.an't understand her. [From the St. Louis Reveille. sta
My friends--how tender is woman! She "TAKING IT COOL."
s as terider as a chicken, and as tough as SOLITAIRE
an old gobler. She must be screened from :ySLTUX
the hotummer's sun, sheltered fromstorms, "Take it cool" is avery common piece
and protected from the blasts of winter-- of advice often gratuitously tepadered to a
and yet, it she makes up her mind to it, she Young gentleman of warm temperament, m
can out-sweat the sun, face a northeaster, when he is about to tear his under garment;"- pri
and be a match for the devil. But inward- but the advice is oftea disregarded, to the- gr
ly she is as tender as the mercies of heaven; great detriment of superficial surfaces, and ini
he heart is as much softer than he-humans the discoloration of exposed parts of the Cce
as beewaxis oftr~hana bick-ba. Hr.human face-divine. In the above mentioned Ai
sypthe ar"adliat"a -b'do" "u"-case The advice might~be profitably followed, ev
derpathn agel g, as de re p but there are circumstances which forbid m1
as fresh and unfading amid the sorrows of the quiet and unmoved contemplation of an &

adversity. as the evergreen wreath that en-ppas o ato i
circled the bald brow of Winter. Her ten- seated inca failing building-"take it cool," 9
derness is too tough- to- be- dest-roeed--v would be a mnorl-,,y ,r hia,,;uation, or to -o!
demesma isisp ro ^^ J fl8 rto--rffee- hundred pnaseffgm upon w
w-ta-eer cnfance, fortune, or tm.I m a ,dfrcent steam pass gerun w
bring :-tough as tripe, and twice as corn- a magnificent steam ship, as she N running, ra
mon. with a full head of steam, bows on to the as
My dear friends-how lofty is oOman main land, to "' possess themselves of a fri- st
No matter whether born in a cellar, she can gid state," would .be a downright aggrava- ta
sometimes be as lofty as a garret. When lion of their position. It is also sufficient a
she once gets her back up, 0Ocats and broom- cause for hostile rencontre to grin at a de- k,
sticks!--Iook out for yourselves! She is as feared candidate, and tell him to takee it i
high as Olymput and aissavag'e as a sausage cool;" but there are cases which, as a mo- +
machine. Inlher wrath, she is as crazy as dern romancer wudsy i on ff
a bed-bug, as strong as a tiger, and as ter- downright provocation rise in sublime wmag- (I
rible as a tornado. She can blaze away as nitude above all these," and we will endea- E
though hell, heaven, and*earth were coming vor to make good the assertion by present- t,
to close quarters; but in a few, moments it 10g an example.,fi
is all over-and nobody killed. Then she In the wild days of Missouri-no one, we -it
comes down from the mountains, whence presume, will dispute its present civilized t
she has been rolling big stones upon people state-a number of the more excitable and A
below-softens down to a jelly, and becomes adventurous young officers of our gallant a
as quisescent as a goose-pond after a tem- army were stationed at Council Bluffs, to b
pest. The breeches won't fit-she must re- guard the frontier from the incursions of o
sume the petticoat, and be a woman, after the wild and then powerful tribes which
l. i a n roamed in that immediate neighborhood, c
My hearers-how loving is woman!- In their isolated position they had little to s
Aye, she is amazingly sticky in her attach- destroy the monotony of life except an occa-
unts." She will cling to the chosen object sional march to check some tribe which
merits. warming into hostility, or in inventing 1
of her heart like a 'possum to a gum tree ; wasdmping of otrily u orn ea ver. It
and you can't separate-her without snap- and playing off tricks upon each other. 1
ping strings that no art can mend, and lea- mattered not how outageous any devilmen
ving a portion of her soul upon the upper- practised upon one officer by anothershould
leather of her affections. She will some- be, they never for once grew angery, but r
times see something to love where others the victim merely set his wits to work to, if 0
can discover nothing even to admire; and, possible, surpass his own case by a retort
when her fondness is once fastened upon on his adversary. A Lieutenant who was
a fellow, it stays there, like glue and mo- particularly good at these practical jokes,
lasses in a bushy head of hair. because his dignified and cool manner made-
My hearers-how childlike, withal, is him less suspected-than his comrades, had
woman! A plaything herself, she is fond playetl off one upon- a brother Lieutenant
of every plaything in the world's great toy- who had a delightful lisp. A short time
shop. Her home is in the realm of fancy- after, at an evening card party in bis quarters, 2
her existence is a kind of ideal reality-her the dignified joker was expatiating to seve- .
very miseries are mingled with a pleasing ral officers, among them his lisping victim,.
romance-her present is alwsys bright, and how very becoming it was for a man, under
future still brighter. Would that I were a all circumstances, to keep cool, and remark-
woman, to be pleased with every posy that ed, moreover, that in his own case- was a
pwomans bovd e ,a eave Wlotho rnstomolt m"freeconsequences, to retain a nerve
whild, gathrng thae wil flowrns tofimolest whic df esrpie The'advantoiges of
wthilegamh e'g tWe wma isoers a o py. such a temperament was enlarged upon, the
tion! Childlike, woman s ever happy ed of escape from danger
Tickled with the straw of flattery, delighted hrtiecular ly pointed out,e ^aen eral assent
with every rainbow-tinted bubble that floats I -the possession of
upon the wave of time Iasantic as a young, given to its great value io
coon in the m oonlight, and as m erry as a a "mlt ary m ,a .nquired h". l f en
cricket, she dances in. the sunlight of joy, Well, J qu.. hislistpingfriend,
and seems to use every endeavor to coax us, ahownwuldyeoutdo dropp apitthell winth
male, moody mortals, into brighter and angle tbould yo u p t ke n
happ'ier paths. So mote it be! high walled angle in which you had taken
pt s S thelter from a c company of tharp thooterth,
AN ALABAMA LEGISLATOR. and where it wath tbertain-if you poked out
A correspondent of the Montgomery 'your nothe you'd get peppered?' .
-Journal tells the following good anecdote on -,'How said the other, winking at the
Fat George, the member-from Henry,"circle, -why take it cool, and spit on the.
connected with his first visit to Mobile.- fusee!' .
Col. D-had persuaded George to go with rueih, that true,' answered the lisping,
him to Mobile, where the "member from Lieutenant apparently perfectly satisfied;
Henry" for the first time saw "sights" cal- and another wink travelled round the circle
culated to excite emotions of wonder in the of optics. e
unsophisticated mind The party broke up, and all retired, for the
They stopped at the "Waverly," and on night, except- the patrols, who continuedl
the day after their arrival, the Colonel en- their round..-as we believe they-,generally
quired as to the state of George's general do on military posts, until uiorincg g0oes
health and especially as to how he had rest- into fragments, when the air of bustle and
ed the previous night, activity began aianh ius h1tLum in the barracks.
,' Tollable, Bob, leaving out a chunk of a The soldiers "ere passing from ,their seve-
scare I got last nigth. ral quarters, anS tOn-I tere sealy"e"a number
As howl"' asked Bob. gathered upon the p.ade Presentlyseve-
6 Why you'll take notice," said Ginorge, ral officers assembled, and were telling in
"the roomni the bar-keeper allotted for me to a cluster, whin along came theqlisping Lieu-













-'- ,* "
PA. ; !- "




^^^S^13^ E. Tomas Presto-, WM. SYDNEY GREI
W* N. 'IL. w L A N-. -" cNfIS-RsON MERCHANT AND TORACO q May be found at his reside.
i:'" : -- INSPECTOR AND BROKE4. gebf'e and Iigh 4treett opposil
II."., I. DA.VISi diJton'. 1o8:Wa~tey it.-Office second backed tbo. Hous.
."-.' ." "" "- 'De 1, Apalachicola, Fa. D, A W a p,
'" 11ce .hLd stowy ffa te.II s Btfild mn ,, corner of D r. A .I BWtt C h a
'. =.::.. "-..G'oniwerce v'ayd (hestnut si.rels. . ..2--? , m .r N gO 'e et D~~~e
:.,-. O W~~ -MERCHANT,', .-- (entranceeon Chestnut Ate t.)
M. I^^^^ "' ^ ^ ^ ZSO < I I tret)
.^-, " .. TKRMS. I: MERCHANT, ., house lately occupied by Dr. Balt2
"'" y:. L1! rtt 0rToqs.-Thtree Dollars per annum, ^ftec.2e Aplaacn)doea, Va. January Dr, t846.
.. "p ""i n advance, (11 ..3 50 if paid witthin s w -

t L a ) .P J Si 311. ;lc ikerson,, W G A l. D aAi
".i sd:"-,. sieri i, tak-nfor a lezs tern, ttn.i- A ER IN CLOTH-ING, BOOTS, S OES ," As

1_.11nth--iand No- p a. rnwilaly.e ii;on w_ 1 U.... No .i Ct b olumbus Bockj,, Offers his services' to the public. in
1i ,%Lr;rad. ,, pper vtt be ,# .....t~nu.J u,,,. !. x, ... ......o.above,_capaove iatictss

^ vr ^%001



ffy text this morning, is contained
se words :-
NHow solve'm (is woman!
-ow tender is woman!
How loving is woman !
How childlike is woman .


bly hearers-sure enough, how solveless ,,
5 woman! She is an unguessable riddlle- u.
most intricate enigma: a flower which, by of
nalyzing, no one can tell to a certainty fe
whether it be poisonous or innoxious--not w1
ilwa s. She has been with man from the in
egianing and he hasn't found her out yet. hi
She is comparatively an unexplored cour- eo
ry-r-an alphabet op-hieroglyphics-a mag- to
aetfi mystery. Nobody- irwswblat her ,.;
contains. Sometimes it seems stuffed Vwti'I
o've, tenderness, and sympathy; and at
others, filled with nothing but grit and gra- ve
vel. It won't answer to shake her: if you W
do, you cause the acids and the alkalies in ..
her nature to come in contact; and then St
such an effervescence takes place as might -
ower the ambition of pearlash and cider.- b
Like the moth of April, she is all sunshine ti
and showers. Many a tear-drop of hers a
dries and evaporates in the'warm light of fi
a smile, ere it has a chance to fall; and ma-
ny a bright smile is suddenly quenched by
a sprinkle from some passing cloud of sor-
row, about the size of a bed-blanket.-
Griefs bubble up from her bosom, to burst n
in an atmosphere of joy, and joys, like au- S
tumnal flowers, spring from ;,he warm beds h
of her heart, to be cut down by the sudden
frost of grief. A queer compound is wo-
man! She is made up of modesty, bold- v
ness, beauty, silks, satins, jealousy, love,
hatred, horse-hair, whale-bone, piety, paint, t
gaiety, gum-elastic, bear's grease, sympa.-
thy, tears, smiles, affections, and kindness.
She talks with her tongue, speaks with her
aves is lnannnt in her actions, and vet I

_. 'a e.i_'dres apr ptd, u,,less at th.e option ot n, Dee 21 Apatachiao, r a.
ri .... ,.q^ r,- ee ch;'rie, Rogers JohnMunn. Eugene'. Rogers.
V_;. V! 'XRTli;-4r[it Nlrm.-- ()-wt j ar,(/' t velV(' 11 e. '" -.. :7
_-.. ..... ^tn.ir. tt l at Ih (.hjr ., R og
"-" .-7--' ,T;rEi'; ,11.- Fy Menrs.f o,-y" Su6 -u Q G M MIS S I ON'-M E RC H AN T S,
!":" .-iinent hisertioi. .. W ater street,
,,5' .- Fo t wh';', a ertvecn *h the year a liberty D^ 1-" .. Apalachicola, Fa.
'.* -- discount lU b -be ; ',talIa erti--e .nts not ----
""y-. -strictlyv pertaininu.70t their own busines-;, as wll O Wood & Co.,
a3 afh'leal advyortiseimets seit in by them, \%%ill C O M HI SS I ON .AAND FORWARDING
4-bc charg(e a(,thi.?,,l rate-. MERCHANTS,
"" *e.*" ; A.legal adheriisenilti mut be ak1 tr N 7, Columbus Row,
'i n.advanve. N ov. 2 18 .46 A pala chicola, Fla.
-. y/Five, D ollars w ill be charged lor am ouncl N 2:_ '
-. .%eandidate-s tfr offie. WM. W. Sims. WM. W. CHEEVER.
,",f .. *All ah'4ortik,.-_n.,ti, fr.,m a distanSe rrnst Si 9 r Cheevel,
'- '':.i', e; intimeJfwith thec,l,, o, eit.v reasreh, w 4 .,,s ION M ER CH A N T S,
In kh''riiure insertion. _-Cr- Office, -No. 0 Columbus Buildings,
". .......... ........... .......... dec12 Apalachicola, Fla.


He will' practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- S
hpun and -Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upon. tr
, asfaiia_'toiner, act as Counsel, in any Court ,
of the Middle 6r Western GCircul .--H1 will also, ,
argue cases in-the Court of Appeals at Tallahas- N
see', the sessions of which, he It\ always be 1
present at, unless prevented by accident. 0
Apalachicola, September 8, 1846. V4
II. E. Owens, h
CLAYTON, Darbonr County, Alabama. k
April 29, 1846. 2-tf I
A, 0. Semmes, a
0- Office, .No. 2 Capt. Simmon's Building,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla, a
J. Law,
Bainbridge, (Decatur Co.) Ga. t
(^ Will attend punctually the Superior Courts C
of the counties of Early, Baker and Decature of
the South Western, and of the county of Thomas t
of the Southern Circuit. may3 t
Joln Bilbo,
WILL practice in the several Courts of the
South-Western Circuit, and Thomas and
Stewait counties
Aug. 5,1845. 31-tf
L UMBER INSPECTOR.-The undersigned
having been appointed Inspector of Lumber
for the County of Franklin, offers his services to
the public in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.
Match 22. 1545.
UMBER INSPECTOR.-Having been ap-
pointed Inspector of Lumber for the County
of Franklin, the undersigned offers his services
to the public in that capacity, and will attend to
all duties appertaining to, said appointment.
April 19, 1846. BENJ. LUCAS.
Thos. E. Cray,
:'- MTgaCHiA i iA t ,.u -=
ChesnMUt-stf. eXt door below _rancis I opman s.
WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of
Apalachicola, that he has just received
R from New York a large and splendid assortment
of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, unsurpassed
in quality or cheapness, consisting of every shade
and variety, which he is prepared to make up in
the neatest and most fashionable style, at the
cheapest possible rates. Thankful for the liberal
I favors heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes
by faithlul attention to his business, to merit a
continuance of their patronage.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846.
Pall Goods.
N" -RANCIS KOPMAN has just received his
C supply of Fall Goods, and desires a call from
his friends and customers, and as to prices, he
leaves them to be the judges; his stock comprises
a general assortment, all of which is offered for
cash or city acceptance,
& Apalachicola, Nov. 28. Chesnut st.

is9 a
n either of the a

Lockilun't & Yoi(B2r,.
0 M M I.SS 1 0t) amnl F t) 11 % A f D I N G
.-No. y3; Water str,?et,
.* nov'w! I Apal.wlhicola, Fla
S' "" At.VA. WyhlE, -W.M. A. MCKuNZIE.
-. **-* Wylie J%. litl'entiic,
4. NM -12 W .I`tLr Irvet,
*'" ''*** "' - % f .' .' l 1 A ,,:l .-vlh c.,I.li F
'". -" ":. DitnfoB-lhi,
., , --: "- AND GENER.- A,-EN F,
I" *' [] EA .LTLA, ALA.
.ui.- Cotton bouglit on order.
'S ~ ~ ~ ~ ef4 '-'.: 313 t 1.
'-.^. F.LEIODEV, cvOla?
16U N. : LA P, NovOlcnl
"i": s.<" \VJLE- & McK~t:NztE, Apalachticola":
.- t'"^*b S. l-Iur,.,'(soi )
+ - ^ S-g &J. Schigfer.
"-.'' 14r& P-rti10rau n ion )-I I. I')1 I'll IitIng up.farfily,
"2 Y ,' a st .Ainho IL and slup scores.
.,'.,,.. 1No. -9J W ater street,
"Nov. 14 Apalichicola, Fla.
S. DaveVnpoal't, 0
-..-FJK R D [4N G A N D C 0 M M I S S 1 0 N
-... M ERCH ANT,
S. 503 WuLer-street,
'Apahldichilc,, Fa.
," ':: ^":*-Liberal AIvinces inivie on consignments
Cn-, ii; irnends in Nx.v Oileans, New York of
-'h ySrpool. Arr1p l, -I,.
h. rl !i A. be i,
VH-H.LPALK.LARf r 1 k I:r L,
011,13- (N D T I -,, 1c- o
'? "*-, )OILS, VS!, & .:.I -F".
...v .,' 'A l0- .A generall a'-,,,l lin.,l ...I" St itir, er',.
~-^ *-'- ..,-r. of'C hiestnut a,,il \\rat,?, si.:t',I ,
,.- '" A ln l'll-. A '>',lic i.,,l F1 K _.
': *1-1. D. DMiLrden,
,. -=" '." No. 2 Columbus Buil niris,
DR c. "21), l' 15. Apaldchit-ol. Fa.
Bc11jJIithli S.illr',
C0 [[MM[S,[0 N M E R C 1 A N T,
N.). -13 W water street- I.,^ ijair-3,
D ec. 1, 1_',15. A r..al.i"'ii.:,.la, F li. -
Ls. Freill. E. BDn?5t-,
No. 2 ColimbUs Block,
Doc 13, 1;g 1,. i Aoalachicola, Fa.
r =-*-, Doidge & P8':ttt,,
No. 40 Water Streef,"..
Nov. *2., -" Apalfaehieola 1Va,
1IE.-i H. ayloi*,'
No. "2 Wa ter-s5reef>

^' epf',y "AiMachicnla.
Francis Kopnmau,
x ti Che'tnut-Stre et..palachicolaFla..
... H.R. Woo.
Wood & Co.

:'. *'*o. "2 Colulimb'js Puilil1111.2,
" ," ... Oet. :l. I A l-.il'ichic'-'ln"

A. N. llfctKay,
C'*y 0oM M ISS I9- MER C-ANT,
'- -1 ; N o. 40 W ater street,
\ Sept "21, I16. Apalachicola, Florid..,
f" T. H.Akslin & Co.,
-1 ; . 45 Watler Street,-
.. OL't. 2. Apilachicola, Fa.
Cooke illowrne,
7 ^ .\. ,Io. 13, S'A.C.Charles--Streel,-
*" New-Orleuan

'8) J. Am oile,,,
Violesale nl R.-tail Deaier in _
GL.S, B I ', H E S, & c.
a .q general assortment of
cor. o|"hesnut A; Commerce elreei,,
Dec 4 Ai'alaschie-ol., F-la
B. S. IHawley,
No. -2S Water street,
.. pec 5 :,. Apalachieola, Fa
.. Avery A-l, Jones,:
? ~No. 43 Watier str.eel.
Dee 5. -Apalathieola, F a

lobewotsg Alien-& Co.,
-And 1.-mD t,'fac irers of Tin, Iron, and Co0p
per Wares.
Dec 1-2 Apalachicolpt, Fa:-
B. F. Nourse, H.-B. Stone, H. W. Brooks.
Nourse, Stone &,Co.,
No. 46 Water street,
Dec 12, Apalachicola, Fla.



J. II. & J. TI. Hull,
.-. No. 48 Water street,
Harmrer & Holmes,
-- .Agents fir the
of* the, City of MVew Vork,
'". '-'r No. 51 Water street, .
-'Dee 12 Apalachicola, Fa.
.I Green & Conncry,
S No. 36, Water street.
Pelican Mutual Insurance Co. of New York
Dee 5 .. No. 3QWater street.
Edward TcCully,

/, No. 50 Water street.
De'c 5 Apalachicola, V a.
'W*ain. G. Porter S Co."
No. 41 Water Street.
Deec 5 Apalaohicola,,.Fa.
Join So lHtclttjinson
No. 50 Water street.
Solicits padronage. APALACHIcOLAt Fa.
Jas. F. Farrior,
No. 90 Water street.
Dec'5 Apalachicola, Fla.
J. Day & Co,,
No. 52 Water street,
Dec 5 Apalachicola, Fa.
Also, Agents for the "2Etna Insurance Go
the"'Protection Insurance Co." and the Hari
ford trntswance Coo. Hartford Conn.
Jr P.eW. Cullen
Solicits a share of Public Patronage.
I. D. Bugbeee,
No. 7, Columbus Block,
Sept. 15, 1846. Apalachicola, Fa.

New Publications.
Richelieu; Critchton; Emilia Wyndham;
Chevalier D'Harmantal; Livonian Tales; The
Bush Ranger, &c., &c., just received and for
sale by H. F. ABELL,
Nov 21 Druggist.

Iron, Nails &c
('f' TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;
2 100 kegs Nails, I do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils; .
20 SC English and American Vises;
20 Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes; "
10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 4 __- -i--Mt-Watcr otieef'.-

Starr & Co.,
L. F. SEAMAN & Co. "
JOiiNr F-RASER & Co., Charleston.
C. G. LATHROP & Co, New Orleans,
WARR EN' CROMWELL, C ouimbus, Ga.
E. J. HARDiN. Apalachicola,

On Consignment,
8H BOXES Troy Soap ;
O0/ 20 London Club Champaigne; _
25 boxes Florida Leaf Tobacco;
For sale. by B. S. HAWLEY,
"Dec 55 28 Water street.
Refined Nitre and Alum.
1 n KEGS each, just received and for sale by
10 nov28 H. F. ABELL
BITTERS,,just received and for sale by
Nov 28 H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

1 ~-t-I[l SACKS afloat and in store, for sale by
1,100 D. M WOOD'& CO.
Dec 5 7 Columbus Row.
TUST received per brig Manhattan, from New
O York, a fine assortment of choice Liquors, Se-
gars, Tobacco, Soap, Candles,- Starch, Domestics,
&c. Also in store, 30 barrels choice Wine and
Cider Vinegar, which,.wilt be sold low.
Dec 5 50 fWater street. -
Qn f 'BAGS Java Coffee; 50 do. Rio do;
O3 40, barrels Northern Flour;
4 pipes Madeira Wine;
25 boxes Candles; 10,000 Regalia Segars.
For sale by B. S. HAWLEY,
Dec- 5 28 Water street.
FOLGER'S Olosaonian, or All Healing Balsam,
for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Liver
Complaint, and all diseases of the throat and
lungs, tor-sale by
April 11 i H. F. ABELL.

Iron and Nails.
-11 f"^ BARS Swede's Iron ; 200 kegs,
_11L ltr0 Nails, assorted sizes, for sale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.
000 SACKS Liverpool on board bark
J, Sarah Sheaff, for sale by
Dee 5 J. DAY & CO.
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.
CASKS, just received and now landing
300 from schr Geo Engs, for sale by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.
CREAM TARTAR, for sale by
]sept8] H,. F. ABELL.

"' --- .y's
V .1- & .





- .



I ~_


SM. D.
ence, corner of
te the Mansion
Nov S.

A B. S. Hawley,
residence at the

tenant ; he looked at'u i lne ff .jlllP ..
diately pa sm ed into rtl. w w itea _K.l
8i ied friend, who w'asitll s.*m -

Ah, is that you, Charlty/w df0 '-IlN
Lieuntenant, lazily .ope"1g 06" ,W]s -.
*Yeth, Jim,'aatidtbe.lijqwr, I fl onto
try an experiment thithn-mornin, smad' dOM
how- d-n cool you cam be!' Myhig wlioh.
he- welkod'deliherotefy ap 0 I&e fire b 1 ,_
ing trpoe The he-,nth, wiu,. placed in itr- bo- "
test,center a powder canister C Uf* "'
retreated. : -/ .
There was bfit one mrode el'r e &tff
the quartern, and that was apiu-a" OW.
ground-the rear. beiWg built P "
against atfAcli. ke -c|a 1. 1 "- '111
glance at, the fire, saw the caoIS( iaWCB a
prehetdisg s usa aon vw1f "
Ajasti*d "409or, bahrrneif|~f* ^
0Q ten ZE6M. *'"
shouted- -the occnppamt Afteit~a.^~~
Thipt on the cauikher, J'mjr iinnl .
in reltura :->' .- '"
Not a moment was to Jb loov--* bal.,at-
first snatched upa blanket to eoeaverb'rteg-
but, now dropping it, be raised the Wn"dM
and out he bounted-4avo everything, but 9a viy short garnmblt; ad"
thus, with, hair almoslto end, he a1 d
-upon a full parade grooan,_ .he -i$best
which hailed -him brought oat th<, whri -
barracks to see what wag ihe matter, andtl Al
dignified Lieutenaht pulled' a taM 66vtom-
in front ofrhim to hide his- parade4fest
. 'Why didn't 'you pUA oRt,i J R* itt --
quired Charley. :'.}:/
'Because there was Bm sharp ff 'l004M in
front to stop a retreat,' answered Jim.
"All I got to thay iti(" say O harky.
that_you-might thafely iJone, iT*( for V*
thware tberei-viipgruthmg grain ,ifP*-
der in itd' v< i;'; *
Under a volley now of the'Am'note kind
of shooting, the cool, dignified Lidvtemnnt
retreated irio his quakers, peff.edytisfi.d 71
to acknowlr.dro< that. ,rulnder. sonme irrlnm-

aVe, I'took particular notice of it-brown t
oor with lig* streak here and'thar, and t
,aia lock handled.--and I wonldW.t)ook at I
) otbci, for feer Iimight get.'em nzised F&
my head. Now'about 12 o'clock I cuem
>me, with about a'.harf grown bumroin' in
y head, and the very fust thing I found, at t
e top of them twistin' steps, was my own I
entical door with the brown paint and I
ght streaks and brass lock handle, altf right.i
Good!" says I, and in I busted! Walks
p to the bed, I does, and thar I finds one
f your long-legged, black-whiskered, town
IHers-fast asleep. Takes him by the
whiskers with both bands, and rears him up
t the bed, in a sitting' persitan and gives
iinn a small exhortation-told him to leare
,r Pd kick him downr.talisf and didn't"want
o do that, for I wasa patent, dOoqW revol- A
0' _steam mule ardl-Ow .ii o
ver- stops till the masheenty wears out.
"The feller, continued George, "got up.
ery humble-like, and travelled to the cbeer
vhar his dry goods was, and I sauntered
found the room lookin' at the pickers, and
tudyin' over the chances of gittin' another
ock-tail before turning' in. Arter a while I
egins to hurry the feller-says I draw on
hem moccasin-skins of yourn and leaveP!"
nd with that I turned round to give him a
final grin, but Bob?"
I What George?7"
",Guess what he was doin'.'
"Don't know!"
" Why, just as true as preachin,' he was
akin' right at me, with the d-st most on-
atisfactory, looking' Bowie knife, in his
hand you ever saw. I'll go to grass if be
,as'nt!-let's go liquor."
"Well, but what did you do, George,
wlen he made at you ?"
Why, nothin' particular-only worked
the thing, 'till I got him from between me
and the door, and then-" ..
What ?"
-- "Then I left!"

Baqging and Rope,
100 PCS Kentucky Bagging;
100 100 coils Rope;
4 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by
Dec 5 41 Water street


__ __ C__l_




dances, it is notvery easy to tike iticotlyf

[From the N.- .Ovetni'm .
During the past year aC eff 'a be;=
ade, by English .wrirerm,-to,9l i0WM t the
respect of last India coftot'lfl, been
raduallay brightening, a.&4.lMtn46rca- .
g supply from the Eatat1W k>l toiler- -.-
re seriously with the et o b e ra t'es.
Lmerica. We have alwiay'bile b14-
#er, that the writers alluded to iWrte ttre-.
rely barren of statistics, eido ng into.
etailS, hewer giving any d vi Wj efti
?iast India coLtoU trade do.fig VW-yea* :
nd only'dealing in vague gwerh3Km. ow
f the English reviewers M saslw h rjM
while dlsc blhiiig tii qi a u ., -_ wn_ jIfl ,
apid advance of the coltpn h4&-i I ;MU19
s a powerful argument iaspef..i thleeti .-.!.
truction of railroads tbroghbObtH fli.des-
an. He declared that railroads hvi! b9in^
absolutely necessary here, ie teinv~o mar-.
et the increased quantildejbf*tMAd. E*g-.
iiah writer have talked, -wiA, *of PAt" abi.
he prospect of Englad,l.sbetiO,-'.s aw
uture day not far distabt,"|ted mtt ewatI
he American cotton mrket.. andltof *be
Eastbeingsoon able. o ftimm la'er cot--
on. But, in truth, East lidte'ertt,.la .-r
rrm having beenoflateye&,iindtWo the.
increase, has actually beenrn 6l1 reas.
the following table is giveu ME QPf. C, F.
McCay, of the Unrreitlty r.:Elgl I i .
an elaborate article pubrifherfV4tii&ec2hx
ber ri~mber of Hun-is -Merchdtistlo: ga~
on the state of the cotton.trade' tllDgkw
he world. The table gif-ea46ef anoat of-, .^
cotton imported from IndiadiincgAt |IA .lof '
six years, as follows. :./ 4 .
1841.... .. 274,000 bales I 14,..:. .
1842......2255,000 I-45. '.. .i55N9 '-'
1843... .182,000 l4,...t^l ',
If this is whatEndgljsh Wts fy ar
advance of -the growth of -et-i.Infia,.
then we -understand ihem. '...P ,'lf 'ajt ,.
remarks, that this dimioutiiam,Mc .un-
of cotton imported from. lhdbhigl. iklf rlp
of late years, may be atnributed-,w to
a greater amount of the ttotlfllta .ftoa
having gone the ot he.r wa k. %lIp goo-
sequence of the Chinese 1Pbom we
think him in error; f0.rh% !l tM brow
the Bombay Times, ,ihiq V tbiH;^| lrtd
in cotton between \Vesff.e1rgrL^.f_1T
and Singapore, has beenU;lQ:lf1ej a
time, on the decline. "The V9,9 ia
imported to Chiinn an6A A ami v..p. (WO
Bombay, was as follows; ",.'
1s43...... i65,093, ba a 1es
1 -44...'. ."12 _,149- -,.6 w? i --.
ton between nfTfuaiAu aidi*d this
decline is a subject o f w h ON in. hJjfi'fbere
has long been coiripainl iO. ANN- he
very time that writers-in ElgimAj'UWVm
declaiming about Ilie brilghkj.;jW Ai( siWpP t"
of India cotton. .-We.-h#"aoQ beh
fore," says the Bomba4 tlS^iWiwed
ourolfinion that the eq,.tOi1s'.-qgfI fe"
we have hesitated cbQ44i' ,OciWAi With
India was undergoingajrgapi4 the subject agann," hut a ,t^^afil tbiA
-(which we have given a0..ve! fte;',lie*
cline in such a serious pQf[t o* V jM!tt_ .
we do nt'bhsilate again kenll ra. Ioijio .
a question d k.stwb vilal iripftfwA.i -".
A view of."t Bomby 'andi,%pFWitrade'.
in colton OJso Isitws a dquoinoe, |! tMWtiof-R
increase, as "Prof. MTcCay.i Yh Til :
amount froin go ay to, Cntm"
t al l o w s : .. '. ;,., *i ./ l .d 7
1813...... 231,5jabaleB :18;.i.--llikWlhabr :
1841 .....229,r23 "" 1 i,:g a '- .
The cotton .trade of.WPe-(AMtt f- wkhid
England has also been '.0^4 aJWl'tlte
as appears from Ihe. w -tltell
confirms the fir&t table gi.;a..ift A *\:
article. The amQiunt .ratW..1eq!1 t ;
England has been as-foltpos'..',7 VP
1S13 ...... ]33,WA-b~lq8.s atI^^'rlrWjoCf
1&S44...... 178,3"26 .;.,.9riy t
Nor does it appear,-Ital an in40Cf-
the above tables, thar,'as-n P1,.f. d hw











ac l, I'l qc




IM))ppiiited, when o _,re-uer qnii,,ntl ti'nl to
hhina a leig am 11nt wnt l" .> Pn'l.niJ ; 1ut
I ii evident t- .i r1 l.>,.li, -. I}- ,I Ieii n b,,lhi .f-
'-ihe :,rnunlt lo Fn'~tn.>Ii "nn', 10 <.'hin.i-; "ihuis
proivi in. 111 t ih l Ili 'n71 > 1ion ',l It.i'i" i's de .rliln---
i li r v i ', h 11i k .. gi{ s o L l-h ,,' ,i 1 ,1 T ,u i e Ir .. ,n .
11.i v 7 ,' ._ ^ :. I-* o ,1-,it ,-iI r \" '. i s '- u ,-.
E n l a n d J i i i i i .> B s 'o .i n] l i' :', h ] -n 'm -i e h I- I ,1 ] i l l e .
1 o ,o l ; n e e r > : i P i l tli e o f L .' l li n ", o t i p ,' ,) S i ,' ,: 'i s :
a're in'3ftti" a n-re enronir.t',in'.7. Thie
"Itrdejis oni" of0 ,l .:line. nm.l evr.,'% one en-
9ae d iri it i in 71 '.;Ilt, Il 0 I'f .I s'- U nless
--Mnfl-ile,? i1. I'i-,-l~ioi,?_; no pro-w
phetic vision t,,I'l.1',1 ?e ill ,t1 i1 It e course
=.-* 1 '["T-I, ye^ al"? mo'n1ow, v~e sll ill I h ve -l' i ,-,f
it- .a r m S. :tlb a '. '' ,* I ,. ._-r. A 1e.6
,-I tl o '.ll. l e 4(_:1i :; n ,-,,t g',,I- i,-,x alo n e
laBfi i n-*oT 'I" h,:I'-'^ \rnt i li| ih.i-ii e i. the con-
* .1 f- 4iIn ,10 ytd -er,
-.!Da ' rpo' e .e^ '--:i:< ..l.> nE- l lf^* 4o' -e inn ,y d"-
n~~n'^6f flll --C ,

T he R *'^ |l"'(*nrhin-'l-m '-1 rr W h i-2- p i i.; ip; ih-iii')" '
-le'.'o!f tilfiigs" is rli, : "* (-'hi: i^.'Btr'ish
,noranuil'; irt e %V Ili.,I ts""! ,I'- ,,n <,1 1 p 1m eri-
'-l*:- *f;. 'an cbllOn, a e 'rI1V" O i'i.Y ot i r d i ,ile." 1 *

- i'* [e W 'f lu 'h i t : li ll i i '"--" :' .- .:l il i.] th '
,': .-- he Rli ihT,,n.I \\'l,12. piYlid,< lhPe me:-
Tnir1and.i, whiirl, v. i'l I,,-. I'.iiln~l I.,,l,..,w,vf! the
,,--"..o" -"recent prioeee li ;,- i-l' iiit (['i..I .vners dno;
#t,..- Iron-\.riorke,3 ,I \'air-iiei' t",.l -o 't 1 .!m1na e
^ ... hlio with 'lhe I 1,.,ll:,., n l i.2.:'-e co1 n etn--
h. a ..th-r) : I -to
.-.",'-^'j^ ^ e',l''i'ert inu i,'>l 1 -- illI m 1 the pro-
i*i'." o.- n~,et^1*n'.<,ol sfthle i Oil '-, ti, i-. :ri,'l n,,,i ,',.,i'i ,^
.. --" .;o-lr V~if'ii'-i.5.^ .* s--,',-il l n ,-e,1,,];,-. recently
lield n i o nil ,j H .vT r i_,r,.,, ...In oA. 1 .

th- q_,j isa ;.i-i'elaruin. | i i1" IC -r~'Psl ti ty
a lr.i 1 r aJl-ih o ih it 'b e giait .... -,,; so l rn!
t'* -.irand are *too lo'.v--i; h i r 1. ,i i.- i,' f e;( ha -
low the t'rev>nilt Ari !"- aini) y..t s it e
e' .h ;as neilh r llhe C11 lI.0 C .,i III to cwn4t', sS
*- ll& f'nct, Ili-lnp~r'ie I,.,i 'P,, ,!ilili- !,1 their- a'ng-
lnenlalinn." H e- c,-,*li"' *,- :-., virnrlan-y, th.lri

-1~" he pt.S(2
-'- -th'rouet h Iis ins iri ki,' \ C nsress, qt -its
last sess- on, n.li,'.. .to do So ;ft of
l i'r.il 01 in nstiiCe ,- t-hejse -reat i beernsT{;
:" ar>J ne\'erthieh:Ic I, l I', I',l']-,', tiQ sk th;>t bodiy
o r ti air thnt in in.li,', he fact is its own
-- best eOtl mpl nt. I"',.'i' ,-,,it ,-,' .1 part,; however,
n .Ve, I lUo he i |n ri i l 1.1 ,iim i \ ,,,.ib, Sne .
creblur,, \\'.ilkel"si -'-i li ,,,; l I it 'b t. i're
lie the w'e"Lll 0of s5.ih i'.j, i.'l w o1 :l ti ,il. so
nitich as olf sI'ct:. ll ` v. -li<.. "'[ h h las hice,
i- ..eulifhiened -H rl 11e'* iit3'y e vote of P- ennsyl-
vabiero C lln bv R lii 1 .i-' ;1, ..iitaiion.i of those
-' .ehngageI iu th," d,. ,l,-,iiii i.u 0f'oiir'tini era;!
,1 ;. -' reaonrcee, :- ari l ii ,s "blji-'rii-be-h (r:'.;!(lr jle
<'?"; inn in iita ij:R't4;-rn'rm11^"'', Ihi ,,., ieeofir which
lhe too ..well knoiis, ili.,i I,. ,I,.,liips to-re-
.- ...real'so soonI fi'o,_1, Il l-:i-tt1 t-ese a rclens
pol'-the last se_ %ion, [-1, VI ,ll .3 i !cu.s be
, .... gratified, howevev r, if s..,in.-L. i, ofoeo inen-
-.*- ,lyer of'(.'fngres,, (, ri... in-!.-,,_' ji,.,'.iaIv if som e
"'--.< ** 8 oitillierni nienilhi'r ,." ,11 i,.l-,, *\ .iiecl n|)'n to
lplOfo-3oe at1 incr''?feas,l,'!n'\. ,.l.]i':r ihese am-ticles
,eafltlie |pio|iiety ,ol" v, l~i,., 1,,l.' .i iife-scse to be
satisfied, even-while \%%lihli.l',lil. frolnit [Ie
-- sanctionn of hisrconI,'ll( I .,,i! W e shIa !
see what tnan.euvre %ill I~,, !,--oi-mt to- for
... : the.purpose of wi riii g i t' ,'s 1.. mi, i back
... ... pto-lhe traces. ,
--i', ; -: ,.$SUAIMAMAR.Y OF THiE Pii'~.'i_ E.:';' -,
,-i. .. Of sundlry Meeltla x-z, t',; (,* ,' O1ync-rs cmd
.- \ ron W'orkerio/ l -.i ..,' ,/ on f'g, 1315
-October, 16 I ',, (tI t..!,,,i"',', /y'..,,4 time-to
1tine, until the 1.,t D ,.,.,..,!..,. l_-, i .; ,
.. Com m ittees wei-e a|llp.,init.l i,, ii,'i"Jc in-_
.a l.- tlo-the ltate of.the C-. ,'01 Ill iflit-,.I,,1
.,,'; trade, anud report to an ;Ii i,,,,,',, 1. rf6eetina
..ojn the 3d Nov., to \.hal r, ivejit ilse'irler-
.. S i W, C I, C Ill, i 6 1V 10.t to T Tj-i-'cl ,._ i e i.y, tr ff
,.-, of 1846. .- -
."" ...- :Wlhereupon, on .inolinn of M1r. Rhodes,
... 1. the following resolutionls w, "u a1loied : t
-- ',.".*. That a conmnittee, he ilpoinfed to
_.m e letat.W a lhingion ilie 171l iii.,,i,!to. re-
present.i- .he Tre.i.ir'v D) p-l-11n1,,1 Itie
+:,.:, ,,. true .qondidioii of' lhe V'il,'ln1 Oro:al._.and
:, !yo, n. trade.; and, in cmn ert ill? he i'epre-
,,,"sentationi of similar interests t-lSew'.ebi-e,, to
,. endeavor ,to obtain s clih R inoilltih- .1 ,,u of
the dqu,ti.es. oi coal and i]on as i. in'dispen--
su sble- to sustaiin Ithe doinesii,:[ produce of
them, and- afford a re;isonWlle et.cdurage-
.meat,(I.o increase tlhe |)i.,,,iutii~ji of" them.' .-
S.:,2. T lhat tlhe above r.',olu~li,, i >', coiinlu-
.niecated by. llhe Chiairuman to tli.e i, ,1Il owners
and,.iron masters of tlh,3 Ailmtic border,
....1. o~rth and East of ti-, n,-I n .l li hey be-in-
'-: it.,e.d; o send dele air.-, lo (lhe iiieeting.
,=.. .And liheu the niieeiing ;i~lj,,uii ed Uutil the
1 tit Noveinber. : .
...On lIhe 141hl Novenliei thj11-i--,i,,i_ as-
senml;led. 3[1'. Rho,'.I-s, [/,il'i [h~e c~omriiittee
-- ,qn lthe C'oal tra'de.-Itbnllitl,',! afrepo~t, at
,|engt'h, recolnlniendini, ]h it fin) ..i~peiil be
: Insild'o Io'Consres-, lo ir, lo,,? tlie ,,- ." 'C oal. providedl Iv tli'e r, t ,:,f 18 4-2^ ri i i the
.-.-'_ .; restoraliou.-of (!~ii dlyir-I.,e asked l'0r as ann
.-,. : independent ncleasll,'e--.,iin thiat- lie .daly
:*, ... ,,-011 C oal, wyliat,.ver m ay be' IL rate,, be m ade

"" ''-Mr. Andersen, f,',,in tlhe ,,'ri~iiiii,.e 'on
... lTrori-subnminteu an e-l iljoi~'i,- i'r'.,,.'i, l lie re-
,- "' s- ulisr.!;6fhwieh are; tli nt tihe '-1' ,i',If,,fo|,'l-i :.;,
* 4v-wl rH -uff er the pecI l r ,.i,.mj,,,,i ii>< ,:4 now

' e9itj ing, it m ay P'-rI'niit tlIIo ii,_, I ,,Ie of
-' 'V iginia lorn I time to fli me, i, il uti,,lat'ieiy
.-destroy'it- and OhEt the ,Itrv ,,1 !i,..i, what-
ever mlay bd its ri'e. -sli,,ll.l" [I" I.f... ii,.Y:
,"- r~T hese reports weie tln,,nlM ,,i.il \' ,I ,.I,.:,.I

-At the l'st Ineelin/z, tit', t!!:: -i .December,
on tle 3d N n i,iII.) ,:f1.:: ,,-!- i. tiiat, in
pursuance' of tliceir [jii,_,inrl ., hey v had
' .: '-feproeeded to W i.lliiit,,. loI i, id not there
. vnet with any olher del,,,i, and were
S... -inforined lhlim-.some ol'llhe (,.,'i owners and
t, ;-- iton masters of P e nn,\ .I In'a, %% ho0 had
-.='/ .-before ifirended io s: 0in) i ij,.l-::. lo,,. to the
' -'.' co Terence, liand-al'l ris -. li ,ic -, .1 their.
, .- minds and dccli-e,.I doim.,- so-that they h'ad
1' :.'*: confe'Fredwith the Socret if.% V di li" Treasury,
" and as fully as I -li tni e P ", 1il.i adjT it, had
., ;made known th i'iev' iii,?,s ,,f tihei" con-
"*.+* ".stifuenls--llhat Ihe wre tin .'ii Igtatifi d'to'
i8<-' .'ind t'lhe SecrptariN disfy r-, :.Ii 1e u d a wil-
S.*.,.. g .. ear to their re.' ,i.s.n] illi-lr s of ili elli-
ding distress, and aleI de -ci, i i,'.lv of tl ... l -
"-.,;.* ion that'the dunlis on co.il :,i,', Iron, under-
. ihe Tariff of 18--14 are hj% ier ihan the .-.-
. !- retary himself deem-is iti|r,-:, \ li IlIu ]
,- be. being, in the opiion ol'iite ._r;rethry, (as
thiey had reason to tiler, ) b,:hiu i lie revenue
s. .taipdard--lhati I eliv -, .1 i,*:i-onlmeuda-
lion from our rel'pr,.->:.ril.,1i,, it] ulCon1ares8
i ,' tor .-n increase ofi'liese id i,?s n,,,ild meet-
'ie en'itire upprobmlion of thle S '--> ,.% of
-' .. the''Treasurv-but ihey re.i to-report
-'*- n -hat.hev 'hadl no r'ncoi'l3, [iti,_,,i to hope
''.t.h. it Ihe'duli'es would be naid,' 'l".cfic.
W,, Wliereup)on, resolnlions wve.r- adoptedd in
*?. favor of a me hJicil Io ('o-iii ng', t ebnfor-
ily with the Reloi'ts olhtIn C.,iIm ittees,

and. appointiug Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ander- 10. Support of present measures of Goin-
son delegates to represent the Coal and Iron mander-in-Chief.
+-iterests-of Virginia before such Commit- 11. Lowest rate of duties on imports,"and
,tees o0 Congress as may be appointed to necessaries of life free.
Consider it. 12, Go for California and all her interests.
N-vL.-I.t was afterwardss ascertained- 13. The. Californian to be free unarmed
th-I a delegation from Peinsylvania did and untrameled by party 'and power.
,tmend-,'i parsuance of the invitation ofilhe 14. The latest domestic intelligence and
Com.iprtiiee, but did not arrive until the day earliest foreign news.
-aftertrhe C,.nmiit'ee left Washington. 15. Englargcrnent of ,Tie Californian.
A..S. WOOLBRIDGE, Ch'n. The rest of this delectable.sheet is filled
,-Wm. S. TRKIPLETT, Sec'y. with the United States President's War
-. :.- .... *'Proclamation of M ay 15. -There is an or-
[Corresporndence of the N. Y. Tribune.] gan for ;In Administration! Is Robert
COM. STOCKT.ON IN CALIFORNIA. Semple any friend of the Hon. Senator from
`naI gt WASHINGTON, Dec. 10,3,S46 Illinois? I hold in opposition to an oppos-
Accompanying the Report of the Secre- .asn world that Governor" Stockton and
..... Tehn e], te ..to wlUci has Te Californian" are the richest speci-
-already been transm tted to you-- is a'won- m\o an rg n i
._ ..l-b fd e. f o u nt. f C m m m ens of an ad min i istratio n and all Organ in
dereu'-bundle-l doune"ts.frim teCommo- RICHELIEU.
; ,d~dr-e-S t:,.-i~ ii.., . ~T he letter _transm hitting it t Zw!rld .
is dated A n,,1.4<4t`"z 1.846 at Cuidad de los [From the New Orlea'ns Picayune.]'
IAogeloas. I tak-e a few sentences, which are Late fromtlite Sqluidron.
,.-ll.,iily very.strange. They are ma3e', LOSS OF THE BRIG 11"SOMERS," AND A
too,'with s-tich a familiar innocence that I NUMBER. OF HER CREVW.
c ean 'hardly doubt that the Government has The bark M1organ Dix, Capl. Hamilton,
approved of the whole proceedings of the arrived this morning from Point Anton Liz-
.would-be great man.' Here are some ex- ardo, bringing as passengers, Mr. Warring-
.-tracts : ton, Purser of the steamship Mississippi,
11 Tis ricih and beautiful country belongs and-purser's clerk, Mr. L. Hutchinson.
to the United States, and isJborever 'free from The vessel left Anton Lizardo on the 13th
M'exican dominionn., inst., ard Mr. Warrington brings the mel-
"On the day after I took this command, ancholy intelligence of the loss of the U.
I 'organized the -"California Battalion of S. brig ,'-omers, Lieutenant Commanding
Mounted Rifleyhn' by the appointment of Si'mms, aid, as supposed, twenty or more
all the necessary officers, and received them of her crow. She was capsized in a heevy
sns0l eers into the service of the U united squall fvom twest, on ilthe rnorning
Sta'tes."- 77 -7"T it--- h-inst, off Gr-eenI land', and wenl
Ip" x,14 a4 -.a.. r,, -"w s aploin ed Major down in a few seconds, with betwicen seventy
and Lieut. Gillespie, Cr|)pt. ofthe Battahion." and eighty persons on J-ard, of whom
-A-fior giving a boasting account of his twenty-two, including Past M11idshipmen
milimary~operitions- rifh the glorious sai- Clemson and I-].ynson, are believed to have
lo-r army," he siys: been lost.
"Thius in less than a month after I as- On the evening of the ?th, while the
sued llie .command of e he Unitled, States. Soniers v as-lymg at anchor under sheller of
forcess in California, we c-ased the Mexijans Green Island, a sail was discried which, on
-more than three'htindred 'miles along the standing out, was discovered to be the John
coast, pursued themn thirty miles in the in- Adams from Tan'pico, sen; to relieve the
t]rior of heir own county, routed and dis- Somcrs fiorn the blockade of Vera Cruz.
possessed tI: *n, and secured the territory A norther having commenced bloI wing, the
to the U-nited States, ended the war, restored Soiners- immediately put about for her for-
peace and harmony among (lie people, and metr anchorage, but discovering another sail
put a Civil Goveranent into successful opera- making apparently ihe harbor of Vera Cruz,
'tion." ,. .'between Green Island and Blanquella Shoal,
He promises Io "keep the Southern Coast with the intention as supposed, of running
stric'tly blockaded-." the blockade, Commander Sinms renain-
He adds--"When I le',ve tlie territory 1 cd tacking between the two Islands; to inter-
.will appoint TMajor Freinont to be Governor cept the vessel, to Cffect this, a:AJ pirovent
and Lieut. Gillespie to be Secretary." "1 the brig from 1. rnning to lceward upon the
en.close (o you the first number of vessel, it became n.eccssiry to press her wit h
The Californian, by which you will see canvass.
wh at sort of a Governmncnt-I have established Tlhe vessel was light, liaiIrIg bnt n few
and how law. proceedingn. (P.og.essiill" !') barrels of provisions on board, and six lihn-
The letters, of course, ad-dressed to H- 1on. drcd gallons of water ; and while thus tank-
Geo. Bancroft. ingi, n sqoial *wns seel) cnomii:ng up, wilich,
This is followed by hisfi>'st proclamation, before sy il could be taken insufc-ieqily,
of Aug. 17, as Governor, which has been thi-ew her on her Lcsr"n cnic, ;ild in Icss
alrea'dy-noticed. than ton minuures sh e sunk. A f'ew :ni: utes
Next we 'inave his proclamation puutti-ng"' after shie went over, most ofthe officers and
the West'coast of Mexico under blockade, men had gained the side or lop of the ves-
This is dated 19th of-August. sel. Effotis were immediately made to cut
Next Wehave his proclamation dated Au-' aw-ay the rigging -and relieve the vess-el
gust 22, ordering an election of Alcaldes. of her masts, but she was so far over as
Next-follows his proclamation, published to leave no strain upon the weather rigging.
in the New Yaok papers twQ or three days One of the small quarter boats was now
since, whicli is, not dated: The document cleared awiy and placed in charge of Mid-
in the papers i-s genuine, shipman Clarke, and there being no pros-
;.We next have the following very strange pect of saving the brig, Capt. Simms or-
-_"CIRCULLAlIl. dered him to make for Green Island, about
From this-dale,-August 15th, 1846, the half a mile distant, with tDr. Wright and
L-tonnageduties ou'all Foreign vessels arri- Purser Steel, and seventeen men. The
vmig in the ports of Califot-nia will be fifty boat reached t-Te shore with all in her safe.

Wakefield, Win. Keys, Fraficis Haire, Wm. fM1i
Toland. William F. Tho mpson. Christopher lUlUlM URllL M EM O'~l DRM
Lawrence, Jos. Todd, SVephen Maynard, 51
Samuel Bennetl, Thomas D. Burns, WVm. APALACHICOL. (SATURDAY, JAN. 2, JZM7.
Power, Joseph Slipsey, Joseph Jones, Chas. *.$- h M .
Nutlee, Washington Cooper, William Dix, GU The 'foll th "genl mnare authorized
Francis A. Waldeon, James Chambers. I I
The strange vessel., the. appearance ot feceive'and reecl <.ubscrifpions, or advertise-'
which was fhe cause of the sad calamity, ments:--
proved to be the Abrasia, bound for the MF.ssRs.MASO,&-.TUTTLE, 38 William, Street,
New Yornk.-
squadron. DAVID BRAVO, Esq., New Orleans.
The Mexicans at the castle, savage-like, "wM. W. CHKl,,VE, Esq., All)any, Ga.
it is saiid, shouted with joy as they witnessed Major JACK HARDMAN, Eufaula, Ala,
the loss of the brig, and the struggles of
On lhe 5th, Midshipman R. Clay. Ro-
gers, Dr. J. W. Wright' and John G. rt MAYOR:
Fox, a seaman of the Somcrs, went aslho're BE'NJAMI'T 4, tAWNLE. ,:"'"
for the purpose of'recounoilering one of t .M ; -
the enemies' magazines, and ascertaining Iol CoucI.MEU,
the practicability of destroying it. The ,ENRY G. IUYON,
part had gone some distance from the boat, A. HANGOCI,, .
when they were surrounded by seven.Mex- IRA F. PAYSON.
ican soldiers. Dr. Wriglit made his es- WM. S. GREE,-
cape. Mr. Rogers and tlle seaman were E. B, WRITMARlSH,
made prisoners, and sent to the castle of M. M. BUTT, `i
Perote to be confined there. DANIEL J. DAY,;
Commodores Conner and Perry were both J. L. WYMAN.
at Anton Lizardo. The Princeton, Poto-
mac and John Adams h ad arrived, and the LETTER *SHEET PRICE Cu RENT.-Ofi,"i
latter was blockading Vera Cruz. The Ra- Tuesday next we shall comi imeoce tha'"
rilan was the flag ship. The Cumberland publication of our nLetter beet Price
sailed for Norfolk on the 6th.
Current." Subscribers will pleae take no-,
[Correspondence of the Charleston Gourier.] lice, and govern ihemsehes a ..-. t WASHINGTON, Dec. 19. It will be undcr thc charge ofVi. ,iT.
T he representative fr-om -your city, M r. It w ... h' i. .
H7OLMES, wps not prnematuIre nor precipitate WOOD, Esql. ~ .
in the confident expression of his opinion WHIG NOMINATIONS.
that tIPresident did not authorize Com. A a metng of the Whigs ofApalachico-
STocKoN's proclamation. l hePresident, A o t W of A ..
it appears, disowns that document and Gen, la, held in this city Thursday evening
KER,,EY'S also. The Secretary of State also last, persons were ballotted forascandidates
disclaims the authorshipof those remarkable for Mayor and Councilnen. The foll!o-w-
papers. It wiil appeare, when the Presi- ing were the candidates chosen:
dent shall send into the House his reply to
MIr. GARRFET DAVIS'S inquiry, that the Gov- For Mayor,
erninent issued some general instructions to BENJAMIN S. HAWLEY.
onr commanding officers relative to the For Councilmen,
establishment of some sort of temporary H]. G. GUyON, K:. B. WITIAnISH.-
civil government, but that the Executive A. HANCOOK, M.M. BUTT,
did not authorise all the acts. and declara- jI FP.ptSOs, D.3. DAY,
tions made by those officers, in 'pursuance RA. F. GPYEE, E. JoDEs, D r.
of wh;!t they doubtless believed to be the W M, ,, I E jr.
proper mode of carrying .out those instruc- It was decfared to be the wish of the
t 1ol, meeting that in case any of the gentlemen
Gret preparations h?.ve been made in nominated should decline being a candidate,
Ballinnore for tile funeral obsquies of Major j. L. Wyman's name should be placed on
T1 ing-old. The President and his Cabinet, th te inta. a o Jr.
J- ,-- ; <* i Athe t lK icket instead. Evan Jones, Jr., Esq.
and, thle aofeers of the Army and Navy now
here, have been invited to attend. Many ci- having" declined the nomination, the name
tii.:ons wiil doubtless come into BahMimore, of Mr. Wyman is consequently put on ihe
on tl1s occasion, frcrn the saurrounding ticket.
country, for Maryland was proud of this We believe the above ticket wvill give uni-
'a';;l!rt nih r anwl d.eeply deplores his un-
.' l-.fate, '-;.... us through it was. versal satisfaction. It may be, that some
> Tho Ccuricr lces L'las U1:iis professes to persons had a preference for other individ-'
hlave received recent private and authentic uals than those nominated, but we are con-
advices from Mexico as to the state ofopin- fidentthat all private feeliug will give way
ion in that country on the subject ofthe war.
There is no doubt that the Courier derives its to the general good.
inforirationTrom intelligentFrench residents Our Democratic friends seem disposed to.
of Mexico, and perhaps from those connec- let the election go by default thisyear---theq
ted with the French -legation, and it may, have announced no candidates on theiirside.
therefore, be entirely reliable. Granting it rh te a i t w a
to be so, there is nio prospect whatever of
peace. The Courier asserts confidently that ticket on the'morning--ofthe election. Let
the Mexican. Congress will unanimously the ,Whig4 look to i!---that they -are not
refuse the overtures of the- United States caught napping-they-must not -keep away
for peace. If this should be the case, it is from the polls, felyigrigbt the large"mf-Jo6ri-
mnuch to be hoped that the next overture
will be made through the roughand ready ty which we have in'lhe city- -.
dylihr,lo (.) Orl -rener -l MTr.1_1r; ,l hl-lt NA RROW ES _APE
walls of the city of Mexico. The Courier N R W h m a cap, h p
recommends that we should continue to
hold out the olive branch, in order to justi- last day of the old year, to give it final
fy our conquest in the eyes of the world, farewell, determined to give it a partinrg sa-
The requisition for an additional Regi- lute-and for that purpose charged an old
ment upon Pennsylvania was responded to cannon that lay on the wharf with lovder
with enthusiasm, and a sufficient number of a a n ol
companieslhave already been organized and and brickbats, and one of the party appied
have tendered their service. It would not his segar to the priming, when the cannon
be difficult to raise, upon a months, notice, was shivered to atoms by the explosion-
different portions of the Union, a hundred pieces of it were hurled to the dista-ce of
thousand men, toserve during the war. The y
Union states that since the passage of the war several hundred ards, -over the tops of the
bill last May, three hundred thousand men highest houses-one of which rell upon arid
have tenderd their services to the Govern- crushed, through lhe roof of our office..
meant ,.s volunteers. Many of these, however, No one was injuIed, by tie acident--had it
were for three, six, and twelve months. *.1 i *
have occurred in the day time, some one
MIARINE] DtsASTER--Probalile Loss of must have been injured by tile pieces of
Z-ife.-The brig Savannah, Caplain Dixon, cannon which flew in all directions and along
armed yesterday fiom New York. On the th mos usual, crowded places--as it was,
evening of the 17th inst., while lying too in-
a gale from the S. E., she came in contact no one was harmed.
wiih the schr. Laura Jane, (o,fM attapoisett,) ^r i ^
Calt. Delano, firom Newv York, bound to The Circuit Court of this CoTunty, ,;u
Cape Florida with a cargo of brick, stone, Honorable G~oRaz_ W. icR~a, presiding,
aild other materials fur building a light commenced i~tssessiqaij hre on the2d Mor_
house. C apt. D ,mn ate, one passenger,, a ndi da of D e e m er an -tu n d f o h
three of the crew of the Laura Jane, im- -*vo ebr n ajundfo h
mediately jumped on board" the Savannah, 1.S'h until the 29th. It muet on the latter
It is supposed that the schooner went down day, and on the 31st,, adjourned to meet
soon after tlhe collision, as she could not be again on the 15th. February.
,ee ta*'eh S~j i: It ,,f "'"" e i Several cases of importance have been
Capt;.J D. reorts, asaogt epasne, tred at this term, and a considerable, amount
the names of Capt. Pe.ase, and Messrs. Dow, of business in general, has been transacted.
Bourne, and Boyle, of New Bedford (Mass.) Judg~e MCRE:A has impressed, our citizens
and Mess'rs. Briggs and T. C. Hammond, wit theeconviction, that he is influenced by
of Mattapoisett. The gale continued for asnee esr t d jutenlta .if
three days from the westward after the un- asneedslet ] ~tc-n hti

fortunate occurrence, the d-scharge of his duty, "lhe is willing- to
Among other injuries received, the Sa- sacrifice all personal considerations. His
vannah had her main channels carried away, deportment upon the bench, was character-
arid one of her chain bolts broken.
-- sLavan ePLC i C. ized.iy_ courtesy and dignity. ....-
most gross and reprehensible proposition to .We beg leave to remind the Legislaturei
tax the 'people we have yet seen, is that to that the Constitution requires the.mto pass
establish new bran,'hes oftthe United States a REGISTRY LAW. To'the Democrats who
Mint at Charleston, South, Carolina, and professor great a desire to obey thi-. require-
New York The one within a short distance
by Rail Road, of Dahlonega, the other with- ment of the Constitution-and to'the Whigs,
in four hours of Philadelphia. We 'trust who are ever ready to keep -the ele~etive
that this design of putting money into the franchise pure, we say do your duty and
pockets of the citizens ascertain favoured s a w t Registry of Voters.
points at the expense of the United States, ... a l f t R.
will be signally rebuked. DEMOCRATIC JOKe. "
[Savannalb Revubl'ican- DEMCRTI 1 71* *
What the Whig newspapers,.stig.matise
A duel took place in the outskirts of Buf- as a disgraiceful fraud-the Democratic Ed-
falo, on Sunday week, between two English- -. e a g ^ egetei-t
men. No friends or seconds were present, la o o
.and the weapons were pistols, at ten paces. of te ease, and leave &ur readers to judge
The distance was measured back-to back, .of the morals of the transaction. "
each to wheel and fire. as soon-as passible-- .'he pennsylvamnian published-w-hatpur-
after reaching to the proper distance. One p t be^.Webster'sdinnerspeech-
of the parties fired before the other, and his-
ball took effect upon his antagonist, passing heading-it, "2Mr. Webster's Gre'at Spleech."
through a thick fur band on his cap, enter- -A.,y thousands copies were sold to thle uu-
ing his forehead and passing down on the suspecting citizens--who, uporr. exaiina-
Lli,-,',, where it lodged. .S :iT....... ,. ti to tion, found that they had bought an 'old
-L 1 t,.., the other fled. The wounded man, p o of Zr s m in 10 1
"h ofMr. NV's-maein120 i hih
,,.;, '., r', recovered, and bihd ng his hand- SP `3
kerchief round his head, made his.way back the Dcmocrats say Mr. W. advoc-ated Free
to (lhe city, and is nearly recovered. Trade doctrines-so .far t ,,ie K,'t',.r .fas a

joke--bu{ when l he propritom9JS l.,
s8lranian pocketed' lefe"e lt^,i
lars for the sale of hll pmlri^'('!
speech, What. a g jmrffll
a .tne fraud'. w ho
pice f1:-sin^; st 4"L,^
i r,,pu-Ious. *'I

The Wns-ingt" corr"lypo.d Y
Columbus Tfnf.,r 6.i:t9P ip
ting upon the autborify, we ift "".i
political a.,mociates from FWr'ida.
racterizei (hiose w^ho *J4 1^

I h al he' mfn-lfHbtrra^^
been. uanusdally',.tiu, Y.Tn ."
and ha.y .xpended large sn'n
pose -i hkif l5eirp9lcai .
In Iowa, particularly, a enlf. v.S .
will moo'ey,'iraversed l ef.-
in many hands or purtijtf tgo iin'it" .'
purpose of corruption. IN YI"Mv.UD q.-
ThE wnfog WERE VVl Vi"Wy"vS' .l_-P
FORE THR F~iECTI-0. TndiaL*^^f^i'
18.42 hII ..thwl n- -s. iio, lc Mll
hands of (llrananufac!tup% iD9
they liavil-'ewoUilpa aaMn a
they v.fAiled lo cff10 e. A
Ilmion in tl.ids of be. p41P*<-
subject of protect inrif1"^ i! '^*j^
VOTERS OF Fioni ^, JUARK Thttllll.
You nre accused with havi beel. S
and sold--lic .cliige is d
wlose desi.'ns._ you have de<4,;f. R4 ." .-
for the Whig iickot.B Ete lf^?-
LUMN--aild REQOII"IT IT At TiN.Sg ..
T I U, N. ,' f : /
T llN. -** .-u *- '-, ,':
r ;'. *-
It is said that llie Presidem.has apliit.-
(his genlleman- A Brigadier GenherAr-..fta&..
signed him the commiand of ihe Voluvttterea
foin Virginia, Norlh and Soufh-Cald.oioia..
If siuch is Ite fa-, weparp siag.arely lr.-
jil,.ed. Col. Gadsden "h 1as seen sei-rice- '
a;,d borlt hy nature and byeduealion ihrv*.
iuc!LIIly filled to command a brigade_ Whfo
old North Slae may be a little lwudl b
ao in some things, and MIjs"S"iSM aflA
South (7aroliniatu mnay be in'irirt;
:polhnis. but ne are sadly deceivt.d'"f thb
military spiril olhei people of of '63.. jaw
hlas it a ll degenerated- si .ce It -l.f
Kings Mountain" and oQ6wpf,_ I AV.-
tlhe time when "Martio.a,, J'I n'
a source of terror to the &0sts -.8Kigl..
.George. We feel assti. thaadftna ffw..
lead of James Gadsden,0 "00ary-. 7 .
of Jackson, they will add to. _tbe ilmt"Jef
their iiaive States by brave feata ot'ifmd. `
II ~~~~ i n.i:
The Columbus Enquirer, of the e ',,
TPCSO C" ,' 1^
WVe give this document in Qjl^!^r.
(lay to the exclusion of alm~rket ^ta
e else. Less forlUnate than of!tmii SB'A Ad.
not receive a-copy of it in le,.',Tfc. Kt _
publicaiion, and hence motW JHcwd TP tow
up)nn our readers wher) prb,%al. pe&s..lll.
theni have seen ead,. n MApo
misibrluoc, whose fault it N .bas.bnr-!rad. wd/
not exaclv know, one Ilhng-- ;e do. know
however, and (hat is, thai whilttll;^>tt["44
anAl newspaperstcontaioiualitlM AlwjB i|t~ie".
received here by ollier4, oujexcla, g82.
pamphlets came up missing until a &-a2
4wo afterwards. In ihe 'Jlo.0i.e-AVe'ei/e
vt e find a sintmlar eoiq)lsin1,but we no.iltr4
discover that there hast bqe'fany mtirr-ost
by .the -deioer-atie ':editors. We ..iJl~e,
nevertheless that both oursel-ve. 'tvr.re-
ders, and our _whig coteni"oraries, w'iiil !
able 10 survive' the diase';a,.. .'- x '-"
Of the Mlena g, Kgs contends and 6i~jectA,
ils bca,'-iig a.r-tj'inteni, we do not ibibk it
worth while to speak in leQ~nenhetf/tetnrs. =.
Tne greater portion of iI, 'as will b~seeno.-l
devoted to a vintdicatiool of llhe coffrrBr
sued by the Executive in the .mausimwt
of the incipient stages of th'e lqlcsi~-c'w-wt.'
The causes which justimed the admnM'isfr--
lion irn a final appeal Io arms a're'-Tiafoouwisty
traced from 4'he perioAcivlhen 'Mexico lbe-
eanri .ap .independent republi,-e.yf .3are
deemed by the Preside0t of sufficient nlag-
: nilae tO have authorized a deciarauo of
wpr years ago.- lI" this is trttc,^lyr dl.e

annual ,messag a declar'atiou of w.ar? '..it
]this is all agatl e tlfougtt.", "','*ltw sdli{'d
tlhlt the arinexaiioiL+pf 'Itf.as n*6ula(Tiol~ie

,tnis country in bostilfities,, wbich, ij le"Diin
having become history, tlie. E crc fi4e
it now necessary to rake rotin.d'ji ernWt
to satisfy thie country that ,h g t4 i a
origin'aled from ol eb." causes. lJB.y
pretends eitlier Lo'..-y or believe'h'tifex_-
""i]o has nolt be( n tmmting in gr1,.,O1R.."toa., ,-
wards us; bilt ,po l onpat ma ,n., mtth lei
the first oiMcer of(the g'gveriktn sb.u'rt
venture io imsle.adj-he )uhlic min- bf.s-
serting tha-I'lle war grYtQuli.t'u.y, l..lg "
apart from the Texas affair.K Sd .. anl'At, ,
tempt to dulf'lhe p'eiplelsbeneatht be p,-
sifiown ;of the Chief Magistr'tWe', -'"The whole
of this part of- the mes-msge is an alelpt to
vindicate the writer Iro rL thL._. -gs .pre--
-ferre-d,,WitW him-by _. country, a kind of
exculpalory affidavit 1o.,l]esben., punislhtnnt
after,L a.ptea of: guilty, and must be .-ta.er-4
W'ith sch allo-,ance is'i always gr.atu.ejd Lo
the party thatswears i, hbis own ehilf.-
For "our own parn ; after all, AY me .]apt
half so much PboUt how. ihe Pr'Nebec ot
into the diiniculty,'as JNw he is j6 get-out,
There's the rub at present. "-', .; ,
IQo.-ir last we alluded to (He-.i tuxr.u-of
Santa.Anno and .tie reasons' by which ..he-
Executive"]amiely Piieutiited 0o justify be
deed. A-re these reasod-sh isfa.diy to.-the,.
country? Does it no-appear byti.e PFti-
dent's owlD-how.ing, in. cjounae lio'uufcast
4venlst, tlat the whole Atih about Ihi.ibfa-
mmns tr'anreiou, h s '110ot bte-l'af-^fMT.
Poolk adMits that he 'ea orders 6. t te
_Co1nm Inder ,:,( the Squadropl.iJ
ty-rant-pass, Lbat heliedost ex plain w
ihere Wis -n ulierstnndjg "lS i-


vessel sunk and of those who remained,
about sixty ,in number, orily thirty-eight
are known to have escaped.
Those who escaped are indebted mainly
for their safety to the bravery and hnmanity
of the French, English and Spanish ves-
sels of war at the naval anchorage, espe-
cially the British frigate Endymion. A boat
from each of five vessels was sent off to the

relief of the vessel immediately on the dis-
aster being discovered; several of those
saved w erepicked up by them a long dis-
tance at sea, and all who escaped were taken
on board the ships, and treated in the most
kindly and delicate manner. The officers
and crew of the ill-fated vessel, while cling-
ing to her sides, or'holding themselves up
by spars or other floating objects, vied with
each other in heroic self-dlevotion. The gal-
lant Hynson, who had not yet recovered from
the burn received in dcstroyIng the Creolc,
when MidshipmanClarke was ordered off
with the ,boat, refused the most earnest en-
treaties to leave the vessel. Capt. Simms,
though in bad health, was equally positive
in standing by her until all others were safe,
anrd Lieutenants Parker and Clairborne and
Acting Master Clemson remained to share
the fite of their heroic brother officers,
Midshipman Clarke, notwithstanding the'
violence of the gale, the heavy sea, and the
sinallness of the boat, put off fro-ni the is-
land, with volunteer oarsmen, after landing
those whom he took frorn tlie vessel, pulled
for the place where she went down. Thir-
ty-seven persons 'succeeded in reaching
Green Island, by clinging to spars or other
objects, or were saved by th.e-boats; sixteen
s-ucceeded in reaching the main land on
hen coops, one of Wlhom died of exhaustion,
and-the remainder were at Vera Cruz pri-
soners, and twenty-one, the remainder of
all who were on board, are believed to have
been lost. The names of those who were
-17 1iUI. -. ..-Ja_'tabfL-_A I- la- i di .J t ij t* I, ujv b
the follwnig, is a list of al missing :
Henry A. Clemnson, Acting Master.
John R. Hynson, Passed Midshipman.
Wrm. G. Brazier, Ebenezer R[erre!l, Chas.
[1. Haven, James Ryder, James Thomp-
son, Charles Lowe, Thomas You'g, *Wm.
Gillon, Mathias Gravel, Major Cain, Dennis
Kelly, Alexander Anker, Charles MeFar-
land, James Fennel, Chas. True, John Day,
William Purdy, Edward McCorniclk, Win.
Elmsley, William Quest, J. Hlargrave, W.
W. Cardy, John G. Myers, Clement C.
Wellen, Thomas McGowan, Joseph Anto-
-nio, Adolph- B,.lir n, ce, Manuelel Howard,
W. W. Powers, Henry W. SIpear, James
Chapnau, Lewis Johnson, Jonatius Leo-
pold, Thos. Jefferso~n, Williami H. Rose,
Peter Hernandez.
The. following were saved':
R. _Simms, Lieutenant Comnmanding;
M. G. L. Claiboirne, Lieutenant.; John L.
Park.er, do.; Joh,1 F. Seele, Purser ; John
H. Wright, Passed Assistant Surgeon ;
Francis G. (C1a'rk, MAidshilmian; Edmnund
rp. Stevens, Purser's Steward; Jacob faz-
ard, Yeoman ; Amos Colson, Wm. Joi.......
Mathew Buck, John McCargo, Jo',, '.
Van Norden, Charles Seymour, Johun \.'I-
liamsol], John Pollen, John Smiith, Ilenry
stronitnell, Thomas Mulholltet George

'.And the duties on all goods imported
I'rom Foreign ports will'be fifteen per cent
"ad valoremr payable in three installments
of 30, 80 and 120,days."
(Signed) ET. ." STOCKTON,
Comrnander-in-Clhief, and,
Gov. ,of tile Territory of California.
There is a beauty of a Tariff! horizontal
and ad valorem Stand back, ye financial
Wa~lkers. and'McKays! Long live King
We next have an order, dated Aug. 15,
appointing appraisers!
Aug ust 20, we have an order to Comman-
der Hull, of thle Warren, to blockade Ma-
z'atdan ;- another to Commander Dupont, of
the/Cyane, to blockade San Blas.
"The last, piece of writing attached to this
part of-the Naval Documents is a curious
letter, dated August 24, and addressed to
"Major Fremontl': whom he directs to en-
list men to the number of 300, to garrison
the cities of California, and to "watch the
Indians and other enemies." He then pro-
ceeds to talk in this style: ,
",I propose before 1 leave the Territory to
appoint you to be the Governor, and Capt.
.Gillespie the Secretary thereof; and to ap-
point also" the Council.of' State, and all the
necessary officers ..
"You will thierefo.e proceed without'de-
lay to do alj you can to further my views
-and intentions thus frankly ma.Mfested.-
,Supposing, that by the 25th of Octyou will
have i. np', |,lil .1i, your"part of these pre-
parations, I will meet you at San Francisco
on that day, to complete the whole arrange-
ments and to place ,you as Governor over
California." "'
"If this be done at once, I can at any
time safely withdraw myforces as I pro.cqed
up the coast to San Francisco, and be ready,'
after our greeting on' the 25thr-of October,
1, .... qhi l l, l n;] the camp andtake to
the ship and to the sea. F'mhluly,'y.ne-
obed't serv't. "
Co mmander-.in-Cihief and
Gov.- ortie 5[Territory of California."
Attan lied to' ]hese diwcinhes is a co yv

of "The Californian',t vol 1, No. 1,-pub-
lished ; at1onterey, Aug. 15, 1846, by Ro-
bert Semple. It is is~sued- every Saturday,
at five dollars a. year. It is printed only on
one side and is .the size of a single leaf of
foolscap paper.
The leader is taken up with matters and
things-in general. Its principles are briefly
set f., ,1 ..
1..I, entire severance from Mexico at
once and foreverr. "" -
2. O'1%'..i _,, of past offences.
3. Freedom of' speech, of the press and
of religion. *
4. General education.
5. E ti ,ii;i- of i. ofGovernment and obe-
dili,,',-- to the laws.
"6. Encouragement to immigration.
7. Encouragement ofI i.nn.. .ia," manufac-
(Tlhi is'tne.,j-ii against Loco-Focoism in
a new .Stiate.)..
S 8.- O i' iii., i ,n of interiordef'ences.
9." T .s 1 ,_ 1111,11 relation to the- United
Statestill -admiitted as a State.

ME:- AW RI -- "- C-

.--7 -,- -- -- --- --7-7= -

A cuijous fact is'thus told -in one of our
e~crhnge pal)'tr-; :.-',Tr;,k-e rrstring'fihat w'I1I
reach t,ice ro-Uirl the neOckx of a lady-let
her' hold the ends" betiwveell her teeth-and
then .if the: noose %%ll .*.cr'hF-r head to
the back of the neck, agrn'-(exrtaiu indica-
.io..t-at she is mirri LT Now don't strangle, vtowf~ipls, vIoung la-
dies, in testing'this truth. "
"& .% .
A COMLIKIErNT.-The Bourbon (Ky.)
Agricultural -Society recently made a pre-
sent of a handsome suit of clothes, made
of premium jean, to Gov. Owslev. The
Governor'sfavorite song at a convival now
H"tow lovely is my Jean!"
A ca-e:is now pending in Mississippi in
-which an attempt is to be made to enforce
the law of that State which requires that a
man .shall pay the debts of'each Individual
,whom he kills-t a duel.



'Apalachicola Exchtange.
J_.a THE subscriber informs his friends4
^ fand the public- in general, that he hIs be.-
pcome the Proprietor of this above welII
known house, and will be pleased to entertain
any of the travelling community that, may. favor
him with their custom, and will also accommo-"
date resident boarders. The bar Will always be
supplied with genuine/liquors of the choicest
,quality. JOHN PATRIDGE.
Apalachicola, Nov, 14, 1846. :!S


r- I.


I ul:

For Rent,
jj-- THE Property on Centre.st. known as
gj;Ti| the City Hotel. Apply to
[nov21] D. B. WOOD & CO.,
For Rent, -"
THE. three'fire proof Store,4in the Co-
j[j;;;jlumbus Block, known as Nos. 7, 8 and
-JLm.9; they will be rented either separately or
togtther--possession given immediately. Apply
to [nov21] D. B. WOOD & CO,0
Stores for Rent.
STORE No. 6, in Columbus Block,
1= lately occupied by Sims & Cheever, and
J Store No..2, Block C on Water st. Ap-
ply to NOURSE, STONE & CO.
Dec 25 46 Water street.


Dwelling for Rent.
ATHE small Dwelling House lately oc-
cupied by Mr W A McKenzie. Iuquire
Dec 26 46 Water street.
Por Sale,
S THE House on the corner of Chestnut
;and Live Oak streets, known as the
1," Goldstein House." Apply to
For Sale.; .
B THE House situated on Commerce,
f"'between Forbes' street and the Florida
Promonade, at present occupied by the
subscriber. The house is in good repair, free
from all Incumbrances, with a good yard and well
of water-it is well calculated for a small family.
Attached to the premises is a good stable. For
terms, apply to
Jan 2 50-1m M; CARRIGAN.

For l gtos-o -*i .'r -
^ma~ter;, wilI, air on Yhe" lkh inst.' For
aiSdeck freight t -o: passage, apply to ""*
Jan 2 .-" D BQWOOD& CO. :
For Boston,, :' .'
THE fine, ba rk JORN B AGWWROfyE'
Hnbbs, master, will s o _ne 12t.aii
.a inst. For freight onf dedr. ,lpity -:o
Jan 2 D-B WO% & CF. ...
For Boston,='. 2 .
THE fine brigJ 'ELL.E~fSty, Da-
i^vis, master, will ."ail on. 44h inst. For -
3-freight on deckr or passagee, anply fo -
Jan 2 D B WOOD & CO. "';
For, Providence, JR. I,
_^-^ THE fine-bark./ J VaLdl, Dai'mmw ,*
j^^^ter- will have despatch. For freight-on- -*
A deck, or passage, apply to .-
For City Point, *ra. >.
_t..F THE good coppered hiy JI.DREW'
J^SCOTT, Emeay4 master, will have'
.^^agimmdiate despatch., Vnoteightjm deck- ,'
or passage, apl ly"v -; -. .2-;.. .... .
Jan 2 CHA S...ROGERS. &, 0,,. *
,o N ew Orleans,- "
T- THIE fine schr. HU.FEA, Tibottf "
j^^^lli~master, wilU have Tfrnmediae dispatch.-' .:
s For paiage only,,, ly to .'
Jan 2 C. ROGERS &.e, ".
Fo'r' A ew: A. IA-,,
.- THE new'anoPp.a ialib LfP a 047z" *
jjiBEAN'TOA, Cheet~ea,.pia~her; wil haWf'-
immediate fleepati lur.i. tp. above piott "
For Ireight or passage, apply toz the master, dr to -'.
Jan 2 NOURSE.-_S30NE & CO. '
a, ]Flyinii /* *rA-^ '*,
-(Late T. VMIsrM-'t^"" '
BO 0 T -AN D '1S'H ..A'Xgi'

ness in Apahawhio_.-otvko doo"rrbe-'-
.d" low the City Hotel- ,(ni're itt pet.2
f~r Having superior wwkmen,-"he- iO/ ,
confident that all who may. pa .tTQ1i.A wi find"-.
that they have tallecat )be righjitp. lienh'
Calf Skjn, Morocco,"and Patent other Book* ',
or Shoes made to order, of t-le tat fd mps-t m ap ''
proved style. He will aJso ke"p owhand a,. l"ge
and selected assortment of',?7Ra 'Wade Boots,
Shoes and Brogans. All' rriefft' &c., ':Bt W-'
with neatness and pronmpritid.Vniip on terfs =
that cannot fail to be "econ62e4r''11in keeping
with the competition. in I.ad **\ the closene .
of the tim -es+ -.- ',,-- oT "'---
Apalachicola,. October 3U-.., a ,'4--6Mn.A..,
ANNUALS for 1 '"-Toy Books,- ,
for sale by .* ..t Y ..."
Nov 21 -X LLEN. ,
S a l t ... *
'1000\ SACKS -Liverpol on 'board basW
ASarah S sale by .,:
Dec 5 j .' &W
BITTERS, just received-avid fr sale by
Nov 2'1 J: C.ALLg.N --

I Caution.
WHEREAS, a due bill for $125, was given
me on the 31st March, 18A 1, by Wm. D.
Price, Deputy Collector for the Port of St. Jo-
seph, for public services, and said due bill having
been lost or mislaid, this is to caution any and all
persons against receiving or negociating the
..... __ FPTHPAIM A-NT.DPrV --
Apalachicola, Dec 26, 1846 49-3t
Annuals for IS417,
T HE Mother's Present,'1 Moss Rose," .May
J. Flower", "Christian Keepsake,"- Hyacdnth,'
Friendship's Offering," Christmas Blossoms,"
"Wordsworth's Poems," Poetry of the Pas-
Qions," "Gems from American Poems," the
Boquet of Flowers," 1 Montgomery and Byron's
Poems," Poetry of the Heart," Elliott's Po-
ems,' Christian Miniature," the "Floral Gift,"
the Marriage Ring," the 1 Casket of Jewels,"
"L6vest Thou Me," and the "Flower Vase."
comprise a part of the above now offered, for sale
by J. C. ALLEN.
Also, a large assortment of School and Toy'
Books, suitable for all the different ages of chil-
dren. Dec 26


Iron and Nails.
11 BARS Swede's Iron ; 200 kegs
1100 Nails, assorted sizes, for sale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.
A \\SACKS Rio Coffeee, just received and
400U for sale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.

Building Lots for Sale or to Reist.
SEVERAL Lots well situated in different parts
of the city. Apply to ,
Dec 12 46 Water street.
For Sale,
fQ(\ CASKS superior Bacon Sides;
30\ 4 1 c Shoulders;
50 bbls Whiskey; 100 do. Flour; -'"
Dee 26 46 Water street.

300r| CASKS, just receiyed at.-.rtow landiiWc
Ow0 f1'rom schr Geo Enas, for s-1e by..
LOCKHART -.&o.UN ,G "t
Nov. 14 *- "r~l ~ sti.. t .

Nowill's Honey of Liverwort,
FOR, Coughs, Colds, Asthima, Spitting of
Blood, And all the affections of the -Lungs
leading to Consumption, warranted to-be compos-
ed of vegetable substances only, for saly by
augll J. C. ALLEN.
INSEED OIL, boiled. and raw, for sale by
[septS] H. F. ABELL.

Castor Oil.
100'r GALLONS in store and. for sale by .
Nov 28 -Druggist.
6 BUNDLES, for sale by
. 'J-,. B.S. HAWLEY.
Dee 5 28 Water street.

THE undersigned continue to make advances
on Cotton consigned Io their friends in Liver-
pool, Havres Boston and New'York.
D. B. WOOD & CO.
Dec 5 7 Columbus Row.
.... I "[. -M. Itttt. "
W -ILL continue to transact a general FOR-
and solicits the patronage of his friends and the
public. Dec 26 49-4t
I ly authorized Agent during my absencefrom
the State of Florida.



.1 Wt

". --: '--.f."- "
'E .a&5. +. effe .t,. N ow .ih tt S av?1 .n- ..\nna
ff.,| ;, 1 cip pass, a,,w i o ,nfor e o ne
-T ''fI^ I"v?,l-iac: colnveyed l hurt
; i :- n. T--f o -e t L I .ve el lelt. [- )v.-1 h, >I _e
. n-- 0 i l d ,uht. \V Pn er d,id h.. -- il.s
f.irti;ao.rm o,,.;',^[I~,' at" E' .,' ,na ,1,1 h ,. c,>.n-
-": ;.*tmcfibe th 'e 6 u.1 t he w ,"1'1 he "lid
- '._ '? c D o n rt1) bN 1 v -be hl0e thn t II .li.
.**-*- n6't .fIr -'e a I e-i Port Il pM, "- 11l
'"'i'Y-" ..fle^"n0f ,.i'' [h"' epic' w's. ",-) Ill'tl'nt',he,
'".'" Bi',m'. ",,
'-"' As (o-'thai-no, ti,-n ,ot' the ?.est 'e "li,:h.
-i n!Z -i". .. ofre ts Lh T we can l r.;l ,pt.,
"*. 'f~eeomin I?rilrS._ -It nmin2les tlli flan.; f
{It- su.1c,.ssl',nl e rp-'imenw er ith the cH llp-
-trTip lP1. 1SFr ol lle c rt ro ,I- a. d efm ,,"v .ue,
..nn bl -..,a 1)pp re hlly, 1 .n lisa I v? ,li.I,- ril- y nf
p ey'evl: efi", t UL I'? hi it s4,n11 l..iseoi o1
=J s l .iuk I';in"I I ''l le v o -.thle pol-I. o'l e p eli =l-
wfl.. j' y.,rld .ill rca.d it annju-1ge '-C
.'-- good -or evil. c. '
:*- ) "-.\* W "e' f.i>.l not set out. I(low.ve ,--...' il any
'- t. ^pl.ti'rpose o"' re?'ie~vin2 lIhs< il,-r-iritl')i)_. C),lr
I. ; ,rc'aacrs re as Ci apableeol' uinI '. r an'llitn.. tt as
W" ^'^,'e .Ire, aifd to them %r- sibiuit it, with all
,q S in s a t 'l a il 'i.;s r il-,,11 ;1 '.- v i 'til e .


Per-steamer.Augtista-_Judge-G- W Mc.ea; apt
A T Bennett; Messrs Un-away Smith, W A Ge-
ter, 0 1 Grizzard, R H Wooten, A McAlpine, D
C 'S to n e r
Pet steamerA Moore-D Morris and lady; Mrs
S M McCall, Miss C L Caruthers; Messrs C R
Woods, A McKenzie, H P Adams, L F Stow, L
F Johnson, W Ballard, Neil, Williams, Masters
Wn-f and Henry Young.
Per steamer Eraily-Mrs R P Spencer* two
children and servant, Miss A Spencer; Mr J V
Per steamer Augusta-B S Hawley, lady, child
and servant; Messrs J Stevenson, L Catman, J
Hodgekiss, E Hare.
NEW ORLEANS-Perschr Octavia-305 bales

List of Letters
R EMAINING in the Post Office, atApalachi-
_cola', January 1, 1817:
Belzhooven, Daniel Montgomery, J J
Brown,. G B 2 Marsh, Julia L
Brockenbrough, W H 2 McAllister, W J
Butts, E P 4 Morton, L C
Babcock, J W 3 Noyes, Albion"
Brown; Jane Ann Newell, John N
Bruce, Levice Ozanne E 5
Brown, James O'Donal, Mary
Barides, Anna Pierce, C B
Barrington, Sophronia E Peck, Wm 3
Chapman, Harriot Page, Wm.
Campbel, Enos Porter, Ned, col'd boy
Clark, Thos Parker, James N
Couch, Henry Penn, Mary A
Corwin, Jas C Pow, John
Cammey, John N Ruse, J, C 93
Carnochan, Mrs Rbckwell, Amas
Conry, Mr Rivers, T H B & Co
Dickson, W D Robison, W
Dickinson, W C Scott, Thos
Davis, Rebecca Storer, David W 3
Davis, Thos Stapler, Willord W
Demund, James H Sutton, L G 2
Duglas, Jane Stewart, Jas
Duglas, Ezekiel Smith, Jas
Davenport, Silas Smith, Wm
Edgeworth, Wm Shirley, Mm M
Edmunds, Mary Smith, Samuel 2
Fagg, G W Skirkley, Robt
Foster, David Stephens, Calvin
Faust, Phillip Seeley, Samuel
Fety, J M Silvey, Jos
Fisher, Sarah Ann -Shaw, Robt G 3
Gilmore, Oliver Sharpless, A J
Griffin, G W Thorn, Jos
Goss, Guy C Talbot, Ambrose
Graves, David S TIerV Win J
Girizza, Nicolo -- -.Tindal, ,ack-ion ...
Hollingquii-t, L D 4 Vaughn, Henry J
Hancock, Chas Varner, J
Hanes, Samuel Valleau, Clerk Circuit
Hutchingon, John S 2 Court.
Hight, Micul Wood, Mrs H R
Humphries, Stephen Willson, C S
Huxley, Jeremiah Williamson, Gorritt
Horn, Zachariah 2 Windham, Godfrey
Johnson, John H Willer, Fanny
Kerr, R C Wing, Capt A
Kelley, -Jos Wood, D
Lauderkin, Wm N Wheaton, 'Capt Chas
Lamar, Samuel Willis, Byrd C
Lawrence, Chas Wiliams Austin
Louis, Jackson
03- Persons calling for the above letters, will
please say they are advertised.

Marshall Hoase.
HAVING -taken the -a!re estab-
B lishment, (formerly Armistead's Ho-
1; 1s16 tel) I am now having it neatly fitted
* iriB up, so that I may be able to'make
ARMOR i all who call comfortable, and flatter
'myself with the hope, that thbse who call may
be induced to continue their patronage. The
Stages all stop with me, and in the absence of
either of them, passengers, who stop here will
meet with no detention, as private *conveyance
can be had by application to me. The Eastern
Stage arrives on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri-
.days, at 7 o'clock, A. iM., and departs on ,Mon-
days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8 .o'clock, P.
M. The Northern Stagedeparts immediately af-
*ter the arrival of the Eastern, and returns the
same day, at 8 o'clock, P. M. The Western
Stage arrives here in time to take the- Eastern
line, and departs on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Saturday, at 8 o'clock, A< M. By this line,
passengers will take the Mail Boat at Chattahoo-
chie for Apalachicola on Mondays and Thursdays.
A. G-. MARSHALL, Proprietor.."
IQuincy, October 27, 1846. novl4 43-tf

C MAff. 9WVOWftpWf
Dee. 26, 1S46. n a .- ,.- .^ r,,,
-For f IW *la*$,& -' :;.. -:., -"
STHE fast sailing (cmrltmt ,, 'hrc^K &
^^^Hayned, masrtr, will h@,S-q!" g. "'. .
.a^^patah. For freight of 1IQ b".'tCl C b
or passage, apply to "*" .
Dec 26 40.Watei" mlC,. :., .--

BAGGING, Kentucky,......... yd
Dundee, ........... yd
BALE ROPE, Kentucky,.:-... lb
Northern,...... lb
M anilla,..........lb
BREAD,_ Navy,...............cwt
Pilot,_...... ......... cwr
COFFEE, Rio,..................lb
Havana. .............Ib
CANDLES, Sperm,............ Ib
CORDAGE, Manilla,........... Ib
Tarred ........... lb
,CIDER, Northern..... .... bbl
Brown Shirtings,....yd
Sheetings,.... yd
Tickings,'...... .....; .yd
ottpnadegs,.. ..... ..... yd
Calic6 Pr -r r.... .. yd.
Kentucky Jeans,..... yd
DUCK, Russia ................yd
DYES, Logw'd, Campeachy,..ton
St. Domingo,.ton
Fustic,................. ton
Indigo,. .................Ib
FLOU1R, Northern,........... bbl
W estern............. bbl
FISH, Cod,.................. box
Mackerel, No. 1,.- .....bbl
"' No. 2,....... bbl
"9 No. 3,.......bbl
FRUIT, Almonds,.-............... lb
Raisins,. ............ box
Prunes, .. .... .... ....lb
Currants,. .. ...........lb
Figs,- ....... ........ drum
Lemons, .... ........ box
FU RS, Otter,-........ ............
GRAIN, Oats,............ ....bush
Corn, ............. bush
GLASS,. .....................box
H AY,......................... cwt
HIDES, Green,..................lb
Dry, country, ......... Ib
H oop,...................lb
Sheet,. .................. lb
N ail R ods..............11)
Casting, American,..... lb
Boards, White Pine,......M
Yello-w ......M
Staves,. ...... ............M
White Oak Heads,....... M
Heading,. .... M
LEAD, BarS...... .............lb
Sheet,... .... .... .... ....Ib
LIM E, ........................bbl
MOLASSES, N. 0........... gal
NAVAL STORES, Pitch,.... bbl
Rosin,.. hbb]
Tar,...... bb]
NAILS,. ..................... keg
OILS, Linseed,............... gal
Olive,............... bottle
Sperm,.................. gal
Lard,.................. -al
Tanners'............... gal
Castor,...... .... ......gal
PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess,.. .bbl
... <- -... 3,61
... ..- prime,., .bbl
Bacon Hams,. .........1!b
canvassed,. ,Ib
Sides,............ lb
LARD, ..................... lb
BuTTER ... ...............lb
CHEEsE.,. .................. Ib
PoTATOES, ................. b"tl
R ICE,. ........................ lb
SPIC-S, Cassia,................Ib
Cloves,. ..............lb
Ginger root,.......... Ib
ground,....... lb
Nutmegs, ............lb
Pepper, ..............Ib
SUGAR, N. Orleans,............ Ib
St. Croix .............lb
Loaf, ......... .... ....lb
SALT, Liverpool,............, sack
Coarser,......... .... bush
STEEL, Cast,.......... ......cwt
Germian,............ cwt
SO AP .. ..........................lb
SPIRITS, Brandy, Cognac,....gal
Gin, Holland, ......gal
American,....- .gal
Rum, N. E......... gal
Whiskey, Rect. ....gal
Alcohol,...... ....gal
SKINS, Bear .....................
D eer, ......... :.........
SHOT, all sizes, .......b........b
TEA, Young Hyson,. ..........lb
Souchong,. ...............lb
TIN ,.... .......... ..
TWINE, Baling,................Ib
Seine, ............ Ib
Champagne, .... .... doz

D. C.
11 a
16 a
6 a
6 a
10 a

11 a
11 a
11 a
600 a

-7t a
Z 125a
14 a
25 a

D. C.




For NCw Vorlj,
,, THE splejidll fasit saujiljJn LSgJS
& 6 TTA.1N Jubrison, oaptrt Wo U
dispatch. For Freight orPaW" a" *-
to the master or to -;"
NoUSE, STro1E f)&..E S

V or- New 'oi /:
"^ THE fast sailing ship fl"" "g "7
Wnitmore, iraster, h iay. "
= -'.i rgoengaged, W'jlI M i)e i "
ch. For freighLt por as te! y .o the I '
,or to .-" t N QUR.E siroN & C0^ "
bee qu ..:"- "' -_..
S 'For B~ostoi;- ., :. .,
^^ -THE ,fast'saiting ship 'CWV' S^ ....
'^Paekard, matter, will maee v~h dee-
;&*patch,. For' trhight oA-de .t-fi*a.e,, ": '
Prlrto [Jana] D B iW%K*7

''TLE: P.,1D',- 1T,.,_T-'KT,-N'S PR,'.\M.- The opinion expressed in our last week's report,
T1iN. that the river had again receded, proves t6 have
....Sole ine iI'ers hnvobve pfe, incre ,ll s us" b .n eTrect. One arrival from Columbus reports
alm>)s.t^-To daai,) tll'l l lh'-iirrl >,t" f!iis 'Ijh rivdirverytlow, with no ptospect of boats being
.fc~xtraojril.inary nm.iiil',.1 ). 01 l(-) "hniw. li \',rrt- a[,le to come out until we have another riso. In
In IMi 11c.) no nn,,?rl ,iny. \Vlht \ ill consequence of this state of things, the operations
0 .1 .."e'it, r,:':, a-I 'E 'l,,w -'i, s in our -incipal staple have been very limited, the
.-eenf lP.1a-V el t of l,,-, un,1 ^ n-vi .I hi of .,.. -'. of cotton offering being very light. Pre-
."...^lsg. a ,,7' ..1 -,,,' h wvions to the arrival of the Combria's accounts,
-.14* i' i9e^',.t.i -- a-,il"rrr'T'L)'.>i vhich came to hand early in the week, )the few
'rtri-'-the Pi'?,']ile i. [-]q (:,-rriinl\ u,,,,ht sales made were at our last week's quotations.
11 1 n o hAve t uhil ,ID n'.O .v r,.. o- II, 1) i. [ II,, In Since-the arrival of t-he accounts, factors in most

A f .tr n ,le'l:,, i,, ,' :,,)il '"1.1 qIt',.r`i- ca' es have been ,.,,, l .,.d to realize 4c advance.
.. ...re ]. t P6 ..z '-' r o "i. ili" 11r1.., 11 1 1 11.^ ,|,e "U. 1, w i^ll not'exceed 1000
":^ omn n "I l .,i': i ,n1 ) "^1re ,.11ve ,, It 1y or 1.200 bales. ,i, '-iu rkl being rarer unsettled,
-the P ro- on, ls .l ,,.- .- ,i,, ,,r E ,ip,,: w : i ,i -h,: r.
In 1 s plr.it.o0 .n 1 re ,lit1 1-1..A. '-,,l i.l1 x-Fflli&H-rs.- WVef'ha ve heard of no new engage-
.....11e,:o,;,' tet, merits to foreign ports-' To Boston and Provi-
: T ,i-r [',' 1-1 ,fim ,,i .n. 1 ,I .'. !I i :, -' I .l i in!-. i- l, ,, l' .
,r- i C,, ,,. ,r -'1;i ',," e dence, eng-agerents havebeen madeat'e., which
i oi-p- IT ll,, C ooicnn om.lir-im '-h !ir i I .e .-
Army {,- T i ,,1 h !,", 3 ,- i also the rate to New York..
A rnva'l i 1 0 vvP 1w I'll- n *'1 lle
Pa,:i'lic. ( ^-),.e',i; ,,)I,, t* l'.i ,,, ,,,),, ^ _('.,li- COTTON STATEMENT. Last
I-)n ii'i .it tt ne *?,il ; ti- ll',?, ',,. l_ ),,,!, Iii i,:?.'- il- ". ,'-r *' "" year
(_T I t, o1 ii- Ar '.' I.. ,...'. I .'oi;, <-1\,:"8 Stock on hand Sept I 1,1846.1083 4
"" bjoth] the. C' il'.t'. ~ l,> ihll. 1.1, 1. 1 .11 S ,!B, Burnt since It Sept... 100 ..
-.. ii -^ ,;,>vl -la Received past wee-W;... ... 1:f 1 -"
II)to I" \',.:,r' i r i l" h 'l :1i I |":-- ; i,,-, lie previously -.13961 -.
' .tn im r. ,.,t" I:." ",T;,',.T .. ,,1 ,, L egislature, .otal....... ... 1, 6 64 .21-1484
o t" o -l i, ,, it -I, I ,.'i.I,,, t ', ,' ;i't sh all be E xported past w eek ............ 305
'. iprkviC uusy ............ 2,527
'.r ,tt^ lP' "''-1'-' ",. "Total....:.-.' --- 2332. 49,34
"'^B .i'" h'-A ,:'I ; !* *n ,,' -,-,'- .', ,-,i dinary powers-
:-2:.tier'r'ivet '! ? V. -,, I ,,.,1 ...I..-m* st*it tiOD can On hand and on shipboard not cleared.13,832 16550
be (:';,," 1 lo i l') 11 1ic.',, 1 ..1 h0] t laws oeClle -e
UtlIJ'l Stir,., ,-\ri I.-) :',.ld even I pretext BXP03.TS 0-:,3 TT02N' PROM APALAOHIOOLA
lor L 1i0 ''- r ,i ,,_ ? OCommeacing ist-l *eptember, 1846--ald same
\ 1,v e Ive I .!...c,'ri 1iv ):pon evil time in 1845.
T h_ .,,i. ,r,' ,_ i..,^ ,,n ,titution aremes. P L
. --,I g, :i tution are r~D, w eek ously. TOTA L season
i r 1 1_ o:' l d .'' l i_. ,r t o f t h e c o n s1i R E X
~~~~~~~Liverpool .. .. .. .. .. ..
l.:o, 9 ; ," .' ,,. /-.'.'" il' t-sh u dif er3s a t 1 avre .. .. . -. .....
ti el>? :,i m ,ry uf ;i ,, I..-; ,i. d isgcrim inating N antz, .'... .... ..... .. .. .. .. ... : .. .. ... --. .. .....
.... .[ l~test ...... . .
(.tu IV I'llr I I I l ,' t .,1 ,_,1 ,.fi. estic intersects T ri"ste ...... ......... ..... ... ... ........
*;in ,l I 1 il gr i,-) ,," .1 llh '.'.-." h o rrid i ac ts o f G.en o a ..... . ... ... ...... ...
t .... ... ..+ .. . .. . .

;5 00

2 75

a 450
a 12 00
a 700
a 600

a 300
a 25
a 18

75 a
62 a
250 a
100 a
3 a
6Q a
4 a
5i a
8 a
4 a

Franklin Circuit Court.
Roberts, Alien &-Co. I
vs. [Petition to Foreclose
EbenezervHoyt, and j Mortgage.
Win. C. Lawrence. J
THE defendants are hereby notified of the in-
stitution of the above suit, by petition to fore-
close their certain mortgage deed, bearing date
the 15th day of October, 1845, of a certain sloop
called the Oregon," to secure the payment of
the sum of c' "i')'. And at the spring term of said
court, I will move for a judgment of foretlosure.
A. G. SEMMES, Att'y for Petitioner.
Apalachicola, Jan 2, 1847 50-2m.
Oil Cloths and Carpets.
I0 PCS Oil Cloth, 1 and 2 yards wide;
18O 3 pcs super Ingrain Carpeting;
3 Cotton "
2 Stair "
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.


0 ,,i.er [ports. ...... ..... .... .. ...... ........
Total to For. Ports. ........ ...... ..... ......
New. York....... ...... 1022 ..1022 ..3010
-Rn~sa rtn ., .. .. ... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
l i .., I. il ,',; .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .542
B~ ,11 ,,.r,.-.. ... ..... ... ... ... .. .... . ... .... .772
New Orleans... ...;,...05 ..1505 ..1810 ...410
Other ports. ..;. '\.. ....... .
Total Coastwise..,-,.. ,. .305 ..2527 ,232 .4934
TOTAL-iLES;-. ............. 2832 .49,34

700 a 10 00
1200 a
5 a 6
10 a 12
115 a
I a 30
1 200 a 250
a 400
1150 a 2"00
1 a 850
450 a 500
90 a 1 25
125 a 150
1 12 a 150
1 80 a 90
1 175 a 200
11250 a 13 50
11 n 12QO
1100 a 1150
8 a 121
9 a 12!
61 a 7
51 a 6
10 a
20 a 25
10 a
55 a
6j a
45 a
37J a 50
9 a 10
11 a 121
212 a 250
18 a 20
8 a
10 a 11
12 a 14
100 a 112
621 a 75
18 00 a 25 00
12 00 a 15 00
5 a 7
250 a 350
150 a 175
40 a 42
37 a 40
28 a
62J a 75
150 a 200
8 a 10
5 a 6j
121 a 75
45 a 1 00
40 a 50
I8 a 20
40 a 50
100 a 300
1000 a 16 00

; t.Uin :-pa ii,,n.
M i%. \Vl "H:'? wnll 1hey en,, ? .\Vhllat will the
R]-r-?| es,."( -'.,II l %t-. 0I ,' Ir p-,iple do to check*
'd redist t',Min ? 7 V Ill Ip IN) be loo mi,:'in.
orconn -\ ,-\.Vill i't;,o, whose duly t i.
:, lo' u'ard lhti",.HM -le _"of on rights and l lA r-
.qie.-Ifromn.piolan,tion,. sit like political blink-
nrd arotnd1.1 1 it- l a ', ;nd, ,n it, w ith fol-
ed aV',ar thoIS do'r a ionn ? "Will fAbey
iit.briu 'lhe Pre~i'l,:iii Io a full account
,P.MIeltle l ient lr all )In ]Le i:-rlSuland doing's
,4iy these high-hil-I.l i .i",;is res of intolcra-
%V6 .i- \ e y it, imI ,,litnt -nJ.I f- irfui,. upo'n the
.i'esull ofth aci,'a'il,,n, l i,t we do hope,-thl t
ithpre-,!),y yet be |I p ,ir-.,is,, enough, even
in iAd5 present P-',qres,'en. !,> prove that the .
"' V ,, Ir.,, *'iiit-.,I .... 1 '.\'],,,:':i ,_,'.:rlaps itself,"
': i ist ~tll, i~nbbll, I), p.e htllie, power ofvir-
tiot u .* o p p o :. i r i m : ,) ,. al I ln- r ?e n c e .
,.s-+. [- .. ,, t ,. C .*,(..,:/ 2 Senlinal.

A Ni:wv DII. TY.- It ik ,.),notei] that
Ahe +flu A- NAin k;tn,,i, iie4.inM Create thc
Qi)tlie of L,. G. ,,,e,:,l ;,! ,'1i :M of higher
"S .-' a',.,le than hl-) e I.. li hy I Leral:Scott
>r Gen,rr l .ivl,,,'. T I'I', -1111-t w as ,once
.crwed'eIl for V,',i higto'),d Lumg the. admiin-
istratioMn of-john. Adams, at tbe period
when tile tr,)lt).ile- of F,'ance firstbrokeout,
wlihen N\ -rli]iiiin, a second- time consented
to head tlhe .,r,1v. Tihe-war, we think, can
-e cirried on'-iihenergy a-dt success with-
out tlle cr'-iiioi, ol".. \ n: d ,,tes. W e have
ai m oUl:il -lv1,i V 1 S[,:t I-le t'l" the results of
ivifilary d,'ipon-ii, in MI,+ CQ,. and after
peace we m ,.u t I,:>e It.-) iiino, to beat our
swordsoint innin. M otIto)_; ind bid farewell
to the pr,,lI,., I,,,ni ,'\ l-',no circumstance
and glory of wir." \V' V.,,at no Lord high
A...inAI ls lit'. or h il mhii'?s Ir: Lt.- General
A fMthe Army.--[N. V. ,'i.
'H-ere is :1 I(.'t which %it, tie tempted to
culll[ i'rom thI, de,-_'-rt s,.t forth ir "the
*L ofiz-ville J.oninnl ol'ihe ilict inst. W e, of
*course, Hi-iclaim ,mn'ihiirj personal.g-[N;-
O. / .). l a.

Old Mar. HiAch,?,oM'!Ihe \\,,.lhi n 2ton Union,
says .hatm -one v oul, tlJih, .from reading
tlhe papersi, hli:,T ihe Am-!ir ,,{'people care
,- L rno{hit I ,i uz we.ll." IHl.: need not trou-
-hip llim ll about. th,? i:,.'t,-- of the people.
hlev are re nute.1 tol,, railmhcr mtercenary,
').ut. l- ey have reh ad hi *)a.iper .,id that of his
-A .'9.n-ai, Rr'lim'-h ),, initl tl:ey have come
l^ ^ A-}..., ;,',, ,,] -*h., .

r- Thle R,-Qirn, called into service fro-
t, tlih, city ,of Ne,'v- York is hot yet full. The
C',',rhr, s:,vs vaio us causes !nay be -assigned
fbr this; ,.ut .1 prominent doe undoubtedly
is lye. insiilniciI' yv of the law, which leaves
tithe men u n providedd ,-jr, utilii :ictually mus-.
tered itto i.irvice.

Thos. E. Gray,.
Chesnut st. next door below F'Arancis Kopman's.
WOULDa respectfully inform the citizens of
Apalachicola, that he has just received
from New York a large and splendid'assortment
of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, unsurpassed
in quality or cheapness, consisting of every shade
"--.-.y--.ari.e, w~hi'b-.r_ ispytcpil .u-iak6 up in
the neatest and most fashionable style,- at the
cheapest possible rates. Thankful for the liberal
favors heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes
by faithful attention to his business, to merit a
continuance of their patronage.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. "
Fall Goods.
TpRANCIS KOPMAN has just received his
IL supply of Fall Goods, and desires a call from
his friends and customers, and as to prices, he
leaves them to be the judges; his stock comprises
a general assortment, all of which is offered for
cash or city acceptance.
Apalachicola, Nov. 28. Chesnut st.

P;OR-LT OF' APALACHI1COLA......January 2.
DIec 30-Ship Waverly, Smith, from Mobile.
Bark Avola, Davis, from Barbados. 1o C -Rogers
-& Co. _
Bark Caspian, Bliven, from Key West, to D B
Wood & Co.
Brig Louisa Benton. Chester, from New York,
to Nourse, Stone & Co.'
Dec 31-Schr Hunter, Trott,from Key West, to
C Rogers &' Co.
*Schr. Panama, Forsyth, from Key West.
Schr Elizabeth, Russell, from New York.
Jan I-Ship Canton, Packard, from Havana, to
D B Wood & Co.
Brig Lawrence Copeland, Baker, fmN Orleans.
Schr Ashland, Thompson, from New Orleans.
Steamer Augusta, McLean, fm Chattahoochee.
Stearns. Emily, Hall, fm Columbus.
1-. ,,, 11,-,rMary A Moore, Moore, fm Columbus.
Steamer Eufaula, Thompson, fm Eufaula.
Steamer Magnolia, Skinner, from Albany.
Dec 26-Schr Octavia,-Shpnnon, for N Orleans.

New Pnblications.
Richelieu; Critchton.;, Emilia Wyndham;
Chevalier D'Harmantal; Livortan Tales; The
-Bush Ranger, &c., &c.,- just received and for
sale fy H. F. ABELL,
Nov 21 Druggist.

Holiday Gifts.
A VERY beautiful assortment of Card Cases,
Cases, Visiting Cards of Various forms and
colors, Tablets, Soveniers, Extract of a Thousand
Flowers, Patchouly, Vanilla, and other rare spe-
cimens of Perfumery, Gold and Silver Pencils,
and many other fancy articles of Jewelry, de-
signed expressly for presents. For sale by
Dec 26 J. C. ALLEN.


Waverly, Smith, 539 tons, fm Mobile, waiting-
Canton, Packard, 415 tons, for Boston, loading-
D B Wood & Co.
F!..,.1i, ,,,Whimore, .400 tons, for New York,
1 iii-----"'T,.,.; '-.'. Stone & Co.
Andrev. ._...r, E',n-iy, 818 tons, for City Point,
Va, loading-Chas Rtogers & Co.
Harriet IRockwell, Gennish, 447 tons, fim Liver-
pool, waiting-Master.
Avofa, Davis, 309 tons, for Providence'5 loading-
C Rogers & Co.
Caspian, Bliven. 321 tons, for Boston, loading-D
B Wood & Co. -
John Brower, Hubbs, 310 tons, for Boston, load-
ing-D B: Wood & Co.
Alabama, Merritt, 347 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing-Chas Rogers & Co.
Elizn, Haynes, 279 tons, for New York, loading
,-Dodge & Pratt. -
Triton, Lure, 267 tons, from Providence, waiting
*<1 .5Master.
','.-,.. Coffn, 372 tons,- discharging-J Day
,.- C o .
Sarah Sheaff, Sands, 401, waiting-J Day & Co.
Louisa Benton, C'I,.- .r.:.,. 168 tons, for N Orleans,
loading-Nourse, Stone,& Co....
Lawrence Copeland, Baker, 219 tons, from New
I Orleans, wariting--Master.
Manhatta.n, Johnson, 247 tons, for New York,
with .I- ,,.-i- .' < 11.... Stone & Co.

10 5+ BALES, for sale by
125 D. B. WOOD & CO.
Dec 5 7 Columbus Row.

E XCHANGE on Boston, Providence, New
York and Baltimore bought, and sight checks
on New York sold by
Dec 5 Agents Bank of Brunswick.

For Hire,
A NEGRO WOMAN. Apply at this office.
Dec 5

JUST received p4 b hhgiNatal fr"1a 6. NW-
V. ork, a Ene a,%iWtm %rinT' -dtdm gquio.rsSe-
g4r, Tobacco, So.'CndT"Sf&-1Domestic8.
&c": Also in stor_,'Jr.arrel^'c;_^' Wiae andt
Cider Vinog'a;r, whio'Ti' ultj~eb'Qlif^
.- W.D'..Tf'iS-V ,,
'-nr e--. .. .. fie.-- ,5"- Wa.(o'r s(roe[:.
-Q( BAGS 3a*.a Cor, e.; traQ.,- ,
'i 0 4.:, barrels N.o-rt4 n Flow's'. ";
4 pipes iN r,,.a "i -... ,,'. "' *l .
25 boxse CaiK~ctz-AP 1,000. .Rai'a g 3
For sale by, ...:1 iIAgljEV, -
Dec 5 ... ,. ..J _e str_ _7- -


Bagging and Bope.
1Cnn PCS Kentucky Bagging;
100 100 coils Rope;
4 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by
----DeCO _-.- A I Wat-Pr qtradL_
Iron, Nails, &c.
O")" TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes;.
120J 100 kegs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities;
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils;
20 cc English and American Vises;
20 cc Bellows;
12 dozen Spades and Shovels;
10 Collins' Axes;
10 bxs Cotton and- Woolen Cards;
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws;
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Dec 4 41 Water street.
Oi Consigunment.
8)' BOXES Troy Soap;
0L^ 20 London Club Charmpaigne;
25 boxes Florida Leaf Tobacco;,
For sale by B-S. HAWLEY,
Dec 5 28 Water street.

HEAP PUBLICATIONS, just received and
for sale by
Nov 21-- ,--_ A --l - -^,- -

-- Window Glass' '-
_ BOXES just received, 7 by 9," 8 by 10,
50_ 10 by 12, Il by 14, 11 by 1.6, and 12 by
18, for sale by [nov28] J. C. ALLEN.

Garden Seeds! @4 -r"*
AN a!ssOltment ot Gateiap
-_ and for saLe by "'a
N ov S ; -.

Wellsby, Davis, 210 tens, for Boston, loading-D
'-The necessitvofl'e-,iiiti_.-h-,it in furnaces, a B Wood & Co. ,
'slow pro:eq, iisQ1p, hy:IIhv : invention Delaware, Borden, 214 tons, for Fall River; load-
o f J oh ii A S co tt, so,: ul :t I, P hil Ing W oo-,ri,. & ing ^o d sBa lleau.
,. He has a composition, with which he5 coats EP FR THE TERIOR
_.. com m on c .imon hall so as to render it a P eRsEC EIS r.,, T HI. ox est o c to T
econctission o, the b )1l in it-sescape from the Preston; 2 to B -. H i,. i c k *2 to order; 13 bags corn
C.1111u0[1, and a burning mass is left among to J Schifler.
the splinter" ca, i.,:d by its passage through Per steamer MIary A M oor+e- -.t1'y:', .; c, ttonto
the tim~be'rs of a~ship .0r dwelling, su-fficeie~nt A N f .-,;78 to Lockhart & Young; 40 to
"r Dodge Pratt; 34 do and 6 boxes tobacco to Wy-
to cause an immnP.iat, (,-),,ibJji,_11n. lie &5 McKenzie.
Per steamer Emily-200 bales cotton to D B
GEORAJ AAN DF 17LO' Ai Pr.utucTS.----We Wood cy Co; 78 to Wm G Porterk, Co; 70to AN
hive hailed % ith -.i ,ion the appearance McKay, 23 to Lockhart & Young; .30to Rill,
of Geor.'ia Flour i, our market. It will paoer3 &. Co; 23 to Dodge Ac Pratt.
ibe seen I'v our 'uve C i-ing columns that Persteamer Eufaula-100 bales cottonto D B
Floriil.i Su^gar,:' ol.,s-,- and Syrup have Wood& Go; 167 to Nourse, Stone (V Co; 102 to
-1,)LI-1Ifi-i %viv er-acai Ti ys e A N M(cKa;-; 77 to Wyl'e .& McKenzie; 6a2-to
onn,l ther ,. ereaLockhart& Youg; 17 to J Day & a.
so lutic t,-.;'",. on account of the Indias per steamer i 1,--',..b: i-; bales cotton to J
W;1" sE-eem; i ih) be rev,. Wed oTbt Dav & Co. -
1"10 -I -1c th,-t i pr geamer Augusta-51 bales cotton 7 boxes
not thait it i|| --, on-inclreasing till a very i .... 1 9 k oundpeas to Lockliart &
*la r-j e f ti 1,[is ,I ,h ese v a lu ab le : ? ", 1
".,tall c 01110 ,1111( illy to o'ur w ;...V O,-. tor iand 1 .2 Q So,
.U.pu h l I,;i ,t. b o ". -2 trs o 1 ++
'-' .- 0W Y. boxes tobacco, 2 bb1 s'tar to B S

+ Limhe.
5"11 CASKS best Thomaston, for sale by
Dee 12 Columbus Row.

X ISTAR'S and Swav'yi.LBai, ol "'_0 -A
Cherry, jst received aQd for'14. by,. ".
NovS : .LLEN,-
PEASE'S Claified E:4eh'ce;?-o' T-j'o~arhQw, p*
Candv-a fresh suppr-ijtst peltVed an ,Jr"
s.le : ,' ".. P, E L ,
N.-Nv 21!-- '"' ".~ oe it' /
ri6ceived and fnr satl@tr.'... 2. ..-.- .
N.-v -21 H. F. ABEL.,,, Drlggisff."

Boots and Shoes.
BOY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;.
Men's sew'd, and peg'd Kip Brogans;
Gents fine Calf Brogans; -
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.

SALT-1000 sacks afloat and for sale by
Dec 12 Columbus Row.
Tahe IHydraulic Steamn Cotton.
NO. 7 Columbus Block, is now prepared to
receive Cotton for Storage at reasonable rates,
and will be ready to compress for vessels by Tues-
day next. J. S. HUTCHINSON, Agent.
Apalachicola, Dec. 12, 18.6. 47-tf
]Dr. Tow-a ; ,s Sarsaparilla.
nHIS invaluable and justly celebrated com-
T pound has just been received and for sale by
Dee 26 J. C. ALLEN, Druggist.
'U-a*'::; Seeets, Groxwthi of
A N assortenet ofG ,..,.. +, Seeds, just receiy.ec
H L '** -ABEeLL.y
..X- a"" ,.4 -,y xxr ;
Dec 13

Hefiined Nitre and A|lsin.
0if\ ' nov2s H.F. ABELL
BITTERS, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 1-H. F. ABELL, Druggist.
F OLGER'S Olosaonian, or All dealingg Balsim,
J' for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, Liver
Complaints anu all diseases of the-throat and
I lungs, for sale by
Apy'l11 H. F ABELL.-

F I alHpo~i .gt Wi.aters.;
A N a.,soritmenrju.t iRjeeived and. "r ealgj1...
N Nv;; 2'.)ALBt^ rua

Clover Seed.
A FEW pounds of large Red Northern Clover
Seed, for sale by -
April 4. F .H. F" ABEL.
" ~ ~ r -tz _,ra -"d, a ,'.,Wt1Roe. .,_ v
^ ~~ ~ 3~ 1'-'* 1.'- -','; 1'**l Hope,. 1".1 -1, !.v
D L, K' IAF;T-` 'eYOUNG, *
N,,v, 14 14, V.'. r +tree).

DOZ. DO -. C*ngre4s Sp)ing, -iVterc;-
,,1 .+., .. .;-^ ^:

~-- ;` 1


-"' + "*.. / .

:'z 7,.

To Let,
THE second floor with two fine Offices,
f of Store No. 50, Water street. Enquire
ojg nL the premises of

ESACKS af'"at "
Dec 5 J ; *** f t~ fa u M

\ J IiENTER STRkt f *, Wteuperit6r ar.
T,-., i ,ic .>- '-t ,.}-.eM .r ,[l .k/rfqA h Dr* g.'- t ^:
;:" '.'i.+ '. a,; tiS1- .
~'-- ',,.,',k. "iB( t .
r !" .1 +ir a, i."'/+ -

_ I ___5_4

Presiding in the Western Circut.
'(A Wte fopy-Teste.)
H. W. ROwLI,, Cle' k U. C. tA.'
Calhoun County, Dec. 21. dec26 8Xg-lm

~:'trmintatttatozrrJ' r~otCces,

ys i -,- t .7. I --Ml


r ,


At Private Sale.
2 BBLS. best White Wine Vinegar,
010 do. do. Cider do.
I by WOOD & Co,
Oct. 31. 4t 2 Columbus Building.
White Lead.
5 0 LBS, a superior article just re-
500f0 ceived and for sale by
Nov 21 H. F. ABEIL, Druggist.


Boots and Shoes.
OY'S and Men's Russet Brogans;
Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans ;
Gents fine Calf Brogans ;
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ;
Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.
A large and extensive assortment, just received
and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street.

LINSEED OIL, boiled and raw, for sale by
[septS] H. F. ABELL.

Castor Oil.
1 f~ GALLONS in store and for sale by
100 H. F. ABELL,
Nov 28 Druggist.


-,-- V,

"j.. y-' ;" ^-ai[ -._S^. --. Q.i^- S^ Produced by safer navigation,
tha g .,i : V* And ease for daily avocation T
I 1 .11.v;<,- L. I R RTI R So gen'rbus are ybu, as to make
*- ADVE SER Your future sons and strangers take
JANUARY 1847. A heavy debt of your transaction
--,,.,/_ ,.*' ;. J'ANJ-'Y 1. 1847. And praise expect-for this same action.
"-' .' "-' ----0, Justice let me ever find you
T.;r-. ,; 1.Kind.Pairor,_ I hav. conm,? to tell With generosity behind you!
The _furv of Itl yePar. THE CARRIER.
I-;1.'- '. .'A qd hope lili t I rni v tell it w_ -l
S" -. ^ rtrr'awP. x^. r Lh.ar t;:^,-.)nd ..lippr- -

; .--. '., ^.l-.** l'' r "- ...JU I |l ,a111.;' ^ U.1U1 I.!. I (, 1: .1
- ..,p s, :. aI-rd limes h'as bee illie c13, so long
M ." Ti9 elling out of' jate,
r" .,bl'r, ihijgnl.Laid worn out song
A -aw one I'TI create.

Dry Goods.
HE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
T sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys.
White and Red Flannels,
Plaina and Fancy .Jeans-,
Double twilled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casameres,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Denims, Kremlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking, i
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere &'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfsa .
English-and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose,
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c.
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or retail on favorable
terms by WM. G.'PORTER & Co.
Dec. 5, 1846. 41 Water street.

f Noti-ces.
#I Drug9B, lyedicliue, rF
alhoan Circuit Court. "Dye=StuffN, Vle A
John F. 0..Thomas,T & To h is = t=gaml
vs. 'Bill for Divorce. w7 to h n
Marinda Thomas. h'eimdro "tte am
THE complainant has leave to file sunplemexn- Vtatsufiptply, i
T tal bill which was done. It appearing to i" pl P lch
the taftisfaction of the Court, that the defendant stock, renders hbis saie 1mn -
resides out of the Western Circuit of Florida: It and completed Engliis, F -n
is ordered that said defendant be required to ap- American Dru; Co"meti "
pear and answer the bill of complaint, on the and Drusgiffts G war, -e
first Monday in March, 1847, and in the fault to Physicians, Countrty .MeriJ
thereof, the said bill shall be taken pro confesso, the most liberal tercmf--l ,a d
and that this order be published in some news- pure and unadulterated; .. .. .,
paper in this State for two months,before the W.. "*.* Dn
day ordered for the said hearing. Wholesale lld O
GEO. W. MACREA, Apa a i ... 4A.
Judge of Southern Ciruit. Apalahicola, NO; 21, le .,.( ,

London Quarterly Review,
Edinburgh Review,
Foreign Quarterly Review,
Westminster Review,


State Tai Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by law, I
shall expose for sale before the Court House
-door in the county of Calhoun, on the first Mon-
day in July next, the following property situated
in the city of St. Joseph, or so.much thereof, as
wilt pay tbe State and County Tax on the same
for the year 1846 :
14 Lots unimproved valued at $50, purporting
\ to belong to R C Allen's estate.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Robert Armstrong.
,1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to F G Arott.
3 Lots improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to R Beveridge's estate.
4 'Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting,
to belong to A B Blackwell's estate.
1 Lot improved, valued at $200, purporting to
belong to George Clark.
2 Lots improved,, valued at $100, purporting to
belong to Wm Cromwell.
1 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to J N Copeland.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to R K Call.
31 Lots unimproved, valued at $200, purporting
to belong to Win P Craig.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to W Colqtuit.
2 Lots unimp-v-,rl vabiedl-wt $50, purportifig
-. to .belong to Colquit & Grant.
-2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Wm.B Duvall. -
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to D W Dubois.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $59, purporting
to belong to John E Davis.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to John Derrick. '
20 Lots unimproved, valued at $100, purporting
to belong to-John G Gamble.
8 Lots unimproved, valued at $100, purporting
to belong to F G Gibson's etate.
2 Lots unimproved, valued ai $50, purporting
to belong to E G Greenwood.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong toJames Goslin.
6 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Robert Gamble.
2 Lots improved, valued at $100, purporting to
belong to Edward Hardin's estate:
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purpoting
to belong to S K Hodges.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to William Holland.
7 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong, to A K Hill. *
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to B S Hawley.
I Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to H B Inman.
* 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
,to belong to G C S Johnson.
7 Lots improved, valued at $300, purporting to
belong to John Jenkins' estate.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $100, purporting
to-belong to Seaborn Jones.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting-to
belong to Jones & Bass.
I Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to J Kinney's estate,
1 Lot improved, valued at $200, purporting to
belong to J P Lockey.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Doctor Lang.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Abraham Low.
5 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purportiug
_ to belong to P Lathrop.
I jLot improved, valued- at isb, purporting to
belong to C McEhran.
9 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
Ito belong to Wm P Malone.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Thomas More.
1 Lot improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belongto Daniel Munn.
1 Lor unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to J Nivnenger.
1 Lot improved, valued at $100, purporting to
belong to Wm Patrick.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting

to belong to George Poe, jr.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Judge Pope.
1 Lot'improved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Wm D Price.
2 Lot-s improved, valued at $100, purporting to
belong to Isaac Robinson.
2 Lots improved,_valued at $50, purporting to
belong to F A Ross.
-3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong, to A Ryan.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Wm Rowlett.
3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to Reegan, Colquit & Grant.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting to
belong to Roberson & Everett.
2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to.Phineas Randall.
1 Lot improved, valued at ,$50,-purporting to
belong to George St Clair.
1 Lot improved, valued at ,$50,. purporting to
belong to R MStewart's estate.
Lots unimproved, valued at $.100, purporting to
belong to Hamilton Smith.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at .$50, purporting
to belong to George Stewart.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at .$50, purporting to
belong to J Sweete.
1 Lot unimproved, valued at .$2U0, purporting
to belong to Walter Thompson.
8 :Lots improved, valued at $.200, purporting to
belong to E J Wood's: estate.
2Lotts improved, valued at $200, purporting to
belong to Hez R Wood.
4 Lots improved, valued at .$200, purporting to
belong to t.,arnot vvoauolu. --,, ---
1 Lot unimproved, valued at ,$50, purporting-to
belong to Charles Wilson.
2, Lots unimproved, valued at ,$50, purporting
to belong to J D, Westcott.
"8 Lots unimproved, 'valued at ,$50, purporting-
to~belong to P D Woodruff.
1 Lot'unimproved, valued at ,$50, purporting to
belong to William Wyat.

3 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting
to belong to R W Williams.
Lots improved, valued at $1,500, purporting to
belong to John D Gray.
and ex-officio Tax Collector.
December 26, 1846- 49-6m
0Fi HUHDS St. Croix Sugar;
JLU 20 do New Orleans Sugar, to arrive;
100. sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java ;
40 bxs Aromatic Tobacco;
50 Mnft'd do. Brown's and Labby's;
20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brownSoap;
100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder;
20p0 lbs Lead ; 4 casks Linseed Oil;
20-0 kegs White Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure.
For sale by WM. G. PORTER & CO.
Dec 5 41 Water street,
Congress Spring Water
UST received per schr. LeRoy, and for sale by
March 21 J. C. ALLEN.

The above Periodicals are reprinted in New-
York, immediately on their arrival by the British
steamers, in a beautiful clear type, on fine white
paper, and are faithful copies of the originals-
BLA.ClWOOD'S MAGAZlNE being an exact tac-
simile of ^,e Edinburgh edition.
The wiie-spread fame of these splendid Peri-
odicals *enders it needless to say much in their
praise. -,As literary organs, they stand far in ad-
vance of any works of a similar stamp now pub-
lished&, while the political complexion of each it
marked by a dignity, candor and forbearance not
often found in works of a party character.
They embrace the views of the three great
parties in England-Whig,'Tory, and Radical.-
" Blackwood and the London Quarterly are
Tory; the "Edinburgh Review," Whig; and the
" Westminster," Radical. The '" Foreign Quar-
terly is purely literary, being devoted princi-
pally to criticisms on foreign Continental Works.
The prices of the RE-PRINTS are less than
one-third of the foreign copies, and while they
are equally well got up, they afford all the advan-
tage to the American over the English reader.
For any one of the four Reviews, $3,00 per annum.
For any two, do. 5,00 "
For any three, do. 7,00 "
For all four oe the Reviews, 8,00 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3,00 "
For Blackwood and the fourRe.
views, 10,00 "
Four copies of any or all ot the above works
will be sent to one address on payment of the re-
gular subscription for three-the fourth copy
being gratis.
,h3- Remittances and communications must be
made in all cases without expense to the publish-
ers.--The tormer may always be done through a
Post-master by handing him the amount to be
remitted, taking his receipt and forwarding the
receipt by mail, Post-paid ; or the money may
be enclosed in a letter, Post-Paid, directed to
the publishers.
N. B.-The Postage on all these Periodicals
is reduced by the late Post-Office law, to about
one third the former rates, making a very impor-
tant saving in the expense to mail subscribers.
I* In all the principal cities and towns
throughout the United States to which there is a
direct Rail-Road or Water communication from
the city of JVew- York, these periodicals will be
delivered FREE OF POSTAGE.
LEONARD, SCOTT, & Co., Publishers,
June 13. 24-6ni 112 Fulton St., New-York.

"-", -, .p 'firs' t, e weather, that great theme
"% l e ,i ew beginners l',v.,vs deem "
', .'" '"" Most prudent for lhem 1,l,.l 10 lake,
-. ^^-.cW '-ntatac oria i,,end it) -make.
T .h Spring rie-Lrn'dJ to bowers
*-: ; qrorin-olthPi r:IvIn Lreen;
: But sbn ni'd rosy flowers
.'- ":** Her fdirY form was seen.
. .' ... O -then the-azure nlunlalns
..... .,.Benavatl -hker sm I les grew bright,
-Ad' atl rhe'cr',-I:l tountains
Roll'd down their sparkling Iiglit,
And .Nature breiili'dsweet music
'" To check lit r eager fli lh. '
-'S 7.'heaptink d hlie earth wt It beautiful flowers
-' And shed sweetest odors anion; her lov'd bowers,
And cheer'd the giy woodl.nds with Voices so
-' sweet
'That crystaline (ountdins in love seem'd to meet
"While rippling and dimpling ill smiles at her feet.
Thearth s-e then -;rrejad Ltill green flourishing
A nd .co,'r'd with verdure thP t'orest tree tops,
-'' b'fe "'_soms, the tlormse u.,I fIr't she had given
-' a ",[" S 'e 1'd all the tareats will the waters of
"'--,. lfeav'n.-- >

"'-'ooked-and s iv ilie Virgin -row
NLxiP tou-ghtful. as m,,rt ohA- r_--
^-. Fqr Summer breezes round her flow
And sumnmer skies unfold.
R ow actively now doesiliw summetp command
'The earth to yield "ruit4 to ilie ,iboier's hand.
T T Le inglhtiing she flashes, ".,nd thunrder she roars
'To frighten diseases mnid d-,ilh from our doors,
And sends us a blrssing in r.,is Iruin above,
And gladdens all nature wHth iiinl-llnne and love
The mauiden ln2, t Itensw mood
., Her head adJori'J 'wiltli ,'r.l,
W while fillIn- le.\e_ -.wepi iliIu' the wood
In Atit t i II's rd y 'Ir \ i hlhi
And now the Autuinn p, ini llih azure skies
And o'er (he fields rt.i'is her golden light,
While 'nealh hersm-iles [li .1\'oiVs harvest lies
'To bless the land--the he Afl Of n deliglht.
Slie scanters leaves Ir.Pni ePery tree where grows
The ripened ftruiiin yellow g.,,ieits chtd-
A mellow odor on [ihe bi eeze- bln\\z,
W while pelting I'ureQtl mtake all11 itiure glad.
; 5: Biltndw tie cniolin. o'inter's blast
. ; : -." Hadi -made the t'.,re.-t bare;
...... -* And men ungratefuul fIo the past. \
Oft curse thizs bruei,,q air :
-- ; "W inter e'en thofhi loudly ii,.\\ in,
Ice refre.-hing f'o.miV I fu, 'Vn, ;
Bring you eOni lol1n c'fI whlCl. siiwIn
Though it Indes ihl rmrh I r. -n \r.-w.
N "- ~ Now while forest rre s.'t Iiish..lII,,-r,
:' .... Swiftly falls ihe (.'e and snow-
/.' (7 : Soon from both. Ihlie cohl, 'tis taking
. And the lheadloni; torrents flow,
This shall swell [lie m li-.htv Liver
Up which vessels sat y" I ,
And though nature now may shiver,
'.,- Soon she'll tbel a genial glow'

Calhoun Circuit Court.
In Chancer.
Elizabeth McBryde, eery.
vs, Bill for Divorce.
William McBryde.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the .'Court
that the defendant Williath McBryde, -resides
,ot of the State of Florida: It Is ordered, thai the
said defendant be required to appear and answer
the bill in this case, on the firsttMonday in April,
1847, and in default thereof, the same shall be
taken pro confesso, and it is further ordered that
this notice be published in some newspaper in
this State for the space of three months. _.
Jndgeof S, uhemrn Circuit,
Presidiog in the Western Circuit.
(A True Copy-Teste.)
H. W. RoWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C.
Calhoun County, Dec. 21, 1846 dec26 49-3m

I G REEN & CONNERY, No. 36, Water street,
have just received and offer for sale
125 sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop;)
100 barrels Northern and Western Flour;
200 Old Rectified Whiskey;
100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap;
5 hhds N. 0. Sugar; 5 do Muscovado do;
20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders;
5 1 Hams;
20 barrels Clarified Sugar;
10 boxes Loaf do;
50 Sperm Candles;
20 barrels N E Rum;
10 White's Baltimore Gin;
10 Domestic Brandy;
10 N0 Molasses;
50 boxes English Dairy Cheese ;
50 pieces Kentucky Bagging;
30 coils Rope;
10 bales Alicant Mats;
80 bxs and hlf-bxs (new crop) Mal, Raisins;
10 Lemons;
75 Manufactured Tobacco;
25 cases assorted Pickles;
30 barrels Mackerel, Nos 2 and 3 ;
20 haltbbls do do;
20 boxes assorted Syrups;
20 i chests and boxes Gunpowder and Hy-
son Teas;
10 chests and boxes Powchong Teas;
2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy i
10 baskets 'Heidsieck" Champagne ;
50 kegs Nails, assorted sizes:
25 bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ;
3 tierces new Rice;
20 kegs and quarters new Buckwheat
200 bushels Norther Oats.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, 1846.

F"OR the cure of [)ispepfia orIf" | dB-- ^'
ious and nervous Headache,
Diarrahcea, Gout, Rheunhnliam, Qravel- FtaW-
lency &c. For sa.e who 1And 4!Z4 1W
Dec 12 J. C... Al.
Tari'ant's Compound .L
Cubebs and C oilm
Stands ftriMvi d for if

/SyC\^^In- a fewv days=_,no *Dalke
.menlt Dr retrioalia Jn.diel,
Ssf ^S^ is nlecessary. It -*M #p
found invaluable, bemigprez
p p ared with the -greatet
'possible care' 4" well
tested ptqnei;^ l J i ed
upon that ipra&I
first established L_.
ebrated Dr. F
That a Combina'tion,l
ilar remedies would produce a more ^efta.gi, ,t
speedy, and considerable effect, thah anrytai-a-,of
lent dose of any single one.' In many p flti
disease is entirely, prevented by its tfmeiyu applit
cation. Fcr~sale by ...
Dec 12 J. C. ALLEMDro .ft.
.Balsam of LiVerwort.
A REMEDY most perfect is said now to be
discovered in settled Consumption-U liwer
Complaint, or any of their incipint-s.ympt
on the Chrono-Thermal'system, by. the ue of'
Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated, mxeU4 ie*
Genuine BAb&AMor x_ F LvlwoRThlhj e pire*
pares at 375 BOW'RY. Thisplan t# tmeoM .
now espoused by several eminent physicians, m,
and has been for a long tume, the se6PA of. the
unparalleled success wtinh has atteni!dedDoolor
Taylor's medicine in peB6Bhijng it w, ldeh-1l
cures, -whieh .in .many, vty tny `"64, have
beerm almost incredible, but the concl.wive, piorfs
the Doctor can bring forward are irresigi"ble, atid
we advise all who may have coug ". simple
colds even, to -use this perfect "8p V~i|Qir-bout
delay. "Franklin says a small lesalk' sink a
big ship.' Therefore, cure yodr chughi btrfb _

NOTICE.-Six months after date, I will apply
to the Hon. Probate Court of Franklin
County, for a final discharge from the adminis-
tration of the estate of John C. Perkins, late of
said county, deceased.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-6m
NOTICE-All persons having claims against
Joseph Foster, late of Franklin county, de-
ceased, are requested to present the same duly
authenticated, within the time prescribed bylaw,
or this notice will be plead in bar of their reco-
very, and all persons indebted to said estate, are
requested to make immediate payment.
Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 1846. 44-2m
Administrator's Notice.
SIX months after the publication of this notice,
. I shall apply to the Court of Probates of
Franklin County, Florida, for letters of dismis-
sion from the estate of David C. Kolb, deceased,
as Administrator, and all persons interested in
said estate are hereby notified to file exceptions,
if any they have, in the manner and form re-
quired bylaw.
August 11, 1846, 31-6m

At the extensive Establishment of
Where are concentrated nearly all the NEW
been produced in this country, or imported for the
fall trade, and are offered for sale for CASH OR
Prices Greatly Reduced
Within the last few days.
( Purchasers are guaranteed the prices-and
allowances made for a given period.
()d Catalogues (renewed and corrected daily)
-rezulhting the prices-are placed in the hands
of buyers, and sent with goods ordered.
New Yt rk, August, 1846.

Thus much f>or weather,
,'' ,'* -:But ah me!' %% liut-1
; .. You sir, can ga.thl.?r
W Vhat's put og..ih,:r,
: .. _'. '" "": Is more Ilhan d novice
Ought ever to promise.
I faiin would speak of Faslion'sw,,rk
From bishop'd French to turband'd T'.trk
'": But hawing'-never been to College .
'l 1 "" I am derficienl in tthat knowle-,t -,
.'"" *' *And all I know upon tisn head
i '. Is what Old Trowse-rluoais oiiee-said.
Said he (while swelling ike a toad-
... .. .-A-nd -as-ht-svw'ct-ld, hie pult"d and blow'd)
'' Ah, dear Mtss Buuile, t.ll me -wh'eu
I'll walk the world w titl you ag.,in "
Before you dar'd your If,)' 10 -h,.iw
Time was, when 1 w'as all illh- g,;
- ~"., But I like you, would tdin grow l.,it. -r,
,.. :And fell disgraced upun .1 NIGGER.!"
: Then furious, tlus tile in.ila id replied,
While crinius'nlmt up wilh\i woman's pride:
You baggy, pufify, vulg.ir ilfin'
How dare you such a lihlenes, bringg.
What! tell a lady to her lace
-.- ,.- "'That 'she could ever bring disgrace
" Upon the long illttslrious lite
O fashion I 'Fine, Ideced 'tisfiae!
I'll show you ViOaI 1t IS I' insult
'-. A lady." Bvt who would wait result '
When woman's inger boil above
-'.. The melting heat el woIin-Li's love !
Now from this storyv Ive thought best
To let the female. Fashions rest,
And other maters I shall handle
That do not give such range for scandal.
The prospects of our city/next
Shall give me matte'r-for my text;
. And first, I'd say ofmeans and ways
".-Nil de:perindLidm"-'cista phrase
*,.. That our "' Comnmercial" often used'
And tl.refore I mavbeexcus'd -
.For niakin ,Ise of latin phrases'
Il pouring orhli my cii)y praises.
Heed not Columbus' failw.,:y "::ir
Nor -dangers tront thlie S.,ulverni wir;
Fo-nIever shall ileygive a sting
N-'r pluck a feather from our wing.
Still s.ils-,,hill wlhihten:all our strand
- And fleecy coltion di.ck Ilie land.
The country vast now overflow'd
And but the croakinrg froz'- rtbodeu
:Whiere scarce a lihntn I'.fo[ e'er trod
.Shall shine with Teninles to out God.
Aird Agriculture there shill usand
With gather'd harvests lit her hand
And lowing herds shall roam Ill.- lea,
And rice birds sing where hunt..i-te bee.
There Apilach'a resis hier heud
.. In senseless silence 'tong lhe dead;
But soon the forests Idlling sotind ,
Shall wake her from the d.:wy ground
Andswift she'll shake thee iii.i;t away
Arid rise refulgent a- the d.i'.
-But -while .]'li ta ll --, ihli h,= ,J
Who set the fire-prucif\vallk on t're "
-'And rais'd insurance rates niocli higher.
Ah! did you hear that Joiner cry 1.
That Mason in a passion fly !
That Tradesman render'd doulyh' smre
Talk of his loss-and look demuire ?
These are the signs hlla plainly tell
What loss-whart wo thee town befell.
The Body;Politiceonv,-ned
And ntany'asufl'rer's slry slaii'd *
While river, bay, and woo0f-htnd's wild
Were-scour'd L6 catclf the divil's child.
Five hundred dullars was ilh, bait
The Council put upon lith pl.tte ;
But fbund'jthe rogue too big a -imner
Forsuch a disli to come I, diin,-r.
Now, to prevent another I.oit
They thought it best t'enplohv a scout;
And pay'four dollars every night
To set th' unsulv [own aiiEhl.
Ah! dear Taxatw;," wihen you see
:Such sumisipaid out t;or thine and thee,
No m ...|o -"F`ra`xes sht, ild V-'l ". g1,.In1,le
And ".ons.h questions Mlidly auituible.
Head over heels the town's in debt,
And honest men should nevrr I'iet,
To find'it paid,-and ite' nore able
To set themselves u I.,itetr table.
'Twixt public debt, and private claim
". Against your p rppbrjy, or name
*Where is-ij1_0tlirWe*rnce 1 This you say
The law b f h9norn.-1lake.s iep.y-
Food, clotRes', ,and 1r, my I% ,inie protects,
And sarervall ithe world ex'pecl-.
Th'at-lshall pay for these. I-), man,
Wta.se-y-oice could inove he g-neral plan
Of public works, did you disc-rIrn
"Naught in them all ihat ft'er would turn ,
s.o your advantage \ Where's the health
The graded city gave The wealth

NOTICE,-Six trnntlhs after public ion of
this notice, application will be made to the
Hon. Judge of Probates for Jackson county, for
a final settlement of the administration otthe
estate of William Bryan, deceased, -late of said
county. -. ELIJAH BRYAN,
June 30,1846., 125-6m Administrator.

F RANCIS KOPMAN has for sale:
English and American Prints;
Bombazine and Silk Alpaca;
Drad Ete and colored Cambrics;
Bleached and Brown Domestics;
Negro Rerseys and Blankets;
Bed Ticks and Linsey Woolseys;
Apron Checks and Flannels ;
Linen and Cambric Handkerchiefs;
Hoslt'ryef-v-ery-aes-ripton ;
Straw Bonnets and Woolen Hoods;
Kid Slippers and Walking Shoes;
Colored and Black Gaiter Boots;
Calf and Kip Brogans;
Calf, Seal Skin, Kip and Water Proof Boots;
Fine Silk and Fur Hats;
A fine assortment of Ready Made Clothing,
And a large variety of Fancy Goods.
Apalachicola, Dec. 5, 1846.

State Tax "Collector's Sale.
NOTICE is hereby given, that six month hs af-
ter date, I will expose to sale at public out-
""v "trr;- t0 O --C--1ouwe door in the-city of
Apalachicola, the following property, to wit :-
Lots Nos. 9 and 12, block El, in the city of
Apalachicola, property belongingg to Calhoun &
- Lot No. 1, block J, in the city of Apalachicola,
property belonging to H. A. Norris.
Lots. Nos. 6 and 7, block C2, in the city of
Apalachicola, property belonging to Jacob Har-
To be sold for taxes of 1845j and the charges
that have accrued thereon.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
and ek-Officio State Tax Collector.
Apalachicola, Sept. 22j 1846. -37-Gm

J. C. ALLEN, Sole: A n~tr f
CAUTIO-.thet genuine DOOS.qs.W, .:V-
BALiSAm: OF LiVEtWORT, _bas o~~e~apl1' ''
splendid steel plate engraving, to pl .'v"tcs4 '""
terfeits signed by Gurdon J. Ue ," an -ogiSB '-
vile and dangerous imitations, anothg Ea6 ""
cautioned not to purchase or "deal..Nm 4 29-,ia4tfiti('.
protected by the U: S. Copy Right Laws. s
'Mareh'21.1846. I2-1y .f^
Tarranto s Ellervesdeleit ft ge^ o
Aperient. i
.LL and healthful Coidition oCbodv fi-,S~ced
by the use ar TAIRANT'S F*ERV' ENTr
This preparation is -universally auld*rfed. to bd
the most popular remedy of the preftnt day, for
the prevention and cure of -Indigestion, B'dious
and Liver Complaints, Nervous Weakness, Head-
ache; Heartl~uro, habitual Cos(kiveneaR,A,. .
Travellers and residents in warm climates win,
find it a desirable article ; itpievehqt iny accu, ;
mulation of bile, is portable,- and. Hib method of
preparation is untusually eoverianr," children
have frequent occasion for genill^ and"'cooling
purgatives;'.they will lake Ihis orietmn pre-
ference to any olher. Sold wol esale an# relain by
Nov 9. .- J. C. ALLEJN.DhiggiA., &c.

J. Stevenson & Co.
JAo: 45 Water and J.o. 2 Chestnut sts.
Are now opening their Fall stock of Staple
Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, &c., which they
offer for sale low for cash or city acceptance,
Apalachicola, Oct- 24, 1846.
Removed by Fire.
T HE subscriber has taken the store corner of
Chesnut and Commerce streets, where he
will be happy to see his friends and the public
generally. I will receive by the ship Floridian
now due at this port, an assortment of Drugs,
Medicines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, and Patent
Medicines. J. C. ALLEN,
Oct. 24 Druggist
Dissolution of Copartnership,
T HE Copartnership heretofore existing under
the name and style of WOOD & CO.," is
dissolved by limitation. H. R. WOOD,
Apalachicola, Sept. 21, 1946. 37-5t

ill continue the Auction and Commission
WBusiness as usual under the firm of WOOD

N SEYMOUR takes this method of inform-
ing the citizens of Apalachicola and iis
vicinity that he has removed down on the corner
of Water and Centre streets, and feeling thank-
ful for the patronage heretofore extended to him,
he solicits a renewal of the same, by offering to
you a very neat and select Stock of GOODS Con-
sisting in part as follows:
Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles.
Fancy Prints, do. do.
Alapaca Lustre; do. Figured.
Silks, Grode Ryne,
do. Montella.
do. Satin Striped.
Fancy Cashmere Robes.
do. Marino do.
do. Delaine do.
Muslins, India Book.
do. Swiss, Luce and Colored.
Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread.
Shawls,"-Damask Silk.
do. Marino.
do. Plaid Wool.
Kid, Lace and Silk Gloves.
Tuskan Gipsey Bonnets, latest fashion.
Ribbons in all varieties.
Brown Shirting, 7-8, 4-4 and 3-4.
Bleached do. 7-8, 3-4, 4-4, 10-4, 11-4.
Blankets, 6-4 and 8-4.
Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting.
Carpet Bags.
Hats and Caps, all styles.
Boots and Shoes.
Clothing of all kinds.
Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and
many other articles too numerous to mention.
Call and examine for yourselves.
_Ap*t1ch-eol, Nov.-14, -1846.,- : .
0 0n SACKS Rio Coffeee, just received and
400 for sale by
Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.

State and County Val Coliectorsr-
B Y virtue of the power vested in me by law,
six months after date I shall expose for sale
before the Court Houes) in the cily of Apalach-
icola, Franklin Couity, the following described
property, belonging to the Apalachicola Land
Company, or so much thereof as will pay the
State and County Taxes due thereon for the year
1846 !
Wharf Lots Nos 7, 8, 9-100 feet each.
Lots 6 and 7 in Block 17.
Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, in Block 18.
Lots 4, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18, in Block E2.
Lots 6, 7, 13, 14, in Block F2.
Lot 3 in Block D2.
Lots 4, 7, 8, in Block 1;
Lots 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, in Block 4.
Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in Block 8.
Lots 1 to 10, in Block 19.
Lots 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 24.
Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 26.
Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, in Block 45.
Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, in Block 46.
L6Los I to 10, in Block 54.
Lots I, 2, 3, G, 7j 8, 9, 10, in Block 32.
Lots 2 to 10, in Block 34.
Lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in Block 188,
Lots 2 to 19, in Block J1.
Lots 1 to 20, in Block Lt.
Lots 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 in Block 9.
JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff,
and ex-Officio Tax Collector Franklin Co.
Apalachicola, Nov..21, 1846. 44-6m

A LARGE and fresh supply 6frTJigs, Medi-
cines, :&c. consisting in part of the follow-
ing-articres :--5) doz Caslor Oil, q1s9 pits, and lif
pts; 5 bxs Houck'@ Panacea; 10 bxs: fiOve Oil,
40 kegs Epscm Salts; 10 bbls Coppers-; 10 Ibm
Gum Opium; 20 Ibs Sulphate Quinin'e' j20 doi-
London Mustard ; Herbs of all.kind-- 0 ]bf)
Nutmegs; 15 bxs.Starch.; 20.lrs'owlor Syrup -'
10 kegs Pearlash ; 2 gs fom8l'ene'am- Soda
Powders; -20 lbs English Calon-el:' "20'am Spts
Turpentine, and a general assortment fall arti-
cles iti the Drug line, lbr Country ,eircbants,
Planters and Ph)sicians. For salelby, .
March 1 H..F.,A^EL-L.
Bla-auii Books and StaftkTory.
L EDGER& Jo0 .-ais, DiAy.B -
50 roAnis) Foolscap a nd LeU'tfW1ft",--fi
--Clton Memorandum BQtia.''A *
Ship and River Bills Ladfl -" :'- ~..'
Bo,.,,si.ior Leiter Press. ... .'_'.A
P Blank Bills ot Exchange'and- lU? 1,
Just ieceiveid and Ior sale by r,".''
March I 'ff. F'A~^

Lamp Oil.
WINTER STRAINED, a very superior ar-
ticle, just received and for sale by
Nov 28. H. F. ABELL, Druggist.

-....- --raper, &c.
A GENERAL assortment of Stationery, con-
sisting of Foolscap and Letter Pap6r of the
finest quality ; Blue and White wove (ruled) ex-
tra fine Quarto and Packet Post; also a beautiful
assortment of French Letter Paper, Pens, &c.
Just received per brig Alabama and for sale by
Oct. 17 J. C. ALLEN.
N assortment of School Books, just received
and for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.

Q ]HALF boxes Manufactured W L Roane"
27i I Brand. .
44 half boxes Manufactured ,-W Price" Brand..
39 do. "


125 0BALES, for sale by
1~95 D. B. WOOD& CO.
Dec 5 7 Columbus Row.

28 "W, Barlow" "
-48 22 1b. boxes "J W Morgan" "
1-2 lb Lumps.
5 boxes Manufactured 1,,J W Morgan" Brand
5 boxes Napo-
leon's Brand Magnolia."
5 boxes Manufactured Napo-
leon's" Brand ,, Strawbery."
50 20 lb boxes Manufactured "Napo-
leon's Brand 1, Magnolia."
9 boxes Manufactured ,, Morford Honey' Dew
10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Segars.
30 doz Negro Caps; 60 doz Hoes, assorted."
Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Cards, Trace Chains.
For sale low to close consignments, by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.
Garden Seeds, Growth ,of 1S46.
AN assortment of Garden Seeds, jnst received
and for sale by
Nov 28 J. C. ALLEN.

PAINTS AND OILS-50 kegs-No I 4Wtti(
Lead; 200 galls Winter LampOiJ I oo alls
Linseed Oil; 50 bxs assorted Glass ; 500 Ibs Put-
ty; 100 assorted Paint Bfushes; Rbck Led,
Spanish Brown, Yellow Ochre, Gree j nt 41p, O
received and for sale by ] i l f
M arch, 1 F. Ayr.L
paints, Oils, &c,, <8e,i t( /
TUST received& per brig Alabtama, ,0om Nev
t York: .. ';-'
80 kegs ground While Lead'.Ro. 1 ;' "
50 do ;do 0o .s 9 f
25 boxes Glassassorted sizes: ,
50 Verdigris ground in oil; ,' "
40 Paris Green do; -
20 doz. assorted Paint Brumrhl i "
With every other article uajaan y employed, ir
the painting business, For'sale by -,
J.. C. ALLET. Drugist.
ApalachiCla, S-ept .29.....
received and for sale by ... :'
Nov-21 H. F. ABELL,-. M ggist.
Flavoil'ing Waterl-,
AN assortment jut received, a d,!4 se by
Nov 29 J. C. ALL9ui. ist.
DOZ. Coigresq Spring I^r'Jrist re-
,,,aJ ceived per brig Alabama and-for eale by
sept 29J C. C, ALLEN.

Nowill's Honey of Liverwort,
FOR, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of
Blood, and all the affections of the Lungs
leading to Consumption, warranted to be compos-
ed of vegetable substances only, for salv by
augll J. C. ALLEN.

HEAP PUBLICATIONS, just received and
for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN,

Window Glass.
5-| BOXES just received, 7 by 9, 8 by 10,
0.Jf 10 by 12, 11 by 14, 11 by 16, and 12 by
18, for sale by [nov28] J. C. ALLEN.

Clover Seed.
A FEW pounds of large Red Northern Clover
Seed, for sale by
April 4 H. F. ABEL.

Bagging and Hope.
7 PCS Bagging; 30 coils Rope, for sale by
Nov. 14 53 Water street.

W ISTAR'S and Swayne's Balsam of WiJd
Cherry, just received and for sale by
Nov 28 J.C. ALLEN.

Fresh Herbs.
SAGE,- Thyme, Summer Savory, Sweet- Mar-
joram, Catnep, Boneset, Horehound, Worm.
Wood, &c., just received and for sale by
Nov 28 J. C, ALLEN.

EASE'S Clarified Essence of Hoarhound
Candy-a fresh supply just received and for
sale by H. F, ABELL,
Nov 21 Druggist.

6*- BUNDLES, for sale by
Dec 5 28 Water street,

ANNUALS"for 1847; Poems.; Toy Books, &c.,
for sale by
Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.


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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: January 2, 1847
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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--- ..- u /" -'." **' -. T"i. ; V V' :. .


f "

/ I .
I -
l .

J"e': 4$ i. .
: ::
1 / .

____ __ ;

: 'II,. pl4lI 't .

( ontttttrctQt! .. I!! k!! !

=_- ; ____________ _______________ ;:<:' --- -- ---" .

--- ====- -
---- = = =
-- -- --- -
= p = -- -
-- -

-. --
--- -
-- ------ --- --- ----- -- --
---- -

f COMMERCIAL) ( ADVERTISER] 1 I -1f (nt-1J1J i1Jittttocy._ .. __ u Vtart'1J1Jonal___ __ ___ _WctWcts.AVH. ____. _. _ .--ii'IttIIaiitotui.hIci1T. .. !1 have, I took particular notice -of il-brown : tenant ; he looked at the group aDd immediately
====== --- -
:: -- ----- --- door
I -- - with
------- --- -
== - H ) streak
I == --- light here and thar, and passed into the of
PUBLISHKD EVERY SATURDAY PY ThomasCOMMISSION 1.I'cstOIl, SYDNEY GREEN, M. D. l'ATE N T SERMON. rJ1 lock handled-antI 1 woud! 'Hook at nified friend, who was still quarter in bed' bfcdif-

s. L. \VY3I AN.W. : MERCHANT AND TOBACCO BY DOW, JR. no other fur feer .
AND BROKER.&o. {ccr) : May be found at his residence, corner of I might get 'em mixed op Ah is that you, Charley// said' the Ieepy -
INSPECTOR 1: My text this morning is contained in in my head. Now about 12 o'clock I
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion ccrme 'Lieutenant, lazily his ..
second f opening ejre
Editor. St. Oilke ooin. these
G. HI. 2S Water words
: :- home will
House. Nov S. about a half hnmmrn in 4 Yeth Jim '
Dec M? Apalachicola) Fa. grown said the lisper, I iranti to
Office Third Story Baltzell'a\ Huildins?, corner of Dr. .\. 'V. Chapman, :How tender golveless! is ja woman woman! the my head, and the very rust thing I found, at try an experiment thith morning, and thee
and Chestnut btreets. 111.111. Butt. How top! of them twist in' steps, was my own how d-n cool be '
Commerce {; ?'O1fi'c'eovcrth1)ruStore of B. S. Hawley, loving is woman: you ran saying which
FORWARDING AND! COMMISSION How childlike U identical door with the brown paint and he walked}
(entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the woman delilirrurrtf up fw the fire burning -

TKKMS.:: \ annum, ., MERCHANT, Fa. house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell. My hearers-sure enough, how solvcless light streaks" and brass lock handle, air right. npo-n the bean ),. and .placed in it.. hottest -
Dollars Aphacb'c'ola.:
SUII..cRIPTIOSM.Thrre per Dec2 v. 2 tfW. is woman She is Good says I, and in I busted Walks .
: within January; 10, 1 H1G. an unguessable riddle center a iwcilcr canister and instantly
If paid in advance, or :$:;0:1: ;1') if paid six to the bed I
S. IU. liicUcrson, a most intricate enigma : a (lower which up does, and thar I finds one retreated.
month, or $1 1 O'J if paid thereafter- No subscription taken for a less term tItan six DEALER IN CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, analyzing, no one can tell to a certainty your long-legged, black-whiskered, town There was but one mode of egress-from
months, -and 82 will\! invariably L be charged for HATS, CAPS, &c. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR) AT LAW, whether it be poisonous or innoxious-liot fellers-fast; asleep. Takes him by the the quarters, and that was upou the ftwufe

f., th.it period. No |apT< will be JlUcontninrd until No. 1 Columbus Block, Oilers his services to the public in either of the always. She has been with man from the whiskers with both hands, and rears him up ground-the rear being built up (or-detIDCO
pud unless at the! option of the ApalachicoTa: Faf.I above capacities. in the bed! in I
all arrearages are ]1).c 12 beginning and he hasn't found her out a sittin' persition and gives I against rack. The orcopool>> l.o1I> one-
proprietor.ADVERTISEMENTS.. lie will practice regularly in Franklin, Cal- She is yet. !him a small exhortation-told him to leaveor glance at the fire nd'comprehending '
.-One square, (tvvelvo linosr I Charles liters John 1\llInn. Eugene. Rogers. comparatively an unexplored coun- ,saw the canister. --
of One Dollar I i I. houn and Jackson Circuit Courts-and will, upona try-. -nn alphabet of I'd kick him down stairs and didn't want his situation in rnonMBthe
will; th rate 2
,r !<> $ bi! inji'ilod( at ; ClIusi. Io.ei's cV Co., special retainer, act Counsel in Courtof hieroglyphics mag
as do .
for the first, and Kifty Cents: for c-vi-ry subsequent : COMMISSION: : MERChANTS, the Middle or Western Circuit. He any will aNo, netc: mystery. Nobody knows what her to tl.:1for\ I was a patent, double-revol- dashed; the door, but his friend had liast,
insertion.To contains. Sometimes it stuffed VIQ stouin wlc nnil once set in motion, on the outside.:
\Vatcr street seems wild
cases in the Court Appeals at Tallahassee .
those \vf! > alvert'a by the year a liberal Dec Fa. argue love, tenderness, and and never stops till the masheenry wears out. Charle,. -lot me out if :y." lav m I"
tlHPount, will he miJ<- ; IWt advertisements: :; not _____ __ _ _Apalachiccla_h ._ ,__ present, the at sessions, unless: of prevented which by he accident.will always be others filled with nothing) sympathy but grit; and ;at "The feller, continued George, "got up shouted the occupant of the quarters.

strictly pertaining:,(ro their own IJ.IMIIC.SS a* well D. R. Wood cV Co., Apalachicola, Septembers, ISlG.II. vel. It won't answer to shake her : if gra very humble-like, and travelled the cheer Tli'n on the canifher, Jim j* shouted be- .
adv rtiscine'nt3 sent in by them, will[ you whar his
ai all lejpil COMMISSION AND FORWARDING --- -- do the dry goods was and I sauntered; in return.
you cause and( the alkalies in
be clurneii: at the ii for MERCHANTS I I her nature to come in contact and then room at piclers, a moment was to he lost-he had at
le.al advertisements must he ;
: AU ; No. 7 Columbus Row ATTORNEY AT LAW studyin' over the chances of another first snatched
such an effervescence takes gittin' u p a blanket to cover his egress.
place as
in advance.Five D..l1ar'wilt!. bs: charged for announcing Nov. 2S, IS it). Apalachicola, P1:1::.- CI.VYTON, Baibour County, Alabama. lower the ambition of pearlash and cider. cock-tail before turnin' in. Arter a while I but now dropping it, he raised the window
:: ----- -- -
{t:1- -
candidates: for otli e. WM.: W. SIMS-. WM. W. C1rIrvLn. April'.), ISiri. 2-tf Like the moth of April she is all sunshineand begins to hurry the feller-says I "draw on and out he bounced-sant culktfef, tan*

err: AU ai'itteiI1ot3 from a ti<:tanco must showers. Many a tear-drop of hers them moccasin-skins of yourn and learc !" everything, but a very snort garment ; and
Sims V: CJicovcr, A. O. Sciiimcs
he accomjunieJ; : with the cash, or city reference COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, dries and evaporates in the warm light ofa and with that I turned round to give him a thus, with hair almost on end, he dashed

to insure insertion. {(:.$- Oilice, No. 0 Columbus Building, 00- Office ATTORNEY, J\"o. 2 dipt. Xiinmoii'.i AT LAW.JJiti/ding smile, ere it has a chance to fall ; and) many final" \grill, but Bob 1"Vhat upon a full parade ground" The sh..,

:- _<1 le-12 I Apalaclncol-i! I"Ia.lL1biIS cur. Centre & Commerce streets ;a bright smile! is suddenly quenched bya Gl'orge'l""Ouess which hailed him brought out the whole
}J tritrii: Dfrcttot'ij.Locklr.irt ?. frop.time what he was doin' barracks to see what was I the matter,and the
sprinkle cloud of
.All>ii A; Co., nov.'i: Apalac.hicoh, Fla. passing sor- "Don't "
know !
-'- -- -----_::: = DEALERS 1 IN VRDWARK AND SHIP --- row, a'jout till'! size of a bed-blanket.- dignified Lieutenant pulled a tall Sergeaat

\\0Ih2;.;'. LH.\ DLEItY. STEEL, NAILS, SPIKES J. Law, Griefs bubble up from her bosom to burstin Why, just as true as preachin.' he wasmakin' in.front of him lo hide his parade mires,.

C 0 :\\Dll 3 S 10 N and Foil \V AnD I N GMERCHANTS AND CASTINGS; ATTORNEY AT LAW an atmosphere of joy, and joys, like autumnal \ right at me, with the d-st most on- Why didn't you tltpit on it, Jim I' inquired

And Manufacturers! of Tin, Iron, awl Cop- Bainbi idge, (Decatur Co.) Ga. flowers, spring from the warm beds satisfactory-looking': Bowie knife in his Charley.'Because .
No. :5U Water street, per Wares. of her heart, to be cut down by the sudden hand you ever saw. I'll go to grass if he (there was DO sharp shooters in

novQl: !: Apalachicola, Fla Doc 1 12 Apalachicnln, Fa. !:jr-' Will attend punctually: the( SuperiorCnnrt.sof frost of grief. A compound "H was'ntlet's! go liquor." front to stop a retreat,* answered Jim.
counties If Baker and queer -
the ( Early, Decature of
-ALVA \VYI.IK, \\,.\(. A. .:\\lcI l:. Z'E. She is made of boldness \Tehi, lint what did you do, George, "All I got to I thay ilh," says Charley.
1 II.: F. NOUIMII.: :II. :Stone:::: II. W. Brooks.Nourso :: the South Wr it -rn, and of the county of Thomas up modesty, when he made "
AVylic A:; :ItfiiKciazic, Rtosic iV:; Co. of the Southern Circuit. mavJ.lolm beauty, silks, satins, jealousy, love, : at you ? that you might thafely done it, for I'll
Why, nothin worked thware there wailiu't
hatred l'articular-cnly u thingle grain of
--- horse-hair powtier
--- whale-bone
piety paint
nATTOnEY ) thing, 'tiil got him from between me in it!
No. 12 \Vdlrr Mrecf gaiety: gum-elastic, bear's .-
grease sympathy
: ,
and the "
No. 1'j Water strpct door, and then- Under the
: AT LAW a volley now sharpest kind
AMla'hil'.1.II'l. ears, smiles, affections, and kindness.
1 ISI'' :
S-wt. "
_. {Dor 1 12 Apalachicola.! Fla. \Vliat ? the
; shooting cool Lieutenant
: --- ---- -- AI.IIANY.: (;JA.WILL dignified
--- She talks with her with her
; I). IJttD1t2I, -- tongue, speaks : -" '1"h,11 1 left !" retreated
into his
r I AUCTION AND) (' )DUSIOX1r.ItCll.T:: :: : I .!. SI. & J. ,11. HnlJ, practice.\\fe-t in Circuit tllce'cral atiJ!Comt ( f the eyes, i is: eloquent in her actions, and, yet Ican't --- quarter. .nerfectlv- slisfied
: r:1: Thomas and to acknowledge, that under some circumstances -
l- Slcwait: counticdAu. My ficnds-llOw tender is She [From the St. Louis Reveille. it is not very easy to take it coolly!
! No. 15 \raforstI.ct, ,.;. 5, SI.;j. 31-if "
jCotl on bought on order. is as te-ider as a chicken and as tough as TAKING IT COOL.
cz ----- ------ -- --- ;
Dw 12 Ai'AK.\cjficoi \, FA- ---- --
-- -
Refers to < T UMDER: : INSrEC.TOlt-The undcrsincdJLj an old! gobler. She must be screened from SOLITAIRE.. [From the X. O. Evening Mercury.J

fe. F. IIni.TEV, > .\ .W OrlcalB. ilarper .V Bloliiics! having been appointed Inspector of Luruber the lwt summer's sun, sheltered from storms, Take: it cool is a very common pieceof EAST INDIA COTTON.

J. G. DUXL.VP, 5 COMMISSION MERChANTS, for the County of Franklin, odeis his services to and protected from the blasts of winter advice often gratuitously tendered to a During the past year an effort has been

Me---!. WYL.IK & MeKuxziE, > .\11 a 1 J C'lt'ICO 1.a. also, the public in that capacity, and will attend to all and yet, if she makes up her mind to it, she young gentleman of warm temperament, made, by English writers, to show that the

J.- S. llur oHiN-soy._5_ _ .lurnh fur the duties appertaining to said appointment. can out-sweat the sun, face a northeaster, when he is about to tear his under garment ; prospect of East India cotton have been

s. V J. Schiller.WHOLESALE SUN MUTUAL I INSURANCE COMPANY: CORNELIUS GRADY. and be a match for the devil. But inwardly but the advice i is often disregarded, to the gradually brightening, and that the increas-

AND HE fAIL GROCER, of the City of 01\\w York, March- ISJfl._ she is as tender the mercies ofhcaven ; great; detriment of superficial surfaces, and ing supply from the East was likely lo inter-

er:: I'-irticaUr: attention p.ud! to putting up family.se.ul1ll1nt No. 51 Water street, the discoloration of exposed of the fere seriously with the trade
Hnd ship stores.No. INSPECTOR.-Having been ap- he heart is as much softer than he-humans parts cotton in
: 1'J Water street, .- Dc I 12 Apalachicola Fa. LUMBER Inspector of Lumber for the Countyof as beeswax is softer than a brick-bat. tier: human face divine. In the above mentioned America. We have always observed, however -

Nov. I 1 AnalachicolaFla._ C. A. GHEEN. C. H. CONNER Franklin the undersigned offer! his servicesto :;; sympathies are as delicate as the down under case the advice might be profitably followed, that the writers alluded to were extremely

Grccsi & Conncry, the public in that capacity, and will attend to an angel's wing, and her love appearsas but there are circumstances which forbid barren statistics, seldom! going into

S. Davenport COMMISSION I MERChANTS all duties appertaining to said appointment. fresh and unfading amid the sorrows of the quiet and unmoved contemplation of an details, never giving any tabular,views of the

FORWARDING AND COMMISSION No. 30, Water street. April li, iSilli. ..BENJ.: LUCAS.. adversity. as the wreath that en- approaching crisis. To say to man who is East India cotton trade during past jean
-. -.- -- -- -- evergreen
MERCHANT APALcincor..\, FA.Pdican ------ -- circled the bald brow \Vintcr.. Her tenderness I seated in\a falling building-"take it cool," and only dealing in vague genralities. One S
1 : \VoIter-&trect t Mutual Insurance Co. (JXCW York. E. Gray, would! be of his situation of the
) English
No. CJ1AS. .1. UttUUif, Ageiu.Dec 1\1 EUCHAIYT: TAIL is too touch to be destroyed l hv... a mockery or to reviewers, some time ago,.
Apalacliicola, Fa. ." No. ;'M Water struct.anl CllfSJllll si. next door below Francis Kbpman's. whatever chance fortune, or lime, may wmsperto inree hundred passengers upon while diseasing' mis suojeci, spoke ovw
t 1 Liberal Advances midc on consignments ) a magnificent steam ship, as she is rapid advance of the cotton trade in India
{:3-::: ; -------- respectfully inform the citizens of bring :tough as tripe and twice as com running, ,
'- to my friends in .Ne-.v Orleans, New York or Eil JlcCIIIr, WOULD that he has just received with a full head of steam, bows on to the as a powerful argument in support of the construction

f'r Liverpool. April I. IMfi.It. I ;. COMMISSION: : MERCHANT AND}) DEALER from New York a large and splendid assortment I mon.My dear friends-how lofty is woman !- main land, to possess themselves of a frigid of railroads, throughout Hindostan. -

{ IAliell, IN Dlto OIS) AND! GROCERIES( [ (If Cloths, Ca.;simcres" and Votings, unsurpassedin No matter whether born in a cellar she can btate," would be a downright aggravation He declared that railroads had be ,om.-

f I \V..'M.W"..YI.E.ND* R.:r \11., No. 5j: Water street. quality or cheapness, consisting of every shade sometimes be as lofty as a garret. When of their position. It is also sufficient absolutely necessary there to coueyto mar

t ,; ORALBI: ix ):iu-.s, Ir.UICIF.P.IXT: :';, IW ." ..Apalachicnlt Fa.IVm. and variety, which lie isprepan-d to make up in she once gets her back up, 0 cats and broom cause for hostile rencontre to grin at a defeated ket the increased quantities of cotton. En;.

! .4; OILS! (ILV .-?, &,.-., k<". G. l. si-icr it Co. the neatest and most fashionable: style, at the sticks-Iook! out for yourselves! She is as candidate, and tell him to take it lish writer have talked much of late about

Al li i-.Vj.ieral; :a.4)t I tflt4t of Sutincry. cheapest passible rates. Thankful for the liberal high as Olymput and as a cool ;" but there are cases which, as a mo- the prospect of Englands, being. at saoae-
C-ir. of t Chestnut: : ai: J Viator st r1s' : : favors heretofore bestowed{ upon him, he hopesby machine. In her wrath, she is as crazy as dern romancer would say, "in point of future day not far distant independent of
faithful his business
"nflill I .\'nhchil'ul.t! F.t. to to a
-- 1\'o..n Water Street. continuance of their pntronagei a bed-bug as strong as a tiger, and as terrible downright provocation rise in sublime mag- the American cotton market and of the

: II. D. Darilcn, pee ."> Apalaohicola, l' a. Apalachicola, Nov. 21, 15-16. as a tornado. She can blaze away as nitude above all these," and we will endeavor East being soon able to furnish all her cot-

1 rI No. 2 Columbus OuilJings; John S< Ilntcltiiisoii) Fall Goods. (hough hell, heaven, and earth were coming to make good the assertion by present- ton. But, in truth. East India cotton, so far

n'r. 2), 1SI3.;) ApaLichirola. Fa. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION KOPMAN has just received his to close quarters ; but in a few moments it ing an example.In from having been of late years and now on the.

MERCHANT I 1 FRANCIS Fall Goods, and desires a call from is all over-and nobody killed. Then she the wild days of 1\1i:5souri-no: one, we increase, has actually been on the decrease

Bcnjiimin: Sillcr, No. ;3U Water street.S his friends and customers and as to prices, hlea'cs comes down from the mountains, whence presume, will dispute its present civilized the following table is given by Prof. C, F,
COMMISSION I M:\ KUCHA I NT, APALACHICOL\. state-a number of the excitable and McCay, of the University of
licits" patronage. them to be the: judges: ; his stock comprisesa she has been rolling big stones upon people more Georgia in
Ntj Water srtet-i Up Mains, general a assortment all of which j is oflercd for below-softeus down to a jelly, and becomes adventurous young officers of our gallant an elaborate article published in the Decem-i..

1 -Ip.- 1-,.I IM'i.---:; --.- -- A'iaiachic'il.1. ; ---.--, Fli. Ja.. F. Farrior, ca:>h or city acceptance. as quisescent as :a i e-pond( after a tem army wore stationed at Council Bluffs to ber number of HunCs Merchants'Magazine
L.X. Frc'l. JL3. I)iiusYAOTOR CEXERAE RECEIVING: ;; ) ;. FOKWARMNG!: \ Apalachicola, [\,,,,. 2S.; Chrsnut sf.Netv pest. The breeches won't fit-she must resume guard the frontier from the incursions of on the state of th cotton trade throughout
COif.y .I MEUCIIANT\ : : ----- --
AND: COMMISSION: : Nfo. Si)Water stittt.Di'c'3 Publication the petticoat: ;: and be a woman, after the wild and then powerful tribes hich the world. The table gives the amount of

tMEKCl! .NNT, ; ApiJacliicola! : Fla. /CONFESSIONS OF A PRETTY: WOMEN: nil. roamed in that immediate neighborhood.In cotton imported from India during the fast

No. -2 Culam'ju* Hl'x-k, ___ __,________ ____ ___u VRichelieu ; Crit htln; Emilia \'{)ndhaui ;; My he'arcrs-llow loving is woman: !- their isolated position they had little to six years, as follow. :
J D'e rt, l'l.I: A'nlihicola, F.I.ALOKKT .. J--KMI\II: D.-.v. !MANTEL: J. h).\". Chevalier l 1)'i II I o1rmantal Livoniaa/ : Tales The destroy the of life
; ; Aye she is ama/.ingly sticky in her attach; : monotony except an occasional Isfi..274,000 bales { 154-I..ZL'OOO bales
DJPSK.: CIMKL.H PJl. 'I'T. .5. Diy tV: Co., BII-: ,!"I Ranger, &c., &c., just received and for ments. She will cling to the chosen objectof march to check some tribe which 1342.. ...2.35.0'.10" f 18-15.5.,000 "
COMMISSION"; ) uIRCIIAXTS l sale by II. F. ACELL, was warming into hostility in I-13..12.OOO::! | 1346..120fXXJ.'
D)1t4: iV Pratt, :: : ; her heart like a 'possum to a gum tree ; or inventing

SIIU'PIXJ! &. ClJDIiS31OHrrCILXT.5.: :: :No. 32 \Vat"r .:tn.vt, -Nov. :._21-- Druggist.: :; and you can't separate; her without snapping and playing o.Ttricks! upon each other. It If this is what Kngli.! writers mean by au
advance of the
No.V) Water Strcft I Dec 3 A I'lI.lehicolcl, Fa.CC I a-ing'; : ami Jtopc. strings that no art can mend, and leaving mattered not how outrageous any devilment growth of cotton in India

;- Also, A-jcnts! for the "-KinInsurance Go." pcs Kentucky: Hugging; a portion of her soul upon the upper- practised upon one officer by anothershould then we understand them. Prof. M'Cay
X.\ -2'.! ApaliChicola, Fa. the l'ro"Ctiiin! Inirancc: <'II." uud the "Jlart- 100 IIfJ' coils Rope; leather of her affections. She will sometimes be, they never for once grew angery, but remarks, that this diminution in the amountof
--- ---- *'
II. U. taylor, ford- In-iirnncc. --Co.-Hartford-- -_.Conn._- .1 bales Bairging! Twine, for silo by see something to love where otherscan the victim merely set his wits to work to, if cotton imported from India into Europeof

COMMISSION I AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT I.. 'V. Cnllcllt WM. Q PORTER &; CO. discover nothing even to admire ; and, possible, surpass his own case by a retorton late years, may be attributed in part toa
Dec .j i 41 Water street. of the East
his A Lieutenant who greater amount cotton
1 AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION when her fondness is once fastened upona adversary. was

No. 22! Water. lreett )1 E R C I I A N 'F. Iron, Nails, &c. fellow, it stays there, like glue and mo- particularly good at these practical jokes, having gone the otherway to China,in con*

IIPpt'lly Apalachirola.: Sn/iciln a share of Pull Patronage. 9 0 TONS: Swede Iron, assorted sizes; lasses in a bushy head of hair. because dignified and cool manner made sequence of the Chinese war; but here we
Ott 24 ApAbAcmcon FA. ,.w 100 kegs Nails, do. him less think him in error; for the following froRi
--- ( suspected than his comrades had
hearers-how childlike withal is ,
Francis Kopmaii, n _._ _. ________ 4 casks Weeding HOOH, assorted My ,
qualities; the Bombay Times shows that the irada
played ofT one a brother Lieutenantwho
herself she
woman A plaything is fond upon
WHOLK \LE AND RKTAII. DEALER IN I. D. llnbcc; 20( Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils; had delightful A short time in cotton between Western India and.China
DRY GOODS BOOTS, SHOES!: B.ATSXD! COMMISSION: AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT 20 English and Amei ican Vises ; of every plaything in: the world's great toy- lisp. and has been the
Singapore to
CLOTHING, &c. I I : 20 Bellows; shop. Her home is in the realm of fancy- after. at an evening card: party in his quarters, up pe&eot
time, the decline. The of
dozen arid her existence is kind of ideal the dignified joker was expatiating: to several on amount AQltoo
ocll Chestnut-Street, Apalacliicola, Fla.. NI). 7, Columbus Block 12 Spades Shovels; a realityhervery China
11. R. WOOD. Sept. 15: HJi;. Apalachicnla: l'a.'itaii' 10 Collins' AxC's; miseries arc mingled with a pleasing officers, among them his lisping victim, imported Singapore ftoai

AUCTIONEERS.: AND COMMISSION; V: Co., 1 case Rowland's Ca-tt Steel Jlill Saws; future still brightcr.Vould that I were a circumstances, to keep cool, and remarked 1S43 .....1(3,093(; bales. I j.J.J.8'l.: '!& bales

AUCTION A; COMMISSION( :; ( MEIJCIIANTS.: IffY lbs Cast and Gorman; Steel t fur sale by with that moreover, that in his own case it was a lS.U..120.U9. [ 1:46..llS.2-6:: "
MERCHANTS AND GENERAL A'JEXTS: : WM. (J. PORTER & CO. woman, to be pleased every posy COnsM'n'inml k..iP. :- ..1.r___ _r..._ ....uovthreatening Tins .olio...-. .. j_-,:..-.. VI "III'' imuc *n rat-
No. 2 Columbus! iuildin: !r, pops its lieaJ obove the weeds of=> wicknl ton between Hindustan and China .
KlTKAUI.: .AL.t. Doc I 41 Water slrecf.On consequences, to retain a nerve .n4 ihis
Oct. :11. Apalachirola"A. ; world and have no thorns to molest me
REFEKKNCES : which defied surprise. The advantages of decline is a subject of which in India., litre
N. Jlclar, DEW & \VYI.. Consignment. while gathering the wild Mowers of imagination -
;MUST, ;S. such the has long been complaint and during the
was enlarged ,
1 a temperament upon
I' & Co. | BOXES Troy Soap Childlike, woman is ever happy.
COMMISSION I MERCHANT, v ".iUl', 80 chances it afforded of from danger very time that writers in Englandfctxefceeu:
/ *'L V 20 London Club escape
No. 1'J' Water street, L. I F. SEAMAN & Co. j Champnigne: : ; Tickled with the straw of flattery, delightedwith declaiming about the brightening
23 boxes particularly pointed out, and a general assent prospect
Florida Leaf Tobacco
JOHN NORTON, jr. J JJOHV ; rainbow-tinted bubble that floats
Flori 1 L.
Sept ISIG.
21. ola.
Apalaclii' "
; every of India \Ve have
cotton. o&oa before
For sale S. HAWLEY to its value in the possession ofa so
FRASER &. Co., Charleston.C. by the wave oftime asantic as a young, given great "
').'. II. Austin cV Co., C. LAI-HROP k. Co New Oilcatf, D cr :5; <2S Water street. upon and a military man. says the Bombay Times, espressed
in the moonlight, as merry as
COMMISSION CHANTS WAUHEN CROMWKI.I., ) coon Well, Jim,' inquired his lisping friend, our opinion that the cotton trade.of Western
I MKR Columbus, Ga. JefiiieL IVilrc and Alum. cricket she dances in the sunlight of joy,
A. K. Ayiit.E. 5 bvnov2S 'how would do thopothe a thell withan we have hesitated boring our .readcff with
No. 43; Water Street KEGS each, jut received and for sale and endeavor to coax us. you
Oct. 24. Fit HARRIV 1 : Apalachicola, 10 11. F. ABELLM1 seems use every and inch futhee thould drop itthelf into a India was undergoing a rapid exiinctfo, that
; Apalachirold. male, moody mortals, into brighter "
: ------ -- the but adds that he table
subject again, : ,
: -- __ ; high walled angle in which you had taken I
: Cooke & Ifonio h 1 OFITS LIFE PILLS AND P1KKNIXBITTERS happier paths. So mote it be which above "
:; Salt. I tucker from a (company: of tharp thooterth, I ( we have given ) sets the decline
; :), just received and for sale by
\ 'ConnS:5lolEltCII.TS.: SACKS ailoat and in str.r, for sale by Nov 23 :II. F'A1iELLlmugist.: AX ALABAMA LEGISLATOR.A and where it wath thertain if you poked out : in such a serious point of view, thatwe

;;o. 13, S!. Charles Strcel, 1100 D. B. WOOD &. CO. ---- correspondent of the Montgomery your nothe you'd get peppered do not hesitate again.. calling attention toa

cw-Or1ean$. Dec r> 7 Columbus How. 11'0111..1 Nails. Journal tells the following good anecdote on 'How ?' said! the other, winking at the question ofsuch vital importance."

XNDUKW S. Coonu, AMOS: HoJ. :::\. Manhattan from New -j "I A A BARS Swede's Iron ; 200 kegs" Fat the member from Henry," circle, 'why take it cool, awl spit on tILe A view of the Bomby and Canton tradein
received brig George
febS. JUST per _I L'7 Nails, assorted sizes for sale by !' cotton also shows a decline instead of an
visit Mobile.-
Scgars Iit to fusee
a fine assortment choice Liquois, connected with his
Dec :: J. DAY & CO.
C. Allen Tobacco, Soap f Candles Starch, ]Domestics, Col. D-had persuaded George to go with iTcth, thath true,' answered the lisping increase, as Prof. McCay supposes. The

I \Vhfll..s! .. / U'l\ Retail IV-alcr, in &.c. Also in store 30 barrels choice Wine and i Salt. him to Mobilevheic the member from Lieutenant apparently perfectly satisfied ; amount from Bombay to Canton has beeu a>

; 'D1LUGS, MIUMniVKS: I : PAINTS, OILS, Cider VUll'gir; which will he sold low. SACKS Liverpool on hoard bark! Henry" for the first time saw "sights" cal- and another wink travelled round the circleof follows :

'S: GLASS, liilUSlIEr5.&c.Ac. EDWARD McCULLY, I 000 Sarah :Shealf::; for sale by culated to excite emotions of wonder in the optics. 1S13 ....231.510: : bales.., 1 143.133,719 bates.

also, .Dec :5 ---51)-)--.Vaterstreet.. --- Doc r J. IAY&CO.'JOI'l.'AI"S unsophisticated mind The party broke up, and all retired for the 114. ....229,123 I
.1 "cnrral as.virlitinit of! --- ---CoHeeif--- ;: ] do. Rio do and the patrols, who continued The cotton trade of Western India with
BOOKS, Java ; !< LIFE PILLS AND! P1KENIX( They stopped at "Waverly, on night, except ;
STATIONEIIY. &c.t c. ; Northern Flour ; arrival the Colonel their round. as we believe they generallydo England has also beec on a rapid decline
cor. of Chesnut ic Commerce tstr"ttf, .1 vt mTTERS[ just received and for sale by the day after their enquired -
Iter. j Apalachicola.. .t \pipes) : MaleiraV1111' ; Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.:: as to the state of George's general on military posts until morning goes as appears from the following table, which

: IS. S. 23; boxes Candles ; 10,000 Re iia! SewM.; __ health and especially as to how he had rest- into fragments, when the air of bustle and confirms the first table gi\e.. above in this

ACTOR AND Ilaxvlcy, For sale by B. S. IIAWI.EY: fji me.O I activity began again its hum in the barracks. article. The amount from Bombay to
COMMISSION MERCHANT, :2-5 Water street.iOLGER'S CASKS received and now landing ed the previous night.
A A has been follows
Dec ;5
from England as :
chunk of The soldiers were passing several -
No. 2s Water street, ---.------- -- Dl/U lromsc.hr Ceo Engs( for sale by Tollable, Bob, leaving: out a a
\ Dec :3 Apalachicob: Fa. : Olosaonian.or: All Healing Balsam LOCKI1ART & YOUNG, scare I got last nigtli. quarters;, and soon there wcic a number IS 13.....133: ,%)i5 bales. I 1315.47,931 bale..
li$...... ',=r16"( ( l -t6.29&t8"Nor
_L1 for Consumption, Asthma: Coughs; Liver NoII i | :5.:;:Water slre -t. As how ?" a. .. GltOCmts! Avery & Jones, Complaint. .and all diseases ol (the throat and --- --- -- -.-- notice," said George: ,, ral officers assembled, and were talking in does it appear from an inspection of

,)cc: .>. &;:Iv.COMMISSION\V1terstreet.: .At'aLcl&icola MI'IUCIIANTS. F..a.' lungs Al'rill1; for sale, by II. F. AITELL.t :: CItl'\\1. : cpU TARTAR>] for sale II.by. F. ABELL. the Why room the bar-Keeper allotted for me to a cluster, when along came the lisping Lieu- the above tables, that, as Prof. McCay Lit




1 .


j Jj JI J ,

:) ..

... V......... VV. -- ., -V.-,'

'r'c. '" t' r

.. ......... > .: ::: .:;'' :........ ... ,' -. 1 ; "..:' :::- -,.. -'" __V.- '.V. '.: i'rn! -_;. : ; -
... ; '; ......... .... iIr. I n#* ; r .. -
... : ...... J :
-- .. ..
...., .......d...---:' ,,1'i- i:".;;. -- '- _. ..:-r'1 ..- 4--: 'OJ -. ,- _44.z_. ,_ '- t IW, .. .- .-, .- _,. ,.;>-;
h -- : -
11ll ;.... ':: ...... .. ::01'1........'. ', ... ,,-"-.I..,- "..,": ,.;.p.j,' : ... : \.4J. .' .' .. ". : ';" :
.- ... : _J.li -.; : ...."- ,..".. :,.......:...- ",- ,. .%.... !t' *.*. '" A*-j.u'" ,..riS4fcaaM-< : ." : i"L.io"i IJ:.__ _j \. -0" _



-.. -.... .-,?,_- _.. ,. -..' ...-:-. .":"' .- . -
z I

-- -


_ .

- -_ _-- _- -
---.y.---- -
-, --- r- of Com- Wakciicld, Win. Keys, Francis hire[ Win.Poland. joke- but when time proprietors of theisylranian
and appointing Mr.l Rhodes and Mr. Anderson 10. Support (;present) measures iUWERT1Ell.iKcH1coLA
fttipposctl, when a Rreticr amount went to William F. ThompsonChristopher iiiuuj .
the Coil an J Iron mander-in-Chief. pocketed or d
delegates to seventy eighty
England hut represent
China a less ani'iunt went to ; )
a interests Virginia before such Committees I 1. Lowest rate of duties on imports, and Lawrence[ Jos. Todd, Stephen; Maynard, ; ISJT.gj lars for the sale of the
it ii evident that: a decline h u been both of Samuel Bennett, Thomas I 1). Burnstm.. pretended tJj ,

'the amount' to Eujlatvl and to China ; thusprovin cuiisi'ler of Congress it as tiny be appointed to nei-pssaric I ( Jo fur? nf California life fiee.il. :ami all her imprests. PowerJoseph Skipspy, Joptm .1 ones, Chns.Nailfc Tin authorized speech, what had leen a good joke, 6fCQt
tint tl p I India citoi trn-ln tsdpcTmVll Wa hin i n Cooper, \Villiaiu Dix followins. gentlemen are a inean fraud. Those who
aftciwards ascertained 13. Th (C.'ifornian to be free alarmed call such
for and VIIIreceiveand ,
was thHDoM&EtciAf.AovEin
'vtiWe The Agents ,
It of.lli1 :nTiwes -
) >l ito lU A.'aHcon, James Chambers.
did -anti iitiJramelril; and )4)VCr. piece of swindling a joke
l.unsvIt'.ni.i arc
Or cotton evwts io tsU: n delegation( from paity receipt for eubscrij'tions, or advertise not
buy: siys : The vessel, the ol
The latest'domcstic intelligence and strange appearance "
of the 11. -
of the invitation scrupulous.
England must soon be nn "initc blank vv nile attend I in pursmncc: which, the cause of the sad calamity, meats:- >
looking even to those of Chin.i our prospects Committee, but did not arrive until t ills lay cam liest foreign news. was be the Abrjiu bound for the MK.-NRS.: MASON fc TUTTLE. : William: Street,
Englai-gcment of The California. proved to ,
much more enponragin, The alter the Committee left Washinston.A. 15. New Yors.Dvvtn A SLANDER.
are not ; S. WOOMJRIDUK, Cli'n. The rest of this delectable sheet is filled squadron. I'r.AVo, IN*;., New Orleans. The Washington
trade is one of decline and every one en- with the United Slates Pre idpnt's War The Mexican** at the castle, savage-like, \V.w.V.. CIIKKVEU: Ksq.: Alliany!: (Ga.Jlldjor correspondent of the
cd in it is of distress. Unless WM. S. Tn.irr.ETT, Scc'y.Correspondent JACK I H.IRDMAN. Ktil Ia. Columbus Times, n Democratic
ca( injastnte Proclamation! of May 15. There is an organ it is said, shouted with joy as they witnessed *'nmet'hin* irsoon'done, it requires no prophetic [ -? of tit! X. V. Tnbnac: ] : for an Administration Is IlobeitScmple the loss of the brig, and the ttruggles of ( upon the authority, we suppose, of his

vision! to foresee, tint ii the rotirsp.of COM. STOCivTOX IX CAUI-'OIIKIA.! any friend of the lion. ScnntoVfiom her crew. WHIG TICKET. political associates from Florida, thus charactcri.es
a few years more, we shall Inve to write of WAV.HN.STON, U -c. 10, ISM: On the 5th, Midshipman R. Clay Rogers -
I Illinois ? I hold in opposition; I to an opposing : those who
it n> a tliiuj that lias'ceisel: : to exist. A retjaction Accnmpanyinj the Repoit of the Secretary world I that "Governor" Stockton: and Dr. J.V.. Wright, and John G. ron MAYOR : the Whig ticket
""itv'tlic'tiovcrntnptit land: tax alanc of the abstract of which has I at the late elections in this State
Navy-un "The California! !mm'! arc I the richest specimens Fox, :a seaman of, the Sowers, went ashore BENJAMIN S. I1AWLEY. t
''caif'save"li;; ; and wp would entreat this con- already been transmitted lu you -is a wonderful of sin administration and an organ ii: f for the purpose of rccounoilcring one of "It would seem from the facts which
11 sideration of the authorities lo this matter, bundle of documents from (Commodore the world. HICIIKUEU. the enemies magazines, and ascertaining FOR COOC1L5IENJ; pressing in upon cs from Florida and Iowa art
p:4 upon whic.li the welfare nf so nnny depends. Stockton. Thin Icttpr transmitting it (lie practicability of destroying it. The HENRY 0. GUYON, lhat the manujactnring monopolists hate,

.*' is dated August 2?, 181G, at Cuidad de los [From the: New Orleans 1'icaynac.] party hud gone some distance from the boat, A. HANCOCK, been unusually busy in these new Staif,
k "" The can nifl'i ; for this calamitous A uelos. I take a few sentences;, which are I tttc from tlic Sqcsntlrosi. wlie'ii thpy weic surrounded by seven Mexican IRA F. PAYSON.WM. and have expended large sums for the pur'

state of things i is this : Cheap P.rUish certainly! very strange. They me made, LOSS OK THE H1JIU 1 SO1ElSD A soldier Tr. Wright made his escape. S. GUEEN, pose changing their political complexion
manufactures, produced from cheap Amcii- I too, w'u'li such a familiar innocence that 1 NUiir.Mii[ oi-1111:11 ui\v.; Mr. Rogers and the seaman were :K.i: WIJITAIAUSIJ, In Iowa, particularly, agents, well supplied
can cotton, arc dcstroyisis our trade." can hardly doubt that the Government Iras The hark Morgan U'u; C-apt. Ham'-iton, matlo prisoners, siud: sent to the castle of M. M. BUTT, wnh, money, traversed the entire State,
: approved of the whole ;proceedings ol I ttie( arriv-pd this ;morning from Point Anton I Iianlo /- Perole to be confined there. DANIEL I J. DAY, in many hands of partisans to use for
[From th.! lUltiinore! Am 4rican.] WI)U Iti-be gn-at man. llcic 1 arc some extracts : bringing as passengers. Mr. \Varrinton Commodores Conner and Perry were both J. L. W Y3LN. purpose of corruption. Is FLORIDA, Atsivrnr. the

COAL AND IRON. I : Purser of the steamship Mississippi, nt Anton Liznrdo. The 1'r'mrcton, Polo- ; vrmos WF.BE \ >:RY rr.orcsK i.x

: The Uicltmoivl Wins publiiups the 'HIP.moranda "Tlii' rich and beautiful country belongs and purser's clerk, Mr. L. Ilutphinsnn mac) nod Jo.'in Admins] had arrived, and I ihclall LETTER SHEET: PJJICI: CURRENT.-On or PRKSKSTS: AND LIQUORS TIIjmTRiniTlo.v ....
which will IIP funnd l hrlnv, <>! t thpTecent to the United Stales and i forever i fi PC from The} ves c! left Anton Lizardo on t lie 13hint. : r was blockading! Vcni 'rtt :. The Jtur'l.in Tuesday next we shall comnuitcncc the KF.KrjrcG SF.VKRAT. rcur.ic HOUSES orr.v
X1 proccedinss oldie Coal Ownpr c1.I| Mexican dominionOn ) /' ., and Mr. Warri.uton( brings time! mrlancholy was the (flag ship. The Cumberland 1T.F.K; Fort ALL: COMKRS, SEVKRAJ.: I,
\_ Iron Workers of Virginia, and accomtnnips the day after I I look I this command, intelligence of the loss of the U. sailed for Norfolk on the Gth. publication of our Letter Sheet Price rnr.r: TIII: II.KCTIO. Indeed, the ATS tariff BK-oj

\ them with the following pungent coin ifiiWe / argtinhcd the 'California; Battalion: of S. brig Comers, Lieulprant Commanding Ctmer.t." Subsciibcrs will please! take no- Irfl-J has thrown sn much wealth in the

*ary : Mounted Kifl''Mirn' />;/ the appointment of Simms, amid, as supposed, twciity or mom [Correspondence Charu"-toii Conner.] (lice, and( govern themselves accotdingly. hands; of the manufacturing capitalists that
'b insert, in niiothrr column thn proceedin all the necessary officers, and received then of her crew. She was capsized in n hp.tvy V..ni.7ri: i>cc. 19.rflie It will he un-lcr the charjro nfVji.. T. they have become vain and
: ;sof the coil o.vnersiid) iron asters; as vuiuntecrs 5; :o time service of the UuiteStates. < .sq:: i II from the Northwest, on tho inn iitmg reprcsenJTtivc: from your city, iIr.IIOL3IE.3 Woo Esf:: fps iy! Lclicve i they? cnn effect by arrogant money what
of Virginia", at spwr.il iee i in8 t, rpppntty ." i.f the !8'h inst., off Grpcn Island!: ;md went vv3; not premature nor precipitate ; they have failed to effect by reason-a
held in this city. I'bne prri p.Ittijs lcio <- npt. f'z i1ituvas atpc; *.* ,. ItO remarkahtp. tier thnt : !-MM-ti'.ry Lie-.it. Gillespip, ( !;i ipt. of i lie Datt.iHon.: t and eighty persons on board!, of whom! t that the President did not authorize Com.STOCKTON'S pfbjeet if tariffs upon
protective !
a meeting of ihe Whig"
Walker admits tint thdnti s on rn-il! an-l After Diving a br>;.isting account of his I '. ('I1ltWtI, including Ps'.st M5-.shijjien! : prochrcmtion. The[ President, Apalaelurnla -
iron arc too low-that ttf! =y ;iro. in ft-t. 'o- miliiary op :ritioH; : v.ith the "glorious sailor Clomson and llynson, are believed to have i ii! appears; disowns that document and Gen.KKRMCY'S held in this city on Thursday evening VOTK.IS OF Fi.or.tOA, az.iRK THE ciunGE

low the ''revenue'
has neithpr the candor! rnblirly to rMiif.< .s "Thus :in !<:.
the fact, nor nerve to rpiuinimfml tliPirnn stiniPfl the rnnttnand of the United States towers was lying at anchor under shelter of It will appparc, when the President were the catidMascs chosen : and sold-the charge is in: de Ly the tOE H
incntation. I lie cntirs'ps, virmu'V.: tin', forre< in California, we chased the Mrxtcansfiiiire Green Island, a sail was dis'-ried which, on shall} send into! tlie louse his( reply to t whose
through his instruni' '! !y. Cou :, : t i 1 than thrc" Inajtlred miles :ilon ilic standing out, was discovered to be the John Mr. GAURKT DAVIS'S inqu'ny, that the Government For Mayor, I designs 3-011 have defeated by voting

last session, wns intlucpd ti flu : t f coast, pursued theu: ihirty miles in I the 5nteiior Adams'from( Tampieo. SelL lo relieve the issued; some general institutions to UENJAMIX S. HAWLEY. ; for the Whig ticket. REUKMBKR: TIlE CALuwnv -

fbgraut injustice to these! Zreut i'u'r': ; of ihir own eon of m y. routed snrl disposr SoHicrz fiom the bW-Uade of Vera Crux. our commanding officers relative to the For Councilmen, ; -ar.tl nrquiT IT AT TIZI: ITTIOS. : }:L-:

and ncvertiielcss IIP rpfuspstrj : sk th:i? !li.i-ly rd ihe-n. and secured the Kritoryto A norther having comtntn'cjl blc-.ving, the establishment of some sort of temporary II. G. GUYO.V, E. li. WuiT3iAr.sn. .

to repair that injustirp Thp! fact is its ,tvn ) JliP UuitPd StalPS, ended the n ar, rpstor. d .So-ncrs i itnnicitately! put about for her former civil government, but that the Executive A. IlAccooi ?.I. 31. ]BUTT,
best comment. For our own part, t ho.w-i rtwe and lie find another sail authorise all the acts and declarations
peace harmony; among pcop'c anchorage, but discovering did not 1nt F. PAYSO.V, D. J. DAY, COL. JA1IES GAI'Sl EX.
must be Walker's permittrtl( ti> dun'jt vvlipihcr .Si- /mi a Ciril Goecranitnt info sucassftd opera making sippatvntly! ;lie harbor of Vcra Cinz, mtide by those officers, in pursuance WM. S. Gr.EEjs, | E. JO.NES, jr. It is said that the President has: appointed
cretary, cljatigfd ojiini'i-m ;:-e 6et'.vecn Green Island and IHsinquclta Shoal, of what they doubtless believed lo be the
the result of subsequent i'ivo1ija! : '5oi! K-> tionHe It was declared to be the wish of the this gentleman a Brigadier General, and
piouiUs to Iecpllle coast with t the intention as u supposed, of running: proper in tide of carrying .cut those instructions. nj.
much as of recent events. Hft h ; ; ipri strictly blockaded.' t lire blocrde! Commander S; nms rennincf meeting that in ease any of the gentlemen. signed him the command of time Vofnnt'! rrj

enlightened rather by th votu of 1 P i-i; >yivania lie ad.k-"Whpn I lc-ve the tcnitory 7Ktli ; neking bct-.vprn the i ..vI ;lan-!'; to intpr- i;rc u preparations hr.vc been mad.; in nominated should! decline !ho'.nc; a candidate! from Virginia, North and btuth; Cam oica.1t .

% than; by the representations of j'e ; appi.-int Major Frpinorit to be Governor 4"pt !ho vcscl: to cTjPt: ih:.=, r:. 1 prevent I'nJiimoi-i frr tlo: Funeral oS .quies of Major J. L. Wy'nan's naume shnnld be placed on such is the fncf, we are sincerely
re.juiced. -
engaged in the dcvcli isisnt of oir: ;iniiip-, and Lieut (rillcspic to be Secrrtsry." "Ipnclosp I I :h ; brig from runlr.n: ;, Jce-.vard! UJ-CT: tf'.p Ri'i ?o'l.! The! Vrcidcnt: and his Cabinet,
resources : and it i is b<>fii e It"r\ <-.'.-]- ri. the lust number! of the lickt-t instead. Evan Jones Jr., Esq. Col. GadaJen has s-en seiviceJir.I /'
to you V'S'3C Itecaa uut' :' V t ) J) ( tcr Wi:hcanv ;;ai) ] ib:" offsft-rs of the Army an'l! Navy now
imputation of a mutivp, t'i( justicp nf v },i |j wh'u-li vlll ser hvng: declined the nominafian tl fcorti ;by nature 2nd by edtiriuiou i K
Tlte Califi rn'ntit, by you ,; l 1.-re, I h.wo; b rcn I mvittcl lo alt COlT. Many ci- r rnr.iccf em-
lie too well knows, th.it* I lie, declines :.i n what sort of Government ThnrpThi ( : fi1I _. S 1'FCl vi ; 1 ; : r' '--:cns H>! c'onitiiops coiitu into Biiliiiiiore, ?.Ir. Wyman is consequently jmt uo the ; early fillet! to command a Lrde.! The

treat'so soon from his well-nsatnr'I pints (flici i'w ; (Prigi'sii ; i of ?:r-h"5 o.i Ijc n!, an1in Imndr : MI tliij t! c't:.! >',,.:), iVoni the samrouu.nt rtMintry ticlsct.We. otJ North State may Le a lirtlp I-rltind! ihe t tiv.i
of the last session. HP will d-itiir-.4! :! ';< !Idler is, uf course, n gratified however, if some Locof.--d member : 1 Jjclicve the above ticket will jrc;; universal o in some tl>ing5. and Virginuus .iil
a :: w' : .f.:3: ( tU Up. t'1uic'i, 'hi' t .-r>:' 5rr vr.'l i\fcr'y\ (!rj'-.re.! ; hiun-
of Congress, and Jlini'P SjIrCMliV 4.-.l? This is fy'loivp': ] by hi fjjg: nroe''r.r'un.of j-l:! couJJ: Li !. !.'n in snV''i: ''K'y': I ihr.-' i .tp. f'l.ri.'jrs ; h. mi it was.Ti.c srniafcctiun. It may be, that some South Car.uias! my Lc j'v.vr,' -.fr ', in

Sourthcrn membor csm l 1i' ; rpvi'; } -:\; to Au IT, :.s Governor, whk-ii Las !Iet :i ih.vf her on her !,r.v;:: c:: --, M.-J v: i ii Irstili.n I f.'f.T>i'r it'.s t/'i'i iI4i: !: ofPc5: to persons had a preference for other individuals politics; but we arc sadly th-s r'.vt-'i: 1 :it rhe

propose of the incrfa of ed(which! dn'y' upotnhps in already tiotire profois
propriety ; t iti Nest we have his proclamation; putting alter stiff of the officers and Mexico the! of
went over, most advices (from as lo stale opinion has nil
satisfied while withholding fr. < it lie thai: all private fcclitg will give at ilegcr.eratec! since the days of"Kingi
even ii i
the Wp of Mexico under blockade. way
< coast: men, had gained time side or top of the vessel. in that country on t the subject of the war.Therejs ; .
sanction of his rpcomnipnclatiiiti: We shall This 5< dated 10th, of Aiigum. to time general good. Mountain and "Cowpens"-since
: EtTolts vvrrc immctliately made; to cutaway no doubt that the Cy mrdcrivesits
see what manoeuvre will be reoeh! tu far Next wo have,: his proclnurition; : dacd: August : the tigging iud relieve the vessel informs t ic i/from intelligent French residents Our Democratic friends! seem di-posed to the lime when "Marion and his Men," were

the purpose of winning Pennsylvania: ; fiok 22, nrdcrinuan elect ion of Alcalde?. of her nristi-, but she v/.is so far over as of Mexico, and perhaps from thusc connected lot the election go by default thisyear-thcv a source of terror to the hosts of King

into the traces. Next follows hi j ;proclamation! : published to leave no strain upon the weather rigging.Oe with! the French legation; and it may, have announced no cnnrlidates on their&ide. George. We feel assured that under the
SUMMARY OF THK PKorEi'IMXtSSOf { I in t the New York papers two or tim rre days :; of the small! quaitcr: Loats was now therefore be entirely reliable. Granting it
sundry Meeting 01';" Cti-it O:' :vrc iv'pl sinrc, which is not (hat ed. The document cleared! ;, ( away amid placed! in charge of Midshipman \ to be so, there is no prospect whatever of Perhaps they may intend] coming out with a lead! of James Gadsden, a military disciple

Iron Workers of I'ir gini a-.*.////
time'October; until, 18W Ike;, U/and JLzeIscr aJjitwiifJ! l-sl-i from titar la next have ihe following very strange of saving: the brig, Capt. Simms ordered the Mexican Congress will -unanimously the Whig, look to it- that they are not their! Dative; States by brave feats of arms.
"citL.j.'I : him to make; for Green Island, ;about refuse the overtures of the United States _
Committees were app.j'mtrd to infjuirc "n- I'rom this date( Au;iist loth, 1S1G, the half a mile! distant, with JDr. Wright anil for peace. If this should be the case, it is caught napping-they must not keep away The Columbus Enquirer, thus discusses
to the plate of the Coal trade and ihe Iron from the polls, relying on the large majority -
tonnage! duties on all Foreign vessels arriving Purser Steel, and seventeen men. The much to be hoped thai the next, overture of ihc
0 trade, and report to an ndjouinud mrningOD I in tin1 polls of California will I be fifty boat, reached the shore with all in her .safe.In will be made through the rough and ready which we have in the city.
the 3d Nov., to what extent thnso inttr- COtta Jiff mir. tuiu of llii'.o miiiiiluo uftor she (Irfl, tliv (Itptom.iey of General, To v(or. wtititn me ; :trL'1: -
CLb HCIC likely to oe :i.1-ctcd bv the Tarilf "And the t duties on all nods iniportcJfiom vessel sunk and of those who remained, walls of tIme city of Mexico. The Courier N RllOW E&AL'L. We give this document in our paper today -
of 1846. about in number Some of the madcaps, who sat up on the to the exclusion of almost every tiling
Foreign ;ports will be fifteen per cent sixty only thirty-eight rcrommends t that we should continue to
Whereupon, on motion of Mr. Rhodes! 'ad valorem' payable in three installments an; known to have escaped. hold out t the olive branch; in order to justify j last day of the old year, to give it a fir.nl else. Le.-s fortunate than others, we did

the following resolutions were ndopir'sl] : of .00, fc'O and! 120 days." Those who escaped arc indeh'p/l) :tnai'ily our conqtiP t in the eyes of the world. farewell, determined to give it a parting salute not receive a copy of it in time for our last
1. That a commitlcce be njipdintcd) to (Signed) 11. F." STOCKTON, for their safely to the bravery ai.-. i: .'..auityof The requisition for an additional Regiment and for that publication, and hence must crowd it now
meet at Washington the 17th instant, to represent purpose an our readers when probably one half of
Coiumandc,, ( r-in-'hief, and the French, English and Sp .- '- vessels upon Pennsylvania was responded to upon j
to. the Treasury; Department: the cannon that lay on the wharf; with powder them have seen and read it. This is our
(jov. of time Territory of California. war at the naval anchor.gp: especially \vith enthusiasm and a sufficient unrulier
true condition of the Virginia Co=d j and and brickbats and of the misfortune, whose fault it has been we do
There is a beauty: of n Tariff! hoii/ontal the British frigate Endyniion. A boat companies; have already been organized and one paity applied
Iron trade ; and, in concert with th- icprcsentations and ad valoiem Stand back: ye financial I fiom each of five vessels was sent ofTto ill'1 have tendered their service. It would not his segar to the priming, when the cannon not exactly know, one thing we do know

of similar interests eisiMvheip, to Walkers and McKays Long live King relief of the vessel immediately on the disaster be difficult to raise, upon a months notice, was shivered to atoms by the explosion however, and that is, I that whilst pamphlet )
endeavor to obtain such a modification of RICUARU being discovered ; several of those different portions of I the Union, a hundred an! newspapers containingthe 2.1csme were
the duties on coal and iron as is iixlNpen- pieces of it were hurled! to the distance of received heie by other*, our exclr-xlges ar
Wo next have an older, dated Aug. 15. saved vv ere picked up by I hem a long distance thousand men, t lo serve during t the war. The
sable to sustain; the domestic produce) of appointing t appraisers: at sea, and all who escaped were taken Uaioizstatcs that since thu passage of the war several huntlicd yards, over the tops; of the pamphlets came up niissinsj until a day or* !

them, and afford a reasonable encouragement August 20, we have an order to Commander on board; the ships and treated in the: most bill I I last 11t!ay. throe hundred thousand men highest houses--one of which fd! upon and two nfterwaid-s. In the liti
to increase the production uf them. Hull, of the Warren, to blockade Ma- kindly and delicate manner. The officers have tcnderd their services to the Government crushed through the roiif of our ofilcc. we linda! similar complaint ; but \ve nowhere
2. That the above resolution, I-: communicated and] of the ill-fated while discover tint there has been any time lost
zatlan ; another to Comnnr.der: Dupoui, oft crew I vessel cling- as volunteers. Many of these, however, No
one vva> injured by the accident-had i it;
the Chairman the the democratic editors. We
by to coal owners lie ( yanc, to blockade San Ilas.) : jug to her sides, or) holding! t themselves: up were for three, six, and twelve months.K by hope
and iron masters of the Atlantic, border, other vied with have occurred in the day time, some one nevertheless, that both (;urseveS. Mir rea-
attached this floating
The last l jii is'ce rtf writing ; to I by spars or objects,
North and East of us, and that; they be incited part of the Ivaval Documents is n cniiousicltpr. each other I in heroic s'df-tivton. The tral- ; i.rt'; : 1)ms.imr.-Pc./.1lc/ L-w of must have been hijimd by the pieces oi dirs, and our whi" coleai'-jrra.C; will be

to send delegates to the sncet lag. da'.c.-l; Aucusl2J 1, and std.lrcs.-cd lo"Major bat: Ilyt-son, who had not yet recovered from i.rc.-.i': lie L brig iS'ri..7(1'/, Captain:; Dixon, cannon which t'lcvv in all directions and along able to survive tha"fasOf

And then the meeting adjourned until the Fremont." whom he disecl-s to enlist I tin btiin rrccivcd in d h trov.ag the CroCttlicn ? a inive;| ytsierdny (fiom New York. On the I the most usually crowned places-as it was the Mc.iage" \\,5 contents{ | and, object
14th November.On I of time 3th 5n. t. vvhile too in |tS bcarnt n intent do thmirmt. it
men to th* r.iimboruf COO, to sjarrison: Mi.lahJpsnan Claikc v.as orlc/cd rfT evening Ivir.g we r.t
the 14th November the mretin, nssemblcd. I the cities! of ddifomia! find to "watch the with I t the Lo..t, refused I lIe ijiusl t artiest eutreaiics a L'-'Jf: from the S. i E.. she! ra'np in cor-ttict no one was hannod.Tiie vrortli vtie!! to spenU in lengthened term

Mr. Rhodes, from ih: couiuiittr.-c:: 1 Indians airl other piemie.s.*' Lie llicu proceeds to leave (lit; ; o ''I. Capl. Fiii.ms. with tinsshr.. L'tna.Tanc. (i-f tlatta: itol-tC1 ,) 'I 1 r.e greater portion of it, as will be seen, iiI
on the Coal trade, submitted l a repoit; at lo talk! in t UiisMjk1 : I tiu'tigh in bad health! vv.ts: eq :.! pooi'.i'.ein (( 'apt.; I'Fbri, from N'.v \r> rk, bound to ; Circuit Court of this County, ',\\c I devoted to n vindication of the course pursued

length, recommending tint: an :Ii i.n| be 1 propose before i leave the Trnitory lo standing; !by hor uulii all! others wi-rcssifp, ( ape Floiida! ; v.-illi a car,. o of biick, stone, I Honorable Gxotu'm M ;Tli..i, presiding,, t by the Executive in the management

made to Congress to restore time h.ty t>n appoint you to be llie (iovenor! : ami dipt, I and Lieutenants Parker atrl] ( 'liiibnrne(: and! ati'l! other ;materials: for building a light commenced i Its s-s-iir.jhcre on HIP 2J Monday of the incipient stages of the Mexican war.
.-' Coal provided !by the a -'h.it the (jilk-spie! ; the m Secretary: hereof; :icJ to :m ipoint I Acting I Master i Ciem-on rensainr-d: :lo bhaieth' house. Capt.: T)., mate, one pseager:; and of December The[ pauses which justified the administn-:
-- restoration of this duty be :i-k-d inr a.HU ]> aho the Council of Slate, and all tin; % I.d'c of their I }h-'ruin broilu-r (>fip! <*rs. three of tha crew of t the J cura Jane, inimciliatcly I and adjourned from the lion in a final appeal to arms are laboriously! !
independent measure-and that the' duty neppssary otliccrs."You ;/lidshipmi'i i ( isrkc'; notwithstanding the : jui.iped on board the ftai'tinnah.It I loin; until the 29th.:? it met on the lattei traced from the period when Mexico became I
on Coal, whatever may be its rate, be nude I i is supposed that the schooner v/cul down I and the 31st an independent republic, anti are
wll: therefore proceed without delay violence! of I the gale, t the heavy sea; and I the day, on adjourned to limed
a vecc. to do all you canto further my vitw.s MtiaMtio.s! of t tic boat, put off from I lici! island soon afier tic collision, as she could not be again; on t the lolh February. deemed by the President of sufficient magnitude

Mr. Andersen, from the committee on and intention* I thus frankly nnnifested. with volunteer oat snien, after lati.lin! seen :;: ilaylight. There were kit on board, Several of have beer to have authorised a declaration ot* -
Iron, submitted an elaborate; report the results Supposing; thit: by the 2-3th of (Jet. you will thfis/5 whom lie look from te! vts tl, p-V.lcd: twelve passengers and two of the crew ; cases importance war years ago. If this is true, why did be
of which arc; that the Tariff of 181G, have: accomplished; your put: of those 're- fur I the place! when size went down. Thir (';lhit. I), reports, as among lie passengers, tried at this term, and a considerable amount not recommend to the last Congress, in his V

while under the pecular circumstance* now piraI: ions, 1 will meet you at San Frauciseo; ty-seven,, persons succeeded in reaching the names: of Capt. Pease, and :M *srs. Dow, uf business in genera!, has: 5cen transacted animal message, a declaration of war ? Hut

existing, it may permit the iron trade of oil! that day, to complete the whole arrangements (G re-en Island, by clinging to sjis-rsor: ; other BOUt lie, and J'oyle, of New IJetlford (Mass.) Judge .IclxK.v Ins impressed our citizens this is all an after thought. It was predicted
Virginia for a time to thiivo, must ultimately and to place you as Governor over object?, or wore saved by t the bont-> ; sixteen and Messrs. !5rigs; ;.nd '1'. llanimoiul, with the conviction that ho is influenced L\ that the annexation of Texas would! involve
destroy it-and that the duty on Jion whatever Califoriiii." p q succeeded ii: reaching I tin; main land on of Mattapoisctt. The pale: continued for tnis country in hostilities, whic !h prediction
may be its rate, shouldp<> '.specific. "If I i this be done at once, I can at anytime hen eoop$, ouo of whom <""ied of exhaustion, three das from the westward afer; the unfortunate a sincere desire to do justice-and tint ir having becuio hrsfory, ti.c K.\f cutive minds

These reports were unanimously: adopted.Al safely withdraw my forces as 1 proceed .iii-l the remainder were at Wra Cmri| ocp.urrrncc. I the discharge of his duty, lie is willing In it now necessary to ra&ie! round and attempt

up; the coast to t Sm Francisco, and be ready, Solids, an::1 1 LtVC IitV-tin c, I the I i rem-ii-ji'er I of.11 Among other itijy; lies rccfivc-!, the ..b'ffI'ltntudi I sacrifice all personal considerations. IIS: to sati>fy mime country that the difficulty has

the last meeting, on the 1'.: 1 December, :after our meeting on time 2tii of October, -. who were on board, are bclirvcd (lo have [had her main clnnneis: carried away, deportment the hftich, was character- originated frrni other causrs. No Loily
?lr. Giflnr/l from lie committee ap.juintril 1/1 t.-av/' ill.ili'ik and the camp and fake to been loat. Th.c names of those who were and one of her chain bolts broken. upon pretends either to say or believe that Mexico -
on tie 3d ISoveinbrr. rojmiu-ii. that, in I the s'.iip and to the sea. l-.uiLliillj, yuurobcd't llirowu on III. ti.ulti b.1111 Hlu n-jl !k'ii>vi, (but aaetIoRI ised by courtesy and dignity.KhCISTliV hts; not bet ii vv raiting in p"oil i.uih to
pursuance of their appointment!, they had Serv'l. m the fullvvnig! is :a m list of ail mi.s&iig: : ward us ; but no honest man. munch less,
|,ceeded Washington, but had! not there 11". F. STOCKTON. Ileiuy A. CIt-'nison, Ac-tins ti :ccr.! :\ : UsiTKi STATES i\iINTS.-Tile : LA\V. the first officer of the government,
tnel with any other delegation, and were Connnandcr-in-Cliief: ( and John l It. Uyn.ion, Passed MitUlnpman., Inns frros. sir.d: reprehensible I proposition I to We beg leave to rem miitl the Legislature venture to mislead the public imii !>y asserting

informed that some of the coal owners andiron Gov. of the Tcrritoiy of California." Win. G.; Brazier, Klicnexer Kerrell, Clws.II. tax the people v>"c have yet seen, is tint to that the Constitution requires them to pass that the war grew out ot" any ihiDs! ; -

masters of Pennsylvan'a, win* hail I'I(ached to 1 these dispatches is a copvof I I. 1 Haven I James llyflcr, James Thompson establish new hranrhcs of t the United States a Jlr.uisxr.v LAW. To the Democrats who apart from the Texas at'J'air. Such an attempt

I before intended to send delegates to the "The Californian," vol 1 No. 1 pub" I Chails-s Lowe, Thomas Young, W in.Gillon Mint at Chailealon, South (Jam oina! and I profess great a desire to obey the requirement to gull the people is beneath: the P'
conference, had afterwards changed: their lishcd .tt :Montert-y, A ug. 15, Irtlfj, by Jto- I :''tI laihias: Gravel, Major; Cain, Delink New York The one within a short distance sit ion of the Chief Magistrate. The whole
of the
Constitution and the
minds and declined doing so-that: they Ind; bert Seniple.! I It is issued every Saturday, Kelly, Alexander: Anker, Charles McFarland. by Rail I Road, of Dahloticga, t the other with.ii to Whigs of this part of.the messngc i is an attempt to

I conferred with theSccretary of i he TrcaMiry at five dollars :a year. It is printed only on : : Jumps Fennel), Chns. True, John' Day, : four Ito ii i-s of Philadelphia. We trust I who ate ever ready to keep the elective vindicate the writer from" the charts pro 4

and as fully as the time would ;admit, had one side and is the si/.e of a single lea} of I William: Pnrdy, Kdvvartl McCormick, Win.ivhiitley thai this design of jnUtins, money into theof' franchise pure, we say do your duty anti cried against him by the country a kiud ot U

made known the grievances of t their eoiistituents foolscap paper. William ( ,tip.st, J. 1 llarurave: W.W. [lockets I lie citizens at certain favoured pass a law for the Registry: of Votrrs.DEMOCilATlC exculpatory affidavit to lessen pumsliment I
-that they were much gratified( to The leader is t taken up with matters and Cardy, John C. Mycr.s, ( 'lenient C. jioints at 1 the expense of the Unite! States, after a plea of guilty, and must be

find the Secretary disposed to lend a willing things in general. Its principles sac briefly Wcllen, Thomas; McGovvnn, Joseph Anttinio will be signally rebuked.! JOKE. with such allowance V.s is always granted to

ear to their representations of impending set forth. Adulpli I ii ci in c'nte, .Manuel I llowaid, i[:&ira nali. !pull'tcaii. What the Whig newspapers stigmatise t the party that swears in his own behall.

distress, and are decidedly of the opinion 1. An entire severance from: Mexico at \vv. Powers, helm )' W. Spt-ar, James A duel! look place in the outskirts nf Buffalo as a disgraceful fraud-thu Democratic Editors For our own parts, after all, we care net
that the duties on coal ami Iron, under once and forever. (2IIapIIFIII: : Lc.vis i Johnson, Jiticum ins Jjeopold on Sunday week between two English halt"so much about how the President got
the Tariff of 184G, are lower than tin Sec i.'. Oblivion of past; offences. Thos. Jefferson, William II. Rose, men.: No friend* or seconds were present, c.iIJ a good joke. We give the facts into the difficulty, as how he is lo ;et out.

retary himself deems it proper they should 3. Freedom of speech, of the press and Peter I Ionian-ley.: and the weapons: were pistols, at ten paces. of the case and leave our readers to judge There's the rub at present.

be, being, in the opinon of the Secretary, (as of religion. Tho following! : were saved: : The distance vas measured back to bar-1;, of the morals of the transaction. In our last we alluded to the return ol

they had reason to infer ) below the revenue 1. General education. It. Simni; ?, Lieutenant mnutnding: ; each to wheel and (fire as soon as possible The Pcnnaylvanian published what Santa Anna anti the reasons by v.lM-h the
itaudard-that they believe a recommendation ,- o. KstablUIimcntof: : : Government and obedience M. (J. L. Claibortie, Lieutenant ; Juhn itPaiker after i caching, to (the proper dUt-tncc.: One pur- Executive: lamely attempted to jo-uiv ;beuVed.
from our representatives in Congress lo the laws.G. do. ; John F. Seek', Purser ; Jofiufl. of the !parties; fired before the other, and his potted to be \Vcbstcr'sdirmncrspcech- Are these reasons sai! farory to ''he
for an increase of these duties would meet 1 Encouragement (lo immigration.I Wright, Passed Assistant Surguon ; ball took efi'uct( upon his antagonist, passing 'I heariiiig it, uJ / -. ll'tl&ters Urait Sj>r<.ch." country ? DOC.J it not appear by liir Pirt-si-

the entire approbation of the Secretary ol 7. Encouragement, : of domestic manufacture : Fruncis (G. C'sitk' l Miil.shijJinan: ; Edmund I through a thick lur bund on his cap filtering Many tiiousand copies were sold to the uuciti.ens n'ent's owa showing, io couucctiou wuh | n
the Treasury-but they regret to report *. T. Stevens, Purser's .Steward ; Jarob Hazard i his forehead ajirl passing down on the St1SieCtiu1 -who, upon examination cver.ts. that the whole truth s.t.jut tb'.s itnamo -

that they had no encouragement to hope (This is treason against Loco-Focoism in Yeoman ; AinusCoi.son, Wi.i. .Joliu.soti, cheek; where it lodged. .Suppoaing him toe found that had old s transaction has not been told ? Mr.Polk .
they bought an:
0 that the duties would be made specific. a new Stain.) :\Eithew liuck, John McCargo, John G. dead, the other fleJ. The wounded man, admits that he gave orders to the
Whereupon, resolutions were adopted) in K. Organization: of I interior dufcnees.i. Van Norden, Charles ScytiKtitr, John, \V5fliamson ipwever, recovered, and binding his handkerchief speech of 51 r. W.'s made in 1820! i in which commander of the Squadron to kt the

favor of a memorial to Congiess, in confor- :Tcniioiial i elation to the United] -Toiiu Pollen, John Smith, hoary round his head; made his way bad the Democrats tay Mr. W. ndvocatr.d Free tyrant [ir 5f, bat he does not explain whether

ii laiijrwith the Reports of the Committees, Slates till admitted :usa State. StronimeH, Thomas MulhoJIcn, George to the city, anJ l is neatly recovered. Tfade ilcctrines) far, ffie matter was n ihejf: was an unJerstanding! wnh Zn-

I -

4 -

-- .
-- -- -- -- - ---- -- ------ ---- ---- -- _

-=-- -. -- -- - __
= ____ _s_ -

rT I

V, idi1 \
-.5---- -5 ______ ---j. -.=-.-. '
S.thtaflfl.I A cinious fact is thus told in one of our t I'.SS ENI i:i S.' List ofi Lt'ltt'i s Apalarliicola ExcJause. IT. S. Mail Arrangement.

Sov thu Take that vihl Per steamer AIguta-JL1llge G XV McReaCapt i EMAININU in the IVt THE subscriber informs bin friends ,
cTCCt. ihe exchange paper" :- a string 1) Ollice, Apahchi- TILE SJeamr-AUOWfTA, D.
1JIt jnforflt A T Bennett Jltrs Ciraway Smith, W A (J<*- E'
n L 10 IIC ntIl I ;ns inI so flVCC ) reach $twice round the neck of a l.t1y-lct ti-r, C HC.rizzard; R Woolen, A McAl, in ', D LX coh, Janinry I 1,1517 : and the public in general that he has beG N. McLean, Master, will leave

2nfv 0 the C3S1 that ilici cj her hold i the ends between her t teeth-and C Stone. S ;Artist i any Da uerian Mclor.dcs, Joseph : come the Proprietor of this above well Apalachicola Mtf Tuesday and

bcfr 1Itt vcsd ICCI I1iv.n. lII8TIl then if the noose will sip over her head to Pet Fteanrr A Moore-D Morris and lady; Mrs Bel/Jiooven, Daniel Montgomery, J J known house, and will be pleased to tr.trrtain 'Saturday at 10 P.. M. Leave '

boflc. .1fl2lt. \S'Iicre hr art ''the Inrk of the neck it is certain indication S ;M: McCall, Mis* C L Carr.ih.r.Messrs. > C R Brown, G K 2 Marsh, Julia LBrockenbrough any of (he travelling community that may liver Chattihoochee every Monday 'and/'Tlhutsday at

j; 1iu I I hO" t IIav.tn: di1 lie C( I a be." Wood*. A McKenzie, II P Adann, L F Stow, L \V II 2 McAllist, W J him with their custom, and will also accommod 12 M. She w ill al.-o! make weekly trips to Eainhriigc -

tic cti1I IC !flhI- that she is rmrricd or ought to F .JolniMin.V Billard, Neil, William: ?, Masters Butts, E P -1 Morton\ L C .tfe resident boarders. The bar \villalwajs be andJP. Jackson. Crave liainbridge
(., I)1.1U> it IIP did Now don't strangle yourselves, young ladies Win and Henry Young: Babcock J W 3 Albion with every
Tnrc ( icrrvr! that Noyc supplied genuine liquors of the rhMccst1'wlity. XV Ine 1)Ie : fly )" > in I testing 1 this I truth.A Per fcteamer llmily-Mrs IL P Sj'encer, two Brown, Jane Ann Newell, John N JOHN PATUIDOE. Sunday night. .
teti ? flt'" flr .'V'S children and servant, Miss A Spencer; Mr J V
tfl : ""P" "Qt Plume. Bruce, L vice ()/.innc K 5 Apalachicola, Nov. 11, IS 1C. Every attention will be paid to the ?af (ytnd

flt1 Y HIM '= COMPI.IMKST. The Bourbon (Ky.) Per steamer Augusta-B S II r.vlt-y, lady, child Brown, James O'Donal, Mary comfort of Pas erjjers, and strict attention fo4ny

which \nr5cnlturd: Society recently made a pre- and merv.int; Mesrs J Stevenson, L Catnian, .1Ilodgtrkiss Baridrs, Anna Pierce, C B Marshall House. business confided to the'Captairj'xJr'Clerk of'theHo.t.

hifli.As to 1it ; of ill* &
j11I uT': we an speak of premium jean, to Jov.. Owsley. 'I1iicovctllor's Chapman, Harriot Page, Win (formerly Armistead's Hotel r
trC () ,n" It iiiing''" the slangof I convivial EXPORTS. Campbel, Enos Porter, Ned, col'd boy T : ;t'L ) I am now having if neatly fitted JLiierpooI.
; favorite now
( at
lJcCOifliflz %eimcntcr with the clipl song a NEW OR LEAN.IVrbchr Octavia305 bales Clark, Thos Parker, James N up, FO that I may be able to make THE superior Copper'd and copper
l is- cotton. Conch all who call comfortable and fitter sfcncd bark ..1L.1B.1JIM Jleritt.ma.i-
i! croSSrt1l, llenw50suo: ; '' Henry Penn, Mary A
traP 1)11rscs of the ihe, dimity of How lovely is my Jean Corwin, Jas C Pow, John mclt with the hope, that thoso who call may -r, has more than half her eargo coiftg

) ); tO IC O f]t'sirOI14 flfl A is in Mississippi in WHOLESALE[ PRICES CURRENT. Cninmoy, John N Rns, J C .r lie induced to continue their patronage. The on board. Fir frtgKl? of5 remainder. apply loCHAS.
case now
oMllc ; Carnochnn, Mrs Rockwell, AmasTi Stages .ill Mop with me, and in the .ibs'.nce of ROGEKS. &'Co.
Wt.hn sc which be made to enforce
ihic l level for an attempt is to AKTICI.F.S.BAGGlNUTKentuckjv. n. c. i) c. Conry, MrDickson Rivers, T 11 B &. Co cither of them, pa.sengers who stop here will ISIO._

iiit u1; world will rca ] it an-l judge the law of tint State which requires thai; a .... .. 11 a12 W D Rc.bijon, WScotf % meet with no detention, as private'conveyance For Rc\v 1'orte.TIIK .- .

c.e man *.hall p-iy i I the debts of each individual Dundee.f 16 a 17i Dickinv".n, W (J Thos can be had by application to me. The Extern :'' fa t sailing jwrket baik ELIZA,

got.0l0r.i51' ft, R-t nut. however vithi. any whom he Kills in a duel. l'p.iu.t --- ---- -- IS Divi, Rebecca Storcr, Dn-MW 3 Stage arrive on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays jjhIayncs- master, will havt quick'dei-
\-c lilt. '- Our HALE HOPE, Kentucky; .'.. Ib 5 a at 7 o'clock A. .'1. and Monday ,
if r-vic-vin' tlii document, --------- -- Darif, ThosDemiind Stapler, Willord W departs on ..r atah. For freight of ICO bale cdtlohf
iirpoSC ( capabfe of Ufl(1Crtaflth1h1Z H ns Noithern .. liManilla > James II Sutton: L G 2 *, Wednesdays and Fridays, at S o'clock, P..M. or pasjnge, ariply to ... *
... .. .Ib
ns a
-n e COMMERCIAL.COTTON The Northern '
;( licI's submit it, with all Dujl'i', .line Stewart, Jas Sfajpdeparts immediately after KODOr.: ; & PRATTe -.
anh I to them we BREAD, Navy, ... ... .... .cwt la6 ,
% c are, virtuCS.TC1TX' Pilot,. .. ... ....cwt a !)'i la-J, E.ekielavenport Smith, Jam the arrival of the Eastern, and returns the 2'u: Water street.York. .

tF an3 il! j.j! MARKET. COFFEE, Itio. .... .... ... ...Hi S a 9JO ) Silas Smith, Wm same day, at S o'clock, P. M. The Western 1'oi

PROCLAMA- ourLut work's Havana,. .... ... .... Ib a Ueworlh i Win Shirley, Mm M Stage arrives here in time to take the Eastern j ( %% .
r, MMoinr.r. The opinion exi-r.'ssed in report, Java,..... .... ...Ib a 13 vhniind', Mary Smith, Samuel 2 line, and departs on Monday, Wednesday? and -c-r-- Til I PI ..iptriulti! fast sailing brig M.1JY \-

TION. that thf river Ind aain: receded, proves' to hive CANDLE?, Sperm,.... .... ...IbCOHDAGE 31)) a 'a GV Skiikley, RobtStephen Saturday?, at S o'clock, \. M. By thU line, jILITT.I Jobnson, master, will bare

have been w incredulous! ns been correct. One arrival from Columbus reports Manilla.. .. .... HTarreJ > 11 a 1211tnip. 'ostcr, David -!, Calvin pasicti crs will take the! M.iil Boat at Ch.iitahoo- }\.r Height or I'assage, a.P1Y .

come papers doubt; the auilH-niHMiy nf I his the jivt r very l.>w, with no i'top*ct of boatsbcin "... ...li lii 11 a 1211 Faust. Phillip Sec-lcj", Samuel due for Apalachirola on Mondays and Tlnus-davs. to the cutetrr rr lorcolns
to .. ... .
aht'.LiI, > aCTiflL A. (J. .MARSHALL } STONE k 1O.
that. hiovver.thcrn have another ri.-c. In 'ely J M Pn-piietor.
nianifcsio. Of able to come out until we Silvev Jos .
.-. Nnrthin. .. ... ... bbl 600 a '
'I cars fi no iner1aiiy.: ; \\Tl1it vihIur I roa-vqienc' of this ttc <-f tiling, the openlionsi DOMESTIC GOODS FN.'icr, Sarah Ann Shaw, Rcbt G I "Qninry, Octr.her 27, 1MI5. novll -l.-tf : 2 -tn Wafej sfreet.

Jemorra.ic. ro.dr: nnJ fe1low-cii.sn. S i i oar piinci.'il -{ iiIe, hive been very limited, tie! Urowii ShirtinSheetings?.",. .-..(1 fi a (Jihnorp, Oliver Sharpies?, A J To Let, ForVcu- York.Tl .

of this nmvHlous *i trrtrh ofilorT =1'f cotton otlVrtns bcin? very hilt. Pre- .....yd 7. a 9 inllin, GV Thorn, Jos 4'; THE: sf-cond floor with two fine Offices, 4.f1\ IE fs>t "Il"S "I'ip' FLOflWi;'
: llv s: v S Ticking,. .... ... .Y'1 l 12I a 2i) (! Guy C T.'ilbot Ambrose iWnitmore. ,
1 T ',aliilc- ili(- Cointn dorf h:mJ \ ,oif> the .inival of llo Combri.i's account?, Cotton i.hes..1 I.4 a 22 Craves, David S 'l'ylerVtii, J : ET!;;;[ of Store No. .00, Water street. Enquire i:3 fer. fnvir.g mos? 'of her
L=-fcrMr i cniiu'cit will
> Lave
IctPtl, hi the premie. 'ind.T in';lriiiiutis S vf'.r'.i : inc to band early H ti-! week, tie! few Calico Prints,.... ...yd i;. a 25 (;iir7.xa9; NicoloI Tindal, Jackson _'; t" n l the JTrlllUfS Of Fcr frcght Immediate despatch. -

5.1nt.. He I r -i.ily. wrnllilot | ina-Jc last week's Kentucky Ji-.m?,. ....yt) 23 a 153 I I Doc _5 KDWAIID McCU LIX. rr rascae. apy'Jvto the master.
iron, the I'i I a-des w rc ai our q-iotaions !1o1linzqui1( L D -1 Vaughn, lit fl)' J or to NOUIWE. srONK' CO.
hive bounded onward. as he Ins like ;mal j Since Jie! arrival cf the accou-iT?, factors in iriotti prCK) Lorwd Bnii.I; is a 2JivF Hancock, Clns Vamer, J For Kent, 1)cc 20 .n; Water street.
[ :It:? -
CanvicaHiy.ton ___
aniiciim! I 1aoc THE Property on Centre st. Iziiown cs
lik i-nable.l re.i'ize advance. Satnuel V-illeau Clerk Circuit f
catrr P"' ''' i e.wa !ha\e !i1:1; :! to 4C- Jt. Domingo.ton For IIosloiu.TII .

.' ) t I p wr. %s'Il 1i.Rtvnn I The lui-i! sdfSof the week will not exceed llXWi Fiiitic..... .... .... ....Jon I i'itcliiasoii, John S 2! Court. ;;; the City Hotel. Apply tonovil } Ist; 'ailing
o1 1'Vilie .. .. Illicit, MiculIlninphrks Wood Mrs H R !:i'j [ ] D. B. WOOD! .t CO. ship CJJVTOJ\\
) W'F nrror iii.a" i *' raiher unsettled. Indigo. .. .. ....UFLOU11 100FT" a __ Packard
: ; or 12. } 1 I.- =. The imrkel bcinj tnasfi, will
meet with
... .... 750 I WilUm, ? i de*>-
of the Upjniltc ,r hmjiire.in Northern bbl a : Stephen C S
'* For Ieit : ., For
IVi-eotnul we oas'.i.jotaion3! allofccicr.! ... . ,l : pafrh, Irci-rl.t on deck, or
I Western, .h! <> 15)<) i 1 I'ixl.'v, Jeremiah Williamson, GorrlttWindham passage..
ci| (Mnij";>s>- 1 ir.ic:imI' i<> iorviJ.a ILTt3. To Boston and Provij No. I..1,1.1 Ji 12 ())0 John-n, John II Wilier, Fanny |;;;!| lumbiH' Block, known s* Nos7, S and :For JOS1I1
I' .rI.it111i)3 d Tin' j -1 "c '. cji .tS'-'iiii-nts !have been niaJcal 40., v.ici! Kerr, R C Wing, Capt A Till I: pckt: !b irk 6U.V/Y.7-V P.liven-
CnuviniKlor-iii-CiK-f nf liwrnv No. ::1..l.l! 3 O) a GOO( ) given irnmediatdv. Apply
.ii.:' 10 !,r I'm Unletl Si' < tw the ; i 3 nl.v; the r.ito to New York.iTON fTKRRIXK,.. ... ... ... .... box Kclley, Jos AVood, DWhcaton to [noril] D. B. WOOD .rc CO. yi'l sad on t.e 15th inst. For
tli -
\ :>'vl Nivv: f < : 1'KUIT, Almond.*, .. .... .!bJ' filer'.iiiVin N Car Chas .Irl.tv'a'Icc'c: Irtijjht: '>r nsjssje, apj'lvto
j> -if'.,; ().eii; ; : ; to be ib"- Governor .>! I 'nfi- O ) af ATEMKN'T. :aisi ns.; .... ... ....box 2 75 a 3 0) Latmr, Sawiel Willis Byrd C trefor 1CI3t. Jm 2 1) tt WOOD & CO.

( iii.' 'ttV t siias: t; icfl'ii1 (Jaimuio; Je.iaCi yc.ir ]'rn ', . ... .... ...Ib 20 atl 25 Lawrence, ChasVihiams AustinL'eti STORE No. 0, iti Cdimb'js Bock.p .
.h of Army liKvyisis! nmeh : -: ,=1 >cru M sij 1 -i-pt. 1, 1s3.13s: ( \ lr.. .... .*. .*. 11drum IG a ISJjc'ni.n JarkonCC5 n_ For !?osfoii.laak .
its Checvt-r arid l ljbllJx.Sli.re
latfly &
!, -. i :-4 occupied by
? .. ... ... ... { TilE
,-; tlif C-ilif.mirj-J 10 la* Unhrd itp-;. .j.c 1t tTt. 19k) ; P rsons callinc; frr the above letters, \\ illo.iscsy No. 2, Block C on Water -r. Apph GROWER,
7 00
913 : a '1 ; they advriti t,1iubbs, master, will sail on the 12th
arc hell.J'SELII
|,, : ;- -: i'h I r* appuJul; ririi t''i?;;'MT fir & : & it.J m.'i rck.... .... 1.413t il;?. Otter..I to rOUSE[ STONE& CO. m.tFor freight rn deck appfy to

,;.. y: r-s tor ihs,% nf. an rr' :' ''''- ''" t .' :iIw.c .. .. .1S.9S31 FEATHKItS,.. ... .... .... .... 11 S. MA'P.. M. Dee 2"r -PJ' Water "trett.ina.ar aii 2 5 F> B WOOD, &. CO.

qiI l' t u.. -'l'1'; ToI.-- 1CGG1; 21131 GliAIX, mitls.> .bu-h t-t aC2'i .._, _
lu ip'r) -'i: .... . ... Cora, .l,n.hi (; a (3 I'rjuiicliij 4Jr-ciiit Conrt. for JJcf. For IJo ton.

( I V i i1 siiH a: S \j i "H V .... . .2.5-27 'iL t > > j .. .... .. ... .. 2.'i.)"a : ti Roberts, AlIei & Co. ) a_ THEsa.all Dwellinq Houso lately or- TI1I fiie riZ
it ;t Ttl ... .. .-- 2 .tan: LIY.. ... ... ... ... ... ... cwt 1 on( a 125 v- Pctitici to Foreclose 1;--iil; ; rubied In Mr W A Mclvonzie. luijuircLXiLr j.: : JJ7LLE'xsB}; Da1 --
J11LE) < 5nv":,. ... ... ... ..Ib :; a FbL-ni-7.fr If-\f, and [ >t' NOURSE! STONE & CO. *. master, vitL sail on 41 h inst. For

.4 '.s ,.,SI4' i : '.::v! i" i,'". -';% ',:. ird t n,>tdani.l: L'i 10" 5 ) l'v. vo'nIrv..j' a a 7 \\'m. L. Lawrence.TIIE J lice t 12'!'". .", ;: : !reiht en tle:k, ( r passage, apply to
\Vatcr strrtt.Fcr !
(h( fl IRON, En2u-h! I... .... ....; ;. :twrd d-foi.'hnfs : .1.10 I) K WOOD & CO.
( I j'i' : : '. r : : S -- ---- ---- .. ... ... ... ... 13 a (,' are hereby nnti: c.'l rf the in- -

i Ku.iJ: >' : ., ti S z: -""' ." : 'V c : rromiora AALACHIC IIAI 3 loop, ... .... .... ....It, a t tt 8I. : ) of t-e! tt'invo suit by petition to fore- Sratc. :For Provi.lciicc, IE. i.4.t .
".. I > S u 'it- -. i1; 1i >""" *pt<'M' ir. 1'jltj a.ud SuU.j S-e-1! ,. .. .... ... ... ..,, S H .) ch" th-ir! ff-vln-n m"rtZ1i doud, b arint? t1.ti. 'T! ': j THE House' cri She corner rf Chcslr.'it -, TIII<: firi'i bark "l'OL.1 Davis, mas'Wll

fjriii-.r'.. 'MV< ,!I ; : :_ i i.:., t .u i _ I.d: .. .. ... ... lb <) a1 t I th-! ? ">.!h: chy! n! n'rr, isn, of a certain sloop; [ ;;;( anti Live Oa': streets, known 2i the hartf de patrh. Fcr* freight ontck -
\ "
\ S. FLi C --fls-! American Ib a c .lo'I! tu-! On>;.>n," to secure tlia payment ofio -t'.1 f: Gi U tcta 1 IciNe. Applv to
; or a. a c, nnpjy to
TiF' ) S.S ,t, S 4 i-f IT ':. r.ro --, -S : K.. .:r:. { wcek ouy.|TnTA1'JsoasonIT. 1A. fl '-.in f "," ). And nf t tre! 1iririg term ofsiirciti't .n2 GHEEN! & COXXHRYI'or -

: ; >..Jill! .,; ?'.' .-.flt'i- fS5. .... l (. !its.V'hite: Pine. ... t, I v. i ill!l r.-""f: !ft r n juil ri'.e .t i.f forcriiNi r, Lal? < _:I CIIASKOGET.S&CO.For .

''. 5 1' ; !ril i't':3 11I .. .... .... ..... Yellow ... \I. 70) a in nofJjv .\ '\. $S'E'IM i-i: ;, itt' I f- T'-iitioncr..
I 4 i ; ..... .. . i. .. .. .. .. . ... ... .. .. | _% t r__J1 THE! House! sI'iti.l! on Ccrnrcrct City Toiist, Va.
? f' ri, t'' I ,n i.i4 : 1 f d.. : :iljifuy. ..i;'. ... .... .... ... .. .. ... I. .... .... .... White,Oak 1 I tsK.. ...M M!12 CO aTU'JXK ,45 ,.' .'Li, .J.iii 2, I I 7 5-i. f 5-- ;; between i'orS-ts' sre-t{ and the l'iortv-! 4$; THE god copiertd; shiP! ,i.VDREJV

tUE :'II' t)r lre ii3.H>f rlumtii- int. : -.-"< lr'4': ..... .... ... I 1Cd ... J ilOLjFronijnadt*. at present occupied by the ?- SCOTT Emery, master, will have'
.. . ... "ik
.. . Oi
.. CloJiis
I li itS Yfr tJicsc Jiurri-J acts ofVlirrowilI flt t ... $ LIAD, Thr. .... .. ... ... U 3 a ( :mtl (2ai'elj. subscriber. The! house i is in god repair, free immdiate despatch. For freight on deck-
... .
rL ... ... ... ... ..lb 10 a 12i IS ITS Oil Cloth, 1 and 2 yanh wide; from all Incunr.brances, with a pood yard and well or 1.asage, apply to

ustn pi: they! <
\ of"the: 1o hei-U N:' Vi.i .... .... .. .... Mor4AsslS.: x. .. .. ... ; ; 3 Cotton Attached to t lie premises is a good stable. For

: penjihdo ,' .) ..... .... .... .. ... ...... .. .. N.t\L iTU1lS, Pitch.h1'l, 2 c a 2 31)Otkurn.bil ) 2 Stair terns, apply to }For New Orleans.
and icist t' rii! IViII pry: he too strnijlorconnm l'rrividpnci .. .... ... . ... ... : a '1 (tO1tia For sule by W.M. G. PORTER &. CO. Jan 2 r,0-lm TIIE fine schr. UUJrTER, Troll/

? \ViH those, wliose duty i: is ; : ... .... ,. ... . .... .111)1 1 30 a 2 04)) Dec 5 41 Water street. M. CAIU'TGAX.Tho'i. .L eNrnaster, will have immediate dispatch' S

lie\ tnitipltf of l onr r'mhis am! lib.rlicsframprofjiHtioii 4lI itii.r... ... .... .. .... (. Tar..bhl a 3 51)I ) u. Gray, ,. For passage only, apply to
10 guanl . .. .. .... .... kg 4 () a 15 01))
\t w ()ri.atis.. .. .. ...) j MERCHANT TAILOR. Jan 2 C. KOGERS CO.1'or
; \ \ Caution. & .
st politic: tnnrilianiiiij'l \- OILS ... .... ... .... 91)) ) 23Olive.
t ,. ... ...... .. -
Ce.cn vi st. iexl door below Francis
it* altar<, and su'unit' with fol- .. .... ... .... lottk 1 25 a I Si) LTI1Ifls; a due bill for ?125, was given ? Apni'vs. fte-iv Orleans.TIIE .

del J to( the d fcritiun 1Vill they Tii.il ( '.. ... : :; jjjT'iTALr .. ... ... .... .... I 12 a 1 3() V me on the Hist March, Is't by Wrn. D. WOULD respectfully inform the citizens nf new and splendid brig LOUISA

ann h 1'rrsjilnnt to a full accwuiitanil .tx.r .. .... .. .. .... .... .... .... So a 9Jrtnri'r Price, Deputy Collector for the Port of St. Joseph that he has just received f ' not In in th p z.. .juumuj .f .. ... .... ...cal for public services, and said due bill having from New York a large and splendid asscrtmei.t fe gp c.immediate despatch Tor the above
( settleni'mt tor .dl his actings au-S gliiii ; ; .aw .. .... ... .... .. I 75 a 2 00PItOVI$1ON bt en lost or mislaid, this is to caution and all of Cloths Ca.-siieres and Yestings, ed port.
any For
treisht cr to the to'Jan
hih-lnrJcJ nic.istucs of iitoler.i-! '; 1'rk Mi's ,. .l.l12! 51) a 13 St) passage, apply master, or
in thes* 3 ncgociafir. in !
m receiving the
t i IXTHLLHJRXCB.1 '4 I. o. 1.1.1:1: 1 L) : 12 04) persons against or ;; quality or cheapness, consisting of every shade 2 NOUUSE, STONE &. CO.
UI'; F.PHRAIM ANDREWS and which lie H
samo. vuriuly to make in
I'rirne I 1 54) up
bd! 04) a I 1
We wiij: impatient; and f-Mrf.il. t.pnti the t) 4 a!. .\t15XL A. Bacon ll.inii .. .. .II, S a 12I' Apalachicola Per 20, 1S4G 40-5t ths ncatf-t and most fashionable style, at the J.Lnte. Fiyun4
ipsult of ihvir ;i1 Tjiii1. 1 11-Uxve 1t11111dS for 1SJ7.
there may jvi be patriotism c'lonjli, even .. .... ... (i. a 7 favors heretofore bestowed upon him, he hopes BOOT AND SHOE MAKER !"
AUIIVID.D'c : liouh'Jer .... 5 6Ltr.n Mot her's Present, Moss Rose, "May faithful attention his
.lb by to business
in thf preseut (Jniire "' 30-Siiift YvHVfrly, mitli! from Mobile.P .... ... .... .... ...lii 10 a ,"" Christian Keep"jke, Hyacinth, continuance cf their patronage. to carry on this business -
raiiltni; Hiii'iiiio.i wliidi! -- : ) itself irk A\bh, Davis, from liirbadus, to U Roi rsA 1JtrrEn. ... ... .... .... lb 21, a 25Ciiia Friendship's Ofi-'ring," Christinas Blossoms," Apalachicola. Nov. 21, IS 10. in Apalachiccla, two doers below
fall bctcntli tie! '
must ignobly, p-.r.vcr of v1roppo.5ii'r : Po. S : : ... .... .. ...IL1 1() alit Wordsworth's Poctns," Poetry of the Pa- the City Hotel on Centre street.

and abhoirencc.Atititi l i;rk Caspian, Bhvvn! from ICey Wear, to D B )roj: ..... .... ... ....&I 'detis," "Gems from American Pccms," the Fall Goods. s Having: superior workmen, he is' )

[ Comical 4 y Xcniinal. \Voml \ Co.IJn \ .. ... ... ... ... 53 aI Uoq'ict nf Flowers Montgomery and B\Ton's FRANCIS KOPMAN has just received his confident that all who may patronize him will find

LOUIPH Ii-ut.in. Chester! from New York, I: ICE.. ... ... ... .... ... .lh1 61 aiI'iC1 Poeni ," Poetry of the Heart[ ," Elliott's Poems ; Fall Goods, and desires a call from that they have called the right shop. French ,

\ Nr.DiuvjTY..-ft i k rumorc'l' that to Nu-ifi", Sion >\: Co. Cassia.. .... ... ... !b15: a37YI ," Christian Miniature," the Floral GilV his friends and! customers, and as to price, he Calf Skin, Morocco, and Patent Leather Boots

'llic Aihninistntiou! d iire< tn rr<*:jt i ljo? C !iJ-wsfcCo.irjl-Srlir Hunter Trott, froii Key Wctt, to .. ... ... .... a 50Gin'r the Marrii-c Ring," the Casket of Jewc-U," leaves them to bo the judges; his stock comprises or Shoes rnide lo order, of the latest and most approved "

: ....... 9 a II) a trenTal assortment, nil of which is OiKred fvr style. He will ao! keep on hand a large
office (II f 14?. General: au )fll :o of hizhfrnle r cIr I' 'nooi. rom-t'.i. from Key \Vi-st. '4 ... 1 1 12Ntitrneg "Lovcst Thou Me, and the Flower Vase.:
a cash and selected of
assortment Made
or city Boots
; thin thi one li'-ll hy < J"Jfnil Scott Sir: !I'7! >!)"ili, Ilu sfil, I from New: Yur!:. .... .... .. .. 1b 2 12 a 23015 comprise a part of the above now ofertd, for s ilc acceptance.Apalachicola Ready ,
Shoes All
Nov. and
2S. Chesnnt mending
Ja.i 1- ii'iij: ) Canton, L'jciiai.l, from Havana, to !by J. C. ALLEN ?t.IVcu t. Brogans. &c., done
or ( :i'rah! I'.svflr. 'ffit offi'inm fines ... ... . .. a 20sr -
D l U \Vood fc Co.Bii jcllu N. .' ,. ... ... 8 aSt. Also, a larg? asjorfrncnt of School and Toy : Puulilicilioiis. with neatness and promptitude, and on terms
Yr.ihin d thc aJniinistraiio'i
creite: for ;ta'i. u rug ? l.rvu-nrc Cnp-'l.jr.j, 1.aki'r, fml-T Orleans.Sitn' Croix ... .. .. .lb It) a 11 Rooks, suitable for all the different ages of chil (1ONSiONS: OF A PRETTY WOMEN tint cannot fail tt> be recognised as in keeping

ot' John AiS.un*, :it ihc perioil V-li'-irtd'! Thomson; : inns' New 'Oiie.ius. Lo.il.. .... ... .... .. lb 12 a It dren. Jec 20 Richelieu Critchton : with the competition in trade and the closeness- -
when the truu'jlcf' >f Fratjcifirst ' .ar'r! A ir'i't: MaLfi n, I I'm Caattahoochee.I !ALT, Lierpool..j I hO a I 122 1 ; ; Emilia Wvndharn ; cfthe ti.nes.

when WH'iinjtoj; a i Mud ti-n*! c-uisrnteJ I ..rni I !*i'iy! 11 ill, f ini Cohmlris.'A .. ... .... .... '; a 75.STEET Hnlitfny (::ift'. Chevalier D'Harmantal! ; Livonian Tales; The Apalachicola, October 31. 42-Gm

think nir ta rv .".l unr.', Moore, fin Colunibut.i'li (_ .t-t,. . ... .... .. ...xt1S ((14 a 23 In) A VERY Ivav.tr'ui! njsortment oi Card Ca cs, Bush Rangtr, Sec-, fie., just received and for
to fi.a'1! the :.inny. Tlia war: n-o calC Sr'ioi r Tliont;>s'i), im kltif.tuU.a.ijM (i ..Ii1d.... ... .... .. .. cwt12 (ii) a 15 0)) jTx: Ci: -!, Vis'lii: Card of Variuus fvrns and sally IL F. ABELL, A Ni'LALS for i17 ; Poems ; Toy Books, &c.,

cnrrie.l onviih <'nfray aij-i Mivei i.s wi out the crcition ,fa'ivvn' liilr We have : :: Cogntc..gal 2 .5t) a 3 SI) Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN.'
Flowers, Potchouly, Vanilla, and other rare -
\ ifS \\\r\ Gin Ililanil..t.d! 1 l) a I 75 5.510eimrns Iron anti IVails."I
a m"ineli' 1y sp-'c'.icle! ( : re-ul'.s! 4t .
Jc:) 2-1-rchr Ociavi.i, filirnnon, fur N Oilcan5. Anirican.. ...gal1 .10 aPai cf P.-rfamery, Cc..d and Silver PcnciU, Salt.
iiiilitary despotism; i in; Mexico, ;in-J after N. ... ...; :37 a l.) and many other fancy articles of Jewelry, dc- A "I JLJ ffC.ARS\J Nails Swede's Iron ; 200 ,kegs -g SACKS Liverpool on board bark S

peace we must !toe tr> lime to beat our LIST OF VESSELS IX I'OilT.Vavenv \Viiskcy, ilect..gait 2 a si.ried: l expressly for presents. For sale by Dec 5 assorted sizes J. for sale. by _L n00 Sarah Shcufl' for sale by
swords into pi un'.nj hooks and bid farcwdi Alcohol.a! (2 a 751ilXS 'Doc >>i>' J. C. ALLRX. DAY & CO. Dec 5 J. DAY & CO.

stii m. ... .... .... ...
10 this! '' nst.wcean1 Iar. 1 So a 2 In) free.if .
priJc : ( ( )fflSC. Rrcu< Co .
jionj Smith, 533 toi, fin luobil?, waiting I peer. ... .... .... . a It) .8uiIdis Lots for Sale or loSF.VKIIAL 1eit. OFF'ATS LIFE{ PILLS AND PIICENIXBITTEUS
glory of war.1Ve want no Lord liish, M-i tt r. STInT. all iriZt.:. . ... ... ...lb.. 5 a2 Lots well situated in ditfl-rcnt parts (Ifl SACKS Rio Cofieec,jnst received and .1.vi. just received and for sale by

Admirals or his hizlrie--! the Lt.of ( eaer.i1 Canton:i. J'l.-kiH! !, in tons, for Boston, loading ().. .. . ... ... ... a 73TI ) Apply toBOURSE L:1IUj fr sale by Nov 21 J. C. ALLEX.L.IIIIC. .

the Army.-[.Y. i' 1 1 jj \V
FIoiJ.:.in, Wniimorr ):) ton=, f T NcvYork, .. ... ... .. .; j aTINT. Dec 12 40 \Vafr tret.t. .

Here which tfli & Co. .. . . . . .... .... Hay. '., CASKS received and
i is ::1 Hit we arc tempted 10 fln jaat now landing;
Aid--w Scotr, Eniniy, ;.5IS tOil=, for City Point, ldin! ?, !' IS a 20 1 C) BALES, for sale by D'.i'.j
'Cell from tlitf dessert set forth in the For Sale, L--t) D. B. WOOD & CO- trom schr Ceo rimrs, for sale bv
V. l l-MdinT! -ClM"; : Roger-: Co. eine. Il!> 40( a 50WIXE5 )
LouL'rille Journal of the 10th inst. We. of Harriet liockwell, O-n-ii-li! I 117 ton, fin Liverpool i\aderia..a! 1 th) a 3 00 Of\ CASKS superior Bacon Sides ; Dec 5 7 Columbus Row.Xowill's LOCKHART & YOUNG,
MsVvola ( ... ... doy Ifj OU 4 Shoulders' Nov. M 53 Water street.ialt. .
coarse, disclaim ; ny thing! : per o1.; tI.-tV.[ waiting! ; 10) (K) a (00TT'XCIIAN'GK ;
0. Dlla. n ; RQE.F: .5 5'J' ibIs WhNkrv; 100 do. Flour ; Iloacy of Liverwort, .

\ D.ivi' 3/> lon=i, for Piovidncc, loading on Boston, Providence, New NOL'RSE, STONE &, CO. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, S[>ittiri!; of -
Old Mr. ISitche. of the \V.nljiiii Uuioi, .5 FOR 11 Dl A SACKS afloat and in store, for sale by
C K'-c.jrsi Co. lid DovJ-2'3 and all the affections of the Lnngleadin -
: ,
Voik--irl Kill itnorc bought! and sight: check-, -ij t Water street.A 1 LU U
..ays that "one woulJ think from renditiz C.i-n-i; t'lni'ii. :H1 tons, f-jr Bcptcii, loading-Dli on Nc\v Y rk
the papers; tin: the Ani--iiciin people care Wood v'c Co.foh.i 1 WILLIAM G. POUTERS CO. Foi' Hire, ed of vegetable substances only, for sal y bvaiglt Dec.% 7 CrlnmbtH Row.

for iitlinz but wealth." lie ueeil not trouble : ; i'n v.-cr, I Huh I\\r!, &
: -D) IS nl Jl'ST
himseH, ( abuui the tastes; of the jieojde.They ; i .'', &'.!-.'ii !, :M-'iritt, 317 !o-i for LVPrw! ,!, loaJj Dec 5 T INSEED OIL, boiled and raw, for sale by a fine assort men? of choice Ei'iucrs, Sears 5

arc repute.! to lie rather ni2rcciia y, j in?-'. :Mi is Hocers As Co. liflkF.iZfleil continue to make advances :: ; :.' ; and Etopc. JJ [septS II. F. BELL. Tt>!>acco, Soap, Candles, Starch, Domestics,.

but they have read hi paper and that of lii? Liz; i. I If ivi--s 279 tons, for Now York, hading .1. on Cotton misisnrd; to their friends in Liverpool 1 fl(1 1>CS Kfi'tucky Basins; &c. Also in store, 5tj t barrels choice Wine anil

two sons at 1ichiincnith, tujJ tl"y have come 1 DifiJV' Pr.iU. Havre-I Host on; arul New York. 1Jj K)0) coils Rope ; CHEAP PUULICAT10NS, jut received and Cider Vinegarliich will be sold low.

Triton L'JW, SJ7 tons, from Providence, waiting 1). B. WOOD & CO. .1 bales Basins Twine, for sk lyWil'G by EDWARD XcCVlJ.Y
to dcpbc ItifJitS. :1i1.-r. Dec 5 7 Columbus How.M. PORTER & CO. Xn21 j o. .Mr.nr. HOC> .>o Water street.
M.-rst".'. C'o'Iin, "72 tom, discinrjins Day -
Uc-c 0 -It Water stnvt.I
\l'iii loiv Glass. Java Ct.t'e 5i) d. Rio do
The Ueuiwnt r-.llrd into STVICC from iV Co. IT!. Ki;U. ; ;
*h ? irai ::J jtifE: S-intl 401, waitsns Day Cc Co. TTT-f LL continue to traisacl a Kaonc-ral FORVV :+ Nails, K A BOXES just received, 7 by 0, S by 10, :: 1u; bjrrt-K Northern Flour ;
J of
,1 city New Voik i is not yd full. ThCounVr Swede Iron assorted sizes 3U 11 1 11 10( amU t2 bvIb' 4 Mudfir.i V.'ine23
iiin WARDING & COMMISSION BUSINESS TONS) ; I''> by 12, 11 by by pipes ;-
sn\x various c.us's: may !bnssi n0-! Louu-a ".v.t '3, Oh""' r.I'Ti tons' for N Orleans, soiicit.s the patromgc of his friends and the L1 lilt keg's Nails, do. for sale by [nov2S] J. C. ALLEN. boxes Candlej ; 10'JIJ' !) Regalia! Segar.

for this ; but :i proininT.t one undoubtedly loading-Sow: Stonfc ( o. .nMic. Dec 2''; .l'JltJOT1DK I cak4 Weeding Hoes! assorted qualifies; For sale by B. S. HAWLEY,
is the L-iwrenc.-.,1ien'I.! J''arr, 21!) t/rii, from New Castor Oil.1 .
insufficiency of the l.i\v, v.h'u-h leaves 20i Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils; Dec 5 2S Water street.
Orlean-, %i4 I I 12'l. MIT. GALLONS in store and for sale by
the men for until SAMUCL BENEXET h duly English! and mc-tican Vises ;
unjirovidcd actually mustered for New York my 0yo
.lolms-'in 'J17 tons ,
M-inhniMn, I H. F. ABEf.L, Pardon Seethr, Ciro\rili of 1816*
into < .1. N authorized Agct during absence from ) IMlLw ;
service. with Hi<- ), -h-Xoar e, fftuin' 'c o. my .
Nov 2S Druzist.flay. \ N oiliner.t ot Garden Seeds, just received
w Ihbv, I Dnj-\ 21' Ujris, for 3Jos.ti.n, loading-D Ihe State of Floiida.Dcc.rr. 1. dozen Spades and Shovels; J5-.t.
and for sale
The 15Vf.H V. '"o. K. CUOCKETT KERR.an H C,1hins'txc5 by
necessity of hoatin sh 3t in fornnccs, now ) ; Nov 2S J C. ALLEN.TISTAIi'S .
S process, is cd invention 1).iiart.) S oru-n, 211Tfor I ; Fall liver, loacljn 1(4 UI C'. 1U bxs ('ot ton and Woolen! Cards ; BUNDLES, for sate by
surpers : by nn
of John A. Scott ? Wood vV !) iu"ii.! CASKS b.-t. Thomnsfon, for pale byD. 1 case R-nvla-i'l's Cast Steel Mill Saws ; 60 C. S. HAWLEY. % and Svyayne's Balsam ol Wild
sauthwnrk 1h1i1U1ClPUt.t :11h
utmts myMIEOU 5-
He has a with which lie .)1Uky: n. WOOD co.1'J 1OUU lbs Cast and German Steel, fr sde: by Dec Z 2S Water -tm-t. V V Cherry, just received and for sale by
coats JNTru1LP.r Wil. (i. PORTER *c CO. J. C. ALLEN.
a : :: 'T? FKOII 1)e' I (Jolumbus) Row.l I Nov 2S
S common caimn ball s i as to render it a --I**ituer Alltru. l l-J'' b(1b(':, toiteio! JO T __ Dcc 1 -II I Wotf-r stiver.so Roots and Shoes.
concussion of the b:ill in its escajio; from lime 1'r'2 10 B S ILiwley2 lo order; 13: b.tg com 5A Ut'--I'Jut I s.i'-'l :-.Iloat and for sale hvJ --- TIOY'S and Men's Russet Rrojpuv; JEASC'S ChriSed Essence of lloarhoiCandv

cannou, anSI a btirtiinj mass is left among '' :: ). B. WOOD & CRColuinb'H OH Cousi iiiacizt. JD Men's sew'd and pcg'd Kip Brogans ; .l_ -a fresh supplv just received and for

the splinters, caused its through 'PI r Manner Mary \Tore-119!! bales cotton to 1)e 12 [ Row.NO. BOXES Troy Sai; ; Cents fine Calf Brogans ; sale bv* If. F. ABELL.

the timbers by passage A/NMeKty; 7S to l ekliarl to Voantr!; $0 to lAie: 1ycrui1ic 4ctin Cotdot 20 London Club Champai ; Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes; Children's tl.,. do. Nov 21QUININE Druggist.
of '
ashipor; dwclhnj! su/Ticient/ f tobacco! to -
to Uod"fe Pr.ttl; 31 do and box'-s .y- :> boxes Florida Leaf Tobiccn; Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; CALOMEL and CAMPHOR,just'

cause nn immediate! combustion.JKORGIA J. For sale- by U. hAWLEY, Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Bo<-ts.A and for sale .
is Super by
( ) 1ai coon to T) BJ 7 Columbus Block, now lrepIrel: to
( I t'T st.ioir. Co7to IJ" Win"> U- -PoU'T C (,i7ilo) Ai iMXy rciie 1'I foiStoraat rcasonal.Lrate-", 1)e> 5; 1 2S Wafer street. lar'.; ar.d extensive assoilment. just received Nov -Jt i II. F. ABELL, Druggist.
ASH IVinioA I'aonr'rTfl. Wo to'd! 'C
have hailc-1: wifjj -- ; 2.J 'to Locklnrt A: V-.n,; :*i lo Lull, and will 1 I be t read t t" eti i t irS f.ir w-oii'U I by Tu.sd..vnexf. : cetA33eIi Xicro and Amn.CiS anti for shc by W JI. 1;. PORTER & CO. i1tviivin \Yn1cis.

of ( eorgi i.i; Flour;itisf.ictionthe in market.appearance It will ;..,....nnV Co; 2 J to I Harr 1.4U.- I IliitawtS 4o to G J. p';. IUJrCIIIXSUX, A-fiit. 10 1 each, jUsl received and for sale\ by Dec 5 U Water street. ,* N a? orttneRt jwt received and for sale by
omr Jod. ABELLTi
( ; to D.-c. 1-J, IS10. 47-r: itv' j F. A :
Ap.dJcliiM.la Nov J. C. ALLB.N' Druartst
1)0 W
to D B '4'C1.A ,
seen 'by our a"VIJIts"'e '-.umsss' th.it; 'r /Ktpani.-r ilHf. uh-I"( '* Ialr3 cotton Cover (

Horih Su nr, Molasses nirl Syrup have ii;; t NonrStoni M (:; i; 1e2 III Jr:. sniia.riii -\ () "A' "sTFFrrTLsAND? PlICENiXi FE\V pcKiiwU of largo tUd Nu.-lnern Clover OA DOZ. Crtgress Spring; Water, ju.-t re-

found their ht-ie This buHOCSS Y'xidIfKiv? : 77 1 Wyhi %5 Mch>nza'i C2 t<. I is iiival.ublu and I iiit I v ci-li-br.il.il rciniHHind ; \'I_ IHTTERS, j'i-t -reived :an'l! (for s.de by _t.t. Seth, forsale by ,_ :U ce.v\ d per bri Akbjmatd (I'-r *de bvvenSt9Uj

60 ''ot Way igiin. i L3t..ltrt't ; y )u"!?; 17 to J > iv it Go.IV J. has jiijtbuo.'j n-fi-iveil and f.-c silo by Nov I II.I I'. ABCLL. Diu;igist.i April l 1L I Ai3iL.ai .' ,, / f I.LEN.
>S Suscii-'o-J: un ;account of f the Indian MasBoUa-71 bales cotton to J .'- ,.
tiaier 5--.5-
: J- C. gi-t. -- -5------ --'.5.5 -'---' -
JjrfC 2ii; ALLII-Vpin II Ilehiiii. IiISIUI,
'Var, ] loL( EIS ) or A : :

tot that ;ibuut to VC% .. \Yv doab& 'tX. Jwrner Augusta-51 bales cotton 7 bo.x4I !i of 1..1 tVr Coiisuiiiption, Asthu.j, Coughs, Liver ; ; : >eriorT ar-
ft 'e, I sri AJ *
will :'fc> c.uU R.>'.e, loir site- !>
; 1'CS L't.rIg y
Eir go o; ; till aery weks Troundj-e.w- to I4ockhiart4tuL I'.eVcd atui all dLx-ao s of t the t thioat! and ;
quitjtity of I ?. ... ?? 10 \ N ; vf' jitt vuiplatalj I 'i LOCKHART & YOIJNG. S ti-r. w'.iiv.'el a4Itflw'b
Ilmese .
va1ua,1o l''i s.Ji bYAt'ri :
shiii '
luii '
COIIj : ttcb'/ t : N.y ii VV.it t *'ruf .
uFu.: 4
Intfll4lIy it, ur ... .. U F AbELL IL 11. F S -
vtmanres. fJqj.S. i ;) a : -' 5. '
!)ox 1i B S 1i. w. '5-
1 tar to
: IQkvo, "* .. 4 S 5- 5 5 :j
ni j? .?. ; -V '1 5


.. 5-

*..., .

5- .
: :
V S. _5 :: S :
;: 1' I
:: .&'T.d S 1.-- S S

-4 .
.5 *. -S .' S S 55% .5.5 S' Jii : .- -S. ly."SniMM nJlfc.mjffftuc'Mfc Sfca itoi nfi'i jfeiMiiaVi

I /


-- .- _----S S __A S: __- : -- .-.5 .- S -S .-_-- -.5
ii ::_ :i -

.. ,- -;:- T .
T _- _,_ '- -.. _ _
-- '' -



- .\- "./0. L.-_- -.- _-.--_- .---r--- _----- -- -- -----'-----_ h __ __-,._ _'h__ ------. - -"-- -- -. -, --- ._-__,__ ..-- H- .- -- -- ----- -

'.1 i' Cl! aEthi3: r .1333 Produced by! safer navigation 1 I Dry Goods. 1l.11(11 Notic1J.( FRESH ARRIVAL OF

.. !. <* I And ease for daily avocation 1 FOREIGN PERIODICALS TIlE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea- Drugs, Medicines, Paiat
I.. FOR THE Sogen'rousareyou, as to make stock of Goods consisting in "
I Dry ,
D"CStllJT.PcrCumery .
Calhoun Circuit Court.John ,
;: Your future and! takeA .
,: COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER. sons strangers REPUBLICATION OF part of THE underlined returns
F. O. Thomas h L
debt of transaction }
; JANUARY 1, 1847. And heavy praise expect your for this! same action. The London Quarterly Review, Negro Kerseys; and Linseys, vs. V Bill for Divorce. to hu friends and the public! f fc .
White and Red Flannels It
liberal patronage, and '
----- O, Justice letnie ever find you The ludinburtfli Ificvicw, Marinda Thomas. ) : kegs to M
': ': Kind Patrons, I have: come to tell With generosity behind! you ; Plain and Fancy Jeans, : complainant has: leave to file supplemen that he is now receiving an

The story (\f the}"C nr.f TIm: CArrnIEIL The Foreign.
,,-." And hope that 1 may tell it well The Westminster Review, Super fancy Casameres, satisfaction was appearing stock, renders his assortment unusual ta
= --- -- the of the Court that the defendant i
-- - -- ,
To give your heartgood cheer. ANDBLACKSVOOD'S Super English and French Cloths, and '
Sale. complete. English, French Gen&L'
State Tax Collector's resides out 'of the Western Circuit 01 Florida It
Hard times has been the so long Blankets :
,; cry EDINBURGHMAGAZINE. Whitney 10, 11 and 12 American
vested in law I irs.Duffil ordered that Drugs; ; Cosmetics ; '
'Tisgeuingoutofdate, virtue of the )power me by is said dt-fcndant be required to appear Perfumery-
_,;l: And from this old and worn out song BY shall expose for sale before the Court House Blankets, S, !9 and 10 qrs. and answer the bill of complaint, on the and Druggists Glass ware &.c., &c., are'i
"f" Denims Krcmlins and Cottonades
A new one I'll create. door in the county of Calhoun, on the first Monday The above Periodicals reprinted in New- Brown and first Monday in March, IS 17, and in the fault to Physicians, Country Merchants and othtt:

!. 'j in July next, the follow-; properly situated York, immediately on their arrival by the British Cotton Shirting Sheeting, thereof, the said bill shall be taken pro confesso, the most liberal terms-all of which he< .
first theme ,
; ; And of weather that Osnaburg
and unadulterated.
,.:. ; great ofSt. so.much thereof, as and that Ibis order be pure
Which new beginners always deem in the city Joseph, or steamers: in a beautiful clear type, on fine white Cotton Drilling and Ticking, published in some news

iIt. t Most prudent for themselves to take, will pay the State and County Tax on the same paper, and are faithful copies of the originals Linen and Cotton Checks, paper in this State for two months ,before the Wholesale and H. F. ABELL

.1 .Acquaintance ora friend to make. for t the year IS 10 : BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE being au exact 'facsimile Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, day ordered for the said hearing.: Retail Drog ,
11 Lots unimproved valued at $:))0, purportingto of the Edinburgh edition. Bleached Cotton and GEO. W. MACRKA: 45 Water% '
The Spring return'd to bowers 11 Allen's estate. Shirting Sheeting, of Apalachicola Nov. 21, lS4fi.&
belong to The wide-spread fame of these splendid Periodicals English, French and American Prints Judge;; Southern Circuit, .-
&r>orn of their living green ; 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $;jU, purportingto renders: it needless to say much in their Extra plain and twilled Presiding in the Western Circuit.A Drugs nnd Medicines.
But 'mid flowers super Ginghams
soon rosy belong to Robert Armstrong.I $ As literary organs, they stand far in advance Cashmere'd'Ecosse ( tttro Copy-Testc.) TilE subscriber
Her form Irai Super has
;, : fairy was seen. ana
Lot unimproved, valued at $50: purportingto works of similar now pub II. W. ROWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C.
.J, (). then the azure mountains of any a stamp: Extra super Muslin de Laine, constantly haveon handa coy .!
h -., Ueoeath her smiles grew bright, belong to F G Arott. lished, while the political complexion of each is English, Scotch and American do. Calhoun County, Dec. 21. deco 49.2m} assortment of DRUGS and to.

And all the crystal fountains 3 Lots improved, valued at $:j(), purporting to marked by a dignity, candor and forbearance not Super Italian black and figured Silks, Calhoun Circuit Court.IN CINES which be will warrant:

lloll'd down their sparkling light: belong to R Beveridge's estate. often found in works of a party character. Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs, OPEN COURT-DECEMBER TERJI ISIG and of the best quality. C ,

And Nature breath'd sweet music .1 Lots unimproved, valued at $:)0, purporting They embrace the views of'the three great Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs Chancery.. Merchants and Planters will
To check her eager llight. to belong to A B Blackwell's estate. parties England-Whig, Tory, and Radical. > to their b,}
., ; English and American Cotton Hkfs, Elizabeth McEryde.i advantage to call, examine and '
'Shf' lfI! nkl'd the earth with beautiful flowers 1 Lot improved, valued at $2U), purporting to Blackwood and the London Quarterly arc Madras and Verona head Hkfs, vs, V Bill for Divorce. Goods, before purchasing elsewhere. price

And shed sweetest odors among her lov'd bower, belong to George Clark. Tory; the "I==dinbl1r h Review," Whig; and the Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, William McBryde. ) N. B. Physician's prescriptions put ,

And cherr'd the gay woodlands with voices so 2 Lots improved, valued at IOU, purportingto Westminster," Radical. The Foreign Quar. Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings, TT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court care and accuracy at any hour of the d3
sweet belong to Win Cromwell. lerly" i is purely literary, being devoted principally Cotton antI Flax Thread, -L that: the defendant Will McHrjdo: resides J. C. ALLL. .: .
That crystaline fountains in love seem'd to ni.>et I 1J Lots unimproved, valued at $50): purportingto to criticisms on foreign( ; ContInental Works. March 21 '
Plain and fig'd: Swiss and checked Muslins, out of the Stale of Florida: It i is (ordered! that the Cor. Centre and Commerce ';<
While rippling and dimpling in smiles at her IVet to J :N Copeland. less than Ib.
belong The prices: of the RE-rniNTs are : Jaconet and Cambric Muslins said defendant be required to and _- -- ---..
The earth she then spread" with :green flourishing! 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $30, purportingto and while appear answer
one-third the foreign copies, theyare
Needles[ Pins, Tape, &c. &c. the bill in this case, on the first :Monday in April, -
And) cov crops'. with verdure the forest tree lop,*, belong to it K Call. eq'nlly well got up, thy: atIJI'd( all the advan. Which have been selected with great care in 1917, and in default thereof, the same shall be

And b1080m?, the promise of fruit she had given 31 Lots unimproved, valued at.200, purporting i tage to the American over the English reader. New York and Boston from Importers and Agents taken pro confesso, and it i is further ordered that

And Bwell'd all the streams with the waters of to belong to Win P Craig.a i TEll:MS. of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and this notice be published in some newspaper in
Lots valued at $:50, purporting
: unimproved,
heav'n. offered wholesale telail this State fcr the of three
PAYMENT TO HE MADC I.V AD\\:> CE. are now at or on favorable space month--
to belong: to \V Colquit.} terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co. GEO. W.\ MACUP.X: : ,
I looked-and *iw the Virgin grow 2 Lots unimproved valued ut $;50, purportingto ( For any one of the four Reviews,:$3UO; per annum.
Dec. 5 IS 16. 41 Water Jnd.e I.t S'I11\.1'II' \ Circuit
More thoughtful as more nlJ I belong; to Col For Summer breezes round her fluw 2 Lots valued at : :50) purportingto For three do. 7,00) Presiding: in the Western Citcuit.
And skies unfold. unimpiovcd #;: any & CONNERY( No. 30, Water street, A True
summer belong; to Win I B! Duvall. For all four of the Reviews, 8,00) vJT: have just received and offer for sale ( Copy-Teste.)

tlow actively now do'slh( summei comni:ind! 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $.5J: purportingto .For Blackwood's Magazine, 3,00 .. rX3: : sacks Green Rio Coffeee, (new crop ;) Calhoun H. W. ROWLEY, Clerk C. C. C. C. FOR the and cure of Dispepiia or Indigestion !
County, Dec. 21 i HIG dc'r r: I in 1mSttnm'iu'3tttitoni' ncrvntj* Headache. ConstipatH
The earth to yield fruits to the laborers hand belong to 1) W Dubois. For Blackwood and the four Reviews 100 barrels Northern and Western Flour ; _
Diarrahtea Guuf
.. -
-- ------ --aw-.ra.--- Rheumatism, Gravel, Ilency \|
'The lightning she Hashes, and thunder the ro.irs! 2 Lots lInimpl'O'cd'alued at5'J! purportingto 10,00( 200 Old Rectified Whiskey
To frighten diseases!' and death from our doors, belong to John E-Davis. CLUBBING. 100 boxes white, pale and brown Soap; ( No Utt( !;. -, &c. For sale wholesale and retail,1 by

And sends us a blessing in rains from aliov, 2 Lots ullimprun.d.llued at :$;:::;0, purportingto ; --- --- --.- -, -lee 1- __J._Cx ALLEN__DiuiroC'otnpoitiid _,
with buiishme and love Four copies of any or all of the above woilcs :5 hhds N. 0. Sugar ; :5:; do Muscovado; -- --- -- ----- ----- -- --
And all nature
gladdens belong to John ]Derrick. will be sent to one address on payment of the regular 20 casks Bacon Sides and Shoulders; '\TOTICE.-Six months al'ttr: date, I vvill
The maiden hung, in pensive mood .ut) Lots unimproved, valued at $lOL)?, purportingto subscription: : for three-the fourth copy ') .c Hams ; I.' to the Hon. Probate Ccurt of Franklin >cbs and Copavia.

Her head adoru'd with curls belong to John/ G Gamble; being gratis. 20 barrels Clarified Suar ; County, for a final discharge; from the administration Stands unrivalled .

While falling leaves swept thro' the wool b Lots unimproved, valued! at $IOJ, purportfng {o- Remittances and communications must!' be 10 boxes Loaf do ; of the estate of[ John C. Perkins, late of cfKcacy ; it performs?c

In Autumn's eddying whirls. to belong to !' (; Gibson's estate.", made in all cases without expense to the publish 50 Sperm Candles; said: county, Ikcft1sed.JAS in a few day*-no ccment

And now the Autumn paints, the azure: *.kil'M 2 Lots unimproved, ,valued :$50:;: purportingto ers.-The former! may always be done through a 20 barrels N E Rum ; M. ShACK ELFORD: A-lrn'r. or restriction iri4

And o'er the fields reflects her golden Iqllt, belong tO< E G Greenwood. Post-master by lun: :Jing him the amount to be 10 White's Baltimore Gin ; Apalachirol.i, Nov. 21, lw Jo. 41-fjin 1 is necessary. It will .

While 'ueath her smiles the joyous: harve-i: lies 1 Lot improved, valued at $:3)! purpoiting to remitted, taking his receipt and<1 forwarding the 10 Domestic Brandy; -Ail having claims ; \ found valuable,being}*
persons against
To bless the land-the heart man drlulit.: belong to James! Goslin.G receipt by mail, Post-paid ; or the money may 10 N Molasses ; NOTICE Foster, late of Franklin d.- I j pared with the g '

She scatters leaves from every tree wh-ic. grows ( Lots unimproved, valued at $.jO, purporting be enclosed in a letter, Post-Paul, directed to I [') boxes English Dairy Cheese ; ceased! to the county :. j\ possible cares tipn r
are requested .t
The ripened fruits, in yellow garments; : cl.idA : to belong: to Robert Gamble the puh1i- hers. 50 pieces Kentucky Bagging ; authenticated within the presc same duly .. tested pt-inciples}. kin
mellow odor on the breezes blows! 2 Lots irnprc.vedtlnc'! at $lIJO, purporting to 30 coils time prescribed: bylaw, that
N. B-The all these Periodicalsis Rope upon important
Postage on
this notice will be aj
or plead in bar of their
While pelting forests make all nature glad. recovery
belong to Edward I Ilardin's[ estate. ; first
reduced by the late po t-Omcc law, to about 10 bllcslicant Mats; and all indebted to said estate established by tit:
But now the chilling: winter's blast :2 Lois unimproved, valued at :$5U;;; }purporting one third the former rats, making a very important hI) bxsand: hlf.bxs (new crop) Mal. Raisins; requested to make persons immediate: pnvrnf-nt. are ebrated Dr. Fordff ,|

Hath made the forest bare ; to belong lo S K lIodgs.I swing in the expense; to mail subscribers. ID Lemons; WILLIAM[ KOiTEK: Adm'r. that a Combination tf*

And men ungrateful: for the past Lot ulilllpro'ed.alued at :$50:: purporting Li all tht principal cities and townsthotiglimil 75 Manufactured Tobacco ; Apalachicola: Nov. 21, PtO.|*; .l-2tn ilar r.iiiedi'-5 wr.ulil produce a mere cei"'

Oft curse this bracing air ; to belong: to William I Holland. 5 the United Stalls to which tlurc is a 25: cases assorted Pickles; _ speedy, and considerable effect, than any eqr

Winter e'en though loudly 1J1l1win; 7 Lots unimproved' valued at $:-';), purporting' : ilirtrt Rail-Road or Water communication from 3i) barrels Mackerel, Nos 2 and 3 ; Administrator's IVotice. Icr.t tfo'-e of" any single one.' In many easel

Ice refreshing: forms for you ; to belong: to A: K I Hill. f'ie cily of _\cw- York, these: periodicals will be 2') halt LLls do do ; SIX 1 months after the publication! t tl.is} nri:: ('('. disease is eitir: < ly prevented bv its timeij rJcarun.
Brings you comfortd c't'nhilc buowill; 1 Lot unimproved, \' at $30, purporting to shall '1
liUctrcd FUElOf' POSTAGE.LEONARD 20 boxes assoiled Syrups; apply to I he Court c If P.ubatt"; 1'1'! r-rsileby

Now Though while it forest hides trees the earth'lis shakm1 from view.', belong to B S Haw Icy SCOTT, fc Co., PublfchoK, :20 i chests and boxed Gunpowder :and Hy Franklin Co.nity; Floriaa, fcr l le-tlcr cf dismission Dec 12 J. C. ALLEN, Drucjr>|

Swiftly falls the ice and snow- 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $50, purporting; to June 13.: ::2t- m 112 Fulton New-York.. son Teas I ; from the estate cf David C. Kolb! deceased;; itaisaiii or JLivcrwortT"A
belong to IIB Inmau.i 10 chests and boxes Powchon as Administrator, and all interested in
Soon from both,the cold 'lis taking; J :{ Teas ; person KUMEDY most perfect is said .
And the headlong torrents How, : Lots unimproved, valued at !* >0, purportingto I'RfN't'S: OAXY.NEW 2 half pipes Old Cognac Brandy ; said estate arc h-itl'y notified to tile exceptions! JTA. discovered in settled Consumption

This shall swell the mighty river belong to U C S John-wi. 10 baskets ''Heidsieck" Champagne ; if anj they have, iu the manner and forra required Coinj-'laint, or of their L

Up which vessels salrly go, 7 Lots improved, valued utfctf'JO: purporting to FALL STYLES :3m) kegs"; Nails, assorted sizes ; bylaw.JOHN tha Chrono-Thermal any incipient sjmpti

And though nature now U1dy-tivt.r.! belong to John Jenkins'! estate.; At the extensive: Establishment! of 25: bbls Pilot and Navy Bread ; GILL SHORTER _\du on Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated system, by the Ba
Soon she'll feel a genial glow. 3 Lots unimproved, valued at :$100, purportingto n.edicine, .
; LEE BltEWSTEU11 3 tierces new Rice ; August 11, ,IslO! 31-Gm Genuine BALSAM OF LIVER WORT,which leH
to Seaborn J -- -- -- ---
Thus much for weather, belong IIIICS CEDAR STREET, N. YORK, 20 kegs and quarters new Buckwheat ; rri'Hilhd after ion f pares at 375 BOWERY. This plan if treats( j
But ah me whether 1 Lot unimproved) valued at $;jO, purporting to 200( bushels Norther Oats. NOTICESix ( several '
Jones Bass. Where concentrated aH the NEW )! will be: made to the now espoused by eminent physiciau,, >
belong to ic are : nearly
You Fir
: can gather Apalachicola Dec. :5:;, 15 10. '
and has been for lone .
tim th
a ... tunparal1e1cdsuccesswh'chb
lIon. Judge of Probates fur Jackson What's put together, 1 Lot improved, valued at $50;::: l purporting to STYLES of PRINTED CALICOS which have --- : county, fora w u.
Is more than a novice belong to J Kinney's estate. been produced in Ibis country, or imported for the F I RANCIS KOPMAN: has for sale: final settlement of the administration cf the ; attended Dir

Ought ever to promise. 1 Lot improved, valued at :$;;:-'JO!' purporting to fall trade! and are offered fur sale fur CASH OR English and American Prints; estate of William Bryan deceased, late of said Taker's medicine in performing its wond) !

belong to J P Loc key. APPROVED CREDIT at Bombr&ine and Silk Alpaca ; county. ELIJAH BRYAN, cures, which in many, very many cases, k

I fain would speak( of Fashion's work 1 Lot improved, valued at $30: purporting! ,fo Prices Greatly Reduced Drad Etc and colored Cambrics ; June 3'), IS 1C. 25-Cia: Administrator. been almost incredible, but the conclusive pll
From bishopM French to turband'd: Turk j : the Doctor can bring forward
Bleached and Brown Domestics are irrcsistible.
belong to Doctor Lang. Within the last few dajs. ;
been to College
But havin never
we advise all who have
I am deficient in that knowledge, 1 Lot improved, valued at $,)0, purporting to t 03";:: Purchasers are guaranteed the prices-and Negro Kerseys and Blankets ; State Tax Collector's ale.NOTICE colds even to use may this coughs or sin,

And all I know upon this headIs belong Abraham Low. allowances made for a given period.: Bed Ticks and Linsey Woolseys ; is that six months af- perfect specific; wit
hereby given, dday.&I Franklin
what Old Trowscrloons once said i :5 Lots valued at ;)! Apron Checks and Flannels says a small leak will'1
; renewed
unimproved, :$30 i purportiug {jCJCatalogues ( and corrected daily) I will to sale at outcry "
public big
Said he (while swelling like a tOdd P Linen and Cambric I Handkerchiefs[ expose cure yonr coagLiVtiur b
to to the in the ;
belong Latlirup.I -regulating prices: -are placed handsof .
oppoaitA th. Court Ione door in the cit of {11115" arc f-i!-t cmrri I 3H1! T vj
anti blovv'd
And as he well'd, he (puifd ) Lot improved, valued at :fr'J'J' purporting to buyers; and sent with goods: ordered. Hosiery of every description ; '
Apalachicola, J. C.LLE:; Sole
Ah, dear Miss LJustje, t..llme when Straw Bonnets and Woolen Hoods following propern, to wit :-- : Agent for
to C lcEhran.o
belong New Y rk 1S l 16.
August, Lots Nos. 0 and 12 block
I'll walk the world with you .1 train 1 El, in the city of ApalacticoliCAUTIOr :
Kid! and Shoes
Lots unimproved, valued at :$;::jO, purpoiting Slippers Walking ;
Before you dar'd your face to show : Colored and Black Gaiter Boots Apalachicola, property belonging to Calhoun &, ?-The genuine Dtctor TATUBALPAM :
to belong to Win P Malone. J. Stevenson & Co. ;
when I all the Bass.
Time was g.i ; OF LIVERWORT, has: on the hspltT.Jid bl
But I like you, would fain grow bigsrer; 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $:)0, purporting to .;v'lJ. r: Water and *\"o. 2 Clustnul sis. Calf and Kip Brogans and; Water Boota Lot No. 1, block J, in the city of Apalachicola; : : steel plate engraving, to j'revei.t
Calf Skin Proof
And fell disgraced upon. .\ .M<;<.;KK. belong to Thomas :More. ;
property belonging tu II. A. Norris. forfeits signed: by Gurdon J. Leeds, ellis
Then furious!, thus the maid rej'h.*d, 1 Lot improved, valued at $1O: purporting to Are now opening their Fall stock of Staple Fine Silk and Fur Hats; : : any
Lots. :\o (U and 7 block C2 in f'.ic! vile and imitations ,
While crims'ning up with011I.111'* pride: belong to Daniel Munn. [Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes! Hats &c., which they A fine assortment of Ready! Made Clothing, city of dangerous and the [thicautioned t
ofler for sale low for cash Apulachicola, property; belonging: to Jacob Har not to purchase or deal in ifMprotected 1 :
vulg.lr thin or city And of Goods.
You baggy, puffy, ? 1 unimproved, valued at $- t 0, purporting acceptance. a large variety Fancy
How dare you such a likeness bring J Apalachicola, Oct 21, IS 10.Kemovcd Apalachicola, Dec. 5, is 16. vey.To by the L:. S. Copy Right Laws.
What! tell a lady to her face belong to Nii'.nenger. -- -- -- ----- --- be sold for taxes of I515j ;arul the chargesthat :! I MarchJl"! [. 184' 12-lv

That she could ever bring disgrace 1 Lot improved, valued at $100, purporting to by Fire. A CAUD.N have accrued thLrcon.JOhN. '.i'Ur-iUlttS
Upon the long illustrious line belong to Wm Patrick. subscriber! has taken the store corner of SEYMOUR takes this method of informing LUCAS, S lnitf Effervescent<< Sell

Of fashion 1 Fine, indeed 'Ii:< fine 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50, purporting THE and Commerce streets, where he the citizens of Apalachicola and 1's :and ex-Officio State Tax Collector. Aperient.

I'll show you what it is t' insultA to belong to George Poe, jr. will be happy to see his friends and! the public vicinity that he has removed down on the cornerof Apalachicola, Sept. 22: 181G. 37-Grn( HEALTH RENEWED, and an ir1l

lady." But who would wait result! 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $;jO, purportingto generally. 1 will receive by the ship Floridian: Water and Centre streets, and feeling thankful Condition of body, iniTtr:

When woman's anger boils above belong to Judge Pope. due at this for the heretofore extended to him State and Tax Collectors by the use cf TAfcRANTS EFFERVESCE:;
heat of woman's love 1 now port, an assortment of Drugs, patronage County
The melting 1
1 Lot valued at .jl! to SELTZER APERIENT.This .
improved, $ purporting :Medicines he solicits renewal of the
Chemicals, Paints, Oils, and Patent I a same, by offering to Sale.
Now from this story I've thought best belong Win D Price. Medicines. J. C. ALLEN, I you a very neat and select Stock GOODS, Con virtue of the power vested in me by law, preparation i is universally allowed irj
2 Lots improved, valued at $100, purporting to BY the most popular. remedy of the rtstntda.M
To let the female fashions real, : Oct. 21 DruggistDissolution ; sisting! in part as follows: months after: date I shall! for sale! ; |
__ xpoe! ,
And other maters I shall handle belong to Isaac Robinson. ----- -4 Cloths and Cassimeres, various styles. before the Court Hoies in the of the preventt'.n: : and cure cf Indinestiin! : Band !
That do not give such range for scandal. 2 Lots improved, valued at $:j0, purporting to of Copartiier.ship. Fancy Prints, do. do. Franklin the city described Apalachicola Liver (Ccrr; .laints, NirvousViatines*: ,II
County following ,.
belong to K A Ross. Copartnership heretofore cxi ist tin: under Lustre do. I aclit, Heart!.urn, habitual CtoliveiitTraveller :"?-*, &or.
{ Alapaca Figured.
; Land
The prospects of our city next 3 LoU unimproved, valued at $50;::: purporting THE name: and style of WOOD & CO.," is Silks, Grade Rync. property, belonging: to Apalachirohi I I and residents in warm dunaf6T
much tl.
will he-
Shall give me matter for my te.\t ; Company, or so rwf as pay t
to belong to A Ryan. find! it a desirable! article it tinflation ,
dissolved by limitation. II. R. WOOD! do. l\I ntdl,1. : ; ;pievciits any
And first, I'd of means aid waysi State County Taxes due thereon: f..r the
Nil desperandum"say a phrase:, :3:i Lots unimproved, valued :at $jf), purportingto P. W. CULLEX.Apaluchicob : do. Satin Siriped. ISlo'i(:; year of bile, i is portable, and the met: .,.

That our *' Commercial oiVu used' : belong to Win Rowlell. Sept. 21! ISlfJ.1 :Jj7-0t: Fancy Cashmere Robes Wharf Lots Nos 7 S !0 100 feet each. preparation is unusually convenient. Ch_: '
And therefore I miy be cxcu,,' 3 Lots unimproved: valued at $:))1), purporting do. Marino do. have: frequent: occa-;ion fr-j- gentle and cu.(
Lots 4 G; and : Block:[ IT.Lots .
For making use of latin |>!1iM'sla to belong to Rt-egiii: Colquit i (;ra.t: II. U. VTOOIl do. Delaine do. purgatives; Iey: will take this bptnent utVrnce
2, o, .1!, r;, -.;, 7, '=', li I, in Block IS.
pouring forth my city pr.UC6 1 Lot unimproved, valued at :$;:;:i''0, purporting: to t>> any ether- Sold! wh.ksaleand ret .
\trlll coiiliwio CominisiiiBusiness Muslins India Book.
the Auction awl
; ;" : I.ots.I,7, ?5, l ij: L-I..ljlti; ;, 17Is.iuBlockE2- "
belong tollobersoa! : &. Everett. \ V usual under the t firm ofJ(39( do. Swiss, Luce and Colored. .Nov. J. C. ALLEN Brnasist.t. ;
Heed not Columbus' railway car : as ? Lots o, 7, it: 11, in Block I'2. '-
Nor dangers! from the Southern: war ; 2 Lots unimpiovcd, valued at :$:;:3f), purportingto ; &CO Edgings, Lisle, Cap and Thread. Lot 3 in Block I)'.. D IIS, 1letliciizes&c.: ,,

For never shall tlu give a fling; belong to Phiueas: Himlall. Shawls, Daiaask: Silk. Lots, 7, S, in Block I. LARGE and fresh supply cf Drugs, 113

Nor pluck a feather from our Will;. 1 LJtUlp..u'ed'alued. at $50::f purporting to At Private Sale. do. Marino. Lots 2, 3, .1, C, 7, S, 9, in Block .1. A cines, &c. consisting in part of the f&'
Still sails shall whiten all our strand belong to George St I Clair. SUPERIOR WHITE I WINE AND CIDER do. Plaid Wool. articles :50 doz Castor Oil id''
Lots, 5, G, 7, :S in Block S. ing :- qj:*, pts
And fleecy cotton deck the land.! 1 Lot improved, valued at $:jf tj, purporting to VINEGAR.
Kid Lace and ;5 bxs Houck's Olitefc!
Silk Gloves. Lois::! 1 to 10, in Block: it J. pts; Panacea ; 10 bxs
:* The country vast now overflow'd belong; to It M Stewart's (;:",tatc. 20 BBLS. best White Wine Vinegar, Tuskan Cipscy Bonnets, latest fashion. Lots 1,2,3, G, 7, S, g, 10, in Block 21. -II) kegs Epscrn Salts ; 10 bbls Copperas: ; 1"

And but the croaking frog's abode Lots unimproved, valued at :$100, purporting to 10 do. do. Cider do. Ribbons in all varieties. Lots 4, 5, G, 7, S, 9, 10, in Block 26. Gum Opium: 20 lbs Sulphate Qtiinir.e} 20(

Where scarce a human foot e'er trod belong to J Hamilton Smith. by WOOD &. Co, Brown Shirting, 7.S1.4 and 3..1. Lots 3, 4, 5, C, 7, in Block 45.; London Mustard\ ; Herbs of all kinds; 2! *

Shall shine with Tl'rnille to our God. 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $:30, purpoiting Oct. 31. 'It 2 Columbus Building. Bleached do. 7-S, 3-1,4-1,10-4,11-1. Lots 3, -1,5. G, 7, S, in Block ,!G. Nutmegs; 15; bxs Starch ; 20 bxs Lemon S!' '

And Agriculture there chall stand to belong to George Stewart. White Lead. Blankets, G-l and 8-4. Luis 1 to 10, in Block :51.:; to kegs Pearlaih ; 2 gross Seidletz! and S*.
With harvests in her hand 1 Lot unimproved, valued at $30: to
gather'd purporting Ingrain and Cotton Carpeting. Lots 1,0! 3 0 7 3 9,10, in Block 32.: Powders; 20 lbs English Calcmel ; 20 doz :,
And lowing herds shall roam the lea, belong: to J Swecte. 5000 a superior just received , aUIt
And rice birds sing where hum the bee- 1 Lot unimproved, valued. at $200, purporting and for sale by Carpet Bags. Lots 2 to 10, in mock :3; ;. Turpentine, and a general assortment of :

There Apalach'a rests her head to belong to Walter Thompson. Nov 21 II. F. All BELL Druggist. Hats and Caps, all style Lots G, 7,8,9,10, in Block 1S3, I. des in the Drug line, for: Country Mercb;.,
In senseless silence 'mong the dead Boot and Shoes. Lois 2 to 19 in Block Jl. Planters and Ph\sician For sale byLirc
But soon the forests falling sound ; S Lots improved, valued at $200! purporting to I L.tnii Oil. Clothing all kinds. Lots 1 to 21),, in Block Ll. i :\ !; l' H. F. ABEL

Shall wake her from the dewy ground belong to E J Wood's estate. I STRAINED[ a very superior ar- Also, a neat little assortment of Jewelry and I -
S Block
And swift she'll shake the miU: away 2! Lotts improved, valued at $'200, purporting to received and for sale by many other articles too numerous to mention. 1,5,7, !9. I i iflhh .B&ok and Stalioiicrj..
the belong to Hez II Wood. JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff: I : Jou,7)als, Day: Books, &.c. :
And rise refulgent as day. Nov 2S 11. F. ABELL! Druggist.; ; Call and examine for yourselves.N. LEDGERS
But while I'm talk ins on this head.! ,I Lots improved, valued at $2( ), purporting; to ------ ---- ------ -- --- and ex-Officio Tax Collector Franklin Co. ; Foolsca;. and Letkr Paper;
I know you Wi.1! that rascal dead, belong to Uarnot lYuoUruiI. Blank Book.;, Fine Writing SEYMOUR. Apalachicola, Nol l, IS 1G. 41-Gzn Cot!on! Mt-rncrantfiim I .tlt:5;
Apalarhicola 1 1. iS10.Coflee.
Who set the tire.prool'w.ill.. on l-re; 1 Lot unimproved, valued at :$50;: purporting to l.-al'C., iC. 1'olmeco. Ship and River IJills: : Lading ;
And raia'd insurance rates much higher.
Ah! did you hear that Joiner cry! belong to Charles Wilson. GENERAL a-sorlmcnt of Stationery, consisting i'HALF boxes Manufactured: "W L l oane" 1-cooks! tar Letter j'rcs"
That Mason in a passion fly 1 2 Lots unimproved, valued at $50: purportingto ; A of Foolscap and Letter Paper of the 40 0 SACKS Rio CofTeee, just received and ,..)., ( Brand. Blank: Bills of Exchange and Checks,

That Tradesman render'd doubly sure belong to J D Westcott. finest quality ; Blue and White wove (ruled) extra for sale by 41 half boxes Manufactured ,: W Trice" Brand. Jmt icccived and f for sale bv

Talk of his loss-and; look demure 1 8 Lots unimpioved, valued at $50 f purporting fine Quarto :and Packet Post ; also a beautifuliissortmerit Dec 5 J. DAY & CO. :m" do. I l :March 1 H. F. ABEL
These are the signs: that plainly tell .belong to l P D Wood mil of French Letter Pens. I
Paper, &c.Just .
What lou-what wo the town befell.! 1 Lot unimproved, valued at !ii 50, purporting to Hay. 28" "'V Barlow" AND OILS-;50 kegs No 1 W
received Alabama and for sale PAINTS
per brig by BALES for sale 4S 2'2 lb. boxcs" J "
The Body Politic convened belong to William Wy at. 1') 5 by Morgan" !galls Winter Lamp Oil ; SOOr
Oct. 17 J. C. ALLEN.:
And many a lIu 'rer's story glean'd 3 Lots unimproved, valued at $:)0, purportin -- -- ---- ---- ---- -- .# D. B. WOOD CO. 1-2 lb Lumps. Linseed Oil ; 5U bxs assorted Glass ; W I It Ibs?
While river, bay, and woodland's wild to belong to R W Williams. assortinetit: of School Books: just received Dee 5 7 Columbus Row. :5 boxes Manufactured "J W Morgan" Brand t ly ; 10<) assorted Paint Brushes; Black: : If

Were scour d to catch the divil'dihild. Lots improued, valued at $1jIO: ( purporting to AN and for sale by No will's Premium. Spanish Brown, Yellow Ochre, Green Paint,]\
Honey of laverwort
the bait
hundred dollars
Fire was :5:; boxes" "
belong to John I D Gray. Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN. Napo received and for sale by i 1
The Council put upon the (plate; ISAAC --- -- FOR, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of leon's" "Magnolia." March 1 H. F. AflELI'
But found the rogue too big a inner JACKSON, SherifI'and Boots and Shoes. and all the affections! of the Lungs :5:;. boxes Manufactured Napo -/

1''ouuch' a dish to come to dinner. ex-oJIicio, Tax Collector. JOY'S and M eli's Russet Brogans: ; leading to Consumption, warranted to be composed leon's" Brand "Strawbery." Paints, Oil, Ac., Ac.

Now, to prevent it best another t' bout t-cout December- 20, 1SH' 19-Gin!) ( _I ) Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans: ; of vegetable substances only! for salv by :50:; 20 Ib boxes Manufactured ,' "Napoleon's JUST received per brig Alabama, from ,
They thought employ a ;
St. Croix augii J. c. ALLEN. .::
And four dollars night 101I11D ; Gents fine Calf Brogans: ; Brand Magnolia."

To set pay th' unruly town every aright. New Orleans Sugar, to arrive; Win's peg'd and scw'd Shoes; Children's do. do. 1NSEED OIL boiled and !9 boxes Manufactured "l\orord"[ Honey Dew SO kegs ground White Lead No. 1 ;
for sale
101) sacks !Rio Coflec ;f) do Java L by 50" do do do Extra:
Ah! dear Taxatus when you tee ; ; Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes ; II. 10 Crates Crockery; 10,000 Florida Sugars
septS] F. ABELL.
Such sums paid out for thine and (!lice, 10 bxs Aromatic Tobacco; Super Ladies' coarse and fine Calf Boots.A = 30 doz Negro Caps ; GO doz Hoes, assorted." 25; boxes Glass assorted sizes:

No more for taxes should you grumble! 5,1)( Muft'd do Krown's: and Labby's; large and extensive assortment, ,just receivedand CHEAP PUBLICATIONS, just received and Ingrain Carpeting, Cotton Cards,Trace Chains. 50() Verdigris ground in oil ;

And on such questions blindly stumble. 20 Sperm Candles; :54) bxs brown Soap; for sale by WM. G. PORTER &. CO. by For sale low to close consignments; bv 40 Paris Green do;

1 100! bags Shot ; :50:; !kegs Powder; Dec :5:; 41 Water street. Nov 21 J. C. ALLEN LOCKHART & YOUNG, 2i) doz. assorted Paint Brushes
Head heels the town's in debt
over 2000( { lbs! Lead ; 4 casks! Linseed Oil; Nov. 11 With everyotber article usually: emploel
And honest men should never fret, :53:; Water street.
To find it and able: 200) kegs;: White Lead, No.1,Extra and Pure. Clover Seed. Window Glass. the painting business. For sale bv,
paid- they more "
To set themselves a better table. Forsale by WM. G. PORTER & CO. FEW pounds of large Red! Northern Clover 50 BOXES just received. 7 by 0, S by 10, Garden Seeds Growth of 1$1<>. J.CALLEN.DruboApahchicola

Twixt public debt, and private claim Dec 5 i .11 Water street.Congress A Seed, for sale by 10 by 12, 11 by II, 11 by 10, and 12 by AN assortment of Garden Seeds, jnst received ,_SejTt 29
------ lS, for sale by [nov2S J. C. ALLEN.CustOl' "
Against your property, or name April4 H. F. ABEL. ] for sale by UININE, CALOMEL ar7a CAMPHOR..'
Where is the difference 1 This Sln.in'Vatcl' iS Q
you say Oil. Nov J. C. ALLEN. received and for sale
The law of honor makes me'Jlay- received per schr. LeRoy, and for sale by Jiv1.iiit. and byNov .
JUST ; Hope. GALLONS in store and for sale by "t'XTiSTAR.S and BaNam ofVil 21 II. F. ABELL, Dru
and tire frame
Food clothes, my protect, 21 J. C. ALLEN. PCS Bagging 3u coils for salo bvLOCKIIART 10 0
; Rope
And surety all the world expects O 70 ; & YOUNG H. F. ABELL, V V Cherry, just received and for sale !"v i lavoiiniiir "" :ucrs.

That shall pay for these. the O, man, Fresh lie!rbs. Nov. U 1 53 Water street., Nov 28 _____ Druggist. Nov 2s J. C. :\LLEN.pEASFS AN assortment,, jiut re, oived, and for sale.: ''
Whose voice could move general plan Thyme, Summer Savr>ry. Sweet Mar. 2D J. C. AI.LE.N Drugg*
Of public! works', did you discern SAGE Jlu) Clarified Essence: of Hoarhcune -_ ,
Naught in them all that e'er would turn Catnep, Boneset, HlIl'houndVorro.. ANNUALS for Ibl7 ; Poems; Toy Books, &c.,, 60 BUNDLES;, for sale by a fresh supply just received and for 9(1 1JU2. Consjress Spring Water j jal

Ho your advantage t Where's the health wood, &.c., just received and for sale by by JJ.S. HAWLEY.: sale by II. F. ABELL ....,\J ceived per brig Alabama and for *>

The traded city gave 1 The wealth Nov 2S J. C. ALLEN. Nov 21 1. C. ALLEN.. Dec: 5 2s- : Water -treet., Nov 21 Drug it. eptaa: j. c. ...UP1i