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-... VLU V ... APALACH COLA., SATURDAY.. JANUARY 16. 1847., -.-. .
PRCIAL ADVERTISERI 3ufnimo fMrectorn. 'frOfe0tr~ltl I, j tS than.- simple curioshy in. what she wa say- war a m a hel
"aM H a l l L J A A Wr "u x.. ... ing en h ie u p per lip -" I say tf a f'e A M j
**HBLSHO VR STRAY hoa retn WM,;SY])IY PTi',ff M D, A,. GJE^IAN HE:ROINE. The breakfast was prolonged to its utmost ,oner, yon enrolledt youIinf ill j 'S
J. L. WtAN. COMMISSION MERCHANT AND TOBACCO It wathle yea 1842, towards the close of lenth; at laml, after a few importan noes- pa yland drew ritlM fAfsiz
.!'.--t. W'-II A N. CO~ISIONINSPECTOR AND BROKER. 0,- May be found at his residence, corner of Novembfef a light snow, mingled with sleet, tons, the traveller desired the girl to bring o ofit?" Md Tom Tiplr,,
W. 40. 17J[. DAVI[S, rditol-. No. 2S Water sr.-Office second back room. Centre and High streets, oppositethe Mansion was whtt about by the wind, and pierced himabottleofwine. Krettle rose to obey; CongreM says dfen 'iat I|^Ja
..... ....... -. DeB 2>3 Apalaehieola, Fa. House. Decov 2. throughenry crevice of a little roadside inn but on reaching the cellar, found that the service m the vla et a fl[
Gon-nerfe and Chestnut stre'elts, i. ITI. Butt. Dr. A''W. Chapman, situated boween Homburg and Rottweil, 6D stranger had followed her; and turning a free and independent efl': n..
aseFORWARDING AND CMMISSION 0J Office overthe DIrug Store of B. S. Hawley, the frotier of tofe de duchy of Baden. rounl,-sbe saw tehe glitter of a pistolandle
E(entrance on Ch(nut street.) Residece at h w ellers, driven by the bad weather tIrough -his vest. Her presence of mind and his captor, whom ot kr'
TThree DMllars per. enaey d by Dr. Baltzell. e a to the sheer of this humble hostelry, were.f'"ie hrnot at tbi eritha moment.-- dozen claimed Tomnas having thisIcritic
"e: _ SXPTONS-.=hreeDol ars p r nnur, D ec .nAplaachicola, Fa. house lately occuied yD.Blzl.'
-- ^y awAdvance,1'or -$3 50 it" pald withinl six ( January 10,1846.- 2--tf forgetting heir hunger an'd weariness n "When they had reached the foot of the self wans many ^diffe ren ompatf..m jU!_:
19-' h, ) it paid thereafter. the 1omii, ofahery rpatofs okdstp, hosdenyexiguse
.Ns tion taken for a lese term than six DEALER IN G6OrHING, BOOTS, SHOES, WD Iavis, b the m his of a hearty repast of smoked stop d he suddenly extinguished the light,lWa delivered overtltheeieil i~ttbon...i
ogff Wlinriabybe cagd for HATS CP c.l TR AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, be %. hissing and roaring of a large &cd.stood tlpclose agaAnst the wall; the madrther dCsposito. L AT...L,;.,
l od N'04 paper will be dAscontinued until No. I Columbus Block, Offers his services to the public' in either of the soe.led agreeably in the traveller's uttered imprecations, advanced few saeps.' ..
t] aSear~sare',p.d, unless at the option of thT Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa. -"T ... boveS^^ caaiis ars wi .loud moaning of the north Sroping his way. Kretlle, profiting by thi- C-AKcEs oFMA-B~motf.,-he.folU^Bt
abi. u W. Rgw H p to the.Bnent of the good things within noiseless, closed and boiled the door upon from an .nglish paper. !! (fral$

"- f ~ i.t and Ftfr', ents forev(;ry subse- C O MMISSIlON''u risrMERCHANTS,I t.oaseii i'unr c se'oi^e^, irnyCo rOnly d<^es3^eyoun girl of, Badeniwho~m herself in l upper chamber; there to await- derived fro+e~ir answerrf a'f. tejf
t~ r. % id unes atEie oa iea ae tet ote Id e 'Ao v eser capacitie. Hette wipls,... .. .. .i
.-.' Aowr gs avert tn Y-' Dec 1o Water .treet, argue cases in theACourt ofAppeals at Talahls- they haabrought opfr6m childhood. Kret- her master's arrival. *-( wFa.eh ter err mnp "iig lf
'.?*Cout ,illbearde;butai vlvertisem(ntsnot l- ee, the sessions of which, he widi always be l, for sueh was her name, was a host in Krettle had not been many mins t es en- Itis the fir evty cqustrueted to..9" p
e-4 %e R~ onMn.m EugeneIV. Roer.p 1,, reclr nFrnln. a-
Atrietl. p,;r2iina; t, their own busihene, as well D. B. oond & Co., present at,' unless prevented by accident, herself; housekeeper and maid to her mis- sonced.in her retreat, when a freshknock- female their chances of marmotm^
araallteil adverti* Vetses,.a t in by t iem, w,,l ,-.I AND...0....\.R.DING Apalaehicola, September 8, 1846. tress cook in the kitchen, valet-dechamber in resounded at the inner door, ,and she ageI. Of 876 femalzs ther inami t. ^.,
be,a d COMMIStS O N. rateM.T. ERCHANTS, H. E. Owers, to th* stray visitants in the one best room, perceived there two ill looking men,t who 3af 13 l at 27" .
gi: h Ar alalven rsements must be pand lor o and Ir-,-W, in thseabl -b arrue cassan ....C, asked her what had become of a. traveller 11 at 14 n.i SSe 29 a.ria..
No. will Columbus but RowWX ATTORNEY AT sAee t he sessions of which, he wil .... W wi r.su y w by na was a hosta in o hi .. -9- ae m- ,-i

-'f'. t' th.'i bsns from a distance must B. W d C099 prnt 29,1 usrn mebtof servants m .-the young girl immediately dinovered 45 at 17 "rer 7 at-, wea
Sims^^^^^ COMMS A.heevert Trs o'clock struck, and the travellers hhat the person sought for was the stranger innr d 7atoor,.-o:.
gat A.erii.e.n.fita.must-be paid or cit reeene -e a.G .em s sk
"ta oh:. : COMMOficeNo. 7 ColumbusBuS ATTORNEy AT LAW. haviggp, hed their supper, drew nearerrto whom she had locked in the. cellar; never- ll5atl19 ,- i5_tj3! ^
-:- :'-- -- --'-' --- decl'2 Apalachicol, a., Office, JNo. 2 Capt. Summon's Building, the.rop, which hadt collected rond the thelew, she thought i most prudent to h 113 at '20+ "::; _.E ":
!'**&"^.--'--- itt[fp[trpt~ru" Roers Alle U. cor; of Centre & Commierce streets. stole,-Father Boffkirch, the minrster,_lheir mnake mo-adgission oiithe Lubjeet. On her 86 at 2[ :" 4 at3B 1"
In- '-" DEALERS IN HARDWARE A -IP- "ov5 Apalachicola, Fla. hos2, and some neighbors who had entered refusiugjbeirreqnest to openthe door, the t 65am22. 3 at 3ff. -
bylcii- &tou;CADEY IEL AL^~IJ ~w hanes. The conversation turned on-the two men~hrtened toscleth wll The 59-at 3 2 at ^: -
r- ""LO-MM h-I'rw S'aN for nnt u CHA NDL CYSTTON, NArLS, SPuKES Alabaw, feam.ul and murderous events of which the poor gia-ltlmbled with fear; her courage 58l24- 1 at. fo-
':- bTE'G H ANTS, 'Andanufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop- A TTORNEY AT LAW, "-neighbouring forest had been thescne, and was nigh dserting her, for she knew they Fo36 att25- d. t at 3o of -i
No 1, \Ver stree, per "Vares.6. Bainbridge, (Decatur Co.) Pa. each one hadShis own stoVy to tell, surpass2- couhl easily accomplish their project by -. 28 at 26..0 at .L.
nov21t Apalachiicola, FIa-' "Dec 1 '? Apalachicola, Fa.' Ol Will attend punctually the Superior Courts tng the rest in horror. Farther Hoffkirch mecans of the iron bare fixed to the window .... .,s-
.... 1,, of the counties of Early, Baker and Decatnre of wa amone the foremost in terrifying his of the lower story. In this perplexity Kret- StCRED:ES8 or TK-Ks.--There i a. .
..- &vA 'Wi.VA Y \v~i. A. McKENriE. B._F.N, urse, H.:BStone, H. W.Brooks., the Southi western, and of theecounty of Thomas audience by, the recital 0f different ad-ven- fie looked around her, andher eye tel| upon eredness in tears. They are no* tlp .aaIl
Sim Nus Ce, t ver A. G.. ofins theouter travcuit. may3h, pesnre-t~ ws

er tues, ali more or less tragieal. The worthy a musket which hung from the wall, a re-of weakness, but of peer 'os..kan
SCOMM1SS0NMERC TS, OMISSON ECHATS farther had just finished a horrible story of- wic of her master's younger days. She moreeloquently-thanteothousandrljB
CO MMIS.IO NN,>.\4.i. Water Nstreet ON. 46 WCterstrbeet,RT .. ,s Ao l rogbers--quite a chef d'crrein its way. Seie it, and pointing the muzzleout ofAthe They are the messengers of oherhgi|
.'Set,..I., +, \aacl,',Fa.... Decl2 Apalaehicola, Fla. ATTORNEY AT LAW, The scene ofthe legend was1little morethan wndow, cried out that she would fire on grief, of deelp contrition and of ualpth.h t
,r of .Cenre&rtfrttt^- s stoAA AFag d ha who atterupted 10 ascend. love. IF
A/FUCxTION AN lSS[Oq MTRCANT, J.. H. 3. M. Hull. TILL practice the several Courts of the aii gun too opem the The two it they a -Odi spe nos man
': -. ANDG.;'ERA A .,EA LEORS' oMINSSRION:E ME AND S SHIP-eser Cir it hosho a ad ti~, menfou aely;hborswt ha d a ienteredbre fuin Th etwo robeqi -fr ta hy wr h p a o as~ ftm

o: ...... "I ....NSt et i l whc thstill remid on t-he identical 9spot, could no longer be doubted-struck dumb one-weepipg in silence Br-S.SS
I-, i Et .Y01111. CHA DLR. ST EL NAo.S SP4- ate street

ttonnoug9.n1order ". Ns Aug. aw1845. F 31-tf gAve to the narration an airof gloomy verity, attoe siht of fime arms where, expectingno solemnity by rude:aghter, or |,
Rft H A N T S, ers Decof2 Tn APAhACHICOhA, FA. AT which no one dared to question. -This resistance, they ad brought no weapons, footsteps. Scoff not if :the shr. *f
AT.. Ea h o and someiOe melted,,( e u Co)Ga oud esiy aco pis -b i-

B-.DE ) -No. T5UMBER MNSPECTOR.--The undersigned po-,ewa, ;n ,trth, moaw formyidall, ,hr and confounded at uch ritrepdity, went
'B.,HuNL-. S New ori~ns, COMM H^^Nr-^olnes,:T .L^ havin beenappo^nt inetorof Lumberl out the -Po0ine as being, it was said, .awayuttergtnemosteartuenaces, and sympathy--they are what hetpj Jet~i.
lj[essHr. Wx,-tKA Mc[{i^,zrE,)^ ,lahie1a COMMISSION- MERCHANTS, forthConytFaknfirisevc t the redeoosnftytoo of branditrn, whoier hiosn sevie tour aa n, ,rae force..Inhaov ebu.I v-t ,lfrM
S, Hurv r so., .-. -n.r" the d Pblicin that capacitYtosaid andMark Dc2A lhowill attend to all h)l thr e ht their mysterious-spite ofher terror, our hermaine remamed affection. They are painful t e
>" ,. '" S. & J. SClnffi SUN MUTUtAL ifSU'ANE COMPANY, duie apetan CORNELISgGRADY. metigs All heue were stl^dru firm at her post. An hour passd away in awful- p^asr^ f hrewge^@
*WHE.S.LE AND RE.'A.L GROCER, oofthe Cityof'.ew York, March22, 1S45 of rly, tr and Dhe influencegf the terror which the story thicritical position at last the grl per- earthtoshedalearfornaesbqtlN6e(^
,- ^ nrticular atteimon rid 10 puttins"P tmily, ,No. ., Water street, of Farther Hoffkirch caused when one of ceived her master and he s friends coming in to live ; ad if no one; nrg" b weeft.oIh.y
.... ste-,it,.h.- ndn~ shup stores. : "DeclX2 r,' Apalachicola, Fa. T UMBER INSPECTOR.--Having been ap- the travellers before menstinned, offered'to sight, accompanied by the bnrgomastejr and grave, I co.uld never- e in pet.ee^-;-!^.
ALV I V -1E,0.L tepounthe sternpe androf thmer c o h county oet Thoma a die c ats the eia l n o f on fed ren'dvt et f o e *es

Wyi e p M' -Ston e M -RpV A o T P T -Athe pabloaFn Cir. capacit y, a.d wn a nd to de aatr.oa l ess on The wort h The a musket whic hfouneing fomd te -a G O '. -
D-X L I I{ IN.M 1o. ., 1o th and voe y whoh of tre of mhagr m asters ytoe da ed ot r --,
MERCN ISj ,NIRHA NT, .0-MIS1, M-R>ALgNrfTS, f^-^ lslw ^J U~.t^artherhad jutfipnishe a long ilec odradamrto fal ~ eae enltl^ ,,^
*.-v-30,50Water street, Joia uul nuaneC.o e ok hns E.1b Cry ~ tatcwoycpy.o seizedl it, yug 3band -apointing the bogmuzzlerep- nIdinCefbngakdlt it
N 1 1Apa,1laclhicola-,Fa. Dc S 1. ATTORNE, AetMEC ANT LAILOR Kthel scnwoheoegn was quittle siningi or-ta wityaindow,4-weaatjaM~iu-f< Wini.dpoute that

*A,,.--ril er,l erlatie a+= m .-iqt ot a mery ,-.I,., ... .. ... 36+,:-- W aterL,,o .tree. Cheap e st. nssbex dorat es o Th ank l ort ei bea ...... ...... nr .... up .... .. .. acc,,e ;h ,bet-", .sig h rh r icc nt-h of c r w n in him ,,y ; ,adn o.fce sai he ~k ^ v.btI'
lo-y frnI/in N.v 0. lan 1AW Yor or1 Edar J. 1%~. H111111 LL prespctice infr the svrlCouties of ther as. -gun consentrat the same dortim. sac fterbewo~e~-a m u was axrce fromi th frs mn hoatemte
Liuerpol.z Aprail.lslo 1-MI 1.', TheSIO twoN NDDAERv plahcla nt ehs utrcevd Heabbi od ieatfrtreue, l rioe wf omuhadrs ndpeethadt tlht
.< ,_ .. _,- IN DRY ^OODS AND GROCERIES~~ frouthWeNework largei andslndi Toassortdente"', ing the loelns of Oth anlancient ginbcaet, id fe ~hr eitne ews ~oi~eol akoeedfg

-w .r~,aun ] ta A L a N o. 4 8 W ater street, byfaCl thsl Cat e i oer no hi sb in ess, gisu r i e of drngew ;t but t h e near l el s han a irsifted vit y, aot spdsec.i.t f efureg, a s ter c e .m t- de l. -.;vs wh e ex d
nor-Cotoi n bouht o ord cirr' Dec- 12 Apalachicola, FA. Ag. 5"31 0 ?, 1845. -Th nis esisance they chi fad bando f obr h .,,,.._ .. r..,.
^ ^Refer toP m s -^c p ^^ which^K not only dre u sed to a1 qu estion. d o gbt~ noe ^ --^^^ ^ ^^
New ^ S^ Oren..E aErp IN GOOSv H olmesSO UMBERps IpoibeCras.-Thanflfrte undersindpacewa, ntrth md for~aletr^ on d enou nded at seuchinrepii'vteolsl:^
W " *' ^ S ~ a .N o ~ w ~ g re t ^ ha in &^s n ^mS b e e nrd ^^ e ^p rs d ae b u rg m a si e id ,d e a w a y titte rin g^ ^ .

.ll Darden- D ec 5 Apalaohicola, Fa. continuance "of their patronage. she rapidly walked towards the gi bbet.- the norse, amd oe va.searwhch ,coni.m. .,.k"Y . dyf^. df-S.
II- .. ..... ,1. ,.8. -M.. .. .. ... tApalachicola, Nov. 21, 1S46. When close beside it, she started, fancy 'ng .gre numbr o gol p ,eces, ,hul be t" b, a ,e df -^ ^ "f ,
No. 2 olmbu u.ld.g., JIOnll S& MuctcaItnson, 1 sheheard a noise 0 however after a moment gOien to the youngKrettle, wuose courage in greates d b--e ," .
D~ec.2g0,-S. Apalachicola. ca. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION tall oods. public in tt .y ;d wl an htd so -ohoerfull contributed to rid the nreevaried arrangements. tln {ew^
" ^ i -i MERCH-A T, duie'RANCIS KOPMAN has just received his .... .. ..... cou-nfiry of banditti who had infested it for rg thirty holidays) a host poslt Anhiue p
-S.. & 1.A No.l 5li0 a rsler, SU MU take ngh at tne east .n.' "T guests ever da for two uearn dieriB
;COMM[SSION^ 5[ERC'HANT, oict patro'''nage APALACHt'ICOLA, Fa. h.s friendsao nd, .... mers ..... as` t......:_,_ "e was renewed, Krettellistened intently, and solongalime. .. -ac gn ,. a. dif.ere, pl ace ront ?.,T .
IV ( N.F. i..43..aE ter.trcet-upti r ,, ." 1 "" leaves them to be the judges hisstock comprises tfe soud o- aehorse's feetstiUck uponner -. posi t.-on; ,ttat
W X te$.:,-r."5." '-aciP coh Fla. :Jnas. -F.-]Faa iOr a general assortment, all of which, is offered for ear.I Her terror prevented her at first from "m at and-. .: ,hi.s.
-M" .g' I?.,,,a- ,l .. l s"as- GENERAL RECEIVIN G. FORW.ARDING fc cash or city acceeptance seetoe, how near> it was to .her" but the w Bo LICKED VOL~tiTEm aiN B~UT HAD sz s __,. DIT T _- : :.& o" .l.^
stiiibatan si Sors.. ec1 Apaachcoar? F a.aah la .8 -Having tt be n eT mn sh ppeie ta t'hebt acom ani Xed E byT tbebS &go

MERNHAN.. 40c 5s paa col Fla wae stre e fea was fastene to gbbet... rFrom the New Orleans Delta d thn noa one dr a. off. t ofic
No. *2 C r : K, Dee 5 Apalachkcola, Fla. -. H other took .as das tedeu oof t e ganndt trhee -s 'es his it a .ad Tom.. r -t.l~w.l1 L" /.
D-c6, ~~~ ~ ~ Gr c l.Con paahcoauF. JREIHyA., "sIE atDY ^ .W O O that mro ment to he faale isptan d the reprapca e --yKes t lera swaco p n ofg e ,B rusb ii to
;-. No. the publicct in tha caacty an wllfrte- n^^^ atten to wi^' t h chastrcoa aui c(so h ib T ad herf e itare, am un ing alost,,, n te ^ ^^ r n
.N,. S.2 : Apolahin, Fa C OMcn~s MggstLO ME-dHATS allyrd duties outrag to said apontot cloe oldaue too.'Mrht the batefld!st ^"1,. ^ ^

'_"--.+ .... r= 2 .. ... ..No w .1 J York, a fine assortment of choiceViquors se- brafe irl recovered, she told "her story, ahd marching home agin"-purvidin a feller have learned_ that, te ^ a r_.
: OM1MI:S-IO'N ANDUI* ,~ OR ARDING'-- P. W. Culllln, 'gars, Tobacco, Soap, Candles, Stareh, Domestics, .- ..;"^ ^^ on ,e cor- succeeded_. in d _:_ ,t.e Mer_..- n cope ... an eglt to -nave-none ,-.t.art.,]g
ME4iHANT, 0 It COMM LS S-NptEq-UAISSIO.N vey c. Also in store,u ionarrels cnoiceWmeand .a areundtomake uptby dlg e ff b~t
S N6.2 'Water-street, .MERCHANT r. C Ader Viegar, which will be sold low. aad Presencee .... .... : .. at rd Th-ey are aable .tf.cwi
." ,M Ap ,l . i ,.,solic i .t .....re o EDWARD McCULLY, horse, wnIco was o sting Qeauty. A ,ogeau or ,-l ,and ad .:i- diso o ... S^,e l .'l w -1
? ...- 1 ...Pr i --_ r.. ..... a 0 ,' ") AP A.A CH ICO I P- A. Dec 5 '50 W ater street. st n c t^r alt a t~ u t it ^S^^ ^u u..s ttt. ,..." 7 .. .. ...,- .......^he Ss"a "g=.esakistr .s l .nd wv., 2 -.a k .ca e 'l ,
~ ~ ~ ~ -i -street^G & 1,F1. Pelica n O M tua mbur Blc Co.25 ofnoEw Markliaas tars. 6 onlyre*wa Sud- n day the yo n -.h t o e- v t emw n ^ ^ ^

A. ; -po7 C u u B cFra b B. S Aa le bt CfTer EffINh, w-ous ald n st be l tobev There owha t nehso t qauent s..nn. ,inr a cor- .c. ... i i-i 0hr
... .... oo c .. .. .. 8 W after street. a t t os eig eb or noex, dore below ... .. .. .. ner, rose a d ae they b t -.in- .eroi c i o a fel erliT e l.v-d th re .. -
o A D .'SS O iNard M cCo., Be)Otul inform the ctzn of tier rnd ater' conse ntce theo sa me ie. ro montou ". lea d uS to be .leve Ihat I he.
... ...A GTION^D J,, I CO01MIMISSION MERCHANTD AORND DR ..... ....oushebucemasterd Hese apy his heo Theyat fiast terefued, al- p.o r c.e and s,:
N ADR GENEDAL AGN T fom OF a large an sp-endidasspesen e lnef -le "es of the place, case ud. wat- ucnat, i to rte do--.:'
ONo1 0' Water sree..-. of Cloths, C n Elocia yng, u p .de w," Iboudant.o seu.,il andr s n IaO
A. lX. M c~~~ay, M^ST.DEAX & W^ ES ~~ i q u altyo R hang er, s, 'c onsjustin r feeved y san d e anr was -at l ast suffe red t o udep ar et.e ^ o o a 8 ^ ^g o s -ipo e n jv~ ~ r

D.C' II N M E'R"" C HAN T ", .H De c 5 '.pl-._o. F a.. sale b .. F. HAWLE, hid atie e fi-thei r guehstsaln u et s e thre of of ahat b nd use of ac g mo asceri.i. i.. a.- r-a --
- ./ : N t0 W ate stret, .. F. S.AMAN & Co. Y 2ater aste. thr t whung sehean U istU prepared to make o i o l requ ste t-atf c to wioo h-, fo- .ome ti'me pred trro
',.-.-,., g Sept 1 1 Writs, os. ON "t rr I I. a tend ed, afb er l essol acqiunt h he burno a ond co amry the i h appee on t.
vi +" & Co,, hr t ONFFtSIOrS_ "ps possbl r Atea. PRETTs all f.st but f o w ,,ave Thankful frhat
of H*' C ` n u a nd Water uColdin M ERCHANT S -,: AND Gertoor Astowed up on 2i 0 h e gh s Hy"n wii .er I D, GOODSisthe hAND Cau atd- what .. gsed so wave ovfr the laprov, oo the out a cati, were- qucl _t.t

4 WN MeNa No. 41 W atir.Str b faithu l s atote d to hs bsines, to merite aad morsreow th a nyag-rrllyuhad vte t-e b w 'be horse, and ..le which
Apala N e closeJ beside itacen s p u n, ao tau e o g old p Tees,
+"No -2 Coumu Lull S Joh S ... ... .. uih ns -m m n gie to ,Oe thelaondofthe reeandth who .,tterv.P'- '7'Z
~1: .-- e t ,+1.I!.-.5 Ap alaohicola, F a9d. JOHN ONORT En AND CO M SS O .ai Goods. . 1 ., iapafalesystaothr oshl. .....t-.-.- ene-ee fliehnd'-i il!
~ ~~~~~~ ~~~ E RISO CM7A -THAT -ACI .OMA h. LJ na'sjsotesz, treceied his olbstain s- steppe forward r,,A,.d, to country ofkA,=,h,-, badit rarel hade atte nrfO .
CG ONA.[ 8 1 N E RCAN Soict p a tnN ronWageI,- .~~C~0A Fa hi frind an cutmes an as -op s -h wa renewed, Kee listened inety ........ ,0 lon a. .. lime.. .,.-:*r
.. .. .. ......cola Fla.. He .te.. ...,rr "" A ou r pa crevent ased her ate firs fr om T OMk T ItPPLEx o. h m ar ,,,,o, f. h ,,I,,;+_ ." -

*I _



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S- ...' r

-Oct: 2u Apalachicola, Fa. -F,. J. H ,R Pn A palachicola., \ L im teasers am t free nor brave no how you can ..... .. j &, ,- ,( ,s
++ ; I' s I :' : """" == "=l t .therec'ame aknock at the, outer door; it was 'gre s r hin t "o brv no, he. .. ... -"
- ,. Cooke, d. -arA, .... > .. ..... H : "; CASKS, just received and now landing a traveler onhorse back, who asked leave- to fxt,so you see, thoughthe-oausicisgpod .+" .1 fear ",aB-iirta

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.N .. B. -, Men': -- -." an all thed. a e. sr ec i ons.,7 by th, un y. a t he san muh w an, in sh otated h sltsak e om eius do int frop wea l ve ae llerN The p si o_. h lsbe f t

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DRUGS: EDINo. ES Pater Ntree OILS .m' See'd and'frsaew Shoes Chlre' do.+ d o. Saull y'ovS J. C. ALLEN" all lmeei txold i hrln a te ad.r^ ~ an in6atigtTeh ~ee t.ad~ht: adeen madnesswetst".:he," ,.,: :om .^i
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BL tOOKRS, BLANKS, ST ION MERCHANTS,c -and PrS~ale n, y 3O W oMs POTRop+frs~ by CO Nv2J.C Liosaotteonndtswer;iqued obe nesoodth city. Aheyt cal "th .n p'fu e "h .6b: -. .... .... .
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:'-0 Ae1116 h^ a .l LCKAT3^ ^ el ORE>T vS^ .o. scc i'B y' E~k -g r~rs tohe Cosupton warrats .-edo 'aj enI nhssie. ^ l !-;
*1^-~~~~~~i B' -r" g;i ,s:, ;- le :" *d t o be co1q' tte e't the sibe- rem.a"ined n* vlner. I ca I Is -that': ;- *;,;: '*

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;.7 -[From the Montgomery Journal.] [From the Baltimore American.] that the State ought to send them *ut, if ever, the Recorder was in his office, the vo- proposed, and this department feels boun]Cruz on the 15lh, All the priso. isfuj
:, 5i \STDON COTTON. ; *.. THE SUB TREASURY. ." the.Geuera'l Government will not luntoers movedhfftoward he B barracks, still -to communicate the opinion enterained by squadron in the h
: : Ir-.- Eul i, \' v,,, xprsp ,'P a The ppni clause went ineto force yes-kek- I.feel sanguine that _(re-G 'vefti'rwwifl do keepflg C.orpa t W hitmore prisoner. On it, that, in the absence of these duties, it released It is row B p"B
vvisb to^ know Nla"^b .4T,)d(Ji~i i ;] a. l nnh"cuirSu6n"Ti;eaqiiry somreitin ;^temantime we6% -^ [Aop-rahn the tgacwarehouse, Col. Black. Vill. pftably(.be.lAbpa~g e lc
Cotlon I willoine n.S 'm'i"eidre n-th -sn\.:m ,sin full opetii:n ; t he: selm on thng to injure or moles ihem,lonly take 9f the. 1st ,Ped'nsilvani Rengime tnet _gOtate ffe Soanefl spth.-r.I s-.ou b , o ige lfin |Dd"aen 9iN|6
it [i H nted ast rl-.'- o (-i ,- tn ,ta s o p back our ow n -, .. them a1n released the pohee ofl. cer.:' us "erm ittdi by C oa. gress. .'" -h .l. ofn, T s firs tby
hv 4 lect na -il.hs I,1 l.' -'w5.'iece- ol This .;ep backwards. towards the rude .* -::ours in haste, '' the affair rests; but we understand tryo. 2d,,. .+ost res{ectfully,' # =-: ^e5 lO.'^'^ MMK^^i
g around i ,Te u y .ll On 'ages "ii-t sr111uhation of0an `h'disco efis repudiation of all th.e. disco ve tie-, 'eTi H .- CANcE. Lieut. or Palice, 'with a w r has foerob-d*en Your obedient seran. be%, irl by iil lr
the 3d anl 4th wl.ottr I t "nn.iIlanted about and improvements which have resulted from rlis..ltfied to-the Barracks for the appre- A. J. WALKER, as a spy, and had been aAite
5"'l--r il lp, td tfled tbe-balance conim ercial knowledge and exp'hicnceethis- Cot respo .td e....of [he Oharleston-Qourier.] hensio'nof-Capt.- f iiI. f4 ..-... ... **-- .. y owt .wT rfs ,y.-- B~r,-butfou dg
o [tie hil,'- that wei' iimi-.s-'.,. with corn.- assumption of second childishness before WASmNOTolt Jan. 4. A great deal of credit isA4ug to. Recorder Hon. JAMES J. McKAY, Chaimao believed, however, thai lhe rl
-'" ( pdfe 41t-rhrSeptembLr I picked out what- the-period of dotage, is. one of the most. re- The Message from the President, so much- Genois for the forbearanceibe displayed on "of the Committee of Ways and Means verdict would prevail, anh ero
/ ,c ton t was o ne n-"-o ilv 147 rm-un,1l I then m arkable events of which the history of (talked ofI in relate n to a reqrga~ization of this-tryiug oceasio a. >-tfd h noxt acted. +. "R O liberate d. .. .T
/ counted 't pe~ ina-H Ln ml f'o-,u nd ou l~v '287 1.- any civilized nation affords an exam ple tie arm y, cam e in to-day. In Drder that w ith adm liable self-posses ion, a terrible' ot A nt` *-. A TIU K R R OW ,,T h A m a tw sa ired *__. ^ m[ f ~ n
On t d 1 1 1 aII 2 7 n d e d n o d o u b t .O R Bln 0 a m o ap e rs o n tIe e r o t t 2 t a d l f -
r- A ,% ll ,,eibbt 30-?il hills, 3-.3 by- -Money" is coin; and-coin is money--the the' war with -Mexico may be Hgoronsly wouldhave takenple, attended, no dout, .
4-Vee,. a.para -On isie .-2li ;,f (-)ctober the first and the last principle of the Sub.Ttea- prosecuted, .the Presidenltreeomtlends that with the mo-st~m'elancholy.ttonsequ-eces.- gies in both.Hoiosel.-up-, leggd cha- there: frigate .artan.
-- F l,-twf, iCs ,iat l, l and it weiihe'd, a-, sury. The mind is imprisoned in the metal the army be increased, and thedeetsin its Thetumult last-ed.from mintoight until near- racter of Sen'to" 'Barrow. ^ The' atianat shtp ^ *f.,le.aner t~ ne 'Oi w
_V-eld,~~~~~~~eria '[15a, a-d-,, by ro helbo hli -craesv lu s -r aFieor
,-,,-,-ro dr/', 'q( pOiit'l-l" It .w,,^ ke,-t by- From the tabor" which creates values.{-fi-om organization be remedlied. -;Th-e volunteerss ly four o'clock in the. morning. ____ Intelligenc~rwsy : .'*.*' ^'-,,. ......iesadj^Pfatd0Nc(
S. + ritrs iim'il- the l-.5ii (,1" Dectember. when- I the-intellisgenee which directs labor; from latelycalled for .have not, he say9 been f11. '"Thesenepresents.- "in me'enhee-"" (nsowingmere'nat" els bl,, ."
,' ei'h ed i't ..c 'ftr l,]lv nnd -fob -d only 874 (he inve ttive'.and;,fashioning art w hichY turns furnished ;- and in those cases -ere the f .en.....e:,,- ,.^, C a-. e ... gs. .. ......, ..... ,
-id.-nt it s" e-d',v,-,an;l -fand crude substances int0Tforms and instruments call was promptly responded t9., hhere hNas day, on the aspo ,rta-b -r. c petgbrl tda ^o.or l
~ w.e ,'e l , nfl.; o l clo ar.co ,.on. :he of m se ;. from the substantial w north of in- been such delay in the o gam nza.t mn of taefferfing t6
hseed : e.4, ,u ,l he m,, dr edpspeat,-, e o--sintegrity arid every productive fa- troops under the State authorize -,that it is. A'PALA4eICOLA, SATURDIA Y, TAN. 16, 1847. occasion gf0-tth -i'n,.].,
c ;,5"V-, ls 1 w : ,; ve ry m u c h dA isa p c u ltty -fiob m th ese an d- fro m th e re p resen ta- u n c e rtain w h e n th ey w ill. be re ad j fo r ser- ....ra 'd th ~ ..e Se n t. . .. .. .
-io! p -oi edte in'ltl, I",.n.,uti 1'ro- lh I as' I tiVes, f these, faith is-to be withdrawn, that it vice in thefield. Ten regigtBzentsdf regulars The folloiwing gentlemeat are authorized ,,lfcin- u- whe r ur a'" ,I. -an-,.t,mal
Wh leIIto: IIeV, II n e d ou-t .m. c h. inm.ay be concentrated upon the sole essence ,ai'e therefore recom m ended an4, also, an- Agerits f6r Ithe oM CIAL ADV ISER, and will 'tribute of affection and admir Gul; " ll
Se "r th"in ci),m-,-,u "f.',.llo M y-seed ar., of value in the-tangible.shapeof gold apl increase oef the number of officeripf t.he ar- re..ive and to the sebsceipt' s, or ali toe" rud aosnThe .I/a a' B- """3S W
V 4- ,, .l : v ia s v ,-,,, p (' ivcleb y s!P-v e r. m y .a rtic u la rly in th e hI g he r L e'Ia d e s .- m e nr ts :- m vls ttn eppq u e n c e ^f t8pe. aii a ii n e r# a t e ML au e a ridin 'n i.e.jb
1 '6r, wei,,ht : tl 11, 1. ZI fil,,, silly... -.l; .!.o force back the growth into the origi- T wo ttiirds o tthe regim ental occers :are M ^ uli*& T E,' 38. V liam Street, Iev:q -e fta
a;,d ,,o,, a^ .prth tl ~ ink, or 4 c ^ .a 1 germ to^com press the oak into the- unfit or'active service in the -N..or ,re York t "M"^"-- --oit
1.1111' e970': DAVID-BRAVO, Esq., Newv Orleanill. wh sto am ngt t-n "ear.eI ~m 'st " ""
m-01 [it, m o1e :III if) c.1m1 ,> c,,,)),c ont: I-T he ac6rn, woul'd-,iil state, in nature, the true detached on other necessary dupies. :. he/ W M. W CHKEV %Esq.A b Ga. frien'ds-hip to thedeceased,, and. a md lhe nri er,.a t '
"Ilio I Iri.- 5 +, ,T> l .,,,l l ,n i(r t -' h a first elem entsthe'exoafided system offinance requires that a G E NE BA r O F FIC R be ap- oe
.. I 1 1 .-' I" o.. .....v lie .... o a and to whoes eloq en I .7 ex ac fI'~n d -,
-: -. ,rlh,'tll" p,,n,,,I. 3I,' ,,,,veseer t!,,,il. 1 is .and currency which is the offspring of many pointed to take command of all ,Qcers in THE NORTH BRITISH REViiEw.--This in deepened, anticfa'._ .. ;lte rgse, Th l'j1 el \he6q6dreonwp, Ig
rr,, d'r.to-i,-ck .,r,, .11,,, ,,Or ,:ii,,in cotton. nc.enturieS of huia, progress. Along with the field, till theend ofthe war. .The Pre- w publication is just to hand, and from and, with moistened eyesessyed to speak [ From the'N O. c .Timesqff
_. "l'hi"e,tt, n ;.in'. ,iI i. ivy eve r-ly v. IIli the ite advance of civilization in every thing ro sident recommends the early appointment of ..- .',. --A
S we "-wr ier. i h .!',1 n d tJ ^he ,'erl II.-r. which trhe miad of man has been applied it such General Officer, and alls for prompt its contents bids fair to rivaf the reputation, oroe t l mwre he are and bl. "
Ia-fi".l'lof opi.;,n'.n It ia "-i" season, is not to-be supposed that nooadvance would action on all the measures for the prosecu- of any standard literary or political monthly met [pn to pavyn^ % .;
lt",- !m le n p i ft -. ;yi
a8i1 i)rt l]erl,'-i t ill 1v.1, ,It fi'0rw be made in the commercial system whi-hl tion of the war. magazine, thAit'ha-s-been published in gome .. -h U gayS" .. ., By the arrivalhereytrda of ilid
two io4lu'r, e thlu.", I pourins -to the acre; ha'given occasion for so much activity, -so, There have been no new propositions, time. It is publishedSby Messrs. Leonard R wndseds:ha e en theus- e i St e er etihm ,d
and is d,,cide, hlv Ill0 l,. .<-t shdorl-stapled cot- much enterprise, so much shrewd sagacity, either from the secretary of the Treasury, "ofRarely, Indeed, has terlr
tion I inve s'.-e a, I,1w I),' i. takes ,i,:lt four Yet we are to go back .again to the days f or from -any Commitee of the House for Scott & -Co., 1-12 Fultb street, New- York, ed a more fiffeel ngseene. The hearts pf.rece.ve i re f.om t arr
pounds ii 11he 'e:.,J.l I,, ii ike. 0on-e 0.f"clear cot-- the strong box, the vault,.the buried hoard&, an increase,of the revenue,.since the refusal at ?3 per annum. mighty meowere bowed down.-and tears il sans df the army npat^
ion. I intend to 1.I nil\ tlie 'seed I have'. and discarding all the-Jdeas and practice-of,- of the House to 'impose a duty on; tei and BLACKwoOD.-In glancing over the pages many- eyes spoke more eloquently"thaneven -I appears that. tb^'
this spiinl. "> :. Christendom 'on the subject of currency, coffee. As one-third of the Sessionis one, of the December No. ef this work, w a the tonue ofha n dev-e" d tAbrieifflabref ben Anacoi ,ltifi .i - :
"" Yours. &,;., ''" *'** :I.we are 0 rsemo'del ot.r-financial'system.. u~pt it is time that some measures shouDe eme ta- s h it i 0o( tbis work, we are o et ho bo 'one to the monorta e ofe Annure
;. JOHN GOL'D VA4[TE., on that of T n-key. ken to secure the loan. It is admitted that it satisfied that it is not.r.eriortoan'
/ We do not k-nomw that this is to be the cannot be obtained,at par, unless taxeo be lid former publications, indeed there are several the lamented dead, were well nigh alogethler listed of"+iil
,',OTHLr;N _\,.:-; !crrLTiSi;E., *\btginiring of a-series ofiinnovations tending so as to ensure the payment of (the i'nterst, articles in this which for force of reasoning overwhelmed withemPoiop1; The oquent d viresr
Feeling. as I dIo, an ,,Al :,i.,s,,.hlw i, interest to a'thoirough adoption, of <06topauinstitu- W hat taxes shall be imposed ? that is tot be of sut.' adnt
in [lie a,!vhi.'ipnt-ouf 0n1 p'otfrin I "tions;I btm it -would be difficult.to-find any one of the great questions of th, Session, a f superior merit, and indicate deep entirely unmanned, that h6wsrgge in s h+ warc ol'in,. ^..S
piirl unmannedl tha reseauggle Ther -pofun thought. Leonard
consi.Jer-i' th e'_.it o"-every inm' I to other stepl in such a-progress encompassed Individual. members" have proposed -ei research and.'profound thought. Leonard- vain for uttera'nee.". ,. rinur, of hiph ih..elg are t'l
the common every iftc, .o ir:,ri.al by greater absurdities'- projects, and one oftherm, that..by M-r. Tib- Scott0& Co, publishers, 112 Fulton street, jrculai'l^:, ,.,, .
e inl'r1'0 i,n111 iI a11 ; i repay; in i I,,I, for the T he Sub T treasury .however is not to ex- batts, pf Ky.,-is now -'beore 'the Comere ilee N ew Y ork. M R- PRINTER-.-'Can y- it __'. he.l6th
"fdrinta,:,s le h'i. lii, ,.lti .,im i ed rom lthe ist tong. Its owner operations, part from any of W ays and Means,,.viz: increasing the -- + originated .-the plan of altering the Cry'.cerve .rtfr .i n S .m two s _"t S
ex fi'ie'r-ice ,,f of h i,. I v Ifeeb Ioreefforts interference, would soon wind it up. t: is lanffof duties.o .all dutable articles unner T HE TALISMAN AND ILLUSTRATED CharteT, so that the Land-Compai ycrit be Mex-\c"
.'h',v>;+.'l',',vv b,,, n.. nd slih .'r.,o..h' So utterly isolatedso incongruously thrtsthe tlle present tariff act, as ignh as the revenue F ELLOWS MA.XGAZINrE.-- We always welcome 0 lesantnehan-rhe'mo'offheir lIu ..e..P. t-.he" Im.'..S.t b-os+
4ib nefit-brif ?, i irm i n .... i Sol lrh. *,,,h into a general system rm of business and usa -standard w ill. perm it; im posing duties ,on this periodical to our table, being fi lled ., t d, li-l-,50 flfr (Mvinf .j ith tbej nfeti (, l '
h. -1n Ire ct t,, our %o'rn' it, Ianlds,lit isal- ges with which it nust conflict, so heavy, spirits distilled or manufactured in iet interestingprevous te whereas czens areeaowe '&.- d o a- .
.V r",.. .s;z,-r .in. b... 1 waste ..aper a... awkward and cumbersome in itself that the United States; a olso, on licenses to retailers .... ... Y to be ta~ied about. as much as ny ever ,iCgm'Rl e~qtd ea8il, Ba -Aier
-ofqJ If+' uto_ -'g Rod ogehe with exhoration -to excercise' be-u have "
Ink ...... to vie1 the southern n pla, ,fer ..l.in Administration, would -find it impossible to of q lequos; a so, on pleasure carriat to exercise be- nve been ? : 2" ing^ 3Si;3"l
'Ifiii 0""ian,,re.- -It is`ev'wefteoon-iI for the keep it in life and action even if-the whole old and silver ware as a war measure, in- hevolence, charity, temperance and, fidelty, Can you inform me who, fit -v = -.-- -
........~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ atetin ._. .... Goenmn s be sta of leyn ',e on t aa" coffee"... frlnsi love a yuiomm btts icvrd ~ll'o~. ale.. ~
-'NoerlTrhn 1lli"m, 16 *taf-; they can wef, attention-of the Government should be stead of levying duties on tea and coffee. : friendship, love ana truth. Theophilus -- ,- .' .onlefey-apd 'turea6" h6 n
-'ult'nrd spots of, ten taken from all other functions and devoted This proposition seems to enhbrace those Fs ...... a P p mae citizens of Apnlacncoia were in- .y ..
a....., fe _. -..pot ... ..... .s -.-niby.c.t ose F sk, Editor and .t-roprietor.' $Yper yelar. .. a m sa~ 'm l t(i./ I~
6,'r ;i dozen rres: btIa sn, hi'iln u|tattation exclusively to tlbf. nurture-of this monstrous-sources of revenue which are most easily capable0ofmanaging theirrown anal,,ann General Worf without ao'hcrmig0n.e.
'6tf-five' -or six lhund.le~l'acres in uliivation', -ba ntling. ..' "". -- a-vailable. It is supposed that an addition of OUR. M-ILITA RLY FOB.OE whether the recent act o~f the Legishltture, porlaaeeto th e repprl' than itsee ihc!
-wo0,d hi nkeall'lle.?m'11,111e i~h ;lhe" parish, aind '"Now that the specie clause isiu filll fore five or~ten, pe-r cent to the ralseoqf duties u, ndet- '*he report of Adivtiant' Gen. Jotfes" a'e- taking, from ... hem.'"that+pr'ivi"lege, is dead- Iorlhwilh ..dispatehiedex presse's"-"to,.:lg
..lH ,he+ ,-,,., d,, rl,, i, just^, 0ur pl,n,-..and .all d~onne<;tion w~th ,1 a nls dissolved the existing Tariff, would yield an addition- "opnyn "hto -he Serr of Wa -r o no" '"' -., "' "1jW~o~~te~cTW^
*lions are too etiensi,.'in,+iia inoce (horo-ligh-^ there.. willbe,.oecasrp.ns,.peedy and. abund-- al..revenue of five millions. A direct tax t*"*' "s tnd -l .u 'er r t a crn ,. no -'= +.-;.-: ',, wtlh whiat he had heard, l~m ~ a
to1lr pt.'ongress source ofa -tar rae'nstvieennuenor ~eq n rt oh ra-, .,.. -.: ,^ _,a== .

i..l_,consequ>(:i-nll ,t f< !l.,ifdo:he~ornnot-(tne .ant; for testing the utility and great supe- would bring inrevenueutaelbtnto ngsssosttthearineve uCantl, u nt. o ... mmf w fe. h- e ....r al-'( ,,,in,-',c- in ,h,~ies u,,.-:..,n
"*(a 1l.;-Ain ',1a -, w h.-,i,-..-ro tiime: o ?hu,,l ,r'ierilY+ f the Sub Treas~ury. system. Liarge _soon enougnL for. the emergency. .2 4,984-regulars and volunteers, distributed- terations of our Gi(y Chba 'i'iar designed press ovtetok Genl. Taylor a sbclf e
'lage-_'cinailiie ;of 11:,11urOeto+ the'fi-Id- for ex-penditures are to be made in New Orleans; Mr. Bailey, of Va.., and Mr. JDavis, of Ky.,- as follows- "t o gziv& still furt-her+. .-aidtli.aI,comfort to- from "Monterey, on ihe ronlie. ro.-Vire
it"eaei'esal'lv tikes i Jnnta'y to"cei to that point large amounts of specie are .made mutual retractis and th p lana addiionse O W recenticrf
,oiit all oiir c,ton- : ad'.wehave to r ,iisi it to be forwarded to furnishi pay. a~nd-supplies to-day, in rela-tton to all matters personal ,- ., + --. '. "'.", *"': .. -*' i.pi .,fe round, oear Mon'erey, withh ie.f
..... ...... th spci clus istn ieln ofulrs ande Five inelud pe cen tort cabetl mrtmm tiesne weandee.^ L .

thenl tohet 6 ime 1o-iike-r~iairs, before to the army :in Mexict o.'n om New York, between them, and theeif r difficulty js at nan -."" .-.. of- .'d -" In s.t f we am uivison, and then ..,--wa id
.p'16oinsz' ldrour rie\tl.:r.., ,. You nmig~htsay,! ithe chief point ot" receipts, to New Orleans,. ena. nrg..general staff, ....... .. ...........6,613 are or are-.Qtairuall^.^l(noi,'.e putel!.( ,ad'vices. Afterreniaini~g (tree..days, dat
A 1 11 1 1.. "c "h "~ 6,h "h-r. w il be`carn:sed "a'hem'lita- al. eor -roops~yg tat saadudeof dr toont" "". - 'i -as h~,he Secreiard ofnformation o-r Doi

ihT not.3 k' ,-t11t4 ,,,1. pat-tlreP, thareande .pooopst atur seae of. five to r Aoi ten thousands
.10 rusikin=, rM:,nu hile tlnehF others a nte becortveyod, ani after it shall glave reached regulars, and appointing~certain regimentotl the aCo y,... .........
.Ttick'inte?"-Bn-t1%e.then wouldhav to its Soutberdetination andaccoiplisb_ ojfcersof thearmy was take-n up astlye ..h-a,- -'he'e'f'" ' Can [- Fromth e..: ,ng. ^y.:dvanceon Salt.ilo, hcagaintlook uphel
4 i+,, ;, p-pcco ` w- Ii, ;ti, .... t flud systway Larkge-lacial- o rider o1 the day, and was opposed bd istis route dor the seat of war,.. 762 Later from thy lat e al 't~r d it._- _e~ .... I i h.r'.e -t i 'h .. U .... -o y, 2... r

a..... winih he :s l,,s. n ,,d :ret6 ti other ;.for to N-ew+York. ,.Thbe -merchain s inNN. OMr. MeGaUghey, of V ndiana, and advocated ,CAPTUE Of LAGNA. .I Meanwhile, General Wopl, w. ho'h.ti, hii
,things wo.ufl4-1i;,v,. t,,-g'-innloue which we YoTrk .will-waninl1 .t-.t0pa~y duiies wih; ttre. ~y Mr. Owen, 0of Indiana, and Mr, Hatnlin, Aggregte;t reg-uldrs in campaign,. ....8,473 xfMERICAN PRisoKE^ :^sEmAS infronrwd of'the, rumor cnrrent at al,&
Ssho,~l. 'ne.'"-)ny'vpl.iee a'Not'lern.I merchantsft and So'thwill wish ofMi ., VOLUNTEERS. hej~ampeachy schooner Amalio p prize called in asl ihis deaacdheud c, ammande RU
,f'arrner tn.:in flces,+ :,:tl lh would, be abott 4o have it in New+ York< and 0ttaer.Eastern: The Senate was some time itn Executtive- In the field,.... ...... ;..... .... ... ....15~,7415 tatei++[y the. U. S. steamer MI/ississip~pi off" at th+e head of'+s i'"_i)o'n.,-3'^'P-gfo
.;.s3bad o'11 a:e areI,i "iil ^, ,, tI ,tc, depre-; el-ties to make their purchases with. Now Se~ssion. There is to,tbe a hard stt'uggle-in At sea, fo-r Calif0ornia.,.... -.... ....-'.. 766 Alva, ado on t-he 27qthnilt. is eo~ning up in, quilled Pairras oH t'he l'8rh hhimo, aod
,dat'ons., ^.5,t' ^mt.,'-or "ll eii ,,-.. + the: Banks could make. these .t-rairsfers both Congress, on the question of appointing a *_ cha~e otf. P:sd. M Vidshipman Barbour arrangement, previously i-ade, wnfstpf
'Howenerf tt I,-1o li.a11 lnnhtime on, lhe: ways without cost. or risk to the Govern- Lieutenant General. Aggregate volunteers in campaign, 16,514 of the 1.isssnd a prize'crew. Saltillo nn the 23d at farther, push
"'ark sid,_ol the I..i athe remiedy -Inch ,,iis ad Isl e^istc'- ofatvansporting coin to and fro, (he interest ate confimedall the. nominations ofor.orn Aggregate regular and volunteers 24,984 tellgene fron.th.q.9adron, and wears in- Butler had previously reachedperona
01- aill otir cul~inJ l,.,. IlJ eya drn srast,:with. th .is atenn iis r ts adQae-matr nlh -ot e O f tieldmoffier' Gend meno,,in18 a_ n short da toom PasdV~ipflmanBror n Mnee.Drn iiiiet

'then, i((e ,t 1 ) 1-4 v r.sii rs, by t o thew a rmy wheo,'- am ou k, to a ao n and e y i a d ifeuty at a n
the che pon...~cipst e rens- ~d-'ig~ee tf, ar o raare

-rutinOtus" s~-.-en).. el Imr'2- ri.ni ... 1Thus year ;,1-- handsome" per. centsage-+to. say ,nothnn."g, of Volunteers. der hiscommand;.. Gen. Wool 2,660; and. the Am.aft. -for the following iuteretn eecdohrmr dsatpit
IF I rh, 1);c n the chief'rponcet must cauen i -t 17e' iltsrdnessr "d

Iery.car .. A.i.e "i 1i.a I[ "n .l, un'ttil the ue b T "se 'fte bu iess '- "e "Gen Kearney 3, 992. If to these we add particulars: -" L line of o upation;and'lroops, 'tlread" ut
hl.id'is.t~ot' 'l". w-".t ou>. 1-St fi,-l, nt on e w.ee. a ha- [Fom-thcN..O Com. Times, Jan 5. the nine additional regiments recemly called "CommodoraPerra arriveddat Laguna'on orders, to march towards Monl.rey,.ha4-t4

'10 at Mhf, r, (liei-, tl,, or i.in,l,-are +- companyD (70. men,)ofthe 1st Pen asyl- th e ,0 .- e d ... ..
,v to it S I, o mther'esTiatlnah dasseeint pl] s Ofi e....h ted ak nern

.... w: n-orthlest H ere :to, rotii~nVof DEA.r, va ia volunteers, now .quartered below t'he tHohR To THE"FALLEN.- The remains ar ede about o fiy soldie rs, a tnnhon 6& is .b o. R wits f f t sa f. 6..
lvcrops, a ;,":r ... manuri.ng, L DIA DEPR DAT IONS. PLcity, fully armed, wth Capt..Hill at their y L wer about"fifty, sodiers, a41111d vac an,11 o1t7e-rep1r of1 .'m li!!
auat dian, andn a' prdvocate.d~~ h,

C(gfd~ual;) ci;.,~i.i~ ll, *,,.e.i,,J ,,with the By kindness of .M-r. Jarnagan, represen- head, appeared- at .the entrance of the 'o th galn IrEwlsonb5removedl affected to b-e favorably, disposed it6 the .from the-foltowiing facts: 1st..T-hedltgra
cow-pea, I Id sling wlh ih,, and th+ '. tatdve from Orange Countyw.e are pernit- Washington Ball Room, inSt. Philipstmeet. frch tesaca de la Palms to Alabama, -of cause of the Campeachians. The Cam- between San Louis d+ Potos; and Sali
green crop;, n',l l,,i.Q ;li w,,,l pntii, if t.ed eo uopy *the nld-lowmngex ract of a letter and denande-d admfittanoe. They weeoid which State he was a natie:. peachians had declared themselves entirely was tooa great a adhof Ihp p9ssibiTity
it"c'aubehTauled. ;ui~ ilhr,-,wo i,ti:o:"rill,{(it received by-hi-m~shortJybefore, the adjourn- "" "-'"...that .on de~positig their arms att the ',dgpot, independent. of Mexico, a'nd- had sfnt three the march' bfs6 Ja-ge a badv as iS.O$fi0
wvould req.-tre lr h n ,, lay it br,:,. mert o-f rhe Legislature.. -The, facts it;,they might ascend. Unwilling, to do this, S.U LITTLE SUM.--By certain returns Commissioners on the suhooner Sisalnio to wM-ithout. timoa-. oticebeing'afl'ordc'..VTE.
".asf,) then. s'm ill p..." i.>ns ,...I'Innp, ,t ,w,:,:+s- make~s known are t.ruly:.ominous, a~nd will t.ey forced .their way into thle assenbl-y.-_ it appears that the small Sum of 2,335,000 C'ommodore. Oormofr.- at AntonLizardo, to American Generl~to pt'rpIare, bis rece
ry,,'lo.. prno l i Joc._,,i,.- i ,,,..i,,i, ... A .It le.e occasto.. .c~o~nstdera'e anxiety, and apprelhen-. The proprietor, called. on.o the. police, fori-d, dollars were ,paid out-. of- te" treasury be- request. him. to de.sist. from any. hostile mea- ti'on. 2dly'.. Tihe+.grotld;= beiw.n-, .. ,e- ,,
let me sar word in -Ihl ,:,nI lie n. would -e S0ha.I Wie had occasYork, a tew weeks stce, : when Corporal Whitmore ofthe First Mu- sures against.Yucatan until commissioners chitsis extrinb, -e "of innhEEec,,
o'o~ur iiorthie~r "r'r' n~l-ec., n r ""l no .51. to allude to statements of theSenator from nrip lity Police+, went n and, e~xpostula~ted twee tne tnr an ot ecember Jfst on ,-,,,I o,. t,- ghp. O ....... Goenmn ,-f ,he m ....s ... sute,--,nce, frman'-,. ^Tf"east
,, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t ,1ie In th ..l .... .P : P : .. ... ..........._........ .. -574 ... ...b th,U. ... ste me ...... .. .. ..... ..... ...1, -

'to 300 bushelso a.e |h :ire. TIi % a i,It n Hrltlso-orougn wnichhth s eitterr sustahn.,- wit t'e Captain, on tKhe course a e was pug in copnt ol the aexcan War. United Srart7s lo obtain the recognition os m'rSof whieh, as is wel known, hea^
.... m o n ,i i s u l. l (, l i c i l j n e. T h ,.G ,G o e r n s h u l n o t .s u..e r s u i n. .a t ..l., -me i t l m a d h i i -. Tan o t h e i nd, ,e p e n d ent Jc e n Gorm e t s h u d n ofsff r s m g a t H I~ t n e t t e ya e h m , . .t e m d p n e n eo t h e S t a t e T h e s e a r d d eetdief Cul y, iwns
"wfilhin 100yv:n ds_,1 I, :i.Jir ,, ,r, , .iJ Banks 't itself to be-asled.,by obticiha. I'o eio'S that the- prisoner, and :a scene-of great confusiont n- wgEE DIJ) THEa COME F OM.' -It ap- Commissionersleft Anioo Lizardo on 'be. or ainy other so rce of-wai^-tjesi, -
ca'lcined thiere;'!tt th,.jie w ,o lixe toJ int- -Indtans keep-wttlhin..t.h'etr bouands+--and u-s-. sued. _Citizens assembled .from all. pa+:tJ'f pears ,n a letter, ofra correspondent, that a 20th, to ret iirn,-nl luh resnlt of heir co~n- mng not (te least eh.nc&-of~getline foea
itii and h ve~ii re-Ii|>|.)dl ,is t I), until' l-,s :,m~til~iig effec~tuai~is done to .insure th'e vicinity,' the watchmen left-their b~ats merchant in San ris "ki punished thto b ... Goveor 's .... of the alm t ".'""' "....
,- barrel of" i mie i, 1 1 1 i a n, h ,1, ihq t a ui nity, cohere is great reason 't a pre- "to o to the scene of action and .a six ---- R" i.- "" ., ':.," f or .Co i nt .7i ,,iX' .... The fr e.. .o r .to
|and, would ti-Nil ,i r a t ra ii]lll utl,.-- hen.l troubte on mhe f'ontier:-- : riot seermedo, tmpe-ndimg... .In tho midst ot ,,. ,. .1 ", \Ve 'cret^ri"6 "'re::ti^;Piirsur Andre,,,w- Mexican scouts, however, is said tr ha
re : 1-ave .omp l cl,.\ev n I t..> h .... *3ILLLON"ILLK, L. F.,:Dec. 7th,-1846. the confusion, thewvlunteers descended into t ety alter the battle at Met- D. 'tob'., -o .' s,'s&.ss7..fri, was.... ot been corrAboggraega-, reguiars and,,v volunteers, 24,984 ....
i ,y d Ie l elIo I ",. Lr. JaUlfa a l--At ithe id-ldee. -tf "our ge street wiih their prison w i amorasth. .- fro on b ad P"i"ii in -e -- "
.... ruiou 0ul l 01' h l 'ya ;1 ott thandsome pe cetg e7,o sa -ntiig of .Volunteers. + e admae, .. 1 2,660 and: the maton oar 'the follwirinLa a.a.-hlonaleerfmaqEnlat0

'tarzeqtatiiiesas ",.co iiinilc albbe. mothe-r lsaac, &(c., wrtteyou. in relation tLhe Globe Ball Room. cornerofSt Claude;)' I.; id Mi,, de in the rigi +"'s,' ,-, ','-.:-. aT-il-, auh I. Sael Lo. s 'oKa ei,9'' o I to h s w a d
~T here are m ;n v pl ir r.rs ,hb couilI ;itoih ,l to ethe I-ndian~s,.., tr.-B elot-.has just retiuned .a nd St. p peter streets, intending ,a,, sim ilar: .- ., + ..^ .' WRT-- g a an ol |in i voting thle eess i,.*as ilhe fidelity oP.' lit Sant.?A nna hadt positively left il ath ci
Sa few. week's. li..,l'i.; l.>r. 011- r~m. two. tea~ms- ,-,rtryour. place', and, inform's. .me+ that your. cou= p de. main. h r.. en hl.. eodr. + sl;t lte o tl,2'nsfvnaz+. d- there .en hl Recoider* sala .}1 e.;".a". lelter" ,tom / t.,et, "Pennsylvoani.d h io (a. ..-iifr.the mf, .. .. *aiSe>5ia o a" .,,,,,,.,r o ,,,,bo'tl-v-pf . av
bdtlween ilhe *-'tith .el' D_'.ceniloer ai(,I 15th of oroth~er.haad-teen ab,,eut three days in search Genois was Summoned from his--bed, and nies. emphattically the" report circulated in' pilotinff the Tr'uxton -when 'slh wais lost. a.tjif].aow, in these +ars ol'f,.Alffr'ca'c




Io, .

on r '
M *"*,-
e .
i y

R.-Jafiuary. To'"l osie 1 ,ol, imst .-ir,, all;/ol your :cat.,le, and- could.find none. fie hastily repaired in a-cab.,to tlb e ltterplace,, regard toothe conversation he had with thet Tuxpan) was suspected ;.3. vessel t.eavplacB,"oa-ops,i') iw ,cd{nitedth-t.Sai
.sdvine to nm Ike lIi- pIl,,? lter the State that :w-hle out .he came up to one In- where he found. a crowd ,of citizens atined- ., -= --, a heavv h ost hi hold andPresldent"cc'oui wih a tcbutasleabhe' otunt
:liiann~~ef 9.ff B,}mime,: t,, cle,,n t(.i "their l..i .whor informed4hi-n -tha t~herewere (bur eich pistols and !bowls knives; 1pe-pared. te p,- the deck-; and. was insatly killedi-* He wa .ot'ee bat with objects iar d i'0-rent (r(
l o c "U 4 P e l m o r WI 10i m n h n t e ~ c r l -0 f S a n J u a n u U t l o a .
..t~ck yard', pen,, siubl,.c,. \-c.. pill ih.- man-, mote with hn,, ap.d that.they~wee merely defend the Ball Room, from the qieditated. : ...... r buried with military honors in the cemneerv .those attributed tO him, by the sq0.nti.A
I'..rejn "i peii ;I ailI ,-,- .- ,, ashes, out: on a. .huntlnlg expedition, professing attack, On the .ap earance of Cap4 Hill ,. of the British Consulat>Lagunag" r W' as stated in the-leter awo allied
-"u -r ... jn pe ;11 .1 ".aran e of Ca-" Hil ." L.OUISIANA SE NATOR-.-- 1 1N tie O" rleans of t- Brts C' + "n ,s-. -
soap l,. d t. I ,iil -. refuse an"" l friendship,&c, -They have fired thecountry .andhscom panyh Honorreprobted e te- Pass
i + off~il."" Thi,b. 1lie P. .I I, I, ,, all nrolina r your place, _.and.- your warilyy is unlawful course he was pu-rsuing atd de- Cou'erof the 9th itist.w we perceive that: of the U. S. schooneri FI;,1 but ndw'it 'o'warcl. ahd occuIp the '-dofy p'i'iir-,
l'eco'ne q lea pile?; an.'l ih,,graduaaly in- muc'h.,I.,,irm,-.1.. They .are~idently-.drtving .man de~d the.name of. the, Stf the ie instant Mr. Pierre Soule,, will in. all likelihood be tacked tO the Joha Adaws, performed a most pass in- the rmiuntaiins, Ivire i.betewpn.
creasing %,tlu ill Y. Ktff, no miane offyourstpck, and burnm.g the country so release of his eoffiicll, Capt Hill soused, od arm^ exl ott ab.ut ohthee weeks sree shvasgoens-ofiGeneralsVolh thdree
.the fillowina-sptins ",l'eati int.i.',? th6 ast1WpreveJ theirrb-eing trace,.l or (614oiwow stasiung be was omhb kadirgVera-Gru-z._and intercepi >th'ir'coitr'n'mc;,liX Af
Seriliiy Of lte'litid.. Now, h, ch >."it the Sincewriting the ab0ye.'.Lee-;has. come superior officer, and inviting the Recorder me "eamot senator >rrow -. of a dark night, -etoolf a-bot'and'eilt realizing his ati-lcnied scces. ^
waterfurrow and thill evrv other ^:,,r, orn here, f-lly 'orio.'.,ls :the above, and to-go to-the St. Charles Hotel and ilsubltt r, men wtth mufed oars, rowed -aroundfh'e them,-by Cibltngsthem up iav 1eltai|, he v
every third year;'
  • allyetn',ched. Il, -1,rn 01 cotlion is pr ted byhim-a.n.,i I eac, lea,.til, Solith, and four was refused. and the exciltem nt of the c6t6- [Mon Caleb Cushitu aspires to "th, ,onor I1i, he'w-er'latiey,-'af-u ,,a6.'ii I'. ,-el. -he ........... ,.iivr. to
    .-1-would drop peas l4etwen til h oe 'w4. I11u.'1 11 11l't". on, I. He says there is n1o +seas.and poice-was SO great..that Capt. H. of commandirg the Massachusetts" gi- red round agai-an, went under the draw: ptreChatates. andRth.ogs .a.0e..re, rtetdio.
    hink otlher crops, iiN, be Ill dl- pr.:.1t1 P' le: nls1take abogm their',r takin off, your stock, formed his meaa into square, +and intimated oln, n i t ""m" "p bride, and tnadf.,a horougli'reconnoisatwe their foirmersi, ir ait, elera a hllle bd
    111lii ad*ii u II I e attc o y w ls upinon+ is. worth as mu'ch.. bss 'Iten .tos fo er o t o V ne p d n to send fox the-- re of that poin Th isexo a. p ar which"ua." ,eonuet m"d-
    -.'ll'eriipautcrs'e.. ..... i: ,taI, I .It or, thanIany other nman-s, about s~ucp the ,reanent. H.ishonof-to'd him. that he mete i, made up. r,.^-., ththen may'b, landed from,.boats at ni-ht, For mnch ot te aoove',moo" ." a
    i ni~'ts, At thit lrese t wmi(,,,am ll' otters, This is usuallythe first.step to- was noti, Mexi,_o. but i.n the Unit -S-u:S, and Mid~hipmann-Fit,,eraldaswrainedby are indebtedto MajorButler, a ps
    ~try'tg ev'eral Idxlp'eriite,,ts unt t:f.t "*,,l'.an outbreak; andl lie wishes me to say- and th.it they we-e all~fellow-citizens--that, TEA, AND CoF.Flj.--The following .i.b,a his reconnioisane the : wa:ter-' baltery nay' bv the Alabama.) Payma-ter U-. .- "TH
    manures.; \Vhen ;'rveI a ntt r y; ,'fyou to you that ,.u clthto come he north- but for hts reluctance to deeds, ef 1, I,'nce coyyvof fhe letter addressed b thSecrela- be easily taken-; ... : ,," attached ................ tl' qf- todle,. o' c
    ,1 at- p f taiou know -the real ttl ion o(f and to prevent the" effusion of blood, he had Treasury to t havrma of, the The Amalw was tak' 0 IT, on b ...;
    ., ^a sialemeot.. I.1 unt F'u 11 sIome C(nba b ln.. you 01,old not stay-an thut. TlI, enough men 1atu hisdisposal to overpow hem ot .: ieasurytot1( _^nd ranpi" eth wil the Spmish brig, labela b6th hint lhereabo ut a week, whie-,eh-n
    T- + '.Qowcco..a'ie" the m~annr of th1e W f,..t In- I ndians were wyihir>.fiveor.six miles of your all. He therefore coporte.. hnm to.,btey' '.?mmtte f ways and Means of;the sailing froih.the port-or Havana. t cbmm- headnuartesr "M .tet Pa'rrason t
    :. g; 4 3 .,arided mY i,,1,,n, i,'ion f1,in .. House &.day or two si.nce,-burning.,all around_ the law; .a.d If the police office then i House of Representattves. The imon a-tlorePer..rybtohis'retarnto"Anton Lizardo 17th uhino, where.eaneral Wo.i's divisi
    m.......... .. .o *"e ". .r a Ip-d s -- ._-o con- ly punished. Capt. Hill. then, p" -mi: -t ,urdn t ie .ieedv 'adoption of4he measure" int Tbo Tabasco and Alvarado, and fand hat' excelled health 'd spirits, ho *0^1^
    ,, |nd,| aipi[-w, eneI dnn i mv linmiii at t they were nol, althlowt1h deliver up Corporal; Whittmore,if' the ,. the fort f iot-, of both plae ,, b o
    t^ ie.osub ect ^ lull. ol0 -intereit to p|.-roesi,], to be, friendly. Hayne has pr order coull a<. cmp ny thhe soldiers to the repaired o
    me,>ihat I iuSt be pild 1 iedied tu go-out and try, and get back your principal wa-tchhouse- His Ho1o0 con1en .treasury -Depar-ment,, Dec, \, .846 ait t a r S'"
    .... '* '.J JAM,IS S. PEU',,Kt:. sloe,. .. ; tedj and beso~ughjt the titizr, s to di'p.e"-e. SIH: Permit me most resect-Ully to call baSoetheAe were about 3006'troop-^ and.atmaniest ,he oreates gd fc;Iln,.=
    -:. .Ri&oodrnear, Jk-,on,.L,.., Ju,< *1, 1. ,. NLow tt ts your duty .9 inform the Coyer- OT their arrival at the tht-hot.+e, the M,,- M,,n-aite,,iol t theovieivs stbniiied in my Alvarado-about 4000. Notw(thslandinb lhe Ameeeahs; saot a s'm.pltomAJarad
    .. _% .... ... ..... . o aqttell him that this' noidle report joU o-f_ lhe Reine t .made his eppe: r.ini,, ast annual re0-rt (1 rer, d tore imnpsing du-' n.e.e hor iinab 'pep ra-iFP ..l. ........vhhih *lheefflctoueiluaFhes vlley
    " . f-....If I hp bPt pit # "n'. I,"idl'i %%cc, written ona that LOtliStock is driven out of. their well and Rthe Recorder 's office I,ein o|eiit', the, ties on tea, and, coffee. impression Js'that Co mrnodore"' nh,-r(tl rI,. i; ",ad, n'Tr:t',-, ',-,, ,
    |Iis foreliead, it would ma ke himn pull hts hat- known ra nge--lthatIndtans are found on it- ormetr stated he would direct C.4,. Hill to; These duties'were suggested int view of soon attack the p-Ice d ... o e : .r',
    ocrrhiseey, h hi i the, are oiFtoQ their bpundar -and delieru the oceofficr Whilst how- the necessity of obtauinr the lo therein On the ara
    +j: ,,v+ :. :- .. .. :- ) i : ,Y- P P _'2 -y b i . he"ran t eer u thte paroi a[ f G e L aceg.atstf bra .B'.s' I.--,W r 0 01 leim anCetli,.i

    t "
    e. "", T

    lit el ..*,-,,

    obe- be-
    tho+ i

    aj n :
    the. ^











    In Chlanety----Franklin Ctircit

    Mary Fi' gton; by ier next "
    . fhend-rezekiah R. Wood, Bllo, c
    William E. Farrington. J
    IN this cause it appearing to the Court, by affi-
    davit of Complainant duly made, that the de-
    fendant William E. Farrington resides in the
    United States but without the State of Florida:
    It is therefore ordered that publication be made
    according to law, for three months in .some news-
    pappet published within this Circuit, directing the
    said defendant .to.appear at the Spring Term -o
    the Circut Court, to be holden in the county of
    Franklin, a answer the said Bill or the same
    may be taken as confessed against him.
    GEO. W. MACREA, Judge.



    2 t


























    I -


    ftP^er IJesIIp lor his politeness in corni-
    {nuuiiting'sote interesting particulars re-
    -.frtf'sZ tli_ leelin -s ob3p rvabhe amongst tnie
    ;. E^hh.l, i^)]l.iou, ta different points on,
    S^iM(1" im-e'o^'mte.r c' ^r s' '*"I. Lid hir cliarlicter.- On "the
    ^ I.0Ia'uy gr,:at eve,,,,.(the battle of Mon-
    ..af.or examiIIle,) a condiderable failing off
    ^ u'frikiinbers of A\ exicarizz seeking employ-
    I ent'lakes place. ,I each new success of
    ietA.rmerican arnis, the applications for ser-
    vice redouble. With lie dehunciations of
    the Mexic;in government staring them in the
    filceetlliev are-alfraidl to workfor the invaders;
    hilTai tile Irolls oil. anil our conquests seem
    to-be consolidaated, (heir confidence returns,
    and ihey are anlxi-o9us to join, us heart and
    hn,'nd. :
    ""KN.I.RF.rtz.--Mi lor Butler va-s in-Mon-

    .6ci'tlihe :3 1 tilt.. nt ilie time Genieral
    .y .^^ "w'rwas encamp,-,'l there. Col. Harney
    ..I i Ihat city, on IiI-, %,ay to Salhillo':-
    r" _tlinl, seeniened s:'itfl'ictory regarding
    " t:e. oqn~iluct ul," thl inlIahitants, as to peace
    I 't:i~ rtfiililV.. ()ne reEgiIeniit, it is pre-
    sinm ld, wnll be'snl' fieiic'0t to furin i ts garrison.
    iH e.Ir TRO.OP;, &ci:.-On his way
    fuii'r- 1.t to C'anin-i o, Major Butler
    met l ie. l.entf.ely,. 1n ilfid rifl ,ni n en, ;ith
    ( ,/:- l -'.q l" M *I si4fll. -'at iheir lie.ld, ;-in, o -e .of
    Q-OluLou regiuents-liotl corpi o1 Itlte ii
    i^^^ie Ilur~iier |place. '* ^
    N '^fi~t-Rkb SCOTT.-(I)n the 1st itst., 'o-n
    `d.lifvii .ti, Rio tUi-,;andle, a danv"V ;dis-
    ,W illin Wallvianrzo. Generall Sctltt was mriet
    |iroceedi ,'| :iwa rrli oli ihe ste.iinboat -Gor-

    :'At.-n,,anoro-, Point Iuabell and Brasos,
    r*l;^i v*gS ^?'* iin .,4.,t11, q11. ."
    ". Ih'e"'rei inihs ol.the I'-fllowiiE officers were
    br.ouahl over'on ilno A/lulh.ii :
    T.ol. \V,,tson. B.,I iiinire R-ef irnenf.
    ."aa lt. it-s.rlc ltolni5s,...G.cor,_i:i Reginifefit,
    t ; ,'plt. .^ i.l~ zly .,F lv.iir2, A r ille r v.: ..* .
    (- ( I.l[r. G illesi` i'. T es:is, R enilent.
    i ( rili I I f. I t "ia -I'
    -",lW.-'l rh,-.oi -~'i-i q -n'isR' ers..
    O .'r-"dr % i ,, i .
    '-e i 1, :

    -. ..p.;*)--\Ve a;re very miuch irndelited
    to t1 ,' 111('llem1n11 \ l%,-1 l1,15, s.-Lindly. "Ir-'e
    "at oil qi,- _?. 1.p I til [lie followw i sil` ileir-i ol-"1 iw el:
    -i 'i,- e c e I r p.I'l f l II'I', c I n 'ra il) lht il t., the w nller .stfales
    lliit na' rep,'.t'.-, ctiir,',.nil lirti ba' ol'yo" 5;101
    .AlU, iC1 u ll'9.o[)s h.ii]I iken quiet pA isessiol
    of iio rira, iIle c i itAl ,>1 it e ilellp.irineni
    --I-uleel.I lhe wvh e,ol,. the P iilin ilIn nt-; olr Ta6oi
    anlilris are pr',.paied .i, -iho ll 'v off Ilihe yo.k1
    ol' tihe cenitral G'oveinirieitl, ]liovidtld -lth
    United Siatvi< will''gUiir'aiee Ilivnl p<-r
    nuanent prte-cfion;. A letter Ihs.bbeen re.
    .cpiv~e.l: here, ,d itel S in Lni- du Potosi,- the
    3-3"No.vemhier, while] simted S.in a A'nna'.
    lort ce^.t.,jh;:u time. dill not exceed 7,00D niril
    "-i: ;._ 1 1omli a.i ,ii -;I rcliaible source, bu
    lrm '? 'iq f.'ithe-ietrer Is- rallherili-,an. Col
    R "i'litV il G4n1 Q 1iii i a d. PilI wer
    a 'i-itllv AlvC'.t inii. min Vi c-l iI rt. i.- 'File
    imenfalkiv'e alli.le,. I,, are no doubt piart ol
    0,cul" l. R.ilev.--[,. 0. _C,,vi. r,
    i la .b ,;,es "'' ,

    ;S.CtfILt.-.JM ljor uitler passed tlhrowA'
    Sa lillo I tr 111* v' .f 1' fhii' ier.o. tf-e're "he I*ouiI
    -:t''enera'l B miller, whse severe wound in'th
    l ep; w, ii flowlyv l'feal'itg. It will b.e-.-a snt ii^
    Y.-i'lci6 i it !iis nlmneroug friends to l'rn thai
    lie is tia."in i !ble ro inount his horse,* aird'i
    ; I very short iiii,. will he, in all respects
    ... hilinell" ;naain." The t-wo-Generals, But
    ler andi Woirth, were of oCiuniin that-Sant
    -''.Anna was to,,) asuie to, il himseffin a fiel.
    IiElht : le wor"ilJ pitienily await the unfold
    in- dhe cl inlet- of acciil' e s behitid the forti
    fiCaliins -,f S.in Luis ,le Potosi., confessedly
    %el.n by ott/'.owh .l,,ins; .iplncal engiaeerol
    fi(fr )']K ,irb fi!Pst I&lICe in) Mexico,- ;Ieic
    Sjn J.J- 4i-f I.- N. 0. --[ CorTn. 'ieS.

    Per steamer Augusta-56 bales cotton to Wylie
    & McKenzie; 12 to Lockhart & Young; 11 to N
    Baker; 10 to.J Carnochan; 5 to J S Hutchinson;
    2 to A N McKay; 8 do and 6 boxes tobacco to B
    S Hawley; 1 Ibox tobacco to Thos Preston; 5
    bales cotton and 3 boxes tobacco to D G Raney;
    21 sacks groundpeas to J F Farrior; 17 bales da-
    maged cotton to D N McLean.
    Per steamerChaErleston-223 bales cotton to J J
    Cohen;-,206 to N Cruger; -181 to Maelay & Kim-
    brough;; 134 to Harper & Holmes; 126 to J Day
    & Co.
    Per steamer Apalachicola-399 bales cotton to
    D B Wood & Co; ID3 to J J Cohen; 93 to Maclay
    & Kimbrough; 71 to Dodge & Pratt; 81 to Harper
    & Holmes; 78 to Lockhart & Young. .
    Per steamer Boston-500 bales cotton to b t
    Wood &- Go; 145 to Hill, Dawson & Co; 100 to "
    J Cohen; 98 to Chas Rogers & Co; 73 to Wm G
    Porter & Co.
    Per steamer Champion-199 bales cotton to i)
    B Wood & Co, .105 to Hill, Dawson & Co; 50 to
    Wm G Porter & Co.
    Per steamer Emily-700 bales cotton to D B
    Wood & Co; 2'06 to"'Hill, Dawson & Co; 125 to
    A N McKay; 57 to Nourse, Stone .& Co; 35 to
    Wm G Porter & Co; 87 to Lockhart &.Young.
    Per barge LtIve'0ak--75. bales ..cotton ant' 155
    sacks groundpeas'to Wm G Porter & Go; 46 bales
    cotton to T H AAdstin & Co; -24 tY J Day &; Co; 4
    to Wylie & S McKenzie; 4.toJ. S Hutchinson...
    Persteamer Notion-300 bales cotton.t.o-D B
    Wood ,V Co; 140 to Maclay & Kimbrough; 300 to
    Chas Rogers & Go! 102 to J J Cohen; 5A, to Doodge
    & Pratt; 49 to Hill, Dawson & Co' 40 to Harper
    & Holmes.
    PersteamerEufaula-316 bales cotton to AN
    McKay; 182 to Wylie & McKenzie; 83 to Lock-
    hart & Young;-78 to D K Dodge; 28 to Dodge &
    P;ratt. -
    ,Por stearmer Augusta-113 bales -cotton and 5
    i boxes tobacco to Lockhart & Young; 50 bales cot-
    tou to D"G Raney; 31 do, 17 boxes tobacco, 2
    bale' hihdesto.Thos Preston; 41 bales cotton and
    12 boxes tobacco'to B S Hawley; 4 do to A N
    McKay; 10. sacks groundpeas to J F Farrior.

    Apalachicola Exchange.
    THE subscriber informs his friends
    and the public in general, that lie has be-
    come the Proprietor of this above well
    Dwn house, and will be pleased to entertain
    of the travelling community that may favor
    i with their custom, and will also accommo-
    e resident boarders. The bar will always be
    pliedwith genuine liquors of the choicest
    lity. JOHN PATRIDGE.
    kpalachicola, Nov. 14, 1846.
    111arshall House.

    the following persons were declared duly elected,
    W. Valleaui-Cldrk and Treasurer rec'd 6, votes.
    C. Thigpen, City Marshal, 6 6
    J. W. Gaylord, Harbor Master 4 "
    James F. Farrier, Tax, Collector, 5 "
    -W. S, Green, City Physician, .6- "
    A, G. Semmes-,,City Attorney, ,6 "
    'Clinton Thigpin, City Watchmand ) 6 "
    S. F. Nickles, 6 "
    Benj. Lucas, ,, 4 "
    David Atkins, ,, 4 "
    D. B. Wood, Chief Engineer, I' 5 "
    J. L. Barber, 2nd .. S "
    E. Jones, Jr., 3d ,, c 5 "
    D. J. Day, 4th c ..- 5
    Wm. Foster, 5th ,, 6 "
    M. M. Butt, 6th cc -' ,' 5 "
    B. F. Nourse,7th ". 6 It
    And thereupon Mr. Butt moved, duly secon-
    ded, that the Council proceed to appoint Asses-
    sor-, whtili motion was lost.
    I On motion of Mr. Day, seconded by Mr. Butt,
    tlhe Matiror wCs added to the Committee, on- Fi-
    nance. -
    The Mayor appointed the following Standing
    Commi'ttees f6r the year:- i
    Finance.- Messrs Day, Whitmarsh-and Guyon.-;
    lnprovements and Contracts,-Messrs, Guyon,
    Payson and Butt'-
    "'htii..-Mesrs. Payson, Wyman and Day.
    Hospital.-Messrs. Green, Hancock and Whit-
    marsh. ,-: .. I
    Fii'. Drpartment.--Messrs-. Butt, Guyon and
    \L DaV. *--*'- .. ...
    *--rk~et.--Messrs.; Harcl.c, Butt and Wyman.-
    Piublic Groulvls.--essrs._ Wyman Wit-'
    marsh hand Green. .....,
    The Mayor.-,priesented and read a communica-!
    tion from. Henry-G. Guyon, resigning his seat as a!
    t Councilmen of this city.., .
    Mr. Day presented a communication from Wil-
    liam S. Green, resigning his seat as a Councilmen
    of this city, which was read by the Clerk.
    Whereupon, on, motion of Mr. Bute seconded
    ,, by Mr. Pays6n, both comimcnicAtl'ons were laid on'
    the table,and Messrs. Gduyon and Green reques-
    tedto withdraw them..
    Mr.. Day offered tAe following resolution which
    was adopted : ^
    * 1eslved^ Tlt thh salary of the .City Physi-
    clan 5e one hundred and -fifty dollars per annum,
    The account of A. G. Semmes as City Attor-
    iey, for three quarter's salary, amounting to one
    hundred and filty-dollars was presented and re-.
    'erred to the Committee on Claims.
    On motion the Council then adjourned.

    ARTICLES. D. C. D. C.
    BAGGING, Kentucky.......... yd 11 a 12
    Dundee, ..........yd 16 a 17
    Peanut,........... yd a 13
    BALE ROPE, Kentucky,...... Ib, 5 a 6j
    Northern, ...-.b
    M anilla,....... ..lb a
    BREAD,-Navy,............ .cwt 51 a 6
    Pilot,..'............cwt 6 a
    COFFEE, Rio,................. tb 8j a 9
    Havana,.............. lb a
    Java,.................lb 10j a 1,3
    .CANDLES SperM0, ............ .. 30 85
    'CORDAGE, Manilla,. ........,b, I aI l2
    Hemp,.... ..7.. .'. Ib" a,1 2
    Tarred,..'.......'.lb .11 a 21
    CIDER, Northern,-........... bbl 660 "a
    Brown Shirtings,....yd 5\ a *7j
    I" Sheetings,.... yd 8k a 10
    [ijckings,...... ......yd -11h a 16
    SGptonades,.......... yd 14 a 22
    Calico Prints,......... yd 6Q a 25
    entucky Jeans...... yd 25 a 55
    DUCK, Russia,...'. ..:......... yd 18 a 20
    -DYES, LogV'd, Qaffipeachy,..ton
    8i St. Domingo,.ton
    VF us tc,..".... .......... ton
    Indigo,. ................ lb 1 00 a
    FLOUR, N rthern............ bbl 675 a 700
    Western,............. bbl 575 a 600
    FISH, Cod, ... ....box 250 a 450
    Mackerel, No. 1,....... bbl a 12 00
    "' No. 2,.......bbl 600 a 700
    S. -,, No. 3,.......bbl 500 a 600
    HERRJNG,. ................ box 1 00 a
    FRUIT, Almonds,........... lb
    Raisins,.............. box 27-0 a 300
    Prunes, lb 20 a 25
    Currants,..... .... ....lb 16 a 18
    Figs ,.'. .. .' ...'.drum .
    .Lemods, ...box 7 00 a
    FU RS, Otter '..."-..... ...........;.
    GRAIN, ,Oats,. ... ....... bush 75 a
    Corn, ...... ........bush 62j a 65
    GLASS, ........ ........"....box 250 a 3.00
    HAY,.................... .... cwt 100 a 125
    HIDES, Green,.............. lb 3 .a 3j
    Dry, country,-......... lb 6 a
    IRON, English,............ b 4j a 5
    Swedes,..'. ... .... .... lb 5 a 5k
    Hoop,... '. -'. ..... .. Ib 'a 8
    'Sheet,..::...... ........lb 8 a 10
    Nail Rods,.............. lb 6 a 7j
    Casting. Americaf,,....-.lb 4 a 6
    Boards, White Pine,...:.. -
    Yellow ......M 700 a 10 00
    tv~es, .... -. .. ;: -.'- M'".
    White Oak Heads,.'.. ...M 12 00 a
    Heading,.-.. M
    LEAD'Bar,............. ..lb -5 a 6
    Sheet,...... ............. lb 10 a 12
    LIME,.I...... ............... bbl, 1 15 a
    MOLASSES, N. O0........ -....91 30 a-,
    NAVAL STORES, Eitch,,'.. ,bbl2 a 250
    aui,'.bale 40 a 5 00
    rosin,.. .bbl 150 a 200
    Tar,......bbl 225 a 300
    NAIL, ...... ...."............keg 450 a 500
    OILS,'Linseed ................ gal 90 a 1 25
    Olive, ...............bottle 125 a 150
    Sperm,...................gal 1 12 a 150
    Lard,....................gal 80 a 90
    Tanners'................ gal
    Castor,....1.............gal 75 a 200
    PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,.. .bbL12 50 a 13 50
    M,. ..'.Abbl 1150 a 12 00
    Prime,..bbl 11 0 11 50
    Bacon Iams, ..........lb 8 a 9
    canvassed, ..lb 9 a 12
    Sides,...........lb 6 a 7
    Shoulders,......,lb 51, a 6
    LAiRD,..................-...lb 10 a
    BUTTErr,... ..............lb 20 a, 23
    C u.EESE, ....................lb 8 a 9
    POTATOES,.... ............. bbl 350 a
    , PEANUTS,...................bush 55 a
    RICE,. .........................lb 6Q a
    SPICES, Cassia ................ Ib 45 a
    Cloves,.................lb 37j a 50
    O}inger root,.....'. .... lb 9 a 10
    ground,........ lb 11 a ., 12
    Nutmegs,............lb 2112 a 250
    Pepper,. ..............lb 14 a 16
    - SUGAR, N. Orleans,... .... lb -8 a
    St. Croix........ ..lb 10 a 11
    ' Loaf,.. :" ..." ..:...::lb 3. a 15
    SALT, Liverpool, ...... ... sack 1124 a 1 25
    Coarser,......... ..':.'bush 62j a .- 75
    STEEL, Cast,.. .......::: cwt 18 00 a 25 00
    -Grman,........ ;:::cwt 1200 15 00
    SOAP ...... ....... .... ;... .:: -
    SPIRITS; Brandy. Cognac,.....gal 250 a i50
    Gin, Holland, ..1:. ;gal' 50 a 1 75
    ; American,..... gal, 40 a .
    ,4 iN. E, .:"-,.. ..gal 37 a 4(
    V hiskey, Rect. ..:.gal 22 a 24
    Alcohol,............gal 62j a 75
    ' SKINS, Bear,........ ............ 1 50 a 20(
    D Deer, .................. 8 a 1(
    SHOT, all sizes,..............lb 5 a (
    - TOBACCOs......................lb 121a 75
    TEA, Young Hyson,. .......... lb 45 a 1 0(
    Souchong,..\ ........... lb 40 a 5C
    T IN ..... ...... .. .... .. ..
    - TWINE, Baling,,............... lb 18 a 2i
    Seine, ...... .... ....lb 40 a. 5f(
    WINES, Maderia,..a..........'gal I 01 a ,3 (X
    Champagne; i.;...; do 10 00, a 16 0X

    1TIarshall House.
    _- HAVI ..6taken the above estab-
    I lishment, (formerly Armistead's Ho-
    VTi \ tel) I am now having it neatly fitted
    l lup, so that I may be ahje to mate
    all who call comfortable, and flatter
    W Iself wiIh the.hope, that those who call may
    be induced to continue their patronage. The
    Stages all stop with me, and in the absence of'
    either of them', passengers who stop here will
    meet with no detentionn, as private conveyance
    can be had by application to me. '.TheEastern
    .Stage arrives on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri-
    days, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and departs on Mon-
    days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock, P.
    M. The Northern Stage departs immediately af-
    ter the arrival of the Eastern, and returns the
    same day, at 8 o'clock, P. M. The Western
    Stage arrives here in time to take the Eastern
    line, and departs on Mondays, Wednesdays arid
    Saturday, at 8 o'clock, A. M. By this line,
    passengers will take the Mail Boat at Chattahoo-
    chie for Apalachicola on Mondays and Thursdays.
    A. G. MARSHALL, Propriet'or.
    Quincy, October 27, 1846. nov14 43-tf

    For Rent,
    ia THE three fire proof Stores in the Co--
    i lumbus Block, known as Nos. 7, 8 and
    H"l.9; they will be rented 'either separately or
    ;ether-possession given immediately. Apply
    [nov21] D. B. WOOD & CO.

    ... ,... EXPORTS.
    NEW ORLEANS-Per brig Louisa Benton-
    311 bales cotton.
    Per schr Ashland-229 bales cotton.
    Per achr Ontwa-100 bales cotton.
    Per scht Santa R osa-213 bales cotton.
    Per schr Boston-r-214 bales cotton.
    BOSTON-Per bark J W Blodget-430 bales
    c.otton,. ....

    Stores for Bent.
    s STORE No., 6, in Columbus Block,
    lately oecupiied by Sims & Cheever, and
    K Store No. 2, Block C on Water st. Ap-
    y to COURSE, STONE & CO.
    Dec 25 46 Water street.

    PORT OF APALACHICOLA...:.. January 16.

    Jan 11-Bark Magdala, Dodge, fin New York,
    to ,Dodge & Pratt. "
    Jan 12-Brig E L Walfon, Rowe, fm Brasos St.
    Jago. ;
    an ni--Schr Geo Engs, Smart, fm Cardenas,
    Jan 15-Ship Constellation, Flitner, fim Malaga.
    Schr Elizabeth, Clift,. fm New Orleans.
    Steame" Aulgusta, MdLean, fm Chattahoochee.
    SteamerEtn'aula, Thompson, fm Eufaula.
    Steamer Boston, Morton, fin Columbus.
    Steamer Noiion, McAllister, fm Columbus.
    Steamer Champion, Cadwallader, fm Cxolumbus.
    Steamer Emily, Hall, fm Columbus.
    Steamer Charleston, Freeman, fm Columbus.
    Steamer Apalachicola, Wheaton, fm Columbus.
    Jan 9-Schr Ashland, Thompson,for N Orleans
    Schr Ontwa, Corsden, fm N Orleans. *
    Jan llI--B'rig Louisa Befitoh, 'Chester, for New
    Orleans, by Nourse, Stone & Co. .
    Jan 13-Schr Santa Rosa, Webb;for N Orleans.
    Schr Boston, Nash, for New Orleans.
    Jan--Bark J W Blodgi.t, Loring, for Boston,
    by D B Wood-& Co.

    y- '~i~ laO f~ SI E 3a,? .~ ,
    JANUARY.] -( .> [1847.
    K.ep~t in Apalahicola, Florida.-By B -RWNE.
    Lat 29 42', Long. 84 50' W.
    Elevation above the Sea, mean, 6 feet.

    * I- t 11 A ll I
    D.h I Day. I Wind. |
    S- i 3'l,. *2: : 3-, N\\'.NW.NW.
    9 2ii 7r'Jty. :,-i 1 3 N\V. NE. NE.
    hi Si.nday. 51 56 54 NE: SE. S.
    J11 'Monday. 48 49 42NW. NW. N.'
    V 2 Tuesday. 3615046 NE. SE. NW.,
    13 Wednesday. 4757.50 WE. -E. NE.
    14 Thlirsdav. 58361 589 E, SW. SW.
    [r;]: .\r. -- ?il'i. lear all day; 9ih. clear, slra-
    ti ,eleF.r: l11th haze, cirro straius, cumL1dus i; 111h.
    citro 'srjmr cl,.?ir, do. 121h clear all day; 13il0 .
    cl1.T all day ; 11ll. cuLI160lo straiui, clear, cumij-
    1u I1 -- .

    For Sale.
    n THE House.situated on Commerce,
    between F6'b6es' street arid the. Florida
    Mi-fLPromonade, at present-occupied by the
    ubscriber. The house is in good repair, free
    om all Incumbrances, with a good yard and well
    f water-it i3 well calculated for a small family.
    I.ttached to the premises is a good stable. For
    ;rms, apply to
    Jan 2 50-1m M. CARRIGAN.

    'C.,rroNi.-Since our report of Tuesday, there
    hai,; been a moderate inqui'. -with sales of a 'few
    -hundredhJ bales a d, wiihut aniy-material atteia-
    tioa in-prices. To-day; factors have manifested
    more anxiety to sell;,'and in somne cases', purchases
    have been made on rather easier terms. We
    however, make no change in our quotations.
    1817. 18i6..
    Inferior .................. ..none. 5j a .
    Ordinary ....................Sj a 8g 5t a 6j
    M iddling: ...... ..........9,-a 91-.- 6.L a61
    Go6d Middling.-...... ...'. ,91 a 9c -':.6i.a 61,
    Middling Fair..-... .... 94 a tl9 7 .a 71
    Fair ...1.. .............. ..1 a <7- a7
    Good aFair.-.-71...... .... a i q 7| a 8
    --FkidLdtiTS.--We have heard of (no nevwienogage-
    mer, ti to foreign ports-shippers demand lower
    rates. To New York two vessels have engaged.
    parts of cargoes at 7-8c. but this rate-is not freely
    paid. To Providence a brig has been taken at
    7-8c. Boston no new engagement, last' rate pdir"
    To o Qt6tATti : "-
    To Lierpo l ... ... ... ^..... ... ...,. d,.
    To Ne.- V,,rk. .7-8c.'
    To Boston: ......:'.. .. .... ... 13 16c.-
    To P It c ,l ... ........ .... I... .. .. 7-8c.

    Waverly, Smith, 539 tons, fm Mobile, waiting-
    S I M Wright. >
    Canton, Packard, 415. tons, for Boston, loading-
    D.B Wood ,& Co.
    Andrew! Scott, Emery- 318 tons, for City Point,
    'a, loading-Chas Rogers& Co.
    Harriet Rockwell, Gennish, 447 tons, for Liver-
    pool, loading-Sims & Cheever.
    constellationn, Flitner; 27& tons, fm Malaga, wait-
    Magdala, Dodge, 298 tons, fm New York, wait
    I ing-Dodge & Pratt. I
    Robert Watt, Johnson, 494 tons, fm Liverpool
    waiting--Master. : i.
    Avola, Davis, 309. tons, for Providence, loading-:
    C Rogers & Go. and.-Wood & Ballou.
    Caspian, Dliv3n, 321 tons, for Boston, loading--1
    B Wood & Co.
    John Brower, Hubbs, 310 tons, for Boston, load
    ing--D B Wood & Co.
    Alabama, Merritt, 347 tons, for Liverpool, load
    jng,--g-Chas Rogers & Co.
    Mersey, Coffin, 372 tons,'for Liverpool, loading-
    J Day & Co.
    Sarah Sheaff, Sands, 401, waiting-J Day & CO.
    Lawrence Copeland, Baker, 219 tons, for Provi
    dence, loading-D B Wood & Co.
    Tybee, McCormack, 329 tons, for New York, wit]
    despatch-Nourse.-Stone & Co.
    E L Walton, Rowe, 195 tons, fmBrasos St. Jago
    waiting-Master. *

    Jtpei published within this Circuit, directing the
    ;aid defendat .to.appear at the Spring Term of
    the Circuit Courit, to be holden in the county of
    Franklinoind answer the said Bill or the samie
    may be takeft as confessed against him.
    GEO. W MACREA, Judge.

    .... :- ....-COUNCIL CHAMBER, }
    m'.TIaTPLSDAY EvENrING, Jaii. 7, 1847.i
    Pursu.arn t 'n t,,jii,,_-e `;%\ en, and in, conformity to
    ';,5the rejIti-;iili A' ,f ,a 1 act 111('or01 "r -1 ii the city
    Sof Apalachica 1:,t'le Mi1vor -:1,d -' ( ..i,,,?l elect,
    met in the t.'.i,,i Ciiambe'Ir,. and Benjamin S.
    T-la,.vlev tool; l! ,- o-_th prescribed by said act as
    MIa,,rir, iie sn,3tfo b.iin;i ;.,,,iii t.: to him by
    V l iobiurt H. G-.-,llett Ii arn,,- Jlwice of the
    Pe' i,_', ain 1'.- l,-r i'u l ,in i'. ; and ttieri[,p'>i
    thes.aid I i,,:r ilm iitii!er-d theoath of ,ni.-> .o-
    the ffo llo''.'ii -" iian,7,- D ',_1-ii._iln 'io 'viz : ,- i,_ a:
    D.%y, Henrvy G. G,.i',,, Ira F'. Pav'sonr. Eiin B.
    hi~tiii uari A ,-,i[--.-' i o'H .i c ;.r _iM'l ivi M B utt,
    -,and Juliish L. \V\*irni, and,?[ W\lli.iir S. G.ee
    mide his s,..leirin ),firnamjtI,:i bL'i., t-he Mayor to
    Ithe same ettc.It; *'-
    Whereip ,n, the Council fortwith proceeded
    1 to'iw trafisa,.'lion of business.
    Mr. .Guyon move-'. .',:,.,,,],-1 by Mr<; P.i\ Z.,|I,
    (hat thel Clerk giAe notn'e \\i\\ tthe olfi,:. ,-,f ('lerk
    '.i.-and Tr'a urer, City Marshal, Harbor, Master,
    ,Tax C,-,leet,,r, City Physician,,. City Watchmen,
    and Engineers of the Fire Department, be de-
    c- lared vacant nn and after Wd>lielda\ evening
    ::*ext,, and that the Council will, on that evening
    proceed to ele-ct .i id officers. At.,lptd ,
    *a Oi 0n,-mtiiji of 111r. Day; duly !f,>,inelrl, thie
    Rule3 and Bv-LT.Vw adapted -by ti 1 l,.t ''ilY
    .Council were md 1--y the Cerk, *:m. on. motion o-
    .-M r. Green, lsioe, 'leJ hNy A r. Day-,th.:-i~i kil-e.
    *"'ard- Rj-L?'.ys'.were a.-.I _1Lu-. 'for4)he G.-...iorminMIi
    S'*of ti-i COU icil.
    G.J wa. G a" jv.e 1''t!.;< that at the,:next, 6r
    f'a~ eIuture iiieetin--,r I,,: ihlo id I introduce an qr-
    d dflnee in relationi to lives. .
    i: il molion. the- Ccuijicil thlien,adj'ourtfed till
    W.ine!,day eva~ning nex't at 7i o'clock,, Apl'rioved.
    ^r' -* B. S. HAWLEY, Mayor.
    4W'I.LUT.M \'ALLE.k\U, Clerk.

    For Sale,. "*.* . \ ."
    Q-A" CASKS superior Bacon Sidis'; [ 'w-.... *
    304 Shoulders;1 .
    50 bbIs Whiskey; 100 do. ;lour IL-'.
    NO&RSE, STONE & 06."'-
    Dec 26 4 6-Water sfretd j .

    EXCHANGE on New Orleans, for sale by
    Jan 9.. J. DAY& CO.

    'Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1846.1088
    Burnt since 1st Sept.. -100
    Receive past days ...... .... 4,604 ..
    pr, toill h,' ...... ...26,537
    'Total ......... = 32129
    Exported past 3 days............ 857
    6" previously. ...........7;505
    Total .........- 8362
    On hand and on 'shipboard not cleared.23.76;

    A Copy. .. ,
    W, VALLAAV, Clerk.
    December 31,. 1846.




    E XCHANGE on Boston, Providence, Ne
    York andl Baltimore bought, and sight checl
    on" New Yofk*Iold- by
    Dec 5 l "Agents Bank of Brunswick.

    Bagging and Roppi'..".
    -91- PCS Kentucky Bagging; _'_ 7 "
    I V 1 0 0 c o il 's o p e ; . .
    4 balesiBagging, Tw,,ine,tor'e.-bm
    -WM. G PORTER &- CO-
    Dee- 5 41 Waler sire.tq -.
    S received an -for sale by ; "- --'*A .
    Nov 21 H. F. ABELL, DA-i^. -
    -a '.', r ,
    -<~ rh fffSACKS Liverpool up. bqod.bard $ :*
    1J0Ur -Sarah 8heaff, for sale by' .
    Dec 5- J. DAY.&.IP- .-
    M- OFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AI. N fcW -1t "
    BITTERS, just received andt.or aa-tb b
    Nov 2L, J. C. ALLIa,
    Nov.-2t' "" .

    1l fif S.ACItS afloat and in store, fop'.'saleb "
    11U0 D. B. WOOD &,CO. '
    Dec .5 '7 Columbs,,o..'-
    TISTAR'S and Swayne's Balsam dt itd
    V V Cherry, juit received and for salelw-,y
    Nov 2X ", J.C.A "

    janl6 1-3.m-

    Franklin Circuit Court.
    Roberts, Allen & Co. I .
    vs. f Petition to Foreclose.:
    -Ebenezer Hoyt, and j Mortgage.
    Wm-. C. Lawrence: J
    TrHE defendants are hereby notified of the in-
    stitution of the above su'it; by'.petition to fore-
    close their certain mortgage deed, bearing date
    the 15th day of October, 1845, of a- certain sloop
    called the Oregon," to secure the payment, of
    the sum of $500, And that at thM next spring
    term of said court, I will mboLe for a judgment of
    I A. G. SEMMES, Af'y f6r Petitioner.
    Apalachicola, Jan %, 1847 50-2m.

    W. T. WOOD. E. B. BALLOU.
    Wood & Ballou,
    Office No. 42 Water street.-Up stairs.
    Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.

    T HE undersigned continue to make advanc
    J. on Cottonfconsigned to their friends in Live
    pool, Havre, Boston and New York.
    I D. B. WOOD & CO.
    Dec 5 7 Colum~uis, Row.

    -.'>..;ieneiincin3 l -i *? Sel|t>inll''r. 1t6--aid -aine
    'lnle ill lS45,

    .N. p "BItt
    W TILL-continue to transact a gaehbral FOP
    and solicits the patronage of his friends an*d t
    public. Dec 26 '490-4t

    Past |Pras'[l I La,[
    ,tifr Ir:EXr.Fxr.:> Er.l. }:3 1 ot.I -r "-)"T as1 n

    L I v,'t .- ,O I -'o l "'' ... .. .

    -1.. Vre:. ... ...........
    Boston. ........ ........
    Providence ........
    Ph' iladel.hia .......
    Baltim ore '..... .'... ..
    New Orleans........
    Other ports..........
    Total Coastwise....-

    . .24{h)

    . .249o

    ' 1345

    N OTICE-All persons having-claims against
    Silas M. Mercer, late of Jackson county,
    deceased, are requested to present the same du-
    ly authenticated, within the time prescribed by
    law, or this notice will be, plead in bar of their
    recovery, and alll persons indebted to said estate,
    are requested to make immediate payment.
    Jackson County, Jan., 3, 1846. janl6 l-2m



    W HEREAS, a due bill for $125, was given
    me on, the 31st March, 1841, by Wm. D.
    Price, Deputy Collector for the Port of St. Jo-
    seph, for public services, and said due bill having
    been lost or mislaid, this is to caution any and all
    persons against receiving or negotiating_ the
    Apalachicola, Dec 26, 1846 49-3t


    . :.3 5
    .. u.
    . '. 5q


    SALT--I..(0 'saerks affoat and for sale, by .
    S) D. B. \Vo k..:.Ct
    Dee 1.2

    Annuals for 184*.
    T HE- Mother's Present," 1 Moss Rose," cMay
    lowerr" 1 Christian Keepsake, Hyacinth',
    - Friendship's Offering," Christmias Blossoms,"
    ,, Wordsworth's Poems," "Poetry of the TPas-
    sions," "Gems from American Poems,"'. the
    tl Boquet of Flowers," Montgomery and Byron's
    Poems," "Poetry of the Heart," Elliott's Po-
    eml," -Christian Miniature," the 'Floral Gift,"
    the "Marriage Ring," the "Casket of Jewels,"
    ' Lovest Thou Me," and the 1' Flower Vase-."
    comprise a part of the above now offered, for sale
    by J. C. ALLEN.
    Also, a 'large assortment of School and Toy,
    Bookssuitablefor all the diflbrent ages- of chil-
    dren. Dec 26

    Prints! Prints,!!
    rIHE subscriber has, just received, per bark
    .JL Magdala, from New York, 200 pieces sup-.,
    riorEnglish Cambric Prints, tor sale at lower
    prices' than ever bef.-,.re offered at wholesale or
    retail, by
    Jan 16 FRANCIS kOPMAM.

    ...42, ..;2832 ..32 853
    ,..... ...362 ...362 : ..132
    *."'.-857,..75,05 ..8362 ..9742
    ....... ... 8362 .12,$2

    ANasorment of Schooli Book-s, jus-t wd
    and for sale bv t i Nov .. .

    j le u e an ld [B L Tv.v ; ado ,p ie Jy t ui I .I [- M .I v -- -- -
    .Council wi ere reid 1.-Y the (_',erk, ,: of .motion o!'freqp._.e
    .- M r. Green,;oe ,ond.led h Ay M r. Day, thl ,s.id niilf-. i k '-t IS
    *- a n 'd R '-L a 'i s wv e re a _-,I L-.: or /th e G ....ilrnin e l, e ,i.r
    S, of thi-i CotUi, il. 1 10" T ',: 1.:,,-
    (r. G.,, .." I VOve n'lf . So a 1 future ilieetin-f, lir 1wiollid introduce. an qr- [or tolt
    di- ance in rela ttion t.o li ves B P providence
    r, cin molion. the- C,,tmcil ltheadjourned till Philadelph
    f Itneda3 ev ening re.xt at 7 o'clock, "A p rriv ed. B altim ore
    "..& -., S HAWLEY, Mayor. New Orlear
    WILL. -T. V .ALL, u, Clerk. : Otherports
    .... T6tal Co:
    _4 WDlNrs.-in~y EVl:N[ING, Jan-.,13,-1847j ---
    A.*;.X hianc-i.-'iet. Present. Benjamin S, Ha~wkv,
    Tv layo,; Ot.utfCileCII, Mq-erL. .Butt,-Day, Payson, P r stea
    I.C IWM 21l0h, Han'cock. and ,WIMatan. Fail-, Nelson
    - *-+ a nutes of th ls-;t meeting-were read and T"Bush,
    I erk riep.-"rted.tlie u O hI. Harfoi p 'Pe stea"
    ,lK^E y "to the I;rit.instar, r,'hich .was read ard ,-,.,
    .q- de 1,d oil tile^. Per steu m
    V'i..-:fe Clerk read the petition of J. Casmavo and J F Farria-
    r/,iot'terasking the repeal ,,f therdiriar,,e? prevent- van, Glrizz
    ng i .the erection of butler than fire-j),ro I,:,f htullin, Perstean
    .e.OnI39ock E. 2nd R'ange, whichh on mtirion ofiMr. -Per t"e.-ij
    ** TDdft.sbionded by Mr. Pavson,, was receive.t and _Per Steni
    .. laid'oh -the table. ; l. ~ 7'
    ...... Mr. Hancock from the Market Cominitee, to C' ,
    :.whom was referred the petition ,,f Thonas N. Pe.- stean
    Gardner pray'ing to be perniitted'to- pay for the Daniels-and
    stall in the market-.ledsed by hiin, by the month, GA Bryan
    *for the time he ha use,[ it, rep rrld favoably o Don'ald, \,
    * ---said pelition,-apc.-tha( ho ht u-d s .aid starl'but Per tearn
    x bout tivo month, re,-,omtn,endedthat he'b-e re, nocha n in
    -easedT,.-nd refj,_ ed back by lecitN. thirty dol- -
    -; s cin v lfab ;) ^, w ich w a .r ad by t'lie G .,rdn"r, J-I
    -Ce.ek,,arid' i... of Mr. B.th d,,lv -ecouded, ..
    a' d report asa ..... and confirmed. NI
    -u.tt Wltmarh i -ly a
    tUl)Bt moved, ,.. State -.rh
    --oupkd ald .,n /: election of .
    - v'th1 4 tirig t h b ., c~ y .

    1 '" "

    "Pt'SSENGER^., .-;
    Per steamer Au ,ti.irg-M,.cr, J A S frei, t",WB
    Fail Ne'lson'.i-lw]-, R D RKW'leg'. A. Horki,,..
    TBush, Tf It.f.,wr.'E E P obbins, N F C'L >kl,, J
    'MeIHu rter, \\' L \V1 ,ndl.,\, J Sl-bh-., '. IurdG
    -Per steamer..Charleston- Miss Shaw,. Col 'N
    Cru6iei Capt ho M'1.nslghai, Messrs. Peabod'y,'
    Oens, Barksdale, Robinson,. Fyx. ,
    Per st.ernei Ap.-iaacliioda-Capl '.Slutton;.Messrs
    J F Farrior, Frtune, P Hobdrt,NV\ Blount, Sulli-
    van, Girizzard, Alkins. "
    Per steamer Roston--D Johnson. :
    Per steaimer Champion'--Wm Preddv
    Perqtenmer Emil'-%si,- E .Terni'g-mnrMiss J
    D Jernigan, Mis M:P Jernigan; Messrs George E
    13,1o1lnean, 4 arnard. Ti m DGibson, MChiurcli,
    C Thonmai. A Hntehins. ._
    Petsteamer Eufaula-Mr Bolton and lady; Msrs
    Daniels-and four children; -Miss E Bryant,. Miss
    G A Bryant;,Messrs Rouan, Pippon, Dove, Mc-
    D, onald, cIdster Vainadore.-, .:
    Pert seamerA .\l.i'I.i ld-Dr Fierce; Messrs J C.r.7
    nochan rind servant, R L Edrnonds- J .1lhene\,
    J 5 ('Cardwell, DJ .1 Fi"patrick. E' J Reggins, Jes
    G .icdner, J L Sm ith, .u W MR L ean. .. .


    A NNUALS l for 1_'47; Poems; Toy" ioolfsc.
    fo r sa le b .'.- "
    Nov -21 J. C.'AL.EN ,

    UST' received per schooner Elizabeth from
    New Orleans:
    21,1 bbl.? Flour 4151 do. Whiskey; ':
    2 bbls Mlolorigalel i do; 5kegs Lard ;
    5 1 M5 es P:,rk ; 5.do. Family Beef. '
    For sale by -., :'EDWARD McCULLY,
    Jan 16 ... 50 Water street.
    Aimen'ican Billiard lRoom.
    M R. PETRY respect' t.ll? informs his friends
    and the public, that his' splendid and
    unique Billiard -Saloon is nrnw open for the re-
    cepiion of viisitors;- he hagsspared no expense in
    fitting up the tables, ornamenting- the room and
    supplying his bar with 'the most, superb articles
    ofLiiquors, Wines, &c. and respectfully request
    his friends and the public to give hima call.
    (ji-i No chaLr,. f...r the-Gameof Billiards.-
    Aalachicol.,, Jf.m. M, i847. 1-3m.

    Dr. Towvnsemn'4 ar-sa9-#Ahlla.
    rT H[S invaluable and instlv celebrqj.ed coT.-
    J- pound has just been rIeceived and' (r sale biy
    :e26 p J.C. ALLEN.Vrpgt.--

    !f-fl^'VC]S eT4iormaston, for sale by
    O131_ ... ., WOOD &-|.C
    -"Dee 1-2 2 ":.*') c0 u '-

    -The Hydr'i,-S. am,"&i -'
    N. 0. ~ 's 7.. Coumi ,Br"g *i, ^l l.,-
    .. receive Cotion for Storage3a.re, af.iva! _i?.
    "and will be ready to coipress ro.i ea Bi ef-
    dayJnext. S. Hu 'r H IN $-O^ .^^-
    Apalachicola, Dec. "-2 l,-t6. -, S ....
    ; ." ... o, W-,,' "* a 3 -,
    zv*-Oil .cloths,-,a li C l .tflc l .
    [ a < J : s) ". ,' 9 U i ? u ,: t r ,'" i .- ; ,M l ^ :: :
    : '.,'S.' .C *, S -We ? i .. '^ ..r '^
    ore< ,a, b. ""^MG -Jop**^^l
    -De c !1 s e t -
    ^~ ~ street.'-;
    -^ -- **41

    Fine !oots andl Brogaus.
    1 o .CASES Gent's line Call Boots;
    12 300 prs Brogans.-
    For sale-at low prices,/by
    -Jan 9 F. KOPMAN.

    White Pine llu1ber For Sale.
    0 00\ ~fr EET Whiite- Pinie Lumber,
    ^v-20v tvtYti just received per: schooner

    -Hunter, from Bath, Maine.
    Jaa:16 CHAS. ROGERS &CO.

    - .TOTI-DE-SAMUEl BENEZET is my du-
    *N ly auw orid ,Agent during iby abso.nc fre.om
    "' -State (f Florlida. I

    Pee 56

    ") : 4uq T k-, w 5-

    CRE.-\AI TARTAR, for sale by
    septt] H. F. ABELL.


    0. :' ,

    For Rent,
    b THE Property on Centre st. kiiowh
    the City Hotel. Apply to
    [nov21] D. B. WOOD & CO.


    Dwelling for Reni.
    A h ,THE small Dwelling House lately oc-
    c.upied byMr.W, A McKenzie. luquire
    of NOURSE, STONE & CO.
    --Dec 26. 46 Water street.

    For Sale,
    B THE House on the corner of Chestnut
    M and Live Oak streets, known as the
    ;' "Golditein House." Apply to
    Jan 2 GREEN & CONNERY.

    For Rent, .,.
    jig TWO Front Offices, No. 36 Wter st..
    I; Apply to
    J in. 9 GREEN & CONNERY
    Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, &c,
    <| THEundersigned has just received
    from the Nursery of Winters & Co.,
    L. I., a choice lot of Fruit'and Orna-
    mental Trees, Shrubs and Plants,
    among which wijl be found Carnatiodsi. Tulips,
    Honey Suckles, Roses, Althe4, Dablj4's, Hya-
    cynths; Paeonies, Figs, Vines, &.c &c. All of
    which are to be sold. at invoice prices.
    ... H. F. ABELL;:
    Jan i6 Corner Chestnut and Water sts.

    _ 1_ 1





    I I ~

    g_ ~iI I

    U. S. MRail Arra n ent.
    _, I THE Stenff^kIV A ,uSTA, n].
    U e N. McLean, "Mster, 'wiU learg
    imjIggApalachicola every Tue auAd
    -Saturdak, at 10 P.._.Lnve
    Chattahoochee every Monday and Tburl y-,at
    12 M. She will also make weekly tipr aB
    bridge and Port Jackson.. Leave Baipb.ge !
    Wednesday night. Leave Port "aclksoj irtf "
    Sunday night.
    Every attention will be paid. to tbe-w $Ad
    comfort Passengers, apn strict atientionpt-a
    business confided to the Captaingr.Clerk tif -
    Boat.- ,. Dec. 26,1846.-:
    For ILiverp4dool.I "
    fa ThLE superior coppered ant4 tesa.,c
    WELL, Gre ship "iS1iET "Rf
    WELL, ranis~h, aster, having ajlle
    cargo, on board and engaged, wi l;have irnmej
    despatch,. For passage onl,, apply a"te'.t_ _.
    tain, or.to [janl6] SIMS &,C! VE
    For LIVerpool .. .. ,-
    .^L THE superior-bark. MERSEY, "e
    fgggtake the bulk of 800 bales cofton fortl|
    3 abovee named port. For fright ipplyh1,
    JaO- J. DAY& F. -O "
    For oLit .,eool ,:
    fas^THE superior Copper'd and edtpp'
    ^^^ fastened bark ;JlLl'Bljl, Melrittma*.:
    Sssat~ter, has more thih Talf h, er-cargo Wl'*,- /
    on board. For freight pf .yrefiqjnderapi.--',
    CHAS, R9OGERS.yr
    Dec. 26,18946. CHA& ~,.
    For New York. ....
    _E "'THE splendid fast sailing brig TY
    BEE, Capt-. McCormark,- Wift ,%r
    ^^~ despatch for the above port. For frei'h
    or passage, apply to the master, or to .
    Ja NOURSE, STONE & tC0.'
    Jan 9 11 46 Water streeL-
    For Boston. t-
    E TH-IE.-fast sailing ship C-J1lJTOJ.V
    /:^kPackard, master, will meet with de -
    .i^-npatcl, PFor freight on deck, orkpige,
    apply to fjan2] D B WbOD C "
    lFor Boston. ,
    _,_,-v THE packet bark jQAO P ..l, tent
    i ma,,ter, will sail op, the 15th'. isit. Foi
    3^^Sdeck-freight or passageapply-tQ .....
    Jan 2 D-B"WOOD,&* O-;- ,
    For Bo n. ,. ";.-
    "THE fine bark'JO Vi -Ow.I
    Hutbb, 'aske'r, .will sail on-the`1211
    ,inst. For freight on deck, apply'to
    I Jan 2 DBWOOD ee^ .
    For Proilaen ..:
    ^g^ THE brig .Li WREJ .CE COPE- "
    Lft!L)VXD, Baker, master, will, meetj.jlh-
    ^ despatch. For deck freiglkt or papeee. ,
    apply fo [jan16] D. B. WOOD-& CO.,,
    For Providence, I' I6
    STHE fine bark A VOLA./1 Davis, rn a
    /,agater; will have" despafch. For freight ou
    i^^a deck, or passage, apply .
    Jan,2 CHASIIOGEIIS 0G 'C. "&t
    ,Tor City Polin Tat r ;ia
    THE good coppered ship 'D" W
    J~ligSCOTT, Emery, master, .mMa"
    immdiatb dispatch. Forfreigh[ on' Upi
    or passage, apply to '
    Jan 2 CHAS-.ROGERS K GO,-
    For .Nev brifihkli ,.." <
    .,.,TH~new and splendil biig- ,"LOULS
    ^B-E.^Vf'OJV 'Chester,'"laster, will have
    Siscs immediate dispatch for the abov4i-Pdi-
    For fteight or passage, app!t ie -i iteaster, or to
    Jan 2 .. NO.BSE;^,,3T0N.B&F-_O. .
    .- a. Fil. an. -
    (Late T. I .e ... .
    BOOT AND -tiotE JM A ke&
    CONTINUES iq carry onRA .,W.'
    wI liess in Apalachicoja, Iwo?,..,e-
    I,, low the Cily Hotel on, Ce.'e-re
    f L Having superior workmjiW, h: ia
    confident that all who may pat ronize him wLW9 12
    that they'haie called at Ihe right shop. French
    Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent LeatheItots
    or Shges ma'e to or~er, of the l atest and most ap-
    provea style. He will alio leep'pnbAapO -Ieg"
    and selected assortmient of Ready -Mqde B"oots,
    Shoes and Brogans. All mending, AeM'.; done
    with neatness and prompLilude, and oi.1erms
    that cannot fail to be recognized as in "keqpin.'-
    with the competition in trade -nd the clo.eness
    of the times. .
    Apalachicola, October 31. 42- m.,.<
    :-, 'Befined Nitre and Alibi"*'
    ,e KEGS each, just receive and fdr- sbr-blp
    10 nov28 .; afA af

    - I -__ 9 --s~-

    . .. I IL


    ]E. J. Hardin,
    Office No. 2S Watet street.
    Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa.
    Edward McCul!i"
    Office N6. 50, 'Water street,
    Jan 16 Apalachicola, Fa

    ' i-a -. .*

    ______ _I

    - X. i

    -- -, ,-- I_

    , i em



    r.V oar, / saie very iuw u
    E -nglish Cambric. ,- Jan 0 F. KOPMAN%
    "] Expected daily, per bark, Magdula, 200 pcq. ... _.
    tfite-Englis'h Cambrics, 0r ios, of supe- CASiES suerio Fr a nd Sltk Hats --hc
    rior styles, which will. I~e offomd, at the very, ] C SSspro u n ikHti he
    lowest prices, by "r6 a'~ offered very low, by",(
    Ja n 92 F an2 ... F '. KOPMAN
    I J a F ^ K M A a '" -

    'Ladies fine Kid and Walkinig
    .. Shoes.
    1 5)K PRS. Ladies' fine Kid Slippers;
    lw0 150 prs. 1" Walkin'g Shoes;
    100 ." colored and black Slippers.
    Vn. oanIA vr yv hvlow-. bv t




















    New Arrangement.

    WE regret (and we do not regret) to say that
    wb ai'e under the necessity of breakig dtp the
    present.series, and commencing a NEw VOLtE
    of tileHo4 JOURNA.'L in Jandary---the demannd
    -'for the first and second numbers having so fa" ex-
    ceeded bur calculations, that we ban nb longer
    supply the new subscribers, who',nairally wish
    to commeriren with the beginning.' Our' kind
    friends, who ii%-,,llf have received five numbers or'-
    the HoME JotdrtNAL, will submit willingly', Ve
    h-iope, to the having two or three extra paper ,to
    bi'd in with the VOLUME ioR. 1847,; and. the
    ne,. arangement "&ili be a great coriv'enec6 t6
    the distant subscribers; who had 6nly herd o"
    our present series after !ts Afrst numbers wVe6 xk-
    hausted, an.i who now c61i fairly comnienes the
    - VoluneU.Wtht he V'eu Year. We shall issue,
    therefore, No -1 of our NE, *ViLUE on the 2d
    of January, and, .thereafter; kqepe.ven pace with
    Father time's old-fashioned_ yegipning4: and
    .endings. -
    The following are the only trms on,. which
    the HoME JoURNAL is furnished to subscribers :
    One copy for" one' year...... : ,:$2 00
    Three copies, to one address.. ;: ,.65 00
    IInrariablq in" advance.".
    Such as wish to "subscribe, and commence with-,
    the JANUA RY NUMBEn, are requested to send
    at once to :the'Office of Publication, No. 107
    Ful(on street. .
    Agents supply single copies, only.
    N,, P. WILLIS,






    , .

    1 \ -

    r- ---- -~ep L-- -i

    f I

    171 vsvfry ^Wlft*freet

    _ _

    -. i IiflA
    .. .. -"-- -a I...... -t .

    i., i.' r^ -,^, i f n.V) r f.,: :. '.'ir,, f _\,i,''<,?)>l>
    ^ oi ;t ,*'tt//. a .'- ; !,r .'*.. t -. "[ ,, ,." ll]'
    t ,M f .;;/ .& ,;.. L-ty. ,e .-;,j . aadq i'f l r. tl yt iin '? Ih ?r 5'l,ll l ?..',e,^ i.it'i t','I
    "*--9g'tey and-i*e'7 i%.tn--i, wh-i with tihe M irsh"al,
    7. altllif ).ittitIlIM 3P+'i :Cj for s ,i J city.I
    -,:.. 2 ," f i' t' /',i rt.'l, or.l.ine,1, T hat it shill
    "' ba~th-eauty- of~l, sJP.lice to '.vatch slirl city ut
    night, from 'J o'clock t ti yl d1 ight, .i s,-ri at-
    ternatioa ;30 to mac- the tab jrs o1"each .c0(Y.. e4'i-l.
    Je.f.-.3'* i:(eit t' 'iet," oi,'l i~e.J; Th r.f 4i.d Po-
    lice shaltlreceire tor s.j i service., twe'ntN--ih'e
    doll.ara t'r.edacti an:I every in )th t.x.t sid watch
    -,$hall perfd a- i.j +.?r i,'" -
    .Sei. 4.. B' # f'urther or,'.ziedl, Thlt doti>te
    Ssfiil.;b, gii've'a-id Ihit apla icitioa. shill be re-
    d c i .b^thj CL -.;il. for thi eleati.- of said
    %^ ..iY6Cm .I.ia'th.; -3.n-'n3 in.Kr ai 1.r other city
    .ofH&Ad "p?,)oitt l b' s lii.i C.111 0l. ,
    "Sc. "5 i Ril ftirt'er oWT lNed, '.,I it for ne<-
    leet of ,Idl't, .or i.it.?n, )?rasncI any memnib r of
    said Polico1* shilL.h- 111',.- tI. b.- ,ischarg,- d from
    o'.1 -,e by .ltho. M ijr, .1 1.1 to forleit, not e.- eeding
    owae..m ith'. -\%V -I. It t' d i-.li, Ji)t ,n of the.li M a% or.
    -See. 13-.B -" it t'' *"'*-'* ortzined. T hit Ihe Lil-
    iesofl'. sii .Pjli,'e .I i )ll i) to apprelh '-iJd all ne-
    .'roei ant v-in .tili..t'I it ln y be i:,ind in Ihe
    strteetsor ot:i' r pli >-c liri.I,th- timi tint -11d
    P 'oice is'ha 'it, a I I pertorin any other duties
    .hlt niy.i f "prd ,'l'i' ,l b, the M ay'r, lor the
    ? quiet ah-:1 .;Srty oft si I city.
    Pa33.. D,.1e. "211, 3 1 .
    At P C. ROBE1RTS, Nf[.t..r.
    W V "LLt : 7 'r . -- -
    ..: -A i O r tl i i l a i i c e ,-
    -" A-m -n, I`tan O.)r J i.p-t ,, w o nlitle.1 "" An Ordinance
    S K.iP:-t li, hiii -i l t'.: i nlt -a. inirkel for tile
    Cu I of .\.,riA l c;).1lOI h.''
    Be it orv,.'." I "5y M'<*e .1hiy.-, an'l C.)uncil:
    ,; T hint 1 '- ^ In .''I t'.1 of a l iiur i'.-w e'lililed .-All
    Ordiqui-i. t 411,'i 1,r a,1.1 re,.ill>tin- M irkel
    ::f or the Cit, ,t' A. V a)li -h." ,1," aq p|>rniil-! said
    -irk'.t. to bi ke)t -v ? I o I r!i, -;_Y'.i') !ith, be here-
    .. .. by repeal,.J. I I til If i it I ,,ttr:zt be.,aliow ed
    IP ba ke It.,-,, i itil 'j ,'cl-ek:-fo-i -each, and eve-
    ry .Siturdiy ni.1ir i .,*- -
    Paisa.+d D,:c. "2{Jl, I S 1..
    E1.. C. 1..3ERTr:, Mayor.
    IV. VALt-.uA^ l.-rk
    Stmte T-ix C >leetormi Sale.
    NOr.ICE is hereby 4ive-1, th,it siv tiililhi ar
    ter d.-ite, I will jaei'>.e.ro)sale at p'lblic out.
    .G1ry, o0,pti, it, the C.,,irt H ).,lie d.oior in the -ity (,
    -. Apalichicola, the 6l,,lving pr',pertY, (o wit:-
    & L)ts N0s. and 12, blo,,'k El, in the cily o
    i'" Apalachicola, properly belonging to Calhoun &
    E" Bams.
    Lot No. 1, block J, in tile city of Apalachicola
    propei.rtv.lie[o in, to Ff. A. N.irris..
    L,' its." N 4. i3 apt] 7, "block C(2, Inl the city o
    .Xi)!lachicol.1, pro,)erty b,-,lon,.gin to Jacob Hart
    To he +Aid for tOxes of IS1i5, anti the charge;
    that have accrued thereon.
    JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
    and .ex-Otticio State Tax Collector.
    r ^Apalachicola, Sept. 2"2, !_'46. 37-6m

    .1 .State an(d CO1lilly Tax Collectori.
    '[V.-virtue of the power ve;ted in me by !aw
    J 3ix month after dale [ shall expose for sale
    before thie Court Hoite+, ii the ,:ilY of Apaldch.
    iaola -ra iklin:.County, the l:.l lIowing described
    'property, bel.onguir t.j the A;jal.tclicola Lane
    , :." Company, or so mUe'. the reel as will pay the
    ' "'Sate and Cbunt.t Taxei due theieeon I'r the year
    Wharf Lots Nos 7?7s, 9-10) feet each.
    _ots dl and 7 'j T,' ick 17.
    ,-Lots 2, 3, 4', 1,-1% 'L S, v, in BlocI 1'?.
    - .+ l1ots 4, 7, 1J, .1,3^ 15, 1,i, 17, IS, in Block E-2.
    -: ~Jots 11, 7, 1 i,'t,-t n -itok F-'.,
    ,Ld 'i in Bloc- k .,
    :.f r'^,7, *i, in Blo,;k,1.
    ...., :o, 7., S, i, in Block 4.
    S "" S .f 4,-.', 6, ,,_5 Ia B..,ck i.
    ; ,ots'Ij to 10), in Bl.ock 1J.
    Lots 1I *2, 3, 6, 7, ;, 9, 10, i Bloc "21.
    'Lots ., 5, 6, 7, ;,1, 9, I1), in 131 ,ck !,3.
    Lgts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in BI1.I-;i 41 .
    Lot. .3, 4, .5, 6, 7, i, i:i BI )c!k 4'-.
    -Lots I to 11), int B1o3,(.'-k .
    Lots 1, 2, 3, 13, 7, S, 9, 10, in BI 5,ok 32.
    .Lots4 t) 10, il B. ._.k 3 1.
    '" O' Lot "7, ", ', 'iJ, in 1 1ibel, 15D.
    '"*L oT '2 6') 19, i 1 13..,, I., i I j.

    ";.',iLots '1 to .'2i, in Bl,>?k Ll.
    Lots 1, -.57," i in _t ,',; 9.
    JO,1A;[N LUC\-;, Sheriff,
    and ev-Orfi.-i) Taix Colleclur Franklin Co.,.
    Ap la.,ghicla, Nov. -21, I_ltj. 4 1-6i1.
    .... Tobacco.
    <" 14:'14' boxes M. uii-iture-1 \V L Roane"
    2, 6 irand.
    41 hall'-boxes MInufantiir::,:-.I \V Price" Brand,
    39 do. "
    28 ..... **r IW B ,'l._ ...
    4"3 "2-2. Ib' boxes "' J \V M,rgan ...
    -;++ ,.l-'3.1b Liimrs.
    --.5.boxes Minufilactutred J \V iMorgait" Brand
    <. Prem'iu-m.
    :": 5 b.Q-es3 Nape.
    :,. ieon's" 'Brand M.ignolia."
    : ;:. 5 b~oxes Matiiilactur,=d .. .. Napo-
    7:;>.-.. Ieon's" Brand ._trawber).
    .50.2019 l~boxe.j Mjlnul'aetured' "t Nape-
    ....- ieon's" Brm,.I "' M ig n,,li i.'-
    0 boxes M'l'[j,.fcltureJ PMl,-,or'i Honev Dew
    !0-OCrate Crock~eryv ; 10,0'=) F'l,:,ri.l'i Se,irs.
    39.doz-Ne;.ro C-i[)s; ij') d.,z Foes, "* a_-orted."
    Ingrain Cart)etini;, (ololl, Cair,.b, T,'ace Chains.
    .. .'.'For sale low to close ,:.,a-itm~ent., by
    .". LO(:KHART ,k. YOUNG,
    ..: +.'N v. 14 I._3 'Vjaler street.
    -_-(;.iiB;tJ}i Baoks attd Stationery.
    ''" T" .EDERS, Joul~rnals, Dnyv Book,<, &c'.
    .J- -;Ot rea mn- Fo Ils-'.ii) aind'Leiter Paper;
    i "+Cotton l .ra'n' l)fui^ 'i B,.,,oks ;
    .+ .Ship aind River Bill-' L~hidiig
    ;<).4.. Boooks Ior L..lter Press.-

    /y. .-Blanlk Bills o( Exelitan, and Cheeks,
    ; '-.Juit [e,:eived and f''r s'ile by

    +, ,"..March I. H. F. ABELL.
    --- I)-AINT. AND OILS-',) keg- No 1 White
    -Le" j. Lad; *2)0-ills Writer L'imp Oil; 30u gall:
    -Linieed Oil; 5') bx- assoited Glass.; 5_10 Ibs Put-
    ty;- 100 assorted P.Rint Brut.he-3; Black Lead,
    Spanish Brown, YelloJv Ochre, Green Paint, jusl
    -.received and lor sale1 by
    . ,. : Marerh-l ff. F. ABELL.
    Pahits, Oils, &c., &c.
    JT UST received per brig Alabama, Ironm New,
    -.- ". York:
    81) kegs ground White Lead No. 1;
    "-- ".. ,lo do (i.) Extra:
    .- boxes Glass as.3orled sizes:
    ""' '.-50 Verdigris ground in oil;
    .-'4-- .. ,0 Paris GTee-n do;
    S;.- "' -0-doz. assorted Paint Brushes
    %3- --.th every othcri'rticle usually employed in
    ; -t-he painting busiWtiv- For sale bv
    '. "' -- C. ALLEN, Druggist.
    :. ralachicola, Sept'-.9t
    "OZ. Congress Sprin Water, just re-
    = .49' crived per brig Alabama and for sale by
    % ^ ept 29 J. C. ALLEN.
    -4.: t":- Seeds, Gi=owth of 1846.
    /: X"N a.-soTtrient of-Garden, Seeds, just received
    g" arid far sale by
    -'""~cl32 ";:'.- *H. F. ABELL."

    almi-nistrator "'Notices.







    . =L --

    , UALgi tU IiqU. t ll f. .

    FRE ARRIVAL OP,--.-.
    egos, B cime
    Dye-gtwffb FeflMBi"tke ^
    -^LTHE! undridgJkU^
    71 57 to his friends ,4,flw
    B ulibeo^ proaa ..a b<
    .,-'i+ that he is now raci^HEJ jjPBy
    ^^fat supply, whieh,UW>gRlR
    stock, rendeM. his ano aoni_ tui
    and complete. EtgaFrecb i_?|Dlg
    Am erican Dru s; "ca, Pcerf, Nita
    and Droggisfs G~a~fSlg w_ 'WV~^
    to Physicians, Country Mkrhxnb wdi mrlf
    the most liberal terms-all ciwoh he %I MR
    pure and untadlterated. ._ *i ,
    .:. ,- I- F. .,
    Wholesaudt, a46

    Apalhehcola, Nov. 21 8 ,., : 8,.

    staie "ax.Colneet~rs Sale. i
    B Y v." i'l ., ,,I i., :, ,i.....er .ested in me by laIw, I
    -hJ11 eN. .11 oI,- .r sjle beCore the Court House
    .1oIr III th : c.-'.Inv .oN ') l.',.m, on ihe-first M oan-
    day ill Jut;' nc;t, the I..>llo- ving property situated
    in the city, ot'St. Jo eph, or so-much thereof, as
    will pay'the SIate and Coumty Tax on the same
    torithe .year 1 S 163 :
    I1 L.ts ianimproved valued at $50,_ purporting
    to belong to It C Allen's estate.
    I][.)t [uilnpr:,veJ, valued at '$50, purporting
    to belong to R,.-bert Armstrong.
    t L~t uriuirve valed at i$3i purporting
    to belin., to F (.r Arott.
    3 L.)tI. Inprovej, valued at $30, purporting to
    behlon to 1 B,:.veridd e's' estate.
    -1 Lots uriim proved, valued at $50, purporting
    to bel.m.n'to A B Biackwell's estate.
    I L)t imp;:r.;>,'e, val,.et at $20a), purporting to
    belon.z to tG.or4e. Clark.
    '2 L)t, impi-wve-, valie.. at$1.00, purportingto
    b ,lon-,: o t \V n C rom w ell.nq
    I j L)tS unimnproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belon,-i. t J N Copeland.
    3 Lot.i unimpr.,vel, valued at $50, purporting
    t.) belong to R K Call.
    31 Lots unimproved, valued'at $200, purporting
    to belong to Win P Craig.
    3 Lots unimpr..,>'ej, valued at $50, purporting
    to b i.)r, to \% Col.uit. .-.
    2 L.1s unimproved, valued ut $50, purporting
    to belo.ni to Col-iuit & Grant.
    2 L)t. u:,imppiove.d, valued at $50, purporting
    t< belong to \Vni B Duvall.
    3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong-to D, W Dubois.
    Lots unimproved, valued atortin
    to belong-to John Davis&
    ? 2 Lots animprove'd, valued at ,$50,- purporting
    ) to,belong to John Derfick.
    '20 Lots unimproved, valued at $100, -purporting
    ., to belong to John G Gamble.
    9 8 Lots unimproved, valued-at $100, purporting
    to belong to F G Gibson's estate.
    " 2 Lots unimproved, valued ai $50, purporting
    :-to belong toE G Greenwood.
    1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting. to
    belong to James Goslin.
    S-6 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong.to0Robert Gamble.
    2 Lots-i-mproved, val',ed at $100, purporting to
    belong to Edward Hardin's estate.,
    -2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purpoting
    . to belong to S K Hodges.
    , .1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to William Holland.
    f 7 Lots unimproved, valued at'$50, purporting
    to belong to A K Hill.
    1 Lot- unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
    belong-to B S Hawley. "
    ' I Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting tc
    belong to -H BIhman.
    -2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to G C S Johnson.
    7 Lot's improved, valued at $300, purporting tc
    I belong._to John Jenkins' estate.
    3 Lots unimproved, valued at $100, purporting
    to belong to Seabbrn Jones.
    1f Lot unimprioved,'valued at $50, purporting tco
    belong to' Jones & Bass.
    I1 Lot improved, valued at _$50, purporting to
    ", "belong to J Kinney's estate.
    1 Lot-improved, valued at $200, purporting to
    , belong to J P Lockey.
    e 1'Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
    " belong to Doctor Lang.-
    I Lot improved; valued at $50, purporting to
    d belong to9Abraham Low.
    e .5 Lots unimproved, valued at $50., purporting
    r to belong to P Lathrop.
    1 Lot improved, valued at $50i purporting to
    belong to C McEhran.,
    9 Lots unimproved, valued'at $50, purporting
    to belong to Wm P Malone.
    l<-Lot unimproved, valued-at $50, purporting to
    belong to Thomas- Mote.
    I- Lot, improved, valued at $50, purporting to
    .-belong to Daniel Munn.
    1 Lor unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
    .belong to-J Ninn3nger.
    1 .Lot improved,, valued at $100, purporting to
    belong to. Wm Patrick.
    2.Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to George Poe, jr.'
    2 Lots unimproved, valued at,$50,'purporting
    to belong to- Judge Pope.
    1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
    belong.to Wm D Price. I
    2 Lots imp-roved, Valued at,$100, purporting to
    11belong to Isaac Robinson.
    2 Lots improved, valued at $50, purporting to
    "belong to F A R oss. .: ;
    3 Lots unimproved,' valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to A Ryan. "
    3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to. W m Rowlett. I "
    , 3.,Lots unimproved, valued at $50, "purporting
    to belong to Reegan, Colquit & Grant..
    I Lot unimproved,' valued at $50, purporting to
    S'belong, t0 R~obersou &-Everett. '
    2 Lots: unimproved-v~alhed at $'>0,: purporting
    .. to belong to Phineas-Randall. .
    ,1"-Lot improved, Valued at, $50, 'purporting to
    i belongg to George .St Clair." .,^
    .1Lot improved, valued at $.50, purporting to
    ". belong to R M'Stewar~t'S" estate. :".
    "Lots Unimproved, valued at $100, purporting to
    belong to Hamilton smttj4-..
    = Lot .unimproved, valued at $50, put'poiting
    to belong to George Stewart. ,
    1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
    belong to J jSweeite. -
    1. .Lot urimrproved, valued at $200, purporting
    to-belong to Walter Thoqmpson,.
    S.8 -L0,ts impro~ved,v':diled at .f-,)0, purporting^ to
    belon, to E J- \\u")Jd's estate.- ~-
    2 L.il t_iipi-',:,ve3l, valued at $200; purportingto
    ..-belo'ng to Hez.R Wood. .. ....
    -4 Lots. improved,, valued at $200, .ptrP~orting' to
    '.'.., .. belong t9 Ga~rnot W ,:odrulf. "
    1 Lo~tunimproved, valued at $50,, purporting to
    S belong to Ch.rles W\il.iont.
    : 2 Lois unimprovedl, ..l, ieul at $50, purporting
    to belong to J D \%e-.t.:,..tr. "

    8 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    to belong to P D Woodruff. '
    1, Lot unimproved-, valued at ,$50, purporting to
    belong to-\Viltiam \ 'ar ..
    3 Lois unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
    * to belong to R W Williams.
    s Lots improued, valued at -$1,500, purport ing to
    belong to, John1 D Gray. ,
    SAAC"JACKSON, Sheriff
    t ;- and ex-officio Tax Collector.
    L Decemrber -26, l'.i- 13-49-13-i1n
    ,^,HHDS.St. Cruix Sugar;,
    Slt.]' 20 do New Oileans Siigar,-to arrive;
    S-. 100 sacks R'io,"Coffee; 50 do Java; -"
    .40 bxs Aromatic'Tobacco; -' '_ /
    '- 50 -'A iMft'd do. Brown's'arid Labby's, -
    ,20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
    '-- 10.) bags- Shot;- 50 kegs Powder-;, ; ,--.'
    2000 lbs Lead;-4 ca-ks Linseed;Oil;
    -200 kegs White Lead, No. i., Extra and Pure.,
    F ro rsaleby WM. G. PORTER-C0. 1
    Dec 5 41 Water -street;"
    Coligl'ess Sliliiig Water
    TUST reeeived per schr.;LeRoy, and for ssale, by
    . 1 Mrch J..'C.'ALLEN. "
    FIreshi Herbs. .-
    *Q!AGE,-Tliyme, .Summer Savory, Sweet, Marl.
    =kJ joram, C ,itnep, B,-neset, Horehound, Worm-
    wood' &t., just received and fbr sale by ..-.
    Nov%28,. ++- + ... *"J. AL. AJ.LEN.
    PEASE'S Clarified Essence of Hoarhound
    J"Cadia)-a fresh supply just received and for
    .sale by v "H. F: ABELL, '
    "--Nov2r 1 Druggist.
    Lattip Oil "
    W:"W INTER STRAINED, a very ,superior ar-.
    tide, just received and.for.sale by '
    No ov-Z8' H, F. ABELL, Druggist.

    Dry Good".
    THE subscribers offer for sale +a large andft-
    -sotlable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
    part of
    Negro Kerseys and Linseys,1
    White and Red Flannels,
    Plain -and Fancy Jeans,
    Double twilled Tweeds,
    Super fancy Casameris, :.
    Super English and French1oths,
    Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 ind 12 qr&s
    Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and tfor8
    Denims, Kremlins and Cgtitonades,
    Brown Shirting and Sheeing,
    Cotton Osnaburgs, -
    Cotton Drilling and Tickilg,
    Linen and Cotton Checksi .
    Irish Linen, Shirting and~heeting,
    Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,.
    English, French and American Prints,
    Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
    Super Cashmere d'Ecosse.,
    Extra super Muslin de Laile,
    English, Scotch and American do.
    Super Italian black and figured Silks,
    Black Silk Cravats and fanty Hkfs,
    Super English and Pongee lilk Hkfs,
    English and American CottOn Hkfs,
    Madras and Verona head H fs,
    Ladies' Cotton Hose and Geits Hl-hoser'
    Super Marseilles and Worstid'Vestings,
    Cotton and Flax Thread,
    Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
    Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
    Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c.
    Which have been elected with great care in
    New York and Boston, from Importers and Agents
    of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
    are now offered at wholesale or retail on favorable
    terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
    Dec. 5, 1846. 41 Water street.

    FranklidnCircultl Co lpi .
    Robertas Allen & Co. '
    vs. Petition ;to Foreclose
    Ebenezer Hoyt, and Mortgage. .
    Wm. C. Lawrence.
    TlHE defendants are hereby notified of the in-
    stitution of the-above suit, by petition to fore-
    close their certain mortgage deed, bearing date
    the 15th day of October, 1845, of a certainrtslvoop
    called the Oregon," to secure the, payment of
    the sum of $500. And at the spring term of said
    court, I will move for a-judgment of foreclosure.
    A.-G. SEMMES, Att'y for Petitioner.
    Apalachicola, Jan 2, 1847 aO-2m.

    Calhoun Circuit Court.
    John F. 0. Thomas, ) -
    vs. } Bill for Divorce.
    Marinda Thomas. ) -_
    T[HE complainant has leave'to file supplemen-
    tal bill which was done. 'If appearing -to
    the satisfaction of the Court, that the defendant
    resides out of the Western Circuit of-Florida: It
    is ordered that said defendant be required to ap-
    pear and answer the bill of complaint, on the
    first Monday in March, 184-7, andin -the fault
    thereof, the said bill shallbe taken pro confemso,
    and that this order be published in tome news=
    paper in this State for two months- before the
    day -ordered for the said hearing..
    Judge of Southern, Cikuit, ,.
    Presiding in the Western dCxcuiti
    (A true copy-Teste.)- -3 ; ..
    H..W. ROWLEY, Clerk Q, C. C.-;-
    Calhoun County, Dec. 21. dec2C 49-2m



    Callioun Circuit Court.
    IN OPEN. CouR--DcEMBER TERM, 1846.
    In Chancery.
    Elizabeth McBryde,) ? ,
    vs, Bill for Divorce.
    W illiamt VMeBryde. 5 ,
    TT appearing to the salisfactionr of the Court
    .L that the defendant William McBryde, resides
    out of the State of Florida -It is'ordered, that lhe
    said defendant be required to appear and answer-
    the bill in this case, on the first Monday in April;
    1847, and in default thereof, the same shall be
    taken pro confesso, and it is -further ordered that
    this notice- be published in some-newspaper in
    this State for the space ofthree months.
    Judge of Suthern Circuit,
    Presiding in the Western Circuit.
    (A True Copy-Teste.)
    H. W. 'RoWLEY, Clerk C. C. C.C. ^
    Calhoun County, Dec. 21, 18+46 dec26 49-3m

    G REEN & CONNERY, No. 36,Water street,
    have just received-and offer for sale
    0g 125 sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop;)
    100 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
    200 Old Rectified Whiskey;
    '100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap5
    5 hhds N. 0. Sugar; 5 do Muscovado do;
    20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
    5 1' Hams;
    20 barrels Clarified Sugar;
    10 boxes Loaf 'do ;,"
    50 Sperm Candles;
    20 barrels N E Rum;
    10 White's Baltimore Gin;
    10 Domestic Brandy;
    10 N0 Molasses;
    50 boxes English Dairy Cheese ;
    50 pieces Kentucky Bagging;
    30 coils Rope;
    10 bales Alicant Mats;
    80 bxs and hlf-bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins;
    10 Lemons;
    75 Manufactured Tobacco;
    25 cases assorted Pickles;
    30 barrels Mackerel, Nos 2 and 3;
    20 halftbbls do do;
    20 boxes assorted Syrups;
    20 chests and boxes Gunpowder and Hy-
    son Teas;
    10 J chests and boxes Powchong Teas;
    2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy;
    10 baskets ,'Heidsieck" Champagne;
    50 kegs Nails, assorted sizes :
    25 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ;
    3 tierces new Rice;
    20 kegs and quarters new Buckwheat i
    200 bushels Norther Oat?-
    Apalachicola, Dec. 5; 1846.


    Four copies of any 'or all of the above works
    will be sent to one address on payment of the re-
    gular subscriptions for. three-the fourth copy
    tieing gratis.
    S(j- Remittances and--communications must be
    made in all cases without expense to- the publish-
    ers.-The tormer may always be done tArough a
    Post-master by handling him the amount to be
    remitted, taking his receipt and forwarding the
    receipt by mail', Post-paid; or the money may
    be enclosed in a letter, Post-Paid, directed to
    the publishers,.
    N. B.--The Postage on all thesO Periodicals
    is reduced by the late Post-Office law, to about
    one third the former rates, making a very impor-
    tant saving in the expense to mail subscribers.
    *** In all the principal cities and towns
    throughout the United States to which there is a
    direct Rail-Road or Water communication from
    the city of" vew- York,. these .periodicals will be
    delivered FREE OF POSTAGE.
    LEONARD, -SCOTT, & Co., Publishers,
    June 13. 24-6m 112 Fulton St., New-York.



    ilar remedies 'would predate"amon c i
    speedy, and considerable,~ -; (ban m yt.:
    lent dose 6f any ausmhone.- Is. j. a m ie
    disease is entirely .prevented-by its ti*mBy Mpplip.
    cation. Fcr sale by .. '.
    Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN"3rft.

    N OTICE.-Six months after date, I will apply
    to the Hon. Probate Court of Franklin
    County, for a final discharge from the adminis-
    tration of the estate of John C. Perkins,:lale of
    said county, deceased.
    Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-6m

    NOTICE-All persons having. claims against
    Joseph Foster, late of Franklin county, de-
    ceased, are requested to present the same duly
    authenticated, within the time prescribed bylaw,
    or this notice will be plead in, bar of their reco-
    very, and all persons indebted to said estate, are
    requested to make immediate payment.
    Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-2m

    At the extensive. Establishment of
    LEE-.&- BKEWSTER1,
    Where are concentrated nearly all the NEW
    'STYLES of PRINTED CALICOS which have
    been produced in this country, or imported for the
    fall trade, and are offered for sale for CASH OR
    Prices Greatly Reduced
    Within the last few days.
    Qci Purchasers are guaranteed the prices-and
    allowances' made for a given period.
    W- Catalogues (renewed and corrected daily)
    -regulating the prices--are placed in the hands
    -of buyers, and sent'with g6ods ordered.
    New Y< rk,'August, 1846.

    F RANCIS KOPMAN has for sale:
    English and American. Prints;
    Bombazine and Silk Alpaca;
    Drad Ete and colored Cambrics I
    Bleached and Brown Domestics;
    Negro Kerseys and Blankets;
    Bed Ticks and Linsey Woolseys,
    Apron Checks and Flannels;
    Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs;
    Hosiery of every description -
    Straw Bonnets and Woolen Hoods;
    Kid Slippers and Walking Shoes; ..
    Colored and Black Gaiter Boots; ^F
    ,Calf and Kip Brogans;
    Calf, Seal Skin, Kip and Water Proof Mdetd;
    Fine Silk and Fur Hats;
    A fine assortment of ReadyMade Clothing,
    And a large variety of Fancy Goods.
    Apalachicola, Dec. 5,1846.

    Administra6r's Notice. "
    QIX months after the pubhlication of this notice,
    0 I shall apply to the Court of Probates- of
    Franklin County, Floridai, for letter of digims-
    sion from the estate of David-C.- Ko-lb, deeeaoed,-
    as Administrator, and all persons interested in
    said estate are hereby notified to file exceptions,
    if any they have, in the manner and form re-
    quired -by law.
    - August 11, 1846, 31-6m
    N OTICE,-Six months after public ion of
    thiss notice application will be made to-the
    Hon. Judge of Probates for Jackson county, for
    a final settlement of the administration of the
    estate of William. Bryan, deceased, late of said
    county. ELIJAH BRYAN,
    June 30,1846. 25-6m Administrator.

    .List of Letters
    P EMAINING in the Post Officee atApalachi-
    t cola, January 1, 1847:
    Artist, any Daguerian Melondes, Joseph
    Belzhooven,- Daniel Montgomery, J J
    Brown, G B 2 Marsh, Julia L
    Brockenbrough, W H 2 McAllister, W J
    Butts,'E P 4 Morton, L C
    Babcock, J W 3 Noyes, Albion
    Brown, Jane Ann. Newell, John N
    Bruce, Levice Ozanne E 5
    Brown, James O'Donal, Mary
    Barides, Anna Pierce, C B
    Barrington,SopbroniaEPeck, Wm 3 ,
    Chapman, Harriot Page, Wm
    C6mpbel, Enos Porter, Ned, col'd boy
    Clark, Thos "" Parker, James N
    ,Couch, Henry- Penn Mary A
    Corwin, Jas C Pow, John .... '-
    Cammey, John N .....e J 3 :
    -Carpocha, Ws Rockwell, Amasa
    Conry,- Mr /-, Rivers, T H B & Co
    Dicksbn, W.D Robison,-,W
    Dickinson,'W C Scott, Thos
    Davis, Rebi. Storer, David W 3 -
    Davii,-Thow Stapler, Willord W .
    Demund,,;awes" H Sutton, L1,G 2
    Duglas, -Jaoe Stewart, Jas
    Duglas,'"Ezekiel Smith, Jas
    Davenport', Silas Smith, Wm
    Edgeworth, Wm Shirley,,Mm M-
    Edmunds, Mary Smith-Satl :.- 2,. 2
    Fagg, G W Skitkley,I ..-
    Foster, David" 8tephens*" vin t";~-
    ,Faust, Phillip Seeley, Samuel'
    Fely, J M Silvey, Jpo
    Fisher -Sarah'Ann,. -.Shaw,:RobtG
    Gilmore,-Oliver Sharpless, A J
    Griffin, G W Thorn, JOs'
    Goss,'-Guy C Talbot, Ambrose'
    Graves, David S TyI,',Win J'
    Girizza, Nicolo T1ndal, Jackson
    Hollingqui!,t, L D 40|yagughn,, Henry J
    Hancck, Chas, Varner, T
    Hanes, Samuel Villeaii, Clerk Circuit
    Hubehinson, John"-S"2 -^uff? -
    Hight, Micul "Wood, Mrs H R
    -Humphries, Stephen Willson, C Si .
    Huxley, Jeremiah Williamson, Gorritt
    HorniZachariah 2 "WindhamGodfrey' '.
    Johnson,,John H Willer, Fanny --
    Kerr, R- C -Wing, Capt A
    Kelley, Jos Wood, D
    Labderkiin, Wmh -N -,.Wheaton, Cipt Chai.
    Lamar, Sam uel Willis, Byrd.C
    Lawrence, Chas Wiliams Austi n.
    Louis, Jackson -
    93{- Persons calling for the-above letters', will
    please say they are advertised.1,
    JOSEPH S. M.AY, P. M.

    Thelridimely-to-, which "-, u* cil t e .tai-
    tion. of the public, is one which, has -pro-eA '
    cesdful for a long lime; and it is. um.re.rall[ c-
    knowledged by all who have frit4 i4 to,
    SUPPERIOR to any other medicine& ever e4 ed
    in diseases for which it is recomme _.(pat
    only destroys WORMS'&ND'.II. JbrG
    THE WHOLE SYSTEM, but,it-dis-il d
    eari-rs off the superabuifdant slt e ay *.O
    BOWELS OF CHILDREN, DmmC .ei s 4 Di*
    :those in bad health. "reiH3>u~s.formftt^!,fc
    or nest in which Worms produqg thoeit:igLt
    and by removing it, it is jmposiw e for IAM,to
    remain in the body. It'isha ftn-ss in idi ^RP
    on the system, and the h ea~lt. ^iin
    always improved by its use%" t* % rM64
    are discovered. -
    The Canadian Yermlftge 0s only 2 6 Mtg- a
    bottle and is much more easily adminlaisteed, than
    other. + "
    Prepared only by_ JOHN WINER & :., 83
    Maiden Lane, New York "
    ; H. F. ABELL, Ag3t
    'Jan 9 for Apalac: woli.


    J.i Stevenson & Cop
    X'o.';45 Water and .No. 2 Cliestnut sts.
    Are now opening their Fall -sfock of Staple
    Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, &6., which they
    offer for'sale low for cash or city acceptance.
    Apalachicola, Oct- 24, 1846.

    4 '

    Removed by Fire.
    THE subscriber has taken the 'store corner of
    Chesnut -and Commerce streets, where he
    will be happy to see his friends mnd the public
    generally. I will receive by the' ship Floridian
    now due at this port, an assortment of Drugs,
    Medicine&, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, and Patent
    Medicines.. J. C. ALLEN,
    Oct. 24 Druggist.

    -A CARD.
    N SEYMOUR takes this method of inform-
    ing the citizens of Apalachicola and fis
    vicinity that he has removed down on the corner
    of Water and Centre streets, and feeling thank-
    ful for the patronage heretofore- extended to him,
    he solicits a renewal of the same, by offering to
    yon a very neat and select Stock of GOODS, con-
    sisting in part as follows:
    Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles.
    Fancy Prints, do. do.
    Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured.
    Silks, Grode Ryne.
    do. Montella-
    do. Satin Striped.
    -Fancy Cashmere.Robes,
    do. Marino do.
    do. Delaine do.
    Muslins, India Book.
    do. Swiss, Luce and Colored.
    Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread.
    Shawls, Damask Silk.
    do. -MarinoJ
    do. Plaid Wool. -
    Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves.
    Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion.
    Ribbons in all varieties.,
    Brown Shirting, 7-8,- 4-4'and 3-4.
    Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4,10.4,11-4.
    Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4.
    Ingrain' and Cotton Carpeting.
    Carpet Bags.
    A Hats and Caps, all styles. -_
    Boots and Shoes.
    '" +Clothing of all kinds,.., .....
    Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and
    many other articles too numerous to mention.
    Call and examine for yourselves.
    IApalachicola, -Nov. 14, 1846.

    Dissolution of Copartnership.
    THE Copartnership heretofore existing under
    Sthe namen and style of WOOD & CO.," is
    dissolved tby limitation. H.-IR. WOOD,
    P. W. CULLINY.
    .Apalachicola, Sept. .21, 1846.; 37-5t

    It. R. WOOD,
    W ill continue the Auction and Commission
    Business as usual under the firm of WOOD
    & CO <

    The Great Canadtia RIem'h.
    Unrivalled for Ihe cure of Coughs,'Colas _+thp,
    Spitting of Blood, Whooping Couh, TDffal
    t, of Breathing. Pleurisy, Co iidiaptijn'
    and all Diseaes ofthe Lung. .'.-
    Bronchitis, a disease.-that is swp-MG .-tho-
    sandi to-,'& premature -grave undetAtw'nAdae of
    Consumption, can be cured by uaing -this. medi- "
    -cine. : -' -. 'i "
    Forseveral years past,ihis medicine h.ibeei-
    ,in use in Canada, where it has become nilersal-
    lyknown, and iswconsidered itie'beta- ieditine
    in use for -all pulmonary diseases. i.fT imat
    success which has'attended its use in tIM Smo-
    try,.- and- the many Iruly wonderful carefI Wkh
    have been effected by it, has induced- the Olir e-
    tors to introduce it into the Uniled SMgaes, -
    fident of its being the most sa* aWd,:vxnwbde re-
    medy ever qiscoyered, and adapte4sa:a dl cases
    of-the 'lungs, *when "any athe ulafi(t.:;hot
    perform their natural,-W haetya4iiwt iertwilg a
    most. grateful and clothing inflsmnce Am.er.-4he
    -'ftrnctitM,4 of rhB(^Th'te1 # stera -d+4.z-
    citement when 'eacessive,- all~ay.ig-nrsation, .
    sorenessand pain,' and speedily impaitild llew-
    ed vigor and elasticity to the wholemtt .
    Prepared and sold, wh-Wes04*-'arrd-ml j,.by
    JOHN WINER & Co., 83 Waidenl .ainNew
    York, soie proprietor for the UnitedState ,q
    H. F. ARELL, AgyiW
    Jan 9 r. Aar, jii"

    At Private Sale.
    2,,0 BBLS. best White Wine Vinegar,
    010 do. do. Cider do.
    Sby WOOD & Co,
    Oct.-31. 4t 2 Columbus Building.

    White Lead.
    ^f(f"[ LBS, a superior article, just re-
    50.00_]y ceived and for sale by-
    Nov .21 ; H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

    Blank Boo",-- Fiye:Writing
    Paper, &c.
    A GENERAL -assortment of Stationery, con-
    -1L sisting of-Foolscap and Letter Paper of the
    finest quality ; Blue and, White. wove (ruled) ex-
    tra fine Quarto and Packet Post; also a beautiful
    assortment of- French Letter. Paper, Pens. &c.
    Just received per brig'Alabama and for sale by
    . Oct. 17 J. C. :ALLEN.

    Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer-
    'H EALTH RENEWEDa;nd an invigorated
    and healthful".ondition of body produced
    by the use of TARRANT'S EFFERVESCENT
    This preparation is-universally allowed to be-
    the most, popular remedy of the present day, for
    the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious,
    and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weakness, Head-'
    ache, Heartburn, habitual Costiveness,,&c. :
    Travellers and residents in warm climates will
    find it a desirable article; it prevents;any aceu-.
    mulation of bile, is- portable, and them~ethodof
    preparation -is unusually convenient. Children
    have frequent. occasion for gentle and cooling
    purgatives; they will take this aperient in pre-
    ference, to any other. Sold wholesale and- retail by
    Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, Druggist; &c.

    Holiday Gifts*
    A- VERY beautiful assortment of Card Cases,
    Cases, Visiting,Cards of Vario.us forms ,and
    ,colors, Tablets, Soveniers, Extractof a Thousand
    Flowers, PMtAl,0uly, Vanilla, and other'rare spe-
    cimens of Perl'ume'v,, Gold aid Silver Pencils,
    and manu y other fancy articles of Jewelry, de-
    signed expressly br presents. For sale by
    'Dec 2b J. C. ALLEN.

    Balsam of JUiv
    A REMEDY most'perfeet is.i
    discovered 'in settled *CoaM
    Complaint, or any of theirla
    on the Chrono-Thermal.'.sf .B f!
    Doctor TAYLORi'S" 6elr aMia i
    Genuine BALSA-M-. O'.iB'o~ ^
    pares at 3375 BOWERY;-, I.is plan ..-I
    now espoused by 'S"eraP em ia e&lP
    and has-been for a loihg. tia fW
    unparalleled success whic t ]1S ta~en^i.
    Taylor's medicine in Veif..s"-ia
    cures, which in many/tViely: dmaTny
    been almost incredible, but -the ?ar0 w
    the-Doctor can,*.l g forward arS'it:*e*Pl
    we advise all'who may lavrp'' ceo"hl ro
    colds even, to use this perfect sp6e6a4,.*
    delay. -- Franklia sayp a; .lol,,ealkw.ji
    big ship." Therefore, care. your 4-g4
    your lung are pastrwev. For maa.by-A,.m
    J. C. IAP AlIeMt.


    Iron, Nails, &c.
    '20 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes
    '^AJ.: 100 -kegs Nails, do.
    4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted-qualities;
    20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
    20 "' English and American Vises-;
    ,20 Bellow s; .. .
    12 dozen. Spades and Shovels;
    10 ,-Collins' Axes. .-
    10 bxs Cotton'and Wiooien" Cards;
    1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
    '1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
    WM. G. PORTER &-CO.
    Dec 4 41 Water street.

    DrUngs,q MIedicines, &e.
    A LARGE and fresh supply of Drugs, Medi-
    -A'Xcines,'&c. consisting in .part of the follow-
    ing articles --50 doz Castor Oil, qts, pts, and hf;
    pts; 5 bxs Houck's Panacea; 10 bxs Olive Oil;
    40 kegs Epsom. Salts; 10 bbls Copperas; 10 Ibs
    Gum Opium; 20 Ibs Sulphlate. Quinine; 20 doz
    London Mustard; Herbs of all, kinds; 20 lbs-
    Nutmegs; 15 bxs Starch ; 20 bxs Lemon Syrup:-
    10 kegs Peartlah .2 gross Seidletz eadid Soda
    Powders;;.20 lbs -English Calomel'; 20 doz Sots
    Turpentine, and a general assortment of all: arti-
    cles in the-Drug line, for Country Merchants,
    Planters and Physicians. For sale by-7.. "
    March H. F-. ABELL,

    BITTERS, just received and for,sale by-
    Nov 2S H. F. ABELL, Druggigt.

    , OLGER'S Olosaonian, or All Healing-Balsam,
    for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Liver
    Complaint, and all diseases oelthe'throat and
    Rings, for sale by ; = ; .'
    A pril .1It.' H.F AEL

    I, --.- A m mvcw
    CAUTION-The gmUiHs DqeT
    BALSAwI OF LivyELwopgi^^~ty'cft
    splendid steel plaqtee~ni^1^toJg(|IBO
    -terfet.s signed by Gurdbrt. -' eb yr.fctr-' i
    'vile -and dangerous imaitatog ? ,^e.~tB cautioned-not to pu yaMe,oMc~h
    protected by (hie S.'py..S;'
    March 21, 84 12-1" "-'. %-'l") s ';
    ,._. .,' ...-. P Q

    A jr'S-SACKS Rio Coffeeejust received and
    -4- f for-sale by -
    Dec5. .. : J. DAY & CO.

    .-"On COnISigIvInent, "-*
    :- Qnd" BOMXES Troy Soap ; .-.-:,-
    ;- 4 .-.--- 20 London Club Champaigrfe. -." '.
    2-3 boxes. Florida Leaf Tubaco; '
    For sale by B. S. HAWLEY,
    .. DBC 5 "29 Water street.

    Garden Seeds, Growth of 1846.
    'AN assortment of Garden Seeds, jnst received
    and for sale by
    Noy 38_, J. (. ALLEN.

    -Flavouring Waters. ,
    AN assortment ju.zt received, and for sale 'by
    ,A Nov29S J-. C. ALLE.N, Druggist.,

    "I".NS.E.D~'' O jit boiled and raw,' for sale by
    . [si-3-,. R F. ABELL.

    L .

    The London quarterly Review,
    The Edinburgh Review, '
    The Foreig-u quarterly RevieW,
    The Westminster Review,
    .AND *-
    The above Periodicals are reprinted in New-
    York, immediately on their arrival by the British
    steamers, in a beautiful clear type, otl fine white
    paper, and-,are faithful copies of theoriginals-
    BIAdKWooD's MAGA.ZINr. being an;.exact lac-
    simile of the Edinburgh edition.
    The wide-spread fame of these spl ndid Peri-
    odicals renders it needless to say mich in their
    praise. As literary organs, they staMd far in ad-
    -vance of any works of a similar stamp now pub-
    lished, while the political complexioh of each is
    marked by'a dignity, candor and forbearance not
    often found in works of a party chartcter-
    They embrace the views of the three great
    parties in England-Whig, Tory, an# Radical.-
    "Blackwood" and the London Qdarterly "are
    Tory; the "Edinburgh Review," Whig; and the
    Westminster,-' Radical. The Foreign Quar-
    terly" is purely literary, being devoted princi-
    pally to criticisms on foreign Contihental Works.
    The prices of the RE-PRINTS are less than
    one-third of the foreign copies, and while they
    are equally well got up, they. afford all the advan-
    tage to the Anmetican. over the English, reader-.
    For any one of the four Reviews, $3;00 per annum.
    For any two, do. 5,00 "
    For any three, do. 7,00 "C _
    For all four ot the Reviews, 8,00 "
    For Blaekwood's Magazine, -3f0 "
    For Blackwood and the four Re-
    views, 10,00 "

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    "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
    Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
    Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
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  • Commercial advertiser
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    Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00048473/00078
     Material Information
    Title: Commercial advertiser
    Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
    Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
    Language: English
    Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
    Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
    Creation Date: January 16, 1847
    Frequency: weekly
    Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
    newspaper   ( sobekcm )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
    Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
    General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
    General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
    General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
    General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
     Record Information
    Source Institution: University of Florida
    Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
    Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
    oclc - 02713285
    notis - AKD6771
    lccn - sn 83016267
    System ID: UF00048473:00078

    Full Text
    1 -, ? .

    .i q.

    J .' '; j

    ,- .'
    1a ,


    11rrt11 11111/ 11,) t

    f ,r r buctlicr


    , ontmttctR ,

    .. .

    -, .... .
    --- : -- ----- "


    -- '
    -- --
    -- ----- ---- --- ------ -

    Ii -e j j 1IltCI.\. 1- A1)VERTISER) I ]1--- Ji .i 1"ijijDircttoc)1.. i rOftHJCOli- i Notices.WM .. --- IOrctloncoilo.A -- -than-simple- -- -curiosity-- i in what she-was say -waist- and) a moustache. in state of juvenilityon J

    -- -- --
    -- ------- -- his I
    PY ing.The upper lip- say yon are mjf prisoner
    ,! rVJfLISIUD: EVERY SATURDAY Thomas Preston, SYDNEY GREEN D GERMAN HEROINE. breakfast was prolonged to its utmost you enrolled yourself in my company ,

    "i J. L. W Y jttAN.V. COMMISSION: MERCHANT AND TOBACCO ti/ It was lie year 1842, towards the close: of I length; at last, after a few important questions and drew rations for six days." "Vel
    i.i (jCfr-) May be found at hit residence, corner of
    .i INSPECTOR AND BROKER.No. November,a light snow, mingled with the traveller desired '
    sleet the
    Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion girl to bring vat of it! said Tom Tippl r "the had o
    G. M. DAVIS, Cdito 23 Water st.-Office second back room. was wliirlef about by the wind and him a bottle of wine. Kretlle
    \ Dec 20 Apalachicola, Fa. House. Nov S. pierced rose to obey ; Congress,: says there aint no onveluntaiy
    of'ficf __ through evny crevice of a little roadside inn but on reaching the cellar, found that the service in the volunteers, and I claims to 6e>>
    Building! corner
    : :, Third Story and UiltvlP( Chestnut* street in. ITI. Bute. Dr. ..\. W. Chapman, situated between Hombuig and Rottweil, on stranger had followed her; and turning a free and independent citizen."

    Grmtnerce FORWARDING AND COMMISSION: CC>- Office overthe Drug Store of B. S. Hawley he frontiers of the duchy' of Baden. noun.I, she saw the glitter of a pistol handle A crowd shortly collected around Tom

    TKIIMS. MERCHANT (entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the Two trajellers driven by the bad weather through his vest. Her presence of mind and his captor, whom not less than half a

    !tldCIUPTlOSI.Thn'c 1 Dollars ler. annum, Dec 2$ Aplaachicola, Fa. house lately occupied by Dr. Bah/ell. to the heter.of this humble hostelry, were faired! hrr not at this critical moment.- dozen claimed Tom as having enrolled him

    i(p i4 in advance, nr $3 5') If pal six ,' S. M. Nicltcrsoii, January 10, 1846. 2-tf forgetting their hunger and weariness in When they had reached the foot of the self in as many dinVmit" companies.; Ho

    month i or $1 OJ ii paid for thereafter.less term than SIXl1Inf DEALER IN CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, \V. G. M. Davis, the comforts of a hearty repast of smoked steps, she suddenly extinguished the light was delivered over to the civil authorities for

    S\tfJrl.uon KnJ' 91; wil taken! invariably;a be chard for! : HATS, CAPS &c. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, beef. Tlii, hissing and roaring of a large and stood up close against the wall ; the man further disposition.

    :rij. Sit 1'11'r; will:! be (discontinued until i No. 1 Columbus Block, Otters his services to the public in either of the stove contrasted agreeably in the traveller'sears uttered imprecations, advanced a few steps,
    lht Ill\ xnearsees are (),lId, unless elt the option of the I Dec 12 Apalachicola Fa. above capacities.He with the loud moaning of the north groping his way. Krtttle, profiling by this CHANCES:" OF l\LmRIAOF.-The following

    rroprtrtor. (twelve lines Charles' Rogers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.: will practice regularly in Franklin, Calhoun wind WIt OU, and disposed them still more moment, remounted the steps, agile and curious statement tiy Dr. I'r.uivillp. ,. is laden
    .\oyt.arw: U: +rt.-.l+-Oncaluare at/ the rate ol One Dollar and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upona to the enjoyment of the good things within. noiseless, closed and bolted the door upon from an English paper. It i is drawn ,tone

    ... |IIHwill ha lo and Fifty Cent for every Sub
    for.1,.1anent the first COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, the Middle or Western Circuit. He will also, only domestic, a young girl of Bad'eD, whom herself in an upper chamber, there to await i i3 derived from their answers as to the' age

    f ir.' o e.rllvi-i?: advertise+ int Il year: a liberaljKOtnt Dec 12 Water street, argue cases in the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee they had brought up from childhood. Kret- her master's arrival. at which they were respectively married.

    fo 'N'if lie iA*&'*; bat: all;advertisement. *not Apalachicola Fa the sessions of which, he will always be lei! for such was her name, was a host in Kretlle had not been many minutes en- It is the first ever constructed to exhibit to- f

    strictly ,.artiinin' M their own hu-rneas welt D. B. Wood &; Co., present at, unless prevented by accident. herself[ ; housekeeper and maid to her mis- sconced in her retreat, when a fresh knocking females (heir chances of marriage at various

    as alt',le',1 l aJvertis-meiits, : sent in by them, will COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANTS Apalachicola, September 8, 1840. tress cook in the kitchen, valet-dechamber resounded at the inner door, and she ages. Of 876 females there married :

    frecharei' :at !Ih! < It4tll l rate33 -*. II. E. Owens, to the stray visitants in the one best room, perceived there two ill looking men, who 3at13 211at27

    AU t advance. Nov. 23. 18.16. Apalachicola Fla. and good humored who had been there short time before.-
    in Dollar will Ii2 charged for announcin _--_ .- ,--.- CLAYTON Baibour County Alabama. German girl fulfilled all a 1C at 15 17 at 29
    Five; :
    (err cJiJiditef' for oifiw.vj. : WM. W. SIMS. WM. W. CHEEVER. April 29! IS 1 j/3.< 2tfA. the duties usually shared by larg establish- From their description of his appearance, 43 at 16 9 at 30

    \11| .ilkvrtHemiits l from a distance must Sims it Cliccvcr mentof servants. I the young girl immediately discovered 45 at 17 7 at 31

    I,. jrfMm 1 nL'I I with the cash, or city reference, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, G. Sciiimcs, Tm o'clock struck and the travellers that the person sought for was the stranger 66 at IB .7 at 32

    to ilutlr :Utsartien. CCf- Office, No. 0 Columbus Buildings, ATTORNEY AT LAW. havirg finished their supper, drew nearer to whom she had locked in the cellar ; nevertheless 115 at 19 5 at 33

    .-- decal Apalachicola, Fla. cxr: Office, i'\"o. 2 Cajit. Simmon's Building the group which had collected round ihe she thought it most prudent to 113 at 20 5 at 34

    J3u' iltcni OCccctoci!?. Roberts Allen & cor. of Centre &, Commerce streets. stoie-Father Hoffkirch the minister their make no admission on the subject. On her 86 at 21 4at35:

    0- _--,- uo., nov5 Apalachicola Fla. host anti some neighbors who had refusing their to the door, the
    _:_.- - :: DEALERS IN HARDWARE: AND SHIP entered request open 65 at 22 3 at 36
    :::: by l chance. The conversation turned the two men threatened to scale the wall. The 59 2.1
    Lockliirt V Vonn;{, CHANDLERY, STEEL, NAILS SPIKES J. Law on at 2 at 37
    C011MNSU I ) ;aid FORWARDING I AND CASTING, fearful and murderous events of which the (poor[ girl trembled with fear; her couragewas 58 at 24 1 at 38

    MERCHANTS, Manufacturers of Tin, Iron, and Cop- ATTORNEY AT LAW neighbouring forest had been the scene, and nigh deserting' her, for she knew they 36 at 25 I at 39

    No. :33 Water street, perVares.\ Bainbridge, (Decatur Co.) Ga. eaci: one had his own story to tell surpassing could easily accomplish their project by 28 at 26 0 at 40

    n9v21 Analachicola, Fla Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa._ ()rJ- Will attend punctually the Superior Courts the rest in horror. Farther Hoffkirchwa means oftbe iron bars fixed to the windowof

    ... -- Wai McKE.vziE.. of the counties of Early, Baker and Decature of among the foremost in terrifying his the lower story. In this perplexity Kret- SACREDNESS: : or TKARS.-There i il a sacredness -
    ALVA WYUE, L I F. Noursp, H. B. Stone, II. W. Brooks. the South Western, and of the county of Thomasof aucience by the recital of different adventures tle looked around her, and her eye fell upona in tears. They are 1Iot the mark

    \Vylic & .llcltcitzic, iVourse, Stone Co., the Southern Circuit. may3 all more or less tragical. The worthy musket which hung from the wall, are- weakness but of power. They speak

    COMMISSION MERCHANTS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, John Bilbo far.her; had just finished a horrible story of tic of her master's: younger days. She more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
    NJ. -12 Water street, No. 40 Water seized it, and the muzzle of the the of
    street, ro'Lers--quite a chef d'auvrc in its way. pointing out They are messengers overwhelming
    tie?t.lrlil6" Dec 1 12 Apalachicola Fla. ALBANY GA. The scene of the legend was little more thana window, cried out that she would fire on grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakablelove.

    D.COMMISSION Danfuz'th,MERCHANT, J. II. & J. M. Hull, practice in the, several Courts of the tun shot from the inn door it was a tradition the first man who attempted to ascend. .

    AUCTION AND GENERAL AGENT, /ACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS WILL -Western Circuit, and Thomas and unforunately ; but an ancient gibbet, The two robbers-for that they were Oh'! speak not harshly of the stricken

    AND rt'l"Ut.AL.: Stewart counties which still remaind on the identical spot, I could no longer be doubted-struck dumb one--weeping in silence Break not the-
    Cotton bought on ord.r.: No. 43 Wat'or street Aug. 5, IS,15. 31-tfLUAIBER gave to the narration an air of gloomy verity, i at the sight of fire arms where, expecting no I solemnity by rude laughter, or intrusive

    0:1-: Refers to Dec 12: APALACHICOLA -- ---- ------ ------ ------- which no one dared to question. This resistance, they had brought no weapons, : footsteps. Scoff not if the stern heart of

    F. "OLPEV, 1 Harper fc Holmes INSPKCTOR.-The undersigned: p'ace was, in truth, made formidable thro'- and confounded at such intrepidity, went I' manhood is sometimes melted to tears of
    ?' New Orleans. ,
    J. Q. Do.ti.AP. ) : appointed Inspector of Lumberfor out the province as being, it was said, away uttering the most fearful menaces, and sympathy-they are what help to elevate
    > COMMISSION MERCHANTS, the County of Franklin, otters his services to in force. In : him above the brnte. I love
    Hewn. WVLIK & :Mch-usziE. Apalachicola. the rendezvous ofa troop of banditti, who vowing to return again greater; to tee tears of
    1. S. HurcHiv! _)_ isfents also for, the the public in that capacity, and will attend to all held there every night their mysterious spite of her terror, our heroine remained affection. They are painful tokens, but

    S. A .I. Schiller.. SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, duties appertaining to CORNELIUS said appointment.GRADY. meetings. All the guests were still under i firm nt her post. An hour passed away iu awful pleasure If there were- none on

    \VHJLK3\LF. AND RETAIL( GROCER, of the City of .Yew York March 22. 1S15. the influence of the terror which the storyof this critical position ; at last the girl per- earth to shed a tear for me. I should be loth

    |}- '. attcnuoii ,)+id to iuitin up\ family.kteam'i No. ;ol Water street, -------- Farther Hoffkirel caused when one of ceived her master and his friends coming insight to live ; and if no one might weep over my

    : J it end ship\ stores. Dec 12 Apalachicola, Fa. LUMBER INSPECTOR.-Having been ap the travellers} before mentioned, offered to accompanied by the burgomaster and grave, I co.uld never die in peace.-[Dr..
    So.I Water street of Lumber for the officers. I Johnson.A .
    Inspector Countyof bet two ducats that dared to off some
    \ii4Uchicola, Fla. C. A. GHEKV. C. H. CONMERY. no one set
    N w. 14 : Franklin, the undersigned offers his services rushed
    The brave Krettle the
    Green & Conner', at that moment to the final: spot, and (Iracr.with to door
    to the public in that capacity, and will attend to almost GOOD OK.. The is about-
    S. Davenport, COMMISSION MERCHANTS charcoal a cross on the gibbet. The and her fear, amounting to despair, following

    FOftW.tfl)1NC \ .v i) COMMISSIONMBHCHANT : : No. 30, Water street. all duties 18 appertaining, IS.16. to said BENJ.appointment.LUCAS. very idea of such a proposition increased gave place to the liveliest joy. To the the best thing in tha anecdote line, we. have

    .Al'AL.inicoi', r,'". ---April,--- -_- -- --------. -- the fear of the company. A long silencewas wonder and admiration of all, she related seen lately :
    No.VJ Water treet, Pelican Mutual Insurance Co. of New York. Thos. E. Cray, their only reply. Suddenly the young what bad happened; the burgomaster espe- An Indian Chief being asked his opinion

    Aj alachicola, Fa. CHAS. A. GREEN, Agent.I l\U: n ell ANT TAILOR. Kretlel, who was quietly spinning in a corner cially lavished her the warm*..t praise for of a cask of lIaderiaVine, 'preseuterl to
    I I I -c ." No. 50 Water street. her heroic conduct. The officers went in him an officer, said he ..tlio.
    t3- Li'wnl! Al.-rictM role 111 consignments( : Chrsnut t. next door below Ft a/ids Kbpmar3. rose up and accepted the bet, asking thought

    In: nw fn;[aft in :;.:.\. Oi leans, New York or.. Edward JlcCuliyi respectfully inform the citizens! nf her master's consent at the same time. I search of the robber whom Krettle had imprisoned juice was extracted from womrn** tongues

    LiverpIvh April. 1 Isliii. COIIJ:05SIOmItCIIA: T AND l DEALERIN WOULD, | ; that he has just received He and his good wife at first refused, alleging with so much address and presence and lion's hearts ; for when he drank a bottle -

    DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES::: from New York a large and splendid assortmentof the loneliness of the place, in case of mind. After a sharp resistance, he was of it, he could talk forever nod fight the

    r. ,Abe, 111.:1'11.!!, No. :50: Water street. Cloths Cassimeres and Vest ings!, unsurpassedin danger; but the fearless damsel persisted, bound and secured, aud soon after recog- devil."
    \V'I.fo"U.' ; .i Dec S i Apalachicol}.t Fa. quality or cheapness, consistinofeveryshade and at last suffered to nized as the chief of a band of robbers who
    JBUKiUM ImU'! .\r-iCINF.: : + I <, PAINTS, was depart.
    and which he is AN INTERESTING CALCULATION. -
    variety, to make in -Any
    prepared up Krettrel that the inn-door had for some time spread terror over the
    OILS, (CLfcr.; Win. <*. Porter & Co. the neatest and most fashionable style, at the only requested His: men, wandering about with- person may place sir gucsty, horn he mi lit
    \14)- .{'itfral ac" utin but of Statinery. should be left open until her leturn ; and country.
    DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION cheapest possible rates. Thankful for thp.libpral invite to his table, in eren hundred different
    : out a captain, were quickly either taken or
    C-,r. "f OaiMtnut; and Water street, favors heretofore bestowed him, he taking a piece of charcoal, to prove on the
    MERCHANTS. : upon hopesby We illustrate tbe fact
    The decided that places. may by
    I ak .ril II -iLtthirol4,1'a.- No. 41 Water Street. faithful attention to his business: to merit a morrow that she really had visited the spot, : dispersed. burgomaster the first letters of the
    the horse and the valise which contained taking alphabet.,
    '' continuance of their she walked towards the ibbet.- ,
    4, II. D. Darilen, Dt-c !i Apalaohicola, Fa. patronage. rapidly thus-abciie1-abcdfe-abctfd--
    Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1S1G. When close beside it, she started, fancyingshe a great number of :gold; pieces, should be ;
    No. 2 iIumb'H Building, Joint S. Hiitcliinson, --- heard a noise ; however after a moment given to the young Krettle, whose courage and so on to the last, fed c b a-seven hundred

    D.c. '21, tSlV I: Analaehirult.}; Fa. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSIONMERCHANT Fall Goods. of hesitation she stepped forward ready to had so powerfully contributed to rid the varied arrangements. Thus, (excepting -
    : KOI'JMAN has just received his thirty holidays) a host could invite lix.gUl'sts .
    of banditti who had infested it for
    Sailor, FRANCIS take the least She noise country
    liu.ijamhi; flight danger.
    No. 50 Water street.S Fall Goods, and desires a call from day for two and
    COMMISSION I :; : :+I G itCIIAN'l', renewed Krellel listened and so long a time. every years put
    was intently,
    'lirits patronage.; APALVCHICOL.\ his friends and cu>tomers, and as to prices he each in a different place rouud tbe table
    N.,. t iV.iter +tret Ul| : urs leaves the sound of a horse's feet struck her.
    them to be the judges his stock comprisesa upon
    ,. time.
    Dec. I, Itl't.- -----\p41arhu'"I.I- -, Fl. Jas. F. Farrier, general assortment, all of which is offered for car. Her terror prevented her at first from TOM 1IPPLE. every
    ". 1. K. :tc, or city acceptance. seeing near was to ; IOWA. Private advices
    .FACTOR AND( COMMISSIONMERCHANT COMMISSION MERCHANT. I Apalachicola, Nov. 28. Chesnut st. next momenj she perceived that the objectof ACTIVE SERVICE. give us strong
    No. 60 Water fctreet.Dec I assurance that the U. $. Senators from tAi
    -- -
    ----- From the New Orleans Delta
    [ ]
    I her fear fastened to the itself. '
    J Apalachicola, Fla. Hay. was gibbet
    State trill le all-that
    No. t 2 C.,lunbt: u Block, 9 BALES for sale by She took courage, darted forward, and traced Yes there it are again," said Tom Tipple ; new right after ,

    D-c 6,1S1 1:i. Apalachicola Fa. JJoltlII.U DAY. DANIEL J. DAY. 1' +5 D. B. WOOD CO. the cross. At the same instant the reportof as he yesterday saw a company of gal- one Whig both from and Lee one County.'Independent If the-Loco-probably -

    ALBERT DDD.iE. ClIVRLRS' : Pn.\rJ'. J. Day & Co., Dec 5 7 Columbus Row. a pistol showed her that she had been no lant volunteers marching up St. Charles Focos discover in season that the chances

    COMMISSION MERCHANTS ticed. By a movement swift as thought, i street, the stars and strips proudly flauntingover
    Pratt ,
    Dole A:: Castor Oil. are against them they possibly refute
    them and fife and drum in advance may
    she unloosed the horse the saddle a ,
    leaped on
    I;liUPPIXa! & COMMISSION .MERCHANTS: No. ;32 Water street, GALLONS in store and for sale by (that is, the Senate may) to go into an elec-
    if martial
    100 not
    The loudly, eloquent, discoursing
    and fled like
    Dec 5 Apalachicola Fii.CCJ lightning. was pur-
    H. F.
    ABEL, tion, leaving the State unrepresented in the
    No. Street
    I'J "
    musicthere it are" said Tom and the
    : Also, Agents for the "_Etna Insurance Co.:* Nov 2S Druggist. sued ; but, redoubling her speed she reached Senate for the present. That will suit us
    N.,2'l. Apalachicola, Fa. he called them close old tune too, March to the battle-field'!
    the Protection Insurance Co. and the "Hart ( inn-yard, out to to the
    well. Now that of Iowa
    II.--IC.--- Taylor, ford Insurance Co. Hartford Conn. JUST received per brig Manhattan, from New the gate and fainted away. When the Marching to the battle-field in all very well; just as Whigs
    learned that the
    a fine assortment, of choice Liquors, Se- recovered she told her and but marchin home agin-purvidin a feller have they may carry Slate
    COMMISSION AND I FORWARDINGMERCHANT I I*. W. Cullen brae girl story, and have done it last Fall
    g:.rs, Tobacco Soap, Candles, Starch, Domestics, congratulated on her succeeded in dodgin the Mexican copper ought to they
    was warmly courage
    AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION &c. Also in store, 30 barrels choice Wine and and of mind. All admired the bullets with a fever and ager on his back are bound to make up by diligence; for past
    No. 22: Wat<*r-street, MERCHANT. Cider Vinegar, which will be sold low. presence I hecdlessncss. They are abl.e to command
    A instead of his knapsack, and a wooden leg
    rptl ly Aualadlirnh. Solicits a share of Public Patronage. EDWARD McCULLY, horse, which was of striking beauty. a fair division of the State into two Congress
    instead ofa nat'ral limb aint what its crack-
    Francis IColantan.- Oct 21 APALACHiCOLA, FA. Dec 5 50 Water street. small: leathern valise was attached to its Districts, and will take care at the
    saddle, but Father Hoft'kirchVoultJ not ed up to be. There now the tune is changed -
    '''H'If.7SU.sn KKTVIl. DEALER INGO'jDs. I. D. Bugbcc, 30 BAGS Java Coffee ; 50 do. Rio do; suffer it to be opened, except in the presenceof to How happy's the soldier.' Yes, be's worst to carry one of them. Our advices
    DRY[ (BOON= SHOES, HATS, ANDCLOTHING f COMMISSION AND FORWARDING 40 barrels Northern Flour ; cussed happy, Hint he ? They tell lead us to believe that they are wide awake,
    &c .1 1 pipes Madeira Wine; burgomaster. and meau to remain so.--((f.X Y* Tribune.
    MERCHANT I that to the tars even the marines wont
    jack -
    On the which was Sunday, the
    25 Candles
    octl Chestn'U.Street. \inlarhirt.la\ : Fla.. ; 10,000( Regalia Segars.
    fi. No. 7, Columbus Block, For sale by B. S. HAWLEY innkeeper, his wife, and their guests, all set believe 'em. There haint no use at all in IMPORTANT SHIPPXUS COTTOC.-
    K. OF
    WOOD. TO
    : Sept. 15: 1SIO. Apalachicola Fa.
    Wood & Co. Dec 5 23 Water street. off to the neighboring towu, where they intended telling it to a feller like me, what lived three The Secretary of the Liverpool Chamberof

    AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSIONMEItOU.1N'I'S Starr & Co., after service, to acquaint the burgo- months among the chapperel on the banksof Commerce writes that the Lords of the

    AUCTION & CO1lI:5SIONmHCIIA: : : ; TS, Now Publications. master with the last evening's; adventure. the Rio Grande on crackers and salt pork, have annoutrCed: that from and
    AND GENERAL: AGENTS OF A PRETTY WOMEN ; and what used so much of the latter, for Treasury
    No. 2 Columbus! Building, CONFESSIONS Krettel left sole guardian of the house, was after the 12th Decembar, ult., the landing
    EUFAULA ALA. ; Emilia Wyndham ; of sumit better that I afraidto
    the want was
    Oct. :&1. Apalachicola advised not to admit one until her master's
    any will other free
    Chevalier D'Hirmantal Livonian Tales The waiters not waigh cotton or
    REFERENCES! : ; ; look a shoat in the face. Yes there'smore
    J\. N. Jlclay, :MOST, DEA.V &. WYLES, Bush Ranger &c., &c., just received and for return. Many a girl would have trembled of it-[sings with the music: ]- goods imported into Liverpool, except a
    sale l.y II. F. ABELL at being left in such a situation ; but few ascertain the
    .COJIiISSION MERCHANT, JoSIAH LACICWELI. & Co. packages to average! wjight.
    No. M Water street, T.. F. SEAMAN: & Co. } N retY York' Nov 21 Dru
    Sept1ISt'i._Apalacliicola. Florid- JOHN NORTON Jr, disappear, fearlessly set about her household of this change, it will be necessary -
    JOHN I FRAMER! &, Co., Charleston.C. Iron and Nails. duties, singing with a clear voice some pious Hurrar! that's all fust rate, but if you want that the should be accurately -

    T. II. Austin <& Co., C. LATHROP &. Co New Orleans 1100 HARS Swede's! Iron ; 200 kegs hymn which her kind mistress had taughther. that ere flag to wave over the land of the taken at the weights-of shipment, so as
    COMMISSION MERCHANTS, WARREN CROMWELL, ) Nails assorted sixes, for sale by flee aud the home of the brave, why inh-I purt
    Columbus, Ga. Dec 5 J. DAY &, CO. to avoid delays and differences in the adjust
    No. 43: Water Street, A. K. A YJ.R. } An hour had scarcely passed by when do you take it to Mexico? Them are freight

    __Oct. 2.._AiMUchicola. FH. 1-:. J. HRDIN, Apalachicola. Lime.O there came a knock at the outer door; it wasa greasers aunt free nor brave no how you can -; --on-lauding.-

    Cookc & Ilorne, ---- ---- --. .-- --- --.--- -- C\f\\ CASKS, just received and now landing traveller on horseback, who asked leave to fix it, so you see, though the music is good The man who fears God 'rcsett&les a
    Iln '. OvJ from schr Geo Enes, for sale the sentiment tint 'propriate. Now I haint
    ) ; by rest for a little. Krettle at first refused ; but which when the ofa
    COHUSSIOi1EltCIIASTS: tree planted on edge
    BUNDLES fur sale by LOCKHART & YOUNG to volunteeren, as I knowson.
    the of the cavalier that he would got no objection I
    >o. 13, St. Charles Street', 60 B. S. HAWLEY. Nov. 11 53; Water streef. on promise ad- I aint no backwards at that. I I rivulet as it grows to maturity, expandsand
    only breakfast and depart, agreed to ways stretches forth its branches far around
    New-Orleans Dec :5 2S Water street.
    ,_ Nowill's Honey of Liverwort mit him beside the man was well dressedand ha' already jined eight companies, took its
    ------ ; with verdure and
    unhiding produces
    AXDRSVT S. Co:>K". AMOS JIOIt:(.
    fob 8. Boots and Shoes. Cousin. Colds, Asthma, Spitting of alone, so there seemed little) fear from treats in my turn in each, besides doing the fruit in season it offers an ever-refreshing
    >j i i i i in .. ._. BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans; a'td all t the affections of the Lungs him. The stranger wished himself to take promiscuous drinkin for twelve temperance shade, and the traveller blesses it.
    J. C. Allen, ': sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans! ; leading to Consumption warranted to be composed the horse to the stable, and remained along volunteers. I calls that doin'a jolly business ; weary

    Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Gents fine Calf Brogans; of vegetable substances only, for saly by time examining and admiring the noble it's the poetry of the purfession as Bill Mathews The rose is sweetest when it first opens.and .
    DRUGS, MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, Wm's pcg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do. atg11 J. C. ALLEN. steed which had arrived the previous used to call it. Marchin to the battlefield the when tbe bead dies.
    spikenard roots
    GLASS BRUSHES &: &c. Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes
    c., Super ;
    PUBLICATIONS received and in manner so unexpected. is all very well, taken in the figurative and dies with it
    also, Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Bouts CHEAP just evening a Beauty belongs to youth, ;
    Jl general assortment of A large and extensive assortment, just received by While breakfasting, he asked many questions sense-the way members of Congress vi hes but the oder of piety survives death, and i'
    BOOKS, BLANKS, STATIONERY, &c &c.: and fouale by WM. G PORTER & CO. Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN, about the inn and its owners ; inquired to be understood, yen they calls the hon. perfumes the tomb.

    cor. of Chesnut & Commerce street, Dec 5 41 Water street. Window Glass.BOXES whose was the horse that had attracted his gentleman wot spoke last' a liar-but ven it

    "Pee4_ _Apalachicola Fla. just received 7 by 9, 8 by 10, attention so much; and, in short, acted so comes down to literal prose-ven a feller The passion of love has been known to 3;k

    B. llnwlcy, Clover Seed.Red< FACTOR AND COMMISSION MERCHANT,, A FEW pounds of large IS, for sale by [nov28] J. C. ALLEN. ail deceit, told him her late adverture, and into a thing to be cracked at, and shot, its and even madness.
    No. 23 Water street, Seed for sale by what its cracked to be by long shot.
    Dec H. F. ABEL. ended by confessing that she was all alone. not np -- --
    5. Apalachicola, Fa. ApriU Building Lots for Sale or to Rent. She felt immediately a vague sense of having Therefore I say The greatest pleasure of life is love; tbe

    Avery & Jones, Bogging and Rope. SEVERAL Lot well situated in different parts committed some imprudence for the "I say you are my prisoner." said rathera retest treasure contentment ; the grea-

    GaOCERS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 70 PCS Bailing ; 30 coils Rope, for sale by Apply to CO. stranger listened to her with singular attention ferocious-looking gentleman, wearing a test possession health; the grratf: : ease.

    No. n Witer-frccf. LOCKHAUT & YOUNG NOUnS1STONE, & and seemed to take greater interest leather cap having a red sash encircling, his sIeel." -
    Dcc 12 t'5 Water street. ,
    IkC AfaUchicoIa, Fa. Nov. 11 :'3 Wolcr street. .. ,, '
    t ...
    .. I .r
    : .x

    # .


    .-- ,

    """'! .. 1 1 ,___" ,-
    -.. :
    "'-" .., ,',, i f
    .f .. ,
    .__ -",; ." J .,.. .
    O' '- iawur _,.. :;:.J .. .r,+ ,
    '..: __. r, '''"''. .-ss -
    -x -
    -' .
    -... w. .'- *<*UN

    -- ,-. .
    :; ::-::; ..
    ; :i :!OJ >f -

    ,.' 1
    J I!'

    -I. -

    j .o" .

    w: -

    t'f. ,_..__ _z __ --_. 4 '., niau H7C'.1,1'--.z_--,, .. :w caresin wb+,re sae+tra .". --- :..nsarRS -. ____. ,,- -, ._ _.___ _. ._ __.__ -. .. -- -
    --- -
    From{ tfi-' Mont;":IIIMT Jut-in 11! J I the BIIlmoIIII'.II.J; L J I tint, the State 1: ouyh: to send! them pail if ever, tl co-( ; E,rnInscdand this department feels bound ![ Cmon the l.', !. all the prisoners _- { tr:
    M\-=ToiK\ rcTI'ox.MI.SSKS. \ I Tin: MT; ']:::.\:1': \ the. (;lencral ( ;lov-inineut, will not luntcos moved off toward+l the Barracks, still to communicate the opinion entertained by ''squadnm I in time hands of the from, ,. <

    : lint: rUt.: : .\ y'dn> cxpios-eda; The 1 !pcti': claii.u went Tutu: loie xestei- [ I 1 feel siujrinmtui! the! Governor will do keeping Cotporal: Whiimore prisoner. On it, that, in the absence of these duties, u released.! It is now ascertained; enemy I lim"LIe ;M l' 11'

    wish to know something about Mastodon 1 d.i\: : and, now the eutiio dub Treasury something ; ill the meantime we stall\ ilo no- reaching" ihe tobacco warehouse Col. Black, will probably be wholly impracticable to negotiate | eleven oldie crew of the brig *>,,,,?, drifla] M tntJ!

    Cotton, I will "I'etlU. my ixpt.ieuce with SS.Ir.nl i i ii in full lpprlliol; the's+sepaiatio'i I,i I Ill n;g; to injuie or molest (hem, only take of/ the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment) met the loan on such terms as would be to the. main: land when she was wrecked (. IB J-tf ticthe
    it. I p1alltl'lllastl'ril about two acres, Si of t the (l Jovermnent from Banks is complete. back our own. f them and released the po'icc' officer. Thus permitted by Congress. not sixteen, as was first sl:1le.Iidshi] ,-n j

    by 4 (feet apaTt, --it was ;a low. wet piece ot, This tfp backwards 1nmli.Ihe rude Yours in (haste, the affair rests ; but we nderstand the 2dLieut Most respectfully, nnn Rogers was at Vera Cru?. Ije i1**.

    rouI111-an,1 it signs up( 1'1',1I; '. On :ag<-'-, this lepudiition: of all the discoverie T. II. CRANK.Coirc5pondencc of [Police, with a warrant, has been 1"our obedient servant been tried i by ihe civil and military iin",| : Ino1rot

    the 3d 1 and1) iii til June 1 transplanted 1 ; ;about and) imptovcmcnts which base resulted (from dispatched:. to the Barrack; for the apprehension K. J. WALKF.R: as a spy, and had been acquitted I by ,"

    ,r>UO) stalksin a hill anal filled the dance commercial knowledge and expcnence+:, this [( Y of the Cliirleston: JOIITlCf.rA"III'ioro'i. .] of Capt. Hill.A Secretary of Treasury. met, but found guilty by the| laucr._ Iheror.It I eye

    of the hills that% weie missing, with! coin. :."'ltpliol of second 1 childi-hness helot \\ Jan.t. great deal of credit is due to Recorder Jlon. JAMES Mc-Ivxt.. Chainian; believed, however, that the more faro( w. ; termme in t

    On the 4th of September 1 picked$ out what the peiiod of tlot.iL'e, i is ole of the most Ielukahlc The Message from thc Prcsillcllfso much (:if-noisfor the forbearance he displayed, on of the Committee of Ways and Means.SP.XATOU vrrdit( would. prevail, and that he raE'ls .

    cotton was open-only 147 pounds 1 then ; events ,)1 which the history of talked of, in i elation to a reorgan/-uion of this trxing occasion. )Had he not acted' liberated. would K* ;;, the

    counted the stalks, and, found! only' '-; I. f'i\'ilbrclllalll allouK! an example. the arnn i came in to-day. In order that: with admirable self-possession, a terrible riot : BAlMKnV.I: I: The( Amalio sailed] from Anton .A t vice

    An acre should[ hire about :30-.il) lulls. :U by Money i is coin ; and coin is money-the the war with Mexico .may be 'igoroiislypiosectiied would have taken place, attended no doubt, The Washington papers contain the eulogies on the -J'Jili! and left the following Lizard O 'T the

    fl'ctpart.; On the OJMIi! of October the 'first :IHllhr last I principle I of the Sub Tteasniy. the President recomneiids that With the most melancholy consequence in both Houses upon the life and character there : frigate llnritrtn (flap-ship} ,) 'tSSt ;* ftc

    'Mast of it was gat lined, and weighed, as it The mind is impiisoned in the metal the army be increased, and the "Ift..t. in its The tumuli lasted (from midnight! until nearly ( of Senetor Barrow. The Xatienul ship Rtli /. steamer I'rinrdll71. schooner"stort. '. hu:

    "was picked !51.30,: pound It was+ kept by (From thc labor which: cieales values ; liomthe :. or imition; be icmedied. The Tolnnteers I four o'clock in the moiling.COIMMIAL Infclli(1'lce.r, : JtrnlaMtittonevt, and La Peubltt, I 1 to I
    'it-self until the nth of December when I I'l'c"ei"hed intelligence which direct labor ; fiom : lately called for have not, he says, been tl! says following incrcliaiil vessels tlllrb 5Rarnes ,
    : bark :
    it raicfuUy and found only. 871pounds i the ilrnl'j\'c :and fa.hlouulgaltwhicit; tuinsciude fiunished, ; and in those cases: vheie the 1 I ; 1 I Thescene jirescnts in the Scnatey: cster- .. ; hri Albrasm, Garnet Chinch'a J0fc hat
    ( (: \ nll
    k -ginntd it tuie; day, and found substances into farm, and instruments call was piomplly icspoiuh (lug liter has ; /n'rISEn.I day, on the announcement of the death of Mr j Mh.ionerPetna! and a schooner H t '
    : .
    ihcie were 2:51 1 pounds l ttf leircotlnn.: The of use ; I'm m the substantial woith of in- been such delay ill the oigutii/.atnu; of I ha Borrow, was more affecting than any similar \know ?. The .Vm/V/-/; /, wilh, (: name un 3

    ced fished: ti3! pounds the mints, dust l.c. l. tlustix. integiity; \ and eveiy jnoductivc 'fa;; troops under the State aulliontic"-, that il istlllcc'llaill APALAC1IICOLA SATURDAY. JAN 16, 1847. occasion ever drew forth in either House of |j j Perry on board sailed at the !tn Commodore!!: 'me i _. ter'I 'r.

    & ., "> ,pounds.;, I I"a.. wry much lii.p- ( IIfrl'thl'"I and fWlilthe icpiesentativesof when they will be ready: for service Ci ongress. The deep emotion under which I orfolk i-m Havana. She goes to for
    fiom 1 these faith isto be witluhawn that it in the field. t 1- :' TI.w follow >ntlcnicn each successive Senator paid the earnest i Norfolk wa
    pointed in the turn-out th" seed ;as I < 1'euregilncntsri're'nlars ; 3* are aluh+)rlxed I to repair ;and will return in a short tilLtl Jrr
    was led to believe ih it it turn 11) nut much may m be onrentiated upon the sole essence |' are iheicfoie lecommended I ; :and, also an .lgriitsfurtbeCoaarclAr..lu+' :1 O EI:,a:1rl will tribute' alleclion. and admiration to ihe the (Gulf.; (

    better linn co tnu'n! coiion. My I ;',. arc of value in lime t tangible shape ol I gold and I illcll'a.c ol! the nunibci! r ofolticeis of the ar- rert-ive ami iccejpt:;{ for,uJl'ri.tiom! :, or udvcrtii-c- shining and winning virtues of the deceased, I: The John 1"117119V1 hlockadinVfcn g ; thltn'

    very largo an I tii-.tvv; vat perceive by I !ih'I r.I t my, pailicnl.uly ill the higher; rat.1I's.--- men'!- gave}; to the eloquence of speech all the'c: / ; \the\ JlcLal/c and Jjnilll. Tabas50.
    their weight ; th of: .a i. .1 long, 'line silkvstaple I To !force back the giowth into the oiigi- II Two ihiids of the ic iincntal nifjccis are MK J I::.:N. M I iXsov: & Tirrtj,3S "' : Street, touching eloquence of the heart; and moved :'!land: at La: nna, the J'isat and ".," : 'inl
    ;aod uoilh, I thik::: ;' 01 ) tents t :.1 nil; ireim in f.OIP.e.; .. the oak: into the I unfit for active service ill the fieVI J, or are :X'mv Yoikl many an eye to tears, but when length he !i]: left blockading. t
    pound mote thin c'lmmon cotton. The !; acorn, \\oul 1 illusiiate, in iiatuie;+ the! Hue detached on other nece.ssaiy; dlli{',. The'flicicney l/\ >XV I'KAVO:. ", I IX': ;., New Orleans.Wu who stood amongst the nearest in privatefriendhip I!j i \\"ofltl'COIIH'S: to lake : tr0tnc
    ( i: charge
    tr.rnn: :i 1'1'| Aibanv, ( ; }
    1 I.ire I gathered 1 time 1 clnr.icter of ihis to icdnce In its ol! ihe ;inr/.ali.m ol ihe a.I.qor to the deceased ;.ind alllon.the. 1{ : e
    bolls aie verv iottoifiotnJ i j attempt\ nig ;aimy _M .1.\1'1\J .\:\,\,, EIlr'.IIII'I.1.1.. .prize! : crew, which are 'to go t fe, Prnsacol.a ,fie
    time! n11.1 found it i ,first elements, the, of' 1 financeI n"l'lin's"'lhtt (; lie h highest in esteem and attraction; himself, ;
    : of : \ to weigh a i i (\pldl'd: !\ II a ii.M.uxi.: : OfKitiu; ap- ----- |i and there await orders. I thtIva
    full half 1"111'1. b1r overseer thinkit i.i 1 al:I rtnienewhich i is the of: >ji) 1:14: of many loinled to lake command of all o',flc.'r. in Tin: : NORTH Ur.rrisii RKXIMX.: : -This and lo WH| "*S cloquml' {lips. cvciy fare: lurnf'd i[ The !health of I the squadron] J. ,

    harder to (pick; not ill! .in nr rntttinut: cotSnn.: I s'commies td f' h u man 'r."s. Aloiiu wilhIlil' he field till the end of) the war.; The Piesident in deepened anticipation -v.hen he JI1'ie. I -------.-- got 3
    new publication[ is just lo hand and from t tA
    This cull'f s:)*r'rl'J! tijyf.rrey! with the I ;advance of civ'ill/{ ,lldl in ('\'cry thin; to lecouimcndsihe early appointment: of and, with moistened eves, essayed 1 to speak; [.'roruJlir \. n. Com. Tuu: ..?,7ti,
    x\cl tveathrrtit' XVOUH and the i citerpdar. which the min,l of m'iii has hel'l ;applied i i'is such: Jeneir.l; 1 Ulficei, and calls for piompt its contents bids fair to viral the reputationof hut found Inon n urni heart overpowered, i.atc aud IlnioI'n; ins J ; IliJ -

    I am full of opuro'4: : t'lit: ; ill ;a l -ei-on, not, to be Mippuscd that no adt'a tire would 1 action tin all the mc.isiiies for the pru cl/- any stand.iul literary or political; monthlymaga.ine and utterance denied him every heart 6i'otn the Seal oi"IlrtPlhG1tCC"ViirlJ5y till

    jpid! properly rnltivitcd.: : ;it will m tfe fiom I be made. in the commercial; !sj-tem which lion of the wai.Theie '. ;, ihat has been published in some melted in painful sympathy.( ; the arrival here 1 j I'r.

    two to three thin-nil I ;po-iutls to the acre: has uiven occi: "ion for !o much activity, sc have been no new piopositious! : time. It is The Union says : .1' ycsterd.ix; of III'i tJ S. 1"
    published Mes Leonard Sicam'r.Alahml,
    :ind i is Ih1 br,t .114111-slaph! d t ot- much entciprisc, so much !lnewilaganty.; ci her fiom the Secielaiy of the''I'real'y, by rs. Itare\\ indeed has there been i,'ili.f' I rall"'pO'I', ; I : i. ( 'ahtll: 'tntlJ 4
    11 cde lly Scott A Co. Sell which( I' It Hrasos; the th,
    ton I :\' MTU. thnii: ,5'! .t s atc s neatly; 1 lotii. V<-t we an e to ro back; : a' ain to time das ol" or fiom ;Committee: of the IIotis- (fur : 110 Fulton street, New York, a owls affecting scene. The hearts of I] I"'c.t'ind on :;td in.ml.; we barb' :

    I pounds in the ,'f'll" .iink, .' cmc' of rlt'dl' rot the strong' ."box, the ni: I. the bmicd hoard, an inciease (II f the levcnue since the Itfll ill at "5-'J; per annum. mighty. men were bowed down and, tears in i sior; :: of the n.telhgence: from the several ..i.i- t br

    ton. 1 itilcnd C]1,1< .:it ;ill the seed III\ and discarding; all the ideas and practices of of the House lo impose a duly on lei and Ri; I.\C K\\0011.-1 In glancing over I he pagesof ninny eyes spoke moie eloquently than even j 11 ;appeals army that up the to a late date which \ ,
    this spiiii;. Chri"It'11111+ on the subject 1 of cnueniywe coffee.: As onc'thiul of the Session is -.one, I the of devoted is'if.310m sports have
    tongue friendship
    i in
    lh j < circulalKiii
    Your--. &'%, are to rlmodr our financial s-xstcni upon it i is time that sonic measures should Ije t.i- <* December No. of this work, we are Venn; one of the }honorable akc.s. [111-1.11. : rcgading: the advance of
    Santa Anna
    JU t.HJ I\\JTI i :. that of Toikey.We ken to secure the loan. It j is.idimlicd: that ifcall1l,1 i! sitisficd:, i that it i is not inferior to ;any of it.inunr i who bore testimony lo Ihe many virtues'p of f I j llIIllhe tin Saltillo have been entirely

    do not know that. this i is to be tillbrituing e +t tie uhtawedat, par, unless, taxes be laid ( publ.cations; indeed, there arc several 1 the lamented dead were well nigh altogether, I i i premature hsJicd nf,I' his being( slate the u'nt dale that was I puli- t
    : : .1tittr'i'I't; : : L : ol -eiies of innovations to I the of the of our lasi i
    ; s. a l lendingit so as cnsuie payment uiteir.st.. ticks overwhelmed with emotion. The
    ft1UEI Ill which{ for force of eloquent:1 j ;atfv ;! es (root that
    icasnning ) ; place within: three
    Fc*e1in:. a1 1 d.,. an ..1]] :aJM ihiigIVUM: ,: to :: thorough adoption. of Ottoman institutions What taxesshail{ be imposed 1 ill;it t is to ba of Senator from {Kentucky., !bra lime, so tiMich, of il i is days,
    in the advancement! (d om prof".,i"I. 1 ; but it uoulil! be dillictilt to find ;1Y one of the gi cat: question+ of thy Sf .iou.Individual are superior meiit, and indica'c deep entirely unmanned, that he struggled in i Theie 1 however entirely without found.ilmn.( '1
    consider il tin: tlslty of C"'tY man toid t! I to usher step] in such a progitsencompassed I membeis have piopost.d lieirpiojecl5. resa.ach: and ]proloi.nd thought. Leonard I vain for utterance.- was, some cause for I be 1to
    of which
    *the common stuck" 'vny iifin of pi.'c'ical; : ; b) ;ri eater a! smditics.Th :and one of them that !by Mr.l Tib- Scott tc Co., publisher, llvJ! Fulton street, ------ i ricllla nt.-.f.r. fe-lljiving are the par:

    information as in" ICJMV.:' 5i; t; the .Sub Tieasmy however is not to cit \- !,,tits, til 1\)., is now before the Coinuuteeof : New fork.e MK. PniNTKnt: -Canyon infoim me wlio! ; :
    adralagPS he ha; < lum>t-lf :',iae 111,1,1! therxjiciiencc i long its own opeialions, par fiominteilcience al)' Ways and Mean-; vi/ : iticiea-ing; th originated he( plan of altering the Cit ceivrd r.n"rtIcrth) on the loth ultimo re- 4 lit
    of otiipr. My l : nlorts would II wind it III). It i is taulf of duties (Ill all dutiable tides! u tilerthe TIM: T.\i.isxi\ > .\: 11 IM.USTKATKI OM ) : itiformilion from two scouts that thee .:

    have alwa>s born, and h.iH err f'1e, lor the so uttcily isolated, so incongruoiHy thiustinto t picsent l.uiffacl: as high as the icveiue (F 1':1.1.0's: L\H.X/IM, :.-We : :} welcome e Charter, so that the T and Company E can'; !, 1 Mexican (;ctjer.dinhie. had left San ..
    of and standard will taxed less than one half .the amount; of Illl.it'prt'viou5 Lois' de fntociat: the head of a burly of lh
    benefit of lannina in tin: S,nth.. a general system hl""I'SS iis.iwiili ; permit ; imposing duties on this p'uiodical. to our table being filled 1 .
    In n-spect; to ourvoin ont lands] it i* almost :fS which !it must (conlhct: so heavy, spit ils distilled; ur ,manuf.ictured; in the l taxes, wheie.s; citi/pns are allowed i 1.0Itlcacalry, wiih the intention lo fall on ..\1
    Usually with inleiesting tales, tVUigi .. ihi* American division at Saltillo which) jel"Ie
    w tII'=s for inv one Jo na ilk to \uitc to the omhrm I)auto telJius: : Administration would flail it impossible; to ; also on pleasuic! can iac ;aid I rthcr i with exhortations to excercise be- have been ? imagined I he he could easily crush. Alter thin, I :

    Miim to neat nrc. (It i. \t.1 I rrcinh 'for the keep it in life, and action (:\'CI if the whole gold and silver ware: I'5t tar measure, instead mvoleuce, charity, temperance and fidelity, : proposed attacking ( ;eneral Wool, nr.d s if arm

    :' orthft (Irrrlfrs" In :; .limey can A\rll attention of the (loveinment: should betaken of levying! duties on tea and collec., friendship, love and truth. si"i Can'Ol inform me who first discovered( similar success attended him. to repair '10 oftl'

    ;; :n fertilize their litilt: sjiot1: of tenor frr all other lunt tioi.s :and devoted Tim 1 piopohiiion seems to embrace thoiesouiefs I'iik I Ilditor: and that the citizens Ap'dachicola were incapable i Monterey and capture or destroy the ma-

    n dozen aric-s ; but a southrin plnalionor ; exclusively to the nuituic of this inunsiioubantling. s (of I"t.'elllle'bil'h arc mosi 1 easi v Proprietor.Si- l per year of managing; ; their own affairs( and I (;;J ay.illf'Ind public stores which I I"J there .. Ill
    five or six hundn-d :1..'. in: tnhhation: ] ;available.; It t supposed that :an ;addition! : jf f oni -- .f'leralTorth., without att.nhing more importance tct
    MiLiTAiiY; whether the
    F( ))11C11.r :. I I icceni :act of I the Legislature
    would taki* lliPiu-iniiii :is the Now that the cl.iusc i in ill full mite to the report: than it speined to tnerir,
    t : parish -.md specie : i irr'e or ten per rcpt lo the laleol duties itniin,: The I
    .all the force, to do! it jusiu-o. Our), pi.mtn-! and all connection with Hanks; di"solv'(.d' the existing; Tir'Mf, would yield: an addmor-, i repute of Adjutant ( ten. Jones, accompanying taking from them that privilege, is dtmoirallc forthwith dispatched expresses 10 IfneraU; fuIh

    tions arc tou a:tt't1iv"- to l'm'n' I hurw"h- there wil t be occasion*,
    I ; con ;e<]tienth: it IN h."!'{,ull'. or nut done testing the utility and great sijpeioniyof would liming i in leventie ultimate; Iy, but net t 'to Congress' shows tint there are -seivice Can you infoim me whether the other, alterations h whit{ be had }htard; leaving it entirely

    :':,)all Again ; hive U.) titnt to haul .the Sub Tieasuiy sy-irui. L irg; e soon enough, for the emei Jiei.ty.Mr. '. .! LJf! 1 rCIII.1rsncI xoluntecis distributed I of Charter to them t tu act in the premise The e.x-
    our City
    are designedto
    large quantities of manJrr: tn Mie (l.1! ; for c qHid lit I i cs aie lobe lad;: in New' Oilcans) : ;; IJ.iiley; ;; of \':., and llr.llarisul'1ir., .a is follows : press ovetook (:Jenl. Taylor shorr ilist.mce a
    it t.tkrs to that of ide aI give still further aid and comfort to from Monterey on the route' to Victoria. 211
    gem'ral) + ;amwr\ to
    aid 10 be Jtirvv, irdi-d and in r.JfiU't.A ss. I the Land ? [He immediatiy returned to him old tit
    out a1 our e"lul, ire hniM rush i t : to fnmbl pay supplies; :. illation to all matters personal i Company encamping
    then to get tiin to ni.ikr rq'lil'] ;+ b- fore I to the army in ; '101 New 1'ur k. between them, and] their difficulty !; al anend. Iii the fid:1, officers and men, ;including In short, can you inform me whether ware e ground, near 1lontercv. v,ith the whole t

    plowing forour next cmp. Von wi:1, : <*..twhy \', the chief ptunt; of ieceits[ lo New: (Jileans, ,':IJ'ralaJl;, / .",. . . . . .GG13 or arc not actually sold to the Dutch ? of his division, :and then waited further
    not tAe'; ]art' <.l f the linil: ."ld h.in.t t the chief point expenditure, specie( must, t The rnilitaiy IJiIlI foi,r raisin: !ten thousand! Tro'll's at st a, and under advice Afterremaining day i, dunn; .a.J
    makin; i :; :1 tH: wa.li-: I tilt oihf| a, Clicking be conveyed and after it shall have, icgulais; and appumunhtcttaul Ic I"ellralofj't. ; orders 10 join OM: WHO '.\rs TAXES. which he received lufonnation; til th* mi- f

    ?I : I I5erauv f ev' this, would h-ive. to 1 its Southern destination ali acc'oljli"/.d n'acjct;+ ... of the army wn taken; up as, dlc, the -11:11: } .. . . . IJ J3 [from the X. O. Kvcninz Mercury ] .o.tD.Iify ot"the reform of Sar.lanr.n; : .,..
    iI'v-J l ic lliore. it insist Gail special oidei of the! and! 'Rt: cunts in route for the scat of s: +h;cure on Saliillo. Jar tain funk the line -1.'
    leave a grr'at ; uf cottt i i. iln f."d.1 rurpuve| : 1(( l day \\ I' opposed)| by war, 7G: Later! from the Cinf Sqi:3dojj. tip
    which would be : I ,,., a-,,1 nrniy ,thethings r again to New Voik. The I meiciianls: in N.Voik )l Ir.i Mefiaughty, of Indiana: :and advocatedby : ;1 match, and proceeded! ""WardlfJ \'a fu!:.
    ; would! hI'c: too undone whit(h wefthould will want it to pay duties: with ; tinmcichnnts e \1 ir. Owen; of Indiana, and }1r. Ilatnhn, 1 .\;,reIIf': rcgnLis; in campaign,. .B.t73 (xrrrni: OK LACIT.AMMUCAN Meanwhile! Gl'.cr..t'o..r., who had; been r.II'
    \ : .
    have done. ( )nv! place: Northern n of the: West t and Sou'h' \t ill wish i ol Maine.1 \'OI.U TJrs.: : PR1SOM.RS: P.kLEaiP.The : : niorinttl of the rumor carrcnt at tIltlllo,

    farmer in our ,hu noi,M be :about: I 10 have it in New York: and other: EISIII The Senate; was same time in I EXcl: rtiveSession. In the t/iclal I Campeachy: schooner Anulmipri.e call".1;, in nil his tlcf.u hcd c"nlnllllitIntI:
    J. -
    IlcJ. .
    . I It
    .l, i.1., taken the U.
    S. ih
    by steamer: ; ; at head of !his
    sty bad oIl a.I .t widl 1\1-:a'" fines to in:ike their pirn-liases With Now Theme i i i- lo be a hard stiiiggie i inConnies Mhsisiipfri uh'ararlo : ; d vi.nl1.1'IH: ) strung IrsA
    tl'pre- i the .\ sea, lit Califort.itl,. . . . 7G I .\ on the x'Tlh! ult. is COIUMI! i jiuited p.irras ilie[ ih. .
    'dations; buxins: oi :ill \\ <' h /n. t Hall.! could make these Iral'lt'r. both I, *, on the question of appomlii.:;; ;a I G ; ill' in on 1>; ultimo.[ 'ird l hy
    However[ not to li-o' all the] limf thewhat wavs without cost or risk lo I the (;Jovcinlimit. Lieutenant ( :Jenci.il.In charge; of Passed Midshipman I Harbourof ; I irnngemcnf: previously made, was; tft enter .11

    Mark side u f 1 tin* ;t 5 :t" \il| "'C oll, i istnail l'n'ler the new: .system the expenses ) tin IXtculiccSesiion to.tlI\ht.: Senate : 'Aggieg vokmteeis! 1 in campaign] 1GJU 1 the 3ftss/ss//. / and] a prize (: CW. S;,dtillit! on the x.id?;: at farthest j 1 ii
    the remedy whidi5: .'. ? :( Jn; cxi.ted] of franspoiting coin to ;and! fro. the intfrcI I cOII' :lIed+l all the, iioiiiinatioiis! for Lom The Aninli'j firings several days i later intelligence ; Wit!) all pr.Cti.LIe sjired. (;eni.I; '*fi
    '.>fith us. Oar land. hate dlicJ i I\all dnnn: its I ral"il.; with I the risk attending i tuissaiics l ; ;and (?nu tcr-,nasicr. of the South i) i .1;;''::: icgulars{ and I volunteers, -Jl.Ust l from the squadron, ;and, ;' we ;are i indebted Ilnsler; had! previously reached S.ilfillo from

    the nut riutent to <-\hasdlJ; 4 crops. bthruinous P the whole operation; would alullt to ;t ( ';u iliua ;and Pennsylvania !Ii;c 'imc..t of I UI'tlti) ; amount Gen. Taylor I has 1?,3:: under i- to Passed Midshipman liatl'l1ur, andChief Monterey. During this tune the infelhgep v :i

    !stem a if f.muin: : Thus \'I'ar after handsome] per centmge-tu: :; SI: nothing ol j N'oltitilecis. a his command ; (:CII. Wool 2MO; and! Jninecr0011, h.I'1I alo came:; on ell'thr t repnricil ;..dvance of Santa Anri: v L-s" .
    < t the i is ; the distmbancc it must 1 ) I ; the AiiH'-'i" fur the following! intciestinparticulais ifittbed; other Wrote htu.t .!'iiss: "1-
    scar ;anie crop Ii.u'f.f lifil, the cause; to J1 ilf'!' I ( ;Jen. Keamey ;;.!!?. If to these add ; p4 (it
    land i-w-Ldly) \\f out. 1, +'s' ftld .:oil \ 11Isacliolo: eveiy vv hen ( f I such : .har- FlOra> th,. ;;. O Coin. T-in-1-, J<,m. ; ] the nice additional we : line of ocip.;,fi(.nr.nd! troops, uhcady! ; nrder a
    (- lb. ;1:'11'r first fitiiK of Sub Tiea- tauT legimont? recently calledieJI. Commodore; Perry arrived at La unn eni orders to march towards 3Icitercy 'ntd
    coton.1"1 : fiat:| @ si ij.'o! la.o; I btu are lie tie OX 'lili: I'AIIT: (OF 1'lilllll.l'I': '\!: '.. h
    cultivated; for 'lifi<:(u xens cuutcuhvviy.1A'Itat | .- Bury likely to piove.I'n.1,1 (;in Monday ni:ht at about 1.: o'clock, { settles, the whole will amount to more the}. 20ih; ulr., with the; steamers: .1lis.i.<.)ij/Ii. :their prngre{ nmt'ard. -
    won-Ier:! thf.-i. lint' otif Iold; al. company D. ((71)) mi'n,) (the lit l 1'r'uts11 I.I |I. I than ::5U.OOO.I t'i.tzr. Pftrd and Bm'ita and ;I-Hided .the It apptrs: iliat G-ns. Taylor :m.t 1 Worth, Glib

    iworthlcss llt'rs .\ J'dl, het:, !ltalill ol [ P Tallali. :. !>=t't' S.iiui.:, I ] \'allla.UUlitl't."S: ( now qualified) below .elm(- sane: day and took nine hundied pounds t.t on mature; rejection! readily! ("Mroxeie-J! the -

    ( crop*;, with : r.lpel >3 -.tun ol aUlrif J JXUJAA: 1 I'Ll'KJIIiA'J I iA( >. I. city lull) ;aimed, with (;.get. Hill at them Ho.NUR TO TIIK: F.\I.Ix.-Thc: remaillSIf i I ponder de-lro\ fifteen cannon, and disarmed improbability! of the report of Sar: ,,t.i :Anna' ojII

    (\gntuat.( ) cleatiMn the :fllu1: with the: I Uy)' kindness' of :1 r. J irnagan; icj reentaiive !head appalled at lime enli.iiiee ol the ( the alanl! I IM.J' : will soon be icmoved about fifty, soldieis. ;although time1ml'ectrd t ii'Ivauce on. and rear jiroximttv.\ iu <;IMIO.! II.A!

    and) sui1iu avuli,: t ih! :% ;iU',] tter ;, tram Uiange (County, weaie l peiuui-j; [ 11'aJtiniuu Hall; { Koom,, mSt. I'luhpstrert. I'Will l Resac.i: de i.i P.ilmi to Alabama; of : to be favorably disposed! to the} (I'm in the follow ing facts; : 1 sl. The d::.lar.re Bblti)

    green crops, an 1 if p..<:.i.!! v ",ole.irih: ; : il ttt l to ropy the following; esliact of a I+'Itc r.cud j' ; dl'IUII/kd;I .nhnill.mce. '.llIClellJld i winch State !he cause flf tile Campt'a'hians.; Tlie Campcacluaiis riientcen I Sin: ; Louis dp P lo..i and S.ilnlh .
    was a native.
    it can be hauled an,1 thumn' jjjlo d.i!:!, lit icc:,.ived I b>' lil s'lorlJy' befoic/ the adjl11f-1 that on depositing; their :aim; at I tIll depot u_ ___ I had declared themselves entirely! i etas ton great to admit of tin l'o"'lhilil|| of 'gyptl,
    reqniie miiih 1 it mctsl ol ih Lei-latuie.i i independent of Mexico, and had sent three the march of so large a bad as IJSo.V
    \011,1 ) lUl to : hn'i) : Th{ !se ; thr3 iiir;ht! ceiul. Unvxilhn; t.) do this SMTC, L rrrt.l: Si xi.-IJy; certain leturnsit lien,
    cat,) then SID'dl 1"1'i',u""f 1 hi.ir,)i( IC'CI'q- makes known arc duly ominous., and, wil : they lot'ced .ihtirway lama time ;as'cnbly.- that: the small immi-s'ioneis on the schooner Siwtnio t to: without (timely notice (l-emg allV.rdf to the D
    ry, to ( :'" :" ,,. +,a. And] lie occasion. tI'ilcrabl, : anxiety and The piopnttor c.illed on the police foi-aid, appears sum of 2.'jfJOOIlollar ;;: ( ; I Commodore, Connor at Anton Li/.aido ti U Ameiican General; to ;ir( pire fur his ret ep- 11
    let Irolle f'. \ all'I.IIIII. were piid: out of the ieqiies| him I to desist from hostile im' lion. :dly. The ground* between .
    me : in 1,1IIIllu: limp. Soui, \ 1:11+ oc( a.il. a few silc.: : when Corpotal \Vhitmore ofthe Fn&l -lnnicip.ihly treasury beIwien any : :- the two )
    of northern, friends to allude the ."iih and sores against. Yucatan, until commissionerscould : ciiie is 'xln'melbarp. verdure! n
    our iccotntnejid from ,01( to statements of the Senator fiom : !I'ohce, went l III' :IId < >:postiil.ittd:, I loth December) hist oniicconnt I II I of o'Lcrmi ; it1
    to :joobuhelsuflim'prracre.: 'Thinii httlo I J .IJroul, which! .llus Ieti<'r sustain- wit the Captain, on the course he was uisuuit :, of l the Mexican War..IU10I.1S. ; be sent to the Government of the '.ins; of stistenar.ee for man and: l'I'a.I'O; !

    among thosfwlvi b:1ve: the cubouate: : The (ten. ( toxernment should{ not solfeiiNelf r ;. Capt. Hill immcdiali m.ide him,,|) a ----- United Stales In obtain the iccogniiion ol f I I miles of which a.Si i is well known l-eing anariddorrt. .to

    within lOOyaitls:) : of t tl"ir{: 4l.)R!',, :anal let 1 iI'' 10 be misled by fiflifitii: ; { icports that the I piis t calcined but thus who h.mhi Indians keep their bonn.U I Commissioners left Anton Li/.ardo on the or any' umber source of wafer, Lc.su.'eiitlord IU
    IH''p; import ill/l! ; ;1,11 uucflvctual ( 'jl ir.t'ri; asseinbltd, fro II I ,mil of I' pears ill a letter of a I -
    puts coi respondent
    it ;ml h1'I i it I re. .11 j Ipcd as W(II.). until i I lei inuuthinh! : !ii dour to insure the, vicinity the watchmen lift! thin, (beats mfichant in that a 'JOth( to return but the result of their conference : 111' tent thf least chance of 'gctfmg food i rf"j.ln tat
    barrel linie i is her + Sao Luis Potosj fuinished IheIt.'xi'all with (Commodore. Connor i i1101 being almost unir.traitr: l tT
    ; tune h ,.. thJand hanyuilit( \ ( r is ;:yie.it reason to tu uo; to (he I si* l'lll of action ala(I !eliutl is ; ihro-ijli- .
    would fret! il laiJierau uphil111,.--, tlllLle o-i the fflnlifr-- alprchew not seemed imp! IIdill:. In the amidst ol I } ;, forces with six thousand Howieknives ) (known. ont ifs wide extent Tl.e: rqH'rf of il.e.Mexican U

    '"Wc have some o'il: : rl-m-v" ': tit v.hirh MJ-.LLUNXILLI: :, K. F., Dec. 1 lth, l-a1;. the <'onfusion, xolunlceis.dn"ccoded into immediately, : after the battle at Met 'j We refit. to warn that PmsurlItlrrw scouts, however, i is 1 said; (to havebeen rc1fill
    Ilime would be : b.it Dr. Jaiua; :, At the f). Cro-by, of the Mississippi, was lot corroborated, by information; icceivdat
    lHu'fdI: not in the! ati-- ictjucsl nt yam m thesiieet with then prisoner, anil made (1m;H i
    'br c quautilifs ao r, cutlIIIIi .IImrl'. Illtlll. Uaac, &C., I write( mull in iclaiion+ the ( ;Jl-jbi* l lal; \\\ Room, coiner of St. (Claude: -- from on board the lriren entering Lagnn.t.: ; : Saliillo. in n letter from .>n Krghsh: : merchant .
    -1'hereare m:my' pi niters who could l :a:fib ida maths ))11/.11"/ Mr JJcloil; has just II :lnl'dli'om and s-i. I'ettr sheets, intending, ;a tunilar CoMxioDnui I: STKVVAUT.=1'hl.nallCtlt old I He was in the rigging of the vessel, assisting t- at San: Louis tie Potosi. who statedlh.it l ::.1

    few week's hitiiing i lor on i or tat II.IUS; lour plate, mil informs m/; that yu +ill" 'mt}> ift tiuiin .ihcie. Meanwhile Keconler: s\It.: in a letter to the l'cllnsJlcnimlIlclIic's in piloting, ihe vessel, as .the t fidelity' of ; S.I1lannt ha'i I I'u.ititclr! bltih l .!ttifx, .cfll

    between the ''JUih! of'I).-tcmb-r! a::"l l'ii ih of f biollict'r had been absent thn-c ta's in searel (;l'lilli" \\'a; < Mimnuned liom' his he.l l, alldIalil. l'llIphalicallJ the cm the pilot (Mexican, the man who was ?t the head tit" ,i nuim'inush ol tavuhy.Kvcn } .

    January.: To those I would Malt si"on l''J ol xoui I talile; :I :and could find 11 e. .} icpaued iu a cab to .the latter report circulated; i I piloting the Truiton when she was lost 1 at row, in Iho: ise I".IIB cf Jto.i'u., ;a, ..t'UpittJ 'at
    advise to nuke their t'llf ]jnles aft<.,tli JUJU': : th.it while! out he, c;inn': up In one 11 In m- here he foisi.d; ciuvvd of citi/.ens; .place.iimcdpistols ic::aid to the comeis-.uioii he ]had: uith I the Tuxpari) was suspected ; the sear! ojvmg by' our tr mp;, H. is r.d.7iitlctl ill.it Santa Gl

    manner of Hommer{ : it* dt.i! out theirstock : dial! who infoimed him that there vu-ic ,lot+ :i \\ ill, and bowie knives piep.ui'il I Il to Picsnlent conceining .the taking! of the Cns- la heavy lurch he lost his hold and fell on> Anna is out With a torrsi.lerrklr i.: n:'>iu'rdfoice. 1 "
    : lw\
    )':111", t liens, siablcs, '... put the mar r- IIIOH with him, alllll"l tiny)were meicly]l tll'fcwJ; tits< IS.ill; I KOOIII, ,, fiom the meditnledatlatk. ; ,I lie of San Jii.in d'Ullon. the deck, and vas instantly killed. [He'ao; fast with objects tar il.Jiertit j;: lrom.Iho )

    urc in .a pen and add wUCd-.fll. ash.. out fl:1: Iilllil, : CXlcdtiol. Irofc.siu; On (he appeaiaiice; ; of <;111. Ili ill -- ------ buried with military! honors ill thecenictctyof c attributed to him, by the :seor.t[ It .
    soap suds ,lint. and all! krids: of rclusc andofTal. ( Ir'p'iidthip,i .:e. They I thecountiyall ; and his company, ', his Honor icpiob.tlt Iheuulawful I l.ncrsl.t'.\ SKN.VKMU-In the N. OilcansCourier the llntish; Consul at Lagutia. was statcil in the letter above; a mllti.I led tc

    I. This, by ihe rn J of the ye.u', \'OU!"I around Jour |JII'!: (: and your :faintly i> coiiise liea. puisiun, and d C. of the !)Ih inst., we perceive that; Passed Midshipman Fit/.gerald, Conned y that the Mexican( ,* inictilion.s wcic. to hun
    become guinea pile ; and' thus giadually; ii l. much alainnd. They, ) arc cvidCntl, dir'tt! 11 m.uided in Ilir TKIIIKf the Ititr the inifalitic'ltaseof .11 1 Pierie nl'IIIC U. S. schooner Flirt/ but now attached t- foi\ aid, and occupy the only: prscrhel: r '

    : r. Soule will in
    creasing; without any apparentcilott, will, m "all'yulu' tltlld buiiimg the (country so; ; his offu-ci. <;apt". Hill lefuscd, all likelihood be1IIIIIIillalctiio to II,: .John( / Adams peifoimed a mostdaimg pass in the mountains, I lying briwc/t the

    the following spiin;. :reitly: inci.ise thefeitihiy as ioiievcnt| then. being, tiaced or followci 1. staling he was acting(; under orders fiom his fill (he vacancy occasioned by exploit! about, three weeks sic e. divisions Cenerals; Worth :and Woof t. thus ,

    f of the 1.1111 Now, fiy, changing the Since WI ililt the above, Lee has cOleil I --iipenoi office( ) ;and inviting the I Kecoiderlo the death of Senator Rariow.t His vessel was blockading; Vera Cmand intercepting their communications. Alter

    water furrow ant cl rviy other .1'.11. ortvery hue, eorrhoral the above, and I Ifolall'slhatll.lr !. go lo the :t. Chailes Hotel[ and submit of a dark night, he took a boat and eight rrali/.ing his antieiiMtul' : l success againstthem

    third year, the land I: will lie ;ratnaly ; I h': trail ol cattle hashccii foundby ] lime case lo the Colonel. This piopositionw.is ( /* The Salem llcgistcr; that: the men' with inn filed oars, rowed around the I by cutting them up in detail, he w.t IS vr
    enrched. II'rorn: ot cotton i is ,1.llted. him, .ind Isaac le.tdihg So'ilh. and! lilt( m ; lefused and the excitement of the citizens 'i I Hon. Caslle ul'San Juan l d'Ullba, landed enteredthe then to advance on Io"tcl'l'&c..-
    J drop peas lHh\'CCI the ItW". 1 1lljjok Iirlians canis] on it. He sa). theie is no and police was; so great that Capt. 11 l. Cushiiig aspires to the honorof water battery and examined it ; then These announcements now proved 'to b '

    other crops may be email(! as profitable/ mistake about: their takm oil your stock: ftll'lllelllais men into square, .ind intimated commanding Massachusetts Rcgimellt i rowed lourid again, went under .the drawbridge prematures, and things are proceeding i ton \

    .>.8 cotton : and it is wotlh the ;at'llliUI+ of and you know his upinou i is woith as (much his intention to send fur the lemainder of f of Voluntccis, provided, the complement and made a thoiough reconnoisanceof their foir.ier train accelerated a little by llic!

    I :$outheru planters II locxpMiiiK-nt and JIIli.t or mote than any other man's about such the ic?iment., Eli. llOl/or told him. that hewas ;is made; up. that point. This[ exploit has proved alarm which has just subsided. 1

    "t at menls, At t ihU. present, wi I i I; I ;11 moat ttc,a. This is usually the lint I step I to- not \ll'xil'o< but m the United State: _- that men, may be landed; from boats at night 1, For much ot the above informaticn we 1t

    -rying several ejijteriments with; Ililj.:11manure : I ward an outbieak ; and' he wishes .me to SIJlu and that they weie all fdlow-cn'r/.ens: --1 that t, TI.A: AM (Con'JoJ.-rehe: following is a aril his Midshipman Fitzgerald ascertained) by are indebted to Major l>utler. (a passenger ;t
    !. VVrlicnwruvcd/ miturity, ifxou.wish .von that you-ought lo come home foithwiih but for his leluct.ince; lu deeds violence, il'the reconnoisance: the water battery ana)' by the AI.I1 am:1.) Paymaster U. S. Army, .
    it, I vvill take pleasure in fOI\4nlil r that if you know the real situation of ;and lo picvent the effusion of blood!, he had copy letter :addressed by the Secretary I- be easily taken. attached to the division of l t'u. Wool who lilt

    ..you a slateir.ent. I 11+,lowinu, some, ( 'u "; things you would not I stay an hut,'. Tin enough men 'it his di"IHJ.allu them{ ol the Tieasury to tin Chairman of the: The Amalio l { was taken off Alvarado, to- I xisits this city on business which rill detain D

    :tobacco after the ni imi'-r of the 11'Cat t I.b.u- Indians were within. five or six miles, of your all. He theicfoie conjuicd oveipow him to obcx: Committee, of Ways and Means of the] gpthei with the Spanish brig Isabella, both I! him here about a week, when he returns t to Iig

    dians 1 derived my illullllic) fiom a house .1 day or tsvusiuccburuiutllu'uur; nd the law ; and if the police olhccr then i ine House of ]Repiesenlatives. The Union accompanies sailing from the port for Havana. Coiumodoie head quartesr. llatorL. left Parrason the I

    suppressed pamphlet) sent to me from II.iv; \a- them. The one that Isaac saw appealedsaucy ; custody had offended: : he should be sever its with Perry, ou his return to Anton Lizard; 17th ultimo where Oeneral7001': division'Ihen .
    publication from
    a :
    .n: or taiher impudent, sufficient (tu convince : I ly pUIII,IH d. (Capt. Hill thou promised l ] paragraphIIr Lagunn; with the Mlsbisbippi, looked; lay. He states that the troops were i in t
    find f am t fratitcciidin, ;:in limit.at pr 0-rl him that they were not, althoughpitifevsin deliver up Co..poralVllillllUl', ,if the Jt e- ill; the speedy ;adoption of the measure into Tabasco and Alvarado; and! found that excellent health and spirits, no casually of 1 1i.

    \, sent; but the subject i is tl )of iututsi 1 I tome ; to hefriendly llayne has ]piomised coidcr would accompany: + the soldiers to thepnncipal pioj-osed : the fortifications of both places have been moment having occurred for some lime.- 1I i.

    \, that i must be patdoncd.JAMKS. lo ;;U out and try and get back ..jouislock. r watchhoiisc. His Honor{ conenleii ,- 'J'rttunry Drjiarlmcnl, ])cc. 21, 184G. repaired and much strengthened since they The inhabitants of the country which .lie I,
    !. .S. I PK.\CHCKK.Rcdicood and besought the citizens to dispctsc.. Sin : Pf'fillilllle moot were attacked by the Squadron.: At 'a- troops had traversed from San Antonio. hail tIt
    to call
    I near Jacl'bf, La., June :!, lt I Ii.I; Now it is yoni duty to inform (he ((Jove; rOn their arrival at the watchhousc! the Major ;+- your attention to the views lesjiectfully submitted in Ill basso Alvarado these about were about COOO troops, andy at manifested the greatest good feeilng tovvaidthe

    I nor, and tell him that this is uo idle "Jlollth.lt of the Ke( iment made: his ilpl'earauee: ; last annual in regard duties 4000. Notwithstanding Americans; not n s} mptiom ot that hostility 1L
    t If the best man\; l.uiltsveic;; : written ou your stock is driven out of their well and the Heforder'b office being opened the on tea and report cttlIe.u imposing these formidable preparations the general; ; which the population of thc valley of 1

    ]his forehead, it would make him pull his:hatcry. known rangethat;; Indians t.ie found on il- former stated he would direct 'apt.. Hill t These duties impression is that Commodoic Conracr will the Rio Grande had so ftcquenlly exhibited ,
    I t wcic suggested in view olthe I'soon
    : ,that they arc out of their and i deliver the the place. had been observed.
    (1'tr hil) boundjiy --; up p Jliccotlicl'r.VIJilslt imam IV- necessity of obtaining the loan thciciu On the arrival of jen. La Veg.i; nt Vera U1L'S03.e are ttn-Jtr unnv obligation* i

    u ..
    I j




    - -- .

    --,-- -
    --.-. --.. -. -. -
    .. .-- -
    0"' -- t



    --. .--- --- .
    -; : -- -'-- ,
    'nI'Io"I jr"up, '1'iir his politenes* in coin the following personsvere declared duly elected, RECEIPTS FKOM THE TEnIOIL WHOLESALE- ;-- PRICES- -- : -. -
    ( -
    tt -
    : :
    1 --
    ,.* some interesting particulars re- Per steamer 11'I-t.1-6 bales cotton (Wjlie Apalachicola Exchange.
    1nUfl4Cfl jcclinzs ob 'rvablc I amongst the 1 W. Valleau, Clerk' and Treasurer rec'd f VUtC: A-McKenzie; 12 in Lr.ekhart.Youn 11 to N -- : THE subscriber inform his friends S. :Itlaii Arrangement.

    r J' ""- ,Ihe C. Thiirpen. City Marshal "tj" Baker: : 10) tn.J ( 'tmrnieilnn(' 3 to J S Hutckinson; ____' I D. C. D. O. anti the public in THE: SteanK AUGUSTA
    different points' on ; ; general that he has become D.
    : x ; n 'popuIAtion.lt that of J.V.. Gavbml, Harbor Master .1"I 2 t to A N :McKay; S lio and 6 boxes tobacco to 1 B flA GC'lNGKentucky..d 11 a J2 lI the Proprietor of this above well V ;;; q N. Mrl'tnMasfer... will Int.
    ltpem :
    ( .lame* F. Farrior, Tax : S Haw( ]-y; I box) tobacco Tho.s Dundee .yd 16a F.. t.L-iApaIaebiccJa
    the! RI iMmnetci the 1 Collector, 3: to Preston; .I 17 known house, and will be : c ery Tuesday aid
    take btlt' I pleased
    if to
    exists there we W. S. : cotton and 3 Peanut,. entertain I
    Green boxes '
    i tobacco D G 13
    City Physician 0 to Jlaney: of Saturday at 10 P.
    rnor 1 MU.U. their character. On the .\. G. Scmmes City Altornej" 21sicks roundp* to J F Farrior; 17 bale* d amasrd DALE ROPE. Kentucky,. .. lb 5 a j I any him the (ravelling community that may favor C battahoocf.ee every Monday and ..lkne
    trouble I' I .... jhManilla with their custom and will also TburJday at
    ;: / the battle of Mon Clinton cotton to D N McLean. accommo 1' M. She .vill imiso
    e.31 t e\'Cht, Thisjpin, City Watchman 6 date make
    r IVr resident weekly
    oiay boarders. trips'o
    t're McaincrCharleston bales ..lb The bar will be laiQ
    coiton to J J I a always
    foro'x\n1pl(,) a conSiJer3be 1 : fa11in. 0 fl. S. F. Nickles, "G" Cohen 2Hi() ; BREAD Navy,. supplied with bridpand PorfJackwn. Lave Bainb/idge/
    ( ; to N 5
    crC}. flnin Cruger; IS1 to Macl.iy & Kim- a 6 genuine liquors of the choicest I Uwnwday ni t vq'
    t'\iC\II' seeking crnplo- j. Lucas, 4' -I" hrouqh 131 Pilot !lity. llt. Leave Poit
    J ; .
    the nlJmlwr of f ) ; to Harper Holme*; 12G to J Day cwi 6 a qua JOHN PATIUDGE. Jackson erer
    .\t each,( new success uf David Al I kinO '' '1f.1"D. 1 A Co. COFFEE, Rio, .lb 85 a 9 t\palal'hicolt.0\. 14, bW.Jlnl'shall Sunday niht. JLvery

    nrnt takes ;place the : r IIII' scrIhe I B. Wood, Chief Engineer, 5 Per steamer Aral ehicola-ID9 hales colton to Havana,.lb a atten'ionm f bc paid to the ajS{

    |, AmPr; 'II' arm" > appltclIlOns I denuflCialitflS off gI J. L. B'rbor, nd" C D 15 Wood k Co: )( ::1Io.T J Cohen 93: to Maclayr } \ ,.... . .. IOia 13 House. V comfort of Passtruers, ai.d strict at lention wfety

    \ice 'II' I jtihIC.( \\1111 the E. Jones, Jr., 3d ." 0 \r Kmibroiish! i ; : 71 to I D.idsjriV; Print; 81 to Harper \.1)1 F.:. .pt'r ..... .;. :..: SO( ,1. .-) HAVING taken the above estab! business cor.lidcd to the Captain' Clerk .to any
    \1,'XI'c'ln "o\"crnmcnt t.lrlng them 1 111 tb I ICIhl' 1) J. IJJv.II A: I Holnifs; 7S; to Ijocklnit A: YOIIII COI V.\l' ,E, Manilla,. ... ... 1'4 11 ali 'S_ lishment fl oat. or of. the
    J 1i : (formerly Armisfead' Hotel Dec. 2C, JS-It
    1 iuvaIer IVrf-f.-anirr Hemp. .. ... V
    work for HOlonH
    t bales
    rcffl11ti) to Ie ; Win. ) : cotton to D B a
    C.(. t1l\ Foster, .rtb tj Wood A Tarred ... : : : : ) I am now having it fitted I -
    ; Co; ir to JlIII,!| Dawson) A Co 100 ... .Ibl 1l a )2f neatly For
    ts J .
    ,- rnll. 011 ;ltIlll1nl''nllflue I seeti ri :. :M. Anit. 6th J"i J ; to CI rEri.) XrrthTn i i I "IIm, so that I *
    Iii iitfl Cohen: !)Ito Chas I llos-rs & Co 73: to Win G ... ... .. 6 00 a _- may be able to make THE "1
    10 I tie ((I/'.MbJ. tcd), their cogence. ( .ctu.nsto 15. F. Notirse, ,th 0; 4tAnd 1'"'riir A Co. ; DOMESTIC (;OODS- .bbl\ -- it all who call comfortable, and flatter r.Hr'nrd superior coppered and copper

    .IIlJ IIIe,. 11ft :iiiiOUS 111 us licm ntlinnd. tI\ thereupon) Mr. Butt moved, duly sfcuiided I- Peer slt'illllf'rCh:ml'ion-119! bales cotton to D lrown! Shirting,. \ )1 a 7 I i rryelfnith the hope, that those who caI may I' I n-/:/ /., Ganih hl"p, KIRRIET ROCKn -
    : that the Council Assessors B Wood A Co ."heeting ....ii he induced to continue: their master having all
    proceed to appoint 1(0( to Hill, Dawaon A Co; 30() to a ) patronage. The ca -go (In board and her
    \\ which motion was lo>t. IuI Pt1rter.I). 11 a otop with me, and in the alwence of {! have irr mediate
    ttoMM.r.v.-M.jor, : UutlerIS r in luntc H On moticn of Mr. Day seconded by Mr. Butt!t', .J'1 -'r-fpanK>r Elllih'-7/iO) bales colton t6 D B ( t.tonnls.I; 14 a ?22 either of them, ;passengers who here will 1 I' lam uespa.cb; For passage only, apply to the Cap-"
    stop ,
    ;" von thc ::,W1 J J111.., ;at tlie time (;.eneralT.v'lor the Mayor was; added to the Committee on Fi \\"od .\- CUi Oti r IIi Lull. lJ.lw-on \ Co; 12.; 1 to CiicoPriiit! ?.... ...yd 6 a 2.j meet with no detention as private -- or to [fianlf!! SIMS & ClfEEVER.
    II l tin-re. CCl l. Harnrjuasiu \ : .'nrv-n ; ;7 10 .Noiir-'e, ( 3j Kentucky Jt"anE\'d 25 a 55 can be had. conveyance
    nance.Thc. Ionc OL. o 10 by For "
    / t' :as Micitnju ; application to .
    m'CInJ5Iia ... inc. The Eastern Liverpool'
    Win A- (C. S7to Locklwr yd IS 20
    > ; A" Youni a St
    ; -
    Ih.\ on hN way to .s.allJlln-i Mayor appointed the ; DYES age arrives on Mondays, Wednesdays tuperior
    city. : following Standing i Per IJoIfZC r t\1' '.ik-;) I Lozv'd Campeadiy.tbn and Fr- bark MERSEY
    collon and ,
    .Efer, linns Denied stzfitIory.: rejardmiiluti Committees for the e.ir: ;,1"1:. sro'i'i'aMo Win < r 'gp'rfer,\ Co 4; !! 155 *'j St. 1)oniingo,.10mm days at 7 o'cl-irk, A. A'. and departs jn l'1.f'dI 'a.take the bulk of xu bales cofton for cap

    C of ih inllahit mts. a 10.pCilce) Finance.-Me.:"rs Day, Whitmarsh and GuyonI'liprorements '.-011"111" T: i II i An-Uii ACo 2t 1 tn J D.iy; vV Co/ es Fusl'c,.. .. .. .ton, W(.tllw- avs and Fridays at. o'clock. P. .tbove named! pwf. For freight the
    the ; : 4Vvlie : applr io
    \ ; Indio .. .. .. M l The Northern Jan 9 .
    lo \ !
    and Contracts. MchVii/i lb1 00( Stage depart ? '
    ti.inqmliity.: One i eminent, it I i-* prestinttvl. -Messrs.Guyon, : I Jto.l S I Hutchinson. a imincdiaMy af J. 1.\Y & CU.
    and( Pj vsuri and Butt. Per renmer: NitIon-3mk( : ) [.11/: colton n I Boorl. FLOUR, Xorth-rn. .. ...bbl 6 75 a 700 ter the arrival of the Eastern ar.d return/th,: For '
    ( WIll I beWfinetit inform itC "ison.t "ails.Ie".r \\- .\ COi 111110 \1 IcIIJilllbrnu iO Western,. .... .. .bbli' 373 a (500) same day, at S o'clock, P. M. Li, erpoof.

    \: \, 'bE Tit,.'... \I'I i hi It i 1N \V;t.\ Jl"'l'ilal.lcs: Payson(; Wyman and Day. (11.1" :I 4"rk (( 1t! 11)2) to 3 J Cohcn! 51 tn ili! Iodg 30() 10 FISH, Cod. ... ... .. ..bo\t 230 a .t 30) St age arrives here in ,time to take The Western: !I TIn: snpTior (.'.pptr'il} and c-opp

    l..:Yr;(.Vlitriev to Caniarso.: Major Uutl-i I rcen, Hancock and Whitmarsh. .x l'r.lll; 19! Iu Hili!!, Diwon \ COjto; to IIarper C Mackerel" No. 1.. ...bbli: a 12 (H'(' line, and 1 d":arfs on Mondays, thc Eastern ... ,fa.-tc'ned l ark ;//,///.'/.;/ /, I ritr.mall-,

    / mounted nllem, with 1, : I/'n./ :' :. No. 2.. ... .!bbi!; (500 a iK( ) Saturdays Wednesdays and I tor, haq morv than h.rlf
    ,ll"tJ.ll'ulud.y,, Fire Derailment.-Messrs. Butt, (;uy:: and 1'r.IIIIwrEfl(111.t-31G: : bales No. 3.. .. bbl. 5 'IN) a 600' : o'clock, A. M. Bv this line, on l>oard. For f irti.-it, f\f( iinrcar"ogoigi
    Mir-Uull at th"Ir' > 1>c ld' ;ul1'' one : 1).1\'. ; cotton to A N passengers will take the Mail rr m.1 1.tT.-r. apfis 6
    ';euer-d < V1 M \. ; 1'2 III \\ vII.\ \1\enzlp HERRTNO,. ... .. .... ..box! 100 a Boat at Chattalit-o-!
    the| Ohitl 1'f'illlt'ntbJth corps on their I .'lmkd.-Ies'r. Hancock Butt and Wyimn.Uronmls hart A \oun.; 7: to D K Dodge 2-; to S3 to Lock-A I I FRUIT, Almond, .. ... ... chic for Apalachicola on Monday* and Thursdays! : Dee.2ct.t. CIIASL p.ans. & C,:

    wiivtofhe; I former p'.icc. Pub/ir .-."Messrs. W\man Wlit-t 1'r..tit.' ; Dodge ;; laisitis.. .. .... ... .1111 273 a 30!: A. G. MARSHALL, Proprietor. ---

    ma r-li and! Green. Per steamer' An;u I.I-113 bales cotton and 3 I'runes. ll>. 20 a 23 Q'lincy October-27, 1M'). M.i.tt,' -lfFOI' I..W'.k.] .
    GrMnuSCOTT.: .-On the l Sl t insi., 1 IIti The boies. tobacco! lo Li-ckluirt, Currant! .*,.. lb 16 a 1: T'Epleridicl:'!! fast
    Major A
    presented and lead communication :; Young ;) bales sailing .
    a cot brig TYJik.hr
    ihe Kio (; ttitle. a distance ; Fig?,.. .. ... .drum Item,
    l,$ UIdlll11 i; d.us' fnmi G. ton to I II) ti I Uiin-; } ; :;i do, 17 boxes tobacco 2 _\ Cant. )MrCormack
    Henry Guyon, resigning his scat THE will have
    as a Lemons .... 1 Property on Centre st. .
    avs hides box 700 known .n
    t C'amarso: ; (JeneralScoti UriS mel to .Tnos Pr""lpntl a as -Jfspatch f r the [
    roIil bales ( abo\
    : I Counrilincn of 1 this! city. I 2bo.\-e! to.iccoto! B S cotton and F1r.S.Otler.... .:. ... ... .. i il ,,;,] the City Hotel. Apply to cr paoa ', 101?. For freight
    I Hawley ;
    Cor- aj.piy to
    din ; upward, on steamboat Mr. Day 'simted communication do to AN i the master, fIr to
    prce w \ ir. from W il- \l\iIi; 10 sackb sroundpeas 10.J'F Farrior.EXPORTS. ,.lb [nov21) I). B. WOOD & CO. NOURSL"
    l "f. liam S. Green, resigning his eat ns a CoTKicilmenot UAIN, Oat#,.. bush 75 a Jan .- :, STONE & CO. V

    \t k!attm(1r";. Point I-auell; and) Bra.os. tlii-s city, which wa-i read by the Clt-rk. Corn, .. bnb' 62 a (5525o For Kent, .Jtj Water street. -

    tbi'Z" 't', ( III .1iiir Wherp>ipunnn motion of MrButtt seconded NEW (ORLEANS flLASS, box ) a 300 THE three fire proof Stores in the Cnlumbus For;JJosion.
    '; 'J'IIl. -
    -Per brig Louisa Benton II.\Y.. ... .. ... ... ... ... I; ;;; !
    rIte iriii.iiti, : ) Green ..
    ... .
    tilt' t41l' and .... IIDrr 3 a 3 z : J; they will be rented either Packard
    lie Akilmniti I Guyon and Green : :\-II\.lIId-223 bales cotton. .4 separately,'I LfFr, maottr111
    tij'iJi1 over on I : requested ... ..lb 6 meet with deus -
    ( '?!,. \\.. Mr. Day offered tle resolution whichwas } Santa? IJo.s.i I ; -213 bales cotton. ? ... ] D. B. WOOl & CO. a'pl: to i'.f.j: 1)
    (('apt.; !I..r I llolm I !$, (;Jeorgin Itegtiner it. adopted : following IVr schr J H.ton-2J.1lxI.I '< cotton. hoOt.i'wedts ... :.. :. ..lb 5 a 5J I ---- n. WOOD CO

    r..t.;. 1:1: !zty. I Klviii; A 1'1 ill c n'. B > Resolved, That \\\r! salary of the City Physician : bales SfVei,. ... ... ...lb 8 a 10 THE I
    C '.1,1.; (iitlp.i,if. Tevn HcsiineLien be one hundred and fifty dollars! annum. Cotton.J7. Nail Hod: ?,. .. .. ..lb 6] a 71? STORK No. C;, [in Columbus Block, packet bark CV/.STZ.7-VBliren;

    *. < ;Jrihi.n. I Infantry; The account of A. (;. Semmcs as City per Attorney -U C"ling.-\ merican. ...It1 a 6" :I.htely occupied by Sims & Cheever, and deck a-ter, will sail! &n the loth inst. For

    MI.: i T'IIIUI' TI-K.IS I 4i1ZctS.; for three quarter's salary anv>unti-ii: to one 1 J.IRL\E! ; : IXTELLIGBSCB' L LUMBER Store No. 3, Block C on Water st. ApNOURSE I- Jan* 'freight or pasaSe apply! to
    Boards White I
    hundred and Pinp,. ...N ply toDec [ STONE D B WOOD & CO. _
    Mr. IVrsou Tt'\lS i J alJtrs. ? fifty dollars wa Preted and i rcftrrod A. Yellow" .. .M 700 CO.
    a 10 00 2.: .
    to the Committee on Claim --- -- -- -- =-- -: .Saves. .. .. ...". .: M %Water; "treet.DncUin For nO fOiJ.
    On nit.tion the Council then I PHUT: i iF AI'ALACFUCOLA[ )[ . ItilAKIJIVED. .5 THE fine
    Vhite hark
    adjourned. January I; Oak Heads-- .M 1200 JOlf.Y
    1':1'1.1r e :1 ire v.'ry much i indebtedto ) --- ------ h-_ h __ ___ _. ': a ; for Reni.S !Iubb BROWER';
    : '--- ------- -- -= Heading. ..M ma t'r.nll ail
    tii'1 sp'iili'inui: : who! IMS sn kindly placedato'ir _. --' .- : ). LEAD. Bir, .. ..;. ..lb ,5 a I 6 THE mall Dvelhns House lately occupied ,mst. For freight rn deck on Ihe 12th

    .h,"p'i-d: 'the '..!Io\vjij; items of Intel-) ** C* _; ..i.L _-i.r".* _-: -i ::_a:.5' r* =o Jan lInukIa; ala, Dodgfm New York Sii'-et,.. .. ... .. ... lb 10 a 12: bv-Mr. W A \Ie Kenzie. Inquire; Jan 2 D IS I: WOOD apply to V I

    li, ,Mjf, (rom rItp Ic4. I In :i letter dated .h tAi.Y ] ( 10 1 to nod:" A- I'ritt.! L .. .. .. .. ...bbi, 1 15 a ',f XOURSE, STONE & CO. & CO.-
    Jan 12-Bri I E L ,- M IOr.\SE:. N. O... ... .. :Dec 2t' For 1'roi'ideiive .
    T.lllljlIN, he -l!h u Vt.. the writer states Kept Apalachicola Florida -B>' BROWNE.Lat .J ; alon! Ilowc, fm Bra.-os -I. XAV.VL ? STORES
    Pitch..bbl| 200 a 230'( ; LJII-RE.VCE
    tint .1 r"i'lt was current tint a body of .",00I11'"n',1fI 2J42'!! Lon;. M* '*'; W. 14 For JIlL COPE
    __ in ->rbr Gco En;.-, Smart, fin Cardena? Oakum.Lalt'1 400 a 500( ) Sale, "kl'r.ma"ru.'iU meet
    .\ iro;'-i :Sndt i ikm ( TIiot p.iescs: !iuii lib: :vatioii above the .*?ea_ nivan, fi feet.IIII.KK ( ii'i. Hosin,. .bbl 1 50 a 2 (1)I) ,. ?_? THE Ilousa on the corner of Chestnut VVV For deck freight with

    \"li'ol'oI.; the eal'tal; j l [;ianl IIJ; I). B. WOOD( or passage..
    1), I i I i I i !l Ii Sclir Elizabeth; Cliff fi'i Nt-vv ')il'-diis. NAIL .. .. ... ... ..kt-I\ 450 a 500 I) m" Goldstein Hoine." & CO.
    the whult! ol the inhabitants I of Tain- it. n.t\ I < : : Apply to
    W nd. 5-
    i 11 "ii :Sti'-.m OILS Linseed .. ... .. For
    r. f&11 I _: 1\ 1111"1.1'Ir: !Lt'an: fm Chattdhoochee.; al 90 a 12 S Jar a GREEN Providence, K. I.
    anlins; nif pi,.pared to thuw otf the joke (.'' -, IV.- ._,.".'..:".) .N\V.N\\- -" (r11 r- 'Ir.'anlt'r; Eauli1.: Tlioinp-mj; fm Eufiula. Olive,. ... ... ..boitle 12.; a 1 50 & CONNERY.TE THE fine bark VOLt

    i,! the' rriiti.ii;
    I TtnteJ Str; ".< will jrsiaran.ee: ; i thi-nl pf r- 1" ',- ;:31 1'-' "):.- \ )'... ... j I Steimor: No..01), 3ICA!I'.ter. fin ("IIImhll! !. Lird ... ... .. ...gal I a 90 THE House situated .-4JJLO. ;:S&aeck? cr passaze. Fcr freight on
    11 .\'. 1 19: XV. N\\". N.i2 Si'Mnn-r ('lit II1PII11I; Ct/I W dllJer fm Tanners'. ... ... ..gal on Commerce Jan arpl.to
    iinii'-ir jn l 'itrctioti. A l let'fr I h i is b.en icctneJ i 1--111'/1\I }', ., : 0'llt'\! ; \xi!: sE.i \ I'j Stpam "i l Emily: ; 1 Hail tin Columbia. Colunibus. Castor,. .. . ... .sal 175 a 200 _between Forbes' Street and the Florida -- _. CH.\S ROGERS & CO.

    ilsue .!m-d Sin Luis do Potosi, m he : !!\ I"17.)7" E) \V II;. i I.:. N 1::. ::1 StiMnvr Clurle.-ton, Freenian, fm Columbus., PROVISIONS Pork, Mess,. .bbtJ2; ; 30 a 13: 30 Prormnade, at present occupied by I ii meubcriber. For City Point -

    .. 3,1, Xoveiiilier which slated Santa Ann a's 1 I 1.\h Ir"oil\ t,; 't1 iiE._ W. SW. II :k.lmerp.d.1ch clI!.', WJiPaton, fm Columbus.Jin9 : : 4'.r. O..bblll30| a 12 (1 f) s The house is in good repair, free -.' THE'J! good 'ered Va.

    tore" at th.it ti'"e did) not exceed 7,000) 't Prinie.bbMlOD! ( a 11 30, from all Incutnbrances, with a good yard and well copr ship .I.YDJtE W
    mm I: --*!li. Clear all day ; !)I1. cltartn: ( LLIEIn. n'l'on Ilarns .. .. | 8 a 9)1) of water-it i'n well calculated for ftSiOTTt Emerv, inaster rail have
    -Ihi \'a. fi(inn a fUlI*t reliable source I but U eI".lr 10th 14 .n.j a family. csis&imnidiafe:
    > I- haz cirro Irdiu"
    ; 1'1s II th. canvassed despatch., }
    cum u !
    ; -chr Ali dn.l! Th' 9 a 121 Attached to the is (.r freight on deck
    the Jjtc til the letter i ratherli.anl. euro Mritu1-' cl.ar do. 12th. clear all >!p=onfor N Orleans foidpZ..II.1 premises a good stable. F or or ['tS
    Col.Kilry ; day ; 13j.: :! >dir < ''at\v.i, (f'ursdcn t>; N" Orleans. ; fijai 7 t terms, apply to ac." ajplto
    ami fit'll'! ( litnun atid Pillnw.'r j d"I:I d< j II; Orientbv .N. .> Chester, fur New .. ... .. .. ... | 10 a ). CARRIGAN.
    Mpi.ilv 'ir- Sto-io
    aJmiciiij 'W.IIloril. A
    : :: ; The oOO c Co. Brrrnn ... ... For IVct\- Orl'.h
    p- .Ian l.J;:-Slir Santa !Ilo : lb! 20 a ?.; For ls. .
    men) alhac! alln led I 1 tn. are no doubt of --- -;i, Webb,for N Orleans ; IJcnt,
    part >Hir B".II'n. Na-h tor CHF.ESK. .. .. ....11.1rl a 9 THE new and splendid
    :New .
    ; TWO brig
    the force ol' Col. KiU'V.! -[.V. U. Cunt'u cr- COMMERCIAL. : Bbd'f Orleans. PoTvroEs. ... .... .... ....lib a ,4? ', Front Offices No- CO Water st. \ EEw\ 1'U.,; Chtsfer LOUISA
    J'"iTJiVrk'iW! Lonnj, for Boston I4"; ] Apply' to matn.ill hare
    cull T -- -- -- -- i by I P PEANUTS... ... .. ..bush 113:50 a : immediate
    j/fS. -_-_ Co.
    -_-.-_ -_ c
    -- --- - : I RICE i .. ... .. ... .. ... .lb ;t} a Ii Jan. 0 GREEN & CONNERY -- dispatch tor the above port"Fur ;
    G'1'fv .-Since our report of Tuesday th"reha -- =- tl'ICLS ... trei-ht or pass sre, applv to the master
    ----- -5-5 -- --- Ca< ia,. .. ..II I V .1: a Oriiamental Jam 'J" or to

    S\vriM/..-:MajorJJutler picscd through I been a moderate inquiry with tabs of a I f jvh'jmirrd LIST OF VESSEL- JPOItT.. -I I Cloves,. .... .. .....Ih3it| a 50 Trees, Shrubs, &c. --5----\Orn'E. STONE CO.

    .'ds'n' : on \ liitljer. Here I lie found any :1 a- \. Flynn';
    \\'f'rlI1i'h.: :::5i;!) ton. fin Mobile, \vaitini ground... .Ibi 11 a 12J from thc
    !I. .\\ ,-. .'"'*l h' h>am! ;. h"; ill be ;i
    '. '. bf-cn .de rather II H Wood .V ( o. SUGAR, N. Orleans. lb! S a Shrubs and Plants, CONTINUES
    ; : ( niiMiTnus friends to learn ih-it I rn< on I'iii-lt.'r terms.howeier \V t- which will to carry on thisnoss bui-
    Andr">u Scott, [Eintrv: "l, tonfor St. Croix ..: .: ..IbiIbi 10 a 11 I alnu"g be found Carnations, Tulips, in
    lit: 'i' "'': 'in: .iPl' to 'rmunt ir!* }horse. aud in.. mike no chance in our quotations. \-., loadingha.: : I IJ'iZ: .'rs ,\; Co.City Point L)af,. .. .. ..:. ..: 13 a I 15 Honey Suckles Roses, Althea, Dahlia's, Ii>a- tt the Apaachic, two doors, belmv -

    ;a 'e''?' h'it 11111':1 i ] be. in :1:1!] iejjpct: <, LI''I:1'.J! (':.\IFW t in!.:. h Ilarrn't I IIoi-kwHll: ( ;J'-niii.-h! 417 ton>, for Liverpool ALT, Liverpool .. ..sackj 1 12J f a 1 25Oar.er c}ntl <, Paeomes. Fis! Vines, &c &c. All olwiiicn J City lute! on Centre street,

    I hiii! .flf I I : ':;.uu." *' .rl'ener,1. P I, 1-517. Jl 11j.! !, 11IlIljuI'lb. .A Ch"'- .. .. .. bush1 fi2 a 75 arc to oe sold at invoice Ia\'inr up'ri'r "ltrkmpn_' f.. ,.
    \'r. prices.
    ,IT ,1111 I \\ ,nth. of ut- Inferior ... ... .. . flO J(. .>j aOrdinary (iii.=t.-.i'mn.!| F'liuu-r, 27(j tons, tn Mdljgavuit: STEEL Ct,. ... .. ..cwtSH (C") a 2500German II. F. ABELL confident that all who may patronize him .iif! find:
    were opinion tliHt i.inta: .. . .. ... .v' :11"'t il{ i ti 1113-M.istir.M .cwt,1200. ( a 15 I MSOAP ) Jan K Corner Chetr.ut thC at they have called at the right shop. French
    \rK.iuK: g ; lo a'stuieti) tisk Ijiunelf/ a fi-Id) :\Ifdllll-; ._ .. ... ..9. af.4 Kl! a fj'; } .flQts. 5: .:lb1 I 5 a 7 and Water sts. : lf Skin, Morocco, aid Patent Leather Boot

    Ii.,' : h" noild) pitifjuly: aw lit the unfIl a !9}I li. a j, 1 I 15 J 11 11.1.! D.-H'J", 2H; tuns fm New York \vait- SPIRITS, IIrumdv. nac..gal';'' 250 a 350 I} Ill Chancery'.Franklin Circuit or Shoes mae! to crder. of the latest and most
    11t1 I h. rh!i irt'ei of accid .f. ,b iiiud tht I furtinf Mid.Jlin: latr..9!Il a !I 4 7 a 74 I ins- iode A: I Pratt. Gin, Holland .?ali| 1.)1, a 175 Court. proved stile. He will a'so keep on hand 13large

    fi.; tl"I\ Sin Luis dt PHth 1-.l1r.- dIll i: a 7$ J Unb-rt Watt .Mnvn 491 ;' ..American. .. .dJjto a 42 and selected assortment rf
    ? si i. c0n14Scptj: Ily.Vti ( l'a.r.-a 10* ton, fin Liverpool, Mary Farington, by her next 1 1 Redylad Boots;
    i K;
    .jai o Rrm.N.
    .gall 37 aII')
    w.litln'Iarer.. Shoes and :
    !h, Brians.: All
    ''II' friend Hezi-krah R. Wood mending, &c.
    wvnticr topn r.t1,4iic1tl eiinc'r done
    : ., of- j i rrur..ur'-\\-t' have heard of no new en;-iqen Avola I 11'1\1", :Jo, !> fo'i-j! for Pro\i,lT'-p. loading Uln-key, Rect. .. gnl.. 22 a 21 ( D'llli or Divorce. with neatnej- and promptitude and
    -> # .tNnp.Sl' ,.tdle: in :Me\i"po, after Mil" to tnrein -shippers demand C Kf--rs I: ,\- Co and, ';'nn1] A Alcohol,.gal: G2i a 73t vs. j; that on terms
    port's Ballon. fail
    "J'j J r ; lowerrales. ; SKINS r.. .. ... .. .I t William E. Farriniton. J cannot to be tecocmstd as in keeping
    UItii: .'r (). ...A !r.. ?'ji S. C'a=pian.? Biv! <-ti.Jl: tons, fur Boston: .. .. 1 5o a 2 (Ml'lO J
    .! I IC"IIXCIt To New York two \e=iels hit>u a;(dMrts i B Wood ACo.. 1din-D) Ilper .. .. .. ... .1 8 a Ix this cause it appearing to the Court, by afli- with the ccuij-etition in trade ar.d the closeness

    } of t.-areoe.at -->o. but this rate is not freelypud. ; John Bum; .r, Hub'is I ?.10 I( ton, for Boston, load SHOT all siies, . .. .. ..I lb 1 5 a 9 \' c-f Complainant duly made, that the de Of the times.

    : CH.\ iHER, > To Pro1.idf nee a brig has been taken i at t: ing-DB Wood A: Cu. TOIUCCO\I'I' 12i a 73 fendant William E. Farrircrton resides in the Apalachicob.! Octi lifT ';1. .J2-' m

    Tt"rt-\\: Eno I%G. J P I ,, ",',1i't ancl new enzajerncnt, h>t rme [?d ?-f'li.i* I IJoit-rsA: ; (C",. ; Souchong!, ,. .. ... .. .I lb!i 40 a 50 It is theref-He of Florida: Refined IVitre :n:l AI mil.
    'nllf ordered that
    .' .' gsem; in nniTto I 1:-We. Mcr-vv, Cjiffm! :372 fr TIN,. . . .. ... publication be made 10 KEGS each, just receive! and for sale by-
    T- torts
    >J. f I !
    :i- <>l rt-i a; ''t incortviratino Liverpool llading- according to law for three
    \, : the city QtO\TTO-! .1 1 Pav \- Ci). TWINE, B.i.in; ?,. ... ... ... "> IS a 20) months in some news- novas ti. F. ABEU.

    "' .1, tV \1 n'. r and Comnl I cl-ct, j To Liverpool; ... ... ... .. ..: ..... -itl.)I Sarah >h"an", Sands, -lil) waiting-J ) A Co. Spine. .. ... .... lb 41) a 5j() paper published within this Circuit, directing the .
    Day ,
    I 1. "ui"'l:. Cnti; )!,'T. .atli 1 lii'njimjti, S. Tw x.'ork..". ... .. 7c. III:IfS. WINES, Maderia... .. ....gal) I LW. a.3 ()) aid defends t to appear at the Spring Term of For Sale,

    \ '. ,..I h it'::"fj h.r 10. t.j f1 To liortop.; .:.. .... .. ..Il: JJ.. Lawrence Copeland, J'-rikf-r. 2l.! tons, for l'ro\'i-' Champagne .. ..doz'1000' ( a 1G 00XCHANGEon the Circuit Court, to be holden in the county of 30 CASKS superior Bacon Sides; .

    ',,1 t.' r. ;:" -." ;te liritij; adr h.1f1l..1'"rcil to him 3bv 1'ft. I'rovidence. '. .". .7sc. dence, loading u -1 > Wood A; Co. Franklin, and answer the said Bill cr the same .J"I 4' Shtuldcr:

    I J -ft II (j. Ktftt ail! actinsj J'J-tlf'e tf the .:: ---:.:-: ----= : -==:-:-:- "- -, ---- S Ty!,,!. \M'-Cornia!k, :321 1 ton;, fore: % York: with! New Orleans, for sale by may o be taken as confessed a *"" n a ';,.r Franklin f county ; and therui COTTON STATEMENT d"'.spa'ch-AO.irSi.me k Co. E GEO.V.. .MACREA NOL'R:
    win, I La-t I Jan P J. DAY & CO. Jud-e. E, STONE & CO.
    ;!1 o ""i :.1..i >r l-uitnster the I E \\.1100, Howe: 19-j fm .
    1 .. : oath cf office f't } ,ar. ton, Bra.-os St. J.mg(), A Copy.W. Dec 0-3 .l) Water street.Rzi.risij.r .
    1 f'.' MI._ "," 1I'-d CUIII'l"iltflf.'t.I ,viz : Daniel 1 IJ flock on hind Sept. 1. l ltincc 11..IO"I WiillllJ -\1,1"I"r. on Boston, It idence' New VALI-KAC, Clerk.
    I;- 11.! .i\ (]. (iuy.j-i.! : In F. Pdvson, lldntn: :I n.1; H..Jrut lit Sept. lot) -W"--_ = _. _=_-: S_ 5-- bough- -.. > >ight checks December, IS 10. janlG l-3m ; and Rope;

    \ ', ''f-.:;. ..bl'lll.mcl1ckft'rnOlul: M Butt t t'I -! W. T. \\)1.i K. B. UALLOC.Vood on New York sold byWILLIAM 10 0 PCS Kentucky Bali il1;;

    ,! JJ.HU:,'. L. Wvnuu, i1dllIfi* S. Ih''coi\'t.. p..t Sdiys. .. .. 1,6..J 1 \ Hallou, U G. PORTER & CO. Franklin Circuit Court. 1'") coils Rope;

    ,d.-.i.:: >.i'.::Ki ; !before the n Mavor Gn-cti previously I .. .. .2 hj., .57 c (111 \1 J IS : I ln.MERCHANTS) : ( Dec 5 Agents Bank of Brunswick. Roberts, Allen & (0. ) i balesTB.ic, ;i:, Twine{or sale by
    .. dIUnD.ltLl tudod Total. .. :2J29 I 'Mfice No vs. f Petition WJI./
    II" : .He : 30G37 42 Water srr'".-L'p stairstair.-. to Foreclose G PORTER & CO.
    : ; Eiitid; pat t > days . .. V57 I Jan I It Ebenezcrlloyt[ and ( Dec 5
    H'ti-ivin:j ,, 11'! Cu irj fjitwith prcei pre iou.sly .. . .70: Ap.ii.ichicola: F.,,. f inHE undersigned continue to make advances C. Lawrence. J j Mortgage.Wm. -- --- 41 Water street. .

    : L" 'irmBiiioi! of !,itl-ine--s.'. Total ... .. .- 83G2: 12212H455 1:. .. Ilanlin J. on Cotton consigned lo their friends in Liver defendants :, CALOMEL; and C.\lPHOR.ju.t!
    I iii J are hereby notified of the
    i t tiivn'i : pool Havre, Boston and New York.D. THE in-
    1..1, f?c..dcf1) Mr. Pa\soi: received and for sale byNovI
    !'n' !in-: (l'l.r !1'e ftl. olficeof il.rk: ; I! Ou tmlanj on shipboard not elearrd.23.767! : : F.'Tnr1 COMMISSION MERCHANT: B. WOOD & CO. of the above sdithy petition to foreclose H. F. ABELL.Q : Drn iot.
    their !
    *,3 frit'T, City Mita'ial Harbor --- --, uHicc"iJl'f" *rert. Dec 5 7 Columbus Row. mort:!e deed, bearing date V
    JI -- -
    ',. h-Ir. -- ---- ::-: Jan 10 .\pII tchicola. F.i. -- the 15th day of October, IS15 I of a certain
    4. -i- Phv-i'-ia-i ZZPORTS or COTTON FROM sloop Salt.oepgh .
    .r. City City \ ttchmen, APALACHICOLA -------- ,
    \ \ CUUIJIt.'ucln? 1st t>'i'triubrr! 1S1G-and tame I11LVtI ; ". :u. Butt; called the Oregon," to secure the payment: ot l Tl SACKS Liverpool on board baric"
    fd ; <;ntlf:lt, I be tim s'.imof 5IO. And that
    .\ ",<-4iit in at d time in HI5. -\TILL continue to transact a caencral FOR- e $ at the next sprin: Sarah Sheail", for sale l by
    '\I. aHtrcne and truf. iho : 4 .. 4! P.i-t iPrevi-I judgment ot I Ieclo.ti Dec 5 j. DA'Y & co.
    """ffd t t. f-J.t .- CJU'I'twIH.\(ol) tl'tC\'elZ: WIr/TlIEIl tIOC.1JD. :;'d.srut'ly.TOTAl.! / .' : t ''HitNo.. 50, \\-lIer street and -.ohcits the patronage of his friends and therillilic. fur re. .

    'g.l I .!; .? of ;e ntiter I I La'erj'lol .- ... ... . !eu'on Jan Ii Apalachicol.i! Fa. I Dec 2G' -10-Jt A. G. SF.nlE.tt'.\ for Petitioner. MOFFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND PIHENI
    r :11. HI: duly "'-condHt the .. .. :
    I U a'ii i J11'11lp": by Itie !llavrtNantz..... .. .. .. .!. ..I.. ,.. ... .,. .. .191).) r "Tunc"r'-\: ; Apalachicola, Jan 2, 1' 17 .r' --2in. Nov -_> just received and for sale by

    C .v the Jk-rk., litCity; ...;.. .... ... .'.. .. .. ... .... .I". ... i.' : p'-i-'jiis t having cl.iims against IVc\v /\rl'JnClIlcnt. i_ J. C. ALLENi _
    Silas Caution.
    'r'I' M.
    :I ..,..,, -..r led :nt oti.. motion (it f;i 'Inr" c...... .. ... !. .. :; . .,. .. .. .. : M--n-er, late of JdCkson county Salt.
    Mr. J IJ, ;
    '.t i.I.1 hy :, s.ud Rti--! :. a ;eflot ..... ... .. .. .. .. .. . .. dN'I'l"L'd. are i it- jti'-ieil: to |lr""t'lJllhc -.nr.e du THE IIOMEJOUUXALi FOR 1847. \-\TIIIREAS. a due bill for S125, was sriv I VV

    '1 "g 1 c." .::. .ie a.1'gu&-j lor the i .1. law, (;1" I this 1IrIII'e Price Deputy Collector fur the Port of St. D. B. WOOD! & CO.
    "illIH Joseph
    \ I .' i .tal} to For. plead in bar ot f their : regret (and we do not regret t) to say that "
    'I.:' .*i-l etatc, wC are under the necessity of breaking the ,for public services, and said due bill ha'inbeen : ,i LVc ) 7 Columbus Row
    I'J' ::" t.K, 'etinjr. In' s'luuid' introduce 'or.I' New Vcrk.l .... ...I.. .. .33: ." .:: up lost mislaid, this is to caution I .
    UI.JJI are or
    requested to muk> and all!I
    1 JI',' .. :"i 1 r.- "II"I\ t.. sljva.. aj flo-tomi: .. .... ...1 I. .139. .:. .t'lI\i. . in.mediate. paxmenf.JO : present series, and commencing a NEW VOLUME receiving negnciafin any :I T"T. TI STAR'S; I and Swavns BaNam of' 'ViMCherry
    l ( >lIIlEHCEH.: of f the HOME persons against or ? thesame. V \
    I m ."i' 'n.: the Cuutcil: then Prn..id"nN .. .. ... I I' . .5' .:, !. .131.' Jackson Adrn'r. JOURNAL in January-Ihe demand EPIIRAIM just received and for sale bv .
    L:ge1j_,, : : adjourned til Pinh.iVIi'liia. ... ... ; .. .' .. '! .. + .. County Jan. 3,1-l > !i;. janlO 1 1 l-2m rfir the first and cond numbers having so 'far exceeded ANDREWS. Nov 25 J. ALLEN..

    i-vcr.irq nt B. at 7o'clock. Appru\' B-iltimorf t i, .. . .. .. . .. I . !I .]22l our calculations that we can no longer Apalachicola 26, 1Sfl3t__ ') ?

    VLLt s. 11')1101 \-w Orleans. ... .1.|. .17;.. .:-: .:jiY!)I. .b53: Prints Prints supply the new subscribers, who.naturally: wish Annuals for 1S17. i.\LT--lfiOOsacksatiuat and 'for sale bv .

    !''i V\i.i.r\t-, (Other ports' ". ..{ : T iir: sub-tcriber has ju--t receved btrk tn {commence with the Our kindIficnds I D. B. WOOD & CR .
    : ::: : =: 2. 1..2 )per I I beginning. 'TiJIE" Iother', Present, Moss Rose," ")Ia\
    \ l4'oastwisc\ .. .l..tv7T'. Magdala, from New York, tJOO who viII ) Dec 12 Columbus .
    .> .-.>05;. .K{ )2J.; .9742! English pieces superior have received live numbers ol X Flower"ChristianKeepsake-Hyacinth.:' Row. ,

    COUNCIL CI.nmFR. ) IO r'.\L-P.AMCS. .j|1---1--: ; : I. prices than Cambric before Prints, tor sale at lower I t the HOME JOURNAL, will submit willingly, we Friendship's Oft ril1g,"' Christmas Blossoms," :N assortment of School L'ooks, just received
    ever oflercd A
    'tVEaNjit\r.vKM\a, 1 5 .- retail, by at wholesale or ,mope, to the having two or three extra papers tobi'.nd g Wordsworth's Poems," Poetry of the Passions and for sale bv
    Qun"III.I"t. Prc-si-i.t f --- in with the VOLUME FOR IS 17 ; and the ," Gems from American Poems Nov 21
    ; the
    .\r'. ,,.... _. .. Benjamin. S J 1.\1.\', SEX 'En .. I Jan; Hi' FKANCIS KOPMAN. uric QI"Tullgl'1nenl'ilI be a great convenience to J. C. ALLEN.
    l".r i I, ---.- -- ) Boquet of Flowers, Montgomery and Byron'sPoems
    ,,"r'i' 'IIIII.Hdi.-.K-k. and \Vnti.iiir' JJ)' I'J'Ui1, JVr -earner Aiiju 'ta-MpR=rs J A Svfrct, \V B received per schooner Elizabeth from thc distant subscribers, who had only beard :ol ," "Poetry of the Heart," Elliott's Poems A NN L'A LS for 1M7 ; Poems; Toy Books, &'...
    "t.1'Jt s ul the l i|!: I 1..111. Nelson Hawley R D I ) Itatwies. A Hopkirn. Orleans: our present series after its first numbers were exhausted ," Christian Miniature" the Floral Girt" .f-1. for sale[ b.

    \ rL i 10..t meetuu were read ant, T McIIuntor Bu>h, R Hooper. 1 K E: Robbms N F Oakky 20' bbs! Flour; 15 do. Whi-key; l an.'l who nobri fairly commence the the "Marriage Ring," the "Casket of Jewels." Nov I'J._ __. C. ALLEN
    i Woodl.-y Stublx G .V
    S 11"Ji r.rted| the returns of the i I! Per steamer Charleston-, Miss haw) J', Cot Hurd.N 2 bbls .Mononqahela do; S kej< Lard ; I'olume with Jhe JCtvo Year. We shall issue, Lovest Thou MB," and the '* Flower Vase" DI' 'i'ovaieiiors Sarsaparilla.rpHIS .

    In. 1! IstaTt, Ut Ibru1 ar.dl J Crt tr, Capt Jno l'tltmhamIt'8bls' Peabody, .1; Me-s Pork ; 5 do. Family( Beef. t therefore No. I of our NEW VOLUME on the adof I comprise a part of the above now offered for sale: invaluable and justly celebrated compound .

    <:r1 on tl \\uet o: rel' O ):en!, Barksdaic. Robinson. Fox. For sale by EDWARD McCULLY, t January, and, thereafter keep.even pac with by J. C. ALLEN. J. has just been received and for sale by

    'lIt! 'I r r 3d thp (. f J. Casmavo an-J I 1't'r II'PIJI"r Apal..chic-ola-C.1I't( Sutton;Messrs 1 Jan H7 "iD Wafer street.Aiiiericun ,Father Time's o.'d-fashioned beginnings, and Also, a large assortment of School and Toy Dec 2o J. C. ALLEN. Druggist.

    askiim the repeal of ordinance( 'I J F Farrior. Fortune P Hobart, \\' Blount, Sullivan --- ending __ Books suitable all the different ages of chilI I V

    """ t prexentVkT' Gnzzard, !Iklni.l''r Uiliiir Uooiii.ii d ren. Dec Lilne. V V
    .hd Il ether fre.proof !,addir, i Sled timer I BO'lun-IJ Johnson. ; it. PETRY respectlully inlonns his friends The following are the! only! lejnis on. which -------20- 500 CASKS best Thomaston for sale by

    UCKt"J Si4QTIi.d t"I t:e.'" on motion of \1 1 r. Per Mearner ChampionVrn Peddy. 1.vi and the public, that his wplendid and the HOME JOURNAL is furnished to subs ribersOnecopyforoneYear. : Fine Boots and BrogILus. D. B. WOOD & CO.

    otu the : :lr. J-VS:"' wai receimd 1 Per M.iiuiT Krnily-;Miss E Jernigan Miss .T unique Billiard Saloon is n'.w open for the reception . .' .'$-2 00 CASES Gent's fine Calf Boots; Dec 12 Columbus: Row:
    la'.IIr 12 _ _. __
    / I) jVrniiran, Miss M P Jernigan; Messrs
    rfl Itc.ti lroin the Market Commite to Bonlmean i. Harnarl. TliOS D Gibson, M I Church, fitting::; up the tables, ornamenting; the expense room and Invariably in ..lIcance.Such sale at low prices, by Thcilydraiilic Swain moii

    tlfr? weiredlhe petition N. C Thomas, A Hutchins.IVrsteainT } supplying! his bar with the mo-t superb articles as wish to ,ub. criz". and commence with Jan 9 F. KOPMAN. Press.N'O. V V
    ; pri.\lh to be EufIUIItl! Bolton and lady Mrs thc 7 Columbia Block is now prepared to
    P'-rmitted for the ; o)4n1et t J.i'llJors.VilltiI., &C. and JANUARY NUMBER are requested to sent
    he I t., .Jukt" I"aM>' Lv hun,tl by pay time <1 1;) A ( and four children; Mi1 E Bryant Ni-s I his friends and the public I give respectfully him call.request at once to the Office of Publication No. 107 Ladies' fine Kid and Walking \ Cotton for Storage at reasouaWerateand -*;
    e rnnfl Rouan. Dove \Ic-
    lt-titj.il! il "i"* ""*d ". ilOrtt1 fa. r.llly on ]Donald, Matter Yarnadore. Pipon, {(: No charge for the Guwof: Billiards. Fulton stref.t. Shoes. will be readv to compress fos vessels byTues-

    t I two "'!d! that 1 JQ JU.J: u-ed said Mallbut Per "TAusu" a-Dr Pierce; Messrs J Car Apalachicolj, Jan. t 1C, IS17. l-3m Agents supply single copies, only. 12 5 PRS. Ladies fine Kid Slippers; day next. J. S. HUTCHINSOX Agcril.

    u rn'J"jrtl." re-o\'n. enI.J tint: lie t Iti re- nochan and servant, It L Edmond, J :trttlleney. -Wliitc Pine GEO. I). MORRIS 150 prs. Walking Shoes ; Apalachicob Dec. 1-, 1SIt. 47-tf

    ',1 rlUIlJ | back bv !Le city, thirty dol- .1 MCardwell, D.l) Fitzpatrick, E J Reggms, Jesdrdner Lumber For Sale. N. P. WILLIS 100 colored and black Slippers.For '

    f: Cl'y' lidbii't"; whi h2' read by the (; J L Smith, G McLean. ffOOO FEI-T White Pine Lumber sale very low by Oil CIil!'" :1 {.:U'H'I. ...cjI

    feS lrlot -. \ -7* just received schooner English Cambrics. ) F KOPM 1 y 11Q 'I. -, i.l. .' '. ,. it \\.oJ! .
    per J !
    : I.II of Mr. Butt, d-ily seconded, I Hunter from Bath Maine. Janj __ : ..
    .. daily, per bark Magdula 200 -
    }' Iii9 r." ,\acI"A.utJ, and. .contirmed.. J J I j-VJOTIDE IN -SAMUEL BEXEZET i is my du- Jaa 10 CIIAS. ROGERS & CO. EXpected Cambrics or Calicos,, of superior pc/: Fine Fiir njdi.. 2-iii.. l ..t:... .- ." .

    -II(. '11"" I J I'C'ul1ll'Ii.,. ...Whitmarsh I I. ", authorized Ajjt-nt during my absence from --- ------- styles, which will be ottered at the very,) 1 CASES superior Fur and Silk Hats which 1 2 Shirr co V.. '. < ..
    I't.j : /1'.ICt ,l .-. -State' of ; are offl'rrd'r} low, bv I we by WM. G. PORT '*
    "' 04t FJoriJJ.f'I .. I TARTAR, fjrd* IIY. 1 *, hy : !
    J d1).j Ieetjo CREAM '
    r I k'i T1" H
    .j'. (".I'j' ,Jrl 11 (J City -rs ] '>t5] IJ. f.hLLL.: F. KOPMAN.xi Jan 2 I KPJL\, Dec '.. S

    tho s. I.. ._, Ii.I' & CO
    J'I l 0 --
    'As I
    ,.. -
    .. ) tttct.
    lJeo .jtj A ..Itw tn : .
    -. ... a. .
    :; ,. .
    -. : Iiji .1' r. '" (l ',
    n.- .-*
    .. .

    \ .__"_. J..;',',. .
    :1_L 7Py"'f----04'-
    : -_ Ii : "
    R" "
    -- "- ,:.r.-. ...,. ..; .. '
    ) e.I4.4' VS-V _. ..5V.' .',-,_. V -"',. ......,". -
    , -

    u'S ,

    t __
    ---- ?-':

    I-I------- S
    f -

    '- ..... .... ,- iiIiIfi\lii;; \ _''; : -: "" --
    :to 0
    / .
    -- --
    -- ; -

    4 Vi

    II ....

    _: :-'7Ir_ :-; -! !_----- .. -_. ::. .
    -- --- --
    -- -- -
    -- -- -\'1Oii:1ti-- :: tl.i: Tax Collector's S tlc. iw I| PORBIOX-PBRIOWCALS Dry Goods. I iTattrn. FRESH ARRIVAL{ OF -J

    1.r)/1. ,I'I' I ,V 't .', ,. .', ," .t \ \.1 '.'. ,. t to "O V --t-j.- If 11o'! '.v.vor \v-l i in: an!' by: l.uv, I ; THE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea- -icjil Drugs, Medicines, Paints
    I --- -- --
    ,,'r, I l ., .' I' v I I ." .. .f!," 1/ ',t.L I I ..Dii til 1 .'v.i '.;, tur s lo h.-lilre the! Court lli'iised I I.tble stock of Dry Goods, consisting: in Franklin Court- Dye- tl'S! Perfumery, O

    (- 'Iur.il "?ftt" :"'l./ ("/.JJtizt.il1, I .ut Irum 1 .Mir in I th> c malof) C-ilhoun, on the first Monday I' REPUBLICATION OF part of II Roberts, Co.CICli undersigned returns hUil,!..!

    a id alter tan: tun '. t lr.LH.U be .v,>jute I t J'1r' 1:1: July lu-vt, the I blowing! properlY situated ,fi'hc London Quarterly Review, Negro Kerseys and Linscjs| I Alen.. 1 Petition to Foreclose friends and the public

    g .()1 .kl i e fi &.nt me i, who with the! Mirshal! ; in the city of St. Joseph, or so much thereof, as Tlae Ediiibur Review, White and Red Flannels'!, Hot, and }( patronage, and begs krl i
    li fir siid city.l I will l[ the State and! Tax the sametorjtlnayear Plain and Jeans Ebene7.t Mortgage.
    shall! : contitute( a p) =J pay County on 'Flic! Forclj i5irtcrly RevieW", Fancy Wm. C. Lawrence. J is noreceiving an
    S,:. 2. B? it (.lft' el' 0/.1 'H'I. That it sh! .ill t HIG: : Double twilled Tweeds, I which added to bi a4it
    defendants ,
    Review are hereby of the in-
    bathe duty of sjtiJ Police to watch siid city at 11 Lots uatmprovcJ: valued at $.">.), purportingt. T AVestmiiistcr Super fancy Casameres, THE of the above suit s assortment ,
    foreclose uflUSfl1Iy
    night frtvn'J o'clock: : till delight I in S'JI: alternation .) belong: to H C Allen's estate. ANDBL.tCKWOOD'S Super English and French Cloths, their certain mortgage deed by ,petition to date- a English, French, German lamp

    : sa( to mi'wthe! I.I'urot'elcl: o-ia: eyul.Sac. I i)Lit uaimpln'l'd"alu d at :$3J;:;: purporting EDINBURGH Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12qrs.] bearing ; Comet.c; .
    he 13th of October IS I 15, of certain Perfumul' '
    ; day a
    3. RI if ('trttct oi\l lixcil, Tint said, Police t toholin' toll >bert .\rm: tron MAGAZINE. Duffil Blankets S, U and 10 qrs, sloop a ware. & &c.
    the ,
    called the to as
    secure of j are
    shill! reclif"r s'h! services, twentylivedollars I Lit iiiiintirvivel: I valued! at ii5.t, purportingto Denim, Kremlins and Cottonades Oregon payment CEf J
    The above Periodicals are reprinted i in New- the sum of$.">00. And atthe spring term of said t:o Physicians, Country Merchants and. olhen
    for eu'i .\1'11 i every iniith: tint :uil.tch( belong! to F G Arott. York immediately on their arrival by the*British Brown Shirting and Sheeting, court, I will move for a judgment of foreclosure. II. the most liberal terms-all of which hewirra!!
    ihall Hil3 ms. ;. 3 L-its improve! 1 valued at S'V}:), purporting to Cotton '
    : perforn : ; ; in beautiful clear tine wlutep"per Osnaburgs! I and unadulterated.
    steamers, a type, on A. G. SE A try for Petitioner. pure .,
    Ses. ,1. /?!? farther! orJjiaeJ Tint notice belong t t., I R vei'idge's. estat. and arc faithful copies of thcoriinals- Cotton Drilling and Ticking, DIE. 30-2m. H. F. \"

    shillb-Jgiveiaid! : thit! ap.ilicitijn; shall h re 1 Lots unimproved, valued at $1:), purportingto BL.\ KWOOD"!! MAGAZINE: being; an exact lac- Linen and Cotton Checks Apalachicola : 1 Wholesale and AnELL

    ceive: !by thj! Cj-UJil for: thj e1 .:tlt1,1 of saidcit belong: to A B Wac'.cweU's estate. simile of the Edinburgh edition. Irish I.inen. Shirting and Sheeting, Callioun Court. .I 15 \%Drugst

    Mratchtnsn: : ii: tlH! n. mrvur:. as fur otheroflteer 1 L-t imlr.H'el.'alu;' : .?.l at $2t ), purporting: to The wide-spread fame of these splendid! Periodicals Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, John F. O. Thomas, Circui Apabchlcol :0.1, 1S1G. srer

    ap.)")htel in'siil 1 C.i i icil.Sac. bi'loiuto( t (J.rgrt Clark. rcndL'I':>
    5 R: it fart'ierorJii'inl, Tint {tor ne.;- 2 I. )ts iU11\\'O\'cl.\ valued at $1-;:::[:>J, pirportingtoInlong : : 'rtise. As literary organs; they :.staul. ; far in advance Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams, M.mnd.1 vs.Thomas. 3> Drills and Mdiciues -

    lect of .lity, or i.it; vn )eraaw: any rnar of to \\Tm Cromwell.: Super Cashmere d'Kcosse, '
    of woiks! of similar
    \ any a stamp now published has leave to file f lbcnb'r and
    mid P )lh st 111p! 1i1'11t..) l lj discharged from 1J Lits u:1impI'o'cII'alul'd: at :$:ic:}, purporting; while the political complexion of each is I Extra super Muslin de Laine, THE complainai.t bill which done. It supplemen Iy havt.on tland,a 'i

    office by l\ii\ ;Miyor, .1 II 1 t.i forfeit, nt exceeding to belong to J N Copeland. i marked by a dignity, candor and forbearance not: English: Scotch and American do. was that appearing to ( of DRUGS and romp} _
    satisfaction of the Court the defendant
    the ,
    one m/ t1i'II W i;::-. u I'I) dm'r.-tio'iof i tt! .; :\Iayor.S'c. C Lots uniinpruvel: I valued at $jJ, purporting otten found in works of a party chancier. Super Italian black and figured Silks, resides out of the,Western Circuit ol Florida which he will warr MF !

    0 nH /is'e or.I tinal: Thit t the J u. tJ belong to It 1C Call. They embrace the views of the three great Black Silk Cravats and fancy; Hkfs, : I: of the best C
    ordered that said defendant be
    i is
    tie of sii 1 Pjlica: s'ull :,i to apprehend: all nee 31 Lots unimproved; valued at $ O';)), purportingto partie; in England-Whig, Tory, anl Radical.. Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, require to appear ITI .and quality.
    and of
    Sroej anl \'units! t t'.ut: miy be fo-ind: in t the! belong to Win P Craig.: Blackwood and the London Quarterly: are English) and American Cotton Hkfs, nns.Yr bi on the to to call, rl teui L
    in and
    streets or otr: pli.vs darin: : ; I the time tint siid! 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $'}'), purportingto Torthe" Edinburgh.! Review," Whig; and theVestminstcr Madras and Verona head Hkfs, first Monday the said l bill 1S17,taken in the faultthereof elsewhere.) ,

    Police i is 01 Jity, ail I perform: any other d'lties belong to W Col-piit. \ ," Radical. The Foreign Quar. Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents HMiose, t shalle pro confeso, prescriptions ';
    and that this order in put ,*
    that mlrn! pMscrnbil I by t'.ichvr' lor the 2 L its unimproved; valued) ut SiU' purporting tcrly"t i is purely literary, being devoted principally Super Marseilles and Worsted Vesting! in this State for two months( some before newspaper the- at any hour of the da*, or up I'M V
    quiet ani! safety of si: 1 city- to belong: to Col'piit & Grant. Cotton and Flax Thread,
    to criticisms on foreign( : Continental Works J. C. A f
    ordered for the said JUVi
    1'aiuJ Die.2)1, ISli.K 2 Its unimproved: valued at $:;'), purporting The prices of the RH-PRINTS: are less than Plain and t fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, day hearing. March 21 Cor Centre and CcabeMJiiFOR \
    GEO. W. : ( ,
    C. I ROBERTS! :Miyir.Vf. t.) behng to Wm B Duvall. MACREA,
    ;; one-third of the forpign copies and while theyare Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, ., .I
    VM.VS; ._( ki.. :3 L lIls 11lilJljlfO'd.'alue.1: at $)), purportingt. ; equally well got up, they anunl all the al1\-an- Needles, Pins, Tape &c. &c. Judge in of the Southern Western Circuit, \,
    -- Presiding Circuit.A
    ) belong to J JV Dubois. Which
    Ail Ordinance tage to the .inietlean over the EllgI ll&h reader. been selected with great care in
    '2 Lots t ; unimproved: valued,) at $J), purportingto ; New York and Boston,from Importers ( true copv-Tcste.)
    AmnJiiHi: ; O..lrir.i.v.iutIeol. : An (..VdiiiinceKstihhi'iin. : TERMS.PAVMHNT Agentsof II. W. Clerk C. C. C. C.
    : ,
    belong t t. John: Ih\ HOWl.FY.
    ) s. Manufacturers, at the lowest market and
    1 .; 'I'll I t tl'jilitia! ; a nurket: for the: ,
    City of .V uIich'tMli.: :' 2 I. its unimproved: valued) at :$;:;;j':)>, purportingto : TO HE MADE.ADVANCE.. are now olf red at wholesale or retail! on favorable: -Calhoun Coiintv, Dec. 21. dec2G .J' -2t

    Its'il ('/'./ *! !''/ '/.'Iti-Viyv ail I C.i'inrit, beln.ig 1 I.) John: Derrick. For any one of the four Reviews,$.1nJ): per annum terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.Hee Callioun Ci'ni: Court.

    Thit si ml 'I"f..a t : or.liaiirp, tIt itIti .\n '!) Lots unimproved: valued at $10)>, purportingt'i ; For I any' two do. 5,0):: :Z;, 1511i. -II Water street. IN OPEN COURT \ :R TERM, IS I'}.
    Ordi.mvi tt t'>in'ii i I; :ail 1 r\! 'll ,tltInkf't; I t belong! : to John! (G Gamble 1 1J For any three, do. 7,00 -- -- -- -- ----- ----- In C/ acery. a ,

    (or the City of .\ ili'iic! li,'' ap.Ttnits saidtnirkit I s J LMS! UIIij'I".I\'e: : ; ,!, valued at S'1U J, purportfni FOI'lll I : four ot the Reviews, 8,00 G BEEN & CONNERY, No. 36, Water street,, Elizabeth McBrjde, ) ____ ,

    t t,) 1 b ? ke,\1 f ,;_I.I "I t'tis I 'sYi'Mtli! bj hereby (to belong::: to F G Gibson's; e .t.lle. For l Blackwood's Magazine, :3,00; have just' received and offer for sale vs, > Bill:! for Divorce. '

    repealel. Ail I Ti'lit < n..I 1 tmrk-'t t be allowed I '2 Lrfs unimproved: valued $:>(J, purportingto l For Blackwood and the four Reviews !j3 1 123 sacks Green Rio Cofleee, (new crop ;) WillianmMcBrjde. 5 tie cure If Dispcpsia (,r Ir.ligt5 j I,

    To hi ke;>t <>,>.' i >'Iafll j ocl ic.i: o.i each! anJ: eve bjljng: to, E G Greenwood. 10,00 100 barrels Northern and Western Flour ; IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court I : and miv .tw llcad.tl.e, ConsTj *,& {
    ry Situ rdiy ni"'ltP.lSi 1 Lot improved( valued! at $-30, purporting to CLUBBING. 200: Old Rectified Whiskey ; that the defendant William. McKrvde, resides Di.irrul.ua, Gout, Hhcnu.-dti.-m, Gra"tl" .

    .-j U.:__. -.fl1, IV,t... belong: to James; GoslinG lour copies of any or all of I the aborc works : too boxes white, pale and brown Soap ; out of the State of Florida: I is ordered that I he! : lenc. >'. &1'. Fcr sale \ -I Lots ulimj1ru'ed'aluel at ;'j;) purportingto 5 i hhds N. 0. Sugar ; 5 do Muscovado!' : Iic 1-2 J. b
    I K.: C. RjJKir; ; <, Miyor.W. $ will be sent to one address on payment (,f the regular ;; said defendant be required appear and answer ALLENDmnj 0
    V.U.T.tr, nrkSlate l belong: to Robert! Gamble.! subscription for three-the fourth :20 casks,' Bacon Sides and Shoulders; the bill in this case, l the first Monday in April, -V------ V ; ; _

    :2 Luts improved, valued; ( at $10J( purporting tc l being gratis. copy 5 Hams ; IS,17, and in default t thereof, the same shall betaken : .. Tarraiii's Compound Extract tf t
    Tax Elector's Sale. belong to Edward I Hardin's estate. 20 barrels Clarified Sugar Cisbclis and
    : (Remittances: and communications be ; pro confesso and it is further ordered that COIU\'Ia .
    NOTICE i is hereby! sivei: that siv i iii' 'sths af 2 Lot.t? unimproved: !, valued! at $5U, purpotingto made in all cases without expense to the publisher 10 boxes Loaf do ; t this notice be (published in some newspaper in Slards kmflficacy

    I will c\;. )..*e t,) sals at p'iblic outcry belong tu S K Hodges.; .-The former may always be done 50\ Sperm Candles; this State for the space of three months. ; it pertcri&iatiB: f.
    opposite Cmrt I H.r.Ke: : d.nr in the: city of' I Lot unimproved: : ; valued at :$30;:' purporting Post-master; by hanJing him the amount to be a 2J( barrels N E Rum; GEO. W. l.\CRE., ;;' <4 i ih a few day_no coefo .

    Apalachicola the! fnllowmg: property; t to wit- to belong: to William Holland. remitted, taking his receipt and forwarding the 10 White's Baltimore Gin ; Judge of S t/her/ ',, < or restriction in"

    : Lota Nns. U and 12, hlll.-k El: in the city of. 7 Lots unimproved, valued at $39; purporting; receipt by mail Post-paid ; or the rmney 10 lomnesticBrarmdy; Presiding in the Western Circuit.A \ cessary It wjjj ,
    may "
    r Apalachicola! property; belonging: to Calhoun: & to belong to A K Hill. be enclosed in a letter, Post-Paid, diiccted to 10 N 0 Molasses ; ( True Copy-Teste.) \ ( invaluablebeicr
    -Fe Bass. 1 I.t unimproved valued at $30 I purporting t 0 t the publishers. 50 I boxes English Dairy Cheese ; H. W. ROWLEY Clerk C. C- C. C. : *- with the p 1

    Lot X, 1 block J in the belong to H S H an Icy.I 5j( pieces Kentucky Bagging ; care, I
    ) I city Apalachicola, N. B.-The Postage on all these Periodicals Calhoun County, Dec. 21! IS.H dec2ti 49-3m
    proK; rty belonging! t to H. A. N-trris. Lot unimproved, valued at $39, purporting; t 0 is reduced by the late Post-Office law, to abou 30( coils Rope; ttll principles upn.
    L' ts. N->s. i ij; and! 7, block Ci, in the! city ofApilachicoij t belong to II B Inman. one third the former ralrs 10 bales Alicant Mats; -- -- - -- 1. that imMrant( t

    pr.yerty belonging: to Jacob! liar :2 Lots ullimpro'ed."allted at SOU purporting ( saving in the expense, to making mail subscribers.a ver/ important 80 bxsand hlf-bxs (new crop) :Mai. Raisins; snnnfnCstrator0': :otcr established by tht I
    to belong to G C S Joiinon.Lots II) Lemons --- --
    ; "w5' fbrated Dr.
    vey. -- ----
    In all tile citifK nnd Fcfdjce,*
    To hs sold for taxes; of Isl'i; and the chargesthat 7 unproved, valued at $3OO, purporting t 0 thonghnut. the United principal Stales to which t'ure tow is 3 73 Manufactured: Tobacco ; NOTICl-ix: months alter date, 1..iapply $ that a combination of* '

    have: accrued thereon.JOHN. belong to John J cnkin,;' estate. dinct Hail-Road or ffater communication: a 25: cases assorted Pickles; Probate Court iltr remedies would produce a more ceitu .

    -' LUCAS, Slieriir 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $lUO, purporting the city of w\""'o- } or1.tlw.e periodical will fran be 30 barrels Mackerel: Nos 2 and 3 ; County, for a final discharge from the administration speedy ', and considerable tflecf, than j
    and ex-Oiiicio! State Tax Collector. to belong to Seaborn Jones. dcliffnd FREE OF POSTAGE. 20 hall bbls do do ; of the estate of John C. Perkins, late of lent dose of any single one.' In many i

    Apat.ichicotaSept. '!!, l" 'lfi.( '17-Grn 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $3O:; purporting I to LEONARD SCOTT & Co., Publishers 2'') boxes asserted Syrups ; said county, deceased. disease is entirely prevented by its tacij: C IT*

    belong to Jones & Bass. June; 13. 2I-Gm 112 Fulton St.Ne.v-York. 20 J chests and boxes Gunpowder and Hy. JAS. M.: SHACKELFORD, Adm'r. cation. Fcr sale byDec

    State and County Tax Collectors 1 Lot improved valued at ;$30 purporting to son Teas ; Apalachicola, Nov. 21, th11 l-6in 12 J. C. ALLEN, Dmsjp*
    Sale. belong to J Kinncj's estate. 10 J chests and boxes Powchong Teas ; o V _

    virtue of tie! power& vlt td(I in me by law, 1 L.t, improved, valued at :$:;-.! purporting( to PRINTS ONLY.: 2:i half pipes Old Cognac Brandy ; NOTICE-All persons having claims against ''I'INER'S B

    BY month! after date! I s'lall'! cxno-e for sale belong to J P Lockoy. NEW FALL STYLES 10 baskets ,'Heidsieck" Champagne ; Foster late of Franklin county, deceased .

    before the Court lljue?, in the CII,1', ; Apalachicola 1 Lot improved, valued at $30;) purporting I fo At the extensive Establishment of 50; kegs Nails, assorted sizes; are requested to present the same duly 4A1 1

    Kranklin! County, t!hi followi: :! ; described belong to Doctor Lang. LEE & 25 bbls Pilot and Navy BreaJ ; authenticated within the time prescribed by law A1J
    property bd'Jn.ill' t > the! AMltcincoIa; Land: :: 1 Lot IInpron..f.'alu'll at $:)U>, purporting t to BREWSTER 3 tierces new Rice ; or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery ___
    belong Abraham! : Low. 44: CEDAR STREET: N. YORK, 20 kegs and and all indebted said
    Company: or so m'1.'::1 there it l :.; will pay: the quarters new Bnckwheat ; persons to estate, are
    State and! Cou.itv; Taxes: due thereon' for the year1SK3 5 Lots unimproved, valued at :.C39;::; purp rtiug Where arc concentrated) nearlv all the NEW r 2uo bushels Norther Oat' requested to make immediate payment. I

    : to belong: to P Lathrop. STYLES of PRINTED CALICOS which have Apalachicola, Dec. 5, IS 11.FRANCIS WILLIAM: FOSTER, Adm'r.

    Wharf Lots No 7, S, U-10 J feet each. 1 Lot improved, valued: at :$30;:::; purporting to been produced in this country, or imported for the - --KOPMAN-- Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1540. o 41-2m

    Lots G and 7 in mock 17. belong; to McEhran.: fall trade, and are offered: for sale for CASH OR: has for sale: --- -- -
    !9) Lots, unimproved, valued) at :$30;: purporting APPROVED( : and American Prints; ---------------1
    CREDIT at
    Lots -J, 3, 4, f, rt, 7. s, !.I. in Block 1 iS
    to to Win Malone.: Bombazine and Silk Alpaca; months after the of this I
    l.oti.I, 7. S, H: J4,15: !IIi, 17, 10;, ill Ulock E'2., Prices Greatly Reduced Drad Ete and SIX publication notice
    Lots 0, 7, 13, 11 1 I. in Block KJ.:! 1 Lot unimproved! valued at :;:WJ, purporting to Within the last: t few davs. Bleached and colored Cambrics ; shall apply to (the Court of Probates ofFranklin V f
    Lot 3 in! lilock I),'. belong to Thomas :More. {jJ- Purchasers are guaranteed the prices'!-anc LI Domestics; County, Florida, for leter. of dismis i CAN
    1 Lot improved: valued at ;$3J;: : purporting t to allowances made for Negro Kerseys and Blankets ; s ion from the estate of David deceased. ADJAN '-EIJIIP1GI!
    I 7 in JliK-k!
    r?, : 1. : a given period. Bed Ticks The
    Linsey Wools remedy to which
    UlIliel1:11111:\ ( Administrator
    belong to 'sj as and all interested in
    { tiei
    Lots 2,3. i I. 0, 7, >::i. '.i I. in Hlock 1. (;Catalogues (renewed and corrected daily]) Apron Checks and Flannels persons lion of the public which has k
    I is one proved!
    Lor valued ; said estate notified tile
    < :
    unimproved, at
    $3 J, purporting to are hereby :
    Lots 1, ;:)i, *J, S in Block! ',. regulating the prices-are placed in the handsof exceptions
    Linen cessful for
    Cambric Handkerchiefs a long I line and it i universal.1knowledged !
    belong to J Nir.nuser.. ; i i fan they have, in the a.d form I ; !
    : and with ) manner required :
    Lots in sent
    1 to I''), i Hlock li:> goods ordered. I
    1 Lot improvfd: valued at SIO'J: Hosiery of every description 5 bv law. by who havetrud! it, tolwE '
    Lots: I 1,2.3, o, 7, -, 9), 10, in DltHc 2 J. : purporting to New Y rk, August; t. l b JI). Straw Bonnets and Woolen Hoods to :l other medicine era :
    belong! : to Win Patrick.! ; JOHN GILL SHORTER h.r. SUPEHWl any tmf
    Lts -1.5: G, 7, s,9.l ID' in! HI 'cc!;: '!'). I Kid Slippers and Walking Shoes which it is recoi irenttd! fc f
    2 LuIs : ; 1 31-Gm I disees
    Lots 3, -1, ;"i, <6, 7, in |BII'k 1). to unimrrovl'd.'aluerl to at :$30;: purporting J. Stevenson V Co.: Colored and Black Gaiter Boots ; August 1, 151>, only de.-trovs(; WORMS: AND 1NVIGOR.C
    belong Poe -
    Lots :3.t., :,, 0, 7, <, i-i J51 ok i',. 2! Lots tinmipnr.vd: George, valued jr.at $39:;: purporting .Ao. 13 Water and .,\"o. 2 Chestnut s h..Ar Calf and Kip Brogans; Six months after-- -publica-- ion- ot I THE \VHOLE: SYSTEM, but it dissolrw.carrip ?
    Lots to ID, i'llJlojk.'iI.Lots 1. to belong to Judge Pope. now opening their Fall stock of Staple Calf, Seal: Skin, Kip and Water Proof Boots; application will be made to t ht offthe superabundant slime or mucffl 5 jD': .
    I 1.2, :j, O;, 7, S;; '.), 1 l'I in Hl-nrk[ !
    Lots-2 to ID' in 151k, :31.LtsO,7 I., 32. 1 Lot i IIIlrud!/ valued at $:j", purpciting to Dry Goods Boots, Shoes, Hats, &c., which. they Fine Silk and Fur I Hats; Hon. Judge of Probates for Jackson county')', fora ; PREVALENT IN THE 510\I\C1: .(-
    belong to Win D Price. offer for sale low for cash or city acceptance. A fine assortment Ready Made Clothing, final settlement of the administration of t the BOWELS OF} CHILDREN, mcl pe -
    : ID" i it H!'.cklv3.Lots2 .
    2! Lots ilupr"vd'altle.1 at $'lfl'J) purporting to Apahchicola Ocf 21, ISlfi.Removed And a br variety of Fancy Goods. estate cf William: Bryan deceased, late ol f said I those in bad health. The mucus f.rmJlt. '
    to l':9', i l's Ul-iv-k JJ. "
    b -l'ing.:t t to. I I-viao: : Robin-on.1 i: I Apalachicola, Dcc. 5, 1 1S-1G. county. ELI..AI BRYAN, or nest in which Worms produce, r j fA. ,\
    Lots I t to :2), in HI > -k LI. Fire. -- -- -- and by removing it it is : -
    2 Lots iiiiprtvi-d! valued at 630: purporting to by June 30,15IG. 2-3-Gin impossible trrwcu.
    Lots 1, ;;, 75: in.i ;a}; ik; !I. be-long I to F A (Ro-s. TI JJ( -' u.t.CI'iLHr! has taken the -tore corner o., A CARD. I remain in the !nly. It is harrr.It-ss in i ion i It
    JO.fV: I LJJCAS( sheriff Chesnut and Commerce streets N SEYMOUR takes this method of informing ----- - '-- the stem, and the health
    :3 Lots unimproved valued at $)0, t where lit o'f ,tpte'alw3
    and! ex-O.Jl-io: Tax Collector purporting will l the citizens ot Apalachicola and lis I..i"t of Letters
    /' Franklin: Co. be happy to his friends : its
    to belong to A see ind the public.generally. \'improved bv use, "r ;-ter
    Apalachimla Nov. -21 I. b 1'j. J |-0m 3 Lots Ryan.'I: ; I will receive by the ship Floridian vicinity that he has removed down on the corner REMAINING: in the Po=t Otlice, 3L-ralc.i- are discovered.The. C\:# n
    : ..
    unimproved : :; '
    of Water and Centre and 1 1517
    due streets thankful :
    now at this! feeling The Canadian i is _'
    : port an assortment of Vermifuge only >
    to belong to Win Rowlctt. Drugs', : (
    'l'oba : '
    : { Ct)
    for the patronage heretofore extended to him Artist t. Dagnerian: .:Melondes Ju-rph
    Medicines, Chemicals any bottle and is
    PainJs much
    : Oils more administer (
    3 Lots and Paten easily .
    HALF unimproved! val'iud at 8.)0.
    boxes :M! .tI'li.1.turdr
    : Llir.iu1. Roane" lie l solicits
    Q 7' Medicines.; J. a renewal of the same, by offering to BezhooD.mid Montgomery, J J other.
    c. ALLEN
    to bi'l'jiig; to 1kezii! Col'jUit' &. irant. ,
    (Oct.) 21 yon a'ery neat and select Stock of GOODS, consisting Marsh Julia LBrockenbrough t
    41 half boxes Manufactured% Price" Brand. 1 Lot unimproved, valued! at $3'J' purporting I tobei __ ___ __Druggist.Dissolution in part as follows: W I 2 McAllister, W J Maiden Prepared Lane only, New by York.JOHN WINER tC ')-

    39" do. jng liiRoberson! ic. Even-It. of Copartnership. Cloths and Casjmerc'arious; styles. E P 4 Morton, L C : .
    2 R" "WBirlsm4S -" 2 Lots unimploved.'dlned ut $3U, purportin l HE Copartnership! heretofore existing under Fancy Prints, do. do. But J W o 3 Noyes, Albion Jan H. F. .\ABELL A&
    22: l Ib b xei" J W 3hran'; to belong tl) Pliineas Randall. .L the name and style of WOOD & CO.," i is Alapaca Lustre ; do. Figured. Brown, Jane Ann Newell,-John N for Aplacbic I

    1-2 lb Lumps.; 1 Lot ilIll'ro'ed.3Iued at $30' purporting U dissolved by limitation. 11. R. WOOD Silks, Grode Ryne. Bruce, Levice Ozanne E 5 The Great Canadian KCIBCWIXEH'S

    :; boves: MinufacMrcd< "J W Morgan": Brand belong to (G.-orgc St Clair. P. W. CIJLLEN.: do.Iontella Brown James O.D.1al. Mary STI .
    Premium. 1 Lot improved, valued at $30, purporting: t I''<, Apalachicola, PECTORAL
    % Sept. 21, 1516. 37-51; do. Satin Striped. Barides, Anna Pierce, C B OF HOKEHOrND ELKCAMPAMI'nriyailed
    to R M:\ Stc'\ait's
    5 bo"es" Napo t.-tatc. Fancy Cashmere Robes Barington, Sophronia E Peck, Wm 3 for the cure Cough., Colds.it
    Icon's": Brand I "Mig'iolia.: Lots uniml'ruH'cJ.'alue at $100, purporting to II. R. WOOD, do. Marino do. Chapman, Harriot Page, Wm Ij l.i/ing of mood'hoopiug( Cough 1) .

    5 box'M: !Min'itactured Napo belong to I Hamilton Smith. 1tTill: continue the Auction and Commissio ri do. Delaine (It). Campbel Enos Porter Ned, boy ty of lirtMthmsr, PIfurisy Consumpw $: I ,)
    leon'?' Brand) ":Strawlurv." 1 Lot unimproved, valued: at $30: purpoitinj V Y Business as usual under the firm of WOOD Muslins, India Book. Clark, Thos Parker cl.1d and al DiseKtPs:of the Lungs

    $ 59() 2rJ Ib boxes Mairifactured! ,' "Napo to !belong; to George Stewart. &CO do. Swiss, Luce and Colored. Couch, Henry Penn Mary A Bronchitis, diseax I that is s\\eep\K

    leon',, Bntrl: :\1.I l igu ,lia.; :' 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $:jl'), purporting I to Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread. Corn-in Jas C Pow John sands to a premature grave under the N I

    9 boxes :Mi'i'ifjctiirc-d' M'irford Honev Dew h belong to J Swede. At Private Sale. Shan Is, Damask Silk Cammey, John N Ruse, J C 3* Consumption be cured by using t thin

    10 Cratet Crockery ; 1 I">,")')') Florid i Segifs.; 1 Lot unimproved) valued at :S2;; 'juj, purpcrtin"to SUPERIOR WHITE WINE AND CIDER do. Marino.l Carnochan. Mrs Rockwell.ma'.a cine. .. Sew* t .

    3') dizNe roC.lpii 'V) d).7. I lloe I c <, "a- orll-(I." (belong' to Walter Thompson' ; VINEGAR.I do. Plaid Wool. Conry MrDickson Rivers, T B & Co r-or :t'\'rl years past, this medicine t -

    Ingrai'i; Carpeting, C-itt,>:i Ctrl: Trafu: Chains. S Lois improved!, valued at $2'JJ, purporting: t U () fBRLS.. best White Wine Vinegar, Kid i Lace and Silk Gloves. ., W D Robison I il use in Canada where it has become ut'ly

    For sale Ijw to close C'l-i-'iirirneiits: by belong! to i E: Wood's estate. .-sJ V10 do. do. Cider fo. 'I'uskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion. Dickinson, W C Thos I known and is considered: the best

    LOCKI1A11T & YOUNG, :! Litts improved), valued at :>;;?.-20'J: }purporting tc by WOOD! & Co, Ribbons in all varieties. Davis, Rebecca Scot David W 3 in use for all pulmonary lJI ta-t;. T.I, s-
    Nov. II 1 :. belong to I 1I IC/ R Wood.I Oct. 31.'It 2 Columbus Building. success \\hu-h! has attended em '
    ___ { Water! strci-t. Brown Shirting 7S11. and 3- .. Davis, Thos Stapler, Willord W its u> th'

    Blank Bouks : fSti ioncry-: I Lots impr \'c.f.'allll.tlLlt $200, purporting tcbelong White Lead. Bleached do. 7.8.3.II. 1O-.J, 11-.1 Demund, James H Sutton, L G 2 try, and the many truly wendt-Vful euro '
    : to CarnotYoudrulf.,] have been eiiccttd it; has induced the"tors -
    : ( ... Blankets, )-I l and S- 1. Duglas, Jane Stewart Jas by
    Journals .
    EJXIKKS D..y Jo-jk) S.c.5J Jl'j a superior article "
    1 Lot just received -
    L : 5tt 16
    unimpr''ctf.'alued at $30:; purporting tcbelong 5000 and Cotton Ezekiel to introduce it into the United
    Ingrain Smith
    : ( reams KoilsMp: and(Letter Paper; and for sale by Carpeting. Duglas, Jas
    to Charles Wilson. fident val'
    of its being the most safe andmtdv
    Cotton r ln'.r.tlllt'lIl1 B ,. :ks Nov21 Carpet Bags.SPHats Davenport, Silas Smith, Wm
    > : ; i Lots ii.'iimpiuved:: :I valued at >':30, ___ __ 1.F.: ABELL.__ Druggist. ever and to all
    Ship and I Hiv,-" Bills Lading ; purportin --- u ___ t.< and Caps, all styles. F.geworth. Win Shirley, Mm M dlscm'ertd adapted
    J J 1)
    to WestcoJi. I.
    Iioo<,ks for Letter Pre.4. Lots ; Bintilk Books, FinePaper 1Va'iting Boots and Shoes. Emunds. Mary Smith 2 of the !lungs when any of the Junction It.
    Blank b iinitnpiovc-d valued at $3'J), purporting Clothing of all kinds. W Smue perform their natural or hasty action, es
    of Evrlun: :
    e and Check, (to belong to P f D W oodrlJlJ: ;c. g Skirkley, .
    Just icceivcd and fir sile bv 1 Lot GENERAL assortment: of Stationery consisting Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and Foster, David Stephens Calvin most grateful and soothing influence
    : A
    unimpioved; valued at ::5'", dinifl1sbV
    Much I_ __ 'if. 1ABKLL.. belong! to William %Vvat. ; purportin" t.0 of Foolscap and Letter Paper of the many other articles too numerous to mention. Faust, Phillip Sl'cey. Samuel functions of the whole $\.tm.

    3 Lots !finest 'juality ; Blue and White wove (ruled) cxtra Call and examine for yourselves.N. Fely, J M Jos citement when eel's [\, E .
    PAINT.:1: > 01 I1S-iokegs; l No 1 White unimproved, ] valued at $:3i, purport in"0' fine Quarto and Packet Post ; also a beiutifu SEYMOUR. Fisher, Sarah Anna Shaw, Robt G soreness and pain, and spetdily lUipartirf -O ,
    to belong to H \Williams.. -
    \Viter Lamp: Oil ; 3'JD)' gall Lots : assortment of French Letter Paper, Pens. &c .'t'=Apalachicola, Nov. 11, ISl 10. Gilmore, Olve. Sharpless, A J ed vigor and ela-ticit\ the sv hole frat,
    Linseed Oil ; ;'', !hXi a HOI ted Glass! ; :"jijij, ( Ibs Put I improiicd valued at $1OW! / purporting I ti 0 Just received per brig Alabama and for sale by Grifn. G Thorn, Jos Prepared alt sold! wh -1's31e and K& C 0
    10J assorted Paint belong to John D Gr.iy.ISAAC Tarrant's Effervescent JOHN Co. KJ:: Maiden tj.,
    ty ; Brushes; Black Load I Oct. 17 J. C. ALLEN. Seltzer :'!, Guy C Talbot Ambrose ? & ,
    Spanish! Brown, Y.-llow Ochre Green JACKSON, Sheriff -- York, sole for the L'ni'idStaWIIJII.
    Paint just ------ ----- Aperient. Graves, David S Tyler, Win J proprietor .1
    received and fur sale by :and ex-ollicio Tax Collector. Holiday Oift RENEWED, and an invigorated Girizza, Nicolo Tindal, Jackson F. A15ELL, /lJ '

    March 1 H F. BELL. -December: !' 20, ISI'j--' .I I'J-Oin/ A VERY beautiful assortment of Card] Cases I HEALTH condition of body produced Hollingqui .t, L D Henry J Jan 9) fur Arala:

    -lfHIIDS Cases, Visiting Cards Various forms and by (the use of TARRANT'S EFFERVESCENT .EVaughn. '
    Paints, Oils, *(:., &c. St. Croix Sugar ; Hancock Chas J ( I
    JUST received per brig Alabama: : from New L\J 2'I) do New Ode-ins Sugar, to arrive; colors, Tablets, Sov'enters, Extract of a Thousanc SELTZER APERIENT. Hanes, Samuel Valleau, Clerk Circuit Ba'sul' of Li'cr\or

    : 100! sacks Rio Collee; K;rJ do Java ; Flowers, Patchouly, Vanilla and other rare specimens This preparation is universally allowed to be Hutchinson, John S 2 Court. A REMEDY most Sid.J

    89 kegs ground White Lead :-0. I ; .10 hx:> Aromatic Tobacco; of Perfumery, Gold and Silver Pencils I the most popular remedy of the present day, for Might, Micul Wood, Mrs I RHumphries : discovered in setlt.J Consumpt

    5') lo do II Ii) Extra: : TiO;l Muff'tf! do Biown's and Labby's; and many other fancy articles of Jewelry, designed the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious Stephen Willson, C Complaint, or any incipient

    21 boxes Gla>"} assnrfcd sizes: 20! Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap; i expressly for presents. For sale by and Liver Complaints Nervous Weakness, Headache Huxley Jeremiah Williamson, GorrittWindham ; on the Chrono-Thermal system by.

    59 Verdigris ground in oil ; lOU( bags Shot ; 50 kegs Powder; : Dec 20 J. C. ALLEN. Heartburn, habitual Costivenesi, & Horn, Zachariah 2 ,Godfrey Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated u.e7'j
    20JO lbs Lead1) Traveller. and residents in warm climates will Johnson John Genuine B.u.s.\l1 or LIVERWORT
    40 Paris Green do; ; casks Linseed Oil ; Iron, Nails &c. I Wier. Fanny
    20 doz. assorted Paint Brushes 2'JO' kegs White Lead No.1.1 Extra and Pure TONS Swede Iron find it a desirable article ; i prevents any accumulation Kerr, R C Wing, Capt AWood pares at 373 nOWERThi:plan U.
    For sale 20 assorted sizes ; of is portable, and the method of Jos now espoused by several eminent ph!-,
    With every other article usually employed in i by WM. G. PORTER &. CO. 100 keg Nails, do. bie. Kelley, D **
    : and has been for the *
    t Dec 5 unusually convenient. Children Lauderkin Win N a long ,
    the business. -11 preparation Wheaton Chas
    painting; For sale bv Water street. 4 1 casks Weeding Hoes assorted Capt
    qualities '
    ------ ; occasion for and unparalleled success which hjs attCC'V
    --- have
    J. C. ALLEN, Druggist. ------ 20 Blacksmith Steel frequent cooling Lamar, Samuel Willis, Byrd C
    i Apalachicola Sept 21)I Congress Spring Water 20 Faced Anvils; purgatives; they wi take this aperient in preference Lawrence, Chas Wiliams Austin Taylors medicine in performing its

    .p TUST received per schr. LeRoy and for sale t bv' 20 English and American- Vises ; to any Sold wholesale and retail by Louis Jackson cure in many, \'er many 1)1!

    ) no I. DOZ. Congress Spring Water just received J March 21 J. C. ALLEN. 12 dozen Spades Bellows and Shovels; Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN Druggist, &c. Qr:>- Persons calling for the above letters, will ben almost incredible, but the con ):

    II per brig Alabama and for sale by 10 ; please say they are advertised.i Doctor can bring forward are w r .
    sept 29 J. C. ALLEX.Ctarden Fresh lie vhs. Collins' Axes; Drugs, Medicines, &c. we' advise all who may have coug.1
    S. MAY .
    GrowAi Thyme Summer Savory Sweet Mar 10 bxs Cotton. and Woolen Cards ; A LARGE and fresh supply of Drugs, Medicines JOSEPH P. M.M colds even, to use this perfect s 'ec I.. I:,
    Seeds of 181G. SAGE 1 case Rowland's. Ca' t Steel Mill Saws &c. consisting in of the follow
    part '
    Catncp Boneset, Horebound, Wormwood ; l WFAT'S LIFE PILLS AND PIKENIX delay. Franklin says a small 10
    AN assortment! Garden Seeds, just received 1000 lbs Cast and German Steel for sale by ing articles :-50 doz Castor Oil, qts, pts, and hf Therefore 1 !
    for &c., just received and for sale by TTER just received and for sale by big ship. cure your _
    I Dec sale by Nov 2* J. C. ALLEN. WM. G. PORTER & CO. pts; :bxs Houck's Panacea ; 10 bxs Olive Oil; Nov H. F. ABELL, Druggist. your lungs are past cure. For sale bY

    12 H. F. ABELL. .. Dec 1 ll Water street. 40 kegs Epsom Salts ; 1 bbls Copperas ; 1 Lbs J. C. ALLEN, Sole A tA(' r )

    i:. On Consignment. PEASES Clarified Essence of Hoarhoun Coffee. Gum Opium; 20 Ibs Sulphate Quinine ; doz FOLGER'S Olosaonian.or All Healing Balsam -p -

    I' Of\ BOXES: Troy Soap ; :a fresh supply just received and fo r 400 SACKS Rio Col1 ceJut received and London Mustard ; Herbs of all kinds; 20 lbs Asthma, Coughs, Liver CAUTION-The genuine 1tt D ;

    tXJ 20 London Club Champatgne sale by H. F. ABELL, for sale by Nutmegs; 15 bxs Starch ; 20 bxs Lemon Syrup ; Complaint, and all diseases of the throat and I BALSAM ov LIVERWORT, la: --

    > 2-* boxes Florida Leaf Tobacco; ; Nov :21! Druggist.Lamp Dec5 J. DAY & CO. 10 keg Pearlash ; 2 gross Seidletz and Soda lungs, for sale by splendid steel plate engraving, to F1

    For8aleby B. S. HAWLEY, Powders ; 20 10 English Calomel ; 20 doz Spts April H. p. ABELL. terfeits signed by Gurdon J. Leeds, 1 SllOi
    Oil. Garden Seeds, Growth of 1846AN Turpentine, a general assortment of all articles vile and dangerous imitationsand tB 0
    Dee:; Water street.
    2S WINTER STRAINED a very superior art assortment ot Garden Seeds, just receivedand in the Drug line for Country Merchants Flavouring Waters.N cautioned not to purchase or deal I D ;

    .- JINSEED OIL, boiled and raw, for sale by t :, received and fnr sale by for sale by Planters and Physicians. For sale by N assortment just and for sale by protected by the U. S. Copy Right 1
    " [sTtS'] II ABELL.. Nov :2 11. F. ABELL Drug'i't.. ; Nov i 2 y J. C. ALLEN. March 1 U. F. ABELL. .Itl_ Nov 2:) J.reeive. Druggist. March 21, 181' l' .lv. -


    --- -