<%BANNER%> they tiH13
ovr y keeping (GO dnll:+rs.) A.- }puifits above ;ih<> or not guilty{ ? Upon the charge of a dishmioraMe !i t thf (JnH( a sh h s frt distance :in the :emir off at tits: i'rirt to 1 ill a. :;:,,c :ECi
the the
log-- burning if evt-ry riiirJTc-- tit e power ? The conclusion was iue.vitai.de; sar>; art' rrtitlt} bafe..
of keeping in our cuw, are far: -'u'n dollar*. I } iJe.Uoud to t th i people of Pennsylvania j Vera Crua. aiid : cend the same to where | t
breaking c's Irre. 'hem, turn ; the { RTrtF"rnat
jj.'s jJioflts! Whore th krping+ of iwo cows Doctor was right, and consciousness t j jw.is 1 tl.r. main roar( 'u .T-ii., f pa rrnsse* ir. If fhiso'l Ctrne? : at
pale with fear. Tliry are warned of denli in rcjationto ;1;. Polk's t rif.opin- fat ?nctinnT.! 1rrs; ,,4 .,
were ; :
twelve dollars .Uri one cow there wouldbe I wrong ;great power of continuity I plan be speedily riot it.to Pxrrutinn, tihrr i "r ne
by every tree/ Ni lilm gslhctii !ur ik- { { ions -- ? + 'rtt2 o*f b!d Vr5- skin C-f I >n. '. '
I guilty or not guilty Upon thrseari.I li ,; i,
six doliais.Have r ; ; thought was !thenceforth; to be recognized |i 'T.rr he r't donbt but tit.+l Vera Cruz atid t i aer t"l
tie repose. The dea'h tick cirdy !br h';; rtl i' -InTsr nriJ-'Ml-iu; ,,
f prices aaU :; _
we a sc7Go titer accusations, why nor ? I the Castle wit! as speedily frill into the ; n.i .r arc }
put vciy uncommon: c speak cun t ;pt>w-
or tlieymayS: warned I of the d { as a pall and parcel of menial( idiosyiscracy. wbr| .
griin + iruy r my i ::r.tdijitj+ [E4i&t. roI5. +; '.. -,
: !
into tae yard of any careful f nntr. wlke.e.pj h They! have been alleged upon of l the! American forces; but i ii{ any fairly be r st / I
in a tern'' tlrt'attt. nxclve responsibleauthority "Know ; hcscif" was a saving i I }., *t-C'jKti 13s. Ctf; watt tiny{! ] "?.*.. ..< ., .,iJ -
1 ; cos s, and he ttnil i+*!ll C you lhat r ; !put in Santa Anna's declarations, it is glen i(
Gen. \VI tein. who hve.-J j.i1iie i s+:vcutccntli --have: been cndotsed! by the J 'lumt: 'PtJ mid ,,
peo- g icket ?15. ,!. ,
some! of them yield twi.e MS much as others i iou so greatly esieemed! by the aticntst'tirr eat he: will be abie to cut otTiljtdvance of Gen. r! re-f > ptr! c'Ire t
century, was eingtil.iry suj; rstitiofis; the f 'pie ;tt thf ballothnxtor{ musi soon harden I i from S.iHiSlo." ,
same keepitjg. inscribed n in golden letters the Taylor f I t
though he was fjra; *< *itl iatn-p-d I r m :!deIfM upon t f :, r. rtr. 0} /tytTe.-in 1't V d.
1 ;
( of battle.I In 1 1735, will(.- pinnu! + >j g one Yen %vio will eivrt fifty dollars for n good ] 'into history. Alas, there there can be, noJinswrr. wails of their temples. But poor fellows I' I Sir. Gornez, I he Editor of La T'tf, 2I > !l"fire Clip
cow Whru} he cu> |jav+: ;a i middling cow for ." !j ;tort the amhor of ttte ahov+\ is then Sdn1P >s ARrrcafrurl S. 'V nSxi'i t
ofhis campaigns, he s ri< tp .dj right, as was 4 I th" were doomed to self-ignorance{ riotwi
usual such tweniy-fi.c ? Iw'at,1Wl: i -riol on? firmer y ; i "t ij, who w,4.s appoii'ied! t>v Gen. t cntt, [ C.Kt>Ur..i, the Hon. 31' e. h-
ou occasions, c-uoult
io the
stars. Sitting by his windotr but in contemplation in twejuy. And thE> i--i : a reason why sol !,tteia'i : 't ,

; he felt hittu elf violently .sir.jcfc trtV l ue xviliing to devote themselves io ill e !! )TKKK.3.: 'Jt( IS rriti tli.tt; M ,jor 1'v:rte?li*? |j but mi Doctor Crane. They, to obtain self- !! l-m stuff: and! tvhope ct iin! >iswin w. . ., .gII" : n
isibg of supenoi; yto ek. W j have no t>,dders. [ knowledge had tttrlc| itn'(>k '*! by !tii Gt-nciMf *>n the irr>Hri: i r
ou the bad;. FeH.u : 1hrt: Ji wisdone! Gwynn, P:nsiijeiir of the Jainr-5 Kis-.r and to vr&clice inirosp"C li ioc, t atf} a very inrr ; >r: tg U'fr .'. ,*
Our think ; ore
people rile Kr. Ho creti' lilac he was i.ot t a friencl'to the AmrrUartii
and his chamber: door It++ ked !he nt< st-iz'-d} Kouavvha will! { and about within; the dim
with alTri hl. lie doui/ted! Jhibluw fools fo paj such prices as they do, {for. fir* !! Ojinpany{ receive the ap- grope recesses of i cause.. Did (t.>mro.tr !., the above int'or- "'F rite rrust srorttrc acrfcnlu: ; :rheVe : n1'rierf

message from Sod( Jo cairn curt his:, of w.isa his l rate cattle \V e may yt't tijir-i.! dilfcrently.* 1 I Il poiotnr of l fir+ ;"dier 'Jcnerji !fo ili c Brigade iPlato's gloomy cave While we, thanks! j malion winfe! he w,!s General Scott's :Ctrl 1 5+ittts: '.1. Il nrfton '. I

Ihtss. I'tou.luaan. of Volont'1; < the Slates Virginia to Phrenology, can learn true characters I9
:' tin of our
leath. H a i Simon's
epeeJy. beearnr melf .--Tl ha Icis'aurP}: 1 IjUii'i. Gtfrgia 1) i".m!, ;+ Nr
his fiiends knew sot the catl> c. Hi. coofeision North am, ,-'"Uh-Carolma. by :ie clear light of noon-day. Mason {i i parrrt ilia foftoa'in It

however, di corci-"d fhe can st : and PnKA>ri j.E AM RESOLUTIONS iy THE on Self-Knowledge, may now he torn i of Missouri recenffvvn rts; nd reo ut+n's. t 1tsStt' + ;
of the ILLINOIS LEGISLATURE. LIEUT. BL; KK. The Sectesar\ of th I calling on the \Jover-or for j have sucrcedi-d j erf.* *!-. .i. '
one pat:- s of th'O f'nural. cutskssedthat : --ThefolNm-itigrf-! i *ide laborious tif prmicuLtr j
a ; mental aoat ai.= and ca' Chi' Jfive t '
+rts s 8nrt oltrkie' fr-.i 1
being intent cm plain no c.i his eomridesti solutions, introduced into the Illinois Rota j Navy has Informed L"-u!. *Jeorce 5, Blake' j itifo-rmr.tion relative to his expe} ji 'uti to the | io : is\ .eat
ful st'I-rrxuninahrri! I oil I tssreif. Thb .ea-or
protracted ; be ai- ever I -. IInrhe ( >3
of >
trick, Iwd 1 hid :iiiinsrff }in Walstriu's Representatives by ,11 r. binder, on ihe who cointnandVd tine U. S. Brig Perry when may |1 pastern ciiies last Summer fur the
purpose several hnnrf+rrl bottles( f-f I ,.rd} sp
| ; n- ; t c:
21st ultimo excite l together dispen e4l w.n all is
apartment, anti n.istaki'ia' him: l for ).. frend: +! a loud and ) ; uecessarv -
had laugh genera s Ue wciH ash+.,rc near Key West, that I l:<* I of sr'hirr2State bonds, an'i 1 liis charge for'J; lain nor +isaf'pnrricrt itv hr+irr ."nr, I tryt:
him :--
snuck is
on top b.sck.VhiJ; ;* Iris i lo submit your t rai.'uun to the mair-r :
master was cxatnininfr the room, iin jumped irittTcas, as appear; from the ,message of, does not think it necessary on his occasion' pulations of and : t: e;perases. U seems he sold* owy six bDUdp, afar wiofer fy suhinit R siirtj'-lc( i- \i -T: iotieal '|C
a professor then, ita i!
out oldie window. The Conti'sor pledged President iolk in the Cougicss of the Tcti- I t to institute a Court of Enquiry. "Thefi i a} |! a,mAintiig to three thousand dollar?. anti jttdgnt+ itt. Ihvfn, noW .-: i".t tin

his word( that no evil slrfuld'be1Ci i'u* tmuc, ted States, Saitta :ilrahs been guiiiy u ; evidence on the records of the Department,' OHO t'!oubis the rhararter; he gives y u'u. i that for expenses he charpche! State 625- i iFNr S of: viuioas; uges. audint-- .- : nrreti.e -

anti felt hippy Io ..c ajl! i,- t qiiii'? ih ( ;Ifucral. the most ll.'ick-hcur.ed treaciierv; i-'i faiJint''i exhibit your chart. Since my memorbbieinterview ; thenr. I hope in :a f. \ rt'
f I6"i adds the Sccietary, ''justifies me in Clot (, ; Here isftxtract from ( :lie Governor's | Me
: r- :
reply! .i n rest (:[104-1tytttPiv{ the i:! ". ''heu3
Great was his rt t2rjjtiise+ Whru: !Hh<-ird to perform and make good 1 cert, ti in pr'nnrl;+ with; the Doctor. 1 have employed iti
Walstcin order the tnnnodiatK' hatiaii-g of made in President PoH-t: (th+ c<>n
the man. He would J hear no words ; the of sari proirns* being ;, | ai.sporl t ki M+>xif o)I'' and' ze.aiou.v oflicer are elevated rather ib in t i my spare endeavoring to ext t. the hottr/rahle ruover, ihems.vfr ic. f hitt trio nett i he u ct sJy one, as ff.r! ,,+'',l.,1, ?t
eise lite "great power" with which he was oh' the KxeiMinve cuyeti its Eiivrsi ii rIttvFtr t nttnre
} r
one of which that his ( expenses were various-no-
gibbet was prepared 1 the page drtkrr ed was, on arrival aIr. t depressed; by your conduct in the trying :ii ul!
up, the executioner provided.7,1se| who Mexico lie would! ;",e.t up n (tight ';h Pared pleased io endow me. I have taken : perilous circomsiaoccs; in which '
army from the highest (tfdwrsl'i ih" 1ire? *siI M and hereby l bring the tvjir bttwee.n r.i V you were for example, about( ;ss long as one of t the f breaktWt, Ins dinner or tea, when lie ,had} the | <* **

in rank, fct! indi oaQi:+ towards! the (i t ncra i Totted Stales arid J Mexico lo a close :- placed. columns of your: paper and tried to rcd I time and appetite to eat if. an apt,,. or an j AID -ADD roaT. --A w, :' r -n u1

while the confesvjr ihieu' liitiiset! Therefore, i iRtsolvfdby goer *rirrge, a lemonade or :t sponge cake, apiece cttivnui 1rlcitrgructr adduces l.c v'
; ; t the FIT.E NnRroL-
: IN tar g p lire Decor ) gularly through with it ; but, alas it I lias: t
i i of cheese
feet of Walstrjii bc thr House of \ or a cracker a glass of bnin'hr of ir tllet and -
;gir. for the Me! of ii: o ilr.prts'naivfs\ \ ;; as a par: Crte to the aid com"Dutchman 'i
lire :U Norfolk, Va., ou the.{ lint iust. The been all in vain, Inc bump be there 'I some o>d re, wh-t} from haul travel, marh '
youth-but in van,. Th page mounted u f titan "f Hiiiiyis* lire Sznatc, coney* stn may far,;' larded! by >lr. Poikto! t i-! tt a: sta
the ladder, : nd HI a moment tint iinfoiJuucyouth : Jtcrcin, That ire deeply sympathize will j } value rfropeity destroyed ia over .t tybut J the power is decidedly!; in im! vocative.ysNo 1 tall tr purl grt a: +t <,!,t OI sjHnj'' IIP w a i ? too t '

would have been iw ch-ntiiy, when President Polk, innsmnch nsr his reasonable'expectations thousand dollars. Two little boys."aa y what is to be done in such ;a cats 1 I f+rlaeil to take morn substantial f>rd ; ur | "! (permirttng! Santa Anna's rettnf, : :

suddenly the General cjied out-"Slop !" have not ber-i realized in con-J t he Herald, "who were searching Abandon the science ? Suppesc-that, ,'"iant-rapid iKivt-iliuji, had no time to 1 i I in a naval t tit lti beiwef:; -.

and in a loud voice exclaiaji-d: WfJl I, sequence of the treachery of the aforesaid; 'j] the among' orj t.tol{> aii smouldering lulus for 'findingr on Crane was a humbug ? By Itounern: s or brushing the dust oi Ins '
youn man have jnu n'iw f-xperii-ncpd what+ SJUti Anna. '} out coat or hirtnj [ srwptwd tiring. ye r kept; Iris ti. ; -

the fears of death are f i lisve served yon And be U furtiicr resolved. That Cant; .]; 'turning up some rubbish sudden!} ignited Such a course would be urmorfhv of t that{i :j a serraut to lt .icn his rirtitr. iriseas! of tor- !liw: rn+*ti ;,li staudtn>; to their ', Tl!'

as you have sci veil tne--no*' w are gone." Anna }is umvorlby the farther eonfi-Jence. of!j two barrels of camphihe} and! were Maidenly dist'mguhhed intelligence; which the Doctor C j iMtig hii.-i to eat rhrough} a smiles of regrhu: r! scei! tins, am) i,.,t u 4 "".Ji//

More lead than alive the Pt sideiit Polk, and thaive ; course-Ir.iek hire and ommhrs }hire. i w.iste hs: fire .r nun rs. ,;>'I! ;
poor youth descended most rc "spec{ 'I"enveloped in flames. trey scrambled: n found us to possess I have theiefore, like : pr npn
from the pijbct atpid shouts fully recommend+ to the President to plaee' t lerage and d ravage- stage fare, railroad! I -,ry. also, ceased fkrin?;. arid: h.+. ..e'''! t t-s! W: i
joy and the iu ibis horrid
gained !
from the whole{ army no firlher? relianec upon the prrtmiscs ofSaTitt street plight many philosophers, been led lo hazard a fin\ steamboat fare, on the (;:her, '! why !he. dul! not either ft.:'" c

Thousand of pcoj/bj suffer from fujierfctitious Anna to bring> the war to a elo-se. !i 'petreltl;; hundred people wcie near, yet to conjecture which may pos-sibls satisfy others, rivers, and bay*-nii thR>t>. and vatiuos other The FInplishman answered :i ia': '" *''r".

notions, when, if the cause of certain And br. it further rescind. That, noes- ]I'allnld i hem relief was impossible ; for c.ich who have, like me, searched !in!, vain for 'items' multiplied+1 many times ,+ver. makmi;. in* his ila '-never, us lung '? tit' in"t'N' i

noises ploy(( as Santa Anna has heretofore pe hip.: thousands in t'''e trip of six thous- j ed n puk! tu-neiitii hUt'ett} :; .r'-'n' tnr.;
: and signs were explained, :h<>y would! on all J : of the boys was 'literally a pillar,, of fire powers corresponding with their bumps, ;
occasions, been and nuifs-m.tUe, rip the 'items* of ernRnh' is ,. he v.-uuul >'f Lt't
see at once how foolish they (had bee n. governed by a strict regard' (Oise gun cheerfnlly
of the ]i3iics that
; [ $ youths instinctively tan;: Phrenology is still safe:+ ft is
There is a natudi cause for everything.. Tbrdeathtic to truth, fidelity and honor-in, his conduct. very ses to tin: iixecniive !lank list-hard to adversary( woubl have the jieru-i '.-! :; '" "

in the wtit; is from a nitric: }insect ; unpleasant President t Polk had good reason to believe j j to Uic pump at the) head of maiket: t square, possible, considering; the texture of t he get, and burl fo give." ply him wiih I'owoEa his m. n ;:i'Vbeii

hat( he would hold sacred Iris (a disia rc of about where brain that boirders f exhausted that if he wov,1'' CT!
t dreams iirisn from sevi-re exfiiion: word, ihns ; thirty yards t ) some organs, like some > ; ; : f;

k I or over -eating. The fa.-os and furuics; we solemnly pledged! which vve siiij{) believe lie' 1 bu,:kcts of water were instantly thrown upon r.t the Mansion House table, +may have exchanged Ma. TootiB5. The very intelligent anti ; py! tvitCZ his requesr..the ft ht mv< *"' t '''

imagine we see before us are caused by defect + would have done had he received the two j j |him I l aud the (ire extinguished ; the rl other fell l! places ; lyuce that outward prominence I able Washington correspondent of the Phi-} '! :ilatfeljdiia \Mbe\ itetermiii4i hand 10 hu:'! ": ." ct'

in our vi>ion. Wo have warnings; : millions of dollars, as per contract with the jorti American has the following ING. whieh} xvtuiid le.id io .1, ji : '

enough of death in the foliingofihe leaves President. immediately on reaching the street, when which shouM indicate greatness init remarks in regard to the speech of Mr.** 'I f.Toombs life.on built sidt-.t. The l >:;;v.ht!: Mr., Cci'Irk

the decay of nature, :md the deuh of friend, t the fire was, with difficulty, extinguished, one particular toes in fact indicate gee f.a man of tVelin, as well ;is val;:: ndi Ct.isg '

L without making ours ;lvcs 'terudy: nitser.r .r- POLITICS or THE Anxv Atr NAVY.i --We I by throwing bl-tnkeis around him--but alas! ness in aunt lilr. Now Phrenology judges of Georgia. j j lint -'in any event it W.KS, eer'ano

blc by oursuperstitiols.-Satrlydtty Curdie'Par r. give below, as far as we have been ;Uo to.l: too lale. They were so dreadfully! burned by these outward signs, and l knowing what t: a It was ;-ilto,ether the fleet of a patriot I change whatever in tkt; cn'\-nms' :"nc
i and the production of a statesman from the wauul urpt ii
rs [ oiargument Euffl trsh ship which ;
t learn, the politics of the. principal 'officers ; as to present at. appearance, + too shocking to certain bump ought lo denote! she jut says; ability and arrangement, rift+:ct. i hr foinnitinder, of the excuse o' Uorc+++i

House Ltsg7sAa.t-Gt.a.r.Atsttlr.-'f!tc of the U. Slates Army and Navy; : describe. They were about t the *gr of fun rso ; if then unknown to the (professoi' at no- big the highest honor on 1Ir.'I'oombs.- {| curio+ ( be tom the worse, so fit as tk nIdtrl ,

of Representatives (It n Saturday last Whigs Generals Scott, G;,ines, Taylor? teen i ; .one was the sari of JMr. Bro-.vn, them organ has thrust itself where, according Georgia may reel( be proud of such sous, l I luau was concerned, wbiltM!! w.is Ia
expressed its opinion, by a t majority
n of thirty votes, ngaii.M: t the establi>l h- Wool, Worth, JJrooks, Jessup, Commodore! L t v.'ho keeps a boarding houe in Commercejsticit to science, it has no business, it is it* :ann} iheVht s of the Union may well( re- j probable tint any chan t+ mus* tt'' for _
.!juice in such representatives., b1 r. Toouibs( better To w.ih the tequ I
men of a Military Officer of a grade than( Connor, Commodore Perry, brother cfOli-j ; he brought uient metiopoiis
f a reputation | of hi-s t catlaiit foe, provided !i.e: +
to supersede in command all existing officers vcr II. Perry, and hrotlcr-iu-law lo Mr, [! i iSlidcll The other, eve learn, ws; the son of that this might be the case with the organ j for talent arid li.CHinu ,itior}, that induced I! him a fair consideration for the arliel ".

of the Army The majority would, we believe Capt. May and Jack Hays j j'a widow of the name of Daniels, and had in question and that prominence which the largest; expect ions. Like few melt of n.shed. The um beinjj agrreJ "P.scmteibiiifj ai
have been had it not been
1 known, that it-would lamer, nsil, Ktmds-recorded, Democrats-.Generals Palterson, TwiggeJ been 'employed in vending matches about Dhctcr Crane pronounced indicative of <*real his age, he has not only reaiir.eti' all that less than two million* of doi| '

the tjfficicnt to dr-fent it. Butbr, Quittmn Smith, .Iie:+rrec, Col. |'! t tHarr.cy the streeiiC' He still lingers inhis misery, power of continuity of thought, I have supposed was fri (Jejorgin anticipated he !has, but always! has excelled been his funs I think, the Dutchman dire serf on kj} hn9 Cit

(Aatinr el InteWgtncfr. and Com, Stockton. | hot without wily earthly hope nf hi? redo r- to indicate great power of continuityui ; titan of the largest promise, cum regarded, nin; as titp a the boats er tii-phiee.,eir.s' ship.the poVdsr a h?* safely provnifu| :, s..

,, r l ,


t h ht

.- !

.- .
:;: -
; JjAJl

t pj' S

**3 ._ _-_ __, "V r 4r t .- ---- '.- -, -- _---. _

Ii ,'tidii! tint iM-rely reinmin2a", copy nfTolin i WI 1OLEA LE Pit 1CES CUI Lxc3aiige. IT. S. ITInil .

S S S'W t1i' ((1i'. the he: d hen Sin 1 It's" piper t ih 1' ffow / ft"itiu'ii I iv' nI firk Alabiraa-1321 balen 'HE tth.ritt.r i.ti.rt'; frier!; '11E teayter A UO USTA, fl.'akae'4dcci4 -
f. IJ i c )t 11 1 -
k fli' (.hmlfl oth AUHCLE.S. ). the public rn goerai. t that.e ra be- v N McLean Master \\ill Jea
1)t) hI d rer- v : ou i it, without I piT ITrirk. or rindu F.STO:\ -TVI.ilj n 1212 hal -> cotton iI f e

.S f.flc ( ( Ut." .uiori of locnltty. was not sttflfirjem 01IcsnJ trg 14.tvrenc Copeland L5AGGING, Kentucky,. ... ...yd the Proprteti'r ot this above wt-ll :\ ; &9fUVTU5tht4 ,

% 1ti own br'ns 0 ) notice ; but ntsntten notice, With name --: () ) '. ) : Dundee ... ... ..ydIVjniit i and 'Aill be please! fo t-rtertam .Siturdj> st i'J JAI.. Lease

; S CITY r01NTVd-Pej ship Andrew Scott- ... ... .. travelling rjr.nniwty that may f..voF I C,!,attabclochee every Morda and Tl.trsdayat
at (lie Ner pls.ce datr, nnd iccison niut be sent lo the 93.J lulfcotton.! BALE ROPE. Kentucky,. . .!bManilla custom, and will alo accctnmo- I 2 M. She will. also make weekly tnps to ttain-

flIflIJ nir" publisher! a 14tj "lianked," that it maybe :VlI\V ORLC NS-Per Ec'irTdllahascee' -IC7 NcrlhPrn. . lb aa tt
iJusiig *13E : boarder*. The bar will always be ride and Port Jackson. Leave..Cambridge.Vednesdoy every
11i'e tnkcti outiij linn.Fr.MALrCncTr.nrEiTKns. b1l3 cotton.J ,... . .it.: '
: genuine limners of the "h''ic-t night. Leave Tort Jackson
'; ,m1fIlflIt ) tfl.* $jj524O3t J Vrt nr L'ualiet'i17' *? ba'cs! cotton BREAD, Navy..t } eei7unday
: ; Per fshr Geo lig-2-3 b ls cattcn. Pilot! ,. ... ... ...cwt JOHN PATKIDGE. nisht. .

1 )jtIC \ Tre.- .-In New York Per scnr 24i-mi.-3 )t) b.tscnUon.1'.SEXGERS COFFEE, Rio ... .... ... ....Ib (, Nor 14, 1316 Every attention will be paid ta the ?ahty! and l lonfort '

t k $14D.07i3fl.r. ihi uiterrrs of counterfeit money are generally Havana,. ... ... ... Ib CarshaII : of PasHrger ard strict attention to any -

cII! Java.. ... .... ... Ili House. .j mesj corfidtd to the Captain rr Clerk of IL.2.t .
6G be iUiifnl f> in:lies, who ire thus spoken :
t11f rfCptS Wtt.SLOSO CA'DLES.pertn. .... ... ....Ih HAVING taken the above fstablis'itner.t -
.. 1 i. of the New York Hun Xotf List. Per ftfanir .u1st-(35)l D Pitman Jlpssrs NJ Ra ____ __ Dec. So. I 1S4S. .
in : _
; CORDAGE, Manilla,.. .. ...Ib Ra (k'rrrtrlv! Arrr.isfead' Hottl -
<- ? i ..jtinof New Yotk abohl.lirry Tlif iiio't uhuii Hid ;in.J abettor of a Floyd, \\MhdCi Maner, \ViMi.-m 11 Long, A L ... ... .. lo.bbi ; ; ; ) I :-r' now havir H neatly fated For Uvcrpool.
:;.t He\'ri", A Levvi?, A F Carnes, K Branch, LB T.irred. ... ... .
Women THE
Coat of that State.v rount rloitei 1 is generally a woman. "P 30 that I may bo alne to make .i_: .ntrnr? coj-ptred and cf>pj>er

..'SS. L ecesr tn prviieS adorned with all I the splendor within McKt-nny P,.i. stt-rfiner Lotas DrB- H Perkins; Messrs A CIDER.DOMESTIC Northtr'( JOOIs. ... ... .... !, ;i., xh call conto;table, and flatter ftened i.n, HARRIET ROCK-

bcfl Of the the compass of our liinna'ile dry-coods J Bildwm, J IIC Shorifr, Tha F Porter, L D inn Brown S1irIin; ?,. ....d the hnpe, that the** who oil ma> JVLLL, Oar.-h. Master, havirp jI her
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:'n'1 fi'iar Motes are connected with the no-.t *-x'i'n -tfnin -Ma Mclver Davu; heting3..vd ptriinaze. *' -

heu 1iceJ in these , and in the absence cf -5atCb, For c.r. [ to the Cair -
v Garret. Smith, J n Danfortli Ci'onaes..j' 1 passenger* who stop t1ereili t' fj.rlb3 & c11E'c.i'ot .
-- ;. hi ih.ir trr i riirrrf't' D.. (_'1. i 1.' r.-. __ :
i5V 1 JIW A I OIU&Li1 'IUL.JLUIJ-jJl 4k1LI .I. *. ... ... : no -
,.,, S ta'ico; I'rii.t } o tJetrr.tion, as private cotivpvar.ee J-ixt-rpool.
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inf mnation that ran be i A k ali.uit youa; HUH < f two or three t: l liicnPcrsteimerPeytona Kirtaukv' Jeans,. ... yd by appUcati-ir. to rne. The Etstern;
i, st T1lIsLlierIur b. K EKSEY .
.5.1 r, > ;iee.l tltat thr nmouni i <1 t r-i\ family f, !l$ .1 JTPV to the seduci.veuflncnrt -Dr It W Williams. LlrllSoiintr )UCK, Hi-srf. . .. .. . .yd on Mordi\s, Wednesdays and Fn- .e-i. take' tne ba.k i;: sMj ii khIIE- et tt in fcr, the :

1 in all "Je I1 of a j>air of Mack eyes and a )YES, Lrgw'd, Ctor'achy,. .tcn o'clock, AM.a14d departs on Mo"ock .t4bove named
.i- .I'l fr.iirrd oat. Per steamer Eov-Can T.-'AMmer! ; Messrs Ttti0br. St. Domingo.ten : port I'cr Ireight apply toy .

r F ,( MIV. twfl crel w ,flil. 91c01h ton uc, armed with hat piust t:>nrf : Uat'le! 'T Smith, J Spates, NiCiieU, Ti-tic; . ... ... ...ton.ludiao } | -dajs a"d Frida-*, at b P .141, J J DAY &. co.

allog Mlier -\onda( (1 I4U' 'VC.iotJs.; ItIVI % nor, : rd fl: ,. .. ... .. !h 1 .i-ni lagf dri'a'tnir! ediatpiv at- f'f1 vi1I .
S i .urn of 1t's- 1 s rVI4g the sesr of these priceless j jt1tnIUOI1. P r Fl ta'rer AiKi ta-B- l Wright nnd lads'; j"LOUK, Nor'Hern, . . ..hu! G of the EaMfrn, and returns tf. I THE (14apa1C13.
.! fl V 1'riflfl$. Same M/b-rs I K H Bir-'H: W G M Davis, P Hobart, ;.t S n'clock, f'. JM. The \Ve' terr rew t'ri' Jj L 1JiL'fOV
5s li? -wt to pap.irttr; :ul tr art.iinn : \Vt--Tern..1,1 I- .
: tr. iP-i .f
the court irS \V A VVhitcISMidP r ba1.
: wry iS1l. 2 here in tune t to take the Eastern
'.5 pu r Mime portion of tiit Ii( to the qu.ilry cf his fair patron'sDuiiey. l' rtwr : iry A Io r'> Meaara L C Joyce Mac'icrel, No 1.. ...hh' f n Monda>a, Wednesdavs r.idzf ;! ,c> ttti, crp4ssarP. aIO ly toiOLE&

'. .'.,. ,ri i--t r J.ck.lo. No 2,. ... .bbll B oVlrrk, A"J.I.. Kv Ibis line, PRATT, 5

5 1..i inJ iicvrrwil'' ''i bill her owi vig\ jti ', ll41Tfll(1 with ih* | I' No 3, ... .bbi f will take 'e Mail lint ai Chaltthnli } -- Jai ? 4:4 1V.st.r.trett. *

i "S.S j-rubaWy ( [IF.BRING .... ... ... .... bo>
t" i \vti1 be made to dits Lc11 iHf l bewitrhinc of >tse! <, ihsfrdci"! )hi* .it- in!S ii I IE i n i l iu ft; L i 1 FRUIT, Almonds .... ... . ItI cm; Mondavi acd Thurda\3. Ior: i\Y\7 Vorfc ivilli'i (te1)atCfl.
1 : R'' <-t>tion. and when thc diSlfrrnce, beiwein .\ j .1 s A. G MARSHALL, J'ropne'of"ctnb 11-iE
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,. : rn ; very in.resti.s thacu- j ? ., -.> -,,. .. .. .. 1- tr packet'' r g 1.&PECCA:
5' Iuf1fmItt.t lie {iurrij4se :uj
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, :v ilr that 1iey h-ive : "|1)re4d before the f-ur lieauij. a ha'i 3 of ilk- j Currants, 'bj ior Itcitt, .i.t r [ JssI: t', ; : Iy to
I ':,,s wt!' 1 !hrV t aw Fig3, . .. .... ... drum! DOOM;
; n texture an 1 fairy like proportion, held ] AUKJVLD. Property on Centre at Incwn as & rn.Arr.
1 1hi' m itt'-r. .. ... .. .
: delusion ;;; Cit 'i, (dj. Jan23 4 ) V.'at r tret.v ..
i'.i1.i) its r Cfpiioii, completes the : Ap..iy: ton..v2L
Jan 26--Schr! Ann, iio<**rf u New Orleans F'U.Ottr..I i

l-, r : <" of the Qwrlestoa Courier. --in{, ujth a hr-.ir* fHt sigii. the vi'liIfl i fcchr M rmio.i, Vet, tm New Orleans. FEATTH-HS.. ... ... :.. Ib'' ( i I>. K. WOOD &. CO -'or Vorlc. S. 5

,.. .U /nc WS i'SGTON Jan IS. i I hios fh'jbjjt in therns!) drawfi. to iecovi>< Jan 27-Sr rUt'u =s, Ku.-wIcu, N Orleans I GRAIN, .>at3,. ... . .. bu-h[ tore TIlE -
J tP.i1l1 AiujUi'u. 3c-Lx'ti! : tut CtiutUhuucneeSttfdaiii Corn. ... . ..btislr 14-I' Kent.S'lUIiE 4.cr'-\ gtitr lzeket birk jfjfl.7. .
)T s ( f S. t:. is > i1 i '. be it *nine (uure n.ne 1 funn I lid d r.4i'l of to\e E.ju'y. I K !r, dn'.M iinkisS GLASS. ... .. -. ... ... box! No iL, In Coiu.-nbos Ebck, ;j jlrl Di-d ,::, i'I.i.t r. F r1reiLt tr

1ived ii rH Led i- iud his a'hniiatton of i !h f.
r-, Aiocre tin Clonmboa. HAY. ... ... .. .... ... *..c-wtj } rccu )ied bv Srrr. & Cheever, and >, apFly l .

-S 411! tie .is I.- I iSit rttnr VioU, Van Vt-Kcv-r1, Im Goluntbtia.&tt IHULs, Green. .. .. .. .. !b No 2, B crlc '_* on Water s*. A-[ EOLIkPIAFT.

I *o njujki i-d, !ier ch.uins, ? > not partaken of ] -,.tnt-i 1't.iti'iu, Ofti. }jUt i t i Jinlia* 1)1-. country, .. ... Ib NOURSC, STONE t CO Jar 22 4(> Water sr
: >, M i "* i AT*. | ii'jtnii'' rus-t/* I bteiiner C amuii, C1 rv .! "'r.tm Coiambus. IRON, EIJ iah, . ... ... ....Ib 48 Water v-- --- -- -

S *.:tS t ; fltt't w: Wt T1f8(1( i ?tea ri rTv f iua: '1 hf ir.3; m. iin Luuula.u Swedes,. ... .... .. .. !lbt] i street. ot A cw Vorlc.K '

V ,,, i.P ,'sjKMt. i J > rtnf Mr. I Starnr ?, Alien, fm Columbus.CLCARFD Hoc;?. .... .... ... ...Lbl ) \vclilnp for Rent. .4fZ'- sIe.d1! fa.t i ?ailirg brt TI-
Jl :MAilillED Sh et, .. .. .. . .. to | : i, C'p* .MH'rrcarfcM\{ ha
Ij t ( teS : ; sirr.
IjJ;i' _ji ( I Nai'! Kol,. .. ... ... Ib THE 9inill! D vel! .'!j Hnj< e JVelv cc- | _
t '. for tf-p! *
,,4 \\ vt T1tre 'l i*. Oil attIflp tf> la thi- city on \Vr iin.-d. v f :nns, the 23ih f" sing Aratr&cn..lb ;: ; : lo. MV A Mcirzte. 1tIqure aaov' pcrf Tcr freigLtIi
.1 i I. j 4n 5-Si C.nttoo, PacLaid for Boston by i gc, a.-jjU t' !Mie rtas r, rr ttNOLUSE >
Et s r.r' :i.-t.. t:if 3leG'fjrpr' Mnniiivv-i, !Mr. JOHN L1.113EiLS'4: : NC'U11'E, CO7F1E .

: : >" th Ml ; Ft all D JJ Wood V GJ.Si Boards. White; Fine. .. 7 IVehow lt'arer5treet.Ft soc &. CO.
t:M U !'' Hi' ** ] : ic ; 4
> .Ta' I
Ti ;Jah Fird 1 "
: .r e e, T=, furjs Orlesins.Ja" ... .Ml .t! > Wrfr; freet.I' .t.

S 1 '.I'1 I'l.'V L'u4! otne *i >fhrEl'Ztbcth, C'l1t.' tr N Orlaas.BMK Pt3" . . .. .. . M SaZe,. n* liu iojiviiii '. -*.
.. .,. , Li.1 ,? c1y 'n i2f'L! ; n. Jo'nr"it\n SAVS, j jUi by i< %'o.d \ Co. Heading,. ...MlL'JAD.Bar He n-j comer of Chpsfru 3- lilt: StIf.flr; $.t.t t si.lim; sht1i- If.f,; : --

L L'S Jan 2*-Sehr Cro En!;>, Pirwt, for N Orkans. : .. .. .. . ;;;I Lue Oak streets known as th /i 'tr::; ;//1' s""fil> Cldtri, \> iil saltsssC51" >*
,n, (ot \Iii > initiated a r ,- !._. -- 1 t..5Sp-?, .. : rt.L. .... S Jan2y-tJ..rk Mbanw, Alerrut, for Liverpool, Sheet,. .. .. .. .. tbi Apph *. i-'cr |M3 iHP, .ipt.i ti SJ4
.5 S 'jSS -' I."i rtl -JI ini: ( v'I jy_ ,o. .T4E.: . .. :. . ... .. .. bbl 1 'nrr e : 1) it V.'i Ob t cc,:, \

t -t r5ri > 'I< i lIe tr.Ifl.$34rtd- j I t M -> .iro ship Atujrfw bcojt, Etiiery, for City Puint, Va, iLASSES. N. OAVAL . .. .. .
S i. $. h H ty Ofiai l K 'ger *c CJt.1 -). STORES Pitch bu For Sale.: 1'or Ri.uaore. -. --
: i s > t.ll>i % mi- I t1M\1ERcIAL.: !)
30-Sc r Mnnnto't, Wes% for N Orleans. Otkum.baL1 TIlE Hujt; sjruate aE:5'
i "i-:" ."' j t :is1 ot -
.5. Puism .) bd I > I"&i !>_ ?Jrect and Ute iortr : S34. v',4.4er 1t-r et'Tire < Mri, m-der .

., t 1IP : % Oi 4 T---d-v 'thi.d: a Th;nsii LIST OP iT SCLS IN PQ.T Tar .. bbi >tr ". rT qt pf-sent occupied b> the ()4-g (&r. Sc.attJ. JTir dei.. freit.Lt ;

.- S ) \ L :. -* lQIT\ i' i c.'t n v j- mud' ra', I simissif. ;AILS, .. .. .. .. .. .h Tiie Kis e t 11 go'
S : ..,... t Its, vy O1 ver, f 7 eon; m '* A waiting c)12LS, . .. ... .. 1 ,>. witJt a ac..d$ vard and well Jan --3 ci: c41iFRs.& CQ.J. r
I i-f I f.f > *rv d v ariitmnim; to IfJ'jy to r Oliv . . ... .. 1
... )
ih : trtt" I J J>ay c Collurntt it i> we*! c4cLats'd tr a STHJ! Mmiv! -
: 11111 -u'v.' P.-ili'ut .< > rdDs in rr'C *s. YesJir.ter %r.tveIIy, sidi, fii- fl.toerIi, Sperm,. .. .. .. .... ... 1 to the n a good siabie. Fr.r I Ir' ) ', : :
: % LIe 1-iKH we distributed, an nCi..c in"T I L) 13 .Vo..d ( Ltr ... .. .... t- | (Lsze 7' cJ1J'; )
T 1 : -.T: i ,; T-tnnWi': . ... gail -
: 'Toc' \\tll, OurnLJIT 'rr.3 fur Livcr- BOOT
fulied! tat bale AND Slior. AUKEtt
Si f"i > "j"n a :n t! ... ... -rn MCARRlCN.. !
-.i4. -' t' tOOh, ) .' tz.t r. Castor. ... ga
> !' HI tu !t. -" ;' ; -.' t 3n xc-iceq m; e of the tory Cen'I1tt1.J. f'sitiicr.27
:4;!c u'S j 1r.i h..* m-trk fdC* % F"-d I L M 0... .bbi Aj-.lac.ir. i, Mo doer be-
: rerOn1 TWO Front Olfrcev, No. 56 Water st. *
1 '
ifrA *
tviof 'i' :' <- v -ren...*>feJ to realis" full 4c. ad- n ,trr: Prime,. .b/ ; ;;; : ;. kw the City lint on Ontre street.virg -
i "' "-' 'n- < ""! SI U* ./.t ; Bacon Hanas ... .. .Ih : !! .
: ,
re1 M .
icais > dtc --iH.sslc however w* re vnr irr*'s lhr, 1d-Ia, 1)odP, 29a.uj!>, tor New York, loading '* canvassed .ib .I : iFCN & CON'NERY _. superior rtrcrt: he jrc'r.n1.t <
Uf i4 & Pnt't.Robsrt ti.jt all whtntiv
op'i: : -Isodgf S patroi'ize hiravnlZCodthd'
: iiinJlxein J i -i,1:4- i '- d..s'igiu5 hands rff ubotu oJ! r.ncs. Totli Sides,. ... .. Ib I : ::: Tii-ces SlM'iibs. Arc.
The Se" >:-JK-W a s'4 ft I W.tt. Jona on, 4i-t! tons fm Liverpool, ir t y {!aVP called at ir.e rit.t shet1enctt
Sbouiders .... .ibi
ii, I4zt'efl f* sjiesinadei ,
JTI qiet-1ht w win t1-Md-tCi. C. lf Ski Morocco a-d Pattst Letter
V.. 114. LARR, ... .. ... ... .... Sb & TL{ C (indersiened rns ;*ist rect.ivedi.in : i Eclor >
: : -';t z. ; 115t. t1itr' .vi14 -i:i id Vance of j to 4c-5 on lh- quotations Mcrsev:i Cosh&, J72 Co. tone, fur L.vcpco!, loading BHTTKE ... .... ... .... Ib : t-p! Nursery of Winers fc Ct> Trtidetoorderttthe latest ard mot apprr.vtd -

'.' % III .'r 14I(1.! "> 1 i. Frt Carrsm f Taew!. y. The market Sarah SbeaiV 1.hv nd4U) K-nt f..r Biiimore! loadCovenanter. Ciut . .. .. .. .!!h II| L J a cJ.-ice tot of Fruit and Or>n.i i : stvle. He will also kcepn hard a large
.. .. ... .... and selected ul Re.-fl Made
nk 2( 5iv I ovHi-r 'Ps- -rli"* w orn it quotations altogether. r-CIi.t k Co Pr.crrs. bbl rner.tal Tret s, shrubs and PJa-., sorrinen tc.tt?,
I t; 'v i j fl) : ; ( ; .. ... .. ...bush Shies and AH '
'EANUT .. Briars.
J"1 _\ re hj\e ia the Pitt.'r-oii *>!2 ton faa Liverpoof i -ic-h} will: : be found Cani-tTion*, Tuh j L-.ffdicjr, &.c., done
: :< uo cbaty ton&uc* ,
S,( ( T'l I i ( ? .1 il <*l Jt'lM lIt 45lcIi fltUt ; { ICE, ... ... ... ... .... .|b| with neatmf* ur.d ti"-J. und terms
wutin-J iU & Co. U'se A Jthca Dahlia's ia
.... P i n'ti. r ;iiiI priv.ue l( t'i-' M j i 5 i-i H> tr5 Tbe pn d Tueots niaJe have i'iL.S : .. . ... .. ) ?, ?, Hya- tliat: cannot fait tu be ec14ns'd
o :j ; t'A'S its. ) awi.'n -* m Leeing
ntt:; 'C'mes! ii ; Vines, X< &c. AM ot
.. ... ...
-If j : :i*- i i .r 'iotcd rales TesseJs ciiitimietry the
vs York with in trade aai the
.1 U :I'-c. ; Tybfe, McCornv'i.: 323 u-n?, forXew Gi'.gfr root.t! to be sol.1 at invoice prices. --o.npetitcD cl.isut-sa

r..MM-: In..,i k H* ) rfyine >a me ctI | s. p, >v t-y .|.jcg jn port that eui g cajistwise cUsp'.tcn- N.OUMP Sif r-c & Co 4E ground, .... .it II F BELL nf the tirees.Apatachtccls. -

.' .. : \Va'ow! I H'-w.', K'3 !o.c- iV New York, !oadU. October Ti. 42ra -
Xutinegs. ... .... ... It. Corner Chfst ut and f Watrrst, .
L ivTX .
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: s ; o: )'. 1i ct-1-3 ; P? -- tr.4!!
: ; : rI.r4l
i (_; : -2 fyr Yor :, mow-er: Scctls. I I'
: | ; > V ',' '.- -l t(41 i I > tT ',1 1. .. . .. . ... ... 11 16J. I t'f.t-L'--d::' 'z P-t' -UCAR, N. Afta,. . ...Ib- >*rtrur.' oJ Ho er S.ed3jOSi recesed 5) PiflILr4.. S

.. .. I ;- ... \- ... . . ... .. . ( : i irinCtiasI 3t Croix .-... .. ... .ib for Chby [ .5-
.5 : t. lt.tft'L. I .IH l t.seO'S 6TiC.
3 "" i i I'm . ... .. .. . .. ...7 Sc. :; T---T--: .., Lic,. .. .. ...
S ." i i i<-< w-Mii f ii i U" t t P:.: ... ... .... . .. ...7-Sc. I -S -wI "ALT, Live ;iool. . .. . f ickCoarrfr J C ALLEN.Lti n-,tit rincj; Aa-e r rot "f a>es
S '. n1 i" j .1 : \ : -.tod ; .t I' 'i' I! I !H 1.1 n- ... ... .. . ..... .7 "ci .. ... ..K<* ; ; 011. _L at fv i'i; -r Jont'! l'..ttrid, e nr. tv.e d, 4Jh

.. ,:, -.. w ,sn .,. ." !! i a '.s t.4i -- :\ \- 4 :1 t !dI- ... ... .... ....S. twr 'i.. 'i* I Ec i Z4a.'tozi; 3TEEL, Ca.t, . .. . . cwt < ER'I.M la s'londul n-ttcle f- f and 5rti day* ol Fecrry ,.ex?, t" reeve lie return
German .. .. ..cwiIb; ) > i i' rae ,.
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,. "S .t* t, Uus l5K S iM (s.:1(. ; .. .. .... .. .. ... ... r, -jo] J C ALLEN. < pri j-'th r e'rzes ft FrankhI *
; 4.t > ttwitj ; H 4 lists orre'iTii*. n.u-t he
tftiS j -1'A1LSLT. Lv t
1'4 Ou svrcrp
% SPIRITS Driud"
S % iac, gal
J j.4 .j Jut 2 ,
: ; : j yt-.r. I :; GlJl, iloMaJul, .. .gctlWlnskey ; A: Co.. 'J4 V'r !cr.trcel.. ; or double taxed PE1 K HOb'ART, .
5- 5 S ) c 14' 4 ,
; { j u rr ,1* >Tj 1 ISlfi.la? } 4 I lXtIAGim : ;: Y tjrtzI, aIet Ancin..g; : hii1 C1I.1)LEi1. Assessor oi the lieveniie,

% 5, I f It5t II'1 : z 1 i 1 It r,. iiic 3is >,rt. 103ly |J 4 1 j411 & j. 1) Y &. t..O.I 1l'itn. N. E. .. .. and Kvrc.p Cordage f-f all ?izes, | for State oJ Florida.Cr-imfy i Frai-klin. '
VII" 'l i Ml tt..i J:i1.! lii T t51r_:, ;i'lt' IIl I -93? R"Ci. ...ga T'IJ- >iw, Wormiir.e, Jl2rlr.e. Sr-nr.- Apairila, :

l l 4 h.-I.e.3 p- 3 >i y .. .. -.4.463 I I
T. 5, N .. V ir'. TJ -.i* srfin r.; fija !itaMJdi5Jitcliecks ; =5KINS, Lear. . .. .. ... .. .. i; iio, II pw do, Boilpd at''. Spint- TIT-I TV t.J: L'ftuce.. . S
4 uiI --- $is z. .l.J& 2 ftW Y4)rt s HI. rv itr, ... .... ... .. ; JJaints, v/mcow < >!as, Patty, VVjj.fe fi, --- -- prorcen witn tire .luck-. -- p.
!1l'S' 1 1ll fllh t .i l ..onJ. P..J-J 3 ijitys., .%'I13 I IS. t' WILLIAM G rORTFRfcCO.Ajet SDc HOT. nil:t ** .. .... ....it*] ( do, Yfilo; Oclir?, Chrntne l rffn, .' ._i. ti3. ;n i.-i-Hanre with section) fi cf City

_5 : I'.:: Hut ** i'". I ji j- i jrt..i-V ,. . 12.tt7, 5 Bink ol! Bru.swick.d QBACCO. . . ... ... ...tl;. : do, Imperial; do, r'lroirs Ywiow, V..r- Ordinance >.'. 2t j, f '. t.fcefre the 1st if? February

S S S .i i t .i ,4'i-4.: ... (' i'it i To-4.- MM 144> 'EA: Vpar.j Hyson. .. .. .to. rae, Sti1r!h r. Diit'ht Vrfrni-h, cc1.I wil be rej>crtrd to the C Hy Attr.f *

S. '-i:3V; : M% '. .* o '-i 'J *j jchaog,. ... .. ... .Ib 1 Rin.. Pilch, 'J'urDentme, f'oa!, J'jintj D. II. WOOD njr. '
( 'n :5 ,rdMI ,. > ir I cleared. 7G! 2S2 . ... .. ,
> tp- on Cotton c u i i -ii -c. -leu: uieridsi ix. Liverjool T'IN. . * Varmsn do, Tar Jo, cs. r .1 r : .:. re { .* i w-ir .. yt-t ; H ti re, Bjst-n
) < ("in,ua'j i" v .T ;..i2 zPDas: or COTTON roM !tP.ALtCHICOLL12] ). L. XVUUD &, ('0. .. ... .. 1"> utton do, IIeav Uavea do, Light do, | ; :Uools at roaiis ,
j it; i'T Tlj"r islii'ii .nmfit. C ji j'm.'fjijT lal > 'i 'wr 'r, tJt>-;4ud ,tiue ] v INES. aderLa.. .. ... .gi'' ( Hud Hed B-intiug. N'rti-! Cper do, CANF.S Gert'stire
D" 5 7 Cwhimong Row. j .. ..... I Q : C.if P.octs -
? .
. .. ;
T.tn1 l4. ('p. o l
;n htp Spikes Boa? di.. Brads >
S 1. 1 !j .U'.j j i1 '4flI !l'.i .t.iuj'r j jii _ _ ; crtws. _J ,_t ;-u ; r Rrugan.

-:' 'i ;1I, .. np, j,'.,jn itruvi<)iiii. "i t'i-. ] -.vi------5--: EPoaTD. I P.tipji.j: :- .j --ti-I \JUfICE! SAMi EL BEXEZKT is mv cuIN 'Blocks, Anchor, 5ives*. Handspike, lib [Iduk, =Caj-fa.n, ..HandBuckets. F >r sale at low price?, bv' .
4av4lltrv. SZicrii'sSale..
.. .. .-> ; :j .! bIr. *..'1c.1* h :- cot t1tU) : c r ly aithrizedgt imrm my absencefronrheStute : .. Cedar rto, Deck Broovn. 5)40 j> F. Or.1A:: .
,, ::::;; 1ft4 .. . .. . .. .. r of Kirtulu. I v'rf-1! i>t a v\nr it t hen Ijcu l MaikL
\ Jjfl7i [' 5Y t'aolkiiig Srvuii.do. Ax'Ax
> .1 t: i % <\ 'i -
." i. 1kf3 fl. ( rOcKTT! KERn J e Cl-rk otlirc '4t{ t140 Indies': Hue Lit and Waljn'
u,, .5, : :>'r. \Virtcis vt-rv n1 'f*. t-na- \ : ? : : : : :: : : ::: :'lL'oU :: ::: : : :: :: : :; ::: : : ::: r.e count of Krviklm, Vv"e lerri C'tttoii> ; and uo,Tii bo.tt rnoe do! ,, Box Fi'-a Kuok--do, ,Caui'Baltdo' ng, } Shoes.Q .

1 ", ," : : r j... i.iif( <.: i4 srt?? r o',' nt .1 t I ff . . .. . ... It l Chicfy---n the Circinc i.lj. and'to me dirwt d, whereia, Iroiu-, Marlin (nkes, Fhif vra- i' I rr;. Ladies' finr- Kid Sl.prercof.red -

!.I! _, | .$vJ| ;u, y.'tJJHg IUlU iMf.O. ; <;#o.4 .. .. .. .. ... ..-I..I. ..... ... I Iltur Court for Ji<'kson Conzitj' r ;'eM p. .inff}, ana William S > F)1''t9. "ok't 7'rtoo'.or., I .. v.xzrt ;
.. .. ... VVi'iHN; cRCiJlI'.I. pr. ;
is- .1 ': I l4t- hI1 t.ii. -T i-rtiKJle .ill til- 'ui. ,Uit-n are defendant-, have levied Comi'rtsse il! ceedt, ?j.f T-.vine, j !./> and black
'o Fir.s Pofis.j..1321. .. L. \ T LI. I'.1 ?;, Pjj. tft-r for tale bef ire the Court s-ewmg do PdiT5! Ki gmij Leather, Slil>I>tr5.
"> r! / F.zr < iie vry !low, by
The Farrrer's iJaLK of > >, Hiovl, H-imtne"s. Hatch/M-. Chio-ls. j
I >; W Vrk. . r iH of Ai- bc.iccla. un the J4n .' F
1 il1't 9l- 4iI4fflI, .. . "T.J. ... .3r..8l.7", '< vtrgi. I tftrrb next, 187. within t'se Pla'if;.do, II inds-i-.v, Cnrrhi-fc, Iiandv ,
'r41v4d 'f . .. ...j3J .l23 .L9i2E. .J3s5 I T.ul Iron square-. Cupboard Locks; PiitLs Print
to wit
Tu"1 !
STATE Ftordoinas one .
f < .Hiv.vtng property, : Ilooki -
: < : : :r.sp a tlit- 'eIwy M t'i ji' ; ... .. ... .. ... .. ... .... ->I> IVluie, aJi- narnfd and iftat ;e.IJiii -. Tddiociv, I 'JIIE siIcnLr 't4 cev&l
S.. -. S Mih--i fl'n 1)t. I RID A$ E* ". lerning and one negro nan % ]\-i>dirt iirtiiVi"fia, llatiJ Lilies, ji per batfc _
: s | ... ... t . .. mitiqrttr 4 Ihe ?*- _L MagdaLi.! trora New York
the of do L do FI-O.CO' jnd Lfdd 2UO pieces
s.tiu ( ;
U ( property L-ef
ipon) as { s su1e
in-jf( .i .tt iisao .f :'i s3.i414V n.jl't. i! Jf f rfrc.. . . Tale of Ti.omas Whams English Cdtribnc
S')ld lo patisly aid \\ 'M < f E. n fdcit- &hmJo[ Bsrdo, Fa-iie!=, L.in'iiorw, nor tfif .ak at lowerpn -
( rlr ?,. . ... I. !$:8 : t-; tI: ? deceased i .
iI JOHN: LUCAS' : *-?, 1'ifh Pots, Log Rooks, Cargo do. | *es than ever fadjreot'erfc'j, \\hole52le.or.

(.'jit'. 4fltii< r>t Wi' It I .\c tis e mis-I 1 T jid !ittwip.: . N ,)aruance 1,1<( a do f> *
-.l ,| r ttrz wi ii fins rej ,,. ,.,_. ..,. Jan 2i 13 7 _
S f _' : t 1I44 S1s1P isf Ni- k. I > .r ??-- itip: twenty.first day ot I. Noreiub' i A D. 193, ;
'V.. C IPT* nil-vl I 1JIL INTEl.lOK. | vv'i-rf'u' <:nltzg <.1 iii-r things it -ordprri, 52iet.I" Safe. received r:r sch ",ur Hinbetfc. frout .
r (I : Ur 14 tu r'ctrcI T! 1S fI .
i-iL'-d and drecii that the undereM ned bj.t Y virr.ie tit fien :ttitl SIi ;, tore,. ) New
ot? ?
.. r. ( i"rtirer AI:jftrt- -14 hnirjvt(n to D 1} t. F) .1 wr
4jtJ: : *4f t9Ide ao ex1 jt tn :i.1S flrfl; TU A. N ;it-h.v-, 6 ti< VV rr < J P'iir Ar"o ,jni.trd! Special Matpr v> Cnancerv i ir this j ju5 L> the ClerSi'3 i.thrtMil ti.e COrKKE, Java do, !'t. IKUIH' do, 2
inmi <>r* > Haw. lev: 32 ; and ch'arz'nl with. tIe! duty of taking av it*? C., \Vetern FlourWtirri drN o >_.jar. I 2 tl9 Mnn nheI dr>, fv !ke;'. Lar ;

; .if pearo. O-i the r< ti'r--irv. w< trust .i S 'htji'i.'t! .-o22 &atC"rii to lj< cubti't Jci account *.t vieh! oi! t'-o' i-'tiV'tto'a rip'ita! 2 sall! !! r i.li! .ii-d to tne ti.rcclid; wherein d.', Porto Uico do. Y0n5 Hyio-i Tea! 5 .4 Pvrk : S iri. F'ity ft.f ... _

Tin ;irovjso b** (>** intr . auuc.ss d,., Go nei. Fri le y ED W A R t> AfcCl TLLY,

mi I. 'I'io-, 'nil. K miy Hot b<* pr ivn<> ot t ilus ', Inv'-i i 10 the ffn'-tdn* H\o '* ?.rfr. tn Ihe di'" i Water st'eef.Viiie .
l'-r --am'r! Vta-sj! Ii.a ft.on to 15 B Whisk'Ii! : and l iuK1 !;, *
'h.r.i i wii..tii.zted ut adwii'ns'rition af>d i>i Ct-rtain w'it H M.'. rrt Uu>! d.Ior in the city ot : ) \ 1'1414y
fr.i 1)llt 'Jm ji may >t by -'A'flod i: C.t, 230 to N'o'it r, S'oae .t Cu, 152 ti. tjrant t > e : Pntne rork-MdCwer l Fwad, Ptln.on] !II umtior 'orfiIe.a *
'me t'r' vt-nnof ih1 tjatnr flfii'e %1sosra 1 1"ftnvn [iil. DiWaON Co, I3u ci, y- tin J Gulten, i)2 iFj due to he ;lliirtiflsnd\ .11!' 4ttf .'r iiniafHliPd: rrt"d- j i he firr. Monday, in March next, j t.rjnda tact TorIglIC)4 Fish 1 orisjut-i : ) (-tr' Fr 11'oe LurnbnJ -.

i i ,sp line. ('he thmy-stt a!'-l a half$ : jHj *r V tirt'mp4 > to Green fc; Conn# ry; 25 tFjo 11..rs of tlu ft'It "- 'n sh-i! hsve presented j 1tticir pal hours the .illowini ; property j t piee, Ojtntif> Pefip S. uv' *, Olr.i-. J .. ,'.J __.p : ?ce!VC(! er. sdner

'r"' s ot i n-irth Uiitiide.) Tin- d4'I1PrPn4g kii.ir; V Y.jj4 d man t-> it''i: !*" '.'tte rue tt'oned, itirro ma'i named Fleming, and ; ; PicKies, >.jait, tirtrrhTob:, co, N.vj Hunter, tr ,ta Cath. .MThI.-le-

Ir1 --iun r Lflflh: : s cotton to Lork- thitt the iind(>r'e'iu, c.le an .4fIverti1xent to i.iried Ben, le\ u-d up<.n as the pr ) do, CmcHrr;*, Vjntfr-ir, irted Fruits, j i Ja-itL CHA'4. ROGERS t CO.'S. .

: lt 4Itt. should l/eA..r i'rt&Yousg; 122 to J J C.hn: 2 to A N Mc- be in
} ii'ii r.jttccive, no a 4 Mr IMHHPr nf Aj-aJachtroia, tn this State, for the space of fieri laciaa. JO'.IX LUCAS t. Corn, Udt?, IJuekwne Mustard. Slice 1)L1).C No. 10 jrd :o, at Mjccft '

I i - By .
IrKav. 191 'o L-orkhirt ic Vounc 15** \ 21 W4ty .
Ii : to VylicMrKnzi 23
t .HI t'r.3 aoythio;, it t? that the to **<>rfe in and ;>rove their detiian-Js before jan. Sa. ISJ7. 24 V.V.fcr street.
>; 10 ro Hill, 1)iwi-In V Co9 to !!! _
; s otiit; I Gi.t'r.!i to a4VTH' the no'i- ljerJk' r > o'UIKIC io.1? vfe i'ra't; 5 to Stnth 5s fbepverj 3 to I D K the undprv i M, onffore\ the first dajot I Shn- and Bncinby the case; QUGAR PANS a* Maau1artttreiprick{ &r
March A I). IbH I SItcriF Sale. Shoes and Bmkins ,
T HI ictrh s *tne U'Hude fanin-r: South ; 12 4dg' ; O U. ELLISON & CO.

r<*'>y gltfei notice io 1! P enj. il. GritSi.s. .. ) Boys aud Youth'* Brrgiri>: Jan 23 2i Wirer 9'Iet.

! i i.j.j. ol N Fi. a. Franklin ( fineev'1Erogan :

n-1 ,. ; :.Mi'Kav: Q3 to M.irUy V Kiiiihr<*<*xn. fe?> l" Win debts and demand, ajjnat the LId intestate to Ja< Y. .Sttith.T0l1E ) pegged Boots; !.e1ih Conl.TON'S .

f >7n Ftaneiscti, and Alonifty. in'f'alifnji.i. t Porter Ac Co: G:! in J Day & Co; 34 to F) B liis admitiHtrat ithin t vvo jt-ars from the (rant "\ is heu-bv Driven that lintcved C00t3; tor oie ryh' _
Let the Union s. Isow much III1d V 'o.. 27 TO Hit!. D.iw-iin A: C'o; 21 to Sin* j
ty ( heir 7U to John J Coheu 72 & of adnan'.stratjon: t-j rt-me in ;and piove die -110 iN fi. fa founded upon d ;: ) Broguns. For fe >rB. SI.) 23 IiOBF.R'l'5, ALLEN & CO..
to Harper
, ;
the South if this ;
oiht to yifl'l tcr- j f before him at Maria :n-', J.' s l.fl county, Florida sure, I will ox->f-ie kr sale a' ELLISON & CO.,

4tc. bo annexed ; let U frankly tell n< ficiw i s1tam'-r Pevioj.t 4I b..!.'sr< Itonto 1IM1. on or before the lir' ; div sit t March. A. !>. 1347.FRHHJv tinotv of AH. flinch! OM the : 24 Water street. SUGAR Kettle-j, Mills and Cauldrons, a larga
.he r"tniti: us to !avr ry should ieextrnd. ))3W.vli -": IIJI 10 (; & tl.tflIr- .; 7 tj li. 1MPTMAN.SjM"'ial .% ,ncl'nrXt. *}\ tbe nht, title and rnr a'rrirnvwiiia'terno.for by

rzIjetLo ." But uc apj reu nd the I.NorIIlern .sick hart Tc Yonn;?; 12 ;o.imk Ct4svzr: 0 t tL to i '.!i4-r i'i Charirery.Marhnna .e.endaoi in and to a rer'ain Shirtns and Prints, by the Jan at: ROBEUrs. AI.LEN fc CO.

1)erIarr1ts, foi whom M L'te" j AKtn N" McKay; 3 bbi !b-fpwax to > A; j SchuTrIVr Jan -'l.l 1 1 r ar'OlmBY ; :!' the lbtiiy" her tackle, and case, low B.for ELLISON rash, bv & CO. 1'iatfoisia Scales.

*v.ii'i| Lnnlv 9'J (fSCcQIt.ft( iu W> iicIcKfiizif .' JOHN LUCAS .
ami Mr. Jrover wh4 tote. O 1-21O; lbs. PIt1'.rtSc.ies
t'otluif that
i .tre j : K I.' A X McTvayW; to U'r.i > ,' Por- 't'ztx E,1CCt01'S S8C. -' IBEVJ 21 Water street. ;
2 1600 Ib "
*. do
prI5iuu riass "Northern men with Soue ti cr&Co; 22 o Hill, Uit aoii '<" 1'p;, 15 to Maciay virtu1 oi I thf p W cc > Silt. 2 16UOlh. Ee
I for
: LheTn ) the will lit *: KnnSi >iiih > complete ccttoaweighrini
arc spokesmen, d
; hall rn the first M i> iv in July nest, exiofe
Per 107 bales Lock- LLa2e 8)3' rS \ Liverpool, cano of Eri- F r sale by **
's -it .i'ji-r A'lar.sta c'iton to :
imprjptioble idrt uuf'crstaml ihit it door -
to for salf tvfuie( 1 ibc-Cour' I H I< niw in th6 co'inty -
oas to tart A: Ynua?; 52. to A N McK expect before < o on aMiujj pro- rii Rutlieiford 42 do of Calhoun. the folloMing described property, '
; J to ilow : AT. and 1iox JOIL'V S \ JDY&CQ.
yi-cc nf'cr! province whirh tuaall \\ive toM h lob-tcco io 1 B S 11.4wky; 5 bal s r.it'on und Gojcfe or so much thereof a* v.i'l pay the Stite and flu the a' .. .

abandoned..j,1. C'>npitrr.tr > lotacco to Wyhe iJc YlcKejizif. 2 b.i'!' coi- CfI'nty Tti\e due thrroon for the year 1 l51 10 :- \V\TILL V I behold at 2d day Aj of SiU. ftfBKLS. Sweet Cider, landirs? from. brig 1

.M aVId 1 bitxes tobacco ro Urm G Potter it To; 7'JVj arre.? third rate land, purporting to b. loi.g on 'l'ueU.ty, s \ \ SACKS, cargo of British bark t\J U. CI'whiT.. For sale bv 4
A 'HINT TO POSTMSTEUS. P011m1q. > b.>xer tobicc< to Thi'6[ PrrdionIVr to Johu D. Gray-numbers not know 0- o'clock, A- M., the nero first boy rate ; Coveridnter, for sale afloat, byJDAY&CO. Jan 3:i_N'OL'KSE, STO.VE CO.

ter t-i'MiiiT M-irv A Moonyl.) bales cnttnnA ISAAC JACKSON, ShpniJ, old, a good carpenter, iU.M.But.
m the
interior of Piiriylvnia.' rcrntly 3 V M' h..tv, Jl5! to LocMnri *c YOUJ.S, 37 io and ( -Ohfli() Tax Collector, C. C. vant, 'jld lor no fault-to cloe enenit FOKV

'" J judgement given naairist him fr the -V\\\r\\ & McK. nzip; .Vt t., Urda &; Pratt 27 to January 2n IS 17. 1-Gm an order tflhe HOT Jttde ot () Dry GU(1. T/CTILL\. continue Mrarsvta COMMISSION r BUSINESS-
Pr>cc CoP I ol the
of Uy \ de! bonannn,
a subscnpimrj of several je: rs Lu a f miMitrator 1'ickuia-:-. Cotton O-nabunrs
d'Stant r barse 1m Marittnt-CG hate? chiton and I for : !<*, anJsolicits the patronage cf his friend* and the
4 Jec'd. J- S. Fianr.ela
Jean* Ulan-:
fleVSpr. on tie! plea that he !hi \V.l. >s, KeTsevs, Dec 2o
I74sick U'mV ij Porter A Co 9 lo BrILS. 5L.tlo. ial3SeS u'Ii. 49.tt1TISTARS
>* !5roui djfas; to ; Whiskey ; ; ?
cot I aQ Sh '
Jan-nry Shu-tnc', : Checks
givr $ T efds 11151
0 notice the
sHJ/inrnl legal to pub- I
k N %
cKa3ioJDy&Co "
Cctlbe -
_) 50 Flo'ir ; 25 b.i.3 Rio rLandi % I Eaii.nnfTWiid fY
lo! < Stune'i {
hsher Calicoee, Dela-ie. crv, tc &c. and
4 to u oil OCK'S ,
stop had cootiuued 10 renumbers fr FAUANCS'I
---- irq from schr CUza'ieth, and sale, blor \\ V
ceie BA' by B. ELLISON Si CO Chtrrr. justreceiv 2"d ton ale lyN -
for several vears, and to and Caps bv the case low fl r cash by cash, byJai. worra medicine ncrv in re.
-3 Water tret. At&ataa.'ii
*i.1l ( tbt The HATS our STOVE- Jan 20 < ,J ; 3 : -- : :.. ss- ;
f.tr poc! 3tistrae C. ELLISON & CO. S. /o/CO/ : 5- - - '. ,

-.J. -t ) S ; 7S *





S S. -5 ,
. -.
A. S
-- -- >
--- rw _

__r a
____ -
---- r S .
--S -





-. --. .... -___ __ __ __ __ _
-- -- 'T -- __ __ -
- .I---_-_ __- --_ .6._ :: ::-:- ::- .. --- -- n - ------ -- -
: -
An Oriliuinr.r State 'l'ax Collector's Sale. I Dry Goods. mJmfnfrJtratocn' 'Notftt1J. YLrflat[ otfttu. FRESH ARfllVAL't

l'ro-oitJi1'\: \\',.,", r,1'\ ,.f ffr \It..I't'nh.: ; vi lfl1' of the !ower vested in me by law, I rPHE sulHcribcrs offer for sale a large}and sea ---- ----- -- --- ----- Drills Medicines, Painu
BY ---------- -
.1./- .1 I I sinll: cvj;i' *e fur ale l,.'K>re the Court House I J. sonable( stock of Dry Goods, consisting& in:i OTICE.-Six months after date I will apply Cnlhoiiii Court. Dyc-Stnffs, PCrumc."t'

.' > "-,.-z, jflt .'d/ tf lp ". .I,' v/a, fiiit from l l I'.,r in the county of Calhoun on the first Monlay part ofNegro .1. to the Hon. Probate Court of Franklin John F. 0. Thomas,Circui !e

a i.l alter tins ti.iii, there! 3'iall'! be appointed four t in July next, the following property situated Kerseys and Linseys.J! County, for a final discharge from the administration vs. V Bill for Divorce. t friends,and the public ?

good and elfident: men, who with the Mirshal, i i info the city of St. Joseph, or so much thereof, as White and Red Flannels, : cf the estate of John C. Perkins, late of Marinda Thomas. ) patronage andbesnia I .

shall istitute a police fur slid city.i ,will. pay the State and County Tax on the same Plain and Fancy Jeans said county, deceased.JAS. complainant has leave to file sup plemen. i is now receiving a

Sc=. 2. Be it f artier or.teineil That it shall I[: |ithe year IS 10 : Double twilled Tweeds, M. SHACKELFORD, Adm'r. I THE bill which was done. It appearing to i ly. which added t to )i'

bo the duty of siiJ Police to watch said city at 1 liAn 1 Lots unimproved valued at $30; purportingto Super fancy Casamcres, Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 181G. .J '-Gm ; the satisfaction of the Court, that the defendant : assortment uni
'liiglit, froin 9) o'clock' till daylight, in such alternation ) belong; to It C Allen's estate. Super English and French Cloths, I resides out of the Western t Circuit of Florida: English,

so to make th? I orsofe.\ch one: c-pi.il. 141Lot unimproved valued at !;>:;">0, purportingto Whitney Blankets 10, 11 and12qrs.Duffil NOTICF.-AlIperoions having claims against ; is ordered that said defendant be required to appear I ; .rench.(Ger

$!c. 3. Be further orJzinctl: That said Police belong to}t') Armstrong. Blankets, 8, !9) and 10 qrs. Franklin county deceased and answer the bill of complaint, on the ware, &.c., &c., a

shall recvive for sci: services, twenty-five 1 Lot unimproved: valued at $:-50, purportingto Denims Kremlins and Cottonades, are requested to present the same duly first Monday in March, 181 and in the fault to Physicians, Country Merchant ar*} wv-

djlhrj; for each and every month tint saiJ watch belong to F G Arott. Brown Shirting and Sheeting, authenticated within the tune prescribed by law, thereot. the said bill taken pro confesso, the most liberal termsal hei.o
shall perform Slid services. :3 Lots improved valued: at $'>0, purporting to Cotton Osnaburgs or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery and this order be published in some news pure and .

Sec. 1. Be it further! ordained Tint notice belong to It Beveridge's estate. Cotton Drilling and Ticking, and all persons indebted to said estate, are paper in this State for two months before the H. F.
shall be given and that application shall he re- i Lots unimproved valued at $:)0, purportingto Linen and Cotton Checks requested to make immediate payment. day ordered for the said i J hearing.GEO. Wholesale and ABEL

ceived by the Council for the election of said belong to A B Blackwell's estate. Irish Linen, Shining and Sheeting, WILLIAM FOSTER, Adm'r. W. 45 WatlrT'

Avatchmen in the same manner: as for other city 1 Lot improved, valued at $200, pnrporting to Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting _Ajialachicola, Nov.21,1SIG.. _! __4_ _- m.hninistl'afor's ___ Judge of MACRIA Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1546.- "
'cfTiccrs appointed by slid Council. belong to George Clark. English, French and American Prints Presiding in the Western Circuit.A .
Sec. :5. Beitfurt'rrar.laineilt That for neglect 2 Lots improved, valued at tOO, purporting Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams \. Notice. i I ( true copy-Teste.) Drugs and Medicii r

of duty or intemperance: : any member of belong to Win Cromwell. Super Cashmere d'Ecosse, SIX months after the publication of this notice, II. W. ROWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C. -_ THE subscriber hM .
said Police shall! b;> lia'ih' to In discharged; from I 11 Lots unimproved valued at $:)0, purportingto Extra super Muslin de Laine, shall apply to the Court of Probates of Calhoun County Dec. 21. dec2G 40-2m constantly haveonhand: a 1

office by the !Mayor, and to forfeit not exceeding belong to J N Copeland. English, Scotch and American do. Franklin County, Florida, for )letter? of dismission ----- assortment of DRUGS an< I

"onemonth's \vae-: at the!
Sec. t G. lie it .fllrl.'cr aniiin&I, That the duties belong to R l K Call. Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs as Administrator and all persons interested in OPEN COURT-DECEMBER TERM, IS 10. and of the best ,. '

of said Police shall b3 to apprehenf.; all negroes 31 Lots unimproved valued at $200: purportingto Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, said estate are hereby notified to file exceptions, III Chancery. lerchant' and Plntersi]]
and vagrants that imy b. found in the belong to Win P Craig.; English! and American Cotton Hkfs, 'f any I they have, in the manner and form required Elizabeth McBrjde, } to their arvanta e P:'

streets or other places d1lriq: the time that siid 3 Lots unimproved valued at $50: purporting; Madras and! Verona head Hkfs by law. vs, > Bill for Divorce. Goods, purchasing elsewhere. .
Police is on duty anJ: perform anv other duties to belong to W Colquit.] Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents TIf-liose! JOHN GILL SHORTER\ Adm'r.August William McBrVde. ) N. B. Physician's prescriptions put n

that may be pre crib .1 by the Mayor, for the 2 Lots unimpro'ed'alueJ ut $50, purporting; Super Marseilles and Worsted Vesting*, 11, )IS 10, 31-Gm appearing t to the satisfaction of the Court care and accuracy at any hour cf the da,o w '
IT *
quiet and safety of said: city. to belong to Colquit & Grant. Cotton and Flax Thread, Notice. that the defendant William McBrjde, residesout 2. c. AL* '

.PesedDec. !3J, loS I'i. 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $:)0, purportingto c Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, Y an order of the lion. Probate of Calhoun of the State of Florida: I i!ordered, that I the larCh 21 Cor _Centre and COtettet
F. C. HOU'RT3I.ayor.; : belong to Win B Duvall. Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, B said defendant "be required appear and answer -- -- -
Florida be sold
will in of
\v. \\T A Lt.T. n', Clerk. _ 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $:),), purportingto c Needles, Pins Tape, &.c. &c. county(; the bill in this case, on the first Monday inJ\pril.
ad den 22nd
Quincey, county, on Monday, the
---- --- --- --
bL'l-mg! to DV Dubois.! Which have been selected; with great faro it n 1 Ibl7, and in default thereof the same shall be
rdiiitiiee :2 Lots unirnpl'O'ed.'allied at $5'), purporting; New York and Boston, from Importers and Agent; I:s ot February next, t the following negroe*, viz: taken confess, and it is further ordered that
OrJiuuicc (>riin! Tom Melissa Cloah Miles and pro
-'Al11f'nding an enlitlej \n meeIstablihin Mary Sally,
belong John E Davis., market d
to of Manufacturers, at the lowest rate! am this notice bo published in some in
and Ki-zilitin mukct: for the! to the of Jonathan deceased newspaper
;; ? a belonging; estate Thomas -
City of Ap\l
Be it eritciined by fie' .1//.'J'Ir all C. 'mrit, tl) belong: to John Derrick. by WM. G. PORTER & Co. which the heirs will take purpose due notice. Terms GEt). W. MACREA,

That s ) much! of :an onlnuce, eitit lt.i *- An 2') Lots unimproved valued at $100, purporting: I _Dec."fl_ IS_ 10.l_ __ __ !_!. Water street. cah. LUKE LOTT. Judge! (.r S iii bern Circuit,

Ordinance: cstabli,hi'U: aat reg-ilatin: a ;Mirketfor to belong: ; to John G Gamble. (1 REEX: & CONNERY, No. :30 J Water street, Ochese, Jan. 13, 1517. jan23 2-lm Presiding in the Western Circuit.
S Lots (unimpnived) valued at .-$lO), purporJfngto _
A True
II 't'Iil.I! siidinirket )
the City of \i p as ponrits VJT: have. just received" and offer for sale -- --- --- ( Copy-Teste. -S
to be kept o.i? 1 n the' S iVnth? !h< !I>MV- belong[ : to F U Gibson's: estate. I 12": :) sacks Green Rio Cofkee, (new crop ;) '\TOTCE.-Ail! persons having claims against II W. ROWLEY Clerk C. C. C. C. the nrr of Dipfp rr '
hy reeabJ.lJ; I'ut < ii il J 11\ irkt! t i b.? allnwoJ 2 Lots unimproved, valued ai :$50;:; purportingto I IIID barrels Northern anti Western: Flour ; .1.\ Mary Thomas, late of Calhoun county, deceased Calhoun County. Dec. 21 IS_JG dorr. .J!>.3ro I i FOR .wd l m rv.uis, I rr.ri 0I

to bi kept open u.itil 'J o'clock!' ; 1)1 ca-h .1.1:. 1 every :- beljng to E l; Greenwood. Old Rectified Whiskey arc requested, to present the same duly I r fJIrrllu'J; : : ut, 1'adu'Ie., Coip.
JOJ ; In G. Hh.Imatlm. (iravrf
CirctsSt ,
1 Lot improved valued at $;:3O, purporting to law Challccr-.F.'ankln I p.lenr
Saturdivni ht authenticated within the time prescribed
by ,
and brown 1 \, \.r. 1 sale
10D( boxes: white, pale Soap ; ';1 \\tu.I.'alp ar.d retail
Passed Dec. :Ui I, 1 1'1.I belong to James GoslinG 0; hhds N. 0. 5do! MuscovaJodo. or I this notice will be plead in bar of their, recovery I Dr.1 I J. C. '
I,:. C. KJ.tKIr{ .-;, Miyor.W. L"ts unimproved, valued at $:)O, purporting;; :20' asks! Bacon Sugar Sides and; Shoulders ; P and all persons' indebted to said estate are MaryFaringtonbv fnendlle/ekiah'R.her next \ __ : _____ ALLEN Dr i_ -

VAM.E.UT= Cleric: to bel-rig to Robert Gamh'ie. ; .: Hams requested to wake immediate: payment. Wood | ill for Divorce. Tarraiit'w CompoundCiihcbs
> ; '
:2 Lots imprtwed.tII1""l at $100, pnrpoiting lo LUKT: LOTT, Executor. "". and ( lrc
State Tax Ctllecll"s! Sale. belong to Edward Hardiifs etate. 20 I barrels Clarified Sugar ; William E. Fan in ton. J J Ola\'ia
Ochesec(; .Ian. 1 IS, 1>> 17. jair3: :? 2-2m '
,. i is hereby give-!, that six inoiths! af- 2 Lots! unimproved! valued at $30: puipoting 10 boxes Loaf do ; IN this cause it appearing to the Ce'lt. by nitdavit Ilrivr,
NOTICE .1 will evp ise f t.i sjjp at public! outcry to belong; t tc.l S K Hodges. 00 Sperm Candles; NOTICE-All persons having claims against of Complainant duly made that t. il.-! 'I /.$..,l 1iCr; \ : II pfrtrZI
Lot valued! :)0 20: barrels} N E Rum ; : )Mercer late of Jackson county, feiiflant) Willhrn I' Farrin ie 4\ il a fl'\d..hQi
opposite the Court I II use d jor in I tlic city (If 1 unimproved: at $ purportingto : ton re<*i< r the
Apalochicola the following tn wit belong; to William 1 Holland. 10 White's Baltimore ; deceased, arc requested to present the same duly UnitVd States but without the State of Flci..h-! i, I- .h'"t Ir re.itreljnn D'
: pnipertv! :-
LotsNos. 9 and 12, block; El, in the city ofApulachicola t 7 Lots unimproved valued at $50::; purporting 10 Domestic Brar.dy ; authenticated: within the time prescribed bylaw It is therefore ordered that. publcatiol be lit':,'!,: } H; ncs ;:rv.,; I \,
to Calho'i-.i & tuhelunsio::; ( A K Hill. fI) N 0 Molassc) < ; or this notice will be ptoid in bar of their according to law, fil thrte: mnrth' r.ews- t P invaluable,
properly belonging !"lt '
; 1 Lot uailfll'rove.l.'alued at $:)tJ. purporting to 00: boxes; EoglMi! Dairy Cheese ; recovery: and alll persons indebted to said estate, paper published within tlll Circuit, dm ciii.m the .'ctJ :.9 -- 1ared wIth the

Bess.Lot; No. 1, block J, in the city of Apalachic: belong to H S II aw ley. 0') pieces Kentucky Bagging; ; are requested' :, to make immediate! pa\ment. said defendant to appear: at the Spring Ten" < I \\ i !- I o'IhC care. np

property: lj, lo'iing to 11. A. :';..rrii. : 1 Lot unnnpiove.l, valued at $:)'), purporting tc :3J: coils Rope; JOSHUA MERCER Adm'r. the Circuit Court, to be holden ia I the com tv ..; : ( principles
L-its. N.IS. (5 arul 7, hlik Cj, i in the city; olApalachicjla belong: : to II B Iinnan. 10 bales! Alicar.t Mats; Jackson County, Jan. 2, IS IG. janlG; l-2rn Franklin and answer the said.: Bin ( i U.e.! -ni.c i : ,"' 'tf I /J.4v upon that lmporta1.
ti Jico'! I Har 2 Lois nrnpio\C'J) vulued at $:}O, purporting SO( !\sind hlf.bxs (new croj) Mai.\ Raisins:: "; -- -- I maybe taken as against: hir.i. k fir'tf.hji.heiJ by tIe,
property bcto.ing > - -- c"nfe"ct
to belong toG C S John-urn. 10 Lemon: ; New lIACnE.JUt; "! .1. _. Ebrlttl Ilr. ff.rdyc
vey.To 7 Lots improved, valued! at $300: purporting tc 75 Manufactured Tobacco ; Arrangement.THE A I r. I.at a .
bi Copy.
> sold for tavcs of I'J11ht: : the clnrges I
tu John Jenkins'! estate. :J5! rasf-.saborted: Pickles! ; I I.r:! i n w iild J.rlcl a me.re c

that have! accrued therein.JO.. IX. r.GC.Sheri!}; 3 LoIs belong unimproved: ) valued at $100, purporting g :30; b.nrdsIacle:\ rcl, Nos 2 and :3; ; I HMI: R:JoTjlXA L FOR. 18 17. December W. VALLEALClerk.31 I l IIG. janlG 1- I S.t-V.; o.tl'at: co&'uiIrahe: elVct: than any '-

to belong (to eaboin Jones. 'JO) halfbbjs: ) do do ; TIn; JANUARY :NUMBER.lVi r I ,dt d! 5-0 i t,1 l anv sirr! :] e ('It.' In nlan
and ex-Olrio; Sr.te Tax Cu1l-'etor. 1 Lot unimproved valued at $50, purporting I tibelong 2 ) boxes assorted Syiups ; .: regret (and we do not regret) to say that Franklin Circuit Court. l.l P a>e is .!'itite'v! |revented t.v i ih n}
'. tmel
Apalachicola, Sept. 2!, h I.j. 'H-Om : to Jones & Bass. 20( i cheats and boxes Gunpowder and Hy'.. we are under. tin* necessity of breaking: up} thepresent Roberts, Allen k Co. ) (.iM' !.. Fi.rsue by

: soa Teas > -ries, and commencing a NEW VOLUMEcfthelloME : vs. ( Petition to I I'c- 1 l2 J. C. ALLEN, Dni _:
1 Lot iWl'ro'ed.'alued at $3;(0. purporting t U ; FfT'cuseEbenezH ;
State and County Tax CollectorsSale. belong to J Kinnej's estate.? ii I) J che-t.-! and boxes Powchcng cas ; JOURNAL in January-the demand I Hoyt, and f f Mortgage.

I Lot improved! !, valued at :$i-i-W! : purporting I Ithl'lIu" o :! half !pipes Old! Cognac Brandy: ; for the first and! second numbers having so far exceeded Wm. C. Lawrehf. 'w :lm-
virtue of the vested in toe by law, 114 I h...lrif,, < IT..if. !1r** /"*!".. our calculations that I
BY power tnT P LOl"kpv0 'J .. -n: h- t -ir. '/'.. "' .. vnirmnB ...t'uo.. we can no longer THE dcfcudolnt arc hereby ncUfied of the in-
months after date I shall l IJr; sale ----" -- -----J : supply the new subscribers! who wish _
cxpo..e 1 Lot improved valued at $;))0, purporting 'lo ;5') k<.gs Nnils, assorted sixes : naturally of the above suit, by petition to frc-
before the Court lIotein the city ol! Apalich- belong to Doctor Lang. .'-; bbls: Pilot and Navy Bread ; to kcommence with the beginning. Our kind I close their certain mortgage e deed, bearing :' I

icola Franklin County the following described 1 Lot unproved; valued at $:)0. purporting to '; I f.erces: new Rice; friends who will have received five numbers cf, thel5th day of October! IS 13;), of a certain sloop; J

property, belonging to Apalarlucula Lind belong to Abraham I/w. :J':'p !S.egs and quarters new Bnckwheat ; the Ho u: JOURNAL will submit willingly, we called the Oregon" to secure the payment of j _

Company or so much thereof; as will pay the 0 Lots unimproved, valued $:-50; purporting 2-Jf) bushels Norther Oat*. hope, to the having two or three extra papers t to the sum of SOou.: And that at the next spring': I
State and County Taxes due theieon I for the year to PLat Apalachicola Dec. 0"IT'RANCIS i. J s Iii. bind in with the VOLUME FOR 1517 ; and the term of said court> I will move for a judgment ot
belong; hrop. __ __ ____ _
IS JO u new arran imtnt will be convenience _
: !; a great tot foreclosure*
Wharf Lots Nos 7, S. .)_100( feet each. 1 Lot belong improved to McKhran.valued! .at $;jO. purporting to KOPMAN has for sale : t the distant subscribers: who had only heard of A. G. SEMMES, At t'y for Petitioner-

Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17. ..l English ami American Prints; our present series afltr its first numbers were ex- Apalachicola 2, l ll 50-2m.: :1
!9) Lots unimproved valued at $50, purportingto '
Lots 2,3. -1,5. G, 7, :b, !/, in Block I 1'. Bombazine and Silk Alpaca ; hausted and who now can fairly commence the
belong to Win P Malone. _
Lots 4,7, S, 13,11,15: M, 17, IS, in Block E2. 1 Lot valued : to Drad Etc and colored Cambrics ; Volume with the _VrM Year. We shall issue! Ill Jackson Circuit Court. _
unimproved: at $)0. purporting
Lots 0, 7, 13, II.1 in .Black: : F'!. belong to Thomas !More. Bleached and Brown Domestics; therefore No. 1 of our NEW VOLUME on the 2d: .SPRING TERM, Is 17.Etheldred .

Lot 3 in Block 1)2.Lot34,7tnrnOCk1.. 1 Lot HII\rovc.l.\ 1 valued at &:50, purporting to Negro Kerseys:< and Blankets ; January, and, thereafter keep even pace.with Philips, 1 .' .tNAD1.tN! YERMIFtGL l lThi ( : .
I. Bed Ticks and Lins-ey; Woolseys Father Time's old-fashioned n-trfih fo which would Iherfi.
; beginnings and we
belong: to Daniel Munn. vs. V for I.C) (it). cal
\ Lots 2, 3.4. (;, 7, S, '.), in Block .'. 1 unimproved, valued at $:;0, purporting Apron Checks and Flannels ; endings. Richard Trpp.Tin ) -\t aca.ert ..n o'' I I'.episblic.: Is.nf which protedv'''

", Lota1,5O,7S in !Block *>. belong to J Linen and Cambric llandker chiefs; : and all others int,' ; I ; '"I MUM i"'>r a long::' time : ar.tlt is nni"f'! ;
Lots 1 to JC:, in Blick 1'J.! 1 Lot ; :; Hosiery cf every description ; The following are the only Urmi on which] notice of the in-titution of r.rtft suit\1!.\ I'::,"..\ li'ilgul b\ .,tI wh' Lave d tobeFj
irnpro'ed'alu'd at $100, purporting I')
Lots 1 1, S, 9, 10, in hick 21.:! belong to Wm Patrick. Straw I Bonnets and Woolen Hoods; the HOME JOURNAL is furnished to subscribers : Attachment, returnable to the next term t.i of the SUI'CRlOi to any' i ther medicine e\creai{(

Lots 4,5:: G, 7, 3,9, lo, in Block '2'j. 2 Lots ; valued : Kid Slippers and Walking Shoes ; One copy for one year. . .$-.2 (X) Circuit Court for Jackson and 'iii (J:,( '- flr which, : it i is f'Cnmrntllde [.
unimproved at ;0 county '
$ purportingto
4 5 fi 7 in 131.k 15.ILots Colored and Black: Gaiter Boots Three copies, ooca'Jdress.j; 00 :pjf'arand .
Lots, belong to George Poe, jr. ; plead to the decLaration riled! in said} ca" .nh. (!'-trn\4: "WORM; "\ I
; : 3,4, !5, C, 7, S, in Block K*.. 2 Lots valued : Calf and Ki:> Brogans; 11l/l/rillMlj in .1ic.e. A. II. Pills Tliil WIjo'LC( SYSTEM, but it diso.l1
!Lots 1 to 10, in Block :t I. unimproved to at $50; purportingto Calf, Seal Skin Kip and Water Proof Boot t t1'ine ts; ; Such as wih to subscribe, and commence with Jan. II I, 1s !nl-SI.. J-'im Atfy.Marianna I :irrii'; r4jt! ,,' stia.rihtitiIart- i stme nr nl
belong: ; Jnjge Pope. ? jair23
Lots 1,2,3. d. 7, S, 'J, )1''), in Block :32. 1 Lot valued :3U to Silk arid Fur Hats; the JANUARY; NUMBER are requested to send(I PREVALRNT: IN THE STOMACHS
rretho ee'.
belong Win 1 D Price. -i:1-O'F:1'S:
0, 7, S,9 l, 10, in Block 15-;. And a tar variety of Fancy Goods. Fulton street. LIFE PILLS AND PIKE.VIX: >e in bad }health. The mucus forms!Mir
Lots i
2 valued
Lots: to 19, in Block Jl. Isaac Robinson.; at $100, purporting to Apalachicola Dec.j.: ISP). Agents: supply single: copies only. _L1 BITTERS, jut received and for s-ile by net in which Worrpa prrduce their ji

V Lots 1 to 20, in Block LI. 2 Lots belong improved to valued at $:jO, purporting to -A---CAHD. T'T.'f'J WL.VI). ."'1\II\.hlo fE-TrnW:', .ov :: II. F. .ABELL, Ir'i.i4.' ar.d l b\ reui' tng it, it U i impossible toe ,

Lots 1,5: 7, S, & in Block '.I. N. WILLIS! remain in tinb"dy.; It is harnu1t.jy, i ito
belong to F A Ross. SEYMOUR takes this
method of informing 0osaonanor! All Healini
--- --- : Bal!' ,
JO!IN r.lc.IH'rilf.:; :; N Annuals' for lI ?. FOLGER'S : 'Hr the -\-tem, ar d the health of ihept
:3 Lots unimproved valued at $:)0, purportinglo the citizens Apalucliicola and us umpti( Asthma, Coughs Liver
and ex-Oificio Tax Collector Franklin Co. belong: to A Ryan. vicinity that he has removed down on the cornerof T lIE" Mothers Preset..!," :Mos Roe," :\hy Complaint and all diseases the throat and! ahaiJi'rlHtl' its use, even wtenmiaar *

Apalachicola NoI.I. 1s 1'i.' -11-Gm 3 Lots' unimproved! valued at $:-t fJ. purportingto f Water and Centre streets, and feeling thankful Flower,"" Christian Keepsake,"" Hvacmth? lungs; for sale byApril c ( Vt1
Tobacco. belong\ Win Rowlett. for the patronage heretofore extended to him Friendshii's Offi rill;," Christmas Blossoms" 11 II. F. AEKLL.Flavoariiij : Tl't : Vermifuge io only *?:r

HALF boxes Manufactured W L Roane" 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $:)(), purporting he solicits a renewal of the same, by offering; to Wordsworth's" Poems," Poetry of the Passions I ________ helle, ad: much more easily atmi::tm

27 Brand. to belong to began; Colquit &, Grant. yon a very neat and select Stock GOODS, consisting Gems from American Poems" the ; 'aters.N tthi) r.
41 half boxes Manufactured tSW Price" Brand. 1 L"t unimproved, valued at $;5't!', purporting to in part as follows: B!\(quet( of Flowers," Montgomery! and Byron's A assortment jut received, and for ,sale bv Pr'r'l.r.1\: by JOHN WINER 1
39 cc do. belong to Robersnn &. I Everett. Cloths and Cassimercs, various styles. Poems," l'oetrv of I the Heart" Elliott's Poems I- Nov 2:1.: J. C. ALLEN, Irti..rist.. i Maiden LH', : \'. Y.'ik.II. .

2R"V Barlow" 2 Lots unimproved valued at $V), purportingto ) Fancy Prints', do. do. ," Chiiatian :Miniature; ," the Floral Gitt." \%'hiit:; Lead. F. .\nrr.L. A-!' '.
belong to Phineas Randall. .Alapaca l.iiatre do. the ,Iarria t: Ring' the Caskc.t of Jewels," Jill 'JThe .pal.ch
43 22 lb bo ei" "J VMrgan"1.21b : : ; Figured. LBS! a -uperior just received .
Lumps. 1 Lot: improved, valued at $50, purporting to Silks, Grode Rync. Lovp-t Thou Mr," and the Flower Vase." 5000 aid fur .ilc artice.O\ I ;

:5 boxes Manutactured "J W )Iort: :} Brand belong to George St Clair. (1rJ.Ioiliella: ) comprise a part cf the above now of1 red, for sale Nov 21 J f F. A BELt. Irit.ri4. I (;ret Canadian; Rcuifi;:
Premium. 1 Lot improve.d.'alucd at $50: purporting to do.I Satin Striped. !by J. C. ALLEN. ------- --- - -. WINER'S l>iCTOZCALI'K srI

Z boxes If" Napo lielorig to R M Stewart's e>tatc. Fancy CahiuMc Robes.! Also a large! assortment: of School and Toy lilank ISooks Fine '.'itiup H< HEI: {< ,IXl> LLCUJP.Uf-:

Ieon' Brand: :\rJ nolia." Lots unimproved) valued at :$100, purporting to do.( Marino: do. Books, suitable all the dHIl-rcnt: ages of chi, Paper, Arc. Unrivaled! .. CUr.! ff fnldp,0

J) boxes, Manufactured *' !\apoleon's" I belong; tf) I Hdinilton Smith. do. Delaine do. dren. Dec 2 *, GENERAL assortment of Stationery, mr- Sj.'ntir'g of flood, Wlu'op>II; (urijh,

.. -. Brand "St ravberv." 1 Lot unimproved valued at $:;0, purporting Muslins, J India Book. PRINTS- --- -- ONLY.: A sistingof: Foolscap a>'d Letter Paper of the ty of and KrtMihin;all:!; )?. PU-tzri-y if thr. I'nnl.mr: '

50) 20lb boxes Manufactured ,' "Napo- to belong to George Stewart. do. Swiss, Luce and Colored. finest quality ; Blue and White wove (ruled) extra :- Bronchitis, a .li leon's" Br4tid1anuIia': ( 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $:)0, purporting to F.tlinLile.: ;; Cap and Thread. SPItING STYLES 1847. fine Quarto; and Packet Post, ; also a beautiful :sands< tu a "premature grave under the D

9 bore* :Manufactured :Morford Honey I Dew belong; to J Sweete. :Shawls, Damask: Silk. LEE fc BREWS TEH assortment nt of French Letter Paper, Pens &.c. Consumption, can be cured by t tbu* '

10 Crates Crockery; 10.WJ Fioiidi Sc .lri. 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $2'X' purporting J do. Marino. 41 CEDAR STREET N. YORK Just received per brig .\I1> and for sal' bv using \

30 dozNegro Caps ; Go (h/ Hoes assorted.. to belong to Waller Thompson. do. Plaid Wool. Oct. 17 J._ CALLEN.. cine.Fi. r sevrral years past, thrs midifine bin *
leave to inform Dealers in Goods
Beg Dry that -- ---- --- --- -- -
Lots --
Ingrain; Carpeting, Cotton Cards Trace Chains. 8 improved valued at $ rJU. purporting to Kid. Lace and Silk Gloves. rise in Canada, where it ha bcci.rr.ei: u u'k
r For sale low to close:
LOCKHART & YOUNG, 2 Lr lts improved' valued at :$: 200, purporting to Ribbons in all varieties. the ll'arehouie cfrlitfiiveli/. Printed Calicoes,, A VERY beautiful assortment of Card Case:'. in; uJtfor all diseases. T Ilr

Nov. 11 I :03 Water street.Blanlc belong; to Hez R Wood.! Brown Shirting! 7-8. 4- 1 and 31. 500 CASES Cases Visiting Cards Various forms and I succfwhich .lias pulmonary attended iN w-e tn t!
.1 1 Lots Comprising all the color*, Tablets, Soveniers" Extract ofa Thousand atr
improved valued at $200, Bleached do. 7-9 : 10-1 11-1.
purporting to J-.J. -J-J. ', and :the wonderful!
: Books and Statiollc.'y.LI ) many truly ecr
New Flowers, Pafchouly Vanilla, and other
belong) to Carnot Woodruff. Siti'iii
Blankets G1 1 and S-l. Styles, specimens ; -
r.lrl the
have been efll-ctt-d it, has induced |
KDGEIIS, Journals, Day n'ok'c.. 1 Lot valued Of 7A//V' -fVtvicAand American of Porfurncry, Gold and Silver Pencil by
at $:)0. purporting Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting. Manufacture J; tors to introduce: it into, the United State
50 reams FoiUtap and( Letter Paper; belong to Charles ; and many other fancy articles of Jewelrv designed
Wilson. Carpet nag which in addition( to their usual Jt'1:, render t ftJer.t of its being the ino.t safe and tairudy
Memorandum Book
-j- : ; 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50 Hats and all ) their assortment of the beautiful : expressly for presents. For sale bv".
purporting Caps styles.: one most am dattractive I ever discovered, and adapted t I" all icof
Ship and River BilN Lading; to belong to J D .1 1 Dec 2b J. C. ALLEN.Iron I
Westcott. Boots and Shoes. in the and been *
:!:-- Boooks for Letter Press. S Lots II city ; having just purchased the !ung, when any: nf the functionS j jperirrm
unimproved valued at $:>U, purporting Clothing of all kinds.
Blank Bills of 1 KxHia-tge: and Checks, flrCASH Nails &c. I tkir natural or Iwfy action e
to belong to P J Woodruff' : Also, a neat little of AND ,
Jewelry and CREDIT n' influence
Jut received: and fir sale by 1 Lot unimproved valued at $!VJ), purporting many other articles too Arc ottered the SnOI'r TONS Swede in;3, assorted sizes: ; osf grattlu! ar.d soothirg
to numerous to ment ion. by 0
:.- March II. F. ABELL. ; on the same, I functions of the whole system, d Uln i
belong to William 10U kog*
Wyat. Call and examine for yourselves. terms, at and below manufacturer's prices. ldils. clo.
ANI OILS-V) keNo 1 White :3 Lots unimproved valued at $:)0, purporting N. SEYMOUR. Catalogues of prices (corrected daily) a rePlaced .1 casks Hoes assorted qualities; citement when excessive, tiayiPg! .Iel'

PAINTS ')) gaiis:!! Writer Limji Oil ; Sjj:): alULinseed to belong to R W Williams. _AialachicolaNov.. I.J. 1S1G. in I he hands of buyers. 20 Blacksmith. Steel Faced Anvils; iorencssand pain and speedil,> UTpaTung traffi'. ,
Lots improued, valued ------ 20 Englif: ed and eh-ticitv to the whole
at ----- : and vigor
$1,000 American Vises
Oil; :.jf) bvs assorted Glds< ; 51J() Ihs Put- purporting to Purchasers will inform themselves of the state ;
ty ; If)') assorted Paint Brushes; Black Lead belong to John I D Gray.ISAAC Tarraiit's Effervescent Seltzer of the market and be repaid for an examination 20 Bellows; Prlpart't and sold l. whrtisae, art'j"U
'el Co. *:t :I.mtn)
Brown Yellow Ochre JACKSON Sheriffand Altc.'icnf. t if do 12 dozen Spades and Shovels, & ,
2 Spanish' Green Paint just\ C\'CI they not purchase. St tat :
'-j. received and for sale by ex-oflicio Tax Collector. HEALTH RENEWED, and an invigorated L. &. B. have peculiar advantages for executing! 10 Collins' Axes; York soi? rropnetor t for the rllt, $:.,

":: March 1 II. !, ABELL. -December-. :21* 1" 1G. -19-Gin! : condition of body produced orders for Prints, which respectfully solicited.LEE 1 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards ; II- F.RF.LL, .o ; .
-- -- by the use of TARRANTS case Rowland's Cast 9 Ii I'1,ijbcb
-- --- --- Hlln.; St. Croix EFFERVESCENT & BREWSTER Steel Mill Saws ; Jai
On Consignment. 10 Sugar; SELTZER APERI ENT.: 1000 lbs Cast and German --
January 9. ]8 17. Steel, for sale by
20 do New Oilcans -II Cedar Street.
Sugar' to arrive .
: BOXES Troy Soap ; 10'J ; This preparation is universally allowed to be WM. G. PORTER & CO. Calsl1 of Liverwort.ARKMKDY
80 sacks Rio Coflee
20 London Club Champaigne: ; 40 hxs: Aromatic Tobacco; :00 do Java ; t the most popular remedy of the present day, for J>r. Townscnd's Sarsaparilla. Dec 4- o 41 Water street.Cotlec. : most perfect is said.nH( !

2;; boxes Florida Leaf Tobacco; :jr() Mnft'd do. ; the (prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious F1115 invaluable and justly celebrated compound .- in settled) Ct'DSuwf'hoD
For sale by B. S. hAWLEY, 20 Brown's and Labby's; and Liver Cornplainls, Nervous Weakness Headache 1 has just been received and for sale by SACKS Complaint, or any of thnr incipient SJ'

Dec 5 13 Water street. ]10!) bags Sperm Shot ; Candles:00 kegs ;Powder:50 bxs brown Soap; I Heartburn habitual: Costivenesu, &c. Dec 2rt J. C. ALLEN Druggist.Liiinc. 400 for sale Ho Cot eeJt1t received and on the Chronn-fhermal s\-tra by t|
; I Travellers and residents Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated nse
climates will lijf:
2000( Ibs Lead warm Dec5
-1 casks J.
Clover Seed. ; Linseed Oil CO.Gamdemi .
; I find it desirable & Genuine BLSAM LivERWORTWh'Jpares !>J
FEW 200 kegs White i I Lead, No. 1 Extra a article ; it T prevents any accumulation CASKS best Thomaston, for sale by r or .|
of Pure.
Red Northern Clover 500
A Seed, pounds for ale large For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. of bile is portable and the method of D. B. WOOD; &. CO. Seeds Growth of 181C. at 37;BOWERY. This plan t .
by Dee 5 preparation is unusually convenient.: Children Dec 1 Columbus Kow. AN assortment of Garden Seeds jnst received now espoused by several eminent pf.ar.d .
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PCS 30 Sweet by
Bagging ; coils Ropp for sale; by r SAGE Savory Mar .
: )
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Nov. II 53 Water street. &.c., just received and for sale by re Cotton for Storage at reasonable rates' / by.. S. IIAWLEY. been almost incredible, but the ewiclu 51.
f Nov 2S J. C. ALLEN. Driv;';- Medicines, Ac. and will be ready to compress for vessels by Tues Dec 5 the Doctor can bring forward are irresa
.I ...... Ua-in" and Hope.Iin A LARGE: and fresh supply of Drugs, Medicines day next. J. S. IUTCINSON. Agent. 2S Water street.- we advise all who may have coughs or'I

: ,... PCS Kentucky Bagging; Fine Fur and Silk Hats. &c. consisting in part of the following Apalachicola Dec. : IS.1. Hoots and Shoes. colt eH'n. to use this perfect speidelay.

r : lUl/ 100 coils Rope; ) CASES superior F'uraridSilk Hats, which]I articles :-:00 doz Castor Oil, qt?, pts and hf BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans ; ,. Franklin says a small leak f i
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1 H. F. ABELL. Nov 25 H. } ABEL, Druggist. Nol l j. protected by the U. S. Copy RiCh LawS

--LLI' March. 21,15 JS. 1] .1.


'- a ....... "
--'-- -- -
: .

- -, ----.; ---.-

1 _

-- C

_ I-' --- ---

Sims & Cheever,
Office No. 24 Water street.
decl2 Apalachicola, Fla.
Wood & Ballou,
Office No. 42 Water sireet.-Up stairs.
Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.

... .-.V..]

.. .;A '- 1" *_* .
bu~~jt~~L AI^VERTl~ISE
.-. :^^ .'.a. yT.]. .4. -=
~. ,, 1w't4 -VIS, -ditor.
O office ,Tt o6.y B-iltzell's Bui-li3gs, corner oT
-L-.iaee and Chestnut streets.
'', *-- TERMS. ,
-1,' 01't -. 4s.---Three Dollars. per annum,'
nf-pe p a. ''ce, or 'j3 50 if' paid within six
4i.nt6 ,.4, r14 0 iJ,L paid.thereafter. .-
$.-," rp 8jsii t nbsoifiri,Qo ,_akeji for.a less term.than six-
-mojiigi,:a'd r. aNTHL,!i varri-al be chard I- forn
k -_t;etrT d. ?Io piper %yi"- iaf." inued until
_4.4- ~.are pAid,, uag.a ..t..--.3r..qf the

4' R ... rgMn. g'"- s.q are,(twele. lines
", e__.r.M i ,tnti t at therate of One Dol-
: rqy'yi4r,4 a.il' ty. Cents for every subse-
j - ]'f"serhon..;' / ""
"._? '*?-'" 9.'e \VV.Wh '4-a.'time by the year a liberal
d:.'- ..aij' nt w iltbe made; but all'advertisements not
.str ertaining to their own bu-.iness, as well
a'.' l'e atjhd.-erilr inents sent in by them, will
r charged at.t-lie dlsual rates.
-All-leal adverlisements must be paid for
i n h. a d va n c e '
S. Fiv -Doll r.i ill be charged.for announc-
in'rc Tdid:re; 1',.r office.
.- O l 1.v a'Jertiseme-its I'rm a distance must
b b 'a n ii, N vi'th th e cash, or city reference,
n ,. i re, 'tin ,_M.tion
L -- ; --*-- ----

.- -.'Liksart & YouBg,.
0, M-,- SI 0 N a,,l F OR WV A R D I N G
..- ER- C E CI A N I'S,
No. 5J 'iadter street, .
hnow, Ap'lachiiela, Fl-i
A. LVI .VYLi:, WiM. A. McKENzzIE.
-Wyle &; ,ielMceinzie,.
S.1No. 42 watere r street,
S Sept. 1, 1516. oala:chiola, Fa.
D. .Dafort ,
too bought on order.
Refers to
k.DE , r ..
-: "N 'Orleans.
..I ,cKENZIE,l
.L9 s. .'J. Sca.ifaer.
- i,'/ 'u lr atinentiori paid to putting up fadully,
tediiibh oau dnd'ship stores.
.7 4v N :-;^ waterr street,
o-' ,v 1. 14 --,-- Ap laehicol-, Fla.
'S "S; Daveaaprt,
.. .- N~o, ,_, ater-.itreet,
.-- -. -. .. Apalachicola, Fa.

Apalachicola, Fa

dec 1

410- Lib''rdl ..'Ava,ices mnid- o en-nsignment-.
t o -my friends n Ne.v Oile ii, New York onr
Ifjiiv ,rpojol. April, 154l .
H. P. Abell
\VH.) r ..-~ v )F A D I EIrAIL,
OIL GLA, i, &,c., &.c.
: Alo- L geier.dt a.:itm.i--t ofl" Statincry.
C,,'.. .f Ciiestnit and Wmter street.,
Airnl 11 AIalachicola, Fa.

"H. D. Dardeit
No. 2 Columbus Buildinsns,
Dec. '), IS .1 Apal.,chicola. Fa.

_ j

No. j0 ) Water street.
"Dec .. Aplachicolia, Fa.


Fraancis KOpmiin, ,
-.DRY. .DS. Or)ors, SI-oS, HATS, AND
.. CLOTHINGt, &e.
t.i Che4thult-Stre-et, Apilachier.la, Fla..
,.H.'R. WhorO .
S" Wood & Co.
--'"- No. 2 Columb,.s Building,
'(5Oc1 1'l.. '.. I i ichiconla
A. N. Mc-Kay,
No.. 10 Water street,
siept 21 1516. A Pala. hicola. Florid:..
T. U. Austin & Co.,
No. 45 AVater Street,
O ct. 24. Ap-lachicola, Fa.
SCoo kc & Hiornae,
:* ~. .. _.. : .No. 13, St. Charles Street,
S New-Orleans
feb 8.
S., C. Alien,
Vlol.ile and Retail Dealer in
/ ". DRU(.:t:G.S^I'Dlt"Ir N .PAIN'S, OILS,
..... ,-.-S; BrL'SffES, &c.,& c. e
""" .,.. .also .
..... --. .1 s neral as.otmi nt of
:" 'OKS, BLA.NKS, STATIl)NER'Y,.-&'.e, &-c.
cOr. of Chesnut &- Commerce streels,
D' '" 4 Apilachdlicola, Fla.
'..^,-..13 B 1 0' H-awley,
-:. .N o. 25 Wl ater street,
.. -. ... . -:." -Aveiry & Joles,
No. -13 VWater street.'
eU 5. Apala.chiola, Fa.

I _

HEAP PUBLICATIONS, just received and
for sale by -- N" .
; Nov21 X :,J: C. ALLEN,:
W 'inndo w Glass.
50' BOXES just received, 1 by 9, 8 by 10,
.0 10 by 12, 11 by 1 .11 by i6, and 1-2 by
18; forsale: by [nov28] A J, C ALLEN. '

_ _

Building Lots for Sale orJo lRein.
'E%'ERAL Lots wvil u.wzated in dt-ilrent parts.
Sof.thetity. Apply'to r'
:_ De 12 4(, \Vater treet.

./ cL1

^ _... .--.. ._. "- '

'. .' t "- ._
-_ .- ._ r v '.-.- .
. % i i -f. X ^ . .
::.: i .' .' ; :

,, '_ l^ .* : "- '* *". "*

. ... 1 I ,-- I I _11 -i'

~- -_I ~

~-~~~-- -L






ment-fike a solemn yet kind rememblrancer
of friends, new dead and gone.
There is a terrible poetry- it that soond
at dead of night, but there was a day when
the echo of ithat Bell awoke a world, siIo---
bering tyranny andbrime.!
Yes., as the old hna swung the Iron
Tongue, the Bell spoke to ill the world.-
That sound crossed the Allantie--pierced
ihe dungeonsof Europe--the workshop lof
England-the vassal fieddsofr'ance. '-:
That Echo spoke to the slave--bge hitn
look from his toil--and know bimsefn a tniab.
That Echo startled the Kings qpon their
crumbling thrones. ..I '. ..
That e wa, thewIeWof-R itng cra',
Priest craft, a)d all hber crafts born of the
larness of ages, and baptised in seas of
Yes, ihe-voiceoflhat little bay, who li-
, 'ng 6!msblfon lip toe, with his flaxen hair
blowing 4uo the breeze, shouted-" Ring "
-had a deep.and awful meaning in its in-
fant tones! -
Why did that word "Ring /"-why did
that Echo of the State House Bell speak
such deep and awful meaning to the world ?
What had that word "-R'. "!"-!Ihe Echo
of that Bell to do wfibh flidownfall of .the
Dishonest Priest or Traitor King ?
Under "that very Bell, pealing out at noon-
day, in an ol d hall, fifty six traders, farmers
and -mechanics, had assembled to shako the
shackles of1he world, -
Now let .us look in upon this band -ofplain
men, met in such solemn council. -It is how
half an honr previous'o6 the mornmetat-when
the Bell Ringer responded to the shout of.
the fair haired boy.
This is an old haIll. It is not sa large as
many a mobarch's ante-room.;. you might
put a hundred like it hlifitn the walls of St.
Peter's and yet it is a fine oWd hall. The
walls are concealed in dark oakenrwainscot-
ling, and therealone theuncolored wJudows,
the purple tapestry comes drooping down. ."
The ornaments of this hall ?
Over the head of that noble browed man-
John Hancock, who siis calm and serene-iri
yonder chair-there is a banner, the Ban-
ner of the Stars. Pearched on that Banner
sits the&Eagle with unfolded wings. .(Is. it
nota previous bird. Born o nly last year on
Bunker Hill, now it spread its wings, full
grown, over a whole Continent!)
Look over the faces of these fifty six men,
and see every eye turned to that door.--
There is silence in this. hall--every'.voice is
hushed-every face is stamped with a deep
and awfulr responsibility. --
-|- i- -_ # a t--tn tli6 .,1
wbhy is every face so solenih, why is it so-
lerrible still? "
The Committee of Three -who have-been
out all night, planning a .P, Ihjnenu:a're
about to appear. '.- '
The Parchment, with thbe'Sipatures of
these men, written with the pen lying on
yonder table, will eiAb make the world
free-or stretch these &4ks u16 g.
,bet.yonder in .Potter's fiel'p- nail these
.heads to the deoro s o'f is'hall! "
.That was dhe 'e .for solemn faces haud
deep silence. ,"
At last, hark! The door opens-the
Committee "appear.. Who' are these three
men, who come walking ,on-toward John
Haocock' chair?
That tall man. with Ihe sharp features,
.dhe.bold brow and sand hued hair, holding
THE PARCHMENT, n'his iand, is the Virgi-
uia farmer, Thomas Jefferson. Thestout
built man'with'resolute look and flashing
eye? That is a Boston man-o'dne John
Adams. And the calmed faced man, with
hair dropping in thick curls to his shoulders
-that man, dressed in a plain coat, ahd
such o'lioushome make blue stocking--that
is the Philadelphiha Printer, one- Boenjomin
The three advance- to ile table. Thfie
Parchment islaidtirer-e. Shall it.be signed
or not?
Then ensues a fgi.-and: stormy debate-
then the faintr hearied-cringe in corners-
while Thomas Jeffefsd,. speaks out his few
.bold words, and JohnJ.Vlams poursout his
whole soul. -
Then the soft toned voice of-Charled-,.
Carroll is heard, undulating in syllable- o.,
deep music..
But still there is doubt--and that pale,
faced man. shrinkingin one corner, squeaks
out something about axes, scaffolds, .and a .
-GIBBE'. .
GIBBET!u ectoeis-a-fierce, bold, voice,
tihat-start'lei-moe-fron their stats,---aid look-
yonder A lall slender man raises, dressed
-alhhough it is summer time-in 'a faded
red cloak. Look how his white hand ujn-
dulates as it is stretched-slowly out. how that
dark eye burns, while his words ring-through
the hall. (We do .not know lis name, let
us therefore call his appeal) .
Gibbet? They'may stretch our necks
on all the gibbets in the land-they may.
turn every rock into a scaffold-every trr:'-.
lueo a gallows, every-home into a grave,E-o'ir
,vet wie words on that Parchment can never

"They may pourour blood on a thousand
scaffolds, ana yet from every drop that dyes.-
the axe; or drips on the -saw-dust.-6of.-the
block, a new martyr to Freedoml-will spring.
into birhr!-
"The British King may, blot out the Stars-
of God from His sky, but h'e cannotblot oui
His words written'"pn the Parchmetithere!
The works el God miy. perish-HIjis Word, -
never.! .
"These words will go forth tothe. world
when our bones ,are dust. T -the slave ip:
the mines they will speak-HIOPE--to t.,
mechanic in his .workshop---FREEDPP-to
the coward kings these wor-ds will -p.e'k,
but not in-tones of flattery!' No, ng! Tie'y
will speak like the flaming syllables on Bel-J
shazzar's wall-THE IAT-,o- Y OUR PR-IDE

0j, May be found at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
Hose. Nov S.

B. Ellison & Co.,
24 \Vater street.
Jan 23 Apalachicola, Fa.
E. J. Hardin,
3-. Office No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
Jan 16- .-. Apalachicola. Fa.
' loberts, AlneW Mb 'C ,
And Manufactturrs of Tin, Iron, and Cop-
per Vares.

-f tarlaaneouts. .

[Fr&M the Philadeldhia Saturday Courier.]
Let me paint you a picture on the canvass
of the Past,
k is a cloudless surhmer day. Yes, j
cleat blue sky arches and sn s above a
quaiit edifice, rising anron ti trees, in
10 centre of a wide city.. hat edifice is
btriltof red brick, ,ith heavy ihdow frames
an,.a massy hall door. Tshe wide spread-
injgdane of St. Peter's, the' snow pilars
ofMe 'Parthenoon, the gloWh0y 't
Westminster Abbey-none of these, norany
thing like, are here, to elevate this edifice
of plain red brick, into a gorgeous -monu-
ment of architecture. ,
Plain red brick walls; the wind6ws part-
ly framed in stone; the roof-eves heavy
with intricate carvings; the ball-door orna-
mented with pillars of dark stone; such is
the State House of Philadelphia in this
year of our Lord, 1776.
Around this edifice stately trees arise.-
Yonder toward the dark walls of Walnut
street goal, spreads a pleasant lawn, enclosed
by a plain hoard fence. Above our heads.
these trees'lock their massy limbs and spread
their leafy canopy.
" There are walks here too, not fashioned
as squares and circles, but spreading in
careless negligence along the lawn. Bench-
es too, rude benches, on which repose the
fnrms of old men with grey hairs, and wo-
men with babes in their arms.
This is a beautiful day, and this a plea-
sant lawn ; but why do those cluslersof citi-
zens. wiih anxious faces, gather round the
Stale Housewalls? There is the Merchant
in his velvet garb and ruffled shirt ; there
the Mechanic, with apron on his breast and
tools in his hands; there the bearded Sailor
and the dark robed Minister all grouped to-
Why this anxiety on every face? This
gatheringin little groups all over the lawn?
Yet hold a moment! In yonder wooden
steeple which crowns the red brick State
HoUse, stands an old man with white hair
and sunburnt face. He is clad in humble
attire, yet his eye gleams, as it is fix6d upon
the ponderous outline of the bell, suspen-
dedin-the steeple there. The old man tries
to read theTascription on that bell, but can-
not. Out upon the waves, far away in the
forests; thus has his life been passed. He
is no scholar; he scarcely can spell one of
those strange words carved on Lbe surface._
.o du e Ahri.
By his side, gazing in his face-that sun-'
burnt face-in wonder, standsa flaxen haired
-fboy with laughing eyes of summer blue.
-',,'Cotnehere, my boy; you are a rich
man'.e child. You can read. Spell me
those words, and I'll bless ye, my good
child !' -
And the child raised itself' on lip toe and
pressed its tiny hands against the bell, and
-ead, in'-isping tones these memorable
SThe old man ponders for a moment on
those strange words ; theu gathering the boy
in- his arms; he speaks:
'Look here, my child? Wilt you do
the old man a kindness? Then haste you
dov'n stairs, and wait in the hall, by the big
door, until a man shall give you a message
for me. A'man with a velvet dress and a
kind face, will come out from the big door,
and give you a word for me. When he
gives you that word, then run out yonder,.
in t-he street, and shout it up to me. Do
you mind !?"
It needed no second command. -The boy
with blue eyes and flaxen hair sprang from
the old bell keeper's arms, and threaded his
wa doWnri the;dark stairs.
The old bell keeper was alone. lany
minutes passed. Leaning over the railing
of the steeple, his face toward Chesnut
street, helooked anxiously for the fair haired
boy. "Moments passed, yet still he came.
not. The crowds gathered more darkly
along the pavement and over the lawn, yet
stillthe boy came not. .
"Aih!" groaned thebld man, "he has
forgoten me! These Ofld nahbs willi"kate
to totter down 1he Slate House stairs and
climb up again, and1 all account of that
child" .
-As the word was on? his- lips, a merry,
ringing laUgh broke on his ear. There
among the crowds on the pavements stood
the blue eyed boy, clappirng his liny hands.
while the breeze bowed his flaen hair all
about his face.
'iAd. then swelling his little chest, he
raised-.himself on tip toe, and stro.uted a sin-
gle word_- :
: *R ING] '.- -
fDo0t yU that old man's eye ? Do you
See that airm so suddenly bared to the shoul-
der, do yoQu, see that withered hand, grasp-
ing the Iron Tongue of the Bell ? The old
man is youbg again; his veins are filled
with nnw life.' Backward and forwa d, with

t rdv s't rokes, he swings the Tongue. The
BeIl speaks out! The crowd in the street
hear it, and burst forth in one long should!
:,OhI Delaware hears it and gives it back in
(he hurrahl of'her thousand sailors. The
ciry hears it, and starts up from desk and
work beehb, as .-though an earthquake had
spoken. "
-Yetstill while the sweat pours from his
:brow, that. old Bell Keeper hurls the iron
to ng)e, and still.-boom-boom-boonm-
the,.ell speaks to thlie city and the world.
There is a terrible poetry in the sound of
thii Stale House Bell at dead ofnight, when
strikingits sullen and solemn-ONE !-Tf
rouses crime from its task, mirth from its.
wine cup, murder from its knife, bribery
fIrom its gold. There is a. terrible poetry in
that sound. It speaks to us.like a voice
from.our youth-like a lpeil op God's ud -

rn. A. W.,Cliapmau,
(&r ltfice over the DiUg Store ol B. S. Hawley,
(entrate on Chestnut street.) Residence at the
house l.ety occupied, y Dr.-Baltzell.
Janu y'10, 1;46.,' 2--itf

W. 0. M. Davis,
,f'8e" h* fe1T'5C9l the public ih either ofl' the
""above capacities.
He will practice regul.rdy in Franklin, Cal-
houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, Upon
a special retainer, act as Counsel, in any Court
of the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also,
argue cases in the Cuurt of Appeals at Tallahas-
see, the sessions of which, he will always be
present at, unless prevented by accident.
Apalachicola, September 8, 1S46.

Dec 1-2

Apalachicola, Fa.


WJm,. IV. SiMs.

H. E. Owens,
CLAYTON, Batbour County, Alabama.
April *29, IS46. -


A. G. Semmes,
V- Office,A nbo. e2 Capt. Siriwon'i Builiing,
cot. of Centre &, Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.

Edward 19cCully,
Office No. 50, Water street,
Jan f16 Apalachicola. Fa.

J. Law,
Bainbridge, (Decatur Co.) Ga.
o 1 Willi attend pirctualls- the SuperiorCourts
of t.h? counties of Early, Baker and Decature of
theSoutilh WeVtern, and of the county ol'Thomrnas
of the Southern Circuit. ma\3
Jolin Bilbo, g
W ILL practice in the several Courts OF the
South-Western Oircdiit, and Thomas and
Stewvait counties .-
Aug. 5,1845. 31-tf
UK- B -" ". ..
IUMBER INSPECTOR.-The undersigned.
'haiong-been appointed Inspector of Lumber
fo t.he CoUnty of' Franklin' of ers his'services to
the pjiblic in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining-tosaid appointment.
March 22. 1845. .,

Thioinas Preston,
Nn. *2 Water-st.-O-Rice second back room.
Do,: 26 Apalachicol:i, Fa.

IM. rIi. But.
SDec 2 Aplaahicola,-Fa.

S. MI. Nickersong
No. 1-Columbus Block
,Dec 1 :2 .. Apalachicola, Fa.

Chales Rogers JOhnlMunn. Eugene-W. Rogers.
Chas. Rogers & Co.*.
: "= Waterl street,

D B., Wood & Co.,
:- 31ERC(HANTS, -
No. 7, Columbus Row,. ,
N, v. 29, 1846. Apalachicola, K1.

I"LUMBER INSPECTOR.-=-Having 'been ap-
.-. pointed Inspector .of Lumber for the County
of Franklin, the undersigned offers his services
to the pulic in thateapacity, and will attend to
all BpN aJ, hfAn.
April 18, 1846. BENJ. IUCAS.

. Nourse, H. B. Stone, H. W. Brooks.
t ourse, stone ac'o.5
,-No. 46 Water-stteet,
,eQ 12 '_ Apalachicola, Fla.

Tbos. E. <3ra~y; : '
M E R e H A.N'-tAIL 0;, -:
Okesnut st. next door below Francis KopnMan's.
W OULD respectfully inform the citizefis of
'Apalachicola, that he has just- received
from New York a large and splendid assortment
of Clotii', CaS0imeres and Vestingd, unsurpassed
-in quality orcheapness,- consisting-Uf;eVery shade
and variety, which he is prep:ired- to makee up in
the neatest and most fashionable style at. the
cheapest possible rates. Thankfifi for the liberal
favors heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes
by faittiul attention"to his business, to merit a
continuance of their patronage.
Apalachicola, Noyv. 21, 1846.'

J. i.. & J. lif H H,
; ; No. 4S Waor street -

Dec 1-2


-': "Iarper & Ifolines, -

'< \ *, : '-. also .'
... .. ents. f/or the
S of the City oJ' .ew ,York,
SNo. 51 'WVater street, c
Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
C. A. GRiiE E. I f C: C-ONNERY.

S Fail Goods.
FRANCIS KOPMAN has just received his
Supply of Fall Goods, and desires a call from
his friends and customers, and "s -to prices, he
leaves them to'bethe judges; his stock comprises
a general assortmhent, 'all of which is offered for
cash or city acceptance.
Apalachicola, N6v-; 28. Chesnut stL
Castor Oil .
1 r GALLONS intstore and for sale by
No/ .H. F.ABELL,
Nov 28 Druggist.-

e j .itai niti S.ailte ,
N-). 13 WVjt.r so-rot-Up stairs,
. D- D;c. 1, 1913. AnIlachiae-la, Fla.
Ls, F-red. E. Digas, -
D ," Nu. u.- C.lumbi; Blockl,
._-*,. D-!c 6,4-.t-. Aljaca hicola, Fa.

Green. Conncry,
7 '" -- No, -3 ,l W siter street. -
Pelican. M.1alul Insurance Co. of New York.
:ec 15 ". ra... water street. .
Ed ward McCully,


.;r;tn2~r C),D;e.

DodIge & Pratt,
"No. 4'1 Water Street,
..Nllv. 2' Apali,:ticrn, Fa.
II.. Taaylop,
N. N 2.. 2 Water-street,
"seplt2 ly Ap.l -,hiola....

TUST received per brig Manhattanfrom New
0 York, a fine assortment.of choice Liquors, Se-
gars, Tobacco, Soap, CandleS, Starch, Domestics,
&c. -Also in store,-30 barrels choice Wine and
Cider Vinegar, which will be sold low.
Dec 5 -50 .Water stWeet.
0 BAGS Jav Coffe; 50 do. Riodo;
'3 40 barrels' Northeirn Flour ;-*, -
4 pipes Madeira Wine;
25 boxes Canfidles; 10,000 Regalia Segars.
-Forsale by -B. S. HAWLEY,
..:Dec- 5 :- a'\Viter street.

WiVn. (G. Porter & Co.-.
'* _. --: N o. 41 W ataer .streei. .
SDec .5 4" Apalaohicola, Fa.,
Jo011 S. Hutchinson,
; 5MER CHANi-', ,.,
.'; "-:No. 50'Vater street. "
S.-lict;s patronage. APAL.ACHICOLA. Fa.

New Publications.
Richelieu; Critchton; Emnilia Wyndham;
Chevaier D'Hartinantal; Livoman,-Tales'; The-
Bush Ranger, &c., &c., just received and for
sale by ..H. F. ABELL,
SNov 21 Drug;ist.

Jas. F. Farrior,
.:O'M f._I[ O N-M-Et "HANT,
No, 5N Wlater street.- .
De. 5 Apalaci'Icola, Fit.-

J. Day & Co.,
S-No. .2 WVater street,
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.
(" Also, Agents for the .Einm Insuranrce Co."
the Proiection l Isurin. :. Co." and the Hart-
ford Insuance Co." .l"artford Conn.

:, Nowvill's Honey of Liverworn,
FOR. C.,iu-hs, A,.lds, Asthma, Spittin_ of
Blood, and all the affections of the Lungs
leadingg to C,-insump'ton, wa, ranted to6be compos.
ed of veetLable stubstances only,, for salv by -
' aii,,ll- J. C, ALEEN. .

P. W. Culleu,
MER-C H ANT. ; "):
Solicits a share of'-Pblic Patronahge.

I. D. Bagbee,
=,,;-MERC HA NT,
Nn ;N. 7, Columbus Block,
Sept. 15, l1 -lii .palachi>"nla, Fa.

S, Starr & Co.,
J OStIAHBLAC.K\vELL &. C N Yr. "..
L ,A. & Co.
JOHN NORTON, jr. .., ;
JOHN. FRASER & Co., Clharlesto.. "
C. C. L-.HROP & Co, New Orlean s,
E. J. HA.RDIN, AplAcl icoli -.
~" "-, .. .... *., -- ...,., m. **,ii .. . -.

J. Stevenseon & Co.
S o. 4 afterr and.7'a. C('hestlit sts.
Are now opening their paHl stock of Staple
: Dry G.uds. Boot.. Shoes, Hats,&c, which they
.offer for sale low for cash 'or city acceptance.
Apalachicola, Oct 24,1-46. 1 4'
A NNUALS-for IS47;, Poems; Toy Books, &v.,o
[ jnL ;':,r sle by ; "
; Novf21 e .. C. ALTLEN
N *o; .-v

A /;



aurifnhss asiirtora,

19rofrasonal wotices.

I0o0 n ad Nails. .
1"g t BARS Swede's Iron; 200 kegs
.10 0 Nails, asfnrte, siz.e, fnrsale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.

A .... S h-'o ." F- b a t
J:'-" ..t 2f'- h ye.,,, n ,' -*,e er .,, he X,nin T'o,,:' L;.-,.h/ publishes a et- U'.*tgnl~ i l -,In (b
-. _L, _.+_ .--_ ^"t"-- *^ ^ ^ ^ ".'^"'"- :_ Mr^ "fi_o'" e-' .-"ia n r~ n i nln C T ",v --o .~ .Mr .ui .eb --eS 'f sl.......e. .i.e.... .w r rra q n th:: 6;`i4f;u't^ -1 le,^S ^ L~, SuIM IIIBH fier^r i~i aewas badly, but not. dangerous-ylad.et'o 3figndheby r ^ S^
CI" -n- I.-f)r': --,- L-t e! '-:::. : . + "" ~ n, a r+trr. 'd u ~ r ..who bd.on-.4.o: plainly. in -a stt f.o rs
-ift buf:ne'd^ ^ The,. .. ^. agon of ther arefil.nary:1 ^:^^
I '.' :.-_ u t ."e work- 1 Aram '. e A '..AL CHICCLA, In TAX. 30, 1.847.
__" n".e" 11111 ,1V
.-3" JT1wa e.- < l . '., ^n t I* .ml -3a4<1ar-the)112, 1r1m l oe 1 t F 111ev(0-- .3 .. -.. .. c. .... 1 .^ (0 110 V6 e It I,-IIteC e
; 1,~^ ^ l^ 7,n W.^ -:h p .*U :in~ .. .l. jhy^ t. 1) I= [For ^ s tran er whorm i h av~ e isno edor, l' t e In .o,,-erhajefond, ieogno ,,i),..ipr~ ^ rf~
";- :"", % -, -:r.----1;";-''-.Ii -v, l-, rr, l .n",- ," i".--," .1- ro h n r~~i lln o th: "b- -^ M O .UTiE 38 ./'_ uha Street,: ul '" "Jh, I"^ ^ bbtvnes e~r o s eeo < a d ,he,\t] a^ ^ '-- W ^ ^ -
:- ". -- -ira,. ein- part ,on tl e 1"4.re.. cI u 'l fa th,,loa--- ", B AVO,Ao E'-" 'l'- AD c'ty waty .. ....r p se e .... rders will -., .nA no-her,- r -a p o tX-*
-;to rL Jo n 1--i ck r ,,' L n-l N r %o:, nri ,):1-h-c'1a, ,e ,'. W e duIr nriy the roca'irainpt forW e areo so efubariseip

fo i%.if+t'7rsii-frkin har l+ih ezi.l*h ; h.;; n-+ .j fii nrsiMeip~ ,}se mes-h tar lig re ual e Ie'^ e ofelslare ete an il fn lklit f fthe I:e tnn^G fea '",, aet'f the^4( ,tl, ..^,I ff,.r,,^ -|,Jl id^em rs-b||ae|i
mns- A be man disti- 'Docor'A had- on'IO' eniti

.' a-v. t \Yl ", l -. ,l "> ."R. '"D po ct I i
n u t m -. M ASON I I lei 1rr. l:r I I- I ler I I',- i'- f their 1.. p T 3 Ill e nS r li a t ran gers I, a ve tie res s bourt (ct the ,o l havcee

*. t l N sti^ *i'^^ft hThept ih ^ ^ on / ly so% -r i ng t ne.te rtete E eg ,enepie'dser 1i5te ry Irnu to York Doto' exy b ienedasit eordr, Cl 'd' to' oeiin l-- A p.iii u_-- 6 Iir.i., ? .- l .n ,i t wi th suppoe i ng tp at .e o g, e e n r w l l

: : o .f :;,,/, .-*. -2: --"- _r, ,lin<^ % ^. l. l., *.*.11, ,"^ c i -..._. .. -n .l .&k;Timi^> ... 4in- hc t)e, ^ ^n ltoume mm ri tercaraotefa me tofgens hchia iteto Q n'. iran W ieheifo meatr.Liepoltnt 8hhaee ,Qysi
-- 'I L.Wl- l .4- [ T .I >, ..i and ,i t ph',r i- astah"_' a.cn-t state ,o h so.id ,., cl .Io- 'l ,.

.- c--iol.riep ^w.+. +*i-,:' h.'. at t el..$ito ,.-'b., X -,,h' -.,: 'rl A ,oa ,;cl, "l h ,,nn :Lh e x:-. ,-%V ith sW. "floatinrr t
.. all recollect,.-.,, I,,,\ ,o leala +u a ,, ,d' ;;, a d !)rec. ]t a1et3 .Paditt.fte

i l:..5 'i t1ii.o-l-tha the s-i'et Ie %%artf ied i' c;d lepha r p +In b o e,.hey 'Maje The Eryy w'rho eo d y fto n'dea

TI t'WP;- rl 01_).;W n t r:. % I I.I-Iiu-ii.N lie riIlnni o 1llv 'e oiiT,) C7,,-f 4 ast eiltn co o o Weli hsens ra lpation, ano onbwa tllbte ra suspce Pac ts o ma ot her Sen a'l~ s w ul i key e e I iiittOqle9(^ n^%t
l|-f1dk'l k1,,1-1,.l. .. i.I't n te, i- l I,,,t.,-,,-,e CO d ,,y 9 .p. ,i y, inIe- ar e so t e ng entiay a d b y oat.t
^. -_r^ ^o-.L pl. nei^ 'i il -, r, .e.. I ..-. ..l,|]..el c -r ,,u t fe who know h ow to e"en g befoe 'o sns (ra ... fsct ,0 Kor s to oo t ice the ;t s s ,o pocketfulhe did dP n/ London are .e- ,

{ it l.e t. ..l' 1 1. -'l ,'2rt 1 ^ T c 51 | ,1 Ill ^ ,- ',p J P I I t .:h -- +.,.- ,1^ ^*o^ f li+ .o /0* *1A 1 J t .. V A K ~ ~.T ~ t f _A C i ~ l ^ n ^i* Jr Af
.-.- I ,-- .a 3 ..- i e I I I e ,1
d, -ers "i re* "'r" b. e 1) e a nce of this' .- gentleman, I will stay killing off of .h I e, L em
x64-fti, If. f~ft ; 4--:- k e I -I hr i1-3 T,-i s iz ', ad 'ti t it il,"l o~d 0 l n s I. ok le+Ft~++7 'h i

I.I so.p. i:e, p .m,>.;i r i It .1 1 -", 1.,-1 i,-, .of *,,. h., n,l, t,,c, ,,t.I I,, -,e "e d bol .-his, oi'en we .elc t for s e to e say th-it e i,-ss;
of r c ba s o ol "-are

.r..mi^ W--rl- ii ..ii i- F rinl..n thI &li ony~ ilir ul ,'ju nd ri-u.li Up is s c Ifh np o on,,da Ie -- I if Lec qqhlli a o etno p N w O l atty A e an & G mznho' D w, ., -
-v' '4-- .1 i Il,' C .I. I .- I.i d l c a e o n w s ad e r o n e o f tho s e i s- a s -b s rd s in s os e. A te r ou l_ t -f t- tgn|

- -".-' '-s:++, .,, "" ".d r "\ ik ii.i e i p y ,, T m f *n p^S n t r lp [ p i '* i- i ,f. 'T h go ern m n appear tot cod -,+ i,,. -,.-- r ht ,,- -.: ... v .gstalen

-- *J^/,r^ "[.- .;/, .. .. ....**-. w\...':a-,u' lAd I n e, yn e .* ill III l,!] a+e~u-g 0l l[Je ... ... Sl's"c by the Lt ~s exmto co m ncd Soo hi lere / Sc t wh6H jus 8o. .0 A^-"" prdue *1. ^ r "*U-
.. r"^ ^ A.^' -lrRl";,7t/,r -^ T11.t;t ^' .'' ; .., : 'ec~i .ex .-.".n 1 c uitng was ,halaon ie.J Whi-t at t hedfa ieesadatrdlgety c m ai gth lm lcad miiay atci- >sl hil i ~eMncd^ la^^

: G; ^ /^ ,.*',')ot :> ,+ ),,e,, ,,, sor|tn~i. ,t'e-un. I0,le .>m| ,,i ,+t', i -q :, s,s- tf -Elia -B,+, idl S th ,' te L co o c u u d v lp m n ft es m ih t a ft e 16 1a v oa e T epa fo e r n c u n e o h ~ r t ^ K^f
;. + 'P -.- '' a diae! M u te a ?tem nof -pr -e i i X7P Att te me "" a I. e po ts' tIji it ha.s bc om all,' "ti 1J ou h r ,

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" m j+ -;-( e .n ) > i .i u ,.,;--:l e-- i 'e an .s m e t h r s lt o i'S n to i l a io .- ... _-" ran.p en"sorhe, ;n. e .i -ii i n ^* f -, ', **- "- .
-I.'.'l4 i'-ot. ,, ,"-.I;^ : I' .-., II 'to ll\le 0" *n e*-^ W P -^ cr, T e op ik atsdreqatiem of nrmh_ ofe.~ a clew'c trm n o s .... Hnt ;: rpuo wh r he ^ 11 ^ m h cnm .C^ L tand, (p
"1 it" t;; ;;^ ,:"- 1, ";: ^ i "'1-: ";^ ^ n -" ^ i ita td L c fc im w ds k le"""g1 ve l "e ev ", ^ rh 7,0 "ou te r "e e l cal -rd ove "~n o g "lase .2"IL ]~ ,^[U t J[;- L
* ,-" ; ^'a-**5'*., ,.,f ,h .",,,i,- u',,1 s ai,,, h.i~ in,,u thoHh :,n l u_. h ,tut -.tt-I'6',. ,,t ha Is oud ae unihe ,up n mnlou a dorerd lo ase bl t ha oit W lcenoptashine so(a~gl4W
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9 .- wo-: '- -1".l .- I "1 til the, da r,,,; Z ,+. ,,'a ru Ptl.x namey~ id bisth Ra et~~ will yet rtteceivtoPrg M r-

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-"^ ^ .* 'i1-11 dull,-? *- I-I"-11,R- 1.) v ;i (1),li < it 1f1.1 cow wn o o i ., i ,, e n rould e xp s o oftel -eteeIn I g wiri mal t e rk-p 6- ya m us -i i c;rdaia i ^
.0 %V_ I i .. I, I e. of th s fl a i g a a e

_. 1 t ., v" .-- "':.'" Ill L^.. --, i fe ., %; e r-R If f1- It a" i B .. I I
+.+,-7-...1. H, .e ,d il An oftheie.t c tr adiction a s tg Cranieolog At the so-
-Rat -." '- i -. no- ;.-do a frieon. tl.1. amnng tne the eouf-sc ou nty -the4 Offi;ates .in thd'
,1P irr I -rpi~ir ,the nte ycaim tteD eo' x m

:'k'.Tf+:t:," -7 --,F~s INi:, l. F. lne J ..,, eefest-them "rcan, r ori At order, Co .Bent .o "

*tt'l,-- tr' [^^ h ^, ;^ ^ ,^ ^ ^^ l~'"fu la or oi bte '"-< ,i-+' -! -.. ni..'.. ,,,,-,,', The,,. rav r^'m ,,,Ite :,nv msacdo h^ fi te'te nextc Mrda an nwavs ac undo bt is xstn e? Has hadamenlec ml"'~ ^ l^ A
". rt" '(,- ^ n "++ed-?''''''/, ...{t 't t',' "", ,... t"tl"' "';1"0 tott" c n' e, ,,.,: Er,^ keep -i "n ieg o -sa~ tn te ,n pYad of Docto Caea .. ..... Beicte Sthe~ "Sgi tc^h ns .;;" ^
.. ..vi fl- I;1 wo l ... ? n ^ ,,, .. ;i ^ 1,,, !,-,. ^ n h ^ c "*- o"m.. ..p.lMfiU"an"urh'e'an.' dfeperueloi^,ement of- n^ A e e
an fP 1l i l ,,,-,l, ,^ 'i li,,||,,. 1 in iildo, -,, r;cons tof ti enrcally sio -nt .a y gi l fc I'mrat s uppoing thli e migh t is cover onct-e gave r s nigna, whi h eltis It
,.ij .r~b: .-n, I} is .! . I ... .,,le i I N ,,w ff ',-nd';,,ItlI .e t'salfl,-t et d -er),,h t earero ns

-..-.,isT-.aKn i';,")% ^^r. In I t-i _- ,,,, t o e .weho d n o ,ho peonie on as, the 'thing was lathn aesnne ofdu tv this Sth^my
brown "[iehe sou;Md Of: sa, r'aiemu cones n-!t ther DAito f g a n -. skullbee to was`
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: -:,.v H -..u h-e "Ale his a al nd practicel-of no l suspect, tlcts,:f other .,ndt would, Ii.0 6d, isrre
I Iit f %f. le d, to 1-.- '_ve ting d. u on to -one at

;^\lli.t,.J*e:%e, 11111. to;'^^ ^ Ole d- 1.hrty hv aadTndorse sun tco pe- ogaiste ed-by vast ancieonts ofa heae toI be abeocu arhedane fe.<^ e-nkdls6 ^,

:,;. -t^u~~iiiir- ^,-F p,:,2,,,:i,-.,,,!V d:, i-.ii,.,p- at. Ltn'l n't, P ,, e,s,, n bte e.tm at er^ pe;tin u is ed alolnot-o -a d u tsonoreshaveai ~ ti ole -etr p nih a lr r m S rtl -* C L ~ EO H LIE o '-ae {
.. .. ..a'-^ S '^ nw a s 1 ,cral, th this tr tion ute poo lor Frlmsa'th
---...:..'np~ lln~^ha talent .-.s. ......s t--s have -=_on ... --b Gen. would ,Stuev ,Iolot. pf toheo, i y

-* ._--^ ^ ^ ^:.-rAW t-li.d "m'ih,,Ir l i,I. r. ,,, |- vc vlirl,,ddie ~ vs, il'T ER .-] "is Iai -lia aao -Wat- 'u no~t Docto Crane. TLy .a ban ef "i "tff an. +"w ^ontiso ~ fc lv mHe rr c n m r
t=r{i" ; -- ;Sl,,^ ; '' I-.-' I."- !'1 "^ *- t"- G.n;Pr. e~ th I^~ 'n Ino lede, had'lJ UtoI- Irctc iWtrspecion "^^SA. a! "e -",: '"
-- d i- l l .. .. oI t r ~iSoe pn t- l Jot p deo--i co oa city 1,297

'.--'. eeny_. e,!i....: ...- ^ ...... .. p ,. ,i-_1~ --- --"t ii .i l l~ s Y l .I co e *arn ;.o.s- g.. .N .. ,+S ,, ': ..y t e e rlih o n da M so i nr e en v m s d re o iin xtn tih o -o ~ -i~s s '^-**;'-
-.i-.*k ..v... n -:l s 1 -:i, ... i c ,- ,( ,,1, s'i ,,- t.- R l I' -1e- ) n s g n t.

Q-j^ H rk r :': Y:;111ileg lLUotlon,'so^,^J idEUgBnKC -Theuel rcand gen theellyb ro s ena nlss n pa -c l g ^ .^^ ^ ^ ^ h ~ iv~ n i mt
e- I S' I "I n, I tt,;.,I I t'- In. %%.is r,,- -.e i he ac| u s, toue L ieut. that Bs ,fxactnaccoun ts for ap
-" .71- 's I'TY --:' In 1 1't r 1 d--d t' hji P e "oh ev n n be or "e:" -- X. "

.ad, u n .. .. \I s i 'ie .. de sris o so, hoesole..
T...; ,,, ov-.Ta; ,+ ^; ... .. ,,l. r,, . ... ,Y m.uc 5 :e i .' ud _, a-n miany co,.rer titom .e S he .of 4 P lan.of .

-''1.i11 -^ i/^rh^'- i TI I"l% ;:^ il ii P --.I,. 'i^ h II;, otII[ iesttu. io of .n uiy "- Th o bt h ... .e e gv ou m n~g D^ b uad ^ nes rvr g d
._w-L lr .. -..... \, 'l:,, :dS-. S,,,,hA.., ... ." .-.---- I- ,s- .n. ; .-! 'f evidenB ucoDur'ry Revela.s.-.

-' n ""' r { rr ,-n i -" 1 ,. 1, 1 i. t i i,-i t. ic h" i ,. i:. li r i r n i d h e S ic a v *' us if g m e i d c a .. ,- "gr is- 'x r c .-o ih.ve~ o re-y .i'e r "es .-.l s i :" -_ie "ri-S -
=.e.e t1 _.1 .^ '- 'J ,'ti '1 +.,:: IJ .. ""*- -' ,- "- 1-T "^^ ^^ ."er.w'~ .h otrIhv m lyd ^ ^ ,^ .w,:^ ~ pc o 0. utr nG- e
1"-. ''" : i ., 1 ',1 I I I, ,l.,, Pd. i w,,u. Iu-,h, n,.l.i ui { h,,,r,e( l ts +giveno gxye trtrtos eyc ,.th
1.'J +) ..:. l+ ; ,' I ,.+ ,- ) i ..,I r ,' --o n I -
.: L. + ; : -- l i .. ..t -.. + -.. lo I .t 1) ) o h e a i ,,v a t ., -li 1 a t: fhlu h g n efl e ct1 h a t .N k e rnr'.rN e O r eA/c h a n a na n

., -- -, .. ..- ,lle *-ol-r. l> -- l.,n t ^l p.-0, s. I o e e of ta sov e y g er e wip e i as es
.'l'~i'l e' h t en," .. .' ^ r ~ e d c "1 "I ..r.. .u-e wh e- s o o ro-,ol h ts re vel
.-..J_..6tg.Jlrl'd'- who l\, t ./ QIil\:u y a,-" lio ; 'e;tll h .. .. lr "1ii ; strny wih by the4 tray. oinc M r.1B11-k "
.{-..-- ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ te news"-..v: I wa dul se..,'d .h Doto Plce hties-c,y.,,-Kr~r-k~shsp~leeo~tnm ue
2_. B iit~ tl.,l,: 1. wulj W, .s .., 1 1r, ".1 1- "i, c.lie ....r ea- ,._,i w-7 + ,
"'lin ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and'>i-+"h''a> I .1 .- "i .''- n-. exmnto commenhed. Soontint~r Caf-iu leane
-;.: ( -" --"' ,t: 1a ' L et ve on 4-t wu~ IP a, ,+ I ,
""N -0 1 o r~l "I'lll,' 'lu %}- ,n rtJ or ; O-,. la.u. of Vi g n a an n "e. -.- "t a -e i m u ch in Gcot
.t[I~1 .11, t0 Ill <,, was f-i"ger...re"s-erd upon the, 1t'g \ of oconilsa raee hethr ft eu v 61o n the-hartieof a ds-ndthf nt
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Wdei>Ji ,hnt ,,relv 1e1,itll .,. Tx-p'PRT-. WHOLESALL PRICES CURRENT. Apalachicola Exchange. U. 8. Mall Arraieemat. ,
oh i ppe1 1ola E x r ,] Alhaig .-1321 bale--. THE sub-cribfr 'idorrri3 h. IriendiS
I) S i. l 11 ,.1 ,[ ,., .I i's" r v111h..1 C!.\E .-P-r 1R A :ba i-I T b ls -.- ... ..h II .R~rb r ,fr s i ren| T ,1. e~l, -,
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PI.,_1. [ _E P.l-l"r w it; Litrric,,. o:-C ,.lir, d I;A.k c cK Au y ...,.. ..ls]!
1- ',ii,,, I .-T'.iB,i 'I)undee, ..........yd 1i a 17 known house, and %,ill be pleased to entertain = Saturday," at 10 E. M. -
l -.;al n~oi e; b ;,U wict: n.:./i, ..(Ar,: P4 I P,-,NT f.Va--Pe.r shih Andr. Scot-- Pean t............d a 13 any of' tht travelling rommnntv Ihart may favor Chattahoochee ..wy Mo..t a. AThin'Ig^ ",
i.'(.e dl-/, n.l n ..,., ,,,,St b1 ser1 'o ,l ee 90u bsles eotO",. [lip BALE ROPE, KOntucky,..... lb 5 a61,h a il ht, v heir custom, aL, will also accord iot.e 12 M. She wilb afl wke
r**nilislier, *i.It,,l-"flarnk.ed.+" ,lis'.it-ma. be NEW on.L+ .:, Northern ..... tD ,p AT r.-Per sear Tallahassee-167 ."" ih date resident bosi'ders: T-he bar wilt alwavs be .'rbrid aP rf o.
nk~eni oiitb).hiin; .-.-'.. ,..: ; bales cotton. '(:.. .._ tanilla,.-..+..,. a syppliedd with genuine iqaorrsof the ehi t Wednesday nighy, Lava
Per'.cl-i Ehliz eth-473 bales'coatton.a" BREAD, oNavy.... .... .cw_ quality. J6HN PATRIDG^-: ,Sundaky night, -L. .i -,
Per schr Geo Engs-23 bales cotton. 81 a Apalaclncola Nov. J4,"1848. X. Ever aei o ilw to
i.iMaLi 'UikRFE.itJ1-Ks.- --nNeu W York Per schr Marmion-3j0 bales cotton. C OFFEE, Rio,. ............ ...lb 0 8 d a 9 p h 'no-..1 ," -1. E.r H tIt -Jl
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O~~ ~~~~~ANDLES, Sperm ............. lb 30 a 85 HA IOtknte betb ot - d
of ,, ili, New Ybrk Ba,tl/' l2ote List. Per steamer Augnsta-Col-D Pitman;- Messrs R CORDAGE, Manilla,...........lb a 12 t l lishment; (formerly Arm "tead's Ho- h
. r. J Foyd, W liahf Maner, William H Long, A L- -.Hemp,.:l;..'.... ...lb a 12 tel) I am now having it neatly.fitled Fo* Li.verp'obl. "
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1 W ,p I 1 : r w t i P e t a p r L t s ` r B 11 P r i s M e s s A D O IN E S T I C G O O D S v i h h h p h t t o i h a l r E L r n s ~ ~, m
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,it ,-o ruile,li., l r,'tsi<. "hos, business it Garret, Smnth, J H.Danfoth cotonades,.'....'... yd 14 a 22 either of them, passengers whoo stop'here, will lair,,o.rino [ja>1n6] SIMS ,IB
is i, g'ivket he ir f,;Id,,I It III ares a cuirrehcy-. -Per steamer Chatnpion-Dr Catthings, James CalicoPrintsj ........ yd- 6J a 25 meet with no detention,.as -8ptivstte. cono yance. Fol *' 'R" rf,
A,':,1 .,/l (.,' nn man w6 of 0W.. 0-t three and Allen. Kentucky Jeans,. ....yd 25 a 55 can be had by application to me.., The Eaitern THEFouperiorKbar, ,)!,.i
I yeiIV':l'ilv"N'falsaprey to the sedctive. steamer Peytona-Dr W Williams, DUCK, Russia,.R............... yd 18 a 20 Stage arrives MM 'ednesdays and Fri-\ takethe bulk oF'Sri' batm
,tiffil,, -o(-ift,, a ."-pai,r of ...btack" eyes and a.- pner- EIDYES, Logw d, Campeachy,..-ton days, at 7 o'cl( k d deipaitson don.,above. named Fo~t..- 4;'Ur.(tma"
"i oi-,i. b ^ e a -- 'P' %" ". PersteamnrEmilv-Capt McAllister; Messrs T S St. Eomingo,-.on day* Wednesd:1'sl nd Friday,3, at.,S o'clock, P. Jpr,9". J A
sn,,',,i lo'l2,ie. ,;nied,l wi.thlIhat, most 6 1n-5 chambers, Battle, Smith, J Spates, Nickels, Fustic,,............... ton TheNorher Stag darts im eiclya. For w J. Ar
,,,1,,. .f weapons, fl'aterv.; nor, whilst Gordon.- ,' Ind0o M..'....'...........lb 100 a The Norr hern Sf agedeparts itniedia'tunitf-h, tc
,,\,,," tle possessor "of t"he e:.pi-eeless Per slearmer Auonta-B-B.3 W right and lady; FLOUR, Nortlern, .....'b..;bl 675 a arrival *of the THE new bi ""W 4
pay osesorMessrsEB Ballou, W G M Davis,.P -Hobart, Western............. bb ,675 a 6 same day, at 8 o'clock "P. MK T6e Western -^oe, nD1 e r. '.7 r h .a'/fQA
Wt A'Whitelllad, F C. ...bo 250 a A.0 Stage arrives here in ti" to take, the Easternco ttonor passe a p i la -
teri iion t.o tl-e q,, ,lifN' of his.,'fair ,..,i'i rol Per steameriMary A-Nloore-NMessrsag.J.yctrF, C 'h.-'"
'i f le, at the- vi. .eft6of 13%- Master Jackson. No. 2,. ...-...bbl 6Of'a 797 0 Stilurdays,:at 8'- o'clock, A. M, BS this9 lilne,.- J n2 6 S
hn:r lill, Iei I,.% .i vignette, ;i.di,,n, -wtih 1the1 1 ..... --- "' No.'3,.......bbl 5 00 a 600 passengers will take-the Mail Boat at Chalttho0 -
In.tIl,'wi,:l,,iiii,- of smiles, 'dsa s stiia HMR INIl. ... box 100 a chie br Apalachirola on Mondays ad Tbursdaya. For New u Vore.
ton,i,,,"..a,,n d ,].i-re r'encelo.. t I N !.i N 1 fL I l llG iN Ul. FRUIT, At, 2 75 a ....- A. G. MARSHALL, -Proprietor. THEre
Hit' pdj-fr ase,.aot! The aa 2urari hff ere.d-i R Pra ns...:.;..... ...b.l 2 0 a 2 0 Q oin~y, October 27, 1846. n5v14 43-tf -. j- T SHER, [intt in .xn rW _ar.
therunea. .s P...Ib 20 a 5 1
P O T F ,(,.r[ O I A reighl or pa~m a .e l p v t _
sp,'e.,,l 0_ 1 ,'oI r -tbe-fair. beaU.1y,-, a h1n1, d of silk-. '.. ......January 30. Currants,...,.'... .. -lb 16 a 18 ; --3FO,. l ,, .-,y -.+ ......... .a.. to -719
en mixture' arid fary-like proporlti6n, .hefd A3tVED. '.... -...... drtum THE Properly on Cerit'rSt. Anown as -_ 1Ot^^ & 'P i li.,,
w i+t fo r at. r, c; iiii., -) ,'C otrp le tes th o-d el osnsi- 6-Soh "A nn no e s fo N w r ea sbUR ,O t e ,,.. .. .. ..otelt e.iy o e p l t "A pnspl.. .. .ybo to' an 3 '- 0 ~
,,,,,,,, H~ opny~i~o~Ja-.riH-.Sc,. _^ A-n, Regrfin- New Orlean. .FUR S, Otter :;,_ ;;;;;:1" ."r i-" If' Q D^CO* a- ^
--1111, witli ea -feft sigh, th.e victim Schr Marmioai, West, Im New Orleans. FEATHERS,........... .....lb ML [novI1 D. B. WOOD & CO. For. New Yorf *r' ;" 1
1hlows'l.jiebillI ihthecasll drawer, to recover Jan 27--Sehir Octavia, Knowles, fm N Orleans. GRAIN, Oats,... bush T 75 atTE eular paret b ^-

lo ,,i ifli.iil, her-c't!iatnrsare not?-partakepf O Steamer P~eytota, Gleer, "fmo Columbus. Dry, country, ...... .....b 6 -a ply to NOURSE, STONE & CO. 4 .,.2' >yW S b^^ ^ '*
;itliout--eost2' -.* '' .. + -' Steamer Champion, Cadwaltader, fm Columbus. IRON, Engtish, ............,...Ib ^ a 5 D~ec25 ^ 46"W.ter street.,,Fo NeYlfa *''~^-a
-, h i -'l ove' Steamer tufaula, Thimpson, I'm ELfah la. Cwees,................ lb 5 a 5l, .62J. a .or 65 ",r .-" '-"
I"n" .. .... SteameriLo yus, -Allen, fin Columbus. Hoop,.b.................'Sb a 8 D w el Noin ,r lle*- t,,- THE splenudld last S i ^ -i
MARe a.y ED -o..... .. ILEARE"H -_, I- Shet,. :: ............. 8 a 1 0 0
Be% thiseityen o won Wednesa-- "hug'e be ssing,'he2 th Ce:i L E, An ED. ,mCou bs IES re ......... -Nl;R ds '"" b 3 Ja 31 St"l'E 'sm& l 2 D, welock ouon lat elyroSt.',-,AdespDlb GEE Cp:rte-c~mt;aoepr-.~b. 't ,

,.i-, by tba Rev. George Moilcws:M-.r. Jo -iy Jan 25oSip Canton,Paekard, for Boston, by LUMBER '... oft NOURSEgSTONE &. CO.- ..an 2
Io lll' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ehr I lah ee, Saanders, forIl-Orleans. oardsl* 7hi% .... a ... of D c 26 f "lte .
St a er "mi, alae' fnGt"R NE gine.... .., &. b 1,C j m u. Dec,26 --46.W ater~street. FJanN e.q _
LIWU'- Y. S e e llow."... .. .......Mlb 0 a l00-- -- 14
-'': -- 'm"'--.St an2 -e 'cr~ habth~,,Ie Gf t, toIrNbu eas. g" tvs. .................I o Sa er. lba: 3: TEo r ploeon i lddfsts i
TA ,'" IED, B g a wrnce o h d, e rorce, White O kHeads,.......M 200 a THE H ous De-n the *our hesnt '-E sueriorBEapt.' i i ,.
.rhis-ity.6 the2a9ti~inst., JosEp iN'-SA.ND$. by D B Wood & Go.I"" o Heading. I....a i7s ad .Lie--O bntre k wnp rthe '*, R e ^ ^ 'HE sp eror L ', 8abit'h, rt.-..i,
u ,ira'-le of Mas-l -nd Su a "i -Jan 27--Sehr Geoa Enags, Smart, for N Orleans. LEAD, Bar, ......... .. ...... Ib 5 a -'Gl, reind .ouse "Oa prpe t y-t .kn w a thev ForA/P ^ paj t, aser, wplv JoL..1.'.
,,At,Lda-g lter. .ot Marshall. P and Susa~n Ehis.. Jan 29--Bark Alabama, Merritt,-for Liverpool, Sheet.Ba .........- .... ....lb 10 a 2b .J~ ,. 2 odti 'os. A py GR*N & O N R J a,, b ve For -aa e I- T W O"^^^ ^
A S13' ., h -. b y G h as R o g e r s & C o ., L M E . . . . :. ; b b l 1 ] 5 a 1 ^ G R N & C OE R J .- D W D --*k ; .
_._ -,------.v, ,.--------=........ Ship Andrew Scott, Emery, for City Point, Va,Ml~OLASSES, N. O0........... gal 82 a S3 ]F'OF Sal,< ? -" "- S iS
O A T byC.ha ge's, Co. ... bl IV A 2 0- eFor B aili ore. .*v.
U 1 J R CIX A2 "iest. for N Orleans. AmVA T OR an, tc4,.6..bale 0 a 4 00 o a. -THE -House situated oh .Conieree, ._ L THE good'haBl SJ/R t "
.. .Jan a0--Sehi Marmion,,:acest, for Oakum,.bale a 4 00 -

.. Rev Geo. ... by Rosin,...bbl 1o50 a 200 J between Forbes' street and he & Florida 0,Sand, m ler, ber e ti '
Boads W h tarne. ... ec2

*:"..,.TO.- .-On"Tuesday, W wednesday and Tihuts.-'' ... LIST OF VESSELS IN :POR Ti. -' .Tar,....-...bbl a 30O0 Jl d LPromonade, at. present occupied, by the ,,, s',teck, going on b wdrt. Fur 'df[ 't ^ '*' V
I.,,. ,he itNutry for cotton was very .moderate, shiPs. + -NAILS, .......................keg 450 a 5 00 subscriber. The house is in..goed~repai~r, free or tpaiage, apply *. -_._-* ^ ^ ,
Hc. ties .of the three days- amohn-in~g to 1000 to JSssie, Oliver, C;79 tons, "fm Liverpool, waiting-- OILS, Linseed,.-.- ............. gul 90 a 1 25 from~all-lneumbranees, with a good~yard arid Welt J'an 9 CH-A,_. ROGER?. _.-
,- -.*, J Da.y e (Co. -." Olive,.....:.......... botle 1 25 a 150 oftwater-2-it iwellca leilated tor a malt ami-ty." ** ,. ,',.. --+ ^=^
12 ,,,Ibde.% ^thiout.-aiy change in-prices. '-Yester- Waverly, S~mih,'539 tons,- for ..ost-on, loading-- Sperm,. ............ ...-.gal 1 12 a 1 50 Attached to. the.,premieseis a g0od Stable.. ForJ.F y : ^''
Jl.to M I s, J an .46,e "
0 T a l a h a s s e e S a u n d e r s f o.- .O l-.ns c

,l .\ after--t!e.e 'i l-aa ,^ >i .iir,;b uiil, an active in- D B W ood &a G o L ard,. ......... .... ..gal 80 -a 90 term s apply -to t T L I K ) *"- ^ p
,,:,,r,.sprung up, +wt~ch resulted in, te sateof Harrit ockwe, arrsh 44 ons, for Li-ver- Ta :::::'.:.... :.. ::.al 17- a 0 J D ^ -* M A R N *BOOT A ND^r ?t-fTO..-M K ...
.... ........ pool, l iza beth-- ~, or Chee r fer n. SCavst r........... ;.... Ma1 75F o20 .ran2 5 -]m .. -, F orR ostonAwit"C

...... l,,11'1 bales. *In: consequence .of the very Constellatioh, Fiitner, 276 to, or Genoa, load-, PROVISIONSPork, Mess,...bbi1300 a1360 F !tent, ... I i C car r thlin
,....,hit Oak -Head" ,..O...bbll2 00 a12- TH H) s- -th -," i -.' -.'h-. "t'nnusin plahlu!1 w4 d~

f I. :.i J ,ii.nii' from there r market factors in .iryg--Ls Fred E Co ugas. M TO tront Offices, I'll of water s[t hei l "" S
,,,:- eases w.ere enabled, to- realize full'i. t.ad- Ue. s. -. *- _Prime,--bb! a 1150 .|I. :lApply to -, "- .. "1 ^ o .h C"ly m--ob'<2W'IS
,,i,: ... il,'.:",l,:' howevr- -wet4've'y 'irregular, 'M{agdala,, Dodge, 298 tons, for New York, load- ca on Ham nvs, 1.... 8" a i 9. S"a;bL Jan.. 9 - , GREEN & ~ v CON ER -" Hai -"^u"P ^ i^ ^ .drkn ;--;';
....l,! ,:,, tghad at abont. o rte. To- .r ing--Dod~ge & Pratt. ." cainvassed,. .p i a 12zs ..." ... -- confinliitlhat allwho may/D~~t e n wM .-^c
.. a a o, r s o- .R obert W att, johnson, 494 tons, fro verpool; .. Sides ......... Md.b 6- a 7 O I l. a Xl eantkI .T ree ts, $b l as C.r that lhev -have c'lYI i he li nksbto W -:
::.'l, .l-tihas bs'enJquet-the~fewsatsmade, wai ng- Master. Sb.u lurders,....... lb a 6 a ... .. "
., "auCalferSokMrhMftro an Sund Jfebftk.L I-

._,'.,,, ,- advance ofto o nthe ,,.,ti Jn Mersey Cofin, 2 tons, for.Liverool, loading-v eApol,. .. .. ...... ..lb 10 a 2 12 I t hnH ou rse. hasi tr od a l 'A
r-- --- S p a ra ea l a nd s, 4c )1t to ns. fo r B altim o re lo a ,d C II .s E., .... ...... ...g... lb 8 a 9 83 L I., c h o ice Fo t ofSF ruitd O rn a -.p ro ved style. H e ^, ta l s p L. ^a...--
,,n,-,=-i,/.n].h s..,! ,, o m;,-i, biaoio ,lto,..,h.,r. ing--C as Rog rs & Co .Po-A'oEs, ............... bbl 850 a J mental Trees,- Shrubs and. Blantsio and selected assor.men of Rfady-'ladK.--
Fc.1,.. i,,;.----WXe bare no chang to notice in';tile Covenanter, Pattersou, 612. tons, fm Li'verpoot, 1 [(3E, ..lb........_.............. b .s 655 a an- g--w"hichnelill ndbem ltouenPANU Srna.......... .buslips,- .'amog wh h and-e fundogrntnoc, All.s.Shoe an: Bog.^^* ,^.1. B ^^ r&-
i,.,_-l,. B^Aiet:.T~he" e.r-..',:ruii. made, have "' Waiting-J" Day if. Co.. -l:I,

NAVAL.STORES, Pitch,.... bbl 2 00 ae2 50 THEHo-., e ,i--
C.0.AIIA. .. )R C "0-Sc R M IonWS. CforeN O..ean...... ....ble- 7a 4 00 "enb Pets FisVne, 6he. omme rc ,e HE. d-bar. SiR.

.... I ilo uV.u s rtes ..Veee~s ehineTVer T bee.e, ornekCo9.;,n, orNe,.ok~ifh rheh""'reYorbesod,'a.ivotehnree:- ""^ ::::: ... ... .. Ta- ?0th Ih comioSellto- in, traifpt^-tle% ^.^
.:,':.->r ;i- every --t4:./,i p'ot. t.iia-t -can~go coastwise rdespatch--Nourse, Sione& cO ,Go .+ Gi"net root ...,** ...... Ih "' 9 -a ,1 "T P' ."ABE L, : ot'he titfle: '-" : :."'- '".^ ^ i*-'".
ga d- :in --D, e ... P r t N uanegs,...... : : ...b. 2 12 a .2 00 ban' 6 orner C hestnut a W aterF ts. .. Ap; al'i-, October .-er6f'if...
-Oi, uer o .d.- TTOW edns day ..lM "d Pr" o-Do ,- -.-, -at.... .. &.GA r, .. "..*ent "-c.u-ie d,-by8th e a
^Sn'^:^:;-:;^.::::;LIST: ^" OF*; VESSELSe dINTOhincl aox;:^:*;b' IX A ndr sate....by;b a 3 W A} d going0on fli:d or deek. -

*I Li-ovidrp c ilo in_,ury o, otoagaseery modrataSIP ". N ,....A D gsooe t oIqve e d[,iep7 r fe k_ .eor pa .-.sag.
Jesie NeOk+. ... 78 l ivrio ,-- -- fm onahr ivr poolsh a itging-- OIsLSa, Lned.......'-b 9-0 a 112 Itl;;ubane, ih o'fai nd*el anW
J.ay&....bote m1 5 a 150 of wJan !-i0.0, 1.-3 els elae or a. sselsorf. .-. _,.:.

1 ,2 B altin -or, .... .... ...-., .. .. ..... -.. 7-sc t r- W a 5..;oarfer,.B....o.s.t.....osn 62S a -.75 . -. l "' 1 1 a-5t at the house ol John .rui ae .'s.table. .'F V
SOl a1,1 .> ..'.. 1s4t'-i ,-u .... _2 pe ba le.. "n- ) "h W d Pa & Co.O. -: -; R NE.......... gal 80 a 90 0 '5A0IL0",L a m p -Opda-e o a z, lat e Tof e brua(>W ^t"?.. -
__l I' -rsutein te G-nels'.a-atCwerms r

Hie o ckell, EGa h4 nFs .---o......... SKive-. 1_" bn.L .LEN. .I n, o B O : ax e.%HbJ .-iA ns6*

CO-I[ S O .A EN S I...: -OAP .... '" ""T on N w Y r o i bDe ...,. ;.... I .... -....-.b a 10. o ni e a a ^ i d w l ^ i^ h nt co nt ;L allng Dl f p p t^ ^ f "-
p,"'L" "..' 'A.T r .L M.P E C S Ba ndpi y ..... g.... l 5 a 8 50d H ed ar75 0a( 2 0'0^

-o'tr "' l'i year. Jan 23ge t BA tan Gof us Ick. .T B C O .,...-...... 2sa 7 m rl o .I p iafd .C rm .elw Ver OrianeN 6,C;'..@r te~
w, -i" o :r s f r "_1 ___ ... i r .Ar i n i n F r ed E H o t l an d, . .. g l 1 2 0 50 a 12 75 0, T NI IrIOtI, Offi c es, B f N ao i. e S6aa r t r d u bl e r e p aoed, Xo. Oly - .
a. l ,, t st ... .... I ,,,, L 1 on Cotton co e e Li er ... ....... 6 Brus es, Ta r eesar d S ru da
?"oetW tionon 9 os r ivrol'1111181 & .rta e haecle k h t 'A"

Sh** .ulde*\ "s,.........*d "**lb .51 a 6 C alf..Skin. M oroin or,-an Adfelft;

I, t t has, be i n:.uieN s l ,,.e waitiT I-SA M UE L lb-Eis my 1 0 F LL buildings 1 l ., t -' e t's ,
L.. 11.... -C.... .';1. .. i,' ,7,1 t eS aeoff n 37 Fl orid fo ,i epo, lT5Y,- LARDu .................. ac asis ed ro ^" P 'D k ck s e ar -do,,e^f orooml; Jranet oyr er of t eli, F iril | ^ ^ t

v an;-,:, c e, **t o J e o n.th e q u .i z M e c 56e j BR lb 2 0 a 2 3 fr o m th e O rd in a n e of. C o uttr &o r o .t
ar'r'ketll be reported to and more, lo-d-

or...... ...... Co-, ,. .... ...... ... ... ........,, 53a0 nrsel ect ed .S hrocs o. +ea' -^^
i. .. ... ... .. .. .bu h 6 a fon "ic .

P,.- ,,,,' :.;-' ;': :.....- _*: ;:.-:.,:*: ., -' OTCo --urtL BENrEaci oM C ismty. d ri- a an to me 'i d whri ai e- Irac Mk Srws n choro s, M talne dSpikes, SOip S a-n O r PRae Latdo "ies,*if K'id -'^ '' '... i _..:
We-'._ n" ...n ,o. i, ..... \ l "' ] Coven .. vanther, izted 'en Suinoeyabenafnd-. he iff s ale .. ars .arsll..cs Siee,+.lbHaks.tn

i 3-,ot rson* .*. ,12 tons, firn Mv e. sfrispgnof, n W lim .Ne n Henrl bers foung Dpes, CoLrk' nadetiorinsore 1ip.s r '-W'.? ^ ..s^ :

i *l. --- ,_ *_ '- -' .- *y ".'n "WE -&1 E R.N'v' LIR G, ar d^ -, ,,~ef e -nda t hs;...; ...r u, I a el ve p nanail D vd rC m p'g vass e ts,.S a ri Ndo, Axes, ail T w.,aine, on u l[si ranlnr' .-i.a ^ ^ ,-
,-. ,, .. .. .. ..y & Cn45 .o3 4 n -e B n of .. ... seave s h o vk s anm e rs, oxH o ,atc ets.. b 6 l5 a f c
.... .... ....... M c.18w.t.h.h .........-. *i: 6 t. T h ( (, -
uot6^ ::: 8 :^i3tes. Ve4ho aMViea-l H ^ C.F olovigpoest, Iow t:3J one cyriffo boy nameds |;c K ~ Fig s %oc Vi 6es, & ihtecm e' iini~r: O
E L1 ,-toh. owe',1.5 toprs.'e York.load-groun ,..... lb-1 a"12

I I' ...;.. -;." ... .... "": ..:.. "........ "12 .. .... ro -te^ RX s. ; .. .. -FAlemng ar doe d efeon a n tnamee ed Iupon a en d wiood., l ~ ils-Saws ed n aladH n -if..wig 100 eolob r l ari J-^. t'^ 7^ ^ ,)1
^ f'r-1 1.Ll! lo...tat.s......1:-;1 ..14 2 1.3= ..2870 tat, e of ThLoma Wi, u -upoffe fbas e bee tro ert o ur saue defenant ind th e D e Sein do,' Lewig do, PFilsh;do Ha~nd -Lea thero sep aleaI ev.l~o ,b "4 '(>k^ 08ri a i^y ,
.4:,,. d'i i .*.....2....1 a .2..034 5..!.3 5,2 .128 n, am e Jana n o t cit of plath first Saa do Sh oveet Hamer doe tabs" W ate r ior E el i oh CHathes,- h:el ... .-sa

"" ..... .. ... .. ...-.... -. .1 n sT r- <. ........ b- --r -. ..... a l...., ,-
"',t ~~~~a i- ng-86-"!"" 12 ,. d [-- eol tIst ryaatw If. fc s.a do,.fheet o, er edodF nnesLntorley* C'+

.... ....... .............. -...c 1.-.. .. ... ; .. .. .. nor E,,lbsh a-a1br Prin dtp ;m
New Yo'rk' ".'".7...c-I TU I'.|. wClari eb, a ion. c ite t i ,o i ..-.Nas St.dered, Slier13S Sal e.h n -ai: ots, g -, a do: p ri ee u than ev r o le ,a t...1 -''.".

.;. a-taai tw-s ....r :.*',_-.i li. ILr ,-., ,i .1-6t i /e 1' 4 ad udgeduanced d e ree tha rt ote unesigned beourvitu o .,- 'writ ,-of :. fi ri __c _a e f.... Bean-P rs T n W r Groceers "n Oa,.-SCU e,-. :!N wO ~ i-**' *;^ i ;^ ^ -*
Si1 .-. l,. ..6 ; P.r- 7- ( Co. .or l b the Jle sy orce o t e Cuit rt.for.COFFEE, J 'd .S ......rea, by s'r; do .

()T, l 1, 1,,A-r,-,l *, i n 1-T..; 1",, '* 5 .ase r ade cheag ved with ted cause, o taind dantled. C u i of'rnln Weten .... it o Fl- XT Noo ther *amp lo urPWst er .do' &S^c 06z bbi 'ooghl n--.-. je"l? '
'I Pro- ..i i.c.............. ..... .. .S.L,'L iv.rpaom o la ~a z, J..s ack .2",a", ...0 -'- z J n 1 R N ] .q= -
C.- Balt"in .. _'--" .........- .....tyf.r t ay f )v7b r, D -846 A p lah.c la Ja-.2..18ush, ,I. a P. .
I',Ew, iTO"r -te,aa _.,!T. N i ,,..w.rb,.mn.uhr tigsi w sodee,..hril" Sae 0- ..-a m -"IIU T rce e e r "uch-. ry. !4 1 -
i;,-,,,!2"... h.b?,o u B _' 1;..IM;PO"RTuERSneh MER wi h -th Nut fS, A Xn-Dn t e~oun....ra.l, ester 12 .00u af 15l-00 -L N TERste ran edou, Wesplerndid a:tici, O;sal lr ne f' avb lepiscnn=hti c,,. W. i.. -

,I- e1t1, b c att ld.,22. sacks c orn-.to L.-;.:l.l.,,,:t & account uf such of~the intestate's debts as Shall .ia a df. -m.. .irec -e .....-ri -. Al ,e "St -ri d-o -ot -if r. Y u F .- -f a' 5' Me-i "or "- ".o a" il'"" f ." ^--.
Intt1. .t.. . .d "s bo no *. ~ s F o -l "y EA- I, -.- ^ .-w
,r. 8 eottGn, lFOlRGboxes t tod Cowhn d ., 2 a"r "'ordubetael
""It G in '. -W."o "' ::' .h ve b e r s nt d t a d nii t a r wd- ..... ... ..gal. ...,,.. ..,150 .. ., -_-a 1 75. .
pt.... I PA .. ... .. Spa bf ndWlh mS, el:adeednI.,+ ..~i -, .ub gd ohe o aeh E \,~~I+ 4.";' % l

"', ... .. _* ,n tne period of two-years rom the dnate of the hae levied.upona and will otorferor sale before th~e ';" 16, .;_, +_,,: \,,u I,1 "- O Wai^ -.; .., IR
't 'a rl.l #.t- 1'| ,11-.3 ".. l,.n to D 13 .: z t Ot a | I ers, volasRs s, W I li k _, 011s1an:1flwlar]k," "',
:Kes an]pln 9-- -1. Slm **Siln 11"ss Pftam0 ,S _*don- J^^^ ^
,,~ ~ V Co, 13) .... T T,- ., 'I. ,I.. III,_- 11 ,taff and all other unisaltisfied c~red-" the first ,'W~. ] jy "inMarch L'l'eXt51847, within ':,* ork-,vMact.r-_.d, inon, ,- -_ ... ] .*t [ ,
r ., .. .. -. ,!r-f .i,,inds .tnu Tfongi~s, Cod .Ffsh '].ougu sie i I I 0 0 0IF i r Vr.I IeIt -I-P kI "8"...
,r,, ,11t.,,.. ,' t,,,,o k,' ,,-=-25 --+,r-.n t e ke ate who shall have presented lepJat_" ours, the toltowi,. g property, to- wit.:" on. e ,Ppee,,-'- : ,&u F 'r._r ,_2,O ,; ./ 2 't g '
..".h ..- .. their demands Within t e trd mentioned, ando e ng n~ S -4. JL"ribi
,r, th, .,'.,d negro man named Frtemmg, at oendegr] m anf'aes P le ", rrh Fb,-o .
... -_ _ p .-., 1 I .., a v -6q-nter, lVroin Ba lh;-Ma,-n: "';. _.. -
!'-I, i^ -- L ,i-243 .,.- cottonlto Lock-' that the u ndersigned case an advertisement to named Ben, levied upon as the Yrop said Br 'Pilot doCrad Lie
t -irry Y_ .:.i~ii-.;;122.-to "J JeCohen,' 2to -A N Mc- be in abe: inserted in a newspaper, published- in thecity defendant, and to be sold to gatisty t.'d writ of Beans,'Salt, Refisens, Macaroni, Veriemaelli Ar-
,,: ..:i.. Dunr. of Apalchicola, in this State, for' the space of' fierl fariasth s e .... .- L- .... ".row Root rn, Oatsr Buck he.-r. Mu ,iaid,, Rice. LOU S, N6. 10 -d f
...17 ,.?.' tour weeks, ealng,'pon the creditors-of thesaid saB A y .t*. ..Ll.,tN a: CO rprces, by. 7. B. EL1lS.-^^^" v_..,_
1 ,''"'\':1 i,,- l..,I ,l ,,oi. 151' ;..-W ylie-'. thi, estateae to come in a'nd prove their demands be- "'*'A p-,-,i,-,l .- 29, 8 1 7 t Jan 23 ... .. 24.Uyter s-Eeet, .. Jan "23 "",. '* t3letit:- .^ W v,.
V II I'I:K ,z .- Ir,, '[ ll, .' .,, .- '-,"V 9 to D.. -... .. .., 1 4... ,-. ...t-
'.,.- A: P,.,r,: 5 ,... ,, .'- ,_,,-,.ver; 3to D K -ore)the Undersined on or before the irst day ;, : -- OOTS, Shoesanrd Brogans, by thecase; U .. .' 'N" "' ":S'"-^ ^-. '
i,.,I-_r .... ,. utof !N..-I|, A. D. 'D1847. ;. t SheriflcS" Sale, _D Woene an ,.-u-kirj`- UAR PANS at M:tei fnr P-.:.r-,=;.-, ('l,,-,,:;.-,,-,'-,31,,... -,-,,',,:t~oLock- ow, tneundersigned r,l,--l,y s.,' notice f-o-"Benj M; r rtfgn" : -s "oy-ay oS ^^ .. .. ,+, . + '-O
'- -'eC"o- j" M #.ri_. i 1 M en's, 1boys a~g Youth,~ o an :;- .
h ,,.,:Y., ,,,-. l ^ ,., '.A 'v,:.P _Kain ; 95 to A all such persons as .have t'.'--.. ,t ,Ijl,eic caims, vs. sF fa..FranlMi Circuit court. ,, 'o a ed v oman a. Jan 3 ..u. g" ater^ ,^ -.--.. "
1 0.: 1,,,r1o 1-;89toWn btsand demands.. Anstthe.-aidntestate to Ja-. Y. Smith. -' : Men's pegged Boo .. '
,5 .rrer o; : : .D C. ; 24 to 8 D -is a h ad i,.1iSta' thiw t .i., years Iromthe grant I,- [CE is' ,.I eby-given ttatbyvirrue of the 4 4 ,%wed Boxtl;. % .:. -' .: TON, l'---" -- ... .
,.*;.,-.".I .;79 -to John J Cohen; 72-fo.Harper &9 .RtI l *o. .- r.R.E*
H-., ,i,.--s. [.f ;. ;r before him at Marianna, Jackson county, Ftori-" sure, I w~ill'expose. for sale. at public outcry in -*'. -. '>-".-+. ELLISON.'&:-CO., *-- :,' "" ^ ^ eA1 '?^,
F,*-) +i.:-,,n,, '.:. ....,-,-l-1141ba]e-seotonto Hi't,, da, on orbefore thelfirstday oftMarch,A."D. 1847. the city 'f A'palachicol'a,.on the fist Monday-in "Ja- 23' = '.. ... 24 Water street. U.GAR Kettles, 'iJls:-and.a. '"5
'j,, V ]I: II| .l o -larper & Ho.lmpes; 37 t- ._ M a.* "FRFh"K.R. 'PTTM.AN, Marh' next, all the right, title and interest of the ter str t .ot pmved aftjink
L .,:! r. i f 121..J.1 12 ..,Sirsn & i ("li-'-,."r;G.to 'Special M'aste, in Chancery. d..,, iii' in and to a certain steam -boat called I HEETI'NGS, Shirtini.; and Print., by the Jan `23 '-ROBClfL l 7-'
M ,. : N K 1.I [ ,, : 3! i~l~ l ': b 1 X ,t o 'S"a-J5o .. S c heff e r ",i i i i ; J a n -2 1 1 8 4 7 j a n 30 a I-in t h e l A Ib a n v h e r t a c k l e a p p a r e l '' abi d d : b a e "dc a s .e t o w t o r c a s h :, y ,' B--. .-. "-
P r-_,:-,t,,, Lrto ,,-- ., -, ,,,. E,,,W'y-liee -- ture. JOHN LUOAS,. S l.-[ I T-," R -'-;. B. ELL["SON:& CO Ptatfori lll'
".l ,56toWmG- Por- ....TaX Co|Sctor'gs sale. Bv BEN J'n 23` 4 W 9 Sdal
e,". ,'.._ ,..; _-i Vill .-i. ,t, -. o; 15't I.t..-Ii Y v irtue 6f'the power vested in rne, bylaw; I A r if,;i- J Tan 23, 1846 '2-5 t, -- --- "*- r1-lia. Ib.. .,-*,..... 'e-'- aa.
,:c k,,nbrougk .. -. .Yh : D ball on-thefirs, t ..,,, in-July next, expose -o_- a n Boy aft .,----b '-a-t al10. 0,. _* .B* f6.
Pb r^W s 1' blesedt^ton to Lock-.fors.ale -',t.,,,4heC....-rtH,.,_,..door, in theIcoun-. -egu Bo- -SA n F
h* ng .i",2 r.:.A vIeKay; 20 to'David G-- II, Ai- Iion. .. ; l. tish ship Je~ie.+tor a`leby ..: 23. -.,; :-R ER_ "1e' A:.
2" t -Ruh ,-it d'poprt, ,, ,'t-n -*OH -IC-2U'CHI-N, OXV,. vc<^ner. .j Hn R&BE- &-~^Q *C e'''^ ^ ^
t,,:I.-u a_-; 2 ': 'l&" uh r rd 42._ac o to R 413. H ,.,ie 5 1 r ,..to n .andndd 6 ,tbr .s& tmuch thereof %, I,',It 1p,1.1 lh IState' and H ]"S U 1 II./' Od 'd u to ee J i, "'3 + .. .Dc 0.. -aa .,',.j t i."* "
l,,e ,tQorac o _.t\\ 'lheAMe' t cK e,,z,,: 2 bales cot- C ..J ,,', Taxe due thereon for the y (ear' 18 46.:- 4T--LL be so dat he Al.,al. chbi }:,[--,."Ex change. '" + fir '5
i..,, -and 4 .':.- t o..l ., -. -to W mi G P orter & C o; 7000 a cres-third rate la nd, '-purporting to belong on, 1 ii" :,y. 2d d .y o f.F february; at lt i .i S a lt. 6) 0 0 B B rUR. C.' ,,a F. ,.t
... st.,ba, iPr Sto _,, to J,,ohn D.. G ray- numbers notknow p o'clock,-A M ,, I the 'negro b oy Larry, 27 years f .O f ) SA $, c*. ,: o B ntish b).I, R_
i "m.r?.~r "-r -3i ISAAC JA 'KS,-, ; Sheriff; old,'a .,..xl eorpentler, -first- ra' 1_-+rinttelligent. se -: l:U --" ov nla',ttr, l'or-sale'afCnat,obv ICn ai Jae ,2,3.l.eU.
S. and ex-officio T\ C,.1,,ll.ctor, C.'C. vant, ~..\ f6t no fault--to close an'*estate, under Jan 2. . J DAY (,CO. W*[... ?-#..?
\V I,. c ,:-=t-:3. ,,2,--g,,.: ,,i ; ,_ T.- r ,(2, 184'7. 1-6 ' an ,,1 .14 4,fthe H,',,Judge o rbt;t h ~ -D y o ":"L 'W ;~ N . Ct''hG~ ot' 4r 4... "
.T r,,\' .M" r-,,a "I ,i,,.'- t rai,', de_ ^bonus noh,gf th-e esfte
Po orJ- H Ul1 eHI N u -,R -:' 1 I~ Ll'' ILKIR LCL.n u. na I*- .-.
!;9 ck 'r ,,,, r ., ;: ... B B L .-Whisl ,y 60 do'- M olasges; n' '. -F lanne.,,r ."-M a. ...n-
.. .. M,-'I ; ,JD.>v,-Co ,.5 50 Ilour; 25 bags Rio Coffee, now k ..-. SlirtHg, Sh,_leiig,, Clea'k, public. .e ,' -. -e-.SPublic
*""--'____ -.-"^-- __--- ---'-. ...... .. --~ landitig" 'from smcbr .Eizabeth,"and for sale, low A '. FAHANESTOCK'$ VI-7, I MMJFl[.'GE.the. Gingliaiii, Cdlicocs, Dcla,,es. H,-,cry, &c .&., ,rT JS 's and Si'eine's t ^^
H AT~inJCapl \ l i-.,. l.-' 1),,r>jl b for, cas4 .bv' 4.' : J Be'st wNorm meiidcin B t-1, LLf VN"J & C2 .' 5 Ja "7 N ?: 'R E .gT : :C O -J ,n .W0 .: ;-. C A L L F N 3 ,n ? ;^ ^ '3 W aoter tregt. ." _N ov 2 8 ^ ; ^" 7 Y ,

.' '. ,'' : -. '. .. .* + --i? T




Me'tc~iir,' Bt, ,I,,-r- w,i no atUK,,,p, ,,,
h~ri-n,. ,ilqfahi"v'Tbt~t ,,,u I rl ,m ve I, t~ ili' ,n-,ior
ri }li ti.,ri, hill. 1 iie-ii M tlipv l'.,i ,,,l t0 e
a tn 11 Ii I I. ; . ct,.,n
^ -- *.- ^ i1 j!' -,, ,* ,1 1 ,' i' 'I a {** 1
t, 0 n, etl.}L" .:s -pv ,.
_.-:. .%.,1a .. -, .a I.t. o l r., .I -, h v = l, a r ,LI -
tton r-. C Igt^ ", ;^.")11?,^ -. ."-, N,\ ,ie Tw I-
STS ..\. "Or'"t,}hP 'l t ,rl^ ~ ilvr-e I,., ll-tIrill l ,,,P t .
"* ( i- \ "' .'i, l''" ', -i ^i h i iin e i i ,.i '
t l l." ? _i : i i 'il l '- :lV i ['r'.- a v ~I' l -. w ^ i ,-
I lid ir ,h,' ', I oiyi 1 ,', I'll 1,, I,,

;-r e &,'h. ... f. r '.1
-e.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 "li i.,l~.l~ n,. 1r ,,h',1~ h1, w;

_ -. ke r.J f,.,r ",:' il "IAI II r.
.. O ^Te ,1 i.,I I '. ,-' b ill ,-i
rl.;.t s],,,i't tim e- 111 E teL. ii-

'i .v -' e ;;ia + fI11 ,ii,'ni t!|,- bli'l ,,
^^IK#il> '; . -, f.! viil nlt-^i:, li-yh a~lrJ n.
@S~iyi~F'f^?.^;.m inll r .lo iii ^ *
W 0.. t ,.i : 'i. I ,ri io j e,,ch n,-,,,.
.4 iv-.o1 l -,,l} C,:e-' .ir1l pi n' n e ,-, 'I% I l re' .
' 6 1 h ,I hil' _' i-'l l,," ' ,ni!Ih i s, 'n i -i
B^ ~ 'o '^l.'l'^'l! ._ir(*. n ^ n ii ,~

1!1 it fh. %* -' l ,l t~ s' HI{. ,
.:t.l e- ,T b n! -%)I' .'r s ,i c i .. ,', ,-i I'_ [Ir ),,, .l
+ : t hl l t. hl h I ,, I f ,n l ,u l' l I l ,i l i ,, u -. r ,
-tlvi ,,le,'i ro ; hiitcr ,i;v.\' i' lI ,! ,', ,', i ,- r,,,
-II,.4? I (t l ; l l I \\,r r l l~ ,, I ', l '' ,r .. ,IlIII .IIl 1~\
: n ll'tll,_,-b ,,u *;*it '*I ,l l .-, +,,,:i iin ; ;,,n l i l,i titl
ii r.,l l ". 4 l '-, \V '11 II i '-I ,", " ,,iiu ],l l . ,l- lI, l i ,-
\y 1 ii .!,? I'etr',: ), ii ,.},' .. I r 'e ,.] lI,'.,,n ,l:e; ,].:.:. ,. i
-p T hbh e- IN ,J .. .Tor ,-'l i c, I,,, >,11 I.,f ',,, .,.
-.*lm Sol.dJ to 1 sji l'.,,,, 1,.I w ll lit ,l ,Ir ?.
^.=Mv,,V to-I.t-Otl ",l,'rbi- ^r;...ilJl ti|,qi'l,=",'eil r-1ti y
'-rei' no" l ',' I oi ihil, Ill,_" 1'[ f', ^n-^,1' I nO
"' '-ll i- s,_>,u rr.'.
'" m T he N.'?, Y..,r' LeeI' T rr Ik -; "e l "t- .:,l.
lwj-,p'ir' i,. ,n,,ir-v l;,r 1,-,m -l lv he 1 r\ ,ii ;,-
, j.'j.,r o l'l r ( -" 'v, l n.ell~ l 1",l ',,,i' i ll ,t 1 ,r>e }i
irct th a t'~ lte v'" re<,,. ~in (.'', '|-, It l, :, :n '., r.l l i.
t,..d e .l.. 5 ..'o 1.i i l. r 11 ii r ,? w ,r 1 i i,.,.
Hii e .: -, 11 V .t l,'l [I',, k ,d I-til t il i ; 'IV t i0,-l A,'-
tli~n ," th e P ,':-'i,! .iit. I' 3! ,, i'3 ii '.l,: ,.l.', l .
l Aw ev 'r, if h i ll,' s*' i ,?t ,.* kl ho l rini 11r

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h %,^it-.i -li'^ n r -~ '> r o .-i;- i C.1- 11 i iilrl
t- ft ,s *'+i,!,p,-"', li ,t ,'.\Mr. \Vise' lh ,-.'_'n ,i,,.,
-l "" "~i.' i ft '-' l '> h ''r- n z l n ."
.dvetru.ini'- t. ,\Lr. \V i,. '*,.--i- ". 'I'\ ri !,,.'!, I,,.,,,

4 r.&. m. n .- -h _-d .o i .
"?p,.l^li pl'n s .e,'/ I, t !l.is i-' uil, 1'o 11 t1^ 1 111 2 1 -. i ,it
_0.-?L,.;ipt:,<. l.i l.-hi I ,: l l i 1.1,1111, n'~ i,, ~ l1,? ii.
4t i+s s ,l&'.!:,.'t )h>. l):,-,U. e ai l,,,;i t1 i;e w- M .th lI !i
't) lli rt ,}iel ,-t ului r".
;" A e o3Ir.pi,. ral .=" .- 'i' h^ aI.,in i iI,'-,v -'>,~r ii -
'reuii iion iIl ih,:-.. N ,,,ii lt:,"i .,nI S ,,,i ili-rn D.e.:-
-; Ino r.l',,v. Ii ItS issue .i"?> -I : ,, ,.vri r.iy _,i;lrt. nt

. _Il.y.s ". -- -0- ,
:".-tn one n I' 1?r sw' i l nt e i .*ve iiin inii..-
-: .f").l"' t.1 'llll'e? ,I' lllf',l mn z !| [t Il rlT [,- .,'l -.,l 1'?-
lpr'e ,eiiatir.'i: ,,I- t+,," q ,.,,' ,,1" N o,, -Y ,-, k.
W e do nn4-.b';l.,i:".1 th ,t -,. r-_'-i ;..I,,n _i s I,,
til ilerv 41 %%vi.l' .I; ,: i'-1 W -0 1 11 e[--I, [V :til
n -. e 'I t v I i I r l V ..
1.r, e~it'y o:''nte~." CU', the ,.,,,,,,',rv, w," t,,,-t.
,il'a.n v jifyf' .i .l':,? nii v ,,,' l -^ l-'l I, *'> t ^ I w,.i
-i : nilllu n .billy I lnlfl %V n t ..... [,it 1''./i11 ,it tliiW .
:;elinraik-'e but Hitt ii iwi:) be. tlh.itnLfJ I.,y
-,som e pry ision ofl' e 11 til'- ,ji'l'.t.i i "~.' i
com prom ise l o, (fiie i ,n -'? ,, 1. ,1!"
"-" de -r.ree of n,_,rth lii' ole.l T hiq dloli,"11e
cK7. niharr.i)sin^l iqiuc.sii,),i s.hoilJ !>e -.eirtleil,
-.'" I h; b nnibli, coineiv,, on a I'.,,,-1r : ,,ni o-
-Il' 1this inenns anaiv-ii ..'. it is thl t thIl
So ,th pttght tp a,|:hii hi- o,'i-.iLver, re-o-
-- lution to re.ceh s.lJne I,, lt:h I'liirt ,:r'.nllh
fhano,3.6 3,u. Now th'- lihe -,." '-fOrl'lion of NI' ,h.-?ri i\[?'J,',). t t'l .d' /./i:
~ '-. B irfr.ii >*'.''?' F ri,: ;' ,,'": amt].l o.V .'.'i/ .,*q'*i. iii
-... 2'7_,alifoniIi.. ":"Let tile U ,ion .iv I 1o, ,ni,':h
-=iei- tle South ot.i21ht tu yv ,-, 1l iln;s irr-
"' ilor( '. .be a ne leil; Ilt it rl'aiii s, ir ll ur? l-,w
'fi r"'t- ie resitriction as ior s;l:tv .. ,,:.,l I he
r... .
.np .dft. .ey.ten Il." Pill e :tipprel'nrj'l file
,./;( X -orhern r e .o r,,ti, f,,, -lit,,,, M ,. Piei,-m
o. r.Rin.a.nl M r. e e rovrr -, fill l re b,%%l hl.,l
-1 ".-..precious class ,:,f"Noi'lfrther mn, wutt .S',ii-
.'-*'=itheit~~fe liu 0s t a re Ih. %1 ,,, [W ,1 e 'L 11 I'l"111-11
,," -; th4- S I %-"11niei, %%Ill b- .
'-.," 'a.tiprac-ti^.b'.eyid,, t,.. tiin,.hrlatr-il \ h il it
ast-o e xpe _,.ll ld',: u,, ,:-0 oi- a.Iim,, pro-
w ee v afc. ftelr pr,1) vr- e ualv.h ',n;,v eall, h.,ive to
9"./')' 0_o, l1.oe,]. = r:;di:-C"'._,,r;.!3..*- ....
'A i? "_ --. * -t. '. ~" -" "_ .
.:.A.'H,1-NT TO POSTMAiTER ,.-A\ Po'tmm -
ja .irlft116 interior of Pe.,l-yV] miJ, ier-pivlv
-_rlipd .lgemeut aiven anihst h,, f-, tile
-'..-.,rif. aC :a subicriprion uf sevcer-il $e.iis to ;I
s-" '*?'-}dsla'tL lewsp',per, on the plea 11:,il he 11, 4 h "
- 0 P. -p", t* iven sti'ici, l:' t :a w-t.'ce to tile pultb-
J litb'r' t'_-stLo it, aut h:nl coniiiiued to re-
._,^ ^etcjhe nutq)bbers Ior several years, ind to
.... sclr' ,ein for the po.'tagi- 'T '1-' m-',itrat,,

I----~--- -- _-----

ieflal r otIcc a.

NOTICE.-Six months after date, I will apply
to the Hon. Probate Court of Franklin
County, for a final discharge from the adminis-
tration of the estate of John C. Perkins, late of
said county, deceased.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-6m
NTOTICE-All persons having claims against
Joseph Foster, late of Franklin county, de-
ceased, are requested to present the same duly
authenticated, within the time prescribed by law,
or this notice will be plead in bar of their reco-
very, and all persons indebted to said estate, are
requested to make immediate payment.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-'2m
Administrator's Notice.
IX months after the publication of this notice,
I shall apply to Ihe Court of Probates of
Franklin Counly, Florida, for letlers of dismis-
sion from the estate of' David C. Kolb, deceased,
as Administrator, and aR "persons interested in
said estate are hereby notified to file exceptions,
iflan, they have, in the manner and form re-
quired by law.
August 11, 1SM6, 31-6m
AY an order of the Hon. Probate of Calhoun
county, Florida, will be sold in the town of
Quincey, Gadsden county, on Monday, Ihe :2nd
of February next, the following negroes, viz:
Tom, Mar), Melissa, Cloah, Miles and Sally,
belonging to the estate Uf'Jonathan Thomas, de-
ceased, and sold for the purpose of division, of
which h the heirs will take due notice. Terms
cash. LUKE LOTT.
Ochese, Jan. 13, 1847. jan-23 2-lm
OTICE -All persons having claims .against
Mary Thomas, late of Calhoun county, de-
ceased, are requested to present the same duly
authenticated withinn the time prescribed by law,
or this notice will be plead in bar of their ,reco-
very, and all persons indebted to said estate, are
requested to make immediate payment.
LUKE LOTT. Executor.
Ochesee, Jan. IS, 1847. j3an232-2m

Calhoun CircoirCourt.
\ In Chancery.
Elizabeth McBryde, )
vs, Bill for Divorce.
William McBryAe.. S
IT appearing to 'the satisfaction of the Coirt
I that the defendant William McBryde, resides
oa-t of the State of Florida: It is ordered, tbht the
said defendant be required to appear and answer
theibill in this'case, on the.first Monday in April,
1847, and in default thereof, the same shall be
taken pro confesso, and it is further ordered that
this notice be published in some newspaper in
this State for the space of three months.
Judge of il hern Circuit,
Presiding in the Western Cicuit.
(A Trne Copy-Teste.)
H. W. ROWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C.
Calhoun County, Dec. 21, 1846 dec-26 49.3m

.. -- IV. VAtE:.AU, Cl.r;

NOTICE-All persons having claims against
Silas M. Mercer, late of Jackson county,
deceased, are requested to present the same du-
ly authenticated, within the time prescribed by
law, or this notice will be plead in bar of their
recovery, and alll persons indebted to said estate,
are requested to make immediate pa.,,Nment.
Jackson County, Jan. 3, 18-16. janl6 l-2m

1 --

FRANCIS KOPMAN has for sale:
English and American Prints;
Bombazine and Silk Alpaca;
Drad Ete and colored Cambrics ;
Bleached and Brown Domestics;
Negro Kerseye and Blankets ;
Bed Ticks and Linsey VWoolseys;
Apron Checks and Flannels;
Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs;
Hosiery of every description ;
Straw Bonnets and Woolen Hoods;
Kid Slippers and Walking Shoes;
Colored and Black Gaiter Boots;
Calfand Kip Brogans;
Call', Seal Skin, Kip and Water Prool Boots;
Fine Silk and Fur Hats;
A fine assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
And a large variety of Fancy Goods.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, %iSM.
N SEYMOUR takes this method of inform-
ing the citizens or Apalaclhicola and iis
vicinity that he has removed down on the corner
of Water and Centre streets, and feeling thank-
fnl for the patronage heretofore extended to him,
he solicits a renewal of' the same, by offering to
,on a very neat and select Stock of GOODS, con-
sisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeresi, various styles.
Fancy Priritti, do. do.
Alapaca. Lusre; do. Figured.
Silks, Grude Ryne.
do. Mor, tella
do. Satin Sniped.
Fancy vCaslimere Robes.
do. Marino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book.
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored.
Edging?, Lisle, Cap and Thread.
Shawls, Dam!ask Silk.
do. Marino.
do. Plaid Wool.
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves.
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion.
Ribbons in all varieties.
Brown Shirting, 7-5, 4-1 and 3-4.
Bleached do. 7-.'3, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4, 11-4.
Blankets, 6-4 and S-4.
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting.
Carpet Bags.
Hats and Caps, all styles.
Boot- and Shoes.
Clothing of all kinds.
Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and
inany other art icle.? too numerous to ment ion.
Call and examine forr uur.elves'.
Ar-.lichicola, Nov.- 14, 1,46.

Annuals foer 1X47.
T 1HE ,, Moher's Present," .' Moss Rose," "May
Flower,"' Christian Keepsake,"', Hyacinth'
" Friendship's Offiering," -"Christmas Blossoms,"
" Wordsworth's Poems," Poetry of the Pas-
sions," "Gems from American Poems," the
" Boquet of Flowers," Montgomery and Byron's
Poems," -. Poetry of the Heart," EILiott's Po-
ems," -' Christian Miniature," the Floral Gift,"
the "IMarriage Ring," the "1 Casket of Jewels,"
" Lovest Thou Mo," and the Flower Vase."
comprise a part of the above now offered, for sale
by J. C. ALLEN.
Also, a large assortment of School and Toy
Books, suitable for all the dinerent ages of chil-
dren. Dec V6

':'S; state Tax CU.lleefr's Slle.
AW QTICE is herb ',, vnr !i: af-
-.**.. .... j =.ter date, I w ill exi,,,.i.? to sj[, jt p'A bl,) (lilt-
''. '.'epy;,-pp[osite the Court H ,use ,i.:,, ,n tlie ,:ifv (lf
App.aLorhicola, the following pi operty, to) %% 1:-
":-'_o.' lsi.Nos. 9 and 1-2, blo,"k El, in lhe eitv ol
"--' "" "irlachicola, property belonging to Chiliou'i &,
--,." ---B es. .. .
.ot No. I. block J, in Ihe citY ,of Ap. ala,:,eiola,
..-'^'" r'l.tv Ielongin, g to H. A. N irrirs.
"' -..'Ct -." N.)3. 6 anid 7, hl.,1 k C'2. 11 the e t-%, olI
~, 7.-fA^.lace ic.jb, pro;-r'ty bel.o.i mi,=,, to Jn.c'o') Aiar-
,L. ah'ol pro
o- b .. be sold for taxes ol" 1s, II, and the ch irgez
Yv.--tliat" have accrued there,-,n.
/-; .'' -%, -. .JOHN LUTC. SherIff,
:-* ":'"*" and ex-t_)rfi,:io St lie Ta\ C,.,lle-tori
"::'.-.: 'A-palachicola, Sept. -2 I .6. 3,7- ',ru

.'- -,State aid County Tax Collectors
S-., :-. '.:.. .. ; Sale.
.1Q'Y virtue of the power vested in Tne by law,
i-,.six months-alter date [ shall expose I',r sale
'.%f0"e the Court Houes, in the cit) oi .\pal:lh-
tcol9a, Franklii County, tie following de-scribed
.,-'.- _-roperty, belonging ito [lie 'Apalactir, ola Lind
-" ''-CMgany, or so much thereol as will PI the.
"- 't'.tae-and County Taxes due thereon l-r the year
-' '.-1S$^! .:
j' .harf Lots NosT7, S, 9-100 feet each.
.... ,-t ?- t~ots 6 and 7 in Block 17.
S ,,t.s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6', 7, 5, u, in Block I-s.
'Lots 4,1, 9i, 13,'14, 1 1, L3, 17, IS, in Block E2.
S.. ';Lots 6, 7, 13, 11, in Block F"2.
; ot 3 in Block D-2. -- -
.Lo-t s-" fTT~m' ocT-T.- -
.Lots *2, 3, 4-, 6, 7, S, I in Block 4.
o- t "eots 4, 5, 6, 7,6 in Block S.
-' Lots 1 to dip, in Block it#.
-- 'Lts 1, -2, 3, 6, 7, S, 9, 11), in BI ick "-1.
". : -Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, S, 9,'1,.,, in Block "213.
L6ts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in Block 45.
Lot. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,,S, in Block 413.
I' Its tl :to 10, in Block 54.
.. .'Lqs 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 9:', W0, in Block 32.
,-" iLots.2 to 10, in Block 3 1.
;"."; I-'L ts 6, 7, S,9, l0, in Bl,,ck nS%.
:-'.Lots 2 -to 1,, in Block Jl.
-:'Lots I to 20, in Block LI.
-" 'Lofs 1, 5,.7, S>, 9 in Blck 9.
7 JOHN LUCAS, SherilT,
.t -and ex-Officio Tax Colle-tor Franklin Co.
.--. ,. .-Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1%i1. 44-,in
.. '-" Tobacc o.
""7-HALF boxes Manufactured W L Roane"
,;Qr. Brand.
44-half boxes Manufaetured *I V Price" Brand..
-' *39'- -" '" do. "
28 ". "IV Barlow" "
.,4,342-2 Ib boxes J IV Morgan ..
.1-2 lb Lumps.
5 I.ves Ma, nutactured J WV M.orgi" Brand
"* -. iP.rem~ium..
!5 bixes .... ..Napo-
leon'sn" Brand Mavnolia."
'*,bqxes .Manufactured Napo-
...... '.. *i"-Aeon's" Brand -"Srrawbery."
-t.jlQ0jb boxes Manul'ictired "Napo-
.:.. ion's" Brand Ma..,n,-,lia."
9.'-boes Mfulfact l.1red "' Morl'ordr lone-v Dew
1.-" I rate-3_ Croekery ; 10.I,) Floridla "-3 egrq
r3'ioz Neigro Caps; 110 d.,z ines, a-inirted."
rfngrain Carpetin!,, Co.ton C.irds, Trice Chains.
For--ole low to cloi.? ciiiirjinments, bv
,Noy--. 1 53 \Val,.r street.
.. -.'.la k Books and Stationery.
f .U -BDGE(RS, Jou,'nis, Dv Book,, &.'.
"^ ~ 5,) reams Fo,,ls.:ap and Letter Paper;
V '. .*ton Memorandumn Book!;;
..Ship and River BIllqI Lading;
rBoo tks for Letter Pre -s.
lankak Bills of Excla,,e and Checks,
Jutt received and 1.)r safe by
;--'"WS l"-- --- ---11 -F;--rKt~r. -
PA.I'ANTS AND OIl.S--V) ke-.s No 1 White
Lead-; 201 gadUs Wrt'er L[i) Oil ; `40.) gall,
S- Lihiseed Oil; 51 bvxi ais,,rted Glass ; .50> Ibs Put-
tv-;. 10,: assited Paint Bruihes; Bl-ark Lead,
SApaFish -Brown, Yellow Ochre, Green Paint, jut
Jekeived and for sale by
March I H. F. ARELL.
.- ..-..,. On Connsigunient.
Qyy BQXES Troy Soap ;
80:-.2."0 London Club Chamrpai,,ne ;
25 boxes Florida Leaf Tobaco z
Foe sale by B. S. HAWLEY,
;- ;Dec+5." 2S5 Water street.
; Clover Seed.
""IVf EW pounds ofl large Red Northern Clover
.. Seed, Tor .ile by
_ ." -/'"A60il4 H. F. ABEL.
r *'-'"" Bagging and Rope.
+'" .CV 'PCs Bagging;; 30 colig Ropp, f'r sale by
.; -.0 -X LOCKHART &- YOUNG, "
"- -' No,. 14 5OC3 Water streeH.
'^fs_ .--v'^y- B'a^Siug and Rope.
". .6' Tfr PC Kc Kenuckyv Ba_,irg;
"-' "-" ::L ).*~ :-j' y l oo coils R ope ; .. .
.. "". : .. "4 bales Ba;fii i Tw ine, for sal, b,,
.. < 7 "_ .. WM.-GiPORTER &, CO."
Dec 5 "41 Water street.
'.,t,zlK.eniied Nitre annd Alum.
.' '.~ KEGS each, just reteived and for sale by
S- **I.% .nov2.9 H. F. A BELL "
-_._ J .v-B[TTERS, jti~t received and for sale by
......1 J. C. ALLEN.

A nn SACKS Rio Coffbee, just received and
400 1 or sale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.
Garden Seeds, Growth of 1846.
AN assortment ol Garden Seeds, jnst ree-eived
.i, d. for sale by
6f' BUNDLES, for sale by
Dec 5 2S Water street.
Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Mle's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
Gents fine Call Brogansg
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots-
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and forsale by WM. G PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.
N assortment of School Books, just received
and for sale by
Nov -21 J. C, AIEN.

The Hyydraulic Steam Cotton
N O. 7 Colunibus Block, is now prepared to
rece ive Col tot] ftorStoraige at reasomable rates,
and will hberead* to conlpres1 forvesse-l-s by Tues-
day -next. J. S. HUTCHINSON, Agent.
Apalhchicola, Dec. 1-2', l-.,. JT-tf

Druiiis, ledieifnes, Ac.
A LARGE and fresh supply oM' Dru-, Medi-
cine-4, &,.'. cni- ting in part of [lie r<.llow-
ing art icles:- 11: d,,z C'sL-,r Oil, qps. pts, and hi
pts; 5 bxq Houck's Panacea; 10 bxs Olive Oil.
41. kegs Epsom Salt.; ,11- bbls Copperas ; 10 Ib.;
Gum Opium; -20 Ibs Sulphate Q inine; 20 d,-,z
London Mustard ; Herb, of all kindls; :21) bs
Nutmegs; 15bx.s Starrh ; 21) bx. Lemon Syrup;
P0 keg+ Pearla-h; 2 gross Seidletz and'Soda
Puwders; 201 bs English Calomrel, 21) doz Spts
Turpentine, and a general a.;.?ortment of all arti-
cles in the Drug line, Ior Country Merchants,
Planters and Physicidns. For sale by
March 1 H. F. ABELL.


' z

State Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtu-? .-.I thIe nower ve-sted iri me by lawv, I
shall. esp.:,..e l'...r ,le b.4lre tlie Court House
door in the county ot' Calhoun, on the first) Mon-
day in July next, the following property situated
in the city of St. Joseph, or so much thereof, as
Will pay the State and County Tax ou the same
forlthe year ISM.:
14 Lots-unimproved valued at $,30, purporting
to belong to R C AL[ei's estate.
1,Lot unimproved, valued at $5.50, purporting
to-belony to Robert Armstrong.
I'Lot unim,iroved!, valued at .$30, purporting
to belong to F G Arolt.
3- Lots improved, valued at $39, purporting to
belong to R Beveridge's estate.
4 Lots unimproved, valued at .150, purporting
to belong to A B Blackwell's estate.
1 Lot improved, valued at $2000, purporting to
-belong to George Clark.
2 Lotsimj'roved, .valued at $100, purportingto
belong to Win Cromwell.
1 Lots Unimproved, valued at $.50, purporting
'-to belong to J N Copelfad.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to R K Caill.
31 -Lots unimproved, valued at 5-200, purporting
to belong, to WVn P Craig.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $)50, purporting
to beIong to WV Colquit.
2 Lots unimproved, valued ut S150, purporting
to belong to Colquit & Grant.
2: Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
.to belong to \\'m B Duvall.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to D W Dubois.
2 Lots unimproveod, valued at 5J.), purporting
to belong to John E Davis.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at .550, purporting
-to belong to John Derrick.
20 Lots unimproved, valued at $10(.'1, purporting
to belong to John G Gamble.
8-Lots u111in1pr1,vId, valued at 8101), purpurifng
to belong to F G Gibsin's etate.
2 Lots unni|proved, valued ai *)0, purporting
to belong to E. G. Greenwood.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purportinI to
belong to James Gos i
6 Lots unimp,,roved, valued at $50, purporting
to be'olg to Robert Gamh'le.
2 Lots improved, vslued at $101), purporting -to
b,:long to Ed.vard Hardin's estate.
2 Lots-unimproved, valued at $50, purpotirg
_to belong, to S K Hodges.
lLot unimnjjroved, valued at .$50, purporting
to belong to Williain Holland.
" 7 Lots uuimproied, valued at .'$50, purporting
"to belong 'to A K Hill.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at ..510, purporting to
belong to B S H i,%%ley.
I Lot-uniriproved, valued at ,'5150, purporting to
belong to 11 B In man.
2 Lots unirrpro,?.d, valned at 11-50, purporting
to belong to.G C S Johnson.
7 Lots improved, valued at ,' 300, purporting to
belong to John Jenkin"' estate.
3 Lots unirnprov\ed, valued at $100, purporting
to belong to Seaborn Jores.
1 Lotuninimroved, valued at $50, purpcrting to
belong to Jones s Bass.
- Lotimproved, valued at $5O, purporting to
belong to J Kinney's estate.
i Lot imp-woved, vdiud at 1,0, purporting to
'belong to J P Lockey.
1 Lot-improved, valued at $50, purporting lo
belong to Doctor Lang.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Abraham Low.
5 Lots unimproved, valued at $51., purportiug
to belong to P Lat hrop.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to C McEhran.
9 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Wm P Malone.
1- Lot unimproved, valued at .jp.50, purporting to
belong to Thomas More.
.17'T;T-T-Mpi,>M--c_1,-.,,luc-d AtL-?St-,purporling to
belong to Daniel Munn.
L.Lor unimproved, valued at $.3'0, purporting to
belong to J Nirnenger.
1 Lot .improved, valued at 5100, purporting to
belong to %Vm Patrick.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $3.0O, purporting
to belong to George Poe, jr.
* 21Lots-unimlprOVed, -valued at .,f.50, purporting
to belong to Judge Pope.
1 Lot improved, valued at $35o1, purporting to
belong to IVm D Price.
2 Lotsimproved, valued at $10,0, purporting to
belong to Isaac Robinson.
2 Lots improved, valued at .50, purporting to
belong to F A Ross.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at 50, purporting
1to belonnZ to A Ryan.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at i0, purporting
to belong to Vrn Rowlett.
s 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $5,'50, purporting
to belong t nReegan, Colquit ,L Grant.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at ."11), purporting to
belong to Rherson &- Everett.
2'Lota uninmproved, valued at $jj50, purporting
to belong to Phineas Randall.
-'1I Lot improved, valued at .%f.jii, purporting to
""belong Lo George St Clair.
'-1 Lot improved, valued at l$:50, purporting to
belong to R 51 Stewvart's estate.
Lots unimpruveol, valued at y100, purporting to
:belong to l-anilton Smith.
Lot unimproved, valued at $5oO, purpoiling
to belong to George Slewart.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at .$t50, purporting to
belong to J Sweede.
t Lot unimproved, valued, at t2'.":), purporting
tobelong to W\aller Thompson.
8 Lots improved, valued at .p20o, purporting to
belong Io E J Wood's estate.
2l"otts inlU'oved, valued at ,$200, purporting to
belong to Hez R \Vo,.l
4. Lots inmproved, value-d at .,'200, purporting to
-he1ong to C irnot WVoo:drufl.
--A'. Lot unrinproved, valued at $'f50, pu rporling to
."' beloQna to Charles Wil-son.
2 Lois ui-mprovedi, valued at $..5,0, purporting
to belong to J D Westcoti. :
S Lots unimproved, -valued at $f5O, purporting
to belonid to P D Wood,'ufl:

I.ULot .L m2.rov aluetat $51:), purporting to
bcloni Ir [ II hil l W\at.
3 Lots unimproved, vaulted at $50, purporting
to belong to R W MWilliamns.
Lots. improuv+d, valued at ,.5 0, purporling to
belong to John D Gray.
and ex-officio Tax Collector.
December "6, 1;4,i- 4'.--6in
0n HHDS St. Crix Surzar;
J1U 20 do New Orleanis Sui.ir, tn arrive;
100 sacks Rio Cofee; 51) do Java;
; 40 -bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50" liX'ft'd do. Brown's and Labbv's;
20 -" Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
100 bags SShot.; 50 kes Powder;
2000 -b5s Lead ; 4 caqks Linseed Oil;
'200 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WVM. G. PORTER & CO.
PDe e5 41 Water street.
Fresh Herbs.
''SAG-E, Thyme, Surnmer Savory, Sweet Mar-
oram, Catnep, Bnet Hoiound, Wor-
wood, &c., just received and for sale by
"Nov28 J. C. ALLEN.
Fiue Fi. and Silk Hats.
1 ) CASES superior Fur and Silk Hats, which
1l-d are ofn'erd very low. by
Jan 2 F. KOPMAN.
PEAsE'S Clarified Essence 0f Hoarhound
Ca.,d\-a fresh supply just received and for
saleby H. F. ABELL,
+ Nov'21 Dru, i-t.
[STAR'S and Swayne's Balsam ol Wild
W Cherry, just received and for sale by
Nov'8 J. C. ALLEN.

Dry Goods.
HE subscribers oflnr for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,1
White and Red Flannels,
Plain and Fancy Jeans,
Double twdled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whilney Blankets, 10, 11 and-12qrs.
Duffil Blankets, .., 9 and 10 qrs.
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shiring and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkrfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Ikfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gerits ffhose,
Super Marseilles and Worsted stingsg,
Colton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c.
Which have been s,-elected with great care in
New York and Poston, from Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at %%wholesale or detail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Dec, .5, 1S46. 41 Water street.
GREEN & CONNERY, No. 36, Water street,
have just received and offer for alh?
1-25 sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop;)
11.,1 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
2011 Old Rectified Whiskey;
10.J boxes while, pale and brown Soap;
:5 Ihil-h N. 0. Sugar; 5 do Muscovado do;
20 caasks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
5 Hams;
20 b-irrels Clarified Sugar;
10 boxes Loaf do;
51.". Sperm Candles;
2,) barrels N E Rumn;
1,) White's Baltimore Gin;
10 Domestic Brandyv;
10 N O Molas-ses;-
50 bo-.xes English Dairy Cheese;
5'. pieces Kentucky Bagging;
31.- cotls Rope;
10 bales Alicant Mats;
SO bxsand hlf.bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins;
1 -) '" Lemons;
7 Manulactured Tobacco;
'3 casesassorted Pickles;
30 barrels Mackerel, Nos 2 and 3 ;
2O hall bbl, do do;
2,.) bt-xes assorted Syrups;
21) i chess and boxes Gunpowder and Hyt-
-,:l TEas;
I0 chIests and boxes Powchong Teas;
2 half pipes Old Cognac Brand, ;
11) baskets Heidsieek" Champagne;
51. kegs Nails, assorted sizes;
2"- bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ;
1 tierces new Rice;
21-1 kegs and quarters new Bnckwheat;
200 bushels Norther Oats.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, lS')46.

n- A Ordinaure.
"Pro'.idirza W tn-! f..r ,,.?' ,I',f Aivilichi .ola,
"; :: v ,--i '. b ;iir ':" '" *i" :'** ./ ,,.,," ., ''
..Ci ( '1*.) 'u,: or I l-. e.-'y i!-'. lp .'.itc +iiic., -Fh.,t lt...,i
:. a ,!-i later 1Mt31 ti.ne, tLpnhall lj lt oiited ft,"ir
g.od and -effi.'ieit me.;i who wit he MNirshal,
shill. caistil-te a police for said city.i
Sec. -2. Be it furt.'ter ord.ined, That it shall
.bo the-duty ofsaid Police to-Avatch said city at
: .ig-Pit, frot'n-9 o'clock till daylight, in sucht al-
... .:.t.,_eratio4 so to make the labors, o eaeh one ei'iil.
- ._-.,. ''S:_c., 3: Be it l trther o,'dzinnd, That said Po-
-lce'shall. receive for 3u,.'h servi';e, twenty-five
_..., yll-ir_ 'I)r. each and every, month thit said watch
-_--r. _-. p'e l'orni siid services.
-- ;Sde;;4. Be it further ordained, That notice
'::-;-,' aLbe. give d Ian li-t application skill he re-
,:7-g.,",ed'bV the Council for the election of said
_--: '--.^wachmden in the same manner a3 lor other city
y, .- p.jfficer'appointed by sid Council.
,.. :. i -ec. 5. Be ilfua, -i,"r In.iieid, That for neg-
"'-:" ":\-l'.e*t- of duty, or iat-amperance, any member of
"it P-" -"+ai' Police shall- b.? Ii'iIe .to h, 1 discharged from
'" --i6COe by the Mayor, aMbJ to frl'eit, not exceeding
"' '" --~, 'ne month's \vaes. at l5e ,.;Isr.-ti~or of the Mayor.
"-'Y -Se6. 6'. Be it f.ul'ier ,tr,l.ainted, That the du-
S"; "" tiesof said Police shall b,-K to appreherdi all ne-
'.*." '"'y-oy es an,] vagra lf th-it miy b.? It',, d ]n the
, _- ;./"-^f. ts or other pl ,. dj i ri i -, i hie lime t-hat s~i'I
* % S-.0.li'e is on-duty, an.] perl.,rwn any orher duties
S_." t.'hat may-be-pre'crny. by the Mayor, for the
-.. .qui'ta d "safety of s' .city.
S: -.. ; .. .Passed Dec. * ; _'il,;.
.. AA-_E 'C. RO3ERTS, Miyor.
"-' =.%W. A~ ..EAU, Clerk.
"-. -'-.'; Aim Oi1 aince,
"-Arnendfinat, Ordili inice. Pnlltle,.l "" An Ordin nce
.- 1: Ralabliihingand t,-_,lting a nvrk, el for tih
:" L "-'Y-.ity .of Apilacl ,co-I.". -
'. ,.-.'e it c,'lained b..I /I 'if,..ol)r dtl I C-suntril,
'''. That s'> m'lch of ;in or'.lnvi. we, eitille, "- An
"' Oh'Odinance establi-hiqz and| re',:,i Iatinz a M irkel
fir the City f Ap Jl ,:I ,i,- ,lJ." LI perimlt. +6ii1
-,- *m ar:'el to-be.kopt '-?|)? 1 '- the S ')'> h. b, lhoIere-
-iy i'el)ealed. .\k .l t111t ;it I 't ir'iel be all,v,.d
h?-b'a kept open uiitil 9 o'cloi, o.)i ea.li arn.- eve-
-'" '. .y. Stiturdav nhiht
=,-: '.'. Passed Dee. -2, J, I 11.
.- _..;.- E. C'. R.),I ERTs, Mao'or. -

Calhoun Circuit Court.
John F. 0. Thomas, )
vs. Bill for Divorce.
Marinda Thomas. 5
TN E complainant has leave to file supplemen-
tal bill which was done. It appearing 'to
the satisfaction of Lbe.Courf, that the defendant
resides out of the Western Circuit o( Florida: It
is ordered that said defendant be required to ap-
pear and answer,the bill of complaint, on the
first Monday in March, 1847, and in the fault
thereof, the said bill shall be taken pro confeso,
and that this order be published in some news-
paper in this State for two months before the
day ordered for the said hearing.
Judge of Southern CircA ,
Presiding in the Western Circuit.
(A true copy-Teste.)-
H. W. RoWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C.
Calhoun County, Dec. 2L. dec26 49-2m

In Chancery---Franklin Circuit
Mary Farington, by her next 1
friend Hezekiah R. Wood, i for D r
vs. Bill for Divorce.
William E. Farnington. J
IV this cause it appearing to the Court, by affi--
davit of Complainant duly mnade, that he de-
fendant William E. Farrin'gon resides in the
United States but without the State of' Florida:
It is therefore ordered that publication be made
according to law, for three months in some hews-
paper published within thisCircuit, directing hie
said defendant to appear at the Spring Term of
the Circuit Court, to be holden in the coilnly of
Franklin, and answer the said Bill or the amne
maybe taken as confessed against him.
GEO. W. MACREA, Judge.

~-- Cl-L. i I IF-T I I I

_ ______ __ ~~~______ __

New Arrangement.
WVE regret (and we do not regret) to say that
we are unde[ the necessity of breaking up the
present series, and commencing a NFW VOLUME
ol'theHoME JOURNAL in January-the demand
for thie first and second numbers having so far ex-
ceeded our calculations, that we can no longer
supply the new subscribers, who naturally wish
toicommence with (he beginning. Our kind
Iriends, who will have received five numbers of
the HoME: Jot'RNAL, will submit .willingly, we
hope, to the having two or three extra papers to
bind in with the VULtMAE FOR 1S47; and the
new arrangement will be a great convenience to
the distant subscribers, who had only heard of
our present series after its firs( numbers were ex-
hausted, and who now can fairly commence the
Io/urme with the .,ew Fear. We shall issue,
therefore, No. 1 of our NqEW VOLUME on the 2d
of January, and, thereafter, keep even pace with
Father Time's old-fashioned beginnings: and
The following are the only terms on which
the HOME JOURNAL is furnished to subscribers:
One copy for one year .......... $2 00
Three copies, to one address ...... .5 00
Invariably in .dvanee.
Such as wish to subscribe, and commence with
the JANUANRY NUMBER, are requested to send
at once to the Office of Publicatiou, No. 107
Fulton street.
Agents supply single copies, only.

A Copy.
W. VALLEAU,, Clerk.
December 31 1846.

janl6 l-3m

Franklin Circuit Court.
Roberts, Allen & Co.
vs. [Petition to Foreclose
Ebenezer Hoyt, and Mortgage.
Wim. C. Lawrence.
T HE defendants are. hereby notified of the in-
stitution of the above suit, by IMtition to fore-
close their certain mortfge deed, bearing date
the 151h day of October, 1845, of a certain sloop
called the Oregoni," to secure the payment 'ot
the sum of $500. And that at the next spring
term of said court, I will move for a judgment of
A. G.-SEMMES, AItVy for Pelitioner. -
Apalachicola, Jan 2, 1847 50-2m.

In Jackson Circuit Court.
Etheldred Philips, .
vs. } Attachmant for $120 U0.
Richard Trtpp.
T-HE defendant and all others interested, will
take notice of the institution of this suit by
Attachment, returnable to the next term of the
Circuit Court for Jackson county, and appear
and plead to the declaration filed in said cause.
A. H. BUSH, Plfl's Att'y.
Marianna, Jan. 14, 1I'47. jan23 2-3m

CAlVADIAN m 1V.1.8 lu F t imb.
The remedy to wHich we would E ilnte.
tion of [lie public, is one which ha6qffioeda *"
cessiui for a long lime ; and it is ujirerpdij
knvimledged by all who haVe iritd"-i, tolb.' f
SU PERJOR 0o any other medicine e rw aiflU
in diseases for which it is .recozmine* 'jit' .lt
only de~siroyaq WORMS AND IN t^p~TMS
THE WHOLE SYSTEM, butf'.toilcd
carries ofl'lhe stperabundant Mlime oPide *`90O
BOWELS 'O' CHILDREn, to-.'e es*,ciaH
those in bad health.. The mucus fmiugbe bed
or nest in which Worms-produee the*ir'.yoP-
and by removing it, it -is impoible .otWr %!rqs.-o-
remai in tire body. It is harmless ,-n i' oc.,
on the'system, and the health of the p .eQj is
always improved by its use, even when.-'U tL
are discovered. -. .
The Canaaian Vermifuge is onll" S.R"5 a
boflleand is miuch moreeasily adrin"Owd
.Prepared only by JOHN WIN`1& O*8.3-
MaidenLane, New York- "
H. FP. .ABELL.iiff.
Jan 0 for Apa Jo,<

1,he Great Canadian- Reg M.
Unrivalled for-ihe cure of Cooiaglfe^&:, S
i)ilmug oL7BFlood, Whooping afg_.-fS:fj "
ly of Breadhing, Pleurisy, Coqnstffi-
and all Diseases-of ire Lumvs. -
Bronchilis, a disease that. is. ftpa 0*'
sands to a premature grav6 und-r the atia if
Consumption, can be cured by up.tZ ri gtfu,.:-4
c in e ,, +.":. t. "+
For several years pas this rikedjciae.11,hlb_.
in u.?e in Canada, where it has becday6 a
ly k-nown, and is consideredbthe', 6e.r'ii
in use for all pulmonary disease. "yheAjgreat
success which has attended its u 'in Mt"-_p, n-,
tqy, and the many truly wo. e. guil' f
have-been effected by it, has ir .dAE te .-'e- ,
,nro to inlrqduce it into th.9tatee .
fidert of its being the mostig ]iBj'I-
medy ever discovered, anS a a pd ..' ie
of the !an-s, when any of'.'1 _t ,
pert'-jrm lheir natural.or .has.."
..rBf-ztate ftal and soo!t h in^ Kj p.rl^ te

citetent ,vhen.'excessive,,.taying ,B
soreness and pain, -arid speed ily-i.mpairgfe-
ed vigor and elasticity to rte whc flSQsr^
Prepared and sold, wbbl Ieal Lby
JOHN WINER & Co., 83 Maiden ,
Y ork, soie proprietor fr- the. Um.ed--:
-1. F, ,ABELL,:--ABt
Jan 9 [w'O m ka"e,

BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Drugglit.

FOLGER'S Olosaonjan, or All Healing Balsam,
for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Liver
Complaint, and all diseases of the throat and
lungs, for sale by
April 11 H. F, AMELL.

Flavouring Waters.
AN assortment just received, and for sale hy
Nov 229 J. C. ALLE.N, Druggist.
While Lead.
5000 LBS, a superior article, just re-
5000^ceived and for sale by
Nov :21 H F. ABELL, Drupgist.
Blank Books, Fine Writing
Paper, &c,
A GENERAL assortment of Slalionery, cnn-
sisling of Foolscap and Letter Paper of the
finest quality ; Blue and White wove (rirled) ex-
tra fine Quarto and Packet Post ; also a beautiful
assortment of French Letter Paper, Pens &c.
Just received per brig Alabama and for sale by
Oct. 17 J. C. ALLEN.

Beg leave to inform Dealers in Dry Goods, that
they have received, and are now exhibiting, at
the I I'arehottse exclusively for Printed Calicoes,
.500 CASES
Comprising all the
New Spring Slyles.,
Of R/,ilih. .French and .1in.rican Manufacture;
which, in addition to their usual ?':'l., renders
their aisi,'rtmeiit one of the most beautiful and
attractive in the cify; and having just been pur-
chased for
Are offered by the piece or package on the same
leir ms, at and below ,rianutaclurer's prices.
Citil,-,gues :,of prices (corrected daily,) are
placed in the hands ,l, bue-.rs.
Purchasers will ilform'themselves of the state
of the market, and be %ell repaid for an examina-
tion, even il the\ do not purchase.
L. & B. have peculiar advantages for executing
orders for Printg, which are respectfully solicited.
January 9, 1%47. 44 Cedar Street.
Dr. Townsendls Sarsaparilla.
T HIS invaliuble and justly celebrated corn
p,,und hlas just been received and for sale by
Dec -2t; J. C. ALLEN, Druggist.
L iine.
500 CASKS best Thomaston, for sale by
500 D. B. WOOD & CO.
Dec 12 Colutrebus Row.

Holiday Gifts,
A VERY beautiful assortment of Card Cases,
Cases, Visiting Cards of Various forms and
colors, Tablets, Soveniers, Extract of a Thousand
Flowers, Patchouly, Vanilla, and other rare spe-
cimens of Perfumer,, Gold and Silver Pencils,
and many other fancy articles of Jewelry, de-
signed expressly, for presents. For sale bv"
Dec 26 1C. ALLEN.
;.pn. Nails, &e.
Of-\l TONS Swede irio,, assorted sizes;
20,1 100 1 -do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
)20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
'20) English and American Vises;
"20 Belklows;
1-2 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 "' Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Caqt Steel Mill Saws;
1000 Ibs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 4 41 Water street.

Tarrant's Efferveseenl Sellzer
HEALTH RENEWED. and an invig,-.rated
and healthful condition of bodY prod.uced
This preparation is universally allowed to be
the most popular remedy of [he present dar\.' lnr
the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilioui-
and Liver C,:mtplainls, Nervous We:aknEsr, Head-
ache, HearttIum, liabitu;:il Costivees.;, &c.
Traveller,, and re'idenit in IIv)arm- clinmales will
find it a desirable article; it t:.icvents aiiy accu-
mulation of bile, ik portable, and the n,thod ol
preparation is urtusuallv convenient. Children
have freqtuent occasion l.:,r gentle and ci,,hlig
piurgatives: Ihey will t-,k< (hi -, aperient in rre-
ference to any other. S.-ld wholeg.le and retail by
Nov .5. J. C. ALLEN. Druggp-, &c.

Oil Cloths and Carpets.
8 PCS Oil CI.:,th, I and -2 yards wmde;
18 3 1,pes super Ingrain Carpeting;
3 "' CCot t,"1 "
"2 -" lSair ,
For sile by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.
Lamp Oil.
WINTER STRAINED, a very superior ar-
tlcle, jnst received and for sale by
Nov '25 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.


fMmfnfstratocr' : ot a.

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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: January 30, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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-_- -
__ -
J !

r : & L )j 4.




ommttcto vtt t5tt .

--- ....4- __ "':


L- ------- -. I .. ..


........ H.- ... .
'--- -- _- -
----- .
I -. -- ._ : 11
-- --- --- -
"COMMERCIAL! ADVERTISER, [I IJ'CBLISHED 33uiiflJDIrtttor.( : 1)rofcicitonaIicotIctLi.i J !BfJttlla1ttou men!-like a solemn yet kind remembrancerof AID GLORY ABE -NUMBERED- THE VATS Of

------ --- -- -. .. ----. friends, now dead and cone. JUDGMENT AND REVOLUTION DRAWNE! !*!

EVERT SATURDAY PV UESJAMIN! : ELLISON. WILLIAM A. WOOD. 'Y JI. SYDNEY (GREEN JL D. From: the Philadeldhia Saturday Courier.] There is a terrible poetry in that sonnd Yes. that Parchment will speak fo the

J. L. IVY 31 AX.IV. B. Ellison &: Co., FOURTH OF ''at dead of night, but therewas a day when Kings in a l language; sad and terrible as thB

COMMISSION MERCHANTS, eer May be found at his residence, corner ol JULY 1776. the echo of that Bell awoke a world, slumbering trump of the Archangel. You hate trampled -
: EM.EIl S IXDRY : Centre and High streets, opposite the: Mansion BY GEORGE LIPPARD.
Editor.'ofr AND
O. :31.: DAVIS, in lynnny and crime on mankind long enough. At last tfafr
me paint a picture on the
you canvassof
n.ltzpU'fI Building, co'mer ofc'uull1t"rcl" TIN WAKE, BOOTS SHOES. HATS, the list-. Yes as the old man swung the Iron voice of human woe has pierced the ear of

-, Third Story and Chestnut streets. CAPS CKOCKKRV:] ShiP Dr. A. W. Chapman, It is cloudless Tongue, the Bell spoke to all the world.- God, and called HU Judgment down! -
a suriirher .I Yes
CHANDLERY 21 Water street. (C3:: Office over the Drtig Store of B. S. Hawley clear: blue sky arches and smiles above That sound crossed the Atlanticpiercedthe You IiaVe Waded on lo ihrnne through

TERMS. Apalachicola Fa. (entrance Chestnut street.) Residence at the a dungeonsof Europe-the workshops of seas of blood-you have trampled: oh ID
Jan edifice
SUBSCRIPTIONThree Dollars! per annum, __ house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell. quaint rising! among! ftiant trees, in England-the vassal fields of France. power over ihe necks of millions-TOO have

'f paid in advance, or $3 50 if paid within six E. J. llardin, ..Tarmu.10.. 1 lrt._2-tfW. me centre of a wide city. That edifice is That Echo spoke to the slave-bade him turned! the poor man's seat and blood! fotil
built of red brick with
;a.ntX or $1 OJ if paid thereafter. FACTOR AND COMMISSION: MERCHANT, heavy window frames look from his toil-and know himself a man. robes for your delicate forms, into crowns
less term than six G. 31. Davis, and :a hall door. The wide )
\'o s inscription! taken for a {ttJ-! O! ice, No. 6 Columbus Buildings, massy spreading That Echo startled the Kings their for oiirmointed brows. Now KingseelsI'nrpled
for upon
m'Jllt ls-and 82 will! inv.ui.ibly:; be charejd Apalach cola. Fa. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, dome of St. Peter's, the snowy pillars
Jm 16 thrones.
discontinued until crumbling Hangmen of the world-for
tht j.-rind. No PI; T will be aervSces the in either of the of the Parthenon, the of yee
Offers hi j to
all arr-irase: are paid, unless at the optum of the Kohcrts,, Allen A: Co., public Westminster gloomy glory That Echo was the knell of King craft, dune the days of axes and gibbets ant!teaf.-
above ies.
of these
n-.prleI.r. DEALERS IX HARDWARE AND SHIP capacit Abbey-non nor anything Priest craft, and all other crafts born of (the iilils-for you the wrath of man-f joLt

.onTr'tt,;,\- '(.-One square, (twelve I line CHANDLERY[ IRON, STEEL NAILS, He will practice regularly in Franklin, Calhoun like, are here, to elevate this edificeof darkness of ages, and baptised in seas of the lightnings; of God !-

.)r l lf<<) will t hf inrt"il' at the rate of One Dol- SPIKES, AND CASTINGS, and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will upona plnin red brick, into a gorgeous monument blond. .. Look How the light of pat'.tttf

t\ tlw fir..t, and Fiffy Cents for every subsequent Tin Iron and Cop- special retainer act as Counsel: in any Court uf architecture. your
( And
hr Manufacturers of Yes, the voice of that little boy, uliolif- un fire (lashes up into the midnight sky !
insertion.IV Wares.Dec ol the Middle Western: Circuit. lIe will ;.1"0. JPI ; -
prr partly ting himself tip ton, with his flaxen hair Now Purpled Hangmen of the woltJ-!
the liberal of Tallahassee
kho;? who airtie )v year a Fa. argue cases in the C.urt Appeals at framed in stone the roof-eves
III"!: -,'1:at will bs made ; but all advertisements i not --12- Apalachicola, the sessions of which, he will always be with intricate carvings; the ball door heavy blowing in the breeze, shouted" Ring!" turn and beg for mercy!
l stii't'.x' ; pertainri.1: to their own >u as \LI.Y.. SIM: WAI. present at, milesrevcnlfd] by with of dark such meaning you
lejal a'n.rti..m! *;eut in by them, will Apalachicola, September, S, IS-lG. pillars !stone ; is tones Not from God), for you have blasphemed-
Sims! bi rharzcd at the muil r.ttes. 1ERCHANTS Why did that word "Ring!"-why did his laws !
'&* All!1 I6-1! advertisements: must be paid for ()flLe No. 21 Water street. II. E. Owens year of our Lord 1776. that Echo of the State House Bell speak Not from the People, for you stand baJTirrtl =

in ah'vw.Kivp. ATTORNEY AT LAW Around this edifice stately trees arise.- such and i in their
; dec12 Apalachicola! Fla. deep awful meaning to the world ? f I blood !

I ifr O.dlir* will be chargtd for auno'inc- \Vr. T. WOOD. E. 13. BALLOU.Wood CL.\YTO:-, Bat hour County, Alabama. Yonder toward ihe dark walls of Walnut What had that word "Jfi'n*!*'-the Echoof "Here you turn, and lo! a gibbet !

Iz: ('!!),iddtt'* fur. tjnl"t'. iV Ballon, April -29. ISJfi.f; 2-tlA. !street goal, spreads ;pleasant lawn, enclosed that Bell to do with the downfall of the There and a scaffold looks, yotS rn the*
\11 aJkVrtH-nn m from a mast
board fence. Above heads
by a plain our
COMMM1SSION: : :: :MERCHANTS: Dishonest Priest or Traitor King ? fare.
:rr." 1'11..1 J Jviti! the cash, or city reference, G.ATTORNEY. SCinulc
!he a these lock their limbs and
OlFice No. 42'ater strect.-UII stairs.' trees spread
ir."I"IIIm.ij1t I Under that very Bell, pealing out at noonday "All around you-dtath-and nowhere
f \ ntr Pa.Edward .
Apalachicolrt .\ T LAW.
J4n Iti their
: jjkafy
----- canopy. in an old hall, fifty six traders, farmers pity .
--- {c-: Ojjlre, J\"o. 2 Capt. Fiinmon Building, -
There are walks here too, not
and mechanics "Now the hUman rateV
had assembled shake the executioners
Litt 3f cf Centre Commerce .
: : rector JlcCuUJ", cor. & streets.nov5 and circles. but in

_. _ n __-_- _.--_"_ow- -__-_--. : Apalacliicola Fla. careless squares the lawn.spreading Benches shackles of the world. !kneel down. yes, kneel down on the saw.duat
AUCTIONEER n/egligence/ along Now let of ihe head
us look in upon this band of plain scffold-Iay your perfumed
Ecktz&rto. 1."on .
I; Office' No. 50 Water s-treef, .T. I..aATTOnXEY too, rude benches, on which repose the in such the block-bless the it falls-
: \\ men, met solemn council. It is nowhaW upon axe as
C 0 M M I 1 1S; S 1 .; n.1 FOR IX' A R DINGMH
Fa. fnrins of old with hairs and
; I RC Ii .\ N; r.S, -Jan-_.Ifi_ ----- ApaUchicoli. AT LAW men grey women m honr previous to the moment when the axe that you sharpened foi the I poor>>

N j. .").; .V.iter j.trect, Thoz2ia Preston, Bainbiid ?, (Decatur Co.) Ga. with babes in their arms. he Bell Ringer: responded to the shout of ,man's neck ;

I "\ '\J:t \ :,dac'Hcili1! COMMf!'';;:IOX: ;MERCHANT AND TOBACCOINlEC'1OR This i i.'a! beautiful day, and this a pleasant the fair haired boy. .. Such is the message of that Declarationof
: --- --- : ; AND: BROKER. {en- 1V511 attend punctually! the SlIpl"rirCf'Hrt"of lawbut why do those clusters of citizen This is old Man, to the Kings: of the world And!
I : ; an hall. It is not sa lare as
\>..v.Vvur., WMA.. McKn.vzu:. the cotnliP i of K.irly, Baker: ai.d Decalitre of 'I
with anxious round the
Xu. C- \:akr .t.-oflic second back room. *, gather shall falter ? And shall start
: I many a mon South We ami of the of ) ;
I the torn, Thomas you
"rHl:. ttIi : (c: uzic _Dec '_:' Apalachicols, Fa.JI. of the Southern! Circuit. county maj3 Stale House walls ? There is the Merchantin put a hundred like it within the walls of St. Kick appalled when our feet press the very

cj:11.iuN: ; )lElCI1AT S :'1. Butt.FORWARDING ---- his velvet garb and ruffled shirt ; there Peter's and yet it i is a fine old hall. The lirt-shold of Freedom ? Do I see quailing

II Xo. 42 U'atcr street t, AND COMMISSIONMERCHANT : John liiibo, Mechanic: with apron on his breast and walls arc concealed in dark oaken! wainscot- faces around me, when our wires hate: been

,S-!:)-t. I 1._] ?_!1.: __ __ ij'aiacinVola! Fa ATTORNEY AT! LAW, tool in his hands ; there the bearded Sailor ting, and therealouc the uncolored windows, jutchered-when the hearth stones of

1>. aiitrtli, Pec2..* Aplaachicola! Fa. ALBANY, GA. and the dark robed Minister all grouped to- the purple tapestry comes drooping down. our land are red with the blood of the littlb

ArC fl ON .\N U COAl i".>i ON M ERC i I A NT, TT/"ILL practice in the several Court of the,, gelher. The ornaments of this hall 2 children? .

ANi' .;! :\tILAI( ;:\ r. S. 31. iVickersoii, V ? SouthWestern Circuit, and TLt-mas anStewait /' Why this anxiety on every face? This Over the head of that noble browed man- What are these shrinking hearts and

UfFviTt-A, ALA. DEALER CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, counties \ in little all the lawn ? of
over dead
gathering groups John Hancock, who sits calm and serene in faltering voices here, when the very
(CJC:: ttO:1: bou;:lit I on crd.r.Refers to NJ.HATS 1 Columbus, CAPS,Block&c. Au:!::. -I, ISS5.:: 31-tf Yet hold a moment In yonder wooden yonder chair-there is a !banner, the Banner our battle fields arise and call op6n OS f to

: -----
--- -- --- -- which the red brick StateHouse accursed forever
steeple crowns of the Stars. Pearched that Bannersits sign that Parchment or be :
HuLDEV D'-c 12 Fa. on
B. : Apalachicola
t" I x A-leans : T tJMfl11! [ Sl'ECT n.-The undersirnt-d :
old with white hair
eA I stands an man 1
G. DUXLUS 5 iA having been appointed I Inspector of Lun.ber the Eagle with unfolded wings. (Is it
J.iM 'htfies! Rogers John \ unn. Eugene W. Rogers. : and sunburnt face. He is clad in humble SIG. if the momenf f llie
!' s"rl. \\ "LU1cKwxZIE,1: 1 for the County of Franklin, offers his services to not a precious bird. Born only last year on next gibbet'srope
J. 1tI.rCH1S-N_ \). ;_ _I Clias. Ko;;crs & Co., the public in that capacity, and will attend to all attire, yet his eye gleam?* as it is fixed upon Bunker Hill, now it spread its wings, full is round your neck SIGN if the

-- -S, -*V--JSchilrcl': COMMISSION MERCHANTS, duties appertaining to said appointment. the ponderous outline of the bell, suspended grown, over whole'. Continent !) next moment this hall) rings with the echo

\VdJLESUANJ;; KB TAIL GROCER, Water street, CORNELIUS GRADY. in the steeple there. The old man triesto Look over the faces of these fifty six men of the falling ate SIGN-By all you

J2' I'jrtieuUr Htif aiiiiu ,>aid to putting up faintly, dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa Mart'h22.1S45. rend the Inscription on that bell, but can and see every eye turned to that door.- hopes in life or death as husbands-fathersas

a.ii't'jit anj' ship! stores. D. B. Wood iV Co., UMBER.; : PECTOR.-Havingl:; been ap- not. Out upon the waves, far away iu ihe There is silence in this hall-every voice is men-sign your names to the Parchment .
\ N", 11 Ap-iUobicoU'\ Fla. COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANTS pointed Inspector of Lumber for the County; -every stamped. a deep
: :: of Franklin, the undersigned ofTers his servicesto is no scholar ; he scarcely can spell one o(( and awful responsibility. Sign-and not only for yourselves but
S. J.u'c2Irl, No. 7, Columbus Row, the public in that capacity, and will attend to tho ;e strange words carved on the surface Wit,r *-"na pvorp alance to that floor for all aces. For |U>* rrr.hmfn _.*' *wme

...otwAauts: \; ANICOMMISSION: N iv. 2S, h 16. Ap-ildChicola.: Fla. all du'itJinj-prrtaininj to said .i} |n, ninitiil. ufilini tltlI.)! why i ic s every face so solemn why is it so Text-book ot Freedom-the Bible of"
April IS, IS-1;;. BENJ. LUCAS. By his side, gazing in his face-thai sun terrible still ? the Rights of Man forever!
..1 t: It ell A N T .
W. Brooks.OLllSC - -- -. -- -- --
F. Noursc, 11. B. Stone, II. face-in wonder,stands flaxen haired "SicN
t. -- - burnt a The Committee of Three who have been -for that Declaration, will go forth -

No% :*.' \\'der..trcet. Fa. Stone V Co., Tho E. Gray, boy with laughing eyes of summer blue. out all night, planning a Parchment" are 'o' American hearts forever and *]'eak to *.

ApaUchicula, COMMISSION MERChANTS: :MERCHANT I TAILOR. "Come here. my boy ; you are a rich about to appear. those hearts like the voice of God! And its
LIt! f4l \l'ic mid C'tn'i nment1* C, I'.mlll st. 7iixt door beloic Francis .
:J:J' ; on read.
You me
child. Spell
man's can work
No. tlj' Water street, The Parchment with the Signatures of will not be done. until throughout this

'I l-a. my ,&tricuJi I. 1:1 Nc.v Oileans .New Ann; I, York 1'4.< or.i"f.rl' Dec I i'J Apalachicnla: Fla. '\V respectfully iriforrn the citizens those words, and I'll bless ye, my good these men. written with the pen lying on I wide Continent not a single inch of ground
Apalachic..ia, itt lie has jut t received
: ; :; '
--- child owns the of British
yonder table will either make the world a !
sway King
J. II. cV J. :'1. Hull, : from New York a lame: and splendid assortmentof
21. i\ Altcll.tViihs And the child raised: itself on lip toe and free-or stretch these necks upon the gibbet Nay do not start and whisper with surprise
Cloths Cashmeres and Vest
;> ibK AVO RETAIL., /ACTORS &. COMMISSION; MERCHANTS ings, unsurpassed its hands against the bell, and It is truth
in quality or cheapness, consisting of every shade pressed tiny yonder in Potter's field, or nail these a your own hearts wit-

ovLEa L'VIUJ,.oi;, .\Meaicix.' ::s;, PAINTS, No. -IS Water street and variety, which. he i" prepired to make up in read, in lisping tones, these memorable heads to the door posts of this hall! ness it, God proclaims it-This Continentis
O'.L: >, GL Ys-s, (.c.. iir.AU
D..c 12: Ap.&L\CHJCOI. FA the neatest and most fashionable tvlp, at the words ; That was the time for solemn faces and the property of a free people, and their
>- \ ;- 'J-?rd .h. Miitu i! :it of ;Stdtinery.C ; .
cheapest poible rates. Thankful the liberal LIBERTY LAND silence.At alone. God I it!
ir. '1 i :J."ltnt "' ,IJ.h'r ?tr"ct-, Harper & Holmes "PROCLAIM TO ALL THE deep property say proclaim
A tnl I 11 .\iatsIiicoLa I..... j favors heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopesby AND ALL THE INHABITANTS' THEREOF." last: hark The door opens-the Look at this strange history of a band of
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, faithful attention to his business, to merit a
exiles and
Committee Who these i outcasts transformed
are three suddenly '
The old ponders for a moment on appear.
also-' man
II. I>. O.U'lIcn continuance of their patronage.
.'l rnti fur the Apalachicola, Nov. 21, IS.1C. those strange words ; theu gathering the boyin men, who come walking on toward John I into a PEOPLE-look at this wonderful
XI). 2! Cnlumoud\ I Ir nuiltlrn;!, SUN MUTUAL l INSURANCE COMPANY: his arms he speaks: Hancock's chair? : Exodus of the oppressed of the Old World

O-.. 2! I, IN l-"i. Aal.ichirola. Fa.flL.IjLali1 uf the City of JVcuc York, Fall Goods. I "Look here, my child? Wilt you do That tall man. with the sharp features, : into the New, where they came weak in I

Salter, No. -jl:' Water street, T7RANCIS, KOl' L-\X has just received his tlie-oM man a kindness ? Then haste you the bold brow and sand hued hair, holding arms but mighty in God-like faith-nay, -

coMMIS-X 1 M E R C H A N T, Dec 12:! Apilachicola, Fa. I__ supply; (.1 r Tall fJftods; and desires a cull from !i don stairs, and wait in the hall, by the big THE PARCHMENT, in his hand, is the Virginia look at this hi.-tory of your Bunker Hill- *

C. A. GREEN- C. II. CONNERv.Green his frll'ndand customers and as to pri 'c*. h.leaves farmer, Thomas Jefferson. The stout your Lexington where a band of you;, *
X') JJ iVjit-r street-Up stairs door, until a man shall give you a message
them to be the judges::: ; his stock cnmnri"! built with resolute look and plain farmers mocked and trampled down
._!0I.< I I. 1SJ j. A-iaUchicoU, 1 Fla. cV Councry, for me. A man with a velvet dress and akind man flashing
-- COMMISSION: 1 ; : 1 MI1tChiANTS i a (general a-si.rtiiient, all. of which is cili-rcd fcrcali face, will come out from the big door, eye ? That is a Boston man-one John the panoply of British! arms, and then tell
or city :
V' 1.-'I't.I. C. accej.ta'.ce.Apalacliiccla
Dnu.i! No. :Lf'j' Water jjtit'tt. Ii When he Adams. And the calmed faced man, with me. if you can, that God has not given
V[ A C f'i l ii A N i) CO M MISSION.IllC1IANi' AI'L.CHJClL.FA.. Nov. 23. Ceen'Jt!; ; !sf f. and give you a word for me. I America ?
hair thick curls his shouldersthat to ihefrcc
--- in to
,\ --- uives that word then run out yonder,, dropping
Pelican .l'J'llallns'uml(c Co. 'if.Yell: York. Castor Oil. : dressed in a plain coat, and "It i is! ncitgiventopoorburnanintellecttnclimb *
NtL tjlu; : .):J. Li )Ct : II in tlf street, and shout it up to me. Do men.;
DcI, !>}:*. .alachicola: Fa.I.ltlr 1 CHA A. GIIELN, Agent. I 1Ci'' GALLONSiiistoreand ((.r sale hy mind ?*' such o'lious home make blue stockingthatis the skies, to pierce the counsels of"

-- Di-c ft __ _N"Vaier street.- I Iv/v/ ii. F. AWLL: you second command. The the Philadelphia Printer, one Benjamin Almighty One. But methinks, I stand'among
.\ D .:)';t:. CHVRLES PRATI- I Nov 2S Jririst.; It needed no boy Franklin. the awful clouds which veil lh. '
Edward .HcCulIy, and flaxen hair from
with blue eyes sprang I
Doil;-c A Pratt, COMMISSION:: MERCHANT: AND DEALER ;; received per brig Manhattan, from New the old hell keeper's arms, and threaded his The three advance fo the table. The brightness of Jehovah's throne. Methinks*

SIIIX! ; & COMMISSION I .ME.1CHAXT.S. IN DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES:: JUST a fine assortment of choice Li.juors, Scgrs down the dark stairs. Parchment is laid t&ere. Shall it be signed 1 see the Recording Angel-pale asan angel :

No. I) Water Street, No. ;00 Water street. Tlbacf'Soap., Candles Starch Domestics, way The old bell keeper was alone. Many, or not? is pale weeping as an" angel can weep. '

X Dec ."' Apalacliicola, Fa. &.c. Also III store, DO barrels choice Wine ai.d the railingof Then ensues a high and stormy debate- come trembling up to that Throne, and
minutes Leaning over
-: iv.JZi: _Ap.tl"rtir-11\: Cider Vinegar, which will be sold low. passed. then the faint hearted cringe in corners- speak his dread message .
II. It. TiiyloK ; Win. G. Porter V Co. EDWARD McCULLY, the steeple" his while Thomas Jefferson speaks out his few 'Father! the old world is baptized in '
thf fair haired
C 0 M :\11 S 51 I O X Ai: D {F 0 R\V A 11 D I NG DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION Dec .)) r>() \Vaterstreet. street, he looked anxiously for bold words, and John Adams out his blood Fathei it is drenched with the
SItU! he pours
M ERC HA XT MLKCHAXTS.No. I BAGS Java Colfce 50 do. Rio do boy. Moments passed, yet came whole soul. blood millions, butchered in war in persecution -'
; ; !
II Water Street. The crowds gathered more darkly
N j. :J2 Vdtor-street, ." F.i.Joliii .10 barrels Non hern Flour ; Then the soft toned voice of Charles in slow and grinding oppression! *
the lawn
(IW Apalaobicola, and :
't2 > _. :Madeira Wine alone the pavement over yei Father-look, with one glance of Tbino
: I ly ___ _AIHbchi nla.l"I'aucis ---- ----- - 4 pipes ; Carroll is heard, undulating in syllable of
; S. c Hutchinson, 2o; !boxes Candles ; 1U,'JJ(() Regalia t'gars. still the boy came not. music.. Eternal eye look over Europe. Asia Africa,

liopinui, AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSIONMEItCITANT For sale by E. S. hAWLEY, "Ah !" groaned the old man, "he ha-I deep But still there is doubt-and that pale and behold evermore, that terrible sight-..

WH"I.CoLr.'Sf) RETAIL HE\LER IN: flc5; :2S; W.iter street. forgotten me These old limbs wilt fratft? man trodden down beneath the '** !
DRY GJJDS.' Byr.S: SJloES! = HATS, AND No. 5'J' Water street. to totter down the State House stairs ant I faced man. shrinking in one corner, squeaks oppressor '
feet-nations lost in blood-Murder and
CI.'JTHIXG.. New Publications.CONFESSIONS thatchild' out something about axes, scaffolds, and a
Fa. of
"Solicits patronajft. APALACHICOLA, climb and all account L
_ortl: C Chftn'. 'r-.t, \Mlaciicola.; Fla.. : OF A PKKTTY WOMEN: ; up again -GIBBET Superstition walking hand in hand) over the'

H. K. vv( iu. Jas. F. Tarrior, Vrtichelieu ; Critrhtcn ; Emilia Wyndham; ; graves of their victims.and not a single voice
echoes fierce bold voice
his "GIBBET ,
As the word was on lips, a merry, a n
Chevalier DMIarinjiital Livonian Tales The to Man ,
AUCTIO.VSKKS Wood: AND tV J Co.COMMISSION UOIE.1tS1lNTEIWIIANT: :: Bu-li Ranger, &c., &c., ju
No. 50 Water sirm. sale by II. F. ABELL, I I among the crowds on the pavement stoot I yonder A tall slender man raises, dressed trembling with the black record of human'
X\). 2 Columbu: Uuildin, Dec ;5 Apalachicola, Fin. 1'o21 Druggi-t. the blue eyed boy clappmg his tiny hands, although it is summer time-in a faded guilt. But hark The voice of Jehovah
while the breeze blowed his flaxen hair al 1 red] cloak. Look how his white hand undulates -
\:.. 4'r't.\ Hi._AmUchicolaA. JEREMIAH' DAV. DA.MEL J. DAY. Iron and IVails.IURS it is stretched how that speaks out from the awful cloudLet
his :'bee.An.I as slowly out.
\ !'. .HcKay V Swede's Iron ; 200 kegs p iboul there be liaht again. Let there be a New
J. Co.
1100 ili"i swelling his little chest, he< dark eye burns, while his words ring through
World. Tell the the
Nail assorted for sale people- -
sizes: by
my poor
COMMISSION: : :MERCIIAN'F, COMMISSION: MERCHANTS the hall. \Ve do know his let
raised himself tip toe, and shouted a single ( ( not name,
D.-C 5 J. DAY & CO. trodden-down millions, to out from the:
:xI. %II U'ater street __ go
No. Water street, word- us therefore call his appral)
S.t -21, 1S4G. .\ J Florid: Old World Tell them to go out from
: ; : (; Dec ;5 Ap-tldchicola, Fa. Hi sol"! THE SPEECH OF THE MAN IN THE RED wrong. oppression and blood-tell them ttf
T. II. Aiislla iV Co. Also, Aqentsorthe"uEtiidInsurdnceCo.M{ Cousin, Cold.A"'throa, Spittiii 01 that old man's ? Do
gr, FOR Do you see eye YOt CLOAK. out from this Old "orld-to build
the Protection Insurance Co." and the "Hartford ) and all the affections of the Lung' -! shout go
COMMISSION: :MERCHANTS: see that arm so suddenly bared to stretch necks altar in the New !'
Insiuance Co." Hartford Conn. leading;: to Consumption, warranted to be compos "Gibbet? They may our my
:\o. .f> Water Street, ed of vegetable substances only, for salv by tier do you see that withered hand, grasping on all the gibbets in the land-they may "As God lives, my friends, I believe that

_"et. 21 __ ApaUchicola., Fa.Cookc : P. \'". Cillicit, a'g11_' J. C. ALLEN. / the Iron Tongue of the Bell ? The oil turn every rock into a scaffold-every tree to be HIS voice Yes, were my soul trembling

& -Home AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION PUBLICATIONS, just received am I, man is )'oun" again ; his veins are fillet I into a gallows every home into a grave, and on the wing for Eternity, were this
lifc.eB and forward
CHEAP with new ckward Parchment hand in death this voicechoking
.Mr.RCHA XT. yet the words on hat can never freezing were
.COUU:5IOSUltCIIA: : : : NTS, Public Patro71at.Orf by strokes, he swings ihe Tongue. Tin with the last I would l
Solicits a share of J. ALLEN.. sturdy ilip. struggle
No. 13 r021 ._ .. .. nl.._ *.4 Irk ,It n otA0Lien .v
St. Charles Street Mvn B*
I --- 24- APALACHICOLA. !FA. speaks GUI : AUK \Iunu m iuc anttihear They may pour our blood on a thousand still, with the last impulse of lhat soul wits
X t'W-OrleansA '\'hutoGlaliis.. it and burst forth in one long shout the of that tt>
from that last voice
scaffolds, and yet every drop dyes gasp implore you
I>IE\\' S- COOKE. AMOS; Hosx.: I. I>. Bugbcc, BOXES just 1 reived. 7 by 0 I, S by 10, Old Delaware hears it and gives it back in the the saw-dust of the : remember this truth-GoD hasgirm America -
50 axe, or drips on
feb '". COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT 10 by 12, 11 bv 11, 11 by 1C( and 12 by of her thousand sailors. The
hurrah into
J C. ALLEN. the block, a new martyr to Freedom will spring to the free! Yesls I sank down
sale by ]
for [
J. C. Allen, No. 7. Columbm Block, city hears it, and starts up from desk into birth the gloomy shadow of the grave with my

\\VllflI'il! and Retail Dealer in Building Lots for Sale or f o Kent. work bench, as though an earthquake hadspoken. last I would beg to sign that.
DRUG:3 Sept.1r), IS 10 Apalachicoh, Pa.Starr The British King may blot out the Stars gasp you
Lots well sittutcJ in different parts the One who
Parchment nameof
I in the
SEVERAL God from His but he cannot blot out
GLASS: BRUSHES:; : Jec.Jec. of ; ky,
tV Co., Apply toNOEJRSE Yet still while the sweat pours from his made the Saviour who redeemed yon-in
also, written the Parchment there !
:\JEHCII..NTS.AXlJ STONE & CO. iron His words on
brow that Keeper whose
Jl irrnrraf assortment of Word the name of the millions very
works of God perish-His ,
: Water The
AGENTS -16 street.J.
GENERAL : Dec 12 boom may
'::: and still boom-boom- -
nOOS.DL.\SK: STATIONERY & EUFAULA, ALA. tongue -- now hushed, in intense expectation as
cor. of Chesaut & Comm'!'rc- f reet!' ?, the and the world. never
Stevenson A Co. the Bell speaks to city they look up to you for the awful word You
_.1j.!: Apdlachicola. Fla. REFERENCES : in the sound of These words will go forth to the world
is I '"
Chestnut There a poetry
sis. !
MUST, DEAN &. WYLEB J\"o. 13 Water and J\"o. 2 ARE FREE
dead of night, when when our bones are dust. To the slave in
House Bell at
U. S. lIa1c)', JOSIAH BLACK.WELL &. Co. Are their Fall stock of Staple that Slate since that boar
'F now opening hare
K ew or'LF will HOPE the 0 gone
ACTOR AND } solemn ONE !-It the mines they speak- -to many years
sullen and -
COMMISSION: MERCHANT & Co- & which striking its
4MA:* Dry Goods Roots, Shoes, Hat .C., they brethren all hate
his crum-
in his FREEDOM to -the Spcake,
its mechanic workshop- -
No. 2':> Water street, w- offer for sale low for cahf city acceptance. rouses crime from i ils task, mirth from
n ec ,j Apalachicola Fa. JOHN NORTON, jr. Apalachicola, Oct 21, IS 16. wine cup, murder from its knife, bribery the coward kings these words will speak bled into dust but it would require .aaangel's

JOHN: FRARKR &, Co., Cbarlesion. from its There is a terrible poetry in but not in tones of flattery No, no The; pen to picture the magic of that

Crt Avery fc Jones, C. C. LATHBOP &. Co New Orleans A NNUALSfor; Pocrps; Toy Books &r., that sound.gold.It speaks to us like a voice will speak like the flaming syllables on Bel Speaker's look. the deep., terrible empbaof &-

OCEltS COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, WARRNCRoMWELL. 1 lumb'JJ! Ga. .t3. for sale by iudc- shazzar's wall-THE DAYS or TOUR PRIDI. his voice the pro beckoninr of
like Uuejl} (God's bet..Ji.k.e
L'et >0. tJ \% .tteystreet. A. K. Anli. S Nov 21 ,T.. C. ALLEN from our youlh- a o .
: .
: ,. \ -
E. J. HARDIN, : -
Arala.ch cola. Fa. Apalacbicolj. !" n

-. -. "*"-. _. .._.>. i 1 e -
.. ,q I"t t ,


'.. -

If.t .

t --wi r =". ---_ .- .,1'" I r' ,
; :::! $! : UI -- .: -. -

., ..- '- .. -. :-.1.- .- .--.,.-- .... }1tI111WJj J:';:; __ :... ... .. ..;.;I ."". :...:_._-:- .,,[ .1,--'...r nr;1Ioil'I....---.YoA! :<:- : '}li'O!: ., ....' ;;.



.... .
., -
,'" -- "-
r- --
I .
I !ii! .


4 .
yr* i. m.yj' ir f gp







a R.f++,t'+"7] JrMr.Wa'WUf],rW7 TO ,....7..S ,p.1 L. wr\If1M It wM'111Pf' + A1RL-lP Y-Y qL fat 7
Ills hand, the inagnctic flames which, shoo- A SiST1; i L'S ttLltO Ul', '; a C r 'ADMTfSBRAPALACII1COLA erv. A ron of Mr. John Webb, Cal.ioctlr 1 of sleep. If tliis be admitted, the outward j' rarest qualifies of popular oratory, w'nh the

ling from his cyc sojpn lire( every' ..hearttlironfuotu : The Xcnia} Vbrr.'t Light !publishes a Ict- ,- Maker, was badly, but not dnngcroufcy, | sburned. 'r u, and the thing signified+ : thereby, arc 'highest of vigorous thought and origjnnlpower.
the"hall !Jlie. J-\ ; : ; front a returned volunteer who belonged to At home his name is a host to
of nd!
The of their parents curt c' 1 plainly in ;a state corrcsjtor.de-: a any
fell cxausted in II'H feat,'but.the work he Si. Louis} Legion; from which we cx- SATURDAY, JAW.: 30, 1847. agony 1 L-auselhat he undertakes, and 1 can bray

was ilonc. A wild inun.tur thrills through rar.t the following} anecdote. well bo conceited" tints the truth of Phrenoh-gy is fully demonstrated. personal testimony to the service which [liecontributed ,

the hall. Sip ? Ilth ii; 'I'hcreisnodoubt Tiie locos claim, that their defeat ;n Ohio c- The following get+tlemen! rile nnth'.rizcd! for the Commercial Advertiser.CKAXIOI.OGY. In conclusion, I will merely to the important results which|,

DOW. Look ? How ilicy rush furwsrdrlour arose in part from the f.ict that the voliuiccrs l;,Cll15 for tlP TIMMEUCIAI. ADVERTjbEn.and will l [ C'i say, if any gentleman had examined thn !he effected in the great revolution of 1840

hearted John Hancock h-.s: scarcely were mostly democrats. We ore eceive anr c-/t for subscriptions, or advcrtifeMussns. the i Doctor's (head( on the evening of his last Let him but follow out the career \vhnj}

time to silo hi? bold name, before the pen greatly misfiken: if they have not inure to Inenlt :- +Tn. Introe-Among many distinj j' ; heto has so happily; begun, : nd he is destined

isgraspedbyanother-annth r an j :another fear from their return, than (turn their ab- M...: & 7um.r, 2S William Street, gushed, strangers who have lionoreil our '|! 'l ecture, he would have found( ihe organ of I fill an important place in the council cf

Lonk-how the names blaze on the Parch scur". The only sovereign cure for loco New York. city with their presence, your readers will I i j, 'hibativcccss} cnormmisly developed, and in the nation."
DAVID JJrtAVo; New Orleans.V .
inent--AO.ims and Lee end Jefferson and focoiiin now known is a :at the ;Mex.icin Csq., a highly active state. Another strong proof
peep 'si.:: \\r. GuFK"KK, Ls-?., Albany, Ga. all recollect a certain lecturer on P5ire.no-} 1 [From the Savansaii Jiej.uliican!
Carroll, tactnow, Iloger Sheinnn theSho'ernaU'cr war-the .lephanl, as the volunteers Major JACK, HAETOIAN. Lul'dnlarlla. lo who Inca two made ;I of the truth of the scicucc.a J
day or quite
And here1 comes rood old Stephen Cal! it. y. f Jiicfromlivci yiu'T.-Htircct.

Hopkins-vea ttembJini; .with palsy lie one night Burin the four day's rain 1 (r7. We are so often compelleil, by vaii- sensation, amt what was still better, quite j j Ct/5" Potomac, the Washington corrcspon- The ship Citing Capt. Attridge, arrived

totters forward--quivering from -hcal io was standing sentinel half leg deep in water. ous reasons, to notice the numerous sp.len- pocketful of dimes. Upon the personal api( i (dent of die! Baltimore r foot with} his shaking hands h" seized tle: 1; wis a night nut easily( /forgoten! -such of this learned catleman. I will I -
did steamers that rare plying regnl.irly b- { earancc ; final( killing off of the Lieutenant-General \ left ou the 14lh nit.Ve are indebted
lie scratches his sheets ifvr.nl
pen, patent nunie. < 1 lightning, such bursts of|
trod Columbus, all innrinediate r not not discani ; suffsre it to say, tint! ho i is '> has chafed Mr. Poll I' her Consignees, Messrs. A. Low
Then comes Uenj: uniu Franklin, the horrid thunder, such ro.uinjrgrnarjs of wind Caren nor city -.UK not only very sorely, & Co.; ,

Printer and now the tail man in the red d and; I rain, 1 never befme +experienced.( + It I t ports," that it has become s'hnosl t I 1 one of those foitnnaie prisons whose( very !but ii has soured Col. Benton not a little for' a copy of the Bristol} M-rcary of the 5ijj

cloak advances, the man vho tn-idethe furl was; as dark as Gtcen name is indicative of professional, capability.' '' and the London
a reeess in river cave. a useless paragraph ; but occasionally one lie will yet attempt to pay Mr. Calhoun for ] ( Shipping fy Mercantile
speech n innment aco wuh: the same hand 1 About 2 o'clock io rite morning 1 heard a for who would drrnm 4if DiCrane's t
ever r i V
of the
of these white 9th tilt. hi
"floating palaces" gains upon onr that Jn hi? remarks yesterday, atI I > ; of which|
that bet wavfil in such he .
now + fircry sroin splat.hin;; along in the Crater; and hailed.; It
wrIC3 his tiame-P.\TKUMC UK gar And proved to lie Capi. Salisiiurv! officer of the affections: and in spite of the commonality;; skill on Orar.iology ? At the soiicitatiou j t i' tempting 1, to get his InH!, granting a land j captains commercial dales from Liverpool

flow the Parchmenl is signed ; and now let deg, and Lieut. Wear, oftl r of the. guaii1.; l of the paragraph, we are compelled to no- + of a friend, T, among the Cell sub-'"I;' bounty lo the privates in the array, con-1 1 one' day Liter than we (have seen (pu''>!ihej

word go forth to she People* in the street Clio gr.iud; rounds. After parsing; me, they tire them. Enersy, enterpnze, cl suarilcrin mated my cranium to the Doctor's examination '- !j Uidered as in cmkr, Col. Bcnion more than ci5e! ++ here.

---to the (homes of America"to* the camp found the next sentinel but one cncaced in supposing that lie mil ht discover j joiie It will be
nitif/a, me equally essential in sirstr.boatii.i nce gave signs of an inclination to be ivoii seen that the s..les: of Cotton in
ofjl//itcr Washington and the Palace of earnest conversation with himself, in whielhe + E j
George the ldiot1iii'let into word t
but few who know how "do the thins lain }Incnt+ and unproductive beneath my ;i know ciutiiuf.}
to all iheearth- not lieir help ,tppi-o
Am!, oM tivin iii ihsiopp'.e'! now bnreyour (iy: to Iisltn to the soliloquy, Yes,1' up hru+cst" better thou our friend GKEKT.: (.*> scat(). I run1coitfess! thin the Doctor gave h'M( Benion,} was doing ; upon wKie.h j i ket was very Wr and holder not :inxwus to

arm. anti pi asp 'he Irou'I'nrteue, and 1 said he, when I \oe.d: for James K. Polklltiti ihe Pt/+rnu. Shp is i empbaticaUy! a (palace, me a very good character : indeed! this was j j Mr.i l Cameron: very eooi'y remarked that the sell n! !ihe ailv
lei thebcH spf-ak tint the great tiuih. I 1 kt.owii: it M-oi.id (h.ive !led ?o Chi;. I'd swift, and! as to fn-ichtinj i! ; row an to "thL e his general practice;+ ; no one, had suspected j acts of other Senators would likely be revealed In London on t he 9h, an exie.isive
Fifty ftf Tru/frs and Farmfr findfins have seen him to the d1.1 1. and Texas tick nurtN-
the of svhnt that ibis cite contained so vast an amount of to the world by the same !light i wbtrh I rtess was done in Cotton
N'-ptune, t
,Iledtznies (cane der;+ s-hook the tfmckiIlaik s fins l. Uut after the war was brought on 1 1 ay Ciiy3in name at slight arlvantr: ,
llic wort4l ( talent a;> his charts hive; shewn to bo here would manifest those of the Honorable I Sales
tof tsar ashamed to let the Whigs do the fighting boat has ever brought to our city 1.297{ 5.000 bales

1 Hark ttt the Colt that bell ; and stay at home and be taunted Ity bales cotton, so ingeniously and genteelly( j jagged congicgaled. Some beeri had +Ire Ia3ent:ss! Senator from Missouri.1' The prevision and money rmirker-l; in

Is there not n lwjf i 1lnt try in lirat! sonnda them. I Wf t b:i HS did the Peytona evening brio r are represented as rrher dii', .
poetry more subhrnte t bait ShapPart' n t lency's sil: :e ; hm; if I had you here thifminute. THE WAR.-JNtit? Plan r f Operations.Extracfdittftry .
much enthusiasm and the
;+lhlton ? James K. Polk,' -here; he uiin: l last ? many converts Pr.>;etrtiars.it Patria of The Liverpool ;;raio market was !Uveh.! Jb.diatj .

Js there not tolair: Jr. tln' curio'!. tliat au awful injprecatitiu; on him -'I'd bKw .science which his short stay produced ; but Corn continued in fair deny:rid fcYiIrelatu ,
SENATOR HUNTER."PoJomae the Sl'st ilt., a Spanish rrblishert l
reminds you *>f ihwse :i Jul tons uhwh I you ihrouph.' and he brought up his ants writing when we H fleet fur a moment upon the} }p.per ,*. -

broke from art 2el-lips.# u'1tPti} ihA m-w of iheelriU }krt io lake aim,.,* if he would shoot suien from Washington on Sunday, remailts : cool l sense! of the sovereign 1 people, this in New Orleans by Alt-mart & Gomez, has ThiS Gazslie contains; so

: Jesus bust PI line Hicpherds c13t ,f !>?i<:h. Ai this} moment thegiMnd round,+ y '.'(,rear !(j"iioing was had her last; cveninq the following extraordinary revelation of the grticiiT.; th5l'tfing -
supposition is as absurd as it is base.I Af:pr fast
thlcltern. made a noe'e; and were hailed l sternly with- by the CalhOno !men, on receiving the news new plan of operations in the star with on the subject of tP!; '. ire in

1"0rIha Bell! MOW speakMt to iii; wort,(, Who comes there ?" was duly seated, the Doctor placed i l.is !:;triton* tvli ith clm la!ains r.tRt I' I* \,\f
of l tlipeirction of ihe fl.on.Ti. M. T. Hunt Mexico : }
that- "James: K. Polk," was the reply et !hnds r upon my dome of though! ?, ant} the i r the: advantage which the writer : >
the United# Stales i t
to : Rrnate. the The to confide
Gad has ircn the Atbrrrn ''anlinr, ''Advance, you enss, and give she coon_ by Legislature examination commenced. Soon his learned government nnpcars: lmerii'an
.j 3t : '
Irorttcrr t' .
{ as a: rr + ,
: it
Scott who has h
much in Gen.
to the free--the toiling fta rflkc hn-ntin terslu. or I'll blow your bruins out !" of Virginia; and neatly( ;is ninth icjoi-r just gone to
m rs The fingers rested upon the or,;mf concentrativeness '- I the field operations, and from tvliosi! +I iptomafic i-:: ; minntricrer.; nn l also to the nM-- -
officers told (
race -as Vie fas? fiay ufihr rig-fats ? nine aue.edoie next dato \ sing was (lad Whigsat the defeat nat
cl, ncr oflite among E
; the awl: after diligently comparing the and military l.ieiics.; it lio;,i"-* it [ wlm-lr (use exjtriencrd liy the .
f'tcrleriirh+amccf 1/c f),+ iresed.Ti er cumpiiii of'Extra-Bill( Smith the Lorfuca oriersn.vfj in
cauuisantiidate : of earn adr.,ntttgPt. The} plan of t'
dcvelopement th< same with llmf of ihef great operation | ecios > uefl :r Sal the ileiernitn.itiof
< Mr. Hunter in a gentleman{ ) ?, we learn, is at follows : riijf|
A MIDDLING C'ow AMI A Goon (ow.latbllinZ .- A .h .r'IiYCS, in the siipeiior region} of thersffonlis rWlPra: io tfierk the advance
+ cttV will yield five poundsofbutif, fine tal 'rtts. :Mr. Smith i is--a Locofoco of {ier.eral; Taylf,r, instead of raovi j; roil in til--; :rice of
It is singular brat it is trui4iat, he gravely( delivered liiniseif of{ the E fhe
mateii !
sti;ie.stjlioa San Luirf Poto. will} renir Jo Sfsiio. | raw +t by rfedtieir.p: IVU P* :>r v.iiU
wfk bile ad will rrd
per --u ,f cow yield ten great induwiy (:uniting tI
jjrerads in this Uy of I t Now offer both of )ihesr for sEi-rhc! ujiddlinsr "But, oh thin i groans of the; following; sewe.i>ce :-" This head poscst;us where he will remain for a .Eur; p--; > !. I j| in'2ih.rt ,tine. The wholr! i is ct; t fd.wn.9 ;

}is an imno *Hjiliiy io retsutn ;t old,4 u+dt u f animal parly pfjperat greal power of continuity of thought !I !I i j G'-n. Scotl. after l E'trtn: r'lae w,mi> ..C- j
and } rte
being as iage Jattlsoni I our rt IrJc'ss' '
nt the
ihe belief that the breaking of t! the result of this ;Senatorial electu/n !1 } i ns rr ptal : f i;..
a as the goml JFnw 1 The alert eleetric. tremendous H .d] I ran'PtTtrnts on Jhe Kio Gr.tnde.iii! !! hastrr.: i S !
one. ;
purchaserthiuk -' was : i
oleos lacsiish f'orn; Laws
glass, lire hoivliiig of du l ;, ihr ,, t'( '' ou. will jve dollars for ilu- They Found like the. last sad: requiem of i to Tarripseo.; w here he wit; asstntie ;tie; i'in- \I aril( iuett'ui-ip'' rce 1
cow at night, the .,+t ink of JHJ Jjs! -rt ) ; fifty ant my sttslhlcen soft enough, 1 verily believe ii i nl'i ;: .V over thi .
ru >u 1tGaring c
up ratter than five for liie other ? fdint, di :Jrarted: .Locofocoissn Twodhjtinmi'.shed t ,real,! of the ,UtU) volunteers rcceoity (tailed} ; tssc+

tire wall,tf etc. pruuno,iiT-mrs Ie' -jt-ai approach L.t us make twenty a\ reasonable. estimate., I t ; Locnfti'-fHlravp a=surd me t iod'ycraluitoush : i ihat} I should! have furnished, upon} a ins; '; 1!! out an: ordered to &sssmbe! af that ii runa. (f fr Yl e rotic oo Intrrrctners> of'rn'i s ,I'-u-'p i; t

death to sputa nuMnix-r of the cost thirty dollars scale, illustration of ih: geoloi! i'iii:; ben > j i From 1'nrtiri.: ; .n, GriI I. ,iott v.i',1 l placer# Jo--j bter thnn tfl b .
| +* fitttnrl in fli-- ..
i'miily.; : After the death of a rhiTd, heather a >vr: to keep a enwStid that they consider it a date at ? : !,,' .,ct of
a t JIK! (produce of n middling; one is won!3 of the upheaving i ii { of mountains; /fur the se,1- 1 j wards S'rr,;, Crt+/, and Geiu Taylor uil;!! ', ;?
prn we have h. aid of their in 1rN'RInYtend i ir.
parent p-rsons re' !party s ojje of/hem make ctmiftleots inWtrli i
.1 : movtitict.i! #
six j
itarty- dolhrs. Your cmv f .rn gnu i ie ixtioij.ifiovcr i stern and l enormous of self-esteem i (.tria'+ '
expansion ,
; ,
imrk.: with aUsiucciIy "I l k ;: : rV K
-- +!+ w 8.
sinucno added '
with a hollow We ( \'f Crox with air; she be -
{ and aWvu rte k in sign, arc lest en ra troops run; m i<- '
trout I die ; I was forw.iw of it-i h<-and 2 a : rj;' ,. Lin t i produced by this announcement, would, but tr-r. after !leaving suftiriett' :(\>rce to =on. !i j 'i i- --ales lo.fiaj! are -JO.uOsi bales :rucluding
ood gair I
cow times six ,
your e.-.irns seven i She
; } lit t1iifi? American *
groan one day under ih.- wtn'I.,:+ ;aud uo o0 e yields twice much milk and 1 for the stubborn resistance of this bony t integument Sai'i'lo.! Monierev. Victoria.: Vr., T>pd in i on s.ernhion.; ; The
a butler.
was there" We IMV ;i'su beat( ifie rr- you : j !t1R. 1 t:4'113 :PN.-The 1r. ( union with Gn. Worth's diri=ion will i nnjke? ,has been very firm at af) advance tf
yet the cost of keepicg is the thin-j Philadelphia 1.l'ucricttr have elevated n bump t join j
same as ;probably a.! t'',. above the
mark after the dvath of a fiifMi'---4! 1"pccleJJl. i > p'i rates ai! Fri-l.tv Cast ''
x' ou-r.( Her carnio "An official lir it j lien. :Scott, who will have :nf his command ii
O'ir t1412 1 'lit several i are ;; ;;rtvf-s n of +r ,,
(sir's; and if you deduct herkfeping; ((00: + dot! given, by auU'orily' the Union, that} the j the t.ew military nnn rocketeers and lro+s iheir brit
the yard, and ihere were tlif swua of d+ ;++1:. exiaten-'C of this great )duty er, conscious-i i tan spaiin lj. Tfie! hn-iiic:
Fooli h this Lis) you have fom-iwo dollars for her nnua effect that Mr..Buchanan l f-.u M'* rf :bonr 1 .060 bales:
red that he.
as aver AnpnrKcrv
Liugua,;i Intl apju.uve :Hi ; ores never had informed me. and perhaps :1t the rr.n.ntPn?. (fifteen; or sx; ; ; ,
times proper}
have heard; it time iud siT ;pro --se.ven as much ;is your i :,+l. ro ?sl 7.441 Curtis tl i
;* ; <-rpccidji) nit'idhug cow.' woo Id snoner lose Ins right ;arm tlnn s-ign never would ; but what then must I, on | ven vessels cJflte American s |uadrcr, with
from those who live til I >fin s Ii-i. to pd. I'ricc5cl.i ,
in ;
cuumry and ;ireless t t ip Have wv made mistake iu the figures the 4Q treaty Since Mr.Buchanan waives' that doubt existence | n force of from 230 to 3d') guns ci'nl f5! srj /<>v | -
any account, its ? Had ,
iiifoniied. 'hese t 'i who a tt+ iJt'.a.;ip r M ijroakt** !la1vck.! .
very f + >os. t..r #
arc tliU superMiixtiife. ,?-* *,--jU- -i :.- Letstry again; :- -Funuer A keeps\ 1 his privilege of stfitiding+ # mate, and: pleat 1 K not Doctor Cran;'s finers detected ii he j and e.alibres. will appear frt"! fan Juatt tie! i iUiion. t errtn: arr-.iJ wcti t G.i'5., Mt, i c 6jd.;
T uric guo. tvs niTtnrr 11. Keeps ttt'Upt<-,- ? i ( and i-.egin th+* attack n;;stir the cn;!{le. I
days of I Mather would !MV J );ji n (trn b<*- .u our. ?i rennnTC, id11.8't an f f hiHi! (fi| *.
t1Ct ,
T >
thin, 'ows th.tl t yiPI id 1 )3 uht { lad not (lull, and Sjnuslu'em and 1
: much
: jiist a: a* A's cow 1lcror+!io tot new 1=l.Jn <>f op.'ra'-.onsi. I
lievers in M-iti-hctafi. <:'t not to all ? Stand Mr.} Lo" '
> Buchaii. 'IV7
>- ; ; -
: > > N. fj- '
And ((7H dollar) A. deducis the cost of k*>rp up Upon Combe, and Dot lor Crane, si il! laid 't it down, the land< forces w l! ien {texvnts: s: the n,*ni, h | : \ ,,smj rat,
While! ih'y arc tlms dt-ltt.jt:*!. ink (.10 iol| J3. ieducis thecharge in relation to Mr.Olay--guiliv I of s done n i ro-'! = -r, >i ;a. |J Jj
are .vretctonl. The harkof <