H-. 1{. \.,:).->)
-"A UOT 1' I N R R S AND CON M I. S S I b N
",..v ; N'o. 2 C,.,l i,, .i,, B uihlinIm .,
-.0.- *'3.. 31. -- .. A ala., chicol a

s oP r Sate,
Ii0 BBLS- FLOUR; 50 bbls. Whiskey;'
lot) 50 bbls. Molasses; 20 hhds Sugar.
Just landed frolm schooner. Ann,.and for sale
low, for cash, by
March 27 NOURSE, STONE & CO.
EXCHANGE-on New Orleans, tor sale by
Jan 9 J. DAY & CO.

WVistar's Balsam' of Wild Citerry.
"Tj DOZEN, just received, and for sale 6v
i April i0 H. F. ABEtLL.

C OLD Pressed Castor Oil. and Saratoga Water,
Api just.receiyed, and for sale by
April 10 H.. FABE'LL.
'Platforno a'Scales.
f 1200 lbs. Platform Scales;
2 1600 Ibs. "' do.
2, 1600 Ib. Beams, compl-ete for cotton weigh-
, .' For sale by

H Sops,
F RESH Fall Crop, for sale by
JT' April 17 1 H.F.'ABELL.
r"HOSE indebted to the subscriber, either by
1 note or Book account oflong standing, will
do well to call and settle before the first of May
and thereby save costs afd trouble.

ALAD OIL,'just-received and for sale by
Aprj,1 17, H. F. ABELL.

' ~- ----s~ .. ~Ls~~-Ri~U-PYf~Y~Zl__l ~---.g n--~I~-~ I~~ ~Y.-YI -I ~S~Ul~y~fl _-~LIX--~C.1~Z~pN_ ~YIPL-.li-UL L

-I---~-I---- ---V~Iir;l~dl-UHI~PIll~14Dll*~

.. -.i :.


I I I I I I gm -- - - -

_ ~__~____ ______________ ____1__1___ ~___01___ r _~


3Vrofe gfonal Notic .

OZC- May be found at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov 8.
16r.' A. W. Cdapmaan,
CO- Office over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawley,
(entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the
house lately ocncpied by Dr. Baltzell.
, January 10, 1846. 2-tf

1I. E.. Owens,
CLAYTON, Barbonr County, Alabama.
April 29, IS'46. 2-tf


~ __~_



S..I. Nickerson,
No. I Columbus Block,
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
C1i 1'l.-b P,-.'",r' JohnMunn. Eugene W. Rogers.
C'?ia<., .ogeus <&; Co.,
.", Water street,
dec 121- Apalachicola, Pa
U. Wood &,Co.,
No. 7, Columbus Row,
Nov. 29, 1N46. Apalaehicola, Fla.

TNo. -2 Columbus Builkings,
DEc.'. ,. 1 l."A-) A.achiaola, Fa.

'* / -'T Hi-l& C -3.
No. 45 Water Street,
Oct. ...... : Aialachicola, Fa.
:,,, C I'.[1 S iNN ME ISC.E A N S,
S' "" H'oI. l, Ir. Charles s Stieel,
i 7,.... New,-Orleafts
'SAORKWv S. Cooxa. ',Uo A rOS RN'.
Sfeb l 8.' '

J. A. .IIP,e -
Wh-olesale and Retail Dealer in
,* .. GLA.-, Bll.I'--t-.E<, &6.,&.
-.alsb, -
4 general,, .,o,;itd.tit of
koBoPKs, BL 7?IKS, STATIONERY, &c;-,, e.
cor. of Cheshut.-&- Commerce streets,
D 6&. DJe" 4- : Aptalachicola, lla.
^.~~~0 ....... It TXk 1,0 S.ta~ Y, *'
D 5 No. 28 Water street,
.,ec5... Apalaehicola,,Fa.
S'- Avery & T'ooes,"
: ": -No. 43 WVater street.-
Dec."5.-. ,. Apalachicola, Fa,.
;DA:NIEL.. ay.
.DaV & Co',
1. N E Rk" [-1 A 7 T S,
.. '*i. N o. 52 W uat,:r trI .t.
o Dec& '., --A r, X l:,.. F., i.
!.' -1ied, A ?.''nt fo"th ... [ Ti)--r. ,,:j., C."
(t~the P-.roteeti.on Insuran,-. C',,." ,nl the Han-
iot-d. Insurance Cot'h Ha"lH.arni C,,I-.

,J 11 & M. 1311111,
No. 48 Water street, .
7 "..''t APAAI.ACHIUUoUA, FA.:


" *:-"'" 2 '
Ak A6 A,





[NUMBER 18.3


L.W T T"W 1 AN B. Ellison & Co.,
-'OI(., Third Story [, ,1[7.--1l Buildings, corner of 3CAPS, CROCKERY, StIP
*Cmmerce t.i ,-':w'li ,,t streets. CHANDLERY, &c.
,- 24- W ater street.
T',KM.. .Tan 23 A-palachicola, Fa.
." .gTBr in. o -rzi.--Three Oollars per annum,' ,
13 prc. i .,.-o $ 50ifpai thi..-VBell & Lawson,
frpaia in a..",'. .or 5a0ifpaid Wthis r'MPORTERS, MER H NTS, AND
'months, o0, 1 ',. iff paid thereafter. I COMMISSION AGENTS,
,. N -b3.?ri,.tio a tliken for a .less term than six Jai 233 BAINBRIDGE, GEORITA
innth-s nd .f.2 $2 'xil! invariably be charged for -
"t111t perin-Al. No pt,,er will be discontinued until -E. J,. Hardin,
all arrearages are idA', unless at the opftionof the FATR AN C,[li.- iON MERCHANT,
proprtetor. 0- Office, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
-. , iaFr,p.r:.a r- 0 ,-ji? .1.ire, twelvee lines '' a h .,- -
i le.- wll I, i 'tt at the ,',o ofSOn -Dht Jan 16 Apalachieola, Fa.
61- le-'') %%ill 1)'**i -rr at the, ritel 01 ne Drl-
larl ortl"the ir-s, ..i>l Fifty Cents or evIery subse- Reoberts, Alien & Co.,
po tlj,)!e wovtj, l.-e&rtise by the year a liberal CHANDLERY, IRON, STEELS NAILS,
,li.-,',wt Will te, m ie; but a11 advertisements not, SPIKES, AND CASTINGS,
(,aictl\ i|err-,iai,,z t., their~own ,business,us well- And.~a,,,t~o .,rers of Tin, Iron, dnd Cop-
; a; all le'? i. :- ,,-,or tT.?n., ro.? r se nt miCby them will per -ar es.
at )"ll.ir t rl ,' ,,a 11 al rates., De 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
,"- "tf. Allle,,A l advertisements .mufst-,be paid for A Fa.
in advance. WM. W. SiSs. Wm. W. CHEEVrt.
Five Dnatas will be, charges f i"announe- Sims & Cbieever,
-ing caii.lidateffor-oiffe.i COMMISSION MER-CHANTS,
... I All 1.- -rt,'.- ,,,, from a dlistanee mufist "Office N6. 2-1 Water street.
:be a., 1r, I I I with thie cash, or city reference, deci2 Apalachlicola, Fla.
to insure insertion. .. ...

part we discovered the object of our search.
(we had well ni-gh forgotten it,) a flock of
mules about an hundred in number. As we
could not find the owner, we were under
the necessity of borrowing without leave,
according to the usages of--war, then and
there prevailing, and after a drive of several
miies we found ourselves nce more in
ca"p. Yours, ECOLIER.

We ware lying at a small farm house about
six miles to the south-east of Vera Cruz.
\Ve had just been fired upon by some ran-
choros, who lay concealed in a neighboring
wood. As our party was small I thought it
prudent to remain, for a while at least, in
this position. Thare was a probability of be-
ing surrounded. To prevent this I had pos-
ted videttes on the four paths that led to the
rancho, and was awaiting the result. As I
leaned against a fence by a small shrubbery
of orange trees, the sharp click that accom-
panies the cocking of a -musket attracted
my attention, and passing hastily to the spot,
1 received a soldier, one "of our videttes,
with his musket levelled and in the act of
pulling the trigger. Atthe distance ofabout
twenty paces, and directly under the muz-
zle of the man's musket, two gentlemen,(one
a portly old fellow of some two hundred and
fifty pounds weight, the other a youth) were
on their knees, with their hands crossed in
the alitude of prayer, and begging, in true
Spanish style, for their lives. They were
both dressed in fine white linen, the elder
wearing a crimson sash, while an elegant
telescope,which he had been carrying, had
dropped on the sand at his feet.
The sentry, (a rash Irishmau named Ki-
ley, a great curiosity in the regiment, andlas a
forager rot to be beat,") did not under-
stand a word of Spanish, and the "poramor
dios- no somos enemigos" was lavished up-
on him in vain. As he afterwards expressed
it, he had just dhrawn a bade upon the
rid sash," and had I not opportunely thrown
up the muzzle of his guu, the wearer would
never have eaten another olla."
Perceiving the interest I had taken in
their welfare, the old gentleman nimbly lea-
ped from his marrow bones, and ran up, fol-
lowed by the youth-his son-and between
them, for a while I verily feared they would
squeeze my fingers through my gloves.
They felt no doubt like men who had been
shot at and missed.
"No Mexicanos-Somos Espanoles-
amigos"-and the old gentleman commen-
ced drawing a huge parchment from the
crown of his sombrero. It was true. Pass-
ports friom the Mexican government, coun-
tersigned by the Spanish consul at-Vera
Cruz. I endeavored to explain to him the
reason why he had come so near being shot
-that we had just been attracted by a party
of (he enemy, -and that the sentinel (Kiley)
whose blood was still hot, but who like him-
self' was as good a catholic as ever broke
sacramental bread-seeing his red sash had
mistaken him forai Captain of Rancheros.
(This idea has' been prevalent among (he
American soldiers.) I bad no sooner made
him acquainted with this little piece of in-
formation than he unwvound the scarf-a
splendid .India looking article, which wouhl
have crazed a Broadway belle-and handed
it over to Kiley. I think it probable that
be will never wear another, at "least until
after the treaty is signed.
"Och! by the holy vistment," said the
latter, receiving the sash with a broad grin,
"it's a beauty. I'll take it home to the
ould'oman in York."
The 'Spaniard was profuse in his gra-
cias por mi vida," and wound 'up with a
"viene, senor terren'te, a mi casa," (come,
sir lieutenant, to my house.)-
His invitation -was not disagreeable.- I
was hungry as the very devil. He looked
the very personation of hospitality. Sur-
rounded by enemies'in ambuscade perhaps
he was acquainted with'the paths, in short
I accepted it. Handing him his fine teles-
cope, and calling in ourvideites, we started.
After following the open road for about a
hundred yards, )on Juan S --A squeezed
h~is huge body through a small aperture in,
the underwood. I had seeu no path when
passing this way before. I saw bu-t little
signs of one now.
Where are you going senor ?"
"A mi cusa--viene--Senor--viene esa es
vada," was the reply. '
"Come, senor, no treason or----" I
pointed to Kiley.
The look the Spaniard gave me was suf-
ficient. Ashamed of my suspicions I dashed
aside the hanging vines, and, followed by
my comrades, entered the dark woods.
It was indeed a singular and circuitous
path, The bower of .Rosamond must have
been reached with less cireumambiance.--;
The tortuosities seemed endless, and every
now and again unhandsome suspicions of1
the Spaniard's honesty would intrude them-
selves whether I would or-no. .In diving
into a deep defile, with nothing to guide
me but the meteor-like dress of my pew
friend, and a thousand chaneeS of being -

shot by an unseen foe, I'll be d-d if I could e
help them., .'Our path lay along the side of i
a sand ridge, occasionally dipping into the (
valley below, where a clear stream:stole qui- o
elly along and gurgled among the green
leaves like molten silver., On the banks i
grew lilies and plants of tro-pial vegetation;..
huge aloes that in the markets of your city t
would have made the fortune of a florist.- i
Just then 1 had but little taste for botany, i
an-d paid but slight attention to these veg'et- s
ble beauties. A mile perhaps more-and the
woods began to open. A sudden rurn, and t
a rancho.is i'nsight--a beautiful fabric ofyel- C
low cane standing on an open knoll, more e
like a bird-cage than a house, c
What a glorious sunset hat a Tovely 1
land!--he lone peak of Orizaon and the -
long cordillera of the Mexican Andes, t
Stretches along the western sky, distinguish- L
ed ftom, it only by their outline of deeper L

[From the N. Y. -Spirit of the Times.]
March 18th.-Threre'is a body of Mexican
irregular cavalry in the rear of our army.-
They consist of mounted rancheros, who
levy black mail on the inhabitants of the
country, half robbers, half patriots. The
paisanos or country people furnish them
with supplies-they are, to be sure, their
friends, fathers, and brothers. On the loth
I was sent into the interior to collect some
mules, in command of a picked party of
thirty men. These mules it was necessary
we should have for the use of the arny.
We started long before daybreak, and when
the strro,, over the green chapparel, I
found myself in a co-untry perhaps never be-
fore trodden by Americans. The sun rises
over a Mexican landscape as if he ititended
to shine upon it. It is indeed beautiful.
The dew glistens from broad green leaves-
the fans'haped palm spreads before you like
the wing of an eagle-biids of bright plu-
mage flutter among the leaves and flush
across your Ixack.
We- halted on a high ridge. A valley of
several miles width lay before us-there was
apparently no settlement in this valley-not
so, there were many ranchos, you do not
see them until you light upon them-a
hundred yards-nay twenty paces-nay you
may stand within twenty feet of one of these
woodland dwellings, in ignorance of its pro-
pinquity. A long strip of gold in one place,
seemed to cover the tops of the trees-it
was the yellow vine in full blossom-to this
succeeded a belt of green, with the huge
palmetto towering over the napal and caou-
chou tree&
Our road wound down the ridge by a
dozen different bends. Wejnarched in sin-
gle file. The trees touched our arms on
either side, arid struck against the canteens
of the soldiers, making a noise like the pas-
sagef cattle with bells. A tree was felled
across our path. It had the recent marks
of the axe. The road became wider as we
reached the bottom of the valley, and soon
after opened into a still wider one, leading
from the city to the pulblo of Madelina.
The latter we followed for about a mile, and
halting, formed our bivouack .for breakfast.,
The soldier has his luxuries. The
hivouack has its charms-if the haversack
be full-after a hungry morning march his
biscuit and jerked beef taste better to him
than the finest viands to the pampered ap-
petite of the epicure.
We were in the full enjoyment of break-
fast when our vidette came running up and
announced the approach of mounted ran-
cheros. The uplifted morsel is flung un-
tasted into the haversack. and in an insiant
our party are underarms. Two horsemen ap-
pear on the bend of the road-suddenly halt;
fire their escopettes, wheel, and gallop off-
the volley of musquetry is useless, they are
too distant, and a good marksman will miss
a gallopingranchere. An advance party of
the enemy-their belts, arms, and the main-
ner in which they executed the manceuvre
prove that they are no peasants.
In expectation of a large.force, I post my
brave fellows in ambush--=same wish to
pursue them-brave but foolish fellows-
Ihey do not yet understand the Mexican
guerilla. We take post in the enclosure of
a raffch behind a small clump of lime trees,
"commanding a view of the road. The
6wner of the ranch, a gallician Spaniard,
professes to be ou'r friend. The ambush is
formed. A Mexican blanket (serape) is at
hand-they are of fine fabric and colours-a
circular hole in thie ceenre admits the head
- no- other fastening is necessary. Passing
the serape over my head, and exchanging
my military cap for a sombrero, I advanced
on the road. 'One, two, three, in advance-
fiftly others approach from the direction of
the village-nearer, and I can distinguish
theirdress and accoutrements, regular gu'e-
rillas-some are mounted, their advance
guard--hree splendid looking follows come-
fearlessly over, the ruse is co'fpl'ete-the
Mexican blanket does not excite suspicion,
returning to the ranch, we await their ap-
proach. The gallician is standing under
the piazza of his h~ut--a .feyw Seconds, and
'the whole party will be under the muzzles
of thirty muskets--the advance guard hesi-
{ate-they halt-"viene, viene!.' Somos
amnigos!' My Spanish accent is not good.
The gailician is ordered to repeat, it. H-e
bawl's "out, evidently against his will:-
"Viene, viene. Somos arnigos," They
appear reassured, and continue their; ad-
vance. "Now my lads, ready !" the fore-
most again halt and half .wheel. I turned
suddenly around to etnquire the cause.--
T egaflician isstanding in the attitude of
having signalled the enemy, his arm stretch-
ed out-and pointing to our ambush. Les
s01dados !" exelainms one of the guerilias.-
It is too late--a sharpecrack of a rifle, and
the armn of the galli'eian is hanging bleeding.
and broken by his side. T~he arnbuscade is
over, a dozen bullets whistle about our ears.
One from an escopelte as big as a young
cannon shot, fell and deadened in the soft
sand at-'my feet. Our men spring from their

an, bush. to return their fire -a thick copse
of lime trees for a moment hold them back
-still they dash.forward' at the woMd "ad-,
vance---a rustling among the limbs-the
snapping-of boughs-the word -fire" the'
flish-f-,e blue smoke-a long roll ofmus-
q uetry--followed by a wild shout, and the
guerillas are in full -retreat. Th-ere was
more.thn done empty saddle as .they gallop-
ed back up the wood. We followed -them
for severai'miles, but pursuit was vaifi. We
co'-ld "nut get w-ivthin range, except once,-and
hen only after considerable marfoeuvring.
On this occasion another o-f their -party was
brought down by a str ,'.-lii,_ stiot.
The pursuit brought us to a large swamp,
or meadow, through the centre of which
the road passed on a kind of raised cause-
way., Five hundred ftead of castle were
quietly : i,t- in this pasture, 'and in one

blue. The hill 'upon -whc-h I sit ard wril,
is one vast pile of sand, m Tself't.he);nly living
object to be seen upon ihe'tndlaiting sur-
face. On my reft aud far b'eneat'h, the 'blue
smoke of thee amp fires offits slowly up
among the leaves of the thilekr chapparla,
over a little knoll cleai'ed of its thicket,
waves the flag of our own land,. kissed by
the declining beams of a Mexican su'n In
the distance, as farn's sight can reach, stretch
the green-forests of the 'South EaiitW'di1,
and at my feet lies cradled the leag'ufj
city-so near that I almost fancy I _an tojS2h
its spires with my'pencil. Beyond, iheRlue
sea with its white breakers-the bold Castlb
of San Juan-and, stirring sight! a.fleet o"
an hundred sail off tlye Isfe of Sgerificios,
each wearing on its peak the "starry flag-of
the north."
Forgive me, my dear friend,-for thus, ih
your own peculiar phraseology, flying the
track" of my narrative, but the pencil in-
voluntarily strays- from the paper-(he eye
mechanically roams over these, glorious
scenes-the mind wanders back among'
dreams-dreams that have long slumbretd
in the bosom of h child of song.

"Ah! ini padremi carol padre!" A -
dozen sweet voices salute us-a dozen Whifb
arms are entwined around the neckarms,
and limbs ,of the castillian father. After
the first embrace, follows the wild and terri-
fied side-look-they have-just heard of k
poor, inoffensive peasant having bedn shdt
by a rash soldier. A smile-a sign-a word
from their father--"Americanos son Ami-,
gos!"--we are welcome. Half a d6zen of
the lesser ones approach the soldiers, and
touch their arms-they bring coffee and
adillas-the dogs cease barking, and be-
come friendly-we feel at home here.
Proud, haughty, her dark eye flashing,
with a spirit that springs from her Castilliah
blood, in the back ground stood-Catalina-'
the look of terror our approach 6ccasione.
was scarcelV perceptible, and gave place tI
one that seemed to say ".you may break but
not bend"-you may kv 0llut not conquer--
there was a slight expression of disdain*(-
thought so) in the curling of her swan Jike
neck. A whisper from the farther- as the
meteor passes over the. sky of the nortb, s6
passed the cloud from those beautiful fea-
tures; a smile, half condescendinfg. ialf
grateful,^we are friends.
Inez is of a lighter temipetamebnt: ultlo f
smiles, full of thanks--fair haired and sunf-"
ny-eyed ; can they e sisters ?. Sio hijua,
Senor? Si, Senor, temente. Catelita es
mihija por primera esposa-e s mina de ni
Corazon." ("Catelina is the daughter of
my first wife-the child of my heart."-
There was an expression of regret in thisl
the mother may have resembled the daugh-
ter. If so I do not feel surprised that Don
Juan S. should sigh. Talliha is a pretty li't-
tle child-a .petite blouse'; a great faivrite
with the Sergeant, whoallowed her to hanf-
die his arms and accoutrements freely. Sh'e
is delighted with the shining plates anii
pipe-clay belts of tbe'soldfer.
Amh ihviintion to enter the house'-it al-
pears larger than when first seen; 'evera
apartments present themselves; here is a
handsome guitar, sofa, an oitoman-pianrb
-chandeliers! tables of costly work--ele.
gant furniture. I am laken by surprise--
how is this?-there are none but peasants'
rancheros in' this district; an explaiatioin f
sought. It is thus:--
Vera Cruz is blockaded-the 'TCastleb'of
San Juan is threatened with a -fleet--the
town may come into the possession of trA
enemy. Don Juan S, is a Spaniard-weal-
thy--a merchant of Vera -Cruz; he knows
the troubles and disagreeablies ofa iown
blockaded-besieged-; the- Mexicans sac"l
towns when ftaken-so, too, might "164
Americanos." Where then should 1h be-'
take himself with his amiable family ?, hi
beautiful daughters? Thehills-who would
ever think of soldiers penetrating the thick,-
ets that lie behind Vera Critz. He purcha-
ses a ranch-wenI situated for concealmerft
-(about.this there e-an be no mistake). He
brings hither his wealth, his furniture,t.hi
The town of Vera Cr~uz must be takenl
by~a land attack--to cut off its oresour:ces ft
must be surrounded--to effect this the
American Army are landed below thef'city,
and at first'exte'nd their lines"'four or five
miles in its rear--the "' Skirmishers" go-"stiri
farther into the interior, and thus light ufp, dn
the sunny retreat of the Spanish merchant.
I did not compliment the hospitality of"
the [Don to his tice, but it is not too late to
say, that I harve underwent greater hard-
ships than to ea't his dinners: and consider-.
ing that the port of Vera:'Cruz is closely
blockaded, his wines'ar'e of an excellence
and variety not to be lightly spoken of; but hi's
aiguardiante--oh my dcear friend, if I rec0h
leet right, you ar~e not strictly a temperance
nan, but were you a second F,'ther Mathew
there is a liquor, in Mexico 'wo.tld prgve'
more powerful than yofur virtues. That lit-
quoraguardienve, when bad it is very b.d
-vile :|bultwhen good, as was moast undou't-.
;dlv th~tof myi hew friend [Don,itt is of a

nost excelling nature." In plain York p'iras-
e--o gyr aguardiente is the ",greatest dridk
out." *
When I c6melospeal ofthat parting it
s necessary to strengthen'one"s nerve's ,vith,
a drink,of that-delicious fluid. A Smarli.6n-
teen made of India-rubier clotb, that holds
i n.,he neighborhood of half a gallon, hangs
in my tent. Alas, it is nearly cnpl.3;-it
sides look quite collapsed.
It is n-,w over three days since 1 visited
the hospitable ra'neh of' the Spanish. mer"
chant.'.But the parting. There was'juAst
enongh'of sun gleaming over the blue pe-ak
of Orizava to give a handsome gilding to'toe
leaves of the-tropical forest. Not a breeze
-the long plume-like leaves of the m'oun-
rain palm lay motionless, except when siiirei
by the wing of the troupirle or some'bthe"
bird of bright ,plumage ;-the blossd-mirig

WI. G. N. Da vis,
Offers. his services to the public in either of the
above capacities.
He will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in, any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apaldal-iiccli, September 8, 1846.

A. G. Semmes,
O 0- Office, Alo. 2 Capt. Simmon's Building,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
Join Bilbog
WILL practice in the several Courts of the
South-Western Circuit, and Thomas and
Stewait counties
Aug. 5,184-5. 31--tf
L UMBER INSPECTOR.-The undersigned
having been appointed inspector of Lumber
for the County of Franklin, offers his services to
the public in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.

VW ./ vW OO1D. -h 1). .J. .BALLJ-U.
Wood & Ballofis,
I Office No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
Jan. 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
1 Edward. Me C ufly,
an i6 Office" No. -50, Water street,
Tan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.

C 0 \N M1 Al -s I ,1 N" -,,,, F ,) W .-R A 1l D [ N (-;
1. M EC 1 -.A N T4. -
N.. J,; Water -, -r.
nov2 t .At. -t.'7li,''. 1.-i i .
A LVA W v;i.1:, j,'%r A. M ,.,-NziE.

- '" CO AT I S I )', E., RHA NTS,
:. -, N ,. 1" -* \V .,t-'?r si r,_:_t
: Se t. 1, 1 1,. A > ilachicola, Fa.
: ~ fS>. Dnai\rtlh,
'= .. EUFA.uLA.', % LALI.
^"C~ott'on buoaszli.' oh order.
RLfers to
F -OLD New Orleans.
J.. G. "D '- J L) I '
WYLI.C-1C MKtN ZIT, E Apalahicola.
J. HuroHxiNsoN,
S. A-,. -hic '.v..
W ,) L E4.\LF-. -\,Jr R '"M\,tL '-; ROCER,
'{S Particular atteation:'paid-to pigitting ap family,
Steam'boait Ii''l -'liii ,t.,iies.
^ o: ,19-V>' itt r -t r,?,.;t, .
N,,v: It 'Apaiachicola,TFla.
1. Fi. -Abell,
I 0[LS, GLAVSS, &.C"&,0"', 1. "
-AI-.l-,- general a 'a-rtment of Statinery.
C.C)r. of C'estant and-Water streets,
..nril 1I Anala 'oicnla, Fa.

Thomas Preston, .
No. 28 Water st.--Office second back room.
Dec 26 Apalachicola, Fa.

March 22. 1845.


Boots and-Shaes.
BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's peg'd and "sew'd Sh..ci; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and M.,.r,.: Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.

Iron, Naius, & -,
On TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
20 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hops, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 '" English and Americah Vises;
20 Bellows ;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 ,, Collins' Axes; ,
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 ease Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1-000 lbs. Cast and German Steel, for sale by
WM. G. -',_)i? rr:I.,: Co.
Dec 4 -11 W.it, r street.

B. F. Nourse, HI. B. Stone.,- H. W. Brooks.
Nou'se, Stone 0 Co.,.
No. 46 Water street,
Dec 1-2 Apalachicola, Fla.

-. Narpjer <& BHolsaes,
AA.'l A.r '1*1
SUN :.IuiriuAL [N$'ilRW'-7 CoMpANy-,
f t-'I,- C. ,t' ".I ,- t 'I \-rk,
54- N 31). W,1 water -.i ca-,-r,-
Dec 123 -, Apalachicola, 1a.

0 M'M S 4 0 N M ER C-AN T,
'Nl .'I-;'-Water street--Up stair.4. .
D Ic. l: 't i A ,I ,.-.;.,! ,. F l .

BITTERS, just received and for sale-by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.
Dry Goods.
M RILLINGq, Tickings, Cotton Osnaburgs,
Linseys, Kerseys, Jeans,_ Flannels, Blan-
kets, Tweeds, Shirtings, S.le,-tmi.-%, Checks,
Ginghams, Calicoes, Delanes, Hosiery, '&c. &c.
For gale by B. ELLTSON & CO.
Jan 23 23 Water street.

C. A GnitimN- -C. H. Cow.wmny.

C 0 AtM M I S.S I 0 N,-M E R C 1 A N-T S,
No0..36, Water street.
Pelican 1, 1 i,..,I. insurance Co. of Neiw Yorkc.
Ai[_\;. A. GREEN, Agent.
Dec 5 No. 36 Water street.

.. : _, *. ...,a reci.- E. .I&.Mt as,
No. 2 Crolurmbus P"1I..0:%, "
:c"i -3C 6, 1 }51.5. .. _-.ala jhic:ola, Fa.
ALr3 tnr D.)D i". '' i- .l P. \Trr.
; K ^!S-J11 anl.!:' '.12
s;ttit Nrcl ,j' ) J ` .'. ,tON MERCHANTS,
"'' NO..10. Water 'Stree't '
'i'v. ..T! A.n lachiml., Fa.
R. T-. n ,i -,
,:"'C -9 -3 1 '4 A N D FO R WX- .DI d
-.4r, ERCHA T .
No. Water-str.et,
'' sp tt.'2 Iv An'alachi-ola.

.- CrOT ING-, &c.
-. n p r f r' I,, r.it,I i' '.,- 'f. ,.. ., .- -, ,,-, ,.' ,. 17, i- .

h' ,, ward 'McC.ily
No. 59 Water street.
Dec 5 dA ,i ,.:iii.:.r. Fa.

ATS and Caps by the case low for cash by

For Sale,
i0 HHDS. choice N 0 Sugar;
50 bbls Flour, by
pAINTS AND OILS-50 kegs No 1 White
Lead ; 200 galls winter Lamp Oil; 300 galls
Linseed Oil; 50 bxs assorted Glass ; 500 lbs Put-
ty; 100 assorted Paint Brushes; Black Lead,
Spanish Brown, Yellow Ochre, 'Green Paint, just
received and for sale by
March 1 ] F. ABELL.
F 1- Sale,.
M OSQUITO NETTING, Fine Ivory and Pa-
per Fans, Muslin and Linen Dresses, Grass
and Corded Skirts, and a superb article of Black
Drad Eta,just the thing for gentieemen's summer
coats and pants, by
O1 Consigument.
-n SACKS BONAIRE SALT, which will be
60 sold low for cash, by
Feb 28 50-Water street.
Oiln Consignimient.
r HE subscriber has lately received on conIsign-
1. ment, the following articles : ,
2 casks choice Old Port Wine;
I1 Old,-Madeira Wine;
J superior Old Sco'flh Whiskey,;
2 Pale &'Bro. Otard Brandy:
Si. '". '' DarkDurmond Brandy;
10 baskets London Club" Champaigne.
Also, a variety.of Segars, all of which will be
sold low, for cash only, by ,
Feb 27 50 Water street.

,i. x. -Port car & Co.
No. 41 Water Street,
Dec-5 Apalaohicola, Fa.

JOSBS.r R.Ku~-.O
No. 50 Water street.
S.)licits natronage. APALACHICOL-k, Fa.
Jas. W. Fa r.ior,
S-o. 50 Water, street.
'P. W. C '5?, ,
Solicits a share of Public ,,,..'.
.-. Silor <& Cb.,
-MITsT,-- DEAN- & W ''i,Es, ]
L. F. SE. .AM N &' Co. { "
JOHN NORTON, jr ] ":
JOHN, FRASER & Co., Charleston.
C. C. LAT'HRoP- & Co, New Orleans-,
W AR'REN CROMW'ELL, C l-, u, 6a.
A. K. AYEA. ol Ga.
RE,. 3. HARftI, Apalachieola.
W ISTAR'S aud Swaynes, Balsam of Wild'
Cherry, just received and for sale by
Nov,28 J. C. ALLEN.
BITTERS, just received and ]br sale by
Nov 28 '- H. F. ABELL, Druggist.
E-Iamp Oil. ,
WTINTER ^i ,i,,,-.1.a splendid article, forsale
by [jan-30] J C ALLEN.

lil lit



" ,,i ,*'

"'%,inr Lhe wild iYoses of the I'.jn-51- i1'0 *l nil
frum a tlousaand trees, gave ,,m,, i, 1,h., eve-
lin *,ir 'm i, -c.,,:i oe of ])eri',nied s'.<... s.-
W il-t sIr iII .' *cq1r aii.,9ies. am id whnit ;a
stil- y, i"" I'livl,,]~',)l siha! I eall it- 'villli'l a
few hoiur.. [I,, hard to leave ,uch a l ihap-
[I). tiridTe--,,:, l ha'c'yop,.reireat. 'T lhe in-
'sec thai:-t slip' from tlit i honey j:)I', "vile
-'clogged i.ilh s'wveets, wi 0line till deiilh--
'careC sile that tile strIay shidier in:ay ever
"agaiin visit the rauche ? A thousand suchl
reflections c'drossed my mind as the sun
was crossing the blue outlines of ihe aCor-
S'lho Armericans will take your- city,
Senor-; they will colnmit no outraae-Ilhey
ar-e e'li,'ih,i. ,-.-xs, i.)t >i',tl;!'ri)lo yOollr ]l,)lnsR
in Iil. c'l' l i, nil !'' ,t 1 .1 retu rii- v(o l w ill
have :iiim p 'tf pr, '.icvii-) ,,i .,rI;e OUril."
I. 'l l sIt1,i 1 14, 1,10'1', f- d' l I nricontil to
con.,'inire .+,- n,,r S. Ill il i. e ,aloilld tl ve nolh-
ing I,)l ', i'tt, i V or"C_'i, "., ei e Ve ithe city was
.i.;our hahlms. "[:]jW much of selfistiess
wos there J)n this 7
E s VEsVerelad. padre-quc CavyaV.ew dc'lhe--
Anmericanos son aniies en T antico--vamlos
ait r u.! I. /!"'(it is true, f(llier, wh'it l he
9. -glefn..leiii ,1 says-i-the Anirrica'is arv friends
.-u._s in Tam pico'.--it us ri'etlir!-to the f;y.)
4*5liia'a i t the Voice, and tw.'nii-i stsddexny
beho-ld ( t'ital1ina. Shie coio-r d dee-pyv, hit
Ifer lip-anldlsnatclhii an- otirnm e hlo ,
-crushed it between hur fitiers. AdioN !
The serriedi h-yonft o(' oir liih 'lp a nd
gleam in the last raivs ofo.:!., sun'. Tie fI -
* rest path is dark ind narrow. We nn.slt-be
gone, or tIIe c-ibir) I.t I'o I-) ih c r 1aneh,, o 6,, aT;nIY
be lewv led throut !h Ilie thick leaves. Adi', os
-adios.. YYo Ira.' ECOLILE-.
-Amierican Lines l)ehirl Verra.Cxruz,
Ma;reli 20nit, 1817. $

From the St. Louis Rep. Extra, of 271h Apiil]
L A T E, _3 V11:1 N 71 W 1 riC 0
Battle of CUlihuah a--The .Me'exiran .force 4.-
223-Jderican 9"'-Deat+" of Col. Sanrmel
C. Owen-,,,Memicans ',eilleU-- Twno mer-
icans killed and .,zven wotvozo2ed--,rrival of
Mr. S., P. Sublette
I'l,, ;.leartner Amaanth "avrrived this morn-
in( from ltie \M i4 Irir rivel. Amen', h,,:
-passengers, -as Nlr. S. P. Sob elIto, the en-
et'jetip gentlenan who lelt ilhi-s citv last
winner with de,-;paeihes from theII ov )rnmenit
Toir Gen. Kearny, in Cal'ifornial. HPe pro,-
*ceeded no further tha n Santa ;Fe. ;mr. left
"[teat. place on his return timhe 24lof March.
We are indebted to his kind attention in
delivering usseveral letters from o "r ecrres-
vpoodents in New Mexico, 'immediately on
;his ar['rival.
The-fol'lowinza memoranda of Ilhe inci-
tilents of'the battle Of' Sacralmlpnto, which
-1e1 1to the e i;ilti!' ri f the city of Cha-
Aluahua,' will i, ei' ,qr readers. W e
shall live ftll d~t~ails" to-inorr'w. A corres-
pondent at Independenec, who derives his
informaiion from Cawt. Walker, mentions
,the .de Iath, froin his wounds received -at
Sacramento, of Mr. Kirkpairick, of L.xina-
,ton, in this State. (Jol. Owens, who was
Che only A mPrican -killed on the field, come -
nii,]eid A company of teainsiers, aind. in
making the charge was much in ad,,lvnce of
his men. MIo'l,,lei On a Voung horse, lie
was evidently a mark foxr their shlrp-shool-
ers, aid dWhea killed received three balls.
The traders haild -ciirnenced operations
4nn thlecity of nchihluah a. Mr. .'.I 1 ,iiii,
*Was still detained as a prisoner, anid had
"been sent to the city of Mlexico. :

who purpoe o supp,' IG4-n. T'.YLOR, nc
withsmanding.he is a W\hin,, isprve mnm
praise for thIiir free, f n,' p6!'ii, al ml
W e trum that. their jnd,,p, Ans, \ill i I ha
been, o overcome by tl e wisdom 6,,d .',,ll.i,
of the Hero olf' Bnena Vista, %ill rlt
again aroused by his bei,.ng made i lie .AMI
DATE .F A PARTY We are illin:0 IIal
should be thia PRESIDENT OF WtE WHO
P]EOPLE. Surely we, who ;!Ie \'i, !
should not -rudge our ff.llow cviiz-rt, -
privilege of claiming comnmon-I ii,,',] i lv,
a man who bids fair 1o 11 i'8 I, u '.
character of ou-r beToved 'WAS' .::;.7. 7 ')N

" No per-i.ij Utica of party sbhld roiCd
line ti"powerroi so't's lt a ii111J.
II''there m;'-nbleosing which Ihe AIl
mi-bly ias., ui onfer'ed o'ur -favored
linI,"--bj ,nieasdar its happiness a.I ;fiatness. ia
i,, he e--f-io2..:.ii
.- the e. .. ~n of" tij e S ..,..f rP ,iri e. '
Tile lines' airpeeuliS' f^. f"le Io t'he'
aWcotmplishm'ga' 4 n. e67i1-'lt.H mnnnil'esia"
li nl of o po n )l)siion. .ll7y is every where
3 app-iient .ninong.' .h e., The systemu-
ofeaur'.i Florida, Vir-inia arinl9,outlh Carolina. Mr."
CALHOUi and his pary haavte openly av,,o
the noble principle of'-lsta)porting measures
without regard lo .ihe intel'esls of party-
anti the late sessiou-onf Congress. fqrnis.hed.,
some-encouraging grounds to hope fot".klh-e
death of Kina Caucus, Ill ihe bemrno!rati
Convention lately h hlil in A!abanr im s i s -rem*'"
sideni, 1-ite Hon. WIt. R. I-,G. in s A'"
*dress, recommended all union of ihe. e jigs,
and Democrats ofthe SouIh. Fnd said *" ilai '
9in~ view of' the fact that tlhe UNifida k eale I
Bank had become and s Oh'oJ lind
ihat ihe Tariff policy hall h'e - eil-
there, were no differences oi'opi:'1 1weem
\VI higs aod Democrats." ll'ilhis is adll.!let. '_
to be the c:,s,-ihe coijncture isIl" :f,^-
vore[le, and the elected[,,, of ZACH'C Y TA-Y,-'
LOR by the whole people, unfeltieret -kanid
unt,)ledged, as to his political coarse, wop l1
bring about a Polilical M illenninm. 11Iln.io i .e
Lion would lie dow n wilh ihlie Laimb"--'il;nd
ihe Amrlerican People would againbe'assein-
bled together -s a.family- under one Head.
We o^F'ahe South have abundant reason
to wish for such a consummination. If'a
Demnocratic President (whi-clh we hppe and
n believe -10Jb(.itmpos.sible) i's 'elefr1 d, lie will
,e i Nrilern man--'prob.libly G'n. ;ass.
".- *._.' =- "
whefr~we. snail have to fight for.l'toeaei-
vati ii'"of Q Ii, rihbis again.a t Nurrl+r' (F:-k
natios+ 'a),, e1 1-4t1Jq ,r but H lidil llnp-
,. port from tite., ,ej..r.. .ic, V.ecan no doubt
t d'e.leait G'Q..eb;. ,ass h a,'VI.lfig ciand-idale-a
.. b'tvi \We tes riJ.-o a Coi['Ven1io01 (from u"hietI
I may may 'Godi dplFw"vr ii-) In nrake a choice
s Weeriay -fall ona;Wilm,6'l PiOviso.pTari. We
i have no douibt t'hfat Gen. .-,T, aF. is 0h4"'
. only slaveholder' ii hat.-i e, r f. itie
r Norih will vote forr-anI we'-.n'oft safely +
e rely upon -all ihe Sbuoiihern Siaies rfjejling"
f a Wiltnol Proviso ca'n'dida, when we have
ihe evidence before' us n th-e person of J-
- i. BOTTS, ihe candidatre 'of'"a Slave Stalat
declining to pledge himself not-to vole for
suich a person for ilie presidency. .Suel[.
being thle prosgiivts-'NeT'ote Ihe tV hjiof tihe
So U; ,-i Si! s ea'- 9- 1-O6 l that we: should rejoice
; to"fin5d a disposition on tthe part of" otr
])epah- cr;ic fellow-cilizens to* suppo)rtV a
,_ou4hern slaveholder ;ind a WVhig for 116
Presidency-and we should be-reaMy to meet-
0 the pI'off r'ed aid with pleasure. To us. lth
e recoinmelidanTT.;n of-AIr. iiigc-or anr hUn
d of he Sbut-hern People is peculi'urly agjtlue-
- able, when lhat union jis proposed .o&Ae
e ceinenied !)y i he ele'c dit-i' of a 'nan Io rhe
- Presidency who is a' .8lig ny choice, and ',
- not from interest or prejudike-2wlo, neteir
s having been-a polilician or place-ljunter, iN -:
, not bigo-ttd in his devoiin'n to0 A sei, reci-, "-;.
I- 24
to be maintained right or wrong'. ". ,oL
' We fear that.d ihe advanltigf>.s 0n 1 OTtrId^.'.'
t to t!)e graslp of those who' at:'-':wishi i r IIio! ".?"
success off rhe W\1 dhig Ptairly, not so in.ch -for.r "
Ili ,Ile good which will aceru'e "to Ih:e ,,cuiitiV : *e:
n ns for the lrofil which will i-hei6el)y 1'ris. t' e ,I'u
" them individually in :!>le shsap'e of nifincr,
II nay urg" ihem to I, '-il'" hirn, who .stouhl
0) be [+he PrEnPLES' ,CASmD.roAT; aroiiund wlvith
- party li'nes, but w.e feel co/i.,n'i'orcd.by .the,;+
" assm'ranee. ilI,,l will[Ii l a,ei'* r-l i', m Jlht -./,iinl
,_ .aiv gc.ud SPIS. i.,ev wil "=^^ jf ,' "
rt like tM P,.'ie.,u I l 'irrpa n k?.'l1'i;T -..1:. /
;r it w onld I,,, ;i-*int b,,l'oe ,cave.[r i^, -.f1_
i im p r is o n in ;i i ll '. Ir a tn ipe s I I~ e C a~'- c3^.I.- '
-- ne?7o!-ence ul IIF:;,ll. ;,iid siliiple l~uhetsy" i ;! <
!e, SU(cl) a n;,lll k.i.ZACH-l~lJ T .'!' L'.'R.. i,
] S "- ", -h, As yet no proposition litis bpeo-.iww:-:tV-'iw:. ''*+ : -.;.
*this Sta)le for.hlappointing a1 ,)-ele''iie 1-6'if- ^
lc WVliig National C (onveotioin. V efl-ojpe ffbnw
is w .ill lie i-n a('"e-- a ld rern e m berirn^ th~a ''d n'ri -M~g
fihie las! election earnpaign. -we dI i'pi np .:,
pn our "opponprts Itlat tileS' were eadfrayoe : ,i' ,
,ing to rule tile Slate liy !,a>",>e~d eonvetinlb qi -;

u' which charge we made good.. an. y s_6 dor.'-
id in7._deprived themi very jtsily o 61"he stirt b
a- port of tile Peoplle, it w61iild come"-iit IIa .
hl had g(iace from uis to i,'p,-1.'1 loo dc;d ll-tI
es which we ,ondemned in oiur op'pjr'rirt, ..
In W e, for snIih teanon a, Ii in,,, v (it, I _
d" oppose-tIhe sending of anmV.y' iep'itesatri), Q'f-,
e1 t ie WXVhig Party of l 0is it)rle -i.J41 o fj
'f vention to be held an' whpr.' I',r :ipny prr-
0- pose. We shall -await' t-he tcrm ninaiinnn. f P
s i the War, at which time,'_ if Gen. TAiLPR .-
n, consents to be a candidate. wveshall support' ,
1i| him-'not as a Whig--but as-I, jnan whib
on hns -,e.rved well of his couniry.,a'.ndwhw-
hy has both the ability-. and the will to contibtifi
e (I --I I:y<
S so :to do. -

)t-- TIHE SEAXSON AND CRGPS-,S'6r:.--Soe fiir'.1hi4;
ich qSprYIoL, ihP season has, l-en quite iu'npro-,
pitions nto Ihe planter.'- opened -in tti.e.'-
as.firsi tpbiae,. ;alnou there w'e weks p lalri th
tve -nuis'r. MPiaming cor,'pqTi~eitly (;onipi_.mng1
rY IiPo. Then s me-rep-led a .dronug t-.aAd
I I I a, ndI hnfi..i li ly folloIng, helle'l ="-
\,orm n : P,'-,, ^ P'Ct1.r pru-,,. en ~ie .tiepmnselves
11 in 11111 1 0RI' n. Ii.I' : fn s i ii ; s n so I ep...la c e...
he Even up tn' 1 pV(-qrn'i pwiim], ,man. plan--
LE leirsare itnpn, v nboul t eet!.nag 'e a slaind
us.'.-:4-Pqi'bhe. coion or co',n, for where 'eitlier'
ne -..-I^R i -- f ite- npf-p, there, being.. ...
^.1.1 ^Iv i I ," om int2. it lias been extei-
i %.1'L" Sii1,!!i,' d. Fhl." sm ,ll i hiin eiopLs.alje
; "n, we t,-.*.:,), '.1.1 i' c u ry, the, l/ s.h ~i -". g

The city ,,os entied lby a diachi nen l Fil ,,, i(or nlust be thai spirit which l m lion o le culvaion of social reeling andt Joriy, has been seized hold of with inali-
Artillery under Capt. \V.;elghimain, of the s Wi, prevail! neither Iere nor in Massan- Mlie diffusion of charily, and co)nll'sed of r io'us l.lcas~ire by Locofoco papers, who, in-
list teginne ni, under Capis. Rice i an, ar- P se! ., which, Io ofth ilese differences, would the fellow counniry -en of our city's illustri- se of denouncing the nnpatriolic-eon-
soti on the Ist l M: qarnh, and the tiiitin budy extract cause o fsncial alienathcn, or person ]- noUs, nesI- sons of his own rock-girt ho mne o n ci e cp i i
entered ihe next day. al dis'especli ? WVhiat would be the valuenf -- also rendered him lth.e r cordial welconlik tlIct P lihe Masace sets Senwuors, have
[Fro 7I the Ch,-. -"C,.rier. onr poldical insls n rion if mnen might no: and hospitable ft.e ivities. He was wailed chuckled Will) satisfaction to Rind one single
L"'0^ 1 A N D l '[.' 'i. I'[ iO^ Op MJ K differ ,q n po litical qu rsiio ns, w ilshow i sacri- ,,n by a C om m in i e f om l hat body, consis- islsance f ingratiWude in W hig ranks. V elI
\V tE"1i1' 1." o R .icin ." ii al sieei or drowning ihe sense ling of B. F. Hnm, (^airman-J.B.C(amp- may they rejoice Such an instance-has
The Flat, 1 i el WVe .,tervrrived inh s r s ofro Amon i)nilherhood ? We have divers bell, Judge .ice, Otis Mills, 1. Tuppernb.d.
eity, yesterday niornings, !ytHe \illiioton Political sentin ,enis; bit we have but one and Jos. A. Winthrop-the Chairman ad- never occurred beore, n e^, wil b
hoat ynd wok lodngs at tl e Whm ( rleon country ; we mny dialer as to the best man- dressedJMr, NVebsler as follows: found gainn elsewhere, than in a IAnd reeling
otel. At I o'clock,., he ,,a.itd, nPr of serving and honoring Ihat connnry, SiR-KThe gentlemen, whom 1 have had with fanaticism. The Loco Foco organs
on, there, l tie Con litlee of pecepl~ioo, i but we agree that she is t) be served Ihy ail tM e pleasure to present to you, have been did not give publieily to lefoolish reasons
cons' sln (. 'f-ii* e 'olowig ,enfien 'o the iutmost of their power, and (honored awsociaed with ime, as a Cornmiltpe oflhp Me,. ..
consisting of-the folkowig grnliemen, viz: ~clrr'r"i''n Ive by Mlassachuse.t9 &Eo6-rtor Air 010i
S! n. [!. I{ T mnt~re H-n.D. . Hit- erp, by all with filial revereneei and pair oic de- New-Englarnd Sociue y of Charleston, lo wail ty b ,as ,het r th-ei ''
Jamhes Q Peii.'u, Ro.1. W illia Aik'PH, v in. Ifwr edo rO ilways M AN hi lk Nli e we liin yo ln on youir arrival, lnd o telender in voes:that -they r 'eared lest ankiw ,, Gen.
4 1. D. Desau'sslie Heli' y ( urdin, .1. !B. all feel alike ; we Netl thai inilmch of he indi- vu a cordial welcome among us. Our So- Taylor might be constioed intuo ;ppruhalion
C"anpkelleln'!,[-U Fian. K. [i-tmWr, RB.. F" dualI hapiiness, as weli as national renown, city is composed of emignranils fiom New- of the manner in which Mhe Predileni com-
111utft1, J. B. Legar-, E. Yeadon. Hlon. J. which belongs to ,s Dow, or may belong to Enuland and tiheir descenudans, aa hosee neredhe.War"-not 10,at hey were
it Ash : K ay D, Dr. J hn B. Itvine [ uis ) h reafier, do S and will a rl to n Ito the of tlMe com nily who are ()lensed lo aid ill 0t
Alexan1 r M lack. undivided, and I lmnlm alwalys.the indivisible. pronosing our oejetis, and single witlh us averse lo doing honor 1o the galln t U.eneral
.The 1(,lt~tii ee ed r. i ,M Veh! nr i .to fiethers of ile g!'at Anerican u lepinhdic. in our comnmemoralioo of those events in and his brave conrailes in firms--unlike
'sl-aei s- pni'azza1 r ,ll coy of th~iel otp1l, :'l h:I ,p lhappy, genllemen ifyoli AiNhk that, our national history which are peculiarly MIr. Polk and his friends Ficklin, Thonip-
whiich was ihionged with ladies and ci-i- s while&,!sch us Sl'isof Seci ary o dear Io us. As oneborn ald tea-red in the o e. t MJssachusells enialors re-
z n ere isw s o ir r d Splte, T paid l jSlregard! lo the pr)!ecii(,ri of same Iart of" the Union, we have availed .
zen-s, g ltiiered, (;is w,is ;list) -a lige crowd J. ', ,',, r ;- 1, c,,i oiceed in Mle famne acqi ired by (be brave
4' d izens in the stseeifr ningthe ]ote, Solli 'n int.r'-st. In my. judgemen t, those ourselves o vonrjourneying to the Sou.,ii e in e ce
to give the dSlilmigish'ed gui eslt a hearivywel- inere-'sts, imn!'rnant in themselves were con- to ask Mf'ounthe favor lo larry while among Ohl man-they were led astray by a misiai .e.
come to the hospialities of eC harleston. needed with pr;v(>e questions of public law, us, and let us talk togeiher on New-England., nnion of their duty- ,' ot i liat they loved
M1r Webslertook his positin iinthe centre qnestions tonchinlg the immun[iv of flags, and gosStp over those scenes and events Caesar less, but Rome more." The8rs, ^is
oflhe ba!co-niy in,imepdilately fronlinI I ihe a.lil the irindelndenc(e and 'equality of na- whicih awaken in us endearing rpeollec- true was thesib of Brutus--lInt iwhne
street, and was Mere ahressi d as fdlaws by tUoi s uln" lhe ocean. jo t! III T4"lhese questions I coul, oil he insensible, cepi our hidilmg, and rest assured we shall 1"1r. Polk oiniiled 1ll mention of ithe sero
t-. Hon. Fr rnklini H. Elmore, Chiairmnan of '* i*i i
the H i. Frann. rel re h f It is tirte thal they commnded nmy uims be happy in rendering the short lime yohu i his message, when he sougit io super-
t he i(o)nti': il te of K e <-'ep!!!iin : *,, -i ir* i *ii
"^lii- A- [{.epi-e'esenltativeso" our fellow w- ateniion; and if the result has heen gr.l'awr may 1he atic io pass with us, agreeable to ced;1 hiim by a componinrd of madman and
cizens of Ch'Arleslon, we-wait upon you Io frepdl)in froin :nno*" anre, inore security far yonrs.f.and family. f,,l "-when Ficklin, Thompson & Co.,
chi~ens f Ch'iaritob,,e in'ainv ilits, and a g.tona~l ~vianre irn "We have alprolirbiled yourd~inp to-me)--fo
tender their welcome and l good wishes.- theIlim nlpn an d o p ea e, advtil e in the Presidential sp.adam.sinss h dealt their Ina-
,, 1 ,,p i tlhe in nintriiatic of |iace, and thep (iendly row for aI family dinner will] tile New En- 1 ^ "tn ii h,,u h ii, t,1 m r111
g];vii) heard hliat it was your intention in
Havss i ugh ltheairai1 i. oil ourit i }iioun h 0I i.eri' urse of nations, ;an bound to as- gland So(.ie where we hope y.oi will feel linani blows a his hard earned fame, 'l'was
.... he s ,r1cure crihe lin;' result l';ilher It) ilie concurrunce yonrs l' at homne, arld then we shall heb ghad Ihere
Ihe -i()iu!ierit tala es, tulIdelraket ito irocirrt, .
p i.ors)nil o!)servali.)n, a better knowledge of lomu we cirpunmstances, amid lo the em- to unite wihii your professional brethren, -- "` wen lhp enviousCasca throigi "
of' their ople *'rsubs an interests, ir co!e raiempnil ;i)d suplOit of olhers, than to and our fellow citizens, in rerulprinW-your W e have looked into tile Vlia p-alpr.
en i S )ofC 'I ,sio). ingasi'deall d11 r- i any l hihio y dislplaypd 1I my Pforls, visit A as pi 'seNt to yourself, as it is-acce pa-
ences O. ) ilihal O pllinion, in as cOm niille0- .- Iconcu ,rwith y eo rdiAlly, gentlemen, table) and gratifying lo our comm- nily." North and South, with an earnpst curiosity
sire ,o ,iltlrter your w sh, s and 1to render in the sentiment, ilt inutual intercourse BMr. Y VV lst,.r very kindly aecppied heO in aacen'ain w etielherli py wonli iinilale the
your visit aorel.,)]e, "assp I and iuna i- slrenalhens mn-u a I regrad; and lail ihe inviltion an was especially well pleased in W e of 4ie Loco Fo-o Press. and abam
y o c onis i t,1*h eoL ooueooa ofrt.s. a d n a I
n(.usly delegamed lo us Nol pleasing duty of meitizns ofdievtrs of theon- meet Me Soci.. and HI fr i don ensdce for party sake-whhol their
r ) yOU the rei a ,hey try see ol one anoniher. the mior' wil! asper- unrestrained freedom of a family party, ar-nd -
expressing to yoh lte great fi
homes, l ou ly w[ a knioaw M r e sy a, for 1 s! ht, ts, are so ineieslirm in his N ew Englnd fel- Riassaehnnens erit ls- a td we have been
^)ems. Aia l ie e oiou_,h they we~ know te I t heae ia t si'e is ready, at all liim s, to meet. and Iw-clizeins and their assoeianes of the So-
Psweni.al dtiff'eerences of1 t opinion Ihelwpen a -I retoied to find that all ahp e leading WVhig
great majoriiv of ller anid yourself and tlie to r, 'nrn, Ow respect and l-,e hostile y of ciety, who anticipate1a very pleasant tinme papers denounce will unmeasured severity
*eat e n iouwea h i whi, are he Soulh iCarolina; and lhat she rememn hvrs will heir distinj isl i i guest.
great commonweallih of' whichl you,. ae thie |I .:- 'ipu lpf ninf n' fipm nw oi
trustedI and dis ti n. iisou d "-m e res.'n" ta ivc in n" Isit /fies of u ri n m i fraternh vt ; inlal .-lie- = ,-- the u nbe e onn an e cnn net of l ne m en w ho in
the conuneisof the on ion, yo. oi his o l, part represent e ou titrs np-ace of Amercan
Atsian, Ihey re,[ember with far more plea- cnmm,,n ,i ,, a comon ennlry ; Ahat, \i ]1 Liberle v. Ihe comment-, the maliciubs
sre ilhat, whilst at lhe itad of ilce stale there is, no where else.a Ijnlser or higher -- sneer ofhe Loco Foco Press will me -
Department, ,on wa,,.he otherstietions o t'ihe Union, thie South was this her simer Staes"; and no where the pre Wthp eyes of the gallant Tarlor,. th.n he annii
inot neglected, hul her inierests and her vaence ofnmorp earnest wislies, for whatever ( -Q The following gentlemen -are authorized dote will accompany the tane-he will'read
rizhis fNlnid in you an able and impartiaI Inay advance lier prosperity and disiinclion. Agents for the CoanIERCIAL ADVERTISKe, and will in Ihe ecolun-ns of the Whig .journals
vindicator; that you -made, amongst other "(io"lpmen, I come amnin you, will my receive uld receipt for subscriptions, or advertise, expressions of heartfelt sorrow, that mei
,public services g reat and successful efforts 6fa" ily, as lav"llers, bil not feeling that we- ments:- be fonial in so rpyre-
IO pirserve ou r re aliens in peace and hai are enfir,,y stranyl 'rs I w ish to all1 ect no .os;,)i F TvT.A Ot,, Post D id]fin q, corner of eou l be fonnd in M assa ei e s s e ere
.y with the m os five and, p werul n.. oSmenlrtios notice, bit desire only to be Hanovtr and Beaversnreets, New York. ant to the principles of conduct of ihei,
Onion of t(ie old world ; and ihat, while you gar-ded as a felow countryn ;u an'd fellow DAVID FBq Alan Gso
....te ge e al C us i X.l nd s e M A ,V CH EEVEIR, E sq A lb ainy, G a. i a r o i a h r i e w l ~ o s e w a h
served !he general cause of humanity anrid leizpu, nd see !C eounle ry a d lhe people Major JACI[ HARDMAN, Eufaiula, Ala. Lncn Foco Presses wonld fain keep out eo
cilization in/so doing, you at the sam e time v.itho i formality or e on irain. "
sOSa lined the honor at;d promoted the best "T hanlki-ng yotu, :Ini the citizens of Ch ar- si |lit !]~ta in that branch Or lh'eL e.ii-l, tlilre
.nttoess 0ionor ando motenat henlawe me ex- alpt ,JOSEPH ATAY, Esq. has bepn ap- which most lirly- reflects thK polki- feel-
rein ,,her ,jt hor 1mais hco!>nls also i e ended -io me, it remains that I offer you, pointed Clerk for ins City for ihe Distri ing. lhe vole of hanks w;as carrid by a ma-
one of the ()Ml T hir),'en. tha' l lo wiv-,, tle ivnillel eiin, personally. my hi-ali rewards; ("o !'n of the ITntied Sfatis for the Norilien jority of two-thirds-.
leader.,in the struggles-of the Revolntion, a n "lto i :coioo.>'fe o" yotnr (ei1,,, ,'-- p, ',i ^c Florida..'By a rule of that
and that, amid 'its common trials and danm ze'"s. wliih now surrounds us, aud whose reiurmble -o the THE NIXT URSDEWY.
aers, she, with our own State, won our corn- asserMbirig together, on tilts occasion, I r'e- Cor af prnicscessn of thee reuunabc fot' IENETP- ] E ediY.
2eN, wifreedlonm and ),nS a ur com- a- ;is sl n respect'ul, and so inipeatvoely frst monday in each month. The manifisalhns of the public 'eeeling
tt ant r, h rit~sg.e of frT .,a d .c "' ha in favor of C-tn. T AYLOR for this hIgh of -
slock of glory. -T hey. fee!, also, thal, in dt ll[de. '.an l ly< m .y railefn! ac!,nowledgments, II
these grateful reminiscences, we should be f USi tender lily sicere respects." (.izeli.is ( W,-e are informed lhat no term orn f ee are dailyy becoming g numerous and gen-
bound.up in a connmon love for each oilier, 'I Charleston I am.JhAppy to 'egaMdyou as he Ciruit Coart will be holden in this era!. We do not recer to the instances o
and in an ,inierable delernination to horlonr, '0nntryiten--we are born to the same in- count until the next Decenher term. Is nominainn 1y Whig Edhons-nor do
m ain an arnHad Vv spect the rights, w ,lf,.e and h"rItance, w o by the samrie pa: i ti a, and u w dge ahn o.W hp ri-y y ,
('eeli tas of each. T hey ho )pe to see these ti1 e Sam e va har. N ew E nalrin il blood has w e judIge a hloizp h e~r of' hi -s- pTrrtf ri-iy by the
l -e'n"n s cieshed P tesetiene:p moisten-ted thsoil where we now s'anI MASSA(U'[SETTS. opinions exprssed by Vhig menrygs and
ened. Eventslike this no%-ranspiringwivlh shed as readily as at Lexington, or Conronr, The Uwnon and ihs saelliles-lhe Rich- Con'ventions. We look with e-pecial in-
us, conduce happily-t such results. The or Bunkerhill. May it prove a durable ce- mnoi).d EnqvUrer--as well as the small fry ,pres! to the nmovemenis in his favor by Ihe
influence or public menn is owerfl mge,, Hmc ofthe.Dmon of our ryspnecthve Stnt.s' aniona e Loco Fneo Presse.s, have been indeppnden Deniocralic press-by lilte de
cy, and it is very t nch to be regretled O, th t, And m auy enerations. now fAr oRwc Kitnh ,. ^ ^ ^ r t |b Ae
o f A tn eri a( n S latest en ; w hl ose e nvai ed tin s ehes, w h en th ey ar rive ,as w e n o inw w Lf nin s ine fie n e w s f the h a le o c ar a in h is favor e i e
and'liberal minds make their opinions n- an ourselves, a free, rspeelab!e, unfed and Buena \ ,s a,a under The lashi of the W hig crats-and partienlariy, (o he.esrult ,,
thorily, ad best q6ailif, them to undIr- Pinoswerous eomunny I pray yon, gen- Pre.ses, who charged upon ihe Adminsfra- InFrorueed by Mr.-NICnOLAS, .-m,,r.1.
stand iheirelharacler anti to (to them jusuicp lmon, accelt my sincereI good ishies for lion and its servile followers, in a nd out of i n the Loisiaua Legi-lal'fre bl:,t, t.
in nid oawn, so Iew travel pso nher se-c- Yourn; t he delivery of tltis fine adores, Congress, that they had given evidence of a he WI igV pape-s still adhere 1- '"Mr. .CLAY
quons and make these ves personally a-(ISd cl s wa s;ue ,l.eep rool'ed hostility to tie Gallant TAYLOR. and seem desirous of seeing his claims con
*co.unry en. In such intercourse adoin by lhe loud and snhtisiastic -plaudits and This accusation lins been avoided, b.,i has siderod in a W hig Convenftorn-oilier WEi,
the imefehangeof conrlesles and opinoins, cheers of the niiuerous and gratified spie- never been fully met and repelled, nor have papers hlave abslsincd from pronouncing it
pirejudices disappear, paisjudgmeils are cor- 'atomrs of the"P inl S" sens, lie aplHea ht ileor Foco papers been led, in the favor of Gn. TAYLOR, h.c;isp-lhev deer
reeled, and a jusi ap~preciationl of eaech other red' in floe health and siriis1. and "ir a'- overflowing of joy conseqnent npon GM-n. present, ae.on un the suibeet o" [li~e Presi
created,+ leading to co)rdiality inl fe ediftg, lha t- nm ral hi~l iter II"" ,1' !) o l( enjo y he iUlm erou~ts '.^ ^ ,, ,, ,d m d i^ 1" n~ b e to ie
inony iu IpSbiil i easulresf an[ld elminently fe'siivtes andllnospitalites ptthlic andlprivale" 1 AYLoR s recent display of wisdom and nm, deny preuiatuie:, and as far as Gecne;'a
eoitd-i, i:, to their conmmlon prosperily' and ihat awa-ih hus aecepitarnc, and p~ariiclpaiion, litary prowess, In denouncle lhe unjust as- TA LP^ ^ iS concerned, is calculated t
welfare., A otnn ber oifcitiz,-ns, of, bulb sexes, were pe,-sions o( THOMPSON, FICKLIN, el. als. embaasshinm in his military Opel':inons--
.on'i eir'.lin of hese vnients,n oa r ots,ieISo eP;^rln;{io and re\p^ ln h(Jna;;.-- They hiave left to thte Whig Press the grate- but of those whob do not jel.[ in l~is nomn
-:,;;ur vitlt: he'oll it nti.~ sai h Coturn (){Cosnlin n Pleas and ,hie-C 'ty fo rak ofwhipping [nation, a larg tnaq i,y .Kiv nnnisak
f'a etion. C ou rl iol'C hariest~n le ing it se.ssi(/n, h,. N ak ed7hro,@ he lund.'i able evidence e of a readiness to s nlppo i
: "/hey are-Lha1ppy in ,he opportunity *of one, on rri~oli~li O['[- Biey,' Ehnmnsqno~nTTL~o~e ,i aa roerte.Jugigneo o
ex rsiBrssnn e~ t y u ~. e ws-er, Esq. "a ing A";orne G~e),Pr^;l sident, hy certailn Whig papers has been I1rsonal (ibservation--and fr'orm the ev'i
p net s ally. Thy wleone o~ u rwit h he ..t~IJ),nm-l, 'o enable thie Jnrors" and other taken in highl dudgeon hby the Loceo Foeo ilenee, of p~ublie opinion before tmentioned-
sltation, t> your represe 'ntattiv o, eliara eier, eilqzens in altedan e~e to witness the re eep- press who seem to fe ed .great apprehiensio o we have no double b tut lliat Ihe. W Ings of 1.2
aud to. four erninpu. t a ilsties. And ,|,ey li n, e" New-E,)glatn will hot. oin ih1m oecasion,- wiilh~hli the ex- ,ilieir -loners ,lud e ()N^, II *" S ant, Juog lh t i n lay^ prov a Lo n toperu-- iand wh Uion fao 1Gn.ios lRSeetin
pression o~f hopt.s lhit' liey warmly eher-i i' wer*e "*"alll tho.se,!K ho inlerd d hinn a ,tony to th-< Wh~ig. any ri1ht to. parieicpate Dnfrr fan T'~rn ser le ,orlion.oW itL
.,h ,, tha i I .-iaus ll w,,ill spp e iin l she woh'ome alilolnn i.-. Several oft'lle Clergy Iin ilhe glory of" a war,, in wiciih they Ihave respect to the D emin eralic |,Oriioni of th
(hd o e s, in la i, w ilii e S t)[lilt ( _a io l !in a niay n o tl w h e re a lso p r-e se n te d to t h ec g re a t N ew E tig v o ln n ip e r- td in i n lim b e rs, fa r g ire a te r Ih a l p~e o ,I~le w e e elie v e t h ai l if G e i-. i A Y L O I>
forbpa'r the with dec~isioni, sihe still emlerla~ins lfor yotir J~lnnes L. Palier'n, Esq.. aS Chairman of t,), rp olit('a L;,ore n s. The set'ro Fo O a n ot s'eil d uponl y," and In e a* clodlitu-ire
Slate a~lll te-ekitndness and aff'i-lion d tie 1,o a. the Bar (Conmu,[itiee. neatly and hnlipil., ad- ih )i *i'7 asq by th Loo Foe ora ns ill Wye, w -i ye if tt h eis Po~i- ic'atin sa
sister, i~iiustrous [(or her great virtues, her dressed MIr. W.ehster ont ".hah;lfo( fthe B~ar npoi 1ihe no mt~iii ions, b~y Whi.gs of (Ge~n. oflhe W, ii Party --if his nornitmatrou'a
great iFen and her gr'eat a (:d i e~ievlmin s.- of C ha itlesto~n, tendteri ng ,his ,ltheir 'o~ngra- (G en.. T ArLO R, is lthat it car l'ies dism nay re de leeion is lefT to) ihe voluntlary, siionlaineo t

For yourst-if and us O-r re!presentative, lulayiods and welcome on his arrival, and ih n. l]^,,s" Oppose him openly, they (hnre action of tlie l people proper, witlioul tle :il
again, Sir, we bid you a Icordial welcome to their reslpec. an homage for his emiiiiieit no Thev War the indication of the of pany and without m rsoirt in lie am
-,South, Carolina and to Charleston." a!ililies and hiTh -charater, and WinviT r. [ n o h f l ai y al s or c n srtIo h esh',m
0 Mr. W eb sier, in a c lea r,-c o m in an d in g an d h i n l o a B a r D i nlir lt a ,y d ay Hl in w o d p eo p le T h ey K ln o w h at i lie is a c a nd l- C 'hi i ery O fCa ll els ,O or.C O nv en t h tl) a nd D 'i
a full tone& voiee, his noble anId massive torin, suit his convenianee. Mr. PW Ai,ru' conclt: datp, he must he elected. In comparison lie consent to serve, if elected ; Day -do
and his pleasing ,iana fer,1givin'inii,gied d.ig- i ded by saving ilIat it was hid-hly gratefull t () with him, tiieii. stable of hroken-winded Ina inot re surdy "o!l.ow aflerNight," lit;
nity and grace to his appeareue":, responded, Iis own feeling s lo IIP ihe p t earer to M r. qsia;- er.nas-BEsTON. POLK, W RIGHT. 0r will )his elevation to he. Presidency suCCeee
I wilh eloquence anld feeling, as fo.1iVws: sW e-bsler oif-sc,i an aireeealle ne,"at(Ye. Weve We n a gralificd lislcner to w i
r ( -ENTLI!.ME!N- t WOuL' n e an aMt of aS Mr. 'W ebster responded wilh nmnch fell- A,1 3ss w k he m 1 i a o n-
great vi()l-neeto lily own fedeingss, as of in-1 city [1e said that lhn. a professional in n yn T._" ]ndeed, we doubt whethe-r NO l freeprand u rosfra nedexpressionsofopini
s justice and inaraitisde Io n he hos|)italisy of, and ot, a v,-ry young one--it% was higli!y Roonlh and Ready" would- riot walk around- among the incor'upl masses o" onr Drti
. tHle citizens of (.hmarleston, if should A l t.,o, gra i j 'yyil to his 'elin';s to receive sut h a the conire-alone. O. Nld Bnulion and Mr. cratic fellow citizens, when Gen. AYLOR
express Iv cordial [ltanks for thle wlcpme. ltkpn of regaad fron the Chtarleston Bar. POLK |lave ]een willdawn--ikf Ihe -eor eec'ion has been Ihe topie of c'onver-atio
.you give .ite ini their behal aw.l lo rec lpro-! T hay wiltl pr ofer siona l m en attachm ent to POLK have h, n i,.,,aw l.,,ne the Xhey have andnwe beanetnever y ct hea 'dnone of the
atelo n you and to them m y sincere respects pi r od ssi onal a< o.-iag iu os increa se d with mia n M ajo r, ing a "1liH1 e lam e,) ih ey nave aw d we hav e never yet h ea rn &e ON thei
1 and gq'od wishes.,_ yeas. The soial feelings oA IhPe Bar Irw ePre, retre.ed before P the battle lias hegnn, It is declare the slight st repugnance to lrin-
e You are q.iite rihlt, gentlene iin sup- i snstai)ed an"' culiivated by ihdih biii ofdin- now-the, gama or the Loeb Foo organs, to account of -his political -opinions. TJIh;
. posing lHi my purpose, in |ertaking tihe in. iorethpr, Gwhiceh was an ,i.ein nt cnstom (! ^ns (ion. TAYLOR with l he Iliehjgs, and- have thus o need, nelie ada dish tprest
I lour which lhas'bro tght We into- l e midst i much honoredd in tlie ohservace; and it ,., 1 ; ..,o, ,, ,t 4, (*p+in ) r arniinde. Those. nemn riT

u p o n t h e fi e ld f o u r o r fi v e t lh o u is a n d d o l la rs 's o I y o n is t o s ', e ltihee c o u ,t r y aa d h e t h e t)e o p le w o u ld [i e h i .'hi y a g r eVle t o tin to t o aij 'e p t 'I 1 i''t'.. I n,,a+'l s eI ; l ii
W specie taken. The enemy's forCe.,4,223 of .ltIe. conn.trv., amd (o obaisi a belter and ofa IBar dinner .frrnfoi Iis. nrof.'ssio ra! bie- chosen President, anFv cordial ;1 ders1antin
M oe), includiua some of lth ir finest re(ii-lar fuller knowledge 'ofb)oih. Hi-:herio. I have ,hirpn of Cha.rleston. on-mondiy next. between hIm and his p rty. Th ey an- 1)
troops, and well arm ed. O ur :own foorce in-, not been a visiter so f.ir South ; and I was AM rY. W ebst er then rptiired 'into his )], ; i s oaiv I
kthe action was M9 4. The enemy tost in -unwilling, quite n .wvi!,in,g.,to be longerIo a rlotr, where he waw:itaIWaled on Iy L P. t i ,t_. s eta ;;,l e i he i nd
killed 300, a gr-teat number wounded, thirty stran-oer, iersomally, in the Soutlhernt Slaes. MIiliken. Esq., Chairnman ,of llte Coninitre wt n rio .
r fortyprisoners. Onr own loss Was one The citizens of' Charlest.>n do me anhonor, of'- Jinior Manra-rges, who tenrlerdP(cdhim, vidu l!)y name, who first i)rofaned thle chair
killed, one mortally wounded, seven wound- which I most deeply feel, when ,they saiy, and] hislady ind fianilv. 'an invit-aiion to a of* WASHINGTON with the Tort of a traitor
ed ((not mortally.) Aboui four days after .througl0 y tOU, that they have satifaceioii in Cisizen-' Ball, t.o be givftn on T.... 'y eve- Bnti we opine thait the Stale devices" will
the balle. Col. Cuiltawlo was in comniand rneetin me al Iheir own homes, and wish nio next, which Mr- W. promplly accel)- o,_,it I. Ir 'caught a herring"
of his regiment ait the battle. in a;ttempting to render my visit ag.reeable. W 1hen one is led on his own and tLheir Iphalf. i -h a a hin
to make his escape from Chihuahua, in is- made welconie to the hoines of Charleslon, It was arrangeiruha,,.o6n o'nday or Tnes- will not even reward, the patent anglersw'ih
.g'uise, be hayn" been concealmdl in the city I am quite aware that the warm th of lioslpi- day ( oInine next,(of which pnhlic toiiee a glorious nibble."
during that time, was taken prisoner. Col. taliyy*cagn .go no further, wolhd te given,) Mr. We ter woldlreceiv, Thle late vote in the Senile of *Marsa-
Sam. C. Owens, of Independence, who was Undou)tedly,,.gentleme.n, differences of and be in urodnced 1t the citizens en rally, c s t n ,je resolution of thanks, to
jn "the ictio nI as M ajor of ItI e battalio n of -o p)i non on nman~y s nbjecis exisi betw een at the [-ib er nan H, 1 l. t
,Volunteer Traders, was the only one killed your fellow-citizensand myself', and between Reception by the New En azndS o;e.ty. Gen. Jaylor, wieh \^a passe lhe Honse
- e.iiol.efiefd, 'South Carolina and .,j..t-titsets. But The New-England Society, au assoema of Repres ntatives hyan overwhelihni g ia-

MENTO.-MAlet ihe enemy 28th I ebruary, nt
'Saoremento, eiglhteen tnile.s north of'C'hi-
|u-'lhua, strongly e)l-i i. ;-, ciion coln-
-menced at 3 P. m., onuthe part of-oiir arlid-
le'i.y, at nine hundred yard,, om .:i id ,.i
charge of 'cavalry, eigthht uiundc .iInd %\i\Y
V'tronfr* E nem'. y's artillery ,i ..r',! i. i,-]i
blurg 'Dfo a lime. The onemy's advanced
Oli.irge fell back and re-fo'tne.d, -ass lining
their second position in front of their line of'
redoubts and entrenchments., On r own b.-.1at-
tery at the same liie advancing, aga io open-
ed their fire upon lhe enemy, and 4) a very
short time threw them into complete con-
fusion and flight. At their cavalvrybehiod
teli"ir fortifications, the order was given to
,our right wing to charge upon redoubts,
whichh were manned by reulars (infatntry)
from Duran20 and Zacatecas. This I charge
was made in a most gallattr manner' snppor-
ted by Major Gilpin's aind Lient. Col..Jak-
son's command, and the section if' howit-
zers under Capt. W'ti-;tl(aI and Lieut.
Chouieatu. In *- very shor[, time, ther
whole line of" frtificatiotis was. eva uiated,
their'baiteries silenced, and the enemy in
fall retreat, in evfry direction. The enemy
being in full retreat, Maj. Clark, with his
four 6 pounders (ithe howitzers heing al-
ready in the p pursuit ) "followed at Ihe tt" p *o(
ourrspeed, until we were some dislanee in-
side their line of foriitiaration, when Ohe
M ajor's altention wasidireeted to a foriii ,la-
ble battery, some 1500 yards distant, the
position of which, on the summit of arn im-
mense pile of Volcanic rocks, commanded
the retreat of their own forces, and might
Save done great execution on our ipursuing
'troops. He il'nm edialiely, antIicipatiria or-
ders, wheeled and advanced to one, of'tlhe
enemy's redoubts, within 1225 yard's ofthe
battery just named, and,opfened upon il
with one 6-po-nder. Althona|t the heiglh
of their batiery was so great, their shot all
fell short of its, doing no d itm-ige. Our
first fire dismotnled one 9 pounder, aud in
about 15 or 20 minutes, their battery was
silenced, their position abafnloned, and our
colors planted upon the lidiht.
We took two large'9-potundvrs, seven 4-
pounders one 6-pounder, ahtifwoe carriages
each mounted with three pieces of one and
a half inch calibre, with a prIpordionate
quantity of amrtmunition. Thir tr,, ;*.i,-
haeiaae, and every thins, was n)ranllOnei


..-ET : -6s.u.pyi '-.''b,C ,C"ii, '.Nv 1',indl, \vi;l have de,,palt&h for
0 \e I .Or. '- r I right apply
M'+ t5J.DAY
-For New Yorl. V"014"
'I'll HE rce u]jr, packet Lrig.
^^ JC1JNE'S*, T% lvl>, mia-tt I, L-av ^ St
& 11--of ier cargo. erigged, v.ill mett -wiith
despalch for lhe a(ove pi L. For freight orlas-
saze apply to DODGE & PRATT,
May 15 4if Wafer street,
FOr Nci"w YVori*k,9 .
.. THE (;-t sailinrgschr. LeSOY B4-
j^^dell, ma.'lcr, wiIl 1ave despatch. br"
-sfreight or passa,'e, aprh, to
MdV]5 46-Warrfsvet.
For 1cw vs, ;I:" .
.,._, THE fine ,.*j"fillrjg; !! .12c.k
^^ Wade, niasi,-r, M'i ID wf I dish'le des-
91-k patch )fr !? th,',io A pw^. ..-,"ssagu
unly, appiy to the C'r't ininr, .ito: r"-1
A pri ".,4 I. & f' v" &Ur, T.
Fol- EoJsuis?.-
^-^ THE fine ship /ECtL/tJV3", Clark,.
/.. '.ta'ler, hav ig, -,1l r cargo engaged,
--->will meet with (!.s[.atch. Ftr paes'age,
appiv to eSji.
,ayI. 1O YGOD C

..-" THE fu'e fast s.-iiijg slhip, CJ. Jt *-
-Datj.A10.7, TiliitqliasP,-n astcr, ftAill-Ineet:
& -V % i I f) des1jatch, F' to [mavl] D. L. \VOCD & CO.-
-.. ... ,. ,ITor'-y a<.irncp~ia. ,-".
".-. THE f;;st sailingstlir. P.IMF lEPtO,
J^^^,Treadwell, mpat'r. F-\r deck fi'oighJ '
->-^ .. -< i,; 1, apply to .

Uiit.\ON.--^i[ice our Tuesua s reporit we have
eeived Liverpool accounts to the 191h ult :Which
ached us via Columbus Thursday morning. The
csiars and leitprs not having yet come to hand,
t little has been done since,. some few. sales
ade at j a 1c. advance. II the present state of
e market we omit quotations.
Fm:t'i'rs.-We have no change to notice in
e rates curren at the date of our List report.
T o Iiverpool ............. .............. 5-8d.
T o H avwe .............................. l c. ""
To New York .. ..................... to.
To Boston, ................. ............. Ic.
-- year.
ock on huand Sept. 1, 18.6.1033 4
Burnt since lIt Sept.. 100
ceived past 3 days........1.....499
" previously ...... .. 1011,751
Total.........-- 103238 1047M6
ported past 83 days.......... .4,941
: previously-........... C6,504
Tolal ........ -- 71445 7a4,39
handand on shupboard notcleared. .31793.. 29'G7
Commiencing hio Septenmber, 1846-and same
time in IS45.
Pastj revi-i-. T, 1 Laat
tncrItE'R XPO-RTE.D. Sdavw-ously .rr -season



It "" ll. in e, ". "ai-- "1). Ilna:I I
0". 111 -\ I 11. j I..-i n 1i %1^--. 1 a.11 11 ')1,- t ~ I Tfr j U I -1^ V
he-m mnutes tith lie last mee!i;n ,Nere r"ad an..
, eV .. A .C. i !,A ....... -,iy 1
Tqhe- Clerk reported the retinms ,1 the Hr.ii o'0Tr ;_ ".-. I. A(iC__ ....... .. 1
aster and. M r-shal lor he fi ,ni tn ofl April last,, f _A. A ,' iVED.
hieh were read and ordered on file. Manil..-Schi- M.:ruion, \e-l,fm New Oilpans.
T!,e special cominitlee to whom was referred Alay- 10-.cl r Chailes, McCuidy, licm New
e peti-tion of En~i'ie Com!, pany No. 2, in rela- Orleahs.,
inlo the pure'lha ,ofa bell frormCapt. McLane, Sch r Titl!;ihasz..,, Saunders, fin New Cileans'
!Prted ver-bailly, that the bell wei.-hed 113 11)I. iiv 1a'-Sclr Lellcy, Bedell, fm New York,
A could be lbougilt or thirty cents per pound. [l l'r l
*-' ,. 'J'nii l-otmz.a E-caton, Robertson, fm 'Nsew York,
heienpon, on Lirolioc 01 Mr. Payson, duly sec- 1,ou.-a P tain {eo eo
-to N u',.Stow- ',z-.'Co.
ih-d, the committee were authorized to buy said t] 1.a 12--rig Wi LJones, Tyler, fin Z York,
11 of Capt McLane and ascertain and report at tol),dJ. & Platt..
ie next rneeting, tie cost of'a belfry whereon to schr Creole-, Taylor, fm New Orleans.
[ ihe samfe. ,iv 1:--Schrr S "Denys, raman, fm N Orleans.-
Tlhe Committee on Claims to whom was re- M,,,y l--,t Ue.,irue, Lorden, f an Ftii,,ver,
red thi following bills, rep illed thereon, and to Vood'd .; Bnl!oi-
P same were passed and allowed by the oun- %rAltdn.(; n ^:n t luhue .
.i;,.m er I;l. t ( ,- o rl, fl" n, Ca lur, b ou
wor- Se nclair', for drayaire ............?.?5'1f 9-0ri (p;,i r if.h,, Thcmpi_ -n, rfin E,,fe.mla.
tnmm,.rcial Adverti.,vr, lor priritiig..;... 27 )W S' Piam.j r jw Ch, pilston, Freemai_, fil Columbus.
rl. Jll"tml, for bat liure ........ .... 5 00 Steamer -Nonu n, -MicAtllterj fin Colunibus.
T. Nich,,ls, for labor on side walks.... 8 00 __ _
m. hlonntfmr ... .. .... 8 00 i CLEAlRED. ,
G.-Fort, for dravaze ................ 5.". 60 8Goi IM.,y --SchrYespoR, RIyer.on, for New York,
And on moilt of'iMr. Pa,,orn, duly s(,conded, by v .urpo, Sionv & Co.'
bills of Edward, Carpenter for $27 -20 and N "-iy ll--Solir Ta!lahassee, Saunders, for St
7,S, ;Were laid on the table until the return o l the ,',amrksn or r .
avor.; inpr Champion, Gri-er, for New Orleans
wVor* .chr 3momi;.nzt ia. Morro, ,r"r '-t Marks. "-
The following hills were presented and on 'i ay 12-Ship FP-irfieid, Loveland, for Provi-
,tion, the rule being waived, they were pa.issd denced v Woml \- B .
-ollowed by Council viz: 1,1i .l\v 13-Scihr Iarmimi(n, Wee, fior N Orlpans.
F. Sirr"nons, for trad vava,-e and iplank.. .,i21 00 n MAy 14--13iak ?,lMgdula, 1edge, fEr New Yor.
naine Co. No. 2, 1Or niaht lotk-and ke.vs. 8 SO by )8,:) LY ,- Prat. .
The special committee to whorn w.is .referred Sip1 Sir )low rd DouglasF, Oglvey, fr Liv-
-' ierp~ool, bN' 1 I til- t.
e accouis of J,,hn XV. ]abcocl*, reported there-
, and the saine wvere pa.ised and aU',,N-ved, as -. ..*-- --
1,How, : '" LIaT OF "VES-EL6 i, POR-3 7
V..-Babcock, for' making, ladders and P sHIs..
shalls for hook;. .$21. T Kestrel, Turner, 81I0 tons, for Liverpool, loadii-g-
W. Babhnck, for .lumlber and work (,n \V A &- P G Kamai.
E ii-ine Honse ........ ...... ..... .... 00 Rcthschnil, Cornfdorv.i, 647 tons, for Liverpool,
T he follow ing repolutio ns w ere o ni re'd by Alr. luedir2- -W 'A P C K a inr- .
Mlerchi;,tut('li-rke. 89torlnsfolrthostcni, loading--
ancock and adopted : W &. o-
I-b.solved,.That the Citv Tax Collector be, and ICledona T, Tifirha~i, ,14 tons, for Boston, load-
k lwreb~y inalrnuCted to colledt forom the 17( 1- iugL p, w vin'f'en person ofc(,tnr, Lopea Bernard, MII- Queen, Newihnd, C-50 t0ns, for Liverpool, load-
and his vife, and Martha Scott, two d(,t!rs .. ing-Ij &ay 7 Co
ich.' citv lax. Davenport.' MVcCarver, 767 ton.-, fin Liverpool,
Reyo'vei. Thai the Ciy- Marshal be, and he wailing--I.M Wrighl "
hereby intrnct<.( d to hire men with .th'e least BARQUES.
ssh.\rlyto ditc-h artd drain off' all N\ater in qj rali Slieafl, Sanids. 401 tons, for Havre., loading
y. rarl of the rity, that may accumulate Irom --J ;y & Co. -
avy raiar., hewvveen tti, and the 1sl ol'Novem!)er L IG
,x ;' Provdetl Ri water iR hikety to. stand 2.1 ,|Bainl,^p. G i, ons,'fm Brazos Santta~go*,
Or- o,) the snirface (f' the e-rou.nd. Nvaiiing- _Ma-twr.
On. motion, fhe Council then ajourned. Wm Lo,.Lne.1y, Tyler, 220 tons, for New York,
.-. --- ...... ......... -^--- I loading--Dubge & Prarr.
' t /r -/T- -71 "-' T" A T .... Louisa Ee+ion, R ober.--ot,, f68 tons, fin N York,
C M- M E CA' IV IV. Jitb -' Delaii are. ltordn. 214 ions, fin Fall River, wait-
,. ,... irng-- WoodV lBallo'u.

*- ':-:'. ,_ .'- v- ..: ..
'..... ...^ ; ''c.

lie Ir v the ,i,'' ih l. i,;ii Ir,- l-l . ou., ,,,eu ,,o <.,.*, c,;l,.0!,d hqN,,I l. In o lol, llhe peniJi(.iesr- it? -):,. .., up,,0, tir
,.' ; W V i -. lt *t Ihe' tlll .1 #" I Ity ;I Al" L nf, C.. iir-nd n.." .,i (if lier -zi" lj I li..ve~ no conme,- ,11 11 > I .l
I aei '( l i l'<" ,.t sum,)-he deserves ar le;isl .h atll ,.'1s of ltle II IS rel ilthlai ile present Adminilslratlon,
l ti l +l .... "y e *' | n -of ,i nit. .. .. ';. o il- s sia:-rl" success, ain+d fhie ( o)11 ry l" J"
'quite ";vn ,ll,- .r. ,,, ,hs -l *, I, I')!l-t-n ',,- "' ll'e no,,..,,,,,',, r n v<,,e In;.l i- l : '0- v h !avesf ({ .I' tnnional gl,.ry ,vn cii ,i Icai s ,
,nble pl. .i .i rea.lii i "nN I, I "1 "-a'" '- j II,-et'.if; S 1n.ot. ltead of weal,-nin.- illh rea iped, is nu e indebted 16 Gen. Z AC ]HA- `-
'--:- l c'"I /^,-/. lr. .' ,i k im counttV.-or r.,. 7-" 'f -', c i t*r'n I I' I e. we,-,,I!re" .Isorry -,t0 say; N ever in tihe his ory of civilizamou,. Jhave til
[r r ".^ ... i.-- ',-, e'- ->-'') ,' p i', ."i li fi fl ard p u ts o ff -th e n m o r o rlo&-io n s th in gs b ee n a c h ieved a o aai slt tio
"-"*. ., ....-.'i'-piir '- ;. '.. a-.q ] ] L orl)-I,,-,-,.m -hl)ves .fnc'h n. ItI inl sodeh earful-o lds, Ihan those of tIis rreatl ref
"^, "' ..'M 1 ; I"- P t ) 'i : i r ti. -'ltl s ;i -, ] i t s uVs i n g "ie iae Itr.i P a lo A I r P.a e s c a (i e P ;il. m a, ',.t n a ,
-. i ---, i.... .e w.-l ..' .o ,' ,il.l. 1 1 .- f S' "Ind W es *as, I erey an () B ^ ^ia l ilh a dli l ra y W
-. -.lq. ,s ,, |"hi | iInstrions rn, o o -f. force' so e ,it:rniou.- ,lh,tl every s tru_ ie o
sa .o-fe*e Ihe s," Ioe )1 31a,.ach))ett., Io Im}] .. -7 bel
I ., e ,.i I I t, i .-,: 11-, -4 w. IrV,,o r .., ss Mi',l 1n if tofrtlher its pur- has e els ted -t d ee ep apprehense un, nnd every .
fro n he Lt, of l it ,L.rp rtl n ",,; fi-- i. I -r .,,r,' o. ..aipallipr its nest.' smccess a d'.bt i thel publi n,,mind, he has ha
"i H-" -" .., \: t,, s i" j, y d. u i n al feelin 'g o ne O n ,il, o n', Fiv,l, ., ,io u a n n a ls ti h
eo,,i~l ft.,-I~ii if ,nii)i-I-l,,ll,' e,,,, n ,.,l. -N o . :
e I Io e r .., ',, n e xin it,, in f le ,r hI -,il, o f' O le W"h is ImN riV h1" ri"i u s e x p lo its, a n d ia p l'4 hxIi,, th e E ag le o f fe r
o .o e ,H .... ... i~r. Ji. , we t ,v el,, 'h hl,, d f,,naici ln .he U union in half o l ihe S._.,.s of M exico. the
can irnlilep 11 .i l lI-4 'l"e ro t[ l iI vte-nrp~ I, % -.,'r I-
... rm .... .evai.,> inr ek), ,,i, cectiripis -' oe r-U nmion, le seems 1 o me t.) co,,,ine the ca.ln itiors cil
if) II lI nreP io nn,t I f io rn t,t ill i- iI. co qn = I '. ,-"
r ,i -nn ,0 and ci "f -1 n .. NI- ve. have no cau:nse to despair of the re- firmness of.V Waslin-aton wth tie boldness .
m n n ,leep1nev a,tv.l cone,m n-,, p,,1 . M na ..,, ". ^. ,, +" o! Janr',son. U npreten dtin g \,n .n nners, sa- ;Co
ell e s.. hfl'e, e. 11. ,, 1. .n ,i, i,.ih,, t-a., n, r,,. Iacu. I. ." ; .-c- council;: promript i) decision, d,,r- 1 .
dl~l an d t Fil e he ...w .z., ', I ,II ll ;e oIii.i11l o ie I ll. 1 v, ', o is Tr0 TRUE FR IND ) OF TI lE souel'. --,li' Irir ,.I)iou o6' those qp,'lilivs W i.c. I-
iW hilete Defiocrati, printsoft e No thlher he sn at Iat 'l, ln IIhe aen-
Al. "- ,I .i." I).. I. n I r, I.i.] e ,t e ,Io " -ii lfitt. Fen oer t prnt wan tlj~ even tireI
i" '-" ,in',-,. -- -,r e "rvng a most omiinons silJenc-e on 1
i o' i .... '' 1 1- i ,:, l t1 snl'i.' l !f-sl erv, Ihe Ceadina W lia op,,,rt tifn 10 display, has burst Upon the 1
1-&L I I I nlil hI. l .p~, [l IIIIj:- 1 4') f ,, s1% I~i R .. ,e t-." -Ii( e d r ,.~ u r
'- i ,olii\*_( i -, l i nI l ):*,o IN"" "'-.; l, ew York r-e holdilv and sirn-Iv :coutun ry i'iili xia 'Sudenness which surprises, .I
l2,oLs : --1 C -it I I F 11, ," f I -lie s s an br!..liicrw.v wlrrh l b fflhcs call.,11ov.-
I41.^JT,.,._^ ^',' ',' .. '11"1;,f;' .' .P re 11 "-0-1 U'nio ii)[() a i c ,era,)U () ,,e aI io
11 f. x i: "::, .. ... +..:.. + ,)'b ,I I JVolve'us I ir','ll the-horroi's oft s le iod sv w t h c ii n o n e
.. .. .. m --.,,, ,, v ,, u II. ,I ;I .. ... ... "."I"i' h s v i.',c )rie, "-li e ,( d F'is n o l s a -y lilk e n!:. r
11" .hr i l ifI V :-1 11,11. il,;Itil,)ti,)n P\,,, -,i,,'l ,I- 'J is in ee 'a ". .11- "I c~anie, I saw,, I corlqueredl"- U n iln
i ',',,n l1 ,t r ,, ;f'r '- ,,,le the fun ,ro .ermanence of to ,var laurels. crimnsoned wilthe liootiof tire
... i..p. ]. i l, ..r. ,-, l ,,m .- ,i, no -,'n ,lp ar,(I can7lid- his own officers and*|)rvaies, he inarinani- nn,
^iji \^' I w-, cll (I-l ; t ie Co ds in flit poliica ",),,ly s-,1ys-,-0u s,.ccess slionid Ile ai -
-Al CSf??n flip often ^ J-.
....... ..,J .. .... 1-1...;,. .... ... od .& ik...n..........;- a .-a.- ."t"b,-' rihuted tot fihe superior valor a ~d d icl li e J
.. -. .. ,\ ,,.rv<. ; ll" non of all pa ties in the S o li.i Of our troops."
o.e,,.vot 1.l .n,) ,- n,,t,,'v .h,,,,, : n., ,,r ,,, -o .pr- .i .cat inlot he questioned hat such m an I"n
,I V a "4x+ f I "1 ,I I I h o -o q r L I t ,v t 4 k e e )) a w ')I e f'n o ,e ) )p en t ro S ~e W 1 1-0 p ro -
p i! K66lei .-n fl.it.- V p) ". Vo-,Il I I I I I fess to beq u )li tio s e f)r civil e n -
Rn Ii-' 011 1Veg n Illl if11 I) j,I'I ,H Itlll w l Il.,a...
an 'l <--;i, o, o lv i 2 r,. tli t I ,-h -,-- l rn p ,. a h ai v e f r o>m w h fip t q u rte r l lh e v m ay e x p we t aid t ml l .>h i>, n i" .: n. n d e L yra le h e of 's t h e v e ry [
bee~n ,si - ).lv!y I i ,,,,. ,.. ,:>:.- + counted ince at the cor ilj,. session of C on- '.,h Ht"hl it, iin h e ,rititUde of is fellow-
-[ :ph^.i;:e't ,on w s.hs a :l. n?]( nt, n h,.- -f",r when the ouesion will, doubtlesss c iZ nts--Hi has heaped honors or, our he
tility to G e n T --a v ln r, b -,rt II,,; ,.i ,.fe n, I, ,- e ,,W R 1'. n 1 ft ,A l n a ln e )l) d (if I -m ay j u d g e tile
:,)et.)..0qr~lo h, heais' of* oihiers b~y my own) ihis country .,
...7:hepassaq..e o'f n p | ;,,ns--{,| ',, ,,,)- )n the l tn+ocrHv of fhe Norlh, no re-
"s~rubt~d min :m. ; p),- 'l b'"-r ','--., 7 1 ..."e ean-be l')hce.,, r. Taz well sald men are- not uhwillitm to confer honor o,
h*' I> t',,lii so .1 ,rn ." ,< -* I,, s m i, !,,.,t, ,I" 3 r. V ;,n B nirei, they have ,lceived us his' + I*
loeas. 'Phile W i rll I,, S,,,,,h I ,-'v.-,'l) ,r1 ,,,' .* *hat w ;js thp! f -ltih- li, ijf ilhv deceive t ,p
i_.. "I tpprnv'- ir, e m,, i6i1I o tf I.ho %'it. Ihot I1.1%, 1,-. a -ainr it will be ours," 'The Wilnn t. Pro- Caty-COmnc a ]Proccedihlg.s. a-:
fe- ll boinI, i 1. l1 1 1 1i Ih. i ,l,:Ion.aI1 h., r..i intro I,'r'1 ^by a D einocrir ,an .l stis-.. COUNGiL CHAM:o R, he
oil el i I I ,! t t I it I ,I .'.lob veh vl ,. i' h,. N orthero) D e- EDN SD .Y E V ..N IN G,. A pr- l 21, lb47 } n e
W.... ) t I "inr ^ .-f r, i l,, i, 0'r .; i, .' (.; i',' nm er iie n-lhe se .-eision of the Carolina'andn Called r,-... Prp.e-ij, B. :3 Hawley,v, Iay- ho
I Ie'n's rhir 'I ,''in,, p1 Iv I .." .. < 1 I Sena iir8 .)fru thaitY parly, and tile- or; Con Clttiien, Ml .-r,. '^ t'cucl, H utchm sion,
I, ,I c, e h I I,.. ,.v of lomn stes Benton fro Bull ', t ,rh aod Gooril)rltt.
,, 1 e, *Solthe doctrme, ; ,hil ;, i ,.l he ast.meeting were read and
", I M. :.;."-U .". ".>n 3 l,. Will W P. '^ vp|., ,-W two",l,l rno )l a,)e n-la .t ^ "IJ;, ,- e special committee
own .;lv ,r .*ni-.n1ret v71er r.n if ,-e. e 1-i Ir I, I I I A thv rear o, Lots Nns. 5, 6, .
:W h, r ifr.),, lr i'' i', e.iir W\ 2. i... ., of ,l.. \,,.tI i's sound -,ck reior.ed ve-b,..ly that, re.
r1 "1 n l. l )llI "I Pll.e i l'i l tI s'l. ;s ;eli sptls I itw as-. edien to drain said Lois, % ihich re- re-

"-i- "1VT h I .. ...... 1"'is 'i ;e ..^+, ', i+ .' .... ,. u), ..bid A 'liiir,io-ii I( M :ir.us : tfee oopitinued. u
S)- l .I, I \ l -s I exe |ion The- r stated that he had oe\derId-an ele- ,S
e l -,n ,n '11 ,,I>,II Il n I "."t". e I t h.we do enn t<"O rtwo mere th
( wil I ng I. i .i'let r "i *., PI. "t of, ,I .'tales." ."' .I I I -'I r. .i- "- 0 .e I -1 1 v-twanies or heasioned by the resignat i of* M t. r he
w ill n .-it .1 1 | -I 1 1) -I i. .v ard I he death of.-M r. a ,
net ofl I i f, ir srt-.' i :. .-' ,1 "1.1 i, .l w '. i ', cn -e i e o f te ala p -t, go n d. l e- d w ite Ill h ad or e el ee-
1 i0 ,hI t i i tter from nx~d princjjre,- TrJ e bill of Patrick Grad,. r o ar n d-llars
',',, I I. e tru"1,1"e -,, ,11l l i,,1,'1,10.n ',,, is,'rhes florin mdicf h for, lh tlmber, drabyaie, & e., for atIde walMk nh,
il.l[. I : l .) ii ., -. I -1 ,t I. Tlis 9)-" 1 .1: Ii- o SS!vpryo e cliurch,' referred to the Committee oil Claims a"' ;
I s _1, and inlro- a former meeting, "..aqag ai. read by the Clerk. an

ta I-1 io.-! W `11l116 |II ;o a "is h ose and-oh rnotiori of IMr. Goodlett,"secondvd y Arr e
a e s onfs; ,tl,,j v .11, 1'31.. e".).I l ,,lif ,II) sf tred. C ai tiny H utchin on, stad bill %N l.a; -"id on the table.
-~~ ~ fl, j jus flh,)) i t,-ll,.; ,)t ..),,,l O wh4o. ath r 'iL lia.' te 17rnrn fix0ed -. -I, ;i'111e, .- he hill of P trckG ad .-fo onten~ irS.

\Vlii^.-,,riv;- lh,.s.-v.-. ^ ln~in,., ,.-, of ^ ^ *1'-" m m W hiia(, or Demot-rat, deny e Vl"- 1 1 "10 c onrS &
.... the true 1 it ,,' ,--.| -; I,. ,,,"I r,, l ,)- ,,lr. 1e ,, .h,,| t' .... r h.-l inr l r, f roTm P riseo, f6w T P br,,tr ay fi .zl for Sin the w krf, which e
i P r >.n-.--14 1 I I 11) IA.. i.i I .iiiq I l I- ,;r.1. 'i,,- Irs ar edito-) fi .,e N ew- on)i m ol ion of, i, Irr .ie. Irt, Nhm t seconded, was re- I
h^. .. N r '-< E iw -,b s e sen,,,nens f Knd. nr a^ trpoer tneeoge the rea b tt-le Clerko
1;t,: re l 'fr e n d s o f' il e S o uth siin t th e o th e : ,it. t t
w n .,)t )'rv s n ,.I ,Iu. i i.1) l i .)'),". ,. ,,' *" n ... Ii ,,. , Il ,111 s rel. C an :ny l r. utch inson pred.ente the accounts 0, J.
: h" r qq excited in all p,'Itr |liot i .1., I, ,;,! ., *' h i);) oiyn'. e lt.rtal' "no l (heN w T. PBarnco ,,.1,P-o e f dfor $ I3,, for waking -hook

\V ,v', ,-ik a .-I Iieketi N, ,ond ,,rI. ,- ,.e Courier .i-, iti 1).e, if" ever t.ir eNorbih anle .hWest ,,re- shafts ard five n odd-ers, arid o,,, ec for 821 03, for Ex-
T','nq,,iif.,r (\\hivy) thus 1''': :- 4 l-t T'\- Ii l*seo 16Vole f'or ;I c.; indilre- Cor the. Presi-, work done at, awid materizwl. turnishicd or Engine
-enior I 1) 0 n roulld th ie is House No. -2, which were retad- ad l therep-on,
.- 1 [! ,v/ e h 70- 'd f I '-' u union, wo.Id not lon r e .e n ed o refer J.id oi
-"'v,, a 1 i -'4 i ,t) n fe. 14. 1sill it% I- I eIer N1 ,] State., ; t. if every f e l rs d
1,,, ,' .)e hfh re, 6' by ... i h h h ng n e n r la i n t e e

Ho+w -d i": v f,) thts Ih:l ). tle si,.,e r. i, no t wer e -tnliaeo- 1 viho Pe si wor d, aa, atra 'rish, lrE gn
pSenil fflr : 1. ey 8oielertpon It he wasohe e'sd Arod toise N., w hhe Mayor named Messrs.o C
T '.'lor : I l ik .lr.ii + o.;i. 1," I'lr i; I "' ,h o li -,lies P honors. Ic l e s s\ivivsh no.,i.lni :ir.d tt m hoed iarsh the said c om mittee. s
.. H l l h,-'i ri lr.t.r in l'..'e t ,i.-.... 'li, r, .i elt.. Iv ii "" .^ lJjt'*l *1'iM '; b ls w r r s n e a d e c
,fl an .trd f- i-l-.l .~ .i N I' adh ,r, -er pyi-.i,: t t s.t v r

rur.sei 1, di-t ,) ,t.,., i.:.lit, I' !y ill- 'wl.UB, I init w nQe o h em em fr iiife wi th tIe Crici En"inee of n Clu ais :
,,'"it wa3 r l' iti. is .,I' 'le mosr1uin d edl n' Fw.ir" "-- "-" [.tert ora tenda. veon small .
..- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ J;, If) ,..lI!.,!). Il:, + .v,,,. ,. ... of sI ._.. +. rites~t .. .. .... .... b0,0 Liep e e~e~, d e c

.. +- ra i in ,r,.-.i,,o ,n ,,, I, I.,. I f;ir de-e-')er n .| -,, as ,, )!,,- ,> i ... t of silvery. .l -"*-l' ; |t'Trtt... .......... ......... 5 00. Li
h 0 1, l I h.ul lll vm I~t ,,n] "s' pi" .... i .,,,,,n th.fip ) n 1" | ,,l ..,'^ '^ 2 .;i /.pl S%" ( '."-I'a'm i,^,, of tre rdal I1 ,,, St ,,',.. if srhch a1c _fr -.i 're'l-r,;spn ;,!,..... i-C tlijp s 1r'rend-n& r Wafients ..... ;... ...... ... ..... ... 31 20 31
1 '.^ V'~ ,.JaI1rs t ,h,, on l, r,h ;,. .-,, !. 5elnate ,meets '.i '..,,A,.--,e' -7C-" *h-."'^ !'" ,,,, .+.o 1787j T .G"F )t;) I^t~ dra: e ..; ..s o'ab "or) sde w lks.... 5606 (;et'
"-" .:.-;I'h} G .p',I Fort, 1,1 !lte:,i)e6|!p_.- Mdssucht- (+ i.-i, ,2.,) T.' ie-,i ,,t I ,- N (orlh W ,,,,oin y Blonnt; ort .. ..... 8 O t 0
, .:;-S eII l1:i .- in, .,le If allen fi, h ,-r hiuh estate, it,,r\. :l.I.'l I PIl, .. I- o C .. .o,.*< ., W rn. -for convevinm D r. G reen t
. .% .' ,'''.i '-* 1 10 In -(.i-., d t,,i. h-ln ,.,.w* v *or and hiero- a-"we)I-a-s Lin-.i.).,nmero,)S; j ,ihii i ,I def~isi,,ns. arr,;s- t e 'bay. .. ... .. "" .- .. ..... 5 00 Ne
. .. ..:.flii',aon tl,,- ti.-1..I ,of ,.,tlh Ir' r. Ve.c'au ne'.v-r ;,'I 0ve~r llese c,-,,pro)m i.,ses The r,,Ito,.vina: re+,,i ut ions wcre ofered b~y A r. Be.
.-- "^"' I,,)t! ht~tn,'hes df'tj~e L eaiMaiit re paiss-. +a'n,. ,',,','''' i;' ,,' ..,,.d.- ac i) it''' "^1') )(HI fa'ith, HnichinsS, and ad',ipted-: *" ..Pr
: j i > l i i i < .l n o n c i i l p w i r i -- i o i t t iU v T s a n y t h e r e, fi r e t h a t A w u. R .l/'d. h a f t l e f or l t o w i n g g e n t~ l e m e n e o n p > |
*' *'* exarin oi' "['.xai..rlli:e in)slittntion o0r-[ i,, ,) no ,O''r -!,.. ,,..I,,:IIl ever receive tlie, voles ....aBo r fH alh fr(h iy o_ p l. h Ne
& ., '. & c B -e t o r e t h t 'y a ', j o{ n r n e d I t : -v a id, i o f fr e e t> t e } s ~ f r T l h e h i e f M ~ i s t r ;i c y i n [ c l v z r in G e n h s O rne 0a n a n d O t t
";- 1pr-obalbly, hn, forwant .of time., h ave..i~assed 21"ridn-nt sno olycnr~vt beJ i'^.fut~ resolved That Wm. Hone. r
..-so'.hfmn, .pro-e~t',.aga;insl -the Deldae.'-the !I'e conirnel of: lhe great ,l);t)'ter, hut ira- Clmh.-ils Bingtn. JohnOG. r,"ta), John Parlridge,
*" F.,1 el' AlI')I. -:inI li ,.i athsorplioi)obf (,ran i'ani-ie;z lhie per!)i.c:ious ex';im pl~h which some and Jesse F Potts, be aud they are hereby ap-
er*cw. -'P.'hie "sp)iri l ,I lie 'oi'at.or iof.ihe'hi,- s+,t iip-i!i Ihe eanses of M r. Grauaer aHnd ,MJr. pointed ioailib Insppetors f "} -,'." ni;iL''i)*'ff A. )e'Ai r 'i '~~is L'I. ,Il.,l.. g,e(.els to)ii'ave Eive)'ett. lavpry is ne tiii "iar q)i);,Ilfi';)tio)n a.a f,, nwsi: W illiam Hone and Charles 'lvi 'gton I,

* .y:- l :"*'" (ir i fe-jl :t l." [ ii.. .u l i~ n .lli lI -m na k e i r' l' +3 .. M s ';;i- I"o a ('is q n i fiC. c ..;.ti 'l n A a n;in s t llh e lwo. 'n s p )e c to rs fo r D is tr ic t N o 1 ; J o h n G -. ,a rn [n -"*
-.;.,i-e*li,. ....l' :f' -Tlte L,::i'l.,lure ":uljo.,,iie'd on' ca.nd!ida~tes. ,vhom the \Vhias h-[st putt .:.op for spoetr for Dist-ict. No', .2;. John,, Partridge ILn- !\,T,
:'"- ...I)i*l;',= li. ...l r "); I ... mn,', ........ sesion t ,''le P~resi le ey', []a. "'ison. ;i non-slaw,,ltold er speclor for l|strrict No. 3; Je.,e F. P elts, in- -
w.,:" ^,, ( h^ lo ,. d C .". s ve o l..r, h q s,io w,, The[', l fol~lh-r.vs ,np ihe I],I,), |i I lon)g ar.tlce, pa-!: ,,i newer raised in) a.-v I)ar-t of1- the+ Unton, ex- pa,.d and allowed: .1 or
+.wlvhi.l) o nlv \,' ,'x~ti. i : .* cetpt ;u~non fihe f'a na~i"s of thye extreme A. G, S;emmes, f'or one quarter's salary to Ca<-
''['lie ',, i,_., l n,, 'e t) S~ifia e\0e ea~retled sc h o o]l ; H-d .itn ever Te'a lhe. w n Ii sh[}etv to the 13 th in st., as C nly A ttoney ....".. .$50 00 ] l
>' to "se ., in Ill, 1hi,'r, ,5_,1 l,-ais!;tiioi 6f .tllu~i h es I+ Unioni, or with a due re;rld tO Ihe Corn- W/rn. Bloni-it, for services as W atcthmran Me
"'." h toiirs ,,f il- .',',ll n, piilt. i'-s 'v e l-o u~ p o tj ;a .r e- sli 't ilo n ;a I'I thie; c o h r i:;a c ls e x [)re sse ;J ;(|id to tble 2 7t h ins r .. .. .... .. .. 3 4 0 0 M e
s,)l|jnin ,)l' >1 h in s t-.. <;,.ieri!a T['hylor., "ii'e !in.p!ied th..rein." Oa- motion, the Couqc~il adjourned. .
.m. or)t e~ is llhe r,,r.i".t, hec~ause sieh vo)ls_

-n, I 1 -"'CUCLCABR
um,.M.a)s.:p,') ,, so-fher -,.,, ,l pO~ver in [From tho W ilmington (N. C ) Chronicle.] -1tA *NUI M 7, ,4. 1
.... '.A e ..T,,l,, ,-a,,,l ,.,,,wert wt't ,,,ir .., fron M r; H enrv T. T oole, One of the seven F *
O le ... 'mll -er w .iC called -m eetin .... P resent, I'Messrns 1[l tchin r
;,s, s inifellect ahI ^ Ift, a I,. l' -State of Loeofoco. e;andidales for Con-ress in tlhe-P--- ,
7-; h'e"C o' I l'e,hI vr.) t l a: vere Pio nce. PV;Ileia(h (ti_,t-i~ct., h~as -hldre-ssedl a eireular't so ,H nrkodet W hlm r an d P arso .
-^ .lo ee t ad dTo he minutes ol the last meeting were read and hai
.. H er *ilizei-, .-ire I !U S i) Iad I' I )he 'e.(.)ile, in. the. vo0-ers of the district c'ont imn_,f a de- anproyeije d
\Va-W i ,--I .( -'tIllv ,- ,,.il.-, to he.- N ationi R' !,.hli. i saiys -,e 6l.i l,; the [ 'ri lit of'he.itg a <.'ai'!idaie dh'ly seconded, thait the Co runcil proceed to elect
:'Ii "short, otlidt,'.1io o)"ale, a, .d illstriius without the sOin:Ic ioti of a, Cot vention; that a M mayor pro. ten.- ad pl)ted. Arid on counting I s heae
iM~.SSirn~eleloses^ her hokld t1 he-Unioni lie wo~ii(! not ac.oepm .i nommintion from one, .the ba'llol.-z, Mi. Hiitomirson was declared elvecrud
1n61.otI'ly villI,1t. running cing unterlo r ll o ll ,b- that he, lefies all c-a ne ses V\C, o n !i o I .I V oypro. tem. and took his seua! ile the chai. s
..Il, e, i'u.ei- I, 1 what 'is of more i.rpor- &e. An exta t Tro'n his cir(ctular !olows : The Clerk read the ,certificate of the Ins ,,ec- Rt(,
-,,-- ru-nin. wrong. -I! is cn.tomr-ntye lfellow-citize s, :is it is tor, o'life latte election, held on the '.M inst., for CoL
1 "<. fs o he ,State S*enatt tO no.r"1 c]ahle, -i r 1 n tae icon- h' t-wo Council r en, which was read, ard it apl))elr-
> ;.^ lti.e~ n IfieS ;l en t oc n om e 'be or I ('e;1 tif date to iif'orm ille 1_ 2 t|;,l..~ hi Me -s. Joh Pr idgo, and
-cu'r ~~~~~~~~~ ~n in t eherteffe,)n, s pe pl I)' li 0,11ltCl that -Mes-; 's. John Pu rm 't, n
E c ill Ihe tlt ,';.,- g vole of-tlle House, is 'people of" his opinios o)n llh,,se s,!,.jecs l-,leav F. Abell were-dnlv elected Councilmen- P
p'url we see. 11,if tp[)on the ground of cen.su)re which tength)'heir atten)ton.. I flaltel of'tiseily. The oath ,,foffi'ce was ad inistered Ma,
of Oil,,; ciy T, .W s..itk erd i
to Geo. T ivior. whose deeds of' arns are ;>s- -nivsel' tiait imtine are, too well known to to th.en bylhe Mayor pro. ter. and they took 8 lo
-.,. tri' ch adm ired in MIassmfchusetts, iis-in aly- ,, ,'.,e ; rtienlr a, reoitril of thfm n 'cessrv the i" seats' "P
''"Sl-ate of~the UlnioIn, but upon the luronnld of' Il,-re. Every person who know,;s tie, knows Mr. Goodlett,61frered the following resolution A k<
.''',isapprob',ttio6n of the war. and, th/elf+i-e, as lht I ;tl ;I St.ove Rights Democrat ; am, it whichI wia adopted: AN ?vI
'Retswes ,imeeillthat nobody ought to be tim- cannot-he aio-ether tnknown- to vou. il-i R Th nt the Cily Tax Collector be and .p
ta i the nobo-y o t t b thn- t-h t.th r t.1n i t tet he is hereby aithorised to change the assess ed Mac
".ke..l \e o ca>.rres it ot). .* The logic fl this mofje of nlrIugrtllej nt we, .liul election, 1 exhibile-d smln e ze;i)n the flp ,, realetate Proided, lepa'tiesso corri. P
0. hi.'nai.-preoi.te, all], therf-)re, w'e propose !lvoiicyz of Polk and, D;>llas. 1" apl)rove plainiha, make affidavit that sdid prop)erly is over W"
%to V1410imoe it.. Gen. 'Pitylor Iriareheil fron gnerally of Mr. Polk's- Admi'nitstration.- assessed, and he is authorised to tlke t-he valua- ,'
.'C~riur ,3 / Oh isli teluctaIn.ly, rind openedl this .If .elected; L U111,' "supflort it wh(,never I tion of' said.pro'pertv.upon oath ofiiwner o'r a4ent p"p
'war." For this reluelarne, 'as a 4olifier,, t tlhiink if is right, and only so fair. I should ofsai~d prperty- s5ai~d affidavit -to be .filed and re- lea[
',eeeive-fiin.ts to, march from 'n i superi-or, he !4o will I ,i-.;..,,-ion to support it,, hill not "e, rdp, atthe.exiwniseotowners of'said property, box
deserves thanks." "+At 3 onterey,-0 e-neral Tay-, at 0le ,\,lw, I,l-, yvoutr" ri- hts an-d interests, a' said va-(n,(oI shall be. considered the fixed Hov
l oQ rt lP., th e m ost liberall lerm s o c ait;1-, o ,r v ,' i) '. ,u ,' ,',io ns. N o .ca )liale. w h o v a e "I r said pr y tb r the pres ent cttt' t'e it -,sI
~~~year. "I
A16aioo). -9so liberal,', thalt hl was ini.iireetly will ple !" lio.,-Iflo an indisv.rimtinate sil)- Thl rietition-o0'Edward McCullvon 'behalf- of lI
censured. by M r. PolI's, -r,, m',,il for port of any+Ailiniisrraiion, is fi 10 be trusl- Fr.inklin Engine Company.No 2, solicitng the 1-'Ia
granlitine them, h-ut lite,.*^ .i),e. ilhem:. in-the I edl. H e tmust be either kn- tve, in vol0 )1 a- purchase I'a bell from Capt. ?dr[.,,,. for their e. P
liope o" Ipeacee and' wili.l.-'lmplie!'that l)aa(;ee rile snrrenderina his privilegeye to distinauisli tle House, was received .and read.. W here- y
Was'lt hap.d., 'To'savm .\ iiprpv .fr;.mr thie between: risht find w-roin or a fool, iniao- unon, on motion of' Mr. Payson, duly sco-nded,
horr..,'ofa bonmba .I )i i.' wil.ii I,"I .11- lie inll, I .. his incap eiti y so to (dlstinr) i sih. I he chair appointed M es-iws. Payson, Abell and "
ias-written, Now, f.IyM II c a ii, :T'n -e is one sn"jecl. fellow-citizens, in -Patrid e, a committee to confer Wilh Capt,- Me- L
la'nd such humanity; Io say nlllin" of he Ihi: eontection, whio h ot~hl ,o !e hronght Laneei,.n relation thereto, and report ,t the nsext t 192

achievement. lie deservfestl,,,I i s. :Ati Buena nic,-ii,,r notice. I mean the-- next Presdten- .On) motion, the. Counc adjourned. > cot!
V ista, as at Fort B'row-tn, ['.Ili) .Alli~ jiii ai ,,l ee'lion. It is considered prr- hntl, that Or m i aN
I __ .a.c l
Re, eaej, he wais Ohl defIndl;,,a- : -^i'y-,'":i"1- if %; ;:I .!evolve on the House of R[epresenta- COUNCIL CHAMBPR, ) p
"hough 6n an enemy y's soil ;-I t, 0br-his hti tiv ,.<. It is im portent therefore 'e, that the W EDNESDA Y, Ev EN,- rVING, -M ay 12, .18 [7..\ N
ltji.'i'y "there, .'oo' patticula-It. it ) ,prili'r? i,,,.);>!. ',Iljj '!J understand the preferencce3 Cou:'ci! met. Prccrfit J. S. Hut:chinmon, May- P

Po~qr'. 4 l,TT

,') il 3

... Ko csti, ., -:.:
('"",THE verv 'dfsirahle COTTAGE fi^.
i" ;,;|corner 'of PUltnelto and iigh etre'-O
L.tII well calculated for a small l tiil--th-e*,,
is an excellent sri'g well, gord ynrd and 411.1
lenc'ed.- Rent moderate. Fcr tfrms, I.pVl'! "-
A .Ap1saclirola, Mfiiv', 1,)1'." 16-4t
li1"Iaway Negro,
C- COMMIT'EtD t) the Jail of JaesOW
^Q.Coint a Negro By' na'ned JASYPER 5h<
,w-ird.a\s. llhat he'.is the property of Archibait
S2Seals, of Barbour Co;uityr, Ala. Said ne-
gro is abou 20 ,e;'rs oli age, rct %, elI provi-w.andc +.
da-rk copper, co'or. The owner is request te.d to
comre lfirwaid, prove properly, pay charges afl
take hi'm away, cr hev 'fl1-t:bee4e41 with according
r 1 I'+,f, .'( i r-, 'T, 'lrr.,,vr


"110 law. ,AA-.U.1.Qt!,. STE VEL INSV ,ts
.. .... ......- -- ......... ......" Sh.r 'ff'and Jailor;
The Grand Jurors for the Connty of Jackson Marianna, Ifav -. ',.-1.94 7."*: mv! ]8-1"-
in closing their official duties, take occasion to + "-" + "
Isubmtt this l "W A g":S P kI N G S ,
Cx"eaeral PresentfiaBtit: fcllrff iwethe 'ousnlly, Georgiaft
We wuuld urge upon- the Board, of County T( TAKE pleasure in hini mring y friends, and
Commissioner. lthe necessity whicl exists of pro- t lhe public generally, I, a tle abeve fashional
vidinyr more safe and suitable rooms l[or the Judge ble ad celebratEd W .,A'V Plc.'e, w.ill ie under
of Probate, Ilie Clerk and Sherifl'of the county, my en.iIe mana ei,.,iiIigl this seainn,--
The records of those offices, as at present kept, I shall open' the ri-,,sj I/ day ofqj'.-tnie
are liable to destruction by fire, and are not st- for'the recc L.tn (*I i.., Iope from. my
cure front the etlbrts of 'those who might seek to long experience in b as'e Wble to.sustain,.
abstract them. In a county vlike Jackson, where the %Aell'.known int~ul^4 '{\ht plate. -I bave
so many and such extensive interests are inrolved, thought proper to dfiee M 'he-h ce of Boaird,.W.:
ontd which i, v- well able to provide suitable de- Board, Lodgi-ng,,Bath, &e. per month..... :. 21
posirories for its records, such a state of things Children and'SeTvantS, .--il" half price:
should not be peirnitled to -e.ist. We would Board of Hors?, "f t a ....II.-4
suggest to the Coimissioners the propriety of- JOHN C: MANGHAM.-
providiri_- ,ore suitable offices, that would be Warm Spri-rgs, May 6, 18-17. may15 18-t-il
safe and secure. Journal & Mesenger, Macon;'Retbrderr
We call the attention of the Commission'ers to Alilledgeville; Republican and Georgian; Savanf-.
the bad condition of the road ndar Chattaboochee, nah ; Chattahooch.eeI, Lagrrige; Jeflersonian, Grif-
the road should be opened and widened, fin; Conslitulimoalisil Augusta; Pa-trioti Alba!y;
We present the bad and unsafe condition (if the Advertiser, Montgomery, Ala.; Herald,, L-.
County Jail and recommend tlhat it-be placed in tay.fte, Ala.; Con imerciai Advertiser; Apqlach*i
a holler condition, cola, Fla. w ill ir.sL.rt this 'one m)onth,.wieekly. ,
We con_),ratu)late tile communit.y-upon the small SA -S' r-? ..JJ .S.a'W iL. -
iunumher of c..ses brought to onr notice-the im-, .Billia-rds .... -i Retan.-,.-,
)r o v e i n e n t i n t h i s r e g a r d i s n o d o 0 b t o w i n g t o l h ,:l r eO e tle r/ ,.: i n l st, h ji s ,;l s
t lie pin.c uality of 'our J dges holding the terms-T 1 ed. thie 1>, Ic,I, .,, r;lly, ," 'tha.t having'bo, l
ot Cor ris, and to the certainty with which the iteresi of Mr. 1f. E. ,
violnhi,)rs rt (Ahelaw have been punished. estahli'ihmpni hopes he hrntiigt prbji)raitennrc,-.tI -
.e \sf full and cheer testim.ony to-the comr-ivihlee accointndations tlo merit a sharebf
able and dignified manner in whichh his Honor,_- public.patronage. JAMES GIBSO"G..'.
Judgte HAwxiNS, hastischarsed tte arduoiis and B,- 13..L-nch -at 9 o'clock ever% night.
responsible d,',lies of' his high-stat~ion. U-e, of,. ApE la,,Mav ]5, 18i7. -8 8'
Jacksofon County, atthist l.he firstCouirt in his i "" ... ...
own disl'ict, ,cannot \ ilhhold the expiession of' wri i ,r iha+St. Taiio,'. : .:-'
wvcll-inerited approval fro'in our former fellow "f S:(Inte -St. Jo/hn 8 Twinsey:-az?
citizen, to whom we hav.e been so 6t-n .and. so *'f ' DICKSO.IN,- lie, ch-ant Tailor* JL8.
!nu,:h inilebted f.-r services at'the bar and in botli BI'oadwav, Ne;wP Yor,, have constahil'y.on- hnif'"
branches ofthe T egislaiue. We rejoice 'at his- thegewestwad d "mst fashionable goods "(r6'r'
elevat!o!i, to the Benvh, and congratulate the Dis- prorrptlYmtendcd to. --. .
Iricl tupin the acquisition of an officer in every April 30, 18-17. mr.ayT: JS-ln i "."
respect so competent. Z'2
1'0' CARRAWAY SMTITH-, Esq., onr (hanlks are pe,' a here@ w no -o.-e-
due.for his polileles-; and attention to our. bod) ALL Perso'n are hereby warned not *a-con--
r his prompt, viian and consnt atteatioh r any Cedar Ti-
tohi duties, e deserves those of' his fellow te Lads o the A-aiach-
zons of the district. v icola'Land Company; there being no permit for
The ofrcpr', o;f the. Court deserve credit for the I any such privilege.. And notice is also Hereby
;-aanner Ihey have f1scharked their res-pective du- h" 'gen to certain persons who are known. to be
lie-. The-Grand,- Jury can but. h -e press 'hei hii"noP'aged h: cnttng and cdlleeting m quantity
pleasure at w""itnessin.'the munan ne" te 3 p 6f Cedar'Timber on theL-ands of the said Com"'
Pro.bates and the Sheritt'came before them With nv,. viz: on Crokud-arAd Oclockoney Tivet's, to
.... -- desist-l'rdth their u)i av,|u] trespass, hi'), nef St-
tlu-ir books ai,d pa eis--the exhibil m ade by the te mp t t.ro v .e. s.Id tr e s. and- p .o.
Jude -of Probatesatisfied the Jury (ha,, the p..blic tup[ remove sad Timber, Tne penales..o[
...... .d i ... a. prospero-s o t.o" nthe law w"iH be strictly enforced against all" thki
Inlte/eSL v%-as Saife andu in a pxi.,Hs.erouus O,.- lltrn --'' .
That rnmde by the Sheriff was equally so--we p.a,-ties, in anywise connected rr implicated-.
are happy to" see such important oticffiK killedd by' JOSEPHI ELAFfELD; "
men of'such fitness and abi-litv. We request that T e-oC te I U .C L.RTIS,
this, our presentment, be published in the Conm- Trustees of the Ap"ilchicola Land 76.
rnercialA dver i-er. V y their A ltor.ney: .-..,.L -
The. Jurv finidiniz no further business,.ask to be JAMES E. BETTNER.
discha,'-ed. (Siened;) Apalachicola, April 24, 1S.7. .%-t I:)
THOS. M. BUSH, Foreman. S.4ate Of Florjdn.
I certifv that the above .Is a true c-op from theN COUN'-K'Y OP FiA N"K II'Nv
original filed in mnvy oH ce. C OU"viNrt.neottheY .oweF -1vested inme-Uv'aw, I
NATIIAN S., WATSON9, 5 shall expose fo'r sale before the Cit-r fto"hs
UCJ<'rk-C. C. J. C. door, in the city 9f'Apalachicola, Frabhkiui'qonun-
ty, on M)nday. the, twent),-fiflh day. of Ocr'dber
(GVAND[ .CONCERIY, +. 'rex!, at the usual hours of* sale,-, thncl.:ofl ite
Mi 11. hBENNEUTER.and Mr,"'. (ULER ire- lands lying- opposite the citvof.Al,,l -.'i..ia,a,,
spectflIllv announce to the Ladies and Gen- knokfvh as Cat Pornt,,wi'th !the luii, aifi,.,,j'] :-; s
tlemen of Ap-achicola that they-"4v'ill 'give an ,will be suffic-ient to make the sum,) r-.f Tl",re.. tre-.,H"
next \Vednesdav evenin-Q, Ihe 191h .inst., at the dred. and Seventy Dollars and costs, far 'the
Mansion-Honse, a GRAND CONCERT 0o'In- 'amoiInt of the State Taxes.due from the. Apa-
strmidthtal Mi.h.ic. Particulairs in small bilis.-,- lachic6]a Lanmd Compamy on the aiddiltiona' quan-
Tichets $1, to t-e had at the 'M ansion House. tJ" y of: "s'e" A..'e i .nds "yin. i) this coui-y, "'and
1May 15,.'1S47. liable to Tax, fpr t fe year one thi.,.marid rhl hin
dred and forly.i6ve. ,., -...... +"
l o T sM.'s .... *1 ,'" .- J.JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff' ."
90 HDR and'40 bb~is. iMuspovado. Mdila-'-. m-' dex-o.fflcio Tax Collector for" Rranklfh C6.
0 se-', fl)otsalehby. A pa;ahicol, .-A ,,_Al. IS. ,.-0,' "
Mal a 5J'.- DAY .. .. :.

.'V rpool ........ .... .. 1920 .17651 .19571 i319,
,:vre .... ................. .. 1357 .. 1357
pi-e.. .. ... ** ***. 136S A13658 .....
ioeste .......... ...... . .95's 9 t .. ....
po s ....... .... ....... .. .... .... ....93 )
Total to .For. Ports.' ....20 ,4 1 .2: 54 ."2"22 .9
w York...... ..... .. 745 Ili7)7S .-12-453 .2C593
on .... .... .'. ... ... ..... I..9.5 >0 ..951o 12.:14r
Sv i e n e'. ..,'.* ..-.... 19214 5052 .. 6976 G.G%,
iladellphia . .. .... ..... .. 440
II in1 or,.... :.. ..... .2451 .2451 .249-t
w Orlpans............36521 .1408-4 .11436 .2337
ter sports ............ ...... 2365 226 5 2204S0
Total Coastwise..... ..3021 45170) 4 .8r220
TOTAL-r-AK.i.t .....,... .,71445 .754 -9

Per s.team+r" Albany--Me-ssrs E M Skipper, J P
-dAn, J W Gavlord, Sp,--ins
'ei- sieamer'Southerner--J H Mackey, Mr Thos
Per Fteamer Champion-T-Mr S CKnott. lidv and
vanl; MIr E ohbins, lidy and .-ervant; Mr F
)llis and ladv: Mrs Green antd spivan; Miss E
nes, Miss M l, Jones; Dr [-] E Dibbl,, Capt C
dwallader; Messrs H B 11 mg, J G Conner, 1)
Haz nJ A riavAs,.!) iM C1ummnis, hos
hlan, Ii Kin ..! Josppl) V;,nce, Win '[ Cairns,
S Brooks. J M Williams, John Seely. W 'B
nore, M Bearschall, .J A Paddock, Abraham
tlerson, James MeCrap, NI J Phillips, W G-
>s:lv, U S A, E E Bobbins, U Triielock, ?'.,
Srnith, Jacob Smith, Sa,),uel F Andrews, B
kobinson. G H Turtle, R A f]ardwick, W
Owens, 1.WV [ird-wick, J .'Vann, G .V
In, -L; Warner, J G G,)nnn'
' erateamner Charleston--"\5essrs Brooks, Mend-
n, and Cousins.
11 eIs rtiemer Bost6n-Mrs Gilmore, and Mr A
'er steamer Albany--Mr'j Jessie Coe, Mr Thos
wvson., .,
P','r steamer Eufaila--Mrs D Danforthi; Mrs J
)anForth, 3 children aidservaml: M'iss arriet.
Snipo; 'r(C:Batlll-;.Messrs Jas Banks, Davrd
w, A S.Iapp, J !- Da)rtforh, W A Bedeil, C_ M
uricKnwghit, C B'rke-.
3er. sfeamnlr Sowherner-349 bahles cwton to
elky &c K-iinrough; 45 to Lockhart & Young;
o H Ellison \r Co.
,r stramer Ch6.m;pion-93 bales cotton to W
V I.C Ka'in: 69 to Hill, Dawson .\- Co; 27 to'
" McK.iv:' 24 to Lockh-irl *\ Young; 10 to
lie & McKenzie; 6 to .J Day & Co.
er steamer Charleston-4S0 bal-s, cotton to
?tlay & Kiirbroua;1h; 147 to Lockhart L- YouLlng:
o Noursp(-, Stone &(Co.
31r steamer Boston-300 bales cotton to D' BD
tod.& Co,: 262:to i1111,' Dawson" & Co; 65, to
is \",Cheev,-'; 2 to Win G "[orter &. Go; 2 to
lkharl t V-Yonrmig.
er-steamier Albany--24 bales cotton. 25 rolls
herand 250 hidet; to Loeihart & Young; 6
e-'s tobacco to A X MccNay- 1 bale cottoit to
ward & Ruthe-rf)rd; 4 sacks nmeai to Wylie A"-
Kvenzip. k-
or stearner N)otio-n-192 bales cotton-to 'I ,-.! ,y
irmbroij.ji: 14 to 1-.ill, Daw'son & Co; 63 to
"per & tHolmes.
-ersteamer Etf ania-151 bales cotton to Har-
,";.5 Holtrmes; 277 to A N McKy; 34'to Lockhart
Young; 41 to ,.,.I.,', ,, Kim b roughg h',
IT"ERPOOL--Per ship lioward' Douglass-
! hales corton '
IROVIDENCE-Per ship Fairfield-192-t balies
on ..
qEW YORK-Per bark Magddaa-745 baIes
er Sch Y,,seo--253 bales cotton.
IE-W-. Oi:?LEANS-Per schr %irmion-325
cr teamior Champio--27 ba les cbtto i.

DTTRIN m, ,,i,:..-.. ,lr.'m, thb -Sit e, JOkSN
B, JONES i,; authorized (6 collect+ and "r.-
eeive all dehts-and dem-ands -due to me, and' td
give reeeip'dt her-fl'oy .-:. :'
-, :" ;. JOs ,-iE H ? HK ia ..
Ap.l^^li',i.l,,May.8,. 18:17.' 1T.-41:-"' ..:.
O 'I 'e 'E .'..:.. r
A L persons a'e here.oy notiied: io-t.'1.o 114u%
A ^ Nie SU NA H -ALLARS;'o.n n^t
^aec ,It--shac Ii |r.l| i,.y ab6de, I ,e WiUl ay ._
,no debt of he[" cortractin m ... ,,, '
: *-.- 'AS A19R L B'a^R.,
Apalarchiql-.a, May S, 4184' 17"8 :.: T.'
., NEW -. .SPI-NI GOODi. 41
: "J. seve. son & Co. -!l.,;;
A!b. 45 T'Wdr and JVo. "-2 C'11,, n 1,t ?i.'
A RE *}usltreeeiving, their st.f,:.rnr-' i'y r~t
A '. STA'P LE and FAN(; V DRY--tO(-C||,-
BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, ,-}-,Ni NE. S. ,
w,\hich they 6)tir hlorsale on r, ,-..-nabIjptr'l d. -
A i dlci ico|a., M a)'#h ?7. 1 '-I-] (. .. .. --
ALAiJ UjL, liU[ ree el ia*"...t ..il'gy^T
April-],7 I I. L. '\UT-. "I

WILL se]l good sawed LUMBER at .10.'per
thousand and take good Groceri6s in part pay-.
meat. ., W. C. BRYAN, Agenrt.
Apalachicol~a, M'ay v,- 184t, 17-21 t
AlCilOlio nNoft e.
T HE s, uscribu' haying been -alppointed AUQ-
rT1x0EE for* he couty ol Frankilin, sohi.
cits the patronage, of the 'MNerehants and )t-hI-rs of'
the city,(if Apalachicola.-. No slorage will be
Charged'ffn good'consined to lhimi toi))e soMl .t"
Audtion-his store is No. 9 Columbus Block. .
" I' I 1'. N, :BAKER, "
Apalachicola, May 1, 18,17. 16-4t
: .NoTIC "* ,'
'O N the fourth Mohday in May, 1847,.' will
sell at publici -audtion be. tIir'e } .Courrt
House door, in the toVn ,of Marian-na, tots num-
bered thirty ttwo.(3-.) a'nd thirty-fivp (35), i.,n the
addirirnt.o tre saiid to\,,rn, as la.id-off by Edward
W. Pe,,yton. The lots (iH1 be gold as- t e.. pro-
perty o' John Logar'thv,' deceased, under z'',-or-
der of the !ate Comity Cour! -1' .aJcjk,an rq)nty.
A. 1. BUSH, tAdmi,,i-irat,,r.,
Mawianna, April. 21, 1817. myl w' I- ..


B. Ellison &ACbo, 24 Water street.
-M ANILLA and Hemp Cordage of all sizes,
.'lainbrolioe, Wormline, Marline, Spun-
yarn, Oakum, Sperm Oil,' Fall do, Whafe do, Olive
do, Linseed do" Raw do, Bi3iled do, Spirils ,Tur-
pentine, Paints, Window Glass, Putty, ",White
Lead, Red do, Yellow Ochre, Chrome Green,
Emerald do, Imperial do, Chrome Vellow,'% V.er-
digri.4, LithArage, Sulph'ur, Bright Varnish, Copal
do, Tar, Rosin, -Pitch, Turpentine, Coal, Paint
Brushes, Varnish do, Tardo, Scrub do..Clamp do,'
Lwmlp Black, Chalk,, Whiting, Russia Duck. Eng-
lish do, Cotton do,'Heavy Ravens._,do, Light. do,
White, Blue and Red Bunting,M Nils, Copper do,
do Tacks, Ship Spikes, Boat do, B3rads, Screws,
Jack Sctews, Anchors, Handspikes, Capstain
Bars, Oars, Blocks, .Shjives, Jib Hanks, Hand
Pumps, Deck'Buckets, Cedar do, Deck. Brooms,
Corn do, Caulking Mallets, Sarving do, Axes, Axe
Shelves, Hooks and Thimbles, Box Hooks, Bale do,
Can do. Cotton do, Boat do, Fish do, Caulking
Irons, M, ,I.:, ; Irons, Marline Spikes, .Ship Scra-'
pers, Bun,- Dippers, Cook's Ladles, Tormentors,
Dividers, Compasses, Sail Needles, Sail Twine,
Seine do, ,S."wing do, Palms. Ri_,ging Leather,
Pump do, Shovels, Hammers. H-1-itelheis. C1iei4.
Augurs, Planes. Handsaws, .inmblets; Hlandsa-x
Tiles, Rat Tail do, Iron Square:. Ct, pLf6prd. Lock,
Stock do, Hooks and Staples, hrlses..Padleck?
-Wood Saws, Pendant Haulyard&. Hand Lines-,
Deep Sea do, Log do, Fish do, Hand Leads. IPree.
Sea do, Sheet do, Bar-"di, Funnels, LaiiihornF,
Chalk Lines, Pitch Pofs, Log Books, Cargo do,
Belaying Pins, Tin Ware, Crockery, Carpenter's
Tools, Sampson Posts, &c., &c.
Apalachicola. Jan. 23, 1847.

li- ClianCery- CircUit ConctV.6f
*:,'; "Jae'kSOu Co1]nty. *'"_ -' .1 ,,
AleXander H. Simmons T .
Ysv. [ Bril to enforce vendor
William McDaniel, and l lien nt lan.
Benjamin F. Newsom. J
IT appearing to the satisfaction of theCourt that
Benjamin F. NewsomiiaA-efendant fio this bill,
is a resident of tl*s. United -States, but a non.reajc :
dent of the State jof Florida. it is orderedWga-.
the said defendant is hereby r-:-ui ( red "_.t Pj li.
and,answer, otherwise the.co nmp ipnant=a hakll_
be taken pro eonfesso. ., ".
Judge of the Western Circuit of Flot ila.
I certify that the above is a true-cop-, from the
original order filed in my office, Given u-nder
my hand and seal of office, this 21th dav of Jan-
uary, A. D. 1847.
February 27, 1847. 7-4m
Franklin Circuit Conrt.
D. K. Ddge,
James C. Watspn, et al.
D. K. Dodge,
vs., Bill for Partition.
D. McDougald, et. al. 5
G EORGE W. ROSS having filed apetition on
the 22d April, 1816, praying to have a cer-
tain amount of money now in.Court, belonging to
defendants, appropriated to the payment qJf his
fees as the Counsellor and Solicitor of said de-
fendants; and the matter: having been referred to
me as Special Master in Chancery to-act and re-
port upon the same, after having given- 30 days
notice by publication in the. papers. It, is there-
fore ordered that said' George W, Ross, the defen-
dants Watson, McDougald, et. ial.and all others
interested, to appear before me in the city of',
Apalachicola on the seventh (7tti) of April next,
then and there to present or defend their respec-
tive claims,.&c. -
**Spec: A1Ma-1ter in Chancery.
Apalachicola, March 6, 1.847. 8-5t ,;--
The hearing of the above matter f post-
poned until Friday, the 16th'inst. -
Apalachicola, April 10, 184'7. 13-lt :- *:
(0- The hearingof the above inatter is post-:
poned until the 30th June next. .
Apalachiapo, iApiril, -24i 184;/. _).' M5-2m
F i-anklm11 Circuft.itq'ouf.
"Roberts, Allcn-QCpo. -"r
vs. Atlachment $459 '?1.
Ebenezer Ho.\ot. and Da m ges f.7-.10.
Win. C. Lawrence. )0 .
T HE defendants and all others interested, arc,
J. notified of the institution of the above suit itt"
said Court, and they are required to plead-to the.
same as required by law.
; ..... A. G. SEMMES, Plff's Atl'y. :
Apalach'icola, April 14, 1S47. april-24 15-2m

Groceries and Ship Stores.
R1I0 COFFEE, Java do, St. Domingo do,
Northern. Flour, Western do; N 0 Sugar,t
St. Croix do, Porto.Rico do, Young Hyson Tea,
Hyson do, Powchbng do, So.uchong do, Goshen
Butter, Cheese, Lard., Bacon Hams, Sides, Shoul-
ders, MIolasses, Whik-e'v, Mi,-ss and Prime Beef,
Mess and Prime Pork. 1aokelie[, Shad, Salmon;
Herring, Sbunds and Tongues, Cod Fish Tongues,
Pepper, Spices, 'Catsups, Pepper, Satie,, Olives,
Capers, Pickles, Soap, Starch, TolfeV, Navy-
Bread, Pilot do, Cracke.rs, Vinegar,'`uaed Fruits,
Beans, Salt, Raisens, Macarorti, Yeefhacelli. Ar-
row Root, Corn, Oats, Buckwheat, Muslail, Rice.
For sale by B. ELL11,',N k.CO.
Jan 023 24 Water street.
BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans,. by the case;
Women's Shoes-and Buskins;
Men's, Boys and Youth's BrOgans;
S c c" fine sew'd Brogan ;
Men's pegged Boots;
fine. sewqed Boots;
Russet Brogans. For safe by
Jan 23 24'Water street.

I "
V-- *.'

Tarrant's 599i"' sceient Seltzer
Ap< n~t.
H EALTH RENEWED, and an invigorated
F_ and healthful condition of body produced
This preparation is universally allowed to be
the most popular remedy of-the present day, for
the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious
and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weakness, Head-
ache, Iiearthurn, habitual Costiveness,&c.
" Travellers and residents in warm climates will
find it a desirable article ; it prevents any accu-
mulation of bile, is portable, and the method of
preparation is unusually convenient. Children
have frequent occasion for genIe.- and cooking
purgatives' they will take this ji-erierit igre-
ference to any other. Sold wholesdlo and rail by
Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, Druggist,'&c. "

Thea.remedy to which we would dall (hea'ttei_-
rmi-orWijLep.Wic. is one which has provedW""c
,:aSt._Q*. a i.,,- time ; and it is ,universally a i
!..no%% )ed..cd by -.;I"ho have tritd it, -to be lFPAI
SU]R -f'1o ,.11 i,.ier credich, e ever t-n ri, yed.
in .K geur v. h'-ICi, it 0s rc.vqa.mer d f !.rior t
or, iyivtoy W O&M S "'.A.MND A".N .',,RAT
'rI.E" Mj!OLE .,V STEM, but. il-dit.... s ard
.earrips offthe ,.,,-r .l-,t t,, jrTK or iri,.'us SO" "-
PR--7VALEIN IN *TH.g'r .M._l 'Aj.D -]
BOWELS 01' CHILDYR.9N, 0r56- |e-iecjll"'
those in bad li.: .... The n c -j'r fr irs1)e oe
or nest in which Worms prios6," their ^-youngh -"'
and by re -itov g if, it it a.Iapo,-,,.b -l i fitr r L -ms to -
retnainin'the body. It ihrmV.iTm.- tfj'vj e*t La
on th-e :;.% l':rr;, arid- the- h.:3lth,'of r e Iii.is
alwa-vs improved-by its use, rr.\.1 \\'\ .,o wo'.t-"
are discovered .. ".. 7' -.." ,,
The-Canadina. V fi i-r4if i e i ., ,. :.9. c nis a *'
bottleand is much m.:,rP<-a. s tirodi't.'d-.,
o th e r -. r .
P Prepared only b, JOHN W INER-& Co.i".8,' '
"*Maiden Lane,. New Yor!. ...
'I. F'-.ABELL,-Ageat.t, -
Jan 9 for oViJ''irhi-v5l".

-,"mDugs, tedicistes, &c. .
A LARGE and fresh supply of Drugs, Medi-
cines, &c. consisting in part of the follow-
ing articles :-50 doz Castor Oil, qts, pts, and hf
pts; 5 bxs Houck's Panacea; 10 bxs Olive Oil';
40 kegs Epsom Salts ; 10 bbls Copperas ;- 10 lbs.
.Gunx Opium; 20 lbs Su-phate Quininie; 20) doz
London-Mustard ; Herbs af .all1 kinds; 20. lbs
Nutrnegs; 15 bxs Iij.. h ; -20 o-bs L,:mt, Syrup .
10 kegs Pearlash; "; .-2gross' 1:'lez nid-Soda
Powders; 20 lbs Kilsi, I5. 1' 14'X 30 doz-Spls
Turpentine, and-a c,_?Leral 93011icent ol all arti-
cles in the-Drug r'i, furC-r oi-trmr Me.rchants,
Planters and Phylc-n;. F.". e'by. .
March 1 H.. F, A BELL.


SREEN & CONNERY, No. 36, Wate-' street,
\-X have just received and offer for sale -
12.5 sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop;)
100 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
200 Old Rectified Whiskey;
100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap;
5 hhds N. 0. Sugar; 5 do Muscovado do;
20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
5 -1' Hams ;
20 barrels Clarified Sugar;
10 boxes Loaf' do;
50 Sperm Candles;
20 barrels N E -Rum;
10 White's Baltimore Gin;
10 Domestic Brandy;
10 N O Molasses;;
50 boxes English Dairy Cheese;
50 pieces Kentucky r.-.i__. ,
30 coils. Rope;
10 bales Alicant Mats;
80 bxsand hlf-bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins;
10 Lemons;
75 "- Manufactured Tobacco;
235 cases assorted Pickles;
30 barrels Mackerel,-Nos 2 and 3 ;
20 haltbbls do do;
20 boxes assorted Syrups;
20 1 chests and boxes Gunpowder and, Hy-
son Teas ;
10 chests and boxes Powchong Teas ;
2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy ;
10 baskets ,'Heidsieck" Cha'mpagne;
50 ke.s Nails, assorted sizes;
25 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ;
3 tierces new Rice;
20 kegs and quarters new Bnckwheat
200 bushels Norther Oat?.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, 1846.

E;'i!i-itg and Rope.
100 PCS Kentucky "I...;,.; ,
100 100 coils Rope;
4 .bales Baagina Twine, for sale by
Dec 5 41"Water street.
SUGAR Kettles, Mills and Cauldrons, a large
assortment-, most approved patterns, for sale by
: White Pine Lambder For Sale.
20 00 FEET White Pine'Lumber.
2 0" 9 -- .just received per .chooner
Hunter, from Bath, Maine.
,Jan.16 CHAS. ROGERS & CO,


etl qd of inform-
lachicola ahd jis
wv on the corner
md feeling thaik-
extended to Mim,
e, by offering to
iof'GOODS, cOn-

N SEYMOUR takes this ri
ing the citizens of 'Apal
vicinity that he has removed dov,
of. Water and -Centre streets,, al
ful for the patronage heretofore-
he-solicits a renewal 6f' the samc
yon a very neat and select' Stock
sisting in part.as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, var
Fancy Prints, dc
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figure
Silks, Grode,-Ryne.
do. Montelia.
,do. Satin Striped.
Fancy Cash-mere, Robes.
do. Marino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book.
do.- Swiss, Luce and
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and 1
8bawls, Damask Silk.
do. Marino.
do. Plaid Wool.
Kid, Lace and Silk.Gloves.
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, la
Ribbons in all varieties.
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 a
Bleached db. 7-S, 3-4, 4-4,
Blankets, 6-4 anid 8-4.
Ingraia and-Cotton Carpet
Carpet Bags.
Hats and Caps, all styles;
-Boots and Shoes.
Clothing of all kinds.
Also, a-neat little assortment
many other articles -too.numerou
Call and examine for yourself
Apalachicola, Nov. 14, 184


ious styles. TVie C, cieat CaGrela.-a t. "
red. I OF tOREHOUND iLL _A.i-A.:'. .
Unrivalled for. ,t' ,-l ,,, ofC. ou-1 -,'Coldc, A*ilim aj ., .
Stiiting.-of Blood, \,1bo. i,_ 1 .... ,,.i)..klj@-4,-i -- ,
ty or Breathing,-Pie,,i-,,', t*. o n,-: u na ,-r
a n d a l l D i s e a s e ,- .' h ,: L l g. r ~ 7 -
Bronchitis, a disease tll.t ,- -_ aepiog; "gliotil,":
hands to a-premature gr '.;.- I.,.d,.r the r:a.i.e bf
:' onsb mpti6n, can be cui,-t L, i .t ib- Ioi medi-

c" ire. r. ,
Colored, For several-years past, this medicine hasbpeeri
thread., in use in Canad-a, where it has becc.mL- ,i.ii _
ly known, and is considered-the ':.vl\ rrAieice.--.
iq.use for all pulrron'ary di~eas'e:. ie gI,,at :'
-success <\vhich has attended its-use in th-at coun-
ty, and the many truly wonderful Curs w h.ei.h
test fashion, have been 'tic-t( by it,. has induced tje |:.rf iprff-
tors to introduce it' into the United ,li,.e.-. ocfi
3nd 3-4. fident of-its being~the.most ?sfe and vlua.ble.Ire e ^-
,1 0-4, 11-4. medy ever discovered, and:adr, ,_! I,..'..ill dtTyswa s ,-_
of'the unrrgs, when any of tht; lo0s do. nuo t
ing. perform'their n natural ofr hat}st ;,:tr,:.,,, txertjtnA a
most grateful arnd soothing tt.lt, .-c' e" Ihe
functions of the whole'system, .diminisliing ex- -
citement when. excessive, ,iloj i j rri(.ilio.i,
soreness and-pain, and stpeedily ii:.l ;:rtingrenew-
t of Jewelry and ed vigor and elasticity-lo the wi,..hlIarne.. "-
Is to mention. Prepared an'd -sold,, wholesale rzrid. 1-1t1i. 5y
Lives. JOBHN.WfNER'& Co., 8,3 1'.:.,dn, Lav)e,4,.V.w
N. SEYMOUR. Iork, sole proprietor for'thie .,'..d St.te.'. --
G. H. F. ALEI.L. Aent.
Jan 9 f..r ','.i ,-hicola.
ar, to arrive; SasaS O Liverwort. ".--
do Java ; ...
; -a -:b A REMEDY most p'erfeet--is, said.now Co be,.
n's and Labbv's;*- x discovered in set.led Consumption, -Livc-r"
50 b'xs brownSoap; Complaint, or any of their incipient E',tr |tnrs
oWder; on t1he ChronoiwThermal. system, by t-he .-se.pf
nseed Oil; Doctor, TAYLOR'S celebrated 'edicine ;.ttg'
1, Extra and PI re Genuine BALSAM OF LivE.-RWORT, which he-pre-
RTER & CO. pares at 315 BOWERY. Thisp1.bh of tTeatn'erit?
41 Water street 'now espoused by several eminent tl, .ici'ir, s,e,/
and has'been 'for a long time, the -z.ici-et ,I ih4
unparalleled znccPsq which.has'atten 'ed."DG' c'I;
Assorted Preserves, Tay lor's I!.I:.,I in performing its ,ond-erful
-olate,.Gtiava Jelly, cures, which-in many., .very many cases,--haved
.-. A-'|iLs. just, re-- been almost incredibe/,'but the-conclusive prcofs'
Joshua Bates, and the Doctor can bring forward are.ii reisfdblt, andG
.!re4dvise all who, may have ciougbs or. simple
MccULtY,:-i coldhi ev-%eri,, to Use this perfect specific wilhonut
50 Water street., ':, de-lay. ', Frankdin say~s-a ,small leak will .ink a.
bigshi p." T le ':-. for, -.,7 cqre yot-r coug.h s before
_"wine' r our lungq-a.'- p.1,r cre.. For sale by. %.. ."
s, sails &c-,for :a!e
J.. C. L L *ALL *.;':, ole A I ",IIfl-. I.
B. W OOD & CO.' -':' -, a i ."
*lt, } CAUTION--The genuine Doctor" T.-.or-.
!eeds, just received BA.L_,._M.( oII Lil ,ErtwRT, has on Mte bott]',.p
; ,ledpin dl d t;>,i I.l.tte engraving, to,pre'en.tcborn-:
"J C ALLEN. 1r(7 s t' 1i:z1, 1, Gurdon J. Leeds, any others
vil'e -_ d >dJj,.-r_.i.- i- aitation's, and the ]jp iiLe'_-,re
turer's prices, by cautt ii.n:.r ,'.t I.- purchase or deal in it,.as.it-is
JISON.& CO. prow tecd l,,, t;,.:- F. S. opv Right'L'aw ." ..
21 W atct street, !T .ii *', !--., 1 -Iy .. .

10 HHDS St., Croix Sugar;
20 do NNew Orleans Suga
100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacce
50" Mnft'd do. Browr
20 Sperm Candles; 5
100 bags Shot;- 50 kegs P(
,2000 lbs Lead ; 4 casks Lir
200 kegs.White Lead, No.
For sale by WM. G. PO
Dec 5
Segars, &
A 4-10,0\f SEGARS, A
405() Syrups- Choc
.M .,n ,:.! ,,I,:. Cordials and Pile
.ceivedfroom Havana per schr
for sale low, for cash,.by
March.- 6
Sa~la~aia~er's 1]
SUITABLE for sowing sacks
by [march :1T] D. I

AN asssoi'tment offlo-.ver S
and for sale by
Jan 30
SUGAR PANS at Manufact
Jan 23

Fiue Boots anm Brogans.
CJ -'I:'*; Gent's fin.eCalf Boots;
*l^ 300 .prs ,* Brogans.
For. sale.at low prices,.by
Jan F" 1'. KOPMAN.
'UININE, Camphor and Piperine, !ust re-
ceived and for sale by
A-pril17, H. F.,A:BELL.

$toughton's W:tters.
PURE ,BITTER, a very superior article for in-
valid's use, for sale by '
April 17 H. F. ABELL.
Peter's Vegetable Antibillions
A'FRESH supply, just received, and for'saleby,
.April17 H. F. ABELL.
Saratoga Waiter.
QUARTS and Pints, fresh, tor sale
Aprill7 H. F. ABELL.


31accsalboy and Scoteli-Snuff-,
N bottles and bladders, for sale by ,
Mal y I J..C. ALLEN.
PLOUGHS, No, 100 and 16, at: Manufacturer's'
prices, by B. E-, :,N &. CO,
Jan, 23 21 Water st reet.

l^ mnit stvatb 'r 2ottces.

N OTICE.-Six months after publication o0
this notice, application will be made to the
Hon. Judge of Probates for Jackson county,-fbr a
final settlement of the administration of the..es-
tate of Samuel N. Spears, deceased, late of said
county. ELIZA SPEARS,."
February 14, 1857. 5-6m Administralriry.

Regal oticrs .

T T / _.nIN BPE\RD,
:: Re. i tW P,.'lit L-,,,.t- lor the
- s ?,r..7.., F-- F lorida.
TIlhasee.P'r~lS7. :,''; 5-3rn

lr ~C1

_ _






T !H

S49ale Tw 0U eev)1-, Vcf **- ale.
B"Y virtue of rh,; pow.r II.' ,, by hw, I-
-will expose at public sale, for cash, before,
the Court House door in the town of Marianna,
on the ,first Monday in July, the following pro--
perty, or so much thereof, as will pay the Taxes
due thereon, for the year 1816, viz:
2'819 ar,_-i of 2.nd rate Land, lying and being
in Jackson county--Nbs, not known-to be sold
asthe.property of the estateaoft. A. B. Blackwell.
316 acres of Ist rate Land belonging to R, C.
Adams, lying, on the Ch-attahoochee river--Nbs.-
not known-to be sold for- the Taxes due for the
year 1846.
8O- acres of'ind-rate L n..I b l-.,i-i- I :dthees
tate.ofJohn McKay. ... ". .:
320' acres of 2nd rate Land ',..-)nginii to Peter
W. Gautier,Jr. .
t3-J acres,:.:flst rate Land b,;.l.,ir.;inl to W illiam
King--Nos, not known.
500 acres of Land belonging to tt-,n'y O'N eal-
Nos. not known. "
Sheriff and ex-officio T 1\ l 'oll,:,!tor.
Jo-ri T. Mv -Ri;D. S.
Marianna, March 31st, 1847. al'r- A ,s
Tob^afcea.: 5-; ..... -*.*
Cyf HALF boxes Manufactur J.W.L Roane",
2 B r a n d -
4. Half boxes Manufactured O"W Price" Brand,
3c -" do. "
29 "..W Barlow" "
4 1-21lb Lumps.
5 boxei Manufactured "J W Morgan" Brand
5 boxes "Napo-
leon's" Brand "Magnolia."
5 boxes Manufactured -P Napo-
I leon's" Brand "Strawbery.". -
9Qt 20 lb boxes Manufactured .... "Napo-
leon's" Brand Magnolia."
-0 boxes Manufactured Morford Honey Dew'.
10,Crates-Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars.
30 doz Negro Caps;, 60 doz. Hoes, assorted."
Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Cards, Trace Chains.
For sale low to close consignmernts, by
Not. 14 53 VWater street.
Blank Bootks and Stationery.
L EDGERS, Journals, Day Books, &e'.
'50 reams Foolscap and Letter Paper;
Cotton Mermorandum Books;
Ship and River Bills Lading .
Boooks for Letter Press.
Blanlk Bills of Exchange and Checks,,
Just received and for sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELL.
Oil Cloths and Carpets.
10 PCS Oil Cloth, I and 2-yards wide.;, '"
Ioa3 pes super Ingrain Carpeting; .
3 Cotton
2 Stair "
For sale by, WM..G. PORTER& CO.-
Dee 5 41 Water-strbet.
SHEETINGS, Shirtings and Prints, by the
". leand case, low for.cash, by
Jan 23 24 Water, street.
Tilarkinag lnii -,
A SUPERIOR article of Marking Ink, just re-
.ceived and, for sale by -
Feb 27 -J. C. ALLEN.
For Sale,
\00 BAGS superior Rio 'Coffee, -by
2-0 April 24 NURSE, STONE,& GO.
CUBA COFFEE; White'and Browv Havana
Sugar;, Segars various Brands. Just arrived
per schr Cinderella, from Havana, and for sale
by 0" B. ELLFSON & CO
Feb 20 24 Water street. -


.-----~-ILL--- ---I~--- -;ur.a~.-~----l~-r-i-7-~-*m~--*-p

'C-REAM TARTAR and Tamarinds, just're-
vY ceived'and for sale by
*April17 IT .t-. F. ABELL.

C" chemicals:! Chemicals! :
HYD.: DE" POTASSE ; Chloride of 'Gold- and
Sodium ; Iodide of Iron,; Iodide:of Sulph-ur;
VSulphate', Acetate and Muriate of Morphine;
, perine, Strzchuine, Sulphate and Muriate of
Quinine, j ust-received and for sale by
*ay-1 JI. C. ALLEN.
B,.AYI UM, avery superior article, just reeeiv-
, &and' for. saek by
Muach 6 HIYF.. BELL.
ChlOride of .Mine.
pURE Gh[foridIPOf Lime, for sale by ,
-ay- I, J, ALLEN.








t-i .c a o f Le 1l a'JthIOrity, hesubsciber
will. o'r for sale at pihlle auction, at the -l
-C-iturt-lho',- of ,{-i ls .eo'mt y, b^t eea thie dC
,hol.i, o.l t din and two o'clock, on the "13th day of d:
M i^ ,.".I, the 101.o,wii tracts of" land, to wit : ."
'The S E of section 23,1 w
Tre'S W } of section 21t, IIn Township No. c
'tye N \V\ of section 215, { Ring-3 No 7, S & E. 1-
*Th:I N'E j of section "-:,. J
-The E 1 of section 1,Township 1, R.8, S & E. -
'T he W -4 f-,;,.; ,- 1, R 9 "
On'the 18th dayof _M\-, at theCourt-hou.a of
.JeTferson 6,wa ty/, the f..l j ,'',i : tracts will be of-
fered for sale, viz:
The W .k ofseo 13)
The E -'of see 14, ^ In Town. 1 S, Range- 5,, E.
The, S ; of sec t. 3
The"Nie of section 6, Town. 2, Range.5, S.& E.
11i t lt -'.ih ,Ja', f.1 V f ,,. at the C ourt-house of.
G1,,l e,1u; 1' I ty, t, I e f t.A 'ing tracts wwill be of-
fere t f,,r sale, vi.z : .
In .1To~ve.1hip 3 N..rth, Rang 3 West. 1
Fr ,ti. ,',l:i-' S._'i. .. *.ll ofr .SeeCtio4 18,
All ot .eW i. r 7. \\\ of .... 22,
*S A 6. N V I- ? I t'., i a. [All of .23, a
Aft of Sectito' 1.3, All of 24, J
All of 17,
In tro %.i,,15,. i 2 N .r;i, Range 4. W esti
All of Section 17, All of Section. 30,
'ractional Section 29,
S-:QOn the 3 Lt day'of May, at the Courtw-house of
-Jack+oi, county,"thae-following tracts will be of-
fere I f.'-r sale,, viz:
-In Town-sh'ip 5 North, Rangi e I1I West..
All of Sention 1,S'S -j andN W' 1 and)
SA *and N Ej of Sec 2, W of CN E 1 >
S E j of Section 3, S- cti o 2l. )
N of t 4, S W of Section '2,)l
W ,& W of N E ,) S haif of >' 3, .
and W of S E N; S &.N. VI",See 21,
tSection G, ) .A 1,of.Sectioa 2.2,
X.1 of Section 7, All of 2-3,
'SW1,WjofS i AH of ,f 7,
Section 8, All of 29,
E ,ofSWV See 9, All of 29,
N W' of Section 10,' Allt of--'" 30,
NWJ,&SEkofSec12, All. of- 31,
'P tofN'W,WSee 14, Alt of 1 3-2,
E of Sectioi 15, r1Alof 333,_
All of 17, A-ll of "31,
All ofr '" 1, All of 3-),
A1rof 19; Allof 36,
All of' 20,
In Township-4 NorrhRang., 7. West.
Fractional Section 14, 1 Fractio'nalSection .4,;
A ll of Section 23, .
AIn Township 3 N,R 9 W: All of Section-18.
In T 5 N, R 10 West: NY ard S W and,E of
S 1,ESee 6, All of Section, 1:1.
These lands, selected for the State many years
si nce and lvin, ,M .-I--','.i'.. .neighborhoods, are
,very vaIuable.
TERMS:-"* O,'e-fir'h cash, and theother
three-fourths i'i three e?'iP ,1 annual instalments,
with interest from th? ,.lt.:. rot" t., r. payable an'-
Tinally in advance? ; trim- pur.-jl,,-r to give bond,-
with approved s:,,'iritv; or 'if any -purchaser
Hall prefer to pay up t..-,[ price, in cash, a
discount shalt,be all.vx.:- of five per cent on the,
eredit-,iastalmaents." .

Drtfgs, Movi d~s, Paints, 4004
Pye-8la||igI rf.t'euniery, &c.,
. Jgned returns hia'ihanki
to 'Otfil and thle public, fortheir_
Ilibe-val patro-rage, and begs to in~cmm "
t that ire is hnow recewpg an addition-
a I supply, Wbhiuh added to his ftor'er'
stock, reners"his assortment unusually large
6 nmd m English, Frevah,; Ger man and
i ari Drua-&; Coenmeticp; Perfutnery; Glass
Vro"--Drygists G0a1. ware, &c., &c., 6ce offered
0*6 Ph s'siians.g CouM, ,.Merchants an'd others on
-the most fber-al terms-al3 of.which heWients
paQE anid Adjtulferated.
"H. F. ABELL,"
g^''' I Wholesa'?e and Retail Druggist,
- ... 45 Water-street.
A.lach,:hcola, Nov. 21, 1846.
D.rngs ai d'lediclues.
} THE s0bicriberr.fhgs,- and will
- B .con.lan[J .bave,oO band, a complete
. '^ jytarmptwnt of DPoUGS and JMEDI1
ko! 1 t'VC I N&S, whiiah IV !6n"11 w.V~r2'n p1ur
II and dfr-^he best"* _-a- ity. Country
l,' rcphanta aodd PMlfher6 will, -find it
to tleir advrztpye lo'call. e-oxbihean d prie -his
Go d., b.'rc ^rcha i4itbe're. t
N. b.."P -,bic.im.Ytgio 5 put .p wilh
care addaceuir*a atag. ofrhe tav.or night,
".- ".. '- *C. ALLEN,. -
'Warch 21- CCrlt. 'fetr'and Comrierce sts.
.- JL -.


zct so to amend the Constitution-,of this
State as to extend to all free white male inl
habitanws; being citizens of the United States,
who shall have resided within this State one
year, the elective franchise.
ICTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
)House of Representatives of the State of Flo- "
la in General Assemblq. convened, That the
st clause of the sixth article of the Constitution
so amended as follows, viz: Every free white
ale person ofthe age of twenty-one years and
wards, and who shall, be, at the time of offer- .
Sto vote, a citizen of the United States, and
ho shall have resided and had his habitation,
rnicil, home and place of permanent abode in
orida, tor one year next preceding: the election
which he shall offer to vote, and who shall, at
ih time and for six months immediately prece-
ng said time, have had his habitation, domicil,
me aod place of permanent abode, in the coun-
in which lie may otffrto vote, shall be deemed.
qualified voter at all'elections under this Con:-
tution and none others, except in elections by
neral ticket in the State or District prescribed
ylaw, in which cases, the elector must. have
en a resident of the State one year next prece-
ing the election, and six months -Within the
action district in. which he offers to vote : Pro-
deda, .That no soldier, seaman or marine in thle
gular Arry or Navy of the United States, un-
ss he werea qnalified elector of this State pre-
ous to his enlistmnenit assuch sohiier, seaman or
arine in the Regular Army or Navy of the
united Slates, or of the revenue service, shall be
ns;idered a resident of the State in consequence
being stationed within the same. "
Passed Senate, December 1, 1846.
D. H. MAYS, President.Senate.
11. 1.AiccEz.5 Secretary Senate.
Passed House, December 16, 1846.
ROBERT BROWN, Speaker Ho. Reps.
M. D. PAPY, Clerk.
n dct to amend the Constitution af this State
so as lo m ake the sessions of* the G-eneral- ds-
seinbly biennialinstead of annual.
I ECTION 1. Be it. enacted by the Senate and
!5 house of Repjresentalives oftthe State oj'Flo-
da, in General AIssembly convened, That the
second clarse of the fourth article of the Constitu-
on ofthisState be so amended as to read as fol-
ows, viz: 2d. Tho members of the House of
representatives shall be chosen by the quaiiiied
voters, and shall serve for the term ofo two years,
rom aiid after the day of the first election under
he amended Constitution, and no longer; and
ie sessions of the General Assembly shall be
iennial, and commence on the fourth Monday in
november, in each and every second year, or at
ucli other times a,, may be prescribed by law.
Sec. 2 Be it further enacted, That the third.
4ause of the fourth article of tie Constitution be
mended so that the same shall read as follows:
d. That the Representatives shall be chosen on
he first Monday in thie month of October, in each
,id every second year, from and after the first
election under this amended Constitution, or on
ich other day as maybe directed by law.
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the fifth
laus-e of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
ead as follows, viz: The Senators shall- be cho-
ien by the qualified electors, for the term of four
ears, at the same time, in the same manner, and
i the same place where they vote for members
f the House of Rep'resentatives; and no person
hall/be a Senator unless he be a white man, a
itizen of the United Stale,, and shall have been
n inhabitant of this State for two years next pre-
edinghis election, and the last year a resident
f the district or county for which he shall be
hosen, and shall have attained the age of twenty-
ve years.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That the sixth
lause of the aforesaid article be so amended as to
ead as follows, viz. The classification of Sena-
ors, as made at the first session of the General
Assembly held in the year IS15, shall, continue
nchanged; one half'of whotn, as nearly a3 possi-
ble, shall be chosen forever hereafter .biennially
br the term of four years: Provided, however,
nd it is hereby declared, that the term of office
ofthat. class 'of[Senators ufiexpired at the first
election .under (he amended Constituticn, shall
extend to, and expire on, the first Monday in
)ctober, eighteen hundred and fifty. -
See.. 5., Be it further einacted, That the first
election for Assembl'ymen, under this amended
Constitution, shall take place on the first Monday
n October, eighteen hundred and forty-eight;
and the first session of the ..-n,-, :.,l Assembly, un-
!ler this amended Constitution, sha'U commence on
he fourth Monday in November, in the year
*i.ghteen hundred and forty-eight.
Passed Senate, Deeember 2:2, 1S4G.
D. H. MAYS, President of Senate.
H. ARCHT.:R, Secretary of Senate.
_Passed House of Reps., Dec. 29, 1846.
*ROBERT BROWN, Speaker H~o. Reps.
M.D. PAPY, Clerk House Reps,
March 13, 1847. 9-6m

Dry Goods.
THE subscribers offer, for'sale a large and sea-
sonable stoeli of-Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro' Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Plain and Nancy Jeans,
DOuble twilled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casamneres,
Su.per English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and.12 qr.j.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9. and 10 qrs.
Denims, Kremlins and Cottohlades,
'Brown Shirting and :'. i: -*i, i i ,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton. Drill i, and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,

Irish Linen; Shirning-and Sheeting,
BleachedCotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra supor, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Sdper 'Cas'imere d'Ecosse,
Extra superr '!-- ti- de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and I6,.. ..., Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Htkfs, .
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfi,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head.Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and-Genis Hf-hbse,
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings, .
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig-'d Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
;" Needles, Pins, Tape, &c.- &c.
.Which have been selected'with great care i
New York and Boston, from Importers andA -\.-,'
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market, rates, an
are now offered-at wholesale or retail on favorable
terms by WM..,G..t-PORTER & Co.
Dec.-5, 184(6. ,. 41 Water street.
Flora lToR asses..
I-N tierces-and barrels, for sate by,'
B. El.i,',)N & CO.
Feb 20 24 Water, street.

DY virtue ofthe power vested in'me by law, i
D shall expo-s f' s,'ale before tho Curt House P
lou i; the county o0i Calhoun, o:n the first Mon-
iy in July next, the folloo-vin property situated
i the city of St. Joseph, or so [uIch thereof, as
Vill pay the State and County Tax oni the same
0r the year 3t S) : I1
Lots ufi improved valued at :'., purporting c
to belong to R C Allen's estate.
I Lot unimpiroved, valued at $50, purporting V
*to belong tolRobcrt A- i:.. .
1 Lot uninproved, valued at $55, purporting '
to belong to F G Aro-t. t
3 Lots.imprpoved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to R Beveridge's estate. tr
4 Lots unimproved, valued at,1 $50, purporting rs
to belong to A B Blackwell's estate. be
1 Lot improved, valued at li., pnrporting to ^
belong to George Clark. -
2"Lots improved, valued at -1-00, purportmgto 0
belong to Win Cromwell. ,"
1 Lots unimproved, valued at -. '. purporting dor
to belong- to J N 'Copeland. a
3 Lots unimproved, valued at-'.0, purporting a.-
to belong to-R KF'Call. u
31 Lots unimnproved, valued at 1_' '. purporting ,
to belong to Win P Craig*. no
3 Lote unimproved, valued at $50, purporting t
to belon- to W Colquit. a)
2 Li9ts unimrproved, valued ut -..-". purporting sti
to belong to Cblquit & Grant. ^l
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting by
to belong to Wmn B Duvall. i.
3 Lots unimnproved, valued at -', '. purporting e
to belong to D W Dubois. '
2 Lots unimproved, valued at -..'., purporting VI(
to belong to John E Davis. ei
2 Lots unimproved, valued at "'. purporting .-
to belong to John Derrick. ""
-20 Lots ullimproved, valued a.t 2 -'13, purporting r
to belong to John 0 Gamble. .
g Lots unimproved, valued.at .'.'00, purportfng e
to belong to F G Gibson's estate.
2 Lots unimproved, valued ai .')0, purporting
to belong to E G Greenwood.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, [. ,F..r;;.j to
belong to Jame3rp 'Goslin.
-6 Lots unimproved, valued at 50:,-purporting
to belong to Robert Gamble.
2'-Lots improved, valued at $t00, purporting to ^
belong to Edward Hardin's estate.
2, Lots unimproved, valued at $30, purpoting-
to belong to S K Hodges. -
l Lot 'unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to William Holland. .
7 Lots unimproved, valued'at '*\ purporting ai
to belong to A K 'Hill. -' a ei
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting tto
belong to B S Hawley. o,
I Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to Rc
b'long to 1. B Inm an. .
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $.50, purporting f
to belong to G C S Johnson. ";
7 Lote 'improved, valued at $300, purporting to .
belong to John Jenkins' estate. N
3 Lots unimproved, valued at -j 11 ',1., purporting ^
to'belong to Seaborn Jones.
I Lot unimproved, valued at :, purporting to c
belong to Jones &- Bass. C
1 Lotiimproved, valued- at ",:. purporting to an
belong to I Kinney's estate. 3d
I Lot improved, valued at -'2 ,-, purporting t6 't
belong to J- P Lbekey. 0 1 j
1- Lot improved, valued at 150, purporting o"o e
belong to Doctor Larig.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to cl
Belong to Abraham Lo'w. -
5 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purports s
to belong to P LAthrop. YL
1 Lot improved, valu-d at $50, purporting to
belong to C McEhran....
9 Lots unimproved, valued at 50, purporting s
to belong-to Win P Malone. 10
I Lot unimproved, valued at 950, purporting to a
belong to Thomas More. ar
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to of
belong to Daniel Munn.. c
1 Lor unimproved, valued at 950, purporting to f
belong to J Nit.nenger.
1 Lot improved, valued at $M00, purporting to .
belong',to, Wm Patrick. r
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting rc
to belong to George Poe, jr&. "-A
2 Lots unimproved, 'valued -at r30, purporting u
,to belong to Judge Pope. nU
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Wm D Price. C,
2 Lots improved, valued at 1,,5 purporting to 0
belong to lsaac Robinson. l
2 Lots.improved, valued at 8,50, purporting to
belong to F A Ross. (
1 3. Lots u~nirproved,' valued at $50, purporting 0
to belongto A Ryan. e
3-Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting C
"to belong to Wm Rowlett. i
-3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting, a
to belong to Reegan, Colquit,& Grant. d
I Lot unimproved, valued at,)50, purporting to t
belong to Roberson & Everett.. '
2 Lots unimproved, valued at -.'*',. purporting-
to belong to Phineas Randall.
1 Lot improved, valued at -.'.0, purporting to"
belong to George St CLair.
1 Lot improved, valued at. 1''".1 purporting to
belong to R M Stewarffs estate. *
Lots unimfproved, valued at i'.0,.-purporting to.
,. belong to Hanulton Smith., .
r" Lot unimproved,' valued at .;';91'. purporting
to b~el~ong to George Stew.art. i.
1 Lot "i.,i',,l','",'." .I, valued at 50, purporting to
belong to J Sweete.
1 Lot-unimprove~d, valued'at $200, purporting
to !,0':';!,-5 to Waiter Thompson. .
8 Lots improved, valued at -.'*._.*" purporting to
LbeoOnm toe J Waood's estate.
-'2 "ot im roe, vaue at "i'. '.,_, purporting to
"belong-to Hez R Wood, *
4 Lots im-proved', valued at ?,.,., purporting to
belong to Car not Woodruff.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50,-purp~orting to
belong to Charles Wilson.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to J D Westeott.
'8 Lots unimproved, valued at, .,50, purporting
'to belong to P. D Woodruff.

1 Lot.unimproved, valued at'.:.v. purporting to
belong to William Wyat.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belongto R W Williams.
JLiots improued, valued at $1,500, purporting to
belong to John D Gray.,
and ex-officio Tax Collector.
December 26, 1846- -49-6m
* Tax .Collector's. Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
shgiall onthe ffist M ,-,1 i-,' in July next, expose
for sale before th~e Court House door, in the- coun-
ty of Calhoun, the following described property,
or so much thereof' as will- pay the State and
County Taxes due, thereon for the- year 1846 :-
700,0'acres' third rate land, -ptrporting to belong
to John D. Gray-numbers not known.
.. ~and *ex-officio Tax Collector, C. C.
January2; 1847.- l-6m t
SpMiag Clo~tling.
TUST received a fine assortment of SPRING
,J CLOTHING,.c.' '.-ofCrtoton Cloth Coats;
Plaid Lin.en and Gingham do.; Plaid and'str'iped
Linen Drill Pants;.Cashmerett and Croton Cloth
do.,;. Silk, Satin,- Marseilles and Velentia Vests ;
',Shirts, Drawers, &c..,.bor sale very low., for cash.
To Arrive
N a few days a fine lot of Spring Ginghams,
striped and plaid,-and a few Patiterns of extra
rich figured and striped. Muslins and Cambrics,
for Ladi-es' Dresses.
P A\IN'rS, O,: .,,,. ,In.l,.,.;. o- 1-- l..rsale bv
L Apri[ I. 1.' ALLEN.


Franklin Circuit Court,
Charles-BarrrarndlAbelt .,ateA a"
A'daims, Georpe W. g ag -

Barnard and Charles S .:
.Lirkin, Merchants, Atf "-""
firm,'Sum sworn'l6
trading~g under the firm S.wrnta 6t ^ B
of Barnard, Adams Damages EB ""
: rvs., ", _. -
J o h n D il l .. : '.
fr-HE Defendant and all others interested, wAP:
' take notice thene I intnt :tion of tie ah'&r6'
suit by attachment, returnab'.1o the Aete.egibei'
Term, 1847, of Franklin G", Urftf
appear and plead thereto, l to.H
GA a R Y" S
Plaintiff's A]Aforn.y"*
Apalaehicola, April 13, 19-17. *apri[17 14-4m

NOTICE.-'"Six m,-,ntha after date, I willapply
to the 'Hop, Pi..bate-Court of Franklin
County, for a final discharge from the adminis-
tration of the estate of John-jGC. Perkins, late of
said county, deceaseil. :
Apalachicol-j. Nov. 1, 18,46. 44-6m


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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: May 15, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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1/,. / .!'rE>..; .I!:r. J 1 ., I th D t.

I .
/fg. r .J. .. I J (C I '- ,
L j.I"
..R ( ../.. .

?',"""*- 1
;} :

-.'ff.LIBiilTAS : c : ( /; { I 'Z v

> ... t7"
.' t -
c "., i .
1, a
.. ,'J... ".-" .. "
---- J' .
-to "
( '
A. .."'.. nTT'M"'j\ .':. )r.,--_ .' OJ _
I" 41.t,,. -". .
11111 Y .. .\ ..,." i.
i s'F"
-" t
} 'tiL \ '

.' ,. '''I ..... '.-t" .'." l- 1 11If I 1 .
I ; t "'. 1,.. t E 1 d"I _
t. .. -.. -s- J; _-1 t"' ..a-1r.T L j \ L If" *; ; i' -h ,
:: / 4j Jiv JS i- j .
&- -,--'. .c, -.i-Jo.- ," ::':.;': W _
-. -' J- '

-- --- -.- -- .- ,
---- -- =- -- ---___---- ''--. --- "' _.., '
----- '--
'-- + +"

= c = -


___ ., I ... .
__ 1 --- --- : --- ----- : --- - - -- --- -- -- "-. ._ .
:'-: =. c- -- _- .. .
I' --ijit ; 3Jrorr onal Xotftts.YpXEr [From the X. V. &f the Tim 3.-- -
DCrcctorw.llESJAMJ.N -
illc J Spirit
I rJn l !
CQUJIEHCLUJ I ADVERTISER tt l part we discovered the object of our search, i i I blue. The hill vvh.ch: i it"ril
-. -- SKETCH ,
=- = -- -:- -=-=------ --' -. JY] A SKIRMISHER.NO. [ .
----- (we hid well
-- nigh forgotten it. flock of i is
) a one vast pile of sand the
LJ.lun r\nnT SATURDAY FV 1r.u:os. WlM.IAM A. \V OUD. 11 I :S.-AN E"JIxn.1'1: : II ( 'F&ILL.ts.: mules myself only living
I'U ) (O IBEEN M. I)JI about hundred in number. As we I l-e
E!. KHKon & Co., .1 l larch ISth. Thc-re'isu !i J. L. WYMAIV.IV. CO MM I S S 10 N M K: HC II A XT S Icj May be found at his residence, corner oS body of Mexican ('o11111110t (find the owner we were under! I face. On my r Itrtt and fur beneath, the blue

AM OEM-Elf >ND1JY I Centre and high street, opposite the Mansion 'irtrguhr cavalry; in .the rear of our mtnv.1'1 .I .- the necessity of borrowing without (leave, ;.smoke of the camp firrs oozes slowly)

G. :M. n.\''IS, Editor.n. HOODS, (;UtK'iiJIKS: : TIARim'ARE: :. IIou?l>. Nov S. )-J' coRsi't of tno'inted I rancheros who according. to the usages of war, then and ;among 1 the leaves; of the thick chapparal upI
TIN WAIIK, 15< ti > I'S, SUOKS. HATS, levy black mail on thc inhabitants of thecountry there prevailing, and after drive I
of several
: a little
n.!lz-H'a IJuU.Jins?, corner; of CAI'-. el' 'I\I.IY: Sill].' ] .. St half
Tinri t-.rv Dr. A. IV. CiHHUU-u robbers half Thejnisnr.oi miles
'', : patriots.; j we found ourselves
0 .. once it .the
> -.ii'iiTJ.: : iiJ: Clu-inut street.qT CHAXIiLhllY! more ) waves Hap; of our own Kind, kissed by
I 21 \\ att'r frtiect.Jan CC/-Olfice! over t he Drugstore of J5. S. Hawley, : or country people furnish thei.i Cattll' Yours, ECOT.IER. l lxo. the declining beams of Mexican sun In a

'i'tMS'; 23: AiMlaciirp1a.! ? Fa. (entrance on Cliesln'it! blrecT.) Rtsideivcc at the with sl1pl'iies-rhcv are, to be sine, their the distance] as far is siaht i : can reachstretch
-- ---
Dillar a-innrn! house lately occupied by Dr. Ualt/ell. friends, (fathers, and( brothns. On the 1uh
'iipnovTiiroe per neB tV L:1Vi''HU, : -t. .\" ENCI,;-MIR ,,:' (.n:is, sOT l 1'E InL..". r i 'the green forests of tie! South Eastward
) if within six January 10, Is J(;. 2-tfvr. I was st nt into the interior
1 : pud
: collect
al '., ,-, or
.r mid ,in : DIPOltTIH1EltGII: : : TS, ANDCOMMISSION' sonic! V.'e ware lying at a small farm house about I i I ;and at my feet Ire, cradled the! leaguered
Lh '' if p.iid thcrealter.fflSi mules in command l of ,
0) : a picked
Til ACENTS. of
:, or,-rilllin:1 nVn for a I l.v=s term than six Jan 23: n.H'IImU\IE. ((r.orr.1.\ <;. jr. sivfs! thirty trim. These mules it party six miles to the south-east of Vera Cruz. ;j I ;city-so near that I I aln'II; : l far.cy I can touch
sJ ehard for ATTORNEY AXD COUXSKLLOR AT LAW was necessary We had j'jht! been fired :!: i its spires with f'lIcil. ; the
i"I'nthanl $. \ '!!! '-iv.iri.il.lv: b? ---- --- should have for the upon by sonic ran- my [ JJrvoud, blue
IIlrinJ. Vo pwr: will be dUenatinueJ until 11. T. a I:1]'d i ti, Offers his services to the public in either of the we\ started use of the :mpVc \. cht'rosolio lay concealed! in a neighboring( sea with its white breakers-'the! : bold Castleof
of thl'r.lrtl'tnr. before :
th- option I long daybreak, and when ('
all .rr"' tr\l'S are 1.1iJ, unless at F..CTOl.xn COMMISSION?.c nA T, above capacities.lie the wood. As our party was; small I thought it San Juan-and. Stirling sight a fleet of

; ..-Ones1uareIwelve 1 Iine3.1D 1 (::$* Oiiice, Xo. 0 Columbus lnil! <:iin's, will practice n-sutorly in Franklin, Calhoun found sun, io. \in o\rr ihs green chapparcf, I prudent to remain, for a while at least, in an hnndift' IiI off the Isf- (of Sacrificios,

\):wiH TI..f., \i3n a'r=.--.l I at the rite of One Do1. J.in lti 1A1,\pILtehirta. Fa.11t9Itti'1Q and J.icksonCircuit Courts-and will, upon trodden myself a Americans.country perhaps never before this position.! Thaie was a probability of being each wearing on its {peak the "slurry flag of
\ by The
le"') for Subsequent a s iil tainer, act as Counsel in Court sun rises surrounded. To this I had the north.. "
fr for the fir,!, lull Fifty Cents every Idlers 6 V 'Co., per nny over a Mexican if prevent : posted -
JO; rtit)1. DK \LFJN IN Ir.nDWn:1! ( SHIP of the 1liddl2orVetern Circuit. He will also, I I shine landscape as he IH'au'ifltl.l intended videttes, on the four paths that led to the Forgive mr, my Jear hired, for thus in
to it. It5 indeed
fo th'H"' wI hn alverti* I uV tw'car a liberalSlv C1IAXDLK11Y, IRON, STEEL NAILS, argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee upon ranch, and was awaiting the result. \s I your own peculiar I'hra. colu.cY, flying iho

:it will h. mt1; b'lt all a,lvert iernent "'1t SPIKE.-;?, :AX!! CASTINGS' the sessions of which he will always be The isw glistens! from broad: green leaves- leaned against a fence by?a small shrubbery (i 'track" of my narrative but the pencil involuntarily -
.: <;l' ,:r-.i.'ii'U: :: tn thl"ir '-vsl U'T anus, as well And Manufacturers (,f Tin Iron: and Ccp- present at, unless prevented by accident. .the fan,haped palm spreads Ld'orc011 like of orange trees, the shale! : click thai accom- :;i'! strays from the pIOer-tllC eye
li'ril ahvi-tisementa sent in by them, will i Uircs.Doc Apalachicch, Septembers, ISlG.S the .vin-i. of nn c'a. Ie-biitl.s of bright plumaSft the ''
a< all pzr panics cocking; of a musket: attracted mechanically roams over glorious
,I'lm-.vl! \ ; t t'a:, us'i.u rat;. 1'? Alabchicoh. Fn. "ttcr among the leaves: and lush( j I
\f; ; my attention, and passing hastily to the r.cl1t's-the mind wanders! Lack
be for ?. F. Givcns spot among
, il alvcrtiicments must paid -- acibss '..rack.Ychaltedon .
:> V.I! te' : V/.M. W. !MVat. \V. CHKEVKU. your I pieceived a soldier mine '01' our videttes1;I dreams-dreams that hare long slumbered

": ah'.I': for'announc- ATTORNEY AT LAW \ : a higl ":e. A valley of with ]his, musket: levelled and hi the act of '! in the bosom of a child) of son?.
:* i. i v.v 0 iihrs will ba charged Sims A Ch'e're!', IL tYFON, Uirbour County, Alabama. se\"eralllltll's width lay before us-there was
pulling :thctrigsicr.: At the distance of if .
uIH' about *
Ia: ; .i-i h.llt."I'I t ( COM111SSIO\I MfRCIIANTS, April :29, 1' 1C. 2-tf apparently no settlement in .this 'allnot I
i'l''i il'n j ; "'tts from a .li-tane? mist Oflice Xo. 21 \\'atrr i'trl't't.t1l'd2 I there flu ': twenty paces, and directly under the muzzle "Ah ir.i pre! -mi taro padre !" A

h.t"; ,i-> .: i 'with t'.e cish, or city ference, Apa1achi Fin.( A. G. SCIMHJCS, u so, them were until many ranchos, you not of the man's musket two gentlemenone( dozen sweet voices salute us-a dozen while:
sec? : } them
-- --
II!,' i'.'':1"i !I1 II II IJ Ii Ii Ii Ii Ir Ir Ira I" "'. yon upon -a a portly old fellow of some two hundred and arms are t-ntvvined around the neck
t' iiI
( \V. T. \\ :-. E. U. lUt-tor. ATTORNEY AT LAW. hundred yards- : arms,
4odw.er. nay twenty paces nny: you fifty | ounds, weight, the other a youth) were I and limbs of the tilian[!
-- ra father. After
'%oO(1 ti Iat1-an. c5. Office'o.. 2 Ctijit. Siiiiincn\s Builtling, stand, within fret of of! these;
may one
-.Ht!J hu'tJJ 13 i r tt to:1.: COiLUfIOIEIUJIIAXTS: ror. of Centre & Commerce .streets.nov5 woodland dwei'in.ns!' in of its on their knees, with. their hands: crossed in I the first embrace, follows the wild and terrified -

I ___ __-_-- OHice Xo. 42 Water sire-'t.-'' ftnirs.Jai Apalachicoh, Fla.John ignorance pro. the atin tide of prayer, oral, beiimiei: in true i t sitf..loof.-llit'Y have just heard of a
1 t JfJ; Ap.d'iphiro, Fa.AUCTIONEER l pinquity. .\ long strip of gold in one place,
Spanish for their lives.
, c(1 '.nun-. style, Thfyvvrrej irifffcnsive ben shot
f.'H[ j. [ .t : seemed to the of the j poor, peasant having
cover it
C')1IiI1 i 1 S 5it1\I an.l I,* O K WAIl D I X G 1:1-u'd :2eCIHr, Biiio, tops trees- both dicsscd in tine white linen, the elder by a rash soldier. A -mi-a: sign-a word
the in full blossom
Mi!e 110 HANTS, 'ATTORNEY AT LAW was Jf'lIow'ille -to wearing a crimson sash: while an elegant! I from their father-"Aua rit':1r.o'5 son Ami-

\ No. 53 \\ruter strict, ALBANY, GA. succeeded a belt of preen, with the puce tfes.opev.Inch! he had been carrying, hd: gos-tce!" are welcome. Half! a dozen of

', trig; \otb hi-'oli. FH, OTice Xo. 50, AVatrr.tn'et: WILL practice in the several Courts of the!: p.ilmctlo toweling over the napal and caou- dropped on .the sand at his feet. the lesser ones OIl[ pro::ch the soldiers and
T1ti 1c; .\I'da'ilil'ola; f Fa. -Western Circuit, and Thomas and chou trees.
The Fenny, (a rash Irbhmaa: named, Ki- touch their coffee and
j V-\ v TV;vi.ir:, \ TM. A. McXnxzu uJ ---.--- arms-they bring
Stewart counties
Ii I .\ i'IC.LCaSIC, '! Hunas 1..3.fon. Our road: wound] down the ridge by a I icy, a great curiosity in the regiment, and'as! a adillas-the dogs: cease Larking and become -
i Auz. ISIS.
I COjDn .MEIJCilXT .\\ I TOBACCOINST.CTOIJ ___u__ __ ______ dozen dili'crent bends.Vc inarched in single forager not to be beat,") did! not understand friendly! --we :feel at home hsre.;
\I !l"s'? I ) NT M CUC! H .\ NTS -- .
C 0 M AND IJIJOKEfl.; -- ----- -- file. The touched .
trees our arms on word! of Spanish and the ;
amor Proud, hr dark
I\Sl'E( TOIL-Thc 1101' haughty, eye Hashing
reef undersigned
:N'i. 11 Ne.Vater st. Ollico! second back \
room. i
cither si.Ie. an.1! struck the "
against canteensof 1(15- no siitr.os eecmgo'vas lavished 1 I with a that from Tier Castillian
S ,f. 1 1. 1 I51 1 ;i- A.>tL\c.it'o1a.\ : F'I. D 'i--Jt ,\p.llacilirl'b. Fn. appointed! I Iinpectorol Lun.ber upon spirit springs
< ] the! soldic t r-t, making! a noise like the ; him in vain. As he afterwards.
-- --- --------- -- --- --- --- for the County of Franklin, offer: his services to [Itssaje expressed blood, iii t the! back ground stood Catalinathe -
U. Unfn'th, *r.; M. !:Vifk! <;r iOCi.DEALIR the public in that capacity, and will attend to all of cattle: with bHls. A 'tree was felled it, he hail just dhrawn: a bade upon the II look (>f t'-rror our approach occasioned

4 VV1TK\T: \\COMMISSION! MERCHANT, IN CLOTHING. BOOTS, SHOES, duties appertaining: tosaid: appoint rent.CORNELIl1S acios.s our }jth.;:: It had the recent marksof ml sah," wd: hid: loot opportunely thrown was scarcely( perceptible! and gave plate to
AND r.K.\Ti2ftAi! .VK\T* UA1S CAN, &(. GRADV. the The road became wider thernu/zle! ol'his
axe. as vercachj.l up aim, the wearer wouldnever one that Deemed to "you break but
say may
IIUK-VULA: Ai.\. I X:. 1 ColurnbnF'.Iorlc! ( March 22.! !'i 15. "
the bottom of the valley! and! soon have eaten another "olla. not bend"- kill but not
you may conquer;
jl. :Ma: bought oa O::J T. D?c 12 Apihcliici'la! Fa.
,r !KefcM to -------- IJools alter oj-ciird; into: ( a still wider ono, leading Perceiving the interest I had] taken in there was a slight expression ot disdain (I

i 13, F. II >i.nEv, ) Charles Rogers JohnMunn. l E'l'enc \V. Rogers. and Men's l Inset and UncMns Phocs.BOY'S from the city to the pulblo of Madclina.! : their: wclf.ne, .the old! gentleman: nimbly leaped thought so) in the curling of her swan like

J. C. !iV-NM.', iM Xe:\' OrJ a B. C5ja! ISoMrors A; Co. '' sewM and pe 'd Kip Urogans; ; The latter we followed! for about a mile, arid Hem his marrow bones and ran up, followed neck. A whisper from the farther-as the

,..;.. \Vvur. to ,1 :K.: 1.H ) .1tbchicClh.. C 0 M M I S S TrO X1 I E: R CHANT S, Gent line Calf H rowans; ; halting, fonriC'I'l our bivouack for breakfast. ( by the ) ottth-!his son-and between meteor passes over the sky of the north so

I J. S.
s"ieilif-- '. d be. 1': An.l1.1clif'o1a: F\: S'iper L-idies' Kid and M' --
-------- -- -
w i rvs\r.r.! \':D mr-\IL GIOCGR{ 1'Yol & Co.- -- Sunl'r Ladie-' coarse ai.d fine Calf Hoots. full-after a htll1 morning march his Thcfelt no doubt like men who had been grateful, we arc friend

i.l fauiil ;\ lar e and extensive-.ot trMnt, just received i biscuit and beef better him shot and missed.o .
.:J-1'.tru,1 ir .in -.run ) to p Utinj up lr. : ;jerked taste to nt Inez is of a lighter' temperament : full of

.-: rn'i, il 111hi;' agre3.Nu. COIlf-SlOX l"ORW.\.HDIXG and forale by WM. PORTER & CO. than the!: finest viands: to the pampered appetite \ 'XiCtIJ050r.Og Espnnolesamigos" smiles, full of thanks: -lYir. haired and suu-
U \\Tdrr Direct, MERCHANTS} Dec 5 .Jl Water street.
of the epicure. -and the old gentleman commenced ny-eyed can they he sisters ? Sio hijus,
\ 1\ 1 I .\IH1.H".i"nb.| : Fla. X" 7, Coumbn! HT.V ;
"'nt'. '2I.1 I. 1 1i.< Ap.iltHico.i.: FI.u Iron, a mOA :i'c, &e.I We were in the full enjoyment of breakfast drawing; a huge parchment from the Senor Si, Senor, entente. Cutelina es

I1! !. ri'.t )t':), -- --------- 1 TONS Swede Iron assorted! sixes when our vidette came running up and crown of hi.* sombrero. It was true. Passports mihija por primera csposa-rs mina de mi
'IV .' RI-I''Y" B. F. Xojree, II. 1)). Siosif, II. W. Bruu! ". I ; announced .the approach of mounted from the Mexican "
c iv.-s \ : ttia \J )ID') krs .Nails, d.). ran- government countersigned Corazon. ("Catelir.a' is the daughter of
i)) -Ai/ri! 1 \' TFJ1I! :XI-:?, TAINTS, iti'e Stone .V Co. I.-.J cheros. 'file! el is the I
? .1 1 r1n. \\'t'lin Un;:, aported uaifies; ; uplifted moi> flung un- Ly Spams.li consul at Vera my first wife-the child of my h i1rl.-
i q: t.;, 4 i1. \- cr.. &'. .CU3IJIISSION Ml11CIl.Ts, 2) Klack-rnitii! Stet t'i Faced Anvils; tBsteil! into the haversack and in nu ii i.int Cruz. I endeavored! to explain To him the There was an expression of regret in this';

A1' i- \. _' -ril 'H :-iliti'it of Slttilu ry. Xo. \Vaterslri, 't, 20 Eivjlisb' ; and Anieiicjh Vise ; our party: are underarms. Two horsemen appear reason why he had come so rear being shot the mother may have resembled the daughter. -

'' .r. r; C''l,;lnt: dud \V.tJ T-.trrteft V n,<* 1 12 Anahchi'-ol.i Fla.i ; 2'J' Bellow: ; on .the bend of the road.-suddenly halt: -that we lead just been attracted by a I party If so I do not feel suprised that Don

i \ :![_:II:___ V i! i 'Iii''iU. I ,' : 12 diren Spides and Shovel; the their} cscopeltes wheel, and gallop! off of ihe enemy, ar.ll.hat. the ser.tintl (Kiley) Juan S. should sigh. TalSita is a prelly lit-
a )tt' lop-atA
SI 2>. OJ?::r iit. w 10) C..l1ins'I'; tlie \o-y!! of 1111159'net ry is useless, t they arc whose blood! was still hot, but who: like himself tic child-a petite Lhxse ; great favorite
COMMISSION M E I R: C H A X T ? 10 bxs Cotton and Woden Caid-
\ .! C l'i.a'iis, !ll'jilJi't! :sD nt.,1. 1 ear I Rim bind! r.,.f Stplfill;Stv10W ,* ; too dihlat.t; and a good marksman: will mi-s v.p.sas good a catholic as ever broke with the Sergeant, who allowed her to handle -

;I "'. i 'i. ;l-J'). .\ tit'''..!-I'I.1. 1 Fa. .1r'Jlh t11; 'lip ) lbs Cast and C.-nrnmSti-el: fertile: I bvU'M. a alopitg! : ranchero. An advance pall of saer:1mclraIIJl'ead-sciu; his red? sash had his arms and accoutreuu: fieely.] She

i' SUX MUTUAL X 1H.\\{COMPANY: : G. PORTER: fc CO. the enem\-their bells( ;arms, and the manner riiNtakeu: him for a Captain of Ilancherns. I is delighted with the shining {Plates and

!{'"ll t.lt!'2 ti"llftT. of The C't'taf .\rin }''jrfXo. -, D.-c-t 1 -11 AVatprsrr..t.MOFFAT'S in which they} executed the manoeuvre (This idea has been prevalent! among the I'ir .ca! ) belts of the soldier.
., (' ) MI f x ,14) X 11Ei1t:1111T 1 -------- .-- -
\Valcrs-fnTf, prove that they ue no peasants. American soldiers.) I had no sooner uir.de An iu'vitiition to enter the house-it appears -

\ .. ; : ','aer -l'.t-lj.I'' ur*, Dec 1'1laI.lrhil'ola, Fa. LIFE PILLS AND PH(3\IX: In expectation of a r large force, I post my him! acquainted with this little piece of information ; larger than when first sera ; ;everal
T 1.li., \1111I'liC'Ih.! 1:1t. ] jut received and for .ib-: by I
brave fellows, ill ambush-same wMi, to than he unwound the scarf asplendid themselves here is
present ;
---- -- --- C. A. GHECY. C. H. Co.ftrcnii .:-: Xov 21 .. ALLEN. apartments
i.v. Vs'tt1 lbn a", <*<: Co5snr>% -----Gootis. pursue them-brave but foolish fellows India looking article, which would handsome guitar, sofa t au ottoman-piano
FACTORX1 t COMMISSIONMKUOII Wry understand the Mexican have razed belle and !handed} of work
COMMISSION ME11CIIANTS ? they do not yet a lrodvay chandeliers! ti;: Jes costly -elegant -

0 \ = iJ i\ No. J'5, Water ,treet.AP.tLtcrncnr.t. DRILLIXG5 IIer'e1Jian, Tickinirs, Colton O-nabur ;. iriinill.i.Ve take I pu.-t t in the enclosure of if over to Kiley.: I think it probable that furniture. 1 am taken "by surprise;

, I \->. C..lai'jus: !Rl I Ire, FA. krts, Tweeds, .Siirliiifr! !i i Sheetings", Flannel: Cbeck, flian-:;, a Larch In-hind; a small, clump of lime trees lie tail never wear another, at least untill how is this ?-there are none but peasants'

-D ;, 1-1"\ .. ._A ul.i-isi-'fiK.- --Fa.- Pelican Jttnlnul I
A:. I :!H r !') ,:>.r. CM vai.s; I'aTT. Cl.\. A. ; ltL.N: A::cnt. : For ;ale by D. ILI.1S0cn.: owner of ihe ranch, a t-alliriati! Spaniard, (tl 1)tle holy vi-tment t," said the Sought. It is thus :-
)f-C. Xo. rjfj V.raffp >trt't.COMMISSION Jan 2:1" lie l friend. The ambu h is 1 latter the sash, with bread I.od.atct-the] Castle
t:Water Direct. professes to our > receiving : a grin, Vera Cruz is of
n JI .1 E A Ai'.1 ll, ------- -- -
] I :"..al.t! '!: CIUr, ----- foimed. A Mexican: blanket (serape) b at "it's a beauty. I'llIe. it home to the San Juan is threatened with a licet-the
i S 11."INi: i 0-1 MMKNo. t1'}i MK1CIJANTS; : TATS and Cans: by .the ('.''<' low for ca.h by
MERCHANT: ) DK .\LEIlix T- B. ELLISON CO. IIlwl-aJlI'\ of fine fabiic nud coin[Irs-a I ould 'oman in; York. town may come into the possession of the

! J'Vat: !P"f. DIIY (;.OUDS AXU? < ; 1 I.OCERIES: circular; hole i ii: tire ccmre admits the head The Spaniard: was profuse in his "gra- t'n m\. Don Juan S. i is a Spaniard-weal-

I \ u- .: :\'1t1t"'li"h.! Fa. Xo. ;\Vater src<-t. For fiaJt; ?, Ill) oiler f.l: tenin2) i is 'cessaiy. Passing; cias; por mi villa," and wound up with a.. thy-a merchant of Vera Cruz ; he knows .
-- --- ----- A HUD'S1. choice N O
1'.i sf.-'i''il)=; Dcnlathic..1.l.} : F.,. 11 J / ;,1)' bbls Flour, by .f.ig.r; the serape over my head :w.} exchanging "viene, senor terrenie, a mi casa," (come, the troubles: and disagreeables! of a town

. C1\U'Ho .\ n FOTVAlIDINGMf.ItCH.A ( \;ir)91. f ti. Porlcir A; Co. Feb 3. NOIJKSE( \ ,.STONCJt CO.PAINTS my military cap for a sombrero I advanced sir lieutenant to my house.) blockaded-besieged ; the Mexicans sack
:. T.I -- --- ON the load. One, two, three, in advance His invitation was not disagreeable.! I towns when taken-&o, too, might 105mcricanos

J. l? -.rolter.'r.'f.1i"'lt DEALERS) 1 IN noon-i .\ \;n COMMISSIONMKRCIIAVrS. AXD OILS( -ro kegs Xo White fifty others :appro.ch> ;, Irom the direction. of was hungry as the very devil. lIe looked .\ ." \Vheicthen should he betake -
: : :] ; :)/) gt1I; ]Is Winter I/unp Oil :!(ItI) i dN!
.' ; I h' \n ti't'h P n17.Prtti X o. 11 Water 1!r.vt. Linseed Oil ; :>') bx assorted, (;la-, fin; ) lbs l :J'lit- \'illJuc-nean-r;! and I can distinguish. the very personation of hospitality.. Sur- himself with his amiable! family, ? his

x i"i :Sr14.3a1ti1], !I_.'<._.*i Aptlni.liicoli! Fa.AUCTIOXJIII 111); ( ') abutted Paint llnisjie J ; ; liiick: L.ad, their: dress! and accoutrements, regular :IIC- loundcd by enemies in ambuscade perhaps beautiful daughters? The (hills-who would

.Y ,'. :, 'Y.To0 (ti'rtH. ttr. ,!..:w tv -n S. Soarii-b: lroyI'guilty Ooluv, Green Paint, j'I-! nll.is! -some are mounted their advance: he eras acquainted' with the paths, in shortI ever t think of soldiers |>eietrattr.s the thickets -

, D1I.I. ) n:*. r". ) ir-;;. -si:fJi( ?; ;, if vrs, AliiCrTT { : Fidill"tocoa AND! COMMISSION' received I and fur sale by guaid-ilncR splen.Iid! looking follows come accepted it. Handing him his tins telescope that lie behind! Vera Cruz. He purchases -

!!\;. t. II E It C 11.T :March I IT. F. AJ1KLL.Yr.v : fe.irlesNly! over, the race is complete-the! and railing in our videites, we started. a ranch-well situated: for concealmentabout

'NIL ''''.fqt.C'1f1\ I ,1-. "lif'lI"a. T'"h.. No. .")'/ \: .-I' striM.nturiii I I. - -- ----- -- ---- Mesica-i I blanket does not excite suspicon After following the open road! for about a -( this there can be no mistake). He

fL'iL\\ .: -- S ,iif'il; : :(-;. Aii. \rinroT., Fn..3m. XF/ITIXG f zi!(, returning to the ranch, we await: their approach humlied yards! Don Juan S squeezedhis brings hither his wealth, his furniture! his
Fine and Pal
\"O;; ,; u. '- --- --- -- --- "\1O-0SQIJITO Ivory The: ;allic-i:1II: is standing under huge body llnouah a small aperture ill f1j, ).
M'.i-li-i J and Linen Iresse
A ,v"o: I'U\:1! I : I i-:: :t" \ v ) o o M M iMIIslC : S T G ;; P. :S-'urrior, aiiilCordi'd I f Skirl" the piazza of his hut-a fsv/ seconds, ami the nodes wood. I had seen no path when The town of Vera Cruz must be taken
GCNC1:1L! !: ( a superb! article of J;!lnckDrad
: 'I' \ N !r'1! j j "i.au'ms'invTniciVvxT!: : : I ,WXG .' F.i( jti;t tbo (!ling for gent ietncri S summer the whole party will be under the muz.Iesnf passing this way before. I saw but little! i by a lam! attack-to cut off its resources it

/ (, X i. 42 Cfl'y t't. !J-jilj I itf.T, f \c. i:) Water ftriL't.AUC.TIOXIHII I coats and pants, by .thirty muskets-the advance guard hesitate signs of one now. J.ultist be surrounded effect this the

Jt t' ;!1. A'nh..1irll't' : n..r.:1- : darhu.ol.t.I 1.,. I March: 1.1 FRANCIS KOPMAN. -thev halt: -" 'i'tc'iene! Sunos \Vhrre :are you going senor ?" American Army are landed below the'city
--- -- '
0 T. II. tiiiij II ." C :., II.. \,11I..ii. ."....,.-...., I, 'ta ('olJ jt nuH'nt.: :1IIIi"'os !" My S'.'p::1 mush h accent i is not good. "A min cits;!- 'iel1e-b'enor-vicne esa cs and at first extend their lines four or fire

C"\l\IIO-'IQ I 1 \ Mll! C U A NTS, : !: AND COMMISSIONMnilCHANT.; I SACKS RON.\ IRE: 5 SALT; which: will be The galiiciau is ordered to repent it. lie vada," was the reply. miles in its rear-the ,"Skirmishers'! go still

: Xo. .n Water Street, I 60 sold I!] ]low fur rah, bv hauls"cut, evidently against his will- Come, senor, no treason or -" J farther into the interior, and thus light upon

I Ort._21.t A:, ,!.ic'iicolj. Fa.fc'i iIicits n share of TulUc lii _
() ( IIt'i3t'-- Oct 'Jt ;\Ari.\oiiroi.v! .\. Fb 20 f/ Water stivet.! appear reassured, and! continue their ad The look !the Spaniard gave me was suf lid not compliment the hospitality'
Of "e ) -- ------.- ---- -- -- -- -- !" the foremost ficient. Ashamed I dashed it is late to
lads but too
Sfirr' : vance. "Now my ready: mysuspicions the Don to his face not

COM MISSION MM.CIIA.VTr! *, AUCTION \; 'MMi.jfssiOX 4 V (.' ;<>.:MKifHIIANTSAND :! Oil COiISirtiittl:11. t again hull and half wheel. I turned aside the hanging; vines, and, followed} by say, that I have underwent! greater. hard-

Xj. M, St. Ourfs! : .Streei, <;EXEIUL'aT:, r plJIH I I subscriber' lao I.ltelreC'einJ on con.sign1 suddenly around to enquiie the Ca USC.- my comrades, entered the dark woods.It ships than tocal his dinners : and considering -

1e\v- rleaci5 J:UJo'.UI.AL..\. inent, tinfolhtwiii'! ; :articles; : The gaUician! i is standing, in the altitude of was indeed a singular and circuitous that the port of Vera Cruz is closely
AvoaEv 2 c1-choice Old P"ttViwo I
1 R S. C,))!& AAIO flo.!:. Ii r.FEaF.';(J, : 1" Old ;.ultiraVin[ ; ; having signalled: thecnemy, his. arm stretched path. The bower of llosamond must have blockaded, his wines are of an excellence .

=--- --. MUST, DEA'YI.rI., )) 1 superior Old! Scotch( Whiskey ; out and pointing to our :1IJIwsh.u! Les been reached with less circumambiance. and variety not to be lightly spoken of; but his
Jo I '
iI.VII 1LACXWKI.L? & Co. exclaims of the uel illas.It .- The tortuosities seemed endless and rtrardiante-oll ; trirnd. if I recollect -
J. C. Allen, L. I'. SeAMAN Co. pew Urk. 2" "Pale & nm. Ot.) ;nl Brandy; soldados one ; every a nly.oar
WV-,1"! It'l'f! !ll-tail n-islT sn JOHN NORTON: jr. J J "J.II'klhllnondlra! : };J\'; is too late-a sharp: crack of a rifle, and now and again unhandsome suspicions of right you are not strictly a temperanceman
D.lU'i J
'-iniICI\E<. PAINTS, OILS ID baskets Lond'in Club": Champaign would intrude themselves second Father; Mathew
rt 1:. < .ores Fn *>KR & Co., Chnrle-Jtori. the :arm of the gallici is hanging bleeding Spaniard's honesty but were you a
\ -5, I11MJSIU2S! \;c., &c.tln C. C. LATHROI & Co. New Oilman, Also, variety of Sr;ars, all of which will be and broken by his side. The ambuscade is whether would or no. In divinginto .there is a liquor, in Mexico would prove
: ,
.'I :1'/l"ral vu.orfnirnf of V/ARTIKN CUO.MWKJ.I. ? -. sold low, for cash only, bvjiDWARD over, a dozen; bullets whistle ;about our ears. a deep defile, with nothing: to guide more powerful than 'our'irtuf's.. That lit-

u ,' 111.BL\'KSSTATit\ERY&c.[ &c. .. K. A Y tn. -CoIuinaiH.I <,a.E. : MrCULLY: One from an escopette as big as a young me but the meteor-like dress of my new quor aguardiente I when bad it i is very bed:

a cor. of Chcsaut! \: Cotnnif: .rtrl''t9 .. H.MtDiv,_Apalarliirola.W =_______ Fch 27 -T Sit Water street. cannon shot fell and deadened in the soft friend, and) a thousand, chances of being -vi! :(Jbut when good!, r.s was ino-t undoubtedly

--\E.11.H' ti/ol.I. 1'lu.t I STAR'S and Svvaym-.s Hakim of Wild J'or Safe, sand at my feet.. Our mcnspiiug from their shot by an unseen foe, I'll Le d-d if I could tlmt of my new friend }oo. it is of a

0't1 If.t II:. S. Ha W!( i', Cur rry, just received and for gale bv 1. 00 BBI. FLOUR ; nu bbls. Whirry] ; ambush to return their fue---a thick copseof help them. Our path lay along the side of most excelling nature. In plain York ,phraseology -

i virrna; AN1)I co\I\HSSIX( MHIJCIIANT: } Nov !' J. <\ ;.XU.E.V.MOFFAT'S r(f bbls. Molasses; 20 hhds Su :rl lime fees for a moment hold. .them back a sand ridge, occasionally dipping into the tyuanl'iaite is the "greatest drink
X '___h __ ___ .___ _. ______ __ Just landed from schooner Ann, and for sale 11
o. -2 > Water street, -still they dash forward at tlc word lli.vancc" valley below, where a clcarstreamsloleqUl.etly out.
UFi: j'fj."; AND I'HlKNl I low cash .
2''e i fur by
llptlarhirnla, Fa.T a rustling among the limbs-the along and] gurgled among the green When I come to speak/of that parting it
----- jiM rcrcived] and for site by I March 27 NOIIRSE, STONE & CO.
the word ire" the like molten silver. On the banks( is one's Uf'rvt3'Jlh
( (leaves
: strengthen
of bougfis- !u
..l'f k .J I -- -- -- -- --- snapping; necessary
l'V ()tine, Nov 2 S 11. AKELL, Ilr'izzist.Larryl '
,..r''It & (: Mrssio\T' ,[ MIIICHAXTS, ---- "ITVXClIANGF.on New Orleans tar sale by Hash-the blue smoke-a long toil of musquetty grew lilies and plants of rronical'cgetation, drink of that delicious ihiid. A small canteen -

k n. :0.t: \\'.ttn Flr/1. ) ) Oi!. i1 Jan 9EVisIii's J. DAY CO. -followed by a wild shout, and the huge aloes( that in the markets of your city made of India rr.bKer cloth that holds

----- .___ \al.lrhil'ol'i: : Fa. WINTER drained, a splendid article, frr.viU guerillas are in full 1''rrcar.i There was would have made the fortune of a tlorist. in the nci" hbuthooa! of half a gallon, hangs

iCEyIAII DAy. n.\su-I. J. L AV. [rianSin .1 C AI.LFX. ( DOZEN EEilsam, just received of and IViicl(for sale CherryI by more than one empty saddle: :as they galloped Just then 1 had hut little taste for botany, in my tent. Alas) it is nearly empty-ift

J. Day *V CO., COLD Pressed Castor Oil and] Saratoga Water, April 10 II. F. ATI ELL. back up the wood. Wo followed them and paid: but slight attention to these vegei- sides look quite collapsed.:

.II J.Dn S S lOX MKIICIIAXTS, received and fur dale! by for several miles, but pursuh was vain. "'(. the! beauties. A mile perhaps more and the It is now over three days since 1 visited

d No. 32 Water street -.April- --- ) II. F. ARELL.12UO -. Hops, could not get within rangy' except onc!. and woods began to open. A sudden turn, anda the hospitable ranch of the Spanish mer
--- --- -- -- -
}t'( ; ApiliH-hicola, Fa. Ija11.0Sfl: s. F RESH Fall Crop, for sale bv hell t only Jitter considerable! lIIillI l'Uvrillg. ranclio is insight-a beautiful fabric of yellow chant. Hut the parting. There was just

if: 310 I ';"ntslorthe".lttlalnuraneeCo.: 9. 11,1. Platform Scah's ; April 17 II. F. AKELL. On this occasion :another of their party was cane standing on an open knoll, more enough of sun gleaming; overthe blue peakof

i I rd I fttwuft" In<|1'ri- ( .n" and the "Hartniutanre r.r 2 It;.*) Ibs. do. ---- ---. brought down by ;a straggling shot. like a bird-cage than a house. Orizava to give a handsome gilding to the

t _( (-;a." Hartford Conn. 2 J IGO'J( U). reamscolnpletefurcotton: \\cigb Noth ('. The pursuit brought us to a large swamp, What a ;gloiious! sunset what a To'e1land 1 leaves of the tropical foiest. Not a breeze
---- -
J. If. rt; J. HI. IJns ii)2 For sale by THOSE indebted Bonk: aCllItIf.lon the nub-cribcr standing, will by or meadow: .through the centre of which !-.the lone peak of Ori/aon and the -ihe long pluule-like Iran of the rnouoaiupadmlayillotioncs -
*'. Jan 23 KORlfliTS, ALLHN & CO. : of riisecl cordillera of the Mexican Andes excl'llfVltrn stirred
0 ; \Cl'ORCODJ SSIO= 1- ; IAN T3 do well to call and settle before the first of Ma the road: passed on a kind cause long (
i, ,] head of cattle stretches' along the western distinguished the wing of the troupirle or some other
hundred were ,
... !0. 15 W.1t 1' st I'I.'t, OIL, j just received and fur sale bv and thereby save costs and I t trouble. way. Five sky by
'1' l'L.CmoI.1'\." SALAD! 17 H. F. ABELL. April 17 FRAXCI3 KOPMAX. quietly grazing;, in this pasture, and iu one ,. ft o in. it only by their outline of deeper bird of blight r-Iutiwge ;-the blosscming

t .. p' e .

l' '.WIt ,t ,





E .
"p *
r yfw '

---- -
-- -
-r-------: ; ; : ; -j -

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) -41 .


_ _ -'- -- Ljorily-- - -..--.------------ S
'I I fc y T -i y.f.c 'JTAuyrVT-'T"'jn' *i frfJif"" Jt1* TTi >i -
*' '; ) wiW o-f f the forest ihe pusn The city was tutcuni by a ci-t.ii! :limcut of j how )(aO1iiUt be thai spirit which Jam I li.n for I the cultivation: of social feeling and has been sei/ed hold of wiih malicious petit up Utica" I

from a tlunisantl irecs. !.rn> out m'ihe ft- Artillery, under C'-ipt. Weii.htfii.in, of the SHIP prevails; : pother! lure; i.or in I Maachu 1 I the (hffnsion of chat ity, and cotnj osed of pleasure by Locoforo iiiers, who, inhtcad fine the power of sncii a man.If TI.

Lung air sin itir ld'e
.?IIt sttt3 at IH-MIII .iwi -, ati-l *vh >i :> M>US. ( t tin- 1st M :uch:I!, auJ i ihe mam body extract cause, ol sfci.d aiienalti.u: or |;PISUIal : (oiis tiVS-S0hiS of hisov.-i' roc-k-' irt home ,the
of I hoe loaicIo.t; Sen.itors Iiave mi hiy has not conferred
Ktndy-fiiend>1iip si:.il! 1 c.dl it-w"nia! niV'.f enteitd uie. It'I t day. diiespcci ? Wl.I :l would! be tlie value of -also Minified butt tin : t roiihal vveiio.'iu tt : : on Oi.r f

Iionrs. I How hard to lruuoh a hap From liie Chare.-t! Coarior.] "' onr political iusjiinMi'-! if men luijhl not and huitaMe| ; fVoliv.tes.: He wawaitiil chuckled with .satisfaction, to find one single land?, which h yet lacking to COnmlete); '

circte-7'i2 ha'cMtn differ ,i.d uiilionl, rificiK on hat CoinmiJte) $ It (till that body con-is- of ingratitude in Whi Well of its
py ;a rcirt'. Th insect ? on p > ; (,;ic.sKms, sn< instance ; ramoi. i imny measuro happiness; and
\ ?s i v A N u H r: < i: p T i o >; o F M iv : I neat
th-it >';>< i fiom i t I. 'um. v 3 pi '..rl.ctixlnz \ uiJbTiii. ; mutual h I i sicem (tid row iii,,t; t lie sense hug of 15. I". Hunt, ( 'hanman--J. jl. Camp ; they rejoice Such an instance In* is the destruction of the S'pirh of **' *
eil itll s.vcts, \\t\t\ rlijj-r nil tle.utl-: \Vtb.Merairivcd of common hiciheihond / We lave; divers bell. Judge llice, Otis Mills! T. Topper Pr;
TJie Hon.! Danul injhis i | nevr occurred before, and nevci will be The times are peculiarly
e.ues she tlut the .tsy rsL1itr may ever u the Wilmington i political senliipenls.! but we have but, one and Jos. A. Winthiop-tin* Chairman; ad- favorable ;
ye.sterday mm IUZ; ]
.';zin visit tin* nuch': J A thotisa-.d such) city boat and took lodiiii s .11 the (2 ha nest in, CiUntl y ; we may: iliffei! as to the best maur.er : oh i ested1 r. Webs'er' I as lolo\\s! : found ain elsewhere, than in a land reeling accoujpli.shment of this Cndtime man'ftion

icllcctions: criSsed my mind as ihe sun I 1tt e. At t 1-J (o'clock! M., he was waited |' of serving and honoring that (cotii.liy Si a'jli geiitlciiifu! wliotn I have had! vvitli fanaticism.; The Loco I'oco organs of opposition to Party U every ,i iappirent

wnscrokaiti ihu Lilue outlines bill we ajjree ill it she is to be scived! b\ ; ilto I he p'easnie I to pH.srnt I to yon, liavo been the to"
ui tins Corililler.i. Oil, there, I by tile CommiiUeof P.r ception), : > dd: not, !ifivt' pnbhcily to fuolisli reasons : ;unions the People.! The
the inmost of their power and honoicdbv ;a-M>riateil with me, as a C'ommiilee I of I lie Sjf'*
con-isim I''f I I ilif following Hi'iillemen., viIJ.ui. j/; : !mvco by MassTchuspits Senators for t their ofcaucus h. s been put down
all with filial ami devotion. Nevv-Kn Iand Society ol Cll irleslon, lo wait m \\
The Anericnnsv".H tal Hoi."D. reverence patriotic)
c y-ir; rjty, F. 11. I F:! 'more, E. linger, *
feared !lest \
that thanking Florida. rjygj11and '
vniis : "iliey i Ger. ; South
Scnor ; thfy will con nit no oinr.i <* tipy.iro .1! .itiit-j L. Peiru, [Hun. William Aiken If vvedo i.ot 'ilv.ays: think! :alike, v.e upon yon mi your arrival, and to tender tovmi | Carolina, v
all feel) alike d el that h of the, iudividn a roidia! weir ome aui.m us. Our So- Tiiylor mipht bp lonstrued into approbation CALIIOU.N and his h.e
christi..jjs yon will r. nrn to ', U i.r hmisfiin I II. D. Ucj-aussniP, 1 lleni *. (jouid'm, .1. !!. ; we mm parly op* ny! atfl.

tj! (* ritv ;-dij! nat fs ir to rct.irn ---vmi si1I Campli-U. I Him.I !"i .iI1. K. 11 uei.. I II F.liuuf i! happiness. as well a> national: renoun.which ciely i it composed) ; of cminrauls:! fioni NI wKn of t lie manner in which t the President corumeni the noble principle of onppnrtin,
havp "ii'-i I belongs I to Us now or ; belnti-j tous lmd: and I heir de! >cc-i.d.mtard!; I tho eof niea11
nmjK proteciianfniin iillr i.i1. j. 15. Le;. aie) K.: Ye.idou., Hdii. .1.! may : ,, -ed I lieVm r "-not I that: they were without regard to the interests
With Iseie.dier, doe- and will at late ii to u*, i ll.eundivided. the community who are pler.scd io aid mpiomoiiim cf
sucl did I 'Ji ,
assiiranep ti. n r to S AshI.I I. \V. liaynt', Dr. Juliu U. 1 liivjiu i -
honor the nalbmt (General and the late session
iloinz to
convince J eimr S. that !lit' 1jnld hV<* IHIJIitiil Al"\i!>:)d I IIUI.I. ;iIvi-s: the indivisible! ) our objei I is, ;> iud! mingle with i.sin .iveise to [' of Con rpsi fu'rni''Csome

to fear in Von: Cm. one ilut'itv b ain TiiCommittee I *.-d! :Mr., Weh.sicr it'tn! the uieinbeis (,i the ieat Aiueiican! Republic; onr cotmiicmoiaiion li f thn9u vents in and liis I lave roe lades! in nrmmdikc : eroeohJrtzim; : grounds it, hope for ,!

onr limtls. !Hnw I mac'i <:!' selii-ln siiirious |.i.i7 irr lt.idi! >y of I the E fluji !I. ;i I am h:ippy. JiC'inleipi.n if % on liimk,, that our national history uli'iL-h are pciuliaihde.i i'! r. Polk and! his friends F'ickIin.rf)10111p) death of KinCaucus.. In the D< -
theu while !ic1iur.u! : : i the dntit s of ; ol to n<. As one born and reared! in the j niofrifConvention *
was in iljjs J ueeI.-Iary I '
i.liioli was I ihion: cd with I i I:idies and:, uti"u soil, tVc.. the \i \laj.sacmsf! Senators tc- lately t hi -lit i,, ALbam.,
Ks Irs rirjVay cIltU-! Stale, I p.iid just ic<:.iid to the protection of same pa it of the Union, : v.e have ;nvatlet! jrs p""
rcr'Az'p t -y c / ZZ it lieteil. (is vv is a-n a 1 1.1 irm* crowd juiced in the fame :..fttitrcd| by (be brave j sidcM, the [ Jut,. War. II. KING
Soulhein, inter1, those onr.-elves! of in'. to the S.ouih.to *
.I l-Jicnr.r/io titi T : : st. ItiPiy judgement! your journey ; ml
? st-i :.C' t'i t1Jrauos in'erest! iii thei'i-elvcs a-k! .uf' ihe l.ivor: to nwhilp old man-they were led at-tray by a mi-taken dress, recommended an
ttl ciuM (it is tut", f.uher, whit the ti) givt' tiif distinguished, UP I .1 hean: welcome : impoitant) weie connecletl yon tany aIaunig union of ihe WT

"gentlenun siy.t-zhe Anej-irm< ;anfrifi.. to the hospitalities: of Ch.ulesion.Mr with ia\e: questions of public: law, us, and Itt t.s talk losielln, r ol: Nevv-Kn l.md., notion of I llieir duty rol m that t they loved and Democrats of the South, and! Siith;, *,

to us in T.unuieo-l lt tisrej-un 14) flu* --ity.) Websifr I took his position ID: I the centre I ijtipsimns tonchinu the iiptunnitv ol ll urs. and gossip nicr lho-e *( enes and ivpi.itivh'nli > Coar Irs*, but Ho'iie more." Their", iis in view of I lit, f.ict that the United
and, i the independent e j nd quality nf awaken, in I, us ende.nirig reeollecipinsif S
T Stai'Pd at J it' % tfldP. and tnmvi sndiletilv iiI the ba'cntiv.' le.iuiedi.iU'h! fiuntin I In* haI : true was ihc sn!) of IJrntos; -but when IJank had berr beheld Catali-n. She i-oiore 1 dv >! tijtIIT I tint.snpiMi: I the Of em. To t the$ (11'LZtiiI 0th' eaily diys. lie pleased.! Sir, to accepi ldea'ac1
; ; \ siicet t .did V. as there t '!dre-i ;.is i foll'iw > l hvth
tif I tiie.se qrpstimis I could not be i t.esible.. hUt bid.hog. and lest alined \\ shah ill'olL omitted all mention of the Hero lit the TariiTpolicy had! become
lip -itrJ ?mte.iiiii;) la 01 IflZ e M.issiv :, .' I Hon. Fritikim: tl. Klt'tinc, Cii! iiim.m, ; ofihe
crushed j it !)f>trei her liujpjs. A 1ios'Tlie Coum.itte: nl I IVP.CI pii.ii! : It is trite lhal they t otnmatided; my III itaul I be happy ill rendeimg the .hoit time yon io his uip sase, w lieu he snit gut I lo superceil {| then- were no difference's of opinion iVi,

scrni* 1 oty.Mn n <;f a ir linJ-* n .' Sia : AN UepiescutatiM'sof nir fcllnwehi.Ptis IiI ('III loin ; an:i I if the re-nll t has: been jieaierfieedom -j m iy be bie :opi, s with us, agreeable to :' him by a "conipooi.d of f madman! and! |j Whi2smd Demo rats." If i\M\ j Hailmir

ftleam) hj >1i*> \.IM m > iftn"! *>uu. Th? i-" of ( Mi n :Ics-t.in, v.e i nt nponyoti Jn fiom :iuin''\ aunt-P. mote .secnciv: for j _\oor-i. !f and (ami y fool"I -when Fiikho.: Thompnn iV: ('u.. I to be t the CM"; --the coutj juncture is
m.irilioie lights, ;and agenda! tdvam( e in We haveapjnomi.iied; nortime' lo-moi- motij |
ICst path i* rsntf.e -; !>: tender. I ilirir welco,{' ;and jjond wishes.Uariirj $
of and the the l Pies'nFcnlial m sp.idas; ; -ir.s-. dealt t!heir inaliL'tiant j vor ti! It!. and the cheerio, of
SOUP, or thf raibl t
levelled Jhrmr.:1! ih:<' ihsili Ittt'e.aio. -\'!:. s liirini'zli tl.eir iity. 0:1: .1 tour thin.i h intt rt-Hiisp cf u.itions I .uu iourd to aiuie -- Society wheie we hope \on will feel blows at !his: hard earned fafne, 'fw.is '11.0: by tin- whole people. iir.fVtlfrPJ ,Junpli

Viir. the Soul ''MTU .Stales, und<'it.i\cnto; ;pioenie, t this reau ift i t..'her to { lie i oncnrie.u: -eof nn.s'I: ( .1! h'ime, and then we shall be jJadj ; I there I d! r d, at t to Ins public;tl! conrplinns ,

American Line? l'h'l Vtir'IM .. bvpeis: m .! o'isgivati. : jni.: a h 'lift Ktio'iled eof Inrttrc: c-ircumstancis, .unl to the. encoiii.ijpmeii j to unite v. nli oar; profession;*! brethren, -__ vf-n, r- s C\i=ea tir'h! about a l'ohrtcalMiIh I > wou:
MuviV:4h 1817. ;.n \ '--ipi'dit I tat f u'tjlCs) th.iu to and our !ei\v|| tni t'iis, in tendering! your nimin, i'be t ,
1 iheit p' 4)jl.| '. pm-nit-i .ni'l ipicresthe! .. LitiiiurouMlir
rli.jejs id 1. Chai lesion.: 1 II iy iii' : .i-n'c ail ihllei- any ability!: '.' :. )-.-dy! UtY eliinl-. visit :as pie.isiM; : to yoni-t-If, ;.' if i is acrpj.tatable We have looketl into theVhij pappr.om1 down t uli the L-unl*"* JnJ

: orn tljc St. Lvzi s-p, Eta, nf i7n! Ail J Jllitlleof e.1., S ri political opinion.! in a COMIMIOII tce ( '. I conenr! vvith von < oidi.il\! entien-en! : I and gialiiying to our comninniiy." ? and South, with an earnest etirif stlto \ tinAmerican People! won! I a ttasen..

in the sentiment, that mntial: iptetconrusiienu'hens Mr. We! sIr kindly accepied ihej mtt'rtaoiu wlietlicr v.ond! imitate thimviT" bled! to tIter
o': : '1TILL.t''E : ,t41 to l I'liithcr! yi,inr I uKhis..u-l i tn i n.drryussr : veiy : they as a family under or.eWe
mntn.il% rejjaid : anil that the j i inv it ti ition? .n d wa e-peci u dly wi I II I :.- to
1 'O1J N W Ii'r. \ Shit :I I 'I-JP! n t'ii1li'.I, aitil i nn.niitH I- ( <-f the Lnto Fo o I l're' <. and aH.in-! of the Smith have rf>m.mhrt!
tunisf t-itr/.etiS! of ihfi'eii-nt pails of I the counliy meet) ihe Soci tv and mlrr frienodin iheunrestn.ined rea ,
c'.iIzr:4-71; ; .il.r4'o; (.a .p I ti.IV! lr>I >... t'iI l tn is th<- p! M .im: dniof donJMstice- sake! -vihhhnlil tlicircensure to wish for suih a .
i'iof ituoiirr.! tll. ill! party I ;
one ; nioie t% asfH'tilies I iueilom a l.unil', nnlmd i 1 n..ii.n. If ,
: ,!::- jqi.i tn t ? J of CiilfJ '. 'js/ xpu' iiig I to NOIJ hid !titt< t $ tU'sf.irinm llieyM f *
I I be sofleneil, a:OtI thiTeii onciled 1 talk those donu which from the dis racelnl routti oct of the I IMa Diir.ocrat.c PitMcIecr wl..fb
: t ct-s rei to over rif maiieis; I ( v\p l.ir
U. O'zin- I J /7.7 7'Zrricc .x;tirn'iCt' : llitl-S ,IMITliilJ I Mill I ill I lllfirh anj
:'i c ft'i'l -r.4 rjvv 'fl-. i IsV :1 s'f ljnini'i.: t'jt-' \ wil! Ktxm iln-rw.uo I may iiiideital: ..e to sax for M.IS; ti !haelis, j ;ire -o mtei.-.ii.it' to hiNevIlnglarnl; 1H- ;achu-ftts Sent.trs-aniI weI I a"R t.pen I believe in !hut' itrroiM! ) *} j is r'.eurd! !, Lp ',!
.'If. .V 7' Stt'/ltUr .. tint se!; I i-; ieadv: ;at :ttI! linns-, ju fOi'tI. atiilto j iow-ciii/.eim and! their :assoiate j of ill" Society
: ': :; t'I1cf' .it It.'? V' t'ti J rejoiced to fnd! I that .dl the I'atJinjrVlji; !to.i :i Northern gn.io- | i < 1 Hl.'y: O'rn. Ca
ri-i to to. I !it.- | ) >it and t lie ho-niiahi\ who ;anti. a pleasant! ; time j,
The .stenmcr A ntir-n't arrive I t-it-j tlmrIlIflz 2i 'tt III.IOII) \ ort'itMii I :iid! ) iiiti I cll a nil I the ipale; very deiionnce wjih nznir'a'tzrr.I seieri'T iul.pHbrM.s !
South ( TJI|jers : .avr; ro f'J.t t.r ilip
Carolina and, that !
: ; su iennm.irsancient I with their ihi-tiiuiiih.'d! gne.st.I'ALTHIOCLA. rrMl.
from thf Nl 1 ?li \ niiH'tlie:
ai'd, the nnliei! nmiii loif'tief' tif iiie/ who j v.itioti t.l
taoh union frati'iniiv ; iii.Hhe men nt our rights J.sur.Kl Nurtl.rrofj.i.Tfir .
; na; ? \1r. S. P. S-iM ttf. the enereIic rn>i id ,ij! 1 djsiin_ U '.I J Il prfvnMtivc I in I ;
*ntlenrin w'tn' left ihis
tvin'er with) di'sMi'c'iesfr.-n' 'he ,vf'rst7Ien1 I iliey ifintni'ifrvuh'! 1:ir more pleu.jit : | conmiiin) Lite; 'm, a commoi c otintrv ; th itthen1 : I ." Tlie e< >tme' i<*. the in: .. i ron I tro.to tlie Kxecntive.Vei. .'n to

for ( tn. lv> iniv. hi Calif,rtiM., II proceedei > ili.it. ultilst! .it lii-, hi:i.I I nf ill?' _ttr;: is, no wheie el-e.) ,i t'.h' or a higher of the Lneo Fo-o Press will tneH ttreicar Gen. Cass with .1 Win"
tocer' i ipyp r; .
n]i.irliicit. } IHI M.II lift! \uii! !ti: !tnover! a'pietiiUon ol the men. m t |hits) IM'f! f STrr.I.Y. LAY 15, 1S17.f I *" (
; place m his retiirn Iit' 2ldi l of Marr't.W itifier| cti"ji, < of the Ui.ion tiie .Sunili uis this her sister Stales: ; mnno when* the: pi' I |lm| < of tlje : !'.ii:t Ta\Ior, tint the I'llfi- j but if VTP resort to r. Convpi.tion (I Ij fiitr

.; ar? iIli4 I in his kiH :Utenti'! in tint tii'.It'r tod l ul I h'jr ifiiit'-K l ; iitid !nrnjh ; valence; ofmon1, easuest, ivishcs (orwhitever ;-;-- The followniij $"nrm! nre auborixec"AiTPKls thitf! will!I act otnpary thp bane'.. he will retl! j jin may may God deliver nlo n.-ake d choeij

deliveries n '; s4t *'r.i1 Iptiers stun our o.rips !s fo'itul in MIII 'in ;iic .ind :; m.iy. advance her ;piosperi'y and disiinclion.Jentleiu'ii. for the COMMF.KOI AnvKRn-ni', and wil1retvip i ihe columns! of the Whia i' ttrs: !s j tte may f.tll on a Wibi.M Pn.visuniim. \Te

potidenis i-i New Mexico, ir.vjx'ih stey! on vindic.t'nr; ; tintuui in.ide, iflfIlt! t f.ilicr ( ; tiavelleis.! I come! a ton vi y on, with I my md receipt fcrueri'tior.t. or advcrtieI eXltrPS0)T4 of heaitfelf orrow, that men I have no totbt! that lu-n. TAILOR i wionfy !->
.family as ;ul not 1 fieliti that v.e.eulii'ly
fib a rival. pu'iilt I.: >* rvirr > i ';i| and 1 *>u'ii'> ful I eJioilsin t :-
ii re I str-n eis. I wish |t) ..jtract I noJ rnuld be fonrnl in Ma'-achntctts so recreant itatvehotloer! that the Wlii:s if n iie
The f'lllowmj teei'IrI!i'l.i of I ihp inci- |. iMrve our rel't"i-: > I', prite ;rjd Ini- 1' MA dent] ; of the butl 1*. of .''.ieri ts-.il.. whieli IMO iy witlj the iinKi hec and pounlii n.iiinn J osienf:uioiis notice I bet t les-ie onto! i be II..t jj-.uid leavi.rsIr.iuo New York. to I the principle of ror.i'tift i.f their Nor'h! will vote (or-.Ttid we CannOt sf !,

led tn t'ie capitulation: : of l luc city of Clnlinnhun uf the o:1!: uoild ; .1:: I I hat v hie! \ .nirvel le anled as a f-llow conntryn .111, and fellow D.vvin\ I.V l fltt.-rt Cnrrvh.H-, fl.'5 NV t AUnny()tlp-n, la. patriotic: f. : heii. lie will! a'so! sr*- wli.. r th eLncti j rely upon at1!! ll.e Sontht-rn States rrjer.tr.;

will i iuterpst onr reuiet: \Vrslnl :s:- t llu- f; Mi r..l r.itisc jf hum univ and ciii/.pu. :and see the countiy an the peopk* :Major JACK t UAU I M.UN. I l.ub.ula.: Ala.Tf Foco Presses v/onl-f! fain keep out of ]| :? Wihr.ot Provi-o car.ifitinre! whrn: welste
w ithon! fo: inaliiy or con-li HIM."Thanktui .
: "ivefull!I d'ttails I ln-'iinnow. \ onespnnJe cili/.attiin, ii: >n (!loin) :r, \ 4)II at! the &:HIM lime
; ; ylill. md th! dlttZCtis rf Chnii"toii. si'jht that in ih.n! braneh of ihe Lec >F.iMir: ; tIe; eviilei.i r before us m the j jtrsoiJ (J
:it at lodi-pesiden p. w-Jn> iSe-tves! !his Mivaim'd the hn'inr, ai:;t d I pionwied t he luatititTf'.fs .
inform ninn fro'ii) Cnt. \/ i1ier. mtitii)!ns of our co'MMiuu cu'in.iy.! ; 'llevreni ;)iaii'; for the cotitia! wilcome etend" \- ( Josi-Pii f S'. M T, F.srj. has hem :ipo'fr.trd which! most I iruly! reflect* the popular feel'ira. J 31. IJovrs, m the etouitlale! of a Sve! : mtr,

the death: from) !iis wtTils' J ipceived ;at "''pr t Io, ik ,, ;AJ f .'c'i.-i'i! : n-u! j .I to me. it returns that I offer yon.i" Clnk for; I'.iiC1ity fur ihe District the vote of thanks was; ctrrlcd l y a majority : Jectu.ii. to pfetf2e; biiiisr'f! nnf to Tttftf

Sacramento, ofIr.: Kirj! ) its uk..of f J xinj-; one! fif t'li* )'Ii i 1'iir'"n. ilii': <' u the !. >ilfmen, ;perstmaiK.; m\ !It i-jh ipjiids"us. : ; : Comt of the Tinted Slates for the Nor'heniDstr'e of twothirds.TFIF tth a [-er-t.ii for the Ties.t". MV. Shf'tnz

lon, in this Sfite.: ( ] < > .vtis vio! tvasOiC : IciiIiTin I ili stia2e!<'3 ('tf't t the Itevol ii t ion, : I ? u etint-iutir- n vu- fi----- ,.. h : :! of( f'loii.la.! Jiy a rule of that the prospects before the \\ IntrSoa cfnI

only Ampiic.Ti ilt1! on: tli t' *I 1.J, mmm and that, amid Ha common trials and d.mutr / whit h now SO rio t tuls, us, and I whose
assc'nbl'pi I together, this ca-ion I Court al! prnres? is made ret u rcii': I to i !he : EXT iMifirnvY.Tl.e : >!i. !! secrs to us that .o e hnitdtpot"
.in-led n compitiy: uf te i't *fs and t i >., >inv.. iih as; so re.sprcitul I, antl < I I Hi- : ?lo.day; : I in each month. matitfi'stT'iotts: of Ike pne! fepei2"m ro trtI ., tht'
making the ch'ir wn: nrtch i'i M%Iv nice of f hi.rit im* of trt't'.htttu and a co :ilIiti1 : i> t inipeialsielvi a n on j : rt ol ort

his Mo'iMtpl h-ifM* \h. of fee! aUo tCtt,1it.tu! mv .i ilt a a< !koowled jmenl5; I t'j'.or "f G. o. TAYLOR for tiiis ht h offiep 1)Pfl1tr1it feiltivr-riti/p-
me.;) 01 a \ r.'niz -ticL glory. They. iln', i in, ( r<> o i ;rupitof i

was eviJ *itlv a nutk') for their sh irf>-s'm'l- thc>e "rit"1': !!! reln'n""rces: : v. e s'l'iuid' it- !tnnst) U"i-r m:% si'ccic* ri'surrI.; ( tiisol (t.7""f: are iiifointPtl! that ro term rfth are daily !Tteeotcn ni'in-rou? att I jre'jcral. >*ortu! rn s-fitvi! h<.!Itrr! :u! a Y.'i, ttrib

cr5, .innd! !>. TiI I 1. it umifO
The traders h id r< jjenctd and dier.iblf drtermiii I'.ioti liO:1.tr.II1flIi1l couniiyuien-we aie !born I lo I ihe sane: 1 lulu
i-n ojieiai-o'is in an sin : to ,
until! the next Decetrhcr! terni.M his nomin.i'irm by Whi'jr) Hdisors-i.or dowe
bv lie county tli.! aid viitli 1 To uslherecvmm
rita'ice. it.jot.-m. and j-roffeied ;
till the city of Chili :uinin. Mr.1 Maaotrm atuJ njte -t the *.ii liNtvf! ne ;.md w cjn s line p ; p"i-urc.
I the '.a-'ie valur. M"vv: 1 Inila-J liluod has jaid2l? ulto eTi'' r i.f }IMS marify! by (!he *
was still det lined as v prisoner, aiid had feeIiit;. of rach.; They hupe ine I tio: >a po 'iuati'
been sent to the city of Mexico.MKMORND 1 eiiiltii.'' ehieri'.lt'd, :id:: the--e! I iiesNtreiii.ihkeilii moistened the soil! wheie ve tjwvv SI'IM!. (11'ETT.'l'i' n pitiions exurr, cd by \Vhiff mprt.r aw! j jConventions. cit the Soitthcin Peepfe b jn em n': 'vcru-
shed, asn-adi'y: :.s at Li-Mu tou. C.o.i rid! ) 1'nion ;.ral! "rs sa'cllirps! the UijiKntfiiirrr w
I: i.r -
t'lit i t ttIt';. n.'i'.v :r.inpiii] :UJXTTLI- S' coht'e to jej.ihs. or !liutikcrhill. M.iv; it prove a I'ui.iblecenicnt 1110101 'i'iI 1| the smmahl!
: .\ OK TJ:. : ftFMETO.tet iis, Inpj.ilx iri : Tiifmdnt'iHe -a- a Iry tai f tl L
I to the! movr-mf :.ts in vi. hy e ; t'it'iiti'tt the eleiritnn! t"i tbI'resiIt'tv
'In* enemy 2-iili Fe'jruuv.: atSacremcnto. eif puljli" men I is .1 pnurrfnl I .i eo- of I the Union ol out I respeitve: Stan 0 ; a noon 1 t the Lrit'o J'oco !I'li'':sr*, loire been i a no
p's hteen miles not) ii o5"X.'hihuihnn. eyl -in.Jii i" vt'ry much to be leuif-th I, ti..i.! .\ II1 m:my L'eoer.ituii.s.; now tar of*', fid: imJt-pe nderit! Dcmofriiic prt ;i.f f % l.ui .
writhing since the of the
slroti'ily enternthed ; action c.immcnced ol Ameijr-in i i.t fIICTi. \ ''ioe rnlaiutd, a iheiiiselvex I when t they arrive, as v.e now f nd : nev s hattie of cha rat jim.' in his: favor by Ica-lin! Demo- nut fruin interest or [*rej'Is( c-u'ionera

at 3 p. M.. on ihe patt i.f our ..uisllety i- and! liberal iniud* m.ike; i thui opiii-jis! : a.111ihority ubt ru-Ivu-s. -i !r'e, H">peciabe.! united: :irti! Ijiifna Vista, under) i ihe! la-h of iheVhi2! | t-ras-au.b p.uticr.larly lo the Rescluticrsitiiro.Juced hrsvirj' teen a { irlithian or plai e-hur.ffrs

at nine) hundie( J y :riis, on ..u .tdr.inced :iij.I 1 he-i ijn..ihfy iliem, iu iii.dM.ind !- r iros'M'rou < oinmiiuiiy I j.iav' \MI, IMIIilenvti J'res-cs, who cliarsed: upon I ihe Administration by Mr. NICHOLAS, Democrat.: .
itt br tittfil in lilt tlevofion fu Sit tte
charge of ravalrv ei 'jl hnndrod and ssxtv ih jircii.iract::, .;r ;and to do them jnsiitein accept mv sincere gud1 iI.es for and i's servile followers in Mtid out f>fC'oiCtr a
into t !lie Ltmisiati'i: Le-ii-lature. Many ofthe to be maintained! riit 1 .
trot*:? Kn 'ms .11 .' i'.kiy daectcd a nitist I!, I lli"ir o vn, so iMvtr.iv. I into other suctioi yon all. >s, t that t tl.cy I !had ivrn i videnco of a ; or w r n.
tours Tor a time. Th- neiny's a'v.j'u'dtliarpe 1 )>, .md make theinsfl.ii> pt-i > fins addie-j. Wliis pajrrs; still adhere: in M r. CI.\Y. | W,- fear thar the ULVIriO'i- IoW

: fell; back :>nil re-foiuietl, :>ss.niin: v. ith, .i td: l.nuvn o t tjer! di-.t.ml and i al I Us ( hits.'. 'f( r. Webstrr was sihiteil I deep i noted hostility; Jo the I m (1 illnnl Ti LHP.. and seem (ie-irciis of steir.2 his cl.iims run-i I.> t.e jra.sf of tl'o-e nl.tt a't! vvi-'oi.j' :*

their second in front of their line In PUCk! lithe loir) and snlhnMas'ic; plandi.'s arid Tiiis ;acrnsation; h.i-; been avoided. F i.t has
pos-it'inn of CU'ItlItlrTi intt'ironr-e, assail in sitlea tI ut a \\ hi Conveiition: -i.t?her W!.; t.f: lie WLij P -irhfetb
>;i cfss ; ; r'y. nifo n
redoubts and crIricIn1e! )); O .r.iwu b it- the iuifichaiig1: of to'irtcaies and opmoius: ch'-eis of I ii"! niiiiieroiis arid gi iatiti d spectators never bee (follmpt I 1 a nub repelled, onr have have abstained In
papeis ; m pror.oiuictri :u i rood Khii-h will tL'ittlflIfl
id th" inn,osin" Ill aeciiie t lo
tery at the simeimnjadyanrin: :. :iim opened pieju licf.s dit.pe.lr.; nti-j rin nt s .t ri' ( m-i -1e11- apj; eared ihe Loco l"iieo jtapi: bren led. in theo
tlieir fire upon I the ene.my. a-i.J ni a xerv n-C.ed. and .1 JMM .lupn-t i.iliou of each othetcre.tTed t iti fme heahii antl sj-ini--. and m admirable favor ot ( TATLOS, l 1-ocarast' they ule.-rrm-I :o (tsr thu' Irtut i it t h: i t :

short time threw them) tut.i co-upl'-'t* rou- li'.idmn; hi utudi.iiiiy in le '!mj, h.irHi liii 'iii-. too. I to enjoi I the iniiiKToiifestivities ( $ ; t iflowiii" of I joy consiqnent j upon ( !i-n. preset.! nctiuti upon tiie subject of the I'lTsidncv I them in ivhn.tli\! > the si ; ; ifi.'

I.4-"-. fusion and 11 :ilit. Al I their cIv.t': ( v behind litfly i pidjluIIHMSUIP( -, and ciiuticntlyi.'i ( ; and linspitahtcs.: public and 1 privale.ill TAY LOU'S ie"ent u disp'ay! of wisdom and mihtaiy preiii.itiire, aob! as far a> Clttiej.T.YLf ..! tray tro' them to Ldfge 1. "/ ', v H-> alir.

their fortificaiions, I the s, I to denonnco I the oijnst a i- )ii is concerned is talctilau-d! : ttetnbarass > 1f

our riiiht winy to rlnu; e UD-HJ redoubts. v.'idi.ire.Entertaining. .\ niiiiib'M of i .itL-! ,-, ot both sexes, wiie pei-ior.s. of THOMPSON. FICKI.IV. cl. iilt. Ih the Proptcs Ctoi--, : ;

xvhich were nrriMed by re..zl.Ir.' ( infauiiy) .. :: the>c vn ws, our conitniits ; picscnti'd to him; an 1 ( endued, him ih'ircori '!Mie\ have left lo m the Vluig I'rc-ss t lie him m his military orr.Thrsbimum I'irry lines, lui v.e fn-l t IMI < -I i dviit
; grateful
fi from Duration and Zacatec n. This ci! irae heard of tM. luientmn and olijccis ofvn.r : r.ito *! i.t i> .s..d re-necifnl h. tna.'e., of tltftse who do r .t join tu f.ur tu.ui- ..iss'tianeethai with hi* pen-.ei > !Iiuafn': '

was made in .1 most .II!! \t.t If1t)ncr snppi-r- vi:>il Iu the .SoiJ'h, \r.l i i unniued b.itis- The Conn i.f Coinisioti Pleas :and 'ihe City tfi-k! of w-IiipninjjTlie _t_ ,. ination. a l.tr' majority a ve unuitsrakeablc native MOit s n>e. ihev wib! prove fain!*

led by Major (liljjitrs :md Lieut. (:id.! .1.Hl ksoifs lactitiii."They. Conn of Clnr't'-tun. beinn io -(>-,-:im, I llieone. 0to evidentof a rer.dihess! to support
) :;aik f mhru'ug'i lit. hi like 3I *tir.vu breasttvoiks ft lab coU f
motion id fl I 1aiIr'y! :
command: an I the s-ctio-i of liuv.itzcrs ar happy; i it i ilie)i oiipmiumiy oi on) Iv-q .
the '' [ nomination; itt On. TAT LOR for I'nsident. m *- him at a proper 11001'. Juddiu'j: 1tti our Ii rctmlil he sin !before lit seelf*
other on motion iu t. It.lliew.Jpr a : .eti to
under Capt. W t IjJ MI: ;".d Lie; i. ('t'if.inn; these M-iilmiKuH In > ou, Su., es-
.. ad m : Attorney { >eni ral.i : bv cPiiain \.7hmiz! has been, personal; iubp.tivationat1 trom ttu[ evidence It-
Chotitcnii. I In) -i verv fch'tii ti-ue i'n-ir- j ii.i nlly.: they uelcomc jon with llicft papers impiisfui! in party tntinels tl 1. e Ca'I'.ofien !

whole line of f rtific.ni p.s was evjc te !. >
their h.uteri: I <'s silence 1, .*t u | I tij<- netny in Si.tt Ttii, to ) our rt'ireeut! Uivu chtiaeier I I citi/.ens in ;tlIdil.ltef' to wiinpss the lecep-1 who SPCMI I to fee! meat m appirhension' we have no ifot-bt but that I t the WLips ufilsu
press surh a maa ZACKAKV 'i'.i\ : -r.As
lion ol Xevv-Lni.'l.iiid's i: f.ivoiitr 1
full retreat, in every direction. The enemy :i tItan he may a Loco l'oio-an.I who aie tmtt. tu.aiU'Mot'.sin B
their Honors .Indue O'Ni' H and piove I I't i IIP |
; tno proposiTion ut)
beina in foil r't ref. :M ij. Clark, wnh hn will HOT. four Gponti'leis'! (;lif hu-Ait/ers Iieinj already tin'.Mon; of hope, \\hii It they \\ tidy chit-- : liter wen- ..11:1011those! u ho lendrtfd him a ]1 ahl'liy lo the V/hi::s any r'mht to pmtieipate favor; ui (it' n. TTLor election. With this i-r.jfp f;>r 9))'|'(>intirVI a .: atIt IO

4t in ihc pnisnit.'' ) fiiiluwpi] at the t"j> of i-h ih-il \!. >-richosn- will iff, in ..dllues ihie w <-l< ome amoiini. o-. Sever d otfu f the C'h riywheie ; ill mitt' itnry: nf a v.ar.; in which, th"v have ic-peci to the Democratic j ortton cf the \ "j Xatin:;;*! Convention. \\ ; roe'

our speed, until we wrr' sotue '' 's'aner- inside lii.i: ui-ile Smilli ( 'aiolma, maimt; a'-o piesentedto I the gtaaut New I Huglander. volunteered! I in iinmlieifar, cie'iter I than p-i.jde. we liehe'.e that if Gen. TJI *. t( r. i< x.rlsle gorttti'-.or.uI u-hli"ndr i I 't.t1 u1nr

their line of rortiileati.in. V.J''H ihe furhu'sr' ; the I m.ii'iien.iuciher, own nJiSnith I m..de
i/.Ld and cundid..u> cf"will
their pohncal (opponent'; Tlli* secut of not >< upon, a i'tl! **!
at I lent I'sipcted fur-m lireiMtiu. still .I.ioie- lj. Chairman tii*' lass eIu-cta.tn campaign, v.P ( t t njii
Major's ion was to :i tie i-nlerl tins hir NOIII j Patiuin: Kssj.. as id '
ble ballPry, MMHH 1.jOU y. rds (!is'. rit, the i.ite; a!! ih |viijitM'! '. .md ;.lit'-tiion, due iu a .the !iar Coni'iiitii'c. neav; and hipoi'x. ,*dMr. [m Iii' liimti rai-etl by the LOCO Foco or nns ye, v.ill ye, by the Fdiirun
position of which! osi l lie! minisi) of :an immense sister ilhisiroiis lot hui {great vntuc her : Webster on behdfoilbe i liar upon I ihe nommttiois t ) \byV hi'.rt!, of (Jen.Ien. of tinWhijj Party __-if his nomination andeeition i in,2 tI> rue the Sla'e !I-.y j .u k1 1 .ttvt'oO

pile of volcanic: rocks, co'iitnanded I'M*;it m"ii and, her Steal .u:hievun$ nl.s.For .- of Cli.iilestiin. teiideiiiiii him their ruiiiru: ( ; T \TI.OI:, i is m th.it it carries dismato i 1-, left to the votstiary! soni.u.eous wht 'h chaisewe made ;oi '. r 'I Iin !>v

the retreat of ih-ir )WI furees. anlmi ;htfcave > .mrell :Till as h i. lejueseiitaliv *', tiil.tiious ;md v.clcomi1 (itt his :.niiv.d.t t and j fh"ir he:ir"-. C"ppt); )se him openly, they d.nenot. ; actioti of the People! piotcr. without! itiraidof : torjie-I tiemi u'' !;tS
done e\i'cu'5.! "ir. bid. a ror h:d welcome 1 I 1'ieir' i'u'' homage fin !I'i o'.tiit.eo :! very
;tZtIt: 'i on o'r: j'irs'inii aI..aIII.? we } on to ipspi-ci : :- :
th" ; and! v.iihont :i trsoit t to the inachineiv -
Thev[ fear ini'minHon nf the
Iroopn. I Il I ? i ini'iie.diate'.v, au'u i;>.itiua orders South C.iroJini! and to Ch.irliwi.." a'lili'.ie.' and hih i-hai :*. tcr. and 10% I paity part of tilt Penple. il w. :. r i > .:;e vJbn -'

wheeled and advanced 1 lo one of the Mr.Yeb.ter.. ITt at Icar, coinniandm; :, ;and! him in a !!.ir l >mner at any .l.ii I httt; would I rrnt'Ie., : Thev know that, if he is a c-indi- I off at ii e its or coHremion- ott I sh'ou Id crarc from tis tr> tirMii.; .> totot!

enemy's loub.'s. within 12i.> yards of t the f'dl totsed vo '.re, )his noble and ma-sivv lorm, Soil Ins cotiveni nice. :\li IVii rn t one:hided dale I I.P mils! IIP elected. I In f nmparisonwith he consent to S'rV", if fleeted. Dav does niiri we on.etmvnet! lii .''orit

battery just named, and opened upnu i it I and his pleasing! manner. IMV I in I :j uuii Si d disnit' i :- by s.is; in-' that il vv.is hi' hl> ; I to him, theii -tdie; of brokenwindedqnaiter tot mme 5-0 rely (-i, 'f**, .' after 'ihi." than ;-. I nihter. $
for sncli
with one G-poimilcr. Ahhoiuii! lie height and -jiacefj hisappeaieiicv..; ; I n' his mi ti I f'i Imjs to Inthe Ii"ru't-; Jo Mr.Vebsicr reavnnan i.ianv;
his hoI I st.cceedWe
will I I elevation
najs- IU: VTO.V. I'o!.0. Wr.lUJiT. or i to t Presidency '
of their battery was so great, their sh it all I with ., -fl. e .iii.t J fe.'lm .I. |i \ of sui h .m ;a rei aide ;iit-st.; opposeihe sftidiiis! nf an\ p1tresPfltaIi'

fell short! of IH. duinj: no dir'i *-. Our Ui.\: n.KM ;::. -1 It i would' tie ;.m ;act: of :ij Mr. Web-ler icsponded; with much fi h- C \'.tt wool'! be ineie "Ifitlpr and 'rmo- h..ve been a iitattuVd listener to the the Whia Patty tof ibis S'.rte to any

first fire dismountp-l one p_ :i '"' mm lititm!' s _" Itdeei''. we doubt v.hell'ir'd' free am! times'rained expre-sions nf opinion vemron to !lit' heM anwhr-. l *rpop. iflY P''

. about 13 or 20( minutes, their battery w is j nrjr.iiiimil- to I lie ho '- id!' -and riot a v.-rv voting one il WHS highly Il-i'iuhand' Re.tilv: vvoubl rot taIL :aionndth. atniMi'i I tie incornr.t; 0 misses: of tilt r Democi.itie We hnH await th.' t. .init: :.> '
silenced, heir postilion abandon? I, and our the citius ol Ch-iilesinn: if -li'iuld fill I loe'cpics zzrI'.iIyitt.l: lo his fce'in"' : to lecetve soch a I ffllow cifixi when Gen. TAYLOR'Seei i >
nnii e.i'nnt>. '-Old [Hnll'ioii" and .Mr.POLK r.s, '1'T
colors planted upon the h'-ijhr. lily < iui ulj.tl ihanks; for I the: welcome! Ink* n of res irul! fiom the Chaihstnn Hat.Th th? War. at which time, ii ( :eou-
hay, been withdrawn, like the ( Jemiia I Ir MI has: been t tin* 10 of toiiversiion: ,
pie *
\Vc took two lar p tj-poiinders, cevon 4- yon giVe tile in ( hen init..ht. atid to te< ipio- :it 'iiIi ) men attachment: toprofessinn c-osi
pountIer. ()IIe G pnunder. and two carriages. i ale, I loyon and I in t liiem, my sincere ie.-pett-> il assoi-i.itmns ,increased; v.ilhye : Al.ijor ln-inj; a '' little lime. they have and we have never yrt heard one i.flliein'dedaie I hisr.----not a Wliis-bti as n in' *'

each mounte.I willi thiee ;pii-if of f one and and a md wishes. j :IM. The sin d |>elm s of the 15.ir weusiisti relie-ati'd befoiethe b.iltle has be .'nn. Il is the -h! htust repugnance lo him on an" J
l.ns de.sprved wt-5! of his com rv.
a a half inch CIIIIJI i'. witli a propori!>nate; .. iro'i areijuiie ri'jht, cetlhme.n.! in supposmi' ,meil air' ciiliivaied by thrli.ibil; ol'dm now the jjauipof time! Loco Koco ''rt.s: to account of his pulitn.! :! opinions. Theyh.ivethiis
.. lli.u in leii.ikin llie iiiiT to'jpilier which has both the abilit am! I the will I!, ri
-I quantity of ammuniiioti. Their provii.bascBZe ) !)-. my pnrpo-e, was; an ancient cnslom j
uliz -I ( TMUIR with the Wiii -, and I evinced tiolde and disinterested
''i t-m. !
and everv thin, ?. wit; ab.m hmed tour which 11.1% Inoii !iit me into i the midst much honored in the ob-eyv.
i I upon tilt; field!, four or %five I ihousan I doll I.MS idon, is to IL' the i ouiuiy a d the people would, be liIlil' ;a rteible to him lo aci eptof to preni, if possible, in C.I-P; lie should be feelings of cratimde.i 'l'hmast' Democrats

? io specie taken. The eneoi\ fuc. 4. J.'JHieo 1,1'I I ihe conntiy. and lo obKim a beilei,- and a I'.ar dinner f honihis.tiiofession.il, ; bicihren I chosen I'reside! amity co filial ,nudi is'n! tidingbetween who purpose: to snppoit: I Gen. TAYLMU ootwitlist.inilins Sf.ASON: AM* rRr--t* f
inclutlius some of I lhir finest regular fuller I f knov.lcd e H boili.i I Ui I I herio. I have I of ( :n lesion,, on Mmid iy next. 1 him and I his p.m mlv. They at r. "upto he is a \'lti. deserxe! much i Spring, the pa"oii ha- bern ipti'c J"

t troopt and wfll armed. Our own fmcp inihe nut -been a vi-itcr so fn Sonih ; :and I was I ;Mr.i \Vel ttIt'r then, retiied into hispiiviiep'irlor *. [ pitinns to the p!:inter. I r'om'ei.eJ.. ii"
i his suit of a jrame' -they! tried it once praise for I llieir freedom! from 'political bins.We .
' action was OJI.i The cnemv lost I in unwilling (jni.r ouwilhn. lo be longer a I wlii-ip I t lie was: watted i on b\ ]I'] P. i ftrsi place! about three vppks't''

killed 300. a prrat nnm'ier' '% II(I iit1tiJ. tliiity ,t r.t sJe I. f.er'.hail) I in I the .Sonihern.Siates.u I Mjlhken. Ksq.: r'haiimmof: ; llie Committee w nh SII'f't"-Vd need not I instance: I ihe inihvidn trn-i I that i their prejudices, whuh have iisnrl. Piaminc t'OItei1 imniutic rnlrmi'i<

t or forty prisoners. Our own loss was one 'J'he cili/eiis of Charlesi/m do me an honor, of .lontor Mani: <;eis, who lendeiib-d, him. dbv name, who fitst profaned; tlie chair been oven ome by I tl I e wisdom and! callantrvof late. Thru snrrppifpd! a i1rr.mtht, aII'

killed. OUR mortally; wounded seven uouodeil whu'i I iiiosi! deeply fe d i, wlien .they t siy, ;and his ladv: and f imilv. an iiiviration, ; to a of W\SMINOTI! with tliP foi in of.i traitor; time! IIiio of Iiiii'iia A'ista; will not heaSJ'io ui,!)l'ts. antI! iinmeiliately f',!'owit'2.

(not inarlillv. ) A! ui (four days all t'r ihion h you, that ( hey h.ive b.nil.u-iion: m Cisi/.ens Ia I I. t lo be civi'ii on Tne.s !a> eveiiins worm a Grasshopper presented ilio !
that tlie '' aronscil his
'' lint UP opine Stale deviie"! ( will by bein_r m-u't! t lie c.\NUtDTI -
the bailie. Col. Cuilia. who was I in command: meeting me al I their i own homes, and wish [ next, which : i r.V'. prompily; accepted imiumer. blit'qnnntitps! in St'UOP V1

if! cf his recunent at the battle: in attemptm- I lo render' my visit ;i rn-able. When one ismads on his own and their behalf. fail-the spratt which, caught a lieniii'i" : 01A PAI.TTI We are willing that; he Even up to the present period!, toaneTV

LI to make his escape from Chihuahua, III iii'- welcome, to t the homes, of CJiailesinu, Il was arranged lint: on Mon'iay orToesd will not even tevvan! t the patient aimilers wit Iii should be tin I'iE5I1)1T: or THE IVHOLI: lersare nrtensy about ceiiinsof

, guise he )having l eeii roticeal) in the city I am' quite await* thai the w.jimth of hospi- It iy moiii'mi; nextof( wlm h |inblic notice ; clnrinus nibble." Tropi.r. Sntelv we, who are Whigs.should pith*>r cotton or rom. l for wb "r' '

during that time, was taken prisoner.I Col.Sam. lahiv-.in: ao >io f'tj U her. would be uiven,) :'i Ir. Webster would leceive The late vole 1 in the Sent t e of Ma saeliusj not crum t't' our IV How ciiix.ens the growth bad forcpd itself up. there I11"1

C. Owens, of I Independence, who was '. LJudiMibtedly.gentlemen 1 diffeienees of and be j inirodnced I lo the c'ni/e'is euit-ra1 by, litilevecptaiion erowmc it Ijas bef r"_'
Its the lesoluiinn of thanks: to piinlejie of f i laimiu a in
in the action as Major of the battalion; of opinion on many subjects I exisi bcivvecnyour : at the Mibeinian; f 2 ill.Jleceitl'nin upon rnnmion property slvely! tlevoured. The small cram

Volunteer Tiader?, win the only otic killed fellow cui/.ensaiid i myself, and beuveenCttrohua ; liijllif j'ficKngfiind .'itieIiJ. fifii.; Taylor, which had passed; llie I House I a mm who ljl5 fair I lo lenpw to us'ie! also rather mir.proniiinZ-nitre ; >ruso

.,iir oji the f'-d.| : utit1i uuii las'sjclitis us. Uut The, New-E Uglauth .Society, an aocitS ( I of Keptcscntativcs by an uvenihelming uw- I character cf oui beloicu WASHINGro.v. .: vve tc 'ru, 1.1 the! u;* coyaJry tb'/


fi .

p. 1'

4 .
I -

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--- ,
-- -- -- _
J J r-, -. .
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stw m"j g jjyaqr _ D .. .
---- -

4IrtJl11. () perbar' | Ins own men to savn a cut-off ?qnndinn! ofj of the candtdafesUpnn (tlm. ;i8 upon ; ;;;;;. ;-F-;:: n 5 c R TT'i' I Y 'I E'' I cP I _r. LfI ; 3T. :

ieirdei: o the (ti'fiit. Lient. CII trfldPfl.c tnisMIIII. other subjects. 1 have no concealments.li cue;(, (;cNshs'tI| | Aiieli.and V.Ji1e .
I tie enainv.
full I" Qi.Lra'C'4iLt.
the &
has'not snared to deceives at least lie tlinuks of i the I I' c'ciirlliat' ; tin- Adininistnition : innusiLs; of riei: :'. ere ; Ji-
.) he ( present MVi* ; i> v, lfJ nate (!C-"f| atcli trI

< i u iiplniidril. 'Vs'e linniane.; and of hnmanitv., for its : !: | MICCCS.-, jjiil; the rota iii r', for a r1ed. ,- ; r :- : --ct: ... . .... .:ti .' s s \K rt. t tr trt-uri.f a-(>Iv !
Hie fulure irq.ni. f : ThtfOlcri: reported I tf"' n-Mr-n! tV t> I-L u' '
Ir ceuam'v' wdl for .. The non-ionrnrrinr, : vote in t''P' Massachusetts 111" Itavoi of tiaiiiitiiI; al.iiy whirli Minis e r I 13 J. DAY & CO.,
.- Master and M r-.hai tbe! f, .t A.r.i
nnd laltMl to ( : tor j.o .ust, -
.. t'inTlS n ihexv renped. is indebted tJtII. ZACHAUYTAYLOll :' Avr:
?' ( Senate, instead; of weakening I inure I I) I Il -
?' xvhich xx read ai.l otdt-n-d file.Ti -
llinui ere ti rotHf -
q thinlike! i ---Svhr 'tlfli-fl3 WdIjiU NewOtrans. Srw Ynrl .
.,- ? tn < t' iea1i Recorder. : r conntv. or uiy ) e special C'trntnittee toXI! <>R) vxn* rt-ft-rreil ( i.IIL' cUti( :i ; : ''_ .%* I.C-M ? tr.

:, d! cr .|I'.-i[: MM1s'riUc con -ril i''ti lIc( peare, we :ire sorry to say Never in the history of cixiliZHtinn, have the!' tuition of !Kn-'i'-c Company No. 2, ti relation 0-fe.in*. --- i:;. J .ivEs. T;.!*! r. : I uvirir 3pa1t'

bn!| stren2lh$Mi ; the firs', ;and pots nlTihe more Ri"aptMcLaie, 5IoIirT.> ,iij
[From thr J=a\ann hhixcilin" flpiibIicin ] F last., Lnro-focnisni loves sncli 1$ n hiilliantniMik such tearful; odd.( *, than those of this, areat relI lie1.I} vtrbjlly, tlrtt the bell xx-fiidied 113 lrd fl.! :?fav 11-.r! Lt>KfV, BedcU, fm New Ytk (-t'tach fi.r. IJje af4uve f (4 i- V r in M rr psLGK -

M A C I I UETT..e as M.isearhiisetts, ;uid its n .in2, liere, man :il P.il.i Alto, Ilesaca de P.dma, Monterey : : coilti bo bought t'-.r I thiitv cents per pivi'u'V'i'eienpvi :- to 1)tj{ *> v'c -PrLtnn t r.faf'--! o. 15rtcti, fm New York. ia.earp IG (; : & f n ATT.V .

far forborne from mcoimnenton 'ins and ttuena Vista. \Vii:! a \ : on rioI i.e of l .Mr. Pa-xsnn, duly *ejor : 1v I < > X7nferTHil itret.
will nndW disparity ? _
\\ % and iis; more, .Soith: i. to ivj'i'. ?t"n' V C I.
the h e disrncrfnljja ) I ifu.fl c-fMistire of this i illnvnons I nun. %' hO Iii of (nice so enmuinus I that every striicgle ,(ii d l, h.e committee xvero auiborised to bt y said 1 M.IV li-15'iff Win JCDPS Tyler, fm *; York, I -
;%fl quasi bfi; of ( apt. McLane and cerUin and : a;
\1Cl'1' to )1Si a- iejK.it tO I.J-i- P.rtU.Si .
nitn.... )t we have: been spt-akin of. to fmther its j) r- has: excited dr-cp apprehension, and everybiire whereon : it s -,. sri'i'. LtIOV' E?
next tlh
fieri. cent c n.eetma: :, cost of a bdfry to -.ir ( 'i--l Tav'or. fm New Oslean t-- ,
,!', vote ot thinks I.) Iijlnr.fmni posps. :inil toeallier, its iif.st.' i iAs nC'. 1tkii, m'tr, frstch. For

I the) Louei I Hna I e. her ** Vf' CT4 ( Ions as such a truly inti nal feelins' Cone) mi, DH, (1,1. crowding our: amnls: unliclnitoiis Cnininttfec on Claims to whom xva rc- I >Tv 15-*'n D-I .w.ire, IVtJf u, fnt Fall Kiver, tr i f. :npi- v fo

redit i ( fl exists In the areat body of the \V1U |)mny.xvhilp exploits. and plaut'lti;; the Eait. olihe F lt-rred tae l-u'lovvi'iic biJN, rc p-'ited trsereon, and ; to Vv'w.r! ?c riiStirur LPPVIT: ,

Ilil'iler it ::: >"i *' '"Pri '> irfv '' PptJ'PrirVtin up may deplore I the blind fanaticism Union: in half ol the Si SUP' cf Mexico.Hiskeins the sarrx"* were passed and aii-mtd by tit- (p oatctl :- Ait- (;.tifluift, ChTThhOflChP. Mdy 414 tVUfrr trt-t.
iMiliutp; or i over t'-jni-.n CIi.ii>),>.* 11, CHdS!S< ir, tiir'i It1.t.
r ll Iti ( us either to p pievailin; I In rerl ant setioMs of our Union, 10 me to com/i.e! : the ca'niioris' xrCommrcin/ : -... .T { ,'jiim. LttUi i. tin Ccl.irn1"-! } Fer ftcxf IS'crk.TIIK .

so crewt nn niitrasr upnn rninln firmness of \Vi huuto xvith the holdncsjol 'llrC )Ir.CI1H', nor '1ry3ze. . . .. ,.'.,. '
tetif-e xvet have no cause to "despair of the republic i >; ; ; t -t tu Y'1I-f5fl, fri: I'ii I'Lt. --.p... T. kst sajKrar- scfcr. ELIZ. .
1 common s nsp. ?Masia-' .1 Artvcrtisjr, trr i-rii'tn. . 21 LU 0 Stp.ttr fnt CnuniItr3.tetuer .
an in : !
.1.ency iOfl. Unpietfii'iir.2 manner! *, ;ajracicuis itcwat # t-ier, tsftha itri:;( dter.1.r .
) j jlV.m \Vt.. JII.t t, for b'-t Hire. 5 G$)
I been ren-Jereil nilicnlon*, and : et-Aiio-nr, tin Ckeii.bu hwLv
; IMS in ( ()iIlCII., piompt iu (dfcisinu di.r- !
l !
cIpr' < T. N it-lIid. for labor on side xiU-. b 00Vm.
t1iJIIfl'( '-v 'lie course her Senators 1iniI I [ th- Sva9If1: leji.ibcan.J; : !: inz in l Iiiltle: merciful in xii-toty, he piesentsTi \ Kl.nnt, tor I. 600 CI.A1Ea j ri> to tUV twr. tt .t -
if the public vnicc ifl1liflT1cII. : :H u L v ETHKt'f ;' .
',u :ii I : and THE Tjjvr.: F nr.NDs CF THE ( uniVhtTellie reur union ol I tlmse I$' (jnalnjcs uhichorm T.1 (1}. Vurt, tor iJraxase . . . .>s GI) jVTiv W-Pchr Y* os-f), Hjc c fvr Xe Yurk: L.: LL_

) (h" .> hum of ihisacl xvill rln 2 t-t her asInn" ( \ neomcratic prints of the Noith ( the soldier. I hr SI at ei''aii. :.nd, i ihe centleui.in. And on mntidtiu: Mr. Pavs"i dnly icdidedrl.e by \i-ur-e. Sififf (*c C"Jlty 'or

( a* !Ii 'Ia'"lf n tr''iSai! : cti.fIrttnr'I ts the are j| r *sfrviiij a most ominous silence onihe ; [Its fit:iMCtr, for want; ol pirximisoppoimnity bil'' ttf Edward Carpes.t.-r; fer %27 2'J in1} : 11-Se.hr Tes'I a e.-, ?.iurider. for Str'l.ijr.r : ..., if JTJXTCtrk.

( ) subject tf ,!livi'rv.: 'he leadinj Whij I to display lias lunst' upon t thecom.My f.7s, were laid on the table until the rt-(turn ot the: I 3r : st IItT CP () ( : (
--- : Ch4T..f.a. Grecr. fi r >'e\v OrU..as.
(Io 'dnv to ihs .No'itli nn-1% Ivr institutions presses in *\>w York ;are hohllx and .t rovtl v with n .siid'leniicss xvhu-h sm rjriz.s.iiitl ( Mavnr.i I f-'chr ?*I'tf-zt f. j. U.d! rji, f f, r St Mufvif.y -.. K vtrll ti.tct cu.i c..i ; tli. Fir pz4c, -
'deed have' .jl4pfl deep rf>ol i in i The f'-llcwin hills xvt-rp presented and on appy ta
n ; sl t '' : ihe lanaticat nirit which I istire.iteniii2 : :i biilliancx. winch bailies calonmv.I'm : ._ ?> 12 .1,1 Ptt1i! Lo-.da itJy fer Protieoce" :- -3
IH iv >
$ ii.f't.i.'i. tl)>" rule bf-ifiu waiv-td Wi.da'nl M1 C >Lf j CO.a
finnniniiwalth.; ) nheu it ran they were [ < bvV, o V B.tF'i n t
'h|, it mei'iU Union irio fra I i iinthiu2lias> atiracied i my ..tdininifionasilie i
] ien-1 I
ti) or .ijlovvedby Cnuiicit, xiz I : ?:, ,. l-J ?- Marnut V.T 6-r X -
\\r Sen uois in htirl s ich its innltm inodestv! wiili ulm-h he .i v j a. 'Jrleaf..M .-. .'o1.yI4EE..
rifnt; nipnts, nnd ir.rolve us in all the htirrora ofa announces I IL 1.'. Simtrtons for ira\ aje and plank. $21 WI'nsif ,> 14-i'.trk >i 0J0.i! L.C3tf t :.c >,- Ytrr.;,
I die face of ihe whole American pennl"Ve I civil \var. ; his victniifs. I He dues not Sa% like (;'ie-ar, ( : e (Jo. No. 2, !er I'Mht lock at d kt-.s. 8O ly 1t-J--{ "V- !I'' t.; 4kt;. : t t.4 1 I. (LJpipIOAL.t

\ Inve lon-i Fir ilov--r.I{ Pougljiv, Oas! f. r Liven"1 '

I i" ""r iiistitntions rxi tf"l in 41 .l<- fur tlie Cut e ofonr \v-ir l.i irrs! ctiiiisone.l with ( he blood of I ,its I of J,-hnV.. I>a',c"creiir'e'J therev :'-, bv 1 M VVu. fir. ,
niento'is 4IlC ir permanenc r (t:1J b. .- ttL tO
fff, bu<"''s. distitirt frmn all piriy nrcatir.innn I liisiitutions, no is-flertinu i and candid his own olTice.is and! { privait-s, lIP ina n.ini- and the fcame xxvrj pi--"J ard: aijjxved, 'asi.ow iTTf uPE .
'x .ivt ed l hv inanxhut o'i ) moiisl Onr Lealtribnie.1
Saxs- SHI ce-s
: the c!mds in the !:< icnl > _
''i -l !n :ill I I : fro-n th" open AUn'itiot-; man can deny ; ;pu ; to the superior valor anddtclipineof J.v.T. HiHcnck, fi r* rn.living ladders and ; s1nP. .i.a: dLtki r
in.1e'1 dark tnd lowetii, and it be-
'if \7 1' 4' Mortmi lo h<' more covert Ky -ire i i u. *'
jt1 if I -hn! Q'tinev Adams : hni up bIIbVp_ all 'HJIMI of f all patties ill ''lie Suit ''Ii.I our liuojis. W. RiHrock, (Vr Jurii!>er ami x or'c! on ; \ A \; !' O h juRi I t)
,, U-nr i'-v xvaiclifiil! %xe tho-e who i It i iMtmot he (jiic-MoiH-d; that such a man thwKMi! Curii nli f47 f fcr Lheroo'
lite Uep a : upon piofe Fine: I !'Hi o. 1-1 00 >r I _
prvltVnii : !
|ji''f( a ?i
tiTenis i. < -.vc ti-
as m.deniable he has the xerxhiuhesrclaimsoti -> ------- -
Ii.i'ii wliat; ; ihev : expect md mdconot I.ic't-ek atd adfjited :
oi.lv ret that those hapes 1i.vej.e' qoi'rter may ; I' U i \'t.I' A' I- i..
if > CoTi1t1.t [
.iti'l; $ ,
; I i the ralitnde of hi- fellnuciii.ens. -
n.uire at I he nif-.n; session of f'ooSIPSS ; li'inhft, That the Citv Tav Ct.Ilectr.p b- nip 1
i'i ited.Th :14 IcL.3, fr Iotoe IcaJt.b i-iir .
s mtm r- -.r
so' Jinsiiv ; when the qsie-tion will, doubt It'sl.e -, Hi* lia> he.iu-d; honoron our (- I i1hy' itiHlrtlfted T.t roIlt'Ct fi'ott the l P l- ; IVI fl cI --t .

t i' ">' w-.i* lirts"not, upon ren'-et.I hat lunal name, iind (if 1 IIIHV jndjje the lo'.xircflipeison-- ot C.'kr! Loa! fkrnut't!, ?..Io11111 Q.tee 1:4Yd.30: u-us. fur Liverprol, foadfiS dt'Tt.Ct' -- -
,, i i 'le'i. Tixhir. hut noon lln* fir ofi !lit-i wsl'e nI i Mahu Sri !f tJ i'-rs I ed : r : I r ;r h-ths-
he.tiis of oilteis lix own) his -' : t\xa ; -;- J I IMV :V Ci <
On the 1)rt''israev of theoith my countrymen
i no relia'n'p li Iet.t -
is onCt x-4
Tr i. V -
,i,.I .-.ijf o1 sip-li ti*' i 1aii*io< hfinon! et' C.tv t.Ift'r't. i I.vrtiki. McCnrv787! ; rosie, fm Livert scl:, I i .
are tot un) ilium to confer honor onhim.
be t'la l. Mr. Tizxvell ad ier.eed. Kerj i tb'-
; c ri -e< as L.'dtrate.
V.ti-1 il V.'n
s., : .i r* a?.!Mror.tJ f ihe wr--.t Thit the City Mar-jM be. {-.nd bei ;
of :'i r. V..n; l tie\ h.ii'e ileceixed us I.- .; :s3.Apbtt.irr. .
i hoxeiv in-i rHet' d t.i ftite xv.th I the !ler -
., i, n IHV p : '.in a in lie
I I-, 'j' VVhi':-; of tj'* S'Ujili neivr !h4v'* once lhat xxas th 'ir I.e4il. il I li'-v dceiveus 01-s.ibl.. d.-Lv to ditch and drain itF all t\at-r in ?arai! 5h- fF. ?:uid,. -jyi tons, for Ila'.re. loaJiaaJ I --1 ---to.--- .-t't--.- -

MV ,. I tit the ri.riti of the ar, h-it hare aiin it M ill I he ours." The !Wilit lror.isn. Ciiy Coiicsl SJ I.OCl(11iai.COUNtiL .I- y t a.t <'t the cittnt rri'V acciurr.iiile'Tavx trni' l><. JcCo.v 1uuuwyI

nun-. i m i;ntni'i ilii national hnnoron : introduced ba D'-mocra:. and sustained UJAM.ihU, r.ii'N. between t-i-) ai-i': the F--f ni N* vmb T I '5 t-. Jj f Jacsttr

''if bitile-ti I when' it h uI lcotri"ticp: ;tM; K.y tti" <: JAJsFE! tfriI

i I it ocr. cv-the secp.*iuti of the Carolina and Called in.-ciir. Pre-enf, B. 3 lIuwkv,41av- 1 t.nro i tle -=nrj'e! (t. tiiLTO'IMC! tuti?-,vl.i'--r. I i 'p* *4.x-4 that! ie H fhe {.Tf ; tjtx rf ArchibaSJ't

,,ti I no 'nir'ir. n. h< '* evpr slrnn'i's.. dare l<'l irid.i Senators fro'u that part v, ;a-id r ilie r-r; CV'i-i.-slu: lie--r*. Haricoc! IltltClllilStH), OM i m .ti it'i i. the dirt! tl) en a>ijc.urned. V.'ui L J >:..eT> ler, 2? ) tons, ff>r New Y&r\! ''t mm.r"--"->.-
hi'i-'S iallv Imnse it il"itv t-i'-ir q .
t W.iitiijir-li and CIondlHt. ---- -- --- ---- fltr1rrTflciTcr ; ) & } rjr.LOULd !l.i5-LL xu ve. r- t ; i, j nt it pit.wn. sett
of l :iini'' | frmnI"P jUult,
iierpti'i"o >
., | it> 'inueri: with iheir Demucratic bietlirrn read i.t.tita, ii < )-rfM.n, Kfcf tons, fia X York I ( ti4)ea. CCit4. I 101 t ht 15
of the last
Tbe antiaj.pioved.
i| true Southern d-icMine, .ill i ahtinii.milvi 1 minutes. meetin.j xvt-tc t.tJ 1i 1I.i It.L' I IS Li. I wa.l \ %.:js-> 2tiii$ t\c Oo.Lhia.tt.tn rcI.e '. tw8id, trovt 1-lopt } V. f IV CI.1EIfS

it. V.'e ild not insit! the inteUi ; -. i i !Ur-.i. 214 10-, tin Ktsli River Utt- '
;Drove xvi ,
Lake him witl be 'ea! tibctdinI
: Al is* I'-hncetm sIuMiIJ I $rl'4)IID't] lhit tier I ;Mi. U'lfclnnsm frotn tho si.ecial rr.TTimittceaiirii'inteii I i'ij VJ ;: tt'! ;. a"y, tr i. '
I| Mie nf nor le-uleis. hv ac."t t t thai thoVli'i2 &: T'ltjlav'o bavereier.ed tO igV. S.AMLtL S Ti V ENS
tin s ii ir- misfired Iiy lift com-sp. Mr.U11' to pxar.nne I the rear < I 1.i,1 t* Xs- .), (j, it\-"if.coiir rtp.rl! Wt I ,

''! jtlt riI JIIT-I: I ili. vote u"tnnk l ) < i e1.tt \ tinny of ;iim North j U sound 7 a'ltj 5, CMii'i.b'is Hl.ick. r not led t'erb1 hy tiiuiJM Lix .nn-i i .ittyun-: ? > i.s11>-n u't: ; x\itf.b; SbtrtIT an.l Jailor.
.1l ie Grantl; Jnt--rs t tr th- Ccit'.tv. 41t t Jac.-s.
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I Mjrint. 5 t4'7.
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4f O.MO-J this subject. xxnnld iIexeJir'.t tt, irdzl zd: hui: ii rei-cbi-d Cdinmhu- 'i InirHi/ty The
pis .ei In i to* 'senate the Onitod st ite I ; ( : i 11xia iiii"niin? in t-tt.g! l .er: oflicul duties, take tccaaiuu Ui > -

:IM I t Ii c s'm ;and C.-ishin; :ire rven nnxv !,' idinu 1 eo'itra'Ji ijs"hm ihe party there that is rt vxas icceivtd and accepted, and the committee : ciicnUra t'nd 1 leiter.-* not having :ye! come u i h ..nil.ho sujrlt thi-a ysII s'ri : ; ,

: ''n-r snUi.'rs inleiro tov'm new vie Si'Jed bv iliit raliol! Abohliffiist! :MnitisMorton continued.Tbe ? hi iit. iias been done friutjp, 'onH' few st-! < I IeIi i'resntnai : ;;i crweer C'omi ( co g i: .

t t'srs.' 's t'ii nor :irifis. \\TUJ llie! H"'IH-! v ..Vlifim sorely rannol <"laim any exemption M.-xi.rat t ited tbat be lid ordr-rttl an election made at J a {c. a'Kdwe. Ii thC pit-sent ,tate of i We w t li iu.e upon t.ie iJoard ot C*. :.ty I T T:1E 'I--a t i L.II li. t. .. 1: t4tex.fi5, atwl

iin-e q'hnn upiiiillieirrHiiiii I .' s'r ri bti.v tVt.m the same taint lint %'hil we do mean I r.F t.x.i o'T.--mnetl'u.-iiibeis ol ti I h e Ct> xviiicixi>Nit piiftl | -. the pu'sli 1 .f- !'> i a' i. e J.tve f.stiorta-

I 1Li! li-is to s.iy j is. that ihluily I, hone of < hiSoiili by tbe resijiii.itnri ol Mr.l Fp.inrsVe have to uoiiee- in vtthu SUt-ib1e rs I.s li-I' (he Jud4e I j .ea-.J: fr-irtpr: st V".tcr.4 1 1, c-, wiU be ei* iit ii
\ \ ni1 t i ri iIZI p-n-di- re i i ) atnl I llie death o( ilr. Cujbee-rcceixed as.dj : iu* ciange
?. : .ii t ih-'it servant: *, ..itiii.t ru'v' vii xvpti is in 1 lie cf*nserxsitism oftlie I VVhi2: |>.iitv. ;. SJ01I y ; the ratea curreual th- date of our latt reuit.qLTo1ATIONS 21t1)ttt!cf I ILi! Cierl; r.d N'nenfi t.f the c >Mntv.Th f u.x eiitite nu :Z-e-s.> i.t a I qi ltrti> ti ;sI sea.ot-n.

tt his art i'i this tiritier I fiom d'd inmcnile, -' r. ci TiU (if ti t < -o Otjt4I't{ as ill pre>c-i.t kept, I -sli&ii o, e;. tl.c 1t4e; &MBJ3rl: Cay? ,J Junt'rI
j 1 1 in :h : i I'luti f m1i1i H -
|i-!| true i i'er C4 fyi'l hsist sf Illrir Siaie ? i -net jjoti'f.f\ th'-ir add-IS.IMPS fr m Molicv.s" IIT I'li./jir: drayj f, ith- idevulk near the To I jiverpool ..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. -SI. at't> liable to dr-'rictiini: bx fire, ar.d lire not s-- I tor reejr'Z Vi.4tr4 LttrGtrt able strtiu K.yi

jin2 liosinn,,: hs to Soniliern Slavery! onediv ( lUi.-h rcfiTiedtii the urunittce Ctursis uf To ii.ivie . .. . .. .. .Is" i curs tr'>*i the tt't;it t'>- 01 tu'.Siwho u ihl pek to I i icng Xit: t c m bKarLeSp'ti- to
: lir.i Jht l 1:1n l lliit C ,
Une t ii'i-j. Hi : Iiy :i- ; aVtrjrt t5iirn. Iti like J.JC.Ilflhere the vxeli bii vin xLItt7IltR lIt -13ee. I Lave
To New \ i>rk . ... ... lv j a arrunfv [ :
tit onttun So'iiliprii v otrs, and introlucina u !*.nK-r: i'ie-tinjr, w j-- feud by thf Clerk.,1idfiii .
urI'! n' .r -" 1 r. vri reJMjci- at. a'i'l it 'ntliat : again To JJo-fon4 .. ... .... .. . .. .1" : ) TY1.il,% a" ete'ZVt Iitterr4I4.tre invfkIId, I I tliBUarf.t ; EbT tr to rfdore the pi:' e't/t lMidf&.c.
ii Wilrtiot I those ni"ti'<* of !?'j Ir. Uciidlttt second d by ilr.I .
pnnisos. as ,
i Board Li'darn
? M 1 i.'i.' in ptir uiti2 ihis coifrse. ami witteit w -* wfll abia UI rmvuiejsosifunes soithte d. I i 4.r. : tr 1.fIr1lh------SZ2t1

h in'siVtrv' :ivl ahitie ia i1t- >i\< of iheVVininiriv votes !j-i\e: heen (io.illy senred.. Can; nysf4u' I I !liutolii-i-: -aid bill waylaid mi I tii bclr.o'ier's.tdble. COTTv-N' STATEMENT. I L.t ; tir jf> ti4It4h;, sicb a STate i ts'ould tiiio siiitrxa: Is, ** ball price.Ii .
The Mir nre? inJedJhe bill ,t &,
T i'i- severest Tjlennnci itjnn of ' ; T. 13.'rsm. bjliastljiided the! II .rf which "
i !
her eii'il" firo ft lIjR t\vn leuljjjVn.j ibiiie f. !!ow'm'* <: Inorial fiom (lie \exvI | r on \\ : Stock: tm LLlUdStpt. 1. H'.C.FBS 4 wt !sihe Ci'a.uiis-jjoric-r- the r-roprtety ..f %> > C. \Z.'MJ1I4M.
tourI.i' of I\Ir.
iri'ifi'i'i Butr d'llv second-
I \4r' Krfirff-f. Pinhu-lies the -.ontitupnts of was jc- Burnt fiacf 1st 5et.; IOU 1irtiridi.: to'T U1Iti It.'C'7 bt rin c1| rir.siS, May u, 1i iT.Jt.nul IaIXS1TI
X 7"ir! the Courier *
\ r. N.j 4.1 ''v r.J to the Mayor wit! power to seUij lie 41ecivelJ
i1t re.J t Hettds tif the SOuth aiI l Of ther safe a-.d -i t.re.Ve I :: fc Mt ssrsritr, Mac.n; Reerriv,
V E > !I : r :pI 1 1Jrj, >rr ; :i,, : the 3-lays.. . ... l.Yi -l M
sj'llc.Mr. .. \ eat!! t-e! attention of the Cnrnti ionerj. tof ikdge ilic; Repniihcan ai-t Oerrsian, at3fl-
UIK'I! > ij ii'i. nii! slj 4.p9 1I4- ?-.R ? HutcUnmn piv-'t .' the acruuntj of J. Iiterk1tiV . .104.751Tcla.1.
1 \v s'r $ ... . ; J e I Id '-,:i h" -t: Of f the road nc-ar C fr at f uT. .r.cht'e, ztah ; Citatt.thiritE e. 1. >>..fai>j- : Jrt-r* - -: :t- n---". : n.1 ; :;"- W. Bjlic for 'A for tr. t\i-j\ hook -
K'c ,
iJ! i'ir ; one -
; : ,st i \ -! in; ut : I :3 d.s . . .. imrt.uulv t--r' r ad .'-I'I[ bo i.fx-ned sitd widened. : :ttLi.-t P.trtct, Aib3iy ;
v, I'v' .i i 1 \i utr ,n IncJ. The C-.a-'iff ffJ.i \ v.iJ! .! he, if pver the North and West ie1 | -aiiafts and five l.idd"r ;, a.id one t fI>r N-J '.> !. f"rJ Exported.. past ... . .fl-nl) i WVri' t lh<- t b id and H'i-ate cor-.iition of the : Advertiser, Jl, rt .it t)x Al. ; Iifr..Ut, l.ataet1e. -

/: t ? : i f\Viiz: ) tliNU Ls-'ljfs the sawii. 1 f'i ;<> to x'o' i tr a cat.ihd fur ill" PresIi'H' }- J wi.rk d'Tie a?, j d tnaten lunn.rd fr Etino t 1'otL.- 7iy.!:;| 734Oitiu.ndiT.nVn > Couitf j Ju.l ,>:.,* rec in.ntcf.O that it t be placed inU Ala.: ; C is cure .! AdxeuTT Apalacfct-

'* th that he i is H"iN-". 'J, uJiichir.riaii-and UnTeuuoa, : Fi-i. .. : ; 'f .
Sen .' .,fi'ti"- : t s.e1j uitoti I..itOUII a OfT Ct fr'i'l'f.'t.Ve c< .i, v. : > : x
: .Mr, Rut! i.iov.l, tt.:y condcd, to raer'! said shvboardnoieKirc-J. :317&: :): 19"S 7ZS7OHT3 .
1-1 -
.. i / ; f\-iS' .""> >-; 7fe >etjQit. bya : -- 'vel1 jJrr.! The I'uiou wot i">t lojlj coo''r.tt'.l.if!? ti.,7 comniuriity upon the .anic-H irfliUiai
rej4 liU! Jo a sju.ci..l co:;-t:.itt u 'si j two, who should
? -iti.i- wMlih "in : 5 u adh-red M Iiy S.intliein St..t.-s. jf 1 <-civ i : uiin.t-r < t cJe- (>rt>ii4ht to onr in'tice the Jir.j.n.veii.e.si .- Oysters at3 1esriuzar.
o' l 1 1. <
w to is ; i 'oaJt-r Ail i t'i-r C ;ii I- i fvci: i'tr iti -luli.ini theroj CE' COTT3IJ ITIO-.I APALACHICDLACj.u.uic.i3 ,
| I.' '. (H.nisf I tpa'lerhij ih.inksto ( .ii. ," ivef( 1der in it xvere to 1 be excluded from j- to-adopted Aii'l the! M.or named' Me3-i >. : aud in l' ii re .ird is tn> d..ttbt ii'.xir1 to iEdiiiiber! TV'u", *! wi% rus liisJ. !rk&d.,
; : Id i J5eftesnber, 1 43- same t S'.f ." tij:i.lyii; ont Jiri'Sii; hfliitn thetpir.; -
TI' : I I''ii I T* JJIo.Tii! : -r-r-i far liieir! i its f ijli* $t hmiois, because Ita was n slavshiil.IiT. I iGotvllell I and \ 1.'t !: rsi! t tie! said t*tfl.1Hitt&e. p' : end- the hi.cii-r.--l'v! r..ar: havti:
time irk 1 LI3. i o' osiiinH, a >d f tit thC tvrt.iinty with which the r.terwt ft Jfr 'fl. E 1 U r- J in tie abatie3tahIIshmPllT
.: in! .-.in oet in tlie ll-"L T't i.u. v.ecm I'- Ti.e follow :...: a-; : ,- iujr.- j f4 t-t'itiL-<5, and each ----------- P.--F I-ust .c '. :'i' -... i : t'u'.v! have ben ;>IThed. L. .
.. :
t \'ff too ort"i! remember that -fprrf-d totiie l'i-i.'i! t--sLliiin-s } tTri-xi-, -
c'.tinot : : j
t'se f-o !
'I 1 'i-1r.t'.fl1 lo
I :- r y HJ woiSjit l vB-rtw rrottr : dty- ioukLiY.ri We h/ J'.tl a-.d chcvrt-.i fitr.ony t,> ti j eaM ccTrItrah- t:.:-.s. I: r.- tpu'rttc icflt
ill (;. verntnert 1 is a luU 'idClJ )- > IMivard Carpe-iU-r. l lr u'.ti--d.. oa -mApoKpitier \
K.inatieisiiii. ot ; 'ie utii I- s compart njn } d I tt I > bis Hun -
< ant iU'if
ui 'i i ti. t's.t ; .102ti < nO"rlr m rn r, > J A V ES.X tuso: .
of ] }..$75 00i ... ... ... latFt.l. 4t
i i" nui iiii'ii Vt'i L 1 has: H far: ili -; T n co'jcfssinnsi* io ihe subject s'u-eiv. ncard -uiuii; [ lisivreViotu..... .. ... . .. ::; .iz : . .. ivi.H twti 1lic.Isch.r1-Lt the .rt1ii. Irc ..tl,1i'sI..rt.i -.: >- NU L j'h ?t ? t-*,-{ -* ;,, jIIbt.t .
J\vdid .1 1
Cai u <
tin.; l i 'i ii; V e h.i,f fsu iHsvl ajjjon: 'hr Tiupn- 1 1ur fiIjpr.cre'rizniz'i shiverv. in the C m- i ;jjfiilir, -r < \ <\ : ; ... ... .. . . .. .;. vi :.. It 01 tc bI-k t4LII.1I. t.Jj1rL.cun t--; i.-t ,
1 |'ii 1 tf**it** . . * * O ti'-< . .. ..1:3f.13r: ... fn-t Cu
tar t the old JJ.iv St.fJie. if sm U I z ; rPr'cei :I HI. 111 IIPi ':ii i' r Itt' . ... .. Cfmnly, at itiis, f-e .01 o action
t t 'ijvP.Ijjve i, in thejirdi'iatice 04* 17' 7 T .i4f. Tn .. i i *'*tn -i. .. -* .* *. . .*/ is !nil 2 'OM tin* :nrt of I Ii" tCM.ie irtiei S '. N'lfliol Jtif !. ..' Mtlr .. ..tL. N't--' ( : '
J (11 I '
. : .v.V.j -
L1)'r : ft-4n former u-Iit ffftf AiO.
f'::4f th cflvern-nent bi f the North Western ( : : ter.; d i a; >r>-i our ; wCM.V.I' Q TOXSEY (
(the) a > .i'i'i iiifin t if ihi- j < jilf. M s I U"n. Ui.iUtiT for *. . b U- '
Totii E* 2lJ ?* h hnpti d J. n. bus': : .v. ,:; r\jtt TaiffffIJroidvi
j : to For. Pori.- .Spir.O- : ( v.1' r t v e ivc so ct-n a *cf" /
5Hs Ii.'t.! ; |. ed; fallen fl-4 tn Ijer Jii: hu *a1a1p. Territory, ; ml in repent-.! acis of C tn rs?, j Win. iInuist. fi.r c n.vii: Dr. Gicra ai.d N.-- YI -
) 'I l-1t VH I.r srrvictsafl1 e b..r in b< "iiHJ' .u. \ tic, > iv* T'--t.iMty1
-7U5 ..liTo-.Ut-j'J 5j
i \cxv Voik. ... .... >
she ''i '' c .- '.1 t.hou ;r vsur and lieroj ;iue31 ;Ic in otiitifroos juiiici-.l defisj..ns..V :rr'' t e bay . 5 ) i r.o-u);i . .. .. ... nt' i-f.i2U'! : .."5 -... I.; I i'.i> T.i". t.ts *i t? IH-'A. st a .{ ta' >: l -. .' ;..Aie ireed.I *.

in i i.: t tii.- t f, I of lismle. \ 1-111 nPv j* ret over these cotnpionuses T!' f'.lioAjitij 1 i ni..h..:ij '.'.ir uif sed ty ilr.ntrh.io j f'rrV.,. ; . US5.W.! .' ..U)7CDriT. eevttn| t the! iri't Tsi id conirn-ttjlate he fl- irotrlT.ntt i-J.zt t.

.' .i h-M'-: I|",; 1" the te..r 5; ''uri* |I.1SS- avid <-o> sirtJis. ai.il- aciifi l in ood) faith, ."''i atjd u tiip arij'iisttuin of an officer tn '..verTo .v'rtJS", I'-n. r :" i"-Im
I Jtf 'la'd. Thrtf li.e: !' ;i"\\M'5 gen4Ienn cnnst . ----- -- _
'. -- --
I'ii thr-M'fore.} that .. ;
o-it I,4 to trv. '4Y. ,
r_! !.. .U? !it'ItUflrZ ihi* war. th auvi' tyf '' .,_ rt icrtI) ) ) ?. I -.
til l t'1it' the inn oa {h,1rd of HtMllh *1i-r titf citv "I$ Apalachi."nu N4w ( T- . .J* ." ? .W* t : ::47 "
ni TI-\.IS. the iistiti3 ii.u hf io sj"h'! Her-sIi', fV-r' rt voles ( .KFtWAY 'airTK, t4.; r.nr t.flTs! ire
n> 'Hi I ; x/: : 1);. Uin.; S. Grceu, Tinw. Ottnan aniV.'m. i '):tir ; r1 ... . .. 2h 4i1)Ttj I \ LL pi-n; &rirebx xrcrrctl rcf ta ren-
of fiff >t-te.s for the Chief Majistr.iey in dtv-for hi9fM>[itttie.sfti tul I arr"-it.(>n X- nnr btniI
& i'irt.1. lt.v .
& I bt.v iI-1
't I ;i'ij i
4)t e i't, \ -.\<. io '. .. ? j j'rTA1.ri.i I j tract tur. r-i"ix-'e nr: t.ht p ar cC iirTiniberr -
( sTn-h 5- itivoiiii-.irlo I II r l.s i:ftrrij.?, bLLi tIt an'l connt :-tttirti
p \ but tor %wui! :,f tu.e; p.4st3 H 'vtru tit 7tt. not bi rhtVrn.. If f
|Pt I .-bit! fi-tetr--re.soltd, one.ls cotr f .Kn : ... .
to hidntis, fd--rvc3 thrs U his fallow cH.-
s ,'. n i !,'oie! ',t> a ainsi ihe 1 DeJnge. (hi1K j she -nni rut of the jrt.are1allr'r.. bi.t imi'.itm I C! iUnisftiin. John (). iitun, John Partridge, Zx--- of the d.-tr; :,- t.Tbenfiicer i Li> i C !, iv: ; f"r r>* bt-f( 2 r.o ptrctit &ra.v : !

1. p'1' oi: \ I nn. anI! < he .:bsorptir hesna".nrr MI tAnd rttfireis alia htitbyg

t. The spirit; ot the -orator I1! li"! hn- s 't '." ]:s 5tie crises ni( Mr.1 tiraniier sintl Mr.i I 11.UI1J I lu.ilh;1 Ii-'i--or.-; t.>r I the ;>ri'!>ent U'-r, I they have .ksrhariie*l thtkrt-CdiVk? dnHM. *tn to Cvr'i.i! *-.-r.i4 mho ST& known to Iwt'HS.IA

iinnnee.n' ichars-s (Jin.iiz.ems is I. *ve.l :t-irii S1tvsrV neil Iut a Isifit:, o ii : ;t ..i'.iiWtilium: !11.iie atd Clur' Lyi) i ?! tt I Jorffjn.PT .-; j f. 1,r The Grit'd Jury can hut e prf-s their ; e i ..vti I icncti...e, and rollectipj a qnantityol

at1eiiost. A :iint i I.e' i ; rj..rfor f>i-tn.-t NIl.< i : Joilt1 CJ. Jittan In.r I Odar TsrHt s f-u i tl-eLaftf tbe sjaid Cntaf -
trseei.tI$ on.ii the taw-'uakrr*! o(f Ms .. 14 7) d'iq Per .--- iiuer'P i ii pf.-i-'ire at n-t e'kr rhe iratt-er tt't Jt, !4e nfPr
ih \'Ii' last fur for Lis'rrt Xo. -J ; Jfim Parlnrfv Li- i ny. vizr (in f'k. ti and tVlwrkoc tJT*> tu
r1iietis. ThMmiiiay. LC21414! IHt $ .( nf e.ui'li: < :tiewlnim put -tip M -BnaV. >>h.'tt-s and tm SheriU'i'jir.t' i-t. re tf t-U.- v. ifhtlu
forl) siiict No. :i Jese F. Puit Inti desist iroin f. n J-rTln! >.*w, and" net 3t-
;oIor ; Per .* ? j eir trKj
alier f (, ( I.$' i I'M-: i '.;, .-y. J njirrj a >r <--r li-trnt N'o.4.. "ervint; "M ]1 !i "!>bin i.nly and ffvant; :Mr F tempi in remove Jaitl Tirt t;c'r._ The |> rnaif&9- (4T
an-1 < !l .!iav'ItnIf.-r. t'ie -.'ioo xvas Juize tt Pf'4).4t' :- >ed li.e Jury tin* ttiepiibhe
Tut-! New V"rkJr;// s ( \Vina \ v. :i qot j !s. tn.i.ns sag hiwore!! pio cntcd and c-ach Vu1hiC4ntI I'-rfv: Mr tlreen and r,vant; Mi-sK :; the law xv U be strlcHcnt '"w l aiitt stt
( I ihe Ulnait t. article I never rJsf> i i i a't\ part t>f tin* f'tiion, ; t'IMII \- C nittre-t wasa'e atn! i Il) a 11r-Pt'tIt1 co thtton. .
m > T.I i a JTI ; part nt1 tlilOW-d : .lor.-a, Mi.M L Jon-: Ur II C Pi'4II'C.pi! parties, iJta.ijwn roniwcte'irr irofnit-al'td;
That Mvr'iF
n Ii o-.lv!. we extl.'icl : I :utionj; the fn-.;*ii'-s of the cvtreme A. G. "v-iiimes, for on.'* fju'iitcr' salarf' to ( .l4,' } : 'i.-r- El 1 l tug. .f ( CilnoeF. I I muiLby the was eutL'e| JOSEPH l>ELAFi Ui
.. le. null safi'tv 11 I fa--etofi.! J A I'.m1) M Cuiiii i!;: *, 1nz. are hap:.y to **>? such imn'-rait: offices Illed[ by
school a4 i t lo i LEWIS cw--rts
Te: \J .1 ,s.j[ ImseiK Sen !' rpjrfiitc I ; fvtr:1:1 thij l.'it'i ir. 1., as City Att >i"ev .. Vj uOVm.
i HrPVin I H C."ro men of such fltne s ad ability.( We that
\I.'ltn, I; K"n4.: "- 't \ -.- =, i ii request
'ft ,. ijkirrtie.j t i-'t-.4ii.'m! of the I..i I 'M* t'oioji. ur xvith: a dm-regard to the Coni liitinnt, fir ruiMr. as V/'Icbif.an \V ; this Tnwf es ot the .\; -: LOL( LZJ.
po. ) F S To'k. .1 : t TjI.nis! .Toltri Spi.y.! our prv-vntmcnt, be publrsbed in the C m-
I I1 ihc I ad to tb Q7th i1t. .. 3-1 (0') i'f their Attorney : ,
bout- i's <;;i-sinn. tiul JJs v tt iinny ;t ifl. exrse i oorf>. M Rt-ar-ch-H, .1 A Paddoek, A! raham i iI nierci Adwertt er.

%.l lii?1k'. ij { eu-r&I ; yiLr. fl>Jiev.iles !i j j jt211. jitip'ifd' :h-T< :H." Oi Uiotio.i, the Cim:iv.K'J: : turned. I IV.tteon.. JninesicPraP.. M J PhillipW ti j jM The Jurv urulm-i r,f> fnrtlier busins, ask to bcdIsch.red. JA3iE ; E. EEfl.ApaLic.ie4a .

i..RU! :S A, II K Knbbin.s t Triitloek, M : (%d.) April 2t. I. >6for
.. iLspower (
(4tj't -
1 re.. I COUNCIL CnATvIHRR > A Srmtii J..col Uii.; .iti.'ii-i F An-lrew-
!trni 1:% ( .,. i (ircnieb ] THO M. BUSH,Fortnan.I mate Ffendar.
.irtn1 1 -Visi'its! of her iui-iI in ) \V
U Uaniwick
K. i FKIDAY Evixi.vcMa 7 LS17.I I II I |U Jfrf>fi-Ji.n. fl; II Tuttle, ,
d i HI, and convert tt.it niinht !f.U f.-*, !V i: | '.Jr. {flI-y] : I. T )oe.! on-e of tin sernI > ) U ( Ht-i-n RV IL.rdwiek. J S Vaii, L. AA"n eertif'v that IK- ,*hove w a true CII1V trom the CLiY OF k-'UA ?; KLfNTiB ;
I CjlJed tneetini Piv-t'nt, Mfs-r.s! I H'ttchri-I i .1 O fiunuPfrte.riierC'h.irlBton vriUxi i fikd in mv i>li"v'e.NATHAN". :irin.. ,t ti.t' V.-ttt
\ fj.C' ftu ndid.upx t.ir Congress in ileJ < >rtn. i L Warner. ( pot-tje; o ne Lty- jt %.
s int l'<-< l a id ui'iiJi. A'he 1r4:4iiZ ti14. of| i c.) fshsll
I !!, Ciii.dtft.! Wiiilmar-sh, a>id Pavr.i MetsrFrookp, Mv-u'J- *J. WATSON, f'-r s le *utt{ re Ue trthji.e
( 'notvlerarw i''tf a mere f*!'!>>')tiff. J !!n!fttl1 5 flisliict. has a-Mrt-sseiJ a circular toihe I TUe 1njRU.I ul! thv 11t read and CIrk C. C. J. C. t'XKe{
I i rr.eattnj? v\erc hun, i4n1 i {%iii-nis. I dtnf, i-i the city --t Ajwl; eh.i-h! Frjnfefin c anty -
L1.'r ci'i/- I ltii' lu-ide In becti'tiP, ju'ut pviiirs of the listrirl dull dniii a oe"f Ihton-Mr Ginu! and Mr A
are aprc/otI. I'r :<-iin't on Mw.fl**, tt>- t t-th *!. y .f OefHjerrfrx'

\V.i_! _: /isn"a! .; 4 al.t <- .**:*! His p.i'jije.il: sfnti-iients. I lie The M i\'tr h-in4 abet, Mr. P.ivnn moved, I (J St-llOO'-. I ( AND OCET.r I nt the! a :i.il h.tir t- s.e, of thi,
: lie !. i.ii ih rielit ofiif-mga -- '!. ; luls! MT.ndfJ tt.jt the '.'fittrtl proceed to c-le:TMavr I'IIltfl1fr Albany-M j Jfr ie Ci.-, Mr Tio.sL : -
_:; to I.e. N..IIiIhH.1lJ. U :;Vc < < \ !R BKIJNJiEtJTERj-il I Mr. MI'LLm t.n&tc! {xirtEnpp' te the! citv rf V

old f, !i'ioof..iie, :i Jj 1 1ti I U xvtt'jH'tt' ti! < I'M-tTou o! a c-oiivciili'Mi, that ;-3 ]n>. ti-ai.- idi'ited.; And ot: ciU1ttu.LI i'.x<>-rrtejini-r(ti.P : Knfj-i'a' Mii D Ibnforib; Mrs JH 1i, -nclf'iUv! .i'I.iu1'L 10 t'e Laheand flenfletnen ; known t Cat Pohf,. wth; tte l.ttac1jnii;

elte loses lief iiold on lie Utiiuu i lie W< -(' .-ot ae.-e.i, a n-rllitKlMntl hun 0IP, I utfbuit'tts' !Mr. }UutcJnj-*in\\d-! >.''iai: I'd elect dp' I )atif.'rr1, 3 ehtlf''ii! :n.J ST.if11- .I i-s Ilurrntnitw ot A' itH.i.vl. I tdat! tiiev utll give onnet t %' dl hsuttii ient ti mak ITuI! .

not ''IIIlb byth t >s running cI..< \ tim. ai.d touU So* seal tfi tlie ch.irr i <> ,.-: J i r CHaMlMe! -rsJi< B-tak. Lid) U'lJ-ie-iJav! e o-iin-', ih, TI'II: i---.T at the ditl l atid Seventy d-ii..r$ ..n.! fc-st*, fejr the

I Ptd iiigenl. b.u: tvi.at! Ii< of more wii.ijtatue -- Arc. An pxtiact from his circnlar :loilmvJl -- : I TheC'trk' road < certili"ate of I the I Ins ( HIIIW-'A -avi .T I U I HatifuribV A b'edsil GilC : .Man-io' fl'.iw, a GR \ NO CONCERT ni nrrl1nlii'at an.oiitit t-f the State T. \/J* Cue fri-ci tl e .. LpabchicMa -

I is riist<)tfl l. lelluxv-eitixeos. :ts it is t'ruf I tfie I lii.-eictKii! held f.n I ttie 3.1 list.. fir i;JJc, Eiit: C iiiifAi-. Music. Parri>i.r rn m'l' bilis.- ; Land C>-r> j:.a' -, ij> !l.t :..1dlrc: n>! quantify

tiy running wroti I two Ciiiincil'j'ci'lncli %S.it re it''!, aud it appc Mi Tn'Su'N! 5l t" b- Ltd st fie! 1 tf.-ifl: II >uv.Miv I of ajyossaMe {ttd ttm I'll ii.! us t'ccutv. axtI
Th refusal of the .State Setint** to eoniinei.ti'e! (1P1 a candidate to mejM I ECErPTS FIJOM THE INTER ft)! .
con- i riij I thereJnnn I I ti! it Mi"< i>. John P.ir'rtd tgt- an.l l'i 1st" liable to Tax {or the year ont- th< wand oiicHvt Bcodr >

car tn tVu' Ik'nti x xote
uc see. nut up ci tlje; z r4itn 1 fit' rotsiiie : e i..:i'je.; lh.'ir atleiU'nn. I fl:illeiiiivself of Ilii-i city. The oath '' oRJ'vwatidnii iiten-d Mactny V ICintpxaiglt; 4-> to Loukiurt tVotuy. -_,- S JOHN LUC*. ShetiffBIM

Ili ( Pcj. Taliir, ** !ii s. e deeds of ;ar.iis are .&?4 I ih.it mine are too xvel! known tom ': t I'> tii.orn !by l e M..UT jiro. tun. and they loi-k S to P-r llth-on;-ti'-im-r Clnm/ion V ('I). -03): ba'e; cotton toV 9 tJ' \ iIL1D' anti .10 bbts. Utrvk1G Mol ex-oJDcioTax C i.- cr r FrnnlsUa! CdwApahchi

'iiio-b rt-iion i 1 in \1 a'4 Miiisis! a> in any ; ik a t trticul.i rent .1! of ih>'m nc *ssryll're. their si' ifMr. -. A V P 0 K II: u"1 to Hilt!!, Davv-m .t Co; 27 to ,_, se-, lot oaLbv t -f>i April-Jt, 1S-L' T-'ttn

Sip' ol t ih<- ('iiniti. hut upon; the) ground ofuisiippriili.it Hverv fiersnn who knnxvs me, know : Gii'dlcll ofTerwl the following resolution A \r McKiv: 'J > ti> Liu'klnrlV Yoims; JO to May 15 J. DAY fc C fl._ IVOTICB.DITIIXG .

Hi "fit/ Denuicm and t .s-hit h arI4liI1l V\Mie \leKerr/ie: av ; 'o.
Htti oftlie w. r. and. thcrfnre.ni I that J a'n a S///f ; it ; FDTe :. ub-et.ff trom the Sfat
Tb) it tbe City TarHecor| [be and I Per s-leanur CiirI.ioii-4) bil-'s cot'pn to mv JOHN
41 l was reil tliat ilt be Jhaiikel Tiot lie aho elliPr ntikn'iwn to von. i that I T WILL s ll j Mid awe.l Ll'VIKKR' at $H>
.i iaob.Jy- oii ; ly c.it< he is tII.I 4I.' alit h1oritI to ciian t.1 1 lh<- si esietlv M.icliiy 1- un.r4IIig9: 117 to Lockliau A: Vuuu : per i- .iiith*-r.wd lit tvlirct awl teceive -

HJO c.iriifs it on. ,during' the pfii'lencv of I the last Presideniiai ;(]ii(. IIKII personal value, i improved; and utiirnpr I C2 in N'n'ir-c. ""toiie .V '11. J. I tbno andand taUe si-Mid flrnoetie- part paVtnent. ell dehuaud utunJa due to tee, and tdlive

The lo ic of!'thi? tnode of argument IVR I eli-cUon. I exhihiied s.ime y.-ilinthe I I ived real estate ; J'9Vtt, I Ilu-pirties so cornpi IVr -teainer I4)li.-l! ) lule* coiton to P IJV.in W. C IWYN, Agerit. receipts thci- -fcr. r f.* f

('ii!', i.r.t ajjprfi-Mte. and, iljerfnre. we |irnt ose a'lt'.irnev ol Polk and f 1) iHas. I approveCnerallv iinin make aidivil!! I bat said properly is oiers \ \ Co: HI t" Ili'l' Diw-iin vV C'i; GT to Apala.-hicola, May x Isl7. 17-/t JOSEPH SLL cuenr4zpala'hie.Ib
Vv'm Porter .t Co 2 to
"' evami.ie it. (;tn. Taylor oi. rched frottif of Mr.! Polk's Administration.Y .- s ;as>e-s,>il, urul be i* authorised li-. I .ike I he viuiii- Suns Loekbart V Cb-i-ver V Vo-m1; 2'.to u ; t ftCijI ioIe. MA, 17. 1-II

( QfjMs >tri\tl, : rHiiflainly, iXII I pened this ] elect'i'l. 1 KJi.ll iopi'nrt il_ wn-never 1 1tliuik I tii'M, of Mi it) tiropertv upon oatb "t nxxner or d.vntof Per .-teamr M'unvl! I biles rotinn. 21 roleatlier !!.- T lIE !'i'-rru'-r havn1 been arxiinted; AUC- :: :

I..r ilus reIieuce! as a soldier lori it is riuhl.: and only so lar. I shi.nld si iI| pruptMtv -said aUid.tvil to be lilt-d ami l teJ ti n'i 23)) lit le'. I to Loeb! ilL vVo'in; ;; <] TI'JXF.EIl l Ir: trie roiinlv tit l'ranklinli- persons are h.'rinttitie'd rw-t tolQ' !
of s.mj N' McKay I I bale cotton to cil-s the itt f the Mi-rrhan's and .It-r4$ i>l A
ii. hot I not J cop'r-ij at t be evix'ii' ot owners ; propertx ti.M-.S tohicco to A ; ;p itrona
; hints nnrch fi- he with a dispo to o
m a snnenor, : ; my ,
Culisuleied the 1jtli-rt'J 1 f.ick mcMi t.> Vytic \: will !
I ail'! sjjd valoitto.l sh.ill be lidI I c 1 ? l\\f\ citv elf\pdacbicxla.} No.torazif >eobariied
*'! 'srve4 tlniks. :At Monterey, ti ,,vr.&I Tay- I at the expense of xmir' !ht* and interests i value lor said pp'jicity' t tor the pivseM current ) oil "midrniisi! >riitd to l lIlfil ti) if ><>Id utAtictio nnt-,he h xnx 1 l.-t: i.-y abt.iie, I xxtlt (psy
r NO f.in I ic1-i He who I 'ton-192 fulcs! toM:iciayV no debt of l.er coatractm. -.
zrante.l the ni
---SQ IjUeral, that Ii
centred by Mr. I'olUN <; ,veriiiii *m for port of :nuv \d I i.inisii.iiton., is fit I to he triisi- I FrmUI'ii Iri iite Company No vJ, sulicilm the If4ru-r IVrsteinier c K'ifaid.1. -1" 1 bajes; cottmi to llat- _\tah'iI4Ia, M.iv! 1, lSI7.ON" Tl-4t May 1'- t'3t

CraQtHi; ih *ui, but he grante ) ''hem in the ..j.! I lie I must bieiider a kn ive, I in volnni.irily nn re base of a boll from CaptMrLanc, f1iitri.ir tier V; Holme?: 277io A N Mcl\' v."l'u Lockliartv : oTIc. ;

'"(> I his to disimanishb'iwern !$ Knjine: ; I House, w'as receivetl and rt ad. Wbere1111,11 11 A: Kiinbroa b.CXPHRTS. .
;J.C 0 peace, and will the helief that I pi; ceat snrrcn-I-rms piivile ; Vouaj; to Maclay the fourth Monday iu May, 154", I xxill J. SJcvcnsoji & Co. iAi

*:" han-1. *T save Monterey: from the riZIU and wrmis. "r a fool, in admitting on motion of' Mr. I'axson, duly secondcl, auciioti heinre the Court
-! at pnblw
; and \ 2 Cfustniit sts i1
I be rhiir-appointed Mes r-. Pax son, Abell and 43 Jt'tiltr *
horrors of a h'ciih.ud: nent.* what": he did lie his: incapacity: sn to distin oi-h. lloxxurJ Ioui- I Inline dfior, in the to\Mi 14'! Mariaiinu, tote. numbered
Iu in Harlrid e, a coinmslti-e: to confer xxitb Capt, :Me- I.lVHRl'OOJ-r-Pi-r I: chip I:1t receiM't! ir s.j-;' t rtpfly cf
written. Now. furmicli C'ltisidcration.fiOJ There is one subject; fellou -citi/.eos., 192y bil ('(111011 i thirty tiv" (.11) and Ihirnv< ((3";) h the ARF (
Lane in relation thereto, and repuit t 'it tie! :ixttIiCli.i.T. TAPL.}: a-i Ktich huiiMiniy, lo say iiitlhin% of theiient.liedcser this connection, xvhich on-zht u) be hioii ht 1'IoVIDENCE-Pr il to toe said JO-MS, 'J-J I l.id < fl by KiKXaidV. : | LOOTS SHOES, HA'l S huNXEYS. Xc.Xc.j .

jC .. I the t next |-iden-- I \ P.nton. Tbe I I.-NV-.I! h,- .. A< as the pipfrtyot -- ,
: esiliaoUs. At flueni to your iirt ( mean Oa: inotinn, the C' nril adjourned. YORK Per bark Masdala-7i-3 baleicotton. : i-nder'ssn j vhtc'i :hry itr ti r s- f -. r--.r abl* tcrtr.-
Nl-\\r Lo .irtbx ilecea-ed ;
Vjta at Fort Hrvn.. P.ih Altn4and lial 'Iert Ion. 1 It is considi-red Pr-si h Ih1! l" thttit Jill' n order I A d .eletL,,, M.ireti ?7, I&4T.- -- -
of thfclattf 1'finity C'i>' rtl-t'J icks. .
he was he Hrft-ndintr xviJl Jpvolve! on the (llonso i.f [lepreseutaIt I COUNCIL CWFP.VEMXYY ? Per -\vf.n-2)3 b.dea c- tton.N'lIU' .unty.A. iJL.
II. BUM1} AJmioi-tratir. just teLVediiuZaeihy
houh I is >rt.ir t therefore, I tint the HVCMNG, May I-J, IS 17.Cwstil Oil L11: Nri-Per .s.-nr \Idrmion-32j
on an enemy's soil' ;-but for his huhcrc tIvi't. irnp.I > larianns: At ril 5<, b17. xi vt i-ti ; I 1J. Aptil n H.n P4.HILI._

? .co, !jMHicuIarly iuar. reriIii !1eh1C jhuald! ua-Jcri'ianJ the preferences : mt. Trcj-/it: J. ?. liutcl.-iiuon, May- I'cr it.'am.-r Chdavtaa 27 bales eiTti. : ,-


; -j



-- --
; r ----
----- -


I ,I S 4

1S .. .
S S .
0 '.
- a- : ---- _
----- -
.. ; _- I
-- -= tzm7LcBa = := ; -
f4ut. StIa.: ? jjetos-'s S.iJc.BV I A)1N1)MENTT! ( Tin CrNTjTtjTION< i icoticrci. FHESH-----S t1lUVAL

IX i %f.1 me ilL L t-4 tl a itii'irity' tins '*' ('1.IT virtue cf lu! power vvstf-1 ifl5'tTh' by law 1luH I ;> ? 'SVKK S'lMTE 05 FLOSSIEA* : : Drugs, Medicines, ov

tlar i'ir il<5 at pnlic anrtioi, at t'la ev <- for .- )! ? ''jofre ih"! (Virt II ol.vir i -5--

Civirt-h' i "f *.I I 1---i: cmntv, '> .v e.i I s theco'iatv 01* C.\.l'io; i i, 00 t th.-- first \Io.i-: *r.u AXU \rFti.ii> TO crrun. SECOND >TOTICE.Sic months after publication oi FV8IIILii Circuit Court, Dye-stuffs,,
I"d itn:1ed GIF.rz VL v 4zar.! ; srni; :cr TO THE i this nt.tice, application will be made the .: STATE OF FLORIDA. tf ssf-fa* T1IEUTidersined rerur'h.
hn f.ilo.\11! : : pro vrty : to \-
Acro::,; OF T11 NFXT ( EEP.AL'IS5iF..M Hon. Jud. of Probates for Jackson Charles Barnarnd, Abel {o his friends azi
M.iytu, ti (5IItiv: I'tricts of ia: 1, ti \'L : in't'.jjoitv: of St. Jusn'i' or so :'-.' 1 thereof, a* e county, for a t1 r1IwC'4.; -
TJX 0:1 the sar.c: HTY. final l settlement of the administration of the Adams, George W.Barnard -' : : [ liberal patronage, ar.d
The SK i 1 of s vti.M-2:1,1: will ..My'tlv State: auJ: tVar.ty estate ::41
of Na. for the cf Samuel X. Spears, deceased, late of said and Charles .' ,' S that he h now rcccjjns< ,
T.'ieS; W J s U.vr2t, Mn Tn.vuhhj 1 yj.ir !t-.3 : -
The X W J oi'ajeii n :.? i, f t Uri-j: No 7, S & 12 .11 L >t >: n.jrov-1 vilue.l at *"'>, purporting 1iz sift sa to nwntl 1'ie Conlilutlon />f t'tis cou nty. ELIZA SPEARS, Larkin, Merchants, Aftachlnent. al! supply, which anue,
Stale (n tn cjrlen-l l-t all free ir/ille in- February 14 1S"7. 5-Gtn trading under the firm Sum render* his "
.MU-u's t-t.-.te. tare Adminibtratrir. ?worn awrlrr.ent *
Tiia X E } jf
The i 1. i of S3cti'n l.TW.Ms'iip i, RS, S &E.Ths I Lit uiinprove-i, valued at .ft; t>, purporting /4 a'iitarj' tu, faing citizens ttfthe United Statin, of Barnard' Adams Damages ., nd complete. EnKl,3h, French, cj ',
7 Lu. sfialf Air* rt'fiiilcti tcit'iifi 1.s 'State oneyir TOT1CV.-Si months after date, I will apply & Co: -S American Drills ; Cosmetics Perfrv *
W ( of section 0, 1 U I 'J to i.I."i j to 11 >bcrl Armstrong. ;
the tlcc'icc IN to the Hon. Probate Court and Dnira-istj Glass 'Wto
frandiitr.l'CTIOX of vs.
ware, &c
Li-t niiiaarjv. I, valueJat r- >J, purporting A
Oi the ISt'i d.ivof Miv, at theCourt-h 'ji ofJo'Iirm 1 **
: c.vi.Uy, th3f.lljvr.j! tracts will bi cf- t > belong: to F li Arc-It. S t 1. li>- 'it enarlrj by the Senatr ami County, for a final discharge from the administration John Dill. Physicians, Country Mcrehj1 ar. ''

fere.l f<>r sale: vi? : ; 3 L"ti ha.covi-il, v.ii-jol I at"i ), purporting to Jfitsi' ofRffifesenlalicLH u) the Stair nf r'oriila cf the estate of John C. Perkins, late of T LIE Defendant and all others interested, will the most liberal terms-all shicl Le

Th3 W \ofs.5C U: ) baloTJt to H IJeveri'Up'a e>t.ite.i ii il aural .I'.tfinblicvni'tnei!, Tii.it i t the said county, deceased.JAS. take notice of the institution of the abovesuit pare and unadulterated.ApalaciiC' .

L-.its unisuproveJ, valued at $ v), fir t cIaue of the! sixth artu-lc of the Constitution M. SHACKELFORD, Adm'r. by attachment, returnable.to the December .5 11. 1'Vhclcsalcar.d .
Ths i K i of = 11. S In To.vn. I S, RM S 5, 11 !! purpoiling ..
be o amended as lollow viz white Apalachicola. Nov. 21, 13 JG.( Term, IS 17 of Franklin Circuit \
TheS > cls.v3l.! > to helu to A i Klackwell's e-tate. : Every free -11-Cm Court*, and?will : Retail

1 Lot hn'irue1, valued at v2J ) to male: person iii 1 the age tit( \vciity-one jirs uii.l appear and plead thereto'acconJin to laWTSlBICARRAWAY -; 1j
The N J of 4tifl (i. Town i, Rmjj; .>, S & E.O.I juirjioj-ting
: the *i"-th day cf May. at th> Ctnrt-h-vi-v: < ffJiKlja t)1) t.j C upwards, and who sriill be, ;tt th- I lime of! oI1r18.. raise's & Co., 24 Wafer street. SMITIff .. >!la, Xov. l s1
L'it jinn-ov,>.l viluecl injjlo vot?, a cii.i'-n! of th<' I Hnitt-d ijlafe-;, and PlaintiQ -
ciwnty, the f.illj.vin triclsviil bii offere :2 t )J, purputin to SHIP CHANDLERY.AXILL [ Attorney.
.1 for sale, viz : bi'lo'i! tj Win Cromwell.1J who -lull have resided; a-ul had his hal.it.ition: -' ) .V and Hemp Cordage of all sizes, Apalachicola, April 13, IS17. aprill Il-ltn Drills, aTHE:

In Township :3: Xorth. limy .1 Wtt.FrtLicrr L-'t-s uriimrovii.iIu.d: nt :'-1;>, purporting (l )niCi home an-1 \ I lice of pern iait abode in iy I_ llawhri 1 line i IVarm!ire, Marline, Span- In Chancery---Circuit Court* I : Subscriber, i., a,
t.t91'! J X f-'lorid.i, for on) > year next prf ceding 1 the clrctio.i( Oakum.: Oil of cotisantly; ,
Sctii: 3, U ot eiii IS, to to Cojn-la nl. van Sperm Fall do. Whale do., Olive
at which he #hiil u'"or to vote, and who .shall, at do L-r. > | do do Jackson County.AlcxanIer .:- of DR1f5
Ai1 ofSctivi 7, .11 ii 3 Lots nni-ijprovt: lv.i ': .>\ at $purp-irting f. i Raw Coiled do. Spirits Tur- $;n;' fSS an4
;; N W sci'i! of Ii ) tVL t ) I K Call. | si.h; I timoand I forssx inoiuhs imiiU'dittcly preceding |i'"i.nne.I i Paint?, Window! Ulass Putty White IL Simmons, "j whteh he will

of $ eti't 1 i, af I, 31 Lots u.iin;>r.>ve'l, valn"d at 2'J>, purporting i Mid I IIKS I:; Inve l h.ttl: his i habitation,, d.>!jici t, LeH, KP.J do, Yellow Orhre, Chrome Green, sr,. I I Bill to enforce vender and cf the best q.ttj,

All of t<) b.hnrto \V-n 1' OriU. 'home nod ]>laiv el f percvineiit! t abode, in the county l-.iii; >-r.ilii! do, IiK-n-n il! no, Chrome Yellow Veri.i'iis Willir.m Mi-Daniel, and f lien nland. Merchant and PItf>l.er

in which lie may olK-rlo v..te, shj1.) be deenvMi Lirh-ras-, Sulphur.!; I5ri-ht Varnish/Copal 1 Benjamin F. Xew-orn. J t to their ato. *. _s. j0 call .
2 N itl W'tu ;.i Li1s u iia: >r.Vi'J, valued at .f"jJ pnrpcrting > exami) e
; flt: I ; (lii. i'r, Uisi:1., : I'trh, rl nrpentine, Coal Paint T T the satisfaction of tlc Cords, b-h L ri- ,, R Ct.VL
; qualiticd V'iCt' .t all I elcctioiH under I tlii-s: i Cr>:i- appearingjto Court that pt's h-sipgclstwhw
_\ ot Stj4'iI' I 3J. to !)cI'u t ) \\T Col l tiluLIIII .
: UI t Sciioi: : put. \ ; do. Tnr do, Scrub
sti tuhion and others : irnirti Clamp do, I Benjamin F. Nt-wsom s defendant in IMv.-jc.nn's'
ii (
iraCtL3fll Scti.ii 2 L. ts u-u.ujrtv.-el; vul-u-d ut ??'>U, purporting nona cvcopt : election:? byjeiural i ui.tc) L.I. .ilk. \V hum!,', 1! ussia Duck this bill, prtscripricns
t Uc'et tie! State En" is a resident ol the United State but care and ice .rar at
0 ti 314t IiV M tt ii C irthat2 of to hel vi< to Collit ii Grant. in or L'i-trict 1iV h oo, (5OlIon do, ilenvy 1 tvens do, IJght do, anonrcsider.t > any Lour of the Say J1
by la\v, invhi"i: ca ;*, the elector unit li.ive iiue, RhtIF and 1ed BnntlIl : of the State 6f Florida. Jt ordered, andthe 1.
L-its Nails
2 valned at"lO
.3ak3Y citv1! ( it 3.viu; : ict iIt be offerel un:5: purportingtobuion Copper do, !
(tar sih', vz: : 'u* Wr.i 1)1 HuvJl.U been' a r, Hent il the :S.stc! e.e: year next pre.cedinij IhI 'l'aeLs, Ship spikes, 13OUt do, Brads, Screw said defendant is hereby required to appear Iar'ii! 21 Cr.: Centre and Ccl1TpOR

1 ;' NrtT,. iz i \Vt.. 8 LOt nrm'3: !, viluad at .<) 1>, purporting( j I l'ie election, uii'l -i-c iiMiitiuvithri t tiio .Ta ck Screws, AncIirrs, tIarntpikes, Cupstain and l answer, otherwise the ccmplamant's bill shall --
U.-I-IH i UV el ect ion dii-dict; ; in which !I.e ofler. to vote : Prodded lit r: Oars, Blocks1 hive .Tib Uank Hand be taken pro confcso.
All ofSti 1, S a.I N W aiii to ta Dn'o-iis.
Pu ofpc. li.ec! Buckets
Tint no soldier, marine in the Cedar do, I'ck Broom GEORGE S. HAWKINS
Mrnan or ; ,
S ail N i: ) : s 2 Lots ti.nm; :ir.nvd, vabied at .*:5 ', narpcrtiig: ( o rn do. CtIl1kI'Z T.ltets ,
refill :.r Army "r Xavy; oi tho United Stales Strvizir; do, Axc Axc Judge( of the Western Circuit of Fli.riJa.
unless -
S i: o :5 tii.i 3, ir iI.N t* b.-lo ig to Joa!, i K: OIVH. 1I lv', hooks 011(1 TilhrnhIP Box hooks
luweie Cti't'] l\'n\ State flak do1 I certify that the: above is a true from
a quah'.l:
; r o
< the
tf ,. ; v c't 1iri 2 !, 2 LcNuaii.ijirov.-! l u.it:! /4)), purposingto ] preGI II (Jf). C'ollou do, lJrt do, Igsh tb Caiilkin copy
vious to his li.-.lnn-it .". Hi original order filed in oiKce.
e my Given under
rninan crtfiirme
VG 'f N V ) S;; ut 2 belo.i ; to J.> !;i I'rr"k.: iron-. Making Iron..M.irliiie Spikes, Ship Scra-
auiW St 4- & VV e:1cti3t1 2J Lots utiapruve'K: vaj-ied at CIJ), purpaitingto in the n-gJiJi* Ati.iy or Xavy; (.1 the tv>r.-=, i'.iiii! I ):ijpers.| Cook's La'I.V, Tormpntor. my hand and seal U office, this 'J7th day cf January
United SI.iles, or nftiio t rt ;efluE $eI iCC, -hall becoividerc.l 1 i-iv i ) li-r> C-'iii.i.iv--8.; S.nl XceJi'c"; Sail Twine A. D. 1 17.
: t3, !1 '? : belong to Jo'iii IT( Giinhle.( : ,
a rosidt-i.t o< tiff .Si lie in Si-i'ieh, ?. '.. 11:. lip. l'.ITrll' NAThAN WATSON Clerk.
consequence: ( U Trathpr ,
o.l var.icl I )
\I !
AU of 7, 'f 1 TniinijMv>\ atpurportfng:
st.ili'f 1 Pnno <1. SJiovc: !* [H.inini'--r.( February -::7 isj
ol bv-'ing: : illiiii ilie s.iaic. : Iliitchet3. Chisels.: 17. 7mCircuit!
SIV&Vo: S E. .\Ii to bp'.ni.to; F (I Gibsosi'ij ttti. I'laijf"
\tigra, II littef'tws .
Passed Semite (
: : l vcinber I, I iimblets. Uanrlsav.
; iIi S. .5th f 2 Lots unInre.I.: ; val-ieJ ji h.,> ;',, purporting J D. II. .MAYS, President Senate. Til l -, I. at Toil
E ofS $, .11 t t-> b'I3tL.! t ti F. Ci Oreini.vof).!. I'l. AKCIUSK S'-ret.ry Sen.ite. foik t : !" Hinge. Padlock".,p D. K. Dodge, J)> -I i >us atd i ntrv.-j., j J'. ,*" *

N V oi j All of : 1 Lt4t iv>r.v.-.!, Vil-.i.-.l! at !sjS'j, paj'poTting; lobel Wood Saws, IVndant Hanlyards, Hand Lin(' vs. > I.v CiiAxcrr.v. Diarrahu. G-nf r.
a Blunt fFlenpy
Passe! IT'iiiso De.vinber lo .,:
NT ,&s : ofS. : U, MI ( 31, ti iu to Jainosil.isliii; Di-i-p .Se.i Jo, Los do, FL-li do. Hand Leads, l>ej; Jaracs C. Wat.n, e t ttl.I j i.c. For sale i-ni. rs: '' *:
IIOHWir) J HKO'.V.V! wl L- .
r. rr r ii, .Vltf C Lots miin-rove; .1, value nt .450, purportinglobtln S-teiUr Ho. Itepj. S M (?.>, tL.et do, Bit do, Funnels, Lanthorn:,, D.I K. Dvclge, ) Itec 1-2 J. : - "l'kj
M. 1) PAP Clerk.j ChilkLin-s
Pifh AUR.V
i: ofScli:1 I All of io U I'lertUaiiM:?. Log Books, Cargo do,, vs. > Bi'l! for uitTarrant's
fl Partition.
layiI! Pin- Tin Ware.
All of I 7, .:\Li 4 ( ;; 11 2 L'tts inijirove.; !, valiK-1 at *-'L'' >, ptirporting to 1U lts. S Crockery, Carienter' I D. ?>tcDugal[ (I. rJ. )
!/ .let to e.wnd the CoiiyiUnHon of this Stale ir.,>?on Post, .Vc.. .Vc. f fCtilicbsai compoui
All of 1 .11 (itS ( beio.j i.) E 1 l.vard I Haul!:I'z estate. W. ROVi
Sc ,. !. Iie SjSJfl thetiil'f Jan. 23. 1S17. having filed a petition
) (Z0 : i % of ( encral .Li- GEORGE en ic-
A'll of l: :u'4 f '; 2 Its r.:ii!:jproed, valued at ij'J! purpotinj; b';> nniai iii'tsad of untiiin!. April, I1I'i' prair.g to have a cer ._ tsu-j::.
Allof titbol t 1:14: to S K ll d.jo*. tain -; _._ -5-d' 4
Groceries ar.nous.t )
i irtx: 55iij> Stores. inonryinw in Court .
c I 1. m // < & /.-ti iy the Senate and belonging to
In T-t.vj iip 1 Xiirtli ln*- 7 V.W.Fra 1 Lot Iiiflirr.51.: v-.th.vl at S.5O, purnortingtob.loiu J) 10 COri'TIE dcferui dc ; '
> 35j ll-nisi; of'It-'jirt <,etitt !ivfs tfthc St.iff nf Florida Java do, St. Domingo do,, ;nls, appiiijTi.iff! d to the payment ot his f/ ,. S .
'Jmnal S;ctijT: : 1 H I-Vactijiial Section 21 to William! 1 lollnd.! : 1!.X Xoithcui ftesastLc --
> J ,, in Cuurnl .j1.'l/ e.nz'eiui, That the : Flour, Western do; N 0 Susrar, Councilor ;and Solicitor cf said de- "e\! '
AUofS-ctio-i! 2.1.1: 7 Lots nnii.iprowJ: Vdluc-i at ; "i3t: purporting St. Croi do( fendants mtht.rr < ,
Porto and
; Jlico do the
aecoiul cl'ir of llie fu irtli article of the! Con-ilu-! Young Hyson Tea, ; matter having been rcfcrn-d tome t./ i.-\ .
: \rl: .
TnTo-.v-Hhi'i! 3 XU0 WU of S-cti.vi IQ. lii !belong to A K Hill.I I livon l Jo, I'4>svelon do, Souchong do Gophen Special .Mister in I "-- (
Chancery to
In T 5 Nfl IVesf : X i. ar I S W |. atil E i of Lit unirnnrovvl h, valn.'J at3 >, purporting toU nt of :; Statvba. >j :sncncod: as to raI 1 as follo.vs t Ij'iticr, Chise, Lard, Bacon Hams Side, Shout- uj on the atie, after act and report -I I -' .-_ li5iir.'h tI-t; :, rilebei: ,
\ i2J. The i-u-wbcrs of the! having given 30
llou-- cfRepresentative's d.ij t
.'; C i, S .- 0, All nf Sj-ti.t.i 11.Thci 1. b1 : to I ll S M-uvley. ? Ii-r--. .Mf! i'-Whiskev, Mess and Prime Beef, noice! by publication in the i4j1. :i.: ; :r: i : ti t'e: grc&J

lin t 1s, si'lectaj fIT tlw State mvw y,'arT I Lot tinunpr.v.d, vahn-d at f-'j ), purporting to shall be chosen by the juaii it d Me-> and Prune Pork. Jlackerel; Sia-l! Salmon, fore ordered that sal I Gci- papers.. Rrss It is i tl.eit-: J- 1- -.. a Ufl
voters, and sail! serve lor the term ct two ye5Lr-S,, Hern.! !?, :S'-iri'Js and Tongue' Cod ti.e dtfen- tet j
to H 15 i; hiunn. ?, FUli 2 ( r .
ail i.i belong Toaqnes *,
: :
*nce rceaali iiei 'ijorhj-d :
UiT4 a *, are da.-its Watson
Terv valnaMe.TEI1M ; : Lots riiai-irivel, v.ined! at S30, p-irportinr: f.J on and fter the d'>y <,f t'':. l.f! i>er Sauce, Olive-. McDouiald, tt. al., arid all tthers ;t __
the ;aine-id.11; J, (Co.i-liJ'i'sjn' and no !logger; and ( :;"-i i'. I'l'Me", S4h1t[>, St.irch; Tobacco infcre-tfd, to appear bff' e me i.n the city ot fl-F raat ,
Xavy ? J
'? to bob to ( C S Jji.i-oi.! : : i
:! :
:- 0.13-niarth! ca'i! anl I lh ofh.rIhrcifi > th.. i:, f], !"i.t! iJo, ( nir-h.-rfs % I Apalacliicnla on the *-tvrnth "th> cf \7 ; t&
of (
*jsis: the Gt-nvijl .\-o.-inby! M:.ill( L b, ;!ni.ar, Dried Fruit?, j April ne\f,
urti4! i ii three opal a-i i'ial' i isf j-acat! <, 7 Lots i.spr; ; ive.1, val'ioj at <3J! J, purporting to 1'' 1-! !--, S .It. RSII-OI.V. Maearoni then ai.il there to or defend I -
biennial and Vcrmacelli otcaCut their
n.tiei'-o: t' fut th Ar-
on I .Mo-iday' i 1:1Xovembor : rete.e ,
with int ?r<>-:! (ro-n the ditc of s\fe. jnvihli antriillyiu b.1-mr t.) Jn'.in JfikiiicJt.ito.! : : ro w !: iot, Corn, (Ja-, L-uck-.vhent' Mustard lice Liv claims, ice.
aJvancc ; the parchi- t 1 give !bond: 3 Lots ?1irnr.eJ; vj'.iifd atsl'JU' purporting in each rmd every 4oftI I yir, crt: ",li Li'( B. KLL1SOX Jt CO., CARRAWAY il.-r r-edjCd: tvoblil! t-rctli-: i ,re Wrto
sujh betS 1 SMITH
ivith aro'4.L; ; s3C'iri(3'( ; or if my p-irhis to boloaj* to S >aboin Jom1 -. ol tnius a> rmy be prcj-in'-cd by laiv.Sec. Ja2: 2J Water etreet.BOOTS >p-d.t; a.dcGasiderabIeePe-rf: t:. t, ..trrere
: 2 ilc it fnri''f i ,i'jt5I'1.'t the t thiid S.r>cci J Master in Cbanctry. S ,* .. cf
shall Lot uuriijm.vcd: valued at v'-jJ: < -e any wugle one' In .. j
prefer tpiy up th j whole price in cash, a purportiiigt' AvalachicoLi: March 'i ? -j ewi ;
ct til tli" fointh 14l. &
au "L of -.jt
:; ; :lr : i the Coii-.tiWtJ.Hi ba !ti
bc-lo.i' t Sho;; and Krot -S-S ;* entirely preTeattJ 1 -
t Jones Ss JlaPs. the
discount shall 1E allo\veJ of five per cjit: 0:1: the : j ins, by ea3e ; iS {i.n.vi.
ai neaIc.I ) tint tlu- L.t':1e: sli.ii! read as follows :: (;:JThe iifaring r/f tiif above matter is pc=tporitd -i.. "'r-Ic r'"
credit instalments." 1 Lot improve!, vahi-d at $ t ), purporting to Shoes and Bnskin! ': ; by
:3-1. Tinltlio Rcn-e-t unt'I I 1 Friday, t-! ;t th i.n t.Apa.vhi"ria :
ualivt.s l.JI >
: chtKc.i L'I I
n oni I iletj's J- C. '
to J 1.'tt. Kmyd and Youth's .LLiY.
belong Ji2ney'-
.TH' nD, L'rogiri.? ; D-ics
I i li? 1it Mo).vldj* i i' the month October f-ich April > ', 1 17I'ilt
in "
He.ji3tcr of Pa'ilic Ln.ltor jhcSr 1 Lot iraproved, valued' at $-2)), purporting tu fineatv/dBrogins
a.id ; (z-: Tl'c lieari'i rf' the above
t-very se'-oiid car ftmn puJ I after the IirI : matter is
ifi' of i'Iiri'ia. belong to J P Lockey. ;: t ilens ;ji ;c,! Tionts ; post.
el ectija ui.til thC ;jIjil: June. .
under I it.Apalachicch
3111fl2i Fe!). C. IS 17. fin: '-'Itn 1 Lot improved, value. ut Z't'J, purporting to ti.M: diiien-lcd Co'i-tit ifioi: or o'l:I Imp se'.ted Hocts ;
.:! belong to Doctor La.u. such oliii-r <3"V: as in'tvb h rcvted by luvS.v /. Pvtuset IJrojans. For site by Ap' .1 2 i, 1517.Circuit. i"2nipyacil

State Tax: Cocc9y's S:th!. 1 Lot improved, valued ut \ iiar )orting to :. :"i. L? ttfurthtrenicftj. That the i'.ah:I B. rLLISOX & CO., FvaaIin Court.
virtue of tic! vcto.l in Iv.v I ci ate t'f the aloresai'l article be so amend .! a t to J-i
BY power tns by belong to Abraham Lo-.v. '; :21Vut r s'reet.Tarraist'y Roberts, Allen t: Co. } '*v
at ail for bel-ire read u3 f.jiloiv*, vi/: The SJM itor Mn'l b" clio30ii
cvnose p-jblic c -i, 5 Lots-ani-nprovel, valttsJ at PJ'), parpirtiag: vs. | Attachment
the Court llvna! daor in the to.v.i of Marinia, tob.-i' ..utij L'.t!::<>i>. by the qtialliied ek-c' rs, for tit trn of four I li'erycsccsjl Sellzcr'n L / Ho'.f, sad f 21.!

on the first MonJiy i i.j: July, the fiili-viar! pro, 1 Lot improved; vah-J atS""i), purporting; to year3, at th2 sarao time, ii t!. &?.remanucr.an 1 Aperient. I 1OTLTI Vr: C. Lawrrncc. ) Damaged /3.

perty, or sj nnch thereof, as will ,vty the Taxes jelongtjC: \ : in the the stme pla.-e vvl.cre I UK"; vote f-r iiifin'rraof : RiNE\VKD: and an invi-rratcd I r ijj E (Jt-fei.clauts and ail others int reste-!, ar? ki-
due thereou, for the year l I. vi2S19 / : 9 Lots unimproved, vil'eJ at ,s>j'J: purporting of Ke r'-v :ttivcs ; and n > pcrjash JLJ. at.d he.'fi.fnl( !I condition of hotly j rodnced( 'jj' JL notilicdof the ii-ttutsi'i (ci f tie abu\f suit in

acr s of '2nd rate Ln I U l.-ii. a'1 1 beuij to bt-1),ig to Wui! P M 1 tione. ill I ?be a Sector ii'di-- he ', a white n, s'i, a bv tin use ..i T \HIM NTS EiTKRVESCEXTTis [ ?aid Couit, and th-;, :.re required to to the!
in Jackson coty-No. iiot known! to b 'i1d 1 1as Lot citi/en of the United State*, and slia'i have been ELt'ZElt
j s 1 unimproved, vjl -dat > ), nurpoiling to 1-i : : : sarr.c aa require J ir. I.tw.A. .
the property nf tha! **?ate -if A. II- Ulas'c.vell.3l6acreiof belong to Thom; More. an inlsa'ntjiit ol this SLte; f..r two years aestj.re- pr.pr.tti ;-i: i ii universally allowed to be C.: SUMMED PiiP Ar- tf -: -

l I -5---- _
purporting | ; : cf the < -
of di trk-t remedy iresent day, forthe Apalachicola, .'tril; t, I iT. a; nhl( I raD1'I or l'ir which he $hall M
Adims county be i *
lyin ot> the Ch.ittnhouchee! river-Xo belong: to Daaici Munn. ( ;prjvfnun! ; ami cure of Ir.hieti.n Bilious Ut.
t; not known-to bjsoM lor the Taves due for the I Lor uniurr5eJ, viltied at $-7), purporting toblong I chosen, and snail:, have attained the age cf twenty- and Liv vr Comj J.iirit-r, Nervous Weak c-s, Headache 'ihe r--u !I. v. I -vrottler2 ': iTe1tioii
f five ; .. -. .
31httes -n'-ev'1} .
isi 10.SO ;. yeaw.So Jc
year to J Xi.in! :i jr.. I heart t.urn, habitual! Co..tivencss, fcc. |
4 aero of in.] rate LinJ bclin iuj to the estate 1 Lot improved, viluud .it r-lOJ, purporting tobelo.ig <\ 4. Jif if further ezietl, That the si\ih Traveller* alt'! ri.siints! in climates A LARGE: am! -uj.j ly cf Drius MtJiV .: ee5s.4al fcr a I ? 1.-- : '.. .' ..; s'knu'Aied

of John McKay. to WM Patrick. j clause of? 'ie l afury-aid article be -o auK'nd-1! t3 to find it i desiral>ie article it warm will', .r rine-, &.c. co:: 'tinij in part cf: the f; !Iu-\- I; 't&i I.-. .. -. > i.-v -. :. Fi

reada-.foiio.v3( vi/ Tha : prevents any ncc-i-j iur:, i tI tides :-" (d'! / Ca tir Oil, ts ? SLTniMpK tr" .: ; .i.er R.tcr: -. "
3J acrea of 2.nJ rate Lin'l belonjin! ; to PoterW. 2 Lots unitnprivc'i; vain-' 1 at $50, purporting ciiicitmi of S.-ua- inflation! of bile, i is i"rtr.be! and the n.cthcdul f <; pte, and hi t pi *
Gautier, Jr. to 'jclongto: George; I'm' jr. j tors, as un !h. :st tie! (first *avi} of the ciera; I prei'aration I i' pts] ; 5 lEis liotcks: Panacea : 10 bss Olive Oil in (lijCStjSslxr v !,i ;. ;it is r r.n:n > It: L
ti'ius-iilly jnver.ient. Children
133 acres of 1st rate Lin j belongin; to VilliamKin :2 Lts >inimt;>rvi vd, val ijd at ">0, purporting I i -\ssembly hell 1 i.i the year Is !J", thill conti.nie? f have frexpreif occasion for ircntle and I .10 kens l:|ps-art Sails ; 10 bbis CYppenu ; lJ* ib-\\ of.lvdakoVftpMSAXD, 'V.. ;KAilTUK -
cooling .
-Xos. not know to belong to Juilgo Pope. I unchanged : t/.i/ : I: j'fof wh j-n, as nearly as poi ible ! ibs Svilpl-ate! Q:tiaii.e ; 2) i
shall! ba cVa : > aperient: in pre- London M'-stat .i Ikr if all kinds! -. -rif f t!>e -:: < r .iRdant :' .- -
of fircver in-iwalrer s t l -i -a
.10) acres Linlbelin iu to O'NeaIro3. : ; faienni'dlv ; ; u
; Henry -- 1 Lot !' nvi1, valued at if' ;.', parporting to j l r.iee to an; other. S.-1J wliulf.! ,ili'and retail )
not known. belong: \Vijj D i i'jice. "i j {tor. the !t.-.i of: 1..ir y.-- : i'coei.IIitWCC i 5, X-v .">. J. C'. ALLEX by Xutracg-j l" b\s Marcn ; 2J bxs Lemtn 5Jvr.;;< : j f, KF.V\F.i\T: \ THE S'lOJ, -' JLr:

\MLTJ STKVCVS ] :n-l it is hcrXiy tic -i.tr-1, t.it! : the t t.-nn of office Dru-isjist, &c. U kegs rrl.-!. ; _' gross Seidletz a- d"SJa {I'i ituVr.i.3:: OI' CHILDREN i. r -
:2 Lot* j .fl.'! VtL v.. >e.J. at : 1 )'J, purporting to t J | S .
SherisT and ev-oTiria Ti\- Collector. b.-l j.ri to [jiiaf IJ jjiii-on. of (hit ci--! < of | i n-irs! invjiirv at the fir lI f-I !{:ii'.X: : & COVXEUY, Xo. :W;, Water street Powdi-rs; <) lh-' Kuirlish! Calomel ; 20 doz Sj-tsj; t'i; ;In i.ui I c':! i The t .' : -rt 5r
I eltetntn undnr t tin i."l k j Turpentine, and a irt-neral sortmer of uii i |1' r :.cI i.:. v. !.:> : 1t-1; rias : J-:. sect
f *
Jfl. T. Mvnics, D. S. 2 L ts iri'oved: v.iliicd at $30, purporting t to ni-v i C.-nstitnlJt-n; sh.lll t t _:l- have j-1-.t rect-ivi-il 1 atiil oilor fur' -ale juti-
Marianna March! extend to, and the ilr-t c'ein' tlie-Dni' ic-.e, fcr Country Mordiui.tr i ":ii' rrr i : f, ii i:,: > i_ rrs'I
31t, IS 17. aprillO 13-ts bcl jug to !F' A R- -';. l ovpnc: o i, IMond.sy i in 12') S.fi iI Green R.u Ct fi-o.: ,
(new ) I
Octi j-r, '*! n !liu:i'n rd .5.1.1: tifl v. crop ; Planters and Ph-.sicians. ror sale by f rtnutiB' s-i I':' y. Itu1--u :: :i. ete-
3 Lt ? ui1r.roved vaiusd /J ) ) bunelri Xrrther-i "
$ purporting Wotern l-'lour
; :
to belong to A llyan. Se.v 5Kt it f>tr'Jtr ( gifted, Tliat the 1k-t t JJ OU Ile<'tilled Whiskey ; March i H. F. AEELT.IL I ti the >vs{ : "d d-e I l-: '. C: 'JKj

9. HALF !have: M n ifictarj 1 17 L Roins"UranJ. 3 Lots u-iimproved, valu-'d at :;?"*-), purposing election Cons'itutian fur Asvnnbljj-Ks.i'! u idf r llii-J ai"e'lei; l
: shall t tikcpLi'-con; tOe iirst M ir.day) 5
to belong to Wn II nvlett. hints X. O. SnMr o-do M'.jcovadodo SEYMOUR takes I
; this ir.ctbcd The
; cf i&fcrrain Catttdttr .
41 Inlf boxes Mnufacturel W P-icc" Bran-L] 3 L't unimproved, valued at * ; Apalachiccli and sis- isi ucl.
and the : >rc "a-i'j .witk
.15 E4). t Ilr t PS s-.iun of t the ( 'eneral As e.'iUu..:L- fl -
to t)11JaZ; to H Col ic Grant. Him20
j'lit : vicinity that Ii hs leti.cvrd duvvn( the ti.
( t.n u r.
28 \V thflow" 1 Lot ii'iitn! >rovfJ, vIu.4h! at 3 > I to dcr I tiusaim-n lt-d <. ,.: !iUji| nshallcoii.tnonceon Inrrels Cl. Walter corner
> purporting!
: S'ssar: ; ; ot and Ctntre ar.tl '
th-s fu'irth "Tf-tts, ftclii.sf thank I'fepartd only by JCfiiX: V. C hSMauen
49 22 TJ bixe J \Irzai" .-Ijiiday i.i Xo\vrn'jer! in the ( ?
belong to Hher Kvc-n-tr. jeorcig'.ita toe
>a c : do ; ful ft-r the patroiige !heretclorc cxter.de'I t&i.im, LSIK-, lV-.v i'rk.i .
1-2 Ib L-unp. huiidred ;
1 L'A-i unimproved, v.-1-ifJ at sV), purportingto : ;n i f'irty-pitit.: G-J Sperm Candles; h e solicits aiu.cv.-al[ of t the same, bv' oKt-r-i' to !. r. ,: ,
5 P.t4.j 1
Manufatire l Jv. Si-inte
? Icr
< > in" firjnlPremium. belong to Piihii-.s Ran.i.ill. iJeccjtr 21, 1'; 1i. 2-J (barrel, N E Rum ?
; joa a nrat .ncl thvt Stock COOL'S lanD -
very cftusistin .-
1) ii.i :\IAVS
1 I.t :Uir'Ved; valuMiit s' J, purporting I I.a If. riVii.ieutol Seiute. 1-J White's Baltimore ; ;: iu part a> foHows: -
f boxes Napoleon's" belong to (,'i'ftr%s. St Ciair. Anr.'Ht, -ecI.ttry of Senate. 10 Domestic Brai-dv Cloths a.d Cas TxeGr'izuiti
: .'= various .
; inicr f4j-
stjlsi.Fancj :
Uran-1 "Mi. nolia.: 1 La improved, v.ii.icJ at "% purporting to[ Pa-3 } IIo.N.: ( r l !hI',?., Dec. J'9, 1 1iIU'JiJcii L L> KJ X O Mt.lasse ;
? Pii'.ts 'EE "
; do. da.Alaraca !: ?> "PUCTOStEll: ?
5 boxes Mcnuf I'
jrtnre-J ;
Xapo- to U M UilOvv, Speaker Ho. flep.i. "ij; IrxcEn
belong Se.vartTs! S.tt'j. : ii>!t Dairy Cheese Lustre do. tfr hI '
Ieon' Ura-i I :-M.D. P.vpy Clerk I ; : Figured. H.l \ L.
k SO 20' Ib boxes Ma-iufactared StraAlury. Lots unimproved, valued at >'1'J >, purporting to t March i I.J: j.:, u.'a : IteS. *:i pieces! Kentucky Bjirein; ; Silk, (;rice-! } vne. tric.'k&i.! iVr tuet.n- i-f Le'i; -. v -. ArLstiFiri5tfLU""iid.
"XapoleonN" tCI'H.r t<> Iaiiltoi! Saiith. :j'> cuils .
& ) Rope ; do. MenteUi.do. > : Win t--.z; L, iti-
nraml" Ma-v.lu.M 1 Lot unii.nprovt-l, valued at jJ, purpciting rh. _-1 10' b.d .* \icr.nt! Mats; Satin Stripe ly tf Er* atihag.! PInri-v. .;tca,

9 boxes Mantifactdrc.1 Morfonl Honey Dew to bi-lo'i t-i Gf-or'e Hlewarl. i.ia3 oods.pIIE h) bxs and hlf.bxs[ (new ) Ma). Raisins Fancy 3itrnc.ifr! Ilobe aj..iait: I Icas f3 '.1 i t-! ;. .

10( Crates leery ; j 'ion I'loriili Ssjaf35 .-. 1 Lot ii'ii'ivirovH' vjlm-d at <" ? purporting to r '1)4crier' $ o-r!" f.r sale a large and scaJL : I'l Leii.rifK ; crop ; do. Marmu (Ic-. UrerTchiti<, a -i"? tm

doz Nero Cios ; G ) tl.iII I ->-->.:, a-sorfpd." belotrg to J .Suv.'t, <* uble[ stock ut Dr> Good, consoling I in 7" 3Iinufa"tured Tobacco ; do. Delairie do. ti:atii ft> 3 prer.f rt'.r -

Ingrain Carpeting, 0"tt'' C.ir.ls, Trace Chain*. 1 Lot unimproved: valued at i'J'J, purporting P art of Qo ca3".sassorted !'iekl's; Mustis: Ji.tiia B' ok.do. nsmptionc.::. ..- L j..xu --. -

For sale low to close rfri-si 'iin.-nt-!, bvLOCKIIAHT to belong: to Walti-r T ) NCITO: Ken, ys art i 1.iacy 30) bat rols Mackerel, Xos 2 and 3 ; Sv\js I.-K-e and Colered.Ed c irie.

& VOUXG, S Lots im] rovi'd, viiu-J at si ; i, purporting t.> 1V5huI ail. Pv.-l! KhuncU; 2,) hrtll '.)tjs! do do ; ins, Li-le, Cap and Thread Fer sdvertL ..N ::, '

__Nor. 11 .':{ Water street. belong to K J AVou.I's estate. Plain! and Fan*-\ J-MJIS, 2') hoxrj 3--orttd Syrnp ; Shawls, D-ir.skSilk.: h a use in Cat: : '. .- -t i -.-- --- '*'

Blank R99! '; ;ttil !ilL1i9IvI ry.Uiv 2 Lott imnrrivf.', v.-1'i I at 203, purporting to f Double t\villeii I 'I'wo'jds, 21) ct'sts; arid boxes Gunpowder and llyrf"ti do. Mr-!!P.O. 1 p kno-.vi:, aid' ;i < : :. '. -. i.ticm -]

:E.1FDrIt: .Jo'irint I iJ'k'! >, tc. balor.g to Hi-x I !ll J W-t-ii. Supi.r fancy CajiK'l : !/ Tts ; do. n..iJ Worl. B-- ; r v : ., S f'isncct

Fo'iU.; a-i 1 F.otrpr Paper ; 4 L'.ts improvi'd, vjJui'd ut SiOJ, purporting to tIJer iisii siul! French Cloths, 10 i, oc'-td! UTS.I hovos Pov\ *!lior.et Teas ; Kid, Lace aid: Silk Glr-ve -- v-thch: ...- .. S ]
Cotton Mrn'raniin! : i ll.i) ilc* ; !bu'loni to Carrot: xriif.! ; \'hifli.V! Iii tlIket4, I i'J t, I U t and I 12Dillil qr! 2 half ipe Old ('oirnc: flrandy Ttiskan flips-.y: l --t.et', latest foshior. try, at-tl tI.! r. :- -. vk. |

Ship an 1 Kivvr MillLihuz: ; 1 Lot uniiHiirovod! valued at tfr), purporting to ) HI.nlats, % '.) and: iUtjfS.I If) Las. Z4 h1eidieck Champagne ; Ril b"ti# i ii ;.ll varxrits.Ur'iu .:>been et"' itrvi. .- : '.'' ,

Boooks for L tfor Pr -*. belong to ChnrVil} : aadcs, 5' I N.iil tsorteti sizes !'. SLurtitt.! 7--, -1-1 and 3-4- ter.- t'jhtti* .f : 'i .- S !, ; (1

Blank Bill* ot f Hxrhinjje and Check*, 2 It4uaitnprov.I, value.! at '50, purporting: liru-.vn Sib ti. an.l: 'jlKcting, -25 hbL; I'iIot atil Xav y Bread ; Hlecc.l:: do 7-; c, 31M, lt4, ll-l. -1 jidttit i>tits !'I!. .1 i v .< ,

Jmt tcccived an I for sale by fobfloijgto J D ( ( Cotton < ill.i.Iur i ; 3 tierces new Rice ; P.Iankt t--, '3-1; I aal: S-f. E K evu Oi- :. -. : I : '* *'

March 1 |tI.[ F. ABV.LI. 3 Lots unimproved, v. UiAl at ijo'J: pui porting Cotton Uiillin.i I uad Ticking, 2-i I kt-s: and i-nrt-rs| new Buckwheat ; Ingrain aid Cotton Carpeting. ef t th j !u-j-, v. : : '

__ __ to belon to PD \ ?(),) hriil! Lirifi and Cft; <..i Ciicrks:! ;TJ bu>!i-U Norther Oats Carpet Bt.; S perfcrro *btir ... .- .. '. i:.: -' .

Oil Cloths anil CLrMis. 1 Lot unimproved, valued ut i,5'), purporting t ) Irisli Litu'.i, Shin'ing and Sheetin Apalachic"! Dec. 5, I" ir.! Hats anti Can; all style racst grateful u...1 : r .. -

18S PCS Oil Cloth, I awL! 2 yards wide ; belong to William Vvat. IlK-ichod C' 1 tti..i t c S'h.rtm. and Sliding, I loot, and Shi-M.Cl.ithins foncfions cf the v. !L. I -- -: st r. :

3 ps super Ingrain Carpeting; .'} Lot* unimproved, valued at ):j.iuc:y, purporting lln I: :. lish, Frenrti u.irl: AuK-io.: n Print, ;! ZUd tt all kind. citeuient nhvti i '.iv '-e. :: -:. :

3 Cotton I'J to belong to II W %Vithiatii..ot I 1'xtra ::4uinr|) jd-iln iiII I willed Ginghams, 1AA r>('S Kentm-ky Ha-i! : ; AN<>, a i teat little ass- r'mer.f of Jewslrj" and I sorent-Asar.d pia.i: > : ?'K!

( 2 Stair J impro'itfti, \-alucdat I'jrJ, purporting t j01 Super Ca&Lnners.< d'co 1 ,*, 1UV> irails' ) IJopr1 ; b b1 many other :irtidc ;f..u nu.nerotM to riteutiuti. J C u vrtr and cli i.-- < u ti.. .- : uf-

p For 'ah. by WM. C. POIITKK & CO. belong to John D I Grav. I I\tri! hup>T MiNliii do J.jnr; haL-s Baiijins TMP, frr'ale r>y Call and examine for xourselves. Pre; artd! ar.
Dec .5 -11 S'atr street. J.\iO Siieriff Iiigl Ii.-h, Ncoioh and Aiiit-rican d I ). W.M. G PORTER .
and .v-oilicio T.I.V Super fialian Ilao!; mid Silks Dee 5 Icrk, solo iLe s v' *
MEETINGS, Shirting and Print*, by the Collt'ctcr. fituril: 1 .(trect.I Apalachicr/Ia, Nov. U, l<-lti. Lririeer
December'>, 1' J JISAC JJlack! Silk Cravaf- and f-sncv I Ilkfs, a. F.I: -'. . --f.
anil case, low fur e'h: bvU. I CGR; ICott tl!. \lil is and
Super I KiiIisli an I ToarciSilk: IIUIs I( aaru'i 10I HHD.-JSt. Ci.'.xSugar ; lanD f : <'
IIIJ.ISOX & CO. Tax 1 : I :i-- >rlineil: I iu. .1 f ajH-K.vc-.Ipitferri--. for sale 'JO'
OoIIcfitoi'N by do Ncr
Jan ;: Sale. English and AniLiican; Coflon I Hlcfi"t OrlciT Siis ar. to arrive;

27 21 Water tn-ct.- I 1) Y virtue of (Ih!" powi r u-ti'd tn me by law,, I Madras and \Vro-a: head !HkfLidies' -, __J.u H< RO HERTS: ALLEX fc CO. hurt> s.icks; Rio C.-Ike; 50 do Java ; :!: aiaiu cfl.t. '.-. 3t.

S iIti'kiii;: Iu J liall on 1 tlio fn-t Monday\ in i July next, expo ;e Cottun I I Hose! an.1 l Cetils Hf-l.ose I V/2jil ii'ijsr J tsnhrr VOV Sali'. I'l I bvs, _\rirn( ;>'!ie To?>.icco; 1% fl1-MEIiV: cu-rf P-TI" rdi

A SUPF.RIOH article of Marking Ink, just received for s.ile liefure the Co-lit lluux-door, j in t the county : S'iper Mar.-eillcs and \\roratcd Vesting-, ') (_\ 'tl ( t (\ l'1i: l' Vhiti' l'ine LumhrI -">'i '. UltttVd do. L'nuvn'sand Labbv ; .tl. -* *oveit.f: in Mttlul I jCcmplaiut j-

_t-L and( for sale by of CdIhiOUl), the following -s.ribi.'d proper Cutt'.nanil I I'i.iv Tin.-at), k t.J jut received :JO SH; rm Candles: no bxj brownSoap:: or ai>y of tfctii i.: ; --' --Cl"on
Feb27 j. c. ALLKX. firs') much! thvn'of \\ill Pldi.i and li M Swis-Miv! ( per schooner I0i I b.s3 ;!lit .r< ke. the '
as pay I the Sj.ifn a checked .Mtisin! I Hunter, from Bath, \Ia itti.. ; ) 's I'owder; Chre'u-Thetus-l >:. -:i :. f ftDocter

For Sale County TJXfM 4111C! thereon lot the yparlSl I 1(1( t7UOO :iy."X J iconet atui Cain'>ric Muslin--, Jan 1.l ) CIIAS. BOrtERS & CO. 2oi)0) ls! Le.id ; I ca-ks Linse& d Oil; TAYLOR'S ctUl'i. :t.a u. ,

RAGS acres third rate land, purortit|) >g to bIc Xe.ile, Tins, Tape, fcr. ice.Whiih -';JO ke-s White Lead, X<>. .E\tra and Pure- GeHninc CAL--\' or Livi uv. i, :.-: .v > fr *

9\ 21 wpcrior flu) Cnrn-e, fjJJ to John L). Grav; -numhtts nnt t known. have beenleeiid \\illi great en re in coolS aii'l BIOUlLS.C'b For sale by WM. G. PORTHU[ & CO. parts at3KOVERV.. Tf i- !- -. "*' *
& ISAC JACKSON, Sicri/rf! / New Ynikan'l! nostdti.frctn I ImpoiteisatuI Agents; CASES (It-Mi's tine Calf 15oot< Dec 5 -II Water strcef. now esnou..J l y several < rru: i.: ;, ; i'jr!
UBA COFFEE ; While anti Brown Havana and ev-offirio Tax Collector, C. C. Mjn'ifjcturoiv, nt the loAvst tnarket rates, jind [,..-' .';(ut) pis Brojjans.F ; and has been for a I. rj t.n .t! -. > '' *'
( JiC.
Sugar; Segars variom Hratids. Just arrived January 2, > 17. l-f,a arc now odL-rod at wholcsile or u-lail I tm f.iv('rable ,ir sale at low prices, bv KtAiS'! Asserted unparalleled ccccs whii1' t 1-:" ;." d P|

t per schr Cinderella, from Havana, aiid for sale Spring ClltiIt. -- terms by U'.M. (J. PUHTKI! & < 'o. .Jri 0) F. KOPMAX.(7ININE /I1 0 W W nilO UJf S-, Chocolate Preserve, T.ijlcr's tr.ediclQ-f in per:, rr..- .- '- w-t!
I Dcc.'fl ,. nips Guava Jelly
B. 1 !( -II I WiitiTslieet.t cures, which in *** '
HLLISOX irany, v rv n. '
by & CO received :i fine a orlinc-nl of SPIUXG .M.irrr.eluhCordnls nod Pine -
Fob 20 21 Water street. TUST -- - ---- ------ -- ( 'iiinphor and Piperine, !ust re- Apples juj-t rectivoil been alno ::.-T .drble", but f i v i -"-
I I NC 5
OfliSt ofCrct iVom Havana
I Clot t Coats Joshua
r.g on t Florida ptr scnr Batc5 and
; ItiOIaeS.N the Docter
: cnvpil and for sale bv briiii. -iisri
can fcnvai'I!
; ;:r- r-
Plaid Linen and Gingham lo. Plakl for sale lu\v for cash !tv
Chemicals Chemicals! : ; and striped i i tierces and barrel*, for sale! liv iF'ri1 17 If. F. ABEf.L.] \s3 advi5e all \vPo may bye e. '-.a' ''r *'
Linen Drill Pants Ca liti-orttl _
4 IE POTASSK ; Chloride ol Gol.l and' i' ; and Croton Cloth) Ii.; IIJ.ISONT: &. co. EDWARD ,McCULLY, colds even to H.-.C this ritctw *J
HYD. do. ; Silk, Sjlin, Marvileand! Vt-lcntiaVests IVb 2): Sl4)LIJItoa's I't11' March 0 -, ) V.'ati-r street.Naijnai p
; : >
; Iodide of Iron ; Iodide of Sulphur; Water street. delay. 'Fi.irklin says a j-n ail 1 1' ..K v **
Shirt*, Draweis, Ate., for "all? vc-rv low for rash. -_ T>URE DITTEH, article -
S a very for in "
and Muriate of superior
Acetate -S .
Sulphate, Morphine' ; rj> Twine, big ship. Tfcmfcre, c-: ; i.t t .9tl
Strzchuin and Mw late May 1 JucCIsKOPMAN_ GIIHAMTAK'TAU i aa.l Tamarind-, ju.t re-I L valul's use, for sale bv
F4perine Sulphate oi [ lungs
--- --- ---- 5- SUITABLE hr sov. ing s. u-ks sails .Vc-.ft-r bale! your are past cure. r\ r .
Quinine, just received and for sale by rl'o Arrivo by April 17 _ ___ H. F. A11ELL. I ] D. B. WOOD&CO.AX J. C. .VLLKX, > .. --

May 1 J. C. AU..KX. IX a few days a fine lot of Spring Gingham-}, _April--__17t H. F. AHELL.IN 1'ctev' ; %'4gC1lllI' ViUihiHJoils : -V -. .711 :

[ RUM, avVrr sitpciior article, jht rceeiv-;: and plaid, and a few PJ (ITH of ox Ira IteI1I,1)y ;-5--uul ? c)1c: Suiifi !? t'ds. CAUTION-The ->ernir..> I r..r

BAY and for ule by rich fisurcd and l striped Muslim and Canbrior cs, bottles and bladders, for, sale by A FRESH I snpplv, jiut i received and for ;ahe by. asssrirtmeat for saLly t tF1ocrScethjtit received BALSAM or Ltvinoir.. 1 ..- ..si

Mich 0 II. F. AREIJ ( LaJies'M5iy DICSJ.L-S. May I J. C. ALLI'.X.T April 17 II. js'. AUELI.5 .. Ja.iJO splendid stc .l pidte t-t> ra\ti t r.: '>- "
J C terfeits '
1 nnxci.s KOPMAX. --- : : Uy i.loo J. I.. -

Chloride of I4hiie.P :...._ ) LOUGHS(; No. 1U I I arid 10 I 1 al M.i'.tilarlurfr's Siitours&; \Vair.QUARTS PANS vilesihddancrw.s uni'at.c.i--! .. .' ''i.s1

>UKE Chloride Lime, for sale by pAINTS Oil and Window iUs, f .rsalel\-" prices, I.y b'. KLLISOX &.CO. and Pints tredt, br .ile at ilanufacturer's U. prices, by cautioned not to purchase 11* < i'i i ,

May J. C. AI-LEX. ::: J. c. ALLEN. Jan -23; 21 Water ttrccf. ?, H. F. ABELL. Jit2j: ELLISON:M Water& slrect.CO. protected by the V. 5>. CGpV K,. ;,. J..Lw-.

March Ilci-J.1 ; l2-lv:
S II .