-ai .:.'- "ii *-\ fr r ,In. .. .
.ijp r tI t m.il bla'lk ,,ui; . r-.l. Silks,;,. .-.^
1 n i F li i -ulP3l ;Black. ", HSii I i t
: E il'[], r r \,'ir_ -i ,, i P,, *i-'*`- Nqik [ :'S ";
_L^-1l~~~~~-i "-** : l hI-. t l t-[^ ^ H '' -- ';
."' .' t.., -..-I l M l. Il 1I. .rr,:,i \,.ii, -' :1.-N
-' ott,,i.i .:ii iv i^x t i~r'-+,'i.r "
-.7 !. [+ 1,t l | !',._'*,] "-. .'*. -_- :>.,.I1 ^ .:1,,: I:,..1.. M ,.t ; l l .,
{ :' ,; ') -1._'. ,i4-I .i I,.! I.' *i i '1'l! "' M i-' [\ l- i '! l ,
' N . .1ll7:, P,', .I.,' T - *-' *':
. W lI,_'t !l j'.e b i I-. ly_,I llh '_.'ii l en j[ ..?ir- ri
.- .P v \" ,II+ i; l.i "] , l .... tl", ,i l l ,r* l ,-.t t6,1 .. _.,.i A -*
';d a\( ; :[-,i r.i.nrn i *i. :-l fh.: l,..' x e'_t in kvt r. ,tes ir .,,*n I
L4 -- I

_. -al'~ l ,," v _+l',-,l tr ^ '.it, !,.,,^ *' ,-r ~i,; l i ,_i t,i..^ > .
I **]] I)~ V I. lr'l ^ 13. p,)l P l l;r 1 & C_,.
n 0. l l. -- 7 1o i W.Urc slreeg,

I.:., V : Il \'i'LErV.

-fl.A N I-LL :, lt item ,,, *,,1.1 *;,:l all -'.,z
* / .-IVi :.L Hl u ','..r ,,,.-. "'.V .,,,i!,,v: :-,t!," ,--. .Spu'n-
:. '; "V i'r. ,'dtu ..- ,." -h lhl I .. '..\** *v **l*.tl, ,o, O h've

"e Le ---. tl .l W" _-,4. .' -i. i, .. ". *i ''i", ifl, I ',

*,l ,A J ,..I, ^ i ll.'i I' '"*"* '* :'' l.'" 'Y t I-^ 'i"" i' '"l
d grii. L llh ".i.-,7 *' 1.'l !* -"t'',i" -"* Z i "i'
Sd .-> T t l-r l- i L.>l. I '. -i. T ..i|.- iil.n._. '-,,.,l. ]-' -ir.'
Dr l >.-'% t^ til -? I i/ r" i"II '- IU P- I
TA ,L ili BIt,..-^,k;, ".n l;. .*' li,-..ri- '-. "-- [ !_* ., l _'., l i- .:
f-l ,,,ll~ d ul .t.l,. -: -l", ^ t** -+r,-i_- J,, ,I*i*,!,
W e Bl.i. "ip ..l I .e- B.:,I o. Ai' F L, ':1 -10 ,0 111'V.,
.P.i'' : T i'a-c :i^ l. ^JU I.r l 1-- ... Ti' *1 !L ,,d* -- II ,l,
-, .l r .lA D. "] l .,- l, 1 _. ," "
I.,i '1r? ':.O I-tir- ll'+ .i *.i 4' ", I,, "_-, lu. ,',. % ':,"
digrii D. k B~ii irt .pk i. ''l" *" -1- ..-

'j _, v e s-l v ,,d. H .). i- l _' im n 1 5 ih ^ l i ,:l. K I. 1 ,1 .l "
d -- T r o L L.. I .- *J-. ,C i ^ P mrr
B> rohu \[ l V l tra ,4 -. ,o I,, I'., . I,' '

lh.' Midi'- i.,.,l "I" 1, 1Z .- -. l i ,. ',
p 1 1 P 3> i, W t I I I I | E J t I
Divi.J-r-. ~ ~ vo I:.., -.- l ^ l-- L u *'".1
kcksd.. Sh-.ip i l;.P.~i.i ^ "'L ~.1

c 311 du Co ct'_, I' ll "1 11 l-lC I 'I A' 1" I' I "
1 A nr.)6 -" Pli- tIl -- ';-. .- .I. -, ,

F il lR l T..iII ,I-,. [,'.,, "-i," u^-.; *l'_ .p, :l [,,,'<-
o k d.. H ? >l t-] .-ii, t 'i,[ .,!,-., 1-[, ;,1 t- l h .",
Pu p o,-1 ~ ^, [1' 1!1j"I I "i1 -l *' Z _!,('" I" '
.. S a do -'.- .-. I', *I" I (,- ," l ^1- .1
A* 4 '?lwi'ij P '.',- r i _-,] .... -ete
Fni lie .3 T I it T l J -,, :'li.rp r-1 r,?, I k ,
S oi" .. ... t 1'

!, -b. ~ ,e Il~i t r,:-,_ ,i ,.,-'.l i I _,,' ,, lI -- ;
1' l h '- 3 1. i l. i -1i.l \.,-_-14 r 1 I i.-i L .

"- -_' .i iil" ', ,\" i-) Sij,-i'; 5d do M v-acoovado do;
i." '-*";-'* "* .5 .' H ,,n =; "* : ,: .. ...." .

. i l ,,.i i :l. i ,itF't,, S u g ar ;-..' +. :;.
S I. e .. S 1 .<.L -. -
I A.

.:. +^, .' ,5i" -, 4 -: "";.-t.\ K R i~ .+ '', .* "' .' .+- +
' ","* *. t -,-:. tL t' ,') ** \V i-'rBill i .r.; -,Gin .; :. "
I --." ^ -'*." I **) D,,a.mestic Brandy;, .
[ '... ;_.1:, '. _;10 ) N 0- MI...1 -,-e ; .* ; ; .::
Y','-.''' ". ""5'51: b:,\e.' E ,.:li-.i, ,O .j r, Cheese ; '. ;,,

1 -.. ?i' i 5 l:ie.-'e.i K erittiL'K'y B i:'-;li, ; "
'y ~ i- ** *')"' R pe; ;: .' '
% :; a '1,0 bil-ei A lI.-_'a t M ..ts; I, *, ,- .. .. -
;:" <>') b\-! a,,d ]Ill-b\-. iiv..v cr'op' M -il. Raisins; .

."-., 6i," ., Leon, ;
"' i : r7.: ..' ** :,, ',,r-i,. ,'ed r,, adoaC i .
3. >' l9? A' ) let ~ s ,-, Pil'-l ,:.i ; .. -: :
'" i.ki 1iA.- Mr -'it, N.:,2 and 8;
+ '.,3i"'h.ilt ib )l!s ,i',', do ; \- ..
"; +" "*~'1 b),'l eS a -"-'- ,:"'le '5_ I,.l'.i -" ..
2'") c l' ts alie [ I) j,\--_. il;i.lail:,_\..1.-r'an(i H y-
; .. .I. son ]Teas; .. Fe -
.' "';: llig.)-,'*hle_-t_. ji] lt^, ?'x p.. v,'h." .,' T eas.;
'7 h-lt'-f l].:' OHld if- t'o', Brandy z
", ". lI'. b.]skersi "' H *.li ie,.:1<". C ii(- 'l i ..~l l:"-l'? ; +-
-- 9 k,- N' ,iil I- .' te-] -siza ;
.. ^ :2-i bbl' P l-'l ,t vii-l N y Br'):i, i I -
" -' tieU r ,-'I; p iiew P iCo: i.. O
i: ., "o,' 1;+-' l _ln l 't,+r:r'- neSr 0u,-k .vlre~ti. ;.
.. .. "- -.-,l, 'b li-,,q N ,-,'rth -r Oat's. "
_- ..: ]M -i::. S .G i 46<- <^- *'-

.. -.*^:* Dry o0 l<, '";':
Sr'l.R LLING^'. Tp,.-kiu.. ', .,ttroi O,)-,ia!,n.r-^

k" l<+t3;, tT vvao -. Sl,,rtyi."-. Ih'- ,,il-, CI,,Jk'.
" "- Gttii-I::i~in C':ili.'o-.': -, ] 'l':e)-l,^- i. ,i,'.r', ,- \.'?.
F o by B. ELLISON ,CO.
t1*.: 2 ''-Vater .treet.
-_' .::. "^ .. ..-* .. .. *

--l .- Il- .. ... -

Wiii"ar"'s Ballsal i of Wild ('ilerry.
D1 0 DOZEN, ilst r,''i h,,.i. and t.:,r l al,- bh
\i.,rii l':> H. 1F, A.fA BELL."..
F irFgl-l F:,I Cr,.|l, 1..r s:,le bv
A1.-\iL 17 H. F. ABELL.
I TINTE.'C amphor and i-p,:-,.n-', !ust re-
-".cG ceived i,,l l..r saleby "
A.ri 17 .- H. F-..ABELL.
.Saroiilinlri'iyn n4a i. *
J' U4T ..,. .I:' .,i.J for sale by- '. -
' 'Jun,, l? **' i1. F..ABELL.'
Bl'TTE,, just ,-e'eived: and for I.Ie 1'.,
Nov. 2.t. X. J:C. \ILEN.'
-1lrinuiulll R ope.
100 0 P,.SleRi. i:i,,ii;
:1(1 IQ ,,I h-,!, n, ,,_ :. -* .
S *4 l: bial,_ Bi., T .\i,,.. f,-r swalegby
S- ViM.-u[PIJuR ER t CO.
Dee 5 *41 41 Water street.

r- A:.: ^ *'
* i+ .+++:*. .





' *





':, ;-.< ,,',11' -. .t~
S. . ,,' ,, i ? -,. ."
*. ;., .." t .-;S jf- ^WtXl -~

.. :. : 4+ < *s.i f i~

. "


;*i' --'_E] ....... .."' I -'* A-18

: _


r f
*f f

It was just in the' middle of ,the merry,
mellow +afternoon, that they- ushered us to
dinner, underneath a green shelter of p.alm
boughs, open all around, ahd ,so low atthe
eaves that we,stooped to enter. .. ... ,
'Within, the. ground was strewn over with
aromatic ferns, called nahee," freshly
gathered, which, stirred under foot, diffused
the sweetest ordor. On one side was a row
of yellow mats, inwrought with.-abres of
bark stained a bright re~d. Here, seated af-
ter the fashion oYf the Turk, we-looked -out,
over a verdant bank, upon the mild, bluh",
endless Pacific.. .So farroutnd had we skirt-
ed the island, thatthie view of Tahiti was
now intercepted. .7 .
Upon the ferns before us, were. laid-
several layers of broad, thick ," pooroo"
leaves, lapping over-one .upon the other.-
And upon these were placed side by'side,
newly-plucked banana leaves, at least two
yards in -length, and -very wide., The'stalks
-were withdrawn, 'so as to' make them lie
flat. This green cloth was set out and
garnished in the manner following : -
Firstia number ofr "pooroo" leaves, by
way of places, were ranged along on one
side', and by each was a rustic nut-bowl,
half filled with sea water, and a Tahitian
roll, or small, bread fruit, roasted brown.-
An immense flat calabash, placed in the
centre, was heaped up with numberless
packages of moist, steaming leaves. In each
was a small fish, baked in the earth, and
done-to a turn. This pyramid of a dish
was flanked on either side by an ornamen-
tal calabash.- Onie was brimming with the
golden-hued "pbee," or pudding, made,
from the red plantain of the mountains; the
other was stacked up with cakes of thie in-
diarfturnip, previously'macerated in a mor-
tar, kneaded with the. milk of the cocoa`-nut,
and then baked.. In the spaces between the
three dishes, were piled young cocoa.nuts,
stripped of -their husks'. Their eyes had
been opened and.-enlarged, so that each was
a ready-charged goblet. -
There-was a sort of side cloth in one cor-
ner, upon which, bright bluff jackset, lay
thej.l.ate'st of bananas; avees," red ripe;
guavass, with the -shadows of their crimson
pulp OL10i n.-.lin ihroi.ig'h a transparent .skin,'
n .. "' .ID"

nand almost eorming and. going there like
blushes; oanges., ti-ged -here "'and there
berry-brown ; and great'jolly melons, which
rolled abaut i" very, portliness! Such a
heap!, All ruddy, ripe and round, bursting
with the -good .cheer-,'Of the tropical soil
from whichithev sprang!. .
1 A 1b d of-orc!--,;a ].,.. cried the doctor,
in a raptuie; and4hie snatched a morsel from
sort of fruit of which gectle en of the
sanguine temperament-are.remarkably fond,
'namely' the ripe cherry l-ips-of Miss Day-

Bor.n, who0stoodjooking on. .
Marh'ufaiaifotted seats to his guests, and
the meal'Kegan'.-, Thinking that his, hospi-
tality needed some acknowledgment, I rose,
'and pleged-linm. in the vegetable wine .of the
cocoa nut, merely repeating the ordinary
salutation, Y'ar ono'r boyoee." Sensible
,that some compliment, :after the fashion of
white, menl was-paid him, with a smile, and
a courteous flourish of the hand, he. bade
me be seated. No people, however refined,
are more easy and graceful in their man-
ners than the Imeeose.'i ., .
The doctor, sitting iext-our host, now-
ca-me under his special protection. Laying
before his guest~one of the packages of fish,
Marharv-ai opened, it, and crommended its
contents to his particularregards. But my
comrade was one of those who, on convivial'
-occasions, -can always, take care of them-
selves. He ate an indefini-ten number of "Pe-
hee Lee Lees,", (small fish,) his own and
next ne ighbor's bread fruit, and helped
himself to'right.and left with all the'ease of.
and accomplished di-ner, ouut; '..
LdP,- t,"said he, at last', you don't seem
to be getting -along. Why. don't youtry
the peppersaucee?? and, by way of example,
he steeped a, morsel of food. itito..his nutfull
of sea water.' On fol}6wing suit, I found it
quite jih:,U:i~i, though rather bitter, but, on
tlie whole, a c'apitai subs'titute-Tor salt. The
Iineeo's invariably use .sea water in this
w-ay: teeming it quite a treat; and, consider-
ing; [a ilui" ileir untr'y is surrounded by an
ocean of er, l-tup, the luxury, cannot be deemn-
eJ ,in e,elp'ii-\ e one. ,. .
:The fish' were. delicious ,** the-manner of
cookingg them. in the .round pre~sem~vnga
Sth'e juices, aria enec'eriig them' exc'eedirjgly
sweet aat'd ,tender. The" plantain pudding.
'was almost d nll ii'.,, the cakes'of Ti~di:,n tur-i
niip ,-liii'e palatable, and .the^ roasted bread-
Iruil -cris-p as toast. '* : "t
During ithp in~e:,, a native lad. wvalke~d
"ro Und a.ind" "r', nd (lideh party," carrying i fen g-
-st ,n'(jf ba nbro. This he nccastonally tap-
ped ;upon the cloth, before eachl guest, whenf
a .white (.lolteds-u'/sil)l:iii;e diolpped forth,'
ilhli Sar ivor ot, unlike that of a curd-.-2
*This proved In be' "Lownee," eaflexcellent

relishi, prepared from the grated meat -of
-rnpleicocoa-nmil, moistened with cocoa-nut
in-iik',abd s, lt \%,iter, and kept perfectly tight,
uni'ti'l ia little past the seccharine stage of
lel'lme'nll. ? IO n. -,.
Tlirou',hliont the'repast there was much
l1 ely C1h.11tng .i j -,n.-, the islanders, in
which heir ri-,np'eo'-,ilii,'l powers gquhe ex-
ceeded ours.', The&_.youtng ladles, too, show-
ed themselves veiy exl-e,'t in'the use of their
tonguetr; sand ni. o"_niibuited much to the ga.Ny
ety w-hieh.-prevailed. "
Nor did. t,,ese livety n),,,ilh suffer tdi.
meal. toI ,iii iiiisli ; tor, upon the doctor',
llhrSuH lit Inll'.,_ I"back, with an air.of mu,:lu
satis tnii. i~ley sprang to their feet, and
pelteI dhi'm with oranges and guavas.+; This,-
,at List. put an end to ihe e, ert:dinie(-It.- "
"' By a- hundred:whimsical oddities, my
long friend !,feamr a great favorite with
these people; and ihey bestowed u'pon liin,'i
a long, ebmical title, -expressive of his'lank

figure aind oora combined. The latter,
vy the by, never failed to excite the remark
of everybody we encountered.
The giving of nicknames is quite a pas-
sion with the people of, Tahiti and Imeeo.,
No one,,with any peculiarity, whether of/
person or temper, is exempt, not even stran-
gers. ." .-.. .
.-A pompous captain of a man,, of war,
.visiting `Tahiti. for the second time, discover-
ed that, among'the natives, he went by the
dignified title of "' Atee Poee," literally,
Poee Head, or Pudding Head. Nor isthe",
highest rank- among themselves any protec-
-tion. The first husband 'of tho present
queen was, commonly": known in the court.
circles as,.f;..Pot':Belly." He carried t6e
greater part of hja.:perso'n before hlim, to-bsk'
sure; and. so did the bgentlemanly George
IV. But what a title for a king consort!
Even Pamaree" itself, the royal patrony-,
mic, was originally, a mere nickname,,artd
literally- signifies,, one talking through his
nose. The first monarch of that name, be-
ing on a war party, and sleeping over nighr
among the mountains, awoke one morning
with a cold in his head, and some wag of. a
courtier had -no. more manners than to viul-
garize him .thus. .. '.' I ',. -
How different from the volatile Polynes-
ian in thigh, as in all other respects, is our
grave and decorous North American. I.ndian.
While the former. bestows a name, id accor-
dance with some humorous-oi ignoble trait,
.the latter seizes upon What is .deemed the
most exalted or warlike; and. hence, among
the red tribes, we have the truly patrician
appellations of ''Whiter Eagles,;I' Young
Oaks,'-Fiery Eyes,' and 'Bended Bows.'
I propose to show, in an intelligible man-
ner, that whole meal flour is really more
nourishing, as well as more wholesome,
.than fine white flour as food for marn.
The solid parts of the human body con-
sists, principally, of three several portionsj.
the fat, the muscle, .and the bone, These"
three substances, are liable to constant waste
in the living body, and -therefore must 'be".
Constantly renewed from the food that we
eat. The vegetable food we consume con-
tains these three substances almost ready
formed. The plant is the brickmakerx-
The animal voluntarily in troduces these
brick's into his stomach, and then involun-
tarily-through .the operation of the myste:-
rious machinery within-picks out these
bricks, transports them` to the different parts
of the body', and builds them into their ap-
propriate places. As the milter-at his-mill
throws into the hopper the u-hground graie,.
aiid forthwith by the involuntary movements
of the machinery, receives."in his several
sacks the fine flour, the seconds, the mid-
dlings, the pollard, and the bran; so in' the
human body, by a still more refined separa-
tion, the fat is extracted and deposited here,
the muscular matter there, arid; the bony
material in a third locality, where it can not
,only be stored up, but where its presence is
actually, at the moment necessary. ".
Again, the fluid parts of the body. contain
thes ame* substances in a liquid form, on
their way, to or from the several'parts of the
bodyju which they are required. They in-
elud4e also a portion of salt or saline matter
.which is dissolved in them, as we dissolve
ommon salt in our soup, or Epsom salts it
the pleasant draughts with which our doc-
tors delight to Vex us. The saline matter iS
also'obtained from the food. .
: Now, it is self-evident that food must be
the most nourishing which .supplies all
these ingredients of the. body. most abun-
dantly on the whole, or.in proportions Most
suited' to the actual wants of the individual
animal to which it is given."
How stands.the question, then, in regard
,to this point between the brown bread and
.the white-the fine flour, and the whole
m eal of wheat .... :,
The grain of wheat consists of two paris,.
-with which-the miller is familiar--tht inner.
grain and the skin that covers.it. < Tlie in2
ner grain gives the- pure white flour; the
skin, when separated], forms the bra-n,.
The rniller cannot entirely peel off the Skin:
.from his grain, ard thus some of it is. una-
voidably groundup withh his flour, By3 sift-
ing, he sep~aratesk it'ote or less completely':
his seconds,; middlings, &e.,.-owing their
co!.or to th~e lU'Ol~r, rtion o'f brown b-ran that"
has passed thirough the sieve~along with the'
flour 'The-whole --m`al,. as. it is .called, .of'
wlinch the s~o-named brown household breadl
'is :made', .consisfts ot .th 'entire grain ground
u p+:toget~her- used/'as ..it'comes from the'
:illiIT-stbiie~s" unsift'ed; and therefore conraiin-
iini 'a l, ille, bran. -* : ;:
TJ;-o list whit-efli~tir, therefore, may be
said rO" .cont~ain -:.no'> bran-, .while' .the -whOle
meal'contains all that< gfreyi. naturally upon
the 'grain.. .' : /'_
: Whati~s the c~oniposiion olf ilieswo pbr-'
tiones of the seed ? ,How mului dhiev re:'
Spectively contain of the severalI cnnstiinienis
of the animal body ? How nmucha of-each is
contained also in the who-le grain ?""-
1.- The fat. Of-this ingredient ia lhou-

,sand pounds of the .----.
Whole grain contains : .. -28-'hs. -
Fine Flour', 20 :
Bran., ". : 60 "
So that the bran is'muchl richer in' fatthan

the interior portion of the grain, and the
whole grain groLTnd together (wible, meal,)
richer than the~finer-partof the jour in. the
fil,(i|),:, 0 ,, of n early one- h alf. '",, '"'-
Q: 7I,'r i n.lr'matter. -1 lmle, .had ; o0
oppoi tuuitvlas yet, of ascertaining the rela-
live p ')|o rtions of" this-inlii Iedi,)li -< in 'tile
l11ra1n '1nil fie flour of the ;aIl-tn s:i0 lple" 0(
,_'rain. Nin C Ceious" .experiIments, ho I evcr,
fi-,,V'c been miade in my l.bira-i-0ry ot, deter-
;mine these'piro|piortii tons in't neeflo"ur and
;hole seed of several vaiietie0 of grain.--
The general result of these: is,"tha' i the
whoul, grain uniformity otints' a larger
quantity, weight for ,i-il, tbadi -tle rfine

llour exiracled from it does. The particu-
lar result in the case of wheat and Indian
corn were as fo)llows :-A th6usa'nd pounds
of the whole grain and of the fine flout cr6-
tained of muscular 'matter iespectivelyj-,-.- -
Whole gram. Fine Flour.
W heat ,, 156 .Ibs:,... i30ls. '
Indian corn, 140 1- 110 ", ..
Of the 'material P out of which the ani imal
mutscle is to be formed,.the'whole meal or
'gain of%- wheat contains one-fifth more~than
.lXhe;6nest flour does. For maintaining mus-
.cula.stre'Igth, therefore, it must be. more
Valuable in an equal proportion. ; *,
8;.3 Bone tialerial and saline rmaiter. Of
these' mineral constituents, as they.may be
,caJled, ,of tlw" animal body, a thoruand
,6uods, Whole mealandline flour contain
respectively,- "
Bran, 700 tbs.. ,
Whole meal, 170" -
Fine flour, .... 60 ":
So that in regard to this important, paart of
#.ur food, necessary to all living'animals, but
eitffiiilly to the young' who re growing,
ana To the mother who is giving milk--the
whole meal is three- times more nourishing
than the fine flour. .
Our ease is -now "made out.- Weight for
weight, the whole grain or meal is more
rich in all t-hese three &essential elements of
,a nutritive 'food, than the fine flour,.of, waett.
By those,. ose on!y desire ii, to- :: M-ain
their health and st regth-by the food they
eat, ought ..not the whole. meal to be- pre-
ferred ? To ,children .. who0 ate rapidly
growing, the browner the bread they 'eat,
,the more abundant thesupplyo.fthe mate-
rials from which their imereasig .bones- and
muscles are to. be produced.--, To the milk-
giving mbothr,.thesamefood,--and for a sim-
ilar reason, is the most appropriate.
-A glance at their mutual relations in rje-
gard to the three substances, presented in
one view, will show thlisf rfiore clearly. -A
thousand pounds of each contain of (he
three several ingredients the following pro-
portions:, : ,
1 d+ ',"Whole meal. Fine Flour.
Muscular matter,,-, 156. 1bs.,. 120 Ibs. ,
Bone. material; 170<''" 60 "
Fat; ,; 28 20 .
Total in ea6h, L-4-4 bs. f 210 lbs.
Taking the three ingredients, therefore,
together,, the whole meal is-one-half more-
valuable for fulfilling all. the purposes of iau-
trition than the find 'flour-Lafid especially is
it. so in regard tothe -feediig: of the young,
the pregnant, and those-who undergo much
bodily fatigue. '5. .
It will not be denied that it is for a wise
'purpose that the Deity has so-intimately as-
_sociated, in t e jaAkP, tl.e_&_:eral -isub-.'
staties w,-hAic-are. oes7ary.'r the com-,-
plete-nutrition of anima-l od-ies. The- ibowe
considerations show how *"'nwise we are in
attempting to undo this natural colletiob of
materials..- Tq please the eye and the pa-
late-, wesift -out a less generally nuiruive
foo.d,--and, to. make up -for -what we ave"C
removed, experience teaches, us to have' re-
course to animal food of various-descriptions.
It is interesting to-, remark, even in aippa-
rently trivial things, how all.' ature is full
of compensating processes. We give.-our
-servants household bread, while we live on
the finest-of tbe.wheat ourselves. -_The mnis-
tress eats that. which pleases lhe eye "mdreg
the maid what sustains and nourishes ihe"
body better.
But the whole meal is more'whA'Co1.fioe,
as well as more nutritive. It .is- on, dunr'
of its superior wholesomness.,that ttr((siho
are experienced in medicine usualn. y-ecom-
mend it to our. attention. Experience in
-the laws of digestio.n brings "us back to the
simple admixtqre found m ein-,thenatural seed. -
Ithis not ain aceidenI thing; -that the pr'o-
portions in-.which .the ingredients of a t-ruly
sustaining f6od take theirplaces iu the seeeds,
on which we live, shotrld be best fitted at
once,to promote tfiehealth of the sedentary
scholar, and to reinvigartate the strength of
the active man when-ex.hausted by bodily
labor, -+..it: '-"> ;.*: I .
Somne may-say thatithe. preceding obser-'
'vations are merely, iheoretical; and may de-
mand thesupport of actual trial, before they
.will concede thai the seltection of the most
nourishing and. who-les'ome diet is heieafier
to be regulated by the. resulhs of chemical
analysiss. The d~emandf.is,-reasonable .it it-
self, and the so-,called deductions of theory
are ,entitled onl to the rank of p robabld
conjectures, ill! they.-have- .been tested^ by
exact and-,repea~ted ti~a'ls+ .. '"
But'sucA i~n this cease "hav-e beeu made;
and our- theoretical considerations conte in
nlyjto confirm: the results of, previous ex-
p~eriments.--to, explainn ,hy these results
should have been Obtained, arid to extend
andjentforce-the practical ]essolns Whiichi the
results theiuseives aplpear to inculcate.
'-Thus, fllit the experim~fenls of Majendie
and, others, it was' Iknowvn lhat animals
which in a fe'w weeks died, if fed only ripen
fine flour,!ived long upon ,holle iimeal bread.
-The reason apears fr6m ouar afalrtical in-
vcstigatiots. 'The whble'noeal contains .in
large~quaninily thiefthree (b-rps'of natter by
-which th'e several parts8 ofdlhe body ale sns-
rained. or suecesshvely renewed. WVe may

feed a man long upon breadand water only,
but un1les5we wish to_ kiltlhim also, we must
have bhe apparelnt c uelty Io restct him lto
ihe coarser kinds of breads. -71lie charity
,%hich supplies him % ithl fine wvhileloaves
instead, would ireffect'kill himh-by a linger-
ii starvation. "
-,,\ain, the polk-growler, %%ho 'buyvs bran
lrolr the miller, worldeie at the rn~markable
lee-dline and laltening, effect. I'ich this'aplpa-
rentiv %%ooilS aiAl ttseless mnterial has upon
his a'uinials. The snrpitiise ce.ses, h.I'q.Tever
aind the practice is oncoiuraged, and e'e.ien-
ded to other erealuere, vphen the resear-hes
ol'the labratory explaii' 10 o inm 6h0't tbe
Sford iisel'conitains,.ar:id what his gr'o wig'
animal requires.
Ecohomv as well as coimfor-tl ollow-from
(an exact icquaaneiiannchwilh the wants of" our
bodies in their-several condiliong, and with

the composilion ofithe vartoatie .tr...1. *;
et which are at ear comm-and. ldlIMIJWW
condition of the country, ; Ms .l
become a vital question. It:41L-M_ B '
Christian duly in every onwe.aiwlli
.far as his means and hij ah vim'
him.. :-".',wp^.-,srni
. Perbaps'the whole anotomi-o. _fte^^nlir
my which would, fnilow, itutji KJK*
meal instead of fine flourr, mays" f. l
every one who reads llie above o.bservati't
Tbe~saving arise from two souiew.sit i4
First-the amount ofia 'ba4f*e ldyW n
miller from the wheat wJMiCll he iiOdd,V8,
which is!not sold for h4iman aa,,wxnAtf" i*-
much: I 1hink te,do ^ot~ vwlin~i
.when we consider it- as Iormniwa.*'dm|R,
pou n d a_"9f.,ia U OW

wtich ae given to ani 4 4i:ec ta t
try andp prgs. I-t*her whole me.b-a.'-
however, eight pounds 6f flouri'wril.e obsi ".
latined, or eight people, iil beb6 fed'- byjiOW : -
same weight of grain whicb-oaly-4"e-Athi
befoie. r+..' .: di
Again, we have seen th i lft j eabpeaid"ttfe
is more nutrilious-so thavllie co.rse'nitaturw
will gp farther than an equal we ..gtf Mfif.O
The numbers at.% hich weoarrivedonfrnviixli
.results of'analysis, show tha,.takink.Wl, d,
three, sustaining elements of Jhw.fetoid 4te?
consideration, the coarse is qn--alf--mslnat
nutritive than -the fine'. Leavin"gi,a.'l
margin for the -influence ofl eircit~ilanmep
let us suppose it-only one-eightLs mbfie.a-
Iritive, and we sbalt .baae now ,inefiettpkti
nourished.equally !by the same wetgWU.fijp .
grain ,which, wheneweaen as fihe-fl ,-wqm-ldi'
support only seven. Tile wueat;ofitlultau
try,- in other words,..sould i thahisqform "q'v
one-fourth further than at .presetia: -..'u.'r' .,
PAINTER ANDo Po0Er., or-4 ram,
poet, and Rodolihe S--',-a)|ia"" g
ced to see a you-g lady for".te...Qwfi
at a certain parly. Blb ihbe.a* eij -t
ofher; and each, unJknojvn Q*;tf,^Wt
procured permission loce .cw -^ kh
day. after the first call, ftl ieo^;fl.sti.f,_
co'urage ,o press gently fo-." y'. A^-"A
E^ Zlays after ibis., e ba
ing" of her fand lo' .his' lips;. iUS^
laler, 'e blusbed like a .her
6D imprint a kiss onihe" fair oaEw.. )rea
Eight days more, and.,he..,
hope of kissing ier.li'sius.a
and the lady sudden exp".e.,.."i
-;Went to another? k;o9.l. 19 ,..%M-
visi1or. 'That. Vislior .wa.-:|'e`, tll
had Iressejd Lbe la.dy.'s..abd-.ii&l
ed permission to call ",. e ba-. J
I;* -...1 11,'.- i-- ,1 -i 5B- "I 'K .. -- ^.-. *

or THE


Ttr. undersignedpropose publishing in the
Town of Marianna, Jackson county, Florida, a
"Weeidy newspaper with the above title.-
'This -paper will be devoted.to-Litefature, Agri-
culture, and Science.; it- will also contain the
current news of the day and articles in support of
the Whig Policy. .
The want of a local paper has been severely-
felt in Jaekson, Walton and Washington coun-
ties, and has led to the prbi 'o:c.J.e3tabllshment of
t h is' J o u r n a l, '-' . Z *" .... .
The undersigned hope-to' obtain sufficient pat-
ronage to enable them to commence its publica-
ition by the 1st of September.
TERMts-Three dollars per anntum, in advance.
$3 50if paid within six months; or $4 00 at the
end of.the year.
: / 'BENJ: G. LIDDON & CO.
idly 31,-1847. .
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7,, Brand. "
44 half boxes Manufactured "' W Price". Brand.
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4822 lb. boxes- J W Morgan" "
> 1.-2 *lb Lnmps. "-
5 boxes M:i,,'i[,'t,.!re..t J'W Morgan" Brand
Premiumm. .
'5'boxges :- "Napo-
],I.._,, Brand "M nTii,:,jI3."-.
5'-boxes l\l, .l.i r.:l '" ..- Napo-,
-1,,-,'s"'' Brand,"Strawbery."
50 -_,,i i l ,...xes Manufactured .Napo-
l,;,l's ",'Brand "Magnolia." -,
S9 boxes Maanufactured Morford, Honey Dew.
.-10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars.
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Ingrain C n" ,-ri,- Cotton Cards, Trace Chains.
For sale low to close consignments, by
j ov. 1' .. .'*,53 W ater street.
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S+ :-. *- VIB. ELLIS6N ,& CO.,(
"Jan' *- ; '!" .. ,. '. ., ... *'".' I .W ater str~eet.: ,


e-dif..hadk.+d i; !i
the: daJ-y-thepoet'kisdiT, 'r r
arrived .-.ither lips aa,!1eon 4p. pil'J11, i
day the poet was iinerrupte. aiyj S.
lb. The trembliog delie4ac1jf-f i
gives propfof of e -finaet.c ff., iVj .
very- apt to be oVe'eylii'_:il.r ,
tire more confidentl-,bIecau-,sfo.Vget
ruder.. Or, s'o read fte^l A^ H ^S c
a Frencti newspaper.. ...!i B 11
-Portland Advert"i"ari 6 .j P,,
jokes .cofiniected with th _j' +t
liere, came off, we lehrfi'tI^^^ ^.,
room,"and was t i'erp .e-
chdaon. The Pq,
Mayor the latitude of P.159flij h
jug inform ed, h'e turnriej. To rT
and said--"This is failarh 6 .nr_-
have ever been before. 'ye'slI"
Mr. B., bnr with a smile n I tisi. p Bc:
added-- I hardly think, ;ir; 'it9"sti6" Iet
to 4 40 this timeo' .' .- ^ ,^ -.^ ^
DE-co-' FOR TiGERS.--- A'.1ry- Tdjyh:i i-
menagerie in Pariis,'becelmee'kgd Vb
versation, with h'er ba~lf, to-' wo ..l ...
Bengal lige'r. -`Steppng.'ha{
the nearest poi'ntof t'he-tle iig
within reach of *lihe nimal'y_ sf
moment ihe largest ,pplg*45
I'ady was being bilten ibrbf A
and torn in prices with 'Aa a "f-Lb-g
A 1oard was instantly stpIped 'be._. ,be fibb*
sufferer's b.ick .and eade,-afid.04'dt6tI.p-.. %
of other person separated fro'nirdt,:46! :.
which could not he exlriefi^l:ffb l]a- '
of the ,,ild beast, bu, lo-te"64i '"R
terrified spectators, it resahted-.i~tro i oW$?
very that ihe Indy herself hadjnmol foi-.
gle-drop of blood,, n'or suslarrrd-tj .l'g ,.
bodily injury in the masttCalin.!: 4 .tT"I4l;*WP
.~~~..... ..'* ** ., -. :;' v ^ .dt
THE USE OF (_I4ANO ..IN fqPEIF. -,lf
Peruvians use it chiefly' in th6:..cu t,'i',o&
of maize and potatoes." A-.few-t'w met:fr
the seeds begin to shoot, 'a lilll'e li lw
dno round each root;-and is"-fiflel-C0lmrft
guano, whicli is afterwards; c'VoV"
layer of earth, Afier ihe-lapseFilllll
fifteen hours, -fhe whole fi*etlt;ia, 'I I -
water, and is left in 'that %isrev
hours. OI Ih'he-a, uanobha'z".m-le'--H-i^
ty suffices',-and fhe field in'u'ft;e
speedilv and abundanll-;at oi /,
the roots will be destr.oveal;-,',. wsedoeJ-y w
Ahis measure is iitoredibltv',*i.W'iftj Ife ,-o
.days 0he grow th of. a .p l kIul -iw-d 6" ,e
fhe manure be replele: a'.;6te bffilif.,1sdi/lat
in smaller qiqanlity.. a r'.6hharlm- MWgit.Iifth..
'At least, the prod-lice wo.u4,d;;bei.btl**et
'that which vould have becnr-obfiB.fi-:.ll||l,
un m ~nm ^ i e d tim l." ': .... .,; '*a '-,:+ Fl ia |8
is vei-v ancientjin.P-ru;.auA;ahpeiit|3^
fie evidence of,. ii, *lim '- of thevin~as..,. ,hTi ;i ei i 1 ..l
-then:ebiitv lfoind an -a IWd 3: EI'
Io Chinra,so that fo-upkls?
yea rs;.'the'dlepesir. ians: bee, i ^e
cnmoved-Irori ItLeoslamo,,A!".
plreut deerease ,$l'o 6le -_eiil-l !lla^^a
'i.u't i t'0 r In'i t4'i'.eJ-ima itb j-l~lt.lbtftyb^
is not ihuc Il:-ri- ai n A u -A6
guano-a niore,'-,tridJna Iibft i
as, fewer of the,&aline pfrtld.v6l* ll i
-being in, s6lmjidn,. l he-%,aieip^ j
less subject to cvaporatiod. .-j' ,.- -


q-IHl ",m'-_,rib,-,' lI'i' l ir,_.l\' ri,:-.x- :,c,'ic.,.i.__.i_-ri
1 iiilir.n rl, ll ',,.1.,,'.\ 111,.,.a, ti,'l,:- :
S*'2 .?.,,,i,--: li..,l,'.+. ,i-l,| "'P .lt .\V lI,, ; L
" .'. 1- .,< _. .-Old-Madeira Wihe;- .. ;
" '- 1 ", *- sii ..-r... rL "i~l,.i S',';4:'i \V li ld,: \ ;' ,
"2 *'.- '., 1.'i" Bro. Otard BPirid";
,[ *, ... ,' <( D k]; Do.lin,,,i,. Brain dy;"' --
S 10 I)tt.i.t.-- '' .L ,-, .i .'!' I'.(,'li. (C t l~ pi iii~ ~ n,-./ -
Also, a j'j,_'t[ .:,1' ^,' ,,s. all of. which will be
P%,tifix. foi'cash only, by .1 .
Fel 7 ,-.i.W a t ,t,.-_ t.
%T [ 1%.`i 1 1d S -%, ,',,v.-' l 'la i ,, W id'I
C1 t'li,'l'r'\, i,):t 'e,:.:.i'ct an,,: t.:.r-^ ile- 1Iv
'Nov28 + J_; C.'ALLEN.
S HEEI'I(S, Sl,,,.i,- aDd Prints, by the
bale and.case, luiv l,.-r cash, by ..
: .-.B. ELLISON::& 00. -
Ja,n 23 _. <24 Water -tifeef. "

.-147 Ott,
d, 887 Sheppard,
797 Cdweu,
626 Clarke,
'222 Sabnders,



-?j The Rev. T. M. LY, NCH will preach
at the Methodist Chu-rch, to-morrow (Sun-
4 day) morning, at 11 o'clock; also in the
I evening, at iaalf-past seven c*clock.
The Portland advertiser quotes a passage
_ from the speech by John A Campbell, Esq.
a Democrat, at the late Taylor meeting in
Mobile, wherein he speaks disparagingly
. of caucuses and -conventions, and argues
in favor of their abolifibtlard miaintains the
propriety df leaving the"People t0 select
heir rules. In giving this passage the
e Advertiser, being a strong advocate of a
Whig National Corventionlob select candi-
'dates for President and Vice President,
takes-especial care to caution its Whig rea-
f ders against being led by Mr.-Campbell's
reasoning into the conviction that the same
corruption exists in all caUcuses, 'Whig as
well as Democratic.
" 'Be it observed," says the Advertiser,
-that Mr. 'Campbell Speaks-of Icaucuses'
and convention's,' as :he .has known them
I within his own party."
t Now we have perused Mr. Campbell's
3 speech, and we do not remember that he
restricted his observations to any party, but
spoke "of eaucutses and conventions gener-
I ally.
r Unlike the Advertiser we, do'not'believe
that the, Whig party is any more exempt
rfom the- corrupt influences of the intrigues
of politicians than -the Democratic. That
"the Whig- Party has not yet been eorrnpted
and -has not yet surrendered itself'up to be
contucted'w'tthersoe'ver and.for whatsoever
purpose its leaders may see fit, 'e belie-e;
but'if the caucus system-and the doctrine
3 promulgated by the Unionat the last session
of Congress, that the Representatives of
"the people must support measures, disap-
p'oved by themselves and their constitu-
ents, because such measures arY deemed
essential tu party success, a's was req'uired 'of
Senator laywofod-w'e have *nvo security
-but that tfe WVhig party will 'fall into tIhe
same evil course, which has drawn, upon
.he Du.,incraiie partyhe.e-.ndid- d..migia;i
ftioS of 3O,. Cam,,fcell. Likecauses would
-.Yroduce liil tffecls-acling-b the same
na t ernA,'-." .. ..
T The Wh;ig party have as 'huch ireaso'n
to be -disgusted with the caucus system, a's
have Mr. Ciimpbell and the independent
Democrats who agree with- him, in desiring
;to see. it abl'ished. But forthe "caucus"
system+, Yhn Tyler had never filled, by ac-
c'ient, the' Presidential chair. Does any
*one believe that a majority of the electoral
ebfleg-es+ would have voted for Mr. Tyler?
\We k-nott, that he could vot-kave received the
vole of eiss .nadt11re 'Sate.
'Aet- ^iv ~i? i tbfom e lips of on-e of 'the
Virginia Whig Electors in 1840, that when
e he ard of the nomination of Mr. Tyler,
he Was struck with-consternation and sur-
prie." He htid served -in 'the Legislature
Wit;i Mr. Tylei- a'id knew him well--and he
knelwthat he was held in bat slight "estima-
tion6y the leading +Whigs of Virginia.-
Femanidg that some bof these would denounce
hipnjand refuse to ratify the act Qfthe Har-,
risburg Convention in nominating him, he.
sataown and wrote to his co-electors, be-
seeching them, fob the sake of the party, to
support the nomina*tiob, saying that it made
butslight difference who was chosen Vice
Ri~iesidenl. He little dreamed, of the affiic-+
tion with which we were to be visited. Inha
.f:y "wee's, 'the gentlemrtian of (whom- we pe.ak,
.received lettersDfrm a, number of those whwm+ '*
/e 'had. addressed, written on the receipt o~f the
neWs of Mr, Tgter s nomination; appealing.
+ta him tO support tfie nominees.. A like a.'a-
prehension-seemed~to have simultaneously ipre
i'ailed 'amongst lthem tha't Mr. Tyler'sk-n~own
political. chaH-acler, :would cause "the Whitgsf
of f'irainia, to-Withhold from "him-their
s vp tp o rt. '' / '*'+ +
.It may interest our readers a~nd also serve
to maintain th'e correctness of the position
which we occupy :on the subject of. Coco-iven
iitions, to relate the circumstances atten'dinfg
!lMr. Tyli rs nomination. A committee of
!either three or five from each Stale (which t,
fwas afterwards reduced to one) were ap-.
;ipointed to select a candidate for the Vice

TPresidency-the choice of Gen. Harrison'
*fer that of the Presidency had already"been
i]Sado. When the committee assembled to
mnke th.e.ir selection--we -run no risk orf
contradiclion when we aver, that no one, for .
1 moment supposed that John Tyler would be
& choice. On the first balloting, Benjamin. I
7ratkins Leigh, Virginia's mosi gifted-son, r
ainoble,, disit.teresied,' and patriotic states- r
"Man, received a majority of the Tvotesi. Had i
.4he accepted the nomination, -what evils I
Sight we not have avoided Texas.Annex- '
aiiou, the Mexican War, and a host of mi- a

(uatilebum '867 Cre'ws, 89<
RUSSELL _COVNPY-.y- --We are itiformet
that the full Whig ticket was elected it
e: Russell county, by a handsome majority-
S,-Capt. James Abercrombie, for the Senate
Leading his opponent, James Holland, Esq
independent Whig candidate., 200 majority
Dais'-majority 137, .
DALE COUNTY.--;Orom 1',iis countyy 'w(
learn verbally, that James Ward, Esq
Whig,.is elected Representative, by a-in'a.
jority of 27 voles, over Col. Merrick, th(
late member. Note-for Governeor and Co6.
tress not reported. ,
', HENRY COUNTY --Col- Ang'us McAllis.
' 1ter, D democrat, we understand, is elected tc
1_,he Senate from the district composed ei
4"eiy .and Dale. George W. Wtiliams
',Esq. Whig and Pynes, Democrat, elected
to the Representative branch without op-
.position.: Champman's majority 120.
COFFEE AND PIKE.-No doubt of the
f electionOf '.Mr. H-otchinson., Whig, to the
Senate fromn kthe district composed .of the
counties of Coffee and Pike.
P-IKE.-From this county, we have parti"W
intelligence which induces theo belief that
the two -Democratic candidates for the
House,-Hamilron and Hubbard-.are elect-
,ed-. Davis' majority, 4i is supposed will be
f near 200.
MONTGOMERY.--DDavis maJdrHly :315--5fu I[
Whig ticket to the Legislattire by a similar
majority.-Hilliard 1157.
BUTLER.--Davis majority 404 Gaylefoi
'Congress a majority of 361 over Taylor, and
faH whig ticket to the Legislature. .
LowIDES.---One whig and one democrat
',to the Legislattrre. Harris majority for
-Congress 364 over independent democrat;
A'UTAUGA.-Chapman's majority 28.-
Full Democratic ticket to the Legislature,
'CHAMBERS.-Davis majority 407. Riee
Tor Congress over 300 majority; two wigs
'and-two democrats to the legislature.
TALLADEGA.-Democrats to the Legis-
lature and a majority for Bodden., ,
MOB1ILE.-Davis majority 270 Gaiyle for'
Co-ngress 180 and, two whigs an done Demo-
crat -to t-he Legislature,
MENT, IN STEAM BOILERS.-We have before
usa small- pamphlet setting fourth the me-
,its-of a new steam boiler invented and- pa-
---e.Jby, Ja-"re M4r6lof ig om y,-'6f{ Memphi ,
Tenn. The advantages xo be de ked from
this inventionsr at .p 1st, The _.;r nz, 4he
quantity of -water used : in th Jlb ir-'2a-,
prevention ofexplo'siton; 3d, the Savinig of i
least oQne A1hird in --fue.h; 4h1, h.the *tvThg -6-of
one-haIlf i fie space usually 6 *6upedbjy1h'
best cl-iss of locomotive boiters.
Prof. Renwick says: "I have seet '"ofle
in a-Ction;, and found it-fulfiling eom|p.ftely
t he .view's-of the inventor; it must complete-
ly couhiteract the danger Wilh which flhe use
of steam is now iab6re, and piremises to ren-
der the duration ofr60 'boiler-t 61a1.most in-
definilte." Mi.Vm. Burden, 6f BrookIrn,
considers it tb. best boile'r foi generaiin.
stolen he has ever seen.. Cerificates ffrom
H. M. Shreeve, Washington, D. C,., Hoo-
per & Brother, and E. K-.Coliins, of this
city) spe-ak-,of .the invention as fulfiling 'all
t16e purposes for which it was designed.
Experiments have shou'n thA't the perpetual
mrotion'of the wa-ter prevernis the. ilncrusia-
lion of the boiler,.lihal the sparks and srook-e
are co-nsumed,-and that, instead of two a'tid
a half t'nes of coal used and thirty -pounds
pressure obtained from he tubular form of
boiler, this has given sevenyv pounds ptesi-
sure from- hte 'se "ofo0-ly tobe-half the fuel
-during the same time. A-ny:one of these
advaniages' would seem to warrant its im-
fm.ediate and univ-ersal adoption.[NV. Yr..,
Erenino Podt, "*..,..

-York Suiz again alludes to his subject, abd
"sa~s : ...^ ,
\ We wish it distinctly understood that
in Our advocacy of the purchase of Cuba,
We do it with the best feeling toward the
Spanish Governmenti between which and'
the Unitsd States there has ever hee1 the
m ost fri endlv ,, ndersl andin-; eha ep o
pos-ed the purchase fromt asimeier~econviction+
that Spain is willing-to par, witti Cuba. for
fair consideration,' ahtf from a peronal
Iknow-lede that the purchase anti'anniexation
of that Island by the Untie~d States are ear-
nestly desired by the grea~rt n;,ss nlf its inlia-
bitants. We woul< |)urc.h~is? it as we did
Louisiana, with" only this d.iffe,'pnce--ihe
iurcinhse mon~eY is. not asked f'roiii the Nai-
iiona'l-Treas~try,.,but lies realy in the hat ids
oftll'e-Cir 'the mle noin the bargain is
"lade^^j,'Telieve Spain is anxious to sell,
I'r tlhe 'ditnciion el'thie Islanders to their:
present masters is every day increasing, and
promises eventually to end i~n a reiv(luiion
which must dispossess Spain of-the Island,
unless shie "wisely disposes of it while there
is a chance. The Cubanrsrare determined
o~n.freedom, either by. purchase or force.'
LEGAL'ADVIcE.--'Sir," .said a barber .to

an attorney who was passing his door, 'i
you tell" f)e, is btis a good half sovereign ?,--
The iawe3rpronounced the piece good, de-:,
posited it, im hlt pocket, adding with- great
gravity, 'If, onulf send your lad to m Iof
fice, I'll returndthe three and fiur-pence. 'i

V.AFIIMN.Trov, July 16ih.
A. letter wng addressed, since the late ses-
'sion, by Mr. Dixon H-. Lew-"is to Col. Bafiie

L- .jtUYLP 01 iiiivewjcwuna, rpAKI.g- naqnlain"
e -relative to the ap..lrea vicwt of General1
t Taylor i, regazr.>?lo cerlivin questions in
:" which the SiateiM its" .prty took a deep
d interest. Mr. L %,^nWI letter, which is
- not published, saidttle .if Gen. Trilor's
s views on these subjeeWs 'were sound, lie
r would support him for Lhe Presidency, even
- if he were a Whig.
Col. Peyton had recein'ly.,,served un,.ler
e Gen. Taylor, with ilie Louisiana volunteers,
f and was known (o .hare largely, in his es-
teem and confitleBIF?--e was also known
t as a distinguished 1)olitian, having b een a
e prom i^. ef.fiber of" Congress, formerly ,
t-: .pf- -essee. This genilman ?s the
]IRuRjfbe- letter in reply too tr.'Lewis's
Y .*-,-. ,_. : a p -.V .
- -*q.U.., H'e.k e6s nol profess to speak hy
-: au'tlfn5,Sb.He diclaims that. But as he
D corr v.,.st.ales the 'sole ground on which
,en.,TdvI "r. -would cnosent to be a candi-
dale,'It.isto be presumed that he is equally
correct in;other respectss.
Mr. Lewis aVas highly delighted with his
- reply and gives .to it full faith. It is Mr.
L.'s declared opinion, that Gen. Tavlorwill
I be supported bv all ,the-Southern Sta'tes.-
*, *+ '* .: , *, *
WASHIN'GTON, July i-7th.-
In reference to the position of GeneraM
Taylor as a candidate for the Presidency, I
I have recently ascertuined one thing which
it may be of very great importance to the
I public lo know. Having giving his consent,
tljough very rel,,ctanily,, and at llie solicita-
tion of persons of all parties and every sec-
tion ofthe Union to serve his counlry, when
f called upon, as llie chief magistrate, lie will
-never withdraw from thoe position he has
i thus assumned. He is'n6w a candidate, andi
will abide by tire result... He understandS
and feels all the delicate and.difficulty of
his peculiar situation, but having given his
word to his friend?, lie will ever break his
pledges, however -lihl-ifv any-oaf them may
treat thei, own. Heias, I repeat, a candidate,
wheilier lie 2et one electoral .vote, or-
what is more'likely-every, evecotoIral,-vote.

M\TES.--A oenileminau in Brook Ilv has ,is-
coveid a plan by whch tire temperature in.
side of' adwelling may be reduced+ t cn'v
or thirty ,,' ree- s below'that ;of the air ott-
side. He proposes to construct barracks
upon this plan l-r (lie U. S. Army at Vera
Cruz; and by l i.,t,. .the "olliers'live in a,
temperature below tha; in -toich tire yellow
fever and other tropic i diseases become
contagious, lie holes tosa've hIu.ilreds of
valuable lives. He has expl.hioed his-sys-
tenm to the editors of ihe New York Sun,
and from his successful experiments, tnade16
during the warmest day this season, iheyare
favorably impressed wit h' its utility. The"-,
-invention can be applied' lo new dweljinks4
at a very small expense. The editorsof-he
San believe We" has taken the necessary
steps to procure a patent. g -
a peace of flannel or spunge to a thread,
made fast to tlie top (f a bedstead; wet ilie i
flannel or spnnge with camphorated spirits, ,
and the musquitors will leave the room. i
The Rothschilds pay iaxes on one ,hua- 0
dred aud seventy-five millions of dollars. a

,rr events, wouid have slumbered in the'

ExPENSIVE.-The steamefJEmpire. play:'
ing on the Lakes, burns 700 6otis of woo.^
on the trip. It is estimated' ihat she wiv^
eofnsunie two hundred and thirnv-four acrW-
of wood, employing forty' wood. chopper-m aj
an expense ofover $]0-000, r.*r





DR mom I




I* -'*~~ ~h-l ~- C I I -~ --.



= *



Mon)-iixe New Vo'rk'Corntnircill Adirertiie."
.,W1'fTARIFF OF 1816.
1j.3j4W Jiar, NICK OF TiME.-Sorne.lw
oo rt1h, j 8 ago The lion. Dixon H
t.pri^enathr ofth United States fro
Jf e of Alabamai, was in this city, c
M .wftiy to Or frim West Poinin-,where I
*as to-1take part in the annual examinatio
[Theablbiorable Senator, it is well know
htas long been a zealous and perseverir
[ajf ttdvocate for the doctrine of free trade, ar
|l$at [fie last session of Congress. in hiecapac
Rt^^ y of chairman to the, Senate's Fmnan,
Committee, had assigned to him the task o
.:pulfing the laboring oar in that body in tl
I' A:. discussion of the new tariff, or the tariff"
'!.-118",6, to which the Washington Union an
bther .-Government mouth-pieces or stii
porters have of late been shouting peaa
of rejoicing and praise as the one actua
"nnquesmionable, allsufficient cause of ll
splendid prosperity enjoyed by the agricu
turn interest ; that is to say,'of the hig
'prices_he producers of ft'od were geilin
for their wares, and of the very, verve liltt
loves which the consumers of food hai
been getting foriheir six pences -and shii
It happened that the presence of M
Lewis in our city occurred nt the inomen
,^,. when barrels of floor were ilh dearest, an
'.: "' sixpennynny luaveasnlfbread the smllest. Thl
Jr'- joy, therefore, Ql'ail who hiad any thin it
gaMit14 Wl44lhh1 prices of iour \ns at i'
~ ight--- rthe f.,]rners, the flor.s,:ll-rS. t:
1 flo-.ir tan~ p'ortes lie silip ow,',ers -i h ;
.vessels to let opnhfi'e'i_%i(, tile own-',n -e otf can
strck abhdiiini y ofher., directly or Adirll.,c
ly henef-lteihny tile'a|.,lro.xiia'ion .o1" lhe
to silver in value. They were glad andm he
were g.iteful; and 4s one means (if display'
ingtheir gladness and _,atitude they b\
thought them of invitinK Ihe lariai-,n'-kin
.enator to a public dinner; which was a
1very pretty and proper. Mr. Lewigi, hon
"ever. had tlhe inisforiune to be a very bulk,
-Pman, one who suffers, probably, il hot we;
other, and suffers especially ,in a crowdle
roomn where three o7 Comt hunmred penile
men are eatin!Z an-i dri,,kin, toether; so h,
Tespec(fully declined the inviiation--llic
was very pretty and proper also.
Ali( if ihis were all- if the inviiaiion ha
-been privateely given and declinefl-i-the
would have bI*?n nothing for tis to sav i
4he premises, the richt to sivf and decline
it being unqliestionable. But, in an ev
hour, or perhaps we should say in the tliac
-ness ofttheir hearls, the inviiinn genilenme
,made hastie to let the public lri6on wha
T-hey had done, and to publish (he corre,
pond~en-e, in which as ma'v be siipposed
-we're no small glorificaiiun of the inriffan
free trade, and ascription to them alone o
Ol-e w-ndrous prosperity enjoyed by all par
tres engaged in any wav, diiecilv or ind
rectly, in the'prodtction, transportation, c
sale of tire precious commodity so vreail
ain demand and so teeming with profits'!I
,those who had the handling of it. Fo
examplee, here is an exitraci from the in'vita
,tion : -
"The success of fhe great measure c
-free trade, with which your name is so close
ly identified; and to the influence of which
the friendA ofrhe system are so much in
febted, is vow fully" made manifest in th
inereajed commerce, navioamion, andmanu
. ._ 'ivhl'le eounnry." We-believe

^9s'*^'il~r^ l^lbal atf present time tile
"'United, p stale of prosperity no
a-Donly tBA',xaap-lediu tfidhiiory of 9 rna
*d's, but ahogether unprc-edenite-' and
t40eiBtaed'in our own since the very for
matiorl bi tli' Union. To yon as well a
to quire[ves (rifs must be a peculiar matte
ouatuation, as it falsifies the predic
friends of protection, and jus
nt.ic._q ipatious. "is declared in the
Sl-is great question at the time o
Softt e act of,846."
-. tto'tlhe worthy Senator was a
04e me ...dif-sive and more specific. The
iriv S.d!'af pro peri,.v in general, bu
] Hg^ 1,38kas us understand distinctly
40 k -j~h~ireii;.oL' .19 prosp~eriiy is aburi-
danl~def.1f. The.r eotrhaad cotton,- with abun.
aiinflr ax of tmo~ey to pay lor them. Hf
+ "W'it~h'.t~d'jehea,est a~nd bes{ raw mate-
:,(ial tlo'clofetiu(he wvorhld, with an annually
a" a renting manufacture of that material,
threatening_. by the actual results of the pre-
'-'.',.. --"' .t '.nt ye r, at period .nbt very distant to ex.

+ -,ee~the.n^l"O!.r-.ma..atf*;actnr'ed by England
." .]e'rs.el' an-d. witlihi,mkieri al fur Ibod, which,

in'Gors^Br^,^e, seeins destined to feed
S thie wqrl1"d,;.iu?^rF^ h~ut the .absolute com-
. nmercia1,9^^... l^i^)clh it .is the purpose
*... ,of restricJ(6ft a Ky rjod.e, to create, can arrest
thlat c.u.r.rce'ni! aFf'o7-'bI^ exchanges whi,-h,
"' fro~n etery-.quarter;, isailready turned toward
this co~u i{rr ^ + = *
"Wfiile.oir foreign eomhierce and navi-
g~ttion ha.ye been greatly augmented, where
; are th et d'asters of'lthat unfavorable stale Ot
SfiE-ign a'n,! dom estic exchain,es wlhichi were
foreta"lils the nteans of'itrivin-g the preciousi
metals from our shores ;' In the face of tn-

creased iminportalion offoei2n goods, large
amounts ofspecie blive been brought inio
the country to balance ouir ie;,%'v export?.,
and stillhe rates of ioreign exchange are in
ouf favor. # AF 6 *
"'Indian corn. as well as Americat? whelt.
mises, like cotton, to become a staple
. wbtch.-te world cannot dispense.
t', /''-a t'"'r EYAe R has been mo,'st fIortunale it,
^^ ^ til he wisdon of tile measure
SFacts ,ave taking plce of'
.i' and restlis haive superseded
113' J 's. The tariff of 1-46 stands now
se'o Q tndica-ttd."
N, w7;one cannot but inarvel, admirinoly
withal, at the singular good fortune in poinit
of wNch attended this interchange ofcour-
tesies and congoratulai ions between the ad-
vo.ateofthetariff and theaentlemento whom

tha tariff.was in their opinion so profitable.
f._ur was then worth nine or ien dollars a
l.with a prospect of going hi-her and
zJ-ong in great deinand. All who had
WqnY.x._iitg t6 do with flour, except those who
bad to'buy it for eating, were growing rich
apaoe;,and to them (fie existing conItion
*of thinh s was just [lie most beautiful, the
Most.asfactory, ihe most admirable that
it 1ako `r.mau nature to conceive.
aut~uilspiose tlhe visit of'the Senator to
New-Xork'cad chanced (o fall in this third
ofJAIly, 1847; flour having fallen from nine,
or feon ol.l.ar3 to five and. tihree-quarters, the
dean iid'sckening away fearfully'and the
expenses, trauspor-tation, storage, insurance,
kc..eat-ingUj its whole marketable value.
ThiA40.0x oi-' specie.stopped withal, and

,he quotafio^hs.'o cotton in the world-regu-
lating marketq'o.Liverpool growing more
and more onlktyois ;V every arrival. Paeans
to free trade and the tariff would come with
a bad grace at suchba conjuncture, for peo6
pie who read themn vould be very apt to s.Y
if ilie tariffofl 146 caused that excess of pros-
peiily in June, that insatiate, almost raving,
demand for breadtstbffs and that swelling
tide hitherward of the precious. metals, by
what mysierios omidation does it -happen
Ihat, (the tariff beirnk .r-9 llexistent) the de-
mand has ceased, 04 fide-is at its ebb, the
excess of prosperityhias vanished away ?
A parlous question this for the gentlemen
who g.ive the invitation. But it shows that
the letters were written and published just
in the nick of time, -
From the \Washington correspondence of
the N. Y. Journal of Conmerce :
VWASHINGTON, July 15th..
We may now safely'congaratulate the peo-
of the United States, who have, for so many
years, been subjected to the tyranny of po-
litical p:irtiei, tthat the time of their deliver-
ance is at 'nand. From every quarterof the
country we have assurances that: t1e- whole
body olithe people are rising in favorofiGee.
P'alor ns their candidate for the/Presiden-
ry. The Southern State-right" men are
moving, in his favor and throughout the
Wea, the people .call for him as with~one
voice. .
I meet every tiny with trav qers who have
recent I y passed dhrough-the Northern States
and. PennsilhIania, and they assure me that
amonIhe people "no name is tolerated in
compelimini wilh that of Taylor. Tile pa;r-
V le-iderrs ih ve lost their power. r iP..
Wlhiis may i;alk -ol'.th~e principles-ithe cur.
rency, the disiiibution, the highl tarill" &c.,
but [ie .people arf' tired of this old story.
The Democratic leaders tell them that Tay-
lot's election will destroy democracy and
lake away firom the-party their monopoly of
spoils. But the people say, in reply,'that
by electing a man who is to administer th'e
government on Constitutional principles,
i-hev will infuse ino ouir system trae -repub-
licanis-n. ^
This movement ,4egan with "he people,
and wil-l be prosecuted by'them. They do
not eve ask the leaders to stand aWtoof. If
they cannot carry Tayylor against every-poli-
Iici.,n in Ilie country,.then they are deceived
in the stiengilh of' their cause. It is to be
hoped that the old political 'hu-mbuggers
will maintain a separate organization. It is
desirable in order that-Gen. Taylor's triumph
may be the more signal, and the -moral les-
son of his election wmure effective. The
more simple are (lie means taken for ,push-
ing forb'ard Gen. Taylor, the -better. No
Convention must be allowed to inteerpose
between him and the people. He wouldtiot
respond to the nominotion of a Convention
goi together on party gtouads. -H'is boartis
launched. All who arein f t are wili rrg-to
sink or swim with it. Of the result there
can be no doubt. Though the bill6ws-of
faction rage and chafe,/the friendsof Taylor
may say lo the pilot,-" Fear not, yonu %carry
Caesar, and Caesar's fortune."
St -0 # A

[Froim.kthe Eufaula Southern Shield. I
Below wilt-be found the result of the elec-
.tion in this county on Monday last,-with a
*tlear majority of 302 for old Nich!--and the
entire Whig ticket for the Legislature
elected by a triumphant majority:
Whig. Democrat.

womb of time; if not forever, yet for a sea-
son. But MKonLeigh, with a rare modesty,
seldom to he met with, we regret to say,
Ahibgl.the public men of this day, declined
-02r^Sing the nomi-ation on the ground
4q eg himself one of the nominating
committee it would be indelicate for him so
to do! At this juncture a member from
Mississippi, named Dabney, we think, and
said to be a relation of President Tylers
went round and held a whispering consul-
tation with many of the committee, in the
course ^bf which he proposed Mr. Tyler,
land urged his nomination on (be ground
'ihat he was a Southern man, and that the
Soith'had a right lo claim the Vice Presi-
dency. The character of John Tyler for
political Itergiversation-his political cor-
*ruptibilily and facility, such as'he evinced
'when'he lent himself to the opposition to de-
feat John Randulph for the Senatte, was but
little known out of Virginia. The little
that was known of him-his course 'in
the Senate, in voting -against the Procl-
mation, the o6nly remarkable act of his,
career'as -a Senator--haid made a favorable
impression at the Sooth. No opposition be-
ing offered to him, "-Mr;. Tqyler received the
votes of a majority of the committee, 'whose
act was of course, ratified by the cobrve6tion-
When the choice which the committee
had made, was announced, ihe Virginia
delegation were disgusted and astounded.
We Pave heard that Senator Archer went
up 'to Benjamin Watkins Leigh and ex-
ctaimed;* My God, Leigh! why adt you
permit that man to be nominated ?" "How
could I help it," said Leigh, -ifrhad op-
posed'him, my opposition would have been
attributed'146 envy."
Fo' these details We are indebted'to 6ne
who knew what passed in the cQnvention
" quorum pars magnum fuit." -We ask thb
Editor of the Portland Advertiser, and eve-
ry other Whig, if facts like these, do :not
furnish cogent and convincing arguments
against resorting to a National Convention,
'or any other caucus, to do what -can. -be'
done by the free and spontaneous action of
'the People.
Of one thing we are c iivifeed:: it the
'Whigs of the Southbo into NationalCon-
vention"wffh the Whigs of'the North, they
will be out-voted andjWilmot Proemo Oan--
-didate will be selected. The same result
will attena.A similar proceeedinig .on tahe.
part of the Democrats. ll that the Norti-
ern Whigs and Northern Dei cra'ts d-s re.
to enable tlVe1m 0to accolmplish*tfieTr -chief
-'object--the sueces s 'of tfle Wilmot Provi-
so-is a National .-Presidential "oCnVention.
Let them- otf'ce"cet the 'consenut o'f tbe:
Whigsto abide by the nomina'inoen f i-ch-

a'boly1 and they will pr'eeif in it, an' un-
broken front, and marshal,,an o'versvhelming
mmajority in favor "o f a Wil-ot -PovzciV.1:an-.
dida-te. *" .;
Will thel'eople of the 'iilh-ufle r heM._
selves to b'e caught in theltoils of their ivity
adversaries, by 'the lure-of a convention.?-
We trust'tha a-o attachment, to'any such
questionable usage, will prevail amongst-
them to their undoing.

The. annexationrof Texas and-the cease"
quent War with Mexico--.'-;the position as-
sumed -by the President.0 4'the Oregon-
4urestion-and lastly, Gen. Scot1'*:Procla-
matt6n, Shadowmng forth a n^ 'o-Kineta
Policy, have raised the` imnpressio'niabroad"
that the Government 'of this country are
bent upon schemes of-territoritorial aggran-+
dise ment, a~nd hJave created feelings ofdislrust-
06i th~iS ar't f dovern~ments hitherto riJndl,-
d is p o se d to w a rd s ns ., ."ss .--;~ r : -.-
Th+ose rulers who unders'lanjoB^ -iH'd[ifc.sS
t'utions, and know tbat ono systbe_ |y
favored by the Adinniiistr~a|! talfeis6tr,
eessfuily established, un n^^ ^'^j+.h.
the approlbation of rhe~~opje.,. ,Saw no
doubt regarded attentively,-ev'ery expression
of the popular Sentiment. A variety of wild
and foolish ehemies haveg been :broached by
individuals in "different parts of tlhe "0aid',
which if. seriously; considered -by foreign+
natiqns, and deemed by them to~be the emf-
bodiment of he feehingi of any respectable

number of thbe people, would'ge far'ro con-
vince theem tIai t-the Oage or t'iritherbal iC
,|.ui;silre.-n the part of our co untryen, is
fast butstripping, tli eir espJct ffor the rights
oIf other noljo,,s,- and a :prudent regard for
lhe securiN' of.-tirir oW'r i litical ekise`'e.6.
We have..b''lled to these refleiclions by.
thle |iiih lica i an article -in,. the New
Yolk Sun, -aller,.ing that the Cubansare
ripe lor revo.hl,'and advising, the purchase
of their Island by ibis 6666tty, the purcha's
money toin, paid. by the inhabitants of
Cuba, w'ho it is said are to furnish the needy.
No man of common sense Igives any cre-
dan'6eelto this effusion of-the Banker-EditorI
df\lrte'Sun-it is viewed dby all asa "vision,
0f vifins" of its 'f I-struck." author.,
[t is a- paper bulletA o'N cracked Brain-_ :
proper to be'treserved in ihe Smithsonian t
Institute's collection of curiosities by the
side of our wide Senator rule6's .Aurigaa'-I
ion Resolutions, and 'Senator Soule's pro.- '
position to dismember Mexico and Co0-11
pensate that R-epublic for her loss of Ter- I
itory by stripping C-entral America of anll,
equivalent. strip of landj and ainnexihg it" toj
Mexico1 : t
Now- inp'this country where jack dawsIt
rre stilI classed as d raws, +espite -heir bor- t
rowedpluines, no one regards their cack- .<

I iog-s ac6910ainles's *Ch~own Wl^ !^
alluded to eWH ridicule, an@ eV"ISF"' z
authors lo confer, froGi wh-rwA o ^
dignity of a l V <|Q a'ae
But at 'ad, amog -
is threatened bytheae IflM.o(dal2 '.",. '
more nmportapce is atlac h || c i,.|k,:_ .'
meats. On t'e r.e -', .L.
rica, of Senator ri e'. ,
luded- to, aeevap"W
Statement thfM lit- was derree. Alp-B/^^
full Sen-ale-and by aB qa ri i I f i .^TJ
report that be h as abeto t i te; sw
ico to negotiae. a peace- s.! .
was excited, ad Do .h.le -
manifested Ltpards the Cirhl t''" .'ds. "
Ifsuch has been the effect proidoc B 0 -.
the Centraf Americans, by the idter .*i-. .
monlade, uttered at a diner party, tyJ', .
Louismana Quixote, whose vagar4-rrntwL.+ ,. ,.,
no sympathetic echo beyond the waft, v/ .*.';
our Lunatic Asylums; what may we erpect .- ..
will be lhir'effect produced upon q hlib,-- .:' ,
ous Spartard by the continued agitaLiot-'-'li -'
the Cuba mailer--begun at a p e taimljw".. -
ing,, presided over 'b. an ex-A3.&v l-,. :"
Illinqj,; broachedi rthe Haw-L.,I? ,'"-,-
by a Senaor ,. and no. -gTelji'p4.Y *---A"
public print, whose editor has'bA. tt*'Co^,. ^
munication with the in'habitanwa.,f the'iA- .-'
andand claims to speak by atthry, ". '* l.fr;-. ,
he announces; that such is their disaf ifi ..f _
towards their parent.country, 'that they -e l' .*
resolved on revolt, 0i a pbace'fug. .weraRIM." ;'
of th oties'whtieh have counedt h tbemt6 --"-
Spain. #t ;, .
No deihal 66 the paro4f *Ihe Govei'ameA_..:-
of thiscouatry,'nordenuneiation dn the.par f.*"
of our press, can.:roile the impression Ihat' ^F^
:there is a part, "l ,Uaihed Stats whi3ch-.. '-
is seeking ,. e Pt oion of Cubt-arid+
'that the spirit of Vrlritorial aggrhtdr4&mea '.
lately manifested in Ih tb Xilexa'a'ieB^ol A
Texas, will cause the people to lend a rea 1
ear to a sche,,e which prohiset t6 plaee'-
wihhin theiregrasp, the, glittering pr g.-
hi hch*is, by its natural mositifn, "' "- e,,,J.
71emptlngly before their eyes. ^^ .""+
Unless public opinion causes a q .
'of such impoli1ic manifealations of'" i-,':.:;-'
iy disposition, aid d sr~gard'bf ih !.=:
of naions, we may look to fe*e'"-' -
hostilhy wih' which 'the ALephbc-h.. ^ *
been viewed'y 'Ihe Monorchsof-t!ho^"-;j'-
W\Vrlu,,and may expect tnatlhe, M16ieiM.: -.
'hieh our eaily. symnpat.y.- in tbh.. c&' |
South American In4dep iea CA'
fbe geverou~s hearts" of Butc~i elt :
cans^yil^ive;n~eto jeatfet-hj-&.firf,,^ .
We ave consu-ldered the article fr : ;":
Suw,_viih refitene to its effeeltipi^-";.-.
Foreign Relal-io'fs..'lo0e-_ .i n-" t,-.^.
of the injury, .,uj~h-
duce 6; theanr".--u pIo-regngt/ ^ ^.-.
-wards ,he tmforlrqaie iaS10l'bjita^^^
who will h- -A truth,
tyranny, 66 'td n'r .eai,,-itye^ -
that they hav i to .' -ih i c m-eoc '^f
one who) liaarvj,^ ^ .Tw-
sacred obligati'qpis6orAwi. |^^ wh^ .,.
-in his 'blintl 01nf u n s r rtinbgi"^; 11'^
-the. dicta els Wf a'varic'e6, a .
-danger lo which' he exp'f P.d i -fiitS,^. : --
ceived him with unstieling courheoy-: :: .
-poured, in trusting eorifidence, inlothif^ ..-
'the tale of their wrongs and their impaTi-''- '
nnider their yoke of srevitude. Verily ey
have been nourishing'an addTer--4 !iU4i' -...
b o s o m s *':*. ^ fc-''.' ..-

Alairge and ,'cspectable meet ing' ;:^ '
citizens of Madison county, without 'epa^1^-^
(o. parly, look piace on ihe 17lh alr,.]i ;^ +*+'. -~
.w~hj.ch the annexed ,esolu^iMn1s W ere'par=r ._i
an' an address to the people 'o the_.g"a.- '-.\
da n up. .< J -
-= The address was from the pen or Samp-?;-':.. .
son H.. Bufler, a distinguished g'e-nlleny-.'=,*-
a~te of South Carolina. "We ~Sho'.ni'ta^ f..:
pleased In give it a olac'i"otr 'e:at.n,.:s^ -^ ,.
but iis rent lengh a'nd a peso~te as'' -
'ter, prevents our" so 'doing it willl EW^^ -;- ""1

pap ers o f th e S la ie. :. +.- **
The main object of trie adddre~s, :Is i~d. "w.=' '."

vince ,he people of ihe propriety of vid-o ;.-!: :
the course, iu rur, heran.ce of whi"h, +-ft ^
fmeeling wns called-an union of attpa+ tia -
at -the Souilh in resistanceeto-j.he'sib.-:-.-
of the Wilinot -Proviso-1o0 render w.fi .?
uniou effective, if is suggested in -the ;',A
djre,;s, that the Whigs and Democrats'ot;hS,-..;*
bouth, should tenure on some ir"en| ::
goutherh'inslitutions, as their can dida
thIe Presid'ency. ,
AVe have before taken oecasionj o dep .,
cate the array of North against AJth S -
the slavery question-and e&pecia .y.Sr .AIDlie .
desirous to postpone any siU j
occurrence, tiniil every other bofi-aole a~d ...'.
proper means has bebn tried to 46"4Ai-edid.!
object which is desired-freedom; WrT..o"p'-:.
pression on the score of our slay, pjdebrty; -":-.,
We trust thai the nexi Congress ,wil .ifft"
together in a conciliatory spirit %f.l-MS.niL
means to remove the present caru'Ws .-.i -e'-.-
between the citizens four conlIM46b"c
T-is must be done at any sacrifice of a pe-,
cuni,iry'nature-dollars and cents are-not'Io"
be-thought of in c omparison' with fbrD4om-
fron civil strife. ifan honorable pewae can
be made wiLbhMexico,, with6u( thie acquisif.
tion of territory, it would be far better t/." L
;reat on such terms,,bhao to insistl0o h^A'i :"
territory which could'& ly.Vecomd a Jbai -,
0'I contention aEnd prove a source ofdisaahti.- : ,
S* . .. .-;.".. ,- 4 ..
*.* .-** ^ .' .. :
,7, I +

(j- The following gentlemen are authorized,
Agents for. the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISED, and will
receive and receipt for subscriptions, or advertise-


1002 Chapman, 700
1082 No opposition.
1082 +No .opppoition.

I ~

JOSEPH F. MASON, Post Buildings, corner of
Hanoer and',Beaver street.- New York.
DAVID BRAVO, Esq., New Orleans.
WM. W. CHEEVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Major J-AK HMRDMAN, Eufaula. Ala.



;;d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~d~ ~-~-c~~DIIBW' --r P"~~-~-- III~-L~CII. I~ -- I I g -


-- XT

- ---; --1 ----- i--

I xH announcing the fact that the .bndMmfi =.f
haveassociated. theme lv-:.lt.eth.. in tbe Rmy..
rial Departmiepto(,T.H SAVWA. ea81^
GIAN," We take this occasion 'o ,ay to tbapt
tons of tt paper, and to the public '' .+
that aeranements hare already. been nade' fr A
material improvepant in" I ward appeaa ;+
and that npRamne will bespared to .eevate so tr
sutai.n its chbaater as-a commercial paper, aadk
,to fil its columns ,with interesting and p
matter. We feel ot, sensibly tbpt to rendefte
$4yannah'Georgian such a piper as thr grot-
interests and population of'oar State and
quire, .a diersity of la e eand"
Vpon it; such we are detertfn'djo fwi mi4
We, salll strive to make its co.umns p leaing W +
all readers, ad while our. uI.tle auptort .h-"'
befgiven to the great, principles nvon tvic'h ffu '
Democratic party .has .planted. itpejl', believ+OW'
Ahtse f'nciples to be eifeptiaj to the per "^
of our" natUonal freedom and the advanced enf"- e l
oui; national welfare,. we shall studiously V' _
all, rude colbisions. with views and opinion' #, :4;
tag0nislic to our own+ To render our paper tp ,
fi-tn but dispassionate exponent o demo i I
.pinciple, the calm yet unflinching adypcof,.- "
Southern institutions, the vehicle ol azmubajina,.
instructive thought upon all proper, sPIb4!""`
whether of science, literature, yr general ipdqr-n
mationr--in a word, to makeit a welcme vniiwt
at once to the merchant and the .meclianlic ."
student and the farmer, shall be our constant et). "
deavor; and if, in addition ,'io .thi s, e,.aseil
be enabled by extending opurcirculation throVgb
the. interior-, to Oeretghen~tie ties bhich bind-
.dor beloved Sae .andCjjy together, aiitJo -
secUre that X, 'e0 -mah re ..
in+ t" ss 9 C ypath-y, aod f 'I
igsoes.60'taA to ^*prO,nty)-e bith, we ball
fifid ou5tago amply repaids,o. >,- : "-
710o .0-ble us to rbflfiiue our'_pijepnt connpc-:--
'on) jioweVer, and ) do ail that we %ould wish
to do. i tiewgay of, impripi.ig q .The, G ia*,P
we must lopk (ocran, increased suppQrt frqum -e.
public; such we now solicit and confidently ex- -
pect. I' H. BULI0H,- -
"*: TERMS: ., ." ;!:
.,TIH.DAILY GEORGIAN is publ ishedh.i +
Sav.aiah.at.,TE DOLLARS. PE- A NNuM, pay-' *"
able semi-annually, in, advance; or, SIX DOL- .
LARS&roa. Six MONTHS. i ..I ..I
Country,-is.published. to.meet the arrangpieitit-
of, the mails,, three times a week, rThursday and:Saturday,)+-at (he Office of. 4&.
DAI-Y; G-,EORGIAN, andcontains all theinteb.'
ji'ge~nce,. .mmercial,.. political and Mi"cIelr-'
nepus, iintluding few-Advertisements publis.e.
in the Daily Paper, ,* :
THIS .FAPER is sent to all parts of the, rat
and Union, or delivered in the city, at FIn
DOLLARS, per .annium; or-, at THREEJ D6C -
LARS for six months&.- : .. ...". '
,- TjIE.WEEkULy GEORGIAN, is published
every Friday. afternoon, at .TIREE DOLLAIS +
per annum-all payable in advance'. : ", '"
August 14, 1847. -. '*
DERSONS having business with..the._ un
I signed during his absence from'the State, will
please apply to Asen Hancpkk, Eq. q_ '. r"' '
'<.kly.26, 1841. 29-4t *
]rs l ISRSONS.having .usiness. with the under....,. :
Fk!.l^'UTp .eae call .on Mr, WM. S. DAMl-: .
EM.l', as shal be, absent for a short time to a
diStait part of the state, i ; : ;, ; : -
July 17. FRANCIS K-OPMA. N,---- :

DERSONS having business: with the sikib -
h1.bers during thiir, absence from Ihe city, v-
please to apply to Mr. Charles A. Green.L fa "
Jury 12 j. DAY A eo." -

-' =# -- T J *.,i


Tp0 all persons having demands agai .
. tate of Nathan Seymour, late of. a^ ,
deceased, notice is hereby given that.I.. Lar,ta-
kenA'om the Honorable Court of PrsobateslM, sWf..
county LettersTestamentary upon the same. 4d4
that all claims will be barred it. ig oresete
within two years after thedate of ltikao v4 se-:.
merit ....... z ILTON NSC^TT. .
Apalachicola, July 24, 1847. 28-2ff- _.* =.. -.. .. ,i t ,,i .* -
qEWLLTZ, Yeast add .Soda -Powderi: a.- -...
t"66:est quality, for sale by **'*&,- "
IdJly 17 .- J. C. ALLele,. '-.,. .
S ULPHATF, and MUR1 ATE of U^ d i
. -for sale by ---..-. .. -
A.July 17 J.C. CAiLL.';^ :. ;
" ; SANS O UC 0 MOTE'"- '
r ." subscribers respectfully I. , '-
4I--01 and the public gengtalyt.i.
" flpve. opene the above establishment-^^^^...-
now rea.4 to receive boarders, Rind opi i "
proper attention1 to receive a share, of -fll. "
The -Bar will be well furnished, rVFW-F '.
WNpct, Liquors and Segars; and th__o *r abt.,- ,
will be well supplied with Game, Ffshand .:"::+'
ters, of the best quality iq seas n, ,. -. o.- '
.June 22, 1847. .-, ,! :. :.-. .: *.._:.' .
N. B.-Geatlewen who w* bg&fc- e hshm /t,-
in their rooms can be acc 0oa j^. .. o r .

note. ,A CARUDW .. -
rp^E subscriber begs leave to- 'X?_,i
4- zens ol Apalachicola, and _th,-'. ,,
b ring country, that he hasestablit "
this city for the purpose ol pirinting'jpu.-.,,m-
posed and arranged for the Piano- Forte,-.^s'-w. "
as for other instruments. He intends.'fq..kt ev.-
constantly on hand a -eleclion of the. niotfaw .
ibnafile pieces, and his prices per copy,. ofh'. .
moderate, to suit the me4 he also offirs- "t:;, "
sale, Piano Fortes ot th? most a-pprov.d -' +
'he is prepared. to repair and tune Pianos, a'indput.
them in perl'et order ; lie also begs leave t6.ty, .
tba,.he r3 readdy to give instruction owtlh'e Phanoir
Viiohn, Flute, Guitar and all tfhe "djflerent Biadw
tnatrument, such as Bugle. Cornopetm, Sakt6 L "'
Trombone, &c., and offers to teachjhs .pipii- .
their residence. Those jisnk 16 615fBtin'" h0'"
lervices:will find him 6t all times (except w/h. en-
)n a risit prorezsionally) in his music room aqil A "
Ithaen im, Coimmerce stre-t. '"-': ,..
Orders for Muic or Instrumets will
prompt attention. H. BERNREUE- ^^'^
-. /+ ~Professor o( ,
Apalachicola, JplV 10, 1647. 26-t('1
Hoarhonnd Candyp -', -'-' "'"
PEASE'S Clarified Essence of Hoarioai ,
Pl. Candy, just receed and for sale by.':. ,.,-;.sS'
June H. F. A :BELt;J*>
Bailey's Touic l Mixturc; .i,
r]HIS is a valuable compound fluid exitrac,^ '-. -
1.Cinchona and Rubra, a vegetable Wblug'
or the cure of Fever and Ague. Sold by ..... ,
June 12 H. F. ABELL.
LV1 BITTERS, juist received and Ibr'sale.by; *y
Nov28 H. F. ABELL, Duggi",-
Lamp Oil '- '': "
F the best quality, for summer use,-&DZ..fibf.-*,*'. ..
.by [july17] X. C. ALW -
Congress Water. -*^^^.
TNpints and quarts, just recei"e'd for-sd.e bq All
June 12 H. F. ABEA_ 1-
C o ff e e .. l .
|/'fj--BAGS. RIO, for bale y ,. '..'L-
LV-A May. 15 J.DAYi-&0B-L
C.REAM TARTAR and Tamarinds, Mt : -
ceived and for sale by *
-April 17 u E F-
"... .. -- _. . .. .


1 r

S .

4-* -


.' -

. .1

. palion of power, and an insult to the %hole
Southern people to be no longer tolerated
Resolved, That a due respect to the di.tie's of
- self preservation, requires at the hands'of the
s Southern people, a surrender o(f past political
diff,-rences, arid a hearlt, union and co-operation'
" in tile deler, ce ol'Southern rights.
y R ,?-3oled, That I.,r the purpose of striking t1
the earth the l,-analical spirit of ab-litionism, and"
S or tile protection of the institul[ on of slavery, as
s it now exists inrl he Southern Slates- :,rthigUnion,
e and .lor the defen-e ofl our constitutional rights
aiid priviluh- s upt..i this' subject we forget and
I forgivee all f-rmer party distinction-3 and political
- dinterences anong ourselves, and uniie upon one
s comnion ground as Southern Republicans, pledg-
ing.kurselves one another to support no man for
- p-litical office unless lie Le true to the South on
s the subject of slavery.
Resolved, That a Commitlee of sixteen be ap-
pointed to prepare an address to the people of
t Florida. armid our fellow citizens of the South
ngeenerdal., embidlyins the sentiments of the fore-
going preamble and resolutions, and sniicilting
- their co-operalion with us in the adoption of a
- sinriilar or some other policy, for tlhe purpose of
e our mutual protection.
r The system of infamous abuse adopted
- by the Union, to deter the Whig Press
5 from condemning Ine bad acis of the Ad-
minis.tralion, has been readily adopted by
f the demagogues in editorial chairs throbigh-
i out the Union.
, The last, and perhaps the grossest insult
, offered by a Demnocraiie Editor to a Whig
. oppiment, is to be found in the Columbus
e (Ohio) Pre--which paper characterizes
e the Whig Candidates for Congress, in
s Ker.tui, y, as Mexicans! one-of whom Ma-
jor John P. Gaines is now suffering impri-
. sonment in Mexico, because of his devo-
lion to his country.
The Pf.ss catte to us, for [lie first
time, by the last mail, with a request for
exchange. We beg to be excused from
any 11 ercourse with a paper marked by
such infamous c-nduct.

* The following Resolumious were offered
in the House of Representatives. of the
Stale of Maine, by Mr. Foster, a Whig, as
a subslitule for ihe Wilmot Pioviso" re-
solutions repoiled by the Democratic ma-
jistiiv in that body. The substitute was re-
jecied, oinly six voting for it :
The ;ub.liitutes .Herod by Mr. Foster to the
Sla ) Re-,,l~%ir In Ille House on Tuesday, are
a s Q,, t l .- : "
R%-;.:,kled, TI.3t the l:gkislation of tbe Federal
Gov'-ini t rit Upoir,' sectionall quesliuns, shliuld 'Lie
dneetild b t (hie same l|'i t ,o1 comprori?'e whikh
uI:tI u.ii-rd tlie lathers vil 'the republic in adplitig
[lie C ..ninluti..n.
liesolvcd, That while %%e regard s1''very as a
imora.l and ipoliwi.'al e% il,subversive ol" the best in-
teresti s"cI sue i.cel Ithe further ext..n lfn of %hilch
sh,.,uld be ristl'd hy every just and ion:orrable
means w\lllii tlipe limits of" the Constitution, %e
ai'ki,,iVledgv, Inr the I'ulle-t'extent, the inviolail-
ill Ol tSt le rights, and v.would be hlie fir-t to raise
[lie aljrn at any iriterlfrence with dtale in.litu-
t i.:.n-i.
Rs.."l(d,Thut the Union must be pieserved at
ail h.,z,rds, and thot I,, spteal 1, f ihe pcs-bililV of'
its d:4;-.:|iliomn, is treason h:o tie cau>, ,_,f human
libf t',. .ar,.l ,',,.Id he iidi-nar~it bh, lr:o.% ned upon
by et er i t- h ii d of I'r-ce in-titutiono.

"G'en. TaN.lor hin seen the present incum-
i)Le-1t O1' Ihle ? rTrSithricv go i"1O office" s:iv4
l lie L MI. hhlui, V' iniai-n, "con ileiing ,;,J
; no ii hinl- i l. 'ae little more lhan an attor-
''" il lficr, to ci'rn inn o illect ceilaiu nm t-
le's fuIltialillil polirv, (hdrcreed by ihe saimle
jiodlv %%hiirh picked him up, ;is a di'ernier re-
,rl, md m~ile him llie c;indrid ile ,If ihe
pry. II Iview oflhe consequence-sof en-
tI iiiig ulU the duties of' [lie Presidency
thls harml|ercd, it is not to 'be wondered a;t
that a highl miild'ed pairiot shouldi express
his dleieiminaiin !o accept the Presidencvy
on no such terms. General Taylor wishes
to go imo office untrammelled hv paity or
persuinal pledges-free to conl-ultI the irue
iiitere'.is ot'lh.? coiintry and to he, indeed,
ilhe Presidelnl of thie uhiole naliun. Thi'n
lo our app~reheusion, is about the amount of
hi leller."
An escape from [lhe sysietn olf President-
making nlnlch gave us llhe present iucum-
bent Hihil_.heiregaide" generally, wethintt,
;as a IbOrillnate- event.
[Tnle.D'-de)P,'esidefnt be a man of capacity,
hloie.~--.td-_atirimiie-s', llhe country is govern-
edl I)\, tafip'i'ns tflhrh-tfse Ihim as a mere agen-
cy. "Tlhe Gbi]"titutioriunquestiuniahly con-
templates'.ijlat':the 'President shouh] be an
integral persri'nnlily, adeqhale, hiimself, to
lperlorm Ihis aplproiriale functions ,'i C'hlef
M1agislrale; lhat he should have judgment,
tintelligetnce aIdJe-ision; and the great mass
ofilh? people always desire to have such a
P resitlent.
For lIhe purposes ofl'el'ion, howeverr, the
more nearly a President applroxiimates Io a I
main nfsliaw, Ihe better. The faction de-

sires to rule; it c In only do so with a Pre- (
siJent who hais not ability or energy to lake d
his duties and responsibilities into his own L

means ol increasing

possible, higher in the affections of the peo-
ple, and add still new lustre to his.already
brilliant fame."--Balt. American.
?.ET..A^VLOR.-The editor of the Louis-
^|^^K^., Journal, (and a Whig he is, and
10ti^ e '6 for twenty 'ears, as true as the
Mnere.4lo the pole.) says. in a controversy
wi1t.)i'K e "Democrat" of that city :-
We can tell the editor of ihe Democrat
that it is within our personab- knowledge that
General Taylor thinks quile as badly of the
conduct of the Administration, in bringing
on (he war and of its miserable inefficiency
in fhe management of it, as we do."
Further, he says, in another article:
There are a few, a very few Whig edi-
tors in the country, who, in the present as-
pect of things, seem reluctant to support
Gen; Taylor for.the Presideney, but we are
perfectly satisfied that they will soon be as
warmly enlisted in his favor as ourselves.
We advise them as friends and brethrento
.say as litlie as possible now against his elec-
tion, for we do assure them, that, the less
.thcy say against it, the less they will have
to retract by and-hye."
The advise is from a good quarter, abd
worth remembering.
ion Mercury, in referring to the publica-
tion of the lale Treasury Circular, esiablish-
ing :in uniform mode of appraisal at the va-
rious custom-houses, makes the following
strictures on the preference given to North-
ern papers: I
1 But before taking leave of (his subject,
we wish to make a remark in relation to it,
which will also apply to many other matters
of general interest, emanating from the De-
partment of the Federal Government at
W\ashingion. Why it is that the official
publication of instructions of this kind, af-
fecting the commerce of ihe whole country
is almost exclusively confined to a single
portion of it? In tle Washington Union,
w],ete this circular appears as an advertise-
ment, it is directed to be published also in
the National Intelligencer, and the German
paper, Washin.gton city; New York Even.
ing Post. Globe. and Sun, Boston Post and
Times; Pennsyhvanian. and Keystone, Phi-
hdelphih; Argus, and Sun. Baltimore;
Courier and Southerner, New Orleans-
twelve papers north of the Potomac, and
but two in the rest nf the Union, and they
in the remote Southwest. While it is pub-
lished in three newspapers in Washington
city, whose foreign trade is so insignificant
ihal it his neither Custom house nor Col-
lector, the poris of Norfolk, Wilmingion.
Charlesion. SavannaJi. St. Augustine, Apa-
lachicala. Mobile, and Pensacola, all more
or less interested in foreign commerce, are
entirely overlooked."
QP'.STION.-The brightness of this North-
ern Luminary hias been somewhat obscured
of lale, by the doubts which, have been
thrnown upon its recent revelations relating
to Cuba. Several of Ihe most respectable
ofel e Northern prints have expressed thi'r
incredulity as to the value or correctness of
hi.i inf,'rnation, and as vetl he has add-uced
no proofs, olher than his own.declaraiions,
lo sitilain his previous assertions. The
Edlilor of the Co-,rrier DYts Elats Unis. wf'io,
from the sympanthies of language and asso-
cifion. PIlSt lbe much better informed than
ilie un, pr,,nounces all the Sun's reveries
"a vision of visions." He don't know, he
saNs, where llie Stuo-strizck Editor has dis-
covered Ihat Spain wished to dispose of its
Colony, much less that the Colony wished
1o be separated from its mother. As to the
utrniniiiv of which the .Sun speaks, and as

to the an\ietv of the inhabitants themselves
to pay lr a purchase of lheir Colony, all
14\is exists only in Ihe imagination of our
Ameri -an Confrere," &c.
WVe have not yit recieved the Courrier
containing lthe remarks, but extract the
above translation of them from the New
York E.rpress.-[ Savannah Rcpblican.
In 1 1--6 le receipts at new Orleans from
llhe tipper country amounted to 77 millions
[ofdoll,,rs; tlhe steamboats engaged in Ihe
trade of SI. Louis were :2.51 ; and ihe whole
uumbet on Ihe WVestern riders nearly 1200,
;.alued at 16 millions of dollars, to which
are toube added -100 keel and fiat boats.
The annual coast of Iransporlatioi, is 41
millions. ']he tolal value of the domestic
products pul rifloal upton the waters of the
rally i3^20 millions; and the value of the
whloleecommerce afloai is 4130 millions, be-
ing doublellhe amount of(ihe whole foreign
commerce of'iho United States. Tlhenum-
ber of steamboats lost in 184o was 6.'; in 18416
ihe number was 36. :Tlhe annual loss of"
iv,'s is 160.
cor-respondent of lihe St. Louis Reveille,
ells Ilhe following :
"1 Yesterday I visited the saw mill erectedi
)n Santla Fe creek, by lihe quartermaster's
depnrtment, under Ihe superintendence of
Lieulenant Garnier. The structure is, in

he first place, curioiwto us, as being en-
irely of pine wood, and to the Mexicans,
because ihey "never saw the like before."
There was a large crowd of men, women,
children, dogs and babies at the mill to view
he machinery, which was entirely new to
hem, being the only thing of ilia kind in
New Mexico. Some would ride on Ihe
;arrhae as llie saw cut its way through the
0o--others perched on it as the small re-
nrninZ wheel sent it liack--and then any
|luanuiiy of mixed Spanish was spoken and
*igarilos smoked in most desirable profu-
ion. Hereoofore, in this province, any-
hing in llie -hape of a board was generally
c-,ut of solid limber with a small axe, *or
sawed bv hand.

tIe Na

POPU'LATIO, OF o THE GlRyAVE--From ex. HOME I-VDUSTTr.--Several boal a areVow
tensive calculations it seems the average of engaged at Quidnit and SiascongeM,; in .fa-
humi"n births per second, since the birth of king sharks. Four men ,ool%,,n two days,
Chrtst to this time, is about 815; which laa wgAffty of Ihese fishjmbich *nade
gives about thiny-two thousand millions: 60 of til, worth 45 ( ents a gallon.-
0nd. after deducting the present supposed TI -sss sell for nie3 dollars h un-
population of the world, (960,000,000,) leaves red fo mr ''Lan Nre an /t, In ,irmb.
ImIe number of ihirty-one thousand aud forly '
millions ihat have gone down to the grave; A quick doctor advertising a certain 're-
giving death and the grave the victory over medy for cutaneous diseases, ays it would
Ihe living to the number of thirty thousand even cure the eruptions of. kotfVescviu'f!
aud eighty millions. Of this number in the Our city authorities had,.4., ,et a bottle
grave, about of the article, the next At.i ey employ a
9,000,000,000 have died by War, man to exhibit eruptions ,oi-e Common.
7,920,000,000 by Famine and Pestilence, [Boston Times.
500,000,000 by Martyrdom, .. .,..., .
580,000,000 by Intoxicatiug drink, So lale was spring in Sweden, that o' 6the
13,000,0010,000 natural or otherwise. 21st of May the snow w, as six feet deqep on
Thus it will be seen that war and strong the road from Stockholm io '8'wa'rwick.
drink have sent nearly one-third of the hu- City Council Pro e dling'.-
man race to a premature grave. CU I C H PE RiS
The calculationso,, thissubject might be -WE COUNCIL CJHAMBER2 1.
.exended to an almost indefinite length, and Present-, hiqHon. the Mayor; Councilmen
perhaps too, with prolriety, if thought and Abell, Hutchinson, Goodiett anda[ahcock.
meditation would dwell upon them and de- The minutes of the last meeting were read anid
duct the moral from each and every avenue, approved.
For instance, if strong drink has now bad Mr. Goodlett from Committee on Clair.9s, made
its 580,000,000 of victims, hw a.n.. more verbal report adverse to paying bill of'"14 65, of
must it have before the moderate drinker Mr. Petrie. '.1
will lay his shoulder to the pledge of refor Mr? .....c. P-..rom Spe.ia. Committee to
/ -. '- .. report on bnlrI Presented ny.Thomas L Mt, l cell,
Suppose but thirty days of intense. agony forgrading No.,h end of Water sLreet, reported
miser to be (lot6f ech drunkard's against ailowinghir! a'n34hing for said grading,
family of rive each! what i1 the amount in as it was done for his own individualuseland ben-
the aggregate,? Suppose it required even efit, and done'in such a man-er as not to benefit '
no more than fifty bushels of grain disl'illed the'city. .
to make a man a drunkard, bow. long would \1'r. Hutchinson,. seconded by Mr. Abell, of-
it last famishing Europe? nay even ihe'whole f6redIhe following resolution:
universal world ? It.would amount to fifty-- R'e.olved, That the Marshal be empowered and
eight hundred millions of barrels offlour. authorized, to disperse all crowds of negroes,
e~g pO~: r~a~llt~tts ~al:SnrnO?:esnumbering over three men or women, who may'
Suppose aai that each drunkard loses ggate at he corners of streets bic
or wastes only ten years of his life at three wal,,sat M on their refusing or failing tbtispl'se,
shillings per day, how many solid globes of he "s'lhorized to punish such, "ith .not. oer
the size of our earth would it (653,080,000,- 25 lasins for every offence. VWhich was carried.
000) purchase ?. Make your own calcula- Mr. Hutchinson, second: b, Mr. Goodlett,
lions, not ouly upon these supposed cases, moved that the market,"o0 Sunday morning, be
but any others of which this subject is sus- kpt open from this date to 26th November, iol-
ceptible, and the result will astonish you. uio sdg--ycarieed.
and perhaps lead to a somewhat different offered he following:
course in life. These estimates are many of That the Harbor Master have discretionary
below the reality.-[Mlerchant's Ledger. powers in regard to fees, and collecting same,
upon boxes, barges, &c., landing at our wharfs--
A BIG RACE.-The Cleveland Plain Dea- u ed. .
ler gives a.spilited account of the tallest kind Mr. Hutchinson then gave uotice phat at 'e
of a race on the clear, beautiful expanse of next meeting Tbe would offer an ord'inan'ce. iti-
Lake Huron, between the steamers Empire tied "An Ordinance to prevent throwing cotton
had hitherto ruled the Lake, but the.Suhta- out of buildings on any ol the streets of the city.
na waq determined to reduce her pride, and On motion of Mr. Abell, the Council then ad-
at it they went, day and night, breaking the Journed. (Signed) B. S. HAWLEY,
deepsiillness of the inland sea which the ._ Mayor.
clang of their huge wheals. and making the WO- L ., ,
heavens abuve black with the smoke of their July 26, 1847. .i
furious strife. The Captains, it seems, Present, his Honor the Mayor;2Council4en
were the only cool persons on hoard, the Hancock, Partridge, Goodlett and Abell.
passengers becoming perfectly wild with ex- The Clerk was instructed to put up notice of
citemeni, helping the crew in every way, an election of three Councilmen, to supply the
the Whig and Democratic Editors taking vacancies occasioned by the absence of Mr; Pay-
offtheir coals and working lustily side by son, Whitmarsh and Bult,to be held on Wednes-
side, In the most independent and no-party day, the 4th day of August.
manner. Finally, the Sultana passed the Coueineed. B
lEmpire, whereupon the victor comfme'ncd (Sigoed) B.LS. HAWLEY, Mayor -
bullying her rival, by throwing wood over- COUNGILCHAMDER, I
board, as much as to say, she was quiteaAugu 6,184 ,.
her ease on the subject of fuel, telling off Present, B. S. Hawley u Mayor;,, ..,,e,
sleam, and raising a hlag', amid a iiuu4erinn Ahell, Goodlett, Hancock al4Partkidge,..., .,. w
salute from the Cleveland Artiller, w;hich The minutes ofthe last meeting were read and
wason-board. These Westernj oys, in th adopted. ... .... .
.. .. The Clerk reported the certificate of the in-
way of.reacig, "do the: thngo o brPn" spectors-ofan election, heldon the 4th inst., for
themselves before they got, to C.hicago. three Councilmen, which war read,, and it ap-
[Richmond Republican. peering therefrom thatMeasrn:. T6-0fdfa-i,;T.- .
AN INCIDENT.-A few mornings since utchinson and A. W. _Capman,. were duly
.Ar ICl~tT.-=- fe mrnigssioeeletted Mderpm'n of this ty.,.thq oath 9V ofliceJ
jut an the cars had started from the dep0Pt was administered by the Mayor and they took
in this city, a country gentleman, his wife Iheixjseats., ,,; :. .
and daughter were observed a distance up Mr. O4mangave notice that at the next meet-
the street running towards the depot. Oneoft ig, he would oft" a scale of fees to be collected
(he agents of the railroad or some person by. the Harbor Master, on all boxes, barges, &c.,
also observing Ihe effort of ihe party, started having provisions on board.
after the train and succeeded in giving lhe Mr. Goodlett, Chairman of Committee' on
engineer a sign to slop for passengers. As Clims, requested further time to report on Mr.
it was he accommodation line, iPhe train was etrie's bill. I ;
it as heaccmmoalon ine th trin as The Mayor then added the following. gentle- -1
stopped some distance on the road, and menon theseveral standing committees, vist -.-"
awaited the approach of the man, his wife, Messrs. Ormhan and Chapman, on Finance;
and daughter. They were all pretty much Mr. Hutchinson onr 1=provemeotsWfrA. Chap,
exhausted by the long and hard run they man on Claims; andMessrsO'rmin andClhapman
had, but they reached the location of the on Fire Department. ,
train, and by a new effort climbed a small Council then adjourned. ,.s -
pile ofplank close at hand, and stood Icqok- "".*
ing at the cars, and commenced remarking DIED. .'" ,aZ":i
upon the appearance of Ihe vehicles. At Camplon, Canada East, on the 9'ti.'y-'+-
The ol man gve soethinglikee c r- relesiden~ce of her son-in-law, John EFd^^^
binalion of a blow and a grunt, and said, ma, gd 8 yars.10 -f t-e ale ^-'-"
addressing his w ife, WV el'l, "I don't think ^ ^ ^ i i w i i- ^
Ihey look so very dangerous, dovyou _" PASSENGERS .. '.... = -
'\Why, I doo't Ihink they do,' responded Per steamer Eufau~la--MreC.A~ re.n .hild~nd I

windows, and so pretty painted' taking a L:
short breath andkfanuing herself with her .PORT OF APALACHICOLA ..... ..August 14[.
h an k erc h ier. -+ +.
'Jump in, jump in,' said llhe conductor. "". ARRV'IED, "? *""" ,
w ;Otht' saidn P:the ol ygen tlemano ;:wedont, NAag''' -BliguLoeUisaBealonl Rbi'nsdn, f
att e in ; ., o ,l ., lo Stee r^ ,ala McKaug 'htn^fm 3atahoo+:e+. 1
[Duelaware Journal. C -f-- t
', C E R D
TH: WxAY TO HEZAVE..-How pboo. v.qu f ugust 10--Schr Santa'Itosa, Stevens. for Pen- !
are if ,ou have no heaven but this' w"rld.-i8d'^, a-cga --. <
.ou have n!Othing but a little part of Tlil&.^"''"""11""'^"'^" ^ i
clod of earlh, and what is. it all-worth ? "lf" IT'- S. !IAIL FROI t
you have a lintle more land than yonr neig h- Chiattahoochee to Fort Oaines.

oers, or iI you are in a way to make more ,_ ON and alter the first day "of.
money than others, ifyour accommodations ^^^^^^^JULY next, thisJ.Jn-al -b
are beter than others, and you lia've more s --- g .- TWO-HORSE
S cTAGES. The undersigned, having the con-
worldly conveniences and pleasures than "trat oS.ry he" "' "hi rut, ntndit
others, or if 'you are promoted a little high- tract to ry the Milvt on this ruulle, intends to .I
er among men than some others are, what .. '...-,..,. N_"1 <
I tak tisI1 onteU[ 6y Colu mbus,U GaUU, ., Noti.`IFI
a poor portion 'is this and how miserable are 1jGood Stagas, the best of teams, add obliging-
you wlio have no better happiness lthat you drivers, will always be provide; and in a word,
can call your own ? How happy do these every.pains will be taken to givesatisfaction, (es- "
things mdRtie you? V|2a44 satisfac iod do pecially during theseason af0 igh water,) to

these things give you? l|rbi.ch things as t hose who may choose this routeiNorth. .. t
these the'rivers of pleasureTllheat you choose Te Stage. will leave Chatt hoochee every
for your portion? 0 how miserable! AY.jtin_-'-^ Ay and FRIDAY, at 6 A. M. ; arrive
.a f a- r ........ n ... .......... "" ,i391 ,-'flt K & Gaines next day, by 1I 2 Leave Fort
a vY ndrell passetd, y ov,- gS e-g. ,rtery VE DN E SD Y and AT UA.Y.y '-
grave ,n-dinto eternit,/ and h-ow _. '4i by 8 P. Al.
g::':;~~~~ ~~~ dXs::l':r~t.. ~. li arrive at Cqattahooil @ next days,.-
are you, if, when you have done withwBBP ;, 8 "p M. [
ly enjoyments, it may be said ilrat you have Persons travelling from' Columkus, Ga.*,va
received no consolation! Luke 6;24.--Pres. Fort Gaines, Blakely, Chattahoochei, Quincy, to 1
Edwards. Tallahassee, will find this the most expeditious
IN-rER.STiNG to INSURERS BY FIRE.--_, route. T. D. WILSON, roprietor. f
case has just been decided in Washington, Qincv, June 26, l1.47. augl,31--lm
which will both have the effect to make fire +
insurance companies more pairicular as to DR. L. FEUCHTWAN o o E19tx
the manner in which they rebuild burnt Hat, 17101se Sc.oclkronv PoisonA,
houses, and induce insurers more reaild to t HIS very efficacious remeaty fo extetmina..
house, andinduc insuers mre reTliv Lting immediately, il'a prnperapplication be,
resist when not satisfied with such rebuild- m d, i1' o a H1*0 7,
rr, ... uT made, ofall of theabove named anno..nces. -Hia -
ing. The arbitraters in the case of Mrs. Flea and Mosquito p-ison has attaini! a very ex- <
Biehler, whose house, insured in the Polo- tensive celebrity Ior its invariable dewuctive pro.-.
mac Compnany, burned down about two perties to that-order of insects. For pale hy
years ago, and was rebuilt, as she thought, August 14 J. C. ALLENi'PruggiAt. "
in a very inferior manner, have decided that Pallacea.
Ihe building mnust come down, and the ruh- -TOUCK and SWAIM'S Panacea Pi'st ecei.ved
bi.h be removed-and also thnt she is en- H1 and for sale by
titled to iudemnificaiion for the time the June 1, 21. r. ABELL. -
house remained uuien".nted. Thecompany -TOTICE-Mr. C. J. SHEPAAD is myduly j
was induced to submit to this arbitration by 1N authorized agent during myIabsenee from,^
the lady first bringing suit for damage, the State. [julvy24] E. [McC UL, LY. .


r.- :

. walbtyl .. me

HC-Wiias been said before by others-
"of.boffh parties at thie South-it i:
---:/t1t well t anloiipale a struggle and a corn
".ilnatibn against usat lthe North, which may
^ nvet ari.b'! 'We believe that the altitude
B^.-ttOk,r by'vhe State of Virginia, which Il,a
b-l & approvingly responded to, by both thn
-.' ..gYNK political parties at the South, is al
thd'. bt is'srequired,; setting up -bur siandlard-
^i^Sorown.ding to arms ind with busy hammers
^ ^-eflsing rivets up," will but render the "-ap.
-pel l bof battle" more probable. Let us
H.'A "eware-'of entrance to'the quarrel," if we
-..,.e*ipect that being in we will so bear i
.+. hth'at the opposer may beware of us. Upor
i h-e Wilmot Proviso qiesiion, we are uni.
led. There is no fear but lh:lt our resolu-
t" lion to resist t-Iiat measure "e'en lo the
death," is well understood at lhe North.-
T They know full well, that they li.ive ever
found stern resolution-in the hearts of Sou.
".- thern -wen, whenever their rights were
lhreaitentd wilih encroachment.
'One of Ihe "etpressions in the address of
44.e Madi'_on mpei',ifgl, when conpiled wilh
resoluin..s bfefetd. 'by.sen. T. S. BDr.oome,
and unriiWmously 'adopted by the meeting.
squints a wrully towards something else tharn
resistancetoNornhrn-aggression. Inthese
d,lys of pohi-cal mioeuiveiing uncharitable
folks may say Ihat here were more things
fal.ked of among the members of 'he ineet-
ig than [lie ,Wilmoi Proviso. WVe give
(he paragraph and the resnlulion :
<"qSh&ll we fry another .fi./een e,'irs o,:,f d,,?7-
trr;arid defeats, or shall %%e seek relief by union
a. "a egceh-rt am.-,na;, (ir'elve_, arnl. tiuji.t the flit
of" pr'evsidenlial cjndlidjt,.- j sl,.4e lile tind charac-
ter give us an assured guarantee of his"fidsiily to
the constitution."
^ Res-ilved, T11,- t ie reco,;nze in J-,:,lz, C. CJl,-
hlirhn the able statesirna the he ,ri,.r patri.t and
=*fJ hful defender of S-.tithtml nr lltQ.; and that
(Iia, South.is lai. tini er inrreasd -.bl]igarj.,-rl. t,1
.hi'm for-tle n,-,ble -tand, wlch'we hereby tender
"'him-lhe homage of our gratitude, and lo.,e."
F_ The. pia-us in mind of Ihe resolulions
passiedl.b,: the Puritans, when they seized
thle ndnian lafds.
Resodl =i .said Ihfy, t1hat file Earth
is the Lo.dis.;Hit tle increase ihereof.
:. .'.l..Tlhat the Loid has gien the
"..,. E arth I 's T S.
' ,,R~e.S it, Tliat.wE are llie Lord's
- "* Saints!, '
*Wz.' Y
. ]Resolved,'siays ilie IMadibon irieetingc in
[ "their ndle-4 IhIIt v -oughlt to elect a man
| Ioto the 'Pa4,ideric6,, lht "wi l "1stilpurt our
Resole4; 'Tha "-Jolin 'C. 'Cillhourn is that
;,. 'man.
ppAt lea't (his is lIlie s'ibstance of %h,-i llie
-'meetjng did sy, thoUlghli pehlups iliev were
V. hot Ihinki'rig of an'V sn ]ii'.event a I'he tli e-
S e resoltutioh .-lni,,atorv of''"iI'r. Calhoun
Fn-. .'a':,ma, haqe^bPe ltnere comlpli')ment of file
;.7". oer.i-4.p -Ever. f 11ev 11i. 1 we can nnlv
{.... sa'' Ithat i the d,e sh,,thl v I .iry con lihen
I- ..-.we needs it.t- o .battle .\jrieh t-h NNorrth,
.-^.**,*'.e believe Ihlia. erfect rel Ji-ebomi t lithe
placed on- or. C.' horns a nhrly arl iJeli:t'y
.. to the Sutihr I-.e. 1-f&T not agree 'wilh hiin
-il other mn 'te.r-r,.: n :of' O uitse sliotil, pre-
i"'T'er some- oie ''h:.ose viewv approach 'neu'rer
-*,^ .A to our-own. o .
+* VWHEREAS, thle action or othe la-t Congressi
Nr- .upon the" Wilmil Provis,." co,,clusiv,-13 pr,,ves,
that the fInatieal ,ppl:sti.:,n "tIo lvery which
'- has so long lirevdilei in Ihe n.n.n-ljiel,-ii,!
S *- Staies olfthis U.hn i(n, 1,6s n,.,%% increased ,-, --nchl
"" 'Bn extent, and the a'cknnvle cd ab..lb i,-,n I, art.
i .have g.ro'.voso nu.m.em.i,,, that ,he Feini[,:inee "t'


respect apoA regard lor .,--,threna lii tlili..,-, ,nd
Souftherg.ri hlits, tfr ju tio and h,.r tl,- Ci.ilsrl tt-
'tjon, \viw f ;i* sInrtrji been keptl up in C..[-,
Kgress-.a- elsewh,?re by N,.,rlien S ,le`"i.ll jn I1.i
& .Nsrkti-eri-Pnlitician, }has r,,-,.v bhe en liri ]YI lai(
aside by both parties, arid Northern WlIw-,- and
Northern Democrats are now openly onl, nwi.iii
which, have done rnnst lowar'ds carrlVing, on the
infamuots 'ar, "which is bein._% wa:id on Soulhe.rn
I tiitutions. ;'
4e it therelnre resolved, That the Territo-
ries of the United State.i be-lonz to the several
fftes composing thi. Uimon, and are held by
them as ,their joiint and conm,:,n property.
S Resolved, That Conienes as the ji,,int ag;ent
'and representative of lhe"'t les- ,l thi- Uiion,-ha;
':- hoerighitIo imikeany, law, .,r (1,, % i, a.:t whatever,
i hat shall directly or by ii3 efl.',t?, m.,ke anny
'discriin'nation hbel% een the _t.es ,0,1" tlnlLs Union,
by whieh anv.'of them .,Ihall. be der,-rivv-d of it.;
Y iL and eyuil rilt in a ',' Ter t.-.]\ ,' lthe Ulti-
kted State. aciutir'ed or ton he an,:|uirel."
I Resolved, I- Thit the enacimepit of' any rlw
"whicn should directly, or by its. enecf;, deprie
'the citizensr.'ahiy r If he SlaleC 01 thi.s UrTni. I,-,m
"emigrating with "their property inio any o' fthe
Teritories of.. the U. State-Q, \%il'l make such dis-
crimination and wouvil therfl;',re b,- a vilatiron of
the constitution; and the rilhtl. of the St-ates Irrti
which .such citizens emigraled'and in dcrozati,:,n
of that perfect.equjality wv%-hich bvlnngs to telhm as
members 'f this_ Unton, and would tend directly
to subvert the Union t'elr."
1_2 ''hi.r :,; a tind mental principle in
J ^ ,-,-'-6reed, tlhat a tp,'',ple"'in ftirntln a
'' ."' have the uncond;tional right to fl;rin
"ihelGoverninert which they may Ohink
I^ +: fulaed to. secure their liberty, prosperily
a ,happines%,and that iq conlbrmity thereto no
r cor itbUi.imposed by the federal constiti-
trdn.p0 Wat'!,in order to be' admitted into thi-
Union,-e ept. t'at ils constitumion shali be Re-
ff.lb1ica'n,"-hnd tfnalt he imposition ,' fany other l:,v
S t.ongress would riot.only be in violation of the
i' citfitution, Ku,'- in direct coriflict with the prin-
'cipT-on which our political s. stem resls."
AND WHERE..S, That 1Iires'oin,, resolntions
express fullvl6tir views rft' the power. cnnlerred
"pon Congress by [lie lederal constitution, in re-
gard to tfhe teirntories now belon.ring log or to be
acquired bfy h'b United Stales, therel't-re.
:; f Resolved'.-_ That we the people o-,I' Madison
I county inMas9, meeting assembled, without .,is-
I,* tinction ofpaarlies denounce the action taken by
. the Hdnse-of Represcntatives,-,f the299th Connre!;,
on Wiliaot's Proviso" as being a high handed
t surpation of power, wholly wit-out constitution-
al warrant, and subversive of the provisions of
that instrument, and, as such, an in'ringr-ment of
p .the rights of ttie slaveholding Stales.;, aq cjnnut
'- .J dbjmitted to without bringing disgrace and
-..--' B.u"Pnn ourselves.
"....solved, Thaf the institution of slavery,
,'* vy-rel r an evil or not, is a subject on which
^ Congfss has no right or authority to act, and its
1"1terference-with this. subfct %%e detin an iisur-

PROPHETIC \VIT.--The eccentric Geoe
MIonday, thv. liatless propliet, was once
nor& before. udge Parsons, in Philadelphia,
iheooherd;!y fur vagrancy. George's ire
was up-lie became wordy-and the Judge
lireaiened hhn with commitment for con-
em[ti ofcourr. Bill. George was not 1o be
hues datintel. "-God made religion, but
he devil inaidc Parsons/" .scowled forih
George. The laugh which followed indi-
;aledl who was the hero.

It is supposed the United States can ex-
port 3.000,000 bushels of wheat, 17,000.000
of Indian corn aud meal, 3,000,000 barrels
offlour, and have plenty for home consump-

handJs. I
Now Gen. Tayllor w'ill- be E every inch a t
President. nhere is no mistakingl the slur- h
dy smplflicily of his chain acter. WVhat he I
tIhirnki it hisduty lo lo othal lie Will.do-and "c
hliere is an end. His obligations will be to t
ilie Consiimulion ; his aim ilie good of the I
People. His positoin, nnshackled by pled-
ges, free I''om lthe intrusions of. personal .c
pret ensions and firn in the public confidence, I
will Iius lthe more easily enable him to ia- I
press the ha-nesiv and vigour of" his own q
character upon lis andminis'ir'tion. '"" c
That Gen. TaN lor's accession to the Pre- s
sidencv will be ladled with acclamnations, all I
over IH.ie country, we believes truly as ihat.
hlis adminislrati'on will justifyy ihe p0p1 lau s
a;diniiiistraiion and regard which precede it.
-Tlhe people," says the tWsville Courier,
'h have witnessed i bh, ernl-i.h ihe evdp of "
political animosiun ," and I lien adds: n
"*They wish the causes reniuvedl. They
desire a higher and better order of Ihiligs. %V
Thpv are anxioumly looking lor a return of,
the lilnest simplicity and patriuism' of' the
earlier davs oflthe Republic. They believe
generall Taylor the only man living, lhe h
powerofwhose name %ill be able lo bring C
about lhe desirable relormaliou. They see c
in him the elements of a real, and a good
man, whose %isdoln and firmnness are attes-
ied by noble deeds. And the high position 1
he now occupies, connected with no party, c
pledged to no faction, biht ready to serve his c
country shall call him, will place him,- if I



ra-r~~----- ~-n. I -- I r ~' L. ir y

*. EWr ORLE. NS TYPE tF.OU NDRY \_NIL'NDAIENT.- T,, THL CONSTITUTION ?.rfial [ oticis.a. .".9 nif-fis 39(ri
AtN: 0 O fTH.STAE .T TE OF FLORIDA, ..... .... *- ..__ --* ___ *_ S S
IN THE AES]r ^ cu r Broo-K.harles Rogers John Munn. Eugene WU Roglr.
't,14.R.%i'.,i ,u b./ ,_-r t., n.- i- -rr. A G:,L -1 B *.r t n S-i,:'r T. NUV.. OF rLORIDA. No ii'e,e Stone &: Co.9, M Cha R ogers A ro, t o la,ifri,-a1!.
p E dI.... -, .-- t ,:,^. r,,r roE N-.\N' rXn'G.na il'mi CoiI'. COMMISSION 1%lERCHAN TrigO M ISSION MERCHANTS, a^b .pa i'&
*I P ,.i b i s; h i- r; .I P ,r r ,e ,. s, t h a t t h ... ali al C O M M SL V I N C l A N C E R .. N o -l ,: W a t e i 's t rt F ^ C ^ W a t e r s t r e e tR "M i i ^e,
t bli e,.edacom~ploleandete.iiveFT VhEFOU.N-- Arabellat E. ll,.i.L,,rn, wid,.'.v ':'f'1 -'Decl- 1 J iAp.l,,el~ii,:,.]a, Flellp12. Apalachicola, Fa- iJ 'h ""pl", ^"hyMga
DRY inll 'u'.; -iN L.,- .... ,/ / this B ,'tonc H ,: ,i.irn -,. Y e
F :ihdry C111 ut .,,_r..I :t'h .r ., -nA ',.,f l,,.,.. '+l ,,to,:, n',A,:"onflit 11",/,,f /h'.ttp~t,,il rll" 11,;101" l -oel1h &rl Y lllg, / so k rtd r ~ s +! ''m .
.';,'#ot,13 ) irei. iigal~l b all t'l- t,,t rli r nar;h iz- Lnf~d u "C. A., G R'E .C. -.. O 'N l
t3s. b, COMM.IISSION and FORWARDINO Greeln A -Coamri Ami -.^[.1'e!!^^^
. v a.,.I i n ,v-n -,e-t ,:-. wJ tr, ..> ,it. h rin _' ,;f -".'S I_ i. Joseph L. Hepburn. er e O. MIEI R C H A N T S 0 M M SS I N 1 E R C H A N T S, A rica.
tt.:, Verfe.\l t ",'tb.;L I ,r -ie h. T,;i/ts. s Sloon.No. T53 W after s treet,-e 0 to.S310 Nt E F
.. eaV -ey re thpect w ,l v,i l ,11 11 t., i .I.e ... v : l-[t,, b rn A r H,:_.l n No. 36, W aterH street
f o pice"s:t ,, t. .' n [ .r-, t l rhE .1 .l )t ,, r i f..6,' ;b. e ', h,*; e,' a ,1, ;, -t 1 a n d C i r -Ad n oo ."t 2 [,ra la,, .lr d o l a F l a to P hy5Aa n s W ator s t r e et. Ju-^_ .
,_Tt,)N I. .,areno prer t, ,,..a ,,,. AS. Wo J-1 ,r.;" j. I-[i.t i, ,, rr,.IC., "o "a AP.....ole Fa. tl e m o nt^ ^er^' "^ ^.i-

nt Crt I e 1 t< \o *. 1'- *:l w1/1' Gtte- .1- 6 -i*:r v ,t* il""1 Th-l" l'*t the n^ ^ E E A E~ V NG O W R I G^ B n .. .i.^^ l'a rtl -r +fw ,;.l<,,C ,_-..,,-'. [ f,._,t,..,,+, i,lhe,,t h -,^.-t,,,:ie.o, t h,?, ...iti,.,ttt n- D ., -11 e ; the lMi n',l f ^ C fio J.w Yhn Dec 5 N o 3 at r rel.cn o a l t "their0ava]a e .\ ^
10i .. -t,' Dee5_ al, :,-h cGI{ DF a Ap;t .-1hi'a, Fa. A L' o E A D Ol,

^ -. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -it, N,--.^ v,;.:i-F[Id.;. I,,k.,r,,l : lll be. ll^: ; I'^li;llu 0" .& .'T Arpt Iso, AD,, f.u r 4he Po .tEi i uA n Co. ,M AUCTIONEE A ND N "* n cuaya n ^
e r l v N u viI.a,, h .,' te. : l-,:r ..,r\ J \V:.a ml:, -,ell; l.-rn,: .E AlEt u AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION '----r shr or Co.". .

ne..++ + 'h Nvilth b. a ,, ,- +, i h ,.l, ,.,,-J ,>r,. l,iJ t.: ,-,,:+.., -,, 1:, ,.;.f h, ,- i,; ] . m, prices, w tlr t I.) d ,, .,t ,.v h.s ,. e 'i,:, a,,n i ha l, h v ,n.l her nrdl H, -, ; a orrl n o. 41.\Vat..rd t'o. 50 %oaet t 7r .- ,il.^,
t o. nl r.lf t,,- or P e s. J,-,hl n Dhy d SohMitsSpatronage,. a A 1a,
+- eare nox ,r[,reer .,t-rod.tr, I R SS d, ,d hu ,d .J: ,t etn.,, ,-q..andE.-I.\-ir n]l fHarlll er A, llolllles,""on at'

... wU s ,),a;n T,'P J ,1,t m P n ,,rl, '.th .c. nL..pt- l~,:, rl,/ Tlt. n_,rl, l>-r in, n .r nex _,.-.',l i, i thl_ ,b. _' _, a .i .I. a ~ r. f ^ CtnJ llq te* ,o 3 S .Ci:it", "& ^~ ~ l l
++: n, ssl ei i w .i.. tnhl : ,1+r-l,, I, : ,1 t l,, :- at. w,i, : I,e,,h r ,,,,r ,-,, N ,,-,te, aT,,,,i ',r\r,: -,, ,a a JT *i.-:, -rn, P-t. C-l t, < -.^ tl? uj.,o^, ,, "'harle C^ ^ 0 N M E R t'H AN0T S a $ t Nerw- Ore n *lMit| B
**y.t.~ l-^-,. !. ,... "" ", ,,r J,: h r t, a* J t'-r-' ir.-tr nt,,Iul l^e-': L. BI s d ,..p,> t* ng b to t~l e la ,-- ~ln a[:., 0 OE ^ N ^ A DN EGA RE EVIG F 0 ^ A OORWA D NG. UllE*.^h*/lvi. M I B m T
L E fi anr1 Tf C.T, ll:,t 11, I .1 1,11.lt.r ti ee c t C MI -- M ItH AoTn '.nd-;4 P -hb 8. & CS MCN J F F a rr
rht.ion of Ptl'Irl. i t ....>... -' .-. i .;, hfl.*,.. tft ,:n o S o iwUo 2eclB ,B.a

,, ,, ,-,, -I. ,^ ,.MA S Prsdn -eae soun' th al nn1TELT~adC" No. 50 Water stre .^ i Mc nl, J ,o ad eros edce, onf
rj.. b Il'b eeset of ,dqI ,,n h.hv,:_-.,, l q., I IIIr_,-_,l tm .v:I.,Ihsh0,. t it. ?I. ,,,L, I, SUN MUTUx~n -.Wili ,A L INSURANCE COMPANY, De 5.5 V ltsre., ~ rcall~ dl.]~ '

re~r t-S^< PssedHoue, Dcembr: 6, 1^. eah -" ^ ^ of Nw. o~k;the 6113 ^ '-Apaal--ilabla.A ice l.-I ofL ., the enc", f,. Fr0,ae lolitle nYorra,
tri- a Iurnish t l r pr',.l.:l rax. We ,n. -,o .... AND RETAIL GROCE,' i?, t Apalaehiola, Fa. .f.'_a _
(or th ,! ..;-d o f tl, e? N il- t i-. Jes ,J,, ,. H r and ,a C III \ [ ,'l l e Inoy a.n c-r t rto Vd C a. l ,h I) ,~ -., iee r,,e l d S ,-, a t D u n an \ : D. a -, pi d o p'., tt, up t o "" s tre e t,

*n v ^ ^o ,- '* v-.111iT .' erb 116- a -J' ai^^ all 49l, tille; -'Iet AND GEN RA AG N b;*m ~
.3 n~'m it-- h- P oro im.,nm lisea o nn al Ijl.i 1.11e oeY Mcpol,eac rDid inteS aeoeor 1dv 1-2 Apalachicola, Fla. ,. E F LA A ^. 3 efi ay i
+- oCas ..;, Cor lpo il.r Fi,.- li:. F,.', I ll, [. ai Iom.a, I11I ,,e tllal4 tin W .W.,L.De, N RA iL, F a. A A C T IO N E E R AND C O a e a d a a an r
ev;er,- 5th.:'r arti' ,t ,,r- ni,:P~ i, u -'-1,l i it t,'.. t t it, the Sito-, r I,: ,r [h :L pt ,,'e<,:rbed a Ila irr'l, Dtw"i[t,- W iM: ,n .-%V ,G P ot-fe r & C o. l E R C H A N "I...% .-, .. .
,< ... .. ... >7: >,,I. li, li,-h ,t -.: A .otor to lial. te Jo.e ph Br, and & L L.vrenwen D E A L E R S IN ,-D, -, ,EDICINSAN D POM AI NSSIO N So,licit a share oJ'P ubli P a n. '
-1 0 1I Va r c hH M "2i C -o r .
In e., ,ttrill b.,t ,! ,.,rhi", l ..r,.l Is and n,,. at bca ailre.;[,l, 1 1.-A' IhI a di- -,,r ne I p 6','-,r, W illam H. MCREHNTE Oct t A PA L FA.
m- iantacturer' .' .:, ^ B ....t -I -'D1" anid'the Bank No. 1 Va tor Str t S .... "h "-g
E lit r a n l '- : t .i .n :J, I t.i d o i t t h e e len t i ,: n a ,,l h p s ip h i .t he wall ; w i t i n ft e N o.r t t s D h C o C a W. 4 1 p l lt v r [ [ P1e :.

P ^ 1'1 '- 1 -: ,^ ^ ;~~~~~~I ;1 ^1 'V l 1.),^^ Jrb e a m d a n 1'.. of to fm d olsa a Dpp ea 5n p i 1 A p a l ach ic o la F a 3J ff t U' l ^ f ?^
S- ew p.iper ,r J-rt, .Vi:. ,' ,tri.t h'Ie,.ft. : t.' v : P ,o- 5 .a E l
'hel ,it:l eI e.ll im A .l.ita.t oiorr tNCot1..' tl i, *r ,-,- the ieT .'1 an, .oa ,_" r ri ,ided, the o-,tr ef-.nti, ( i t th e II .. U. C ,y-ol d A, C o0., N 1) 13. ehaller
",by 3tatin, th ;r= -;,-.,:. ,., t1'A -. Dec t2,0,'1 1 "1 45) rN A D,'l,"Apalac I Fa-G ',. b Dr G R E E N M .r N '3.- l a a ,..-
irk 'r ile T ,, --1 Wi vious to his e listment as suchsolctier, -seaman ar antns Solicitsr, that the Defendants hereinafter o
.c o n sid eied a reside e n t o f th e S tate in con seq u en ce S tate s o f A m eric a ; that is th a t thC D e fen d an ts- MLP OIT E S AMWt p p ost e a -i n IM P O R T E
ei -n b" ;rl sixtimestheamoutit o bein stationed w i t se, Joseph L. Hepburn resides inthe.State of Texas;C. N N(. 4 Wa r a K z. O NT .

A E .C K r^ ~ erW l as of ben tatioed wih.n, ,,th, e sam!e. ---ttfto be Jug oteW senCici fFoia e le 1,845 Apalachicola Fl a n 3 3l~G Ok". .~r A. W C.aman "-.
Js trf eeerti d, Y.... tbill T .. I l. *a l ,a sse d S e nate, De 1 th e sa id G eo rg e 0 H ep b u rn in th e S tate of M is-, ; O ic.d "fR th u 6 is p i Jr leee.ip2
17 Canal ct .,o D. H. MAYS,'ePresident S e .h sour; the said Annie E. Hepburn, and Caroline COMMIS8F eON .MERCHANTS, d Met
17.'1,11A. A.R; Secretary- Senate. B. Hepburn, and the said+William Howland, No. 42 Water street, A.de -
raes 0 U PassedlHcouse, December 16, 18a e6. s teach in the State of N ew.York.; the heirs t" Sept. 1, 1S46. A palachfsla, Fa.- "IT I O N a 1 1 G Rh eua

:~~~~~~~~~e,'y &c For sale.~g;,.1^, wholesale^^ an re^. ,^--ai*^^ AD^S,
S. ., $15 ,l, ohnd Peabody, deceas ed, a d DLi nel r M cDol gald a 16 s e W- Dec J. ..
A Lpr .+',>.h+,, ..,,.D ot to cori- ROBERT't1ROWN,, Speaker Ho. IR.&e.pch fe.s.i e o 0,W t
tr t -; r. r, r .., ..'-_,, -.,.,I ., ,ip any C e lar inr- m. 9 .P .P ',C lerk .' their trustfre the 'said B oaines H olt a nd Seaborn W H O L E SA L E A ND.T I R E TA I L G R O C E R ,a "--an d 1
Aler, c at or ttit.:? H Ir .ln tthe psLathonAptJoh- f f H o ar and -d... .. . t. 6. Partiularattentionpa ld to putting up family,re aneou
for, Ii- ob wn f*G*steamIboat and ship stores. AU TIONA.OFIMWCHaSB
n i ue s the Snereb sidev in the t mateofa..-4-ME C ANTa, l a.u
Ny Bn t o rc-'tl : cI .\,jrJnown.t io.,rk ... h ei so an-sinabitennae o iste s of o a eaGenera t l e f Geo rge.Rn a a b a n k. pr an d Da No 2 Water -street sec G EN AGENTU 'Stands'. ri W
+ +. nowvel,iz-1 m : t~ra,,.i-,I.-,tcting a quanitity .'Q ECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and gia; the said John W. Campbell, Hudson A. C{ otton bought on ord~pr, nafwd .=Lf"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hrtn Nahne M.^...,- -Thonto an Duca H.^a ^ ^,,,' ^^ st Frn.; Xbell1",,S SA *' W ^
'01 C,dir I113`-' l 1-1.:.' Ltl', L ,..... f liP. ;+aid. Com'pa- _. 'Ij 1 use of-&epresentativesoqj'the Stazte. of.to. Th~ornton, Nach resie .-Tinth Sateofn laamdD nan;1WHO .LES ALEArD ETAILRefe ,rs to a
nyi Viz : ,, r,.10 -,, o l ,' ,avrivers, to rida, in Gene? al .1assemibly conzvened, T hat the M B.adeah.esdeinth Sat f laam ; eneow Orbcio "
:--"+: desL-it fro', Iti_-,r it,1 d i,%Id +,.ia} and not -at- second elarse of the fourth article ofthe Con'stitu- the said Joseph Branch and Lawrence O'B. DEALER IN DRUGS, MEDICINES, PAINTS, J". '.--DUNewOLAP,,m. ee.~, I,
of.h s Si..be sra asto ea asfo Brnc W llimf.oundenbouv.,eah r-OIL LAS '.J,,&c
tempt to r..- ..; .,i',,l. r. The RTasenalties of DionY oOt hDS BOOTS, beS ADmended s to r ea a s fol, Bra ch a'nd illia c ke nb ogi, each r e- O IL S, S S ,M esssrs. W YLIE: & M cKENz I -l*ai cnn*a-- rpare d :dlli tI la .N '.W'l i .t -.- I against alt -the lows,' vi : 2d Th'e members of the House of side in theM iddle Circuitof Florida :-Itis there- lAlso:-A general, assortm ent of Statinery.' A T nr t d l h tr i I

50 M.,'t'dd r~nvs i~i L~i'b\ R'; r eentiea da& ouo a' lbre~cl'"'"J";1ot enbyteq aiie froder ed Di t hat the saoida Dfnant s t heC erk's offic Cof of Chstu WOOD Wate streentetsmreeret,. '*^ds ^ w fh[t~~pia
.tie fore., ^ ^,0 1. m ^ named ai^Snd "every0' of them'. doo apea an pi 1plc hio. la nw a.,.- l *^'E.^
p rtte,'' in 41 w..e-v.'i,,r...t. J ^"^"'",,d ,.p^snt t oe s aunb .h6xpie d by the qulfied frst l-e ord re,187 thatR teR sai Deednshrib- .T f .Ch stnut an Wae stre., Ap 2, -846 .. -t ,r n"t te hihtWer< pr eifii4 ^

.- ; T an-ant' ~ kVS E ~ -CURTIn S, l Z i fr tom a ndafer- Il,, n. pl. IV 1Lh fr~ostelcit nuricn 'r shall e th.8i bil of co pait ot her wis the O M SS O ; E H N S Jo ,, -ii r -adb r moigir ~ap iil
ByStheiraAlt,.,t,,d o: athe-sessions of the General Assembly snall be and _ea of them in default: Provided, this order No. 2 4olumbus Buildings, W R Ar.
+' Jyther ,tmta K y:rr R,- : biennial, a,_,] ,Lt,,.,, .r h o rh M n a u be published in~any newspaper 'printed i .h is' ,Dee,., 20,ata1co45.
a yE t r, l ft. M in. i t Apalachicolae Fa. S D TRNEY A L r o n re m adt. ro o
Apalachie.)li, Apr'il '?i i. !5" 15-6t November I &tr, c-,h ar t ,:very .-..-ond year, o toicitor awekfrformntsfrm te: ""l e jallit ateaCnteandHghsretopoieSalatser,,,da~dct~ieabeeffc,
++.,~ l ealr iln c rli l ) id ul oth' Ber it fther a,- ,, ,IlitIb e ,r tby l ld ate h ereof. D acted .A pril 11, 184 7. C e C OeMS S I O M E RAN o se.m A ,. N al w a ie y it ^ ueeon e. I w~ ft r
: b v thle i 7 r \ ^ V lrs E ^ F E R' E LT N T -Soc. 2 B t it f -_.,i, .d r i t, rad T h at the th irdGWate r te e t U sa ir .. : d ase are y. p revented by-i
" s LT Z A .PER IH .N. : B.h1, : v n e a r W a l l. lW i llhf. t o, ta k e p l a c e o n s t h e .J u d ge Mo th e W e s t e rn Ci r c ui t o f F lo r i da Do. l, 4 3 W a t e A p a h i c l a ,-s ta ir s Cu a n m as d -h C atin F or s e b "
' O s street, N ew Y ,,'k ,ru.- ". ll '-I..d ro A m e nd ed r.) -hlit th e'sam e sh all.re ad 'a s follow s- : R A .NDAd L La G& R N ERe W ', G ASc "" + c"a ... W.. C
complete ass.,'t ne ,tc,:,:CA GI, [N ET F-![t 1%'N[ I ""1E 3d.That the Represitieshalbcosenton Complinaat'sbSlicitors. on4morn Ls,. Fred. IE. Dugasq.{ fievrteDu treo .S aly e 2'.C

th -rvn~n n .ii; +.enrac ion--i.n QlU ehe'u tstreetjl)l R..~iden>i~salcoaeneo thekn Merchnts. "tah et --ee-.sor'n f* ;. -.- ,.- *Pppr-lol b O W W N
andti-eAIR.3,pwh.i,:hhe..: r.v,-,,is !-o-be .equaltO,d theili,'t MiN.-,,,tvinthe monthofOctober, ineach ICTistrinth frm S so n t o 54 90. BO OS ,0R AND -COMMISSION: fs t., (entran ce n iesbtn BNstreet1-T' M ll, ..... .-
*Tr anv' thellers, and r the i,, ^i, .v l ig unusua lly ao tnd vi ery sea o'ld year, from and' after the first e Ber 4 MERCHANT,ac ,a nh lat e doby D. 1k o. s s e "
rate.nelection under this ai, ended, Constitution, or onN .2 of u.^3Scr^M I Din. of Dec 6 191TO ANalachio la oF" on ....
pr hogarainy Sta.1 i',t. I'[ to,$ "e eah and I I such other day as may bedirectedtbyetlaw. w 6 28 W t slreet, De 6, 1 O Gpahio, Fa.ER'S P T Ae
-g do. Chev u'il '-, t o |2 .. *, ,.:, e. 3. t. Cler ,,ouse he f ; r 1N DM RA TY c io' __ __ __ __ __-------a.tll fiftheW III[W a l, +C
d. R of the aforesaid article be so amended as to Daniel N. M, La,,, and' C c o .M AiT DoGERS CHRLtS PIRATT. NT I ltRN kY AND CO SI&LRWS
do. Ble,-is-0" -' c t .,, COT ows FRz IN. s b h otherBs, owners 'o f th Dodge .. Pratt, Of. Ofershiskervices to the pub] a e r of't ha
T HE.-ido, Card TaIble4 ot o7fv. |, r r'-, '" vibthe o eqbi.fied electors, for the term of foulestem aA aPSHIIPPING & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ( above-apapit -
adria. s f C e .tre F,,, l c -15-, 1^11, ye- fo sale before tie Cour, ans F at. t h Libel fr olitts f1No. Water Street, -. le W ill practice, regularIy F
-e d.-P ot. F -'e I:h

iAls ethe r Bel|dl.ls, Ha,' ''d,ttre.. 's a.-li et- + of the lt,, ,e ,,f te .l h,=f, narttvs nd: r.,io,. rso ..f h erD.. taek/ ap ae an -- '01 il. .., Pa ACICOrA, + A.- a .ei~ 'eanr a^ a sE Counsel in dh'Court^ *.<- n ."-^ ^ ^
.: ing Io d thefine stq, a ,l,tbr a,,,I att, e lo,\:i .. r s.n k ow a C at P. i ess h be 1 wh i ai .publiaetio. 01 ln ..... .:u.* -,I. Pu and .,, I fM It.To
ing Eof Slt t., B ivIIiOTi heeyr tobeaaSenatorwnho it muay-i SIO AN ..FO W RD COMMIfSSION ERHA NT of the Middle or Western Cion wil l a lo,
+. sdket prices, citizen of the Un ,States, andshall- have bden r E R y CHANT, a ergue cases in the Court of Ap-ealsa. Talialas-
N. B Noexlr c] tr.:s .- l-aan-,g ,,d tbl,- n-in abia t thiisStteta re tofyorrntwoe yLeacrcennet atty-p.e-t,_Noo.an2ataW amtnrN-strWete tteeteseethh sesioneof whicsh oil alhich,
ping.aulsspeetidb ccSt cedi.. ..electin-,+an telsya 'a rs"en +isud i te boe aus I sept:2 ly + "Apa'laehieola. present atl uilin-lE ..espl[e-ven.td.

^ S '31~~~~~c '" D' e['1A P r : *:"t*t-le ~t ^ .41ifrr 'e Uo ad li or f id .: an2 ;: ,:*- Apalachicoa F ^or a Septem be. r d, I9Ha, ebmt-. au~^ hi~ S
.. -- .C r.. .. .. ,rsa -ll h ave att.ined the ag e of t t enty- B1at E ufaula, her tack le, apparel and -furniture, : F r a n c is K O lama n a B
1 / "1 H H -D L .l .- u r .; ... .: +.- ...t o a n s w e r t o t h e hi b e fi l ie d t h e r e i n ,, fo r d a mn a g~ s ..W H -O L E SA L E A N D R E T A I L D E A L E R I N
1 -2Yd .-vSifiev ri o cllsoie-A. "G. aS..xiiea
l-J "2 doNe~ O+te,st:.,,t ttS'. ,. I ;,.,+, Be ,t.Ju hi+i-en ete foTat thosishto n a cause civil and marittme.- DRY GOODS, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AND eillflt eplblaoi l.m ,;.l ii
"'" -" sic"k" R "a) Co"ill"eid-1t1cde Jba s amended as to hat the said- process is returnable before, the .. CLOTHING, &c. ATTORNE. Y. .
-. ' .._,. e, se ofthe aforesaid artcl "b o a + m fieo.ndap.iedo B d i g, SPa s'!lJ er +
4 1) b,? b A .) r ..r n v i ;; ...- r r d r a s f l o s i : T e c ~ f a i S f S n D i s t r i c t C ~ o u r t o f t h e U n i t e d S ta t b s f o r t h e N o r t h s et 1 C h e s t n i t S t r e e t A p a l a c h c o a l a .c e W om 2. C o p tr.d 3rf,. i ~ !
: + "a) M ttu]., ~r, S, uJ ,, ,. '+,v ...T.e of _en~a,- ern Distrit o l;o torida, at tnewlerk's omf e stof -H. R. WOOD).. e,"+' cor.- of"entre".Comm retet... ,tvd .-
.. = ", . .4 -) rs, as made at- t ne fnrst session, 0 e e &t .. "no 5" 'A al ,JmtjF a- "ND :I( .,I.
"20 -46n .ttt..; 'OX rJ+ t_ a . ..t ..,- f... .. t',h e. G, "n rt,, ', said Court,-in the city of Apalachicola, on the o -5 A
of bgr hrt -)k--; ed n heyar18!, hal...iiro. .: W ood & Co.-.
..~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~'n hal 1%%bg .5,t :, li+P,,\,.:.+.".. ,w, --... ...earhly. aays dy)of2fayintatat10 AUCTIONE'ERS AND COMMISSIO3N "FI.E. OW4es ~ ~~'.bhdN..
2-.)- lbs L. r:. a0- H -?d 7 bq; n nu.[vn iennially A SM. a w ic tmeand- ., plac .th ..aid "cuserrRCs o VS
,+= o ko-3k...... ... ... ...tir betoboshearore.. ........ .
1=+. ...,; ,. ,rV.,.' [.-ti-F,, .. t" for-the term of four- years:. Provided, h~owe i t e' _a oat.. .. e +a lc... t '- .. C TTO RIN,"B Arn.C i t, A aa a.B 1 E S O
Dat ved t pa n c ot~a, 'this 15th day of May, C....TileBa',} ",C
Der 41IX'.te tl-t I.a.th t.te.trm f'-fic in-thee a 94baRO ERT MYER / ,th. pri 29- 146.
~~~of that" class of.-iSenators.unexpired A tthe first mteya.81. :O E TM E S, pi 9 81. -t' o etm w ct\onp~t ei
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s lie elcto und" ', U. S., Marshal.+[:[+"". 'I, su O ,. "" ':
i.:. '~a rau', E~rr~c~eat .ellel eectonuner~he,,~e,,-:"onsittin:,shll; "bYH.- .Tby IfD.M.O -R. ONTITtLOOR, D'. M.ll' lC; "" M -1 nd rem,'g-M-ERti CHANTS, ~ri
.:-+ ... .l~eri~lioextend 'to, and exp'ire.-opn-, the. first Monday in No. 45Wa rSde{,"+ '". rmanth bod. t s a'31 .i t
"EA TH t{ ~ a \r I-, wl 1 i -i.rdid October,eilghten 111.0"-.-I "d3'fifty. M ay 22, 1847.: 19-4 f O t 4. : -'Aater the i col, Fa .. T OR NA T L { .+ +. ont e Sal .',d he h a h 5 .
.. A~iS:,-,o 5 -Be it suitpr,'edbalitteuseTehat the first'
b y 'th e ui e ,:f I'A [Zirx \N ]7 '5 E tF E R 'V E 'E N Y ;:! ;?,:rio ,, 1 .:,i: -A ssem b ly m en u nd er th is .am en d ed S T A .T E O F F L O R I;D A w o sLea rL e apeer m o th -W es nt herne
SEL ZERAPE !F.F.C.-,i,,titiltio,.,shall take place' on the first oda hrls ahorduAet -D UhS E-IIN S AIT ,sIS -, .. Orut;adThns n heCndi 'fn f~k,s-uii );
+" .. e "This pre~parat.,,i s n ,; lVi%,--rs~d yA ll...1--'ed to be In Oetb)ie -et, e t,-,-P, hundred-- ,_ld f ,1 ." ...lit ; Adams, "Georg'e" W .:". G .LASS, BRUSHES- .,&c t wa counties -.'+b tl an ism h moe a h d ruit
+ :" the-most p,: .,.r tilt? ,l," ,C" the ,r -stt '.i',r Will the i, rst s;,-;.io',,o tiieGeneral Assembly, un- + B r adaf h rs"' ".. ..as 'A g ;I 4 '- -" l e ." ': .e--
the i, ]i \en,ooa d ,'~c-,, hh -t,, lu e .B.. .arna-.r. d hiae;ndl-.,,llu i:. s ale m e e o le al
de cnmnen Larkin, Mer'chants, I"' Attach en. "d/ general ass'ort-nenzt of Prp etonyb JHNWII -'


Fl. V ...JI -

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&I V.
^V-.--- ,
'i-*o .! S

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- ;?
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._ .ieK' -'.

B ulll ,' l3(d -Sand'" .' J, 'hi-iU L$ U-1'.V .... 6P.' m" U.. me as S...-e.I_;tl M vierin Chancery to actand re. FAOTOR.AND CC, MI, rN MERCHANT, Cand,,v, lFC.-r a _'"6cr _'_ru t __e ,d ii -- "f ti.-.n. -t h..le'.v'_G^ ,:. rm t 'H
S ARSAPARILLA, i -1 i',?en e ,I. 1,f:.r i lel, ) port upon the: same,- afterahavig gi1en 30. days + (j-' Office, No.. ,_,l,.imbi_-Brildings, ... tra ils, ,J[|Ih- ,i t' Perks. l e June lP H. F. ABELL. Pete,'s Vci.Sf ta ,.e A ltiS ,l .... notice- by publication, in the 'papers -It i' there-' Jan 16 ; ... Apalachi'cola, Fa. said ,'Cu,,vN,-dec'-es-"d. s,:,rres.- d tjin, ar,: ,peed il t'ni
.,_,. .'* 7 1- i Iore ordered tnat-said George v. ,toss, ,hedemn. ." .,fr ordeird lltna'tsi- a'I 'o V. J ,_. M. SHdf -'KCLFtORD, A drr4r. ed M .r atnd elasti,:it tfo'th'e > 9,tie
t .. .... ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~dants Watson, N[, [),,uai ,o ei-; al., and. all others' DEA.. .E"S -'"IN' EAaVc A,-ola. N v l," "+ nPrlae ad so ,.w ,lst-a -, ,
,- [NGLE and doub ,,r ,. b A FRESH upplyY just rt,. ,l' d and for saleby EvN:D' *-.N SHIP, .. .. ... ....
S [ GL ad ou le i _.r. . ,_ --.-i' nterested,.to appea'rl o ore m ,, vo .. .. ,. .. ',1"" ." ,, ., ', J H I E o,',: ~a ~ .
+ .~J.. 1. ., Ah ---.- .t ,, -,..C-.-.ALLEN. A April 17 .... "+ .. -t t ,; .,, : ,,0 W aler o~e. t r r .^
- C a t p e n t e i s E x t r a c l o f 1 1 1 4 C !1 1 L an i pl l Ol 0 t h e n -, ,d t hre'v t o ,p r 's S .cIt eqn0,.r eg: ,-- v, a i a e i H A B E L L. i
+ ' "l"T r A lR \ M F~ r > ,, ... ,, f o r s ni p h r ; w iw r x t T pr i t T 1 )' ,- 1 e ; / ; i ri p c a m s S ": J n.'n -d M n it il d '.l .'l t fi'ri r ,"l lT v yO\ I r o n ,g a n d= C[ l -' nAR a id l- LintS Ilie s ln. ,. r Sl"? s a, J a n "f i] i 1" ;.
. '* *, l /ARR.N~N i ED f.^iii'- or sale by. 7 N1 H'trlllwd, it 'iplh.:id. rn forsl tive claims-, ZN031`, 'AT' -An 31, v ;zt re ,,s 7Vn -and 06p -t,,, and Pnt5 fle,;I an9,. .orAi
.-+.-.--'V .Julyl 7 J. C-. ALLEN. VV by [ ,",,;n] r J C ALLEN. .+ -CARPAWAY SMITH. *:* .. .., r i w,, ....p.. .17 ,... H. B- ABELL.d of, L -eri*'
.- "a '^ +_ +. ....- ,_- ,,_-,.:nlM,ster inChancery.. ...... .Blank B ook s and talioliery1
t"- .'1: ,- J u lr n I-, / ) t\ ,I t ,n 1-;L Pi, J i t.l n d ~ ~ \ ^ | ^ ^ "t- i: t W M.~l L W ; lH E VEl Th L \G E S ,) .,-a Dy B o k s ] 1 1. A i e a bDv el~ I ^-:
.+ I' -D-l.- :--"-l '_s. l;,,:_,,-+. C /Ii| t i :civu -. .. .-n 1byt 4 .-,'th .bove matter is post- -+ LS im s&. leeve Je +i 0 an'i ; F,,.-,icY>andaLetter a a er'" *; ''_ dis ro'o e,.' jjr-. tth.d "i:,, H H
"'- "LJ--Menmorandui r ,:,l., FI-,I,-F,,l,,sCai. Let- Ap.riLl ? ,. H F. ABE[ M^ RIilt /ll, the 16th inst'. '.. : C0 M M I SSO-1- N, E ]C-H A N-T, S ':o-,, Memr;,ilim Books. .... Complaint,"or ah?" ,ftbe'rj,,o
;ter paper, Penw '.l -'. :- 1 ..1..[.,, D.;-k l..h.I, .... -- ". ^ ^ ii,.:.-,.At,'llO,1847.- 13-1t .... Office No 24 W ,ter'^ ,reet St',p'n, R ,Illt'Lad,..- <-" the Cbrono-Thermil s^steta,.'-. B
*Pen.Racks, Irk Siat>,l, ,Quills, Sand Boxes,,En- F l lwida M olasses.Th "lhe ,al, ,, ," the, above butter pft- ec2 ",-1-.o .,24-- Boooks o r .-. D..Doctor TA -L _)R- _"" c leb ed-' ""
velopes, &c., Al,,) a .-v i extensive assortmentt TN t ,-.-,, r el-, forsaleoy phoned Until the 30th Ja.]n.d l... ... .... .. ; 'Bl + ills sale.. a. .. n B '
.' .. '-'" ... .. .Ap ril -. .. .. ..2B ao k B ills sf E xch l', .g e a d C e k ,-ie m e B L a i ~ ~ -~ ~ ]
of School Booksf ftl,elte,t a-id m6`t approved .. B. ELLISON & CO. I Apalachieol April ";-,_ 11'_.7-.Sm,. W T..T Woo -: E. ]-. .LLOU... J, "J t ceiv.a a',..or .sal e pares. at..... BO"ERY." .'' '
:editions, Iu' alebv : -: -Feb20 -. ; '/ 24'Water street. (jt^ The hearing of the :,1.v:- r,,(f t r-r'is post- "W ood & B a,131ou, M ar.It t : July 17 J- J.-C.'ALLEN.., "- lotiedutllthe.30th-ofN...,-!ib-ri, :\t. M and h-T beeAM tr a l,,1g tnEe, l R AecNT
... l^,..' : R ; : al y *; -S -, A--.al.,c~i.,sl:,..July3,, -,r. --.- -,, l Office No. 42- W after stireet6.-6 p stairs.- -" :-. ..-, .SK ^i^p uti:ar.,llcd success \hich hasat.t .ed
PrRa%,n r's Ac d^ Bcl Atglelaivil, BowS4lg Salo-on, e, -U Stairs AJnS |..u- Z1.,,Fat.ikBL.F n.aU.Wi TMrsnein nprlringj^
S. IELEBRATED LJ ,"k a,.-I Red W 'iin4irg Ink, .-cbaie l.r'b..l < eavo..(),hnim, :][ooidC' -111 .-. Ja -. -U W 5,, ,1. MJ0ie 1 I, d. SIrir. a ,r 's w rieh in a ,, e rfa,'i i .
'* ^ J^1,^1^-1-11"ncil'k-1t^ 1-1LLF 11N tha I*-' ^ *l^l--']..l~ ,,:. Ba r,:Ir ,M Adams & 'Co;Y u n U^^^ ^ r R ~ n ^ded -from kchooheri n;adirsl enaint rnd~e u h oc
"July .1 J. ALLEN. l I'c <.-.l..i.|.n.:-tttl -.,"I. ...:.\ tila ,, 7,'3B ,',-,,,Adats-t. .... ... t oI n -" r COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO l0ow foro cash, fby h n the D.(r. sal been
,,,,,Extract S:a- a b, pi.,| ,er :,na~ er,.,t:,iid s._,:, .,t- Jon, Dill and Elizabeth f in i-ariL. ...INSPECTOR AND ROKER. ch 2 C 0 U
* *' '*. ULT r 's ,. S AND S', ;:,," i- ae b~ lr et dozen .or t,.,,,1,-,n. !"-. i,'_-rit ,....01 .1 .1 of-the patronage .Ann.r DilL. .;,. ;" : N o. 28 W water st.- O-fice _Le,:O,. L.,:i room I-.- ..- "' .. .. l- > even to tise ti-ii 1erf et
j.n....i e bottle, bv heretol.rc ,:6 ,l ,'-.l,, duppn he:Hiuse.- TT 1 b,:i,,-.een-m.adeto aAp.ear by ,ffPdavit that- D' ee2V .... ..' t," a.t'et bYS delay. "
... ." :. -....u-J yn. l"" J. iC ALLEN. ; 'All p_-,':.,' i,e.sl,r:,.t re rho 'establish-, : the d, t,.id.,,iilJohn Dill anA Elizabeth Ann + *_S. ^ ,ip." Ttp.-_fr,. c,,re '
** m ent,.w~il:,:.,Lf_,"a favor l~y -..ttii,-,.z -.ith th~esub- Dill,.re-ide,.,,,t of'the l;tat of Florida, 'to wi-t:-- -l s i i'" erto<, _O.... .. ]T or -hal *i : --.. ^str lr, gs are past ciir. gr's- 'h
Lamp Oil` + -crl,,"r. J,-IIN B. JONTS. i,, the. s.t ,:,1 Georgia. 14is ord ed that -pub-: HFALER IN _-L,-H NG, BO,.]S,. SH E, HHDS.:-choiceN OSu r; --. -:.+ J. C: AL EN;"^ ^1
iT'VjF the bf et .. 1,tali v,. r >in i,,.r ,,-'; for *.de + ,Ap'i-"I'l-. A\:.nlI*". l~4". _-t' h.:,ti..,'be made`ror. four .on m I hn' inTm. news- HAT -l.\l CAF'S. CA:PS h .'i,_ bbl, Flor hy .. '*-; -' .*; IS -
..JAop r i.l .,) .N .*... Fb2 ......: :' .-;- NOURSE. STONE & GO. CA[T (uine:
S.o[ e]. W ..ALLENte ... ,L ilo- r e r '' :d Apalachicola Fa.
recel ~vye "r llby A t..Ise iLf' Dwecrf'S
assondgs,-e- `. W+- .?i f .. LAD OIL,, just rI,' e,:a, iLf=.
.. >. =... t3 and, instreei .d iorale -and t.),',,l,.,b,'. HOMA.SRBALTZELL. Judge. Edwai rd ( Ic ully, : -: ApW l7 .. .. .. '(H."F AB LL l d-i a te, i
.l.Jun l-' *H. P. -Al-, LL. June:. f 2 '1 ff. F. A1BE n lI I1 m" p M T n vrFRp1v AJ->T''A I *>" *-"' rn iis i etiiu ia nj 4 t &,a,
S'." .., LL. u ". I .. "-LL Juv. -"2 1,1. 28-4m. "'. .oOM IISSION-VMER -CHANT:AND DEALER 3By .uu h-rtea"d da.-',u'mitatin', 'l
"F'o e A T AR A R a.,d T a i,,.,,'inds, i,.:t "re -' -IN D g Y G O O D.8 A N D O- C E R TE.OS. V:F
conec. nnA TARTARne BAG RO li Tarchse W so0eB
... ." l d~lBAGS 1R11t, for sale y ... C e~ive,/,d a ,:r k l e r by v ::QORE a,, La,-ndrW ater, for sale by + "':+ r No. 50 Water street.,..B 7 ] binlr. lstr ,:ie ,_'! ;A'}}e ) -porce 3-~ .S' '


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!-- Commercial advertiser ( Newspaper ) --
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mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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mods:dateCreated August 14, 1847
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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2 8 August
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: August 14, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
notis - AKD6771
lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00091

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:= - 1..IBEHT.\f <, CO\-TITLTlt I ET XC''fI
U: A l'AT1: I A.VOLUME .

--= -= -- _- c. __
-' -- :--7- : :-- 7---- :- -: : "- :- -- -'- ---cr-

: I V.I] -.\iiLACH1COLASATUllDAYAUTSTit. 1 j 1817. [XUMBKR F

-- _..-. .---- -- ,.. ._ _.- __ -__.__u .
-------- c. ---- -- .
-- -- -------
: -- --
DIEIH'L\L\ JUHTI\ En 1'KOSI'KCTUS ---H tj ii ;nttr. I (fisrurc and lloora combined. The latter, | (lour extracted;! from it does. The particular the composition! of the various; articles! of diet .

rt OK Tilt : -- -- -- --- I by the by, never failed to excite the rerriat Loteverytiody j I result in the case of wheat and I Indian; which arc at our command.! In r theprr I
J'r 111.1"11 t:I r.vKtn SUTKIHY rv A MX.N Lit 1'TYT:: LMELX we encountered. I corn wereas fuifows :-A tlioti-sanid pounds condition of the country, this? economy has

.1. I,. IV V MAX. JACKSON] IIG, HY 1111,1::.\ ILI.f. I Tl:' giving of nicknames is quite. a p.H.I I of the whole grain and of the fine flour contained become a vital! question. It i i"J a kind' of

., WKKKi.Y }JJ.PEU, ItlS just in the mi Idle of the merry, ion with the people! of 'raldti1111 I IlIIcf n. of muscular matter respectively Christian duty in every one to practi it afar I

\\'. G. '1. SJAVIS. 1i1I. i mellow afternoon that they usheied to I Xo Due, with any peculiarity, whether of Whole eran.: I'uip Flour. as his means and his knowledge enable

TO UK prjlIJSHEl) LY.M.lIiUW.l. dinner I underneath a shelter of person or temper, is exempt not even strangers. V'!i"af, l-tti: (bs. Lir; Ihs. him.
green .
., ,' .' ;l.'ii,1nz.! !; r.'TH'T of Indian corn, lt 11)( 110(
". ,: v V.. 'v PerlMj)3 the whole! amount of the
1':1": p r '. 'HF. un !ler-uned propose u11ihin! in the bOl zhis. open all around, and so low at the : economy
I'" ::1'11 'rr" .ttl i ( .tUIIn't'I' Town of ).1.Man.rina J.lck'.11ctunty, Florida, a I eaves that ve stooped to enter. .\ pompous captain: of a man, of war Of the material; out of which the animal which would follow the u;e of wholemeal

viiitin Tahiti: fur t the second time, discoH'r.1 muscle ito be formed the whole meal 01 instead of fine Hour not strike
with the ahntltlc. Within
1'i ;Z '1' weekly n'W"I'lIH'r i the ground) was strewn over \. ith may 1
.Rll'fI'l >..-f.r-e O.lhr! per :annum, This p per' will bcdcvo1e.lto J itcraturp Agriculture aromatic ferns, called; I '. tiahi ie," freshly ed I that; among the natives) he went by the grain of wheat contains one-fifth more than every or.? who reads, the above. f: el.ations. |.

l""i- ::1 < h'..1'11'J: ",<* if paid within sixUn" and Science; it \vjll al>o contain the gathered, whieh SiI red under foot diffused I di!nified title of Atee Puce' literally, the finest flour does. For maintaining muscular The saving arise from two sources. .

Ii I ::111 : ''' 1 il I !tct' aUer. current news of the day and articles in support of the sweetest ordor. Un one side was a row I Poee Head, or Pudding [Head. Nor is the i| strength, therefore it must be more Tirst the ;amount of husk separated by time J

,,3|*T JI.j'fll.tI..n', .Jtk.Mi* fiwa l lss terra than i\ the Whiz Po1ir;'. of yellow mats, inwrought I with fibres of I highest rank nmong themselves any ( valuable! ; in au equal proportion miller from the wheat which! he grinds, and) I j

?'?!"n".,i;'_ III'l"d 1 ; uiv wilt.riibly i,,. ;imoontt be chard ud until for The want uf a loral paper ha* been severely baik stained a briuhl led. I lIne, seated; af-I! tion. The first husband) of the prolcc-I ?. U' nc rna'erial and saline matter. Oi which is not sold I for I human: use. vanes very f f

\1':1..1.: -ci: I"t'r felt in JtekcnVahtoii and \ra.hinotnn CountieS queen was commonly known in 1112 tCji these mineral constituents, as they be much. 1 think do: ;
COol over-estimate
tlie m of the i may we not t |
\\tl .- iuvd, unless at oi lt1 and has led to the establishment of tcr the !fashion of the TUlk, we looked out, I I
iWfI1..Lr.\ 1 ;, proposed Cl't3 Pot called of: the animal ( thousand
\ lIe carried the when
thiJnurn.il.. over verdant bank, upon the mild, bine I :I is llelly. j body, a we consider i ir( ns forming one-eighih }
"c"I'rt.I.r.1 OUPIUAIV, (twelve Ime of his; before him be pounds, whole meal) and fine flour coufain of the .
: r1\..vl> endless I greater pait person to > whole. On this supposition, eight
Padt round had
\R: ; of One Onlr l- The unilcrsi! :nM hope to obtain sufficient patronage c So far wc sldn-
,.'i.I .'rh'.' at the ml-: sure ; and I So did the gemletnanly (>eorjo j respectively ,- pounds of wheat yield seven of flour consumed
\ its I
,r subse- to emble them to Runence publication cd the island, that the view of Tahiti; t I was j
t ir TM- -{;.t. and Fftk'enltor every by the 1st t of SopUmber.TEn.i now intercepted.Upon ; I 1 IV. But what a title (for a king consort j \Fran, TiK, Ibs.yhole by man, and one of pollard and bran

,i..it; 11I"'rti vi.I *-Three dollars annum, in ndranrc.s'i JIven: "Pomarcc" itself, the loyal patronymic I nral, 170! which are given to animals-chiefly to poultry .
: .J' vrt- "i,, rctr a liberal per the ferns before us. \; ere laid ; 1 Fin? (flour! (if) "
r.. 1" < .' ; ::; 1fiip2id vMthin six mouihs; or -,1 U'J at the was originally; mere nickname, antI Sa that in this of and pis. II the whole meal be ust'll.
IT" ., TXIV' ; b'v.a! rtisementsnot several layers of }broad, thick "pooioo"ileaves i regard to important part
j 1I. ," \"i ( ed: of thecar.! literally signifies: one talking through his however of flour will be obtained
Wfll food -
business, as our all animals! butespecially
., ., t'F *iieir nvi! ; Inppinz I over one upon the other.And necessary to living
"" 'v ii M.'iru: will 13EXJ. G. L1DDOX & CO. The l first monarch (that name, being I'I'no'c. or right people will be fed by the "
; >, : ,i !i.-orti-1: sottt in by thtia I upon these were placed, side by to the young who are growing, .
1' ,. July 31, 1H.O .HI.I on a war parTy, and sleeping: over night and s,enne weight of v' '. only fed; seven
.1 1'.1 j I 1'!' ,I. 'HI r.lf." __.----_ newly-plucked banana; leavesat least to the mother who is giving milk-the grain
k>.' : : r.i iiv<>ru-iM7i..! !; tn'Jst he paid for i among the mountains, awoke one morning I whole neal15 I three uefLlI(. -
:-t'i I -. i. I'h H' a. Y:11I1ill i l i length, and very wide. Thn stalks! times more nourishing
l'1 .1' !' HALF boxes .Mdtiafdctur.'d \\ L Roane i were wit lid i awn, so as to make them lie I with a cold in his head and some wag of t a ,I than the fine flonr. Again, we have sr he whole! mealis

/ !- :,S .' ; ,-- wiil t be rliarg*.? for annoutcI ,7. 1rttFi.: courtier had no more manners than to vulgarize Our case mad for i more IItltritiouiIe: tliwr
5. llit. This l CeO cloth was set out and is now out. Weight
.1 ,,'fi!(>. ,c Urand.'t 'I lil1ll11U will farther than of fine-.
;"' J must I 1J I half h.txts: Manufactured W Price" garnished\ in the manner following : < weight, the hole gram or meal) is more gf> 1i1a; weight
; tK---H'-n ",t"l jVnn a distanre it fl-1. [low (difTcrent from the volatile The numbers at which arrived from the
:> \ ::: Polynesi rich in all these three essential elements ofa we ;
First, a number!) -pnoioo"' leaves byway I
:' I" 1 1: \ ;:h the c\'h, tr city IckrCflLe, -= 4' \Y arlH\\" i tan j in this I as in all I other t respects, i is ourgiave nutritive food, than the line flour of wheat. results ofrmnaysis: show that taking! all the
of plates ranged alonz on one
.. .- ,-:' .n h.V:2. Ih.! i"'Xl'S" J W.Mdi-g.in') j ; and d'oroll"01111 American Indian.I ; those whose desire is sustain three sustaining dements of the food! into
:de, and by, ea'hVa< a rustic nut-bowl, only to
1.2 Ib L-jTiip While! tie former bestows : in consideration, the course i* one.half
a name, accordance their health and more
the food
: b'.ws Man-ifactim-J Jv Jlor an" Brand half filled with sea water, ar.d a TalJ:ian strength by they
Goaci". with some humorous i trait: nutritive than the tin'. Leaving wide
Dry or ignoble a
J'iemium.i roll I. or small breadfruit, roasted brown. -. eat, ou lu not the whole meal to be pre'ferrril -
aud ; :' the latter seizes what i is ;deemed the margin for the influence of circumstances
.d '
: : ,
: rl'i 1
: /
'rill To children
I': I ) 'r :i I h.t" ; ** XapoMinnfacture'l i immense flat calabash; ;placed in the arc rapidly
r I F ': .' 'k ..f n... 41JI'f cmls 1lt.Htg' h I, ir.m... !nr.ml :..! nI)1ia." j.\n: IC. wn ? heaped with numberless! most exalted or warlike ; and hence, nrr.ong 'I crowing the browner the bread) they rare let us suppose it r.ly tp-etltlh more rm-
r : I the H;d tribes, we have the i : tritive, and! we shall have now nine people
'"'1, :. bl'l, l Napuh.tti' of moist, =tlInin leavesIn each truly patrician: the more ;-bn n''Lint t the supply of lie materials -
N ''' 1 hF': :., !'I.t l.iI.oc"1 1 l : BraId St 1 r..w1!wr.1 .," I packages a small fish Inked] in the earth :and j i': appHlat nj5: of White; Eagles,' \ ollngi 'I (rom which their increasing bones ;-wl nourished rqualU by the s.nne weight of

\v', -.- .: 1 li'- Fhu.h'!": ::.i :2lh 1} h"x.l.luuflrtured': "' ::1014"J'i was i Oaks,' Fiery Eyes, and) Beaded Hows.. muscles are to he produced. To the mitktliviug grain, which, when eaten as fin'- flour. wouM
done] This I of.a dihwas "
to a I MM I pxiamid i
J..3T1" .
I'M i .,Id rii flranl Mzznilia. support only( seven. Ti.r ?r' : !
tnother he boll and for
eith'-r 1 I ,. -;ime a similar ,
(linked sid by
11'.k F I I \ lh'.i.! \ 1 r+ h), \ll'IU".1 t'Irt'd1orf'jrd" Uonr-y Dew on ; an ornamental OX TIICTTkniVK QirALiTIKSOFTIIE[ tIle /1'1in other woi'tN! icuul'i in this farm toat .
... ._ calabash with the Bi HrU; NOW IX r s. r\!, \ \ J" I H 3 CU C 11"j.M Fk'\'tl\.1 I Segar.: ; : One was brimming I I".n
; :
: r :F'"ry e-fllurth father (
'1--\\. \\th"l.". .. ... A glance: at their mutual relations in re- present.
: .
;i- : nrt.l. made .
: : !: :: : ; Q"7 :I'71fl C'1. : iJ i "7. I II It:. : jiolden-hut-d poee' ( I' pudding I T <: I IOrCSaI J. Ir. .

\\\.1 .' ;; J : H j .,' 1 t. ,!r" 1nr..m C'r:..->ti!i.*. fott'-nC: n Traro Chains.vt' I from the re-J l plantain! : O1' I ti. uiotni'air.s!: ; the niMosc! to show, in an intelligible man- nni to ti J'; three substances presented in PUMSR.M> POKT.-Horace II-, apoctr

I I i'; Y.J'.1: ? I.. {.". For ,1- 1 ,. ,.'..>,. -:I..I'illI'ulhy!, other was viadt.'S
', : n.t 1 i"it! Yul'.Xi; thousand pounds of each contain of the
!I"d-: L'Jt'if.lAKT: ". tunrp:! prn'oty: macMaf'd in a mortar i nncrl'iIlC.:: :: ::s well a.s mote wholesome, ) to see a young: Fadv for the first time,

euF B::u.'..1. .>' I. :. :. I-.ti 1 o-\:1IU9 N iv. 1 4 -J Watrr strr-'t- kneaded with the milk of thecocoanut, j than fine white flour as food for man. t three several ingredients the follow; proportions at a certain party. Both! became. enamoicJ
I :
4'"M: .- ',-,il-.s : '.'i Tl 'ki'iat.,, :- Oil 4.1< ths anti CariMls.1Q and tlu n baked. i In the space bt-lwecw t the The solid pails (of the human body con- : Wisole meal. Fine Hour of her; and each, unknown! to the; ether

Li'.-i. -m 1C .'* I'.MI-I-( PlX nil C"'I, I and \n\s wide; three: dishes were piled yottn: cocoa mils" "ist<. principally of three several poTtions : \ru.Cf; matter, IZn Ibs. 12' ii>,. ;procured permission to cat!. On the eighth

I In i'.i: \I. 'i- 'i, > c:t r i II ir .. i-i i S'-t'! .-.tuic, tu ::3 pro _'IP", I larain Cari.; tin:; "tripped' of I their; Iw"I,,. Their ecs !::n'l the ::11. : !le: muscle, antI the bone. These Hi--u- rnctcrial.' ro'c iil day aft er the first call, the poet mustered

1; M.I i-l! .. j'j >..... si1- ":i.-vlui O t .*t'"\ fc* been, opened :an'l! enJ-irged, so that each vein-: tlnee! s'sbst.mces; are li-.ble to constant waste Fat, 2'3" 2.) courage to press gently the lady's haz.d.-

v.: i:'.i-; ':. Pr.'i .1,1' V' ''tran Pfinl<, 1 t.ljr h a readv-charsed aoijlet.There in the living body, and therefore must Le Eight days after this, !lie hazarded the raising

;:ivtra: ---.1' ':. .j. -<.. ml Lot! Ginihains, I.r 4e! ItCI.. < PUTT !:<; k CO. was a sort f-Ode cloth! in one cor I criiisuir.tly renewed! from the food thatVP Total in e.1chtt !Ibs. 2!(' Ib' of her hand! to his lip-. Eight Jays
.. > J.:>,T v' :"'1'1, .- '' '. -,j- t'. llec 5 \\.tf'r..tr..r.t.. ner. nptHlvhch.| : bright bluff jackset: I lay I P lt. Tie! vegetable; food( we consume contains I Taking the three ingredient, therefore, liter, he Lltzshed :like a cheny, ia an attcr.ip:
1.-tinc'; ,
Cv'tt! i i '1-. -- together the whole meal is one-half more
t. ,. I the ftc 1 II: I I'll-: ': 5" : \ 't-'ipin rt' Uooh and ifHU."'. the shidows of their i valuable for fulfilling all the purposes n.f nutrition i and lie had arrived
: "'I1 ,> :1:161.: ..1' % .111 11iurt.d Iiki. I !lif than the fine flour and
'H..t : is
: -
,'. f-"l1M" Hk'.o. BiY'1"1' pulp I$ Coshinu through a transparent: skin. The animal voluntarily introduces these especially hope of kis.sin her lips, \.viienlhe bell rua>,
:: .. s. t.
.J: : ; w.d Kip Drosrins ; it in ) tothe of the
"I .' r ; n S qiVz H'fd :. If ; and almost comins :and. going there like briek in'o his stomach! :and then involun regard feeding young, and the lady; suddenly! excused herself aiid
L flap ( CrcasiJ.Vur
: I. \ ,.'n..n 1LLf, G.'iit* ; hhisies! txa.iccs: t tinced here aid) I ilitreli i the of the the pr.'crr.nat:\ and those hI undergo much went to another room to receive another
i-: ,: .' '! '!' t'l \ -! ;>. 1 .i- ,1 5 v.v%d! -S'-io s: flu!.halt's F (iI) do. ; tlriIY-ihNugh operation inysteliuus f tiue.
i .i 1'1 : :J iiI. H ,r":9 S"i' r !'.' dicd: Kid :tti: 'lre- S W< ; "' '.hrowl ; and great jnlfv melon which machinery within-picks out these bodily ;'ii itor. That visitor was the painter, who
.' d-i : 'lr-1 I II ;.,"., ; i Such It will not be denied that it is for a \> i i ise had hand while hf
1. '' ::1 l : S l1p T .:tJwf"coirse aul fine Calf H'>ot'. rolled) about iu very portliness I a bricks, transports them to the different pnrrs pressed the lad's o.r liu.e -
I 'I.. : \11'j \\ 'r..t 'j'.4ja.., A I llr..' jn-lr-xte.!>.v.; 4O"lJrI'WI.t. j i'l-4 rf-ceived heap All rnddv.; ripe .ind round, bur>t"nr: I, (1:t' the bo-ly, ana: b-iihls them into their ap- ;purpose that the Deity has so intimately associated permission to calL He had r.iic1 ll her

I :, i. 1. Ii.t... :. and r.Tie hv, w.M. {; ruvrru & co.i with the eo i<5 fl-n-'r tsf lie I tropical soil I propriati; )!accs. A s the miller sit his mill in the giain, the several' sub- band t.o his lips ,hp il.ny the poet only (pressed -
_- : .j;. .* Iil', II Wlt.r .!rt. stances which are ueCf'S5iarfor the complete it. He had kissed"the lady's foreheadthe ,
1 Dt" j from which they ?]'r .'!_- llnow.s i"tu. the hopper the unbound zrain. -
.. :.! .t-Lit.: nut it ion of animal bodies. The above
'I : -- ---- -- '' the kissed her hand. lie hat
h A h'lid of orehl.:: .! cii: : J 1 the doctor, -at..l t'l.'iliv.'uh by the iiuo'untary' movements day poet
'j i I'V" Ire', NtH, .'t. I' considerations show how unwise in
" \ we are
; -
i iu : zI! ';.r ., i ..v/ _' ,'. *-Ar. i lI I T )r\s '" L I' I, .) :: i "::" :" ; a rr.Mt'iie: : an! ; : : h 1 l-- iniicl.uiety, reecivi-s attempting to undo this natural) collection of
" i j 0 f iiuU 1'/f .,, :jcl; !: ceutieitipn of thesatiguino I ; : the SeConds the midi day the port was interrupted and said adieuto.
"- v : i > t. 1 \ :"*}>t. ,- i I j ;k---- \.11-: q,). a sort iF : i.i: itour i niatei als: To the and the
; -'. .r.t.> .' ,. '. c-jj'.sjes; temnerai".t remarkably; ton 1, i ; the acdthe br.in in the please eye palate The trembling delicacy: of soul which
'!i'f, : J .F i l I I ,t *;.. V\ ; !i i'I: H.--, ..", j? ; : ; are ij'.tnas. poil.tr', I : so
: '" d 1'1 I \, '. ,:,' .r'/ !' ; 1'id'.Ipj''l..C. 'ld !B.1t'1ulilh: ,! 'M.--I r.rAtiv.: .'-;* utttl'"Y. i ilic ripn clicrc I lips; of I. Miss jJ"YO' hamia; I b d\, I/y a stiii more refined sepan- we sifr; out a loss seneially nutritiveiodaid gives proof of the finest capacity for love, is

; ,. i. .* ; ;-v :i i >. -. .* KM; IKI! ; ..fi.J : .' '' iron Vises; i>orn. wl.o siood: I.\"t.i'j' on. I I'MII. I lie f.t is Airactt.d! and deposited here, to make up for what we have: very apt to be overtaken and parsed Lithe

: .' ;:1.i ',. : -1; ,. 'l 1 ',: ."r -%t''t-i-{ J.f 'r. B"i ,1 1'F'f'F- 1 -- ;.'i-;: :"" ':, I to atiiinal food vaiious descriptions. ruder. Or so reads the breviary of love in
.Vt2'i1CP1. J' : .: i- : the meal! !hpn.: ; Tirivkitjg tht: his liiipi-] matr.rialwa third locaiuy, where it can not
B, EIIis j A ( 9.,2S .. it is interesting to remark, even in -
1\1- I !Hi-: ; \v ; apparently French
I 'S' 'Fl):: tality needed! some tr-kn"wlf'1H'nt, 1 lose I only be stored up. but where irs presence is newspaper.
trivial how ail is i full
111 1X 4' .!t',1t! a': 1\\1I1i'n (\u'lj : things, nature
. 1 \V\\- i.'i. !-.:. 'M.- -Ifill !I..e., and pieced him in the veaetable uitie of the [I actually! at the moment necessary.Agitin comncusatin" .
: Stvt 1:1; of We
1 '-<1"'- {{ i s.1-* iCtst > : > uvI1'1" ; processes. our GETTING INTO HICII L.tTlTt.'DE3.-The;
.MI I'I .. ..." I .'. ;.,'.; I';. ,,;J-Jf:,.-, S..I1.-<: ,. I l I I.JC. it and fi-iitiMM Stei-i, I t"I' s.ile bvWM. cocoa nut, mesely rpeatiI!; the" ordinarysalutaiion f the lliiid parts of the body contain servants' hrJUs*.hti bread while whive on Portland Advertiser savs-Ome of the beSt
" : : 11,1 J"'t \; '"Yoranor Sensible: ; tlies su': in form
1. (i. rouTEii &, co.D : boyoee. aniu ; tuticcs a liquid on
/ '. '','d! .i". "'iritf Tnri I the finest of the wheat ourselves. The mistress jokesTonnecfewith: she Pre5iilcnts visits
Ii :
I. l '
i > f.ibhi'ju
I I. 5 I Wat.rst'.crt.! t. that some coini'.Ii.iMMii.! ; nfier lie of i their way to or from the se\'frd p.ists: : of the
I' j' .'". \ :; "'. P"u:1tt.: cats that which pleases the eye more, here came oft, we [learn, at the Maxot'sroom
-- ---- --------- }hitn with a Smile, Jn i which include
wSiiic! ,
paid 5a
t men. was I boJy they ;ase required. They -
" '. :. : '. .r' II" I""a. the mail what sustains and nourishes the and Mr.'Buchr.naa.
StOl'foi.rJ prrpetrated"
Gr31crls hi ) was hy -
i i-M- "' :"w, v.r1 au: : courteous flourish of the hand, he bnde i also a Bunion of salt or saline matter
II" I ; ',1 T'i Java 1\\. S'. D'rjn: ; _"'. I!-, (body Iu'litr. The 1 Presit] : of the
< C ):"Krr: :, inquired
1 .!I'. I. 1 ,!. ... I--'' *;".i'-.I" ".Mi :.n; ;be 'l'lt1'11.! NM etpe.! howen-r refirn d.aie I which :i.'i: uissoivid:i in them as we dissolveoiiniiui
iv .; r." ,. :'. .- i, ]'":'riti : X :'zrtrn i J'lc'lr, Wt-t.-r.: d 1 >: X O \J'lr. their [B Jut the whole meal is more wholesome, 3In\or the latitude of Portland; and ou being -
> ,
.i --.r.-l: graceful manners r-ai; in Epsom salt.id i iI
more easy; our or
''.-i- : "- : 1.1''j' ;" >) ;:.-.1'.ustdt! *=t. Croix d", r&c;: !i'--'o: d.. Y.'I..4 t ilyion, Tfa, i soup r.s well a; more ntllrir:'-c. It is on account informed lie tamed to Mr. Iluclianan,
_ ;I.iii.l': I;' v. :i.-. .;, !II--. I l l'i.. '?- Hv--n do. Pv'.\.;-:!<>ii? -Jo, r'j(:h'nic di < 'msj.cnIviiiiT. I than: tli< I Iiifcosc.The ; I I ihc pL'as-aiu: : ; draughts with which our doc- ol its superior wholesomne.ss that those who an'l said--'-This i U farther north than we
. .', ,. .lli.i I .'. '. ': *' J'5 ..j.. J-1-5:: .1"'". CIi'-v.: Lard Jiacon Hrt'iiMdes, Slioal- ,doctor sitting first our hr;f. now t lois delight to vex u.. The saline muter is "'
P A ". ... ; I j ; -1 :' : .' .;. \-II-S( ( '',:..-T I'i '- ,j'r"1.,14"'<.9 '.tiik. v. M-s. alii I Prime 1 JWfJ came uider iii special I hirtlttul: iotl. Layinjibeiure also u'jUiined; lom the food. arc experienced in medicine usually recommend have: ever been before *Yes, repliedMr.

1'.U .v.. -.ii,> :r ,.. v -, .t ,". !n\\ra-K! rre*'.. \J,...s .:n Prn.i'or'i.: ; M.iflv-: '!. rii-id S.iliu-m, his: cues.t one of the packages) o: fish, Xow it is self-evideiit: that food must he it to mir attention. Experience i ia J-., bnt with a smile[ ou his Uond face
L '1.--- .% .. *. ."-. -. Hsiv: :'- '-. f'J: 'I,Triu g. S..,] tis- am] Tonuru"v. C,,d ll it!: lonsaes, the (law.of digestion; brings us back to the ad.led"I! hardly think, sir, we shall get
!.r.. ''Ut-. 1 1\': >-. ..-- -i i:* 1v't! : u"Jl1 I P1', :-.I';, c.1; It.U.J'l'r' "'uiof, ()!i\-<.-sCiiTs :.Marharvai opened i it, and commended its the most nourishing which supplies all simple admixture found in the natural seed. to 54 40: this time."

II. .-, it*"* U JC .< :t-. 1 ,r1'), U-k r4-I-fl.. : l'ikis '("'P: Starch Tobacco. Navy contents t to Ins particular u-aards. j iiut my I these ingredients of the body most abundantly Il is accidental: : that ihe
:j ,1. C l'I .iu 1 \ -. ." ,iI! : ,1t, \1" ', "" jJrMl JM. ,.t do. <"n-kjr.-.-, Vj --.ir. Un-d Trui;-, eotnrade: was oir? of I those who, on comhi.;! ; on the whole, ('r in propoitions most not an thing proportions -
.. : lI' ,, Bt,1.: 1 \111'1 \:'..rIH.1i.1'' I in which the insredients of a truly DECOV FOR TH lR"-\ lady visiting the
Jo E d!" .. I J t'',': ,111" 'Ii.11 F I" 1 -, 'i.M-is. )It. j It; 1'-"t-( :r" n, take of tlirnselves.
occasions. : caie ;- suitid the actual of the individual:
d .'1 ,' I' '.1 i 1 ,.. :: ,. '; ', l-'i':1: J", ; ;' M-.V l H'I.HOorn.i..1"{ D h4'I*. Mn-tard: IJF te". can always : to I wants sustaining (food take their places in the seeds tnenn!eric in ParK bccamrieenzaed in conversation -
I. '. > .ik .-. =* .- ., 1 P hLJJSOX CU. I IJ Je ate an iritleliflteti:! number of"-1'c-I aniiri.il: to hich it is .i:vcn.How .
;" -. -.. si I tku I,,1 !ir"o, .1! .t.i H:? .1. r -.jl l- hy. on which we live, should bs best fitted at with her hack to the cage ofa
r. .' ,II,F4 t: i.r.. 4 :- l< tr ", 'Vr 1 ir.ia-ur..-, J m-23; -4 \\rJt'' .In'l't. lice J Lee Lees,' (small fish,) his own and I stands the question. then, in regard to the health of the sedentary IJenjral tiger. Stcppinc hack incautiously,
?' ". -* "i T-Vii"; once: promote
F U uvs. "" u': "> bieiid fruit and helped brown bread and
; iI,1 next neighboi's : to this point between the :
: i'i' S iia: ? .1.1 IMn'! 1t1 U2U? L HM-r, Shleil and Br .-, :", by thccise; scholar and to reinvigorate the strength of the nearest point of the tempJing: prey came
. U ica-5.-.Cui, -!1.I'"I' 1- BOOTS D-nkiis himself right and left with all the case of the white! -tho fine flour and the wholemeal exhausted within reach of the ar.inial's claws, and in
PJ 1oJ., <:.ijvl". I li j I"t .i-r-, irs Shoe-! and I ; the active man when by bodily a
,t \ i: .r-: i -. 11.,1.\i ., < J.1.t.: ao1-w Me.i',, Rays and Yo-.tihV P.nuan ; and ;accomplished diner-out. of wheat } labor. moment the largest apparent portion of the

4 -. ;: ,' Toil. .It.i I i. :I': n.... < J\w.u.! 14't' k".' t. fsnesewMBroganMen's : -.; .. I Paul I," t'ilid he, at last "you don't seem The grain of heal consists of two parts, Some that the observations lady wa$ beittiZ bitten through and! through
preceding -
1 j.. 'I. ,, .i ": -. !L'J," 1.1&111.! -; don't familiar! the may 3ay
alt'lir'II is inner
7; 44d BonU; ; to be getting \ you try with v.hiclrthe aw1'mn- in with horrific violence.
;iP ; and
_. V i P .j i ,' i j.'I.F : t i4' I-M"! J arc merely theoretical ; ; torn pieces
: i.I.v- I .. j.. .'. : 1.. .h.i L..I..D..p "t I"'I.d D i'i!"; the peppet.auct.un'?" :: by way: of example: i griii: and the skin that covets it. The iu- nanrllhesupport actual trial, before-they A bo-ird was instantly clipped: between the

If' x t i ','t* I"-i .i j. ,' : >. j t. '<. :,H.j..ra,. I lhicl Brozans- For sale by he siueptd a morM.1! of f fj'ld: 1 I iut.! > his zi u tin Ii ner main gives tliQ pure) white Hour ; the will concede that the selection of the most sntTerer's back nnd. cae. md the remainderof

Ft : 4 '. 'j'-.. P i !' '. ,-' V i's'_ i TO, B. ELLISON. & C') of sea water. (.a following!! suit, I found; il I skin, when sep.uatcd forms the brIU.- diet is hetcaftcr her pnrJitPii from the fragments

:. T.-I".I': i .:! I'. .i-.,, I' V .. -r'. "i'; "UI"r' t .T,,.| 1 > I '\ ,1crstr't.. quite piquant I thuuuh rit her bit' ter, but.t on I The miller cannot etitiiely i I ;prel off I the skin to nourishing be resulated and by wholesome the: results of chemical which could|PCt51'fl not hefxiricatedfroni the graspof

\ .'.., I., 1 1p 1 i t' f Hn COi.: Hnll ut. l he l whole, a ca pit.iI J sub.titutc lor "ar:. The from his grain, and thus some of it is unavoidably analysis.rfhie demand, is reasonable in itself the wild beast, but to the surprise of the

,- consign- J Jmeeose invaualily use sea water; in this I ground up with his (thu ii r. ly sift- it resulted in the discovery
-.-' ; Ar.th. "trecl, J 11111: sujnlrr! : ::1l.td.1 r-vr.i on ,anti the so.ealetl.leductions of theoryue : terrified spectators, -
!. 'i.\\. .1J \ .> : _-.f salt' 1 tn' Tit, t thf foil ,-.\ n. Jitif-lt-: : w.iv* deeming it quite :; treat ; :aid, considciin ill", he separates; it more or less completely : : entitled only to the rank of probable that the lady herself had not (lost a sin
r1 ?. \-i I i. r.- 1 cr.tj. :) 2 eaie'3.1tF 1i:'-e Old! P"it Wine ; I tlj.it t their country I is suirounded IIan. his seconds, mirldliu; Arc., owing their conjectures till they have been tested. by Ic"tlrup If blood, nor sustained the least
I rp.
1 .
1" Old Mrtd'-int Wine ocean of the luxury cannot be de' m.e.J color to I the proportion of brown bran that the !
.. cirthup iu mastication
I I .-, .;k x I \1 .! 'r!I Fhuf ; exact and repeated trials.I'.ut bodily injury
_ I.
,'ri'jr Old Scoici; ;' \\ hUkcy ; with the
1 su through the sieve
has t along
one. passed
F ;.E; J !tnnXV *1 Vn-i"V' such in this case have been made ;
t brll \ : 2"' PalcAi P.M. ()t.rd Bran y : The fish were delicious ; the manlier of flour. The[ whole meal, as it :is called, of PERC. The
I I'' '" ':1:10':i Jt.10 .1 'J1)II' ) D-i-nrind and our theoretical considerations come in THE USE OK (ir A NO I.N -
.1' "' \ $11r ; j ,1 I \... "t '.dJ ,11I ; U 1"baskets 4'" London Dark Chi >*' Chan;.ji;;ne.Als cooking t them in lie ground presorting all which the so-named brown /household Irfad only to confirm the results of previous ex- Peruvians: use it chiefly in the cultivationof

-I I ...," I -1 b. .ttI -1'1'11d< ; >, a varu-ty .,f t'ir., all of which will besoM the juices and rendering them exceedingly! is made, consist of I the entire grain ground peinncnts-to explain why these results maize and potatoes. A few weeks after

,: ( I'J.: : low, for cash only, bv sweet and I tender. The plantain; pudding) up together--used as it conies from the should have been obtained and to extend! the seeds' begin to shoot, a little hollow i isJui
'11f.i 'll .Z'LL'1 ; almoct! the cakes of fniliau t tUI'lIip mill-stones tiusifted and therefore containing
cloying ,
. ImWAfHtrCUI.LY, was and enfoice the practical! lessons which the : round ach root and i is filled up with
- I. 11L 30 Water .strttt.WISTAK'S palatable, and t the roasted breadfruit all the bran.;
Feb 27 I quite 1 results themselves to inculcate. diiiino, which is afterwards covered with a
; .r n f.1Ur.I : -- .---- cris-i) as I toist.During ; t. TIio first white flour, therefore! may: be appear of of earth. Alter the lapse of twelve or
Majendie liver
Thus, fVom the experiments
I .j. \ f: Ihm; and t.vaYfle". UaNam of Wild ,
I '4it .'"ntHim ,r ctnl ( II1 ; ri-coived and for sale bv the meal; a nuthc l.ul) walked I Saul t to contain: no bran, w'.ile the whole and others, il was known that animals fifteen hours, the whole field I is laid underwater

tS I .. O t criiNO t Ii' nr'-'ldy; X'J"i i'lst J. C. AL'UX. round and: round the p-irty, cauxin? a lon meal contains all that i grew naturally upon which in a few weeks died, if fed only upon and is left in Unit: state for some

' I .. ::4 ,\,,":.. -------..---- stall'of bamboo. This he occa".iomlly; l I tappud the :rain. fine flour, lived long upon whole meal bread. hours. Of the guan'> (,!.'- .., ales! quantity -

I ., ,v,'< F li..h D.ury Ctttt4e ; I 'IE'n' <;<, Shirtings! aid Priut, by the [ upon the cloth, befoie e'icli guest, when Wh.it is the composition of these two portions The from our :analytical investigations. MI faces- nnd the f d; ist be more

I pit"'' KeULUC'kV n.:: u ; .. bile and ca-se, low for cash! by >. a white cluttcd substance! dropped) foilli, of the seed 1 How much do they respectively reason; .appears The whole meal contains inlarge speedily anti) abundant! i"d, otherwisethe

, ., I (' IiL.!. .4 lu1te; 1). Kl.MSON 21Vatci& C'slrctl.Wistar's with n savor; not unlike that of a curd.- contain of (he several constituents I the three forms( of matter by roots will be destrytThe effect of

. I AlicjutSvjiJ -.its; ..Jan .23 -.----- This, proved to he Lownee," uu excellent of the animal body How I much of each is I i'which quantity the several cf.the body are sustained this measure is incredibly rapid. In a fewdays '
-- parts
Mil. Jbi"I:1S ---
f! UUbaew crop) ; relish from the grated meat of contained also in the whole grain ? I If
ItnNaui of Wil Chcl"'r.I' prepared or successively renewed.Ve may the growth of a plant is doubled.

r( ,I L\ "U'i'iIi.aJVtaivd' ; Twtucco DOXKN, I'Jst; reciivd and for s.lle by ripe cocoa-nuts, moistened with cocoa-nut 1. TLe /(l1. Of this ingredient a thousand feed a man long upon bread and water only I the manure be repeated a second time, but

: ; c. I. '" "s'.rlc1 IICk4 ; April 10 I1.F.AI8KLL.[ milk and salt! water, and kept perfectly r tight, pounds of m the but unless we wish to kill him also, we must in smaller quantity a rch: harvest is certain.At .

1%' !l. t--r.4.I Mif-k'T-l 1, Xo< 2 :and 3 ; -- until a little pat the saccharine Mage. of \Vholipriia cor.tains 28 Ids." have the apparent cruelty to restrict him to least the produce would be threefold

'$3 .' F 'i.l'' it'll* 1o 'I'*! Ilot s fermentation.I r.i Flour, "" 20) the coarser kinds( of breads. The ch:1r1tywhich that which would have been obtained from
, I .. a.4.,rl'I '4ris'&: 1T"'-:'';\ Full Crop, for sale by 'Phi,on hout the repast there was much I'.r.m, him with fine white loaves unm.-inurcd soil. p

r'i"j 4'1'1 h '' i-;:''.'0.\.1' 'I i It. !t AnlJ7: 11. I.\ \H r.UMF. lively chatting .awou'f I the islandus; in So I that t the bran is much richer in fat than instead supplies would ilt"c feet kill him by a lingering The employment! of this kind of manureis

.FP Iib r...1 : -------- which their coi.veis-atioiial: I powers quite j exceeded the iiiteiior portion of the grain, and the i ancient in Peru and there i is authentic

1 I t' $....t.I ft1 h'c..t P"WI"JI1'I' 1'- Q. ': \1 ;:i, Cain ,hlr11.1 P pcriti', !ut re Ollr The young ladies t too, showed whole, grain: ground together (whole meal) : staivation.the pork-grower, who buys bran very evidence wt Us haing been used in the
ntKJld r <: Brandy ; (!!vj id for sale by. the finer of I the Hour in the \gain,
i !'i ut! | < 4ii.i" 11- F. ABBLL.: tllC m"eh'c't'I' 'pCll in the use of theirtonjrtin" richer than part: froln the miller, wonders! at the remarkable! time of the Inc.s. Tie! white guano was
f i I' 'M.i-u l "H'I' -""ic C"ampj; ; .\llrill1. : ._ lie of nearly one half.
much I
-- to proportion the islands
- -----' antlj'-.ontributed gayety and fattening effect which this apparent then chiedy! found on opposite
\.,t.. :4.rtt- 7/SF ; I have had) feeding
c 2. Thf MHMu'ar! ,uiUe r. no
"'- aVUrc.ul :I1..al.a..illa )1'lIl. which pll \"iled.h t.jglV and useless material has upon to China; su that for upwards of six hundred
ttk; ;i'llot Jl ;
I : rotvi\od!d fnr jle by dill these suffer I the t unity as yet of ascertaining the reh- ) "
4. I her <"t new Ilice; T'XT H. F. AF.r.LLMOFKATS lively njmphs oppall the his anirna}. The SUI1f1'C ceases, however years, the deposit : been progressively
C. v .!- .v\\\ j'iirt -r
rt.t I I 'n-'iVortWiT! 4)d. 1.1-t 'F: 1MI.LSN'|\ PIKKNIX]: himself i hark: with :ui air of much I bran and f flue Hour of the saUlt sample; ofrrain. to other creatiues: when the: lesearchts parent decrease of the accumulation. The

' \i'; ii I : -tn. iU, Dsr. .'', j' 4'" :( ., |ut r.-ct-'ive,! and for sale- by sati.sf.tction. they sprang to their feet, :and i Numerous rxpeiitnrnts, however, of the labratory explain to him what the uniformity climate un a coast where thereis

\,JV'l I ---JC... ALLKX.JSauuitiU ---: pelted 1 him with oranges and) gunv.is.: ; This, have been made iu my labraJory, t to determine food itself contains, and what his growing not tnucli rain. must-render Peruvian
Un' f 1)4HI. : am IOIH at last. put an end to the entertainment.LJy these proportions in t the fine flour! animal i ) guano a more arid manure than the African,
1.(41( Nt I;'. TI 'klJt oI, Ct.IIIJIJ O5Jur44, of requires.Economy
I grain.-
I yu. riwrulUlan.\ I PCS Kftitufky Uu:iii'; ; a huudied whimsical oddities, my whole seed! of seveial varieties as well as comfort follow from as, fewer of thr. saline particles of the former
'I' v 0 that the
i is
Kr4ey- 10
,""r.. :1'.1.lrti"4 I Sheeting: 'I'k", !1'10 t CoilS Hope; .; R' long friend, hecamu: ;a great fnvorite. with The general' result of these :an exact acquaintance with the wants ot our being in solution they are. consequently,
alt 1 contains hrgrr
.j 1 bales |IL4ZFiZ! Twine, f for yWM. !he him' whole gram uniformly a
',t.l 1'1 I,4'n.. C lheo g, n..IJ\p.iI, 1I"Y'il'fkc. PoitTr.li & co. I these people ; and they tH\\'l'tllll'"n ih.iti the line bodies iu their several conditions and with I less subject, to cvaporaiiuu.
& CO. ci cs.i\c of his hauL 'lUtUHil weight for weight: ,
I .r *:'' !hi U. ELLISON .11 \Vatcr street. a long, comical title, ClJ'1 )
J-ia .j" V 3 Water street. Dee 3

,- j --.. .' .

-. -i---- .. ._-1-. .-,-- -., -- .. ,..,- ..-. .-'.,------- .-' -- -. -. -. -', -, -----.- ...-- ':_ 't1e<1--;'...:": : ;' :- "!I .s .....- ....' ".- .., ." -4

r ____. .... -
r4"*'-* .*; ,- -- -

4 .

-- ...

.________.__ __ __ __ 1_ __ _- __.i .
_. ._ .___ Twomb:_- -- -- -- ----- --- --
&- _- --- --. ------ -:::::- -------------
"" O-- _._ : = -
:: :: : :: -- such brainless schemes
-- -- time if not forever for a sea ling-- : as those
[From the New York Comm?rcil Advertise.J of cotton in the woild-rcgu- From the Eufoula Southern Shield.1 I iE itiiAiADyERTisEu.APALACII1COLA \ yet "bo'e
THE TARIFF OF 1316. of Liverpool growing more ALABAMA; ELECTION B ETL'Jt N. son. But Mr. Leigh, with a rare modesty, alluded to excite ridicule, and expose their

'Josx IN THE NICK OF TIMK.-Someiwo ominous at every arrival.. Ptcans Below will be found the result of the election .- .-- -- -- seldom to be met with, we regret; to say, authors to contempt, from which liD thanee.

or thtee weeks ago the Hon. Dixon and the tariff would come with in this county on Monday last; ,-with a .. SATURDAYAUG. 14, -1847.--- among the public men of this day, declined dignity of official position! can rescue them.

Lewis! a Senator oftlic United Suites fro I at such a conjuncture, for peo- clear majority of 30:2: for old richantllhe! -- -- authorized- the nomination on the ground Bur abroad, among Ihe nations whose
the Stare o( Alabama, was in this I them would be very apt to say entireVhig ticket for the Legislature {tv-: The following gentlemen\ are accepting ))eltr:
city, is threatened these of
and will by plans
Agents for the CoMMr.hriAi.: ADVERTISER, that being himself! one of the nominating aCCJui3itio,;
his Way to or from \Vest Point, where of 1846 caused that excess of pros- elected by a triumphant majority :
almost receive and receipt subscriptions, or advertisements it would be indelicate for him so more importance is attached to such :
was to take part in the annual examination.The that insatiate, raving, FOR. GOVERNOR.Whig. committee mo'

.bonorable Senator, it is well known breadstuff and that swelling Democrat. :- of to do At this juncture a member from ments. On the reception, in Central Am .

lias long been a zealous and pers(>v'rin of the precious metals, by Davis, 1002 Chapman, 700 ILinoverand JOSEPH F. [Beaverstreets MASON'; : Post,Buildings New York., corner Mississippi, named Dabney, we think, and' rica, of Senator Soule's speech, beforeat!.

advocate for the doctrine of free trade ordination does it happen FOR CONGRESS. DAVID KRAVO [; New Orleans. luded "
Ksq., of President to, accompanieu''by the
lit the last seston of Congress, in the capaci.y I ( I tariff being still existent) the de Hillard, 1082 No opposition.SENATE. WM.V.; CIIEKVEK': Esq., Albany, Ga. said to be a relation Tyler I that it erroneon

of chairman to the Senate's ceased!, the tide is at its ebb, the !Major JACK lI.lmI.Euf.1IIIa.: Ala. went round and held) a whispering; consul- !i statement was delivered by him-iQ

i _. __.._.__ _
.. _. -- -- -- --
- full Senate-and
has vanished J Bulord] No u by an
Committee, bad assigned to him the task j prosperity away 106:2.: opppsition. --- ---- -- -- tation with many of the committee, in the equally erroneous

pulling the laboring oar in that: body in I question this for the gentlemen REPRESENTATIVES:: FoR PRESIDENT, course of which he proposed Mr. Tyler I report that he was about to be sent to :Mexico _
the invitation. But it shows that Smith, 1147 Ott, 788
discussion of the new tariff, or the tariff ZACHARY TAYLOR. the to negotiate a peace-serious .
his nomination
and on ground
I urged uneasiuewas
1846, to which the Washington Union were written and published just Crawford, t87! Sheppard, 434 I
--- Southern and that the excited, and no little unfriendly
McRac 14 that he a man, feeJU. ,
other Government of time. ---- -- --- -- ------- --- --- -- was
have of late been shouting or p'supporters CLERK COUNTY COURT. o: The Pvev. T. :M. LYNCH will preachat South had a right to claim the Vice Presi- i manifested towards the United Slates. *

of rejoicing and praise as the one actual EXT 11 ACTS Gicnn, 797 Cowen, 1027 the Methodist Church, to-morrow (Sunday dency. The character of John Tyler for I I If such has been the effect production-;> O
\ ] of
"Qnquestionable, allsufficienl cause of correspondence TAX ASSESSOR.: : ) morning, alII o'clock! ; also in the political 'tcrgiveralion-his political: cor- I the Central Americans, by the idle rhodomontade -
Journal of Commerce; : [lead, G2G Clarke, 844
splendid the
prosperity enjoyed by agricultural Blakey, 222: Saunders, 91 evening, at half-past seven o'clock. rupiibiliiy and) facility, such as he erinced I ) uttered at a dinner party, by ibe
interest ; that i is to S:1of the WASHINGTON: July 15th.
prices the producers of food were now safely congratulate the ;peo- TAX COLLECTOR. when he lent himself lo the opposition lo deffat I Louisiana Quixote, whose vagary met with C Cno

for their wares, and of the very, very States who have, for so many Ojiattlebum 867 Crews, 894 TilE iVILS: OF CAUCUSES.: John t'ZflI.thr the Senate, wa3 but sympathetic echo beyond the walls Of |

loves which the of' food ,' RUSSELL: cous: >r.y.-We :are informed I The Portland ilvertiser quotes a passage: our Lunatic Asylums what
consumers subjected to tyranny of po little known out of Virginia. The little may we expect
been getting fortheir six ponces and that the time of their deliver that the full Whig ticket was elected in I from the speech by John A Campbell, Esq. will be the effect produced the
Russell I county, by a handsome: n majority that was known of him-his course in upon jealous .

lings.It .happened that the presence of \ i lIanl.have I assurances From every that quarter the whole of the Capt. James Abcrcrombie, for I the Seriate, a Democrat; at the late '1'iI"lor meeting in J; the Senate, in voting against the Proclamation Spaniard by the continued agitation of

leading his opponent, James Holland lsq. :Mobile, wherein he speaks disparaging! I! his the Cuba matter-begun at a
) of
Lewis in our city occurred at the people are rising in favor of Gen. the only remarkable act public meet.

when barrels of flour were ih! dearest, : their candidate for the Presiden- I independcntThi candidate, 200 l1Ii1joritJ.Davis' of caucuses and) conventions, and argues I career: as a Senator-hail made: favorable ing, presided over by an fxGeJerlor. j ia

sixpenny loaves nf bread the smallest.; rjlt Southern State-rights men are majority 137. i in favor of m their abolition, and maintains! m the impression at the South. No opposition be- Illinois ; broached in the Halls. of
From this CoooreS
joy, therefore, of all who had thine tgain his favor and throughout the COUNTY.- county we of the selecttheir
People to
any propriety leaving I by a Senator: and nor
Jaml'sVard in offered him Mr. received) the gravely urged
learn Tyler
the ; verbally, t that t Esq. :! to by a
by high price of flour was at people call for him as with one
height-of the farmers, the flour selle"s Whig, is elected Representative, by a majority I rulers. ]In giving this passage the votes of a majority of the committee, whose public print, whose edffor has been in communication _

flo'ir transporters, the ship-owners() every day with travelers who have: of 27 voles, over Col. Mcrrick, the Advertiser, being! a strong advocate of a j. act was of course ratified by the, convention I with the inhabitants of the I M.I

vessels, to. let on fiei'ht. .the. owners, of p.issed through Northern States late member. Note for Governor and) Congress \\'hiational:, Convention to select candidates When the choice which the committee I and and claims tospeak by authority' Whb
not reported.
stock anti many nmci, uuectly or inrlir. 'h'auia. and t they assure me that for President and Vice President,
) I lie announce that such is their !
HENRY cou 'J'y.-Col. Angus :McAllis had) made, was announced), the Virginia ; 1hafferib, ,
t ly benefited by the approximation of is tolerated in
I people no name I
ter, Democrat we understand, is elected: to takes especial care lo caution its Whig leaders ) and astounded. towards their: ;parent that
delegation were disgusted country. they
to silver in value. They were glad and) ) with that of Taylor.! The par- Me
ami! the Senate from the district composed of agninsl being: led by :\J r. Ca in phelt's hcaid that Senator. Archer resolved on revolt, or a peaceful
were grateful ; as one means of tlisplaiog hnvc lost their power. The J We stave went severance ofJ
their and heft)' and Dale. George; \l.nlialJ: ) reasoning into the conviction that the same J of the ties which
gladness ;gratitude they I talk of the prinriplrs-the cur and Democrat elected up to Benjamin Walkins I4ei.hi and exclaimed have connected them to
thought them of inviting the ; dist i ib titian, i the high! I t tariff, &:c", Esq. Whig: Pynes, corruption exists: in all caucuses, Whig as Spain.No .
: God did
to I the Kepiesentalive branch without opposition My ( Leigh why you
Senator to :t public dinner; which was people art tired of this old story. well Democratic.
: Champman's; majority 120.: !) as permit that man to be nominated ]" "How denial on the !pirt of the Government
and : leaders tell them
very pretty proper.1r. Lewis, : t t thatTay-;
ever, had he misfortune to be a very will I destroy:: democracy and COFFEE ANI> PIKE.-No doubt of the Be it observed," says the Advertiser, I could I help it," said; } Leigh, if I" had opposed of this country, nor del t nc ;IIln on the ;airiof 1

man, one who suffers, probably, in hot from the part their monopoly of election Senatij from of !Mr.the Hmchinsnn district Whig:: of l to I the the "that :Mr. 'Campbell speaks of 'caucuses'and I him my opposition would have been :I! our press, can remove t the, inprpsionthatthere I ..

ther and suffers especially a I ii t the people; say in reply, that counties of Coffee awl Pike.composed ) conventions,' as he has known them attributed to envy." is a (party in the United States which
room where three or four hundred l a man who is t to administer t the within "
: his own ly. I
PIKE.: -From I this county: we have. partial: : pall Foi these details i!; we are ind btedlo onei is seelior the acquisition of Cnbi: -am] t
men are eating ami drinking together r' on Constitutional principles,
; so :Now have :\ir. I
we perused Campbell'sspcreh
intelligence: which induces the beliethat who knew what in the convention that the spirit of territorial aggrandizement ,
respectfully declined the invitation infuse into our system true repub- : i I passed I .
I the two Democratic candidates t i for the and we do not remember that he manifested
was ar.d also. ask the lately; in the Annexation ofT i'
very pretty proper mmaj.numfmmi1.Ve :
I "qufJrum pars
I House I Hamilton I and IJ IIlJhanl-art' elected.
And if this wer all-if I the invilation ,' began with the people, restricted his observations to any party, but 'xas, will lend t.
cause people to
Davis' majority, it is supposed will be Editor of the Portland Advertiser, and every lie a ready
been privately given and declined- be piosecuted by them. They do spoke of and conventions
caucuses I t tI
gener- car to a scheme which
200. if facts like ihe] do to
near Wliig, f, not promises place
would have been nothing for us to the leaders to stand aloof. If
say i1oNTooMERy.-Davis: : majority t 3!,">--full :ally.I I furnish 1 and j within their grasp: the glittering prize. I
the the convincing arguments .
premises, right to giv :nd carry Taylor against: every poli cogent I -
it being unqupstiolJ bl(. But, in an the country then they are deceived whig ticket to the Legislatuie by a similar. Unlike the Advertiser we do not believe against resorting to a National Convention, which*!:, by its natural position, placed so .

hour, or perhaps we should! say in the : ; of their calise. It is to be majority.Hilliard] i I 1157.hiJTLI1LDaVis Gale; for that the Whig party is any more exempt or any other caucus, to do what can be temptingly before their eyes.

ness of their hearts, the inviting:: the Old political I hnmbuggers majority104 from i the rorrnpl I influences of the intrigues '
Congress a majority of 361 over Ta\ lor, and done by the free and spontaneous action of Unless public opir.inn'causes a cessation
made let the I his
to public known a separate organization: .
they had done, and! to publish the in order that ( tin. Taylor's triumph full whig ticket lo the Legislature.LOAVNDES. of politicians t than the Democratic. 'fhat the People. of such impolitic manifestations predatory

pondence, in which as may be I the more signal: and the motal les : .-One whig ;arid one democrat the Whig Party has not yet been corrupted Of one timing we are convinced : it the disposition] and disregard of the rightsof

were no small glorification of the tariff .. election more effective.: The to the L" ilatl1re. (Harris majority for and has; not yet surrendered! itself up to be
3J4( Whigs of the Sonth'go into a National Convention nations, we may look to see increased the
Congress Jemociat
free trade, and ascription to them alone are the means taken for push over independent ; conducted! whithersoever and for whatsoever
AtTIt: :Chapman's: majority :e.-! with the Whigs; of the Not thi, they Ilstilit' with which! the Republic has ever
the wondrous prosperity enjoyed by all Gen. Taylor, the better. No
its leaders fit believe
Full emociatic ticket to the Legislature.CHAMBERS. purpose may see we ; will le out-voted and Wllmol Proviso Candidate the :'oJonlrchi
ties engaged in any way, diiectly or must be allowed to interpose a vip\Crl by : of the OM
but if the and the doctrine
rectly, in the production, tranpntfation, him and! the people. lie would not : -Davis majority 407. Riee caucus system- will be selected. The same result World! !, and miy expect that the friendship
for Congress; over 300 majority: ; two whigs' ] the Union the last sessionof I
of the the nominotioti of Convention promulgated by
sale precious commodity so to a which
and democrats the will attend] a similar proceeeding. :; on tli*' our early sympathy in the cause of
iin demand and so teeming with profits on part)' grounds. His boat is i two to t legislature.'I'.tLLiJEG.fCniocials Congress, that the Representatives of I South!
the part of the Democrats. All that the Norh- American Independence! excited ia
those who had the handling of it. .' All wjio are in it arc willing to to Legis- the
Inure: and a majority for Bodden. people must support measures, disapproved ern Whigs and Northern Democrats desire the hearts of our fellow Republicans -
'example, here is an extract from the ,' aud'V"\ with it. Of the result there
tion : .) doubt. Though the billows of :\IoHlLT--Dlvis mojoiity 270 Gayle for by themselves and their constitu- to enable them to accomplish their chief will give ;place to jealous hatred.

Congress 1HO and two whigs .m,1 1 one Democrat ents, because such measures are deemed
"The of the and chafe the friends of
success great: measure e Taylor the object-the suCcess of tile Wilmot Provi- We baie considered the article from the

free trade with which your name is so to the pilot,-Fear not, you carry to Legislative- essential to party success, as 'was required of o-is a National Picsidential; Convention.Let Sun, with reference to its effect
ly identified, and to the influence of ) C sal's fortune." Senator na\\'ooIJ-we have no securitybut upon our
, the friends oCtlie are so much 4 once get consent ( tt.t'l Foreign Relations alone-but i independentof !
system BOIJ.tRS.-\\.c that the will fall. into the
IN STEAM; hive beforeus Whig party
debted, is now fully made manifest in ", A mTO:-;, July 16th. small j Whigs to abide l by the nomination of such the injury which i i is calculated to pro-
a pamphlet setting; fourth the merits evil which. has drawn
same course
increased commerce, navigation; and was addressed, since the late ses of a new steam boiler i invented and upon a body, and they will prescr.t in it, an unbroken duce on them, it is pregnant with evil toward ;
facture? (the whole cOllntrVe :Mr. Dixon II. Lewis to Col. italic patented the Dstrwcratic: pntythe candid denunciations -
by James, Montgomery, Memphis; ,1 front, arid mars-lial an overwhelming: ? the unfortunate inhabitants of Cuba
that wVancrt what la uuw ,i< / New Orleans Like
geutriolljr making inquiries of :Mr. Campbell. causes would
'- Tenn. The advantages: 10 be from II I i favor of Wilmot: Prettio
ted as i truth, that at the present time to the political views of General I dedged majority in a can who will perlnps be taught Fy increnseil(
this rtTects the
invention are: 1st, The rejcmr; the ] produce like ; -acting on same
United States enjoy a state: of prosperity in .regard .to certain questions in I quantity of water used in the boVcr!: : '2.'i.1: material.I didate.Will. tyranny, on the part of their jealous rulers,
unexampled in the history of other State: Mights' took a ( the of the Southsuffer themselves
only party tech i prevention of explosion 3d, the of people that tbv have admitted to ltir confidence
but unprecedented :Mr. Lewis in his letter which ; 'n'jllf.: at | The Whig t have much reason I
tions, altogether is : : patty ns
the'toils of their
least be in
one-third in fuel; 4th, the saving of i I to caught wily one who has proved himself a to the
unequalled in our own since the very J said that, if Jen. Taylor's I 10 !hl disgiisteil! with the caucus as I frlo
one.htIf the j system
I !space usually occupied by the ;adversaries 1 by the lure of a convention 1- sacred of
the Union. To well these obligations hospitality-and whir,
mation of you as subjects were sound, he .
I best! class locomotive (boilers. have .\1 r. Campbell t I and t the independent(] (
to ourselves this must be a peculiar I him for the Presidency, even Prof. We. trn;.t that; no attachment to any such in his Llitnl: and! unsrrnpnlotis' tle\otion. to
Renwick says : "J I have Democrats v.lio with him
: : in
seen or.e agree desiringto
congratulation, as it falsifies the ( a \Vhi in 1 action, and found'it fulfiliiig questionable! usage; will prevail among t the dictates of avarice; has forgntrpn tha
tions of the friends of protection, and I had recently served under ; completely sci it :abolished. But t for the "caucu i
the views of them to their undoing.
I t the i inventor; it must completely danger ro which he exposed hose, who rt.t -
tifies your anticipations a.3 declared in ,' with the Louisiana volunteers I counteract the system, John T\Icr had: never filled, Ly ac- ----.--- I :
m danger with which the
debate on'this at the time known to hare in his t UCof ; ceived him \ill unsuspecting courtesy, and
great question largely es-I steam is now liable, and ptomises to \I ridcntlH. Presidential chair. Does anyone OTR FOREIGN DELATIONS. t
the passage of the act of 184G." confidence.' He was also known render poured intrusting: confidence, into his ear
I duration of Iron boiler :almost indefinile. believe that a majority of the electoral The annexation Texas and the consequent -
The reply of the worthy Senator was politician, having been a the
." 1r.Vm. mal: > of iheir wrongs and, their i-npntipnee
once more diffusive and more specific. member of Congress; formerly, Bunion, of I>rookl\n, colleges would have voted for :Mr. T}Icr ? \Var with Ie"ico-rhe position assumed
consideis() it the best boiler for generating their yoke-reutude. Verily they
inviters talked prosperity in general, I This gentlman is the he has ire knot" that he could not have received the by tho President: on the Oregon,: .
ever seen. Certificates from liuve been their
adder in
nourishing an
the guest makas us understand the letter in reply in )1r. Lewis's his and lastly Gen.
I II. ;M. Sim-eve Washington; I). C., Hooper vote of native Stale.Vre question- Scott's Proclamation -
that wh he refers to is He does : bosom.
?| as prosperity profess to speak: by
5c: Brother, and E. K. Collins, of t this: have it from the lips of one of the shadowing: : forth a new Continental
dant denwud; for corn and cotton, with lIe disclaims that. But as he
city, speak of the invention as fulfiling all VirginiaVbi Electors in 1840, that when Policy, have raised the impression abroad
dant influx of money to pay for them. states lire 'sole ground on which the MEETING IX M.D1OX.
for which
says : 1 i would consent to be a candi purposes it was (designed.; he heard of the nomination of :\Ir. Tyler, that the Government of this country are .
Experiments have; shown that the'erpetualmotion A I Ilge anti respectable* meeting of the
\Vith the cheapest and best raw is to be presumed that he is equally : of the he was struck with consternation and sur- bent upon schem territoritorial aggran: ,
water prevents the incrustation citizens of :Madison without
clotlie the world with in other county
rial to an respects./ I of I the boiler, that; the sparl- and smoke prize. He had served in the Legislature disement,and have created feelings ofdixtruston rlspc'Cto
aomenting manufacture of that was highly delighted with his party, took place on the 17th n! ,
are consumed, and that, instead of two anda ] with) Mr. Tvlerand knew him well-nnd he the part of Governments hitherto friendly :
threatening by theactual results of the gives to it full faith. It is Mr. half of coal which the. annexed icsoluiions were *,
:- sent year, at a period not very distant to opinion, that Gen. Taylor will and thin t) pounds knew thai he was held in but slight estimation disposed towards us. and pas
pressure obtained from the tubular form of < an to the people of the State
ceed the amount manufactured by by all the Southern States. boiler, this has given by the I"allingVlligs of Virginia.Kearing .- Those rulers who understand our institutions -I drawn
I seventy pounds pressure tip
herself and with material for food
a that of tht'se'oulLl and) know that of
frcm the use of only one-half the fuel ;; some no system policy
in God's Providence, seems destined to WASHINGTON: July 17th. The address was from the pen of
during the same time. Any onc of these him, and refuse to latify the act of the Harrisburg favored, by the Administration) can be successfully Samp
the world but the absolute the of
nothing l"ence to position General SOl H. Butler, a distinguished gentleraair
mercial stagnation, which it H the a candidate for the Presidency I advantages and would universal seem adoption.to warrant- .V.its immediate Y.- Convention in nominating him, he established, unless it meets, with t I late of South Carolina. We should ba

of restrictions on trade to create, can ascem tamed one thing which [ ;nt down and wrote to his co-electors, he- the approbation of the People, have no I
ErwinPost.. I pleased. to give it a place in our column! ,
that current of favoraUlr exchanges of very gieat importance lo the !seeching them, for the sake of the liar!!,, to doubt regarded; attentively every expression I
from turned !: know. Having his consent but itsgreat
every quarter*already giving 'filE PURCHASE OF Cum. The New- support I the nomination, saying m hat it mack; of th popular; sentiment. A variety of wild!I tcngthanllaprC5sofllhermat.1
this country. ; very reluctantly, aud at the solicita- t' ter, prevents ;

While our foreign commerce and persolls of all parties and every sec York Sun again alludes t tb this subject, and but slight difference who was chosen Vice | and foolish schemes have been broached by be extensively circulated through the othetptners ,

gation have been greatly augmented, Union to serve his country, when 'sas : : President. lIe little dreamed of the affliction individuals: in different parts of the Union, of the State. I

are the disasters; of that unfavorable as the chief magistrate, he will \Vc wish it distinctly understood that with which we. were to be visited. In a winch if seriously considered by foreign [

foreign and domestic; exchanges; which hdraw from the position he has The main object of i the address, is lo convince ;
in our advocacy of m the purchase; of Cuba foe weeks, he gentleman of whom we speak. nations; and deemed by them to be the embodiment -
foretold the driving the He is now a candidate, and!
as means the
ue do it with the best people the oi adoptingthe
feeling toward! the received number those It'll-IIL of tin of propriety
metals from our shores ? In the face of by the result. lIe understands lelersfrom a of any respectablennmher

creased importation of foein good, .. all the delicacy and difficulty of Spanish the) UnitS'l Government Slates there, between has ever which been and the I he had addressed, written on the receipt of the of the people, would go far to convince I course, in furtherance of which, the

amounts of specie have been brought situation, but having given his most uriemidlytumnilersl! tunding.Ve have: news (fitfr. Tyler's nomination, appealing I t them t thai the rage for territorial acquisition meeting. was called-an union of all partirt:

( the country to balance our heav'v his friends, he will never break his the purchase from a sincere conviction proposed to him lo support the nominees. A like apprehension on the part of our countrymen is at the South, in resistance lo the passage

and still the rates of foreign exchange however -lightly any of them may I that Spain is willing n tt) part with Cuba for a seemed to simultaneously! prevailed fast outstripping their respect (for the rightsof : of the Wilmot Proviso-lo render wlntS!
lie is I candidate
favor. I own. repeat, a ,
our t fair consideration, and from a personal niiil union effective, it i is :: in the AO-
them that nations
( Mr.
; a for
"Indian corn. as'well as American % he get one electoral vote, or- 'knowledge' that I the purchase and annexationof amongst 'l'ijler'sknown prudent regard Sl2e'Itc oflha

promises like cotton, to become a more. likely-every. electoral. .vole. that Island by the United States are earnestly political character, would cause the Whigf the security of their own political existence. I Tress, that rheVhi.s and Demociats of

with which the. world cannot dispense. I desired ,by the. great mass of its inha of Virginia to withhold from him their \Ve have been led to these relleclions by South, should! centre on some friend
"The result; las hern must I UI.l-: DISCOVERY FOR HOT CLI- I: hililrls.Ve would purchase it as we did support. the publication of an article in the New Southern institutions, as their candidate! tot

determining the wisdon of the : .A gentleman in BrooklyQ has dis- Louisiana, with only this difference( -the It may interest our readers and also serveto YOlk Sun, alledging that: the Cubans are the Presidency.We .
than involved. Facts have taking: place purchase i is! not asked from the National '
and results have a plan by which the temperature in- money maintain the correctness of the position ripe for revolt, and advising the purchase have before taken occasion!' to Ilepr-
speculation, s dwelling' be reduced Treasury, but lies ready in t the hands;
predictions. The" tarilf of 1816 stands!:! a oVgiees below may that of the air twenty out- (lithe( Cubans the moment I the bargain is i which we occupy on the subject of conventions of (their Island by this country, the purchase cate the array of North against South, upo"

self-vindicated. : lo construct barracks made.Ve believe Spain is anxious to sell, to relate the circumstances attendingMr. money lo be paid by the} inhabitants of the slavery question-and especially are .*

Now one cannot but marvel ;1I1"irin plan pr.tflOses I for the U. S. Army at Vera (for the disaffection of the Islanders to their Tyler's nomination. A committee of Cuba, who it is said are to furnish the needy. desirous to postpone any such lamentable l>
withal, at the singular good fortune in ) masleis t i is and
present day increasing
attended this of by hav".;! the soldiers live In ;i every either three or five from each State (whichwas No man of common sense gives any cre- occurrence, until every other honor&bleaiw
of which t
which: the promises eventually lo end in a revolution!
tesies and) congratulation between the below ilia in dise.is-- become yellow which must dispossess Spain of t the Island, afterwards reduced to one) were ap dance to this effusion of the Banker-Editor proper means has been tried to obtain the
vocate of the tariff and the gentlemen to l ,other he hopes tropical to sage hundreds, of unless she wisely disposes of it while thereis pointed to select a candidate for the VicePresidency of the Sun-it is viewed by all as a "vision object which is desired-freedom from oppression ,

the tariff was in their opinion so lives. lie has explained his ys- a chance. The Cubans arc determined -the choice of Gen. Harrison. "of vision of its .Sun-struck" author. on the score of our slave propertyWe -
then worth nine or ten freedom '
barrel Flour, was with a prospect of going higher! editors of the New York Sun, on by purchase or force. for that of the Presidency had already been It is a paper bullet of a cracked! brain-- trust that the next Congress wi nil

being long in great demand. All who his successfnl experiments, made I LEGAL AJ>vln-Sir,' said a barber to made.r When the committee assembled to proper to be preserved in the Smithsonian together in a conciliatory spirit ant fnd

any thing lo do with flour, except those the warmest day with this its season utility., 1 they The are I I ;an attorney who was )passing! his door, 'will make their selection,-we run no risk of Institute's collection of curiosities by the means to remove the present cause of si"1"

had to buy it for eating were growing impressed be applied to new dwellings 3011 tell jne is I Ihis a good half-sovereign ?,- contradiction when we aver, that no one for side of our wise Senator Yulee's Annexation between the citizens of our common coun"?'

apace ; and to them the existing small can expense. The editorsof the The lawyer pronounced the piece good, deposited .moment supposed that John 1"'ylcrwould be Resolutions, and Senator Soulc's proposition This must be done at any sacrifice of 3 p
of things was just the most it in his pocket, adding with great
admirable he has taken t the necessary its choice. On the first balloting Benjamin to dismember Mexico and compensate cuniary:nature-dollars and cents are not
most satisfactory, the most gravity, ]If)"ou'li send your lad to my office
it is in human nature to conceive. procure a patent. I I'll return the three and four-pence. Watkins Leigh, Virginia's most gifted son, that Republic for her loss of Ter- be thought of in comparison with freeaolB

But suppose the visit of the Senator AWAY MusQuIToEs.-Auach i a noble, disinterested; and patriotic states- ritory by stripping Central America of an from civil strife. ham honorable peace t'fl

New York had! chanced to fall in this of flannel or spunge to a thread, EXPENSIVE.-The steamer Empire, playing man, received a majority of the votes. Had equivalent strip of land, and annexing it to be made with Mexico, without the acquit

of July 1847; flour having fallen from to the top of a bedstead ; wet the on the Lakes, burns 700 cords !of; woodon he accepted (the nomination, what evils Mexico lion of territory, it would be far better 'w
or lea dollars to five three-quarters, or spnnge with camphorated spirits, the trip. It is estimated that she will ,
demand slackening away fearfully and musquitors_will leave the room. consume two hundred and thirty-four acres might we not have avoided Texas Annexation Now in this country, where jack Jaws treat on such terms, than to insist onh fl* I

a expenses transportationstorage, Rothschilds pay taxes on one h'un- of wood, employing forty wood choppers at the Mexican \Var, and a host of minor are still classed as daws, despite their borrowed territory which could only become a botiol I

The fee. eating;influx up of us specie whole stopped marketable withal, seventy-five millions of dollars. an expense of over $10,000] events, would have slumbered in tho plumes, no one regards their cack- contention anti prove &source of tiS3Stcr'i i

.- 4 '


I : .

,"'...-..' 0 \


-i- _

.-- -- .
-- -
--- -
-- ---- -- ---







,_ _, -- .. .
"':: ,- -- -- '-- ,- ]1 ""
._-- -- : of power, and an insult to the whole possible, higher in the the '-----
affections of
the Niwraith. people OF THE -From HOME INDUSTRY. Several boats are now THE SAVANNAH GEORGIAN.
;; of increasing to be tolerated ex.1
people no longer and
Soutlicrn add still
; lustre
new to already tensive calculations it the
fzbfl Resolved, That a due respect to the duties of brilliant seems average engaged at Quidnit and Siasconset, in taking IN announcing the fact that the undersigned

I IBut self preservation, requires at the hands of the fame.Balt. American. hum n births per second, since the birth of sharks. Four men took, in two days, have associated themselves Icgtlhct t in the Editorial

D u bas been said before by otb rsrirrl'S Southern people, a surrender of past political GEN. Christ to this time, is about 815; which j i last week, fifty of these fish, which made Department oCooTHESNAH GEOR.
South-it .. and union TATLoit.Theeditor of the Louis- gives about thirty-two thousand millions ClAN we take this cccasica to say to Ihe pal- : ,
hc a and .
both panics at hfli-rences. hearty cooperationin : : gallons of oil, worth 45 cents a gallon.The ,
of tru"C and i1 Cornio t lhe defence of Southern rights. has yule been, Ky., Journal (and i Whig he is, and and. after deducting the present supposedpopulation I carcasses sell for nine dollars a hundred rons that paper, and lo the public ,ereraJl. J

,t..ell to anticipate a rnyfTIrise. Resolved, That tor the purpose of striking to for twenty years as true as the of the world, ((960,000,000.) leave for Nantucket Inquirer. that arrangements have alieady been :
Ilicl : manure.-[ '
against us 3t the Notib, '" : the earth the fanatical spirit of abolitionism, and needle to the pole,) says, in a controversywith le, number of thirty-one thousand and forty rraterial improvemant in outward appearance

: We believe.1.!... he attitude I tor the protection cf the institution of slavery, as i he "Democrat" of that city :- millions that have gone down to the grave, I A quick doctor advertising a certain remedy ar.d sustain that its no pains will be spared to elevte and

Which. ,..has it now exists in the Southern States of this Union, !. .We can tell the editor of I the Democrat giving death and the the for diseases it would as a ccmmercul paper, ando
the state:: of Virginia I ItfO grave victory over cutaneous says fill its columns with interesting and profitable
e! by 11) both h the anl for the dtfen"e of our constitutional rights I that it is within our personal knowledge that the living to the number of thirty thousandand even cure the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius! mailer. We feel most sensibly that to render ho

p1rOiflgY, rrsponJeLllo I and privileges upon this' subjft we forget and General Taylor thinks quite as badly of the eighty millions. Of ibis number in ; Our bottle Savannah such the
the S&utl is all I Iis forgive all former party distinctions and political I the city authorities had better get a Georgian 1 paper as growing
al conduct
1f,1 rohtical partieS ] ditlerenccs ourselves, and unite one I the Administration, in bringing grave, about of the article, the next time they employ a interests and population iT cur State and City require -
among; upon
required ; setting up bnr.ian.Ud- common grtund as Southern Republicans, pledging on. the war and outs miserable inefficiency 9,000,000.000 have died by \Var, man to exhibit eruptions on the Common. a diversity of labvr, nnut be expended
a! hammers in the of it ipon it; such we are delerair.ed furnish.We .-
10 arms and with busy ourselves one another to support no man for management as we 7,9 OOOO.000 by Famine and Pestilence, [Boston Times.
a OJio will hut render the ilPI ; p-litical olfice unless he be true to the South on Further, he says, in another article : 500,000,000 by Martyrdom, '. shall strive to make its co!jmnf pleasing to ,

jung rivets up. Let us the subject of slavery.Resolved "There are a few, a very few Whig edi- 580,000.000 by Intoxicating drink, So late was spring i in Sweden,that on the I all readers to, the and while cur humble support\\hichlhe shall
battle" more probable. rf sixteen be tors in the who the 21st of the six feet icgiven great principles upon .
I of That a Committee appointed country, in present aspect 13,000,000,000 natural or otherwise. May snow was deep on Democratic party has itself,
""B rate of entrance lo the quarrel.: if weUliat to prepare an address to the people of ,' of things, seem reluctant to support Thus it will be seen that war and strong (the road from Stockholm to Swartwick. these principles to be essential to the perpetuityof believing

being in" we will so bear it Florida. and our fellow citizens of the t South I Gen. Taylor for .the Presidency but we are drink have sent nearly one-third of the human I I our national freedom and the advancement of

'pect beware" of us. UponmTilmot I ceneralh. t1.hoc\ing! the !entiments of the fore- perfectly satisfied that they \iI soon be as I rte to a premature grave. I I City Council Proceedings. our national welfare, we shall studiously avoid

,Mheopposcr, may c mg preamble and resolutions, and solicitingtheir warmly enlisted in his as ourselves. The calculations this subject might be I I COUNCIL CHAMBER, ) all rude collisions; with views and opinions an-
question, we arc urnE : co-operation with us in the adoption of a WEDNESDAY EVENING, June
Proviso 25,15-7.5
1 We advise them as friends and brethren to ,extended to an almost indefinite length, and a'goni lir to our own. To render cur paper (he I
resolu- Minilar or some other policy, for the purpose of i i Present, hU Hon. theMayor; Councilmen
; is no frar but that: our I as little as possible now his elec- too with if firm but dispassionate exponent of' democratic
d. There our mutual protection. say against perhaps propriety, thought and 1 Abell, Hutchinson, and}lancock. _
ie resisi 1 that measure e'cn to thee3t' I tion, for we do assure them, that, the less meditation would dwell upon them and deduct i:I The minutes of Goolet meeting were read and principle southern,institutions the calm yet u.trcir advccafj cf
(0 and
'90 well understood! at the North.t .- YTePEfA TIX. they say against it, the less they will haveto the moral from each and everyavenue. approved.Mr. instructive! thought \hlce (t :ulsi:

I', is retract by and-bje." For instance, if drink has bad I I Goodlett from Committee on Claims, made upon f roper s'hlet
strong now .
full w'l.' 'hat; they have ever I I1un'd The system of infamous abuse adoptedby i. whether of science, literature, pr er.eral itjfqrmalion -
be know i The advise is from a good quarter, and its 590,000,000 of victims, how many more ,, verbal report adverse to paying bill of$U 75, of ,-in a word, to make a nelcrme visjtcrat 1
Soumen the deter the Press
of Union
lhlli)11 in the hearts to Whig Mr. Petrie. 1 1I
( rt'rn rl' ( worth remembering. must it have before the moderate drinker once to the merchant and the ir.ecljaruc, tha %

wlienever their rights were from condemning' tne bad acts of the Ad- I will lay his shoulder to the pledge of reform? I Mr. Hutchinson from Special Committee to : student and the farmer. shall be cur constant endeavor I

'rMtffic'd erll wnh encroachment.e I I ministration, has- been readily adopted by TiE TREASURY CiRCULAR.-The Charles- Suppose but thirty days,of intense agony .I for report grading on bill North presented end of by Water Thomas street L.,Mitchell reported, ; and if, in addition to this \'e s! al I

ton Mercury, in referring to the publication and misery to be the lot of each drunkard'sfamily be enabled by ufendinJ circulation thrc, t j
the expressions in the address of the demagogues in editorial chairs throughout against allowing him anything for said grading, the intern :
of establishing r : the lies which !bud
Treasury of five each what is the In Ptrergthen
amount : individual benefit
as it was done for his own usejand tt !
ildison mretinc: when coupled with out Union. an uniform mode of appraisal at the various the our belc'vpj! S.ate, ard City tqtt.f'r, art"; tu :
It, aggregate .? Suppose it required even ,, and done in such a manner as not to benefit that J
-I 1t4ns; otf..red by Gen. T. S. Droome.n I The last. and perhaps the grossest insult custom.houses, makes the following no more than fifty bushels of grain distilled the city. secure in 9oe9'pntiaj entries to the prosrenu cf syrrpalK both,we shall ftrl- '.

[! un:1'limotlsly: adopitd: by the meeting, offered b) a Democratic Editor to Whig strictures en the preference given to Northern to make a man a drunkard, how long _wouldIt I i Mr. Hutchinson, seconded by Mr. Abel!, of- iud our.labors amply repaid. ,

towards something else ihansuncetoNonhfrnapcression. is to be found in the Columbus I papers : last famishing Europe? nay even the whole I fered the following resolution: To enable us to continue our present crr.nec-
1UfflKi: "fully .But before taking leave of this subject, universal world ? It would amount to fifty- Resolved, That the Marshal be empowered and ion: however, and to do all that we "i uld wish
; In theses (Ohio) Pre -which paper clnracterizes wish make remark in relation it authorize to disperse all crowds of negroes, todo in the
'! 1 we to a to eight hundred millions of barrels of flour. way of i pr\'inl .The GftTz'iat"

nf poliucal! oMiveiing uncharitable the \Vhig Candidates for Congress, in ,: which will also apply to many other matters Suppose again that each drunkard loses over at the three men or of women streets, who may we must look for an increased support lr,,m the I

,kj nuy; say th;,it iheie were more things Kentucky. as Mexicans! one of whom )Ii i i! of general; interest, emanating from the Department or wastes only ten years of his life at three I j walks congregate,and on their refusing corners or failing.t:qr disperse public, pect.public ; such we now Wa.solicit! H.and BULI.OCH.rrrSdi-ntlv!" ex- t

the members of the meet- i ijor John P. Gaines is now suffering impri- .' of the Federal Government at shillings per day, how many solid globes) of he is authorized to punish such,, with .not over, HENRY R. JACKSON.MS ,
jird: of among 1 Washington. Why it is that the official the size of our earth would it ((653,080,000- 25 lashes for every offence.., ,Which was carried.I -
cf his devotion j
.; than the Wiltr.ot Proviso.Ve give sonmenl in !'I publication of instructions of this Kind, affecting 000)) purchase Make your own calculations I Hutchinson, seconded. by Mr. Goodlett, :

:e ninT.1; and the resolution : | 10 his country. I the commerce of the whole country not only upon these supposed cases, I moved that the market, on Sunday morning, be :THE DAILY G' ; ,IAN i ia published in

K-,' 't, !trint'ifr fifteen years ofA JiM.f- : The Picss came to us, for the first "I is almost exclusively confined to a single but any others of which this subject is susceptible ,, kept open from this date to 26th November, following Sa7annahatTE\' i f.:. \R Prx ANNUM,payable -

..: *v< -"t\ .-"1c 1 pMr,,plve: :, and tioi-t the thr i i where this circular appears as an advertisement and perhaps lead to a somewhat different FOR Six Mur.iHs. -
be excused from offered the ,
d.r.: .>,I"'n'! ..-1' o.n ''i I'l.1t. whose life and charac- exch -'in'd guarantee of his fidelity tot intercourse with a paper marked b and the German haVe discretionary Country, is published to meet the arrangementof
-i: u- us -n ; any ) the National Intelligencer, below the reality.[Merchant's Ledger.A powers in regard to fees, and collecting same, the mails
three times
.. ,, I a week, (Tuesday.
.u';1'1 New York Even.
: such infamous c"rduct. Washington city
paper ; upon? boxes, barges, &c.landing at our \ Thursday and the
Saturday,) at Office of the
BIG RACE. The Cleveland Plain Dealer
.. .... in John C. Culir. -
t'lf'!, T' .t t\
-, ... ? i;: ,.t tte*;'.an, the hwust t patr ">t and j jt'ul The following Resolutions were offeredin Times; PcnnsyIranian and Keystone, Phi- gives a.spirited account of ihe tallest kind Mr. Hutchinson then gave uolice that at the' Commercial,, Political and Miscellaneous --

.f"ut'i;] 1 is ,i u,ir increased obligations: Inn the House of Representatives of the I Courier and Southerner, New Orleans Lake Huron, between the steamers Empire An Ordinance to prevent throwing cotton in the Daily Paper. -. .

!to-: tii-1 u '..tad, whichVe hereby "tender St.ite of Maine, by Mr.] Foster, Whig, ns twelve north of the Potomac, and had hitherto ruled the Lake but the Sultana out of building on any ot the streets of the city. THIS PAPER is sent to all parts of the Slate
-. M 'K.II: ft our cratitudp and love. ( i j papers On motion of Mr. Abell, the Council then ad-
i t' substitute for theVilmot Piouso" resolutions t the of the Union, and ,they was determined to reduce her pride, and and Union, or delivered in the city! at FIV
but in rest
Jhey put us in mini! of the resolutionswti the Democratic I two Southwest. \Vhile it is published at it they went, day and night, breaking the journed. (Signed) B. S. HAWLEY, DOLLARS per annum; cr, at THREE DOLLARS
in the
repciled by majority remote Mayor.
for six months. ,
iy the Puritan*, when thry seized deep stillness of the inland sea which the .
in that bodThe substitute was rejected in three newspapers Washington: I ofheir! and making ihe THE WEEKLY is publishedevery
clang wheals. GEORGIAI.
; huge :
Indin; tand \ I j city, whose foreign trade is so insignificant: COUNCIL CHAMBER, 1 Friday DOLLARS
for it eof their aferoon
only six voting : above! black with the smO
0 Recntei1." sud iliry, h that the Earth that it has neither Custom house nor Collector iea ens July 26, JS47. 5I per annum- payable in advance.
( The su'ilitutesHtTed by Mr. Foster! to the the ports of NorfolkVilznington, furious strife. The Captains, it seemes. I Present, his Honor the Mayor; Councilmen August 14, IS-17. -
'he Lord's. :.lJ.: the increase thereof. SL\t-r> Re (,he, in the House U Tuesday, areas were the only cool persons on hoard, the Hanrnrlr. PffridiC Goo-Hett- and Abell.-- -
..Re f/h''d. Tiiat the Lou] has given the h t( !t1 i's:,- Chaileston.lachicala.: Mobile Savannah and Pensacola Augustine., all moreor Apa- passengers becoming perfectly wild with ex* UTh-Clerk was i instructed -t lo put up notice ofan PERSONS having business: with the under
1 tne icgf-ianon tne leaeralGovermutRt election of three Councilmen, to supply the his absence from the State, will
f r.l r citemeni the
1il"Jt" t
:"arli 'o tffs SAINTS.' j jpkesoved every way
less interested in foreign commerce, are .
sectional should be apply to Anson Hancock.
upon questions$, he and Democratic Editors vacancies occasioned by the absence of Mr. Pay- please Esq.
That WE are the Lords : diiected b\ the same rpint ot compromise! whichialUjtud entirely overlooked." Whig taking son, Whitmarsh and But to be held on Wednesday W:1 SYDNEY GREEN.
and side
:juts'" II I the lathers cl f the rtpublic i in adopting coats working lustily by the 4th day of August. July 25. 1911. 29t
side in the and
the Cuntitui.n.! ,THE NEW YORK Sc> AND THE CUBA most independent no-party Council then adjourned. business with the ..
I Resolved! sjs the Madison!, tricctinj. in ,:1 1tulv-d, That while we rearJ: silvery as : QUESTION.-The brightness of this Northern manner. Finally, the Sultana passed tbe (Signed) B. S. HAWLEY, Mayor. PERSONS having call on Mr. WM. under S. DAM-

'-.eiraddrps: *. thnl WP ought lo elect: a man lutdlorld jii'litical e\ilsubvers\ef: .f the best interests Luminary has been somewhat obscuredof Empire, whereupon the victor commencedbullying ERE e a I shall be absent for : short time to a

ry the Pfes.denc'y: that 'will! Support our o! society! the luither extension of whIch late, by the} doubts which have beenthrown her rival, by throwing wood over- COUNCIL CHAMBER, ) part of the state. .

Sni'Uld, be rts1cd; by every o just ar.d honorube! : upon its recent revelations relatingto onrd, as much as to say, she was quite at. .' August 6,1547. J July 17. FRANCIS KOPMAN.

.:i IJ'S. i iI I K.eansitl.1:1: HIP limits, of the Con-tttutiop 1 Cuba. Several of the most respectable irr ease on the subject of fuel I., letting ofl! Present!, B. S. Hawley, Mayer; Councilmen

Rfsuivcd TinrJoHn C. Calhoun is that acknouled.;e, ii. the fullest extent: the l\ lah! l- I have thi"r steam, and raising a flag. amId a I thuuderinsalute Abell, Goodlett, Hancock apd.Partridge,., NOTICE. ,
ity ci State rights, and \\'<.uldbe the tir=t to raise ofthe Northern prints expressed from the Cleveland The minutes of the last meeting were read and having business with the subscrir

: I, the!; alarm :t an:' iijtericrence.w.ith State institu- incredulity as to the value or correctness of Artiervvhi th'awa adopted. .. PERSONS their absence from the city.
nfl.Al board. Thes'eV ) wil
!ra't I this is the substance of what the h'i >I". I his' infm nation, ansi aset he has adducedno \ was on stern beys! ,.ia. The Clerk reported tha certificate of the in- plea to apply to iIr. Chrle A. Green. >

did! fls-ledTt4t the Union :.ut be ptcsemd at j! proofs, other than his own declarations, } of racing. "do the thing up rown"themseh'es pectors-of an election, held on the 4th inst., for July 12 J. DAY & CO.
?etme! s-iv:' though peilmps they) were ,
all hazards, and that to s-peak rf the: posibi1itv' of !; to sustain his previous! assertions. The before they got toC.hicago.! three Councilmen, which war read, and it appearing .
nI t ilnt king; of any nc11.vent at the' time- lt'
'it rMi'i',:Mon hudatory: 'of Mr.1 Calhoun liberty: and: 'n.-uld: he ii.di.ri.ant by tr\\ned uponhyery ] fioin the sympnhies: of lan uajje and asoUnion INCIDENT. A few since' lutchinson. and A. W. Chapman, were duly FRANKLIN COUNTY. _
.A* mornings I elected of thjs city, the oath of office all demands the
liKTid; tree in-tituticn. Alderman persons having against es-
a\ )I.,,VP !"i-en a mire compliment rf 'hsc'ajnn. c I"Urr. I < must be much better informed than just as the cars hr started from the depot I vas administered by the Mayor and they took TO Nathan Seymour, late of said county,

i f"\'pn if they ,li.1 J, \\ C can only I il.e ,'wn, pr.mounces all the Sun's reveries in this city, a country gentleman, his wif< t heir seats. deceased, notice i is hereby given that I have taken -
haeeti the incumbent : "
Ta\loi !
tlin- it i i! r d..\' should rvrr come when present I 'a vision of visions. He rhl't know, he and daughter were observed a distance uj I Mr.{ Ormaa gave notice that at the next meeting from the Honorable Court of Probates ot said
; nl'the I Pr '?ider.cgo into utcc";;.i\ says. where the un- trc Editor has discovered the street running towards the depot. One o I would oiler a scale of fees to be coUecte county, LettersTestamentary upon the same, and

ifH n.t,: do! battleit}} the North, the L\n.'hl.-urs Virginian i ; "Co ,: ci i ilg :iijd j: t rh.1 Spain wished to dispose of its the agents of he railroad, or some persoralso I Harbor Master, on all boxes, &C, that all claims will be barred if not presentedwithin

p iHifve ,kit;! jiorfect' I'fliaurc mi l ht I.e ;:vowiti2 i 1 himscll as little more than an :Hor'I'|''I' Colon much less t hat the Colony wished! observing the effort of the party, starlet I laving provisions on board. two years after the date of this advertise

red i.n. Mr. Callinun's r.bility ami fidelity' !', ney; in fact to c;.rr> into ff-ct CCI t air) II< .I to be separated; : from its motherAs to the after the train and succeeded in giving ihi. J'r. Goodlett, Chairman of Committee onClaims ment. MILTON N. SCOT

I erg of national: p.iliry, dt'cJ'e by' the same :; unanimity of wliich the Sun speaks and as engineer a sign to stop for A:!; requested further time to report 0: Mr.Petrie's Apalachicola, July 24, 1S47. -:
j'he :Sm.'lir' : ,\.do nftt atree with him passengers. bill. 1 ,
L."Jhic h piehf'c111 up, ;is n dt-rnier le- i i t to the a Inxi"t. of t the i inhabitants, I ihernselves I it was the accommodation line, the train wa:- The Mayor then added the following gentle EJDLLTZ' Yeast and Soda Powders of the
.oilur nr-'r\ <, and of ctnsise should pre- ort, ?'i(1 l ni.idp the candiil ile of (the i: a" purchase of their Colony, all the road S best for sale ,
to pay fur: stopped some distance on aO< men on the several standing committees, via: quality, by
'r ,o,.,ii'-, II': _' .\ 1ue xiewfe ap]'roach nearer : par; )'. In view of the consequences of rnj i! this exiSts: only in the imagination of our awaited the approach of the man, his wife, MessrsOrman and Chapmao, on Finance; July 17 J. C. ALLEN,

'.0 rur itw ti. j I tcriijj: U'OI)' I the duties of i ilo: Presidency American Conj'rert," &c. and daughter. They were all pretty mud::1 Mr. Hutchinson on Improvements,;.Mr. Chap and MURIATE cf QUiNINE"

j I thus hamj-.cicd it I ij. not to be wondered at I II \Ve have not jet recieved the CurTer exhausted by the long and hard run the;r man on Claims; and Messrs Ormac and Chapmanon SULPHATE ,
I Wg1TtJic. i'e rf f the) last '
: action Congre-s; i minded should
I n patriot : express containing the remarks, but hail but they reached the location of thi Fire Department. July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
'. ,
:J \ iJinot: Proviwt" ] :
I I : conclusive proves: : his determination lo the I I II Council then .
,,1. .- It ''. ,tin which j accept Presidency above translation of them from the New train, and by a new effort climbed a smal I adjourned. < .
i. : pjo: > tnlavery !
t 4' ," .I c l I.' \jjieil! in the zn-1avhr11i;" I on no such terms. Geneial Taylor' wishes York Express.[Stirannah Rcjblican. pile of plank close at hand, and stood look SANS SOUCI HOTEL. .

.'tt:"", t-: I 11,1):1, has tlvincf't'd tll E'ch.II 1: to go into office untrammelled hJ patty or I ing at the cars, and commenced remarking, DIED.At rpHE subscribers respectfully infur. their

.', 'I" tid zb<:iitiot party | personal 1 plttges-frec to consult the true In 181G the receipts at new Orleans from the appearance of the vehicles. Campton. Canada East, on the 9th nit., at : JL friends, and the public they

I I ]&' :&".A-, .o ntnrfrn'js, that 'he semblance (,1\ interests of the country, and to be. indeed, the upper country amounted to 77 millions upon The old man something like a combination the residence of her son-in-law John Ford, Mrs have opened the above establishment aDd are
relict of the late Mr. Levi
gave Wy-
> :jt.d i r.-caul tor Southren Instiluti.!', and! 1 the President of the hole nation. Thi', of dollars; the steamboats engaged in the of a blow and a grunt, and said DROTHYVEL, years. now ready to receive boarders,and hope through

Jf'ii-Tri' ri'ji.t.; foil' justice and l..r the Convitu'in1' | Jo our apprehension, is about the amount of trade of St. Loui" were 251 ; and Ihe whole addressing his wife, 'Wetl, I don't thin: 8 proper attention to receive a share of patronage.
t.''. ,, ', !K.i* i '-ivt'.fotv bf-'n k,'j.l n\t; in C<>n"litiiais ,- his letter." 1200 ---- -- --- -PASSENGERS----- -. The_ Bar will be well furnished with choice
rivers ,
numbci on the \Vesrer nearly look dangerous, do ?
they so you and and the. Restaurantwill
; ." '' ; tv.Irtheo} S.ir"rJfon! aiujuflttteri very Gretn. Wines, Liquors Segars;
: "wlI're from the of President- Per steamer EufauJa-MrsC A child and
j escape system valued at 16 millions of dollars, to which I don't think do,' responde d with Game Fish and
; they be well supplied Oysters -
< in.* m>w !Jtren entirely laid lhe incumbent \\hy servant; Rev T M Lynch; Messrs W H Long,
:,,:f t h';'i, ",nile*, arid :;nrtherr..hii! and making which gave us t prt5f'lt i are to be lidded 4000 keel and flat boats. the lady wiping her facethey; look rathe r John Milligan, and Oakley. _?.._". ? >. of the best quality in season. '
would be regarded, genet we thiuk, of is 41 GIBSON &CO.
4 r'f'I I!if-tHOrratS are nci.openly' Cct.tu udinz : aly The) annual coast transportation safe and comfortable. JAIE
Irh the as a fortunate evnt.Unlessihe millions. The total value of the domestic said the 'ain' June 22, 1547.
nilhop;: mosl l towards cairjmz: (\\1 i I 'Lah mother! daughter, -
'!lrmUi tsariich! is hem; W3CJn: Southern President be a man of capacity, pioducls put afloat upon the waters of the they coaches-so many seats an JI INTELLIGENCE. N. Gentlemen- who wish for refreshment
::1"1'1111! !IS. I honesty ahd firmness, the country is governed I \'alli52(0( millions ; and the value of the windows, and so pretty painted.' taking jfRfI_ in their rooms can be accomcdated at short

fII '"ieref-re resolved, That the Tf"trtto1! b} factions. witch use him as a mere agen whole commerce afloat is 430 millions, being short breath and fanning herself with mhankerchie1" r .....August 14. notice.

o'th'Tinted t '! Stateb'>]lon to the several j cy. The Constitution unquestionably contemplates double the amount df the whole foreign A CARD. .
:alt'j 4"t.u: this l'uion, and are held by i ,. {RIVED. .
'i-iti'4 that the President should: be an .
la- '. I commerce of the United States. The number 'Jump in, jump il,' said the conductor. subscriber begs leave to inform the cit?

a.\.Ii.-ir"j xt.at>i nl and Con corr.rann;.'H.-s a
,1 '",?,>'''''.11 I\"<: of the States of tin-Union, hasT ; perform his appropriate (functions as Chief I the number was 36. The annual loss of want to get in ; te only wanted see then ml CU\e- boring country, h3 established :press in
Mag'Miate i that he should have judgment, this city for the of majic, .
; purpose printing com
:'T'.! 'III : iu.- ;.i-iv Jaw, 'T do ?oftact \hatever! lives is I(GO.hxlco"s. [Delaware Journal.
.a' .' h cltr'fh'! 'r, bit. t-lkrt*, make any ; intelligence and decision; and the great mass CLEARED. posed and arranged for the Piano I'orte as well

''S.fIlO, !' .It i ,-i, 1 h'tween ihe t.ites of tins Union, j of the people always desire to have such a : ASTONISHED !-A Santa Fe THE WAY TO HEAVEN.-How poor yo u August 10-Schr Santa Kosa, Stevens, for Pen- as for other instruments. He intends to keep

''''11<'', .t','. "I thorn "lldl1 b? dounved! of iti. < Pip'( e n t. correspondent of the St. Louis Reveille, are if you have no heaven but this \orc I sacola. constantly on hand a selection of the, mot fashionable
and his
pieces, prices c > be
J!: a!. : i.r'', if the Lie 'I For the faction, however the but little ----- --- -- -- --- --- per py shal
"1 i.: n t PI any Torriti.ij < purposes You have nothing a part
.. tells the. following : moderate, to suit. the limes; he also for
I.: 1:1': iir.- lor tite arq'urpd more nearly a President approximates to a clod of earth, and what is it all worth ? If sale, Piano Fortes of the mcst ot make
t '!o Hi. of liw I I visited the saw mill erected Chattalioochec to Fort Gaines. appro\'e ;
: the03clmer.t ar.y the better. The faction Yesterday land than }
man straw, you have a little more your neigl 1- he is prepared to repair and and put
:1e J hn -, 'Jd! dia-cily ('r by Its tlfect*, deprive !! sires to rule ; it c-in only do so with a dc.1 on Santa by the quarernmaster'sdepartment bors, or if)'oU are in a way to make mot'e ,, _* ') ON and after the first day of them in perfect order; he also beg lea'e to say,
rll'7. "-'.I (. : ;(If this UnionIrura under the superintendence- JULY next, this Line will bee
:: any sident who has not ability or energy to take than others, if your accommolatior! 0 that ,he H ready to give instruction on the Palo,
I:ra'ig| ; wlfh, their it.to of lime I The structure is, in I money regularly in TWOHORSEA
rrit jiroprrty any his duties and responsibilities into his own Lieutenant Gamier. better others, and mOl'C 'run Violin, Flute, Guitar and all the ditleren' KibsInstrument
'r'f<. '.I f the C. Stat' will make such: dls.nl'w are tht you la\6 The undersigned, having the con-
I I the first place, curious to us, as being en- conveniences and pleasures tha a STAGE. -. uch as Bir.de. Cirnrpeon, Sd\h n,
'! >"I and \\.mitl therrfore be violation elf hands. worldly Mail this route, intends to
a the on
the Mexicans, carry and offers -
and Trombone
of wood, to iic., to teai h hi* l'uJ.ii at
j e 'JfI i<" Now Gen. will be inch a timely pine others if are promoted a little higl 1- who wish
ti'fm ard the rights: of tiie States Inrn'hI'i. Taylor every I II because never saw the like before." or you give every facility Travellers may to their. reld nce. Those wishing t In obtain'; u.c
1 jUr1> : riti/ftis emigrated and in demsationcl : I President. There is no mistaking the stur-j I I they crowd of er among men than some others are, wh;It take this route, by Columbus, Ga., North. services, wulfuifj l hm at all time (exctpton (

hlal! : equalityliih: belongs: to them asitrnt..rs I dy simplicity of his character. What h8I, There was a large men, women view a poor portion is this and how miserable ai re Goo Stagas, the best of. teams, arid obliging a visit professionally) in.Ins music roi-m at\the I"r

o! this Union, and would tend din-ctly thinks il his duty to do that he will do-and j"children, dogs and babies at the mill to you who have no better happiness that yc IU will[ always be. provided; and in a word, .:illueneumt, Commerce street.

Whver tne Uni-. -If." I there is an end. His obligations be to !j ihe machinery, which was entirely new to can. call your own ? How happy do the:se every.pains will be taken to give satisfaction, (especially Orders for llu.-k or In Rt-s-/t\'ed, Th *nfntal in wi the thing of tha kind in the of water,) to wit
,1.J"! principle i the Constitution ; his aim the of the : them, being only things make you? What satisfaction I:10 during season high prompt H.
F Political rreeo, i..cat a pfijde in fnrming a New Mexico. Some would ride on the I those who may choose this route North. BERlREUTEP .
His unshackled by pledges these things give ? Are such things :as ff
IIIIShtution? I People. positoin you : it
have the unconditional ri;!lif to lorn! the cut its through the The Stage will leave Chattahoochee every
'11 ajnpt: theCl-'Vf-rnincr.twhichthev: : may think i free from the intrusions of personal, carriage as saw it as way the small re- these the'rivers of pleasure' that you choo:.> I TUESDAY and FRIDAY, at 6 A. M. ; arrive Apalachicol July 10. 1547. 21r

alculated to secUre their! liberty, pro p"l ity II t pretensions and firm in the public confidence, log-others perched on ack-and then for your portion? 0 how miserable! Win,inie at Fort Gaines next day, by 12 M.! Leave Fort Iloarlionnd Candy.PE.SES .
:ld h lfmes and that in conformity thereto no will thus the more easily enable him to impress tnrning wheel sent it any a few days are passed, you must go IOI1: Gaines every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, Chutf, r! Essence: of Hoarhouud

:her ndition is imposed by the federal constttu- I the honesty and vigfur of his own J;. quantity of mixed Spanish was spoken, and grave;; and into eternity, and how wretchire ed at 1 P. Marrive; at attahoochte next days.d just r>_ '.-' _.. .nd for sae by ,

::)Rcr aState in order to be admitted into this I character: upon) his adujinist< ration. i i i cigaritos smoked in most desirable profu- you, if, when you have done with woil I II by8P.M.ye June : ----- H. F. ABELL. -

11 1111)1., except that ifs constitution t-hall be Re- That; Gen. Taylor's accession to the Pre- sion. Heretofore in this province, anything I ly enjoyments, it may be said llrat. you ha Persona travelling from Columlus, Ga.. wa Baileys Tonic Milture.rps .

n hci.I, and that the i imposition (.f any other byte.g I sidency will be hailed with acclamations: allover in the shape of a board was generally received no consolation Luke 6; 24.-Pr> S. Fort Gaines, Blakely, Chattahoochei.Quincy, to J:a valuable compound fluid extract ct

would not-only be in violation of the believe truly as that cut of solid timber with a small axe, -or Tallahassee, will find this the mos expeitiousroute. J_ Cinchona and Rubra, a febrifugefor
TtitUtn.>. hut in direct conflict with the prin- country, we I Edwards. vegetable

Ipfe.&.__o-i which our political! stem. rests._" I his administration! will justify .the popular. '- I sawed by hand.: INTERESTING to INSURERS BY FIRE.-. T. D. WILSON, Proprietor.Q June the cure 12 o Fever and Ague.H. Sold by

"u "'HEREA", That fore om::. re-lntionj I ;umilistralol! and regard; which precede n.\\ PROPHETICVIT.The eccentric Geo. case has just been decided Washingti m, "incy, June 26, 1St;. augl.3l-lm -DELL
f:11:: our views of the powers: conierred "The people, says the Louisville ( which will both have the effect to make f f i reto LIFE PILLS AND PIUElIXRIER
was once
;?)! Conre:
u 3 'o the territories now bel'ndn to, or to be political animosity," and then adds :evj more Judge Parsons, in Philadelphia, insurance companies more particular bu as Mouse Cockroacl Poison Nov H. F. ABEL, Dru ;it. .
cqll\red\ George's ire the manner in which they rebuild ntlo fox extermina.
the other (for
by the United State, therefore. wish the removed. They day vagrancy. very efficacious remedy
kl'SOh'd, That we the people of :MdionlT "They causes of was up-he became wordy-and the Judge houses, and induce insurers more readily THIS'immediately, if a proper ap'lcaton be Lamp Oil ". .
.'\ \!tfl 'aM' tneet'ni' assembled, without ths'nrf desire a higher and better order things.of threatened him with commitment for con- resist when not satisfied with such rebut d- made,of all of the above named announces. His I OF the best quality, fir summer use, for sale

h' ,, rparte9| denounce the action taken by They are anxiously looking for a return the tempt of court. But George was not lo be ing. The arbitrators in the case of M rs. Flea and Mosquito Poison has ataine a very ex- [julyn] J. C. ALLEN.
M of
(!. ?*.r'Jf KeprMwilalive I II of the 2.Mh: Congres-, the honest simplicity and patriotism: thus daunted. God made religion, but Biehler, whose house, insured in the Po to tensivecelEbrity for its dEituchve pro. 'Vat
,:j 4 ultnot's Proviso" handed earlier days of the Republic. They believe burned down about t VQlit. to that order of insects. For sale hyAugust Congress r.
as being a high i scowled forth Company, nertiea
devil made Parsons! mac
ihe pints and quarts just received for sale by
arpahon of I General: Taylor the only man living the 14 J. C. ALLEN.Druggist, IN
power, wholly without constitution- and rebuilt she thoug ,
George. The laugh which followed indicated years ago, was as 12 H. F. ABELLLCoffee.
It.warrant, and subversive of the provisions: of power of whose name will be able to bring in inferior manner, have decided (1 tat Panacea. .
tbe hero.It .
at who a very
; '!\Stru' ?n.nt, and such of about the desirable reformation. They see was receiveen
r'lie as an infringement the building must come down, and the nbisb ib- and SWAIM'S .
rights of tlic slaveholdin States, at cannot in him the elements of a great, and a goodman be removed-and also that she is I HOUCK sale by PnaceaJst BAGS RI for sale by ,

u-'b flLtted to without bringing disgrace and whose wisdom and firmness are attested is supposed the United States can export : indemnification for the time I the June 12 1-!; P. ABELL.my 100 May J. DAY &CO.
II titled to
upnn i ourselves. 3.000,000 bushels of wheat, 17,000,000
ReioIved by noble deeds. And the high positionhe n'mted. The ; Mr. C. J. SHEPAlD is rnydul TARTAR and Tamarinds, just re- _
That the institution of slavery, 1 of Indian corn and meal 3,000,000 ba'r/els: house remained uhl : comp \ OTICE- : CREAM
hether occupies connected with no party absence from and for sale by _
a i evil' or not is a subject on whichngres now was induced to submit to this arbitration by j'4 authorized agent during my ,
for home ,
: faction but ready to serve his of flour, and have plenty cbnstmptOD. I I E-McCULLY. April n H. F. ABELL'. '
1 ha* no right or authority to act, and it* pledged to no lhe lady first bringing suit for damages. the State. [july2l] -. ,
!tfrence wth! this subject we deem an usurpation. country shall call him, will place himif .

I -



-- -

_. .

l j
'" 'I _,' 1 i _- L.I
? .

-7.- C-- ..-
--------.w-------- -







Jatsi ..-_& ______- ----. --- ..-- ._ .w------.--. --. .
--- -
7Lrit Xotfccs.f :j3tLii)1tii) Difcctocn. Ltj1UtT.j! Di'crctorj: .

\ > OP Tsit: sTA'i'i: or I'JLOISAvn J)vuS, ;lii"Iivist., : ,

Printer .b"uraiVliisi.; WE 1'Ro7'u- \..vrin: : : 'r'i: ; VHK SECOND ITS J JOK C1KCU1T 11. I- \i>'i NI e'I'' < t H /. thuok. Charles KO.CI JohfiMiiai; ). E'4e11e \V. Koger 'rriit4 '
.v.. i Le? JI. ( k4)A. 't _.- THE flnicr-'z ..
v 1:1: vi. .M..UJI.Y ; *u i: MC r TO TILE.tti'is ) % :; Co., Cts. :

ai u.Jers.it'1, be,; leave to av.iouiuv: t.ait -> OF lMn NEXT UBCHAl* 2x\ Fruia 1it'ciiit Cor. COi\IMISSJ 11)( x .M i : H c 11 ;ixTs, .* COM31iSTnX 1 .\IPUCIIN'I'S 1 1 I to ius Ineiurt ,. : .

JL Publishers Printers': that th.-y have est IN rilANCEllY.Arabella No. 1 Hi Watei street, Water 'ti 1i. pativ .. .. .

: 1jlisliediciv.njilet > audoxtensivc TYPE FOUNDRY R. I widow ofUurton l'ia..IekJtu'L stnvt, & t.ILd! ho TH nr.n i -, ..,
Hepburn, : Dec 1 12 'Ap.iU-.icol.i; dc 12 .-
in t'tis city. The IJi.uk Liter: of this ___ Apalachicola, Fa Hiply wl.ct ta
Ilenhii-i, L '. __ ,_ at ; : .
& %
unrid the Cwtlilt'l'mn .
.1 ,1ct to ) /%/
Foundry was cut i-t order !by w.>ikuvi: of Ion:; z no < nil i\f Coniiain tint. A Vnizsi; C. A. (JRHK.V. C. II. Co.NM.nv.vooii stock, rCILr-> h-, ..SMII! .
Stale a* lo ('X"7Z' b' frcf white 'nilc inhailnnt
experience, an !L a* no expense wai spared to vs. c 0M3IISIJN. ( and F O R W A R DING ( ; tI V and ri.ti,[ l tf. Tlrsrl1anil !; .i; ,'
It citizens tinIJnilt I | 4Joizicry
*, ing f Stales
obtain the iu-.iJU: >:ne$ faces .vn.l to perfect it in Joseph L. Hepburn, George 0. I IHeitburn MERCHANTS: I Ar nerirar, LItIa : (' 1.1m I : : :
tefas'jTItuc* resided i' t'iin thin! S'zic C OMMISSIoN M FRCIIANTS:
one ,
"every resplct, we will venture to it will b No. yi Water street Dr .
siy far th" ektfIie'r1nLr'zi"! I I Annie E. I Hepburn No. M:; \Vatrstrect. >:< 4i.Ht.ila$ %aII.. \( .r
found as hanlsDm.*, ifn.it; the hauls imest i.i the if nov2l Apul.ichicola Fla. PhtvMMia.s' ( .
1. Rail the Krntle ai.l j C.; vho:! .'!. I Ihyburn, AI'AI tO; "our.fry M .
cnaftnlby and \\cincot, FA.Pelican
United States. We have also a very hauls iu SECTION th n.e' !ii! in : ; .
1 of e
ht-trs Hut
assortment of Flowers a'il .I.il> Letter of the latest ltffirn>entiitiKc.t ot t'tc Stale t f Floriliiu at deceased uv Daniel tori IJ.cplmu'u JETIEMI.UI DAY. IXxvinr J. DAY..T. Mutual Insurance L",. of Xeic York. an
Cttutriil _%< < 'ntblif! rwwir'tl, 'l'hit the ; K. CIIAS. 41. to wii"h! ald Hay A: Co.
style, we w call the attention the heirs of siApal..f .
John :
fir-tcla'i-v of I I the sixth article of the Constitution ; Doc 5 No. 3(> Wafer strt et.
of Printers b of els-wli'-re.. All CO3IMSSJlX[ E'TANTS l
ire pur.-hHUV.
ie 'd ,
he amended followvi.s !1k ibody: ( whose trus- ] :
so as free white
: Every
No. 52
articles miivifartured > us shall be of a m itc- ,
y t1.e Ei.micl M"lo' iId Bill for Dawcr.
male lit the <-t mdupward ; .Sofia .S.AUCTIONEER. litrili IIil, lv -
person iue: twenty-one years < Dec 5 Apalaeincola! Fa.ftC .
nat it riufactur.1 1at ,
equil not r to
s-iperi ; anv sn
and who sii til be atL\ time John W. Campbell! ; Hudson the [ AND COMMISSION hicolp, NoT 21 1 .
the North ; an: 1 a' we slall sell Typo at New -, : ? ; of ofl'orinjt f :::/ A iso, AtrnN T xEnuliisur.inreCo.Mth"
i I v. le, a ritin of) t the Uuitol j SI ites, and .Thornton ; Nathaniel! W.Thornton Pro'orlion! I uranfe C.1' anl the "llaitord i MERCHANT i : -
York prices, we trust t. inset with cucoura: eraent. who shall hive resided and had his habitation, ; I f lines I Holt ; Sea- Insnrmv ( 'ti." 11 irif'ir i CMHI. No. 5t u) Water street. Drills ami ;* 'iIte

born Jones, John! Ii Howard I I f? THE viV- -
dotmril home and ot a'v-d.j' Soliejisiatrn. Ar
: place I1ertrI.1l.ut in mLCtIICOLj. *
We are naw prepared to invnfaeture P.RAS and Edward 'arys tru-"t"es of ; ) .b-J.LI: C1je.arth: i.:. '
Florida, for RULE ani TYPE of un.m4uJrx\'itiprompt! COMMISSiON i i ; IEiciI.xTs .las.. f*. rzu'ior
any _
which Jai-ifs; P. ( .tI!h un &, Charles 4'
h" hall
at oiler nil 1 who blull
: > : to at
ness. Wcwjild als, pirtii-ihrlv oil! the attention L. Dass, composing the late ;.isn, G EXEIAT. 1EctIvI\t; ;.
trh I time and for months
rf Printers t'i >urLE\ls! ?.:iviti4 ani- -i Six immediately preceding firm of (Calbii'in & Hass 7if/ nt f'r; M CM.\IlS-iuX> | \; KIJCII A XT, a. i-f the ,.
said I time have had! his habitation ;
tire new set of m il t U, bv .vii' \v. .-.naMed !( dumieil, William I lowland William SUN MUTUAL I INSUI NCE COMPANY, No. i>0 Watertrnt.. ;cI1an ... .

to furnish a p.-fe-t .rliI.! *. We ar. A\\ : ..l.ils h v.ue: and pi ice of uennine'it( a') l de, in til-t ; county Sloan ; Dunran ; M'Doucild cf the L'ilii <>f\\\ii) Vork, Apatarhiroja, YA.AUCTIONKKU \ thfir: :rv' L :. III, i ;, ,' t
in which he :
t oi'l-rlj sh.iil defined
for th ; stle of fie Nni<*r, Wvltrijtvn, and may ( vote, ; Mcrdi.i Mvers, iN(). :-11 1 Water t reel, P. 'V. toG URI? bettr! pnrel p t ,
.difled voter at all elections 'iider this Constitution assignee
Smith Prese;, vtih! 1 t v'tir! wits Chases, a qu : of GeorgeV.. Ifosabaikript Dec 12 AK; h *hieoln, Fa.Win. N. B. I'iy'ticiai -
t and others i in elections -, -
none except byijfueial AND COMMISSION a
Case*, CooipvMin Si.'is.! Fnr iit'ir->, Ink, and and
L\mi"I McDougald : care accuucat .. i i.
ticket in the State ; -
District 44.
: or prescribed Porlrr trt tto.UEALCIW MIKCHAXT.ffoliril M
oth! arti--! \ \ i'i 1ii Priiitru busines5J
every r : > \\-i\is >! ; & I
by law, in which cafs, the el'jrl.ir nrist; have ; Joseph TnwrenceO'U. [ IX ( ioODS) AND COMMISSIONMERCHANTS. ( a stare of I'ti'-lir Patronage.Uook .
will hi I k. J id famished
't !hiu at
o.i a ) .
.3Iai. J ( .
Ur.mrhVilhain :
I H.15rncken I. fIr. e !: I IEl.
been a resident of the Slate one year nest preceding ( () t I .pm1.merrItI.A, l. .%..
minfacturer's > *.
; thi election ail six mths vit kin the t :>rou h and (he 3 ink No. .; AYsitiT Sfnvt. -
= m
Editors ail Pivitt-rs wiin t fi if 1 ,..1i-'i a cf Pcnsacola <; tt ZO3ZC .a.rn_
election district in which he oilers l' ve : Pruei'li. Dec 5 Apalaohicola, Fa.f r.s---e
NewspapsT or .Li', PriuJr 'IJi.v will be f.ir'uishel CO3IMtSSlN 'iIIcf; : rANTS
with au t't; : j i'l detail fr til1 srnc1, .!, That! no s tli'r} sen in or m irine i in I tiie .icnrin. f o Dcffiitlanls.the satisf xction j of i iIT the Jim I.eof >. E5. Woo fc Ut)., No. lJSr.: C I.tl, l'. 5treeI, ,
regular of h' FniuSt!
fby stati'i ; ths si to if th: 'i oer, or t'iirlic: lix:1'style Army or Navy 1 ites unKss t this I Court, I by: the nflidavit of the Complain C 0 II MISSION'I I .\ND ]F o R W A R D I NGMEIiniANTS .1 4-' S.ffl't1 .- ..
ho were a t'nliI, ; e'ecl >:r oi this cote! previous A\r nEW S. COOKK. A-SIOS 11mm, I :
1."ft3 1.
f .rk bei 4
an 1 ii"tii> < l : ito I ;
'j .
ant's Soliciror, I lint I t. IX-femlmis hereinafter ,
to his ilisTivit] as Midi ol! :ier, scam: .tn or e feb ". :
( : The pr.i:;>,". >r< named do -
marine in the! llej:.ilar Ar or Navy of theUnited not I'L' \\ it bin the Western Circuit -; ::43!
D1zIi.t! t1i tcir1i' ; it t i1it ': t States, ',r 4d i I iho rr-veii'i"ny service, shall be ol ( lie.St.ile of Floiida, but within the United Nov. SS 1> 4'*). A,, ii. 'licol-i.! FJ.! __ Iel &1t

'a pa'psr toinr o S v '.vAly 1 will 02m\ I f.,T the < 11II, of .Viierifa Defendants IMPORT; !: MLRCHA'TS.
considered .1 resi lent of tie! Sf ite in s ; ; that is 1 that the > ( AND
I rtic'r.: t)' 1I Fi1I. ;j tj'fli th1 ir zit oJ l bein sta'ion.-d within the cnseitiecc Joseph I.. llepbirn! resides in I the Stale ol'Texi : ALVA \YYMC, W.M A. 'ilcl.ENZII. COMMISSION"( A< ; F\TS.[ &M.s
Mine.Passed :
-ctadrertis-inr bill i-i Type.Miv I S.iate, >'Cv'nber I, 1' 13. the slid George u. I Hepburn[ i in ihc Slate of Missouri ; yh : I ;:eie, Jan 23: __ :_.m --: ; :. IIEORRIA

; the said Annie E. j Hep'iurn, and Caroline[ COMMISSION I M E RC H[ A NTS ,
1). il. .MAYS:;, PiesideutSenate.IJ. :;
: : -22, N1. I '-I'll: J Oan.l *t. ltw.N ABCHER, :Secretary 'vn tie U. Hepburn I anJ the sml William i 11 n\land, No. 12 Water street .1. i. ; i *: t. ru !

1 I IM'". Diarr.iFi'i-v, t tl-r-t.; 1 liftletrv. --- .
each in the S'afc of New York the heirs ot t Sept. > A.i.l'-i'-hir-.la.Fi AUCTIONEER t -
) 1 t E. Passed H'ius December i 1-3;, ISlo.I103ERT ; ,

% LL per vis ir<; Jjprf'nivir.iel: :not tu r 'itrast 11KOWN, Speaker Ho. Reps. John Peabody, deceased, and laaiclIrl) uigjld -- ti.; & .5. 'IgI111"i'. Ollice No. .J"(), Watt-rplrre! t, i A.C. i r .li. v.Du .

L 1 3._ 1'jr, r coiv_, nr j s'u-) any I'elirTimfcer M. D.I PAPV, Clerk.to their I trustee}: the sid Ilinrs ii.it aiid! Seaborn.lone WHOLESALE' AND RETAIL GROCER, Ift :.t. ,( !: Pa. I i-J. J. Ur'Laflt'

cater ta'n trj u t1, Li'iS il 'lie 1 \jnlmch'Jcola 3 ?, John I IL Howard I and Edward dry, ttus- c jr5; > Particuliraticntioiipaid; to putting up family, ''- lth- t 11 -

LiniCj a.riy ; t'v b.'iur. i neiwit for 1 itt amtti'l 1'ic Con tiltt: 'on vfrtis State 1 tees ol J.dhu'in .&, 1 iJiss; ; d >rdcniIvcr aspiinfe ct'Vunbo u and shp: fcturerf.No. AUCTION AXI/f! '() ?OIFJRCHAVT % 4.oir'oc z '

_,y ii: IIrivi.ze. I u ; 1: f' --ii'tat f1!!' fes-l\n
fjivento cart: MSI :>.T-j'is ,\'stars k r.--n ti l oYiowe vm.Fy bi-tuiiaf intca-i of auKuaf. u McDuirud! e-sch reside in tiie State of ( leoria Xov. 1 1 Analachicola: Fla.n. I

M'I'JN 1. Bt it cnacti.l de Sennit* and :z ; the saii John!!! W.\ C-unp'iell, Hii'iso I i A.Thornton. AL.t.
: jfii-jl ia c.iltiu ai roU-j'tiu a ) I Nathaniel! )J. Thornton and: Duncan i; AE o2I. : _
Cedir Tim' ?ro-i t'l Lvi'Kuflh.i 1 C :o:> fr 'jR'J': I Ciia'ir lJ (i.C f I"/o- to :
fi'itt in ( Ii 'MHncni'Jf That the \Ic1)o'llIll, ach rusi3- ia the S'ateof Alibnm.i ; \VTm1)ImLr: vvi' IlKrxtr., B. F. ;
ny, vis: on Cro. kel ani ()1' < > i.'y rivers to t"tfi. *.2-f'ii'i/t/ IILtEN, )
desist from tiu. r tii A-fV tresn-; a-H it.t attempt aeco i.! r'-.iv It iio! fouiUt u U< leol t the Con-titu- the sill Joseph I JiiM'ich and Lawrence (O'B. i DEALER: IN" HlUTcK, MEDICINES PAINTS, J. (1. ) .. 1. .
1 IlMii'-h .fid Vv'ilu]:; 1 H. Ur ,/i'djrom. each rosiIein OT.S] CL( \ 'S -. ...4S s' .
l-i offlsiit..' > L-d t. read fjil'r.v r i v< .jcxr.JAls I.I:
!t ; s j.nit n Messsrs.
ta rea ve > u 1 fi u : :r. Th? I'e'iaiti.-s I. iis > as WYUI.: \, M'k'K. ,rr:, ) | .
\\7.\ ', 2u- T'-3: Hi- Mill'Cireuitof; ( Flunda : lib 1'im- ->-A :;< .ei.-l: 'i>3'ir; unt of Stntinery.Car. Apal-rhie. h. .
thcUwmil: b.' sr."tU eit'tjvt> l a;iia-'t ail the! : Liei.ii>' T3 yf the IIu'c oSK J. S. IlCTCHTN-'v, J j jPI

pirties, in anywi.sjr.i-n.- ..irinvl: \sji: by ll.e quaiififJvot .f ore wilrtf, tim it the sid Defoii lants !it-rtinbe- ol Che-'mit a'l WatH- streets inm .. : -. -

: ). (irs-aad *iinU serve Jor liw teritj ci t twoyear.trnn .-, fore n-irri'-1.! ? ;Uji 1 r-.eiy flf thoin, d > appear and] April I I II I Arvii ichicola._. :. Fa. y. -- I Icotitti. I- ; I

'ivrc CURTIS11 and after (he day: of i'" flr-t lert- u-i lor ar.-wer the said hill! ot c :np''! lint, oth.-rwise] the : ; i I I
Trustees <.l \pitiduc.da Lind Co. t'luaendsJ' f! nstitui 1:1, and y 1 tfue!-; an 1 si ;ieslni! bftikea jn> ronfi ,:*< ajriin t them: N2. Columb'i Dar1en, t tnEEN. : ;

Dv their Atturnev: t hE'f, the iJeiieral A juiUly! &!.',)U be andetch of Eieft in default : I Pi nvid d, tins order 1 Buildings

J\IE-s F:. BKfTNER.Apalachir.ol.i l) Ci'1l4l, a1 CflIUCaCe on tb.. .tirtli 1iic in be[ p'i'',lihed i i i any w ws|> ip .r f.rinffd in: thi.s Dec. 'it; 1 11. \ : if-hirrrh, Fa. ; ii. 1F. 1- .

November it each and d < ifsj'i Circuit once a w.k Jjr i -ir months from the ;: F.. !V. utidit nis.: rf-s.i'i-nrp rtr. -
Anril : i. 1 17. 1 1"i-H ? every > -co : >f r or j Siojsjaius:* Sailer, rrrr ofir.'i I :
-_ other tiies .1, uiiy b- \>> *:'. J* 1 !by law. d.tte hei eof.IL. l 1tte A.inl;. U. 1M7.rE COM f-sSI ON .M l:1iANT: ; : (:eittrc. w.! i1i trt-it,*, opt, site the Maaifri, I .- :
( LibhJ1t : t:( !{iE; s'. uvrixs! Lit u.:'. .
Sec. -1 tic it.ts. Th ,' enu1'd, That the third No. I 15 Water N'-v ".. .1 i1t '
TAME3 H. Co )i\. ;tJ lirurAay. : ear WJ 1 clause of Ihefourfii .irt ich.i uf t the Coi'-Si-.nti'm be j41I.r': ? f lI \'( '-' C-r'iit (}t 11 'rtt. D-c. I s'reei! -- $ ; ([%4t 11j I : I : -
I V.
street New Y' rk. -.ii-r-. stle! fall an:icompleteaisjrtme ic I H I Apaht'hic-jja, Fla. r. t t .. -
> : : a ame'idfd CJ th'it tho me s'nii: rt.'il I as foUy s : ; ; :! zztiaxi, cczi '.. i -. -

itoC \liiNEf FCllVH'CUE .' !L iat tIme llejireseiit-stives shall bfj ch'-L'ii onliie (j'.nr'.nti3's .hr.(1T. 2'trnia 5.-. I'rtsi. i]. l>t1gtps. Otfict' over fi.c D/u;
and ClIAllxN t wiiu-h !ie wirra-its ti b eju'il" .I fir-t M-jndjyinthe ino-ith of October, in each S>islrict Court of the iiitel [FACTOR .\ NI|> (COMMISSIONMERCHANT (entrance on Ctestri'if $r.f.) K-sidi-ace the ;r -. -

any in the city, at the 1.tlloA-in,; uu uilly lowrates aud every secoiid! year, Jrotn and rsfrer the first % wtiie lately occupied by Dr.t lialtze*,!. )'- .r.I. .
JaS.'ites; fo tfjc ?
: eitfi'ti'ju uider tins amended :: : o'titpj'itrie il No. January 1 lf> *- ,>',,
: ; Co.'ts'itution, 01 on >i Cjlumb-is! IJ'*) 'k, 2-tf
Mahogany Sjfis I'I-OTQ ;s23 to &::1i )# cai. such other d.tv xinavbj directed hv law. ? o! FI i'ii3s. Dec 0, 131":). \nl.i.'iiiVf.ta, Fa. 1v. : -- ': "--- -

'dl). Cluirs *' :3)) 10 II Jperdiz.da. Sec. :i- 1j te'YKrVy
a ,. C3CIL clause of t.e! .if< rosad arfirlt1 !he ) an( nded at!ore I N. M.-LMI. v\\\: \ Ai.sEir l 1) >rrc:;. C'rxHi.ff PRATTS ATTORNEY ANlX'ot NSKLLORAT LAW

IJ-jreaus *' "?' t ) +1 > id ns follows, viz: The S-nators sh-Jl be ciiosoti ot'ii'i' cv.r* d 4( tlii! )4)age V I'rait, Offers his senses to the p*mdic' !| in citl.er of tiie 7:

da. Cord Tables! ;*J'n s SO *' by the quiliiied el.'rtor.for the t<-nn f l' f iurveari steam boat, u'-ista, SHIPPING; & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, above caj-aeitie; :

(1). Cetre Ti :.: [ & at the same time, in thesurne: matin r'a'vj .1 |. Libel for Collision."VT'J No. lj( Water
d.,. Fze.iali ft itea1 i '. ) 3 In t'.e sa'p.e pi CP where they v ,l frr involjcrofthe < Th<.- Sk-an F-> :\ F.-ifa-.a, NlIv \ .lbirnl.,, Pa. and Ja nn k-w.* re.tiarv in Fr--> :n Ttlboun -
Circt.it f. will'
Als3 Feather IJels, H *if \I ttr i ; s and Bel- I H'jiise of s''ititii'ps; nnJ no p.rsjnsml her tacLlu, apparel and 1. t ':'yIut' apecia! retaincr. ( erf--and 're;; ..; :. .
din of the firjast 4ad at the lo.ve mar 1 i:' i I t i irf a lV'nt. I lt In r.nv Vwi I ( ,,.. .
; .juiltti bo a S >nit .r u ii-=5 he he :t whiJ<_ irnti, a COMMISSION: A N D V( ) R\7 A ft DI NO tIf f the .\fiMlt. or W. -.r! I'ir-yjt. iv
ket prices. cltircn at! the Cnited St tt md slrdl have bon li"F. is i hereby tjivcn lo all r.-hom it may;y v::.l !-
<'s I MERCHANT: niue fa= es in teC.' :: t
N. 1J. Ni extra c'.uirz--- fur : and ship 1 % co.-icvrn,4h.it: bv virtu,* of an attachrn r ; ,\ a y ; ,,
pitki'ij <
an inhabitant cf tin* Sfite f >r t tw v<"irs( icedinglus ; ,
: H ?( f the = : ___ __
sesa-: < t \v .S.SJi.. f.- !
wa-ra'it of ar<"fsf, iind In the above ri-is: I v. : c>T'A5spresent 1.
olectio-i. ail s
1)LflR.t 1h la-l residentof
: : a "
yer *
ViIy A 'd .Hnrola. at
f'e1rllrv! 2!7. 117. 73.ui the district or cotnty for w'.i" f'" saii! be have "seize 1 and! ( t>i'cfn' the above me'ii!iit.t SteanIloat -----------... ... .. .- luur ; rvf f* d lsv r vujeufl { i It

HHDSSt. CrjixSi.'jr chosen, and shall have attained the a'e of twenty- ICifa'iU! her t.vklsapparel: and f.inuttm*, 13Ci'. Iioj>jaim, ApulachiCc'-i. S.t si r -, : % T I t i I !

10 ; five -. ans.vf-rto t I thf! SiUl I filed therein, for d omtt; WUtLAI. AX1> RETAIL, DEALER l.V t .1 -

2) dj Xewi-"iiisSi4tr: : tostrive; yearSec.. 1 1. I.h til further cnatJ, That the: sifhca f f >r a r 'llisiiT!, In a '.aU' rivil! am.l 1 in -ritTnttic i DRY GO; 'JDS. {i'JoT'S, SHtJES, iiATS, ANDo _t. ". Sctnn .L :
) sacks Rio Coilf i J tva
: >
; ;
imatic ise oft !jo afuiv->aid artioL; be s<> atneutl as to I i tiT prTcj>i8 is r.'fir'u'i'.i! IifnDitri't t I f.'fll; ; .c' ; TVOKXflVT L.W.

40 50 bvs" Ar Mft'd do.'IVncco Hr.v; a-ii Li'ihy's read ah follows, viz. The classification of heua-. l C inrt cfthe t 1'nit '.1 1 St-it s f.-ri';.? Northern ] 'tl I fr; I" .<_-
; Dis'nct ot i londa, at fhcCiirk*-' offi-e of I H. CUt. ot Lesa-: &, Cjt.msr.rn: 1 :.i -l-:
20 *' .SjermCd'j'lcs-"i! ) bvs !Ijrov/u Soap; turf, as snide at the first -essi.m of the General]L LI It. \Voji>. -. : ;

10' bi s Shot; $J kf\j* Pawd.-r : \sst mhly held in the year 1SJ5, slral! con'intv1U'uh.iii said Court, intsser.fy of A'laehic! > h, on tin Vo1 & Co. A; .u-MJ ip..l i. FIII. ;-.
; ;
; hriifrfwho:1] t thitd Mj-.li> ( i7thijy I 1 ) of Mav: itntint, at \ > .
2QTJ) Ibs Le id : 1 <* i'iT.i'i* "1 (Oil ; : !:: : 0:1 : ns p."sry ?s poi- I'i AN !) rnjJIISSIOXM'nciAv "K. OU.is
hue, shall be clrn f' ( vt.ir !lii- '. !! A. .Lul v. ii.c'.i: : tiu.e and place the s'lid.c cans C ,
233: Tee's \ViuNL1L :c. 1 Citi i. 11 I Pure.Forsilehv r'.Mvr ; : : : } : : r : ,
: .
i 4 t ) L.tt'i. A T T O i R N !E Y A T f. ; : .
A T '
for lie lei of f'rr -
Prrr-i-f" hmvi'vr
WM ,. P THtt:! & CO. ;.i ye.rs: : No. 2 Col-jr,. >Ui J-; Ifnr, '
Dec 5 Jl W..t.-r street- a..j it i ; li. reby d 'l! trr ], th i< t.ie t--rin of olficeofthit 1) I u 10in ..c 'i, t'r= l--i-i div of Mr: O-t. II.! A > ft VY ro.-, flubttr' Cwmry, .\L.! nn. I I.Ic.hu : .

___ _ _ .
I lie year l 1'S17. 1103E'T! MYERS': : I
cliss of ,Se'' 'irs ujex: ; ired at the first! Atril 2 1's-Is-;.
TarratitNH :;;; : SiIiZi cieaton under the amended Coi'itifuticn, shuto U. S. Maw'tal.bv 1.'. ; L:2'4t1a 4% CO., r'- Pt -' .

A I eNtend and expire "a. the first Monday in II. R. TAYLOR, D. M. COMITSit'N: i 31Ic1LAT I S, :Hiitio, ::1. -

October eighteen hundred and fiflv.Sc" May i-\ l 17. l.MfAdiT.is. No. 45 Wat'T'fr'ft.. -
d ,
EALTII lir.XK/'rrj, a.l: I .n invi.nratc ATTulpr I
Oct. l- \T
21. LAW
A '! 'liro'-i Ft. .
; ;
; <> f' ; I
I : and hea'.tiif'U <* .:iliMn! nt I pii I''I- 5Kt; it further: cu'trtni, Thit Ihe fir trI.clivi -H.'J\NV, fl.m.

by the use of t TA't XsTS E/rrJtVESCjN 1SELTZEIl f-'1 "i-- -.11vm.2! .j, ;mnr t this atnendfd oii'cit; tuti't, .f. V. .tk'; .. i i : .
( TEL14 : !n | ,, | f.rt ,, ''
APC'IIENT. C'Ti-'ti'iiiiuii: -', ,!', J ki'7 ln<>eoi the tu >t M! ?tiIa L .1 j'f I'LuilLA, Wh'>!"?-,: ";d : : .;i .'. rnDLl 'I < f tit! art
Car 13rir' ] t > U(V< SouJhVtertt Oiuiif.; ?:t(! Tf-onui: : ? Ti.. .'.
This prearJli'In is i u iiv.-rs.illy all ,wed tijJj IC 111 October, eighteen iiu idrd ?nd tbry-cirl1t ; MEI.Ii S( I N his. PN! T*, OILS, Stemva a'0
: >
cr un'esAu
Co \lfIJarmrd
and the fir) r si- '.''iheGe.scrai( AS-T-.' ; -a GLASS, BRi ; Hi-VVc,. <.Vc. I) : : : .
the / ti fr. .i t:
m95t popular re..i. iy : prcsut diy", r ; r .' .1 1 C's' trieL also, /:. 5; s 1 5. 3 i1-tf .tI'- .
the preventio.i; ml one of iiih. .tion, n.Hou der thiaamen I'Jo'iatnu'Kin, snlicom5n.nrn! 'ii :
ikin : -Z .
.Merchrfs: ; :%.ttacImnmn1. ez rzrrfl(1?! t f I ,
and Liver Complaints, N\ras Weakness, Head I- the fourth .Mouthy in Nuveuibei in the year tniiii-i j nJ.-rtholrm )Samsworn toS! 'i l-l Li ). IlO Kf.IJL VVsTATT? 'NTUY. vVc .te r UMBIK IX- PECT< i._.__ri ttitterinm,d 3Ith1tfl: L.it :
Heartburn haitl Castivene &, eighteen hundred a'l: I- rtv-eitmt.
acht '
s, c.Travellers of Baitiaid, Adanii Damages .HYi. cor. of f Cliesntit :\: i'-orm.ir>ro'r-' t-;. Ii havri.'b.cua---, !!. ,] lu>,,ei-t-.t t Ltrr.her L .
and residents in liu.itcs will Pased Senate !D warm Cu." :Dee i 1 : ptt1u: !mienI. KIi.si. for the CK'Y f i rt:1ie! -:;
; ; .r.: !jH > JE
Sl rvk f- ) S.I
I). H. MAY President of :
find it desirable it Senile.II. -
a artre: : preveiifs any accumulation
v.,. S. the public i iti tiK-f Cpac11; ; :. and \\ < :.l: t'fend ail
of bile, i< j' :liable! : Hrl: the Jnetli dof ARCHER, eretarv; of S4tmatt1)J1ze I BZttwIvy, duties to \
J ap'vrt'si'iip.i tt j ICOiNEL1VS. 'rrc . *
FACTOR AND COMMISSION: ; rtrrf j f t T t
preparation is i umis tally cjiuv.'unt.! Children I 1 1 nim. ( t 1t1I.4.. I)C' Q9, 1 MERCHANT, -
rpHK I I Dcil-.d! i at! a',(3] all others ;rittrcs1 tc.lvil No. CRAPY. ; .- : '41I IlL
UOIJKKT! BROWX! -5 Wak-r fnet.
JIo. liens.M. .
have Ire 1umt oct;:cni for zmt1e: and! coilingpurgitives Speaker
J. take notir of March! ?, -IMS.NO .
o th.; institution of the ahrue .
I). P Clerk i I .- ; I&c 3 iln Fa.
\i"/, va ,
; they! wi'1 t.ike t- : -ri> rit :1t! ;ireference Ikjra.Mirrh
,4 slit by aMarJiiniMt, returnable! I to ftj] D.retnbc --- _ nrhaI IS'Lt1u4g
to othf ..M4 '. un'! retail bv TJ, 1 > 17. U-Ota : v-.
; ) l *
any ;
Term > !Fl, of Fra.-.idin! Circuit ( 'hurt, ani! wi: A'/cry tl- flI1iIt I :
Nov .). J. C. ALLEN, Dni-M, ice. and ( l0CElt & ( PM\It-t iitrItoti'tcc1tcc!,. Iv : .
SJalo. of ;S.'Sorjd; appear plead tlic.elo, according t.> law.CAUjtAVAY mN ticrr.xr: S __ :

Drills tV .Mtdeci&u. cni'i't I O F t lANkLJX. SML I'll, No. 15 Wrtter.T'-.H. I Id': flroflcli 't't,4mtntL3
Dec 3 A .l.ic'ii' "ola. Fa. 'i.months afrer date will :
/TMIE subscriber !h.e ju-t -oeived pr recent ) Y virtue chIme power vested in me by law PiaiatifF's Atttwny.itLtcuie'ila the apj'hto

i arrivals fio-n N' w York, a tnt! and complete I 1 ) sliall ovnow for sile before the Couit I Hou-, \: Apiil !I", 1 1-17.I a.n-itl? 1 1-ltn .3. ES. & .5. .11. S C1li, County, for IT-.n.a fi'i.i Jncfjfc! disehir.rf uf Pr-ihafes for Franklin Ceii.sttn tJ a '; z _
: trorn the Adniinist II
stock, con
Hyd. de Pot i !' < 'i-1ic "* it.I-N *, S iluM'i*', o'i :Monday i t the t ventyIfth day of OrtoVnc : ia Circuit onrt. No. IS Wator street, ,iaicl County, di-t'i :. 'd. CaBij.bcli. late of Fer.i.-- ... 1' 4

Murrate and Stilpb..f :.1 ;r ilii. '.'rni- < '-.i'i ;if i \ rit ih j iti.l Innr? f.f s tie, u much of JhI.uvls I < D. K. i 1)otJe, ) Dec]12 :Ai>Aiii.ot.: \, F.ItKNJAMIN .\ \XKP : VI'

Chloride of (Gold :nd S Jpi-n: C.il <:, \, Jjjjp, lyinp 'i=i'othf t -*. ihehic! 'la vs. > Ix Cn .v.Nt'Euy. WTLLIAMS, A.m's.!
; ; i1yof: ) akii'i.vn '4 James ; : r.t.I.l-i\. Wll..UM A. \Vo I,. Apnt.tt'ictIn! .[niu. IT7. ly ktmsm : j.: .
Ipicac, loJir.f: Rhubtrb! I'uivr. u-i.l R-J t. S 'nna ; it., (\.t: P j nit, with the Inn N all )iniflg, z: Watson, d at. ) : HisDt! (' ; Co.. in n' : : -.

Epsom Salt-i: HaHm LcvvcCasl.tr; lica!1011 *4 ., ,,

Seidlitz Powders, S 1 1 P-t.vders, Sulpher, flower and Seventy Dollars and rustfor tin A'S. > lull fur Partition. ANO iCe, as'j.ji.-.jff.u] uiSi j [ ?b. mule to the
DEALERS |\ md : I.
and rn' % Coppera- _Saltpeter, Alu.a, Aloes amount of I the State Taxes due fiom the A pal.ichicola D. McDoiis.tM; it. at. ) DRY) (-.(--n-) 1. r.ion-iiE: I : : t <, IIARDWARI I I I L:, Hon.[ Jim b- ..! pr Imtes: t'c J.icksoutMunfv, fora I.y.tt .

Calcind ani ('tirl). 1ZII1t. Gui: ( inIit; r, Land Company: on the ad !lition,d qua: GEO1JC.K W. 1 fiOS-1 having filed a petition nn TIN WAUi i:, Hoi iT"S Slinks, IIATS, final spttie.:. -of of: the administration ot the tv- $(-t in t I

Flax Seed, B'irav. .Msn a lar#: supply of a-,- thy ol f acs a'de lands lying in this county, an.h I : April! !, I l-5l'i, praxn to have a cc r- UI.ttkIR't illP t.itei.fS.unut-; Speai>, dor.vscd. latet sa..a liiTeitt t'* t -ot' :SHif .

sorted Glass Ware, .1.1d a jtn-ral assort tiei.t of liable loT.iv lor I he year one 1 thousand right him lain amount of money now in Court, beIunin. to CIL\NMLEI'Y: { \e. cunf ELIZA . .
all articles in the I PPI.J Ii:nt. I F T .ie! l liv dred and loitv-five. defendants, appropriated] ) ( tu time' payment of hisiVc I 21 1 Water .street. I ft. i 57.iUn Admini-f r.stvix. Jv ever uof i .

June 12 IL :I'. A I]I ILL. JOHN ; ;i 3tlie I Cvni-vHjr, and Soli.ilo! of aid d Jail 2.? -_ ApdariieoJ! Fa.E. the 11111< :- .
1 1 LUCAS, 5hcrifi' It.- ----------- -- -------- ----
\TOl'1'E.Six[ laonlhs ni-r date, i wilt I rurr.. r. : 'I
f a-id' ov-officioTax Collector lor FrunkiinCo.Analichicola f.-ndui.tsand] ; (L irsatit-r: I having been ixfened tome .7. Hkr to the Hon. Probate app .
Bu 1 1 N a M i San(IXSARSAPARILLA as Master I'uirt of I'raaki iii rflrf 4-! '. .
Special i
April2J 1, 1 11. l.r-m; in Chancery to act and report FACTOR AND! COMMISSION! \ll-JCHANT; [ C4IUEIIV. f..r a final discharge .
the fnnrli .
received l-r-d > trom .dminj.s-
--i-l < by the -
upon j-tnv, niter having given .]ti d i\\s (XJ* Oitice, No. ii Columbus i'-uidin tration of the --

__ H. F. AHKLLriissi' .:___. I'clor's %'4g1thl 1iILtjtHEOItI.iil notice I by publication 3 in 1 the p-ipers.: I It t is I there- Jan I Mi( __ _ AIiIPI1I.t.! F.i. said! county,
'L' tore ordered I that sti,;I UenrKc W. Ros, ( !he deft II m rerir. :
()!)el l Allen JAS. M. ' 1 v L'.I r
anJ double saleSv FKESH I < OIl S UTalson, : tC1)I1II], tt. n!., and all others, -
l tur received .
\ s-ipply, just and for l'I Ap ilaehirola. 9p..t
SINGLE si by inkre-ted i DEALERS IX 1 HARDWARE AXD SHIP I A v. -j | } 1'\. 4 j.rn .ti-t I -
I to
17 J. CALLEN'. 2\. Ainl 17 IL F. AIU'.LL.: appear before me in the city of -
__ Apalaciiicola on t the stventh ((7lii t ) of Apiil next, CHANDI.F.RY: [IRON, si'I.FN.ILS: :! -- JOHN VvYerk :\ ; :. t .

Carpeialei' IXtract of"IT7A1WANTED I1IIII a TiaTujriFIlIWINTEIl I then and there to present or dcie.id; their rep i 'c- SPIKES, AND CVSHXiJ-:, II'I1'La tlE. soie i'C

genuine, f.rsajeby :l -trar.eda splendid article, foi sale live claims, v c. And Jlaniijtitliircrs/ f>i'Tin, IKJII, and &>]j>- ( CARTS and Fints, fre-b, t ti'r tiL; it. i :: .! -

July 17 J. C. ALLEN.Stationery. .___ [,ji..iO J C: ALLEN.COLD CAUIIAWAY SMITH, l>cr Hrurcs. April !Ii n. F. A BELL.BSlaiilv .-JanO. .0

Sjieri.il; Maslrr in Cliancery.Apalachicoli Dec 12 Apalacl-.icob! -
_ 8atin o1 4 '
( Pre -oil (Ca-torOil and \Yater Uoolis :jiiI ;$
Saratoga March *. I Is )21eIy.
I 17. S-it
T EGERS, Jo-irn.ds: Day and Tnsh IJ..oks. rcceivfl and for &ale byApril (Csf-vThe:: heaiing of the above matter is WM. W. SIMS. W.u. XY.CIIKEVEU. LEjJGERS; : Journals, J>.iy Books, &<-. \ RCMKDY nust .. .

1 1 Memoranif'isn I H.n.ks !Kin-1 j l'"oK Cap, Letter : 10 11. F. AHELL.N until Friday, t the 1 lOtli;t I i inst.Apalacliicoia postponed Situs iV Cliocvor,' ) Foolsc.iu and) Let kr Paper; aLt dieo.i'r.1 in
paper, Pens ot ewrin' !i"'i, I D. ,-kVat! -r, : April I I Ju, 1" 1713Jt COMM I ISION I 3IIUCIIANTS: Cotton Memorandum IJ.> >k< ; Complaint, or am't ". !"s'

k Pen Racks, Ink '.m--, ( i'ii'1-'! .iid! 15c*, 1 Envelopes Frima The Oiiice No. 2 Water street.dec2 Ship and River HUN Lading sIll the .. I :'
::j htuiiu: cf I the above mailer is SI-lponed ;
iicAl- > a very extensive a 'Jitmer.l; [ tierces aul Iran el?, for sale oy (uiilil ( he 3'jth' I) Juiift luxl.Ap'a po Apalacliicoia, Fla.W. liouoks t tor Letter Press. Doctor TAVL( >R'S (11,;. -, : -:'t.;'

of School liooks "f the latent J t ] 15. ELLIN! Blank[ Rills ( '
an tn< : ajtproVrt x CO.lVbtiU lelurol ot Exchange and! Checks iPHUinC U\T.- \\t OE LlV \\t I. W i
i, il 0 1 17.
Ap: 1 ITi-Qm ,
T. WOOL. "
.. editions, for f ale by 1 '21 I Wafer slre t. (:j' Tlic hearing m of I lh above nntter is t- I !E. U. JALLOU..CO Just leceived and lor sale bv ** pares at :::.". nVERY- T t n 'n"nov
postponed %r4)OIj "
July 17 J. C. ALLHNI ) ], 3larcii; 11. cspou-sfj hy -fvcva! < t- .. I->?IC'1'
__ until th. :; n h of November! next. AT MM ISS10.V Mil 2 I'. ARELL. ; >
iFT 'IiJ 4)) .' ('U A XT' 3 and -
has boi-u tVr lu f'- '"
>avi lX V Itlar.Si's Apalacliicol.i, July ;;, IS 17. Ollice No. 42 Water street.-tip t-tair*. For Half. : i > 'rf LI
1lieiiiiri itmil t'ti.! .r sj.-ci't-u": V '"
tELEURATED 1 JJlack anJ R.-d Writing Ink, uhcjmhr leave Jan \\i> Ap.ilaeliieoli, Fa. 1O/S/ m'1*' FIOUKWt.bls.; .
to aniiounct! to 1 liifiieiids < JFr.iiikiiuISarnaid Cirett Voiirt. Whiskev ; 1'a.'m-- I : .- : -
Just received aiid l rae! by I. rl I the public generally, I that he halicroTiet'olf ThMiits JLVJV ,">u bins. Molasses ; 20 hhds Sngarl wh'j-li i'i
J- '*. ALLEN.BULL'S .1 > Adams ic Co.,1))) PI'11.1Im), cnr4. ri: \ s i '
July 17 .... I iropriefrrff (ho .tive! establi-hinont' 1. COMMISSION MHRCH NI' AND I TORCCO Just la-uled from chooticr Aim, antI It'r"sale :tl'.i -. ,I I .

Extrict : $ ) iIi! hopes !by ropor t.Tina'einent .ni.l 1 strict nt- John Dill ani Elizabeth! f Ia Cunccy-! | I INSPECTOR( ) I) BUnKKII.No. i: !<>H'fi>r ra'i, by the IVoVr *':- !Krin. rwe ; -.\ '4.

ii. \ND.S1, for sale !by the do/.en r t'"i ion, to Trlnf a rnninuincc! of t the patronage! Ann Dill. j 2> Water st.-(Ojlio- second f ack room. March :27 'mUSE!1 STONE &. CO. 3itvi>e iR who v > '..' -

bottle, by heretofore sohlicratlv! bestowed Uofl] the I House.% {"T hiving been made! to appear; bv affidavit that Dec 2i] Apalirincuki, [Fa. HATS: an J Cai by theeasJlow for casSby" colds even, to iw ''is- tt.1. 111

J. C ALLEN.Lruttp All ,ri in-Wiled! t fi the above citablishtn the .:
July' 17. prs i- defendants John Dill and Eli/.aMh Ann I1. ELLISON & CO. delay.Fri'.klirti.: vs a -> ..

nf will cA.fer a layer by sr-ttlinz \\ ith the} subcriber. Dill, reside out of the Slate of! Florida, to \\it : S. 31. i\riek >rs >(i( .- big StiLl)." Therefore, Cil. \ .

Oil '- ] JOHN 15. JONES. in' the Stale Georgia. It i, anhrctl that pub DEALER IN CLonilN't[ ;, uuol'S' SHOES: J'or Sal *, your 1tui 's are ptr etr i '! -
F the fr ue, for sd e ApmIarliila\prii9N17.i 1 Ii-tf I lication be made HATS 1 A IH11W.! : choice N Sugar J. f
O be4jTalifv, Mimmcr : f..r iinr months! in some -iewspnprr CAPS, vc. ; C. ALLEN.: -. -

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X pints and quarts, ju-t received for sale by arid fur .Ue bj :
I June 12 H. F. AflELL.[ June 12 \ II. F. DELL. [ I I1ALTXELL I Judge. 1dvai 41 .JItCuh1y! L-'i"_ I n H. F. AUCLL splciuhd steel plate eti i n }
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July 21,1517. aa-iia MERCHANT AND DEALER: terfeits signed by Gm&J .I ecantimtfd I.: ilJ *-

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BAGS RIO, fur bale l.y .___, ceivul and for' sale I "yprill7 I) USE aud La auder Water, for sale by Ko. r,') Water street.Apalaehicola. AI'Rf's'H supply cf A. French's superior not tt pur*I.prcterted I.-- '

100 May 13 J- DAY & CO.) .\ \ H. F. AIJEL Jk July 17 j. c. ALLEN. .- DIJcLi1 Fa. June ), just received and for sale ly by til. t*. < C i !: -

H. F AUILL.: Mueii: 21, I.1tj, : .-iy

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