1~-I -




o- Office, Jo'b. 2 Capt. Simmun's Building,
cor. oifCentre & Commrfercestrc-ets.
nov5 Apalachicola, Fla.


KOffice, Third Story Baltzell's Buildings, corner of
Commerce and Chestnut streets.
SUBSCRIPTIONs.-Three Dollars per annum,
if paid in advance, or $3 50 if paid within six
v.months, or $4 00 if paid thereafter.
No subscription taken for a less term than six
,.months-and $2 wil! invariably be charg.-d for
:4hat period. No paper will be I o' liil'n ,.-d until
;all arrearages are paid, unless at the option of the
^proprietor. ? 1
ADVERTIS-MENTS.-One square, (twelve lines
Ir "q) will be inserted at the r.-toc One Dol-
"- .or the 'first, and Fifty Cenfs for every subse-
--At insertion. .
'VTc those who advertise by the year a liberal
(Siscot witllbe made; but all advertisements not
strItv l'/pertiiiiinr to their own business, as well
as a1l, ,-al ].*rri, i- *-,t in by them, will
be c;r~ed at the usual rates.
8^-All legal advertisements must be paid for
in 4-.1 ,-e.
'>'.o-:i 'Pi %e Dollars will be charged for announc-
ing candidates for office.
8(- All advertisements from a distance must
be accompanied with the cash, or city reference,
to insure insertion.

CCharles Rogxers John Munn. Eugene W. Rogers.
C!ian.. Roers & Co.,
Water street,
April 7, 1846. Apalachicola, Fa.
S. Davenaport,
'.- No. 50 Water-street,
Apalachicola, Fa.
"-Liberal Advances mide on consignments
to my friends in New Orleans, New York or
Liverpool. April, 1846.
1-1. r. Abell,
OILS, GLASS, &c., &c.
Also--A general assortment of Statinery.
Cor. of Chestnut and Water streets,,
April 11 Apalachicola, Fa.
IB. D. Dardten,
No. 2 Columbus Buildings,
Dec. 20, 1845. Apalachicola, Fa.
B. F. Course,. H. B. Stone, H. W. Brooks.
Nourse, Stone 0% Co.,
No. 46 'Water st-ee(,
novel Apalachicola, Fla.

J. C. Alien,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
d general awsortment of
cor. of Centre & Commerce- streets.
nova Apalachicola, Fla.
P. Blobart,
f^ No. 44 Water street-Up stairs,
novl6 Apalachicoia. Fla.


Cooke & Horne,
No. 13, St. Charles Streel,
feb S.

Harper & Iolhnes,
Js-ents for the
of* the City of Vew York, i
No. 51 Water street,
,5. Apalachicola, F.
A. Iwara d lcCilly,
.;,..:3i- ^._-'MER-CHANT AND DEALER
'o.'9 Columbus Block,
Apalachicola, Fa.
G a. Porter & Co.
No. 41 Water Street,
Apalaohicola, Fa.

-Wili. T. Wood,
No. 42 Water street,
A). Apalachicola, Fa.

Bagging and: ope.

100'L 100 coils Rope; fi,., i-, Ilegsiang,
4 bales Bazing" Twine, for sale by
Nov 29 41 W\Vier strPet.

E9oberts, Alien & Co.,
BRASS, &c.
Hardware, Stoves, Britannia and Japaned Wares,
Iron, Steel, Nails, Spikes, Grate Bars,
Sugar Kettles and Mills, and other
Castings; Ship Chandlery, &c.
Oct. 25, 1845. APALACHICOLA, Fa
Dickey & flammond,
3-2 Water-srteet, Apalachicola, Fa.
O ctober is, t -4 42tt' -
IB. 1. Taylor,
-2 lNo. 22 Water-street,
; ,'i ly Apalachicola.
, H1enry f1ledges,
22 Water street, APALACHICOLA, Fa.
Wood & Co.,
No. 32, Water street,
Nov. 1,1845. Apalachicola, Fa.
Liberal advances made on consignments.
The strictest attention paid to Sales out Doors.
Sales at Store every Saturday.
Clover Seed.
A FEW pounds of large Red Northern Clover
* Seed, for sale by
April 4 H. F. ABEL.
'Congress Spring Water
JUST received per schr. LeRoy, and for sale by
March 21 J. C. ALLEN.





to, daiys of weary conflict, and long nights
of anxious care. But who shall paint them?
Are they no t graven on the hearts of wives?
and lose who hold the picture there in all
ts beauty, vividness and truth, would '^
scarcely wish to draw aside the veil which
screcens it from the vorld.
"They are very clever kind of people-
their farther came of an old and highly res-
pectable family," remarked a person with
whom we were conversing a few days since,
in a tone of voice that plainly showed why
he viewed the individuals to whom allusion
had bh(,tn made with any kind of favor.-:
Their father came of an old andJ'yiighly
respectable, family !" Their own intrinsic
excellence of character-their pure princi-
ples, and high-toned virtuous feelings, were
nothing in the scale of estimation. The
respectable family from which they had des-
cen led, was the criterion by which they
were judged. :
Now, this slang of respectable," as we
have chosen to call it, is, in our county in-
sufferable. What does it mean? Simply,
Ihat a man or a woman, because he or she
happened to be born of parents who, by a
combination of circumstances, often beyond
their control, occupied n certain elevated
position, is ;o be treated with particular at-
tenmion, and flattered into undue self-estima-
tion ; while the indi-idual whose scale claim ;
to consideration has no other foundation
than his own virtuous energy, struggling
against dificnifies and discouraigement, is to
be passed wiih iniliffereuce or contempt.
Who is he" and not 1'!"ta is he?" is
the too prevalent question asked in regard lo-",
dhn stranger. And it is asked sincerely and
selfs.irl-for it is a low, selfish feeling, that,
in nine c.ises out of ten, prompts the ques-
tion. Iflihe answer is that lie belongs to a .
" respectable' niily, it is enough-that is '
sifficient endorsement. The more respect-
able his family, the stronger the reflection of
respeclabilniy which will he recievcd by an
associ;>lion, as it is the selfish desire to get
factitious respectability, which is, after all, at
the hot'om of all this deference to spurious
It mnay be affirmed, we think, that in four
cases out of five, the individuals guilty of
the puerile, not to say contemptible, folly
we are condemning, have no claims what-
ever to social estimation either from family
connections or inlirinsic worth; the weak
childish lovers of distinction, for its own
sake of the power to do good that such a
r,;i-,ion giv7es--and conscious that within
themselves is no power of self-elevatiou,
they become what in England is know by
the elegant term "toadies,"-mere fawnera.
upon, and seekers after, those who are, ian
their eyes, great people. The conversation
of this class of people is generally mnde up.
of animated descriptions of this fashionable
lady's party, at which they were present, or
of that distin'uis hed gentleman's sayings.
and doin-TF, nf which they were car and eye--
withnsses. They are hand and glove with
every individual of note, male ard female,
in the city-visitihg them, so they allege,
regularly, and coming into almost daily in-
timate and social intercourse with persons.
whom you would have supposed could and
would see through them at a glance, and .
who perhaps do, and endure with as much.
patience the infliction of their society as.
we d1o that of an insect's whichh knows no,,
better than to annoy us by creeping ovef-
our face, and which we do not feel inclined.
to destroy.
But against all this is arrayed the clear,.
strong common sense of the vigorous, effec-
tive maiss--tbe thinking and active body of"
the people, for it is opposite to the genius:
of our political and social organizations, -and
can only exist as a fungus excresence,
brought into existence by living principles;
acting upon decaying substances. The im--
pertinence of "is his family respectable?'-
can never throw into neglect and obscurity
the man ofstrong and sense, directed by right:
principles. These will be felt in society,.
and demand from thim his right atd truly
eq'ective position, and he will rise in just;
estimastion, and aet with a broad influence,
while the seeker after a false respectability,,
in the hope of shining in a borrowed light,. ,
will sink into merited contempt. This is.
the law stampled upon society in oar count-
ry. There is here an universal upward,
sir'naale, and every man that is horn is fr~ee,
to .iotn in the contest for !lhe Irue distinction^
El is family connection will be nothing to,
him if he do not as an individual and upont
the strength of individual worth, strive with
equal or superior energy with the unknown
individual by his side.--Phitaddlphia i8a-
turday Courier.

I saw an infart in its motlier's arms,
Aod leti it sireing ;
Years pased-I s;,Nw a -irl' with woman's charms,
In sorrow weeping.
Vears passed--I saw a mother with her child,
And ,'Tr it lltgjiii h ;
Years bro't me back--yet through her tears she
In deeper anguish.
I left her-yoars had vanished ; I retreated,
And ~tood before her ;
A lamp b-, idr, the, ch(ildIless v.iidow burned-
Grief'- mlutiile o'er her.
In tears I fupnd her whom I left in tears,
On God ti.v :
And I rcturw,, ;;sa i i, -.mit years,
Arid lonu.d lher d irnl.
An infant ftilt, and then a maiden fair-
A \vil',--a illhtir-
And ltell \ .llhd'.e -. widow in despair-
Thus met a brother.
And thuis vvc meet cn earth-and thus we part
To mi-et-- h,) nv(,r!
Till dceathib hi iiold: the ii[ leave th. heart,
To live forever.

C- May b. f,,und at his residence, corner of
Centre and ttigh streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov S.
Dr. A. IV. Cliapiami,
{}(7 Office over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawley,
(entrance on CheslnUt streeT.) Rt-sidence at the
house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
January 10, 18-16. 2-tf

chainbcr wishing him a good night's rest t
iind renred to ;ian ualjoining apartment. (
"-Join whispred the wom-an "that is a
good aentlein;in, ;!nd not oOe of the high- a
vaymeil as I supposed." i
Yes, Sus;)n." saidl he, I like him bet- s
er for thinking of his God, than for all his s
inquiries ;after our welfare. I wish .our
Peiri h~id been from the army to hear this
uinn talk; I am sur,'e WVashington himself
*onhld not say more for his country, nor t
give a better history of the hardships en- f
dured by oui brave soldiers."
"Who knows now," enquired the wi %e,
"but it may be himself, after ill, my dear,
for t;iv ".IV lie travels, so all alone, son-me-
tirnes. "Hark what's that ?"
The sound of a voice came from !he
chamber of the guest;' who was now en-
-ageod it lis private religious worship.-
Ctiter thinking the crenaor fur his Dany
nwercips, ;ud uds!,ing a blessiug on ,'le il-
hialilts of' the hIoi.se, he continued; and
now Athliihliy Father. if it is thy holy will
tha; we shall obtlain ; place and iaime atrinn
'lie uitionz5 el"tie earth, grant that we shall
be cr;bic)i to show our gratitude fur thy
aoodncss by) endeavoring 9T obey thee.-
Bless us with wisdom in our councils, suc-
cess in battle, and iet our victories be tem-
pered \vi h hninanity. Endow also our
enemies wiilh enhi.hiened minds, that they
in;iy become senible oflheir injustice, and
wiiiing to restore us our liberty and peace.
Grant the pt-lition of thy serv:int for the ski.e
of llim whom lthou hiast called thy Son,
nevertlheles.s, let nut my Nill but thine be
done. Amen.
Thie next morning thle traveller declined
the pressing s,-oliilftions to breakfast will]
lhis host, declared it was necessary for him
to cros; the river immediately, at the same
time off'criue a pjirt of his purse as compen-
s~iiiiii for the al!-niion lie had received,
which %.'as rrfilsed.
"Well, sir," concluded lie, "since yon
will not ail!w mte to recompense you tfor
your tioulle, it ii but just ih;it I should in-
Ior. you on whlom you have conferred so
many obligations, and also to add to them
by requestiuin' your assitance in crossing the
river. 1 had ben out yesterday in endea-
voring to obtain some information respecting
our enemy, Dinll being alone, went too far
from our camp, on my return I was surpri-
sed by :n foraging party, and only escaped by
my knowledge of the roads and the fleetnes,
of my horse. MIy name is George Wash-
Strprise kept the listener silent for a mo-
ment; ihen aftrr unsuccssfu!ly repe'itine his
invitation to partalke (if sonit. reifleshinents,
lie hasieved to cill two tie.roues, withwhose
assist"1ace he placed the horse on a raft of
timber that wais lying near the door, and
soon conveyed the (Gener:il !o the other side.
where lie left himn to pursue his way to ihe
cainp, wisliin -him a prosperous journey.-
01 his relirii to the housp, lie pound that
while lie was engaged niakin-c preparations
for conveying the horse across the river, his
illustrious guest hall succeeded in persuad-
ing the woman to accept a token of remem-
brance, which the family are proud of ex-
hihiting to this day.
The above is one of thie mainy hazards
encountered by this truly great patriot, for
the purpose of transmitting to posterity the
treasures we now enjoy. Let us acknow-
ledge the benefits received, by our endtea-
voritig to preserve themn in purity, and by
keelilg in reinemberancie flhe great Source
whence ihese blessings come, be euiibled to
render our names worthy of being enrolled
with that of "the Father of his Country."
And after all, what is it that man seeks in

the companionship (if a woman ? An in-
fluence like the gentle dew, and the cheering
light, more felt throug-hout tire whole of his
existence, in its softening, healing, harmon-
izing power, than can he acknowledged by
a single act, or recognized by any certain
rule. It is in fact a heing to come home to, in
the happiest of that expression. PIeliP lays
of ancient times were wonst to tell how th~e
hold warrior, returning from the fight, wouhd
doff his pllumedl helmet, alnd reposing fromn
his toils, lay bare hiis weary linmbs that wo-
mnan's haMd might pour into their wounds
the healing b~alm.
But never wearied knigh]t nor warrior
covered will the dust of the baltle-field, wais
more in need of woman's soothing power,
lihan those care-worn sons of the soil, who
struggle for the bread of life in our more
peaceful and enlightened days. And still,
though the romance of the castle, the hel-
met, the waving iplume, and the
"Clarion wild and high,"
may all have vanished from the sceno, the
charm of woman's influence lives as bright-
ly in tlhe picture of domestic joy. as when
she ph;,ced the wreath of victory on the
hero's brow. Nay, more so, f'or there are
deeper sensibilities at work, thoughi.3 more

intense, in our great theatre of intellectual
;nd moral strife, than where the contest for
mirti.,l fame, and force oforms procured for
each competitor his share of glory or of
Among all changes which have taken
pl;ife in the condition of mankind, it is then
not the least ofwomnan's privileges, that she
can still be all to man which his necessities
require; that he can retire from the tuinult
oft he world, and seek her society with a zest
which uiothing can imnpair, so long as she
receives hiim with a true and fiiih!iful henrt-
true to the best and kindest impulses of
which her nature is capable; and sacred to
the faithful trust committed to her care.
And that it is so, how many a home can
witness-how many a fireside welcome-how
many a happy 'meeting after absence pain-
fully prolonged. Yes, there are scenes
wifimnn the precincts o'C the household
hearth, which not the less because no starn-
ger's eye beholds them, repay, and richly

Thiomas HI. Austin,
Water Street,
Apalachicola, Fa.

B. S. Hawley,
Cor. Water and Chestnut streets,
April 4 Apalachicola, Fa.

Bitg-bee & Hfoward,
No. 7, Columbus Block,
Nov. 1, 1845. Apalachicola,*Fa.

II. E. Owens,
Ct..vYrox, Baioiar County, Alabama.
April 29, 1S16. 2-tf

W. G. Ifl. Davis,
Cj- Office in Floyd's new BuildiniT, op.posite
the Mansion Hlouse. Dec 1c3, 18i.
A. G. Semines,

J. I.. %& J. 31. 11Uli,
No. 4S Water street,
Nov. 1, 184-5. APALACHICOLA, FA;
David G. Hauey,
No. 43 Water street.
Nov 5. lV ,: Apalachicola, Fa.
Francis H opmal,
Cheap for Cash,
octl Chestnut-Street, Apalachicola, Fla..

:01 in; C-ll a I'Cotl.ti

One pleasant evening in the month of
June, a nrin was obseivrved entering tile bor-
ders of a woods ne(ir the eHudson River;
his appearance was that of a person above
the crmninon riuk. The ininhaittnls of ;I
country villhige wor!d have dianifid liim
by the naime of 'Squire, and from his mnin-
ner would have pronounced him prom!,
but those more ;icustomend to society would
inform yontiihere wias something like a imili-
ti'ry air iilou hiiin. H is horse panted ais if
it hadh ben pushed for some miles, yet front)
tile owler's freqir ntll! slops to caress the pi-
tient animall, lie couhl not be charged with
want of huinniilty, ltll scerned tu be acliiu-
ted bv some nrgetnt neessiiy. The rider
forsaking a good inad for a path leading
through tlhe woods, indicated aI desire to
avoid the gaze of other travellers. He had
uop left tlle house where he inquired the di-
rection of the above mentioned p;ih mure
than two hours, before the quietude, of the
place was disturbed bv the noise of thunder.
He was soon after obliged to dismount, ira-
velling becoming dangerous as darkness
concealed the surrounding objects, except
when the lightning's terrific faiish afforded a
miomentary view of his situation. A peal
louder nrd. of longer dtur;.'touihl;'i) any pre-
viously heard, which now burst over his
hiiead, seerred as if it would rernd tlhe woods
assunder. was quickly followed by a he;ivy
fril of rnlu, which penetrated the clothing
of ilhe strlIngcr, ere lie could gaiin the s1i,.1-
ter of aI large oak, which stood at a little
Almost exhausted with the labos of the
day, lie w;as about making such disposition
of tlhe saddle and liis own coat, as would
enable him to pass the night with whit
comfort circumstances would permit, when
he espied a light glimmerinsr thronllghthe
Irees. Animated wiiihthe hope of belter
lodgings, lie delerniiied to proceed. The
w;vy, which w;>s steep, became attended
,tih more obstaides as lie advanced, lIhe
soil beino composed of clay, which the raiu
hliid rendered so soft that his feet siip; ed
every step. By the utmost care, this difli-
cully was finally overcomoe without any ;icei-
(lent, and lie found himself in Ifout of'a de-
cent looking ftirin r imoi;ke. The watclh og''
began barking, which brought tile owner
of tlIe mansion to tile door.
Who isihere ?", said lie.
"A friend who has losl his way, and is
in search of shelter," was tile reply.
Come in," added the first speaker, and
whatever my house will afford, you sliall
have with welcome.
"I must first provide for the companion
of ny journey," remarked lie.
But the fariner undertook the task, and
after conducting the new comer into the
room where his wife was seated, he led the
horse to a well stored barn, aMn (there pro-
vided for him most bountifully. On rejoin-
ing their traveller, lie observed ,that's a
noble animal of yours, sir."
"Yes," was the reply, and I am sorry
to misuse hiim. so as to )rmake it necossnry
to give much trouble wilh llie care of him;
but I live yet to Ihaink you for your kind-
ness to hih of thif."
I (lid no more than my duty, sir," said
the entertainer, "arid therefore am entitled
to no Ihanks. B1 ut, Susan," added he,
turning to thle. hostess with a half reproach-
ful look, why have you not got the gen-
tlemnn something to eat?"
"Fear hiid prevented the good woman
from exercising her well known benevolence;
for a robbery had been committed by a
lawless bIand of depredators bnt a few days
before it (he neighborhood, and a report
stated the ruffiins were well dressed, her
imagination suggested that this main might
be one of them.
At tier husban cd's remonstrance, she was
readily engaged in ipp;iiritU,, her error, by
prepairinm a plentiful repast. During the
real there wais much interesiing convers-t-
Iion between the three. As Qoon as the
worthy counttrymnnat perceived thait his guest
haid satisfied iliisappetii(,, he inforamed him
that it wais now lhe liour at which ttie fami-
ly usually performed their evening devo-
tions, inviting thim to ho Ipresent. The in-
vitation was accepted in these words:
"It would afford me the greaitesi pleasure
to commune with my Hteavenly Preserver.
After the events of the day, such exercise
prepares us for the. repose wlhiclh we seek in
The host now reached his Bible fr'om the
shelf, and after reading a chapter and sing-
inga, cornrluded the whole wilh a fervent
prayer, then lighting a pine knot, conduc-
ted the person he had entertained to his

J. JLaw,
Ballbridge, (Decatur Co.) Ga.
r-j- Will attend punctually the Superior Courls
of the counties of Early, Baker and Decature of
the South Western, and of the county of"Fhttous
of the Southern Circuit. navM
JohI RA ibo,


-J 7-ILL practice in the several Courts of
T South.Westcrn Circuit, and Thomas
Stewalt counties


Auz. 5,J.S15-. 31-tf
L UMBER INSPECTOR.-The nndersigned
having been appointed Inspector of Lu itnbr
for Franklin County, offers his services to the
public in that capicity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining tosaid aplpointment. le may
be found at 22 Water street.

Lockihaart & Yomngr,
No. 53 Water street,
nov30 Apalachicola, Fla,
Sils & C-heever,
Offi-ce, No. 6 Columbus Buildings,
decl4 Apalachicola, Fla.

LUMBER INSPECTOR--The under-iegned
'having been appointed Inspector ot Lumber
for the County of Franklin, offers his services to
the public in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.
March 22, 1S45.

L UMBER INSPECTOR.-Having been ap-
pointed Inspector ot Lumber for the County
ot Franklin, the undersigned offers his services
to the public: in tht {'apacit.y, and will altteid tu
all duties appertaining to said appointment.
April 18, 1S46. BENJ. LUCAS.

At the extensive Establishment for
This stock of PRINTED CALICOES, nearly
all recently purchased for cash and short credit,
at from
1 to 6 Cents (Per Yard) LOWVEIZ
.^ Purchasers aro guaranteed the prices-and
allowances made for a given period.
r,- Catalogues (renewed anM corrected daily)
-regulating the prices-are placed in the hands
of buyers, and sent with goods ordered.
New York, June 6, 18413. 15-1y

BenjuLtaiin Salter,
No. 43 Water street-Up stairs,
Dec. 1,1815. Apalachicola, Fla.

Jas. F. Farrior,
No. 9 Golumbus iBlock,
nov9 Ap;)lachli!ola, Flq.

J. J3Day & Co.,
No. 52 Water street,
Dec 6 Apalachicola, Fa.
9U S- Also, Agents for the "iEtna Insurance. Co."
the "Protection Insurance Co." and the -Hart-
ford Insurance Co." Hartford Conn.
Ls. Fred. E. D-agas,
No. 2 Columbus Block,
Dec 6, 1815. Apalachicola, Fa.

T. J. SANFORD. 14. 11. BUTT.
Sauforl & A ftt,
No. 36 Water Street,
dec14 Apatachicola, Fla.
Avery & Jonesl,
No. 31 Water street.
Dec 13. Apalachicola, Fa.
W. A. & 1 P. C. 5R.ain,
Office, No. 4 Columbus Buildings,
Nov. 1, 1815. Apalachicola, Fa.
Win. HI. Kimbrough, 1. B. Kimbrough.
Wi. I. Kiaibrolim- & Co.,
Office, No. 25 Water street--Up stairs,
Apalachicola, Fla.
f3- Liberal advances on cotton consigned to
their friends in New York, Boston, Liverpool or
Havre. Nov. t, 18,.-1

To the Public.
H AVING dis.,osed of ,ny entire stock of
Drugs and MIedicines to Mr. H. F. Abell,
in retiring from the business, I take occasion to
return to the public, my friends and customer.,
my thanks for the patronage they have bestowed
upon the establishment while under my control;
and I take pleasure in recommending my successor
to them as worthy of their patronage, and solicit
for him a continuance of the custom heretofore
so liberally extended to me.
March 1 B- S. HAWLEY.

Goods oti Colsigaiaaa iit.
A SMIALL assorttnent ol Goods, consisting o
Ciifte, Tea, Soap, Candles, Tobacco,
Gunpowder, Brandy, &c., is ollered at New
York Invoice prices, by
jan3l 5 NOURSE, STONE & CO.

Dodge & Pratt,
N o. 40 W atp r 'a ...*
MIIcKay & S
No. 40 W,
Nov. 1, 1845.
Do B. Wo

For Sale.
Qf\ BOXES Roofing Plate, 14 by 20,
20J 30 do Tin do 1-3 K,
50 bdls Sheet Iron, Nos 12 to 20,
Braziers' and Sheathing Copper,
Block Tin, Lead, Iron and Tin'd Pivets,
Bucket Ears, Bar Iron, Hoop Iron,
Nail Rods, Tin Ware, wholesale and re-
tail, by
Per f lnle ry.
COLOGNE, Lavender, Florida Waters, Ex-
tracts, Violeta, Jassmine, Amber, Portugal,
&c. Soaps, Preston Salts, Otto of Roses, &c.
Jan 24 J. C. ALLrN.

tflemen happening to. sit at church in a pew
adjoining one in which was a young lady,
for whom lie conceived a most sudden and
violent passion, felt desirous of entering
into a courtship on the spot; but the place
not suiting a formal declaration, the exi--.
gency suggested the Mollowing text-2d *' '. '.
Epistle of John, verse 5th: -And now I
beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote a .
new commlnindmeut unto thee, but that wo .
had from the b, ,iiiin :. that we loved one _
another." She returned it with the follow-
in,-2d chapter of Ruth, 10th verse:-
" Then she fell on her face and bowed her-
self to the ground, and said unto him, why
have I found grace in line eyes, that thou
shouldest take notice of me, seeing I am a
stranger ?7" He returned the book pointing
to tie 3d Epistde of John : "Having many
thins to write unto you, I would not write
with paper and ink; but trust to come unto
you. and speak face to face." From the
above interview, the marriage took place the
ensuing week.
It may be said as truly of a knave as Of
an honest man, that his word is as good as
his oath,,

No. 29 Wat
* Nov. 1, 1845.
<' lyers &c.
No, 36 Wat


Nov 15.
Wylie T14
No. 42 Wate
Sept. 1, 1845.
licitael A. i,yers,
No. 36, Water street, _
Nov. 1, 1S45. Apalachicola, Fla.

Saddlery for Sale at Cost and
-AVING on hand an assortment of SaddIes,
Bridles, &c. &c I will dispose of them as
above for cash.
On hand a fine Buggy and Harness, which will
be sold for cash.
March 28 P. HOBART

Boots and Shioes.
IOYS' and Aen's Russet Brogans,
-D Men's sew'd and peg'd Kip Brogans,
Gents fine Calf Brogans,
Wm's peg'd and sew'd Shoes, Children's do. do.
Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes,
-Super Ladies' Gaiter Boots,
Gentlemen's coarse and fine Calf Boots,
A large and extensive assortment, just received,
and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Nov 29 41 Water street.

HE subscribers respectfully inrorm their
T friends and the public that they have taken
into partnership Mr. EUGENE W. ROGERS.
April 7, 1846.

Sainiel Schiff4er.
,0:3 Particular attention paid to putting up family,
steamboat and ship stores.
No. 49 Water street,
6r dee0 Apalachicola, Fla.

FlavoBuring Wateis.
A N assortment just received, and for sale by
Nov 29 J. C. ALLE.N, Druggist.



I Bu rtnes miectorpr.

"i* Th'- Tl'? Cp-irinerghip here-o.oie ex-
isling in tihe pnlhlir;ilion or 1i)1 l,,i|)er. li ,s
hb;ee di;,Ived y hv iinlniu'il rnnsent. The
C,,in- rrritd A,/reri;.cr" will in fI'lmor be i-
puiilihed lby J. \,. Wrr.n.o-ihe Eliir'-il
lrpmirlinent will be conducied by I'. (;. M.r j
0\vi, untiil further notice. It it unne- c
ecssiry 1to0 say h.it will he lHi t 'liitre I
pnlilie.l (llo.ilinn a.sunmeil by ih1i.; p ,pe its
previous .course, nnd ilie ,ell knomin oli-
ion., ill" i nlho e who coimliie it, einri v ,!i- v
;oc r'u nn ee : ll it it ivill evc r lie fnllidl ,ic : i
bitile in dlefence of ihosie pMc, l(lt.-, \ |i(ch
itne nv il il;s:ier lhnl rendler more e--heiil- e.1 s
,rnd fleer to every tre \'lii, p.mlriol-plii- :
ciple 3 lth.ii lfcl ihe e W hii l;P, il in ( 'on- i
grc-3"., (lurin', *ihe inoinenioui ilpelilprnlimnsl v
(n Ote "1Oreon r'plieiion, inIl enrne*l obr
ihein tlie coininerid on of one of their
liiter.st ollponenis--lurle IMcDUrFFn:-
who ep, iimed, when ihlie Tre.,ly ,pri-sed
the Srn.nie, iit "-the Whli. p:iriy in Co'n-
-rI".3 Ideqpve Ihe eiern~il .roitnide ol' ilie
eontniry. for ilicir pitriotic condttct on ihe
* Oregon question."
Srirp [r r.YT.--\\' are troiled t0 lie^,rn
,!i.'t il, sli'i i_ l.,.,in ;i nf ,t, and ri( ,n'2
-;,'I iv 11at w chor al tlife 'i ;it P;ia,;. She
411i9i;0inedl no tl nine wvhilp shorer.
"P"i iilATi .

,\ i'!, ; I',-. i,*,1 ; '. ,1,,1 v. W,,, e
, !], n ..1. .. i, .,i '[ 1 1,1. J.111, ,- i l\\ i h
,." l,,,l l ; *I ,.) I ii., -i 'l. y 1,I" r. I i .. 1 v. it -
i.-. ,ie, l 10 ...i-ll .* ',I :,,.,. N ,Ilf," hi.-,. [b ...,m.
,,;1 ,., .. ... 11 ,'il ': ,. ; f .. Ir :,, d 1 i i .. 1 ,II, i ll i i i ^j if

i.% V'. r i .'l' /. -h ; 11 I,(. fl.l .-I %kill '
,. ,'t 1, ,, .',. ""- .111.'r,, r + bl \-I ., .W e
," .. "i 1 ;', I .'.,.'i ie ,i I l" -i i eili l "' il"
1 I I' ', i' >i| ;' r 11 x\ if .l-,ll, r l hli r \ : 1,, 1 ~'i []i l.iir

, ,Il i -. ,,,'_. i ,, 1- i V ol, ,,;'. ,1 r' *,, '\
'. l vi il' \, l -' ^, .l' r- i,, I I +'!' 1 1,) 1 o l l, h .'

'. .. ]1, V," 11 ,,l 1 | ldri ll, l l ,' 1 I I-." I,, ,
>\ n ii .... I ,l i.- I d.. ., 1'1 U i. 1 f ," 1 1 l. i .!
i ll i'l i i, i' i i.'" i' ,,- i',, \' ,ii o -,, ira. 'v
,,, r," .o id. fli\', -."" ti, lli.. ..,Ii i ..) i1
I 'hn' I ,"';' i, .iritl |l.i \ nl. ,,,'. ,,."' l ]ci. .. .... .. I ( Oi-
,,11 ., "- .n, l f W .iii.,. .11 :' !,i i,.'> tl, l II, oh Pi. e
, .-.i th."

1,e xl ,r l,, i' t ,,'i lii ,-'.i.l lh 3 f',iH ',ii iI- ~ lu i,.IO il .. i, ,. r ,i

i,.,-I ,," L ii',a; i'i ,,i" } ~ i-. l oaii pin! 'r in-
f'n. -il. I [2 'i l h .- ", >rl.> I'-, I xv i,, *. -,.,,I i,. U i'role

stead. oI. -\ .l, ,- i', /.- ',i,; .1', w here ,D'rtn-
1.o l 0 .* 1 1* i ,t1 i e [l i Pe \III, a .,I f t,'W
i etor an,1,, 111 "0' ,,t" iiiitii i -,*,',fi ; _, n l.d i lw l iehr

.s.tan t e, r em ark,' o. ,, h e l. .-* ,i, \ t- h at t,, e
i ,. I l -, .. .i .' l ,I I n ',\\ l I ,- h l ... i k c,
tlenis ad opentio.', alhar, better 'lureled, inl'nohl
huve bercoe a ] J'gii" to the foare ned o"ll, ite-
.tead of' os i blackened beacon io maisoi where DaD-
ger and Destruction l be. m e v o
We see, w ith regret, thai: J udge WEIGT will
no longer write ii.r thie Pen-LirOla Gazetle. We
do riot exactly und,:-.lauld his lI,.lter to [he pro-
nrielor, ain~i,,hriiii+ ll,.,l t';icl ; I', r, do we uiider-
sland the remark of the propriehor, (hat the pa-
per is "open t0 all parties, inffluenced by none,
vntil other arra,getl-ents are made." Whelher
this is intended that the Gazelte is to be neuttral
until an arrangement can be made .with one 0t
the two parties, Whig' or Democrat, we do not
know, hut should: 1,!; e to be infornmed. We
should -: I-\. not. ;But if =we should be allowed lo
choose be-l iee-n its being neutr-al and b eiing avow-,
ediy Deiiwtcraiii,', we should prefer the latter.
We have a li,:,roc of neutral papers.; We have
a lively renlhectol') of the def'utct Star of F/r--
ida; a paper that, under, the d i-gluie of specious
neutraliiy, 'rendered more service: to the Demo-
cratic p.-i'iy, and did the Wiii.^ inore injury, than
its-open-'l-h.islilitv could Ihave .inflicted, or thain
they have to ,fear froim its successor, the .S.outh,',i
Journal, \itrh the ackno\\led-.;ed irrci'a-e ,:,f ta-
h.-nl. brought to its Editoriji column'?, by tlhe Edi-
tor wh~o h.+s lately beconme engage,. in conducting
it Whilst on this topic of neutral papers; w.e re-
maark, that of all tlc palters opposed to the.Whig


[7 t-i ',r ....i. 1 ..1. *ll:.encer ]"
-',,,'. '.\ ;lI F t-Pn,..
The hill for ilie redieiion of iht Duities
on thl importaition of Forein) Goodt ;irand
,1 titlil 1t. tonre /i,.7.' , tire:'c:n/+',"., r. l'hf t.,,joriiy on Ihe finA]
]iqq-.i|p tilf lie hill ni.1-1 ninplern vole3; ex-
hiilioi.! n cnmlinpd elfK-et of" Executive in-
iIIen t.e :v dI F'.;rt! D rill. ;iglilinst the ltn-
i i.ilbied li-hes fof' the People. ;i0i(l, .'1 we
,iii1pnosp. :;!:,ir, sl iheiri i(.l,;,l inirtiriions to
'. porlion m!i lr-:,g.t of uhoqe N Pprlresenm'iivpq
w'ho (:oropr; rf tlhe il:ioiriiyv on tIhe lir;il
CIP, Qlllh ,as hn3i r.ireiv IvenPII wilnPs'sed
evpn in ith p loliil'ir hr.,n< I hof Congresr .
T".i ,ind C'oi'ee, ihe ole ,-e wi t w tin(iI whi,'hl
no I.]r:,lilxzP i nihe repvniPr c;in r;ilion:illv
hli evpevird from ilhl p.is-4i- e of lhit bili,
were sit iel, oil of it hby ;i clim:ilnn hill,
,0 'ecnrp lhzi IIc vi( ri'ih P Deinio ricv of (he
i..niplrce Si,.it iiiiliippns tible lo thp [i:e .'? i'..e
ol Lihe bill.) "t fid.ol of. tw nti /;'prr e i'flri.-i
i1i,_" 'ihtf l hi h '[een Vldii t he a'Jii| Ihe iilc i of
:.AL'r, llt? most inilispen-' ild e of all ihe
iiprp.;i:iripe of life, w lithout ihe d-iily u ep of
%itlielh thie pooregi 11:n1 in ihecone nirv woiild
he i hip 10in ei ke ) body inaln qnin io! llt'r.
\n e.:irnin i:Hiwin of lhe proeveelin'.. (if r>,-
if'l.i,. a' ndl od l lhe Ye:is and N~i.,iq orn lphe
,,ew i Il (pilisiions, w ill show li> hiil i, 1, luily
|Iiol.> ilil\k %i, 'M! no thave l ;i). ll Ih;le Honse.
-oIilld i le hill for it'ip|in!; A mieric in V oin-
IIl'Ii tiri." oi' f heir irpenti proite ,ion lhave
been 1i ipi %vi looiIh m i1. So ili;i( thee m ..ijor-
iiv in.iv ,ilrno'i lIei.,illv be ,id in :,ve bePn
r i orl. ield, '.q c.l lilif-l,.i Ill the i rq ,' :! ;ire Iold
il'lit bhil! ;i' l .ip '.hl, by sprnl~ lin ; >, q II
pillon il:f-ir iilo iThere :ire oilr ihir l-,
:1.1 Iil ti le IIe p )V:0 1.ir,2' 1 | tirh our re-tders
%iill ln,1d I ell w'orih v oi rheir aileniion.
T he hill. lrivitz p!ii-sed I he [ -ntlqpe o [
+'llri-'e~enliivp, li.is now to undPr'o fcon-
sideinlion in the Sen,iie. \Vhai its recep-
lion ithere will he, we linve no inp-ins of
i l'-i.i W,,. \V'h'l ever its hlii t;ite late in:,%
lie, ihe nin'iy-five Reprrp,.entalives of [lie
Pe-op'l .i w io irivp ir.inlnlly b;illd ;i.:li%,i
ii iPo ilt e Hipii'qe of II,'|)re .eniii Ps i e'en-
liil,-'l 10 olie lhi.inls of ilie Irieril? ofi Ho|me
Iu lih.irirv ill over tlhe Uoiietl ip ,e.; a aq %%ell
o1'" lll .p |hJ Illl ,lip sih l rs s ol' lliose li-o
prepi re itsi prodncii for ii.irkei.
lim l teriiii lt. ;, nai"y b)e itle ')T ,iiil'f ;i-t of
1 '.1", ,lie I )t-m ncr.,i( v rp lilk ly 1to fii l sI iim p
( 1illi 1nli in I'i~inil.n :i b ill li.i. \iIll nnl o it.-
mnore op)pressive to ,he laboorng- classes.-
In his recent speech, M'r. Wintbrop, of'
Massacbusetfs, read the following list of"
items contained in the printed estimates of
the Government, -wit the increase of im-
portation ;11 il.ex\ il, viz:
An increased, importation or IRON, in
pigs, bars, sIpice, bands, rods, bars and
hoops, to the ainount of,.$lS.5.f100, an in-
creased iriportalion of sagar and molasses
n,1 s)rnp of molasses,- to the amount of

An increased importation of $2,000,000
of the viii'ins manufacturers of WOOL AND
'WORSTED and of 8'211.000 of raw wool.
An -increased importation of Cotton man-
ufactures to the amount o $5,150,000 !
An increased importation of COAL and
COKE, to the amount of '.4'-25,0011)i!
An increase of importation of CORDAGE,
of.$170,000, and of various kinds of un-
manufactured HEMTe, to the amount of
5105,000. ,
An increased importation of salt,
lo the amount of............. $1,000,000
Cottou Bagging,...... ,:.......... 300,000
Le er, th ,. ...............L.:...'.;... 100,000
Iron in:intlfactnres., .............t.7 206000
Earthen aiidl ( tlone ware .......,.. 1011,000
Paper haniii s,.................. .. 100,000
Paper,.................... .. 50000
Pins... ................... I ....... 50,000
Billions ............. ..... ..... 30,000
W window gla ,.. ....... ........... 100,000

: .'.. .. e ;, ji, and t x :," .1)
'. ". t .; t -. !: ;" *' ; e it :',> ** :;t..*'ov "

,-l,+)y hL 'v 3- !: 'ud'cioUL-- i.. "* = "*-
; vi. 1 o ,9 _.,u t h '0."01 sarne *..r\"1- :u.- "
',) O ,be
",." * ",, .,'h i.v~nhl'. ;to brandist),.+...... *:-" iisl
*- r ' ili county -':- w ^ ... '. ; ..s, i':' he be .
'.,! ; V. .:'^ ^ w ,.,:* e ,,'

V' i iif; !"' at 4'." **'" 'ic -i dli :i;'n ,t', ',^5f> "
1 i 'eoi ibe 7 o,){ Demi T -, 'jr .' i = ,
; *; ''*'ik :- **; G: i t< i'l'-r ** ,be ''-rges^ Ii- ++ j
-'..": ,vs wLoe homeS and 11d fie-iP"is tt 1
+, .- ,+ : < _. -. .' uu-, dll +2 [ hjg^

M. of the despatch, in dic, \
H,.'ro of Lundy's ILane," announced Io`t 1 ,i,^7 :',
Secretary of War, that he had signally de-. ; .- .
S(ihe 'dreaded British, in that hard fdught,-"
," .. -yi ,.
sanguinary battle; where mounted. on his,-
e charger, in the midst of the hottest fire,'".
de op and down, alonz the lines, a conspicu- -'
lark, and cheered and encouraged his'men;-',-`
of llie~e same wretches, who .join in the ,'-
,ur against him, were then ready tolick the ^"*.
ds, the scars of which now adorn his body
ore than could the robes of office. "
t because in the weaker ;piping.-times~of
e," when he, who helped tosave- the.ooun- ,
om a foreign foe, aspiresto a share in ruling "
*sires to aid in protecting those institutions .,
is cemented with 'his blood, from th iimp- + ,
influence of Domestic Faction, of -hich ,. ;
'.i lusty brawlers" are Ibe .tools and, mouthfA'
B9-he is -assailed and taunted.wth wank o(o... ,
in ihe.niceties of l 'i does oaol' ". ; ', i

. "



,. -5'..,*


- II I -





-- --. ~~._~. .- __~_.-..-..~~---- --- --- --- --


.. ,- v y



-'f';. [Ft6li'tie Boston'Courier.]
;.There ar'i-i ,tf expressions in the fol-
S-' owing article; which should' have a nlor'
(' + : t
i-,,. limited application Ihan thlie author probably
f: iuteuded; but there 4o much of truth ill
; il,, tlatiwe cannot fii -ilt in our heart to
suppress it.;'-The writer will perceive thai
-- we'have altered 's'iiihglesenlence, to deprive
i.t- of its pers'olaiidly:--
'r ''( fo- [ ri the- Courier.]'
,. ; Happeningto read ao extract in to-dayv's
"."''Posf, from a letter written by a Boston cleir-
'^ .*; gyinman, now in England, io thle editor of
ue ol' the religious journ:ils, w'e %ere for-
cibly reminded of;a l ought which hias oien
occurred to us. The extract declared it to
be the writer's opinions ihat the bench ol
bishops were exercising, an unchlrisi:in
influence in the House of Lords." Now
ive,-,believe no candid man, after rpalia
5, 6dsuCli:' iagr, iih, cin'n f-il to ask himself
Whether it would ot be beer ,or our min-
'-: sisters to stu at h e and attend iheir
preaching. "Mind your o\vn busies is
i- ihonely aIvice, hilt no class of men rteed i
.-. more. The Bible'tell usi$ihait C(brisl went
.-%:-"?-. about doinZ good ;" those who clainlm ton be
,' his iuinisteis ;>ie skilled in inlerprl, el;i:ion,
S antd ieyv follow his example vy I.oinE the,;i-
S./I'Cs gooJ.. The comminliild, Feetd lilv
sheell,1' they reilder, Blcc, mny sheep. Thlis
.is no 1, riiling aectsalioii ;" it is solber mai-
, '.., ter of fac ,i 'L is true, aud l)ily 'l is, 't is
S true\' ,:
No sooner droes a inman find himself f:lirly
established '-oer one of our conSre-aiions,,
1lhan-his heallhI be hl)P i Io.ihil'., plnor inlila ,
S lie is growin -i liu.. --The sisters (\hlio are
." two-lhirds of lle chill'lh in such C bee) be-
'- gilln to notice lh at-lle dlear :islor 0,rol.s
Di-Fi. uore and more p):le and imlerestiig every
5' -,?Sabbaih. Tlihey )tlt lleir heads togeiherI
1"-' and soou deide Ihal, ipainl'ul as il is to 1.11rt
"Ivi.. wi hlli i lie in11s1t o0 to Europe, or lie % ill
'-. not be Ion, for. lihS worl. The rnitier is
Di OW' w as goodl as seitled : it is only niec.es.-,iry
'- ; nto stir up tlie lie;iri- of ihe'brelbritin to I:iv
S' the bill, which, of course, they iniust do.
E. Tihe p)onr -host" slel)s o0 bo:i.l Ihe siea-
.mer, andl hiis anxiouii friends (enr thii lie
-Wii'eome to tilhe ood people on the other
Side of hlbe w;itr ill) such a le.,siionabkl
4" ,." shai)e," tl;it even a Iolder s iriii tlitin Heven-
,'%; **let would not dare speak lo hi;m. Heis
-:; ^-."scarcely ot of tile );-arbor before lie he,.ins
G!-i l to experieuce ihe bracing etftetcr olf tilhe sea
--;'airi',ai at the complielion of tilhe voy-.-.
^ ./he is as fat and well to do in the ,,orld as
'" -' ihe owuer iof the "jolliest of the red faces
..- which greei bliiln everv.vhere.
It Ilevei- ocers lo tile people.-gLnoo,
o;.+ easy soutils,-that ihe samlle elrecel mi-,it
-" have been 'proldocel, at little expense, by
sendingndg him in io ilie country tO rake liay or
X\N"'" hoe corn ; lhat'h'h e ,night recruit his heitllh
'. nd be "doihig -ood.l'" at the .siale lime, if
''.. they would load hiii.n with Bibles anid send
.- "iii on o fIbor, io ilisiribmle lheI ) alileil iliee
.. ..-illuudreds who are dlesiiuite of' ihen, even
||i-\ ;-.' in our own state.. The Aplosile<. so far all
," we canl learn, were ioler;iily lie,iltliV men.
:'r- but we no where ire;il tit;i iley bec:inie so
n, by running to. and fro lliroiA lte earth;
fihev seldom inalde luuI jotlirley aild even
khen lihey did, went oil foot. They were
forbidden tolake with Mhein staves, or sclip,
or- any sutli filings: but iltey were only
-poor fishermen; their successors iii oiir
Sdays know beller; ilhey go lod-ded whtl bills
"- ofexclhange. ,So liberally olre ilhey sup-
plied will) fiIId'11, th;t eve, uhPin tlhev e-
-.turll home, lieir piir;ss ( is well ;as heir
." -' e)es) .'siti..Louti w h "ii "
'- It. would be well ii' o0r physicians would
.' ; inde;ivor to asceririn ilie onjrin of this eP)i-
il .emic, iand prescribe a femedy' less ex()en-
pive ilian tile one nlOwV in uise. Thle tldiiies
which tilhey ouohi' io peliibrin lie not nieces-
sarily so eshol .i i \Ve eloni lipar of'
/- lawyer's 1b,'e;ikiiw, dow l." as ihe jfli'a.-e
is; ihey work hlrii'ler, aLd wve never holia'd
-,. tliat iey were made oI's einer sinloi.
y *'.- This is the 4--e of iniprovempnt, and h1
-Would be stranl e il' ihpee -' lihi' s o thlie
"* ."-world" silo,,11 no iio ,i OiI' ,ouiso e ilewi ii-
.' :.'"*venliin. WVe ate ni~ sili .,iieil, iherelboe,
t'" ." that..,\l is nowv Ibecomigl'ifshiona )lel< lor
*'-< ." heun to lake .a li'ip .o Eturope wilihont offer-
:"ing~any excuse, o~r nL lea'i a very llmsv
o ue, so lnelimres evenl iiho tii le uve orl lI-
ceuse.. fi'om ihleir peop~le.. IThe ,,2~enis of'
beiievoleni associ;tioiio s,-TSo'ne Of \ hicdi til
noL collect, e~xd:lsivt of legaiese<, imuifh
.. nm o re i hin n lh l(lf lh e sj llt 'ipe llhe y. p :a .- ,in ,., i
", iravel," aud ,iale (.heir fIinilie-! 100. 'l'hie
"i."reaison (or ratlier lhe~ilreie:;f) they ori'er i->,
; thai ihey, wish io attend Ile iieelnn. o1" Ihe
;'?\.. +, Ev:>ngelie~il.Union." Veiy ell, nl' |Ih \
'' ." will 1o. we can only say ihl.t we lbe2 ihpy
,.', *'. :'.. will not (Jub ihems~elve's el,," "tlele.-;ates.;"
'' Tblat would Ihe -'. ntll bu~~gl~iry as eiei uaIS
commnlcnitd," [(o1 Ihey aretihe I~is-i nnii \\e
wotild appoint. ']lo~se lhom \ue \\oulI
appoint-l hose whioim we wVould S~enlhl andl
who would ilo" iisrretlil, are Io on Cisrieii-
t,, "- tionis to complly wvih Oil,' u lies. They
""are eonlenlecd ui h li iiio el'ne sailariesi, ;nilt

a advise their people ,o :'pplIvll Ieir stir|)lus re-
'" venne to Ihe spiead o," I lie (wiopel.
'7 Bot not conitiil wilh ioimin ithe world
over. our "1 tleleta es",.see," Iriei,.da lv in-
clined in m ikl,e iliewselps atiinainied wilh
all ihe vices and sins of Ilie people Ihey vis-
it-:.and tblt, too, uot geilen.Mly. bull par-
ticularly. ulof iheir ovn mOutlLh we
,, condemnn Ihein, io0 JiOiinl i'0i1n 1 lei lei-
let's Lhey'wrihe ,or ilie ifiille piini,.iliev
m" ..;!^ make it n rule lo ex;nmilne care-flly into
". *every'.kind of vice. -,o minute are their,
-._ '-;des'ripltions, that we sonletimes fear they
7-@ ':"-have a realizing sense" of ithe truth of
-" .'. the lines-
"' '"Bt, t se,,ii too oft, fIinmil;,r w'i 'ii laI've.,
"^ w'% e firsi e.,iie, lie -n pi. 01C.1 ."
",t Should suspicions prove correct, the .ex-
cusfe tise is ready--the (disinieresped rmen!)-
:'^? only wished to know ,thow, atd of what, to
+i. .s'' waWr others.
Now, in our huuible jodoeuent, sii..l
men might learn a lesson lIroi;i minister,
now dead, who was sen led in one of our
-, country owns. The old gentleinan had
.: preached, until he had grown gray, to a
...... congregation which was much attached ib
!:. him. They were, therefore, gIeatly surpri-
sed when lie announced to tliem, one Sb-
balh, at the close of ilte service, that the
next week he intended to go on a mission
to the heathen. As he walked doin ihe
,;.::.' aisle, one of the deacons, with tears in his
-'. eyes, assured him:;tfhat ihey. couldn't spare
-'*. him. 1' Humph',", said -the good old par-
gon, "I shan't level town." So we would
ay to tb*s 1radiyling'+-iuissionar" You

same men suffer their declared opinions and 'dWll
wishes to be defeated by the maci-nations T ii
of those who aspire to be their leaders T i':z
Will they not cast off the schackliJM itl^*|.Mit
which their free will is sought to be fet-.+ '*+"
tered? There is time enough, between_ ,
this and the day of the, election, to, repair / i..
the evil. We speak not as Whigs, but-as "
Citizens of Flmida, having ,thexglory, andl,-. '
interest of the State at heart, when we say'o,
that, if beaten by a Democrat, we do.not ::'I-
wish William H. Brockenbrough to be'the' i,,.,.^;I
man. If we are beaten, we desire the victor -
to be a man, of whom we can feel proud as, :;;i, 's
our Represeniative,-one on whose y'rtuestW l
patriotism; and .sterling integrity, ^we:aif: i
rely to do honor to the State, and faithfully, 711
and fairly to represent the whole Peoplies-a-,?
man who seeks tlhe office l, oeiise-dl:hehoL .' 7'
nor it confers, and not as, itepping-stone ty '
office, and the spoils ofr,kiice.-a man, who f
is elected by tbe Pec:., of their own fre 3
will, and not* one, whose election; is th'i
fruiL of bargain and corrup-iup .,iu w'. i
has made the People's (;' .-. mea:.I: ., ,.
corrupt purchase 6ftT ;'of 11
who are reqdy. to birto t' .;. i;j,,> i
freemen, andi;,itlers, fui ; .v ++

.THE TA U>r. ".. j.
The'.bill repealing the T i' of '. X.
passed the ]o.e, of 'P'p-s-nafive. t -
with "lpg-rollin J," Ali.:,-., Di. .P = T'
salt on the members from 'e'.-Y<"'.. ?et- f
e.,ing those frim Louisi, ,a (the-t _.,-, ^
doie.' Mr. Ritchie, of .bs -i>he .. .,
wbJppiri_-in Depiart'iiien+.".'r ,S.' ,'
ilhe Trea-scry, d! M r...'.ve : .:)=* ,
Ohijce Departmeil, were l'u-iVc-I ,.... --..%;+
were being taken, vitli wahat, view an 'fur what k
purpose, is to.be imagined. "
Oae vole causes us much surprise and pain-7'-1t["
is+ ;that of -ENR I W. HILLIARDI of Alabarma-'.
We have known him long, and have cherished
i6M in our heart's recollect;on, as a true Whtig..
How could he vole against die only Whig mra-. ,
sire Abai vlas left to be defended, d-he.':'P7n^
o,.e e '1V Y at issue in IS44 The Dislrict' hicn.
('.i d t!iil would, we feel sure, as ioon',hav 'e .,'.1
i:i, '..,i o liave seeri him voti ng or Ihe'Sjb-Trea.'':"-''^._'
.,i,-,--i., ("*r % "o. the Iwo evils, they would have '.
*,.ie 1,'ed the later. We are ready to exciaim-- "'"- +
H.,wv .:!'e the mi,';hly Iallen." .. '' ,
A!".I o., rherr mailers cone,'ted with the pas- 7. \" -".
%--eP of the bill, we observe that that wily poli-. ', .
tician Seiborn Jones voted iii Ihe committee..f I .;. "
tpc \. btle, for a dwy on ,ea mid cofee. WhatlaA** 1 v
lhiis Old Seab" ,irgotten sil about Dawsonla nd';.4 i, "P
MeDonald coffee"? Take care, ColoneL! 7:i ^ ^'
next year, in yor D;slrirt, weshall hear of JoneA I^'1
+ Coff,-' and Crawford Coffr c. .v Bni itL is iui ine Senate that ihe Ing of war i s y..^
to come. If Jarnag'ii or" Teinessee stickst,-. "- -
Wi^ig priici:les, and reiuses to be instructed,,-,,... tf*,
il'qu'e will be a iie. and Mr. V,-e President Da.- .
la, wilt have a kno! io untie;. thi will puzzlo.-- [
him," Philadelphialawyer" thiol,rh heis. It wi'l f .4 "
be"' Ta.-iff'aiad le Party," or "No Tariff"and.,I (.
Peonsylvania." Mr. Dallas oughi to have though-'t _..' .
of i his when he was'reerinting ihis Uniitd Stales"'O.. .
riiik 3oliong, confe.sing ;liis sins3, and being '' : L.
--hcived by Old Tom R;ftchie, the Grand High t ':'
Priest of Democracy, in ordcr to be admitted as ,'t!
a Priest in that Temple, where Iheoflerings are < gk,
lhe offices, and where, as of cld,i he Priosltsde- 1.4- ^
vonr the sacrifice. He oglt io have thought o(, .+-J.
ihis dilemaj, when he ;, iM Bu.'bionan were as. -V,. S,.
si,'imn, fhe Democrats of PcJiinJSylvhniia, that Mr. ;-*.
Polk was more of a Till! mman than Mr. Clay*.", .,
Veiily, the Vice President will bf-&;nto believers, .
that honesty is the beat policy." As Tar as his ,'
cooscie'ncemis in his viay, if Lh,it troubles'hihi, let ""' :'
;tim'apply to the Graad.afigh Piest, and he will.-'i ^^
:rve ~im an indulgence to h,'ej! as in,nyoatlhsaiSJl'1^',*'i-+;
tie lhas made to hi.< M'lowv-cilizens, perhaps layhig ..l!ii,.
on hi~m some-slight pena,,ee and mortification, :"-+.Qf!
such cis devoting a fewofhi+ relalivesand fl;iends *- .''','-,{
oft Ihe a~lar of Iheir-country's ood, by coi^'mn..ite.^yil((i^
in~g them to be Pur.?ers, Pay~masters, Cusfomr.^^,.
PJouse Officers, Consuls, and other dangerous and:_:'^^ .
toilsom occupations. ;. "'.'
.. G E N E IIAL SCOT T ":, ^ -l- 'L ', *
t : The ,, grou ndtlings" of~the Deimocratic press--',., ,
*:: "...The. Iiide dogs and all, ". '-... ^; Tray, Blanceh and Sweetheart," - "^/.
may bark at him. hni h,o- '^*'-.. -... =c'7 ..- o **. *^ ':' *: >' :^ '* ;. I t i ; .. .
*, + : +. r ( ** ..- ." -: .+i .3ti+l o;' i :c l
.* *... ".: : .uv : r'- /: ... !:C:', i0 r?: i!x' + h e r

party in IS4-1, none 'did it-more injury than the
hypocritical, sanctifieA'Journal of Commeree.
The Editor of that paper, a Democrat in disguise
of a Whig, a wolf in sheep's clothing-in more
things besides politics-worked hard to cypher
down Whig victoriesinto defeals. He was re.
warded by the Democrats, with a service of plate,
if we remember aright. .f the Editor bad any
shame, he must have'blushed at the inputation
conveyed by the present. What must a Whig
Editor have done, hait his enemies,--he Demo-
crats, should have so praised him! As we said
before, we hope the Pensac'ola Gazette will not
be neutral-no color at all.. Under which,
King Bcnzo,iia)?"- "He that Js not for us,is
agaios! us," say wve, as said our blessed Saviour,
who b6At knew the hearls of men.
This body, called.40tog'etiber'-by office-hol-
ders and office-seekers, the wire-pulleis of,
the party, assembled on Monday last. The
result of its deliberations have not.'yet
reached us, but we know enough of the
manner in. which it was gotten up,,to0 be
able to say confidently that Wm. H. Brock-
enbrough was nominated. The knowing
oner of the parly said he would be nomi-
nated by ihe Convention by acclamation.
No doubt ihey had so arranged matters as

will find work enough among the heathen
in your own congregations. The sins (1f
your own people will furnish matter enough
to write and speak ?bout, without a journeyy
to Europe every ) e:ir. One would Ihinli
that our innisier-i's oiih have their hands
fill to wateh oier our o%%n represeni"liives,
10 -.v. no.liing of 'itl people. Buti we are
-readiy Ikeu; llev Ive noillin- Io tdo
biut'l I r v' l I I''oi,,li ,,-'in l l, -_,ii' oul the
Iiin;(i;nl, ; ii!), P> .'!;,iiiling, "'T h t(, -Lrl, I aud lily Ccolnliy-
incii are not a olher Iien ; vve repudiile
ourtdebis., re nmLake slaves ul'otlr leliow-men,
anil are tviliv" ol oilier sinis Ioo nuinieroui s io
ineiti.ion ; bit the lri3-lid n:ilion coin-nil ta
inmmny, and b ;.I ide s (l:rit,-,,' r i r nfi c tif) we are
al'i.dl, Ithe beoclh of i-liops is exercising
'n uniclii-iian idi-i ence in the H house 01"
Lori'ds." Awnav wih sioili wihoini C;itClifwe
deiesi il. come fronti vliiat source iL i.M .
It is ai ill wind lhii ljlm\vs nobody "ainy
',ood, mind !,ccocdinT.lv ue-ni a litatthe an-
ni:1il VWorld's C'o-enlinns" 11c pa ildic-
lile ofal leTiut one bh neliii-,l I'Ih^Cl. Thev
;ii t Il, e a loaill-,one Ibi,.i izaliwiio dcl- iiiUle
o1" po -wer, aind aiir:icts tlie bits and ends, ilie
reltise rilinii, only. but leaves. ihe heavv
n elal unrl ovet and ilninove.ihble. If vI%
could enroll ill one l'si Ihe nanfie of lie
elegales nlto lhee (se roventilns tihis yeNar,
who Ir'ive o or iile.iil)", \i\\\\t a IlliJ eN
collection %%e should li.ive!
-" i:i ,: "t_ .1 iS "*I \i'[e,"
"r-:, J L ,.,. .*,h,. -,,-^."
Conle-oulerrs, Alboliiioi;isis, [iller'ites. nn.
solme si-ore 0 or ood orlhoo\ clel.- 1i1ell,
wh1o lI:ve Ipl'i ili'ir people to liminger or io
lord tliemhselves a.-, they can.. i[hile thev a1 P
pretending lo p:iileh it;) differences which
vre irrecnncilnhl nnil ill re hililv ,rese( iing
illh worldl. We shall undoubeillv ei.oy ,n
rliiier se nn hlio'n nll hese tuilibtlent riI,
re,;ilehs spirils. ;ore _one, htii we piiN llie
poor )n.n ;lishInlen. ,`or ihcy will collie I1pOi
them lIke ao ;ifv;iiil(-hie.
This will be ihoi.,hit lh,-rsli lnnoungve Iby
solne, bill we ties it inore in sonriow Ihnn1 in
,inl'er, For %%e rmed lltHim "thli w\led
louitrislieth like a Creen hivf iree." anild "wo
n11o yon when mIen -,lellk well or yoll,-
pas.,aese whieli, we iliink, some onfonr cler-
gymen ;nig_,ht iellp.i u i|)on p w ii |rofit.
ON ;-, F t ii' Ctl SL'U l. i- i. E l .
[t.'-'ui iefj'oiit'ei 2,. 01' lie C lii l "-,nl C oi i Pr.]
\\' ,.~l,!,,;,Ton.I,l~ .ii J.
3My anticipalonwi Ihve been l'tfilled bv
the p-iais;iie of 'ihe bill f'Or tire reduction of
tluiies on im|)orit. The bill passed. al'ter
an arduouisand close strn,21e of some hlioir'
nplon lle Vilriotls umend(liienis, fly a vole or
114 -1 IO '5. ThP ,:jjoriiy is nineieen-alotrl
the same o ;n l emihilnein thei sane voles
heretoflore calcul;iied t upnil Cl.'r the bill, a1
oicinally rep|oried.
Bill von will reninlrk tlhat l he hill is not,
by any vmenns, lhP hill liat was reported i'h%
tiie Contnnillee. At 1-2 o'clock lo-tay. ille-
bill was reported fln tii lhe Cotioiimiee ol'hiie
whole lo tile Hlouse. T IeP bill. os itiltieidl,
w;s esiiniimed to produce a reveine of ..'...,
500,00C). The lkmds. ill ;tidlion, wvill ill-
cre;,se Itei revenue 10 .$-2.5,900.01i0. .' liotihd
not illis ireentle 1rove adeqtnue lor ihe eP-
plnses of llte ile.,irin; w:ir. Mr. M'K:,v
s lm iles t ii! It-h % w ill. ;t,; in .irtit'icl_- i N the ( l .
iniiiee of \-,s ;i.d4nd, Me.in,4, -el,po't ;i lull lor
the igstie ol'T reastryr now es. or :illhori.ii,..
a hoan. Il is pi},esiime i i1,.,i llie ,iec~es..i,
for this -dii nflj i to 10 IiP re veiote. 11 ilpelivl
1'elt by lhe a(diinII r;ilin] nnd hy its l'ieIls,
.11d 'hatl llie prnoi.,ilni reieire ltlo. is deler-
red oulv rill tlhe 'l-ii-i bill -.-lhu ll hal e lp.i;p;ed.
T he[ iiIll ii l';r r,,,n lieinl'. : ,eli bi lill :. tihle
;anli-i esi iicliie. orl'rpe-i r 'e Ip\ni tv lhl ifie-
i'er. It is1he hel lley -otlhd poCud- el.l ^ei -
eliier Ih;an ,ns exl)e(-iedl 01ole week, ;,.o-
!ieiter than 'v.i is vpprll' endell ai 2 o'r-nclk in-
d ,,. Tl.'h im i pv hii h eii eoan *, .i-
lPei imi!provelpnis ill ihe sv~ie 1, i; o"\%]% ; ill
three fixed I.,cis-1-lhatil ll-e \VesieI'n anli
Nortliprn people uoi'tl ie la eI lor I; tea nil
enli'ee- aiini il;ii, l)vil ,'io :i state of w.ir, ilith:
Counirv c;1nnoi redo.e iiS e\plimseq--andl
thait ilhe country is nt i lprepii,-dl ior dllrpe l
l;,xa rion. T -e only ioinis g-:in ,I ;ie ill.it
lthe ,i ,,,,,,iii pinri 'ii nc |le is aiiboli-hipd, ;-i!ier
li:nviit li'llilleI is oh.\eel Ibv e.-i.ili,-liing I]ir-
unnainl'aelture el cujlton-;-illlIi'iI ilhe a,,.'
ra/oi'c.i svsieum i, es~l;;b l;cslr., inite-.ii f the li.
sysieln of -.iecilic t.iniies. T i'['h pioni.-_iun is
decoin|);,nieIl Ib rf..,.trhi'ion ihlii.|)re'eln llhe
pos'sibility of" ;iny ei~isiot ol" a./* cidi ,,'i-i,
Jdutiesb hf Ilae invoices.
lie? "('oninth iipe h;idl ?lriclen ot, ilihe
dtulv oil s;]ll ;ind llhe li.,hiin,2 jonmiies. rlif r
[-o:,ne cotieurred \itl!. llhe (.',,iiniiisee * ,0
llie siltltluly. by ai vote of 1ii5 io 95. '['lie
Olilponeni-s or liie bill si'iiK'i eoir,,ige, nIi
we~re now sore of deelpiii^ il. Th'le 1'ee-
I,-:de nmenl S:v lIh't IlIP. 11l1.1 it iclinifui,,h~
lIhns p|)oil, or Infe tlhe lill. .\. I'rc'rii;.i,.lei,i-
lio was inovctd by i1r. Bow\liii, ol 3]0... oil
lust. '
Annlhepr-amiendlnpnli o" llhe ("'fnliitepp
ll.il put s;ilt inll ie.f -r /] i, ;,. so a_- 10 |i,,. nen
il fioln fallioiil ni llhe li%1; oi" nrni-elniilnerli-
led ar'iir.le''. as'}l0 pereenl.l tdulv\. '.'l;i- \,,<
al-o eoronci'ind in 104 lo lit,?. "l~til ;i inolion

\:i1s madi e 10 io e-conqii ler. w%1hich pi-'pv'.iled.
T lP demon Ii-ilic emb1 IO I "- ;-%, Ili. ility
must yield this point. Many had alreadyy
-liveni way and chinled their votes, in order
Io -;;ive the bill.
The question next put was whether salt
should be put in thle liit olffree articles or
not. There waisihe mogi iniense anrieiv
prevailing in ihe House. The rule Iretllit-
ing members from standin-, ner lthee clerk's
.table whiile ihe vole\,,,,;i. taken was en'iIirce l.
Members rose Rind demandiled ihat the
Speaker shotldh prevenitlle clerks from
making known the state of lhe vote before it
should be declared, All ihe-,e precautions
being taken., lhe yeas ind n.iv.s weie e;illeil,
and tihe clerks were a low.g ii'me ein,_aed in
makingg up llie result. In the interval, one
pt two members seeing that-thle case vi,<
'rilical, changed their voles. The vote
was reported, yeas 104 ia s 10.5." ;
This voie decliledl the faite of the-bill.-
iThe saht duty being retained a number of
democratic votes in the House and Senate,
from the East, wereireversed, as a matter of
cousre the amnendinen repealing the fishing
bounties were tejeetcd. 100 to 109--eight
more demuocr;'ls M.;'nie in.
'After the bill had passed, the l-ouse ad-
journed to Monday. At tie momeni of ad-
journment, the free irade nten cherrej!
throuhahout the Hall, and were answereil by
a few ihises. The teniper of the Huotse
wI;Is however,, excellent, lhrougthout tlle
contest, it' we except llhe Iassage bet-een
Mr. Wick and Mr. Rathburn, and ihe speech
of Mr. Brinkerhoff, w)'ho, as they say here,
was after all, 1' whipped in."

WASIllIrT171, Jul, 7.
The fale ofthe Tariff bill ,It this Session,
is no Ionger uncertain. The indications of
to-day are Ill. t the Senate \%ill pass il, wvilh-
out much delnv, and pass it as it is.
The bill camne up for its first readin- ihis
morniii. aind a inotioi) wa mqli;nle Ilo refer it.
T he i l'ei-fenii'e was objfcic d to ns crealin '
tiriiiecep-,s;ry deliv. and a ,"'vj lonl l nd in-
ieiesliun ,|; nI'le illowed. fi'appeareil evi-
,',;il Ih,11 iliere .,is iuouplin-ilion to lie bill
lo cooi? elim nlle %V'c.slern democintic SRei-
alnrs, i ho lind been soured by theirilaie dis-
al]l'pinieiii.?ni. no dr-l'eeiou showed ilsell'on
Ilie 1i;,i of tile ileni eraiic Sen;ilors fromn
,lly qimirier. except Pennsylvinia and Con-
,neciiclit. Mr. Niles deooiinced file hill in
in :iiilei lei'ri M.A-Jr. Hannert n t look ,I
w:ii'-lll 0 l, active paill in favor of lie bill, andl
, n'_.!isi 'is refeiepnce. I* illi'lped in tile
H'-, thai nil ;i I'ile occa>iou. ille wlhig Sell-
;io:s ilho!. hit ii L iiiep ess;irv Io i'fer an; finil-
|Hori l~ treiv o i ('ninuiillee. Mr. H.inne-
_nn, Lljr. S'. ier, and oi, i'r declIrell Illit
ihey would not ;l-IeeP o fi\ the 1110J of ;id-
.rPin 111111 ie niil Oil b5i l, wais |)issed.t The
1,01C P1;_gin-;i referrlinz ilip bill was-yeas --.'-2.
I i 'n
I nos I! Tr r vw reI %v o ISe naIlo rs -Ilse II t.
butIl ill, toie psiili,'-^ ii.; 10 arrive al. -I deii-
nite eoili.zlio.iO, is ii) thie i-PSiilt ol'a vnie ill
I' Ill S i, I -,l Ie i .J.i i',,'.' ," il % o led iill ill: ;I' -
liiriiiiiv lb ill it 1 w% ell ilnow ii il .it e ,Ie i -
Ifn 11 !4 1.i 1 le I,,w" hit ll ll ; r ir-rd'lin Ilo in
i iSlti'nc!;,n). .n ;,;i ..:, li, fl'.-re, i li r.l Mit.
.l.iii~r.-.rir.1 1ill ,ie ii)r, i-:Iv l lii_,2 in i'Ivor ol"
lite hill Ill., vio e %%ill lie "-") for ilhe B ill ;1'i)
-27 it. S, lirij hopes are e-\,|rpe- hl're, hrm, eier, tfiha N r. .;irni ,an v ill cn,}-
s. i to vote ;iVote sl llhe Bill, iu older 10
In ile o ,;.'. nod iiivohw ,pon Ili(\ Vice Prpsi-
dem i lie ryOw;ibnildv, i.,if ,.lcifi'inl lIhe I..Iie
of tIIP B ill. It w tiI,.|! be In M r. Ditl;is ;I
vretv ii .in ,'l nuesiio, h wh heilier lo ;ihndon hii
.l>iiy or lii;t-., o il hi- oec;,slol. "'lie
1;1ll in 10 be lit en up fr cosiderdtiol01 on
Thle bnltl? ierng-q ninong tlhe Delnorraic
ie ihern of while -ot.isr,' oil Iie sil)hec.l o"f
ihe Tariif bill, h.:ve noi vPI stlhsideI.-
'unie i PIPI'P p:ler;ei,,e nlok place io-dtav be-
ime;.n 11r. \Wick lnd ,Mlr. [Im.ilhlmin, in rel;i-
iio in .1Mr. W.'s a,4n.iied i-ne l> ol'- whipliin.
i*'" ,lie rehln ai il, dlenon rni 'T'he 2radla-
lin.1 lnd b1i ll i hiipfi',re tlie tr,,,s' M r. Cal-
lion i's .id)s6i1lm e lor iiia\ bill is sooi lo bbe
t.olli.'ile!el ill ile Sel pe.
The li-'l'Trepiv;ltv and \V;ire-Ihnti-inz
bills arp Io be pnI d ii i llie "t e nSm ili lhi-
u% eek ; :il leni, Ilim is llie intention ol" Ihe
(...'0iiion ilire onil F'ii,,uirp. T hei -]nni. will
pro' ,ibly fiv vlirii n il;IV fi r closilri-' ihei,"
.WIZsionl, Io-1ioirol'--ei'a Olh Ihe ,']l 0o1Ati-
_1ts t.

Hals and bonnets................. 110,000
Boots and shoes,................. 45.000
Ponatoes,......................... 150,000
Ready made clothing and wearing
app.nrel. and articles worn by
nmtn, women miul children,....... 200.000
Thu., siiid M r. W .. :ill cl.isr- ll of I'.ibor
were ;ililie coiiriplneJ in Ihis i-iifer. Tile
Anierican ind iisry eilmaged in all iliese va-
rieties of nmnulactre or production, were,
14 vhiN exteul, lo be sacrificed to foreign
When we add lo thig the enormous
amount of Three Millions, the propo-,ed

duty upon lca aanl coftc, il i\ill be Reen that
tlhe 'oppreisions will be no longer imaiginary,
but reol.-[.S,'rann7,'i Ie/ ,l/,/l;cn.

,p.-, "! I q l'd.!lo\ I % io g uIilrr ',i di e ad i le i. ...,ed
A',.'nii ',,r i'ie C-',UMELCM.L. 1.. Acvrn-m1.ood a.id Ktill
',*-* ,\!% e d l i..-ii'l l'or,,,J ?l- pl iol-. (r ad r ad ..,',,, _o-

**"' -.-. J,- Tt MY,'-' 03 \il!;.an Sovet,
,,;i% ',,..-I"-

f k N. r F< it ll.z
", ', Ji ,,,o
l i' o ,.'" '.-*.. .\'\,' ( ,l -.
^\\ il. ( r' '-- .. \ h,*^ ,, I .
i, i (: 'W\ .. : ; '.., .tr .,.

,I1,I '" (,'i 1'il 0 i,! "le oi
i" O T tC .--./'," .A e ",". .r v"-,'* /;.
"*.'' I', "4', r, ",,,t ,# -'tl' t, 'ii it i .t. L .
\ '\ l\ .! if., F l' ",,r', I,,l,' ;,it. *.i,/(b/.,rl/, ,l,';
"" Ci',','i',. "''/ ., /' t;., ',.'i ./i,," rn',),, "ji ",u, o,"
a.:',,,.i. ': t,,' ii(,'., ,.',>/w -.:1" o ,'iin ,, 'i .. u "ig
Ci1'11,1 i t '. ""l O 'i i 0rili. t If- 1 0,'1]n /'CUi~ llll' '.
.J, '// I.. i e,! ;.

; ^

e I hie '.
I llien
{. (hen 1
' fealed
Sand, s
h ous'nM
: Some
-' clanlr
n- \voum
- far m
d But
s peace
d ty r1r(
it, de
h6 ha
n. Ping

n these
n pi-ee.

to be able to foretell the event.
Themae _e,'oridan makes very lame df-rence
o tlhe "c .;e, that tbe,-Convention was
pac,,ed.. Indeed so impoient aire theargu-
meiis iismih by th;,t paper, and so unsafis-.
T'acory, Owl,4; it i ust hiive f-liled to have con-
vincel ;in 1),,t ih i se blinded by partly zealr.
No limrc:, i Dciiocratcilrc;mf;hil to see, that
ile Culonel does not make out his case
hviih his osti;!l iactr and ability. weak must
be hie position which lie so lamnely defends.
l16 wri,;e under a frll conviction of Lhe
i'irlod d," ihe accusaiion. How can it be
oihcrwiqe Ihan true? -Will any one be-
'.eve, ilbt i the Democratic party, who last
,.'il rv.tused ito support Brockenbroughh,'who
\vei)i so r;ir, many of" then, a.s to vote

ig"iidast hi;n aind for tle WlJig candidalate-?
iliir; ,'h nosl unhear{! of- i'e so iicklc, as
in 1iv ;ov 1i4M Ill IoLus in c o sin g >o repre-
seiil ,lieni, ;i iti,, wlo, ih"v kIcvr so wvell,
:i I ,ifowin.g C, i C I ,iliin t.!i or:;ir V of"
1ii6 yules ? \V li)t!i! I'I!e ::;:i- Il I % \Vi -0
Wiv s I;isi i',1! A leioln'c d ivy (f, Osii of his
oVn pI:,riy---vlio voiel> evCi f" Vhi" iij
preference lo ATit-a man oa thieir own po-
lil"c(l ith ; ilie man who received ihe votes
Lle did get-not ililiEt deserved to repre-
senw. his Stale, because of his virtue, and of
services rendered 1o his fellow-cihizens in.
public, and private li"e"-but because or'
fealty to partly. The man, who was voted
tor by many, with the protestation, thai
nothing bnt the good of the party could
compel iheni so to do, and ilia Loting for
hih was ihe biiiierest pill I/ey ever swallowed.
This ian !-cliosen by a Coavenfion com-
ing from ihe bosom of lhie People"?
" C,'edal Judizas Apelia." No. no, Colonel
.Silley, you c;il nevpr: get the. sensible
men of ihe Demoetratic pariy to believe
that Olde Convention was not packed.-
More tihan two-thir's of the pariy, who read
your pullper, and ibe irticle in question, will
bear silent-.+testimony lo the ruth of the
charge, fro-* ihe fract that will arise unbid-
den in tlieir memories, thaL they were not
;.Iong those who called the Convention.
.Let every democrat who reads this, ask
himself the question :--"1Did I have a;y
acl or part in this nominalion ?" and to all,
whose he;irts are true and honest, and also
know Itat the nominaition is none'of heirs.
we say :-How long suffering will you be.?
Is not this-the'second time the offilcde-holders
-IAnd office-seekers have attempted -to lead
you bv the nome, and compel you to vote for
ia man whom in your hearts You despise ?
Will you, ;i second time, be robbed of your
right to a free choice, by those who cry out
Ibr Ihe largest liberty ? Do you tiosee
the daring impudence of such -a nomina-
tion, as tbat of Wm. H. Brockenbrougb,
made in the F.ice of the rebuke, the person
who first brought him out,...! received at th
ballot box last a;ill ? Ie was beaten beateit
by ,t Whig, by the aid of Democralic votes
and notwithstanding lie was beaten--not
withstanding, lhat a m-njoriiy of Ihe Peopll
O.f Florida putdthaeir-nftt-o--po'liel titen
cialion upon.him-ihough they declared:-
"We will have none of him;" yet, part.
drill,, parly tactics forced them to submit t,
the humiliation, of being represented by "
man, ibey had, in full council," rejected
A minor ramnification of the same Hydra
headed pearly,; composed of the s;,ie mei
who first nominated William H4 Brocken;
broughli, tofthe sionisnh,nent, and indignfi-
tion of all who knew lthe man, and p~roperl
appreciated lhim ; the same men, who stuffed;
his pockets with iliegal,';nd partial retufins
and sent hint to Washington, lo,"gel th<
party hacks in Congress, to do for~him whai
the People ;,of Florida had'refused to do-
Spetunit him to~sif as th~e Relriesentative oi
'the State,.-these caiballers--wire-pullers--
o fli(:p-hiohlers--n fice-seelkers,--with such
reeruils, aistthey harve obtained by promises
lli;l Mri. IBroekenbrougli, through his in,
fluenc~e with Falher Ritehie, will get tlern
appointed to some orflice under the Govern
,ent, \ here they can eat lihe People's bread
;nd meat, and live,--as all office-seeker,
want lo live.--wiihout haird w~ork,--have- .had
tlle unparalhlcld audacil, to get upt a Con
vention, and re-nominate the same Willian"

H. Brd\-kenbrough, whom, the hones-t mei
of the pdrty, denounced last fall as a mar
unworhy to: receive their votesi-: Will'thomI
:. *


; -----


- -r~ il *-.r L .-I -- dmmoLI dm


__ I I_ ~C~rm

List of Letters
R-.M\NIING i,) the Post Office at Apalach-
;i ol, J IIlv 1, iS^ .

l:XPOHt ..
LrTAVIR POOL-['eec b -.o"-,irali Sie--1215
bil'- rotl',o .
N; XV \YOi;;l,.-Per bak C- mi[ -Si7 e col-


Silly 7-r, .i; S,,irth Sheofl', Sands, for Liver-
pool. uy r.!y &. C6o.
Jly 16--LIa,rli Culis. Oulerbidge, f'or N Yo-ork.
J1fly 3 T-.'ni0 Ifp.iirv, fltpr, fin Cll,,rleston.
1fl1V ,- Shi; Nailiiciie [looper, Dixoy, ',aom
.\c\w -Yoi'1-.

Marianna, Coi-iq, .171)lons, forNewYor';, load-
iQ--A. N. M.lei(iy.
fjenry. ahar, 4341 to.As, fin Charleston, waiting
]\ ;l'!er.
Nathniel [i-oop r, Dixey, 427 tons, fm New York,
wai i ng--.\Masier.
BA P,QT' .
Johiti Brower. Iubb4. 310 ionu,, for Liverpool,
loAldig'-Iliill, l)aw(u.lk C o.
D 1! 1(. S.
Tybee, IMeCormacl;, ;321) Tonll, for New York,
load ingi- Now -e, ,'.[one c, Co.
Choclaw, Sih, 19.5 Laois, I'or New York, load-
,in-;- a'laer.

A\rr,s'ron', lMiss M Ke-seler, Mrs Mary
.vcry, A L Kelly, W;lson 11
["rinldage, W H Long, W T R
13'roughton, Geo J Lea, Chas 2
.Bnsh, Wm H Lloyd, Wa
1;11bo0 Jobs Law, J
1ro w.), J B LawNrence, Edmund W
Beach, SamT' 3 Lamb, Alex 2
];oroman, Wm LangIry, Hilley
Barstow, Capt T H C Melville, Penj J
Er,\, n, Co;i Jas K MenDufe, .aj J Y
lIe.,'h, Capt Samuel. a1unmicef, Wiiliam
Srn., '[Timolly D 3J. hero, Thomas 5
;(_C;c\,vith, l'rn!is D Jc'llairl Joha
llonhery, Miss Seaby M(-T'dden, Mr
Brown, Jos B 11i.li,, Edw'd
Hulls, \V -1 Mau., Wra
firown, Jane Ann IMrryioaii, Alfred
CI ,t\v;.V, B D Miir it, Alexander
C,,,o, 1; T MljC-i[, Solomon
[(i\. Djvid IMeg1illhorn, George
C,,{iltio, Johln Meimnan, Capt S 2
Cueva, P'(drf) Mirs, Ta ba
Coeli, '. Pidro 2Q iAlce,-on
Coil ,e,', 1IUh MNash, Hezeliah
Clemcis, A.derson Oir, Hannah C G
Deavopl, 'l'lsoj O1i" John
Do.le, Frmllkin Poro, Joln.
lelakm, Leewis C Pierce, James
I)yer, Daiel Purple, Ndthaniel
Devane, rs Peters, Edward
Iavis, Hi-Iy Penn, Miss Mary Ana
Daivis, J,ones 11 2 Pritchatd, Wm
Duff, E C Rowland, Col J B
DelahlanlyMartin rinaldi, J W
.Evans, John RU-s, J C
Eler!)y, I,"o ,iodbird, Wm
Fiekds, ,elh F l an, Daniel
Floler, R E 2 Ptobel Iso-i, James
!,'arJlin, J L Rho;ids, Mrs Lucinda
f.'o011, G Smiiih, S S
i" osier, JIosenrh Stal Ih, Caraway
Gi ime, James Sltfibrd, WVm
Cree.lwoo'd, i1 G Smilh, Mrs C
Crii'-,'), Capt Snowman, John
G rilliths. Job n Simnil h, Samuel
Glinn, Mrs Providence S, ,,- -:-h A J
Crogan, Miss Ellen Smith, C' pt J G
Gray, Wr( Sinith, Samuel
Ganin, .John Smr'ilh, Henry Peter
Cr,,v, Micil-el I'a\ lor, John C 2
I lill, John Manil Thoma-. Robt F
IJuichiison, Abel Tay, C ap t B
Horn, Zack-ariah Taylor, Capt Sam'l 2
1 fenderson, John Tuiror, Sarm'l S 2
I firl,,evA B 2 T1horp, Sam't
Jo&hn-oo, Iles Sarah A Thomps3on, Theodore
.Jones, Rohert J Wil!ber, Chas
J,1)i! 0,cr, W Woodbury
Jami(-'son, Charles Windham, Godfrey
Jeniiin_-., Isaac IVvaII & Co
Jonce, Win It Wesson, J M
Jo'lvs, C 11 Weeks, Capt Thos IM
Kirkley, .James Welker, Edw'd B
Kelly, Mrs Ealony M William%, Capt F W
Kemp, Jason B Wood, R N
Ware, E Augustus
?y,' Persnns ca'lin- for tfe above letters, will
please say they are ad ver'l Iepd.
N OTICE,-Si- imonihs after public ion of
this nofice,-application will be made to the
[on. Jiid'e of' Probaies flor Jackson county, for
a final seulement of the adninishlation o'f the
eslale of Wiltiam Bryan, deceased, late of said
co, ely. ELIJAH BRYAN,
June 30, 1S'G, 25-6m Administrator.
T lAKE NOTICE- Thiwiy days after the publi-
cation of this nolice, I sh- apply to the
Tfon. Judge of Probales For the Courty of Frank-
lin, for the appointment of Commissioners tu al-
lot and sell oft' the dower cf the undersigned in
the estate of Ebenezer J. Wood deceased, late of
the county of Franklin.

Apalachicola, JuneS3,184<5. 23-lm

the same selfconfidence, it is clear, sustain- low prairie lands, others upon the banks of n
ed him in the field. the river with very rich low lands all around fa
THE F1RENCH hMINISTER OF MARINE Ox i them. Sickness must be the certain result, b
MEXICANPnIVATEERS.-DIn the Chamber of' especially when the country has been flood- i,
Deputies, the Minister of Marine in re- ed, as it lias every where, I believe, for tire I
ference to (lie war between, the United paisi five or six weeks, with large quantifies h
States and Mexico, was asked if he intended of" rain. As to the heat, I did nut find i; "1
to permit or tolerate tie extr'erne abuse -"mote oppressive than 1 am accustomed to o
which the Mexicans appeared disposed to it here, and a:n inclined to think it is fi
make of their letters of marque, or whc hIer scarcely so severe. The nillts are gen- e
lie intended to maintain the principle A.)- er, y cool ed nouq to reqiic a b!lkel.
merly ado, ied by French admnirls, that ad) %ud lir bti e ccz si prevail almost entirely It
armed vessels, even be<'ig re ula ,c'.s or ihro ghout. Ih d,My. There is a great cry I
marque, s.houti d be considered pirates Fih- about wusq:ii;oc". ; they ate \it'mout doubtt \
captain and crew ere not brown sujecls 'lad, bat nol :, a .WhirI more so than w';l!i uS.
(not naturalized but actually born snbjucts.) Acuddeie may lWe;A favored me, but I have I
of the country which issued the letters of I snuered more i'u',i theni since my return d
marque! I han durig a!l ,ny a',re cc, not in [lie city, %v
Thle minister replied thrt the princip qvs but in l.h3 coL'niy. uil fir of!". (.li ke is ;
which guided the M}nnsiry oF the MarineM i to be in .:e greatest lablunda:nce, though 1
in France, in reference to corsairs was I al, W I did n t ',lint, or see any of callse']iven.e, s
for a ship to have the right to sail under but the s gt;z are very numerous. Thor..Y r
iha Freoch ti:g the cap;:;!'i must be V i'vetJ'i ;,e some:! paminhers (li vrs !-ey are called) t
the officers must be FMrnch. and two-dihdi beac, aul buit Qev wolv.s. D eur n., tutrkej
of the cew mtust Le K,.' ch. N verihe- ,re pketiil, and p; i"k.'.,es ,nore numerous a
less, in certain circumstances, it was consi- ditin I have >cvr secn anywhere. Fish are K
dered sufi-cieut if th ee-Ci'il' s o"I lh:; crew in great llb. M :ud.,e, cat, peerch, brim, trout, il
were French. It was on such co:0'501s I)., muillcti; and 1 am told that lthere are ;
thuatleters of marque were de eivered i) tiIe |sheephead I u be ,o t....i some of the !kes ;
of war to vesels n;ivipgat tng undyr lthe 1 ti- ed with ; .od i a small lake coitain- i
l.'rench fl;;?. The rj.tc',l3iou t';;t he lh ,l ing ;ib(, U fio t y ,,r" s puhrh p; he I 00 .ls l who (,
been asked was if [oreign ve-sesl, noi pltAceM h s ever tried int, and in a sh.urn tiae ,caught J
in a sio Wion perfectlyy oalaous as lo lhe two fine trout, one weighing twro Iounds,
composition o' the:r crews, wc,'e to b.- cobo- the o'herU l;W ie !."sa. T' ie wanllc w
sidleeed ats ,'.>el lie an.-,weie~ l t hat the me caught aso a, iaW e one, bui lbr want of h
circuuiislalc's which thncoSiSIuicd pIt;tCy, bait our sportL was cut short. There is a \
were d(terntined by the laow of 1P H ; i:.i l great a;buadance of wddd ione5, A g;enlle- i
ltat a vcs-l" ,lst be found io iMe pIc(;:ie man who has been there since February
condiiioi de k.. ed by thai la w 1o b',e, I t s lat,,lhas ln'.elji and secured five hives.-
pirates. They are now Peacbfubly and! hidustriously
A= deputy 1]th n insistcfl that the principles at w rk ,ear hois yard. Tihey were lbuatd
an which Firance acted were -ooi), ,imn ainly with t seeking lhlem I believe. In
M1exico shoi, ) be obli}g.'d to act upon them 1 clIlowhir, u;,',er avocatiousihey are fcquent-
loo, t he I on rem!no nt a c' l ; ict i'on a ,Ut's- ly liscovL,.ed.
patch of lihe Frenh.admiral to Whe le a;. Th'le country v0i11l S too be thickly settled,
:.overnment it 1-39, it, which ha Wid du',v;, p 's I way, r e e pe aly if the
Ihoat every VL'sQde l)(',ri;n ai t cl ier eo Ii:l;r'|iuec. }n hiiiilln occ;-.Sio;. no di stb_.o Ce, M ch
but. of whi ,I, he cNpt.i..) andl two- l i,-ds of ,et e ii not the slihletr. re sin tu a))pre- n
the crew should nut be Mexican, would ," lIenJ. TVh no;.rcst part of tlhe country as-
considcred a pale. aind WIeDOeWl s U suchR i l) si nel tl:c:;, is sonie eighty or a hundred
ali the sverily of the las ofar. "dileW s eriu,, Lake Monroe. The number is
Dr m:mL:,, une 11.--\ ei'es oi' m, ,oniii- si'pl to o)e' t bc beiween one andl three hun-
cent conc,', s his Ibcen Q uae, ;;t Aix-,.- ti'ed men, wuw nea, and children. \Vhy does
(C }apeIle. with .ciniy IJid ;as pr1 ncii>:ol uo thie Government remove them ? There
:un,-s.tress. antl ] ucntdks.ohiu as condii"Pir., ;s. ;f any i!,lm er aK. -:!. some reason to fear
]t was On oi'ihc e iM'Oe l sb i einl J ,w skcyl Waiss iacL [ile VhiIres may iuirude upon Oand hie-
of which ,'ve low ii,s muscal hodl;:t can b '.si, l;:,t them ia some way. jf the Indians
aud e:cided uLibdundeil e,]thulsasmn, shonui iA consequence make an outbreak,
lle tla,'aey r;,';l ,o:,d will speedily be put
[M'" n IShne !J\,' AI .'..:1C'oo'la'.i] inou o,)er;i~on, ;iand the Governioent will
EA.SET 'L(.,i;1!;A.. h've hlilie lIe;, to do. It is to be hoped that
MAI. EDiTcr.I:--As public atlenidon was such a "naoic liuAtie m'y not oceir. Their
been drawn ; Poud deal of late toward wlle country iu now known, their hiding places
new MiaLe el Florida, and pardieuN!tvy Eas; will speedily be ferr.l-1ted out by an equally
Florida a;ned i'e coL1l9ry on an'J adjaCCeU lo hantv' race of men, who are now advanein',
ihe IUpIeCi'S. Johns, and who, is sometimes upon their horde". like a swelling and irre-
called Whe I.ne country, it "may he acceep- s'si'Me RHood. \Vh- does noL tile Govcrn-
;,,;ble to you. and ,;our reader's to Ivc mne t cCarry ihem l to the W est?
sl'iltt account of the appearance and con- Lake unroe is six mille. lohug and four
5iiiou of Ltings ia the latter pan of June, wide. t runis East niod West. llhe lonq
uhimo. way. On its .ouiheru side is situate 31el-
1 have recently visited the upper SW. lonivlle, named after CW|)l. Mellon of the
Johns, but ;s my slay was short and mny arny who was killed Upon the spot whie
means ;4 the lio-te very imilf, d 'o," geitiin, M o:ll:inly chee'i-ag his ownc to ilio W;e0 1.
abowt ihe country, ,v ohbervanion was also) [TAs is the coumy sMe 'or Oraa'qe county.
7C.C .iS ,i,"'y ii..;)lcd. "'out as Niuio. d, i W.'tc O te ,, ie .-,otltl u:' mhis is O i':.uqevil:e, in1 a
vilio '.ave visiled F1ast 'hlorida have donie so lier IoQ % iliou itn ihe pine woods. ','-here
either in the water or early in wime slrln ,- are, J belief iyur or five families ini each
the muost ainaciive seasons--in ay not he place, and 'a tlle :adjaceUt cou;Iry around
amiks to give lthe ,esoh of ny limiIed ob- willu five nilc as imiany tntoe pJerhaps.
servaiion. W i lh respect to to e crops Ih.'ie- A n nit er ofloca,,ioths have beensececled be-
is bui litlle to be vaiid, hIS Winds nearly ;I! t;V ceu likes Monroe oud ,)esup, by persons
being just oi)";,.si, there is sci'reely any- "ho expect lo wove to them next fAll. On
Ih'mg but cori ;rs yet t),ame(d. .i saw some ihe .Norlhern side of llie Lake is lnter-
very fiue corn growing upoa second yea,' praise. lie residence of M1aa';or Taylor, about
land, and lo whicI the season had been which place a 4ood l dcl hN!s been said and
(uile unfavorubte, ihe drought M pagir in wriles. Uolortuvialely J had no opportu-
while in the early silk ant tassel. Theie niiy of exau-minitn ihe country on thaL side
co;n be no touls i,) my own mind but i'ar of tire Lake. iIjor Taylor and family
the hammnock, Pold better quality of pine were a;bsen ;iaud a geenilemana inmle
lands, (of which there is a great deal) when of his qwel!h"g, was prevented from fulfill-
reduced to proper cultivation. will produce irig his kind engig,,emen;s lo tike me
the most abundant crops ofcoin. The ex-' I roagh ihe uounlry, by sickness in his
perintnes which have been made it' raisin, f'mildy. There "are 1 believe about twenlv
corn in the pririe lands have been thus i'a, iami'ies "rouId the Like. They are pay-
pretvy mnuch a failure. Avarieiyofcauses, i, W onionain to W e raising of orange tiers.
added !o tat'crier cuhivalion, (,'or warm uf 1. was lold thl b5 transphttniing ,he wild
sufficientt facilities.) have conmbinedl to pro- l~ee f'ro,) ;lie forests and I)utddn'.; open it,
tluee such a resu]!. I can see nO reason the sweel oranges and fruit couhd be el)-
whiy such land, which is alpparently liem lathedl i, h,'ee years, .[ T e w ruti tltal de-
ricnes'i in lhe wvorhld-he Iblacl, wouldd b~eiii": sit'ovd ,lle trees on ithe coast, hias not ap-
seventeen inches through, ancd lir while ips',red opon the ],ekes, and is, I uunlerstand,
,narl licnealh lihat, lihirteen-if pt'operly ,lisap :eai-mg f'romn the ravaged and disman-
cultivated and subdued should not p~roduee tled orchardsof the sea coast.
from thinly to fitly Ibnshels iper aere, andl ]t is impossible for mny pen to giv2 any
two crops a year at lihat. Ta;tl llhe efforts adequate idea o[" l[e beauty of the scenery
of Dr. Speer--a gentleman to whlon fro- of ihe upper 5 Johns. Js will require a
qtent referencehjas been made ast ;i phnler pr>'fi'.lan, lihe handI of a master to wiehld it,
i,) the prairie lands, have failed mainly from lo give any concepiion of il. There is uo
ihte causes .-.,,1;.,'sled T ail convineed.-- river iu llhe country like it in any of ils
These lands, it: is said, will produce line fealnres. For ihe first hundred and fifty
Suga:r cane or black seed cotton. I. saw ,,iles, I an to!d! thai, iis average breadl~h is
bolh) growing upon tlie prairie, ihe former, iihee miles. Cerlain I amn lh.t il is much
so far as [ amn able lo judge, promisestloler- wi'ler in places. Il runs nearly adue Norlh
ably well, hl; was Ip'anledl lale and was yei eonrse. Tlie phrase is "" up 5;ou, h" antt
smatl. Thle cotton [ saw was small qunn- ,t iown.Norlh." The sw~ellin.. of Ihe tidle
lity planted merely as an experiment. Sl is fi.Il very fanr up). t-'eyondl L',ke George,
was put inlo laud ibai had never r'e.,eived! a Lake which is eighteen miles long and'

the plolugh--in an entirely wild stale-unjiil ifieen broad. Olle river narrows very utnch,
I mi i il !if epar.;lory to lelil g in the s mei!. and here enmmences tra bea)e utifl,3 scenery
.It was Iplanted in May, was about knee hial,, seen only in tropical clinmes. Upon each
,Ido! full of blossoms and squares. It (lit shore, you have a perfect wail of' foliage;
not have i very healthy look owing, no each diIfferent variely of vine. and shrub,
Idolubl, to tlle urcLIttivatte slate of ile htiu, and iree, seems s r ntruggling to shew itself' by
and the excessive rains ithaI had fallen ipon cronwdling in- o the space over the river until,
it for several weeks previous. The eaolh in rich festoons, ii dips into il, which re-
was theen saturated with water. I aun con- flecis b;,ck as a polished mii'or, Ile most
vinced that a high state of cultivation is all minute lives as dilsinct as the reality itself.
that is wanting to render ihenm as i)oduc- The river seems perfectly phlcid, unless
live lands as can be found in any Silate of when disturbed by a breeze or the motion
the Uniont. iut his it is impossible to of tie Iboat. Some rnosi beautiful flowers
have in a new unseilred country in the short are io be seen ;t this season, crowding in
space of two or three years. 1he hiham- places lhe river banks. In some places
mock lands border it) abundance, in phlces where there is but' fitle undergrowlh, may
at least, upon the prairies4. So hat if' hese be seen fir benweih tile spreading branches
lands will never produce corn, the hart- ol" the live oak, the rankest and most beau-
mocks will, and the former can be used for tiful wild grass I ever saw. It looks as
cane and cotton. There are also adjacent green and lender as a wheat or rice field
to the portion of the prairie visited by me, with a half grown crop. The scenery va-
and which lies upon Lake Jesup and tlle ries from this to the open prairie lands
St. Johns, a good deal of very fair pine which in places skirt the banks, and a good
lands, and the greatest abundance farther deal of which seems to be too low for cul-
off olfthe poorest kind, in which good water tivation.
can be had perfectly free from mineral of But no one should lake any of these
any kind. And I have no doubt that as things upon trust, but mer0y as inducement
I healthy locations may be selected here as to go and see for oneself. And apropos.
r in any of the pine lands of the low country The steamer Gaston which every body
of Carolina or Georgia. There was some knows has a mustoblii? calptain, and clerk
feverin the country, while I was there, and and a skil'ul engineer, leaves Savannah next
the Doctor was kept pretty busy. But I \Vednesday, for an experimental trip all the
am well setisfied that it was occasioned in way through to Melnvilh and back in a
- almost every instance by special or local week. A party will be made up here, 1 un-
h causes, which, may for the future be avoided derstand (of whom your humble servant is
s or prevented. The first settlers are gener- expected to be one,) and also in places
- ally injudicious in selecting settlements, as along the route, for the purpose of seeing
- in this instance. Some are in the ham- the lakes, the river, &c. &c. It is a fine
, mocks, others in the immediate vicinity of opportuuily for a pleasure trip which pro-

But the growing crops, notwithstanding
he excessive heat, look beautiful. There
has been little rain, but the dews at night
nd morn have been frequent and refresh-
ng, and with the glorious sun-shine above,
re bringing forward the produce of the
ields magnificently. The harvest promises
o be abundant, and, what is hardly of less
consequence, early-the earliest, indeed,
'or years past.
The prospect for the English farmer is
cheerless, but he has to thank his too
dear friends, the monopolists, for it a!l.-
An immense quantity of toreion wheat and
flour will be released from bond at the low
reliefduty when the Corn Bill has passed,
and this will be thrown on the market just
as the agriculturist is sweeping the produce
of his public fields into [ie granary. Prices
will come down, there will be an agriculhu-
"al panic, and the cry of 11 the Corn Bill
has done it will be raised.
The French news is the most important
of any thing by this arrival. We quote the
summary of Willmer & Smith's 'ITimes:'
[Correspondence of the Liverpool Tiriies.]
P-' Piz, Jone -15.
The Journal d,s Debafs lias lately pub-
lished a remnarkable article on the sitale of
affairs between Mexico and the Uniled
Slates. Your cotemporarynsseris thair Mi.
Polk has only gone against Mexico to con-
pensate his defeat in Oregon, and to regain
the popuhuily which t1,at def1ea ( had 1rouht
upon him. Itl thinks that M[cxico is toltI!ly
unable lo resist the U. Sales, ;,nd Ilbat the
existing hostilities will result in its dismem-
It thinks, too, that the States will endea-
vor to seize the Californias. io ,n:,ke np for
what they will be olliged i\ lose in Oregon;
and it says that the Califotr"jis are infinitely
more valuable than tlal bait-r-ii territory.---
It views all ihis with real regret: but, be-
yond a few sneers ool-Jr. Polk, for which
it appears to enwerlin profound conlemp;,
it says no(hing4 offensive to tlhe United
States. This fact deserves to be specially
mentioned, foroflate the great organ oflhe
French Government has appeared incapable
of even naming the Ameriean republic
without flowing over with wrath, or ,'ather
with disdain.
Tl.Epoqtte, lhe recognized organ of L.
Guizot, Minister for Foreign Affairs, hIas
also had a very long and carefully wriloen
article on the pending dispute between tde
great Republies of Northern America.-
This article points out ihe necessity of'
France and England interfering in tihe ntml-
ter, in order to bring about a reconciiilion,
and to protect Mexico. It alleges ,lit
France has interests sufficiently vast In
vast itn Mexico to warrant suc injerference.
Considering lthe connexion between ihis
journal and M. Guizot, I am inclinedt lo
altacb some importance to his lucubration,
as showing lhalt if France has not interifered
in the business, she assuredly will do so.--
Indeed, for mny part, I entertuin not llte
slightest doubt that the French Govern-
mnent will be prepared, if necessary, to give
effectual prolection to Mexico against her
greal nei ihbor; for I remember tll:;l in llte
co,,rse of 111C prc::cnl ses.sio,, M Go.ii<;i;
declared front[ the Iribune on two occasions
that it was ofwvast importance to Fance lira;
the United SIaies should not sei-le Mexico,
nor the English race absorb the,^panist";
and as lie is not a man to t;;!k without
weighing (lie force and calculating the coql-
sequences of his expressions, I lake it for
granled that his decliralions in ticalc d i ,e
policy the French Government had deteir-
mined on pursuing, l have made statements,
to ibis effect before, but they cao scarcely
be too oltett repeated, as I fear that too ma-
ny of your readers runaway vwith the nolion
that because i L1r. Polk ldelred in his mes-
sage flian tle would not admin i any interfer-
ence of* Eu,'opcan Governments in ihe all
fairs of the American coni'ment, Er,-opean
Goevrnnmenis would timidly refrain from in-
TED STATrES.--The London Times of' June
15 says : Tlire dispatches of General TJaylor
;re remarkable for their succinct energy,
and lhe absence of those verbose and gran-
diloquent sirniins which we are accuslonte(
to meet wilh in narratives of Aumerican ex-
ploits. tHe writes like a man of sense,
skill, and courage ;---ad we have not ilde
slightest wish to detract from Ithe honors lIe
has gallantly earned under Ihe lhag of Iris
country. Whbalever opinion we may en-
terlain tof the causes of thlis war. aud of llie
political motives in which it originatedI.
:. haviour of tlhe American Geueral and
: "ops deserves to be jud-ed of Iby at
-. higher standard! tban lIhe policy of
)ver'nument which it is their dnlv 10
.l he conduct of the Mexican army,
: ceontrary, demonstrates llhe ttller in-
;of lhat government lo prelect. any
of ils dominions from invasion ; anil
redes llhe tlescenh, nis of the Spanishi
cans still hower iu lihe rank of nations.

Imer & 'Siih" T'imes g:>ys:-T he
re between Mexico and Ole United
has, of necessity, attr:tcted much -l-
: n, and lias interfered, more or less
ur l)usiness. The fear of shilpping in
,can bottoms has, like the b',seless fa-
If. -fa vision, disappeared, bui Lhlyd's
;ling ridiculously to their high 'pre-
is. The feeling is nct confined toEng-
The Paris paper. La Presse, asserls,
facl, that many American orders have
c--* eounlermanded, in F1',-ance, in conse-
: L.-.ce of the rupture between the two re-
The war itself has exercise the pens and
I' he tongues of all the professional polilicans
j, the old world. In the eairlysiaoge of the
st, iggle on the banks of the Rio Grande,
whe the American forces sustained one or
two trifling guerilla reverses, a good deal of
sympathy was shown for the Mexicans, and
if.Jonathan had suffered more, the sorrow,
we grieve to add, would not have been in-
tense. But when the Britannia arrived with
an account of the battles of "Palo Alto"
and the "Paltn Ravine," in which the
Mexicans on what they claim as their own
soil, wilh a force two or three times greater
than their antagonists, were "wollopped"
by the Americans all sympathy disappeared,
and contempt was the feeling universally
felt, unequivocally expressed.
By the way, the brief, but lucid des-
patches of Gen. Taylor have atulacted much
admiration. His pen, like his sword, deal;
oniy in the practical. Merit is generally al-
lied with modesty, and as he judiciously re-
frained from playing the braggart on paper

nises to be also a profitable, at least a satis-
ictory one, both to the passengers and the
oat. To those who like the sport oC shoot-
ing alligators, much may be promised themn.
saw a gentlemnan in the soace If about an
hour mane ten s1l(>ls, killi,,g eighv alligators.
'ihcy are t.,king, hlem rcowv for ile; purpose
f getting the oil, which 1 am l ol,! is very
ine for Inups, though I know nothing from
xpPrimeils. A gentleman, engag,,ed in tlhe
~(:ilss, (;idl prons;e me somPe to try, but
he forget itl when we parted and I am saved
ith further shedding of ink in lIhe way of a
I have 5-aid that two Cropse can be made.
saw ;,(t Oron;n' i!le in Piie Land, ihin at
hat, two c;-o!,.:. Thle one ,(talurCd IrOl)
.';ii';i l IS i lrcr was Mien, ; ra l the oil, r
"imnuctA ;a biewcen IN rows aNout six inches
I i'; 1 'Tllcre are tMrce ,j!i;net's to hit the
:s;,s,) t, uin on) Wo [)lm,:t in January or Feb-
;!!'y, another in April or ALy, and tlhe
;Lil'di it' July, and per;ilips a lillle later.
It Will not detraict troin the beauty or the
;ncn rv. (o the upper.t. S Johns to adld theat
1:',c wil, orange is now to be seen uceadion-
ally hIancing iupon the shores, now ripe, or
;J least yellow. It is difficult to conceive
anythin; more beautiful in thks line--the
ich, yellow fri;it hiaT,2.., g among i.,he green-
1'. n, k';i ,k s! foli,- to I] ; ti 'i)l c.i;, Con(ceive
oi. and thait in a sia'le or nature.
IL. would be well for the umercants of
av;i,)n ;]'h t lo !ook well to their itt i'ess
roo ili il quarter. oon ;ai immense lra;de
1ill be done by Enst FMYwida. will either
Savaniahi, (,Chrleslon, or New york.
Youis, &c., P. c. P.

,suit these perriwig pated fellows," because, like
Coriolanus, he will not stand naked in the market
To brag unto them,-Thus I did, and thus,-
Show them the unaching scars which he should
hide, ,.
As if he had received them for the hire
Of their breath only."
He might say to them, like Coriolanus :-
"Look, sirs;-my wounds;-
I got them in my country's service, when
Some certain of your brothers roared, and ran
From the noise of our own drums."
We regret to see that Torn Breeches Marcy"
has ordered this gray headed veteran before a
'Court Martial. The old General, in his last let-
ter to the Secretary, we rather think, muAt have
tnadethat worthy feel about as streaked, as he did
When he was caught gouging the State of New
York out of fity cents.
"i The people of Florida, of both parties, will
ever forget': that the same unhesitating desire to
save his countrymen from danger, that prompted
the veteran Gaines to fly to their succor when
exposed to a savage inroad, has now exposed
bhim to-
r : o. : ""hy takes."
him before a

:ry, for of no-
weither accu-
ace his noble
his country-

justice, was

Dm!:o--O.I the ev, }niw; cf lth Clth int.? in ltie
21'h yu.,rofher :3,, ?,}'*. ANSE C., 1I1 ',VK1.<.S,
wi a0'Dr. \Vili,,,L t.awkiv%, of BaLker cou,,y,
(; rnie, pid dd ohicr ,,f Col. C. C. Mills of
A:' b)i, i t. T li. ",' d, cc;sedl, lj,t l.,',.]y ouri'ied, fel!
itv c I.,i to ) ;:[tdd eB<->i ,in )li() i. IJut a fe.v, short
n io,jli.-, ;a. -id '!' stood at t!e tric a!t.r, in ;l;e
,looiii of ;it .';l ,rid yorihl','ul l) a l-, looking f r-
NVU t o ;iO IoI), ;r;:\ h.,ppy lift,-b""lo !),e-a e
--'"':e l'\ worm i ith1 bbud,
Pi.-y(Id 0, Ih,*rd.,naL- c iecih."
Thp A'.ll o:f i We ,hy:diein, til tender cir ( A"'
, t!etwop;,c fn''odh and relmimvcs-luie prayers cfo
,ius mip','r ,,!.dilud nol to st,y In u hainl of tcleat}'
:Sie w.,, evi(!-,:]f i her fife, as we ul as in lir
du-ealn oi' CiI-.ICn Fuip'r h. :"he i, lp iher
9 i 1t ,O diaief.,tlh;;l !Ihe wot', l, in a tw il'.r and a b ztter
wohld, -,:) le)e r-war, promhled lo tio-n, who
'" die i M tWA Lo,'!."
-- '" \'o [,El.i ,' thl"' t P r vanc \'a''n,
'\ ''iL -1)1;i:l or lhecr(s nor hb.'ars (c -tt'ess,
"V\rl ;t i, ci tl il o or0iO l,i'n '1
Or iike on mukic.er ,vwcrp!itlie less '
A n d 11100 \v;i, o Ill'.-i in to toargtc
'JThvy l(.'os n- % .,i. ii, 1 y 'cs arte wvet."

S- jeen remar-
i. .< >nd terseness
.- paper. In
:..:."- s State, the
beyond the
:ing laws he
fter'e( s, and
-' vetl being of
Sricu-i to the
ce lid h.d
any longer,
.. .. *m m ittee lo
.i as ready to
adjourn. The Commiltee performed its duly,
and inquired whether the Governor had any ines-
.sage to communicate.
They are ready to adjourn, are they ?" said
the Governor.
Yes, your excellency," replied the Chair-
Tell them I'm glad of it."
The note with whIich the correspondence with
f Gen. G.aines i's closed hv Mr. Secretary Marcy is
'nearly as brief and explicit.
"WAR DEPARTMrENT, June 2, 1846.
By direction of the President, Brevet Major
"Gen. Gaines is relieved r'rom the command o(' the
'Western Division of (he Army, and will repair
0to Washio!lon without delay.
Brevet Major Gem. G. M. Brool:e is assigned
ito the command of the Weslern Division."
We know of no higIh on'iriol corresp)oedence
,more short and sweet.-\[Buffalo Express.
For a sweeter 1nd shoree" sentence, we re!'er
"the Express" to the Treasury Archives of the
State of New York when the Secretary was
} Judge. Under Ihe head of "Civil and Judicial
Expenditures will be found :
To mending my Breeches .......... .. 0 50.
W. L. MARCY, Judge.

15 Days Later Fromn Europe.
The steamner Britannia, at Boston on Sa-
-turday morning, left Liverpool on the 19th
The news was telegraphed for yesterday's
Sum from which and the Philadelphia pa-
,pers, the annexed summary is made up :
The bill reducing the Corn Laws has
-passed through Committee in the House
-of Lords by a vote of 136 to 103--33 ma-
Jority. There can no longer be a doubt of
its becoming a law.
I For the state of the Cotton, Flour and
Grain markets, we refer our readers to the
subjoined quotations. We extract princi-
pally from Wilner & Smith's Europear
The crops in Englaod and Ireland are
said to be fine. The weather was extreme-
ly dry and hot.
Sir Robert Peel's retirement is more con-
fidently spoken of.
The accounts of the Battles of the Ric
Grfode have been received in '",'' '
e ; ''. (2 ," L ; 2

.M^IL / "9"&NUEM^EMNT,
L",.-f-S Cl.G I .ILoir.l-e 'J'!in,-,,,v 1 P. H[.
Aii';v'S c[ I ij Al I'i coit i',,Ini,'dIv.". 12 2'J.
Jy ,:, "" 'J'.,T.,- ,,y:-. 9 .A V1.
A ri- ,r-, ;! (",,, *il; ,',n*!c 'J'iliil -,li 1- 2 [.

CuO'TU'4 STAT.I.'i; 1-\T.



-- yearl.
. o ,k o n bv n d 1 ,t p t . . t t
l:..:c,'- ved 11 '-L ve '.............
'** pL". :o !y., .. .. ... .110. D;0
'oiJ....ba!e. --- 110,481 t52Z05
[ :;;porlcd pa. t .\et, ........... '2. G2
4 pw \ ior -,.v.. ....... l .;;1i
Tutl.'u.......... --- 10.,%50,- I i'j]G9
On hand and on sl;iboard not c.eard:.7:U'Il 32C'3

E: DORT; 0" CO ,-OI I, OMf A -ALAC F:C01A
(_O .ll! t'',li:!:'3 1 -i *|< "ll['):'',l't. ,3\J .11 l e
I P lit I I! o s.,.
WillC'HER EKPORJFED. wrk oaliy, sea~o

v i r IpouIl ............
, . .. .. .
' 1 . . . .
I .1O0 . ... ..
()l ,]!'l LIu l ; ....... ....
Toul, to For. Ports.
\(.%w Yolk...... ....
I ^o.. o n .. .. .. .. .. .. .
o".' : 0 r ."e ... .. .

!:, ;,1 1 ,,,'r .. .. ... .
,'-w U ., '," i i. ... .. .. .
0, '*}t* ,!UIG'= .. .. .. .. .. .
To; il Coa twise....
TOTAL-B-r. I'..

. 2l .lol . 2.'_ ..... l;. ,..- l,'ii.
...... ." I'5 -.t 56 2..:-2 7
.. ; ... .. ... ) .
5''4' 1,- -129"60 2
...... 1 ... ... .. ...25 ,19.
...... ..... ...... 2 t
. . . 9 5 0u .. o ... I 2 :;
.. 1= 3. 4 0.^Oi: "*.I25. ^;)y2i
..7b17. .yv:;3:,. :^I:;7 .;)905'7
.. 7.... j -6 0'. I.6 '-0 I) .2 -1 S
. ... .. .bfli 5), ., )'ii."i .. .s{i (()

- I-.. .2 176! -.-;)-1 .W i i'

.... .. ... .:' ,2 .. ...


.,i,, L IL. L i t: S, 1 sna0e C of lahrenheX.-
S 'rTie English papers speak of June beinL
: the. hottest month experienced for sixteen
S. years. Deaths from sun-strike were fre
; quent
According to the Limerick Reporter
t 3857!migrants have, left that city for th
XUnitd States (luring the present season.
Roiors prevail that negotiations have
gainbeen opened between England am
Braz for the admission of the sugar of th

Jackson Circuit Court.
Hugh Spear:,, Petition for Foreclosure of
VS. M r1-a e
Rnbert W.. H-alsled. Mortgage.
T dE -Ccidant will 1a! . r';)1al Tern, IS-(), of the Circuit Col'rt, foiar
Jjcloeo Counly, I will ;)n,vly to the said Court
for a jud enia' of foreclosure, of a rne*tain morl-
gade executed by himn lo the plainliff, on the 1st
o:"January 1815, oi two slaves nanied Allern and
Becny. A. IT. BUSfI, '
Attorney f'r Petitioner.
Maiianna, July 13, 184'-6 8'-4ra.
dtildulv altorsed aaent duriinZ iny ob,mce
fio" the Stale of Florida.
Apalc-,Aicola, July 7, IS tw. 27-1R
N uihorised ageiAt during my absence from
the State of Florida.
Apalachicola, June 30, 1846.


T British Government have sent- a Mr.
H--leto the River Plate, to effect a settle-
.menof the differences between Rosas and
FronVilmer & Smith's Liverpool Times, Juntc 19
T'- weather during the, last fortnight has
- lbeerintensely, oppressively hot-too hot
to we or almost to think.


For Liverpool.
tIlibbs, master, having most of hercargo
'ii,,-,.ed, will meet with dispatch. For
b,ii.,]Le' i.eib t ::.5J bA,:s or passage, apply to
".'oo). HILL, DAWSON & Co.

For New York&
; "[THE splendid packet brigTYBEF,
,, :' 2ormuei",'nmaster, will have dispatch.
2 1' or deck fiei;ht or passage, apply to the
i;],,--i- or to
Jniv 7. NOU:RSE, STONE & Co.

'TWi jLodion Ilt uarterly ReviW>

Tliae Foreigsa uitUarterly cevicl
Tlie AVest imititstr erReview,
A -1; D

The above Periodicajs are reprinted in New-
York, itn [,i,-d iiiely ,,n either arrival by the British
.-c.l(, n,-, if, in a le,,niiil clear iype, on fine white
ii;,'.[[', a,,d arC i.,10iiul copies of the originals-.^
CLACK.WOO.'S 3IAGAZI:-E being an exact l'ac-
- ,.;o. 11! ul lle t'dd.,', r.itr e iti!on.
"j,,i. \vii.--,]ro'd :',ie of these splendid Peri-
;, :,\; '. i ,,Jci.-; i; ;,:-edl-3i ht) o 3.y much in their
)),\'.:,. A-s ii;-rt,-'y g ns, they !stand far in ad-
v,)!,re; oi ;i,,v ,\o 01 AS ol i similar st,,mp now pu-
l-,'.,.!;. v'.],i ; .Ie lol.l.:eoL com plexion of each is
;,., i. (1 : i dc,;wi'y, co,.-idor ciind ;'Orbearance not
Oile i !* ,..0 in % ',\of L o 1 i, i ',.rtv ci' jracier.
"f;P.v C'u6ra'.e tl e views of the three great
n;.r;_( s i(1 ," r1,, ,,i- \M )ii'._', Tory, pP d Radical.-
"' Jj;, Torv; ti.e"EJ_",r'nir Rev iew," Wnig; and the
"1 Ti("lt;!iislei," l;oc (.eal. 'lie Foieign Quar-
;eryv N is tpmrc' iil..-irv, bci.ig devoted princi-
pollv to crit- ci-.f;s o,) .'.rei'.' Cootinental W orks.
T~ie prices (it' tl^e R:ru.-',rs are less than
one-third o the. i'or'ign copies, ar.nd while they
are e-,uallv \vo-lt aot tp, li:ey aiibidPll iheadvan-
(ti, e to the .,L.tricain oer ih English reader.
For a;iyor:eof t'.e uur Reviews, '3,UO per annum.
F'or aly Ivwo, do. 5,00 "
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For 11,ckwood and Lifefuur Re.
vie\s, 10,00 "
Four copies of any or all of the above works
will be sent to one address on paymeuoL of the re-
-ollar sui;cription for tlhiee-the fourtU copy
be:nL gri;,lis.
(i' leiniitances ;'nd comrnunicatlcna must be
ncd> i'l ,, ,Icases will utt exense io theo publish-
ers -'t'he o;'mer nr,1,v a!\'l-yvi be done hiirough a
Post-i,,a'ter 1>y li,,!,dic !| Itho e mount to be
relloi ed, takii lli:is ,.,eii:),i and for;vardng the
receipt by mad, P.s;- )..d; or the money may
he eicl"!'ed in a lotLt,, .Po-isi-id, directed to
tile ])u li~ hl ts.
N. 1'.--Tie Po 't.,,e on ll these Periodicals
is reduced by thle IL:: Pn_ t-On'.e law, to about
one t/lijd tiicJ'uo>i11,1 ru':s, Lof ki-g a very impor-
taht saving il the .:xo ,-e t,) [fl.fA ubscribers.
*"., It a/ll the p, irill, cities and iowns
ihou',l/out the Untiie Silo,'s to which ihtre is a
dirti n':di-r-,. or w- V\'l(cuiiimmunicaltin from
Phe city of .1"' 170Y ,'--, iC'i .e ,vei-iodicals will be
drliv, rdl 1'ii;:.: OF CPO'4TACE.
IEONAR),. '1 S'T, & Co., Publisherg,
J,.oiie 1 *2 .-'* 11 2 l.Ct1lon St., N w-York,

pll raaa~l 1_1 __ 111



..h u r f i p o ior.. ,n .d i .-c u ;t o P ; ,
.7'' ..* *, '' '. "I ; ''i" *
., ". ; ,,. ..' *'. ;l '
*)'*-:io- ** .. **-*< i" 'I.- ? ,* .. :{, ", --"<" .*- ** /

FOR theo cure cf Di',i~po-ia or Indigestion, PAl-
ions and nervous Hleadache, C'or,-tip;,>!fln,
Diarraky(a, (-i, f, ,.heurr;.ti-m, Gravel, Flawtu-
lencv, &-. 'or sale wholr,.,iilp ;d retail, by
Nov 5. J.C. ai..N, Drufi't.
Tarrwills Cotlinpo nid Extract of
Cabc 1 s and Copalvin.
r'--, t:a ,(d!s uiirivalld] for its
.*^--i-. effica'-v; it performs a rure
/ "< in few dayt-no cnnfine-
v m rf^ v' n}t or r'estniction in (diet,
IW '-''*in Y ii' nec('cs?;.rv. It will be
.,' .'.. S .;"" ,)jred mih the gre.ate.st
v'l; o, h'^' l in Pi f.epon "-f-11
^'.f't t ,,:?;*''*'' .9< i!i, p i r lf- n n'%
^.1. ,:; /1'!; upon thit important law,
,,,/ '.1;; ..:, /;.. first V* ;1[,!1istIfdbl !V hie CtL-
'^.;' l--.'"' .'.-, e ri ,t,.-d lD r. Fordyce, viz:
~'. ":.an that a cotnlinntion of sim-
ilar rcutdie3 weNould produce a more certain,
speedy, and consisdhrable ricrf, thnn anv equiv1-
lhnt d o.e of ary smile one.' In inrnv case, thv
disease i enlirt-ly prevented by its t'mnly applica-
tion. For sale bv
N !.- .j J-. C. A IJ.J V ....:-,-.t, &,'.


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March 21, 184,;. 1*2-1y
Tarrant's Effervescent Seltzer
Aperient. ",-, -
HTALTH t ENEIVED, ard an inv.gorated
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This preparation is univers-Ily allowed tb be
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The Oregon question is settled, but this
fact does not lessen the importance nor de-
tract from the merits of the great speech of
Corporal Sykes on the subject. It comes
to us reported in "The Stingaree," a pa-
per published in Mississippi City. Messrs.
Allen, Cass and Hannegan must give way
to the "Corporal," who is unquestionably
a roarerr, and no mistake." How the
"whole or none" men must lament that
they had not the aid of Corporal Sykes in
the Senate! It could not have failed to de-
cide the question. Perhaps it is not too
late now; and we therefore take leave to
call the especial attention of Gen. Cass to
the speech of the Corporal, who, we must
say, seems to have had in his mind the re-
cent efforts of Gen. C. on the same sub-
ject Perhaps a close examination may
detect plagiarism on one side or the other.
But here is the speech which will surely be
"good reading" in these summer days.
[ Baltimore Patriot.
SYKES.-There has been a tremendous
War meeting at Wolf-Hollow, at which
Corporal Job Sykes, commonly called ,Ti-
ger Sikes," candidate for Constable, made
a speech redolent with saltpetre patriotism,
which was applauded by the boys most rip-
roraciously. His opponent is said to have
admitted, like Judge Plummer, when called
up9n to reply to an effort of the Buck-eye
Blacksmith, that, "1 it was impossible to re-
ply to such a speech !" We are indebted to
a friend, who took notes of the gallant Cor-
poral's remarks, for a copy of them which
we hasten to lay before our readers in ad-
vance of their appearance in Father Ritch-,
ie's paper :
Fellur Citizens and Gen-til-men of WolJ's
I take the-stump to inform you that I've
consented at the call of many of the sovrins
in this part of the burg and up on Skunk's
Rest, to become a candidate for the 'spon
sible office of beat constabil agin Jim Bur.
bick: not that I've any thing partikilar
agin him personally, except that he never
stands treat, and is opposed to our people
licking our natural enimy outen theOr-eegon
country which is nexten to Texas the finest
of these United States, and abounds in
deer, bufilo, bar and other vermin. Now
I'm forthreshen GraitBritin rite off, without
stopping to strip up sleeves or dilly-dal!in
about hit: cos we kin do it, and not half
try ; cos did'nt we do it when we war unlv
knee-high to a gopher, an infunt child of a
nation, as I might say ? We did so, fellurs!
an by the hoky poky, we kin do it now,
when we are a rightsmart chance taller than
any other nation I guess. Yet Jim Bur-
bick-that's my opponent for the high and
'sponsible office of justice of the peace,
agin toe, says we ain't prepar'd, and ef we
am going to war for the hull of Oree-gon,
we ought all on us to be taxed, an millions
o' dollars and a large standing army raised
imme-dalely-aside wessels of war.
Fellur Citi-teins and Gen-til-min!
I'm 'posed to standiu' armies, in'time of
peace and war, too; an I go agin taxation
of the masses. I don't believe in taxiz no
how; no S-i-r-ee.-[looking meat-ax-ly at
his opponent] and I warn you aging men
who are for takin the sensis, as they call it,
an goin round assessin the last chicken of
the wider and orphin-Yeq, S-i-r-ee/ and
taxin' the farmers! the bone and sinnuz-
an' I may say the hide. meVit, an tallar, too
-the men who do all the fighting' and git
nothing' for it-under the pretextious cry of
fixin' and preparing' for war.
Gen-til-min and Fellurs :
Can't you an I fite ef we're so disposen,
without preparation; ef we feel wolfish, an'
like indulgin a leetle, can't we jist come out
like men, and go atj it like hossis? Wull,
we kin! An what's to hinder Uncle Sam
and Queen Vie from jist takin it right out
on sight ? We've got powder, and we've
got guns; and what's to hinder us from
crackin away at the inimy simultaneously !
jist as we did at Bunker's hill, Sar-i-toge
andOrleens! Jim Burbick, that's my op-
Sponent for constable--he says he is fo~r pre-
paration afore hand Preparation be darn-
ed te may be a mity clevur fellur--I
don't say it to hurt his feelius--and may
have a right smart chance of book larning;
but atwixt you and me, I think he lacks
heap of being bright on the O-ree-gon ques-
tion; an is a heap too far behind the times
.to be spreadin' hisself ftr the re-sponsible
*"o'0f11 of constable-I think, Gen-til-min !
_/ellut citizens and Gen-til-min!
While my opponent is for letting our na-
tral inimy have 49 degrees or parts of our
glorious country, I'm ahead a length of
him an' every body ilse, on that subject.--
Some of my friends say they are willing to
take 54 and so on--sort er compromise!
H-ail and fury Hho's a going to com-
promise with our na-tral inimy! I'm for
doin no such thing. I don't understand si_

phriu ot jogriphy ; and hav'at kalkilated
Ax, ..ow. much there is of the 0-tee-gon coun-
try; but I'm for all there is, more or less;
up to the end of it-if there's 300 degrees
of it,; none of your 49's or even 59's for
me-No Sir-ee! I'm for the hull-or-none
policy! Who's agoin to sell any part. of
the blessed sile of freedom, like the base
Judas, for a mess of potash ? I'd rather be
a terra-pin, and feed upon tad-poles, in the
muddiest branch of all creation, than be the
man that would come for to go for to sell
the land of liberty, every inch of which was
/bought of the Ingins with the blood and
treasures of the pilgrim fathers, and which
our na-tral inimy, the British, tried to roust
us outen, in the times which tried men's
soles, and uppers too I reckon, and couldn't
come it. Gentilmin, the Battle of New-
Orleens wasn't fout for nothing, was it ?-
We whipt up Britain then, didn't we ?
Wul then, 1 think, she ought to stay wbipt,
and not crowd nor crow either. It wont
N do, fellurs! Ee'n the women folks wont
stand it, I've a sister at hum that gets fairly
red-eyed at the very idee of Queen Vies
/ spreading her small clothes over any part of
this land of liberty. Jest let Vie come over
........ to the Hollur, ef she wants to see the fire
fly! why, down in Catamount Bottom, I
kin raise a regiment of the prettiest yaller-
haired gals, in any settlement every one on
'emr weighin two hundred, that 'ud fight
like panthers, an drap in their shoes, (if
they ever wore enny) raythur than any forrin
petticat government should be set up in
O-ree-gon, or enny other part of this star-
spangled country. Ef my opponent has
any idee of gitting a single vote down in

the Bottom, I should rather' reckin he'll
miss it: I'd advise him not. to Po down in
the Bottom hifiliuiliu on ti'c ; ;:,i
them yaller flowers of the forest could no
more keep their washing pins outen his hair
than Queen Vic could absteme from being
in an inieresiin situation.
Gen-til-min and Fellur-Citizens:
Its agin the law forter sell drinks in
town, and a canaifate for the ree-sponsibil
offis of constabil sholiiid'nt vi-e-late laws and
set bad examples in the young; but if you'll t
step outen the corporation limits, to jist
yonder, I've a legal quantity of old rye,
shines like a darky's face, art's particular
fine; after which ef enny on us Ifeel hyeny-
ish we kin indulge. Thank you for your
attention. Fellurs.

Segal Not ce.I
Jacl.st?? Circ:t Co,,tvs.
S}-'lli;; Tt:;{M, 1S4G.
The Farmers' Bank of Vir-ilia, 1
vs. f- In Chancery.
Thomas M. White, Adm'r, &c. |
et. al. ]Defendant:i. J
Ir appe;lring to the Cout by a!ffl;ivit, th'It
Robert W\. Williams, one of the defendants,
resides beyond the trimits of the St, te of Florida,
to wit, in the StiAe of Virginia. It is therefore
ordered that said defendant appear and answer the
said complainant's bill ,of complaint, within four
months trom the d;>te of tre fir4t publication of
this order, otherwise the said complainanit's bill
of complaint shall be taken as aeaiwst the said
Robert W. Williams as and for confe.-ed, accor-
dina- to the form of the Statute in such case made
and pr-vided. It j-z further ordered, That a copy
of this order be puli)ihed in some new-apaiper
printed and published once a week tfr four month.
Dated this eight dayv f Miv, A.. D. 1,W^11.
A true extract from the rpinntr, of the Court.
C. II. DuPo-vr, Counsel and
S,,licitor for Cornpl't.
7%T'!v S, l''i1. rM..v10 1- Am
Fi'ainilin C'irit ('ourt.
Mary Ann Rouen, )
vi ,. Bill for Dircr-Be.
John Roelen. j
TT anpni-rina from the aiMavit of the Solicitnr
of the elnpldiinant, that the dtf.-n.dant, John
R,,'-'n, re,,ides be-vond the limits of the Stape o(f
Florida. It i, orJterrd thmt [)ublicatin bte made
in the C',nnierciil .Advertier oiet a w,'ek for the
s'-Iare of f-Ir l -,)ithI1, oif the ',siitution of this
suiit, renuiri-z him to Alppar ind arn-wer to the
sa;id bill on or ( it,,, re tiv, fir-It d ty ot "Ot,,ber next,
or the 9sire wvill ho tck,'"n a? rontes,-d az.tid,>t
him, a,!d ,ich flrthe'r order mad in the promises
ai to the Court inav seem proper.
(A Copy-Tejtv.)
May 15,113.. 20-4rn
AT CPAN.1BFR, MINTvci 29?, 11,16.
Circullt Co rt Franklin County.
llezekiah Nash, }
vs. 5 Petition to foreclose mort-
Sidn,,y R. Ford and gage.
K!'7ibt'hth A. Ford. )
T/ f,"'UtE.A.-, a petition haq ben e hia mdy filed
W i:i the Clerk's oii'e ,of the Circuit Court (4f!
Fratiiklin C,'mtv, to forpclorwe morti(-gag of certain ,
houehold furniture, re:ve and e*;ciufed m' Df-ca- ,
tur corntv, Gei'rga, on the 28+h day of Aumu-lr,,
P'51 4: and it a );,earirt; to the siti.t fcti' o( t'ie
Conirt, bv the alfidavit r,f" the ppritionr, that thip
det'end tuits Silne v R. F<(,r, aid Kl]/.iilrth A. Ford i
re-4'le beyond t!,e 1'rnitm of the ',late it !"'ior;(ia: I
It is ordered that said defewldautd- do ,)p',e;r arnd
file their objections, if they have aniy, within 15
day's before the firy't d.>y ot the eii,suiw ui tsit-r;?i
of this Court, otherwise s..id petition slrill be
taken pro confe-*9o; provided that due p>ublica-
tion of this order be tri.id" in the Cornrmmprcial
Advertiser of Ap :lichicoiI, onre a week fr two
months, successiveyv. (A Col>v-Te-te.)
April 19, 1|M 1--2m
.AT CtM i.S, MAneC 16, 1P-16.
Frraulin Circitit Court.
Alphonwe Loubat,
V A.
George WI. Hirrison and 5MarZa-
ret Emmana. F1arrison, his wife,
Pavid G. R-fKeV and flarri;rr'F.
Rarey:, 1is .4wife; Jo,,epih ltd-
q,)n. Alpxandr M:Alfin and
Ogden Iaz.,erty, A-;ii,,neges of Bill 'o fore-
L-verty, COl.t-r & Co.; Jtm*.s cln-ie mort-
Boa;girt and ,Jhn N. Hawvthorn, g*,7eI on l",t!
con.titutirfig the firm ,.f ?jorart Nos. 9 and
& hawthornn; David iirlr!,l > 12 in bloek
Divi'd S Ken:nedy, Hlenry La- F.1, in the
vcity, Ja,;nps S. iiranden and city of Ap-
I!,imilton M iirr,.v, co'litutini ala-chicola.
the fi-rn of' }iravid,',i I)rr;,y ;
Cru,,y and --r Dra-
per, constituting the irrn of
Crumby & Draper; Wil-
son and --, G-Ile, visible
p~lrtnor-i of the firmi if WVldr,
Grale & Co. and J'ur,-s Fir,vn.
Ir appearing to the 4.rttilAcfits on of the Cort,
that the above named del-nejdai)ts do not r0fidlo
un-.tin the State of Florid6, but within the
tnlt 'd Statog:: It i, t:''rr,.f,,r.' ,ri"rofl, that pub-
lication be made in the (Comercii!, Advertj-er,
once a wee-k, fr the paCe of four rno.- ha, of the
institntion of said suit, requfiring: them to appear
and answer to the said bill of forrcloxure on or
before thecexpiration of that time, or said bill
will bp taken ;. .s ci.f'c agaiinal them and sneh
further order given iu the premises as to the
Court mayv seem inert.
(A Cop;Y-'Fe?'e. )
March "20, ]S16-lg2-.tm

Important National l W1orli.
I'n Two handsome oVolmes, Sr vo. of over
Seven IHundtred Pages E .ch.

Froin 1789 to 1846.
JVil.7t an Ori inal Memoir of e cah of lV.,e Pre-
sidents, and a, Iistoriy of their ThmniniSfra-
tions; also a section of Lnportant
Documents and Statistical lnfor-
mation. S
Embellished with Portraits of the. Presidents
and the Seals or Coats of Arms of q he
several States.
1. The Speeches or Arldresses, and MesI'e3
of the Presidents of the United States, from Wash-
ington to Polk.
2. A Memoir, or Biographical Sketch of each
President, preceding his Messge.
3. An account of he l naivuration of each
President, and a I~jiiforv of the principal political
events of his administration, and of the transac-
tions of Congress at each se.-ion during the pe-
riod. These sketches following the Messages,
&c., of each President, and, with the Messa,,es,
forming a coiipendi,'us Pfjlical History of the
United States, for the !a.st fifty-seven years.
4. Declaration of Independence.
5. Articles of Confederation.
6. Constitution of the United States, with
Notes and References.
7. A brief history of the events and circum-
stances which led to the Union of the States and
formation of' the Constitution.
8. A synopsis of the Constitutions of the se-
veral States.
9- Tables of Members of" thb Cabinet. of the
various administrations, Ministers to Foreign
Countries, and other principal public officers.
10. Chionolovical Table of Political Events in
the United States.
11. Statistical Tables of Revenue, Commerce
and Population.
12. A complete Index, or Analytical Table of
Contents to the whole work.
The publisher of the above NATIONAL IVORK,
in announcing its completion, takes the oppor-
tunity to state, that the sale of the same has been
committed to hi\ agents throughout the Union,
who are authorized to assure subscribers that
there will be no deviation from the price fixed,
namely, FIVE Dii.TLA.RS per copy, which must be
considered reasonable for two Ihandsome octavo
volumes of over seven hundred pages each.
No expens-a has been spared in the prepara-
tion (if tsr3 volumes of DocumentR, History and
Statistics, to rnrlor the sAnme worthy the poitro-
nage, not only of Statesmien and Legislator-Q, but
of the American public generally; who will find
mass of information indispensable to every intelli-
gent citizen.
Formne editions of the Presidents' Messages
have been imperfect and incomplete in mniv r,-
spects, which have now been remedMid, 1.,t hv a
careful comparison with official documents, awd
2d by diligent research, to supply the Special
Messages and Addresses omitted in former com-
pilations. The indlcv to the whole work, of sub-
je-rts, names and dates is a new feature of this
edition, which will make it invaluable for refer-
To render these writing. of the American
Presidents more valuable as a continued National
History, they are accompanied with Memoirs of
the Presidents and a History of the various ad-
The work is edited and compiled by Mr. ED-
WTI WILLITAS, whose familiarity with our Po-
litical History and Statistical Subjects generally,
are well known to the public, and afford a sufti-
cient guarantee for the accuracy and fidelity of
the compilation and accompanying Hlistorv.
April 11 114 Fulton-street, New-York.

A O'F[CF-- to the ,lon. Probite Court of Frmnkhn
rountv, f-r a final discharge from the administra-
tion of the estate of Amory Ropr r decesed.
B!.' T. CARO, Adm'r.
FENJ. ELTSON, a-.rt.
Apalach)i,-;l%, April 4, IS l 1. 1 I-Prn
N (OTICE-After ?ix month's publication of
thi notice, I Al illl apply tor the JTI.d'e r0'
Prohate, for era nm':li ty CoUrtl, to hp diQ(-:,tr,,d
frnm th, idminis!!rationd of th:e Piate i' Oliver
C. Ravmond, late of said mointy, d,.oep,,d.
March 29, 19 l",. Adm'r. d(, ,bnix non.
N OI7C'- -x mornt,. after dt-Ite 1 will iIpy
tn thli, Probate Cnort of' Frtnklin Co're'v,
for a final d-'harze f'r,-n the admi'traq'i and
ofTice of vxector of the estate of David Rich-
ard aon, deceased.

Fo lirt 'i the Viiss.
PHYSWCIANS aod Cie'.li tis have long been
an.xiius to disrcovvr a i,,iriine that would
colre oiie ot the ir,-i(st tro i'' .~.)[n." dis,a'a sc the
Piles. ,cce.-_s -,'s la't o"eI t*'e ei Drit. Dr.
JACKSON'S P!I;IL EI" CTio) (iit onrdly i tprs
all hle .di',L', i! p : i;d if:f'. ] il i:ni'ion sui)-
dt'10s thilit introler;'i!le itchiinil, 'jut efr:.ctu~illy cnie-,
like n clairtp, ;'.nd in a very hort tilwr', 1 i*r' >-
whoie liveAs have been rci'dhreJd rnkir1i-l.a; ';r
years. For s.ile by. .1 C A l.-f'-N.
M'ole Ageilt fAr Apdlnchie<,la.
MIrch 25, ]w'W. 13-xin


Feb 21, 19,).

latf Tax Colilector's Sate.
P liLiC NOTICE ik hvrey given thtl. six
months nfler d.6te I will expose to s;lte at
puli i outcry, op)oiiite hle Cotirt flll-;n&o d r,
in Ole City (if Apalachifo county of Fraklirn,
j the folio'.M i m, Lot i l ai' wl and z. iri^ i;> sn i City,
[ < the proi ,erty of trie f liw i:Z t,,rv-ris, for
; Taxes due siid State for the year l,'15, as per
Sp1:rl of Citv.
L, ,tsl.. l fi/nr/i-i\ l ),,;rn rtr '^ i.r,'<.
t *1\ 411 (-C ,ii l. I ^}
9 and 121 El Calhoun & Rt;s., t 1 iJ

7 and 1-2 FI Wim. Matherc or assi.zns *2 9"'
41 2S D)r Mem-hahn, ,1,.
11 J HI. N. M rit, s:)

6 and 71 C2 Jacob Harvey, 1 9
J)TIIN LUCAq, SherifT.
,nd cx-Oricio State 'Fax CollectTr.
Apalachicola, Jan. 21, IStll). 4-6m

State Tax Collector's Sale.
BY virtue of the power vested in rne by lawv,
I shall expose for sale, before the Court
{,msy doir in the county of Calliomn, on the first
Mond'ty in November next, the following pro-
perty, oro much thereof as will pay the Rate
tav due on thn m.i.i'ir for t!'' v :tr lS.'>-- Tb ,, S
W I seetien .3, tmuw thip 3, r"ipe 1, pmi; irii the
town of lola on the we.-it. and thp Ap.]ac!;ic.la
River on the PaOt, Tpurportirii to b,>lo;; to I. V.
Snell. Alo, W ., S VIw t action 1 I, t,,wrnhip 1,
range 9, N and W,; N f[ Isetiron 23, tow!,. I.
r.an,-, R, N and W ; fr;>r!ionail sI : rit..n 2 i. dltt,'
31), ditto IT), p rprti o,^ to b';lo"m., t,, 'l'h ,m;',s ; .
B I 1u4h, joininlL e tile iands (of r-'41- T ,,'! -, 4 ;!'jld t .-
A pil~ach'i(i!- t riv,-r. Als-, ,!iu ap'r'o, l..i'' lrir.rt-
ihe" to b'lo'i to W y t meq Hr nd-ii)], im .irli Arm,:e
N.,tI'1 Ind rnd the Armr,,o No,. not known.
A iso. S^ :,ore,]a hi. D'lr;orti'r. to b,]i,,;; ti p. Mc-
Cormrick, j,.sining Sir,;.h N ,itl's aid th,.- Ar'-nwo;;,
No. not known. Al-'i, the Lind, purporti<., to
bhl,)ng to Ohe Apail.tcfic,,la aLarid Compmit, Ilin n
in'l l!i, c,,un'v o(f Calholnli, b6.qi'idpd e.it Ay tthe
Anal)chiiola Rtiver, i!;.1 wevst by Ohl Rivfr,
k'i(wn a3 Bird'i lT ,ind,. .1,! i11 ,.-' F,"' T 'i-"' Pur-
chase. ISAAC J \hpK'').'. and ,x-offirio Tax Collector, Cailhn, Co.
Mav y30, l<4r. 2'l-2,rn

.1 * \ .,(;t'I and fresh supply of Drugs, Medi-
-l II epnes, &c. consislii^ i part of the follow-
UsBl iKla: articles :-5(-i doz Cautor Oil, qtii, pts, and hf
l ,W/'SAI!AL 's pts; 5 bxs liouck's Panacea; P bxs Olive Oil;
ACOUSTIC 01L! ,0 keus Epsnm 'Salts; 10 bils Copperas; 10 lbs
.. fyi THELl CURE fOL C f* Gum 0[)iupi; 20 lbs Sulphate Quinine; 20 doz
SEAFESI London Mu-tard ; Herbs of all kinds; 2(I lbs
'a ^ -^ C_ -- Nutmegg'; 1.5 bxs Starch ; 20) bxs Lemon Syrup ;
FOil tiiCA and te .rc. Pear! ; 2 grss Seidlelz and Soda
d!L-i;cl>arie, of 'rinotcr Irom the E,,rs. Also, Po .errs; 20 lbs En,-lish Calomel; 20 doz Spts
aill hse (!dl]-irfeable noics like the ulzzirltr of f Turpenti'ne, and a general assortment of all arti-
1.1sect,, failing of waf,'r, whizzir, of s!''am, &oc. cfos in the )Drn,, line, for Country Merchants,
&.c., which are (,,'r;mitorn-( of a;l:rrocbing de;if- Il,rinttrs and Physicians. For sale by
ie-s, anld o ,I "n ',rt, r,.lly at<-!.-',nt wi'h the di,- March 1 I-. F. ABELL.
P; ,i. Mfinv p,"rwr'n-i who have ,b-en deaf fhr ten.
fifteen, and" twenty years, andc were obh],rd to ElSMa k Books and Stationery.
ui e ear trmrnpet4, have, ;.ftr.r u ini oN,,le or tv. ) IhGE).S, .Journals, Day Books, &c.
b.)ttle,, thrown a-ide t( -ir tru.rnt0 h einur m di e .!_A .1') reams F oolscap and Letter Paper;
l.orfectiv well. Phys.. ,nici and S rg'eous hil,]y ti.,,n M .,r,:erandum Books ;
recommended its niq,-. F,-.r e hv Shi aid Ri,.er Bills Lading;
J C \ L L I 'IN t ;"- .atP t -, . tr.r if,4 tti e r-- .
M irrh2r 2, 1.2- lr,, for .-\ '!,ic,.i'L 'l',!nk Bills ot Exchange and Checks,
^ ..-- Jn-; :'c.; ci d and lfr bale by
(T.'.q;'--t "i<-*r!.k ?. j ..r. ,!, IH. F. ABELL.
, ,,, rf.rer',,,owrainr-j ,,, INA SN-ND ILS-W kegs No I White
,^ ,2 (. < : :'i), als "W inter L i rnp Oil 300 galls
,'nrn;,,rv, ), pt ,,r.;, ( .,-:, ,:- 'd ,, i o 5,, s s ,orted G;lass ; 500 lbs Pnt-
I :' !1-,*!(,' tl ,, l,,, 't'q 'v >. ,t t, i a4v.t d P,wht Pr.sles; li;ack Lead,
,.ye -, ,,, yp;i, Ye ow clhr, Green Paint, just
or..c4 to ,, !e^ rtcSive ,"ind tor sale by
...... .. r :t-,;:, ". i 3 >r,'h t H F. A BELL.
Qhr lilp it) t'iirl pfrrv of tri1k : i : r'
her (Che-t:nilt ,td ]Va.;tr'r sis. N',v '*. ,yrfni'l, ro00r!.
.. .- T ;"2T ,ni'ri, 1! ;,;'! ;)r];/ _.,>c' r/m i..ra tl
A Ci!. J :( i:"!,: i .. English and American,
Il I-: uwidcr .; .l h- vt irr)b-ied fr,1 m Mr. T N ,-,v ws;%!e n:nsi Vt ry -yn> ror Ginghaai,
1T 5";. i- t.wl '\ hi.. ewlir, -'.vk r,;' ;.)i .L-, ('i ,;a La fir Lddies' Dresses,
M ,.t!'cin, s, '.i', .t', ., ):'-,% (i .' - \',' p,; :.r. lo :> ; r- L :tt;,.,," J* ',r,.y L-,','-es, in tputtcrn,
niruie, .'. ,,,'ill ra,:i:i~i~i, !!ie !, m- s-a a r' l- 5- 0: d 1-A- Musquito Lace Netting- double
s,' 11t111,? }.,! '.i l ;; t'', i h!i :Jnd l .... i'-* *.<:i,0l ]lI'l, ',o .f :if;i'ii.l, 59 pvs plaid and white corded do" do.
:,1I foriner p itr,,ms ol ti, estibli-hrrini t!.at his Ladies' fance Srn Shades and Parasols,
s",o'l i.4 coimplotir,' errmy.rac iii every ertic ie us')ally Rich Ivwrv and Paper Fans,
kept in-; Sltlern Dr'oz Stor.-.-, wald Irin ;irron-,e- Figured Muslins, Balzarines and other styles of
riniits recently vfl;.cled, will be regulorly.sUpplir-d Goodds, for Spring Dresses.
wit'i ftreh stcil:e articles.. Ladies' Kid Walking{ '-1;hoe, Buskins and Gaiters,
Physii in% PI,inters, Country Mercba,'Dr a i, j)n biack -'id colord K'd Slippers and Ties,
oth;.r:, will find it lo tloir i.tecresto "all ad e\- Florence, Leghorn, Open-work and Dunstable
aryi'la Ihis *i!,>c!< and prices \il orders w:lllo e Straw Brnetts,
pro'apily attcddc to ia ip(rson by Plitin, striped and figured Swiss and Jackonet
M.irch 1, P-10). 51. F. ABELL. M, ip's.
&, 2 ae r eside" many other art cles which the subscriber
rBS-ON & CLAPP, 2-2 \\ater street, have tends to sell very loq.
t this dl.y received per schr Hlelen, from new Mir,,rch 2S F. KOPMAN.


Orleans and ofFer or sA;e
20) gLlls !isiwed Oil; 200 !bs Putty;
10) R,9rit-d iSpirm Oil ;
50 1bnxp'q Gl:i's as-,Wted size? ;
2T) hz b)\xs FIncy Toilet Soap;
1 -50 lb', Tremont Srtrch ;
5o0 k.-s No. 1 Whi!e Lead;
10 P:rir Greei,: 10 do Chrome do;
10 Chrorn, Yellow;
1NO as-rioted P tint Bt'rushic'. &c. feb;"S 9

W ILL be so,!d l:on tie second Mondaly in Sep-
VV mh,"r ne(t, (I llth) :it the Court-hhoute
door, at Zroache's Bluif, in m Va-hinzton eoq!nfv,
within the usual hours of sale, the following pro-
perty, to wit :
Four hundred and eighty acres of land, lying
in Hohne's Valliey, levied on as the property ,'of
the estate of Jacob A. Blockwell, and to be sold
for the taxes for the year l-)15.
Alqo, one hundred and sixly acres of land, ly-
ing on Itickroy tiill, levied on as the properly of
-- Black-;tone, and to be sold for the taxes
for the year 1845.
Also, forty acres of land, lying in Holmes'
Valley, levie on as the property of John G. Russ,
and to he sold tor the taxes for the year 1I-s4.
Also, forty acre- of lond, .in on Bear Creek,
levied on as the property of A. S. Bryant, and to
be so!d for the ye;ir IS 15.
Al-4o, one hundred and sixty acres of land, ly-
ing in tI-lnes'Vallev, levied on as the property
of Henry Ahrens, and to be sold for the taxes for
the year 1S15.
JOHN W. COOK, Sheriff,
and ex-onicio State Tax Collector.
March 9.5, 1.1;3. I'-r!m
Stsite Tnx Collector's SnAe.
BY virtue of the power vested in me by laiw, I
shall expose for sale before the Couirt House
door, in the town of Mirianna, Jackson county,
Florida, on the first Mltonda'y in December next,
the following property, or so much thereof as will
pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for
the year 1S45 :
3-20 acres 2d rate land-Nos. not known-pur-
porting to beloniz to Coonell & Mills.
80 acres of 3d rate land belonging to John
120 acres of 3d rate land belonaying to (he estAte
of Levin Brown, and adjoining the 16th section
at Brown's Ferry.
320 acres of2d rate land belonging to the estate
of William Banks.
o')27 acres of ist rate land belonging to David
320 acres of 2d rate land belonging to Mal-
chomb Gilchrist.
160 acres of 2nd rate land belonging to Henry
80 acres of 2d rate land belonging to James
S0 acres of 2d rate land belonging to Washing-
ton Mayo.
]I 0 acres of 2d rate land belonging to Henry
& Dudly Peoples.
40 acres of 3d rate land belonging to Wiley
80 acres of 3d rate land belonging to G. G.
160 acres of 1st rate land belonging to John
H. Wilson.
ex-ofiicio Tax Collector Jackson Counfy.
Per JOHN T. MYRICK, Deputy.
Marianna, June 11, 1840. 24-ta

FlrI111hin Cii'lit Court.
Benjamin 5I. Grifiin, )
vS. Foreclosure of Mortgage.
James Y Smith.
T ,HE' defendant and all others are hereby noti-
fied that the petition to foreclose a mortgage
of the defendatit on his interest in the steam boat
Albany, has this day been filed in the office of
the Clerk of said Court, and that judgment will
be prayed for at the next fail term of sqd Court.
June 11, N1(6. 21-m Att'y for Pertiomer.
FImlllIin Cou0t11y.
A. G. Semmes, )
vS. Attachment.
Aaron B. Marvin. S
Frp11E defendant is notified of the institution of
f the foreoing suit by attachment, returnable
to the April term of said Court.

Dry Goods.
T IHE subscribers offer for sale a large and sea-
sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting in
part of
Negro Kerseys and Linseys,
White and Red Flannels,
Plain and Fancy Jeans,
Double twilled Tweeds,
Super fancy Casameri-z,
Super English and French Cloths,
Whitnev Blankets, 10, It and 12 qrg.
Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and 10 qrs.
Denims, Krernlins and Cottonades,
Brown Shirting and Sheeting,
Cotton Osnaburgs,
Cotton Drilling and Ticking,
Linen and Cotton Checks,
Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting,
Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting,
English, French and American Prints,
Extra super, plain and twilled Ginghams,
Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
Extra super Muslin de Laine,
English, Scotch and American do.
Super Italian black and figured Silks,
Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkfs,
Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs,
English and American Cotton Hkfs,
Madras and Verona head Hkfs,
Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents I-If-hose,
Super Marseilles and Worsted Vestings,
Cotton and Flax Thread,
Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins,
Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &c
Which have been selected with great care in
New York and Boston, from Importers and Agents
of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
are now offered at wholesale or ,etail on favorable
terms by WM. G. PORTER & Co.
Nov. 29, 1845. 41 Water street.
Drugs, Mledicines & Claemicals.
ANOTHER supply of fresh Drugs just re-
ceived by Brig Republic, which makes my
assortment complete, and of the best quality.
N. B. My Store will be kept open the entire
Summer. All orders thankfully received, prompt-
ly attended to and correctly put up,
May 6

LB a?n'7 2* "r.I
JUST received 5;0.000)') Ij', Y :llw Pine Lum-
b< er. as-zor!ed q ),a)i!;is. Alo(, nn h nd 5)0,1)it0
fIeet While Pine. assri'ed frn.,n I lo-2 inch, which
will be sold low lor tlec c;, bv
-I' i ]". '.)1'A K' .
No Lumber will be delivered from the yad,
after this date unless paid for, or a written order
from a responsible perso.i. March 2S
1/t !Il' D St. Cloix: .,
(2, do NpW O.r1";(1s Su,-;r, (n "-rive,
101 sacks Rio (M o fe ; 50 do Java,
4! ea';es IHson 'tea,
40 b\'s Aroriatic'Tobacao,
50 Mctl'Ad do. B-rown's
20) S,crm 6.:i(ihe?; 50 lxs
10',lb ._s S o 50 ke<;' Pi.w,!e,'-.
2000 "1)I s L 200 kez's Wiliti, Lead, No. 1, Ex:;
For 'ale by W. G. PO-TFR TFR
Nnv 20 41 Watpr ,

iKT^ ri(~\n EST Ilavair'a Sewjars.
50,1;' by WOOD &
Aptil 4 02 W,;.v
T? i:';si~r irai1 Bope.
A 5'0 rS. very heavY Louisville, iylua,, k,
Co. Bagging; 300 coils Bale Rope,
for sale bN
March 7 J. DAY & Co.

March 9IS, 1SW6.

To Prsaters.
THE subscribers have, opened a new Type
Foundry in the city of New York, where
they are ready to supply orders to any extent, for
any kind of"Job or Fancy T1 pe, Ink, p-iper, Cosqq,
Gallcys, Brass Rule, STEEL COLUMN RULE,
Composing Sticks, Chases, and every article, ne-
cessary for a Printing Ofifice. Also second hand
The Type which are cut in imitation of the
English letters, are cast in new Moulds, from an
entir,,ly new set of -3 1rixes with deep counters,
are warranted to be unsuipassed by any, and will
be sold to suit the times. All the type furnished
by us is "hand cast." The types from any foun-
dry can be matched at this establishment.
Printing Presses furnished, also Steam Engines
of the most approved patterns.
(02 Composition Rollers east for Prinlers.
Dec. 13, 1845. ly 6S Ann-st., New-York.

On Consi;g4tirent.
T HE subscriber has just received from the
manufacturers and publishers a beautiful lot
of Paper Hangings, Foolscap and Letter Paper,
Day Books, Journals and Legers, Bibles, Prayer
Books, etc., which he offers very low.
Feb 7 F. KOPMAN.

-on, Niis, &c.
Swede Iron, assorted sizes,
\J100 kogs Nails, do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities
20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils,
20 Enzlish and American Visj,
20 Bellows,
12 dozen Spades and Shovels,
10 Collin's Axes,
1) bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards.
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Sawa,
1000 lbs Cast and German Steel, for sale by
Nov 29 41 Water stre,

Pee Vravi from N vnw Orleans.
R ECEIED as abve a chni-C selection of
Family Groceri:s and Provisions: also, a
f're,,h snp!Iv of Sprinor and Summer Clothing,
made up in the latest stvle, for sale by
March 21 22 Water street.
CASH wanted for sundry accounts of long
C staridin". All persons interested will take
due notice and govern themselves accordingly, or
I will--dun them personally.
March 288 PETER tIOBART.

F OLGER'S Olosaonian, or All Healing Balm,
-I' for Consumption, Asthma, Coughs, ter
Complaint, and all diseases of the throatnr
lungs, for sale by
April 11 H. T. ABEL

0 BASKETS London Club Champagne
0 5000 Re.-alia Segars, for sale by
April 4 1. S. HAWLEY.

a'mInim5tratorfr' Notce m .

N TOT(,F-All person having_ ci.I, ; -i ;ra.il't
_12 1 John Jeiikins, late of rranld in contv,. (de-
ceasedl, are. req e''.';l Io ipresent Hie same duly
authenticated, watlin W Wliilie rescribd by law,
or this notice will be pler.ci i:i bar of their reco-
very, and all p1)rson i ihid:_lld t sao s id esutte, are.
requested to make ininiediate payment.
B. ELLISON, Adm'r.
Apalachicola, June 4, IS16. 23-2mr
N OTICE--Six "ieek, after dame, I will apply
to the Jud;4e oi" Probate of Franklin Countly
for letters of administration upon the estate of
Joseph C. Burdsall, Ilite of -lid county, d,cvasepd.
Said Judge, havin, ordered, thit addi!iunal
bond be given by the Administrator, hy the 1st of
July next, in default therein, his letters will be
Apalachicola, June 6, 1816. 23-6t
OTICE-Six weeks after d~lte, I will apply
N to the JudLge of Probate for Frarklin county
for letter,; of admi'6iitration upon the estate ot
Samuel Simpson, late (of s Wid conty, dieeailt--
a3 sd Jidte hais roted default in the lat Exec
ulor to sAid estate, arid reviket his piowrn to act.
Apali,'ricnla, May 14. lQ1,3. 20) Gw

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mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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mods:dateCreated July 21, 1846
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: July 21, 1846
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
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System ID: UF00048473:00070

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,- -- -
,. t, 4 +



} '

: ,. ; "
: : ; .)\ ;. ; '" "

,P'VZ'T' .. .H '' ', .. t ,
: ; 'I. .". \. ;
T T .t L T
< "
r., ,: \' '. X'.' ; ":0"0" : : : : :
iJt > ,
; '. ;: '. 'i... : .

... .. .
# .
; '
., .". .J.
,. -\4.
III ,. ,. ... 'T't w

rl"::::':t 1. ,:. ".i 1: '4'1..t"&'.t':'

-r- i 1t ..t .
Couiinerciat / l i4. th-, grttt : .
." 1'I 'f... .r .' i-B t
.1' ,
-.-_ -- D. ,-"mt J. J. .
r .
.- ..t. ;r .T\ o.tt. .
.," : ('li; "f:4.t'ti." .
.. ,..., .. AY"
; _- .>-t ..
-. -. '

.--. ..- -=I-.-. -- = --- -_., ----- __. ._-,--_.- ---- --, --.- -"-,._- J .. r


-- -- '


It h -;: -------- -_-_--- ->_- _- --_.-__ _____._____._ .-- -- n. _.__, ._ __ __ .__ -' -- .'

COJl1IEllCL\J- UlV 1 TISElC I 2usCntgg l Directors. i i 131ofrssionalI ? otc, :. I ; ; t-- too, days- of weary-conflict-- and-long nights> :

>-- -- ------> I
TUESDAY BT --- of anxious care. But who} shall i paint them !

rt JiLISlED rVEUT WYMAKf. Thomas 21. Austin, 'V T1. [ f SYDNEY ORE EN( Tt, )1. D. ( n Are they not graven on the hearts of wives ? -

J. L. COMMISSION_ MERCHANT, I saw an ir.f and those who hold the picture there in all '. '. '.
i; .v b found at his residence, corner of
4 U dtz"Irs: 'J'ldin"s'' corner of Water Street, Centre and High streets opposite the Mansion And : its heluty'ivitlncs and truth, would : ., .J
TU wy ,
IS...' c":nmerce and CI1r! =tout streets. Apalachicola, Fa. House. !Nov S. Years pa-fd, ; scarcely! wish to draw aside the veil which .
; screcens it from the world.
TIIS.; ';. S. flawlcy I>r. A. ,3': ti'.
Dollars : iits>::iai2, Years passed
._Three per annum. ("4
"rB OICIUpTt ors or'1it 'f paid within SIX AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, ro- Office over the t Drug Str=re. of B. S. [Hawley, And ;
'r p rid In a d .anC"1'Paul tlwrCl f tpr.pnth Cor. Water and Chestnut strcrt, ([entrance on Cbesln'it street.) R uk-nce at the Years brut ; They arc very clever kind of people. :
if :
: r ,.t 1') for a less term than six i April 1 Apahcbicoh, Fa.I. hou-e lately occupied by Dr. !;alt/ell. trailed, their f farther came of an old and highly re- I
losab'enrtin, In varia'ly be cJJ'lrld, forcoiiimiij D. 13ucntK.: HARGROVE HOWARDBnq3 January 10, Ib.1C. 2-tffiff. 1 gettable family," remarked a person with .
':'': !! i !t0c f11'I1"r'llIll" ,: I ;llI1ldb1l1H11' I ]left her-} ] i whom we were conversing a few days since,
111\11.g at the )ll ( p.i1J ; ;
{ e,are AnJ} 1 ', I in a tone of voice that plainly] showed why .
..Jartlr.t COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGM ATTORNEY AT LAW : A hen? biil he viewed the individuals to whom allusion I
twelve 1 line
.. *
One : ( ,
,1'rJ'Tltlnr.Aovrarl'E, )rt In.rrlPrl..Tw,.- at,tb'iU3re ute t.r One 1'\- ,,1.1 I CKC HA NTS. CT,.\\TO:, Baibonr County, Alabama. I Uridt( ] had I IK-CD .m 1dcrith coy kind of favor.'Their .-- l-

,. "*' *'''Iit' and Fiftv. Cents for every subse- No. 7, COluUlbu* Block, April'), IS 11. 2-ff ; In tears I (' 1 father cans of an old an(] highly! .
t. Nov. 1 15.
} first 1,151 !
y IIr, the Anthchicoli, Oil respectable family !" Their own intrinsic
It Insertll'+n' \ the, "r-ar a liberal P REMOVAL.W. ] And I rcturii, ; : i ; )
1 e v xceljcuc of character-their ,
nhrrtl principles '
: thO.t oho 1II.. .. M. :I2 nil, Arid ; pure
era rll", peril be mad!: bn itallalrertrlmcntsnr't 1 well FACTORS & COMMISSION :MCRCHANTS[ G. IW. nn'iii, l ; and l1i h.tonf'd virtuous feelings, were 4'-'t-
crctl' a.Inin" tu thpir own business' as ATTORNEY AT LAW, .\n infant fit:: nothing in the scale of 'sti mat'ion. Tho "
per -1t by them, willtd No..4'3 \rat(1r street ) 1
In A i ,
1 I I 1e,1 d'prtl'.mc'lt.u.111) rates.rrd Nov. 1 IlSI:. APAJ.AcHIcor.FA: (X5Oifice in Flo.y 's new fuddincr, OP:tullehe ; And then ">\\.. ; ; : ; }In- respectable. family from which they had des- '., ,)
at the f Marion House. Dtc l i't. !led the which
bt' adrerti _r.1":1s: must' b paid far 1 Tius ; ccn was criterion by they
C' all 1e David {:. were judged.
.d I:1aey', A. G. bATTORNEY CUHUl'S, ,
111 Ire. Dill": will bo caare'1 for announc.l'al1didJtl IOMM1SSJUN k FOlH: ) MKI1CI1AXT(; AT LAW. And I: thus To we : t Now, this slang of 'respectable," as we ,"' .
(0'tire '
(:, AND DiJMJil; IN GOODS have chosen to call it. is ["m our in- '
f.1r TiiL'iah!! I I-- t county ,
Yo. t
t (X3- Oa ice, 2 Capt. Simnwt'sur. Building, : : f
J.; lt from a di-tanc must. No. sufferable. What does it ? Simply Ax
\t ad\.rti. 43: Water strppt. <- ni Centre & Coiriim.'icestnet', ?. To mean i-
1 b>e aern m".tllt'd"itl, the cash or city reierence.Biwfacss Xnv 5. Iv '. AP11.1 hi"h. Fa. nov5 "ApilachieoH: r'la. : ; that a man or a woman because he or she 'I

I 1:1 t'rtll11. happened to be born of parents who, by a to i1tn'r FI'ucf IL ) >IIJIS -
I ,
-- J.ATTORNEY. Law, ; combination of circumstances, often beyond '
;Directors. SHOES wKor.rjI.E, J)>[RV <;OOIJS.ivn rurrui.. 'THING} DKILFP., HATS iv &c. AT LAW I-- I : : : ] their control, occupied certain elevated tw .

--' :,- -- : -:- : : -'- CYeapir (:a./,, Bainbridge; (Decatur Co.) Ga. '] ] y position,'i is to be treated: with particular attention < .

Cbadek l oZ(rt Juhn ::: lru.,! 1I: enc w.iMbrhicola. Hu. octl ChfMvi, -Shecl, '\palaehicolaFla.. $3: Wtil attend I punctually the Superior Coin: One and flattered into: undue self cstima- ,,:
Chan(;( I'" It ). ICO'I of the counties,+ of! Eaily: Utk'r and D'c'turti i' June, a lion ; while the individual whose scle claim t..
IISSI'N I ) III:1tCf1.1NTS, J. C. Allen, (he South Wi-tern, and of t the county ofTb"ji.i: : deis nl'a I ; ; : to consideration has no other foundation ;
'.\ '\.hC'1.I.I and.]
)Retail; Iraer! in
11'.tter street, DRUG, MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS of the Soutliorn Circuit.e inn'iATTORNF.Y _: hi> ;ipcnr| < i than his own virtuous energy, struggling r\ I

.l'nl '. !"ti, .\ Fa. GLASS, un; t:3IlESc.., &c. ohn ftbu f the ;+ : i ictiiintiy be against difficulties and discouragement, is to ,
;aUo \ : be passed wish: indifference or contempt. .
S. Dlnn'1> .'1 srn'rnl n" orlmrnf of' AT LAW by the ; \ ( I Who is he" and not IHat is he ?" is .
AMM-OMMISSIO! :? BOOKS, RLA \:KS, Si'1'I'iONEiV&c.&c. : I.8ANY, GA. '
t ILL preice( the st.wral1111*. lie ner would the too prevalent! question asked in regard to .
MEit C ii ANT cor. of Centre i: Cominr'".- *..treeKnov. ; in of '
Apalachicola Fla. V SouthWe tun Circuit, ar.U Thomas and 1 but) those} tho SIff1n r.r. And it is asked} sincerely and

1o. O'J' Wattr p.palachiculi- trect, ] Fa. Stci\ilt: countiesAu I. inform }on ; ; selfishly!/ -for it is :a low, selfish f feeling, that,

V.MANUFVCTURIR. UohU'f, _'. .",,1S15.I I 31-tfLUMIJE1 t.iiy; ;air.ili(> i i! ; in nine cases out of ten, prompts ihe ques ,
LIeral! \rh'"lrcs mJ .m Hi:11'nl'nts : AND r>:.\... IN -
----. --.--- hid
rJ- -- --- -- -> --- I it t ; hr*'i!! { tion. If the answer i is that he belongs lo a"respectable'
h row inenJ/in New 0..I etn: ;, New York or : ('CABINI I FURNiTUin:. ] ; !! LPICTO-The} ui.dtrM-ne.l -
the it is enough that i is
t C\Ii ll'! r' -* ; : : family,
Si" l ",;- No. 41 Water fctrp'M-IV stairs, :
: no\16 AI1II.Ichill.ia. Fin. ; been: ll'PUilltItHjit.'ct.r|; of Luiti: <..rfrr bent aiiim.il, sufficient eucoremrnt.rfhc! more respectable ;F.
!i ----- 1( rrjniviiri: County, riicrs bit? :services to tJ+epultc :
H. r. AiK Want; If| i l : for his family, the stronger the reflectionof )
LOCihal"tO! in (hit c.tpicity, anti will utleiul to all
: >! ,
i WII'H.\T., wn RTTT.: ted by ) respectability which will be recieved) by an ,
i (
COMMISSION I and !FOHW.\HDIKG duties' appcrtdini'UtobJiduppuntiaL'iit., : He! roar : in-
i DE\LESN': nillj.;'>, MCniCIXES! ( ., PAINTS, MERCHNTS, be found .it 22 Water street. (forsaking a ( i; l t I+ ) so : association, as it j is the selfish desire to get J
()11.S: GI4'\S', &c., .Lr.g1o
-. c"'It rJ! .t..nrtmr'lt of Statinery.C No. frl: Water street, March -Ja JAMES GIHSON.LUMIJER through; 1{i factitious 1 respectability which is, after all, at
avoid the I Iuot the bottom: of all this deference to
novSO Apalachicola, Fh. : > spurious
ir. ol' Chrstuut and Water stress : ISPECTORTh undersigned
Al'lrt111,i! 1 1 \naUrhirol, Fa. been of Lur,her left the ( ; merits. ', ',
appoit.ted Inspector
W.3: W. SIMS. WM. W. CHKLVKR.Sims j ;
-- It be affirmed think that in four
rection of ] may we ,
fur the County Franklin ohVi-
lug services t to
II. r?. Dar h n.l11. "fc Cliecvcr, than two cases out of five the individuals guilty of
the, public in ihat capacity, and will attend to( all ) far
-2 Cjlumlxi Cnildiriz, C 0 M M J S S I ioN MERCHANTS, duties appertaining to said appointment. i place! was the puerile. not to say contemptible follywe

O-r. ''), lsl"1 1 At+altchiroli. Fa. {jCjO No. G ColumVis! Buildings.decI4 CORNELIUS GRADY. lie was : by are condemning, have no claims what- .',;
.Apalachicola, Fla. March 2'2. 1S45. I social estimation either from
veiling ever to family
E f. Sour*, H. C, SMMIH.: Ur. Broo.ks.Xourst' t :
Cooke V Home concealed connections or intrinsic worth ; the weak
Stcic & Co. INSPEC1'OR.-Having I : been ap-
COMMISSION MCUCIIANTS, IL'MBER inspector of Lumber for the County when the li ; : childish lovers of distinction, for its own ""

COMMISSION{ MERCHANTS, No. 13, :1. (;her: :.'. street(, tit Franklin tbi' iiidi! 'r-i-rited! oJfiTs his service*; momentary;+ l sake of the power to do good that such a .
1'\0, 4 Watt .II"t"I, K wOrlt'amol.A :" the p'lbli! ill lint 1 ('Jpa'clty. amiill til I tern! t. louder am+! his I! "po-'rion gives-and conscious that within

n.,1 Anh: : ,hicnl i, Fla. S. COOKK. AMOS HOUN.feb all'sapp'Ttaiir.nt g to said appointment.April r viou-sly ; ; ., themselves! j is no power of self-elevation! .
--- \T P.EW
Ib, lS.1(. 11EXJ. LUCAS. head, they become what in England is know by.
819 ujlm:1 titer ,_ ;
:1XE1Y >
---- ,
COMMISSION' 1 Ml'.ftCIi.1NT i :: assunder. ; i : of the elegant term "toadies. -mere fawners pc

N ., 4.311'.:cr strd'-G\! :stair 1 *, .1 a". )F. Farrior, l.illofrain! ; j t i r : r upon, and seekers after, those who are in
GENERAL !: KCKI\T.N; c ;, [FI )Ii': WA {,1JiXG ,\ .
PT I 1,1"1! ). Au.tl l hkClj.\, Fh.Jtrtx CaMMISr'3] M'l.v! ; MIA XT, PRINT W-\REHOtT of the stri: ] ; !.Itt I : : ) their eyes, great people. The conversation .

No. y CclumulI1)! : ,'<-k, PRICES l REDUCED: : (er of a 1 lhe of this class of people is generally nude up

: .AH 1U\. U.\iEL J. DAY nl\! .\nhdi"C'h.; rh, At the fl'II..iE.bhi: : !i< hH: .er.t for cn.f:1IH'e. I I : ; of animated descriptions of this fashionable

.1. Uar.\CO., T. J. S\I o 1 i,. M. M.Nrmfovl -. l HLTT.- PRINTS ONLY, Almost t lady" party at which they were present or

COMMISSION: .".: '2 CHANTS, t'>t ?itt, BYE.EF day, ]lie :: i ; of that distinguished! gentleman's savings

NJ: 52 \Y itTtn+*i.t. C 0 M M I S SI! 0 N M I1: R C (11A N T S.No. cfc BEJ r VftrSTIX of ,tho ; 1 II ) his and doing*, fir f nliirh they were ear and l-e} e-

Dec 6 Ajuhchicola! FA 30 Water Sll'e..t.t on.ihle him ; : l IIJ- Wi'/:5 They are !hand and glove with .

:} ,1.1. \'" !s torth'! 6' tEtndlu"' rnc"fir):' drc4 Apaliclucola, I'la.GROCIIIS.1 4-i CEP:\R STREET: N. YORK. comfort every individual of note male and female, :..*i ,

thN I'l-'c': 'jot, ''n Int'an"; Co." and the 1l:1rr- --' This stock nf [PRINTED CALICOES, neirlv hf espied) t : in the city-visitihg them, so they allege,

fMa tmurane: ( To." Hartford Conn. Av c{CUMMi r.v A IOX Jones MERCHANTS, all recently 'purchased (for cash!i l\Ifl l sh.rt credit, trees. rest! ; ( regularly, and coming into almost daily intimate -
Lc. Fret ?:. Diaris, No. SI \\VrtterMr--. at from !lodgings, i : and social intercourse with Persons. : a

FACTOR! .\NI I COMMISSIONMKK I D.c 13 Ai.ilichicol| Fa.. way \\ } } ; I ] ( for whom vou would have supposed l'onltlilnd ,\
I CHANT; ---- -- 1 to G Cents (Per Yard:: ) LO"PEIlTHAN +wth l mute : ; would see through ,them at a glance, and .cti
VA.. A P. {\ Risin e
No. : CuluiubiHlork! THE PRICES( : OF 1\PHI L. soil being: t who f perhaps do, ;and endure with n* much f
_D"r__:','o t I. .\1011; 1 t"hico1a. Fa. C 0 :11 1 S S 1 1O :N MERCHANTS i: !: F'urcI,a er- ,Ire miit.mlefd, tile), pntcs, -and I had ( : :: I patience the infliction, of their society as "

Harjicr A EoIics Ollics.: :No. 4 Columbm: iinildinjs a1nwH1f'e* toad f<>r a given: perud.C.italicius eveiy step. + we do that of an insect's which} knows no. .
\w. 1 1,12 11.! Ipalachcnta.! (J : (renewed and! corrected hih)) .
better than
was to : us by creeping orcr
COMMISSION I --- atu.oy
MERCHANTS, I Irm -rL-!'+i'il.ttiii! the price'-die placed ill be t h.lIltJ-i r
\\ II. Kimbruu II. 1'. KJPIII'uuh,
alp : dent and ( ) ; our face, and which we do not feel inclined. '
), of lmvrr", and sent with ffondd ordered.Is'r'.v lo
Azmlv fur ftpLS T111. II. KiJiitrouv*1 A Co., : York, June (d i, 1S4'3. 13-ly] cent (:' 1 to destroy.
:\I'r.eu, Ix.uh( \xcr. COMPANY, COMMISSION r fc FORWARDINGMERCHANTS. -- -- beunn Bat against all this is arrayed the clear,
o} tlc Cili/ofJVttP IV/V i To tie! .nbu.
of the mw: strong common sense of the vigorous, effective
Xo. :,,1 Water street, 03ke, No. 25 Water street-Upstair", JJAVING di--M i )st i-d of mv (entire stock u>f Who : linss: -the thinking and active body of'

"'. A'nUc'iicoli: F. Apalachicola, Fla. I ) aridh.du.i'!' f Jo'Mr.[ I II. 1Ab'lI, "A fi the people, for it is opposite) to the genius 4
f'JLihr! ral advance; on eofion con irard '!cCnll,, their friends: ia New York, Boston, Liverpool or return t- the public, my trienoS and ctiitomer! ,, in search i il in of our political and] social organizations, and

'* MB.ICHVNT. A\l DCALER Havre. NOV. 1 JSt'>. my thanks f I<,r the fntrona: ; they have bestowed "Come l ? in. can only exist ast fungus excresence, r

"''UUS) AND! CKUGERIES; upon the! fabli--hmi-nt while under my conln-l] ; whatever brought into existence by living principles

). J Col ambus IJlock, ZKobcrts Alien & Co., and] f take pll'a'III'c in H..tmrncntiill! ; my successor have with his acting upon decaying substances. The impertinence .

Ajnhchicoh.Fa. MANUFACTURERS IN TIN IRON,COPPER, 1. Ulan as worthy of t their patronage, ,anti snlici t h 1 must of "is his family respectable'" '

BRASS, &c. fcr him a rontmuure, of the custom heretofore of my by can never throw into neglect and obscuritythetnanofstrongandsense .,

t. G. I'oricr A: Co. ALSO, DEALLRS IX s'\ Itbfnlly extended to me. I tM But the t ; directed by right .'
Hardwire Stove nntannia and J.jpaned Wares: 'irch i .
; I BS. HAWLEY.f .
:* (i These will be felt in
j WH! A\5i: COMMISSION' after con i in principles. society,
Srpfl Wail Grate HIM
Iron, Spikes: ,
:III::tU.\XT:. and demand from (him his and .
room : right truly I .#, .
and othtr .
: Sug; Kfttles .iii-I Mills, na; ill-; and ItoiJC. } "
11 Water
Fa. Castings; Ship Chandlery,&c. A A pcs. K,'flt IIcky I H.I uti in horse lo ;a i +l I ,; effective) position, and he will rise in just '

__ -- '. Oct. 2", Ibl-i. Api. VCHICOLA, FaWJM.TAM \\J\J lOr' coif Hope ; 'W pcs'e| =ian: vided for ] ] .1 estimation and act with a broad influence i .
___ __
__ ,___ _
Win. "1. AVoort, u 4 balsa H.iiritns; 1'" MIP, fur sale brWM. iris their ; 1 while the seeker) after a false respectability.

.:MI! >SION, MKRCHA. T DICKKV. J W. IIMMO.VD.Dickey I. G. PORTFJl & Co." noble : : in ,the hope of shining in a borrowed light .

No.1J \\'atpr Mref, & tIfUUUI0tul, Nov 2:1* 41 \V"i: +T'tr"pr. "Ye1*," I] s will sink: into merited contempt. This is.

t I AND FAMILY 1 GROCERS I the law society in onr countr
SHIP to niHtisr stamped upon -
___ A I 11.t' liro1:. Ft.T ( oods oia C;(lIsj;;n3nt na. ,.\
Dia-jn. 32 11'.+ter-tin o to give ; ] ry. There is here an universal upward j
CHIUMZS PRATT.Dotljc Octoc-r! l*>, lc.tlqtr. -Jitf, A C"t'i'IVi!! SIMJ', Cntiillr", 'I'vlaer', but 1 li-ivt- I +! I ; S struggle, and every man that is born is free i tIn

A Pratt, -- (;J-.inpcwIer+ Br.md.&c.. ., i is ollered: at New nem 'to join in .the contest for the true distinction :
n. I
rt i. Taylor, York Invoice His : connection will) be
COMMISSION MERCHANTS,1 pritv!, vNOURSE "I I did : l o family nothing ta
No. 40 WatPr c.rn .-.-. COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANT jta31 i : I 5 STONE & CO.For the : ; i t. him if he do not as :an individual, and upon .

!'y. ;; ) j. !,nlc.o to no ( ) the strength of individual worth strive with ,
No. -J2 IVat strcet $* '.
cr- ; BOXES Roofing Pl.ile, 14 by 20. tnrpinc; to : : t : eq'ial! or superior energy with the unknown ,

]Iclia, I H'' ; --. > ,7 Iv Apllachier1a.j I'W 3i') do Tin do I-:} ;X, ful look, individual{ by his side.-Philadtlphia .Sa+

C01011SSIOX : ,; : j 1LYcsir)' Ilod-c r u halt] Sheet Iron Nos 1-2 to 2U, iliMinn ; lurday Courier.

",-.. r\o. 4U rII. : CTIONEER: AND COMMISSION 15ra/.i ,rs' and Shecthing, Copper, '. Fear { the .' 'f
1. 1 SI- .j'' ;;.'! MERCHANT Bl'ck'i'i't, Lead Iron and Tm'd Rivets, from cxer! ; ] CocuTsnip iy CHURCH.-A young gen t'
-------- --- j 22 Water street, APAI.ACHICOL\. Jucket! Eir, Bar Iron, Hoop Iron, for a ; ht- tlemau happening to sit at church in-a pew .}

D. u. tiro j' .----- NailRods, Tin Ware, wholes.!l rind. retail lawless : n adjoining one in' which was a young lady,
H. R. WOOD. 'P. W. COLX.K.V. Il : : the
Ct\DII"" ,.'. ; for whom he conceived a most sudden and
J Nov 1 ROBERTS, ALLEN & Co.Perfumery. before in ( ; ,
. 't\O'.ltQl. o.23W.1t Wood A: Co., ----- stated the e violent passion, felt desirous of entering .

J. I 1a.I'ers AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSIONMERC I illl l giI) ( ) : 11 e into a courtship on the spot; but the place
\NTS 1/u-emler Florida! not suiting a formal the .: .
.t : COLOGNE Waters, Ex: he one of declaration exigency :
CO BrI ,' No. 32, Water street, Jas ) ION Nov. ] lSl.r+. Apalachicola 1 ] Fa. &c. Soaps, Preston Salts, Olto of 1 Rosp-, 5.0. : ( : i for Kpistie of John, verse 5th : "And now I j.
t.'o, 3G Vat< Jan 21 J. C. readily en of
hov15r Liberal advances: made on rlni,nmcnt ALLEN. preparing : beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote anew .; {"

The stricte-t attention paid to Sales out Doors Saddlery for Sale at Cost andHAVING meal there 1 commandment; unto thee but that wo .f- _.

\1.4 WrLU Sales at Store,every. Saturday. Char-cs. lion het\\ ) t cn l had from the beginning, that we loved one. ', '
: -
\ i n "
another. it with
She returned the
Clover Seed. on hand an assortment of Saddles: ] worth con following
ylicdsMi: ) i FEW pounds
MMISSION xSE8RBAND 1 A Seed, for sale by above for' cash. that it :s 'heu she fell on her face and bowed her'f
S'at t'o. 42 Wate April 4 H. F. AKEL.Congress On hand a fine Bur and Harness, which will was ; l t self to the ground, and said unto him, why. V
1151.1.1licGacl 1 ly usually It .
-- be sold for cash. + ) {, t leave I found! grace in thine eyes that thou f
Sprisit Water March tions, 1'4
P. HOT)ART ; e r
shouldest take notice of I ,
me, seeing
am a
A. received schr. LeRoy, and frr sale by vitation w::
: 'J.'crs JUST per : ; } : -
iVCI' t
I 0 ; I 21 J. C. Al+LlN'. Boots mid Shoes.BOYS' 4'lt stranger !J" He returned the book pointing
COMMISSION r of the 3d 1 Epistle of John : "Having 1f1'to
MURCHAXT, Copartnership.npHE and Men's gusset [3rogans, to ( many
Iov. l 1. IB,.v.Ot 36. water street, subscribers respectfully inform their '/ sew'd and pen Kip!> Brogans: After the t to things to write unto you, I would not write l

) Ao laclucola. Fla.SchiflTcr. JL friends and the public that they have taken Gents fine Calf Ilroijans, ; with paper and ink ; but trust to come unto 4'

into partnership. EUGENE W. ROGERS. Win's peg'd and sew'd Shoes, Children's do. do. sleep.prepares" n you. and speak face to face." From the t
s 'VHOLtSunuel Super Ladies' Kid and Morocco Shoes, ''V above the took .
l r CHARLES ROGERS & Co. The interview, marriage place tho '
?'panic nine REIAIL.GROCER, April 7, lS.JG. Super Ladies' Gaiter Boots, in- ensuing week. '" '
steamh attention paid to putting up family l ,,. Gentlemen's coarse and/ fine Calf Boots, shelf and : .. i 1

N 0. 49 01t Water and slup Etorea. Flavouring Waters.N < A large and extensive assortment, just received, lug, lcl It may be said as truly 7 of'a knave as r ,''; .
0 street, a.CsortmentjU:1t received, and for sale by and for sale by WM. G. PORTER & Co. prayer, ] nan honest that his word k
man aa '
Apalachicolt, Fla. Nov 29 J. ALLE.N, Nov 29 good as ,
,. Druggist. 41 Water street. ted the p ; I !, his oatfcuo'i ", :.,' ;

: -.. ). ., .. .1-,. J. ,_... '. .,. ',,. _.": ,. '7', > '. ,,_' +: ''' ; .,..... : :. ": ., ", ... rdr'.;: ''
I' -
: # ',1. .. '' .q. : / "L' ..'. jr .. Pt
l,.,.". !., ., ,..'., ... t. / ': . 'I, .,,:. :' 1"4', ,.!. 'I..}: :. .- i.1L- 7, '- ., .
; c. ,
l.S /t.b. f } '\9 t.N'.v < ,,
: ; .. 9I : .' .
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;: / : 'lie ..'. ';''. :.: .pt., ", :: ; ..1Itoor'. .' ''' "t '',." .- '".-.".' ,''.to, ; 't




-" '- -- -' -'_- ---- :- .. .. -- --, -
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I ,- ., _: ..- /,. ..., .t. _'; ; .' 54 5 :;. S S, S.r.,' ., ', .;S.'./' + ,S,:4"S. .l ..L' S5', .;/j5J.1;: ..' S ,lj. :' .. "S JI S
.. : yo. F. 'if.J1IJ. ;
1 i .' ... -.v. ."., ., : : 1f1 "
"' ". j .. ... ." :; ,: I' .-. ., :. ,, S of.:' .< ,- .'S :. d.tJi"if.; { ; : ';:I. ,
'S I -..;. S.,Z'S 'e'.;".".".... '':." :''".,'' ,. ''.'.. 4'-. : \ S .--- ...',"..r.'.' .1..:.;..+- S ,rl'.t; ::' t ',.;,.....": I' .
:f)J'is 5'S. tt ':SS '','fS ,f-. : ... S ..: SS' .......), "1/ .'>.; .". :. S: S .fr '.'.;.of" ,'.ff..".<.< rr. 7. 'j.t ".''\w.;. ,i: ,",, S'.,., S S5 t'c. : -, :.J-, :;,: .'". S I;,,., .... ..'5 :S ".;'l:j J',

: : : ; .
:. ,.' .. .' S : .... ."'_. ,.; '. \ S ,. .-' .. v.(. S 5 'Io", >
g ;. : : .. .:. 1."ill"... .:< p. 5 S S'tS 5 "" .
; ., 1i, __. y I ___: P_' : I 1- L"0.. :. ---- ------. :._----- __ _.____ 2- .

'%. CFrom. the Boston'Courier.} will find work enough among the heathenin 'WASHINGTON, Jely 7. Hats and bonnets,. .. :. . 110,000 party ;1S-H. ,'none Jdid .it taora injury than the : same men suffer.their d chrt -;:
i. ;_ There art > few ,expressions in, the fol- your own congregations. The sins of The fate,of the Tariff bill at this Session, Boots and shoes,.. .. ... .. 45,000 hypocritical l, 'sanctified Journal of Commerce. wishes. to be defeated bjr the maeti -

owiog article,, which should have a mot* your own people will furnish matter enough is no longer uncertain. The indications of Potatoes,. .. .. .. .. aa- .. .: .. . 150,000 The Editor of'that paper,'a Democrat in disguise of those who aspire to be :
to write and speak about, without a journeyto to-day are ih.t; the Senate will it without made and tbeir ,
pass Ready clothing wearing of a Whig, a wolf in sheep'sclothing-n more
Will f
limited application than the author
probably they not cast off
Europe One would 1 thini"'lhat much and the
delay, it it is. schackle
every year. pass as apparel, and articles worn by besides poU'tics-worked hard to cypher ,v
.A *;; {intended ; but there j ipso much of truth in our ministers would have their hands The bill carne up for its first reading this men, women and children,. .. 200.000 things into defeats. He which their free will is sought k. q
down victories was reTarc.1C
it, that ve cannot fad it in onr heart to I full to watch over our own, representatives, morning. and a motion was made to refer it. Thus, said Mr. W., all classes of labor Whig tered ? There is time ,&
,; to say noihiug: of the people. But we are The[ rcfcn'lIce33 objected to as creating alike concerned in this matter. The by theDem rats, with aserviceof plate, enough
suppress it.: The writer will perceive thai this and the day of the : tQet1
greatly mistaken. have to do and if we remember aright.. .If the Editor. hnd any election
we' altered ; they nothing unnecessary delay a very long and interesting American industry engaged in all these varieties >
have l, tcsenienc to the We
fs ( evil. *
: deprive
but travel through Enghiid)( spying out the ,. t debate followed. Il appeared fvidcul of manufacture or production, were, shame, he must have blushed at the inputation speak nol as Whin, i

.. 4 it of its personality :- laud l, and, uuh eyes uplifted! to Heaven, cx- I I hat there was no opposition to the bill to this extent, to be sacrificed to foreign conveyed by the present. What must a Whig Citizens of Floiida, having ,the.'II Qt*

'.'t "" '+ [For the Courier.] Ch:!aiIflifl;, '2hiaiil\ God, I and my countrymen 1 to come from the Western democratic Senators a bo r. Editor have done, that his en'miethe I Democrat i interest of the State at heart, when iii

\ : : :toread' in are not as other men ; we repudiate who had) been soured by theirlate disappointments him said t that if w,.
Happening As
j.J ; an extract to-day's When we add to this the enormous *, should have so praised we beaten by a Democrat
iI ', ,'. Post from !letter written Boston ourdebls, we make slaves four fellow-men, ; no defection showed itself on we clergyman
a by a
the amount of Three Millions, the proposed before, we hope the Pensacola Gazelle will not wish William II. :
and are of other sins t of the democratic :
p now England], to the editor of guilty too numerous to part Senators from
'f- il.! mention bin the British duty lea and coffee it will be thai he D'uta'al-no color at ClII.Ie Under which,' man. If we are beaten
i r : one of thereliious. journals, we were for- m ; nation commit as any quarter, except Pennsylvania and Con- upon seen we desirethe,
:' : cibly reminded of a thought which has often many, and besides( honcsco refcrcns) we are n ecllctzt. Mr. Nilcs denounced the bill-inunmeasuied the oppressions will be no longer imaginary Kin; TIcno.liall?" lie that ,is not for us is I to be a man, of whom we can fed a.

\ afraid the bench of bishops is Mr. took a .tit'st us," \vc, ?s s.ud our blessed Saviour, prod.
,<: 4r-: occurred to us. The extract declared it to exercising terms. Hannegan a but real.-[Savannah Republican.) ; say our n"presentative.-one
''i t- $' be the writer's opinion that the bench of nn unchristian influence in the House of warm and active part; in favor of the bill, and whIll1E1tJI11i o bet !knew the hearts of men. patriotism and wbosejn.n
;. bishops were exercising an unchristian L ords." Away with such whining, cant ; we \. against its refeience.. He alluded to the -- ---- ----- ---- ,sterling integrity, .e
) detest it. come from what it fact that Senators c CO I ( DO1 OCnATIC CONVENTION. rely to do honor to the Slate ?
t influence in the House of Lords.1' Now source may. on a late occasion the whig and faithf,,
a- ;;, ItJ. we believe no candid man, after reading It is an ill wind that blows nobody any thought il unnecessary to refer an inipoitatu AIIVEPLTIiEII.de This body called together by officehal.r and fairly to represent the whole Peopl ,' '

t :...:' c ..'!uch a paragraph, can foil to ask% himself good, and accordingly we-find/ thai these annual treaty a Committee. Mr. Hannegan APALACHICOLA: rs and office-seekers, ihe r man who seeks the office Wnnse e. ?
: ), il- 'whether it would not be better for our ministers !- World's Conventions arc pioduc- Mr. Shier, and others tlecl.ired that -- the party, assembled on Monday last. The nor it confers, and not rt i

'1' ";-.. ; to stay at home and attend to their tivc of at least one beneficial efiect.rflieV S t they would. not agree to fix the day of adjomnmet QThe following! gentlemen are aUill'h'li'dA result of its deliberations have not yet I as t'.'Ih\lOt'

;i preaching. Mind your own business is act like a loadstone which is almost dcstituie: j until t this bill was passed.: The'ole ;rl15 for the! Co.niEr.ciAL AOHr."f5r. ,and will office and the spoils off ::1n I.

homely advice, but no class of men need it of power, and attracts the bits and ends, I the \ against referring the) bill was-yeas 122, !,"er'iVC .111J receipt forsabsci'iplio.is, or ad.'cuijcni reached us, but we know enough of the is elected by the Pee .1. S ,)_

; more. The Bible-iclls us that Christ went refuse filings only, but leaves the heavy noes 21. here[ were two Senators absent "MS; :- manner in which it was gotten up, to be t will, and not one, who--

'. about doing good ;" those who claim to be n:eial unmoved and immovc lhle. Jf wecould but the vote rl1lh: '?s us to arrive at a deil- 'S ,: -s. :.:0' & TurrTi,3 \\ Street, able to say confidently that Wm. H.Crockenbrough fruit of bargain, and ,.

his ministers are skilled in enroll in one list the name of the nite conclusion, as In the result of a vote in S"W \ (1"t.. corn t
.1.11.0.. r:. ( was nominated. The Icnoicing has made the
and they follow his example by themselves delegates to .these Conventions this year,I full criate. Mr.\ .Jarn;: al1; voted in the ;af- I. W' : -i.! People's f''t
doing \ 'V, -.r.rAI < .
: ( v. : : ; '
-y' of the said he would be nominated
good. The command, "Feed my 1 who have gone or are going, what a motley u irmaiive: ; but it i is well known I thai he illIfnch .1'i;-s n .'\t'I.: FOil t...... ",
f sheep," ihey render Bleed my sheep. This collection we should have t (vote for( :she hill ;according lojiisnsiruction 1 ::01' .hr.K Ihr \'. '. ::lIj'.r".t.l\ '.,. by the Convention by acclamation.No who are ready to barr

I; .is no ** railing accusation: ;" it is sober matter "J]','I.c'; s-tiMs IMI'vivte' i *. Supposing, i therefore, I hat I I Mr.1 doubt they had so arranged matters abe ; freemen, and voters, fo
of U rirdfr'.i"is PI itt! ?rr y. .; will be I thn oulv whig) in f.ivorof A 0 'J' I U I' .-.''i pt'SO'ii :'if'ving daIJlIt
.,.. t fact ; 't is true, and pity 1 is, 't is Gome-outers, Abolitionists Milleritcs, and I ainagaii lo :able to foretell the event.
\t. :! true;" I t he bill the vote will be -J9 for the Bill and ,L\Zfi'iiii; t.. '-' ".'/li./ f, ti"V/ ;"'fcs"iit lirni) (o .. L.i.gy THET/.I
\ some scores of good orthodox clergymen, The i'lorid'uni; makes: a very lame dffencelo :: .
.J No 27 again; it. Strong luipes are e\presscd v\ L:;.(./r f/':lit, hUt ;;'nt( i."leblrtllo ;,1" The bill
:. sooner does a man (find himself fairly S who have left l their people to hunger or toferd ; repealing the:
the chat'
.. ; '.r, that; the Convention
her however that 11 Ir. will S
Jarnagan conSent H ,
established of Ce a //I'"l? .11.+lJ"li.{, ; fw' : ItJ.C/l)tOil. Of
f over one our congregations, themselves as they can. while they are passed the House of F 'i;> S
than his health begins. 'to fail ; poor man, pretending to patch Lit) differences which I io vote against the Bill, in order to ariJci-.'.1_: will liie'r .'.,Ol'm'n0 iili, ,'ic uc;'n:, packed.: ) Indeed' so impotent ;are the arguS with log-rolling," "v' '" ,_
male lie. anil throw the Vice Presi-
be is growing ;thin. The sisters (who arc are irreconcilable, and in reality: are seeing heist; the a I upon of I the fate olw "-?'!".>. "rdio coiled i'ic out accounts.Ji''ynA tii CIi4 used' by that; paper and so unsatis-. alt on the members Iror t '. '.

:'l I. two-thirds of the church in such cases) begin the world.. \Vc shall undoubtedly enjoy a responsibility deciding 1 IS 10.ft5" f.ifiory: lira! ; ; it must t have failed to have convinced .
.. of the Bill. I It would be to Mr. Dallas a e-nog those mini Louis' w f.
t-:' r.. to notice that the dear pastor i quiet season when all these uiibulenl and
grows } : :anv b.'t ihose! blinded by zeal.
: trying fJlH'sliol1'hel Je. lo abandon his party lone. Mr. Ritchie of 'tvliippio h '
:";;r:':.'. more and more pale:;! and interesting every r icstes! spirits* are gone, but we pity the, 'cry The Copartnership hereiolore; i." :
his rflate. this occasion. The e\- No IlIInr'i Democrat ca'i'f.fil that
1 ) : on to see
) .irly or I ; -ia
< t. t; Sabbath. They put their heads togetherand J poor J Englishmen! for they will come upon ; Dp 1et'I;
gill i is he taken for cosidenilion sling u in ihe! publication( of this has '
: to up on paper I ihe Coloiie! clops make his '
not ; out
case and! Mr.
': ', soon decide .that, painful as il is to part IS them like an avalanche.! be Trcavry, ve

.\: .-;>? with him he must go to Europe, or he will I This will be thought harsh language by Monday!The! next. the Democratic f been dissolved by inns tial consent. The with his; tSi! IallJc'! and' ability. Weak must Oiuce Depa t.no.il, were pit-sou ..... .._

,...Jl: : { ;' not be long for this world. The miller i is; some, but we ues it more in sorrow than inauger. ; nembers bickerings of the House ninong, on the subject of C01 lmcrcial.Adlerii.sCi" will in future he fo .!ie posiiion which he so lamely defends. were bcin: taT.en, Willi what view and I ron
I :it-i.1. now as good as settled it is only r For we read that the wicked
; necessary published by J. \VToux-the Ediforidileparlmerit
I he Tarifi( bill, have;; not yet: subs.iclccl.- J1ciJ'c; HillIer a full conviction of ihe !jurpose, is to be imagined.
? to stir the hearts of the brethren to flourisheth like a and "wo
up ; bay tree ( .
paythe green
f' bill, which of course, they must do. umo you when men speaks: well of }ou,"- Some severe passage* took place lo-day be- t will be conducted by \V. G. M. in-lii ci,' I the ;accusation.; [How can it be O.ie vole canes us much surprise and palas

Thepoor ghost" steps ou board: the steamer passages which we think, some of our clcrcymen ween .1 lr.' XVick and 1\1 r. Uathbun, in relation ; DAVIS, until further notice. It i is unnecessary otherwise: than. trueVihI .any one believe that of HENRY W. HILLIARD'e of AIaajm!,

tf: and i Ins I io Mr.) W.'sassuiiiedlask of"whippingn" to chat will be \\ :have k-iown him l lUll and bare ct -
anxious friends f fear Ihat he might icdect upon with profit.O say the future : iliat: the Democratic: party, who 1t3ti.11 :
: will come to the good people on the other : \,::: OF Til 12 SL'tVJJttEKS.; I the reluctant democrats.; The[ graduaioi : political position assumed this him) in onr heart's recollecl'on; as a true 1tj.
i is
i : Kind bill i is before ihe El nuse. fl r. ('al- ,, by paper- : : fused to support Crockunbrough, who
side of .the "in such
water a quetionahlc flcnv could he vofe against the I
shape that bolder spirit than Ham rColle //'oJlc.lce ci the ClMil.-s.ori Collier.] miin's subsiiiuie for that l bill is soon to be previous course, and I the well known opinions worn so f.r: many of them, ;li.fb. vote only Whig c
even a
l left be JeiemJecJ
; let would not dare speak to him. He i is: \\'AUI\GTONJIJIy i S. eonsidesed in I the Semite.:'t i of those who conduct it, convey ;!irasurance ;a I.;:iht :lii.n ;md for the Whig candidain n sure. hat'P1 to and e'!
; have been fulfilled! The and 'Vilre.hol1inJillg o e neaJ'y. ?t iss-ie in IS 11 The District: :
Q scarcely out of the harbor before he begins My anticipations: by Sub-Treasiuy ( : : that it will ever he found ,!Ioil'' .- "fl.! i'1I1I05 I unheard[ o;--are so iicMcn I I : -
as u
:. to ihe effect of the the passage of ihe bill for the reduction of i; : are lo be passed in 1 the Senate this Ic i i d ;iiru would, we feel sure, a* soon li\\
experience bracing sea I : battle;, in defence of tho<
;\ air, and at the completion' of the voyage, duties on imports. The bill passed, afteran week! ; :at least; hat is the intention of I the : e principle" which \ lif ';ovv (IIlal11111011'5oosi) : ;/ ,n t'tpiesdil 4 5 .t ..) :lave -e-i him voting Tor the SubTni

\.f,y. he is as fat and well 'to do in the world as arduous and close struggle of some hours Couiiiiitire on Fitl,1I, ((. The; House will 1 l lime and disaster' but, render more cheri-shc.: ; Mem: ;l 1111.1.i "n Lh" ki-rxv "o wel!, '1'i.i JSI :*.','!, oi' the wo evil, they would

I. .." the owner of the jolliest of the red faces upon the various amendments, by a vole of prob.ibly fix: upon a day for closing I their and dear to every true \Vlti patriot; -piiiV a m 1,11IIwi'I I : "N'.led I :Ili.ll; IMIUO'f.'lV! :' o I 1': ivcd the latter. We are ready toeiclIIw -

c which greet him everywhere. I 111-1 to 95. The majority is nineieen-aboul 1 session, to-morrow-perhaps the 3J of August. ciples that: guided 1 the Whig) Pany[ l in ( '011- rlgrcs. ira,' \'IJII'Ylhal, : ll'e: ;,.m>r m.1.1 w': ouas >e ihe: mi'. lty ."

t." It never occurs to the people.-good, heretofore I he same and calculated embracing' the for same the bill voles as I dunn:; 'Ihe momenious deliberation: l.is( Till C'CDOIUHT.: !! n\ |pf' ''tIII' of his, \1\...i oihfT! mJilrra co nested with thlp i
upon ,
"r.'. easy souls,-that the same effect might originally reported. [T orn Ji'* .-..i"o..). t f.iicl!"";coccr .] : on the "Oregon" question' ;and earned Tor own Illrt1.--whu: VUte.: ecdt o: .; IV/tig'tii; '5( tl; the bill, we observe that (bat \'til,ri

: bave been produced, at (little expense, by But you will rem rl. i that (the bill is not r t**" tj* f J \ 111"II1'r IrJr., .1 ihem t the commendation of one of. their preference to !i'ui; -a man fit. their own iiria.i; Seaborn Jones voted iii (Ihe committas

S. sending him into Ihe country io rake hay or I by any means, the bill that was report cii ;by: The bill for I the reduction of the Duties : biiterest ; -Judge McDurrrr. liiical Taiih Ike who po- ci'e \'. liole, for a dUiy; on lea arid coffee Wh
l hoe received the
; corn ; that he might recruit his health:I the of ; man votes
the Commiiiee. At 12 o'clock the on importation Foreign (>oods and I all
lo-day. I h.is Old Srab otten about]Dawoi'MrDoiaId
:. bnd be al the time i if who exclaimed; when the :lie did thai' icr; .
"doing good" same bill was reported Iron the Committee of ihc .'1uitifciuire; 9 Iasacsct Ihc JTousc (>f llt- Treaty passed get-not deserved to represent
they would load him with Bibles! and send I /Jreswlahn. 'nw the Senate, that ube Whig piriy; i in Congress his State because of his coHee" ? Tale care, Colonel!!
whole to t the House. The] bill, as modified majority on I the final I virtue, and of
him on fool, to distribute them the \if\f year, in VOltr District, wesIlall hear oC
among was estimated to produce a revenue of $-*:,: pl': -igp of ihe bill was nineteen votes ; ex- de'ervc ihe eternal gnitiiude of ihe services rendered to his fellow-citizens in -
hundreds who are destitute of them, even )'libitin'j' ) a combined flu-el of Executive Coff' and Crairfonl C'pJf'C.Bui .
00,000. The hinds in addilon will increase in-
country, for their patriotic conduct public and life
:. 5n The on I ihe 1 inhale -but because of '
our own state. Apostles far
: so as the revenue lo 23,900.000.. Should:J luence: :and Paiiy: Drill, against: the un- it is ;i-i i he Senate that .the tng of wit

we can learn, were lolerably healthy men. not this revenue prove adequate (for the expenses lonbied wishes of the People, and, as we Oregon question. fealty to party. The ITwn, who w,>$ voted lo corae. Ii" Jurnag'ii oi" Te-ine3iee sticb :

but we no where reail that they: became so i of the Mexican war. Mr. )'Kay suppose, :against! I iheir act isa I i osirti ci ions to: Snip II r.vr.T.-We are gratified to learn for by many, with the protestation, that Whi:: !" icilps: and r..iu.e's to be initractpjxll

i by running to and fro through the earth :;; states: thai hs will, as i instructed by the Com- a portion) :ai least of those Ilepresenuitivcs! that nothing bin the good of .the party could ,rINl"; \ be a iie. a:d Mr. We PCHidtntD&
seldom made and ; i hissliip is again afloat and
they long ;
even riding
journeys who
when did foot. mince ofTays and Means l report ;i bill for composed majority on I ihe final : compel, them so to do, and ihat roin'fi r la-will have a t lnoi io untie that will)
they on They uere I safely at anchor time East;
& the issue of Treasury notes, or authorizinga vole, such as has rarely been witnessed 1 al Pass.: She
t. forbidden to take with them slaves: or scrip, loan. It is presumed I thai the necessity even in I the pnpnhr: br.mrh; of Congress. : sustained:; no cKunage while ashore. him was ike lii ier csl pill they erer swallowed.( him. rhiladelpiiiahwyer! tl.oi'fth heu.be"Ta.iffa.id Itl

1 or any sush things; but they were only for this adjunct( to to ihe revenue is deeply; rjri and Cofire, the objects wil bout'wfii'l'I This HMD !chosen by a Coavention coming :I- I he Party," or '* No TarifjDeono.Irania.

poor fishermen ; .their successors in our no adAmlage; lo t i the 7lJ: ::5;; \ l ATtlIill. l ls from 'Ihe ." Mr. Dallas ought tohaveth
'i felt' by the administration and by its friends revenue can rationally: bosom of the People" ?
days know better; Ihey go loaded with bills and that the provision refeired to, is deferred : be expected' ( from the passage: of this bill, ._\. t.l'scs! 's ".".11 j ill I'.I11.111('( the b):;: i.:. Cfedal Judteas Ajidla" No. no, Colonel fir riw when he was recanting( his UnitrdSbt.15Luk .!|

of exchange.: JSo liberally are ihey sup- ) only till I ihe 'cir: iul' hill :lIa" have passed were struck! out of it by ;arclamation ; but, u ""''1 ()'.ill '',1)1"( ;t.'d I i'C'l (1,) t"liP1)1', + '",' .fO io'1O, confe-( ;iii5 his sins, and

l)1edith funds, thai even when they !e- The bill I I i is far fro i u :being sncha bill I I :-' the i io secure the votes of 1 the .Democracy of the' i Iti' 'I. j i IH', ''I!;f.v! I il.t j Iii Eig JI. '<, j" \ ill.1 S fililey, you can never get the sensible 1l'iH'd by Old Torn Ritchie, the Grand]:

-turn iheir purses (;us well as iheh* anii-iestiiclive, or frce-i rllle: would I Empire Slate; (indispensable to the wj- b'jtilol Ihe of ,; men of the Democratic. party to believe Pit of
puiv; pre' passage nn snt ply i i\h t t t.i: \xlo -< iii I Domocra'-y in order to be admitted
eyes) "stand out with ,'atne. i er. It is 'hc best they could' possibly of the bill) :-i/Inly of. n'enl1 cent. 1 .idctt .. hat the Convention was not cl.ed.-
per I ,
-ll : p
ll would be well i if our physicians: would gei- vponike ( \ 'ii{ cr XilIt..", : a Prie-t in that Ternole, xvhere the otrt' ogt>
l better than was expected some weeks ago- value has been laid upon the article: ofSALT I.,1'. ot UtiroiKfHl' aid l'.i.i More than luo-lhinls of Ihe : who; read I the
party and
: .' Cndeavor lo ascertain the origin of this epijileniic : s -jlJ..d ;ii I oPifj-s, where, as of clJ, the: Prfauionr
{ better than was apprehended at 2 o'clock the most indispensable of all the J'S
j' and today. "crl oi': lurid: >. '- L; rulm vour ; r, and the article i in will the
prescribe a remedy less expensive That they iould not introduce :1- iieecssiries; of life, without/ I ihe daily u'e of .t'Vd' lid if j>curt" pap question He oi'sht to l have tboui sc

than the one now in use., The dutieswhich t : improveinems in I the system, is any owing greiler I to, which the poorest man in ihe country wquld; \-'l> li.,d!, (fo c.uf cc-t :Jo bo ? 1it1" >;P yir.;. \\', bear silent testimony 10 the truth of the: ,hi.clilointn.i .!, when he u.icl Euchaiinan Welt

\ '- they ought to perform are not necessarily i three fixed factsthai the Western and i be unable, lo keep body and soul together.An .re( mi the lo .'.,.i'l (ti IT ilie "ldp.t t i-ti.'h.'r.int"! ) t in I charge, from the fact that will arise unbidden I- '>",''tEA the Democrats o Pcnr.-jylvaniathatl|

so exhausting.Ve** "seldom hear oflawyer's Northern people won't he taxed for tea andcofice examination: ) of I the ;proceedings) of TCS- '\ii'i\v' ol iji"i; \\hribcr. t:!>orcv.'S cvr-r *o ptnch in their memories, that they were noi: Pollc! v.ss more of a Taiiil man than lit!r.CJ1!

S a is; they work breaking harder% and O\Vt.we as never the phrase heard -ami, that; being in a state of war, i the l I{ rJ.t'y. and of the Yeas: and Nays on "thesevrnil I I r.iin" i i the -.nee lii-1", a v.iliii i !ti i. rr'-olli-rf; ?! ;Jf .:' I Ifl' ..mong: those who, called: the Convention. Wiily, the Vice President i will bf'gin' to bet

that they were made of sterner stuff. I country cannot reduce us eXff'I1ses-ancl questions, will show t that this duty I(:,.3 c; wi,1r.\ .\, q Ii:' 1 h-H'e I" !.r'(':' ":'1' I ... i;" ':' Lei every democrat who), reads .this, ask tbat hone-ty is the best policy." Asforasbiconscience
+'' that t the country is not prepared; ( for direct piob-ibh! would' )(I! nol have passed I thn House, Iinve .::01\(. ;il 1 \' ;i'l' .* lo i. '. i ia bin if that troubles bi '
This is the of improvement, and ii \ eoiai" i II.ls-V i'" ie: i'of "< < h hit elf the _" is way, l
age 1 conld! the bill for question : Dill I have
t taxation. The iii i strippins) American, Msmufacturcs )
only points! gained ; : itl1YI't
: are .11 ; ; I- ,.
would be strange if these lights of ihe \ojii, ih.-i t'', v\.Itc1.s oi'j ilie tt..c.d"nll i ii>5 ;i>m apply to the Graail 11ib Pi'iesta hcr4Vve :
t the minimum; principle is abolished, aft rhaving of..their present protection have ; or part in this nomination ?1"' and to ;all.
world" shoi'M! out find out some new in- been without il. 11:1(1.1: !i'!(> c.iriti," :nn! ."-1 oi'r cilx' 1- -;!I'j.d: him an indulgence to brea! as manyoatii
fulfilled : So
Ms passed i t t that the
object the t -
by establishing; majority vhoe hearts and honest
are and
vention. We are nOl suipiKed, therefore, mi1lJlJf.clure of cotton-;and I tli.il (he ail may: almost I 1 literally be iairllO I havc been '.I1I1! (\\"hlt; I I like j! t the \,.\. .\lcrd.nn! l Gui :.'iii.i's'iManfpdMjrMi.iK.nilo : also lie has raadetobi* fellovv-ritizen, perhapsl..

that it is 10becolio fashionable for:: valorem system is established; instead: of I the I Pt;OCUICtI, as: childir-n, in the nursery are told I \\ :, !( be, weviillinvo I 1 lol,.i.voncl !; know ihai the nomination is none of timeim rs. oa: him some slight 1 penance and moTt'S

them to lake a trip to Europe without offering system specific duties. This provision is that: binl.s/: ate c.u'ghl' } by sprinkling salt out 'or ..In :lrk il hiem; l :t) niih h 01'1'.C': we say; :-Ilotv long suffering will you be ]? such .13 devoting a few of his rdativrund 4|

,- one any sometimes excuse, even or ,al without;least j a'ery leave or lilA I!license ,y accompanied by restriction that prevent thc upon) their tilil 'J'here are oilier t things; : onr! SOON' wivp;." until the !\.iM.ii'i-; iii\I-i> o.llu .: li not I this thc second lime the office-holders on t the altar, of t their country's gocd.by con

fom iheir people. The agents of';' )possibility of any evasion of a-calorcm also in I ihe pruef'dihirh, our renders I c'eoo' a nil t tl>c windows." I Ilc.ivo.i I ,.r't tC(11" < ,'t- and omce- ce crs have attempted to lend i i.1; them to be Pursers, Paymaster*, us
.. duties I by false invoices. will' find well worthy: oi their atleniion. .
benevolent assocalions-some: of which do The Commiiiee The bill ) itt&1 the Viet ;irc cliidl ti;) (Voni off iie! you by ihe nose, and compel you to vote for House Officers, Consuls,and other dangerocs
had stricken out the having passed the House of
nol collect, exclusive of legacies, much (' alh." a man whom in hearts ? t loiUom! occupations.GENERAL.
duly on salt :1IJllhe: t fishing lo a III ICS. The Representatives, has;, now to' undergo consideration jour you despise
than half ihe
*more* travel' and .lake! salaries their; families they pay.too.-must The House concurred with the Committee( as 10 in the Senate. Whal its reception PEU10DICALS.Vrc Will you. :1 i second time( be robbed of your SCOTT.

reason (or rather the, pretext) i hey offer I is, the sail duly by a vole of 105 to 93. The there will heVe have no means i of were ->n',1 I HIM; ue-J; with odi-li u or.-foul! ight (to a free choice, by those who cry out The sroundliogs ofthe Deraocntic pn

that i ihey wish to attend .the meeting of the opponents of tile bill gained courage; and) ..illcl, ilV1Iltcvtr! ; its ultimate Lite may for tbo iniiid' ," (liat, rnjblnl n< lo inako i-uiio 's.i for the largest liberty ? Do you not seethe TI'IP little doss and all.T.y .
were of it. The be, ihe ninety-five Representatives
now sure defeating: of
lie tluPr'ople > '
.1 '. *4 Iv'nzeliciI Urnou." Very well, 1i' ihey e- i.I-r of reason." 3Vlcrs. LEO.Nnr, ."--OIT & daring impudence of such a nomination Clinch and Swetbear?,
trade that who have
men saw they must manfully I (rallied .. ,
will we can i licit be rclinqlliish i against: Co. 112 1 bark at him. bn: )P.or .-1'-- '
only Fullon-street
go say we ; they l'wYorelll /- tliocvcri0 that of Wm. H. may
4- this point, or lose the bill. A recolJidera_ il itj the House of llrpresentatives are entitled as Drockenbrou h.
: will not dub themselves our "tlele :tles.'* .,i 1!lc \ $ ,-l:/a //-tWV':; Eil;, S.. S .. ; S -.r {.V. .,,. t,
lion the thanks Jfogaziiir,
:- was moved by Mr. Bowliu, of Mo.] and to of the friends of [Home i- made iu the face of the rebuke, the person
That would be flat burglary as cicr was I 1nS(1im, LotiJon., ft ., .). i > lIt' fin lift. .
I committed for i ihe last Industry all over (the United States, as well H'rRhnhslcf, end Foru;;:;,t who first brought him out, received th,
they are men we Another amendment of (the Committeenan of I hose who I till the soil as of tunic. vl.inleIire Q"ur/ri"y; llionc<. To ( lie scclvrt.id! or ac>:-n- ','''.,' S, .::?i> f('. \ ;,is" 3
would appoint. Those whom we would i .' ,. I ballot box last fall: ? lIe was beaten beaten! :!. .
put sail in incjrcc list, so as to pirvent l) ; its products for market. J'JI L kno\\lf l' f>, u bo nerds a l pilot l fl'I' 1' ':i'i'-sfnoj S. .1 ; .1 ', .ff'U: ).'rJ.: "': ;! .' "

who proinl-Ihose would l do whom credit we would send conscientious and it from falling into the IFht t of non-cnumcra- -____ h__ I.oo,.'< I thai t (tl.t! i. ihc I lilcriryMiiM i I uoroiiiiu'iidtbep by Whig, by the aid of Democratic voles .:. : '0 :' .1 :1"GJI; p.".
us are
led articles, as 20 cent. dut This ATTACH urox ASIKRICAX: FXDUSTRT.Impertinent .- and notwithstanding he ::: ,.,
per ) was was -notwithstanding n : S
d1fl.u v : .r.d
to comply with our wishes. Thev' I r ill iUtilledug; c"ilfil; bv I hcir1'I.ililllltir""licw"l : rr 9T "
also concurred 104 to ]02. I'.ul motion J as be the Taiiff
;;." arfl contented ,'il h moderate salaries, and a may I act of) j i'l'nay' ) I sidni: IIH (11I11',1'! clear : that a majoiily of I the Peopl>' '.:'.4.tiec'S ."' : -

c \t advise their people :pply t heir surplus revenue was made democratic 1 lo re-consider membns, which that prtv'ailccl.'file 1812, t the Democracy: are likely to find some. of I llio rrrlcs aod iMicc| >.iitcI-,, cmICM! IUQ.1 of Florida put their fiat of poUlicnl iJcnunciaiion -
t .
.' lo the spiead of ihe Gospel. must yield this point. Many had already they; difficulty in framing a bill that will not I be n'A.CI': ill c.uTh (.'I, kn)')wlcdgp, 11\\IC'r-"r,1 u upon him-though !they declared ..y.5. &:.JU'.. !',.a.-\> bM.L. .. .i'!". ,ol

\ ; But not content will roaming (the world given way and changed their votes, in older more oppressive! to the laboringclashes..-- l.ileiils/ ii-tl, '_Piiiu:. 'that, belief t diiected, ",i' hl 4. \Ve will have none of him ;" yet, parl .! -.'. ..u ...} W4 t."IS t'' l \dt4 S

"; over our to make"delegates"themselves' ee.n'. inesislably inclined h'f to save the bill. In his recent speech, 1\1 r.V inS limp, of live become: a Co Li&il" to I he Ir-arncd world, in- drill,. party tactics forced them to submit t>. :''." .S:, ...itr..' ir.i b .tc 'j". -
acquainted rhs1coiafEj
,, nil the vices and sins of the people ihey visit The question next put was whether salt Massachusetts, read the following i list of lead( of 3 backenedbe&oz to uuu'k where DJIV the humiliation, of being represented by r- .5 ; I 10 ":.. Ilt ( *: _
should he put in .the list of free articles ''. .. -S
or items contained in the and Dcslruclio.i Uc.PEYACOLAS. .1 i "Y 11 :frGltl C.o" I"
: and that, too, not generally Lint par: not. 1'hereY is .the most intense printed estimates of gee man, they had, "in full council," rejected.A : .
anxiety --L- "
4 ticularly. Out of iheir. own mouth we the Government, with the increase 10' S :T'"rtfICOr' : t..
of ill1portal i- minor ramnificaiion oLdie
prevailing in the House.[ The rule GAZ CTTC.We same
preventing tIydra.S ., .
,, : condemn them, for judging; from i (he letter ion annexed) 'I' rofin'f.it tC ap.p!,',
members from standing( near the clerk's viz : see, with regret, that Judge WRIGHT "ill headed parly, composed of the same men S
for the ::1. ', '
j... they write public paints, they S \ tl tbe g.Hh l of LVr.:
.; ; : make ;it a rule to examine into .table while the vole was taken was enforced. An increased importation of IRO.N, in no ]longer write for (the Pensarola Gazelle.. We who first nominated William [[] B rocken; '' .
carefully (( a-: :! :UJVSS -
t Members rose and demanded that the pigs, bars, sheets, bands rods, bars and do nol exactly underslaiid: his letter (It I the ,I.m 7)ut .
every kind of vice. So minute are their o !pro.rjiielor brough, to the astonishment, and indignation ; ,
Speaker should prevent the clerks from hoops to the amount orllS.OOO.1I1 i increaspd :- 'ii tV \'r. h'm .J
: ; : descriptions, that we sometimes fear they i- annoniieing llial(fact ; nor, do we l".dt'r-. of all who knew the ..
making known the state of the vole before it importation of sugar ;and molasses man, and properh 5. 5. I : ." '.: ';
: have a "realizing sense" of the truth of stand the remark of the proprietor. (bat the
J. ; should be declared, All .these precautions and syrup of molasses, to the amount of paper appreciated him ; the same thien who stuffed .t. I ; .: : __ "--

I I I, r the"lines- being taken, the yeas and nays were called, $030,000.; i is open 'to all parlies, influenced by none, his pockets with illegal, and partial returns, nicety the wording of the despatch, W fthe '

0 Bet seen too oft, familiar with its face, and the clerks were a long lime engagecUnma"ing An increased importation of $-?.OO0,0 00 pnjil other arraii:ement: are made." Whel her announced
,, We first ad then and sent him t Hero of Lundy's Lane,
e ure ibeii EMCCACL"
; pity, Washington to the
,. up the result. In the interval, one of the various manufactures of WOOL AXD this is intended that (the Gazette 1 is to be, neuhv]} get

:tt Should suspicions prove correct, the excuse or two members seeing that the case was WORSTED: and of 3200.000 of raw wool. until an arrangement ran be made with one o'' party hacks in Congress, to do for him what f lien Secretary of War, (that he had ai&M1 fcarfi I

,'p .. is ready-they (disinterested men!) critical, changed their voles. The vote An increased importation: of Cotton manufactures the two parties, Whij or Democrat, we do not the People -of Florida had refused to do- fealed the dreaded British, in tbat
only wished to know Juno, and of what tu and,sanguinary battle where mounted,1*
: vas reported, yeas 104 nays 105. to the amount of 5,100,000 know, but should like! to he i informed. We permit him to sit as the.Representative: ofthe ;
; warn others. This vote decided the fate of the bill.- An increased importation of COAL and white charger, in the midst of the bott*.
should .boob net.. But if we should be allowed lo Slate: ,-these cabahlers-wire-puhlers-,
t, ,Now, in our humble, judgement, such The salt duty being retained a number of COKE, to i ho amount of Sl 5,000 : he rode up and down, along: the line?,"( _

I : men 'might learn & lesson from a minister, democratic voles in the [louse and] Senate, An increase of importation of CORDAGE, choose between its being neutral and beitg avow- officc-holders-ntlice.seeliers-with such I oui mark, and cheered and encouraged bit

L now .dead,who was settled in one of our i from the East, were reversed, as a matter of of $170,000, and of various kinds of un edly Democratic, we should prefer the btfer recruits,.as they have 'obtained by promises:: Some of these same wretches, who jo***

1'- ;. '}. country towns. The old gentleman had I 1 cousre the amendment repealing the fishing manufactured HEMP, to the amount of We have a horror of, neutral papers. We have: ihat Mr., Brockenbrough, through his influence clamour" against him,-were then ready t to* ,

preached, until 1 be had grown gray, to a : bounties were rejected, 100 to 109eightmore 105,000.. a lively recollection of t the defunct Star of Florida with Father .Ritchie will adorn&*
them the of which
S wounds, scars now <
get I
k :: congregation which was much attached. io i democrats giving( in. .:. An increased importation of salt, ; a paper that, under.ihedUguise of speciou I

1 ...1 him. They were, therefore, greatly surprised After the bill had passed,. the House.adjourned to the amount of. .1,000,000 neutrality;* rendered more service"- the Democratic appointed to some office under the Government far, more than could the robes of offics.

1 when he announced to them; one Sabbath to Monday. At!the moment of adjournment Cottou Bagging,. ... 300,000 partyand did the. more : where they can 'eat the! People's bread I But because ." in the weak piping tk'
I .: at the close of'the. service, that the the free, trade' men: cltccred, Leather, ; .. 100,0 00 its( ''hostility, could' have injury, tlian I' and mea't t, and live,- s' all. .officeseekerswant peace,'*, hf'n'.be, who helped] tosa* t th&|

next week ,intended. to, go on, ,a mission throughout,the Jail, and-were answered l by Iron manufactures, .. .'.;.'.'.'"1.. '20&000! open : inflicted, or thai: to live,-without hard. work have had I try from a foreign foeaspires to a shall i .

... to the heathen. As he walked down the afeviss s. The temper-.of,: the :Housewas Ea .tben"and stone'ware,;;/". .. .; ., '100,000, they have to fearJfr6m, its successor, the Sourj".nzJO.UTn : ,-* i it, 'desires ,to aid protecting. those '.'

t//: aisle, one;'of i the deacons,.\with tears i in his ,, ,however, -excel lent,, throughout the Pap hangings,. ..'. .-.if. .V.i;; .Y.-., '100,0 00 : with the'acknowledged! 'i increase, of lalent.brough't .: the unparalleled: audacity\.get :upa ConIventiooand .- be has cemented with 'his blood, !(JOID .

-if. eyes, assured' .blm ,that they couldn't spare cootestj if we except the' passage between 1)per,-.. .. .,...... ,.'> ..- ..'., .*,I...'. ou 000 :to:its.Editorial! columns, by the Editor re-nominate the..same'William. I ping influence, of Domestic Faction, .

., ,' c'!;. him; Humpb'tf> "taid. ,' the good t old par- l\If.; .Wick'and Mr.Kathburn; and the J .speech '"Pino\ iua,.."..-...'. ...'-."..S.,.:'. .-S....' .A.*.. .*-1-...f'..*. ...,-.CftC, \ who, :has lately,bec me engaged.in.con4uctmn c HBrockenbrongb. ,.whqnvthe honest' men I th .iebusttbrawlera"arethato015 4&I!.

< ton "I shan't leave town."" So wo would .of". Ir. Brinkerhoff, ,,boas they 's ay,here, 'Be'ti. :.... *:-,y:-.. JF./......4t.: q.a, ..o'tt-..30,000Window it.; ,,Whilston this topic of.neutral paperse remark bfthepaty: : denounced .1 last lap* as a.manunwpirtiyjlpjeceiTatheJvoUs. I. SSs1S. j'4 'tau Ipieeesheisassazledand 'wiw* ,w,

L. ,!: 'Il.io bJs.. lin tl1il I ar i iY U wasafter all ,whipped in." : glars.: ..,"., .,.1 .. '" :
; O-f't 'i. that of all Ss
.. .1'100,000
; ;
1 F ,: .. .\ .. or;, ; .. .'j 6,..., ;; 1' 1. .>. 'h... '.- S r. ._;. '.;'.,, q ." '.. .,. !.' .' ,, ..?. S., .,s ,. ., ... .rr. ._. .to. -the W 1.biS. 'WiHthoss, "J'th'tS'; ceties of-lasguagt. .HI'.
.' .. V "r.r. + ,. .pi t.. .:' ,. '5' :.'' ". oJJ.,. ,. ft' ; i-" '* ''k" S "I, -\. r ., ; .!J., .t: ".. "10'. .< '.1. .' "' ,
.' ; :' -r ( *. t.S- "" > > : :
; ... !-. : 1 ? "' ,.,..'. . .( f';' : t: S '- 1"4 .', '. .- ". *.fr.,a_ ". """ ', .cr .$$3.fi_,*- *' Vi : ,
; .
< V J r< *V :
tt '
c .1' >, A S S ". S,; ;. 1"1"II' '. ," PSS ,-.,.. Jf,' "l',. -.: : : ,.., ;;\, .' 'f\o S Itt : *": la #' r .
,' .1 I + '. : .' ". J\JO.-r., 1 ,.ta.t f'I" ., S ,' '. .": ) 'SS : 5'- ::::; ;. '; ; '\: : T S
: '
.. r: ; \ J. 1 ; : : :; T : :
'c r' <
{ !jIrr.t" S 'j, :., c '',.. ,J.. ,. u1.5 ',.;. .. tf.. '" _4 -'. ; .. \.Ii. '" L S : < .;. ::; S ,:"-",-- .,.. S
f 4,: : .. \. 5 ( f S S. -
I f y' 4. ?. S, I S )r. ,..rI
r : ,k -' S ''I' ... "t..S ',.- ::. S -S L .'. S
1 : 'U. I' .
5 A IlL y. i. ., -J' J S S i'
.5 .5 5 r SS d A : ""t' l' I'I .

SEt '
'"nafwiwwES"-- '' :i" 5t : : :- SS. 4

_- ..;:
: : : ,'s : '



; / 4 .
:,j. 4e :.:: 1, .
t .S. -
) -- :-
.ck c :? ;*, 1mises *
-- .
; ; T ( .
: '
4, l : ; :


p S. J- __ : .
--- L -. .
ted fellows." because, But the growing crops, notwithstanding the same selfconfidence, it clear, sustain low prairie lands, others upon the banks of to be also a profitable, at least a satisfactory -For- Liverpool. *

I not stand naked In the market the excessive heat, look beautiful. There ed him in the field. the river with very rich low lands all around one, both to the passengers and the THE AI barque JOHN BROWER .

3io2us,be has been little rain, but the dews at night THE FRENCH MINISTER or MARINE ON the m. Sickness must be the certain result, boat To those who like the sport of shoot IIubbs, master, having most of bercargalagased :

and morn have been frequent and refresh MEXICAN PRIVATEERS.-In the Chamber of especially when the has been flood- will .
did, end thu- I country ing alligators, much may be promised them. meet with dispatch. For .
11pcbicg SC which he ihould ing, and with the glorious sun-shine above, Deputies, the Minister of Marine inre-ed!, as it has every where, I believe, for'ihe' 1 saw a gentleman iu the space of about anhour balance freight iioO bales or pavage, apply to 4

are bringing foiwsrd the produce of the Terence to the war between, the United '| past five or six weeks, with large quantities ma'Ke ten shots, killing eight alligators. June SO. FuLL DAWSON & Co. .
"them for the hire fields magnificently. The harvest promises Stales and Mexico, was asked if he intended j j of t aii. As to the heat, I did not find it They are taking them DOW for the purpose Tor JVcw York. .

iily. like Coriclatus to be abundant, and, what is hardly of less to permit or tolerate the extreme abuse I moic oppressive than 1 am accustomed to of gelling the oil, which 1 am told! is very THE splendid packet brig 'FYBEZ .

JJe igbt S37 to tbem, consequence, early-the earliest, indeed, whi ch the Mexicans appeared disposed lo I it here, and am inclined to think it is fine for lamps, though I know nothing from j l L-c-r.McCormack, master, trill hari dispatch .

.nVnv m country'oiinds* .ervice. when for years past. make of their letters of marqae, or whether I j I scarcely so severe. The nights are geuenliy exp eriments. A gentleman, engaged in the or deck freight or passage, apply to the

0ar brOthels roar'd, and ran The prospect for the English farmer is he intended to maintain the principle for- cool enough to require a blanket. business, did promise rae some to try, but m 3'frr or to

f our OWU drums." cheerless, but he has to thank his too merly adopted by French atlmlr., that all i Aud; the breezes prevail almost entirely he forgot it when we parted and I am saved July 7. NOURSE, STONE & Co. '

dear friends, the monopolists, for it all.- armed vessels, even bearing regular Jctteis of i throughout the day. There is a great cry the further shedding of ink in the way of a .
GCNEI GA1NES.t An immense quantity of foreign wheat and marque, should be considered pirates if the: about rrusqnitors ; they arc without doubt purl'1 FOREIGN PERIODICALS.

to** to sec that Torn Breeches Marcy"I I flour will be teleascd from bond at the low cap; Ric and crew were not born subjects dad, but not a whit more so than with us. I have $-aid that two cropse can be made.

th y headed veteran a relief duly when the Corn Bill has passed, (not naturalized but actually born subjects.) Accident may have favored me, but I havesuffered 1 saw ;,t Orangerille in Pine Land, thin at REPUBLICATION OF .

\ H J. The old General, in his last let- and this will be thrown on the market just of the country which issued the letters ofmarque more from them since rify relurn that, two crops. The one matured from TIic London Quarterly Review .4

Secretary,we rather think, nuH have as t ttrfot the agriculturist is sweeping the produce than during all my absence, not in the city, which the fodder was taken, and the other Tic Xldiiiburgii JRcvicwyTlie q

Icel about i srcakr !, as be d Id I of his public fields into the granary. Prices The minister replied that the principle; but in this country not fir off" Game is planted in between the rows about six inches Foreign Quarterly Be vie W, 4 < '

t3de b wnitliY goizi'zg> : the State of NewT will come down, there will be an agricultural which guided the Ministry of the Marine said to be in the greatest abundance, though hui'':;h. There are three chances to hit the The Westminster Review, .
he cz4 caosht panic, and the of the Corn Bill in France in reference corsairs I did hunt 4rJ
be3 cry to was that not or see any of consequence, season, the in Februaty
one to plant $ January or -
C 1 11 cent5. has doue it will be raised. for a ship to hive the right to sail under but the sigos are very numerous. There another in and the AXD : :; :'yBLACKWOOD'S
or of both parties, will April or May, .
people of florida. desire to The French news is the most important tli3 French flg the capiain; must be French! I are some p.uuhers (tigers they are called) third in July, and perhaps a little later. EDINBURGH .

1cC : that the same unhesitating of any thing by this arrival. We the the officers must be French and two-thid bear, anti but few wolves. Deemed turkey Jt will not detract from the beauty of the ixAGAzIcE. : -

"I Lntrviaen from danger, t tl.at. prompted quote of the crew must be French. Neveti he- ire; plenty, and pntiid es more numerous scenery: of the St. Johns add that .
The above
summary of Willmer & Smith's 'Times I upper Periodicals! are reprinted hi New-
pct t their succor when less in certain: circumstance*!, it than I have Fish ,
to fly t was constilercd ever seeu ajywhere. are the wild is be occasion York
Ganes orange now to seen immediately their arrival by the British
erete h29 row exposed I [Correspondence cf the Liverpool Times] sufficient if ilijce-fifths of tho crew: j in abunchnce, cat perch, brim .
to a savae inroad' great trouf. ally hanging upon the shores, now ripe, -or steamers t in a beautiful clear type, on fine whit -
1csed P.TIS, June 13. were Ftench. It was on such coud'.iionrith'Jt and inulleit ; and I am told that there are ;.l le4st l yellow. It is difficult lo conceive paper, and are mbful copies of the original '

; ? -, The Journal dfs Dclafs has lately publi : letters of marque were deli'cied in time she ephead to be luil in some of the take: ;uny thin more beautiful in this line-the ELACK.WOODS MAGAZINE being an exact fas*

hy takes." )il hed a lematkublc; article on the suite of of \vjir to vessels navisjling under i ihe 1 lisiied, with a rod ia a small lake containing lich, yellow fruit hanging the simile of the tdi'ibRrjb edition.Tne f.'

him before ajilty t affairs between Mexico and the United I Trench fl.ij. The question i'u.t lie h.ul I about; -forty .cies, perhaps the fust who rankest foliage lite mind among can conceive greenot wide-spread faaie of Jhese splendid Peri -,. ,

by it, of]j .Sta tts. Your rotemporary asserts thai 3Ir. been ;asked was if Hiie' n ve scsl, not pl.icedin I has ever tried it, anti in a short time caught of. and that in a Sine of nature. od.-cals render} it needless fa say much in their r '

for of {! Polk has only one; ajrainst Mexico to coin a situation: "perfectly jinjl.'i ous as to the: two tine trout, one weighing two pounds It i would be well for the merchants of p rdi4e. As: literary organs, they stand farm advance 2
ry of works ol a similar st '
| jpictlbcr nst his defeal in Orecon, md to regain <;oni| osilion of their news, were to l beoon- the other little less. The gentleman; with I Savannah look any mp now pubI'P -
to well to their interests t' bile
accu- ( toe pohlical complexion of each iff :
noble the| popularity which that defeat; had brought siiletcd as piiie.:: <<. Ho answ.eted
ace his upon; him. H thinks that Mexico' i is :totally; citcumstances which: cou-.tiluicd: piracy, our spoil was cut short: There is a I will l be done by E.ist Florida with either oil en Iu.d morUs of a Party ci'Jracter. ., .

his country-- { un able to resist the U. Stairs, j>nil that the were determined by the laws of lr2G ; s'rs.l I great abundance of wild honey. A gentleman Savannah, Charleston! or New York. They embrace tie views of the three great '

justice, was t ; pxistinc; hostilities will result in its dismemberment. that a IC>NP| immt be found iii i I ihe precise 1 who has been iheye since February You is, &c., r. c. P. parties in *1 vjaodVnir, Tory, ?nd' Radical.4. .- $'

condiiioii defined by that law to b-j reputed last, has la'ieu and secured five hives.ey .- BljicLwocd anti I he London Quarterly ir

It t thinks, too, that the Stitcs: will endeavor pir..tos.A 'I1h are now peacefully ;and; itidusiriously I .Tory ; ti.e"EJ.ot t> Renew/'Wti'g' ; andth

seen remar- to seize the California*, lo mike up for deputy then insisted that the piinciplesn at work near his yard. They were found Obituary. Westminster," fladical. The Foiei n Qaarlerly' .

and lererif" s what] they will be obliged t I3 lose in Oregon, ; > which France acted were good, but L mainly without seeking them I believe. In 1 I DIED-Oi the evening cf ihs 6tb inst. in the t is p.irely iileiory, beiog devoted princi ,

paner. I!1 and l it s.ivs lhat the Califonfcs are infinitely( Mexico shunM be them oilier avocations 2Ch: ye.irofherage ANNE C. HAWKINS ally to cnticiiirss on foreisii Continental Works
obliged toad upon i following they are ficquemly -
s State, the Tiie prices of the KE-PKI are less than .
[ more valuable: than; that ban-en I [Jo then wife of Dr. William! llauliin! of C. ker .
beyond the i territory.- loo, I lead; an c\iiuct i'loin a despatch discoveied. county, one-lhirdot the foreign .copies, ard M\hil they
in? laws h ; I' II views all this with trreat: regret ; hut, beI j of the Ficnrh: admiral to :the Mexican I Tie! country will soon be thickly settled, Geor-ia, arid ddnghter r.f Col. C. C. Mills of are equally well uot up, they a3brdll Ibeadraa

.. iterp-l*, : I 'yond a few sneers J'/.Mr.; Poll, for which! eovemmciit iu 153'J, I i.i which iis laid down: in places! :d least, more especially if the A!, bet mi. The deceased, but lately married, fellictnn age to the .American over the English reader.

veil being nfl j J it appears to enicrtain; profound conicmpi, I ihat h every vessel bc.uin a letter; of marque: Indians I occ-sioti: no diluibtuce, which a \ to a rapid consumption. Uat a few short TERM

'.icu., to 'the tce says nothing offensive lo the United butes. t of wliiili: the captain;; and luo-iliitds ol I ilieie i? not the slightest reason (o appre moiitlis, aid s'ie'! stood at the bridal aur! in the PAY3IEXT TO BE MADS IX AtVAL ,. -;

had h.dany St: This fact deserves to be specially the crew should not be Mexican; would! I b,rconsidcieda hend. The nearest part of the country assigned bloom of iicciltii; and youthful beauty, looking forward For one of the four Reviews : "
any ,$3,00 per ancua.
longer, I mentioned, for ollate ihe treat orzn oftlie pirate; and treated such will Ii i them is to long and [ life
umnillpe ; a''s some eighty or a hundred I o happy ,-but incase for any two, do. 5,00 1P ;
oa French Government has appeared incapable all I lie severity of the laws of miles from, Lake Monioe. The '*
< ready toj war. number I is li'e ? worm in th bud. I For any three, do. 7.UO .

Teie CornmiIee j i-rfi'rrnfd it< tli l;Jty,, i of even naming the American republic Er.r.Lf! .1 one 11.- series of ma niiicenl I- supposed! to be between one and! three hund.ed Preyed on) lifrd.iina.-k, cheek." For all four cl the Reviews, 8,00 ",

Snqi: iriwtUr the Governor lr-d any wes- without flow in* over with wrath; or rather concms his: been ivc.i ::.t Aix-i. men, women, and children. Why does The skill of the physician, th- tender trire ofpnVctior.tie For ckwood"s Magazine, 2,00 *v
to conounifate.rerfdy vie tli disdain.j (Chapelle h ; with: Jenny Lind as p ) II not t the Government remove them I There frifiids and relaiives-Hie prayers cf;a For Elackwoodaad the four Revievi -

?" sal The IZpmjue, the reroni; =ed orcan; of M.1 son stiess. aIlfL l :Mendelsohn i i if iMO US ino.liT;! avdilcd : 10,00 '
Thev e'e to adjourn are they :as; conducinr.h IS. any danger :it 4!tI!, some reason lo fear; not to stay th hand of dealt;

be Giterior. i I Guiiul, Minister for Foreign Aff.iirs, Ii.'s I w.is one o.'ilie t lUOsi pleiidiJ misic;
"Yes, sour excellency," relied: the Chair- ''also had a very Ions; and carefully wrii en which even ili.s cubical LnJ CKJ buuJ I, ihe.n} ia sonic way. Jf the Indians de Christian F<>itli. She yitided up herspirit Four-copies of any or all of th above works

M,. j article on the pending dispute; between ilie i i excited unbounded! eulhusiasai. should ia coasequence make; an outbreak, m 10 her M.iker wi bout a sigh, with a fall re wilt be sent Iu one address oo payment of the regular *
"TeI 'beD Fm /aw7nrh(/df It. eat Republics of Noiiheru Aincic.ils subscription for three tb fourth
tzZr liance -
t ihe Mitniey r..il io.id: will speedily be put tiiat she would, in aoother and better copy
Ts no'e itli the corrpnondenre with j! 'Fl article ihe [ 'iO.i the Sn. a bein gratis.Q .
points out oT jj'iIAT
necessity m inio b o.icti.itcn; and the Government will woild, Ki..) the reward
Mc1'r pJ iiv Mr. Sicrjfary Marcy is i i promised to those, who .
ren C ines France and ( Kemittances and cociinunreatlcoa must b.
( 3J cv'ltdt. j l.OJJILl) interfering in the mailer I- : 1'LOA.) true little leii io do. It 19 io be hoped that de: iii) ii2! Lord."
fcearha* ''rie i made in all cases without lo tb. publish .
I in older io bring about <* rerouciii.uion, 31 n. EDITOT. :-As public intention has such liuale '* expense -
Wn: Dr"ARr'1E'T, Jane 0, 1S-16. j jol a uagic nviy not occur. Their We knovtht tears are Vc "n, era.-The tormer rcdy alw y* fae dons through a
Bd1rrttti 'the President, Brevet Major) j an d to protect .Mexico. If alleges ibm it been drawn v cood deal of Lite toward ilienev country i> now known, their hiding places Tliiit! Dd.'h; aor heeda- nor bears distress, Post-ma-ter? by ba'idif; him the imounr to ba

G' 14 rIseve rrm I he eomand of the i France lias) inteiests sufficiently vast I in State ol 1'lorid.i, and panictil.irly' ; E 51 whir iU speedily b e ferrzlied oul by an equally V/iII I ins 1'iKei'ch! !". lo eora.il.un 1 remitted, taking his re< eiot and forwardioj the .- .
I Oi
DiuMon, of !! < and will vast in Mexico warrant; such iuiei1eictie J" ida snd: ii'e ) and make; on; moi'iMcrveei ihe less 1
Vetrn Army repair cnii'.iiry on atlj.iceui; I to haidy r.ice of men, who are now advancing Ajid uIJoi, who lellVl receipt by mail, Posi-patd ; or lh. money may y -
WtI.1z1In; With)1t( t1iIV. I Considering the connexion between lhis t the upper St. Johns, and what is sometimes upon iheir borders like a swelling and Inc :Thy looks ?re wj.i, thy rac ryes totor are et wet." be euco-ed! in a lettyr, foil-pMdt directed t0tbe

Brevet MatGn. G. M. r.r- sisiule; Hood. Why does not the Government publi'hers.:

t'.m, Command oftlieVlern Division." t ;iI|1ChI some 1P0rtiCC: lo :his lucubr.ition:i, :.iije! lo _>, ou and your leaders; io give; asliuhi carry ihem lo the \Vel ? N. B.-T5ie Pottage on all thes Periodical ..
We nuw J"and no enrrenetlencoIn ; e lira COMMERCIAL. is reduced by tLe lie; Post-03Ic law to about
as showing if France has not interfered accoiiiil of the appearance and condition Lake Monroe is six mille> lon< and fourwide. ,
SVei.ttJIIffl1oprcs.v.( inForcwcer thi business, she assuredly will do so.- of ihings iu the latter part of Jiui i :, Jt tuns East uul Wesi the Ions -- one tftird tficfounn ra'.f3, to kiof a very important .
; rind ''c.rc-rntence, \ve rerer J Indeed ; .' saving in the exoeo-e to mj.-l subscriber
| my pan', f entertain not ihe uiiimo.i 4IL ANSE MHNT. .
On iis Southern
v;i. side is situate Mellonville I- *
In all Vie
he" Erir'"" mine Treasury Archives of I be slightesi doubt that the French Govcrn- 1 h.tve; visiled the ( TUMIJ1! P. 31.A % juincifot ciliet and nona
recently tipper St.e ;t. n'nned: after Capl. Mellon) of the rw; s at Aiu.latlt cola r-jiiirdays. 12 il.iy.ip tfiovghout the United Stoics to tcfiich thtra it O.nirfct .
41 ol New York when the Secretary v a< inenl will be prepared, if nece' sv.-y: lo gi'' Johns, but ;us; n y stay was short and my army, who was killed upon the spot while -, T.ip-iayrf. 9 A. M.Arrivrut Rail-Ron or ll'tcr communication from .j

[nie. Coder the head of Civil and Judicial eflectual; pioiection to Mexico r.ainst her tiS 'it the tinie I very liinitcd for getting i jillmily; theer'ug his mpa iu the 11gb I. C'i >it.oo"ipp.! TiiursddV; *., 12 ?d. the city of.\'fir Yarlr, l-'ffe periodical tetiltit .

ipeaditures" will be foond : great neighbor; for 1 remember thl:: in the ;;bout I lie countr, my observation was ;at lo This is the county sue for Orange counly.Oae = tidierrrtl FRKM: OF POSTAGE.

THE STATE or N .w: YORK, Dn.Tt course of ihe preccnt Sesgos), .M. Gui/;Ui nc< c. S.
fir fed declared i from I the t iiibiine on two occasion i-, j ulio 4ive viiitrti Hast Florid.i li.ivedone so higher location iu she woods. Thereaie hand .. veal Jti.ie: 2 -u 115 Fulton St.. Nw-Yorkv
maiding my ?*.#0 50. pine > o on l'-.t Sept .. .... 1Utc _
\V. T. M MICY. Juda'e. that) il was of vjst importance to Fiance; ilia;u; i eiiLer t i ii the wi.iier or early in liie spring,- I. believe fuur or five fainilics in each <';ved l'Jt week... .... .....- List of Letters

the United Si.ucs i;i should not seize Mexico' j I the must at 1 1;active seasons; -it may not bei place, and *.n the adjaceat country around '' "); 'vio.y.! ..... in the Po=tOic at Apalach- .

ATWAL (. F THE! 13UITAXNIA. nor ilie English lace :absorb the .Spanish: I ; *IiZSS to give I!he. icsuli of my limited obeivt wiiliin live milcj, as many more perhaps.A E portedpatwek.Toid.....ble.....*.. ... 110,481 L2I J.,) REMAINING 1, 1SJG.ArmsJronj .

15: Day Later From Europe and as he i is not a man: lo ik! wiihoiu L ;
Tbe steamer Britannia, nt Boston on S a- weighing I the force and calculating: the LOUspquences i- is 1)01. hllle lo be .iiil; I the l.nds neatly i.l I! t' ceo lakes Monroe acd, Jesup, by persons| Totul... .... ... 69 A very, A L Kellv: W'Ison! B '. *- 5<-S

( of his expiessious ] t 1te; it for 1 1Il boin4; just upsic urd5 morning, left Liverpool on the 19une. tit lhat his Oa hand and on sbi1.board! not ce3rd.7.tbl! S Ceo JUrnsh Lea, Ch M
grained i;i i : decl.ir.uioiis iudiciiri: II I but cor.J 's yet pl.mlei! j s.iSOH'; d-Northern side of i lie Lake is Knler- : .J < s

t i policy I the Fiench Government had tleiers very fine corn ro\vio; opoa) second vc.ir; p rise, I lie residence of Major Taylor, aboutwhich ; = Uiibo ,John Wni H Law Lloyd J, Wa *
E 'ORTS or corro.f FROM
The ness was telegraphed for ycsterda mined on pursuing;, 1 li.ive made slaleinenlslo land, and: lo Whit)!) the season hail been )place a ood deal lias been said and I I-a.&i uie IIlOVM), J B Lawrence, Edcaund W '4I

3;' from which and the Philadelphia' pa-' this effect before, but they can scarcely' quite j unfavonble; iie! dioughl tal.in it v.riiieu. (Unlotlunalety J had no opportunity li'iieW.II i ) It !. P..k ; '1 T.nn\K A la.. O .- j>

hrs, the annexed is made : be too often repeated, as 1 fear thai too many while in the early ilk arid tassel. 'J'Jjere of exauiininu the country on that side pii-rvi: : ta Wm Lanjtrv, Hdley

The summary up ci your leaders: ; run ;away with the notioii c-jn;t be no doubt "m my own mini: but ihar of lie Lake. Major; Taj lor and family TIIER EXPORTED. I Weeli ousIy. IOi4L Jlarstow, Capt T H C Melville, Eenj'jK

bill reducing the Coru Laws has that; beCilhlSl *'. PolL ileclareil: in his nir s- tie hamiiiock, aflul
aned through Cornmitlee in the House s.i2e I'm) he uonlil not admil any interference l (of whirl) there is a great deal) when of his 'tj'wellio, was prevented from fulii'liii t : .t........ ......... .. I I'ejch, Capt Samuel Maunciefi" William .
Lords of Kiiropean) : Govfrnmeots in die af-: educed lo cultivation \.i).I liT ;/ .... .... .... ... ..25912trM..2t L Bru.'e, Ti snot by DBtckuilh Mheru, Thomas 3
i by a vote of 136 103 pioper \vill piodticeIhe his kind .
to 33 ,
ma- en aemenis lo take
fairs of ihe me I.I.> e .... .... .... IVncisDJ'onnery McJ'.rlii John
grit!. There can ao longer be a doubt ofJu | American cnniiuetil, Kiiiope.in; most aburjil.mi ciops of corn. 'J'he experiments through l he couuiry, by sickness in his .( 'IO.IGl.K'l", .... . ...t.... L Miss Seaby ilcFidden., Air

becoming a law. Goevrnmoiit.s would limiilly refrain fiom iniciference. I winch have been m.ide; in raism, f.unily. There are 1 believe about twenty J 1'ot.::.:....... .... .. .! :.. ..1-lLL! p Crown, Jos G Aldli-pn, Edn'd 'c'

i t orn in the pr/uie lands have been t thus I fir i.uiii'.ies around the Lake.: They are pay Tot*.I to For. Ports. L Bulls, \V M Maun, Win
Forihestateof the Cotton, Flour and WAR BITWKIX: : Mi-tiro: AND TIII: U: I- pretty mu( h a (.uih u pe. A variety of Lr
j'i.eMiion the \ Brown Jane
cnu>cs.adilcd ing ; lo raising of orange irers. f.W i YoikI'oIon ..... .... ... : : r Ana MIrrrrtnan, Alfred
rain markets, we refer our readers to the, TID ST.tTzs.-9'he London Timrs oi'June io i I ioiVrior cult ivat ion, (,'ur w.im ofsufiicieiit 1 was iod! that by transplanting the wild 1 ...... .... ......!'ji*? ) ..lA'.JKjL. ) .3t9I I Caraway, B D Mor ot,Alexander 4

bjorned quotations. We 13 says : The dispatches of General T.Ilor Iicslites1)) have combined lotlnce .0- I tree l'i o m I she forests and budding it t'r1).IPuI"e .. .. .... .. !' ..'titt; C.o, BTCox. AlcCail, Solomon
extract princialljfrora :i"pre remarkable! for their succinct such Ii. 1 upon I'llil I ,i uli'l.m\\'JL' .... .... .*)!!" David
Wilmer A: Smith's European j J,md the ab-ence of those energy, a resti can see nowhy reus 00 ihe sweet oranges and fruit could be obtained 1 II PI'IP,........ ... .... : John Negla1lhornCeoroCatiILio
I verbose and SMIIdiloquenl : )- such land( which is apparently i lie I in three years. The worm llut de- N# w Oz'ni? ..... ....7-t.4; .'ot) Merman. Capt S 2 S& .
I strains; wliicli we are accusiomcdre. licfies'i in i the world! -the black mould' O : .... Cuevj, Pedro JVIirs.TabiKarelin
Iiej li>2 sirovrd she trees on the coast, has: not ipr4ot ... .... .UtOI..OIO .. )I:I '
The in to meet xviih in uarr.itives of applied t tTCl'T4Er.I Cueb.i, Pedro 2 Nickc.sori
Amnrican inches
crops England and Ireland X- seventeen through and the
whilenar To1lCoa.twje..i
J ;u upon I the Lakes, and is, I understand, .O'O JSI.Giaw Conner, I{ughClements Nash, Hezckiah"*"
lid to be fine. j' ploils. lie writes like a man of seu The weather liivippe.iiin from the ....
was exlremefj properly :; ravaged and dismantled : .. .......JO.IJ 11916 Anderson Orr, Kan.iah C 2On
dry ?nd hot. kill, and! cnunre-Rnd we have not lie cnltivaietl and subdued should not produce t orch.mls; of the sea coast. DeavopsTbos *, Jo'mPoro jiDteFraui1lin
s sliuliiesi vihi lo detract from ilie honors lie rom ihiiiy to fifty bushels Jt LXPOKT5.d .
and is
Sir Robert Peels per acre, impossible for my pen to give any ,Jolm r4
retirement is more cc)n- I li.is gallantly eai ned under I the flag ofountry. his I wo crops a ye'ir at lhat. Thut lie ej1j rt< adequate idea of the beauty of the rjt-ri: POOL-Per d Sarah S'ieafi-21. i Del ana, Lewis C Pierce, James

toll) spoken of. c Whatever opinion we may enlertain if Dr. Speer--n gentleman lo whom I ICo l I the upper Si. Johns. It will require scenery a b 4t.'eott. Dyer, Da'iielDevaiie Purple, Nathaniel _

The accounts of Oie Battles of the Rio t ; of the causes of this war; and of I lie (junii iclercnce jt.is been made as :a i pl.mter )>f/ir'd and the hand of master lovield it, If s"r. I 01i.-Per C'rs-S7 tjje! =; col- Mrs Peters, Edward i ,
poililical! motives in which ii the Davis, Henry Penn, Miss AmxPritchaid '.. ..
ori itv-iteil. I ii I prairie lands: have faded from Mary -
t hare bt-en mainly; I io give any conception of ii. There is IITEbLICEi'iOE1
received n En;l-.nc': !. ?L- no Davis, James II 2 Wm .
i1 luiviour of the Amcric.in General and h he I .
snooted am convinced liver in ihe
country like it in of its Jufl E C .
m lor the M e-: 1. i oops$ deserve lo be judeil of by; a i 'l'hiest: lands, it is said, will produce 1 line features. For the first hundred any and fifty MARINE Dehahi.a'tyMartb, Rowland J, Cot W J BRindldi .

.4.cUus l tiit. !hi'ihcr standard than the policy oft Stiir: cane or black seed -_ -
I cotton. J saw miles, I am lold that its average; breadth is Evans, John Russ, J C
< .ivernment which it is I their duty to.r h ut Ii growing upon the prairie, I the formct, I iluee mile.s. Certain( I am that il is much V UU.TOF APALACIIICOLA. ... ....July 21.CLEAKCD. Elerbv, Ituo Rodbird.WmRvan .

e: 1ttf tvrThe conduct of the Mexican: army, *n far as I am ;able lo jul2e( promises Lob ;r- ivi-ler in places.; Ii runs nearly a due Non Iiourse. Fields! Seth F Daniel s*
on tlj contrary: demonstrates; the tiller iu11. )- ably well I, it was planted; late; and wasei c The[ phrase is South and l'o..terRE 2 RobertsoiJamei
I up July 7-11 'ik Sarali Sheafi" Sands, for Liverpool
? \ of that government lo protect: any -m.dl.; 'J'lie cotton 1 saw was a small qti.in- "down Norih." The swelling of the tide ,"by J Djy&Go. J L PJiojdcj, Mrs Lucini

: (J3 oiu n of its dominions from invasion ; ;amif. i I liry planted nifrely as an experimem. hw.is is full veiy far up. l.pyond L'tke, George, July 1C-Uar'v'! Curlis,_Outejbitlse, for N Yoik.ARR1VCD. toitG Sroiib.SS .
i 4' miles the desreiid.mis of i ihe lii into land Foster, Jnsenh Smith, Caraway '
p ; Sji.ini; pm that had never icceivrd a 1 Lake which is ei hieeu miles long and ,
-i'.* .cans still& lower*in the rank: of iitin is. the plough-in an entirely I wild I state-until i (fifteen bio.ul, the river narrows very much, J.ily; S->'!iii,> Uonry, Saltrr, .Hn Ci.! >rlestoi. CriuuicJaTms G Smith Stafibrd, Mrs, WmGceesvooIkl C "

'. liner isin'uli TiniP* &.ys'I he put iu il |)/-p.iriiorv| to IcUni' I in lie >cd. and here commences that beautiful scenery July S- Nathaniel;; Hooper, Dixny, f om Griern, Cjpt Snowman John .
lIt e.,. '.re between Mexico and the United Ilvas; planted in May; was about knee lush.n l,. seen only in tropical climes. Upon each \e : York.LlsT. CrittiLhJohn I l Smith, Samuel 't' '

f, > "i has, of necessity, attratied much ntleoi l full of blossoms and squares. It tin! shore, yon have a perfecl wall of foliage ; Gnnn, Mrs Providence Sharpies. A J r

r.n, and has inteilered, more or I less' not have a very healthy look owinq, nojonbt each: dill' rent variety of vine, and shrub, OF VESSELS IX ronr.sit Grocjjn, Miss Ellen Smith, Capt J G
.. >. ,, ; ,'ur business. The fear of ill the i N. Wm .
$ lo uncultivated slate of the landuid and Gray, Srmlh Samuel
Z7fl e 1 tree, seems strus hngto shew itself, by Marianna, CofTn, ST.Otons: for New Yor Joadiu -
ti ; .; uje i. ri ncan bottoms has, like the b. elcss f.il.ur the excessive rains thai; had fallen! upon crowding into the space over the river until, -A. N. McKay.Ileiry. ;, CaninJolirt Smith, Henry Peter .

t I'I' f73 of a vision, tlisippc'red, hut Lloyd'sLV I il for several weeks pieviou The eailh i in rich festoon?, it dips into it, which re- Saliar, 434 tons, fin Charleston, waUimj: Gr.iv, Michael Ta>for, John C 2Thomas. ... :: .
; w 01 s.I:;,; Hill, John Alanilllnicfiinsoii .
person ; :ling ridiculously to their hiili then saturated Master. Kobt F
preis. was I Heels
water. f b.ick
'ed t4i1 / The feeling is noi confined loHni- thai am convinced ; as a polished mirror, the most Nathaniel fiooppr, Dixey, 427 tons,fm New York, Abel Tay.CaprB- *- %-' 4! i'
r ., ttai The Paris La :a i high taie ol ruliivation is all i miniiie lines as distinct as the reality itself. \vditiiis-Masier. Horn, Zackariah TJ>lor, CaptSazn'l a ** **-&*,
p.$ paper. asserts, t that is %wanting to render i llicin as pioduc- The river seems hEerit.ersonJoha
perfectly pl.icid: unless TurlerSam'l
EAEQT'C.Jolm : S
I. f cl th.it 2 ,,'
;> .American
Ui J" tP3 rtt > many orders have i live lands as can be found in any Slate of when disturbed by a breeze or the motion Brower. ITubb 310 tons, for .Liverpool, flirt. 1erA B 2 Thorp, Sam'lThompson #

n-n r countermanded, in France, in con Sei i the Union. Cut this it is impossible lo of the boat. Sortie most beautiful flowers loading-Ilil!, DawaoiiA; Co. Johnson, IVIrs Sarah A Theodora .
.1.t' j
&I.I qocnce of the rupture between the two (C- have in :i new unsettled country in the st loutSltCC are to be seen nt this B.TICS.T Jones, Robert J WilJber, Chas
naue of fahren1ie (. | publics. season, crowding in bee, McCormack, 32<) for New
"-'iJ \ of two llneeears.. > ions York, Joiner,WJjroips Wood
or The the bury
hammock places river
t banks. In .
English some places .Stone & Co.Choctdw. .
e West p3pers speak of June beint i- 'rIte war itself has exercise the pens and lands border in abundance, in places where there is but' little undergrowth, Smith, 19-3 lojs, for New York, load >on, diaries Windham, Godfrey '!
may .Jennin
month experienced for sixteen: ihelonguc-sof all the profes-Mo'jal polilic ins at least, upon the prairie*. So that if these be seen fir !beneath the spreading branches ing-Master. Isaac W-att&Co -
.rL Deaths the old world. In the early sia: e of the lands will never produce the hammocks of the live U Jones, Win H Wesson, J M < *
from sun-strike were fre- O corn, oak, the rankest and most beau Joies, CHKrk : Weeks : f
itnt stiriggle on the banks of the Rio Grande will and the former tiful Jackson Circuit Capt Tho M ; '- r *!- -
can be used for wild I It looks Court. ? James > i.
whe the American forces grass ever saw.: as 'e.r, Welker, Edw'd B sustained one or cnne and cotton. There are also adjacentto green and tender wheat hiugLi Spe.ir Kelly, Mrs M t fc-1
as rice Balony
&trding to the two n or field Petition for Foreclosure of William?, Capt F W jff- % -V
Limerkk eporter, trifling guerilla reverses, a good deal of the portion of the visited with half Jason B
7lmigr3ot prairie by i me, a grown crop. The scenery varies w Mortgage.T Kemp, Wood, R N .
$ have, left that for sympathy was shown for the Mexicans, and and which lies Lake from Halted. Ware
it city the upon Jesup and the this to the open prairie lands E Au u,toa r&,
defendant will! take
States Jonathan had sulfered more, the sorrow, St. Johns, a deal of fair which in notice that at the grj-: Persona calling for tl above letters
the present season.prerail S we grieve to add, would not have been in- good very pinelands places skin the banks and a good Tall Term, 1S-IC, of the Circuit Court, for pleasesaYtheyarearlverti9ed.e will f
Ors that negotiations I have tense. But when the Britannia and the greatest abundance farther deal of which seems to be too low for cultivation. Jaclc-oii County, I will apply to the said Court
arrived JOSEPH & V4
withan i offof the kind in which MAY, P. M.
ee opened poorest good water i bra judgment of foreclosure, of a certain mort between and account of the battles of 1al& t $
for the EuglanJ and the 'Pahn Al to" can be had perfectly free from mineral I of But no one should lake of these gage executed by him to the plaintiff; on the 1st NOTICE,-Six -months after publica ion of -- ..
itdmisjion Ravine in any *
of the of the which hewn kind. And I have doubt that : January 1S15, two slaves '
te sugar Mexicans any no : as things upon trust, but merely as inducement o on named Allen! and ; application will be made to the
what claim
OcIl'y.'r soil on they as their ) healthy locations may be selected here as to go and see for oneself. And Ben)'. A. H. BUSH, Tlon. Judge cf Probates for Jackson cotmty, for
Brittth Government with force two or three times printer in any of the pine lands of the low The apropos. Attorney for Petitioner. a final settlement of the administration .of the ; .
hare country
to ibe sent a Mr. than their antagonists, were "wollopped" of Carolina or Georgia. There was some knows steamer has Gaston :which every body Marianna, July 13. 1S46 28-4ra. estate of William Bryan deceased, late of said .
R.iverPLte, to effect a setlle- by the Americans all a most obliging! captain, and clerk V *
sympathy disappeared, fever.in the while county. ELIJAH BRYAN k. \
1 Ithe -country, was there, and and skilful Mr. CLINTON THIGPIN, is -
a .
differences and engineer, leaves Savannah next NOTICE. my June 30,1S4G. 2-3-Cm ..*- ..
between Rosas and contempt was the feeling untvets aiy the Doctor was Administrator. .
kept pretty busy. But I agent daring my absence
'idec.tGDerk Wednesday, for .
felt an experimental all -I. .
trip the -
unequivocally expressed. am well setisfied that it was occasioned I in fiotn the State of Florida. rrAIE: NOTICE-Thirjydays after tbe i.
way through to 31eIIonville! publiJ. -
By the way, the brief, but lucid des- almost and back in a J. W. BABCOCK. cation of this
SmLth'itiierpooiTjrnesJur i19 every instance Jby special or I loralcauses week. A notice, I shall apply to the
aopsNDT MA1tKET3 patches of Gen' Taylor hare atttacied much which; may for the future be avoided derstand of parly will be made wp here, I un- Apalachicola, July 7, 1S46. 27-4t Hon. Judge of Probates for fhe County of Fr nk. ..
( whom .
humble servant ..
admiration. His pen, like his sword, deals or prevented.. The first'settlers your is lin, (or appointment of Commissioners tus1. '
weher4unDg easel7, tbe.Iast fortnight: has oniy in the practical.. Merit is generally allied !- Injudicious io selecting settlements are generally expected to be one,) aud also .in places i1 TO1CE-4'ETER authorised tHOBART: r-1.i y Jot and sell oft* the; dower cf the undersigned in '4

IOTIttOth.4 Oppressively hot-too, hot with modesty, and as be* judiciously ref inthis instance. Some are ia the hammock ias 'along the lakesr the route the for'the purpose of seeing; the State Florida.ageut'duringxny... absence**sL from the estate of. Efaenezej J.IVood" deceased, lata (. .., 'u.-
,rh/er & &c. It' thicounlyotFp.Aklin. .
isa fine
I IP9iaora
frozp1ajing the ..
bragzrto others dot immediate b HENRY
pa per, : vicinity of.art ; G. OUYON; .
\; : >* -,_.- -- '. XSK .. ; ;peasurattrip| i Wbicb prp. .pa1aeico1aj June 80, mi*.- '-. v v t J *: : ,
kpaXacbtcoIa -
: ,
*34m !
L c: : 4 -. r. <& -*' ,' : S
.- .a '. 4: ;: Ntfc r : :L.4 0
.: ,: t : ; / *''
> rx .s- f : r *
: ,



.- __ -
.-. _
.-' -- -
.it i -- .,: ii -

tt :

'... ;r b 'i --4' -: *- -. -
j I ; r r .
'I .i .- ,--r-;- '. ,. -c-: F ..cffci 3fc -- >* '. .-
: 'i ; .: .. ; .- . 1: +.' i.
? 4, #; -A; : .--s ., -
1 : I : : .P.t : t"-
,t- :: -' 4
k -' : '- '-. r.tcs .
,, ::--, -> -

L ----J _- -- ---r4i1tiM1-- -- -, -'-- --
-. ---- -- --
-GREAT SPEECH ON -OREGON. the Bottom, I should wyther-- reckin he'll :LtiI lcotitti., L Dru; and Med jxjTI1 -

4' ;. ; The Oregon question is settled, but this miss it ; I'd advise him not to go down in subscriber i has o

.- fact does not lessen the importance nor detract the Bottom hifilutiu on the \'u si .< iur Jackson Circuit Court. -All persons having claim against .- constantly have,on hand,'a. *<
NOTICE assortment of /
;:; from the merits of the speech of them flowers of the late of deceased DRUGS
L great yaller foiest could no SPRING TERM: 1840.The Franklin county, : CIN&wbjchbewjllZ

"a.' Corporal Sykes on the subject. It comes more keep their washing pins outen his hair Farmers' Bank of Virginia, aru requeued to present the same duly and of the best

: : lo us reported in "The Siingaree," a paper than Queen Vic could absteme from being Compl't.vs. authenticated, vuthiii the tints prescribed bylaw, p K SFi13]rlP W* Merchants and Planters quality. c

.. published in Mississippi City. Messrs. in an itiiere.sMn situation. V In Chancery. or this notice will] be Plead iri bar of their recovery K 9 3\t&a&* m plw I J j /1 n) to their advantage to call, examine

Allen, Cass .and Ilannegan must give way Gcn-lil-min and Fcllur-Citizens : Thomas M White, Adrift, itc. and all person) indebted to said estate,ar VlttJJrwMKS J bte fil ;sKi5.j j H WllA *yr f Dotls, before purchasing elsewhere a

to the fal.. Defcndant.T J requested to make immediate payment.B. N. B. Physician's
who is Its Vmt
Corporal, unquestionably agin the law forter sell drinks in prescriptions
the Court alfxhvir tint ELLISON AdmY.Apnlachicola the cure nf Diipepda or Indigestion, Bil
to by ,
a *4 roarer, and no mistake." How the town, and a candidate! for the rep-spoti'ibil Joffis RobertV.appearing. Williams, one of the dpfembpts, June 4, 1S1G. 23-2rn FOR and nervous Headache, Constipation, care and accuracy at any hoar J..of thek.A" ?5b M

whole or none" men must lament that of, constabil shouM'nt vi-e-Iate laws and resides beyond the! limits of the State of Florida, Diarrahcea, Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel, Flatulency March 21 .c.

.. 4 ,' they had not the aid of Corporal Sylccs in set bad examples iu the young ; but if you'll to wit, in the State of Virginia. It is therefore NOTICE-Six weeks after date, I will apply &c. For sale wholesale and retail, by Cor. Centre and COIUIIPee',

:.. r: the Senate It could not have failed: to decide step outen the corporation limits, to jist ordered tl\at said defendant appear and answer the Judge of Probate of Franklin County Nov ft. ____J. C. ALLEN, Drugg'nTarranlS Balsam of t> 0]
t of administration
for letters the of
; the question. Perhaps it i is not too yonder, I've a legal quantity of old rye, said complainant's bill of complaint, within four upon estate Extract of L A REMEDY most perfect is said
Joseph C. llurdsall, lite of said deceased. Compound .
county, \ discovered in
: late and therefore take leave shines months from thediteof I tUc liNt of Consumpt
now; wo to like a darky's face, an's particular publication
Said ordered .
Judge, having that additional Ciibc'l anil ,,
; Copayia.Mar.ds Complaint, or of their
call she especial attention of Jen. Cass to fine after which ef feel this order, otherwise the said complainant's bill any incipient svm,
j. ; enny on us hyenyish bond be given by the Administrator, by the 1st cf unrivalled for its on the Chrono-Thermal

the speech of the Corporal who, we must we kin indulge. Thank you for your of Robert complaint Williams shall be as taken and for as confessed against the, according said- July next, in default therein, his letters will be ,_,:;:!ri efficacy; it performs a cure Doctor TAYLOR'S celebrated system by
seems to have had: in his mind the attention. Fellurs. revoked. ,4 d
cay, confinement
recent in lew < ys no Genuine BALSAM or LIVERWORT '
_: to the form of the Statute in such case made ,,
efforts of Gen. C. the sub THOMAS ORMAN. restriction in diet .173
on same or pares at BOWERY. This
and It i further ordered That a plan of
1. ; ject.- Perhaps; a close examination may Important National Worlt. of this provided.order be published in some new piper copy Apalachicoh, June 6,_1316. 23-Gt lis necessary. It will beftxind now espoused by several eminent

detect plagiarism on one side or the other. THE printed and published once a week for four months. -Six weeks after d l-ttt', I will apply invaluablebein-4 pre- and has been for a long time, th .w

t But here is the speech which will surely be STATESMAN'S MANUAL, Dated this eight day (If Miv, A..I), 14" NOTICE Jud e of Probite for Franklin county ( .. ; P.ref1 l with the greatest unparalleled success which has attended fl,

"good reading" in the.se' summer days. A NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION OF I'RLSICKTtTS' 1 110. DOUGLAS, Jiulse.A for letters of administration upon the estate o'tSimuel *vk "\4 j-i't IQ r-t1 po*
: : [B-tlliniorc Patriot. MESSAGES, WITH A true extract from the minutes of the Court. Simpson, late of srud county, deceased fmted principle, f un
1 TREMENDOUS GATHERING AT THE HOLLOW HISTORY OF EACH ADM1NISTATION, fee.In v NATHAN S. WATSON, Ckrk.C. as tHid Judge has noted default in the late Executor lYil first upon tal.lislu-d tint important by the law cel-p been the Doctor almwt incredible, but the conclusm Vr

AND GREAT SPEECH OF CORPORAL Tiro Handsome 7W *mr. S no. of over II. Duro.xr, Cmin 'l and to said estate, and revoked his powers to act. e!>ritd Dr. Fordyce, viz:: we t advise all can who bring forward have are irresistihri?
SVKES. There has Scfn Him:Jred P.igeit IZncli.IX Solicitor for Cornplt.iranhi3 THOMAS ORMAN. : may coughs or '
a tremendous _,_ !; that a combination of similar colds even, to me this
1i|' s perfect
Apalchicnki, May M. IS 13. 20 GwNO
"War meeting Wolf-Hollow which would certain '
at rciiudies protluce a more delay. Franklin says a small leak wj

CorporalJob :Syltc!, commonly called "Ti PRICE PIVI2 DOLLARS. Circuit Court. riCE- ix months after date, I will apply s speed, and considt-rable etKct, than any equivalent big ship." Therefore, cure jour cout

: ger Sikcs," candidate for Constable, made IN CHANCERY. / ( to the Hon. Probate Court of Franklin l dose of ai-y single: one.' In many ca-ehe( jour lungs are past cure. For sale bv

a speech redolent with saltpetre patriotism, THE ADDHC-SKS AND:: MESSAGES OF Mary Ann Rouen, } rmintv, for a final discharge from the administration disease entirely prevented by its timely application. J. C. ALLEN, Sole Age :

I which was applauded !by the boys most rip- THE PHCSIDCXTS OF TIlE IT. S. '9. > Bill for Divorce. of the estate of Aniorv Rosers, deceived.R"T. l Forte bvJ. rr |

',.. John R-virn. ) CARl, Adm'r. Nnv2. C. ALI.rV, Druit, &r CAUTION-The genuine D1. efc|
roraciously. His opponent is said to have IXAUOURAL, A.VXUVT. ATVTJ SPECIAL, Vl
app admitted, like Judge Plummer, when called From 1789 to 1816.f'rtl't TT of the nphinant, that the det-nclant, John Apalae'iirnh, April, IS 10. 1 l l.rnT0'f1CF1t1r ; 1 splendid} steel plate enijmving, to bo

.a. upon lo reply to nn effort! nf the Hack-eye an Oiiziuaf Mrmoir of ,ac', of th* President Rmpn, resides h ynnd the limits of the State of i t terfeits signed by (;Jurdon J. Le' ,.reventt*

Blacksmith, that, "it tens impossible to reply *, and a; History of their.1>lminiilrationi F It i* ordered that publication IIP made iltid. \ six month's publiraticn of ) !jr& vile djnjrert-ns imitations 'id tb any ttf

lo such a specrk !" We are indebted to ; nhn a fhrlion of Important in the 'nijereial Advertiser once week for the ._1_. this notice, I shall! [ apply to the Jnd e of cautioned net to purchase or, :deal m public if

..' a friend, who took notes of the callant Corporal's Document* anrf Mailical Infor S.)aCe of four months of th r"t l/ttIfl of t this from Probate th,<*for administration Fnn! (discharsr r-f Oliver 2)1 gj; protected by the U. S. Copy Ric Kt Law,.' Il

remark for mation. sut, reqiisrinz him to appear! and answer to the March 2i
?, a copy of them which N.IIY 1Sjl.2ly J
C. Raymond, late of said d"f e.vd. 1 l
county Lb1 rtkj4'
s. itl bill Oil or hi'tpr" the first d yot O-fobernejcf, _
we hasten to lay before our rradrts in advance C3Mp1rr) rvM OFFICIAL fl'flCE BEN F. NOLT.SE, Tnrraiirs JEflervcsccilt
rontesd Sell
or the simpvill OP fa'crn as 8giir>*t
of their appearance in Father Ritch EDWIN WILLIAMS, March 29, 19 Ir. Adm'r. de bnni non.
h ht'TI1W. him, and urh farther order made in the premise* Apcricnl.HHVLTH .

ie's paper : A or TIIH Mrv-rorx ANNTAL TiFai Tnt, 5rc. as to the Court mav seem proper. TICK- it months niter dire I will apply RENEWED, and an ..

Fellur Citizens and Gen-til-mtn of WbtJ'g I L'bc1IL/cd with Portrait* cfV1 Presidents (A Copy-Te-fc.) NO to th? Probate Court of Fnnklin Co'in, condition of body

ttollvr: and the Scats! or, Covtv of Jlrnn cf the WM. VALLEAU, Clerk. for a final discharge from the administration and by the use of TARRANTS EFFERvisitY

I take the- stump to inform yon that I've sen J at Mates.CONTEXTS. May in, is JO. 20-lrn of(ice cf rTecufor of the estate of David Richard Foaiid at JLa.t A feuro AJmc lor SELTZER APERIENT.

consented at the call of o'f the eovrins -on, deceased. the I'JlfS. This preparation h universally allowed fti
in this of the E. B. WIIITMARSH.! and ChM-l -ts have long been popular remedy of the present 6'
part burg? and up on Skunk's I 1. The Speeches or Ai'clrc ses, an'l Me? >:icc3 Clrcsilt Court Franklisj Comity.Hczekiah Feb "PHYSICIANS the prevention and cure of IndigwtionBw.
Rest, to become a candidate for the 'spon j tfiihle fthe Presidents nf the United States, from Washington Nash, ) 21.1SIG. 6-4jiflwWSn.flnn.n JL anxious tn discover a inotlifine that would I and Liver Complaint, Nirvous V/eaknessH *

: office of beat constabil agin Jim Bur-1''i to Polk. vs. ) Petitirn to foreclose mortJll"V .na cure one of t fie in't tronbte-dinp diseases., the. ache, He! rfi urn, habitual Convenes*,& .
the rt-ult. DrJACKXON'S
Lick : not that: I've any tiling p rtikilaragin 2. A Memoir, or Biographical Sketch of each S R. Ford and > g ge. | State Tax Collector's Sn2e.TUMLIC Piles. Success has ot t laf been Trnvcllrr and residents in warm cliuiai ,

him personally, except that he neverstands President, preceding IM.S Mcs-nge. K-.h1-th! A. Ford. 5.S NOTICE i is hereby triven that six Fri.): FMnaOcATIo n.t only stop-. find it a desirable! article; it prevents,"**
and! influnniation
all bletdiMT allns soblt1e
treat, and is opposed to our people 3.: An account of the Inauguration of each 1;\TllFitE.k: a petition has been this day filed J. month" alter date I will oxpr. p to sale at that intolerable, pain but etf--ctuslU! I Ilikp mulation cf bile, i portable, and the BetW,
itching cur ,
licking our natrnl thnOr-eeron President, and a Hi-lory of the principal political V f i in the Clerks oifice of the Circuit Court (/j, P'ran'din bliC. outcry, opposite 1 the Courl I House door, ( ; preparation is urns'ially convenient. Chiks-
enimyoutpti I event3 of his administration and of the in the nf l n r'nrm, and in a very --hort time, per-on: '
which is : trrnacj j F Cmintv, to foreclov mortoge of certain | City Apalachicoia, county Franklin, have frequent cccrsir for gentle ard cepurgjtives
country nextcn to Texas the finest whose lives have been rendered nnirnlili f.i
: of Con rc-Mi at cich s".uon; during the po household furniture, mile and e\ecned, ( Ica- the following LotJ, Ivhg.arul boins: in s.uit1| City, r ; they will take thi. aperient .
of these United Slates, and abounds in I rind. Thc-e ?kctrho: follnwinpj the t tur county, Gerrgh, on the 28rh d.iv ot A'tuu-, i tus the property of tne following: persons, for years For sale bv J C ALLKN I i renccto any other. Si.ld wholesale rttaf
deer, bnfilo! bar and other vermin. Now 11&c., of etch Prc idfnt, and, with the Mea'rr' Taxes due said State for the Sole Agent for Apal chicoln.
', 1S1T
14)tflia ? I I; and it app; *>ari"tf to the '.utiIteti9n oj the j year as per ? t.; 5. J. C. ALLEN Lrugit,
I'm for threshen GraitBritin rite off without: fI a comi cmli<>'J4 P-'liliral History of the Court, by tlie lfidavit f.f 1 the p tit"n-r, tlot t the : plan of Citv. ihrch2SIS1G. 13imF : __

stoppin to strip up sleeves or dilly-dallin I ;jziitl tdtcs, far the last fifty-seven years. defend ints Sulney R. F< nl ai-d El uz-ibtPi A. Ford p 1l.ir/i..J tirnrri. Digs Ifleilicities, Ac,

about hit : cos we kin do it, and not half 1. chralmn of Independence. resile bevund tl-e l'rruf* of I the Slate of Florida} : 2 U) t.10114eLI; 21)) % LAIIO'K I: : and fresh -upply & 1)rus,

try ; cosdid'ntwe do it when we wir: unly 5. Articles f>f Confederation. I It t is ordered t thatud defendant.- do appear and l } 9 and li El Cath"un & floe;, 1 GJ LI cines, ffc. consisting u par* of thetii

knee-high to ? copher, an infnnt child of a t 0. Con-tittitinn of the United States, with file their objections, if they hive any, % ithin 13liclre1t jg articles :-to i\r.-/\ Ca-hr t ( U. qt3, pfj.aijpt
Notes and References. tie tlrst ot I the I tall r -*; o \\3\* Ioick'.s{ Panacea : 1" bxs Olive&
diys tf
dty rmof
nation as I might 1Ve did ensuing .7 arid 12 Ill Mathrr 2 'i
say so, fMlurs oraigni
7. A brief of the evcnM and circumstances -IOkecs Epvom Salts 10 bbU!
history Copperas
the this Cohrt, otherwise) siid pftition shall betaken 4 2' I)r. ertimtn; ; ; ; ; 131
nn by hoky poky, we km do it now,, which led to the Union of the States and pro c00f0451)< ; provided that due publication I J 11. N. Morris I Gum Opium ; 2<> lbs Sulphate Quinine; 3 jj

when we area rightsmut chance taller than I formation of the Con titulicn. of this order be rude in the ('omrnercial I London Mustard ; Herb-* d'alt kinds25i

any other nation I gu! Yet Jim Burbick 8. A synopsis of the Constitutions of the several Advertiser of ap :1 ichsrr'i i, onre a week fr two Li 6 and '7 C2 Jacob Harvey, I GOJllN I II II Nutnie s; 13 bxs Starch ; 2u' bxs L*>inonSrt

-that's inc opponent; fur the high and I States. months! aucceasivt.lv. (A Cony-Te-fe.) OK tuo cure ol i)>. \K >r.>>, and the I 10 k*
Vponsible office ol justice of the peace, Tables of Members of fh< Cabinets of the "WM. VALLEAU, Clerk. LUCAS Shrifl. ciclarzt! of matter From the Eirs. Also-,_I ; 20 Ibs English Calomel ; 20 t dozfcj
agin me, says we ai'i't' pirpar'd. and ef ive: various administrations, Ministers to Foreign April 1 1 1Q4.; 102mAT and PT-OiTicio State Tax Collector. all those dis-r/ri-pable: nm-ts like the buzzing o iI Turpentine, and a general a'ortmentofaflr
for the Countries, and other principal public offers. insect-, falling of water, whizzir1z ofam! &c-. I re' s ?n the Drsii line, for Country Mercho
am going to war hull of .
Oree-gon,, CHAMItERS! MAHCII I Irt, lblt Apalachicoia, Jan. 21, 1S1> 4-Gtn
all 10. ChionoIoLjical Table of Political Events in &.C., which are ymnoms! of api reaching deafjie Planters and PhSicians. For sale by
we ought on us to be ta\"d
an millions Fran4lii Circuit Court. I' -
; t the United States. and also nerally attendpnt with the dirnse. March 1 H. F. ABEUi
o' dollars and a large standing army raised I 11. .Statistical Tables of Revenue, Commerce IN.CllANCERy.Alphon StJI1t Tux Collector's Sale.BY M:my p rons who have ten deaf for ten,
imme.dateiy-aside wrssels of toubut virtue of the power vested in me by law, Jhri1 Books and .
war. and Population. e ) fifteen, and twenty ye.r, and were obliged t to Stationery.LELKiKItS
Fellur Citi-zins and Gen.til.rtin! 12. A complete Index, or Analytical Table of \M.Georg" b I shall cxpo.c for ?al<*, before the Court I Ih'iise use ear trumpets, have, offer ui-jog ope or txvj Journals, D<.y Books, 4c.
I'm standiu' Contents W. Harrison and Margi- h door in the county of Calhoun, on the firstMondiy bottles thrown a-ide tteir : Foolscap and Letter Paper
'posed to armies, in time of to the whole work. ( tru irets, beinir mad- ;
ret E'iim.1, H.nrison, hiswife I in November next, the fallowing property C< tiim Meirorandum Bo 'ks
peace and war, too; an I go agin taxation I perfectly well. Phvsjrians and t urijeoU3 highly ;
of the masses. I don't believe in laxiz TO AMERICAN CITIZENS. Ibvid ( .R.oiev and larru-r; F. I or sr> much thereof as will pay the fate recommended its usFor sale i bv Ship and River Bills Lading;

how no) The p'ibliber} of the above NATIONAL WORK, Raise, his nifc; Joseph I Hurtm. tx du.' on the sjino for tl'o year l 14 l.>- Th SW j c ALLEN, S'le r<' *->'.t> tVir J.4 tfpr Pre's.jlliiik .

; no S-i.r-ee-Iooking[ meat-ax-ly at t i in announcing its completion, takes the opportunity ." Aloxand'T M"Al'f and | erfion H3, tns-nQhip 3, r.inze 1, r iningthe March 2S 13-lrn for Atil.tcI.icil' Bills ot Exchange and Checks,

his opponent] and I warn you agin men I t to state, tint the sale of the sime has been O.l'n !Hi-'jerty, Ai.np;
who are for takin the sen is, as they call it, committed to his a.r'ils throughout the Union, C'ittr &. Co.; J. ms I closeym'Tt-1 River on the paRt, imrportinc to 1)ltng to If. V.Snell. (';3:2-1 'Vi'rk 53iip. Marrh 1 H. F. ABEL!

an goin round a.sses'dn the ht chicken of who are authorised to assure subscribers that 1Jort aid John} N. }Hawthorn, tJejin 1it't Ale, \V *, S E } section 1 11 I, township 1, t I i.: $1h.crItPer j.4 now in r '* "
the widder and orphin)-Ye*, S-i-r- andtasin'the '| t there will be no deviation from the price fited, c4JnMtittIfi.t: the firm '-f Boirartfi Ncs. t P and rafi'4cSN a1lV ; N Kj sr-etion'2.3}, towrnhio 1, rir- nmiuttrl'irp r>civ, fr rcpnir fl(, Ii"nrnit"re 1"PAINTS AND ofLs- )t> kegs NO n

farmers the bone and sinnuzan' -- nvnelv, FIVK noi.i.&ns [per copy, which mint bo I Han I hern; David] rif.it.r! >d,, I 12 in blorkF.l r anz: e 9, N and W' ; fnctional, s.rtion 21 1. dit' 'I v.itb: prv'n.ptrn': | ."ffH WinferITii> Oil,3l (!.i
3 t-;, ditto 3", j1rtIortir!tj to b'-Iot't h) Thm'ts M.jii arI ;. Lilts.t-d Oil : .a> b\* aborted (itis* ; -XX Ibshr
I may say the hide rne-it, an tallar, too considered reasonable for two lundsome octavo iMti'IS Kennedy, Henry Ldvt'ify. in the j )atch -f licitthe pr.tr ? t }tI- $il (pay.n
ly ; IfVj a'-t-rUd Paint lru-t.cs; Buck La
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the who do all volumes of over soven hundred p.ich. S. /Jranden! and rity of Apali'chicola. : ctoners: ni Si'yi's by irrC aCniion1 I 1'
men the fightin' and gitnothiu' I i No p\pei2 has heen spared just's in the Il.imilton Mnrr.iv, con-tMrutifjc Als", 4'} 'arres I h'td purpoinc orders to gun StIe new en--*. Spanish: Brown, Yellow Ochre, Green Paint,;;
for it-under the pretexlious offixin' prepara- i to'h 'lo'ig to James I Ift I tirl h.i i received and for sale by
cry tiin of I'I"SP vr.l'iinos! of Docirnent", History! and the firm of fJranrt, .v Murray; ; j'ji'iin James Irrrn: lTnT.tflT.Shor .
and preparin' for war. Statistics t<> 'n'l'T the sine wortliy I the pitronaqo Cru'nby and Dnprr N-ill's land arid (the> ArinoM's, No. not known in thirl fprv of Crick Buildin, turChcNtaut March 1 IT. F.AEglSprinv __

Gcn-iii-miu and Fellurs : not onlv: of Stat-srnci aad Lpicislator but constitnft'ii: ; the firm rf S6 nrrc' land Dnrpori'i foh--lnn'; to P. ',lc- nor : ar-.d Water sts. Nov S. Ooocls.Kch .

Can't you an 1 fite cf we're so dispossn, i of the Amefrin! public ner.illy; who, will find Crumby &, Draper ; Wilson Cormick, j-jining Sirah Nail's and the :APPO-r, T1'r arri-d per :irt j'-4ap.ra-
without preparation rfivc feel wolfish and Gil No. not known. Also, the land, purportin-r tc A Card. ,
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; art this TnEAsuav OF pownc vn KNor/LKnr, am'is ?, vnibio ._ li'tic'. 1rnn'-7'nglnh and Anera:
like indulgiu a leetle, can't we jist come nutlike of information indispensable to every intelli ]>irtn"rof thf firm .f f Wtl-r.'i! belong to Hie! Apalachicrli Lnnd Company, lyin? rJlIlE 11'IIeriZrIed hu.tvtn r>g \ urclin 'ed fn>m M rNew I! te .:nl v. rv *upencr Ginghams,

men, and go atj it like bossi ] Wull, ; ntciti7.cnFormei (Jilc it Co. and Jjiru-s Fr"s! 'j. i in t the cmin'v of Calho'in, buundf-d eat bv the J. H S. I Hml-\[ his entire f.k of DruMt'diriiu" -, I Clina' L-ivvj.- f T Ladies' Dre cs,

we kin An what's to hinder Uncle Sam editions of the Presidents'have !ees IT appearing to the &* tn that the above named as Bird's Isl.md, .itd uri* "t. FT'I Pun- niture, tt'''. will drbntinI.: I the b'Hinessat' M'wlf-
and Queen Vic from jist takin it been imperf t and inrornpl in : r- dH'TidauM do not, r idcuif 5-10 and U-l Mu nto: Lace Nettin-
We've night out spect which hive now been remedied.! 1 tiv A -.in the Sfat of Florid;i, but within the chase. ISAAC .MCKSn.V. SherifF S'lle nn>! Il>tail, at t t tie> I1I!il! t.r-tl corner ol \Vaterand'he and '.inte.
onsigbt got powder and we'vegot t ITnitid States ft ''- and ex-ofrH' Tax Collector, Calhonn Co. -''rif-'s.nr.d h' |le.ivi {fo > t' his friend I*
careful coinparM'i! \\i\h\ official documents, and ; i cr< fi.rr- nrrod.! that publication } oO pos plaid and white corded do d>>.
guns; and ivh.it's; to hinder us from 2il by diligent ros. arcli, to supply the SpecialS l be made in theC >rrun,rri.ii Afl rcitiser, -May 30, 1sIG. 21firnCounty. ; i'i'1 IbrtM-r pitpnis t ol ti-r establishment t>'nt !bisstiK'c Ladies* fancy Sun Shades and Parabola,

crackin away at the inimy simultaneously and AiMrc- omitted in former corn- once a wef-k, for the spare of four months, of the 11iHtafl : is complerf, embraci'ig: every article usual Rich Ivory and Pper Fans,

jist as we did at Bunker's hill, S.ir-i-toge pilitiurts. The Itidcv t to the wholevork' of subjerts i institution of saul suit, rf-uiring[ them to appear ; kept in Sfiutr-ern Drti Ston a!?d I lr>n arrangements Figured Muslins, Ihlzarines and othfrstjlaGoods
anti Orleens Jim Burhick, that's and dates and a'uer to thC | bill : recently etJ-cted\\illbd!; regularly suppliedwith
my opponcnl II I- nirncs H a new feature of this nr nf freclo4ure on or sold second ; for Spring 1)rese.
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for constable-lie says he is for pre edition, which will make it invaluable for reference l before Ihe expiration of that time, or siid hill WILL on, tfb) it the iv .- fresh staple article. Ladie Kid Walkiui; Shoes, Buskins and CDo >
paration afore hand Preparation be darn t- will b JA taken :as c ; :'>s paRiinsl! them and sneFi door at Roache's Bluff((1 I in Washington I CIIurt.lIoi,1. c PhvMejn*, Phnter-., Country McrcharUs aiti black arid c jr>r'd Kd Slippers a' JP
ed He To render Ih'-se order given in the rounfv, ether will find it to their irtere t to rail ard e:x-
of the
maybe a mity clevur felhir I writing! American I premises as to the within the usual hours of sale, the following Florence, Leghorn! Op n-work and LwtsSfraw
don't say it to hurt his ferlins-and Presidents more valuable as a continued National Court may s<>en meet.A to wit pro- amine his stock and price*- Ail ordeis will be Dor.netts
'. may Hi-tory, they are accompanied with Memoirs of r ( Copy-Te-'te.) pertv : promptly attended to in person by
have a right smart chance of book laming Four hundred and eighty acres of land, bin Pi-tin, striped and figured Swiss and JacteMuslins.
;11 the Presidents and a History of the various ad- WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. g Mitch 1, IMG. II. F. ABELL. .
but atwixt you and me, I think he lacks ininitritioii.; March 20, IStC H-lm i in Holme's Valley, levied on as the property o..f *
heap of being bright on the O-rec-gon question The work M edited and compiled by Mr. EDWIN t the estate of Jacob A. Rlacknell, and to be suit a IBSON &, CLAPP, 2-2 Water street, have intends Besides many sell other arf'cles which the stmbc
to lo\r.
; an is a heap too far behind the times! WILLIAMS.vho e familiarity with Political Frasikliii Circuit Court. for the taxes for the year Ibl5.Al VJT this diy received per schr Helen, from New very'
our March 2S F. } OPM.I
FRANKLIN COUNTY o, one hundred and sixty of land l
4to be spreadin his.self fur the re-sponsible History and Statistical Subjects FLORIDA. acres ly- Orleans an'l ofTl-r for sale
offis of constable-I think, Gen-til-min arc well known to the public, and afford a sufficient Benjamin M. Gritiin, ) j ing on Ilickroy Hill, levied on as the property cUlackstone I.s I' 20J pilU Linseed Oil; 200 lbs Putty; I'nints Oils, and Glass
"". > Foreclosure of Mortgage. and to be sold for the taxe W( R.iiicd! Oil
for Sperm
Fellur Citizens and jT'iarantee the and of ;
Gen-til-miu! accuracy fidelity HIBSON & CLAPP, .
James Y Smith. ) for the 1815. '
year f ) boxes Gla aborted size
While the compilation and ni I llitorv.I my opponent is for letting our na-: aeeornjvmvi fT\HK defendant and all others are hereby notiJL Also, forty acres of land, lying in Holme';' 20 do/ boxes Fancy Toilet WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER

tral inimy have 49 degrees or parts of our April 11 1H EDWARD Fulfon. treef WALKER, New-York., lied that the petition to foreclose mortgage Valley, levied on as the property of John G. Russ, lf0 Ibs Trernont( Starch ; Soap ; Paints, Oils, Yarn i hes, Turpentine,We'**

glorious country, I'm ahead a length of of the defendant on his: interr i in the steam boat and to be sold for the taxes for the year isiS. M ke-s Ni. 1 White Lead ; Glas-j- &c-, '

him an* every body use, on that subject. Dry Goods. Albany, has this day been n>d in the office of Also, forty acres of land, l 1yini.i: ? on Bear Creek, 10 Paris Green ; 10 do Chrome; Will keep constantly on hand a goW

Some of my friends say they are whim to I! liE s'lb cribers ofie for s ile a l.ire and sci the Clerk of said Court, and that judgment! will I levied( on as the property of A. S. Bryant, and I to 10 Chrn'n. Yellow ; rnent MIXED PAINTS of All celcssf01
J. sonable stock of J consi. be for at the! fail be sold for the IS I. Una!?, Shipping and Plantation use;
take 54 and so on-sort er compromise! Dry Goods, ting in prayed next term of sud Court year ) 10!)) assorted Paint Biushcs &c. feb'2S 0JUST I
H-ail and fury Who's n goin to part of A. (i. SEM.MES, Also, one hundred and sixty acres of land, lvinj a variety articles in the pamntingiiflet'

with compromise Negro Kerseys and Lin evs, June 11, ISIo. 2Mm Att'v for Pertion ; in Holmes" Valley, levied OM! as the property cierotw to mention.JIou '

doin our na-tral inimy I'm for White and lied Flannel, of Henry Ahrens, and to be sold for the taxes 1 fortheyear'lSlo. received M.OU'J) tVt-t Yellow Pine Lumfj e, Sign, and Stni x..at
no such thing. I don'tunderstani siphrin Plain Franklin County. t-.zinu. done with neatness ar. ? '
and Jeans .
P bcr aborted ,
t uahrifs. Alo, pn band 5'J/KX t))
ot jogriphy and hav'ut, FIRST DISTRICT JUSTICE'S( COURT.A. moderate! prices, fi-r ea.s'Ia
; kalkilated Double twilled
Tweeds JOHN W.
( COOK, ShprifT, feet White I'iniea-a'rted fr, m J to 2 inch, which j
: how much G. Seinmcs, ) i Water streetAp&t'
there is of the .
O-ree-gori country F Suppr f mcy Casatnrros, and cx-oflkio State Tax Colleetor. will be sold low for the cash bvrKfKKHOPART.
; but I'm for all there is, more or less ; Super English and French Cloth", Aaron vs. > Attachment. March 23, IMC. KfGrngtntc : .- _

up to the end of it-if there's 300 degrees' Whitnev Khnkets, 10, 11 and 12qrs.Dudil B. Mirvin. ) No Lumber will be delivered from the yal t .
n HE defendant r't' Nails Ce
i notified t
H of the rdr
institution ofL
; t of it ; none of your 49's or even 59's for mankets.8, 0 and 10 qrs. the f.reuniri. j suit by attachment returnable Tax Collector's Sale. after this dite unless paid for, or a written or l |$ i pP'i| : (, ,ve on h 'd l >* ( -
ATo Denims, Kremlins and Cottonadcs, FIRST MONDAY IN DECEMBER, 1ilfi.T from a responsible March I .
me- Sir-ct! I'm for the hullornonepolicy to the April term ot said Court.A. person. 23 j vNt-l- ctail.Iow ISI
I Brown Shirting and Sheeting,, >Y virtij of the power vr.tcd iu me bv ]l.iw. I .
Who's I >
agoin sell : ri g fl !
q to v
G. rpr
any part Cotton O'jnaburgs, SCMMES. 1) shall expose for sde before the Cou'it Hou e HHDS St. Cioi\.S'n, '
the blessed site of freedom, like the base Cotton Drilling and Ticking, March' IS, IS 16. 12-3rn door, in the town of Mariinna, Jackson county, 10 20 do New Ol-leans Siuar, to arrive, ': :: ... ,- Aght anil Cut,

Judas, for a mess of potash 1 I'd rather 1 be Linen and Cotton Checks, To I'rizifers. Florida, on the firt Monday in December next, 10J s-icks Rio Cofe ; 50 do Java, i, :. ?! ,tV q0j1.|{ ; .on,

; a terra-pin, and feed upon tad-poles, in the Irish Linen, Shirting and Sheeting, TYPE FOUNDRY AND PIINTERS'! FURNteHlXfr the following property so much thereof \vill 1 ca esllvson Tea, Hsl( > v Vr' )'- general: assortment,
j i X ui rr *- (::1 .. Kettles
muddiest branch of all creation, than be the Bleached Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, WAISKIIOUSE.r"J :. pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for 40 bvs Aromatic'Tobacoo, tf Cork< .' ,

: r man that would come for to go for to sell English, French and American Prints, HE subscribers have opened a new Type the year 1S-15 : >0 .1c1L1 'do. Brown's .M.U '.-,'by'*, J1tstrtitii and oves,Sad Irons,

i *; the land of liberty, every inch of which was Extra super, plain aid twilled Ginghams, JL Foundry in the city of New York./where 320 acres 2d rate land-Nos. not known-purporting 20 Sperm (?anulo.s; jO bxs i'i'm oaj Thanna.; 'f. ,and Hardware Wares,Brass AB-*

!::4&fbought of the logins with the blood Super Cashmere d'Ecos, they are ready to supply! orders to nov extent, for to beloni tr Coonell &. lill.sq If)') bass Shot ;50kejrs Powder, 1"l'n' ,
and '
Jt treasures of the Extra super Muslin de Lame, any kind of Job or Fancy T\pe, Ink:: P- pcrCasrtsGalleys acres of 3d rate land belonging to John 2000( lbs Lead ; .J&-" -'KS Lsn'otd 01, >' and-Tongs,
pilgrim fathers, and which English, Scotch and American do. Brass Rule, STEEL COLUMN RULE, Davis. 200: kpjs WhitLead/ No. 1, Extra T 'ure. !1 Ioi/t* u. 'i L '! -( ..' ies, Blocks, PurnpS C
,our na-tral inimy, the British, tried to roust! Super Italian black and figured Silks, Composing Sticks, Chases, and every article, necessary 120 acres of 3d rate land bolonsing to the estate For sale by \V. G. TOUTHR &. t'o at* Sjrtin .. n, Manilla and Hemp B*

os outen, in the times which tried met I'S Black Silk Cravats and fancy Hkft, for a Printing Oflice. Also s cond hand of Levin Brown, and adjoining the IGth section Nov 20 41 Water s'rpeKSc t 2Ct19: :, P' --- ,kum,Tir, Coal Tar,
_a soles, and uppers too I at Brown's 'siirer. i- -. and Linseed Oil,
reckon, and could:J't Super English and Pongee Silk Hkfs, materials. Ferry. .
come it* Gentilmin, the Baltic of Ne *- English and American Cotton Hkfs, The Type which am cut in imitation of theEngllcl :320' acres of 2d rate land belonging to the estate : vaitt ars. I Patt-' -i -. -i, Risrging and Pump

: Orleens wasn't font for nothin, was it 1- Madras and Verona head Hkfs, letters, are cast in new Moulds, from an of William Banks. O BEST Havana Si'ars. C'r; : -. .1.:! Buckets,
i r
) ILl
4. We whtpt up Britain then, didn't we.1 1 Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-hose, entirely new set of Matrixes with deep counters, 327 acres of 1st rate land belonging to David t by WOOD& X : >Ware. ALLENk

4 ,. *\VuI then, 1 think, she ought to x Super Marseilles and Worsted Vesting, are warranted to be unsuipassed by any, and will Gcrtman. April 32UV.. 5l : ROBERTS,
zz and crowd stay whipt, Cotton and Flax Thread, be sold to suit the times. All the type furnished 320 acres of 2d rate land belonging to Mal-

not nor crow niihcr. It wont Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked Muslins, by us is harfd cast." The types from any foundry chomb Gilchrist. and opc.A S on, IVjiils, Ac.
do, fellurs Ee'n the women folks wont Jaconet and Cambric Muslins, can be matched at this establishment. 100 acres of 2nd rate land belonging to Henry PCO ?CS* very heavy Louisville, Man &. -' Swede Iron, assorted i IZ
.. eland it, I've sister hum 4i ?'. a at that gets fairly Needles, Pins,Tape, &c. &c. Printing Presses furnished, alsoSteam_ Engines Hannan. Bagging; Rope, assorted qfla1
red-eyed at the very Wee of Queen Vies Which have been selected with great care i in of the most approved pattern: 60 acres of 2d rate land belonging to James for sale by -- 4 casks Weeding Hoes,

spreading her small clothes over any part of New York and Boston, from Importers and Agentsof OZ Composition Rollers cast for Printers. Montfort. March, _- J.. DAY& Co. 50 20( Blacksmith" Enilish Steel Faced and Anvils AmeriC3, r B

this land of liberty. Jest let Vic come over Manufacturers, at the lowest market rates, andre COCKROFT fc OVEREND, SO acres of 2d rate land belonging to Washing FesfJctavia' from Dfcw Orleans 20 Bellows
the Hollur offered[ at wholesale ictail favorable le Dec. 13, IS 15. CS Ann-st! New-York. ton Mayo.I .- ,
.. to ef she wants to see the Ii i arc now or ly a< above a choice selection of 12 dozen Spades and Shovel?,
; WM. G. PORTER Co. 1 GO acres of 2d rate land RECEIVED
fiywby! down in Catamount Bottom terms by & belonging to Henry '' and
I Provisions ; also, -afreh :10 Collm's Axes,
km raise a regiment of the prettiest yalk'r- Nov. 29. 1815. 4nVater street. Oil Consignment. & Dudly Peoples. supply' of Spring and Summer Clothing ,10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards.i .
$ haired in rTIHE subscriber has just received from the 40 acres of 3d rate land belonging to Wiley inad in the latest s'vfe, for sale h Rowland's'Cast Steel Mill S3'
gals, any settlement every one on Drugs, Medicines & Chemicals. JL manufacturers beautiful lot Stewart, up > ? :1 case
-4 '-, 'era weighm two hundred (bat 'ud supply of fresh Drugs just r e- publisher- -; GIBSON CLAPP, wOo lbs Cast and German Steel, for e5
fight ANOTHER of Paper Hangings, Foolscap! 'and Letter Paper, 80 acres of 3d rate land belonging, to G..G 'March '
j'i1ke panthers, ao drap in their Brig. Republic, which. makes y WindHam. ( --- > 21 ,. 23 Waterytreet. ; : WM. .G. PORTER
shoes, (if Day Books, Journals and Legers, Bibles, Prayer -\ : : Nov 29,: 4- % ater t'
: + '? they ever wore cony) raytbur than any 'forriupelticat assortment- complete,-and.-- of the best quality Books, etc., which'he offers very low. -IfiOacre; ? of istI rate 'land belonging to John "--: 1Notce. -
;4 't .- government should be set up in & J. C. ALLENre Feb-7 i;, KOPMAN. H. Wilson. : '.:: j 1 for sundry accounts' cf'lonsj: TpOLGEK'SV OIaonianorAh1H'
-Ti N. B. My-Store ,will be .kept 0ASTjwanted
: O-ree-gon, or enoy other part of this st I : open : SAMUEL'STEVENS.Sheriffand : persons "interested tyilt take for Consumption, Asthma Cou?::
; cpaugled country. Ef my opponent, h iras Summer All orders thankfully received,prompt(t- BASKETS London- ,CLub Champagne x-oflicioTa, Collector"jacksoh County. .; due notice and govern them elve..accordingly, or'Lwill Complaint and all disease of the iu'ungs
ly attended to and correctly put 5000( for sale >
up Regalia Segals, by ,Per:JOHPT .T. MITRICK '
Deputy dun them ... fots lebf .
'* any idee of gittiog a single vole down ; -' :-. personally .rt
: c '' !fl.M 'Y .- :. .,1.Lpri1 4 "*; 1UWLETI V, Harianna, Jqni 11,1840.. : : March 28 PETER-HoBARr: ,. 'Aprifil. :, ::' H .
: :. ; 4 '- jp' c3 v'1 -
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