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F 3NMERQJAL ADVERTISR V,:! ?umniics01^ (iracor2 o i-nlm c:
;13 no*p .. ..1 wicy '.WX SYDNEY G.EN. M. D.
,,. ... .... .BO S W O,.. W Y [M AWN'- FACTOR AND CO... MISSIONN MERCHANT, T/, I'. LjJ ill, L",
9t. '-.1 k...*^-^% r-. .. '" L'r. K ter a dv Chestnu tr -l,, ,.. ..nd at hi. re,-ide-irp. c. .r,.r of
O'7,, ,,rd Stu tlrBy llls.Buidin% curnerof .A.. ., h a, liii'.,,I Fa Cenl't, a41d High sit-ets, opposite the M51:ision
.pli "' .nmerce ahtd-ChestatUt streets. Ho-... Pr"l __ ... ...use. Nov a. .
'"~~fr "ff. H. Austin,
T K8. Dr. A."W.- Chapumu ,
S.,, ,A>...> .% .y.^.^ ,-..., A,.,i..F. e 'S^t,;*d dw:a'*
:'. ,.- s:t' -Thr "'"D,41 r' -per ani. GOMIS1.iC NT Dr. I. MS-. OMplEal A
-.,....P.e't d..s-O p etidl S t O'ice over the Drug7Store of B. S. Hawley,
11,. 3 the i.d.( the. lo Ncriptioa year, rxvg D .- Apilachicola. Fa. (enhance on Chestnul,]t street..) r :R silence at the
yil iG nidd hoti-ae lately 0CCupm)Id by Dr. B~d~tzell.

.,,; W' I; "*" .', re ed .',,B e c ifr '...S .& o v
.'; ry,ion t tken for a less rter t~ian'ix I. D. Burse ii- +:-V | WA D J ~ a: 'O 8 8 2--tf
r,+-:: ; ,l $ I) w il! inviri'ably be ehirm'A fiNr B ~lp 'b e e & [I l t ,a 'l on %v .-I~t~
r... -ft .. N P j i r %% ill, b e d ii ao r nt tn u e d .in fl I O w n
;) %...., UL1eA3 the Oto n Oi o h'-= CMMISS"O1N AND FORWARDING ATTORNEY AT LAW,
.... ,MFKCHAN'F,rs
A' Tw -0 q fu0 (t o ...l Oe Iileit N o,. Colambie iBlot ,".. 'CLAYTON. Batboud County, Alabama.
.~~~~~~pi 29 1,..6 2-,t:f.,-Ol ~rP r~ie ie "'
; >*.& :ll x. rti-tell y ini, rtedl t in p a Al)eal ehiir- l a 9,1e --if arcer
87 7P q- .. ..,"I ""s ''" " -. W"HOL-ESALE AND REV'AiL. GROCER. TG.E TLW

1; 7; r -. 50 TLL prlttice in the District Court.s or the
.-" T~o -a ...... |0)'t 0te i mertionl ...... 1 t00se~h~ n hp,r.. utdStadteSaeCnt fh
Two -1 No. 49 Water -11rev,tidS-tsadth tt mit fb
qj,". k, I, rt I a-TIIf- hivin; th- nTmrbor "hfin~e'- dpe'2.f.#) Amalichi,'ol.i, Fla. Middle, ajid of Franklin county irl.thie Western
ti0" ,. : "b-ii hV IlIw, are .MiTbj~et tb ekgeeptbl'Oi -Crut
- f-on,:'h< ove riles.- Jo(:l r. Perry, Office in T?.llah4ssee.
T,;.', ,mIv,!rt.4e bv.tll v,?r a liberal dis- R EC-E IVINIC. FOR.WA.DTNG AND January 10, I~id. 2-3m
... i' i,. 1, n d: ; b,..11 Av tiqerbsem nat _.t -"COMN1O_ 0ISIO MERCHANT, .'r
-: lr~~~ion.iesa Nu[ "REMOVAL. +
jt, j! t j c r v .r t t i n i i t o t h e ir o w n b vi s i n e s s 9 ... s,.t re... .
*. i : ..;,,.. + .; t. dg.rti30wnets -nt in by Lhem, "D+c Awilachicola, Fa... W 4'. go 1H. 1aVis,
I- ,,',':' nr.d a theilsdrates. i. it. Jr. lIq. 614l1, ATTORNEY'A-]- LAW,
.. :.-- ;' rsnny b" .t^ed to ,thr heedi--FACTORS & COMMITSSION MERCHANTS, 8@" Office in Floyd's new: Building, opposite
"o : ,. r,,lt 4ieto and nut be POsT PAID 10 tusure 1he Mansion House. Dec 13, 1845.
".:. ,7 ,. ,, "No. 44- Water street,
.'_. .. Nov. i1, 1845. APA'LACHICOtk, Fx. A. G. Seinjmes,
i'--ln-"o ,Di t.o..e.. David O ATn ,REYy, A T N Ar L'AW.
+, L~ufnc avid(;, gtany,5 Offce, Alo. 2 Capt. Sin,,mim's Building,
"":- :-= ..... ,- . ,On)'YSSION&. FORWARDIN -ERCHANT of Centre & Commerce streets.
( y.a.i,"R.- es Johnu hmn. ,lizene V..Rg. AND I)EALER, IN GOODS, nover A"aaeriFl
+ .- C ; .l l < R a ',e r -s '& C o <" i N p ^ 4 ; W a ~t e r s t r e p t ., i t a a h c F a
... :, 1M 1S 1 ON M C R C HANTS, Nnv 5 Iv J Aoilaeh'cn, ^a. J. Law,
W Water street, ATTORNEY AT LAW,
',_ 7 . i, knalachicnla.-Fa. a cisI!j op.m aM, I
:- ".OLRSAI AND RTAiL AL R IN Buinb:'idLe, (Decatur Co.) Ga.
S *. D1lvelnport, SHOES, DRY G)OD%. CLOTHING, HATS, &c. fff Will attend rmnetuallv Ihe.Superior Conrts
c *, DIN AND COMMISSION .. .. d* Cap fn Cae,h,- of the coulties of Early, Baker,. and Decatnre of
M E R C H A N T,. .ocll Cletnult-Slreet, Apalachicola, Fla.. the South Western, a'id or the q*nnty of Thomas
Wi No:'5S Water-Qtreet, L t I, PSouthern Cirriiit.-: may3
: Apalichicol3, Fa. \Vh,,!e ,l> a nd R.et.,il l-aler. :n J, 1o 11n B illbo,
-I_ Li'.r;l"nAdvaa1e3 mde qn ctment 'DRUGS^^IIEA SO ATT.OR.NEY AT LAW, .
-r~dA'i' New O1leans, New ,-ork or -' LASS, -BRUSHES, &.,&-c. ALBANY, A.
April, 1; rTtLL pr,etire In the several! Cnirt.s of the
i;'~~~~~~~~~~ go.'"p...Ar.Inn..." *.leral as.qortment Wf.V South Western Circuit, and Thomas and
r '" n H. e. iteli. ..... BOOKS, BLANKS, STATION ERY, &e. &c.
r "' o"vR .L, "- cor. of Centre & Commerce streets, Stewvait counties
: ."..':.'t :N O!{tl I': ME:)ICiN P. N -S, nov5 .. Apilachicola, Fla. Aug. *3, 145.. + 3 --tf
S ,OIL.;, .GL\S &.c.,.r.., .; P Ho 'ba't, ~:.^d *'1,
V, E. ,- +t a ortmet o& ",- tinety1 i M AN UlF -CTURl.R AND DEALER IN HE Sub scribers ,,,inue to mak advance. ,,n
,r.lof Ciestnut and iVer street 4 CABI'!," EI" rUKR.NI'Tr .. L ottnn coniigned to their friends at Liver-
4!ril t i.l i.. p.No. 44 Water street--Up stairs, pool, Havreew York and B.-tn.
it 11. D. Darden, novr Apalachicola. %V01 D.). WOOD & Co.
4" F N 2Co nClumbus Buildin, '-. Lonhart A'YOMHS, Dee2 29 Water street.-
Dpi'. o9,,5 .A, .hicla. Fa. CO M M k6 IN andt F O i-V A R D I N G Advances to New Orleans.
Dp *-. q1 11. tI1rhr k"Ri C^ H-A, N I r < s irnA* Ai*
SB. F.Nourse. It. 1 Siouo, ,H Books-, No. "3VWater tret, T AL L3ash Advances made on con',ian.
nh-'0 L..Nus, I .Sot++[tW ~ok.+: -" o 3WtrsreI ments-of Cotton- or other produce to'New
-- NOS r9t a ,tme C^ _rnv30 & Co Apalachicola, Fla.
_. ... __ +. --- Orieans -.,' J,.DAY. & Co.
COMM ISSION MER',,CANT- \WMM. -V. .. .. .. -U vU sa.v ii% i-De:62 .: __ ,.-'' "53W-ier.st.
........ "+-'No. 4,3 Water -ere'7 *i'n Ciecver, Advan f *
b ..nvl' "A>.l.hic,-,,Fla. ) NCO.XI -' MEARC HA NTS, 'FHE ndpr.ai :wv d e liberal advances
l. b0 0-.^.N-.: oliurrb1"- Bnilding% T on Cotton consigned t-^hM frends in New
B e '. ]kIii11II ..it fe,', '[,a
SOM M"i .- RH AN T 4ec14 Apalachic.la. 1a. York, Boston and Prov/idenc,.
CS 0m NJi M II E R4 H A N W M T. W OOD,'
N'iml-X-^-.lj- Fl. Nov29 42 Waterr sreet.
.^ D!C I, 18. .Apdnric, n. COMI.SSION TEI;CI.\NTS, ".
.-.-, : '-JS les Street, Advan*ces.
: J.snEI .V .. P Y N IE.L J. DA.. No,. 13, St. Chare e r HE subscriber, conntinue. ag heretonre, to
.O J. NPly.,&-.C .I;.T -ew nor. ean os. I make liberal advances on Cotton consigned
0 '* L 6:CO10l N 1AOE.Lt.C NTA AnREw S- COOKs. to the address of their friend.; in Liverpool, New
1 P +;' i; o. 52 Water stret, tt. fe. -.. York or Boston. 'C. ROGERS & Co.
*". :"Dec 6 Aplldchico':l*Pa. JalS. F. Iari.rli Oct. 25" 47 Water street.
'R A 1, R F*('^ ^ ^ ^ GENE VjI^ \ F-% DI XG R CHANGE on New York. tor-le by
~he Protection, I~i.Qirtnc! Go." and Ihe Hart- "o Nock, 7 S. i NT, DAVe oPO rT,
lnin r ceC O." 0 irf9 'nnA 0Apalachicola, FAnril 11. W after -reet.
FAit-r'A'.'D COMvTISION T. J. SA.NF.)P.D. M. M. BUTT. '"., S inge.
., A ,..'. .II rCH AN'I, StIfraA. Butt, THE subscribers as Apnlts for the Bank of
,.\ No. *'Clumbu- Block, :COMMIS51 ON' MERCHANTS. T Brunwiek, are prepared to purchase hills on
"Dr N o'tl .'...'"'-' A ,,ichieola. Fa. No. 36 Water StrCet,. j Ne irYork, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia or
drcl4 Apal.chicol-i. Fla. Charleston, and check on New York in-sums to
l-:Irier & 91l61eCS9, suit purhlasers.
.AOMeSSION MERCHANTS, Avey Jones,' Nov' 2.) WM. G, PORTER & Co.
"No.31Wkner street. UMBER INSPECTOR ---The underjigned
.fr ent+i .tbr Ibe - Ds613 -' Aptlachicola. Fa,. .L havi'f bee a-)pointed Inspector of Lumber
suNi MUru\L INuJh;.vcF COMP.AN& A*l'hch Fa..
S N tfor Franklin Co>rlvi of.lrs his services to the
of fh'e-C;tq'of'Xet r.-. A. & P. C Knit, phh,,in that. cFpicity, and will attend to all
NCIT 0"." A.,cinol, F CMM S 1O N M E R C H A N T'S, duties appertini'i to said appointment. He Inay
Nivl,-" ... -I O.fice, No. 4 Columbui RBildii,i, + be Ionnd at 22 Water street "
-. ElwrJ A/clciallyg N.1v. I. APAmh:lni,. Fa. March 23 JAME3 GIBSON.
"" %OM%'I.i}nM^ *C^ ?T, D H Ki"ibr,,-u. H. B Kl.rough. [PUMBER "NPFCfOR.--The undersi-ned
IN D, t.;\JDJ5 AI)JD t,.OUERE6.., Wion. 11. KIi ,tlb1ro"it il & Co.. L having beerrapomiebd Inqnector of Luiber
'-.., No..9 Columbolus Bhlock, COM M I S S I 0 N &- F 0 RWARDING for Ihe Count- of F'rkiiilin, offer- hisypirviresto
;;.: 'i "2.9 .:'; Apilichicila, Fa. ,-:. M ERCH ANTS- the ;.'ilili in that cap:icitv, and will attend to all
_4 I Oice, No 2.5 WVjter street-Up stairs, duties .j,1ert.jtning to dd apnnintment.
'- '" "" 5r.iy.-gl-. Pwirtle A CO. *-* ...... Apalachicoh laIs.- -*CORNEL[IUS GRADY,
*DEALERS I.'f Gc)0-= .X'I) OOM.VIISSION '?K^>L-'itserat advances on cotton consignopd to March o2,2 1S45.'. ..
... MEIO[lA\',rS.'3 l + '. their I'rieiids ini N2\% York Boston. Liverpool or ,..,.> ,t,.^^>> ,
N o. lt-.W ater trept. H vr N .1 1 4 T U Mv3 KE l IN -*>P E OY O R --H avin K b~een ap-
l1 :.' Nov 29 ,- %. Apjiaohicola, Fa. Hare N'y -- IS45.f n~w tro L m e t heCut
'* --. ,; .',il~lllll9 P i'egO~ l :'1 1, .'r1 ,l' ,, lh'. il.njter.ij ,,d ,,ffr.i hi" crviees
*-' W i,m Tr. V o i.'" COMMI[SIO N M rH.A NT, *MERCH ANT... all d.lliP itiirtninir,.; to s~ui a.>o.,inimnl. .
,, ^: ., No. 42\Vater street, + Ap.\[t.Am-cit,..Fa.; A-',rI l, 1S15. .,-BE\'I. LUrCAS.

Na Nnv }. ,* A9 l.chiicola. ra. Ofi~ce-,No. 45, cornh ; Wat.r and Cheo-i,,,it street.,%.<-., T<^ ^.-*t
i ujmairs--E itranc on Chl .tiiT.-i flr.et. ^ ,w :ls-'. lJ |Otl. -C ^*'i;ly T.
i "/ .,LsaT=' DaDIB- CHYLES PR-ATT. Q.t Ti14)'( TAX CO L Lr'IC iOR'S S ALE.
*.;* :. od'a *lk r^,II ^Bpmv: ... R SHI.PNUNA i'U*i Ol^. [N<~ili~>. Tj^j~c~n I~-'N,lIRON, COPPER, door, at [R.)acho'a i Bluff, n+ Washinglton collnty,
: tNo. 40 Waiter Street, B _X BR S3, &c. wi,,hin the u'>u-d, hourse of salf, tlie I;ollowing.Ipro-
N ov :: '"' A p alac h icn la, F a. A L ? .,), D ,A .L E R S I ".K :' p e r'tv to \ iii + : ;.
-"' .. Hard'ware, Sto~,G\, ri.,i tq.11 .rid J,I t;: e.1 W ares, Fo'-ir hlr'drfd and eig-hty acres of land, ]\ving-
M l l l & -lt l lfI Iron, glef.-.. r Viil-, % **,._**'. Gr e ,c P>.rs, .inHime's. V illc>," levi,-d., n., as the. property --1f
:,? .. QO'M. MIS I N1. M'ERC H AN'TS( Su-"r K-lii~ssand M.lls and otlier th~eestate orJ.lCe)hA: Bl.,c';we*lt, altd tobesold
'-',, .;: '. ":* .. No'.',10:Watd"stree~t, .". ', C stt ,.1; Ship Chandtorv, &c. tor'~the taxes for tlie e~r l'|.l.)
"- ** ,-~v. l, l~t5'< '*.."'".' -.A~mbchicola, Florida. Oct. 2', 1>S >. ; A.pAI.A.mcoIA, Fa' Al~o;,,*-ie l.,i idred" and i';lv acres or land, ]y-
's *.* + 'Wo- 1 C- " W .-in "n. H i,'klr., H ill. I '.'i..?,l ," a-i t IP pr.iqjen'v ,.I
.* '* ,' *.DI *W 0nl +O, '" ILAMt DICKF-y, J W ..HAMMONCJ. -- ] [ i ck-t..ne,-a:id l~obe sold I;.,r the ta'ses
* ,' .. "., *. o'. 2 W.,ter street. 'S I N A t Y G (P R lr'fm ar9' } <^ "fnre
"" y^ l, lv 1 So Atiliehic"oh Fla SHIP A.NL D" AM[L Y GRO)GLRS, V,,Hey. hkvM on a" ltt, .,r,,;,,.rtv',,IJohn G. Russ,.
_ ,I .. ..* ,Fa 3-2 W iter.rtee, Ap-:iljchicol3, Fa. and to be so~ld tbr-thiel'\f I', .- .r tlh

,. s T ln .5. litehcl, Octnlbr I5, s51 4-'2t( Al-I.), I.ryv .,fr.,t" I in _. ,iM l on Bea:r Crepti,
'. ,l#IVi^ r, F,'iW D[N, AND I.'Kg. Trayor, levid.-n a',le lr,,phrrv of A. S. Eryanr, and to
.j "GO IriSIOV MERCHANT, he e o'd lor the veir 15-5).
No. 37 Water street,".-- COMMISSION AND FOR\VARDING -AIlo. ine hvIndreaind a .ixlv acre r.t" land, lv.
nv. 1,191-5. A:ialachicola, Fla. M ER H ANT, in^ ii H...,nps" VAJl,-v. levied ,1 a. Ihe prperly
+: No. 22 W.Vater-street, of Henry Ahrens, and to be sold tor the ta~es for
lyei'$ r s it~ llel, ..& sent'2 IV ... A.;laihiohlr -i. the yej.r 1S5,1
-RHA J"7% 7 o' W. C o6[c'Sheriff,
'""' 'j O fi j1 [t I S N" .Y E I G H A .TI -... .% -lM iyrv Blf> 'Hodges,
a. f and ex-i.iiciob .ale TxX Collevir.
S-- "i. No. 38 Wterjatreet-,, March 25, I 36 J-GM
"./vl.. '' :Aa~hio~a F.* ACYTONfEER AND COMMI-LSSION .Mrh~'4. -% ;-~
-Apaachicola, Fa. MERCHANT, + -
o_2-2 Water ?treet,-., APAL.CI-Cl0LA, FR. [BSON &,.CLAPP, 4-2 Water street, have
ALVA. VYL.i, W-4 *V^ A.._McKENZIE. --G i tllis ty ieceived per schr Helen, from New
: '; "WvylIe a, WKeia'... H. R. WOOD. P. W. CULLEN. Orleans anq pfftr for .-a le ..,.'
COMMS-.N MER-AN -TS- W... Wood Co.,. ", .,L e t; IPut. '
-ti, 41 --^.No. 42 Waterstreer, .'-", AUCTiONEErs AND CO MMISSION l^ SC ermOI; ....
42W trsre UC 50 b'ixp.3 Glazs asq.1.rted Plize;; "."'
3. S8ptLl,5.,- + Apalacbioola, Fa. N. MERCHANTS, 2) rd.z b.Ke-; Fdncy Toilet Soap; '
,..:- ..-.., 1AM3ro0 "; ,nn'
.iv ll . . .. o 1 '1 5 9 45 A p a la ce h ie o la F il. 1 0 k e s N o M l e o d
.'"AU'TiJO' E:ER AND C16XMMI,.SO 5N:, -eso ".htemad .d-o.
M'ER ,HANT Liberal advancerTrnde on consignments. 10 Pris Green. 10 do Chrome do;
,No. K.Wer street,. The strictest attend ion paid to Salea out Doors. 10 Chrome Yellow ;,
: .. .. '- + .Aalfthicola Fla-. 8 eala at .ore every Saturday... 100 assorted Paint Brushes, &c. `40eb8 9
'' ^ ^ .. '. ..- o,& -.. ; :; .: ** ... l
: + 'I: I II i- I I I ,I I* -. I I i. I I ** I .. *v L' ** * .




" ';." "* *' .. *, -,.

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,. .,, *^, +/ ^* ,, ...

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Si' ....' a' ..

* W A .' ... ,. ;-"

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+ A', '.;-



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';or Fon teNasl'tile O0 )p.44
^90?.1*D mnovlng QI the allows. when the jalor, who, [From thL.e
h,d laken a depi inlee~etl iu Motan's dream. GE'E 'AT ZACIIARY TATIZW. I
[From the Philadplehia Dollar N wspaper.] sli~hllv louche'd him. OF TME ARMMVFO (C-.
.ME -M ORPaleS.8.1 OF YORE. v-I "lhere,? ,a person answerin- ynnr des '46 J- i '-S. s^
AN EXTRACT. rripii,,) of Lewis," lid lie puitong into W-r events 1ae trw, otl Ii
]B *";/*to." the crowd. ., mi1 1 promnIJ lly el'oe ,he public. Ith:
-eYes, byo lawe f'e-d t-,ood beside the mighty, sea, : Ys ylete iks:Lws hue xrsdI.lnbw1 oeO'11
Theuurck'dhgw the woMont. e h rpreed l.nany, by Tig some of a
And while I stood, fond Memory The swinger inlantly flPd. liut'was. pur. riilelsof'h116i 8er closely w-iiin ro:t unfun'd, suefd and overtaken. stil cmifessrd Ihe crime.,. Gen. TaY'or enlea're the"Armv in
+ l ih ... M oran itMstaoly received a reprieve from imnt i.t. n.,rr The atlark on the Ch
Be~l= ii e the lnivgurg,:jjg ,-treatu. ,p, aie, rditife ly' +:i t h e Cheemo -"'
W her ofte; I fwa Tnt(,o,(n,- the Governor, and l.ft .Phef eo unthy. I Rh frd eN^ e M mc
Wereo(ftt 1 tated Ioiea-uheee,. dream.t a. e"of h
Where (St 1 tested plea re'th dream. T .le straner. alter Iyin-2 a week in pris 1,o'lunrv fr,,m that litime 0 the present.-,.-.
Ithought of that dear lowly cot on, al;Ppied for a lJslnissnl, alleginc I hat she Hal- "C e .ir myvf vo wW Ma t dc" .
Wtere friends and kindred fondly dwell, was Ihe wife of,Lo..is Moran Itr was in: I u:'".iy. he had iiwq tp tbeomumod of I I..
And of tneirpteaswiit, happy lotr deed slhe, who ihad dressed herst-lf in schl "' m 1y a' ith,;heeiihit'"arile mlast war.... *4
When rmming o'er ou,' hill and dell. ;1 m1n,.r ;s to as ',oif-r. I her Ihuibaht'o, For his hlte^ t1 Jftai*l, 2
7 :1 v'tv h op ., c i f nr d e t.4. cy, fir... -, ; ,., i ,, .. ... L 'd-,.f.il 5 th S^ ., m ^ 1 8 1 2. in h e r lirth *Le.ifcd~
Po&- '"'"+:to ril vie %, 'i'yuT tilllir"; MuaisiG.IV n iff t v Im im "i r r :
I ~ ~ ~Xt t yiewtmthyhrhubd'hf. ."" ran',rr Majo 5-.,t- nolh",w, the o1ded
A stern redity ;l trut. -'A f b r l i a1art y/" t ,, .-,
IT n IP APPE SS. beein!her'-armv ( f e
-I wardet'd far'in distant lainds+; ,,T e er e re iu v h sytee; n
"IT ~~f^?~ n!dTht-y err e!:cgiuil vi1hu s-y thre is no In I" 312 Ire benre aCokpnellof the ^
]lf M ,-r 'ry si ll i her ch.,rge fulfi h ld r. t -
And coid mne with inich lighted b.';d3 Ihapinest As frswe,t voce ,y b,,,uum ttbiill d. suppose our Creator gir-s t1 ihz. I e iitriI Flnrid:, t !.1., here-heyas alvyf .'
1A411lt ftaildI the sienl hout, worhi for nothing ? 'Lto k ;i t the A' -en atid Iii.t in dni.er. ", ..,..g
ll. fu So.+ 1o.-:ea upo. the stufhe i" i' On ehe 2o D n, 1 Col. Tfy-
24cm'ry ieturti'd with tent'old p,)w'rfith- forest--lht, earfn '-mil fhe s v. Is rnot
And ruled supreme my bcsum'a strtfe. AItere y living there T Tce I hey'nol maiP Inc.- fo. la h pad (if a d for our enjoyment? .Mosi cert.-inly. We 5()0 men./4ompo.seI h f irm'of Ibe 16.4, g
Ist within the purp!?dhail, e-ask not fr riclies, Ilotiar-c,1 .,r nvathgi-n +&ple- U S. infantry slmid .
Arid q-zedp VDMUCh,betyhre vor ke hne 'n vohle -met nlo % ^
Bu~t bHi I thought thatt 1nong it1ei all 111ete or t ,t-c m s a dl- ,,:,e W 011r ll1eet e n u
None were so pretty, noue so f or, ] 111)i)y. cl eIouids ;and suishiine-dark days .Iniar," knder Atli "tar,. 13M Jon it.
As.,he wt whi i you'., bwltht days ; fiir-on land or on Se-i-we are per- _.Colc p.-on latl e0-1P
rom'dm.d l ,' fe.,ilvbwns y. e' h j b.-tn lookinge lie. hbaliff was sought bi the I,.
hthe'read eys, !,'' o -ye if s e c,,u!.l ffind "y ; iiian.. the .ddv hPfnre ,bp heva ,.nta..,^
And piueking wild and preity flow, mrto-s e ifwe.u .fn _n ,yin.i,
whi h we were not e,,jy 1a nurse e !, and fir Col. PKglo Freived a rhalleage'froni Alo.
I heard nrom beauty's lipsa song [ie life of us we cu find hm livw. Atil in li'Sor,-7vitn2 him whir"'To find him. Mid
Th:t thrilt'd %,illim t,"bosonis core, these *days. friends in whom we confided bih, ting hini to came on. Col.Toyor-
A They waKeu'd ternoriesaf yore. liftedIp.14teInel. against us. Thie next siredi noihin better. audliminedlately pnte
I thuinht of her whoie B< ng a-peli'd day-plihthiIbropic as ve are-we forgl on, tI rapd- i rch 1<_ thln'kpeeed beat*
Fleref" raging pationsf!m<;iny heart- ill-f su'ch erf'mlIs were ours, and we wverP iledcround; fearnilol ff the wily Ind|O'
,,'y I.d'titstdhalpy'vi"n. 'We are of' 0,e oli,,ioi ti hat-Mig*ht cltnfelfis pnrl,-6t.. The IndiMF
-!#d. when he creMtd us, nhteided Ih:;> .. hail a slingn pteiitien in a Ili "k swamp,
My flowing locks are boar wiih age, shouldd hbe perfecffy rcoilenied and hal'vIt vered i frdAt bv a bmill 1 ream.. who**.
.Ary ,))C- bright eves are now qittdim, The reason whv. there nre so may lo"o. qrl.qsan"l rendered i "t almost im Ms~ay^ :
olwhinlis wtrit'reqie" : fces loudd rws and blue h'earls is,. hbt C14. T. pushed thmoleh f6P qinl(ksant) ,
Yet -tlil tIettnelionesof yore : tn-iPare seekhig f'ri.r``whl:t ilihv can m'vi" *' id.%aIni) I n'Ih e-1.wof (de dlyfiorefto,.
F11 quick and rapid lbrough my breast; >lbtain, or looki,,g for ,,,,n^j,,i,,,ici thln runcaled .fo'e.druifg tim Ipdina beft'i /. ]
'Al,' Idn-ttho I lt lt'lesf-l'li|Omore, ley cao possess, wlpn 1they o ohl.a Iheir him..,The. actiOnl w'f lt long Andsevere..
'aes I',t have fuutdy 1 i46 *i. ubjebte Colto.otr was riTit when he said. Td l,,''""s ^-hing llieronnd inch ^r
--l" ,' U lid hapirpss we Myriz," ".i ch, and Ibe. only. at A-s.. point.'of Itb6g
.... Witfiin ,ur 6riea..St this it w.l lies, bayonPl. Afi.tA hrIIe hburs of bloody Chu',- A,
And. they are foolb who roam; 'temo. tihe~tdia er4 triti.ed.<.ad Parsule.
The-world hdthu o o ut beptowi rreIe ifaael ,, urt lr..,.
.. roi. our w.sev ujo~vs imwis h l 66V i r,. vdit he Ihndzan.' -1 T',adhif
[From the Dollar Ntwspaper--Phiadphia ] httat deai-rk ohrile." was ho!e." "_s.fie I 1"anb'ter -adr, in
O.A. S WI'T AND LOVE. Ye who hlave ihe'bhles atld with -iom al, a large boli" iled fT'eoly firane in which
FOUNDED ON_ FACT. ,he worl,. alwys ot.awr1al'urn okr a ihey vol.n gave lRan l hoagh C Oif4l
IWqve'hftoh,4,audl.e o'4" cano t i1-1'"Ivy, won'?hq"d'Ry, it was`i'tan expneol
B Y H E R B E R T T nA C I Iy o. fe i o c a n no t -I ba n o
'Tis nlidnilih! ann Save t- heavy lre nd fe .cont ented and happi..r. Dan't ex:-139 killed and wonted-@- r I o
o lf h e sp rn i e l, a s lih e' pPa e s h is a ec ls t o pl e le p et 1 0 1 m u c1 0 a n d n e u l -c t th e p le a s u re s T hm prl h ho n r ce.ofth e "t %l*a n el (C a
rolind, all tittire sleeps ca!tn!v and 1 pctee-: wvhh youtr leach fl r thise yotu.,ln oeer (' nryaft M' ssul f^er,
I gI g J p the head ,fit f,;, troops'. Capt. Van Swea.,'-
n, lly. The prisoner in yhndeo: lhnmv ceil 2t';i-P-' V~~',^ s Peakii; 1 ob .t hl i, ,;:n the ,inorr.w to be led I I,,l -t; hi di.+ I a Wi ll 1 11)U11 tr10 h1 l,_,..1. r!. L.r ,,. Broolie anJ.Carter, *I :a"'
for .ln h -! ^ <,ln; r h ; beeon t o.iAnhicr-y As herself cnEvrc -a hu .i ly r fn,.t-- e l IT"fi -'"ent sem 0 -:
1nodreq djo lrs 1had been found ill his 1100-. p ,tr fi.:m1 i4,rranspoit. nd ecutr. our et.rn, Dur.n2 the wlit.Il" the enlrhmei;i,
sv<,B. ;im and this money i;as been prven.".-:rn.iwedsatto-atempe liaberTpud." Col."Tavhor renmin.-on horse-back,
to~' -:: nhd weds ae ath n hoha hl-i4- a r : 'n erilra. Co.. .,'" A
to he the* property <>t '-i will)1,10 hinl.l" Be wise. T'lavel ,in con:i,:e,%I tIfh yoii*rS i~Trom po,.:t Inp`in cheering k meil
m,'sitriouslv. !;,,eare(.. and who) was last lot. Be 'lot kibrtriiiin.ia ,:r a'nriv.inls, ." d l o 111 I I[ onfict. and exposed tiothtea nd
spen; in em,,at,y wilh Loois Moan. ^hoschee loveevery body. Thfri v nt will be haft.- rifle every, -t',..^The spirirwith whirit
eirc.TisTanves, jilind to thp l..cis ih.'t 7,40- iFr all creation, wewomidl upOr -exchanee .ih-the commander a'st."ll his fqro.weiitae
1`311.s nl'if( w;,s f*0,). full of blood, "nd lhat otr leelings f).r Ib0oe ofi ilie -ieh or honorno the conflie. wjtB hibifDin iomeS
he w.s v,,1"yi mlhi confiised wlhen lite was seekiug. .; ": written q the oco ,on by -soldier,
asked how and where he 1ehall spent the eve.. i'thrte'.i battle ioourhammnnikk WiSHS
Ino of hlie fifth of Jmne. caused M,,ran to Mboail" AND PHrsi^CAL.LoRAG g.--Cou- ThIere'&, ightiing in yoar clood, y
,be su.ip(cted. arrested and conimittid to pri- ragd is properlycojoidered lhe first essen- Harj,: Hark! t n'thf mtwierqc pradesfBMt- f X,
son. Fr'in.the time nt whi'h lhe was tia! qtoliiy to forn .the soldier. Abstract- Forir Indian yell i3 ood; ,
llhrown inho prison, ie haid SteatIfasi ly de- e~liy ie principlej&.'orrFor; ul hhe Indian yeltlis d, ny boys,...."
clOared his inpenve. and sahi lie received would a ire to military snrcess on this de- Bit Ihe field (if batobaleisfour.hoe." "* 'ii
file nioney whi,'h w-'i fimnnd on him from a peuden.e, will fid himself mise . dyadisap- Aad hqi4py...ha ,y,,atn ere wei .,..
qtrandin:. whom irecalled Lewis. and whom Ipoinitr.'. Courage/is nmor~d aulaII sncal. .i ." hi And y m w'"p&e,'we"-P' sl"
he inif ly described. But. to retnrn ito lI war ihe; latter may. n u r:'Pe4bibnis te '
O q, of W a r. re n -fi ,re rl vn erit riseiI' a a '
th,, ipint whence we started. As the old fev itA.i Ci .r beliveen." he turned to aqc' -t ga e ,I In his ermm tpd plioaiseo C ogr a
prison clock strikes one, a fairy forn flits count. While oni sefviep, eivral opporit.-f The r" Brigadier "er^wa .
past lhle sentinel, who cries out 1" Whlo goes nities oelen to ,hn imwho is no(,sespr of the ferrerl n Cid. y r.. n~rh was girt
tIhere 1" f orner,-a roid to Ihotor a,d di@Ainci.,n. ferr1+ on Oicl.ad. yorld-1w.041hhe was
"It is T, Mary MoranT' was dile ready I know now t a physical qital,>y which i. ex- theinco' m. erinFlorida. which he y eamt..
response. .hibiied tnd,!r more dlld'reui pli-es. Like hnd in 1l8l"lia .lea s 'it wam *i
*, (iss on. M;arv Moran ;;the Sheriff sives hi,,man leniper, its varimtl-sare inulmerabl. 4, hartnlocls uf -F,,' i-. .' 'n
v tn per'nissioit lo see voiir liusbmind," was A ili wl h ose bicilint tour,,e lead., hih lo .... '_ .. ,.
the reIv 01' rthe seniin,.I as she s.l v.luntr himself Afirhirenement rroirit -F^"ralpri
q i,'kly o-t. ''The doors of the priisnn swnnf lorn hope, sjnks under dill fliie anid priv,- was 11issiqi'il in Ilie.fdlin m l 'of the
he;,vi'y oppl. a, ndlfleh next li m inpr Alt M a- lions 4f aIfew ft lee- inailh -s: w il lie h De p ll m .. ^.. ='e .- s '. ini l*ud I
1-v Ml orat was pressed to lthe bosom of ]er "-im pa.ssive d v ertpr na io o ;lal os el 0 .1titid en., l&C vv ll It u d I 'lk 8 u
htus,;Indt, w nnled ilnerve or a l.,.io ti, I [Louis. T will not forsake thee," said Itle silu'l le ii1 l he jrearh, ca ml\ wnrl, s Inmself n . d .* ,. ..' s
we,,, o ,,,rl. ,,rous, diffic li es, i ,,ni l oe union of. 1- H ; isj si"ton *" e In "ml
wel~i .,il.+ -" lle '"-Arony of.Octeo oI Itheu
S.il is it for"1 B lou rave all those .dan- head, and li,.a,, establishes a fii.rkcd oule- 'Ir, _. l ,l.e II IB
eeslorm le nc.81te in~oed I'rIl)'v over Ihe recl, h.-s adtrtrilier,, hi ... :( )nmat l% '
fo~r him who to-morrow ln.iwt ilie?!''- A. "....Il l>, l stk "is ',r ni" o ,li c .,i' ,. ernm "'.1 **^, S"1.-inng o'" (l ndty'W T eilfti
;Mo)ram h~et a look of dpepI ,leolirio oil thie *.nIl ih In-h~;tlhen de;r=,.in.--'ii.n io l'.lnw '""sx^"~; ficr "Pa^.^
f,m tir irl wIo, sioodl al his sidle. "o,t i.e p,.,et's words, "stand .he hazard 0r t'' wllo'se r~auk isI,3t~ t"^h.W'^ 'BS ."^f.
**Yusiilo.wllnt.i> Lotuk fort t he di,.,.''^ '1hehai;r-lb:,.m tn~furaeof our lt *:.,lue. ^^ Ih l"a
c;m ;tnd :will save Ihee !" said tlfe an-'cction- own counlr)'rme is prnveihtal. ]t is. when ;.' :^ 'yF .a4^ ^ "*"gu
ate eirL. ilrn-gufa.r. nir.Iy an iWjdehdhltinn of reck-.a forCli:, p i;1ati+u a'lh o0 a ^lr^r
l>pt-iaonep shook Iris head d|cspondm^b- less d~iirilg- 'when sysip~matii,+,l, ilt, dalle- prl. c ,w ^{tnln1 e P"^'.l^hn arln htel "wa+It
ly. J ~l,.I ftpr a h, t aU e e ,,sl~ ~ p n e ,c>. n,.,,.d- o us p~r,)prly wihld t, u,!d llle ili.-h .1 l. ?**'**'*-^ *"" u*or t h.^ -" k 0flhe!" 1. ^ 1
M 3!arv, this is oo, tim e f ur riflio g; tell diets irre.,isit;lbh,. I h ;ave in n n,- u l.l"tUr fair ch~.l'N or~ f*'. -p r ^ f th.^|
ni p, (' ;ii1 y o u i n d po d s aiv e mn e .? If y ou e ai n d r iv e n h u n d re d s J, i n : vi,:,ii n H ;!.,h l,,. '. [ .'s e a r I~y y o o, p ,,le m o ,o n -!y ih e w .ellf;> re n ih w it hr' a h al ftn, l l ,,f ,I ,., '_,o o n ,; am l ye t :, ta "- of m u chl g e3l '," '-m atia a;0 3 2 '.
,,f"m, s,,ul in a,, e1,dless eteri~iy--.hy the ihese v,.;ry men r,.ecr,,imd tllie ,'a,,ka 01 a ,,a ex.let an;, l ,t i,'n" ,l ..f : t pormalloat <^ fa
firs, ye;r.rs of o,, weddwi hove--l~v ;.!1 thi:,t ,i+ rcsie. ",ei,,e few ,,,>,,h.s .flelrwair~ls s,'lr,~e,~ onunn"hr "iJhl.^'% as ofu ei1"ri H
is near and dea>r to. .e! s we;.r to be a new; w!,i,.|;, Ibayonet to "bayonet, s-;,ntrd lhke skler 1r11 .w0s"""1' prechtygg pmid ^ih _"
m~ ,; *.' *she~r}, N,.p.l.-,,,s mtd~lh-, r.:,,:.d ; I, nent,,s the h u f tri al aod . Yle*S, recE]
]* Listen to nme. Louis," sti,| hils wifi., in dOnore., T" point oti th,. v.irtei.es!* per-, 1hrae i^ I'it. "| '' "^ y 8'" .,;, M
a c'le;,r, calin tote,." >t lsen lo itnIf yonl re- sotna ci'raoe wonhld le enillt-ss. fiv ifSd r.|..]' IS' ";vI K uilekta by '>| a'rf*id *4|.kl Bh-
colitect yo~u saidi, ot )o!r triai!, ih:tt you re-- Ihlillianl display 31trat wtnn a s|ile,idn repn. t %;or i"upie ^ He is' 'AS** 'ay^,
ceivfdl ihe money whicll.wnds foi):til in+ votr !;,tioti while by a.di'nffre'nt exlhil)iti,>tl Ney heri and' stanlp-d ",id lh."l"ce.lin^B
po,).session fr,..n a t;na. f.atled Lewis, whom a~t;tin(>d, even aitna Ih,,l m.,.lchles grn,,,ip llf a h"'r Il"1>v ( nanu,:, n^"G;^^-'&i
y,,, ,les,.-ril,e,l, ;>< i,[ .,,,, s.iuder. fnir eorn- of ,<.,lhlir.r; tlie m.tn.>.l o1f N ,p,,,hon. lhe .he i': "} ",",P* .1h 1ffhion ""ll'_.e I?*+'.,B,
Ip~l.-nomp. l,ri~lht blute eyes. and dIressed im l\rw\:ds<,ubrf.quet. o^ brave lt~s br.twes ;.nd "*1 'e.um :gf< "^ ilB
;tn ir, n y lr,.vf,,rk co.,t, white p,.n.,,l.nfls w.-n -a well-+'rlned itn~n.h.r.lily. An.' yet .'" _" *"e --nk:..i "~~al(. +^ ^

and blue silk tnetkcl.th; yyo1 are >t dream "li'rhldffereBtee of thse splendid soldiers, in CuRioUs TRA.-d'.o A"rtO.I^'ft.,ADuotK.-*'
11ha11 you will see thistiln, aud I will do tli ththir respective claitinm tmilit.ir superiori- There is hi Ihe po%8esin, ntuatdJ
r '-i" + *' ~yl was, re miarkable. jrai i. w lith glo j ,inus crofier, B roadl eD n l pari ,.h ibf rehe !ilor laipp~d at tlhe window and.l, s aui,;lacity at the. liteal of' his noble cavalry. mon dtick, nuw iwelv yea a, W
Youu wri6 4h, ;I'.IV11 h1 1111,,r.h1usind btut conspicuous by his whine-pliind cap), au 1l. l d 'g, regularly dl rig.tfi'&gjhter "easH IB
an lihoir-ir :has [):I1;rtd--v' m lsLretine fotndl eVeryiWhere where-lhe colPSi wa- ihe unlill the begitlling RIf I; .Avr,'" wbeb +h l
gat .... ... ox.Ewoa*4o 9.0-rl...,.Th.
an'l .-lie |im-sedlqiiickly out. holiest, "wonJevpnfrom rlis .til-I oltponenls. bega 'i' l. Iue n!.two
nlip cr:,i ,stt,, ii fdihe morning was juti (mhi, Cos`.sa'kP Iar, .),i rotndless admii- ,rop)iq& her lavirn pf'opeLy rI.j$efe
;ippeariii., when ilIe, ,iior will,ed ssu0lly i'in. I ;ion; while Nvvy. in ruin al a defe.ift-was wqeks, s4. weft" "rbuLi .tsie oC
louflhin M],irii natnd said, '-DAly haslcumo; :greatest; as. hi'lf-bnriedl in slnw-wreatd, ho .iygtatiun. gridnally oxchangia glh'eolO I
preie i-n die 't he ... ...exainit s ie, i p,-'andlralmly, wlixbn ail -.pf ilita crev, dk, ",r .d$ &and, I.tr fr l0H
-."eli0.. .. .. :1,i l :h n eet dreami '" ;,4 b,.,ille despiaired, pickfil pl ,p rot out thaL be-I',tiiul WlUi t f limp,'d : Her !,.
Morin,';eemiily w~iiig f, a eeiiirdloF lric \\Z-brns ofer lie,. ni&L^1 nd ntC-^iw~i~c'^ll^ R and^
sleep. centi,arniy., wT<,hwmei of olwif aouiialhy. rjtlx .t.,L1 1.^ bra eaut0 B
Wlh:t was it !" ls<<,Id he Jalor." G T..soldi,,rSrshonhid thojmli( nfo fmtr",!:urage grni,^^'h-^! (,rearne([-li ;is t w ,v a ,iht, ille malo si o h o o. udu- h:' ljl
I sawt-eiis imn. Lewis. wli cnve Invo ;h,.,biti*ablc.-HHints tl a sllier in, SariceA., oUped-f0p: jme.- anl C -,
accursed ,n,,py. and I toll I no. ofi.ri, and .. .,**-. ... :, *"* i' h ;t .t -. l.the
that you hunig.him iii my p laG,'.rephied&- Genius will always wnrkTrsw:jy lts rongh ilimiu'utrb!(.^.i4 k ,liy',3
or~ .""-' .- r-' /" .' ;as Ihe Pop't 0aid whenhle &a a?.hode"inthe 5i1, i4arg_fat, aiy ^ .. ... ",*;.
teap while the processlO.,wass'"'Aiwiy elbowof bis coat. .. ." ; .. '' '
"Me +' --W- ,, s! _.-."_t5',,','Y.z7. '"r '


" ". "' ,.

A ga.:

? ,



" I" .

Ou.r o

promptness at muster, o
and likewise to ex-Gov.
thle highly patriotic and
made to the Regiment.

e. The following gent
Agents for the CO.MMiRCIAc
* receive and receipt for subs
New York.
W.ii. W. GiiNEVEiR, E.q.
JAMES H. VWirsoN, Esq.

_ __




,o so short a notice. ..---e-- --e t ,,_ .'- '
rThe New York* herald says: ".* "therefore the Wseterir-, epreieflatation i
WbM. P. DuVAL for are pleased to learn that Messrs. Grinnill, Congres'.to aid a in procuring 1*c6 eCiS-
d eloquent address Minturn & Co., have determined to ardt ient protc ar oafr comm'do bommerc6
lhassee _Floridin. their packet ship Henry Clay for her next in die Gulf, as Afll.,ce upon eapitalis a
..._ voyage to Liverpool. Many others join in sense ofsecuritm ergard to property afloat'
li'EiTIS;- .... this precaution. This is judicious; for a in our water eqhal to that reposed ilia0 .
4nag thirty-two pounder, amidships, is the commerce between Atlantic, ports.
IDAY, MAY 30, 1846. best 'war clause that can be inserted; as, When reference had to the geognph. "s.
1."Iwithsianding treatis3fihd laws, and tile ical position of this city, the least scietifc ,m
fDERTSe areantdwill Mconsequent di^Bger of hanging, money will. obververmust at-one see
scriptions, or adverti Se- assert its control, and innumerable priva- placing it in an adequate state of defence. *
teers will infest every sea." -" Apalachicola is the key to a large portion
LE, 3S Wilhiam Suteet, I of Georgia, Alabama and Florida. The IU;,
w Orleans. S. Arsenal is only 150 milefrom this place
., Albaty, Go. *- At a public meeting hhld on Friday cye- 4--|cated immediately upon the bank oftthe
, Fort Ga ies, Ga. ning, in pursuance of a notice by the Mayor, Aialachicola River, and might now, or a"
Eufaula, ma Apachcol River and migb now, Ala.
P" 1 ..=*, o ..... P Pll- r w q r APk* ,-tn ltlh ...

.. ,- ,> '.- tu .uvua., any tine, be reached by an enemy, through. ,
and H. B. STONE, appointed Secretary. h- tis port, in a very (ew hours. At the pire

q-aa.Ipl i Iliitip ^jjf f

The recently- reported sale of the two
Mexican war steamers gave rise to suspi-
cious that the transfer of these vessels, at
this time, was a mere ruse to get them out
of the way of our. cruisers or to enable them
to repair to a neutral port, where they cold
be fitted out upon privateering service.
Recent evqts justify these opinions, and
we have reasons fur thinking fhat when they
next appear upon' the Gulf, they will be
ugly customers fbr unarmed merchantmen.
We have been informed, also, that Almonte
declared; long before M1exicahi and Ameri-
can affairs got desperate, that, in case a
war should break out between the two coun-
'triesB'Havana would be the port from
which Mexican letters of marque would
sail. Almonte is -now in Havana. t3e. left
M1exico to go as-Minister to France, but
changed his deslinaiuii when he reached
Havaona. The'r,.r,-srnt for this abrupt ter-
ininalion of his missions are variously given.
The impressioie was that his attachment to
the cause of Sauta ,-Anna induced him to
remain near the' person of his chief. The
cause assigned by those who know him best
was that ihesformer ministerr to France [Mr.
Garro] had recently died, and lie required
other instructions upon the happening, of
so untoward' an event. To most people it
would seem that Garro's death should has-
Ataa-brun in hiisjourniey, .,s i. left his govern-
menwi~vlhout a representative in one of the
principal courts of Eli'ropie..
Almonte, nevertheless, is still- in C(uba,
and it is not a violent presumption to inm-
r gine his business tHere to be that of issuing
, letters of marque, and getting privateers
ready for sea. The circumstances of the
case are suspicious, and it would only be a
wise precaution in out fleet to seize the two
i warsteamers reported to have been sold,
wherever they may be fbund.
i A-sufficiet fleet, also ought to be at hand
I to rfpress piratical expeditions against our
i commerce, should they be nndertaken by
other than Mexican bottoms. The busi-
. ness of privateering is at best equivoc'il.
s It is allowed between belligerents by the
_ old writers upon international law, on the
t grounds that any person, a citizen of a Go-
f vernment at war with another, has as much
. right to do as much injury to that other, as
s possible, as it is in effect doing his own
. country good bk crippling' its enemy. But
. this principle of lbjw s-should not be stretched
to cover every aimateur pir.iie who takes it
f into his head to rove on the seas under a
. commission from a foreign Government.
. There is no feeling of patriotism tol conse-
s crate his robbery. It is as cold-blooded vil-
- lai.y in him 10 depredate out commerce
under a Mexican permit as it would be to
rob under ae..coi ,iiiiiislon from the viceroy ol
" the Isle of Pines. An Englishm;,n, a
Frenchman, or a Spaniard, found under a
V Nlexican letter of marque, is as much a
! npte in morals as though he sailed under
e al,.-k flag blazoned with a 11 death's head
. ,r'd b lones."
i We le'reeive thtat tihe insuranceeoliicee of
e New Orldans have added the war O4ai'e iP
I their policies. The war risks are ;1-',ed
upon ally-,'l :.)ing hence. Thisfhows
t 'il it tli dnnleiwviiiers, whose business il.i,
V Io nrmot such ihin ei. (defeit quite prohiblhe
ii odnl, r are en,_-ged for piratical service.
] The danger of capture, fromn the vessels ol
| .Mep ico-would .iieiy. put up thie 'Irq 's
. threefold on vessels d,-iubl' (ie Capes, and
446 le, per ieni -upbn rrei-ht to the Gull
- .po, oi's.e Mexico, besides general new risks.
V It %o% l,. be well.-for Governmenl. t6 take
I| coun.,-1 if these indiv licn,-', aIind forA mie-
. rican eruii.rsnwh in ,hli_ Gulf to keel) their
a guns in re.ilintis.;, and use them,.too upon
y slight provocation. ,

TH: LAST.-The last reason 0" which
s we have heard for a man's goingto Texas,
was given by the mate of the-steamboat
i C 4,' ye.,terday.
It la Girpf." said he as he took his seat at
tile re.itfast table, "1I wish to give you no-
e tice that this evening I start imy steam and
Sput my paddle wheels [his f'eet and legsa]
in motion Cor Texas. I may get snagged 01
e run dh'hto some villanous Mexican sand har,
s but if ihe word to 'back her' should be
I given I'll be the last. to obey it." "Now
i caiilidn," he a.Iled, and here he dropped
. iti-i:ii|)orand s|)tke in words having a lii,.,,,I
i signification. "Now, captain, I have been
) on board yonr boat for. .fur years; I have
* had during that time $75 .a monmh, paid
- regularly lip, and my grub- devilish good
- grub at that--thrown in. But, ealpiai, af-
t er all this, I am not;-worlh Ihe first rod
cent. East is, it all went firom me in the
shatm? of esp~n-'e tor n,.:,i-i,,,,.lly whaling
fellows: now, I'm off to Texas Ihis evening,
*where I can do alt my fi,,hli'ii-4--a!l my
f beating on- ^those rascally Mlexicans free
gratis for noiliing. I'm off certain-sure-
,so "look out for my; successor.-"
,. : [ N. 0'. Delta.

How To, AVOID A DIAFT.;,--The annals
,of medical jnri,2.li'iidvt,, scarcely afford a
k mre ytiiicron case of feigned disease than
the one which occurred in llhs:;.city on Sat-
o urday last. A mao in Carondelet street, ex-
cessively frightened at the approaching draft,
was suddenly taken with' the most intolera-
t ble rheumatic pains in all parts of his body -
but to give the case a more serious aspect,
and remove all doubt frown" the minds of the
officers of the law, who were then enrolling
all able-bodied citizens, and who were hour-
ly expected, the man applied two large bis-
eers to different parts of his body, and in
this sorry condition awaited the arrival of
the .officers. In the meantime, 'his wife,
grievously affected %IWtil the cacoetlhes loquen-
di, communicated to'another lady, a neigh-
bor,-.the details of the case, in cI'uifi ,',n.
The neighbor, as a matter of course, found
it quite impossible to keep so good a thing
to herself; anti accordingly, when the en-
rolling o(fficel? appflaiI at her house, she
disclosed the % hole aifidir. The officers im-
n mtdiatety}repaired to the house of the
rheumatic gentleman, whom they found
writhing under the most e'cruidiin_, pains.
HU .dlowed them Ills blisters, ;ind nnide, eve-
ry posiiblep demopstration of' disease. B
what was tlie astoni-hinent of tlhe poor man
and his wife, when the Wfcers> 'coolly took
doun his name, ,-d informed him that they
%%eOe fully aware of ith scrion,; n.,rure4of his
alnients. having been duly notified (of Ilih
ruse-he wai eni-eavoring io pl): off fin ihem !
The podt fellow, in a rage, forgetting thae
helpless codiiion under dvhi) he was la-
6oring,'sprang froth his bed,, ture Tff'his blis-
*:,... ..-- ** c"0.. +.v i. --

ters, dashed about the room, cursed the
tongue of woman, and swore that lie would
never bo drafted. Tlie officers departed,
leaving the rheumatic gentleman and his
.tattling wife to reflect upon their follies.
[ N. 0. Bulletin.
We have received a paper containing an
account of the operations of the American
Tract Sciely, during the present year, and
we are glad to observe that its means of
usefulness have not only been increased, but
that it has used all its facilities to the best
possible advantage in the prosecution of its
great work.
*In tile publishing department 73 new
publications have been stereotyped in seven
la.i..uage, making the whole nutmiber now
on the Society's list 12)(7, of which 198are
volumes. There have been printed, during
the same period, 364,100 volumes; 4,922,-
000 publications, comprising 116,173.00d
pages. There h;Ivebeen circulated,366,906
volumes, and 5,158,898 publications, ma-
king a toial of 12.,3.643.593 pages. The
circulation of the Socieiy's volumes,.; .ias
been graduallyy increasing, while for several
years past, tile annual circulation ol' tract
has been ab;ut 30,000.000. The grants of
publications this year, over former years,
are more thanm 3,000.009 pages, of which
members and directors have drawn 3.830,260
pages; 26,874.986 pages were sent to Home
od Foreign Missi(Mi'.ry Staitions, and (i>s-
tifibuted through this country. Tie Col-
porteurs ,'and Agents of tie Society have
circulated nearly 18,000,000 pages.
The receipts during the year, by dona-
tions ard2 sales,.anmount to $153,916-an
increase of $8,825 over that of the previous
year.. Tlie expenditures have used'tdp the
ewire receipts, but no more.
The Colportage system has been found
to work admirably, and the number of Col-
porteurs has been increased so as to tlneel
partially the wants of ihe different fields ol
labor and the following is the present distri-
bution. Il Rhode Island 1, Connecticul
1, New York 27, New Jersey 6, Pennsyl-
viinia 32, Virginia 7, Maryland 4, Norih
Carolina 2, South Carolina 3, Geor-ia 7,
Florida 2, Alabama 10, Mississippi 6, Lou-
isiana 5, Texas 1. Arkansas 1, Tennessee
9, Kentucky 4, Ohio 18, IMichigau 4. Indi-
awn 9, Illinois8, Missouri 8, Iowa 1, Wis.
,consin 2, in all 175. Of this number 13"
are still in commission.
The foreign rel.-tioris of the Board wear
the most favorable aspect, and th.e zealous
labors of the Mtissionaries in France, Ger-
many, Turiiey, India, China and elsewhere.
have been crowned with success.
([Phil. U. S. Gazelle.
PACIFIC.-Tihe British Government lias
m iadeaii arrangrnlent bly which (lie West In-
dia Seamners, which leave Soilthampton
on. the 17th ,)`f each month. shall cairy r
r rimil, which will reach Ch:ilres or, he
2ost of ihe succeedinog nmonilh-cross the
Isihnmus, and on the 2111h be received ,o0
f board the PIaific Cowpany's slainier for
Peru and Chili. Returning. ttie sleamers
will leave Valparaiso oin tlhe 1,t of til(
s month, a after stopping at Cillaio. arrive at
Parrimi on ite "2lsr, mt ..tftlbe \.W est Indi;
inail oi i;-: r cnliiroi fro'), S,:,) Jiin i ;it (,lia"
' t's' t iO i e !1 Litii, ardi 'iiceefd flirricR 1t
" England. .
TALL TALKIN ....M, ay it please tln
court." &ald ai < _cilleumla learned inI law,
yesterday, addressiurg the jirge on tiri
Iench, spe"!.ing in repIy io' sorne rather re
plinanlt reinwirks tiat fell frioin a brothel
barrister--"M3!ay it please the court, reslin
ron tile coucl ot'f repub)lican equality, :is I
do-covere') by ihe blankf,4 of eonsiitnio)n.
al panol;iy, is I am-i-ald protecled by le(
awgis of Aiviericau liberty, th-it gre;it preserv.
alivev, political minsquito bar, under wlhich
even a liger can shelter, as I feel myself t
be-I despise the buzzing of a proi'essionar
insect, who hais just sat down, aud delf, lif
futile attenipts to penetrate, with his punl
sli.tg, he interstices of my impervions cov.
There is a welt-ktiown custom prevailing
in our crimiuat c;ilsCUI, of .issigning conn.
sel to such prisoners as have mii one to de.
fend then. :On one orcasion, tlhe (:nitr!
Sfirnding7 a nidri accu~s(d of lheft, anil withoom
counsel, said to a wag of a lawyer wha; was'
present, "t Mr. --, please, withdraw wilt
thie prisoner, confer with hint, and thier
.give himr such counsel ais may be best for
haiS interestt"
The lawyer and his client then withdrew:
and in fifteen or twenty minutes the hlw),m
returned into court alone.
Where is tie prisoner?" asked th(

"He has gone, your honor," said th(
hopeful legal 'liml.' "Your honor tolh
-ie to give him the best advieeI coNld foi
his interest; and as lhe said he was gzuihiy
] ltloughlt thie best counsel I couhd of ei
'h4im was to 'cut and run,' which lie tool,

at once. He is in Jersey, your honor, by
this time."

[Fioisi the Ne-v Oile io rn6 c]*"
The way to conquer iexiiob'is a matter
'of grave import. We are".in fier var now,
and it mnst be prosecuted with a re,4l1iip-
ness worthy of our-arms, or we stand dis-
graced before the world. We have permit-
ted much from Mexico; we have. bv our
indulgencee,' been ch'irged with nilpineness;
bu"fnagnanimi-ty has been ,onsttrued into a
wantof sirtenoib. The nltion isnow bound
-by every considertion of dignity and moral
power, to make' a demonrr.airon ithat Will
place us not only right before eie enemy on
tur border, but befi.)re the world. We
have got to invade Mexico, destroy her,
armed forts-iand dictate our sterns of peace,
irnot in her capitol, atjeast in ll midst of
,!her territory. ,'U-
N, We wait with imp;*iliere to lenr;thlie ac-
*4ion of the General Gtvefitient. We have
anutits of- the proinpiness of Mr. Polk.-
We fear that he will not act -efficiently, .al,[
-.prove equal Io the crisis. Twenty }ouso1ind
rmen should be poured into Mexico, armil.1
and equipped with the most perfect lmuni-
tions of war .. "
".The European nalioun. are wat,'hing us.
We have a milnibry fame. bhat is our strong,
est defence" if *,ts tarnished,. if "lhe Mrxi-
-can war is inefficieni.ly, conduclei1. it will
; requ'% years of warfare 0 place as right
." ;*.agaifttefore the world. :
* ' How sh,,ll it bl .-.ondiicted, is tlte qntes-
"tion ? 'WV .e codmerlrnting a corporal's
.guard on ihe Rio Gr;'Nle. .eak as, t is,
"the enemy'Will flee before it; they %ill lur-
ry themsplvt1s in the natural I, mtncsses of
*the couIWyry, ZniI issue ofrt inu 1mriies, to
murder and deviron. Such'ia warfare can-
oot be ended in\vear.;, and All never shed
any lustre upon tnr arms. We rust there-
fore make proper rep'trai in%,uand proceed
towards the heart o'" Mexi,'o.
.Tainuuliia.l, that" lies on the,. Mexican
siae of the Rio Granile, is almost" a barren
waste, andi desfitute oAwater. A kw green
spot dvrif the landlciqpe, wbecee a~
found living the rafycheus^ mniserable Ish-
-raiblites, who haveno settled hliuf-hes. It Is
: a two week'sjouraey for a mule, I)Pni Ma-
-tamoros to Tajmpico. An army cannot
,< ',thereforemove 1iu that direction with any
; possible hope o(fluccess. EtiEtward of Ta-
. naulipas,- tliecountrIy is richer, and offers,
forage for'horsee, and provisions for an ar-
-Any.. As you pass into NewLeon, you ap-
yroach the mining districts,' through which
-are to be found all the.important towns of
Mexico, Zacatecas is the. richest depart.
Swient, except San Potosi, which liesadjoin-
" ing.: It isjherefore proper That our armies
.should cross the- Rio Grande opposite,'Cor-
:pus Christi. They %ill by that means'soon
get into a splendil country,, comparatively
VLpen, and rich enough, lu support them as
,they pass alon_. By raising,.fte American
".flag, and offeriozt prroection to all who may
:flock to the standard, every town Ihriri,
. which onr:armny might p'it, would declared
against the-jKv,,lulti' ary lem ds -,> constant-
' ly presenting theniselveg ;t the apital-"jti
I b'his.way twenty.ilious,,,d men cWutd ninbve
& ,on to the rear.of \Vra Cruz, _a nd take tha
. lowa, the key to lhe interior of, Mexico.
On the other hand, a navy of sufficient
-force might blocka,le the coast. A few
'-._. ti ioilth'd ]lrr"*rall.-"> urtuJi enahih-<.;-,,,~~,-f
suecessfnlly to compPi-ne'Sinst lhe Si'oii,
w,allsil'San .onn^e Ul'o,i, ani we Cbluld
: the!. by bea. strik''e.blow iluii( Mexico wuulh
J feel, and lhat would be worthy of our rnb.
^ tionB i strength...
The -co,(', ,ration of forces opposite Ma.
tamorns will accsiligish buit little, if bpeV
-- are not in slifficleitijlpowpr to cross, an;d
c carry the war into 4tsenterior' NThe Mexi
:.'an wiill not stay on the Rio Grande to
.1neet American troops in a fair field. They
will rely upon the barrennusi of the territo.
* ry itninediately a'li.-,initiq ours for their de-
fence, and lake their own time to give us
S.1battle. We must therefore prepare for-the
. offensive. The Governineiui at Wpahingio :
7 2nust go to work in 'tlarne'Ii. lI/i"e hire no,
only Mexico, but all our enemies looking on
w pr~eparing to .insult us, or respect us, "as t
: meet Ihe Mexicans in the/present contest be.
,f re us. '
L.. et the American people, therefore, tak
S a bold and manly stand. Let its demand.,
beaworlhy of our power to enforce, equaa
jo the injuries we har~e teceiwrd. Lettlrert
:, Jbe no, despfieable eeonoir, y. ilhat will dis-
grace us; !no hesitation Ithat >'Will imnlily*;
*" want of self-reliance. We are obliged to
b~ring Mexico to onr owntermts; make he(
. : 'pay for the expensee of thie ,,ar shn has be-
/' -gun, or we are conquiereI, anud .will be too-
: Tally~and phssie.,lly l,,ien. T]h'is wir\^llh
1Mexieo is, tfferelurp, not the work uf ;t rely
inmonths, or In berfinished by a few soldiers.
]t wiil take two yVars *rU least to bing tkis
'war to. an honorable termination, and requuire
the-._est talents, and the advance-ment eli
Great" treasure. Liet us look, upon it in thie
..true light, feel the full force( of. consequences
t. involved in its condctleion an lI lrminatiou,
: and be prepared rtt....oiie sacrifice to su~stairi
I cur country in llhe sirug-le. .

.. PRIVATEER] Ni.--Tire President of ihe
U United States heing aulhoiized by Ian, to fit
out. vessels' now o ordinary, and also to
purchase such niervohiant vessels or steamers
as may beofitfed Ibr'warlike purposes, it will
'doubtless oeCtir to the Government that
c,"much may be done to defeat the purposes
''" of, Mexican*., privately'? by seMnding oUl rli-
"merous fast sailing clippers, cuniiainlne~bN
junior officers of 'lie Navy, and prdvide'd
with-an armament adapted for this specific
duty. .-Sach.a marine policy woaid be very
effective. -Our swift little 'cruisers, travers-
ing thi Gulf and the Atlantic, in the neigh-
borhood of the. West Indies abd the'South
iAmeriean coast, would carry terror to all
marauders, and afford" protection-to onr
merchant vessels along all the usual routes
- ,of trade.: :,' ": I I
-.Baltimore can furnih fast sailing vessels
-o. efthis desrriplioi,-clipper's that could over,
-, haul'any privateering craft on Qie ocean,-
- We cannot (,oubt but that th attention of
the Cxovertiment will be directed to this
mode ef slhieting our comnmercefroihrde-
piedation. Mr. Secretary' Bancroft" may
thus find' employment for. hi supteIltuuos
naval'officers; ['Bl/iino re 'Amcriean. :"
i . 'i* : ...
V- Thbe. omplairnt of the fly i'n wheat,
daily greats onr ears, and if 'ihe ravages of
that insect is as generaTas the fai-mers-seem
to.think, not. more Ihan a'balf crop will' be
reaped. -We 4.r ol wholefields 'being en-
tirely de~sroyed4Sn(f many, ver.y)"mnany, se-
-"iotsly injured'--[-'[ s .se a.) Herald.
,,a ,! ._o .* ._ ,



-'- It is gratifying to the friends of our
institutions, to observe how soon the citizen
is transformed into the soldier, throughout
our country, whenever an enemy approaches
our soil. One month ago our entire ;)opu-
lation was occupied in the peaceful pursuits
of life. The sound of the drum was not
heard- lhe ensigns of war were not seen
throughout our borders. Our twenty mil-
lions of people were engaged in the work-
:hop--u the plough, and at the desk. But
the news that an enemy was upon our soil
was heralded through the land-it passed
through the nerves of the nation like an
electric shock, and behold what a change !
From every cily, town and hamnlet-frlom
tie mountains and from the valleys breaks
forth Ithe sounds of military preparationn;
and the teeming North-the wild West-
the burning South-all, a'l send forth their
tribute to the mighty multitude now press-
ing towards the Rio Grande.
We are pleased to notice that Apa!achi-
cola is not behind other cities in patriotic
have had large'accessions to their roll, and
we understand another company is now
formed which has offered its seYvices to the
Government, if more men should be wanted
on our Southern frontier.
NAVAL.-The Boston Daily Advertiser,
of the 18th inst., says that orders have been
received at the Charlestown Navy Yard. to
prepare the razee Independence for-sea.
Orders have been received at the Brook-
lyn Navy Yard to get the sloops of war
Dale, Boston and iPrcble, and the frigate
Ma,,:,''.oiti,a ready for "ea at once. The
Preble, in obedience to these orders, was
.','at on the sectional dock on Saturday for
Orders have alsc- been received at Norfolk
on Sunday to fit out the U. S. brig Truxton.
The T" is to be commanded by Capt. Car-
The f,,I!,,wlrg .cutters are of^ ered tO re-
pair fr'>l!viih Co. T ie t at'of w r: Viz; : ,tea-
i,,ers ;r; Vr La ae, god Legare; schoo-
ners Wuo,,' r, Jr. lo,,.ris, aud For-
wuard-wilh an aglrtegate fofce [of two hun-
dred ai(! fifty nieri',ind th)irty-five g'nns, of
from thirty-two to twelve pouud calibre.
LiEXiT. PORTrR.-The WVashin.g-:on cor-
respondent of the Baltimore American says
that the meeting held in \W.'ashinlgton, on
the night of the 161ih, for the purpose of
raising volunteers, was addressed, among
others, by Lieut. Porter, of the Navy, and
son of Commodore Porter, the hero of'
Lake Erie, who made some touching %1-
lusions to his brother, Lieut. Porter, o,'fthe
Army'. who had been killed upon the fron-
ties by a parly of Mexicans. He had re-
ceived, he said, as the sole bequest of his
father, a sword, with which he would avenge
his brother's blood, or die in the attempt to
do so; and from his Spartan mother a letter,
which told him to come not to her, but to
go where his brother fell, to avenge his
death and defend his country."
Yestetday afternoon (says the Morning
News of the 21st inst.) was certainly unpre-
cedented in point of numbers. The citi-
zens of New York, forgetting for the mo-
ment a>l divisions and distinctions, turned
out in their strength. Democrats and Con-
servatives, Whigs and Natives, seemed to,
vie wilh each. other in the enthusiasm of
the occasion. '"-'e have attended very many
meetings in New York, but never before
oUCh a ones 'is h tvas. ]t, innde Ihie heart
of tile true American swell with patriotic
joy. We look around onl the imnretnse

Iue I nuair siitu.i lUn u tc ue j tlct o .

it moment the city is entirely, destitu*l.of A .
ery means of defqnce-witl beav- -x
unition or fortificatio0ns, while Iar f ian -
es of produce are constantly irrifgfrom ''
e interior, for shipment. Under theso
eumstances we think the time haaartjxed 5.;
en we have a right Mo ask Aovenm@ta r.
opt measures promptly for't*
our interem,-xoaoected awthey
s already b4a. e hopwi. .:h,wia. a l:..- 4 .
iport-ant section of tbe"n(Iot''r C.6 ~ T
id would respi-ctfully submit tieffi
solutions for the adoptiooofthe meetiug ,..
Resolved, That the City Council of Apawdii-
a, be, and they a* hereby requested toefma. "
lize the Presidenof the United States 0 ,
fenceless condition' of the city sand t
Ralachicola, against any attack from IL ". "'
*my; and that the said Councl be requestW. "
embody in said memorial the urgent Wulfr. ,^
e community in this respect, and thesfoln 1 4
vious reasons why they should receive the,v "
diaie attention'of the National Executive. .? -,
Resolved, That said-pemorial, together wit' :.
e pr'ceedin,.,s of this meeting be forthwith for.,- "''
tided to our Senators and Reprtegloive bv,
W'ress, urningt hem to procure from CDreigmt
wjpropriation for the defence of thj.-Hwbar.
Resolved, That notwithstanding out defence& ,- .;
s position, our citizens will hold themselves in' ."o
tdine-s, promptly to respond to a callrntie the- r
-sident, for volunteers to prosecute -the war #
a in st M ex ic o .:-
Wsi. A. Kain, Esq. moved their adoption,!.
[ich was carried. ..; /*
Dr. Sain'l W. Spencer moved Ile
Bcretary forward the preamble 'toJre]od- "
tions, with the proceedings of tbi meet(
gs, to our Senators and Rep'resentative in
ores, which was carried. 4-
I-.hiW. \riRat, Esq. moved that they'd f /
blishedfwlnich was carried. >_*^- .." a <'
On moiion of Joseph Foster "Esq. tbhd '^.
%eting adjourned sieidie. "-. -
E. C0 ROBERTS, Chair'n .- .
H. B. STONE, Sec'y. : 1 -1.

P KIVATEERI z G.-Tlae'WashingronUiniol ,
ys-A[)prehq|ions fb.ve been expressed '
it MSxiCo may isstr.teftr of-imraqe o .-..
..*li-^ycr in -Cubirlt-t'ortilse' +"I~
e commerce.of the U. St;ir-es, aftid "
ivaieers may Le fitted ou",in the po! 0of1.
at island for this jiarious purpose. ip- 4
ed. it has bqeejft gested lhat ibe two. "
iexican steamed w i bih Bive been rece ..t- ,.
transferred& to the.,-avanif" have b 1- ,
nt there wif this-objeet. We. know. lfil t :'
e govASiVnent of-pain would not saneti6n *60
Io!*i proceeding; but it is not genih'ljlk ._"'
o~n that a Spanish subject 0ul unotlS' ,, .
pt a commission for this purpose from -.
e Mexicap government without -being.-,
ilhy of piracy. For public inforniationi j '
e copy the )*tth article of our treaty 4t'ilh. ._
pain. of the 20th October, 1795. Aidicfi.-
:le is uow in force: ,
ARTICLE 14. No subject of his Catholic *' ;
majesty shall apply for, or take, any com- '
"ssion or letters of marque, for arming any -v1,
i p or ships to act as privateers against the "1
riited States, or against the citizens, peo-
e, or inlhabitai. of tlhe said United States,
against the propertyvof any of the inhabt- ; -
nts of any of them; from any prince or ,l' *
ate with which the said Uuited. States
all be at war.
"N,r shall any citizen, subjectt; .or i .bab-
ant of (he said U. States apply fpr,' ott
ke, any commission or letters of *arque ir
r. arming any ship or ships to act as priva-
ers ag",,st the subjects 'f;hj8 CatholIie:..:
ajesty, o"r the property of any of them,
om any prince or state with .which the said,
ng shall be at war. -'And if any person g "
other nation shall take such commIssioS Vf .
tters of war e, he shall be punishMd d as i
irate. ':; .
"Tlhat is, he shall he "hung by the evuek ,\ ,._
tillhe is dead.1' ..-, ; ; !" ^
Th : ewrt< cotij ctaio, a 4u iif -
olm an offiqefr in the Armny of Gee, riay, ;/, ::
r, in which is related the peffor antai of<:" < :
gallant exploit by Gilbert.Dudley, a youth"" .
r19, attached to the "Army s ,.. :..
Returning (wo days ago from one of our ''
lOSt ,advanced pickets, whi.ther h~e bad"- ,,"
en sent to convey orders, hbe-ine g~ex:-; .* ': ..
*etedly upon two Mexican "soldiers,.'pyht- : '*"^
ad., apparently, just rowed across the ~iver, ^, ..o".1
cd .-were refreshiug then selvea.'inf a cool '' "-
ade, baying -pilaced their musketS, ill '!
loughtless security against a neigh~trina.,- .
ee. Gilbert was equal to the "emea.eecy ?.^ '
e sprang to'the muskets, threw on!optf". ,, *,,*:
ie gi~ound, and srep'ped upon it. h w wli~teh't '{,-5
ie othtr he menaced the jives 'of' hi o!yo- :
ents. iThey cowered beneath" bil! eagle' 2
lance, and retuctantly pursned the coarst Ly ^1

hich he indicated. .He carried the twct f *
uskels upon his left shoulder, dreW.h bid, "
oord as,, sort of pacificator aiid'^htis.,,,:"
arced. them, at a respectful distance in ..'
dvanue, straight into camp! ..,: -A
From them .some desirable information ;."
as obtained: after which they were led ,, .
indfolded out of camp, set aifely i t16 ith ...."
oats and dismissed. When .Gilbert was ".lf''
Asked how be was able to'm.inakei such a L..
ouble prize, he gave the Paddy'A reply, -j '
ud said, .Faith'I surrounded '.lu..; ., e ^
t .t "* < o
(tj, The Volunteer printers at New Orleans re., v 'v
used the tea dollars bounty for"enlisting. Juf ": y.-,; ..
Ite cfn., ik. .-- '" a '" '*
*. -.-; *.'.- "- #!!. . "
. ,- *

i e r a.

tle meeting.

. '

WM. A. KAIle, Esq. addressed the meet- ant
ing, and moved that a .committee of five Wt.i
be appointed to drafe -such resolutions, the
expressive of the sense of theoessenibly, as e
hlie occasion demanded, and report at the wh
next meet, which was carried ; and WM. A. ado
KA o..lnO;H GopnrR, D. K. DoGei, JNo. of
C.MAcLA and S VV'I, W. SPENCER, were has
c(iroen that committee. .- imp
On mlotion,"the meeting then adjourned an
to (feet to-morrow at 10 o'clock, A. M. resi
E. C. ROBERTS, Chairman. j
H. B. STONE, Secretary. co12
The citizens a assembled on Saturday,'at def
10 o'clock, A- M., E. C. ROBERTS i) the Ap
Chlair, when the committee, appointed last to e
evening, reported the following preampje the
andd resolutions:- me(
The committee appointed by the citizens . J
of Apalachicola, at a public meeting held
on the evening of the 29th inst., to report.^j
u-pon.the defenceless state of our city, and "IT)Ie
to suggest the adoptionwof such measures I e.,
as would secure to us that protection and rea
preparation for defence which our com- Pre
tnerce, trade and position entitles us, and
which our I- esent existing foreign relations
dematnd, would' beg.'tave to subiitl the fol-
lowin. pFr,:;nb!e awud're.oilutions for the e
adoption of lli" in(c;ng: lut
Lidying upon tbe pacific policy of our tin
own -Aoveftirnieall(aiid the getieral disposi- Co
tionl exhibited all over the woild, for the last
thirty years, to seek the "triumphs ol.
peace" rather than those ofr ar, thenind -
of our citizens have not been drawn hereto-,_'
fore to the contemtplation of our exposed
condition in case of hostilities with anxNai-
lion.'rt We have noticed, to .4e sure, thar
large appropriations ho -.Fi n annually" -
,'nade, by the General Governmnent, for the' `i,
con.-truction of defences along the title ..f tha
t i 1 o n A .
tiers, ij imes of profound peace-we haye 'Il(
rqhi;ifked lhal u|,liLd|Jiiiiiinl fno conipail I1-3"
'lol wit!) th is cit" i n com nercial importance, i'h,
have, for ye-ars, been receivi;;ggovernmen- 'e'
:to, aid for their local defences,-still we t1,
have, hitherto, omitted to uigeour claims, ty
considering the scrailnIe lor appropriations set
t--he dictate of local interest and local spe- thE
c.1l.1 iimoratlh r than a regard to the national sut
de;oncea8.. \Ve have again and again heaid km
it stated, in publicspeeches, in ihe Halls of "
Congress, that the southern seaboard should 1h1
be horrified at the idea of war-that we had -'u
an enemy within always ready to co-operate we
w4ith an enemny front without for our de- Sp
structionI-that thevorts of the Gulf were tic
in close-Lin dangerous proxiniity to the
West India Islands-all of which are in M"
possession of European Monarchical Pow-..h
ers. atid of course, antagonistib to us and ouVU1ti
institutions in feelings and in interests-slill 'PI
we, and our neighboring Ports ii the Gulf, or
under this array of impending dangers have stl
not, heretofore, importuned Governmert sh
for appropriations fur our protection and de-
fences. And this sense; of security (perhaps "th
i false one) would likely still have contin- fo
u(ed had not the experience of the last te,
month taught us that our interests demanded m
from us a different course of action from "'
that hitherto pursued. On the occasion ofk.
the late rupture with Mexic6-f-a nation im- lei
tyccile in every characteristic and entirely pi
destitute of maratinie ;.resources, we find
that the exports from the Gulf ports hafv t
become .the-subjects of an-extraordinary-
tax for insurance. By an agreement ofuu- fr
derwriters the premium of Insurance has 1o
been increased 200 per cent upon shipments a
made frotm the Gulf Ports, wh~le "shipments ,of
made from the Adlantic Ports, as far South"
,as Savannah, are only subject to the pro- m
mium of Insurance charged in peaceful ,p_
times. This fact alone is sufficiently illus- Il;
trative of thej'ustice of our claims upon the at
government for additional securities and st
defences in the Gulf of Mexico without any t
further comment, And certainly when'Con- 1,
gress reflects upon the vast and rapidly~iu- Ih
creaising;value of the commerce of the Gulf th
Ports, and considers that all our exports are .m,
subjected to an extra premium ot insurance w
of 2 per cent upon their value over Ihat m
paid from Atlantic Ports, in iltideralion sr

of their supposed greater exosbuic to cap- m
ture, the reasonable!ss and justice ofourad
application must be. acknowledged. The w;
inhabitants of the'.Valley of-lhe Mississpiti bl
'are also concerned in this ntmattr-the value 'b
,of their produce is, from like causes, equal- as
ly depreciated with our own at the present all
moment, ud'der the -ery unequal distri-
bution of the national defenses and gov- fu
ernmental protection; and e would ask 14

, % ..'" '. '

S. *. ,

", '
* .


., t;

Dr. Lang, enclosed to him in a letter from multitude, and
D.W.. Hoorne, Esq.,of Jackson CoounIty..h drawn f'om the
was taken from a-Lamb of only a year's
growth, raised by Mr.' H., and for length enjoyments of l
and fineness surpasses any thin,, we have litments upon m
ever seen. The sample shown us was natural rights,
eleven and a half inches in length, and from ,'us rejoice that t
afleece which weighed Ven .n e thus alive
.pounds. A small portion of this sample we'e thus alive
may be seen at our office. The Doctor in- felt that with th
forms us that Mr. H. has several of this vast assemblage
splendid breed for sale, and (that he himself want defenders.
-intends to commence the raiin of ttfem.-
Tlipre Is no country better calculated for FT DUEny
-sheep than Florida, and yet very few of our
planters keep'enough even to supply their have taken plai
own tables with mutton. We hope to see tween Gen. Ar
things changed in this respect before long, Noble, Colonel
and Wool form an item in our exports s ylia Al .iI
LTallahassee Florid'ian. ,, ,
: former. Th11d
VOLUNTEERS FOR PES.ACOrA.--A. fine on Friday, the I
Company of Volunteers from Lthe Sixth inor the instant
Regiment, to be held i' re;alinesi for the p Ib,,,,p .p
defence of the fortii.' aiions at Pensacola,
was partially >r.m,,riizvd ysioeday. They body was remove
number already sixty-four men, aind will por- eproner's inques
bably be increased on Monday. We %till to hlis molher's
announce the names of the officers and plr-
I ,. ". m e at prevailed
',lvai here.dt'er. ,,. .. ,
The Colonel of (,h1 Rgimea, is much. Arxmour had .b
indebted to his fellow-citizens i?-for .their the county jail.

LARGE FLE.CE--Jackson County Wool.-
A specimen of Wool from the [Lincolnshire
breed has been exhibited to us by Ihe Rev.

the reflection that they were,
e cares of business and the
hometo express their sen-
matters deeply affecting our
interests and honor, made
the great mass of our people
to these great points. We
he spirit which pervaded the
e, our country would never

L.-A fatal duel is said to
ee in Carlisle, (Penn.) be-
rmour and Col. Armstrong
ofthe 197th Regiment Penn-
,.-.wliile under review of the
Ilfilully resulted in a duel,
15th inst. at"4 o'clock, caus-
t death of Col. Noble, the'
ing close to hi heart. The
ved from the fatal spot after a
st "had been beld and taken
house. An intense excile-
iu regardto it, and Gen.
een arrested and lodged in

1 1

Pt.-_E XHERS. '
%..' Pr-r st.rnr Agnes-Capt Sutton; Messrs' I-I D
Daiadci-, Balle.-ij, Spratt, Wood aud.Austia.
Per steamer Agnes-57 bales cotton to Lock-
hotr & Young; 36 sacks corn to. Wyiie ,c .M',\- n-
zie; 1 -box tobacco to 'Wm G Porter '& Co; 4'
bbls turpentine i.) E M.-.'",iiv. ",
P'P'r I. ,,n,- N,,i,,i-i-l5ro (ales cotton to o Ho--
aid F',h.1it'f.rud: 10 10 '*'inip>,_ Cheever; 2sito
C hoc,-t .: ,. ',i: 71 1., Lockhart & Young; 64'to
John C 'ii., !.v: 44 to. HarperA-, JT lijj P; 43'lo
Fl-.,.'b, e !!,L rJ; 2U to W iinr I lhui.or -, t lih &
11,.; 1 'j, .\ N .Mh.'ay., 10 ,i uM m G Porer A:
Ctj; 10 to qrd-r. 0 .

.. .... ^' : .. .. -




: `~ ~i-~- --i---~n~r~ -~Praewerm~ ~B~onru-L ;;kLr^d~L~;Y~-jr-~L~J-IYadEIYIIZdPCT~

Albert G Semmes,) -.-<..
Elias S-impson. j .....
B"y virtmqjf an alias fi. fa., to me, directed frodi
the knklin C3ircuit Court, I have levied 6a
L(.ti 1gW 2, Block 19, in the (Cityvof St. JoePh.
and wilt* (,fer the:same for sale at 12 o'clck,"m
the first Ainiday in July next, to satisfy said,& -5
fa. Sale on the premises.
per J V. .IOSES, Deputy Shff.
May 30,18-1"7 22-ta .
Head (tuarters,
N, TOTICE is liereby given Mhat there will
L'l an 'election on Wednesday, 3d June next.
1,)r Cumpany Otlicers, 1st Battalion, 3d Regiment,
F. M. Brat No, l, coinmencjng at Cherrjgatreet,..
running north and west, within the .itiittaf"
i','riti.l~n cc;;:ty*,.at the house e(. C. 3 tm -gtor"
uilder the irnspectio. of A. L. Clements and C.'
B.finrton. Beat No. 2, corr mmerncing at Cherry
trirt, running south to Centre street and wvettq
the BUy, the Apa!achicola Exchange, under
ihe inipecln~ of Wrn. Peck and John A. Mitchel.
L e;.t .ni, 3 coT-meirpncing at Centre street, running
south to'the Prtn.menade and west to the Bay, at
the house.-of Jos. Schrotd, known as the Atho-
neum, under the, inspection of P. W. Cullen and
Anson Hanrc(f k, for the follh, wing officers at each
beat: 1 Captain, I "First Lieutenant and 1 62ic
Lieutenant. ,"
By Order of the Colonel.
Lt. Col. m'dg- 1st Battallion, F. MX
Apalachicola, Way 22, 1846. 21-3t..
I9m.naway Negro For Sale. :
N W.ednesaav 24th of June, 1846, I shall
exol*e for sale, at public outcry, at the
Court H id se (Cou:Kvil Chamber) in the'city of
Apalachicolh, one NEGRO MAN, atout thirty
years old, stold as'f runaway,. slave, by virtue of
an act passed by the Legislafcre of the Territory-'. ,
of Florida, approved Nov" 21, 1528.
ink Shenff Franklin County.

~u~u4N*jg~~-u~nu~u-l~a ~111~4



. 4







least the English portion of it-breathed in
sympathy. Sincere joy and hypocritical
thanksgiving, medals and promotions, starq,
garters and titles of the nobility, or the
heroes of the Sntiej"-these atested the im-
portance attached to the successful issue of
a contest, the pendency of which htid (lie
effect of a diversion in favor ofanyo therpow-
er, between which and En,_hland the calamity
ofa war mig-it be then imminent. The Sikhs
were therefore in sonmo sort our allies, un-
consciously to themselves; and not only on
that account, but by reason of the merits of
their case, it becomes us to sympathize wiilh'
and pity thiem i.i.i the day of their defeat and
subjuglmtihn. Thfe hand of the great nation-
d; robber is upon themn, yet we may not
'Ie'jit;inatelv come to their relief; tile day of
reaction und retributive justice will, how-
ever, assuredly come, vhen emanciouated
India will rejoice in the fruition of its reas-
serted and restored rights, increased in vawue
by the prevalence of more enlightened views
(if all that we are wont to 1i0Abrace in the
idea of civilization. Thji result is ineviti-
ble, as consequent upon the operation of
natural la-ws, which courts and cabinets.
'.and armies, must always oppose in vain); it
requires, therefore, no great stretch of fancy
to bring inio view a state of amicable rehvi..,
tions and extensive commercial intercourst.
between free America and emancipated Intl
dia. Sikh tars may yet be seen dischar 11
Ing avd taking in cnrga in the rcimiicar)n
State of Oregon, while Yankee clocks are
keeping time for their wives on the biinks of
the Sutlej and the lndies.-[Bait. Sun.

AN A.CT makingappropriations for certain forti-
fications of the United States for the ye.,r end-
. ing on the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight
hundred and forty-seven.

TORNADO..-This is the very significant. EXPORTS.
natne given to the charger intended a. a LIVERPOOL-Per ship Dauntless--2172baIes
present-to the brave and patriotic Captain c t n' ,, Gregory-23
W aler. of the Texas Rangers. W e ,a r NEW, coton.,- rer Fehr D S Gr ory--30,
this noble animal at Tatiersali's Liver..t,. ....
Siables. He is a brown horse, standing be- i --. .. *pEOCLAITIATION
twen 15 and 16 hands lhih, and comhines s
sirent,-:h, niettle and activity. The gallant 4 L'*'."'i.;"R...;'Z
Caplain, witp mounted on Tornado, will _. ^.^
sweep tlfro,,h lthe Mexica host wil,) the i ^^- ^.'
blijiihin effects of lite Simoou and the de- \ .,;.,,,/ *
vastatig ravage-s fthe hurricane. Torna- I _-'" ...
do, winl no doubt prove the war horse of'3
Job, whose neck is clothed with thunder.
H[e saith an, n.,, ,he tr pes ha, ha a .EAD QUA ,F1VAILITIA,
,- ~~~- J'TANjU'l .' r (~:ArLNsOPPmcr,. ,
he sielleth the Iattie afar off, the thunder T.llahas-;ee, 2G-h '%lay, 1946. )
of the capltitni and the shouting. The P '..U.S.T.... .. vir!_ bteen rni.de by the
glory of his nostrils is terrible." A,_ eCrf-tary [N. 0. Delta. i- lorida |tor one; Bat'ulica uf V,,n p eers, to con-'
{ sist of 'ive cornpaiJi s o!' InFantry, to be eilriyod
"Whv have you volunteered ?" said rath- in 1';, scrvil-e o! t'1.e United States wVi,(never
er a careworn-looking newlv enrolled veuin- li'eir services shall b,? required; public notice
leer, ye.-terday, to a flue-looking young ,thereof s hereby s v:rl to the patio-ie, people of
thisdte. The GI,.vr or i.3 lully s-itisfied that
I'n sold iiier becus I a mbIic a,mnunceiment of' the call madew~on0
6 lrfy, I vo!;inie?;red because I have no i;'l,,,,i..!aw21 be a sufficient appeal to lde &tri-
wife, ard go in for war," was tie unqnii0o- riso, i her citizoi.s to ensure an intmmtiatc offer
cal reply; "and now, why have you vtluu- t, v,!,:;teers suflecicit to ineet the renuiren~ent
,cered.P lie ad,,ed. | f t;.-(Governtreiit of the United Stats; and that
"Ali!" said the careworn-countenanced ;t.e ./tual hostilities nw.v exiting beCwee': the,
iitd e man-for lie was little--with a signifi- i u le'l Slatis and I.,exico will s;;;;cst the ne-
"41t si.:h,. "I have volunteered because I ce vty hei teir inin(dia?- organization, prepar-
| .. a\ ife, and Igo in for peace at,*,"t ,, t ,,in n.'- I into tolie service of the
^1 to\r >0 D delta. Ui:t Sr:.t(.,. L-Ceh c,.mu.a;v wi't consist of
ornt,(';" t:' o, twor .i ,. l;, f .:.mX4 l !fCur
A STRANGE V --VCroCT.t man lately .., .-.vo, -and sixty-towir privates.
m,) nr,,n w .-i b-.-,,., tid inder the r;,,k (A* cor.n-
sted another in the Supreme Court at nisio.K !;'!cer, who is in years ap uzreitiy ,,vcr
Gteenfield, 'M a.zs., for slanwder, in chi,rging ;,,t--.ive cor u;;d.r ,i'.,!1'Q \, or wv,.o is iof in
himn wilhi being an insolvent and a hormHfe- i)'iea! s# rewt ti, at d v;:or. The c: thief. The jirv Rave a verdict for thir- t -- exislinig laws plaintiff, and appraised the damages on the aid wvill be received frm ary part of the st.-te.
first count, insolvency, at 5170, and on the As sn. a:s e:-ch cCmpa, s*nv sbail be orz:'niz-,d,
s,.cond, horse-thief, 8" t!:ey will-will ba em-tilled and reported ,*y the
"" c(,nm'r1;,dini officer the:reof to t;ie Commaud.,r.
- - "-T-"-"...."- _--I-.-----i-- p-.cf. The G( vernor repeats his r.-liance up-
-P-0 \ F T- f. TAon the patriot isn ar:d- ;rom|,tt!ess cf the inilitia of
---__ _..-- ............ .. ,,, th ,e Gver;,or :
-'LLM;aAXS ON THE 'MARKET. AdJ, ..,t and Inspector General, F.M.
CoT'rN.-We have had another dull week in ]ADQUARTEH FLO:;1DA MILITIA,
the coton trude, the same causes noticed in o;;r AJu'r.%';-c.ENT E G AT' OS E
previo,, rep',rt, c('.n4mn in'-, to operate with iin- Iaiiha-ie0 2oth ?.,.<, I8-18. )
creaeId force. The sales of the week have been V ,THERE.AS, an eletticn was held on the 6th
limited to a few hundred bales at very irregular VV6 d.,y cfA;r'l 1-6, i'r Field Oir-cers of the
ories ranging from 6 to 62e. for middling, and var:-us ]Divi,,io:;., Brig'.des, .Reirnent..a nd Eat-
n&,r~ far t i no amos ir. t!!,s 4")hefloria Mili',iD: and it applearing;
abo rt.G6 fo r ""n ir. It is now alm ost i t 3 o t, r;
..c ,ta. echage ase u)or shp-bv a full canva-.; of' the returns made to the Ex-
rossibIe to ..eg.t...a;.e ex ane based upon .,hip-
mps io at(s tte-ot e ecutive Officer, that
Smp1-,s, lia con,-s'.qnce of parties at the Nortn re-^ Vii',i; )W^il'y., is elecIed M J.,M general l of the
i fnsing to accept in tl; p,;;t u',eietled, sate of first Mivi-ir.n. Ji-cksot. M.onrton, Irigaidier Gen-
! aff/ri. Ins. ir-nce c wc..rin, the w. iis'.," they ,.:ral of' the firf Lrigade., A. K. Allisw'., Briga-
co etnIihertno security a,-aiius-t cpptire b' privateers. iier Gu..tral cf the second Brigade. Jamne 0.
'W e aJain omit qu.;;a;iins, there having been no Gooper, :' .ij.,r G-eneral cf tha second Division.
i riuel P-el, Erivdier General of the third
sales fI.r the lust few days upon which to base e n 1 .. .. r Ger of'
prices. the fourth rhp,-de.
FKRIG.-ITS--O'r port con.i,,i-es very bIne cf-hripl Henrvy F. l:'raham, Colonel of 1st Reriment.
i )in. The trantt:, icns for-.ih, weelek have beer .1 0-.-ha-l Q."i.-!ies, Lt. Colonel of do. William
yb.'i- for New York at 7-Sc. and (Vie to arrive at '.vVoy, Ijaj.r cf* do.
Iilip same r.te f,,r fnll carzoes-and yesterday an CaAi n.. L Cj td, Coloncl of 2d Rp-imer~t. A,.
e w a mad tlc. for a full cargo to R,. Pelch-r, Lt. Cionel of do. Anthonv H-
Z_.. ". c ... "a... .istlwq ]!,Mal(r (if do. '
_w York. A v-. of 10:,0 to 400 baes cal- R. J. IFlovcJ, C'l,,,, of 2d Regiment. Win.
"ity has e;E,-."rd 5CO ba!es to Llerpool ut 7-Sd ,l. Iti.lh,'Lt. Colo el of'do. h. H. Ntf.b-
,' -,om ? silt-i pairc'- to fiit[ vesels already on the ."I:)" M -,.r < do.
berth havw b-rn tliken ,,t t'i.: same rates. Stin' l S al'C. P,,lar.ny, Colonel of 4th TRegiment.
W e zfi:l -. ounate o;.'r toc: of cotton unappro- C. O uge, Lt. Clo.;elotf do. John Brett, Jr.,
.nriated at l2,i;i0 b,!) s. ,! M aj,,r of d.
S ........... .. ... ................. JTi Erskine, C olonlr. f 5th Roeaiment. John
I 'A ,,,,,,,, E, ME.., T. ., X ; J',frs.ntl, Lt. CloL, -. uf doi 11" '. i DSOn
' * i ,.,c~ "J i ,r ,-, do', *( '*
: ;c,.0: of hiaid 14t '-plt .. .. .....4 3 '.. S. ?'i'.,ley, C .lcrel rf 6:' .c im nt.,Jas.
. . .- = S'^^ ^ ^ ^" ? l .i ^ ^
, I'..~f r.. F.. .-:, ,- a" r,, .
"| ''o'alb^.-bsl ---l:.1,9Sj!491.5S Ttii:!as Jief"tf Heir, Colonel of 7th Pceimeiit.
- A ~.... .... ,4 "i 'i' ". "
,: x : "." ',pat I "ek.......... S. "] R;-.11, L. Colui.ine o do.. .W R V'aison,
'" ,.,i,'yiou ty ...1...... 36,">2 ,- : ar o! (,.
ot l.......-- ,.71 l. L ivi.i lf 1. .{ ,Colone 8,h R egim ec^ '
.~7 ..., .l, ,l" )'h T R ; eh a r d i ta L t C 6 o :.- .: l o t d o L e
O n h na n i An1 1 15. b a io : n o t c I e a r e d l ,l ; .t" -,
"*V-1r'-- ,t i' ,1 u.r of do..--
E7POSI.s 01. C.0 T3O FFTC-; APA1LACs--rOO A-, J, IJ C. l\Glot, A,,l,,nel.Qf. 9th 4e2Iienr. A.
j U-iiUtciu Ji ^*,.--ir Ifl-aul i~ni 1. 1.1 i'iL. Co.lunfclTF do. %Viiis Cbario-
im~e inIn 1 ,-." ,. - ,. "
.... =- -=_ '_--- .. . berlin, M ajOr oI d. 7--
--r I Pat 1PreFi --Io"'"l f st Henrv W.' Clark, Colonel 10thRegiment. Wtn..
w.i.i.ER.XP.O.RTE. 170T"LI f-ea. ch "n.ih n, Lt. Colonel ot do.. 6eorge Helverto:),
Liverpool ........ .... 2172 ".f26' .2866C' .420,11 Major (,f do,
-havre .... ............. ...... .,3 9. .;.!l .25.> Ja es A. Goff, Cclonel of 11th Regiment. D.
ntzx................. ................... ..127 G fliard, Lt. Colonel of do. V-m. Lockwood
T rf te.t............ ......... ........... 242. aj.r ( i f do.*
Other.orts ........... ....... 51.... .9501.-. .,4);, John M. Penn3, Colonel 1-2th Regiment. Ed.
Tctal to For. Ports. .i7;r.307.55i-32927 .2,')50 D Tr:cev, Lt. Color, 11 ot 1-2th do. Nathao Nor-
.. .... .. ...-! ton, mia ,;r oto do.
New or.............. ... ,.2:5"". 2. : ;',. ,aCIs 3. Dancer, Calonel 13th Regiment.
P::', :.................. 6::: .(;.-)! W in. B. Fail, Lt. Cu onel of' do. ichael Usina,
P fiiii d,;,)!ia .... ..... .... .. I. ,. .9.^ .932 .20 17 ^ ^',l *(r f d :..
t3 tiiii~ n 'r. .... ....... ......;.. i 9911".249 ..1."55t A l,;xa ,:;ter Patte rson, C olonel o f 1 .1th Regi-
Nrw Or'-.i .............2.2374J .237-1 ..o.,;3( mieat. .V 'D. B3. E-lcley, .L,. Coloi,;i ol do. C.
O liel' ;i')i- ..... ...... .. .. ... .2;)1';j.! .2)4i() .17J(, Boyl, M a;jor of do.
T,)t.d Coa.-.,\'se .... ... 2,.3:. 55041.50787 .DI1^.0 iew Tt!!:IIFORB BE IT !KNOWX-, That the
Tt) .. --A -<--- I -- -=-- un ,:-TF^a,, -t^v na'.no(d i.,ers,'is are. hereby i,rocl.;imed duly
...~ l. L'.. .^ 'J4 electe-d to the various commtat~ds d.si,'_,:ted, and
M ; r .- ,,, ^ -'"'^ Tl;-,7, ,; f $ -,- i v-. ,; wh eln commissioned" wi;, b! obtyed and respected
*' [ tii I ih | :| 'l 3' 1 t' i< 'l! 11 ]!" accer,.ti-'-lv.
,iijUU li -; ........ avail hiimself of rhils occasion to brig to the
POiLiT OF<" APA.LA.GHlCOLA .........-Maty :30., notice of th~e olincers thris elected, the-critical
r g ir ^ 'Y ... siate of ou r foreign u relatio n's, \,h ich suggests to
...... .i -A l "1 ( t:,em the srcat necessity of promnptness and en-
zva 6- lo III Jlhrr, [ar;: latest^ n e .. .-at : o* .,h H-.- andh
O rlfans,. ... ,opes that e wery R~ey~ii en t in the otare W ill he
M .ay"27 --Schr D S Gregoory,, YOUU o,= for Ne" .v .peodl yl ropo.rted!. to tiie. proper, officer, organized
York. and ready for duty.
.May 23--Ship Dauntless, "Rogers, for Liverpool, Bv order, ot the Governor:
by S Cassin. J. SCOTT BROOME,
richi Biaz-er, "Whitn y, for New Orleans. Adnan adInspco General, F. M.
A~iV,VD M[av 28, lSi6.

For New York," ltb June.
c- 'HE jell known last sailing Pack4t
/ :.rig ,BSPOUBLIC, Littlefield, lWaWT,.
*31^^'riavilig her cargo engaged, will have imi-
t..diim despatch. For Cabin or Steerage pus.
awe, provided 10 passengers can be *ecured for
tl.e fi-tuter on or beltre the 6tb proximo. Apply.
to the waster cr to ,;
may 30.. No. 46,'Water t,.,


For Boston*
.*,6K THE line brig PLEIJSLDES,-Car*r
^yil master, will meet with dispatch.. For
JfegS assage o01ly, apply to
Miy y. D. B. WOOD &, CO.-.

*' f,


.A ::ATER FROM THE SEAT OFWAR. in ,lie army. Mr. b. spoke in support of
. -Arrival of the Alabama. tbe project.
r '. 'h....p "--^ "--t. WINDLE, :" Mr. Hunt, of N. Y., opposed the policy
".,.7 be seamsffiip .'Ataoa.,G2t WNDE,- .."*" .
-" .. arrived at two o'clock'this-on 'fro,- .of the course of the President, and alleged
Brazos Sanfiao, which Mce she- ift on that he had exceeded his constitutional pew-
Tuesday, 19th inst., at ,r, 0 clock p. m. ers; but ne wa in favor of bringing the war
We.are. indebted to Capt. \VINI,.LE, for to a speedy conclusion.
th':-A allowing particulars: Mr. Cocke, of Ten., concluded the de-
*. The Alabama left Brazos Santiago on bate, and thoughla political opponent of the
-on Tuesday last, at 5 o'clock, Officia Executive, ,,,uldiJy,-k at no question of,
news had teen received at Point Isabel, party, and nor,e ofM _p-tcd t l boundary, % !,ie'
that COL-WILS 0 ". with four companies ofi the country was in a siare i" war. Inde-
,'regulars andthree of Ai '..ma volunteers, Pet"dlnlly of the boundary, there were
" had take Bariia withouit opposition. .Gen. gr evances of loflg stanmng that demanded
.i TAYLOR was to cross the Rio Grande for .redress. The fate of CROCKETT and the
the purpose of taking Matamoros, on Mon massacre of the ALAMO were u"" evened. ,
dy morning, >lre;,ltl inst. No cmnna- bu, were not forgotten by Dennesseeans.
ding having been hearId at Point l-;,d ,.l,"it I Mr. Black's a endmen"t was lost.
Swas gmierflly supposed] "that the MePXicanls *Mr. M'Kay's amendment, adding onother
da.hl r'iired, "1,.aving Gep. TAYLOR, to take "tem for the support of the aray, in conse-
"; quiet possession oftlhe.rown. quence bf the late acts, oftwo.m.iL, ns, was
,,,Gen. SMITH'S command was on their agreed to.
, ..-way-had commenced tlihr line of march The allowance to officers of the army and
"- on -he'island of Boca Ch';,.a; to cross t}u navy for travel per mile, was reduced from
Rio Grande al. [lie nouth, and advai.,e "up ten cents tolsix.
the Viver qn The Bill was passed-yeas 191, mas
thd l~~qiver ilite 1Mexican side. Co ls. -
... blARKS? 'an'), WALTOS'S Regiments were none.
co'C n, le'te, the ,e(7a Ima\n,, irried the rnorn-. ,
:,' *c ple. P he a i ,n **- m .. .. mor LEronthe Tailahassee Sentinel ]
in, a reviou& 0o o ,r dep.nrture ; om cersanud ,e -h 4 ,S.
V _..fc 0 well aa',,,II '- .. AIR .A ROCKFN1BROUGIT.- In the Jackson-
I le ~ l e l, a La .O, 1 splrlts.-v.-'- .
g ire L = -- --'- I- vle News' of the,, lll, we are taken to
^ officers wjnaed in the late battle 1 ^ oftl 5hwea akno
a"oL 0 -.l ft l a t'--- -. t'sk .for-,'decrying" Mr. Brockenbtotio ,
aLr 0, "-.W T,"-n -

pa r their rw1,p., f 2000 'Mexi- and the motive assigned to us is a, wisso."
q left'o: "- y of ,.,...o .s for 'the. rfun him off the course." T he N ewvs snys:
S..g.e.".o L 'c o ie scarcity of ,"0o t'OW t bject of all this is very evi-
i. : '" .. .. .eIII an actual slate ofstar- T he igs wish to rain M r. ro .k-
.rle. 0."Co. T-, es, 2 oci :-o, enbrougn off" the course. He has beaten
Vbl'(LO,,.-t 0. C(!. Lti,. ~ntes, 2,dinst. I ..
I their candidate once, and they dread to ex-
[0,rrespondence uf the Charleston Courier.] pose him to another defeat. They are in
"....N \V.sI'ION, May 18. hopes that. ltie representations of a whig
*p riparations for war go onra ,e ,,,ber of Congress will induce the demo-
qo ti; l;Prt4' the Government and the ptpeb- crai>: party of the State to bestow their fa-
* pke/." r.Vhete is no want of martial spirit on vor upon Mr. Cabell. We join issue with
the Pinart, of Americanis. In Fairfax and trhem upon this point. East Florida turns
other neighboring countlie-inVirginia, some fite sc ile in 'the election, and the wishes of
fide eprps have as(.o either :services,. n this city. a companyis in favor of Mr. Cabell. We entertain not
about to be raised: "The. recruiting'for the a doubt but that Mr. Brockenbrough will
regular service is also i.o go'on, andthe ar- be nominated at the approaching Conven-
inly under hlie late act. tillingupthe otupa-- lion. The desires of East Florida are all
niestu )100,.men, w\,ill be 15,000 strong.. 5r-'lurned towards him. His industry in Con-
Some a.niviiy in navAI preparations has al- gress and his great and acknowledged tp-
so been wittnesed. lents have won our favor, as well as done
* ; Thirteen steamn vessels of war will soon us honor in the eyes of the 'United Slates."
.l. -be provided for by Congoress. Now, if the "News" will credit us we
#:" I lharn tliha some, opposition Ip sen(lin% will say, (1,) We have no desire to run
Gen. Scott to the South, has been manifest- Mr. Brockenbrough or Mr. Any-body-else
*edon Ihe part of democratic members off the course. (2.) Wehave no expecla-
-. Congress--prolbablythe Cass men. tion that "1 the democratic party" will "be.-
j.. J.t may sun,,l pruve, howeverf to be unne- stow their favor I,(K)'II or nomninate Mir.
celery to send a genera! officer to take the Cabell for Congress. As his friend and
l eomindm; for when the'reinforcements ar- well-wisher we hope no caucus or conven-
rive. there will probably'be found no Mex- tion of party leaders and whispers in wi!l
leans. undertake to cram him (down the throats of
A'speedy termination of the ,war rayh&. ethelpeople. (3.) We do^'tcare asirawwvho
looktted fi>r, an,] certainly %%ill4 ala e rife c,, is nominated by this areat locofoco bugaboo
l n1ess srine4'i'rei n power should encour- ',)out to be litld. (4.) We have no other
'a .a e,Or tialk P.1,'1 'th M exico. wiu-h ihan th it i;,, people shall elect just
The ruqttor which 1 had seen in4th pH- iho, they choose, regardless of all the
: pers of ihitP.death of the widow of Cot. aforesaid bugaboos, craucusses, conventi,.ns
'Cross is untrue. : and parly'clap-traps by whi'h a few plot-
. *...". ---- '.. ting politicians and wire-pnilers seek to lake
"..... ":." '. VA5H TON,.May 19. Ahe right of ehie frorn the people.,.- (5.)
Tlte joyoTe i, 'feelir6Vs m.rii fe'teI Ihrotqgh; ,'Whoever is ftciated, ,'e .shall 46e perfectly
out tlhe city, iip|on,.he erint ,,' i lhe new -: s',tisfieId. (6.) ICMr'T'. Cahli, is a candid -
: "'I1v rlI% Solnhern n',il ,f hla' v,,,ii]._, have-.'"ae, we bope no lian w~il vote foy hirH,
AlIned 11MVwn. t hII h h ,.' 6' s ,.('Ceeded hd whobv I s ihe servicesofa I' Iv ',.e tcmioi,',
','a opaitlulut a lJ i tO-. fir; l ll e* l't'('rA lrf t.,'f'jt'<> < *.,' 'r 'o'r .. -- *'.^t T
' *; ,ciule whi ,h' woul. sd ae --Mr. Cj }iito
.. ..i e b lwe i o -''en. w n I t] e .I B 'n ( h,Io' "'n ,tilelAipte e lh)er
... lalec@be etw Ie .o, rn h V. -IP (7.)W erbitc
cartorcess on ills relilr'n to Ins" endfch n' defime hBrori, i, n!.i;'i,,, in ni t o,.,-sounid
i .nents 6,p,,site ,hi'4 r1".S. No ,1,b 49 i Mr. Cabell's p'aises.- W e wish to h o ve al
ci ei,,'ained ll ,, ,rrch ii) banners; b ii, .ir1ie i, llaii force' is as so, it was through mii.;take mii.d not design;
groat a%-is repk Lee. 'the 1,itile may be ;,I We have not the slightest (,,Ae to warp
- ". saruinarv or'."in,], ihe. victory pLuirChased the judg,,enet, or prejudice the minds of
Witih no iriflin I o,- i of lifr 6oIi our'ele, as the people for or against M1r. Cabell---if w.e
well 9 on that of our oppoonenfl, "A.. couldMu" sa. As we thiok very highly of
V.: Thle Union(. if' la-i nl, speaking of hie himn ourself, we could wish, it he is a can,
6Vforio,,s tidings,s says:, -There wfe,,(it didate,. that the p.tol ,e miy generally be-
".'oficiat.ddspalcl~3 *received., We (;In Ti AI come acqu:-,inted ,vhli him, exercise their
none, or oir-offi.-ers in the Executive De- own judgment of his character and talents
partmeni who ive received any private let- -and it' they think proper, st)port hini-
l' ., lers. "Even ilh Quartermaster General, if not, support somebody else. (8.) Last-
W* *.'. w o generally receives. tllie ,irliest ac- ly, finally, and t'o conclude-from the un-
': :; o-aunts, bas no lei ter this eini-I ..'M commonly acrimonious disposition of ay
Great anxiety is expressed to obtain off/- lhe ca~ueus presses in tn. .State towards
c-"a/advh cpes. Th,1statemenr (,,pn. raytor s last de:.-]aiclehe,, which was on/ they were affaii< of him, or that he had
*'Ihe 26th of.April, he has not been officially[ done them some personal injury We be-
.., -. heard from. <" lieve,, however, he is very peacebly dispos-
: The iniielligenr~e received, through unof- ett-w~e ,ever knew 'a man more so--and
-. ficial sources, "is vaaiue and contradictory. '~i',pl;- who may think very meanly of him
It e atant bee'e rdited he wo^lId neglect to from the staleme~rts of these papers, will
'" seed advices by llhe NA.?b- YurT-,, whiil,' he was be surprised when they know him, to find
Shimnseli" atc Poi'nt lsabel, upon a subject up- he is after all sp clever a (elouw.
on iwhieh i mhlic anxiety is slolehe ,1 to (he '" '
utmost extent. I am, therefore, inclined to THE SIKHS, THE BRIT'ISH AND OREGoN,.--
belieeLthe rninor that despatches were re.- We Ii ,,d~ocea.-i<,n to remark incidentally
eeiyveulfast ni-ht. Indeed, I am 0 tohd on a few weeks since, that it might tqrn out
good au~iriiy,. "If there are advices, they th~at the war between" the British and tlhe
will, n0douii, be communicated :10oCon- Sikhs would be found to have something to
gress. '" 'i.'! do with'the Oregon question--more indeed
Int(he Senai'p, to-danv, the Bil fr~om the than appeared to be dreamed af in the phi-
:House, m akinig alpprbp'rialions for the Post Iosophiy of not a few. To sorne here the
fm Office Depairtnmet. was reported,^ without idea seemed chimerical, while it appears
[amendment, hv Mr. Lewis, and he proposed that some in England, and perhaps in India,
to. put it on its" pa,.aoe. .-'," iho,,.,lit oiherwi'se. Tlite Lot) ion Exaimin-
Mr. Spei.,hrnnd Mlr. Calhiouy''ndesome at, for inslanee, commenting upon thie poll-

, . remarksupoi dihestem ol"hclrap |',,i:,;e, cy of Sir Henry flardinwe, which prefers
~the operation of which n,,ide the Dep;art- the pro tein ruleof the Punjaub in effect,
Sent 4 burden on tlie Treasury. They through a native puppet prince, to immeedi-
"-' "' thhnOt.'frt ft suJeet'ihi"dups'pvpt delih,'rale ate-annexmio-m ,ays "-it is possible'that Ohe
Sinquiry. Tlie system ha.I led 1 e a ha n Governor General was influenced in his con-
donmenrn of post-coaches, and Ie accom- ductby,the contingencies that might arise
.modation they atibided, in the 'Southern in another hemisphere. A war with Amer-
*States., ica were better not commenced tiltthat on
A Mr. Niles said lie thought it very proper tte Indies teiin,i,,,eil."
that 1h6 nn.nltecTed lr,st-ronts should be The Examiner is quite honest inits spec-
stopped,' and Thai wa.sone of the objects of ultation, 'and to our thirdiin..- quite correct
the lavy of ls. The sentiment of the also. Powerful as Etgland is in the means
wboler-courtirv e said, was in favor of the of %aif,,re by both sea and land, and well
-- ., cheap instage sy tm. appointed and prepared as she is to wage i4,
!" Th1 Bill was plled over for the present, she would doubtless prefer to, engage in
The'hBill fur the aceerain ient and settle- hostilities with us, -should that be (done or
ment otfche claims of American citizens be deemed necessary, with the trouble f al!
'for lF redfhi spolialions, ias further discuss- other wars everywhere entirely off her
, ed by 5- tr. MorehFAd. ., i.ihdr. Sir [],fnry Hardinge needed no spe-
', In thei Honse, the Airny. Appropriation 'ci.l iris-trnt'li,,ns, to enlighten, him on this
Bill was"iitaken up in Co' rr iitee f "the point, and was ;lhercfie able to "LI,.ll' 'I
W, ,hle, and further discussed fo0r three birds with one stone*' for his"1,oynl Mis-
hours. .,, **. ; ". tress" and one for hiirself. His p,)li>vaf-
Mr. Dromgoole, of Va., supported the ter the conquest of the'Sikbs, While it ena-
course o thle Execurive, as to tlle Mexican hies him to p eomohe hs own private interest
war, and reprobated Gen. Amliidia's procla-* better that'ConfiUned warfare, it is calcula-
mation. to the foreigners In the American ted to secure ftbre Ior Britishlust of em-
service. andasserted lthat~he had reindered pire than all the: ends t be gained by im-
:'.!' himself liable to a charge o- in in-stealing. mediate annexation; ap3at the same time
' He also accused the-Whig party of being it leaves En-0land the command of a still
always'ready to'give up'disPuted territory, greater amount of military force, for any
'.: Mr. Tibbatts: spoke in support of our other service for: which it mighbtperchance
claim to the Rio Grande as a boundary, be required. ..
5 1 Mr. Bl Ak, of S.C., moved to aneidh by 'Ali result of the.Sikh war was ill fact a
S" -ivin. llhe recruits a.bouniy of fifr dollars igrat'reliefyo illhe oppressed bosom of the
B- tUpon enlistment; and land bou 'of Britislh G;b''e,'men qhie |political .nmty
s acres to tose who may serve -during the breathed freer and deeper on Ilie receipt of
m rar, aud ..t equalize the pay of all the corps U the ii'ligence of it, and the nation-at
S, ..'.'". .-. : .: . *- \ .' ..' ,-"
r : .-''* .. ; : ''* * ** .. ? 1 k -.
F *., *" ^ .* :. "* ., .* .. "*


-. Be it enacted by thc Senate and House of
Represenrlhives of lihe United Stales of Ame-
rica in Congress assembled, That the fifl-
lowing sums behind they are hereby appro-
priated, to be paid out of any unappropria-
ted money in thie treasury, for the preset:-
vation,, repairs, and construction) ol'certaiu
fortific;ltioi!s, for thie year ending the thir-
tieth day of June, one thousand eight hun-
dred and forty-seven.
For defensive works and barracks near
Detrott; Michigan, thirty thousand dollh.rs.
For defensive works and barracks near
Biff alo, New' York, twenty-five thousand
For repairing and rebuilding barracks
and store houses at fort Niiaara, New York,
five thousand five hundred dollars.
For Fort Ontario, at Oswego, New York,
eight thousand dollk;rs.
For fortifications at the outlet of Lake
Champlain, New York, frty-five. thousand
For fort at the narrows of the Penobscot
river, near Bockport, Maine, tiiir;y-fiyte.+
Illousand dqll;:rs. ,t^^
For repairs of Fort Preble: Portlail MB-
bor, M aine, ten hosand .dollars. ./
For repairs at Fort Staminct, Portlnd
harbor, Maine, twenty-f'e thuousaud dol-
lars. ...
For repairs of Fort M5IcCl;a-y, Ports-
mouth hIarbor, New'H:iii| i including
1!'e (- ,-cha-e of liaIl for gx!enstoo of site,"
!t'-: -.',. ;, \ *'f.^ '. i *,
For repairs of l'1',tile' ,li.ons ot-Governors
61and, Boston harbor, I cassachusets, thitfy
thotsafid dollars -.
For fort Wayren, Boston harbor, Massa-
chnsett's, forty-five thlouszand dol!irs.
For [,For, Ad;ims Newport harbor. Rhod,.
Island, fifteen thotusa',nd do!!:irs.
IFor rebuilding Fort Trumbull, Newv
London harbor, Cotinetticut, twenty thou-
sand dollars.
For Fort Schuyler, East river, NewYork
forty tht, t, ,nt dollairs.
t For repaiirs of Fort Wood, and wall of
Bedlosw's island, New York, forty thousand
For repairs cf Fort Hamilton, New York,
tli'Itl thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Madison, Annapolis
harbor, Maryland, ten thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Washington, Polo-
mac river, Maryland, twenty-six thousand
For Fort Monroe, Hampton ronds, Vii-
ginia, seventy-five thousand dollars.
For preservation of the site of Fort Cas-
well,, month of Cape Fear river, North
Carolina, fifteen lh,)issmnd dollars.
For preservation of the si:e of Fort AMonl-
trie, Cliarlesto'n bh.rbor, south Carolina, fit-
teen thousand dollars,
For fdiketo Drnken Pick shoal, Char-
leston ,ihrbor, South Carolina, thirty five
thousand dollars.
For Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor,
South Carolina, forty-five thousand dollars.
For Fort Puliski, Savannah river, Geor-
gia. twenry-five thousand dollars.
For rip;,irs of Fort Jackson, Savannah
river, Ge orgisa, fifteen thousand dollars.
.or Fort Picknes, Pensacola harbor,
Florida, ten r)tho sand dollars.'

May 23,1846.

An Ordinanele l-
In Heialion to Slaves, f&e.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor anid"
Council of the City of Apalachicola, That froAI
ati;lter the passage of this ordinance, the Mar- .
ket I-ouse bell shall be rung at nine o'clock, P.
M., from the 1st of October to the 1st of April"
and ten o'clock from the is~of April to the lotof ,
October ; andtafter thetiingling of the bell, it shall
not be lawftilfor any .lave or free person.of .tr : .*)
to lei;ve or be absent flim their residence in'E "; *
city, without a -.1 iten pas from the owner, cUi> '"
phi;,r, or guard"iJf.saiid' slave or free person.,: ..
jc'.l 2. Be r. P -' .'
;,ec. 2. Be .. further ordained, That the Cf. o*: "
AlA~ial or Patrol, findingeny plave or free period !' i
of Flor at larpe, without ibs, ter the ringing ,Ar .
of the, bell, sgAll arrest laid slave or free poWo-,' .!
of color, and co ifi.e him in th'ecity ptiaon, and .
the ot rier or guardian of said slave or fceeper@?* 1-8: 1
of collr shall be liable to said.city in the smm or /'"
rsdn fr'.Mr"ft]prigon]daonelie into. *"
the city treasury a U one.0 lftf o the Marshal. *"
unless by order el tle'8t|l. aid lav mn I .L .'..* "
released or punished with niot leas thai; 10%nli.y -"*.
more*than 36 lashes. .* ." , "
Sec. 3. Be it furter ordained, That it shall "$ v|
be lawful (or any slave or free pelaY:of col"I '" <""
hiilout h;3Gor hercown,-lime in'saiddcity, witht'" ,,
t11- owner, guardian or agent of said slave-or frej o
person of color is a resident of said city, wad tl. a ,
only with the Iwritten perinissi6n of said owni'ob -"^
-guardian, under penalty of twenty dollars, t<_'. ,::
recovered of said owner, guardian or agent, and "
it shall not be lawful for any owner, guardian or '
agent of any slave or free person of color to givq'i ""
to such slave or free person of cclor a g eral pasi
to ,,o at large in said city during the riight, but "
the said pj's shall specil'y the particular place .-, '
wht e i ,1" ', e or free person of color is allowed
to go, on penalty of five dollars for each and every ,. *.
sufeh ,;feNnce. **"
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, That all ordi- "
-anees or parts of ordinances, conflicting with tih. '* .'
provisions of this ordinance, be and the same areo
heieby repealed. i '."
Passed by Council, May 13, 1846. ,.,.
WM. VALtcAU, Clerk.: ..


Valtaale Slave for Sale.
A NEGRO M;AN' 25 years old a good Carpen.
ter, a first rate house servant, honest and in-,
telligenti and could be made. useful in any sittier
tion. Sold to close an estate. If not disposed
of b the th's*Monday in June nexthe will then
he g at auction under an ordetbf the HoB
J 'id|. of Probate. For further pattieulars, apply" .
to l ',WOOD & Co. it-
May 16, 1846. 3-2 Water street. ;'
1'&ST received per brig Morea, from N."ork''
.1%50 kegs Nos. I and 2 Leaa ; 100 gals. lbhileq '
Linseed Oil; 500. Ibs. Puity; 20 bo~es b'hy 1O
and 10 bv 12 Glass; 20 doz. pints Congress. Spring.
Water; 100 lbs fresh Tamiarins; Gum and Orgit.,.
Syrups, for sale by 0 *r"
"MaY 16. . H. F, ABELL.-


May 23--Brig T i, L Jones, Tyler, fin New
York, to Dod'-(' . Pratt.
AMay 2--Snip E:wvin, Pierce, fh Plrovi i,-nc,:.
May 23-Sehr A.,hfand, Br'adley, t'm N Orleans
May 3i-Brig Pioneer, Hearn, fin New York,to
1)Dodge e ,Pratt. ;
Bri. Rttepblic, Lttiecield, fnt Nev., York to
rt-^ytrWn- Co.
Steamer Agnes, \,Vheaton, fm Chattahoochee
Sten.mer Notion, McAllister, fin Columbas.
Solon, Bucknam, 540 tons, for Liverpool, load-
ing,-- .Oassin.
Cotton Planter, Pratt, 501 tons, for Havre, load-
ing--Nourse, Stone &-Co.
Dumbarton, Pendleton, 499 tons, for Liverpool,
S ing--D B Wood M Co.
Carolus, Stern, tons, fm Charleston, waiting-
Cnharles R ogeis &( Co'
Edwin, Pierce, 339 tons, fm Providence, waiting
BBRTGS.. i ,;
Pleiades; Carter, 234 tons, for Boston, loading-Z
D B W ood & Co. "
Republic, Littlefield, tons, for New York,.with
dispatch-Nourse, Stone & Co.
IV L Jones, Tyler, 220 tons, f',,r ."ew Yorek, lo~ad-
ing-Dodge &a Pratt.
Pioneer, Hearn, 2i) tons, for New Y ork, loading
-Dodge &.Prult.

Jackson Circuit Court.
Tlie Farmers' Bank of Virginia, ) .
Compl't. | -
vs. } In Chancery.
Thomas _' jW hite, Ad(M'r, &c..
et. ag.' Defendants. J
f-I' appearing to the Court by affidavit, that
Robert W. Williams, ona 6f'the defendants,
resides beyond the limits 1t, the State of Florida,
to wit, in the State of Virginia. It is therefore
ordered that said defendant appear and~answver the
said complainant's, bilof complaint, witlin four
months from the d te of tiue first publication of
this order, otherwise the said complainant's bill
of complaintshall be taken as against the said
Robert W. Williams as and for confessed, accor-
din, to the form of the Statute in such case made
and pro;,vided. It is further ordered, That a copy
of this order be published in some newspaper
printed and published once a eek fbr four months.
Dated this eight:d4y of May, A. D. 1 4,V.'.
A true extract from the minutes of the Court.
"*" 'C. H. DuPioNTr, ,Counisel and
"* Solicitor for Compl't.
May 8, 1846. may30 22-4m

X otice. .
pH-E -.opartnnT'-ii heretofore existing b.e
_1L tweerf-A. N. M.Ac'): aad 8. iW.--14A L'
HORNY, has this day expired by limitation.-:.
:all unsettled accounts will. re-ain with A. N.,.
McKay, who will continue the-bu'sifasj'a fis." ..
own account. >-' "
A. N. MCKAY*'- .-'.'. .,
S. H. HARTSHORNE.. ,..' .
Apalachicola, May 1, P346. 18-0f- A. i
Dr~its, ?iledictlues & Chemieal .
A NOI'HER supply of fresh Drag just re."- .
celved by Brig Republic, which makes my'.*L.
assortment complete,'and of the best quality. *...' .
'.. J. C A LL E S. '.:.
N. B. My Store will be kept open the eaiirei:."
Summer. All orders thankjtjlyreceived, prompt- .
ly attended to and-correctlyvpt up. .
" M ay 6 .. ''; :,-:" "

For Fort Barrancas, and the erectoin of
barracks threat Pensacola harbor Florida,
fiiiv thousand dolt-rs. ......
For repairs of Fort Morgan Mobile Point,
Al;ba;ima, forty thousand dollars.
For repairs of Fort Pike, and preserva-
tion of site, ouisiana, thirteen thousand
For repairs of I'Foit .Wood, .Louisiana,
hundred |five h undered dollars.
For repairs of' Battery Biervenalue, Loui-
siana, five tbousahUt dolaira. i
For repairs of F'ort Jackmon.. Mississippi
river, Louisiana, twenty-five thousand dol-
lars. '
Fori repairs of Fort St. Philip, Missis-
sippi river, Louisiana, thirty thousand dol-l

For Fort Livingston, Grand Teyre island,
Barrataria bayj Louisiana, forty thousand
do.lors. D
For fortifications on the Florida reef, twvo
hiundiuL- ditousand dollars.
For. contingencies of fortifications, fifty
thousand dollars. te
For the armament of fol-lificafioiis three
hundred thous.ind' dollars.
See. 2. An~l 7 it, farther. enacted, That
the -President of the. United Siaie'.; may, in
his discretion, dnr-ec-ithe expenditure of and
o~f the fieiiL appropriations 'at any time
after; the passage of Ibis act. .,.
7r.J(;'7/.*cA ff the H uef ^ f.<(nliit.
'Vic-e President of the United States,
and Presidemt of the-Senate;

Land for Sale; .
.rTgHE undersigned offbes for sale 150 acres of'....
7L the besb Cane(Cn rake Land, situated one rnilo" *.;. ,. ,.
and a half below Rock Bluff,.on the vest side oif. ; .
the Apalachicolo River;; 40,acres, lying one mile., -.
from the abr.ve,,VtIh a D\elling'a,,d other house -,.... :"j
suitabte for the'plare, a blacksmtith'sgshop-.n, a : '-
-tools 6tncomplete order for work; al4o one wagon,,' 1
two vtne oC0xen, 5a. head of hogi, and a fine'.".:- .,"
horse, saddled and: rile; : ,... '.JL '. "
Any person %Aleingto pu'rebhStwi w-do wll?9, .
to:all apdj-ook -the prnpette,''.?.'--1.:" ". ".* -: ,
"; j. ARCHIBALD B1:. C.A4W-'. 'i. -.
M ay 9, 1 4,. 19,-It* \ .'.' .'..
SU BSKETS L Cag ..C,:-4,,, J
',^ UJ,5'.),'JOi lRep haI r fo wii by ;';''. :"
Anrrn4 9: 'B:.I_ HAWLEr..'.. A.

N OTICE-Mr. WM. H. LONG is our agehnL
during ourabsence from the State. .
May 30 MILLER &'Co.
Sheriffs Sale. ,
NBY virtue of a writ of fi, fa is ued from the
"ellrk of the Circuit of Finklin County iA,.
favw-.r ot Win. G. Portea'against R. E. Raimond,
I hai6'.this day levied u -onaTid-will offer for sale
on the 1-t. AMend y of J.uly rie,-it b .-," Il.,: Court.
House dwyr, in 'the city of.A].'Ilciii,,l.si.ne"
barrel Camphine and one box merchandize, .con*
tbiriniz chimneys for lamps, levied oi as Ih ih pr,.,p-
erty of* said defendant,,.and sold to .s is-31,t- fW .
"fa ., : .... JO HN L U 5,g s. .
S. = "iiifeift'^ Frankha (oinly.
A : apolachi,,la, 5Iri.0, 1_ S46. '2""'... -s
L .,* : .. , *

BI lacses.
1 1 TIERCE, 25.20) hiba a,,d 2S hhd,. cargo
X. 11 oftscii S vairh' fm Havari, now sliding,
Qrs. Snv J. DAY & Co.
"r ft /\ " bi^l't" 11av'a'a S,.zar., Cnfor sale
OUiYUJ by WOOD & Co,
April 14 32 ly"wtor At.

P. "M ,- c lullows H,.1.41, ,,,:, ,: (:"i-?", X ".,. ... .. ....""" i+ =
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d lTt lell verv low.-
Trim r~dav,; -,t 6 (,,'clock, P Al. ; dep-arts 'T ues dlys int 7 a : .t r D i "
and i{ ri-avs at 7 o cliic:, A. 141 I "- .... --*'.*
The l-itlue ,nd .1nruritim e .,re entirely new, pD'-- .... ,nfl fa S. "- -"^\
'.. at llH."111 u ll, it gaftap- ARMiLS';. .
the servant thiornu~hlv drill,-d ;n th and all will us." their uhotmil ende-,vor. to make -o- L, A.\b K,"A^ D&ERl INr .
the tiTe pas pleazantlv to t1e "r 1;1v i r tt. vt.. he W i.. I -
A. G- M Aii AlLL., as'SW^0 "*
.. ..... ^^ ,'''' ^ ,1 Will kep pco,,.tat,llv o~t'odWoo] Inrt-<.
Cha'ttlhoochee, M rch l 1 -. 1S14 14-1 W ill-keep ol-, D ...taii.."iA, --
i'-sanIs SoulIi,19 3 Boats, SlSipping. ad FlantFafrml te( hlr -I |
RESTAURAUT, BLLIARD AND.READING a vaely oel'artickp injb piiiohhg ll~e, too .B ,
ROOM, mertiisto.6tention, + :;,.%> '. ,. : |
Corner Comml ce-and Centre Streets. House,-Rign and.; Slerh.Boat Pajnig,! .,.
.- Ola.a izIiK, d-ne.-wth. wdatniMl pl # a i at It'. "'i
BY R. E. RAIMOND.- : i"otdcrate pric Jffr'.. : .*1i. ...
...-. -, "21Water steet; AhlpMeola. ':"
". OYTER--F ed, Bri .',iled, Rqaste :Stewed, J in. 10, 184 .. .. .....
k'ii-l, hd and i.L thp Shell. A .. j^.' ?
If I 'POACHED .' rT HE sdwribes haO..o1,ha.ud aW.t ialeI
,WRDSUPPE ..- T A wholesale and retaQ., 1W "for Caih-,- ..-
.- hvateSu.,, nohybs. 20 t HOT LUNCH'evry dav,.ft .11 tO 510 ke Sih, Wroughl and C.t ; -.......
Families and visttorssa3! ed; wVith Oysterq, by ,he, n.t,, er.. on. .... .,.r.||
the b rdw gallon. A ': March 14 llolI,% Wa a-general asortleBt- ."".
... __ ." f "iirFanard Cdlnrepn'Kelle, > ; -]Ji
', lnok and Perlitr Srvs a
RUS receive& 5o,0O01 feet Yellow Pi LTnt-' Bl'wksmith 4 Tool. i_ :- .,,_' I
J ber, assorted quaniviet. 'Also, on han&),P(ll Britani aa.od Japqwta, tralai.ti oB
Ifeet- Vhi'te Pine, assfrlued fromn 1, to 2 inch, wljjcrj i re- Dogt ,At-ovt. _A_ I V-
will be oald low tor the cashbV t %s a "P -nde".K^ n&. ^Btlp"nl.' .
",; ,. PETER RHOART. `MP lirhnjgn arr4*Aitp1_ mp .e. rdiir,"
SNo Lumber will be deliv.r,?ed from e-yard, |hvbol, Pitch, O (>tAunTtfyl. T .
ir~rts ditte ,mie-a paid 1,.r, Ca ,vrilte, ,,rdr ,, .ac... e X ;J.,9 W, ....
S, aft.,*Pumpsand, B ,c t .-* -,
tEDArwanled by Tin nin eet Iron Waia?,-..' ,,

;W'o. w.:,.r,,0. --,, aMl C '.
j ... ." + -.. .- e "+

.. ,cotfeet
1 ry*.. BAGS Rio Cotee, landing from brig Vir-
7L/ 0 ainial for sale b .
April-IS ID J.DY ,C).

Clover Seed.
AFFW poibd.i- ol" large Red Northern Clover
Seed, foi..sile by ;;,
A-ril 4 A 4 H. F. ABEL_.
Congress Spring Water
TUT received per schr. LeRov, and t,'r sale by
SM.rch21 J. C. ALLEN.

or Sale.
Ofk[X BOXE3 R.,,,fting Jl ie, 14 by 20....n
,'V 30 do .*'ia 'dr, 3 1 ,7 1. K
3.95: bd]; Sheet Iron, No1-2 tLo 20,
B r tibe rs' a nd S hie,-t' d'i i n ,,,, r ': '. "
Block Ti-', Laid, [r.,i a';d TTmAI Bives, :
+ Buckef.rs, Bar Iron; Hoop Trfn. --
Nail Rods, Tin Ware, wholesale and re-
tail, by.
'"Flavour4ing Waters.
A N assortment just received', and for sale by
N.I v *2 0 .r. .. ALLE.N, Druiij ."....

Bassring? awal Itope.
PCS. Kentucky Bagi-nng,
100 coils Ro;e'; 30 pe.s [fl.'-,.hn'.
4 bales Bafnrgr T&i'. fi~r sate by
"' WM. G, PORTFR & Co,
.q 4"t W atfr .trpet.

THE subavribers re,4;.eeliiiey inform their,
1 irinnd.and the public ,loat they have lakeio
into partnership 'Nlr EUGFIVR W. RRO^TItS. '
April 7, 1846. .;
JUST received, a few cases of fashionable white.
FHats, on consignment, for sale wholesale or
retail, by MI'LLER & Co.
May 2' 47 Water street.
., -... Notice.
GA.'SH .wanted for.sundSy accounts f Ipona
l arding. AllI persons irnter,-ted w;l. tMae
'dui nnltt'e and iovern them'elve accordii,'y, or
f will. ---lun tlein personally..
...B,,in^,, a nd Ric.te.. "
IA PCs. very heavv Lou,-,ilie,'Man &
145O Co. Bagging; 300 coils 1ale Rope,
for.sale by .. .
March 7. J. DAY Co6.
r, < ,+.)- .' .i *' + : .. + +, "

Nov 2

O'M" Conisig'nmelnt, '
1f\(\ BOXES New vBed;oji Sperm Canultes,
10 0 for sale low for Cash, by '
INJov 29 42 Watrr street-.
Per Oelavia from- Nfv On'lei.x-s,W-
IECEIVED as above a choice selectionr ot
I Family Groceries and Provisions; alr), a
fre. h" 4"ipilv of .Shrirne and Summer Clothing,
made-up in the latest yvle,- for --dleh by .,
: March 12t .. M -3 Witer street. "
"Viaffled to Pirclhase For Cashv.
A NMRO BOY, lrom 13 -21.'ears "f age
-'uviable fo''takirit care of a hl,.-re ali
waiting in the houie. Apply to
ci4.. WOOD & CO, 32 Water-s&-.
y ': '. *:: -.';/ ^:- .': ',--. -.. .+ : .

R ECEIVED ppr, shlip ,Hn,,, fioin Hivre, a
few pair of Freich Bouts, mhade by Ilie cel-
brated Hurts,... -. .. .
; March 7. ," .",-,* M[ILER &,-Co.',-
Garden Seeds.
,T.ARRANI'EDL Ifresh, jut. received nr,,1 for
"a' saleby J. C. ALLEN, -
';# an. "'2 ++.- ..+ "- Dr,, i-,it. i;,
-. ,i. p .
B"AGGING--21 alr sale by
Imarchl4 +^'D-"k'IB., WOOD & Go.
N*' "" .% + '

I lolaskes..
Kfl BBLS. N. O.-Molasses, l-o 'sae by
OV-Mafch 7 J:AY & Co
Saddlery for Sal6 at %ost ;Ind'
' f ai paO;,e'a. ""'f


>pepia or Indligestion, Bi!-
ditche,+ Corstips"ion,
etwi1'h, Grave|, Flatu-
hol.ft iv r,, niI, by
V AS'lDruggipt.



i. ATNL ._ J*.



. 4,

.A LAhGK andqrwh (Y t.4,; Lrugp Rl*-i-
o&e. igii pal, ,i .
ing articles:-W- 44' C.T Oi', ,;-: p)<:. ".,
p(t<; 5 t)bxHo, k'.ll( ..^^)a;10 by-, Om, 0i;i
4;) kegs s 9im Sll ; hbtcappa9',Rw l.najj.
Go;4m Opi'urts 20' W uphite 4abiite;AQ -doz
Lond.(B M rt.-s'He +-ifaak
Nuti, eos;lts Strch*; 0 bxi- Lem-t'n.j"v P I
I,'s ,hs' ; rs Seilletz a-di ,,L
APwd eriv <20lb- Fmsglis;,CtA l i p20 Soi-t
T"urptc-fiinep anld a genrl. a..t .of U..j rti,* .
.e'if' "te Drug l rhk,: for .Countyt Merc.hIts, :,
Plane.'rL otn Physivas. 'For sayb" ..,.


T at

J. SI'I';VT I.UN S & CoU.
A ala.chi,-ola, Jan. 12, 18!6 jail7 3-1f
]BSagiivg and Hope.
50^ PINEi'WE heavv Cthitn Ke'it'v-ky BPi%-
z: a;in^: 59) c0 il0 .i o ,d Keo-,i-nkv R,.,e
A-MO, 150 Uoxes Tobwr, vnrimNs b r &.f rm, f h, LOCKtART & YOUNG.
Feb 29, 9




n .


11 *







^ .* I-__ _- ..1. ii i
, 1. A Card. R aelgal Noticrs. II aItoIIIcCO.,wi i IJI
hl'iHE undersiznWd having purchased from Mr. A -
" .B'. S,. Haie,''. I.i's_ entire ,ShopF of' Dru Franklin Circuit Court. TOTICE-`ix wee-k- after dale, I will apply'.
Mnihcies, Paints,-Oilh, Glass* Ware, Shop FU IN CHANCERY.. i' to the Jtd,te of Probate for Franklin county
litulre,&c w+ill ontinue th6 business at VhotrI Mary Ann Rouen, for letters of admni,iitration upon the estate of 1
sale and Reail, at theold stand corner of Water vs, y, Bill for Divorce. Simuiet Simrnpson, Iile of said county, deceased--
a -dChestnutsts, and- be i leave tosavtnhis fri ndq J t said Jud.t;p has ti;i,.td dteault in the l-ate Exec
a n d ) ,.r' r ,r i) l r o n -i t t i c p~ t aib tis h n e t a t hi~ s T w a p e a r l n g f -o t h e a f .d a v i t o f t h e S o l i c i to r t u s a i d e s t a t e a m r e v o k e d h i s p o w r s t o a c t ^ .. -_ _
stoci.Q. co'n",tlte,.embr. ever'a~rrt,'-.unatltv \. o' te c:,,iinant, that thlldefewidi ,t, John THOMAS ORMAN. '
.~t i Suter-. O) .,r,.s, -d frm aran .- ti,,,, r.s;des'bevond the limits of the State ,(f Apalachicola, May 1 lS46. '20 6w OR, the cure of Disl
rrk .)t. recerntly .fl v ted;A illbe regularly supplied F |,.rida. tnis ,9 rouersd that publication he irde .. .......... ... .. 1 _' i, and e
wit!) f"a-1OTsta --earfieeess after dte, I will ai'ply, .Diarrahcea, 17..t, Rhtxj
with fi'esh st.> ,le arfices. '*in theCnmmercial Advertiser o:,er a week for the to t r,,-ix vev rtr te u ol 'ly &c. .lw
Phvsiei r Plant..rk Country Merchants and" s :pe.r !',fnr mn nths. of the i ,stiturin:. of this F1, to the: ,dg, o'r o) f ai tratinoe on th ye ov,&. M aleW1
others will fi6)ditto their interest to call and ex- S ut, N-mirinz him to appear and answer to ihe F, klin, for I.fir. of ,td.ini.,taioi-u on the Nov ,
amine his stodeC and prices All orders will. be said hillon or bei',re the firso day ol O."t ,!r* next, B of J.sdeceased$ .tra tU8 C in,
AtMwell1, 106. H.k. ABELL. or the same will be t"ken as conets-; :tg li>t A-.)lqcB. E Aprils, 1.0,1 -'ltoeb~al
My. B him, andoueh further order male in tbh ;! '\isc- A. p 1 Cal b ,.
'To tile Public. as to tile court mav seem limper. 'TOTICE-AIt fpersons having elhiims L-ai0" ;.+,,e
"V o0 the p u o icn .. asttof (ACopy- .csepte_) i Step.en T. Sk&il,-,, Late (i,' said cou ,)
..TT disnsed of my entire +,oek of opy--Tet WM. VALLEAU, Cleik. &ceas-d, Pre re-tuestld to present the, simde y a;,df .iT
.1. Drus and Medicines to Mr. H. F. Abell, M 1yl6,1S 6. 20)-4m Fri,
in r ,tirin fro m the b u sin ess, I tak e occasion to r h. n-i th e.. !, l M ,,,,w i n b r 01t th eir reco..-t, S T b r ff
return to the public, my friends, and customers, AT CHAMBER'. MA.CHl o 21R, 1Sl-4. 1,-'th ais l t- ,r, ons inh.- 1to1t to said eri tate aei r .j
my thanks for the patronage they have bestow r d irc au i, C O ar t F la tvicl i CvOvitly. v -; *ed *o r ake i iro n, r.d ihte t o sa :r6l
upon the establishment while under my con*rolo; H ezekiah Nash, +? "-:L '\ S DAVENPORT, Ad i'r.
and r take plea ure in ree om m end ing m y suc ces sor vs < P e 'ition to fpr fc ise 'nort- A nnm-'hic H *z, ai N s': L lq l D A V E N PRT A ,,
to them as worthy of their patronage, and solicit I^li Ford and) g"P --- a 1M
for hi m a co n tin nan ce o f th e c u sto m h eretofo re id R F ,,\ -.,A nd g g e -. U J [l c[ ,x ;') ,t i >f ,= ,hit+' ,, 1 ,'' :}y
so liberally extended to me. T tEREAq a pet t ion his been Ihis dav filed .. C" ... Irt t r.. .,n
M a r c h 1 B S H A W L E Y e k so.c e o f t ( ; .c i : t C u cr t o ,f ctv o r a i :a l t ,:i. ra r z e ^nt i le,, m i ne m s t i ,...
,, i n t h .I W i .offi c e o h e.C h r u rt o "ti o. d r f A r R e A W ed ... I, dr e .w olil d "
T o P rinte-- s. F'radkli C-'- .,tV,to t foreclosemorltz:zo,' rrta i ". n of tt.. ..tle of' Amor y R ;,,r ,. t .,, v, a, ,,nd i rA
TYPE FOU'NDRY AND tPFINTERS' FiJ- oel '. ..ti.rem... ,,--r i BENJmaN ELL1SON, Aaye ,t. l, nt d- oi a.v 4y si>,l
'HING W AREI >rsa t '' ,;,I., pril I- .disasi -28 Al
rl H E subscribers havw-opened a new T ype 18 4- ., ,'d n >p. ,- ,'i ,. to the ,,! .Ap...r i 4, i4. .14 tis;n.. For si le bv
T F oundry in th e city of N ew Y ork w lh re C on ''t, '; the afid .,- ;)f !th e ; pl iti,,ncr, t": "^-rO 't'SC E A fh.r .ix Ie ith's |,u bli r;,t rn on .. 'oS *I fe'.
th a are r t.dv t :Ti fi plv' orde r.to ti anv ex tent, for def .i..iti. Sid p H 1 l t1,s e \. :..... N 4% N o 5. J
anf'k mind ofJoborFan4 r ,ne ,Till Galleys Bras3 Rule,- T "EEL* t .LUMN (RULE, It is,.!rdered that. ..id de!'wiuint, do) a; n.' fa.,, ao t ?.,;iniis'rlion o01.the est )e of Oliver BS.i'^lBvd'"
'Comprosing Sticks;' Chases, and every article, ne- tile It.,.ir otje'i,,, ., '- th.y have .ry, v, Mthn-.) 1 C. R;;v'mond, late of said cwi-.ty, d ,-c:ls(d. PllFtl 'r'ES
"ressary far a Prnin' ......ice. Also'second find yIre, lefore the ist fi s vot (!W e e,'f i^l 2rg
materialss t:" his Court,. otherwise .9,! peimon !rhall. be M;-,ch 2T3, 151'1. Ad,'n'r d1 bonosiIn.
The Tvpe which -are cut it~i-lnitation of the |taken pro eoanfs:so; provided hAt due iU'lica- ---, -,t* I V [
Eng lish let,,rs, ar+"east in new 0oulds, fr,'in an ti c 4 of this or.ii.r be ,-+ode e n the U rn-wr ea ; 1J "' 't 1"-K-i v." all )persons i ;ret .that .
entir,.Iv hii vset of M atrix-s w ith deep counters. A'd -ertiser ,T A p- bach cola, or,'e a w.. v... f'r tw o L ., s 'x ,,. Lk, ,,;,,n theof' Ill'!, I t p..o... --e r
are warranted to be u ,past,, zed by hv aiv, an- wi, .- m-"ntha, suczessivcly. (A Coo,-,- ',';.> t- .vNil au:, y to ,. i h .,r te Jl e of P.- bte tf'i '.I. i t
be sold to suit the times.. All Ihe type furrnikhd .W-" : V.ALLE .u "lin! 'y." ...... ," t hft:t I l tl
hv us is hand c st." The.tvpes fromn any toun-! April IS, 1846 1 ) -oi '. l-. .-the estate 4 T SO& 11-o .n tli Ie- I ..L._
dry can he matched at thbi establishment. | AT ClfAMi! MArtCHD P, 1845. D ....hrh T- ',v *, t ,R 's 1 'gnW
Pri-tfinz Presies turnixhpd, also StOmn Engine.- Ai C C "oi.i' 1 '" "- '- follSiH7i. .dtM in.t1'-*
'- o F ra niltlilu C ir nte .oa.%*....
'o00-h"'omst approvedlr.atternast _2" .tr'IN CHANCERY. Iro]ICG--ix mo:;t;is 'r,-r( late I wiil ;,)r)]y te
Gor 0 Coposition R,,rast thr Prmlers. pbonse Loubat, N 1. to ,lhe nrob'te C'..- Franklin Co .!i'v, ")HYSICTANS ad
COCKROD3 4 & OV6EREND, vs for a final discharged fror-i P> ad inistr.ti, i a)' 1. anxious to diso( Vi
Dec. 13, 184.). ;y 6S Ant-st.,New-Yo"<. George W. FIi-rison, and Mnrza- oflce of v,:e''tl,,r cf'tiWe'estate of David Rich- cure one',o' the moslt
---- ._---i --a --.. ret Emma Harris o, neis wi',, ard'on, dece-;i-ed. Piles. 'Sitcce-ss has at
." sNgl"Sand lOpC. David G. Raney'ad .- Harriet F. "E. B. W11ITMAR;H. JACKSON'S3l P1Uk EMB
100 GI '54, l R'KEop I'ICEY '; AG. ..... Raney, his wife; Joteph [lud- Fe.b 21. IS M S-GU all bleedi:ift Iallhvs pa
i,- P GING; S Cois Rope ; Als, 20.J Alexander IMAlvin and .......... *aesthat intolerable it.
sacks corn, for sale hv- Oe-,eystofor- Olni alter, .dtethe.-111&r-cn
BUGBEE & t!OWATIt), .- rden. .ag" ..., _.,n ,,.6 _il to ore-N s-:,,t(uwllwm alyt to the atof rrobate lk hr,.qdi
__a -r nr r L ._:a, -s c s e m or.t- -. .- ,4_ ., w =e lives h-eb r

lImportant Natiot|"j -Work. ,
"-.;""" M SSAGES, ^ETH-..
Two Handsome Volame, 8. o ofo
: ?' *~7 ^vn, Hirt Ied P'gsE-h *'
S r, .vr.s .m,..r: r w p' .T i inrNC.: ;

J. C. ALW.*-wf
March 21 Cli Centre and Comnset st....
Ballam of o If verwirt. ^-..
A REMEDY umot per,.,-et is md towB.bp -"
discovered in gelfled Comatiltion, i .er ..
Complaint, or any of' their incipienit *ympt!oMw ."
'on the Chrono-Thermal t1"terbl.b4 tII an6f ;
I[oct.r TAYLOR'S cel4teaed m iSN& olhs -
, etnine IALSAM OF LIVER'OxT, i b ri, 1.W ;'['
I pares et 3-71 BOWERY. This ph, "7 irpsBllt, ..
now espoused by several 'eminent .. v^ii,.t .'..l:- '
and has been for'*A-. timne, if4,-rrui ;,j le
unparalleled fucct&. ht*ch'ha+ a'e,..'tu '4*clr
Taylor's medicine in performing i>' <. *''r i
cures, which inr.lnanv, very mann, ... ti."" )
-.been -Ilniq 9rtrirdibli., bnt the t 'reft.. *, ; ... ^ 1
It he Doctor can bring forward are il ft = :te. ar ^
wo- advi e all who ui!'.v."ve-.eo .:t ii?'}'e
could, even, to use this'..erfctl 'Ak' -""a~ti',vt
'delay. I-Franklin i-ays'a snai:l l-a:- wi;i sink a u ',
bi Thip.8f 'kterefore, care yiur r.timp ct' i ;
your lungs are past cur-, ror.Ilebv -- .
J. C..A-,,^ genf' ;o
-CAUin O39-, he aei;-;,.,, '.>*<*, r W *.ir sa' .,
Ft)liM+did stei.fljate e n !. 0 .r A16*,6
vile ar'ddangepS i cniFs, ,Lfen te .p"k' I',e
cautioned not M ptrcha e or it is '.
protected hv th< U. S..Capy Rig+l +
March 2i,1845, 12- ly. ... "
Tarraatn i*T~!fet~elrn"cli ^JL ~ ell,,eir
? a p c H f i H : .'t' .'
TTJEALTH IREN 'WED, an(r |tlr'.t.
._ and healthful co,-dirin JW. It7",d'): Y .
tv thpi use of "ARRANT'S EIFIFIf ,Vll ',
This pro araion i_.univesally rllowed--14 he
therlmost plltpliar rei"edy.-of (he (JM.nt day, .'
the: T'lSeitinh'and er'. 6fdi t!i', Hlu,,v.,
and Liver C4niulaini,".,-btus V.'? akos.??.:, Hea,;- ,+4
ac F T"ravellc'r and residents in w; : *'1 ni ies r..,
,find it a desirable article; it pric .', l ai,.y s'-:.
' :milation of bile,ibi*p(Mable, at..-' fl,rr.,,:- *
preparation is u- iallyscw',nt;o;;t. Ci.i' ;'
have frequent ocsion !or.gea:iie _i .cr'iro
purgatives; 'be qvill lake (hit 1nerseui nt *f,-
ference'rnt ht ifr.. Sold wholh--le andt rei;- b.,: +, b
Nov.U. ..C. ALLFUN, DrMIM4. ,c. "-

.'* :,. "TrHE A nD,?r.., ,'" .'-\'-S 07
t..., TVIE PEIt.lzDENT i Or THEI 'u. S-.
'M.'.', .. .*^INAUG .A, A N JTTALr A "D SPECIAL,
o From1789 to 184 '.
'. "., lt an Oriaina IMemair of ean b of the Pr.
..." eijtltl, anl a fIilnry of I' r.Jn'inutra-
: :"". ft :also a aslection o0 f)-lant
." (Documents anil ,tatisltical ir-,
._'*' nation.
'" cr.COMPIL'D M OXtCTAT. gtSURCs, C .E ,
.'., :.. &ttolOF THE NFW"YORKoANT^IJAL TrtGI<(5. Cc..
A d E-.Tmbellished with Portraitsqf the Presidents
*". ... awl the Seals or Coats of Jrins .:f the
,%. ,' ., 'f' .several Stfttes..
'' '" *,CONTE0TS, ^
~. The Sneac'hep or. Addresqse, arit Mesoas
of the Pre.4idents tf t he United States, from .Wash-
ington to Polk. .. ;r*.. ,
"2. Ak Memoir, or i-'.inhicaI Sketch of each
V.*+. Pre, nt, pra-edin.- hi.2 M^*-^ef :- ':: i L
.3. An account of *he "na,zuralindf of each
President, and a Hislr-r'l lh' prinr'ipnl poitical
events of his administritio-, and of the transac- "
;tionas o Contre.i at emch qe-iion .d4yinZ the pe-
riod. These sIethe4 e,-lllii,.| Messraes,
&c., or'*ch Presient, a--i, wTth I, M-' Q.?Ie%
"-' *'* forming acompendious Political H.1tory of the
?'.. United Stites, tor the last fili v-.evgi years.
4. Declaration of fnde-pendt ne. -
.5. Articles"of Contnederatint.
6. Constitution' of tho;.Vrited States, with
Nntes and References. -. *
S," ". 7. A-brief history of the events and circum-
:' tanee1 which led to the'Union of. the States and
formation of the"Connfitutio U1 -
,I 8. A synopsis of the Cofiltitulioni of the se-
:/:*., *' :* .; verat States. .... ..
-...- 9 Tables of Members of t6 CGabinets of the
, ." '. ..various administrations, Minisliw.to :F,reign
.Coantrie?!, and.other princi pil I)',hli&-offitperg.
... OGhtnnological Table of Political E,'entcoin
*".- :..the United States, .*
.- -*; 11. Statislicaljables offRevenue, Commerce,
'" -d Population..
12. A complete Index, or Analytical Table of
Contents to the whole wr, if_ "
TJie publisher of the above NA-rioNAi. W^oRK,
in announcing its completion,, takes the 0ppor-
--' i, tunity to state, that the sale of the same has been
committed to his agetits throughout the Unipn,
who are authorized to as.,re' sbscritvos that
there will be no'deviation frm. Ihe pfice fiod,'
namelV, FIVE DOLLARS per copy, which intuat be
'V.- considered rpi-onnJie for twn handsome octavo
: +.." volumes nf ever seyen'tindred pazes each." [' 1
+. :-.-. Nn expense has hoap spared, in the prepara-
4,'. "': tion of Mes.. v.,Jtmes 'bf DNowuent. .History and
.'"',' Statistic'., to' enter the sa -*eworthvthe pitrq-
:': '" 'nng-, not only ,of ,q!,tqm |gad Legislat'r.s, but,
^";:..;.- of the A Vcdn public g %ll,; who %v.. fiad
.-:*"" "' in this TaiiksuaY oF P,>LITrc %t.'.\kowL.-Dr, a
Bimasof infurmation1hdis,>enr-3bl to evervriilli-
A'^ g' gent citizen. "
.i A Forinei editions' of the PTffidents' %.riies
a,7"' have been imerfect and incomplete in many re-
;w ..- .' peeta. which have nnw been .remedied, *t by a
"' wrefil cm.)uaison wi.bh onffziil ,t,,,'wymii .,d
"(", "/ +, ..1 ; .'
ilatio I'll'! I f' C I* -i he jr~nj- kole 'rk^,(*
J '&,'lc,msaat' is a newm f.-atlire'of thi-
K l it- c', ih wrll make it Vvyaluable fo0r rifer-
:,; "': "i( c +
V. -' '.I n render tlhee writin"z Of the Ay. ricit
L *l ;'.-Iarewdfirlmre valuable a. a c,>ntlimid Nat,,nal
"^Hitorv, key are aPcommnuied %,%ith Menr-Hrs*ot"
'" the, Pro.idents and a History, ot the varicuq. ad-
*iM'.4. .tininistritions. .
i-r, ,-..?* Th. wnrk i.a'ediled and rnmvil-d bv Mr.'ED-
.-, "wiT WVILLIt', who.ie rdamilui~ty with or Po-
'_ liteal 11istori and Stitistical Suhj._ri- g'nerallv,
". "') are well knmwn to thn public, and aitT)r, "'a suffi-
-*.,_... ,cient guarantee for Ihe accuracy and fidelity of
t, the co4pilation and acecom.anvin Historv.
April 11 114 Fulton-O reet. ewv-York.

.. '.. Dry Goods. -
.. .!,'-? riTFIHE subscribers offe;L ;ir sale a large a4t sea-
:I ;" .. aonable,"stock of,.Dry Goods, consiaiing in
'-> ^ .part.of" .. '
N.ts Kerseys and Linseys,
/. -.. .. White and Red Fia'iers,i -
*)-', .+. Plain and Fancy Jiean-% ,
.... Double trillei.TweedQ,
Super fancy Casjainres, "
S-: ": Su;per E iiish and FreochlCloths "
Whitney Blankets,.10, I tlmnd t2 qrm
DurfI 'Blankets, 8, 9 and 1.) qrs.
'" : .Denim's, Krernlins and Cottooadei6
3Brown.Shirti i,, and S.eeting,
" ." +Cotton Oinbi r,-
., .. Cotti DrilhnK; and Tickina1.. .. ",

":;:."', *, -. .' Linpfa"nd C,)tlon Checks, "
::"-:',' : '' -Iriih Linien,ifhir'in. and ^hpetin}'l

,,.* .,' :.'"* "; .Bi'eiched Cotton Sh'rtin2:and Slheie nK,
/' i .'. y .. 'l]E nglish, French a nd .A mferican P r',nt.s^
^*. *'-:'" .i-.** ':.,: Extr'h s'^jer, pli n and twilled Ginghams,"
'.^ ."" ", Super Cashmere d'Eeose, ,,,*
,;...' ' "' .E 'tra s urper M ,,slin de .L -ine, .,.
;*!^, "'"* }" E'lt~lish, Scotch and Ainr>.riean dn.
%/SK -: Suffer ltalian blaek and figured Silks, "
,. .l, *'***:: Black'Silk Cravats antd ya~ncy Hkfs,
/.'.. ,.... Super Ea~lish and pon wo S~lk_.Hkfs,
*1 ..: "E',li^', and American ot,0ton Hkfds, ..
&&":y; .......* ".--.. Maaras-and-V w-er, kaadHk r,,'

"">.' ;.:.-. ..... ^Lici;e' Cotto, Hc~.ftw d-G(BlteHf-hos'e,---
"'X^^; *';:: Stffier M iis.?ill+-,?',i W orsted Vestings,
: : : .. Cotton and Flh\ Thread,-.

"" "" -' *' Plain an~d'tij;d S'wi,and checked Muslius,
-.:.: .; "... ", J ~nnet and Cainhric M nsliins, +.
.-*'" ;'. :" .. N eedles, P ins, T ape, & s. & c .. .
' .:;.. ... "Which have h,:-en selected with great care 11
... -,, .. New York and Boston, from Importersa~nd Agents
":'"7 .,*;- "*, of Mannfacturers, at the low'est markett ralo,, a,,
'- ." a tre now offered at whale le or t.ail on'f.i'orabji
:-.' .o..; .terms-by WM. G. PO2TER & Co.
.=.= ': 7,' '' Nov.'29.1S45'.' 4l W aterstrpet

-').,."' 1Ct HHDi Rt. Cioix,i-)r, : .
" *' :' ;" : 'Uj 20'do New Orleans Suzar, to arrive, "
.. 103 sacks Rio Coffee; 50 do Java, .
7 4 cases HRnn Tea, .
0' : 40 obx4 Aromatic Tobacaj-,
". -...... 0 S Mctft'g do. Browtrsa. d a Lbby's.
K"I :-< -. ..?: r20 S.erm Candles; 50 bxg browa Soap
" ::-"''.. -. '00 bags Shot ; 50 kIms pvder,-'.. ;
0._T) lbg'Lead; 4 c,sk4 foinseed Oil,
', Wtrke.tite Lead. No 1, Extra'and Pure
... '- -: Forisale by;' W. G. PORTER & Co:
.d,. 0v29 '.141 Water street.
iL -- -----
Sugar. +.

5.r:. K HHD3. Dry New Orleans; 29.hhdQ. sy
*periorSt. Croix', in store, 6 'r sale by AF
IF .*.).* -March ".'. : J. DAY & Co.,

povi|d Extract of
ad Copavin.
Stands unrivalled for its i
3leaca;it Iperlfrms aicuce i
1i,. few days-no confin*-.'
lent or reslriclion in dieif,
"'-necestry. It will be
rAnd Mi4*i .,red;: with the greatest
.ihle -(are, upon well
rared priciTplc;, f. unded
m,on .Jhbt imiiArtarit law,
ir-,l.e.ltiihi-d by the cel-
hr i,4 DOf. Foltyce, viz:
i^" ' cabibination of .m-
"pro.duce" a' nirt, "Trl',ip.
At'liq! INstV equivau.
one. cas the
,nted by its tiiely applica-
A-TJ'I7e'1 lVrn-mzitr.- &c. ""

years. For aalo.b .
March 2q.1 I16.0,
=' ip.er

-.-A ., .J4&A C 1q, its eC {I
Chleirtims have long 'been
'er a medicine that would
trothlesomn .diseases, the
ltist been the resiflt. 09M
B&OCATI In.d 'iinfl:,mmaiaon, suj
,b'ling, but ef;ctuai: y cares,
a very short time, persons
en -rendered miserable for
t Agent for Apalachicola.
.~~ ~~ -. _

.-....T"-" %-;";" '--, .... .... 1 ., 1 .- ,r t f e county of .1 ik;son, foIr a n t iA setlement
cogarn a1 n th 41 ofthe ,esta te of" ,- ,r,^^ fM T. Gard,,, l,to Iit+ aid
....titn ---, thpfr. -tv and a di~ch:,re from the office of F% *- .
& Hawthorn; hvi,.] N~iiMt,;d, I -) in 1)c. ; VI,,V^ (
a%, i d S' Kenned y Y, Henrv La- E1' I ,ti 11 ,, urix "of the last will and tP t-!m^rt o sz-Aid de-
vertv,^amp3 S. Branoe-i *dnd city (If A;.-"_ ccld MAR ANN 1CRAPt-INJAN
Hamilton Murray, rons', tutittar ata.Ch~icc_.*l,. De've nier 20, 1J> F3 41 ).rl
the firm orf randt,-n & M urrav; -i-i.. .. ..-.. ...
-- Crumbv arnd --- Dr.J-, SV:t.e Tax Collecior'S Sale.,
per, con-itititing the fi'n of r)Ui LtC 'Oi'ICF is hereby iven that six
Crinmbv & ; Di' --Wil. J. ,n,,,ihs afler dte I will. ex,iose .to silp at
.Sol and -- G;ale, visible, :w')1i'- :>;tcrv, -,,.ioe (he C,)nrj HoIToo d,",'-,
partners of the f in of'W iln,, ;, :,e ,. **,',!',C ,\.ia. coll ty of Fr11kIi
G tile & Co. and James Brown. f ,:; :,..'. ';. i- . *. *'." ,- b'." ; ii) Sa.d City.
rI .aiuearing to the st acio of te Cc,, ". *' ,,, C.o,..lr v ,,t t ie f.,) l I i vers mns, for
that the u: ve aiia ed dof.,ndant.sl.h nri rt.- ..l,., du.. ( d ;'ate ,or the y'ear 1SOt, as per
, w within tht State of Fl-',ida. hut .';t., 1 '. ." -
Tinted S!.-.es; It i- t, er ,mr ,,rd..r,,,t. r I :; < I l- '/,;:r Ox'iir.. I 1'o.r-n
ihc iaton be made in the Co. v i,; ,, r( ,,t,'II^ "' ..:.7 ":-7 .. .11, o .,
once a m and .nswver to the said bill 4.f_ t- c 'i- on .,r da r -- i'. lithel';or ass. o 0',
before the exp;ratio n: of iat l in.. !Tr said .,,1 r.I I. "rMIS@n, 40
w ill b,- taken as confessed against Ih n.,r l a d s: J 1t j H N S0'i-'" 80
C, -j.A, a \ -"
further order iv i it t th% p:remisc, a; to .ice i I -'
Cour;-rr..iy seuI, p.e'et. : 6 and"7' : Jacob Harvey, 1 63
'(AC (c oy -F".). -
}5 r c\!. 2 1.,S 1G-- "" ... J "+ a 'nd r'x O ljcirioS it'te u C"la (',:, tot..
V--"- raLAKI C,, a FIFRT3Dt!.[ ._ i..'.,OCUNLT. o-- ,
A.j G Semmes, N ^ ^CSK, soiperior Ru~e, n ,-.vx u: frcz.
-^ -. f.^"^ ^ brig TybLeeand f-or s:,!, liv
Aaron B. i.Tarvih. F 'e i.-) 2 NOiri-s. STONE & Co
rHE (;cfendant is no-!i!,< r.> "ie .,*ityntion of01 ^N~vi T. _o
,T. the t',repaoi'.a suit b"v at,"'i.u. "., return, i& T)orbt R' -,, +
to the April term'of sJd Coi,'t. +, r B ,L,, Mssan rm'i"ik; ,,5 b.,,
,, ,- A.G. .,EM.I,.Y' /Af Mess and '2rimcB,.-ef, 'lor sal,,.')y
1 ", 18. MrN c : 7 "I. J. DAY & Co. "
[, rn ~lia {Sil~Pcror ri[1'. A Card. 4
Wil'eiato Wright, XI n S]NG to close .r im.ines, in this rip
* vs Attac nt for ';.). '- y' ".e aO ;,rwpae'd to sell our extensive' i.ck
,--U' 01 .... 7..') ..... ,,+ i 'IR' DR' GOOpS.S, Boots, Sho,.s! Hat., &c., at
arn e herelid.tuX antifed 'or f, th e >lnlP;" e ar e ihereb oified tot pl,!etd iin gM'eoft' c ia.,1i and o x v eg this cil'. wtl nfcl
abov sut. ad ae ren-rd tnpl_,d^,r" it. to their iztpre-4 to examine otir si >cV before
S .- 11-kWIN:3,' making their purchases.

jan3 No 7, C,,ru.ibus .i,,ck.
Prints Oary--Sporiua Styles, I S46.
.EE & BREWSTER, 44 Cedar-st' ret, beg
leave to interm Dealers in Dry G, ods, that
they have received and are now exhibitmi at
the Warehouse exclusively for Printed Calicoes,
500 cases, comprising all ,the NEW SPRING
.STYLE Iof British. French a-,d Amnerican Man-
Vaclure; which, in addition u.4' ,eiLrusual stock,
renders their ag-otrnent one of the "tnos. beauty.
ful ,and attractive in the city ; ard having JUST
been purchased for CASH AN) SHORT CR EDIT, are
offered by the piece or package o.1 the same terms,
at audlRl ,w rr.iufikrurers' prices.
(3- Cataliies of .prices, corrected daily, are
placed in the Hands of buyers.
.. Prch-Asfrt- will irn'orm tliemselves of the.
state nf-; lhi market, and be w.0l repaid lor an ex-
aminatitn, even it hev ,d ) not purchase,
New York, Marwh 3, 184G. 1-5-ly



-F"tOR t.'..: iii,: ,,; O-.Ail,,i, t'.i, and the
. di-ch',rses ,of Inalter'llt!,e E- Also,
all those disagreeable noi.eg :ie. th1e buzzi:; 44.f
insects, falling 61 water, w 'ixzt;i of s!eaf;'n.f
&c., which are 0wmp6n.,of al.'rowhing-deaf-.
ness, and also n(;,.rlly attend;.nt yith tn(e dis-
e' se.. M>nv persniv who have h ,e, deaf"for trn,
fi:'teen, an'I twenty vpar., and were obj.ited to
usewear .lrumpets," have, afler unin4; ovtX ir Iwo
b,)tfle.s, tlirown aside their tnip-.ts, baing made
perfectly well -phy. recomnmerided it~fuse. F.'r stale by
J C ALLEN, S.4,1 Agent
life'It' *AL-S2? -li
,b o. i .3. ^_,^ f'.;r a r.,.h,,.,
,,s3lfc=- "i'tII'" nbh'rn:),r ia r.,:-.\- ,'e.*,'l[u. ",,
fc-? 9 -+' t0 i',a:r-.,'li, re i .1 ;", t r ro.-v..::.'lad.
! 1 ' i l\',rilifirp, with' ,-,,rniptne:F ,Q d..,
spatch,and s.- cii Itli- e p ,tr*.'i;gv ,of his ,,,ii (pau-
iiig) c')-ttofiere, and h.i,o'r hy stri,'t attention to
orders to ;tfa some now aew.
SlIop in third q,,ry of rrick i~uildinr, cor-
ner ChirstnutA:,d Water sts. Nov8. S.

-Bmnk B~ok, and StaUen'ery.
tLEL>GER$,A,,urnat*, Dal A sx .SU.. 's"/ '
50 ore~amiiPoolswaf*nd-Krtter Ppvdr;: '*i .
*Cotton MpiYnwamtdu*Brto?; "*j'Y+.' ,.*;
Ship aIi vot BiUlliudiDg; .1 +
Bowks Or. Le, Prt." 4 -% ,' ,
/ a aU i k .B ,I a ,; .4'% I~ a ^ t In .. h" c r ,d '-& .--
* *.- iA'j.re 1 ....."^ 4- E *, -' ,L~ :/ ^.
? .Irr --- e "*' ^ .,Et ..
D>AINTS :AND of I-l'kegp Nrs .
.[^-O~ad; 2900,i,.,i~a nler.3CttHp.iJ)$.3y~ll"n
ty;e~ Oii; L0r((td.,89IeaPt-
t;1Jassor^ tB^ S la e ."
recei% d and for4aleby .. f.< ': .
M Pr 1+ i-^*fcFBL;,,"

Pir vig 711et5idora.:. ,.
Tur alrv,* d a bemgtitul wrtimen..oGe.ntftiw
J (;,)od-, uildble kW the. sea--n, am i, which '

Do do do'- D1Or~y-d ,-.-, ;-'t.
Union Plaid Linen Hunting anFr.," Ats, .
"Plaid and Fancy -.t0enDrillingfaRl:!. ."
Union Pla Ai_ .I L <.
Plain Who L, [ .,' *
Kremlin, fancy arid striped CritonnJl P t'! -"
White Li,,en'bosom; and fancy cu'., Stilm,'
Sunpeislriied Cattiriek ,-. ..' .. **
Palmleaf, Lephotf, Panama, FIprence arid Cana-
da Straw Hatsi. *'"'
Suter Calf Boats, Brnsaps'and low.qnar. Shoea .
Bukskin, Cloth, PrnM-ila a,d 0hat.kin Gaitmr

Fine Liqltlrs. ,
X CONXTONMKNT.-Jist rereied a su-
perior It Ai'j L' ir!.C,,a-i~lihi; of .-i.4ne!t,
G +:'i a,,d p lt o C:.-,:. : I ,r :,d.'. ,llar;., '( i,
C ,iT ' "Wrpe, &,c.,f ior a". at i,,; ...'?"'
pri ,-s, I r. c.ash oalv,'b3,.
MAclIr23'.P F. KOPMAN.
Boot-It SA 'S
{,, B aOteiga 1S~ioes. '-,
"OYg' T! Mn'3 R',,i'4l ('t llro-(ran%,
,".Min'. .s 'w'. inS'S peg'd Kip Brogars,
G(pnts fine C ( t'It 11'. ,
%Vm'r iipS'd a.i! r"d"d ,al,,hn. s.Childrerin do. do.
Super L.A dia" KIl aand, M r.-'cco Shoes,
+% u lp r L l d i v s G a, f orl^ l B .- % "( ? ; '" '
Ge-'itl. :npii a- ,,-'? ald n ie Calf Boots,
A I.rg, md n \exlc i-' ea-:,-.rtment, inst received,
and for sal by WM- G. PORTER. & Co.
Nov 29 41 Water street.

~~ J tL 3.Vi,., +oi i Ill,
Att'Ysfor Flaintir.
Apalachicola, March 1V, IS15. 49-.Im
Franklin Circyit Cowvl.
John Gorrie, Compl't, 1
' vs. 4Bill for Forcelosure.
Lewis P. Mosely, et. al. .
~R'sl's. j
B Y virtue of a decree iid(, in Ihe. above cBUs,!.,
by the Hon. Circuit Conrt ,,f sai( .)Uily, i
will expose lor sale at pn'flit v,. ."'v_, at Ihi.
Court Houso door, to the higthest hidVer, lor (:as:;
oil MONDAY, the first day <-t Ju:ie n-.t, all It,.
right, title and interest of L,,vi.q P. MI;.';elv ,,A
wife itiand to Lots No. 9 awd i in BL,.-k N,;. !.
in the city ofApalachicolb, b lo,. t, the
tare of .John Gillesoie, d :ee;>t"d. it ro,, ri ,
s,.)Id to satisfy an exef-u'.i,') i '-'rn, tr,,n sa'.
Court, in favor of said Goirrie, a:'; a ; i'i"i "*
rendered on a mortgage exe'ld-d ,'v ) ,,u .il; i-
pie in his life time. J, iN fC'' AS,
May 2, 1SS. Si-,eri"J I; Co.
FP ankialai Caireni'.t Coalz,.
Raphael J. MNl>se,, Adin'r, oi )t
Jjohn Lock, Jdeceased. 'r ''ioL;on ;or F,. ( -
"'- Vs. (. CL. Iui1 '.
-;i;,i+.. vTI ?!':.;;.cr, ) \ ,.- ^ y
B Y C r, e ot a ,ri. ot i. ta i .'i, r',." rat
.1)Circuit Courl of Franklri) c,)i iv, f ,"'!t .s I1
at the City Hotel, on the first M t.)" : '! Ie'
next, all the Vurniture levied -, o-4 ti: 'r<>;.,rt,,
of Wrn. H Shepherd, con'is". ,)li Is..hoh;
and kitchen furniture of siid ,tot. c : :--Ma-
hogany Sofa, Pier and Card trai.;.+, .P.,i?, Wind-
.r and fancy ("hairs, Bodst.sad<. 'eathi-r B,-d4,
M.ittmirs.ss, .Bedding,, Lf',,lin',: G-1 .<'-*, Car (>tQ,
Oil Cloth, Latnps, Calidlesti. rocx.C-v, GI is.-
Ware, &c. &c. &c., sod to sl;- '" ,. j,.'l y, cnt o!
forqclosure rendered in said -' .
M-v 9- 1, 42 .... 6l. r'. C.

Those Claris, ..
fS\ CoN'rLN(I"S ,, rr ,h'i t;i, btsi-
O," ness iqi Apal eciccolh, 'l,,vd--,rs b.lowh
"L the City- t1,40l ,,. ,e.r* tret.-
'. 4vi *g suiperiwr w, rkrfen, he i.. Con-.
fidpnt, that all who may pirtr, kiec hin "il, fi d
thev have called al the riaitit shop. tr.Freni Calf
Skin and Mrocco lBoots, ,,r :lh,:.s inide lo ord-.r,
o|' the latest fashion and tnr;.;,t ,-p iroted sl).le.
All mending, &eldone owvlh ne.it'e!4 amid rI,mr-
titude, and ,mn tcrts thal cirnot f'.l 'Io 1 -wre-
C()_,ised as in keeplic with lihv cmpeeitin io
tra!e and Ihe closeness ot tlie ttieues.
j:tnl7 3-6t ."

' .5'lrmn, Nails, &e.
" . TONSq Swede Iron, assorted sizes,'
20\P 100 kegs Naill, I'do.
4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities,
20 Blacksmith Steel Fared Anvils,
20 English and American Vises,
20 Bellows, :
12 dozen Spades and Shovels,
10 Cellif's AxeQ'
10 bxs Cotton and VV6olan Cards.
1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saws,
[030 Ibs Cast intG.xrman Steel, for sale by
: WM. G. POR PER & Co.
Nov Q9 : 41 Water street .

C(hatlalmooece eHotel, 4- Leather 'nmP*.,V re1 a*asi Aio ppersa.- a
-11 THE subigrribert ,.l ,l.asure.in mariyjothe. Good I-all cheap. -
.^' informing the traveling Community March 2; F. KOPMAWN.'
SI.. 'Sol that lie has taken ch;rd:,' ,fithe above
~~~estibli-2hineti, silif-ltna a,, i ediately 1~ lf OO
,i & es*"ihlr^^ d'vi^^ ^ TUSqT atved' er brng eta ora-- ,*
on th ,. banks ot tie river, where the J Rihar printsvegbsh aridgA ei ?CM
trave ,ler m ay fi nd a o,)i rti ble and q]iet.,restg; + N st l i vRrichy P eri isr 6.ng naBd .j i.
place and t thereby v avoidi ",the j ")m 1 on e- C ina Law ,,s,Le ; .0 r very a ditr i L,,i : .
Iniences %%tLich t:'ey have hb rc *a.re 'been u Cib- L a, s frnce Dre s k ,
The U. S. tfail steamer A.',i, m'rm Apa. 8-1and14Musquito ce NO oubl.
laci:cola, arrives on ndlhd~v and WV d,esd;lav at and sing:e.
-..lackP.5') 1) &,laid anA whli eo]ded dci,- -.. .
,,'o lock, P. 1.M ; departs .; N.-),Yifvi and T u n rsday l | S ... .;.. .. "
at,1, o", k A". A. ..- ,, ...plLl v ,alle S un., ,-.. d, ..^ .. ... ..
Avv:; M ~ne.av ~ +'rW at t2 Se,,- Fi,.ured- Miislinlv" BaIzario~e ant lfbir sty"--cf:
"a s i'7" t 'm'(14" 6-rSpri g "Me .
A:~~ c A. M N)rs u.d:v," ,r Mv a~.61at r- .. .. .- .. .
T u e .d ay s T h u rsd av .e a ,,1 q a t ,1171 V '; at -9 C l 'ck L .d' [d; ^ a ,t . ,, i ~ ~ t .~ "
A. M ;, departs Mofid ,vs, \%Ve+tae.;d-./,, ,n~ Fri- .,and. co[^, orn .l K,, SJn w r e, an i .Q
,'. :;;^r'n'e;;;r-.,.^ ,"i 't s -'"- ..*^^
p ,, s a t W d 1 2 o ls A o c l o c k M a e r n M aa l m 1. ,,- .. .. ..,- d.Is
".~nc an" hisee rrv -A Mr iv VP. lSraw l~lrornetts, ... .
W.,,mcy8ani Rwd[l~t~ see, t 2ar 'lw o ck; d epars, '- ,. ... ,i~ o j.t~t, alPI
r ,, (N s ,h W e .d ;d 1. 1 4ao,, id, ,t S w ,d ; % -,a a t (3 .l ,,c k M ul i n 2 ..8 ,o + ,). .

On\CO:L'%\ ",v sale by
3 0 march!.4 D B WOOD & CO.
FOLGER'S Olo-aonian, or All -H ",i 1i' B.,li:,m,
f'.r Conijrn;'tioim Asitlhma, C.- lz.'s, l.iv-r
2or,;,l :in,, aid all d seA,;s of the throat and
)tnL',-<, r r .Alc by
_A, .r ItH. F. ABELL.
\\ I* BL,,L. W,:siLII; 50 bbls. Canal, now
11. [O l1.hnrg, tortale by
Apil 1S J. DAY & Co.

For Sal t .
0r FIRKTNS hbe- D.ilr B-itter, better known
20 as" Latham's Butter." An-,l% to T
Feb 21 NOURE, STONE & Co.

Oi Consignment.
T HR sub.icrib;'r has iun.. rP-,-l from the
T mawiuactnrars and piblisher-. a beautififl lot
of Paner H.'igingi, Foolg.*Ap ad Letter Paper,
Day Books, Journau and L.gers,'Bibles, P ayer
Bo'tkq, etc., which he off, rs ver law.
Feb 7 F. KOPMAN.

VFor Sale.
2A BBLS MES PORK: 20. bbIs N.;l
,0 Mackerel; 20 j bhis No 2 Mackerel; 10
] bbls Fultoa Market Beep'," or sile by
" "ti.b~g'"n r .. .... .1 r- W t..__r *tr,:et.

COLOGNE, Li.ve-il.r. t lorida Waitrs, E'x-
tracts, Vodleta, J ,-1 aine, Amber, Portugal,
&c. Soaps, Preston Salts, Otto of Rsaze &P.,
.^n 24. J. C. ALLEN.
GOaiAls oat .sigsaln(.nt,
A SMALL assirtment of Good, consisting o
Coffee, Tea, So.y, Candlds, Tobacco,
Gnnpow+.r, Brandy; &c.., is offered at New
York Invnice prices, hv
jm3l 5 NOUR"E, STONE & O.

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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: May 30, 1846
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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: t : : :

.. :
k 4 r 2r : r ) ;r,

y F ,_ ri :r' 4 Ii,
r '-
.. 4.
; : : .

44 I :. .- I' ?' 'A 4 V .' .-

1 .:: I ii '

Cofliuierc1ftii a

-- -r -


-- -::::: = =_ =. -_---- ___ __ .
: = ; := ==-:-;--____ -
: ::r -,---- ,,- _:::.__ ___ ---- -.

I -r nw flWSm. sr. *_'-"_-_-'- -.ra TPtSTSg y y T tm MamMB ..fciBaM. tipMa_ aa i BMj ---0 ---0' )0 -

JIERCIAL ADVERTISER) .. i0 professional otitrri. 3 ; a r. : j moving io the tza1low.> when;; the;- j:lilor. in'G J [Fn.mthe Nn-liviile O IhtpOIIl4U ] '

r.VKUT SATUUDAT BY [ Im.id taken a dVep ilil em est Wuian's E'E 'AT. ZACIIAR Y TAYLOR. THE COMA1AADE -

;n-BtlSHKO: ? B. S.-EF-iwIcy, WJl. SYDNEY GREEN M. I) [From PhiluM'lu, Collar Nvpper bhahi.'y!' to'ii-iicd him..Tlnie .t OF 7HF. ARMY OF OCCUPA-:-
[ & .
) S1VOKTI1_ AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, i\IENOP1ES OF Y O R K. -' j is n pt'ison answering des 0 310N.
c::,- M-v \> I .end: at liire.. idc'irn ynnr
Ct Water aid Chestnut C'Turr ofettrt
of : s-tref-t*, csf Len Recent cvrnfs have thrown ibis gentle*
rjiildiazs ciiption:
ri -tsry t Rdtz-HV corner April AMaladiici.il Fa.'C' : aiid Jif! h slreet", opposite the '!a'iionl AN KXI'KACT. ; is" said he pointing into(
(,,,nierce aid: Chestnut sretts. -. l ii '. Nit' 9.D& EY "OHION =- S'thy rrowfl.Yts man so prom tightly brfmc the public, that .

TEl!* *T Spvs.rnr.'c T. IJ. tk C. Iff. Austin, -- I 5tond beside lac ini, 'ny f-Pi, by heaven: it is Lewis !" shouted WP feel dis-p' se.l to gratify the strong des'TO! .. -

n lhr<5 ppr annum, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, A. %1'. csnps2ss: liltuuir ie'd; hi,1.i\a, > t i UK? world; :' 'er;'mm. expressed iy ninny, by hiving some of tho I Ic''limmts

i del ived OCJ-O !ice the of! 3. A Md vthili'l:i si'oni.', ft'tj-i iltiiirry Tim i;;' nf hi4 life.Gen. .
1 ,Itfnre. (K'f nayrncnt Water: Street, : o\c-r Draz tric S. II.n\lrv, stringer, inctantly; flrri hut was pnrffl ,
3)ritiu1 FIVE DJL1 (eiilijuce on Clit-s'n'H frPLt! ) Silence al tiu- 0 c lierrlosfiy uir-cn; lO.t uju'd.ytl :} t : Ta\'o-enterrd) fhp in 1608
I I year _AuachicPti.; Fa.I. UK: nght 1 inv t u (ii.- .,r.t; h .nr: arid nveitak* !!. ami! utnfessrd time rrur.e. Army ,
1 1. .1imtrts'L. D. j1)(.ie latrlv cccu.iH'd by Cr. Baltzell. bi'eiw.e m? lit'.r'! U'.i0'.iii -ircdni, Morun 1 iristani'y rfccived! n reprieve U) iX mmediatp'y) n''trr lime attark on the Cliesap 0

I nn I 'v"i f"r. ''rss tenn l'nn' VXI |:: IJUGBEE. IIRGnOVE HoWAHPCOMMISSION Ja'mirv'lfJ.: ISIfi. |_S-tfEZ. V.'liprci'ft-M; 1 was wc'it ii-ionni- I I the I Gfjtrrnur.: and !I.t! iu! rnontiv.! a'c, aid hi.t* been in the service of bisrv
I c$ ; will! ihIV4TiI)1! ly b? ch rd for :inc & t.var1 S U'lu-re cIt 1 tabled 'ItM-iiu-'s o'rcam.It'ii4'it r frt the '
Ther.incr. otiI I m ili.it lirnp lo .-
V; t i T will !b<* uncontmufJ 'intil K. Owons, :itir li"g ;t \vek in pri" <
.4 Iif fl at' Ctire'l 1 tile rtny as a Lieutenant ofluisiny. '

M OIlC II A NTS CLrro.v V.'iir.i1 iritiida HiiJ kiidi tti fondly dwell, was;m the wife >f I.oi.i< moraii.: If v. ;as i irm I ftc bad ri en !.' the command of & L
me 1U12' *. N -. 7, Col-J nbaRloc'c' ,. County, Alabama.r Att.l tl ire.r plt-u-.tit, haylot., d|{' '*l she, why had; drpf-scJ Iirrs '!f in s;mt- iflI7iUIrtt '.4 m jany, ai th lipsmn, ng of the last tear. .
,.-% r4y 1.'ttea the lolloping) ?'0\'. 1 I I i ., mrni'm I Fa. Aprif 1' IC. 2-t1! \VIi.ii iodtiinr,' o'i.'r r l ui.i hill and ceil. For his gallant d, fame of ForLlIam'son :
:' : .. *, lto ..'. C. tO'_1.L3..X r :is to _i >i fufir. to liFT InHb.m! >
0 ; 7. c'e't r p''t;: I i. '. li-u Lad'jvd "U :.jlrt, 'h i3'i'tmI,4r.: Icl2. Plrs;e! nl.Madison
i;. :m.- j.t :1 i. i.'' tj :.my (: ti. ; &s
2 V
..c. .i I 5* ir*? j.'. .? o )) WMOLESALC_ AND RSfAsL 1 GROCT.R. ATTCI1NEV AT I. AW lit *: I', my vie>.\ \\iilm'n
. /:" :..* > 1 i. V3 V.--X .1 5J) ::z; Pricut.ir attmtin'i! [pud to putij upfdin:'; A suri r.-'dl.ly: ot I iruui.I f I f Major, ar.d lint he'ismnv, the oldest -
1T1LE in the Iisri.'t
prtdice ? C rf
frt:3t1)1! anti hi l : < 'irt5: {tIeI :
< > .ssrtnn. 1 U.1vt ? | 'ud.Nu. Lsfftl in the '
: ...I I 3 army.Jn
r. -\V.iter-sirod Unit-'d, v!f-te. rrd I lie Stile C .urt. ol I iht* 0 ward .J fir in ditfant lt.d- : 0
c 1m t; 13 l'i" trimVr nfh-: d2)) I9i1 l jrliirob., Fh.JnvS Midillf:' a-.d' ol Franklin touniv hi the Vr'e.trnCic b it U 1 ufrj i\ii\ ; ,KT chtt' tiifihi': !! :?. They err errcjionsly; who Riy thpro Is noon H22 he bep-me n Cotonel of the CtJt1'f.iirry <

*Ib I 1V I t' i2:e Lvct; to ecptwi ----- : it.Ol And Lo.isia 111- win nine!, lichu-i b.Lmd3 I liT1PS$ i-nnh.: It is :m Ii'. D ,' vo, 1 ; wit Ii ih's: rp/rnM'iit lip wet t IOFlorJd.i $ 0

'Vt' t T.1r. J rc in T-.ll,ihnscc.Jiiiu.irv As ii-i: t-vf-t voic ;mv m b. ,uin m ihii.l:: ii. m$t'ltLst. our Ctcaror civrs; 31 m:; this beautiful; I in 1>3G, where hejwas always fore-

n 1j'rt by t" vor t li1rt 11s- !lECEITIVi'r. FOR i WAflINJ! ) AND J'J' ISM.j 2-.-"inIT. Aii.lt U"-i. ); uin.i ihf bi.i'ii! iiiiar, SV O1 Id) for nothing ? Look ;il I lie orwn: and ni"f in daier.! '
ti! yintr : CUM \ J tO'-.fJ 11'uii ianu t f I ;life,
it SIO
I '1 tut' : >: MERCHANT! ?\'.! uiy* re'Juni'Jih\ -i.fi>!fd piw'r I th'-I ((4)rt.t-I ilucarrli; m :i-d I thf tVir b-i* No. 42 Water tn-ct liE\iOV.\L. ,
uil tt) own ? )') s> Aiu rufd i auprcnif: my bwa iirs b'tt'v living jfjprr ? \Vcic t they not inadr T f' r. .11 the- lipir! uf a iachmen of about
( A" si '!,jrn ,. F.i.;
: a:;. zz:. Davis
nil rlt3.r _0mir'J I ; for Mir: riij'\! ,mrnf,) ? i\Iost{ cri'nk.; \Vi* COO: irif'ti. .composed, of,r rts of ihe 1st, 4th
at the 11 sit iun the rld
h I 1rP-i to itVr 1'i! rdlJ.i .1. Iff. A J. :73. Efu; ATTOINEY A T LAW, ; A.'d' i :'iZ<''J I'JH-n p : iruc ;II..bt'y: I ij-if y" i; !Ittt! for richf-s, hon; 'r-\ t r ally m thine!I 'I-p J ; ami GI'I', rpghm>ni of U. S. Inf.mtry and '

m',% J *ifl'bt i be t r.JsT r-Ainto insure: ACTOR & COMMISSION! MIIIJCHANT', c- OXrc i-i Fifd's' r.c\v Bn:Idii,;ir, cr oJif Et mni i im>ii0ht tiint 'iiu. '. f.ica: .il j' j Iuf cnile.vor! to I l.at' .. hvt coniPs :.ni! I Ic: c.nme Mis 'nni volunteers met about TOO

jtLCtS No.13 Water Direct, 1 1'4 : ttfl.lh: 1)c(' i I", i JSJ.r. .\eLmt. .t- %% ff* to preily l IIOPP M. "iir, 'iT'"Ill?* -JJ '''")"I-Is :md! s ::shine, -dark; rjy!: I 'dian, uneler AHiaator. Sam Jones 1fldo:2evtteIr.

ist: APALACIIICOI.*., FA.oMins A. C.ATTOfEy. fed .tf lfi sh>;ini"'Jm witii: : w'mii(J !tiie ii; } oji.i'-botv'rr.bsijitt cloys and! ftir; -on l.pid! ., or on si-s'e: arc JKMfct'v C : on tbeb.nik'' ofihpO-ke-fho-

nts Dtrcctci .). : / T L A V. C...... ... .- w.rt- .j-vua.* ( -):;,111e ,-. h.ipj.y.Ve, ITIV. jn j t !b: tn Itiok'mir i bee. This lat: 'lc was soucht hy time Inrian .-
Dav1i (;. :iev, \id wild h:.ck l to SPP if we could fr.d .'fur thp ilav before the ,
O:; Qjfiat J2: C-jft. .W//37J'. nnH.Iin j fUCl' j ai.cl ijieiiy iLw rs. ; any diy; inwlmh engaeeirent.Col.

; J..i.sMn. 1:1.: ttuene. noseii I: oN v n'>s WARDPCP MCIICIIANTA.VD n/r. (It I Centre &. CfJiriinerro ticcis.no.1 :;, I harf from : V.T were not: cM'jo\m2 <:ursclf! rd! f r Taylor rppeivptl ;i rhallrn from Al- v -.
.v;< DEALER: : IN: iOODS he.mtv V lip .
a sen
f\t3emir.h.; Fla. Th thnird ? I flic i life of is: .vc ran:: (find hut two. And in ISsitor.; lellin? liim whpre to find him, and S
*. !:: ) ; : < 'V:: Co., 0L'O.' 4;) V/atcrrSrcpf. .t w iiiiiti IMV iL.l1l'.j cere,
Anil a.j I.if iiuiea cuT'iii'ii ril r these (lays; fiiemls in v. houiv.e rrjnfrder! ;banterin" hsm to come art. Col. Tuylor de-.
(V.ttir) tret IiClIATS, _Nnv .' I Ir A i1lirlii, Fa.C'lrnp 5. Ltv, 1 i-y udKeu'd nirirmricst i yore., lifi'-d I i p I the I lirrl against us. Tiic next srcd: noiliirj Ijptirr. am! immediately pushpd "

\9ihChICrll. !! &9)12I ATTORNEY AT LAW I t.utinht:' of 1'-r' tit ,i i; 'I!philanthropic! aw .* are- v-e forgot m; on, :;t npid: in'irch: to thp expected batfpaifnl 1 -
1. __ Jtinb !id! rtC. r4grIg! p ..-- .>.,> -I.MI my ilc.J.Vjiiisesu'el .- I tint I stirl!* Iri'-nds 1e-'rtn't1 Indian
cn R'T.l1. iirALri I !(>, (Decrtnr Cn.) Ci.T \ Itm'd vie h m ( WTIC ours, ;tnd wovrr I ihat the wily
iif: iwd lir'iti
*S. ) avt'la't. S HOE.:;, j\T (;OODf. CL( ))0FIIING, IIATS&c. ft- ViJl I ati.'rd!t m tiu'iriti-illv' t tic St'rinr C'nr1 Ly tu-r dear ::id.', i'jt.i io d-juit.( happy: ;m.Iifl. *XVe an of toe opinion: that m niht ';, 2e his purpose. The Indiana 'k .

i DtN i ; -\ N i) CtMMISSIO :; fur Cash* q.f f I ll.o rnu iln"Hch( UJ'CT' ar-d! Dc-otui ',!' i (i itl. whrn le: created us i intended i that wshould 1 had a sin n prsitirn in a tl i 'k swamp. covpied V*

ME RO HA NT irt I CliP'Innlljv.'ft.,, AM3idpiir) Tin.. 'I llip Si..iih Wi-tpri.: ad: fl *.wi i.; ?- I it'cks rr" boar with n0.; ( be poifedly cn Ic ill cmi and happy. m front bv a smiM s ream whose

Ko. \VatPr.strPft, oflt 1ir' ( i i I. n.i'.HATTOKNCY iy 'tic I'li-ji-.t tfa r.m.w' q nt- dim, The reriMnj: whv t there! qnirksnin!" ipri'ernl it almost! impasvable.
.Ir C. All Ai.-i ? 'L'I' j"il I' I tarn toy fi|> .-. l--t I m i ?, are so many lonr;
Aj .il icie'ib, Fa. V\">"' = .1") an'J! fti.iI! D-.irr in Joau Ui whifii ic r;! i'ty rfo-iipci, : f cc.s clondi-d brox-.s anti blue hearts; i is I but? ? C -l. T. ;pi *hril iliniuah, tlir qnirkaands

ii\ AJ* '.rcs mwli oa: C'nuiniiM *-' DllUHM 'jfCI\-i-i. PAINTS, OILS, Trt! i-f.l niii-i: : 1.1 -s < 1 yv mm i'-mrire .J >ekirc I i.r 'vhit! I ih'V can; r.'-vcr a i.tI snnq! ? in ihr fare: of a f I pa dry fir" fiom
New Ywkor Gf. .Vb.-r I5.U: ij> ia TCjvv O.iL'tfl : &c. ALBANY GA. And | ny ; 4 t)1lj r or ionkin; for moie enjovmcnt I than rnnceal"d fop driving the Indians beforehim. S
vij; *ii iliu'' : '.ri
1M' il-o I Iq .i.- 'c ti-i 'jo niortr,
April ti :nrnirtlf nf TTTTLL' rr-rfi"o i-i the 'v'ra1 C irt' nf f"c 1.111 I'.i I hm* f .ui d J my li.i.il ie.ei. I 1mev cri possess' r.hrn 'tmy; o'daiti'! r heir'I Th< action w-is long and severe.- .

lie r. A'jeii, BOOKS, ui.TIS, s rATIoN ;:uv. Arc :cc.cur. ? V S'>!2lh Wt-ti>ni Circuit, di.d Thd.T as aui: %Ijrr.c.j! :; .c: i2y! lrlfj.; o jccI. CoSff-n "is ri.tt viien he saiJ. 'I The Indians yierfdin the erumd inch bjj.ic .

i )'. '- vt. : v'ij 5J yr\ir., of Cr'iiire; *c Conini-rct- --trrj. Ste' nit rnu"ii 1 ii.jrr i-M i.i j a-j i'''JIUM jj i -ir-m .' if sWit Ii I Ivr'Liu': tv-. h. nnd then only at the point of the

: ) r.j :<, \I.iCEXE PAINT., _Tni:!_ : Ajitl tc'.iisoli, Fl Au.% ". !<< r. _0! tf .o' ;- 4--I I "i'i'i t IIR HiiT bn'rtM" il.i= jt wi-1! Zme b?yInet. After three hours of bloody contest '
))14 I*. K9nbir:. And ihfy in* t.O I vvh.j rtMin : thp 'Indians, were routed and pursued .
tz ii .Hirtnv t ofC ct at i".Pr)'. MAXLTCTUUr.Il( !: .\\l) DnXUT. IMNo. dt cVI CCS. From? world ndtiinoriun? to btost' j with jreat; sl.iush'er, until niahf. Tbi*
ow.j: fc"vfa our "Vs nusl Cow
i<*stmit and \Vator lrppt*, (1II ': i: I' 11tiNi'I'tiii:. -i-1 J. I! C MiTft roriiifiiie' i<> mnrlv.ir.rna nn [:From ti! D.IIar ] AnJ th.ii dt-tr.irk our 1ou.| .5> ,. ; was ;tie* lst; stand the Indians ever inadp, in 0- ;

.r' 1 _ (3.' .i 1 \icr tm-U 1dir : 1,C.l 1{avre t.n ,efr.i2flt'd..Nti'r: i :to aiil I ihrir! B"-t ftior.ds<>'i,: at Li''orjuw WOMAN'SViT: r : : I AND L OV E. Yc M'liu h.ive thi* bhrs-s! J'tidvitli whom**j a large body, and the only irstanre in which I
nr'vl ; 19
5!. I). flusiIcb2, I\.l'4I.I(1 I cnIt. 1 D. B. WOOD .cc Cn. roLDHD: ox FACT.EV the xuiili! always jot3.uronjr, ..turn over amw i hpyolnntaiily gave baule. Thoagh Col.Tjih .

NI 2 Cxlumbns () (:l. Dec'J: ) V.ftr -tr.ct.1trvracS HKK357T F. IUC IV."Ti leif; io-d.i\ ;uid spe ii ) ou cannot be r won IIP| day.! ii was at an expense of fc-" -

rr i IS1. I'i.. Fa. C OMMISS f ION ati-i i'OIt tVA1DINCMEC1IANI'S. ( ;, : r.rvl swf rjjf IIP ivy frCir bertpr! cool(-! ?td and h.i-pi-| Lhm'i ex- 13D kihed and wounded-more ihan one-
Ct IVcv/ '
0 I ; Ci r.f I tIC M'siiie! : !. ,n Iv pnccs' I I'M areust; timed })tti! I too much, ;mI! iit- l'-cl the :lea"Ures f fnnnh'of his force. Two Colonel (Col.
';. i r \tir.o, II. 11 :S4m1e! IIV.. Baookt1 No., ;):i'J Water -Irret.< i TlJjilUAL Ad\.ricp laafle: .M c''f=;ir- viihiii Thompson of the 5th Infantry ai'l Col.' 1
Cotton other HM'tte! ], :ill n.iturc,; Irt p-:; ca'tu': '*, alit! ; \oiir t I M-ae'i for Iii .s? fiiiiU.1 > net IT
) r*, J;iaupV Co.. nnvr: ) A' .i.r'up! < l', Fla.WAI. ci m rn.1nre tn Ncv'J.1 \ pc-n \ J ff j f (Jenrry; of tv! > M ssntiri Vol'in'e-rs.) fell at
(> )r.-!. 0 J. D\Y .rC Co. I m! :v. Th'1 ;ptisor.fr in y.'iini.'r uliidinv! CH!! t--:1.; V t.tmm, :, s.j r.U5i oi h.ippmtssajs

f.QIM1sIo i N MEac1IAr i W. Si % *.. WM. W. CHCLVJ-: D ) ..2 Wr *. IUi UiLtces. i.-. t.t tlif tnnri'iw IM 'u ii.I J !. : *: Nul"1"j; "i I t vvii'i tnti( !' triKii; the h'adof lir-troop
N... .j* ;***,i'fi I 4 i < t i iA J *j-s V CIo.r :% I fTir : !'d l J V ify ti!:'' :i'r.p.t nf IVi- :. k,,,, .' .. '..- ..-17 S 4 c.1 -< s-nt! Lir-j'. Brnclie! anJ Carter, aho!
tl- uliciir..H., : Ha. 1md : .'.- 'HT-a'-it c ..ut-a IcU 111 the eny.Tjrmrnt.Dnrms .
lnvi .ttioy
COMM1.HJ1N1ERtflANT I : 1 1 J. r ; : fouti'l: in Ills pi<
plIH ti-.rt.-r-S.nrtl vv.il; make ishrnl! : rdvapr O n .. 5.5 Ja 1cdJL ;7. nad Cittrt our j-crra thp whole cf the enrazTnecl,
Sl ii i ::si-j S slips', j%:Fiec4- O B i, N i. 6 CoJu ;,!ri* Lull J ri.ic'ii'4 r- L m C< !t t'r) ir! i '!C'd t to !his; Irid: Is in Nt.vc: ( :anI! ?till-; IIUJMCV flss: i berri jimvpno 0 An J wf Js; :a I'Jil, .1 t3>Tri|>?st, in her tlfvd"' Cid. Taylor rpniainrd horse-back

CO'4M1 I '* .imJN t iM !: K ; il V N T, 4 ,). ; ) fity> (it t ;i man: '.viin li.td I Iml..y; 1>2 wise. Travel (itt Mene'l: ); with your I sine i;) fiom pnit-t u> point, cheering his men pas- t

:V.U iYVer street! __rJ.> :4inI -*, .* Vv'M. T. WOOD, :liyIt'} ; ) ) I'I-M: !" pi'; '' I9e .: ;tt'. >e nor am'uiii'Mis i I ainiieintisloie ifJ(I to the conflict and exposed \o the Indian )
I") 1- i.S r*. "AiuU-'ii' ".ii, Fit. N4,': 'J -12 W-t-r rrffr.T ';IMJ' tu fnui'ism, ; ,*. witli [fjnni COMMI.-.SJV 1c'r.NTs; :; cin-iisuMMTs. 'dtr'I ru-iy b'jdy. Then ton uill be? happy.: rifle every mompnt. The spirit with which $
to fifi-s ilvii; Mnr.iu'.s
.' ....Lt1l l 1J.tV. DAVIH J. DAV. No. J i3: ?t. Ch lrh'3 street, ;) kriil'w.is l-Miiid full nf blunt]. ,inri mla- For :all I ere..!toll, .vc v.niiM not exclnnfte the CR'nniander: and all Imis for 'e Filtered into .
HE: nh, M rn.liill'tiiP. :" hwf to'inTJo ; I our li' 'hug! lor those of[ tiic rich houcrj tie conflict
N -Orleans.. or was exhibited in
some vtrrse$
.! EViy: tfc Co., I lie Ii
I sn.iicc I liSerdi X'K.nri' (2.'t ; \v-is-: \i-i\ IIIIM i ronfiispf! iilirn lie : 0
tto'i !
on iedIn .
< oi-2! seeking.MORAL written '
j the
COMMISSION M E 11C II'A NTS, A\nnE'.v S. ConicE. AMOS HORN..Sa ti'.iidri.e"! > <)!' tlicir lrie:>d< IP Lirrn"t.; New :iskf! IIM\V :;ml! \\jrri'| lie itnl; ->tnt I the rven-1) : on occasion, by a soldier. ,

No. 52 Water strict, flt) '. _ _ _ Y-r'f-r! I5o-lm. C. ROGHRS & Co. lii 1 !! nf I lie fiftii I i of .I u r.f. rnusi-tl! Mmnn 1 to AND PJITMCAL Uour.cE.-Cou.. TliTfV"There's bsrhtiiin bfttlf in your hammock black. '
I Dad ; Api'-ichicold'. Fa. i. F. Far Oct. 2') 47 W..ttrXCHANGC ; stre( t. !?t.sij), mtit,11. ;jiTtM;iPil .ttni m ciiiiimtiiPil! m ; to ;piipnn. : i- I laqe: is properly) considered the lir't essenfi.i Hark ? Il-irkf! to th-in thfnosrccomrddesdear.your

fft.' \-ntsf rthT>mT.>-'irirics O()." GKNIillAL 1l.CvI'i.; : FO f WARDING fcCO.M ) li'inin) :ihn tiiiu' nt v.liith!) Ii? v.ilnnwn .-? quality m to (urm tie! Mjldier. Abstractedly : For th- Irdian yell i loud;
? : New .
( ." and la* "ILirlH : M IS-IO \ :M KrfCI IANT, CD r hy For ihp Indian veil is lond. Sa'
T-l'nii' -M-m I h-i' iH" -<> iiiin prison.) lie Iind str.nlf.is'ly! : docl.tr the i my boys,
but he
lj principle cornet who
JS'u. lJoluiii'[ 1 Uiock; S. DAVF.XOliT ; t nd 0 v
I'l-it, CM lljrif'inl Conns. 9 the rifle's ih i js fp j
'ir*' I _ _ 'il hi e ;
nov'1 Apil.J 'iriPnb, Fl.i.l Anri! I 11.I 5)) U'ittrtr
rsv.l. r.. f> :: <;; ', M. M. B0rL:: -. th*' inonry) wi!):<-IiVK l funtid nn him fmni :i I will find IJIIIIM rriistrtl>iy'lisappoiritfil. And happy happy, men are wet : '

FACTOR AVO COMMISSION l\ J. SAFL: ) iM-.n-j'T. x'-lnnti inI'j'd;, 1"tvj.;. amtil l ulioinhf ( I Courage i is mor.il ant vpiiiiril.In : And happy men are we," &c. .
M EC1I AN I', S-iir.iri: tt ISiiK, '"I"'IIC s'l'Tibc'is a Ajie.ittor. HIP Bank nf For this baule.! Mr. Poinsett
iism-ii'-ly elcscribed. I 1uI. tn rc-fnin! 1 InIilf I lie l.itrt-f Secretary .
v..r t ; tnav. on occasions
CoMIE: i ; i EN M1fl1ANTS.; : ( j. Inn\\i'! >kire ,
: propart'd to li.Ilon I
Nn. 2 C.luinb'iIi.r')! ;, pnrciin of War. miilered merited
pninl: wheiire! w e stutrd.! As the ndpii I few ;arid fir lid .vero," be turned praise to all eoi2pd. -
No. i3 Wattr ret XPW Y"rk Ro Providp'ice 10 acct.unt. -
fl .1Al. AuIrhiooTa. Fa. o'i, PhiladHpIni nChiilfstcn *
dccl J Aal! ichiroi'm. Fli.Av ]; ; afid check o'i JSV.vYoik in &anis Josu tV _ LI.t tli*' tn'ii.e: who ciies \Vlio brent r>f Brigadier General was conferred
Zlohues :
JZLrLcr :t pur '!u-cn. > ) out gm ot-d open! io him wno is o-.esor of I the A
;aj' COMMISSION: MERCHANTS[ PORTE. & Co.T n> to Itot.ur .ir.tl! distinction.
Gnocrs; Cc (O.0 .1'.11SSIO:\ MJiRCII.VNTS, i is T, jlisrv: ?1orin ': was dIe icnily 1 know no; a ph\sji-t; | qn.ihty: which i ic rxhsbiu'il the command! in Klorid.i *. which he resign
No. 31 \%7.termr'Pt.Dc UM.'Uri *
IN PCI'OIlii! !
umderizr.i::1 ed in 140..ifirr four
five ardnotis
_q.p1t fr Fte I und'T! itioritSiiiVient Li'r I or \ears .
: } COMPANY 0 1.3 AflIXIIC)1.Il.; : .LJ iuvnjr !j.vi o:ijj'it'd In-'te'-lor: of( L'i !i!) r .. piiasp and
S"MjTUM, I IN ;IIRVN'OE: oj.; M.irv Monn! thrii Shcrfl zte s human; its indefatigable! service in the Swamps and
lor Fmktifi Cn'i'itv Her-s IIH ; it'mprr. v.iu Micsiif innuir.prsblp.sj ) .
< !
.Mvice' I to I tic
of I C;!!, I) "?L'N'u. W. A. A 1'. C. Kasu, m "nriis-inii hammock' of( Florida.Afur ; 0 0
iMihhc in tint c. p trmt) a4.l \\:11: attend to ..illd 1 \ { ) to spp .our liiisb-itnl.! ; I II A m.n:: 'v hnsp !n il-nu: THUM: ; C l IemI-;, him loI I ,
\VjtcrsIr.Tt, co.niisuox M E R CHAN T S I lime n-t'ly of time 'flimjL'i. % ...lte edfjit'n I his rriitempnt frcm Florida, herts
AC F. itie a'ip.'it ::mi 14 I in on(! A >|)'jit.tnient. I He may ; : s pti-: V'.hzM'-er himsrlf rt-f.i'it /cJa of a lorj -
_____ O :II i.-c. N.0.1 1 CulnminiiI li ,'- hi f > iinnd I Tin \ : :> i. $ ( .it22 t W.it r i-r 'et.M Uy fl m. (juurof ;f'lf' piisun swiin ;: j loin !ioj;, sinks Miiil-: I If f.ili ne and j'liv .

lvir.l .11 c8iIi', Nov. I 1HI'_ _Api'v'ii T '! ('.ili, Fa.Wni irch2i J.\MH! ->. GIBSO?:. luM-ii'v err: :.', ;it'i! tl> post iii.Mrii'Mt: Mir : [ I ii)ii > (LIP a fi'vv t'nrofil inaifhcs; ; 'vhile I ihciei Dfpnifmrnt of the Army including the L

CO'1\TI'i') % M'SlC'UST! AV t> trkL1E: ;:; II i'imn1r''m: II. I II. lumIIrougt:i. i ; WEC I Oi.-i'h ] -ti \, M-MMII: vis; pics-ed to I tin- bosom of i.j: i iititi. i I;,.:-s"vL' (ipirrimnniii m :!) of another, uhou.nLd Slates; ol Louisiana, Mississippi.; At ibrnaf ,. S
iiuv i ;:o )us A\o r.ocEUit:: :<, ( r.t0 htis ; etc.. with !hi? head quarters at Fort JeMirv 0
\Vtn. 33. UJ-isTir: ::! ;; I & CD.. ___1 I i'ls; !)jc'i .iif; eii'itfil J Its, uTi'T 'l l Ltni? bei ; II Mvf or aiiiimio" I to : PTI: :i h'thalU'P r .
Ni). U Colarn'jjs !J5lo"fc, fur I tin C 4itv of I''rnklin l.nuis. I will not for nkc thec sinl tim .' : in L"i>isiina.: ; S
COMMISSION" & FOR WARDING ? .1 i hi sivmre. r) ; ( ; <.;9)flf0! { ivnrl.s himself
_. :::_ 1 :VnJ ichicr.h, Fa..V M F.RCH A NTS.Oaice f the Dtiinir j.i t'iit! rapicitv', and will attend to all i i1ltit'3 v<: ) iri. iu'! difJuMiliii1-! sii.d 'Ir. tlip; union of; I. His -;position gave him ;1lf_ command of w

No2': Watcrslrj.'l! -Upt ir VjKTtjininn; I tosiid :,nrmn ninrnTt.CORNEL ; And "|s j| fijj| j ;; yn-l m I)|"! 'e 'ill I I til"SP ll.TfJ- ;.( ;u2 and h. ;ui, st.iidishes; ;a 'naikcd: supenvcr the "Ar-ny) of ()ecnpatitr." but the usage

a. K. i'jricr tt Co.SALEHS .Ap4ilCiC(1L.| : Fla.fiT3" !II.SGRADY.LUil.JI'.sl ; [ CPr< : feu* II))*>, thf iMilc.Kt: tlip ..ib-tndmiod: .- 1 i..rii !ti's> n-cl-li'sc ; dvrtjUiicr) uho of thps'-rvire would harp justified the gov- !

l\T (S01DTi. COMMISSION I.'.'?ral a'lvncp on c&.tr'oiig m'd] I In Mmr'1i2?. isi:;. for Jini: who tn-moiio'v( tisii t elio'-' AIM! i WMii'd IdI! ly! .st.iki; his l.ff iiis.-m) t) I lie ( list," prnm"tt in .is-imiing to that command; eitIIer00.
MCJCilTS. their friends in: NJ-.V York, Ro fm, T.ivrrpnol (>r : of time si'c general officers of the army '
MIII.HI! fifni regular -
No. 11 Wit or 'trct. 0 : I INiPiCPOR; : --Haima !) .-e't 3.-: :i look! of )iIiM-p devotion on) the( .;ml wuii I i.n-h.tKftJ ii"fni'iimi! ;Mi io lollwvjo
Niv. 1 lSl"j.COMMISSION1
Havre. ;
NOT 23 Ajulanhicola, Fa.Win. __ !IM ,fft"r <>1 Lurnher tr the C'of m v f.tir u 1 uluxtnuil al his >i !p. I n ihe pi ei'siords! "taml [he hax::rd otVI hose rank is higher than hi*:' But it

0 Pi'St97, Kr riMi! ', I thu itltrr u fd '.!!:T- Iii .clt7ce VIMI vliuij |l'ml.( wjj, ,iiim, .itm'!;, Lnnis.( % forCIfI I I the dii- "* rl he I li.ir-i;: >ri.tn M. touiagiof; our mav be l.iuly itic.siimed) I hat the high charaefer :

T. Wood, 1 A\\) FORWARDfXGMEiiCH 4 tn t'i' ? n'iSi! '_' i i f'nt fi iii'ily: n..d v\iil <-li'iid! I to : ;iid! will ;5ve thee !" -cnid: the Iiectiti\ ; own countrymen r j is ;provctliial. It t i i. when nim.t! srrviev' and gnat experience :

COMMISSION MC7'/I1ANT, \N T all nimimpif.A ?. at ti- jiri.flfn L urr uTar. 'iieiel\! an i iiIt'exlmhifin! of rrckIrss of Gen. T.y tur. asidp from IMS gpographi-! <, '"; .

Fa.OIUco ->: .! IS 1 1st 13EXJ. LUCAS. : cal l posiiinir.( poititejljkliini out as ij b. .
No AI'.u.cuC'Th \ ho'td appro
42 Water street, ? ___ piisor.rshook) ; his (IIP- )( in : daring; ; when sysjpm; itise.i, ib? dangerous '
No. r W.if aid Clio t-nut roet-- : j pmte i oinuiande'r, of an which was to '
A.ttc'iciii. Fa. -I rfirner *r is.. LfP .1 smmt pmtss; Imi : ;pio| ert > winch, lenders''the iiishsolil5Ts army ,
:: ti > -;' mir: -*\ itia'itM: tim: C'u-tuur' Mr 'c't. :tIIZt9fl. j plant!: : our* (fi.ss: upon the b: nks of the Rid .
AEat Daosc. Ciivnt.'rs PRATT.Doil '' > T 1 .' X CoLLiIC i'OR'S t SLC.WiLL M.iry, tliis i l< un liint' f-ir uiflin Ot2". !lst" j del t\or?.'. #
it).' f nitui! unl', '..d s'M" ill" ? If \ L'I t; CMI.Ixvinr :) ,. {. mimi i in
; :h.0' uItI 1 'i I he! sGv'o-i.l Mo.ul r, m n 5 V ;- m rem-, :' i.icii.m li. ln. before
;n *v Pratt, It >">:'ris .tflt A Co., ,)'II. ne\f, ( I lltii 1 I ) at I the C.'iiir.hi.-i edo by \n-i jnlt; inooli-'-by tin wclK.tic mi' with'a h.iriillnl; nf dt.mooijs; ; nn I yet ( Gem T.iylor! is about 56 years orate; i ia is # .'i
SI >
!?! I.NM: & cni.r-s 1 iov ME'ICHAXTS.Ni. : t.I nf much l information *
ANUFAC I'Ulirx I N H X, I RON. COPPER! T, at llucVs ni'itl'' i'm U'o-hin tu i coivilxriim nf' mv mint in :ii: :lles eiei.-fifv: .by) I tljfiisi ihes- very men remitted! t the ranks! of a ni; man gem.erI ; ao '
4'J Water Srt, \\ the u ud houi-s of salv, thc lil1uvin wt-.I,! I Invp bv exrel'ent ami irifil soldisr! ; a prudptil and
IlilAS : x.- pm )- yu.irof: our : : tint: live; )iP iniftit)) .a few motitlH .;!ferwtrds: ,

'' v 2-j_Ap 1 ichic. lat Fa. ALSO j> n A i. EUS ixHardVKe ppnv, t II, uit : i i< ix-.ir: .itid;( dc.ir: I to me I Mve.ir I to be ;i new, 1 whirl;, l.aonet: lo bnoitct, si-attfri-d hkeslioep skilful commander. who .e'.lriit. ; > of ch.iraclerare : "

Stove-, lint nu :.1 id J it, modVarcs, F"'ir iiu idrfd and ci.hty acres of I jnd, Ivinj 0z.: nirtii !" 0 : Nipol'ims; : mid'llp jr-iartl: ; ;at l I"'nenii'Sd'Oiime. ; : a wise prcc.iniion! in pioviding forihp -

"IIIi t' i : Iiivts'iri, Iron, StM, Nuls S ;'v<, Gnte JJjri, in I II 'line's Villey, levitd oa: < f the pioperly nl .. r/istiMi Louis.; siid his v/ifc i ini hour nf tri.il, and a' feurless, reckless
to I HIP))) ; To th of
: point irii I I >'v.inet.p.s -
COMMISSION[ MERC H A NTS. Sur ir IC'tths.nil f i I rtl 1k. and otlicr the c-tite of J.icti!) A. I fll.c 1 i rb'.ir, c.ihn lone, ii.slrit; In )IIMvon! |-frollfci soi: $d'cunra 1 R would bu ctidi leSS. l v its
No. 10Vatir !he faxelor thee t 1M3.A > 1 1tujned.ap
street >r
C :i I; ; SJII) Cii & f He is a Kenimkian by htrth. and all that '
ftor.i. isn. nhchiola, FIrid.uExZ1u Oct. 2", 1ST). APLCHIJOI.Fa No, ne l.tj :id red and -ixty acres nf land, ly- \nis s.ii-J: m>:i \otr: trd.: ill it you reteivril -' bitllirint display I 31urtt; won a splendid! repu.iiim that word! implies. HP is 'an American in 0

i jt)4 on Hifkroy Ilili. I viI nn a< t IP propcily <.1\ i iimm* niDtipy \\hicli.\vns found: in \ oiirp I.I !.. : \vhiN! : ba di'IVri-nt exhibition Ney.iil.iinptl
D. B. Wooil & Co., WILLIAM DICKEY. J W. HAMMO.NO. Bljpk-t.inc, a'iJ to bj sold for thetj.ves >
Cj iiios MRCI1ANTS: Dickey & 2Iaiii soMl, t.r t'i' + v"mr isn.Al \ )di>s( ribpil ;m is I t.ili!I .mil m sifiidm.) f.nr m com of! soldier( *, the' mirs'iilsof' Nipolron, I the of a hero by nat a IP. Under hi* command
*" f rtv acre of h 'ul/ lying in Ilnlrr.pVilhy nnd ; .he i F iig; of the Union will r reive no dis- '.. 0
' ,, N- 2J Water trt.LLits9. SHIP AND FAMILY GROCERS plfxioiicd.) bright b.ue e> f*. dn-sscd j initi I priHid sriubrcquct. of i5rzze Its braves ;and "
\ It-vr 'd I the rtv of John honor on the banks of iln- Rio 'Grande.Cuuious .
A.ulichicoh.) Fla.I on .n pnvr) G. Rn-!, : iion fioi-n .uiiiloons :
!) i-r.iy co.ii.vitie( |) won ;i \vell-fun I ;i 'd iinmo'rt.diiy. Anl t _
__ :32 Witer-rleel, Apalachicola, Fa.OclnVr and to ha *'dI! 1 for- the lave* fi'r th! ? year 1 15.ANo ni'l! yen .
: ) blue silk heckcloth ; you, :m to dream 11I the'ditT'-renci' ol these .splfiidid >oldiers, I TRANSFORMATION or.ADucic.
I This.; L. iIitc1&cI )IS, 1S1" 4HfII. lor:v :iT-i of 1 ind, hn'sr en Hear Cree'c,
I ihaiou I v.-ill I I this and I will i do the There i in ihe
j tin-it
.EEIvI' leiiil on 32tte! property of A. S. Bryant, and I to see t man, I respective d.funs: to mihtnry superiority is possession James Donald, ,.4.

COM; IIS;. -FO IOX iw MCKCI1ANT viiuiNo, AND U. Taylor, be o'd for t he vir 1 34 5.ANo | rest was remarkable.; rl ii rat, with ploionsI. crofter Broad ley, parish of Boyndie n common .

No. 37 Water street, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING nt\o\ h'lndriHluud sixty acrps rf laid, Ivin4 'rie: I uliir I lapped al I I lie window, ntid t: said.I atid.icity ;at I the head of his noble cavalry, duck, now twelve years of ase, which 0

Nov. J.isi'j.: alachlcola, Fla. MERCHANT in H'.lns- Vallev. levied
No. 22 Water-strpet, Henry Ahrc-n?, and to be sold for the taxes f for an hour -it has passed-you mm list ret ii c ;" everyvvheie where I lie contest was; I ihe untill the beginning of I Iasyezt. when she '

Ulyors & Iitchc1, FMt'2 ly -hehipoh.. the year 1SJ3 and .she p-iss-M quiuKly out honest, won even from his wil.l opponents began wilh immie mu two as formerly. Tiiea ;

COMMISSION: MERCHANTS Hodges JOHN W. COOK, Sheriff; The Qray iLnvn of the I morning was; ju<;:( (i lie Cos ack nard.iheir; ) boundless, admir.Ttlon dropping her laying propensity for srvea1 : :
No. 33 Water-street, \ and ex-oilicio*Slate Tax Collector. appearimj, when I th I it* jailor walked: softly in I. ; while Ney, in ruin ;anil defeat; vvasureatcst weeks, she \veiu through a system of 0
March 2S
?.dbV r. Avahchicoh, Fa.AI.VA AUCTIONEER MERCHANT AND COMMISSION, H4G- \ ly-Cm toiichin Aloran 1 ant! said, "D >y IMS cume ; ; as.m half-buripd, in snow-wreath.; In'I mygr.tuon, gradually exchanging the colour : '

22 Water street, APAI CHICOLA, Fa.H. iTIIBSON k CLAPP, "22 Water street, have prepare; to. die !" examined; his maps, and calmly when ail of ihe :grey duck, fir th s dUa and more '

iVyuE, WM A. MCKENZIE. v VJT this: divrnceived perschr Helen, from New "Oil Iliad such a sweet lrrnn.'* Paid; I I beside despaired, ;picked tli > rout out i ibas.ived t Ic be.Mjiiful {tllumnm.* of M ii0.j dr< !ke., ., Her: brad S

Wylic & ItlcKcnzic, R. WOOD. P. W. CULLEN. Orleans and offer for sile v20J Moivm, seemingly awaking from a ,Jee io Kr.ime the debris of her magnifi- .ind m are-'no\v! uf ,a\luasy back| and her

COMMISSION MERCHANTS Wood & Co., ) "g1k Linked Oil; 203 13! Putty; sleep. 0 S : C nt jirmy. /'IOtVhiCfL of these un-qnallu 1 rcnl; speikted: lJie.IieautLfulpI1aSafltWh1e.tVO
No. 42 Water street, AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION- 1Y! Refined Sperm Oil ; 0 0 vIii: : | \vasit; !_ ?" :askml! the .jailor. -'.0 14< soldiers should! thetpalm) of moral .courage ; ,$ nIce1y % ; 0cortd
53 r: b Gi.i as.ted, ize' '
Set. 1, 1313. Apalachicola,Fa. MERCHANTS, 0 0 2'.d'baxP9 jxe Fancy Toilet Soap; : ,. . (!Ireamechihai as I: wacoing, io I lie jia'.lowal bfj awardpo" ? Tp linn of Mo4tvIUdt1 I- IatIr&iii tier st4it.a 'rPgistarly S

0 No. 32; Water street 150 lb Tremont Srareh! ; ; s.iw/'lHisjnaij/ ), Lewis, vwlin cave im that bitable.-Hints tb .a soldier in S'rjc'p ,in ihe drake..form.At.the. .same i %$

AUCTIONEER iTHekaci AMycrs, -Nov.,1,1515. Apalachicola, Fa. 0 50 kes No., White Lead ;' .r :0 accurseiK moMpy,' ami Ifu il Iiintmfjjin(I. ., i- .S time ibe .has exchaugjtd JUo qnack of the .4

MERCHANT AND COMMISSION- : Liberal advances npde- on consignments.+ 1 .'* 10 Paris Green : 10 do Chrome; V:.. that you hungihiin) in niy placeLTepIiedMoranW : 'Genius.will alimysw.mridIswayt1iro1igh. ,* uuck.fur tbejhorse no e ofctheilrake. rHer. o

No. S6. Water ttreet, The strictest attention paid to Sales out Dooi-S. 10 Chrnrpe Yellow ; 0 ,.F 0 : as poe'rsaiJ'tvheQ he saw a''hole in,"Lelboflrof ie size i'largc, fat? anctfulp -* S :5. S

'' ovtl, ISL. ad Apalachiccla Fla. .J t Sales at Store every Saturday. / "* 0 0 100 assorted Paint* Brushes r &c. feb28. 9 Meap while! the processior3wa siol y;: bis!coat. f 0 4ffilJlfivemen Courier '
f- .* 0 0 *
% ...; t 0 0# #
; H V 00 0 t. -4 'f ,.::0 f *:&

0 :> -M i *' : ? 4. r ;I .-J- !a- .0. 0 4 .,... :. -

..; .f' : 0 : i :; ; : ;0 :'j : : ,. ,0_0. 0 S '.t4.-.
*. 1 :
: -L : $ I. ; :
*. : .0 : .. 0 i.* W + >
: *
0 /'T"t* / .



F- 4\ % :- r 4

F \ A. t ,
? II
:? \ : .

I I r ; : :

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:' t :-'-:-.:.=;:= -.4.- t p nw.flflfltflflSflflW ---- ----- a-- -- T 9

tFothhOW t ers, dashed :'about the rornci1rscdthe promptriesVafrmusterj! on so short a notice ; '. TheNew YoYk &ra/Jsiw. : \ -;: -
*. SHALL WE CONDIIER MEXICO. ':TJbe recently .reported" sale: of the two t tongue of woman, and"swore that he would j and likewise to ex-G6v. Wai. P. DUVAL for are pleased A to'learu that Messrs/Grinqelli r vr-->

The way: to conquer Mexicoh a matter \\Iexican war steamers: gave rise lo suspicious n ever bu rafted.' The officers departed, the highly patriotictand eloquent address j Mmiunr tj y**&* ; Co., have* :5 *tteterminedto* aid* j PtOcurie

.. : .nf erave import. We areun for \var n'cAv, that: the transfer, of these vessels, ; l leaving the rlTeumatjc gentleman and his made lo the Regiment.dlERCUL -cjentm Common

: and il must be prosecuted with n re get then' ff'.t tattling wiTh to reflect upon their follies. [Tallahassee Floritlian. their packet ship Jlenry Clay for her next the Gulf as'wih1'frce upon

:,, ness worthy of our arms, or we stand: : dis- of the way of.our. cruisers-4-or to enable i them : [A7. O. Bulletin. -, ------ voyage to Liverpool. Many others join in sewe of securit regard to caph

v graced before the world. We have permitted I o repair to neutral port, where they could We have C ADTERT1SER.AFALACUICOLA this precaution. This is judicious ; for along i in our waters eqbal to that prop113

much from Mexico ; we have: by our IR filled out upon privaieering service. received a paper containing an thirty-two pounder, amidships, .is thebest'war reposedj
account of the operation of the America)) commerce between Athanijc
indulgence, been clnrged with supiricness ; Recent evi/its jnsisfy: these ;opinions' and ,POrts.
our magnanimity: has been construed into a we have reasons for thinking that when they Tract; Socieiy, during the present year, and SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1345. clause that can>+ be inserted( : as, When reference's had to lhegco*

want strength. The nition, is now bound, next appear upon' the Gulf, they will be we are "glad to nlxerve that its means of' {i notwithstanding treatis nd laws, and the i cal position of this city, the

1? -by every considertion of dignity and moral uj !lv customers for unarmed merchantmen.We usefulness have not only been increased, but 4X- Th* following[ gentlemen *are authorized consequent danger of hanging, money will observer must at least lc
the ADVKnTisrtand will once seeth01'Cig
t that it has used all its facilities tjie best \Seutsfor Cor-muucfAI.
power, to make a demonstration: that will have been informed, also, that.Almontep assert its control, and innumerable '
possible! advmtage! in the pr6secution of ii$ receiveand, receipt subscriptions, or advertisements priva- Pecrs.llLinft'stevery it in an adequate State
place us not only right before the enemy ont d ; long before Mexican and Amei''- of de
t sea.'f
.' : >ur border, hut before time world. -We can: afT.tirs got tlesperate, thnt/ in case a great work. :- ., Apalachicola i it lime key lo a laresof
.1 In the MKS-SKS. MASON & TirrrLc 33 WjLijjin.treet
hare invade Mexico should! break between the two coun- puhlUhing department 73 new Georgia Alabama
got to destroy her war out NVw York, ** and Florida xL'
armed forts and dictate our terms of peace, trirs, tfJavan: i would be the 'port from publications: have been stereotyped in seven DAVID URAVO, E*",., New Orleans. PicI1cetfl2g. S. Arsenal i is only 150 miles frorn'ibiirf

if not in her capitol, a tj,least in the midst of which Mexican l.-ttcis I of marque would tan<:uage$, makin; the whole oumber now \V.it'J.. CuncvEK, ft.- ., Albany, Gi. A Aia, public meeting held on Friday eVe-1 -located I. }

herterritory. sail. Alnvmie, is now in Havana.. IJe left on lii'/Society's! list 121-7( of which 193 arevolttims. JAMi1. '\Vrrsos, Esj., Fort Gatnet-, Ua.Major'JACK fun::, in pursuance ala notice by the immediately upon the bank 8f
''i'liere have been printed, during ( Apalachicoln River
We wait with Mexico Minister to France" bui ,, and
impntience to lerdhe; action to co as K.: C. might DQ
was Chair}
of the General hmnc'tl his dcinatioi whn he rcuclit-d thesainr pmod 1' 364,100) volumes ; -1,92:2-: : any lime, be reached
*- Government. We haeInub'ts t : | cr.r It is gratifying to the friends of our : % by an tfj
: enemy
[II. ,
000 110,17:5.000: alIt H.STGNK Secretary.Tf-
publicr.titm) : cuniprising appointed
of the llavinua.rFhIsflfls for this tin's(
( promptness of Mr. Polk.We .- ; abrupt tor-; port, in a few
j institutions, to observe how the citizen very hours
fear that he will not act cflirientlv, ..iiKl initiation; of his Hussions are variously i iven. I piges.' There I haxvbi'rn circulated!,3CG pOG soon The Chair stated in brief f the object- of MLep
volume.)I m I *, and: 3,153,898 1 publications) maKing is transformed into the soldier, throughoutourconntiy'whenever '' C. *ent moment life city b entirely destlrveery
: that
prove eq-ial to the crisis. Tpnty thousand The I impre.sMoc was iiis attachinent i i t I to the meeting.WM. .

men should be poured into Mexico, armed' I lie ci use of Sania: .'Anna induced him to a toial of 12L613.593: pages., .The an enemy approaches A. KAIN the meeting : means of defence__wiihoof Zanmnition
has E(1.idlrcssed
and remain I the I, of I his chief. Thecause circulation of the Society's volnmes soil. or fortifications VV
equipped with the most perfect muni- near poison our One month a o our entire popu- while
fur several I and moved .committee of five
been yratlully incrpa-in while I ?** I that
lions of war. nssi ned I by I ilme who know him best l lb lilies of produce are
lalioii; was occupied in I the peaceful puisuitsof I* constancy a
annual I ciiculation I I tact-
yea is pa't, the drafr such rrsoluiions
i The European nations :are wal.-hins: us. was that the 1rtnt'r Ministerto France [Mr.Ganoj appointed to the interior
The prams' ofpubhcaiions life. The sound of the drum for shipment.
has been nbnut 30.000.000.) () ;
: was not Under
k We have a military fame that is our ] had recently died, and he required expressive of the sense of the assembly, as

est defence ; lilt i is tarnished, if the I Myi-! other infractions upon the happenin of I this year, over i former years, heard:, the ensigns, of war were not seen the occasion demanded, and at the circumstances we think the miuje,
d are more I lino: o.O.'U.0)0) () pages, of which m when hJlve
can war is efficiently: conducted, it will s-o untoward m event. To most people it I throughout: our borders. Our twenty mil- we a right to ask
inomhi'isanti dirertoishaveiliaxvn 3,830,0fj() () next meet, 'whichwas carried ; and WM. A.
ire of warfare would seem I hat G arri's death should h.is-; adopt measures
reqi years Jto ll1Ce4U. right litinof promptly tbe
) people were in the vbrkahop
., *_ j pawl's ; 2G.t74.)6!> pages .vr'n1 sent to iiomc'nod engaged \ .KAIN JOHN Gor.r.iK D. K. DODOK JNO.
again Before the world. 0 c len Win in I his jonrfipy) >s ii i left hi, go reinmenuwithout f inleres
[Foiei Ig:n :Mi.-s'.cii.-.ry; Suiions. and -disftibuieil -- --:it the plough and at the desk. Uui oCM.tciv our v connected a* they
How shall it btt Conducted, is the qnrs"tinn a icprcrentativc; : ill one of the ; and SAM'I. SVUXCKR, were **
) i m t through t ths; lounliy. The Col- the nevi* thru an was soil has: already been show u. with;, a t **
? WP. are concentrating a coiporal'sguard principal) courts of EuYope.H enemy upon our I that cominiltee. *
of the have
nn the Rio Gratyle. Weak as it is, bonnie, nevertheless, is still in Cuba, portejns: and Agents Society was heralded through the t land-it passed i important section of the interior
circulated ( Un motionjhe! then adjourned
18,000,000 mt-eiing
the enemy will (lee before it ; they u-ill hurry anil it is not a violent presumption to inn neaily pages. through the nerves of the nation like and would respectfully submit, ihe ft
themselves in the natural fastnesses of ine his business iliere to lu that of issuing a The receipts during the \r:: by d oaaa an I to meet tb-inn now ;a? 10 unlock, A. M.I resolutions for the
I ions anl jiles: amftmt to. $l 13,916-an Pied nc shock, and behold what a change I adoption of the
Ibo issuo letters anil 1C.: ROIJERTS Chairmai
countrOand out in parlies, to marque; ; getting piivaternready Rtsohtd
incre.i.e of .S25 over tljaf; nl the )i revinus From every city, town and hamlet from the City Council o,
murder and detroy. Sich: a waiT.ire can for sea. The circumstances: of the II. I't. STOM; *, Secretary. cola, be, and they are hereby p Tcializa
The have used the requested
not be ended in\year*, and will never shed case are suspicious, and it wouM only bp a ycar.: expenditures; (! 'dp ( entire but *Ju
icceipts; ) no more. -I
any lustre upon our arms. \V'e must therefore wisf precaution in our (fleet lo seize I ihe two The (_ has been found foith the sounds of military'preparation ; The; citizetn assem'dlpd on Saturday, at defenceless coLdition cRhc city and ir
'olpoita e :
system *>
0, make proper prep:iration.and proceed war {'learners rr-pjrtod to have been staJ, \\orkadmirably! and(I I the number of Colpciteiir.s I- and the teeming North-the wild West '- 10 o'clock! A. 31., K. C. [UOBKKTS: ia tie! Apahchicola, against any attack from k
towards the heart of Mexico. wherever they may' be (found.A enemy;and that the sat }' Council be.
i re
*'Tarnaulipas; that lies on the Mexican sufficiet fleet also o'mht to heat hfind has been increased! so a> to meei the burning i Sooth-all, all send! forth t their Criir| when the committee, appointee! lasl to embody in said memorial the urgent

.. side of the Rio Grande, is almost a barren to repress piratical I expeditions I against; our partially time wants uf time dilfeient fields of tribute to the tnijjhty multitude now pressing evening reported the following preample! t the ccmrr.tiaiiy in ihU respect, andlaesfront W4M
w labor and i the following! is i ilu; distribution. i t .! bviotis rMS'nwhy they shou.d receiveliJ
waste, and destitute oT water. A few arecn; commerce, slmul.1' t they be nndn taken: !by towards the Jlio Grande.We and resolutions
In Rhode Island mediate atr.-nrion'oY (he
1 Connecticut I National
; -! spots diversify the landscape, where may be other than Mexican bottoms.. 'The bun- 1, New York 27? New Jersey G, Pinnsyluii.i are pleased lo notice that Apnlachi-! The coinmitiec appointed by the citizens :_ Rtschfd* That s.ud-rfleinoml, together *+
found living the raneheros, miserable "l shmaeliies ness of jnivateoring i i.> at best oquivor'il.It ttie '
4 the : ) ; 3-J Virgiz.ia!: 7, Maiyland 4, NorihJaKilina cola; is not behind other cities i in patriotic of Apalaohicola! at a public meeting held iyceedinL'- this rneeIirj-; forthwith
: who have nn settled homes. It is is allowed! between belligerents by warded: to cur Senators and R.*!> >
a two week'sjnurnt'y for a mule, from Matnmoros old writers upon international law, on I the ( ; 2, South! Carolina 3, Georgia 7, s-pirit. The AIM.LACHICOIA GUARDS"have on the evening of the 29th! inst., to report Congrcs-j, urrhsj them to prornre >ri senlaGr,8 ci Cfltj

,,r to Tampico. An armv caiamithereforemove ; grounds that any person, a citizen of a (Government Floiid.i 2. Alabama: 10, Mississippi (6. Lo uisi.ma had: 1are* accessions to their roll, ?.nd' tipon .the defenceless state/of our city, and ad"ropriation for the rf iVr.re of thi Hvta wah
: ; 5, Te:>:as I. Arkansas 1, Tennpsspe r fa "
-4 Hefolre-l
in that duection "with at war; with another, has an much understand another the That rotwifh-tandina: cur
possible hope oCsuccess. Etiaiward of Tamaulrpas any- I ijght to do as much injury to that other, :;s 9; !Meuticky4: : Ohio IS, Michigan 4. Indiana we company is now to suggest adoption such measures 1 e-4 position, our citizens mil ?hold themej,

it is in eilVrt his 'j, I Illinois ?, Missonii' 8, Iowa 1Vis- formed which has: ofTeied its -U'icc3 to the as would secure to us that protection and leadinesj, promptly to respond fo a caifrn
,; the country i is richer, and ofleis possible, as doing own
l forage for'horses, and provisions for an army. country gooJ hy crippling its( Cflti)) JJnt CttiSII 2, in all 175. Of this numl'cr 133aie Goveinmcnt, if more sr.en should be wanted prcpiratiou; for defence which our commerce Prfident t ilexrco.Vv'ir. f for .volunteer. to jn.jugiin

s* As you ;pass into NpwvLeon you apptoach this ,principle of bmw: should not be :-ti2tchf who The f'iicig'1 n'lations of the 1ij); ; wearthp A. Kals, Eq. moved their
the mining districts throu h which cover every ::mateur.'pir.ite takes it which ) foreign relations
:are to be found all the important towns ofMexico. into his head to rove on the sc.i:
Zacatpcas is the commission from Government.Thern labors of I the Misnionarifs; in F I ranee, Germany of the ISlh inst. demand, would begjainc tosubuiil the followin -
riche-r dep-m-; a foreign I : says that orders have been Sam'I XV. Spencer moved
Turuey, I India i China I and! ( berth ere. aiid'iesolutiOfis} I fur the
; h ment, except San Potosi, which lies adjoin is no feeling nf patriotism if consecrate received at the Charlestown! Navy Yard to : j/r'vunhle Secretary forward the preamble autr.
ing. It is therefore proper ihat our armies his robb'cry. It is as culd-blooded!- have: been crov/ned with success. :dopion of ;lii'- uiectuig :
: \\riiil. U. V. Gazelle. prepare the razee Independence for --e'i. Unions, with the proceedings of tbe
should cross the Rio Grande opposite Corpus lainy in him to depredate oni- connnefce ie: '!) lug upon the pacific: !j-oliry) of our ring -
Christi. They will by that means soon under a ?\ile.\5c m ;permit as it would; be to u Orders have been received :u the IJionk- s, to our Senators and! Representative iCongres's
KIIOM TO TJII: own overmtieat anci tile cial
: disposition
get into a splendid country, comp-iratively! : rob! under a.contttdssioa: ; fiom i lie \icerov of I PACIFIC.-Tin* Iriti.} !i ( ovcrum'uiir liastnadean ; lyn N.ivy; Vaid to get the sloops of war g- ) which, was carried. -'

.I. open, and rich enough support them as the Ile of PheAn Enulishm:,m, a L ; arrangtnpnt: by which I t Ii West India I Dale, Boston vnAtPftblc" and the friirate ( c.thioiicd all over the \iujld, for the last I4M.; Wright, Esq. moved lliat the

they pass alonj.' Uy raisingaue American Frenchman, or a Spaniard found under a I Il > i thirty yeais, to seek the triumphs ol '
II bframf.wluch! leave Southamptonn ? \Iaca'oitfiflreay] for ,seL at once. The uiub'.ishieIwhuiri was carried.
flag, and( o florin 2 protection to all who may Mexican v !letter of marqne, is ;as much apir.nte I rather than those of tl.'pmiuds
thu I7ih of L each month shall peace var,
< ) ;
> carry a I PreLle, in obedirif-c to these orders motion of
Hock to the standard, every, town through I ii: morals ns though he sailed under wasMUl prj Joseph Foaier, tsqi
mail whithuil rpai-h Cln cf'our
: : res or '.he citizens have not been drawn heretofore
which our army m'uht pass,, would deriaie; n Til.irk; flag: blazoned! with a "death's: hcailsirfd ; I : on the sectional: l Jock ou Saturday fur meeting adjourned! sine cue. -
1.zt t of I succepilin* mnnih-CIM.SS time
against the revolutionary heads so con iantly bunos." examination. to the contemplation-of our exposed .
Isthmus, ;:nd on the 25th brj received: onboard I t L CT ROCLKTS. Cbar'a.II. .
presenting themselves at the Capital.: In We perceive that thr inurnncrnQces of I Orders i condition in case of hostilities v. iti! any N. -
the P..fio have a1shecn received H. STONE
4 t Company's; : >Mnicr t for i at Norfolk Sec'y.
this way tweiiiy-ihous-and men could move New Orle'.ins have added! thev a r. clause IPthfir tion.-t We have noticcd\to -,be sure, th.tK
P' ru and! Chili, llftnn.hiir. tli sieamrrs: ; on Sunday ti> (fit out the'U. S.bric Trailon. .
I, on lo the rear of Via Cruz, and! lake that policies. The war r ii-ks are i i a 4 will !rav town, the key to the interior of MPXICO.On ali j'fssi'ls' ; going honrc. Thissliousjh m The T' is to I be commanded: by Capt. Car-

the othT hand, a navy of sufficient : it theSiin'lPi'wiiiei1!*, whose IJJKHIPSS ii U- month, ;.fter sin t ippiny! at .th1Lo. jiirive at Ctet. < ; 'made, by the General Government, tar tin } hive teen exprtuc
Panuni; : n a> the Jlhf.j-i; : '('t'I hcWst India; _
I force might blockade the co-ast. A fe-\ lo noln such lhiijs: ecmvi! quite prob ,:,! T'K'' following!! ) I cuIi'ttuct1tjii of defences along the line t fj P that Me x'.tp may is-ius letters of marqn j
1iv.ii! on ILf ifiuru iVn-M S.-.n .Itan; :a C.'haur cutter.; ? nrp o ierer(! to ref.rifivviii'i -
> month's prvp-Jra i/ would rn.i'aJM: rmr f7 >4> iji-it K r. }>Aj. ...in ...ij i.i w ii, tiiu arT fpJiindiM' j ouqruoflhArMSK-rii .ivi ntrtli-ivesl frtw- &frfil4t-itibf'Ct4! in Cuba) irterufee
? aii
"- on tic! -itfi, ni'-.i /! ffii.eru ttiCncft' 10 .:. ti;= sc'it'oV tvnflY.\ \ y' ) ,, -
successfully to cbinp'>ifta.? inst the strong : :)re en ngfn for }ltIrt> ; :i-il: .SCJVUT. ip; : irn- -
Fmi'hiu'i. (tiers iujimts profound have the cun.mrice cf the U. SfMes, amf ji
walls of Sa'i Jnnn/le Ul'o-i, and we rould Tin danger of capiiire) from the: vescs! ofieicuiwould olers ;)- nzm'Lnsf; \ ,ff. : sdmo- ": *> "--"J A jfcfycd

then hy 8Pa. strikp:fl)!ov that Mexico would- .\i sc..u-dy, : put I nj) the>ruij's TALL TALKINGMay if <> the ness* E in.Wdu; ) Jjiir]:/;.' Mu.ris- aud)! 1'or- u'ui1);; .. fhdLlliLesIcIaimin'rno| ?t* 4| compaii-; ''ri-.artrrs nihy It: fitted our in the portWht

4 1 fee!,' anti that would be xvonhy of our national j brectiitl tin v< seU doubUiio I ihe Capes?and I in commercial inmpurtiuCe.or ; ; i->!and fir tlii* ntijarsout ;jiurpoae. Ia
conn.! -;iit; a ;rtii email, "Jeajned ri law, \ an ; ;;;: force of twos hun-1
; strength.Thecouct'utraiion. jo ten per rent :upon frciltt'to the (iufpoits f t \ inc 'i-etf. 'it has that ibe
( been
; rrcehir.cj t'ee tsryicestcd. tw
'! tdd -iu t cin'd and years joeninten'tali -
yeS1 ci. aV ; i ie j o'u I Iii (fifty im-n md tlijty-five; of
of forces opposite Ma- of* Mico, lu (! < I *'!MMI: | nrvns!% j.It jpins M
: i-j'e; !l.inu in rr; !y lo some r.'tther lejjii from I- aid fur their local defence ,-still ue *-xicri stearncmiwhjlm; F vebecn reed
$ -4 tamoros will accsniplldh but little, if ihVy I would be ve II-1 for Goveinii"ni,I I 16 t lake I thirty-t'.vo to f.voivc pound calibre.LU.IT. e T '* *"*
.4 iiii; -inirUs! ti : fell from a brotheibairister ham hit bero omitted transferred flo- tha.!lavuna: have 14
/ :
: to
S are not i in sifTiciCiilfcowfr,| to cross ;url] cntiusiInf t ht.e 'indiiaii, n ;tntl ing(? our ,

I carry the war into ihelnterior. The Mexicans ijcan: (-riisersnov; in ih" (iulf! to keep thei:: "May it i please; the couri, restrng : PORTKIX.-TheValir) :on COO cousiilcrina :she .>lamiile: ; for jroirialions:; sent'there wfib! this objec Wd know iBj
nn) I the coOv'Ii of I ifpiibhc.m ; 1 1do i <*
: will not stay on the Rio Grandp. to jiuns i in readiness, and u>d th<'mtc>o upon I -covered b>' Uic; blank't of: :'qiiaiity conruutiMiii'l :is purulent of I Baltimore Atnerirun snvs: *2the dictate. of local' interest and l local speem1..luirrltJer the govermner.t{ of'Spaiu woulJ! not suuCtil3
1'D *
'.' meet American tro-jjx in a fair field. They shitit provocation. ., pfiuoj.iy, as 1 ai-and piotected hy iliele'is that she uueting held in XVa-jhiu\ inn,, on I tj* i. thm: a regard* to ;lzc national: sucta proceeding ; but it i i-3 not geoki'o
will the barrenness of the -
rely upon iprriio- : of American liberty u ihit sn-.it; irtscivaiive the ni hi of the IGili! for the purpose of t de.encesrXVre; h.ivc a uzi7i am! amin: ; hea.d ; n tint a Swinish subject could not.I
for Tin L.tsr.-The
ry immediately atijomitig (JUtS their de : las! reason n( w1iich I *
fence, and take their own time to give us vc hive hcaid for a man's goin Q1j"XL; ; !political) ) mu
battle. We must therefore prepare far the was_ given by the mate of the'stcamboat u-n'Ie-l!:a i ligrr can the speller, as I iett! niVM-If to osheis, by Lieut. Porter of the Navy, and I (/on H'fs, that the southern seaboard! should the Mexican goveintnent without beirj

: offensive. The Government at Washington I ', despise bji/'in'i of. a ]MOI! r.sionaiinsj'Ci of Commodore Porter, the hero of Utility cf jiray.. For public information
i who h.s: j just sal I ti C)-.-. .I, a ui'l] defv his son be horrified :it the idea; of war-thai v.-e had ,
must go to work in eainest. li>rc h-zve no! "Captain," saitl; he as he took hmi seat ai futile attempts to ; \vjiii his : Lake: Kiie:: who made sonic touching $1zil- an wltliii always ieakly to we copy the J4tli article of our treaty ilth
peispir.ite : enemy co-operate
only! Mexico, but all our enemies Iwking on. I the I breakfast i table! I wish! tq civi; no- | liny *s
you 'i lug i he inteistieej of I lusious his brother Lieut. Potter of the SOih October whicltlicle
preparing lo insult us, or icspu-L us, as fee lice that this evening I start "my MPatn; ;and i my impervious covering. "f* to( r nf the \vith : u. enemy from without for ouru'e- Spain 170o

.' meet the Mexicans% in Vie present contcil be- put my ;paddle; v.heels [Im feet and Iez'1] ------ A i my, who had been killed upon the fron- struciuti: --thjt thefports of the Gulf were is now in force : *

fore us. I in motion for Texas i may gct snaked 01 rr hci f i j' a '.veI I-kuaovui custom!I pre''ai hiu lii's by a paiiy of Mexicans. lie had lece'ivcd. in close m dangerous pro\inity to the ARTICLE 14. Kn subject of his CstiolcM.jesiy

Let the American people therefore! t.ikp run on lo sonic \illanoiis Mexican sand bir, in nur ctiminnl! conit;;, jf s.> ittiu1g ionosi1 he said_ as; the .sole bequqst of !hi-- XVest Inilia Islands-all of nhich are inpos.ession I ; shall apjiiy for, or take, any co*
a bold and manly stand. Let its demands- bill if the word to biek her' should! lie to such have m: sion or letters of mruquts for aruningu
;as IH> one to defiiid father, a sword, wiih whirh he would
be worthy of our power to enforce, equal; Uivcii I'll be the last to obey il." Note.. them. 'On one occasion., ilie avenge of European Monarchical Pow: ship or shi;>s to act r.s privateers agaitistlittUfiitrd

:' lo the injuries we have icceivcd. Let there captain: ;; ," lit* ad.led, ;arid here he dropped; ;; I, finding a man :s tictitd of theft and without conn: } his brother's blood, or die in the attempt todo ers. aed of course, antagonistib to us and nnr m, States, or aaiast the citizens frtpe -

be no despicable economy, that will disgrace -- 'liphoran'i sp ke in words having;, ;a i hu'ialM I conn-el, said to a wag nf ;a i li\\\er %vi.i! apifse.it >: &o ; at.d from his Spartan mothera !&hter. institutions in fee lines and'tn imteiests-stifl I 01 i1iuiJoraLj l ? of the said United Stain
us; no hesitation that will implya I iiiliraiion. Nov, capi: m, I have been r I ) ;\li plea. withdraw; viiI I winch told! him to i-um-j nut to her, hut touo and our ueighboriiu Ports i-i the Gulf or against the roiertyofany of the intoAtants

want of self.rehiance.Vc are obliged" ou hoard your lioiit for four ve.us: ; I have, the prisoner confer with t of any'of them, from any prince*
;and then when* his brother fell, to his
hring Mexico to our own terms ; make her had] timing that time75 a mn'nsh paid,I rve him 1 .such I I counsel a* be beit for I avenge under this ;trr'y iinpending dangers have, state with which the said United SUM
pay for the expense of the varshe has begun regularly up, and my grub! -detil' h good I Jii-. Intel esi." may ditith and defend his country. not, heretofore, importuned Governmert sha'l '>e at tvar.

or we conquered, and will be mo- cmb nl that-thrown in. Bui. capiain; alter Thelaw\cr and his client t then withdrew GRKAT WAR MKKTIXG: I.N Ni\v: YORK.Ye.sterd.iy .-- for .'ppropri.jtions' fur our protertiqn and de- I "N r shall; :my citizen, snoject. ortcli

p Tally and physically bsaien. This v.irimhi all this, I am iir.t .v drill ihe first icdcent. I and)! in fifteen I ;; And this tCtVncea. I itant of the: said U. Slates apply for, !
or twenty minutes( t the I sense security (perhaps; ;
Mexico is, therefore, not the work of ; few Kact is, it all vent fioni me in the tel lirlCd into conn I ;ion! >>. iwjt-r 1 afternoon (says I the )It)nil u V false would still have I take, any commission or letters of mafld}

months, or to be finished by a few solqjIp. shape: of expenses f forj occasionally: whaling I "Where\ is ihe prisoner ?1'' asked the Kcics of the 2lst inst.) was ceit.iinly! unprecedented a one) likely continued -I for arming any >hii> or ships to act as pri"1

It wilt lake two years; at least to bring (Jus fellows : now, I'm off to Texas I thispvenin ,, conn."Hi. in pmnt of ummiiricrs.! The citiz had not the experience of the last t I leers* against the suhjfcts pf: hs; Catne f*

.. wartq.an honorable termination, and require whcio i I: can: do all my figlilinall niy ; has gone, your honor," s-iid the ns of Nexv Yoik! forjiettin, for the ,moment month taught us that our interests demanded I majesty, "or the pio.eriy; of any of ihe*

,$ the Ibest talents, and the :ulv.mcpmcnt of r beating on *tho>e rascally; : Mexicans fice hopeful legal limb.: "Your hmior told I divisions and distinctions from ua different course of action from ( from any prince or state with which theu

great treasure. Let us look upon it in tiie gratis for nothing. I'm off .crtHusureSO -- me I to give him I the bf-st advice I could u m I for I ajl turnedout (I that hitherto pursued. On the occasion ofK ; king shall be at var.And fang1ersc4!

true light, feel the full force of consequences! 1 look out!for my successor:3'j.t his interest and sis ho said he in I their strength. Democrats: and Conservatives t liter n-ilion shall take such comausiio

involved in its conduction an.l termination, : [N. O Delta. )] s ihourjit; the; best'coninel I could was izuil'y.ollVj' : Whigs and 'Natives, seemed to the !late: rupture with Mexico .a nation imbecile letters of-mar a ue, he shall be punished '

and be prepared atmne sacrifice to sustain hiiiias to 'cut and run, v.hich !i u: tookat vie uiih e.ich; oilier in the enthusiasm ofi in every characteristic and entirely! pirate." .,
our country in the strnzIe.PR1VATEEUIU.TII' hoW TO/AVOID A 1)u.rr.-Tlle annals Ihat is he shall be LO4
once. Ilo is Iii Jersey, your honor, by i he occasion7tr\Ve have attended destitute of maritime; resources, v.6 find "hung by
of medical, l-j jnri ptudenc<' scarcely afford amaie ilis very many' until he is dead."
: time. I that the from the Gulf have -
j President of the ludicioiis case <>f fei iied disease than mei'ting in New York, but never before expoits ports ,

.4 United) States being authorised bylaw to fit the one which occurred m i his ,city on Saturday ; I/Aiiru: FLKICI: :-:--Jncksin-----CvunliWool. ,Ut hi a tine :i u--. this was. It made the heaitof ; become the subjects of an extraordinary TheNewad Advertiser coniaw** .
out vessels now |ii ordinary, and also to last. A man in C.iroiulelet street exce.ssively A specimen of Wool fiom I lie Lincolnshire I I the true American swell with patriotic tax for insurance. By an agreement of tindcrwriters -' from bn officer in the Army of Gen.. .

( '!4' purchase such merchant vessels or steamers frightened at the approaching draft: I bive.d has been exhibited to us, by i the Rev.Dr. joy. We look around on the immense: the premium of Insurance has for, in which is reined she performs***

as may be.fitted for warlike purposes, it will was suddenly taken with the most intolerable Lann.: enclosed to him, in a loiter fioniD4 multitude and the been increased XJUO per cent upon shipments a gallant exploit by Gilbert Dudleya
doubtless occur to the Government that mime ii iil8tt.; pains in I all I I parts of his body : reflection that they wei- -
Esq., of J.ickson Connly.. 'It : made from the Gulf Ports, whjle'shipmentsmade of 19, attached to the Army :
done defeat the
much be to the drawn from the
may purposes but to give case a moic serious aspect, was: taken from Lamb of cares business and the

;, t of Mexican""! prirateers by sending out "numerous and remove all I doubt from t thti minds of i the row tih, raised; I by) Mr. El ., and only for a length yea r'siz enjoyments of home, lo express their sentiments from the Atlantic Ports as f.ir South Returning iwo days ago from one cir

fast' sailing clippers, coimnandeihby; officers of t lie law, who were t then enrolling and fineness as Savannah, are only subject to the premium most advanced pickets, wbituei be

junior officers of time Navy, and "provided all I abie-bodied citizens, and who were hourly ever saen. Th surpasses I sample any shown tiling we 1h have upon matters deeply affecting our of Insurance charged in peaceful I been sent to convey orders, he came as i ipeeredly

with adapted for this specific the was natural rights, interests and honor, made two MexicansoldierVhad.
an armament rxpecled man applied two huge bliseers eleven and upon
a kalfinrltfs in !length, and from : times. This fact alone is illustrative ""
duty. Such a marine policy would be very to different parts; of his bodyand in a fleece which vtjhietl -'us rejoice that; the great mass of our people sufficiently ., apparently, just rowed across thC

:4 flfectrVe. Our swift liitleV-ruisers, traversing ; I this sorry condition awaited the arrival: of pounds. A small portion) ten of I .and I this a half were thus alive to these great points. Wetr : of {he justice of our claims upon the ac'd were refreshing themselves in2

& the Gulf and tun Atlantic, in the neighborhood the olficeis. In the meantime, his wife,* ; be office. sample; felt government for additional securities and 1 shade, having placed their musketa
may seen at our The Doctor in that with the spirit which pervaded the
of the Westrlndies and the South affected with the thoughtless security against a neigh
grievously cacoe.thcsloqucn-
forms us i that Mr. 11. has several I of this defences in the Gulf of Mexico- without any
American coast, would carry terror to all di, communicated to another lady, a neigh-, splendid breed for smle. and t hat he himself I vast assemblage, our country would never;: furlher'comment. And certainly when'Con- tree. Gilbert was equal to the :

'j'r: marauders, and afford protection lo onr bar/4tlie details of the case, in confidence. in'tendsto thfj want defenders. he sprang lo'ihe muskets, threw

S* merchant vessels along all the usual routes The neighbor, as a matter of'course found Til ere fs no commence country better raising calculated of them. *, gress reflects upon the vast and rapidlyiincreasiog The giound, and stepped upon it, i whipe'

of trade. it quite impossible to keep io good :i thing sheep than Florida( and yet few of for FATAL. DUEL.'-A fatal duel is sad to value o'fthe commerce of the Gulf the other he menaced the fives of hjnents.

**# *Jlt v"**: Baltimore can furnish fast sailing vessels lo herself; and accordingly when the enrolling planters keep enough even to very supply their our havc"tiiken place in 'Carlisle, (Penn.) between Ports*, and considers that' all our exports are $They cowered beneath hi C
Gitbis that her house she glance, and icluctantly pursued the coa
description-clippers could over- officers appeared; at tables
own with mfluttuti.Ve
hope to see Gen. Armour and Col. subjected to an extra premium of insurance L
Armstrong thamusktts
.. respect before long, Noble, Colonel of the 197th Regiment Pennsylvania of'J cent upon ibeir"value over that [ shoulder diet
I' *T"We cannot doubt but that the.attention of repaired to the house of the and Wool form an item in bur per upon his left ,

the Government will be directed to* this rheumatic gentleman, whom they fgund [Tallahassee Floridian.'VOLUTERSFOPENSACOLA.A.exports Miliiat( whie] under. review of the paid from Atlantic Ports, in Consideration sword asa sort of pacificator anJjJmnrched

,. .. mode of shielding our commerce from depredationr writhing tinder the most excrutiating pams.IlJTshowed former. Theifiicully resulted in- a duel I of their supposcd greater exriosuic to capture them, at a respectful distanc*

Mr.' Secretaty Buncoft inav thetn his blisterl and made rve- the advance, straight into camp!
Tine the 15th inst. o'clock and of
fr4. on Friday, atj caus justice our
f thai find for of'disease. But From them >some desirable ioformstj
employment ; higjsuperfluojisnavalofficers ry'possible demopstration Company! of Volunteers, from the Sixth

_1 ; [BfiltiniorcAmerican.. *** n'1nt\vas lie astonishment of the poor man Regiment, to be lie Id, in readiness for tlie ing-the instant; '-: --death-- of'Col.- Noble, the I application must be acknowledged. The was obtained, after which they werfrj

v v"r ;> rf I *'* and h'is, wile, when i ihe rncers -coolly trwk defence of the fortifications at Pcnsacola, ;:pistol "ball entering close tdjiil heart. The- inhabitants the'Valley ofthe Mississpjli blindfolded out of camp, set safely "

!; ', 05s*' TliVco'mplaintTDf flyTn wheaf, .loviihis name, -and informed him that they' wa's partially organized yesterday.' They ,bo"dy .was removed from ihe fatal spot after.a 'are also concerned in this niatner-the value boats and dismissed. When GiN>*rt

.y daily greets our ears, and !if:the ravages of vje'fizly) aware ci' the seriozsnittirf; 1ikiuihpfents number already sixty.fotirmn, and will norbabiy'be cproner's inquest liad been held; and taken of their! pro'duce is, from Iflte causes, equal asked how he was able to make re2'a '
that insectls general theTarmeryseemJR iberusebe %\ f.'rf- : -1 double prize, he gave the Padtljajr1
,r ;-, as iving iCCfl thily notfld.of! increased on Monday. WeVIL|
lo-his motherVbouse. An intense-_excife- depreciated with our own at.the present !
,, to think, not morethan a tfSlf crop wUIfbo[ : was endeavoring ,w play otYtnth, iii t announce; the names qf the-officers aqd rjri-, ;J-J/, -4f>!'.v-; t \ t and said, V Vuh I surrounded 'eui
went prevailed m regard.to-, ancPGen.; morn ntL1ijder the unequal distrfbuiion : :i' -
of whoIrfTeWs The the very :
beingeniireljf fellow _
reaped. -"Weji'ftSr pWr a rnge, forgetting vate1ereafLe'r. :. : l "*fj- nteer at NeW Oi! *
j yol
%, de troye_<|'.lnd i._
4 Iw sl, In) Jierald, sprang from his before dff his blis- indebted ib.his ihecouniyjail. ; and we wpuld'ask t likem:
&: -" -i tei''&&.'- ?. ** \ r
< : 4 -
., 4 '-J-f; r -f ._ v .
k! / .w. : k\\ i'i'c ; t.1
1 -_ -
r _. y 4.
t. S.t V .' .-- .4 -.p
t43 -I.----- \i
/ *. "?* .1 i/ fc $ .
>. ,
t : .. -'r .- &&& I A'i i,
; c t : ,
f -r: M l "1 : >5* r*4* *" _1 $ i"' : : /:4'- I- $1
1 -V ;
.. : .-. .
: .s ;
tK .::4' :
; -
S '- fy
: ; *
? &

1 I S


-- -- -- i-
-. -
-- ,
1' .
-- _____
4 ,
II "r
t % :

'tl t b : \

: *. / V- "r .
4: -?

: 4 4 I

$ L.. ._ ,___ -- .,r --
= --i. ; __
OlTHEiEAT OF WAP. j jQjJhe( army. -iri-. spoke in oftbe.'piojcct. le.astihe --.l.', ,. j.. _.._--I-a... .. -.---- : c : : k4 *4x .
Englshpprtion of it : -
-breathed in :----- .
irriV1 of tbc. Alabama."Vat BtJft. *"" ORNADO.; This is1 the very significant [ .:r\ tXPoivrs.- -.- :: -

|| Mr. liunt, of X. sympathy. Sincere joy and hypocriticalthanksgiving name; given to,, the charter intended al/aJ NewYork'lOXb June. '
steamSlP \'JDLE, YM opposed tliR policy! LVEFPOOL4-F r ship .
medals! and
promotions, stars, to the brave and i ., THEvJyell known lust saiiitg Packet
of the uf present cotton.
course p'atfiotic
1 the President Captaltjii tr
o'clock tbWlnorning, frum and alle e.l and ; J7.
two carters titles of the nobility! or the Walter: .NEW; YORK n&lUELlC, Lftllcfitld, muter ,
of.the ,
,& 'that he ljtd: exceeded Texas Ritle'rs.V. .sV -Perscbr; D S
she his
SaniiJ CO, whichijace left onj0daYs constitutional powers heroes of the these 4 ales ni Eer will
Sutlej"--- afesfed the.importance ibis, noble animnl cuitoa. rargot-Pitaircd, hare im-
Av 19tli inst., at fnr ; o'clock r. M. i'' ; but he wa/in favor; of bringing the war qliachcd to the successfuXresu'e ofa Sis&les.; at TatiersaH's Lfvr -:- -- -- kspstrn* ,For Cabin or Steerage pass-

jndebttd to Capt. WIDLE, for j I to a speedy conclusion. contest, the pendency of which TiadXihe Keis a brown horse .standing! biwcVi p KOCL JL3JATI03T !*! 10 .paergersi can be stcuied for -

% prticuIar : ] Mr. Cocke, of Ten., concluded the dJ A Heel of a diversion her : 15 and IG hands tiij h, ami combines1' : or beJcre the Cth prcziao. Apply. *

4tobana left Brazos Santiago on : bate! ard though1 politicn!! opj.'on"rt of the between which) and fvorofny&l England 1; t the power I sirp.t: !th, mettle and activity. Tlfe sailtut ,' sitr cr to >i ,

je ; last, at 5 o'clork, Olficia Executive, tvouldjjJouk) al t.o question of. cIa war niI4ut imminent. The calamity-I Captain! vib p mounted ou Tornado, v.ill ixTi !iii. i '*- *i T.4 7 : BOURSE, STONS, A. Co. -
ToCsd bejhen Sikhs .
c i1ad ,,Ven received .at Point Isabel, party: snd none; cf i>puted b.dundatvliii were therefore in somo sort our allies sweep throng!! the Mexican* )ho&Urith! the -'.- tt L.i-.t 1- 4 No. 4OWater st..*
** il) Tour of the in unconsciously lJhIhliflZ: elfccrs cfrt'ie JSinipon and the. devastatiii For Boston. .
country was
1 AV'itsn>' > > companies a s.iteoj! war. Itide'fjendtntiy to themselves and -
thCol.? J'liree of) Alalwma' voluutrers, of the ottuntlary; there er account, but hv ; cf the not only outhnt ravages the-hurricaae. Toma* \ : THE tins brsg PLEIADES, Carter, '' <
uarS of reason merits of, do.4>will no do'ubt prove.sthe harse '! ill.c.ee{ with dispmtch.. For 4 '
liarita VIIIiLU1 Gen. rt viK-e? long sanuin2't'hat:: d 1eintidt(1 I thetr it ; war of
( case, become, *
talrO us I to sympathize with
,ipd 'drcss. ; Job! whose neck is clothed 'onlyi"apply ta
v.-jth I
The thunder.
hc ISio Grande Hue
fur of ( .
1TL1 10 cross ( 'nocKKTyi ai4iiwxnSCVC and pitysjhiMn ?.J the day of their defeat and [Je snith! aniotf; the }haha I HEAD QU A HTKfS! .D. P. WOOD & Co i :-,
of latins Maamoros ngtj :: of the ALANOX_ v.-cie uurevenged; sui-jifnaifbn.; Thn hand of the reat national ; trumpets and .
the pUI t1tC.1 | inst. No catInfuI- but.. weie nut for2otteriI by lVnueM eeausl lumber is he sjneicfii.lhe.fbatt! afar off, the thunder j jof ., XJTT ( E-Ars Sirtt: ) 4 ,,. '
day ticen liearil ai Point Iutnl ; Mr. IJIai'k's aint'ndmctjt was lost.> t upon them: yet we m.iy not I ilhe capjr.ijis and tlie shutIi'. Tbe ;j T.tjia'n.e !, 2C h MaA : ; J.. J.s CALilCLr .COCiVm, .
tibclc; ; legitimately come to their tel'tt'ftlit; day of of'His F-tCiSiTi3N 1' l-avipir been ) "* .
Mr. gory nostrils! terriMe!
MdvWJ stipi'o' that the Mexicans M'K. ,y's amt-u'lm nt) a justice however ap>.n te: alias fi i. fa., to me/directed froa
bia: Sired. ':l1"'? Gei1TATX.OK- io take item for the support of te! ainiy.quetu'e i conse- ii5' uieilly come, when emnuciuated -iY. 0. De1tr. \ F IcriuitUr l ni3 Ei talon; : {' ; -# ; ( Circuit Court, I hneIebItdca

-tnos H.ucHiieJtown.V of thc'liite acts, of two/millious/ was'agrrrd India( will rejoice in) the fruition of iis reas- ." Why hare volunteered ?" sist ot' five cc-mpafiii s o':' Infantry, to b ?, Bicck 19; in the rirycf SI. Jcsejb;

CMJT 'S command was on their I to.Tlie seried( ami restoied rights, "m-reased in val you s: ul rather f in t.2: srvie ut{ the United !atfs ; L'er tlu: s.ni* lor sale at 12 o'clock, cat,
ie !
a careworn-looliinc '
ilieir line of march 4+ allowance newly enrolled! vuhin- !heir services 'hall be required & in
hd commenced to of the army .titl by the prevalence: of more enlightened views ; pu July nest, to satisfy sJd'fi. -
"'Wishnd; of BocaChica: : o cross ihjjS f navy fur travel per mile, was reduced from of all that \\e ate wot .10 embrace in the leer, vetercfay sol.her.( ; to a.' flue-looking young this bere" f- i is hrreby cv-d: Jo the [jatrion the ren.zc : '

at> the nioudi.; anil aVlraurc upn ; ten cents! to {six. idea of civilization., country | 'te. The G.rror H lully I ISAAC JACK30X Sh'fE, -
This result
: iJraniie i The is inevitable. j\Vly, 1 voltmreored because I have rat ;V public aMrmuncemenf of the cull r-er JV.. MUSES, Deputy ShfT.
the Mesk-an ide. Cols.n .
tb firer !) \ was pased-vea 191, tjysnonc. JS-cousequeri upon the operation ofnatural wile-and co in for tvr," was the -J Florida writ be a sufficient appeal to \ 1 $$7 22-ta
jjsS' ; WALTON'S llesimenl were lav. which courts and cabinets. unequiro- c.tjn oi her citrzor..s to
} 1 cal reni\! ; and now, why have : ensure ut
conipe1e. (be &a IIHVIM- m, rived ilie tiiorning41CI0US -I and armies, must ;alwavs; oppose in v.im ; it 4 7"- he added. *' you voluntcered t>volcTitcers iul ficr-t to tr.eet tle ; Ileail Quarlcrs, ? .
o-ir-JepHriare officer Dd [!;TnE/ih Taldh! iSte Sentinel ] j of tie! Government of .' 3D RtCtME.VT
lo ; : rf quires, thert-li.re. no creat stretch of fancy Alt !" aitl the the UnUt-tlStaUs F. M. C *
.11 well anil i( fi"od .pri3.w J ?\ :.F. BKocicr.vr.norcu.-In the JarksonvjlleNew to ttiflZ inio view a state, uf amicrible' iitUe! s for he careworn-cpantrnanced i the rrt'nl hostilities! no-.v C2i-tb.$ b i hereby given Jhat thtre will be

5 cfficfrswJucdetJ in tbe hlc battle ; T tneU for "dccrytn.2"! Mr. .f \ :(It 'h. "f I have volunteered teciuet r c *s. ity W t.'jelr: irarn daf-: ? : Ofkes, ht liatrahzon,3d Regiment

2Tdk! wIJ. that vpt..iii.Lof 2000 \'Mei.CtU and the motive asitned Urockenbrotvjh. oeiwcen frce- inerica and eiuancip-ued Isip Y- V a izife, and I go in for peace.}'' I atory to Jvir"; rr.'HfcTetl into t'e: No Cherrjstre.t, ,- ,
to us is j "a Xi-i IiTl / !fia. Sikh ,
fr 4ported : .
> tars be
: may yet sec-ti tlisL'har1 JJnrfe'l S'.tt.. EJCI : : aad '
: :
,1\ : : wilt! west,
tt fu1 t1Ifnteio run him ofi" the course/' The lXO.-Ddia.t corapar-y limit i c( -
ad left ibe 41 Xcns snjs : Inz f* in cr?* in the reptuiic'Ztniae ___: two t.,.-,, ra:< : '.--r r.'t' t! $. hct. f' Tf Xr.rr >s ,

t, 1' t.i.1o'enc? ojiIi ie> sciiey t T\ov the ,bject nf a'l this is ve y ,..vilent. 1 ? ; of Oregon, while Yankee clocks ar A STRANGE .D1CT.-L Csrcr.tL4.) t AO Iiwr4rf; ;>;ia s :sty-rf.: ; ir:$ etriur M A- L.. (, ietr.t-.iU and C.

1,1, th ( IUtl state oLt.arntic.y. The Whizs wish! to ran 3Ir. Il'roeubrouch ;:!:- keeping time tot their wives on the banks of shed iiiiuther in the man lately i cs man w-ii b/reL-uivtcl 'jnd r the -: : ; Boit Xot 2, ccr.n.&r.enng at Cherry -

0. Cc: Tin4es. 2. dCcrrou'ieLe ) off the course. Ie ha? beaten tue cjctlf and tie Jtidjes. jLaiArPiOPIIIA7JOX3..Un. Greenfield, i'Las.. for slundsr Supreme; in Con it ;it rriis. H'ip.d. ;Ijcer, who H ic ygara;';:( snnrh t;> Ontre s-'ieet and west to*'
Uieir candidate: once, and dread chufgin; i h' rt--iiv3 cr, under e/ the Ar chicrh?
they to expose him ; : ;( < ;n, t-r xvi.o : c Exchange, order
[ cl iJe Cnarlestoa: Courier ] him tt> another tlefe-it. They are in tvjih bs'inj nn insoivcct. Mnd a !ioi o- i nhv icai streti tii *r-d vj-cr.' .; $ i f VVm. I'rrkand John ATMifcheL, *

\VAilIIN lV N, M.1V IS. nopes; th:>t. i tlp I; repres'tjtaiior.s I of v.hi "GOVE1NMET ; t iliief.i'he july cne a verdict for the ? 1);: rr.r.izJjzJer t: ; csislit" J. w* f :?*COT n& reirat Centre1 ntronnirg *
a .
for war member ACT rnakirjrapproi>naiu>ns fur c--rtuiu forth pi.jintiiT, and appraised the damages on the :nr.d will brceIei1' ?J'ronrsr rf Prc .eisadf and
Tb preparations ?:o ou bravelj?, of Congress will induce the demo tiaLIO ns i-f th fJuit. d State-1. for tht part west t< the Bay, at s
ODtl part 01 the Wovcrnnient and the peh- cratic party of the State to betow "their! favor itig (>a the tliiifieth of June, one thousand yc.ir -j i first count, insolvency, at! 317U, nnci on the .' sn s ect CC.7' sha"b Jos. Schrcld, kr.owri e- the A'tha-
eight SPc0fl'' hoise-thief 1 !M! i f'.cy' wifl will be enru"lieil and ; !. in---p. ton t
i Ie. There i is no want of martial; spirit on upon Mr. CJiIl.Ve; issue hundred a-id i jrty-s>evei. of P. \7. Colleri and
t> join
with .
I -of Ar.iericnns. 1 Fairfax and them this rt Bs it enacted the! Senate $VI ci-mrrnr.dini; officer thereof, to the .: for the JoJlcivirg cfictrs: at t each *
East by and
depart upon point. Kori! liuusc t !
< a t tun.s cfIifprcsenltitivesnflke \ 1 ;in-Cliitf. The Gt.vern re-jeaf? fii* r. ., lvFi.-ct LieUr.a.i and 1 Secoai
othfr&eishboriii couniies iu Virciniu: some thesra'e! in the election, and) the wi-he, Of Untied! Slides (>f'Amcricj. -i : COMMERCIAL. ir iitt>e9S rf the < Jf

fine corps fi-ve SM r ij "J ;ind\'oliiUtet'icd Democratic Est Florida, arc tertainlv: n.ot in Cwgrrzs asst-titL-lcd. That the fol- 1 "** Cy the Gt : Order ct tha Cclcr.fl *

iherr tervti1'1-' In ibis utv. a cuttipxm- in. i- I in fv.ir of Mr. Calif 11. We enel lain :iit lowing sums be; ;iud they are herebv; appro-j "s "I "SCOTT -S WM. il. HCGHE3. -
Le r..ied: Tin* lecruitiucf for 11wreUr I IatoIll a doubt but that Mr.I Brocleubroujh will ]1il riil-d.; (l to be paid( out of any unapproprin-; j ." We ON TUE[ MA!S K HIT."CoTTox. ) Adtar1t and Inspector Cr.l..Corr/Jg-'lst! Battallioa, F. 5f. '

st'rvic*' is also lo oun, Jind the ar- be noiii'tiated' al the approai; : -hin Convcuion. ted money in thehreasury) !Ji.r the preservaiion. have -hod another dulLweek in ; ;.: Jav 2C, lS4o. 2I-3t. ,
ti!: l.ie act, (illios. the ) The de.-ires repair. and cot'-' n trude, the same canoes nQ'.iced in oar
ay up compa- East Florida are all cocs: ruction of certain; AthUT.--r: ( EEt. ?: -%- -- --jgro For Sale.
xa 1' will be 1 ;ttj &ron. tui ted towards him. His industry in Con- irtjk-iiiit.s! ; for the y ear emisi: the t tlur-i l previ'- ; report continuing to r.p-Tate with inl Tllhai5ef, 26th! **1 iy ?? 2-4it. of Jur.e, 1546, I shall *

> : in trattd pieparaiious has als ] cress and Iii ftieth day of Juts. thoutaaJ Cfe3="d force. The sales: ,of ths week have been T17HEREAS. : t1'- sale,
o ieactnny ?; great and arj-.nowled laients one c'glu hun-I an elettimva.j & id : |p zi public tutcry, at the
teen in'ed.I'.it have wnu our favor a-* well! as don'c trcd and;! forty-seven. limiie to a few head red bales af very irresiiari V > dity: ef A- nl, 1SG; ; J r FielJ : (Cru:: -il Chamf/pr) ia tbe city cf *

eaieiIX) %'tSsEiS of war iU soca us honor in the eyes of the TJnited States."' For def( nsive works and barrack* i :(-" ran ins from 0 to C c.f;>r miJcJIins, :;nd varnu5 ijrFisi-T.s; CrF d *s, RecrimePt. ., ce: Ti'EGKO MAN, slcut thirty

t1e prontli-il t',; i by Congress.J Now if the Ncus" will credit Detroit, 3Jichi ? .jtienr about: C.j.fur middling fiir. Ti u cow almost Tntpossibie taiii 3 t-f the Floridn Miiitij : and it : id as ronavvay-slave, by virtue cf
an. I th'uty thousand
I iraru i:<)i s rue ojosillon; to f'nlin: wjJl sy;: ( I.Ve) Inve 120 desire To us run we For (!tftMMivcvorks: ; and bm.ick dolh'.ts. to negotiate"exchange b'ased upon s-h- ecutive by a full! panva-i of the returns tr.ad Ly tie Le blafure cf the Tcrritory/j;'
icer ccil
> near that & apped 1 .
( en. cfflt !ie ?,niii;. Jus bttstdoii :'lr. Li-renbron1j niPJ atTain JN'ew m0! ia consequence of partii's at the North re- JA
r. Any-Iodv-lse York;, nveuty-five. thousand V'iitiain i.'ailc-y, i; clec*f-d r-fsj-r: (;. "jOiLv LUCAS -
; -
dje p-iii uf dt-moi.r.itic: inji!>c 3 M}' off the} course. (2.) \Vehave no ex| crfa- dollars.1 ; hRS !fl accept in the j.-re.-rat; uiiceitlfd! state of firtJii-icn. Jacsoa.tIurt'! :, : *$ She.-iff Franklin C&unfv.
t'i nre s-jiiri'j-Vy' ihe Ca s men. lion il".it the ; afLir.F.: lusurance covering the 'J '.v rris'i *' *' "
deraocrajttc; party"; will '* bes'ow For lepnirit: and n-btiljdinj they ora1'f the first firi-ade.j A. K. AU:3-: ; .
iaj? stum) hii'vf be tlnir : barracks corii.Iruo! sectuiiy against .
41 pi..iv r. tu I f. .
unr.eces vor uttm" or tioiniuate; iSir.i and store liotisrs fort capture by privateers. uer rj .TJi cr ins seconu ii.zaai-. .ti Otittnc
T .Niagara
;; New
"c> to fi' .' zljer.&k (daerll. tiik < jjenu'in Ca1? !! rr ('4 r rps<. As bis friend snd five tion) '.anii five hundred: doll! York, We a uin I'tnit qiir.taiicri-3, there hiving been no toner, .Mrfjor: General cf the s s.rd! In Uft jfion to Iave &c., ,

or couren- For Fort Ontario by :t.e Mayor and
ticehr will probab'-y te found M l lion tf at Uswc-;;, Net York, uri'es. flriride. Cijarie P Byrne, Eri adTcrKenry the
no x- nnrlv; h-adeis stxl nhinner, in n-i'l ei-.ltt I louand ddhrs. City ApaJjchicola{ Tat!: from

1cflS. 1. uu.v'tfaki; tor mi him t'otvn: the throats of For I Fit1nTsQtr: port continnes very bate cf ship. tbfourti4rhcte. palate of ttis ordinance, the Mar- .
the outlet Pf ?
at of Lake crahztn Colonel rf l 1t
A- .v .ITHJIIMIHW CM tlie war raayjixxj *::e people.! (;j.Ve) duij'l c.re: a straw who CitamplaTb; New York ; The traR.-acticn for-thd v.t-pk have beea .1 .Mi-'J.Jcl Q"i't'ssLL Coi iiei of do. bell j>bat be rung at r>ie: o'clock, P. '
forjy-five thousand
ljtik. ; ctflaudV iJia1ie! r ino I I y. M jj .f cf do.An i-t fn.ra ct th f'cfober ta the 1st o"f April,

v: '1 (or ** r'f tJ encotu-- .4it't to be h Jd.) ((4. We have I ill? same r.te tr full and 1of April to the 1st of i .
) : no other For fort cargoes- yeilerJay anertgir Ti-? kin, itch!., Colonel of 2 d Rp the''ri.'i4r ,(
at the i the bellit '
2Z nr '. k r wnb 'it-o.; jsiJ t n; peopie shall: elect jus j ; [ : 'rifnt; wag uiatle at Ic. for a full cargo to cf do. j 2bV sae\.r free
Toe r ta F n tit1 s hotn f river, tie-ir Bnckport, Maine, tluiry; -five.: Lniw-.eH!!, M.r'of" -V' perOi> of cclor --jL.rf -
.. ihey choosf, 'rejianiitss of ail the I ; ilioMsat; j ew York. A vc.s1 l of 1000 to 1900! ) hales capa- % doi ; be absent (Srr their residence bid ? '
t ( A fli-ath; of the widow :.-1tirt-d, b1.I j ; UioJhrs.: -i R. J. Fioyit, Colonel S J ? ,
oi Coi.Uijru : ; !has oj
< <; />, t :ncusp's t; tonvrnti* ns j Lty enr-d T-CO b ,lea to Liverpool! ufT-Sd : : a pass frtrn the owner, eiai
-. 9'ASHIWJTOJV I For ri>pair* uf Fort Preble PortIan/3 I.i,. H..1ItizIi L*. Colo.iel of ;
; I and s Thus.
rts !
nat'vVla-i-tr.'s.; [ fif idslave
II ; byv.l.i'h a few plot- }bor. Maine 'in? suw.li pa reds ,p fi.'I: vessels alrt-ady on tSej cr free person cf
thonsaud -rt'l- rof> .
j : ten I dollars. ,- : o.Siraut V'
I Jifl2 ?Mit5crijt! < and wiih to ; tirh! hn-e ben Lhoj 1tt th simerare.V 4 5*
May 13. > .tf For repa.rs at Furl, t Vuuni':!, Portland C. u/lh-y, Colonel'cf ? if fbrthT ordained: TTat -
riijii the
1 cJioii-.e from the ; \ .i1 -i Ulty .. "
peoples ((5 ) f j Maine j ? mate oar stock cf coaoa uaap-ro- C. pSi'aa-e, Lr. Ch1eicf; do. John
fif! j"vons feelincs JTiauifeste'l t rt-i&'r, twenty-Jive ituusaud'doliu PatrL, '
fhrou"hu( Whoever i' cltcJeU, v.e shall b e pertect.4ti.n4.d. :: i lh : nriatd at 12,0V E)1lS.! f .T-.Ci': (*\'riq ndingany.ta4orfreepero3 '
flu* t. e usoiihe j; >. I :; wittout Ipa after the
rv. b1 tht 1' ringir.g
Ttrept :i.n- i $ (tL) I r\it-. k Srski'u1 .-
i I CVlop. t'n
t"mi-mim : cf l R.
i ci lii liFa' Tr >fi*- TTrg' r'l"*rL* 1"*tT > f lrT* -w J 'I ? : > rrcst sd
by th SsliYtD'l-n) :La1.f ave Hev j' tje no inajivjl! vote' for I'.i'v: For- repnus of :Frt. McCl-.ry. Port CJiiU.:>*" bTAiz.."* V. J<-, Rsm7 Lt. Cclotiti of do V/ cc.fI.ehjtnirx 1ave cr tree person '

.calnie'd '1.t .al IvL-e.i4(': i wijoii.: *.F'i'Cf'S oti ;;lrv! 4t-cnhiolki" t !! :;th harbor, N'-w :H.iinjijife.. i.jcludiu* I_ ., \1-j rcf do J4 4 4 -jg guardian nf said thciIy pILiCIT, and

Ite rrnhii ',t i th-'v44 L.ti i.'rr une41' '. 124ic ; I t' .- '.'-chase of ltd lijr \ensiiiof; : iitn' -,?:r.fV onhnd ]-tSe1t .. ....1 -wm. S. ?Key! CLr4 ':t ; be liiblf tosad.'ciy slave or ia'the free ptrson '

bu v h.. t ,, i i4itC Mr. (: ? :l L.;;.t : I & :-'-*. Sh.tV< a. 'i15t -- ibr the. soncf -
; tt ( t.fl t ( V.t %j-fiisse t sit'd
; : irt'crfred e
f'1We n (Jen. 'i'v\or Sn I thelexi l 4 ,- Forrepaiia uf 1irzi1Tctir; I ? ?::., Mvpr; edn. ,- .' $
... -
tnai.; {, ( itr tthposUtc'i e on .Governor3u.i.id TOdl bis 61r/pTisn5ck one half j o into
.t r /-.If.
Ca, lorc-'s .n 1 1it< r*':tiri I in his t't.'- rtt Itfufr.a.il Ier, hfetr. ,J8oon: harbor,*3* assachnsetis' thitTy rrte't wfk . . .2-I-, .- fi"bi>tia? Heir, CimnP1 0(27th( on b4f fo the Iarshal .
ttn' ** it" "vioii iv' ... .3tj-5; ; .STtiiU, Lz. C1M'u.1. /1V.Mtjar rt ;
ihuttand fl.e'Marwr
isc said
N4 i! ibf : Cabell's *' doILr.. btf .
pj ii ?>. -We wish Io uive all i I '. Total.'. .*??. : ut do--, r -
!rhal' VK>,irwjJljifr< I h iiph ojsr I turn !their th4e. and if .ve ever failed to rio For furt Warlen--Ho>ton haibor, Masla-i i! i Di fl< I.;. ivin ttirMC1'hni. P,4 gunih lashes. with not less than 13 ior, ")

ticncrs: hut. 'Jf.t c Mt xjcan Asne i Is ; $ so, it was i through u i- akfcltjdnot?|; o'esi i;* ':Ii tsttT. frt.. /* t. (i ) ; ,: r i; 0.1 hcd; and <-* .: >?boar i?not cieared,, -U-- _! i43-,-.- M. Richarcl: n, LC'1..d, : ; it tatter crcaincd 4 t 0

jrearaii: < r 'preseKt/.i.! the! by.tic IIMV ba ] \ve have; ti'iii the ijicst For For; ; A'Jujs; Xewi-oit hii tior. Rhode. j -Ic .Its-rli :, Mf'j-T ol d' That"it shall-not '
I ii dire to warp t zzo*> 5- oz G3TTrCutxrntacnrtg : i r- ? -tT >* "P *.T.A((7"-"TIT.. "\ ; r ( any slave or free cclcrlto
Hojuin! ry nue, arnl ih ? victory purfj ed 4'' tie jial.'tjjejjj.: or'prejiniii-r-; mln'ls o ls.i] jd, fil'fevu < hoiisiij! dolt I us.i j t j.-t; S- n.-fjiiS.-r, Ial5tutl- Ji nie- John; CKltN; ryn1.ofth Ile cr her cw ruiase m saidcity,. withcuD .

well vnho'i fiijlmj: h of lift bell. -ff *.-.' ; Tor* r*;buiiliu! Foic TrumbuH, New .--i_ : _in I3i. J. T. V.Vyht; Lr. C iK'SHjTI&'do. .. or gnt of said save5or fie .

as on ;ih.u M i our opponents. .*- j roull tKf s AEtv tliiulv; very highly of London hai-bor, Ccnne icut'twenty thou I ----i----: IPat. ''PrFviv.tflrTtct ---. -- berlin" Iaj0r el'ti'J.t W. t a rsidnt ofsaid city, ar.dtea .

Tbe r .- if last.nisht, speaking of.the i him ourself, we could vi.-h, it he is'a can-; sand tiollars. c I : gr-O.rE. j we8.2l-j) -henry; WCarkt; ,Colonel : |: : ertnisin of said orneror

nuns liilmj-! !," says: There 11J1(1uEcli. ..jdidate. th.-t! the people; ii.iy pf-ccrnlly le- For Fort r>chiybr: Eas't river, ACV York Lv'rouI ..... ... .... rrichfriJnLt.'Coi3reioi f.f d du. ,Cretrge penalty cf twenty dollars, tc be iji
liitvre.- ... Major (>4 .
received. \Ve fhdus.ind) : .L owner,
icj"s e.nTh4d;; cume : forty .fl; -. j ? jtjnardian cr agent, and
imne of I scq-i-ilnted vilh him. exercise their >t s j Nsntz. ... ... ... ..... .. Th Jrtrisc-s-A. Gc-iT; C lonel of llth K ; ( lawul tot
o .r t iTi < in I14' E\iicuiiv D j own ji'i<:'!-e jt of fu's "character 4tFor'rep.irs[ of Fort Wood, and wall of1 .. \. any owner, guardian or '
; and tili'rs? :: { .. ... ... .... .3 lie; Gtlliatd. Lt. Colonel of do. V7c *d4ie! frf
prt.rit ;'n IVP recesifd any privt: ? leiI'M I -and il i iliey i iljinJi! }rn-p-r.; support him Beitjsw'i!! island; New York, forty thousand ( .:.- .. .. .. .I.. . .-3.12; :.prrdo. tree or e per.-on of color to give '

*lo, EVU th- .uarern.tsIer (ieiieral,, I if not. support sotncbmiy ',*'*? (&.} ]LnstJy iioM.ir*. fajF ; Other ports . ... :f.__._._. ._.j. -j Jf j jjj5""'! -'J;:);: J-n: M.-Penn?, Colonel !l'2th or in said[lerson city cf during ct lur th'eV.isht general,pass but '

.JMJ. i ,!iy rere/ves ibejfcarliest actount I fli.iy::; and J to cuuciutle --from the nnj ; Or rei aii"! c f Fr.rt Hamilton! New York, !|- Tcr/ji to For Port?.;. 2I730f';, 82927 x'< D. Tr.icoy, Lt. CoLonc-I ot 10h d. hal! specily the particular place P
fays lertcr; this <-v'-nm< .** j[ cotntfjoi'ly 3 4on, -Ma;' r <4 f do. ; '. or frf e person cf color allowed!

fif-t' i j' For J Bostori ... .. .... .... Tea-iois S. Dance;, Colonel 13th
xtiwrv; : < expressed TO oUain *ffl.b / the railed.* .reuses hj tlje State rejjairs of Fott l ra(1ion. Annapolis ; i'.tj.I2.i4<;j: Ji4C-i.-J.---2} : : cf five dollars! for each and
towards j ,
: ru-, The rercired since Mr. C'ibeiJ. harbor; Mafland { ProvuierjCtf . .. . .'. .69->-'- .t--iw-lf: .j? Ii .VTin. ri.. Pail, Et. Colonel of db. ; every ,
suiteipf i. < ne wouJd-JthirA eiiher that t ten t tlxMisainl doliarsl! j P1j '
G n. 'r, i I ; sdt'iia ... ... -k J 'r i1 dr.. it
the Vir's; Inst; despatche, which tvasonji I i they w 're afbiiil of him, or that he Jiad For repairs of Fort Washington\ Pjjfo- i tiiiTn.M-;?. .... ....h! ....\ liM .2JM: ; .l-or; i Alesa'ider! 'Patterson, Colcnel- farther; crdained-That all rrdi -

April, lie has cot been oiiici.iJIy : done t thejn snaie per-xm.il I i injuryVe j be- mac iVei, 'arvlind, twenty-six thousand !: New (Orleans.. .. .. .[. .. .i.-2J74l.-2.-Mi..i5T-: mp..r.Vns B. Uackiey Lr. Cowi.ei of- onliriirjce ,cor.friclin with thetThw -4'
ert Tli ;j I here J huvvevt r. he is very pracebiy: tlisposi I "' I j OiU-rp.; >r: f. . .... f. . .f. .2.) ;; ..2Ko17J| : Bi- ,rir: -of'do. -' : : t :- erdinaace, be and the satae are'

aI iciellicpnre received through unofsourres. i- lT we never knew a man more so-*:;;; ] I For Fort. 3Ionroe, FJampton roads, Yij- I TjtiI----------:3; : : : ....557 J7; .S Dv New ""riiKTiEFoaBtsss IT KNowN, Council, M.iy 1. lS-t6. !...r -

l It! I.- vajue and comradieiory. | enje! who may think very meanly of Ln; ttit; ; : %' .; ullr. TTL-y,;:*---------I- I i.S. 714I34! < 3 ah % n3r't j'essu.t .tre h-'ref i-r E CJROBERTS, Msjor.

ID4 cannot bp credited he would eItci to i j 1 from the) statement of thce f>; pers. wil!} For presciv.tiion i f t tiie site of Fort, Cas-j p. *-jc'feci to the v iri'i C'.nirai.c.3 dX' :? : .-. Clerfr* -r

htflcth cic bv the IcwYorl chUn 1 h< was( j be surprised when they know him, to fsud well, mouth of Cape Fear river, Xorth y J 1)Vfl i Tfl-: i
: I at Point Isahel, SI.fl a uhjt>ct up- he is after ail so clever a -fellow (.ai-o'ma. fifjeen t thott.sai.d dolttr.r ; H j> i4i1tjiCj IA i : r b j \\i iif' i; ft. p'r ""' : ; MANJT IMC Slave for Sale. *
Onrhich iii i The Governor and : years old a good Carpea- %
r> i -
> : :i i\jpjv ? stretched to ihe Or ol t the srcof ::== =--:= --=-:- = -
preservayon Fort t1 i- == := ::
Btmosr ei on *:: avail hirnseif; of .this occ* cn 'to bring t rate house $eirant, honest and in- .
Mj:. I therefore trie, Charleston-thaibor. APALlCHiCOLA. . "Ma"S LCLEAiiED.
am. inclined THE SIKHS ..
believe to rni: BHITJSII AND O.-JEOO.V. south Carolina, iiltrrn ) c-iti'2 of th? otliceM th'W' flt-cfeil tjii : c.nLI! ba r.r.deuzefuL in any situa f
rtrti r th:.( <
rCeieij. ; closs
remark tate uf *
.' inciiir>nttHv cur.ft>rei ; oi ti iT. In'Jeei. I an id'i u a few weeks since, that it mi-jht i pirn out Foi iKfc-to! Drunken Die! shoal, Char May 2J-5 oop Anti, Milic-r, f>r Galveston.. I tt'c'u the 2reat; nece sitv of prorni>fnes *Monday in Junie'r.ethe will then z,

?41, auili. \. Jf tifrre, ire advices! they that ihe wjir between t lie t1ri ii1i and j th-i les;.>: hirhor: Suuth Carolina, thirty five if..y: 23-Sehr Stth Lavscu, C.ihoou, for New 12Y ia the or 'iixaJipn of thMHifja, <' undrr'an orde fof the Hon'f" '

Q do0t, be communicated io Cuigreu. ; Sikhs would be found to have srimrtiiin-r toj I tiiotisaud! ilthI-tt-s. Odpais. hrJe5 that e.vyy TU'irtiner.t in the SJate For further particnlarsapplv' *

j tin with I t h Oregon question-morc"i ieeil Fur Fort Sumter, Charleston Imhnr, York.May L7-Schr D S Cresory, YO-JJJ, for New speiy ropr rtcd! to the proper clScer, or WOOD & Co. % F
i i "
Iti ;.
Hu4e.the Senate, to-day The IMITrom! the than appeareil to fie dreamed af in the ;phi South C.indinn i forty-five( t thousand dollars. 2.lt': "-;-Shi? Dauntless, 'floser?, for Liverf-ool, and Bv resdy orderol fur duty.the Governor S-2 Water streef. -c

unking appropriations; ; for the I'osf 1 losophy lOce li of not a few. To some here tlie For Fort Pii! >k!, Savannah; river, GeorZl by (JtS1O.: J. : per briif Mtrca, from N. 'rk' &
Department, was reported withoot idea et-inrzI! chimerical: ), while, it" appears I Weni-fie I thousand dull tr. tichr i3Lder, Whirnr-v, for New Orleans.AK AdjTitmt ai 1fl3eCtCr General J I ar.u 2 LitJ ; 100 gals: boiled fe J|

'.0 iennipnt p j j sit. Lewis, UUJ he proposed that some in England: and: perhaps ill { win, Fur repairs of Kurt Jprksiu, Savannah HIVED..1J.IV M-y :Th ;, i P3 ,. < -, nJ. I'ts.UcCO hoes S'hy'lO'j 1- 4
ti thou rher, Grgi. fifteen I tiion.saud, \lity Z-Brig Wrn ; -JO d'/z. pints Congress Spring *
!4r. j .ljt oiherwise. The Loti lou Exatninar doll.trs. L Joiis, Tyler, Li New
2!" :nnjTratrcn Mr. CatltoP" de fiir'iiisiitnre "IfFor Fort Pirhnrs, Pensscol.i Ysr! t Ltocft. t Pritt. iru: -Cosrt. () fresh Tauiarins ; Gncs and Orget *
orne commenting t th( harbor, |-. ; *
Ttmarki ; .M.iv : i.: i gin 1'irce fr.i SPUING: TERM, bv '
Florida Providencc.IdT .
the $vtexn ; : of Sir Henry Hardin which fffj thui and! SoJhirs.-," v \ 'The; / >l
1 e, prefers :'$;:!;uId lladkv. tin N ()reaiI Farmers Bank cf Virjrhia: 'J v; : H. F. AIJELL. *
of u'uich For ,
made the Dep-ut-1 the Ian ruleof the F. rt uarrancas and the rrerfoin of '*
eot pro 1'uiija ii b i in eflVcf. J f 1>1Jj Ptone1ienn, tin .cw \ or.tq CJapl't. I -
thagh bardesi on the Treasury. They, t through native puppe? prince, io i innne
inqujt,, o The s subjprt'thut deserved: deliberate ate amie.xtmnrr, sa\s "it i is passible) hir; t the nythotis ind dulUrs.! -- .-. .-%>,'- I c JJn; li 51Th-C-pjblic, Co.Littieneld! fni New York to Thon a> M. V.'luie, A 2mV, 4pxC. j jf. N. MCKAY Tj! > heretofore ard g1. fxistingr Ii.* HAKTS be 7" ** **- '

sVteIn ItfI led he aban (Governor (Jeneral tiillsienrcd For repairs; of Foil: Morgan Jlobile! Point *- /*1. Defendant J ..
1 meet ; ua> in his con- >>tvnner A ass, \Vhe-itoa: fmCbatfahoc'chsc! ; day t-spired by liraitation. i4
ndt10 posi-coaclies. and tie.! nrctut-: :ict'Iiv.the c..ntinseucies! tint iiii ht arise "li.1' tUI, fort\ thousand In liars. te4mr Nation, McAllister, fni CoIutiis. IT RobertV.appearing. Williatns to the Coort onaof'the by ( '; will remain with A, N. ,- ,
they aflbrdeJ iu the Southern i in Lici' For repairs of Fort Pike and : will continue v v
States. anal liemi>j>liere. A war with Amerj preserva- resides beyond the tmiits flfhne State c.f the-businesson bia "-:

Niles I j i were better L r.ot commenced tilTthat on tutu of site, Louisiana, thirteen thousand! LIST OF VESSELS TOE.T. to wit, in Uie State of iriia. Ir is .* & '$' .- ;
sajI lie 1hou1it it t tie Indies terminated."' dollars. A. X. MrKAY/ i- .
that t'he ery proper utts. ': ordered thai said deiendaiit: appear and\ % ,
tOpped nopjptected ;post-routs) should! be i The Examiner j i.s quite honest in is spec For repairof; Fort .Wood, Louisiana, Solon! Bncltham, 510 tots for Liverpool, roadin.r Slid oouiplM'iantX' ; bitLof coirilir.t| ; S. H. HARTSHORNE.* **
aad -b CiSatS.Cuttcn May 1, I4.
the law that. was one of the objecTs! ] Of. ulation.'and t to our thitikinz quite correct *iI kthousand) five I hundered i doll-irs. Planter I'ratr rrnpths tri>n I ihe.d-ats of tue first )- 13-tf :- > 4
501 for
uoccou| ( Of 1k The sentiment of the ,! also.' Powerful as Etclaml i is in the means) For retiairi? nf flattery Bienvenue. Loni- i nr-\irlr-i. *-i'-Tii *ton. "'?,, Havre bat-! a this order, olh :rfC? the siid corinlaiDa' A-

ntr/Yue said, was iu favor of thc' ot t warfare by both MM and land, and well siaiin: five' I thousand 110! iS. Bambtinon, i'ruJletfn1HJ tons, for Liver 'ocl, c.l cotnpl.imt s'l.tii oe u.tn zs c ainsi [ supply of treah Dros) 3 jn',t- re- :

ThE 1PpOsta( system. appointed ;tlid prepared as she is to il i For repairs of 'JRort Jackson, Mississippi mi-D 1 ii Wood .t Co. Robert V T. Wdliatn. as ar.d f T confe.Jc, ; Brig Republic, which makes my* -
B11i was psec1 i for the she would iloubtiess wage river," Louisiana C.iroluttrn! tons frn Charleston, vvai'inj diuAto l'1* fora nf the Statute io socn the best quality -v / ;
over twenty-five thousand
Th present. prefer dollar "
Bhlirorthe to. rnsago; in Ci; uif5 ilo f rs i Co. and provided.- i i.-? hirt-ier ordered, That J. C. ALLEJf. < V.
ntntf the ascertainment and settle- hostilities with us, 'should that be done ore ) Edwin, Pierce, &# unr, fin Providence, waiting of-ttiis: ord.the published in sjme will be1 kept open the entire %'

or yre c'ai'ns' of American citizens b deemed necessary, with the trouble of allther For repairs of Fort St. Philip, Mississippi -Miter. $;. printed an.l published[ OnCe arf eek lor four orders thaqkftjUy receivedprompt- < ,

Ly 7n spoliations! ivas further discuss- *:.rj> everywhrae; entirely ofi*; her river, Louisiana, thirty thousand dol! } F.trs.t I 4 :;JDated this cisblOjiy of M, y, A. P.THO..DOTJGLAS. 15 and correctlyvput DO. '
.r1. forehead.3iIJ lars.I Pieiade-s; Carter, 23i tons for Boston loadin- > "
h ; I lands. Sr; Henry Hardin needed no special fS ;: 4 / .
D i)
"ltt"oase, the Army Appropriationnn jnstrtictions, {0 enlightenhitn on tljis For Fort 'Livingston"Grand; Terre island, WnoJicC.j.fLepubiic.LiulffieiJ, .tons, for' New Yoriitt:. i A true, extract from the minntes of the ;i'S

*j* taken up in Coramitteffjof the point, ami was therefore, able to "killvtfo Barrataria bay, Louisiana, forty thousand : dispatch-N'ourse, tojie c.Co.V'L ff 8A-rilAS S. WATSON, : for Sale; #* ,

lOurs. 8Dcl farther discussed forthree birds with one stono'' for his Royal fistrcss" dollors. & v'0" \ Jones, Tyler, 1'20 ton, for.'lNTevYork, bid VC.'_ H. Dcpovr Counstl: and : aed offers tar sale'150 acres of(? .- 4 '

and one for himself. His- For fortifications OH the Florida recf..lwo luS-Dcagf \c Pratt. ,' '/ : Solicitor for Compl't. -! Land, situated one mild -
1t. "after -
oorse Dtomno1e,' of Va., supported the the conquest of thelSikhs.} while policy it ena- i ijundred thousand; dollars'! f'" -. Pioneer-bode, H .iru, 2fcj 'inm, for d.York, loading. iMav S, ISfO. ). ? i Jli Rock er BInft7.on the west side *f' '
; 4OaeresIyaonemiIe.
C ,be Executive, ss to ih) ? Mexican j i blesliitn to pro mote his) own private interest For contingencies of fortifications,' fifty- -. --------.-- ----.u- NOTICE-Mr.1 WAI. H. LONG is our a Dwellin 'and other bouses
) ltd Gen. Ampudiajj: procla- better than continued warfare if thousand'doUars.! tip : our-absence-from theStafe.i? ; 3.
LaioD: to is calculated + PA5SEXGERS.tP AlavSO" place, a bIacksmitR's .shop anjij
1tce. the foreigners in the American to secure o &re for Britisjtlust of, empire For the armament of fortifications three < >r ,earner Agae$-CafitSuttqn; Messt H II MILLER i orfer tnt work ; aIti one> wajoni L- 1'

"im .. .vasserted that Je .had irndered than all.lbX/ends lOfe be gained by itri- hundred thousand dollars 'Y.Sec. BardesT" ? 2 1leau.Sprdtt, Wood and Austin. : Sheriffs Sale. r 3he-a4 of hogj, and a' fine T1-- 44

\\ti also Wbe! l? a charae of nan-stealin-. mediate annexation ; apodal the same time 2. And le-itfu7thcr itv.aclcd'Tbat *. __ k> virtue, -ot .a xvrit of fia is-nied ( bri31 ... "- t' 1*'

l'ay! accused, the Wins party of being it Jgaves England the command of a still lhePrPsident of the United'Stales< in RECEIPTS jRoir THEf INTERIOR:. f'clerlf ,6f the Circuirof.Fiamlxlin \\1a7iinjj parch serwill do well P.

Mr ready 10 S've VP disputed territory. greater Hainount% Loc&t* favGbfTtr Prt'gaiist E. *i thepfop -:"? -,-' ;- ::4-; ?
any hart ifc Youfl .
33 :
lts ; sacks corn tri: \\ryiie 4.\raMcKen-i Ih IThidayUevi 4 tionzaid.wifl ctFr B. CARAWAY 4
Poke t
iait J Grande in support of our other service for vrhich U mighi,*perchance PT 'Ije!) foregoing appropriatrbns at any time ,z'ie; 1 ;box tobacco".lo''Wni. G Porter &: Go; _,% jn1:1.} : :.?4oz4ay fJ.uly: : ; re ?ie ? lM '- \Vr -
Bhr.rtio as a loundiryrecruits.a be after t the ) I
required. oftiis bbLurenfinetoE .
) ( +* >. passage t a c 11; ,/ ;v I, 2iIcCuhI' Httie drj'irr the .
Iin; the C., moved to iueu by r itit result.of thevSikh warVas In factra'great : jq4- $ to Ilaw.xdButherfort1 bo Ln4 Ctnb V
P4YJ& ?
Po C1lliflflt;; .Cd Bounty of fiftv djiItIkJ-$ ; relief' b the jressed bnsoin of'lhe ,Spcakcr.4 ofilie ): ftOCt& Cd; 70ti: :ito, LsictL: &Chevt'r' Youn5-tto; 12I :- htintheia: fef limps, levieJ"ortas & : :- g

tTe j 2aDd QID OfI Bntisli Government *&The p6liticat5rntty] "..y Gl'M. DALLAblfiftic Joke C Maclay; 4tt&. i1rpr&, Jotw13tt IisL soid to tisc $ -T' BS1-LWLEY.-. : ?
Olew-ho toy. erfduring& tbe 1 1eqalize ,breathed freer and deeper ori.iheVr: : ceipt: of. -yke'PLsaeflt? ; Utoiied'Stata; Pl flobt'e ,,: ; ioV1i Kinrpub & ': -'%: iJOIIN : -- -' .; -- -. '-:% .

the pay of all the corps .i he intellkenceTof' it, and, th6 natiou-at and P,"'T"i, '* I :Goii to A MKaJO t \\ m GEorter : : ;4 "ffFranklui '

JU 4- Co., 3 to- cirdet I : '. ?4 MjOS46.
,4 '
_, : *
; .P. S z-- "
t # | w Q 3
'- & s1- 4aZ 1 fe-I >; J

.;ffi : ,, :. 4
,, .. .-* ,' ..', t1!; .Fh :- -.
&mn :
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: I -e I ,
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s 4
: .75 -? :
e. c :1'
4.:1: .. .4 ? _. :
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_ 1' : 4- V F '4 ..

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.* 1 :** : :

__-=::=,;::::-:-;------ = -.- =-. ---r ,q'-r--r--r -'-fl-- ytrr --. ,

L Important National: :'..4; ACard.
4 n l having purchased from flIb3crib4 b

THE STATESMAN' ; MA'NUAL, \; Iiis"entire stock of DruX9. _Frai2clln Circuit Courts I after, date, Ii wiU.apply tiWtWtjOtljr l hYcTTlabd! **

A. Jf EW AJTli XXlAtlGCD EDITION OF PRESID ? [ 'Ghs* Ware, Shon Fufig S> l IN CHANCERY. to 'the Jurist? ofJrnbte? for Franklin county Wsortmtnt
: ;
MEI8LGP8, Wfl'flA continue th bnsiness at If7'" for lettfrsfcof admi'iHtration the estate' otSjmiielSimpson CINESbicfiLewRI
Alary AnriRouen, > ; s upon, -
4 HISTORY OF E\CH ADMINISTATION, at thenld stand corner of Water vsj' v Bill for Divorce.. r ndb4;:' leive to s.iytn his friend* ; thVhte Exec.xitor + andPlant ,
asvaid Jud has nbhd dsfaujt in
iiTtiM Hantsm: Vflt'anfs, S vo. ofoscri ., i'pt'ip> t ltinnet t at his ; Rouen ) to their adraiifa e to calls exmjne-
If-in J red EtVh.zxniip. : a; from' the afiidavtt the Solicitor to said estate, Z'.M revoked hi powers toacf.) Good beft
Pjgtf Bearing *, urchaing eiwhr
t fp,>nibr, ri.n everv'nrtirl tef-iHy IT '' THOMAS 'ORMAN.Apalachicjh f
of tfje that tliddere-idiMt.Joljn ,
cr-mpliinant, j
; N. B.
: Dr\i\ ; f'>r anil frinf rra'e- I 11IS46.. 2Q.6vNOTICE I the'curc of Dspe.ria[ nr l.nifiuestion, BU- PbywciariV pirscripltons v
'Kfnn'r: ? care
t1k41tiLi bd -- accuracy any cf thetk
r&'u1r1vupp1ie4 -- -- ----1- js .ant .jieryous tijpdaclie", ..ConstipsionDiarrahoca ,
Fl rtI.: 1 is rtertd I that !>lication be'm'ade :
| pu
PRICE FIVE DOLLARS- ila articles. kWeeks* after lite, I will applj; Gput, RhcumatlfSr, .Grav/l, Flatu'Icncy J C. AT I
m in tl' QomVereialAdvertiser'oner a week for the
Pt.iitr* Cotntry tMorchanta and" Jud- of Prolate t to County; March 21 C Centre and
4 fl 1ES s1reor fi.iir mimths, of the i-stitution cthi } jr-r ; &c ,ECT-MlaxvhptmlVtswd ctail I, by
itto their interest to pall and ex- Fra-tklin, fur Id tern of. ad.hinitrf tipot "the Nov.r. j: t3: AttE 'Draotwr.Turmi'.s S Balsam ofLiW, '
TilE PKE1DENTS OF TH12 U S. suit, ttU11,11)flhltn)) nppear-and ansvT to. he, ( .
< and prices All ordeiswill; be "eat e of John; Jenkins'deceased. -- ----t- A REMEDY infrt) per ct i,
said hslore tlii nt Ort nit,
INAJGUAL. 'u AND trrciu., to in pofcon byt biltotif) >r ? firsjday u V B.ELLISON.AVialaeh'ipffo'j Coiizp : d Extract of I XX drscovered In settled
or the will hj taken! as coitvs-'fd jsjiin! t .
Froml7SDtaIS1G. ;. II. BELL.. riaIe cviriiscv April S, 19-J8. |T.XTOTIpEiAiL'ficwjns C1abcbz2dCopavia.Li Complaint, or any of iheir i ion incipe
1 him, and ?ijci? further order inthe { ,
:rr4 Oiiqa' .41'nijir of v'qc4 of 1YE' -ijtands.unrivBlltd for its the Chrono-Thermal
the Court ii' hnvif. cbuns .
r as to seem proper I ajwirw} by lk
:, sie'zR, a FTntory oftioni l.'epqjnihizra the Public. (KCopy1'ct.) -. i> StepenjT;. Skillmrn! ,' late i'f said counjy,' .Dgelcr TAYLOR'S 'cekbjatetl 1
in tt fe\v -
,. aha n sslrclion oTl v,rtantJJoctunenti disused of my entire ptnclc of Clerk. days no Genuine lUtsAit or LIVER WO
; .WM. .VALLSAU, tece-H-d? ; : ro reueted_ to present the s mednly T
ani Statistical fifprntalhn. Medicines to'Mr.. H. F. Abell, intntor; restriction in dief, pares ct 575: HOWER'Thinpfa
Iay1G,1S. 20-4fn } niienttealirdi! within Ihp time prc.ribrd I luv, t
the busitie, I 'take occasion, to necwwry.It will he now expensed by several emifwnt
or this netl WiU'b* lead in bro their recory -
my friends and cmfomers, C1AMBERS MARCH 2<5, 1SJC. ';( .fffl1fltl l1'illehein? prcIv and has. been fi rvtJonjr| timel
arvd'all' indebted to s.iid estate afe- ; t
I t the pilnn.i e they have b. lowr'd V Iv- vr i.refl nh flue greatest unparallRicd succ&s which has
BY EDWIN WILLIAMS Ch'cui' Cpiia-t. gyatiKJiu Cousaiy.ilczekia'h ver.uIcd to make iiru; >rdf<)t* iavmprf. a
while tinder contn.l ;t" rare; upon, well Taj let's medicine in
: my : Nash, ? / LAS.DAVENPORT, Adrr.p perfor
AVTU'fl OF THE XEV-YOnK ANNflAT. nKCrl TEn, ; nrn, in recommending ueenr vs. S Pciition to fortrljsc iiorfidney r.; 1fl-fh t'-kr'tl principle, f f- tided j cun- which iri&nany, very ma

Ein5eIi'ied ipith Portraits of the ol thoir patronazc/and solicit ? B./ Ford andi g.ige: ------ _- 5t :IP iriyij Jhaf. hn: or.tart luv,;iVen ;.lnit tnmdibl but theta

?T4 and the Seals or Cacti of Arms of tI of the custom heretofore ni xibplh, A. Fcrd. > / 1I [U nOK[ ;'i-\ i :-)UMS-) i-fu-r dt'.tfj \\iil anplyto 8fFfe&'f: \ f lsh? i d bv the cdtofcf | I the Doctor can brins wmd ar.I .

.1. the !1.u.! I'robile CVurtof, 1' rn'din *% j 'dvoe vz; : > ud vise alt *
: sctrral States.CONTENTS. to me.' :i petition hns hrn Ilii dsy filed A \ri \vlio :n)v ..\e (
R-- S. I1AWLEY. WIIKUEA1; oJF.ce nf th<; Circir.l: (V-urt (ofFjMiikliu mi..tv.f.ir a final ili-S-haniP from' JhVno'minisUa? >* iJiah.1_ ** .,;:.'.'rudt a conihmalionot > !;1iIif f cold( ever., to UC lu3! crJecl j

| lion of tin. tttt.ilb of Ainnrv Ro r*, dsce.irfed tB'T. ie hMuCe'4'1'! fPT-i e'rt5'i t'speid .delay. -Franklin
S : ( >- ., >', to foreclose r.iorJ: 2rt. ofcortain' says a snwil
1. The S,eoche or Addresses, ant! Mea To Priiitcrs. household! !\T.utiire, mad; and exocuttd l in 1)i c.- CAIIO, Adrn'r.t tid C12Valint ; I bjfship." Tfioreforr, core v.t

of the Presidents of the United State?, from A\T0 WARKIIOUdE.I\TTERS' FlTit. I tot rt-lt'! > Polk. I / .' April ISIo; 1 \ fimj ( isease j ienlirelx t! ;prevented by Ustir.ri. t !* applica. I J.
: inpton to hnvp opencd' new Type 1&-J4'; .i'f.l; 11 :ip. "iiin t-> the sMtiAction V/: ? ) $ ),_ C. AL2.i; c.& SS

f $ : 2. A Memoir, or Bio riphical Sketch of the city of New York, where ( oi't, '.< (he alfi.l.. .: !' the ;politi-wr i i t tr, *jff j "\ToriCE-Aftir -
President, precedins his M 'i ip'.v' nr1.rIn nnv extent, for, dft :idjriM Sidnpy K 1 Kr.J I44! F.li.jtu! i -' I I'IH ) .{!t'e, f shtill :ip.-ly i; the Jiidre rt 'CAIO-the f
: 3. An account of *he'Ina znration'nf '. irnit S t t.. f ,, i .AH AM or .Kx\voi4 apk'dt.t i. ... ,
( or Fancy T no, f''-c, P.er.: C-?- lesi'l.- IyiI' f e > ; M. : fr. ,! i'-i rrs-iklri t i c-'ur.ty, the c I'arcd F '
President, and a History inl 1 tin1 principal! Rule STEEL COLUMN RULE. i It inlere.d, I lint.id d..': --..di'lri] -> av.-.r; at.dI" .fiorn I thj Xfbnini.s'rjlio'j: of I I te! i-st.ile i>f Oliver ? ftet-l plute enr 1 .

events of his administration, and of the : ; Cha- "$, aid every article, ne- ;]-' i : .ir ol j.-Mi"( .-, ':' tlu-y Lave: .i--y, v. itliin'loth I C.* H.synond, late of xdiil cou-.ty, (1'C ) tl. I kit lf- neflbtGt-h--J'] ; :

lions of Con r* at cich sewon duri' 'z the\ irj O.Hce. Also second fiand >. hv'forc t tlir- fI't i4-y ft I the onytil > !.ili Krtnol' r>r. r t. .orjE1-r, viU arddanscrj-n? in-
riod. These Vjctche f)1.1Viig$ nft.Ale ill. > cautioned not t i itrcfsse!: dpnitKtini
lijjs Court othsrvvi.-'f s-id )t'U! &!iill bst'a.Ti or
:! M-ch 2S 15 n. Adn'r It' bntsnon.rr .
&c., of each President, and, with which ,ora cut ivinittion:k' ;) of the! prn (.conso! ;. provid tfut due publicatitii ; I hr IF.** U. S. Copv KigJ

forming comjicndioTs P.bhIiI! l History of are>at in new Moulds, 1'nun: an of tlm oi- $.- r be hi. rle ii i the (0 > ;vi ( rri.1tI 0 :J'iCF.:; :_._Know nil person* infrre tet. thif H I March 21,1 B13, 12.Iy

t United Stttes, fir the la t fifiy- evcn* years. ot Mjtrix s with deej conuter?, Advertiser ''f Ap iltChiII) or:( e a w- e': i<-r tvoi _L N l six weeks {Vn the dUe of I lhiMii": *'. e ;:.*..T-4 ,. ,. 'I. U.- cip i 'I'ars'aut'sE1fryvescg1j

.: 4. Decliration of Independence. to be u fstiip.i! f\l by any, ind w:! i in--nths, s'jo" sivcly. (A-Coi.:y-'ivVM ;-'.) j \\i\\\\ .iiuly; to hi j3 h-"r.or the Jud. :.;e of P.- 'b'lte: I'nrtle ;Aperient.TTEALT .

5. Article- of Confederatioh. I t t'lp i lines-I All I I J lift type I'uniHVi i \ VAULCXU. .lrrV. cuii' tv** "f Kfii'Iji'n: t tor; Utter* Or ?!..". ; \- ',p f&'f' ( !! RENEW L'O, ,
,** 6. Constitution of the United State, cut Tie! I typfrom any: foun i April 1-JJ ti:.;, !.'>iri) the estite nf s'f.' 'jeii T SU: f!tr; -. iv- '! JLJL and lieulthful co'difi, rhy r ,
Notes and References. d. SILAS D \VENP1)P1"A1)a1er11iCo1 _
: ( .it thi* es-.bishfnent.| AT ClAii"R.L&rct. IM, 1S4J.ETmiMscs ;. ccx thp IHP of TARftANTS EF: P ,
of the events anl
: 7. A brief history es lurni-shed, alM Strain Engine' 4 F., M in-d 9. IS jr. litYivNOTIC'K SELTZER APERIENT; '
: stance: which led to the Union of. the States Cir itif ,) UI'A 1L 1& 'L.tZ.t for

forn.ition nf the Constitution.. ?atlernt. IN Cf! ANCCiiY.Alpbonse -Sx mcttis /4r'r! date f wjil :a,.ply ttic fi'Jlcs. /* This ?reparation i i- tinivetl'l llliemot '
R'ill.'r'' a'st' far Printers.COCKKOiT .
8A synopjis of the Constitutions! of the : Luubat, rrplutc Co.- *U Fniklio Coi y, "nilYSfCTANS a'.d Clierrii Js have long been pftpnljr: rwiTedy of th

; : e veral Stales ". Jc. OVEREN! v.George fur ;a fi.ial di Hiariji1 Iron .to rdrrini-tnfif i n-v] JL an. to dK4vr a medicine that w
*: 0* Tables of Members of the Cabinet* of :y GS Aun.st.N-Yo. \V. II.r.rici, and Mira- oich- euro one-i-.t the ra -I t trr.n'ilesomp rii.s ase the and Liver Ci.rnpbint fvrus

variou* admini tMtiotH, Minist is to F ; nad ret KTHIII: I ll.iiri-s-'n, li9 wile t ard-on, dvre Piles. ;Snccess has tt la-it I bei; the rtsiilt. Dr, ache, HesrU urK baiuhijlCtvIiTr.ivtlu -
Pnvid G. R 'tt' and I fliri jet F. Cd.'i:. B. WIIITMAR JACKSON'S" rand re'fdenfs in vr.
Cotntrie', and oilier principil 1 %public"nllirera. [ FEN i'tJCKEY \G- Fiw? "E3ioaocAT ; not only stops
I : 10- Chi nnolo ical Table of Political ne.y Tj Rancy, his wife; Joseph! I Hud JVo2MSI6.. S-Gm'' all bleednjjj all.iys painisd'iufl.smination; : sub ? .find it a desirabL article? if pr
; 5iJ Coils Hope ; Alsc, COJ son Alexander McAlnin 1 and -__ [tnnlatioi! of bile, F* portable, a?
the United States. tluesthat intolerable itolsi" but eJIl-ctuiHv rurt-sr,
sale l>vIIUGP.EE I TIt) 'ICE( : -'>ix months alter, dite the ur.drZ''td ? prepanitinn is: unusually cnvi
Hill ;
11. StatisticaljTables of'Revenue, Ogdea Has-jerty, Assignees oiLaverty to tnrrc'5 like a charm and in avery short time, personvn -* I
& HOWAI'M, e '. will ly to the Jn l f of Prrcbitpr
I ; n )i I have frequent .occasion for
Cntl fc Co. J.irn ce
-r ; <-* ? ;r.rrtg't' HVHS K been rendered niHordile! for
and :
Population. ive
N7, I'liiilj'.ii I' "ck. '-r: ', ; : of .1 ikls..>n, for a ((1 .J ettl ment.of se < ;\vill tjle lhi
CtIfly I rmrptivcs 'hey
12. A complete Index, or Analytical Table :________ ]IJ.urait) a'jdJohn? K. liT.iHrini, : :, ; r lie estate of Mary T. G.-ird'srr: I lt ot! *aid years. I feren'-e It, anvtIier.. Soldth -
it tii th firnf iir" <
: S-mzi : : > f si-d .
Contents to the whole work-- :? Styles, SS &G. Solo Agent for Apahchicnla.
IIvv horn Div1 ?1 i cii'inly anti a dichirii frc.m the olficef F.x Tjitrix Nov5.t J C. ALLEN,
& ; iHi.i I I 12 ir doec March 29. 1 1St3. 13-4ci
-It 'Calar-xtfvcl, bK of the ht; will and t l-mpr.t 4'f f idtle-
: *
TO AMF.PvTCAN CITIZENS. David Kunneciy, Iier"\ La- Kl in fie 5* .
Ercis :rzedit'iH;
: Dealns in lr\ Hviiils. thit( ,
The publisher of the ibovc NATIO VAT. vcitv.; Tnrnes) S. Brande-i atid [, citv r.f A;>- rl'f f
g a-id are now at art)1riIi
D.eflib9r 2) I.S i 3. : r
in announcing its completion, takes the I Hamilton! : M-irray, rorj -'itutinir atc1.ict1i. / \
exclusively for Printed Ca i?< A CUM&c- consi :tncn p
tunity to state, that the sale of the Jtne has I theliriTiof lirand-Mi&Murnv( ;
# Castir
) ;) 1n all the NEW SPRING iti4 artirlts :- d"X Oipt
committed to his agents throughout the Crnrnby and -- Draper > fit' :;tc Tux Voll*ec'r's 5e.!
French aMdAin, 'ricai; Man '->; i> bx* H Itnk' Pan <*ei; ; It4't '
who are authorised to assure subscribers ( crin.-iili'lirij i! I ; I llic, ftni: ni'i NONCE i is hereby triven that sis ACOUSTIC OIL! Sato
E.6 bhts
in addition !U
stock ( m 'V.p
; : toMtheiyis'.ul! PUijLIC ktv'3 ; ; er* ,
there will be no deviation frc-in the price I ; 'oijrnent t one of t the;) ;ir.o--f btnuti. Crimby & DM-) -. Wi|. afier d .fe I will cn?>? Jn f.lt at .- ( r iscMitiRE ron ., G 2m Opium; 20( Ib.- Sulphate Qninu.28i

namely, FIVR D.OX.LA.RS per copy, which must in the city ; ard; having JUST "foi: and fiiile; vUibl* tri* li.o.jtcrv, M->.'o-te the C"rcrji HOM' d'.r, \._ cAFNr :. -I Lomln i'n1ard! ;' Herbs (.f all kiiStwrrh

1' considered rensot hle for two hand'ome f'r pvlners of tl)<- CASH AND SHORT CH! DIT are I ;
volucjffs of over seven hnndred pa ZeS e ch. piece or 1)acI&. (u tI1'SaflCLC,1iZ5, G tie & C:'). and James Brow: J t ( >;.*.wiv i- 5 ..'-i 'z i-.I' '>' !. 1 in said\ City, f. .- IL-;- -".>. -AFji.t --, t'.i'.s. and lh?- 10, .rli'1 ; 2 gn** Seit'.lvtz r4
't No esnene has been spared in the .apt.artng to the: .it inaction of the Co' "'. : III tt.: t' f'r FOR I
4 4 : prices. Ii' -g ( : s j 'ers 'i : Jbv TZ'r* AJs '. 1twdr 211 5s EtCalomel, ; 2fJ diI

I tion of these voj-imc* -Documents, History of prices, corrected daily, ar? that! 1 the y.vve tumid di'r.'mLntsd.i iM n-1 i ..\i5tfo.- .{ ,d! "file tor the) year 1S15, a s pr ail th'-sedisasreeabltf: n'-ises like- the fiU77i -g.t I T"rpciline.. a';d a tvtr 1 aNortjnntof sBI
Statitticn, to rnLr' the sime worthv th > within tit} .\ Staff (f !FI'lid.i.1 but 'v't'.i.-f'' ''* 1 ,4 '' # ?
.V'JWJ.T of !Ctt&C.&c. .
;1. buyers. insects, falling ol w: U-r. I rlcTi the iutf, ftr Ccuntiy MerdsMnfPrj
Dag1*, not only (if .STaf *?mijn.'infl Le2i of thft Am>ncan pubiir cr aerillv! ; who w.i I I .' mad' in i the! C ) ZJ1:. rrut.i.l {--ti7'1- 1. .
ii- ii
and b- v..el;! vpsiii for an ex- l< '"" ; ne-is, and also ; rally atlef.o; nt ,with tne < <- M.r.i.7 I ,_. 1I.F. AI
in this TafcX-scnv or poiffrcv:. .owLD I ; once a v. cek, for : hes, ace ., d; nr nolis k of' '? Oa.\ 7-! i' ; i have h leai for t .
if thev } M"t pufc.'u:3.: : tIt14fl' MO I O'J ( ise M ny p.rs:>n* who vn < < n.tYteen S
; of information Indispensable to intittt.I: of -Ui I-.t() j Thni nut! Slalionerr,
ina. every MJTCI; 3, IS13. *-I5-ly : a.pttu C" ::r.dt twenty year: *, at.d wt-re cblized touse'
gent citizen. t ._t and ins'.vcr to the, said bill I 11' !-'rtpJ' after
7 ar.d-0 BlVrrj Mnher4}, r.r ai.fl s2S .trumpets have, 0 04 one i r l\vr
Formei editions"of the Presidents M' I [b forn I the txr.r.linui; of 1, it lim.-. slid ;. ,!! bo40 and Letftr
Fine C if3j j "S ;} i-p ,. Or M 1tI'n, ) bottles? t thrtva aside thec[ trti-t.*. hjinj; made rj rams Fool'ica Paper;
have been imperfect and incomplete in irri" : will \\i<* tulcon zs cnnffjvf'd a iinsl Iiit'.naitd s> \Ii S Cotron Idryr.rifld1IW J.k4
\? ?: i'-J4)-t receivc.1 a FU- 1: J H. N. & .', SO perfectly! well "Physician* *-.nd tViici-ss hitdy'rcouutnded ; ;
pect which have now S* en reiriedi! :J, I t : ( L q of furtln-r r.rdir : ;iv in thg {'femiso ai t tt I IK i : its use. F.T s-.de li\ J Ship anu S-Trt: Bill* Lading;
careful co n'juison wi'b.' officiil d'vnme..t : C.:_ iiSc-lir; ndy Hi'll.ufn;( Court" K.iy sec i. r.ert. .* Gand7.'C2 K. Jacob Harvey, ? 1 GO J, C ALLKX, (-> Aser.t BoP) I '
;t -E Iby dilit t" 'j' ( : iJVi I" > i 1tiu and Che
d.r, p /j \-v i A. S '
p t'
4 ani .k'ii4&4'ii1 & &::. ftn. I 1' '' T14 AbM. ;!, 'I 4I? 'JhJ. .4:1Lf: : I.' .g&i;

pilitIq:3.; : 1IJ9'' t e will'.i lP--M.: is in_'. _A *. ** -3-i F \ .i f f .L-j ? .-; !, '11r.Ar.E:
only, by .t. '
ti of I; ;rgr and rx OJji io St |(e Tax ( r'i'ttor.L __ _t.ijjEi ._- _
; a ; ject, flame an' > itP9 is a new t'-atura F. KOPMAN. ;; ( ; tP: : ::
; ;nty :. ) Jan. I, 19Lv1; 4-'i.; ; : :; O-3ti( kegs NI.I"i.ittt
4b which will mike It 1'v41ib1 for I .t Fir ;T ;. th' I'll I' tIlt C RC ir r ,... .

ence % Siocs, A. G. Semites, ) ( ,t I F'ru1nrr; with' iI:1nptH' 'd J ; 2J'i.tIk4W44ter Lamp Oil; 3

.t.o render the*' \vritin.5< of the >yU-mit r.-t2 -, ,t -;. i :.; 79C.aSK n Liicig: sit.i; h, :nd :s- 'its'tir-; j i.tIr".ig' -t'liis! m'd ipir.- -,Lins.d Oil ; -JtortetG1s ;

1 JiPreid nU more val'nMe a* a continued '' an'3 ;ipgM Kip: JJrogans, Aaron P. Marvin. ) 4 bit J Tvbutf* and I'-r s.,il.' l_>i v"* i'..,) C'lHwfiers, )nrl! ,h.e? hy strict attertion too 'ty'i'lW aborted /npt Cra !hw; E1k 1'
7 '- S : Rovtn7Ypllow! CcfiT Green P4.ret.i'
S > .
ta'? |
.' Historv, they are iccnmoiTjie.i with Memoir.! Bros i.is. '"HUE (lv.'feiidait) wnetiiud! n 10.\E &. Co 40tji13 g4V1 .uuem ea' '

the President j and a H; tory ot the varioa? ; sev\'d sWs. ChiMrensdo. do. I he t t'< r'i i'u) uit( by n t.n-'i.i-: -vrclijrnailv; tt'Rojjr. r-rrt HORAUT. March d and tireeby! H. F, ABU

4 a I njnktrtinns. Kid and) Morocco Shoes, to the April term: of s-id Con -t. 1 Pork ,. ((:3ito; int'iird strrv' of iirick tluililin ror-" -

4- Th* work "edited! and rornpil-M bv Mr- : .,S Bt .- A. G. SEMMFAMircltlS. 11 s BDLS. MMS a-xl" Prim.;, pmk ; :n1 bbls.* nerChfstmit-a.d: $. : .- Nov S. *' -' S Per Srijr IZ? tamora,

wI,1 WILI.HM-J, who-f familiarity with our I -e :tvie: [ C.tlf 1S4H.; .l -..jnri'juiiian ijly Mo'sanii" Prime.'" .-cf; Ittr ol" hy arm. d *' beautitul! a3wtineut 6(
.- .. : M-rc" 7 J. DAY fc Co. JUST
li'ical History and Suti-liril Sabjf= : 'i' )' .
exJe i ,' are well known to th. uublr, s.n-1 afford! a .*"! WM. G. POM 1TJI! &. Co. fii ;>eri r CoiirViiii.in5 *. A Card. F.OOT AXL)> SHOKMAI-IFP', 1Ty ite

A 4 dent guarantee (for the accuracy and fidelity \ Wright, Vv fl COXTiN'Ur: r carrx ;'; :liU bu-j-
41 Water sire: t. 1TfSfl1G to rinse n':r iiusiie.: the compilation and accom a vjiii I Ilivorv.I =?. .SAtuCir.K'iit! for .;3'XO. i H Ap.1LCiCiIi ls, ..tl'V'N S'lowCity'll D. !' do' dn
V: ? "v .nf* ;}rijjijr* d to SIL our cxtcn.jivei'tfick.f > ( > t'Or'y ,
: I EDWARD WALKER, l>:nW r.tc-DuuiW.: ) Lhe l 'II: CV.r.-* -tn-c-r.
: e. p Itt DRY GOOD5!, 'Boots, Sho ; Hafs, &K, at : Union Plaid Lir.f Hunting) and
c : April II 1H Fulton.Mreef Ne-.v-Y rk.Dry Svdrt !ti- assorted sizes "TlilE:: : Defend! titi and o'hcr' ptmsi i ? intcr td irU3 -nperiir w& ;. ht rt- 4Plar-J and FaiicLitic'ti fitnts
i .n i, ( "!ij'ully Jpw'priccs for .is'i or city at1n"e., Drilling ,
Ni1 (it). .L are hereby not 'pd! of i thX 1 rfliJu'io'i i/f i the } ,9dnt, that"all '\vi'o m-iy }).itr'):;le him v. il! fi d I Pt5id a,
Merc't:|' I > aid others visitini; thi city, wjill firtd
Goods.rilHE Hoes, aborted qualities above suit, and are re juni'd to plcMd! i''or(<5r ilv. :they have callrd at t lie! iz.t; -In-ti. Krc-prli Cd; %Viii U ii
it to their iitere: t to examine our stock"before :
? GF.O; :; S. HUVKINS, Skin and M Ilnot.-* i.v ''htv-*, rvidito i rd( r,
ivcvo ,
subscribers olfer for file a large and Stool Fared Anvils, making their purchase's. 4 % ICrtinlin, tanry and striped CCtt4Ttd Fvt*

J. uabl3< stock of Dry Goods, consisting English! and American Vises, **= J. C. SMiTII, ,. J. STEVENSON & CO. of the latf-t l>t-hioTi at-.d mrst :-p >nx.xd <>tt '.e. I White, Line; bu3<>rn, and fancy Cufd SfciWSn

\t1.- for rIaiiiir.ApalacJico1a All mending; &c'dono with ne.tH'ard; : ;'r'.nptitILIt "
striked Caulhrick
part of vArnhcrii, li, Jpi.l,18: 10 j ji'il73f ; T
Ne ro Kers ys ad I.insevs, : Shovels, March 1ft, 1513.Ch'vj1 49JinEfrnnkHn -, and on tf'rms t thai ritt t.ut,5t' l tu J reci al-nleai" LeirSmcnT Panama, Florence aed C Cdj

.- q.. White and Red Flannels! Ave< : ;: :2 1opc. > :nsed a* in keeping with 1Ie= ci.rrij'ifciititin in Straw Hats;

; Plain and Fancy Jeans, and Vo..bn Carch.I IN AXCnilY.Cusrl.; ; -. pt ii-: ht-avv ClHtiiti Ke ttnclcy flg- tra'eand! the closeness td t the ticu- 'upcr Calf Bon?;?, Prrpans arid lcii r.qvir. l lFu.kskirt

.' Double twilleiLTvvsed, 1 Cast Steel Mill Saw*, John Gorrie, Coinnl't, 1 | l_., :zin : .''E):) coil irTtl K>inv! K- -eTohicfo t>- jtnl7; 3t; -i.;: ? ("loth, Prnrwila! aid Geatkia C

; Super fancy Casamc-ref, and G Tmau Steel, 'or S.IP by *** vs I A I lo, 150 i'Xc'4( [ viri'HK hn f'f-r j.-Ur ii1Ct. Leather fiimps. Velvet ar.u ilimariy >

; Suier: Eiijii and Fre'ich Cloth, WM. G. P0!{ PER & Co. Lewis P. Moselv, ft at. f 13111 frr Foreclosure. bv' LOG K H A I IT & YO U.N'G. 5.r-=--=q, THE >.nbrriwr! !IP"l |-aure in iithcc Good1-all cheap.

I : Whitney Blankets, 10, 1t'and I2rs.DuTil 41 1 1 \VrftfrTor 1rcc1. K ;i'.s. J I Fel) 23. 0 p -jYjiro informing the traveling rnnnnuuityMM0rfr Mar-h: :2R4-. F IorJ1j.

Bhnkets.S, 9 and 10 qr. : virtue of a d cren m-.nlc in ihea'jore CR::? .. Iopc.9f.n : that lie ha* taken ch: r.re 'it the! above : Goods.UcT .
Denies Kremlins and Cottonades Silf.: BY I & fJ-tiblMimcnl situjt .! irrn.rdintelyT
r & ? :
by the Hon. Circuit Court '-f flit' c--uuSy: : iwill COL'J.: 'm-. jj iehy arrived tt1ou.traRub -
Brown Shini uand hf.-i DiifyD ittcr.hellcrknown i -v----* ju ba ,k t f fie where! the'trive'Ir | & er
Sheeting cj
Of ( ; river,
for s.ile J\J\J
"* Ilnttrr. Annlv / crcuosi! at I'.uMic) vt-- ; ( at I to-- inarehU P 1 R WOOD fc CO.. J : Fancy I'inI-F. 'alwh aml/
Cotton Oinaburx*. to ? fi.id u'cofrj"ttbf! ar-d q'lu t retii! ; ,
b Court I House door, to the hi..esr bdiei! ? Mr ra hon nay .
:, Cottw Drillini; and Ticking ) NOUR1E**- STOXE & Co.r MONDAY) i the first day <.t .1.luu.iM t, :
c Liner and Cotton Clvcks, right, title :nnd 5'ien'-it{ of f. vis p. 3\-tlv! .- r. : L f i r Con'suraptiosi' : ; Ast'tina' C-r.i-r'is' Livr v. f.icb tl.ey: l.jve Ja-n.tof.r3 ben su'ject )- Ladits' Dress
*1 $' Irish and Shctinzr & Consignment. ( n-l a-id all tIaCaJI3 of the throat and Fancy **, in patttrn,
>? : :rif, 1 10. '
wife iuand to Lots No. 4
i-i 111! .
ft tj2
IMS %, ;r <-c tin t\<; Lace
: Bleiched Cotton Sh'rtinxand Sheetin g: ) -r jtit rP eivv-l from Hje the of Aoilachicol.i | lun:. s !ti r i lc bv 'Ihe U. S Miil teamfr A2T o,. 'rr m Apa- S-lUaiul 12-i Mtw-quito
city i >
tt Ei;lish, French? a'id American Prints, ) rs and publisher! a beautiful tot. ,- It. F. ABELL.rIor. I.iehicola, arrive on S'tt-'ihy and WM les.lay at and si njl?.
tale tf: Joh'i Gilhs ie d.-cuH-'d. scil t ul1
i ;> : ropiit.s.'ld : corded dn d ktLad'e
Fools and white
hlms -, );) a-ul Letter PaHT, .7)) pe .ptdid
Extra su.3cr, id iin and twilled Gin ; .) n'c-lf/Crt, P. M. ; departs; : M.-D-IIV and Thur.-djv I Iat
tn sitisfy ovpfu'iu-j
>!ir'i.il and L- IJildes; : an 'jrri.: r'tt "a .1 '- ianoy Sin Shades and ParwoU.
4, 4& Super C1vwrt d'E'** ers, IVayer 12? o'clock, A. M. The \V.n Mail; urnvjs !
1 I fc ha oflT.-rs I Iiv. Court, in favor of siid Gorrie, u'oi i : js': 'tgt| :i- 't 1 W.&rt bbls, Canal Rich lv and! Fans.Fisrurnl .
; Extra s'ipcr Muslin da Laine, very 4'a FiOLS. : ; pU now M'}*id.iys, \Vndnesil.i\s. end IMS l y-at li (.V:oc!;, ry Pdp T
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V. KOPMAN. ; <- III) I i'dfl ale M'telis I B l2ari es and
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Super Eulish and Ponxco Silk Hkfs, rI''LIiI osjt.Ibobael ''. M' : ; d taart.3; !Mo.sdiys -l.iesd.-y-J! atul Frij j ;
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E-izliK'i and \mcrican Cotton Hkfs ; VJicA.! M. His MJJI 'n.Qincy .
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Lidifu Cott-i lici and Gants Hf-hos. > | Fl tin, Griped: fibred
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Cotton and Fhx Thread, P----- rY virlne ol an: r.t fi. Ti tt1I|_irorn f.v: t ; I (; t tl.u.tta- '-'.. iar',' (V>r sale P. M ColutiiU is M. .t $'. v .> t.-. ; ;dTliutsihy.s r-'r-! .-?*' **-* TnT; !rv"intfd.4 -

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J. C. ALLEN. ? Rio Ccdee l/ndingfrom bn Virlinia
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York and Boston, Importers *
,' : New and kitchen furniture of sM vt.;.-*! v / :- M.ihosrany 1 I 3 ; for sale bytis' aud all will u- etlieir t Ur.fltISt fndtix-Dr.s. to inak DE.
at the lowest ir &rket rates, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL
of Manufacturers *
'cIsig1Ileflr Soia, Pi( r nd Card TabJp. 3li.K \Viit..r .! the ttc e.'paspleasantly toiho'tr-ivi-Hcr.
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WM. G. PORTER & Co. t Glass &Cf'Will
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Nov. 29, 1345! 41 Witer I Brandy. &c.. i is ull'ercd at New Oil Cloth, L.imp ?, Cai
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4 : JLV20 do Ne-.v Orleans Sunr, to arrive, JNUUit'"'T!., STONE iC r l rf\.-> rendered in said c.itiJiv2yl8 -. AriL4'; II. FtBEL.CH'css .- RC3TAURAUT. IJILLIAKD I AND flE: DING a vanity of articwir| imer'i l painr'. ""

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4 40 bxs Ammatic Tobaca, Gliziii.' done.with wMtiiewtnwlfrate
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50 Mctfjd; d. flro'.vn'Rvtd p BY R. E .RAIMOND i>ricet fi>r task
:) Sheet Iron, Norf 12 to 2U, J inn K.ntticky 1agi injr -
20 S:>erm Candles: V) b\3 brown ., .22 Wattr street; AlS4.11
'I; a-id Sheethinj! Crtt: !> r, : : :'XyLf 109 coiIsR'eO( ; prfj hTi*. S
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lb LeI| 4 cn'c Linseed Oil ; -' j_ h4veJaTi *> -
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: Ejr.- B.ir Jmij-'IIoop; Iron, f/ 'PORTFIl, kc&Ni'n' ; ii6
2.1) kez W(>ite Lead. No I, E ira and Qfl into W ; JIAREBlTrS, : Iron, Nails,
and ,'
Tin Ware wholesale 4
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For siLeby, W. G PORTER & Co:' -, CHAiEEROGERS&'Co. 4POACHED EGGS, -. .THE suWribers hav'e'' on
Nor 23 "341 Water ROBERTS ALLEN &Co.- Oa' ClSIflAIeItt, : ApiiI71Si; 7---S._ '*BfRD,55UPKERS.< ; ; : le and retail, 1"V fvt C3

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*. ;i-- -T- -- r i, receiyedf tf few cases of fashionable white 50 and Cut,-.,
IJ'J sale low for Ca h, by HOT 'LUNCH every dav-frqrn It to-1. I ke 9vSpik s Wrought
w\p V O K. HHDS. Dry New Orleans; .20jhhdi.. ; -, 1 .Hats6nrcongignnienfi Tore\ wholesale Sheet and B ilerlron, ,
WM, D.5 WOOD and
$k* ). a/ii. &O perior St. CrOiX in store, for sale by itju-t'receivedand for/ale hy] S.. ov2ii4. retail, !by':-, ,,. 1; 'MILLER.Qoi jhe'families bifrcl :r gallon.viaUqr, -* ';ukpIie&vith.Oytterby+!fc. March 14 hollow'Ware (general assortiaew
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March7 J. DAY & 47 Water street. :
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t2 .OU/.AIarch7 ?* MDAY s. : I S.V: : > I* of-3jJfing" and.'Surfirnt-r Clothing; >| ( } ,;.ALiperons intejre/>ted"\vil} take .J 'ber, a' sortei] q alitieaPANa! fin hnnjMiW Brtau4a'd: Jappaji3l !-

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Saddlery for. Sale' at cost : '- V __ ___ : :: ':will beild1vr1r( thecah, b\' jcs
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