Oil Cloths and Carpets.
1'0 PCS Oil COoth. I and 2 yards wide;
M 1?,3 pcs super Ingrain Carpkting;
"3 Cotton
2 Stair "
For sale by. WM. G. PORTER-.& CO.
Dee 5 '" 41 Water street.
Hoots and Shoes.
"B0V- ,n,1 M,:.,,' Russet Brogans;
.! M,-',' -..*v ..inJ peg'd Kip BYogans';
-G,.-ntq Fin,- Calf 13 ,r..'-ris ; . .
} {\^'-u,'.L-Le'd and sew'd Shoes'; Children's do.-o
Si,.,r Ladies' Kid and M,,r.,..'., Shoes ;
Super I,,i c,.,drs ",, fine Calf Boots-,
A large and extensive assortmeit, jus.t received
an .- :1,?le by WM.G- P.0 tftE & CO.
-Dec 5 41 Water street.
2 T In'onn Ironils, &e.-
O/" T, NS S* ,..<;,.<* h',3,i, a.-i?.''it,;,l Mize's';
,U t' "l kegs Nails, .do.
44 casks Weeding Hoes, assbrte qualiri6s';
20 tlacksmith Steel Faced A,-, il;A
20- + 6;lrli..i a nd American Vises;
-- ,'i) .c .B'll,;ws;
1 -2 dozen Sl>i .eidl Shove ,oIels";
10 '1 6 Cotlinq' A, P?; '
10 bxs Ooflon and \,.,.en Cards;
1 ciz R,.,Anri.,'i Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lls Ca.st andr 'irman WM.'G. PORTER 'CO.
Do._.-4 -- 41 Water street.
Groceries and-Ship Stores.
-RIO 10('_i.'FEF, Java do, St. Domingo do,
1- tNorthern Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. dkoix do, Porto Rico ftq, Young Hyson Te.a.
Hyson do. P, \ ,'li.,,g do, S o i, do, C,.-ion
Butter,,'h rqe. Lard, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders,_o.,--, Whiskey, M,[ and Prime Beef,
l.r- .i...n,:l Prime Pork, Mackerel, Shad, Sailrn.
:I..r,'in Sounds an..1 Ton-,-p Cod Fish To .i,
I,-l'i",r Spices, Cntufi Prper S..ir e, Olives,
Gapers,; Pickles, Soi,, .^l,.h, Tobe, .Navy
Bread, Pilot do, -Cri.-ker.-, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisen-f, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
r.,,' n....t.Corn, Oa~s,-B'.:ku h- ti. Mustard, Rice.
F.:.r s be t~y B, ELL1SON & CO.
Jan 23 24 Water itreet..

.BOoTS, Sh.,es and Brogans, bythe cas6;
Women's Slioes and Buskins;.,
M,-e.n's. B-oys and Youth's Brogans;
S' .- fine sew'd Brogans;
l\:n's t_-,^,l Boots-;
+ ifPTse-wied Boots;-
RPiiset Brii,:, 3ii. For sale hy',-.
-an 2: 24 Water sti'L.

On ConsignmeAt.
THE subsc'iriber has lately received on consign.
m e n t t h e f ,,l l v i n ^ ,i 't i el e s : -
2 ,'ak '"1 .. .. Old Madeira Wine ,
1 "* stipe:ri,:,r O1,: S,-:,I-'II W\rhn ley ; .,
2 .& Pi,. a Bro. Otajd Brandy;
t ", -"' -) 'k D)-mirknd Bri,,,iy;
10 baskets- -"Lontdon Club" C0310,-l1n10e.
-Also, a variety of Segars, all of which Will be
sold low, l'.,r cash onlh.by--
Feb 27 5- 50 Water street.
f(S!'-\R'S and S'.v.ay ,:.'s B..:l-,rin N ViM1.
CCherr\, jii-t revived and fi sale bY
:N,->v'2- J. C. ALLEN.

S-[EETI[NGSq, Si,1'rnlng;,, andt Pr,,t, by the
bale and dCaie,owfor cash",by
..- : B. ELLTSON &-CO.
Jan 23 24 Water street.
~isnar's Bals,'.m oro Wild Cherry.
.1( r DOZEN, ust 'receied andt f:,.r -ale b%
.1 April -lU H. F. ABELL.


Q UININE, Cimphor and Pip-ri,,,., :ust 're-
ceived and for sale by -
A\lrililt -H. F. ABELI.

f-`~o! f "-~-`i-" i

. .



I.; l ,


z=- r T-I l R .., *~) I T T T T ',i - ,er '-.--n------- .-- -w


I _



'- 1 J 111,. 1..N '
W. OI~T. i D-AtV|, Edijor-

Office, Third Srory Biltzll's BhildingcNorne'r i
Coinirherce and CGleSLIuh -treeis.
;" I -b lt S."
*' 'Saic nipPrioris.-Three Dollars peannmtm
(l" paid iu advance, or $3 50 it' paid within si:
'months, or $-4 00 if paid therealter. kq
No subscription taken for a legs teA tIan l six
mnutihs--and $f2 wl! inv..riablh. :be Vegr,- d fo
-jtita;-pf t ...i..h.o-.-pda,,r w.i\t be ,JLcqim n -t d until
" 'J "[.al.rara.esa are p.ud, unless at ihow opei'on of tie,
.....*s ,i.1. ..m- One!;,luare, (twelve line
: '- ;S^^)^ j.lr'rt:"" at the rate of One Dol
=i'', ira.ed 'Pit-y Centst fur e'ery subse-
,:'ti ... 'i,, vb' rrt0 e by the, ye.r a liberal
diI'.uN"\ be "rb.a;le; bht Lill advertisements! no
%;,iin..,, th their own b,.ines?, as wel
St:- P Iady pe rt-^ timienfit sent in by them, wil
a 3 all l.'{al ,'t,.w -. [ a.s
be har.-."o attheu"u. it rates.
be ,.,. iat"tU e ,,its irn st be paid for
lin a-ra: ,c.ar '-"dl I', anl(l r WI,-.
,x D o ll a r s w il l b e ..
inz c.iaai'l.at-o for offi,:e. ^itanc,' ,n
-f- All fol. tin-nts ,Ion a
h e> a,=,)m leni .v~ ,v~ h t.he' ,1 h, oir ci~ty eler,.nce,
to inlur,' insertion. ".

.' .Dry Goods.
+<*i "TV E -ib -,'riher_ t., -r for -it a4arz,_? a I .) ra--,
T s..),iabl,. st,;ck of Dr' t. d-, coosi-iit, In
part of
Nelro Kersev J:ld Li,,sey',
W'Ii te and R-:d Flaniels,
Qi Plain ad F.:iney Jeanis,
DOuble tAville., Tweeds,
Su.iper fan.-y Caza.imere;,
., a '" Siper Eiisiih i..I Franch ]) .th,
"hi..n rlnniev Blinket% I,',, I, I an.t 1-2':.l1
... "..' -, D -lil Bl .inkets, S. a,,, 1, .-It-
,** .' ,^ ,, ..... ,, K -i- '. .t ..i .J.s
'& .. "' B ro.x'n Sltii [I 3i.I; .1* .l S i:-elt i-;,,
.,- SCot.',n O '_itit ur"-.
C',,tt.-,, D rilli _' .il,,t Tr.-:kin,,
L inen a,,, C.t L ,tr,, C h,.l.-. .
Irish Lin.?,n, Sliii'iiZi, m., Sh.-,-ting,
Ble.-,_liq ed C ..'ttm lhirtinrz ai,, She.:'iI)'r,
E-ili'l, Frw,,'h ai, Aln.,.rt,`,, P,'inr_;,
C uE ra ,upt r, pl.,iin* tvild l Giiiu ..Tiairis,
Suptll~ er Clstlmnere .l'E'''-,s?,e
Ektri I;w',-r M 'Jlih de Liillne,
E" i". IJll'i. -,',t[,:l .arld A ml~otiij'i d-o.
Su'vr lt-il 'i bl'l -.:k anrd tiz,,r e,:l Sllk,
B l'ack Silv C t'-, :,l it ,n I'A,,ev [-lkl' ,
.--Sup r E_, li h il,..I P.-,r, .- Silk ~ll f',
E- ili i a,-,,t \i si i.-an ',-,t:.ntt vi- ikfs,
JM aidr.ts an,] ,ir,.,u ii h,' ,,t [-kl'-," -
-i, .-.*.. .. -'.o '.J ,liej' C .tto:n H ,,r.,? a ii .l ~ n t' I'-II.?'.?,

(-',lit)n Piri,1 Fl:> Tliread,
qr..''-'; Pl'li, i n,| ii , ; i'i-ii^-nd,'lilv i'k':-.l M uslin?,.
7',. ; ".*er..?^Ue^, Fir, s, r p.pe. .:. ,,- ;i:
Wlhiih lIm ce b:.,-i -li .'l..^ with -rr,..af care iA
New Yor% a. 11, 1 i,,ri. I'r i I m It. irtors ii,,I Agents
of"' uf a,:turers, it th,: 1o v1 t rnark.-t r.Ltes; and
are no*;v-Offered at .vhole; le ,.r I-,l .,n favorable-
terms '--b W\VI. G. Pill rER & Co.
*Dec.' '-,l 41 W\ atr it'r- t.
B. Ellison & Co., *21 Walletf- reev.
-M ArMNILL \ ,iIl +-l.rmi. c'.r~ti-i' ,:,f .all -i&.,,
A ." -I l' *',li,, \ ,.,rrI!li]e. M o'l-h ne S pun-
V a n..."`-l-. ii i- <7 ",i O .l F .II d o 'i, li lile d Io ,
do, Li,.-. .. l do, l< t ].N.v d.k. :i,30:, do. Spirits T ur-
pi,,, P ,ni'-, W ID,,IOA ,..lo+s P'.,It,'. W hite
L .di t -^t ,Il.-> ,, Y-ll I1 O .l .- *-'li,.i- le ,reen.
General, do,. [n|>-n.d ,t1. I, ell.,w.w Ver-
digrisk :L ull t ra ,e', ',.,ilpi, .ir. Bri'lz t \ ,Cil.-.. Uopal
dog T' ,' lo-i ", PIto T .ir.eiinttii C,,J. Paint
B ri'rdll s. V aj-nmit i do, T ,tir.l.,, S ,:rnl. ...>. '- It uil, do,
,iiils 'p Bl 'k, C ii ilk WVlii n2, 11 1i44,i, fl ,i'. "n4..
*.llf Ta C.I o n.dil, o,, I,, IVFt -;t tien_ -.,, Li--Ih dit 1
% W hitk Blje inI] R ,J R ill mii ;. till-. .' .2, 1,:,' .1c.,
do Taieks- lin a ,ke,", Bo t ,., B ':,J-3, .dScrews,
.Tack.-S,:r ,', Aio,:-!i- H F1 '-itil;.' t apstam
-BKr, .Oirs, Blo,.k .Shive-, .10 H-k1 Mild
P.imi<, D.eck Bc.mkets, 1ed ir .Jo, 1-i,_-,k Broun,,
CGrh do, Caulkinlz IN ltletz. S ,,',,- .16, Axes, AXN
&I.[-e w H -,1-1 an' T ii lle !I. Bo e,,,:k<, B..e ,o).
i. i r&, i Citondo, Bot do, Fi-'l d.". (.' u
'-Tm ,";Miking Irons., M irrime S.',ike'._.Snip <,ir.i-
l~rgB--Bi3nr Dippers., G,'ok'' LvIllez, l.-riin[,.,r,,

Sfi~ns d,), Se wvI'nL1, d.). P illn K i-;lii L hl".
P. dn.? d ,o, S lio v ,-l-. l t il ,i t r.- [I. .Iw liet.. ,_ .
A, i iri. P li'lv 1ti iw -i ol Ii',t l- H -liJ .; .
"l .R it Tdil.do, Iro -,..1 ir '-. i(',iboaid L..:-kQ,
Sfo .k d i, H ooks .-'trt 0 ll |> l H i _i,-;:. .1,l.)k.! ,
WVoo, 'Saws5, Pe-nli'tt H tih',,rl+, Hin,.I L,,w-,
l _b e ep S . .a d o L o g d o F i l il ,J .>. H t rl L ,+.: ,.. I-, e;.^ -p
/ S ".a i. ~ ,to, Bir .l-, F,.iini-I. Ltnlii..,rn,i
C h 'aik L in-?, P~i ,.th P.,, -.. 13.i? B > l, % C argo do,
Belavrffg Pin'. Tin \V-r:, i-',..,,:.k._-tv, Carpenter's
Tools, p,iii ,p.> Po','. X',? e. .
Apiaela ,?,.,l, Jin. -23. 1547. -
G- REEN , CNNERY', N.,>. ;t,, Wate'r stre,.-t,
e. have ]U-.t rec'?[,'ed aT.l ,-,fl'er fair sale __
; t2 sacks GreeI.? 1Ro Cof'eee, (neg, crop;).
-" liO .barrels N.-rtllern an.tl Wesitern Fl,:ur ;

.. 20}). ;." Old., Re.:ttiei.? ~l~ii'key ; ._
Sli'.'rTo-x,.-^ white, pale? an.I hro.vii Soap1;
tFt.d N. 0. S~izyr; .5 .t. M,.scovado do;
:. ':'Ziii .Sks B ron S,,.es ant Slioulders; "
-- 6":"" Hamn?;
2 0,1barrel. Clarified Suoar ;
.' I0 b,3 es Loaf' '*" do ; /("
*..5.0 Sperm Caiidles;
; 2} .barrels N E R'im;

.- -i)0 ,.t, W hte's; B;liinoreGin; ,
-* .IJ "" Domestic Bra,,dy; .

'* '..<0 N O Mlasse ;
"' ~ boxes En.lish Dairy Cl'?ese;. .:
:. "' -( '*~r)-pieces l{.ntillky Bagging; .-.

; -3,0.coils ,, Rope ; .

1. ;1) baes Alicanlt Mats; : -
SO) bvsand hll'-bx, (ue' erop) M-V .Rai'?I<;
.-. l0 ,' Lemors;-
; c +". .5 lTanufac:tured Tobacco;
I5 case a-sorte.lI Pi-ckles;-
31) barrels M ackerel, No.' 2 and 3; +' :
2 1 Of .O bbls do d., .
'20. b4pes assorted Syr'pi ; ;
.:. "'20 L -hesets and buxes Gunpo..vder and Hy-
S- ... son .Teas; .,
-._ .... .10 chests antd hb,,--s Po,'hxvi 'jl_ Teas ;
" "- 2 "half pipes Old Conae Brandy ;
; _10 baskets -' Heid'i'e'k" .Ch1amlpagn,-;
-- 5")1 "25'bbis Ptlot and Na."y Bread;
*'" "" '.-tUierce. new Rice;
1-- .-*' i 3i- and qlirters new Bnckwheat; '
,... a, other OatsF.
_.Apaladhicpla, Dee 5, 1546.
".-.. Diy Good,.
:":NRILLtNGS, Tickinz_, Cotton Oirabug4,
AL., Linsey., Kerseys, Jean-_, Plannel,, Blar,-
.ket: i'T, eds, Slhirtinm, Sheetinzsi,- Checks,
,einghami, Cahcoe_, Delhnes. H,..:ry, c. & c.
Ptorr ale bi,"> B. ELLISON & CO.
-. Jan 23" 3'3 Water street.

C_ L __




F RESt Fall Crop, for sale b.v
1 Apri. 17 ,



n ,





,. + i t
t+ <7 ,

2, .




. If




L, I L .) I:- I. -A 0. %- 'I. 1-4*7 I I I L) I 1 1-1, 1' N U i; i i H .k PA T R I A.1

_____ ____ __ [NUMBER^

- -

19 o0rtV.I
mn- *=-
its [From ihe Presbylerian Herald.]
Mk, The wish of Mr. W\lon, the celebrated orni
thlogist, in regard to ) ris burial-place, is bean
to 'tlly expressed in the following lines:
)n- In some wild forest slhade,
Under some spreading oak or %%avinz pine,
Or old elm fistooned wnih the budding vine-,
Let me be laid.
In this dim lonely grdt,
No foot intrusive will di-iurb m\v dust :
But o'er rne songs of the wild birds shall btrrM,
-Cheering th, spol.
Not amid charnal stones,
Orcoffin., dark and thik with ancient mould,
\W ith tauilred pdll and fringe of canke'red gold,
MNy rest my bone-.
But let the dewy rose,
The snow drop and the %,iolet, lend perfume,
Above the spoL where, in m)l grassy tomb,
I lake repose.
Year after yenr.
\Vithin [he silver I;irch tree o'ei me hungr,
The chirping wren shall rear her callow young,
Sl ,tll build her 8v% selling near.
And at the purple dawn of day,
Th, lark shlill ch.aunt a pealing sonl above,
And ihe thrill quail ~h ill pipe her son- of love,

When eve grows dim and gray.
The Mack-bird and ihe lhrush,
The golden oriole shall Hit around,
%% d waken %%idi a mellow gut lot sound,
id The forests' ,lenn hu-h.
Birds;from the di.,tant sea
Shall o-ni,:ulimes higher nck .on sn>.wv wings,
:-%td soar :,bore [ ,u- in atry ring- "
Sing~ing a dirge to me.
^t l tjicllanc01ts

One morning daybreak saw Lady Lester
returning from a ball alone, for her husband
now seldom accompanied her. As shie en-
i tered, h'er first inquiry of the heavy-eyed
doireslie was if' bis master h:id returned.-
l. ie had not; .nd this was only one of many
nighls that Sir Francis had outstayed the
- daylight. Lady Lester comp Pessed her
lips in anger, and retired; but she had scdce-
l" g ot in her room ere Sir Francis entered.
You are late ?" said Emily. He made
N noabisw'e'. --Where have you been?" she'
' . Nowhere of, co's'qu'6ef'et, `6t, e16'8t .notI
*tt yo U.",
Sir Francis Lester, you are mistaken,"
answered Emnily, trying to speak calmly,
though she trembled violently. "1I have a
right to know where you go and what you
do--the right of a wife."
Do not annoy yourself and me ; I never
inte'ri'e'e in y0'"t proceedings."
-Because you know there i's no evil in,
them, I have nokthng to hid'e-, white.you'
have." .
1" How do Yol. kn'6w that P" .
1 "Because, if you were not doibg Wrong,
w flV should you stay out night after night,

a' sowv ..Th'eee t'nus.t be a cause for this;
and sh:0 I t'tell you. wha* t t Aihin-.h't 'the
world thinks? 'Nat you gamble.
t The world lies! .cried Sir Francis, the,
words hissing through his while lips; but
he became calm in a nom'ent. "I beg your
pardto6n;, Lad.y Loesre'r-, I will say good
night." ,.
Answer me,, Francis!" said his wife
much agitated. "Where do you go, and
$' 10,.? Only tell me."
"I ivill not" replied he.. The curiosity
of a wife w-io, doubts her husband is not
worth satisfying. Good night."
i Emily pressed tier throbbing forehead
' against the cushions of a sofJa, and wept
lon'gk il silence and solitude. Ere morning
dawned upon her sleepless eyes, she had
resolved what to do. "Iwill know," mut-
tered the unhappy wife, as she thought over
the plan on which she had determined.-
Come what' may, I will know, where he
goes. He shall find I am equal to him
Two days after, Sir Francis Lester, his
wife, and mother, were seated at the well-
lighted dinner table. There was'no other
guest-a rare circumstance, fora visitor was-
ever welc6me to break the dull tedium of a
family tete-a.-tete. A'ls for those homes in
which sueh is the case Sirently and for-
mally sat Lady Lester at..the h'ead of her
husbafid's table. "How cheerless it as' 1n^
iits cold grandeur! with the servants gliding
steathily about, and the three who owned
this solemn state iexchanginlg a few words
of freezing civility, and then relapsing into
silence. When the servants had retired,
Sir Francis uttered a few remarks in his
usual tone--perhaps a little kinder than or-
dinniry'-to his wife : but she made no effort
to' reply, and 'he turned to his mother.-
They talked- a while, ,and! ,ten the elder
Lady Lester rose,.to retire;
Emily's pale cheek grew a .shade whiter
as she said, "Before we leave, I haye a word
to Say to my husband."
Sir Frane'is lifted his eyes, and his mother
observed sharply, Perhaps I had better.
relh'e '
As you wqi,"' Lady Lester replied, with'
a sneeri'hg emphasis. Oh' how different
From sweet Emilv Stratford of old "But

t might be an unpleasant nove-lty to, Sir
Frandis to hear his wife wiLhouL his mother's
presence."I I
"What is a!l this?" cohliv said the hus-
"Merely, Sir,, Francis, .-that -what you re-
fused to -tell me, I have learned. I know
where, ridd how you pass the evenings in
which your wife is not worthy to share your
society : I know also where you spent last
night. A -noble thing, a very noble thing
forSirFraiis Lester to he sqttairlerin- his
own-ay,, and his-wife's--fortune in aI gam-
inghouse !" .
Sir Francis started from the] table. ,, It
is false!" he said, while the blne veins rose
like knots on his forhead..
.It is true." E'mily answered. "I know
', Mav ] aali hniW'P.

N SEYMOUR takes this method of in,:r
ingt lhe citizeont of Apal.acnicli and
vicinity that he ha'lreovea,),.% down (in lhe corn
of Water and Cent're streets, and leelmvi than
I'ul for the patrotage heretolore exlendd to hiM
lie solicits a renewal df'the sane, vy otFering
yon a very heat and select Stock of GOODS, c0)
list-in in part as follows:
,- .Clot hs and Cassifmeres, various styles.
";. Fancy Prirts9, do. do.
Alapaca IAu'tre; do. Figured.
Silks, Grode Ryne
do. Montell-i
do. Satin Slripec.
Fancy Cashmere Robes:
do. Marino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book.
d.-). Swiss, Luce and Colored.
Edqhi5i;s, Lisle, Cap and Thread.
Siawll Daimask Silk.
do. Mali n,).
do. Pilid \Vool.
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves.
Tu-ikan G ip-3ey Bonnet-, latest lfahiun.
Ribb,,n-'in all varietie?3.
Brown Shirtin-z, 7-5,, 4-4 and 3-4.
Bleached do. 7-,;, :-1-. --11, 10-41, 11-4.
Blanket;, t-1-4 andd --4.
. Iwfr.uan dnd C,:tton Carpeting.
.. C' rpet Bi]'z .
l&tsi'and Cap,;, all st.lei.
R,,.:,tii aid Sh,:,e-..
C l,:,tlin ,_,f all kind-i.
AI.,O, a neaillittle a,2sortlinei of Jewelry an
ni'iiv ot'i,?r ir iele.i too riillieroull to neintion.
':,ll j",d ,\.mine i::,tr y NursehveU.
.Apalachiico-la, ,N.,V. 14, 1.S4,.

'by (he evidence of one who saw you at her husband-buit his face seemed pas- hardly dared to hope: .b. c H
enir ihe house." sionless.; there Was no hope. She took the ibink; only her affe tionat:i "i
And shall I Dell you, Francis, how that pen, *Ivrofeher name, her fingers, her whole a wordless aspiration, n(o Tni$ 0,..a
evi-nce was gained ?" said his mother, in frame, grew 'i id, and williout a sign o'r .ev a prayer.
i-. the~~lih biting lone she well knew how to mou'rnsheyarnted at his fee t At fast the chIld's voice ,. i &
,- usa"" I now see ,0iy Lady Lester gnve It wa over': Srir FracTswent abroad ; aud loudly arid fea'full gI, ,"A tEunie.

yes ray and to-day two sch long atd en- the young wife, widowed by her own deed, Eunie ; come as Eunice vent freiqb
cee -o er father's old servant, and why she was left alone. But for the babe who re- Emily had fainted; but sbelay. ti.1 A:
fieeAed-bis assistance so much-lo be a spy gained to cling round her neck.aud look at bpnd's arms; her :colorre, sr face rfta, r
upon, le.rhunsband "her ivttiaeyes fi'k'e tmoseof" lie b'usb'hud 06s shoulder', ad 'heavy teatraw ive.e%11 (4 7
Sie. lrancis clenched his bands involun- whom she had lost, Emily's reason would on that poor pale race +'oV \S" -.ktfe"i. uarily.,-.nd looking fixedly at his wife, said, have left. her. .The magoificent house was of Sir Francis Lester. ; -
in a tont so low and suppressed that it be- cl-osed; ,'ado she.'t6k up her.. ..bode ia .h'e.. T _ey" w-e,. reenc ied, 'Lo.e h -d tr
comefln -E-ebisper, Emily Lester, is ,ohe from which ihe -had- boen.taken a umphed 1;-er1pride, w', 'a..'a?
this tr "-- -b. eautifln ad--tifpy-bride. T tA&e the the hasb-nd adw"-et ain-re
1IMuch as Lady Lester had erred, she loving care of Eunice followed 46d--'a ith an an' tlou passed g that ex. f
was not yet c, far advanced in llhe was of' Emily gradually became calmer, and wiser, and bridegroom for it bad beenl''d iS1
wrong as tov.il that error bv a falsefiood. and better, under the guidance of her cou- furnace of suffering, and bad come out,'e
she answered steadily, thoughi a deep biush sin, Eunice'Is, own. path was far from pu-re gold of love-patient lon,,:ddX-
spread itselforerher face and neck, "Yes smooth. In her first high-hearted fearless- 've.
it is!" ress of poverty, her very ignorance bad In the h-ome"-,o ,Vi ,'Sir a.c,'Fe
Her husband, to Emily's great surprise, made her courageous. Now she came to 'Vnbre b rounh't 1h'ia loving and n'ow w norflh-
did not answr a syllable. His head was experience how bitter are those, triflingbu't- befoVed wife there was no more coldnei
bent, and hi: features immovable. He of- gnawing cares that those who !lave know bo dull ea~roessnoo estrangemnent. rr 'f
feared no justficalion, uttered no reproaches, tle comfort of easy circumstances feel so haps it was aforitunaiething, fo'r Uhe.ai'arrie
and his silduce irritated her beyond all keenly; how wearying is the constant strug_- pair thattbe mother of Sir Francis V';mjd
abounds. midst violent burstsof'sobbing, gle to spin a sovereign into the longest no longer disseverthb bonds ihat 'cCO "
slie poured ,ut a torrent of recriminations: thread oT gkord ,ve itpgs-srbr The grim again and forever: she sleet be.ea.,h zX a r, '.
all her forcd calmness had departed, and ogre, poverty, whom the brave "heart 'of- Me. i'monuipet, as lrigid,'and slatefy ,and
she upbraidd Sir Francis with the bitter- El6*nice had at first repulsed so cheerfully bellow a'sstie he es'elfn life nad b'ee'o" "
ness of an idured wife. and boldly, had his revenge by all sorts of Perfect bliss is never-knowo in th isn 'brd. i
I have eidured too long--I will endure sly assaults. Bt ib' time she bore them y4 if there-'an be a heaven upon ea'rltUill.* 5
no more," sle cried. You trust ine not, better, and felt them less; and it was a balm ,ntat.'ofa happy home, where love-nno't"l.
and therefore you cannot love me. I will to all sorrow to know ho* muchA shew =wa's hood's'romandtc ideaA, but sirbnri-JleAeVt. ':+/
go lo one wio does both-my kind, dear loved, ay, and reveredned too, as a good and hallowing, household i'lov'e --is Iie-31-s? ,_l i -
fhilher. I wil leave you-we must part." virtuous wife, "whose price is above rubieg,"t that pervad'es everything'wil hi a ifs'ea'iirti a
\Ve will (art," said Sir Francis in a ought to be by hber husband. A'od day by circle of union. With this bless e'- C 'sn-
lone of freezing coldness, that went like an day were their hearts knitted together. She shine resting qpon them, let 'us f6 e 0o r
ice-boli to Emily's heart. Her husband in loving obedience, yielded,; willing, and rast look a'tthe-Two Homes'. .'.-.
rose np, waked slowly and firmly to the therefore most sweetly, bending h'ernmind to ,- <,; -
door, but whm he reached it, lie staggered, his in all good things; and he guiding andd CHAPTER ON FEMALES. -;
and felt about for the handle, like one who protecting heir, as the stronger should the We like to look upon a healh'hVO` ivmna-
was blind, hi another minute the haIll door weaker, in a-union in which neither ought he is a prodigy in the nineteen. cen'tif.I
closed, and he was gone. (o strive for tf pre-emiBren'ce l'es it Se Where'ver you go, you see scoresiand hI"-
Emily sat as lie had left her, but her the pre-eminen'ce 6T lotv. .... reds of spleeny, feeble girts, kh'o" 'an
fears flowed no longer; she was as .still arid For two years only was Eunice, fated to hardlyy muster conrage Io make thejr he&
and white as a marble startle. The mother- know the soreness of altered fortunes.-- wash their, faces, pnd- drive an i'miruidik' ", --.-
in-law stormed, sneered, reviled; but she Conscience overtook the-brother whose sin from the yard. Tell them about early ,,r
might as well haye talked to the dead. At had caused so much pain : he died, and ;ing, fresh air, and healthy exercises, ^n
last she went away. When the servants restored all to the master whom he had they heave a sigh as long as the 'No'niaI w,
entered to remove the desert, they found defrauded. The master was a just man, and move away. You expect the'110 kit-
their mistress still in her seat, .f leaning and dealt equally well with Henry Wolfer- up before day-to work in the MilleD.Z-46
on the table, but perfectly iosetsti'le. 8tan ; so that fortune again smiled upon him.- breatle The fresh air.of morning M-'rejoo-
Eunice Wol"erstaq was.r"de-' from the fi-eleft the smallfhouse where Eunice had terous and absurd TW ey b de ,nev.r "ee
1 contemplation ofher own redvipes, to soothe learned the bard Te% -ns of poverty, an'd Are-' Iihe n rise, and would hardly know b'il Ihe
the unfortunate Emily. For'h4odays,* dur- turned to the same 'pfasant- home wheie ie,. sun continued to shine forever, 'if It .' e
ing which her delirium lted, no"news of had broug"bt hisbride. V' tfot f be "almanacs and their grand"ioC-
Sir Francis came to his wife.- JBis sup- There, after ears 1ad passed over ers. No wonder that every Year Wee*.X#
posed guilt became as nothing: compared to her head, let us loot atEuuice, now in the the grave s6 many young women, who v I e
the fe lest he should take her wild words su- mer ofwo-mnanih'o d,wifebood, mother- been sickly and efneminate ever smnee ftlej
the f.... t e .hou..take gr wil words siim eIofIwo
in ,n~a,-de...,l.aia tl ,e..ys ou'd part. But hood. It was hig..i suluncr uo on.the earth; were boun in1o the world ; and daftl wm
-and through the French w.'dowso66erom ill conttinbe 1o Rebt m 9 ev l""
this fear soon became an agohizing certain- : ws -tie room ,, l e m as 'bS, vci.U
ty. tn A 1'ett'er 0'6 Emily's fatheOr,Sir Fran- where Eunice sat, came the -perfume of till they learn their duty and ph6rs'i chrs
cis declared his intention to retut'n no more roses. from the garden. Bees hummed course which insures health, strng', "r,^
to the home his wife occupied ; Ahta.I aher among the leaves of the .mulbefrry-tree, long life. Our great grandmothe'rs hived e?6
Awn fortune, and-a portion of his, should b6 luring sweet Lily from-her A B C to her a great age and never thought "of e'o'mn fi-
set'led upon her, but that henceforth they favorite seat nderits boughs.- The child ing or lying down lo die fill the'- ..-,it '"
mus be separated.- In vain did the poor looked wistfully towards her little cousin, least reached the meridian 'of lUf2. "tf"l
old father, his natural anger subdued by Sidney Lester, who was sporting amo'g the ere stout, strong, happy and heartb:-
wit'essing,'he agony of his child, plead for flowers, and all her mother's words f'illed,'to WV17hy ? They rose early-worked like -Bch-
her. "Sir Francis was resolute. That his attract her attention, until the, lesson was. vers, and never spent the midni-htl liouvs, ,
Wife should have dared to discover what he happily broke-in upon by a visitor.' Lily' ing rig ene-di
chose to 'conceal was a deep offence in hi's campe A uw it feet, a beetleon
eyes, but that she should have set a servant entered-and Eunice ilis i on'the Tae I Ifeleks' t fy9Aift heir arms, in Ur-
to watch him-no power on earth would of Sir Francis Lester sence oflhei ers add husband,
have.made the haughty Sir Francis Lester She had never seen him s-c be--& of would shoot .. rid catamounts; id %e'
forgive that ,, signing of the deed; and time, 'avel, It at bay I pia'rty of alvages. How bave'iwd
The desolate wife prayed her cousin "tor might'be suffering had chatnwed him much. daughters degenerated Wha- fetale Iis
try her power to soften his obstinate will, for He looked now like a man whose iprine Was' there now-'a-day's who wouldn't r''n 'firoi
Sir Francis had ever respected the high but past; his iair was turning gray, and 6e had ghn, evenifit ladnolock ? T`Velave' gof
gentle spirit of Eunice. She went, strong in lost much of his stately carriage. Whenhe olden times outlived their husband ^. s
her %Toman's influence: her words touched spoke, there was a softness in his ioice that and years. flow is il"now P Widows ,ar.
even him, as she could see by the changing it bad not before; perhaps it was at the few and far between. It wasg., PI ? 41,
of hi.....ne.....ee He bore more f'rom gentleness, even to tears, which. Eunice, thing for our grandmothers t6 nave Ilh'reb
tier than from any one; for man will some- evinced at seeing-him 0 un6il'e'xpetedly. orfourhusb ds in the coburseOte'rliek
times bow to the sway of a high souled, He said hbehad come on-uiIgent business Now it is Ihe.ierse. M'ken haVe'a'2Wt 'a
pure minded woman, when he will not Its-- to Englatid ; he should soon return to Italy, many wives.-:d ses of late have beeh io
ten to his brother man. Eunice leaded and eould no't go'0i th6lV.seOeing Mrs. Wol- fatal among the feniale sex. DJD-vo0u knbOr
Ei,',..s sor ....,--her love; but all' failed to erstan. After a +while he asked after his 'the cause? It is found in listles,'dlene's "--.
move. Sir Francis. Then she spoke of the boy; and tmen JEmil's name was In her ac y late .ors--n shoe 1- uin -
*,hild ;-;and at the mention of his boy, she husbands lips. Asnhe spobe,nbeturnedhis_ dress-es--a horror ol Iresh mornm "aIr "
saw the very lips of Sir Francis qui'ver. head away, and looked blt ot the window, and in that deleslable 'stuff, rmiscalled literr'a'-
You will take him away from her?- but immediately started baAek, 'saying,1 "I lure, stitched in pink and 'elro"w oer,
Poor E"mily's heart will break to lose both understood-1 hea)'d--that Lady Lefster' which is flooding our cotunlry. Ifi ebs i
husband and 'child." was in thecouintiy do nothing else, voting ladies will sit b'n^
Mrs. Wolfers'tan- I wish to be just to She and Sidney returned to-day; but I read from .orning till night, that sickly,
myself -not cruel to her. 1 would not take. feared t~o tell yo, they were here," answer- sentimental, n1pY.reiand we will say lieen-
c ,hld fro -.is ot r, thou.. -il, is hard ed Eunie esoftlv -- : tious (rash, t own out in's'.uct oiun"
to part With ray boy. And the father's Is that my boy'! 1 tnust's~eehim;'"and dance from .llIl~n..,s. Thits s.bro'fe. tie
voice trembled, until, "erringr as she thought the father's eyes eagerly returned to where mind, warps tllyafflections, ehilfs thje' bettr -
.him. Eunice felt compassion for the stern, Sidney stood on .th'e garden seat,, support- f~e..ings, and .makes the. life wrle'ai~. .b~er
u.... .. .. ,,t broke-,,, h cartedd mian. ing him self by one rosy arm th ,rown around yon o descript on. L ei lem ales look t,0 thii
"Oh "she hougt "ha poo Emiy hismothr's eckas he pulled the leaves su jeet and act, lIke reasonable ai cc~n
known how to 'nide this lofty Spfirit." within his reach.- Emily sat still-+not the table belngs, andl ue should soon-l.'ea 'diffier,-
"Si'r-Fra~nci~s continued, "WVVhen Lad,, brilliant E)mily of yore, bull calm, thought- enl s-tale of 'things. \We should 'iarot *h',
LetradIaeprted I could wish the ful, subdued: even the 1gt of ohe'Tanig osckyosiuio-7.ffl.-
,wr,1 ,,- know ...s/ little about the fact as pos- love could not altogether remove the soft tiou el the lunns--no eh:,peen'nts',, aind 'ri
s'ible. You ca'h say incompatibility of tem- sadness from her face. How little..=she !ueicd~es,--[LCh-'t5/.)h.+ .-. *.',.
per was the causeb, or any thing you will; knew whose eyes \ere _,azingo Upont ^hr 2-PaoPr^^'r .,r-rl ADVERS]TY.-='vt
but let there be no shadow cast on he~r fair now "]7 must speak to my Sidney," at ma is ric an or aceordnge ^'ibe pr.
'ftmev.-or mine.^ last said St'r Fiancis, in changed ard broken prinbtenhsdeie n nty S
*' Emnily need fear none," an.,;ered E~u- accents. Will ,ou bring lh im to ree," : porio bewe^ hi desre an et.ie oy. is -
nice. "And you-- ": "They are coming .now," Euniee .an,-. inore ,han ,he enjoyen ;,, whl ,' -nid
Sir Francis drew up his tall figure proud- swered. er-then as ihe ineins lo be usedl at "'B"ot
iry-"Nor I neither, Mrs. Wolferstan. To. Then I will retire to lhe other room": I. fu,,r ti,,e fo th att,,innenl.of- .+ fehicill.y"
a wife+ who insults her husband, by mean cannot, I will not see Dur++' :And Sir Fran- ffido afte ,ben, sectle-_us'fo wpvea'rhtie
suspicions, no explanations are due. But I cis, with his fieezing.mannuer of old, walked of outelves ; but no soonerd.o we- sit-.dow,
owve it to nmyself'to say, arid. Wish you to away just before Emi~ly entered with her 'to eniuv our aequisili,-ns, Ihnln we'fillti "-hert
Iknow also, that Emily was deceived ; that I child.- ,^^ ... ""2 -/ < ;- insunifieni to fill up llhe iaci,.iiies b'dihfe-'-
neler,. ql_,oped t6 a vice so ,.I,.est:ihl.i as "Sidney, come lli nlp,"' said .Eunice, Naiiure makes as |.'oor only. wht'o 'aewant
g'amlu lhng,, ;+... and that the. nights I spent in st,:,o1in;, 'over the boy'to^ hide her ;agitation ;- n'ecesisaries, but. eustonm tve. llhe nasAi'of.. .

torture, Amidst scenes 1 loathe, were devoted some one wants to See-you,. ... poverty lo the %'ant o1"0 stpetriit4ilf' .r,.-8i
to th? attempt to save from ruin a friend Who is it ." asked Emily.'l i the -,real prmilege- of pove"riVlo -happy
lohei I loved as a brother. -N w, ju.idgle me An old acqu stancee; 'lhat i.s, a siran- unenvied, to be licalilih %itlhb4u't- jnhysia Ae- "
as yoiu will." gev," hurriedl, s,.id M irs. W ollerstan, so new cure ilhout a .ga i ', and W In; bb .p. ro~i
Ednice could only mourn that the little in the art-of -irmaLaer, that Emily at once the bounty of ranir- .hat 'the gclat and
cloud which had-risen between the h sband guessed the "'i-t. She tre .ibled violently, weilhV are co yelled t- p .. t e
wea bvar c Ipelert I ucnre , "V,
and wife had so darkened the vision of both. and sat down; but when Eunic'e'iook Sid- help ol art. Adetisiiv hls ever "jen eo -
But it was past'now; no peace. ii iitin' could ney's hand to lead him. a 'ay, lie mon tlier sidered" a llie slate i n i'w. 4" a' 4::r .. r_
restore the alienated love. O nce (only did inteio,,ed. .sil become es ac. .ai"-i e.d iih hit 'elf" -
SirrFrancis and his wife-nieep.itrwas on the '"Not so, Eunice v you cantiot deeeive ictlal, being 'ree from flattery.'.. P-respe^
si', ,,in_ of the de-d of settlement. A cold me," she said firmly., g .I see +it all; and no i, is 100 aip tot prevent us fromrri ex am'inlh
bend of salutation- was all that passed be- one" but myself shall take Sidney to-Jhis 01r ... ..conduct bnt as adve-sit leads .'Jtd
tueef, the two who had once.loved so fondly, f.tiher, and my husband." She lifted the ihink p properly ,-," our stale, it isolu."tf."
Sir Francis preserved his-cold reserve and boy in her arms, sulfferel Eunice" to open ficial t6o -s.- [-.Dr. Johnso n. .' n.
calmness of manner; Emily strove to mralii- lihe floor, wen "in and closed it alier he'. f. .... ... ..
iain eqnal conipusnrp, and -the excitement For a whole- hlf-hour, which seemed a God yjt.adeno one ahsuln.' The.i '
of her mind gave her stlern,h. Sir Fran- day in length, did Eunice sit %itho)dl,'wail deiiendim the poor as wlellns o" .ftr l -
cis placed his silnntai oe 0h the fatal patch- o1ng for the result of that in-iterview ou %hii h- The world is a magnificent haff.l
ment, and then her father led Emilto 1he oy or misery. hfe or death, seemed to hang. ihe stone gradually eemented, ..'.
table. She gave oeie wild imploring look She heard no sound; all was still. hsle There is no one sh, sist,, byhi.'.. -


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Nov. 14 53 Water street.

The bitter,'rancorous hostility manifested
by the Democratic press towards the Mcr-
cury, -is the off-spring of that feeling, so fo-
reign to, and disgraceful to true Republican
principles, which never forgives an inde-
pendent and sincere opposition to any decree
of party- pronounced et cathedra, but ex-
acts implicit obedience to its p.odinances.
It iwas in such spirit andWi a convic-
tion of the correctness of sucb feelings, thai
the Editor of the Union made his disgrace-
ful attack on Mr. Calhoun and others in
Congress, who deviated from the route pre-
scribed in -the Orders" from "1Head
Qua'rters-" Long a'ccusromed to Wfield a
despotic sway in his native State, -where he
had acquired a mastery over the minds of
the people, by invoking the Spirit of '76"
and the Resolutions of '98," whilst he
was aiding in riveting upon them the chains
of party slavery, the most odious of all tyran-
ny,he foolishly imagined that the prestige oi
his authority and .great name" would
follow him to Washington-where, armed
-+h thO r F 'iL--ionnl--power of "-Official "

In connection with ,his subject, e inser the 'cinery of the party ut b
S They want a" "candidate of the parl.'a .4
the following frorn the Pennsjiltvanian, a cou TheGen. Ta lor will gel no"upport!.-ot
paper proverbially unjust towards its oppo- and desires no support from ihemn.. ,.
nenls and disingenious in its political ari-I 6 d.But this oppoition, wheth 7 it be e, 7
"n .. to the columns of their papers aqd' concesia.6 of
cles. W\e make the single remark that th._-he party, or >h6- itself at Ihe polls,- will 6e
MiercurIt has never vet avowed itself in f'a 3ty u.oY n aVail. Tte peoVle want a-free#,7-
.. "m .. .. .. ,-- i' *i it O l G e n T a y o r o r p l a c e d i t s e l l i n t h e n a t o e e ci o, G e n T a v, r h a b en e l -c t '
those %hom the Pennfiylranian terms is nat- the man. And a pvoud day'wi1 i ,be -floi4h4
ural enemies- me;,ning thereby the W\ [ig?. counti;.. when he is.President..
We dare say that %%hen the time arrives. GEN. TAYLOR AND THE PRE'.-S-DENp)G_ c
for a selection, ihe unmistakjeable indtica- 2Pe opy f om the incinnai Signal '._ ..
tions of the feelings enlerfanin'd'for it and ils following significint and inmportajli letter, ""
M I b, o in (i-. General Taylor to the -editor df rhA'
peculiar arti.ans by the Pcnnssh'anian, paper, which it'prefavee wilh I&e fo'Hawing
the declaraions of the Norihern Adminis- remanrks:_ ..
iration papers that the Democrats alone "-The circ''hmstainces uhder whileb ;he
must be looked to, to carry the Wilmol following letter was received 'b IYhe 'e'di or,
Proviso the fact that no Souhern men are rearded as a warrant for its publicAilod.^i
P We fell it our duiy, when the firsi demniono a
or Southern Edio-)rs, are to be found giv- sOrniions were made in favor of Gen.'Ta2S a
ing aid and comfort '' to the Democrats loror 1or ihe Presidency, to dwiell.-up6ip' -r.
ol'ihe Noilh upon this question-save such subject nt cdnsiderable Iengib'. We&lere ,e fF
as like Thohaqn Hart Benton, call thelmselves desirous that SO~he of rhe-s'nggesl~ons on- -,
rained in our article, should reeel ihe eye-
Democrats-will be sufficient to guide the of Gen. Taylor, and, therefore, enclosed il -
Mercury in its choice'and show it, and those to his address, -with' al few words of re:-
it so ably and vigorously supports,-on which fereneeio our position as journalists. in r4D-_.
of the two parties to rely for safety to inter- Ply to lhat :communication, wle hayt! re--..- ...
es o oe i c to t ad tceived tthe admiratble and signi"eaa'n.-Jed '
e~sts of more importance to it and ther than which wUe takve pteaisuie in laying bre.Pot lou
those-which any Tafiff that'could be frtmed readers," : "." .
would affect. HEA DQU.I.rzs-A ERln OF OcC'TpA'rt1itr--- -
It is a fact worthy of coom'm-entary, -thfat w,'hile Camp near Monterey, May-18, 18i7..-S. .-
the Charleston Mercury is attempting to piove SIR--I have the honor io ackn-o- l tge
that-the Democratic party of.tbhe North is going the receiptof :your letter, with ihe.enclon -
over body and soul to the abolitionists, the Fede&-' sure of Vour editorial. exiraccied frb0..lle.
lists of the North are consuminatinrf" their ar- ,. Sion-di" ofih i .' UT "l n April. "" -
rangements to establish' a more thorough identity -,- ,, .... i-i'c"d"" ^ ,3
between themselves and the anti-slavery fN native s .. ,A tSS [. -_ . d uec m
-zu" -I'tully m y allen nat ie it is imJpoi~bt6.ll
Nay, thi4 spectacle is presented :-The .Mercury .. trnfr ,g
is -pp^M.g General TtL .-OR with.i.t knowin.. -,gi to il er Vour lete in tihe l'erms *'.an g
any of his opinions, while the Federa 1leaders- in e b"v its couriesY, and the implltilaicee
theNorth, a'nl ofwhom nare'oecidedliyfavorable lo' .the seniimeitis to which it al luides ; leiheri. ;
Abolition, ire doian the saffib. Al'lv'r the Mer indIeed. hav-e I the time. should.ee^. 5'
cury and its peculiar parfizan a, have played thi s ev l at liberty, lo .enier inTf t It O "
farce through,, and got -themselves co-mpletely-ir -'most giete -'al'.subj"ecit of puhlK I B tei.. "
the hand of their natural enemies, we have n o e, t b h iri "n -'s'ttn^'T'w
:' -- ...." -./.-- e .b V .ge-friiue inq0es06*n,, 4; Dp~~tj
doubt they wil be very gad- to be helped out of- ,e ,. .. -
th eir m isfortu nes b y t he N orth ern D em ocralt?.- -; ". .. .w e r- .' ' i s- .
That journal and its friends a'r-e jus't noA.afflicted el)| ,it le wir when m% usefulness-as,
with a kind ofp6liti'cla hYpochondriacism ; and .g.i .r. chief, serviiig in Me neld a sf
they willlearn, when not tioo late, we hope, how t(le common enemy, shall no loa.' .
little they understand the .Democrats -of the., compromiised by their expreaoion orf.dre. 9,s -_ -
North. ;, on in any manner.
"... "-'/'" "From many sourceseI have be'n .aldro-._
I CO"R O -,..-.. .' e on Ole subject of the Presidency. )"d-:- ill
We are sorry to find that otr a;rtilcle on -o vience reier (o myself TJOY-16 JW
Slave Labor has been misalpprehended both sition Tis an ofitcer of"ihe. a'rm-v, b" ;M.oAw.
' here and elsewhere, and we desire to set: lelzing to Vou. as I have do.e., tb .fA.l- ,W'
fiav all -161 tohle ,ise or my rf~nf~e_.i0
ourselves, or rather others, right o 'tl the6i 1:le, Hl'onn0 lion that my sri^^y
ex:ilied connection, thaT mny servic^ w
subject. o: -- Ever at the will and tihe 1t.ll of the co.! I ryt.
The objezt 6f oin art'fcle was 'not, is has 'and illt [ am not prep-red-to, saysahlc-1 '..1
been incorrectly stated-withouttbere being shall e('us-if "b" 6 c. "'" +" -
anything i it to justify sueh an averment-- Presidential office, bui that I1 can .aWl. L& : .
y field lo no call that does indf, come frbiul-11 -
] to coml)el the employment of whites in pre- sp ,,aeous aclotnd ftee wi of te. E-
ference to slaves. We-sotightby argument, lion a I\arge, aud void of'thip slig -taL& ^- [
addressed to the personshaving employment cY of my own. .. .,,^^f..
to- give, to induce' them of their own'firee For thle highfi oinoi apdl'ri,0'0onaiiiiisti-o e '--
---, _::'- ,_ _-:kJ Such an office, JI'lahe this..oecaSl-on to-sa'y.'
w1 z l t o g iv e s n c h .p re f e r e n c e d e n i e d u u ._-. -c c .o';s-
... lihat l have not llie slightesr, aspiiiaf- ;-i -
the legality, or propriety of a-n attemptt at ,,,nch more tranquil -and .... -. ..
f compulsion. We relied on the sinipathv after the ternmin'inon of m'y in-reea40 hie"'
whichhic h we are supposed to. feel for our-own fwails ne I Irusl, in lbe-.o'cup moBA-.
' ", o,.to.inducf.,ecourse, enrig.pr and i cnneni.il o my dishes' In. -of'^"oan.I"
... .. r, ip1 rni- t n self lto be th iiit anrod tij-li y.,a
also endeavored to ;f, the good effect or. eld myself" lo parly sche !79
* Which would thereby b -prod-iiod npon Wilh ihese renialks, If irlmt you.wfl"'pv '"-
s- our internal, -.sonrces. W e deny be right'- don me for Hills brieflv reply'ing..to'-: -'
/ .. ... "- "i\ ..-,, i t I do wilh a ligh opinion a-ad approrf;&K,
of any set of men to dictate to others who ^ ; -. _. 6-e. ..- .'
., ,t- -+ .i",' o th~e seulllnenfs aud vie-w'em n -.. Ip;-..
they shall enply,-and we so: said before. ... p .. .. .. .. .,, 4 f, e -- -
a So much for the rtiisconstruction. jat home. .'Wi0t] man v wishee foiy.t.f-pr~o'";" -
; There as, however, been attributed to life, aud great usefulness i'n itl.He ql j
Ihc yo r talents arnd -e.,x e rI t q -."
our article on Slave Labor,iu-not'rquar- i -ah your
,. **,r i ibatked, I beg to acknowledge-fnvs4 rw,- :
i ter, different ends from what we ,designed -- ,,. "
+ ... ;. .M ost truly 'and re spctf 3 !._,b-- .- "
I and. to.ourselves, a position we do not occu- Y-ir- o djent1s4&'dit ;." :.
a--py. The New York Ecfing Post, after Z. TAYLOR. lii.:'!li..-S,;l'ny-
, reviewiwiz certaiu aiiicles in ,le ]Mercutry Jas. NV. Taylor, Esq., CTreon .i,...- .
aid- 6 ,c* i'"n ..'he -,3" .-7-
c- and Southern Joutrnal, alludes, to our te-_ _. -" j^ .-'--
rrlarl"and hill. p;per, as D i s o iv? DON I NG ITps ALWES-_nty^ 14
.' enlll,3 General _an% a Anna- e .e- ffl.l."\ -
n Wo rI nT'' .1 '. 1. i l a 1riuted at m -n < pe ^ .
A ri'.i<, l<,.L..l th ( t nl .],f r ltstr. s me - 1' i i .. ., --;i.""-- \ ,,n bi;ll .'f l t lm U --"...- : .
I" .Off its damage(] oosoni afesrl't-7
,pr 'tUl rA,,,,- \\'t,ich e l1to rs,- ik the ntln,ent< ps o. -- ,a g .. .. .. ,
s- ,.1he, l er.'l -- tl e('l',.:scit lhe.sut h 1,IQ arc, T e Executive of t!e^L!rited te'a.fes.. ^ -".-_
f n t lK |r...rcl.r .:!'l~-c ....- S:nta Annas lo Mesircb'.o: bead.-h'ei'ajrni~e!..7$
n* tow,, e d~,,~ ilstinf tly de.n. ihiweaeth m "*" -l" ~ dih'he iuten:lion lhla.l'.bfc sh]ontd 'd.--" .
-. "*ww dsitiy dey ha we~ th If that stroke of'polic'v has lu.rJded.t~-a hCK
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c oraafaytrl.urcasmh cmu ^ ,,,on, the G-nvernmen m~usftmloph~oi .... -
enity.--a<5d ftiither, w-e have-no-, anilhtiily so ,o evade is reap~ons~ibili::by s~o,^'ar~eu~ta" *v-
Sto speaik, nor ,io iM e desire io -s'et o n-rselve si trick a + llhe o lrshn a -lepm -p ts..._6 i lto ~ ia"y.-ff ,;-';:
: up-as:su-elh. Weknw thatutolhing{Z could be \\lhatthe ExecttrivecoBd~oiea^. ,
c ,. _, -. , aidlino Santa Anna to i~etiback'-lo .te'ni ,Xifi ale -./'-.
v -tess b .-n e fle ,1tro t e.w o l,,n -. ch s tn a n a n ,n ,^ ... "e n e -v .r *b .-o.^- -
a- attempt on -the part o.atthe press, to alirny ,,: coiiceive" i~t isz riddle whrffch~the<3Y--Fn3."
rs them a~orinsitthleir enml>Ioers5-to do so. ,nenm ha. D:'t'deisned lo s'olvei':annilvp~srs-.---
d would be ,mlpolilC andl crimirn~ll itu-us. W;e pecl It carno1 s-olve. _lhalei,;r9l +!^ ei -- .-.+ .
y wrote what we -have putblished on this stub- !he hY~e,,s ~llthe adrnn~ll,i!,is ?.^a[._.b.. -^,.
.' It w~is a blnnuer--a well-nileE'i ra ^BpiB '--
clf ject, w,,h noothe~r ol, ect-,lhan to express .... ,el still a blunder- 'Bu^t|^'-..'"
n the. viewsw^e hod' -nnto pn'ii outt the po- "'1ler le do o "a7-' 2/w :::E;( ";. -
a--Iicv \liich ue considered best adiptetl to expected Ifom it. Now, w~o do nbtrol ch ..;'
,- pr.,: -,,otc ,he .. ... ri o-, -. .. .. c... .. u "--- o bea1r the respon.ih'ii-uvot"i~ e'hHkid^ ^ - '-+ ,,
... ..... ,*, i +,end ,nmsra,,,,niw,,eier wel M lre i
s- article as designed. to apple t o this county-- ,d sohlb Ardm;,inr''_isiari aat:,t's o^ i'a '*J
3n and as t, preveiiingr negro laborers fi'om orgau must fain keep Genoeral Saihi4,anilJkn "
e, other States. from beiug bIlOtght here, to "lhemselves.-- N~a/. I]ttel. .+ ,'

character, he would compel the minds of
the Representatives of the People, to bend
in pliant acquiescence to the decrees w hich
he promulgated. But alas! a sorrowful
and mortifying lesson awaited him. Like
Wolsey, he deemed himself-"swimming in
a sea of greatness," but a chillirfg frost"
soon came and nipped his, honois in the
bud "--he found, that* South Carolina
Chivalry," which in his native fortress at
Richmond, he could sneer at in safety, was
powerful enough to beard him in his pride
of place, as Whipper-in of the Refractory-,
and expose him in hi's old ag2, mtofierited
scorn and derision-a just punishment. for
the audacity a-nd.insolence h-e displayed in
his demeanor to the Great Council 'of the
Nation. Well might he have exclaimed
when expelled from the floor of the Senate,
and after his unsuccessful appeal to the
people of his native State, to make a de-
monstration in his favor at the polls, "which
appeal they answered by the signal defeat of
his party,
" Farewell, a long farewell to all-my greatness."
" Hau 1 but served my o COUNITRY with half the zeal
I serve- myM PARTY, she would not in mine age
Have lefrt me fli-j'ed to mine enemies "
But thou gh he po epsed the pyhide of
Wolsey, he had not his nobility Po soul,
which- enabled him to own and repent his
fault, and the Christian spirit that enabled
that great, but erring Si;,tesin.in. to pray for
those who exposed his vices and caused his
downfall-sthe heart of Mr. Ritchie har-
dens'under the inflic'ioqos he has suffered,
like. That ofsthe Kirig of Egypt, and be
-rnrns in eii._ F mi'ti fny l[|,-ii i hi '- ag-saiTn ii"
and all who give them "aid and "comfort."
Thus we are daily treated to assaults upon
Mrz. Calhoun, his friends and the Charleston
Mercury. The -Cerberus- at;.washington
growls forth his denunciations, and "Tray
Bla-nch and .S%%evheri bark in .mimic
It is somewhere said, by a jealous man
who had been praised by his oplpionents
"What have, L doir, that my enemies
praise me?"-'. The sediment incufeated o
distrusfof the commendations of an oppo
nent, certainly had a Heather, not a Chris
tian originI-and it'i.r not 'in unilsonn with'the
emotions of the human .heart,-.t which
niliine: can be more-grateful than the"can
did and impartial .-restimony of an enemy
be:iiinc, 'tiine > to noble traits in the ch5a
racter"of his antagonist. Christian writer
ar,-uin-z with itnfidels, have alwaysappeale
with grate ful -pleasure, to the 'tes-timon3
born-e by Josephus to the Dikine Acts o
"our Saviour. The Chivalric GCour de Lio
valued-.the cou-riesies of the -noble Sale
din-who evinced his esteem for Richard'
kni,'ihily, qualities, by-granting-him-ijn dis
tress, terms he had-refused to him whe
leading the combined forces of Europe


MAILS. ,',-*
We have long since -arrived at th con-...',ir
S-, o 1- * -
clusion that any complaintswhich.oI cMil-, ,i
zens may make, concerning the iriyy'at--
rannements made.by the Depar'uoet and& j
the mode of carrying out~these arragments r
by contractors and Posi Master' .would n
avail naught towards amending /he evils F
cnmplla-ined of, but we cannot remain from
noting any additional gri ,v ce oi lik-" cba- p
racier, as it ,arises. -1 7 1
We have for some time past, been in the
receipt of neiwspapers frora New Orleans f
but once'in the week, instead of twice, as t
foi merly-consequently-oun dates from that a
diace are seldom later thai ten days. On
enquiry We lea'rfthat the-?ost Master at s
Mobile is in the habitaof s'kding b'ur New t
Orleans papers, .via Montgpmery, Oolum- t
bus, Fort Gaines, &c., on tie principles we e
suppose, that the longest wa rotind is the ,
shortest way here. We trust that the De-
prirtment -will send -the sa5i functionary,
Morse's Geography and Alas, with the
recommendation 'that 'he erfleavor to be- [
come acquainted with the ,opography of C
this State. r
It is with unmitigated satisfaction that we c
are able to lay before our raiders this can- a
did and dignified reply of tbh Old Hero, to
the nominations for the PreJdency, which t
he has-received. We are pteased to have t
confirmed by his band, that opinion of his f
freedom from all partizan ynd party feeling,#
which we have before advanced, and we are
gratified to have his own authority for an-
niouncing 'that he will no't allow himself to be
made the candidate of a 'Orfy.
The reservation by Gea. Taylor, of any
expression of opinion upon the great politi-
cal question- of.the day until what he es-
'eerms to be "I more appropriate time--when
he shalli have been released from his present
position, ts comnimnder or the Army of
Occupation, by the termination of the Mex-'
ican war-is a co ur.&aUs]atfaLJby .a_.rDpP r
regard to propriety and delicacy. When
relived from any such obligations to keep
silent on these subjects, who doubts that
he will r'ake a full, clear and candid avowal
of his political opinions ? What they may
be, we of course, e'annot pretend fully to
declare ; but we have an abiditig confidence
that they will- be of the true Republican
siamp, and calculated to insure him the sup-
port of every unfettered and unpredjqdiced
American- citize'nm. .-
The recent n nomination ot Gen.. Taylor
by the Whig Conven-tion in Georgii, and
the declarations daily made in hi's" favor by
the leading Whig papers in the Upion--
gives additional cofidence in the correctness
of the position we have assumed-that of
declaring our willingness to support hiim for
the Presidency, without waiting for anhy ex-
position of his political opinions, trusting to
his well known patriotism and past life as
cruarantees, that in placing our destinies as
a Ci6ion in his hands, we commit our trea-
sure to safe ank worthy Custody.
We have only been deten- from Placing
Gen. Taylor's name at the head our P01-I
nmns before, because of a want of knowl-
edge of his views upon the, subject, we did
not consider it proper for us or others, to
force him against his will, into the position
of a candidate for the Presidency. We
still consider it impolitic, and he has by the
expression of liis wishes and views, rerii]eiredt
it useless and unbecoming 'in any Whig pa-
per or Whig meeting, to put him up before
-the country as a candidate of the Whig
p a rty : / ... :. .. ; '* -
The first mentioned reason which has
caused us tO abstain from hoisting the TAYr-
IOK BAhama, we consider happily removed,
by his mo-dest and self.,len;il'r letter to the
Cinc'inrratti Signal, wherein he does not de-
clare himself unwilling to be cin-'i'ler~e,1 the
the present posture of affairs, ,we this; day
place the name of ZACHARY" TAY)LOR.
at the head of our columns, as a can,,lhJ.;le
for the Presidency... We place it (here not

as the organ of any parity-nrot in ihe0official
capacity of Editor of a Whia papfer-but
simply as ONE OF THE PEOPLE-an
h i-imble individual it is true, but one, of that
body, at whose hands nloine, the Hero and
Patriot Taylor is willing to receive Ille in-
signia of office. But although we are now
alone in this inotei'meil, and thr, l- we
have not consulted with-any of our poliiic,:l
friends-yet we frar not, but that *y-e are
* expres;i~n-z the wishes and feelings '0(nine-
Ste-ntbsof the inhabitants of our'tcitywhen
we thus announce our desire to see the
S-Government of our countliv administered by
him whose valorous deeds and wise :coun-
-,c'ils has covered her arms with impn-erishable
.Glory. :

--- I-

I ---- i-----; -i II '' --I L- --


__ _____ ~

~n~T -r,

';r- The:- f,:,l, i-, ing ger, lcrnen are aul li'Iz'-i_
A,'-rnts for the COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER','tS Will
re,:.:.ive and receipt for subscriptions, or adti'tie-
IiielltS:-- "
J>-)sEPH F. MASON, Post Buildings, coler of
I-lanoverand Beaver streets, *New York.
D'AVID BRAVO, Esq., New'Orleans.
XVIV. W. C'HEVER, Esq., Albany, Ga.
Maior JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula. Ala.

* -t



"I .

I I J I 1

vie advocated a ipolicef acknowledi- '.'
exislkig in other States--a policy lwot- ..
broached in this State'foir t4hfnlfrtif,.'bt^ '.
,. ..,I ...I.N
which hactt.en made tiluoect 0[ O ;9
sidermion',a^._Ahe Slatal. I elatyri. -:40'
Penqicola, Ie.tban a year, ajiieM ..
numreouy a.tted.. by.IAfluenlia#. S "Si..
zens was h6lden, 'a-. resoltrlioae pS '-
and a memorial adopleig".for tbe. rMO..
of inducing tbe employers of Bt c WI&
labor on the Government iWt ismle'si '
of black---i-o that we were BIlD:,f'..
in our views of the'p6liey"wtiich- *_wo-s-k'"
maintained. 12 ,^' - ;(
But if i le Evening Post, d'.' j ..a .
vor unlawful combinatiou, rtieb a bHA&t^-
place at the Tredegai works, .#r-ci-tt&. -., -,
us as faorinag the Wilmot Trbvittit. 0t "
egregiously-m istaken-and e :rpci. -
beg leave to correct it.,- ` .- .:.
/;&N. TAYLOR'ff O PONENTS: "''
That oterling Whig Iaper,.hie Ba ittH[ff.;
Pairiot concludes an aritle 006.l i af ,'
Tayl ,,," Ogna/ Letter" thu&r:. - 1y
".1 d" he-will be elected. The men now ini t
power, anod 'place may oppose lninr. r M ad;p_: .
Irati6n of Mr. Polk-have ohil 'thliea i ia^^^"--
to him-and the Loco 04I^iti, :.
dampen (he ardour of .he-pe. p ?:
The Weshehgton L'nimn-eian.'-
-mbst wait for further 41eye^^^|^
kindred presses chi-me. in, ant.^^ ^ @^
ma~rhin.-rv fi1fo Kntiml O\r.,~S~tnni~.^s


WVe do not a,,licipate for Gen. Taylor
ne unaiiiino,.is support of the people. No!.
e bave daily iuolic-itions of a growing hos-
lity to him in ihe columns of sundry De-
nocratic presses, some of-'whom, like that
miserable scurrilous print, the Detroit Free
Press, have already cominencedeforging ly-
ng aceusatiopnsagainst him, to render him
dious to thelN0orfb. We forsee that the
government presses and the office-holders
*ill declare against him--this is to be expec-
ed---they dare not do 6the-rwise._ We look
o see the Abolition party denouncing him
s a slave-holder-and lastly, with mortifi-
ation we write it,"Ywe have seen indications
n some Northern' Whig papers-slightly
nibned with abolition tendencies-ofa deter-
nrinatiou to withhold from Gen. Taylor iheir
support. But we little regard a ny such dis-
ointed motley comibipations :before the ir-
esistible masses-who'will bear the Gallant
Taylor aloft on their shoulders', to.the
Presidential Chai.r--the waves of facti.0n Will
)a.et asunder, and afford him an-0 THE
PEorLE who support him an unobstructed
passage to that goal, which should only be
,eached'by the competitor who comes be-
fore the assembled Freemen stripped like
he Olympic Candidates, of all adventitious
id or foreign influlerrce, and dependant for
success, upon that strengt'hwhich by a longz
continued display of public and private vir-
ue, wisdom, and talents, a citizen never fails
o possess in a Free State-a strength Which
enables himi to lead -captive the hearts -of

And Napoleon. whilst waging fierce warwith
England, caused her greatest Philosopher
to be chosen in fill a seat in his Academy.
A similar generous sympathy -with great
qualities, even when possessed by an oppo-
nent, lately drew from. the Whig Conven-
tion of Georgia, the following graceful a4
deserved compliment, which the recipient
will no doubt prize, as it deserves to be re-
garled as tbe free will offering of the Rep-
resentatives.ofa numerous body of Southern
men, addressed to one of their Southern
neighbors, meant to assure himi of iheir
gratitude for services rendered upon occa-
sions w;hen all par4j..feelings were merged
in questions of deeplier and more immediate
She following Resolution was on the 1st
inst, offered and unanimously adopted by
the \Whig Convention assembled at Mil-
ledgeville to nominate a candidatetdr Vzo-
Re-,olved, That the Hon. John C. C6hoiin is
entillrd to the thanks of the people of Georaia
f'.-.r his independent and patriotic course in the
Senate l"Io the United .Slates in reference to our
recer, lly di -tLrbevd foreign reJation-i.
Surelv such testimonials of esteem com-
ing fromn Southern men, may well compen-
sate the illustrious South Carolinian for all
the impotent, yet malignant assulf, of his
r, 11r n.nd m 1 I faie

a nr ,l o 1ive li.i I-i':,lr--i I ,Iit) ('J'or?' d.
The public debt o, MIe.ic6`: ,3tied
at one hundred inillions of t'old 'Ft-" is
imposl.i!:ile to get precise slat`ttsl6 ist tllhat
co untry. -" -." r
Thie mineral.weililh of Mlexico is far from
Ibin,_ confined tI no1,1 and silver. There
are niues ofl leaid, copper, tin, &'c., but ilhe
lizy and urenierpriun2 hounndls whiu o\\n
ilhe:n do not put Ihem to any account.
Me\ico is admirablyv adopted to llhe pro-
uIC'l lnhii o"l cotton, but aises not enoushi tor
lhe use other own Infiiiiieiicories, : ihich al
ill? best, ;ireno lre31a l'fiis. Even Ihel c:i.n-
dle, used in hllir religion .is -,b'prte nces ire
in great p:lirt nade fiom imported w\x.
The mechn'lrc aris are in a very low st-ire.
Saddles and plate are tlie principle articles
inade Ilhere, nmost ol ohei being, in|oiled.
The plate is nnt hiandlsomi-n; an,] in reply to
the tsherin ileat ie snddlei of ino other
connlrV cau Irkll, e ,-i Iei eaica sahddle, Mr.
Thompson suircaslicallv l-obselk'Fs. I do not
think any deceut sa',Iller would ifhle could1."
MA.-,11' VIN-T1N.
The American Review connt,ins an iinter-
esling skeich o( hflelife of M1ij. Johln R.
\V inton. uf lPhode Iilan,.I whio fell dttini ,
the bonilmri-irent oi" Ve:a Cruz, an,. was
remnarriable I.-r being not only a brave and
.anllt soldier, but a Iman of unobtrusive ,
pieis. \\'Ve exirtact the following ivom llie
'Irlicle in the R~i'ew:
WVhile in Floridt in lthe prosecution of
1lhe w.ar hiis mind cnimo unU.lr lie influence
,Il'religion I'r ho e it- thin ever bel'ore. His
% I,,-le Ot ;l %i i ,1t r ll d iri o a new lil'e, aln d
lori" : l thile, like ihe bewil.ler,:-' aposile, lie
_,t- ne,. to b iii, g-izinu up inlo ieavein.'
H i-, ii.irnal anJ letler-'. dur'inih2 is pP i'iod,
'ie u' (Ihe liil. t ititensely inlerelilin- char-
:-i I[ff Nothiii n t i la ie I"riei.I lite of t1arlvn
iii're ton hcllr-i [lie heart than (lie lu niliy,
*',ell'.,'-'c 5:,iion. and chil,.t-like devoiedness
ofl'h,- hi .hi ininled, hieroic nlan" At a se-
.li.vli post, in the n idsi of ile inlerm ina-
Ile iiine I'oreiss, flie solitudile and, ;ilence of
h, hich lie de,rCii,.3s ,.'s ;-m1l'nl a1:and ;liiosi op-
*l~i',"i.--ive, fir I'r,-im his fI'inly rind I' iiii.l-,, his
Iltinii l ,1 ,I a-lection ripeneti inio llie hi1 ,lif' t
.lale,,1" -l' risti-in exlperien re -i-,,.1 disci|)line.
11[ thieni.Inrne,] his Ilioii,2'hl', (,)r rllher
ilhev %%Oie iiirne I)61.r hiii.,) lowards tile of-
ii,_e of Ih) -' lii i ni r, i .i rv, H-is leliei.
ni' i'i. i of loilou bi-. li,.,l e ; a; lil- l ii inm-7, lor
I.iki.og lih ly orders. Ht fears fhlit his
hfea-lli -ilII,"n1 note.table him to follow a seden-
tary fife ;- he-doubts 'his fitness ; fears that
selfish motives, the prospect of being with
his. family and friends, may combine with
others-; and examirves himself in the tuost
Ihloroul lh n, iJ nihe manner.
"In a letter ,Jte.1 from Fort.Taylor, he
aays: 'Since I have -been here, which is
five or six weeks, the following has been my
ilaily course: Rise at reveille-private, de-
votioas-study' Greek and Hebrew. Walk
to my palmetto-- tepnle., a mile distant.
*C13urch-service aloud. Return to reading.
:Vlliier." `Redlfill._ aloud wilh Major G.
Study Greek,an ho-urr Walk wiuh Maj. G. to
palme1ito temuple- social prayer and hymn.
Return to tea. Bib-le -class of twenty sol-
diers ,indI Iwoor 'three officer$ in the eve-
ning. AfteT tattooa,- reti re t.o my .te'nt-
;Greek-ard- Hebrew, or religious reading-
7-iNiTe ,jevotiuons, zTi1 bel'-.(rt- On. Su-ffdays
-we have public- worship, with good atten-
dan.:'-e from the men andt officers, thie Ma-
jor and 1 otTwi .iiiu._ alteTtiately. Our inter-
ruptions ar-' ;o twthat the f,,r,' in rou-
vine is carried on with great r vllariiy day
after day.' It is p-oper to remark, that this
is from a letter written t'o one whom he had
.selectedas.a confi,'leniiil adviser "in.his re-
li2ioul-s-hlbits iAnd studies."
The Phil.i,.lelphi i N,,1,.. American well
-says: "There is no landl where-all re-

ligious obligations aside-the Sabbath is so
I necessary as in this country. We should
helcole barbarian without it.. Already the
I,i.; .if mrioney and distinction, acting upon
ii iui',-s lashed by our, peculiar institutions
into the most veliement emulation, wrinkles
.,:n,.It every brow, and makes au)xlety a
constanihpresenee atnd power at which stran-
gers gaze and wonder. Our very pleasures
] fcaetllii; tlash of impatiencee about them,
' "*,t our clayl .and. hours;, hurried. 0n in the
,w.'. _of .o.., .inr-e' exc te;,ar. loose their
d istinctness, an d m'inii'21e ji it mis ty m aS^' i n
lin,.h the better reasoning faculty c~.-,-2 dis-;
tint.'ui.h little that adccords with the natural
p~ill-rose of life. Were this hurried way :of
life, this eager hunt of gold or rank, unin-
t,:rri~el~l~~~, it would soon sweep away before
if, :<1lli th-t :elvates~andpurifies hum-an na-
tutre,: or gi"es_ g,-race, and goodness t~o life.
iThe Sabb.ilh stays the leveredt pulse of"
so'ciety,':it pens the low-and dark clouds
-ilti. g:i'hei" round the heart, and lets in the
'light-of better.-Ihoil~lifs and loftiejr feeling.
To ibo'x-ethi.i-" recurring -dispensat~ion from-
thie eAoiirse of the iminpetiuo life *.-irn,_',sle.
wutil' Ib:e to render olur tic'ItinV that of the
dungpeon slave.t: While, therefore, We. re-
gard t'he ,1,.-Sec".ition of the Sabbath; as
primarily offensive.-as ai violation of a :di~vinel

laww,- we condemn it as a war against the bet-
ter citr'rirs of li'e-as a o\r-ng done to the
heavy laden-as a step taken onwards to

\Ve see ,ith grea..t regret a constant ten-
ddencv ,olthe loss'.,f the .S'iliaih. This is
gr-eatest-in ih,,se coniindiiilie_-- where the
pulse of-sobciety" ismost rapid and-unihter-
niiitent: an'ltwhereet heworship of mnim-
m honor pleasureis as pirpetrial as it is ab-
soubiTg. h rhis liosility io .the' Sabbath is
.ininift-ted in Ihe si-ucces' ,ZOf Sunday'pa~pe'rs
h'v,.te,i:tol to business -n I pleaisre, a-nd in the
4l'?1 %-,li, t' h"he dIny lo idle :nitertainminenls.
Tliev w-ho invade (lie day of rest- do a
1,rnn it0 tohe race.at lar- e.a and aid in wvk-
eriin, ,t. divine institution,-given .in mercy,
aiiI in-ep:a.la le from the interest of eiviliz-a-
I o .n ."
A C'TE I,,INDI,,.N.-\V e were somewhat
,,inuiei l-os Sunday morning at the plan
hit upon bv 1on ,the MiA ,r Indians to get
rid of" tlle crowd of. 'zels at- the, "Canal
H house ":-.'" -: :,;;- \ -
A numberof- sq'viw\' were in the sitting
room,-and naturally attracted agreat-deal of
.atterllit, '- ,:::l ': " "
Elie copper colored -gentleman ln ques-
tin, became either isisted at,or tired of
the conslal t arzin, -of the "' dnush faice-"
at the ladies bbelon-in:z to his party, and
while the room was crowded to excess, he
raised 0p hhis. hand to attract the notice of
all, and exclaimed, in his best English-
.- Ugh 1 one. ngbi. got de smallpox!" The
pale faces inizzled.-Lafayette Courier.

'- - -l ... ...
'We havem, QttOioillt for some- line pa_-t
Slfofofering a.;t&v rtrdeclion.3 on this l unllner-
ris class of' llie commiiinityv, e'sjei all'
in. regard to tie po-iiion tihey actiially
sustain an, h.til e position U lh v should, L I sus-
tain in relIoion ito tie olher cl "s I ol -o-
cieiy. Their iia ne is legion, ;nd they are
more or less idleltifie,.I with all thel lt? l ii-
,'nmenisof business arnd lif'e. They are I h e,
le-er of Archimede- whichh move-; ihe
Odr'.iYM But are their impoirl).rice aIIIim posi-
tion dLuly considJered l and re-pcled.? we
meau-.it ihe aggrez,;te. \We 1,now thlat
when soiie splended litniiiry, like Fr.inl,-
lit, sh f lfp"on lltheir sphere, and blize
l if _i l a-lr.iclira .,n its astonislied
-" .. It-si,- up by its refleciion ihe rank
I ^^ mc, an-lPconf ?rs .it least a tempo-
'ry'- mi.e and tliniiy on the rplhere whence
"4le -orb arise. But t we know also ih.-It \% hen
t--fmechanich, by his industry and skill, or by
--r fortune com-bination rf circtumsianctes,
"'vhich confer no lionor on, hiinself, emer'2es
"fromi obscurity and poverty, and rolls amid-t
-nall the luxuries ofu ucountedI eiltlhie
':bften seefsIt) forget III or; in,_ in l ,ndeference
l(o tile bliid preju slices of's,-.ciety, and [lie
d ctatesi of' a peive led annI rl iterel the-it,
worst tlIhan con 1 >ill. ,Ie1i-.s hi11,tlfto hlis
.grept ;il f dj ilv kindi'reJ.'rirl,1 ii'n.- (p Ili) 1 [m per-
:'-"ed'1nose ,t the inmore w,_llo mIec in.Iic. Thil,
city even ;i d ,J it, l'.dh,i,:,ij ,hie 1' ,ilks, is full
ofsuch liietuiei T h,' I'l;.1 e 1 l-eJls ins ri
"elnq.tenillv I* iii .o d'.il, _lh it 1liei0-- is s-1 iCie
Ith in,.z radlIc.Il lv i r(' uI in) i h.1 c i..'i)I, I ttilI !I ii ol"
8,ciPIV --SOn l _ihint I'tie ie i.hII c,, lt i-
In itI. W" liv 1 li tioul I M er.lt ',,i,-, t%11- I Cuf -
"bine and ediibit in ,iH : .lii _iik i:,.I i .m ,e,
the liighe-st andl lm l,.t pl-;tic eliu-li" -' o1 ",,
nius.; oil whose .iborlous-, nt'verliii in l l! |.
wealih and liiviry ,_'i'- end, :iiI 'ol whose
powerpri..le ide 1 s- bse',ient for il-i -11.mg
1)0lo'n1 p an\ cilipu nslIi'ii ," Ij lr I ;kq
inferior beiug,;%, anion- ll h iie mo inlz (.d- ril"
"tihe sainle hiu n iit .# Is it l,:.c.', i"i -, ilh.:i,
baind,.s a.re ha.irder or inie -liin ., rI" -itcau, se
fheir lie u ts ate Ie;-; cap il),? ul' ilh.., -ivnti-
inenlts anil ifftetlionls %, eli' dih s :11e,1 vI eli-
v ite socilvy If' the forlin rt leie ciite in111-
'be. a-lmitied ; blt we piotest :i n,tin- h rh-? PCe-
f'eeil'l, s nI in ur.il andl nii .i. \VP deny"
the |)ropiosiiilin conli:ilie, i il ilhe I liter al-
iern 1iP 1 is 3 it ie ; bill a,--ert, ol Ilie roniit ir".I
that in this cl iss n ituri.il an I %% liics mli.s e ;it'-
fecions olf lhe t heart r to Il.eiu ,Ibe .-
Merit shonid I:e (lie oaltv psl-.-p'l to society
and consI'.leralio ; n,. ldthe 1t,ire of society
will be artificial and ,li-,i...:r, .i until m erit
sliall be thilv; resile,-tfJ. W e \\ill a dmit.M
thai ihe iufeiior e-.itninion in which; me-
clh nics are re,'.i. -3." i? s in snne extent attri.-
hullable to their own I',ttill. They dor,, -.I I f-
ficieutlv respect ilhPenel'?e. They do 1.) 1
assert and properly defend ihe," jqst ri-jhlis.
Let them as a cla..L' )b.- ,ivv tore. ai pen-
lion on their per-on i1 ,,p 11e nice at-T Ad-
dress-- euh vIII e, Lf l e'iiifer ,i'l tinV ,1n1, prlo I,
of utann,.'4s, nnd allend-I-l) 1".,l'l Ilo mhose,
illinoI a(,comnplis i eni_ o i- li ( iit, tlle
in the ese oi a corref.-1, inot icldkly. t i,'. the;
Itr e "eilleimnn [liey "11111"illS fo ln.,nencl
ihe nm --ilv.es 1s [llhat lepr,..,, itii. l'e, ol IhJI
skill and geo niotis % i h iC th" phe e il ii,1 :1'; .Iilh
delte.3.ites. unen(vtinllreI by fa30titiOus fm11-
pedinneuis. \We t.iik %%e -fee in Ole iinve-
niens ol" thena e, -i prou re.s-ive teiri,?ne.,,/_.v- .1.-
the ;pirii of eqriu.ilitv we : ,J,,ocale. .li i, not'-
the A: irari3rim pri'iciple of e.,vi-isiy in |pife of
dollars anI Ccp tl-! It i- f-uiiuledl-on ihl, re-
covnnhion oflihe in~lern,.il t~n,l, In \vi~i,ie(vei;
gui-s he ie M,iv be I'oI iinIl- ih3 v.il.:1ii,>u ofilie
jewel i lihe'iI,.Ilt cf it-. piil;ive, i-ncrusta-
ilion --lie discerni neni tf ihe I, t ie [ ii? -,i.-U h
-deeply imbe, ded in the coimtmon earth.
It.is C'hatitest ofequalilv to %Oiich Olle gre.f
Scottish, poet ;llules-" ,
Tli- rink i hbut lhe -1i.e > i's.1iP.
The mn-m's Ile ... L 'p l ,,v ."
The op,-ralio of" OH r ,Ip- ocr-1i,: in-lU- .
iions i, lhel|)iUg on illiicon r'al con Hll~ il'ili,-in.
;t is plhiniu, on every +idfH''=e Pnlilic Li-
braries, ..and oiher in..',il Ior llie. .l dj .lol-
nient and inmprovene-nlt of lie.min anfd-
.l eart, aud oflf'rin'ia 1,3 all I'i,-i i 1s in i-ile
of lthe disparitics ut' e'le inn-l a..li,i1i.i-2 s, to
achieve nu eqtulaitv vilh ih,1 ? hirheit- stan=
d a r d s o f l' i e n ilil a n td nu i-.i; '' t c e ll ,:'n c e V ,.;
say then io-lihe um e haniou i lift Mn tll"ey s to
tins-stanthi'ril, aitd~ keel) il eier in -view.
Do vou-r..pant iu tlhe mnreii.un. ofte unfy,.
and] compel by vour er,'tori:- recoonili,-,n) ofl
your jittsl po-iitlOii.--_ri:,:ttf o!' tftr_ Uu.i.

M f.:xic'^tN F.\CTs.--Tlie numnbel of mines
in Mexico, already kn,-,w'n, i- beitweeni tlliee
and f'our lthnusaud'. '_lhir lr'.,,-:st )ie~ld in
any one yeair wa's 2,5,i;44,5i-,;, in 17n-" ;
-andl fors,3me vear |previoii5 to 1510, llie
a v e t a s e a n n ti : ,l v i e l _l a s .$ -? -1 0 0 ,i 1 ,0 o ,i ) .
Froi 'OniUci.il r-jtliuns;, it :+plten's li-Ii l 1n \-"2
llie value olf thn- ,20l uI ;,.l silver expoi'led
was l,500,0fi0,- e3l1iol" wli.,t \;is
- sm -tg oled pon o f lIhe "*f(o( avoid \ ,iy -
inD Illie exlior t ilvt ol" si\ per cent', ;ifiI
wh-'ri-e is SttlploseJ couhil it,.a'lt.-"e been le-s
lihan three millions niore. GolI mines are
'rarein Mexico--the only o'nes known ar+
(hiose uear ().>ixaeai, -".,1l' being Iound int comn-
bination .wfith silver.- T lire penny w'eialhi .s
ofazold to a mall, of silver, i Ihe largesi a-

_ mo_,nt~obtainedb'oftihe. nmore previous. met.ie l'
"fi-6m ihe.conmibin'iion ore, and this fromdhe
inines of Guani'Mluio only. \Vhen The a-i
m out .of gohd inii hell oref i-,sP ll, it iA it n
seplrated from the silver, as tlie result of,
the process is no equ 1:il to the coan.;t :_
Ui'nder the vice re .-il govern ,_ri 'ti.he- to-'
bacco inonoplY yiel-led- revenue of,$5,-,
000,000; nqwv it produce. only l l 'a m .il-:
lio,n, and wY .-are told. thitt this. i not Im,,re
thanequal io the expenses of the esi.iblilh-
ment. This i Mexic;m, wi,,loti 'all over.
,to keep upl a onoply for the purpose of
paving-the expense tliereot. .; s& .
The valuable mine in Mexico-is th-ifk l o
Fressiello, which neltedl -$5110,01"'0, to the
government annua;illy, butl the fee simple
-ofwhich was soll, not long since, for-four
hun>ired thousand d:'l:ii- s being o-ne fifth
less than one year's purchase -
"h ireve nue of ihe archbishop of M1exico'
'is'not'less than'S530, 000, exclusive ofdona-
ti.)nS- and birrh day present, which amounts
"p.ro' bljy to ha1"lf a.s inuch more.
S h "Mexican priesthlood hold one fourth
-of the whole properly olihe Repuiblic. The-
amoiilt held bv-the' churh in mortmain,' is
f.f- 1'illions. 'There i-3 a baluslraile i tlie
-althedral of Mexico. made of a mixture of
ropp'6i, silver, and ] ,ohl. wifchl is three lhuu-
-,dr-e.l feel in length aw l soine i "" "1 "" va-
hlurina'v be Iormned from the fialh'tt an
-ofrB'(wa'9 once mnide "-o iake this bal1n-trade,
anlt .,eVI e it wilh auoili r otf exacly the
-me Si^ .nd workinan-shii. ofpure -silver.
U P. I nd "rkiti.


UCL. --1SPlsp--.----.---- _-----~ ------ 4 ~

I __ .1.. i

%*, -:* ',, A *'3 *. '". .

;l~ 1-: ~ .+ *- 41 "

Fo Mtlor
.,^ THE superior brig VfUl.[A IMo '^
"S~tlifield, master. For dt| freight onlig */
WsiRapply to the master; qrrW ". I '
'July 5 .+ NOUTSE, STGWNB-A Co. r



* ,, -"* ;*. Lit-of Let ...*--';'': 7, -
RnEIMAINING in the Post Oce iat tr.a..th:'"'/
Apalaehieola, for."tmi fWfat'nding yk >'
July., 1847. -"- ^- -
Ancterqofi-, A G Lawsoi;, S"rh/**- *
Butts, E P .d... Leupard, John 2 *- ; -
Baker, W. 9., Capt* Liddon, B G :i
BrockenbTough W' _UW 2-Love,'JGC .;.- '.-
Broywn,.jane,.Xnnj, Mrs Lee, Capt :5' ;.
Bryan, Mary E., Miss Mc abe,'nJmdo '.. .:/.'
Bryan, Elizabeth Mrs My era, SamueltCapt : : *
Brewer, Hezdkiah, 2' oorfe, Capt ,- '-
Byington, D L U.MeirrJlIe, B.-Cafit' :%"*-- :
Barington, Marion, M. Mul~er, ,George T
Bryaht, m. C Malheny, J -- 's. ::
Blaney', -Michael- Morris, 'Heniry F .
Bolton, Elijah "McMan, Thomas -
'rSaySET'l : Myers, Jacob 1P.. .
Bryarte, Sam,'l D, Z M Cordsen, A. Capt.,-2- Norton,, Charles E -..-,
Crowson, Marion Mrs Nickeemon, Sparrow
Campbell, Joh --. Newwan, Thomas, ..
Collins, Timothy- _1 Nasb, James SGoaptt.'Z
Caslar,-Mr O'Neal,- Sanibel + -
Corwia, 'Jos B. Osterion, Edward;: '-, :-
Caraway, Dr.ed -. Oaks, Thomas -
Carmack, Samq W O O'Donald; Mary. &S'it '_ ,
Conart,4Lot Peacock,.Sheo- d.2 '^- .".
Cunningham, Jpbb Paradms, Ann'Alrs.. --...
Cuthbertson, John + Peck, Wm -i'.,---"
Dopgla, Thomas Han Rodgers, Mary B Miss '-T
Darnel, Everett Rogus, J H "
Divklenson.,S .. Ruza-".J C .', ;
Evans, Abrahamr Robertson,.Jp. hnJD.Cb.i '- "
Evans, Viorett Mts:-2- Row fand, P Ca pt 2 +
Eagerton, James W. Roads, Luc'inda i .. :
Fitzsim mons, James Ruge, Harmas ::;-- -'b:~-'
Flemming, G W SmithCfrawa ...- .
FrielWm2- <* Sterling '" r :
Fbrtu ;,j R +. Staxk, H enry S C 8 ..%, .. -
French, Marion Shinninghamo.G ,dorg --
Fisher, John Capt Strickland, Siaml' W ?
Forsythe, Mrs Schroad, John : :i
Furguson John Sutton, I.G .' -
Gould, Joseph Gapt 3 Snow; Lo ing Capt-' :-. -
Gail rd, tames H Sloan, John .' t -
Griffin, Levi: '".Skolfield, Thomis-,apt -"-, >
Gi6son; 'Abigal Mrs -Um.Tb, S~anej, ,
Hel'inquest, Lauren't B 9'Mlrg .... i-_ -
HighMWidaga r. Thom6as, Christia, -
Hall,'James B Ca'pt Tay, Be,' iami' 3 -
Hiflock kBenjamin'J '-Townsend, Thomas .
Hobaif,/Charles B Taylor, DCU : >'-?..
Hughes,.Urmina Miss- Valentine, Pee'r ..' -
eath, H diusi': W' ion, Davrd-l vr-.'' '" -
Hartfield, Samuel WilliamsonJ-R j' ""
Jackson, George" Williamsdj'am.';!^.;
Jetter, Wi'iam Wood, &,.'Ca M.eoSrar-! :
JonesC; H. Wood, B A i t ;j .
King, George B Zamova, .Se"b?w
Lawrence, David Capt
O(^.Personscalihngfor any of the above-letter- :
will please say they are advertised. t- -' 2.'
J oS. S. MAY, Pailm'sw- 7
;- r. ,'~. ',*: '^- ',. '- : ":

rHE subscriber be'q, leave to "inrforri ih-e"< :
J. zen.sol ApalapchiCet. ahd those -o batf (b4 ;
boring countryhhat.fe- haas established a6ress.i;-I i_
this city lbr the' prpqe opr.uitirigiriusts..iicri
posed-.and arrange 4 the Piano Forte, as well".
as for other instrumdnifi. Hfe Jniends-o1-ke- -
constantIly on hand a selection of the-mosFt .'.
iotable pieees,,-and his prices per co p..y, shi4,ie.
moderate, Ib suit the times; he also-e'--or F -
-sale, Piano YFortesof the most approved ian '"
he is prepared to repair and tune Pianos,A-ad p;4t
them in perfect order; he also .6egs leav&.lsa _
that he -is ready to give instruction on 'fbe:Piapp :
Violin' Flute, uitai and all the dijtjnt Brass
Instruments, .-uch as Bugle. Co peon,;CaxAr13
Trmtribune, &C',, a.nd offers to teach b4s' h RiAs 3t.
their' residence, Those vighing n to ,olJn.is
Services, w i nnd him at all timrrtes S,(. t.h"i "
ori'a visit professionally) in his music rnclat-athe' '.
Jlhceneum, Commerce street. -'i' + .'. *'
Orders for Music or Instruments will[eet'wii -
piompt attention.- H- H. BERNREUT. ,, "
Professor ofr 1us -
Apalachicola, July-10; L847. 26---It --
Notice to ftlariuers"'," "
Filth_ Auditor's Office, IIth hMayv, iSdT7. ..,
FROM information this day r eceitd'-'at t.N.
o_'offi.e, I'rom h IIeeltepd'eni of iig'rsfif".t
Kev WVxt, it a the light-houys tff..
stroyed by the I-n- .9; and recent. .I
buift at Cape Floria -9 to hare "been 'fhCt
the first time on W night of .tbe130th 'A i "K
las4t. It will be recollected fhat Wbhis s'"'s, d
will be continued, a stationary light. : .,
+ July .10. *26-1 t : '.
.. i<<- .. .-
Bull's and. SaauI! 1.-I,;-'
S'ARSAPkRILLA, jusl receivedl-fo.sale.by:.,_ .
June 1"21 H.7.--ABELL---^ ,,
Trusses,: -' *-' "
.-SINGLE and double, for saleb. t .-f.- t
. July 17 J. 1 --L'NN-" ,
R ot~E and Lavauder Water, for sale.-b) .. '. "c'*' -
1%Juh, 17 J. C. AL'LEIf,
('an'penten's Extract oi Buecl* i
Juy1 J. C., L~ p- -
Stationnery., ..i '[_
T E(ERS, ijntnails, Day' and Cash-,idoi:. -
Memornch.Jm BookL.siFine Fools Cap; -Lei.-.;.
ter paper, Per,., of evern description, Dosk \.Vtejr. .*-'-"-
Pen Racks1, Ink Stands, Quills, Saind 'Bowee^ ]S-...
veiopes, &c. Al?o-a very extensive *assottmeri- *
of School Books of the latest andf miost ap.proerf _:--
ed to s l. r sae y.c ... -, '- ."

Davtd's & Black.'s :" :.; .,.
\Jjust received and lor sale by '' ; 's '.,.
; Ju lv 17. JS'.C..,ALLW-'-"'
lindow- Gla'ss *? .An[I-.-E ^
OF l szs for sate'b, '/Vl'
Julh 17 J.,.C. ALLEN, ,~-..:_'.'
.fx Lamp Oil -_., :"1-~ '
OF the best quality. t'Kr sumrner use,'for .^d^u *
!,3b [iul~vl'] ... J. C..,A LLE|B -

Extract SarsapajrUlaiif V0 4 -
B ULL'S SA.NDS-, lor sale by t Lhe ,d .e.,i':'.."
July 17 J. J C ,, A ulT"'.-0 -:": :4 0
P AINI"S and OIL of even, description dl. .
Sby [j',i '. .." 1"


1~ ; I



_011 w
+..f- ". *'' ,-...' : ..

(P[rom t-he Bahimore"Aieii'-a-n., July 3 ]
""-'^- l5Da~ys~ tr fron Enrope.
... "'- AbiV:.' -." E:-IN" COT'F L N.
,.'-,Tlie"'C6uar4Lj .:siVatner Caledonia arrived
at Boston at-aearlv hour yesterday nmorn-
it b'i n 'ta ^ l'd'I 'ies fro m L ive rpo o l to tlhe
= '_..- r ,. q -p g"
.10th u :.1 'Our correspontlent at B ioston
.mitnedhintely -despatched to us, through the
-We eaph, tlhe following sketch of ihe Liv-
er.pool marlhets.;
BOsTON, J.ulv -, 11 A-. M.
The steamer C:iledoik Ihs.; Jilst arrived
-with' ifitee'n days hier inlplli~ence fi',m
.Euiolpe. [ I forward yo. tile (ollowitg, des-
patch aVnlhpecon'.nliion of the Liverpool
IlyaIk6t n tIlie 191 h il(.. L
[; lour wis selling at 3oSs. to 40s. per bar-
ref for Amerie-t. The la-t steamer quoted
'i't 'at":4 s. 'to 4:3;. per barrel. "
tIn'dianfi N eal %%as selling at t3s. Q- !4S.
,.Ier barrel'. n[ lian d iTm='rn at 4794. to 5s. per
-quarter. Thfe lst steamer Iele i it at 6,2-3.
R ed _W l-eat .was selling atolls. 9,1. a 9:s.,
w white do. at -l-2s. a l-21. 341. per buslifel ol
70 Ibsl.
Beef' met ready sale at 553. to 60s.:lpet
bnrrej ;_new mes;s Porh 7-2s. to 7,1s., olddo.
S "^ 6" -U6 )'E miiqn e new do. 61s. tO 6-2 .
s7 i nT%" ke-s.
^&iv Oi.,eansi Cotton, oti-
v:w ,s 16 4).t I;' ,l.. 1',1o0 ,
I'lT5 fnv :f2'H. G_ IJ.- The niniket firm.
if i t, e was i,, ty|)e ,,'e received
iimllle i-ol .'++in le-.i)ath1 lifrom Philad.Ielplhia:
The news bv tlhe G.ileotoni 1 I-s- coirle to
hiasl, ;nd l I tlransm it Nou [lie Ioll', iin.:
LIVIRrOOL G61.MtN MlAR;KE:T..It'F 19.-
lie a. ,ri. ;.l t \V W heat f1 nt [h e inl eiil,-i:
of hole .pro,.th or toreign d c iri"i,- tile List
,iv .. -l e :i.s.
flr1: i.Alht 1 1i. e ,,el l verv cilnsliisi' l e, ;3<
.lav e. also blen the imports Ifci tile UniteI
Sl4ptes. For a %eek ur ten days p:ii li lo s-es h.is. t.iken I,1 ice, in F lom.r mlnI 51 .il IJ.v
Tl in.,, w hicli hti ren)l'?reI a l.ir,-? ,l' "ai-
^-,.._ I ttnlierch 'l ii,-,hl e. T lhe ru nm ors ofl il:,
',nppearanee o" tile Potato t.;ie;ist, Ihu;h
if Confirmed,,h-ive not yet slhs-idI, ; but
ihev do not. Oe ercise hlie smallest IlirKlhi-n e
upon ihoe. r, irkei. Siib.e~lmI 1nt tIo Ole d'-
I'7. ) 111u.1e. o t lhe la,I itenimer the im irket fully
re.-ilized the unp'.,id tendency, %hih li 'Is
i.. ln ri ain e .ll (n1 l l .111 ,-l ilt tl e 1 111h S ll c e
,.,v-en, liwever, owin._ to Ihe xiiee e -
.: ltleness it'llie we lther. an.I llie i'riimi-in 2
ip o;,,rl,-e o, I ,r,.1 e ,, iilnl cro,', l. llie 1,.,
"Lilltv of tlhe ni.iiket li is been ,it ii iiei ll.
s.i' ken, and th,. l ,.,-i 'n lo-) t'.11 c le ,r'Y
evincred. T he l-i Ill d i1 i ;. tile f, .ldkfe s
]i ave be e n iin '. ~imiH ll ,I,11 11,, tll e ii.-i ~r n; -
"lia lhs o f 1,>' lt,- r .' ,',,ii ,-'U ,lI ] ,.ie 1 n 1
.ef -c e -,]ii--lv l t I Al ..1.1clh.,r ic elr- tih 'v chq,-'!
40'4,. t6'41;. 5,1. fo-r b,"sl WVesre'r C 1n'1l
Flour. W ilt.it :,t 1 Is. to 10 1 '.1. 2d lor 70 bh,.
lni.in w h-', .lliie 4 1)'32. to 5 .-.ii -r,
-o ,r ii 4 i, ". '-, i r 1,1,1.. l iil ,[ -
plhi.) amn B3 lili'or.',"-!li-" Flom lu -11.. C- hp,
F lo tu r---Y7-. ,' :3':'.. T ,,h a,'r_', very ik uel, ,.'.
'L I"-R ,,,.L ',r N ..rrMAF ',n, Ju lw IV.-
The- C',,tlal M'iil,, lth,,u'_'li Ill., i',i;,- i,1
th e i'rlv i'art ul'f- th i j11 ll, h. i- 1".11 ,l'l -
sum',:t a'.sif,.i .-r *i',s'-l,, t.i.l,. li.-is .iI.lt i, ,:,..l
Or -^ 'vll, -5 1*te-.ji pJr li. l it to ',.- ,_, 1 11
'1 II ] tl, 0 ., ,h i-11 I l
"+' :*^ J -s, ,,l' hit i "i i,.i .*I.s 1" ? ^ ? -..n
"+::7 v*s|,, .e,. ^I~.r,,:,, :,,,,t 4 .1111, f, exr..,'. 1,-.
!) ,r,,. a, '6t, -.1. ^TAI. : A\ ,l ,'-'., .,,,,I M 1,,.il, ,,i
,1.a -t ,' r.*!p *I 1 '-; 4 T A-'1- ,i- |,1.' :.1 -'111.
-to Ai l i'l '.. ai.. .-lir. a=- .
*2 i .l T,,l '.f, tr fre. T he -'.t.k iti, i,,
Si e hivi' i'( at.'"vil a 5 5111-,01.-1) h.les ag.illsli
73'2.U ,t) vI.iles l., i k' i J.r.
"L ,> ,,= l!'' ,-,':-T ?,I.\F;; T it. ,,t l:,I Ill ,-I ,11 C, Of OI hle
T r, vl' 2 i l t i n -'l| i" .!ii* \%1i Ii1.:*i| '| l: ].i'I i >c o l Ul ie

"o l i e pip u lt .il e, zii, e |i, o .-l ici a
"rPm iv 'I f ,- r'. l- i-irc, .9n,0 tl t?_10" :11.e1 ill
t hi e \ l o n y I l l t T 1 "i n B i, ,, o f I ~ n ,:.l : ,n d~
ri'iju i'll'~i.'t.| .11]i i' i ? le r,-,+-l\, I,,,t l eie ,Fm,.1
ate siihie,.t l', .,,nisi l,-r ,i''!-t, rll.fialiiins.--
lh e a l l l o u ill l o f i i P 't S li~ f I e [ .i n l ,f E I ;-, ,
l a ~iL. c i r ,> i t[ l ,ii r ii ,is ti u l .{ _,: ;-.' 34 L') :.;' i .
bl^ a il>i:r.. , ,,i -.-31r;.73". ,,i,.I llhe K.rcl>
-' nn', hlillin-n in i',,,, *"1 > ,J i.p inenH4 a i ,-,,ii.t I,-
^ 0l.l. :35,599, sh,,i.. iTJ a ,leci.- le,.I i,,'re.,'e
uip on Ill e tr in -n c tio n s o f lt h e iii ,- cd t n 2
weel. Altoaei]'t~r Llife tooLet,, pr0iSl'eri-
of|'.COf''UlInIV tie_ Ol :1il ler Pnrijit.ir t-'ina
.'ch-fcier hin he' lv ha-ie been i;,ir somne

p o--tr 1 r' iV B ,+s i o -n S u ,l a t lh e l :3 lh r ,i tn
ihp new. Aiiierc.u I st+; nn-lhll) \%'a.isl ,,"ji,,
'r'O mi l N i- w Y on ik a l S ,_i'I]i niL III ,o n ,111 T ue .-
d tv a fi ;l'p t ,,i n tliie l ."',,h u l ,. T h el "sai'le~l-'i *l-V rfmer, on ih 6,1,- Ilvoin.- ,1 i\.
. T'['li stiya'nsdii)-S irahSnl .? iiis .,,eI fromi
L -v'p. p,1),)[ N'-'w Yoi, on tih .3iir'
T hle fl,-elt' auil I'ote- ro|' illh P|o tiin e-e

."ui-. .u,.n der the co imuiaiil of El .-n.im
ct in -" si, it, o1' 1, slip) ; ,I' % % r \i t. 3,.5- tln.
;-, spuorfi.endered unre no liti,|nill to e O riti h
-Bll ckikading squatdrou off JI'orto on the 31st
--. *. '. - ^ a. :
.. Thfe-American ship Heral,.i, (api-aIU R'm-
.'.' dalTPullen, of and bond l.) B,iltimore.
Froi"-HUtl1 it, with en-ii-nants, went at~hore
irn-a d.euro'; on the -240h Miv, :nd im-
mnedj~abiW l:e>.d-crew andi passcilgers hIad
aril 5een ranmled %iJl10.lot I,:'15. -
.The Steanier Caledonia brings no specie.
this trip..

T Ti'. G. R EAT \W'E' T.-r [rI t1 i cnhire nce
-," i ne or-border lit -f the. .... United. States. is about
3.' nine Uiou ', d five h ndlred miles it) le,1 11
;jt..Itmav.be divided tlhiis:-Botnfdhry iII cori-
mon-'wih British INorh America. 3,700
"if miles.; botuularv in common with i[exico,
4 0;300; coast of the Pacific, 70o; coast. of
S Ithe Gulf of MPexico, 1&)() ; andJ coast of the
i.- : ^ *laint'i. 1,SOO. T le t,:rritorY ihus enclo-
"- y ^u'V'i'ncludi nearly ien ihotus-'n,. milesof
v river and lake nr.-vi62aion, of whieh two-
Oihiirds-are in llie valley of lle M ssi-iippi.--
SG eo tratphersof lorein col.lintlles. h.lve aid1 1l-
t' ted'J.haiILhis extensive country li,.s llie most
vq" v ri'ed.soil, climale I nd.lm d p tlo ucionz 1o1 a nv
: + -->- t^'.on llie lace ol' the earth. rhe -6ie-
% tabi'e.Consequence of this is, tliat its ca-
*i" pabfilifies, for popi'iltion and wealtlI, are
c o rre s l ~ ti-in g ly t; e 't. a- .v

^.,x_.- p.en| ?vlor is not a Politician, says the
W!-:1 LoujJ_tJrna!, but lie is an lionest man
"*' *antd a'XuhiH; aul when he is eleeleIl to, the
^ P resfdeu, he will make the knaves and pa-

F rasites who .now Iawn aroui,. the ;ibomina-
tions'at \ ashiingiion. %alk Mexican !" A
." new -era %ill be introdoce,., and th e Capitol
^. will undergo suich a purificatioit as it -has
n" not known for tweniv-udtl yeirsy,


""^ ,-t

[From the New Orl .an!s Commercial Times.]
Bit A S0-".
By [lie arrival here, \esierday, ofthe U. S.
sleamner asltit.Capi\ Ivy,. from Btasos
the "2'1 initanit, %%e live receivei1 news from
tlhe dillerent ,o-,ts occupied by our- troops
in [lie vall,y of the Riee Grande, up to the
- en.il of last ,iuili. The steamship Mary
A? K.s-.,4t.i/ sailed hence for (his port the
r slie -dav as ilhe Fwhlion. Tha--following.
%te lal,e 'ifom Hie tIa.ai-intros Flag of the
" 30th nil. The 'rejoit is not credited, 'as
Sthe editor reinaiks, that iMaj. Dix, who left.
Gen. Wool's hIead quarters on the-day when
the letter in queiion was di.sl,:tcheid thence,
t slated Iial he knew nlf'nothing wbjch cauld
corroborate ihe information the writer t'ans--
S m i'ted. '* /: i . ,,
. F'Rom BtUIENA Vi T'^Er.;-An' i inknowfn cor-
l,-,p~ind~eni, over the ZigRlature -of W. S.
Waller, writess front Biuena Vista, under
d.lale of'.ltue ]0. th'itI a report was brought
into camp liHt morning, that a scouting
parly I'lotn Gen. Wool's command, was al-
(e..ked about sixth y miles from the encamp-
ment, nie.ir Incarnacion, and all but one Man
either I,tille,. or made prisoners. He further
" st;ites tht (Gen. Wool seemed to anticipate
an attack, and. is tlakin every precaution to
prevent a surprise. Gen.-Bravo is under-
siood lo be c,,ncentrating a large force with
a view to mnalin a dc-cc-n t -uTron_-OG rn a..y_
lord's coliiinu and the writer r is apprehensive
that lie %ill make his appearance before a
sufficient force is collected at Buena Vista
lo repel him. The number of troops at
Biiena Vista lie computes at fourteen hun.-
\ 'e [earn that there %ill be shortly as-
sembled at Mier a verve formidable 'force,
uiilder G(erl. []Oppiub-. destined to reinforce
Gen. TaIor. The EI7leof the 30th ulti-
mio sa\'s: ;+
.. -I_. O F:,r FN.rr_ TION.-Gen. Hopping,
ut-A.w i thils cit\, proceeds immediately to
'i^'), to sulpiintEnnd lhe formation of a
w_"l- n1l of lis|i'icIiicii at that place, for the
troopls now lutre aiid to arrive out for Gen.
T:Ai\lor.-, column. The 16th regiment en-
liIe. is now at ('In.-iI'ro, 3and will bethefirst
.it tlie (.'+iill. T%%o companies of the I3th
ie.'.qinie I passed II' tilhe liver on M onday ;
-lie c'om;,.Jn%.-ia:-'in Front Parades, were it
%%ll re'iin"fi'or -the present, and two more
ale mt ile Biiisos, expected up. The other
five comp.inies of this regiment are yet to
.r!ie. The "22 I reI.iment, complete, is in
e.,i l! :il ihi, i pl:-ce., and %ill rem ove to the
C-Iamp of Insiruction i %hen- relieved by the
Illi,.,ii0 i,'00ol-.S, ,IIilr-sIooI to be on the way
out. ThIe Lot.,lion ,of Third Dragoons,
[l etu ie arl tin iror ,,ifis to remove to the
c.nnp, bt6 t.their m:iil is k i d laye'd -in conse-
q.1, in,.e of" tle no-i-, ii ,-,l of horses.
Inll t 10-1 ihle lrooi s above mentioned,
hIe ',illoin; l-'force,3. raiseil and to be raised,
,ii,.1ri tile rI,-,ent call 6,r volunteers and as-
.i,;'it: i to Goen. Ta l,-.r, will enfe'r Gen.
H;,I~pn''s coul at Mitr as fast as they ar-
I\'e .
O-e ru-n:.init ofiiila.nir from Indiana and
on-11 fll'm1 Ohio; one b.mti.ilon (5 companies)
N, %% i ei .le 'sev ; o'je h.i'ti'll'iob (5 do.)
filin Del"n,ie and M.irvlind'l. one battallipnL
15 dio.) !',.im Al.ibanm:,; olle Cornpany of foot
Ir YO Fl,,1id.1; lour e,-,il'znnes of h6rse from
i!;i..-,i-. \llikins-is. Olio '*mnd Alab-ama; two
.,, il,tj -,, ,l" ,,t I,111 V irginia, and 'one
( ~ri'i p il)\ ifi,-, N',oilh C ,inoa. ..
T1 e t ... %t-, ill be p-ei_-ised in their stuL-
,li,-- .,! i iii; s> l mvl i dler Col. B ell.'ia|p.-and
%%hen iiev snh:-ll hIave I.issed through a
,,,,ii e ,lt' in1,1.10uei0o1 Oliler- him theye, will
I.... i,! l\ [IN -, .-.J 10 fio,,lit uader G eii. T ay-
Ioi l' il illble i11lnnfr. -.
TE\V.. -ij--M ,.I,.,r B-n. MeCuHoch:, .ant
lin. c-I [,m.,v !n1" spiiii,-l boys, have bee6
,li., t,,,-. I in) 11,, l i.,u fIi for sevi' .,Il d ays.
"fit," '.t ,, ,I. % li i.- in l .,. id health, left for
".,m ,,. _. t \, iI-, ,v. T hIey enlisted for'six
n i!]!li-, a ,I if n, i'el- t .ive ]d, will relu7'rn
h,,fne a;ulI ,.1]-l:.,!n,.l. Ill sLieh an event the
M .l.ir. as; lie h;is f've t (June, will hold him-
-It.li i it r, j1ne-srt; r any further honorable
Qr '-.ice Ili; ouioei nnieni mnay require-of him.
-- *'/./-, '',i//t ,n/l. .,
f.'t:'-! A..ED.--Mr. C':ifi, who was impri-
si,!,..], on :, -lharse of -,hooting a IMexican,
hi.i bxeon ;eqi ttiieil and. is Bow at liberty.
-- It;,]. .
[=R.virwv.--TlIere urs lo be a review, on
ihei l-i Ii_-tfnt, ol" all ,hie troops quaripred
',t ,"tIl ilnmoros, r'pinsisIl-i'i r['abo~ut 1400 men,
D ,' :' ,, ,irn : n d. l ,,i '. | rt r i yv C o lo n e l D a v e n -
pllil, con lm liii .,ni "I'l'hi.,t post. "'
'T lie.] ... ,. ,. I ,:' i o!Rnhii l over rfflty dlschnr-
2e,.l i oli.lIiteeflS :ntl,.l tehiin-;i>:Si <.
P ,\ts tt G t,,xs.- 'P lis -form idable w ar
e'n'.:iie, ,-,f lnclh so, intlthi his b~en lately+..
s~ii', amI whlci-l, lh. s I'een commonly eon-
siiele ,ir. ,hen inicitio!n ,-!" tile ;French ,Gene-
ral whcse ri.lne it- l.,e.irs, is in r'e'ality the in-
veniiiiii ul~icLi. Sl-iirs oili~lnnie D,-'p irliment.- The
f,'I.)llo in, nole ii irol.,iiiii to this :S',Ri,',rt is
>:oiiaineil in llhe valivihlle w'ork on MIlIiL.i'
Ail amI Sri,',eon^ by Li,:.n. Hrll,-"ck.-United
SI ares En-ireeis, uii.der lihe head of "Siege

A n'ill,=Ly :" ; .. .- ,.
T hi--,.e pieces were fi-il iiivenlc,.l by Col.
Boii'.,,rd. ,-f ihe ii+iei S ,,,es \ Ai y, and
used in the war of 1'1-0, The dimensions
,Iftlitsei- ,mi.; l eie ftiist iakeU t6 Europe
bI a Nq' ,,n,-r Freuih officer., and thus fell into
lhe lian,.Is of Gen. Paiihan, who itmniediate-.
Iv intl!,ueil<-'l h i nm inlo lthe French service.-
'they v.erer hv' Ilis inme,-is first made known
to. the rest ofEurope, ndil receiive-d lhemname
o f lh e pe,_? on h o iriti':,,.lnee ,.l lhim inte th e
Emnlipein services rather than that of the
origRinal ilh' i ,-eior. All these facts are so.
fill si.Iseeltible of proof, tha-t Europeans
now acknowledge ihenmselvps indebted to
.us- for lihe invention: even G'en. Paixhan
.ive.; utpall Ol.ii!,t to o0 i in.iliiy in -his gun,
and limits' him.seiI to certain improvements
,which he inl, reduced. TIe o:irijial gun
which .was invented -by ...Coll. Bonfui,1, and
whose dimensions were; carried to" France,
is now lying at the Ordinance depot, in. the
New York 'harbor.- ... .
DIASTOLIU A<:E.-Do as you agree.
The plighted word& sho Uld never:be broken.
Have ,No -owed to leapinto llie dock? o-
abdtdo it. But mind and noi mnlake a rash-pro-
mirse. Look beforeyou leap, and-n~ot leap
as thousands d6oandl ;1fierW:dlS_,% when too
late' to jump back,- iiiierlyv.Lnient the con-
seqi iences of.your-folly. Tile Ibest course
is to keop voureyes open, your moulh shut,.
nIl your hlinit pure. Then, if younpromise,
you will not hesitate to fulfil, or run crzirvy
because every oI1 .is pointing to you as l ile
:1,1r1 who' never fulfils his or'ecn en ts 0r
lives- up to hi word.

[From El Republicano'of'5th June.]
The importance of the following docu-
ment, lately intercepted from~jhe enemyfi-
"ducesus to publish it. It reveals the Scar-
.city of means of-our invaders, and shows
that we should not be discouraged in the
prosecution of the war.
A little constancy-on our part, will suffice
to vindicate our icpulal .'-e, -and let the
world -know that we dese'i.ve t-o be free, and
that ambiiio.n and good fortuineare not the
titles for the possession of Mexico;
New Orleans, 13th May, 1847. "
CAPTAIN: In spite of my former calcu-
lations, Iohave not been provided-with funds.
On the .'.ih March, tlhe Third Auditor
"a!vised tme- t'(t I had .$750.1000 to my cre-
dit'b% is books, but I received ,no informa-
mation from the-Treasurer on the subject.
By a letter of the 12th, I was apprised, that
Coh.Sta,'lnlon could not obtain the remit-
tance, so that I cannot expect it, n6titth-
standing the many motives I had to rely on
it,. Ah 'arrangeme-nt .has been effected With
CoIrcoran & Ri'ggs, to provide o6ne .'filllion
of d dollars at 'different periods, from, 3d.May
to 28 June, nearly two months, and I need
more thtaiya million per month, and should
haVe .at least $150,000 ready at an Y moment.
-have received 6150,000 .of .the above, but
it is as a drop in a bucket. "I sent a share
-of it to Major Eastland., who was in .'uch
want. I hear that $500,000 more have been
received, but it may. meet the same fate as
the $750,000. If I obtain the amount,
a part if n6t all, will go ,by Montgomery, in
the Massachusetts, or earlier-but at any
rate, I shall lose no time, as Capt. Irwin
wants-one million in Vera Cruz, of which
$500,000 to be drawn against, from the in-
terior, in the course of the month.
I much regret that you cannot obtain
funds by drafts on me, but it is not to be
wondered at, since most all the drafts
that have been presented on me, I have to
pay, with -bills on Col. Stanton, at Washing-
ton, and these are put into the hands of bro-
kers at-i+to 1 per cent. discount, or else 1
have to let them remain usnpaid for want
of funds. 'Some of th'e drafts I give are
remitted. I believe that matters will short-
ly mend.
IDraw upon me if you can but if those
who take them are not willing to wait, ex-
press, on votitAdrafts, that if it suits 'me, I
shall pay thetF-.n1bills on Washingtan.
Between s3'n'difig specie from here, and ob-
taining it in your place by drafts, the letter
would be perferable, because the risk and
expense would be avoided.
1 deposited, on the.25th inst., $20,000 to.
your credit, in the Cannal Bank, which I1
have probably omitted to advise you, I have
been very busy.
McRae is here, waiting orders from the
Quatermast'er General, who, I earn, reach-
ed Washibgton on thie 1st. Belger has
been-busy buying horses--manny of then
have been shipped to the Brazos, for the
operations finder Taylor. ......
I am ygurs, etc. T.. F. HUNT.
Lie'ut. Col. and quartermaster. General.
To Capt. A. R..HETZEL, Vera Cruz.
The N. 0. Bulletin copies the above
and remarks:
WVe have been berated by the Union, and
olher Demnocratic presses, for our remarks
on tne miserable management displayed by
the Treasury .Department, in respect to
fudds it tinisplace---the loss of credit, loss
of money, an inconvenience that had been
entailed-by the want of tacf, foresight and
knowledgeo-n the part of some parties, at
Washington; Whose duty it was 'to make
the he'c'ess'ry arrangements,
We give above a translation, from .El
Repuhlicdvo of 5th J une a Mexican paper,'
published in the capital, of a letter from the
Quartermaster General of this city, to the
Quartermaster at Vera Cruz, showing in
strong colors, how inefficient all the Trea-
sury arrangements were on the subject,
and confirming everything we, have asserted
respecting it,
It will be seen-that Col. Hunt Mta'tes, he
required one million per month, and that
another million at least was requited by the
Pa'ymaster's Department here. particularly
when 18 or 20 regiments of volunteers were
returning, and were to be paid off at this
place. The Subsistanee Department, also,
required large sums, and the wants of Gen.
Taylor's~arrny were also to be provided for
--witha all these enormous demands, staring
the disbursing officers in the face, the Quar-
termast~er here ,is advised that he has $750,-
:000 to his credit at i dshington, bt nothing
-from the/Treasurer on the subject. Shor'lty
after, the. Quartermaster. at. Wash-ington
(Col. Stanton) advises him h)e cannot remit.
Col.. Htint then learns that Corcoran &
Riggs are to place 1,000,000 of dollars, in a
period extending over nearly two months,
when, at the very moment, three times that
amount was. requiredd, here and at Vera
C ruz .'L. .. .. .,, :., ., -
We. will not go into. any. further details
as to the'lellte.r, as it speaks for itself, and
the whole of the disclosures ini ho h

ne-flect of the Treasury Depatmeot in pro-
,iding means in due time at this place, by
which; not only the success' of .the cam-
paaign; but also; thee actual safety df both ar-
roies, might have been compromised. We
are indeed glad to, learn that the operations
of the campaign have not-been cramped and
retarded, ndra-cAbal injury sustaiued, in con-
sequence, ;
The -letter, when written, ,as a onfiden-
tial communication from the Quartermaster
at thiscity, and-was necessary, in order to
explain to the Quartermaster at.Vera Cruz,
the position and prospects, as to cash for
hi:;departnlent, but having fallenjinto, the
h ujds of (lile enemy, and appeared in all the
Mexican papers, there is of course, no im-
propriety in publishing it here." .-.
The phraseology of thb letter has probab-
ly suffered by th-e double translation.
The New York Herald has a letter from:
its editor-i-n 'Paris which says the Govern-
ment of Belgium and Prussia have made
arrangements to esltbli-h a line of. four large
steamers between Antwerp-and New York.
Each -government is to furnish the funds.to
construct two apiece., The letter- goes on
to say- .
This is a very important ,ovement, in
connection~with the coinlnercial intercourse
btixePn New York and, north of Germhany.
In -,bboni a year,the great,,line of.raflroads
from Antwerp-to Berlin will be coinplete.-
This line is now finished from Antwerp to
the-Rhinoe at .Cologne, and also fromBerlin
to the Weser. Last summer.I travelled all,

the distance that had then been +finished,
'which was the. space between.Antwerp and
Cologne, and between Hanover and Berlin.
Whe-.finished, the whole'line from Antwerp
to Belin can be travelled in twenty hours-
and, frqm Berlin to Vienna in forty. hours
more.,,. The intercourse between the United
States and Germany will then be ,is rapid as
that between the United State and Eng-
Only reflect, (o a momnnt On the pros-
pects of tha steam~ntmer0courae between EkU-
rope and America in a 'few short years.-
During the present year three lines will run
-eaeh of four large steamers-one to Bos-
ton, and two -Lo New York These three
lin,$s comprise ihe British line from Liver-
pdpoo to Boston--t'ei French hn6e from
,*iavre to New York--and the &merican
tjei ofr m New York to Southam'pto0 and
^S'tem.^T..here are now preparing- three
^ia1 lines of,.f6oui large. boats ea'ch-
n tihe Sarah Sands and such boats as
Swn hook. The three lines
,&w, boiildingare the American line from
New York to Liverpool-the additional
British line fromrriverpool to Newv York,
of which-,the first boat has just been l'aunch-
ed at Greenock-atd the Belgium and
Prussian line. wbich Will soon he sei on f-oot.
All these will make an aggregate of twenty-
four steamers engaged in the regular trade
between the United States and Europe, be-
sides the old ones" In one year, when these
lines of Atlantic steamers, and the principal
railroads on the continent shall have been
completed, there will be a regular arrival at
N-ew York from Europe, three times a
week, or eery second and third daiy in thie
summer season, and half as often in the

[From the Mobile Advertiser.]
MOBILE, July 2d, 1847.
At a large meeting of the citizens of this
city, assembled together at the Public
Square on last evening for the purpose of
nominating Gen. Zachary Taylor as a can-
didate for the Presidency of the United
States. the following proceedings were had:
On motion o'f (oIlier H. Minge, Esq.,
General ROBERT DESHA- was elected
President of the meeting. On motion of
S. G. Fisher, Esq., Maj. L. Maolditu, Jona-
than Emanuel, Esq., Gen. Thomas W.
McCoy, and C. H. Minge, Esq., were ap-
pointed Vice-Presidents;- and on motion of
George N. Stewart, Esq., Leonard F. Sum-
mers anrd.B. FBoardman were elected Sec-
The.President, in a brief and appropriate
address, explained the object of the meeting
and concluded by pronouncing the meeting
open for the reception of resolution.
On motion of S. G. Fisher, Esq., it was
resolved that the'President appoint a coin-
mittee 'to draft resolutions expressive of the
sense f tthe meeting. IGn aecordanve there-
with the President ap'pointed Mjssj.rs. S. G.
Fisher, E. L. Andrew's, Petei.,_"familhon,
Win. E. Stark, Wm. Sayre, Ul.,-fICleave-
land, 11. B. Fontaini, George N'. StfwarI,
and Thos. Holland. > ";::
The committee retired and immediately
returned wiih the following pteamble and
resolutions. the reading of which was re-
peaTedfly interruplted by loud bursts of en-
thusiastic admiration :
Wa3EREAS, A period has arrived at which,
in the opinion of this meeting, it is impor-
tant that party distinctions heretofore gov-
erning the country, frequently wditbout re-
fernce to principle, and founded only on
party, organization, should give place to a
unanimity of action which wi4U,ginbrace all
those who are most deeply interested in the
advancement and prosperity of the country
at large; and whereas, in the opinion of this
meeting, the best promise of such a result is
given in the selection of Gen. ZACHARY
TAYLOR to be the President of the Uni-
ted States foir thfe ensuing Presidential term:
Therefore, sharing in common with our fel-
low-citizens of other places the same enthu-
siastic admiration for his prudence, courage
,and moderation, which have been already
so significantly recognized- by his fellow
citizens, fe nominate him without distinc-
tion of party, a's the PEOPLE'S .CANDIDATE
for ihe Presidlency of the Uniled States.
Resolved, That the history of Gen. Tay-
lor's life-made up as it is oflacts of great bra-
.very tempered, with humanity, Wonderful
prudence and slkill, connected with a char-
acterofsingularyirtue, energy and persever-
ance, does, in, thie opinion of this meeting,
point him 6ut to .his countrymen as one
whom the people wili delight to honor with
the highest office within, their gift', and the
talents and statesmanship he has displayed
in hi~s public despatches and correspon-
dence as well ..as in all the responsible sta-
tions he has b~een called to fill, give. evi-
dence that to his hands .the affairs of our
beloved country may be safely trusted, and
its high. character fearlessly committed--
and that his administration will be conduct-
ed fearlessly and honestly, on pure republi-
can principles;. ,.. .
Resolved, That in the aetiori of this

meeting; there is no intention to create new
distinctions in party affecting local matters,
but only in regard to the selection of a can-
didate for the Presidency, to avow an opin-
ion which will concentrate the wishes of
those,who desire a cessation of. party strife,
and a free exercise of ihdividuai suffrage.
On motion Of J. W. L. -Childers, Esq.,
the report of the committee was received,
and the preamble and resolution's unani-
mously adopted. ,
Mr. Childers was then loudly called on to
address the meeting, He responded to the
call ir a brief, beautiful, and happy address,
which \ws received 'with great- 6pplAuse.
Mr. Jo'lin A Campbell was then called on.
He addresed th'e meeting in a-speech of
considerable length, arid of great ability,
power', and learning.
SMr. $C. Fisher was then called on.-
His remarks were briel, mainly declining to
address ,the meeting on account of the late-
ness of.the evening, and Lhe-ability with
which the subject, under consideration had
been handled.
On .motion of Gen. Thos. W. McCoy,
the proceedings_ of the meeting, were ordered
to be piu li-,he,.
On mnolion. t-he meeting adjou-ned.:
ROBERT DESHA, President.
T.W; McCoy' Vicp--P~reside Its.
L. F. minersr, -., +
B r F. ,, Secrplarvs,

-',-1 '^Bij-'lN.ixA'low.--In a~n article.
*o4 ,vPr the-Philadelphia Ee-
ni tl! ^ utotes+ the following from a
pa'Pa'P jp, Southwood -Smtah+ on the
Londcnr'F' flospital. .
"Noaio0 .particles,"'heiys,8 ae' con-
veyed Dno tqthe system-through the thin and
delicate walls of the air vesticles of 6be
lungs in. the act-ofrespiration. 7%-e mode
in which the air veititles are formed, and
disposed, is such as to give to the human
lungs an almost incredible extent of absorb-
ing surface', while at every point of this str-
face, there is a vescular -tube, .ready to. re-
ceive any substance .imbibed b*y it, and to
carry it at once inio thte current of the, cir-
culation. Hence thei.nstanfaq'eous 'and the
dreadful energy with which certain oisons
act upon the system when brought i'nto con-
tact with the pulmonary surface. A singe
inspiration of the concentrated Prussic acid',
for example, i's capable of killing with. t-he
rapidity of.a stroke of hghtning. So rapid-
ly does this poison affect the system, and so
deadly is its nature, that i .ore hth oi' e 1hi-
siologist hasjlost his l ib fencautiousl'y in-
haling it wh'ie sing it-for th& purpose of
experiment. If the no' e .ofi aB+ anufial be
slowly passed over a bottle- on'talninc +this
poison,, ard the animal, happen 4to. .npire
during the moment of the passage, it drops
.dowx.-d ead&- aa usly ,- l.a;-hei
the .poison is applied, in the form of" a liz
.juid', to the tongue of an animal."
The Patent Officq Report furnishes the folf-
lowing important information :-
Wh'eat, oats, 'rye, Indian corn, potatoes,
bay and tobacco are raised in every State
and Territory of the Union.
Barley raised in all except Louisiana.
Buckwheat raised in, all except Lobisiana
and.Florida. .
New England, New-York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wis-
consin do not raise cotton.
The States that.do nqt raise cotton, to-
gether with-Maryland, Delaware and Indi-
ana do not raise.rite.
Every State and Territory except Iowa
rears silk. -
Every State excepI.Delaware makes'sugar.
New York raises tihe most barley, 'viz:
1,q02,282 bushels. .
New, York raises the most potatoes-24,--
907,553 bushels. .
New York raises the most hay,-'4,595,-
936 tons. "
Ohio raises the most wheat-10,786,705
Pennsylvania raises- the most rye-8,429,-
226 bushels.
,*Pennsylvania raiises.the most buckwheat-
6,108,509 bushels.-- ^"
Tennessee raises the most corn-67,738,,
447. bushels. -
Virginia raises the most-flax and hemp,
viz: 31,726 Ibs:.
S..Kentucky raise the most-tobaceo, viz:
72,322.543 Ibs. .
. Georgia raises te most cbto'n,.viz: 148,-
175,129 1bs. ., ... .
South Carolina raises thfie most rice, viz:-
148,175,129 Ibs. :._..,. .. .

From and after this date the Mail Boat will'
leave Apalachicola on ,Monday.,mornings at 9
o'clock, ind Chattahbochee on Thursdays at 5
A. M. .+ .. July5; 1847:

. ... fl al s t e ;.'+ : +; :
rfI y'ft;E subscriber, late of'Aibew;
n f T 31_ Georgia; woIld revMW*ftHy.." "
-umcen to the Citi;en.of Apalac.iroia, fbar he 6ah
.ha8s omt'eiffied givin"- usic esso(s k n'iS"fi -, ,
lowing instrumental: Spanish Guitzr; Fhtte, Vio,
lin, (Tenor or Alto Violin,) 'iid 'vpi .ti=fi
the number of my pupila will k4 ib ited, lr' tT
,now forming classes. Tbfi e -wp so( ye:4 .
in the' class, would do& Welf to a[Iy O aly A.
possible, as they can have the primSl 'ss "*
ing the houis'which maiy bst 8A-t...ri -
An evening cIass will be f or :''
men who cannot attend during e .
day. ." .-. :. ...
.Ladies wishing to take lessons op0 S :-
Guiitar, will be- attended it tl Y^iepdwfo,..f;
hbuses' .. : I I I .
010 for a course -f' .
plication'can be~miAe at my re!idence; r-tr 4f -
.E piko al ChhrelA ,*- : ++-..". ,
u 18 4 :- 3t 'c: NiDERWl, -
"June 30th, IS4"/7-3f. -* ,* '. <-L=

Stock on hand Sept. 1,1846.1088
Burnt since 1st Sept.. 100 .
Received past week ............--
previously ...... ..106,061, -
-Total .........-107049
Exported past week ........... 6,950 .
previously ........... 96,2)5 .
On hand a'n- don shipboard not Ieaear...3829




Comrriencing 1st September, 1846--and same
time in 1845. +,' -.;, -
: Past Previlf | Last
WHITHER EXPORTED.l week.lously.4T9T Iseason

. .1124:27796 .28920 .36487
..-......2592..-2592 ..4858
..'. 912'.'.1368 '.S 0......
...... .'.958 ... 958 ......;
'.-,.* >.- >.:. *... ....950
..2036 .32714 -347554 .42295
..1983.18747 ,18747.33370
...2931 ,15985 .18866 .12880
. .'. 6916. .697.. .965
.... : ,.,667 /-.-667 .'.932-
..... '. .2660. ;-2660 .'.2494
....:;. 1556. .15564 ..2374
:,'. .': :;3012 P.3)12 .. 2640
..5914 .63561 .6947T5 ,<61055
..... ,,...1032-21) D03,50

L iverpool .... ...' .;.
Havre ..... ...........
Nantz .......... ......
Trieste ...... ..... ....
Genoa....... --, -
Other ports..........
Total to For. Ports.
New York.........
Boston,..-, ...........
Providence ..: ......
Baltimore.... .......
New Orleans .........
Other ports...........
Total Coastwise,...

-. CLEARKED; -..- .
Jyul 12-Bark John Btower, Sutt'on, for Bo'ston,
bvDBWood&-Co. -
Jaly'14--Bark Jane- E Williams, Williams,-for.
New York, Nourse, Stone& Co. A. .
Bark Missoiri, Sflvester, for Trieste, by I .M
W rigfit'., + ,-
Brig.Enelineme I, Manwariag, for New.York, by
Nourse, Slone & Co. .'.....- .,.
Ship Ma .than, Johnson, for Bosl6n, by:D-B
W ood & Co. ..... -,- -
July. 17- Ship Floridi-an, NVhitteniore, forLi-ver-.
pool, Noursei, Stone &CO. .

LIVERPOOL-Per sllnp Floridiaii-1128 bales
TRIESTE-Per bark Missou'ri-912 balas -cot-
ton ..
NEW YOEK-Per bark Jane .E. Williamfs
1158 bales 60tton 68 bbts lurpfenine 30 sack& peas.
'Per brig Emnplip-A-.25 bales cotton. +- :
BOSTON-Per bark John Brower-12;2 bales
cotton +200 sacks corn. <
Per ship Marailhan-1709 bales cotton.A

PERSONS having bu-iiness with the undersign-
ed, will- please call on Mr'.: \VM. S.-DAM-
EREL, as I shall be absent for a short time to a
distant part of -the state- -
July 17. +-.s PRANCIS KOPMAN,.


PDERSONS! having business with Me subscri-
bers during their absence from the city, Will
please to, apply to Mr. Charles A. Green. -
, July 12. J. DAY & -CO+.

RY, for' sale by
July 17 J: C: ALLEN-.;:;


PORT OF APALACHICOLA. -........July 17.

___ _~____~_ ___~_~__ _~~______~__ __

WPmHtFri BEHrutut-m



.UNI.LN..A f... -' T1 4-- ,l -C =Tt -T --- --N
_"-, ": .A-'EM BLY. ... .

._'rl lt sO to amend the.: Constitution of this
Stith as to extend to all free white male in..
h abitatts. f,.ing 6ili:',if ofthe United States,
whe..qlin l li,' resided zoithii this. State one
-year, the ('ir,'ofranchisor.
SECTION 1. B, if rnaeled by the Senat'e and
6House if Rrpre5tlalivti s of the State of Flo-
rida in:General Assembly convened. That the,
first clause ofthe sivth.iartiie. of the-Constituti.i'
be so amended a- f,.,ll,:L% s, viz: Every free white
male person of the ao-,_ ,:,t twenty-one years and
-upwaPJs;, and %vI,) sh-1ll be, at the-time of offer-
ing to vote, a citizen of the United States, and
who shall have resided -and had his habitation,
dotricil, home and- place of permanent abode-in
Florida, for .*rve ve%" next pr-ece.linm. the election
o at which he 4hall ,lA'i-" to vote, and.who shall, at
such time and for six months immediately prece-
dhin.Y said time, have had his habitation, domicil,
home and place of permanent abode, in the coun-
ty in which he may ,!,i:: r o.) vote, shall be deemed,
a 1'-alihed voterat a h elections under "this Con-
stutiion and none others, except in-elections by
general-ticket in theState or District prescribed
by law,-in which cases, the elector-must have
, been, a resident ([, the State one year next prece-
ding the- election, and si oi- ,thli. withini, *the
elec-tion di-stHriot in which he oovr t.o vote : Pro-
vidted. That no sl-I, ier,,seaman or marine in'.the
regular Army-or Navy of the United States, un-
lessIhe were a. qualified elector of this State-pre-
vi..is to his enlistment as sch, soldier, sea-man or
marine in the R-.Li r Army or Navy of'the
United St-te'. or, of the revenue service, shall bb
considered a resident of .the State in consequence
of hllii]- _tjtioned within the same.
c Passed SI i:, ,., De1reml>.'r 1, 1"_4,3.
; D. H' MAYS, Pi ,-.i.eint Senate'
[- H ABCHRi S^,retaiiy Senatfe
PF,-.-.d House; Dcemnber 16, 1846.
~ -ROBERT BROVN, Speaker Ho. Reps.
M, D...PAPy-, Cl-i
..An .Jct t_ amend- the Constitution of'thisf Slate
so as to make the sessions of the General Ils-
[.Kem~y bhrn niai iiifl,'! oft mintal.
SC[ONN 1. Bt: it i. n,.,ted lbi t Iie Senate and
House ,tfV'Re.p.rinl'tlti os yt't!l State of Flo-
,Tide, in Gqiar,,idl .lcibjablq ein',,". That the
aeconrd clarse of "the fourth article of the Constitu-
ti,:., .,il'tIiI State be so amended as to. read as fol-
;lows, viz: 2d. The members of the House of
Representatives shall boechosen by the qualified
voters, and ;.h-ill ,.soiw, fu.r the term of two years,
from and at't.- rl ,tl,,dy ,:>f the-first election under
the amended Constitution, ',and ndolonger,;- and,
the sessions of the General Assembly' shall be
biennial, a,,t com:mlern'on the fourth Monday in
Novenmbe;, in each-.and every second year, or at
such other times asmay be prescribed by law.
Sec-:2 Be itfurther,.c ,'-l.,1 That the third
clause of the fourth article of the Constitution be
amended so ttint (he same shall read- as follows:
3.1. That th,. Rep,'e-eltatives -shall be chosen on
the first Mon.1,1% In t he+montli of October, in each
and every se,?-)rirr veIr, from ald after the first
election un,1rr thlik .arnen.ed Constitution, or on
s;IIlh other d.iv, as mva be d birectedby law.
Sec. 3. Be iI fiiflifr (naot.,d, That-the fifth
elaus ";?f the'aforesaid article be so amended as to
read as folio.v-s. vz: The Seraf,.rs shall be cho-
sen by, the (],ijhitied C eoe,-t.j,', tr the term of four
years, at the qaltne tie, in tlh,-,-init e manner,and
in the same place where they vote for members
0of the House of Representatives; and no person
shall be a Senatoe .unless he be a white man, a
citizen of the United States, and shall, have been
afn iTiTinri-tr ,>f tlii-i t%%t)r I,.,r tw,)yeal, -next pre-
cedinghis eiction,'and the last year a resident
of the district or county for which he shall be
chosen', and shall have attained the age of twenty-
fiveyears. :" "
Sec, 4. Be it further enacted, That the sixth
clause of the aforesaid article be so amended'as to
readas follows, viz: The lal.5 itn of Sena-
tors, as'made at the first session of the General
Assembly held in -the Year 1845, -shall continue
uich an,z, ; one half of whom, as nearly as possi-
ble, st-all be chosen forever hereafter biennially
for the term of four years: Provided, however,
: and it is hereby de.wliro,., tlhat the term of office
of that class ofSardor.i -unexpired at the first
' election under the amen.e,.l Constituticn, shall
extend to, and expire on, the first Monday in
I October, eighteen-hundred and fifty. "
I Sen. 5. Be it further enacted, That the first
" election for Assemblymen, under this amended
C,-nsfituti,_m. shall take place on the first Monday
* in, October, ei-htt:-en hundred and forty-eight;
r and thefirst session of the General Assembly, un-
5 der th iii3 m .nedd .,n-t~tt.'rn, shall commence on
- the fourth M...ii.lhy in November, in the yeaI
eighteen huniilred .n,.,d forty-eight.
! 'Passed Serilte, December 22, 1846. -
....D. H. M1AYS, President of senate.
fI' H..,' AR.- R, Se,:Pt],:*(l*, of Senate
- .Pas.,:,t H..,,,-y ,f..l .]i.Dec. 29, 1848.
g ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho.-Reps.
M.D. PAPY, Cler'k House Reps. ..
y M arch 13, i84q.7.,9-6m *: :'

llkflQA 'N~oticecs. I

IN Franklin Circuit Cour~t.
Arabella E. Hepburn; widow of'
Burton Hepburnv deceased,
Jo.eph L. Hepburn, Georgeo0.
Hep~burn,/Annie E. Hepburn i
and Caroline B. Hepburn, i
heirs at law of Burton Hep-
burn, deceased; Daniel K.,
Dodge; Ithe heirs- of John |
PTeabody.,, dee'd., whose trus-; -
tee is D aniel McDouga9qd p*/ Bill for Dower."j
John AV. -Campbell; Hudson -*^
A- Thorriton; Nathaniel W. i ".
Thornton; Hines Holt; Sea- .
born Jones, John H. Howard -'
and Edward Cary, trustees of ; ':-, .
James P. Calhoun & Charles \ -.--'"."' "
L. Bass, composing the late ^' "
firm of Calhoun .& Bass; t
William Howland; William ,- ..
Sloan; Duncan McDou-
gald; Mordicai Myers, as-
signee of George W. Ross,
a bankrupt; Daniel McDou-
gald; Joseph &' Lawrence
O'B. Branch; William H.
Brockenbfomgh and .the Bank
-6f Pensacola, i
Defendants. '
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Jadge of
this Court, by the affidavit of the Complain'-,
ant's Solicitor-, that the' Defendants hereinafter
named do not reside within the Western Circuit
dt the State of Florida, but within the United
States of America; that is, that the Defendants
Joseph L. Hepburn resides in the State of Texas;
i the said George 0. Hepburn in the State of Mis-
-souri; the said Annie E. Hepburn, and Caroline
B. Hepburn, and the said William Howland,
each in the State of New York; the heirs ot
John Peabody, deceased, and Daniel McDougald
their trustees; the said Hines Holt and Seaborn
Jones, John H. Howard and Edward Cary, trus-
tees of Calhoun & Bass;. Mordicai Myers, as-
,signee of George W. Ross, a bankrupt, anal Dan-
iel McDougald, each reside in the State of Geor-
gia;, the said John W. Campbell, Hudson A.
Thornton, Nathaniel M. Thornton and Duncan
McDougald, each reside in-the State of Alabama;
the said Joseph -Branch and Lawrence O'1,
Biranch and William H. Br6ckenbrough, each re-
side in the Middle Circuit of Florida:: Bis there-
fore ordered, that the said Defendants hereinbe-
fore named, and every of them, do appear and
answer the said bill of complaint, otherwise the
same shall be taken pro confesso against them
and each of them in default. Provided, this order
ibe published in any newspaper printed in this
, Circuit once a week for four months from the
date hereof. Dated April 11, 1847.
Judge fo the Western Circuit of Florida.
Complainant's Solicitors. 20-4ra

arles Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
Chas. Roglers & Co.,
Water street,
dec 1"2 Apalachicola, Fa

A. GREEN. C. H. Co'mrut,.
Green & Conncry,
No. 36, Water street.
elican M'lulual Insurance Co. of New York.
CHAS. A. GREEN, Agent.
Dec 5 -. No. 36 Water street.

Jolhn S. HutchlnZn,
No. 50 Water street.
Solicits patronage. APALACMICOLA, Fa.

Jas. F. Farrier,
No. 50 Water street.
'Dec 5 Apalaclhcola, Fla.

P. W. Cullen,
Solicits a share of Public Patronage.



D. B. Wood &- Co.,
No. 7, Columbus Row,
Nov. 28,1846. Xpalgohicola, Fla.

Wylie & McKenzie,
No. 42 Water street,_
Sept. 1, 1846. Apalachicola, Pa.

FOR the cure of Didpeprrax *dndig~isrfwiro>fil-:
,ous and nervous Headilche, Contifthen
Diarrahoea, Gout, Rheumaticn4, Graj, o^l, tat-
iency, &c. For sale wholesale arrd r*4ei:by -
Dec 12 J. C. ALE .P%,.11M ..

D. Danforkh, "- .,.
Cotton bought on'draer.
Refers- to-
3. -F. New Or -na '"
f. G. DtrlLi, '- -
AIesssrs. Wk]nE & MKElvz,% '
I. S. HtrTtikr~gois, & T, Ap~lacnteola.

Tiaranta s Compound E t j
"Cubebs and Ci) a. i,.
^v~r~sa^ Stands nrival a' ife -
elefficacy; it performs s'Wre
in a few da ys -no '00"f_ -
m e nt or r s r o i x
S3/ ^" necssary.t Wi^tlnbe_.c..
foobed invaluable, being pre
paH'ed wilh the greatest ,'
possiMe care, upon well
tested 'mnc~lds, founded
Opon thatl Important law, "*4'
first establislbedtigK he eel- f '
ebrated Dr. Fordyte ', viz:
'. thai a eombina~ia~tin dsigi2:l- .,.A
i-lar rethedies would produce a tyoWre'cwtt' ?-]"
speedy, "and considerable effect,% .han,any
lent dose of any single oneO -i manyjI's t'
disease is entirely prevented lby its timely .)p.- ,-.- "
cation. Fc-rsale by C.
Dee 12 i.. c: 's-

H. D. Darf -
No.- 2 Columbus Bndingp-,
Dec. 20-, 1845. Apalachicola, Pa.

0 May be found at his residence, cdorrrer A
entiree and High streets, opposite the Mansion
louse. Nov 8.

Dr. A. WO Chapmanm
Ojf--Office over the Drug Store ofB. S. Hawley,
entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
January 10, 1846. 2"-tf

Ls. Fred. E. Dugas
No. 2 Columbus Block,
fDee 6, 1845. Apalachicola, Fa.
Dodge & Pratt, -
No. 40 Water-Street,
Nov. 22 Apalachicola, Fa.
H. R. Taylor,
.... ..No.-2-P-rWater-streetf,
sept ly Apalachicola.


In District Court of the United
States, for the Northern Dis-
trict of Florida.
Daniel N.,..McLean, and .-
others:, owners of the
steamr boat Augusta, '"
"s- vs. *Libel for Coltision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula,
her tackle, apparel and
-NTOTICE is hereby given to all whom it may
S-L.N coneer -n tat-by-v~r-t-e-of- an attacl-fmeat
warrant of arrest, issued in the above cause, I
have seized and taken the above mentioned Steam
Boat Eufaula, her tackle, apparel and furniture,
to answer to the libel filed therein, for damages
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.,-
That the said process is returnable before the
District Court of the United States for the North-
ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's office of
said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
third'AMonday-(tith day) of May, instant, at 10
A. M., at which time and place the said cause
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachicola, this 15th day of May,
in the year 1847. ROBERT MYERS,
U. S. Marshal.
by H. R. TAIxLOR, D, M.
May 22,1847. 19-f.


W. o,. I. Davis,-
Offers his services to the public in either of the
above capacitie&.
He will- practice -regularly in Franklin-, Cal-
houbn and Jackson Circuit Courts- -and wjll, upon
a special telainr-, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Wes'et- ire'Bit.. He wilt also,
argue cases in the Court-o Appeals at.Tallahas-
_aff,.thw- aes.5ons of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalaehicola, September 8, 1846.


CANADIA,._,,IRttllIFR ,_l '-"
The remedy to ^^ph wewould call'4hiAtefiirf-
lion of thepubl .4Mfie which has pr0led'&OC
cestful For a torigjbfi, and it is utaieraalf'-. -'
kno,.Wdged by av l who have.tritd'i;.'ffa |.f- "
SUPERIOR to any olkrvtnedicine.e-M yed
in diseases for which it is recoa e-ipSlot
unly destroys WORMS ANID -R8E8
carriev offthe 4aperabundant 31'-O ,
those in bad health, .The mucus forms I he b.be
or nest in which Worms produce their yt06kg,
and by removing it, it is impossible4or..,X!B-to
remaining the body. It isharmlfsos rh.-jtsi lelAt
on lhve 9)stem, and the heakh. a AIbe ptot -s
always improved by its use, even, When. no worms,
are discovered. -: ".- .
The Canadian Vermifuge is only 25 .ce~tWa
bottle and is much more easily a'dmitlisteTd ,th~ n
other. "
Prepared only by JOHN- WINER &.flg" 83
Maiden Lane, New York. ']-."
H. F. ABELE,. -Ag^' *
Jan 9 for Apqdao1dueja-.

Francis Kopman,
octi Chestnut-Street, Apalachicola, Fla..

A. G. Semmes,
80- Office;, o. 2 Capt. Simnroin's Itlding,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalaehicola, Fla.


i, R. WOOD.

Wood & Co.
No. 2 Columbus Building,-
Oct. 31. Apalachicola,

H. E. Owensim
A.T T R NEY A-T -L A.- ,.
CLi.ATPo Barbou-r County, Alabamna.
April 29, 1846. .2-tl

John Bilbo, -
W- ILL practice in the several UCourts of the
South. WeSkern'iircuit, and-- Tt ed
Stewait counties '
Aug.,5,1845. 31-t"

Franklin Circuit Court,
Charles Barnarnd, AbelI
Adams, George. W.
Barnard and Charles
Larkin, Merchants, Attachment.
trading underthe firm .Sumsworn to $4543 90.
Oof Barnard, Adams, Damages $9000.
& Co."
VS. --
John Dill.
TPHE Defendant and all others interested, will
/ take notice of the institution of the above
suit by attachment, returnable to the December
Term, 1847, of Franklin Circuit Court, and will
appear and plead thereto, according to law.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Apalachicola, April 13', 1847. april17 14-4m

J. C. Allen,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
GLASSy-BRUSHES, &c., &c.
also, ,
-1 general assort.ment.of
cor. of Chesnut & Commerce streets,
Dec 4 Apalachicola, Fla.

L UMBER INSPECTOR.-The undersigned
having been appointed "Inspector of Lumber
for the Ooanty of. Franklin, 0fiers his'services to
the pub lie in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining tosaid- appointment.
March 22, 1845. : .^ -- .

The Great Canna'diian m .
Unrivalled for the cure ol Couglbs,C6dajH l
8lilling of Blood, Wiho.opingCougl g .
ty of 'Breathing. Pleurisy,' Cboaeuln i la^ f,.
and all Diseases of the Lung .-'
Bronchitis, a di.ease-that is aw t A
sands to a premature grave under "m .,
Consumption, can be cured by ustng. ll iAi-
cine. JS. ~'''r.
For several years past, this medicifrehK' A t.IsSe
in use in Canada, where it "hasbeN&aji^^B g-aal-
I know, and is considered I:he'feh is -b gd}:- I ft 9 *
in use for ajl pulmonary diseass.'.. .'-gl-.-eat
suc,:ess \, which has attended its ussie-.. 0-
t1y, arad the mar,3 truly.'wonderfuil cur.jB^
have been effected by it, has induced e-,e p- ie
tnriq to introduce-it into the Unil;e c.,1te- ..
fident of its-being the most" safe.anq V al :i
m "edy eer discoered, and adapted' to aflV. B
of the lungs, when any'of the ltn<^ sflU istM W
perform-their natural or hiasty actiQfr.'ej- _Btg.a.
'unetoriS oof the whole.s\ystem, d'it x-
citement when excess IQe,alhp r ,
sorenres and pain, and speed1 i ng .enpw-
e& igo r and c.la'tS'icity'Jo tLe who,. r~aiez "
Prepared ard "sold, whole.ea Widreaf. by
JOHN WINER & Co.--3 Maidte.,I.,a'^w "
York, soie proprietorr I;T..-L:it'eA States.
Jan 9 'lf~~l^ el?>-

B. S. Hawley,
No. 28 Water street,
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.

^lynrtsitzra~or#No WallOt

Avery & Jones,
No. 43 Water street. .
Dec 5. Apalachicola, Fa.

State of Florida.
Y yirtue 0ft le|..i,,-,.v,:r vesed in me by law, I
s1V ha'l expose for sale, before the. Court House
door, in the cit, .:,.r Af ,d- -icc.h, Fr.mmim c,,un-
ty, on M.-,I ,.h'v the ..vetv-mili da3 ,:,f O,:f.,ber
next,"at t1, 6 ,.is,., hours of sale, so much of the
ladts lying opp,,-,"te thie city of Apalachic`ola, and
known-as Cat:Point. with [lie lanids adjoining, as
Wvill be ,.irri.:-e,,t ,:, I,,k,ni 11e l f i of Three Hun-
'dred -and SeventY D.-llir-i iand c,..t3, for the
ai,,-,iint,1 olf th, lState Taxes: due from the Apa-
l'lhi,:,,l, LiiIl (C,:',ipfnY o n the additional quan-
tit ,-, an-s ild- I. i, ll--'in this county, and
liable t.-ITa% f1.r t0-e ,L:r on.le thousand eight hun-
dr,'d atid forty-five. ,
............ ON--LUGCAS, Sheriff .
and ex-officio Tax C.:.ll,.;-r,,r for Franklin Co.
Apt~l~.:lhi,:,.,1i, April24, 1847. '15-6m

NOTICE-Six months after date,., Will apply
to the Hon. Judge ,jf Probates for Fraviktlin
Co-unty, for a final discharge from the Adminis-
tration of the,-estate of Donald Camnpbell, late of
said county, deceased. "
Apalachicolai June 5; 1847.." -." nm

J. II. & J. fl. Htnll,
No. 48 Water street,

Franklin Circuit Court.
Roberts, Allen & Co. I1,-I
vs.' -I Attachment $459 21.
Ebenezer Hoyt, and Damages $800.
Wm. C. Lawrence. J
T HE defendants and all others interested, are
J1 notified of the institution of the above suit in
said Court, and they are required to plead to the
same. as required by law. -
A. G. SEMMES, Plff'sAtt'y.
Apalachicola, April 14, 1847. april24 15-3m

B. Ellisom & Co.,
24 Water street.
Jan 23 Apalachicola, Fa.

NOTICE.-Six months after, publication (.i
N this4notice, applicatiofi will be made to the
Hon. 'Judge of Probates for Jacckson county,, lor a
final settlement of the administration of the es-
tate of Samuel N. Spears, deceased, -aW6 of said
February 14, 1857. 5-6m Admrinistratrix.

N OTICE.--Six months after ,(ate, I willapply
--L\-to Ith-eon. Probate Court ofY-amklhn
County, for a final discharge from the amidnis-
tration of.the-estate' f John C. Perkins, late of
-said county, deceased. .. 0 :-"
ApjIaachieC:la, Nov. "2I 14-46. 44- 6m

Franklin Circuit Court.
D. K. Dodge, ) "
James C. Watson, et al.
D. K. Dodge, ) -
D vs. .. g Bill for Partition.
D. M,-Dougld, et. aLt .
/GEORGE W. ROSS having filed a petition on
'the 22d April', 1-846, p.rjNii, to have a cer-
tain amountof inOneynow, in Court, belonging to
defendants, appropriated to the 'payment of his
fees as the -Counsellor and Solicitor of said- de-
fendanfts; and the matter having been. referred to
me as Special Mi-ter in Chaiicery to. act and re-
port upon the same, after having given 30 days
notice by publication in the papers. It is there-
fore ordered that saidGeorge W. Ross, the defen-
'dants Watson, McDougald, et.,al., .itd all others-
iirterestd, to appear before me in the city of
A pal tchicl-la on the seventh ('th) of April next,
then and there to present'or defend th.ir respec-
tive claims, &c.
Special Master in Chancery.
Apalahicila, March 6, i-.4'7. 8-5i
( r The earning g of the above matter is post-
poned until Friday, the 16th inst. :
'Apalachicola, April 1 I, 1 -17- 13-1tc
W- The hearing of-the above matt-er is post-
poned until thb 30th June next. {
Apalachicola, April 21, 18T7. i 15-2m
{: The .lij,'ir. 1f" the above matter is post-
poned until thte "'iti,- of November Iexi.'
Apalachieola, July 31 1847.. ':

E. J. -Hardiin, .... -:--% .....
,-Office,. No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.

Peter's Vegknlable Antibilliots
A FRESH FI i:.lh, jA t r.?..,..iv.-d and for saleby
A ApriHl 17 H. F. ABELL.
NT1 BITTERP, ,i'it iec-ived and I..r z:,le lby
-Nov 21, J J- C. ALLENY.

Roberts, Allen & Co.,
And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and. Cop-
per Wares.
Dee 12- Apalachicola,'Fa.

Saratoga Water.. :' Ht..: bLf'g "..".
UA-RTS.'and Pint, freh' fo sale. ['. ti." ^ 1^. -
A p, il 17 H FP ,B EL L a

Blank Books and Stationery. v Balsnm o" ^ ^.^-- L
LEDGERS, Jul., ral, D.,N Book,, &,c. A RMEDY -most pet]'ecV.* i'- ^-.be
->,) reaims FO,,Ial|, and'Letter Paper;' discovered in settled OoMhaiWeptih, 4vet
Cotton M r,-,rardum Boo.ks ; Conplaint, anly of-their infcipie -rt.-M f. io ,
Ship and Rive, Bill- Ladini; on the. ChrooTherrtalostei,.by.-ttoesia~e..oI
-B,, hslor Leiter Pre. l" -. :: : Ductor TAYLOR'S ,feljebvied m .iRd1 ,116
B1, nlie -"O -------.IE a"Gt.ui ne BA,LSAM OF Liv EI woR,- bi
Blin Bil~u Evh.,e and Check-s, pae at 2"k) B("AMOVE POT h<
Ji.i.it e.'eived and 1'.:.r sale by -: P' a3 B)W R\z Thii.pjah oJl' j~
March" I V. :- "H F. ABEIt. now espoused yv ieie-ral en.fien.i ht '.s..aB,,'
and has been fur' a long time, thetlO.: ,he
.: :' ":]..For Sale- unparalleledd success which h aL';p t'e! d'.!oc.t
i BBLS.' FLOUR;. 50 bbls. Whiskey: TaNlot's medicine in peT'toiii'Tos AtW6-I
'- 1.0-di ds S .' icues, which ii niany;-" py trvy Y" r,.e ve
Just E1itled frm F,:l,,.:,ner Annand fori sale 4een almost incrediblee, but. the--i&Hcl' fs
low, for'enah, by S ^ tle Doctor can-bring forwo, rd-SacO.Srwi i Sl
A.1M4,'1h 27 -NOURSE, STONE & CO. \ve adise all who ,-aV hayje .c rsanr-Caps bN ilie case o,, l..r c.h by clds3 even, ,, use1 'sh; yqrtea spw, hct
1 B. ELLIS)N & CO. delay.- ,.Fra,,kli n says a sntAll 11edfc. ,a nk a
b--- big i, p." Therefor, c.ire ..'Pur cou -gbefroe
For Sale, -s' }or hmgs are past cnre. Eya.ea'lea^.-.
1 f- H H D .'. cl,,u,:e N O Sugar; ... AL N S" "- .. ."
51-1'*' hbbi Floiir by. ** f ~ fS :
Feb '2 NO'-)URSE, STONE & CO. CAUTION-The ',aeti'iSue D)q-.Jwi's-
o -ALI; OF, LIVERNORT, tias .9N a
QALAD 01L.. ,]jt reckred.andI'lo h splendid steel plateengrami^Mlo. "a-
SApril L' H. F. ABELL. ,erfeits signed by GurdonTJ..ULe-( list, is
" ".' :! Bay KIIHI. vile and dangerous imitations 4nd Iha.p r b .o
A F-RESH s,,plvy ot A. Frncl,'-i s,.,peri,:r cautioned rnot to purchase or doatl;-ij4t, as;J io'
Bay. Rutm, just'received and for sale by protected b\ the U.- S. Copy Right Lra.; 3 "
June 10 H F A B E L L M a r.'h "ll 18t6. ':- ly '1"

I ITTERPS, jut reeived and f,:,r s:,le by
Nov28 1 .-H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

Wm. W. Sims. WM. W. CHEtVER.
Office No. 24 Vaier ^ireet.
dec12 ,I i-Apalachicola, Fla. '

"Lampi Oil.
w 1IN TER strained, a splendid article, for.sale
: by ;-[j:ii.A"] J C ALLEN.

W. T. WooD. ... E. B. BALLOU.-
Wood", Ballou,
oi,-'e No. 42 Water street --UTp TI.-tirs.
JA Ja 16 1 : ./. v A p.A lie:.':,l, t Fa..

-"Bailey's Tonic Mixture.,
T ":IS is a valuable C,,nloui,' fluid extract of
Cin.,hona and Rubra, a vegetable ftbrilfu,,e
foX t'ie cure o" Fever and Ague. Sold by
J u1 1.2 H..F. ABELL.
Ba&Ring, antd Hope.
'. "i 1if~f PCSKelentu,-lV Bagging; "
," "rWJo0U 1-,1 coils Rope; ""
-..-.. !, 4 batle.; Baggin Twine, for sale~by
i" -e1 5 41j tter street.

^ **-- CoffWee.
'-"*" Jt~r r BAGS, R10, I'ur l-i by'
:. W). J *:.': May 15- J.-DAY L'CO.-
*. *' -' , 2r.-
.Z R...t-0,EAM TARTAR a,,l Tauam^S, just r&-
,i 4",.J[W ceived and fur sajlt b, -
": ,. A ,rill 17 H. F. ABELL.
-Aarsaparilla Syrup.
T d p -ediv muld l.:,r ?,jleby
Ju^?' H. F. ABELL.

C ,-LD Pie ..d C.-'tirOa,,,i. and S.l.jr,,.t\ W water,
just ri.,'iv,:..t and for sale by'
April! .-. H.F. ABELL.'

ThlIoinas Prestoa,
No. 28 Water st.-'Office second-back room.
Dec-26 Apalachieola, Fa,

%^ r"SET -'E V11UP."
"Atinen,'Huin Bowlingp Saloon.
THE subscriber_.bPgs leaveto announce to his
J r lTie,.l'- ni-' tl et pIlm i,- -.e er.ih v that he has
bfc-U rnl e s. e ii ,-,|,i leh-1 rl }t,_ ,,il:,.- ve e t-tbiili4ln ert,
andl, .]h e- bv,, pr .,,-r i-i-r i -. ,-tevt Sl llCt :-It-
tel ot -* n. t, -fi,-rnt w i_',:,hv --f.'he ,.,f tlie p :d r,-,it: >-
liei,:to.:',r-j so libe'ralv Ybestowed upon the House.
All persons in,:leli' to the. above establish-
ment, will confer a favor by settling with the sub-
scriber. JOHN B. JONES.
Apalachicola, April 9, 1847, 13-tf

SPlatf'oram Scalesi.
2 1200 lbs.-IP:itf,,r'i Scales;
2. 1600 Ibs. do. .
-2 1600-lb. Beams, com plete for'Coitoaweigh-
ing. For sale by '

Edward 1BIcClily,
No. 50 Water street.
Dec 5 'Apalachicola, Fa.


2111.5mri~a. EsftcctooAg.

I 1 0 I i _-. .-.. -_ T -

_~_____ ____

-~uCwrYu ~n~lHarli

V. Nourse, H. B. Stone, H. W. Brooks.
Course, Stone & Co.,
No. 46 Water street,
Dee 12 (Apalachicola, Fla.
Loct.,aart & Young,
.. R H A N T S '
*" No. 53 Water street,
nov21 Apalachicola,, Fla

J. Day & Co.,
No. 52 Water street;
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.
Q9j Also, Agents for the ".-EtnaInsuranceGO."
e" Protection Insurance Go."I and.the" Hatt-
rd Insurance Co.?",Hartfordi Conn.
Harper & S Holmesf
.agents for the
of the City of J'ew fork,
No. 51. Water street-,
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
Wm. G. Porter& Co.
No. 41 Water Street,- -
Dec 5 Apalaohicola, Fa.'

cookie c ore ,
No. 13, St. Charles: Street,
'feb 8.
Bell & Lawson,
Jan 23 )AIfiRIDGE, GsoE sIA

Edward cCullyv,
'Offi ce No. '0, W dter street, '.' *'-; .
Jan 16 Apalachicola". pa

S & JT. Schiitfer.
t Particular attention paid to putting up family,
steamboat and ship-stores.
No. 49 Wafter street,
Nov. 14 Apalachicola, FIa.-
H. F. Abel l,
OILS, GLASS, &c., &,c.
Also-A general assortment of Statinery.
Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets, o
April 11 Apalachicola, Fa.

Benjamin Salter,
No. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec. 1, 1845. Apalachicola, Fia.

~~ __ ___

Printers' Fn'ruinisinig Warehouse.
X \'. 17 Canal strtttRow.
T 'I:'nHE cn.,rsired b,.- le.- to announce to
1 P1I)iisher-'-and Prirtere, that they have es-
= t"bl ishe,.I.l complete and t,:enlive TYPE FOPLN-
:' DRY in this city. The B1.)k Letter of this
/ Foundrv %N'as cut t.).order by w.,,,kiei of long.-
*experience6, and, as no expense was:,spared to,
obtain the haridsone't faces an.. to p1-rt eot i in.
-every respect, we will. venture to say it will [*
found as handome,ifn,,-t the han.Js.,)n-sct in the'
United States!,- \e have also a very Itai,,-)nje
assortinen it of. Flowers and Job Letter of the li-
test qt 40b %which we would call the att.-,,ti,.,n
of t"A-erore purchasing else.vlere. All.
airf'acture.. by us shMall be of a mate-
Ti VICt s,.perior, to any nnatntfjct,,red
t-'t r and as we sh aIll sell Type -t New.v
"i-or.p'te.', we trust to nmteet with encourage-
"" nf. .: .
.".e are:.now prepare,] to munul'actire BRASS
RULE andTYPE ol any ina-.itnjde, withl'pr,_,mpt-
'nV3s. We youl,^also'particulalh call It},e al.-
tention of Printers to our LEADS, liavini an en-
tire new set of moulds, by %%hi,:h we are enabled
: to furnish a perl'e't article. W~e ,are also Agents,,
'for th! s'le'oo the Napier, 11j-Iiril-tn,,, and
Smith Presses, which together with Chases,'
'Case., Composin- Sticks, Fu,.uiture, Ink, and
-every other article required in the-Prinliin, b,.,si-
.... "lies.' w ill be k t,- .tt arld, and I'ur,,,_-[ted at
in ,ll i nmfiiactuer'cspri,'e;. :
Editors anl Pr'nteri_ wI hliz,- -I eo ibbliilh a
'.New.spaper or Job Priiitin.-, Offie will be fur-
nihe- with an estim ite ii ibl-tanl for the ;.-nie,
% y 5'v tatillg. tile size rit tllr p-iper. :.I tlhe pjiiticular
-: -style an, ,ifniitiit y of .",r, ;1' t.-) hb -,ex,, ted..
") 5- The pr.prierrs of new.v0:,a,,-rs w l lo wil
pubillh tfi3 a,1verti.:-rnerit six m.-otlhs, aiii. erid
a paper "to o r ofi,_'e we..elly, will. be paii r:.:" the
&advertisement bv 111i -ohi-zii six times the amount
,of advertising bill in T p:e. ..-
--1 M .Iav *22, 1"_ 17. 1")-";,i 17 'an-,I .3t. Row.
A..LL pprs.-ins are hIerebv 'vwairri, c, n.,t to'con-
A tract for, receive, or t., s,-h1> ay Cev:ir Tim-
ber, cut or takerl Iromn the Latnds of the Ap.alach-
--ionia Lind Coimvny; there bemn%, no perrm for
any sqlch privilee.. Ai notice i-? k!o haerehy
-given to certain iper-.ins wlho are known to be
ino.v eiiis,:1. in cutting, and, collektiiaga quantity
of Cedar Timber dn thIe L'm,.!- ,,f the said C.mpa-
ny, viz: on Croo.k.d atnd O.:lo.'koney 'rivers, *to
deoist from their iii,[,t'iCul tre-|paiss, and not' at-
'tempt to remove sd timber. The penalties of
the lw will be strictly entorced a3iin-t all the
aFirlies, in anywviie coiieo-ted ,:.r irnli,.:Ifed.
Trustees ot the Ap'ilachicol.a La1nd Co.
'By. their Attorney :
.Apalachicola, Xpril -2-1, '1 ; 17. -15-6t
Cabinet Furniture.
"IAMES H. COOK,, 9"-2 Broadway, neai Wall
J street, New York, owners f:or sal'e, a lull and
complete assortment 61 CABiNEr FI.TRNI FURE
; ant CHAIRS, which lie warrants to-be-equalto
: any in the city, at the l.:,llo.ving unusually low
Mahogany Sofas frorn $21) to .lhi-ach.
; do. Chairs 30 to 120 per d.oz.
do. Ro:,cking Chair fIr rom $"5 tb, $ -eac h.
do. Bureaus 93 t.:,9;:5 "
do. Card Tabies ,91J:)t,-, J'3,) ""
do. Centre Table;, .1.-l to975 "
do. French Bed. z, $1S to.Ij,.) "
;: Also Feather Beds, H-lir ittes.?es and Bed-
-cing.of the finest qtualitie? and at the lowest inar-
ket prices.
N. B. No extra char I ::r ^,..?Uiii^ a-ia- -I -
** ping.
-'i F ebruary "27, 1,;17. 7-'3m ,
i /% HHDS St. Croix S ,,.-pr; "
10 )20 do New Orleln, S'i4.irj.to arrive;
I 'l l:O) sacks Rio Collee; ;,51. d4 Java;
4 1) bxs Aromatic Toblico;
.5:. "* Mniift'd do. Brow ,'s and'L albY '.;
S" 21) Sperm Candles; ,5') b!s brown Soa't,;
100 bigs Shot; 50 kezs Po.vder -
-12000 Ibs Leid ; 4 ca-iks Linseed Oil;
200 ke-s WVhite Lei.', No. 1, Era and Pure.
-For sale by WM. G. POR rER & CO. "
Dec 5 -41 .jrater street.
Tarrant's Efirervescenl Sellzer
H EALTH RENEWED, and all invigorated
H and healthflul condition of body prod,,,.ed
by the use of TARRANT'S EFFERVES.'EN Y
This preparation is univers:,llY allowed to bt'
the most popular remedy ca' the present diy. [,,'
the prevention and cure of Indig,,tiun, Bili,,iu
ami Liv.;iComplaints, NerT,:-.,s \'veapness1. Head.
acet,-Heartburn,.habitual C,. stti'ei-_s-, & .
Travellers and residents in wirrn clinma es w~l
find it a.-desirable article-, it preve,,ts? ay ai?<'.
.. mulation'of bile, is p,)rtable, and the r,,etlh,,d ,:,
preparation is unusualh' co ve lenit. ('hild,'e,
have tfr~uent occasion lor z,-.ntle and c'o,:,lin
... ;.:'*" purgativlei; Ihley will take t!ins aperient in pre.

tere n ce to a n yv o th er. S ,.M ~ '.\ l,,-,le .d ,.', an d reta il b 2
:=./. Nov ;. J. C. ALLEN, D,'u-'i.t,_ &c..

".. Drags A' Medechine'. "
TrHE subscriber has just received-per reCefi
.. At.arrivals from New York, a "f,.,ll an,] com.
plete stock, consistin'. in part, Sulph. of Qui
.: nine, Hvd. de P,:tassii; Cauistic: Pot rse, S,,lir'ine
Murrate and Sulph. :,,f M.:,.r.libne, Luner Cau~stic
Chloride ot Gold andll^ Calomel, J:l.:,l
." ~ Ipicac, Iodine, Rhub^^^ r. and Ro,:,. S,:.,
-- -ha- Epsom Salts, Bacl]t'ives. (astor Oil
.. ~~Seid [I ZTPowders, Sud a P,:wd,. ^, Su p I!er, lt,:,w.e

..F a .. ed, ,:r ." ..' : ..' s Ppl of as
sorted Glijs -W\are, and a general a.0rtment o
~l~l! arti~ es in tlhe Dru _ hlie. For sale by :
%une"IS" H'. F. AEELL.

... Cong'ess %Water.
I- N pints and qua,'ts, just received for ssale by
June 1-2 R.- F, AGFELL.
< .*., .Window Gilasso.
;' :. A. LARG E lot, of assorted sizes, just receive(
.l and for sale by -
Ju ie l-2 H. F. ABELL.
P F Pahaeea.
H" "[_Tou( an SWAI naceWt receive
;") .1. andTdr sale bv .
June,1-2 .H. F, ABELL.
I. .., oarhound Candy.
:-;;- T'ASEi;S Clair-ied Essence of Hoarhoun
P- J. Candy, just receive, and for.sale-by
: J-jre 2 H. F. ABELL.


T. H.Austin & Co.
No. 45 Water Street,
Oct. 24. Apalachicola, Fa.



__ __

_ I_

Florida lolasses.
IN tiercesai,.I barrels,-for sale oy
Feb 20-, .2 1 Water street.

S. MU. Nickerson,
'* '. '' N a. 1, Columbus, Bl,.,:k,
Dee 12 "' \ -pal .:hic,>ola. F6.



























o .








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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: July 17, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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....-: 1*>::-S'.4 : ..
.,. -- -- -. ... .. .
'r ,



4 .

. .

,5". ., ,'
...., :?'; ., JrJl'r.1' ''"'"'

I .-.-..-_ --.. .. : .,..,.. ..



1tmttCttvet t5tr I

-- u_-- ------- ,
-- .
-- -
;:: =-- -------- -- =-- -- .:!

< +-
--- .
--- -- -
: .. ...


-- : a saSaaa- W
--- -----
--- -------- --- -- --- --- --- -
-- --- --

ADVERTISER A CAKP.N 1)Octl2! -1.' 3y the evidence one who saw I at her husband ; :; .
you i -but his fuce seemed 1 dared ;
COMMERCIAL SEYMOUR takes this method of informin _--._ _. entr the house." : passionless hardly to hope ; she C&UIdOCeVeh
-- ----- -- ---- ---- ? ; there was no hope. She took the think ; only her affectionate heart
SATURDAV FIT tha citizens 6f Apalachicola and iis I. lifted
rUBMSHKD EVEUY {From the Presbyterian Herald. "And shall I tell Francis how that up
] : you, pen wrote her her '
her whole wordless
vicinity that he ha removed down on the cornerof aspiration, too to be
WYMAJT.AV. TIlE LAST WISH.: evicnce was ?" said his mother
J. L. gained in frame
grew rigid, and without or
Water and Centre !Strer'ts, and feol'm t thankful i a sign even a prayer.
The wish of Mr. Wilson the celebrated f orni the aim' biting tone she well knew how '
for the patr nag c heretofore extended to him, touSe mourn she fair.ted. at his feet. At last the child's voice within 'called
(I. : i. DAVIS, Editor.n '. thologist, in regard to his bnrial-pUce, is beanti- I now see why Lady Lester It
} Frar.ctsWcn't
gave was Sir
he to
the over
solicits a renewal of same, hy oili-ring tully expressed in the following lines: : abroad ; and loudly and fearfully, "Auot EuruieAuntEunie
fe and select Stock of GOODS, cofisistiiu yes :rjay and to-day two such long audicnoVjer the wife widowed her
BritteH'd DciMin t. corner of yon very neat In some wild forest shade, young by own deed, ; come as Eunice went
TUtnl ant
"'' Ciimmcrce Story and Chestnut treets. ; in part as follows: Unaer I some spreading: oak or waving pine ces! : father's old servant, why she was left alone. But for the babe who remained Emily had fainted ; but she lay tremblng.-!-

Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles. Or old elm festooned with the budding vine, ncelel his assistance so much-to be a spy to cling round her neck and look at band's aims ; her colorless face he '

.rtiS..ltirT1ON.Fhree Fancy Prints, do. do. Let me be laid. upon Icr husband !" her with eyes like those of I'he husband his shoulder, and heavy tears rested on

3aB< Dollars per annum, Alapaca: Lustre ; do. Figured. In this dim lonely grot, Sir rrancis clenched his hands involuntarily whom she had lost, Emily's reason: would on that poor pale free from lie stern falling

f ni.d in advance, or 3 ;50 if paid. within six Silks, Grode Ryne.do. No foot intrusive will disturb!; my dust ?nd looking fixedly at his wife, said!, have left her. The magnificent house was of Sir Francis Le .tf'r. eyes
ior. :;: I if paid thereafterX But o'er Die !songs' (If the wild birds shah burst, in a lone so low and suppressed that it become closed: ; and she took her abode in the
niion taken for a less term than stx do. Satin Striped.Pancy Cheering'the spot. up TJiey were ,reconciled Love had iri-
N"t\ d sS2 will:\! "vHlably.be charged: for Cashmere Robes! almost whisper, "Emily Lester, is home from which she had been taKen a umphed over pride wrath obslioa'cy! ; ; and
\\ iriVi will be discontinued until Not amid charnal stones, this true 1"Iuch beautiful and bride. Thither
? Vo niiwr do. Marino do. happy the the husband and reunitedwith
unless at optIOn erred
are iI.uJ, : i do. Delaine do. loving care Eunice followed her still and
'ifll arr..roies With tattered pall and fringe of cankered: gold, ; an affection pacing that -vrn of bride
l\r u.1ins, India Book. bones. was not yu sc far advanced in the ways: of Emily: gradually became calmer and wiser and
'nrQprte1Or.DYc1UrI4Er twjh'c lmesrttr May rest my bridegroom fur it had iried in the
:\ ,:, !!.- s1uare ( do. Swiss; Luce and Colored. wrong as to vji! that error bya falsehood; ; and better under the guidance of her furnace t'f'n
of One Dol'rltJ'r cou- suffering and had
rtt'cl at the rate But let the dewy rose, come out the
1. :i')the will first uc, iu and=' Fifty Cents for every subset Ed ins: Lisle, Cap and Thread. Thr snow drop and the violet, lend perfnme, she answered steadily though; a deep( blush, sin. Eunice's own path was far from pure gold of Jove--patient, long enduring
Shawls Damask Silk. spread itself o'er her face and neck Yes
1 .pvertion.1ut Above the spot where, in my grassy tomb, smooth. In her first high.hearted fearlessness love.
do. Marino ,
>, hose t' hh aivcrtise by the .\'Nr:1 liberal do. Plaid W 001. I take repose. it is! : of poverty, her very ignorance had In the home to which Sir Francfs once'

, *"' ."ill bt if.ade'! ; but all advertisements not Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves. Year after yearVitlitn Her husbaid!, to Emily's great surprise made her courageous. Now she came to :more brought! his, loving and now' w hor'th. uIy-

I li.ounT t \ Mlinr; tft their own business as well] Tuskan Bonnet latest fashion. \ the silver birch tree o'et me hung, did not answr a syllable. his head was experience how bitter are those trifling but beloved wife there was no more
5tmllv" \ IJ.- ,?i i..em t'.ts sent in by them, will Gip ey The chirping wren shall rear her callow young, colness,
< bent that
I' rlta.l' RihbonOn! all varieties. and his! features immovable. He offered gnawing: cares t those who have Known no ".
Shall; build her JWt'ling! no
all l''I'.'..*] : ymaal rate ::: near. llul Wt'lrf' estrangement. err
a -lMr.ced at the \1. Brown Shirting: 7811 and 31. no justfication, uttered no reproaches the comfort of easy circumstances feel so haps was a fortunateihing for the marriedpair '
b' /. \lI.[\ | .rllalverti xmnts r.nvt: paid Bleached do. 7-'! :1.1.11 1 1, lU.ll1 I 1--L Th lark And shall at ch.iniit the: purple a pealing dawn >of ugabo\e dav, and his silnice irritated her beyond) all Keenly ; how wearying is the constant struggle that. the mother of Sir Francis coulq' '

(II .&i\,11" C.J.r T .1 fir" ."...nncunc111 Blankets, G-J and b1.Injjrain 1. And I the J-hrill quilt hall pipe her song of love, abounds midst violent bursts sobbing, lo spin a sovereign into the longest no longer dissner the bonds that do's'ei

..T 1 1"I! OoJ Ur. will bi! o and Cotton Carpeting. When eve grows dim and gray. she poured tut a torrent of recriminations : thread of gold wire 'possible. The grim again and! forever : she slept beneatti a marble

I ;.'Iidl'I 'T'Ss from! a chance mustVXV Carpet Baa!;*. all The black-bird and the thrush, all. her force! calmness! had: dep1rtf'd.Inr) ogre, poverty, whom (the brave heart of monument, as frigid, and stately 'and
-j- [ watt!:! the! cash, or city reference, Boots,< and and Caps Shoos.Clothisiu style-: The golden oriole shall flit around, she upbra'ubd Sir Francis with the bitterness Eunice had: at first repulsed so cheerfullyand hollow as she hrr"elf in lit lint! 'been.
fl.t 'I' And waken with a mellow gust of sound, of an irjurcd wife. boldly, had his revenge by all sorts of Perfect bliss is never Known in this,
of all kinds. ,'o'rld;
loin1'1"' inoTlKtn ; The forests' solemn hufch., I have eidured I sly assaults. But in time she bore them if there
--- ':-- Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and too long- will endure yet can be a heaven upon earth,

I mi'ivothfrartire! ,' too numerous I to ment iOIl. Birds], from the di.-tantsea no more" sic cried. You trust me not, better, and felt them less ; and it was a balm; that of :happy home, where love-'not girl

Dry Good Call a'd; examine( for .yourselves.N. :Shall sometimes' hither flock on snowy wings, and therefore you cannot love me. I vihl.to 'lo all sorrow to Know how much sIte was hood's romantic ideal, but strong, deep, all-

l I-" IP., <,ilichold love--!i' itie su'Dshine

t. la'.iUstock'; : of Dry Jjods cousittin: ,; in Nov. U. ISlfi.Tobacco. -- -.-- father. I wil leave )"oll-we must part." virtuous wife, "whose price is above rubies," that pervades every thing within its'lari.e'd

part of)t fHisccUnncousTHE '\'e uilllart," said Sir Francis in a ought to be by her husband. And day by- circle of union. With ibis ', :

X.-zro Kers.'vs and I.Inscj"5, tone of freezhg coldness, that went liKe an day were their hearts Knitted together. She : shine resting upon them, let us fake bur

Wiiite a-id: ..t.-i1 Fliiinils, 9,71 ALF boxes Manufactured: W L Roane" --- -------- -- --- -- ice-bolt to Emily's heart. Her husbandrose in loving obedience, yielded willing, and last look at the T.vo Homes.CIIAPTJJR .

Jlll1t: .n.l 1 .tncy Jeans ,.., Brand. TWO HOMES. .
up, waked slowly and firmly to the therefore most sweetly, bending her mind to --- -- "
.lu'jlf t\\"IllcI'T\\"ced.;, lialIlOXeSlaIiifactured ': W Price" Biand. A STORY FOR WIVES.
I) 11 Vc door but wh'n he reached it, he staggered, his in all good things ; and he guiding and OX FKMAI.ES.;
*, do. Lester
Stii.-r fancy Casa-nere One tliivbrcak saw: Lady
:1:1": morning (
SiMt-r| K >jiijh and French Cloth*, W Bainv"i:22 from a ball alone, for her husbandnow and felt about for the handle, like one who protecting her, as the stronger should the We liKe to look upon a healthy w'oin'anshe -
11 ain\ 1- returning blind. another minute the hall weaker in a union in which neither ought is a prodigy in tIle nineteenth, ce'n'urv
\\ ;...1'\1'\' Ula-ikcls 11)' qrs.: l 1 li.! boxes: \VMorgan" seldom accompanied her. As she en- i was In door ,

\D'lhl' I !lilitikHs:t VI and I JUijr I *. 1-2 lit Lump- li'er first of the heavy-eyed closed. and l he was gone. to strive for the pre-eminence unless it be Wherever you go you see scores.and hun'

!> n I .i i-, l\r.Miiliu-i, and CottonaJes! :; h"x's.tn11f.tCIUfl'd: [ "J \V Mor;;ati'! Brand tered inquiry had returned.lie Emily sat as he had left her, but her the pre-eminence of love. dreds of spleeny, feeble girls, who 'can
if his
master -
U' i v i S.urti-ir: ; a-11 L S'.i-ietin: ;;, Premium.es domestic was of tears. flowed no \longer : she was as still and For two years only was Eunice, fated to liardly muster courage to maKe their b-e'dl,

I i' ,itt f! i tl'II l ,iVir.js :> !tIX :\a po. had; not ; nml this was only one many and white as a ir.arble statue. The mother- Know the soreness of altered fortunes.- wash their faces, and drive an mtrudfngcbw

',id! t.t I Drilling and Ticking, leon's" I ran.lh: -nolia." nights; that Sir Francis had outstayed in-law stormed, sneered, reviled ; but she Conscience overtook the brother whose sin from the yard. ''cl them about early Vi i.

Li'i,'a .uid C. tt 1:1: Checks :t )()\.-{ :Minnf.ictiirfd Napo- daylight. Lady Lester compressed her well ha'e talked to the dead. At had! caused so much pain : he died, and sing, fresh air, healthy exercise, and
I In-n Lni!! "1, SairMiiand: Slieetin! ;, Ic-ult\ Brand "St ti'a\\1t'r'i." lips in and retired; hut she hadscnVcey : ; might as heave '
anger they the
Sheeting > .. I lIst a'aYhcn the servants restored all to the master whom he had a sigh as long as moral law-,
she went
1:1:'-' c.'h.! '.t! l'qitt')1: Shirthi'ii'vl :30 l :2'111 hfs :Manufarfired tl Napo- \ %ot in her room ere Sir Francis entered. and move You them
the desert found defrauded. The master was a just man, away. expect to getup
a-id American Prints they
I I'uli1): rre'I" Brand Magnolia.: entered to remote
Ieon' 44 said lie made
< ::; You late ? Emily.
arc before
*:\'ra ,'>'"T, pUin and twilled Ginghams: 0 ho\es :JaI f.1cturl'dInror.l"; 1 itoncy Pew Where have been ?1" she I their mistress sti'l in her seat, half leaningon and dealt equally well with Henry \V olfer- day-to work in the kitchento

S-i, ,i'r C isVnere J'C ci***?, I 1U Cr.; )es Crorki-iy ; I n.t())'!)!!) Florida Star'st :; no answer.n you I on the table but perfectly insensible. Ian ; so that fortune again smiled upon him. breathe the fresh air of morning Preposterous -
\1 ilii de Lain( sortod.." continued.i He left the small house where Eunice had and ahsnrd. They hare never Veer
Tvin <'iv-r; : 'I 1107.: Xciiro::: Tap-i ; ID I do/ I Hoi-s, Eunice \Volf- rstan was roused from the )
,uli-'i: I !, < itch an I .\m"ril'dIln.1.'zL \ I n.r.ti n (';.irjii'tmi.i : Cotton Cards Trace Chains. Nowhere of co'uscqu'encc't1'1e H not contemplation cf her own reverses, to soothe learned the hard Tesswns of poverty, and "re- 'the san rise, and would hardly know but the

u i,'r I It t-th i-i !It 1 i-k and figured Silk; For s,lie io\\' to cl'*e rur. .iynmeuts::;; lyLOCKII.II1' to 50 ii." the unfortunate Emily. For two day, during turned to the same pleasant home where he sun continued to shine forever, if it were
,'l\\ I('!. Sk: Crax'als and 1 faicv Ikf'; :, Jc YOUNG;, Sir Francis Lester, you are mistaken," hail! brought his bride. not for the almanacs and their grandmothers.
which her delirium lasted( no news of ;;
S-i 2:1.r: K: ,.di.h! .w \ Pone! : Silk; Hkf-. ., Xj11 1 1 :.13atfr i:: btroi-l. answered, Emily tmng tl) &peak calmly, his wife. His There, after four, years had passed over No wonder that every. year s'weeps' to'
Cutto-i U'Mi ;, .. .. Sir Francis came to supposed -
:1'11m'ri"3"1 I have
I r uli ;'i she trembled violently. a
I : I
though !
so women who} have
Eunice the
look in grave many young ,
her head let us now
In: .t'li't I n'l i )he,,id IlkfLi --, Oil (Cloths. ami Carpels.1Q where and what guilt became as nothing compared to ,
ii lit Know
i <. to been and effeminate
you go you
; wifehood mother sickly ever
and, G*nt-< I IIf-hltsr-, wide take her wild! words summer wo-manhood, Uiey
I !..!" r-iit.n!t Uin. peOil Cloth 1 and 2 yards ; of ire." I the fear Ic&t he should
aid \\T'lr.tcJ: Votings 1 do--therein a \\ should Hilt hood.. It was lush Summer! too on the earth; were bo'r into the world ; and death
-iUe in ami tint
".I < -I i \I If"< < :3 p"s s'jprr; Ingrain Carpeting I Do and me I never earnest they part. wi
not yourself ;
Thread! .. annoy and through the French windows the room wi to select them as his v
c''nt-n.nl,, I I'lav 3: C..ttnl": this fear 1'001became an agon//.ing: certain ?

r:..in; I'll 'i f.i ,\'i.un.lch'kcJ :'Iuslin;, 2 Stair intr t'I'c In yottr proceedings.! ty. In a letter to Emily's father, Sir Francis where Eunice sat, came the perfume of ti they learn their duty and I pursue lha't

.> i i A.,,1 C.tnhric :M <:iins r.-r *.)1. hy WM. G. PORTER & CO. "l Because }'O u t Know I there is no evil inthem. declared his intention to return no more.. roses from the garden. Bees hummed course which insures health, strength ami

\ ,1\!! "-. I'n. Tape, .fc-. 4cc J Doe -" 11 Water 'treet.J9)lS I have no'hing to hid, while you to the home his wife occupied! ; iiit nIl herOvi among\ the leaves of the mulberry-tree, long life. Our great grandmothers: live'd to
Wi"'t', lu Ii' .".1 --lo?tMi; ilh: r.11 rtre '1': I h.ue.:" I a and of
fortune and s portion of his should &'e !iuring sweet Lily from her ABC to her great age never thought complaining

'e'\ V irk ri 1 I B! >-t t.nfr.rn I Itn1'Irtl'rlall.I'\; k4 ... .and ns! and Shoos.BOY'S .How I I do )'fl'\fl k now that!" "' I I settled; her, but that henceforth they 1 favorite scat uCllerits, boughs. The child or lying down to die, till they had at
1 1-iAVft roll :, upon
of MitrJt.1turtT, : *, .it the tnat : Men's Ru ; rt Broj.ms Because, if were not doing( wrong least reached the
and ':- ::: ; you towards her little cousin meridian of life.
In vain did} the looked wistfully They
are n.v ollered:I .it wht'le'Il. -'r .'tail 'I1 f.n' 'rablo! : : '.. s..\\"',! and pojfd:; Kip Bro: an" ; wliy- sliould you stay nut night after night: must be separated. poor I who the were stout, strong, happy and '
WM. G. POli PKU At Co. old father his natural anger subdued by Sidney, Lester, wassporting among! hearty.-
terms by (; nN fine Calf Bionani-! ; ? There niiM t he a cause for This
; ; ?
as now Why They
rose like
mother's words failed early-worked
\ -H .tt.'r tre<-t. do. of his child, plead fur flowers and all her to bea-
do. nitnesHiig.The
) Hi.
IS Shoo Children's;
e. M anll"d ; agony
Win'- think--what the
s :>p:! ; and. shill I lell what I : and
--- : the
---- you attention until the lesson vers, never spent midnight hours
-- her was IK
resolute. That his attract
LtdieKid! 1 -.n'l :M-TOCOO Shn(- ; her. Sir Francis was
& Cn., 3 1 Wilcf '.lrecl. S'MKT; world t thinks ? Tlr.it :gamble !P' Instead of
U. Cllixon S'ipcr Lddiero.irs" and tine Calf BMOI.. juu wife should have dared to discover what he happily broken in upon by a visitor. Lily dancing. being frightened at a
CHANDLERY. "lte I wnrlllie.! ned Sir Francis I the
SHIP dcxtf'i-. ; a'1 h/I itl t j'l-t tortived.n.i offence in his scampered -the unannounced guest mouse nibbling at their feet, a beetle on theirn'c'cs
A I l.ir i' a; \'e chose to conceal was a deep uway
all >
*: *
\ 'I \ \ILL I 't ., I 111I"I I :lIil i r.-irilaje:MirlimSpin( < K.I :a tie! hy \\'.M. G POKTKIl & CO. words hi.s-ing: through his white lips; but hut that she should have set a servant entered-and Eunice looks upon the face': a fly's foot on their arms, i in the absence
,\ : 1'!II llf -,11'1"1 UWmlinc' Water stivct. lie became calm i in a moment. "1 beg your eyes of their fathers and husbands
: Oil, Fall! do, While do, ( )Ihved.i I Dec ;5 to watch him-no power on earth would of Sir Francis Lester! theX

Vrtr.i.'t.vUMl.nil. L...---I' I d.,, !1-:>.'I-' rfI! I Pci\.J\ do.> >'iulls..rlur- -.- ... - -.--- p.-iit-.n, Lady Lester; I will say good have made; the haughty Sir Francis: Lester : She had! never seen him since the day of would shoot bears and catamounts, and kee

reunaPaint-, Window (C.lasI\ I Otty, Whit.d. .- Ironails: \f: II i dl t." tint. signing: of the deed ; and time travel, It at bay a party: ofsava es. How, have

j," d. t. .,.. 1 ., y.1.Ochr\ .-, (' niitn.. I;rpt'n. ;) r TOS''l: .'' l hCII'a' a--o: .tcd tiI'll iI.C5 ; "Answer me, Francis !" said his wife forgive be guttering had changed him much. daughters t eneratedha't! female Is

I L n-rV:,I ,II... IlIljl"rial''I I ; !. Chriin'tdlV. \ \ .- _r.j I ki-js; Nails I'O. much agitated. Where do you go, and The desolate wife prayed) her cousin to might like whose there no-.v-a-days who wouldn't run from -
dt ris 1.11"! (f.J?*, Silihur' firizlii;! \ ariu>h, finli. | 'I casks \\\'I'I..lin. I lions assorted jnainics; ; tell I her to soften his obstinate will, for lie looked now a man prime was .
? Only me. try power if it had ?
Tar Pilch.! Tllfj\CUlinc'. Cod, Pdliltrr I \vhjy past his hair was turning gray, and he had gun, even no 'lock The ladies of
It'l-nl. :2'I( Black*nith Steel Fared Anvils;| he. The I Sir Francis had ever respected the high but ;
ti 1" Cl "I I willllot" replied curiosity olden times outlived their
;crib < ,
; I h.' \In1i..1 ell', i'.r41..I. ::: : uIIJl.d.I lost much of his stately carriage. When he husbanc. years
;..'nIII"\; : :! CIIIU,' \\ hltln!', I nll.t: nllcl. Fu". 2i) Ffijrli-sh: and .\mci ican ; of a wifc wlio( doubts! her husband is not : gentle spirit of Eunice. She went, strong in there softness in his voice thatit and years. How is it now are
was a \ViIows
1101" dl, f'IU"II (b j'I. I Il"a\ Ii ;t cn.; d I. fi1t dlJ' ., 2J; Bellou ; worth satisfying. ( ood .iiighit." her voman's: jut]UCUCC : her words touched spoke, few and far betwe It
W'1I1"', 11"i'"- .lId I:i1 B'wlln i i ;, :N.'iI\,;, C"j' I'r dod ] *C d'V/.f Spide' and Sh'ivels; forehead she could see by the changing had not before ; perhaps it was at the was no singular
.. .IV XN' :S'.n.i: Dulles, IJoat do t. IJrdd' *, Screwsi.'i : lj( '" Collins' f'-.; Emily preyed. her throbbing : even as from gentleness, even to tears which Eunice I thing for our grandmothers to have three

'. > -r.-ws .'t .I\h'Iril. I IU'ilv k;". C.tI; UiiiOir. II) hxs Cot'lon and Woolen Cards ; ngainst the cu hinus'; of a sofa, ;and wept. of II'H countenance.: He bore more evinced at seeing him SO unexpectedly. i or four husbands in the course of their lives.
:Shivc*, Jib I lUnks I HaidPiri ,) silence and solitude. Ere morijing her iLan from any one ; for man will some- Now b the
t illr.> ;, UloclxS 1 ca
: -, I l--k Il-icketsCedu do, l)!;>fk.AxA I room",- II}')') lbs, Cast and Gorman
e'rn II 'i k.'01".. .I il(vik'dqlkLtIgT! rtnJ Tiiim'il-s iUei( :I!<. S, Sirviid HJ'; : I ll'I o'is' U di l ; d->. WM. G. PORTER. Jc CO. resolved, what I to do. "I I will know," muttered pure ifmded worn.ui, when he will not Ie1lc'1Emily's listen ,- and could: not; go without seeing Mrs. Wolferstan. I fatal among the female! sex. Do you knowthe

<* ini.( C.nt.mdo; 1 Rnndo, Fnii do. (,aiiUin!: :; D,>c -I 1 .11Vater Irt'f't. i the unhappy wife, as she I thought over ( t to his brother man. Eunice ) After a while he asKed after .his cause ? It is found in listless ielcoessinactivitIate -

IMUIikni: ; Iron;;, \hr:'.l.r S.vk: (''s; Ship :Scraft'M --- ----- --- the plan on which she had determined."Come .- I sorrow-her love; but all f.lilcilto her hours-thin
and then name was on
|B in? 'Duvrs! Cook's I'I'tlc-S.;, 'rorinciitor.s! "rories and Shi> Stores.RIO what I will Know where he : move Sir Francis. Then she spoke of lie boy ; ( Emily's dresses-a horror of fresh
(Ou.vrsOoni.Msstf.sSnl I \ \. edl-s Si uT win- ( ) COFFEK: : Java 11051.: D.nnnjo I I ; do! may his she husbands lips. As he spoke, he turned his morning air-
J..III..r. N :S"ar; oes. He shall find I am equal to him child ;; and:! at the mention of boy, the window and} iu that detestable stuff, miscalled I literature
S'iad.i, Scwuu dll, Palms IJi-;">? : ru Flour, WcMern do; 0 ::; head away, and looked out of
Pan.. do, Shov.'KHun'nfrsllitchi 1 <1.irs ;:. his.'l.! .:, St. Cro-v! : .1,1, Polio J Hico: do, Yonn I lly>on Tea, yet." saw tl'e very lips of Sir Francis quiver. but immediately started back saying, "I stitched in pink! and yellow covers

;\'q I'Un s lUii-lsiws ( nn'l"ts\ iratid.iwFil : I Hyson do, Powchon? do I .:::ouchons do, (!o !ii>nButter Two days after, Sir Francis Lester }his You will take him away from her ?- understood heard-that Lady Lesterwas which is flooding our country. If they .
-;:. !Ut '1'.111.10, I Iron :.4;I'rl' C'I.hoarrJ! IocksS'.i4drt C L-trd! B.icoo I Hams Sides Shoulders heart will break to lose both wi
; ( l' "':I', wife and mother were seated at the well- Poor Emily's do nothing else, will sit
td'.les Hiu "'s Pallock*. Prime, Beef in 'l"? young lalf a
Hooks acJ! : ? ; << : :Mola<-e":, \Vhi.k.e': .-=. arid thecountry '
Wo.l Sdws. Pc-iihm I lUilyatl! )i.e; I(.t4'l 1jn-; \lei"" and Prini'- Pork. :Mackerel.! hul.! Salmon, lighted dinner table. There was no other husbaid and child. lie She and Sidney returned to-day, but I read from morning till night, that sickly;

D-V :<-a do, l>',:; d.>, FII! do. I Hand I Las !I'ol'r'it Llcrrin-. :-.11Jnd5' ant! TlI1tII's, C".I Fi"h, IJuIUe:') guest-:a rare circumstance, for visitor was Mrs. \Volferstan, I wish to just tom'selfnot feared lo tell you they were here," answer sentimental, impure and we will say licentious

,|II, St-et! ,do, n Ir do, FuanIs Luithortis; !'o'pjkr, Sptce,;:, Catsu.I' }'ppper Stlte, Olives, ever welcome to break the dull\ tedium of a cruel to her. 1 would. not t lake trash, that |ji thrown out in such abundance -

4 ':ulk\ Lin s Pi"'j' I P"'S' 'ht' 1 Hook-, Cir-o do, ("a'r; :, Pickles :-0.11':; Starch Tobacco, Navy family Iclc-a-tetc.: Alas fur those homes in I the child from his mother, though it is hard ed Eunice soflv. him and from th *'p-rrss. This shrivels the
t r.-Uvm; Pius Tin WanCrockiiy, Cireiilcr'ant1i a Bn'alI, Pilot do, Crac'f! Viiwir, I Dried Fruil, And I the father's Is that my boy ? I must see ; :
TioN.! ,,rnI Po.-ts, Arc Vc..VuUiMKoli. B'tn": Sill, Hai"l'nJacarolli.: ; Verimcclli. Arrow which such is the case Silently and formally to part with my boy. tIme father's eyes eagerly returned to where. mind, warps the affections, chills the bete

; Join 21.! H17. Root.: Corn. Os. Buckwheat :Mustard. 1 Kice. sat Lady Lester at the head of her voice trembled, until erring as she thought Sidney stood on the garden seat, supporting feelings, and maKes the life \'
For ; 15. ELLISON: & CO. it \ him., Eunice felt compassion for the stern, Let
-- : tealliy husband's\ table. How cheerless was nits thrown around yor.d description. females look io this
:::: & JXNrtHV: No. :.T5: Water<< street, Jan2.J 21 Water street.BOOTS broken-hearted himself by one rosy arm '
Gtr\ jrcMved I oiler for/ sale cold grandeur with the servants gliding unyielding, yet his mother's neck, as he pulled the leaves subject and act liKe reasonable and accountable -
rut << a" --- ------ steMhily about, and the three who owned Oh," she thought, had poor Entity the beings, and we should soon see a differ
RioColkee ) : and Bro t the reach. Emily sat --not
-il sinks; Gr.'cti (new crop ; :, Shoes ans: by case; within
I his solemn state exchanging a few words Known how to guide this lofty spirit. ent state of things. We should hear of
UWern Flour '
1 ''i lJ:1rr: l NV-thern: a'il J ; :; Shoes and Bu--kins ; brilliant Emily: of yore, but calm thoughtful no

-J ) Ol llectified Whiskey, ; Men's: Boys and Youth's Brogans; ; free/Jug civility, and then relapsuig into Sir Francis continued, "When LadyLester subdued : even the light of a mother's fainting-no sicKly constitution-no affection

in 4 j b iv n while, ;pale; an I brovvn Soap ; fine sew'J Brooms' ; silence. When the servants had retired, and I are parted, I could wish the love could not remove the soft of the lungs-no elopements and n6

;5'ii ;.Muscovadodo<< ; Hoot; Sir Francis uttered few remarks in his world to know as little about the fact as pos altogether suicides Colcsicorth..
:5 h'tds! :NT. O. .S-i.r ; Men's: pPs2M; ; ;; ; a sadness from How little she [ -

:2" ca<:k< ftV I Sides and Shoulders: fitip; !sewed'; [Boots ; usual tone--perhaps: a little kinder than ordinary sible. You can say incompatibility of temper gazing her -- -

s ,' Hams; ; lUisiCt; Brojans. For sale hy -to his wife : but she made no effort was the cause, or any thing you will ; Knew whose" eyes were to. Sidney upon," at PROSPKIUTV AM -DR: ITY.-Every
B. ELLISON[ & CO., her fair now I must speak my man is rich and poor : to the -
!IJ irreli" Clarified Sugar ; to reply, and he turned to his mother.- but let there be no shadow cast on in changed and broken according! proportion
do Water street. last said Sir Francis, between his desires and
.1 1
Mb 1 I ''Ves L-iaf ; Jan 2.1: mine." enjoyments.
They talked a wlilend then tho> elder fame-or him "
.J'i S|>erni Candl -*; Lester to retire. tl Eir.ily need fear none," answered Eu accents. Will you bring Iodine. Of riches, is of every thinr else, the hope is
:.! I birn-ls N K !Rum; On Coiisiiiisieait. Lady rose "They are coming now, Eunice an- more ihan the enjoy witile we consider

I't W Itit 's IJ.iltimoieGin ; rFMIE subscriber has lately received on consign- Emily's pale cheek grew a shade whiter nice. "And 50U" ... ssve re I. them as the means lo be used at some .

'j t II u I Ihmeoltic Brandy; 1 ment, the following' articles : as she said, "Before we leave, I have a wordto Sir Francis drew up his tall figure prowlly Then I will retire to the other room : I future time for the muniment of

\\'l N 0 :Molasses ; 2 casks choice Old Poit Wine; say to Iii)' husband." -" ;Nor I neither, Irs. AVollerstan.( Toa cannot I will not see her." And Sir Francis ardor after them from felicity
secures ns
ri i h-tvesKn:.:;li
;; I ;piivts Kentucky: Having; 5 5i 1 .supeiior Old Scotch Whiskey\ ;; observed sharply) Perhaps I had better suspicions, no explanations arc due. But I before entered with her ourselves ; but no sooner tlo we sit down
Pale & Bro. Otard Brandy; an.11l wish to away just Emily to enjoy our acquisition*, I tha ue find them
: I ('.ft Is Rope; 2'c retire !P' owe it to myself to say; you
M DIrlDltm: )nd Brandy deceived that I child.I insufficient to (ill up the vacuities of life.-
I'l biles Alicant *ts; 1" ; "As will Lady Lester replied, with know also, that Emily was ;
1>.J band hlf.bxs (new crop) :Mal.Uaisins, ; 1J( baskets London Club" Champaignc. you Oh how different stooped to a vice so detestable asganiling : Sidney, come with me" said Eunice Nature maKes us poor only wiIl we want

I 10"' Lemons! ; Also, a variety of Se ars, all of which. will be a sneering emphasis.Stratford of old But never. and that the nights I spent in stooping over the boy to hide her agitation ; necessaries, but custom gives Ile name of

"i?,> Manufactured Tobacco\ ; sold low, for cash only, byEDVARD from sweet Emily ; I loathe, were devoted some one wants to see 011." poverty to the want of superfluities. It is

?"> ('as-sassorted, Pickles; McCULLY, it might be an unpleasant novelty to Sir torture amidst scenes from ruin friend Wiio is it ?" asKed Emily.: I.. the great; privilege of to bo happy
and : :;(Water street. Franois hear his wife without his mother's to the ;attempt to save poterty
:2 3
:3 i barrels Mackerel l. Xos ; Feb 27 'T me An old acquaintance ; that is, a stranger uuenvied, to be healihy uiilioul physic secure -
do whom I loved as a brother. i\ow Juuge
20 )halt bbls do ; ---- !
Balsam of Wild presence said M Wolferstan, so new without gn.iid, and obtain from,
"ITnSPAR'S and Swayne's: ; hurriedly i ; ti
2.1. said the hus I will.
) boves Syrups; What is all. this ? coldly as! you ,
2'J i chests and bjxes Gunpowder and flys VV Cherry, jut received and for sale by band.! Eunice: could only mourn that t the little in the art of stratagem, that Emily at onceguessed the bounty of nature what the great and

:Nov J. C. ,ALLEN.SlIP.F.TINfS between the hiu.sb.iniiawl the fact. She trembled violently wealthy; are compelled to procure by the
}!n Teas ; Sir Francis that what refused cloud which had: risen
"Merely, : you
10 boxes Powrhonj Teas the of both. sat down but when Eunice took Sluthey's help of art. Adversity has ever been considered .
i chests: and ; Shirtings and Prints, by to tell me, I have learned. 1 Know wife had: so darkened the vision all ;
2 half !pipes Old Conac: Brandy ; low for cash, hy where and how the evenings in But it was past now ; no peace-mnaki og could hand to lead him away, the mother as the sate in which a man most easily ;

10 baskets( 'Hcidsieck" Champagne ; B. ELLISON: & CO. you pass share the ;alienated) love. Once jonly did I l) interposed. becomes:;acquainted with! himself par

50 keu: :Xails, assorted sizes ; Jan 23 21 1 Water street.VisiuN which) your wife is not worthy to_ your restore ami his wife meet it was on the "Not so, Eunice ; you cannot deceive (icLilarIt') being fee from tlatlery. Prosperity -
last Francis
21 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ; -- society : I Know also where you spent Sir I it all and from
---- A cold she said see ; no is too apt to prevent us examining
deed of settlement.
the frmly.
3 tierces Rice Clieri' '. night. A noble thing a very noble thing signing; of
new ; \ Italsain of Wild ) between but myself take Sidney to his our conduct ; bin as ;adve.sity leads us td
20 kegs: and quarters new Bnckwheat ; and for sale by for Sir Francis Lester to he squandering his bend of salutation was all that passed one "
1 > DOZEN, just received loved sufondl '. father and my husband. She lifted the think properly i.f our state, it is: lost beneficial
200 bushels Norther OaR I' April 10 II. F. ABCLL. own-ay, and his wife's-fortune in a gaminghouse the two who had, once ) Johnson.
suffered Eunice
:: his cold reserve and boy in her arms, to open to us.-LDr.
_ApaUchicola Dee 5. ISI'L _______ : !" Sir Francis; preserved
went in ami closed it after her. ----
the door
Dry Goods. HopsFRESH Sir Francis started from the] table. It calmness of manner ; Emily strove to maintain For whole half-hour, which seemed a God hasmadeno one ahsflnt The rich

Tickings Cotton Osnabur !s Fall Crop, for sale by is false !" he said while the blue. veins rose equal composure, and the excitementof a did Eunice sit without wait- depend oh the poor as \ei as on tbe rich
DRILLINGS Sir Fran- day in length, ,
Ulan- 17 ii: F. like Knots on his forhead. her mind gave her strength. world is all
eys, Jeans, for the result of that interview on which The a magnificent building;
1 kets, Tweeds, Shirt i n i. Sheetings, Checks, It is true." Emily answered. "I knowit. cis placed his signature on the fatal parch- ing the stone gradually crmtntc,1 together.
Camphor and Piperine, lust! re led Emily to the joy or misery, life or death, seemed to hang.
?I" hun: ;, Calicoes, Delanes Hosiery, &c. kC. QUININE ." ment, and then her father sound all, still. Site There is no one subsists i by Iiintseif alone;
for sale by look She heard no ; was
or ute hv B. CLLISON & CO. i "May 1 ask h how r' table. She gave one wild imploring
April 17 ,
JJn J: ?:3 Water street

.. .


-" .
%u% _; .. J- _.-- II- ----- ..-- 11 ,i'Y.,7"J:1. : l' It- : : tT.! = tr _- w.

!. -. .
-4Y 'o'i."i1i'., : : '..-z'- ,' :" : -.._ '-, -.---, 7 ;
-.,' "'," ...:,"' -',, :1It !- ../ 'i.m; '- '. .- --. __ ---

-- -
.. -- -V'E'- -_' _ _. -
-, ------- : -
------- -
--- -



Aft "


,."' .
i) K* .
,i co.
; : 4 .

, ; 0 _--- .-.-- _:. ___. __ _i -- -- AI,-__ _---__ -_--_-----.1-It_ ._-_ _t. .A-. .- : .:. -. -_-- --.:: _-!-o_ .. -'-":.:- .- -_. ---- ;_ -! \ '-'.. '-- _
-- i i i !ij a-- -! 11 in j ii r n' mi "i ill 11| 11 IHNEBI- ou - -- -- 'ivc auvocaicu a .
with policy atl..nowl. -
, UCllA--rC and] We do not anticipate for Gen. Taylor And Napoleon whilst waging fierce war .d"Iell a;
to give half a million of dolIaVsJjesids. 'existing in other Stales
We have thonht.for some time pastofoffering The public debt of Mexico, is, estimatedat COjlRCJAL AD!BRfiSR.APALACH1COLA | } tne unanimous support of the people. No England, caused her greatest Philosopher broached in this State for tbe rohicy firSII'I *** A

t a few rdlections lliis numcr- one hundred millions of dollars.. It is 1 we have daily indications of a growing hostility to bp chosen to fill a seal in his Academy. ( *'
which had been made
t fitis class of the community! especially impassible to gel precise statistics i in.that SATURDAY, .JULY 17, :M7. to him in the columns of sundry Democratic A similar generous sympathy with greatqualities the subject cisideration t0i

in regard to the position they ;iclnallysustain country. = -: = :: .-.-----. -- I when I in the 1 State Legisan| (
: some of whom, like that even possessed by an opponent ft.
ami the position they should sustain The mineral wealth of Mexico is far from The following gentlemen are autlfized I presses, Pensacola, less than a year I

-: in relation to the other classes of so- being confined to gold and silver. Therearc Agents for the COM.MKKCIAI. .ADVERTisnr.til, \.i miserable scurrilous print the Detroit Free lately drew from the Whig Convention numerously attended by Influential ago I

ciety. Their name: is legion, and they arc mines of lead: copper, tin, &c. ; but Ihe .receive and receipt for subscription, or adjrtiscnients Press, have :Ireat1)commenced forging lying of Georgia, the following graceful and holden and "M t

I more or less identified with all the departments lazy and] iincnterprisins hounds who own :- against him, to render him deserved compliment, which the recipient zen was reso'mifm.!

: of business and life. They arc the them do not put I them to any account. JOSEPH F. MvoPost Buddings, corer of : odious to the North. We forsee that the will no doubt prize, as it deserves to be regarded and a memorial adopted i br the p ugot
lever of Archimedes which the Mexico is admirably adopted to the production Ilatmoverand Llcaver streets, New York. of inducing the employment
\vorld. Hut their moves of cotton but raises not enough for DAVID BRAVO, r.:,q.., New Orleans. Government presses and the office-holders 1 as the free will offering alum Rep1 Of : 101ml
arc importance and
posi. \V>i. \V. :nI:, fsq.) Albany; Ga. labor on the Government *
CIF works
tion duly considered and respected ? we the use of her own manufactories, which at Uaio JACK HAKDAIAX Kufjula Ala. will declare ;against him-this is to be expec- I resentatives.ofa. numerous body of Southernmen I that 1131 e

mean in the n rratc.Ve know that the best, arc no great affairs. Even the candies -------,,--- -- --------- -. ---- -. -- -- -.--------------.----- tedthey; dare not do otherwise. We lookto ; addressed. to one of their Southern of black--so we were Dot ai

when some splcnJcd luminary, like Frank. used in thir religious observances are FOR JPIIKSIDIiNT, sec the Abolition denouncing him 'I' neighbors, meant to assure him of their in our views of the policy which we hat
lin, shoots from their sphere and blaze in great part made from imported wax. party I' maintained.
up slave-imiihtler--anti,] lastly, with morlifij for services rendered upon occasions -
The mechanic in low state. ZACHARY 1'.A. as a ..gratitude
arts are a
through the world, attracting its astonished very I Hut if the Evening Po. t
gaze-it lights up by its reflection the rank Saddles and plate are the principle) articles -- -. YLC_- j I cation we write it, 'we have seen indications I when all party feelings were merged) unlawful dferns as'tO

mechanic, and confers at least a temporary made there most others being imported. MAILS. ( in some Northern Whig papers--slightly in questions deeper and more immediate vor combination, seth as I .1

pride and dignity on the sphere whence The plate is not handsome( ; and IP reply to We have long since arrived at 't11 conclusion imbued with abolition temitlencies-ofa determination I interest. place "(t the Tredegar works, or ton i( .1

the orb arose. But we know also tint when the assertion that the saddlers of no other I us as favoring the iVilmot! .
that which citizens time Pro',
complaints oir Gen. their Resolution v.on 1st
any withhold from Taylor She following o,
make Mexican saddle Mr. I to It,
can ,
& mechanic, by hi! industry ami 1.ill. country I
or by mlslal"eaod
a fortunate combination of circumstances; Thompson sarcastically observes I do not may make, concerning the mil arrangements support. Rut we liMle: regard any such disjointed I inst, offered and unanimously adopted by I'I'I egregiously tore re5peelr,.,
think decent saddler would if he conk! made the t and the irresistible assembled at Mil- beg leave to correct it. it
'which confcr, no honor on himself emerges any by DcpaiIllicit motley combinations : before I the "Whig Convention e'e

from, cbscuriiy anti poverty, and rolls amidst MA ion: vi.vrox. the mode carrying out these arrargrments masses who will bear the Gallant ledgeville to nominate : candidate for Go (;EN. TAYLOR'S OPPONENTS

all the luxuries of uncounted wealth; ) he by contractors and Post Master would shoulders to the .
their ,
The American Review contains an interesting Taylor aloft on vernor. sterling Whig paper, the
often seeks his in deference I Balli
to forget origin, sketch of the life of Mnj. John R. avail naught towards amending, ll.e evils Presidential! Chair-the waves of faction willhart Resolved, That the Inn. John C. Calhr.nn is Patriot, concludes an article l
"to the blind of
and the
prejudices society, Vinton of Rhode! Island, woo fell during complained) of, I hnt"C cannot 1 re/rain from and afford him and : entitled to the thanks of the people of CJeorziafi'r ; npoaTailor's feD er.
d of and flattered heat asunder, Signal Letter"
ctates thus
a perverted the bombardment of Vera, Cruz, and was Tit I bis indppei.df-nt and patriotic course in the :
worst than: cowmlltlcllics himself to his remarkable for bring not only a brave and noting any additional grievance of like character I PEOPLE who support him an InoLlrlcrel l Senate of the United State* in reference to our : "And he will be elected. The men
great family Uindre.1" : :and t turns up his pampered gallant soldier, but a man of unobtrusive as it aiiscs. I pi ;agc to that coal, which should only he recently di;tuibed foreign relations. I I I power: and j place! ir.av oppose hun-rhe ad8.i,: .1.1iF

nose at the IIH'reolcl nicchanic.rJJjj: piety. We extract the fallowing from the \Ve have for some time pnsf, been in the |: reached by the competitor who comes before I Surely such testimonials! of esteem coming I. ration(to him-and of Mr.the Polk Loco have shown their oppctlt. ,
walks i is full foco
amid its f-h ion.tble has
city even
article in the Review : receipt of fron Orleans: 1 like from Southern men, compensate I the I'if
of such pictures. The! 1-ict speaks: more newspapers i'cw the assembled Freemen stripped I may Wf'1 dampen; ardr.nr of the people in hi, fa.otr.!
'While! in Florida, in the prosecution of week instead of twice as'' r The \Wc..hinton L'nion
eloquently than, words} that there i is something but once in the I the Olympic Candidates, of all adventitious the illustrious South Carolinian for all hesitates 9Iiket'fato.mut .
(he war his mind under t the i influence : wait kr further
came i
radically in i ih" cuiist'tutiun: nf formerly-consequently on dates from that and for ; the impotent. yet malignant assaults of his developments! Ot'I
wrong of religion fir more than ever before. His aid or foreign influence, dependant j kindred prcssechime in, and all ins' r
society-.something fil.se in the P4:)Uls.: place arj. seldom later thai ten day*. On. which allies. 'I I machinery r National that
whole soul was Manned into a new life, and success upon t that strength by a long I. quondam Convention no l
lI1in.1.VIr, S o1ll\1! 1 Mechanics, wli<) combine for a while I like the bewildered apostle he rn'1nir.wc learn that the ?ost Master at'' continued display of public and private virtue In connection with this subject, we insert I the machinery cf the party must be Prv.1'-.
and' exhibit: in theit diversified I TIy want car.ditlate .f
: a
ri'ige" I ( the "
seemed to 'stand, gazing up inlo heaven. :Mobile.is in the habit of sliding our New fails the from the PtKttu/lvanian prtvconr.eOpn. ardI
citizen ,
the highest and most plastic enemies of genius I I wisdom, and talents, a : never : folwinf :I Taxlr.r will set ""vjp''rrof1J
I His I i .journal j ;and letters, during this period, I ,
; on whose laborious, nevertiriuj skill. are of the most i intensely interesting char Orleans papers, via ;Montguiiery, Columbus I to pis: ;rss in a Free State-a strength which j i: paper proverbially; unjust to\fl. its: opponents I and" d.'ssres -.ujinrrt from th,xn.

wealth anJ luxury depends and 10 who! :e :acter. Nothing! I in t the famed life of :l arty n Fort Gaines, &c., on ll! principle! we enables him to lead captive the hearts of I and tiir ffioni in its political! ..HliII t I to the Knt c<.|this urr.rH!: :oppositionliethit cf their awl it be confix I"

power pri-le is subservient ''fur i its swelling"pomp more touches I the heart; t than the humility, suppose that the longest \vr lotind i is the TIlE Pion.K: ClP.Ve: make the single! renntk that timellIfrrL'r I tie! party, or sr.oit.sell i-apci at the peqiiaily ''ol'ij1 cfjntb'tt r.1r
anI circumstance be tie-tied
; : as self-arcusation. and child-like! devotednessof shortest way here. We Irs that the Department I II !/ has nrvf-ryet avowed itself in favor I !! n:' :avaif. The reople war.t a Prfoi"d
inferior beings, among the moving mass: of Mil CALIIOrN-ThIlrIAItL1sTox: wir-: :
t-f lhir
the high minded, heroic mmiarr.t a secluded ; I own nminatln a- wrf! a
? 1,1
I send the sail functionary, ofGen.; placed itselfin the hands; of tt.flf I IPresidential
? I Is it because their
the same hum.inily; I post, ill the midst of i the i interminable il ( 'F1AnTI: ]r:1nCATIC: PrE: t I electinr-am! (Jcn.TavJor hail bttnthernn. 'l tte4it
hands arc harder: or more stained or because pine forests, I the solitude and silence of :.Morse's Geography and Alas, with tie I The billet, rancorous hostility mnife.t.l thoe whom the Penrylcaninn terms its natural I Aid a prr.ml day will (it be fyf r

their hearts; :are less capable of those s-p.nti- whirh he describes as a\\ fill I and almost I oppressive recommendation t that he enleavrtr; to become by time Democratic press townid.s the Mercury enemies meaning; thereby thee \Vhi; t "ix: try u hen he_is President.'' 4)I'
and) affections! which soften mind .le .
ments t far from his f"Hilanll" friends, his ;acquainted with the .opography of : is off-spring of that feeling, so foreign \\' dare say that: when the time arrl.es t! ( L.V. T.\rUlJt AXI) TTllT"Pl: i.siDESj
v te society If the former t lie Iu.e; inut the c
mind ripened the highest
b: admitted! ; but we protest agai i t the effect state! of and Christian aTeeiion experience, into and discipline.He Ibis .State.KNiUAL. I to, and( disgraceful to Hue Republicanprinciples for a selection the mmiMakrnhlc! itu.'icn-! j We i opy from the Cincinnati IJnulthe I'U

unnatural and nsf.'c --- lions of the entertained for il and its I j following rniOcTnt i and important i ,
as t1n.. deny independent feelings lel
I rather never forgives :>n -
thciK I turned his (or <; : TAYLOR'S : TO "Ili.h I
the proposition contained in the latter alternative they weic turned for him,) towards the office .-*!II;X A L.LETTCH: TIE I and sincere opposition to any decree I\I peculiar partisans by tlc Penrtsylranian. "I from General which I it Taylor to (lie editor of I ml I'I'
i is true ; but asserton the couinry.that of I His I letters paper prefaces with the follow,;;
the ChriMian miti'Miy. I It i is with unmitigated s-ithfaction that we the declarations of the Northern Administration '
of cnthdlra, cx- remarks
in this cl.i.ss lIalnr.,1 i an I wholesome! affections full nf doubts and for pan pronounced er hit t :- .
are hopes plannings;
are able to I lay before our re.ulera this candid that the Democrats alone! "The circiim-tancp under
of the heart are to br fIIIII'1.Ierit -- taking holy orders. I He fears thru 1 his act implicit obedience to its ordinances.It papers I I, which tit

: should be the only passport t.) society healthvill not erahle him to follow a sedentary II I and dignified reply of i tin Old Hero, to was in such spirit and with n conviction I must be looked! to, to carry tie Wilmot I fullowins! Inter was received! I h\' the fdltat;
and consideration ; and: the state of society the nominations for the which the fact that Southern are reuarded; as a warrant for il* lIILlicilllC! ; 't
life ; he doubts hi* flu mies ; fears I hat: Presidency ofthe of such feelings, that Proviso, no men ; ;;
will be artificial and disordered until merit I I (correctness! ; I We felt it our duly wlien ibe first Jema i
si-lfisli motive*, the prospect of being with t he has receivetVe] are ;pVra; .f-d to have the )IMitor flf time "nir-n made his disgraceful or olthr Edilois: are to be found} giv- straticis mad'e ',,
in favor
shall be thus respected. \Vc will admit his I I were ; 01 (;1:0. Ta
that the I infeiior estimation; I in m which mechanics others family; ::and r.nd examines;friends( himself may: combine in the most with confirmed by his hand, i that opinion of his : I attack( on ?I i.. Calhoun} and cithers in ;i I' lug aid! and comfort'to the Democrats I, her for the Presidency, tu Jnrii c.pontbs !

are regarded: is to some; extent attributable t thorough lId I humble m manner."In freedom from all part!izami .ml [party feeling, Congress, who deviated from the route pre- I chime North upon this question-save such I il j''cr nt rurs-iderable r nfh.'e! 1ret

to their own fault. They do not sufficiently a letter dated from Fort Taylor, lie which we I have before advanced; and v.e are sciibed, I in ()rd ers from "Head I I j I ns like Thomas flail Benton, call! themselie.sDemocrats ( I i I desirous that sotne of the sii2 p''iorscctj
tie mined
in article ahrxild!
themselves. do our >
respect They not !Jays': : 'Sinee. I have been here, which i is gratified t to have his own authority for announcing -will be sufficient to guide the j mi H the e;>tj
assert and propeily defend their jusi; rights. i Quarters- Long f'Iomet! to wield :I I j of (.eui. Taylor, and!, therefore f'nf'loied;
.,. five or six weeks the following ha<* been rny th:1 will not allow himself to lc. i Mercury in its choice'and show if, and those i his atfu'resswith! .
Let them as a class \11 '" more attnnliou Risc at de 1P despotic! sway in his unlive f1.11t. where he I to : a ff wv..ni* "f r.
daily course : reveihle-pmivate I
on their persona! mcc and; address votjons-stiidy; Greek and [lehmew.VaIL made the Ca7ia'da1rC! parly. I hl acquired mastery over the minds of I it so ably and vioousI!} supports, on whichof I feren e to our position asjouruili; In r-

-cultivate if re'ltf'r ..,;..t ty and polUh to my pahnclto ie.ir.ple! a mile distnt.1 The re er'atiol by Gei. Taylor, of :any the people! by invoking the Spirit of '7G the two parties to rely fur safety to inter- ;py! ii flint comiiuiiiic'Jtion. )hay rt-
and attend] to those ; I I ifitfl the ;ulniraLc011: stcnin'ranl letia
of minoi mantlets accomplishments generally which constitute: Church scrvic.t! aloud. Return to rciding.Dinner. 1 expression of opinion upon the great political and! the !Resolutions of '!9V whilst liewas ests of more importance it and! then t1:1"I which: we take pleasurt iu Ujmg before eareaders.

iho, Reading; aloud with Major G. questions of the day until what 1 he esteems in them the I those which aD Tariff that could be framed t ."
in the eye of a coirect. not sickly: t.iMr, aiding riveting upon chline )
Study Greek an hour Walk wish: Maj. G. to I II
true "I tleman. They will; thus commend I temple .ocial. and hln.1| to be a more appropriate time-when of paity slavery, the most odious of all t 'ran-I would, af ct. I I IfKARCir.Vt.TER3: .\!''. ". :-\Tint,>

themselves as the representative of that palmetto to lea. J.ible cla prayer;s of twenty soldiers I he shall have been released [from !his present he foolishly imagined that t the prestige of i I i-t a fart \vnrfhv of conm.nfry that while: t I Cc1f1ip l 'dr )Imt.f"Y, y 1". 1 t'4&7I SI '1
skill and enious which they exhibit: as such l.tur ny th Charleston ...rrrlT.i i alternating; : fo prove I SIR-I have the Iinno tu ;t'itooie; ,;
and three officers, in the comminder of the Army of
two or eve tis "
deviates:unencumbered by factitious i im : position I his ;authority and r at name" would i I tilt the Democratic party of the Xorth i li s'ljn.jwr I the ft'ff'ipr of your fetter, wiin .li.ernt:

pediments. We think we see in lira inoveinenls ning. After tattoo retire to my rca.lin-I tent- Occupation, by the termination of the Mexican 1 follow him to Vmshintor.-vhere; armed ". had\and Greek and I Hebrew I o religiona i war-is a course dictated by a !I .M "if the North arc efri-stimtnatirvj: thfir arra'emncxuh 1.7'hof 1 .
of the to proper
age, a progressive tendency iljo tuMitionil: power of :1 I 1" April.At ;
private! devotions, :111 1 bed. Un Sundays; \ ] Off I to establish h ,
the spirit of equality we advocate. I It t is not : regard; t to propriety and When character he would the minds! of a rltr. fh'-ron-jh id-rtit\i sh:* It'ut'i inc pul>!ic u':1.itt :-iiimi '
we have public worship, with good alien-I ;: dciracy :; 'omp.! I ( i b.r.11 tlir-in" 'Ivr! 'and th<' ,:ntt-.livfrfiniiir: *,
the Agrarian principle of equality! in spite of dance from the men and the Major j I relieved from any such I m obligations to keep time Representative' of the People: to bend I Nay, this,pclr.cie i i1f;r"'lldtTtt J feretory i sii fully my :atrrrition, that; ; it i'nrc-i' ; J I
ull't'rs. i :
1' dollars and cents It is founded on the recognition i I j4 s'iportuv.j! Gc'tr-nit; T ? ; to ;iiN;vfr y<;ir letter in IIw! ?\: n, inn-
d Our
and! I officiating; : t interruptions silent! these subjects, who doubts that ; .T.OR'oifI't kWlwl.
t, of the I internal man, whatever few hat the :.. ell in pliant: acquiescence to the decrees which < r \tit hioTii ii1'i .wrli!, !,.. { ( !.. ;. !Ii-jtlers in !: deti! } F>y its'COli rf C-O9 and t tbf u'-ir.e'' !
the valuation of ihe :i rr1C foregoing routine he make! a full Hear and candid :m>\.',11I he Rut alas sorrowful : I the st'ninienrs which ir "I'. u-jher
found !
; to
( guise he may be i is carried on with great day ;I \'il pronllrlel1: : i t t.f North, all ofwi'.r are ti I. culotllv: fav.-'raSU'-ln I itl. :
cf its regularity I! of his ? What t i i } tl-im.r the Alter the /'r- indeed have I llie time. sho> : :
jewel ii; the tmd t rCJlnl"IItJirU : :j- after (lay.' I It t is to remark: that m ibis political pinions ; they maybe and mortifying le.!nn awaited him. Like! :H..fitj"n. are same. < mii -
lion-the discernment of the true ore.t hough proper :I of i fiiri :Hill peculiar riarfi/.nns hive pl-ived thi-s i; $flt"t! !ii. -riy.; to en"-r is.-! ; !;? .ti-w,
is from a Idler writ i en to one whom he had! we (ol.r. cannot pretend fully to '\"olrhe. deemed himself svmmtmnin, in I ;
fan'p arid 1 '
sft elvps!
JiJ deeply imbedded! in the cornnrm earth. I : I I through cmrpin most genei.. suiijecrs nf J'I.I \\ol\cj\ ,stj
Delected a: a confidential ;adviser in his re- declare ; but we have an abiding confidence! > but cliii frost" f'-.p }h.inr! of tfieirrintnr.il r-nemip
a : ofgrentn* s5, a hing i I < *, we have no
: It is that test equality to which the great I II \a i :j geSted b\ the Srrii-'p i in: qit' li' ious habits and I doubt be of
stlllie irurT will glad to oof
will be of the very helped
they Republican bp '
and his honors in the
Scottish poet alludes : soon came nipped .I their mi-ortunet( time: PemoeraK.1 t prrsonnl litnvs were In-uer tb ;: tll"'IIlI i.id !! :

Tin rank i is but the Euiaea's !t un::, XII: ITY OF THE .\ll.\TIL I !amp, and calculated to injure him the snpI )luid", ---hp found, t that "South I CarolinaChivalry .:. Thnt: j-i ural :n" i'-i Iripmf Sorhir.: f jn,t noaIief'tr!"t uf i'c: war when} mo- -.- :'". n 4i'} .
The nun's: the GOLD for a' that." unfettered iced I I I| milirrry! chief, serving in ti!: ;ri. 'n i ',:*:*
and !
Tie Philadelphia .Yutl American well I I Pmt of every ulprecliu ," whit: h I in his mlive fortress at t with a kind of poltticla hVi'llflorrr rj.m ; :: I "
The operation of our democratic institutions says : 1'lmere is no 111 I where-il I religious m American eiti/.cn.! I' Richmond lIe could) in j fhfv will lean, when nut ft'o .te, we h>;pe. iimv .,Ithi fotnmuii enemy, shan i. > ',itn rtt
sneer at wn ,
is helping on this moral COIJ nm'lIatifn.' obligations! : asidn is so II safety little they uniUrstsr.d: the D I
It :s planting on every side free I'nblic Libraries necessary as in this eountiy.! \V c should( I The recent Domination, ) : of Jen. Taylor; t!i pI\rfll I coon-: i in beard: hi'f ii his pride Xorl!. _. 3ior in any ir.auner. .

and) other man: for the development ',f'COlle barbarian without it. Already I the j by the Whig COfcmiol i in Georgia; and of (place! as Whipper-in of the Refractory- 'I -cot-: H 1C'TIOX.- -- I From many sources I have i t> atdre'!

anJ improvement of the mind and I II t of money and distinction i act Ia! upon I j the declarations .ilaily. made: I in I hi's fnor by and expose him, in hi.' old age, I Io merited I.\\"e are sorry to find that onr article on, I set! on the subject (,f rhc Prf-; !, : ,>y, rJ"1I j
and offering to all facilities in spile lashed institutions I do violence neither f) fil)-.-lt I.".! iomjf r
heart, natures ; by our peculiar i the leadingVhig papers in the L.ainn- scorn amid drri'ion-a just puni.hiner.t for .
( Slave Labor has been both.
of the disparities of external a "vantages io i into the mot vehement emulation, wrinkle* misapprehended ( siriou HS an officer of rite arll.\. l h.v ;acUj
achieve equality with the highest stan- almost!: t every brow and mikes: anxiety a gives additional: eofidence in the corrrfctness m the an.!lacity and inslencf he displayed in I here and elsewhere. and we tIt'sirto set ;; (Ie
dards of mental and mural: .xcehleisce. \\'c cmi-itnnbpresence and power at which stian2 II of the position we have as.summmed-ihmat of j i his demeanor to (Ihp(ret Council of the I ourselves or rather other, right on the :j hav p ;1'h' dIJ to the liS' t. f \:\ ; ..e 1:11_

say then to the mechanic lift your eyes to eri ga/e and wonder. Our very pleasures! declaring!: our willinsness 10 support 1 l.ium for Nation.! \V.I I inblit lie have cxclanncd subject.Theol.je.t. i j rXfJte I cnnnrriion, iFiar n\: s 1"1 lItS arm ,

this standard and keep; it ever in view. I : \.e this dash of impatience I ; about !them., I I II the Pre.-idency, \wiihout waiting for any cx- 'I when expelled from the hoar lIthe Senate, !! ever at the \7rll and! the r .J'!' -ii- country
I of av'cle hasi ;
:])o your part iu the movements of th ilay ;:.' our days and hours, hurried on in theiwiiiil I pojilionofhis political opinions, trusting to and after his unsuccessful I ;appeal' to I the I : our was not, as :nd! that I am not ;.j.rrj.Pa; l to N.IV tbal"!
l loose their I' i bern incorrectly stated-without there being: ; s.haIS refuse the country call! me IGt
and compel by your efforts: recognition of ::! I
I of conTnt:
rxcitet. of his native Slate demonstration
I his well known patriotism and past; people to tale a .aJ
lfe5 flier, but that I Jell S
your just pJiitioI.-actle: of the Union. \ distinctness and in :> m'My ma*", in i ;an\ thing in it to justify: such an averment ;j ran
1 : that in placing our destines asa I I i in I hi* favor at t the polls which yield to no call that does not rnme fromtiii
which the better reasoning faculty c dis- j Iralle( to compel the fmployment! of whites in preference i
.: answered the defeat of spontaneous action and free will of the to]
his hands commit they by signal
in oir: (treasure appeal
', .- .p' MEXICAN F.\CTS.-Tlrp. number of mines I I inuuish I little t that accords with' I the natural: ,;jtioii slaves. \\csoulitbv argument. !: lion at large, aud void of the slightest age.

in Mexico] already known, is between three purpose of life. Were this hurried way of to safe; an.! worthy custody.We his parly: addres.su! to the persons having employment cy nf my own.

and four thousand. Their largest: yield in life, this eager !hunt of gold( or rank, lnin-I have only been detcn'F'1 from pbting i j!Ii.FnreweM* a*Ions fdf'wdllO all my* P,1tlS.H to give, \mndvce them of their oicn frtr' For tlie. high honor ansi re lloll llJllilitti

any one year was -25,011,500; in 1790; rrrupted, it would soon sweep away Gen. Taylor's name at the head fcaf cnl- :: "Ha: b:1 s'rve.J inv r<,r\rr.Y wi'h: Is'ilf m Ihl zpal: I trill to give such prdt'I"f'nce-wc dei.ied such an office, I t.I-: this oi-i-a-siunio 53!.
and for some previous to 1PIO the it I, all I that elevates an I purifies human nature .
years PAHTV.flif that I >
1 M, 1 toy wl'll. not. inlino age have: not the slightest piralioi : ]
average annual )'bHVa.. $-4,000.000. or gives grace and coodness to life. 'I minis before, because of a want of knowledge ; I ".\- fcfi, me 1.t'd! l II mIt:! ellle* the legality, or propriety of any attempt at : tiinch more tranquil and saii
From ofllci; returns, it al'pcIIhat: in I 184'! The Sabbath stays the fevered pulse ofsociety of his views upon the subject we did Rut though he po-e spil the p.'ide of comma Ph 1iori. We relied on t tli- sympathy'' after the terrninalion of my present) !ut"n>* |

the value of the t'JII 1 and silver exported( it opens) the low and dark clouds! I not consider if proper for nt or others, to ': Wolsey, he had not his of soul I. U'hich! \vn arc supposed to frel fur our own awaits me I (trust io the oc upaiions mtf j
was 3,500,000( exclusive of what; was hat gather round the heart, and lets in the !i nobility |! I caalr'rnmit
force him against; his will, i into the position which enabled! coiof (to induce the course proposed and we congenial to Iniht's.. In no case
smuggled out of the country to avoid:) paying iaht: of better I thoughts and loftier feeling. 1 i : him to own and repent his ; mussel "t to be i the "a"lulate.r a!

; the export duty of six per et'llt. and To loose this recurring dispensation from of a candidate for the 1 Presidency. We 1 fault 1 1. and I the Christian sp'uit that enabled also endeavored: to !sltfw the good effect p;ll V. (I iricld myself ti' party si-hemes.

which is supposed could not have been less the course of the impetuous life struggle.woul.l I still consider it i impolitic, and he has by t thn : that great but tin!Statesman to prny for!' which would thereby be produced upon I \,\ illl these reniaiks I trtft you will 13T

titan three millions more. fluid mines are be to render, our deMiny that of the I expression) of his wishes and \'icwi. renderedit I thoe who exposed his vices and caused<1 his our internal, n'sonrces..e. deny the) rig't don me for thus (tiriet'y' repUins.to\ ytl&

rare in Mexico-the only ones known are dungeon slave. While, thcri.forr. we regard I useless and] unbecoming in ; Whig 'I w ::?ch I do wiih a high rpillion'i1rnI; arprow
any paper downfall! the heart of Mr. Ritchie hari who
those near Oaxaca, gold being found in combination ) the desecration of as -- ; ; of any set of men to dictate to others I embraced *
sentiments anti
of the
with silver.: Three penny weights primarily; offensive as a violation of a divine or Whig meeting, to put I him up before I dens'under' the inflictions he has snllered, they shall employ, and we so said before. editorial.' views

of gold to a mark of silver is the largest a- I law, we condemn it as i war against the better the country as a candidate of tie Whig like that of the King of Egypt and he Sit much for the misconstruction at home. your With wishes (or prosperity is j
charities of life-as done the I many your
obtained of the moift precious metal a wrong to
mount party. I turns in vettg1tui his ls.aiafs,1 There has however been attributed the Ipbrre
taken j fury upon : to life and great usefulness in |
laden onwards
from the combination! ore, and this from the heavy -as a step to
mines of Guanajuato only. When the :,. barbarism.We The first mentioned reason which has and all I who give them" aid anti.) comfort." I I our article on Slave Labor in another quarter which your talents and) exertionS are rill'

mout of gold in these ores is small! it is not see with great regret a constant tendency caused) us t to abstain; from hoisting the TAYLOR ;I Thus we are daily t treated Io assaults upon !!. IJiO'ef'nt1Ih] from what we designed barked!, I beg to acknowledge inyselCMost .

sepcratcd from the silver as m the result of to the loss of the Sabbath. This i is IIANNKK m we consider 1 happily I removed ::1 r. Calhoun his friends and the Charleston I II and Io ourselves, a position we do not occu trimly Your; and obedient respectful/) seiVJEl.

the Under process the is viceregal no: equal to ihe coast.the tobacco greatest pulse of society in those is communities most ranid amid where uninlermittent the- i I h by his modest and self-denying letter t Io t lieCincinnatti 4l1errur.:. The[ Cerberus Washington. I i py. The New Vork Evening Post, after Z. TA YLOR. Maj.Gen. r. S. A"'!' ]

motioply yieMed govcrmcnt:1 nenue of 85- : and where\ the worship of mammon Stgmd, WhNIil he does not declare growls forth his I'enunciaiinns: all "Tray, review-inn certain articles in the Mercury Jt:. "'. Taylor, Ksq., Crncintnii. O.

000,000; now it produces only half a million or pleasure is as perpetual as it i is aboibinz. himself unwilling to be con.iler'llthe, i 1 Blanch. and Sweetheart bark in mimici and Xoulhcrn Journal, alludes to our remarks -

and we are told tint this is not more This hostility to tlc Sabbath; is CANDIHATK: OF TIM': PKOJ-LK.: Such being I unison. and our paper, as follows( : DISOWNING: ITS ALLIES.-The t'calls Iht

thanequal to the expenses of the establish manifested in success of Sunday papers the present posture of affairs \f this day I i is somewhere said!, by a jealous man We find, h \w\'r. in a paper printed atApalachieoli General Santa Anna tbe ally of ttI'tI
It-voted business an'l I and in the \Vhi igs but the Union must not expectotTits .
ment. This i Mexican wisdom all over, plea.lrp I the Commercial .liltrrtiscr ;
place the of ZACIIARV who had his some
name been
: praised by opponents, **
to !Keep; up a monoply for the purpose of ,lc\'ltiII of the day to idle (nertainmeol<. fl speculations which Seen to speak the sentiments .; damaged gootls on its adversan! *
paying the expense thereof. > They who invade the day of rest do a at the head: of our columns, a! a candidate: What have I done, that my enemies I ofanotber! class-the cas at the south who are The Executive of the United Slates #

The valuable mine in Mexico is that of wrong to the race at larnc. and aid in weakening fo the Pr'1irlCICYVe place it there not praise me ?" The sentiment iucllc:1tet of i not the proprietors of slaves." Santa: Anna to Mexico to bead uernrn"**

Fressiello. which netted $500,000, to the a divine institution given in mercy', as the organ of any party-not in \\\f]\ official distrust of the commendations, of an opponent Now we distinctly deny that we are the and with I the intention thai he should Jo:j
and from the interest of civihiza- I If that stroke of has ,turned out aspecul.Hion
but the fee simpleof inseparable of Editor of Whig -but Heathen not Christian of class in the policy
government annually, tion. capacity a paper certainty hat a ; a organ any particular community the Government must not I"Pto

which was sold', not long since, fur fifth four .I I simply as ONK OF THE PEOPLE-:an origin-;and il is not in unison with the -and further, we have no authority so evade i is r, responsibility by so tranp'rfBt.trirk .

hundred thousand dollars-being one A CUT INuI.Y.-\Ve were somewhat humble individual it is t true, but one of that I emotions of the human )heart, to which to speak, nor do we desire to set ourselves as the organ allempls to play ?r

less than one year's purchase amused last Sunday ,momma at the plan body, at whose hands alone, the Hero andPatriot ] nothing can be more grateful than the candid up as sOf'h.Ve know that nothing could be What the Executive could promise itself'ilidin
The revenue of the archbishop of Mexicois hit upon by on Miami] I Indians to get Santa back Io 1t1iCOlidll
{ Anna
Taylor is willing !o receive the insignia and i impartial testimony of an eneimmybearing less beneficial to the workingelass, than : to set iu ,
not less than 830, 000, exclusive of donations rid I of the crowd' of gazers at the Canal; any her battles we have never been a

and birth day presents which amounts House." of office. Rut although wr are now witness to noble trails in the character attempt on the part of the press to irray In conceive i is a riddle which the GOltrl'

r probably to half as much more. A number of squaws were in the sitting alone in this movement, and though we of his antagonist. Chiistian writers them :against: their employers do so. metit has not deigned solve, and we .

Tins Mexican priesthood hold! one fourth room, and naturally attracted a great deal of have not consulted with any of our political arguing with I Infidels, have always appealedwith i would be impolitic and criminal in us.Ve (pect it cannot solve. Whnieer the 'n0"
of the whole property unite Republic. The attention. frif'nJs-ct we fear not, but that we are grateful pleasure, to the testimony wrote what we have published on this sub : the friends of the administration admit.I
i is
churh in in ,
amount held by the The copper colored gentleman question it blunder well-meant on*.
fifty millions. There is a balustrade in the became; either disgusted :t, or tired of expressing the wishes and) feelings of nine- borne by Josephus to the Divine Acts of .ject, with no other object than to express say was yet Mill a blunder.) But they *,*

cathedral of Mexico inacln) cia mixture of the constant gazing of the "dough-faces" tenths of the inhabitants of our city, whenwe our Saviour. The Chivalric: Cmur de Lion the views we hold-audio point out the policy I further they do not say unalYai h0''' ,

copper silver, and gold, which i Is three hundred at the ladies belonging to his party and thus announce our desire to see the valued the courtesies of the noble Sala- which we considered best adapted to expected from it. Now we do not cfi"8*J;
4 feet in length, and) some idea of"us value while the room was; crowded to excess, he : bear the of the blond1
Government of our country administered by din who evinced his esteem for Richard'sknightly promote the piosperity of our city. Our io responsibility
be formed from the fact, that an raised up his hand to attract the notice of I the Administration whether well
him whose valorous deeds and wise councils qualities, by granting him in dis- article was designed to I orillane1b1
offer was once made "10 take this balustrade, all. and exclaimed, in his best F.nglish apply to county and so the Adminislialion and '

anj replace it with anoih: r'li exacly the I Ugh one Jnfin got de por1 The has covered her arms with imperishable tress, terms he hat: refused to him when and as to preventing negro laborers from I organ must fain keep General Santa Aa

'I 6ane size.and.-. workmanship! oi pure silver. pale faces mizzled.-Lafayette Glory. leading the combined forces of Europe. other States from being brought here, to them.elyes-- -.- "Vaf.( IlltdI ,


-. BI .
i .:"



.. -- .. .. ,
1 .
: \ 'JiIf -" ,I ::3. -S. .; r- '-' : ,

I ., .


-; ; : '. --- __ .
-w.- -.-- -- V- : .- ------- -
,-u-- '.



: : : _

t'"r .
ftf, .
< -


\ ---- .. -.-_ _-_ -_ ---- _- I
= -
-- -- -- ------ ----- -"-- __ _- -_ .
-- ---------- d
-: Ul1rimre American- Juy *> ] [From the "N'ew Orleans Commercial Times.] [From El Jlrpublicano of 5th June.] the distance that had then been finished, I P01SOTJIULAT10N.4flflflUIeIC i For d. -Providence.- ,
ARRIVAL r OF THE CALEDONIA.s ry the arrival here, yesterday, of the U. S.steamer The importance of the followiue (docu which Cologne was and the between space between Hanover Antwerp and( and on contagious fevers' the Philadelphia ErentngJ3u1tetn -I, -;- THE superior brag VIRGINIA Litmaster. .
tleticli .
I Fur deck
from freight only
the following a I
Europe.J from lirasos mentlately) ) from the quotes
from Ivy, ; intercepted induces
When '
enemy finished
the whole line from
t : Antwerp Smith the apply to the master, or tn
Wuvn KREAWTUFFS-- the 2d l instant, we have received news from us to publish it. It reveals the scar- paper by Dr. Southwood on .!
'prR:! I to Berlin can be travelled in twenty hours- London July 5 XO nSf;. STONE &. CO. \
r'1""-r.n 'A N CE IX COTTON'TheCuuarJ the dilJerent( po;ts occupied by our troops city of means of our invaders, and shows and from Berlin to Vienna in hours Fever Hospital. ;
arrived of the Ilio the I that we should forty Noxious particles," he says, ave conveyed ITlllMC.
lie Grande in
stcnmer Caledonia in ( valley up to I not be discouraged the'. more. The intercourse between the United
_ _
thin :
vested..y morn- "Mid uf last month. The steamship jlrtrjIim / prosecution of the W ir. I\ States and ( will then be into t the system through the and subscriber, late of Athens. .
carl }hour Germany as rapid as T'1Ir ,
tlt1tt an ) delicate walls of the air vesticles of the
Bo< Liverpool to the >gsUinil sailed thence for this port the \ little constancy on our parr, will suffice i' hat between the United State and Eng- I II I Georgia, would respectfully announce -
dies: from I vindicate lungs in the act of respiration. The mode to the citizens
to of that ho
.r't' brngiflg same: day as the Fashion. The followingwe our reputation, and let the land. i Apalachiccla,
J 0r correspondent nt Bo! onlhth take from the Matamoios Flag tlf the world know that we descive to be free, and Only reflect for I I I in which the air vesticles are formed and I I ha: commenced givini* music lessons rn the fol I ''jHu
10 Uno h the I a moment on the prospects disposed i is such to to the human I lowing instruments : Spam!Guitar, Flute, Violin
that give
,, : ambition :
deptched (o u 30th n It. The report is not credited, as and good 'fortune are not (the I: of tha intercourse
steam between Eu-
; Tenor Alto Violin .
of absorbing ( or ,) and Violmcello. As
lungs almost incredible -
of the LivcrjOOl the editor that Dix who left titles fur the of Mexico i an
sketch remaiks: Iaj. possession : and
America in the
followin few short number of
the a yrars.- surface while. of this my piipiN will be limited. I am
at point sur-
Gen. Wool's head on the lay when OFFICE: OF Till: QSARTKKMASTKR, ? I every
quarters 'I During present year three lines will run face now forming cla t**. Th.se desirous of joining
marlil'lS. I 10A.M.; the letter in question was dispatched thence, New Orleans, 13th; May, 1847. 5 -each offour large steamers-one to Bos- : there i is a vescular tube, ready to receive in .the class would do well to apply a* early: is

HMTOS. July stated) that he knew of nothing which could. CAPTAIN : In spite of my former calculations I ton, and two to New York These three any substance imbibed by it, and to possible, a-* they can have the privilege of selectin -

The .teamT Caledonia 1 ht just nrnved corroborate the information the I I have not been provided( with funds. lines comprise the British line from Liverpool carry it at once into the current of the cir ;; the hours which may best suit their convenience.

l l1 lh'f'1I i diy; I.. cv I ut eli i.CflCC from mi'ted.I wrilcnrans-I' On the 2c=th March, the Third Auditor( to Boston-the French line from- I culation. Hence the instantaneous and the I IAn II'

I I with \ I f urwanl you the iIflowin;; deslI'II'iI" FROM nf, .\ YIST.\.-.An :advised me that I had $750,000 to my ere-I Bane to New York-and the Americanline : dreadful energy with which certain poisonsact evening class will be for: d-.ror.: gent.Ie-
fUf'l\'f' of the Liverpool I dit : upon the system when brought into con- men who cannot attend during the hoara of the
I erondiii..n his '
,otl ie"p'indeiit, over the signature ofV.. S. J I on books but I received no from New York to Southampton and
un the 1 !Ih tlh. Walker, writes from Buena Vista, under !J matiori from the Treasurer on the Bremen. There three : tact with the pulmonary surface. A single day.

rnIII.'t:Flour' ",is eiunat 3-*. to 3O. per oar- I date of June 10. that a report vas; brought '! By a letter of the 12ih, J was !sUhject'l I additional lines of are four now large preparing boats each- I inspiration of the concentrated Prussic acid Guitar i.adies'ishing, will be to attended take lesions at their on the pectiv&Spanish'

) Vncrienn. The List steamer quotedre into camp that: morning, that a scouting i Cot. Stnnton could not obtain the i"mit-!I'besides the Sarah Sands and;) such boats ns I' for example, is capable of killing with the .1 hon
II'j-u" to 4.;i<. per barrel. party fiom Gen Wool's command, was at- j lance: so that I cannot expect it, notwithstanding !| go on. their own hook. The (three lines rapidity of a stroke lightning. So rapidly Terms-10 for a er re of 15 lesion Application

It I,,!, ; M.-.I t \\ w oinn5 at 23*. to 21'. tacked about sixty miles from thu encampment i i the many motives I had 10 rely on now building are the American line from I does this poison affect the system, and so can be made at my residence rear of
hlrrel. Indian. Corn at 4. .s. to 32s. per it. An deadly is its nature, that more than one phy- Episcopal Church.
: near Incarnacion, and all Intone rhan : arrangement, has been effected with New York to Liverpool-the additional I
per Icfi it at (G K*. j siologist has lost his life by incautiously in- T. C. U DERWOOD.
I list steamer
The either killed or made prisoners. He 1 further & Riggs, to provide one million British line from Liverpool to New York I S
ii8rttr., at 11s. 9-1.. a 12... j haling it while. using it for the of June 30th, ISn-St. _
.riling of I purpose ;
l je'I! Wheat was states that (;cn. Wool seemed to anticipate dollars at litJ] rent periods from 3d May of which the first boat has just been launched t

"littt, do. at I2i. a 12*. :11. per bushel of an attack, and 5 is taking every precautio-i to to 25 June, nearly two month', and I need at Greenock/ -and the Belgium and j' experiment. If the nose of an animal be -- List-of- Letters .

:71111) ,.. prevent a surpiise. Jen. Bravo is understood .! I more than a million per month, and should ;| Prussian line. which will soon beset on foot. slowly passed over a bottle containing this in the Post Office at the City( of
COs. poison and the animal I
:oos. inspire
"ale at to per REMAINING
Bt'f'f; met re-id: to be concentrating a lare force with have at least 8150,000 ready at ;any moment.I j All these will make an aggregate of twenty- Icr the quarter ending1st .
old do.rs. the of the it
during moment
72s. to 70s., drops
Pork passage
mess a view making descent Ct'n.rr:1Y have received $150,000 of the above, but four 1S17.
.rrei ; new to a upon steamers engaged in the regular trade down July, .
10 70s.) ; prime> new do. GIs. to C2s. I lor's column and the writer is apprehensive : it is as a drop in a bucket. I sent a share between the United States and Europe besides the dead instantaneously, just as when Anderson, A G Lawscn Sarah :.
the form
is in of liquid
poison applied,
Lanl| 4(1( *. to 43*. in Kejs. that he will make his appearance befoie a of it to Major Eastland, who was in much the old ones. In one year when these a Butts, E P Leopard, Jrhn 2

The rates for New Orleans Cotton, ordi- sufficient force is collected at Buena Vista; want. 1 hear that 3500,000 more have been lines of Atlantic steamers, and the principal to the tongue of an animal. BakerV.. S., Cap Liddon, B G. t

narv to rniddlins, was Old. to fiN, from to repel )him. The number of i troops at received, but it may meet the same fate as railroads on the continent shall have been PRODUcTIoNS OF THE UNITED STATF.S. Brocken'jrough W. 11. Love, J C i

from SJ to fair Gd.nlhe market firm. Buena Vista he computes at fourteen 'the $750,000. If I obtain the amount, completed, there will be a regular arrival at Brown, Jane, Ann Mrs Lee Capt
hun-I. .: The Patent Office Report furnishes the following Rryn, Mary 1-:., :.Ji-<* McCabe, James- .
dred. a parr not all, will go Montgomery), in 1 New York from Europe three times a

jui, r the above was in type we received We learn that there will be shortly as- the 3Iassachusetis, or earlier-but at any f week, or every second and third day in the important information Bryan Bre\vtr, ,Elizabeth Hefkiai! Mrs Mcore Mvers,, Capt Sauioel Capt 1

,the I01inwin" despatch from Philadelphia : sembled at Mier a \'formidable force, rate, I shall lose no time, as Capt. Irwin summer season, and half as often in the Wheat, oats, rye Indian corn, potatoes, Rit1gtnD L Mcrrille. U Cart 3 -

Puinnr.LrniA July 4, G P.1.. under Gen. Iloppinz. destined, I to reinforce wants one million in Vera Cruz, of which winter. hay and tobacco are raised in every State Hamilton, Marion, M. OMuIIrr!: Get-rge

the Caledonia lias cotr.e to 5en. Fatc'r.T1'Iie 1a1c of the :30th u ti- [ S-500,000 to be drawn against, from the interior anti Territory of the Union. Bryant, \rm C \Iath'ny. J "

T-p: .!ir.Aby! I t ti'-uissnit von the (01:0": in: : inn says: in the course of the moat Ii.I [From the Mobile Advertiser.] Barley raised in all except Loui ianR. Blaney, r.llctaelrtlrri Henry .

.i''u' ""Ill (1: %IN*\h KET. .J c-: UKr CAMT or INSTRUCTION.-Gen. Hopping, much regret that you cannot obtain I GREAT TAYLOR MEETING.: Buckwheat raised in all except Louisianaand Be bon, Elijah McMan. Thorna- ,

ti.rd.ut':T.j. t \Vheat from I Ireland eitln-r now in this city proceeds immfdiately to funds by drafts on me, but it is not to be I MOBILE, July 2J, 1517. Florida. Bray, S.im'1Cordsen :Mvers Jacob ItMcGreavy. ,
: Mia the formation of wondered at, since most all the drafts New England. New York New IkvanSam' D. Patrick
I'.irei-n dufin-i the) last to superintend a At Jersey
,, Uo.vj'n; or I a large meeting of the citizens of this A. Caf.t., 2 Norton, Charles KNiekerson _
, !. .Ho l,).Ilf',t hiv i < '"ccn'I'!' cousidi-iable as Camp of Instruction at that; place, for the that have been presented on me, I have to city, assembled together at the Public Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin Crovvson,Marion Mrs Sparrow

t) !? T:', hen the imports (rom the United troops now here and to arrive out for Gen pay, with bills on Col. Stanton, at Washington I Square on last evening for the of do not raise cotton. Campbell, Johol'Hflan, Thomas
h.,? ;: ? The TGlh lecimenl and] thesonre into the hands of brokers The States that do not raise together
I'oi a weel; or ten days pas heavy ; loris column. cn- put I nominating Gen. Zachary Taylor as a candidate cotton Collins, Timothy! B Nash. James S Capt
'''": :s ::1:1'11 hoB ren l"red a l.irie i;'lat.tiV'Vr" j- ..t I the Ctitnp. Ti.o companies ol I the 12th have to let them remain unpaid for want States, the followiur proceedings were had do) not raise rice. Crrwin, Jns B Osfennn Edward
) ,If' ', ',:. \\ : of funds Some of the drafts I : State and Iowa Caraway, Drtd Oaks Thomas
im 1I:1lhle.: The rumurs 4if the i eminent pabsed up the li\'t'r on Monday : give arc On motion of Collier H. Minge, Esq., Every Territory except T 4
" : "II' l'H'ldt'sHre" remitt,.tI. 1 believe that will Carn.ack Satn'l V O'L'onaid! Mary Mrs
the Potato disease, though one coi i; ,,BY is in Front it matters shortly General KOBERT DESHA rears silk.Every .
n1' elected
I i- 4 Conart, LotCunningham Peacock ,herod
>1' 'I :
; : 1I..lf, : M.,!. ir.ive: not yet subMiied ; but will icmain for the present, and two more I mend. President of the meeting. On motion of State except Delaware makes sugar. Jul>nCulhbcrtson Paradl"'. Ann Mrs

1l'1' ,i! "'t r\i-rci 1 e the smallest itifltience1l' are ;.t the Bra os, expected! up. The other Draw upon me if you can but if those S. U. Fisher, Esq., Maj. L. 3Iauidin, Jonathan New York raises the most barley, viz : Jt>l.n 'tcky"C1 ,

1 ;) 'i,.." I ti J 01 1 lf'l. Subs equrnt to the def {five companies or this) regiment arc \ctto who take them are lint willing to wait, cx- Emanuel, Esq., Gen. Thomas W. 1,802,282 bushelS Douglas, Thomas Htn lledzcrsMarv B Miss

I. ,'1'' il.c; I I.'t steamer the m.irket fully anue. The 20ih jiment, complete, is in prf'so, on your drafts, that if it suits me, I McCoy and C. H. Minge, Esq., were appointed New York raises the most potatoes-24- Darnel Everett K<-?erol, J H .,

i' .1'' I li'1 I:: up.\lHI tendency, which was camp at ihi place an.I will iemo\e t to 1 tiic shall!I p.iy them in bills on Washmglari. Vice-Presidents ; and on motion of 907.55. hu hfl". Di kenson, S IIa.se, J C.
I l' I (' of Instruction when relieved) the Between sending from here and obtaining New York raises the most hay-4,595- EnDh3ham bctts'.n, John D
,I..i i until about ill* llth. Since Imp by specie; I George N. Stewart, EMJ., Leonard F. Summers Clpt
li 11'1' : owing to the extreme f.tvorail ; Illinois troop, undtr, tood to be on the way it in your place by draft*. t the letter } and B. FBoardman were elected Sec 935 tons. Evan*, VioIeU Mr. 2 Rowland: P E Capt 2

tbet'r.(. 'I,: : 'b!, weather) and the jttumisms out. The battalion; of Third Dragoons would be pelferable, because the risk: and retaries. Ohio raises the most wheat-10,780,705 F.agertcl1 FitZaimmon; James, James W Roads Ruse, Harir.an Luanda Mrs
"' ,' ,- ..f 1,> Erti'.\ lug crops the M.- tOW here aie nt.der. ordeis to ictnoveto I I the txpl'nse'oullt} be avoided. II The President, in a brief and, appropriate bushels.Pennsylvania. Fletr.rnineG W Smith, Caraway 3

V h .\ t :' t 1:11': 111..rkt"t h.I' Uf''U Hlatt'tiill.;' pimp, but their man-h; i is dela\fd. in con-e- I deposited, on t the -Jolh i inst., $20,000 to address, explained the object of the meeting: raises the most rye-8,429- Friel, Wm a Sterling

,,," ,j', i 1 I 1\:\,' '!I'J'}pI sJtio: Jo f.iJ! clf-nily queiii-c of the non-sinival of horse your credit i t, MI t the Cannai: Bank, which 1 I and concluded by pronouncing the meeting 22G. bushels.Pennsjlvania. Fortune, J R Staik, Henry S CaptFrench

',' .1| 1'] ;.,' t ;.1 t iliree tlajs the inarUfis In ;"Ihtlf I to the t mops above mentioned, have probably! omitted to advise you, 1 have I open for the reception of re ollllon.! raises the most buckwheat Marion !Shinnirffham,George 2Strickland
t. the fiirces. iai ed arid! lie raised) been, 0,103.500 bushels. Fisher, John Cart Samuel.Schn W
l' '. :M : js-iiillv dull a'id the ir.uisac- following : to very busy.McKae I On motion of S. G. Fisher, Esq., il was .
and : is here onleis! from the Tennessee raises the most corn-07,733- For?the, Mrs d. John
.. i parJicuarly! of an ut.der the rail; for volunteer's, as- wniiing resolved that the President
rtt.n appoint committee
:. 1. .. : v r .y.: a Furzuson
:. .'\ !, flit ,-} cit .r.icr( -thev d.! H-i! :t::.ed to (;etj. Taylor, will cne (Gen.lioppw" Qiiaifrmaster; (General who, I learn, reached to draft res'-ludons expressive of time 447 bushels. John Sutton, L G .
Cmai cool Mieras fast Washington the" :1st.i IJelger has Virginia rai es the most flax and hemp, Gould, Joseph Gapt 3 Snow Loring Capt 2
L Wesiera at as they arrive on
t :i.i. -1 1 h. ; L for host I sense of the meeting. In accordance! there Gailord, James H Sloan, JrhnSkolfield. .
It. ::: 11. for 7t; 1)135. : been I busy buying I hoisrs-many of t them viz : 31.720! !l1i.'
; ; ,nr. \\h4 nt H* t<) with the President ppoinicilles rs. S. G. Griffin, Levi ThcmasCapt
(J.c rei :, tf infant rs ftom Indiana and have bt'en shipped to the Ur.ixos, for the Kentucky raises the most tobacco, viz :
]1" 'I, ', I' ,!r:M. WbIIe: 4c-5. Jo 54 per q-iartej. !( Fisher. E. L. Andrews, Peter Hamilton, Gibson, Abigail Mrs Smith, SamtJelSrlvcy
I' ., \.1! ,. .4-. In ?">.. 1tr blL. Pliiladcli oaf funn Ohio! : one batltaiion ((3, cool paais) operations under 1',1) lor. Wm. E. Stark, Win. Sayre, U. T. Cleave- 72.320.543'lbs. Holinqnest, Laurent B >V !Mre ,

r', i 1 {U I i'i; t tIre Flour A9.*. to 40.., Ohlll fiom Xr.w .cr(5. one h.ltalill: (.3 do.) I am your?, etc. T. F. HUNT. land B. B. Fontain, George N. Stewart, Georgia raises the most cotton, viz : 143- Hih, Ik3:3r Thi rnn: ?, Christian .

[1 i ,' : ,:7.. ,i r-5.. Tiinarco very iiaetjve.LlV fiom -\\' Maryland; one b.tlaliol Lieut. Col.: anti) qmrtermaster General.To and Thos. Holland. 175.129 Ili'. HaIl, 'J..mes B Capt Toy, Benjamin Capt 3

I.;:? I. "TTOS M AUKKT J ut ii.i .- \\2 from Florida! > of horse from The N. O. Bulletin copies the above 148,175,129 Ibs.MAIL. Hobart, Charles Taylor, DC
Tn i .' ',i;i .\i 1 ::1! ito', th4,1)uU; fi MMiinj in : companies ret u coed with the following pteamble a nilresolutions. I I :;l.es L'rrnina Miss Valer.tine; Peter
,1". .. -. ;,ni : t.f ih" mouiU IMS J1H' as- !U!!in.ivikinsas, Ohio ;a itil Alalrntna : two arid iemirk: >: the reading of which was repeatedly ----- --- Heath thus A Walton! David

,.l'1 \ ?." .. J"r: 'pt'rt, ih.1 !hmts a1krIee4i i t f;>oipanit's: of foot fiom Virginia, and oni- \V,' have been berated by the Union, and} interrupted by loud bursts of en- ARRANGEMENT.From liarfield! San.uel Williamson K W.

: : ; : ;i"f j.1tf1d.: The .a1's of tll."ri comp.nfwm North Carolina. other Demoer.uic! preee:for our remarks thusi.t-.tic admirationVnERLS : and after this date the Mail Coat will Jackson, Georire Williams, James W.*

\ ..: ,'\'. tt auuuJt to 33.UOO Tile t''hjPo" ';!fl !!f exern.' in their si mm- nit ;ip; miserable managment: displayed; by \ : A period has arrived at which leave Ai.| ,hehicola; on Monday mcrnings at 9 JttterViIiara! Wood, & Co. Messrs

1 1 j ".'j" !.ales II.IVP '.
II I' ;1111 1 ".,(utt for cxji.irt. L'p- \\ heu hey hal1! have passed through a '! a; 1 this place--ihe loss of credit, loss that p-irty distinctions heretofore governing A. M. July 3, 1547. King, George B Zacicva, Ser D'Jaaa

I I : J !L1.1t.IU .'.utJHili': lt our .(of ui-u (uetil'l under him, I they will nfiM'n) "'). an I inroiivenieute that I had been the! country, frequently without re- -- Lawrer.ce David C 1.t tXH'erJons
under Gen. "ji'-uV' (he I want of tart, foresight and ---'--- {( calling l for any of the above IEtters,
\ It.i\ i -i tn1c.1'" Il3t3ll :*t 1; i. hi fully prtJaf'c lo fight 1mylur's by I fernce lo principle, and founded only on will .
l knowledge', I the of some patties at COMMERCIAL.COTTCLN please say they are advertised. .
aid r on pail
and 1tr should to
: for itli !dttnJi'HI1'Y!: jH\'jICibl : I party riganszalion: give place a JOS- S. MAY, Postmaster.CAI5D. .-.
Tr.sAXs; -M jor f en. and \\Ta.llll1i'ron.lIo'c; duty it was to make will einbiaceall .
in which
',, :2 !L far 6ie. The stock iimv :lc'CuHocl ufi.miiii.lv action ; ---- -- -- -- -------- ------

11) t ,. .. ..jIn.l at 50afl( a bales! rg. iosii !his CIIU'IIof m .epijtfd: _ho\ Ij\ 1111 I tin nerpssarv artangetii'-nl- those who are most deeply interested in time STATEMENT. Lat \ .

,' ,- }t,sr, i qlttf t,1] 30! ot Uf foiv.j (tur several \\'{* give aS-ove} .1 traiJ; -larilln, 'Lom;\ E\\.advancement; and prosperity of I ihe country }f'ar. : TIll; subscriber begs live. to infcrni the (iti-

: : ". !..'.. _'1'.T: I.:..*- 1..J 0.._ J Ji 11.{ M.j'ir, who is in bad lWhl! CI.I'I l Tirjitlt'n'nno(; itt.3tIi .1 one a Mexican paper. at large ; and whereas the opinion of this Stock on ban-J Stort. 1, 1:316,10S3t Apalachiccla. d those cftre neighboring -
1 of letter from lilt'qJI'nnt Burnt frince 1st ;5ei't. 100 country, that he has established 2 in
: i i I' -12: ItPJtt'U.HIt'tJ; t IMS I i ; ,irj'i v'stt.tb.v. They enlisted i publish! I i.i; the cupiMl, a meeting tilt best promise of such a te anti; ) if rereued, w'n I ml! ret :i'im I :; : I ister General of I this city, to the ZACHARY I city the purucj-e ct pruitn.fr: music, com,
not of Gen. .L-
siHi'Ptisttiii : the selection .
: .;< ." .' w .I!} ihe ; "mntI5. given ill l Received past week! .... {,ro.cd and arranged for the Piano: natc. B well
-" I' ".l' t-, "T.e. li.tvf produced a : ; !i-J disband., In sarh an evet.l (he1ij.r ; J)ijtiitermasier; I at Veia Cruz, Allowing in TAYLOR 10 be the President! of the United .. previously! .lO(;r.tJ1 I as for otLtr instruinen's. lIe intends to keep

in as he has ever done will hold him-I stioiij I ; color how I iueffifit all I the Treaanangements States for the ensuing Presidential term: Totl.10'i019IOIJ! t h hand astlectim
1 i i' i' c 0; !en- .Id: i grtt1er .ae ; week .... .. fi,90 constant on cf the most fashionable
'! \ 'T.1',. : TheiijTikof: CusKindi .IIU: rea'iinesnfor any mm timer honorable! sury were on I the subject, Thr fore, sharing in common with our fel- Exported. l'nvioJ.Iy.past .ttJ./:]) t pieces and I.- prices per copy, shall be

'. i', :.:IIi I"l ,+\.11t1t ihe Funds s orviec his Guvernment may require of )). and cnnfirmitig everything we have isserted i low-ritr/.Hiis of other places the same cnthu"Mastic 'Totdl. .. .. .-103221):103330 moderate, to" suit the times ; he also tilers for

". t ; > < ./.-;: !<'I.i1'4' tl'Jr1t1atitJn -/'///!:th uf,. respecting it. | admiration for his prudence, courage sale, Piano Fortes ct the mtsf approved make ;
i 1',1 i.f i'D'ict'ike I.udt flf EfIi. :- !Hr.' ':.\nl.-r. C.lf v.ho; was impri- I It will be seen that Col. [Hunt states; he and moderation(! which h.re ben already On hand ar.d on shipboard notcit' r'J..3320. 706'4 he is prepared to repair and tune I'uncs, and put

', i. ahllltl t16..rjJji; soj.j on a charge of shooting a Mexican I required one million pfr month, and t that so significantly recognized by his fellow -- --- ------ --- --- .--- ---- -- them perfect tnlcr; he al-o begs leave to say,
( I'Kt; c
; AFALACHICOLACommeiiCiug that he is to i induction! the
.. and i is at I liberty.lh',1. another million at least was icquiied by thePa'ma..ll'r's without distinction EXPORTS OF COTTON FROM ready give on Piano,
now him
rftid thewd, wen citizens nominate -
it t i t3IG.3o.; ; 1 acquKted here : we 1=1 tepteai? !*!r, 1343-and same Violin, Flute, Guitar ar.d all tie different Brass
111 ii 1"I.II-uu'n1: | : :i'rrjt, tu Department particulaily of party, as the PKOPLK'S CAXIUDATE time in 154- Instiuiseiiis, duch as UulE'. Ccrnopecn, Saxhrjn,
: -. .1'\ .!>..iwinj; a derided inr.ise Utvnw.-Tht're was to be arrvew, on when 18 or 20 regiments, volunteers: were for mime Presidency ol the United Suites.Ti'WiW --- > -- Trorul'cne, &c-", and offers to teach his pupils af

;.1" '. !n r inacti w seasonLiverpo1
oilicr the prospects! at M.Jtamoros: consisting r of about 1400 men.Dragoons place.; The .Subsi c' '
rt< A monetary up i ') '') -
... ... ... .113-1 .L17Havre -11. IJ7l. :,
Colonel Daen- rf qurcd large sums, and) the wants of Grll.Taylur's 1 \ ,'-"- \ on a visit profes-siciiallj) in l his .
and by with humanity, wonderful I : usmc recta' at the
''li- .1.ln'IV I me of a more enrour.i ; Infantry tempeied: .... ... .. I ..2592.. ..2i9213
t'lfa"' : i Il l\i they have ben; I'-r some port, coinmaodant, of t that post. army were also to be provided for prudence and skill, connected with a char- XantzTrieste: ... .. ... .1". .I. .... -,. .- ,.. -.. .'ll, ':zrllm, Commerce sfretf.
The Fusion brought over fffty discharged -wiiti i all t these enormous demandsstaring] acter of singular virtue, energy and perseverance ; .... ... ..'..912'...1;8' .2'2:3 .... Orders for Mu-c: or In"truments'm meet with
.. _.. . . .9J.93: ; .. prompt attention. II. BEflNREUTER,
etTil "st t rnsl.ip Hritanoiaarrived at J..in'ri' volunteers and i teIIISlcn;. the disbursing officers in the face, the Quar- docs, in the opinion of this meeting, Genoa .j.. Professor
has Other ... ... 1.1..950 cf Iu3 c_
tf here is advised that he $750- ports .
i 'I .HU JJoston on Su *lay, the 13th. and master point him out to his countrymen as one _,' Apalachicola, July 10, 15J7. 2'5llXotice '
P.IXnOvss.Thi.. foimidablc! war 000 to Ids credit at Ilcs/ii'wo/wz.but nothing Total I to For. .20 ) .2714.34Th9.3223New l
honor with : -.j --- --
;''V I f .\ 'IIPf\tm strainshtpVash,!2i () whom the people will delight to
fut engine, of which s(> much has been lately i from the/Treasurtr on the subject. Shortly the office within iheir gift ; and the York.... orts.I.. .iy3 .1?>747i.15747 .: )) to Iuritiers
\ Y 1111.. at Southampton on s- highest
i ".l v. c.IlrHneHllcon ... .... .. .21)31 .1',112-1.1'.1" ol'1S'lIoslOIl. ) TRE \SCRT DEPART3E-, 7
.\ ,' i..
.. i 'u I I5fr"ii h : on thH'.dlowinelay.I sidf'n'lthe invention: of t the French Genera (Col. Stanton; ) ;advises him. he cannot remit. in IIi; public despatches and correspondence .. ... ....: .G67.Gfi7|l. ...92fltiir.'tre. information this day recelat thij

1'I .. --f.11\1:111"}, S..trli ??.tf1'l. saie! l fromL whose name it bears, is in reality the in- Col. Hunt 1 I then learns that Corcoran fcRiggs as well as in all the responsible stations ; !; .... .. \.. .: .2fi60\. .2G60: .2-194 FROM from the superintendent cf lights at
veinion of ( ol. Ihi mnforti. the head) of t the are to place 1.000,000 of dollars, in a fill evidence Sew Orleans... .1 .1;;>.1\ .1.jfl-t;..::. "
'. .. ; \,1] fllrn\ Vnik im the Ijth ulu ; he has been called to give i .. : .3012:.2040 Key West, it appeara that the liiht-hoiHe de.
T : ,1-.>i nud f irre of the Purttlt' e 17tilled Stiles otdnanee; Uchiarl mneni. The p'-riod extending over nearly two months, that to his hands the affairs of our Otherports ,: '! stroed by the Illd fri IS3P, and recently rebuilt -

l"'I': i 1:1IJ"r! he cowiwid of E.santas, following note in relation to this}: subject is when, at the very moment, three times t Ihat beloved country may be safely trusted, and Total Coastwise_,. .501! -1 .j&:a .tt)475|.61055 at Cape FlondJ;-'as to have been feht fcr

I. of"tr and! 3.." 0f( men contained] in the \'aluahle'nr on Mi'itaiy! : mount was required here and at Vera its high character fearlessly committed TOTAL-BALES. .i! .'<.'103220 fo335b the first time on he night of .theiSOth of April .
1'.i\ .: : 1J Sfience b Lieut. Hallcck, United; last. It will be recollected that this was, and
; ,.1] inicondiTinn-tlK! to the HriiUh Art and. > Ci uz and hat his administration will be conducted h

;rf ir-Hi: M! :im; ;; 5fju. dronof! Oporlo on the 3Ist .Si-ites; Hngineeis" under the head "Siege \Ve will not go into any further detailsas fearlessly l and honestly, on pure republican I1t1Ifl'E I I IPELL1CEEPOIIT I will July be K continued>. 23-,'a t stationary light.

M.i iv. .\riillery : to the letter, as it speaks! for itself, and principles.

TIP' \ir-Mcanship Herald Captain Ran- "l\lXHiN ( L'5 oh CoLOMIlIABS.These .- I the whole of the disclosures in it show the Resolved That in the action of this ---- -- Bull's and Saiul's

,j i.1'J' P.,:"!,,.,. ofami hound, to Baltimore, pieces wire first invented by Col.Homford. neglect of .the Treasury Depatmcnt in pro- meeting, there is no intention to create new (''FAPALACIIICOLA..Tuly 17. SARSAPAR1LLA received, for sale by .

('"n lloVt:. tnlviiii emigrants went ashore of the foiled States Army, and riding, means ill due I time I at this place, by distinctions in party affecting local matters CLEARED.! II. F. ABELL- .

;0:4 <1-nsC f,,: on the 24ih :May i and nni used( in the war of 1812. The dimensions: which, not only the success of the cam- but only in regard to the selection ofa candidate J\'uI12-llark John Brower Sutton, for Boston, Trusses, .

tlD'> !1i i 'itely filled-crew and) passengers had; nt.these suns were first taken tu Europe p-iign, but also, the t actual safety of both ar- for the Presidency, to avow an opinion by D B Wood & Co. S INGLE and double, for sale bv .

;1411.i. .:." !, lauded \ \vithont S. by a young Fienh officer, and thus fell into mies, might have been compromised. i which will concentrate the wishes of Jjyl4! -Bark Jane E Williams Williams, for July 17 J. C. ALLEN.

Toll'1 Stt-atner( Caledonia brings no specie t the hands; of (;crm. Paixhan, who i immediate- are indeed glad to learn that the operations. those who desire a cessation of party strife, Xl'w'ork Bark Missouri, No'irse, Silvester, Stone&, Co.for Trieste, by I Jl }) UsE and Lavaudcr Water tor sale-bv! :

tljt ", .p, introduced them imo the French service. of the campaign have not been cramped and and a free exercise of individual snjrril e. Wrishf.BngEmeline. \r Julv 17 J. C. ALLENICarpeuter's

They were by this means (first made knownto retarded, noractual injury sustained, in con- On motion of J. \V. L. Chillers, Esq., Manwarin, for New Y Irk. by Hxtract ofliuchii.TT7A11RANTED .

the Europe, and received the name received Notirse, Stone & Co. fur ale ,
rest sequence. of the committee was genuine, by
circumference the
: (lflF.'TV'isTTlrl; report for Boston D B
introduced! them into the when written e.onf'itienti.il Ship Marathan, Johnson, by V/IIt July 17 j. c. A'LLEN.Stationery. .
'ir 'fJh( r isne nf the United States is about I of I the person who The letter, was a and the preamble and resolutions unanimously Wood & Co. ".

1"fI iliousvnd: five hundred miles in length European services i.tiher than that of the communication from the Quartermaster adopted. July IT-Ship Floridian, Whittemore, for Liver- -

'it 1II.. be divided thus:-Boundary in coni- original inventor. All these facts are so at this city, and was necessary, in order to :Mr. Childers was then loudly called on to pool, Nourse, Stone Jfc Co. LEGERS. Joarnals: Day and Cash Bt- ,

i nuti )vvnli Untisii! North America. 3,700> fully' susceptible of proof, that Europeansnow explain to the Quartermaster at Vera Cruz, address the meeting. He responded to the Book?, Fine Fools! Cap. Let-

Mexico acknowledge themselves indebted to the position and prospects, as to cash for call irt a brief, beautiful, and happy address, EXPORTS.LIVERPOOL ter parer, Pen of every description Desk Water
11\111' i : boundary in common with Gen. Paixhnnsivps -Per ship FloriJian-1123 bales Pen Racks, Ink Stands, Quills Sand Boxes, Envelopes
us for the invention : even his department, but having fallen into the received with applause.
of which great
< al Pacific 700 coast was
of the cotton.
: e '_I"
thus enclo- amid I hunts I himself to certain improvements Mexican papers, there is of course, no impropriety He addressed the meeting in a speech of ton. editions for sale
e, 1 -U0. The territory by
E. Williams-
YOKK; Per bark! Jane
which he introti UCC(1. The original pun in publishing it here. and of ability, NEW -
!d. mcluds nearly ten thousand miles of considerable length, great 1158 bales cotton 63 bhs! turpentine 30 sacks peas. July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
invented Col. Hotnfoid, and of thb letter has probably -
which was by The phraseoloy learning. -- ---
rivet ami lake navigation of which two- nower.. and P.>r hnsr Hmdine-Si" hales cotton.
liuni, \1 whose dimensions were carried to Franee, suffered by the double translation.The I -Mr.- S. C. Fisher was then called on.- BOSTOX-Per'bark John Brower-1222 bales David'*, ft: Black's I
.ireuithe of the I Mississippi.
valley Ink
Black and Red ;
the Ordnance depot, in the ro cotton 200 sacks corn. Writing
4 i* now Ivmg at [His remarks were brief, mainly declining CELEBRATED .
have admituui letter from
uur inli,* forrizn countries New York Herald has a Per ship Marathan-17C9 bales cotton. and tor sale by
the lateness
tert 11.1 is etensi\ C country has the most New Yo'k! harbor. its editor in Paris which says the Government address the meeting on account of -- ---------- July 17 J. C. ALLEN.
with -- --
"aned i lull, climate, : md productions of any of Belgium and Prussia have made of the evening, and the ability having bUlines'iith the undersign -
13 AS you A'iREt-1)u: as you agree. under consideration had PERSONS iOF |
unirv! on tIle lace of the eaith. The itiej The ) word should never be 'broken. arrangments; to establish a line of four large which the subject call on Mr. WM. S. DAM- all sizes, for sale by -

j \ |iWf.-onefttence| Of his} is, that its ca- plighted the dock? Go steamers between Antwerp and New York. been handled. EREL, as I shall be absent fur a short time to a July 17 J. C. ALLEN. '
I Have \ owed t to letl' I into of Gen. Thos. \V. McCoy
: yoti On motion of the state. -
IJ"IIItil"; lot population an-1 wealth, are Each overnmcnt is to furnish the funds to distant part -
'; and do it. But mind and not make a rash pro- the proceedings of the meeting were ordered Juiy 17. FRANCIS KOPMAN. Lamp Oil .
orrcllpurH.illI. Iv :reat. mise. Look before you leap, and not leap construct two apiece. The letter goes on to be published.On OF the best quality tir summer use, for sale

I 11); theLIII.Orll as thousands do, and afierwatds when too to say: the adjouncJ.ROBERT NOTICE. julyn: ] J- C. ALLEN.
Taylor is not a Politician, says This is a important movement, in motion meeting with the subcri- "
; Journal honest !late to jump back, bitterly lament the consequences very DESHA, Prcident.L. having
he man Sarsaparllla.
but is an connection with the commercial intercourse PERSONS their absence frcm the city will Extract ;
-;, .1\Vln: ; anti when he is elected (to the of )our folly. The best courseis shut between New York ami north of (Germanv.In MAtJLIIN, 1 please to apply! to Mr. Charles A. Green. ULL'S & SANDS', Icr sale by the dozen. ofI

I rl' JpHry, lie will ma1.e tire knaves and j pa- to keep youre.p open, your mouth about a (the great line of railroads J. F.\I-Ut.L: V.Iceresll- )elllS.' July 12 J. DAY & CO. ) single bottle' by ,
f4ilc. lio now fawn aroui.d the abominaXVashinaton and your heart pure.. Then if you promise, year(lo Berlin will be complete. T. \V. McCoy, j\ July 17 J. C: ALLEN. ;
from Antwerp .
will hesitaie' to fulfil, or run crazy WAYNE'28ALSAM OF WILD CHER.
tlons at walk Mexican A you not C. II. Miw :. J c
finished from to sale
This line is now Antwerp and OIL of description, for
the sole every
r..w e".1 vuli be introduced, and the Capitol because every body is pointing to you as L. F. Summers ? ii RY, fC'r by PAINTS
'I. .
the Rhine at Cologne and also (from Berlinto Sccrfl3rics.B. July 17 J. C. ALLEN. U"'yI7' ] j. C. ALLE .
*'II\'! undergo such a purification as it has man who never fulfils his agreements or the \ eber. Last summer travelled all J'. BodTtiman, $ .''?; i
LJ' to his word. .' '-. '. b
( known lot twcntv-odd. ."CI\1.\ lives up .. *


:. -

-- ._ .
S' i I l
----- i TL ffi'.If.jfc- .aQ. -\ "

." ". .' _.. -"-_. -- .- ; -:. ----v- ., ---P i
;' ,... .. ---
:.; -.-_ ,J"''.'i.J .lf","t"' } ;d, -i(*r.' ;"i"" 'i\,'.. .,. ...",," ,_ ', ; p ; --- '
...:.k-r. 'r '" "M ""jjo" '. IiJ'

.. -- :-
-'- --

.. _

t ,


i .

4 'II' 4 .:( A

f i

___ __
---- -
_. ,. '' I -= --- -- .- --- -- FRESH ARR1VALO'
--- --- -
-- -- ---- --- ;
--- -
-- =!L'- -- iiuiiiitri -
"' : Director
NEW- ORLEANS'TYPI- : FOUNDRY "AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTIONOF i 11.rnal Tottiu. 1 aujCnt DU'cctoi'i). -! ---- Drills Medicines, Paints
-- --- -
_ --- ------ n
---- ---
AND TILE STATE OF FL.ORIDA, ----- -- Dyc-St.trs,
Printers Furnishing Warehouse.J"o. IN TIIK WESTERN CIRCUIT 13. 1'. Nourse, H. B. Stone H. W. Brooks.IVoairsc j Charles Rogers Munn. Eugene :
PROPOSED ACSREEn TO UY THE SECOND & Clias. Rogers &; Co., friends and t returnhi
17 Canal stnet note. OF FLORIDA.Ii Stone Co..
'r-i iIIv. undersigned( beg i leave to an'i
J. puXisher: ; and Printers, t that! t tliev liavee-- ACTION OF THE NEXT. GENEUALASSEMBLY. CHANCERY. No. 46 Water street, Water street, U now reCelfl7 -
FOUNDRY Fla.LocldHU.t dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa i add t
1:1bli"heJaennplett'and extensive TYPE Arabella E. Hepburn widow Dec 12 Apalachicola ----- -- to

Foundry in this was city.cut to The order Book by workmen Letter of of Ion this? ;.let so tn fllJlf'lllthe-Comlifution of this Burton Hepburn, deceased, & Young, C. .A. GHEF..V. C. II. CO. NEnY. English! assortment, French unu, Cerm '
anJ, as no was spared to Stale ay to cflcn-lla all free white male inhabitants COMMISSION and FORWARDINGMERCHANTS Green Conncry, ; Cosmetics;
experience expense
citizens ofthe United Stales, vs. COMMISSION MERCHANTS PerU1t;
it in bring ware, &c.
obtain the handsomest: faces and to perfect .
every respect we will venture to say it will be l'lu'sI011lllrN'Tl'sided within this State one Joseph Hepburn L. Hepburn Annie E., George Hepburn No. 53 Water street, No. 30, Water street.APAI.cllcor.A.. to Physicians, Country Merchants an ae

found as handsome if not the handsome in the year, the rlrclirr francJiisr. nov21 Apalachicola Fla FA. the mot liberal terms-all cf which he o
1. Be it rlHrrlecl b." the Senate and and Caroline B. Hepburn Insurance Co. York.
/ Pelican Mutual (f.iVw and unadulterated. I
United States. We have also a handsome! SECTION
very of Burton pure
heirs law DANIEL
the State Florida at Hep JKREMUU DAY. J. DAY.
oj of
CIIAS. A. Agent. H.
assortment of Flowers and Job Letter of the latest -
General .1s convened That (the burn deceased; Daniel 1 K. .1. & Co. Water street.
to which we would call the attention in emb/l1 Day Dec 5 No. 36 Wholesale and ABtL
style the heirs of John
[ first clause of the sixth article of the Constitutionbe Dodge; COMMISSION MERCHANTS,
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere. amended follows viz free white Peabody, dcc'd, whose trus- No. 52 Water street S.AUCTIONEER. Hiitcliiiisoii, -15Apalacliicola. Water (
so a; : Every John Nov.
manufactured shall of a material 21, 1P3.Ir11.tS l .
articles by us )! is Daniel Bill for Dower.
male person of the age of twenty-one years and tee McDougald; > Dec 5 Apalachicola Fa. AXD COMMISSION -
equal: it not superior' to any manufactured upwards and who shall be, at the time of ofier- John W. Campbell ; HudsonA. Cd Also, Agents for the "Etna Insurance Co.' MERCHANT, and IUedi
the North and shall sell Type at NewYork "
at as we Co.
; Thornton Nathaniel W. the Protection andihe"Hartord -
in::to'ot..<, a citizen of the United States, and ; No. 50 Water street. THE subscriber lneS
with -
prices we trust to meet cncouiT.gement. Thornton Hines Holt Sea Insurance Co. Hartford Conn.
I who shall have resided( and had his habitation ; ; -- Solicits patronage. Fa.Jas. -- constantly haveonhande
BRASS domicil home ant 1 place of permanent abode in born Jones, John II. Howard Harper *V Holmes, .P.\-cncol.A assortment of DRUGS CC
We are now prepared to manufacture and
and Edward Cary, (lru tees of F. Farrior,
Florida, for one year next preceding the election COMMISSION MERCHANTS CIf.S: \\bICh
RULE and TYPE of magnitude, w prompt-- E
any P. Calhoun & CharlesL. heW11\
call the attention at which he shill} offer to vote, and who shall, at also, GENERAL RECEIVING. FOr\\'ARDXG.\ of the best rt
We would also particularly an. quality.
ness. Bass the late COMMISSION
composing ,
such time and for six months immediately preceding for he :IEtCIL\XT
of Printers to our LEADS having an entire firm of Calhoun &. Bass Agents No. 50 \ .!erchaiS: and Planters i ito
new set of mould-, by which we are enabled said (hue, hive had his habitation, domicil, William Uowland William; I SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, _nee> 5 Apalachicola, Fla. their advantage :'o call, ,'. :mlre "i&
to furnish a perfect article. We arc also Agents home and place of permanent abode, in the coun- Duncan ; of the City of\ew York, Goods before elsewhere.N. Pr
Sloan CnllcnT purchasing .
for thi silo of the Napier Washington- and ty in which he may ()Ikrto vote shall be deemeda ; l\IcDou-1 No.n: Water street, P. IV. B. .
pald Mordicai l\ Physician's prescriptions:
all elections nndcr this Con- ; put ,
with Chases, qualified voter at Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION
Smith Presses, which together Inland stitution and. none others, except in elections by siinee of George W. Ross, MERCHANT. care and accuracy at an)hour cf the da '

'Cases Composing Sticks, Furniture, ticket in the State District prescribed a bankrupt ; Daniel AIcDouRald Win. G. Porter Co. J. C. ALL
.every other article required in the Printing! business general or have ; Joseph & Lawrence DEALERS IX GOODS AND COMMISSION Solicits a share of Public Patronage. March 21 Crr. Centre and
in which the elector must _
bylaw, ca-es Ccmmer
furnished atm Oct APAIACIHCOL\
and 21
will be kept 0:1: hand been resident of the State one next O'B. Branch ; William H.Brockenbroagh ,i MERCHANTS. .
a year preceding
lnfact Ull'r's prices No. -11 Water Street
and! the Bank Cooke & Home,
I the elect ion, and si\ mouths within theelection
'. .
Editors aol Printers wUhin.* to l ,li"h a of Pcnsacola, Dec 5 Apalaohicola Fa. COMMISSION MERCHANTS,
district in which he offers to vote : Provided "
"Newspaper: or Job Printin Oificc; will be fur- Dffcmlanls. No. 13: St. Charles Street, '
That no soldier,seaman: or marine in the D. Ii. Wood & Co.,
for the ,
Tiishel with estiuntc i'i same New-Orleans
:an to the satisfiction of the Jnd c of
the regular Army or Navy of (the United States, un- IT appearing COMMISSION AND F O R W AIlDI NG ANDREW S. COOKE. AJIOS llor..x.fobS. .
"b statin. the size of the piper, or particular
y this Court, by the affidavit of the Complain .
he elector ol this State .
less were a qualified previous MERChANTS
h.exccnteJ.00. ,
-style and quantity of vork t > ant's Solicitor, that the Defendants hereinafter _
his eiilUtment such soluicr or -
of who will to a* No. 7, Columbus Row
The thisalvertis.Mnentsix proprietors newspapers month?, and send marine: in (the Rror.hr Army or Navy cf the named do not reside within the Western Circuit Nov. 2S, l" Hi.'; XpaUcMcoli. Fin.ALVA : Bell .V ravsoii,
publish ot the State of Florida, hut within the United
the shall be AND
for the United State*, n piper: to onr o'.fire: weekly will bJ paid of America that is that the Defendants
the amount considered a resident of t the State in consequence ; WYMK, WM. A. lcKESzE.
advertisement hv pur.h.viii. six time L. resides in the State of Texas Jan 23 B.viBuiriGE ( mFOR
boinistationed within the Joseph Heplvirn ; HclC. nzic Eomwr.tElLwarl :
of sunc.: Wylie V .
'of advertising bill in of Missouri the cure of Di.-.p-r
the said George O. in the State rT TrdieesfiCD
Type.GREEN & CO., P.Heel Si-nato, December 1. I 1S10.I( Hepburn COMMISSION M E IIC 1 I ANT S ITIeCnlly, and
the slid Annie E. Hepburn and! Caroline: n. n''I.i HiMfh.Constini! !
D. II. MAYS, President Senate.II. ( ;
No. Water
.' :\h 22, 1'17. I'V.m 17 CaIn! st. R.nv. .\nC1-ua. Secretary Senate.Paivd B. I Hepburn! and the said William "llowland, Sept. 1. 13 IC. 12 street Apalachicola. AUCTIONEER, Diarrahtra, G P uf, Ihl'umarl.r. crave; ? j .

each in the State of New York ; the heirs of! letirv, &c. For ts il ,. and retail
NOTICE. I Hou-ic December 1's' IS I hi.ROHP.RT ( --- -- --- --- Office No. 50, Water street, ,by
persons an hereby warnel not to con- BROWN, Speaker! Ho. Reps.M. John Peabody, deceased, and DaniellcDou ali S. V .F. SchVrrer.WHOLESALE .an Ill_ Apalachicola, Fa. V l l-> J. C.LLE: DinTarrantN t
ALL their trustee); the said Ilincs Holt and Seaborn AND RETAIL GROCER,
t for, receive, or to ship any Cedar Timber D. PAPY, Clcik. ]>.
cut or taken Irom the Lands: 01! the Apalach- Jones, John II. Howard and Edward Cary trustees Ga Pjtrticuldr.ittfntion p iid to putting Uj)ftmnily.: AUCTION AND ]:101'1, Conipoiind Extraen
for Constitution this Slate of Calhoun &, Bass ; Mordicai Myers, as- steainboit; and ship stored. MERCHANT, -ubclJS and C'opavia.
icola Lind Company; there being no permit .5/1 .Irt to amend the of AND GENERAL AGENT
notice is also! t'tf ,. .io/l t'te (cmral/b- iiunre of George W. Ross a bankrupt, and Dan No. -13 Water street, Stands ururivafted .
any such privilege. And hereby so at to ?milk of It,_
or Georgia Nor. 11 Fla. EUFAULA, .\L.f. \ t-Y. '
each reside in the State Apalachicola,
who known to boii'r.v annual.SECTION McDougald: f tirI.ey ; :
given to certain persons are firm'tli/birnnialiiisfraJ eLf : I
Cotton order. ) prrms
( on .
engaged in cutting and collecting a quantify: 1. Pc it emricd bi/ the Senate and ; the said John W. Campbell Hudson A. II. 1'. Abel, bouh to I : i\ 1.t, d.J'no C
and Duncan
of Cedar Timber! on the Lands of the said Company RrpTt'lf'n/IJliu.'Ilflltp. State of Flo- Thornton, Nathaniel: Thornton \\VI1ILF. ti.. : AND Ritrxir, B. F. ,. t tlt l.r r.rrltOI il"
viz: on Crooked and CK'Iockoncy rivers to ri4ft, in Grnrral .ImcMbly ronneni-d, That the l\JC OIIlhJ. each re-ideinthe Sate! of Alabamathe O'B; DEALER IN DRUGS{ MEDICINES PAINTS, J. C D u"Or.AP, \ --ow r ean9.Y. /I:*\ \; nf's''rv. ft"i

dcvist from their unlawful trespass; and not" at- aeco.id; clarsenf the fourth article of the Constitution said Joseph Branch and Lawrence OILS;, GLASS; : &(., &.(. Messsrs. WYLIK &, MCKENZIE, > [ \\'t' ritN! Hnalhah
lempt to remove saiJ Timber. The penalties: of> of this Stato be so amended as to read a; follows Branch in the and Middle William Circuit H. of Florida It, in there-reside Also-A 'jeT2ral; assortment of Statinery.Cor. J. S.,HUTCKI.VSOX, 5 .\ra I a(}.ICI I a. ; tl''i: ;; Ie. Ilr..d with the ge
members of the I House of : i .
the hw will be strictly enforced again all the vii : 2J. Tin/ of Chestnut and Water \ /& tosste care.
street, i I
shall: be clnxon the fore ordered, that the said Defendants hereinbefore \ \ C tested t
ifirties, in anywise connected or implicated. Representative* : by q-iaiiuVd( l'a. / principle!, fo
April 1 11 1 Apalachicola,
JOSEPH DELAFIELD! voters, and -shall serve for the term of two years, named. and every of them ch l appear and Drofcsmoual \. ; Important

LEWIS CURTIS, from and after the diy of the first election under answer lie sail bill of complaint, otherwise the II. I). Harden ------ --- - --- -- -Xotcr.rJL ----- eL4'ipnrithai llshed b! !
'- --
Trustees of the Apahchicola Lind Co. the amended Constitution, and! no longer; and same shall be taken pro confeiso against them No. 2 Columbus Buildings \ S% DXEY U It -:: T4.:4f':_: ehrated Or Fordvce. ,,:.

Dy their Attorney: the sessions of the General Assembly! shill! be and each of them in default : Provided, this order Dec. 20, IS I I-:. .Apalachicola Fa. nHEEX, JI, 11.cr -ri- / that; .1 comhinahol of*]

JAMES E. BETTNER.Apalachicola biennial$ aid commence on the fourth Monday in he published in any newspaper printed in I this ;- May be t found at his residence, corner ri !i'.ar rd'adl',1,1 produce a more CcaJ.peedv

April 24. IS 17. 1:-iJt November, in each and every sacond year or at Circuit once a week for four monthsfron the lioiijamin; Salter, Centr and Higii streets opposite the MansionHouse. t -. a; d i
s-ich other times a-, may be prescribad by law. date hereof. Datel, ,\prilll. 1'17. COMMIS1ON I I \11 E R C H A N T, Nov dt ot( anv sjutrle: one.' ;' n.anyc au '

Cabinet 1 t u 'e. Sec. 2 lie it (IIrllllr enacted, That the third GEORGE S. HAWKINS, I No. (n Water street-Up| stairs, : di--a-e i j" etitiit-iv, pre\enteu uy its ticcij f.

TAMES H. COOK 92 Broadway near Wall clause of the fourth article of the Co'i-titution be Judge fo (Western Circuit of Florida.RAVDAM.I lc. 1, 151i.l Apalachicola Fla.Ls. Dr. A. V. Chapman, cati >:i. For sak bv

.J street New York: oilers for ale, a full and amended so t that the same shall! read, follows : & Ih.G fR.Cornnlairnnt's 0:3- Office over the Drugstore of 15. S. Hawley, D.-C 12 J. C. ALLF.N, Di'iw'iiii's
complete assjrtment of CABINET I FURNITURE sh ill bts chosen Solicitor 20-5m Fred. 12. fn a -- .
31. That the Representatives on (entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at thelIOIse I
aol CHAIRS, which he warrants to be equal to ofOjtober in each -------- FCTOHXD COMMISSION :
the first Monday in the month lately occupied by Dr. Bait/ell.
In Distriet Court of the United
in the at the lolloping unusually low MERCHANT: .
any city, and every second! year, from and after the first January: ISiC. 2-tfW.
States for the IVortlierit Distriet 1 .
tates: Xo. 2 Columbus Block
-- -----
election under this amended Co'i-titution) or on .- --
Mahogany Sefas from $20: to $1:') each. of Florida. TI Dec 'C, is J 15. Apalachicola! CJ. ..I' : -
t.. such other day a.s may he directed by law. .11. Davis, .... ..Lrf ". TI.ii
Chairs 3') to 120 doz. IX ADMIRALTY. -- .
per Sec. ;:1. lie fnrlhir enacted. That the fifth \LI1FR-r DiofiR, ChARLES PRATT. ATTORNEY AND COl-XELIO! LAW, t.: -' r
do. Rocking Chairs from S3 to$30 each. D.wielcLetn! and i Y*. .. '
aforesaid article be amended to : "::
clause of he
t so as Offers his services to the in either cf the -
public .
Doule A Pratt "
ij ; I : ;
do. Bureaus -j to : others of the
owners i : .
cho. -
real as follows( viz: The Senators: shall ba above ; ,
) -- SHIPPING! & COMMISSION )MERCHANTS capacities. I ;' I .
Tables I
do. Card $1iJtoi' steam boat Augusta, rr <
(the electors, for the term of four r
by qualified
do. Centre Table?, :$1.i to$7i the ii the manncran'l vs.The Libel fr Culiiiion. No. 10 Water Street, He will practice retrilarly in Franklin, Calhoun H. .1"' .J.:.. 'J. >
at time ."i
: same -
vear? same *
do. French Bedsteads $1-s to$iJ in, the same place where they vote for' member! Steam Boat Eufa-ila- -Nov.--2.i _- AllIaChuiCOla, Fa. ana JacksonCircuit Cont -ld vtill. upon ; f .. .<_ ..

Also Feather Beds, Hair Mattresses and Bel- ofthe Hou of Representatives aid no her tackle,apparel and I U. K.: Taylor, a special retainer, act ai COI1nOEI. in my Court .t "
? : ; pcroi
din of the finest qualities and at the lowest mar- furniture. COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT I of the Middle or Vestern Circuit. Ht wilt al.', ,.FL\ I' .
; shall be a Sen itor unle-ss! he be a white man: a I. ... \ [ .. .
ket prices. citizen of the United States, anl 1 shall! have been NOTICE' i is hereby given to all whom it may argue cases in the Court of Appeal at Talbh"l 1.

N. B. No extra charges for picking and ship-\ an inhabitant ot this State for I two years next I that by virtue of an attachment No. 22 Water-street, see, the sea-jions of which, he: will always be
fin?. cedinghis elect ion, and the last year a residentof warrant of arrest, issued ill the above cause, I sept'2 ly Ap-il.ichicoh. present at, unless: prevented by accident. Ic.\ : A J 1 A V K It J I F-tGlt

February, IS J 17. 7-3m the district or county fir which he hall lie have seized arid' taken the above mentioned SteamBoat Apalachicola, September 5,1' -iO. I TireI;",;. I" ,which we wunid call (
Francis Kopinaii, inn t' tltt.' ): is which.has
--- : .M' proed,
Eufaiila, her tackle apparel and furniture pl
chosen! and shall! have attained the of twenty-: (
10 HHDS St. Croix SI1.lr; age to anStVurto I the libel lt'llhercira, for damages Wlff>I.KS\I.K AN11 R :T.\n. DEALER 10DRY A. it is umversalhiiknnv

I 2J do New Orleiis IJ..lr. to arrive; five\'ear:: lie it enacted That the sixth for a collision in a cause civil and maritime. GOODS. HOOPS, SHOES, HATS, .\XICLOTIIIXG. ATTORNEY I AT LAW.Office I \ led. -d !1-y all who have 'HI o it, to bell
100 sacks Rio CoO e 5') d i Java Sec. .I 1. further &e.
; ; clause of the aforesaid article bo < amended as to Th-lt the sud process, ii returnable bet'ire (the zj. .\o. 2 'rt. Simmon'.'Lit ilelilift, SUPERIOR: to any other medicine: etcreoplut
Aromatic Tobacco! o .
bxs octl I Fla.
41) ; ChetnitStrertpalachicola, in (!i-easesti>which it is recormi.er.ded-*
District Court of the United States for the Northern cor. of Centre Commerce streets.
read viz. Tha clisnfication! of Senators ;
Mnft'ddo. Krown's and Labby's as follows &
50 ; 11. It. WOOD. only d'lroWulDIS! AND LNVIGOR.-!
District of [Florida at the Clerk's office of nov 5 Anatachicola, Ha.
first session of the General
made the
i 2'I) Sperm Candles; 5') b\s brown Soap; as at WHOLE
THE SYSTEM I bar dissolrai
---- it
said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the AVooil A: Co. -- --
shall continue
hell in the bl
100 bags Shot ; 5'J kegs Powder ; Assembly year II. 11.: Owens carries <-tl the .tmraant! shire rcucujPREVALENT
I ot\1&o. third Monday (17th day) of May, instant at 10 AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION :.Ji'er or
unchanged half nearly as possible
2000: Ibs Lead .1 casks Linseed Oil; : ; one : as
shall be chosen forever hereafter biennially A. M., at which time and place the said: causeis MERCHANTS ATTOUXIY I AT LAW I
200 kegs White Lend No. I, Extra and Pure. ,
i to be heard. No. 2 Columbus Building, t'fl' epoa
for the term of four P'orile.IWl"f'L''r, Ci.tyreuN, County, Alabama.
SFor sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. yean: Ihrbo'1
those in bad htarh.! The i-urirtf rcsttei
Dated Apalachicoli, (this 15th day Oct. :11. Apil.ichicoliT. : :" :
and it i is declared that the term of oi'iceof titIay
Dec 5 Jl Water trcet.Tarraiit's hereby' ._ h ... Aprils 1 ?I. IS 1U. -U or ne-t in which Wormshw..- heir
ROBERT( ; MYERS; { yw.
that cIa of Senators unexpiro-l :at the first mtl1eYClCl')17. ,
-- -s : II. Co. --------- ---- --
U. S. Martial tvustin A: -- -- and! !IW renill.. it, it iremain j i- i:;;; -- h:"' ii r % t !
. KflTervcsceiil Seltzer1tpeiieut. election under! t he amen led Cotiatiluticn, shall CO\DIJ \II.nCIL\XTS. John 2ii!!>o, '
; .
the It ii.i .
| in IH
by 11. R. T.VVLOU, D.T. body. w ; n. -' inon
extend and the fir Monday in
to, expire on, No. nVater Street
May2 1" 17. I'.itfFranklin I :. ATTORNEY J AT LAW, the stem, and tlc h<..itiii ,c.i i ;ihe par.eaIwuinuptovtl
RENEWED, and an invigorated October eighteen hundred! and fifty. Oct. 21. iUchieoh. Fa.
HEALTH ALBANY, GA. by its use, e\tn xt.a to weare
--- ----- -- -
condition of bo ly producedby See. 5. re it further fJlfzct.j. That the firt Circuit Court, .1. C. ,UlcnVhll"I practice in the several Court cf thE di-c..vt'rl'lI.

the use of TAn ANT'S EFFERVESCENTSELTZER election for Assemblymen, un-li this i amende! STATE: OF Ff UltID.\. WILL .
\ : ,' :md Retail Dcalrr) in Westcr Circuit, and Thomas end The Canadian Vermifuge i is > ; i> 25 ceiS
APERIENT. Constitution,shall take;place: on: the fir-it Monday, Charles! Rarnarnd: I, Abel DRUELCI( PAINTS, OILS Stew counties bottle and i3 much mureeaailx adl:.;. I istcrednPrepared

This preparation i is universally allowed to b<*. in October, eighteen! hundred! and forty-eight ; I Adams Go.n-go W.15arnard GLASS, BRUSHES, &c., &c. Aug.
the most popular remedy of the present day, for and the first session of the General Assembly, under atid Charles al-o, : .
-- ---- ---._--_-. --- --- cnv by JOHN W.VERtC; ,,5
the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Uilious this amen led Constitution,shah commence on Lirkin, M-rchints, i I AttachmenT. .1 general assortment of -- : INSPECTOR-- --The- under-- -irr/'i Maiden Lane, New Y.,k. '

and Liver Complaints Nervous Weakness,Headache the fourth Monday in November' in the year tradiiigundertheunn(! J-Sumsworn to' |t,13 yof BOOKS 111\NKS, STATION Ell Y, &c., &C. LUMBER: ) .? Inspector of tnbei I II 11. T. AI.H.L. Asent
Heartburn habitual Coitivenes, fcc. eighteen hundred and lrty-eiiit. Harnard, Adams Damages,0'')). Dee cor..t of Chcsnut A; Coriuiieree streets FI,1.U. I for the Ccuntv of Franklin- olK;>r. his .ervir.Tn tr, l J'11 9 I'i (r Ai-alachicdi
Travellers and residents in warm climates will Passed Srlateleeetnber22, IS 11. & Co." -
the in that will -- --- ---
attend allduties
4 public to
1 find it a desirable article; it prevents any accumulation D. 1 H. MAYS, President, of Senate. v.John '. j S. Hau-ley, appertaining Iaprit.and said appointment.COilNELlL'SGRADY.. Tufiivat Canadian Reiiitdj'w1rflrs :'

of bile is portable! and the method of H. ARCHER Secretary of Senate. Dill. FACTOR AND
preparatiQn is unusually convenient. Children Passed Hoimof Re!)., Dee. 2):I, 1 1S10.R01JERT Defendant and all others interested, will No. 25 Water street March '2. 1SJ.1.i ; OF !llRl.I1IUNI: !) t.Ll.; 'AMP.O'RUnrii.iIIeii

.t have frequent occasion for gentle and cooling nilOW.N, Siwakcr' Ho. Reps.i. TilE notice of the institution of (the above Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. for the cure (,f Cough.ni: Js&

purgative; they will take this aperient in pre- \ D. PAPY, Cl,:rk I llue Rej?. suit by attachment, returnable to the December Sl-ltti2! : of Llerxl, Whuopini! I otigh, Viwty

ference to any other. S'>ld wholesale and retail bv March 1:,, 1'51'jm Term: IS 17, of Franklin Circuit Court, and will Avery V .J onc., lm 1 trtorf' Xotcr! of ISreathinsr.; ; Pleurisy, Cousuwptlc5,

Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, Druggist i t. &c. ---- --- -.--- ----- ---- appear and plead thereto, according to 'law.CARRAWAY GUOCERS & CIDllInm1CI.XT( -- -- and all l>;se.ieof tin' Lungs.
State of Flor; 1i. : Brc.r.c bitis. a disea-e that is :.w'pingmc *
months after will
SMITH[ : OTECE-Six date. I apply
. Drugs .llcdccines.. COUNTY OF FRANKLIN. IVc Z._ Ap.ilaehicol.i.! ,1 i ; !: to a premature grave uruh'r! the MB.
PlaintiiP Attorney. to t the Hon. Judge nf 1'iob.ttes for Franklin
subscriber ha just received per recent ofthe vested in me by law I J. II. cV J. al. Cons'jmj'tion,can be cured bv. using this B
THE 1 J3Y'irtlJe power Apalachicolaprill t, 1 1')17. aprill I 11-ltn 1 Inl. County for a final disrii irge from the Administration -
from New York a full and complete I
for sale before the Court I House cine.
))( FACTORS & COMMISSION of the e-jf.ite ot Donald Campbell late of
stock, consisting in part, SuI ph. cf Quinine door in the city af :\'abdlicnla.: Franklin county Franklin Circuit Court. No. Watnr street, said county, d For several years past, this rrcdn'ine baSs

II 'd. de Potassii, Caustic Potasse, Solicine Monday, the twenty-fifth day of October Roberts Allen & Co. 1 Dec"-12 APALACIIICOI.X, FA CCd"NI. WILLIAMS, Adrr/x. ill use in Canada, here it h.-s beruitv uni'!

Murrate and Sill ph. of Morphine Luner Caustic' next, at the Usual hours of sale, so much of the vs. | Attachment $l59 21. ,\ June IA n. ly known and is coRsidtrcti; the best medi

Chloride of Gold and Sodium, Calomel Jalap, lands, !lyirar opposite the city Apalachicola, and Ebenezer Hoyt, and j" Damage-i i:'OO.Wm. 13FN: JAM I N Jr.f.lS0.. \VI LLTAM: A. \\'OOD.u. palacl.icoJ ; l.rr in use for all pulmonary d.bea.-es. Tbef5

Ipicic, Iodine, Hhubarb,"P lvr. and Root. Sen- known as Cat Point with the lands adjoining, ns C. Lawrence. j f Ellison & Co., NOTICKiX months after pubi icat ion n successhic! ha< aUrmitd It-< use in.that c*

na, Epsotn Salts, Bachn' Leaves Castor Oil, will be sufficient to makp: the sum Three Hundred rl lIE defendants and all others interested are COMMISSION ME R CHANTS, will be made! to the I II try, and the many truly \v -.t.i!,-rul! curt &

Seidlitz Powders Soda Powders, Sulpher flower and Seventy Dollars and costs for the 1 notified of the institution of thc above suit in ..1 nr.\.F1? IN I Hon. Judge; of Probates for Jackson county, for :\ have been ctfc'cti-d by it, has irrllu't.d, i tbeptF?

and role, Copperas Saltpeter, Alum, Aloes, State the l)1tGOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE, final settlement of (the administration of the estate toTs to introduce it into the I'ntud Slates
amount of the Taxes due from the Apalachicola said Court and they are required to plead to J.oI
Calcind and Curb. of Magnesia, Gum Camphor, Land Company on the additional quantity same a-j required by law. iw'flN WARE:,, BlOT[(, SHOES r 1IATS.1CAPS .. of Samuel N. Spear, deceased}, l late ot said t fident of its being the most. safe and \3IQ1:

Flax Seed Borax. Also a large supply of assorted of assessable lands Iyin in this county and A. G. SEMMES, Pllf's Att'y. CHANDLERY, &, SII. county. U.IZ.SPf.h II I medy ever disccvered, and! adapted to all dust

Glass Ware, and a general assortment of liable to Tax for the year one thousand eight hundred Apalachicola April 11 I, h 17. april2l: 15-3m 2 Water street. February II 1, 1':7. H-Cm- Allmini trat rix. ofthe luns-s, when any of the itinctions da5

all articles in the Drug line. For sale by and forty-five. -. ----------- .--- --- .Tan 23: _Apal.ielue.old OI'lCE.-Si months alter date, I will apply I I Inform their natural t,r hasty action neJt

June n II. F. AHELL. JOHN J..UC5heriff Franklin Circuit (;0111"'. E. J. Hardin- -, ---- L to the lIon. Probate Court of Franklin tn<,st jrrateful and .oothin: ittluecce o..et'I

Congress Water. and cv-ofTicioTax Collector for Franklin Co. D. K. Dodge, ) FACTOR AND! COMMISSION MERCHANT, County, for a final discharge from the almiti-1 I functions of the whole s\stii:>. 4lZamn1Sbit.
pints and quarts, just received for sale by Apalachicola April 2 h I. IS 17. 15-Om vs. > IN CHANCERY. {tiz;- Ollice, No. Columbus Buildings:, tration of the estate of John C. 1)erkiI5 citenent when excessive, ;att.t>u:; irr.tt"

IN 12 H. F. AIIRLL.Window James Watson, it al. ) Jan U>_t Alllchi"ola.| Fa. slid county deceased. 1\ soreness and pain, and se. <::1\ 11'1partiligre'

1'cter's Vegetable Aiitibillions D. K. Dodge, ) JAS. M. SHACKELFORD, Adm'r. ed vigor and elasticity the whiLe frame-

Glass. Pill. vs. > Hill for Partition. Kohcrts, Allen \Co., Apalachicola, No.. 2 1, bl ti. -1 1 1G inSaratoga I I Prepared .and sold! !, wh<>le<:df and ret3'

A LARGE lot, of assorted sizes, just receivedand supply; just received and for sale by 1) McDougald, el. al. ) DEALERS IN I lL\nlJW.\Iu AND SHIP JOllI I F.R & Co., 0..11tH.t'n. Lan*.3

for sale l.y AFRESH 17 11. F. ADELL.MOFFAT'S /GEORGE W. ROSS having filed a petition fin C\DLEltY. I :, NAILS, I York, soie proprietor for the I"1I1..t! (Stat*
Ju el2 H. F. ABELL.Panacea. AND CASTINGS, "Water.IUARTS II. F. AULI.L Agent
-- --- ---- \JtIici22d: April 1S1G;, praying to have a cer- SP1KE.

LIFE PILLS ANITlIONIX tain amount of money now in Court, belonging to And manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Copper Q and Pints, fresh, for H. sale I IApnl1 ABELl.. .Jl2. _ 1\T ApaIaCb1Ci1liaa2z
just! received and for sale by I -
received defendants appropriated to the payment of his llrares. .
Panacea Liverwort.A
SWAIM'S just -
and of
HOUCK sale Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.MOFFAT'S : fees as the Counsellor and Solicitor of said de Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa. Blank J1Cli:11H'S ijael:):.
by *
-- said no
most :
June 12 II. F. ABELL. LIFE PILLS AND! PIKENIX( fondants; and the t matter having been referred tome WM. W. SIM- WM. W.CHEEVER. LEDGERS discovered in settled perfect Cnsumption,1-
r- t received and for sale as Special Master in Chancery to act and report -I Foolscap; and Letter Paper; *
ju< by stJlf
Hoarhoiitid Candy. Nov 2S II. AIIKLL, Druggist. upon the same, after having given 30( days Sims V Chee\rer, Cotton Memorandum Books ; Complaint, or any of their incipient tte *
Clarified Essence cf lIoal hound notice by publication in the papers. It is there COMMISSION 1 MERCHANTS 1 Ship and River Bills Lading ; on the Chrono-Thermal system, by .t

PHASE'S juit received and for sale by L.imi Oil. fore oidered that said George W. Ross, the defendants Office( No. 21 Water street. Doooks for Letter Press. Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated mediciCGCRLIILIC -'

Jane II. F. ABELL.Bailey's t strained a splendid article, for sale Watson McDougald, ct. al., and all others dec2 Apalachicola, Fla. Bank Hills of Exchange and Checks, H.-\LS\\I OK I.lnRwuRT.\Ilc I,:t. b?
- -- WINTER at 375 nO"ERTII's: plal1la .
j.1II3rl. (#] J C ALLEN. interested to appear before flue in (the city of \V. T. \Voor. K.: B. BALI.OU. i and for sale by pares
Tonic Mixture.JT13IS Apalachicola on the seventh (7lh) of April next, Wood V Ballon, March 1 .1 H.[ F. ARELL.For now espoused by several eminent phy51Cand '
is valuable compound ibid extract of.. --- ---- --- -- has been for long time, the s;rrff
Pressed Castor Oil and SaratogaVater, then and there to present or defend their respective C O M M M 1SSI I O N MERChANTS I a t
JL Cinchona and Rubra a vegetable febrifuge COLD received and for sale by claims, & Ollice No. 42Vater street.-U|> stairs. Sale, unparalleled -nieces** which has attendee

for fIe cure of Fever and Ague. Sold,' by 1 April lu II. I"" ABELL. .c.CAnnA WA Y SMITH, Jan 1C Apalachicola, Fa. TOO BRLS- FLOUR; hul*. Whiskey; Taylor's medicine in perSorturi: Its 11"

: Jute 12 ____jl. I ABELL.1AH --- ---- Special Master in Chancery. \J\J 50 bbls. Molasses, ,; 20 hurls Sugar.: I cures, which in many. very manca '

and Florida ITIoIasses. Apalachicola, March 0, b 17. b-fit Thomas Preston, Just landed from schooner Ann, and for sale been almost incredible, but the l'OIdusi"Y{

Ba.n:1l1; Kope. 1 tierces and barrels for sale ny {;- The hearing of the above matter U post- COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO lOll', fur cash, by the Doctor can brini; forward are IUtSlsl'b ,

PCS Kentucky Bagging; IN 15. ELLISON & CO. Purled until Friday, the IGth inst. INSPECTOR I AND L BROKER.No. larch_27 NOJLFRS E._STO N(E & CO. we advise all who may have eouh51 iIt-
\JJ IOU coils Rope; 2S Water st.-Ollice second back room. "
Twine, for salejby Feb20 21 Water street. Apalachicola April 10, IS 17- 13-1 and Caps by:the case t low hir cash by colds cn'n. to u-io this perfect specit1c'U1l ,
1 balc Bagging Dec 20( Apalachicola, Fa. HATS ..
G PORTER & CO. rJTile hearing of the above matter is postponed B. ELLISON & CO. delay. Franklin sajs a small
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12II UP. --- --- -- bi Therefore cure
Water "SET until the 30th June next. : ship. jonr

c 5. _____ _ "I strfct-t.__ AtliciiHHiiii Howling Saloon. Apalachicoh April 21, IS 17. 15-2m S. HI. Nickerson, For Sale, your lungs are past cure. For sale by rcr

; CotTee. r : subscriber begs leave to announce to his / CCJ" The hearing of (the above matter is postponed DEALER IN CLOTHING BOOTS, SHOES, I fII\ IIIIDS. choice N 0 Sugar; J. ALLEN, Sole "\ .
1"111' that( he has until the 30th of November / 50 bbls Flour, by Apal3Cb1
BAGS RIO, for sale Ly (! and the public generally, next. No. 1 Columbus Block TJ
100 May ir J- DAYC1EAM co. become sole proprietor oft t he \(. establishment t Apalachicola, July :3, 1617.l'litfoiiii Fa. Feb a NOURSE STONE & CO. CAUTION The --enmne Doet1'BALSAM b
Dec 12 Apalachicola, -- ----- -- ---- the
of LIVERWORT, hasr
and hopes by proper management and strict at- OIL, just received and for sale
TARTARanJTamarndS, just re- by
'* tention to merit a continuance of the patronageheretofore S( alcs. SALAD 17 H. F. splendid steel plate
and fur sale by so liberally bestowed upon the House. 9 J 1200 Ibs. Platform Scales ; Ed\vard UlcCnlly, -- ------ ABELL. terfeits signed by Gurdon J. Leeds, all! "

Arill7. H. F. ABELL.-- All persons indebted to the above establishment w 2 J GOO( Ibs. do. COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DE.\.EI Bay ICmn.AFRESH vile and dangerous imitations, and the P''ub;

_. : Sarsaparilla -Sfl'lIlt.JTh7'recei'ed ------ -.- will confer a favor by settling with (the sub 2 1GOO I Ib. Haarns, complete for cotton weigh- IN DRY GOODS AND supply of A. French's: superior cautioned n'ot to purchase or .eal! In l', 'fl

; l and for pale by scriber. JOHN B. JONES. jll zFor sale by No. 50 Water street. ,just received and for sale by protected by the lr. S. CVp\ Ri.hr La\ -
ROBERTS & CO. Dec 5 Apalachicola FJ. June 12 H. F. ABELL. March 21' 181' !'-t
II. F. AI3ELL.M Apalachicola April 9, IS (17. 13-tf Jan23 ALLEN j ; }


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