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J. L. IW TI'I A N.
W. ft. l. DAVIS, Editor.

Office, Third Story B.-iltzell's Buildings, corner of
tCommerce and Chestnutt streets.
"uiB3iCRiP-rroNs.--Thrte Dollar! per annum,
if paiM, in advance, or 53; 51-1 it"paid within six
m.)tIt-is. or :.-4 01) if paid therealter.
N. ?,.i)s'ription taken 'for a less term than six
nmii5is- .i'l, .$-2 wil! iuvirniblv be cli]iI'zd for
tlhnt period. No parper Ill be discomnatAed until
alla,'r,: r:^*^?- rre p.iJ, ,lle- -It the optil.n of the
propr ttr. .
ADVE F. Tr[C11 F. n,.'$- .-i.i.aret, (twel i-,? I ine?
or le wi) \ill be i,,irt,-d at the riate ca Onie Dol-
J. lar l,,r the fir-t, and Fil't(." Cents or every subse-
tqu't,t insertion.
'. ro,,th,:>?e 01, adv,+Ltise by the y-ar a liberal-
'disconnt \,will be mtndh ; b-,ut Al ad -.erti,;- en,-nts not
stricLth .pertairiLnL to thb-ir own busmnes. as well
'a1. all leril. tdvelI:tisemenlts sent ini by them, will
"... t charged at the uimii:l l ates.
P 0- All legal advertisements uu'st be paid for
/in advance.
rf Five Dollar;. w:ill be chat ,d lf.,.r atnounc-
"ing, candidates" l.-ir offijee.
.- ~,, All adverti!em,--:,,t? from a distance must
be accompanied with the cash, or city reference,
,H-e insure insertion.

i? ,~u. iinri S i~iccttorw _
.harles Ro,,ers Jo.m Mrtniin. Eucierie \V. R.:,geri.

f.'.-. -< -" .... -~~Bs .
0 Al Ill I S S I 1 N M E C H-1 ANTS,
t-l^- \Vater stre.--t.
" April 7,154,3. AralTlhi.:,l3. Fa.
S, S.- ED.veBgirt,
iM E i; (2 H A N T
., N ,o....,) \Vafer-'treet, ..- -
S.^ Apal:, i .ih,.,la. Fa.'
"' r- Liberal A..Ivan,:t e rii,,e o, I:I;sI'i ,,rt ents3
to tnv frir-nd in Nex .rteaus, Ne.v York or
-Liverpool. April. 1541j.
-ll'. 11. F. Aell,
O[LS, t_ QLAS -1, z.'.., -,.
-i A l.'i- A ', ,'l .g''tIIr'rIt of St-tineiei .
C (r i of Chestrtn t aild \Vate| qtret-,
A april 11 A 1 l--ir I ,',i'-I. -a.
Ill. D5. Dardenn, ,+
> -".-; No. 2 Col'umbus Buiidiii??,
", Dec. '21, 1-"45. At)alachicola,,Fa.
[:-. [7. N ..p.ir.-.e,- [-]-. L'; '-.i-,lie, H 'V B r,:,ol;s
::?- '. *No~,3e, HtBP& Co., W
*G. D-1, [SS 1ON M ERC rANTS,
/ .. ...-. /: ,N,. 43 W afer street,
ri.-,rt A ., Jl .-ii!--,la, [l, a.
"'', J K e ', aj s'.. S- >Bi.Ic', e ,
No. 43 Water street--Up stairs,
D-c. 1, 1; 15. Apalachicola, Fla.
1. 3"y A' Co.,
/ + .' 'No. 52 Water street,
Dec 6 Apalachicola, Fa.
.*"tr. Al;.o, A.ens ltor tlie ZEtnaInsurance Co."
th, Proieetwon I,'.iirwc: (_"0o." and the "Hart-
ford Insmiranre Co.-" H drIl,_ 'C61(on .,
iSLs. IVp'eil. E. -Daut.zx
No. 2 Colu.mlI'ulz Block,
'" ,; Dee a: 1'3i5. '' Apalachicola, Fa.
S :'*; : + *. also, .
--:''-' ; .: ^sAt ents for the,
r' .,/ of t.re dVi *r'ew. york,
: ,. ;-'. : No. 'I \V t.?r street, =
Nov 1, l 15. Apala.'1i,<,.l. F.
;'" : Edwan'd lI'Mely,
No. O C.oli,,bus- Block,
Nov -21 -Al?,, a,:li,:,'-l- 4 Fa.
Wonr. "jl. Pok'le" A'- Co.
\ ~No. 41 W-ater St~reet.
= Nov "29 Atpalaohi;:,-la, Fa.
; W m .u T Voo (B,
++ *: N t O. 42 W ater street, ....'
r'. N.iv At,-.-tqi e,)?lcoa. Fi.
'/:.. i.:+::+, :. Dodge .&'Pratt, ,
.+. :" HTPPING. &,; ... _M\l.I SSION ,.MECH A NTS,
<< : :." ,N 4' : t.i-" Street-,
** N o .^ *A .,.,.il .:hi,...l Fa.

flIeKay &" Hai'tsianon'ne,
r *C0 M M IS SI 0 N M E Rt- A N TS,
""' No. 40 Wat~er street,
-.. N O\v. 1, l._4-5. A |:,ala.ihi.-'ola, Fl,:,'id.
~D.'B. WVood & Co.,
"'*\ No. 29 Water street.
'^*-t No\'. 1, 1 S-45. Apdaa'-hieol Fla.i
,. .

V_- Myers & M[itchel,
'. '* No. 36 Water-street,
Nov 15. Ap.)la,'hii:ola, Fa.
Wy' ylie 4 McKenzie,
No. 42 WVater street, ; "
,/ Sept. 1, 1945. ApalachicqlaFa.
l1Iieliael .A. lt[yers,
:' -. No. 36, Water street.
.Nov. 1, 1945. Ao.ilatlticoli. Fla.
r;I'I' Salnuel Selli ilel',
9(3- Particular attention paid t0 putttiug tip family,
steamboat andlhip stores.
No. 49 Water street,
decr0 Apalachicola, Fla.

VrofCroofnal 0otfcus. ]ortrp. We said, The three great distinguishing They would now point to his steed- w to
traits of Murat were high chivalric courage, his costume, and then'to his white 1?1410_
LOVE'S LANGLTAGE. great skill as a general, and wonderful cool- while they fairly recoiled before his pier,
/ T ISY GREEN, M. h There's a langu3ge that's miute, there's a silence ess in Ihe hour of danger. Napoleon once glance. Murat was so much preasdd-by'
Alaybefund at his residence, corner of thla[speaks. ,aa, (ht in b, be was pr t bra-homageo those siple-heaed
Centre and H igh streets, opposite the M ansion There is something that cannot be told, v s a n t e w rd h r w s 4 m t a e d s rb t d a o g t e t e V
House. .Nov 8. There are words that can only be read in the est man in the world. Therewas come- that be distributed among them the._ey :>
cheeks, thing more than mere success to him in he had, all he-could borrow from-Mis o9eft ,
Dr. A. W. Chapman, And thoughts but the eye can unfold. battle. He invested it with- i, wt-of glory, about him, and finally]b watch *n. tben "
Ofice over the Drug Store & B. S. Hawley, There's a look so expressive, so timid so kind in itsel-threw an air of r6 e about it the watches of his friends. HeOWdr nm*&
{- ticeovr te rugStre f S Hwle, hee'sa ooksoexpesive s tiid sokid, all, and fought'frequentlyw_~ ~ e almost many presents to, them before; fot oftais. i
(entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the So conscious, so quick to impart, av, a, aort itt
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell. Though dumb, in an instant it speaks out the mind, in an imaginary world. The device on his battle, he would selectduout the^noat distin-
And strikes in an instant the heart. d a u g o .
January 10, 1846. 2-tf sword, like the knights of old-his very cos- guisbed Cossack warri r, and pl.giAg .- .
o H. E. Owens, This eloquent silence, this converse of soul, tume copied from those warriors who lived ,rectly in the midst of, the enjWty, "eogng1t
In vain we attempt to suppress, in mere chivalric days, and hiwheroic man- him single handed, takiham primely, afrd
ATTO RNEY AT LAW, More prompt it appears from 1he wish to control, ner and bearing, as he led his troops into the afterwards di#miJt fi. agol chain n
CLAYTON, Barbour County, Alabama. .More apt the fod truth to express, battle, prove him to be wholly unlike all about his neck or some rdch orarodk at- ,
April 29, 1846. 2-tf And oh, the delights in the features that shine, other generals of that time. In his person, tachei' to his person. .. : *' "'
Thle raptures the bosom that melt, at least, he restored the days of knight- .,
REMOVAL. When blest with each other this converse divine hood. He himself unconsciouly lets out WHAT MR HAenEGtNcMAYs BA ltm -i-
W. G. MTI. Davis, Is mutually spoken and felt. this peculiarity, in speaking of his battle on We recently copied, says # he Baimb o y *
ATTORNEY AT LAW,N "LONG AGO." Mount Tabor with the Turks. 413 the o a D exiac. from y^0^0^ ja. ^ ,
{r- Office in Floyd's new .Building, opposite Long ago! Those words flow thrilling of this-hill, Kleber with fift'-m~eO, fount# rp'[6-fh ex*odiapre^ell made +
the Mansion House. Dec 13, 1845. Come they with their murmur low, himself hemmed in by 30,000 Turks. Fif- rep y or e extraordiNry revelations made
A. G. Semmes, The spirit's troubledm^^^^^^ watersstiteenthousand cavalry first came thunder- Mr.oaywsofco e thdioa
A. emmsWith their music--" Long ago."- + ".,M.Poksvewawih theIdftra &ha-
ATTOR'NN EY AT LAW. ng down on this band of 5000, arranged in tr consigned the P s nt o a ee a-
W- Office, ,No. 2 Capt. Simmon's Building, Memory's long deep-hoarded treasure the form of a square. For six hours they roounud"that the Ihandn o rt eep -
cor. of Centre & Commercestreets. Bring they to the spirit's lght: maintained that unequal combat, when Na- .an. r
c o r o C e nt r & C o m e r c e s r e et s .D a y s o f y o re w ith d re a m s o f p le a s u re ,c o l n e r r a h h m T e s p l d 4
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla. rushing back upon the sight. poleon arrived with succour on a neighbor- could never reach him." Toe psppoaed" .ww
pnnesint.ing hill. As he looked down on Mount state oUhingsceme to pass. and we Were i
J. Law, Long ago! Those words of sadness, Tabor, he could see nothing but a count-, curious enough to inquire oftbe Union what
ATTORNEY AT LAW, ringing, through the mists of years, less multitude covering the summit of the Mr. uanuegan has it seems, spoken. The:
Visions of departed gladness, Clm bus. h iannega n alhayit s:es pkn h
Bainbridge, (Decatur Co.) Ga. Ne'er forgotten sighs and tears hill and swaying and tossing amid the smoke
' @ Will attend punctually the Superior Courts that curtained them in. It was only by the The Union will not give the Patriotthe
of the counties of Early, Baker and Decature of Dreams of youth and tho'ts of flowers, steady volleys and simultaneous flashes of desired yonormatioh But we can answer
the South Western, and of the county of Thomas Skies, where brightly fld hours musketry, that he could distinguish where th In a verst rnt in a :
of the Southern Circuit. may3 Never more the sight to ureet, his own brave soldiers maintained their thoi o In a conversation recently in- a
John ~ ~ ~ Nve mibTn n hh Agored the sihot to gret soitrytwl e d company. Mr.,Oqnnegan, withol't
An AWg Longgago! Those words how dearer round. The shot of a solitary twelve any attempt tat concealment or disguise, in-
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Far than others we may know, pounder which he fired toward the moun- tending r the public ear romoike as
ALBANY, GA. When they bring our spirits nearer. tain, first announced to his exhausted coun- tendng it for the public ear, remarked aa
W ILL practice in the several Courts of the To the loved of long ago. trymetf that relief was at hand. follows : r <
W South-Western Circuit, and Thomas and They key-note of a measure filling The ranks then, for the first time, ceased "Mr, Polk e a greas te,`traitore han -e th
Stewait counties All the heart with harmony acting on the defensive, and extending them- John Ty everwas H treachery t.the
Democai party is ten thousand times'more
Aug. 5,1845. 31-tf The discord of the present stifling, selves, charged bayonets. It was against base, infamous and inexcusable, tian. thar
Claiming all its troubled sea. such terrible odds M urat loved to fight, and obase hn Tfam rs wasd tontxcu a higs!w in -is
T UMER NSPCTO -Th unersgne --------------------nhsen ^^^^^^of John Tyler was to the Whigs! ffe i
UMBER INSPECTOR.--The undersigned in this engagement he outdid himse-lf. He utryuwrh feni:e Te .
L having been appointed Inspector of Lumber regarded it the greatest battle be ever Iau ght. iesterly unworthin of n ond dhe etragtan.
for Franklin County, offers his services to the Once he grearly ale he ever aough t in hn
public in that capacity, and will attend to all Once he was nearly alone in the centreofa cure the support of any considerableve a n.-
duties appertaining to said appointment. Hemay MURAT. large body of Turkish cavalry. All around ofthe Dm a a r
be found at 22 Water street. BY T. J. HEADLEY. nothing was visible but a mass of turbaned tin f tfe rDemocratic partydh!i The motr-
March 28 JAMES GIBSON.. His three distinguished characteristics heads and flashing scimetars, except in the the Seg'ate, and made the as.ervations which
-]'UMBER [NSPECTOR.--The undersigned were high chivalric courage, great skill as a centre, where was seen a single white plume I denie, the r sientationwi.l
UMBER h INSe CTpOinthedu n dersignedgeneral, and almost unparalleled coolness in tossing like a reut banner over the throngI aneds h ePowsidentar cNThFeintervIew
for the County eo" Franklin, offers his services to the hour of extreme peril. Added to all For a while the battlewthickened where it w unsocitedony He tir
the public in that capacity, and will attend to all this Nature had lavished her gifts on the stooped and rose, as Murat's strong war- eu -
duties appertaining to said appointment, mere physical man. His form was tall and horse reared and plunged amid the sabre callytar m t M awodmhand -no au o
CORNELIUS GRADY. finely proportioned-his tread like that of a strokes that fell like lightning on every side calhly that Mr. fate wo ehar'nah dew a iw
March 22, 1845. .4 King-his face striking and noble, while his and then the multitude surged back,a a they were entirely gratuitous nju st aldi' -
T" UTMER INSPCTOR.--Having een ap- piercing glance few men could bear. This single rider burst through, covered with'his 'ou&edtha he wor. s ur, t .-
l MEd r NS Lumber for .the county was Murat on foot, but place him on horse- own blood and that of his foes, and his arm fo,,d-that he WOUI UrrER 11 RIGHt
fFranklin, t back, and he was still more imposing. He red-to the elbow, that grasped his dripping O FROMITS0-,
to the public in that capacity, and will attend to never mounted a steed that was not worthy sword. His steed staggered under him, TO 9m Wllt.n.q, -ELoP7 1q(wouTvW-
all duties appertaining to said appointment, of the boldest knight of the ancient, days, and seemed ready to. fall, while the blood SE-T O^ T .ATT O5 TE 49T ,0!N17- ,
April 18, 1846. BENJ. LUCAS. and his incomparable seat made both horse poured in streams from his sides. But Mu- I'r OR ON ANY XIN.E SHORT OF 54 40!!.!
and rider an object of universal admiration, rat's eye seemed to burn with fourfould lus- We may not have giPe to the _ery la-
List of Letters r The English invariably condemned the tre; and, with a shout those who surround- ter and point what was said by Mr. f Iae
DEMAINING in -the Post Office at Apalach- theatrical costume he always wore, as an ed him never -forgot- to their oast ay, "an, but iIl5 as-nm .e-r oletoes :
Rl ib cola, July 1, 1846. g t t -terls d y ....ra.it. -w... .
Armstrong 8 Miss M KesselerMr a evidence of his folly, but we think it is all in wheeled his exhausted steed on the foe, and gentlemen of undoubted veracity h-Wee .
Armtrng MssM eselrMr Mry13particular to note every word- hewg .:
Alery, A L Kelly, Wilson"B keeping with his character. He was not a at the head of a body of his own cavalry, cries tan a oah e tneiry o .em
Brundage, W H Long, W T H man of deep thought and compact mind, trampled everything down that opposed hise Pa answa"
Broughton, GeoJ Lea, Chas M but he was oriental in his taste and loved progress. Speaking of this tarrible flight. Ptortlys, answered egand haiims
Brush, Wm A Lloyd, Wm everything gorgeous and imposing. He Murat said that in the hottest of it he correctly, Mr. Hannegan himselftiwillm: .,.1
Bilbo, Johnlv-:`' Law, J usually wo..f a,. rich Polish dress, with the thought of Christ, and his transfiguration on : w e. fi,
Brown, J B Lawrence, Edmund W collor ornam'ented with gold brocade; am- the same spot, nearly two thousand years BRINKERHOFF- AND His eiri o wCot."
Beach,-S;,nl 2 Lamb, Alex 2 pie pantaltfons, carlet or purple, and em- before, and it gave him tenfold courage and LEAGUES.--Onthe30thof June,
Boroman, Wm Langtry, Hilley bordered with gold, boots of yellow leather, strength. Covered with wounds, he was es e and his-oco,
Barstow, CaptT C Mevile, Benj J Y while a straight diamond hilted sword,'like- promoted in rank on the spot. This single leagues of Ohio, denounced, in pure bil-,
Brown, Capt Jas K McDuffie, Maj J 'Y lauso bo eonei'
Beach, Capt Samuel Mauncreff, William that worn by the Romans, completed his act throws a flood of light on Murat's lingsgate, the Administration and its new
Bruce, Timothy'D Mathero, Thomas 2 dashing exterior. He woTe heavy black charcater, and shows what visions of glory tariff bill, and asked :--"Is the park oflnde-
Beckwith, Frncis D McFarlin, John whiskers,.long black locks which streamed often rose before him in battle, giving to his penednt men, conscious of worth to. lik 2the
Bonnery, Miss Seaby McFadden, Mr over fiery blue eyes. On his head he wore whole movement an aspect, a greatness and hand that smites them, and.fawn a fl
Brown, Jos B Milligan, Edw'd .4 three cornered chapeau, from which rose dignity that could not beassumed, foot that spurns them ?" He continud:- i -
Butts, W M Maun, Wm a magnificent white plume that bent under None could appreciate this chivalrous "That is not the kind of human nature,
Brwn JaneAnnder the profusion of ostrich feathers, while be- bearing of Murat more than the wild Cos- sir, to which our soil gives birth, and, a *
Caraway, B D Murgot, Alexander side it and in the same gold band, towered sacks, In the memoable Russianear- long as I have any power to influence t144c-,,
Caro, B T McCall, Solomon away a splendid heron plume. Over all paign, he was called from his throne at Na- tion, it never shall-I TNEV 1 sAI4. --- ",7
Castillio, John Merryman, Capt S 2 this hrilliant costume, he wore in cold pies to take command oithe,cavalry, and per- The next day, the Union, evor'prd .., .-"
Cueva, Pedro Mirs, Taba weather a pelisse of green velvet, lined and formed prodigies of valor in that disastrous keep its sheep within the fold, carne.wa
Cuebas, Pedro 2 Nickerson fringed with the costliest sables. Neither war. When the steeples and towers of -upon the rampant Buck-eye afterthis fashions .
.Conner, Hugh Nash, Hezekiah did he forget his horse in his gorgeous ap- Moscow at length rose on the sight. Murat "If Mr. Brinkerhoffs change of.. course.
Clements, Anderson Orr, Hannah C 2 pareling, but had him adorned with the rich looked on his soiled and battle-worn gar- had proceeded from principle, wepShoubil be .
Deavous, Thos Otis, John Turkish stirrup and bridle, and almost ments, declared them unbecoming so great the last persons in the world to object tdit-,
Dale, Franklin Pore, John covered with azure coloured trappings.' an occasion as the triumphal entrance into But we charge it to a very different .motiveIv.
Delana, Lewis C Pierce, James Had all this finery been piled on a diminu- the Russian capital, and retiredand dressed We ask now long it has been'since t-he*
Devaue, Mrs Peters,/Edward tive man, or an indifferent rider like Bona- himself in his most magnificent costume, member from Ohio protested against these
Davis, Henry Penn, Miss Mary Ann parte, it would have appeared ridiculous ; and thus appareled rode atthe head of his specific duties as well as minimum's.?, -w
Davis, James H 2 Pritchard, Wm but on the splendid charger and still more squadrons into the deserted city. long has it been since, he varied his views'
Duff, E C Rowland, Col J B majestic figure and bearing of Murat, it The Cossac'ks had never seen a man that Has it not been within the last thre'eweel~s?'!'
Delahanty, Martin Rinaldi, J.W seemed all in place and keeping. The daz- would compare with Murat i0 the splendor :Wihin that time, did he not apply to the
EIas, Jon .Russ, J zling exterior always made him a mark for of his garb, the beauty of his horsemanship, pr~ident'... of the United States" for an- officee?
E Serby, Ino %bfdW the enemy's bullets, in battle, and it is a and more than all, in his inetedible daring Was he oot so anxious himseifto ban a
Fielsethr F 2 Rtyon, Daniel wonder that so coaspieuous an object was in battle. Thosewiid children of the desert shae of the spoils, that he desired to.e-
FarliJ L RhoasMrs^ Luina never shot down. Perhaps there never was would often stop, amazed and in silent ad- come a paymaster iu the army,.(a '^of the'
Fort, G Smith, S S a greater contrast between .two men, than reiration as they saw him dash, sitgle-han- three paymasters which the late law.-had~ .;
Foster, Joseph Smith, Caraway between Murat and'Napoletfh, when they ded, into thickest of their ranks, and scatter authorized to be appointed ?) And wa he ': "'*'
Grimes, James Stafford, Wm rode together along the lines previous to a score of their most renowned warriors from not expressly and frankly infortned Ihat .he" *"
Greenwood, H G Smith, Mrs C battle.- The square figure, plain three his path, as if he were a bolt from heaven, could not have it- that tfhe President'eofid', "*'-
Grierson, Capt Snowman, John cornered hat, leather breeches, brown sur- His effect upon those children of nature and not think of co'nferioen such offices upotf-'-'''" '
Griffiths, John Smith, Samuel t' tout, and a careless suit of Napoleon, were the prodigies he wrought among themr, seem members of Cohngress? :f Wae lmit rdi^ -"
GunMs Povdec Sbarplj'es A te ,direct contrpr of the magnificent to belong to thieage of roance rather than tiety infored .that e^ Exc-ie.ol ,
G~rogMisEe Smih Cap S Gue dislsPay and ?imposingattitde of his chival- to practical times. They never saw him 9n not confer ,any but the-higtyst offieetrupQn l:,.: :*
+Gain,.Johnra'W SmihSihSmeHenry Peter ric brother-in-law. To see Murat decked his magnificent steed, sweeping ,to the them, where the feld 'or seectiotn Mio, Sd" .
Gray, Michael Taylor, John C 2 out in his extravagant costume at a review charge, his tall white plume stream-ing be- beliept.as wide as possible for hie. sa . of'
Hill, John Manil Thomas, Robt F might create a smile, but whoever once saw hind him, without sending up shout of ad- the overruling benefits which it wsur~nr- sr'
Hutchinson, Abel Tay, Capt B that gaily caprisoned steed, with its ecoru- reiration befoce-rthey closed i~n conflict. ducee-sueh as amemnber of the cab~f!oe
Horn, Zackariah Taylor, Capt Sam'1 2 sanding rider, in the front rank of battle, In approachi:i;g. Moscow, Murat, with'a judge of the Supreme Court, a fore~g m!-" '
Henderson, John Turner, Sam'l S 2 plunging like a thunderbolt through the few troops, h'd left ,Gjatz somewhat in ad- ister, or a general to command oar ar& ^**
JHnsn r s, Seara B Thnorp Sam'1 [rp ken raks, or watched the progress of vance of" the grand army, and finding him- in a crsi o" wr"* ** ;
JohsonMs aa A i T hom soTedr that towering white plume, as'floating over self constantly annoyed by thelhorders of+ -Well, on the 3d, only three days afe *<:.
JoinesbrW J Wilolber, ha the heads of thousands that struggled be- Cossacks that hovered around him, now M~r, Brm~kerhoff's esiercrattons up h :" .
Jamieson,Jir' Charles WindhamWbr Godfrey hind .. .. ...it--a constant mark to the cannon balls wheeling away in the distance, and now Administration, and only (wo after the ;':+-'+'.-.

Jennings, Isaac t Wyatt & Co -that whistled like hailstones around it-- dashing up to'bis columns compelling themh Union's whipper-in, this same tarifff b-ll i'-*'-
Jones, WmH H Wesson, J M never felt like smiling again at Murat.- to deploy, lost all patience, and obeying one came upon its passage, and' his samenWink-' ..,* .
Jones, C H Weeks,-Capt Thos M Especi.ily would he forget those gilded of those clv'ah'ic itnlses Ihat so ofren erhoff,5atd his Locotco .cqlleajues, whd -.
Kirksey, James Welker, Edw'd B trappings when be saw him return from a hurled him into the most desperate Straits, would not lick the hind that smote thelh'l ;"-1
Kelly, krs BalonyM Williams, Capt F W charge, with his diamond hilted sword drip- put spur to his horse, and galloped all alofte or "faw't around the flot .that sparned-.
Kemp, Jason B Wood, R ping with blood, his gay uniform riddled up to the astonished squadrons; halted right them," voted to a man fio u-tseWbilt!!r
8 Ware, EAugustus ,w ith balls and signed and blackened with in front of the'mand cried out in a-tone Of If the political annals of lt ccrrT ,
Persons calling for ehe above letters, will powder, while his'trong war horse was command, "Clear the Way, ireptiles.;- Republic or Monarchy io ly&'wo'^ caa
please say they are advertised. y
JOSEPH S. MAY, P. M. streaked with foam and blood, and reeking Awed by h'is manner and voice, they im- famish a parrallel, tothis case, we ar.dyet..
with sweat. The white plume was the ban- mediately dispersed. During the armistic, to learn it. To Mi. C. J." IngersoJI. be- .",
-. -To the Public. ner of the host he led, and while it continu- while the Russians were evacuating Mos- longs the infamy of seeking, '400 persoqat -
-aH-AVING- disposed of my entire stock of ed fluttering over the field of the slain, hope cow-, these sons of the wilderness flocked by malignity, to destroy the fair fame'of-a vianr.-',
1-_, Drugs and Medicines to Mr. H.' F. Abell, was never relinquished, Many a time has thousands around him. 7As they saw him who stands out, fearless and i'vulqprabie, ."'*_
in retir~irz-hrom the business, I take occasion to Napoleon seen it glancing like a bearil of reining hishigh spirited steed towards them, to an adm4ring'wor~d'; to Mr Brink r6off F".
return to the public, my friends and customers light to the charge, and, watched its pro- a "" o
st m r ,- th ey sen t u p a sh o utit s t a p plau ,,e i an d ru sh of O h io i'l t o f r w li n'oth 4+Ibl
my thanks for the patronage hey have bestowed gress like the star ofhis destiny, as it strug- edforward to gaze ou one they had' seen had spumed him,"and of licking- i -t e a(.
andI take pleasure inirtcorSme ndeinmy sucessor a while in the hottest of the battle, carrying such terrors, through'their rarks. very worm !, Why, one would supp 4ai :.
to th "s w y of tr and ten smde joy as be beheld t burst They"called him their- "Hctiman"-:--'khe the self-sustaining pride of the BncW"'- "
to them as Worthy of their patronage, and solicit. ..... .. .
..na ot cs e f through the thick line sof inntry. scatter- highest- honor they could co'nfr on him'---, State would loath his presence, i Whe o1Z -"
for him, a continuance 'f the custom. heretofore e
so liberally extended to me ,+ing themi fromn his pail) like chaff before the and .kept up an incessant jaio, as t-ey .- e presumptuous enough t3 show$a ,';^-
MarchI! B, S. IAWLEY. wind. mined him and his richly capartsmned hose., again within her bordrs.--G' ,'/ ... '/,3 ' ,.





f~u ncs 30ircctor, .

Thiionnas H. Austii,
Water Street,
Apalachicola, Fa.
B. S. Hawley,
Cor. Water and Chestnut streets,
April 4 Apalachicola, Fa.
Bugbee & Howard,
No. 7,- Columbus Block,
Nov. 1, 1845.' Apalachicola, Fa.
J. I ; J. MN. H1ll,
,, No. 48 Water street,
-Nov ,-1545. APALACH.COLA F
,David G. Rauey,
No. 43 Water street.
Nov 5.1y. ,-y Apalachicola, Fa.
Francis Kopman,
Cheapfor Cash,
oct1 :Chestnut-Street, Apalachicola, Fla..
J. C. Al1eng
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
A general assortment of
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets,
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
P. Hobart,
. No. 44 Water street-Up stairs,
novl6 Apalachicola, Fla.
Lockhiart & Young,
No. 53 Water street,
nov30 Apalachicola, Fla.
Sims Chieever,
( Office, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
dec14 Apalachicola, Fla.
Cooke & Horne,
-'No. 13, St. Charles Streel,
New-Orleans. t
feb 8.
Jas. F. Farrior,
'No. 9 Columbus Block.
nov9 Apalachicola, Fla.
Sanford & Butt,
No. 36 Water Street,
dec14 Apalachicola, Fla.
Avery &. Jon-es,
No. 31 Water street.
Dec 13 Apalachicola, Fa.
W. A. & P. C. Kai-1,
Office, No. 4 Columbus Buildings,
Nov. 1, 1845. Apalachicola, Fa.
SWrh. H. Kimbrough, H. B. Kimbrough.
W in. H. Kimbrough &f Co.,
Office, No. 25 Water street-Up stairs,
\ Apalachipola, Fla.
fc- Liberal advances on cotton consigned to
their friends in New YorkI Boston, Liverpool or
Havre. Nov. 1, 1845.
Roberts, Allen & Co.,
BRRAkSS, &c.
Hardware, Stoves, Britannia and Japaned Wares,
Iron, Steel, Nails, Spikes, Grate Bars,
Sugar Kettles and Mills, and other
Castings; Ship Chandlery, &c.
Oct. 25, 1845. APALACH-ICOLA, Fa
DiBckecy &, Hamm'sond,
32 Water-srteet, Apalachicola, Fa.
October 18, 1845 42tf
IS. 6.^ Taylor,
No. 22 Water-street,
sept2 ly Apalachicola.
Henry Hodges, .
22 Water street,' APALACHICOLA, Fa.+..
H. R. WooD. P. W. CtrrLLEN..
Wood & Co.,

No. 32, Water street,
Noir. 1, 1845. Apalachicola, Fa.
Liberal advances made. on consignments.
The strictest attention paid to Sales out Doors.
Sales at Store every Saturday.
Clover Seed.
A YEW pound-3 of large Red Northern Clover
-,Seed, for sale by I
Apyit 4 H. F. -ABEL.
Congress Spring Water
TUST received per schr. LeRoy, and for sale by
J March 21 J. C. ALLEN.
T -HE s, hbcribers respectfully inform their
friends and the public that they have taken
into partnership.Mr. EuGENE W. ROGERS.
.April 7,1846..
Flavouring. Waters.
AN aisortment just received, and for sale by
.Nnv 2. 9 J. C. A LLE..N, Druggist.









' -- L. I-UII-:U --~L

___ ____ __ __

I I_ I I Ii

-~s~-~~ II IICIIIPBILIIP- -a~-- I-


)LA, TUESDAY, AUGtTST 11, 1846.
llowgin gentlemen are authorized-
ueifil for ub-criphons, or advertise-

1,;ON. &" TdrTTLE, 38 William Street,
". ,Esq., New Orleans./
HrFFrP., Esq., Albany, Ga.
l.--O,7 I E-'.i., For! Gaines, Ga.
K HAP..DFaN, Etifai, la, Ala.

-All persons having'claims againstt
will present them to J. L. WYMAN,
, and those indebted to the ".Com-
rtiser," for subscription or adverti-
ke payment to him, he being alone
collet the old accants.
;4 L'

icked flourish like a green bVy
e tlday of retribution comes at last.
cratic leaders triumph in the fulfil-
r"plans-they rejoice in their success,
Yard of the victors, THE SPOILS,"
ted out to those who have "fought
ght." But how have their victories
d ? To what do they owe their suc-

ories, and their success, are due and
BLUSHING FRAUD, practiced on a
people, ever ready to. believe in the
those who- assume alluri g names,
otic principles, and claim to be "the
falso pretences secured Pennsylva-
honest, confiding citizens foresee
fortunes, from the parricidal stroke
o promised to defend their interests.
rade men in the South, behold in
n, the passage of a Tariff Bill, which
one of the principles they fought to
Bill (hat but "breaks the word of
the ear,- and keeps it to the hope."
n men, who swallowed "Texas An-
nd the extension of the area of Sla-
hey 'might get the aid of the South to
hole of .Oregon," (where they'.hoped
balance of power, between" the free
states, restored), find too late, that
ith," and Democratic faith, are sy-
rms. "
nd stupendous system of fraud, no
ously concocted,-not the result of the
ness to withstand temptation,-but
ted scheme to cheat the People out of
has been successfully' practiced, by
ot up the Baltimore Convention, and
fames K. Polk. Base and infamous
irculated, vilifying the character of
y. Contradictory, and inconsistent
k's opinions, were fraudulently dis-
with the endorsement (7f men high in
violation of faith, no breach of truth,
:e, that could successfully impose up-
the people, but resort was had to it,
high places, who u,`'blut-liingly, aided
fct to the cheat, who helped to strip
of honors he merited, and who aided.
James K. Polk, so as to make himm.
things to all men." Witness James
a:Seiator in Congress, giving currency
n to a lie,;,to cheat those who had be-
or and, office upon him-his own fel-
of Pennsylvania.
g papers cautioned the people against
ut they'were "joined unto their idols,"
ned not to those faithful sentinels, on
towers of Liberty, whose prophetic
ld of treason and disaster; they were
sister to theirown destruction.
of reckoning is yet to come ; the un-
yards will yet be called to account;
sooner or later overtakes theguilty.
may be deceived a little longer; ex-
aiy not as yet have taught them to dis-
ime-servinrg demagogues, who have
sheep to tjhe slaughter; but our con-
that Fraud will certainly be exposed,
ors be branded with infamy.
s s\ietn of deception fastened'on the
misrule of Martin Van Buren; the
s, who have made a cats-paw of J/as.
serve their own base purposes, com-
:.tlnc~ll. of that disgraceful, 'and dark
,...n. He, who was its head, has been
iv atn i,,Jli'riiaiit people, but those, who
ied in his Jesuitical school of politics,
eiz.-d the reins of government, by
ch he 'taught them to employ. Van
his followers, triumphed for a while--
reed to prosper all their undertakings
urished as a green bay tree "--but the
..ffi:nld'l nation hurled_ them from
in the councils of the nation, and
em of their ill-gotten gains. The.
6ill overtake James K. Polk and his
hir 1.848. Let them iook to their lat-

Iteian is now in Jackson county, on
17t. He. addressed the people at
ry1.A)[r, lh' 14ti,, and-.on the 8th at, Mari-
WSla ,.'l" J,,:kn 1,1-0e not, on the
Mi. C.ABI.L'-f viirt. 1,?en unmindful
,,: t-ir I,:.;,aht, and devotion to the
OV :3\e [:.uI I',U.'. ". ,I ) .a grand scale,
t iiia':,n intended to do honor to
L, .,MdzlAtrd him ani opportunity to&

t .r, receiveiJ fi-.in a citizin .of this-
in Jackson, \%% ve m, that tihe utmost
prevails amongi, the Wlii;s. He says
il' .- t at |-;ait 3.',- t. i .ou ,r'itY in that
amr el"' The [f-Il:,ii' t5 ;1e di-satisfied
)itinatidn t 4 iMr. KALN-, there ,'.al hoe.
( a large number, who Iive heltn-
%iti the Dtnu.i itis, will p.ipoit M ,'.

).ll be in this city on the 2!,-it inrant.
;'of Fl:nii.i]Jn "a'ill give him a hearty

, .I ss.;t,. lri--"be as ourselves in
\ We want tith People of this county,
, know \\'.. A. KAIN, to see and
CABELL--jaft-r which we need only
.Look f <.,n thiis picture-and then
,I'. C. canfiot 1ail to. wi hearts here,
One every wlhre.

*. -

11011T:. tn'heJ MLO tlaoil Ini.ehiglll-ner.] E]f ||gj
Wltalever cons.eI- uetices ma at any time .
flow f'rom tthe exisIeu, et-o f Var bei ween the APALACHI0O.O
J.Iated States and. e6 af tburf'i-raie foreign "
Pow -er,.-two tna bhe, i-er, ti-oned \%hich are .x =D The t(1
intl'i'th bler.: first' .the' 0abii'ement 'pt the eAgents for the
ceil Yrights guarantied to tlhe People'by the r.oceve i-d re
CQDStitution. aintIamong ihem ihe f freedom men!s:-
Ql'spe.ech n,- of'ihe pre-s; and, seculv, 3r,'"'s. MI.
sp ec "l~ -f"t pr" New Yorlk.
Mtie ctnmuilattion Ofe palroiiage o nd p,-\er in rvib P,R.
the hantls of the Execuive, the ent'crs of \-;,, \V TC
whichl updn the public intere-ts ire, we are J I v ; H. X
sorry to say, becormincg Jddl o inure percep- MajorJAO
tible. *
We had>never imagined, however, even NOTICE.-
in a state of war, such a stretch -,t" Execu- this'.-office, w
tiv'e pretension :is we h;,\e a sample of in ihe Publisher,
thi'e last number of the or.aiti of'the Admin- rnet,:-i.,l Adve
isiration, ih vhich the iiryht ol citizens of sing, will mal
tit'e U united States to petition (-'oIIre I I,,' ) ? ri-,1 d t'0,
a iahn.-t Executive meas res %lhich ilhireilei Jily 21, 1S
tliein withl oppress.ion and ruin--nay, eveni
the -ight-of' Senaitors to present such me- The \\
Inorials,.t0-(-'o itress--it not only v questioned, tree," but t1-e
buft treated witlh idicule and conenipt.
The occeaion %liic-h lhia- called forth this The Demo
nmnifestatio-n of" disrespect to the tights of ment of their
both'the Pe'opie and their fetepresetati% e4- and the rew
a mtifil'e-oation .hi,:ich bears .lhe stan.lp of are daily me
Executive aumhborily it' ual i-otf:fi.i:i origin- the good fig
Q:nas.--.the [)recewlalion in lhe Spn',me, h\ Mr. been achieve
Senator rWB-.5-1:1R, o01' A Memrinl fnrm cess?
fl" the In |porters ,Of d.r -,:,>'.il-0 iIn ithe Ci of h i t
.Bbstou al, aiust the s5heane, !;v \ which, after
"' pltii in the ,'ou r, try int1o a1 o).1 r ; which will "wing to UK
requirejheavy ah.llilion-il ,xaiiol I, lhe i ,(Id- confiding pe
miii'nstsirOn propo;res to apple. -*4e 'a-e ? t(y f'icerity of 0
the uniniu steins o' our exisitn- revenue. -by profess patriot
unV of f0inihinl in.t, desii,1.'i,,n ,,f what yet FRIENDS OF
IeuminiIsto tie country ot1 i. internal pros- Fraud and
iritv. created auI fos-tered h; lthle wise le- ..
-' oihhiouiuf lwoeir presl,.ve-<,,.r:. Thin l,<-e.i a; whose
o 1 T ll* i ... | ruin to thIeir
l i o in i .IIe dI I, i',IIv- e i lh t n rl'lof i ,h o s eli _
everv imp,-orter of driy .-,outd in lthe city of of thosewh(
Bos .'t hli.s l)h:en "ilre. -I.N Il'i,,bl.lie.l am ong. The Free T
Che I)IOc,'etin;.liO:s t" hlie Sei.ie. silent disdair
SUpon urch a ,nemoiiil, [lie Union, the maintains no
Executive ir h:;n. h i nn el-ihor.ae article of establish-a
two col0mnin sle..'Inningll -t1S : promise to
"THE T.Ap._,_riF N tHE S J .._C: --The frotection-
i~ --,; t, i r1 t rh ? ] ,, t. ,,% 1 ".' i, t r _,t th ? .e1 T h e ',W e s te rn.
tl,.,rii-. l lj-- ir S, i i:,., ,el. i, 1 I,,:.a l\ d.1 i- l.,y : th,' nexation," an
tlmtle;,, 11e'" lhe b1li Uhi:!i, llj,:.hh; 1nK.aLl to make verv that th
a '_a'iLIl-i Cti l l i,:[','.. ITI "'" ' ;
T lh ir ,'it 7i,- 1 lt..t !:.,cticiic X ? W hat graspthe"v
strni,,eic ;it (iI follpw the figure before us) to see the
V h ,i; lwen (I i plday,? in tle plan ofcamf)aign ? and slave St
AVl,.:,it ,i!4c:('ri|',.'n of force has been put in Punic'Fai
leq i" ( tI,.) .' W1 li,;i lt ,1)m e''v has been un- nobimous ter
ni".,slk ,I ;r.4.iin th dio, i ns and desolating
invatsure Il'i, h l e h [l i ne of Representa-
tives has senl lo the S1)n.tle at almost the doubt previo
latest da, v ,f'he s,--ion.? The plan is as want of firm
'olf as he otrii ttiilini. in 'which the a preconcert
righit of the people |(':t'e:di)ly to assemble their votes,
anl l 1 .) ,it thert t/,e ,,'' ,..,,nt" is.solemnly those who go
and sactedly !-.t.anii-,I. Public Opinion "nominated Ja
is the only f'foice einplyve,l and Petitions lie Were c
til e, o n ly a n m ,i n ii io n ,.lIf .rh a rg e d fro m its li re Cl ay
battery.' How t-ndler a conscience must Henrof PCla
bot thl e Adlrilii-tiation Ih.ve whose o t;:)n ales o
lLIus shrieks rir it- eir,-r at the firsm ap- seminated, v
pro'tch ofl' a|)pli)nces" so innocent as ^oftce. No v
these'? : no'subterfug
-V'i,, says fle /_(,'.., we- are to have -on and gull
"lthe miantit.aelitrrs po[)imni into Washing- bymen in b
ton to appe 1,. hy Aill ofts of appliances, to in giving eff,
nienlibels l" (-'.,rJ,*e- W. \rW e are to have "
1 1 i Henry C.I -ty
iieiiorhi i, tr m ,,n,;';',.,I throw n in, speech ,l-,
a .sj _. ,' n le,to a]:. ,m the country."- to disguise 1,
The E,.lilor iheii a.ldd;, mu .evident alarm, appear," all
"[ lie ..lbal_ 1"will lIp ffjilujoli,'i 0.-t fin,/l1y. -tr-hanan. ,
in tlhe fiee of -3vers,'ins-30 1"eh to be and sanction
dre'aded :is ,nemorml-', .1spe-eches, and pro- stowed hone
... Ignsed tli-bite, lie Ie raees himself- up, and jlow-citizens
dc~dares hlim-elf prep ircid to do" our Chis] The Whig
A.tlty- at thisjitncture, fr.irless of all conse- te au, b
,, *the fraud, bu
q ul e n :e ?. t
4! .The soit ot ury'" \hltich he is to per-, they hearke
torf, consists, we si|)i',,)s of such elabp- the watch 1
trateel'to|'s a-4 the se: tWo columns of hard warnings'tol
wriling, ai .,in.-t |ielition, slieeclh, or debate made to min
adver.,,.e lo llhis L' ,10 ieIe Fiesrle,,tilI scheme, But a day
whi,'.h hie seems lo: thiink .-hould not be/de- faithful stew
haite!! at all. much less .lpetiione,1 against; punishment
fis'it a schieie so moiistrous which could
n o t be in o~ re eu u tinii ] gy t ,-.'M -e d th a n it is to T he p e op l e
break ilow, the Maot|',,'iuresatand bankrupt perienee mi
-h reasmv e"' tlhe T~lniled States, could trust .the ti
be 'expected to Ipa'?- .., ,;'/' ,,i/;:,'. and not to led them as
be opposeIl itli all th'3 p,-e" which facts solution is, t
,' i-i n'l m ,i .a.rgttum 'e rits aind .'1-oi '-nc com bined and its auth
Willh public nl>'nion. can array against it.-- The~s-,p,
: Itf in such a case as llhis the PEOPLE are .-country the
uot allowed to .speak I;)r themselves, nor
T.H.EIR I"EPI F^ ENTA 'IIV'l."S in both H ouses same leader!
or (-'on;t:-ss to speak tur them, when can K. Polk, to
l hey, evec .1 p-,.,ed tr,- '?,
[To. what a pa-s li,,''e-\\e eome when. the jviltiiiiisrai,
Txecttii'e shall ,_t.'e lo make it a matter of proscribed"
aieu saltiou a th'~i le Pt-.ol~le that they cry were edueat
out when th,_-y ,re hiurt, and +o arraign the hae gain
Jepresentative in thl' S,:nalie,:,r one of the mensh.
good oht Stales o l'lte Union lui:, the hi.i'l,
offence uoflhartit., been h,-,d emr.li.t0 sh o Bu-ren, and.
eon'l by a brief speech tlie h'.iiilile |)ei'itu] Heaven seet
o f..his'co ns i t i n i l -, .? -they rio t

l-Upon \v%%li ri iieai doibh this our Ci(I.-'f,: edJ, wrath of an
Tlhii lie hIs l,'ll- '-, -1 '.--:t1 .. their seats
We i't.'ar lb.it our" g-,. PRESIDENT mis- stripped th
1 ,-taks hitnsel;t, hIs cin tluies, rights, and same fate w
r.: ,"" prerogalives, %%hu lhe, or, what is the same myriii.._
*-'::., i'hiu his ,reco ised oi2:an, assumes to
dictate, 'fir-st to the How1eI f olf R e1-res.er [I- ter end
live+;'.and"'-nov ,to 0i21 S" i -t^ ," how they
li-sc a'r--_A th:il:ud e5s hfilch thie- P oolie have
.Coni'e to I hemn ,,' .l o t e :e-,ercised with ab- Tl,is '.-einr
solut'e -inidependoince of hlim, and of ':,11 hi11 \ 7,v \\
thing but their conit'uenis and their con- [E,,r..%Ih'-I Fi
sciences. H .-l [it the Executive power '1 1 -]. ,
aJreadv swollenn to a t.l,,ir:eons head, such .
;ai aIHeIlpt coLIhl not live bee'n matle, even '',_,I'J' I
I tr of their I.nil
VIlb jisn ke, i p upon til ii:l- ir of t-he,-r eat r "
I A',tSS of Ihe People, ail upon the h10iidr of cause. Tl,
th le Senate, aIs in tIpal'rticle before us,-. 'We and a ball a
,. .- coulI ai d ,!nl' mu -h inore upon this s,, ;j'.:' if. Mr. C_,BkEL.
-i.. 'our iime w ouih .alld us.l.." B ut e co, NI, .,,:., tlie |'e.1l
.. t- lo ,Jet a d.av I,.,ss 1ilhi0 t tlius bill-ry en(-l B% a lett
T Terifrico otr ,rw e,,t aa3iisit this opening. of a I1": It
,..-." new chit11er l'llhe l history Of Executive as- '.
SU l i .'" e~tntu siasm
:. sunnpt otis. ,,_ ..
S CABE3L %%i
.D.U'soN CorFEE.-T-ie l Cditiciati+ of count; -irw
t *,e-, h:''hi2.0choooshave got even witllin their with the nc
doppoeniw-I in' oibe. p:irriciilar, m Wi, C. no doubt bu
.-Dw'soni lotjiis eleciiui for Governor be- fore Wlkl d .%,
q causee of lthe hue andl cry raised by the f i 4 _..
f)eI II.1'1 3s-. ;J),, t h is vote to tax coff ee!-- M r. C .p "
X..Aud noij e becin to lie:ir the cry -Jones ".
.... The Wh~g
CGU'ee"-Haralson ,S;/ and Cobb T.aA:. ', + '
. -fair' t iht,." pou honu r .- [ ,.,7/ .:- D emofrdt. "- 'e "\-.
-T [f,^l i UI aI k."
." { ,., r, .-, ,, .,-,. w no all'crid]
: IN EFeGV.,--ieorge 3I1. DllIs, e inyvv,-l- _,
n la -s r e c r e q ut S o ul] \ a s to u u(Jd s ti s p e lld e d till = :
S"* oiU lhle wires of '.tlie ,Aag~netic Tele-r:,pdi o -"
? t. esiexrIry nigi'ning, in Market street belu on tlIS." B
Devetiii,-.[l /l('- E',"lc. .&as lie tI!a dc

How much has been devoted'by Congressto,
the improvement of the Rivers and Harbours in r
Florida t Can any one tell ? We have not seen -
the River and Harbour Bill, but we have read the ^
proceedings in Congress on the subject,, and not'
one'dollar have we seen for Florida..River and ,
-Harbours. THOUSANDs OF DOLLAR!i for other
States and NOT A CENT for Florida. -'
When Florida was a Territory, Congress occa-
sionally spent a little money in that way, though
such expenditures got to be like Angels' visits,"
towards the latter part of Mr. Levy's term of
service as Delegate. .There was an appropria-
tion, in the Bill which Tyler, vetoed, of Te"
Thoqsaind Dollars for the Apalachicola River.
Now, if Mr. Levy had obtained the passage of a
separate bill, for Florida Rivers and Harbors,;Mr.
Tyler would have signed it,- his objection to In-
ternal Improvements in States, would not have
applied to Florida. But Mr. Le.y did not have
sense enough-or did not have the industry so to
do. The next year a River and Harbour Bill was
passed, and Mr. Tyler signed it-there was an
appropriation for the St. Marks River,-(which
we are informed was not expended, because an
officer of engineers, who was sent to survey it,
reported the expenditure useless, and not need-
ed,)-there was an appropriation for a small
creek, which no one had evrW heard of before,
which runs through an uninhabited region-and
at most is an outlet for Alabama trade-bud not
one cen-t for the Ipalachicola River and Har-
bow.er Why did not Mr. Levy have the same
sum Which wvas appropriated by the Bill, which
Mr. Tyler vetoed, re-appropriated ? Could any-
thing have been more easy-with the precedent
of the former appropriation-sliewing that Con-
gress deemed the expenditure necessary ?
During this time, whilst Mr. Levy could not
obtain a few dollars for'the" improVemnent ofa
River-which appropriation he could have
had the aid of Georgia and Alabama, States in-.
terested in the improvement, to procure-'whilst
Mr. Levy could not get a dollar for a Public Road,
or gfor Fortifications at Apalachicola, Tampa
Bay, &c.-the Delegates from Iowa and.Wiscon-
sin were getting Roads, Inland Harbours, Canals,
State Houses, Colleges, &c., constructed toythe .
United States ;-thousands on top of thousands
for those Territories--but nothing for Florida.
Such are the services David Levy has to bast
of-or rather such have been the failures of David
Levy to discharge the office ot Delegate of Flor-'
ida, to the advantage of her citizens
Whether Mr. Levy's failure was attributable
to want of ability, or want of will, is alike im-
-material. He had been chosen to an office, by
the citizens of Florida, in which he failed to
serve them, as he should have done-yet the
Democratic leaders, promoted him to a still
higher office, where his glaring deficiencies have
exposed him to the ridicule of the People of the
United States-a portion of which ridicule,e';
(however unjustly,) attaches itself to Mr. Levy's
unfortunate constituents, the People of Florida.
The People of the United States ar.e now
suffering a sever- penalty,for having elected an
unknown, and incompetent man tO the-Presi-"
PETENCY OF DAVID LEVY, who fills a piost, the
People never intended him to fill, and one which
he promised not to seek after, himself admitting
his education was too incomplete therefore. ,LET
who nominated him, point to any of his"acts
which evince any such qualification.
ats to the Pantalops affair, perhaps I amn not;-
the person best qualified to advise. .' 5/,
Though the charge was right in itself, yetift
must be regarded as an unfortunate one, because
so easily turned into rcdicule.
I showed your production [Jesse Hjoyt's de-
fence of the charge] to Flagg--he thought it
very well, but seemed to think it was a little too
formal. The enemy will have their laugh, but I
hope it will not do much mischief.
Now as to my War Services, (a more agree-
able subject,) ];was out two campaigns in 1812
on the northern frontier--belonged to the party
which took from the enemy at St. Regis the first
stand of colors taken in the late war, on land,
and the first prisoners (about 40 in number.)'
These prisoners were in a house built of square
timber I personally headed the.-party that took
them--myself broke open the ^house, entered it,
took from the hands of the so;ldiers their arms,
I care not-how'much THIS matter is handled,
but rather they \ouhd let my pantaloons alone.
[ W. L. Mackenzie's Life of B. F. Butler.
If any of Scott's "friends should send him, for

his approval, a defence of the General's "1 hasty
plate of soup," fie might answer him idnMarcy's'
own words, with a few substitutes. -Thus for
instance :7-7 ; .';
"; As to the Soup affair, perhaps4dm not thbn
person,best qualified to advise,.
"Thoue gh the dish was right in itself, yet' it
must be regarded as an, un'orluaate one, be-
cause so easily turned"inhto ridicule. .
-;"I showed your production'to he
thought it very well, but seemed to think it was
a little too'formal. The enemy will have their
laugh, but I hope it will" hot do much mischief.
Now as to my War services, (a more agree-
able subject,)..Lwas out in the whole of the War
of 181P, on- thenorthernh frontier-defeated the
flower of'the British Army, at Lundy's Lane-and
Chippewa, and was rewarded then by the bless.
ings and apphluse of a gratelul country, whose
soil 1 had freed from the polluting -tread ofs an
invading,foe. .
I care-not how much THIS matter is handled,;
but ratherrthey would' let my,'hasty plate of
soup.' alone."
The only difference between General Scott'and
Secretary Marcy,, consists in this;; the laugh
against Scott is based on error in his epistolary,
stxle; the laugh-rather the sfnile of scorn-
a .ai3st W. L. Marcy, was engedered by a piti-
.ful larceny- of tke public f)und. -Scott, like
Manlius, endeavors to avert the public cdpsure
from his want of prudence, by1 pointing to-the
Capitol defended by his valor fromi the enemies

guage, "carefully" omitting' -a4l useless ver-
biage "-the law is then registered in the Digest,
thus enacting as Legislators rules of conduct"
for the people thecommittee who are to approve
,the Digest, then play that part, which in our
Constitution, is accorded to the Executive. If our
Legislature, as may well be. the case, feel inCom-
petent to perform the functionspf law givers,
let them resign, admitting their, ign, rance-, or let
them seek the advice -and opinidniof the Judi-
ciary-but let them not shuffle off this authority
and responsibility from that part of the governi-
ment, Where it was vested by the Constitution,
and employ, and pay extravagantly with the
People's money, substitutes, to do that. duty, for
which -Legislators feel their incapacity to per-
form. The rule requiring district construction
of the Constitution, was, to use'a parlimentary
phrase, suspended, when the acts alluded to, were.
passed by the Democratic Legislature.

The same great system of fraud wflich made
James K. Polk President of the Unitod States,
'has been practiced onthe citizens of Florida, on
a smaller scale, but with the same end-eleva-
tion of dishonest politicians to power.
When David Levy and James D. Westcott
first essayed to induce the citizens of Florida to
apply for admission into the Union, what pro,
mises did'they not make) Read Levy's Circular,
and mark the allurements held out to entice the
people-and let us ask that people: Have you re-
alized the benefits there promised ? Where are
the" loaves and fishes" with which Levy was to
feed you ? Now, when it is too late, the people
find they have been deceived.
The mass of the people were opposed to a State
Government, and if the Legislature had performed
their duty, and had they have submitted the ques-
tion to the people, they would have voted. against
entrance into the Union. Butkno, Lev y, West-
cott & Co., who wanted to shine out, to dress
themselves up in fine feathers, thinking they
would then be fine birds," forgetting they would
be nothing but crows at last, even though they
had donned the plumage of the Eagle, and crawl-
ed into the Eagle's nest. These men cajoled and
,bribed the Legislative Council with promises of
State and Government offices,-gulled them into
Thinking that they would all be provided for--and
Congress was memoralized by the Council, with-
out any other authority from the people than a
majority of 1,3 votes for the Constitution, given
in 1939. The whole plan was arranged between
David Levy and the Tallahassee Regency, aided,
by hangers on,'scattered through the Territory.
The people had no hand in it.-they were not
% consulted. Levy so arranged, the act ad-
mitting the State into the Union, that it was sub-
mitted to the Territorial Legislature-and not to
the People.. Why were not the People allowed
to- express, their opinion ? BECAUSE LEVY,
Florida was carried into the Union by FRAUD-
* to serve th'e/purposes of David Levy and others.
The same Levy published a pamphlet, holding
out great inducements, to deceive the people into
submission to his views,-inducements which
they have not realized, and never will. In place
of the great benefits which David Levy promised
them, they have .the pleasure of paying FORTY
the men;Levy got to help- him in carrying out
5 his views. The people of this 'county alone
MORE TAXES this year than they ever paid
before, instead ofhaving FIVE THOUSAND
DOLLARS paid out here by the United States.
David Levy was nominated as a candidate for
' the Lower House of Congress. The Whigs said
he would resign if elected and run for the Senate,
,if the Democrats had a majority in the Legisla-
ture, thus inflicting on the people the trouble,
f expense, and excitement of two elections. The
!Democratic papers denied the charge, or evaded
it-Levy came out in a circular, and denied that
such was his intention--the people were assured
-the charge; wa not true, and that Levy would
-serve if elected. How' DID LEVY AND HIS
SPLE ? Let the expense, turmoil, and excitement
produced by Brockenbrough's and Cabell',s elec-
', ING FRAUD What position do the citizens of
iFlorida occupy ? A State without power, with-
*out influence-they can obtain none of the bene-
Sfits. of State Government--whilst they are bur-
r dened with its expensess" Their Representatives
could not procure even a Dry Dock at Pensacola,
t nor could they ^obtain the erection of any Forti.

r fications, on the coast.
Whilst Florida remained a Territory, works of
t internal improvement could~be carried on by the
' United States. Now, the RIivers and Harbors
Saiunot be cleaned out. arnd improved ; the Ever-
Sl:de carnnt be drained-; the Canal across the
Peniint, la, ca,,not be dug-because the Demo-
' crats s.a) it would t be unconstitutional so to do.
All thi- rn milit, and probably would, have been
I pei ..rnjed hb %ile United States, had Florida re-
' 'mafned a Territory. Taxes now oppress- the
people, and all these benefits are snatched from
- their grasp, that they may have the barren hon.
: +ors of a State Government--and last, not least-
b be represented in the Sen'ate of the United
" States by-DA1VID LEVY and JAM.ES D.

. David Levy-Y.ulee, who has bee'T napping it
. in ,, Sleepy Hollow," since he made at laughing
s stock of himself, by his Cuba Annexation Reso-
lution,"- woke up at last on the Tariff discussion.
I He had better have slept the balance of his term
out, than do what he did, viz, PROPOSE A DUTY
ON "TEA AND COFFEE.", David Yulee-
, ;the poor man's friend-v-ants to tax the poor
' man's Tea and Coffee!-What next, Mr. Yulee?
- Your constituents, have not yet received that
I money wbihh you told them.thevy would receive,
- when Florida became a, State. .Before you tax
e their Tieaand Coffee," you had better wait, un-'
; til they get over the sHOCK of pnving STATiE
L) TXES TWICE IN O.EYEA,, hich0 your friend'6
,: in the Legislature saddled them'with.

of his country-he has his cuntry'8 bft1 fif
prodf of the validity of #rwhaL M. ap -
refuge from public i t a io i
able peculation, by laying cli fjKlon~ jlt
W-irown., It haqbeea'n thltSiafw%
no such ahie.ements.
? h, ; "'
This Bill has passed the Senke A m .eaffre
which is. destined to create o and, ad rvo. ,,\
lution in the commerci.aworljd-become a Iw,"
by a mj f one &ie, Aw weca
that vote, g0ven by a Senator" under theyjntredt,
that he disapprv'es, and B.imns the t are
he feels compelled to support. A-
Wa have before us, the sigurpt acl r :
law, voted for by Senators, slely to overt-rn ail
established, system, which had. worked ll.
had paid ofl?|alarge debt, and prodace#m 'evenu&-.
and prosperityy ",e substitute for whie, i 6i-
admit to be so defective, as to be-.to umeMr.
Bentcp's expression--n worthyy of aAjmdmet9L
The Vemocratic Party in Colgrew, fcahe failed
to paa.i Tariff Bill, whicb, as a whole, receives
the approbation ofthle entire bodyy" Tie relot,
of their labors sho*.Athe differences of op"pi*
that exists as to the merits of the detai.; o
Bill, ana hence.rth probability, that Imltok ,"W
errors exist in the system established. A lop
m majority could be found, idCongress, against t6
mfain features d the Bill,Af a separate au z-
biased vdte'coDld t4 obtained upon V!21Yo.t I
tis rifaciamiento of crude notiondls Ft "
economy-thiodundle ofheterogB|oUs,20800-
site principles sn d Opinions, iaacek. rAd
by that "cohesive force," described by-.ra:ii .
houn, and rammed down thelthroi&ep'
resentatives of the People, by the iran
President's ." Organ," who o4icsioUally o ,,.^
a recreant straggler. ....
The Bill will no- doubt lt.me a._i.
produce the evils thitfhav"Le"n pr e
it will be an instrument for the destrue-". ^,] '
authors of it. They will have 'to'.'. l "
own work" as Mr. Webster told thetW.^^

be a petard, that will '"hoist"-l.t.t
out of their seats, in the<., uf ou o
Surely, the DemocraticdjgM mst'^"- ^
when tfiey: persist in pasainr this Bill 4 V4;'. ',
the Mexican, War--in view of the dissat-'"-""".,
it. createsin Itheir own party-in vi ew oh'r e"U
manifest imperfictipon. that SXR.. its constrte -
-tioYL-and iKViewof~tleab~rrfi31r1%faaxftrei'
arrayed in oppose" 4o iti""acaibiron; too .iN6.'f
much success has 'relt the^^" flreirrive -.'A.
perhaps tez r imprudencee faw~d".0ne 1 0.SM
fall-,, Whom the Oows wish Jdo
ftst make mad." --.,. -f^ *' -AV,

We want to know whaftlisa rd, a%
to this office which was .7ps.I ed at the' -lad .ks-
sion, by our Democratic friend--(no, doubt,to.: ,
.provide for some clamorous adnheent) the sa-
lary of which said office,., is Oxx..T'TpusAiir
DoLLARs a. year-TWICE .8s ) ,A9.TEKArr
Where ariethe lands that are to be regi~Sf ,
the records, surveys, plates, maps,, 6 .4 ?,-
patents, &c., that are to be deposited in tVofp-
fice ?-an old pair of saddle-bags would holdLall
the documents of this kind that can be- foundan'd
we know of no lands that -require. any such ^>-
tration, nor is any registration necessary for any.
lands belonging to the State. The Regis'. fi
venture to say, will NOT DO TWO MONTI:S W-4ANt^
what his office is. He is ,allowed his travelling "
eaxenses, in visiting those lands, whenever; ii,
hisgppinion, the public interests requirdtif--bat
wilU be, whenever.*h4 businesS,-or t.orwrff's-z.
hif~health or that of his family---cWalhim He
has-the authority to ern ploy -,uch agents'""as.
he may see fit, and pay them out lot *f.People's.
money-fine pickings truly--a gad way to
make voles... How many of thesbe".agtra" wiR
be shivering about next Octobr lec"9on^ 'If"+
the Register'has found out where h~is.bfta'ia, wea
:shall be surprised--we don't think .IIte'.'isla-
ttre had any idea, of what he would" have "to do,
for the THoUSArD DOLLARS. He will rtn
about, like Delazon Smith, whom ,.T.yjer' sent
Minister'to "the HtoPtrMBi,'" or eome other out-
landish people' ip South America--he ram' about
over the whlme Continent to search after-titem--
some one had lo be sent after Smith..toi ;firng-
him back--he took good care not to.p'tmad,
however, uniti his year was out---'<$ti(-.,2 b
ihe ease with the'Register of L.ands+.: ""- "" "
W4e shall huant, up the proceedings a.,.'2. sub-
jecf, and give tie names el I hose, wlrroR, vtd, tio
PLE To FEE O T OF" TH~l Ha^E .
EARNINGS. If tih;y were Democratswe. feop
", --','".the people wUlllay .rhemon'the-sh e..ay ',
w~higs were aong them--like, .PoorT.'y"-

they shall be plni-hed. 'or bing inbad company.
The Union said, Mr. Polk toi a ueriilff he
could not make him a Pay-mpasfl0r Ieoause he
was a member or Copgress. ,H-Qw did M; Po N-
manage when he appo3mted Sterlig9Price Baker,.
.and others-members of Congresi-C. onels,
,Majors, ,qc.-? Oh, Mr. Polk dOi^^9 qppm. nt"
Mr. Price-tbe Governor of Missburo -.
sioned him; Mr. -Polk only- ugge le-. that be'-
would accept a Begimenl, officered.i tt^.a+gi-.
ner he pointed out, but said, he .dX4??, U1401.
to dictate"-not at all, but if th'e.. "-iOW "
not so offietrei?, he would not'acce.t it. r/.
MENT O0 THE .PE^PLV'I'-(thxt.;ve- o[ieye, is,
what the term Democracy IIIa.", lWt ,+so'
says the Dictionay).. The. Cpntitltt.+.D.i
United States, gives Copgreqt tf powero.r pf',
hiding for calling out the Militia, which f,.or.
officered according to State laws.. The haor"
the Slates provide: that the officers ..aretol@B
elected by the people-the soldiers.'-i_&t Mri.
Polk-the Democratic -be ;t'sideut I ,s'r vito .
States-surps that por -he to E
Democratic Governor Qf,Xio-QurI;-'tQ^agj
so that the President'-i friend, Mil: '00; c',a%
the Golonel, arid certain, other firaends ba.g Q^
Missions III the RegimV31 It is so rcigar
the President of tbe'InJted:Satev,whyo_ doie<
with powerr aridt p.tronig~e,:--wh is S-001jg.
party, that cries,gut for -Abe largest libekJX'--
envies the poor goldikeri 'hr orilf, 11 11a
,tbe poor meed of tb'6 Uie heziptss foir a flpt IBtIL

An act was passed by the last Legislature, pro-
viding for a Digest of the Statute Laws,--a-d
also,- hy-another act, for the compilation' a6d
publicifon'of the British Statutes of force in this
S ta te : *",*
The act prescribing the form of a Digest,"
vests the persono, to be -employed to preparethe
Digest, with no little discretion, and unusual
powers.. He is to omit in the preparation -of the
work, all useless verbiage or squperfluous,mat-
ter-and all"that has a,.tendency to mistify and
obscure the true.,meaning of any act or section."
Under the headof useless verbiage" many en-
tire acts of our sapient Legislature might chance'
to fall, and superfluous matter-" would be no
bad designation for a large portion of the Statute
The power vested in the person, to be appoint-
ed under this act, is of a most indefinite charac-
ter ; there is no limit prescribed to him, in prun-
ing and lopping of'the dead branches from the
tree of the Law; and under pyretence of omitting
"superfluous matterS' he may wipe out some of
the most beneficial clauses of irrp, rtant Statutes.
Had the, act provided, that the Digest, when
completed, should be submitted to the Legisla-
ture, an undue and hurtful -exercise of power, on
the part of the Digester, might have been pro-
vided against ; such acts as were properly digested
might be retained, and. such as had been injured
by omissions, of what the Digester deemed
"superfluous matter, might have been restored.
But the strongest objection to thi act; is, that
the State is subjected to a heavy expense, to print
a body of laws that are seriously defective, and
need thorough revision and amendment.
All the errors of former Legislatures, in passing
laws that have been found to produce mischief,
are to be perpetuated-none of the evils, that have
been found to exist under the present system of
laws are to be amended, but the causes that have
produced them are to receive new force and
sanction from the Digest.
Former Legislatures, convinced of the serious
mischief arising to the country, from the imper-
fect and uncertain state of the law, which loudly
called for reform, made efforts to correct the
a!,u,,ei z %hich had grown up into a system. The
ij,,stice ot the Law regulating -Dower, as it is
interpreted by the Courts, which gives to the
widow a half interest, where there is no child,
and where there are children, a child's part" of a
man's 'personal estate, before any debts are paid-
.the doctrine contended.for, and which has re-
ceived judicial sanction, that personal property
mortgaged by the husband in the life time, is
subject to the widow's right of dower, indepen-
dent of the mortgage lien-the unequal rule of
law, which permits a man to ber tenant by the
courtesy of his wife's trust estate, whilst the
widow is refused dower in an Equity-or in any
estate inilands, whereof her husband had not the
legal title during coverture-the immoral, and
impolitic tendency of the law of Divorce, which
permits a decree of divorce, or vincula matri-
monii for the habitual indulgence of violent
and ungovernable temper, or for habitual intem-
perance," causes of divorce unknown to the
Common Law, not justified by Holy'Writ;, and
only countenanced in France, where matrimony
is a civil contract, or condition, to be acquiesced in
so long as policy and convenience ifenders it agree-
able-these,'with a host of other sad imperfec-
tions, relics of a barbarous age-defectswhich disfi-
gure the otherwise fair system of laws, and render
them contemptible-in, the eyes of the People,
who feel their injustice, and desire their reform,
are to be digested, and fortn'ed inttga code. It is
no answer, to our objections,,to this act, that de-
fects can be remedied by Jfuture Legislatures.
Why .codify, at a vast expense, a system of laws,
terfnifi,'with imperfections, nurseries of injus-
tice, wtiern the wprk'willneed entire regenera-
tion, 'and radical 'pruning, to'rendier it such"a
code, as an enlightened pepl_ e sho-ld agree to be
ruled by ? Why not REFORM THE :LA.W FIRST,
As to the act providing for the compilation ol
the British Statutes in+ force in this State, the
same objection of latitude of authority, and uu-
limited discretion .vested by the act in the person
to be employed, and the want ef a proper con-
trol by the people themselves, through their Re-
presentatives, over the labors ct" ihe compiler,
exists to it. In determining, what British Sta-
tutes, are of force in this State, the enquiry is re-
stricted to such as we're adopted by the act 61
18-29-- The Statute Laws of" England, which
are ofra general, and not of a local nature.,
passed prior to 5tth July, '76, and which Statutes,
are not inconsistent with the Constitution and
Laws of" this State or those of the United
States." :"
To determine what Laws are inconsistent
with the Constitution and Laws of this State 01

of the Uald.t.S/.',, is no easy matter, the de
cision of which question-may materially'.effbct
rights of property ofyaast importance. The
highest, and ablest ,i ",il- is auded'>y,,iong a,,j
earnesi", discussion by. rpr:,f,:.u,,d juristish tae
found the question diffi.:lt of solution, '
The Statutes which are inconsistent with the
letter of the Constitution, are not the only ori -
which fall within the limitation of'the act la-t
quoted, but such Sftit'te-s. as are inconsistent
with the spirit of the, Cdnstitutin-Lsuchas ,are
,inconsistent" with the nature of our institu-
tiong as a Republic, also come within rie ,saving
clause. Thus, in N.,tl)i Car:.liira, it [AS [e.l-
mined, that the Ci:.inn<. Law, riihr of di_,tr'-s
for rent, was not A,'.:.p-.ted> .Ny the Statute of that
State, (of a sinl.ur eti.iie %% it the adt,-before
cited) because [lie r'r-d.tit of d ,', ss f-,r r.,-ht being
incident to feudal tenures, was inconsistent with
that tenure by which land is holden in a Repub-
lic, where the freeman is s-ized in fee, of his
own right, and holds under no one's right tc
the soil, being, as is said by Kent, ""a.,purn
To conclude this disquisition, the acts allud'ed
to, vest the 'persons to be appointed under -them;
with, no mere clerical functions-they endow
them with Legislative and JTdicia, authority-
they are first, to decide by! ,Interpretation, and
',.n tru.ictioln, (\\%ih At A ill too often be f,., id diffi-
cult I,,r Ilie aitl hors of the Stahuive-..') what isI- tIi
tru nea n i ng ,i (Ag f the .aci .-and then, after havin{
acted in their Judicial province, t-hey proceed (t
clothe the intent and iinnn.i,, in proper laiit


T ;


**. '*- ~


~~'d :

. .;..
, I ,' "'.,

NANTZ-Per shrp Nathaniel Hooper-1329
bales cotton.
LIVERPOOL-Per ship Henry-1510 bales cot-
ton, 1300 feet Cedar.
NEW YORK-Per brig Selma-956 bales cot-
to Ri. _____ I_
m m .I IN EL IG NC.


Nov 2!

.JTIPI- ~__;~r~___~_ -~I~0~ -I I I -~II II IILii~ -"-- ~iiald~iir*




== -- L-~l -

N CMC'E.-PETER HOBARr, Es..I, is nv,"
ai.ithonrleAi j,,ent lu'itig my absence Ifrom
t h e S taitc .of F l' F .ir da ".
Ap. hl T'iiolh 'Jtlr 3 ie 4,1- .1.-4
N OI`ICE-AM,'..\VA1 H. LON(; is our agent
during our absence from thie;State.
May 30 MILLER & Co.
duly authorised agent during' my absence
from, the State of Florida.
.T T r W ATZri~(', r7


VV .DALD\^---J.r


State Tax Collector's Sal.e ,
BY virtue of the power vested-jn me by!_awa T
shall expose for Wale betbre I he Court Ho,
door, in the-town of iMarianna, Jachmn comy,"
Florida, on the first Monday in December r'I '!
the following property, or so much lhersof as o iO': ;.'
pay the. State and County Taxes due ther=o.,n -*'
the year 1845: ... -:" : ,
320 acres 2d rate land-Nos. not known. p "
porting to belong to Coonell & Mills. r .
80 acres of 3d rate "'nd belonging, to Jor "
D avis. * : *. ..*
120 acres of 3d rate land belonging to the pBstale..
of Levin Brown, and adjoining the 16th se0ti6.. '
at Brown's Ferry, ,
320 acres of 2d rate land belonging to-the estae *
of W illiam Banks. ,- *- *"'
327 acres of 1st rite land belonging to~i.'.id
G ertm an t t,,
-320 acres of 2d rate'land beloging .to Mal-. *'.
chomb Gilchrist. ,' *\ ," '.
160 acres of 2nd rate land belonging to eqa. !. ;"
H a n n a n "
80 acres of 2d rate,'land. belonging to .aines
-Montfort. : "
80 acres of 2d rate land belonging o Washing-i ,7f
ton Mayo. :" '
160 acres of 2d rate land belongingteto :Hene g 'h
& Dudly Peoptls. .
.40 acres of 3d rate land belonging tpo -Wfl: -,
Sfewart. ^ '
80 acres of 3d rate land belonging to G.. ,
W indham ; :+ ; ,' s-
160 acres of 1st ratehland belonging` to ls < ;
H W ilson. * -
SAMUEL STEVENS, Sheriff'rad "' "
ex-officio Tax Collector Jackson Counry. i ,,
Per Jo-Nr T. MYRiCK'Depnt3/! ., ""
.Marianna, June 1, 1846. ;24-4,' 'kn
NEW-YORK "> '.
PRICES REDUCED <:'"" "** "
A^'the'extensive Establishment for u ...... *
PRIN TS O N L Y ,'-- ; .
B y ': '-.: '..
: "- : ,, "
lIE3B & B1'REW STElp,' ." .
Thi 'stock of PRLINTED CA'mOmn '-, .."
all recently puqrqhse for cash and short c "-
AT GREATLREDUCEnj'aILE'S~aifred. ,. ,
at from .. "" ,
1 to 6 Cents (Per Yard) ..0WE .. ""
03- Purchasers are guaranteed the pri'ees4-ti.'" " ;
allowances made fotr given period. .
(jr- Cataloguesi(renewed and correclad.-dai' .
-regulatang'the prices-re plied in the .'.fw^". ";'
of buyers, and sent ith goods oderea. : ..,.
New York, June 6, 1846. ;5 y1 A .
Lumber., ^^
JUST received OO0O feet Yellow P.ne Lnia-- ;-- ,"
ber, assoitd qualities. 'Also, on hatid 5dO, ,
feet \Vhit,Pine,as3orte ffim 1.4e2 c*. i iic ,i-p,, ",
w ill be sold low tor the cftb, by .+" .. "" .>.
No Lumber will be deliv k ifflhya rd,
after this date unless paid f opQr, .wEE^^t ^ : ," ''
from a responiible person. '*;-'''* ,8.' '
'. T' ,.. ,,, f- ..' : .
TUST received per brig "Morea, .from .1Yna,'. ''^ 'i'-? ,
,N) kegs No0. I and *2 Lead ; 100 ga'is. .btole.." ?'
Linseed Oil; 500 Ibs. Putty,. 20 boxf r."R.by I'."
and 10 by 12 Glass; 20 doz. pJnfs Con.ws Sriiig"" ..,. "
Water; 100 lbs fresh Tamarins; Gum3aitd Orgc. ;'" J ,
Syrup-s, for sale by -' ,. ':,. ." "
"May 16. H. F: ABXLL'J -. ,


,. I

per dayr--he priileg f or" ehoohsg the OffiC,',
4,bis.lQ-lead him to baftle. This glorious pri-
vile-gp, ot-a.nanAmerican'-Militiaman--a privilege,
.ntenloyed even iun Great Britain--he is c.heatrd
.. ): ; *ito't by '.ian ai-rangemeut ". made to suit JAMES
; '.'K.Po-.f.: None but a man, who is a ;trangtl to
the tIe.etrns which. lead nien to peril their lives
'" On the battlee field, in their country's service,
could hius rob the volunteer of a pri% ile-e which
: *.. the Constitutio'n 'had in'venied lilm with. It i!
I j by such larrnrganemients" that privilege, n gi-
.meWt,_ and p, t i, officers, are accepted,
whi'lst.patriotic soldlErs aWld officer- in Florida-
Ineft.,'ho hive seved-iti a war where noutght but
hardship was-to be'.obrdin',ed, are set asi.de. and
prevented from e.'mplohing in tt.e service of the
country, the skill they lihave acquired.
*.We in3ertt below. an aninrdiivelit o Re red by "Mr
Westcolt, and rejecltd by Nthe "Sirato, %lhich
-i-), ,pr i ,d,?d f-,:,r eErt.ain Irrpir.,-er, tent? in tins Staite.
What did Mr. LE%'.aid hi: sirl;,-rs tell tlt
:*:'..' 'P r-.,",, *.\h elten ihe i _r.'e r,\ i,, to a-t tlieir \ .:,ti~ "1
Th..Y told l',tll Alwl h' tu'lil,.u Dnu",rityll1
fl' .ioi."l't .5 /C('t t "bi f~f Duiioerrfi." PiiiI ill plvuw H-,v ha-,
S'thi.e e 4.,,t 'i'r -]ilu t lat ]l.lan.r ti,:,r,. L.-.-.k ,t
the .%,rte I:, the Senate al.ibok'e- rerit,:--ahnky,-.u
have tile ati-\er-.
.- .h R 'W.ERE. p.-_FD EY- CONGBE,;---W,%" THr.
.' N:r -r FLORIDA. -
'.T l .'.K.iverar'J [-I,:,rbo, Bill mirig tinler d,-ci~i'-
.'sildn, .Sfr. oE I F- 1,!.;r brII II nt:d [he hIllo in
ail'neiuduient ; wlnhich wi l-as .l(-[-(]:
--,* ..4For impr,,inq ln l .htrbrol Ap-i l. 'ol.]. and
'':".' .'-^ rtvn. tl. .. -iru .'or-; 1 i .- t-' .... iil
`', W' ffid'.fpr i']|ir,:I1 vui6% l il'I,-,l-irt,_r of h( M- llk' -,l,-ow
1.'' .- or^ St'.. M ark's;. i"-,] for uni-n'.,Vil' ile haib,.r ;-I
lf' ..-,auit-iien .r Ihe n '-,i.iili 1-f ill,? ii.W ..,llii.^*.. ii wrl d
NVU- ."I-f '~'i"'cI_- l l -,-1 h ir'b,,,r -',-,f T n lt.. .,, ",w 1F,1
::- .- :B r;-bk.,-,'"ml ..lI,? Stare of Fl.-_iI,..l 1_.-5.111.111. or -r,
T '-.m'@h-thereo[:s ie Presi,'-ri r," ll P 17 1111d P $II,
..es- .iH, -aydi-ei t rip-r a Id, ri r.i:- ir\ [,_, tPe .\ I-, hd d d
im V^^ -" *".WEST,-'i TX LANE) .C,71iP.
i-'X ^ "W easteftt IrTtie an :tternlit. i:,.ily in thoe
'..;"._',Senate. to. estalJ4l.ii- a G,)ORNME.NT SHIN PLA.s-
k T,'RBBANK, to pe ba-Z'd -:-]I tile t-Pbli, Ij, Id-.
4- ^a d used in p.1i1i'g tl'Il t I 1 oih er.; % lI.-c. w..rk
-4 -, .'(ir G ,'ei urnit,- t;in -niaili: ,g Iolllt iirs. im |r,.-
-- 'fvi -.rivvers, ';
.. e-l ..
e, > .-W e-give-the plan\ bc:],)xy. arid tlhe v.. pi|.'i it.

^ VWherc-%vag David o.,r, tlt ,,e,:a'h*h?--i- Iad
6'L jut-shre!,pe,:l..:,,t- Dj\id r.-,'- ._-t~d "' Ctiha Ali-
hii' ..:ti lni lie t%\ As rii,,t t,:i l ',ii'lit i> d "-',:,r,,.. ;iwln-.
It' it is triie, as h1 ,-l er surn le]ti l,:ii ;h1'.
: W I.- ftctt-(\\'h v iud. V h 010 AIt, s IS a I,:-lect
P t,ik at cdt,.'.:',: ir, in :,l,..i.:.,.ls n -, ici .li d i.I |,it
*' D .'lDvid up-to .._ l,-I Cub,: A 1,,e1i ,:,i'" rVI II -
f l t 1tiOliS, to raise a l:,uiLih :,t. his- e ,r \je. it i;
.lii ily.,Y [robabl.-, thit Pj.\ i ,d.,k t:c\ eir,,>, by
-.step},,niE;.,,iit" \'h.-l.i M r. W .:ste,:,tt ,iti_-r,:,. tiie
M r .Vt~a .-;-c t .1,e
S}'ilii Pl, iiiir ai.,nt:,,dir,:-,t--, .t',: tli; l\: [,r...le:t!!'.,,
M r. 'Yui',e'-; iv.'% the l_.,it t,:, b.- c.:n.ndJ iimr;.J- it
<;"o i~l)" ,.'' d fv,:,d ,i i' -l,:tl,=. :,,,,1 .,L\,-,|It, ?!it,\\ tluat

i 11 1 a tholr w as ,,iti .:,l h1 -; p.,,'e ." ; h'f \A Ic-l,:,,tr'
\v":tS [jrei" il.l ait w I IIIll I_.,-ln,-.I- t li,- 1111 Ili r11) .iS ,0 1"-'.
[,pr.,,b.iti,:,.n ,:,' the- S,r, alo, :tr M i'. \Ve-i..'..tt
at oort-f to abidli tl-,i t,1._, ,n i ' .....i ti,.- j,.it!,.:. ,t' -:,,.'!
, o-- a |-,r,,'i,:-,:t ,d',;-.r\f .!. t.) r.: l Y '- ec.

i"' j; r'hl '.E. TC.-'ir ..,I.uliirt,, tl,': f.,ll,,ilti_ nln ,:ri -
1Mr Wri [: ''
.A dd rh,. f7.;.!i ,i .i; ,.,n :
t'A nd w hoPre.,; ii i- :r h 1 '-?,r,-,d Ih.-ii ih,: r,1 1 h -in]e
f>'r ~l,-'; v,.?ir i-t,- ir-i .[Tiii.,- '.i.ili. | 14* u i ll I,,:. ii-i,'l-
e '.l.it- I,.' I:, t, 111'r- ,-x r- ,_].tl ,:- ,.*" r. ie i_-,n ,. .. i rl t-. [
allowed I-%l- w. ail 1hw., .a r-a :r lu:i b,. hJd t,,
** i ll,.:r lin l _-,in : t',)i' i .!)i~ ~ l7 !in l i,,,i l I',r i ll'- 1.1 -,;" *h i"
1 on1?i' 4- H',1'i [lie .. I- ,r1" 1ii i- I,,.'I--
"* _i",,-, i t lu ih r o ri i,-;i-,,l 'il i i r i v h .- ,",-:i.1i.11"\ f
illh e T '. :-k ii \ ,, .i. i; .11. i... I. i lii l..... I- u -_I i,
i ? i.-,l i l~i i-,_ l'r.; ru... in .i !i-i 11111 1 ,_.I *";,;.-,:,l i~ i h ili
anioi.lmi ;'.]',|3iiiiri i.,J lI~v lilt, a,'t. ,ili,'l Iil' [I' i ,"..l-
lui, irhrl'cin p',''.i$.li- I,.., [ih ,;t.tidr ,-,!" [ili ''";:.!i,-irv
or ar71i, r,.-r itui;.," Mh :l ;, i,,ii-i-,i,.? ,,t ili ..' 1.- a. i , rn
tl'i Sl-, "l^- / .l,^ i_,? nl ,,* n i'' t ii'tl,,'i 1i :l ,-,i i-. i rn i-, o .lif. ,n ^ l.iijil-
t'.,.r w l'i-lr;.h i h ^, ilii.- i, -: i;.-il,,d !,,.-. .i,.h ,li l i ,in :t- I1,-
mIn V d ,.'- ii |'r ... ."' i ,-,Ii I,.?-. Ili.m'l till,: li,.in ii, .,:, d ,.,|-
I -i"-i, 1-tiii 'T -lh i <^,in'j,- +l!i.i I ...- i. I,:(,--Iti,-,i i I ,*i iV ,;,I r l~
I -m ir i ,.,~r;:s- r i)-l.,i' 'r -ii (*i l i."Itil- pi, r: li -,:d ,;,I iil,:
U' iied ,<_.1:t,._ -,Id .1'!,. (' b li,: -i1. ,,r Ib, in, ii. r i-
11"7 .i'it .'. h '-l ) /-ii,. i. 111 i iid. --li i ll ri. i l(' riF ilit'c r. ,
alid [lIP ^^,:',;'r,:[ fv if ili^ ie .i9 r- lt ll. i I, I. -r
s.,.tn d ,''.-r ii:t ] i' (. 1 ]!lr th .'*,.:.r^i~if o l ',. -11 ; j i.id
ih ^t li-t",, r,? ,,i:\\ ot' -,.,:-l 'h :- k _- -haiallbe (-.,-' ,iin ii:: ..
o r 3 Il\.':. \ l?" .'1", ,1 i' : i r1, .11"',| Iii~ f -,...i *tll,:- .-,. I t ,r ,,1"I
Wt:ar -h,,ll. I,:, 53`!e-' ,;,t''-'-r'> ,in u .,'t" ='-.iid _',-.l-i sri iii:s
a s 1" iv I.. b ",: ,?-.;.-a- i i t ,,pil[,! ( i al,? ** Ir '.,i i:.-..3 l] \ '\- ii\
.in'I thi-, i,',' *r T.,11i,,rv 1,1 \\' li,-h Iil,.: p~itirl ,ir
worki t',,f \-l~ei.:l tIi -.,iil,- '_I. i-,.,i-,l 1- -lii.,[,:'d,
w h'iilh '.,il' I1' tii i Ie 1 1 .i ,di-,. i~ir .-.I ni r in,:,r?- ihli .m
ten [pe" (ennjii~lq ,.,n ihle -t~,!iiu. ,,j 5. l 1 t.',c- tli r L- .iiih j e
lIve r~aise,]th aflh'r:' ,,n_,-,iii.p].!h.i.;'d b_, t[is .,n.[
ll*.ne'''? t.r~v ti ? l'l ,,uiv -)1,1 ~u': l "]k .'
MIr. H, i-M'Ezir; said 'linit I,- noi, d,.'-ir,.ii. ,:.i"
*s ceeiu! lhnw Iri,-i,,V, ,iii,| w h,, ,:,It" lle _.'ntl,,i. \\',,e
ridy t..tO.viiio t".:,r" ilie ][--iliiii ,',I iLi, ",:11J :it i[ r.I1 pFIi
(c.L'r. ii[r:[re;..[ m d ,ij in-thi.n=,d thie },.?j'..is i ,q l n L
[lIt":'!1 rlh,: Ilt-ier ,,! ,rn,-ildi-n.:lf
TlI.' \,-" ainh rii-lniw ilr. 4..11 ,, li-i,1, il;,eii", r I il':: ,! ,'d I',':,1l.,',i -.
*YEA-M3I,. tr'.='1,,r-]

N I,: -I.- ,. _. I.A ,,..-\i -t, A -!.-hh %'. _-1t i-, -
\.t -:. t,,. L'l,-i'i,-, v. f_'..-ri .,1, B ,- n ir L' I -.1, B 1 ,1,''_h .
t :I.i I. C ': .- it-l ill -r.. 1 I I,\ l ,n T 1 l \ -
I,'ri. .'.!',,r Ifl, r i H lr. n-l I.-- 1 ,. -, LI|\ i.,-l [ ic l. 1iri-
-....n, ."i x, F ,,i -fii elI. 1.,r ,,-1. H ]i -- 1 .,\\ .. I.
Johli.- ,ii 'i o l ,-_i oi, i J,,lii ,tl--Li 111' M v i l0 l In ,
MI[; -,.._rfi tll-f,%1111-1. 3 ,,l' I'c.- Pf ,-,i N il. -
ny'b.ii-Lf,; Pl'le ph ,l,. 1-,' 'i.i ::9 ,,i,!|.le , e,^' 'i. *'1111-
,r~l,;,ll''.,,:-s[..^*i~t. 51;uf','c..lj, "tli _.0 Iho ,Hie ,itiil.'iiii-]' ',i' it r i.-?,7ied.
C*t L' I'': N IS* A *" [, [,E Z ,- {.-"
'., .jh ChaileW^ ,-,, .lh,'ti eerEMsCA, ertlh
"* *tickled,,iwitb th~e i.,a.a,; :- e ,,f thie T,3`ri'l FliH.--bit,
it groattis cmi.{tbli, a,\:,nt the Rik'er anid Harb,:,r
.,*Bill. "..Thle rriai. nLer in \ h .,lh tlie .' al':ll,-,iin O r-'a:,
,': k' .'.} \ .
..&pe.1,s'.ot. tilis ineias.u'e. ,roid rill tl'ie o'il,-.r me;i-
*l... 61"r'3 I]o t Ie :,re_..?tt t_',,,lI: e ?. 111 +Z+i.i +~ ill t':,," tl',
', \Ibem#,io,'af!,c Party. 7 ,i,,.i'_ be~ih to iis'u he, in
.the opinion ot' the Cajlh,:,ni Iren, the sallme i]li;IS-.i-
thie. seemed to thern, t,-i pi'eis-nl in l^';'l-\lleie
Jo' C,_,yrote .iSi l'ainous Fo,,Il Hill [i-tti,,--
T hfi v b e~ i 'n to tl~i ,,k rno w b ,y tlie [ ci,.- r, ji,, ra ., ai
3i)10 aihoun did tlhe,, by the ~l~ii--ti,-t. tlhe
suc.ess Of I[tle t',rtnef party, wiltl i,,:,t elltrl'o t.:)
.th~eir benefitt."
*i'-The Ifact .is, tlhe C011i,:,un men clespi--e Hih P tniccrats in'thieir hlearts;. th,-\ ?olleinli thie [-tbllt
.Plunder Systiem;--they. have us-ed th[le- ini,..:..rji-l
to annex TFexas--delt-at (lhe ;_', 41.1" on, ille Oregorn
qtueslt,-i'n-ediuce l'he Tariff--ail.I u,,,, tdi>e- aie
^, Wai't'ine'ag lMc~uffe said, f'or tthe fris1 ,,.pr,,r-
,^tunity"" -to tak u stro rng gr ,_,iiiid, a;) i';i si t the ig-
;/ gression. '. of.the D~eriiocralic AdiJii-tr t iutii-r.'"
.-The'Calhoun iren in F'l,,ridhi, ur~e eip:ecia~ll
.d.e1ighted, with the iiominatioi;" ol Mr'. KairI.--
T9eyc,nsi'd er t'i.^!hcir prop,.?riy,--,, ]uIlt Eroc k.

-enbrough the.y knew to be a thorough Pi; man.
The cry will su'1iu be raised in the camp of the
great Nullfier, To your tetOts, 0Iel;
[From the Charlecionu Murcur,.]
\Vhat'sin the wind now ? We badlook-
ed for a veto'on this plunder bill, as z master
ofconrse. But'it would seem that all cal-
culaiion- founded on anvihinz but tihe be-
traNal ol pritij ples, are d'eslinetl at this Ses-
sion tof iil. The Umin of' mondav, heads a
canmmun1ietioii laudlni Senator 1reese bor
hi.; agency in gelling through this bill, with
the follo\ in-_ prelace.
The 'ollo\ in, communication, which we
think doe-s no more than justice to the dis-
tin',uiished siii,_,r to %%whom in refers. reach-
ed ns too lae lfor inseit-on in Saurdaay's pa-
per. The delhy whiic h has occurred,, and
the cons.erqueint non I'ulfilment of' lthe wish
el)rissed 1y) our correspondent would have
enused us some regrel. had ntot ihe triutn-
I|iant pass.-aze of this lremI western n measure
bife'n riliea'),IN ;rl\ tii n -e1.ed in our cohllumns.-
It affor-i;l- iS, hic\ever, uniieh consol.mion to
J)-)\ iliii th,,e whIo f live re.il, in ihe Un-
ion" the. success of the bill, will. ilirnugh
the sunie medium, be enabled 'o .,ipprei-iaie
the untiring industry and vigilance of its
eloquent champion, to whose efforts, we be`
lievc, the *w-'ceS 0f" the measure -may be
mainly ati ibuited.
... : PEP,VIO[I('ALS.
S- ELACKwo,:,r's .M AGAZTr:'.-The July number
of Oki; i1,ter,-siing Pet i',-i,'ul 14 b'eere received.
The contents are higl I r, tjrtert-ifinr.` ,-..
WESTMINSTER REvIEr-FV.r the sec6nnaquar-
ter of 1846, has also le?:|i r'e,-iv,.,J W e need
not say that tlh matter contained in it is in keep-
ing with the high character of this able work.
We refer to the, advertisement of the publishers
.-1 tlie, ah,,->i- "N"I i, k tor the terjris.
P-(ri,:.,Ji,:al" sh,,!ioi t receive the support of every
S,,,.iti.Leri'nr~ian. The perusal cannot but amuse
*';s well as iJi-str,.1,:t.

ville _News, of- the 24th ult., says:-"On
Saturd it last we had the pleasure of accom-
paIying n friend on a visit to the Turpen-
tine maitItf',ic, ltire of Caipt. L'Engle, about
'five miles from this place. Tlhe work is
T,:,i-, on finely. Mr. Cherry, who has
cbarlge of the business affairs, and who has
been engaged in making, turpentine for a
nnUmler of years in North Carolina, infor-
'metl ns that he found the tiee to be as fruit-
I'til here as those in that State. In a few
,ve.ir- Florida will bear that reputation which
i lie old, North Sta~te has been long applau-
ded for. Wee know of several who are-
abolt embarking in ihe business, among
whom Mr. Norris, who is making prepara-
tions toq commence sometime in'October,
'1-tl who intends carrying it on extensively.
'Success to all who engage in the work."
I"Corr l,,:,i,,n,:e of the Charleston Courier.]
Thie? T@ariffrbill, after another dafyoof un-
common excitement, has passed the Senate.
It passed with a slight amendment, striking
out the 9th section. The House will un-
doubtedly concur it- the atinendnment, when
ilih bill will need only the signature of the
i, 1,.i1if to become a law..
Th( Committee on Finance, of the Sen-
ate, reported back the bill yesterday, with a
motion to be discharged from the instruc-
tions. TfIhis movement saved the bill. Mr.
Le\%i-,, Mr. Benton, and Mr. Speights all
coner-rITel in the opinion that the instruc-
li,-n- ,,t li not becomplied wiihi during'the
lew roi'amaing days of the session, and that
tc1 li111i must be taken as it was. or rejected.
:'Mri. Evafs and Mr. R. Johnson, of the
-.minority of the Committee, expressed a dif-
ferent opinion.
Th,-, (:|i,. iion was submitted to the Senate
:asia .test oi its intention to pass the bill.
iMr. Jarnagin, at this Poirn ,t'utv. 10 himself, as~he said, and to his court-
irv, in put an .end to this state of" things.-
H:e now saw that it was impossible to amend
the bill, and he would not take Such a
course is would defeat it. He had voted
.for the instructions in good tiith; but, under
present circumstances,, he should vote to
discharge the Commuti~lle. He hacL at one
time, intended to vole for a postponement of
the measure till next session; but he had
,abandoned that injtention, for ihe reason that
it would hold onl the delusive idea to the
people .that the bill would then be' defeated.
But, should Congress, at the'next session,
disapprove ,,, ,. bill, they, could arrest it,
before it had ijeeu a month in~operation.
As this was a party measure, he did not
.wish it to pass by a whigyvote. You, Mr.
P-resident, said he, represent all the States,
arid" Ibut one. You wh>\e,,epr-.>. 11 the d~e-
moeratie party, to you I }cave the duty of

maintaining its intiarests'and carrying out its
ineQ.'.s1nrfgs. 1 shall obey.my instruction, af-
"r.-r ilie Vice President has had an opportuni-
I'r i,, 'i\i- hIi' d,'i-.ii.n
'Pi-, ro'-, i 1,.4 created a, general sensa-
fli,,nin ill, ih_('h iiiber. The fate of' the.hill
was seen to be flexed. -It appeared that CMr.
Dallas was not ii,,|)rt:p ir-I for the em-ergen-
cy, for when he v:,tf-d hi h~id written paper
before him, %%ii Ii ihi-,e The Colnmi't-
tee was ,.i-,-ll's',',l- M- '.Is, 28;'nays, 27.
M r. J in. l.', i tdlii,.,' and had nothing
more to do with the matter, till the Vice
President had acted, ,r
M r. R JI.I\u-soN In,!\eI to refer the bill
to a'Special Conmmittee, wii.h inrsi ruction;
but this failed-27 to.27, the Vi!e:, President
voting no.
Mr. Webster' .;inoo to ,1i) .:rilout the
91h section wa, calrried bN aid ul' i\jr. Ben-
ion's vote.
,..Some very brilli-nt pa4,-te-q took place
d(iii'in4 ihe ,Jav, I f t? eteen W ebster and
Mr. McDumi^'-both becoming warmed into
.-lof-Ij ence. < '- .
AinienilmeijtSwere offered, and ably sup-
ported by. Mr. Simmons and Mr. Niles, but
Mr.-Ciiliiete'n said he would' vole for.no
m~ore, amendments.
The w-hii., genei'rallv, wished the bill to
l'ass as it f ;I-, It' it I ,.ed at all.,
T+ he q lesti,.nWiiwa, piut on tht. eil: il;.lli'.*-,l
of ihe bill, and ilh>re appe-iieI yea.. *7,
nays `27,
Tli. pre-;idinz office having given the
casting vole in th' affirmative, the bill was
orl'rdred to a filii'd deadih-.

Franklin Circuit Court., IL FE6Ii0HTW f 7
John W. Babcock, ) 111" rCx l or
vs. [ December Term,/1846. 8co'co tOl or ]Oftfl .T

Joseph B. Brown. ) "Insejel
pO JOSEPH B. BROWN, Sri&:-. TUST receive p brig- which will it.
.i You- will please take notice that I have insti-, J properly a .: ,I y |_y extenB
tuted suit, returnable to the next Decerber Term Rats, Mfice, Co kr eaiiiJR/^^ M of Franklin Circuit Court, in the Westerin Circuit &c. io, Fly Paper,fd6r ^i*derrjk= of fit. '
of the State of Florida to be holden at the Court for sale by J: C. ALLL i'
'House, in the city of ,Apalachicola, on the se- June 6
cond Monday in December next, upon a certain
mortgage executed by you, dated the firste, day of SlolMtlt ,.su o
July, one thousand eight hundred aridfority, in H +Cop.artnership heretoore e tinu lindtl?,
and upon the following described real -estate*,y- 1 tl)l f$irB,of SANFORD,& BUTT, i& tW
ing and being in said, city of, ApaUhticola, to day diWlvd'by mqtual conset. .
wit: Lot Number Two (2) in Block Number THOMASJt SAN.R1D.
Sixteen, together with the Dwelling House there- M. M. BUTT. **,
on situated all the premises thereto belonging; Apalachicola, Augus., 14. P4
which said mortgage was given to secure ,the Notice. ;
payment of three Promissory Notes of the fllow- THE Copartnersh!p heretofore existing
ing style and description: one dated on the first 1 tween JAMES GIBSON and JA E0
day of July, 1840, fbr the sum of $435 25, pay- CLAPP, is dissolved'by mutual consent. Tihe
able to John W. Babcock; or his order, with. in- business of the concern to be settled by ttM ^tm
terest, on the first day of May 1841 ;,oBe of like designed. JAMES GI1 3S,
date and description, and for a like sum;:.payablv ..Apalachicola, August 4, 184I ,' "
with interest, on the first day of October, 184i1;} <
and'lastly, one dated on the said first day of July,' James GilHOn .
1840, for the sum of $435 25, payable to John W. FAMILY GROCERIES,. READY M^DlE
Babcock, or his order, with interest"'o the first CLOTHES, PAINTSIIlk,, PUTTY ^ '
day of May, 1842; all of which sum's make up AND GLASS. + "
tile full sum of $1365 77, with interest at eight Corner jhesiat and Commors* a. 9 6 -.
per centum per annum, until the said Notes are 03- Painting and Glazing done with na .e
promised tube paid. And that I will make ap- .and dispatch, atmoderate prices, for cad.f, i..
plication to said Court at said Term that you I .re ,
and all persons claiming, or to claim by, through, S tate ,1ax 4ollecW'. Stale.
or under you, may. be for- ever foreclosed and Yvirtue of, the po]wer vested irr' oe y .w "
barred of, and from you or their rights or equity B I shall expose for sale, before ,The &ir
of redemption in the said mortgaged property. House door in the county of Calhoun, on Te first
.'JOHN W. BABCOCK. Monday in November next, the followftg pro-
By his Atorney perty, orso much thereof as will-pay the, 81" _-
WM[ G M DAVIS tax due on the same for the year I8C., -yTI ;
Apalachicola, August 11, 18& 31 4m" W i section 33, township 3, rage l,j AMg.t'
-F ... ... "T -_ 1 l- Nth.- f--L _I

Mr. Niles then made a speech upon his
motion to postpone, but it was rejected.
The bill was finally passed, as follows:
YEAS-Messrs Allen, Asbly, Atchison,
Atherion, Bagby, Benton, Breese. Bright,
Calhoun, Cass.-Chalmers, Colquilt, Dickin-
son, Dix, Fairfield, Hannegan, Housten,
Jarnagin, Lewis, M'Duffie, Pennvhacker,
Rusk, Semple, Sevier, Speight, Turney.
\Vestcott and Yulee-2-o.
N.ysT-Messrs Archer, Barrow, Berrien,
Cameron, Cilley. John Al. Clavion, Thos.
Clayion, Cormin, Criitenden, bavis, Day-
ton, Evans, Greeen, Huntinglon,Johnsou of
Louisiana, Johnsoni ol Maryland, langum,
Miller, Morehead, Niles. Pearce. Phelps,
Simmons, Slurgeonnf Upham, Webster, and

These two individuals have acquired a con-
siderable degree of that sort of noiorietv
Shich circumnstances of position sometimes
confer upou persons not at all notable them-
selves. The former, conscientiously op-
posed to the Administration Tariff bill, was
;yet unwilling to vote against it, because of
his reluctance to oppose his"political friends,
The other, equally opposed-to the bill, voted
-for it because he considered himself bound
by instructions from the Legislature of Ten-
In the one case a Senator resigcs rather
than oppose a bill which, in his own mind,
he condemns; in the other a Senator, rather
than resign; votes against his own judgment
.in favor of a bili which his own mind con-
demns. -.
/To what. principle was the sacrifice made
in each of thesecases? JMr. Haywood evi-
dently made a compromise, between the con-
victions of his own judgement and sense of
allegiance to party control : the first forbid-
ding him to vote for the bill, the second
constraining himn not to vote against it. He
has viol aJed both obligations by really obey-
ing neither.
Mr. Jarnagin has allowed himself to be
made an'instrument to do a thing which he
acknowledges td be a' great wrong. fie
abandons his own reason, and becomes the
medium through which the reason of a
Tennessee Legislature may operate; he
abandons his political associates and allies
himself for the time being with his political
adversaries. He does all this in obedience
to the'doetrine of instruction-a very good
thing for-.Senators in whose judgment and
fidelity no confidence is to be placed, but
not at all consistent'with the position and
true functions of a Senator who has self-
respect and k nowledge and patriotism worthy
of his place.
The honest sincerity of each of these
personages is altogether unquestioned by
any of the remarks we have made. Both,
no doubt, thought they did the best they
could under the circumstances. But while
motives are unquestioned capacity may. b e.
doubted. The elements of A t nih worthy to
be relied on include someihing'of the cour-
age which meets responsibility in obedience
to the obligations of duty; something of
firmness and decision something of high
minded heroism in connection with sounid:-
ness of judgment, capacity of understanding
and honesty of purpose. Weakness -in a
public man is an infirmity to be regarded
with pity indeed ;' but its results may-be
more destructive, more, humiliating more
full of aggravated bitterness, than those of
premiditated evil.--[Baltimore American.

THE NEW TARIFF.-We have looked a
little into this matter, since our last, with-
our satisfying ourselves that the Democra-
cy will gain rnuch by the passage of the
Tariff bill, now before the Senate. It is cer-
tainly strange to us, that the-South Carolina
and Georgia Nullifiers, should, so many of
them have approved this bill. Their zeal
in behalf of the'same was przma facie evi-
dence that the odious "1 black tariff"' of '42
was about to be consigned to the tombof
the Capulets." On examination, however,
we discover the painful fact that the princ'i-
ple of protection is clearly recognized in
M'Kay's Bill as in the existing Tariff! For
instance, 30 per cent is charged upon Sugar,
lron and Molasses, and 20per cent upon
Salt. Had not this been :donhe, the bill
would not; have received the. support of
Pennsylvaria, New York or L~outisiana.--
The protection of the interests of these
States was, therefore, cared for in these im-
portant particulars. So also, .Brandy, Gin
and Whisikey are taxed 100 percent for the
protection of the DistillerS of domestic
spirits, while wvines .only pay a duty of 40
per cent! Wherein then have we gained
by the change? I the Tariff of '42 redu-
ecd in other particulars, to an approximaton
to the Reven ue standard ? So we expected to
find, but were (lis<;;i-ipnoited. for the votes on
more than haif, perh, ips two thirds, of the
articles enumerated, has been increased, on
many remains-the same, and? on a very few
has it been reduced I With these facts star-

ing us in the face, are we to throw up our
hats and rejoicee with joy unspeakable" at
the great result Which the puissant arms of
southern Democracy have achieved in this
matter! Verily we enenot d'o i.t-)just yet.
We should take shame to; : ourselves, if we
could so easily foir-et the cardinal iprlinCiples
of democratic faith,, as to premiaturely exult
o\er the success of a me.,sure, which, on
our conscience, we belive, unequal, uinju;ti
and-oppressive to the people.
At- the same time we are amazed at the
opposition which M'Kay's bill receives from
the whigs and protectionists of all clases.--
In our Ji.ilZelnent ll.ti ought 'to rejoice that'
the democrats h;ae hii.oltv,! out a tariff bird
" o~f the same feather" with their own pet of
'42. In truth, we rather suspect they are
now laughing in their sleeves" at the trick
they have played upon us.,:in their ostensi-
ble opposition to a measure baptized demo-
cratic, as the surest way of having it accom-
plished-! But one southern whig Mr. Hill-
ard, voted consistently on the question, and
that was the offering of a pure heart and a
eood conscience, as we. firmly believe.-
However, all this may be-we wish' it dis-
tinctly unlders-;,o,.I that from 1he examina-
tion we have:been .!ble to bestow upon this
subject, w, decline i'vin- in ouradhesion to
it, as a democratic measure. We have not
so learnIe Deinocracy,,and cannot be!ie our
own convic!ions of ri'gll by ihe'atOproval of
,,!cirilines \hic'iH we believe to-be inco.ffsis-.
lent with sound republican' principles, sim-
piV because they come/to us endorsed' with
[lhe sanction .,.of great names and high
authority,-- ['//(**( C D ;.,.'vrtrtllD ,+a. +

FLORIDA.-TThe Locofocos of FLORIDA
have refused to give the people an opportu-
nity to express an opiuion of the late con-
tested election from that State. It will be
remembered that Mr. CABELL, iho Whig
candidate, received the certificate of elec-
tion from a Locofoco Governor, and look
his seat as the rightful Representative of
Florida; but the Locofoco House ousted
him, and gave the seat to his competitor,
Mr. BROCKFNBROU'QH, by a vote considera-
bly less than rheir party majority-so glar-
ing was the injustice prepeiraled. Mr. Ca-
bell returned home, and appeared again be-
fore the people as the Whig candidate; and
Mr. Brockenbrough also was a candidate
for election to the sea( into which he had
before been cork-screwed without warrant
from the State. Under these circumslan-
ces, was it not strictly just and fair that
these coniestanns should try over again, be-
fore the people. (lie issue thus made ? So
thought the Whigsbut so did not think the
Locos-thev dreaded the contest, aid have
backed out from it. At their State Conven-
tion recently held at the Lower Mineral
Spring, in Columbia county, Mr. Brocken-
brough was set aside by a vote of that body,
and WM. A KArIN, of Franklin county, no-
minated in his stead It is hoped, however
that this trick will not avail them ; but that
the people of Florida will this year return
Mr. Cabell by a majority that even Locofo-
coism must respect.-[Macon Republican,

WHO' THREW THAT PE.-At a fight a
few days since, at Johnson's Creek, N. Y.,
between some of Sand's Circus Company
and the citizens, one of the belligerents was
picked up for dead, covered with blood.-
On washing the dead man it was found that
be was knocked over by a cherry pie, and
the juice was the blood-it is supposed 'he
will recover.
once the proprietor ofthe Shakspeare Hotel
in this city, has opened a remarkable exhi-
bition at Saratoga called the Metrospo. or
Gallery of Wit." The exhibition consists
of jokes made up for the eye. The Senti-
nel describes a few of the thousand puns ex-
hibited to the eye in elegau cases suspended
on the walls around the room.
Side by side was a little mahlognay cabi-
net. holding some cents and .sixpences.-
-Change in the cabinet." A large BOs-
TON, with some iron tacks on the fourth let-
ter. "Tax on the Tea in Boston." Ravel-
led rope hung on a tight -piece of thesame.
"Theq Ravels on the tight-rope." A brass
spear bead suspended so as to swing when
any one touches the case. Shakspears."
Two or three sixpence suspended.-
"Change in the air. s
other things mentioned in Col. Stevenson's
circular respecting the expedition to Califor-
nia, is the following:-
Four women will be allowed to each
company, as camp women. These must be
the wives or soldiers, and will do the w,.sh-
ing of the company, for which of course they
will receive pay, and besides'will be allowed
ia ration, quarters, fuel and transportation,
'While in theiService." +
-In the Frehch army dueb camp followers
i.nown as' Vivendieres are regularly unifor-
med,.and wear a dirk at the girdle, as their
Appropriate arms. They are also provided
-w-ith eanateeg containing a lotion orrestora-
tive for tAe wounded soldiers, and a satchel
slungover .one shoulder like a game bag,
which contains lint and bandages for ready
use near the field of battle.-
We do not know what-ito be the strength
of the new regiments which are now raising,
but supposing Col. Stevenson's to consist,
of ten companies, this 'would give a corps
of Vivandieies consistirng of forty women,7-
lmagine'th-ese-now drawn up at a review in
the Park, in the dress of Mary Taylor as the
Vivendier-e at the Olympic, and how..Man-
hattan isle wouid be frighted from its-pro-
.priety !-N. Y. Gazette.
"DoNKE~S 'AND MTOEs.--An -Honorable
from Ohio attempted make us pay post-
age on hiis explanaitions about "them
mules." Our compassionate feelings will
not permit us ,to use his name again, but we
assure him that we did not mean him, and
if he will read the article again he. will find
that there is" not a word any rhere in it
about jackasses, it was altogethereconcern-
ing mules... As to the book business he
knowshbeter than we have troubled our-
selves to learn, how his colleagues, Messrs.
Schenek, Root arid Delano voted, when
.members there, giving themselves books.-
We would-recommend him,'if he is very
anxious on the subject, to ask the clerk of
the HIouse the su~m total of their bill of" free
Stationery--we don't keep those accounts.
IN. Y. Sun.

jUWill t 104f on 11he %,es, '"V JW .pi1 1.|
River onthe east, purportnzA to belobg to H. V.
Snell. Alo, W J, S E I section 14, township,
range 8, N and W; N E J section 2, towewhip I,'
range*8, N and W; fractional section 24, ditto
36, ditto 35, purporting to belong | Thomas f.
Bdsh, joining the lands of Mrs. Thbmas and thb 4:* >
Apalachicola River. Also, 40 acres land pbrporr- +"
ing to belong to Japes Hudson, joining James "
.Nall's land and 't&s Armona, Notrot kno.tro;''-
Also, 86 acres land, purporting to bel()ng~to P.'Mc1 "'
Cormick, joining Sarafi Nail's and the Armoda ,'
No. not known. Also, the land, purporting- ti
belong to thgApalachicola Land Company, lying'
in the county of Calhoun, bounded east by the
Apalachicola River, and west tby Old -Rivet,, ..
known- as Bird's Island, and part of Forbe* Par-
chase. ISAAC JA-KSON, Sheriff. "
and ex-offidio Tax Collector, Calhoun Co.,
May.30,,1846. -t -
Washington Co0uty. .,
W ILL be sold on the second Monday in get
tember next, (14th) at the Court-hious'
door, at Roache's Bluff, in Washington eouft -
within the usual hours of sale, the following po
perty, to wit: :, .
Four hundred and eighty acres 'of land, 1yin ,, .
in Holme's Valley, levied op as the property flf.,'
the estate of Jacob A. Blackwel4 and to be sold.
for the taxes for the year 1845., + ;
Also, one hundred and sixty acres of land, .4y--
ing on Hitkroy Hill, levied on qA the proper" or
Blackstone, and to be sold for tbe'&zw
for the year' 1845. i -
Also, forty acres'; of land, lying in Holm e +,
Valley, levied on as the property of John.G. Rusi,
and to be sold for the taxesfob the yearX845."
Also, forty acres of land,-lying on Bear CBesk
levied on as the property of A. S. Bryant, an t -
be sold for the year 1845. ;
JOHN W. COOK, SheOi, t,,i :
and ex-officio State Tax'Colector,)
March 28, 1846. 1-fe -


For sale. ;
j situated on the corner of Cherry and High
-al. streets, 'Apalachicola, and known as Lot
No lo, Biock 4, on map of. said city. The,
dwellingHou~e is very conveniently constructed,
and is one of the most desirable locations for resi-
dence in the city. Apply to T. L. MrrCHELL,
Esq., Apalachicola, or to
August 11, 1846. 31-2m Pensacola.
For Rent.
f a THE House known as the "SANS
gill] SOUCI," now occupied by Mr. R. E. Rai-
M"J mound. Possession will be given the first
oi October. C. H. AUSTIN,
Agent for the Trustees Apa'la Land Co.
August 11, 1846. 31-4t

Administrator's Notieo. '
SIX months after the publication of this notice,
I shall apply to the Court of Probates of
Franklin County, Florida, for letters of dismis-
sion from the estate of David C. Kolk, deceased,
as Administrator, and all persons interested in
said estate are hereby notified to file exceptions,
if any they have, in the manner and form re-
quired by law.
August 11, 1846, 31-6m

-Hard Pine Timber Wanted.
THE subscriber will contract for 40,000 cubit
feet long leaf, fine grain Georgia Yellow
Pine Timber, hewn square 12 inches and upward,
-clear of sap, the larger and longer the better-
none less than 20 fedt long-to be delivered at
Apalachicola by or before 1st May next---cash
on delivery. Persons. wishing to contract for the
whole or a part can do so, by applying by mail or
otherwise to J. F. POTTS, Esq., at Apalachieoli,
August 11, 1946. 31-tf
(3*-.,'The Albany (Ga.) Patriot and Courier
will give the above four insertions and send ac-
counts to this office

Nowill's Honey of Liverwortl
F OR, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of
Blood, and all th aefftions of the Lungs
leading to Consumption, warranted to becompos-
ed of vegetable substances only, for saly by
augll J-J. C. ALLEN;
S CHOOL BOOKS of the latest and most ap-
: proved style, a general assortment. For
sale by [augll] J. C. ALLEN.

The London Quarterly Review,
The Edinburgh Review,
The Foreign Quarterly Review,
The Westminster Review,
The above Periodicals are reprinted in New-
York, immediately on their arrival by the British
steamers, in a beautiful clear type, on fine white
paper, and are faithful copies of the originals-
BLACKWOOD'S MAGAziU being an exact fac-
simile of the Edinburgh edition.
The wide-spread fame of these splendid Peri-
odicals renders it needless to say much in their
praise. As literary organs, they stand far i. ad-
vance of any works of a similar starmp now pub-
lished, while the political corfiplexion of each is
marked by a dignity, candor and forbearance not,
often found in works of a party character.
They embrace the views of the ltree great
parties in England-Whig, Tory, and Radical.-
- Blackwood and the London Quarterly are
Tory; the Edinburgh Review," Whig; and the
- Westminster," Radical. The Foreign Quar-
terly is purely literary, being devoted princi-
pally to criticisms on foreign Continental Works.
The prices 6f the RE-PRINTS *re less than
one-third of the foreign copies, and while they
are equally well got up, they afford all the advan-
tage to the American over the Eng4sh reader.
TERMS. .-.
For any one of the four Revie 3,00-,per annum.
For any two, do. -5,00 r
For any three, do. 710,0 .
For all four ot the Reviews, :80 +
For Blackwood's Magazine, "3,00 "
For Blackwood and.the four Re-
views, .. *10,3r "
Four copies of any.aor 'all of the above works
will be sent to one address in par.ment of the re-
gular subscription for three-the fourth copy
being gratis. .Yi"
,0- Remittances and communications must be.,
made in all cases without e.xpenrse to the publish-':
er.--Tin tortrner mdV always be dtile through a..
Post-rnlater by hanJing him the amount to be
remitted, tWliing[ his Teceipt and forwarding (he
receipt b) mail, .Post-paid; or the,money may
be enclosed in d letter,' Post-Paid, directed to
the publisher-s. '. "
N. B.--Tie Postage on all these Periodicals
is reduced by the late Post-Office"law, to about
onebthird:the former raffs, making a very irmpor-
tant-savl,6g in the expense to mail subscribers.
1A**.ln all the principal cities and I owns
tlnotil'hofilt the United States to ii'hich thtre is a
dir'el Rail-Road or Water communication from
the city of J eu- York, thf-se periodi'a is will be.
delivered FREE OF POSTAGE.. '.
LEONARD, SCOTT, &"o...*Ptblishers,
June 13. 24-6m 112 Fulton St., New-York

.PORT OF APALACHICGOLA ....... August 11.

August 6--Ship Nathaniel Hooper, Dixey, for
,N-antz, bv Ls Fred E Dugas.
A.lnzi ,;'-Brig Selma,-forNewY/ork.
Au.'i-i --Stl-,p Heiirv, Saltar, for Liverpool,:
b%, L, Fi',d, E r "

Apalachicola, July 7, 1846.

-our authorised agent during our'absence From
the State., MATHER & BARRY.
'June 13,'-"1846. '

Bagging and Rope. -"'-;J
PCS'. Kentucky Bagging, .
100 cdils Rope; 30 ps Heshaa,'.'- 'qf ".
4 bales Bagging T n&e'fbTr oile.',., '
WM. G. P6lB.....V.V
?>' ... "'W rto ^ ^ *

C" oparl iershilh).
THUE subscribers r.,eciii.ill\ n.orm-n their-
friends and tile publi>-, t hat e..y, have taken.-
into partne'r-.hip Mr. EUGEN EW: RO.ERS.

F"OLGER'S Olosaionian, or .hll Healing Balsam,
for Congumption, Asfhma, Coughs, Liver'
Complaint, and all diseases ol the troatt and,
lungs, for sale by .. -- ..' ;
April 11 :: H. .. ABELL. ''.+

.April17, !846.




____ _~____1___1__ __

TUI-; PENTI NET MAKAINA. |like stroke on nb-opst side, toward the a f~'OtU /." Sii~~t~ OiE,.^ ^^^^' ^ f S ^?^!
ill -po N otfLIIesi
Tbe July nniLi (.l ilhe F,,",,,n Libra- centre. In this way he passes through his /1 .
"g 1patterns" until he gets over his whole Jackson' Circuit, Court. Administradfor s Notice". I ..... ,of tl,i^B .
.'g ad J,,l ,)-J r r r c ,ins crop, which he may readily do, from six to ::... SPRING TERM, 1846. FR-ANKLIN GOUNTY-FLORIDA.
interesting, article pon the'Turpenitine Trad .. .rs Bak A 0 "F. tr,,,wc
eight days; and aas soon as ever he, returns The F6mers' Bafl Virginia. V A L persons indebted to the estate of Samuel ii tmd.eof t
.of No~th Caroliha. It was written by a gen- to where RBe, began, and goes over them (omp't" -L._ .: .. Simpson, etleasep ket1, o 1 this count., tIthei ad eant e aBSH3S^3
tleman who has had much and lot% expe- -again and *again until his boxes are full.- "- v. ,, L.^.<41Dhacer I
rience inl ths branch "f industry. The The fill is generally done with fourt Tho W ht Adm't, tcJ : 'Andal er hd and y' oinsts d .. ....... G., .. g".
Whole process of procuring this article and six "cl'Ppngs :or.four to six w1eks, when eT. appearing to the Court by a davit, ..tate present tema o wh ver ature-agaiy. FoR the cure of Diipepaia or-' dig ,,:no...,,a ,, ,
dipping comesaround again., In chipping, i Robert W. Williams;. one of the :defendants, said estate whic'hshall not be exhibited within 1 ious and nervous He adache, Constpatin, J j ,j ^,, ."'
prepin oc ,.c scribed that any person of orlu;iry capacity in the upper edge of the last, and should be to wit,.inr'thb State'of Virginia. It is: t-herefore .** THOS. QR'MAN, Adilrde bonisnon, lencyj &c; For sale wholesale'and retail, by ". .* _
can re;Tlilv tunIdert.nTd it. b,:.:' rade in breadth as a-arrow as the hacker ordered that said defe'lnt 'appearand answer the : 1 theestate-otSameISimpson, dec'd. Nov.. J.C. ALLE.Juggist. l am ofeI f!t t. ,l, .
An able bodied man will require for his can be made to cutt--as stis well assert aid complainant's bill of., n Within f A imints Comtouad E
.idii about one hun1lred acres of Pirtle forest ed that aismall scar or narrow cut if deep months from the date of the first pubication of' N 1 .....lonof t ubebs and Copavia. pl. de ar y oftheir ondi.
-as his crop. After llie mi,l,.il. of November, enough, does as well or better than a larger this order, otherwise the said complanas bil tis notice application will be made to the S tandsuariv,alle for i on te ChrooThnal ete i t
aq, -i- ro... Afe of compla-int shall be taken as against the said Stnsarvl
) boxing nth- trepscommen,. Thus with a o,._ and the economy of the-nariow cuts Hon. .ud-e f e fr efficacy, it performs a cure Doctor TAYLOB celehraled mtdg*" -
Iona.;arrowa a bdox or chop is made in, ing to the form of the Statute in' such case made estate of Wiliam Bryan, deceased, ltae of said meat or restriction ne et
the iree, from ,h,.e to six inches f iom theculture, while the wide cut would carry the and provided. It is further ordered, That a copy county. ELIJAH BRlAN d paert B E Thpa .or?
;- roud o j-t abote the swell, of ie root. -face out of reach pre,,maturely, of t~isj order be published in some newspaper Jun 30i 186 56diitao. iiivncsary u t ableenwepue-svrl mtn hsj(not
..;; ;' ^^ "^^ June0'184-6' 2-6 .- Administrator. for*Ivlalebigpe rfabenfa ogt^e l^b
Thv,ground ofju 'h_.x sgvendbyte This, successipn of 11chipping"ad dp printed and published once a week for four months
size of the t, ree, but .usually fromn eight t,-O pill" C0111i1,1.1" from April to Ocetober, or Dated this eight day of May, A. D. 1846.. -AKE NOTIOE--,Thirty days after the.Fppbli- poss! ithlte Igare ats .naaleldqUr thc a t~~~
iee-itil frost, when the turpentine is done run- THO. DOUGLAS, Judge. _cation of this notice, I shall apply o the tested be crewed
si btt itaieshet,. Itdsandothctelrine ear'd- n ing, from a want of sufficient heat. New A true extract from the minutes of the.Get, ft. Hon. Judge of Probates for thle County of Frank- \\!ii ], tseprincpefundcrehihnma, r ayet lt
i, ; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NATHAN S. WATSON, Clerk." lin, for the appointment of Commissioners to al- \It / pi htipratlw enmiceilbtti'am~~ q j
.- 1,- [li s.-^ii ndX i S ^ ^ ^^ li^r fth te.Th oe recm ol dpe ie rsxtme a nd lotfe 1 and ^sell off teJ~ dowerF ^ first stablSbed
*tin'lhe-s..ip and he:,rt of the tree. The boxes are commonly dipped fiveor six times C DUPONT, Counsel-and lot and sell off the dower of the undersigned in 'H^^M frst established by the cel- the Doe10 can brngforward a irreturtible, and-
r'lol'oflhe box is kkept leel, and i't isde- during that period-older boxes only three Solicitor for Compl't. the estate of Ebenezer J. Wood deceased, late of 'a ebrated Dr.Fordy.eviz: weai larhi
signed to hold from one to two quars-in and four times. The quantity made by a May 8, 1846. may30 22-4m.,. the county of Franklin. that a combinat
smIll tree the) Jo not hold nso much hand is quite various, but may be rated as M. A. WOOD. ilar remedies would produce a more ce't^Sn, delay. "Franklin ays a smal leak willimk.a
TJiis'bo-.in o' unti thceo', "or averaging one hundred 'and fifty barrels- Franki 1i'cnil Court, Apalachicola, June 23,1846. 23-1m speedy, and considerable effect, thananya tequiva big shipCi. Therefore, .cre'your "June23o1r1
ijj-~tn. Lliinues.unti the ni'.iuie -or IN&y CHA-NCERY. lent dose of aiiy single one.' In manycaethyorlgsreptcr.Fr aeb -*.
,. *einl of March, or hen the sap begins to Man"y make two hundreds, ana some even Mary A N RouenEY -TOTICE--A11 persons having claims against disease is entirely.prevented by its timely applica- J.GC. ALLEN'. Sole Aerentb for
rie ,,et.(l- a'-ir I ,oi-l "emnrae sapballttfoura high as three hundred barrels in Mary Ann Rouen, FTIErllaleton hvi
rise .d I 'embrace Bilor Divorce. fu John Jenkinslate of Franklin county," de- Dion. Forsale by of Fr a i A a'Liocbnola." "'
?m' nonth-s, is the onlyv suitable boxing -season year. When thp. last dipping is' finished, John Rouen. ceased, are requested to present the same duly Nov5. J.'C. ALLEN, Druggist, &c.- eAUTION'-The genuine Do "TrT Lo
'" ofthe 3ear, rlh, lie is a good hand who which is generally in the month of Novem- -T appearing from the affidavit of the Solicitor authenticated, within the time prescribed bylaw, BA.M o LVJRwoR, las on-the bottle a
*can in this peiiorl cut his own crop for the ber, collecting the "scrape" is'the next 1 of the complainant, that the defendant, John or this 'notice will be plead in bar of their reco-
". coming Near thoi,,l, it may be done. The duty. In all years after the first, the trick- Rouen, resides beyond the limits of the State of very, and'all persons indebted to said estate, ares
,.:." .... ,ves ]umbe t, a hand to fut-in a day ling of the turpentine down the face of the Florida. It is ordered that publication be made requested to make immediate payment. vile atddangerous imitations, and, the pi't, e,
*s i, rnu- iiibe1 oir |.I,: in the shorter a few box, from thl chipping of the hacker, and in the Commercial Advertiser onee a week for the B. ELLISON, Adm'r. "cautioned not purchase or deal In it, as itis
S |noe i h- I,9 n. ,I -lof that ses Her, e which-face is lengthened upward about one space of four months, of the institution of this Apalachicola, June 4, 1846. 23-2m ""protecti d by the s. S. O
II o re i 'Irk tre lo F e 1 sti a e th I utting o I'oot every year, there adheres to the face or suit, requiring him to appear and answer to the -yOTICE-Six weeks after date, I will apply March 21, 1846..12.1. $ ,^-
"- box es rr a t h ato," eestimate the cutn of ) said bill on or before the first day of October next, oteJdeo rbt fFali onyTarn'
**. ^ ^ :^ ^ ^ ^ Smooth suyace~over the box a considerable N to th Judge of Proba~te^o of Frnki CountyB arars ^^
bxsa ao idolrteacre-'-though portonofth e surfeove turebxacnt i deabe or the same will be taken as confessed 'against for letters of administration upon the estate of A LI,"", ,;'
it. nay not cost quite as much, but nearly, Ioto oft iou upnie-it is often him, and such further order made in the premises Joseph C. Burdsall, late of said county, deceased."[_]ALT RNE ,,,anannr gt .
.so.nearly an inch thick- on a considerable per- as to the Court may seem proper, Si Judge, having ordered, that additional
0.nt The cnpi t n thousa number hof g box es ora tion lof the face, and is well worth being (A Copy-- Teste.)Sad uge ,haig o er ,tat d iinl.___ nd elhflc d iin o dy
hand -"; coist-n -huadtog hyW .VLE lr bond be given by the Administrator, by the rast ofbyteueoTAR NT I"R .1"
an ell wlh either more or less. An collected, which is done by scraping it off VALLEAUJuly next, in default therein, his letters will be 'o at a -rf SL E A R N.-
"t _1: .-unrdbxs with'several different instruments, as may May 16,14.0-mr
acre a ,er:1.4e -11)1 ISom.hnrd oe revoked. 'Thsperaini esay9'.."
", : oa small spade, that detaches it from the A CHMR SMAH2184. Apalichicola, June, 1946. +23-6t tHeSISIA and popmisr edh-e
S -.hoe sal,r themiddlehoit9r for,1 onches twinwod oflnoac~etolge to Circutit Court Franklin Cou nty. _[ anxious to discover a medicine,'(, ol ndLvrCmlins evusean~' t.,
smallvbein,:,l.out9 or.10 inches in. woox, to fail into a coase two legged stool Hezekiah Nash, } TOTICE-Six months after date, I will apply cure one of the most troublesome diseases,'the ane Her Co s tien eakn^_ -
:tli.m,?ter,) only ore box. .box, open at one end which open end is vs. Petition to foreclose mort- .' to the Hon. Probate Court ofFranklin Piles. Success has at last been the result. Dr. acle. an re aldents en w .a^r^ h
W Vhen the hln,.red. acres are thus boxed, set against the tree below the face, to catch Sidney R. Ford and gage-, county, for a final discharge from the aaministra- JACKSON'S PIL EMBROCATION not""
(lie handI !inz hii crop or field in preparation the "scrape" as it falls from the face of Elizabeth A. Ford. tion of the estate of Amory Rogers, deceased. all bleeding, allays pain and inflammation d it a desirable artle; prevent aI
or the lollo~in2 tl or sixteen rears.-- the tree and the instrument. When the THEREAS, a' petition has been this day filed B. T. CARO, Adm'r. dues that intolerable itching, buteflfctuallyeures, peaation is u orually c nt.'" ch^t.
The box.es [> "_n-tiy, th next work is-cor- box is thus filled, it is carried to an open- VV in the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of BENJ. ELLISON, Agent. like a charm, and in a very short time, persons h requention io genlent. .
T e headed barrelnear at hand and emptied, and Franklin County, to foreclose mortgage of certain, Apalachicola, April 4, 1846. 14-6m whose lives have been rendered miserable for purgvel'k t
er hc elen ru ,.I by two .:.,:ehold furniture, made and executed in Deca- ,.. h at b a ye a
strokes of the vnp a'< at eachtcorner of so continued-until the barrel is full. The tuui, Georgia, onithe 28th day of'Aucust a-TOTICE-After six month's publication of years. Forsale by J C AL L, ference to any other. Sdtd wholesaleand retail b
the box, taking out a(light;chip:a perpen- "scrape" is |,.,cked- into_,the barrel either a i a rngto the ition ohe this notice, I shall apply to the Judge of h g t for Apaacol Nov 5. J.C. ALLEN, Droirt, 2, 1
diculir lin,_fI- -,nbnl four to six inches' is by tramprrg or pounding, until it is made Court by the affidavit of the petitioner, that the Probate, for Franklin couy, to be discharged1-
ihu slaited i|l-,ar,1 from each corner.'- to hold all ]it can. defendants Sidney R. Ford and Elizabeth A. Ford from the administration of the estate of Oliver
Thisop,. i"iio i executed with great dis- This article has usually been sold by- the reside beyond the limits of the State of Florida: C. Raymond, late of said county, deceased.
'p.atch, s a h, rid ill-corner from six to barrel, at about half the price of the-1 dip" It is ordered thatpid defendants do appear and BEN. ,F_. NOURSE, "a^^ ein aes &-5 consCstinin pt o th d fo
.eijhl huuel. in a day. With this last or liquid, but of late, the more correct rule file their objections, if they have any, within 15 March 28,.1946. Adm r. de bonis non. xedP' \pts; 5 bxs Hoak's. Panacea; 10 bxs OhWe Oil-.
work the boxes Uill usually fill with turpen- of selling by weight is becoming generally day before the firstO day of the ensuing fall term .TOTICE-Six monthsafter date I will apply ACOUSTIC40 kegs Epso; salts; i0!l Coppery; 10 lr
... tine. i-.nins well 1rom the cornering as established. Its yield of spirits is nearly petitiof this be THE ONLY CouRE FO bs
71taken pro confesso; provided that due publica-Il ttePrbtCorofrakiConyGuOpu;2lbSuhte uiie'0dm
S ILoin the fce m1e.ne in cutting (lie b-,x. The half as much as the "dip" per barrel; and e ofhi for a final discharge from the administration and Nutmegs;Len Mustards Herbs;_fball kinds; u0 it..
i, ,ext inol:,edi e istolayoffthern for making the common or inferior resin, t tio ohisa e e ori office of executor of the estate of David Rich-, t hcure o Fthe s Pe
iu'whmt i ccAllel -" patterns ",-this is done is greatly preferred by distillers. Th.e months, succes:ively. (A Copy-Teste.) ardson, deceased. I iscbarges of matter from the Ear
hy stakin!- it offin .-traight parallel lines, of "scrape" is thus collected with much dis- -. WM. VALLEAlU, Clerk. E. t1 184. 86m all those disagreeable noises like the buzzing of Turpentine, and a general -assortmt of all arri-
: fofty yva1s in i%,_hh, with visible and pretty patch, and is finished generally in the month. /April 18, 1846. 16-2m ... ,, insects, falling of water, whizzing of steam, &e. cles i theDrag line, for Country Mechanf,
permanent sinkes; ,,is is necessary to ena- of December or January. After the boxes AT CHAMBERS, MARCH 16,1846. a &c., which are symptoms of approaching deaf- Planers and physicians. For sale by
ble the land to I'ollow' his through or are five or six years old, they yield as many X ranklin Circuit Court. State Tax Collector's Sale. ness, and also generally attendant with the dis-' March 1 .H.F. ABELL.
< row, tepiluilv and miss no tiee inall his barrels of "scrape" as of dip" and as IN CHANCERY. Y virtue of the power vested in me by law, ease. Many persons who have been deaf for ten, ( .... '
.u ~~~~~~~~I shall expose for sale, before the Court 'fifteen, and twenty years, and were'bie o BakB ok"~ ~ ti~l."
.*'fritureial *'tion to them. All^ ths e they get still older, the "Scrape" increases. Alphonse Loubat -DI,^oefrsl eoeteCut.iteadtetyyas n eeolgdt ~neB osadSainr.*
d oiture ,eiunn to the. All this being the get is more pobarl that at half"p rincea Aophonse .oubat, House door in the county of Calhoun, on the first use ear trumpets, have, after using one or-two r EDGERS, Journals Day Books, &.-
,,, done an.J tlhe b..-,xes being fell, or nearly so George W. Harrison and Mof va- Monday in November next, the following pro- bottles, thrown aside their trumpets, being made 50 reanFoolscapand Letter Faper;
,' bit it i proper to remark that the boxes. the "dp" the "serape" is the'most pro eog W. H^ a rrison andMaga perty,; or so much thereof as will pay the State prfeetly well. Physicians and Surgeous highly Cotton Memorandum Boolk ; : .
r are all never full :alike,' some trees issuing fitable to the maker. a Harrison, tax due on the same for the year 1845:-The S recommended its use. Forsaleby Ship andRiWeBillsLading; .:. .vr.
much more ;n,] f.stei than others-the futl 'This description embraces the whole ope- David G. Raney and Harriet F. W i section 33, township 3, range 1, joining the
Raney, his wife; Jo'seph-Hud- .J C ALLEN, Sole.AetBok o etrPe,": -
*.; O.nes indicate the necessity of "dipping," ration of the culture or making of Turpen- kon, Alexander McAlpin and town of Iola on the west, and the Apalachicola March 28 1.3-4m for Apalachicola. Blank Bills of Exchange and checks,.
which i (Ionw, with an iron-trowel like in-. tine, save the preparation of the barrels.I Ogden Haggerty, Assignees of Bill to fore- r on the e ast, puporting to belong to H. V. Just rch a H. F. L.
srum t cltl a"dip'per" having a sock- *The timber of which they are made is isu- S nell A W SEt section 14, township 1, ;Cabinet Work S m ....
ruint. i-d ippe aving a sock- avery, Ctt & C e close, mort- range 8, N and W; N E section 23, township 1, THE subscriber s now inreadiness
et fo.receive a woodenn handle of three or aly go o the same handd Toh N. Hw n g son1ot range-k8, N and W; fractional section 24g ditto to manufacture new, or repair old, DAINTS ANI.WLS-50 kegs No 1 W ite
4. o' I'et. Th-. l-^-----tn _ehe tuxrpentin-e.aod_cnm_ l takenre from constituting the firm of Bogart Nos. 9 and 36, ditto 35, purporting to belong9to Thomas M.d Furiture, with promptnesndde- Lead; 200 eall8WinterT.amp Oil *<300eallg
inches lon. bout Six inches wide in the' the same lad as he wood for the boxes.- &Hahn vd in 12 ibloc Bush, joining the lands of Mrs. iThmas and the spatch, and solicits the patronage of his th samy d as he wood fr th b
fiddle, ii.:>~,e t toan -oal point, and flat The staves are cut thirty-two inches in Da.id-SKennedy, Henry La- El, in the Apalachicola River. Also, 40 acresland purport- ing) customers, and hopes by strict attentionto ty; 100-assorted Pant Brshes; Black Lea,
. -on[",oth sitys. wilh the substance of about length, and ihiee fourths of an inch in very, James S. Branden and city ing to belongto James Hudson, joining James orders to gainsiome new ones. SpanistBrown, YellowOchre,Green Paint, jr;
v on I Hamilton Murray, constituting alachicola. iNal' tolandndte rmnN.otkw. PE RHOAT reivdadfrseb,
"'one'lourth ot an inch in thickness in the thickness--the heads about 17 inches in di- fimof& May; Nall's land Dand the Armona, No. not know-n. PETER H(
ig aeiseath efirm of Crubanden urray ;- Also,3 acres land, purporting to belong to P. Me- Shop in third story of Brick Building, cor- March 1 : : --I F, ABELL
"middle, de.-( lir, lng to. a dull edge at the point ameter, so that the barrel may contain thir- Crmb Also, Era p O""
it-two gallons. pns t rmo Cormick, joining Sarah Nall's and the Armona, Der Chestnut and Water sts. Nov 8.
t; in] e The instrument ibe hand, l From the time the getting off the r scrape" p, csu tin & fir m of No. not known.7. Also, the land, purporting to "" TT- S. "
two 'de and .i -.s with ba d o ut, until the season' f "gt ing o fmth c ape onC b Gapel v *isb belong to the Apalachicola Land Company, lying A ad. 1UST arrivedCper br Metamora
ohem, n ,,,.l, with one head ou nd ,nt ich isgerally fo m thei rstmes s ptnes of te firof Wlson, in the county of Calhoun, bounded east by the. rPHE undersigned having purchased from( M J RiehFaneyPtint-EngishandAme.
fxed :,t .si.t:..l distances in the pattern" 'round, which is generally from the first Io palrtners 0 the firmo efvilson, 'Apalachicola River, and west by Old River, 1 B S. Hawley his entire stock of Drugs-, New atyle and-ve~ry-superior (;inghams, -
br "througih,- the man begins his dipping the tenth of April, the hand is engaged i1"- Gale & Co. and JamEs 11,:6,.vn.
by, thrnsti-, his dipper in at one corner of ggettting the barrel-timber, which ought to ch appe to the -- 1s'tionof the CoUrt, kase. ISAAC JACKSON, Sheriff nature, &c. will continue the business at Shop e- Ladies' Fac _e, i .".
,Al']e box, anr'iin:; it down to the bottom, and be well seasoned, wh-en made up for dip *thatthe above named defendants do not reside and ex-officio Tax Collector, Calhoun Co. sale and Retail, at the old-stand corner of Water 8(l0nd 12-4
S _atpreesomn it nupard toward the other cor- barrels; and it will save time and -loss of eie Stoe May 39, 1846. 23-6m and Cfrestnut sts, and begs leave to say toifes pliandwsingle.:. ,
S neall;i c. staves as they are- being- cut. so that the s ]ication be madden the Commercial Advertiser Waslington Conty. stock is complete, embracing every article usually Lades' fancy S Shadesandpass,
*. ,-e'~e~e ou the flat. surface of the dipper-- mer may be made into "dip" and the latter institution, of" said +nit,'requring them to appear TTTILL bes~oldnte scn oda nS? easrcn ^e effect ilerg^l'lspl FigredMusis, alainsad rhe yls
,=.. "w* -wh~ is imnnm a.dilv carried to the bucket, into "scrape" barrels the heart staves re- Snd answer to the st^ bill of foreclosure on or -VV lenber next, (14th) at the Court-house with freh talearices Goods, o ^Sprn rs se.' ,+ -
; t'h~itbeing satqtile up tpthe tree--the dip- taining -and holding ,the liquid while it wilt be ore the expiration, of that time, or said bill door, at Roache's Bluff, in Washington county, Physieians, Planters, Country Merehants:nd Ladies' Kid Walking Shoes, Buskins aiSGaiter,
:r.' per is d,':nvri o r the n,:1-,r edge of the buck- soak through, the sap slaves. The cost of Till be taken as cois/essed against them and such within the usual hours of sale, the following pro- others will find it to their interest to call and ex- Do black and colored Kid Slippere ad Tics,
..i et to,.cle:n-:, it fiom the adhering turpen- these barrels is estimated at from twenty to further order given in the premises as to the perty, to wit': amine his stock and prices. All orders will be Florence, Leghorn, Open-work and Durmtable.

Cou n oacmlshti h oeef -tit et ah Tu tmyb en frt ma see meet Four hundred and eighty acres of land, lying promptly attended to in person 1by Straw Bonnet'ts, "/ \'-v
:l* tiue ; an trpof ac oopliron t is tixed ore teff that irety c naeents eah Tu at fam-aybsend (A Copy--et. iLAnVLFU lr Holme's Valley, levied on as the property of March 1, 1846. H. F. ABELL. Plain, (striped and figured Swi~and Jaenet
' tually oa treI) ofe thop iron thi~p. n- las fixdi h ht ike diengagementsin oeefu to f be- a rch WIL0A 1A EAU Cerk. the estate of Jacob A. Blackwell,.and to be sold '-~fi Musins. : :-. * .+ ,"
. lbe'ofir th bt:et to draw he ,linier ^w on, e in alw y ays of i h earnan something eefl ob Mach '0 1846--12-4m for the taxes for the year 1845. NEW-YORK Besides Imany other articles Ehich the subi-riber
o!ikse lem rnex s r eahed and s con tha sh ul notb neglcted sou w~ithth "Fr8anlin 13irenit f^ourt. Also, one hundred and sixty acres of land, ly- PKINrT WAREHaOUSE. intends tos^ell verylow. .--. '.:"
qikse hnetireceadsco-tasoudotbneetes wthte FRANLNCOUNTY, FLORIA. ing on Hickroy Hilllevied on asthe property/ of PRICES REDCED March 28 y w -' F. KOPMAN.
;'' .titlued until the bucket is nearly full-it turpentine-hand the whole year has its va- BenjamhiM. Griffin,) ---Blackstone, and to be sold for the taxes IK ':. = r *MrniB, .w M N
hof'din, about e-ight gallons when full ; the rious demands upon him in their proper vs. Foreclosure of Mortgage. for the year 1845. At the extensive Establishment for rn as,4C .
..* man car i<-= it lt> the Lbarrel and turns it in season ; so 'ihat. there is no time for him to James Y. Smith. ) Irn *f,'C ` .. Also, forty acres of land, lying in Holmes' PRINTS ONLY, m lHE subscribers have on .halnd" anfl,.or +ale,
"a '*nd Ihere leiv,.-s it to drain, while he is spare from his turpentine crop. HUHE defendant and all others are hereby noti- Valley, levied on as the property of John G. Russ, BY /" -.3L wholesale an t retail, low -foi,.-Cashi- : v-
lillin; llhe olh,.?r haick,+ which is soon .to -- -- 1 fled that the petition to foreclose a mortgage and to be 'sold for the taxes for the year 1S45. 1,EE & BB 'S riBe p, 20tnasoedIn;50ksasredNi,
'lale"it~s-plac-e. Tuns, a hand. will- fill from Dr -^ oo6- ,^ of the defendant on his interest Mi~ the steam boat Also, foty acres of land, lying on Bear Creek, .. 44 CEA TREN YORK. 50 kegBpikes,Wr, ught and Guty+ "
for to seve ba rel"ady;sm cie H suscibesofe frOOales.lreadsa Albany, has this day been filled in the office of levied on as the property of A. S. Bryant, and to 44L A ITilI. f Sheet and Boiler Iron,fl : "- '
.four~~th Cler ofv'1 saidourt an tha judmen will p Esbcibr fe o ae*alreadsa hef '~S r^^^ be sold for the year 1845. This stock of PRINTED,( ALICOES, nearly Hollow" Ware, a general assortmen~t/- ,
..'.quick h rd I h~tve filled as many as lcu b.ar- 1I souable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in be prayed for at the next fallter of said Court. JOHN W. COOK, Sheriff, all recently purchased for cars and short credit, Sugar and Coldren Kef~tles, :* l
.'els a dJ)'. 'li's is the whole p:occoss of part of "rydo A.G. nextES andt^i out ex-officio State Tax Collector. AT GREATLY REDUCED" PRICES, are offered Cook'ana~ Parlor Stoves, Sad irons,' *i.: -,.
+tifpiii.. ,;, .ThiP first,.: tJdip)'.in ...of th~e-H ewly Negro Kerseys and Linseys, June 11,'1846. 24-4m Att'y for Pertioner. March 2S, 1846. 13-6m at from Blacksmith''Tools, Hardwvare, .* >:'...-++' .
: 'cutl~l'oxe.- isth ti'puirc' virgin dip," though 'White and Red Flannels, 1 to 6t r*ctsl (Per Yard) IOWTEBR Britannia and Jappand Wares, Brass' Andirons,
tlhe whole iprotluct of the first year of the Plain and Fancy Jeans, Jackoin Circuit Court. .State Tax Collector's Sale. rT T^T n AR Fire Dogs, Shovels and Tongs4, :. *:; +.
.* Pniscmo!vclete vri dp" Double'twilled Tweeds, Hugh S pears,. ) Pet'iti'on f or Foreclosure of FIRST MONDAY IN DECEMBER, 1846. THNTPIE FARL Hooks and Thimbles, Blocks, Pump Boxes,
Pb. 1 n.i,,'cm~d, It,, I -.rtmn. !h6le th t t" \igu^ di,,.i Super fancy Casameres, vs. ,,.lo ^^^ ... "[Y virtue of the power vested in me by. law, I .... Purchasers are~guaranteed. ...the prices-and Mal^ p n Yarn l^ail an Him Codte

a, ..



t. ..... 0 1.1.11V .......... Moll. I.. 11171.. Super English and French Cloths, Robert W. Halsted. ) ....-.. _LD shall expose for sale before the Court House allowances made for a given perod. Anchors[Pitch Oakum,,Tar Coal Tar Rogin
'' dippiug is very d1,rkg eat, i being thi0, oily, Wi!. lbl:,ts, 10, 11 and 12 qrs. r]pHE defendant Will take notice that at the door,b in the town of Maiann, Jackson county, W- Catalogues (renewed and corrected daily) Turpentine, Sperm and'Liseed0il,,
and transp:re'nt or inore so, than any that Do.ilf, IF;i!<-:t. s, 9 and 10 qrs. 1 Fall Term, 1846, of the Circuit Co',urt, for Florida, on the first Monday in December next, -regulating the prices-are placed in the hands Pait and Brushes Rigging and Pump Leather
\ the tree will eve'r ..2.5'iii afflird l] 'n perhaps D,:-,m<, Kreir, l-and Cottonades, Jackson County, I 'Ill applh to the said Court the following property, or so much thereof as will of buyers, and sent with goods ordered..." an
.. .. not les strange tli,- uie pduct ,.of -each B.,.,n Sbiitii i rlit f.".judgmentof f.,rcio~iire, of certain mort- pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for New York, June 6, 1846. 5-y ut Pip and Bucke. *''.
"-re of a ceti -ot pa the Stat ande Iron.Txe duee theeo'
su.cceedin2, vejl, a, loi,'as ilie tr,.-e i.s cu ti- C,:.r r,,i'n s. + ,gage executed by'Mhrt6f th'e plaintiff, on the 1st the year 19t5 :L'i t Ijlimber. ^ March 14 ROBERTS,'AELEN
vated, is different from'their antecedents.- C-'4,-n DLrilhinr, and Ticking, of January 1845, on two'slaves named Allen and 320 acres 2d rate land--Nos. not known-pur- TUST received 50,000 feet Yellow Pine Lum-
Ever, succeedilig year the 'turpentine be- .Lin.e,. and I,,t,,n Checks, Beny. A. H. BUSH, porting to belong to Coonell& Mills. J ber, assorted qualities. Also, on hand 50,000 Iron, Nails, &C.
-comes thicker and more deeply colored.. m*I Line. sh irtig and Sheeting, Attorney for Petitioner. 80 acres of 3d rate land belonging to- John eet White Pine,assorted.from to2 inch, which oTONS SwedeIron assortesize
.... -lld:-,,),d t-y..,tt,r,. Shirting and Sheeting, Marianna, July 13, 1846 28-4m. Davis. w b 100 kegs Nails, do.
from a li! ht cream toward an orange; and Ewl;l.l Frrndl and American Prints, i 120 acres of 3d rateland belonging to the estate wll be sold low for the- Hah ,,'by c .
': )elnt it'rin.-,y erceptibly in its yeld of. ? ''P'_ gTER HBR. 4cssWeigHea0ldqaiis
yet -ot -'r-. lie yi Evra,.,pt,'. plain and twilled Ginghams, TO Priters.. of Levin Brown, and adjoining the loth section NO Lumber will be deferedf t yard, 20 Blacksmith Sled Faced An^is
".sirts. [ti'r h virgin, dlip only S^ip,:,' _.sn d'il c.:,d l.., TYPE FOUNDRY AND PRINTERS' FUR- at Brown's Ferry. ,after this date unless paid for, or a-written order 20 -" English and Amer'.can Vis,, ,=
.iftllt i. ie wh% 4e. t-,'nspar-,t "rosin, so much E xh ^'.'-c M 'lshn ,:1e L -,ine. .NISHING W ARE[-l1_1UT E. 320 acres of`2d rate land belonging to the estate from a responsible person. March 28 20 o' Bello s, ..
"'.u.sed in the arts, and especially inD mS-in. E,.l~slt.S.'v.it.|h i-,ld Ali,--ri>?aii do. rHE subscribers have opened a new Type of William Banks. r 12 dozen Spades and'ShoveJs, '
,1 wthe-fine white -oaps, can, be made'. When iii-er Dt.:ii:n black'and figured Silks, J1 Foundry in the city of New York,.-where 327.acres of 1st rate land belonging to David HHDS. St. Cioix SugIar, 10 Collins Axes, '
A, -. the dipping is thus over the next work is to B:rt.l; Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs; they are ready to supply orders to any extent, for Gertman. 20 do. New Orleans Sugar, to arrive, 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen'Cards.
: chip" or srify the tree, immediately ,Ii.r Etigli-!; and Pongee Silk Hkfs, anykind of Job oJb rFa.ncy- ype, Ink, Paper, Cases, 320 acres of 2d rate land belonging to Mal- 100 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java, 1 case Rowland's.C.ast SteeMill Saws,
over (lhe boxa *id' ening acro's the fa" Ecglie, ani American Cotton Hkfs, .+ .* Galleys, Brass Rule, STEEL COLUMN RULE, chomb Gilchrist. 4 cases Hyson Tea, lO00,1bs Cast and German Steel,,for gale" by
.. over the.. box, an d enp endif io.th'e face Madras- and'Verona head Hkfs, -. ;' ComposingSticks, Chases, and e,.eiv al tice, he- 160 acres of 2nrd rate land belonging to Henry 40 bxs AromaticTobacco, WM. G. PORTER & Co. ;
; 'between perpendicular lilie, -arisingu frol Ladies' Cotton Hose and G,:-its Hf-hose, cessary for a Printing Office.- Also second hand Hannan. '. 50 ",,-Mctfgd .do. Brown~sand Labby's, Nov o9 w. 41.Water str
"* .th 'corners or ont,:r edtges ofdthe box.-. Supe, l\L,r..illsandW.,rst~d \estfngs, materials ., :. 80 acres of .2dl, rate .land belonging to James 20 Sperm:Candles; 50 bss brown Soap, ,7 .
-the IcOLGER'S oranin ore Alle otaing bo.,f &rtJn ellg t ae
T "This is done by, an.instruine't ut-tullv called Cottoi.andFlax Thread; ^ The Type'which ar ,*cuf in imitation of the Montfort. 100 bags Shot; 50 kegs Powder,
a'* a"hacker," sometinme,- shave." Its form Plairund fiu td Swiss and chcIi,d Muslins,' Endi-h letters, are cast in new Moulds, from an :,:res of 2d rate land belongingifo Washing- 2 J_ tor Conumption, Asthma, Coug2s,00!ier.
.- -. 1 1' 1 ". 0 lbs Lead; 4 casks Linseed Oil,
.. is sonie hat like a rolnd slrve," narrow- .--.:.,iet .in... Cjrrh_ Mi:i~ins, ' entiriv new set of Matrixes with deep counters, at-n ri.,\ 200 kegs Whnire Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pu0e. Complaint, and all diseases o tohe tJroa .aWda
'.': ing alt the cutting plaice to the diameter of Ne,n.?dll Pins. T:,l',, &,.. &,: are warranted to'be unsuipassed by any, and will 160 at.r,.s of 2d rate land belonging, to Henry For sale by W. G. PORTER & Co, lungs, tbraaIe by .
'"aninch, with a sh-ink to be fixed securely Whioh I.- h,-eif 'l.-.,1 with great care in- be sold to suit the times. Allethe type furnished & DUdly Peoples. Nov 29 41 Water street April 1 H. ,ipABELL..
:.. ,,*an-hto a .ironCthheaIa shnhd fixe seeurely New Yorhand B,-.-,n, tn!nI,-,,'teI .-ents 'by us is "hand cast." The types from ahd 'foun- '40 acres of 3d rate land belonging to Wiley -..u n-. .- -
..'. r sil .1, Ilea v handle of about two feet - -
of Pi- [-I roM,,.., I ,t th .r ,.lv,-t,:,lt rar,-h-, l,, dry can bematchedat this -:,bii^,ne,,. 'Stewart. .,. **:- Baggig and gope. TL-ST received per brH oporea, from t York,
."" it~i'elih wmie[lie he -ces 01 the trees. are are n,,.v ,teied.,r wholesale ,.r I,.r,il ,,i (';,,rable Printin? Preses furnished, also Steam EnAnes 80 acres ,-.f "d rate land belonging to G. G. A f PCS. very heavy Louisville, Man& J 50 kegs Nos. 1 and 2 Leai.; 1O0 gals) boiled
: -.* low, bt the handle is made longer, as years .terrls. WM. G.'PORTER tT-, of the r,-,. .tidr, patterns. Windhamurn,. '4 Co. Bagging; 300 coils Bale Rope, Linseed Oil; 500 lbs. Putty;, 0 boxes-8.bylj
,;; .,_ dVanee the faces hi.he.. With the hack- ],.,..,:), 1<-5. \\ Wtr stret. r Cotmr..>,stin Rollers cast for Printers. 160 acres of 1st fate .land belonging to John for sale by' and 10 by l Glass; 20doz. pint.Congc. pring
S,? ....er the-iian stand., nearly in front of the box, --- COCKROFT & OVEREND, H. Wilson. '. March 7 1- J. DAY;& O. Water; 100 Ibs Iresh:Tamarms; Gum and Orget
aund itmfkes a stroke t'rum a perpendicular Dl'.g1s. Ifedivines &- C|lselica|s. Dec. 13, 1845. ly-. 6. Atn-lt.yNew-York. ..SAMUEL STEVENS_ S4eNffand. ,. ^., Syrups. lor sale by *.. _.,
,. in line to the coiner, toward the centre or line A NOTHER ;ipph -, or fiesh l '.rn-,' ip-t re- :-.l-hci, Tax Collector Jacksond.County. sad.dlei,?ry for Sale at ^Ost aIt May 16. "- H. F.ABELE.,
v from the middle of the. box, +p\rd,"ut- ?l- be,.B;.iz Relpublic. -hich rn.l.;es i OH[v CO+i f -m11 nielli. Pe.i Per JotHN T. MV.R.ICK,; Deputy. A .- .Charge. ... "M T.,;D
*'.. '...rino a. furrow like gashh ihrouih bark and' *^'ortmmt.c.,mplh.:e, 011 of the be-:t qii._ v. tHE sil)c,:rib,-r. hI-, 3 nst received from the 24]srian,,. June 1. l1i46. :* 24-ts .an .. ..tmeut o ;
.- o e J. C. ALLEN' ,. pblil, a beautiful Lot Bridles, &. &c I will dispose of them as PCS. Kentucky Baggng, -.
f, a- o T it N. B.v Store will be 1--et ,',prn the entire of Paper Hdnr,ig. Fo,-,1sap ind Letter Paper, c -Coffee. n,.ib. ... ..
.. ._;..f 'X1 orders thaDytullv receivedul trompt'a Day G,-.1<, Joirn:,ls an. Lers. Bibles, Prayer .-1 A I... BAGS Rio. Coffee, land15,gfrom brIg Vir- On hand a fine Buggy and HarnesfbwrhiOh will a fine Buggy ae H
. ,. --.:. tr-ke,.'lhen the ra'immediately v attended to and correctly put up. Books etc., vliich he ocl's c very low.' 17 -ginia, for sale, by .. be sold for cash, *". -;. WM', G. PORTtR &
'"rhangfs",btnds or )osition, ;iiidma-kes a Ma\ Feb 7 -' F. Kn, PMA.\ Api'iM^ J. DAY & Co, March 28. P. HOBART Kov t(Water .eet.
nd on an k*ke a llj* a' P. ^ *'.** ;- *
--~~F b 7 F. kQ fl* 7 *- .! -s J DA &' Co. ..!. ; -.


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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: August 11, 1846
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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.,r._ ----y *
w .. *

IA S/t-ry-UV- \ e'

-_, .
. f Ill,,, i\--

,..! OntnttrCltt. buerIi; ere ; .

-- -' -
''s--- -- -- .

,\ .. . COX S TIT r T I' ) ET NOSTRA PAT It I A -- -.- .

= = .0= ==- .. ._ ., c ..

,; r LUIE IY.] APALACHICOLA. rr "ESDAY.- AUGUST=- 11__,'7-1846..-r ==. .=_, 7', __ --s---_ =. ,"=rNr..nn'D. _"'. : ',

J TjJtt- -Dit'cctorn.-- '- --- -- .<--" '--" --.'- '- .-- _.:- ,:- .-_n_. ._,_, ,___ ______ L.lt U..H.1Jj)1..

wn RfLAL( ADVERTISER, t.tc. JJrofwsfonai; Notices. ) ftr -- 7"--- ------7
___ i \\-e said the
I : ____ three irreat distinguishing They would ,
. !1F.P *VEBV TCMPAT: CV -- --- ----- --- --- _-_--_ now 1 tint to his stet-d-now( to
, Yi.aLte --- -- ---- - h traits of Murat
W V 3l.hti. Tholnas II. .tnctttl, "T)[ fl LU\'C':5 1; LANGUAGE.There's ( I were high]t chivalric courage: his t-jstunie. arid then to hi-! white; i !ame-
I" ( skill
! j. __ 1 M. geese a; a general, and wonderful coolw hile
. C O M M I S S I lOX( MElt 1 C 1 1 A X T, a lan,na;1. that's mute, there's a silence ness( in the (hour they faiily recoiled before hij I irrcing

(;. : I. DAVIS, Editor. Water Street, r.r May be found at his residence, corner of that fTh're !.:, said of danger. Napoleon once glance. Murat was so much plfi>e,.i by the

. U. Apalachicola} Fa. Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion is .something that cannot be told, that in battle he was probably the bravest homage of: those iml'I -hf'rtt"VJrriors. ,

, -., ,r1 "'n"- T ilt7T< r.mUincomer: 0t'nnalrre f House. Nov cheeks!! mnDeye
+' and Chestnut I streets. I:. S. more than mere success to him in h !hail
all he
Haxvlcy, Dr. A. W. Chapman, And thoughts but the eye can unfoLl.Th"re.s battle. could! borrow irom !hi::* officer
; He
FACTOR AXD COMMISSION MERCHANT: I invested it with a sort of glory about him. and (
TiCKMS.ny finally h. and then
Office ot ":1f : !
the Store
er:: over Drus t B. S. in
Hawley, itself
,.-Three- Dollar pl'r.a num, Cor. Water and Chestnut streets-, (entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the a look.: so expressive, ?o timid, so kind, threw an air of romance about it the w.itchcs of ink friends. He 1(1; made

"dvaVp' : *?.". ."''t* I i1 PiiI Within} 9V| April Apalachicola Fa. home lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell. Though So coneit dumb, in,an s<)instant ti3ick) to Imj lrt, all in and fought frequently we believe, almost many presents to them bofnre ; f,.r often, in

speaks oat the mind an world.-
-i i if aid thereafter. I. D. UroBKE. }llAncnovn January 10, lilt; 2-tf And striues in an instant the heart. imaginary The device on his battle, he would l select out thi- most distinguished -
,,.n tik<*n for a IPS term than MXi HOWARD sword, like the knights of old-his } Cossack
test! Mri.ihly b<* eh. r:"d for Kis !>re tV IloardXD Thi very cos warrior and plunging, directly -
: II. E. Ou ( us eloquent silence, this converge of soul, tume copied from those warriors who lived in the miil-t of the
!1P discontinued until ? ,
wii In vain rnerny engage
; U'I-T
)>iid.I <,;1"ss at the option of UI! e COMMISSION .\ FORWARDING' ATTORNEY AT LAW More [prompt we it attempt appearfrom to suppress in mere chivalric days and his heroic man him; single handed: take him rinsoner, and
the with
MERCHANTS I: CLAYTON, Barbour County, Alabama. More ap: the fond truth to .to control, ner and bearing, as I he led his troops into the afterwards dismiss him with :' gofil chain
vrs.-O ]*' (twelve line* X I. 7, Columbus: Block, expre.s.And battle, him be
;jtiaw April 20, IS 10. 2-If prove to wholly unlike ali l about his neck or some rich
\.. ';,'rll'i:11 tho rtc <,!f <>:ie Dolt No1, 1'-. Apahirhicoh, Fa. oh, the d.'!lijrhts in the features that shine, other generals of that time. In his person, to his ornament attached -

.:.,! A-i.i }Fifty Ont tftr every sub.e- ]REMOVAL.W. The raptures th" bosom that melt, at least, he restored the person.
days of --- ,
.. BI. \:1)1'11 knight:
1 & J. U. Idttll bhs-t! with each o her this divine ;
'- "" "1. G. 31. Davis Is converse ]hood. He himself lets WHAT :rr. II.'i'i'G.:5.ns sow.Ve .-
'yi 1 FACTORS .rc inutudliy spoken and ft-It. unconsciouly out
5 :, jprti.it j t't.'i".ar. a liberal COMMISSION MERCHANTS \
r'-' rte's : h'lt alladrortismentsnot ATTORNEY AT LAW, ,. this peculiarity;' in speaking of his battle on recently copied says the Haltimore!
: \\ 1Lmado; ; No.4Vatar street, LO'G0.( ; ." Mount Tabor ,. Patriot an extract from
with sT-ierli of .
di3" ) the'I'ttrk;. O the )Ir.I'
; !. l"J"iness vivlif } Office in Flo.u\J top
to t 'ir m-n : as {,5- r.cClliIdi {
\'" .' : 'V...!I-"i,".mp'its,,jot in by them, will -1o\'.-1,1.1----J"- -- -.P.U.CHTrnT.FA.- ---- the Mansion House.; Dec lo!: ,opposite 1M.; t:. T."<_n oiue; ago they/! Those with their word how shriHin.! of this }hil.! Kleber with dCOf() men, found I 1aue. .1'. of I Inct.i'u4a 9 'm t i.;<' 4pr.te in .

*' :' ...'",1.\ iM'tf t., '' 'l''U' ratf*- !:vail (:. r:1C-' The ?i irit's troubled watt'fs murmur tlhn! lows, him>hemmed! in by 00 001)) Turks. Fifteen reply to the extraordinary revelations made
9''" A. G. Scisnes thous-ind by Mr. I lay wood of North
7.., l'..ii 1' a.h'er.l eraadra'P ent! must be paid: for ,'AlL1I1SS1'I''ti11'.11U1ci1ItCILIT J ; I: I !! With their music-" Long ago.Ipm0fY' ." : cavalry first came thnnller- Carolina about
j- ATTORNEY AT LAW. in, ilov/n on this band! of .3000) Mr. Polk's views, which the Indiana Senator
AXD UEALE: [ ::: IN COOD.-;;t ) ... : :arranged i in -
". ,'li.lr; wili: 1 be charged to announclr No. 4'V.'utr tr'-"T. c:: : Office, .\o. 2 dipt. Siiinwn\t) BuUdl.ig, Jinn they" long to d' f'r- lOar ed treasure I the form of a !r iu are. For six hours they consigned the President to a deep[ so

r ; t I .r rir!! ,". cor. Centre & Commerce streets. thepirit's hiht: maintained that; profound that the hand of resurrection
11.- Day of unequal combat when Napoleon
XI'1 with ,
,:I. 1"2" 1\ .AMlafhi"f;:! } l.i, F.i. nnr.i yore dreams pleasure,
t"'I ,K>-,".* '1"It, fr"l: a ( ;ita'rre Inns L ------ Apalarbicoh, Fla. fiusirire: buck upon the sight. arrived with succour on a neighbor could never reach him." The supposed
JI -----
i ...,j'\\'lt:1;> the! cash or city reference i"rasii;i'. ii ::ttt
t/taCCt1. ? "' OlI .' Last', i ink hill. As he looked down on Mount state of things came to pa,s and we were

.", ::11., t I ,n -HClLr! \:r. AND UKTMI. Lon? rro Tho words of ?arJr!(; Tabor, ho curious enough
PKAI.F.H: iv could! to tlfl tlP! Union
n'W' nothing inquire what
.1 I" see but
-----,-- --..- .- TTORXEY1'' LAV/ 1rin; ?ill;, thrunirii! ti! <: mists a count
SHOES, DRY GOODS.; .CLUTHIXG, HATS, tc.Chtapfar le -- -- Riinbrid Vi inn!: If dr'pated:1dnes: 1 ". covering the summit of the seems, spuken. The
jju siurs-i Dircrtor!. : ; CtiJt, ( Co.) Ga. :.e"t r forgotten isighs und tears 'hill{ and *way in;: and tossing amid the smoke Columbus (Ohio) Jonnmls :

octl Chest nut-Sirc-oT; Apalarhicola, Fin.. (: Will attend punctually (be Superior Courts that The( Union will
curtainr-d them in. it not !give: the rutrtct the
---- -- -- --- ClulIn
". --------- 'oft the! counties of Early, 35 !ker and Decalure Dreams of youth! and tho'ts of was the
.' W. R ; oft flower
'r." '1'1 1.: I. J. L-ie: '';.r .i. c. :.ice steadlJe's and desired information. Hot
-lvl-t : ;
flashes r.c
Fart simultaneous can
} answef
Cun in of
t the :South \Ve-tcrn.and of the countof Thorr.a, ? snrjnssin: ? sweet
rjia: Elo :rr-i c Co. \1'ir'.1P.l! !, and Ket.nl, ) D--.W) ; of the Southern! Circuit. may:1: :: Skies! where brightly fl>-d the hour; :, musketry, that he could distinguish where its inquiry on the veiy best and /.i,:h:st. oatliorittj. -

r +0 M I :Ill"[ \\i d} v M II': K f i.ANTS, DIULS111..1'11'.11'ti'isOILS! '; } Never more) the sight! to greet.LrtI Illi t ; own bnve soldiers maintained theirground. In a conversation refeuny in a
t GLASS UH; t }liE-. Arc. Jc.
\\.ih.'r .t rt':'. .John HHho, mixed t Mr.
The[ shot Hmnegr.n.vjtliout
:.10! airo Those words how dearer of a solitary twelvepounder compiny. :
._.'\nn', -, :'-I'. A:)nlvti<*nla, Fa. ..i :rl",-rt orfmtnf of ATTORNEY AT LAW Far tliii: oth-rs we may know, which he fired!) toward (the mountain any attempt at concealment M c!k>:rie in

--- nn'upo::. BOOK?, iL.1\E:. STATIONERY.] &**.. vVc.cur. I ALR\NY, GA.TI.14 When th.y brinir our sp; irs: nearer first announced to his exhausted cor.ntrymerr tending it for the public cur retnaikeit Iii

of Centre & Conimrf stnr-t \ practice: in te'eral: CnmN of theSmtbWcstern To tile loved of ion; a:o. that relief follows :
W.\ RI i'S'> ; '; AN"I n COMMISSIONXo. \ ; : was at hand.!
rOil "1)p II wli'! ':!.!. fI.l.I CH"CUltan Thomas and "
JII.Il., \ XT Stewntt counties They key-not" r.f a mens'ire: filling! : The ranks then, for the first: time, teas" 3Ir. Polk is ft grcattr frailer than ever

'. a. = a:'! Ail t.'.'; Lf-arr with acin: ', the tlefesive John Tyler rirasf His
:, J Wjter-tr, 1 :\uz. ;. I J" I- 31-tf l.anlOrlv! ; on and extending than tnacktry to the

Aj alirhC"la:: Fa. 1.\l"r\"Tt"C: nr.\i.iu:[ IXC.l1IXE } -- ----- -- -- -- ---- Tnr' ,rij-/-J;. ( /n:' I''... I'">-"''-" .'f .-'.I iui!:nc, s srlvps charged bayonets. It was 'nsr.iinstsuch Jfinocratic party is ten fh'nsftrcl tlnus more
(: :
: .II,1: i its tnt'ihi-d;
.,: :., I r': .11}'1'IrPw m"dt' on 'HI.i."mr-nt is i '* Xo.11V.iter.tre t r Fnixirnn 1'ost.tir:. L- l'llhEit: iXPECTOI-The undero :ned .- ..._.- ..cA..w __. ..1',1._ .__. _. terrible odds Murat} loved to fijhf, and I ba.-e, infamous and wexrt.*+;,MT Lun thatof

'. :-, :. .x J'L 1nt, XL' \" rk or : nl\\1',rj- -\p.tI'h;t-! : !< (,1,1.?, FI-i. having: : been appointed;) Inspector: uf Lumberfur in( this encasement. he outdid himself.: Heregarded J,hn Tyler teas to the ll's. He is

l' "' .l:+ril. I1( -.------ Franklin: Cuntoff rs his Cervices to the fFifti ttIlanrourJ. ii i iML it the greatest battle! hen rfot1 ll. utterly umrorihy of confii/twe Tic truth

!I :.(i Iila.t iti i titFly. public in that rapiciry} and will attend to all ----------------'--- -- --- --- -- ------ --_ i Once he w-i nearly! alone in the cen're of is not in lam, anrlht can ttttcr, rti-tr again

II. If Y')rll. I; C011111 IS lOX a-ul FUlt11'.11tDI\ G duties appertaining: to raid appointment. He! ma;Y 11 AT.I'Y large I body of Turkish cavalry. All arount a! 'teliTIu siipi]irt of mry -nltmL't por
J.-\-: H't n':1'\1Y4, be foutid, at 2'2 Water '
1 MERCR.! NTS, : street. t
T. J IIEADLCT. tsar the Democratic '
i nothing visible c The
r. v; :' i -, M'SiJSClXE's I PAINT5 i but a ma;s of iuibanes party morning
.: \.. ; 1\ i i'I' Xo. 3'J Wai or -trt et.nO3 23 JAMES GIIJSOX.
l Hi
:; three (liNtiti!) uislieil heads, and after Mr. wood l mile
characteristic flashing srimetars. Hay his in
:.". 1\-. "., t". ; (} '\I'; alarlicrla: Fla.11ru. : I except in the speech
>'- \ ." i i'r d.! i** )"*:'}>M ? of St jfin<*ry. l' UMBER' [; [\aPECTO'-The underpinned werf highcliivulric conrn"f, % creal skill! as a centre where was seen a single white plume r i the Senate. and made ihea.-'iervaiiuas which

'i\ "., i .,:-t' ut aid Walir"Tn; "t., j \V.v"J\I", 'V31. \'". CHiI-n:R. L having been appointed Inspector of Lumber "(l1praC) and nlmoat unpar.illeletl! coolness in I 'I toeing {like a rent banner over the rhron:. I I denied, the President s>fTor.; :.It:. Itirashis

\' ; \.:t'il1111'.1 la. r a. 1 firsts iSr Cheovcr, for the Count: of Franklin, otter his services t tn! (the hour of extreme peril. Added to all!! For a while- the battle thickened where it I own voluntary l. The inrrview

.---- -I'.-E).-j"- -..r....{....t, j j C4),1'311U 1 I X1 li:1.C11:1NTS i l! J the public in that: capacity, and will attend to ailduties this .Nat cre had lavished her hilts on the stooped! and rose, ns Murit's strong war- was unsolicited on my part. He then declared -

'r-i>.ike, So.d' 0 Coluiub'ts! {Jijilding-s, appertaining tos.iid. ] appointment.rnvi'r mere physical, man. Ills tifln,1\ tall and home reared and plunged amid the sabre to me. most solemnly! and umquivoCully -

l':",. -J r..lusibas! Bnildincs, I r-1 l 1 \'JbdlJ"IIIJ.: Fla. ; UK GRADV finely t proportioned-his tre.id; like that of n strokes fhat fell like litzhlninc; on sid*> (kit JI r. Hayiconrf hftd no authority

-r, -. -.-', > :.',. A*''>.1.T1iT"-l; '. Fa. 1 ----- -- -- -- March 22. ISl-j. Kin '-his face stukin?: and noble, while! ]Ii i; I -aril then the multirndp surged every back, as a : it-haterer for the dec Luratns; h n>adc-that
OJl cV IJoruo.
j :} ;
:', I j :: ,. ,'\" H \\' l r ,.,is, J, 'IfJEt! IX-PECTOIL-Havin- been appointed ; pierciu: jriai.ce few men could bear. Tiii in.;:! ; rider burst through. covered with hi-I ; they were entirely !xratn ms* nrjti and unJfJJndedthat -
c;.)\nll7I'ILXT.3: : : : ::
\* :r-i SJasft A C 0.. 1 i Inspector Lumber (fcT the Countyof was ?Jurat on foot, but place! him on hue.e. own blood and t that} : of his foes and his arm he woiLi tFFi.u ins KIGUT

,i' : ,i ** "*. "! : ;\xrs i I. Xo. U.Of.. rhirl.-s! ::reei!, Franklin the undersigned; oifers his service* : back< and he was still more imposing.; Henever I } I red to the elbow tint nnis-ped his tlrippin'4; ARM TO FALL FROM: ITS SOCKET.: IUS HASP

,t X''W-i.'rI;<.'iii5. to the public in that capacity, and will attend to I nioiuiieii a steed that was not worth sword. His steed( sta :errd under him. TO EE AVITIIEr.rD: DEFOSE HEOfI.t> CONSENT -
: A cnrrr t5 C')!;E. A.MOS flor..Jjis. \. all hit icsapp-rtajutn to aid appoilt) ment. of the ;i.di'J'-'st
A "j.' ";-'l'!a, Ha. 1.1.: .. I ) : knight of the ancient Jar, I and s-ppmnl ready to full!!, while thn bloodpoured VO A TREATY ON THE 49TU! TARAL-

-- --.- -. -- --- -April. _--1*_,1 IS 1 10._ __ _BEXJ.__ __Ll'CAS.__ and hi; incfntiparabe! seat made both horse; in stream* from his .ide;. But Mui LEL.: OP. ON A5Y Lit: SHOUT IJi-i>4 40111"We !
---- ------
::. jj-t J" iiii St.Ue,- I' F. ;Fiirrior, --- List.u.of LettersREMMXING = a ud! ri'Ier an object of.. universal d mirat iou. i l rat': eve seemed} burn with fourfotili! Ia.- may not have Liven, to the:: very letter -

!: I f.f'.f r r ', -' : ) :.V 'tl'.Itt''! !II] ANT, ; E\El.H: 1, i"--vi\-! !:; :. :Fd\\-\f;; '.IIXG.l' ;I H the Pot Office at The }Knalisli invariably cotidetnned t!!:
."\ t ; \\'itvr <:fv.v*_'';' -stairs! I { 'MlliSS'; ;' 1.\ MKltniAXlij. 1. IM'j. Apalach- (thpatric'al-I) costume he always wore, IS i anevidence }him never forgot to their lea day, Can, but it ss r.s near a.-* the rrco'kction* of

!)).- : '.<: "i. A"..! ihir-M! }il Fla. !f iJoiujubu? i-Iock! ; ,
of his gentlemen
folly, but think wheeled! l his of undoubted.
rmtro1Z1.5 \vc iii.i all exhausted steed i who
I no .\;. ,;,':: rti.: : ; MA I I;(- ('ler., Mr Mary iu : on the IW. and( vertrijy were
-- 1
.: .i iI ; lti. IJAMEL J. l3iVJ. j J. ; -; very: A L I'elh l ,-, WiNon B liCl'IlIJnlh liis character. He was nut a I at the head of a body of his own cavalry: particular to note every word in tf!:.ir memories .
r. .
S.\Ft/TW. M.M. 1 urr.anr lrnulae,1'; : ; II Loa T H : man; of deep thought and tiatrjpled f can approach. The i
,1'v' compact mind I J ; everything down that opposed; his i { inquiry of the
Puj'{ Co.. j !,l t na. Brou::htnnieoJ( Lea!:; ChtJs M bin he was oriental in his taste md I loved;I pro:reS5. Speaking; : of this tarrible Patriot is answered, and that if is i answered:
I IXv. everything or: fous and impu in. He'l! said that in the hottest of it he correctly, Ilannezan himselt will, we
32 Water No.J'; 'j Water qtr-et, Uilb;, John Law, JLawrence udmit
flrt usually: wore a rich Polish dress, with the thought Christ, and his transfiguration think without hesitation.
dedI I
Anabchi.-oh' Fla. ; on
T T (> A* ?icliiciila.! Fa. I Known, J KKeacJvSr.m'l Edmund W collor
: ornamented
'i with rut M l brocade the same thousand --
: am-I: spot nearly two I (

I -j.1." 1 .',...;:,', hrt41p" tuIu..al"n'.c.H"' :r.l :.j-" ,.: .r,gt.., liorornanVrn; 1 2 Lamb! Alex 2 {pIe pantaloons: scarlet or purple[) and in before, and it cave him! tenfold courage years and BniNKERHOFF AND HIS OlIIO .Cot-i
: < 'I, l-j.-1-iu.' Cfl." uad tlie 11 a irtOrZHS ir C t IMlSSlu. ) ;'* MJiilCIlAXTJXo. ; 1anztrv,1lillrr bOll nr. Lt:.- :L'Es.-Ou iheCOth of June
pred with l em-I Mr. Brin-
: cold+ boots of stern_t th.} Covered' !
lea with
Kjrstow Mrilvilip yellow wounds he
: t I' ;n-jM'j.--: -.. :liarf: )rJ dmiLv. ; :il 1 W.tier -:;'"... Capt T II CBrown Penj>f JMcDutSe was erhofj"]: for himself and his
Lor ,
--- --- Jas K v.hsle( a straight diamond hilffd; + sword hkej: promntfMl in rank the This < f eo coT-
-- Doc 13 .AptSa: lii ir'o1.1. Fa. Capt Maj.J) Y : I on spot. single
i I'L't tI. ::. Dnt Beach that worn by the Ilntnar.. 'hrO\ leagnes of Ohio, denounced, :in bil
:l" -
-- ---- --- -- Capt Samuel Mauncreil': William : completed! ( Ii ij.jif.K-t| 's a llootl of !liht: } on Munu's.charrater. : pure

FACi'URX1: \'tIillasION: i it V/. _\. A P. C. n:a i.1. Bruce, Timothy 1") Mat hero, Thomas 2 Lishin, exterior. lievure heavy black; ; : and shows what visions: of glory lin,;,are, the AdmirjKstntian iHd: j its ne1fnitrhill

MIKXT t. ,: i iX C 0 M 11 I S S lOX .IlRC1I.1: 1 f X TSOi'e Beckw'.th; Frnn-s i. DIcFarIia, John whisUers bm:: black,{ locks which 'frralf1cdow'r I often! r.ise before him in barrIe, giving to his i and asked :_u I Is tb-{ ? !p.irt: rf iuclei -

'. C':1l: : J-J. n:, k, ]Bonnery; Miss: Ssaby :McFadden; Mr blue: penednt men, conscious of worth I, tifk fire
." :! '1'0.1 Culim: !"'i.- l IluildiX ;': fiery eyes. On hi; head hf tvo re'J movement! an aspect, a greatness ande
II I, :\ II.I !'H1f"1 1 3, .1--t. 1 1.1 1..1"j. ', Brown: JoB; Million, Ed\\'d three cornered hand that smites them and fwn around
-------- ----- v. .1 I \\.l'i1! : fnl\, }FA. 1; ;a i i ith chaps: -au. from which ro? < ti'Tnitrhat l' could not be:; ,umed. the
--- -- 1'ltt,1V \1 Maun Wmj.lrryman foot that thftn '* He
Harlu 2' ci !:oi'n s. I \Vm. 11 hsnlra'rh! ..! I}! l;. : Hl1bnuga. ill. Brown Jane a Ann H
Alfred _, That is
h.'u r not the kind o.f human....... ...
( iJ DIl[ I < > : --X. I ERe H ANTS, I \"! tI. R 6:13J'U:1q'.1 &; Co.. Caraway, B D l\Iurd.t.' t xdnder e (l'uuiunii: ui usinini 11')11\.1'', >\ nut: oe- o; .uurai mare man; the uijrj! t_ as- sir which n'\nr...

,r ..".,. C0111IlS I S; 10 X & 1'R1V.1ltDl\< 1 G Caro, H"T McCall, SolomonMeiihllhorn si ide it and in fist same cold band, tuwPrcdassay I sacks. In the memorable Russian campaign Ion, to our oil Five> birth and, as

.'l.I"'t Tr r'teIf Cox, David a splendid heron he called ; as I have any power to ii'ihience:! its action -
; M 1 Hell A X T S. } GeorzeMerryman plume. Over alii : was from his throne at Naples -
:; ;! 'r' .. '" ., ,1'.."\ \'''\4''tO CO"'I''l-, O ee, :'0. 2"i Water street-IV sate*, Ca-hIlin, John Capt S 2 this brilliant costume, he wore in cold ;)! to take command ot'the cavalry, and it nrer shall-IT SEVER: SHALL."-

I. t', C'f.r o .\ ,, York, : Cucvd, Pedro :2\lir., weather I performed Th? next does the Union ever to
Apahchiroh, Fla. Tab a pelisse of green velvet, lined, and : prodigies of valor in that disastrous prompt

:' \'a' :, .J.1P.,.Xo. :,,1 Water 1re" !. rf- Liberal! advance, on cotton c'll..jm.d to Cuelia-, Pf I -dro 2Connor l'ickeron fiinrzedviti. the costliest sables. Neither I wir.; Zi'heu-the steeples and towers of keep its sheep within the fold came down

I A',alarlticrla,1'Etlit'arj 1 (their fnetid< in XV.v York, Uoslon, Liverpool; or IluzhClement Nash, IlezeLlah did he forget his ]horse in his yorzeous :Moscow} at lenth rose on the sizht. Murat upon the rampant ); uck-ereafterthi>6shion:

frCCitly. II a\"rc'. X oV. 1 1,1 1 I. I:. -;, Anderson OT, Hannah C 2 parflinz.: I bur kid him adorned with the rich ap- looked on his soiled l and battle-worn', '* jf 3rr. BrmkerhofTs change' of course
Deavous- Tbos -
',f M-'''..i\ MirHAVT AVU nF..u..IIt :t Iicrts Allen & Co., Dale, Franklin, Otis, John Turkish stirrup and bridle: and almost declared} them} unbecoming so garments had proceeded from principle: we should be

!', 11. i' ''i' h'i 1 :,. .\."\ .' 'lUEiUES, Poro, John} co'rprwith< coloured an occasion great the last persons in the world to object to it.
:,: VXUFACTL'RERS; IX TIN, !IIWXCOPPEn: Delana, Lewis C Pierce, Ja; ors n/'ire trappings. a; the triumphal entrance into But

N ,. .' Cjljtajys J'lork BRASS, ..c. Dyer, Daniel Purple, Xathanicl Had all this finery been piled on a: dimmu- j I the Russian i capital, and retired and dressed we charge it to v very different motive.
l We ask ( has
t now it
.' :'}a 1 ac h.1"t. Fa.XV ALSO, DEALERS I X 1)erauellr: ; Peters, Edward: tive man, or an indifferent: ruler like Konaparte himo elf in his most magnificent costume, long been since the
I, 'n. (;. POi't.I' : Hardware, Stoves, !}ritar niaand .J.ljlnedVares; Davi;, Henry Penn, Miss Mary Ann ': it would have; appeared ridiculous+ ; and i hits! appareled[ rode at the head of his I member from Ohio protested against: these

t :1 tv Co.' Iron Steel, Fail, Spike; Grate liar; Divi*, James II 2 Pritchaid, Wm but! on the splendid charter and Mill! more squadrons into the deserted specific duties as well! as minirnuius How
I. city.
:::L> I\ !1)1);> ) .\ ,r 1 t. ',DIIIOX SIr' :.sr Kettles an-1! .'.ll l., arid other, Dun; i E c Rowland Col J RRinakli majestic fiqure and The COSO long has it been since, he varied! !his; views I
bearing of Murat I.'I\S had
'! i':! '!i.\ : it never seen a man that
CastingsShip: ; ChandleryA.C. llel I hmh'Iartin: J W Has it not been within the last three weeks J
X all in place and) The would with
;I ., \ -H 1 Wutr rrcrt.Apalaahicola. Oct. 2:, h t-I A p A L .IHIl"JI.: \, Fa Evan*, John} Russ, J C keeping. daz /- compare Murat in the splendor \Vithin that time diJ he not the
7.lin to
1 Fa.Win. -- -- -- ------- lace, I In exterior alwa\s made him a mark for of his; garb the beauty of his horsemanship, apjdjr
,o Hodbird, Wm President of the United' States
----- --- 'VII.LUDICKEY.. J. V.'. HAMMOND.Dickey the enemy's bullets in battle and than all fur an office !
Fields Seth F !Ryan; Daniel and it is a more in ]his incredible( daring! Was he .
not so anxious himself!
T. IVootl to obtain]
& ISinixnoiI: Foster R F. \? Robertson; James wonder that so conspicuous; an object was in battle. Those wild children of the desert share of the a

MI-SION I ; MERCHAXT, SHIP AXD FAMILY (; JI4OCEIIS) Farelin, J L Ilhoads Mrs Lucinda never shot} down. Perhaps there never wasa would often stop, amazed and) in silent admiration spoils, th;t he desired to become -

I' o. -12 Water street, Fort, GFooter Smith, S S greater contrast between two men than as they saw him dash, single-han a paymaster in the :army (one uf the

Aa1.tc'tirola: Fa. ;WiTer-rteff; ., Apalachicola, Fa. } Joseph Smith, Caraway between ducat and Napoleon, when they ded, into thickest of their ranks, and scatter three paymasters which the late law hail
October 1 1. lit! ) 5''tfIB. authorized
,-, Grimes James Sla }ord"m rod< together alon the lines a of their to be appointed) ?) Arid was he
.:. C1I.tRLE1'1L1 : -- ----- : previous to score most renowned warrior from

; ./aI 15. Taylor. Green wood> 1,1 II G Smith, Mrs C battle. The square liqure, plain three( I I his i path, as if he were a bolt from heaven. not expressly and frar.Uy i iiTVunned: : that he
:(! i\- Praif Grierson, Cant could not have it that the
Snowman President
C O M M I S S I lOX A\l1 FOIt1V:1RDIMERr1l.NT X G John cornered hit, leather breeches, brown sur- I! I His} i effect upon those children} of nature and could
.1 \1. ",' Griffith John Smith, Samuel 1 not think of conferring
J\ nCHXT.? such offices}
(;unu, Mrs Providence SharpIe A J tout and a careless; suit of Napoleon, were the' prodigies he wrought} among them, seem member of upon

.V _. .. ; J J.1t,r ":r..t, X'o.JJ Wiitr-r-virepr, Grosan, Miss Ellen Smith. Capt J G the direct counterpart of the magnificent 1 to< belong; to the age of romance rather thanto infurmed CongressV5 that the Exei lit not distinctly -

A'ill n'i! 'fxi.i. Fa. .pt'2 1 1y Ap'laciiicnla.UCTIOXE 1. (;ray, Wm Smith, Samuel display and imposing attitude of his chivalric :! < practical times. They never saw him on not confer; ouve could
but the
lIrh -- Gavin, John Smith bruther-in-lan To see Murat decked lis magnificent steed, to theriiar any highest oinces upon
,lr .\ :Iart..hnl'uc. rat'Ul'Y Ud CIoi, Henry Peter sweepin them, where the field+l selection!
ofk should.
( oj"'1'1't\1 Gray, Michael Taylor: John C 2 out in hi* extravagant costume at a review :e, his tall white plume streaming behind -
MCItCII.l\ TS \ E R :1SU CO.\I\IISSIOX I be kept as wide stbiu fur
Hill( the
John ManilH'ltrhinson miht po> of
Thomas Robt l'I ; create a smile, but whoever him, without shout
S'- 'jlJ.Jt"r'* street, 51ElCIIA\1' once saw sending ups of admiration the
\v 1. ,%>'1-. I Abel. Tay, Capt B that: ;gaily : steed with before overruling benefits which it would! pro-
capnsoned its closed in
__ A'tdlachicola:' FloridU .. 22 Water street, Ap*APLACHCOLA. Horn commanding ]- they conflict. duce-such
ZackariabHenderson as a member of the
Taylor, Capt Sam'l 2 rider cabinet, a
-- -- in the front rank of
--- II. R.rOOD.. P.r.. CULLE.V. John Turner, Sam'l! S 2 plunging like thunderbolt battle In approaching Moscow, Murat, with a juJge of the Supreme; Court, a foreign min

Gc&. Co., Hirt, Rev :\ n 2 Thorp! Sam'lThompson i broken a through the few troops, had led Gjatz somewhat in advance ister, or a general to command our armiesin

('r)1111ttiilrS' MERCHAXTS] Wood 4.fc Co., Johnson, Mrs Sarah A Theodore ranks or watched the progress of of the grand army, and finding him- a crisis of war."

.\0.2J;! 1VatrrtrePtr \UCTIOXEERS AXD COMMISSIONMERCHAXTS [ Jones, Robert J Willber that towering white plume, as Hoatinj over self the
Chas constantly annoyed by t borders of Well the
11".1.1"1-i t tt on :3d, only three after'1I
the heads days
_- Ajldar'ucolJ! Fla. Joiner, AV 1VaodburrJamieson of thousands that strujmled: ; be Cossacks that hovered around him, now ).,
-- Xo. 32, Water treet, Charlesrindham, hind it-a constant mark to the cannon balls 4 exercrations upon the
Godfrev i.t wheeling in the distance and,
away now Administration
.llifclicl, Nov. 1 1,1s1:,. Apalachicola, F a. Jennings, Isaac Wyatt Sf. Co that whistled like hailstones around it and only two after the
COJI11ISS lashing to his columns
I I up compelling themto Unions u-/ this"same
lOX MERCHAXTS Jones, Wm H Wesson ppa-ill, taritF bill
J felt
M never like
Liberal a,ain Iurat.-
advances made on "on..i,nments. : at deploy, lost all patience, and
env No. :'; 1V ater-street, The stricte-t t attention paid: to Sale out Doors. Jones, C IIKirksey Weeks Capt Thos M 1I Especially would I,! he foraet those gilded 1 of! those chivalric that obeying ofrenhurled one came up on is passage, and 'hissnuie Brink-
impulses so erhaiT. and his
James Locofocn
1i.I Welker .
Edw'd who
B 1c colleagues,
Apalachicola I TI ra.AI.VA Sales at Store every Saturday. I trappings when he saw him return from a him into the .
&--- -- -_ Kelly, Mrs BalonyM Williams Capt F'V charge, with his diamond, most desperate straits, would not lick the }Inn! that: smote them"

WVLIE V.\1. A.ylic \fc Ke t.--:z tE. CIo\'cr: Seed. Kemp Jason B Wood, R N with hilted sword drip put spur to his horse, and galloped all{{ alone or fm'n around the foot that spurned 1\
ping olood
"%' A JI( Jcnzic, A FEW pounds of large Red Northern Clover Ware E Augustus with I bills! his cay; uniform riddled 1 up to the astonished squadrons halted right them," voted to a man for tite cursed bill !! !

COMMISSION Seed, for sale by C:5- Persons calling for the above letters, will and signed and blackened with in front of them and cried out in a tone of lithe political annals of the
MERCHANTS, April 4 H. F. ABE 1, please say they are advertised. I powder, while his strong war horse was command, "Clear the reptiles"- corrupted
way Republic or Monarchy in the world
Spt 1515Su 42 Water street, JOSEPH S. MAY P. streaked) with foam: and blood can
M. and Awed
1' Water reeking by his manner and) voice, they immediately furnish
Apalachicola, Fa. Congress gprin; with sweat. The white a parrallel to this case we are yetto
received schr. and for sale l plume was the banner dispersed. Darin the armistic, learn
[ per LeRoy, by ; it. To Mr. C. .1. IngersoII belongs
JUST To the Public. I of the host he led -
ciac A. (yers 21 J. C. ALLEN. and while it continued while the Russians were evacuating Moscow the infamy of seeking; from
AUC"IOXEKR HAVING disposed of my entire stock of ( fluttering over the field of the slain personalmalignity
AND COMMISSION hopewas these sons of the wilderness flocked
MERCHAN'T Copartaicrship. and Medicines to Mr. H. F. Abc-II. never by to destroy the fair fame of a man
relinquished. Many a time has thousands around i
him. As
for. >- 36. Water street subscribers respectfully inform t their in retiring from the business, I take occasion to ;Napoleon they saw him who stands out fearless and invulnerable
THE seen it
1' 1'34 Ap llat>hicoh. Fla. and the public that they have taken: return to the public, my friends and customers, light to tlii glancing a beam of reining his.hi h spirited steed towards them, to an admiring world ; to Mr. Drinkerhofi"
Samuel into partnership Mr. Etir.KNE W. ROGr-Rs. my, thanks for the patronage they have bestowed like charge, watched its progress they sent up a shout applause, and rushed of Ohio, that of crawling I 10 the 'foot that

1 Hnr :SALE ScIiilFer..n CHARLES ROGERS & Co. upon the establishment while under my control ; the star of his destiny, as it struggled forward to gaze on one they had seen had spurned him," and of licking it like
p AND RETAIL GROCER, and I take pleasure in for a while in the hottest of the battle such avery
oracular April ?, IS 16.Flavouring. recommending my successor carrying terror through their ranks.They wormV'll! would
attention paid to putting up 1 atoll} to them as worthy of their patronage and solicit ;and then smile in joy as he beheld it burstthrough called him their Hetman" the the }, one sUl'p03ethat
steamboat and ship stores. "tters.AN for him self-sustaining pride of the Hnck-eyc;
a continuance of the custom heretoforeso the thick line of
1"0. 49 infantry scatter highest honor they could confer .
cr Water street .assortment just received, and for sale by liberally extended to me. ing them from his like on him- State would loath his presence, if lie should
path chair
before the and
.\rabchicold I Ha! '. kept up an incesant jargon as they examined be
fV 'f J C. ALLE.N.: Diugit. March 1 B- S. II.\WLE\' It i I1. presumptuous enough to show himselfngiio
l him:
nd his richly capnhnnrd hors r. vnthm !h. borders.f "t!.




.. .



\ I

.4W4-, ..Bia r-T% -aZKXT*' .4 I
CC'MFICATIOX' OF TIIl: 'LA\VS. guage, "carefully" omitting '- all useless ver R1VKR AND IIAUDOull IMPROVEMENTS. of his country he has his country7T*
From the Nauosul I i I'M><- r.1]
Tin; i\iruTivi: : .v ;.\LN>T Tin! : riPI: /-:. fWIBEBCliL .1.lDrERTISEB.AFALACHICOLA !) An act was passed by the last Legislature, pro biae "-the law is then registered in the Digest, How much has been devoted by Congres fo prof t-f- the validity of his claim **

Whatever consequences in.v :at any time viding for a Digest of the Statute Laws,-and thus enacting as Legislators rules of conduct" the improvement of the Rivers and Harbours in refuge from public indignation ag81

now from the existence \Virlei\\icn; : i lie TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 85.zjFht also, by another act, for the compilation, and for the people-the committee who are to approve Florida ? Can any one tell ? We have not seen cable peculation, by laying claim to

United States and even a fourth-rate foreign publication of the British Statutes of force in this the Digest, then play that part, which in our the River and Haibour Bill, but we have lend the his own. It has been proven that

Power, two may be mentioned which) arc following pentlenien are aut liorizedAgeiit S tate. Constitution, is accorded to he Executive. If our proceedings in Congress on the subject, and'not no such achievements.

inevitable! : first, the abridgement( of the for the COMMF.KCIAK AuvKRTi and viI tcell be the feel incompetent one dollar have we seen for Florida Rivers and
advcrtise- The "act prescribing the form of a Digest, Legislature, a.s may ca3e,
receive and receipt subscriptions, or
civil to the People by the TIE
rights Harbours- TIIOUSAXCS OK DOLLARS for other TARIFF.
time functions of law givers,
vests the to be employed to to perform
person prepare
Ifl'fltSMEr.c.- This
freedom Bill
Constitution, and among them i the : has passed the
StaNs and for Senate.
of speech art'l of the press ; and, secondly( M.soN & TrrTLK, William Street, Digest, with no little discretion, and unusualjiowers. let them resign, admitting their ignorance, or let NOT A CENT which. is destined to create \ *?*,
the cumulation; : of l patronage and power in Niv Yoik.in I He is to omit in the preparation of the them) seek the advice and opinions of the Judiciary When Florida was a Territory, Congress occasionally Ititi. in the confu Ion, *
). I>K.\VO, ic.: :q.; \c-.v Orleans.JAVKS little in that n commercial world .. *
hands of the Executive the effects of wnrk mat- but let them not sluillle oil" this authority spent a money I way, though UJCOQ*
the i \ :':. \'V : : :, \1lttiV, (;a. all iHi'less verbiage: or superfluous j by a mnjority of **'*'
which upduthe public interests arc, we ;uc II. Wn.sox, Es j.. Fort (iaines, Ga. j tc-r-ami nil 1 that has a tendency to mistify and and responsibility from that pait of the govern such expenditures got to be like Angels' visits," that one tote, tn the .V j '" '

sorry to say, becoming: diy! more percep :M.,nor JACK IIAUHMAN, Eufaula, Ala. j jNOTICE. obscure the true meaning of any act or section.'' ment, where it was vested by the Constitution, towards the latter part of Mr. Levy's term o! vote, given by a Senator, under the
-------- -- he
-: -- :-=- : :; : :: disapproves, and condemns ?*
tible. Under the head of t u-cless verbiage,"' many entire and employ, ami paij extravagantly ii'ilh thePeople's service as Delegate. There was an appropriation he feels thec ***
We had never imagined, however, even, .-All persons having claims aint nets of Le ilature might chance momy, substitutes1, fo do that duty, for in the Dill which Tyler vetoed, (1 f Ten compelled to support.
our .sapient
in a state of war, such a stretch rf Executive Ibis office, will present tlu-in to .1. L. WVJIAX, Thousand Dollars for the Apalachiceh River. \Ve have before us, the singular
feel! their! to spectac-
be which incapacity
I have of the Publisher and hose indebted( to the "Coiniwrciul to fall, and "superfluous matter would no Legislators per law voted for [ *
pretension as wo a sample: in by Senators, J '
if Mr. had obtained the solely to
*' for ailvcrti- bad designation for a large portion of the Statute form. The rule requiring a strict construction Levy passage of a Ov
the last number of the organ of the Administration ; Advertiser, subscription or ,I established system, xxhich I.JUJ
bill for Florida Rivers and arbors[
in which the right of citi/cus of sing, will make payment to him, IIP being alone Koek. of the Constitutiont was to use a parhmentary separate Mr. bd paid off a large debt worked **"*

the United .States to petition Congress authorised to collect the old accounts. The power vested in the person, to be appointed phrase, w/v/N/f, when the acts alluded to, were Tyler would( have signed it,-his objection to Internal and the and f r, rfuced ,"**

against Executive mcasuics xvhich threaten; i July 21, iSJfi. under I this act, is of a mo>t indefinite character passed by t the Democratic Legislature.FTATE t Improvements in State, would not have admit-ProsIc to be rily,defective substitute tOT hieb,

them with oppression and ruin-nay, even ; I there is no limit presc-iibed to him, in pruning applied to Florida. But Mr. Levy did net have licntcn's! so 3* to be *0 *

the right of Senators: to present such memorials The wicked flourish lilce a green bay ar.d lopping of the dead branches from I the (lOVEKXMlIXT-TAXES, Arc. sense enough-or did not have the industry so to expression unworthy 0J amend**

to Congress not only questioned, 1r4'e," but the day: of retribution comes at last. tree of the fciw ; and under prftcm'e of omitting The same trcat system of fraud which mad" do. The next year a River and Harbour Iill was The Democratic Party in Conzresw, have
but I treated with I, ridicule l ami contempt.The I) I to pass a Tariff Bill, which, a*
The I Democratic loaders I triumph! I in the fulfil "supcilinmn matter he may wipe out some of James K. Polk President of the United States, passed and Mr. Tyler signed it-I here waau a x\hole ,..
occasion which has called forth i ihis the approbation of the
manifestation of disrespect to the rights of ment of their plans-they rejoice in their success, themo.t! benefifinl cliu-e of irrp. rfant Statu'c. has been practiced <.n the citizens of Florida, e.n appropriation; for the St. Marks Iliver,-(which cf their labors shows the entire oy.! 1he.,

both the People and their Representatives- and the reward of the victors, THI: SPOILS-,"' 1 Lath the act provided, that the Digest, when a sir.Kller scale, but with the same end-elevation we are informed was rot expended, because an that exists thfTerences! of 'I
as to the
a manifestation xvhich bears the stamp i of are daily meted out Jo those who have fought cemploled, slmtild be.submitfed I t t I to t tic! Legisla- 1 (.f dishonest politicians to power.Vhen officer of engineers, who was sent to survey it, Kill, and hence the merits i-f the detji

Executive authority if mil otuVial origin- the gtxxl 1iIt1." But how have their victories ; tare, an undue and hurtful exercise of power, en \ David Levy and James D. Westcr.ft reported the expenditure useless, asd not needed probability, that
exist in
xvas the presentation) in the Senate, by \i r. been achieved ? To what do they owe tl.eir succe the part of the Digester, might b.ivc been pro- first essayed to induce I the citizens of Florida to ,)-there was an approprialnu for a sinai errors the system rstablMhrd

Senator WI-HSTIR: : of a :Memorial from s ? j vided ngaii-t: ; such acts as were properly digested apply fir admission info t the Union i I what promises (T/ \\ \Ii\\ich\ no one had ever luv.rd! "f before, majority could be found, in C'm1r.4,

the Importers! of dry goods! in the. city ofIioston Their victories, and their success, arc due and might!: be retained, and such as had been mpm-d did they not make ? Head Levy's Circular, which runs through! an itmihi: : ?>itc<.l region-atul main features of the Bill, if a -.ep.trre a
against the sche-m*, by) which after biased vite could l-e
'.win:: to Uxiii>iiixn FRAUD, practiced on n by otnissinnof what I the Digester deemed iMul murk I the allurements held out to entice the at most i I.; an onil.-t lor Al.sbarna trad**-but not c.btuiiu: ii! u| or,
the into which xviil
plunging "ouutry I ;a war | tFiis "rifatinmiento" cf
require heav-y additional i I taxation, ihu Administration 0" niuling people, ever ready to believe in the sul.erfltttn matter, niizht have boon restored.Lut people-and let i IM ask that people : Have you re- our cent for the .Ipatachicvln Iti'err and llarbnvr -- economy li i bundle cf het crude notion se.

I proposes) to apply the axe to sincerity cl i those! who assume alluring names, I theslrongC--t object ion t Jo (this :icf, is, Mint ;ilixetl t the bentfitthere: promised ? Where ire Why did not Mr. Levy have the same .ToiinifHH a
the ,main: stems of! our existing iwenue, !byway profess patriotic principles, ar.d claim to be the I the State H sn'ijocted to a bt-avy expense, to p riiit j t the I'-aves; ami fi-hes" with which Levy was to sum which v.*. s appropriated by the Bill, which principles and opinions, H stuck
that cohesive "
of finishing ihc destruction of i xvhatyvt; FRUXI: or run PIIOI'M."' a hotly of laws I that are scriuu-Iy defective I t i and feed you ? :Now, when j it! is too late, the people ? Ir. T.ler I ; vetoed, re-ar'rowiated; ; ? ConM any- by force, d-s< rM bvhrmn

remains to tin* country of its internal prosperity Fraw'' and false j-ivtcnces secured Pennsylvaii.i need t thorough) revision ami amendment.! fn.d Ihcij lur-p bet n di reived. I tiig;! havi.- been mure easy-with the premlen! and rammed doxvn the tLr.ats of I Iresentativesof the.

1 created and fostered by thf I i xu-e !li lt ; whose honest, confiding citi/ens foresee All I I t lie errors of former LeiiUlatnre--i passing The n.nss r.ftbe( !peoplecrenpposed toa Stale' tt f t the t ii rt'K-r api-roprb?!.)!. .::s".vithat: Congress theP >opIe, by I the! lOt. > fiat o( ,

gi-laiiouof I their predecessors.: This p -ution mischief Clcivertnnent; arl i if the Legislature had ueemed the .* President's Organ," x\Lo ecru-...,..,,;,,
mi!: to their fortunes, from I the parricidal stroke bws that have been found to produce ;; performed txpeiiditure necessary
signed by forty-eight firms imltiditivvery I a recreant
of UOIH'S in the ofliostun. < f I those who promised to defend their interests.The are to be prrpi tnatcd-none if t thecviKtbat I have t their duty, ;and had t they have-subrmttcd the question During this time, whilst Mr. Levy could not strs.sjrler.
importer ) dry ci'y The Dill! wilt !
i I lias been already; published among U 1 FneTradmen in 1 the South, behold in i been found to exi-t under t the present system of I to; the people, they wcull have voted n ainst obtain a few dc liars for flu; improvement of a no doubt become a la

lh.* 4cccljt3.s< of th I i<% Sena?**. silent disd.tin, the passage ot a Tarifl'Bill, which laws are to be amended; but the causes I that have entrance into I the Union.: IJuf no, Levy, \\Vst- River-which appropriation he could have produce the evils that have been i r'dite; ,

Upnii such a uiPiiiori.il, the {*nir> ,, the maintains none e>f the principles they fouiihi to I produced thc-tn are t to receive new force and colt ic C')., who wanted to shine* out, to dress had the aid of Georgia and Alabama, States interested it xvill Le an msfrtm.er.f fW |the} A* rw

F:xet U I lye
IWO columns)I beginning thus : I promise t to the car, and keups i it I to I the I hope Former Legislatures, convinced of the serious) would I then be line birds,' fi.rgettin<.: they would Levy could not get a dollar for a Public Road. own work as Mr. Webster? t -Id ihen.'J|
**TiiJTAiiKr i\ THE Srn: -The >t *cii uj.stt bt a pttanl, that i.iIloi..1t '
th'* jirr Jii % TheWi i .stern men, who sxvailowtd l'cxasit- mischief: arising to the country, frmii' the imp. r- j b nothing; but crows at l.tst; even t though t they :
-or, It) pi\ i p i rty a tni-T ti.uiji', 1'X1.LJDit3111U t
ihc S-uaie li.tvc ,t.'n-a
ticlic: # Ui tanli ill1'n-f 1 liittLvliici" lin-y ineuu lu uiaiveji.MU.t I ih.it I hey n.igtit get I the aid of t the South toiirasp i CU lCd for re'forn: made cfll-rts I to c iirect the into t tiie Eagle's:: ne>f. These men cajoled and \\ C re gcttii.g Rotid, Ilard: ; Hi.rlv.nrs: Canals. Surely, the fRsocratic [lead rs ir tit be

Their! ; lariicslial'iin! \_ tactics ? What the wholeof On-iron," (where I they hoped abuses! which had grown: up into a s\-1 ti m The bribed the Legislative' Council with promises of State llotists, Colleges', fee., constructed by the when they persist in passing f..is!' hi1f.; [ ,n, r:

strtzeI; iC an (i iii fiill-iw the! figure before uv) !a see 1 the balance of power, I between i I tin; !rca > injn-tice! of the Lit." rt'! 'nladn!. Jowir, as it i isinferprt'tid State and Clove-riiiueitt; ) offices,-iruiled I them into United States;-thousand.* wi top of tiiou-sands the Mexican War-in view i f the ,:i-tlsL. .|

1i..' (Mi displayed) ; in the plan of campaign i and slave States, restored), find; too late, that j by the CntnH t which gives to I ho I thinking: t that they would ill be provided for--and for those Territories-but nothing for Florida. it creates in their *nvn jnrt\--.n iw

\\" itt ile-cripii'in' of force has been put in *. Punic Faith"' and Democratic faith, ci'c: sytionitiou widow a half interest, whentliere is no child, Congress! was memoralized' by the Council, without Such are the services Daxii? Lr-vy hato boast manifest imrerftcttoii.tl.i.t t-xist m INC: .j.jtwa

I Itl tlii1 list, ? \Voul battery has hem UB- < 1c1 IT1S. and where there arc children i a cluM's part of a any other .ut i.ority from I the people I than a of or rather siK-h have Iteen the fnilv.r- ot" David -nwl irt vit-xvcf the serried pful.mxoujj!

1IlUIV4l a .linst this odious and (' A vast :i'.d ftupendous system of fraud, no man's! personnl estate, before any debts ;ire paid- majority of l l.'J vote* f r I Constitution, given Levy {; discharge the t !!>!> tt{ Dfl-natt- Florida arrayed in opposition to its adi>i,?.Mt: ; tooc-
uu-asure uliich I the I House I of 1 llepp'si'tiiii-; *
livc s has sent to the Senate at alu.ost the doubt previously concocted,-not Use result of the I tie! doctrine contended Lir, ;:iulliirli has received in in. 'l'hcbtle plan was arranged be-txvcen to I lee :/.vantage: ot' i..-r dlKSfcnsWhetlKr niucb success Ics 'ret: them! rf thtprhap -

wai of firmness to withstand I but judicial sanction; t that personal properly David Levy and the Tallahassee aided t.'ifirviij-rutfaice flirt tt'I.* tteir
I.tlol t!l.IV of the session ? The plait!; i is as temptation,- } Ueirency, Mr. Levj-! Ijiilnre was aJfribnfnWrti

old as t the (Constitution, in xvhich "the t a javconceited scheme to cheat the People rut: of II! ItatLti by the husb.uul in the life time, is by hangers on, siattc red throngli the Ti rt itcrv. want; if; utility, or want: til J will, is abler immaterial. fall-" Whcm the GotTs with to Jtstroy C;

right of tin people peaceably: to assemble their votes, has been successfully practiced, by j.-cl to I tiievid
and' to petition the Gursrimtt.ttt"' is.solcmnly those! who cot up t the I Baltimore1 I I i Convention, and dent! if: the mnrlii'igi* lit'n-t the uiuqual rule rf 1 I coast ml t ed. Levy so arranged, I the art admit the citizen ft" Florida, in which he tailed t< lc1sTtI: : OF PL'DLi
: LAN: !;?
and saciedly iUlr8t3tI(41.'sitt Ojiinivn nominated James K Polk. Ba e and infamt.u-5 law, which permits a man to be tenant l// tie ling tile State into the Union, that it ;\as submitted serve :them, as he should have dor.e yet the We xxanl to know x-hattl.e dumy
is the force employed, and J'i1iisth It-" irr, i'firc
only lies \vere circulated, vilifying the character of cnurlrxy of his \ lie'5 trust estate, whilst thy to the Territoriil Legislature-and riot to Democratic leader, promoted him to a still! this cfl-ct-, which cn-afcd !
e only I ammtiniiioii i i i I I discharged from its xva at r.e a-t ;
battery. Iloxv tender a COH-JCM-IICC must I Henry Cl.y.; Contradictory, and inconsistent widow i is ivfu-icil dower in an 1 Ivinify-or in any the People.! Why were not the People allowed higher office, where his- glaring defiriencifs have sioi:, by our Drmocrutie fit-n''s-, ..

' not the Administration$ have: whose organ j tales of Pdlk's opinion. were fratululer.tly disseiiiin.ited istne? in l.inds, whereof her IiU.-buni] bud net the to cxiii .i t their opinion ? Bic.rc: Lnvv, exposed him; to the ridicule of the People of the provide t'.irsorjie: rbtn-rvi-* .ti! :er.- ;

thus shrieks mt in tt rror at tl;<* first ap- i with i the endorsement of men high in k-g.il: t tiilo I! during coverture the imim.nd, and WJSTCOTT: &, Co. v/Ent; AFRAID TO TRVST United States-a portion of which ridicule, lary of xvhtcfi! sai
])roach: of "iipjili'.isurcs *' so innocent as i.iiicc No violti.-n of faith! no !broach cf tiuth, in-olitic: !; !1lC.CV! of the law of Divorce, which T1IE2I.VIty did not the ACT AUMITTI.VO FI.OH- (however unjustly: ,) attache* itself to : rr. Levy'.., COLLARS a yt-ar-TXTICE AS v.tea ASOF I?

these ? no subterfuge, I that could successfully I impose upon }permits a decree of diverge, or rincitlu uuirixioiiii IDA CONTAIN A CI.AUSi: SUimiTTI.Vf; THAT ACT unfortiwatc constituents, the People of Florida. THE GOVERNOR ?
.AW,"' says the / ///' xve are to have and zui1 the h people' but rcsi-rt was had) fo it:, for the ha.iual! : [ indtil ence < I f violent TO THI: PI-.OPI.I: : rou Tiir.in APPROVAL' AS The Pt()pie of the Unittd Sfrites are nvu; Where the l nd. th.it
are ; are t t' be rrgten.
the manufacturers; : pn'irhig into V.'ashing-j 1 by men in high places, who unblushindy' aided :ar.d utiiri'Vernable! 3 1 Umper, or fur hnbitu,:! i itilemptrjiice WAS DONE IN THE CASE OF IOWA ? unfit; i in a serrr jifnallUrJcr hoeing effftfd an the recurd
all f surveys, latrs. rn.r's, f-d! nr
ton to) appe.d, by swris < ipplunc-'s. to i imcmbeis
in giving e-fll--t to the cheat, who helped to lrip ,"' causes i-f- divorce unknown .to 1 lie Florida iraa earrit-d into the I'niim by FKAI.-D nninoii'ii' and incowpfitn! man to the Prr.7- .
of Cotrjjess. \V<; ;an* to have patents, &e. that are to he de\ -if .! ::. '
mp.niorifiL nflt.r manorial thiMxvu in, vnfr.ch I Iafter Henry Clay of honors lie merited, and who aided Cc.rainon Law, not ju-tified! by 1 Inly'Vv'rit, and to serve the purposes of David Levy and others.: iltr.riTun PEoPLE OF FLORIDA HAVE srrtTRKD tire r-an vld fair ff saddle-box \\> -.ui ;

spet'ei? undc i: t to alarm I I the Co II itt rv.-" J to :

The Editor then! adds, in rvideol alarm, ] appear all things to all men." Witness JanusJJucbanan i is a civil eor.tr.iet, or condition, to be acquiesced in out izrctt: inducements, to deceive the people into or DAVID Lnvr, ulio }jIs:! a p'st, f5eIVonle : \ know t t'n*> !land* that r'*.;Tire any siici e-

the ittbatc. xvill be spun on. ;" tint, dually, i] a Senator in Congress, ivin curreiu-v ti lung a.s policy otK'.comvtiie cerenifeis( it agreeable submission to his views,-inducements which never intended him to fill, and: one which rmfif, nor i* any rcgi-rratiiin initsjr\ n : _

iu the face of adversaries so much to be and sanction to a lie, to cheat those \\lio had bestowed I -these, with u ho-t of other sad imperfections I they have not realized: a>,d! never will. In place he promised not to seek alter, l.imsc-U ctluittin land the
to .
bflcrKjHii S'tattT! Ut j .
dreaded as memorials, speeches, and prolonged honor and oilice upon him-hisovtn fel- relies of a barbarous; aire-defect*which clisl.- t.1. thegit-at hetieiils whirh David Li-vy: protnistd I his t duration was too incomplete thercfiT. LET
debate ho braces himself! and venture ti s y, trill xcrro TXV> ai'NT1nTr
up low-cit izens of Pennsylvania. "tiretlio otherwise fair s\stein of laws, and rentier tiie-m, I they have (the pleasure cf paying FORTY THIPEOi'Li: NEWARK THAT [IN fTIOO-
declares himself prepaid, I "to do our [his] inn IrIs THOCS AND DOLLARS. Ii- .;: '
The Whig papers cautioned! the people aaainst, them conlcinptiblc! in the eyes df the People, I THOUSAND JJOLLA11S TAXES to
duty I at this juncture, fearless of all consequences. what Lioiike is. He IS ai..v..1! ( 1 !,; Iran.* :i
." the fraud, but t hey w< re "joined unto t heir idols," who fe I t their injustice, and desire t tl.eir reform, I the incti Levy got to help him in carrvi. out OCTOBER, THEY DO NOT ELECT r.rcase. in visiting those land whenevehw

.c! The sort of duty "' xvhich he is to per- t they hearkened nrt to I those faithful mlirels, on are to be digested, ar.tl funned into a cedeIt is his view TI.e people of this coui.ty! alone A MAN INCOMPETENT TO SUPPORT opinion, the public interests re1uire mt-C.

font, consists? xve suppose of such elaborate i the watcli towers of Liberty, whose prophetic I no answer, to our objections!1) t this act, 1 that delects have paid I EIGHT:t ;i THOUSAND: DOLLAKSrvIOUK TI! IE! It !INTERKSTS- WILLIAM A. KAN! will be, iMfntcerf.is liuine, tit

efforts as these t'vt columns of hard: warnings told of I treason and disaster; I hey were can be letnulied by future Legislatures.Vi.y i TAXMS: t this year tlian tu-y! ever paid CAPABLE OF RERrSF.N'nNJ[ : THIS hihealth ori'ial or? parm.
of } hm
f.ifami/y c *
xvriling, aguiuM petition! speech; or debate' n .ttlf tominislor: t to tn.ir! ov.-n destruction. \ codify, at a vast expose, a system of laws, before, instead of'havii: ::,' FIVE THOUSAND: STATE AS SHE OUGHT! TO BE ? L-1 t.ot.! has the
adverse ; authority to e-; i-I''v 'Ult, 'l izfns
to favoritt Presidential scheme But a day of reckoning i isye-t tn come ; I tho unf.iitliful I teeming with impcr'cclitns nurseries ff|i inju>- DOLLARS paid out here [by the United States. who nominated him, point to any of his acts i he
xvhich he seems to think should nut be debated may sectit, and pay them rut III f the Pc:1: \
st wards will yet be called! to account : I ice, when! t lie work will[ need entire re-giMit-ra- David Levy was nominated cs a candidate JVr which evince i any such <;nulitcatu( >u.
at all, much less petitioned stains! : i money fins pickings irufia c n J TOtnalcc
punishmr-nt sooner <-r later ovf rtakes t the guilty. I ion, and radical pruning: 1 to render I it t such a I the Lower I House of Congress. The Whigs said
:is a scheme so monstrous xxhich could EPISTOLARY) CORRESPONDENCE.ViU.UM : voffs. how many c.T l.e-se! *' a enb" '
not be inure ounniucy deviled than it is to The people may I)< deceived a 1'llle t lonsrer; experience cede, us aneidightencd, people should agree to be ho w s.tld: resign if elected and run fi.r the Senate, '
hi sriivtrinEC! abfiit next Orf ht-r cicelies't
break doxvn tin; Manufactures; aiid bankrupt may not as yet have taught I them to distrust riiled byVliy? not nrrou..rIHE LAW riitsr, I if the Democrats had a majority in t lie LrirL-ln-
s to tte Pantaloon njfair, fierhaps! 1 am not : ,' Rf ister has found tint t\ here tis: ce L.
the Treasury of the United Stales; could the time-set ving deinazogM-s, who have AXI) CODIFY IT AI-TiaW'AKlJS ? 1 tire, t thu.s inflicting on the people the trouble, the p 4 rsi'M bfst [!U.d ile-4 to advise- shull! be surprist-d-xve don't ti.ink fie! Le
be expected to puss sub sit* nth; and not to I led them as sheep to the slaughter ; but cur consolation As to t tl.u act pm uvidi rig fur t tiie compilation cf expense, and excitement < I f two cloctioiis. The Though the e/ezre was ri rhf in itself, yet ifinii't '

. be opposed) with all the pmver xvhich facts I K that Frau.l will cf-rtainly be exposed, the British Statutein force in this State, the I Democratic papers denied th" charge, or evaded l)e regarded as an unfortunate one,because tun- had any hlea, efwhat: he woukl have -|

and arguments$ and eloquence, combined and its authors be branded with infamy. satne olij'-ctinii f.f httitutie of authority, and unlimited it-Levy came out in ;i circular, and denied that so easily turned info riilirifft: fr> the TicorsA* DOLLARS. Htwiu
with public opinion) can arr.iv agaiu>i it.- I showed your prrdiirtioii [Jes'e IloytV de about, like Dtlazon Smith, \xh m TyierJlini.s'er it
The same system of deception, fastened 'on the discretion) vi>te.cl by the act in the Mich! his intention the
person was people) were assured .
fence tit f tIt cijarg to Flisuj it
If in such a case as this the PJOI: LK are ] :- ;e ttins'-JCiit tr> the "Hoir.vviis," <>r s-.':n. Jtiur 'jLuultah
not allowed to speak; fur i ihcmsilv<*s, nor Country the misrule! of Martin Tai: Buren ; the !to bt employed, and I the want ('trna pn ; er control (the charge was net true, and that Levy u-mild very well, but seemed to think it was a little toformal. -> people i in South Ainenoa, he rxi abover
TJir.IR: I'Kl'Ur.SKNTATIX'KS: ill both I Houses I j s.ifne leaders, who have made a cats-paw cf ..las.M. I by t the people t themselves! I through i I their Kepresentatives serve if: clectid. How mu Lvv AND ins ; The enemy will have: their laugh, but I -
I hope it will not di much mischief.! the whole Continent to s arjh nfrer ibSiimc
of Congress to speak.for them, s hen can Plk, to serve their own base purposes, composed over I lie labors (.f I the compiler, FKIi.M KKICI' TJIKIR PHOMIsES TO THE IKO- !
Now us to mifl'ur errc.'s, (u more agreeable one had tr> bj sent afttr Sti.ith to sr/J
they ever ? tin councils of l that disgraceful, and ilarkadminislralion. I exists (U it- In determining, what British Statutes I> ,K ? Let the expense, turmoil, and excitement subject,) I was out two e.mipaLrns in l'' l 2 bin Lack-he took gooti to be fc*
To what a pa s have xv come xvhon I the I He, who was its iu-ad, has been arc of 1 force it; I this State, [the enquiry is reslrictid produced by Erockenbrougirs and Cabell's election on I the northern frontier-belonged to t the party care n-1

Executive shall; I dare ID make I it a matter of I pros'-rihed by an indignant people, but I those, who to such as were adopted by the act of [Cli. I HKUK I WAS ANOTHKK BASK AND DAKIXC which took from the enemyat St. R.is the first htvvctimitil lit* year xvas tuT-1at! U-
accusation against! the People that they stand of colors taken! in the! lite: w.ir, ou land, 1.e roe ic///i f/e Jttgisttr of /,//(.>.
cry educated] in his Jesuitical school >' The Slatnlc IMWH
I w.-nr : of politics, I 15v .!- : of Jltigtunil, n-Iiick ; KKAun \Vhat position do the citi/ens of
out xvhcu! they are hurt, and t ;arraign; I the and t the first prisoners (-about -10) i in nunibi r ) JfV shall hunt ujt the proc t/-//.; s ml
I have airain sei'/.ed the reins cf government, by arc of u guui'(tlt und nut of a local natnn; Florida ? A State without with- These in house limit
Kepresentativc; in th<; Sute of one( of I the occupy power, prisoners: were a it{ sijtiaretimber. /Vff, and sice the norms ol t., v.
good old States of I the I I'liiou for I the hi h means which In* taught them to rmploy. Van jw.vwprior to It,', .IiiIj, '7';';, and n-fiic/i tilalutcs cut influence-they can obtain none of the benefits I persotlly headed tu! party that t< < k -Ij. FZ
make 1U1PLK
offence of having been bold enough to second Buren, and his followers, I tiiumphtd i for a while- I arc not iIiCi1iSiCIt H-itii the Comliltituin anlLaics of f State Government-whilst they are burdened 1 them-my.-elf broke opin the b itie, Vritf rd it, ANOTHER! OFFICE! J OR 1
took the hands of TO FEED THEIR H- '
Iroui the stldieis OUT OK
by a brief speech the humble petition Heaven etned Jo prosper all their undertakings 0llii.'i Slate or /iosc of the Lnittdj with its expenses. Their Representatives arms,

of bis constituents ? -they "flourished as a gre-en bay tree "-but the I j Malts." could not procure even a Dry Dock at Pensacola, &e.I care not how much THIS matter is handled EARNINGS. If they were Demccratswe H

tioa| xvlr.it meat That he iia.s r.wn so areat Ur. 1:.. Mackenzie's Iii;s were amrn;; them-like Per Trit;
I theii seats in I the councils i of I the I nation! and Contililittton and JMU of this titnte or licatiits: on I the coa-t. [ Uff'fJi.F. Rutttr.If .

$ We fear \\i\l\ :\, our good lz2s1)T: mistakes stripped I them of their ill-gotten gain- The 'Ii.1ic Unittd Stnlcs, is no easy mutter; the de Whilst Florida: remained a Territory, works cf any of Scott's friends should send him, for tint/ shall lepunifJitdfor in tad corn} .

himself, his own duties! rights, and sanic fate will oveitake Jarne.s K. Polk and his ci xvhcu he what i is the
prerogatives; ur, same
thing, his recognised) organ, assumes to myrmidons in IS Is.: Let them look to their latter rights t of property of 1 vjst I III I tort tflCC. The United I States. Now, t the Rivers and Harbors p.ate of soup, he might answer him in Marcy' 'sown The Union said 'Ir. Polk told! Irinkerb1

dictate, first to the I House I of llcpresent.itives end highest, nut! ablest I tribunals, ai.led by long and cannot be cleaned out, and improved ; the Ever words1, with a few substitutes. Thus for could net make him a Pax-master beea.. r.'t

and now to ihe Senate, h<)w they tarne>t discussion by profound jaiists, have glades cannot be drained ; the Canal across the instance :- was a member of Centres HOW uiu iu.

confided to them, to be i-xerciscd %-. Jill absolute This gentleman is now in Jackson county, on The Statutes \\ Ii 1db are i incon-i>teiit wit 1 I!i I the crate say it would be unconstitutional so to do. person best qualified! to advise. i and others-members of Congress-ColMajors. -'"]

independrjjcc of him, and: of anything his way West. I He addressed the people at letter I of I the I Constitution, arc not t the only ones All this might, and probably would, have been "Though the dish was right in itself, yet it S-.C.J Oh, Mr. Pulk did net ff\\

but their coustitucnts and t th.-jr consciences Browns I'Yrry on (the (flu and on theSth[ at Mari- which f.dl within 1 the limitation of I the act last performed l In the United Stat s, had Florida remained must be regarded as an unfortunate one, because Mr. Price-the Governor cf Missouri CV -
11 .ul the Execiftivc
not power a'Hia. 1'lieVhis of Jackson have not, on the quoted but such Stat ute ', as are inconsistent I a Territory. Taxe* now oppress the so easily turned into ridicule. sionnl him ; Mr. Polk only invested Uxvould
already swollen to a dangerous head: such
E an attempt) could not hax'c been made, even occasion of Mi. CAIIKI.I/S visit, !been unmindful with the spirit of the Constitution-such as are people, and all these! benefits are snatched from I showed your production to he accept a Rcgirxtnt, t'lFirered ia

by mistake, upon the rights of the great of their f.mie for hospitality and dev( I jun to I the inconvjsteut" with t lie nutiire of our institutions I their grasp, I that 1 hey may have the barren honors thought it very well, but seemed to think it was | ncr he pointed out but said, he did not f1*

mass; of the I People, and upon the I honor of cause. They gave a barbacue (Itt a grand scale, as a Republic, also come within I the saving of a State Government-and last, not least-. a little too l0iUl1[. The enemy will have their j to dictate"-not at all, but if the Regimes**]

the Senate: as I ii; I li's article before us. \\V .rd a ball at night-all I intended to do honor toMr. clause. Thus, in North Carolina, it was determined be represented in the Xinrtlc of the United laugh, but I hope it will not do much mischief. | not sa ojfictred, he would not ucctpt (it.

could add much more upon this subject if CAIIF.LL, and aflbrci him an opportunity to I I that t the Common Law right of distress States by-D.U'ID LEVY and J.1MES D. "Now a* to my M'ar wvictst, (a more agree j Tins is DEMOCRACY THIS is TilE GO

our time would allow us. But we could see the people.By for rent, was not adopted by t the Statute of t that WE8TCOTTU able subject,) I was out in the whole of the War MEXT cr THE PEOPLE (that, xve believu

hut let a diiy i p.iss xxithont( thus briefly entering a letter, received from a citizen of this State, (of a similar nature with I the act before of 1S1P, on I the not I hierri frontier-defeated the what the term Democracy means, at 1'ot'j

+ our protest against: this opening) of a place, now in Jackson, we learn, I that the utmost cited) because the right ot d stress for rent being LEVY TEA AND! COFFEE. flower of the British Army, at Lundy's Lane and says the Dictionary). The Constitution
lifV chapter) ; tu the history of Executive assumptions
sDAXVSO.N enthusiasm! prevails among the Whins. He says incident to fcii'lal' tenures, was inconsi.Menr with David Levy-Yulee, who has been napping it Chippewa, and was rewarded then by the blessings United States, gives Cot ;ress the poxver

CABEM-will 1[ at least 3.0 in that that which land is holden in in Hollow since he made and of 0 f
set majority t tenure by a Republic Sleepy a laughingstock applause a grateful country, who've viding: for calling out the Militia, xvhich |

COFFKI: :.-Tiie politicians) :! of county-many of I the Democrats arc dissatisfied where I the freeman is seized in fee, of his of>1 himself, by his Cuba Annexation Resolution soil 1 had freed from the polluting) tread of an oflicered according to State laxvs. The I

the Whig schools have got crrn xvithiii ihejr with the notiinatioti of Mr. KAIX, there can be own rii iif, and holds under no fine's' right to ," woke irj> at last on the Tariff discussion.He invading foe. the States provide: that the officer are

opponents i iu one particular*' \\ iu. C. no doubt but a large number! who have heretofore the soil, being, as is said by Kent, a pure had better have slept the balance of his term I care not how much THIS matter is handled, elected by the people-the soldiers. *

Daxvson lost his election for (lovtmor because acted with the Democrats, will support Mr.CAUKLL. allodium." out, than do what he did, viz, PUOPOHK A DUTY but rather they would let my 'hasty plate tf Polk-the Democratic President of the L'

of the hue and cry raised by t the To conclude this disquisition I the acts alliuled I oxTEA AND COFFEE." David Yulee- soup alone." States-usurps that poictr,-he writesJ t J
Democrats about his vole I to tax coll *e !-
Mr. C. \v 11 be in this city en the 21st instant. to, vest the ei sons to be appointed under them, the poor man's friend v ants to tax the poor The only difference between General Scott and Democratic Governor of Missouri, to i iso
Attn now xve begin to hear; the .Jones
Coffee"-Ilaraisou Fait( and) Cobb cry Tea A Tiie Whigs of Franklin will give him a hearty with no mere ckricnl Iuucums-tliey endow man'd Tea and Collie !-What next, Mr. Yulee? Secretary Marcy, consists in this : the 1auit that the President's friend, Mr- FriCe,

fair hit, '1)013 honor !--1Jusroge[ Dc.mwmt. reception, aud say to him-" be as ourselves inDenmark. them with Legislative and Judicial authority Your constituents have net yet received that against Scott is based on error in his epistolary the Colonel, and certain oth_er fneiufc, b3V I

." We xvant t thy People of this county, they are first, to decide by interpretation, and money which you told them they would receive, I stle ; the laugh-rather the smile of scorn- missions in the Regimf It is so <
IN EFFIGV !-George M. ]).illas, Pennsylva who already know Wai. AKAIX, to see and construction, (what will too olten he found difficult when Florida became a State. Before you tax against W. L. Marcy, was engendered by a pitiful the President of the Ur.ited States, whoB*

nia's recreant son, vas laund suspended upon hear K. C. CAMELL-after which xve need only for the authors of the Statutes,) what is the their Tea and Collee," you had better wait, until larceny of the public fund. Scott, like with power and patronage-xvho iS one

the xvircs of the Magnetic Telegraph; say to them, Look on this picture-and then true meaning" of the act,-and then, after having they get over the SHOCK of paying STATE Manlius, endeavors to avert the public censure party, that cries out for the largest lite''

yesterday morning iu Market street beloxv on this" Sir. C. cannot fail to win hearts here, acted in their Judicial province, they proceed to TAXES TWICE IN ONE YEAR, which your friends from his want of prudence, by pointing to the envies the poor soldier his only "littj |J

teventJi.-Xa1irc Eagle. as he has done every where. clothe the intent and meaning in proper lan in the Legislature saddled (bern with. Capitcl defended by his valor from (he enemies the poor meal! of the life hcri l lr a IeiI



1 -. .S'v_ 1'

I -

I. dI


z----- ----
: : -- -

'ririI of. t12EJoin tJe ificr, through: tliey knew to be a thorough Pci; !; rna: Mr. Niles then made a speech upon his 1"LOJUD.--lh1C Locofocos of FLORIDA Franklin Circuit Cour I! IDR, FEUCHTWANGER'SScolicotoxicon. '

Thls glc"ous pri" The cry wal soon be raised i in the camp of ths motion to postpone, but it was rejected. have refused to give the people an opportunity John W. Babcock, }
r1 L3Ie. C December Term IS 1C. or Poisons for
itn M.Ltiaman-a privilege, great Nuilitier, To your tent?, 0 Israel! The bill vas finally* passed, as follows : i l to express an opinion of the late con Joseph B.vs.Crown. STO Insects.

rile- ,\ "encan Britain-he is chraleJ From YrAs-Messrs!: Allen, Ashly, Atchison, tested election from that State. It will be JOSEPH 11. CROWN, SR- S TUST received per brig Pioneer, which will if

e vefl i Great made to suit JAMES [ the Charleston Murcury.] Atherton. Bagby, Benton, Hreese. Bright, remembered that Mr. CABELL, the Whig You will please take notice that I have instituted I .J properly applied, itnmedialely exterminate

*<* l. an arrangement THE IliVER AND HARBOIl'lJILL.What's Calhoun Cass. Chalmers, Colquitt, Dickinson candidate, received the certificate of election suit, returnable Jo the nest December Term Rats, 'lice, Cockroaches, Fleas, Mosquitoes. &c.

,UtC. None 'out a man, xo i is a *traur to iu thc wind now ? We had look- Dix, Fairfield, ilannegan: Housten, from a Locofoco Governor, and took of Franklin Circuit Court, in the Western Circuit &.c. Also, Fly1 Paper, for the destruction of flies,

?tK'; f v'iCh j! lead men to peril their lives nl) for a veto on this plunder bill as .T matter i iof Jarnagin, Lewis, M'Duffie, I'eunybacker, his seat as the rightful Representative of of the State Florida to be holden at the CourtHouse for, sale by J. C. ALLEN.

1V ''fnle 5"J, i ia heir cnuntr-v'e- June 6 p

**, f" volunteer of a privilege which founded on anything but the betrayal We-ncott and Yulee 2.a. \ him, and( gave the seat to his competitor, cond Monday in December next, upon a certain 1)i so I U I I 01).
.. rob t It is of prjuripleu are destined at this Sesfcion Mr. BROCKEMJROU'QH, by a vote considerably mortage' executed by you, dated the first day of
Ii-3 flvested tjith.. N.\v?-Messrs Archer, Barrow, Berrien, J July, oho thousand eignt hundred and forty in THE Copartnership heretofore existing under
to (ail. The Union of monday, heads a j jcatntnunicaticn 1 1C'layion less than their party majority-?n glaring firm of SANFORD & BUTT/is i thi
:. that pr'i riia'id Cameron, Cilley, John )I. Clayton, Thos. and upon the following described real estate, lying *
arraflCmet lauding; Senator I5ree acCeJted Coiwm Davis and of alachicola, to
Crittendcn. said
cfficr are } Dayton ; being in city
priCJtd officers* in Florida his; agency in petting through this bill, with i Evans, Cireeen, Iluutington, Johnson of bell returned home arid appeared again before nit : Lot Number Two (i) in Block Number THOMAS J. SANFORD.

p:.rl', ,1I,P soat* and the following preface. | Louisiana, John-on Marvland; Mangum the people as the Whig candidate ; and Sixteen, toguher with the Dwelling House thereon AI. M. BUTT.

have -on-ed in a war were nwurht butt Tin* lol'iowinj: communicatioM, which we Miller, Morehead, Xile Pearce Phelps,, )lr. Brockenbrotigh also was a candidate; satiated, ail tne premises thereto belcngin; ; Apahphirnb. An-n :t. I" 15. 30-tf

: r" tJ to be chtaincJ, are set aside, and think does no more than j justice to the ,
i-J'W in the orvice of the senatur tO whom it refers:, reached before been -l-screwed without warrant ,payment: vt three PIL rnissiry Ni/tesof the following Copartnership herftr.fore existing be-

VcfiiU fni haw 2cquired.C' u* too Jate (or msertinu in Saturday's 51:1-; j Woodbridge-i7.MKSSRS. from the Stale. Under these circumstances iylf and dc-crij.fion : one dated on the titst I tween JAMES GIBSON; and JAMES C.

:.. .- they The ha occurred diy ot"July, l'.Iu, tar the sum of $1-35 J->, pay.bieto CLAPP, is dissolved by mutual consent. The
__ -- per. delay which ) -
HAYWOODM> l.an.GIN.- .. John W. Babcock, i-r his order, with interest hu-mess of the concern to be settled by the undersigned.
BILL.t the fnlfihnrnt of the wi li i these should again before
HARBOR non contestants over ; ,
ANf confqtierit I try
1VFJ These on the h'r>day of Alay, Ibll ; one of like: JAMES! GIBSON.
offered Mr expressed would hav* mo individu.iis have acquired a considerable j the the isue thus ,made ? So
ameiidinent by our correspondent pemde.: ; tl.ite and like !
t bev| an description; tor a sum, payable Apalachicola, August }, 1.lt.JaizieiGibson J.
degree of that of
rid Tfjfrttd U> the "Senate, which caused us some regret, had not i the i triuinfihatit | sort notoriety i thought the Whigbut so did n>t think the with: interest, on the first day of October, ir4l ;

\V'' ' : fain in this
I r ,-t ;t1'r4'ventlit} been wlrea-K .mihiiinced( in our column) *.- i iIt confer upon ;persons not at all I notable them-1 backed out from it. At their State Convention ), fir the sum ot *--l.>5 2 >, payable (John W. FAMILY GROCKIUES, READY MAD
M' a'i t11 alfs r ls n<, however., muh con<(d, tion to selves. The[ former, conscientiously. op1poed I recently held at the Lower Mineral ILbcock, or his order, with interest, on thetirst CLOTHES, PAINTS, OILS, PUTTY

.' \ r' r %t k's ku'iw that those who )have read in the Un- \ I to the Administration bill I I, was Spring, in Columbia county, Mr. Brockenbrough day ot Alay, JS-12 ; ail of which siuiiH make upt AND GLASS.

,, .- ,?, tint '; ''rtwjr Dimwit* tiny ()fl" the sm-res-j of ilip bill wiii. through :> et unxviJJing to vote against it, because of j was set aside by a vote of that body e full sum of 5;1305 77, with infere-t at eizht Corner Che>nut a".d Cornrn-rce stJ.g .
; hi per centum annum, until the said; Notes are ] }- Painting and Glazing done with neatnew
reluctance to his political I friends i per
appropriation pa&td'r the medium he enabled oppose \ KAIN of Franklin ,
sum* ? and \V.M. A
,.,' in t ii< o ;Appreciate I county nominated
:*'< llf,' The other the pr'.riiised tu be 'aid. And that I will make application and dispatch, at moderate prices. K>r cash.
rr"- I' 'V in P"trfr Hw hi ; the umtiifig in'lu-try ;iiid l vigilmire: of its eqnalh opposed to bill voted I in his stead1 It i is hoped however to said C iurt at said Tern, that you
'* / ? eloqu* nt fhunM > to who' believc for I it t Ioci; u-e lie considered himself i bound tint this trick will not avail them but that Stale Tax Collector's Sale.
vi "r *kHarati r Lo' k at'I ] ti. e j-llori we : arid ail persons claicunsr, or to claim by, through,
: .t n, refermTto and the s'icresol the mi'-Kure may be instructions IVum the Legislature of Ten-i the people of Florida will this year return i or ur.der you, n.jy be tor ever tureciosed and BY virtue ot the power vested in me by law,
.ve you
x .4;' > I shall fir ale before the: Court
nes -ee.In ,
flbL1Za % attributed. Mr. Cabell; by a majority that even Locolbcoism | barred <-ft and fiomn you or their righ' or etj'aty;

.,3 ',' tl'e one cae a Senator resigns ritlier must respect.-\\3Iacon publican.. I t redemption KI tie said mortgaged property. Hous!
Vj.iRIP% A TERiurouT, APm ] lEP! IOAL<. than oppose a bill I which, i in his own mind, JOHN W. BABLOCK. Monday in November next, the following property

\ % v. F 'R FlflBlRA ElVEK" AM; ) ILta- HLACKWOOIfS IAGAZI.VE.-Tl'e July number !\ he condemns ; I in t the other a Senator rather WHO Timr.w TIHT I'I-'t: a fight a By his Atornev, en so much thereof as will pay the State
lay due the for the I"15 Thc S
on same
rg 'PH I of this interesting Pt.risdiial !las: been j'eceivcd.Tlif I than re.sign. against hi WAI. G. AI. DAVISApalachictla year :-
own judgment Y.
CoNGr-ow TIIKTO > few daYs since at Johnson's Creek, N. ,
cr i' *-> y ev I W i section 'JJ;;, township 3, rar.ire 1jointn the
\\ I 11, !J1e; 31-Im
Slij. OTB )TtIJ i'L'4Lfl3* A $T.tTE, en .!. :its are hicl iv interesting.W in favor of a bill which hi* own mind con between some of Sand's Circus Company August ; tow.i of lola on the west, and the ApalachicoU

,')?sTKn: Hr.vi: F:w-For t ie st-rond quarter demns.To and the CiiiZ fl. one of the belligerents was For *.:*Ics I River n the eisr, purporting to belong to H. V.

", rnDtvicBATic IMP'T (flt DE- vi J-'J, Li* ;.lso hsH-ii rff-r.; AJ We need $ what !principle was; the sacrifice made; tucked I up 1 (or dead, covered( with blood.On .- THE DWELLING HOTXE AND LOT Snell. Ain, W I, S E J section 1 !, township I,
v.Trc L P' Fa I in each; of these cases ? Mr. Haywood evidently ) washing the dead man it was found that ;; }situated on the corner c n-1 that! th vcont..in *
.tv < rn ;.tt : it t* : i keeping knun Lot
LO- made between the tn-ets, AjialaciacoU} as ranir( N and W ; fractional section 24, ditto
: ) a Cdmpromic i convictions he l knocked tie, and
a cherry
L was ) (: over by
"-'(, ': : irJ l.irbotr..H! bHng tan-J-r tJi-f-n-s- ;\iti! tl:,.' !i.ig'i cbirart-r -<..fi '- '! w rh. ot his o-.vti judgement and sen-se of I the j juice was the blood-it is supposed[ he \ 1 '. IJfjclci, on map ot said: city. The 20.1; ; ditt-i 33, purport.n to belong to Thcrcas AI.BiNh .
\\\S ier the a(1ltIC1fle1t ; '. dwellingHouSe is very conveniently l rortrucftd, the lands of Airs. Thomas and theApaacbic'la
-"r. Vv'r'i. ITT Jl unn< d the follouing j to nt i t f-r.s allegiance it) partv; rontiole: : ihe firt forbiddinj will recover. joining
n arid is r.e oJ the moat desirable ioratior.; tor rei-
River. Also 40 land
:i.ch! Wi" f- <*d: !I t :.- .:S.-ve works t.r i1e t'-rrr.s : him to vote for the bill the second acres purport-
; dr-nre the to T. L. AIrrciEi.L
:3 :::11" n c fy. Apply ii.y; to b :lons tr James Hudson, ioining James
f "'* ''lr : <>'!" rot A W'UI' : '' Iaa'J JtT.tI..ITRARY: Mrs-'STv 'I I.i coti-strr-ining him it. Heha.s Srrrr l'xIIlnITIc.-\rr. Darling
,- !M "" > 'ffl ? not to vote again! Hs'}., Apaiuci.iculb., or t.KICHARD.< .Nail's land and the Arrr.ona, No. net known.
-ir *Ji< i- fii: <->* ri' > 'iiu.: 1 l'er5.'t'i sihotild recfie iLei t violated built obligation really obeying once I the proprietor of I the S hak pea re Hotel CATLIN,
*". "; '.. .lu-.v : 'rh.' r of :?t. :.; .iv !>-;-. r : ( \ cryr by Also,S' ar' land,pnr; ort> ; to bei3m.t to P. AIcCormie'i -
t tr'1.- v'-'ri/-\ a-id i .:- 'M'r.-MIK; ?:." i hitlii.rut ;. ii'lernnjan. Tin? perus,:! catniut tut aUiUM ; neither.'S in I this city, has opened( a remarkable cx Iii- Aug'tt U 1G. i1-r.i Pensacola.w joining Sarah Nail's and the Arrnona,

'' !' : :.i > m-ui.: : : '-r, s'Tid"n :iWfll as ii' trut.. :Mr. .Tirr.ijfl; ; has allowed himelf to be buinn at Saratoga called the 3Ietr()* )o. or -', k.1J No. not known. AUo, the land, purporting to

.t\' : -r h. r r f Ttnrp' ". ', ', w Fout" made an instrument to do a thing; which he Gallery; of Wit." The exhibition consists KT;;f TIrE H'.u>e known as the "SANS.j b"longto he Apnlarr.icola Land Company ingin

: : ,t:, '. / 7, r' '. -i'1 : "' :"T J li*'' : 't '*"
: r.'t t T- : ti' ., \ a UCJ *" \e'!! .V.of tlje 2lth nit,, says :'-- OnS.i'uri abandons; his own reason, and becomes the fl describes I1 few U I.the thousand puns exhibited : J ;:i".d. i"tssessioi( : wjil 'iC given the first AnaLachirola River and west by Old River
I !L4 "' r1 C. H. .\L">TIN, known as fiird's Inland, and part ft f Forbes Pur
medium the in elegan o& UCi.ur.
: t through which t the reason of a to eye : ca-es suspended
ty li'-st: wr Lad the pleasure of acroiti- A nt f the Tru-fees L r.d Co. chase. ISAAC JACKSON. Sheriff
'. Ni ; sr: i i Tennessee Lenisi .ture may operate ; he on 1 the val k a ro u uti the roo in. t if r ApaLt

1 M: : :t .tt'Tflpt, I ; : p.n\in5: a 1riritI tU '< 1'i2t' m the Turnen- | abandon. his political associate: and allies | Side by side waa little! ,mahognay cabinet \thZi i-t t II. I> 1:3.: .',1it.4li1Ji'r1'a1or' Ma and.TJ ex-off.cio Tax Coliectcr, Calhoun:36ra'Yas2i2IrtozI Co.

:. 4 \ 'R :mT: "r :': : ie H ;* *: c1 tire of C:ti. L'Fn'e, ;t!>oi5t : himself! for the time uein with his :political holding some cents and sixpence-. oIico.S .

i'5d" adversaries. He] does all this in obedience "Change in the cnbinet." A large: i X .io.tt.: iiKtrth'tiibtcjtion: c'I i friis notice, Count} .
I lt' I ,'-. : e I 1. | fjve i n.iies; ; rein this pice.. The vrk isCf.g i t
-tfi )ik'l: 1 thefoiiith O i shall uppiy to the Ccurt of 1'5tteof TAX COLLECTOR'S SALE.
the doctrine of 'iihtone iron tacks -
e to instruction: cood TON, on
1 very '
: I ,' hh.Ttru1.. w rk ': on litH-'v.) 31 r. Cherry who h, sel1 i-'ran.ain C .nnt ', rlnrtcjt. for itrterct njiriisaiontrcm be sold second in
> Inc
7/571LL Monday
on Sep-
: ti-.ing ior Senators in whose j judgment and ter. Taon I the Tea in Iost ofl. R ivrl-
: i: .::.!i : -, IDT; <- j'-1 of the bucinns* alHiiis. ;u3l 3 who i: isbc'ii ; of the \ the e f.tte ot L : li'l"iity no confidence i i. to be placed, but led rope hung on a tight piece same."The ;
I as AtJmini>tr. ; >r, and ail persons KiienMeii in door, at Roche's Bluff"; in Washington ,
'.: :. -. < Kja rtJ iu making turpentine ior a not at all consi-ient with the position and ) Ravels on the tight lope." A bia.ss h Mi'l estate are hereby notidtd to file ewutor: s, .'Litin: the usual hours of sale, the following county proto -

I'Li IWtr I- % ar'd! the v 'o M-MJI it. of t true fun of.a Senator who ha. sdf- head suspended so as t to swing whn
TVr t' R'i./er' ? years iu North Caiolina. infor- | ; t ions : spear ; Ii' a.y: : they have, iu the manner and trni re- perfv, v.\t :

:- -., 't'F : : J.iattV, -'cit. nii'.l us that he lound the lice to be as fri.itl"u respect and knowledge and patr'uti' woi thy any one touches the case. Shakpear-" (jUired b\- law. Fi'ir hundred and eighty acre of land, lying

S S ).: j ; !strfc( :*. <'!ir had I of his place. Two or three sixpence! SUSperlded..lianz .- JOHN GILL SHORTER, Adca'r.Au in Holme's Valley, levied on a* the proj:erly of
h'j'" tho i iu that State. Iu f-
; < a : a .
t-1) ,; t :.1-vttJ: : "I ''a''i Ali- The honest sincerity of each of these .. in the air. : -i-t II 1st- dt3tn'rit2Ic2 the estate cf Jacob A. Rhckweli, and to be sold
+ Finri lixvi!| hear lhit reputation which personages i is altogether untjuestioned bymy 1t:1cd..iLiscriLer for the taxes for the *sear 1545.
;, 4. uflt: : t
: she o! 1 Noith Sn.te: has been Ion g applau- of the remarks we have made. Both, ( oNcrxfNuTIIosE WOMEN.-Among will contract for 1LIIiIi cubic Also, one hundred and sixty acres of land, lying -
: : 4r' i i rini-. I t other mentioned in Col. Stevenson's on Hickroy Hill, levied on as the cf
ski fur.Ve la'Hv of several who ate no doabf, thought they did ihe best they thing? is t et t long uf, tine gr-un: Geor.i Y&4LIVPie property
S... SS V :: is a ; rkctS. I could under the circumstances. But while circular re<;je'iing the expediton to Calilor- Timber, hewn sjiare 12 inches and upward, Blackstone, and to be sold for the taxes
a!.. ut ftulMrkins itt the liHiness. amonnwliun clear of the and the better for the year 1S45.
(' "' : : i" 1' i'i''l ) diji 'utS motives are be ni-, i is the following :- sap, larger longer
unquestioned capacity may 1 than -JO feet lur.r tu be delivered at Also; forty acre of land, lying in Holmes'ailev.
each -
'' : )Ir. Nords who i< makinsr preparata ; Four women will I be allowed to none
: r 1 -I '' doubted. The elements of worthy -
: a man to aL.teucota cr oeiore it > n- xt-cusi levied on as the procertv of John G. Ruas.
3- .. iT Ins it i no m. i cntutneiu-e sninetiine in October t be relied include -something of the company[ as camp women. 1 ueseinust uc oy iay
;.i i ; \. > IM% on courage nnd'-hvery. Persona wUhng to contract tot the and to be sold for the ta.iesfcr the year 1S45.A .

: : I .''\ t'lure, )isv ;"i"'l x lio inteiul< ran-vij's it on exteu'ivelv. which meets responsibility in obedience the wives of soldiers, and will do the w. shing whcL' or a part can do s.>, applying by mail or lo, forty acres cf land, lung on Bear Creek,
rIT to the of duty of of the company) for which of course they ALchico1a.DAVID levied on as the property of A. S. Bryant, and to>
S. : It 1 :r. %Vsc1t : .r.d tliS Sure- ; ti> all v. ho euze: iu the work." obligations ; something( allowed otl.er.vis3: ta J. F. PJTTS, E-'j.} at
firmness and decision something of high will I receive pav, and besidt-s will be GL.-DDAKD. be sold for the year l-j-t.
.', .-.r. .te 1 >f the tw ;
JOHN W. COOK Sheriff
'd. .. [i: '.':r--. a J-if: of th* 'ti.irK-i Ciuri.r.V .] minded heroism in connection with con 0(1- a ration qunrters fuel and transportation, August ii, !> ;;. ni-tf ,
.. r.i* 1. : .- t !b. o'i ;in> d i while i iu lie serviceIn /' Ga. Patriot and Co'irierviil and ex-officio State Tax Collector.
of of 'jrjThe::; Albjny (( )
\ .; iiiN-: ; ,' -\ ..Tuly2! : !) ne. judgment, capacity
::r' : i u. '. i rv ,: : -.r.vt'. r** rir* f" "* and honesty of Weakness in I i the French army such camp followers \ ivethe above four ins rtiuns a.d; scui ac- March :2-, IS W. l-6m
i e i nfi; !i.3i. .sfr: a-inilier! iiiy!; 4if; on4 purpose. a
t ; ,-,.-. !:-. \\i--.t- known I I'trcndifrfs are reguhrly uniformed c iimtto t this ttficeroui1r4
w ; L public is l-e regarded :as
.:. : ) XLitttIttst. t Ip. Stnit: an infirmity to Stale Tax Collector's Sale.
d. _: -it1 : .: .i : I : h :t >iriklt2he with pity indeed, ;' but its results may be ( and wear a dirk at the giidle, as their HO2t O Livciwvit, FIRST MONDAY IN DECEMBER, 1S4S.BY .

V 'S ,'.', ..ft: :rni i-: \Ve-lr-t t tS 'J'E HctU ()
with ? canteen containing a lotion tr restorative .od, and all th. af&ctjcns (1 t tho Lxrz* shall for sale before the Court House
K- :, : ftsl! of aggravated bitterness, than thostt of expose
sue iir* !
si. i wlietl
: : :; ; ( tiiwei iiiieit. I for the wounded soldiers, and I a satchel j I i ieidinj to C' na'imptioti, warranted: tu l b>* rr.rr.pused dorr, in the town ot Alarianna, Jackson county,
premiditated Baltimore American. j
.fl '* the i, i !i I the of the -[
: r% r v.- n-e di)4y) ighjture of vegetable substances oiiiy, ti>r ?av by
. slung over one shoulder like a game bag, ricrida, on the first Monday in December next,
': r :. I : i IV i i! !' t.iuute! a hr.v.T which contains lint and bandages fit ready airlr_ _'J. C. ALLEN. the following property,or so much thereof as will

IEW !,;' I 'Minmittee on Fit.aufp.I ; tif tiie Sen- TIE XKW: T.uz-\Ve have looked a tie near I the field of battle.We t 1t HUUL jJUOKS; oi tinlateJ and tnut ap- pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for

"f''w ti: : : 'a'>. if'- <1'l>l ''.icU; tiie !Ii1i \e> cr'Liy. with a little into this} matter, since our lat, with- do not know what is to be (the strength 113 provtd *tyl I ', a central assortrt-nt.: Fcr the year I43 :

U .,'' .. 'T S '.' '''(. .> !.)1. ij ni T .n : r5'v;; ; j jI. jr of the regiments which are now raimg, I :: _
'' .i' .- -I. 1" iT. .;; !, :.M/-' .on-v. TIH? j fjiovt-int-) ; -ave.l the l sj ill.1 1 31r.L' will cam i.iuch by the passage of the new j| to belcrc to Coonell & Alills.

. inhit \ ",i- f\ S. .. of >\ rr.ie': i -tvt.i ', :Ir. lietjion a'l :Mr. pejgh's:: all Tariff bill, now before t the Senate. I It is certainly but supposing! (Jo!. Stevenson's to coiii.tUI FORE1G PERIODICJLS.RF.I'UBLICATK'N > acres of 3d rate land belonging to John
.' .. t ten 1 this wt.tild give a corps[ .
.w. .t. : rort MI :- t"' tijd1 < > companies: Day is.
ronrurred *n tlie opinion that ihe in-truc- strange to ts. I that t the South Carolitn
- -1; ", > : !f 'i4' t >* M iik 41 t of Vivaiidieres con-isiing 01(fvrty; teamen. 100 acre of 3d rate land belonging to the estate
!uflflO! !iecomj'ied; : with during: the and Georgia Nullifiers. *houlil, *o many of :
"in-. T { "i r\t'\ > OF
: r- i T / tu : review in
I Imagine these now drawn at a of Levin Brown, and adjoining the IGth section
H< -: ,. ,_ 4. the iei'I l tlint them have this bill. Their up;
j"\v ;'" in'!" : d! is of -o-S'<> ;a I ; I approved: zeal
: ... ., .. I the Park, in the dress ofIirv; Taylor as the 'fhc o3jlosi Quarli'j'ly Kcvicw, at Brown's Ferry.
.t ti : i .n'. be f; Ki".i ,<- tt \\i-. ur rfj<-> t -'l.Mi. inlieh.dfof: the same was; }>rriiti fnclr- evidence .'{:.t o of 2d: rate land to the estate
and how Manhattan Koviou. acres belonging
', Vivendiere the ( TSs HdiuburirJi
to ia: --. -. .. < at t Olympic,
... xitv < J.t.i; .H : tti iIi R. Joi.u'.ou. of thejmi'u that the odious "b'.ai'k/ ti'ri'f" of '40xvas V of VYiliium Lanks.
i ? ':: nuT '. L bi isie would be righted from its propriety Tin* Forcs: 'ss niirtcrly Itcvie\v,
".',.'. *- j i r- act. '; t t4-:: 4 '1C'1- >iv: -f the C'uiumhtee, exprt.sse.d a dif about to be consigned to the tomb of :V. Y. Gazette.DoNtcKrs 'Ae W5estniiiaster 1eviz'w, 327 acres of 1st rate land belonging to David

: ) I '. sr r r t J$ .. .1 I tt! fer";,! <u.Tii' the C'apulets."' On examination, however, Gcrtman.32u .

..-. ,.'j S .;..t:_ ( $' .i n :
If '" :.-iu j ,' .7ifl iii ;ji ,i !h jrjj.J. as ;i tesi It* it-* itt>'!iti 4fl to jMtsihe JiiH.Mr. of prrtlrr'itiH i is C lea nv recogni/.ed I inM'Kay" ANII make ERBUI chomb Gilohrisf.l .
from Oliio to Us postage
J. i'.ir h-1 pay
. we :) -- > > i !i* ; ) cf 2nd rate land belonging Henry
..,'. '. '. '. ... T', :n u ;.' I dI- J.in..i; i ai this point. felt it TO lie his : BIll as i ij: the existingTaiitf! For on his explanations about -them Hannan-r acres

3. .S '.(,- ...,,. !, ,' J'r'l'V 1 '. lh fhtto: iniu-fJf.; 1: :as lie s .id, ; uil to hi< couuirv instance, 30) ;percent i is charged upon .Sw tzr, I teelings will
les. Our land" James
In ti i I compassionate > acre of 2d rate belonging to
.. New-
S S. 'hI- '' 1 I tt puran end to ths* state of thinzs.He .- Iron and .Wotfisvci, and UU( j per cent upon his again, but weassure The above Periodicals are reprinted m Men tfort.SI .
not) permit u* to use name
'v S .! ir !i.-.' ,- : .i*<- t u- Yi-rk, immediately! on their arrival by the British
'. i.ow saw; ih) tit was iiapo iMe 1 to amend Sal! Had not this been done, the bill 1 him that did not mean Ii I rn. and ') acres of 2d rate land belonging to Washington
4.-p. we
'- S. ill nta i*;f. :ijj--T i reaners, in a beau'ilul ciejr type, on fine v bite
Tt.fl. _: '' irv : i i T.t- rvi! i": 'ilivr: !tj! bili. and lie would not ;lake such a would not have received the support of if he will read the article :again he will find >er, and are taituiu! copies ot the onginaN Alayo.
) '. .-i.t *i,'rrTdry otVtr: .i" i i"ifr'n ('-O3Y4 as would dejeat it. I He had! voted Pennsylvania, New Voik or Louisiana. that there is not a word any where in it BLACKAVOOD' MAOVZIXbeing an exact fac- 16') acres of 2d rate land belonging to Henry

: .v irkhall b- i'on.ii-irt <1.T 1. for I ihe iu-tructioti'? in 200(1 l |1'1 ith; ; but, un.ierpr The jir'jti.ftinn of the interests of these about j;ickasses, it wa? altogether concerning sitniie of the Edinburgh edition. &. Dudly Pet-pies.
.' 'ir.-, ;_ -a, 4s S'r'"' :'v he shouM States theiefore cared for in these important 40 acres of 3d rate land belonging to Wiley
: tv i1 :itj ': !; : I Stewart.
ri i1' w't.t dist-lmr the CoiHtiiitte. He had, at one particulars'; So :also, Brandy, (Jin knows better than we have troubled ourselves rendi-rs it needless to say lanth ia their *0 of 3d rate land belonging to G. G.
S :' n :-i wh'i h !v pit: lime intended to vote for a ;postponement of and Whiskey are taxed 100 per cent for the to learn how his colleagues, Messrs. praise. A-J literary organs, they stand tar in advance Windham.10'J .
jndIk : <* v .-!, llft.d i till but he hat J of the Distillers of domestic of any .vorks of a similar Ur.p now pub-
the nest Nesiou Itroferlhn
S measure ; and I Delano voted, when land to John
,,, ; ? f14st Schenck: I Root I ; of each is ; acres of lt rate belonging
spIT *> 1U(' 1bifl ii-liid while the
political complexi.'a
: abandoned th ;u? iutention. for I he reason hat spirits' while wines only pay a duty of 40() there themselves books.We .- II. Wilson.
':1 jinehciVd members giving
:I : i marked ba candor and forbearance net
.. ; -.'. .. ,. 't, : .... : ;. bv ihis act it %\'oui J ho! i out the 4llt1ive idea to the per cent Wherein then have we gained would recommend him, if he isery otten I fuur.d in dignity works, of a character. SAMUEL STEVENS, Sheriff and

S pet4e that the hill woul'J then be) d *feateil.liut. ; by the change ? Is the Tariff of1 re>/nfcin anxious on the subject, to ;ask the clerk: ot Ti.ey :embrace the views party of the t .ree great ex-oi5cio Tax Collector Jackson County.

note' : "' '**N'tK''t1!;, v.\ -,' i *s1 i;h '. sf w !c di'sirmi? of shoubl (1nn ::1r- $. at I ihe next St S-i()0.4I..apprs3t'c : \ other particulars, to an approximaton; !I the flousH the sum total: of their bill of free parties in England-Whig, Tory, and Uadic.il. Per JOHN T. AIVRICK, Deputy"
v t :
&natsrs wri
-of the bill could arrest it to the llti'fniif standard ? So .. AInrianna, June 1,13UJ.; 24-ts
.V t. -'Ifl51' s $ yj nt 1Z) ps1 !i they we expected to stationery--.ve don't keep those ;accounts. Blarkuoud and the London Quarterly are

"",.-'. .: T: i'td'-.i th< ytd'. and zia' before it had been a mouth in operation. find, but were disappointed, for tlie votes on [.Y. r. Sun. Torthe[ ; 'Edinburgh Review," Wisg: : and the XEW-1TOKK

: As this vas a party rne.i :re, Its' did not more t than half perhaps; two> t thirds, of t the ___ ._ S '. -tmin5ter," liadicai. The Ft rr-ign Quar-

nop S .r ::1 thr above su-h it to pa*< hia whig! vote. Vim Mr. articles t enumerated, has: been iiirrcawli on ix i v,i ITS.XAXTZ terlv ia purely literary, being devoted) principally PRINT WAREHOUSE.

... S 5 fl, r '' '''ti 1.L ijIIi. .ud he. ;all the States, ; remains the and fcic to cntjirns t : President, n;present many same on a yen / -Per ship Nathaniel Hooper-1329balf
.1_' 'S r a.: and 1 i 1)Lt OHC.(1I) who i-eIsut4nt : he rleinnnattr has; it been rcffuccdl! With these facts staring cott.in prices of the HE-PRINTS are less than At the extensive Establishment for

OKJfd 5' :L p.trty, to you 1 leave the duty of us in the face, are we to throw up our L1VKK PUOL' ( -IVr ahiy Ilenry-loIO!i.descot- one-third ot the f-wan copies, and while they PRINTS ONLY,
are equally! well got up, they attord all theadvan-
it q r'ii ton, )') !
t.1jaioio: : its inter st-s ar d earning out its hats and rejoice with joy unspeakable"; at reader. EY ,
"" is NEW 1'i'ilK-I'er brig Selma-9.1o bales cotton tae to the .lincrican ovEr the J-Jngli&k
I IhiaiI! obey tninstruction, af- the result which the of
great : pui-'sanf! ;arms
'Si .5 L i! ine4res.; __ _______ __, TERMS. LE & flEWSTER ,
ife .5. S S ', -. i.i I jTVl.ihtj, ler the Vie Prescient has had ai jty piOrIi1Iii_ southern Democracy have achieved in this

.5 .:. .. Nik -, Irircv J<> 2IV ,.. A nAt L Hi I si the four Reviews This stock of PRINTED CALICOES nearly-
: t. Su- Th'-S" r.iarh; ereateil a ae eru : T'u. : aad do. 5KJFtr all recently purchased for cash and short credit,
i 1iskz4zlJ l two
-- any
I tioti i in the Cij.imbf r. The fjfe of the i il I| could so easily forget the cardinal I principles -':- -- -:- :- -z: -c : = "
S. ,,, I'OILT uF PA hAUl [iCUE.\.. .Vnat 11CLEAIMi any three, do. 7.0t) AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES.areofiered
i-.dntr. tint Mr.1 of democratic faith : :
i W4 reed.: V.MS sca to be liexe,!. it ;appeared; as to prematurely exult For all four ot the? llevieu>, S/Xi at from

Dallava> not Jinprfp.ireil; for i the. emergency. 01 er the success ol a measure, nhich, on : > For lilaekwootTs Magazine, 3,00
: 1 to C Cents ( Per Yard) LOWER
.,, 1 EMOCRA<"Y. for hen he voted he had,; written paper our conscience, we belive, unequal, unjust August! (i- liip Xuilianiel 1 Hooper, Dtxcy, for For lllacku'ood and the four ReViews

It bye C '- -,'... .;I.-rriry tine to be much beor Inn. wiiii hi< n-aM nThe ( 'ouii: )it- and oppressive; ; to I the people.At ; Nantz, by L> Frf-d Ii lnas.A ) 10,00) THAN THE PRICES OF APRIL.

ar.th tiv> Ilasszt. the Tariff IMi but lee \va< .hichar.zesl-ta.l -J-3? ; iiY. 27.Mr. ? t the S'ime tiuif we are :armzed at the A ist's-llncj S-ltni, i.r New York.A CLUBBING. X5- Purchasers are guaranteed the prices-and
naai I ,- ."i-t I 11 1-S1t11) I Henry, Saltar, for Liverpool, allowances made for given period.
ra.4.. (1tdjfjf : i J..i rn.i'iTi retir.1 ;I'td! ha-J l noihi"; nppositon; which M'Kay's; bill receives from all cf the above work
atlu Four of and corrected
t : ths-: IUr r ard Harbor by L- Fred II 1)! iizas.NOTICE. copies any or 5* Catalogues (renewed daily)
.. r !, ih t'te m-itter. ti.l :he Vice the wii| <;s and protectionists of all I ( l.Ie.- addren the
"" l'anner; j ia nhich the Calijuun Organ more to < ) will[ be -ent to one payment or regular regulating the prices-are placed in the hands

Pea KS .is President, h:\>\ nc'ed.Mr. In our judgement tin if ought to rejoice that ._PETHU HOBAllT, Es |., is thy subscription fur tliree-the fourth copy of buyers, and sent with goods ordered.

C!' !i measure, and all the other tn a"ttl II. .Jiiii>;%{' v tnoveil t-i t f '" bill ihe democrat' : have hatched out a tariff; bird 1 a: ent during my abmce from being gratis.: New York, June 6, 1,16. 15-ly

**?. ? 5re-t Cotzres argues i//fur iFaiJai'ty. 10 a )tl.l CoHinitr e. with i -' ii''ii- *. of the same: feather" with their own pet of the State of Flor.d.i. (XKeniittances: and communications must be

,i id I : Things begin to asute, in but: this tiiltd-27 to 27! the V. ..- i-f !1. I In truth I we rather I suspect I they are HEXflV G. GUYOX.Apahcliicoh mads in all ca-ies without expense to the publishers Lumber.
!> c'' the -TliC- former may always b*> done through a received 50,0X! ) feet Yellow Pine Lum
Calhoua I in their sleeves" the trick [ June i I IS1G
men, the ame phac, voting: DO.3Ir. now "hughing I at JUST
Pot-tiiater) bv handing him the amount to be assorted Dualities. Also,on hand 0,000
: beted t" hen to when Webster's motion to -ui r ut the I they I i have played us, I in their ostensible '
1S37 upon
: present in -
' 1 F Mr.lni. 11. LONG i is our agent remitted, taking his receipt and forwarding the feet White Pineass--rted from | to 2 inch, which
tT4 Wrote )his famous Fcrt Hill letter-- flih section was carried by aid of Mr.! 1'en- opposition to a measure; bnptizfd democratic NOTICE our absence from tlw State..MayS'j receipt by mail, Post-paid ; or the nv'Jiey may \\ill be sold low for the cash bvPETER

; '' tones vote.Some as the .surest way of having: it accomplished directed HOBART.No .
think new, by the Democrats, as MILLEl & Co. be enclosed in a letter, Pest-Paid, to

to :: Cath1 did Ihen, by the Whigs-that the very brilliant :passages took place But one southern whig Mr. llillanl the publishers. Lumber will be delivered from the yard

iV8'to' ire*-, t f tiie ilnrins the day. between Mr.l \Ve!)*ter and voted runsistfntlij on the question, and NOTICE.-Mr. CLINTON THIGPIX, is roy N. I'.-The Postage on all these Periodicals after this date unless paid for, or a written order

'I. '"?LI benggj icmcr party, 4' wilL iict entire to :'i r. McDuffi -both becoming warmed into that was the olfermg of :a puie heart and a a'lthoris.-d agent; during iny absence is reduced by the late Post-Office law, to about from a responsible person. March 23

1 I jood conscience, as we firmly believe.I .- liora: thj Slate of Florida. one third thefornur rafts, making a very 4tnpor-

Jail TLtoat fit '*' the Ca1hou Clen dCS1C J the Do- eloquence.Amendments, were offered and ably supported I I However, all this may be-we wish it distinctly J. \V. BABCOCK. taut Caving itt the expense to mail sutscribers. TUST received per brig Alorea, from N. York,
J boiled
; their Apalachicola, July 7, 1S4 5. 27JtN In nil the principal cities and totals 5$) kegs No. 1 and 2 Lead ; 100gals
aridrt. Si,., hearts. ; tiiev contnnn the Public ) by .Mr. Simmons, ami Mr. Xilt-s, hut I t understood I that from the examination thong/wilt? the United tatts to which thtre in a 1 Linseed Oil ; .'00 HH. Putty; 20 boxes S by 10

ig'it I I R. l w ''ley have used the Democrats iI r. Ciittenden u said he would \ole for no I we have been able to bestow upon this OTICE -Mr. JXO. S. IIUTCHL\SON tlirtct Rail-Road or ll'alfrcoiumunicaticnfrtimtlir and 10 by I 12!Glass ; 20 t doz. pints Congress Spring

I exas defeat the f 4 li/s on the Oregon timre* amendment subject we decline giving in our adhesion to our authorial agent cluing our absence ir : city of Yeir- I'.rtlu.se periodicals will be Water ; 100 lbs fresh Tamarins; Gum and Orget

,. reduce the Tariff and now, they ate The whips generally! wished the bill t-- it. as /cmuc-atic measure. We have not the State. MATHER & J5AIW\ dtlirrrrd FREE OF POSTAGE. I Syrup*, for sale by

: ?rvfas McDuffie said, for "the first pass as it was, if it piei l at all. *o learned Democracy and cannot belie our June 13, 1SIG.:; LEONARD: SCOTT, & Co., Publisher, May IC. H. F. ABELL.Baling1 .

1 tae opporiio The[ tjiiestM.n \va* put on theen2ro- merit own convictions of right by t the :approval of 5- June 13. Ql-6ui 112 Fulton St., New-York
strong Prour' bill and there appeared eas we
Democratic lministrati..n." subscribers rospectiully inl'orm their j'OLGER'S Olosaonianor All 11eainr Balsam, 1 fl1 PCS. Kentucky BaZIIig,
oft Un nays 27, with sound republican principles, simply Inands and the public that they have taken J. for Consumption, Asthma, Coujhs, Liver t 1J J 100 coils Rope ; 30 pcs He* ian?.

e1 VlSbted, men in FIcrida, are specially The presiding office having j given the because they come to us endorsed with into partnership Mr. EUGENE W. ROGERS. Complaint, and all diseases ot the throat and 1 bales Bagging Twine, for sale by

l s'iith the nomination ot Mr. Kamssidcr .- casting vote in the affirmative, thc bill was the sanction of great names and high CIIAULES! ROGERS &. Co. lun s, for sale hv wr: G. PORTER &'Co.

Ic 5 Aim tbcir;property.%\hiht Brcck- ordered to ;n ihiit! tciding.; authority.t -[.lIuvcorcc Dcmocml. April: .7, 1 16. April It H. F. AFELL. Nov 2) 11 Wafer strctt.I .





S Is


l1.L. 1)1\.I.F; *'AK \<;. I like stroke on the opposite( side, toward the 7irgalJfickso32 :;.cotitrci. 1 NotfttL: Drills and

-':- : .: i : i t>j jV 4 I lir J-\trit< r's Library ( C ilt tc. I In I thiaway he !passes) through his -_---_- .-_- V TilE subscriber tg,
(flu! Jtur>til of
interesting aiticle on the: Turpentine Trade crop, which he may readily do from six to SPRING TERM: IS 10. Ji A X K L1X C O F X T Y-F L O RID A.AL CINKS, which DRUGS be n I

eight davs ; and assoon as ever he returns The Farmers' Bank of Virginia, persons indebted to the estate ot Samuel -! ftc and of
of Noith Carolina. It was wiitteu by a gentleman to where he began and l goes over them Compl't. decea.-ed, late cf this county, Merchant the and best quality

who has had much and long cxpclicncc again: and again until his boxes are full.-- vs. ) In Chancery. may expect legal steps taken to obtain payment. to their advantage to call, Planters

this The is done with four Thomas M. White, Adm'r, Kc And all persons having demands against said estate Goods before examine and iiflCI
branch; of md usi v. The filling generally: tojix For that purchasing elsewhere )
(t. (il. Defendants.IT J will present them without delay.
whole process of ptorminp; this aiticlc and ( "chippings" or four to six weeks, when appearing to the Court by'affidavit, that all debt* ami demands of whatever nature against TOR the cure of Dispej-sh it Ir-.ibijestion, I>ilL and Physician's prescriptions "

preparing it for market: i is so minutely de'a i dipping; comes around again. In chipping, Robert W. Williams, me of the defendants, said ctite which shall not be exhibited within ions: and IR-TVOMS Head.ic I !,**, Constipation! care accuracy at any hour of thcjja,Ol8??*

rli succeeding( cut is made I immediately resides beyond the limits of the State of Florida, two yearshall forever afterward be barred. I Oiarraluva, Gout, 1.ht_L11lt; I-1fl, Gravel, Flatuici'y March 21 Cor. J. C. ALb"

scribed that any person of ordinary capacity in i the upper edge! of)I I the List, and should be to wit, in"thfiSt.ife'of Virginia. It is therefore TIIO. ORM.vX) 'Xdm'rde bonis non, Jcc. For s-alc whoh--.> :r1 retail, byMa Centre am! (0mrner'

can readily! understand it. i made in breadth( as narrow as the hacker ordered tint said defendant'appear and answer I the Of the e.sjfeol( Samuel Simpson, dcc'd. 1\ov .). ..LC.J.LlN, Jriii.nzit.rii:1l'act 22tisam of'Livcrivorf ..

An :iblc bodied) man uill icqoire for his can; be made! to cut it-as it is well ascertained snid! cotnol lirant's bill: cf coinphint within four Apal.ic-hieol-i, Jnlv2>. I 110. 2'J-2m % :: : (icibs A 1IE.MEDY: tnrst perfect h said ,

jidJ forest 1 that a small car or narrow cut if deep iv..ths: : from the oifeof thulir-t publication oftliis OTICE,-Six months after pnblica ion of via. Uncovered I in settled t Consumption T *

as his ci'i. After the mi.idiu of November, 1 enough, does! as well or better than a larger I order, otherwis- the said complainant's) bill N t this notice, application will be made to theHon. ..'s m.nv.ill.'d fur its Complaint, or any ot their incipient son \ *
InC Chrr.no-Tln-rraal
; complaint shall bo taken as against (the!i said : : s\>t -rn b, *
and the the l JiuU of Probates for Jackson 1'r :
of 1 ,
lone county
boxing the I trees commences.! Thus with a j : economy I narrow cuts t ef.- v\ : it jierfi rr.io : !Doctor TAVLOU'S rdc-b'rattd'i "
Robert Williams -. and for confessed
long, narrow: a\e, a box) or) ehop is made; in |' is> in s'lving the trees to many years longer 1 thi' I to I the form (itS the.s Statute in such case, accorng made- a final settlement I of the administration i.f t the in -.) J'exv d.tys--noUKtit enntuwc Genuine; J\L.S\M! 4)! LIVERWORT: %
William deceased late of said l lunty.
the tree, from i three to sis inches from the j culture, while the wide( cut would carry the and( provided. It i is further ordered, That a copy estate Bryan ELIJAH BRYAN, \c\ or restriction: .:in dif j pan-* at I:',:* JIOWIIUV.: Tim plan
'face' out t of i each : 'mat u rely. co 1, nerv-s.trv. It 11b. no\v espoused by several
above the
ground, or just swell of the root. j hr Ot this This succession of "chipping" and months. : s.. \\.m t.ui'md itii..tl'it.b'bemnt' P'- aa.d has been for a lr>p< time '
The width of the bo\ i is governed( by I tle I "dipping" printPil and nubhshed once wc-'k for four j the ef'
size of the tree, but usually from eight to : continues! from April to October, or Dated this eight d! iy < f M v. A. D. l I'3.TH' TAKE: NcYI'ICE-I'lmirty (lays alter the publi (:s;*.:; ; .;.l.F:' .P-: : tith. this lZreaItstIV1 I tinpiralli'lt-t! Micres-* which iiV *

sixteen( inches. It 1 is not rut f.ir inward:, : ( j until) frost, when the turpentine is done run- .). IXHTfJLAS, Jwilrc.A of tins notice, I sli.dl: apply lo the : 'ore, 11:100: % Ta\l>r'>* medintie in ( m? .
Court.XATIIAX Hon I .1 utl.e of Probates for I the ( of Franklin \ SrC jSa / {i :f-1 F'nr'l' "S muled cum, uhich in ,
tai from a want of sufficient heat. New true extract from: the- minutes of the ( : bounty many v.ry nu.iv; ,
but aims downward ar.'i flZ ; a
I the line !
to separating S. WATSON Clerk. I i for I the appointment of Commissioners to allot %%, t incredible, but tre

the sap and heart of the tree. The boxes are commonly dipped five or six times C. II.l DLTON, Coui: : , : '

rim of the box j is kept level, and it i is designed during I I that period --older boxes only three S )1 licitor t for Corapi't. the est.ite; ol Khcne/.or J. Wood deceased, Lite of ;Siw8 rbr..t.d! Pr. F.'Mlyce, vr/ : we :advise all who[ may Ka\; 4V ,, S1t

to hold from one to I two quart1 in j' and: four times. The quantity made by a May s, IN JO. nayfJO0) 1mCourt. the count of Franklin. I that a IVIrilli1tlr.n, ot -mui- coldevtfn, to u>e this |It r'f: i .r

small I trees) they do not hoi.I I so miieh.This hand: is quite various, but may be rated( as M. A. WOOD il.ir rernr-dies vnmmd! l jirodnre n more certain, d '. Franklin sajs a si: .' < ;, ? n Volav.

boxing continues until i the I i middle or I 1 averaging one hundred! and( fifty barrels.3I.mv .-- Apahcliicri i. .JLIOe23JS? 10. 23-lin: specdv, and r-m-M'' r.ihk'; cii.'cf* I than any ei uiva- t bisshi i! {)." Then-hire, cine vm eflU.IV,
make I hundred IN \NCEItV. lent dose of any; j.niLrlf oiio. :a many cass thidiuase our lungs are pnt cure. Fc. **'
end( of March, or when the begins to t\vo i and some even y r sale I bv
s-ap Ann R.ieOvs. OTK'E All persons bavins claims against entirely i i' its titfielv apj'licaiion.
: prcveutcu
Mary J. C.
as high as t three hundred barrels in the N SuA ,
and t
fieely, will embrace about four > Hill for Divorce. John Jenkins, lato of Franklin conntx ilecoiseil For 5ltl! l>vNov. ?

months, as the only suitable boxing season y ear. When the last doping is finished, John Rouen. ) are n.vuesled; to present the s.tine duly I ) .'.. :J- c. AI.LKX. nri'isf&e.i C.UTION-Tlie '

of the year and he is a good hand who which i is generally I I in i the month of November TT appearing from I the nliidavif of t I tho Solicitor authenticated I within i t i f the time prescribed by lav., RMM: OK LivKHuonT i t HUJUf, h..s IJl ,Ct'lf, tke'J?I

(:an in this period cut his oun crop for the collecting: I the "scrape" is I the next 1 of thi* oompla.in.nit!) that I the defendant, John or this! 'notice will be plead Ill bar (.f thur reroverv '- #plemlid steel pLte cnsraxinf m f..,n '*j

coming year though i It; may be done.! The duty.l In all \ears after the first, the trickling Roil"!!, re.sii'-.s 1)0'.011(1 I the limits uf> I the State ct a id all I l persons i indebted to said estate, aiv t forfeits sisssed by (itirdon J. LertN,preven anv".

I i of t the i down f.icc of the Florida. I It is i.r-Jer-d t that p-iblieatimi bMtiatlein ie :uested to inuke immediate liayInemit.I .
average number for a hair; to rut lit a day turpentine ) I the t V I t. arid 4I1flI.rU4( Ii'XuItatI( aid VC ,, I
i is 80 or 'III-a few less in I the shorter, a few j 'bo:;, from t the I chipping of t the Jncker, and i I I theComworei.'l! ( 1 Advert is.-i trieea: week lor I the ]!. F.LLiSON: Adm'r.' c-iti'ione'I, not to p rrhsf ur r. ,f ,

more in the longer d.iys: of that reason. I Here I j j'which face i is lengthened upward! about one s-iaee: of I r.nir monthof: i I the i:.i it::;tiiu of t this Apalaohicoh, June, 1 1', {ii.< -..-Jin"XTOTiCE protected by the F. :S. Copy lii at ut.
] nny rem uk I that weostnmte the cutting of j] 'foot every year, I there ;adheres to the face or s-iir, re-juirini him: I to appear and answer t to I the -Six \vei-ks after date, I will ap1v;>lJ M.'reh-JI. 181_.i. I'J-Iv
sid tl, I h-fore I the fust d. of Ot :: tin or y 1. V
boxes at about one! dnihr! the .u-re---though 'smooth( .surface over the box) a considerable J i to the Jids of Pn.bateof; ? 1 Franklin; Cotn.'v' V I'arraut's
I h taken cimlc.ssrd
Ihesini'will I as against
or i I ) Sell .
it I may not Cost t quite as (much, but .nearly portion of l the issuing I turpentine-it i is often him I and tit.n; | 4&at2ieilt.

so. The most usual n timber of hoses for; a L :neatly i : an I inch t thick on ;a i considerable: : portion a? to I the Court i.iny, scorn pioper. Jo-eph C. fluir lsall, tile of sarl: ; county: deceased. HEALTH IIKXK\Ui: >, ;. <| an ,
Said i I Jtidire( having I ordered, I that atMitioii.il I I t i
)hand i is thousand of l the face and is well worth being A Tcste.) cont'ifn
:isa crop I ten : -though 1 s they : (( Copv- the i.f t xlv
bond bf given by I Administrator, In' the r ot
collected l which is done it oil'withVveral \\TM. VALLEAU Clerk. bv' li P. use (,i f TAISKXTS rlRvist
can do nell' with either more or)h less. Anae.ro I by scraping) July :ri.-xt, in default therein, his letters wili inrevokcd. V : EI'I ?
different instruments :d J'imATrnA.H'.KPi) SfLTZKIl: APrUr.XT.'I : .
averages; about one hundred box<\s--- a.s may; ) V _
the be most fancied by t the ) ) -often with 4' _, 1 ins preparaf iori ii nuivirKv thlted
larger trees affording mom for ihrre operator I I ::-M THOMAS OHMAX.Apabclicnl.i .
2' ,
boxes, the middle! size for only twu, and! a small spade, I that detaches il from) t tho : : u i ii : June fi, IM''!. L'o-t t tOTICE PTIY's n..Ndi S.. :-.i-- inv- !lo-- b-t-, I t the j r..ot popular remedy .1> t! "res'-nt f 1
c C3'L CUi. the
; )
fall I : :-; ((4) ili -ov-r ;: i:.. t th..t j preventir.ii cnrp i.t in'. t-suon,
the smaller,: (hems! about 9 or 10 i inches in woo' I to I into a coar.se two legged stool I : u M.I. ;
I IK-zuIiiah! Xasii ) \ anil
: -"s'lx months afior ikte. I will and S Liver mpIair.Js, Xr-ni "- \\ i--kie
h box end) which cure one 4Vf I th"I: M'-f trm4''!( -nnt5 iliseri-r-j, tlio: : ,B*
at end is
diameter,) only one bo\ open one open) !) \ .s. 5 PC! if ion to recluse mci tW t- [ to I the I Hon.; Probate Court of FrnkliiIy P iI. rle L.SS hf; at lust b t-u the rfe.->!uir. Dr.J ache, ii--Tf: ni, fcafiitnal: ( V.- ; ,<. c

When ihc hundred acres arc thus boxed, set against the tree below the face, to catch I j1'i'v( II. Fonl ai.l: g ( () for a final discharge- from the asli.iimstraN vcx'o1'ir.K itE' 4 .- : % ',- enily stcj.s TnsvelU and reik.ts it, \\ ,, tu ,.
the hand has; his crop or field in preparationTor ; ; the "scrape" as it falls from t the face of K'iivh; : A. !I'c'rd. I I tion: of the estate of Amorv Rotrers, deceased. all bl.cdi.'S: llIl'.s !pain J- .1.::. :..utiu'r, sib- [ fino it a tit-urubKr article : i ,.[ v-f t, j

the following ten <>r sixteen vears.-- the lice and I thin instrument.; When: the ; ; :;{!1\S, : ;petition befi: this);i day fddii .1 B.' 'P. CARO, Adrsfr.BEXJ. il'ics tlut: ii.tcK r.M'j: itchiriL', !rN: : : :"z.lly cnrr---, mnlation >I f" bile, 1 i-* port.'b-! :a it 11.. c. box i is I thus! filled:! !, it is carried i i t'': Clark's oilice of 1 tin; Cnrn-t Coiut 3ratin Is U'.vstt.sllv .
Ihe boxes Ijeing cut. I I.:' next work is cornering ( t to an open- ELLIS'ON'Tit.. I like a charm, ;;rid i in a ve-\ : rt t f"ii", r fNCI !pre; !i < :.V ((

which is often performed, by twostrokes p h headed; b irp'l near ;:t I hand ;and emptied! and 1 !] I l'i;'itv, t i fore-'loser.iMtij'ireof; c- i itiin'I'usftiolil Aynlachirola, April!, lsj 11. 1Om} v/hostr lives hav been re.ti': r< d x. ruulu lireara. i J.ave JVt.teit[ ; cec:41'ri; )t. r -V. '., ,>rdpurjativt's <

of the same a\e at each corner) ofthe 1 so continued until I I I the ban I is full. Thescrape" !i furniture', muile and c\fvnK.-J! in Dca- y For sale by .1 t: ; 'hey will tal.if!; > : V V.ft"creri"e
.. : !:ir eysi ity, f.l .pfi i, on tic! iSth ilay nt August, j \TOTICE---Aflt-r six month's j.u!>lication of. to iir.v ufher. KcM;! \\ I'
i is i into the "ola
barrel citherby 1 for or ,
packed 1
box, taking out a light chip : a j : i I j 1.i tliis! notice I shall "
perpendicular i IsJJ 1 : and it :r'----rMg; ; : lo the .Ji-f.ictio'i) of the j aply to the .Incite of ?;-v... J. C. AJJ.! '- .,
line of about four to MX inches is trampling or pounding, until it is 1fl.Ll! : C'turt, 1 by: tic! :, I hvit of I the petitioner, tha tlieil [ I Pro!) ;ti-, for Franklin county, tba di.cr.e'! : l I i1rcI1 IS : ; iha _

thus started tipuard) from (.lfh corner.This .-- t to hold) ( all it can. i'nd-itfj: Sidney II.I Ford :vid) Kh.ibeth; l i A. Ford from the .ministration! of the estate of Oliver Das, & .

operation i is executed with great dispatch This article has usually beer: sold( by tho iVMd b-yo.id tie! limit5 of I Iho! Si.-tu nt' I Florida : j C. Raymond, late of said county, dvf d. A IUSCrl .Ud: tin >H > :; ; ; i .,V >',j

) as a hand I will corner from six to i barrel, at about half the price of the "dip"or !*" is ordered th 1! *".said defeiid! jii's appeiv: and j t BEX. I". xori::
eight hundred in a (lay. With t this last: ) liquid but of late, the more) correct rule :il5 i thfi" oJit ?cti-Mis! if they have r ny, within l"tl I M.irei! 2', IS J'i. _Adm'r. dr doiii.* non."VTO I i n.; aritt :- ? I IIOZ ( ,- : 4 _

work) I the boxes will usually fill! with of f selling by weight i is becoming generally! ivs !> }'\\-c\ the fir-i (5 ty ot"t t ILt! en-nu: :; ; f-11: tinnof I *1 ir ; :, ** totmek's 1ine : : '-
turpentine ACOUSTIC 0L! L1
I'lCE Six months after t date I will ( ks Salts In h .
established. Its yield of is ttii,; CoJU't ( III! r.iss.nd petition: .shill: l IK. ; ; :: rt ; V V
issuing as well from) the cornering asfiom ; sp'.rits nearly( .I JE cNir
t t.,': bnIM! co-ifi'-sn led that due. to t'.HPnb.tc: Court of. Franklin t 'czntv CUBE rosF Gum Oit; >ui. ; -') Hi.Su!,>k : \
I the face made I in cutting i i the I box. The half as much I as the "dip"I per barrel ; andfor > } : !iiro\i< ( putl.'cat.jn : j ES3. V
i : of I this or !cr !Knrde; in I lie Cornmerci i L fir a final 1 dis-'hanre l i from t the afhr.itn--tr.itio t t ;! :>', r.fn.Ir.I"stanf! ; I!:-rb't t V
next I thing! to be done is to lay off the sroundin t making i the common! or inferior re-si n. 1 itis I -\ivortis'r! of Ap.d )tchicol, once .\\etk fur two LI c dice: of t-rcuciiter of (the estate of David Rich "v'ii'tiTsI."ihxs; : Starch ; : v L.V

I! wh.it i > called ''patterns": --this is i done i greatly preferred) by distillers. The i munth-j, successivflv. (A C > >v Testc.V.M. .) a idson, deceased. IVlUI the: ,cure of licijar ; yV' ., j aaj tI: I i, ke4 FlarlaiL ; 2 gn- : V'
I by staking it ollin straight parallel lines! of "scrape" is I thus collected with much dispatch \ VALLIIAU: Clerk. i:. K. WHITMAP TI. ():- r-> iA'm:>f.;' r fr :a t.V jV 1 *:.4- ..Msull -.. Powder.l)4: Eim'iwh c.-. .... >

pd forty yaids in uidih, wih; visible and pictty i and( is finished l generally I in the month I I If April 1 I ;. ] ''J--2m 1'eb 21 l ISI IH. s-' rnRiJtJu I those" disj reo.:'}!*.' n"i-"s hiS-:.:, t-!: tiiZI.s.: .r 0-f Tuirpta' inc. ai:4: a tieittftj! a- i'1 v

of December .- i nsCi5, f.tlltiiU' of v.-alcr, '.vi./ir.r: of sti-tra, ce.fee. cIeta tftv Dr tine hir < 'i
1 permanent stakes this :s to f or .Taiuai: v. After the boxes: n.? aVflJfl V UJV' : "'i 'i-rn: Men;
; necessary enable AT t I I \ : i IAI1:3I: li, 1 lo.i :
\\hich ( roaeliii'4 detf-
r H : :
the hand to follow hi.s through"! or arc five or >is years old, t they yield as many -.' i.- l .. __ ; Tax Collector's f>;iSo.a3 symptoms ; PI.'nt- '..nil: l'tysiCi.&fl5. Fi r :nhy(
: 'd V h eSs, aii'l ;'L'a! iaii.-r.Jly f.terd.ntvith: : thease. tli--- Mirt-h I
' row, regularly, and( mis* no 1 tree in all Iii.; barrels of "scrape") as of f (lit) and as i :; CHXCERY.: ; : Y virtue of I the power vested in me by law, ila: :l.y p'-rs-ta-s v.Iio iiavt." b (C1t dt-r.i fr ten, il. I .VEELl

future attention to them. All this being they get still older, the "scrape" increases. Aluhon-e Loubat, ) i3 I hliall; expose for sale, before tho Court t fifteen, and tweMy years, and \verafc'.j'.isrcd toIHC i IOISj.
l Unlit i is I h'um- door in I the county cf Calht.tn, on ;lie fir.tMundn .
done that
and the more probable half of
boxes bo"ng full or nearly Mbtt > at i price car trumpets, have, after n.--ti one; t-r tvoltU' :II.u(; J'nrmeds, I) -. k.i .
it is proper to remark: that the boxes; t the (Iii) the "scrape") is the most profifdile ( ore V/ Hsrrison I : and .'Iara-: : in November next, I the following proici'y I v.t I -, C thnnvu; a ule their 1 lntr.->rt.s. bei'4:; m.tl.; :' :j YV, reamn4 }'ootseap an i F. m

are all never full alike some trees suing tn the maker. r-jt Emma I I.-rni-ui1, !.is wife; P or so much thereof M will pay* the State( l prrf-ctly( wc-H.! :vsciurm: !< amid i .- irgnuus higlilyrecocmicridw Ccfff.n r4lrrrrr.. :ulni t C. '.- ;
j This embraces 1.ivid (i;. 1 liuy aitl: hii: : : 1'. t i\ due 44'l thu S uric for t'ie year 1*> I ):-The SV : its nseFor sV Is i r : .
much more and I faster than othrr->-the full i description( the whole, operation V \, He.-Jio'i.:!') .') Ship ar. I River iiiis V>i .. ;
} tnwnsliip I init-4the
rai.re: ;
It.iney, his v.iV; .hi lliul- J C ALLIvX
of the ; ; SofcATntMarch Jloot-Ia tr Lt't'er I'rcIllammk .
indicate Tin -
ones me neces/ity of i "dipping, or making: of pen- t o-.vn of 11)1.1 on the west, and I lh-j :\pVdaeictd a
which is done with l tine, save the pretnr.ition of the barrels. -'in.11k .und.r ilcAlpin and 2-, i?;- tV1 tir : Ym1achiC01a I flth: nt Exrba. :-V :>r i t".ewf
irou-tiuwcl I like ; liver the
i "in I instrument on east, purport ins to belong to I H. V.I'nell. .
()4u.-n I lld I V
olIiverry Dill -
uerty -sIILCS fo lore
Jat ic-Ct-ivet tor IMarchi i iJL
called a "dipper" having a socket The: timber of which i they are made is usually : Cutter i.. (Co. ; Jaine.sii.ijv'.rt : close mon AloV i, S 1sctirn; } 1, township 1 and sa.e '
to receive a v.Motlen; Inudle of three or got out by I the same;i hands who make! : 1 : and Jo'm i i N. I Hawthorn t on lots r arise N and W ; X K J section-Jo: township ] V. u: ssrnr: ms u.v xt rcmdmnes# I : : i: -
tr.igc -
--- V V
four feet. Tim Made i i'z ten or iwelvc the turpentine; and commonly() taken from 1 r.mstilutiti-j:; the! fniitof 5o! :iit Xos.o( ant.i n ln.ro: s, :X and Vv' ; fractional s-ctioti( {, ditto m :;__ : ::_:,.1;? to nimnf!; clvsr.ii[ : -.v, or repairtl! 1, rrc-r AND orr.-- .

inches long, about six inches wide in the u t the simo land as the wood for the boxes.- t.; I : vtliirii ; 1) tviii : Ill bloc'. : '!, } i.IIVt3Y(55$1d} I tli'3tchrr.m 1: Lead; .ifi i tralUs V/iif : I.ty I.- V V I

middle, Iap'i :.iz: to an 3v.I j.oii.t, md fiat The staves; are cut thirty-two inches in iXivi.I S. ICciKU'tly! : i jle-iry Lavjrly I El 1 in the lush, i'.ini'isthclands nf ;\I-3.: Thoiarss and h t'n1palachicolaRiT. ?!> s-.L.ot-5 tin- |'tr-\r: ? i 'lis Old! (;:ayitjij [. : ( 01 ; jV I txa4.emt.. I V
j length and three Jmi; s S.; Hr.t'sd'a iitnlHamiltm cf _\ Ais'>, D) acres land jiiirj'orfr.s ; ) i ) ciHf/fn-r-r, aa'; V1! 11' 1:; En' stirtct atieaJiua to ..
on both sidvs, u-llh ihe sibsun-: !; of ab'Mit I fourths of an inch i in I i ; city Apalachicola. ; lo> as.soitftl lair.t iln-: : t> k ,
thickness the. Murray.' cLV.I: ittil iug i to tir1oa to .Jimr.es I Hudson, j >;:.iuj; Jam. V.; orders to aia s >n.e new o::<>s. I Brown Yfl'ftW Ociii Pi.
t I hc d (
fouilh about Spar.iu tit
one <>1 an irt-is m il.i<'kne! <-. in the ; < 17 1 inches in diameter N'all'.s land and I the I Armon-j Xo. .i
; not kui'.vn.
t hf firm of 1rdm'.d'l ic. M pT'ER: 1I'VSR.RT.
middle, declining in a dull: edge at : lupoint ; so that the barrel may contain thir urrav ; .Also, "' 'i acres I.Kiil purpoitin" l to P. rec4m&'ii and fur sale bvrchl "
Crumby and ---- ira- ; ; >) belong !MeJormicl ::>- hoji! in tluuT sjory ff Ilrick iJuililinu', rorner IIK.. \P.E.;
ami side*. Th instrument j in hand and m ty-two) gallons. : ;, joining Sir.ih X'iill's and the V
t Arnionn
; Cin
per, cor.siiiuiir.g I ti-! firm cfCrumby stunt ail; \'al.v; ?t- Nov f*.
two rude pine bucketsnli bale or handle From the time the getting! off the scrape"' : ic. Drapir : Wilson X'o. not kii'iwn. Also, the h.id, purport; ins I toVilonsj -_ _ _ ---- Sir2:2 EcoF'.

to them, and tjarreNiih one head out I until the season of "chipping"; comessound : aiiil t.d'J -. i'ilic I to the A;>.ichiei-la Lir.d Company, l hirisn S..t A VVV.t TUST arrived pvr brL :' (VV

fixed at stated; ( dis'am-es; in i\\\\ "pattern"' ; which i i- generally: ; fiom( the first to) ])ai-lncr.-ot'the! 1 ((1V : ."i! :011; i the cfiimty of Culiiotm, boiuul-d! east bv the :IV1IIVE nndetsicn iuivu.u; purchased from ?!I.. J Kiea Fancy l'rir.ts-E: VV::> .,nd{ >-j-

or "through." the 1 man iu-gins his dipping1 j the tenth of April, t'to' hand is engaged; I incelling (O.iU; & ('t). aFi: > ;> ..wn.T \pnl.ichicoli Ilivir, and we .t by Old Jlivtr m _2. IJ- S. ilavL'V hw entire -4oek of Dnus! New style and very soperi: i (tli. : -i..sCluna

by I thrusting his dipper in at one corner ol:; t the barrel-timber; g which ought to i i ibe ai'pe.ir.n *.'> { V : ,(- loi of the Court I cnown as Ijird's Is'and, ar.d pnt: of Feibf Pam ?.1t-do*inr- I'.i-nt-: Oil-v nas-i;! U'are, Shoi'ur- V Lawns, 1r La lies' I i'. -,

the box, ranging it down to the bottom I and(I well I seasoned() ) when made; up for "dip ", j i J. that the above! !: ',\i i i-icmlant.s( do not re-id I.;, chase. ISAAC JACK-JON, IierifYand nifuri*, &.e. will e.ititiit'i: : tu! > b':-,.. -* .{: ; ? ./ /*5- Io'aricv: Drcxs. 1:1: IV..: t( V
I within (the St.ite ol FI : e\-nIicio( Tax Collector, Calhoun Co. sal' itn'l Ju '.v:7, at t'.n.Ul: :.l ii 5tnnter r,:' IV.iteran _.
1OendL Mtisu&mto
pressing it upward toward the other corner barrels ; and] it will save I time I :and loss of)II | .iiu.i. but witliin the I ? V\ :rsr; ::
a') I Ic;
united States( I It is Ihor f; iay all with I : ; t I : I >rc ordered, i that publieati'ni __ ss sayto ard sbie.IVI !
turpentine to
a quick motion. When separate): I the heart :and j
sap i !hitI m-i.: in the CoInun.reialttvettise and termer |>airfcot"! tiL4 c'-j'-iljlis-Urri nt that his : pcs ,1.lld and whitecerd.'l '
I the whole) contends of th( boxes are collected staves as they are: bing; cut, so that the forj!j ; C)7.3i13. trk j
once \-cck, fir I Ic' us eo'nj.leto. e'.nbnejrc every nrtirle usually Ladi,4' .
: s"c, offn-.ir i inonth-: of t the iar2cv J mma Shades find P..I.IS is,
on the Hat surface of the dipper mer nv.y be ;nndcinto I! "dip" ;and I tin; latter institution of s.iid; suit, i-e.-uiring then to 1 TAX COLLECTOR'S: SALE.T7"ILL ; kept in Southern Drttt;* Sf'>r V-, aIIII{ (ii.irm, arr.it 5Tnicnts > I Mich ivory and Paper Tans,

which is i immediately carried to t the bucket I. into "scrape" barrels-the h'-ait staves i re- j answir to t the said bill of foreclosure, apponrand on' or 1 %\V; be sold on the sc'coadI(>;Idav in Sep roeotstly i-tll-cfed, will b. i-eguLrly su ilted isinvt! Mnsiins-;a1zariiis ..: d i therCG -
that being: sat quite up to the tree-the dipper taming ;and;, !hoi-ling the liquid while it will !, 1-iore( I tht.. ev.iiration uf I Jhrt lime, '.r said bill 1 Irutiir next, ((11th I ) ::t the I seloir with: nvsh sttuie: | articles.Pl.y G -( fVr Sprinc: lrt'ses.

is drawn over the near edge of the bucket soak( ,!. rt,1, ihfi t.-ijt .S///JY.V. The cosi I'rio t j will E b.lake'ia, c'c.esspil' ( :.giinst t Ihcrn and such within, at the lloache's.tul! hours I'lull'of, sale i in Washington the! followins county:, .:ii>i-n<, Pi u.ters; 'nuntrv :"Mrchant:* and L.uk Kid Walking Shoes. i fl>V-V' > ..iiiid (
ti ,
to cleanse! it fiom the) adhering t turpentine i- these barrels is estimated at from twenty t t fuitiicr order givun in (the premises as to the to wit property I- others will find it t-> their i-it.-r. -t t.- call and e c:- Do- black arui colored Kid .s.i : a

; and to accomplish this the moreejieetually I thirty t cents each Thus I it may: be seen l Couit) mav SiTia! ine.-t. Four, hundred: and eighty acres of land, Inn arniio his stock and rrk-f- !Ii l orcle,s will be Fl.reRce, Leghorn, Open-wiu: ..:.u Li 1

a j-trip j of 1 hoop iron i is fixed in i the that, like the engagements of a farm-hand. (A Cotiy-T.-ste.) i n Holme's Valley, levied on as the property ofh g promptly attended to in [K-r* >a h .-" :uraw Bo'n&tts,

edge of the bucket i to draw the dipper) (Lii.t .-- I in always finding: something needful: I t to bo Mireh WILLIAM_ VALLEAU, Clerk. t; e-t-atc of Jacob A. JUackwell, and to be sold !March 1 Is Hi.-; _ _IL ._ARELL.PRICES _. Hairy. striped and figured Swiss and J
20, 1 s |'; I j-j. I jnin : ri-4ins.
The first box: being thus emptied, with done) in every day of ihc year: and something 'or: the taxes for the year I'> 15.Alo Ii ':Y-rc;

quick step the next is reached) and so continued that should not be neglected, so with m t the.turpentinehand i Ci2 ( :i riit'Coi't. one hundred aibl sixty acres of land, ly- I'flINT WARFiiOL. gritrds 1sideianv> .si-U other luW.frosz articles. \\!.irh thtJt

until the bucket is nearly full-it ) I I the whole year has i its various KRAXKLIX COXTY! ; FLORIDA.Bcijanu"i i'is.on. I llickroy Hill[ L-vied en ns the property( ofniackstone REDl'v'El! ) :bI.ircli: VtTV- i

holding about eight gallons wh"n 'i lull! ; the demands! upon) him in their proper) ( : : ,1. Jriilin, ) attn to be sold for the taxes ___
vs. V fur the II3. At the extensive FtIlsuieuut: i r
man canie.sit to I the barrel, and L turns I it in) season ; so I that there is no time for him I oSlahe Foreclosure r-f Mortgage. year :rVails, (tC.rjm .
James; YSioitb.. ) Also, fvi'ty acres of land, lying in TIolrr.es'Valley tlXTS ONLY,
and there leaves f from his I LVE tiUrbers itird f.I Ij
it to drain, while he is t turpentine have ois liui!
crop.IJs'y r- ; i iH defpn..tnt! and all others ore hereby notiIK i- levied on as (the property of John c;. Jiiss: ,
filling the other bucket, which is soon I to ----'---- and be sold for the r.YV wholesale ar.sl retail, i I.w f> r C !
--- ---- --- .VA. 1 1 I Hint t I the petition(j I I to foreclose to ) 1 taxes for the venr 1s- !1i.
take its place.) Thus )hand will fill a mortgage V4 'r5'V.3A & F ii !3VSI S C. "p1 -.. 2f> ton* a'rtetI Iron ; ">o k. _'s itreiI V
a from
four to seven barrels: a day ; sonic active, j IIE s'l'xcribcrs' ofler for sale a lirue nnd has this d I iy bt-t-i filed in the ofiire oi I levied on as t the propeity of A. S. Bryant, and 1 to( IVIVI CHDAU STRKIIT. X. Yi UK. Sheet X o ktg;and s S'ikfs;Bt iltrr, Wrought! ana Cur,

quick hands; have filled as ten barrels scnJL the Clerk of sal: Coint >inl be sold for the year 1 I' !l. This as
many soluble! siock' of Dry Goods?, confuting ; t hal judgment; will stock of PRIXTED CALICUl-N, nearly I I"Lliv! \\V.re a : :ieral as-i.rtrun.s'nil.ir ,
a day.; This is i ih! whole process ofdipping. part: of l bo prayed if-r at the next fall term of I s-ti'l Cumin JOhNV.. COOK, .Sheriff, all: reivutlv 1)hmrih.a'i < ei! fi r eas'i .iud iiort riedit t, and C,>Itlrt M KtttUs,

The first dipping of I the newlycut l Nerro;: Kerseys( and Linseys A. G. SEMMKS, anil cx-ofiicio State Tax Collector. AT GlirLVTLV: P.CDL'CCD I'Ril'F.SarcotUfrcd} i'--o'f i.ii Parlor Stov Sail In.- ,
boxes Ii.il June 1 11 1 ::1 IslO. 21-Jm I I Att'y I for lkrtioner.V March 2s: l i'sir;. KMim at I rota s, -
isthepurely "virgin dip, though: White Lll(l KJannuU, ---- _ Blaf-bsmif\ T<>* Is, I ff.re. f.4rItVI; ,

the whole product of the fust year of the I'laiii and Fancy Jeans, Jls)12: Circuit <;;>tii't.Iln ::te 'a): CoHeco"s :tIe. 1 Jo G Cc2J: (Per Yard) S1>W23 STHAX Einutvi'ia aid J tV.r, F'i.

Pine i is commonly called the virgin (hi1)." Double I willed lWee(1 li Spears, ) Fir- Dt-zs. FIRST; MOXDAY THE
0 I Ivtition lECiMBE: Is 10. PRICKS: ; DF) APRIL.fff" .
It is little remarkable that Super fancyi Caatneres, V3' f for I-orcclosurc I of f Ito kj* nuiI t hmmrntti nMirlin ," ,
not a : the first I virtue of the power vested in me by law, I :;: Puiehasersuro j uaiantfcd; the prices- :> s. >
: clipping is very dillerent, in being thin: oily:, Super r.-.sflish ami Frctr.h Cloths, Robert V/'lIalsl! l.rMF. l. i\lontgage. BY expo e for sale before (the Couit House allowance intd for a given ptrird.X5 Span Yarn, Ma"tlh V f '

and transparent);) or more so, I than; any that Whitney Jilankefs Blankets, I HI I), U I I and 1 IvJqrDjiliil } I i: di'feidant will take notice that at the door, in the town of JMarianna, Jackson county, (; Cafaloirues (renewv'il and corrects daily) Anchors, Pitch, O.ikirr, T r. C'. .n V V
S, 'J and 10 1 r>r.$. _J_ Fall I Term, I is n I ; of Turpentine } Li.> .
the Circuit Court fur Sfjcrm and Lisv l
the Florida the first in the
will December regulating *
tree ever again afford ; and perhapsnot ] Denim- Kremlins on Alonday next, price :-are placed in the hands[
Cottosradcs, Jackson County, I will apply to t the said Courlfora the of Paint-; antI! Brush. .\ Ri..imi uu*i Pum; tV
less strange that the product of each\ Hro-.vM Shilling and following( property, or so much thereof as will li'iyer?, sent with tjoods urdcred.

succeeding year, as long as the tree i is cultivated i- (Cotton ( lcetiiig, judgment of foreclosure, of a certain mortrn pay the State and County Taxes due thereon t for: __New York, June: X, I**, l ti>. \ ::5iTU1 Matts, Pumps and jackets, *
ovecuted him Tin
a ( by to the! plaintiff% on the 1st the year 1Sl 15 : and Sheet Iron Ware. V
is dillerent from their :antecedents. Cotton: Drilling and( Ticking, of January 1 IS in, 021 two slaves named Allen am ."2U I acres .d rate land-Nos. not known- Ulan-Ill 1IOBEISTS. \LLE> *

Every succeeding year( I the t turpentine becomes Linen and Cotton Chocks, Bcny. A. I II. 15US11 1, to belong to Council &. j Mills.8J 1 1 purporting reeive'.l .">:),(JjtJ il-et Yellow Pine Lumber -

thicker and more deeply colored(I, Jri-h Linen, Shirting i and Sheet in Attorney for Petitioner. ( acres of od rate land belonging to John ,J assorted qualities. Al ', Oi: hand .11:Y iji)'jo( *i05S, Rails, AT.

from; n light cream towaid an orange ; and l.leacbed Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, Marianna, July 1H, 1's is'; 3. Im. Davis. feet White Pineassorted from J to'::2 inch, which! ( ") TONS Swede I Iron, sorttil siz*

E-iglisli: : : Frerieh and American Prints, will be sold Imv Jor the cash, 1wPE'l'ER .., ilti) ke4 Nail c'o.I .
yet not dill'ering perceptibly) in its yield of Extra -a- r 1'3U acres of .Id rate land belonsincf to the estate

spirits. It i is from the virgin dip only, S'iper sunr Cashmere, plain d'Kcos and twilled Ginghams, 4 To P'itei's1 of Levin Brown, and adjoining the 10th sectionat lion ART. -I casks! Wef-dini; Hoes, assorted IlUaIhe!:

TyPE FOUXDHY)I AXI) rown's No Lumber will be delivered from the yard, 2U Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils
that the white t rosin PRINTERS' FUR i'erry.
rent much
s'> K\tra V
fflISJi I Mu' lii do l Laine
used in the arts and in super : NlShI1NVAIEIO1JJ.[ "20 acres of'2d rate land belonging to the estate after this date nnlw[ paid for, or a written order liu Ensrlish and American ]
Scotch and
especially making English, American do.
r lIE subscribers) have opened a new Type of William IJanlcs. from a responsible person. larch 2S 20 Bellows,
the fine white can be made.; Whenthe Super; I Kalian I black and figured Silks
in the 12: dozen Shovel
l-'onndry city of New York, where 3-27 acres of 1st rate land belonging to David Spades and ,
dipping is thus over the next work is to Black Silk Cravats and frnc.y 1 HklV, they are ready to supply orders to any extent, foi Gertman. (1 1 111 DS. St. Uioix Siuwr, 10 Collin's Axes.

t '' chip or scarify the tree, immediately 1 Super English and Pongee Silk I Hkfs, any kind of Job or Fancy Type, Ink, Paper, CasesGalleys 3.U( acres of 2d rate land belonging to Malchomb 1'() JO do New Orleans Sugar, to arrive, 10 bvs Cotton and Woolen Cards.I .
over the box and English nnd American Cotton Ilkfs, Brass Rule lIft sacks Rio Coke ; oU do! Java Mitt 1
extending across I the face STEKL COLUMN RULE H:, Gilchrist.KJO I case Rowland's Cast Steel
between perpendicular! lines, arising fromthe Madras: ( and Verona head I Hkfs, Composing Sticks, Chases, and every article, nccessary ; acres of 2nd rate land belonging to Henry -1 1 cases Hyson Tea, loom lbs Cast and German Steel, I IVM. feT.
Ladies' Cotton Hose I
corners or outer edges of the box.- Gents Ilf-hnse, for a Printing Oiiice. Also second hand Ilannan.SU JO bvs Aromatic Tobacoo, \ C. PORTER
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings, materials. T>(0 Mctf d do. Brown's and Labby's, Xov 20TpOLr.KR'S 1, Watetc
This is (lone by an ihistrulneat usually called\ ( acres of 2J rate land belonging to James
'otto' and
Flax Thread "
The Type which are cut in imitation of the Mont fort.SO 20: t) Sperm Candles; .it f) ss brown Soap,
a hacker, sometimes: "shave." Its form Plain and ui'tI Swiss and checked Muslins, En: lii letters, are cast in new Moulds, from lii acres of 2d rate land to 100 bags Shot ; flukes? Powder, Olosaonian.or All H I'J3I. '

is somewhat like a "round shave," narrowing Jacoret and Cambric Muslins, entirely new set of Matrixes with deep counters, ton Mayo. belonging Washing SOiJi) lbs Lead ; 1 casks LuLved Oil, for Consumption, Asfhrn.i. J
at the cutting place; to the diameter of Nee&1ie s, Pins, Ta >e, &e. &c 200 t i Ia-3 White the us *
Lead ot
arc warranted to be unsuipassed by any, and wi ill 1 iro acres of 2d rate land belonging to Xo. I Extra and Pu Complaint, and all diseases J
an inch, with a shtnk: to be fixed securely lvhidi have been selected! with great care in be sold to suit the times. All I the type fnrnisheiby : I &. Dmlly Peoples. Henry For sale by W. Ci. PORTER & Co. lun s, for sale by r

into a strong heavy handle of about two feet: ; New Yorcand Boston, from I Importers and! Agents us is hand cast." The types from any (bun- 10 acres of 3d rate land belonging to Wiley Xov20 l) tl Wafer_ street. Apr ill 1 H.TUST F. .

iu length while! the faces of the trees are f M.mnficturers, at the lowest market rates, and dry can he matched this establishment. Stewart.SO < ..-. -- V i
are now dlered at wholcsile oretail: on favorableterms I,. ;i 220531?. received l bni Moreafrod ; ,
Printing Presses furnished also 4
low, but the handle is made longer, as : Steam Engine acres of Cd rate land to G. I G. per

years !by 'WM. G. PORTER & Co. of the most approved patterns. I Windham.IfiO belonging l ifl POS. very hetvy Louisville, Man & J 50 ke-js; Xos. l' and ', Lead ; ( J0
advance the faces With L
higher. the
hacker Nov. 29, 1 1S13. -11 Water st reet. 03* Composition Rollers cast for Printers.COCKROFT It.j Co. Bagging ; :Vtuu) coils Bale Roj)e, Linseed Oil ; 5(30( Ibs. Putty; 2'') bc
the man stands nearly in front of the band ''X, ( acres of 1st rate land belonging to John for sale by CCfl
[:: & OVEREND, 11. Wilson. and 10 by 1 12Glass! ; pint
makes: a stroke from a perpendicular DrutS, ZVIcdiriues Cheniical s. Dec. 13, IS 15. Iy OS An n-st., NewYork. SAMUEL STEVENS March 7 J. DAY fc Co.Saddlery Water ; "n 1 I>0 HH fresh Tamanns;

line to the corner, toward the centre or line ANOTHER supply of fresh Drugs just I re- _ Sheriff and Syrups, for sale by

from the middle of the box, upward, cutting Brig Republic, which makes fly Oil COflSiHflUt.T ex-oflicio Tax Collector' Jackson County. for aItt Cost and May 10. H. _F.
Per __
a furrow like gash through hail; and] assortment complete, and of the best quality. lIE subscriber has just received from t lie Marianna June Deputy.
1,1310. i l-ts hand Rope.
J. C. ALLKN. manufacturers HAVING on an assortment of Saddles, ag-iI2; ; an l
fiap-wood, and about fourth of an inch deep and publishers a beautiful I lo
: N. B. My Store will bo kept open the entire of Paper fee. &c I will dispose of them as PCS. Kentucky Baing
into the wood This is mostly done with Hangings: Foolscap and Letter Paper, CoOec. above for cash. 100 Ik.5'
Summer. All orders lot) coils 30 CS
stroke' when the thankfully promptJv Day Books, Journals and Legers, Bibles, Pray BAGS: Rio Coflee from Rope ;
one 7 Virginia
man immediately attended to and correctly Books landing brig On hand a fine Buy anti Harness, which will 1 bales 1agmn
put up. etc. which he offers
very _1_ I t/ for sale
changes hands and makes by be sold for ca-h.
or position) ) ; a M..v G IV 1 b 7 F. KOPMAX.' lb VM. 6. i'Ol.T'Nnv
April J. DAY & Co. M.nchft p. HOBART 'I I