Lamp Oil.
W INTER strained, a splendid article, for sale
-by [jan30], J C ALLEN.

COLD Pressed Castor Oil and Saratoga Water,
jt4st received and for sale by
April .10 H.F. ABELL.
Florida WIolasses.
IN tierces a2nd barrel, for sale ov
'Feb 2i0 ", 24 Water street.
S r For Sale,
.1 r' HHDS. choice N 0 Sugar;
I/% 50 bbls Flour, by
-ALAD OIL, ju6t received and forsafe bv
:Apr 7 -F., A.E1LL.


i--S.' .''


I BER '2% 1

aL hp-_

4tuWrt trmf

~:~tt~;f#cellrat~eoitrr .

G~-;- 3 --~- ~I ----~ -I

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M2 %-. L -...-,


Irn+frti. I

~- ~JI;R"TTT

-. '- r +. '^

r .+), n-u, T l ir, li ,r, Brtzell's B1tildings, turner or
t tS Ci,i.ii.? rce' .ind Chestniutstreets.

*'itq,111 'p'rt rlM--. r ree l-),)llir- per afinum,
1)ti*f ti 1 'r1i'vl e, ,ir,-$3 51) i f paid within six
m.-intl-,nr -l.,i'J if" pmd tlherealter.
_' ,o) rior on lik-en for ai Iess trln thaa si.
11 fill;.) isi t_ vill inviriihlv he charged for
iat..) -rii N1) .jtper will be "tii.contimued until
"ll "irr tries ir* ii.Lre J, dil-ess at the- oi)ti,. of tile
.a r o p r ilor -' +
'- ..i. a r i w c 5 ie..l'. a r e ( t"w lv e I --i
,r lhar-.o'or'l iia 'Trtd at thle rite of One Doi-
M" -,. .ir.*foTre;!it,Fnrl ; v'i' CenIt llor every subse-
i ent n q ',gri l .r. k' .
'1 Oi o aivertkp bv the veair-a i' beral
417o^lot--vill oe ndel.? bu.t all idver'ti?.-nnt? hot
*+ -- l: io.t .t lvi, hines.-, we I
.j" -"+-a '-1 %. la il .t.lr.rtiii u?nt+ i t in by thortn, will
b" b.'cl'uy ed .it the I-ii.1i L rates.
'' -$ \H al'.i.,.lveni-i.ein nt3 riust be paid for

k-' :iv'e i) dllir_ 'rill be charged f.,r announc-
.ing'$ tvlilt ite fInr o::i'ee.
I'r&.Wl ilv.rtis3 nvits I'rorn a distance miut
A 7 .-.,-)'- ,-i 1w I vith the cash, or city reference,
"'', ini.,i~eqn-inrtion. Gods
Dry Good*..


I -~ I-- -.


8,HEETINOS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
bale and case, low for ca-sh, bvy.
!an '23 U 24 Water street.
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
1 DOZEN, ilist, received'and for sale bv
1.. April 10 HF. ABEfLL.-(
:, .+ Hops,-. -
FIRE'H Fall Crop, for sale by ;
April ,4: 1. -H.F. ABELL.
TININE, Carnmpho'r and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived .and for s-le by '
April 17 -- "-. H. F. ABELL, L.:

,t~ ;





'.-* .j ^,

~S~~lj~Fb ': ii






crowds odhtiiirTtmbdingi,, an.Tou.ato i ,r
great benefactor. At the liddift' tlilPj !,
dent was received by bhe Goveraor dof' .
State of New-York, and conducted, vw ,..
Tiiliay hontors throughput amemn .s o .-
course r admiring rieiuds to- tie`,* "
prepared for his reception. In i ba qlveaB.iW-
thd city was brilliantly illumialatio.v
thfi e e as a _bh8 display, dffire-w`Arkr
the Battery. -,
Being myself, at-that/time, a st..A'.._f
Princeton collegei- and, these ibilfetmiin
sbbbce taking pace during the Springa<, .,
lion of the institution, it was in my pow#t-Q..
be present and w ilpesift'he greater owt;af iy -
them. in the rmemo'ranadum made by,-y
general,: in his private journal, was. be fi .
lowing;8statment :
"The display of boats which aile .
and jbined'-0n'rhe occasion, som wivit i io
strumental music onrboard-th.e decoralibsis
of hips-the roar or cannori,-4wi- rh oJob#
acclamations of the people wn.ih 'rent r b
sky and passed along the wharves, fi aaf
mind with sensations as painful as they i..
pleasirig." '-
Before the arrival of the Presidente iatt,
Vice President Adams reached the ciry, 'o4r
took his seat in the Senate, as tahe prS
officer of that august body; without.deul.
the most learned and patriotic assebly5i.
(lie world. Both ho-ises were then o*t-.&
ized, and while' they were waiting the arrival
of i he President elect, various subjeeti wN!*
moved and discussed, relatitig o tnA troif
a-nd nodes of conducting the public. B.of-
hess tbat might be brought befor'e-fbt'hl4
and. among other topics a proposi!O '. Wr
made .i settle the title, or, more projr
the style, in which the Presiden. d.. 6t6.
United Siateb A611d fibi ddress K.. <
that subject various opinions were ektpfi
sed. It was proposed by some 1ei.w 'rf
the title of His Excellency." By.ofrfor
" His Honor," and by others, the simple a&-
dress of" Mr. President." For some !'tli,;
the subject was discussed with serim-oitdl
and good feeling, 6 .ut .uall. ah efforta1
made to laugh down thb whole subjectr-Amdl
bring it into ridicule. With lhait-Vr6%,.'-i
resolution was offered decldrihg Aat;.l
tile orlhfe President sioiuld bb ".j-is'iB^H
Mighiiness." By that movement it 2aS4.< !
at once, that it was time to dismiss Abe 41 B a
subject, which was done, ihhout aTt6u ..Aa
at any conclusion- o6 making any recff '
-the proceeding. '
The spacious edifice which ibei s61040"/A
Wall street, immediately facing the entfic0
into Broad street, had been procured fb.
the aneomltnodalibn of'the two: hoavaof
'Congress. In front of the building -(t'a
was a capacious balcony, ornamented _ih *-
columus and rich carved wbrks, to& -
caling with the hall occupied by lhe-SwM... -
In that structure the ceremoni"-.'6f'.1^6o
inauguration iook place; on the 30itb -.oril
1789, in full view of The surrounding fiffl.-.
titude. It had been carefully fitted tpi apd
richly and tastefully furnished -for. iKe; ,z
casion. The floor was covered *jrlb csily
carpet ing, and I he frbnt and sides wem or.z'_.-
mented with damask curtains, gaily trinrd;
banging in fesiouns frbm pillar lo'pillai, 0$o
adjusted as not to interrupt the tie.,ft.0.rd
the streets below. I had ,aken the Or -a
tion in lime, to obtain a safe, con i #6- t
position on [lie porch of a ho-use at-v.6'.of
the corners of the two streets, abouid5ff'et
from ihe balcony Oh which the ceretriby
was to be performed.
Al the appointed hour, the Presirf~t
elect, accompanied by the Sena5e''.Aahd
House of Representatives, and their oiffite-,s
,appeared on the portico, when "te air was
made to resound with shouts and'hwzzas,
from Ihie lips and throats of mbtk Q 'tat
twenty thousand enraptured spectatobi-.-
Those boisterous) expressions of 6& i
joy were, however, soon bushed, ah" w -'pro- :
found silence ensued--iery eye b i
rivited on the illustrious.man who bfAi6e-
fended abd saved his country, and e a
listening attentively. ".".-
Conilicuere omnes, inten-lique ora te(^fcoe,4
At that juncture the -venerable -hancel-
lor Livingston, of New York, advaaci4.l0
Gen. \Vashington, who was stanxi.Inbnih
front of the balcony, and presented ani open
Bible, resting on a damask cushioni, ornha-
.ineuted with tassels of gohld, oh' whic~ih fti
Ptesidftlt reveiently laid his rlghtt~hand,
The Chancellor then in an atiidible voiee.
read from the Constitution the oaih directed
to be taken by every President of Ihe.Uni-
led Slates, before he enters on ihe duties of
his office. The President elect repeat-ed
thie oath with great solemnniiy, ln'd bending
his head, kissed tile hook Tbe.-Chgrniel-
lhir, then turning and bowihg grace'fulll to
thie niultilude, repealed IIcse "em'p.batic
ords, writh a very audible voice:--- ...
Lo071g live George }Vashington, Presdwof.
the United ,Slates. .:
"Thus indicating lhial he was installed
without a title, and was to lhe addres.sed in, he
simple language tof ";Mr. Poesident." uThe
shiouts which ins an ly f.. "e laa mnn.
+(.iation, were almost deafening; aodA'Au-ing
:their coniinuanee, the President @aifmad=-

vanced to ihe front of the balcony, a.odbow,-
ed very gracefully to the mullifxdf.6-brh6.
him, and to those on his-Iright and I. -
The ceremonies .being thus coenclhded
the President with the two 'Houses ret-uraed
to iIe Senate Chamber where he delrired.
his inaugural address,, after whilih.hjme-
liied, by a privirte way in the rear.f-f;th6
building, and repaired to Saint.lai'l's".
%h,-re appropriate religions exercises.were
performed. The. pesidpnl, as washu'*,cma
iom on pubic.: ocasiolt,,, was.-,dreled-'-i:t-.
suit of black- ielv.e, W itk ..Ohorts. black& ,A.
stockings, shoes. -Asfbebuckles, ,aqd.,-.4ee-
buckles. His nahr.F'was-surned back.-maha-
'forehead, curltet'anld pow-&red~acc,. iflgltf
the fashion of ihe (lay.arrd.grhead ia d_ .
in a square black silk.bwg,-H "*H<.h. d '
o ire;s sword suspended at hi. kid' .-_. A.
symt ueiry of his finely fqr O-:?.. 2i(_ -
i ease and dignity.of his o-. ..-ei1 -" "

Printeirs' Fiiiiiisating Warehouse;
X6.^ 17'Cdndl street Row.
HpEiUridersigned beg leave to announce to
T 1V Puolishe-s` and Printers, that they -have es-
tablished a complete and extnihie TYPE FOUN-
DRY in this city. Tihe Book Lettei of this
Foundry was cut to ordger byv workmen of long
experience, and, as no expense was spared to
obtain the handsomest faces and to perfect it in
every respect; we will V-ntute tosay it will be
fouina 0: handsome, if not the handsomest in the
United Siat'ea. We have also a very handsome
assortment ob Flowers and Job Letter" of the la-
test style, to which ve 'would "all the attention
of Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All
articles manufactured by us shall be of a mate-
rial equal, it not superior, to any manufactured
at the North; and as we shall sell Type at New
York prices, we trust to meet with encourage-
We are now prepared to manufacture BRASS
RULE and TYPE of any magnitude, with prompt-
ness. We ivould also particularly call the at-
tention of Printers to our LEADS, having an 6n-
tire new set of moulds- by which we are enabled
to furnish a perfect article. We 'are also Agents-
fpr the sale of the Napier, Washington, and-
Sfmiith Prgeses, which together with Chases,
Cases, C6imposing Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and
every other article required in the Printing busi-
.ness, will be kept on hand, and furnished at
manufacturer's prices.
Editors and Printers wishing to eatablish a
Newspaper or Job Printing Office will be fur-
nished with an-estimate in detail for the same,
by stating the. size of the paper, or the particular
"style and quantity of -'.ork to be executed.
03- The proprietors of newspapers who will
publish this advertisement six months, and send
a paper to our office weekly, will be paid for the
advertisement by purchasing six times the amount
of advertising bill in Type.
May 22, 1847. 19-6m 17 Canal st. 'Row.
A LL persons are hereby warned not to con-
tract for, receive, or to ship any Cedar Tim-
ber, cut or taken from the Lands ot the Apalach-
ieola Land Companv thet-e being no permit for
tiny 906h pivilege. And notice is also hereby
given to certain persons who arb knb'oh to be
now engaged in cutting and collecting a quantity
of Cedar Timber on the Lands of the said Comfipa-
ny, viz: on Crooked and Oclockoney rivers, to
desist from their unlawful trespass, and not at-
tempt to re iove said Timber. The penalties of
the lav will Be stricily enforced against all the
parties, in anywise connected or implicated.
TrHltees of the Apalachicola Land Co., ,-
by iheir Attorney: *
Apalachicola, April 24, 1847. 15-6t

of membership, is to be thrown open to thb c
public at ltbg. ., "
At this, the who e Hou'se, galleries, mem- d
bers, officers, reporters, Chairman, an itt hi
short, all but 14[ike,and- Bob, were absolhtte- !
ly convulsed with laughter; many laughing c
until tear ro'0lled doWb 'their cheeks. Not p
the ,hndoi, bf kstnile," hbwetie, *as to be i
seen on the countenaice of either or tha d
two actors in this most admirable farcee.
Mike's eyes. as he leaned over, rested
steadily on Bob, and the, latter gentleman F
seemed pefectly paralyzed, and, 'o him titi- !
explicable -course matters had-taken. He t
seemed riveted to the spot and remtaiined b
perfectly speechless. At length the chair- l
man became sufficiently composed to drawl g
out in a very indistinct manner, that he was h
rather inclined to thie belief that the gentle-
man was a member. i
Milke-Not having before had the-plea- i
sure of seeing -the gentleman, sir, I would o
enquire of the chairman at what time he has a
presented his credentials, and what pard- s
cular section of the State he has the honor n
to represent?
A second roar of laughter, if possible
more boistrous than the first, succeeded this
inquiry, and Bob, who is notorious for his U
cheek and self-com- placincy. seemed on the o
verse of fainting, when the chairman an-.
nounced that "he believed the gentiemab'
was from Albany." -'"A-
Mike-(with increased surprisp(--Alba-
ny! I thought Mr: WatsOn represented
Albany. a
It is utterly impossible to givb ebve a faint
idea of what foblvowed; suffice it to say that
Bob sat down, Mike followed, and the whole
house roared until they almost fell under
their desks, from the exhaustion produced
by excessive mirth; f
We copy the following interesting account
of the installation of George Washington as
Piresidebt, by a living eye-:witness, from Mr.
Cinl's Cincinnati Daily Advitiser. Itisfrom
tbe pen of the venerable Judge Burnet, of
Cincinnati: and in publishing the communi-
cation Mr. C. weil sas,-,It is o or ithise
rare articles, bf which the value dad inte-
est are increased iathier than impaired by
its length, and that of the very few' surviving
witnesses of the memorable seinw described,
there is probably no individual living so
well qualified as Judge Burnet to write out
his impressions and recollections of the sub-
ject." -
Mr. 6is--1h a recent conversation, you
requested me to give you an accoukit 0 otih
installation of President Washington, after
his first election to the Presidency, which I
had the pleasure of witnessing.
You will recollect that th'&firsl Congress,
chosen under the Federal constitutiomnas-
sembled at New-York, earley in the month
of April, 1789; and that after the two houses
were organized they proceeded in the man-
ner prescribed in the cong'tititbh, to open
and count the votes given for President and
Vice-President of the United Stateg; when
it was ascertained that George Washington,,
of Virginia, was elected President by the,
unanimous Vote of thb nation, and John
Adamfib, the eidei; bt Massachuisetts, Vice-
President, by an ovewhelmihig majority.
A certificate of the election tbf Georgb +
Washington, signed by the President of the
Senate, was immediately transmitted to him
by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Con-
gress, and delivered 'at Mount Veition; bn
the 4th of April..
Hating determined, after serious delibe-
ration, to acce t the appointment, Uud being
aware that the affairs of the nation required
his presence at the seat of government, he
bid a reluctant adieu to Mount Vernon$ and
commenced bis journey to the geat of govern-
ment, ou the second lday after the arrival of
MAr. Thompsi.n,.
[Heare the writer ein~ts ibitb A discriptiioh
of the manifestatioti of popular enthusiasm
in his progress, with which most readers are
probably familiar, and we therefore omit hiL]
The Governor of New-Jersey joined him
at New-Brunswick, and accompanied him
to Elizabethtbwti Point. On the road .be-.
tween those, places, the president was met
by the Committee of Congress, who recei-
ved and conducted him and his Suite with
military honors to the Point, where: they
embarked on a magnificent barge, built arid
decorated for the occasion, and rowed by
thirteen branch pilots, selected from difle-
rent harbors, and dressed in white uniforms.
Writers ot that day have represented the
-incidents of tbe journey from its commuerice-
trent to its close, as being equal in splen-
dot, and far exceeding in sincerity, kind-
nessa of feeling, :and unfeigned, admira-
tion, the triumphal procession of the great
conquerors 0f antiquity. +" "
Nlew-York bay .was literally wllite with
vessels and boats of all sizes, filled with ad-
iiirins;-mulhitudes, Iboth male and female,
dlad in thpir richest attire. Many of these
'vessels had hands ol" musie on board, and all
rofthem displayed fla-s painted for the+oc-
e asion, eacfi having an allusion to some in;;

teresting event in the life of lhis glea naut n.
The bay, a broad sheet of water ,extending
eight or nine miles, seeined' tobe animated
t with gratefull and happy multitudes compe-
ting with5 each other to do the first and
highest ho'nors.to himt they idolized, and re-,
gard.ed, not only as the greatest, but the
noblest and the best ot hile hutnan family.
It was nnllerslood thal the city'would be

N SEYMOUR takes thismethod of inform-
ing the citizens of ApalachicolaC and-"is
vicinity that he has removed down on. the corner
of Vatelt and Centre sitreets,and feeling thank-
ful for the patronage heoretofoe extended, to him,
hfe 1,.licits a renewal of the Same, by offering to
yon a very neat and select ,Stock of GOODS, con-
sisting in part as follows_:.
Cloths and Cassirnieres,, various itleds.
Fancy Prints, +'--do. d- do.
Alapaca Luslre;.do. Figured:,
Silks, Grode Ryne. -
do. Montella
do. Satiu Siriped. "
Fancy Cashmere Robes. '
do. Marino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins; India Book....
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored.
E.l-j-ings, Lkile, Cap and Thread.
Sha Ik, D umaAk Silk.
do. Mdi ino.
dn. Plaid Wool.
Kid, Lace.ind Silk Glrnve,.
Tu-ik nG ip).ey B6nnei-i, latest fashion.
Ribbonm. in all varieties.
Browa S)tirtiar, 7-8,,4-4 and 3-4.
Bleached do 7-81 3-4, 4-4, 10-4, -)11-4.
Blankeis, 6-4 and 8-4.
Ilir'iin ard Cotton Carpeting.
Carpet lB3.
1-1,119 anid Caps, all styles.
Booli and Shoe. :
Clo..thing- A: I all kinds.
Al-.). a rieit little assortment "of Jewelry and
niii v"ither airticl..? too numerous to me-ntion.
Call arid examine for yourselves.-
AprAlachi>,-,la, N,,v. 14, 1846. .

[-r6om the"Lodisillfe Journal.]
Thou art gone-the true ind brave,
And the jby of victory hath died upon the grave,
MRS. Htmtis.
Mourning at Ashland!
To that fair home,
Witfihunfolded pinions,
Death:bath come ; -
His shadow h.as..darkened
Its cheterful light; -
$hrolidrig in ig1booiii
Skies fair and bright,
He hath quenched the fire of Hope's clear eye,
And with folded wing, she hath drooped to die.
Mourning at Ashland!
Childhood's sweet tone
Is 'rett of its .mirth;
-And&ad hath grown,
Tear-gems glisten;
In fieeek young eyes,
For the sire that blessed them .
Unconcious lies.
A mother's voice might have soothed those tears,"
But her's was the grave of early years.
Mourning at Ashland!
That father's eye,
That had looked with pride,
In hours gone by.
On the many form
And the eagle glance .
That brightly flashed
As "beam on a lance,"
Is filled-is dim with hot-gushing tears-
Death's shining mark" was his loved of years.
As years sped on,
'e had marked with joy,
The fearless truth
Of his noble boy,
. Happy to find,
Mind's richest jewels
Shrouded brightly there.
Youth's fairest pr mise aIl were kept
In manhood-but now in death he slept.
Mourning at Ashland!
Sobs and tears
From the mother that watched
O'er his earliest years,
She who with sweet,
Low vesper hymn
Had lulled him to rest
As day grew dim-
Her strike soul is now far away
Among hours w hen ht i lost was a bl1iltl at play.
She thinks of his first
Dear whispered word;
Sweeter than carol
Of joyous bird;
How round her neck
He entwined his arms
And found seet ie'fuge
From all alarms.
And her spirit wandereth on-on-on-
To his youth-his manhood--forever gone!
Full many a flower
Froim heir houshold band
Was blooming now
In the better land.
Full many a voice
That her soul had thrilled
Grew mute-for the spoiler
The heart had chilled ;
Mother look up in that far, high home
Thou shalt reap in joy-there death shall not come.
Were love's sweet words
Round his dying bed '.
Did fond heart pillow
His aching head 1
Was his life breathed out,
in that calm, still hour,
The Twilight-when most
We mourn death's power ?
Did dear one speak of a meeting blest,
Where the mourner is glad and the weary rest 1
No! where the brave
And the noble die,
A mantle of glory
His sole canopy,
Amid the battle's
Loud clang and blast,
Was.his last word Apoken,
HIs death throes past.
Nobly-he fought-and nobly he died,
With a martr's love, and a soldier's pride.
CADIZ, Ohio-, 1847.

.. r 4 .i'.h^cri'I),r-, oiler 14l? _3ale a large and .ea-
,, Ii l.z jtoc!k of Dr) G .,d?, c.,s tln 11
part of
Nejfro bI,'-".-V- mi' Linsevs,'
W i'.ite rit R-,l Firl'els,
laiin a.ihl bdFri.CN Jearti,
Double t.vumeI rweed&,
Super fancy Caineres,
S'l )er .E ili-ih an..I French Cl,,thi1,
W\ l1,l'tev tla.i i. o 1', i1 *md [-" ,lr3
D dn i i ,,, and 10 .Ir.
D e ., 1 1 ,, i l i s j i l C j t n ~ l i
Bro,.vii S-; rtii- .ari I "ilil- i A,,
C.".tton ijln biiri;-,
C t,'itt n Onrlhn. .nid Ti,6' ..,,
L.inpn and Otliii Crl-.: _,
'f [rluih Li io i, -hlir iin ,14 ll 4 h,111 in,
l6 ? **'*' iet ilr.l C il,.->n hl'tir in inf lll,?etiin
'-" E i~lkjh,,..''e i, at a'id ri,--i,- I Prilnl ,
Extr;a'4-'-7,r, ',.*air and T'ville,. G.-ln~h in-i,
,il .e r i-.. ; J 'rn ,re d ;.", .;p
v E llr.a' def),:i" \l ri E".E'i-?, .q-',th'hi aii1 \m,-ri,:.,,i do.
: .,u ie'r.'[i'iAi\i bl"ICk aid ti1.1i'fd ilk.?
BNA&Ki crival a, t'. lnc\ 'lml'Q,
ej Epo lili Ind P.-,nt,-e ;illl M-k1 ,
R"i: l ll a iI \'n .ri,.:.n ,.2,o tt-,n Hkf_,
JM i l,'I. I A I Vri 1:1 1i1 1"J H l;'1,
i I lie C ol_ !, ,- ,1>,. 1 '1 -i 1 t '-3_-I C ,
3'' *LT Ie r i,< lll,+- > il tW ,^tr'.,-J Ve-rii.n;-.,
q".. C -lt 1,' 1 1"\ 1 '. r i hi ,itJ,
:, '" .P[ lti t. I -'i;'+.- 4 vi', r^.l';^ tl Jl_ : .c d .M ''iiin_?,
=+ J., .0n-L-t .1ri.I Ct iuin -ric tluw ',],
N- -,.t .1 .", ,'g 'i. r 10.- z '. % "
I" \V 1. i 1 i, 11 a vle.-a r, ,ll llh t^r, il 1, ,' < iri
N ,kv V r'c n I ,i ,,'t -;..ff .1 111.1 \ -2.-:, i 5
.f \i1 t I ,,,t-, ""i-,
: i r e n i v ,I 'tr e / 'it i l, I r.- l l lu r e
ter ng-bv '.. V PORlTER &, C o.
D e ': 5' l l'-. "t.; II -t r ;treet.
B],.. Ellisn-t' .% Co.,,' a lileaK 'itrcee.
I.l\P C H Vi-0)Ll:m".
'* Tlr \ ', LL \ r,.k if-iiit _'.. r ,l ,'_,[" ,i*ll 4ize ,
*V i-r*'r\ V *'il', r~ii I ,rl't ,,, "'*rUl-

r > i i ii ).> l. il Ill, P 11 1 ..V .1 alp J. ,,. 1 1,v e
ed .), |''-,''.I I. i I.,. 13 4. ,. "',,i n i- T .jr-
p -,"ill il.. i-311,1A. ' 'il .).% i PXl" 1'. "h "
L '.i .l -f'1 1 T '. Y ,ll ,, ,I'% 4 p:, ,-, ;' r,., i ,
v i I I ri .l ,l r ii ,- ,i l I. itr. ur \Y -Il '.v _\ e r-
v -, r 1 r II 1, P lI
.1. a, i iri. nih.r PaolHir. FBr,i: l it ~ -h to|.
f ,' T tr .. ili. P -il t .' 'i il -'" '_l
1" -='. B r'i 1i1-" 1," i N-.1 I J 'X 11.1 r lz.. I D n'lii -E ,
7.-_ 1",^U iJ ::. i ,~-',II^ ,V itil. t';'.- l),i,.,. b ,,g
I'* -'" *iid. 11 t 1 t.'l-, v .1 -, .].., L i-_ it d o
'3 .1 *" -1 13 do,
-" +.' I.., P r r^ ',i ,> q uli1 B tt .*J ,, l,..J.r., .'re ,':.
'.. T l :'c S r k' \ i. ,',r .% i.J -iilh -. tA',L--t1-i1
.* +l- Ii! ler-. lH" '- .. ,ti,','-, lib I-1ti"^ H ul,
._ :.'!li^ l. *-... .(i,.-. -i-.;.,7,'*J ]r o, 'i".*-'k 13rouril,
I r St .- l
-" '-lv -- I ..' ; uI l l I' ll 1 i ,'-. i.o : -' 1 +l5 il ,)'J .
SI'ii J,, " t *l I l ,il '.>*,i il ). i, 'l i r1J,1, t'ju k l l "in
Iro H [,r1 ,- ., I -.- 1 a 'C ; I ,1e;., T :1.1) ],?r,-
-' > >r;, -" -1' i$ "* r ~ '. .' .','t' - Ii ltie. I *,,riil-'lnl,,r.',
A.),.I'l-r,, .k i 7it A ii \jl l,_1 ; iJl ,vmie,
S i i" I -- M I'i l t l l fi l ,'T i l i-- r L u l i r ,
,1 i I' *' '1 n i i 1'- I [ t ,' i '1 1 :' [ .'
.A,, i r .. I ., i l l; I[ I ;. I .%' I. Ir Ill, E 11 n -.n w
F itl'S I t. I l [', i'I "T idtr -.-4 1 l)"i,.to ir ,-Look -
.'. ,i t S i ^ P i l li I1 1 'L t. 1 -4. i- iJ L i t '-,
D ,:x I ,,;,- I.). ""i,- i I-,,i I,,I I1L- I. I --, [l'p ol
-- i I I ,-; 1- 3 r. I P. 1 1',1 1 L 1 aii.f irn 1.
C l ,l ,-i .. I. ,1 .. ,- !i- l Li .
t'l ,! i',', 14 P i i ., ri i l i" 'r ": ,, i, >- l eii ,:lr S-

k 1, I-. 11 ,i ., 2l'3t I.' '1
/. '.~ i i i i .,.- i' 2_,___1
'": -x "N i'te ." ^ .. tV, \' .> {- 'VjLcr ireult,
.r 1 1. . I i r .^ i 2 l ir' r ,ri x ilor
."l'-i> i,..' r- l' *".I u )ir.H J it Ir1.i1 i i4l ..,1_st.r l-n Flour ;
,2)) i 01 1 Relrt -ii l W h"i-i!Cev '
I I} i ^cn vlnle, ,eile an]J br.) % S,.up;
Ii I I- 1 N -) S-i ir ; 5) i %F. .-.I-.v.>h do .... + .2,) 131:!;, 1l'. 11 i-lde4 v.iJ 3ioulders;
3 i* H -iin-4 ; 11
'21 b,: it b re 'iT I Ii -i S -lir;
"t- )0 b 1iies LoiaiI" d.L'i; -
" .3) ) i.)?r n (', I'lel ; _;
` '2') b trr,iLs -N E R,in; .
; I '* j ,.-. W it -l B1'l- n u"reGiu;
,-.,;-. .' D )un -tic Br.aidy; .;
< -'.^ ". N ) \I >li"ea;-
S)) ,ix!.4 Efili, i :ury Che,-se,
." ,5) ie,.e-es Ke>tu<;lIy RB i ;ing;, --
n3k.C )i 4C R~iye;
-.' ') h,; l ill'.bs ( i.x crt) I il.: aisins;
??. a.. .t.) Lino' n; i .' a +' + " :
? "75 \I id lft'ni reI ,)r.- cco-; '
*5._i--, i,,5.i.i-rteJl Pir-kl,'s; *. ...
; 3') barrel< \Ii,'kerel, N.,s *2-and 3;'-.
2 h.flt obl. do> ,do; .-

. ^ -)'.'-S.)\'i^ i r,.lted ivrll,,+;
,. '+ \ h -,.13 is bioi Lbo .+' 11 ',iin jowder and Hy-
-" ._ Ionr Teas; .3;' -
"* U 1l '/tchet-q and Ini\)es Powv,-hoI1Teas'
,. ;" 3.-Jltlf"*)i ).-i Old C. i,-Cna Brand.v ;
wio ck,_-i H~id-iiick" Cilan P ad-riej
1. 0 , 5 k,-.;T Vulls, as-3.rted -dizei.;
-" :--\':" 5 "_;.2',bOP. Pil,,t-an.1 N..,vy Bread; -
_-*.: Y "1 tierces new Rice;
f T :" *0 ke y, I'llt I'nrters nrw Bnick'.vheat ;
V" -' """ "200) b!!el N',,tlter Oat-). -- .

; ." '* A,)laehie'a, Dric .5, I56.-
:( " Dry G')ds. -
! .'-=JRTLINt'+l rick,.l L,)t~trin Omana!-r,
S- '>^':!'tievi., K'Pt.J-di .Firet-, Ran-.

'. "i et ".li : r V ,p-l -t 'ih irtina;-,% S.l e ^'i')^ C .h e?. kl
,..+ ,* iln atha Calicoes, Dela'le.,;"l-l.,ierv, .,c, &'c.-
*- '_or_;ile hvy "B3 ELL[SON &, CO

'' '7-sa^ ^ "Q'- ;, -23 W^ ater strreet. *

i U)^ HALF b-xeq Manufactured "W LRoane"
.-t / Brand.
44 halflbustes Manufactured ,:W Price" Brand.
"19 "& I. do. "
,8 CC ,, "W Barlow" "
41 -22 Ih be ,' J W Morgan" "
1-l Ib Limr,p.
5 b.,,cs Minulfactured I"J W Morgan" Brand
Pl'0ra m itm.n-
5", b,,xe.q i + l i Napo:
lonm's" Brand- "Magnolia."
h-i b i,,s M.ufactured Napo-
le,,r'."" Brand "Strawbery."
50 *21.) Ib bn\e-i M[u.-ufactured "Nape-
ler,'i" Br nd "' Niagnoiia.'"
h, -,,es ,-I ntf.r't'red Morford Honey Dew
i(0 lr.-its 'r.,lker, ;_ 10,000 Florida Segars, ...
x,,.. 11.,z N.rr,,. Cap)s; 60 doz Hoes, assorted."
I nzrai n t?.tr~et .t, Cotton Cards; Trace Chains.
17..r 4Ale low tn clo -e consignm-enit%,,by
N .v. 14 53 Water street.

Oil Ctloths and Carpets.
PC4 Oil CL,,li, I and 2 yard wMide;
'3 p's "_ siie'r Ingrain" Carpeting;
3 I_",I.tt 1.i '
!"2 i t .fa r I '"



Athenaeum Bowling Saloon.
T HE subscriber bpgs leave to announce to his
friends and the public generally, that he has
bedome sole proprietor of the above establishment,
and hopes by proper management aMd strict at-
tention, to merit a continuance of the patronage
heretofore so liberally bestowed upon the House.
All pesofis indebted to the above establish-
ment, will confer a favor by settlipg with the sub-
scriber. JOHN B. JONES.
Apalachicola, April 9, 1847. 13-tf

F.,r .,Ae [)N WM. G. PORTER & CO.
rD<,, j 41 Waier 4ffreet.

B:)ois and Shoes.
B >V'. -.-.i Mi'-. Russet Brogans;
d,.- .,'-;e% III-] peg'd Kip-Brogans ;
;,,;iH. I'i~i' ('anll R,',,zans ;
\in':i e'_'-*i -iil .e..v'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
S, .i.?,r L.,JIee' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
]p.?r Li.Il -. co,.rse and fine Calf Boots;-
A\ l.arnd :iad extensive assortment, just received
an'.d i,:,rs.le y \VM. G. PORTER & CO.,
-e,:" _ 41 Water street.
lInia, N~aiils &ce.
"0.' 1r T,)NS %oe,.I Iron, assorted sizes;
Ju.)i Iei-3 Nails, do.
4 ca,\-. WV,eeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
*2tj Blaoksmith Steel Faced Anvils;t]
*? English and American Vises-;
':> :) Belio0',, ;
1 .. ,l.,zen SpZ" l -.. and Shovels;
In ., C,,llins' Axes; .
10 h)m; '.1,tl 4 an Woolen Cards;
I rse R,,vlarind'. Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1! ib, h Caj.t .nd German Steel, for sale by
Dot 4 41 Water street.
fGroceries andS~hipStoresi
R1O C)l:FEE. lava do, St. Dotingo do,
N.,rtlirn Flo.,;: Western do; N 0 Sugar,
St. .-'roii .J1,, Porto It ico do, Young' Hyson Tea,
Itv-'tnm d., P..,': li._,ng do, Soachong do, Goshen
>Iii,'|- Cli.-.e,,. L r\, Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
der_4, i\I..l .,e', \\'li~key, Mess and Prime Beef,
Xle.;s .,nd Pri iil, Poik, Mackerel, Shad,--Saltmo,
PI-lir,. %,iu.n ids w4 Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Penpper, .i,.'? C itsups, Pepper Sauce, Olives,
C'tperm. Pi-- kl,-s. Soap, Starch, Tobacco, Navy
3r.Ml,, Pi,...i dc., 'r ickers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits,
B,'- in-z, ` dll, 1, Aiieus, Macaroni, Vermacelli, Ar-
r -,.v CIu., ,t.'. 0,d. 5. Buckwheat, Mustard, Rice.
F,or ..il, by B. ELL1SON & CO.
JI.n 23 24 Water street.
B o:)'s, lio..r.; ,and, Brogans. by thecasej
W.mp,-i' .; .'ojP-s and Buskins;
rM1_'t' B .yi a,|id Youth's Brogans ;
fi"ne sew'd Brogans;
M e','~. 1 '. Boots; .
< finp se.wed Boots;
Ro'i? B. ELLISON & CO .,
Jan -23 24 Water street.

Cabinet Furniture.
TAMES ff. COOK,- 92 Broadway, neat Wall
J street; New York, offers for sale, a full and
complete assortment of CABINET FURNITURE
and CHAIAS; which he warrants to be equal to
any in title Mity; at the following unusually low
Mahogany, Sofas from $20 to $150 each.
o. Chairs lc 30 to 120perdoz.
o Rocking Chairs from $5 to $50 each.
do. Bureaus $5 to $75 "
do. Card Tables ,, $10to$30 "
do. Centre Tables, $15to$75 "
do. French Bedsteads, $18 to $90 "
Also Feather-Beds, Hair Mattresses and Bed-
ding of the finest qualities and at the lowest mar-
ket prices.
N. B. No extra charges for packing and ship-
February 27, 1847. 7-3m


0f HHDS St. Croix Sugar;
1\_ 20 do New Orleans Sugar, to arrive;
100 sacks Rio Coflee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; I .
50 Mnft'd do. Brown' and Labby's;
20 ,, Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
2,000 lbs Lead; 4, casks Linseed OiJL
200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For saleby WM.G. PORTER & CO.
Dec5 4 41 Water street.

S-croWded lwilh people from every section of
the country, on Which- account it was
s thought not prud-ent to make public 'the
place at which -he barge-was to land;hbuti
e she neared the Battery. the' place of-herd es-
h tinatiou.49wapretty well ascertained by .the
e i multfritude, from the course she Was steering,
y which they had closely observed; so ihat
s when she reached the stairs erected on-
It M-urray's wharf, wheref')he admirer was to'
if" disembark, ihe Iv.6din, ind rhe' striee-ts as+far
s' atlhe ejye could extcudi were- filled with

By far the richest and most graphic
scene Which has-taken place in any legisla-
tive body, was that in Which Mike Walsh
and Bob Watson figure'] as principal ac-
Bob Watson, who is a lawyer, represen-
ted'thecity of Albany in the Legislature.
He is somewhat vain of his abilities and
personal appearance, though withal a pretty
clever sort of a fellow. His hair being, as
he alleges, rather thin; he concluded to get
his head; shaved, and ensconce himself it) a
wig until a htew and more vigorous crop de-
veloped itself. That this was his sole ob-
ject, however, has been rendered sotfiewhat
doubtful, notwithstanding his professions to
the contrary, by the form and color of the
artificial covering which he has selected as
a temporar, shleid io preserve his bald konb
from ihe inclemency of the weather and the
rude gaze of" the thoughtless, vulgar and
quizzing rabble. His own hair was light,
sandy; and- perfectly straight, and the wig
Which flows in a luxurant proftision of glossy
ringlets, is as black as the plume-of a raven.
By this you can judge how great was the
alteration produced in his personal-appear.
aince. The House having resolved itself
into "comtnitiee of the whole," Mr. Blod-
gait of Genessee in thechair, the stspense
,in Which all the members had sat-during
the Whole morning was, suddenly broken by
Bob"s1rising in his seat, which issome dis-
lancPTfroi lhal of LMike, and bowling out at
the top of his voice,-" Mr. Chairman, I rise.
sir, wilh the vi i-iew of making a few re-
mark upon this--." Here he was
brought to alead stand-still by Mike4 who,
jumping up, exclaimed with the most im-
perturbable gravity, Mr. Chairman, l rise
to a question or order."
Chairman-.-(Scarcely able | snrpress his
laughter)-Tlie 2enldeman from (New York
Mike-(Looking over at ,Bob, whom he
wildly scrutinized from-head to foot. wijh
great seeming amazement+, a'nd, considerable
indignation)-'I- would like to know,, sir, by
what right individlnals who are not members
of this House can be permitted .to take par
in its Vfehales; where, sir,- are we to stop-i
the floor of this House-, with all -the ribts

Warrant's Effervescent Seltzer
HTEALTH RENEWED, and an invigorated
and 'healthful condition of body produced
I Thi, ,reparati,,n is universally allowed to be
the most poprijar remedy of 'the present day, for
the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious
and Liver Complaints, Nerotus Weakness, Head-
achej HearMtdurn, habitual Costiveness, &c.
Traveller-.and reslderits in warm climates-will
find it a desirable article; it. prevents any'accu-
mulation of bile, is, poi table, and the method of
preparation is unusually convenient; Cilhdre-,
have frequent occasion for gentle and cooling
purgatives; they will take this aperient in pre-
ference to any other. Sold wholesale and retail by
Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, DruIxeist, &c.

On Consignl eilent.
THE subscriber has lately received oh consign-
ment, the following articles:
-2 casks choice Old Port Wine;
-,1 1- "- Old Madeira Wine ;
S; 1 +superior Old Scotch Whiskey;.,
2 T Pale & Bro. Otard Brandy:
t" Dark Dumond Brandy;
10' baskets -," London Club" Champaigne.
Also, a varietyof Segars, all of which will be
sold low, for cash only, by
Feb 27 50r Water street.

BITTERS, just receiv d-and far sale by
Niv 21 J. C. ALLEN.

BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov,28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

- F~AR'- and Swine's Ralkam ol Wild
VCherry, just received-and for~sale'by
Nov,28 J ALLEN;

honestt inlu.,lricins wlile men and women ., memnria technica+'-vthan whirh hoilhingI
in jir rnpril. and van scarcelY- i .ake (wo. ends saving, e"-ahead reitlltrYolen: f. ft ie.
ilnee" iii i-he maiaterelf bre-ad arl meal. )that sc.hoolhnhv <.nntnglnJs Wel-hster. ,it f-eqaw
there are inl the city nelron in"ri.aiid-,w en verthozin*2 over theory, paces oif CoLke-toin .
reveIlli in ple'niv. who flanni bhy f -.; 'on Littlelon. [he dis.r',v,'ry of Professoi" ,fl-n-
Stin'day shinin! in their gavy iliirt. nirnin' r nid was hailed with rapnre s ind ,f ppliih.u"k.
up T'hiir noses at Ihnse they v anll "-poor wherever it it wi mi.i hi -- for 11 ronsaifrn
whire ifolk 1y." We hnvo'hil adlh a 'iirns tinn." Th out o ithe way plaPars lih th lis.
lwi Ie 'I ns, ,n(|( 't]irouah ns to others FOR ihe arntl'.nfof a in mlernole,.linist, io-dtie per-
WoRK.'hv whie,' men and women.eito e ena- ono of a itlll. qraieht wlisl4-red, sn of
be.7 to gelf ood to ptit in their% ;and theirrhil- New Fnelanl.. wit ; a keenPn rP eve. ain'I
dYren's mouths, whihl) they lint] snghl in sort n L.nowing alnil-. dlis.ilhyine a s't f
vain. wTliilsr 'we cilul 1hiok Orfft 'firon oar tfeteli t'that l-fied his prorf.s.iinyl hrtllirPn
\\-,. wsw ipofn hile haliiiations of' ne-gro'es of the pv'llii-Ins and scraper. -,inil thr;il>teiel
w'li;hWre sllrtomllrt hy every -clnifort. ard dest-nr-tion to ihe- ihinai.l. oed viainl n
whooe ftrt snirpm.es that of alniosi any sonthern hnoard's, created a perfeetfuror in
while hal'ortr * A'itv. inI whose Ta'nir! is fTlis,? D*'s it The 'Profissor g;vep a iiihli" lectisr. in. I
1PIle '"f T Oleahvzinsss or in|iinlneic (if llf ilewh'ch hh e LV "." tirolif of his pildditll-.' hy
white lalofr'r--i>r. tiT,--'Tpp'Ktiar intfHigpnue the onlv sitrpe test oi' flwin. ile lhag"-
;inld prii(rN-nce fof file nyero it-ra% n hn. rolthn in Mitle r wfiyit., he dis-plavedlii s own c;ipa-
roller. or wasIrerwonlan ? We ean- -.on ,.ions |)nwers of'woverwnti*'ffthe ir'lrile ma-
sienti,,llsly s;.v. Iflat we have never t zes-of rheonolhsieal taihles mlid fixing-daths
forilfd ill- p loorer .lass of' whites i inr'in a wayT'hai ,was oncomniall snrt,riqin,-"
city itnwilling if) wark-iherf-fle 4is to he ;,s ww.l hear(] on ,0- of'l iir 'colored friends re-t
found in the disposition to -prefer Aie services "-mark., who w-.is sfariua a1 i1hp Prodessor
-of the ne..tro, whi,-h is, unwittingly perhaps, iliroiih lhe winoorw. YVe Gilds what
,ev'infd. ;by1 our ritizcnis. \kle h;ive often wo-fhl --Sir Arihnur "Warp,ir" hy'ive 'zivPl,
lIei, lnorliifiefd :tr i)asss .11org tlihe qna ff, adl l for the |)n'.sp hsion ;nf I [he Prif"e.s.sior's art-. ill
see itre white la1hnr'-riait'fng fIrrwork, withi- h'i,,rwi 'rsip', wiz'h."Monl.hauns'" "'*- en,
out an'yne I tn o av to hi, it I-he l -npina.ge ; always z t fhe'eipter n-of Monkharns. ill ar-
elf scripintl.r Whv stand Velcre fill 41legliinllrt", *H-idl the Kin'r.'AItohitssistpr. "ex-
lilly idle.?"-w'rilst rhe.'ne'uro inati.'fhpe slave i.cept whet) h- ...olll-s v, r ni- wilihi his e of so.me Geofrahm ,*or Alahanma |ilmier. was : fiondnd dales T 'h.'Professor theii -made
litisily nlployledl at Q'5 elfl.s the hour. We up 4 n class ;>i $5a5 ean|, and a hoo'k thrown,'
trnsi to see ellihs clhanred. W\erisk urvin [7 i-n wli,'lh clillai'ld ife elemni nnts of pie
offence perhaps Ihv wliat we have wiriit.bnt. scece. The "" nMe. .lf",lll) flf f" haid 'rown
Awe feel ITat ii is wiinr himy M rmi n diior to csn.;idfhrahlly in the craniums iif s e(ll"I*
tleipnselv, s hlivaid -,,ffecn.illv- and ffe'lirtiz 'utnder- a great innfiriity in 1he to'rgari ol
*liaT we "4 art ri,,lh." we go n'ilil." i emnory4 they beaali lel-*WP.(lhain-t thful-ure-
'elV is there. ainolt .our .citievMrs -wiho they wouldnh l)l lt-le to inoeinnoniwe nfiires as
'4o"s nolt fel Coinvini'e'l iTha w ;in orde-iv in- well as thfle learned Pnndt"iiniiself. We
lu.siriojis while p lml-l.iiiz n wiei ll le ml.ore have tvi .-iti(e l ,to -fall in *with a -few it' he
ngieealhl,, and profdiahle, thatn) -thle~itnlpi l e nt l vl, si-tce. --avli ltve .essa ell 1) ,ohla'hi;
IPgri+es, w ilhol In i ion'lhge iiee +mlrild virilin.1 su reinfr-tiial fitt) as'to Ith n'hJoeirin.1-iYr ve- i i 'nI
has rehd .inid a'ld(.rt.,tovrn a n'iremorye, hya eitqulryh)" niihasl o 'l6lfi as tbhI
,hey i01^ ,r+ tnnt tas'they rthrase-?' W-oil, if tine of the happening elf the floftd./ D-e.
1101 he' nitir, o trr *credit. as a c1imiinunfiiy, laryatin ola !oiriffedelfei(:e I t0h,. aide of M'e-
.t 'on Stnday olur .-4reels -we-re Padnrlled ,ly i i,sialp4, l'; iiui'they ere ckiled awity:
tile holtresl e'riil vi.oiniii to rg lhite a* ts. r'so 4rhl'l'th lle y h diol'i-nie I' sallkfy u s--.
pi n bill hutnieat attire and while washer- 6lhe .eid',h-iIHn, ihirwrvefr, did -evirce-r fi'eat"
women. lh:ln itlia~ve ,.tir wiles j,,lleql hly tinyerii.[igupres. by relliti niits o hf hlid how
-a saitcy neeriss. Iedlizetiedii hr 4 iassoPrtied m.an-y,bblje bea.,s it takes to makefivIe!.! If
_finer%, lire Iladtell- and wates of her sri? soi xriewhat ren,;Ibhe, lwVr, ih fi, the
Amlrno oilheg r nuii..lnl-,.s, e laer lered' .)y nuuiier-iof Inose whi,-0wo lo ilhe *- sbfl ii-
trhe license, n ollih,,.rtIv; r'cilPrded I(T".slves. peI) cl lnent'- ol -havinll g lie ikof-Ihe, learned
is their liraclice of luio'kserioii, wlhiclh re- ,. Plinv's" class is exceedingly small, coin:
slills it their forestallitiri the "m.rkele ,i1" pared with ihe crowd of individuals we re-
everv luxury or coinforifwhich Ci-oihes.I oIl.e ineilher ,o h;vet s'een climbing the Market
cily, which they rptalil to. our hois'k,'elipers + House stairs at rhe ringing .of -:the bell on
a, ant rn-,runous' l,'fii.'-o- .A'i',her evil -f ihdI Professor'sif.(:tu e, rnlghls.! Atl&" we.re
whi,'vh we i:clai. and l, whiel we+ call ;i.l a loss to accouiit for ilif of'ence ilil Il we
the ;atteuniathof iour, city auihoritlis.;is i Ole seem llo litrv given by saying toe several i.f
pernitiun g nesroes to live by themselves as o1)r ,.qaninice?, who_. we nnii ed
lionsekee|)ers--against wiiitch-ail oirditiance among il.m-, Prsofes. r'- likFcil'p's,.. Smely,
exi.IS_;.and anuiher *iiier';als0 ui.urs it) thou also art -one. r heinl; but like Peter,
us, wez wish .10o aski. ou Worih. mayort hey "began io cnrse and swear, %;ty'iilg
Vwethher oi rnuo liceuwas ltU" keep drays a% o kituw noi the iIaiu" anJ ihy .icoiti-


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1 I i. -- --+-^^- ^ -_ .... .... __,
X. sre^&cuI m V ro I I I el -;-we re oh .l-riell..in.I lerest and ,ulv ,nay. prve loo sirnnz. nI in H Ua '11 II

.-- adm rel-byevety,.jieloldier. J ud.-niz. from % who) fit Iv e.ive unnspoken %%Itit lit- wonlil Alf lj:'' : J ^U i D ^ ER I M j
every Ihlin.,. wlfrch l 1 n"g ed on tIh;t or'- ha;ve slI wII hen I 1 0 exh11 I ni ed liv povemrl --
casino, it ,v:.3s Initli %v wih:rr-I,,w ,, ,,ner.iied milI depression. S-A-nd who shall jiil.-e him? APsLaoHtoo.A, TUESDAY, JCTN'B !22,<1847
by ihe nation, Io ;in iinexainple, ,, _lree. M;>n i. |ionr''and imperfect; all ;re tempted; ;
Very respecIfully. J..BLTRNET. who dost not, sornelimi eld? -Lufiierl r The following gentlemen arec.attha'iz
.... l likens the hOranl inid toa -firm'*"p"l. AgPntsifor-t|e COMMEfcCIATAnvtirsr'rT. and w
IFroln Ine Busion Advrliier ] u hnrsebaek. ho. when supported on ,one ri ,,,- .ce pt forsubseri,.ions. or ad40ertih
M-R. H I L L A R D'."3 .I ECH. side falls over ip tlhe oilher. Thersisa say- -nts:- "-.' .
'M.c ppl the lollowiinu report iI M" ,. ,. o ,mon. ; ., S F _A'.1+: N, Post B: il mrs. corner
-' -. H ll ird recent,..l Id,.e, r^^ which r r,,es ;mld oveltok 1,- Hanoverand Beavprertreos, N,.-w York.
"- U .""." ...... .. .l-" :--o. o cl', ";" Ihinu. -L et nq rem embl er th;i he who finds -w' w E.sq OeO ans. '
-' f hP[ e U nltarianll l+;li, nen o-i rlosiOn fol h Il e(-l r.,' i ,+ '- -7. x -._ r "r, ., '+"."
- ,,-r ,, -' .. "- *' r ,n < i' llf W | w ith the infi-rmities of inilm arraigns W M-. w ,T.\q., \V r to r .
"9 0 lay" el "illon ,oi) 1 th'eiry 1 ,|[ .. ;i,,,. ,,den, i i "Taior TACK lalarsta. "tf >-Ia, Ala.
....--ft6m tle C hristi Iin Reisier. e o ( t.a. I
. f -.- ,.i .-. .1 ,, c-. .... i IvMy friends+ we meet here as a Chr4s1an __, ... ... .+-
'.-*a. SIe'L.-II rn;i ,i. ,,r ,, ?*'>. H illllar-1, j SQ.. i ,. +, W e ';,i[ 'lttp lio l o tc'-h i arlicl. .r
i t. -, i eo ln l l y lo r w e a: r e o n ei o f tl le m anl v -
i 111':11 rolse andi relniked. Il ad lre.,,ill I i t I" I l Ir r m a' "
r 3ffLT- a lt is lim e ;, fip' org- llie la. ,. -" tlhered ,o oelher Ihis w eek 'in the vit. nf rplib1:nt it) IInl dly ppe fro m li
.-r-. 6' ,V o. ,n~d m w,.i,.n nm a'.or- | osi_ 1)o I tlheSe- look upon its with m1 r nimilier. in wlhich h working of :ih
di/flospii alit V. which Il es?.slh,,se who 2 ,e s .-.-:- .'r,+at- d -r t, W e i Sl lh-T rer.+ unrv is pointed O it. af'l for a vei
.-'- ', -, ._f r -,' I r n them on ) o e i'H i- .1 laith il i1 c- :, .. .. "
rVen mtlinre than tlllse wnh. relvel I i le I .", fi nation of tlle prediction, we refertro :i1 ex
'^**,, i c i 1 trule whicli-they ('0flsidler -essenlrilI v e
i mrn ba l'iihsie hv thp i'ltl Ihai'i hille fhe scene ,, _. . -1 ; .t CrWe. .... Or',o,.....r ifo ....... ,
. ,i..," .. all ;a.cFrve fIt olni!i 2*rea-t[ qln-.--4n Sievk.ng to tract. foin,. a, New .O.r'0 ,.s --ive Cnr.n cJi
41, lt Ie ., ,.s- ,,s, ,n inv flhe rle. >hev n .Ip
l...l..e.. i o .v. lwive the t-Fne fife. he-re, ,in the hope of tall- J.i ne 4, 1847. The article. in question wa
M'le Iffonzll s olS nonle)) 'ip V-IIII Whill I,I)', 11 %.v" . t
jiilte.% her~eaftler. There is no) IIol y of, h et 1 i
ab- well that when voy li,,ve o lncie m,1.1pe -". ",. written .y ia rt-han, of this f iI f lone
^l.li l^ _". "r i 0 t nst.. lians here -ii s I weekk fo ,whnll wle dol !1 ," .r ; "
Choice of vonr le l. I'lit- sermonii ;tire iiv vhri'11111 lil ie ti- ,w t ,, r.. that valabIl e bodlv oIf eitizpn`4 whose |liraci
It,I'-. ..- ... i n n. :. nol WilII well..- rtcoan~nml 1m1y inll all t lln "+int
Kaff wrliten I need not sivi %,lV it al ,I el I I ,... r .r e.te lhi al l w faith l 'acqlain-nnee with the laws of '-ra.
,':..: .- "" : nd-l] -If[, [fir better Ithanl ani.iy th11;11 was [()11111 .al "
19-10 leel, w llell Voll 1"o) ,I pe .k. th 1,t r i > ^, t i .i i. ,i ,1
II--....-- -I l ni .- .- ." i on eartiL beforell I h-e -atlvelllit- ( If llrls.i I a,4 rendlers tnelrl more c~allalle t/lntlnaini,ing Ili
have tlie clue ofa yWell il' r.l < l>[f',-- : ," '7
.,ich.0 w nre i r ,. a- lay nan lio *,l'.>|' a l:tat these i"- 1 t ll P reII Treasnry Depi r'm-ne th'in an it ,-m- inailiv
A f-'-" W I I, W hile if prllvi,ni II ,ii I' i fl II iii mi i I-" II II I i. yI I
"" " .,, i. z ".--' + " 'II~ltl ,,aIII inlie ned 'if) nver~lo k i vfK l+4-rsi1t.-e4 t] t' '
at, will, livess direcinv.1 -i ,nl,l Ill-cisi.on to) i .. ,he- ,* *". ove loo dhv. .Uee : L. acqnliin an'-1 with mostn1
_,-, .1 A fi r I pi -- V I d cl t r in e a n d t l 1e o lo a 1;i l l lS o l t e s i n vonl sl, o i .
*?. i lno i?',1!f L i i derinithe't-m m on end 1o lw hic all l ilend. 'i.s oh "Im y s i ,
... .....l "If t.i..-w or... o... ir .... -, fin. too, W.- T. .. .i ir,+ -' -i i llW a e h o k j h l l
fhou~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~fi atc.omkmorpri,, n o ~nr spirit which should allimale larion~i MiCsisippi.
r gronn.l. i it there i,, an iiiier,-h l,, iii I his s" s
i'- *i f~ 1,, I ." ,'; I all. Y"(of nIviv emeimber peh19 ks ; ; t tlt
occasion frot Ii i eculi i.' rel it O'l iiInwhic( ... i., ." it i \s" i t) '" BarTIa'l 'AsT INTTITTATrLLT ,RNG'R
We m.ll, s e.leri v meli ,!lI I l ,vme,,,- t.oc-- I Eve"firi i a h- n where a Itlo .illl ih toTh0 ,aL 1VT hlt .r I h 01
ca si.n ill wi,,.l ,1 I iv,ll -?I *,-t ,lhe Iiosli. Iner %viih 16. 4'** )e "'e asks, svhv file p e l
_--- JI) clerix.v:. Ih tl ir ,,,ir i ilie I ,eis., '" .. .h. I,0 t.Ioe he ,enfilmLee(t so a iit ren'ther it. ifpossihb
]I i.. well. Ii' s).,ul.I lie.o. \Vo.,P| |ulAl Ihal n v re- -t plces o lf e serv .epahlp inl h,- W ii- als". W
this wt re l _'sVilll.,il ,Il I sl eK ,i,. ,l .f" w hat o -s I ). A z they return- .... .... ,1 ... 7 .....
s h o u lI l he a rgi in e w, si ., e o f Tl ll m a n fa lle n ill th e s tre e t ^ o ln d wh o m m e m I 'nv,, ." '<1 "- r" W h o m v'n..
-roni',leul ex li.ii,,,,,...nee ,l, ,be l.e a t ers 11 all-,de ,nomination.s P .h r to tiofftw themnselves of atl oppor, u',itv of iInhihin
e l -11 r I i Ill '. 11 1l t V ll t ile T IIi l p e p s s I o n p ry d r m, it t r -IIw I iv l k I n"l i e ,.l
mlen n and file ciP._ v. ,I-li, | ..-.a i s m ltv and help. 1 l.s Is the exi.r ssion -ni e ctra.,,htsr pl ith.a1 knwl e f r(
-Yp. o ..r ","os f a vreal -lltith which it will he well f,4t" s a deep well or flip ih e file:1 1 principles
"exposed to two,i (l i-Pi ,if 1n.,~ -tn e . .;.: ".,. e p w l +fle n~eiel rn ll
a~~~hl~~~~t ...he.a i !O Iir il 'indl,. All orll gives- i11-4, a nohleI- V -
-W which arie from mirR-so able ",,m ir., i.. n e **- ", *1/ ll r eI i e l .no l ......... ^ ," .. "
a l, l.,d O se ,w li .,,,w h icio ,, e ,ce s ve ,, p i sl oa,, f,,, t it w h h i s ,, o f h e p ro n 7 6 ." t v he .o C ,,,i, a d ,;,,, ,an l ,,nt ve re,
finding It ,s;I lie ilt,.l -,inn (le _,o w hich is I lo len u tip of ders oIf ,h-it valuable joi rnal, w hos..e co
i "f( "ie~~e an waitf,n ll s--
bot. h -- "1" 1 l "r.ll afd -varlet~i ` all .'e .1s v n i,,ns nre ever filled witlh notle and eleval
" A" ll ay -(l )` "Ids' )F -vsi n e realized?_ -Sl mli-ld av ralh e t e
years. front Ihe lever hea nl01 i ipt l o -. "- e, e ,t -whise c rer has heeti the a
.y = ,...- not al -se -ts- ai er eiildeavor 'o .en r(e .. .. .
."the zero o n/ l iqlleroncte, A% leltimi01 so fin- m ; "i" n-ni rp Li"I- iln ratioln of lthe itialelPie le-iI Ipre,.l ill il!
,_' .n ,1 -, ; "s hIlie poin t o n -w idlch th ey a. a ree., th an trv to
cern an m fickle .lih c er, "ay m+ pe Iotiyt|os after tlhe process which 'llas N) 111) ,itry. a-; in l.rn pe, and will Pier ser"
;Ind Ihe parishioners is n lppi t ie l ie healthly develop:cnl o. i and 4 r -a-ter. been" lile imlincy 'o Ihe Chulrlcl h ? .ne his- as a mo(le olf wh;lt ;l FRKK P .ESS ""l1h
'Perh~ipqtile 4 ino ,lii&-i,.ilyli,v al wa 'ex- *"` lt eCh s a c u ch Ib e r e ^ ..ad resoltite 'and f*...cilll -
i.led-V; ,lou eacl periiji .eem, to-isl.lf I-sh!rv ofco,,fltc,.; opines. "1 tlmes Former in rf--.nu~tv ter IN moIMo."
.1 ', **s m e nei have. hadl a, ureaiter ;ifim -ity flr 1-he doe-
"an ex epin ilo tlihe ne 'il law". The I I a '
an 1 la trinesol':hristianity thai for iR4 precepts; TA EAB* R .n,. -I 'T ABR .
clergyman i-4 not iifien inei liv liis'i);n'isli- S i rirLjAVEi_'LiABRi .V V -Hc!T i" LABOR.
-* lel"ylll*l i,, n*i* *lt0"ll I h. 1l arih- ihey have' preferred forlns to sfllstance,.
ion rs with .I ingLplv "r;ie (i o h es- to| I .... .employe al ile
I' .,J. itl;~~~~~m sterlps io famlnllar-trulhi-s. Fo ir in stlilt-- "Th ln tlli. en hea e l
"find those of o llpeo le whose opilniloun is. 1he f amil ar t..in( l o denar V n h
best 1vonl-i 1, IvmiIL. In l,ki-, him f it nn e~r:;(tId ;119 the IdoC-trines ,-nd] mysteries' of.Chm-i djee^" W o.rlis, ne-i 'Rif 17in>'ad. 'V,... laiel
lhai lie Is lo ih em a ili, n I,,; wella a i eria liailhy there is so0trerhiig that g'raiifieS m aie a "s-rile." refu.4ins g (n work as loi
Ian. I i lte ;.mthlie d.,l'renct of their r of' b,dllee*. *,t so acith niepru ablek mechaies were employed anto
mrfiner.. their i.; nlien ;I tpurtei'-z- si.g,,.. It is Toi les .wh^ith e f iw l" e .*e ,Il to wio hearI. them. Several So-nlhern papers vonifeu
*the misformne of flip cleru nal. especially thv-ifi ith fan ,iPrl] ss -to l "the wni's w -s ele prit.iile SOtlthe ,oi l be t-stablishied
o f l h e v- o, ul ,l it in Ih ll lit l f eI ,1, ,1- l. n lv tis
i,_ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,. ,., p le fo he worldl; there 1%. 1n':rivY- !h -work~men. Tivh,- -lieae flip efnlldcO
*h a l h is n -1 ,i ra l e rro rs a. n l m ist 1, lle s o f ." n I h"n ,
dg e t h.i ,i p, o. l,,cel n I, o l 'V here it ii plain. si-priple-idonv to, nhe ment of slave" in iTle!haoltti *raflt Ir.dle-, a
judgII1P I IIi if] 1. 1 1oh l IIl",l1l1lL'eI a If Irv'e's[ o f -,." '" m ,
P'. -4," le ." Ivel of tClotnl otl Ihtllan lv. 1T here- Iis Iltle,
discUnlfll i evPn ho ore lie k oVsiiV' that thie .mfft .p (f ., s e ,, iltler l alt papersWp w gtye s somtnip n Geira
.-, : ... .. i v... i .. inI 111eie aolletl wnrols to+ stimr ulate tile prlIp
308. 1 o ,i11- ,nd iln. l,_,l' h lie As nio - .. ... afhere to this side. W e are Sllprise.d
.. ... ... o/ lle iniellfet. -otnOipar wi th W ~t1 hP lem ill
admitted l o lef 111311i IV ( nflir Iollee,o/ t this, seeing that the ,.isl "tr- of Georg
... -. : '-. troversiles Wliilch halvo sh:ikoni thle 15hnlrci Ih is .Ien h |te ,~auP e r
hispeo, he- .eri, ,. Ihe aeries llt ille 'L,,rt's if 'r anditl' t it aoilellneeit. "passed .,: law. somle'years since. "hy a hir
hils Ji ople -l -it-- ll ile iip thel leii-ler nilerc pls +, ,
of those who deI ole bohI.. i Ili-ir hmj Iisr. i If r" 1 titlr oversees ilIevelo01e a old ( F-Xc te-l Iose fTajo-rir .e cd(n'+l ft,tql ;n, inlie !ed o ptrnlT-il
-.n lhemseles. I I. .P .l .l vry q va li llesnol ,'lialrct erWhn n.h ,llrls.,,a niy
kuil Illevl|',ki.% [lV I lil have it ITnIG.111 y "' + ++t .he emplohymentil tif slaves ais im ye.hrni
.. w ,,, e .v i. |7 'W~i.l-. inm iln ~ l -ililn-n tto ro o l o n it c o nt e m pl ,o f olo t e rs
bey well t=ati1 slo Her, ',o mIp1 si iO, ld IIe-re all st(-co:ceit-l,' oveofs--; le.lo-v, -of ,- m e. hy f^heir owner.,
.they are t ol e. n me l a h ear ebuium 4- a complex 'ide;,-l n emlir;,cl W e do not approve of ..i. "or. -biatin
f r o th t I ll1 p ti i mI e a ;ir 1 I r l V T alad .. l..- rf tal l r 1 f qn) e i l"- l e l l l ; ,; I -t t p l o v f 1# n l h il l
.,lhertlnn ..om o e 01. ili,,- o n numb -" the thi i''-1 rie spirtlmilal a.nd tile ini-lollec i;l. iy h,,ries of men. to enforee a entiplian
rather Il fit from1" ii ill thi r own11 i\' u ~ infier- )(fie f int : ," '
fro. ne wlho loo-s at 1, s \1 ennI irfely \V e riot r l "n l l-y fi* I S;I ioti" rel 'iv ps b"y others wivl their defom+ls, ho w-ever ^ jl
" "- ,. ,:" llllni~iih v ininedllW II gro s,,4 ntn~ral (,llllradi i'-
fromn Ilteir point of' view.. Si,. iI a sermon **I r m..nl and law ul' ; i sil-'T as,4oeiatio isare imniropI
frol U I lyi ni w hol,i s411,, ll qi t tile tru- h I Ign3. <>s s. .
,love. -m zhi c ,le he le av to ,de il(- I are, m od -ifid, bv lipe %late #if th,-ir m oral anl aid tri, le erilnin dl hv haw.. .Nor idof we !
in he er Ihe, waiiS ,.il. I,>V ,n,,nsisofhese development. W esosnise any righi on the part o any sel
in bete the wa i ,, I 'oeto of h s- e I ilerlllln -tl t I |'l-e ~e il Io'Il II me o ilhfr ih Il- lw u lh
restlesq tin-,. 0 ir p,,,>,-. ir -, r inrkalle '"* m to ieterfe e with ,li la.vi.... empk.
fo r a c. er ain ve ,.em enc- and iie.siiy o tf >wr Vi". w s h"s1 v1 ,,, i nl +o I(',-
lor ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~I al 1 Isal ,lenl(l l~ ll'lsI ) ,. ,', ment tit! slan,"..lw lhaer owners, inl any o1+'c
r ... 1 "* ." i n t tl i' en v o f r P I O Ul d iscls s i o n s hl o w s'r,
t eri-., o le:t.. i. ip ,1" ,i, 0 iieIle siu n.ifcariceof ourlSl ivioilr's words; "[-,, jlation in wlhich,-in ,ihe ,opl;nioin f ihe I1'
h is .. el s- ill m illI I.;11 ill N ,e-%v t 1-21r{ 111.1r~a~ l
that re.;Pf lll Ie Ihio ,e i ,,P'l sl i ole zi hl' i ; -" w ill not r e e he kiw id m i ill h.leaven ('ter the servant m a-v lm svpi o Ch ,, lf ",'l
n-inptha bre.>k from. clo", to 'iu+lin"the as ;I ^ _c ,/ -nall nol eiter lllttrie. 1 ,e viewing the slave as pro e-IV, and remn
iilll Ila nr.1 K ir l i l il history of t'll' l ch rch m.re-tm n that ol IV i. ". + .1
su. ..mnp-iliev are ii'vrr lmiriihig, a;id .. r. u benn i the chaise in onir 1ill of R~i ih
c : ..... ", ., o ilier religi o sl despenfsation , ( l of such
anilll-ll. I| t Vii llIl'llll I,, S-0er is.to bie iriflh "i 1 evervy nlTin pr l. "i Tiicoiisisl/ii y. (if oppression, perl-weiilion en-lie- .|
..-earrlest ou anv ii.'riifi l.ir oitit-vi. anil,.' a ll (I *slaugIiieir h itihe, entorci2e : (if tile- i le iuse i -.n1 ,his pr rt; I-
*the sa. ie I fin.eto ,14) .I' ll ,,'I io Ih ,.se .vh 'o 'are illl ds iilna.. Al h may of ,l e^ i en nsel lnd e oymirn. o( h ,s rp r
indiffprent to it. 0 ., R l',,r,,,ers are loo *'* A I (1,::d i may vhe "a ov el one c ild disp te t r o
f n I w i v iur h i L ; ,11t ir 't i t i S ols' l ire f.is i o 1 Si esl I ih e -. q eistio r.. .r ,,
firnd of tmni wit it mir old L;ilfin (4rlinmars ,. .. t imlov Ih slW e
termed 1+lie, rfiv. il' ir- iii i ,li ,i- raiset" wli'w il hvr oilr own co int1v y i IN i e'xhi|bir'in"
--prl.se flo. lihen sl.el .s a d dis,I,l .;,rlse for a~i l t i -; ii'rl. :. ,the.ie so an ; pnfm. li.-. W eo si, ..a o u t hhe press wn -o eni n ,!i,Ienu hrveih
w ho ~o iinu( think ;lul .i'l Il~ i'r.llv ,. is he" le,.y t I.r',l ifi ali ,la l ,. .l~ rea n 'ih -r S il '^if +nfin h nl e
do S lf .*m~eid lim !, ,,.., n, ll ^'er..mi Hiient ilconlveris lf 10 hlri i.tau~ , of Ihe worlikimen a!,ocle ien~ lined, we
dOwaler elpa '10 ad i i l ie li ml iil,: iu ,h: late. r i'ncedl lhai lail .il-ihe! let cln. 'irmi unhn llli ,*, *
to ddb 1 le fl lJei'sh n |li nU,,.e In;I ig.sha"pie tof* l thai wii l hl-. ths hev' Inilhi deal iles vnic'ale and desire l-n see tpnr-ieJ-- ihai
a. ..f.ii r t m n .v r v r ril "^ ; ... 0 .,n iv l-:li-hll, tie .sl;.^ e p oll ai|oiil n:ll all th ell I
d eny Piii-rlllll*lr i till Ihelry eve-yi.I, ; le. .1 ,~ l li>% ,11. ,
l et* p erso who ll lr *i iin ,! l,,,i, l,i,s t Iocyb l,.ry ,cD"(?lry'w~hh ,lml. -.il,m!nzeI risht r m .ii i. hanhcail .ls,.andl emplo ,h, n t~heu .,s Wo
n'iperl n ni'h. l^e, icl ar. Iii h vle ir uhlrn un e. -I:n' ^ .h ;i*" l d.r n'1:hlnc io ofn a llei.-hror- ni, i i, lllt, spiliOi iowl o fvillillei iii "i' *~l~ i i r t* e ln oriii and ( n'hr i.iini Co0iifoiiwteallh.,i, *
i p.a rin l ly de nlO ln e e ,I t. s ,nll. J ,,l. ,i l e se rv ., ... r .. l o t is mla v "*n ^w 0 (r| *llr e sla v e, ow nifj' |er s lth e |e!t
_. n "ody "selh A "n "nls *."_. w ,rhl. If .,1,r r-.iih is one lhll.IneeI. wib lr In it "o i "e "n n n 'o i"
m en~lifill n ii IS one sioi) r~l i1",> "t'ss Ilh~il )o- ,. .r i. / .~ *i -..*, i
pUl..r WrllerS not lo,..>,r in lI. ,: i n s I neers t --," ~ mn ".th i. i p", y. fro po r -"rif ,- *cu"la n -l u~ "l -
agdiinst \\' i .. r.. v -. t I O lI'"'I "l t, |liis e. ~ n rk ll., .;*^ '' *''* .... ..... ,s .o ll I,,,,lkil |1he Iilpoor, poorller. slc h a~ sys,
,. .( ,r .r rellurn rlliling~ (otr r;i'iilna li t iI .' I~ le i [lotIltf ..,, -
was inliile Iii c nsiilernn; ihIP in:)Mer |rfrom .." ,( 7. + el l lilif,,l~h f :In i V r<'d'Qc'e ilhir resonlil
.'1, ,.. , .. ,r so slilne Iie.lore nlelln t l I1 h it / i l lelyma sre no lr .
111le )nllll Ol li~ilc'.t 1 Ir ,'-r lo1 view :11I 'lll ...n. k, "r ", ,n i'-h "s-i "liin i l *", .">i i'i
_,e hi he .. .n o i.ah. .I' <. ,ha h .ooI \v^r ; ',-I tS at.ve ;rfl c trrrv ntu, *I *h. ^t~rte ,. i11.liJ|,m s l ,.,|p,ll l oltnlicre
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: "- +/ ,i "- rii [111 l rea/l" I[IE hut )l ll'lnlI-vision 01l iY~lll'(lll I#ji.in nv ,'rnr ~pr r W e~t iflesri'p l..t~i.- 11, ti llt- IK
.00ll Ill) iine.inslbno ioiis Ii> Ine :chal'se. W hlll l 1 1 1 ,, '"'/ ... .loe. er ..-. .... "is i .... .... ,I ....
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.are IbrOUi'lllt a.al'lnSt theln. "As a class o/ ,.,,, i 11 i ,1 0 o (lass ) 0 1 Ih e l |)e pe +villiilr'-iwt iroln arl'i
,- '" *'+- : ,. : ... ,, Il U iirlS!. W hltm e d]: ne s11!11l I)*;) theP jil e!Ft ,
i entlti0l yle are e m.1r, "1 fl.' 1dts~ lisL-e( ior loel .T t ee rh -h s ."- I I***ec d o ,.hm ,.lp rs
-I, l.~.u.r ,fi eiy nld v .o.W h tl.t *':. OX wlel lilt llA ir ollPIf m e cl+) beV )ouI d 1 we 10 ,, -- ... .. *+

S e xcep tscho olm ", s. w lv, o w o rk. i *l*l lie al il ev .y m a il a itr6e1 '; a, ll 1 .,si w ith slave lah rr, th e' ('f1 n. Ver
S -- e less m1lolne ipid.n ilT) .i r in;, I .ihe.srntke-lrnnj eveyy domeii, hear al l q,,ir i.re i m their daiic h*baa, ; h..-
1150 r less Inii-ile III III {'lerz ils'iii ?, W il .. .. + ,q ir ilr ~ ~l h l l l% h t'I hey v
". -, ''. .... ;, a cendl 'like a coIl'In 6o sweel' ifirense In to ".
-.poverti Is more puire. seren. avd (linied hae .ver bywrer t ir vowlifion, or eirierge fro
t iha :il li ol he l' p r- cler men? TBve ei ,,r.a, t aefo'l i ing o I their stare of p"overty. It is onlv by p
,ualpq,"i ol iad :- i, l 1 l r '*.,l ,mrr.ile Ill 1..-e Il !e l. I -, rv 6 -. S l-
"-N w n~,,d vr^ vevir- Is a reti r:> II> "^ s. "ifm It s.'- ofo ,y rv a h m ~ ehm.s nwhc
f act'. in hiinirv. awl -a fiect of* whirlch We *" '~ y mrs m, e le, s ilit 01#141 ,Ttlmd ,,^i^ I,,, i, expandd.,
i, 1 1 n, in'ini roprioir; 'as ,lutri-es Lambl transia- ; ,., .
thould.ineii bp/ er,< nnll,,.se v~ in. -. mlt p e d. it, --pI;,opo'rerTo r ,a. sermon ;" yet o" Ihis *"*- *l- ,* n ep e. d ~a
t cn~u~ehele^ mu evra ipoo~ta, I ,,, all ^,,,^,. ,(, cnn %evr~pe to see all iuidepetiderttthoom^
consider it ls I iev iorrel II1 t clerry- It, ,-
"nae ,ha, -e s- ,it rt I'" sr h ver111 g it u es- s style. ,Let -the, ritillillio, cl.iss- i l Olr SIMle-, poit.-esse-
--. n are ry, ill., e .r e. is aIIo, O le resls spe in a more cIheelu'l arld lively ,, ,,t^e vi a I a" 'S,
sa in t, v iriery Ih t -lo ,l'-)~ | l l t n+1 tyll~ | oi li w elit~ w eah h i nll l li fll a 7,
... ,i. ,, I I. lnrer; !lr ilio ill i lhrea'l -olo r lis- -, ,+, .a ., .
all other elhis.es. I ley (,e Il) lie remittd- ref, ,. ... ,iel~l hic.ieu ualed to enlde, mhem, to mmnaersta
Sr 1 1, -" c o u rs e b e w o v e n 1 roi n a s e r l s fr ln it ./ -,
ed, ol ofDr. Jolislln s lemark 4.) a'liilv, wlho +- :, I it I
... do *. oes ino, ri: r ct file tr n, es aiil de nllfalijio S "" ia ireeit ar-mro. ns, r T -" i
..' w as b ille t"V cotpla in init lo ;tilii 11 o l -Ilie l i l t i 1 1 1
:* 1., ", i ol a''ll,' 'lill 'pi ll. / o l ihe ,el-of flit p h l wi lmid rest se rely i,
.-. _- trouible site expe lelin ed W lit lher loilleOicS. .,7 .. "
16 1 W e1i ,,W el me. hel. to oir I III il ies; and ti. si1olders of nlir *I tios tl.- ib woo
lt Madamn san-Il lie, .y..ou cannoli expiectllo -I 11 tsiioiluhh rs 01 s0n .1 lldy-- Ih,'y wo
.,o,,,+,,,, ,,,0 ., : aV this m, ,iinU, ,be one of good to all. i > .." >^,r *
seciire Al file vii es, uider h ~ien for ten eb its best deelniio i-s iln tlir,. f f peril.
.... .. -... ....Aw from our b-ing hege tler 'may there
6hillii.2s a week. :, a o fiele C.llrse ll)oposed. wIild.
.1) we should say -'-'YfouI. cannot expeif S.. V.h-t.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I m ,. o-.,. "., i lt)l a etll Ill .4i~l l~ylljv itllry...'+ Into Ie llli'101al to, tour llallt iv ,le ,-=v ,'ll
oll the gmra es a ;in ll 1ifs of ililllni iiv in 'oji 1 ,, <
manl for fve'rsix~h-ih dred dollars'a rear, DON'T SAY i.P.-S|-' le. New oilanans t11j" .i lo tlie 'li% "" 'l" 'p
Yet bow ma my omp lan &haI every-r.y Delti relates thW illlowinz alecdole iluh eS tery of f,, ll llhe i (lionelerd ,-ii o I1 I eh
m all-lS lnot~ a i ll O go jijlz I', eie '-In1%- th Iba sinp o 1
'a ii ot a i," > "" ,y'f' t~rali,, II he regard oflihe soldier for ile lamethn emngralion Oh-l rse nuw I IeIn,,
,"- ipentecisi, every chulich ;I lemple wiI"" -t Ii, .,, ,,. .. "w rn- o1 lands with 4a1 ed al,ed ,;ifldI Iot
.' + roof shaken by w l liel'4 :'|rI II ven i nl d I lie ol l' l Ienj-I
.. ; :,Z. 6 "W d" : l L'e i a l l h o r 'y o f f al lq p e s l r o r fil ~ e "i r f -e S t ai
air ablaze with vlbvi j.l ,'^, oil'nl Iii e.-- it aite n- saiid a dinie oUt, iia i l ,d
And those W I'1.i ]t6jtl'f-; oh ili .Il v ...own reslauri>( yesterdav- b'W aiter, bring (I iroi. E't Iio, pe. mid %%truld defer ina
....c ergy l-irl i Cf.. "1 '11',1 il-at i me .i plate 1. soup, quick." m-tly that 6vat'ea measure; in w inch et
aH-'hunmatn^?,irsl decide by coirn- Say soup| again.tKiranaer.1; s;.i I q lall Ir.,eh, rgi-,ia,, feels ,heefplt. hitees
.... +-" narisin. ll M.. -, n''iiilt- .lei_'l Ilo -fevitre' all [ enlessee reltrned voluntel r, who hap)pen- .
: .'he advan1-'eoh2;, .nlllhe ,is.,dvai,- edi o sit oppl -ile to him. "and I'll giveyou *he '^oDtAL IMANCIPATlN ,l ,le .l,
+ J .... '.:. 8.ail like Ihl'eldila,'r- soi ,hi loi ar rroll ordo wlliipil,. 1 will. I oil~ i illh a ,ieasle Ira giil w\i\h\happiness ;awl gr
-- but in vain f-,r lie'i,., i|ml ,ie.. b'i le W itih ,,ld Gtieral when, I left him at Jalapa,' Ilia! ness to ,he .Old Doini vn." and which.
S- *' --.le largest siz ni i prii "'. TIiere:,ma" lie here when 1- e 10 the Sl,ile-, I'd Ick the firsi ubly result i. herelfvaiionin file, se
an Ii re al l ''l '-litl~ ItliiiJ i l;l i ar sayin''-soup, and I'mn (a udll ,l v .,. ,,
d I here al anx io s. li- ed ".. 'd ..r s I'd and ill tlie ,Confieleracy it) a. ei nritence wl
s. ;elerg ma:in. pasi ihe pri,,e ,ll life. with a il I f(lIni )i> i( !, ,"
qineroils family lepenidm.' onh lim lor;- It was wiih great liflituihy the Tennes- she is eniirled Co oc.-ry by her ieo-raI
T orrtwitrh whom the struggle 40mweenju- .secau could be dialibfied, cal positions extent -of terriioiy, fertilit:


soil. and the miner'logical character of file grantiedto l ilnvess' ,-0'i law of the State ,,n,' ,sloped GownI
formations of iihe Siale. But forillie Solih- -Corblls a slave l e)if.g -or owning horses, about HUWBU t
am|ilOn insurreclioh. and Ihe cursedl fanal- or cattle; :andwe'feel assured that o6ir city fiel wasa|>plied lo to lli
ici,4i'ofrlhe Norlhern Abholiloni._+ EUAN--.ich-irier.diif-nbr~eoW'.nplate |he'grauiilinglor of euro/r/e ijia &
CIPATION would have been reconisni`ed by -"privileges to slavess nl' conrmoni wirh littlf,, fer r. artAble P
ll law ere; ltil/is Virginia, and we h;i p nonwhite persons.- If :-ut6haS ,epn Ihe il0i |B aiRer I!$j P flI
ie- dol ,ut 'ithat such a policy will yet be es- ti.ce,,-we trlst tfaf Ifri Mavor adillI? nl t -ose bookba't I J,,
tablished. anid that ere 'Ione. winless Ihe pro- will refornr il. N o slave drayman shouldl o( the clshs by tIeP PwiU
of ject of employing slaves as mechdiaes -in 'le suffered. hliier by Tliiself.",or throoughirTewn cm pktr iheir i I
- preference to whites is established. 'ainv otherperso, MW take out a license for a science, lhe:cluss .t lmnr i'V
'1 -In this small Cot"rnmunityw-e h.Vh, v1 -ad drsa y "i',or his own benefil-t d-o ll r anIl fifty i e '-
msrance of he ifhPirce *irich nlilIy-- -Professnr, wall pl hi! -16 ail.
e z .... laves will have. I- di'" ""i popu- C O.MMU'SIPAW. -was L.10lel d hiell of-a geittlilA
,r; latii,.and so relu, I-e he wea'lli of the con T h-e olon Posihf.t eii,,n to ils reader. who, was hjlsing mil anFlWhil-ll
,! imiy. 3 we, wr ca f o some ,18 past a nf,,,,hrlr. ,,f sdryIbo Ihelfoffprfd
ri- ilhis. citv. here were but few save.S, aifid palii letrers nol ve'ryewarkalle for pvrity into his j os;oesbio air r st .ro.
x- iliev Pere mostly owneid y oH r IWA ciui- of style, wrif'teli ')y I t 'r-4in n.sin lfthe lechny" a in il lutt fie rt~ 'i'i'e ,Ll".
of z.ens; at that time. oir lionlo+mi a noion- i +afloVe slienafflire. froin .l'riozt,!.fvey ,towUn t' H-iinr." a gruiR p
as id ) aboutl .fnl 2.500--1he high at'e If 'w-a2PS ati v'll v n ill I nliltl :,tidiili wes.-- il o persuasio anil who-.li.il
of here, and ihe redninn inf ilhe vatw of slave Onr r.idern -arie weil ivFrtyiir itid miflttip iflen- Proftssor Pliiny's inileras tii. 0 d9WZi4
i- 'ahbr in Georgia awil Alabama. setl'i'agn-a lily othe tield" wl.'o *I b rt"-en .hus the mnlnifihld alviiages of WtheMwrl
e. oqf negroes from those. St';tes to le hired I out .akinz note,.." and prinofiwtrg" dle.;t t'rir- being son.t himseWlf a'l VIne Hi
ie here. in opposition to the white labamrr.%--ihe a certain Mr. Pliny Mile's, sol distant 'pro- ptaled ,helipad.s ,Of llt .,amp; V'r..
ve result has heen, lhat our popih airm h&4'een f.essor of IIle MMSTiKRIOBS A iOF PHRF.:F- tlodifig lihis efffuri 0 and bi ,-ry .o
ry reduced lo 1.400 whilstO lhe quaitily of MNrvio Tlnt -niY-who OWiri us i' ho'norIto oinp.". H was." noro wimR
11- e l l shii)elid -a-h s since 1838 been q lia l- m ake 'a 1) ri m ; "". ...ir vi.?.'ep. i""he fi'1aly I .J"I ."i ".as o ige .! it
")cd. T1e while laborers could til subsist chalritafh| eiranta in ioltet.of -iA e#iww the 4raAinan-_tgoinig hiranf- jiinV.4.
ion.he wae, paid ilo the slave-they werF, Ahain oflour memories. ,>,.Mdetl+ assisredf load, agreed. d to rfn(.
driven awly. Bill the evil was not roiifioHd our folks lhat he. wa'$ the -G "'iFAT Uli ll t 'elIt l i.oi Jbr I^ aJlt:b
lit to tih alone, ihe werehants who KNli.O1 KS6WN" of w h l. iBf.n Ptiqi, ;int. th;t hlie '"Prnf&nvm-vQlc.pi+'l; -Wif. I*e
' ihein with food it l dn railentr, al iX f e land- should Write an ;.-c .-m ni I & ina-et; < ahl ,l ate. +.. .... ..;=.
. lords wh .o re tedl, he n dwellin si. .h;.ve fe hin l s in onr hor. r h. Ihlts. hnitin g to li .-t.at W .. a rehfinil.'..^-'. o. e
' ltlhe fl"e"tsoll' ",lvi'isliel dema "d fill, what if ( vv- te + "n our coals he wdi *veIt ? -sPihgainoier comi
theliv P-1ch sliviilliel. The?/ iwnfs' of the if." Post, lialedl at CGal e. i s .












a i l ii l!,ti r va> h e r i l li i l .s.h e .<^ , l h ,iiw l. l lii~t a T .,
Want 44t t6i4e1i i" Knii.ilsNK i "antsI .IL ." of
tihe .Birlh." e'vit.-ir* in i,-hot. ,"-kla I'
vale, -to himself ant] a sthi,,tmin -i-i"d,.
tliis. ft wil"..as life lawyers ,4Ilj'alt -
ron of ihe -villhiie arailPiy niem lliemc. ,il- "
ti,,iips a ai ab hall. :>i d miul.il t d^ 9t-&...

?o+,i60ting at a ifk gfiolien nj, J% lhI i_.. -
nId gii'l+,(+ho* he wami l'ahiiteg.n ^ll
ttt wi .') e jw snI!,,,im .) eIH- H i r,.d tlitke*-"d g .
try -f Ilite IdiirJ -. i,,eipr b. ,hir .-a w *~
and- -daito-tro ; awhil tli-uglh,y3 fptfp A
tRiii'pehni, iio he hft 6 gi -
Iv f,,ii.rmf lie ,rq'ua~iiiia,:^ ^ ^^ ^ ie "
h,,ro,'!, 111. Meh.t.w i jl,,'l4 i.1 LAI- -
*fit w'ay in tvlii h aikir friendi, fiW.i.nadc hid "
a,'qrahiv'ani e--.a fht lre lilu ,n-I i ," II .
nad. ;Aida ;i -" lickter tothe -letiret.m X.we-. -.
,10114e ^i" ile rilie li lir ~ia :
lhtiri Ifjs i 5'n Iit. Wlok'ga i Py. hih
t;ndtl de.yei-dail ,f . USS.i.^F^
was -not vrldue, d'io, P" ih, t.fit^B
$iliiii C,,rifna." We aeic ^^o !w-
,,,, ,;I, r ,i,,.,.v,,. withofi8<=,^ e i

ir. +'

amtn., :i
Fi < r

.... ..... .. -- -I'- I I I .-.. .. i r, -- -'g. .
while laborer was diffnised hy !him thrinch
'110". U+hole c.iomniijlit%--lie was alOisonmer
am wol-l "nss a prodicer--lie Imarhlth(I tip lhtit
lilll, ; hbut the uwnfis o f /It stle lalorer is
sent to enrich his already wealthy -moster in
Georgia, and Alabama, iot' a d dollar of it
ever renr.s here!! Onrciiizensm re-carrm-
ini 0o11 here ihe very policy which we have-
been condemtnin. il lhlis article. and.wliKch
has been proposed ill Virginiia, afd carry-
ing it out.for the benefit of others!
We have adlvoraled., a nd we shall corniine
lo urge. Ihe passage of a law I lto prveno, the
miumralion to i his pla-e from G (ieoruih and ahi-"
'harnlaill* l;Ive; t io vrk ;is t bl rer`4, taikilin I lie
hrear iow-II of the oullhs ortf Ihe whites.-
We de.1irePto en-o.iralp ihe hniest. in01.s-
irio'us 11 iil,,s 'frim -lie interior of llIhe Slae
to colile and -|ettle in llir cihy. and l rpfrifirm
thlie labor now dilnie by foreign nieiarops.
iaiiy orf who a ir cirse to< the comni-
niiy. It i- a ,n evi lenlee ofi a wa t If IhOll"
feelini2 of .yimpaihy which we., should pos--

The rrofes'r is ihp, Of that i MV0,.4tUi,
vlass In yol h. yooth.u.nl having hait Iheir in-
iell, Is l'vredl in -the h-h tinse'of a Ne
Enul-,nl. free, fclol+4,, find t lwhi FRnelvf;s af
tweniily nhv wilh a lgood socIfk or>f a1(*_l"t-
tion," "soft sairdepr," Atilt ithlppl'ence, cafhod
on ti make fthelir ull nikortit-ip. ThIT ". -ihn-
fly 8 t,1111 .1'" tiip-he 1an,11 of u illhihltj.... flhe
c* circuit" iraiellieil1h. the verifh1i .s oIf t.4 wif looft
'loeks and llnutrieE., i. their field of ent.rtr-
prize. The .,tlNte ir rHOlp. and there i. a-har-I
Vest to l-reip.elfl ldnint Sam Slic h-k ha
rmied the "s.ofl aw&-* r -ald clo.-k, hsi
ipss"*--felh firarltfors ?tWarno rhoineh i f+
hind -- r1` lnds1 amit I tasiPfe l thpwa'i, of eer
lis -ahi,i, with he vi-hs'pi-z- o I' heir CPl-
p;lilt-m-nmpirisni stll inhprenll,.-y |i.lr-O
exphled. and Ya-nkee i"nzse'uiill ntnsk"
strike' out a new line f hsilsinss. i i lortfi
;nately for Ihe -learned lHtbin. wht.fP
epimlles We hav ave ll n'tel N). a certain
i Frp'nrh gentlemev. namPel Rhur"i nt,. h il
raked np and rp-vtanmpeihe o-,Ild !tcience of

his ;
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rne ,zpqq Air *ti Jt I fi 11.1 *!**** *hfllpk *^ **'* -

r. '

s'er 'I in It III I I II; IDi I or I I l *ll" IIKIIl 11








r, m
1. .,S

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i"', aid. 1hal Pi. r iwn .itixl66Y.0 r 1i 4 i."
I-lie s"me mbral "red u rc ehrii''i'. p-"Or
-,is irpe. ll her o l, .;b j, iiblive )all--on
w1ih ot,..iio. ihe feasted'of.4
wd Presideints. as .le lelhOlt h ediier t itif f
lPost lP ie.,s been--ie wLlJ I.al i, u.-6
hi o,,n *'lelvl^pvl:B kiok 'lri- his
heels; (prih.^tt+n^^.^ +inlr,.)

d o d g e ,I n -,' -"i. T.. D s *e r -'*r .
nt iledl k i ;ilF''111t t.f i -s76 .2; 'wt td a ;" '
,,, J i ,. r --,,,,** u r +"k" ~ ^ ^ ^ i ^ '
W e +r f.' .;. ,a,, in thatie -7+
did nui ,.^-it lr ourii-ame]lst ii"
reward. We i h, remejin'bl ""j Fb.oW
v'a-dil0ti i ef'irrr, dit,.hil~t....h .."". 7:.
ranet to slit,lhtly h .o--: !.4

ilh';i~Slur,' of' ;in a i l'O.
and ,A e tit mlil rinictlher WIII'
11!;lde hiip;1113 in lhai *-ay. p, 0.l i tl
ihe P nl -#lii. r 'lrl s l it' iii Ihis. %';'iS
p+rofessio,,al tour. lIt .l~l ,'fi t U4 "
I0InI Ih1a II I ,111 11G.1,i g!1)

cilizeibs. ;Ilit, lesi I M._. ilel~
iheir tIi'wiii m-iinm y.ari i..-...L
his tieiher exir -. -li0..- Ii .llm
hoga~ny. %% belt. if' Ihey"W _a^ |^nIa^^

Wo then, the honor elf c*?^^ o PPt.S y 1.
V.--t .iiovi-led. iil a l I!'Sei l a ,i pla'IsIile fig lre k F ,. .
But--e iu l s[ ,, i -.o ir cm eirf? t
:re t be ,.,alle.I ,,,, *a hy -the Us .Vc r
IravHqlini In<>iiinlelIninV.+ v li,',,+^^ O'"S, i ,
hits l niri t exliai tigii a ,ivi'q.. I
q ua c k s- t e r. T o r .i d 6 ll .1i. ,
our leili..im irr >,.ralling niur; ."2fibr"
|) .-Afiiagi.l' iii in ilit-,.i
.Ij r. b,- l .westw -*
,1106 r we klUow ,11 e relli \,r5 urnly .
enla our ge ow a ,,c ,,ino i ,nml:.ij i lS i---"-... -- .
ihe area of Ire~edoin," or ithii.1-Fli"c .
Thle f'intiniie ivi 'Kiar'ppf vjdirlbipns -:0S~fa
.lie sieam E i- .tf.A
plure l h t h n li u ll iwil- f "ll
iliori-ies, in ih N.-ri- I
have found ii ah-s-oluel "nepepsrafy.i in'itr- -
I.'re to pr-veni ihe itiorm I .i i ,.loih HIIU^ -HF'" "
:,Unlllry ,f ihorllps Of-nui:.^ribre~an~fdt-.e--
Slle ,reallires. soon -la %_.Pt ii'Amlurmn
ii|)'il Ilie irri of' x l ilo r' t n |'Pft'le "\VAve-
observe in lli .11 llo pii1pPT h a iinj ol' n ,
vessel which ar ived, I'roii,,i C arlrat-,e" ,' .
Onninbll r of p-nssengcLz t.roi ds. 'fur iltple
A'ItMrl if fnreP^se-xlp(4llc
. .- .- % l.. ,-.1-. ., .'. M e .
(',~.a mnn itl I,, h j$ilgli.inlw.iillg..^yOpmiiH e. to t;
i'i plll il Ilele r ifl'l ll dl !llo lpror -epl iiir H alifi i,tl + '"
-miid lanil 11 1 e mi ^ t'-' *lde-ff --
h oni lim and tim e id ay r;iri q3t .WWliQ l t<..tiii~a!. ;..*
Iroibi !.o 4146110. ;a61 it mis-0046Aili Iygin ill f^U "
if' all arnmeil |(a.rj,1r'om a eR j6 i-Ce_ -ujktor
illal lie cold h eli-i'-.tf i i i;i.-.si n. '"
W e thiil,k lh',aim I w ifi-I'l.f. i
ration, % ill. re ptri,.VI ell.tlurig y aafli trb -
as are in, gd heallri,+.,n d-pi,"s 'nst iB
n .- :"t ni -~f .il' iI !,./^i i^ | .. x:.ii
W.-.s L eba,..dw-F}


lain dl their iiieeill ielv Ilion
We have n1t y 1,+-e d11 tlid ;ftatempnt of the
Banks for the Id-t month, b i1 irn ]-rptadnJ ihi they
liave dinilnished their t)eci iietrly Iwo nill:nns,
which necPssarily renJ,.rs j very aiew-re cuirac-
lion ii lisli-eneible Taie i,,in, in t is .ifi^,' w ln
regard iptherP itro,).Trioln to b- mi. itdim-l.A |tlwen' l
the colq, jijd lhe circi]lmion n, d Ifd- llsIi 1.4 imper
atlvep.nor would the S141lt be'iafriiiged, even wt
ler~pnsk of bredkihig the wiiolePAi.,iiiniiy Th r
.,tree..ure, we irai ii oily ieP. ,r_. an will UP
shno-ly relievd-J by In- in] frniipon of -4,)ePeie, a
c-nsiiderdlle qianmily ol fi R i-" now ,inder Wdy
frron 1hr- Norli el-, BKink-. h ,ivever, will cn-
Iniil" ti:mr ive w Ci uliou-ly, .-o, :on. d <1 bf Ihf i-suie
o(t 0.ovfriiiii-ii ciieclii;d Ie-Y ar. exiio:sed Io b-
cill,1d upun, dt .Ln)' .EnoIIeIi," lor .I million or two
uf coin.

_ ___

J. Stevensou & Co.*'- .J
JWo. 45 Wa//,- and JVo. 2 Ch/estn'ffs."
ARE just receiving heir spirine..6tl')I of'
which they oie.r Itr sale on reasm nab] .eierms;.-
Apalachicola, March 27, 1847. ;., :...,
:Pay Yoni City T'.. .-
M R. E. iMcCULLY i.s my aiifhor~ized agen^
dtrilng 1,m absence fromn the citv..,
June" 1-2. JAS. F., PARiOR.
O T:CE--A HANCOCK,- E4.. is-my au'
thorised agent during in'y absence frglnthe:
State. R. E. RAMN D
Apalaehi.,- , May '2-, l184 :r ,r ..
... Feoi Sale.. .^ '
A NENf I N E -AN B-4U Hl ofs'.fprt hotaBti
power, have been biji'liltleu.Sieud. and pan be
set up in a few dao;, is fum'rnhed'wH'. puzmp,
heater, pipe- & c. s '
W.t.S.DA.eE.b rk'
Jril-2 22-3'. No *2 INIu, 163s, black.

To Liverpool ................. ."... &34d.
I'l Havre ... ......
I'o New York .. ....... .......... .. .
To Boton....; ...........;. .............. lc.
-- "year.
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1846.1083 4
Burnt since Islt Sept.. IOU
Received past week ............. 352
previously ...... ..l05,27J
Toal ........ ---!6610110045
IE:xported past week ...... ... 3,60&
previous ly ........... 86,382
foial.........--899.35 97612
On hdnd and on shipboard notcleared. 16625 12433

Comiiuenciing i-6 Sepiitebelr, 1846-and same
Attie in )1455.
IPast-[Previ., rtl4,a4i
,vii rt.E_.ixPo.wrED. weIek. o-l,. [raL"seasoln
Livr-rpool ............. ..19,0 .23,34(1 Z. "Aj -I,) Oz528
Hdl Ile. -- 54,-_292 AZ
N ,1,114r ................ ...... .. .. I 59 .. 4.....
N','n -te.. .... ..... .... ...... .I' .. l .i. .. ....
;i--l.t ..... ......... .. .... ...136d' ...95o .. ....+
_)i rier )orts. .... : ...... .. .. .... .... ...950
T.". til ,o For. Forts. 2; 6.75'"S .307-^ .38U6
'e w York .; ..... .,) 3
[..toi .. ........ ........13717 .J 37 .;7 .12 1
Provia~lefiif ".,. ....... !. .(1976 ..6976 ..tz5
........ ,' .(i671 ..667 ...932
tnl 11'e. .. .. ;26(60' ..2660 ..2494
NeW .rleans. .......... 416 i255; 15485 .2374
f)thit ..li ts............. ..... 2t337 ;!;2i2..7 ..3w00
Total Coa'ast wIre......0171 57624 .59247 .59276
.... ^. :'^ '-' ... "**;*. ,^"l8 5 ', ,76


.d L s p er G a ip ril^ ad
IB L-F. \dyFtP an,,it ,+'fr, Oil .jiu rrepeijAa
*/-r-^ J; -.- re. H
e-...l ,-^ -::.; .. H. P. ABE .Lt
'^^Bl^^fnd Sand&%
C -I I t .- -- T

J a i BELL.

4 ,L ir sale by ,
...^*^'. -.:+.: -H.^ ^ ^ ,

T-HE sui.)sribero resiectjLu nhrmi-in (tieir
_I'r-idd^, and(he |>nblie, ginfi'rallv, that ih.y
have',pened the above- e0tabbishment, arid are
.nvw ready to receive edlrer-r, a:id hope t',ough
;,r,;ptr Att .&iiu ti V e eive a' sidie nl pa.roi'lage.
I'el Bar.r will be well. ttrnished with choice
M ,1ieQ; 'i: i orss a od .; .nii Ilia Rnst.htnranl
wvill he w,:-H s kpilied Wli Ganie,:1''-h aand Ovs
ter~s,ot the t.eet a.Aalii\4 .a.oin- "
A G113BsoN
Juie 22, 184 ; .
N. B.'--illltnen'whc.wish tor'-refre.mhinent-i

m f heir rootris Canii be ac,'outidated at si+oil
notice ,' '
Bay Rum.
A FRESH -mo.tv ot A P'rnch's .iiperi, r
V.' tHv Rum,, jajst reepiivedI a!: for sale v
Juuei.1. '- FAB11.:

-i-i 1...~. .'~.

+.... ^



"I I i4

,+l3 .
^.& ..
.-*,'p .

, r^^l


j"Oiitry awl:"enaLe in soinp profit- political, which mTit. se from your projected -fessions have much to answer for in thi'. respects.
'*a '" <' l I: n ........- lie f .teamer -,. 'nfitjng more firinlv the Manyv u'lurdv Vylomiciellws wh, w ,utd eniov b, ti
..j[6~~~in of uwin elamller-t1 =ea ., t. ,ho.wuld , .... ...-h
de p.i.t.... .)P prmn.... o.n t'a n,,itv and'cof-t .rce between tile Onited heallh and c,mpete.iie- Ai l ib.win tfile iplu h,
^Htra -&nsnii hif:r nneliii ltea andl Great Bn-if in. i by, roans nl' more ire- are wasfinK their energies and heir lives ii a
le. q .+ en" g I ,' ir.' Ailh veb e i-i e.isc a edl r-
'*Bi' l~o tiii,'t duir hAwes- iany ini-ehl s'in n peed v -roteref e, wil aebe b rils hs cafer s~e" either legal, medical,
-7 iaa&''i i-^-'- i' t all tiied, Ihrciiethr t&^rtisrt-iiinenlality <'iyuur ener. or clerical, to file gredt lozis of fie cunimuntly
isin 4 [k~ein' m-fs-Afrny %%holn-,poveir1y. gy, knowlved&4e and liergeverance-. and their own.
-.aid rniardoac.irainled wnli vice--anii-...y "We are IfiefreJore re,pjiesled tn express heir Georgia, we are happy to see, is waking up):
+.r.in..: .. r-._ar .- 4.... i l..,h 'r ni. u- re rPlt -it [l,,minz '.,n a a neighbor, their w i.ihea Mhe 1;rm er lul pid idea thdt a genllem an w .s one
+w m s t per son .ere aHliclll lrlwill) )[11Il| ,' """ L
S ,- '.y s".- - h1.r viur cinhiniedt prii-uPerily, and thein conira- %% ho wore \%%hile kids, and n,.ver worked, i- la-.l
ll il l ia5*lse ,"l liable o b Iransilnlll I o, I n.slins al the lwosl|e'or uf R",i eartr.lv rehli-.al.in Livlnl |ip acee (ulhe sounder dfictrine, eal the
'l tH lried in. a niimerou9 posierhy tor ol voir l>rjcil in the eslablihnilent ol a I. o ift' wnrkin-men, (eillhr wtlh haed 1 hiian,) are
*^ .^ '. .- : -Anlr-.can .ail stealner- oen ytur j(),ilfed rnilP, th,-- irle nnib lilv pif a country, and .Adillp 11.4
tionsiri cOmP. a,1d (,, t,r,.ehIt llle :iccoliipdnr in- |ocket charatef r at hlnlie and abrid'. (.llion The jpr.'-
lie"acl p~asspile I al(hp \s\ ses.on i ]" n rou- rhron,,,neler ini.leitim .ny olIIheir app -rC ilin ,I1 .ent 1ener,iitin re-M1l Ile divy ol dtivelohi>ng the
-T -;ia'line the nu. Iiber of 1 ;ita nlgers v,,ur ,t-ril sa d'id e ,,rliil-, and in thkPn i ul' f lipir internal re oiu races ol'the tale- ol erripl,,iii- her
'*Js ;f^ '- i. .. rega i'an e~lem, water ptwer ii fur ping the bitv wheels 1l'ic-
C i.I .conn' ypd in vp.Selit itlnln o linl We are, 4ir, yolir r-bi-diPnl e'ah l. |.lrie.s; in ekr)lnrmln t her mrninetal Irea iirs," in
of ,.'" hep2idls eondul na t) e health N" r I t H tilev, increa-lin.- her expurft .f limbhr- and develop-
11th ,oro n in l I- ials eqdc-A--Sll1l
y o ulf!... orr or .e ,r .ni s' ill in a a n ea- JH e Irv rRa uis er, epu.ica l rcd. -a-l n lt h
'Vijre;'reslri 'r einisrmi;n hIt those wliine Committee dl sltbriber i1. JJIIlea D.nidhnl,
l ans are ailoq~iale to tlleir asiupori ateir [ r enri' Ha-ifen, [Fr-m lhe Cnmmpereml Adterilset Sept. 22, i84i 1
"- '' rri, he i, rea d s e r ,,r,!i W illi;nil Caw%,
hi e inereapd spaiac reqniire-l E.hd. Walls. MR. FRrroii:-[ wi-li to draw Ihe allbiti.mi ol
"bv t-he A'.to lie allotted 1 each pla, enii r Ji qke% oir Merehaii- ind Phinter- Io an ineifig-IIn
'- 811 in" t in he pri ir .. Csnul *Inr he Pworl t.id DI'-lril of C ,wes. nltlhe prnhabl e .ls, pit ihe I re,-,ir.,"
-o n ..-np# n r n h pr bill, revere lr |)aised by Cun rree i ii]>on the Irade
-;sacp'.- The law- pao,.ed in NNpw York. al~l Coi~ il~arplift lhe Un.il.d dl-',,. f Ameriea, ) i'Othe ";,,w h. I iirele li ht,.i, tie ira'.tir'o[ k.i ;v-
elAs ..wiiere. reqiiirine ectiriiy to lie 2i yn -l-v S,,ulh ,'iilti ,,M arch *213tl, IS46. ld rei, i.iTIiiePd 4 % ina ex e nrenII~ In fr|ide, fin re-
* i o'nf..,r tir -- V,,|r l It o y Tr r lr .l Hi lhs .ar, tl the etfjlf(l, itl l,)T i .I"-'-m I iiew
lh* -owler-4 ol ve^-44t s ifiar |)is-zpniepr- shall \v-.r jr.'- T~iijr Itiipr III )}i-terd-i. an. dn ihe rnea r (if fi-rii.wi' imnlw fifi-. coitr-e 1 inidLe
..... a valllablP pre .-tili w hich acc lnim nied 11, irt- fre.-h measure 01 ri .- ,,n l r i .-- '1 rolr-4e, [ m aP
r^ hP'b come a ch. 'ruep ipii n lhP Sl;ilps ih pvidl-nees 4ifth.- ere.itc n.nidPrdii,-l I l %ine invari I- ni 'l',pr.en'i,.n. o v irtI divi,.iiri- rhot fine 61 t1 leo-
1whinch iliev are lanml l will co.m pel In ;i pniP bIv ex,er,-ilcrd i.nfi i nhll ibll tell oifCow.S-lnc e r ihich l.1,k .v he .min il In a I* i .h r l w l fi -t Cdme ..n,mi,) t Iilin-t- -iranv A. 4- 11iIht1 l he Treta.vr\'.'Q''rr- i,,'. I kiiiw flip law. ,1,l'ir de
6f r: ls l0 nia'e,r pliqlirip- iol l p Ihieahilily beeii rlv indP ior. o h id I h il|,+rio hjvP giin-d arP nn lorni Wiil rizid, aihd are nrf-r -edlcw d
. 7 who ,r.^ .- ,hp,,n, + I.rp Ihr^ g.o --w ll ,d .,,,- ,b .,;-I l ,, Ivehe n p.,id rr,,m ,heir ritltl iiel-.by file n
6. 1 .,. .. ,...r-. -s ; fl o .-rl co 1 ,hm i111 1hfill ,)c n a ie ffh slf .0 p ,o
: Sl~)Pbr '.Ft ,lv ,4.._.3. + _, / .-. -iilhlq c oii nli'i.y "" erely r,,ni,,% inu In v r,-' l,-nce int an ,di vi-niport .p re+ 4 al ;FI a h t.t p e ,lr~
III myr .o.- \la. s- .-I let. u l, meleeh ill-n 13 in-les the- rler, noll 0 fileh I, Quhinle-o
p. ,-J r f s-. _a p ds l .-l,,,M,,r, ai,,J w llh in Iw .o h .M r' i.- lrllpy from C o v -. twe )Pr ill,,n i,f Ih e ih- 'ri- ,-mr + fr me.. ,.,"
+ a ',' tl .|.| 'l a: + n' a.q i i o jn 1 1. 4 l_ p -Pdltr l a n i l I ,i i d i-t d ,d fi i i r k l- d i ti lr i i -,; .> n f i I t e .x,: p ( i I n t'- .idi i t e d I h a i e n ,l I h t \ ?,f" f T a i .1
-my 111O-1 adngl inlle eXptCIAdlmffr d Id It is beyond m\v tollic il n-Pastlre- I--I ihe i-.lilin-id s alwittid l,
:l'upadrlqd' ilinSlalP.iien i n E -g. de.rvmlt lhal-[ have rtP;,rd I-i. lhep ffi'ls if i-.likl,.l\ It,
^B9!an<^e*I~i;;ilH..Io])rivvhle IhrIhe einiara- Concurring winlr you in ihp opinion thai great have, in Ihe, nrpepril eirciinsl ,nres ,f1fhIp, Go%'rn-
_1( a.fi l te bele,,iz, bmht in Ih P Itrilish P mrn in ee he' fi 'm, bl Ht. X .l Tere in the Bri. ishProvinces to ccrJ, as wel[l to England as 10 ilhe lrnled )Pelall', hi l-nnhernl,oriiii II ,r ii. '[ Iup,.nse
iln orth A-inerica off. ainillion oil lhe ,niost 61 lies, by ,h- e-tdbl,-hm ent (,fthe linp 01r Amn ri- one f aI.'will he \,!.nifedt v every C 011,n1Pl,,li.
can m ail -Iepn ,-rs n,,w very :hmillyl bo Tin l ily r Ih Iow1r1 Ihe ra e f "'"Pl Hi p r hi eh ,, hill
;(I'aiiute~j'lsr~i- Irill. We ir,,st the pr,,jef-' pbrwten Nt-v York and Bremnen vn1 C,,wes and tPr'h""''tv'r the rate l hich a hill
I.will be r a"rii- .l 0 .11. C lI.,riiy w l,,,.l deals ,o "h.im pton, I Inn- t. adliit hat great and ,.nq nidi nn he north can ',e ne_.Y rni-v pd l,-.re, the heller
. .M fi,- d credit \ pr.,e -r d, +i- ot) th.-i- ihrol-g vhlw'e olice e in l ile merchant aflird io n I.\ I.,r Cillon.
II.1 Ihri";10i t lhe-ip s;IIviiI. wilhitit, afford.- in-IrIln-iii dlVy h iln. imp )r .in[ +.rnpriin..- h .^ be pn e iPre iant hi.'.4 rolt ,n wilh rel'er,,nce h the
".' i n-the HlIalis <.f lr.l..cilg. whai llles br","-,ughthIIi -"pr,'s-nl l i-n'if-- ,i e-.-p tul,-o iimlj .- nricP ai which he cill I I' ,i d, 'n, .i ih. N.,rlh-
. l h M en.( f ..c i % i a t f l. % M -1 1 11 1, -n P a l i n q -i i i n r ii t f r a v NY ( I~ r i aq r tr ,ri 1 .r ir l p 3 1 1 m 'ir k s -l q : a h d i fn l i np d i -w .t n fl ,
M1.1011111P. will, .n.n P' e h ius ,. Thai ;"'I.)h.;h h a~sit .n.hd I,,file an h,,imr whieh ,,I" rt:;hi
byI, ir- i.In, tell w,,rthi| pi ,i. ih::,nl to; w: If.- j.w n,, rh rO da 'Pbill i4I pr refit, lihe call f,.rd
. 'kIPilh whi,'In f'let- ffl-pip ar hy givim- i, l t e and iU ce tl lill.inds thiy I :.hq,vilid ipe ro Itlrl he' eeIl a%, I ,er eenfninre f',,rc,,l ,n, lha,!iltflie di-
k iJ lm r'n iiilv ;anrd I p;iiis of" 'l';ritiij ilipir pla,,inl d ity of .'acrifcini vf 1il"y di ih -hrin of rnii t 4 per cpnl iil)nn il-- thi i a plain ,.n.,il,
.. Irlnill an I Iri, l.-lii hv Iih- e'l .hmi ic di.-ivowa cprlair>l|. A n, ihpr l't1ci .- e.liiallv I fin, ellial fil
h*n auit,.isir v.e. hy lah r., i tll,. only," Irue of .1\y f irlh C'elinU lo )n-rii, ih.i n having h .-, rate ,l dilr,,uint u ,inn orlher,, bill. wI\ll depepid


grkie're'i!e hl leah li h fs;. wit he -trlff-redihe M .it, WS -'
A- hl)ft'le stained andl gny rhried sealran' ,-.S
.01ood beside him. holding'.a dull laniern in : PORiT OF AA J LA........ -
his hand, amdt irkziog sorrowfuloy dow, upon ED "f "" .
tihe sufferer. The sirrglviol .kuelt wil hhl l A
fingers ol) the boy's pulse. June 15--Bark Pairo, Kinney, froa.fAirw.
As 1 approlaced.t--they all looked upl. r21Bark 7t tn Brower, Surfonu'iaaolf,''
inp vet+h.idr rlw leh IIrd .ily4horkk his tiea'di .ledinor Alloay, Griffin, fm c.Qt U:;
ald w.Oiid hiave'.1Hmkn; bht the tevtrs galr- earnerr Boston, Morion" fip-i b"a-w-'- i-
erod ilo-i llitkingly 111 his eyes. ;, "^ yCtEkAREff.; -?yO"
pie sirgpemiaid- "9 Jty nhY^r'_y Pb'dlii -'
'" He iu. Mngf~itsv---oor little f.[10-dto~h ....K^ a ^.." ja
yon .le t-.s !" As Ihe spoke b I~l,d I~l.i -^., ewland, for L.
ri. h guold locket. which hud lair. ulon tlhe 15-- l{pi tf(vid', Kneovipt rjfe"ile'
bo%\'s breast.-" He: had -teen- leilrhr dys." 17-^fti an Tiiy fr nbl.^ ^ft
I --ffr wf as tile beihdg`fitt~hi-flhl, bUt a fe* -+ J,
h1ii'^11' 1h9 6 e. I Owl ed in't" lfe--aiodr;'-OP.IN' .. "
sli'tlii|)llruectped d chlihl--lying before irte .. .. ,. Mcavr 76t' :+''I" "-
witLh (ieal..ha1realv written ohlhis Irow --a'l waiting I M Wrignt om
ye' I1haI everr know, his dal igo-rand inevr 'BARiOCE ***':';+ ": '" v 't
6,,sthl hin jt tiiher tile 'fufltit.: H,, !fi hM 3. .i -r o n."" nL '"ro .
b itt, e rly ,,,y cha r, P. h.ti + + cl1 3 "& C o
hoorK; Th.-y 111.ficed muffy-agil;ritwm; rind hIis Pilgriifi, Willianms, 878 inn>. fof6i XeyrY hil Iri-ild- iiie seallti n that lield his fi ead.li ing-- n<,-r.Sionp o.. -_- .. :* -
saiil ,hdlv.+ "- P.uri Kint y,4.9 t n6s. Wdintng--M a tt.- .
.. PJoh B'itt!.. -p_ .... .. .. ., huh r ,w-r;,yutrion. 810 lon4 fm-Baaton., una "
Jo r Iil C -ic -k I-yo 'l el er see (lIPe fn,-- ater. "- ,."
?Iir,-" vili have wished -Ior so l.iig. Bu t BRIGS. "' .... ..; ? .
ilIere'l Iii iiiiiur,. tll ialu o %,.--ihell your \ulg's Tybee. M ,Cnrmnck. 4=9 tons, for.'- 3W ?*
onif." fie spoke wilh emoliif--'.lO irioui- : l-ditt,--N,,irrse, ione &;.Co' .'i. *
o v e r y O Il." i "x I: + I + -- -
Sddenlivthl little fi"*lhw opened his eyes I o.Nic Torlae- *':l,- -- -
arni looked va,'antly arafn", A-ET^ THE new ',x | -ta ,,llf^g B II. "
"Has lie conre yei .1" lie aaked, in a low "' kL4H1, Wiltjfm, masKt iir.wil K .
..ire...'Why "V~lywu,'l he Coe?" S ,,h. -'For deck fieight oy. 9pjlY w
I a,, here," said 1, lakiog, lhe little fel- tme ,.pimn1 or to,. + .. ....* :
lo.v's halid. "l.,n't you ktnow nle Dick ?" June 12 .. S : f..
He sminied failtly in, my face. H. : then A der-Biet i^ rir...: -. :
Saidl- TH E'HSrezulnr'P-ket-BtfH'.^:I Z$&
"' Y ou have been kind- to mr sir- ki nder 2 Vh-( oj'nh ack m a ter_; ha __ rf3. J ar| ,
ithan most peopI- are to :t poor'orplian| hoy. 1 d2I ti lerdeek en gaged.. Fd'de l. 1ir [0
I have no way to show ,my mnraiiudPtill- o,,[ d" .* aT arTe, ,_
Iss y.n i~i.l tke .the lllil," y,,,- ,ill find iu Ju,,e 1'2 .NOURSE, STOWN*C; ..
1i6 ''iriuL 0 .i',h a sliall offering. 1 k k buw bij" Apalahllicolo ExchAltl14
oil's .ill I have." a ,^ I -i l l ci ber ilur[I hl f t
I h otrst itifi tears: le resimned- J a lti I'e ,,l, c in _eneral .,lI.a't4.. ^ ,
D" [..cir, laio ,dyiug, ain't 11" said -thei volineIhe Pr.|lpnerl.r ol tIhis'bi e-t v
known h,.,-,e, a i Aill be pleased, 1 Bfrl.tetain
hl.lI' 1.1Ihw, "lss r my sight grows ihn. any of [he liav. Iling c.*ni"uniy I hafmay'faior
,I b,hi' s i %Ir. Daifort.r I. I hiji wilh lheil,.cuslom, and will awo. arx~mou
Cal Ii do noilmlg lfor-y,.. Dick?" said idaie r-snidei bl,,wrders' i he bar ,i g, 8 "i
i; "*u.i saved ":,y li h6. I would cein ily -8U.lplied with genuine li~qu,-r of' tfe ri..icwirt
lift fil l~y yvonrs." quality. JOHN PATf
I" h a;ive n tliotign ask--I don'i wanh lo Apalachicia, Nov 14, 184,..:..:, t
live-- unlY. if ire's possible. led tle hle buried W A R W A P R IS U .-.-..
by i.nother-yoo'll fini, ilh .ame ol ihe _Ileriwether County, .-keovg.ij,
plaIrP *idall l "-ih,iIs it i, illy trunk.' 1 ,.AKE, aleame11i ,.I ri',I.fg l I .&r mi and. -
I. Anly iln --every ihihg. it y poor laId." JL ht I uhlic ,,envrally, that Ibe above fosltmP-
I ;,4,,, ereI, chokiniOJv. ble anid eelebr,,led WdlerinK Place, l1 be'nde1
I lh li,,lle fllow -,,No lei l lnilly-iI was my entiif iem aiiaeineil, and ennrrqi thf .l-g Jn:-
lile.1 lie id ,ot .. nsw r. I -,hall ,i-er. lhe Hilme o-i ^ firfd a ,J'me,"
H i. --y s w ere mi xed ,n l hi e smar ss flick eri ,g l o,1 he ri i iP c i I<,'" b ua' 6 be. d-. .t oe if .iny -
h.Int pa.lth ol blue ky overhead. His the telb knn reimiali.. ol lhe placed oFbirv
1,1114 w.aildered. thougm,: -.rowier ro red-ce lhe prkc&of Bpcd,.&.
It s a l,|n,_,-lon- ways lipl ihere-but Board, L,,d|n_,, Bath, &I(. fper month...;..-2&
here ;are lhrip-hi atielsaniong iitIn.m. Mo- Childre, a,,d ;ervantg, 1 t< ifprie o"
ih- r u.,6ed ,1i,-,ay ih;il I wo, ld m ieet l hertlei Board o| Horp., ", ",." ...'i .
How ,e-ir tih-y 'inip. and I see sW'et la'-id JOH'n- C. MAN-MAX..
Wdrm Rprings, May 6, 1`817 m1. lS-S-
.4lnlhll. g on like frolth alliijilp. IllPlik. H]k. .
is lhit m ,sic?" ,a d lihlii,, h,,Ils' fi .ir. fie 1,J & M .n er, Mac n; 9t-eorder;
.. .... 7':" ......; .... ... .... ...Milledhce% MeP; Repnhblican and Ceorphh Ai i vn
sP,,,,,d~h.l ,,,s ,,l..ra ,,,(,,.e:.tl. H e lell lb;i -k .. --, ,..- : 11.-
i ",:r ; I,+ nan; L ailala'm ,hee, iLag.range;e Jen< l' i n1 .flip "
and .he ol. vet,.ran b ors, ,i o o i art T, e ,116; C ,,,, l,,,,lih ,,,l 1, A u'g i a; Palrk : ,, ;"
clhlil was ,le.Id. Did lie indeed hear angel's Advrliiier, Mlonim.inerv, Ala.; HPIr .a-B'I
voices' ('ii!0 ,1i It-; 1 0ayete1, ALa. ; Cfimm racial Advrtiser; '8r t4f i.
. .. .. g .. .. i ,,|_l i ,, |F la.% ll l1,,-vrt thi.t ,,ne rY,,im h, I^W klv
COM M ERCIAL.-L Wi,-rm Sprinl ,;
HE presetil I ro[,rielor ,it het .Sp. ifnv g.4akea"
Cor'rx--Oiurcotton inarket m.,y be i-A- 1 id be J Ihi- io .-czion io inl,,rmn he"p-lb'W ,-1 rat (be'
Mill Porlid tipr lhal pi-ce'i--h~ih-h Wm--*+tq~uhf
clu-zed for the season. There is none on saile. ,d ,. pi- a
FR IGI 'S-SnC~ Or is w h4 n' hageto product- sickness iher 1"t wa9
FrP-IGn,..< -Since our last we ha no change abldon he 6h ,IApPl a^l ;i!'^^# db
t o n oUL ce in 'lh e ra tes $ c ,s l w is e -.. W e le a rn (t h a t de rI. l e, b e a i.,,r e h e n d e d o rn th a t a; o.l-t '
.ihirI has been taken for Liverpooil; to arrive, at 1d ; Ju:le ID I, 17. r S t
ihl- is a slight improvement 'Of lirevious V r;.tes to SG ;.. '
th.t voit. NEW SPRING.GOO.I4l.:

lie faded, yet so calm and m-ek,
So g-nrly wdil, sn swPetly %eak."
The bhusle ofilie figtl ias over: tfie pris,,.
nprs+ h.id bhen specpiedl. ald Ilie ipcks.,w.h-
ed down. lhe- wanlI h l|.i.lpd ,in, hI le srhttile
li-h d o .re on re rel.alo ,l inin i liii v (||l|lm
and re >l se.. I ii.ii hl I y li .l ifillfl'k ;tra .l
?i, ri l ;-ll ,-|li. 131i, 1 I P +Ii In ) l'. iwere
di-lihrhed hyv wild lirfelllS. Winch, like lhe
vi"iiiii-i ill a fever. a il ; ied :imd|I l lneived mlie;
Ihe lai -iri't. ih- li. rIi linp o1",If t rv i-riV
lite ;ind a tlho sinl oilhir flinr i ls iminl led;
II I li .r ;it.sr ; l-; fiiO e,< il ;l a Jh illn -ll ii iij ria.
S..l-lenlv a haind w,al.sIill lid mv shoulder,
;111 sl.arling fll1i I h, held hlle siurgeo n',n in.le.
Lilile Dick. sir. is d. %ii g,," he ii;aid.
At once. I s()1";iti fri' l ,, liy h;lllill c.k.
Iilile Dirk was ;i -;rl of i rile fe of ine.
H e wa. a |iailh. |d li'.,Ie clh !,l. s.id in lie ;,i
orpllh. alid i,, In i l 10 i e lle i iai eie; .i,' fromi
Ihl. first holr I jiin- d flip si-h- oiieri, mn v
he-arl ye.irmnd words littn. for I imp had;i
on e liie, I'riet iles+ ;md .il; i fii t i ih., wprll.
He had ililel t ilked- fit inf in cr ifi.lell'P o|f
hlii. nit lier. whis lie i-orv lie r he :irdle.l %%ilih
liilv rtvereirP. while hit llile oih r ier ,v- nof
Ili- -hill lip h.-a lilllitte 1 s' lor Iliev 'were
ri' l- aild l ;ir-e, lie deli-.i't- midn ..,'n~ lilVe.
Olien wh,'li e ih v jeered him, for li. iliel.; n-
(l'ho v. lie woluil .,, ;tp l.irl hy hioi.el" .11111
-eep. IIe v it-v'r 'co lii|l:ie I ol'6, his 'o1.
1li,1n h21 li i 1 | i.1nll.i|,iols i,|ll,) .s., 11 fill him
'lillilii ll.11y. P i,, r hla l! lii he:iri w;,.-. in lihe
i'.,rve %ifll hi. I.ii pIwo ireI iis.
SI l, ak ;l -n li,'hteifi li.n ~l ;sk ,1< o ,llrlih ;i I i~-.illle. D u-
rihl fie I i,41 fi: lnl I hi 1 ,,,ell nnI livlh 11I
hl,111 l r lie ril.hail fit jil i as :'i s ilre ,,riie
w .i, le Ivelled al ,,t : .1111, liv illerm t-iiii, hi.;
I'e lile fill..-. h.ad .averlei flill- di-.a lly lal v.
Ill Oi -h liie :11 "-1 d )i, l 'liil11n srce. I hal l
qsditi lol'iioten to inquire rlf h6 wi.- btrl.
lll inlh. ;i a the litte, | Iiw;u'illy resolveIl to
exert ;ill tit% little infltiiel to pr'tre ;ni.mlhlpi|fian's war;rat ill requital for his
servivis. [I t ,i' with -.Iih | z l it ireproai.lifol
adoniv, therefore, that I leali-d to tnv l'Pet.
""My (hol!' [ exclaled. ou |,ii't
ll'*all it! lIe is not dvill ?-V
"+ I fi;Ir -,i!r," said llie ineissenaer. -haking
hiis lit-ad sl ldIy, "t tlie CaliiIt live till mor-
llill ."
"AuIl I lialve been lyin.g idly here!" I
oxclaiiined, wllh ith emoi.w.; "'Leadl me to
'" He is .ielirious, Ibii- in hile interV+als of
lunacV lie a.4k, or you. sir," antd as lIhe iulall
sl'pokf-we stood beside ilie bedside of lIhe
dyinoa hov.
TO .iftleiet Ilid !oi itO inl hi bAsnsl haom-
rriock. for it wl\;is hlir- "i' file verve y iidtl i '"
ilie 'rew; ;lio| lire- cil.o e-; air t-r* oi ii it was
(oo stifluti ; hi. lhe had bI-eellfirr-ied iit-tr
lhe o|)pi li c'lhway. andhlid (li+ri-. it a lia tle
op)en space ofi)io'+ l fo-iir + ffi f. q..i-i. .FroIn
tlhe sound ,f'the ri|ples. I jyidgedll he rh'oo-
ller w gfg in t iiliii n,, while Ilhe lv;fr.- calm,+,
hlue sky. seen thriu.l- lte, opeiig over-
head, anld dolled wheh ,nyrianls ,t'stairs. heto-
kened tli.hat hte l'>0 Iilad Horwkn rawaV, How
afin ih -siiiled down oo thle wali 'nee II'Ilhe
boy. Ovc -oh! how de[ICioolsly cool, in tli;>t pl-ri, u)
lrolf, ei (A)WoWnthe hafcliwav, l.i(d Ild-
te|l the ,dark c"it-slnlt lock-s ,f1"-ilie. sllff i.r|-r.
as with hk lhad re),osiig in the ,h;lr of all2
old veteran, he h iy ili a~n iiqdii, shiLiile"r.
IfiS .hlrl collat was tinhultl m l. ainl lis
childish .osom, as ;s white as ih1;l of a Lirl,
was op|en and exposed. Hr I)rea;)lihd q'i-ck
atid heavily. The wound I)ofwhj-, lie w s
.Kint Ilad liePin illt,-nsely liifil. bl.it wilhiui
the last half holr had.- s.ollwhat -Illled
though evou- ufvwlbis hihm fingvrs tis"111y

In a Leiipr of Mr. .leff.-rsnnn to Juhn
Adams. daledl Jitne 27. 181"1. we have lhe
folliwin h brief acco"ti l p ftlie origin an I
rim'iplf,, ,d"1 o he Federal parly and iis an-
hgti~loiil :
The ter,, (if VTiig and Tory h,+lon to n n-
tiral .a4 %eII aQ I, c'iil hi'|, ry. Fh.,v denoipe
the lemp,.r and c-iitilminn-ln f m ui ,! d.ff re,,I
indlildil. a. |It, colme tip oiir On-.v cori irv. a id
to tliO ;i.ie When yini ,in.1 I h. ra-n fii.t ar,3ar 1i,.
ledl: vie w,-ll remembe-r ile vi. Ie iI )irlie. whi;eh
.-,ifal d Ihe ,ld Cmii-re.s, and t -.ir hiller co- .
lesl.Q. There %,,u and I %%ere tonelher, and lhe
JaQ a-id lhe Dicdl d:i-i ,, were arrayed ab.unyl iiQ. They rhvriihed
the m,-,arlihv if" E'eand, anld we the righls of
ovlr conntrynmen. VVli,-Wnnui rire-ievll government
v ip- InI lhetiP-%-, lna-ii-e" Irn, Cwifederii.ii it)
I'illin, how biller wa4. Ih -,chiam between Ihe
Feds and .Inlies. Here ron an I were It o'plher
a-,am."' ",i"1 a. "111,01 a, itl [|le ; ,vern'neni] -wa,.'
join into m~ilii:, the line ,I di i- ,,, %aa4 az in
drai,'n. W e ir.-ke I ioi iwi ani-4.,edrh %%isihinl i
I- give ilheG ,ivernment a ,lifter'-if direclimi ; the
ione to siren'g/hen the mol-t I p 1,77 branch. I he
o'ht-r th. Mnore permanent Ira eb,,. ,, atlit to 1x-
trnd thrr per'niniire Hie %,u avid [ fiipra.-
rdle, ifor lhe fir- line ; and ag %e had beei -i-n-
ier than most ,,fher-.l,1 the ri-illi flliaelrr, avd
I-tlr name iherelnre were iior- ,audliar l- itlr
c Ihinkilnl with Ihein placed yo ir n miire a, I'tPir
'.fdl : llie other, for the s me r.,adii. selt-cted
Now,, wii},oit oilP #wI,! or *.omntienf-for
lep ca.-P neel'+,ei nie ; I: it ,' ve iri-"I hi i hulll't
iist-i--we onolt it or irr,.i. 'pr. n and l IVi'ly
reader wilhii ilivelI)onndls 11' h UiiiPI States
(T xa. tof tlop NPC"es inii.' I,,d.) ilhi- qties-
Mroi : S.u1ppus-;e. h|. Il,- /h T igfonn Unhi lo re-
oPr epil the l'u iiK ri i arii i v. anil- ilia
Aillion I TnlelligpnrrriI, r, pr .,.ntvhi ili Wlhig
O -icii'oliin Rpar'yV which Fellera& ,ruan I ( er,;ii.ily ,ilo this -i
ple. flhe 'N-iiin'il Iniew li..ne.er." which
sla lo o lip fair llip :Ilihoril\ o ( 'o i 'erp-;. aiiil
It-i P rP ih p irt-1121elll i nd nliiiain i ; hill
lII [- l iii." lhl llllnili pi ol lhe iPr'livp
'Iwpr. mind ihe Vrep iPni in -ill *-il ,.m ,,i, to
dral70,oll (0liinarPs. amill falice if lp s s hinis-
.ill.il lip ihe Execi'liv- will.
If ilire he .'ll hl a liint in iii lik ii-l inir\
a-& a Feilfurl Ipariv. ;,z. Ii, re is 'pri;liilvn" ;I
I).irI 'tiiiiny iilon T rT a riy n ip le'il)Ie% ile
IVals./inrirTn hiinn is il.' rt Dr,.semilalve avid
ti,'-an.-[Ar<, Iril.

[From the Nhlonal Inlelige.iner.]

I .netlihil. (G've a illail work ani lit- feeds Ihehlllilpl- IOiigh zpalo|l- iciadjinor aI Coll,'lel A m.,il]v ,on Ihp am,,nnf ,,Pprini.--if lie ,,fKlri,,gs
._D ild l,%' III -in n Ilit% frl, im. min c o ,nn t ry m in a n ti m y tire ., ina ll. fl i p rate w ill h e la w -- nl la rg e awl fli e
2 him sel, I1. ill-oeff't off z.nt-ndiiiz ,millihii-l in latje cdea m ed ne at Br[eme](n rti hi- Pn-rg\, knw ml- o I r -i i d wi pvorh n b lk t era,?
eedi,-, fi le Ire-As erli.blie (llid4. f loat ^d d hy the r.+.d% l adva..e ,,rn ,rti,,n bI. Xm,,w, i-r %%e
elnpltl in h r1 s l t.t,, l,,,,1,l,, ,. i a ;cipern, i,,n and lIbeial vew.- ,,l re Pre-iden ,,ff
n,-,etled anud lhi,'-l e.iiiM l i h l -ti. irin-led a fi lrl United ziml o_- and ih'e iiwini.i-,fr Pnperlil ., 'n','*iler Mhat Ihe wh-,Ip rroni ,f colt.in, whether
r-l- ost 'V cohlr;.r M e v rn)en i whchlF -ed l-do, r,.,n l \.+nn dl.-llned lfor Piir -tie or lh. cN..rthPr. tile.. IQ
_.- S._'. i..s. now Ch irg-d W li h a c ,,ln i lorii '.l rn l.i-i o ,n fr,,m paind I"', hv ex\ "'-r' Afl ll_.. r .._v. i l- ih, e-in-; -if lrrtil.lirtaiiii hi- ,,velin i'i, io cerrtih Eiiroipan ,ow r;, mid at awnre -gee lhal ;n\ % fini,'ial |rlicv. whi,'h fh,.
fi,.a d-'+ llhe itpoor -;trin ll iliiil ,,f il' d,,hrl,-- rPnnlh horthe iph- triumphinl npeo- G-vPrn iene vitav qdora t, hatl ll iinirep Ref lhe
S ,. , T7 l. loor inl I Jl f. nmll-I it will plait lalce fr-1eo 1iIp amount ,1f I)rlhern tlapr ir, the ,-ither:i inar.
S Ireltnd--hlnnd ,hem ill ('ai.qil;i. LiivP ihrin e I, 4ol'hl-,anllili, io kn,,w Ilia, his -ell earned kPls. inil-4 dtereP.-e it, %alue and lth .. ,;i:h ail
|andI arh. lral a d n p.h:.ni:'I i le- I l h li-d lIrv l f r l li other Nnrl-hei i ma,,rrili deIpressi flhe v life Al
hind a-~ ci ii-al allt itec umi -il imp e |] i\ving nlade lhl4 dv,' m, Id. I f,.-el I-sx diffidprc n fli j!t ,at; I heir e ak d e r -.
mit nts anld pr',Vi i.inq. ind .-ei lt Iem In h ork. "I aeepiufnz,. w i,h li nilli-l ed ip,.isirp. and Ifr st t,,n blt.+, aid a+ I h .rp teinarked 'le r ,-i.
%%,fllh 1,I ,i,,h mcnin _n; iirl.f- Ofhfhpa'i- tdil l S,,perimPn lhP price nl" .,filon. The Ihre-zi',,: po.offunln i.
tli-ey w,,uld soo, he,one |Ir p ,|iip.nis and ,-,r"rr v- ,, I, ,^ pr,.-p i-d totil,: ind I hz %-fi -Aill will, I |;rplirTn he idr.iited hv every one. N. %t
-+' lyM f"J J s jPc '.. and ovpr~io' ilr il Ire- *i, "1_' re yo r al"n, f ir hO n" i n tlrfi l l ahr ri 'riO ni- l indie.i" I will a'l'tirt I'l the 'irviiin" anrepc: Al l he c6nu'fr,
.I'r. '" ", i'y'- ." 1v' ,MtI" .rit, 1, th if ,h i 1,.j. ,ici ,fr kindrip-k has and life r-il inn rif fit.- Al ,,iihb- re itur% q\il- ,"
(*, M m d -', ,. A ,,"1v if-i'1 1 .-f ,n ,no1t inv f -fin- ,i. 'lrz inz d h% C n.oPr..<. Allad a i l al I h-
fol Modh lehaoIlr the n,,oiifrt or. ni ^ ^ e lry^ %I%-- I" I olio %%d frp iiilv ,
m~ ~ if ,r \ v i~''l ,lP il r- IPII r+qlre j.,v\Pr,iimoiit %Q.1 hP nobli.,ed to mAke if rheini.le
... ..:.o.. -."1 ,'l,! I~tth |,lr 'PIP qill~i~or! In s.,m p! e se ,eCe a I C AIwe S, Hart I I h l vi; ,. hIr mIn Ix In Ir. ,.1 Au I,l r -,',r hI irlnm a liny
n.. 111 limber limmimrs- of, Canada. alone opi,,i,, iiuii -, in ihl r-newal-,I orner int-rc,,,i.- i ndinP4 -,n our --iiihirn hordi-r-I Il ir I lh i
-t' sti-nls of A,.,i~rih c'uht lie it.,,rflialilv of ,r-xiri-A -,ir p-r-onilly and m,,re cnrdo i h, fit e,.,,iiln, %ear; Ioirthp Q.iiort "I the M ,.xic,1,
^ ^ -,n .;rmis coihl e |r.. ~ Pea ch II1' my frirendl IIIidI~i di,-nily, how ironn. w r I h#- ht1 % thie at fin fine p~lirrat life p .ex -
dl'm-lii ipfl~rpci-Lil ihi~'o m l r~f' 4 rp-r.ird a! 1,..z than. n .0,"1,e11 -111 [he n pxl e'ltsl I g
: .1 l" '" "I.:,I>i R nI[) TEY OR O.^r E', nv q. r Ia d iprsir-. y",r f- ii'hfullv, I ? -npnth<. Nw the .luelinn a'ise.t how, or r,
H--nNF .4 r, qh phq ,e, ,x,'ill G,, ver,,menr make lhese vxen-
=.- If ,nhji,,iliird e lreip~ xlln ic'e l:ilpiy, "To Thm \ih\n\ly, Esq., and oheTr,+ lhhe comnil- d11ire., ? P" ili 4,.ecip, all %i.ll a ,. .....l--,liP
.;,.ell b,.tw (en certaiii Oph~h~iiimPn of C:owe. ew.,in ithus dinlrihli A in the Soinlh, w'lrnaluria lhl
*eriai iil te (, -, ,i f l l .T1 ,f 1" 1 w si elt. fll-t' *'c, llherii R3.1.Ba ivh_. .1,,. Ihiu.
.111n1 ilie Penile'1 l ,-Ii,,s iiline hp;.ds 06Ai DO \IrESTI I ILT. give ,he.,n iiliv ,, .to -m qn. hv Ioal a.-,,nm rn,,-
; ara-!rr'I; li \l.iiv of fi" ll-r re i.lfl'., h.,ve / sew- W e 1mvi' rt;,id with 1lre:, iolerai a l ap. (I nIi ol ')' d firi|tii ihP Tric--s .1 ri( 6 r q", ifherli
"\i riiliiii file- re.rirl%; hiih % in- ri Ile- ""*""li''N Bo ii, ir, in- r ad ,.i Ihi, he G.,t-r 1-
111,4-1, Il "e6 f M i n 1 1 r l1-' i paner- *1 ... li inp c ri~i'ari %%fil, Tr'l.'
A- hil-t a ; ,i sili.-n ill in .,,.- iari--- .il will iII) lo'. Ir',in lih, S.iv n.ili i4epmbliran, air a -ur% N,,ts--|ie f,.-v rmie 1. al nnce, h-ec,|ntr.
V.l.,liht I'll .N 11TI'-0 filtz e Itel* I I .iIrlri .l hi,+ctl ii ini, w hivli %%e have .il'en ihmtul l hIIII t co,/apftiih r ,i .1 h1p +,1ii,.|i i].er+lr,.r ;lad i.,i
+ "'h~cls :o) rp+i"l ""ipir 1i1d oV a-ni, r w iifl yn, 11 C 'i nii'l np 1,rP i.i t i c 1 ', r i,, t'I, a-.,oillc-in pI ri Q L vendter-
a alir' a w ll'+.* l Ino Ii i.; tl i-i in .linf Ni rr |err ex-l i-ari.e 1, wi w\d ll \,u Inri lN lI I-',-I
'llra~v~i I .l~al : fl,.'in: ~v duc flhe r i!.-Q.. A- fit,, rate ,,I K c |.z i l
II'' w I fo llt % i h lh a i ie w -' ri-k .I rolpel'lini -," I' P vilife avpi d. )re- d ,u h ll,- ,,lie ,,,if ii hi l. ainol Iii ,- 1" .rl'.i'ri
; ..+' ^ '+Vl', i: .w,. -,,, ,l .i; ,t ,,i~h tlt ., in ,1 i I tI|,,da ih G,.\.r,,ineft mnan have- ihr -Lailr, and lhi+-
.. -t t uw, ," n, I ii-l. 'aillica"|iii,-1 -,,l' ', 'l P .P l i fe :artl'le too o,,r r :liPld E vIV. re, a ,,.> hl -,P redl +r on r-'e ..t'iride il,,i r- .,u,re.
-"f' r/- fiv-f,,'p -q iote .' hv ..nnr '.lii llv rp;id IlI Ir'k (if iip Rep] ld;r,tn :,p lin p. in fill Iforce I ,--r rPiiiiiil ripe. Lo. fIP rev,rl d ie n tr. ,,f, t~i
-'+.- "t. il..*" P. bnlt nn blern/n.fer nl. r m iaVu Iblind m id c;irel, .v .,iP Ile offf E 'l '1-e- he^;1 en New Orlen'
Ptitala go, neruilfier. ij.", *1'11 Ne-w Y..ri'<, f;lr [tie 1i-t Iw-' \% irq. III
Kp-'i':!' k".' ^ .el'llil1nom w',ih-I leaves iIs IPen. i the | I,:cl'avit'eq aver".-,d ah.,l
.;!" ?f- INV iI v .f IF inprwaii C"nqnI ;, "\ew E1-land for flip i- trifle off it- lakiirj, the p- i lnhrirt;ti in .4',-'_, Ex-
A ltA i illl\ wU clai, ,ed il M r. hre.k v's .nP- |i ii .e. fr,,.n :I clor he-, pin. l, pf w rI,, .a -
Sir.-.)f^' .i Iai li-h s l.iven -vile at. Im -kel- will fIre-a.a aihoiin Ii12 i,, timber rrihuie in oh fir-r i flipnree, ,,rl'he PXes.-ive i--
^^^^ .^ ^thart/ ,s a ,,,p,,.h'i. alip lh;i< 4i-L ,hlieii ,11 Il n ds.;s ol' grow men w-in Ifriina s<1, 1'G f''rnlirieit dir'l'tiz. New, ilf' nit px ,il in
,; ?/ i s a i iir r d ni w I, > f il e e x i i S-1 'I ii f to I r em N o- % % -
WelPtl/ ilid/u/i iii ,lv',,Ip |,(.6 l'r :ill ol whlich ih,,n! mlr ci, ialrl liv i11 like saivaups on Oi lea-.,, fully >n,,illi the n.,lu.:al d.-+ anda d ,,I
e- haP have lhit.e lte hi nny ol f lip fl'at- owps tle hln e ef-' ii|i,_s hli.iiie-l by lheirr ride. 1i 1 1 |iT V' w i\ I ,% I N."riherli Exchan.re, \% lil i
.+ 1. n III lepp p 'r v ,.s ilih il ih ,- p r o v rbvr h t h a 't .. l o p in ti ,j r ,'e ,i c o ri' iin f ar ll r ,.a .l. a n d w el ir i i% e" '| h i,-h- r. lll. if' fl e G i -v t I'irr II p AT l hb ri ,s
.,SK 'ii" 1 '; 'l 1 ,1 ) l h i wi -.a l i n l i l h e i r i a r k e l ? I h a l
i -. In i11 I i ; rI l t in hi.s i ,i c, ni y iii 6" is vlolh hn luiiil liS l l,h.I r ;ibil nle .s1 r opy ;o ar-, u f.ill 1 ;, ,n a I l ;r -,)1ihpnrl M .rch nir ,il.- rtn-h-
'<:. .:- P, ... --,;+,;, [o e ..,l r tI n a, -[l fI
'J4. .1' ..',,l.I;,i he:l|.tl, her -;i%|hie. --'roe/ m n -n lil th fl ir iii n pls,4 oif III# E l'p i ll} ofx.- I't iil t.r t ,,.. i,i, r in. n i, P,.[llci.iui
1,m^h. / i-Ak t -" ii11 trl. ; in-.re rii mnlil. is W p '. 1,411 i4 fl -I.p.i ,.is. .. 1 It ,l- wilI lh.. ,It;e :;f"l i
Pa W-1 /.rue i,'+ 4". ,'4.,k, ,If. f vhil ,ip %,wle ; li lh III'I' io..e who 'i, ike li I 1 1 i 'l'.lppoq.1plrice 1!1 ii- fit U cle Ifun rpfi|iiL iniv.
ph:"-'i- ,i:-;in.-li,,.fd. t,, lhe ini,,,, tlt.n .ohn B. ii ^ t'*e- iis .;,id oilf a h,1n11 -: lill it] ilie ilt+- I'll~ i h'| p.,ip ','., |ipp ,,p _- hile he \ i
, + ;p '1." .. ..-q iq ,**|r ",|lli+ n. -,-- o-l a hp ,,, of .r,^ w: ^ Ih : *h ;;i1.!, :,**;l l,:
1 fill erp;,I t f/ r/,,,./"A l lp 'if- t Iv ,w i,'v tieorr, w r lie.; at fi l l- l,, r of'" our lte-i ,> h, i ._1s-/ l^r 1.4- lie I rw ii'
.'.7. ?;.BI lor-101/0.1''. I|I(IC p If .ll" .% 1114-V a~e [;l, V i oI tp 1 -w I I -1+ hic-li:., i,, -,,'lhor, ,n ,rr',el., R,7,,n17I,,, w l t,+ t/
J-' : -.in~ r r- i, flip ii,,,lel R,' lhlir." 10 o ill' vh,- pe,,lh,. W e ir II file i1 ly will ro-iit C'd/loa. br //-.fll p .,d)v I h,- PI int,-r.;? S ,Jrl
n .'-~ :*' 'i'r' ter.il n liimpriil. i-a qn ri-'lllf hi *, in ..#.n
life- 11 111"t'-;':>il |.,1,ilih t m di,,I 2. w h,.nll li il hil ,,, will ,;i.s .iw,.y.-Indl ;I "e, ,,.^ [, ep,.'i h^,1 ftVr..th .'/ l G,,v,r I-.
+f'- Flin~t l h [-1 ,iI ,-'Ini,+" (1-1] .. .f '\ ij'ni) Il,,iij ,~. sV-leill h"' esla',lidlieil. rI 'I"t i^^'in,, ia I,+ '"',.I +'I,'+, 1I*i her nnlift l "II- 11
(1-ix,. \,,,il 17 ] i'o \IEI 'ICS F0,,' 110 .1 CO UJ- HMPTI ) N iM i, vft h lv%,|.l J'-i% b'lt -; o"r,"p, 1. ti er !,n '
Tiw, *i.xi -\ .trn I,, I ,n II .vill .r b ')Il>r r -p 'l? -- h ,j I .i. i l .1,1 1, -,,P h-r b .r -
i f t,ll i l 1 ,n t lr I r V j, 1 0 ie ofe -l rnr eln rr' .i, 1 el' ..- .i 1 1r .,,.ter r vw in' h .;n o %vli., li %e l,..iod i.,y 1,l'll .14 hee
t; ,'-sntI'wi I'r.l.l.aN. w Y, .i 1 thi, porwt- -the *-Pli fhat lie- ha- i',st- ,eceivid a larre co i-i4 nie iIt 'It" ;,e,,), e are'r l)li(,rd to Al6, whf-n tlv vv ,nt it, and
| ... o, ., .. i f-'ii n Il 'i.' ii ,,.r-r i', ,,Jr dIcks Io t|, il ls, id it strilce- us, 4-> l munn t 1(-ti 1,4 h<-r i,,t fie tlr,1-fi- lir.- dr|. .r va,-d, m ,,,.
t .. } oi'I.W i >' l.it I .r- [ 'I ->r ,V-. .1 hii".i- ['' that ,,v,+- ,"t'er., as ," ,.t ltt[ "+ rfn-arkaiile, th.,t a m t-.o, ,,,In t^i. o "^ '..i~ i- .ria tiit
... ...t I jl ni~i -ll tho rrfetl t, f,) II- 'rl1Ii:eFl[-l lll t
+- "'. '1-- -)I. I N...o.,ii v,11 lli .ir 'ir v.iSithat 4 1V O ti,' l'iv ; i'.l, e v(.rv iie-irt f,, o.ie ,f th *h .t trifl;r 1e 1 1 l r e fppci+ t,> b oot.
+'i:".:^ :,*,i* .. r.- ,1 ,,.t !, |, .v th it fina : I r b rr -n s in l (1ie (J iit d' State-s w ith tR,.,1s. n It n >t ,ilv i, i ie he -;o ti), ,.,w,,. fle' +f ,,vpr,1.
_.,. : .'.- nl i ,l ...- ,i -I.i .l .' r,-. v ., very lIdI.r e Io"l alle, l>rhp lee- .'ovwi-i' ti^ t:r,,,t^ i i ,nI ...,ll .,v its, qv-,te-Ti f, o)enr tion,. e'iiharras the
J)^ cyr..'-', i, .h ,',r',' 'i,, *,,,,.ie i. .; 1,, 1 ,,,1 ; h twe-1r, .helr i1 ;"oo'1, "* tl.', h t"e i ld.b fl hi, .{ of,+. r o;) on ,I \,t I>> th ,rr'i ites vil,
I't^-^^** rm- ^ .f^^i ,!..et N*"wt!,pera ePtaor rin^ for ti^ Vers lat~hs WJt1i i.a.,.,, wvill h[a fetpi 1. hi efm^'b~
,l l .' .-i ch t *l" i r house i are )* t- l. ted n fi [ f it fill- .., f w m o- "i,.fi I -" r n "A p
"V a ,, i, I Av, it rir power If I- ,. Anothler 'ii{a ice irrestie Aim. attentio I a sh,)It and I) it ,qr ft A* repf-eiv6 f-- h
,~~~a.I' 1 A I ."I t'Ia~ .). r.M fine that ln+ln t ,,r e ~ t o ,
"- I r.'I (too >l f" v --o 1 *, )e. '+ ,ild tr) :M r ; "ezpo" v th "t.-a G. v,-, n fin t r c'ivei" little 4 i iifhint c m 'nra L
,friend on tho ,tvxii~l) rv I,e -P pr.,oe' vulv t1n
vi'e'-r..k '?-. N\ ,i.,rr.i i c .:ilzl a II ft uurs I w .1 q :" ... v -... + tively here, .inti here she. s shi, -p/ Il^ qiiv-
lie a'dr t.,! 1. I, i- .|l- > '{pn .iovw rrt'erred tI'll b '' rth sl'le A&'t'1? t' L r' ,v-1,,'^ .' ,,,"1' 1 e rried is, eri'n1n --'1-1 ', t,,nv- rj.> n cer'ilt,>.rpthpr
'-If-1' 1 i 1i- t At I ',vI Iv a )r-v-.,*v-i ter hi, r nenan ,ie ot he inierrin.Xe,.-Y ,, ,.-, while ole irt irinNew Y-,r'<:, ..... ri e-- eive= early "
vlfI ,}t el,,'i l .1.i 1r >. .- t Mhron nff.eter hv r ^ *'**l' I. "i 1'1' '" ... r '. 11 ;a,1i ., 11 li,,i tle,; Oip li)w T hot+1nis bil
). 1*) I vt[V "li s) ;l I i',1 ")i ar. Irr: t e lo w i n, {u.lttlr~al i _c',les ls, ex+ his ptg iO W s" ,p(.. Pt,.,,,v ard t ts h e iM p1.o
C'.ra :. ,'. -":tl "I- vi' ia' ," + -'i. rt1- e' L. p !g'. i c+ nrr. e arid thfl~i, 10t heif 4iitt ~ t,,
-4;d it i" ' "' '""+- leoltitha -r l ,n +~ .-f 1h i them o t his, ..., atlbA .; -lr "i "ro j-iti. "lete es r
Wt> t ') i t, It i.t le b ii I I l tter, i I ) 1 I I .
MeAU, ndj i;" f -Ii el eie hp vwtq held iidl r['l .' 1' .j"- iarirnnt laatii'-i of' the *e' tl i the i|ifprir. It'
Oh.,( W..'; 4.'l,'w ioed i -th++ Is| of -tig't, Z! 1810, al1ilenl W ide 4- 1 -N 4d .a -i n,,rtr CK, a-i I e eet; -ire c r-,n;lv conaid,-red hv lhie
- ._, AS'^ ire l :-- .,z ,d, ,,,uicy 1rev 1n1mnZ' 1114 ,, 1. ,,,,,t 1 1n1't ,,co.1,)+, tr*t, e nixr I velvet ,n,'th I tl I '
I t -1 .1 z.. If RoUnev Cr. ithe~s er l.i i-'y p iLv c yvu i! thevyd' rot ris,- en '
It;, Of fil 0- 16 I r '1 eih v o vi N,,)rth, w c;i '-)t:it by her h -z.... +"i ie- ,nd
Uni'lel ;rli,- C l- 'l, hv, tlhe i. hl l it o ,hd Ie! :" + w -i i and r..1,tt're thert r oi l Yi thi-. + ,ni- ,,,1, ('(-I* req, -I fI..-.i 'I IV ,I I'le ;'1ahiLitv thev have lle;,' "h e 1. o 1x" Jr' r 1i'r re., i rn.pitiotli 4il< H AMERICANUS..
.r .-ir,-I Il. A h I 1 t'nfi t di, 'r of* hiso(- e re ,,ir -e- off 1 e 10,v lh -ee. (inlv he' do.
hep led to give to i>ii-r ihildre n wealth acd c rn-
IN"lil Hl'l~,.. ,,* ')1,' p,| wil ,i, % 1%, a ,a merchant. th 1C nit.. -i ,-,:.; .k T- n s., nri:i_ ,.- .......
1',11i f.h > i Ivi I C I i~ ir'i n -11 i iIpat-ablish 111rls. N if re h.us dlineIar m orle 14 !1.; th tn for LI-"l m e I 4. 1317 n .-" ] T
d *J *. ou. N ...rh r -. r.. r>.-., .)qt t ..v. h ikh r.ded
Tr A 1 1 '1 T 'I- ;eI N -v YjA k Ot iv e CI)M i K 1 T A -4 1111EW Pr A NY -D itrP I. th e pas
+ +|,:"Ii.... I.. t.% Ih +..- ...> ..:... ,. h r e:,e-.. .^ v ,t* w.',ve '*rlaidere .+d C) :m^t^r JN *''N P~ -Dr. te~s
-^ .. .. .i l ^ I1- .ii = 1i' fh" CHU >1.1 II n he, :T 1' n r _. h -. e f eo~ a a. ^^ ^ "pn "d ,~? ..p
.1 -,r- i .- I e.-. -, -,ct i- week, tht- ir^ssi .rt.nI.l fill .tt,,n it r ,pt ha e,,rn-.
I.w lie U ,t,i. I .ra ,-s III hi,, ; t .ni -ou ltrv Wil, he f l, el, ."Y l ,- - infe. ,vith, .IrtpJ ;ev-ritv,, and -h'isi,,ess ,,p,.-
--<,. ,maertlly i'cle' I-' .' ike I: t O" r exatnAe.. the "tiate-of G:eorgia..va, V s raition, iii eiwseq'-ie ce, art- setiO sly lImpeded, hI
4+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ilalli Of... 'l I, i I"f$,. Ir. ..+t. he', r IFS;I( nowi!_ l i:; 'l l:l ll c )' I+[re A tI) her I T ie B tn ',s h av-e nplth i-r dis e)n t~ed,' ,,,r lalke wr II
*-^. .i ,, : ... 'North en l-I I i.,r cpn, eo -:to(.>r I r. ,"* r R-. ]. ItxrhI .' I, Ith I wt- ivyonI r rl hntinto p-irt' rhefli)estlater,ovwvrii,the-worldw iifh arg- bil-ini". which thev hold' in thP Eti-rn
y ,'- ov. ti'ri pA [ il> .'1 am it I ,, I ir.l-r tfhe wir effle- *[ii+ it he converted to a tiwisan- i-efu[ plirI) .jeg, clie_ his ztar of thing.- h-is arisen entirely
-..." nlv I cirr" nut fil I y i a[L wed tO-t listrtir Iti[,der r,,ctby t > it-lcti. i- frotn trp r oci i (ip i l operattion- of the (Goverilni ont, I
0 i'yfeir.alll. of Ij, -.tf It. 11. ,i-l -21.11 ,iir- litween ,i-l. I he .had fi'ery i,,i the:Savauiah river is .viiir'h, hilstead of s--ndill- o,11 furis. (t) ineet t'h-
." N,-w::York I,.;-,,,, vi C,,v+ ri, T,,thri) ,- yen h rn'ie a o,,,,e ^,iir^ .... o ,,,.'..... heaiv de ifl.| fior th- expi,,ses f the 11; ihvp h
:. .*- ln,.vnurI'rlMid '.er'+ sel n'i ,-wfra +'ljeiptioi fr + f. r o, fnw M.-iine .0, .-r +, n;f iri s e onr,+,';II:';':I ci. o lv .h',)ri^!*, ih-r' |is .iaB.irri, d.+esits f-, eC,leP ,,n
Now "v- ." o eiri ... .v. .nlM .ollts-ul ofa Iwo. onll'v1 a s'41

-..the er ier-, .re have i)|peir're In. initli` firid-t( s ot thVe Onfi'ie l j shed in l- i, o d w e Whl|.,)ed to ,Iexieo, by w ;le h tneans the eofvcit.
yo. ohal t 2h r, 41i'te-v and tinn, s wtt which c titin e po, :bee ,,i..,ve villal not |n ike ,he el- Iible re-s.,rces of our eelm ied irisliitUtions have, fr r
van have di'rirzed ,,,>nr ,,hfie41 dnties,-ynrr lhrtt, -heele rch by d.-vel,)piu>,< the aclural theI imnnt, b-'ur iyri.,-ldy crippled The' Seere-, )
s. *_ de,,,r-tn,.nt in rrvtf lif. aid voir Ilp tn| Pn. re,.,ure- Ii our p iw." t.ry."f !le [re,is'ry will find..t more econo)i.ical

d=c" '~ rt -ll~ -c .' npc t, h. "i ve _i d A.\ ,ti r i.ril d', I cn n-areeah ,b rb rn -toJ" t-he :'tIl d" "" -*pa f f0" ++ on "u B i;
o .-,*.* Ihem to fee[ m'I. h i'iterejl ini v,,nr ,>el'.on,il wp|. enPr_.iiP ,i .I the portiO *)i >.ir' > ,It e. le wn > wil i s ,^1'1i' :h l tll la CO']iridi of it n dllhcml eth i~lyt t irh

Sfar< '. I" "I tik i'l^o ..utve,1;^^^ K i i' n^
.... The beP..ficiail results, both cmmmercjal and tae rs at the uuth : termiw i.r^. "*h^ ro in o d wa U ^ S^e +tt++xs wh^ <+te+e=

Drugs & -Tlelecine".1'
T-ME )s-,isci ibet.r hda; jnsi rtfeiuved prretceriC
ahrivaN, liore NPe Yutk','a ilffl-and com-
plete srotck, r!.|,i-iiig in | art, Sul]ph'. Mq ui-
nifle, Hvd. de Pltaii', ('aui.Iic Ptasa.4 ,'olncine,
Milrrateandi~ Sniplli. ,,f M,,rlphine, Luil(r'C~au~tic,
Chih file ol GIold and Shumim, 'CaLhMe,.Jalap,
lpi Io, >dine. Ihuibjrb, Piilvr. avid.AEinol. Sen-
na, Ep.somI Salt-, Bal'ln Leaves, :iastnr Oi-li
Scidlit-.z P,,del.i, -"(.da P-, ,der,, Sulp.ern, flowei+
and role, C,,ilt-ra Sl)ipt-ifT, AI6m, Aloes.,
Cplirid and Crb oIpl NMJr iv.a, Cin- CN'fmibof,
.Flax Seed, B.,r.ix. .Ms.i a large suppTy .of as.
."t, ed l'(-la.i \\'re, alnd a gerer assa,,mt of"
-e,--'ortm n
all artic.,."a i ilihe Drug lii ne. Fi-"gr sai:bi
JuHe:13H- EL.
Congress WVater,',
IN nints :id >|ii.o[l jiist eri-voe -t-'sale by
Jitne 1 H.E .,,BeL,.

A L.ARGF 1. i, 1-1 asei ted sizes,.'3&t retedr
and fo r .a le b ? ':
Jie I '- H. F. ABELL.
P. ianaeao. .
OUCK ind SW A I NI'S PRandaeajuat received
alld f..r stile by '
Junle 12 H.F.,..
uoa-l,.nin a t mdy 'b ,
DEAP.,'S t-lir.fiell E-siieC ol .J-tnarhind
Ca',idx, .I |-i received and +or &y- *4
Junp -2 H. -^~ A
B- ilcy's T "ia'. iTiich'_ :
,'I'^[-S _s ,., v. I,, .1 c,,l ro,,,,,,i~id.',;+p .C of
r C,,,'i.,a 1 ,iI -R1 ra. a- ir~d l i ib l ie rl'uge'
for the 'nire "1f Fever and Ague.'..... vdtb.y
J-,i ,e 12 ,. H.'-F,.A.'J LI;.

Per teprmer Alb uny--B+ S Hawley. lahdyi child
arid -,,rv%,i, w,. r,> L ,r yon4 and child, JoIhn Milligan.
Capit H Douglas, Jot-eph Irviu....
LIVERPOOL--qPer hr, Q,eed-=4,680 bales
cot torn.. .
NEW YORK --Per Ship Marv PhiflliPS+l^44
baPrs co ,tim n
Pfr schr Octavia--319 b-tleP. coiton.
N'EW OLLANS--Pel SIhr Oregon-.160 bales
Per A-,eaintr Boston-304 bales c"ffin Io.\olacly
x- Kinlilronhli; 19 to W G Porter & Co;- 91to [ar-
peer' "Z, Holin
P'armsteamer Albany--16 bales cotton to'B Elli.-
son V C.o; 4 to W G Porie-.r & Co

L_ 1


'V+Ji v ,p er'i r to"
June- 2 "a 1-im ... *.. ^;
"+--- *1 ; :" -s all







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. =o ; "',. -

.. .._

S L--. .

- p --

AMll ENr'IV T -'-T-T' -P-1 ('-: c,) S'IT I.TION
0o ,r4 a Sii srA- rE Ou F IF ,4 -9-1iA),AL
-.. -\ "* ASSEM BLY. ...

.in c.dso to' amend the. Constitution of this
State as to extend to all fee white male in-
habitants, bring citizens of he "United States,
whoshall have.resided within this State one
year, the elective franchise.
SEC I' ON i Be:t enacted by 'the Senate and
-, Ho 'se ofRepreventati es of the State'of Flo-
rida in :General Assembly conveyed, That the.
first clause of the sixth article of the Constitution
be so amended as follows, viz: Every free white
male person of the age -of twenty-one years and
upwards, andwho shall be, at the time of offer-
in, to vote, a citizen of the United States, and,
wfio shall have resided and- hadl his-habitation,
domicil, homeland pltae of permanent abode int
Florida., ior one year next preceding the election
at which he shall offer to vote, and who shall, at
such time and for six months immediately prece-
ding-, Qi. time, ha-ve had his habitationr,'domicil,
home and place of permanent abode,.-in thb courn-
ty in which he- may offer to vote, shall be deemed
a qualified voter at all elections under- this Con-
ititLtion and none others, except ,in elections -by
general -ticket in the Sate or Distri' t prescribed
by law., in which casgs, -the elector must have
been a resident of the State one year next prece-
ding the election, and .six months within the
election district in which he offers to vote : Pro-
vided, That no soldier, seaman or marine in the,
regular Army -or Navy of tha United States, un-
less he were a qualified elector of this State pre-
vious to his enlistment as such soldier, seaman or
marine in the Re-,l br Army ori Navy. of the
i United States, or of the revenue service, shall be
considered a resident of the State in consequence
'o being stationed within the same.
Passed.Senate, December 1, 1846.
D. H. MAYS, President Senate.
H. AncRER, Secretary Senate.
Passed House, December 16, 1816.
ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps.
:, M. D.-PAxPy, Clerk.
4 An Alct to artend the Constitution of this State
so as to make the-sessions of the General As--
g : sembly biennial instead of" annual.
SEC'rTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
$' House of Representatives of the State of Flo-
rida, in General Assembly convened, That the
; second clarse of the fourth article of the Constitu-
tion of this State be so amended as to read as fol-
3. lows, viz: 2d. The members of the House of
Representatives shall be chosen by the qualified
voters, and shall serve for the term of two years,
from and after the day of the first election under
5, the amended Constitution, and no longer; and
the sessions of the General Assembly shall be
biennial, and commence on the fourth Moiday in
PNovember, in each and every second year, or at
g such other times a may be prescribed by law.
0 Sec. 2 Be it further enacted, That the Ihird
o clause of the fourth article of the Constitution be
" amended so that the same shall read as-follows:
o3d. Thai the Representatives shall be chosen on
the first Monday in the month of October, in each
0 and every second year, from and after the first
election under-this amended Constitution, or on
0 -sach other day as maybe directed by law.
Sec. 3. Be it fIrther enacted, That the fifth
0 clause of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
read as follows, viz-: The Senators shall be c4ho-
g -sern by the qualified electoral, for the term oftoutr
pears, at the same time, in the same manne', and
0 in the same place where they vote for members
of the House of Representatives; and no person
g shall be a Senator unless he be a white man, a
citizen of the United States,, and shall have-been
0 an inhabitant of this State for two years next pre-
ceding his election, and the last year a resident
0 of the district or county for which he shall be
chosen, and shall have attained the age of twenty-
o five years.
See. 4. Be it further enacted, That the sixth
0 clause of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
read as follows, viz. The classification of Sena-
g tors, as made at the first session of the General
Assembly held in the year 1845, shall continue
g unchanged; one half of whom, as nearly as possi-
ble, shall be chosen forever hereafter biennial)
0 for the term of four years: Provided however
and it is hereby declared, that the term of office(
0 of that class of Senators unexpired at the first
election "under the amended Constituticn, shall
o extend to, and expire on, the first Monday ir
October, eighteen hundred and fifty.
0 Sen. 5. Be it further enacted, That the firs
election for Assemblymen, under this amended
1 Constitution, shall take place on the first Monda'
g in October, eighteen hundred and forty-eight
S and the fi&At session of-the General Assembly, un
der this amended Constitution, shall commence on
to the fourth Monday in November, in the yea
eighteen hundred and forty-eight.
Sg Passed Senate, December 22, 1946.
D. H. MAYS, President of Senate.
to H. ARCHER, Secretary of Senate.
Passed House of Reps.., Dec. 29, 1846.
to ,- ROBERT BROWN, Speaker He. Reps.
-M. D. rPAP, Clerk House Reps.
to0 March 13, 1847. 9-6m

Charles Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
Water street, ,
'dec 12 A1alachicola, Fia
C.. A. GREEN-. C.-II.,CosrEa.
Green &; ,onicry,, .. .
No. 36, Water street.
Pelican Mutual lnsurance- New York.
C-lHAS. A. GREEN.' ent.
Dee 5 No. 36 Water street.

S aX'a(ffo. C~i tor's Saile. I
'o[ -1",;I.,, I'8,r -iil.- i>..-i,.r'e- ,- C ., i l .,u se
,,.r^ -rn '.i *: / I-,'in j! "*I III fi *t%,1:OT
day iu J uily thet, I e t:, il.. v pv: l .rI, .riN ,uit ted
-in Se' 7i l t.' ,f St Joseph. Ar 1 1 ',101 t ,wre,,i, as
will pay "t-he tate and Coli-ity TaX ,oi the iame
'for f(Re ear 184O: 6
11 Lots uiniirproved valued at $50, purporting
to belong to R C Allen's estate.
"..Lot unimproved, valued at $59, purport ing
t fobelonr to Robert Armstrong.
ilsot .unimprove., valued at $.:),-purporting
to BIelong to F G Arott.
-"*_-.-L-a;e-imaproved, vatbied at $5-), purporting'.to
":belong to R Beveridge's estate.
4AAL D unimproved, valued at 5,'1), purporting
.7,- =to b'[ohI to A B Blckwell's estate.
1 Lot improved, value' at $20,) pnrporting to
belong to George Clark. .
2 Lots irMop.roved,' valued at $1.00), npurportingto,
belong to Wm Cromwell.
1 Lots unimproved, valued at $5'), purporting
to belong to J N Copeland.
3 'Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to R K Call.
31 Lots unimproved, valued at $290, purporting
to belong to Win P Crii.i
-3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50,, purporting
to belong to d Cohl Ut.
2 Lots unimproved, valued ut 5Sy),'purporting
to.b-lofig to ColqUit & Grant.
'2 Lo-tti unimproved, value-. at "$.3, parpoating
_'Wbto long to \Vni B Duvall. .
3 Lots unimproved, valued at .:1), purporting
to belong to D W Dohois.
2 ts un improved, valued at :5"), purporting
to belong to John E [:fly[.
2 Lots unrimproved, valuedl it .$5), purporting
-to belong to John D'rriek.
20 Lots unimproved, valued at 1..)1)1, pjrInorting
to belong to Jofin G Ganible.
8 Lots unimproved, vilued it $l,:), purportfng
to belong to F G -ibonu's etite.
2 Lots unimproved, valued ai z610, pirportin-r
to belong to E G Green,.vool..
I -Lot improved, vaheled at $50, purporting to
b e l o n g t o J a m e s G o s l i n f . .
6 Lots unimproved, valued at $80, purporting
to belong to Robert Gamble.
2 Lots improved, valued at $100, purporting to
belong to Ed.vard Hardin's estate
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $51-1, purpoting
to belong to S K Hodges.
I Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to William Holland. o -
7 Lots unimproved, valued at 050, pnrpeft-ing
to belong to A K Hill.
I Lot unimproved, valued at .$50, purporting tc
belong to B S Haw ley.
1 Lot.unimproved, valued at 550,-purporting to
belong to H B Inman.
2 Lota unimproved, valued at $10, purporting
to belong toG C S John-;on,.
7 Lots improved, valued at $3001,parporting t6
,. belong to John Jenkins' estate.
SLot unimproved, valued at tLOO, purporting
to belong to Seaborn Jones.:',
I Lot unimproved, valued at $3)0, purportingIto
belong to Jones &. Bass.
I Lot improved, valued at .$51), purporting t(
belong to J Kinney's estate.
I Lot improved, valued at t$21), purporting to
-&belong to J P Locke. .
I Lot improved, valued at $.50, purporting -t(
belong to Doctor Lang.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Abraham Low.
5 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purportiug
to belong to P Lathrop. I -
1 Lot improved, vatuad at $50, purporting to
belong to C McEhran.
9 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Win P Malone. '
I Lot unimroved, valued at 50, purporting to
belong to Thomas More. --
i Lot improved, valued at $5?3, purporting ti
belong to Daniel Munn.
I I Lor unimproved, valued at $50, purporting t
belong-to J Ninnenger.
I Lot improved, valued at tl:'i, purporting t,
belong to \Vm Patrick.
2 Lots unimproved, value.l at $50, purportin!
to belong to George Poe, jr."
2 Lots unimproved, -valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Judge Pope. -
I Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting t
belongto WInD Price.
"-o2 Lots improved, valued at $100, purporting t

belong to Isaac Robinson.
2 Lits improved, valued at.$50, purporting t
belong to F A Ross.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purportin
'-'to belong to A Ryan.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at 55), purportin
- to belong to WVm Rowlett.
" 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purportin
-: to belong to Reegan,. Colquit & Grant.
,-s 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting t
=belong to Roberson &. Everett.
2 Lots unimproved, value-d at ,i|5, pur-portin
to belong to Phineads Randall.
"1 Lot improved, valued arT-$50, purporting t
/< belong to George St Clair.
I: Lot improved, valued at $50,- purporting t
d "belong to R M Stewart's estate.-. -
Lot unimproved, valued'at $100, purporting t
belong to Hamilton Smith.,i
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, pur p0itin
to belong to George Stewart.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at .$Y'j, purporting <
... belong to J Sweete. -
"1 Lot unimproved, value.] t $.200, purporting
-. .. to belong to Wgaiter Thompsoni.
.8 Lots improved, valued at 2,0ii, purporting 1
Belong to E J Wood's estate..
S2:Lotts improved, val,,ed at .200, purporting I
/ _belong; to H ez R-Wood. t "
.,:,' 4 Lots imiproved, valued at $200, purporting (
" belong to Carnot Woodruff.'
" I Lot unimproved, valued at .wi5, purporting l
" ,'" belong to Charles WilsOn: -
.*- Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purport i
tobelone to J D \Vesteott.

8 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purportir
: ....... to belong to P D Woodruff.-
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
belong to William WIat.V ; t
:3 Lots unimnproved, valued at 3tf)':i, purportir
to belong to R W Williafms.
- Lots improued, valued at 'i;l,')';, purporting
belong to John D Gray.
IS\ AC JA CK SOtN, Sheriff
-<':.,; -'- and e T-o axi.:io taX Colleetor.
December 26, 1846"- 49-6m --

IN Franklin Circuit Court.
Arabella E. Hepburn, widow of' ....
Burton Hepburn, deceased,-
-v s. -
Joseph L. Hepburn,-George 0.
Henburn, Annie E. Hepburn
and Caroline B. Hepburn,
heirs at law of Burton Hep-
burn, deceased; Daniel K.,
Dodge; the heirs of John
Peabody, dee'd, whose trus-
tee is Daniel McDougald; /;Bill for -Dwer.
John V. Campbell; Hutdson'
A, Thornton; Nathaniel W.
Thornton;; ;Hines Holt; Sea-
born Jones, John H. Howard,
and Edward Cary, trustees of'.
-[ames P, Calhoun & Charles
L.-Bass, composing the late'
firm of Calhoun &S Bass;,
William Howland; William
Sloan; Duncan McDou- .
gald ; Mordicai Myers, as- *
-signee of George W. Ross,.
abankrupt; Daniel McDou-
gald; Joseph & Lawrence,:-
O'B. Branch; William H.
Brockenbrough and the Bank
df Pensacola,

JLoclhtkrt & Young,,
No. 53 Wate'r street,
nov21 Apalachicola, Fla

Harper &f H6olrl^.,
le'so, .,,
irentsi fr the ..
of the City of .New York,
No.-51' Water street,
Dec 12 Apalachicolat.Fa.

Witn. G.VPorter & Co.
No. 41 Water Street' ,
Dec 5 Apalakbhikola, Fla.

March 2i

T appearing to the satisfaction of the Judge of
this Court, by the affidavit of the Complain'-
ant's Solicitor, that the Defendints hereinafter
named do not reside within the Western Circuit
ot the State of Florida, but within the United
States of America; that is, that the Defendants
Joseph L. Hepbitrn- resides in the State of Texas;
the said George 0. Hepburn in :he State of Mis-
souri ; the said Annie E. Hepbuirn, and Caroline
B. Hepburn, and the said William Howland,
each in the State of New York ; the heirs ot
John P1eabody, deceased, and Daniel McDougald
their trustee|; the said Hines Holt and Seaborn
Jones, John H. Howard and Edward Cary, trus-
tees a Calhoun & BAss; Mordicai Myers, as-
signee of George ^. Ross, a bankrupt, and Dan-
iel McDougald, each reside in the State of Geor-
gia; the said John W. Campbell, Hudson A.
Thornton, Nathaniel M, Thornton and Duncan
McDougald, each reside in the S ate of-Alabama;
the said Joseph Branch and Lawrence O'B.
Branch and William 14. Btockenb'odgh, each re-
side-in the Middle Circtuit of Florida: It is there-
fare ordered, that the said Defendants hereinbe-
fore named, and every of them, d.- appear and
answer the said bill ot complaint, otherwise the
same shall be taken pro confesso against them
and each of them in default : Provided, this order
be published in any newspaper printed in this
Circuit oftee a week for four months from the
date hereof. Dated April 11, 1847.
Judge fo the Western Circuit 61 Florida.
Complainant's Solicitors. 20-4m

'i .

Be, fc-iopir,-- k-
Jan 23 ,.. BAINKihG9E, "GEORGI.A-

F"OR the cure of Dispeps'a or ttndigest.fln,,r-- ..
ious and nervous Headach'be, onstn. otr .-.:
Diarrahcea, Goul, Rheumatism,C'ffaver, e laW,-._6
lency, &c. For sale %holesale retailaie, by, *'
Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN, t ig.D -

Tarrant's CompOumd' Extraq"
Cubebs-and CopaniOW-1. wp-g
.< efficacy; it performs a cure'
in a few dayv9--ho '66696ne'.
meant or resrtiichon-ia-'pO' -'
E/ ^^HBL isa n8Iecessary'. Vlwl,'6
found invaluable, being, pre1 "_
y pared kith the' eote "
possible care, .-pePn-.wU *4.6 "
tested principles,, f. loep _
upon that importph ai* I
first established by *re cel.--
^QSS, t ebrated Dr. Fordyc*vTiX: .-
,t that combinalion ofsia-- _
iaT 4reme:dies wnbld pr'odfice 'a O'Dre-.ftain,
speedy, and 'onsnderable efrect,-:tbanlfw-y'^qriva- -'-'-l
lent dose of any sigle one.' I bian.y-."ases, the_.. .-
disease is entirely p i teea by its tfmei app.i -i
cation. / For sale by '
Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN,.Drnia^i. "


Edward MclICly :
Office No. 50, Water street(,
.. fti' 6 6 .... Apalachicola, Fa.

0.- I An]rortlkv-.
Cotton bought onorder.. .
Refers to'' :
J. O. DNoiri, r^ S O'rlians." -
J. G. DumAP I- '
Messsrs. WY-Lc &, MCKENziE,: i,,,:,,-, 1.
J. S. HUTcHiNsoN, JA a-l -ca.

Dr, A. W. Chapman,
Ot- Office over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawv-y;
(e *ranee on Chestnut street.) Residenee atthe
B6ouse lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
January 10, 1846. 2-tf
W. G. 1q. DsaiD
Oi4rs his services to the public in either of the
above capacit&es.
He will practice iegularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and JacksonCircuit Courts'-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He Willalso,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals'at TalleahS-
see, the sessions'of whichne will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident;
ApalachicoIa, September 8, 1846.


In District Court of the United
States, for the Northern Dis-
trict of Florida.
Daniel N. McLean, and
others, owners of the
steam boat Augusta-,
vs. Libel for Collision.
The Steam Boat Eufaula,
her tackle, apparel and
N OTICE is he-eby given to all whom it may
concern, that by virtue of an attachment
warrant of arrest, issued in the above catio-e, I
have seized and taken the above mentioned Steam
Boat Eufaula her tackle, apparel and fur liture,
t'o ailswer to the libel fled therein, for damnaes
for a collision, in a cause civil and maritime.-
That the said process i,4 returnable before the
District Court of the United States for the North-
ern District of Florida, at the Clerk's office of
-said Court, in the city of Apalachicola, on the
third Monday (17th day) of May, instant, at 10
A. M., at which time and place the said cause
is to be heard.
Dated at Apalachic6la, this 15th day of May,
in the year 1847. ROfBER r MYERS,
U. S. Marshal.
by H. R. TAILOR, D. DM
May 22, 1847. 19-tf

M1. ag. Tatylor,
No. 22 Water-street,
sept-2 ly Apalachicola.

CANADIAN V E RK.1J11 l r 'U l '*
The reinedy to which we would call thee ijt'e"
tion olfllie public, is one whicbp has...jroyed sItIN
cessfil ior d long lime; and it is universally' a--
knowielged by all who. have tri-.ir,td be-1FAR7 .
SUPERIOR to any other. nwedwiri-eypr yj^^9, .,
tn di'ea.o for which.' lis-rggomi~ntehal. Ityd.61_' -
,nlv destroys \VORWftT. 1W JfrGOT ATES .
THE WHOLE SYSITE$Ni4t1-1 dissolve, itd-& "
eqrrips off Ihe supenLhundanf.slime, q dWsctzO. "
BOWELS OF CHILDREN, "hore-'espeq__ jr _L'
those in bad healh-h^ShW i, chucus forms.
or nest in which VW.-s produce their jpwn-, IV. ,'-
and b% remov iii it, I ttis impossible mor id op lu
remain in the body. It is har riless-iPoftm s
on Ihe system, and Ihe health of..'thA0X'.fl4.._
alwaysimproved by it- use, even whenj,4f,
are discovered. "' 1 .' "
The Canadian Vermifuge is *onl]'25*tet.,;'.'
battle and is much noreeasily admin s Alreii Iy.
blher. J "
Prepared only by JOHN WMER & t 29"fe
Mmaden Lane, New Yorh ,.. .. .*
H...F, AE r gh 1' -gi
Jan 9, foApalach~ttila. ^
The Gn'eat Canadian: Remey.' -4
OF HOREHOUND ELECA'M ..N.,4".-:'4.. -=.
Unrivalled for Ihe cute of Coughs, Colds, 1,,,flf '.*
Cpilting of Flood, W hooping Cough, Djfli'e. ': ,-
ty of Breathingi Pleurisy, Cibsutsfmi ; *'1 ...'.,
and all Diseasesofihe Lungs. -;1 ,..:.; -_
Bronchitis, a disease that is sweelipg-" h ---..---'/
sands lo a premature grave under 'the ,-ame- 't,. *-
Consumption, can be cured byuting--this -'
cine. i'-- ^ft --=
For several years past, Ihis medicine has been '
in use in Canada, where it has become uni'vetsal-
ly known, and is considered the best' medicine
in use for all pulmonary disease., The great
success %hieh has attended its use ip that.col- .
iry, and the many truly wonderful cures. whiKh :-.
have been effected by it, has iFAjuced theproptlel' ...
tors to introduce it -Inc the (fnited&S&ate-. oi-. f
fident of its being the most safe and valn'blef'o ] .6
med ever discovered, and adapted to all dishes. '
of the !ungs, when any of the functions "do n'S--?
perf'orm their natural or haslylaction, e'e f.ig .,-.
most grateful ai.r soolhir g" "jpflif.ce-'.j rrte;^'.'
fnnct iovns f- the-:bfi' s eYst e'fi- 'dim InSi-"I
citement wie-n -excessive, allayingf-.r-r'it'a io ..
sorenessand pain, and s9Leedij' i'r -t 1imgretie '^.
ed vigor and elasticty o'tbl- whole Raffaie -f.-
PrePared and- sold, wholesale ad -retail, by-1-
JOHN WINER & Co., ii3-Maiden .at],-]S-e :
York, soie proprietor for the Uhi'ed Slats'.," _'
q!IF. ABEL'L,.LAg'e-t"- .
Jan 9 .. for ApUalascola .. '.--!

Francis Kopman,
`*V Tr s.klvA.k-TD 'AtPn RTAlL. DEALIZA Utf
_octl Che.tnul=-Street, Apalachicola, Fla..
d. R. WOOD.
Woodl & Co&
No. 2 Columbus Building,
Oct. 31. Apalachicdla

A. <^. Semnmns,
03- Office, JVo. 2 Capt.. Simmon's Building,
cor. of Centre & CoMmmerce streetM.
ri6v5 Apalachicola, Fla.
H. E. Owens,
CLkvYTd4, BaiBonir county Alabama..
April 29, i846. 2--tf

0. ilCL1stim &b Co. .
No. 45 Water Street,
Oct. 24. Apalachicola, Fa.

Joln Bilbo,
W" ILL practice in the several Courts of the
South Western Circuit, and Thomast and
-Stewait counties.
Aug-.5,1845.- 31-tf

Fraiiklin Circiuit Court,
Charles Barnarnd, Abel"
Adams, George W.
Barnard and Charles
Larkin, Merchants, Attachment.
trading underthe firm .Sumsworn to$4543 90.
of Barnard, Adams Damages $9000.
& Co."
John Dill.
T HE Defendant and all others interested, will
J-take notice of the institution of the above-
suit by attachment, returnable to the December
Term, 1847, of Franklin Circuit Court, and will
appear and plead thereto, according to law.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Apalachicola, kpril 13, 1947. april17 14-4m
It Chtancery---Circuit Court of
Jackson County.
Alexander H. Simmons, .
vs. [ Bill to enforce vendor
William McDaniel, and lien"nland.
Benjamin F. Newsom.J
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that
Benjamin F. Newsom a defendant in this bill,
is a resident of the United States, but a non-resi-
dent of the State of Florida. It is ordered, and
the said defendant is hereby required to appear
and answer, otherwise the complainant's bill shall
be taken pro contesso.
Judge of the Western Circuit of FloriJa.
I certify that the above is a true copy from the
original order filed in my office., Given under
my hand and seal of office, this 27th day of Jan-
uary, A. D. 11847.
February 27, 1847. 7-4m

Ji. C. Alien
Wholesale and Retail Dealei in
GLASS, BRUSHES, &c., &c.
q general assortment of
:cor. of Chesnut & Commerce streets,
Dec 4 Apalachicola, Fla.

LUMBER [NSPECTOR.-The undersigned,
having been appointed Inspector o. Lumber
for the County of'Franklin, offbrs-his services to
the public in that capacity, and 'will attend to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.
March 22. 1845.

B. S. Hlawley,
No. 28 Water. street,
Dee 5 Apalachicola, Fa.

A^fminiatcatotra Notices#

Avery &k Jones,
No. 43 Water street.
Dee 5. Apalachicola, Fa.

State Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
will expose at-phublic sale, for cash, before
the Court House door in the town of Marianna,
on the first Monday in July, the following pro-
perty, or so much thereof, as will pay the Taxes
due thereon, for the year 1846, viz:
2819 acres oft2nd rate Land, lying and being
in Jackson county-Nos. not known-to be sold
as the property of the estate f A. B. Blackwell.
316 acres of 1st rate Land belonging to R C.
Ad:ims, lying on the Chattahoochee river-Nos.
not known-to be-sold for the Taxes due for the
year 1846., "
-, 80 acres of 2nd rate Land belonging to the es-
tate of John McKay.
320 acres of 2nd rate Land belonging to Peter
GW. autier, Jr.

- 136 acres of 1st rate Landbelonging to William
King9-Nos. not known. =
500 acres of Land belonging to Henry O'Neal-
Nos. not known.
Sheriff and ex-officio Tax Collector.
Marianna, March 31st, 1847. aprillO 13-ts

N" OTICE-Six months after date, I will apply
to the Hon. Judge of Probates tor Franklin
County for a fnal discharge from the Adminis-
tration of: the estate of 'Dnald Campbell, late of
said county, deceased. .
Apalacphicola, June 5, 1847. 21-6nf
N- OTICE---Six months -after publication" oif
this notice, application will be made to the-:
Hon. Judge of Probates for Jackson county, for-a
final settlement-of the' administration of the, es-
tate of Samuel N-..Spears, deceased, late of said."
county. ELIZA SPEARS* .
February 14, 1857. 5-6m' Administratrix. ,;

J. II. & J. 11. H lull,
No. 48 Water street, -

B. Ellison & Co.,
24 Water street
Jan 23 Apatlachicola, Fa.

E. J. Hardin,
:j.0- Oifice, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
Jan 16 Apalachicola. Fa.

Roberts, Allen & Cos,-
And Manufacturers of Tin, Iron,, and Cop-
per- Wares.,
Dec 19, -Apalachicola, Fa.

Franklin Circutit Court.
D. K. Dodge, )
James C. Watson, et al.)
D. K. Dodge, _
vs. Bill for Partition.
D. McDougald, et. al. .I
G EORGE W. ROSS having filed a petition on
the22d April, 1846, praying to have a cer-
tain amount of tuoney ow in Court, belonging to
defendants, appropriated to the payment of his
fees as the Counsellor and Solicitor of said de-
fendants-; and the matter having been-referred to
me as Special Master i-n Chancery to actand re-
port upon the same, after having given 30 days
notice by publication in the papers. It is there-
fore ordered that said Gedrge W. Ross, the defen-
dants Watson, McDougald, et. al, and all others
interested to appear before me in the "city of
Apalachicola on the seventh (7th) of April next,
then and there topresent or defend their respec-
tive claims, &c. '
Special Master in Chancery.
Apalachicola, March 6, 1847. 8-5t:
fo- The hearing of the above 'matter is post-
poned until Friday, the 16th inst.
Apalachicola, kpril 10, t847- 13-lt
'k:- The hearing of the above, matter is post-
poned until the 30lh June next.- .
Apalachi4;oh, April 24, 1847. t15-2r-

Balsam of L rver-wnr~t'. ;"'" *-,-,
A REMEDY most perfect isfit[(f-be.^7
discovered in settled. Cohbsum pti-u",.q". l
Complaint, or any of I heir-incipi eint 'ABtfptosi.-
on the Chrono-Thermal system, by'`tNfe u(se-
Doctnr TAYLOR'S celeb'rated medicin).-'t. -
Genuine RALSAM OF L IVVBwORT1, Wh iswbirip-
pares at 375BOWERY. Thisplaitfffre : [In
now espoused by several eniinen't ph.isitrI's, is- '"
and has been for a long ti-e."'theaecre'.It -fthe"
unparalleled success which.has aat 'e'.nd Pa.tor.-.-
Faylor's medicine in performinhn-. Ts won -l-4'.-
curps, which in memo', veryv.;naBSa casesW IiavW-.
been ;lmopot incredible, b._u'tv-the'bfl istwprofe;-." "_
the Doctor can bring forward are ir-r-esis.i'b^-anc dl
we advise a.1l who mav have-cou-gU ,-rt- -toj1 :.
coldp even, to use this perfect rspecifir-awrtou-f. /1ip
delav. "Franklin..ays a samial leakav-i'fl-lm V.
bia ship." Therefore, cure nyour. cous-bfre''-
your lungs are past cure. For-salehy. -, .^'.'^'
J. C. ALIEN, Sofej cntm
CAIJTION-The geTiOie'BD6fdkrii.-'T --, i t
BALSAM OF LrvERwo.RP,!"+aS 6rrth e [" -"
:?Dlendid- steel plate ernra-ving, t"e"Weowifiulio;_.&'-*_,
terfeit aiznenPd byv Grd, i .rdlJ I J. l0di&.3r.' -v i'-.#-.
vile andTlarmerous imitaftion9,3'n M^^4bf^^
caulind nnt to urchase.-or deal in- -Kt 1 -A
prolert.ed b, .tlM T..-Qp ij ;---. ^^
M ro e 0 1P46. "?-Jy -.*-**"

.' .=

State of Florida.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
shall expose for sale before the Court House
door, in the city of Apaiachicola, Franklin coun-
ty, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of October
-next, at the usual hours of sale, so much of the
lands lying opposite the city of Apalachicola, and
known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining, as
will be sufficient-to make the sum of Three Hun-
dred and Seventy Dollars and costs, for the
amount of the State Taxes due from- the Apa-
lachicola Land Company on the additional quan-
tity of assessable lands lying in tifis county, and
liable to Tax for the year one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-five.
and ex-officio Tax Collector for Franklin Co.
Apalachicola, April24, 1847. 15-6m

_Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in me bylaw,- I
'M iall on the first Mondtav in) Jul'y nextexpose
[ for sale before the Court House do6r, in the cou-n-
ty of Calhoun, the following described propertIy,
orgo much thereof'as will pay the State "and
--County Taxei due thereon for the year 1846:-
7000.acres third -rate land, purporting-to belong
to John D. Gray-numberq not known..
' ,..-,. ISAAC JACKSON, Sheriff,-
and ex-0fficio Tax Collector, C.AC.
January 2, IS47. 1-6m

Sians ,A Cleever,
Office No. 24 Water street.
decl2 Apalachicola, Fla.
W0oo0 Ballou,
Otice No. 42 Water street.-Up-stairs.,,
Jan 16 Apahclcicola, Fa,


Peter's Vegetable Antibillious
AFRESH supplyjust received and for sale by
April 17, H. F. ABELL.

A SUPERIOR article'6f Mafig Ink,' just re-
t*i- ed and for sale by '7 n' j r
Feb -27 J. 'ALLEN.

For Sale,
1mn( RBLS. FLOUR; .5)) bls. Whiskev;
1.00 50 hblh. Molassei; 20 hhds Suevr.
Just landed from schooner, Ann, and or; sale
,low, for eash, bv -
March -27 NOURSE, STONE & CO.
H ATSJand Caps by te.rLeQISNqrcash by

2 1200 Ibs. Platform Scales;
2 1600 Ibs. c do.
2 1600 lb. Beams, complete for cotton weigh-
-ing- For sale by -

"C REAM TARTAR and" Tamarin-ds, just re-
ceived and for eale by 2
Afril 17 H.. F. ABEL,

00- May be found at his. residenceV' & n4e6r of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion-
riue.. No~v S.


~Sr-I~A~-~e~4" -

Xrfal 'Ntnicfres. .(-etncfp, 8t attnrM.o












U 4, 9 16 1

ti.Nburse,: H. B-. tne, 4 .W. Brooks.
ournse, Stane & CO.
No.-46 Water.street,
Dec 12 "Apalachicola, Fla.

."rA R R At N. T'S'!

c 0 Ro IAL. E b

J. Day & Co., -
NO. 52 Water street, -.
Dec 5 Apalachicola, :Fa..
8j Alsb, Agents for the "1EtnaInsuraliebo,"
e Protection Insurance Co." and the "HartG
rd Inshlrahne CO." Hartford Conn.,

John S. Hutchinson,
No. 50 Water street. .. .
Solicits patronage. APALACHICOi.A a.
Jas. F. FParrior,
No. 60 W -ter .treet. "-
6e6 5 .... Apalachticolki Fla.

P. 'W..4 CUllen, ;,
:. ... ER :C A N -r... :'
Soidicts a share of Public/Patronage.
C4,bket- Hkiorrt N "
No. 13, St. Charles Street, .* :- '
New-Qrleans i
feb8. S .


I- I I

TOTICE.-Six months after date, .1 Will apply
to the Hon, Probate Court of Franklin
Count v,'for' a-'frial -discharge frrrifthe-adminis-
tration of the estate of John'C. Perkins, late pf
said county, deceased. *- < :
ApalachicRol',-Nov. 21, 1846.. --44-6m ,-.

Franklin Circuit Coun't.
Roberts, Allen & Co. -
vs. At r Altachment $459 21.-,
Ebenezer Hoyt, and- Damages $800. ,
Win. C. Lawrenrce, J.--o ."
T HE defendants and all others interested, are
notified of the institution ofithe above suit in
said Court,, and they are required to plead'to the
same as required by law..
A. G SE.MMES,.tP sAtt'y. :
Apalachicola, :April 14, V547." april24 15-3m
Saratoga Water.
Q UARTS and Pints, fresh, lor sale ; .
: -pil 17 H; F. ABELL.
Blank-Books and Sfatlonery.
L EDGERS,'Journals, Day BonkN, &c.
'50 rea m-s FoOlscap and'Letter Paper;
---Cotton Memorandum Books; -
Ship and River.BillQ Lading;. ; .
Books forLetter Press. .. ,
Blank Bills 6f Exchange and Checks, *
Just received and for sale by .. ;-/
March I- H. F. ABELL.

_ _


Bagging and Rope.
100ff PCS Kentucky Bagging;
l.VV 1.00 coils Rope;-
4 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by
Dec 5 .:f41 Water street.

t BAGS RIO, for sale _hY.' :
loo May 15 J' -D.tY & CO.

Theo mas Preston,
No. 28 Water st.-Office second bick rnom.
Dec !'23 Apalachicola, Fa.
S. MI. Nickerson,/ '-
No. 1 Columbus Block,
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
Edward "cC u l y,
z- 1 ... =: No. 50 W ater, street;' : >>
"Dec,5 Apalachicola, Fa.
















i -







D. B. Wood & Co.,
No. 7, Columbus Row,
Nov. 28, 1846. Apalachi6ola, Flat.
Wylie & M IeKenzie,
No. 42 Water street, "
Sept. 1,"'136. _palaehieola, Fa.
S. & J& Sclli'er.
p.- Particular attention paid to putting up family,
steamhbohtt and ship stores. .
No.,49 Water street,
Nov. 14 Apalachicola, Fla.
H. F. Abell,
OILS, GL ASS, &c., &c.
Also-A general assortment of Statinery.
Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets,
April t1 Apalachicola, Fa.
H. D. Darden,
No. 2 Columbus Brtilding3-
Dec. 20, 1845. Apalachicola, Fa._
Be ,.jamnin Salter,
No. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec. I, 1845. Apalachicola, Fla.:
Ls. Fred. E. Dugas,
No. 2 Columbus Block,
Dec 6, 1815. Apalachicola, Fa.
Doldg4e & Poatt
No. 40 Water Street,
Nov 2-2 Apalachicola, Fa.





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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: June 22, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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.. .

I I J'
I ;

/ .

.......,. '. ;
"" '- -
4 -
.... ,' ., :, .
> ": ;- j ,.
I ',...._ 'I.. I.7 1( ;", *.s&NUMBER '
I." '''

1 /' i

t tt r.r C 1011tmttcttvtt -tStt I

t -.,.. .- .

4 .


__ _. [ 23
__ -_ -_ .-_ .. __ _____ _.---- __u -_.---.--,............- ------- .- ------ ------ ..
-- _.
4'I s O l UERCl1L ADVERTISER SEYMOUR A takes CARD.this method of inform- NEW' ORLEANS. AND TYPE FOUNDRY -----tJortr l-. of membership-, is-to- be-thrown- ------ -open-- -to-the- -crowds----of}human beings;anxious to see theta-

N ::-:: ---=---.::.- =-.-= public at large.At benefactor.
-- I
great At
SATURDAY HV in the citizens of Apalachicola and lis Printers' Furnishing Warehouse.Ab. landing the President -
EVERT ; [From the!
: Louisville Journal.!
PCBI.13IIKO ] this the whole
vicinity that he has removed down on the cornerof 17 Candl shut Row. House galleries, members was received by the Governor of rbe'Statt

. J. L. nr v J( AX.iV. Water and Centre: streets, and feeling thank- TilE undersigned beg leave to announce to COLONEL HENRY CLAY. JR. officers, reporter Chairman, and in of New-York and conducted with'

'I'Ie ful for the patronage. heretofore extended to him, and Printers, that they have established BY :MRS. FRANCES B. M. EROTHEESOX.: short nil but Mike and Bob were absolutely miliary honors throughout an immense concourse

j H. *? D."IS, Editor: he solicits a renewal of the same, by offering to a complete andertensiteTYPEFOUN- Thou art gone-the true and brave, convulsed with laughter; many laughinguntil of admiring friends tn the Idllging

. of yon a very neat and select Stock of GOODS consisting DRY in this city.. The Book Letter of this:, And the joy of victory hath died upon the grave, tears rolled down their cheeks. Not prepared for his reception. In the

tJ -a"... r ur I -t 1 ">' :1d(tfiltJfirs] Chestnut Buildings streets., corner ; ; in part as follows: Foundry was cut to order by workmen of lone; MRS. HEMANS.Monrninsat : the shadow of a. smile however, was to be the was brilliantly illuminated evening and
tt tn'r: : experience: and, as no was spared: to : Ashland
Cloths and Casimeres.'ariolJs stvlea. expense the
on of
1f countenance either of ths .there was a fine i
display fireworks
1J t Prints do. do. obtain the handsomest faces and to perfect it in To that fair home,
Fancy two actor in this
T1:5.! :: most admirable farce. the Battery.Being .
it will "With unfolded *
be pinion
will to
do. every respect, we venture say ,
Lustre Figured.
.-UTHVPiive; }O'dUrper annum, Alapaca ; Death hath gene Mike's eyes as he leaned, over rested myself at that time
.1. six Silks Grode found( a .handsome, if not the handsomest in the ; a student of
h' tire, 'I r -3 3 ) if paid within Rync. His shadow has darkenedIts steadily' on Bob and the Inner
b L ,u I 'Is t do.lontclla: United States. We have also a very handsome gentleman Princeton and these interestingscenes .
[ *1 J'if paid' thereafter.Pi Flowers Job Letter of the latest ;;; ch"ertul light, seemed peferlly paralyzed, and to him rakln coIPit" J
t. :rti<\,1)r tik-n for a less term than iiV do. Satin Striped. assortment of and :Shrouding: in Loom (inexplicable during the Spring vacation -
,'n'tI"O for style, to which we would call the attentionof course matters had tnken.: He of the institution it in
,, il ;! via! inv tritbly be charged Fancy Cashmere Robes- Slurs! fair and bright.He was my power to '.
1',", .n.t N' J H".r will he liscontiuued until do. Marino do. Printers before purchasing elsewhere. All hath quenched! the fire of Hope's clear eye seemed riveted to the spot and, remained he present and witness the .greater part of :

t I--IM' if uij. unless at the option of theM do. Delaine do. I articles manufactured by us shall be of a mate- And with folded wing she hdth drooped to die. I perfectly speechless. At length! the chair- them. In the memorandum made by the }

.,,,l,nrtnr1av Muslins India Book. rial equal, if not superior, to any manufacturedat man became sufficiently composed!' to drawl general, in his private was the fol-
twelve linesA Mourning at Ashland journal
v i'4.-O lecture: ( the North and as we shall sell: Type at New
:1 rl+ : ; do. Swiss, Luce and Colored. ; Clllhllto d' out in a very indistinct manner that he was lowing

1, .' .* thirst viH\ 'I'lHTteil soil Fifty it Cents the rate for every of One subsertu DolUr ; -- F.ttin's: ', Lisle} Cap and Thread. York.prices, we trust to meet with encouragement. Is 'rdt of its:; sweet mirth,tone rather inclined to the belief that th? gentleman "The statt"ff'ut display :of boats which attended

1 Shawls, Damask Silk. And sad bath
I grown, was a member. and t
neat imcrtoi.ofine; i do. M.nino. We are now prepared to manufacture BRASS 'Fear-'ms glisten! joined on the occasion some with i instrumental
\" .V'H', aU'Mtise; bv the year a liberal do. Plaid Wool. RULE and TYPE of any magnitude, with prompt- In meek young eyes Milke-Not having before had the pleasure music on board-the decorations. r 1

.,J'lIt -sir '1<' nlddb'ittlladvcrtis"mentsnot, : 1 : : ; Kid, Lace and Silk Glove:: ness. We would also particularly call the attention For t the sire I I that I bletsed! them of seeing the gentleman, sir, I would ofships-.the roar of t cannon, and the lopd*

I', tlv > .' v;; t., tI: it 1 own Vniuess, as well TuskanGip-: ; Honnets, latest fashion. of Printers to our LEADS: having an en- Unconcious lies. enquire of the chairman at what lime he has acclamations of the people which rent the
< 111!l 'I'ttl> alt> 'rl1'3 n<:;n3 sr.tt in by them, trill Ribbons in all varieties. tire new set of moulds, by which we are enabled A But motliei'smce her'sas the nitwit have soothed those tear-, presented his!' credentials and! what particular sty and passed along the wharves, filled mv

. .. '" 111".1 l it lac 'i ;'nl rates. Brown SJiirtirig) 7-8, 4.4 and 3-1. td furnish a perfect article.. We are also Agentsfor grave of early years. section of the State he has the honorto m )11 with sensations as painful as they were

,. Ml\ litl .iUvrli3( mnt3 must he paid for nieachci'l do 7-9, 3-1, 1-4, 10-1, 111. the sale of the Napier, Wa>hinglon, and Mourning: Ashland: represent 1 pleasing.

I 'i A.t'iI'"C.or Hlankets, G-.i and S4.Ingram Smith/ Presses, which together with Chases, That father's eye, A !second roar of laughter, if possiblemore Before this arrival of the President elect
'H'C ) illirsvill]I be clur.rJ for announc- : and Cotton Carpeting. Cases, Composing Sticks, Furniture, Ink, and That hdc1lookf'd with pride, hnistrous than the first succeeded this Vice President ,
,. \\1'1 ate;; firoi! every other article required in the Printing business In hours gone h}'. t. Adams reached the city and
i Carpet Bag
1".. .t V.I t l I.- 'rti.P nvits from a distance. must Hats and, Caps all styles. will be kept on hand and furnished atmanfacturer's On the man y form inquiry, and Bob, who is notorious for his took his seat in the Senate as the presidingofclr
reference, And the eagle glance cheek and self-com placincy. seemed on the of that without doubt
..., 0' 111..1 I vitli, the cash or city Hoot* and Shoes. prices. august body ;

r .. ,rr-ir, ,' i'I+ertinn. Clothing of all kinds. Editors and Printers wishing to eatablish a .1.. As That"beam brightly flashed lance" verge of fainting whrn the chairman announced most learned and patriotic. assembly i'c

;\1"1.' a neat little assortment of Jewelry and Newspaper or Job Printing Office will be furnished I Is r.Ilt'dI is dim with on gushing a tears- that "he believed .the gentlemanwas the world. Both houses were then organ

.. Dry Good's.ri'J m'mfit h 'r -articles too numerous to mention. with an estimate in detail for the same DeathVshining mark" was his loved of years. from Alhan '." ized, and while they were waiting the arrivalof

II.TI'I! TS offer t for; vale a large and sea'u Call and examine for yourselves.N. by stating the size of the paper or the particular I Mike-(with increased snprigp.1ba1Y ( the President elect various subjects were' ,
I! style and quantity of 'ork to he executed. As years sped on, I Mr.
is of Dry GooJs, c.msUlin: : ,: 111 SEYMOUR.; thought \ moved and discussed relating to the
t ::
l.- I :
) > who will He had marked with tmns
I (CCJ) The proprietors of newspapers joy,
Apal.icbic.a| Xov. 14. ISifi.TobtiCCI Albany.It and modes of conducting the public
rrt "fiVute"' publish this advertisement six months, and senda The fearless,, truth
1ero K'f"; 'Yi 1".1 Linev paper to our office weekly will be paid for the Of his noble: boy, is utterly imposible to give even a faint ness that might be brought before them ;

nt il-1 KlrneU, ? boxes Manufactured W L Roane" advertisement by purchasing six: times the amount Happy to find, of what followed; suffice it to say that and. :among other topics a proposition gas

flan jui.l t-Vtcv J.MMS, ,. ,7IIALF advertising bill in Mind's richest:: jewels Bob sat down, Mike followed, and the whole made 10 settle the tile. or. more properly

i) in'jU-' .vdle-l rvwdsSjtT 41 f !half boxes :Manufactured ,: W Price" Brand. Type.GREEN & CO., f Youth's fairest Shrouded promise brightly all were there.kept house, roared until they almost fell under the style, in President of the

: ; (,,:)('\' I'-m-nores, Cl-iths TJ do. May 22, 18 J7. l-! m_17 Canal st. lo\! III manhood-but now an death he slept. their desks from the exhaustion producedby Uniter States should be addressed. On
ll1 Franca ,
S.i .er E tiislr, 01 .>$ II W Barlow" excessive mir.h.IXSTALLATION. thfr subject various opinions were expres

Walt icy 'iU.i'wt<, 10, 11 rid lln IS ?2: I Ih! boxes: II J W ;Morgan"I2 cc NOTICE. Mourning at Ashland: sed. was proposed b to
. i).1 i IH t3I.i kets, ">, VJ and 1" '1r:;. Ib Lltmt':1. persons are hereby warned' not t tit con Subs and tears OF PRESIDENTWASHINGTON. I } give 6ii
., .tI\tll OotUrudes, :: ALL Cedar Tim- From the mother that watched the of His Excelency. By .
lnh :
I 1) u II+, Kr is :3:; hove :Manufactured "J Morgan" Brand for, receive or to ship any "
BM.V.I S urti I; ,\'\ I vie,Jlin.;, I'rt>mi 11 m. ber, cut or taken from the Lands of the Apalachicola O'er his earliest:: years, \V t' copy the following i interesting accountof His Honor, by *, thesimple ad
. J-iuS'ir Land there being no permit for She who with sweet, dress of "Mr. President." For some time,
iV.t: n .i) boxes ct *' *' NapoKonV Company; the installaton of George Washington as
(".,.tt.'a: :JnlJin, 4'ul Tirkinr, any such privilege. And notice is also! herebygiven Lowt'pt'r hymn the subject was discussed with seriousness
Brand [President
Had lulled him to rest by a living eye-witness, from Mr.
li-n'i .nl 1 0..tt.iClijc'-5: to certain persons who are known to he and good feeling, but effort was
5 hq11T1l1factllred: Napo- I As day grew dim- CL.l's. Cincinnati Daily Advitiser. It is from fnal'an
!''run, LI It'l. >''ur uu ..ni'iSheet inn;, lomi'.s" Brand "Strawbery." now engaged in cutting and collecting. a quantity Her striker soul is now far away made to laugh down and

'if."irn'l <: lit t onR >hlrtil: mtl sheeting\ :10 2') lb ho\e- ManufdCtured" *' II ?'apo- of Cedar Timber on the Lands of the Said! Company i Among l.ours when art bst was a thild at Iay.i the pen of the venerable Judge Burnet, of bring it into ridicule. With tint vietst -

j; H;. :i. .'re 1 i.'h A'id \ "-'rir-,'} I Prints, U'orrs" Brand :\ta ,,(.1ia.'J viz: on Crooked and Oclockoney\ \ rivers, to Cincinnati : and tn publihing the communication resolution was offered declaring that the.:
I.ti'1,1 t-AtlleJ from their unlav ful ; and net attempt She thinks of his first Mr. C. well is of those
l-Afra 'II'r. > GinghamsKijlHi desist % trespass says, "I one
!9 fax.'st.11"1" f.ld ure.1tol'ord HoneDcw Dear word title bf the President should be "His High
I'rr L r'1 nrrtItr .f f ;.I1.;;; to remove said Timber. The penalties of whimpered rare articles of which value and interest "
\Id Cralfs Cr-ickery ; 10/J.HJ Florida Sears Sweeter than' carol Mightiness. By .that movement it was seed
ih.ei.iw all theparties
pl de Laine will be enforced against
\1 \ strictly
I 1 Ia' '. are increased' rather than by
1 duztz1'uCafs F';!) joz Hoes, 'a.sorttd.; Lf bird iU'Jirec
1 : ; ji.vi.us ; at once, that it was time to dismiss the whole
it'dm..ri..11 I'-i.! in connected! iicattd.'
: ,. scotch! anywise IT inii' its length and that of'time
In;:r.tin ('arnet ins!;. Cotton Cards, Trace Chain }How round her neck very surviving
'u ler It IIH hl.\k all.1 fi1 i1k+, JOSEPH DELA FIELD, He med h subject, which was done, without arriving; .
u'ir sjK low to rlo;;e cmi iirntneiiis! by rain : ; arms! witnesses of the memorable scene described,
B'.vk'! =.ilk "'rivals and f.tIH'1(1'01\ LOCKh ART & YOUNG, LEWIS CURTIS, And found sweet refuge there is probably no individual 1 living at any conclusion, or making any record of

<0 I >.'I' !r. iili-i! nl Pan''e: "ilk lkf I ?, N ,\'. II 1 r; 3 Water street. Trustees?; of the Apilachicola Lind Co. From all alarms. Burnet so the proceeding.; ,
Judge write
I 1-. lh.1 t a 1 11 I 111)9 icar) Cotton! lkf! ?, By their Attorney : Amid< \\ii ?pnt: w.mdereih on-on-on- \\1 qualift'c as to out The spacious edifice which then stood on

.\t lih, n .i il V'-rbrtheil' 'Hkfs( ; Oil Cloths! aail CU'ltctS. JAMES: E. BETTNER. To his yoiitli-his manhood-forever gone Ils impressions" and recollections of the sub- \VII street {mediately facing the entrance

'. \ .' ; .I'f\: I .Lp 191' ';,'''!..; 'tr.h,, p, !ICs Oil Cloth! I a-i-1 :2 v.mfa; \\:'!e ; Apalachirola.: April 21. IG.17. _15't"SE'I''Elf :-; Full!! many a flower ject. into Broad street, had been procured for
"I'r I '.<{ I"' '!tl's I ; ill t W ..r.ted't:..tin.i..;, 10 'J '' .. Mr. Chi-In a recent conversation, you
;i' >! .llili'I'; Ingrain: Carpeting; U1V From her hoishold; band the accommodation of the two houses of
f'i'hI) I I \I1 I 't 1 II'hr,1.: 3 C-.lton \\".,.. t i.omiri| ) now requested me to give you an account of the here
In front of the
AtliciiDCiini Bowling. Saloon. Congress. building (
I'.n.t" nl, I i;.l ';.\i-+ ii1 .-:hckftJ M );fins, 2 Stair lu the belter lurid. installation of Presi.lpnt"shin ton. after
.. I subscriber! begs,, leave to announce to his was a capacious balcony, ornamented with
i t" nt ii I Mu iins Fr sale' byVM.. G. PORTER & CO. TilE Full! many"'oicp: his first election. to the Presidency, which I
. \ '.' H Ji \... T.I" >, ,. Dor 11 Water ,t"'I't.ns :'! and the public; generally, t that he has 1 hat her soul had thrilled had the of columns and rich carved works, omm ni-
) becouresole: proprietor of the above e>laltl"l.ml'lIt" CJrew; _''i.r the pleasure witnessing.
'.\ i i t iu.' -ijtji"li'MeJ 1 with ere: it rare in mute spoiler: eating with the hall occupied by the Senate
and hopes by management and: !strict attention The !Ir'.err |M proper \01
Ci'.\ \.n II:11 l J i-itTi.fro' n f f'n I I rtt' ;" i-i.l \:-aa: ; fn that structure the ceremonies of the
and Shocs. to merit a continuance of the patronage. Mother look up m that far, high home chosen under .the Federal constitution assembled -
\,1 i
,t thelov. -t t nuk.'t rates. took the 30ih
111t'1" inauguration place
I t on
n..rol. > sadlei l < Uii-sset t Bro;;:ans; heretofore so! liberally bestowed upon the House. Thou shall: : reap in joy-there death shall net come. at New-York, earley in the. monthof April
\Ie..lp..r et il-n 11 ivorilile! 1"V}
1 17S9
MJIVHjrel; It t in full view of the surrounding
{ < ,so.'Jif.il .ivd Kip Brogans: ; indebted the above establishment ,
;, ; All persons to April. 178U and that after the two houses
en.i ;
fll"t.' r.. ponrr.u & Were lo'l".t't"! words
;<-it,,* !i'i.. Calf |R'o ii:'iiVm" ; will confer a favor by s.ttlnwitla! : the sub titude. I had been carefully fined up. and
j i-) -'. I"! ; ;. 11 Wlt'r 'JietB Bound 1: his dying bed 1 sere organized they proceeded in the manner
\ iM aII'ewt' Shoes Children's do. do. JOHN furnished for the
------ --- ----- -- II' ; : ; scriber. B. JONF.S. Did l fond ht'ara,11ow\ : prescribed in the constitution, to richly tastefully oc-

Ellii; >J; i V: Ca. .1 iVsl: : titrect.1'r' S'ip'T LiiJtci' Kid and Morocco: Shoes ; Apalachicola April !9, IS 17. 13-tf' IIi- achmg head 1 and count the votes for President olel casion. The floor was covered with costlycarpeting

> \\IjtlY.: "up'r Li'li"ro.irs. and fine Calf Boot. : *:; Ins life breathed out, given and t the front and sides were ornamented .
A larre ar J extensive! assortment just receivedan1 Cabinet FUI'U lIUC. I I'a calm! still hour Vice-President of the United States: ; whenit
:.'. \ 'I i I .I -11.1 C'ir.lig.I of ail -17."';, : with damask curtains trimed
'1.IC! ? ,i' .' ..>, V .r'nat.e.. \l r'.i! ..', >5-inii- lora.de 11)1.. G. PORTER & CO. TAMES II. COOK i I 2 Broadway, ;near WallJ '1'ite'rswili!.' -when most was ascertained that George Washington, hanging in festoons from pillar gaily lo pillar, s
Mi-.il'i' I... -Vi"I.i :'i, ( lij ;-vii Ie" ."' 11 Water Strci-t. : street, New York.ofiers for sale, a full and \\p(' mourn death's power 1 Virginia, was elected President by the (
-I 1. I"" I I""i "iTII .. adjusted as not to the view front
ut CABINET FURNITUREand lIiJ I dear one :speak;: .1'd meeting blest, interrupt
I. .- j I I" t ,I" t.,. n..i.l: .1 ,. -i.'. ,i'f'IrI -- I complete unanimous tote of the nation and John
i 1'I i : ,i'-l .. .\d.\ ;I ltt-S ,i'ltu.", vli'eKin ]aura, ]lute, .\: CHAIllS, which he warrants to by equal to Where the tnourn--r i? gild! and the weary rest 1No Adams the elder, of Massachusetts. Vice- the streets below. I had taken the precau-

I' : .1 ; .. 1'I; 0\' )I. III'", (;>Irll n. ,.:', 11, -j T'J.VS :S.ve.lj I j Iron, assorted. sizes ; : any in tat city, at the following unusually low where the brave President, by an ntajol ity. tion in time, to obtain a safe convenient
I I il i !., ."* '. .i" \{-ihw. \ er- 0 ovewhelming the of house one of
: i 1.1 III' i t I r 1UJ ke;s XaiN: ; do. I rates: And the noble die, A certificate of the election of position on porch a at
:L!'I I', '..n",;"1 r.: '. "': ll' '1r. U".nt'lfnih: ; ( "I'.I Wodlirii Hoes assorted Mahogany Sofas from $?0 to $150; each.; : A mantle of glory George the corners of the two streets about feet
4 casks qualities
'i. fir. i -i, i". P.te'i, 1 r trl"; IM'i-N O.>'il, I ..tadr4' ; ; do. Chairs:, 30 to 120 per doz. His: sol' Washington, signed by the President of the : from the which the 50
.- canopy
2 ) Blacks pith Steel I Faced AnvilsI balcony on ceremony
J.,. ( drl ;
\ I ', :-kr I:' 1-1:111': Senate transmitted him
n"1 -' \r 'II"' do. I hocking Chairs fromi! to$oO; each. Amid the battle'Loud was immediately to
i .'.tn .S 1t'.' ; 1,1ttartitt7\ ::, .! I."i it Di.) ':.*. i.is'I :2J English! and American Vises ; was to be peiformed.Al .
clang and blat, Charles of the Congress
: Thompson
ij by Secretary -
do. Bureaus ito S" ,
t.I i I i., ,': .', .I- ,vy 11vi1 1.1 1gat;! ilo, V'j BdJows! ; \\ his last word : the appointed hour the Presidentelect
"'II"I "J.I!: i I I.l-ltiiviu I \iils! ('A''I't'r, do, I 12 dozen! Spade and Shovels; do. Card Tables elI to FJIJ His!as death throes Spoken>t. all delivered) at Mount Vernon, on accompanied by the Senate and

rr' -. <; t > i.. t-s B Mt. 1 '. UralS.rew.J :.-, I 10 Collins' Axes; do. Centre Tables, $ir) ; to$7.) Nobly he fought-and nobly!pa he died, the 4th of April. ;. House of and their
'c -.; .--v., Vi-Ji Its, I i'il-uk'-s; ('..ijitainr Id b\s Cotton/ and Woolen Cards ; do. French Bedstead. $1 1-5 to $!'JO( With a martyr's love, and a soldier's pride.C.fJIZ Having determined, after serious deliberation ofcer
i", ''i'-. !'{' '-, :'.jii1'-, -It',! Htnk! *. 1 H{ ind l Also Feather Beds, Hair l\ldtlrc.cs and Bed appeared on the portico, when the was
Ira.;,> i-vlati'l's; Cast Steel Mill Saws; Ohio, 117.iHfsccUaucous. to accept the appointment, and being
-1 lo, H -,-!k Broom, made resound with shouts and
I I 51 -t- ir !lowest to huzzas
i I' ding of the finest qualities and at the; mar-
: Ibs\ Cast and German Steel, for sale by -. _
,It 'ArviIl/, I 'C"\ IO'JJ) aware that the affairs of the nation requiredhis
\ -- -- --
0'1 I.. I ,I 1 !t. ", 'C" : ket prices.N. from the lips and throats of more (than
I I. t t. il I r..I'. .-. :i J\ 1'1')'i., I5i'e.lo, ; WM. G. PORTER & CO. \ presence the seat of government, he

'n I. Ii"t"i. tail f I., Ki-i! do, (\tulking! Doc 1 ,11 Water street. B. No extra charges for packing and ship- -- --.. -. ---.--.--- ,-- -- bid a reluctant a adieu to Mount Vernon, and twenty thousand enraptured spectators
ping. -- -- -- -- - -' -- -- of
1. i- M-,. 11":' I' Siur'u,) :Scr<- Those boisterous expressions excessive.
and Stores February 27, 1817. 7-3m AN AMUSINGCENE: : TN THE NEW YORK commenced his journey to the seat ofgoveru-
,i' I ic-: "t'<; .,11"! 'J'rIl1"1t..r-. : Groceries<< Ship joy were, however, soon hushed, and pro
i'I'i 'i"I"f" '-, 'iii I 1J-ll';, :" iil "J'Win"' COFFEE, Java do, St. }Dotriiiujo do1I'th.:111 BIDS St. Croix LEGISLATURE melt, on the second day after the arrival of found silence ensued-every eye being

l'. > .I': >M-n-> ui: ;.'in' leather, [RIO: FItrVcitern\ do; N 0 Sugar! 10 :20:!t do New Orleans Sugar Sugar; to arrive; By far the richest mil most graphicscene Mr. Thompson, rivited on the tllustiious man who had defended
'LI.\ ; i.-.u.1.! II n-r'litdi-ts. rins'ls! Rico IJO Tea which has taken in legislative Hearc the writer into
j .zt. Croix d'l, Porto Young Hyson place any ; [ a discriplion
100 sacks Rio Cofice 00 do Java and saved his and
.ilf.: ':11' t dH\-. t;I n.t-! I 1I.1I1.1-.w I ii' I'owctioii: do Souchong' do Joshen ; ; country, every car
Hyson; ) ; hoeh'Va. ; that in which :'IikeV..dsh of (he manifestations of popular enthusiasm!
"-. ( I'lii'l I ,. l Ir ,i 'pir'-.C i.i'!' ..,rol Lock?, Uitti'r Ch.-se: : L tnl. BICOlllI.Ul1 Sides, Shoulders 10 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; listening attentively.Co'tticuere .
;;- I I" ,4 I II I -m a .., -In'A... I'i lloek-! -, : M-ilt-M-H, tVhi.k,i '-v, ;Mess and Piiine Beef .00 1\1"ft'll do. Brown's: and Labbj's; arid Hob Wiitson figure'! as principal ac in his progress, with \\hichmost leaders areprobably .* .tmnes intfnliijue ora tenelantS'

V > I ; OlI.' alto I Ih.d..., ilml 1 Liuelr \le-b liJ(: I'nni' I'urklaclu'rd: Shad Salmon, 20 Sperm Candles; 00 I) bxs brown Soap; familiar, and \\ therefore omit it.] At that juncture the venerable Chancellor -

I. t 1 '; I ,. /,,, 1 I II. I t i 1 I 1..1 I.. IJ..I: H"rrin s, < )unil, mrl Tongues!:; Cod FiMi" Tongues, J 100 bags Shot ; :00 kegs; Powder ; tors.Bob Watson. who is a lawyer, represen The Governor of New-Jeisey joined him of New York 'dvancrd

I 1 I .. f It. ((0'"i.1 1'ir, Ilihlrll'' ] +, I'i'',, r, :Siices, Cat>uis, Pepper S.iuce, Olives, :2000 lbs Lead1; casks: : Linseed Oil; ted the city of Albany in tin Legislature.Ele at New-Brunswick, and accompanied I him Livingston, ; 10
i Ie c I -i '; I Li; Sn'i-1., ( tr;-i d.1. Pifkles : Tobacco! Gen Washington, who was standing on the
Capers, : Soap, Starch Navy 200: kegs White Lead No. 1,Extra and Pure.Foralehy .
tin road be-
abilities and On
o fit. V. ;> >L-iT,', C.lr,1''S. [ is i somewhat vain of his to Eliahethto'1 and
i Bread!, Pilot do! Crackers, Vinegar, Dried Fruits, WM. G. PORTER & CO. (loot of the, balcony, presented an opeu
> .1 i .* 1.1! -. Cvrc;:: B-tns S.ilt, Kaisens. ;\laciIClIi.rmae"lJi.. Ar- ,, personal appearani-e, though; withal a pretty Iwe'l those places, .the President was met Bible resting on a damask cushion, ornamented
V- .': ,. i. In l1!. HJ7.J rI'.v !{o-it. Corn, Od.5, Buckwheat, :Mustard! Itice. Dec* .11 Water t rest.'I'ataltts clever sort of a fellow. His hair being, as by the Committee of Conar! -:s, who n'c.i- with tassels of gold, on winch the

Fi.rs.dhy. 13. ELLi 4ON: 'L CO. he concluded ved and him and his suite with
I l : : : ;. ; 'I, i, : t'n f bVtertreti, Jan2.J: '!Water street. Effervescent SeltzerAperient he alleges, rather thin lo gethis c'olllcf.< President reverently Hid his right hand.

,11. ;11.- ( 'iv I nl f.ir .or 3il I.* .. head shaved and ensconce himself in a military honors to the Point, where they The Chancellor then in an auidible voice.

Ii' ,4 Jr-M I'" JiTtf.. lrl i-wcr.r;) ;) O'ri, S'ioe< and" Brogans, by the case j jWoman's TTEALTH RENEWFD, and an invigorated; wig! until a n:>w and more vigorous crop developed embarked! on a magmfice-it barge, built and read from the Constitution .the oath directedto

I J. ',r: I. ':,tt I" ;r I 4 I I V.t"rn fl"ur; B 'ioes'; a-iil Buskins ; JL:J. and healthful condition of bodv !produced itself. That this was his sole object decorated for .the Icca..iol, and rowed by he taken by President of .the Uni-

lit .31I\ :tt "It'IeI 1 VIt91ey! : M'-P., !U 3 >ys a.d:1 Youth's Bro ;ans ; hy' the use nfTARRAN'PS EFFERVESCENTSKLTZKR : however, has been rendered somewhat thirteen branch pilots, selected from dJI'- ted States, before every he enters on the duties of

I II is 'r.'. v'ul.., rte *nl l IImv'l S'lip) ; .' fine s w'd Brogans; ; APERIENT.This doubtful( notwithstanding his professions to rent harbors, and diessed in while uniform his office. The President elect repeatedthe

i 'I I (.. N.. .) Sljir ; 1 I. MI.S 'I\.dI' (); Men's: p?.;; r d' Foots; preparation is universally allowed to be .the contrary, by the form and color of the "'ritel of that day have represented the
oath with
t I h-'''' t : 11 ';,,1e. aii -l.'IIJ..r! :'! ; fi n' s. \\.1 Hoots : the most popular remedy' of the present day, for incidents fioin ils gloat solemnity bending;
has selected
:\ ., 11.0. ; Ru-"set 13ruuli. For ,)le'ayIt. the prevention and euro of Indigestion, Hilioii- artificial covering which he asa I oftlu'jolrnf') lIIIIIoe- his head !.isscc (lie book. The Chancellor -

it I *iir-i'N <;I iiii! i ti:,1 l Soar ; JLLI: >ONT & co., and Liver Complaints, :Nervous Weakness, Head tenapnraryshicld lopieserve iiishald !kniib ment lo its close, as bern;' ('qualm splen- then turning and bowing gracefully to
ache IIoartt.urn habitual Cosliveno & from the inclemency: ot'Ihe weather and the dor, and! far exceeding in !sincerity,
1. ) 1\1'-; ; L ..tf .111; Jan-23: 21 1 Watertrect.On ", .C. mulitude. repeated c emphatic
.''i SIT a G l'l.lle; Traveller- and .residents in warm climates will rude gaze of the. thoughtless, vulgar and) of feeling, and unfeigned admir.ition. II ds. very audible voice-

find it a desirable article it accu- rabble. Ills hair was light, the procession of the great ( i
trr.'N \ R: R-i-n ; ) Consignment.:, ; prevents any quizzing own triumphal President
I IV lit .<4 iJtltim\ ire Gin ; 11!I11arrierha4Iitch'! received consign- mulation of bile, i is portable, and the method ol sandy, and perfectly !straight and the wig conquerors of antiquity.New Long the George Washington. ofthe
I I' .1 I ii.n-..ticir.ridtr! ; 1 meat, the foil.living? articles : preparation is unusually convenient. Children which flows} in a litxurant profusion of glossy 'York! bay was literally white with Skates

I'J' V O \I tiles'i 2 ca choice Old Port Wine ; have frequent occasion for gentle and cooling! ringlets, is as IJlaclas the plume of a raven. vessels and boats. of .all sixes filled with admiring Thus indicating .that he was installed

> '> '( '<4''5 ,jli-i'i ) u ry CheM -'se ; 1 I" Old Madeira Wine ; purgatives; whey will take this aperient in pre- this can judge how great was; the both male and female without title, and wr.sto leaddressed in the
By mulitudts.
-*. 'MI-C<4 K-' husky Iliiu; ; 1 cc superior Old :Scotch Whiskey ; ference to any other. Sold wholesale and retail by you in his personal clad in attire. Many of these simple language of .llr. Piesident. The
'., ,. '111 4' 1toe 2 ,. Pale & Bro. OtarJ Brandy: Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, Druggist, &..c.MOFFAT'S alteration produced appearauce. ttlir which followed that
; shouts
f and
hands of
; The House having resolved itself' \ssl had music on) IJ"ul. .I instantly -
I 'I'd:4 1lietat1tt4 cc Dirk Dumond Brandy
; 1" ; of them flags painted for the oc were almost deafening ; and during
LIFE PILLS AND PWKNJX:: into "commiltee, of the whole, Mr. Blod- displayed
S ,
I Ilaiirl3 Club"
il. London
j 1 I ilt.tiKi ( sex cr"i'1; ) ; 10 baskets' Champaigne.
11 I *' Lrrri<; AU i, a variety of Sears, all of which will be 1 just received and for sale by gatt of CJenessee in the chair, the suspense casino, each. : having an allusion to some interesting their (continuance ihe President again advanced -

'"> Mrnft-tireil Tobacco ; sold 1 Ilw. for ca
'i"r iS4'4irte.l Pickles; McCULLY, OFFAT'S) LIFE PILLS AND PIKENIX: the whole morning: was suddenly broken by The bay, a broad sheet of water extending very gracefully to the multitude bef&fS

3. 'iirreU Mi-kerd, N n ':! a'ld3 ; Feb -27 50 Water street.WH M BITTERS, just received and for sale by Bob's rising in ]his}\ seal, which is some distance eight or nine miles, seemed to he animated him. and to those on his right und left.

2) aa tit tat I.. d-i I do _.- --- with and multitudes The ceremonies being thus concludedthe
; Nov 23 II. F. ABELL, Druggist. from that of Mike J and bawling out at grateful happy (orle-
2)hL'4H4: .rtl'l "yr9,4' TARS and Swayne's Balsam of Wild the of his voice, Mr.J Chairman I rise ting with each other to do the : President with the two Houses returned

iJl7li-;N ini 1 base ':rrv" just received( and J.for C.sale ALLEN.SIEEMVGS by Lamp Oil.WrNTER sir lop with the vi i i-icw of making a few remarks highest honors to him .they idolized and re- to the Senate Chamber where he deliveredhis
Teas ; strained splendid article, for! ale this-." }Here] he was not only as the greatest, but the inaugural address, after which he re-

tJ 2: alf i fiests"ii a-i Old'] !'dyes: Powrljonsj I5r.mlv Teas; .I Shirtings and Prints by the [jar)30]_J C ALLF.N.: /' brought upon to a dead! standstill by Mike who nobles arci'd.) and the best ol .the human family.It tired by a private way in the rear of the

17'It4k..f4'a1eiJ4iack"KM ; Cannae CIt t ; rite'. low for cash byB. Pressed Castor Oil and Saratoga Wafer jumping up, exclaimed with the most imperturbable was understood' ilia; the city would be ; building, and repaired to Saint Paul's

5J; k'!:* VuU, :\iilrted sizes ; nra ELLISON: & CO. COLD received and for sale by gravity .. Mr. Chairman, I rise crowded with people from every section of win-re appropriate religious; exercises were

21 bbl Jan -23: 21 Water street. April 10 H. F. ABELL. the, on which account it was performed. The President, as was his custom
Pilot and V Bread order. country
ivy ; ._ 'to a question or o
--- -- dressed in
1 tierces<< new Rice -- able his thought not prudent to make public the on pubic occasions was a
; Chairman-Sc surpre
\ ui's !l tKuiii of Wild Cherry. Florida Molasses. Jjj
-1 ke4 : land but suit of black velvet with shorts black silk
4ii OPockwheat which ihe barge was to ; as
1'lirter. ; Nw York. place at
2):)tt h- 1 Z) /DO :KN: j'ist received and for sale: by N tierces and barrels, for !sale" ov laughter)-The gentleman; from shoebuckles and knee-
14'reknrther I of herd shoes
the ,
O.ttntla -. whom he she neared the Battery place es- stockings
CO. Bob
L-C April 10 II. F. ABELL.FRESH B. ELLISON & l\Jike-I..ollkml( ; over al
= l -hie'ila Dec .",, is 10. tination well ascertained by the buckles. His hair was turned back ou his
Feb 20/ 24 Water street. wildlv, scrutinized from head to foot with was pretty
grf'ai and considerable multitude, from the course she was steering (or'head. curled and powdered according to
Dry aods.. seeming amazement
I)'11LL1N, rlckl aC'dmn O.1aJr"oI, ;; Fall; Crop for sale by For Sale, indignation) I would like to know, sir, by which they had closely observed ; so that the fashion of the day and gathered behind
I f\ HHDS. choice N 0 Sugar; she"reached the stairs erected in black silk hags He had a neat
.1'H"y-c. K'r4.v,,. Jeans, FUnel.. RlanShectri 17 H. F. ABELL.'IININE 11/ what right individuals who are not membersof when onMurray's a square

ettf. rrPI4 I i"lr.I"Ir", ?*, Checks, Feb 50 2 bbla Flour NOURSE.by STONE & CO. this House can be permitted to take pan wharf, wh"re the admirer was t( dress! sword suspended at his side. Thrfvyminetry

totia'n: +. Calicoes, Dela 1e4. llmierv &c &.C. l Camphor and Piperine !ust received where sir we to stop if the 1Itin' and the streets as far of his finely formed person, the
debates? are
in its tistmbark.
ar +a1 I aad for sale! OIL. just received and for sale by ; and dignity of his which
!)y B. ELLISON t CO by SALAD as could extend were filled with ease movements,
Ja, 23 'Vt'r street. Acril! 17 H. F. ABELL. 17 .W. F. }BE!.!.. tix! !floor! of this House, with all the rights eye ,


.-. .. ..:,;,;. 1


.. ..- ,. -
i -


,. t .
-. ,' -'-"- '--'- .-.-,. -", "


:-:-- -- -S--- :. ---- ___ .
'-=- 9
: ; .ct




________ ..# ----....t. '_ __z -_ -I---.-- -. .1-nl: ; "
: of the State sloped off
"- : the granted In slaves ? The law ,
"were peculiar 10 himelf, wen* obs'ivedand! ;i 1 irresl and duty mav prove 101 si Irl:. and { O '1 \ J I \ L IflTEIITINER' I soil, and the minenlosical character of horses about! HUMBUG I butt muttering t
slave ,
forbids owning ;
admitcd bv eveiy beholder. .J III zi ui': fioin I; who miv |11.'c li"polf'l \\hithe would I formations; of I the Slate.: l But $forlhe Southampton keeping or whtiiihet I

_ 'every thing wli;cli transpired' ) cMiili.it t t oc have; siid when not exhausted. hv poveriv V ._- _-- _-__ ;_ ------ ---- I insurrection. and t the cursed fanaticism or cattle ; and we feel assured, I lhal onr city t was applied to ihe Prteuorlb.) .

casion ir w is in itiifi si I ili.il lie was vcutM.itcdbv ant I 11"1"... .iln. And who !hal; jnd' ,.' him? APAL. CHIOOLA TUESDA I, JUNE 22. 1847. of the Northern Abolitionists. ) :- clnrter did not (:contemplate the Jr.11Iinl ofprivil"jes t or ouradtes. this deponent LnOrlh
il.c n.ui'in to 1 degree. '1 all I l --------
: in uucxample .1 Il i is poor and i imperfect ; are tempted; --- ---- ----- to slaves in common with free Another remarkable
J. 11UKNET. ? Luther I CIP.TINIJ have: been recognised bylaw occurrence t tI
Very respectfully. who dust not sometimes aiithori/eH 10i
yi'I,1 The fullitwniR are
rs- gentlemen If has the not long :d ter the
white Professor
this in Virginia; and we have no persons. 1'f'pl prirlici left ;
likens the hum m mind to .111, .mmnn : Agents for the AnvEnn< will ; ere I tAtJ

IFro'.n me Htibion Advertiser 1 I horseback. who.. wh"1 sl\/lrl'llln one of Ih'lS books" left -ilh| patb

side falls. V I die ot,her. savaneness ii. No slavedravman should 'lf Ihe class by I IIP
1 R. UlLLAllD'S S PEE C II 1\.11 TIHI! m" ntf:- ; and that ere long unless Ihe project will rrfur" ; Pmfs3ir. '&

_ \Ve coppy the following! report nf Mr.Hill.ird'.s of virtue ""oleli'Jp'' found hiiiiing2ood .T-i-rnr F 'IAso P"-t R nhn| !,. corner tflJw''ronr nf flplfiilcts us mechanics inpreferfnre IIP sltff'f.I. either by himself. or through thpin, to complete? ]rm
which fi-rue's and ovehmk"* .
men noihin | He ,vt'rhr. "l V -W York. science Ihe
_ recent, addies. at the collnnm III'the to .nit lii ense for jartir V
whiles is established. anv other person : : ems 'ime
I ;. Lei u* remember th:it he who fl.ls111 'I' i Hr H.< b..i; New O ''IPHIISWM. tn flIp
Uuitari.ni 1.;iy lflIt of Huston the clergy ;, with the infirmities of mm :irraizIis. I'MKKVFI'. K-H.) A''> 'nra. | I In this rotnirninity we bite a sidIflShiiIhe dray for his own be'iefit. I one dollar. 1151(1 fifty renu ''ti! .
of heir tletimiiinalion; nu Tuesday I.HI / ; M'K MAUOMAN. I'uf : !mal wa i.
\vis from the Christim: He islf'r. -- --- I i"flll'r I 3u.rio.
--- ------ ---
friends we meet here as a ( hit io Ian CO\DJU.\JPA j held! of
I '
My ,
geiitlpUr .
The Chairman.: : ( Jeorge S. Milliard.; Eini of the
then rose anil remarked. In :II1].1 ra--i inj: rommnnity, I together for wi"his ate one II the t ,'it\manyjj'itheied : ofI published in this d.ix's paper from :' f.r. and so reduce the wealth of t the, com The Hi .ton Post has give-n to its reader who was selling out ant) wh"tlf

__ __ ___- you at this time as the o"1&lIl1flh: ,- )I.IVIHMI; I>.ISIMI. Most If lhe.w..1|l'ln" upon us withsixtieth'tnt mer nomber. in which iii wmkinn of ih.Stilt .' ill Ii itiiy. I I 183-. when I ,'f first came in for some time past number of flippant 'sundry. books tht-n offneij fr ,al
of Bostoniirl! widen\ a'l
nt : innj von tn into vsesjon
of hospitality! which blesses i tlvi.e who !gie s:: of alarm :IIli..II"V, I at lillerfi'Mii Treisnrv is pointed o II. an I Ili.1 a verification I this city. Ih,'" were hit few slaves, mil : letter not ren/ 7(1'(171/ purity M.t j us "strait"ipchnx" ')

_ even more than those. who receive. I feel I Ilt':1 on 'ooie ponit-i of f.inli al.1 loc- ( of the Jr.lic'lun. we r.f..r to :m E- I hey \a ere mostly l owned I bonr own citi.IMIS (!if style, written by : j Ipr'Cn n"'inc the ,'"IHI". rp,t ; the ,i KI
V V essential; ; vet we "
embarrassed; l hI the I f set licit: while the scene rl"hil.h a2r.'e. in they on cn'al C'OI'WI.; aim.! --in) seeking In liarl i from a \iw Or'"an1; Price Current ofJune / ; at that lime onr Inl'ul"'CI i"'lnl- above !i""i.IUrf. from sihiiosi i'VP y tti Itaba1 h. 1.II'lt a .tl'lual i." "jl ,

and the hour su :::=.'jst m mv the ties. Ih..,' f fit al ', in south :i'nd omvest..- : of pi'rsu.ision.; and hi \ ,
liv1' the trne life h.'re. in ihe hope of hap.liiness 4, 181. The :'IIiII.' in question waa ed V to about 2.500-the I high rale; of ViPS vila tr + li,,
the thoughts! on none. To von who know hereafter., There is. no body of of this of in the of Our reader ate well infom.ed the idmliiv Plih '! ",
80 well ih.it: when h.ivc; once hill i lechoipc \\il.1 bv :i Irl.hII' city-one /r. arid I ihe reduction V:11' !Ia\t; 11 ) inlfu'lilJ dfsrrill-
yon Chi i.'ians; here this wc..1 In wl"1f'd" that I valuable sit'u whose .md Alabama of the. "cliiehl" vv : o I.i. ut-i-i. I ihr IHlir.1 tf| ,
of your text the, ....PIIll1: i is are I.tv! I ; ; hodv cili/-tis practical ; pihor in ( sent gangs 1f" : 'Iov..lllaJt tif1

half written.' I nee.I not say; whit a help it not, wi.'J.. hf'I'r,. -.c.nli.i.ill.in any it:ill il.'H al was a found acqoainfince> with the laws of trade "f nenrnfs ror/l from IhISI' States I ,, be hired out .. 1:1)1fl2 note ." -and "rillin:" them Too- I l"euiC MJf himseff-.it; .31 11"11"is11f.ls

is 10 feel when von use t to speak; I lint. :1llif. certain J\fr.\ Pliny I\IHes\ ( so; disnnt '" ;sie-iI the : of tin* ;U"" .
yon on eailh; 1'f.II' lime advent of ('hrist. I a.\ renders, V them more capable: nf miinir.fn; _ have thn rlue of a well!I ii,.fie.1 ..uhjl'ct-! .' of ihe ABTOF hh1REcOIMO I slandifig Ins efforts and .
: -
;I I hIII"h' :" ilfse m a t'larticalhillit ; TI..I""r D"p..r'f'I1. 'hiri an il, ;; inalivf'lh..lf..I ; result has been lhal our IWlllalim h, s bun fessor. MYsTERIOUS: bir. lf
_ which. while it prevent*;; fro ti i inkingat "I
yssii ;im inclined to ilivcr _ will gives dneciness j and! precision I to 1'f'11111 whose acqonin'an; .t. with monetaryalfiiirs reduced to 1.400.( whilst the q"'iJ I t"in: the LI l

your thoughts. And! (fir-i let me siy.though .11.l ctune(the;and, ctim-non thcolo:eml ir.il. to ihsimtcs.which, $ all il f'll..i-ten'l.ilirm was: obtained; by sto 'I.-jll"in onr- villanp.- nn the- \I f"al\be was obliged! in It" II- I.

at the mk i ii! tie idns.! ;. on taut imi- I th>> ro'iioion! spiiii winch sluml'l aiiimiteall. in :Mississippi.TIOi ) I' The 1, white laborers could not siibist dlrit:111 rrraml, intent of brightening Ihe tsira'I man guiiijloail Ilmt li .r'n'' .. r "

liar troll1.I.:; ilnl ilu-ie is an interest ill this ., ------ chain niftnories. i,-,' ;"ur,1 agreed to ca> > it .
: Yon m iv 1,11"1"Ilr I I hil. sinpleillnsti.ition on the \wage ;paid to tin-slave; -they were 'f our .III airny fir
occasion from IhfOIINnli.l.I relit) vi in whirhVIP of this though in \Ii... |*..iili.inil's| \ \ I. I"Tq.T I (EH. I avvav. Hnt I the evil was; not confined stun folks that he was: ih- (IRK\T U.fK.NJ.VV.N" I li I loi.ld t itt bp ,1.1.II.!,!,.? a'l
sMivl: is deriv-iien n-i i 1 1 laymen.- ui oc- .I h'f'1 } (
.. :il ." wht-re a hoy jioinji IIchlll' 'lli. Ililih' vdnahle Wlnt ; is alnmt t.nston th-il) he Proftbsors I'
caii-ui in vvhtrii tlie, Itv u MI.ire ihc host-!. 1\.1. hll"p 1'1'1 to V 11"1 alone, the merchants who !1111"11, of the Post. :11.1 I il.3i-ii.lrs t. ,,rf s.|),
his iher.; ; \\ \liv\ I the! be ''er it. ; i
< astn if
to o jiffisililf.moie
-ill* clergy: an I their |1'1 ni'jp.: the guests. will 0"1. ,"lal1I.: I f'l 111'11 food .md raiment and (he landlords ..11111. write an ,'c'nl.1 of mat ers :5flIhis sale.

It i.. well. It..h 11,11 I 1 lie %II. \\ "IJlI I I tint .tie iioini to so mmtffirenl places ffI seivireable in h.V ii ; cans-. Weeainesilv will thingc onr hurgh. thus hinting to us that We are ri-tiiind II nf iheing
Ih.'I' a $poorman who I the dwellings lIly.- i
this were ''he "v'Ii'I.1 l a-i! I ex-wtient of wh! nahool'l I wl..hi"0 ihev l'IIII ..adjure mr W i i" ''riiMids in availthemselves 1'.11.1 I 1 Prfl.
1 he. 'umeui' sj.ite of mill I. ; fallen in 'hi* .In..1 aroon I\\1111 members I the 'Heels. of I din "unshed ,1.Ialll for viliatthey if we had a hole in our coats he rale u s lent .., anotlier communication. I,,
.1 pro i
all ilenominaliuns .sI h'r In offer I If:1 opinn'il tiiv' of I ; d.
illifI' Post ited
pro nitietil .-\zu.si.stI of feeling between the of e-ich ; The irages nf the it. at (HIIlI. S. C.' .

laymen an I tlie clergv.: The ( Jei'::!y u.tn is HtMirialhv I i; ;and! help. Tli. jsthiexpression he for pure dfilM-'hls uf fllilil 111 knowledge! fiom white; 'llJra.11"li"11- ddl'iised! bv him, through Ti. professor i i1* "hP of that, intercelingcla amung us?!! tbi.igs be (nU"I..lhl"; f

exposed to two rlissesof dangeis.: -those of a !f'1; tinth which it \ill W"I usin a 111'1 wf.llf I the nndefde I nri tici'tIps of ol having i had! th'ir intellect' want of iespn-1 to "Kn'mbts
I 1./1 io nuii'l. \1 (lives us : noble the \\'hllt "Ullllllil-I. was consumer H'IIh.dl" and' L
which arise. (trim unreasonable: admiration, illi ';(;. lay lieco'oio<: ; t and attentive I iea-i i :,
I expulsion a.I f i il! in ";11.lh.f, 'h* prondi f'II"I' !I as as a ; "' ; I but I ; foiccd in ihp 1>i'l-hons-e If : N"-\ the Hiri-h. t-vinred in 'ihit
and those! which :aiisp from.' excessive Ii till \f.1 \ '1'(1"I "SPql'l
of ill vslsiuhiip' wlio col
I '115141ia > | whirh is to he linilt nf .t.I' it : juiirnil.: .e vale"
ll oipe : free school find thiuilvt q nt to hioxelf anl l
finding. The sa ne, 1:1: li'i.t.I.IIIIIH'. : nn.ler:!o 1 wil'l. i hub-I ; Iwllfr irvifs 1 /'l" ?-/(1 lalorfr ;ssni Rngland a "f hlhfmi I ill" iliv 'r bosh ord-.ils. -. :.issmg.: within' .; verv few Shonldnot 1"1 10 enrich his already wealthy' master in twenty n',". vviih a fiooil stork id calculation ibis. to wit. as the tawjprs sav. Ibh

years. fiom the fever heat of pnpnl.niiv! ; to I' \l ail not sects lio. vision iMthcr' he emleavor, 'r.'al.zc.r. to? enfnrce ( "PI'im'-\'lf'I'j cart cr has 11"1 V the ;ad- Gforlr and .Alabama pot dollar of il .stft/
IhO Zero nf indifference. A udation <.o hi II- !I mir.ition of the i-idepeinle-it! piess in this; I
the point no which thea" !iee. Ihal; try tomtke ever ictiirns here Ourriiiy.ens, carrying onto make th *ir IWI flwlUu'. The "Sunny at a ball. ;'f c nnvhlt; certain-in i I fickle l : /
litMweiMi t.e
clergyman nrnsIHSalter| the I, process whirh has : cminiry. as its : ; ansI will verseiveas '; the Vfrf kirtzIa ..fid ,, 1 1soi
and the. parishinneis; i is opposed' to the. I Elrll' out I..f. the ver\ polit-v ""kif': have S-iiilh. the Ian; of giill.ddes. r ; tip: I I.'I.| !:,I. J
the pnlicv' ol the Chinch.! hi>- a of wh it a KKKK PKKSS ought to I
IHIII.I : : :
healthy development: of'-mill.1 1 ami rharirter.Perhips I,110"1 chinch I h.s, 11. the I 1"'f'l coiidrti.tiing ill I this I .ulic's '. and "llc'l "rirrnit" iriv: |Test hv' the V"I"ro) of \'oofh n being ;al ; fVte gntn-n tip l.v thr *
the Sinn. .* sril i ir Irlili:,. tind carry- cluck :ml Iltl'P!". i i. i ibeir' field nf enter- and gnN, (whoiir' hue was frtn ;1 II" .
though each I I's.lfan I If'lfil..il: E'sni her' in re-"nite \\-t 1110 !o." "'
peiiod seems
exception; : to the genej .il Ia w. Thecleigyman I oien 11' a :greater .iffinitv, for the doctimesot ins. it uhF for Hip IJI"r (ifltfrs frizP. The 1 ..Ii is let I ile. md, there is .htrtist 'iniis. \I- 51$|ji"'SP.) f"'C"'U' I,,tl, .

i is not often met hiv his p.irisli- ('hristianity than for. its prerept s; I SI.AVI-: I.AT.OI: : vsVHITK: MBOI:: I \V,. I have; adforalcd.I and we ii)hal; I coMitineio in bp p'a".I| I ; toil Sam Slick hns try of the }dai; p. ;iliendpd liv lliMn,Sand

ionf'l's.ilh ., in inly .frankness. : ; he docs nlll I thev I ....If'ri..s.1 have ;prefened lamiliar i truths.f"llI.i I Flr.1 to substance simlv-, I The mechanics; f'I"I"\I.1 I at the 'Ill i iilegar urge. the ;passage.; of a law to prevent th,. mined the, sol'l ";I\t'r :i.'d c.I".1' husiii I, diugbieisatid fl" ,":! niahvg ";.

tlc lliosp of .is people whose opinion is I I I'I II:: the iloilrines :ind! iny-tPii- "I( 'hstis Wotks" neii I Rid( m i.i-l. Vi.. latelv, ': inigraiioii; to I thi plare; 11"1 ( leorgi h anil \l-i-.l..y ,-ss**-treth ear, (tfr.' ;vvario fIts otm!Is i il-f- r IJI'Pni. n "I.I .". be f ei li" bail j jl JP

bpsf wlll hiving.: miking linn 'J.I"r.I.II" I; i'anit\I there i is >omeihin! <: that :i.iiifiesih" i m ill''c' a ...r1.f... lefnsing; to vvork as long b.uiia: of .|.ivesto iik is I 1,1 rers.. t ikint the land daau" irPiHv pists I bate be.' n therooiids. 1 fernuil t the'! .I arquanitai Ce ,..rh.( l.
that well :
is to them a nmil :.1* as a ,
_ man. I In the studied defercnco c'I"I'-1 I, ) pii'le; of intelleri.! : Nit so "itl ilf principles as black: nieehanicswere) pin' !!1'y.uI 1 among '. bread not, of the ni'iirhs, of l"t whites.We .- and I p'.istpr- ,thf- walls of vervlog iitin-'ii. f c I to I h it.. i' ..'1'inr. if dui f

m innertheir I is often$ a o"lr'I .Iil'1 I It i..1. which are addtesscd to the h'Mit."Tovis'it I 11'11.' fsi'veial Soiiiheiu papers 11.11111 desire toni mirage the honest, I industrious t abM, with the visage til tl'i-ir orrnimls nut ?rU7in which onr (ril"I."r." "a
the fatherless and the widow" in
_ the misfortune nf the I cnym:1.: : esp.eiallvof ; !," atilicii'His., and to self nn-. the prinripl'* sought io l-e stabbshed II I I Iihi. whiles fiom the. inti'iior, of the State; | --tlp--ulhprt'tIt -un! I.Jt"I..r..t.\ Ii '1 at qn.tji; tain f'-a fire "'.ItIT 1.11.. i|>

-- that the his young natural: III II. tint enois he air fie) }'n'l.tin..' ikes olju I I" f"I'''' from ihe wotld 1""P'II""o; II'r.' is I". mvslery .. wlrl, ".". Tlvy advocit*. the PIliiSa-! 'I to come and seiile in 1'1 citx.and I-rfaruus ".x tihaail.-.I. and Ynnkre insenniht iniisi.ttrike 11.1'1t ;;iuij! a 1ilII" the ,pijgp ". '

:Igment h.'p hot pro I'tred a h irve-t ol i / h"II: it is pi.iio. simple. .Ther down is to li'ileio bliPh.pi II'nl of slaves: in the handi, 'raf tndes. and' i iI I,, tu. labor now d.me hv. flri:1 negroes, out t itfir !inl nf 'liiisinft. .*. FtutnI'atelv I mi'iiis"tn tin' f.: !1-n. I I..I j ill (f

discontent even h..f'lrf he knows. that the 'h.."f.ltm'lllllallil", ol.len to the pii'le among other I 1.11'1' we ,"p some in (Jeurgiiadhere manv of whom are a curse it. the eoiiviionitv for ih" "learned 1 hdJ 7." \!t-sp cluiii:e f raid* ih-1 tu/>k jilritilinml .) h up

_ see I is o.n-a'i.l| t lii. !htr uis. he i< tn: : wor Iill''al' to this sill.'f' I II have ,thu.'e.I ceilainPrfnrh : de eidntif i-f &,rratt3 id h
I. the, inielh' <'t. ( 1/1/ con are siirpiised at I i j.. no evi I...of a wini: of Mm epistle \\ : LI. :i .
_ adm ted to the ",.I'Ih'' ( lence of the .I"f 'nlllH"i' I ,th') ih the Ij"gist.iinre of f I II h"' teas laO! ntrodnc-d ibe .
wise, the, ihe"IIf.a-iai-ioiis anonihis \"'Miieshirh; h 1' .I,1"1 Ihl ( :Minrchaboot i I
people eXII.r"(1-hll the tender merries : the Lord's siipier: ami the ;atonement. a j 1 passed .1 law.: some years .since I.,' a l-ir e for nor own color that while many raked I! and re-iainppil i h.' .10
of those who. delude J''I., Imth 'li-'ir mioisier SnrtroiitroV"rsieslevebi'ie! andcil>* thoseverv m.ijoritv. ralrul iivd :an s 'I'mle 'f'il to; iiro'iibit I: !honest in 11.1 rill I. white 1"1 and W'III'I .. wentoriii lclzniru'-i than, which nothing r ,1/,1 bv. wit 1ttir ntlirr tnnr
| whit) h { ; 11.h
and Ih.I."'... I h.ive tlion ht it mijitbe is.. qnahiies-nl tll'Mlit to root dl'lu'lfr oot cocteMtlii' Pliristianityw Ih,' iMiiployment) of slaves as nwh siIit... I Isave in, nor ,.i'van' unable I to buy deci-nl I rai i could be 11'1'1 rnpnlar wiih nur l-i'-t' rsavirig. I tiat f". r "\1 in/fcn wile :vu>

well Ih.1 ),.' r.1er: :\ ii\\ 11"lil win P'tl'v 11111".1' I )heir I ,. fftini tin il.e I -;mt"- 1, ,( use
an'I self-i'onceit, -love of stiile., ; h,v.- III.I ime.ll"h ; by (\011 < 1"1',1 ran; scarrelv make r\\1 1.10 : !abend omitrvMUMI ; allrtfv'1. ,1.In pq
:ii e i-c: Mj tijsned to "IIPFI. xhiinl.l hear;
ill is : cii'iiplex! idei-i .it em'roes We do not appiove of a 'iv (1"I.i..li"t: meet" in the). mailer of 'bread and meal dar,: ",'hIIIIIV roiinitig his ll'ffisffr. t'P law .t :54 (i, e-et.t lure at a |jtuaLIi.- I "
tiui" to time In .
ro'n M-rm.iii; a man. -
; 1'11 the t lie sntriio;' il an.1 I the. ml, filer lu.it. I .. ,. ...i,, \ ;
rather tl.1 fiom 11:1 "I their! .IWI I n II 'Ilhspi.. : 'lh..1 : ; !111\' bmlies .I OKMI. to If ,. .1 roirmli:nice ibv ( hereaie, IM the ,rilv negro tii"Mi a-id w. neorevelling \ er doy.tng over ihe ill\ pages of OokeoptinLilt'elon. \Ilc.f : alf\ ftuttfif (iffy I,
\W id |
from one whnlu..1. ;at h Ihi,:. ti.si cu'iirlv i I I lith out romliiord uiiro nni'Hil\wiih 'jrus-i( s mn-il-tiiurj c f'/-II","Ilali..1' others wiih tlinr deM..'nds.. Inmevi-i i I jiist : in ,11'r",'. who flinnl I by us on the dist.ovi ry II- !' '-,; 'fr ( ;.'tir.s'i.l \ t.t IJr.i"f"s. as lip n-IU ibe rilne

J from their point of view.. Surhi ser"mm 1"1"" ". Men's "pi"i,,,.OM re'i-!i.ins. ,"Ij""I.. 'I and lawlnl ; 'surh' :i-..iiri.itio . iiIt
fromI I" who I -ik ilietniililove
might!iynmi" enable t'IP.II"'J11 cleigv" sp t4 :ind"t I I :ire mo liti'-'l l 11\. ihe stnle. .. II""I.n'" ril: a".1 I Ireliaions I. :ind in i'li' n, i 'nun 1 bv law. :'.r.. we recognise |i their noses ;t those they c.1 "poorvvhire wherever it w ,. titi !'ht "fur it r'rrl (its .-\t" tlei-anl pi':IH p. .kirt.nllipels. I

in better th* wa'iis ;all I m'ive: })i.'''"I I.111t h....j jresiles development.V \V* stndv' the Mibleto .my 'i2lit I on th"I farr, of any set of I I .fotk. We have bad: a nstu.s'' inuc lion." In tint of the WI' ot.iees \7'\ tlii*. (prrtty Imig! ot:", Kf r'rssL

tl I 'n .*. Oir pii i! .ne, 1". I If.. i'ie! j 'IIil,1! < C ir ai \\ I I'l. lenricsaml; to nr own vi'us.. This! .hver 't I i-midi'-i-' ( I
fur cl'Jail vehemence. :and, I infiisttv: h HI( J in 1 ten leticof ielimun. .ihsrossioii!$ : shows.ihesijmiiiMoceol of I( ..1\! .-".11\\ i1, "ir olnrr.il I an\ occupation vvuitK. bv ii.hit, nen find tco>nrn. to Ir nuth'cd SMM uf : i I.ti.h s'r.ncln \hi.\-r'-d. ..I o'" .Nufgl is |i. Its: i'a1 iti-: in T' lit.r..f.ii.nnid :

feeling ni Ie < lini topics of "tt-!she ,"1.1.1 ; oorSivio-ii's words! : -ll I I.- hit ,!i'h.h in the, .'p'n'on; ,,(" ihe} n>;is- : to yft: (wlln put in ihrtr'*. nnil lirrjj- New 1I.. Iiu'I.: wit : kern grcv u-yr. ;iiif' ;, "v\ :ill fli-w* r." ;' "i""P
'rh re is a class of nun" 1 Is in N-.v I ,I j !
that resemble.those j i '10.1 J fl isJn-s 1.:11,11 tf t lhl. ': I,it \\ ill not receive: the %kin: I 1'01 of heavena '' 11"1. I the. sen' mi m iv piove pron! ible! to him ; dren's 1f'lth.. wh'n-h they hail sought in sort of Lnowiog oioih-. disitlav'fig, ; a !d ofI ". J.-tiy' of .our rfu s" ir. IIU'

nil tint< break fn"1 rlond: ) to cloud ia the .a lilile hilt// shall; not enter I thei-'in.. Thehisiniy viewing the/ slave as 1111 e''v.' :md ICOH'OI. i I I I viuit). whilst. ue conlil look out fr'JI nnri "*pi1i thai I defied! I his ,'rssI.c-u.s'ah br tlr I > I \\ twere I 1.ri Uli. I m tl.af .flt PI
(chinch : th m ill it .mv I
sum'npr-Ihp. .rp mrruw. burning .1'1.1 011..1.IIII..Ill.. llf' full ot.I"llh b"rmu' ih" clause in our Iil: ol HiII'.1' I wi i do-s upon ih I s' h"lilliol" ol sss ri's-s "I Ih\ ,* J"liJ'II.* all .trraprr. -.intl uhir.-st.e.I did I not ca IIal. our ti.auuuPF5Iti) D

an ul-n. It i H Vi-iv: "ti i"11' fur tl"I" he 1 incoiissi.itic\| d""J"I.aliCI'oppression.! p'c'I'i" ,)" whirl") ctisllies' to lvii'. til HI protcrllon' inihe :. who \"f' .."rroI"II\,-very comfort :I.t alt-st in I )h,' Ila'-"I.I.III.; ; !-; <> ifgard. Wr do renieniher llr.il sa 8
,. .I
earnest oti ; : : tr su'ijn t. at
auy P ;11. .ml ihe enforce if theologti imd Ins, .. in ris.i.u iffrir> ti iai. he had' {
i do .I'II.II'li"' : ii"ni ( use tljl\'II""I ,1 no \ho-Jt. dr -s ortnvHes that: of almo! any sontbero I'narf'r".I'.1' a Iprf""ljilnr 11.1 gmtttlantnct
those who
dip!:tne lil" to j istice io ;.I P rrnl..tl
indifffienf to i it. U-ir I'Horn.er" .ne too 'al do':m is. And ii itriv: 'I" allone'lme one could dispote the light of the 'O\l'r soto while hil'orer m white !;dioirr' v\ie| in therirv. onr midst.The 'o slii.fith/ hint tt, i I h |-iibrirtnniarv. >

fond tf 1..111| wh.I (il old! Latin ( ; .rnnoiaistermed on this/ f/.I..i," io -si2.t the 'u.li.,1I"ltlr""r e'liplox, I the slnp.| Al. whose, fall i is this ? Does" it lyiofrxior C-VP : piddie; li.,.lure. in ii.t| I c |Itutl: not.1I"
t\ exhibiting'at
"adjectives of pruse and disiiraise"praise i' : tins. -Moment 1\\1 lISP 111111i""I's.nre: ..llliI: j incnnsis.letcv / ) I lint .dihoii' h we j jom i'h: nor bn-llireli .come ..f Ii". lay.mi'ss: or I inipnidence of the wh -h he gave .I'''' of lii-t !lrI'I' ." hv 11..i.r.- II an ;11.11"1"1 I;. Ili V

-. for Iho.a.d:1': : dispraise) .for; all : of pr ifessinn-ind. : priri'pe. \\',' (d'the ; ..... m ronde ', "i, lie! 'i iol white I 111.,1.-. the superior the oidv sure test of ...I-\s t12 il.e I I- and \\ t alas iii,i reftifMib.r bis *! i
., n'.le : in'.li'II'f'
wno do not think :1'1! I I Itvdo. 11.
Self com 'neml:11,1 J ii ill In.I..1! .I,!.! a'id'I of !:ra tin; .111.i"11 comeits to ( 'lli|- | ( I the. iii 1111"1 :i'mve' 1I1'IIIII.1I\'I"IT'\; \ and, htrius's! netof (lie Irerl i'ra\' : :m. rotlotiroller I in itt hi. r worls. hp tlisnlavetl: hisown r.ir>:irions it'de; hapi'X* in that) *ra*> TII,I'"
I io the bwhirh thiiy i II"i""I'I ihe Piuli-ssur
i me 1hl ( mill's HMinil tins I
water palls npun$ the) tas'e ; I It ..re nif'ino' I 1.1 : I opposed '1" the poll''\ will! II, lllev or washerwoman; J We ('al -consi I powers uf II'frulf'; II- tn'ricnte mil !
to htile jut.'t; ; its) .h.iie if hraijeil that faith.. iln'left, one .lr'l ar'l diittf lifuftii: >intl ('jUt. \I. wuidd .1.! mnllit .
aJcI 11111 I. < I 1 Ii/.I I. that; with this. ihev on hl deal ties. "lf'al.; .mil desire to see ,>ir-ned-that of ientiotis\| ". \ I thai Wf' have neveret Zi of chronological liblrfi :md firing
c ither to the I) ivor. i'Iiac1ey ,. : ,. that tritirh his
I > improve ; i is n..1, ttbjrj
t tiortion their enemies. >1 our ownVmititrs tearhlirj:: I the .1.\| all theincrhanir.il found the pomcr lass nf whilesin onrcilv i's\ 11Y that I wisonroinniA'i "'HII.a. SI
: : ,tr si.ml.-I oul: 1 p"l"'alill i : .
person rSI.iI WIll i i. ifhne i to at I his vuc.iU'il I.f'.ry! I I: with t ,tim i.. 'f he .. we heard mi" ui suit colorfd (ri"ds remark in.ike IMJ j -.nil anrihh I tie. Jtkt.

Of\'IIprl.ill., Th ('II'f!\ I vc tjceii nnparin ,1'- I de.ilift, ; t".I1| -in I li.'strnr'ioo' oo a ii'-i ?horoiinj 11.1 in lsi, '4i'.jt il I 5 io w hilt s This dornine i 'I found ;1 the di'fMnilion; to prefer Ihe .\erricesj who was !staling: :u ihe P.lf."r "i/f'''. a. test Vhi-| vel'fpv ',(

ly denonnc' a.. m.lul'-nt.! ti-n.* seivins. :; alol .I..i.l: Cooini'omeahh. max; answt' for ihe slave the V* ( ;toils' what ili.-ir alr.wiIi.Z-! -'I' ni carf i-i-. .0.11."I
; I Nly I liinids. we hav" mm, 'h to do in this wn' r. weirhh\" \ |j I rf thf ne:ro. ichi< h i8. nniciHinslil perhaps thioii''h the \i"tll\
elfi,h. An 'inthortnentions I I his iiriher,
cokvatdly > iinti.'s niu'erhogan Illr
a. : r.li.1 world. If stair' I 1111 is. one that. 'm-ets wiih 1\1'\1. hot I would be inniiios to ih"pool. I eviirrfihi./ (Ill r ,';lifls. \\ e )have "flf'I''| would 'Sir Arthur Waidonr" h-ive; -"iI ivt-n f'XI.
r i it one M )I ij.4 I ill it I.I
iC .1 populir i httl" mill i hil: \ : I ihd if ... dolllit Would.io nf lie Professor's '. in > when, if they hate any fl''
writers no longer in 1sjls' in ''." "r. | al'c"'pLli'l.; "'svmptciv. (1'11 : 1 .II.d. ; .tin II I.ei-i. iMoilified: to I ass :alit, g ulst q"I. and ; for the possession t '
against t vo nfn 01 clj .S hhi-fi. 'l'lhi4 r"II'lr'* i I JII ( /hiistian woild in um-i i il.-let us not maknig th* I"'fr. poorer. Mich a systemnf sec the \I.il.. laborer waning. tar rwork. without ;! his (IIIrV"ISi..will .\l nitt- his: ii's." "I! jaialwnv's Iii: ..ds.: as be is a marnitisdo 1.1
return railing (for r.nhnu. but "lei 0111 l! lifj I : (. F.
was made i in csfl.ia.rtflZ! the iii.nti'r I I (fio.illv retiuce the ,' ,ihe better of loiikhariis n ar- lIt honor them
frl so shine before th it ih s.-e : ii'diry \\.10 re.oniiesof anv. one lita'. I I hi". 'i" the Imgnage !f'l > 1 Cclilll
the II' his I I., .'1er to view it I'MIOI j 1"1 .\ may I \\av- piovi i led., tl>' at c 'ti'ii 1Cuts afa'.
point the St-ite, of till the uid the Knight liissjstpr. .
Ii "'I') I wlr:'.... Lrl us ;aboxe :.II e.irrv out I ''"lh.II'II. f"'I''IIIIII. cieate !scripmie.. Why Maud > e here ) gnno'tit. in p\-
the higher 1 uf truth. I that I I the .
clcrsy uf N'.111'1.1w r Moulin" "I. an 'i holy!ay I .ne by i I with ti'. .' p.itient .m.1 I h.ipi fnl S')II ''I. lit 1 l-i'm-: ': an arision.irx p of wcalrh. t/I..b 1 bliU'eriIIJHJII / ".,\ idle ?"-whilst the riegio! iti'::1.. '1 lie slave; \ cept when I h- "onus ny r uu> with hi. i on1 !' i le' 'i c'f..t.l. fi It:up.sf .

i! I 1102 to spleu'lid t j..illifJil'' "" i ; \\'a- dl'" of ( Alabama I issleal dales o-ade B sit -eru.isi.I} ea..i; g. it athir care
nn m..IH Chtl\ill.. to lite 4'I.ar t.li.1 rolhrII..1 m I'lirtrer. .: {I III poorerlass some icorginor : |1111'r.a hiss ; The .Pr1sslr I 11"1 .

.are brought a:ain'l them.n AN a class: IfPn. th M :s'-.ii, i :11.1 1011,' anil. 11".a.. .clrrchi : ( id the people wilhol 1"llul a nriil- hns'ilv. t''pll''f.t at 'J5 rPiitihe hour. Wetrust up c.la.:1 5I ead. and a hook throiciiin to be calle.on; : in j-tay the h'lt" .
i > they arc ". I "i.'in li.h..d f for .I.l ,1 I )h.mir.d, the ir.tv'llmg I loonniebank. "jj'ii t 0'11"
.1":11' h..wi'l .ky. whose door ilit- siths. whose tin.d .mdineiied Io IIP' pursuits.for to & t.C i hi- c'ItI: "ct'f' nitt. giving Avlnih Mititannd I the f'f'II"II. sit|

their indtJAlrv, fi l lhi I i. :H'f..I) tll. Who. I: pill its.:the: miiniit.iins: in whu h i ".. \. house the vt.r\' 1'.1..111 I that I cump I tn. .:is I thc j jnnist. offence p"ihaps. b\ what w e have written but scifnce. The of I Mope"I had :11\1 Ills f furltii e tTux.. hanging qlltk IJ
wlnt 11111
or b.rlv nf men i m It fonn.l. if )I .
except: "c."I.I'. ','iss, wio uoik lr.iril M .ni'l ..11.11 lie an tit ii. evrv onn ;a nnesi, ; a.e! \\ith ..l.svslain,, llnv can n< yin arq we feel Ih.I it i. onr Ih.y. an editor Io ciJis.d.. ra'dy' i in the miniums of S"It of i quack :i/I; ((. iir tails ahitllars.r inour |" -

for 1.-. moiiev' 111'm cl 11.i :III'. / \VlMtpovert I the smoke $limn veidomestic, 11:111: shallascend me more 111.11 ihen' daih; 'brr.nl ; ihry can 'plead the 1 cause: cd' I those \lust c.ttmolllieniselv.s 'l.ilC' "the rSS.." vvho bad I prcviouslv Milfeieitunder I I I t'lh. or rna raj mg mir .,.
like column ol sweet ills ,' to .
-- \ \\i. moic pnie, si-ii"'iimi,| ili !nidetl lie.ilrri. a fit 1JI.bcltei t I I thi. i ir roiirliiinii i I *, nr .iiiicrj; film 1".1. t |l'c'ln.llh-} .. f"fII, I i great infiiuntv in the organ olmeimny. p.'nalU nflignrjog in I llie .1111" .

than ih'it of ad'iiiiahle P.551 h II !
:"nlunl( t.trnioii. I Ii i< in i I I "j511 *'
New Kii l-Uid 'v.- is u-uiiUihh: i i' \ iwn s, 4 <> :.i/l| If a HIM limit tiom .1 la\- them ao torch .li... in which pursuits Who is there :nnoog 'onr ('il'Z""" tvhofloes ) I they would I. able V to Ilf'lllit figtiies as WP know ii flt beiicr.

hi ryir : ulixh ; till II mv teoinks m iv he c.die I .ser-: then minds would be expand: d. Ii el that mdeilv I well the Wehave enlarge our :1.101".1.111, so""' .''
fact. m .tor\ iu.1 a fid II uefihonld 1"1"1 : as 111 nll'ilc'C.t :I io-- as 11'lr.,1 1111"Ii'lsf.tf.
( iraiisl.i.led
he jtr-iU'l. 'l'Is's-. 'i ::1., "'I pione it' -piopiiura" : .I..r" 1-noli" ; llieir 1I'I"f'l.111. be i>xeis> d. lll.lt) ; ,q' dnsirioiis white be more chanced to fall in with few ff lilt I ihe area of I rftlom, .** or r tb--r. litP'
) for a sermon; yet on tins PII"I'IIillvCII" --
to ccnsiiietliR cleray nmit several; I impoitaniconsideritioos. i orr. 111111'1 I not $tall into ..mlighter" can' ever'hope to see ill i independent I $ hodv of agiecaldf and I Iufia"; "'. II1 .impudent clas-s since and I 1.IYt -essayed I io -obi.nosomeinformal EMIGKAN1S
Tiiev' 1 forget: ihil ch-r!\ '
men Ire nLfn. that there is amons I lie sti.iio.! Kvcivihing i I : so ests style. Ln I the mimlho-j d I iss m our Snrte, pnss-es-siuir i t.eg roes- whom' indulgence nml favoiilismh.is ltll as I to their improvement in The .la:mine in Kunpe: (-""11:.'*''

-- src'.rtIY.. ltt) ame iocqn.ihiy as a"1 amon:! oilit-rs "pl'k'il. more, < Ilc.rll10; IivshvIII inodeia'e wealth and lomfolls. and "Jl-/! ; rendered 11..I'II., to Mich a dcgice, thai; memory. I) rnqniiing of them as to tlf ihe sltan of emirtl. whirh \'
uiiiei ihon h ih- tine.fl of discourse
all other "'. They need" : h to he rfintod-' ;) 1'1 WO\"I;1111 ...rill' f,11 mind, it fit,,eilurtiled, IJ 1JIMe them IOlnflsflwt i lhewink I or not lS s they please ? Would il 11,111I; / lie happening; of the jOJ/ 0.-(.. p'liirel I Io ih I;)... our :hor" T j jthorities

ed WHS of Dr. Jcihiison's 1'IIlrl i : to to him a l.idv of whit the does not r.-j''<'t the fringe and decoiaiionsof niitl (:/'/,(uilc ',.,r *//s//////j///' s. The I'm I tunes not he more in our ciedit.. as : (.(tiTlilihl Oily.If (1111 ol I Independent$ .e the 1f' of j\-1 eV I in the "rfh"r A'I.ic

Irnlhle hi"ry" expeiieiiied complaining her domestics.Madam. a chi'erlnl. spun.Welcome of I the FI'plhll ""nlt test I securely 1'1"1 on Sunday onr :ln'eiSvlre admned hv : V tlilis.ileh &.'.; tint '1 they \C'It ctdled ami'MI / have found ii absohuelvfrre ,is'CC-1f3 "

will then. to our hospitalities ; and the shnnldrrs ill. would the hnne.st virtuous white servants. thai V lime hi inirndurlit'' ; **
.'' said: he. you 1 f .5IIIh.t? expert inAPCureall of slc.1 a bod\ \ -' y nid somi : V they h,111: I .salisfy us- to prevent ihe
this, I of ood all.
the ViIIf'! under h".IVCI lor ten itl'iy: II"I'I'I: one f> to be i its, best defendt-is in Hni" nf peril. in "I.al hnt neat attire and while, washer one gei.t-leiiian! 'hln.' f.r. did ,viiicr !: real ronniry of hordes of li.erah. a"
\1.1 fl)'" our hio lo ether m.iiheie !
chillin: ;a week." cornea Slush that !1.11! bind, us all with thebonds' t To adopt the course pitmosed.. would bemnie ""I'.II.11 hit have onr wives jostled by- /lue in figures by telling us. oil" lisoiluw line s-reat ir.'s. soon toop b'lle a\

So weithoiild say; : "You cannot expert; .,1! a CIIII"1 spmDON'T !' sI Isy. ...id.lall" "UI native ,i Ialf'. \ higiiiia. asancuegiesx. bedj/.eiK'd I il her ill I assorted ,iIiiiflblue beans il ttikts In nmkejice I .m tin- labor ot f our own I"old
all the and gilts(t of hnnnmiv in one
ral for era"f.t five or "h ix homlrei, tl"laro',1 \'ar." SAY $-aWP.-- I Hie New Oi. leans( than to any other, of the slave-holding poilion fillr\ :I lie badge .md wages of her sin? I I is somewhat reius.srkstjl.hisst.,. \. vi r. ih.it the observe in u | >oston paper I"IP"

I I the. (JnnfrdeiaiN it uotild chei. I kihe other nnis.nn-es. eigendeied I t number of those wh. in lie .. im1 .irk .''Ihl*
Yet how iiiativ (::1111111 that everyman ch-i.:y Df-ll't tellies I I ihe billowing anecdote illustrating .- .1 ; Among bythe "\I I soft vessel which ariived fWI C

it not a of Dennis, ,-\'e"J :1"1.1):i V : I the regard of I the soldier fur tin; fame emigration I that is now peopling! I li'r I license. not. lit,"- nv.. HI cmded to slaves I II I 1 peachmeni" ol having lun .,1 lip learned; number of pissmgrrs. bllll. 'fi'

penteco I. very church leoiplr- ol his (;ipticial : w"rl mil I lands n tIl an edncaled an'l iiitelligeirt I their I practice of lisuahsterisi. winch, I I iesolts I I"I Plin V* lass i is exceedingly small compared : support if r.qli..11 w. rr exac'' '
roof shaken liy winds from heaven -md the
air ablaz" with cloven I lon' oes of .Waiter," said ; diner out. in a fl"WI, body "I farmeis fiom I lie flf't Slates; in their foresialling. the market ufrvrrv ; with the crowd of individuals w, re- Cij."il.1.. I b. jug unwilhnC! ufB*

And those who lime find:f.,nit \11-. lown re.slaur.il' yesterday--"Waiter, bung null irom EIIII'. il.tcrd! defer indrfi- I luxury or ('u"ti'r which comes in I tip* ![11f'llhe to have M.tl climbing lit Market ( 111'. determined to pr.tirf51 I

clergy f"rlf another es.eu'I:11' : | fart tint in its....1 plaluol :111$ quick/' I lilt 'luis fimtt 1ISIUl" in which evnfarseeing \ city, which t they rcl..i to our hnl .-\ epeis House stairs at 'he ringing; of lie bell onthr ;.nd land the, I".i.'ra.''. This' V t

all humal : ( rs we mm.t decide by <'omparison. S.i,)' soup( again; $1 r.ititr. sai I 1-i lal.rC'IIIC.SCt VI'I"lit feel.s III''II% inteiisied, at an u i normo-is profit. Another evil "I > liclurc nIghtAf" we are !' upon linn and cud.-avurrd io I"1"11

\ cannot exp.(: to !":lrp all i I'I.r.,1"lull"'r." who happened I; the a.nu \ L KMANflP.\TI IN ol ihe slaves ; whirl hi) vve complain and to which: we call ,,.at a Pr'1o"( t fm.. the 'dleiife huh we from. s C doing I and iras only I *il'' il|
sit io ;
the ailvaniajjf-K: with none of the o'l-.i.lvan- to opposite$ hil 111 I'l give you (
t f. Ilp i lie old lady who son!!hi, luin- :e Orro I '"...u wllljlll.1 1 will. I lid.I Ih"1 I'I. a measuie. franghi; .v'nh liaitpiufxsnwl; ; gretitiirsstn I the a""llinl ol onr citv: authorities. is the s.ell to hav &1\1 l hy saving. several ofonr of an iiiinetl I party I hum i Re"11'

but in v.in (r the smallest "iz bible with old (Jim-rid will I III 111 at I Jalapa. I the ( )l.I' Domini m." and \lic'h11 I.nnilil/I negroes to live by themselves ;iswhich acquaintance" whom we iinniliered :. that he conlil enfon, psnbiniion' .

the large! jirint. There! may he here \\h,1 1 c. ime in the ", I I'd I lick u the firstman inevitably result in her 'h y.111 its the scaleof 1\ISe"e"ler-.I al"sl ill ordinance among al Prlfes"nr't tisCI''s. .. Sit i ely \\ fhi.1 lhal any ,hw. whih.b11'rliol.
I and ,
and there! an l\ioll.; limed I ', .despondm:; I''h..lr ,.tyiii' soup, 1'II..IU'.1 ihe to ilia' which exist and' also to I thiiu also
: if I 1 do it." Confeileraiy I f ninnice : ; .n.lh..r matter occurs art one i.f Iht.; but like Pier, will resirii tlirralilulu!
clergyman i his. of life with a "1'1
numerous family piST cl'ptlell prime on him fur up- I was with' great dificnhy the Tenne.s-:- I she! i is emitleil to oeriii\| by her geographical I 'I' us., we wish in ask our worthy mayor \ 'they "began io curse and ivear. saying as are in good Iipahh and 1'( tf"

port, with wtiu't) the nrumjlc: bfl",ec ) iu- seeiti could bu ti'iet.' pusUiuo, extent uf territory, fertility ol whether or Hut Jiceuscs to keep drays are I J know lot the mao ;" aDd they iucuuu- cieaca tu enable tbetn to go itO '








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: -- political' which must arise from projectedline fessions have much to for in this oKject, ;of: ; ---- ::; : -- -- -- .- _TTi11It1NE -
your answer Ih" contrictnw of the late lone
prufii respects. to maintain the '
in som" : grasped: bedclothes as if he suffered the" Igreiest I
r-he country tn.1 tflZae of !'eomtr", by knitting more firmly the Many "sturdy young: fellows who would enjoy both .il I Ih-ir, iirejk-nl elev ,itioiiVe '! IX'f.Bl7lIO'BNlB-' ) )

ocrnpllinn' "ill I h. ;I'rllltl1"live othenefit. r"ilt bond* jrnity and commerce between the United health and competence i il I following I tie plough, \ have not yet d-rn the stitemfnt of the lIn" .

able Wilier.. ,..nre..rrad States anti Great Britain by means of more Ire- are wasting their energies and their lives in a Banks for the lat month, b n unler.-tdnJ that they A battle stained and' gny hariecl seaman -

Eni2ritticu) qucnt and speedy intercourse, will have been obtained fruitless:chazieahier! .. either legal have diminished th-ir d,).cic- lie trly two millions: stood beside hi iii. holding a dull' lantern in NUTOF.tPALACIIIN.: \ . . June. a.AKIHVED. .
mi""fithleanlt (oi l ril'al. which
I hu brOt7Z1). .0 our shores mallY !, through the instrumentality (f yuur energy or cl'riBI. to the great loss of I lie community tmil npceAiril rt'nJ..rS.l'I'ry aeverr co.itr.ic- his, hand, and uazmg sorrowfully "OWIIIII'III1''I -rI
HI fa"i',' mle T.iIt in
| a: tins' St .1",- With I .
\ ham JlII"f'rIYhad and I I ih! sufferer. The knelt with 'his
hf'inmIOJ: kUlwled.t perseverance. hti own. regard to tile itai.ie snrgenn
ttrgrIe1I ,.ro,"rtion hi) bmi. I hetwreu
WIth .ice--.l mlllY \ are therefore requested to express theIrrertl Georgia, we are happy to see, is waking up : the com and the circulation at d .Ieu, >dii4 u H imperative fingers on I the boy's JIll lo e. I Ireland Jnn" 13-Bark Pain, Krinry, from New Rod.

.r.q.ii.lnir.1 rUIISliIU. at (Ininj \nna4 a neighbor, their 1 wishesfurynur the former stupid idea that gentleman was one nor would. the :5t",-". be i ,ifnnj-d even nt As 1 approached they all looked .
np.Til" 21 n ir't John
wi.l. Brrver from Boston.Stednr .
whose perlIfli were .fflic.r.l. continued prlu.rilant 1 heir congratulations who Wore while kids, and n'trurk.d., I is fast the risk of breaking the whole c nuiunity Th-- Vet Ph.iti xf bo held him shook his head I. AI'Mny. Gritfiii' Son, fin. Cnittahoochee.
llIillt",1 il). ci I the of >i realnatioti place the sounder doctrine the preure, we tr.ist a only tempotry, an I will be
he trIfI prosect| % Hiving to ttiit
Ii"hle to .art.y ami 13J lorton fm
tional ilkrtsiq shortly relieved, would' have .spoken : but the tears gathered I j I .f''lIIl''r ton. Columbus.CLHAKED. .
for nl \'i nr project in t the cit I"lh.11IpII ol a I line i of \orkin .lwn, (either with, hand ni brian,) rl by thmi .rtlnioa of *,'ecie, a :
ill ;1 numeroUS pusleril considerable qnaniny of w.nch i i. IIOA- 'n.f..r ion rli.ikingly III 'his t-yes. i .
rn'ltiplie.t ti-ail th true and way
,nd American: steameN on your adopted r..lr. nobility of a country stamp I
I! from the North .
and i Tn- BmH.h ivver, will continUe The, siirgemi, said'- 14-Ship Marv Phillips, Pratt, for New
to presentoii the acco'iipanxinjt pocket character at home and abroad. IJ >on the
coinr. | ;present
generations tn to move' c-tntimi-ly. "ii :Ion ; a.s by ill? i-sme' *. "ilow'IJnyou \ork.hv l L'ude & !Pratt.Ship .
He i"M little'
esi'h. fir rnll' chronmneter ill te-tim of their dipnciation ofyi the of *. the oingf.i-i- poor f(
generation rests f
el-f.hel-st, ny | duly develn.tiin (>t iowr.iuienl c'lecit lh-y ar exiiti."ed Io b- Queen :Xew!: nd for Liverpcol. J
: by Day
The act | number, flf 1i.tct1gerM .ur 'neriN and exerllonand; in token uf I their internal resource, of t the 'tate-nl empl viii* her c. II..d U/an, at any! II"J1II1.1I1. for i million or two see this !1" As he spoke he 'hilt' ed np a & Co .. .

rc4. rt"ellhlill: .he regard4arid pt'em.We water power in tnrnn Ihe Wlsv. wheels ol factories ut emu. ri- h gold ''m'l.cl.V'ltch' had hin upon tbeboy's 15-?chr Octavin. K'iow|<>". for Xew York.

br conveyed! in veeU' r.i..nC i" llait! are; sir, your obedient !evatiH.Hrdey ; if exrdorin* her mineral lrea-ure--iii Itr.....-. He had seen belter ilar t." I 17- :.nl' F.\\"n. tJarriry for Mobile.Oreuori. .

,o "he-ides ("nlnc n! lu II'1"' I TIiu i increasing her exports of lumber and develop In a Letter of1 r. Jeff-rson in John I could I not answer for my lie-in w.is full I-Sehr Silvi", fi-rNew Orlean

country I John l.roao. iner nil her countless resoltci .-[SC"an rllh -here was the being j (tit hum. but fewhours --
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,nit comfort of eItli-ritit: '. I He irv lPpUiiCa4. i" )Hl'J. we have I lat"ul"i'g before. I had, owed I life I L1TOF VESSELS I I.V PORT.
lMe < ( brief account If Vie', nrigin I inj -a pnnr
emigratinn In I'1'' | Committee o' subscribers H. James an .
10.1. HnI'!
rforirt slight, unprotected; ii,ul&1---t lying before me I
their orl 5>flerairive. I rtII!" [From the Commercial Adveru 22,1341 ;principles uf ihr Ft'tll'r'llJ'arrJ and its "11. : U tvf'nj'nr'tcC"!,,:. 767 tens, fin Liverpool
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are "deqinte; to | "l" Slpl. Iigotilst: 1 I will) ,'..Ih already; written on hi brow-and' I
mt"lol I William; Caws, : \\"I!j n- M U'n:iit.D .

they as tliP inrreaseil H';rr required! l Edwd. Watt.s.Jos j' ::IR. Krnoit i :-E 1 wish' to draw i ihe att 'itiumn ol! The terms of H7iiff and Tory b.-lo'it: to n ,. yet I had: never known his danger ;and, never I \RQUC3.Mersrv. .

allnilnl each l'a..eIlCf'fuo R-K" iey Cr..1p.E"'l.]., Meiclia-ils and, Planters to an i invt-ti. .alio i ttlral a: Bellas tor'jvil: sought, him out after' the cmiflict. How Cof!
t.. ..hl art to lie to [ his ry. Fh-v denote! :. 572 ron fn Liverpor.f wilriof
-- the) of5a US.. Cmsul for the Port and District ol' CIIW(! ol I the pmh.ibl-[ .111.!: ot the ,u'.Tr"J'lr. the I"emnp.-r and ('"iHtilnijoti, i f tni-nl I o! d hf5i.-re'il bitterly my '1f''II lepriMcln-d noUI I thai 3 Dav Ct Co .

"uI1 compel, an I in riP in price pa -- Lil, rel.tlh' pa.stII% % Co'iire.-*; nio; the. I tradi* I"dl\'idlli", hour. 'I'h..Ii,'.' and his Pilgrim.! XViilianiC73 fur New York 'loading
I In come- --_ .fo- run.- -. ivv.. .. .. .1011-.. .itrv. .'. -.. .i.l.. 111'gll'i..n.. ton?
:e. The law" \\nn\\ in New V rk. aide C""-. IJIIPlflhe I (JIII t.u1
pwherr. requiring <"""ril'ln 'he !iV.'II liyllpowiier S.ulw!: ) '. March QGtb, I 19-11 ) I ., !lllt |>y i loria ex eripnce i! fr.ide, in le- led : we well remember t lI'e'i.. le it ) irlic-s wtucb: ; aid' -adly. P urn Kni'i"} 4 9 t n*. w.itn.p Muster. _
| gnrd tu> iht on busi'iessr of any new ., J.ihn B.w; 'r. >itti mi. 31'' rrifai Hjston waitCKIG .
shall Dhr Sir.--Your IfTtpr, of y"t'rI.I. the .ittI'14. eitatid t the. old Con:re-", and t eir bitter cotests. I 1'nor little Dick-you'll never *ee the
ot vessels l ill*! pas-engers anr measure ol fi l | ol ,', i I makeno '
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it t (olro Tht'n'U a'id I
valuable prtl"II111'11 -ynii M> ,
become a c.hlrr upon tin1 Slates in evidences oftHKre.itc..un '.j .ii haveiuvari. i iblv pretensions '0 V '1.1.! ,IU'Iilrh".t fine t henries Jd\4 a'lIllhp, DicUlnsons: and oh h.r mti.indepen .
u.t, ""|"td"Ul.td: fiom! ill i mil Ihl ml ofCowMnceI which I I'i'ik s h.IIllnll'l.I t I ."ecn-t.irv ol dents: were ai raved against us. Thev cherished) be more than on -when' u-lIr ,log'sout. Tyb,". t'C..r.n1c''t. S2": tons for New York

which ihevare ',1.,1' will cmupH 1.I"rIf ; I hii,-t came Hiu 'mt I im'- i ,Ir.to'r. A* I ha.1. the TreasnrvV're mrt. I k'vnv t'te' 11.f'r( ideare the tno-aichv ot Eigland, a-.d. we the rights of ." he "poke wild t.tnu'IIIU--IO' : innurnuVer In.rim :-X 'lIr-t". MO ie .C C.

vessels I" '" enquiries into ill*" abilitytiftli'14 b.tl inv endeavor) an. hid' 1 h iiedi| il luve g lin.c uniform and riiid, and, ate .\ ''llt'td nur ."lIl1rr.vlllt'VI'n. im prese-it Cnverntnent4t "11." ---
( I their g..uiI.tihl: and ,1"1: bit In have ben from their accnwtnmc-d cbnMieK. bv I the itmstcaptiviti'ig Suddenly I the Mule fellow his I
who nresent themselves, 'for pis3'.r : l.tc \\ in I"t't mw, Jlaol..i"1 fro"ContVderifi.m Io opened "Jt':4allrl For XK\V York.
Hiit'Miiiif ,':Iiin'iii mt ill- -
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themselves in this 11 merely PMii'ina I lilY 1' i hiic. to an H1jlrpnl| $port th'-"Ii.q. [..-i us I I'.E". srrw'1"1 t w>/ {I'mon, how bitter %%'.19 I Ih. .chi..n between ,the looked v.n-anily around."Has I THE .".\ t 1..1 ii.:.; Darque PIL-

.: Ill support cnnntrynfter 111c"n..I"r nVtrict. not mitr'e Ih.' IS: miles fzp'ritnrfffacs! ; teach ns to xpect from.. Fftlx anti .intiet. Here you an I 11 I I't'I torethera !) he come yet //* he asked in ;a 'low hL ,i, U'ul.-nm-. >t'r. will hatediitcn. *-

lhir; arrival; We :" .. by late EnslUtl dl"Ili'f. .tiid! within two h"-'tr'. journey from Co v-. ( pI **ii-'Fr.'a! .nr> \ "It.I ilatflv ,* SII' as "',n', as II [I1' e ; >v r'I'IIPnl1" ""I.'h) won'i he come?" |1''i.r itii-k lieiiil.t tartly apply toJnniJ1'

ihl H proposition Ins been made! and 1.d..d. I irk .'f di-li'ifli.i'i, "' fir. exci'eilitrmy : .idfitited! ) I have nIl l i\-g IOHIX i I t I it as.ipolitic i. put into Tntt ilit:, the. Imp m, di nio-i was agiin "I I am lure.. said, I I. taking ihe little fri.( ', 'r tit

1,1er4, mo-t saiigiiine eXuCtitlumit. as I i is beyond my I d n.eaiire---.hu' I lie pfhiicians al".d.. dra \ n.V.. hr.1\t' i ito two ar.I.i searh wis'iingtojjive i 10'.V' h.'lId. "., SOURCE, STONE & CO.
) ,lending' statesmen in Kngnl liki-l you l know me 1)11'1.1"! I -
is by d l.n1"Cn"Clrin! 1 that-I har'lanl; !I' the il I- > tl I I Iheflovprntiient, dif"er !
!ullnrltJ pft'I! a > it I'irection the .
to 'for the nnigr- vvitli you in the nptnion th-ii jjreatbenefil have, in the nnsent circumst t mces o,1| the!" floxernment one slrfnglht-n Ihf mo.t ifar Innich. thin II. smiled faintly in my fa c. ) .- thensaid I For IV CYOI.k.. .

|. : Iff\'ill. *, b.11 c.ltrci.1. mind ,I.III\Hrp likelyto ? u ion I the j interes'snf I the Cumuli', and riipciallv *- I o'htTf'if jvp .' I T.iK i..iii.r 1'a, Uel briu; TYBEEt
and settlement I in th. ru Isli Provinces! net-nil-, a well to EIlgblild l | United : More prrmineul Ira /: "'-.q. a.d lu txteml .' vIrCi-tT..i.-i! 1 t4 .h. .lull
lion i Ilh. I the southern Inrli"llf it. 1 I-up' osp tMr 'l".nu I II lu., and I .- You ,have, been kind In me. sir-kinder 4\ : i-ttr, carsto

in North America nf a millinn nl' I lie most :1.1t lail, by rtemn-rs e-i.ibli-hneust now
ijesiiiuteof' the I lrh.'f trust the project between New York min4 very Hremen: via Cowes :I I lie low, I he rat e dispf.nnt.at' which .,111 than most others .i i the P 11)111' I t'leilrc' and I have nn way tn ho\v' my erai'iimbnn' Oillv .1 ,,11.. J. .J.J-.VC: i I Ih ,IIIi
allt i ju' U \Ir t.: STONE & co.
OM the north can '>e ne orMted lure, I the i" > .
wiurli deals '1IIh.unplon.I inu-t admit' that tjrpat sind mjnqii' II : our names Ih..rt'lorp.rp nor- ''-li''ar to our less ynll will i lake the IJibbyon will firnl in
will be c-airied' out. CII.'riIY fi-d t credit nr- l'i" to th.,.-" thni'i li who, once 1.1 I the merchant: ; Cillon.T' countrymen,. the I"'r.rI.11 '
\pr.I"t I .1'rtln 1.ftr I"rlv'h.h "'I asIhinknii mv t hll"11':1 I slnall ,.offering.1 I khmv :hut Alahu'hi'oa ':xchulIe.
Hut ""';11 'ii lit. MJiiving I ; wit'Iiiiizt. ;iHoidirii intrumnt' dity this,imp j 'rtnntnt<'ririr, <' I t, been e merchant hiivs coit' rpfer'lrf to III"rir t with them placed yn 'r n 'n.e, at t'-eir it'sill I II ht\.." inrl i : -111-C'II'd: ill rn.las irienda

i ,h"l I lIe theans, nf pnidncinn what the> hr.ughllu iiMiii'ii .j il.pr..ol"r.ni."ftful'nl'"I Pdlniiin q-ii in-r-iit r'r"1 Your e which he CIM I 1\' it down Illhp, 'i disci-nut I lh' Northern !'ead :'*the nther. lor the ; utile r.as m, selected' I btir-l in'o tearhe' renniedDocior m a i'l ine n'iic IM sceneral., that I.e has beome .
i ia
par i> R-ir-'i'pnn mitktsand, I i
consume. wil I snnti exhaust; 1 itself. Tll.it I n.ilitv I. h.? a":i:n'-il t. me an honor winch "'f rr.'lnbelongs "norilif-r 1 nodax'iill: is 1 "'r cent, l-ec-m all'rdIo tune .. I am II h III !. am'i I I/" aid the : Hi-Pro, ".. r i.t 111* a'jnve! well

io a in ich worthi-i man th in to my-elf., t p ,II '. NIIU- wiiliont t one won 1iirli 'feeds' the by giving the tiav 3 ->cr cpntmorp fur I ) il I my ? grows
( (1ln.lh.l lit
5ien \ pnor jti-tice m.inds Ih tl 1 any iit the may iiiuu t'.rl.ln'I,11lI.nl favor
"h"le "ffll-. coil -| is 4 cent il tins is plain .', 11, needs mine : it i i- tie ir'r ih-m. hulit (ind his Mr.h Dai.lorih." I niaV
tier uuon s yon
| .I
; d-ity -acrificinz the -hnne of linn \vitb)
ilii.irMliiit\ ati'l'! means of creating their pei9jni ) I i ei oi-totn, anc. %vill a!fu aecrxno.
| { Anther fact i" I hi'i that' the itself-we 'put in our PM 'er*. :,,,,1111 (C. I Iii. for
1IIIh 1 a n I I r.us, 'h.hip.| hy lli. '-ni.i'aiic di.avmvalofnily ,: I certandv. ju.dly \ rViiyreader &ii nnilnng ymi. DII.l.l"? said date r. id.; 'i.T hi. inVrs 'H e huts ill always te
own SII .M-IH ". by 'labor. i is the only true f .irther c'11 Iii ni-rit thin having h... rate II| discnunt n ion I'nrllffi hi I 1. wil i depend within t lie bnii rids! .' th United, Si i ales I I; "\1111 -aved :nv life. I would! coin my su 'plied with ;gui ;tune it ;. r t.1 the cl.i Icst

the f IIiiihle I ihon li zealoil-fcoadjinor, Colonel nl.ui ml.IV I lie I I ofliri'ia; Texas Mie Nnecps l"." '*
inelhod.' t(: ;i"'t ;i 'lal work anil he feeds' : oti amount "j'.rill.-if Iht ( to inc'u .) I ihis question life in Ploy ." uliui :. i qililty. JUIhA't.ichuir. PATllILGE,

'him-Hf. I If.f: iniea;'l Ir spending' nnHiniH% in Dllol'llon.. ..il mv fi"I'I mv To co'intryni hienrgy H,and know-my are ,small the r.t,* will ; larsre and thiitfllrk..t : Snpp.imthe I 1J.H't: ; fr'nn. Uninnr; "'- I I h-iVf imlliing I In a-k-1 I dnn'l want In I li. N. v II t, lSifCounty i
.clltag'll. i IQ 'vi'h northern I |he rat.-s"
leI''; pt-r.--veMnce. ( aided l by the r Mdvcoojieraiion I (11c hil. "ure'ut the \"lIIilli-Ir..lilll' parly; and iheI live; -only II Ii'> |. ..ible. let me be buried % .tRM Sb'IGS
finpl'ivin? I the JrNh' ii piibhr '"oil.| Dot a tva e "ro I'-rfionablv. Ni.w. \\ h. ,
1"1 and "h.ral"Wl ,.f the Prf.idlnl.r \11 ai ler thil heii'.Ie of whether. t. .Va/ion I fnldllgrnrrrin'" r> |(r -..nt ihe Whigpariy by ,"moiher, 1I1I.1I (find ihr name ol the ;u criveIhel Georgia;
t cotton
ri'-e.le..l.' in-l. ,vhill c-mM be (' at I the United Stale.- < cro-i ,
: (: 'n'lr''o a.I'lh. pn.-tnu-'er 'Renerrtl at Ol".ili," l which of he tivn is t llic '
plare; and .ill ill i il it I in I '. I.KE Iriends, and
\Vi.hintuu4.! med tl.-ct iied for F.nr '* or theirtliero cities; is oiy r.i' I i. j-'ne i r r i. ir.v ,
a far I Ie44 co"l !1\) c.lr.I'I. tile (iilvcrnineiitwiiuM I I" now ch ,r ;.d) Ih.wilh rhlf a C"iii( ,l-'iiliiil. Cllln.11.lr imsMon from paid lor., bv """hanf'E ou t-p :or..r.' ci'i .., w.- t'ftleral u'rvi ? Ct,'ai dy not tins tnier. "Any IIIIII.v... I thing' n ) poor l.id." .1. ill.iiblu- .: '.i rjilv, 1 1..it ie attuve fashionable

hi- in at which tinfxovprnnient |" I lie "Naiional i I I Inie'li2"ncer.'' whichslaniU I I I iid ivlfr. ? I\W r"c pjjcf, will be under
provi If i th iue.iti4 .f I all"rlallli, l\'c'omput I ceritiin Rnroii' .ati |mwer., and o'ire see I thai aO fi-iaiicial.I I"UbI icy. an-<\ered. clioUm: lv. | u

for the' and de-iimie nftichii'l I "'il| dlnl'! !P-< return' h.th.the triumphant tiPZuI ). mav ad'Hit, t lh.it \dl| ilrrrnlllhf' np for the :iniiiirilv| ( ".II.I'.-.. -..mililes Tin- mile, fellow ,iniled' fainlly -il was mv tntitr in iriazetr.e- :i-ifl r .ifr..L l tliis jea on.-

arid .'Ilill. ps.r ; I ti slur asi I it ilo it ttl-t It will not take! fn:1 Hi" amoiiiii ot "Y'I1hf1 napcr in t the ""iiiberi I : u markets res to Hir'Mintlif'i' and in not.iin it ; hut li\e .in a-i rel's .'",1.-'Iii he did, ont an-wi-r. I siiall )CT. ihe I H-.u-e O > ihcfiitt Jay of June,

I -l.ni'l; ihetii il Caind.i., give iheinlanl. I[ C"I'>i of hi- ;imliii"ii, | to kn.Ih.II his, 'ell earned 11.' decreie; its value ai'd tliiis, with ail, the ((7nion." t llieaniidifiei, of t the 1 KxecntiveP'iwer. I Hiye fnxed the t tor' I lherec-pt|..n nf Vi-it. M, and hope from myInu
: > were on iar flickering
I Inh 'd! I In-tre hi > .
I, '. ; rlrnl! 01:1 il] ;nil iiM'rliunic'il: implements 111.I made this' avuwil np-ui I, depress I ll'e! v .llt of and lilt I're-idpnl 'n ill at iin'ittn iii ihp.it pairh nl' blue sky overhead. His e\nii v ri b'1-.itic .. ti> Le able to sustain
; P the \\tli l othe I have
> n rettti.
ii"v : place.
cotton hill-i.l! ;,'.I'S' I Ivlore ipmarkfd. denrist'ie ;
I lil I and IPIFI dragoon (Tnn!iess ;unl foice it (r. snhmis.4m.n mind .uI. i ili
-.iii-l :amiet wnrk.iliPV i\ ii utitci i
PI uiVl'IlIf4. 111.nllh de"iIII'h IIUI.Ilt""r.. cotton. The loresoi-iif postv1ati-.<< I thuti..ht ru'' tr toreilu--! the j>rce ct Hoard, &.C.
i wlh 'crllI.i 'h"h"I'i"11' sperinipn; prir11 In the I Kxrciiiive will. 's.; 1 long, -I"I1I! there-but ]! lha'iira! l.udjin_ R.itb! &
would S'lon bei-oine 811(1I ; frtn11 h.I\t pre-e ,td loni"-: and I l he yo-i will will, ';rr ", he 111..11.1 hv every fII. N- w np c. ;.tr u.iinth.$23
1.Jf..II If ( here f he >ncli a thing in ihis conntrvas there eU ihein. 31. I Chululre't a-.d > half .
; are bright an ervatf?. .rice.Eiitrtt .
) ) subject*. ;lId uveriiiiiitdnil" Ir a''If. yo'ir rnnII"I I ;> tit'. 1:1:i tTin-ihe ti1''t i i indic.inv ; I will a-lv. rt II I"f rircmns ance o'I.'t I 'n-itry anmng .
IlutlII.I : | | of niit.i. {.'. tint tin-! I.t. .ict of Uindne.! Ins ali t hp u.pt'r.t;' 'In'nf the I ."uh-Treisurv "\ .t i1i"' a Fnlrnil party. ;i4 ilnre I i ic certainly; a ill- r n-ed I III -.adl..1. I would meet her, there.. I ;1 it., S . .$tLO.Jon'

l litt b" I
rammtifld "huh! for the 1 supjniri$ Ir.1 I try \1. ,. 'IIi.s wdl fn-q merit|lv r"ipnre r"'pr'II"ltiii, I I !h.' o'' lifr to make. ,j'nlfWI'! \ IJni'tn \is i'' n pn'seiilalive1: ami I I smilinv nu me from .imnni: II.". Hark! \Varm iirinES, :\l.iy 0, 1817. mavl519lrajj

mv p'PSI'Ct at Cnwean 1 I .hIII'I"; have many I j ". holders! dnrinlln t .\. /. 1,11.C I ( : Joural Ai M leen'm.er, M-icon ; Recorder,
tIP'ldltnrp n ""II"r' organ.-[ / is all.,1 iihiisir1"! and liliini 'Ins finder heSeHiifd .
In she limber 'Iiiiiii"s i of Cxtiad.i' alone th" r-newal ,,( i mtrcouae,
1..lrUIIII",1 'Irn.r .. Mib-d! evile! KepuMican at.d Hei rsjian, Sav n>
t1"'lia-' : \'ar. for the sn'i'mrt' "f t the Mixicmwar. l ;
and' h-tein fir I He I fell
cordially ioeacli < a .II. bai-k
por-no tHy more : IIIII "
of could tie ir.flti'ifyIIVIllVlI. .. nahLl.atra'.imrhr* La. rar-sre: -rsonian.Grif-
emigrant* : F I e-tim.itls t .
: no fine cv-it.ulititrti 'I
".1 f my friendinhvidually, h.,1 ?trt'ngly I llp [ Front the hllfln." InteItie.icer.: ] ami the obi velrtan Inioi lull tears. The' fi.i C'e.ttt'itj.i-t( u-t.i Patriot
i ; : .Au ; Albany
ihi- o'-n (,r nrd. at j t.-"lhan SfJI'fII.O.( ( ( ( the next erit1. MS ;
1prICII. THE ORPHAN BOV cliihl was de.id. Did! !he inrtl'eIIIt.'ar angel'sVoice. A'Jv.rtiser. MoiiUo'f fi\ At i. : Herald, Lala -
-- - I am; dearsir-. ymir.ftuhfullv' I ? "'IPI' Now the! '.. arise how.lr i iiwhat

1.:11( : non"I.Y: (ao.\I; Y. ESQ. ..Tii. |{ni NF.v 'RO.-KKY.. ha"f. wil Government make Ilieseexpenditures He fdded. yet so calm and m-ek .*.? ( ""grant. .. i it. _ _. I elie, Ala. ; C't..tnrcal Adtertis r, Apalacrhi-}
To Tlmrn I I: and other- the committee - ci la, Kla. v\ill i isuf tk-is orp rr-c nth. weekly
The .subjoined Koire4pnnieiiCP; l.itejy laal.y, si.' ? If SIIPCI.'. all I vM-ll aid I iioml'-the So ijently' wall.'oo sweetly weak." -- -

.c-l h'-iwepii certain (if Cow,' C.WI': coin I thus dislnVit in the South, will naturallv The bn.stle of lie fi:!1 hl' was over: the ;prisoners COiVlMERCIAL.Corr AViiiiii Springs.THE .
.1) .
its way i into I Ide Southern Fia-iks. 'ind tl.us t
ulmvc, head thid IO1ESTIi') I\h1tSTV.) : I hIIII..n, secured. :imllie; ,leckt: washed ----- -- ---- | rp>ent i rLaurset| r i.f these Springs t.ke3
iiinl the :enili-uian" ia tie !iIIIm'I : 'Iilil'I to sn .
\ of ierler, h.I"S' We I have i read: wii'i'i rpat: I i'.I..1. and :p- ii iltubti : ( fieil-tips! the pli ic's i..1| niir; "oiither'ir.'d'iits ilnwn. I the waldlllll".1 .ind u lie schoonerh i -0 ir Clam'huimi mirket: miy ne S ,11111 I be occasion to ms-irtu: ilie ;pohlic, that the
\': ; 1 laiiy tnir I id inin ini I Ini ln Mill Po'id tieirlhit ldce. whih
n ce innre relapsed : Was- thought
III1 $ 1"11'1lIId
Hut i i'I of his the Gnxer |
|I. ( I 1- closed for the ed-on.. Tliere i- none on bale.FREIGHT .
i!rf uniitiriiticcs .( .\1 r. ( ".Id"n Ini'lrXbil .raliol the n.m.I.. which we in- i-it 1"-1 j 'nniii is%$ip pa-ir-r-'1 ."I.ar I VIP c "lllr\with'freimy i I ; rep'ise. I .on I our v\e ? nu
i .t .i'n'i inihi'se l"rl.-Id: l wil noM'iilit low. from I the S.iv min.ili liepu'iliran on a I,, I iVntes-l'ie' (;Jovernme, t. al l once, becomr* soon fri|| .i-lci'i.| Hni my s'mnliprs! wereililnrbed m iii- rates C".l".IWISt"'f. learn thin it the G'li' nt A'-rit la-t ; I ihereinrenod'anner -
K- retcnded
siihjeci which n have often I t i ihnil I ht I the (CUM/HlHnr! i-l flip, cotton lil'rr.bt. aiid Hiei II) wild ilreams., winch: like, llu i-if'i ; on ffiui account.Juie .
fully l(4'lIIZ' the OHM I porlrnivlr IpO, : i iI, I s-bij'' bab -en taken for Liverinuil, to arrive, at |d ; 1'J.' IS 7. 23- if.GOODS.
I i c tio'i' !n!.!I'tr II' ttic-! <)Ulli<-in ports, ."' venderof vi-ions nt a fever agitated'; and, '111111'1 "l..IIIII';
.,. thai i>i-ntleinin '> lii admiri'is.' in ;and wiiiK'n.t which i i 1' .. niiic.li uloie ;slly : iln-j us it thhi improvem-nt on previous r. ts to
: "I NI rt bern 1.\cha'lp. and! I thus i inevitthlv re- the l.iii' siiile. ihe li.iri'sliips nf ..% ,-.'rly EY SPREG .
bv O ( ; that due s t the \, fip. ol' l-AC'i.irw ill I I'i Ihei that tHin.T. .
.4I u's. When, Wp ieid: their l.unl.iiolA' 1 I 'r.al.llf il iPiiri'ia role-iiporar\ I r-iti's. rate hie and' a tlinnsmd oilier thin<:s uiin>>ldiiigeihir J. St 'Vfimoii A Co.
i i I'lit'i. will d-'iiend n'11 .Iw ;"nIl11 .t t of N -t t'eru' Q t n I'A no," :
the and j
ri k of
Vjiriile. we i'niilil not lint "i.h i ill-it; in the \vI a repeiitioii Ilpi,. pre- j t'7i'i! I I'" GoVrinuiPMt! mav have for -ale, a",11I1I'I I as figures in a pli int.i-in i:nri.i.Sinllerilv ; Liverpool' .... .. .. .. .. .34d.lo \y. -I't ll'nter and ,\'j. 2 Chtstnut sis.ARK. .

'::<.' | thiit i r-/7/. : ri i.jid! :apiilicaimn of II. -em the :article! In our r ;1.I"rc. KV"IIY rem ;i anioimi: tSe regular fnir-e: nf trade mav. rt -Iulrt'| a hand w.is I.irllln my shoulder -1.. lI.tstr . .. . ... .. .- j'S-l t fL-ctnn lltesr 5 rinir Miprly of
"I and starling. Dp I beheld Ihe surgeon'* m..II"\\ :';'wuirk . .. .. ... .. .. Ir.To \
of lIe l 1 I I Im reit,It I:ter. Lit ri-vert 0 IP .tn-.tjii-ni to :
I Rfpultlic'in in HIP and I'AXCY DRY GOODS
I f.f' ,
!tlr"lwI (11"h\ nur .II..il.lly rewiliii Ht :Jplit. 111 Little Dick. Mr. is dvii' i he said.Al '. Ho-ton . . .. .. .. .. le.
I the. tite of E\Hi ri.ies, hviween N\-w Origins p, ; BOOTS, S1IUH-?, HATS, l.u.NNETS. .C.&C.,
blind' and of
{ ( tfifruit Jertit." iniaht I 4 our nun ; ear .1..1'.1 and New 'for tie' I li. I In nnre I : liom hainmock.Little ; --------
1'11 11lllt | Y..r.c.. I t I I\\ \" ur- sprang my COTTON T.-\Tt\JtST.. 1.1t,1 which tJif-y! "Her; : r .ile np re-.i uableApalac teruu' .

If tr.nle.Th "" "11'1. vv'iirli leaves us! depetidem mi I I oj 11I I fi id the Kxcl-an} averag-d aboutpit I i Dick w.is a "nrl nf pr-oe:e of mine.lie iccij| .Mrcii, 2 ;, IS17.

il t 'i'he} dignity nf '\ Inerl'4i Con,ul at \ew Kn:land for the V"I.I trifle of dnni'iic ,.. \ taking i I the ..;s-u.ri t ibroii-j'i. ', ; i ill i iM">-'i. Kxhmg wa> a ;pale.; delic.te chid.! said to de annrphan stock on h..odS.'p' I. Mlf>.Iu33 year 4

"s ranged atlj J por cnt di-ciamt lor a and n>ed I in uenlle i.ainie I ; and fruit Burnt since 1st Sept. IiMl/ Pay Vour Cily Taxes !
(*ov\f< i iv fnllv .u.iaine i .1 l iii :'i I r. C'roskey's ii"f'. (r"'I : chillies J pin. to ; water |oiier time i I than ever 'known l.r-forc' which. I attribute the I first hour I joined' the srhoniier, niv -93i K. Alct'L'LLV im> uttn.rizcd agent

|.T. ITI -aid tlcu I lie, liis; iiven ftidem1*' iiiiiLei--vithi) fore-u aboun lins in timber, In the fir-t i MUPIICP' "I' the e\--cssive i i. hear) yearned lownrcls him. fllr'I ton had; Received.* pa>t week: ., . ... 352 MR.' II.". abeiice trmii the citni.JiOli .
sue' of fioverinient, draft.II; \\', if all ex-n.il I in previously .. Iil5,27.l U. J \S. F. 1'AURIOR.TO1'.CEA .
nd ilioiisamls' of winlrriogalxiin : :
of -nrrrli and Iiadi 'l.iedkrlpht I grown 1"1 been friendless and' alone the world.
prfJiity. < "'roduce, I ini'ieeMe-it' ol SSu'1,1'I')lJ..lltlJ. I from New mice in Tol.d.II'G610 110043

I.rtl" in |1'li\.If life. f"r.1 ol which our en ii tat rv. living like s.iva:es on OII..a"IIIII.\' -ii',iplies the iirttmal d.-mnnds, ..t'.th i I lie had, olten talked;, in me in cmifi h-m-e,, of Ex.rll."d.. p.i.-f week . . ."i.filpreviou \XCUCK, E& i is mj au
. . .8ti,3&:
we I.v the testimony I of the f Towns corn- I the Ir.mce idleiin:. nlit.iine-1 by their rifle 11 I ., IM t'ii w iv N"rlherpi t I l'Acb.inibit: his moiher. whos> nieninrv' he regarded, with iy.1 oidl- !.. slKHU7612: : .1.. bonded agiih duruu niy' ab-ence iron, the
'nus h. I IIp res'ilt I if the (;.v..rtimrie.t, I throws. holy, rvtrelilu.. while' to the lher Irns orlit. 'tite. f. L. RAIMOND

miner, p'r' vi-s that h.' proverb' that .nonl .'il 1 : :ri'eo corn for bread 1. andcloihinc w"'lril: S5 ,n-fJ 'IJO'J: .iddni'nal into the market ? 11.at 1 ; .hip liu h.d little in sav for lliev, 'weiennh Oiiliaiidaiidon) slnpboard! imtcleared. lbb2J Ut3o I ApaLu lii..uIt, May 2?, IbH.

: 'but liitle better and mil sn lacnfuli I i is a rnr vinlhcrn M.-ICI! ,',1. vid oiitlirci '
is in is 1'1'.11'an -
in his : and 'he -
: prophet m\u connliy. cn.ir-e, ilelie.ile I ;ind n
"f"". -.s.I I IMI .mother. ":ivin will I I tell I us, til it I"..i. is an "Ind-'pe" ulcotit'i, F.Nrl.\R.\M> hULLER, T3 lu Vhorse
; isnottnir'i Whose fault i< thi- ? \,,. .' 1,11; :| '. he would, U" apart by him-elf, .mil' lal :t'I'ICllllwr.| IS4:: ()-Ulld ..tllle: and beet
fni1 '"'I .ll qui trnis' in ire ('II..t' IVfi-Mrv"hidepfnilriit inilfil-what' soil' i | bavc hc..-r but little tied can

i.. \r.| ,.,..\ On lisa whole wexre Ii \ ill ilio-e who -"..J. ihi< ., Jlilliminstead ',./" ,.,.Ifncf is tinin, Uncle Sfim rpfuing mvt'lini .el'. I He never ciiiiiplaii.e: I of his 'oi, time m Ia45. ii. i'i a fe\v itavis ti.rnheU with pump,

)/ ol home ; hut il ( he hue.riiir' i I FElt in.-lit.ed I.i the) npinion that ."hl 1 Mull / : o-ir ?"',11..1'1. lortJ, w th his nmketlull I of 1,1" Poor lad; his he.irl; wa:> Phi the ,"'lurHEllI-U'ORrEO Iw..t". :'Ioly '/... \VM. 5 S. DA1IEREL.Jtne .

'" 'I.. .in t-s of himtflf; rjui'e l ;i. nflen asjo the f'.r1 lieat the door of our I le:i-j- O'Vl s'lttl-ptiiifrr* w'lich', he throws i-i'.i the ::r.iVK \ itli Iii- lo>.i parents.I v..rp"ul .. .. .. WoJt'l':H.HI2. ,,;.1 .O ... 1 l-i 223No 2 Coluubus hlcckDrn -

..,tl4'I W Hide of- I How I they Jamrwi I 'I l% t 'le .1"1.' I t'l"' e liic-ni'in .J-t'ithcri 'II I r'c(1', i i f'u tin H'tilio-i. w.t'i hug nf I 1'iok a sti.in:e inlere-l in him and, had: i I 1r... .. .. .. . .. i .r'I'u. 'i I ... .,'

Irl'/II./S. C. If"'I. hrzr1",1, hv tinPI inters ? S ic'inv ', 1,1.4 1..1.11111.11 i-sible. During \aui/. .. .. .. .: . ; ; ,i. s A 3Icdccincs.npTIR .
'nanaue ,MHS'ITii .hl mo lei' 'pnbic.!i :' in of li. 1'1,1,'. W,5 ir-l-i the) "IY l wil| coliewhen h'lin'ri is ri-ult lightened a $p Ilie' leitHIM . .. ... . .I.3fii .I3 jl. .. i >ciii t:. r 1 h 1-5 jn>t rrceived pf-r recent
i.utt-pi'is i.! an In t in ons. (he last fight I had owed 111lir.. to . . J. NPA Yt.r'i Inll! arid
l ihe-e < will aw.a a new.yteul .. .. . S"T .9-3. I .irr.t & > trom a corn-
the.Mitr.i'V t iu'hii<>. Illil if.-. ( fiir.iiint'i.; !! I If I the G'iver'1n."it I.
1.t\itl' : Ia. / Z It-flN.If him, lor lie in-hed III jn-l, as :a s .ihre stroke IJtt'r'Io.: . .. . ..1. . .9;) I plete -t" k ci ti.--tit: ;: in j ;.rf. Stdph.it} Qui-
h" exla'ilislied.oxiKsrirs 'i i-is'pn.* i i'II.l i'idn' 1 1'1 her 'iril lice it, I I
:1 I I
fF' l.n UTM "f1.1) I.ilei-.u) .
"i i- : W.i- levelled II l ,": and by lllef'io-ln| : his Total 'If For. i I'orty. .2T5i .307-JJ'.is-"W) : ( I !ii--, 1fu.. (t iMnrratiuiicl C.T:4IC Pu tase, Stticine,
it't'se I .n".i'
hivt' .
Mil 'fit t Seriiv
d.-ii V.MiJ: 17 ] i: s ( .1..1 : :
Fn.: : ( feeble cuil.i hid a\'rl.,01- ", ..Idl1.10" \"or\ . .. ; .:.141J( .l3I2'.l)9.! ..3l"MlI'n : i Snlpl.. '.t M'-rphme, Lum Caustic,
eO""U\PTP' 'i-.d \
,. I 10.1. n'll |II t -n' 1'01 11"1 I tjol 11.1..1| her hr- v >
r .'. .i \' -i 'f'I'. \ 1'11.1. r b dv'"f" ; O.ii* .,1 "'II'mu're ii iN .h..II...< in .lr la'iert'i ) r iw fr"1"' hive 1'.111 f-r it as 'he I III'h.IIIII'Iall" confusion. > "I't': I hid I i .1.1" ... . . .. .1.nIT .JJ7.1i311: I'ldi ride 'at> Gold aid .Soilmm. ('al 'nel.: Jalap,
T.:: t. t! 'S i' I J i I 'l I h. ', V.11 I Ilr if he hurt 1'1'1"lIc', . . .1,946'' .(i9Tfi; .1.913 I I pic.tc. Inline. lth'i' irf>, 1'nlvr. a-ui R-n-t. Senn.i. -
it in* i- put .1 !e co IMMH it I t tll.il' >.", dp ire iMi--d,l I i I.), w'lfi' I'i V'\ .'.1 it. a" quite' liirgnilen III ill/I"ill' w i-
'.;' ''r.i N vv Y.'lk fu t'ns ;port-l'ie, ore- I .,. .I. 11'!,>hi" . . .lili7< .Ci'>7.9-2'! Fi-i!; .m SaltJJacbn Leaves. Csti.r Oil,
; i itiis t .1 -.Inkr-i IH, 'I I mu-t 4t.r c. I.', 'I.Ti'i .I ,iri-ti, 'i rsH'f tin lime. I inw irdly reoiitvf'l liiexeri
| ia.I though al ;
> ir ipoiino.li.i
.n. i s 'ir i "II ) '/Ir.1 I i-i >'ir d 1 K'ks !j ji t B '.lIal.r'-; .. .. . ."ifiti'.2; ) Ii61J' .2494! Scidlit/ P -vifrsM ila P..t..tkmSntIher.! ; fl''wer.rid
.e i t. it '. i "i1 i A"i "'i.'r.' i I.J! I! sevi-. !j j nllii-ri. .t.f| i limit I"ii irc.t'il 1',1 -t 11 >ul iI 'ii ill t'i ,,'f' 1/; 1"1', -r t j'IIr.t'.f Ifgitnnilen all, mv little influence( pr-icnie him N'ew Irlems. . . lltl .1>J5 I I3b3L.2.$74 I I| r"l-, ('<';>.' -r.i-, :>. >i-tiT, Alum. Aloes,
i t1... I"I| t I'I 'ir '5r-l visit 1-1 I..a:;I I 11"1 I liv -i: I".i fie' \1 -1..1 '.1! o i<' .1111'' tb I ,1.1"I i t I I ill l I I'IH ftrir t' hunt.j a mi l-hipiiian's, xvnr.int iii rc'iital| fur hisseivne. 'Jti..r 'rt:. .. ... .: : : .22' ..2i.7t..2ui4)T.ii Olcmd; .ml Curb oi :M ; juia.. Gun Cjmi'lor;
| litiili'$ fv'iio: ,.i 1 t (I" I 11..1 1 i.iti, xvit'i t "'"' '{ dv i t'iiJo'it'i lY. ':. I
10. 'if .t. > '
.- I .1 : -\.1 I .l.'v! fiit t.-. i j it'j ) -.i ri- It \.,- wllh i t pmg ol reproachful.igonv : d ,:11..1..IJ1J, ( FI i\ Nei-il, R-rtx. AU. a firge supply of assortid -
I iiiii .1)) tjlli- 1 "u 1 if i Ir.'.-- -HIT TI t I' t'ir<-.tH .j )7Iitl.59-I7I.1'71i I
ii '
.. ,. 'n -1', bV its "\.1,1 itions. M'tarrass t the
< .' f' 1"1'f trrvi V'IV I-ir;.* o-jer ihercfore, thai I "hrip..il tn nifeet.. I : ; I 4 II 1 \Vire. d rtment of
their 1'ii'iitil 'I. I I. 11"-I i idli -I I It'i I.II.'I' : .t .. I I49 j.j 97612 i-s ; ai a ic.-r.eral a-:"
: it.- u'i ii "' 'i i-i'i; -i. j n''i'i 'j i .1.. 'i'it I!h'1'1'., its evil : \ I
,r' '. i ii I i I" i 1114.1 : I' i M t .-1" : I r.veViT, :My tind l !" I exclamed. dnn'iiii all .irticl m Iht- Uru,. IruF- r ae by
\T.Mt ii.i .' il'-r I" >r t ,.' v.-r 1 1.,110! t"iv : i .. you - ----- '
\ i'l) i .I. will" 'li-ll u a l'li"r 1 leii'imi'e; biii-i.I j .
l :
i I id .v.lconie'i.r
t ih il to .
H ;ni \ s I
ji AI.ELL.CongMss
H F-
I" June 1 2 .
% 'I lien l'i Iioiiein- <,tr'i -t--l.I I11.I'r I '.in II! I lie is not living I A.>I-\ ; IISIVr
iri I
,i < ., ..| \ ir .PH 1'11'1.' soiii !, I I. \ n '',ii itj.i is .1" .11, \,*, _- -- -- -
V r- '. i i iv' i e ii\-i it riir ,. I., r.t: I.I \ 1.1't.i'iiv. irie-sti'l I our itfe.iti'i i a .h rt afid hit' -i s-riill I rij ri it .f I I I"II"' 1'(' ',-ive 1-the I fear sir." said the uJt- '':er. shaking rleamer Alhniy-15 S Il.iwley. lady child I Water.

'. io .''i i it ,%' .i. i ")P' 11\\'or id tn \[1r. tune a!". I l-i "-IIIII; tli- ri''e :.! in'-'timi i.t.t G ivT'i'Tit, r"'veJ liitle$ III' 'i."flli'l' ; cetiv.Iv '.. his head sadiy.; "1 litt; he CIIIII.lllye I Till mornini an i t..rIIH., Mr* L\ "II" and caild, Ji.hn t.lilhian. V -i-if* mi} .111.11 l. jn: >t ui-i-ivij i lu.r sale by
,0 I i trie'id mill.- % iv III'' rivi \... .i'n-i I iii. .' ( 1 (i.tpt I 11 I Douglas Joj-e,>! Irvm J .
i "'.C I.-. \ 'i/n-i i 1"11 ail' iV-irc Mil |i .v.I..t here ril I ,i-re 11' is a "'ti.pl.Ht.r ;" \' : I June 13 IIf. A BELL.Vmil
( !ied on tiii ollp l t fie r >..vut -v ne'i .rn1 I u., "I' tlto' tit.r here !" I
l er'l 1" il i11 'iT71 "1"C' "cell ti r'f "And I hive lying idly
I'r t. I i-t |Ii i ; ,1( MVets -. ,,', -terred to, hv.v4. .I I..XII ).(TS \ \v *.ifl'.S. _
1,1.| ,I vii 'iivj 'r .<.. .tt I ''nvit th.a.f iien I' .nt our J ili I' fl.114.( .1 'r it I letnr r i i !ri. '..
I ,1'I'1 mil |itlt I.' U'I.HVS ii'il.nni: i mil "
j.JI I Hf't-t
i by' !
ii rl-jiit IIi cotioirMV
1 chr-rc'ineter. 'II :i_ :j'nl torale bv
) it. v ii i i- .J :-'-t '1., ".!tr' irt'in follo'vi ii ncri .' cultural. S'Kielie<, 'it. of if i IIIH. ./ii; ,1111 f -vil 11'p '.i' I ri'lesti :'I lroiittht Xorlh, i t'l.te'.iul "I' Ir"WI! t him. uti hiiI ,, I liev. at I '*!"< '...llr.. 'it| rid vM'tt.iis| I ibe Mei-ess.irv I bal"! cotioiiIVr
) .I
| ir and the
"tI''r Idl'r. I (hI t..k..I for as I man
.,f IV hevis 'In-ld lnri I J I 11,1 l tit t .1 iii. j! ; rr'i'flyit4tjuv,4, TI-IV e-t-e'n .
I m i
fiIra: 'i.. wi si ttiod tt tb Isle of bVtit', \V f nle "'f '!11 s-i ilito i i Inle! iCv? .iii'if''l 1 i a *',',,1. I'll 1 edi'cts; ire cir-'f'illv I r'I'1"itl'r"I'lv' I Ihe! spoke we Mood' beside f lie bed>i.ie of I the N EW OLLKA.N'ti-lVi; s.cur Oregon-160( bales and SWAIM'S Pana ta ju.-J received

til iNi 'Ij n* dv.1U : I "i i.tittiI' ;pi'hcr prevul i I ..imoM! IN, I t'uj' vmt i !m'it ....-,1... t for t Ihe '1'I vev> in-i'iths.. I s ,1.,11|| he I j jiipiMv dying liny.The ti I I'"ii ale by _
and! \rill tri'"uiarvt-i the i snll'erer did' lie in his usual, : h. H. F. A BELL.Hoarhoiiad .
')r... it* | I.. .1 .<.. i'i R.I hiey Cr'ev. H. p.ti r"lh.1 <'ijieri"r idulryand I -c-tvel.J. I if I hey u II 'i'>t ris'n 111'1".1 II not nn- UECEIPT? Fh'OM TUB IN'TKUIOU. Jn.le 12

: "-11.1; | ; < C'K-d 1. bv I'T 11 I ,%ill Itt of rv o ti N'iri'1, v n.--i: .11 fiit'* by 11,1 I I in-l r.* |Uir" thu! r i > il nf lhinis- li.'vioiMiul', ,1U1I1:". for it w.is hung' in the very nn i Ui ol Per Meain-rlJo-ton-:3'M b ilecotton to.MaclayV Candy.P .

'' vi. t .,'j} .| iv .1( I'" ii t'tlitv thev: hivet ne l I""I ol h,'r 0 i v tr M i it-n''. I!'1' i u i p.tio-M. Iill.tF.IUC.U"! 1 lie ('rt"\. and the clo>e air arll'III,11I was :: Kmiliriiiuh' : II) io \V U Porter Co; 9 to liar1 \SF.'S tlir.tu-iJ I Ktcf: of! HnarhoundCa

.:t ,- .- ,' 1 !r. I 'n i n I It',., .lisc'j' iri. of 'bis ol.i'ii The itX'i'ir.'esof' t lie "'I h ieel I ..vilvlid'velopcd I hit t iflititi ; tin. In had; been e. rriiil ii nut. r 1,TT llolnisIVr idv j'l-t reci-ivtd) ..in d for sale by

.1| I Ii'i... .. 'm ,.'i i.-i-i iliiv is a mer.-bi'il, to .Zt ive t t'i Her children. wojllli. -\ id' z.-''".1 I (1'ri II the* C un. Ti n *< Prices C'lrreni ] I the open "; t.Iitv.iy. and laid, fli.re III a hlile I Mfani-r Alhmv-16 hale- cotton to B Ella Jivir H. j F; A'nF.LL.
lorts. Nit-ire has d-ine fir more lor I Ihi'i for; V ell 4 \V U i'ortet kV Co
1. i if'iis t .v' I i" i utr-i, 'i il n I i i establish t NEw OIILKANS, .lui4.. H17C'lMVIKKClAl. of.iboni 'fI inrfeei "111'-' ... r'rom MIII ; Touii mixture.I .
'iii-ln-ided npenpace liailuy'a :
our Nut ther i Srjirir* i, >'it tiey 'hive J'I
> I! i I ln s ii -t i n T. '1 .i i \ Y.ur c. r-iW"s M'JMKrAllV Diril the! sound, of the '.-.. I'j nlged the schonner I ud extract t{
l lIfri'j ,
\ I heir res' 'irc.'<, .\.1.1. wj !tiave .| iii.K-rel I i id : A\n !; |P'I"I I ihe I np, II > I- i v .I'll 'I.! i-u:>t>'i'l: ti
d! lr.n ', sty v'ifi ii! (' .II ill -iti'M'<<>- 'ie.l lvcted w.. I Ii- 1'r4, irsI I ,n"l1II1 Y iii If:, "t It.,. c,'ii- was III IIIIIi..lI.Y'"I, I ihe clear, t_calm S.\ :\S HOUCI 1I0'l'EL.rr"IB Jmc'i .n.1 nil R'i >r iA \ttaMe! 'ebnfugtt
''vi tit. '7 nt .1! :U 111 I t'lis .. will ', OHM I II I 1 ib lie 1 -everitv. and I b I '.
is "i drY. ernliy >vitiii ''IIIH' oi is-rilvrs res.ectmllv mtorm their ,ld
ihe su for 'IK Fever aii.l > by
Take for "I'n.I"lhe! >t llle of Gv-or. in. VaJtjuantities blue OI.). seen through opening overhead : cure1 ol Ague.
rnat.' i icr.-t" l.': I of lnr I Ii I ,nber n now r.'I th uii i her !I Tie riliiti4| U iIi in',s ci I hive>n.- -q .neither lence, are'i di-co'inted, i"I.I.III".f..d m.r i takenKxch and dolled with ni\n."U of stars beinkened ", ., id I Ihe .nihe! ieiierallv, that I lh ) Jn ie 1-> H. f F ARF.LL-

( owr.s, M ircbfi. ISi7.lRi I reN, wl-ile N'orlluen lu'iiher! cotnes i iituour' l: niJe[ .1'1,1 I arein in e in c'uerk) fir the very that tilt fog tiad; broken; ., .vav.; I Now I 'Have 0-eiieil I the ah 'vi' eslabli-luiienl. and ur- JLunip Oil.

le tri.z tlm it wis '''I i .I..t.I"o: p rl The I fi'ie-tater ..iv.-r i i the world w HIMnu hrbihnces wluc'i! !! they! Iml'l .m tin-l j iiirncities t calm it smiled' down on the \\a-i face fir..iheboy. 'I.\\ rejilv t-. 'l''I' 1I."r lers, a d lioie thariugitr. j) r. : \C'IED aiidoi-tria Oilj'i-t received and

te" .\ ,., ; .1.13.1' ,111..r I IT l'ie' 'n ir- I < it ',c "I'erh..J h to .' t I"mi-imi.l iseful ,nirp 'il'o, 'j ji Ills late of ihiti;* his ai-en| eniirely I high current of wind .> if-r ali! ifion !r. receive a s'ure: ol pa rui.i.ige.hue t) ,;'r -
Occasionally a by
t.lH, fl C out t'le .1..j'll. ori'iuted by : InVKte iU.li'over r-nrnsii its-Miri-j from l'ie' ri u-ici. d I op'ration- ot the (inverini: Bir will he well II'rl.I"I..dItll. clumv H. V. ABELL.

Y"llr' olf. of tli'ieof 4rr'' II. v 'nnl
"-. I :'r* I' i vii v* .1 "1'1'1"1'.. U
,.1. vour I'r.-itN 'ir.- .el I o-i 'O'.f a 41 .wr'IIil' ,firpr'.i.1tj ; I fntnfiinr I'Our. ,' i ui! f'irni-hes our 111.o'ly i'.V,'iili-irifH i-hii.iii'i i ih-ir, at S'icl li.-li: niler.t fr.-1-ii|"ae.its rates: of/I i.dl-C ciect"'1.1.on a.to I the dark' eIe-t, islit luckof I lit >ntf' n-i lerol I lie 1.1'et iiialnv Ii season.JA.lr I nxS \P \ ttl LLA, j'' r rect11 .wl. tor wle by

i Ie' mB O) & CO. ii12 H. F- ABELLSarsnpariUa -_

:our (.a::...rei. i Je ice; ,.. I I. K i eivirnitti-e' oi c.nn ik-te.J' o mi I ii.'I.1 I v i I :JumHTanl, the have been irthwnh invested in j-l"ci", and old' veteran he I.,\ in an niupii-M, s=I liinihci. Juw'H.1617. -

tit!'iSsrri'i r*, .ve have MiPis-irt! in I'lf'irmi'nvoii ,'ridii-tsof II tie Oi'H-'ie.. aid in fae'Id we -h'I..rllu| \I.'.xieu,, by winch; means the couveit.ml. His shirt cnllai was nnbnltoi ed.' and hi- X. I B! -'iMiUmen' whi wish! lor retreshment- Syrup.

that tbe courtesy a.t fir.n i--ss with wh'cb (>ntiiine ,i i,>r !> (in*' -V.S .\11 'lot miketheeliii !.- reii-iiirce of our '); niatiiuliun.-, hive, far childish' hll"I'". as while a< I ill it of ;i girl, ri heir rooms: can b? Vou' have the ni'ini-nt, h bfn ,eri.aui.Iy' crijipled The Secre- H- F. ABELL-
discSHrieil vour official dntic-, your (r: f.i heco ne rich ;>y d, ,)!!ul., the act ur.iI. t of will find meal was npen and ..\ )-'... I He I breathed q-nck -
it more ecouu -
iry tinTrea.siiry -
duct d.'lr.'n.'t j'"riv tIP I"f a.j ,,.r 'Ipn-"t) otu rl'.ur..tol I our i I iwcr.A to ".'111 I :dii'Vii' .-itcif from tae North ; tie limtiire .\.- and heavily.; The wound nf wlu-'li I I.V., .. Bay Ruin. Fur Sale. aI
md i'ilflliie-1 .> isa n.rclu it hive raisidto .JI I .,' > !) iri'i t of the "
c.i nrea to
.ri''II'HI : : h ab mJiae of and blvliiMiie II..IIP.II but w'nhiu .VJ a.ien H-nst! Wheel'- Apply
iwein it. C If ret living illll'lIs..lyIfl1l.. FRE 'Ilu' Iv ol A i-'r. nch'.s tl1pl'ri'r very .
h.' feel nnch i iferest 1 II vour' ,'er*')'ul wl.tar |. eneriiM, .. t I d p irlio i -ti "'lr.,<: i iht wh i will I 'vi,'ti co i,'ie of millions, witho'il' ti itiimtli' lulled /t i. bvJuuu Wil. G. PORTER.CO.
snmwhat I
half hour had U d sale
the la-1 t" iv limn jut received a- for .
\"rk. while the cl.m ,1'! u i .r.I'ir\'t en is i- <*, vl I i.i'y nir\i-i ii .Vdll strjei, of itnoc ;. June 2I-ict
The bencScial results, both commercial and mere** at the Suutb it ttidrfuliy: lar e. This ru- iiJjj dv>wti Uuite zitdU'tt Sues, which it lte great though eveu uuw his thia fingers tightly 12 il. F. AtiEU,. .


.. .. ,'- .




I .
t- _

-* ; '** .. '_ -,.' -.' J _
/ \ ..- ...
**- -
l tflUHItti Sv 'i, i. WNrII.
4 ---
.o "t .PP -

r-.t .--- -----
- ; --
fr--, ..------.-- -
-' -.----- -


,- ___ __. -- .- -
-- ----1- cS'i: __ ---- '- ---- -- -- Uu < = ----- --- --
State P-r--- r- r -Collector's- SiIe.do AMKTMITTV ; I' ) 1'1I1.I I : cc\:TITITTln N I IS ?1Lrgi1[ 'Not Ct'rJ. I mrrtttor tfnttt Dfmtorg. FRJ ARRIVAL OF
Tax 1tHJntrJ Drugs Medicines
., ", 4 P' .. 4.4 .\, -- ---- ----- Paints, AH-
? : t'. p .' : .1; : \ & .i 14 4 "j l: } i' -t -

1 !BY'' k. '.11' ,'. '.'. u., .' : ,. 1- ,' .- \ ', ( ':'::1't r' .". rn : scJn IN TIIC WKSTtiltN CIRCUIT I B. e. Nourse, II. IV Stone, II. W.Brooks.IVoiirsc Charles Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers. Dyc-Slnfls THE undersigned, Perfumery, 4tIi ;!,;

r i'' ':: ....t \ i- I' ': ',',. ,J.' tj.;*' 'll I al.' I. .: i \t. v.- :.'1 JLV ; suniKcr ro rue Ol FIAaUDA. I *, Stone & Co., Chas. Rogers & Co., to his friends and returhlhiatbllu

k day in J-iu: .i i it. : .:- : I.. \'II.t ,>r'>.i.-nv ..1,1.11..1 .tCrIN 010" me NEXT CJE.VEKAI I.\ Franklin Circuit Court.IN COMMISSION MERCHANTS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, liberal patronage, and fei .'-

in the city .t' Sr. J" "";n, <\r-t. uri'h thereas! ASSEMBLY.J CHANCERY.Arabella No.-46 Water street, Water street, that he is now receiving begs. iri'

will pay "thestite a.iJ CoulY Tav 0:1: the same'for E. Hepburn, widow of Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fla.Lockliart dcc 12 Apalchicol Fa al supply, which added to an addt, :
the year 1315: amend the Constitution of this Burton deceased, ] his
'ct so to Hepburn C. A. C. CONSERY. stock, renders assortment unusual/?/
valued at $ 0 K Voting, GREEN. ;
> purporting I.
511 Lots unimproved all white male inhabitant -
Stats as to extend to Complainant Green & and complete. English, French "
to belong to R C Allen's est.lte.I citizens the United States, COMMISSION and FORWARDING Conucry, Gentan '*.
*, brins* if vs. American Drugs Cosmetics
valued at :$VJ purporting I E R C II A N T S, COMMISSION MERCHANTS ; ; PerfumerPi"
Lot unimproved, tt'iosal1iuere.ci'leil within this State one ospph L. Hepburn, George O. 1 No. 36 Water and Druggists i Glass ware, 4.C., &c, tfi.,2
to belo:1* to Robert Armstrong.I No. 53 Water street, street. are
franchise.SECTION Henburn Annie
elective Hepburn
the ,
to Physicians, Country l\Ierchar'
Lot unimproved, valued at 50, purporting year and nov2l Apalachicola, Fla Ap.LACHtCOLA, FA. : and olhenrt4
1. Bf it en'zrtedki/ Senate and Caroline B. Hepburn, the most liberal terms-all! cf which
to bclol1 to F G Arott. ; the State Flori'la Pelican Mutual Insurance Co. of New York. lie\ :
: R pre. cllttlt 'e.1 of of heirs at law of Burton Hep JSRKUIAH DAY. PAMHL J. DAY. and unadulterated.
- '3 Lots improved, valued at $V), purporting to i in General /wwiWy convened. That I lie burn, deceased ; Daniel K. CIA A. GREEN, Agent. pure H. F.

belong: to R Beveridge's estate. lir=.it t clause of the sixth article of the Constitution DoJge; the heirs of J.-hn T. Day iV Co., Dec : No. 36 Water street. Wholesale Retail ABELL

4 Lots unimproved, valued at *riO, purportin b| esii amended as follows, vu: Every free white Peabody, dec'd, whose: trustee l COMMISSION MERCHANTS, DruOg t,
No. 52 Water
street John S. Water
to belong to A B BlackvvelTs estate. I of the of[ and Daniel Bill str t.
male pel son age twenty-one years is McDougild ; for Dower. Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa. AUCTIONEER AND 'COMMISSION Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 19IG.
1 improved, valued at $20J, pnrpoiting to upward*, ai d who shall be, at the lime of oTt( r- John \\'. Campbell ; Hud on CCVlso: Aqents for the .-Etna Insurants"Co." MERCHANT ,

belong to George Clark. itU to vote, a citizen of the United States, and A. Thornton ; Nathaniel W. he Protection Insurance Co." and the hart- Drugs and Iedicines. -

2 Lots improved, valued at $IOJ, purporting wivi hall have resided and hail his habitation, Thornton.. limes 1101t ; Sea- ord! Insurance Co." Hartford Conn., No. 50 Water sheet. THE subscriber has

belong to Wm Cromwell. doinicil, home and place of permanent abod inj.riJa horn Jones, John I H. 1 Inward -- --- .- -. Solicits patronage. APALACHICOLA. Fa- constantly have, hand, and Itin

1 } Lots unimproved, valued at $;), purporting for one year next preceding the election and "Edward: I Cary, t tiu--ces| of Harper t fc Holmes, Jas. F. Farrior, II assortment of DRUGS on ,a COl\plt1e

to belong to J N Copeland.! at which ho
3 Lots unimproved valued at $30, purportingto tIJ. h tune and forMV month! immediately preceding L. BHoI, convoking: I In.- 1 life h!,(, COMMISSION MERCHANT" and of the best warrant: p ;

belong to R K- Call. said t turns! have had! his Inbititioiv,, d-miicil, firm of Cal 'inn & Ua-js ; 11'f' for f'lp -No. 50 Water street. Merchants and quality. Ccn n ,

31 Lots unimproved, valued at $203, purporting: home and place of perininent abode, in the coun- William I ton land ; Willum I SUN \IUTUI I INSURANCE: COMPANY, Dec 5 ApalacliVola: Fla. their advantage to call, Planters XM"to find
to belong to Win P Criig.i shalL be deemed tIl Cili/of\\"eie York, examine aLd rice hit
which he
tin may \ Sloan Duncan:
; Goods before .urcha
I>. "Y. CuIIcn | ;irgol-tw! here.N. .
3 Lots unimproveU valued at tf5J, purporting .i'luliie,1'oter! at all elections under this Constitution gild ; Mirdicai 1\t\I.I'III-j No. 51 ,Water street, B. Physician's

to belong to W C l'\Ht. and no ie others, except in elections by signee of George W. Ross, __Dec 12 _____!Apalachicola, Fa. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSIONMERCH 'care and accuracy at prescriptions hour of the put imiik
2 Lots unimproved: valued ut S'O, purportingto A N 'r. any dat cr .
general! tic'jet in the State or District prescribedbylaw a bankrupt ; Daniel: McDougald \ Win. G. iorter fe Co.DEALERS J C nigit
belong to Colquit & Grant. elector have Solicits ( share of Public Patronage. ALLEN,
which "the t
in curs nvi-> ; Joseph & L-iwrence [ IX GOODS AND COMMISSIONMERCHANTS. / March 21 Cor. Centre
.2 Lots uaimproved, valued at $ )), purporting been a (...id..nt! of the State one year nest t precedi O'B. Branch ; William II. Oct 2t AP,'VLCHICOLFA.. and (jmrnercestJ

to belong to Wm ?5 Duvall. '> : t'i i'leciio.1; .>.>d six ni'Mths' within the Brocken'm-o'igh and the Bank No. 11 Water Street. CoOke fc Home, -

3 Lots unimproved, val.nd: at 5")), purporting ccnon district n which he ufler to vote : Prorid.I of Pensacola, Dec \palaohicola, Fa. COMMISSION MERCHANTS' ,

to belong to I) W OU'VKS.: Tint \\li..renun! or inuinc in the JfeniFzizfs. J ; No. l.J, St. Charles Street, B

2 I/Jts unimproved, valued! at :5), purporting r,' nl.lr Army: or :'.1\"Y of the Uuitod States unI. ap;)eiring to -MtistVlii.i of the Ju.Ige of D. K. Wooil & Co., New-Orleans

to belong to John I 1 ll iTivn. hi'4 s he wjie a 'I] iiliti.-d: el.-T-ir ot thi! < State pre- IT tins (Court, by I the fidivit '.1 t tho Complain COMMISSION) FORWARDING ANDREW S. COOKE. AMOS lhoaN.feb .

2 Lots uni- pro.I, value lit >0, purporting VUVH t.> liuonh-itinMt as'i.i' ,' liiii'r. s.,iiiin! ormirine ant's Solicitor, I lint t tne Defend mis herein, MERCHANTS! S. L

to belong to John D, ruck. in ti!i' Kfi'iltr, .\inv:: 1.- Navy of t the named d'i not re-side within I the Western Circuit No. 7, Columbus Row, Bell tV Law'omr.

2) Lots unimproved, val-i.-d at -ilJJ I: purport in.; United Stall's, or __ AND
to belong to Join'! (; GJrn'lc.S oo-i-ii.L'red a rei i.:lent of the "tatt* in consequenceoi : jates ol .\meri(; ; that :is, I that the Defendants COMMISSION AGENTS.Jan D1)JOR

Lots unimproved' vihe.l sl'), purporting bein,. stat iOi..l xvithi-i I t liiefine.Pas Joseph L. I Hepb urn rl':ide.iotlctat.ofTcxli I | ; Ai.w W\u:. WM A.VyIic lcKEXZIE 23 BAixnniDr.E, GFOUGI\
to belong to 1G <;Ji'H, illS! estile. p.I Seiatt" December 1 IS IT.II. .. \ A;: '7Ceii7.ic,
: the siid Gem go 0. 1 Hep'rirn! I in lie State rf .Missouri the cure of Dispepsia or ndiZ5tion
2 Lots UnimpN\"J. valued ai : >0, purporting I II.1.\y., President Seriate. ; the slid Annie E. I Hepburn, and Caroline COMMLS.ION I \fl E RC H A NTSo. I ward Me Cully, and nervous Headache, Ell-

to belong t j R G Greeir.void. II. AnciiKR Secretary Sn tie. B. I Hepburn! and I the =ud Willim I I I I llowlmd[ \ 12. Water street, AUCTIONEER Diarrahccd, Gout nheurratisrn Grave Cnxstti Oll,
1 Lot imjro'eJ'alt eJ at $:O, purporting to Pad !l1..tJ I Deceni'; Ifi ISM.ROHEIir S <) vpalachicola.Fa.S. ?. Ha1J.
e, each in the State of Nework ; I the heirs ol lalt. ard rftail
James G.\:lin. --- ---- Xo.50'akr street ,by'
belong to DROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps. John Pea'jody deceived and Daniel Mr!). -
ugald Dec 12 J. C.
ik J. ScliiflTer.WDLESXLE Jah 16 ALLEN
G Lots unimproved valued! at S'), purportingto P.1'Clcrk.. Apalachicola, Fa. Dlugg.
:M. D.
their trustee : I the said; Hun--I I Holt ,ld eihorn
belo to Rjbert Gamble. ANTD I GROCER, I>. l>
Junes, Jnhn I H. I 11-M.ird and IMwird Cary, tms- { \11 Tarrant's
Lots valued: at Sit I), purporting to z-:: Partic iltr attention I' p-nting up family AUCTION AND Compound Extractor
2 improved : .Ill .Iff to amend t'ie! Constitution of this Slates tees of Cdlh'tu.n & Biss ; \IorliI'JIh er., assignee tnd COMMISSION MERCHANT,
sieainbon ship stores. Cubebs
belong to Ed.\'ard Hardhfs estate. .> lido in i'ic I'te ic-fioa* of the (rfnetal ..15.cinli 1 of George \LJ. Ros-s, a htnk-'Ipf; t, and Daniel No. 1 I. W.1terstrcct, AND GENERAL AGENT, and Copnvia.efficac .
2 Lots unimproved valued at sS5l>, purpothg birnnml instead of flllw"l.Q : EUFAUUA ALA. Stands .ullrI\aUd toj?;
ij \IcIJ'IU J.II, each reside in the State of Georgia Xov. 1 II ..\.palachicolaFin. ,
belong ti S K H<)d. ii. .C riOV 1. Be it envied 6y the Senate andIliiiseofllfprt ; I the siid John W. Campbell!, 1 Hudson' A. (XJ-: Cotton bought on order. m-'l > ; it perrrmnsae:

1 Lot unimrovell'alld, at $"lO, purporting U enliitivcsnfthe State of Flo- Thornton, Nat hani11.I. Thornton ainl Duncan II. I'. Abel Refers to fL..' in a few d.iy-!-no confine.

belong to William Ibl1a11. rilain General .Iwm'jlyronventtl! That .the \fcDmlaldI'ach reside in I he S ate of :\I.abarnathe ; \V-IuT.:4 \T: --u 0 u., B. F. HOLDE.V, 1 ,_ew. Orleans.Messsrs. I .'I ment or re"rrictunis in diet

7 Lots unimproved, valued at $ )0, pnrportinj aecond clarse of the fourth article of the Con..llt! said Joseph Branch and Lawrence O'B.( D8.\LEI! [IV :) UJ1'DfCI! ", MNTS, J. G. DUNLAP- S r : n eSiarv. It IVb1 b.

belong to A K II ill. tion of this State !be
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $3), purporting to I"I'i7o : :J. Tha members' of t the Home ot in the Middle Circuit rwk'nmu.h.>t Florl.1 : is t'ur- Also-\ .Ji'iril isiitm', >nt of Statinery. J. S. HUTCHISON-, J Apalachicrla33rofcsstoual t I [\ parpd with the gr .tef
belong to B Hawley. Representative* shall be rh'wen by the qualified ordered and Water possible care, nfofln weL
fort that the s..ill Defendants hereinbefore Cor. of! Cli-'stnuf! streets-, '
1 Lot unimproved valued at $j), purporting to voter, and -Inll serve for the term of two ears, mined: and every of them. d) appear arlf! April 1 11 1 Vnhchirola.! Fa.ir. Xottccs. I t\ ". tested principles, fund<

belong to II B Inmin. from and after the d.ly of the fir-t election under anssver t the said bill 1 ol complaint, otherwise I the b. i: upon that imjuTta-.r I talW
2 unimproved, valued at $5), purporting the amended C-mititution( and no longer: and sirne shall betaken cunftvao agnnst them D. B ;mien, -------- ------- -- --- -- ---- -. firl e,fabli.het by thecriiebrated !

to belong to G C S Johnson. the sessions of the General Asemh1shall' be and each of them in default put; : Ptovided, this order No.2 Columbus BuildingsDec. -, SYDNEY GREEN II. D I' -' : / Dr. Fi.rd\re, ?B:

7 Lot improved valued at $3M, purporting to biennial, and commence on the f'uth' Mmday in be published i in this -2), I.I"). Apa\tchicola. Fa. 'VJl that a omibination i f sio.ia .
belong ti> John Jenkins estate. November, in each and every second year, or at Circuit week any .ewspaper: for lour printed m in I ---- : be found at his residence, cr rner ol -. tclTlt.dlwou!" produce a rrmre ct'rlaill
months iron the
3 Lot uaimprltveJ'altJeJ at $100, purportingto such either times a. miy be prescribed by liw.See. date once of. Dated a April 11 1 IM7.GEORGC : UWI.il'uia: Salter, Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion I speedy, a rrd? rnr.sidernble effect, than ant f''llfa-

belong to Seaborn Jones. 2 Be it fmth'renarted, That the third he. COM\hISI'N I I MERChANT, House. N(v S. lent dose ot any sdnzl "ne.' In n.any cases the
S. H WJ.\I
\ :
I unimproved, valued at $5J, purporting to clause of the fourth article of the Co'i-titution be fo the Circuit c' >, No. U Water street-Upstairs, Dr. 11 ll.l'ae is eittirtlv Fre\'t'ntd oy its tllJel' 'ITtCation. lo
{ A. .
Judge .
belong to Jones & Bass. ;.itne'ide'l so tint the aanp: shall read as fellows : WeI.r Ford.1.R.DU.L Dec..I,1-1 1 !li. _\pal chicol, Fla. Chapman, Fcrsaleby

1 Lot improved, valued at $'j:), purporting to :3d. That the Representatives Sh.l11bl chosen on &H \<;NER, {c Office over the Drugstore ol B. S. Hawiey, D-c 12 J. C. ALLEN, DI UZ lSt.
belong to J K'inney'sesute. Cornplainint's. Solicitors. 20- Irn Ls. FrcMl. E. Duas, ( on Chestnut street ) R--sidtr.ee at the ---
the fir-t Monday in the imvith: October, in each --- --
1 Lot improved valued at $2)J, purporting to and every second year, from aril after the first In District Court of Mir United FACTOR AND COMMISSIONMERCHANT. house lately occupied; by Dr. Balt/.ell.. 1-- I\-E-U'S

Jfebelong to J P Lockey. election under. this amended Constitution or on States, tor tlitorti! < ra District I I January 10, IS 1C. 2-tf
1 Lot improved, valued at S50, purporting 'to such other day as maybe directed bv law. of Florida.IX NP'"I 2 Colu-nbus Block, -- --- ----- I Ii
Dec i' IS I. Apalachicola, Fa. W. G. :I.
belong to Doctor Lang. Sec. 3. Re fnrt'i'-r' enacted. That the fifth I \D.MIil\LTY. ) ---- Davis, i
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to clause of the aforesaid article ba amended ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW
to .
so as Daniel N. McL-an, and .\.t.iiit r i D w. r. r1RLF" PRTT.la11 .
belong to Abraham Low. read! as fql1ow.'i7o: The Seniors slid II! b<; Chosen others, the -V Offers his Se\'kei to the public in eitlr of the -- _.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $j), parpjrtiug' the iviilifie-J- electors f. the term of four Otr"f j y: P""ltJIPPI a'Jve! citie ;
hy r ster bo it Aug-isti, r ) I\Il4I' ; CI;: ; I -
& \l nCl.\NT:
to Lathrop.valued to rears, at the arne IPRP, in thpsarno .nanner.aad \',. ',. Lihe for Colli-i',.i. o. 10 Water He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- Ii I _
at S5J purporting
1 Lot improved, iu the ime place where they vote fir members The Iinun and ; i
Stenn Boit F'lfl.: Nr.iv2 > V Mli-'u-oli) Fi.IlT : Jackson Circuit C nirt;-and will, upona
belong to C )IcE )ra1. of the House of 1 Representatives and ,oi ----- !
; riojer her tackle, jpiarel, special retainer, aCt as Coun-fl, in :HCour1
0 Lota unimproved, valued at $1), purporting 1:. fl\ryitii% ,
shall be Senator iriless he he while .
a a mm, a lur iiture. J 1 of the Middle or \Ve5t' mn Circuit. He willal-o,
to belong to Win P Malone. COMMISSION'' ) :/OR WAR DING !
citizen of the United and sh.dl
hive been
>t.ites argue cases in the Court -'I
n hereby given whofn TaHahi!
valued $ ), to NTICK 1 tl it 1'IY M I R C I AppraNat !
1 unimproved, purporting ,
inhaSitant this f--r ,
ot State tw
a'I ) next r 1r
years receding Ihit I'il'l!> :\ a'; IIa"rll; i see, the sessions, of wliich he will nUvavbe i----------I I':
belong to Thomas More. his d'ctilJ'l. an i thcl I 114 VI-ir a re 11
I "
(: AADLti11l1 1"E I' JI II. LiiE
1 Lot improved, valued at ;, purporting to 'O'Jt2 1 1.\' \ 'Il 1 ihicola.Tr I ;
of the district for which he hall! he .
or county have .eiz.'I.irvI\ \ take "il'i'! .1'1 ive IIClllq'I..1 1 t"l' _ __ Apalirhicoh! S>t tcrj>l'r-r S'I- 113 r..n.td I" t.rlt .. .
belong to Daniel ful1n.t : \ we w. uld end: u.e .Hentc.
chosen, and shall have attarie 1 the age of tvventy- n'lat E'ifjula hcrti-ki" ,., tucis l -
: r"1! 11 I fur' '
t 1 Lor unimproved, valued! at S,O, purporting to fivevears. .1,1 : Illr. oiHnal I tli.n ClI.I. I! t. .'1.">: is i-I.e VM.Ht) hjs i I.dsl.'
to arts ver f') thc I ll'j1 tit.. 1 t'l.-'iem.. f I"r d! i ; v'r >r.'-.s \r.'. \"1 ar: MI. OK M.KI' IT A (;. S;4 tuATTORNEY ", ..' .
llr. IIdll ,
ct.--u n:; ;
belonj to J Xinnenger. ('r" tuIo' i* .j iv ac-
S.c. I. Be it further enacted, That the sixth for collisi-m \in i ; ; '!)ilY ;J'I; ; i HI'S S.IOES I HATS ANDCf.
' 1 Lot improved, volu..fdt jUOJ, purporting to a ;a C.lot civil an 1 riri1irn.- ; I AT 1.V I kIIH\o\i ? l I.v ',,\ NII I.ar fr>- C r. p. ,e FAt
to Wai Patrick. clause of the aforesii I article be *o amended as to That the Slid pn cjs M letiriible: 'I'! ir.the I. ) nil\G;, .iicoll ::J- Offiff. .\'f2 C'ajt Simmon'* n"il.lill!, SUPERIOR t:. urv < ther riediemu.e'! df, '.'
read as fllll'.n17.. The clissifliMtion of :en t- District( Co-irt tie! Unite i "' II.- t'i '.Yrth. I (Cb--trt'it? . -; fl ____!___ cor. of Centre & C '< :i-b. ,
2 Lota unimproved, valued' at $;'), purporting on (.miiprr fre t. in { ** t t. r wl.u'li it !* rt-ri'H.ii ; .t. 1 j il <*
tors mile at the! tii t "i'TI rf the Gerier.ulsernly
a s
| '
' ern D.s'nrt. of Florid ,it I fli' orh' ofsaid .
t Clfr : c 1 k. .V'oju. r.ov3 fi-sfr.,
to belong Geore Poe, jr. 4 ( Ajuhrliicola, Fla. (nnlv WfJRMS: AISD I L'rtR'.7ts; ; '
\o1 held
in t th-1 H15 I shall continue '
2 Lota unimproved, valued at $jj, purporting veir Court, i in I the city \:1: tl fin--h i, oi [the \%rO9t ..t Co. TIIE WHOLE: SYSTEM, but if di,*oitrt aJcarrirs :
unchanged ; one halfuf whom, as nearly as IJlI.ible third} Mon.lay, ((17th d it)) of i m-tiM i, at !1/:> : II. C. O\veii I
1.1 ,
oil ,.
to belong to Judge Pope. shall be chosen f.>rever heteafter biennially :vucTioNXD[ : : COMMISSION Ihe >!'ij> > [>u'laiif siir: I' <>r rj..tcsI Ss t.

1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to for the term ol four' years: Puitidnl, hoiceetr, is A.to:1, at hear which time and phce th sii.l. ca'J-. :1 EII \ N PS ATT OR I NT-Y: AT L.AHCL PRKVAl.rN'I (IN THE .'! M.U I II! ->..V

belong to Wm D Price. and it is hereby declired, t tint the term of ntlice I Ditel 1 Ibis IVh div XI. 2 L"I'I'lb.j! Building \\Vcs, Baibo'ir County, Alabarm. I ROWEL: < OF; CHILPKEN.! i- r., "-jerjEithese
2 Lots valued at $ll J, purporting to \IHlchitoJ., of Miv, Or: .Tl. Apllighicoli < in luul: Kcauh. The inwrn n: i'ehfr : :
improved, of that cla-is of Senators: une\ired; at the first in the :! ( April29, 1 = J-J.:; -2tt t ?
belong to Isaac Robinson. election! under I the amen.Jed Constituticn, shall year IP1'I.t". ; I'. i. k i-itM Co. (' ne.t in w !irh Wi-rini ; r. Jv.re Ii. rt'll, :.

2 Lota improved, valued at $5), purporting to extend to, and eire the first in I J I.\ Jolin liilbo l b\ rer'I':, ii, it :* ir.r: '<.s,;hie ;, r wrnj',
; on, Monday hy H. R. TAYLOR, I D. CO \1\11:10-I I M i L: I IIA NTS, 1\,1 h'.w
belong to F A t R'Ms.' Ocfoiier, eighteen hundred and fifty. :1 ; in the b< dy. It i I" l 1. -> in i I"- rftr-
May2 2, 1S17. !'i-t f 45 Water Street, ATTORNEY AT LAW ,
3 Lots unimproved, valued S'50, purportingto on the *\stern, ard Ihe health "t the 1..tlt.rI',
Sef. 5 Be it f'tnthcr enneted. That the fir*! Ocr. 2 I. ,Vinlicliicola! Fa. ALB\NV, (,\. i
belong to A Ryan. election fur "nblvmen! under I this amended! Fa'lkln Ciriviit! Court! ----- - practice in the several Courts always iir.j.n.v.d by it- tl-', e\ui ts h'Dfr

3 Lots unimproved;) d at S5J, purportingto Constitution, shall tikeiila'-eou the first Monday ; OF FLORIDA. J. C. Allen, WILL rf the are discovered.The .
*!etn Circuit and
\Vhiol's.lt| .ind I Retail D-ierin; Themis and
Wm Rn.\lett. Charles Canadian Vermifuge is $
belong to Barnarndbel nrly2 mN *
hundred and
in eighteen forty-eight
; [lRU'J' < MEDICIN'ES.!( 1 PAINTS Stewart counties
3 Lota unimproved valuedat' $Y), purporting and t'ie liist aessi'cinf the Generalssembly, u'i- Adims, Ge >rge W.Birnird ] OILS b'ihIarJ! is ;r.uch tnoreeaiIy admmiotlfl
GLASS : : &c.&e. Aug. T, ISJ 13.
to belong( to Reegau, Col put & Grant. der this amen.led Constitution, shall commenceon and' CharlesLarkin ; Bn.lE. : tilh'r.I .
--_ -_ -__-,-_--_ _-__- -_- --_--_
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $5'), purporting to (the fourthfIJlIIY in November! in the year :'f'rll.aalo1, I Attachnier.t.tradiiigund .7 urncraf orttnrnt: of T- UMBER---- u -- h' I Prpj..indonh. hy JOHN \VI\FR & Co., 3

belong to Roberson & Everett. eighteen hundred n-il: J firty-eigiit.' "rtiielirm I Situ' *:\'lr to-l'l i I rt t :, 'I. BOOKS, KLYXK"-STATIONERY, .Vc .Vc. XJ having been IZ\SPlCTOR.-Thf tinder-ii-nrd ?.I..h.en I Line, Ncu YorV.II. .

2 Lots unimproved, valued[ at $5), purporting Passed S.'nate Dt-cemher, IS i3.I of B.ularc0 UI, Dauuges ,3" /: ). cur ot Ches'iut te Comm.rcl streets, for the County appointed l-'raiktin Insectorof oter!; his LU ..btr F. ADELI.ett
to belong to Phm M$ Randall. I Dec 4 Fid. services to J:2ui: 0 for ;
I D. II. M.VYS, President Senate. & Apilaclncola, Ap.dach'ti.:
a 1 Lot improved, valued at .?:), purporting t-j II. A of Senate.Passaillo'isc Co.'i.. the public in that capacity, and will attend lo all I! __ __ ___
RClun, Serivt.iry;
j !{. S. hawley, duties appertaining to-said; appointment. I The f.rcat Canadian .
St Clair. fleinedy.vLpu
belong to George : r4f f Reps., Dec. 2'J I, t ISM.ROBERT .r.hn Dill I j JrIH
1 Lot improved valued at %;), purporting to I BRDWN, Speaker| Ho. Reps. .i: Defendmt andill others infcrestel, tvihl FACTOR AVO COMMISSION! MERCHANT, COil ELnS; GRADY.March22. I \ : it'S P13CTOI8AI MIUP
No. --2- Water street I IS 1 15. ,
belong to R M Stewart's e tate. :M.I D. PAPClerk House Reps. notice of I the I institution! i of the above OF noriii.u'Ni ELELnII'A\t.

LoU unimproved, valued at jl.JO), purporting to March I'J. 1M7. 9-Gm suit by attachment, returnable! to the December: Dec 5 \pal,ichicola, Fa.Aviry L'nriyailed for the cure c I' Coughs, t diK :.Arfhna

belong Hamilton South. ---- ----- .----- Term I'17, of Franklin Circuit Court, aid; will V Jones, giJm niitlltorj' No ct'n. Spitting ut IMord! Whaling <'.mij. l'itr.t.5-' }

I Lot unimproved valued at $5J: purporting Stan Tax and thereto ____ ____ ty ef Urfat.'iiny! i'leariyy, CUDinmIIIOI! ,
: Collector's Sale. appear plead according to 11Im ; GROCERS vV: -- -
to belong to George Stewart. BY virtue of the plnr'l te.l in m* by law Iilleviosedt <\ \'.VAY "SMITH, :';0. I.; W.iltr.street.: months after date, I will apply tro:1i hli; ,, a disease that u stteeprg ttos-

1 Lot unimproved, valued at j'j'., purporting to p'ibli"! sil-, fur run: before Piii'ititl'sitonev.. J"c I! 5._ ___. __ __ __ :V? II iclucoli, Fri..r. NOTICE-Six| .Iu.Ige If Piobates tcr Franklin *ands! t.) a premature grave under the r.aire rtCensunptitn

belong to J Sweete. the ( -iurt I Hou-e di>>r ill the town Manvuia, Analjrhic-ili, Kurd" 1, !K17..rrmU7lhtoIIii : 1./ u. vV i. ?I. nun, County, fir i li-ial disclnrge from the Adir.umtratiou : : can be cured by usin: this cc&:
1st ------ ----
1 Lot S2JO ------- -
ununpro'eJ.ala..J purporting on the firt \Io-idiy in July, the following |iro- : {! Circuit Court I\CTORS &CO \I.\hi .-InHCH.: .\ T ., "! the esfattof Donald; Campbell late tlf cine.
belong to Walter Th:1PlIJ1.! I perty, or 'ia m ioi! thereof, as will!! the Tixcs; CJ.II ry- of. said For,
pay :". I l. Wat or street, ; cour.lv. .cead. sort ml years pat th;> rr.edcie: :: hosb !
SLots improve vain? ? I at ; ,
pjrpo.ting due t there'in, f'Ji t the year 1 1-1'i i' \iz : Dec I'2 .\I\I.\CI"OI.-, J.\:WILLIAMS, Adrn'x. in Use i'i Canada, w htre it hr., hi o rr.t uril'riJ: '
belong to F..J i WTs j estate. :J'sl'J of-2nd rate Litnl and 1 H.Simmons, "J -- 1.-
acres lyiii'4 being 1 Apnlachicola, June, 1817. :I.tjmNu 1 h kticun, and! is cnrisder.it, the l.t ntU., :Min
2 LotU improved, va'-ied' at $2JJ, purporting to in Jackson CIUltVU not known-to he 5'01.1< vs. j Bill to onl'orce voncl >rWilliirn I;KMMIKM.IVJN.. WILMVMA WOOD. ,
belong t.t Met \Woo.1.\ aj the property of the .tate flf A. H. Ulark-vehI. McDaniel.and,) j( lieu ''n LI': )) K. Allison A Co., r[;.-Six months alIt r publication oi U--P fr which; all has p"Im'.ntrJ! attet.d'td: di:r&n ?. Te!: grti?

4 Lota improved valued at $200, purporting to 31G acres of 1st nt- Lao; 1 belonging In It C. BWljJnill"'. Newsom. J COMMI ;:It< \ ME1tIEANTS ; notice, application he made! to the | success tl'a- d the it- u-e iu,'i'rtwtici fat :EBf
ui-oVr !
belong to Garaot Wo j Irul .\(l tins, l in Oil the Chitta'iourhec! nvc-r-No*. ITapprirmg I'I I the satisfaction! "I I tIC Cuart I that .XMl Iir\l..K! INDRV lion. Judge of Probates for Jackson county, for a inar.y truly !':
) .' (?(o his! <{; KM-UIKS: final settlement! of Ihe have been (ttlectfd'bv it, ha* n.dncui! the prcpt*
1 Lot unimproved, valued at Sin, [purporting rut kiOWI1-to I b? soil! for the Taxes due fur the X.\I ad,' .!n&l tit i'i! I tliH bill, I.HIWAltE: Irninisfration of the estate -
belong to Charles WISQ-I.! HM.s is :a resident of I lie, I I'n'Jed! St 1'1'., but .< no) 'I i-resi- TIVARK! :, r.oors.; :" IIT:, of Samuel N Spear., di-reasfd, hate ot said I tars to introduce it ir.II'lli. l"i itt d! Statt.: COlI'(

2 Lots unimproved, valued at $jl), purporting jeir* :J acres 01"1'1.1 1 rite: Land bel.jngin to the estate dent ol I lie State of (1')1.,1) I I i i. or leied, .11 I c.VPS V.VDLERV, cionKiiv: : : IIIP county. ELIZA SPEARS, I medv fidcnt t-t" its bfinji' tic! zu4siiL I .tnJ. uu-iblere-

to bclo:; to J D W c.tCuft. of John! Mflviy. the s.iid] defendant, is hetdiv! I" {'lm..1 III aipeir i ', V-c. February 11 I, lS7. :o-'jm Administratrix.VO eerdco: t-rfit! and ,Ht.'fl'll: t" .illdisessaof i:
:21 \\ nrircel I the !fungi, \s lieu p.nof the"tnicf 1" a"
8 Lots unimpro't.J'al'H.t.lt 50, p-Ji porting ::"J2''J acres of-2n 1 t" rate Land belonging) : to Peter :iii'l ;auser, otherwise Ibe c.>n\lai'iant'-J_ bill si!, ill .1 IM 2'J: ,'i) I! uhi(-o1.t. F.t : their i"r .
PICE. peril rrn natural ha-tv extmtir4tIrn'st
months after date
I iv I will apply acfur
to belong to P D Wood nil!. XV*. Gauticr Jr. Ill taken pro cunlessn.GK; .--------- -- ---- .
I:. -B. |., th. llo-i. Pr'hir' C'iirt of Franklin grateful and! soothir :.ll'!'nee vit tLettictituis
I Lot unimproved value at :.i, p-Jrporting to : S. \ %VKIN S Uldil,
13'i; .1"rc. 'Jf 1 1st rate F Land belonging tfl Will lain Jrm I .
Countv, for tin 11 dnclnrge! from the admmis- 1'1' the v\hole s\-tendir nisi,i.cifemcnt :: U.
belong to William Wyat. King-N"s not Ictin-.vn. Judge' ol I the' "(eiei Clr'uilol I t Finn la. FACTOR ,\' ) eniiMISSI.JnjcHAN'T! :; a : : :
Loll value I at ) I ci, |fiat the a' d lire, N.'I. t't CulUlh'lo lluilduig-, -:, trition of Ihe estate ot John! C. Perkins, [late of when excessive, alLyicj irntaticHt:
unimprove.l. $ purporting. 'tit acres '1f !.'iud: bi'lrigin t to I Hfiiry 0' calXUi. rtily >ve t u. a fine cniV; 11)1 I the ;j
A. F. said countv, deceased.JVv! sorenes>and pain, and ?petdilitri i >artm rete'-
to belong to( R Williams.. not kIIOS II. orrgiiul order filed i ill my o'fice.. (J i yen uu lermy .11 i II t'lchic.I.t. |

Lot improued, valued at 'LL JJ, purporting to SAMUEL: STE'J.jrir :\:S, hind: :ui-1 *<> 11'11\ ,o.'Hee: tills '27ln day J.muarv llHrttlleii .V Co. M I.IJ U'KFLFORDdm'r.. ed vigor and ela.ticitv. to the \\ hole frame.
II ,
Prepared }
belong to John D Gray. .\. I D. It -Apahcliicoh.\ -21, Islt oJl-t m sold, wholesale l and ntai.1JOIlX
: : a.1 ox-o'Ii'-in 1'.1 1
x Collector. I. IBLKKS: I IV ti VUDA'AREND SHIP : WINER X e.
IS.VVC \CKSON Sheriff N \ I'M \N S. WATSON & Co., >3 Maiden Lai.e:
JOhN T. :Mviin'K, I F). S. CK-rk. : I IR'V, : [ York oie
and ev-nllL'M:! Tav: Collector. Mirnnm, M.tr-!li :'Jl-f, 1 HI". april Iii I: -ts February-27, I" 17. i-I r CI\DURY..pJa: >, \ C STEI'rIL.. ( Fraiililin Circuit Court. proprietor H.f-r F.the I'tu'ed; Statts.
J \'TI AI5ELL. Agent
December 2(1 IS 15- .JIjm Robert, Allen \ Co.
--- ------- .'In ;
nf Tin Iron and .
.lllljtduref.. Cop- Jan 9 -\I.al.1chlC'ob.
Slato of rlal'ula.CO Franklin Circuit Caua'i.I \ vs. I Attachment :$159 21. --------- ---- -

Tax Collector's Sale. u v 'r \' o ;j.' l'R.NKLIN.i ). K. DoJ.e., j)> Dec I per iVires.I Ehenezer Hovt, and 1 Damages $500. Balsam of JLiveru'orf.

BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, IUall B y virtue of the power vested in rnc by law, I vs. > I.v CHA.NCEHV. I __ \inlachicoh. r'a. Wm. C. Lawrence j REMEDY' HiPs-t is said fIlobi
on the first Monday j in July n.?\t, evpose shall; expose for sale b.-J'Me' t the Court House James WltSI.I. et / } WM. W.1:. WM. W.CUKKVER. T'If: IofenJautts; and all others interested, are A discovered in settled Ccnsumrtum) llrtf

for sale before theCourt Housodoor, in the county door, in the city -)1' \pilarhicola, Franklin I roun- D. K. Ddge, i Siais *%::: Clenve. I d of Ihe institution of the above suit in Complaint, or any of their incipient sjirptt*

of Calhoun, the following described property, ty, Mondiv; tie! f'A'*'nt>-fiflh day of October vs. > Bill for Partition. C 0 I1 I I o N l I .V N T S, said Court, and they are required to plead to the on the Chnmo-Thermal s\ten-, by the, u.*"

or so much thereof-as will pay the State and next', at the usual' hoursof sale, so much of I the D. McDougdd, et. at.GEORGE ) Ollice .Vo 21Vdt.'r Mreet. S4inc as required by law. Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated" medicine, 1*

County Taxe due thereon (for the year IS 10; :- lands lying opposite the city of Apalachicola and / ( W. ROSS having ted ; petition onJTthe22d decl'2,: .Apalachicola Fla. A. G SEMMESrPlfTs AttV. Genuine BALSAM LivERwonrtshicIiLeh"
7000 acres third rate I.ind. purporting to belong known as Cat Point, with the lands adjoining, as \ : April "Ifi, praying tf have a certain W.--T.- \\Vooi -K.-: I It? BALLOU-- APahchiicotaApril_! ll.J, 1517. apnl'21 l5"-3m pares at 375 ROWER This plan nf tre atoe,
to John D. Gray-numbers not known. I will be sufficient to make the sum Three I lun- amount of money now in Court, belonging to
ISAAC JACKSON Sheriff! defendants, to the his iVooil .%; IJ:lou, Saratoga Water. now espoused by several) eminent ph\iclarsIt
tired and Seventy Dollars and I roils, for the appropriated:
and ex-oificio Tax Collector, C. C. amount of the Slate Taxes due from the Apa- fees as the Counsellor and : llynml defendants COM MMISSIO[ [ >J \ .' I\VTS !. Q UAR TS and Pints, fresh, lor sale and has been for a long time, the ftcntot1unparalleled
Olice. .Vo. xValeriireet U which has attended DTaylor's <
| stairs. \\)1'11 17. H. F. BELL. success
and the
January 2, 1817. 16mBagiti ; matter having been referred to t
lachicola Land
Company on additional
quantity JanG\ i'.tt ic'uicnl... F's,. medicine in performing its w.-rd-'P"
and Hope. of assessable lands lying in this county, and! me as Special Master in Chancery tu act and report I Blank Books and Stationery. cures, which in m cases .1/*?

9 inn pcs Kentucky Bagging; liable to Tax for the year one thousand eight hundred upon the same, after having given 3i) d.iys 'I'h I Ia. ('.'e"to 1 LEDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &e. been .'lrnnst mcreihhle.t1'V'erv but iheC'oncIul many e 171W<

.LvJ JOO coils Rope; and forty-five. I notice by publication in the paler. It is therefore CO\11;;I 10v ..incHArVD.: rO .\CCOPr I 'OII.I cap| and Letter Paper; the Doctor ran bring forward are irresistibly*?
ordered that said George I lie ,defendants \ GI' VXD BROKER.
JOHV LUCAS Sheriff : Cotton Memorandum Books
4 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by I ) ; we Jd\'i-1t'] .,ll who have coughs or jfrf*
t WM. G PORTER & CO. and ex-officioTav Collector fur Franklin Co. Watson, :McDougdd; it. al and all others No. -2 .Vater. st.-Oifice! second! I b ick ror. Ship and River Bills Lading ; cold- even, to use this may perfect specitu* *!,l IM

Dee i 41 Water street. ApalacliicoU. Aoril'21 1917. 1-''.m interested, to appear before me in the city of Dec( 20 m __Ai'alachiclI, Ka. Boooks lor Letter Press. tlelav. Franklin sats a small It'ak111 w Il*|,
Apalachicola on the hcventh ((7th) of April next, Blank BdU ol Exchange and Checks oIt
Marking Ink. Peter's Vegetable Atitibillious then and there to ,resent or defend their respective S. :.11. \ickC'SOI, Just icceived and for sale by big sn ip." Therefore, cure your coughs b
Ink DEALER: IN CLOTHIVC BOOTS your lungs are past cure. For sale) by
SUPERIOR article of Marking just receired Pills. claims, Ate. SHOES March I II. F.

A and for sale by supply, just received and for sale by CARRAWAY SMITH, I\TS, CAPS, &c.N' ABELL. J. C. ALLEN, Sole Agent f'rlpala'blco

Feb 27 J. C. ALLEN. AFRESH 17 II. F. ABELL. Special Master i in Chancery. 1 Columbus Block, For Sale, *>.

Apalachicola, March ((5, 1917. S-ot Dec 12 Apalachicola[ Fa. RBLS- FLOUR; 5D I) W>Is. Whiskey C.\IYTJON-Th( eenuine Doctor T.TIO
100 ;
Coffee. Platform Scales. '|tj-The hearing' of |thl above milter i is postponed 50 hbls. Molasses; 20 hhds Sugnr. RL."'\M OF LIVERWORT has on tre 1W4IJ.IiPfldiII *

100 BAGS RIO, for sale by 1200 Ibs. Platform Scales ; I until Friday, the 10th itisf. E1 \vu'tl TcCnlly, Just landed from schooner Ann, and fur sale | steel p.tet'n'I"3'in, !, to prevented"
DAY fc CO. 2
May 15 J. ofFer
2 1600 Ibs. do. Apalachicola, \pril It), 1317- 13-1 COMMISSION MR'JCMAN'T A\D miALER 'nw, for ea..h, hy terfeit-i signed' bv, Gurdon J. l.t'f'll-1.? any '! 'If

TARTAR and Tamarinds, just re. 2 1GOO lb. Beams, complete for cotton wei h- Irj- The hearing of the above nutter is postponed IN DRY (JOODS AND! GROCERIES, March 27 NOURSE, STONE & CO. vile and l'anf'fnl101 imitationand the publrc Iiprorprrd .
For until the 30th June -- cautioned not to purchase or deal in it,
and for sale sale
byApril ing by next. No. 50 Water street.
Caps by the rase low f.f;hby
17 II. F. ABELL. Jan 23 ROBERTS, ALLEN & CO. ApaUchicoh, April 2 J, 1817. l5-2ra Dec 5 Apalachicola: Fa. I II.krsand B. ELLISON k CO. hr htl h\, th 1816.*> IT. !S.?-Copy ITr Ri3ht.L1\\ .





,J to