/'t I '1-%,& 9 AT l"-nii T a ? T I Ttl ir '" M T 1'1H41_ .....%A I-I-M /-Its --I,. .tJI .... &

Ilvrotu tonat i oticta.

, Nov 5. Iv -

J. C. Allen,
Wholeale-and Ret,,il Dealer in
GLA .S.S, B ftL US HES, &c:.,&'c..
sgene'ral assortment of
. cor. of Centre & Commerce streets,.
rinov5 Apalachicola, Fla.
P. Hobanrt,'
,r-. No. 4-1 Water street Up stairs,
.o.1.. Ap d,:hicola. Fla.

iSwsincrio 33(rctorL).
B. F. N.-ors,., H. B S1oi -1, H. \\W Brooks.
Noaln'se, StO A: CoA, CO-,
N..,. P1, W iter street,
nnyl Apalachi,:ola, Fla.
Benjaimina Salter,
N,,. 4 3 \W atTer M-l,:.t--.Tp tairs,
Dec. 1, 1_',41.. Apalah,- i .in Fla.
J. Day & ,Co.,
'** : No. 52 W itr ,t','a:t,
- Dec 6 A-..il lu,2:la, Fa.
sy'i Almo. Agenis l.,r tiltl .E iIn Irurajiie Co."
4he ri,,l, E,?tton l,-.triin,:.- ,., an.d the '" H rt-
-. ,,r'I In ',kii J1 C '-'.) il. r,, l ','. n.
Ls. Fred. E. -Divsga%,
P FAC'O R A N.) 0 M M I S S 10 N
r ,_,. 2 C ,iiL nijui l,,,'k,
. : D r"c 1. 1s lW1.">. .A !'jl,.'h i.',:,la, Fa.
;IB'erCI" A-lHollin's,
:.- ,- 1 ,,
: .*{*f it/, for/+re'
of Me".I'd Ci /, o" ,\;'w Y .,
No. 5 1 Water ._ r,
No.v 1. I l.l. Apa.zil hio,:,la, F.
Edwarl'd i Mc(:ully,
No. 9 Colunbus Block,
Nov *2:l A ,il w ,ic,-,la, Fa.
W lm. G. Porter, & Co.
NO. .11 Water Stre .
Nov 19 A2,.,lohi(',la, Fa.
Win. T. Wood,
: 0,. M M I S S I0 N .M E' C IIA NT,
-+ N u. -I" N'. 2 -Ie" ,ire,?[,
N' Nov 29. A pil hi,:-,,la, Fi.
Dodge &" PPrat,
.; No. 41.1 \Vatc Stre-et,
Nov 2'2 |'.l .:hi.la, Fa.
IvIc?|iy & lavisi horne,
C 0 M IM I S S [ ( N M E iH I A N T S,
N.). 11 ) tr, r %V .t r,::- e .
N rv. 1, lP7l.1 .A p.,l -,'lt.:,la, Florid-
D. B. WOOd A Co.,
No '29 ,V.t,'r t'[re lt.
,; N ov. 1. 1. 15. Ar li.'hl ic, l'ri. F\-l .
'lhos. L. Ilachel,
No. 37 water r streef.
Nov..I 1, IS15. Ap.l ichi,:,ola, Fla.

~t!!fcernt laut#*tn


A. d. Semmes)
03- Office, ,Xo. 2 Capt.'Simmon's Budiding,
cor. of Centre & Commerce streets.
.hov6 Apalachicola,'Fla.
... Law,
Bainbridge, (Decatur'Co.) Ga.
.O-: Will attend punctually the Superior Courts.
.of the. Cquntie,Qf Early, Baker and Decature of
the South Western, and of the county of Thomas
of the Southern Circuit, may3
Johli Bitbo,
W ILL practice in the several Courts of the
S South-Western ircuit, and Thomas and
Stewait counties
Aug.5,1845. 31-tf

THE Subscribers continue to mak advances on
* X Cotton- consigned to their.friends at Liver-
pool, Havre, New York and.Boston "
D. B. WOOD & Co.
Dec 5 29 Water street. .
Advances to New Orleans.
"TIBERAL 'Cash 'Advances made on consign-
ments of Cotton or other produce to New
Orleans. J. DAY &. Co.
Dec 6 52 Water-st.

Sims a& Cheever,.
": 8- Office, No. 6 Columbus Btildings,
Sd-r'?il- :-. : Apa.,5''hicula, Fl&
Cooke & -lorne,
:. + No. 13, St. Char'les Street,
New-Orleans. '
AqDiRE .v Cr).:)Ki;. AMN'OS Hop,,-.
feb8. S
Ja.. IF. Farrior,
, No. 9 Columnbus Block,
nov9 .. Apalachicola, F:la.
Sanford, Butt,9
; No. 36 Water Street,,
decl.4 Apalachicola, Fla.
Ave ry Jones,
No. 31 W aierisir-et..
Dee 13, Apalachicola, Fa.

It. H. Taylor,
M ElR C H-.\ N f,
' " ". r, N.). 22 W ater-street,'... ,
* Sppt9 ly : ApalachicoJla-.,
Heniry .'1Biod-es,
-322 V.tter street, APA..ACHIC.. LA. Fa.
Ii. R. WOOD. P. V. 1 '.ULLEN.
*,',:*. **Wood &k Co., ..*:.
: 1 MER t:'IANFrs.
( N.) 9-2, \Vattr st',et, ',
Nr1, i-1V.'. Ap.al.achicola, Fa.,
Liberal advancee, made un co.silgnnilcitq.
hie strictest attention |.'nd to Sales out Doors.'
Sales at St,,re every Satrdav. t u- ., .
B-i aai ag ad RHope.
100^- ,GING; 50 'oil, R.:.e; Akv, ,201
sabks coin, for sale bv,
ava BiC.EEE &. HOWARD,
jan3 Nou 7. Colitntbus Block.,
L Baging and Rope.
A ^\"'(S. very levv Louiqville, Man &,
4--P5/10 Co. Baggin'z; .3:0) cuili Bale Rope,
for sale bv
March',.; JDAY &\0^. ::'

a;::l- ; -r: ":

1 -

.. T.. ...
the yvungerare aptto.forget the respelvt duve, -' .
to parents, but often times we see children
of older growth forgetting'those who have "A.~"
reared them from infancyand by their way-'
wa'rdneas'eausingtbeir .parents to shed'tear, '...,
whenit should be their duty t ogive Abete '
re'asoni for smiles. ;,\ ,;U .:'.. ^L;,' ': ;:'1^.-.'^' .
There is no Sight whi A"is'so revoliting to '
an upright man, to see yoeth, disrespecting
grey hairs;' but when we fad a man,, arrived
at the age of discretioni c) eglecting his sil-.
ver-haired parents, and treating them with :
contempt, no one:- word is forcible enough
to express-the feeling which naturally arises
in every honest breast. The very idea that
the babe, whose care has caused them so :
many sleepless'nights, should in latter years ':-**'+
prove a curse instead bOf a blessing,, and r's-
pay its patients or all their love byut u.lw ko"
ful ness, makes :oiie almost.wish lI]a/. Ithepa-
rent's malediction- might be- upoun-hiini.-" "
Yet how often do we see casesini which ehe .
child forgets- the respect due to his mother,
and is regardless of his +father's wishes?.-
hildrent! learn inw1early age 4p6"respect
your parents, and to obey them ihn all things' .
struggle not against theirauthority but,.iei-- .:
ing while young, you will derive hbo'or'^ '
when older, and-never forgeitthat com Uand&':
trient which says, ," Honor.-,y fal r and *.:
mother, thatI thy days may be long in the -
land which the; Lord IthyGod giveth thee(>
A PIZE A -A Bt.Ax, III.-Some years -
igo, when a21 the world was mad upon lot-
teries, the cook of a. middle-aged gentleman -
drew, trom' his bands the savings of some
:years. "er master, curious -to ,know"'the r;
+cause, learned, hat she had repeatedly ; *
dreamed that a certain number was a, great C,
.prize, and she -had bought-I. i -, H called J :
.hera fool for her pains, and Ieiver fomiited
an occaslon to teaser her upon the subject.
One day, however, thepmaster" ';iaw in the- i :
newspapers, or at..hbis bo0kseflers in' the '
country town, that- thee number *was' atuP. : :-
ly the 020'000 prite. *; The cook ,asc'|lled .,' r '.
up.; a palaver ensu'ed- had known eacltoth* .
er many years;' 16th to part, &D.- in short,
he proposedl- and :was- accepted;, .but Insist.
ed on marriage' being celebrated next moro < .
ning.>: Married they were, and-a's the car* ;
riage took them-home f6om church, they.-
enjoyed the following dialogue'l-6.^VeIl^ :-
Molly, 'two hdppy'events iq one day,-,'You
have married, 'I trust, a good husband.
You have something, else; but first, lt .
.me ask you where you have locked up Yt r
lottery ticket?.'-. Molly" who though-tf hot-.'.
-master-was'only bantering her again, on The
old point, ciedi "1 Do nC ye say no more "
about it.oI tlhouht howv ilWu-6d he, -andt 7-
that I'never should' hear the'ep'd' on't, [ ... 1
sold it to the baker four village fot a gui-".
nea ptofit..' Solye need never be Langry wit- ..--i,
rme again abou(that. ++* ""
COMM'ERCE.-The origin of comme-ree is :
almost coeval-with that of -society. When
tribes had abandoned tieir IwaIndering ives, '.
and s'ettledin -fixed abodes,; their new situa-
tionsgaverise0to -ewp :eide's-and pursuits. ,
,They so6n :f6ud thatfihe sources from which
they had formerly derived tbhi subsiste nc 60', "
the spontaneous;fruiis of the earth-, and the ,' -
flesh of wild animals' killed "in '(he cha+.:
were insufficient to wiaintai -'them when r
tbeir number were.increased, and their si-.
uation m-oie confined. Hence they 'were '
obliged to have recourse to:the breeding, f .
tame cattle, and.-the.culture,0f, the earth.
Property became establihied4and ascertain ,"
ed, men began to exchange `one rude corn- *'
.modity for another. While their wants ar2d"
desires were confined within narrow bounds, .
they had no;other ideas of-,traffic, but that
of' simple barter. The 'husbandman ex.1 ...
:changed a' .part",of his harvest 'for "th+:*Is .,>\
:eattle of tie Stiephebrd, the hunter gave the : ^"!.
prey which hbe had caught atthe chase' for ,:-:;
the hon"ey-and the fruits, whieh his neigh., ::
bor had gathered66 thewoo~ds. Thus Cotn-;o : '
mercia'lintercourse begins among members ::.1
of the sate community. From the ine- T
quality'and diversity with which The produc- .. ,:!,.
lions of nature are distributed in different ^::
countries, a more general correspondence :'* :;
was by degrees established biet\een differ- : :-
ent tribes and unntoes. No longer satisfied '. ;J.
.with the necessaries, they aspired (o (be in- ''.'', ,1
ceonvenieuces, the acconmmodations, and (he : '
luxuries of life. As the objects vl'*com- *-.,. .,.:
:meree became varied and multiplied, Ihey !,''.
invented a common measure or standard of ::) i'./ +
thre value of cotnmodities; after different ,.\ 7;:
:experiments ofthibi kind among different ha ;., / :'
Lions, the precious mnetals from their rarity,.
their beauty, their permanency,, and facility+...
of transportation, were universally .adopl~ed '.,:i
as symbols of poetry, and their represe.nta- +,':
lires of all the productions rhat are formed ..5i':-
'by nature, or fabricated by human indus- -. ,;
try. Commerce, thus introduced by tbe ,. .::5
exchange of commodities between individ- (-', ,'-
uals, giadually diffused from city to city, ;' ..+' :
; and from kingdom to kingdom, till at |ast it :,i '';'
comprehended and united the most remo- ."' .
lcst regions of the eardh., and the-most dis- ;i: "* .

tant nations of the world. '':
TRiY-KEEP TRYING.- -- ant, hasr- a
ined many a man--has been The tomb of -
briglht expectation and aideut hope, .Let
-I will try" be your motto in whatever you '. .
undertake, and if yru press onward, )Oa9
will steadily and surely accomplish your ob-
ject, and come off vicroriqus. Try-keepJ .
trying--nd you are made for this world, : .'
Fisher having preached an old 'sernmon
once, which he was not aware that Consta-
ble had heard before, asked him, bow' he
liked it. "-Very much indeed,' Fisher,'
replied Constable, "1 always .did like that
' ,; '-^ ,4. +*** ,. *> ...* *.*7 ., ,** '
Electricity is said to be a sc-rcesfal .k- -,;* 1
medy for the effects of poirb'.k- -A *JraoBn '
who had taken two ounces of laudanum has "
been perfectly restored by it.

ten'being made. This was also accepted;
again the thimble was raised, and sure
enough there was the ball. Our friend
again pocketed another X, and again the
"social hall" rang with laughter at the
Doctor's expense.
The Thimbles were again arranged.-
This time we observed the game closely, as
we bought from his repeated losses the
Doctor was hardly entitled to that great
reputation for cunning and sagacity which
had ever been attributed to him. Now, in
the moving of the little paper ball we thought
we discovered the source of the Doctor's
misfortunes, fot becoming a little unrolled,
a portion of the paper of which it was Made,
stuck out from under one of the thimbles.
This our Connecticut friend plainly saw,
and we presumed the Doctorthrqpgh old
age (cow about seventy,) had his'- sight- so
impaired as not to be able .to seie it, andt
could not, therefore play bis game with bis
accustomed adroitness. But the tale' was
soon told. Our Yankee friend proposed to
double the bet, "- saying the thing so dead."
.The Doctor impatient of'repe'ated losses
said make it hundredsinstead of tens. This
was done, and our friend bet three hundred
dollars against one'hundred. (Just here. we
thought it a, shame to take advantage even
of a professional gamester's blindness for
the location of the ball was so evident.)
.The:' money. up, "Connecticut'" was all
inpatient to realize his expectations, and in
great eagerness-he again raised the thimble,
and, sure enough, it was not there! .1Hee
had reached the climax of the Dotor' s ex-
pectations in regard to ready casb'and'wil-
lingness to bet, and he could not win. 'We
have. seenmany pictures of disappointment,
but the appearance' of that young manr%-
countenance we never can forget. The
laugh was now uproarious. As much as
you may have pitied the poor dupe, laugh
was irresistible-but the poor fellb, like
the boy the calf run over, saw' notiing to
laugh, at.: Hemwas a statue of amazed mise-'
ry- The Doctor coolly pock-etted the cash,
while our friend stammered out-his aston-
ishment with. ,the declaration that' all 'wiis
not right, that he had never. bet before,, and
had surely been taken in. '
Never mind"/said the D6ctor," what's
a few hundred dollars to a young man with
your eyes ? The ladies all admire them-I
beard them speak of them to-day'-aud~you
won twice- out of three times-that's the
best two in three any how-."

.correspondent of the Boston Atlas gives us
'the following glimpse at a romance in real
life. He is at the opera,-and says:--Do you
,see that lady, in a side box, who is dressed,
perhaps, in a plainer'style than anyone else
in the house! Her face-wearsa -very sweet
expression, and seems so familiar, tbat, im-
imediately on glancing at it,,we involuntarily
ask 'ourselves where we could have seen it
before? Whatia noble forehead she has-"
how much expression is there in' that finely
'curved lip! It is the Dowager Countess of
Essex-her lord, the, late Earl,' having, a
year or two since, paid .the .debt of nature.
The Countess of Essex's history is m itself
a romance. of real life. An old friend of.
mine, tells me that he remembers Seeing
,her'a dirty, shoeless and stockingless girl,'
nursing a child, at the. door of a house in
one of the obseurest lanes ofBristol. She.
was, in fact,, a'drabbish maidof all work.
But even then she was distinguished by her
sweet voice;' and' one day, as she was sing-
inrg to the child she tended in. the diogy al-
ley, a gentleman, who casually passed .by,
was stuck by the rich melody of her tones,
-and took it into his head to remove her from
her obscure situation, educate her, and have
her taught the rudiments of*Ihe- vocal art.
The pupil well rewarded the benevolent
gentleman's exertions; for,ere many years
had passed away, the name of Miss Stephens,
was knoWn.'all-over the musical world.,
The Kitty Stephens of the dirtysalley in
Bristol, soon became the fascinating, song-
stress of the metropolis,, and stood, confess-
edly, without a .nrivl, Her character'was
excellent---and amidst a thousand tempta-
iions, she preserved her purity of mind and:
manners. The.late Earl of Essex, OR. the
death'of his first wife, a dissipated, heart-
less rotary of fashion, sought her hantl;
and a coronet sparkled on the brow 'of Kitty
Stephens'. Into: her' new station, if/she did
not take .to i~t connexions-:which': increased
-it~s influence, sre' carried v~irtues-.which-
adorned her position. The most. rigid in-
vesligations, and the most envious attempt-
ersto defame: her, could :not fiud a speck"
on" her character. rNot long ago rshe be-,
came, "by the death of Lord Essex,. a dow-
ager. .Now+ as one of. the nobiifjty of- Great
B~ritain, she 'sits-; thinking little, it niaY' be,
of the time when she ,sang to thae childd, as,
bonnetless and .shoeless+ sihe paced' the citv,
thoroughfaree, "." .' ,* \'-: : .: + ...* }.. ",;:

A Bi r A L *AT :SEA-A,-. iAceo respondent of

the N ,Y: Jornal. of Commerce, in. de-
scribing the dq-ond burial of a i'avorite
sailor named ,lller, on board the U. S,
frig-te Congress, thus touchingly closes his
.A burial at, sea leaves no memorial.-
There is n6 grave to whih grief and affec-
t aon taygo. The deceased seems blotted
out at 'once. Nothing remains but that
memory which-'wanders over the waste of
ocean, where he disappeared, like the dove
over the 'unsnbsided waters of the deluge.
Yet such is the last end of the poor sailor-
the burial in which he closes his short ca-
reer! Alas, for-hnim! The child of mis-
fortune, impulse and error! his brief lilf'e
filled with privations, hardshipp and .pe il,--
his graye in the foaming deep! Though
man pity him not, may God remember his
weakness and trials ia the day of his last
lCCJuuUt. *, /

T. H. & C. H. Austin,
Water Street,
Apilachicola, Fa.
t. 0. Garden,
No. *2 Columbus Buildings,
Dec. *20. 1,;45. Anrachicnia. Fa.
Joel VV. Perry,
No. 4-2 Water stree-t,
Dec '20 Aphiuj,:l> icola, Fa.

Office, Third Story Biltzell's Buildings, corner of
Commerce and Chestnut streets.
SUBSCRIPTIONs.-Three Dollars per ?ninum,
'invariably in advance. --1f payment is delayed
until the end of the subscription .year, FVE_ DOL-
LARS will be demanded.
No subscription taken for a less term than -ix
months--and 12 vil! inviriablv be chair.ed tor
thif, period. No paper will be discontinued ,until
all rrearages are paid, unless at the option oft lhe
ADEov:RtrIEMEmTE'rs.-One square, (twelve lines
br leii) conspicuously inserted at the following
One year,.......$.W1ln')[ One month_..... $2 50
Sk inon, th4,. ...... 7. 011 Th-r,-, w e- eks,. .... 2 0(.
^ Three months, 5t:0Two weekF....... 1 50
Two onh.s ....... 4 t(,: IW One insertic.n...... 1 00
r .dvertii,-tnenis having tihe number of0 inmer-
lions prescribe1 1y [%w, are sbject to' exception
fromn the above raies.
To-thoie who advertise by the year a liberal dis-
count will be made ; but all a,1-'irtisemrnots not
strictlv pe-rtaininLZ to their own business, as
well 'ill l,?^jl advertki.em,"nt3 sent in by them,
will be charged at the tuil rates.
fl."- Letters g may be addressed to either the edi-
tors or .i' rie,,ior-i, atid miIst be Posr iPAID lo i0 ure
.ite nitl ii.

fj- May be f,-und at his residence, corner of
Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion
House. Nov S.

I see thee still! thou art not dead,
Though dust is mngling with thy form,
The broken sunbeam hath nul shed
The final rainbow on the storm.
In visious of the midnight deep,
Thine accents through my bosom thrill,
Till joy's fond impulse bids me ween,-
For, wrapt in thought I see thee still!


Dr. A. W'. Chapman,
0- Office over the Drug Store of B. S. Hawley,
(entrance on Chesinut street.) Residence at t[le
houge latelh occupied by Dr. Baltzell.
January 10, 1'1;46. *2-If


I see thee still,--that cheek of rose,-
Those lips, with dewy fragrance wet,
That forehead in serene repose,-
Those soul-lh eves-I see them vet!
Sweet seraph I Sure thou art not dead,-
Thou gracest still this earthly sphere,
An influence still is round me shed,
Like thine,-and yet thou art not here!
Farewell, beloved! To mortal sight
Thy vermel Lheek no more may bloom;
No more thy smiles inspire delight,
For thou art garnered in the tomb.
Rich harvest for that ruthless pqwer,
Which hath no bound to mar his will:-
Yet, as in hope's unclouded hour,
Throned in my heart, I see thee still.
How sweet, when around' us affection's dark power
Eclipses the sunshine of life's glowing hour,
When drooping, dejected, in sorrow we bend,
Is the constant adherence of one faithful friend.
The crowds whom we smiled with when gladness
-was ours, '
Are summer's bright blossoms, and autumn's gay
flowers; ; .
But the friend on whose breast we insorrow repose,
That friend is the winter's lone, beautiful rose.

J0. H. Brown,
WILL. practice in the District Cou~rts of the
United States, and the State Coutrts of the
Middle, and of Franklin county in the Western
Office in Tallhhaqsee.
January 10, 1846. 2-3m
H.6" E. Owens,
NEWTON, Dale County, Ala.
January 10, 1846.' 2--tf

J. H. & J. M.1. l1ll,
No. 4S- WzaLor street,
Nov. 1, 14:4-5. ", -AIPALACHICOLA, FA.
David G. "laney,
.. -: No. 43 Water street.

A liilhchicolat~a

W. G. IT. Da
C3- Office in ,Floyd's new E
the Mansion House.

Fraincis Kiopnian,

Building, opposite
Dec 13, 1845.

... ;I* Chleap for Cash,
octl Chestniit-Street, Apalaeihicola, Fla..

Who has not heard of the game of thim-
bles ? For the edification of those who
have been so fortunate as never to have seen
it, we will succinctly describeit.
The sporting gentleman produces three
common sewing thimbles and a small ball,
and placing them upon his knee or some
smooth .surface, commencesoperations by
rolling the little ball by his third finger un-
der each of the thimbles, which are in a
row, lifting first one and then another, as
the ball approaches it, with his thumb and
fore finger, and passing. it along from one,
to the other. When all is ripe, he suffers
the ball to stop half disclosing, half con-
cealing its resting place. Hands are. then
lifted, and the easy dupes 'make their bets
as to the identical thimble under which the
ballI may be found. The strength of the
game lies-in the legerdemain by which the
gamester removes the ball and places it un-
der any thimble he maychoose after the bet
is made. Thousands of dollars have been
lost at this game. About three years ago-
we took a trip upon one of the fine Western
steamboats tip Red Riverto the foot of the
Raft. As usual, there was a large number
of passengers on board, among them the
celebrated Dr. B--, the inventor of the"
game. of "thimbles!" The Doctor fre-,
quently amused the passengers with several
games-pparticularly the one called "Calcu-
lation," which seemed to be his favorite,
and brought him quite a revenue during the
trip. The Doctor himself was quite a sub-
ject of curiosity and study to us, having
heard so much of his unrivalled shrewdness.
as a sportsman, and vast amount accumula-
ted by him by the little -game of Thimbles.
Indeed it was said that he was the moving
cause of several penal statutes, in regard to.
'gaming, having been enacted by this State
and Georgia.
One evening after supper it was insisted
by some of the passengers that the Doctor
should exhibit the game of Thimbles, which
with his usual' modesty he declined to do,
protesting among. other things that he'had
no thimbles. This diffic6lty was easily re-
medied. a messenger being dispatched to
,the ladies cabin, soon returned %%i" the re-
quisite number. The Doctor made him a
little bail of paper and commenced the per-
formances. At first he was quite unlucky--
b-ut he paid up punctually, and consoled
himself with a favorite expression of his,
that "sometimes I am very severe, then
again notquite so sly." + .
Among the lookers on wasa young gen-,
tleman from good old Connecticut, on his
first visit ". South." He was on his way to
the head of navigation with .a pretty little
stock of groceries, by way of trying_ his
fortune in the Great West. He soon mani-
fested considerable interest in the game, de-
claring he~knew'the thimble 'under which the
ball might be found. The Doctorgave him
a knowing wink; and desired him in a
whisper not to tell." But so often rdid
our friend "guess" right, that'at-}ast lie-laid
aside all scruples of conscience, and desired,
to be permiil.ed to0. et'a few dollars. .-To
this proposition the Doctor at first-objected,
declaring he "did not like the young man's
eve, it was too. keen, thai h" saw the. ball,":
&'c. This seemed- t -pleise. Connecti-
cut" very muchi,: and made* him more anx-
ious to bet. : ".+ -
After much )p;rlev 'and a'good 'deal of re-
lucfance~on the-part of the Dncior, it w-as
at last iireed that "-Connecticut" iiit-
bet aftir dollarss ijust a riv."' if be would
allow I 1he Doctor a little chance aiuainst two
i.ti'lh pie.rciZe cs as he hald, by betting two
to one. This being at length settled, our
yottng7 frieid-,put, up his,.-twenty dollars
a-ainSt the Docter's ten. Handls olf and all
being remdy,l he lifted the thimble, ani] sure
enoi;lh, there was tlie ball. The Doctor
gave up4the' money, 'and all en' jod a hear-
iv latughl at his expense.o Thisi 1fs 1he lar.
,est bet that w,'As ihiat tliat evening. The
Doctor observed, "sometimes lie was not
quite so s-ly." : .
The ball and thimbles were again put'in
motion-again all heina"reaivy, oIt- luckv
friend proposed to bet ; but tthe Doctor de-
clared he must, have some chance ais;insl
such great odd as Yankee eve,," aind in-
sisted, on three to oue,,Qr!>tbitt\ dollarui to

Lockhiaart & Young,
COM MIS I0 N: and F 0 R W A R D IN'G
., No. 534 Water'street,
tn v.?) +"') -' *: i *'1' A+[pala,-hicola, "Fla.,

W\r,. W. SINIMs.


T HE undersigned will make liberal advances
on Cotton consigned to his friends in New
York, Boston and Providence.
Nov 29 .. 42 Water street.
T HE subscribers continue, as heretofore, to
t make liberal advances on Cotton consigned
to the address of their friends in Liverpool, New
York or Boston. C. ROGERS & Co.
Oct. 25 47 Water street.

E change.
CHECKS at sight on New York, for sale by
Feb 7. 6-1m 3 Columbus block.

Wj. A. &i P. C, Kain,
C o M MI s S I o N N M ER C H A N T SM
.. Off-re,'No. 4 Columbusn nilhI ng.,
_N'iv. 1, 15-1. Ap'lho

Exchange. .
rTHE' subscribers as Agents for the Bank of
.l Brunswick, are prepared to purchase bills on
New York, Bsl-In, Providence, Philadelphia or
Charleston, and check on New York in sums to
suit purchasers.
Nov 25 WM. G. PORTER & Co.

W in H 1-1 inbro.i-i, H. B. Kinibroigihi.
Vi.II. ILKimnbronvihi A- ('o..
Offi._,;, No. 25 watIerstre.-t-Up stairs,
... ..... .. ,Api hch ':':l Fla.
r Lib,-ral dvarices. on C,1 uti, ?oni-iLfnid to
their frletd-i in New York, D.;.-st.:,n, Liver pc,0 l o(r
Havre. Nov. 1, 1;-,'i.
Tiloinas Pn'reson,
APA L kC I"CL ., Fa.-
Offce, No, 45, c6-.rner.Water and Chestnutnt streets,
upstairs.--Entrance on Chestnut street.
ONt. -'2 1.4.15. rl

LUMBER INSPECTOR-The undersigned
having been appointed Ifispector of Lumrber
for the County of Franklin, offers his services to,
the public in that capacity, and will attend to all
duties appertaining to said appointment.
M'ar'ch 22,'1845;

Fire and Marine Insurance.
COMPANY, of the City of New York,
havin established an,Agency, at-Apalachicola,
Wilvlbe prIepared to take Marine and Fire Risks
on favorable terms. "
"Office, No. 2 Water st., Apalachicola.
.Noy S. 6m .,**

Roberts?, Allen A- C'o..
BRASS, &c.
A L.90, D EA.\ L E R S 'IN'
Hardware, Stove;, Britannia and J.apaned War6s,
Ir, m Steel. Ndil, Spl;kei, Grate Bars,
Siuizar Kettlest a .nd Mills', and other
Ca-31ingi^; Ship Ch-imdler N &
O-'t. 2 l_4-.7. A PALACHIC:OL>L Fa
Dickey & Havitnonid,
32V Wzaer-qrteet. Apalialicola, Fa.
Ock,,ber 15, 1l4t5 4-211'

T- ;E ubs.oriber wishes to close his business in
T.Arpllori.-ol a he'intends leaving the place,
*and requests all persons indebted to him to make
immediate payment. -..'He will-continue to. do
work during the time he has .to remain to settle
bis business, at the'lowest prices that can be af-
forded for cash, and',eash onlv. : .
Apalachicola, Feb 21, 1846.: 8=-tf
Wanted to Puurchase for C'ashi.
ANF NEGRO COY, Irr.jr 1.3 to .ill ears ,.f age
At "suitable for t.'kin care'of a horse and
waiting in the hois?. Apprl V to "
rmchI1 WOOD &'COO 32 Water-st, .

i 1iyers & rIfilchel,
No. 36 Water-street,

Nov 15.

Apalachicola, Fa.

< Chaldes Rogers John Munn.
f-, ihas. Rogers & Co.,
. Water street,

Nov. 1,1545.

Apalachicola, Fa.


W\M. A. Mi:KENzIE.

A LL Fxecuttrr?, Admini.trators, and Guar-
dians, heret,:,fore cor'nmtssi,)iid b the Coun-
ty Court of Frankli-n 'County, will be-expected
to make their annual settlements on or before, the
1st Mo:'rd.iyof "Aprfllnext in the Proba,:,*-'s office',
of said county, or' defaudlt therein %%illI be hoted
,against them. :.
L; W. SPRATT, Judge Proba'tes.1'
Apalniciooli. M3ar,'h I1.1 1846. mchl4,11-3t

%Vylie & McKenzie,
No. .1-2 Water street,
Sep t. 1, 1154. A,-)al-chtcola, Fi.

Michael A. 31yers,
No. 36. W ater street,
-Nov. 1, 1H345. Apstl whic,)la, Fla.
(". D. Btt(OFE. H..RRovE HOWARD.'
Bugbee & H-oward,
<+ ... : MERC HANTS, '
" ... No. 7, C61ulibu. Blck,
' N ov. 1, 1'34-1 ... '"* Apalaclticoli. Fa.
-< Green & Connery
i--:',. :: : :' No. 253 W ater'stree't,

S ~it --+a I'.
"g') HHDS. Dry Nev Orleans; 20 hlhd-;.ssu-
!,wM perior St. Croix, ini store, for sale b%
March 7 -: I I. *' ,I :...J. JDAY &N' o. .*

COILS, Ir s.eI'le by
300 marchpl4 :.. D-'BWOOD & CO.
Bacon Sides.
A-FEW casks, prime ,iua'it,,lirding and
A for sale by. :., ;.':
..feb28.:9 .' ....... ,46, W ater, street,,'

Nov S. 6m


For Sale
. '} HHDS. New Orl,.-,,s ?iScar, bv
"; 95 MYERS & MITcHEL,
, Nov 15,\:; :. .... r 36 W ater st.

Samuel Schiffer.
0-Particular autentidn paid to putting up family,
bteamboat and ship stores. +
S No..19 Wdter street,
d.*cO -: .. .. Apalachicola, Fla.

BURLAPS.--1.ii yards, suitable for corn or
groundpeae, for .ale low bv
D"c 6 .I. DA Y I-' Co.

~ -~~- ~- --~ ;;




m niimnras iirrCcor.P.

tonrt .

t','-.., ;,il iliatI in lIl lh:eiun inIirluce. Io liiuI it
i ~e {_.'ol~rPx. min l by ;I1 Ifl,.il Iriend 11i l
co ll,-:; ,ii, B eiwe n- him and M r. F ; ll 1
wel.iii,.iis had lieen in every respect cutirle-
o011 anild enlemnanly.
He was at a Ih-)s to account for so unpro-
voked and praiuhiion oin almaik, ant iht-re-
fore. when his licillea2ie had subnlittedl Iris
-niendiriew, lie lad asked if it wai intended
a3 an instill. and the reply was Ihatli I
wnnlid ;an,;wpr ihat quesiinn elsewvhere.
No1w. sai, Mr. S., as I'fr Mr. Behh). ilhe
Whic cnlidhlep for G,,vernor of Ohio, T11th
pepnile of Oiin ill i:,l,e care of him. ForI
mv<;Pll.; ill i feienc: I llihe imendniit
" tlich li;sb liepn sil killed. I deqlre l ) ;iy
1l;It 11 ni -In h 'vil tilth re ard duP Fromin ine
pliillein. ln tit in'liph r, for k OtWinll the enfir.
le-iepi of a ac,Pinll iilaii, 1 ould liave offered
sul' ;ii)n li aleliilleii.
Mr. [lfENLE:T. nfl'o a.. ilepd ton order.
Mr. Sci-li-:NcK s-iiii lie hiad dune wthh hlia
part of 'tI, hulhjct.J
Tlie Sp:AKt:ER reinarkri nripn the pnii
nior-der 111;tilr el personal lelnarks were onl
of' r.r t''r.
Mr. 'cnrNciz nidhl ,l:'i n? in the llP llsong
Ili Cnloi-OV d llPr-roi i llfin e he nienldine,,. ; m ild
tile n'l cn v l\' in2 of, S li4 p,-i'iin- 11; lo C al;ila,.
he h',,I n,) ;iIilit ion w lli. h, ,nniiexi,,n Mili.
knovI l.d.t <,I4. r o r p r )pect for "-v siiclh
tr;itI livc iiiq,. o r lio'0 e eri a -,T d inll tll .nl.
Mi. THU.T> N. h(i Of-Olin. wns ;in,.iou:,
tli0 1 M r. S. shrill, I u lihdrnw lhe nlfrn.ivi,
rem ,',rs i,,w; 1il Mr. F. M r. S.'s fries.
hrl evwr r. ilh nli-hl i t1,: ip, lf1p in-milh h,il
ri llIF frmrf I 1liP ; ,hfi. -4i.le. the r tiractioni
slm il f cniilie fi nil lle l'P ,l5Ilsl.
M1'. B.AKER. rX lllino'i. endleivuied tn
ronvin 'e Mlr. T. fllit il-e npol,,v\ shriull'
lr,--eil fronn Ml. F. and heie llie sihlijecl
endl,1 ,fer tl 1e d1iv.
Tlip Hnu and viva v-ce innon Qever:dil" hf le nlmend-
Inpnt4. hTlp I'ollhwin. were mri'ieIl :
Prnvidence 11 nrlhr. 99 in t n-2--inninn
ti rt reon izlpr the s.iln e lI,.i. 102 ,o n 9,.
Nw.ark Pin y, P-9 ,in 7,.3. H;IvI-P lie (;raicp.
(21l.011) l.I'I v n iv:i V,.X.e vote. Tennessee
Ri-pr'. ln lt. (('Sirinn (1n01) 1-?5 in (35.
Thle Ho)ui lien adiintrned.

NAvIE:S Or TIIF \VORLD.-Thlp filnwin-_
irs n ;ih. of the Niv'v. ir;inemiinilij. in rnmpliance
whh ii ;i rep olliiii llt' lle S,,rlte,. tlie flinnw -
i'_2 inflrinm-tion in rphq tion to tlle nma'iriinp
power of ea<-h ,f Iie n.iiions of tlle world :-
Grept Briitin hi:is pisex.ivp of 14 pailine
vps5pls ;indI 2- ite:iinpr' in ill Indian navvy.
20 enntrm't ,inil if;ipmer-. under conlrol nf
eoverllimiPht. nndI 7 '2 rpt-'oi,, cliler-t--oinl.
134 ve.iel c'irr, inc 4 71 i gi s,;, iii r inn-
mision. ..,171 v-, 's. ls r;lrrvin,, CHIK,:b l dih.
ina ,i l i ,rinqrv. ',0 M% s'elq. inonniine
1.5.n.54 clni: tril. G71 vpap;lP I nou,,tifin
19.772 q; ,inmaimnpn iv4 -10.000 men; of
whichl ve.qwlk 1I1 ;ire sie;imprs.
Fr:rcn e hi in cnmiiin, gi inn 1 7 vectpl1.
erirrvirc 4.157, 2;u ;: hiiihil;.2 and in nrlina.
rv. 1'-29 iP.p-M.. and 4.6-25 cnut: tonal, .116
v'>spel<. 8.7i'i L', i iis. tniind 1h\ *27,5.54 m en;
ofwhlihll veps;,i? '37 nare -'P'elPIer<.
R ,,;z ia h:l1: (PX.In.-l iV,- of h lipe C;ispian filel)
cnnihinlin Ihiie in cuonnini .sion. Ih ilin-.
0nrdln rv. '-.... 17', 9 p^e.r-I-. 5.976 iun..
imnaneIl ly 59,000 are p *sP'illr'l'.
l ni 1 .i',pl s h'ive in rnm iis.-ion
4,7 vtssplt. ain 1 1!5 i, inu.: i) hiniil' i wil, in
ordlin:r, & >.. -I0 \',f v-,l.. a- n l .l ;Hi ,,n<;
fIl '1. 77 vt.i--;lP (*. f hieh 5 are ,x:ir 'R.*f i-
PrQ.) hiim 2.45 D q.11,-q-"
pr ;n ..4.') ij'ir1. t>:iin-,! !,v ,..74 tn-'n.
T lii,- Pe c l,,s iv,- r ld ilip IT I .Il .il t, ievi-))io
ve-4pwk cn qiX iin._ |" 1:3 :,il' vilf'[ lnl."
l1lnn;li.i P. 1.44' 1: A p- ;P-.iii ve e.,l I t :il lfin-
1-iwp. 3.1111--lhe %thnlpetoUimling 61 giowt,
;indl In imiw il )\ 7% hl wieln.
T ,,rl,,.v ln- i), c,,iin,),b inn ,"1 vp-.pl..
1.5299 :uis: Iiil'li,,; and n ',lin-irv. 1-2 veP .
(nf" wllil'li ;; ;liei .:.ipnalir',s.) ;lull *2,'21'2 qnn- ;
nIinihi11 r io f m i, i i ni.11 .
F.,v\,i 1.: i in (,.,ninii.f-,i, n 32r vps;pli. annl,
I.4 -1.-I.q 2i i ; I)ii',li,,. ; in, in fl ',liniirv. '& ,.
13 ve--',.l. (ill' % hi, h r1 ne ik a s.iani,.r.) **ind
312J ,,ii,,.: tol i1. :".'? vps.-Is, and 1,761) gilns;
Iiri lirl r Ill" nie i n ir'll.,l Ilk l)W 1
H ,,ll,,iidi 'l I i ,) in ,,i" ,,n ,i io, 4. vps';pl<, annd
;]l'} 12 1i~ fiii- I;ul llinT.. in, o.rilin!,rv.; & e.,, 86'
tI,-p!. ;,nI 1..3-4 ennl?:.:total. ]34 vessels,
(,)f ,,liil'h -4 :,,', .-paI,,pi?.) ;and 1,652 gi,S;
imllun hP, i,{" ,lpI, hllKhfnWn] .- ;
.Siifden lii ,n i'n oniii^'n'n 3'30 veS01is,
anIlIll;GO ai,< lillhnil-lln'.,, in n,'dinary. &c.,
S, live,-pl'. ;inIl 1,14 (',*iiiS;lKital'. 380 Vf's-,
-i,-1,. (,,1"' li< hli *2are s'-'iiiers,) ,, S-34 guns-!;
nn l,) ir, (i i ii', ph IIiilk ,,n l%' .. r P '
Drelililil lh:is ini ernni~iniiin .()i vpel.s,
inrilllilifi;, .-1-1 ,iin-" h luili~lni, in nriliu:,,'v,
\'e.. 1-2 v't'-.?p|. anil ;3-2 pelli1- I lr:,;l. 10^q
veoqelq, aridt 1,076t guns; ntlnuber o1" niti

AIli-irlai hl.'-I in fi'On ill ng llf ,7. vessels, and
I;1.1' ei n :~lt nun hipr irf niipn ,illl41iiii.n.
Br,,zdl li I4 ini (*~li 45i1 "1n11; b*iillini, land in n,'dlln~nv. 'c.. I 1
ve.s-el% and 7175 lis; ninllller of men lin-
I, n,,<,l ' Ir< r ;
S,ir liili }i i-s itn pninlhi .> 1, 1 vp ;'els,

n 111 .2'2 r) ;' ln< hLlil-lin'z mind in forri :niv. 4
ri' h lii 1 a,'1ip -; e iliik- '.) a -iti ] 44G iunl 1 11ni 1-,
Ier df In in Ilknrl,) n.
ThIe "T'wo Sicili-' linve in ronrimis-zinn 17,
vps't-IQ. ,noiniin33-.g31omis ; nmiuletr of mien
1, in r)k' n.
S):ii, Ihriq in enrnmi,ion -21 ves.-I<. a.nn '1
3 -i q. niln. 4 of wl,ich v ;-iel< are sIP lerii .
Prlilal ;las in liM1iip' i-,i 'i 59 \'f'i$?ls.
and *-'25 runmi; manned Ihv 4.5n0 Imen
Me\ico l.ias in coini uu "13 vessels and
"-1 ,2 I- 1 "%. .;
AlInnuifh (lip whle al I'nrce I'or Ans-
iria. ihe Two Sicilie<.ladr,! Pnriii-al II.ie
lie u sinild ;v; iPin in pnil ni ..in ),w Ille re
l)Orl pavs: -II is |I))ilh' lh lrii a pio ion nfi
it i-t in > nrdin.i'v.' b n il is nio knh own whai
pnrliiin." T"lee naiinns lhavp a lew ,ar
tleamers, bull the number is nol known.
VoMrN A ,i ("v.c LCKS.--A_ whlinsiral cnm-
pUri<(on heihmiiadep bf'.vepn a cloc.k and :,
W0001an. Cli.irlei Fnx nliserved tha:t lie
ilimclit the simile bad : itr." S-lI lie.
'I"a cluk srve-; 1o point ni ilhe hours, and
a %oi -n Ito IImakei. f -; urtr et iheml."
Of nil life aciin ,if main's lilfo. his m:,r-
riazze least cmcerns olher people ; y-f ol
,ill actions of his life it is miost meddled

senl us by the last imil.
We", are inmlehlepI in our Sona tnr,
Honorable DAVID L. VULEF., for the rece.p-
lion (f Ifwo valuable Maps. one of Oregon,
and ihl oilier of Te\an, for whi. h handsome
faivorsi we return olr heariv ih:innks.
Tile formPr enimrae,. ilhe coastsurvey of
tile Explhrins Exlpedilion under Lieutenant.
Wilkes, fromn Cane Mnznn, N., to Cape
Menlcinn. S.. (.ixieen decrees.) showing
ihe hlrhrbo li. hays, inlets. islands, &c., t0-
ceiher %ilh ilhe sand hars. rocks. and other
imppedimenis in he mp| iih hy the mariner
in those nfr'eqiented regions; addhd to
.thik is ai|,ended all information that conld
he rf-liedI upnn. na giahered fiom ihe Hnd-
son B-iy C,,nm l, ,v. ill tile N. 'E.; and tlhe
re, ent explr:niinns in ille S. F.'blly that in-
dr(';ilii:;l)e En.iner, Capiain Fremont.
Th(h larier (of Tepa.) is a compilation, at
flhe Bilrea, of Tylp'iLraphical Engineers
for flhe State Deparlment. \Vashn* ington, and
is ba.edl upon flhe repor'i, of PPike. Long,
and oihr-rs, previous io 1?s0, and the more
recem ones of Kearny. Brown, Graham and
As Maps nf reference either of these are
M3-,ssF^GrR -TIhe Mar,'h Nn. of this peri-
odic.-l hI's bteii received. Tlhe contents
;ire iniere' iin! as usnal, emhlracine Histori-
Cal Sk,-iches, Crimicismns, Tales, Poetry; &c.

1I will be s-pen by the proceedings
of lle CilV Conl'il, published ill another
column. iliat ilhe Cleik hias hieen i)struiced
1o give noiice ilh:il an elecilon will he held,
|en day.s afier siicli notice is given, -fr a
Councilnan to fill the varaney occasioned
first by ihe resienlion 1of Mr. Lawrence,
litnd sublsequenily by the rejection of Mr.
C. P. Allen, who was elected lo fill' said
It was wilh reeret that we wilgessed Ihe
very grea, inlilft.rene nmanifested by our
'inzen. generally wilil reo;irI lo ihe elec-
lion ol' a in,'iilih r of (. ,nllcil in the place of,
Mr. [ar fence ; and still more did we regret
i'l dispe si i ni hicl, we think was plaiinly
exhlibiied- on Ile part of m'nav.-to bring
is. ipnrni2iu, ['nt np.n so respnnsible and re-
-llf-r lde "-li ,,l,'ice as is HimI of a Council-
,111111 \\'lien il is i lrected llial we are depen'-
dent iiionn ;il able "nrid r'-inl icint Council for
illp wlii llc i le.f (,rlhe I.,u s by which o01r
~iiy ik lo bhu i ,vt-rned. miudtilie failh'uliu'ss
ol' lit ir exe 'i' iiin. evprV .i ed citizen will
al onlice Q*e anil /dc'I i lie al urilily ooflamper-
in" % ilii file initr'st; ,ill" IIPh e o-iiiiuhily by
I ,le i,," l 1"; I 11, n 1 p file -le ':Iiiin of meni noto-
rioiislY iiit': iil,.riellIt o nfill smci a station ;
awl lie ili.,i sln s awly I'iin tile polls and
neglt.ln lo ;iid in Ihfip eleiti o fany su.chper-
soil, is C e1 illy gULihV of a neglect of duty
;S lie -i o goles lo IliI pulIs and aids Ilis
elet-lion. L
Tile office of Colnulinman. to be sure, is
r~of one of lrhii, iiwhen we use lh(n tenin as
Connected wilhi dollars and cents; but we
are much- nii-iakden if this' consideration
w 0tId prevent any good citizen from aceep-
tingti4, office if 'he was elected to it. We
believe there are men in our midst every
!Vway c'olnpPImll t for the sliliin. ;wilo wouhl
,etie our citizens, nid wh o would feel ihai
their appqroibation of the mniiner in which,
ihey had watc~hedl, over ilie hliierosfsof he.
citly. jwas:.a suffimcint reward.. And ,it is l o
Ie. hoped that every ma~n who is a;iax-paye~r
hler'e will .reel sufficient, iniierel in (he. pros-
:perity of, tte chy, to induce himi to go to)
the polls o{n the dlay of eiectiion, and gihe
Ills voie for some cormpetent perr-on; thereby
,discll',r.in'i Ilis duty in arhding another able
a :id, elmcienl Couicilhnan tO-our p~rese,,i
liiglily'r."slleelablle Board. ., "

i' O?' i r e lealrti fronl lhe: Clialiesinn and
S.i.qiVnilia i)a l.rr-, Ihait fihe P osi-M]a;.ier-
(,e. erall has concluded a contract with the
_Steamnboat (,ompnlhl\ for th~e col IVIiiir ';ic (~f
ihe n .,il .beiwe~eni Ih ose Iplaces b~y'.si el, ii in
pl ice oifth'e'ir lur. ,,r o re ,r ii~m y eniployed,
"w'h i Iht,,l .Triev WVagohl itaclimentit This
is.*an :ill'anseinieni by which thn3 cilizen's

Charlesion, Savannah, Augustia, 'c. will
be ),imedlhe, ulh we fe:ir 'is good effects
will hot he felt here unless there is a new
nriniiement in tle mail from Bainbridge to
CLrlit.dlioochee; as under that-now. in exi.-
tenre, ihe N,,rilprn h n aiTs for llli. pilce ( r,
(letined fM'Ive hours at Biiibridlce. in
r(>nseqpi|etce (if which illp | arrive ,'at Chat'
iqliochiee Ioo laineforithe boat forilhis place`
The rsi ,,"f tIhis dneran-;eemen-tis,, that two
iil'llie iri-wpf-kly mails to ihat place are de-
I.Ved Illtree dIsN at Chia hIliov l-ee. .By a
.li-Iit aheraiinn in tlietime of tlhe arrival

lnd deparlnre of ihp mail at 13Bainhridle,
which we think might be easily effeeied,
our citizens would receive their advices

- r II.~

L____ I~C_

House no ma-.e a personal expl-'aiinn.
Leave was eraneid. wlhen Mr. S. Mlid, tilie
f-recrrrpen, .;ol'i he Comminiee ofhe \"lie Il..
H e .lid Ilh.,I lie I .1 niet,-r I..ni r,, n IIln col-
| _.lue ( ,Mr. IV .) hel', lef lie iueein.-i ol(" C'on-

'ii]. Th f,,Ih:,,illu'i g g ilrl ni-.n are authorized
A r-'e s fo-cr lII:-'C,,'M I.R .iM. AD%'FRTISER, and will
receive nid r,-,:-iti for subscrtpiions, or advertise-
rl n !Ien ':--
MK.-sRF.S M .ON & TUTTLE, S8 William Street,
New York.
Divic, BiAVOI, Q"., Nem' Orleans.
NV.i W CiirEvivR, F..q., Albinv, Ga.
.JAMES II. \VIT.UiN. Esq Forf Gdines,-Ga.
M-1O.101 t j HARDMAN, Eufila, Ala.
OyF Our thanks "re die to Senators
W,.STCnTT and YUL.n for the various punb
lio dociinenis and speeches which they

o-. -ti~e- ort tree-days earlier. --We sin- 1 emaciated har ,ihir skin literally cleaved Calhoun. ---retord of (hae l oe.,U._
cerely linpe that ihis alteration. may be t'o their hones, and the stench of the crowd- J. Y. AMa-ion. Sctlrelyal &f The Navy, wer
~de, and r-esp~ectfully ask that our Sena--ed ho"ld was almost slffl,,,ilg. pfesent at thie PresidenN' tMansion last eve.
and is that ou r," JThe re-capiuv-r, slavs were landed ti ling, and who wilnessfd 3our delightful
10rsL and Representative will interest them- Mnrovia, mnd measn!es were adhpted fr perlbrmnpcpoflhe eiiro haneir
.selves to-have it effected, taking care of them, bvy heU. S. Asreut for I nn a)hwhorized by the President of Ille
,, liberated Africans-360 of them by the United States to inform .Tyo ulial both his,
"Distance lends encflantment to the view!" M ehodist Mlission establishlnent the re,'whol olady and himself were highly pleased, d
As ROIBERT MAY said, on looking four miles have issued ,' circular, appealing to, the anhoriz you; when you arrive in England
back at his competitors, when lie came out ,chri'stian public fr aid. -, t Io make nieneion of this fact, ifyou thiuk it
of the boat race on Mondav last. Tile'-Polns had- sailed for the United& will aid you infoirwarding ywr'vier s as
States, (,supposed for Phildetl)hia,) uder Eihi piano nms rels.The venerable Mrs.
The "Some" proved a downright slow the charge of Lieut. Cogdell. Meadisoi, our imenled Pr1lidr.... tidow
sailer, in the late boat race, and should be .Corepwaselikewise present, ahd elremlled herrsel
(Correspondence. of the Ch:arleiwton Coltrier ] I I ,ltnauseo 'rntm n.l:~ u
kn6wn "as tile' "None," hreafter. Boats _' F^Ir'D hopeyouMarrch 17, 184. !n t r E d
should be called by their proper names, es- The effect of .Mr.- Calutoirs -speecn is of.rofi; as wellras'of-p-e--ur. ...
p e ally w h e n e n te e d b y 'le g is la to r s v e y g re" t, "a f as o w h o in oc t ns io n io ish y o u a- ,lth a n d a
To those who slaked their piles" on the it was addressed. Every one says m it- speed aHiniment ofyour desire*.
insirihe. "Fown," it would soothed the asperjties-of P-party-iritheSen- Very re.irc-trully I re .i. .
"Arrow" agan t "Fa-u," it wo l i ^ ..ate, till..... hat -body or ich"'a .l PI1
.have proved a, dear race,. but for nl miesisn- corse as would, aid in the adjusItmet of (Signd) FATIO
derstanding which resulted in the decision the qnesiion, of a drawn race," bly tile judges. on, pat wa stre-table. As a proof that T M r. GknMOH. for fhe Ft h i ans.
We were sorry to see that ihe "Consii- iannegan. ath may slate. toat 1,- Ih i "lgn(iherln thi in
tution" could not pass. The tide and his hand, atd congranuled hil in tie B!r
, o1 1 *" fl~lloo ;i0 fi ill apo ihe pilblic hasonlyi
wind both being favorable, we were some- warmest manner. There is a good sketch o blame tie tIeglig.vnceofCl.ngri .
-what surprised at its being defeated by such of tie speech in the Intelligencer, of this ing to call upon ile Deparimemi durin
a majority. thle adirlistratiOn of, Mr. Tyl.r "
mi ) i z- Irep~ortler' congatl'at~les himself uponl fialvng 'rotluciion ofnlli I~,, ri the
Tlie "Josephine" run at first as though' I -gr pro-
sirewas doing it, tot he double quick time ho-day, ,hal, Mr. Calhoun, who dido 110I S he dt raus-s llhenno
of ",Jim along Josey," but ihe swelling of, it, fill tlie paper came 0111, is dissalisfielh it wh-ili Capt. Falioise.il>loy.ed iin..lish"
Ihe bosom of tile deep, as she got Ifarili.T Wilh ii. and will. in a ew days, >resei hi iug off he ieilioinavy offilhe c.unlrv We
speech. ai prvppored Iby himself. which Ail] do-not endor'se1 iheininn imaiu flien -"E"n"'"i
into the hbay, proved t,,o strong for her;b"r-f y "-rsa be oresatslh to v t ih pu~li. ut n-:dh .';hat ibis ,very d o me ... ... 1" ....
Though she rapn ihe race gallhntly through- t,-e mean ,e fnflle.h views of Mr. Calhoun, gd Io waWrds:z ill"
out, and caie in least but not last. which, iuthe main, could not be Iiistaken.' .Of Mr. Polk's inaugural. but we.. .. al,'l ,
"The "Belle" may be enltiled to that have gone abroad, and will left,] to an emire, hopingthat it will x-oole andlrdiiauil.. Ihe
S1i s ppression of any anxie. y or alarm on the"; :h, sia-ii oi he r d s i 'ifli fie
aippellation by the manner in which she is :Ij tSr i re u apuiis of the nwar 11 ~ ~ ~ 11 object of war, on l lie Oregon question. .!.Cplan-in'n o lio TT; U ,.-
+generally "rigged out," but certainly not Thouplh Mr. Calhoun disclaiins any Man find time to wi ai.n...
i i i i i y i i Tl i's ally """ f in time o 10write again. '
by her sailing capacity. knowledge of ihe action of the President, -" ____
The Eramha Church," .h-but as she there is reason for believing lhat thel Presi- [From the Florida.-S-'iinel.]
was entered by those(who we learn are stren- (dn did, through Mr. McLane, make in PUrLtICMEETING IN' WVALTON COUNTY.
overture lo Ihe British Gove)ninpiiei. in re- Oi Saturday The 71h day of Ma:brc 1846,
nous advocates of Ihe entire separation of"SpOnse to the conciliatory notice 'of the a large .mnumler~of tile-Ci. izens0of Walton
"Church and State," we forb~ear to say Oregon diffil'Uhies, taken it )hle Queen's courtly, conv,-ied ai Almirante,, for ihe
where she' was in the race. speech and in..th rely of L-ir Hobert Peel purpose of ascertainifig tile (setiniet9 of
to Lord John Russell's q iestion.A I was tle i)people, relative, to the late contested
07A, very large Pallther-probably tihe certainly his dluty to do this a, Mr. Callilun election of R,.epseniative to Co,;iess.
one lhat was so often .heard and seen, anil pla nly intimates. -The reply rniay be here fini" this State. On 'molon, Capt. R. N.
which creaie(I snch a -vast degree of excite- in day or two' ,y the packet which sailed BARRO1. wa.s I-ili.iiti.Ifas'GhairMniBfi8
mentiu our city, last sumer.-was shot a 0o the 4011 of' Marich,, neeling'.andLDA.inEL McCAskiiL*Lwas co.
,netin nr ity, hs sume w s r. Dayton's resototion, calling on fhe. se)-;' Secretary. 1 .
few days since, at the 'Old Butcher Pen. President'to state whether the re is :ny Ou otion, ao a tmmillteeofseven-per.ons
about three miles fromn iown. He me-istired thing connected vith. or growing out ofJ. w ,as applied to d i a preambIle and -reso-
nearly ten feet h'onm the nose lo ihe tip of ollr for'eian relationis, which requiresan in-utions.expressing s hese iee-
"ie (ail; had claws and tuhes from in inch crease of our naval ;tinll military forces; andt .u' & pon saihd subje--- :\\'ieieuli) e ad ha hs a s r a l if so, his reasons for ihe olpirion, was to-day, Chaairman appoiiiited the foll,,ingn uiniell
and a half to iwo inches lonz; and was al- adopted, iem. dis. persons, vi-joo Ghent, ,D.vid a ..r ,
together an ,'ugly customer." This resolution brings to a point 1he" Win..Wart, Starks Bak-,kr, Lewis Bagelt,
whole question. It will solve the mystery Jawifs,.D. Clary, anldVMichadlJB;3geti. S;.id
THE _. ARMr or OCCUPATioN.-By New- as 1t o ie Presideni's position. commi-ite tliet retired, and -afiie-r a short
Orieans p|.ipers, we have news-of Ihe march Mr. Calhoun 'ionsilders that thle Presi-- lim, returned, add reported,. ihe fidllowing
of tihe forces uuder commaldof Gen. TAT- dent's message called for war. Butcircurn- Preamble arid Reso(lunl'ons, which were
LOR1 tlIe Rio Grande. There was a ruq.stances have greatly changed, though tlhe u,,an.nimlsly adopted: .; .
,, T Presileit has not yet signified any changee WHEREAS, we have been informI ed -that
nior of a large Mexican force gathering in hi hjs views. His re|>ly may be expected oil ihle Hiu. E..C. CAB'ELL. our vpresenta-
that direction., and the army it is said were Mon-lay next. ,live to Cong'ress. has biven ouslei from his
in high spirits, in expectation of a conflict. In tile mean time. however, no doutbt i sp;is ,,ipn ;an e-x-larre in")rnladion-ihl af-
l rs his Iskirts of all camp- enlertained that lie, as well as the:Seilaie, ter lle expiralion 61( lie lime r-qiilred by
Gen. TALOR cle s in favor of a compromise, law <-r election reloi.rns lo lwe received, and
followers, and enjoins on (he troops the ut- Mr. Berrien made an admirable speech, afier 5Mr. Calell ws duly coin i,isiionied,
most respect for ihe persons and property io-day. in favor of compromise He avoid, anil had gone 0oWashingioii City upon his
ofthe people on both sides the river. This epl. as far as he could, the question of tille. official iuly as'such RIepresentative to 4oni-
erfainly looks like an invasion, but it will Jillnt he showed that all our sources of' itle aress, election relnr~is were sent by private-
y l a concurred in fixing 49, :is lhe lPiit of ounr, conveyance to ihe Secrejarv of .Siate's of-
pass off quietly. claims; and ihat Ihis goveriiotentl ,asl Io.nd, fi,'e-. s ffiv'ielit itI. nurmh,-r "1o ) ive W illiai.
SoL^n Ecupsr.- Tle greatest Solar by. ir own ;,cts. to aknowl ae ...\. -P rights, HBrlocketiruro ..calt a stf iii' daj i"rily 1 ofvioles,
of.r. ,isE.-T e g t S f-Great Brilain, beyond that parallel. and tillat si returns were ntrlcco.p-iim ed
Ecclipsei v~islle in the United oSates untli 0 Dt' rturswe'e aiopal
E s e n e ty.any Poll Book or list of voters names:"
May 2Clh, 1-s54, occurs on the 5th of April t Theindividual (sayslie Republican) And whereas.v, we are fuusther it'.-umell ilhat
.next. who figures so conspicuously in the follow- Mr. C.,l)ell.(the Jh"-in' %illng .liieniuer in

For the Comnlercial Advertiser. in( article. which we extract from ihe New c 'l r') :ernsty request<.d t inle be
F-or the Commercial Advertiser. -1.ill6 .11l hiii1 to inq, inlr ihe legalify.or
F z ~ w i~ z]: : -Y ork C uur~ier 4- E! nq" ui et, is w ell know n, ill. ....
FELLOW CITIZENS":- "-k sidr ,i,-un.'or-io referfr ile c;a,e.,'rk to,
YOu have suffered I man lo he elected as Savannah, having once-had conilnand" ol ihe peopIle for iheir dcisiou.--ll of whih,
Councilmnan of file cily of A palachicola ilhe revenue cutler on ilhis station: waits nicer emiiniimslvd lenie-d hIim:
whom you have considered as a fair repre- If your ajesty please. this is my particular ceit tl-efire rested, 'liai depriving
sental- ive of your honor, your interests and f ienl ,M onsicur Bones. 'r.ation. al h e l eni l ,.,i e <-en-
'your welfare It tells loudly of your inlep- Tile London Moormning,. Chronicle publ!l^- vI rme to. ad he l ni-iI ir)hei o' majority
r welfre, it tells lou ly of your Pe-es a didlom) atie dociitient whlieh will doubt- "
lions lo pay Lthe just debts of the cioy'it less Ibg read wiih deh l t iby helriejd. ofes alipearh y a-*in in hm"ife, lie w,.&
sl)eaks plainly of your disregard for the pros- (he Uiiiled Silaes. iiad "England on boih l u|, c01nuiissi""u"^ l,-1 .e le.al o~r n,..t w.,s
.. .-T i i i -i ;in inlie;irn! il" iprotefdlir.i/ in a Repim ihlian
per-iy o f ihoilest*well nleaning c,,>zens; sdso h ~.n,,adwuh, os,^, ,^ ^
"an I it humhies tihe men whonm you ].ve hly pt al read ny,.theasli essltar mayysill s-r people, fFlord;a'. _
h--n ,er in ol"r Iidst a1s to ihe disiurl.auce of ; e I I .'ev. his o hd. .rlelial or n.t was
professed t honor. WVhat pay do yon give he amiabl 'relation.s between, the tO.wo 1Rwli Il. ..evn fcc~
a iian to serve ais your (Connc 1 nan .?-- countries iouechinlz fhe Oregon controversy, eu.i~~ l^r^* W ,ie-coneuv iceat, r liei
'Tis honor. WVhat advantage does he ex- At auy rate, the proldu(.iou~i of: -his d oeu- lhatno.ietfi i'^I^ "^qt[Irellby hl Ii'st"ti
npect by saicrificinig hiisiihnefcr your bepnefit ? ment will add materiallly to tfhe rellown oi" : ,lrn to, i r r', I?' a' ila~'rous '""u pre-
'Tis honor,- and 1 will still believe (har it th Fye dynasl, an.'prth e los in ,Ii- sol haei c',den*r iud. lsifum :,. iulr a peu ac,|cie tooe-
is so m e honor -In represent ilhe w ill of the im inn rl, la ll niuiislr ffti~ n w ere q~n ie eq ,) lIlo l f ylte .< i t ln :. r, el e cnvi es >,o o i li sio r e -y
people of A lpalachicola. Is il your cunslom ithe hiazh plromiises hield outi ;1hy.its early ina- ilarw1^ a" te rp-it li l hve bel,, ceu l a ined
10 elevate th~ai you maly~iifliel (lie more eer- nifesiaih~ms. \V hetlh r M~r: Polk -anl -Ins I-ow-., n t^ ill he r,-qluir.d---e..pe,.ally if no
tale injury? 'Tis a poor way.of gelling "'- ,, this tbusiopss as is inilnmaltd hV llie London
rid of you o)bligations, and the/weight will .orial, is n,,r^p than we feel willing' to say,, quir"e, lst0ihleir I'aliiy be dlened ilhe fpet-
ecouil. upon your own lheads in lihe end. biut as somel of iiis" (-cOis iitulOnal.adlVlser. : r l" l" : "l< -" .*m crf .-
'' .. ,A CITIZEN, were also) mep,,ers..ot llhe |liyyf.- (tlli "" .... .. : ou i,lj e s,,'"ge i hI ) e l~uabhcm ,i.nvlg
;. Will-n al^ ^ ,^ll!,,,lrz d ll l l hle Ol,,^ t Wlll(',ll. '". ,,~^, .,
TIE .SIAVER Por~s.-The Ch!Irleston we aire abo)ul tosppe~d...k perhaps Mr. Po~lk is ,.., 1 ;. t...... *-. "yap .-T
Courier of'the:.]6th inst Says" In o u~r in p)OIn o,ll ad i entllilled to a pro rata..porfilon. ..,' -, ^ L d" l .ul h me a -^ '
pa~per of' W edinesdaiy lasi,' it was stated that "' "~se <," n. ii .. bl .e n, or l,'e ,,s ;,.,f.ii, .tee Ill cow ,,ii'p i, he world
T r -f "* I lie com'pa n o-1 .. ..ii .li-h mo r .. .-
,he U. S. shIp .Yorktpwn; had captured .tlhe whs su,i,,,,e. -harinonies erewhile regaled !h!!i 'e *'i ^ 're'ae tleIr,,Ipos,ti,,. e na .Amreric(;an barqule P oil, wilh 900 slaves on i|,p refined tastes 0ol our .lmUsical dilletamtl <. 3) "" -"-"H ". .l~~ ll to rllt'r Illie Imi ier back O lo (he

board, an 'sen't her t6 Monrovia, .u der a the Muse rttes, Al Pal e ,'ns,- and, e ;-, m 1 1
~ o f "" .. C" C O'D L *is P ri7 P -rir u s, lo nw e n t. T h a i .n as- i u c h w; a ll I he, I r ga ln
c 'O if L t ^ a sGD E L L ; r iz e E n g n d br t h e- nWpn tos. ot I -n t r d xc h e o r e v il i nr i n i th a t e v e r a p p e a r e d b er.
rMcevedasr ho hinde negroes. In the New- ,,,. Jh. ...... ",te7o"gaegsunhmw a r,,ir t fver,
York' (ouer ^Enuircr, we find it men- jollies in the B sMrpi dasit M .lG ,01 04ile is helegalRAwnel
rimied_ h;,l the Pownswhen, c apiurpo h was. oa) uld, naeves o dor niicaaus or ml r IoI,-.v .. ...i I li"r d

n i; 'to .r s i e. er t- o~ ,ile "
nee days au.iIt "nro riiCabinda, bound to Rio bre and a.outelpl .0 Cros .he wa ,i; e :x a....e c .I -- l...

,i !.uIre Co"l. M;--f. .T- 1 "hin.t" wis"-,
Janeiro.r A n Irctll,, from) nhe MephIdist d p ive r.. ) -his/-seat....
i. I heh hea onsw a daedt s e sh r 7 called together at. ,the W white -o.use. hen .- ....... ,ly OS 1 ri nl hef an d R Iidol mnS,-"
a .a d. iar7, :,ll,0 tlO tie. i]ausp T~icbuees of is fie .xc rll alnc : '- ". f H i x'1di b i -I .,"
received at the ofice of the Saih register. John T ler, Senior, Piesie, o1e- (Depiocrai) Willam Ward, Slarks Baker,.

". II '' or to l! r~ l " i ll of the r'I I S .ll C hle t Iilrn in tn el Iil rl n d
givs hcfollowg acutflIe ap- Sta~tes of North Amterica." in order it)~r.: Ti^* t^ r-ul ll~ll'

c, ~ I] ~n1 it'~eI),IPs -, a',i g earI .. Coot n. -"
-lU,;Iia ,' ii np ly Iiosor11 ., ,rnish credel 0 the aMi nl hoiii ', ,er f motiobi
h. Le crowned i ad of E u arope I Vr.I .o r .... 1 Ia. 1 <
"Wen h on w frt eese raised Ot^ i~ an e of Great Britnin.i floiy 011-11 ~P-ainble -IInd(, Regoluldon's
-i,ci -il ;a Brlfieh erii-wr. ll, discovering the n ,' o ,f t ones, IeN I id f -_ t e R
1 i le I ir *'' l I l i l *l tu i~ s a lt a in l -i 'i "li II I H i l / i i l a ~ j ci<< *- : i = . .. r "
iiiiS[Ake, imined~iely lioiie tlewau ir., ,,~ i ll ni-T ,L r" ded t u the, I llaiihassee jlaipers fur~publi;.,
-iie-. 1aa. Oil bo-irdin,-Y her, -and demiand- mr *\ ,11, ca on i* ** *.
i .* i iT 1 ~he perforin.ince .wais "Considerainly ulp- n *t r, n /\T Iaor,. ofhsaet s1ctorv, and -C..eil,,,. c... ...ain. N. BARROW Chni.
liie llieI."- I li-llu -ilitown lhein overbjoard. C ;ia.e. ri,,. c. e-I DAMEL cL AeUIL, Se ".
Claplainl Uri b ino- aske,;d what Was his Cargo, he s. ,d, ', ,e"e..e .r) re "ie I ....... ..., ,
nmald.S a ievelile cotter)-r e le hexoyA| n, i "Ia' '" -,
,AbiOul 91oi) slaves." On-firer exainina- ep,,,i ET0n n rhe n,.grn "uinsir .is KNM.Ta -rHTO-KIC ioWS..
6lio ii was found i.ln1 at l4 e thad shipped 913, -ficat-e. This d.t. w Thas ie- Is a fiure known to 'rehe4,. ,aii bt
Ieliteel llie .te of 8 -ind 30, only, 47 of Wena ,,,of'orn lrd -and ee.- beng la wa si mism who:t .i vince i.r
,d~l"ihy l'lnrilwii. 116inth.Ilere bte-ing A' Lravill% -
them fin:ile.'ae dlrdft at the factory 4" or .boil it ,which is lerfecilv itr,.si-.ihle. per- *s to 5(0 ni o lich iliey h d mrended 10hive sirens whirhuill nmake them les ievolitig ,o
li',ll)s it is. oar. d Illy, !() ..ive the tW; lat,i!(.a|t'.
i.lkeli ililhe sranie vessel, but were prerlenled tlmind,.-l, a h eni,,o.' and here his : the, n .d rJis h .ad olta'ilig he is
.)y the proximity of a' I~l~11i.-l! cruiser, frotin \\r..iN,.- CirY. ltiri., an f Tr-i,,r\) i. eati,: we say .- lie is o0 more; anda inan
%,inch they a ol y e IpedIr. The .oil De lnirn-ii. S-pr 12, 1 H4 4 h, robsotb iipubli, ireasur\ ip',)liiely calledd
wais po t nider thie: charge of Li. Coddgell, SIR:" h is wilth te greatestt pif ire. I a del'Miller-" Beiin 'ii in his depo9:(iln,
antdii ,s foiiyeen d.iv eilinilp onro- forward' to you lihe l, tef('!ro, et -Hon Ch-is. a,;;isl Classon of llhe Mirror who lately
'vi:1, dii'inh i. lih'l- "linch e ,hnlhom 150v of tLli W ickliffe, the Post Malr, I Geer eniral, of. the co lhidIpd !hii has had recourse 1o ihis ihg-
oior wreiclies died -soLiile of then jur npiii U iniieI SSiae. cin. niaining likewise Ihe re-' .ire of slp e,.h. aiid altges lhat'- ,t 1 w;.,
ov(.'ibo;ird in a fitiof desperation--;aid. on coinuiendaiionoftlhe Hon. Georie 1M. Bihh, siruck several severe blows With i wtapon.
her arrival at Monrovia, several of the slaves Secretary of the Treasury of the United unknown to the dejend'ent." s :
were In p dying sate. and many were so States,- ,fo, along with the Hon. John C. :-. : .Nw sC e New.

Twenty-Ninth C'ongret-i---First Session.
[CmrreponJ \W .% i N,. .>ic M..Jrclh Ii.
A fer i l iii. presf Irl of II" .,'liilnill< ile
Coli ii'iiees wer, callIrd npo, i or 1 'irfporlh.
Mr. AlH-I.LT, froln1 lie Jidiciu'lrv C uiM-
inhtee. rep.mied a lull to rtlundt Io Ihe liv'is
of JtLde Cooper a finle impiied upon him
under life Alirn and Neiiimi Law.
,> Mr. BF.NTqo, front file Mijiairy Conifnil-
"-ee. ma.de a reloiit upon lih. mnm.n)ri,ol of
officers ol" he army ai Corpus Clirikii. r>lia-
tive it brevet 'mik, which was oidui'ed to
be printed.
'Several adverse reports were mado fiomn
tho Committee c-n Pennimis.
Ooi motinn of'Mr. ,.FMPLE, the Commit-
te on the M ililia wai iiirui.cieI lo imq ire
into Ihe expelieniicy ol repli'lii., a loll fill'
the belil r ori iiiiz-ll]Un t.f l1I \ M 1likiia (, lie
Uniei Silei.
Tile ieolmion in print 35 0011) Cnpil (if
the Annual Report of file Coliilnis-ioiier of
Paients wai Ihen taken i ill. ;nd diwtii,'il.
byv M',-s-rs. ATI[trRTOX, SVlIV:R. BEINTON,
CAIMERON and NILES. aflcr whlich it Was
laid over timlil to-imorrow.
pli, i.ie lihen iirceeeiled to the pecipil
order of ilhe day, aind lie Oregon debate was

Mr. Anc.rm adlressed file Sr-nte ;it
leil.,th. H e li.id liearl a cr,,at d-,al saiid
abilit nerv'e-hut IlI, wis fC're to cill'fe-s iOlu
hIf" hiad loli Ifh- ;ip'e(ce Ii |lnn-e Ils rou II'v
inin ;, wnr3 in wiichll. iin, Ini liaiinn iidil
aizia it was ii] |ir,)lhiblp lie voildl, lake a
th'lre o" ilie liii iur lie %,)l lI not in-
d ulSl ili ally ol" II, 'li.eIp p lilloi llslli \Ilii, |h
il ,Id pi-,vnm e ,) (o 1i111in01. fie li-ol lie.ird :I
greai ,I-.d1 s idI a!hllow Ilie senliienil oId dis-
lin.,nlikhet] 1 va1 in ,-t.- "r: "-O()lir euililm .
rihll or %t n.ro ;." If t ii lPill i to l' ,liii-
try, hein-, aa %ar% Fi wis onir dimt 1) lend
oIr aid auii eX ri-.;ie h,:r. Ile ac.,,rdeI wlill
4111 peln i'llpiir ; bll if it nlirahitl Of iI we were
io a iiiJ by ilhe tniiiitrv in ile.ii llmlin Ih.il
whichi i l s itnot rizlit, lie e(tild iil ac'coni
widi it. He hiaid liv.ird also a Sen ,lor de-
clire ilial it was ri'Ji, it t I) irepire Ille
hears of ilie penole ICor war."
Mr. ALLEN exl lieil. k Senmor had
mahd Iliit it was the.-i Il keep quiet. and saiy
nnilhiill ai it disluilh,,l ('0ii1iilitr'ce- and lie
h i, s 11-1 in reply to Ilrit. Ill it il was Dili-
duty to lay ilhe iaked riciS of ilih ease lie-
fore file i)etopl. anI witl lei w:ir i~jke ilieni
by surlriie. \VIil lie liad s id %ai |)iinled,
anI he wolilI si,1114l by1 it.
Mr. ARCHt-:R reuiiied. He thlouglit it
thP ditty of every Sen itor In pr,-, pi'e ile
he.iars off ile people1 for ( iuomprnmise an'l
peace. He was again'l w.ir. and ihls w;i, a
qiiesiion o1" %ar. HI.u Olwlni Poe n iuo Ill',.
queiiion of lille to slim\v iliat nur title ik
gooI (11 49I alld] nti firtlier. and ihat h i i
our dlul, to Coiilni; ilsie on i[ il line.
Mr. i. w.s i'ollho0ed by Mr. NILY.S. who
mnvtd Ih ,I Ihe itfeiel e proceed io file cun-
pideraiiimi of .te.ii've business.
Mpessrs. S.iiwTER ,il Ind : L-.1o. (,f Olhio.
'were allowed Ilo i i.tl1 e vie lalii exipali'ilions
,ftor file re-li-Imn of flie Jlournal iu reference
to an anmeidinui-t lo tlhe River mid Hairbur
T hle (;,% iinitilef o it' III- \'hloIlr repnr-ti-id
in flivor of di-w.h irrin- li t- Commnituee nf'
the \VIhile I'rom ilie Blill regulaling the
iniiipaze if, 1 i ii: lih rs.
Tie rep)orl was .idnoptpd. when an amend-
m ent %%as iwiri' ,c,.-d ihpcl. ji'in i- I i imi)
Ir'0Pn h-,.r slii, hl reci -ivi lis miilt'.i'.e ;mill per
diem except %hi% ii irlif de .ilh lnd.iiee miill
o'il% up'.)In ilne N,. 14 ",iil if.iv llllle, w% tv i,
deialnrl l'ri)in :it'iid oit'm lmv .I ilV il 0 icI1 iie..-;.
AL miilion wj.- Inow f in i ie. I,) i:iv ile- uhilh-
6inljrl on ilhe tAble. lie iLlui n Wrl') 10,11
1'J8 i,, 14.3.
M r. VI-'LI.. r, Aik-in .ii. iniived ihit lite
m ilt'Ve ul" IieiIIbiel'S shliilIJ I)I five doll iI'S
per die aniid si dl,_dl irs lor everyv tWelilv
m iles Iravel, di, Il d Iit i-er iht- yv.,r 1I.3o),
IhI se ilt ill (ilvi-rliliti iII shli)ild le lilUVtil
to lei ni.,,;!lib~hinl~n f' i. LI.,,is.
MrI,. .}().s ul Tenin dlesii'r,! lIhal if lIhe
Si';at il" (.;ol'rriiilll'Iil -liollhl e-ver li, i'einoiv.
ecl. il should lhe 10 a ti're .Slail?. aiid 10 Ill.ii
endl he moved llidil llife woril-. SI" Loulis"
IpieSrlii-k ouiil, in) "" J ellcr.-jniiville, liiilhaii."
be ii'serirI.
Mr. DRi")Mi~or, Lt. rnf V;i. ,,ivI'i Ilial !lil
Hou)lse o ililit C".'lniiin LL oll" Ille \W h}lle ,nn
the .Slitic ol" lIhe [Lnii-ii. Tlhe iliiolion "~a-
aezri'ed lo,, alil Ih~ii liiP whlole 811,1y aliont
:mileage twas p.tssed ovir Ifor lihe d.iy.
The consnhler liin ol" ilhe River nn'' Itar
b,)r Bill w ,s rfi', inlifd iln (.,iiliiiiilpp, aild
atniend 'nl,,l. w~i'e [irop~l,.i'.F I'ur ;ilinnsil every
rive r and h ii'h ,)r i u ilie c {ii niin-y N o lle ,l"
(ll~in we're tubipieil. Inl,.r.~-sP il li a
;gr>';l Inainv ol~t'i'e," iii cond l.,ii' uere Ir ,,
of :i dlln._.ient ci'h r.ict'le .--oiie ol wliih Ii led
lo a aooI deal of lrotuble iu (.'oiniiilillve :aiil
the House.
.Mlr. 'CULVER. of N. "Y., lby wiv Of aiiunSe-
Illbil, ol-t'tredl ihe I'lilhlrhin :

Fur Inpl'ovinli lthe navi.,"ali,)n uTp tI it
branch ofi SaIr River runnin- lliirii.-i New
Hainp.,-hire. lhve ilious.mnd ,loll.,iis
The aimiltnlieill ,w.is received wVith good
telnlper, ;as it was inirf,d,',.
'" Linm afier i ili, amendment ild li en of.
fared, M r. I- Rit:. of -hi,, rei',rwil in a
manner pers. nally ioIIIIlu l ilieh House.
.':; and one (if hlie memihPr, I, o l;lf ing i 111
aineidiiienii if l\I,-. foll,, iiiL t oril. :
.... '" I~FilyV lho al';11n dollars for life Belbb anil
;- '< Scienckl S il'terriniPe Raiil R,,al," on %% lii'cli
to co. noevey ItIeir r,.ir'if; 1ou1s I? leIInds 'ir,,i1i I'[ -ii-
...... t luc y it C~in;nl:i. -
Tlhe ainendin,,nt was read 3nd rejected
; before ii- lhiar-icter w.is thol iiL'hl it.
M r. LSCH:NCK'S wiit %iai liohwever
called to it. and iii a calm an..l respecififl
r m'unr lie askel lii- cullea-,n v if. l)v ih-
troducing thlis ,ilmeunilmont anti Iii, namne he
ineant lo he diirep-viCidiul lo him."
All'. FRIES sail lie would answer Ihai
quefsion out of 1h,.e HLise.
Here there wiq gre.it confio'ion in t\l\
l- 1. and soq ne ,'xciteI'ue Thl i- uile t-
.;-:. ihe aineudineent. was a',aiii 'alled fm, h\
Mr. SCiiiE^rK and oiliers. bill ihe second
rea'llna. ai itell as ihe amnendmenl wqq oil-
jecieI to. An :lppre l was likon ;,il finally
willidrawn. when suddlenly qiiei \i:,s rosilor
ed, and it beeamue a'lp.renit I111M file iulsullr
was lo hP a nryilpr of flinrlier pro.speculion.
The Harbor Bill was soon relpoited to iho
: House, and afier the previous question had
beei. ;noved and seconded.
itr. Scniqcs asked permission of the

~ irr ~ --- --- ---- -------P"- U

W i_-




u~laa&ar~aaasursilg~(g~, ~LB

I I___I

~a,-LL~~_ LI*IL~TI JT

~BIC~a~--r~urlB---~E1--_ -~;-- ----1~



For NeA w l'V f P ,
T HEo V ket Ship
Phillip2, trlaqeri is iicw Jodrnic r 1he
ab, .e Fi.iI. -.For fireigit 'r ,pasage,,hiaving iup9-
6 ')i" ace(,minoi dditl.,0'1 ap y i o-, '...- :, ."-
.-March 21 .. McKAY' &. HARTS-OPNE.
For -N w oi-k'
j THE nfewiv-rj sailiig >fr.ZCRP
i^^ ]^Bfedell, r mster, %% il hl e intnfrdialt dis-
A&gl .iPatch ler tfie abive. Wr"Tt, F .r lhightor
l;B gp apply to E0ODGE.&: RA'rT,
Ma' r e) 440. Water. t,.
For /ew Yc:rli.
4_.3-TPE ship t.BO. SjOZ,lELD, Skol:
i ,fi.lil, 11 vter; ill have. ivf' 11ie dis-
az l ilh. 'c For 'freight "of 100 b,.lei cotton
uiitjt-r deck, or de'k irvisbi or po s8pasg .aplalyto
.-.MarI,-ci21 X. N.URSE :STOEE &, CO. ..
"* ,* For Boston;. *.;, *
.^^THE fine bark M--lH~ k TfIM'BLL\i
/3 Ssiss 'afrr freilhft -r l' ,--.,e, f-p| l) '.y .
M -fecll 14 D.-_B WOOD &,,.CO.
Chattahoochee Bolel., ;
"1 'I 1E subscriber t, ikf pleasure in
," f inrormiri' it'he traveling, coitninity '
1 gl 1 g'1llhat lie' has t.iken~charee-otheabov-
l est'ablishinenl, situati-dn.nmtdlately..
on t telbank9 of the river; where thi
traveller may find a,-, n ri rtable andqtqiet iektlt
plt'ce and Ihereby a*6idinig theh many inconve&
niences which they have heretafixre been subi-
ject to. :
TteU. V-S Mail .s'emer Agnrg,'-rmrnn.-Ape-.
lachwil1., -rrives on', '-iiid3vatnd Wedneedayat
hr,'clnck. P. M.; dep'arli Alnlav ar Thinr.day
at 1-2 ,, lW.-I, AW.4 "! I'e Wus'ern Mail artivea
Modidy., Wedinesdayys and Fridat)s at 12 o'clock,
A. M N departsT1e.d*.s, Thi r.d.iii" aid Satur-
dcns "t 7 c'tlock A. M. Nt-tt,eth' Mail arHveff
Tue-days, Thurid'iv, at d Samrdays at' 8 0ltlceki
A. M.,;- det.arts Mtor:eayv.%.V\ ednesdag.? ana Frii
pa'ys at 12 o'clockA. M. Ea?'ern'Mail, via
Qincy and T"'llhassee, arril'fs s rlidqa, Wed-
rnedays ad Satiirdays at 1-2 o'lork; deparis'
Tuesday, Wed;esd ..ysa' d Surda.i. at h o'clock,
P. M-. iColumbus Mail -irrifs' SOld., y, ar.d
Thursdavs at 6 o'clck'Pk; ,,M -; depaits 1 uc-s'days'"
and Frii:ays at 1 o'elot K, A. Ma -
SThe H,,use'and Fr- iiture aree err-rely pewi
the servants thoiruhlby-drilled ih t hiJ--it sbiine.i\,
and all vwill use their, ulm st etdeav(r39- to ri,ake .
thetiie Va.-s pleasanittv, toi t.e trdiflir.

: > f Agerl for tl'c P~ro~rieinr.'
Chaattahnochee,"March 1-7, 1S54G., 1-2-tf
spring oods.- .,.-'*
TJUST arrived I er I r .N M >, t ,nor- 7.-
t, Rich +Fancy Printi--Englisl, a d Americin,
New style ; nJ vt-erv snjeri4 r Ginghamg,
China Lawis, f,,r Ladies' Dresscs, '
Ladies'Fancy Dresses, pin pattern,
8-10 and- 12,4'Mus,.uilo L'ice Netting-double
and sin-le.. .
50l pes plaid and white corded dn-do. :'
Ladies la' Ic Sun Shades and Pd.tasol- ,
'Rich Ivory.pand Papitr-,Fans, .
Figured Mil].ins, E1l.'arih es and other stjles of
I G (m d s hI. r S p ,r i n g D i e s s e . . -
+Liadies Kuid Walki,,g SI,-t-Q,. Buskins ar.d Gaiters,
-'Do black and c,.li,,rFl K d Slippiers awid tlie%,
Ficrence, L,-1ii'n, j, Opeu-%oik ai-d Dunstabla+
W BSio-"net I-, :.'"
PlIi,, siriped'and'figtured SI'-!i3 and Jacknnet:
: +. M ** l-ll s.<;' .- (+'** -- .:', + <. :'* '. '. ,
Besides, rfany 1lhrc arlicles which hei subscriber
ii t'cda ,t, sth very-low ,. '-:> .
M:reh28 F KOPMAN.
P .Per 'Brig ilelamora.
UST arrtv-da -.beautrul ass, rinment of Gents.
G. r3d',"isuable 'for Ihe season, arrmong which
in..y be i''iuid-- '. ... .
F," ",h Lieu cbcr.'" and Sa.ck C-.t'g :",
Do r.do ,Cob -D'Or-,y dn, -
U i;i.,'Plan Linen H riiI,,g a* d rii'el; Coats, -
:Plaid and ''ancy, Linen Drilling PamI|, **'* *'-
Union Ilaid d ,, ." -" :'' "
:.P lain W hite ; tt :-"-!+. ,t + ..^ '^ ? *: .
IKrerlifn, fanry: and strippH Cni'tnnrde Pahnt,
White .i, en bitismir andjAney -,'ci.d ShIiris, .
_S13pe r stlri.'"'p I Ca 1111)r ir k ,. <' ;!
Palmleaf, Leh,,r.,, Pana+, Fjrenoce ahd'Cana.- ;
(IarSirix\\"H at {- :. "^ :-"'[:( : *' "";" -
Super C",ll nit -; ,; i.qn and lwt-rinar. Shnes, :-.
PRncl;1;i-, Cloth, Prnella a trMG,,askin G'siterc, '
Leither f'l:,, V, Iti .aw d ,M o SJippe'rs, ai.d
rr,;i\ other Gcoi, ls--all cheap.
- M ,r."h ? Q KOP.M.N.
Fitle Liquors. '
O NT C)NFIG.N.\ N l.--.Iu-t rere;ved a snu :
0 peri.-r 1.- ni" L q i .r;. c ,n .aiii linc o (if Signelt,
C,,lTq t nt d P3l1 (',, P.," l"r ridv. H. -Hand Cm,
P..rf \ W'i',% ]I lri a ,,-Id L P. M it 'i lp, -
C'lim p'i t W:- \ine. &c &c. l,_r s'ale at il~uuIter'i
]pi *,r iih r c ,sh' uii\\, by '
Mar "h-'2s KOPIA.[4

C.\SI[ ,--ile.! ,l. .-l, ,ilv aC'c+,ur, s rit" long
-: i, ,, l r, ,z A l 'i'r r,,- i ii fr ,, i 'd x v il l t a k e
d,,. n. tii,, flnd ,_*',,v-rn l Hif rn'l vc[' acc.iidiii(;jy, or '
] i1l-- ]tm rihe n |,er-:omllv.
_^ ^',.l, "q 'PE IER HORARTi.
I U.Mi;.E2 I N~r'ECTOR--t'Ie' Ur~der,.ianpd -
Sh vi',^ I-,. ,-.1 a +i|r~nl -.,l I[h.q. e'e.-l r -It" Lnm b i" r .
ii-,r Fr.]"il;: n Cn,,l\. i.ffrsr t, l -firvice? i,, the
MIt.lI"'Iin tlini e. pifiy, n l \ | ah ll' ll.itrt d jo [ .l
,t~iiri pp.rl- i,,,l,*",l-l-*ld ,a q~ipfrnlent. H'ermay
-,he i'i,,irnil .it 2.-2 W ~le-r sire, t. "
M~roh n^ JAIME' GIBSON, :


N O I'0 1 'E- Ali r six nr-illi's l.hh'.l ,.n 1.1"
this' ni*n i'ce,;j slall" apply to the Juldt'e nf'
Probate, f*tr Franklid: c-.uii,\, to. be d-l r,-h,,red
frnm tht adrninislnitirin of iehe- qst*ato --f Oliver
C. R rP% ,_n lre oif".- ,d .*niint\ d,-,a-Ft-
.'- ." .r,:1 "A BENd F.: NOt.rFe SF., : n"
March 2h-/1S4f. "':'Adm'i. (i boims no>n..


box-s tfbiceo and I lot skins to B S Hawley; 2
boxes inbjcco to Gibinn & C'lapp.
I r sl.e.in r lo -t .-n-417 b.1 cc wl fn Io P C.e1"r
A, l-'l,.,\ rd: 0 l 1,, 'lI,,\." .',Icf-\ iizip:: 5.i II'.I.
Diw-,,n .'1 C,,; 16 lu 10 \'Kiy & ftart-hm.,rn; II iE
Per fln 1 ,ji No 7, fm AIbmiy--?A1 baml-3 col-
Ion t,, L',ckliil M'. ujri,'; iU4 IO J Ddi A Cu; 52
tu J H & J Al Hull.

Cily Council Proceedings.
,VDN-cSPA, EV'ENING;. M.r,'h *25, '4'4J7.
C,,u r,'il mnin t. Prt -.ril. E. C R.,I,.:rl-r MN i\>r;
C,.u .-ilii,.-n, MN sq i. Gu.io, Gr.:eie linalJi, Peck
a id -,chinfL'r.
Thet iniurcs of the ihree last meelingu iere
re-d anl appr,wv-,l.
Th, .'inaiwi'e Cninmitl,.e pre.ennted the Asmi.-
merit Rll as made out by tho Assessors, f..r the
\eir ondifig ast. Februirv, 18-t6,. aitouintioy to
3'-,4.'43' 19, which was received, and the Clerk
,.r,li-rod th, hand the'same over to the Tax Col-
ect-,r laliinz his receipt'thereof.
Mr Scbiffer aAked,-anu'* .obtained farther time
tf, rep-irt onl tthe curr'inunication of R J. Muses.,

Dr. Green, frrm the Spec-l Commiitee; to
wlicm twia relT-rred the claim nf the City against
1l,-. U. .. I,:,r II& .lpllcrt rr -,ek e't~niien duri,,g
Owi l)i sutniiner, ri.-.tred thrii the Collector was
not dis',o41 10 idi ,,w a d.Jd l mn. -
Thlie C,,miriitee o Ihrm wasi referred the
Orinalice ei, title.] An orilinr.'ce in relation to
**1.,,"- &,."14ad further` time 'granted them to

fI r.. Guynri,',-mved, seconded. by, Mr. Cin ri]'i,
t) .il tho CI..rk ive 10 day'inot ice of'anreleclion
I,,r a 0,C 'Tilriin ol to fill thei"%a C.1Iv Occasioned
I1> Mr C. P lien niot 'being qu~tified for a seat,
a ,I Me.- r- H. R- IWocod, R0 C. Kerr ;:nJ BI BLu-
,.'34 i\ \ t -l' e -rq c'l ,J I,,n ,et'l,,r".. .. .
Mr Gunir\',. moved. -o:,,dj,:.d by Mr. Peck. thR
thIe A;.iessors be allowAd one per-I cent. (h th
a 11 u 1i r ,-,'tie a4-3siinent roll,in accordanceewith
tfe (,rdiii.j,;c-. A d.i- pted..I >
Thp Clerk. rep.,,it-d that he had received of
II.P I i.e T.,\- Collector (Peter Hobart) twenty
dI ,1r1-;;. w ,i,:i, was the amount that the Finance
-..mnniiilei- r.-[,,i leo hoonght not to be'allowed.
,A,,d tlfre-i,,,,t ti-e fr.-S,'llnr offered the ful-
Io'.,,,t- r,...-,,,llTl,, ,Ylii h was adopted:
:,,Ii vie, ,TIh:,I the bonds now- held by the
City againstrthe Itte Tax CulI...,ci'r, P. Hobart,
be hihr,+l cJicelled.
Dr. Gr,-,,ii ',t;.rii, Ihe following resolution,
v. hiiih iva. aj .l | .tnl: .+ ;+ -
Rede\ 'd. "'hIl Irm-an4 after the first day of
Octo(bernext,.the foot..of'the streets'in Apalach-
icola leadi~nz to the Apalachicoln River, be-and
arc- Ir-;I;,: derl.,irid open lor the uge of the City.
Tp a,'',iiil,. ,I', Jno. W. Rinaldi for drayage,
irrj,,iiin-,! to-1 l -Wm ]l~mnt for services as
Dprmy Miril.al, -C.,_.. C. S. Russell for stone,
$15 7.), Were pr,-eijiid and referred-to the Com-
rni t,t_-',,n C l. .. .'
The f,,ll .wi,; bills were severally passed and
,.; l.;I w ,J, viz.
Roberts, Allen & Co... .... .$31 73
Mr. Thomas, for bard (,f' paupers........32 62
?Edward C.,'enl,-r, exit, n-pesof passengers
: pr bria; C.,'- and boat hire....... .2 n0
Dn,.-nI Poland,- labor on streets............ 5 25
Samuel Beech, labor on str,,ets .1......... 5 25
-Oh n otion, the Council then adjourned.

Sl.otk on hinrd I]i Selt .. .. ..... 1
hl'cpiv-.d pa-i 3 dif v, ........ 3,5[92
'" ; 'e'."l. u-I ) ......... 79 .47 S
T.,t.,l....6b.]'0S -- 83,f07
-Ap,.,ried pw i 3 ,J ,v .. ....... 2.'_,.o
Ip r, io,-I .......... 52.2.2 9
TotlJ .. 54.499
On hind] onml n i |]icphnord not clea rel 25,575




; ( [From the Bflinm-.ire American ]
NF .Wv BY TFI-: NEXT STP;,mi:R.-"or a
consi,.r-dlelV lime pit fIile anriv.il (f e-very
Izt'l;UiPr f'1,1)1 E n21 .irl In ;s hifpn s11;1,,biee-n
Vly I'loked fo'w I" i to. willh lle explpe!; i.1iil
li-l sine iiiielli-,'iicP of ;i deciiv l chlinr" '-
ter wohlil ronw Ili rn-lieve fhie imbliv inind
frfin its I:mi ('iil stale Or iliUC rl;tiiilV iI "-
'ferepiie In ourforei'rzn rplaliiiin4. T'1ims l r
no quell infellisellce l1-1 been reeipved.-
The orvrr rof file .oriv-niniil 1),rillel. an
6pe ho'inlary, bitweeii tie ilpimlinz pnrtles
In Oregnn, having leelh ITnmle liv thi-1 Go-
verininent aunl rr-jecieil bv the Briiiih Miii-
isler. lit. lilrier P ,il),,sedl to subm it file
qliesiion io arhiwr:ili")ii. TIat piolosili'i
Was ,leclinvil so peremnlorily ;I.; In' preclule
Illierly ainy r, 'iirl Io in Ih i niodle of ;iil|'4it-
mell a;Z.iia' inindpr ;iny cirvi'iimsirinel r The
parties inui.i lall l).ck uipon nti_,Lyinmio,-
annd which is It) ut.i!>e Vhe next prnpo-.rl-l ?
'jri, c Vlli "f lVi" IllhiltZ % lir:1 IIh;,i not IJf-en
reject-d. \Vhli The piev.lina ilin're.s.;i,,it Veinlv lo hIe
:f. ;' th.ii fi ll li- i 3 l (ii l, V lov lrni tIIi wnlild now- he
willing lo accplll file |ro|o'linhlo wliiclh Mr.
Pakenhain declin- are ;al lIii lili- nil 'ool it, fr:ivif- ,i Irf:ii v o11
IhI;I ha ) ; |i is in lie riei i ,e' llb r i ll.iir Pv.
'. i- -r. IlIl llihi veriv pri, ,.iiion %thi' h 101!e
f B 'ili.-'l M, li1io diul lil'I 1h0111, %1i111li w while
to r-l'Ir 1o Ili- (iGlivermnpnen. lindl ePen lli'-e
lines rejrpi.,l h,+l;.,'p hv lh:il bOr lverrnueni--
rejected. Ino, whii it :icc,,inlrtuiipil hy
ilhe .- ulinlbi I. %hi t'l l nli d iil l ;miritinp-rmv il %Olwn
,l ast i1:11le. S Sir R obprt P eel ,li.l ndflee dl ex1
ij . 'ressh I i'rP TrPI ll1.1 M lr. lP lketli.ii s.iw fit
to d"H ille fi le i l|rf oi ;il'in li) lilk o%%n r-.
s. 1.1,1 bePn hiii- l I i'lilly :I e.rp;t il-,il. \V e
do nl klnow Alh il il ik; reillv w rril. I :i
The L,)uili Times I;iw< ilt il,'. PHken-1
1 hamn colr,,nm.l'ol no f.iult uiule., .waint ldiie
T hel q'Iel I) of il|)IVI.n ,cv. I ll 'Il riii,! at the
%V ii e lira tlit-il "-il w i l II, 1i h,.cn ivner? -=
D os, l ie l- ir n ti, l, in'I l (_.i, iinet 1i 'im Cepl inr.
fer-' Si h lim llnli.,^. (11 n 1 i i'tP q,, tri'li,'.alied.'"
Thlif re'e i1 ,vi2:;inni,,i|,, ill' Ciliiiinlii:i. is re-.
.... (Ird,'l 9;+ ,n lil-'i^n -,,hle l,-,En.21,niil. 'XVlhat

': w i o'Im tHie '-.n'-,. ri,. nl tlit" l],'l i v r?--
;: D ,ies lh e \iTi-iilin n ,p,,hli,: ei(]in -ly lt inkI
':" 'i,.il, w,,iuh' h,-- r,'ll,,wvel Ill 3W ,I i ll. 'di fitsa
whichli hive c.,nsilil -., filhei hliif" valie of,'
S hl ,l ilc]]i'ilen,'iv, ID Ei'li-.h slbjects ?, .. It
is ihe v ir.I o. tinur ri,-lil-i iin Oreon,"
? riiliilnit-. il,. T ,i, -.; "- liI wv should pre-
S.r' e (tf. I',_?- V fii IN I I li Ili file ,-I 11.1-
vi..itDh i l i ll ," I' il ii ihlii : i ;ile i], li i ; v~ny,"
R11. %I, b -f" ;ii 0i 11't oilr l10,h 1F, bel u,-n Ilie-1
0 o ,,'s ii, i t. in Ilh, N -,0i li- ., ,oI f A yI e.-:a,.
Bn I our .:roi i c ,,I, ri le., iu Ille I"a,'lli'.
S uchi i i.,.'4 wnn11l.- liivllv,- i,- iilir' ,11' per-
|li.i|4 ve-Iv frwv l1lill\ViAli1il<, bill it li l in.
l el. Iz u-' itit, r..i the Ite, an r. ii Iwv ,i, l i.kin .,, e
ilt: he i ,)]Il ifil 'Pip '4s ot' il1.4 %,ii lllV and l t'
wouldI r ii.-- nniii e:i-. iil'lld e di -.li:i31 alnd tin-
!I,,,l ri eld di.irii- i in ihe 'ii. lo n i .. i ll o ui r m iiiii ,i r i' liii i e d! [p ,- I d f 'if-it_ "
II was (mp f 1) 1 "Mr. (i ,ill- flin'-i .rl'-.,- -lirfin.
tfilit the IrfP vritviuli,iiill o1" lilt, U.'.l1lnlliM
(Iiil lli? lr', oii.'iL;d.ili' otf E]iud liunmiililin;

ih.-i :a .linid!r i.ise of ihK L iwience lie
coinr ilfril to Ii;.
\VWe i iv,- hiePIn c oi'i on Ihe <'pp" r111:i a r'o In ;', -iii ll' nl i'1 1? ln l ,1 i- l ivorile
by M r. PNl '-, A, 'm iii- r ili.n ..%'-I il irlv~i
I ,. et r l l i lv i.Ill I I ,, r i i i I n i, h l .I I -
t. dl'V I<1 sn ri | i- I IIVI' il l li.il li,,l ln ri f';i i ,'it; ]ii'p -
d ic .11e l e iv lI i.' 1 .1.i ll I V i. I I l.; ;, i il lli,. -i
l ,I'n ;,nil p1n111r,- 1-4. ..ii, ill-\Tl -Iit l.i r Ini
F' n' l inf. I li..I'lr', i- n ,, 1.i l \li t-l u l l\\
e'ie er ;iih i'? IIe ,i l .1 f ix i,- l -e i i i;ilii lii
Ihi i ll h li..,hl lnli, .iiivi ilIi h.,dl I, i lite
siil i,' lt in l i ef ,i ,'ii rii I r i ,n riir ii n (-oioqv-rn-
"ill'r_'" i I Ill .v p .. -. i!,1. r,,i lw. !'I i ll .,111 i ill. \V e
niiv li;ve Ili. t fin.il t,'rii4 U i,,u whlirli E n[-
LindJ ii w illit 2 to ,ijiit ill.- c,,,'i,,i',r.v. aindi
t1,1" %%iiult ILiilL'l II ll, i 1 Ke then ia l inlle
-;Su e*.- .. **
T h''It-rp i siniri liti.in ',iilh,-r 011C_.h mt nv
he let: i-i ,l. T ho'[ ir, lit-. ,1, Ilire iiiii T
i lle i 1 1i m 1P. oi fit r', I:' t ive i o inJl the poirr
whi,.hi En_,[ n'l Ii ,s; in tl,-ii 'ill'.ilr of'= ;iuHID
n li r c h y 'i n il elr i n ,I"mI r l l r "e ', ] ,ii i i i f ,,n i, .- -
SThe're i< ,ii'. i, Ihe *a I ,r.',' 'r',-u,'i iliel n,,wi
: : in t l!' i, t! l~l'.i il.i ,'li iilii-.,I il niilliin'-r nif Sp3i-
ii'li ili-n i t of :ir. 1.| ) l dn fiiiiii~ ) .in t '"lll;i.
il i hlir' v,.- I liv .u*i-iii ;il',, i i. li,.w. :i< u \11
:n, ,\l, I. 'I>, ill l i l r ,'i;]rr i ,i .'p i ,-i ls r i', i~e i pll ,. -
I' le,. H~l~ iir l i .i i l'r iii(.;e .n il, S !,iii, Uiinlfl
ijL l,, ih,'r, ini.-hiI lin'~l inJill 1 a iv~tiita.ps iii
!::7 lhe pxrh~in';f n,1" e,/t.i.,.t. e/<*/ -=:l Iliii, l.t I iiil-
il;ir pi~iii h l~i i'> l ir,,ipe'iun ,i llip' i ti n '. [ i'l -
ly ,)he kim'l s u~ii H!|.ii a d .iy 111 iy bririi.

-N .,V.,L .- A. Il,'lier
Uiiilfill S[it.ilc- f\\\\ Pori$11i,111ill., ;itlM.Z.It-
liin, ; '[ho t l'i..I' (:lln-;iiiuiirn C.,ip~i. P crr i-
S "+ v;l., ii n,,w tillf ilio' hir-l. .*< ,in'lii irn. S liP
is la^ fr~iiin !li,,,,,l,,li. wlieiii e she saiiled
tinfyB'D fe-eniii er l s(. :-::
^1 "wn'i >| nl o'-wivr \V+rr,-,ii.'roln. Hull.
Ir- + is (./ilv c'lpe,. i,,l Irrin P^ i ",,nin. Slite was
lasl r,,init 1 at Hilo, i-elilenibtr 2t~lli houinl

+' .fur P ,4n31ni1i. .. / '.+.. + -+ :
"-Tile ('yatne, froi Pern,+ is ..lko d.,ily
pllre are now in pnrt ilie fji'r_;ie Sai-
vnn-iilh. Colo. "lia.l, ilt- L, v.in C;ipt.
Pa-,., and lilt.- P urls.li iih. Calif. ],iini-
ginpii ; officers aiind crews are all in 41L)
J ieah h." "

ANECD DOTE ,oF J. Q,. ADAMS.---The rnr-
reslpoitnl-J of tlie Bihllimue ,Pariot dlins
w ril,+s : .. L '* -- : :- "
An -'ac'cident orctnared in ilihe [lion_, o"f
Replre.pniniives :a I'\ iIl~is ;i,,,i, wv{l w,,ilil
'rel~liiii ,M r. C l:is. J. Ini e'rioll andI .l,Il I
Q iuincy A hlain-4, ;is i*; *.- l iallY kii,, n. lh.,%e
been H'alytliil'i2 6I1l w lini p r.-+oiiiil l'i'-ie i! I''or
ye-irs pa'i. The ollier lilly. hnl> etrt-r. M r.
lii Pr-sill w .i -on i ii ; Mi r. Adl ill. dc-sk. ;iiil,
file iwo velin'lahle Lren lenit-e \eie %% l liV^l-
in - It r e IlIh r in ilip. in o, t (e .lll ,il is ;ii l
frientliv irlimn er. Al'ier ,\ r. ]n'_fr-,ll hil
rep:iiredl toi his tiw n s 'il; ;i \ en li:r (iliA.,.-r',-i]
*t( M r. Aialm s Ihl lie hll I heen lil-,i.,, in
wiltnesshng Ili, iiie',:lii- lielween Pilhe ;nd l
"'] etrdl! M r. A dI iii-; lhinkel ilh w ..lilf-
S ti i, for .,,he,-r k. ani Ilion ih.w iv, .d I
+ ilh-it, ju-. before Ilie domwil.idll of Mark An-
o hlnv, Cicer '-in lle frieinl- with mw'vral of
0'. ih Rom" 'Trihines wilih whoin he liadI
- been on iermi. of butter enliill fuir. years.,
' tisrriends -charged him with iu1colsi-eIenC Y
" .. her ii|) i Cicero said. "I tie ir- ilia il .
enmities may be temporary ; myfriendships

For Liverpool'. _
^ TH E firi crijR.., % hin.peh M7RO,,w
/. ,ee..i, tnasier, havif g ihri-hirlhs of
,,err i.,.r.(i, ei,5;,apd, %%ill hiaie dispaklh
i 1. b % eb pe I.t. l'rr iiel tLI ap! ly to
M. r.-h 21 J DAY &-Co. .

For LiV'e rpool.
"eThFP super, r Bi- bark CE.MBER-
i^^ L.'?A23, %tr-, rrJasifrr/willhljvedis,,
I )wch, For freight, apply to. -
lMlarch'21 + J- -DA"'&, ro.


BAGGING, Kentucky, yd II a itz
Du}ndee, yd 16 a 17
Peanut, 3 yd a 11"
BALE ROPE, Kentucky, lb 5 a' 61
Northern, ]b
Manilla, ]b a 8
BREA\D, Navy, cwt 3 a 4
Pfllo;, wi 5 a 6
COFFEE, Rio, lb 81 a 9q
-'H-ivana, lb '7 a 7j
.JavA, Ih ) 10ia 13
CANDLES, 'Sperm, lb 30 .a .5
CORDAGE,'Mamila, ]b t o0
f lemp, lb 11 a 12,
Tarred, lb t2 a 14.
CIDER. Northern, bbl 6 00 a
Brown .5hiltings, yd 64 a 7j
Sheetingd, yd 74 a 9
Tickings, yd 121 a 20
Coilonades, yd 14 a 22
Calico Prints, yd 6Q a 25
Kentucky Jeans, yd 25 a 55
DUCK, R.,ssa. yd 18 a 20
DYES, Logw'd, Campeachy, ton
St. Duioiugo, ton
F i Cie, ton
Indigo, .Ib
FLOUR, Northern, bbl 6(50 a 7 00
Western, bbl 575 a 6(H)
FISH, Cod, box 250 a 4 50
Mackerel, No. 1, hbhl a 2 00
No. 2, bbl, 601 a 700
No. 3, bbl' 500 a 6 00
HER RING, -,box
FRUIT, Almonds, lb
Raisin% box 275 a 800
Prime, lb
Currants, Ib 14 a 14
Fig,, ., drum
Lemons, box
FUR Otter,
GRAIN, Oats, bush 50 a C5
Corn, huiish 62j a 65
GL ASS, box 300 a 10 01
HA.Y, cwt 100 a 125
HIDES, Green, .lb 3 a 31
Dry, country, lb 6] a 7j
IRON, Erglizh, lb 4j a 5
Swedes, lb 5 a 6
Hoop, b a 8'
Sheet, lb 8 a 10
Nail Rod,, lb 6 a 71
Ca:,ting. American, lb 4 a 6
Boards. White Pine, M
Yellow M 700 a 10 00
tlaVes, M
3White Oak Heads, M
Heading, M
LEAD, Bar, lb 5 a 6
Sheet, lb 10 a 12
LIM E, bbl
MOL.\SES. gj 1 27 a 23
NAVAL STORES, Pitch. bbl 2 00 a 2 50
Oakmn, ba1, 800 a10 00
Rosin, bbl 1 50 a 2 00
Tar, bbl 250 a 3(0X
NAILS, keg 4.50 a 500
OILS, Linseed, gal 11)0 a 1 25
Olive, bottle 50 a 57
Sperm, 9gal 1 12 a 150
Laird, gal
Tanner' gal
Castor,,, bottle 175 a 200
PROVISIONS, Pork, Mess, bbl,12 50 a 13 00
M. 0.- bbl1150 h1200
Prime, bbl 11 00 a 1150
Bacon Hams, lb 9 a 9j
canvassed, lb 10 a 11
' Sides. h 61 a 7
Shoulders, lb 5 a 6
LAP., lb -,f a 9
BrITTrR, 11> 1] a 25
CHRS,'," lb .-8 a 10q
P.irA'r'KS, : bbl 250 .a 350
PEANUTS, bu.-h 40 a 45
RICE, cwt 5(K) a 600
SPICES, Cassia. lb' 24 a 25
Cloves, lb 371 a 50
Ginger root, lb 9 a 10
ground, lb 11 a 12j
S'"Ntmegs, lb 2 12' a 250
"'-Pepp-r, lb IS a 2(0
SUGAP N. Oriean.- II. 6j a 7j
Old crop N.O. [b 6 a 7
Loaf., lb 12 a 14
SALT, Liverpool, sack 100 a 1 12
Coarser, bu.-h 62j a -75
STEEL, Cazt, cwj 13 00 a 25 00
Gerrman, cWi 12 i0l a 15 0W
SOAP, i t -1- 5=1 a 6
SPItITS, Brandy, Cognac, ga 2 59 a 3 50
Gin,.Holltand, gm 1 50 a 1775
Amprican, ..g 40 a 42
R,,m; N E. gi 37 a 40
Whi.-key, Rect. g:i 24 a 25
Alcohol, ga. _62 a, 75

Comimencimg Is, Septeniber, ld45--aud same
time in 1344.
P l P~i revi-I i Last
WHItITHER gX'PORTED. 33 dayslously. (TTA+season
Liverpool 18550 .165u .21 55
H aivre.. ... .... ... .. .. ............. .. 3 1 12
N antz....'.. .... ... ........ .... .1279
"T rie-te... ............ .. .... ...... .. .. .. 1 7
G enoa ....... .... .. ...... ...... ;........ 640
O other ports ........... ................... ......
Totalto For. Ports ...... W1O550 .18550U .26273
New York............ 72214 .15379 17593 .26603
Bogton ........... .... ......1. .7494 .7494 20067
Providence ..4899 ..499 .2.e850
Philadelphia ..... ........... ...440 440 ..15,7
B:itinore...... ... .. .... 1..I 662 ..1662 ..10o53
New Orleans ......... ....,46 ..2172 ..2218 ..4548
Other ports... ... .... !..1613 .1643 ...931
Totil Coastwise.' .....2260 3 "639 .35949 .61604
TOTAL--ALS -. ...... I-7.-.. .54-99 .87,+/7


For New Yorkf,
.-.p -THE fi, e .brig PlOJVrEE, tterfu
j3master, ivjll haVe.quick,.dilpattbh.- -OI
Ea 'reight oripassagp, apply Ib ,
* ;.drci, 29 DODGE & PRATT.

Fouritt a it ,--.A 6 t cLilie for
the Piles.
P HYSICfANS and Cheini-,s have long bpen
tL anxious to discover a medicine that would
cnre one of the Most t'rctlblefomp diseases, the
Piles. Success has at last been the result. Dr.
JACKSON'S PILE EMBROCATIO.1 rot only st ol's
all bleeding, allays pain aird inflammation, 'sb-
dues that intolerable itching, but effectuallv cares,
like'a charm, and in a very short time, *- Whose lives have been rendered niqsprahle for
years. For sale byv. J C.ALLEN,
Sole Agent for Apalachivula.
Mdrdh;2', 1846. -13.4 m

For Ncw 'OrU.
_.m.Er "THE fast sailing"brig. L-4 ,RETCJ
^CGrPEZL,4A), Ba:ker,',iasile, %antt a
m t'ew b des cotton on deck. F1r freight of
oinwinc, or a-age, apply to, : + ;
March. 28. D.2B. WOOD.& .

F"Ol tile t (uW'e( i u,-AFi sS, H-M1s, and 4he
di,,char-es of* matter irom the Eirs .Also,-
all thcse disagreab'e n,,ises like the buzzi! g of
insects, falling of water, whizzin,_ of sleatn, &r.
&c., which are svm! toms ol ap .roac'hing deaf-
nss, .ndl also g, rally ath-nd;nt with the dis-
eise. Mar y p'rs,,n.4 who have beendeaf for ten,
fifteen, and twenty years, and were obliged to
use ear trumr-Hts, have, after- using one (r t-wo,
b. ttes, thrown aside their trumpefs, being m;.dI
perl'' ctly well Physicians id ,urgecus highly
recommended its use. For sale by
J C ALLEN', Sole Agent
-March 2 13-4m for Apalachic(la.
Waslaingtoni Counity.
W ILL he .sold on the second Monday in Frp-
tember next, (14th). at the Co-urt.holse
door, at Roache's Bluff, in Washington counlv,
within the usual hours of sale, the allowingg pro-
perty, to wil:
FPor hundred and eighty scres of land, +1ing
in Holme's Valley, levied on as the property of
the estate of Jacob A. Blhckwell, and to be sold
fi~r the taxe.1 for Ihe year 1845. 1- *
AI-io, one hundred and six'ty acres nf land, ly-
ini on HickroY Hill, levied .on a.s the property (f11
---- Blaokltane, and to be, sold for the taxes
for the year 184-5. "
Al-, forty acres of land, lyinz in HdTlmes'
Valley, levied on as the property of John G. Ruse,
and io be sold for the taxes f,:r the year 1S4.5. -
A-to, forty acre of land, l\iin" levied on as tf.e property of A. S. Bryant, and to
be so'd for the year 1S45.
Also,, one hundred and sixty acres of land> ly,.
ing in Holmes'. Valley. levied on as the "-property-
of Henry Ahrens, and to be sold for the taxes for
the year 1845. .
JOHN W. COOK, Sheriff, ;
and ex-officio State 'Fax Collector.
March 28, 1846. 13-6m
To tVc Public.
H AVING dis osed of my entire stock" of
Dru.s and Medicines to'Mr. H. F. Abell,
in retiring from the business, I.take occasion to
return to the public, my triend3 and customers,
my thanks flor the patronage they have-b,slowd
upon the establishment while under my control:
and I take plea-aureinrecomom'endiiiginysuccesscr
to them as worthy of their patronage, and solicit
for him a continuance- of.the custom tieretofore
so libzr-ally extended to me.
MarchIl _B._S.:HAWLEYO.
A Card. ,
THE undersiined haviitg purchased from Mr.
3 S. Hawley his ei:tire stock ol' Drugs,
Medicines' Paints Oils, Glas. Ware, Sho;p Fur-
niture, &.. will continue the business at -/hole-
sale and Retail, at the old stand corner of \VWat.r
and Chlstriutsts, and be!(ies leavreto say to ]i friend.4
and Iormer patrons of the establishment ti at hPis
stock is complete, embracing everyarticle usually
kept in S-utiern. Drnic stores, and CIrnrri arranige-
rneiits recently eftcled, will beTegularl;y.sApplited
with fresh stable articles.
PhysieianQ, Pldnters, Country Merchai~tq and
others will find it to tleir fituerest to call arid ex-
amine his stock and prices. All orde, swill be
promptly attended to in. person by'
March 1, IS46, H. F. ABELL.
Saddlcry for Sale at Cost iand
'AVING on hand at as.omrtmant of Siddlesi
-1B, idles, &c. &c I "1ill dispose cf them as
abfv, f r cashi. '*;
On hand a fine Buggy a!d Harnre-s, whichwill
be s lid fir cash. -
March 28 : 'P; HOBART.

.UST received 5o,00-).O fpt Yeldw Pine Lum-,
hber, assorted& qnahiies. Ala.o,f-n.-hand 50,00:).
feet White Pine, assorted from. to 2 inch, which
will be sold luw lor thecash, hv .: ,' -
No Lumber, willbe d .livi-rvd "from the %ard.
after thisdite unIess 'paid forior a-writfter ord-er
tfinilli rep.ioi.ib e l'er-i,,n. "" irch :-'S ';

PORT OF APALACt-IICOLA........ March 21.

March 21-Brig Wm L Jones, Tyler, for New
York. hv Dodge & Pratt.
-Ohr Onrwa, Allpn. for Kev West.
March 25-Schr J Q Adam's, Saunders, for N
York, bv Dodn ,.N Pratt.
Bark Jan E .Williams, Parker, for New York,,
by Dodi,, ,V Prult.
March 23--Schr Helen, Sears, for Ttavana,
March 27-Briz Morea, Conway, for N York,
Nolirsp. Stne X7 Co.
Schr DorPod. Knapp, for New York.
March 23-Schr Ashland, Bradley, for New
March 21 --hip Cordova. LowpHlnfm N Or]ana
March 24-Brig L Copeland, Baker, fm Balti-
more, to D B Wood .- Co.
Schr Helen. Soarmi fm New Oil-qns.
March 25--Rrig Pioneer, Hearn, fin NewYork,
to IodgP ,( Pratt-
Biark Abbv Franei. Brayton, fm Providence.
-ohr.A-hlanrd. Brndlev, fin New Orleans.
March 26-Schr Martha Louisia, Bylandt, fin
M-irch 27-Steam schr Florida, Clift, fm New
Cr -aus.
Steamer Agnes, R near, fm Chattah.,ochee
- Steamer Ch ,m.,ion. Cadwqllader. fin Columbus.
Steamer AliL_-ita, Hill, fiom Colnmbus.
Steamer Euftaula, Birnet, fm Enfaula.
Stearnr A lbany,.Giiin. fin Alhbiny
Steamer Charleston, Fr'eman. fmn Conmbus.
Steamer Notion, McAllister, fmi Coinmbus.
Steamer Viola, Van Veghren. fin Colimblis.
Steamer Columb'ib, .Garrard, from Columbus.
Steamer Boston, Morion, fm Columbus.


COTTON.-O, r market has maintained a very,
quiet appearance since Tieid.,y. and the transac-
.tions limited to0the sale (of ve ry small parc-ls, to
xnmet the immediate n,-c,--iiFi,- z(fpurchasers. In
prices we have no material chang" to notice, the
few sales made, being ut about our figures.
'Yesterday, the steamer's accounts to the 4th
ifst.. reae herre via Columbus. Their effect
Upon 'o,,r nitm ,k.-l i,.i ril byei en .made apparent
Thiey ar.e- I-n.-iillv c, n.-id, IP-i v ry nni".iviir,ible,
ant .;ill 1.r,..b ibly pruJ ce a depi'e,iii., influence


Marianna, Phillips, 379 tons, for New York, load-
ing--'M4cKav & Harishorne
iHuron. Weeks, 514 tons, for Liverpool, loading-
J Day Geo Skolfield, Skolfield, 414 tons; for N York,
loading-Noorse. Stone & Co.
Alexander, Leeds, 591 tons., fm Havre, waiting-
Dauntless, Rogers, G98 tons, fm Liverpool, wait-
UVrgent, Hogers, 622 tons, fin Liverpool, waiting
-M'aster. .
Cordova,, Lowell,'332 tons, fm New Orleans, wait-
i ng--Ml aster. *
Duc de Orleans, Rodbertson, fin New York, wait.
in g M\ a s te r : 1 I
Robert Watt, Johnson, ton!; for Liverpool,
loading-Hill. Dawson & Co.
Cumberland, Power, 402 tons, for Liverpool,
l,,ading-J Day & Co :"
NMary Kimball, Gregory, 372 tons, for Boston,
I,,tdin-E--D B 3Wood k Co. Y.
E'leliJ, |I ,"1-'.n, 501 ton,, fm Berbice, w;aiting-
B,'gb-e &. Howard *i,'d Ls Fred .1 D igas.
Abby Francis; Briytorr, 343 toas,.fni Providence,
waiting--Ma'ater_ *
*BRIG-. .*
L Copeland, Baker, 218 tons, -for New York,
loading-D B Wuod ,z o.
Pioneer. Hearn, 21,O tonz, for New York, loading
-Dodgp \ Pratt '-

1.3'l a 2 (fl
7 a 9
& a (1j
12 a 75
45 a 1 00
50 a 75;
13 a 2:)
40 a 5J)
100 a 300
lOj i at,15 001

upon prices. : -
'LIV.iF-.P0,'iL C[.A4'-IF 'CATION.
],,F,,r;,'.r '. .. ..... .. .5 a''K\

. ( ...... f HJ~ llirn.'.;.... ... '.. 7 a 7 ,.
M rliJl.n F ]"jir .... ... ....- a 71
Fair .. .:. .... ........... 7j a 8-
Good Fair........ .-...-.,8 a Q j
Fr'I. ,;nr -DuriIIg their "'s- week

SKINS, Bear,
SHOT, all sizes,
TEA, Youngt Hyson,
." ouchong,
TIN, -- ,
TWINE, Baling,
WINES, V.aderia,

coastwise and i.'Joi.-,.,i.iilv; t, New York, have
been nct;%-. so ili ,t bII i o onr three vessels are
,i,,'tn :ig,..i ( f Ilio--P Ilh 't can g-o coastwise-and an
`dri,,:,d r.1l. ii d, rnanded- We have not heard
,.f ,ly ,oi,, i,-em'iia_ at over 5 8c.
F,,r nLit.troI, shipments are dull at the rates
q1 ,,ted."
., .. n r,',T iTI ,'"'' :
3 o, Li %-Ppnr I....: ,1-2 a 17-32d per II).
..." P .t.-- n .. .. ... .... 5 5.8c. 5.8 "
," | roviJenc ..... ...........5-8c. "

The 11, 1. r of the "Floridian,".it appears, has
taken umbrage at our comments lIst week, upon
itn xIr.i.:t I -,to Messrs. Wright & Lfwin's Circu-
lar, zrI I)J11 h, ized np,.n the occasion to read us a
h,,lnril. upon our "' illiberal spirit," want of com.
l iln1t) i.i'mi,'re-t w illdi ih" I'*,.l, of Florida," etc.
etc. Iri I- no urcinmii,,n ilii,- for that gentleman
Irr tndl .,. t r i ,.-i upl a 'f lilnpest n a .tea-pot,"
pirmi.,I irl' when a chance offersto speak dispar-
a, n:1l'," of Ih- m -nit'whilm of Apalachicola. Our
rom ,I ,,b, .1v.1, all,.id.+- i,-,d were chneivfd' in no
illi~b -ijl ,,r ,'in ,,.,,,l -i-,,r ; Ih,-y '.v li,:- no m ore than
thi[ Vi.,- li-i ,'d |I|P ex'I .Cli ffr.11l MN essi W .
L' r 1r1ul rr d a, -,-anj-d~d at (lir Ii.III.l- THEY did
.jr,.in~i-- '. lh,-ilir inipni,.Lii or not, w'e are n0t
pr-, fr, ( It.) c1V- 10 i .' ,1 a ti- n t i,,,,i the cottons
hi fp,.-id lI'i i ih, "i p v]i, li | il. 1:11 ,-, .1 peg low er
in lh,. "" ,i.-in t i iil ." iii m c,,l.,n coming from
Ft M.,r',,. a:nd i. ,ilii- w, objected, and stated in,
I. r, I II.,Ilyl. IIIIlT ? L,,II ,il'< tll, cotton shiph p ed from
St.: M,,k-, was notoriously r f", 'gri h',-1,l :in..-
'ri'i s... i r iry to low 'l.fi" ii. T hislast
r-inirkl. i, w.,., w hieh ]. ,ni.'.l.irly raised the ire
,.f" lh,- [" iil,-r, but we hi .I| i-md-.v,\'.r i,, r.r.,'. ,, from
his own paper, that it is essentially correct. In
his lb st review of' thi, m-rkPt. Iti- ,-r ,hr' hld ,;1
C,I,- n, .,.,I, irs [l l'oll,,i\II, 1 :--"I ORDINARY NJ
'GOOD FAIR 5 ,1 6!', row,,i N'.' we would like
tt, in. i, 1.1'tIl e Editor of the Floridlan,"Lwhat,
kind of J.it-i it is that s,-Il irn l!,.3-.- ,J .y-;, in any,
of ihe Giilf i.orts, at 6; .,-nt. \'e care not what
it -- l i--_d in TIIll --P,- or '' M ilk-, what we
want is ill-, Liv-rp.,, il Fro' 1
factt Ili I Cli;p i- ihe xtio'ii' .1,1:01 ,ii,, w e SUppose
it iIvt ,tiiilhr,we,- Ih f-, n-i, crops whichl. M essrs.
\\'Wr-!,hi & -Lewiti spe.,k ,.f" .1 ,,bhig preferred to
lpl.lmi.,] "-_PARTICULARLaIV.. WnEN Cn,',-OIN.\ FIR"Oi ST.
M.%nci-." and in, islat,-dl 01-p? bIri,,Z;;- as much
.19 fisin N 0. cro s. In iihi nilrkel,, "-good fiir"
c,,ii.n, for ill 11-1 two weeks, has been selling at
4:," and the same- kind ofcotton is valued at 10a.
In ;r'\"-Yirk. Now. oily &-fe '.lii d chance
ili.-t, in l,,r a grand ,p cul.1i,,n. by '".i-i buying up
iall ithl good .,f r c.-i. n a, T.illt, -,:-e- and Si .
M.,rkat 6Jc li ,'e,!n ",_-a it I0 No ow-V'ulkI, whr,,.
.CLrd i,,; u 'i .Ir_1W right,%, Li- i,'.-i,,n l Iii ,
i i- freleir-d tc, C,,l1i,01-3 rom ing from thisport'!.
ij'! ye ,.' hl. b'-fir,: ? Why hive ye l[et'r e O init'ler.,:-i.i to
suchi _-i,,i'iou-1 011A ,.rluIllit-s 8 or inaj r, g m oney!.
W e c. ,,cc,,ini f.,r Il only l11 i one w,,- Particu-
I-ir indiidu.il.- it is said "arw de.siauz d hy Piovi--
dence to perform cert, in great. and ni'g,'iy deed.,
,iirl IJ e te- E-ior of i" e Fl,:,rdiiai was un-
d,-ubtedly ullnitrd the very dirf cli't.. r ;a' l" :,f inc
the wouderfidl difcovefy, which e h.as for ilTrL.r6ir I,
time promulgated to the world. l

Per steamie" Efaulak-Dr Allen, M-fdy, 2 chil-
dren and servant; 'Mrs J. McNiih, 3 children and
servant:'Messrs P B wo'orthh, Gi ihim. J Parker,
John McNanghteb J Billi.ine, John H irt.
Per steamer Golhnbus--Mr Joh'n Spely,
Per steamer Agnev--Messrs J L Howvitt, and
A Smith. ...
Per steamer Ch:irleston-i-Mrs Moore, Mrs Harp,
Mrs Troestler, MMessrs Harp, Williams, Trt.ectler,
aid Ge6' IT Th mjpson :,..'I
Per steamer Chinipion-Capt J M -Tarris", and
family, JSiie' PaffMld. Miss Emily Schley, Mies-r,
Solomon, Dnnn and Pace "
P-r steamer Viola-Dr. Ina-rsoll. Mr Eaiton.
Per steamerA.bany-Col W A M \N ri1, Messrs
J.is Bond, Jno Bilbo, Win H C.,-nrb 11. Green'
D-"rnard, .B Adanm. J L Bi l,;itii, N 1 Fostier,
E .P TJohes. Jas liennell ... '";-
Pe. steanrn'er Notion-Mr P"Crichltn' '" .
Per steamer'I Al..ii.--M Freem.n, Mrs F'C'
W at-on, M iss.l .r\ F..rnnii,. M iss S t-,ri ,h i.l ip,,11 T,
Msuis U0-a 4)ouird,1, M E Tr'iiln. Mi-
A E ( n, M;-- El ;ri (;I n;. I M rs ,.'li k, .M.i8s E-
,A Holmps. I1i-- Fl.,-i'., Dr. Fljke, Judge gR. C
S,-lnn, Mlprs C N .,ff .ldi-P H-1 Rrise-,J N
Webb, H1-, L-,land, J L t-nlmps. W F r'enlar, 0'
D Connor,'IJuoB W ey,. E-K Goolsbi.U. H W
Owens, M D Deny, A .1 G,-,r,,, W T T.1i:4. A
Frazier, M 1-1 Alexander,, D.Rariibo, and lU1rkr-
EXPORTS. .....:
'NEW W ',Y 1-:-Per'brig W L Jones--5:.9 b ile,
c ot to n .: : r .: o *
Per bark J.rle E V,', ,rr'--fil', bales cotton.
P er b1:rig "I ,r.-.,-5- .j) i l ,i ,, "
Ppr chr Il. 1)-:.9 h ,1 .. rin 1 + ''
Per -, hi J Q .. A I |,||~- :3'|I) l,.ik cotton.,
NEW O; L.\ N'S--Perechr L+A.-hl ind-1-:] bal. s
C o t t o n .
.1LV .' E3T--Per schr . _n,,.v'3--,4biipe.- iottonr

Per stearnprCol'imb v-273byialec .,,,..n I \\'nm
H T'I rnLlr,, i 1Il & Co:+, 101 to H ill, t,,1 u'-,..ii .':
31 to ,_\cKay & Haortohorne; 9 to Is Frd E
D)',-"i< .. .. : ..*
rP.;r -tr'ampr E.,f',uii li-C) b-il- i.'...',i..n tpf'p,,k'-
tl.rt & younn ;,116 ivI D.,d-',& Pratt; 91 to 11cK ,\
.& F l i r t s h o r n e ; G 4 iw ,. rJ r : "
Per steamer Asnes-6 bales coitori 'to D-G
R .,,,'p : 4 b,.x<' i.,n i, c;,: i, m 'G P,,r. -r i *C;" '
P,+r [r-_.elim i f.h l't [,J-'n'i-- 3.o h l ., c. .li,,.'ii i>
C_ ,4crl,\: ,252 1., Hill. Divs,,n ,&" Co; 117 to'-
IT ,rr I fT.,I-, -; 45. i.> B 1:.1l..i,,i V C C 7; 37: to J
L [-1,ip; 14 i, W A &- P CI i K i) 1 .-
L li- r 1 .io n .m-r Chi.l il r-iil| i- t174 [lal,'- ,-,lhii. 1,'
L ,,:',h int & Yor,: 15:. 11 1 [ till, i \" l-l.,! i ; 147
:., ,I,:K ,y & H iri-I.,iir_" i-ii, ,i 6 t io ? 1 t'h %Nr:
36to B ihb-ecz iI ...'xjrd.; 2-)1.,J lJ % COi 11 L6
W- A P' C'K ,i 4 r.. \4lieA M,'-K'iizie
'Per stea'mpr V1,,I.,--21-5 1>1 If 'll-t r i I,) Ila r'r~fi
& [T..]iii-- 4515., lfi!l. Li,% -,.n .V Co
I P-r .iewjiwl r Albiih -155- Ij ilpr c ott n anid 200
vpiiiw n hirrh i to J If ": J M.[ Hull: 30 bile- cot-
0L)1 ii L, c.,h1) r1 n ',- Yo'it'. 52au a iid 2 ed-hk6 h .nrIs
tO) "lirt- \: i._'ll'e\'evr
Per steamer N.,irw-300- b les t.Oion to Cha.
IRogerrVCo,; 55to 1-11[ill. D w-.,,n,- Co
Per steamer A'-Iz.J' .,-2-53 b ll c-ilion tr HII r.
per & Hkolnes;" 156 ,I: L e,-;!nr . \'N, iiiiz'; 132 lu
.W m G P,,>'t-ri ; C,,; 47 i, l !l. L ',w :.-,ii \" 7 ;,.:
25 to \%%ie M ,zi'-; 17 if .1 L> [,\,,\- Co, 5
S I ~ward A: t',ih ,-i(",,rd: 3 1 A ;W A P P i ,in
Per ele-imier Agn,'.---i9 b ifle- eoon diild2 buixf-
tobirl co to LofckIhart &" 'oiinr; 17 bile.- cotnn to
Therms Preston: 5 to ,I.cKay L- VhIrihorne; 3


Oy We .are nuthorised to announce
,MAYJ JOHN CAMP as a candidate for MA-
JObR GENERAL'Of the .lstDivision, F. M.

M .i. Mr. Ediitor: Ymu will please .announce
:Col)I. JAC'.0.u M JrON as a.candidate for'
BrigadierGeneral of the fitsti )i-*.:_"M]? of the first
division .-of'the IFlorida Militia. .
I1 ,i, ,2S. 1845; .. .. MANYVOTERS. -,

+ {).. We are .auht )rised to auuounrce
Col. JA.-\MFcJ, pitIMAN,. as a candidate for
the oltiLe .of B'i. liter Gmieray 'First Brigade,
Florida Militia, at the eusuing'election in April
,xt. ". M arch 7.

I T I1.L ? s i I(, ,, .-rr ,-i1f e Cii rt
V V of Cha-icerv', on the.FIRT-MONDAY 1,1
APRTL rnpxt, in frnnt of..ll, F,,ti ,a-,. "" [, l
N-1 6, Block D-2," inr "te cit r-,i A N .l,,-ll'. I,.
w ith the. i-ne n tn '-l.,ili,' t,-re, n, Ci.Hi -ririi|\
known a w 'the G v HCl. I.L." -., : .. -". :- ..- ..
T,'rmr.'Onethird -cj4h, a ,, :the Ha- Mance ir,
notes of one ,ifnd tvwo vea'o,,. Fiil F t i r iI rI ,.fri I be
made knowQ on th ,l,1 i' i !.1 '..
'I. H ,(-r .l ,, 121' .
~ ~ R" Al I T C-: nIN, 5 "^-'-/

Dri-'M^, !aedicifae% &c.
'*\_ I.A!liO'-'. J,,l Ir:ii-,i,.]l\ t LPru,, MLld~i-
* ^JL- kc1n0s,-&1- c. ,r,3 .ll i ln p 1"1,r l it, i.,ll.,\\ -
ing'arti,.le :--?';0 doz Cj-I,;r OIl, qts- ptl, in^ hf
ftl<;'. N H ..-i,.,h'- P.1 )in t,:.- ; 1 .I bx. i-.1 OI1 I
-I) l:e4 E .s'.'n ? ill S ; ili; I,,1l l-_.I,1, rx ; I,, Ili
G1"hmY l.'O ll11, 2 IF- 'l llpll iih t Q iiiie ; ` ,i.,z
L,'id ,*n M'1t.,i',lI Herb.; of all. kind.; "-ill IhQ
N rri 6 rmes N 'h s S t a r-h_-; ll\Z4 L.--mm, S\ rn'.
| 'i k,:..;< g-arh's', ; *; itn.,-i %='i,11.1 amd ,.d,d
P.,,,d,..r- ; .'7') !h., E ,.fli~li C .il,.ri,- ." *?i.i il.,7 .:; t-.
T tir ipo, ii i l.. ,,,d .l i.- I' il --. .rl i ,-io l r.I ill ,i o i-
,'1- in ltie Druzi I,,.t, hl.,r C ,ii it r M er.Viatular .
P1 ,,ir, r.z-.ind PlhNsici,,._s. F P i1',1,- ,h%'
M,n'l 1- H F. AREI.L..
P\NI'S AND O'\."--u^ \s. No, 1 \r.ire
Le.. ; 2: 2J'I ---ills W inter I. ,!n, Odi l 0 1 ".l.i i. lls
.ir,.:- d Oil : 5._, l'\- :,i.orted G lass 3 ili It's P,,t-
; ].') ,--.',rt,-d P.,,ii BruaheQ,; Rlwek;! Lead,
.|':,,iih Bi,,,.vn, Yl'I'.w Oct', reGreenr Pintjisl
received ",,,d l1,r sale hy
Mjr.-h I H. F. Ar, ELL. ;

O 3 \ \ e I [ l ye l 1 ,i-e u r~ q li --a e il hiy ll ie
l'ie.d ofl' WILLIAM H..ftUGHES,,t.o atmioUnce
Iiii,, s iis hid iir 1..r Colonel i' Illi, Thfi rd Re-
gilti li, F- 1, 1 idd M litia. M .i.:! 7 .

.... c' ; ily 'Taxes. .. "'17.
IN 'OTICE is ht.ri-t,, given, thiat from arid'after
li&" Sii 'daoy f. Alirii next, ,the sub-criber,
.illii hfe' I,-,ud d.jily al his office, (Sti.d. ex-
cq l, ,) I,.'.' l t ii e- i fC0 4 15 ,l ,>. ill..' r,.a ler, from '
i .,'cI..,1;. A M e.,c dh d '. i ..l k- [ Lity "''..\.t
a-ree.,iLv l0 I h M Fl'j U ,JL i,.dtI c" ,,I ilieCnily of
A ];l.]| ir. l,~',l ,I I [ia-.-d 'j l 1 :.1); l.l II31"., I. S l. 'S I 'll,.w i ch
i.-._, lIirli-er i.i,,\id.-s, injtl all lax |i.,\ers, who
siiI lln l-c'il tliL- li..ti.e ,mid lail li, p ,i\ Iht rla.ixc?
% h1lin l li" lire i ,r 'r ii rcr nbvd- % ill ue t jabhe l .i
lUi iner as.Ics. inI,-ri ol I,?l' i ..r Ihe rile i, G )per
ant 14r Ithe second, 12 iper cni"! In r IhIe nird,
nud A 1,:r c'L -ut h>r lit! i, tl niiiw li, oi i .I'-
d ln'1,Jiu t hL f rh e ir S.,rivei'..l 3A .-fi111i..li., r li..ililiL
uiiu,.id alt r [the .J ,2; .-\. tail, l t i l rie i^4th
ol liic 15djd)- prc.-,.:rib,: .
co,. .

Sieriffr Snale,
-B Y virenl of' a \,r t -f Ciei i I',l ms,'iqed from '
hon Cl-rk. Om,'elf hlip( ir u- Cini II tor the
coi iiv ,"l' Fr. illIt 1-,, V. st.,rn I.'irc II i nf I' FI rida .a
.w!,er-in Hrllril, N. |-.r, & Cn. are pl':iwiffs and
F;.. F. aiz. 11 i.dIe', I I-avvi- I- i,d uipor, arnd
e\ill C'.i"o-r ,.r I-, h1 i.rt the Ciurl TQtilsP if-or
i-n tl-, c'it% o" A,.al-,'i i -<'.!a, on M ,rda, ,,' f'hT.'$rh
,'lay (,f' Arr ] nffl. w lwthin l,.cil hour' the o10 .
I w r'.,i to,--,'rliril l'ri'|'-t y, to I : I hl irie un.
divil], ,I I', I" o l" L,.fl r, iomlhpr one a d I% infy in
Rhl-k F. I, ad tl,e iil,,'rm,,emert- thereon, in:
lh.. id ci,' ,.f A'A l- ichit'r.l.i. Lp ii'-d.turl r) nA
lfie i -r,,1:-11ty, r.|' s id delendanti at d rn bp sold I -:
S.iII-:y ,,d 1illt. .JOHN LT-'C z,
Sllpriti' Fiarjl.jjn 'Cen fl.
r,;: Apal.)chicla., Maic'i 7, 1.516. 10-1s
PCw Oclavia from New 'OrI^Hfm
1_) EI'IV-D q. ; b,,'e a chlot',- seleclitn of-
I Fairiiv Gr,,fi-ii.s and Pivisinrs) i .
I r, Y, z'iI I~l of S1 rq nnd SrInFfi nrlf-r CLILO'~f
inri.d~e Up In tLI) t' -t! '.7 l, ir 1 .lr by if
March 2 ^, :: .:""-< : *22 Water ftri*.

t. R. 'TAYLOK,
C'n IIV x L',iikctr.

I ,rlI; "27, 1S41S

Blaink Books 'nlidSlaliole'}'.
LEuGER., J,.uri.nli, L%.i B4,,k-k, ^.c.
*..11 al. ic ,liiis Fiol-c. and Letrr iaper;
LC,,[Ii.: M elhniiJ',idt blll ? ,,K ;
Ship waid Iivt-i Mills L.,ding; -
I{,:,ji lk ior LIlt -" IP're"s.
Blink Bills i oi l'.xi t ',.i aid Chccks,
Just i aceived and fir sb le bv
M.rch I i ""' -,.' F, ABELL.

B 'LL ,,i the C,-,,.merrld B -lr' ol' fMla,'i,, rq-
-B'Cci(ved at par ,br-G.u,,dj at Ih.- -.j,.veqi cash,
pri.-e, rv 1 I" B" S 4,
March;21" .. B; EL'LISON & Co.

1, JA' Co X -3, 0MA

~LL~J(B~J~ ~I~W -


.39 a 41
4j4- a 51,
4-, a 51
-5.a 5,1 .
5 ,a 6
5i a 6
, shiprments

I I I --- --

)+ Proclwnuiitiout Tihe National Press,
B... viltu'. of the proviiun3 of' an act 6'C the A Letter-3; a Record cof Art; a Mirror of:Pass-
+! "' G.rer..,l Assemblv of this Stot.-, en'itled. inr, E-,1,s. To be puvibiish d ev,-r\, Sattrday, at
A" An Act toj ora ,,z,.: the Mihtii ,. hiir: ."i ,r, of tv'.J .-.,tijr-i a vear, in adv.,,ie. GE()RGE P.
Flt,_rid-j,' a|Jpr,:o 1 ,?e.rL>.?r :,i 7, 1_:'- I, -O.'R.L- O KR .S, E ItI r an." d Piofritlur.
J...M D M o .-:E LY G ._,veri.:,r of I ..rid,1 d., liiti.i.., A ,, n,,,r ti! thi m :,st ,iiniirt liter rY persons
Pr; `Fr h inm Ili-it ai .-l .->i %h oI Ih ,.',,uritr, h1\'e |.,r,,p,,_.td r,, the i ui .dl7rs3 gil ,cd
.First l 7lonI, ia 1p, )1 wi r/. lor All the D[h ,-,,-,i, to p.ii,- li, 1 ii..der thei ah,:.oe till, a reFined and,
ri' B d-. a,,ti.'R ,,er, t:,l Otftceie, of th,- Militia v,.l bl, Nv-..' tt ,oer. upon i p rlan co FhIrng the .
of tlhe State, ,: l. .vn,+ hii, t..st rTAE...i ,]'e5 ,:,i N a l FAent w ith tfll-- be-t
For one )! ,lr,r GenerAl of,"tte Fno't D i'% ion of -tiucnts ,,f e ,-.'ive p.p.pta', Ard at so trifling
the St- ,)t Fliri.ii, -.Inp .- d ,-,! that part of aM aruji cn~i a.; %iii[ police it within tt Ie cqnve-
. 'the St Le. \Vest of th. Snv.,!?ie R,,er. Fo:,r ,,ne wient re.,.l, ot all ,h, -sof s.',r-ty. The c onfrol
M ,jur General ,f th:- Sec',,id Di,.i ,-io- :, the an, d nt .: a.l n ri nr ot' Oil.h plirli.:-ti.. will Iorm the
Stale of Florid.a, c.:,ircip -..; -.f thlat palt ,-' I, (h e ex.\'?h i.'- e ard undivd ld .I aileriti:,, ui the Editor-
S"tate E q ..t,,f the Sn vw.trieu River, at"I ir,,i,,vi .e i.,i.; ,"\|,r] t:-:i? aii.pl Ed;t at,,| S ,,,tl. Fl.,I, Ia. %%il.' e -*ll N:,e txerte.J to sleet, unite and
For one B-',r Ljdt-r Geueral foir Ihe first Eri:.-de, harinotiiiz, th1 \ari,:,uS siIill \hi,:h 1- willing to
+ coom pcsed of the M ilitia --st ut" th, Apalaohi- !,e-k d,.-\.lo, ,m it i.d,.--r hi., direction. The
cola. For one Bri_,adier Gnrieralt of the s.?c,_ndt S:,_-pe, Design and C rliarjctr ,l" tl-hs Paper will
Brigade, CMpoieJof the Militia east ot the dit.:r from th.-,,, .-f any journal., heret,:l'ore esta-
Apla, hioula and west of tlie Sivanee. For blushed, %%hide it will cofipr, leend all that they
.one Brigadier General uf the third 1 ri:de, VoII- contaii of irnportince to the cu,.,nmuit vn....The
p,:ied of the Mlihtii of the counties ol -,lrm- c-.ntetqt% will be fitted to envtae the atten6ion of
bia, Alachui, Levv, a.iri,,n, Bentti. and Hills- the man ,-1f bi.iinls, and be- a s,-urce of eleganlt
-borough. For on" Brizadier General f the intrti,-,n ahid entert.-inrrerit to the Domestic
' fourth Bri,.rade. compjoscd of the M ilitia ,-if" the Fir_-,id, a ,nd Family .Circle.
counties of Na .-ilsi, Duval, St. Jo nms, Or,'ange, Tile leading ; characteristics of this paper, will
St. Lucie, Dide and Mo.nroe. be a l.ll,1..'s-; ;1
For one Colonel, 0o.e Livernant Colonel, aid I. EirlY ari Cploui Intelligence of all inter--
' one Major, for ea.c-h Re-.,inient, as lollov,: esiin ,,,_ "u "c'nrrenCes in gitL,-ra.ture, Society and Art,
For the first Reg-iment, ejmp.,:,ed of the M1,I- both at hune and abr'ood.
tia of Eicanti- andl Santa R.,,s-: C:.litiei. 2. A F..reigan C.:.ri-,:,nJer,e of tried popular-,
FF or the sec,_ ';nd l, L ,,:,s,:d Of Ith e I'i- v h v na,,, it lhas b,..en engaged,
litia of W alhin ,\Va-,ir.t,, ,',_,i ,ti and t% Ill. be co? mntjle,,'ed %% th the First num ber:
For hle third. Rei-irieht, c, .-'o of the M ili- :?. Prdr, ti:.,n in ficti,:n, r,_,r.an,:e and histori-
ti a of' Frainklin and Calhoun cCaitie?, eal inrr~ttle; Sketcld -. fl the last,? and manners
For the fIout'l'd Re,-'im ent, co.m po:,sed of the. Mi- -_-.' the tithe; E .i\-, alt-rv the -riati er of, the Tat-
litia of Ja.'kc-,:n co,-.'i.tv, t r a,,, S;,e.:tjt,-,r, on s jt-,i,::-ts, connf.cted w ith
For the litth R ^-ivri,:nt, con poir-d of the M ili- s,,.:i.,l int-r:.-t.; bi.,rap r, .;I noi..eA and aneo-
t"ia ,f' Gadsden o.,u,,tv, d,-te literary a d,: pr. ,fes]hlnat; b..'i-m ..ts; epi-
For the sixth Ro:im ,?t, c,,m p,-,i.:,d of ilee Mi- tjratn3 and ek ,ant tri.fls :.I' every klrnd; the ru-
litia of Leon and W -kjilllj ,ountieg. 1r,:r.; Of the -i5Y, a,,d the ,":,[nineiils that float upon
:'*' For the seventhh P,,_- irr,:rit, composed of the tl~e c,-11%e ti lion ,,f the ,,:,liir :- ir,aterrjlsof this
M ilitia of" Jell'er-o, countv, I t,: l l I;_*t ll' ordlnury sta-le of the work.
For file ei, t l R .- M militia of M id. .i;..]n and Htt mill.,a -,,,iw s. di-zcrihrcnatiig and popul >r cdrve\ of the Literary
Foi- the ninth Rt, c.1p... 11It' the Ali-.t n ol'thi ,J 1j Y. There t'' ill be a Ihorough
litia of 1he i 'nh n and ..trel'u clir,-ni.,le of ev,=rv thing oA' value ac-
" For the tenth Re.:giment. compos.:-d of the ..MIi- .-..iii]_,Ii-hed in Pamnttg, .wd S..,ilptire, anrd a can-
litia of Alachua..LeLvv ,,,d M ,ricn e..J|.tips. ,,i, and p:itr.:ti. e ttimute rd'1 the National pro-
For the eleveitth R.--m ent, eo'rm p,:,--ed of [lie diCth.:)i=, in cln.i -.i- ,i k% :1h -hEr c"ouitries.-
M ilitia of" Bent,-in and HLillib,:,r,-i'l, ,u, ntitES. i3- ""h_ esp,-iti,,r ol the clhara:t~tr and special ex-
For the ..vxelt'h R,,iniiielt. c ,- .l r,f the cell-nie of v. vhat Ik exlhibited in M 'l.i,.' will be-
M il itia ,o f D uv '.al a l,] N ;3_. u c 0ou. th? q. c]irst t ', f lin y lead to I le .rf ,,re in telli-
For the thirteeuth t,?. ueii e ,?..Ip,,e, of the vielit eil,:oIl.lent ot' that i .l.isr i n a inatIve, and de-
M ilitia ot St. Joh,,s, O '11,,.'e a3,d, St. Lucie C,:,un- lh-ate bir,noh .-,I the Flue Arts.
"-ties. .. N .) o,_t iil-[ t_,aDr.-r's .% ill appear but rhin e of
For the I.:,urteenth Re,..iment.,r com posed of the obviuL-.1. afid 0d ,:d..-11 II Le'll: aind the elellc-i,._-;
M ilitia of Dade .and1 M o;, ..e rici m, c ,,hi.oh .vill co:i, .n-,il, be fromi the l:,r,.:-.gn jour-
A nd I do .:.rd.-r lhi.t idt Ele lti.,n be held ,at iiia flhe let.t lo owiit.. ,l this ,utitr ) %%ill bemade
the piecincts in i1, -.ev r'l ,.,ui _- at %hh ih \\Iti the mir ,.-,t'ntf leii o.tn and uar.
the general eleti u,- ., on thle first M..-iday Af 0.'- The P iId. ii ;iir d.L-,il o.,f [he Editor is to add
tober last, w ere ,rd-der, .. t.-, b.:- heli. J.n. [-Y tile t., tie Re:ihli,- ,,f LItieis a W eekl, J.,-,rnal, dis-
ln sp e ,Tt ori a p p lin t 1 ro m a _e h _c h .. r ; ti n d:&- c ioN i i a l io to ne .a n d fe a -
and if uLich Inspe lt.r; 1I.,r jnrv Iais,? f'il ,.>r rtlt e ",-?. :n'-_ at the s-31 0 Ilile I--, oav,:,d all c ) onnec-
to act, then by sioh I,-,pectorn- as the v,;,ter? pre- iinr wilth ni.A-re !,il.,:lities. THE NATION-
sent at such precints ri y l,.f.'v And I it) AXL rPRESS %% iII, in briel',combine the striking
further order, tit the r.?tniri ,:,t' s,,d election ad n-voel attraction of the Newspaper, with the
shall be m ade bv th, l,,i-,?ecl.,is there,:,t fl rth,.vith m ote abid i r, ti.,e.,ts of the ,her Ii., of pe-
after the ele,-tl,,n. and dir,,.'ll t., Ili- G-:vern,:,r rc- l .1 It will be printed in the t.,li,: form on
and Comrr,:ibr-ir,-Chl,-f t'f t lie Ml ia (L of tiis lair- Ye n,d sit:ipee or pIpr, ,n, ,anew and clear
State. And 1 do lurtlir .,rder, llil the Inpc- t% pe. oblaum-d exre:ly-for the purposee, and
tors of the vari.:.ls _i e.-in .ts sh.ll uep up, t.'.e t Iv il he. li II % Il rl'.t1,1r t -.%m and detail., a
days before thle elictlorn, i thire or Inre public fl.':,r ,hle pe,:"uiiner v.1' the nc ts tytpo,, r'a -hital-kill
plac.as in their election di-,'riot, notice ot IlI.- I1 the country. in adJdition Io tiese, amd 'S one-
; tim e of holding the electi ,:,n Ir :.-r b n'.lered. of i int ..,t %a able peculi trn -;, it %% ill be, in
Given under m v h ,i,. at the city of Tallahai- re.''n to the divet.ty *, t ,.:'it that %vll be
see, this -20th ,.ta/ Ll' Fcbrilary, 1;,I. empli,-,ed upon it, the cheapest pa,:r iII the
IV. D. UlPl-)U ite, I Sta -.t-
Governor of' Florida, and Crrniraider-in-Chielf Tar,-'.--Tw,:,, ll-,r-; year,,:,r thre,1 copies for
ol tlhe 'M ilitn ther,.-f. Febl -re rvI ,u.lir_, invai i.>hh- in advance.
It ,.'vill b6 se.nt by inail t,.:, jal paii. of the Uni-
An i Ol'lin-ilt'e, ted Stat,-si, and to the Brntih Pr,.vin,_e?. dolnl, up
.1rmending (in Oran liiii.. ti tll/'.l. "./n O,'31 i- in tron,;,. wrappr", \\ith tlhe .itul,:,st purn'tUailty
nuice Regt/a tinny th,. Lhaiig", of.Druiy5," aind d-9|.'atl.
,"c., pa" i,'-4 1t'i 1,: tiH 1 l'J. I,,Itin-. zttri p a re,:],.te-tld to act I-z A ',;erit-., re-
SECTION 1. Be it ,,rd:-tiied b, tlhe M. v.'or and ceiv>:- snliirilti,,ns ard li ke rimitance-.
Council of the Cit.- ,,t Ap.-l- Il tl,.-it so Tlie !r'rl inimibi,-r will be i-s,.i:d on Sit,.irday,
much of the ,.,rdin.iare,.f \\IhIi thi- 5I aln :,n~ierid- the fourteenth of February next. +
meant, a-3 i [li.-,ses t'e s,.,m ,:*" ten d,,ll.:>r-3 u._,r one T'h" a ; pr,:I:,abl.- e,: ]iiiite may be formed ofthe
Hor.;e arnd DLi I\, arnl fit'teen dUllais I,,c two I ,inVbr ,-,1' ,_,r,_c-.pi- .lt at \%ill l e re'-i,.ird, subscri-
Hore-3s and \VaWag- Icl: the -1;e ,:, fIle city arid wh iild ,bli._e tl,-f Edit,:rs by sendiw, in their
two dollars to thle City Cler f', i" L,,ei,e, lfe. narmel s l :. .,- Ljrl, i:,erid as p,.,s-tb'e. +.
and the same i.; !,ireby repealed. Ne-w-ijaper and Fei:,li,'.,l Agent-s and Ne,.v.-
SKC. -'2 Be it f'ill [>-r ,:.rdlained, tat eacih rnen s.ipplieed on li:i,,r'Jl t.rins BURGESs
Horse and ll),'v or ,.2rt, shall pay live d,..lla,', SrRI..cr.R & CO. "-.-2 Eroa.vay, Wholesale
and every thvo H,-.rs-4 ,,ind Wa\ ,:oi) _,hall \'aN eialit Aer, is.
doLlars annurI'lly I-or lie use rit' the cily, an,] ,:,rl lubs,:ripti,:,n-d, ,.i..rd -, remittances, and all
apphlic .lin to ,, t? clerk, lier 1,1he sh i.all f l"iit licec, se c,'ii .ic~tl,-ii. ., be ;ildr,:-3sed (-post paid) to
a- above I'.jr. vli,,h hl idflll rcvei\,?, the simi of GE-I.uG;E P. MuKRIS.q '-"- LBroadway,
one dollar, fir e:,ih licernse T,., ,ar:.,it'-d rlii" i:,r- C,:,rn,-r ut A,.i,-t, New-York.
dinance to take eri '.t on d alier the first day of 'f W ith th,:,-e Edit..i, l hi "1.-|.'v the abo.ve.
May next. Pt,:.:pe,..tu;, the Ld.t:,cr %%ill be most happy to ex-
Passed by Coinl!, M ,rch 11, 1S5-1,-. Clian ,i-, a,,.I, atrail tines, *s al.'l'av.,' 3h,r.,-,Nf,-,re
E. C. ROBERTS, Mayor. to reciproct,,,-s tlih liberalities and -courtesies of
W,\ILLI.AMs \ALLE.AU, .leri:. thie I'r,.-'?s.
March 1-1, 1-'5.-I,. Offce ,of. pl, ,li,'ati-.r,. No. ":22 Broadway, (cor-
ner ,_,f Armii-st.) Ne,'+v Yorlk, \\ here s,.ib-crit t,,r:'!,-
]For S.'lle. ar,,. r,_+,'elve .
0~f FIRKINS b,--t.Ddii' B,.i1er~better known'r
A j as L atl . a n 's B iil#,r '" A p p l y to ~ IiB S I)N &. C L .A P P "21'2 \V .t.r -:tr ,=,:t. h ;>\e "
Feb *2I NiI-ifSE. S'IONE ..* Co. 'I...1 thns d<,'j rei-', red per .clhr Hel,n, h'oni Nei\
Orle'ni s and ,:ri'L-r t'.. sile
0 11 {'Oil iilJlfan ell. *..i.ni) g.ills Lir,+eedl Oil;, *'2,,,) Ibs ptitl;,
rT H- E sub i,:rib,:r ',s Iti't I'eceived f',ro the lriLnj "" R ,:i 'i.,ri i ,l S !.,._ tii Uil[;
'. L ilna iii.il c? t iil' c r,' a rid| p '-,u l:,h .l e r ] b elr ij l li' nl ll i I, ,t ',, i b x -; G [ i a i ,.,.'t_ d >i 7.,-s ;
of Paper H ,n'in.:';,ri F,,,,l,:.,p and L,.itt~r Paper, *jn j,,. |..i.s FanCV T._,,iit Soap;
.; D ay B o o k s!, J ,,u.1 n ~il[ i a.,, L ,_:- e r .-, B bib es, P ray e r 1.',0) Ht s T l', ii:._l i,-, r Books;, etc., w+~ hic h le olK-r:> very I,.,..w. ,",,.1 k,::..- No. 1 W l',ite Lead ;
Feh 7 1'F. KOPMAN. 1,., **" Prt in, Geen; 10) do Lhrvm,. do;
^ i a H r 0 C hlr ,-,il e V ll ,:,w ;
5, H['-DS New I6rleari+, uf s,.perior quality, ....?-"t)r ltB*'*" f
Ilor sle by A C'ard,
leb -'25 9 N O-)L 'RS.E STO N E &, C O T.- "IS;H IN G to cl,..-e o ur" l,>_-.ine .s+ [In this tpl,e.
F o r S l l e t' w e ] i e |: ,r c ]. j r e d t o s e l l o u r1 1 e t tsie m e .l ,,: ;
0^I BBL MESS PO.RK ;'2,i t tbls No. 1 o R ,0L:*B"l-f1^.Ht'&-a
2 ) M a,:kerd ; 0 . bbl: N J "2M ackerel; 10 u,,u"*", ,11 *i,,v pri,,: h,.r ,:]sh or c,:tv aceopt r ,,?e
it bbh Fulto>n MXar e B,- et Irr .ie byv M er,:liar, ts .,t,,.l ,-,hers \'i_-lli '..Y thin c.itv, will nnd.
Dit; bb. FutnMre ^ -PRAT, it to ltl.-ir ihtere-t to; ex'.inf le our st_,ck belure
feboS~c r4 -l' ,,\Vate str,-:', t fiiakiihL'_gtleir purc'ha'-es.
feb0 & P. \.>tr~l>ut.J. SFE\-ENSON &. CO.

P erfu lael',y.. Ap~i~tl-ihi,:,:.ll, .Jain. 12. !-.'5,4, ; i-.-
C OLOGNE, Lavenider, Fl,.rida IWac'., En- Hauging anad Hlope.
"-racts, Violera, Jassrline. Amber, Portru l 1 G0, ID i f[,, tle L-1 P ,,e" L, _,,-,n Kentukv
&c.- Soaps, Preston Salts, OLoI, o m h,, x. B.gl ad U001 Ra ,,, suhe Q,.
Jan -24 J. C. ALLEN. r, N-ii-SE. S'mNE 'r<. C'.
Goods on C'Oiiisinillenla. Ban ig anidl Hope.
A SMALL asso"rtinent ot G.:.d', ol'i'si-1tin --10 PC.S. K.-.,it,,,-,. '
Colfee. Tea, Soa|p, Candlh:o, Tob 1. 00:,1',: ly :.11 ,,,is R,,pc; ".;I:i'- ->--[e.;.in, .
Gunpower, Brandy, a ,:... is o;ired at Ne-v 4 bales B.,y.,,,,.- T" m,. t.-,r :n.QA by
York Iuvoice prices, by \M." G. PORTFR, & C,.)
"./ janM1 5 NOURSE. STONE &k CO. NAv *' 41 \\,ter,.lr',-r.
: FoB- Sile. BnconB.
f0 BOXES Rofnlng Pl.,te, 14 by 20. "UST I,,d,.t, pe, A.-, h ::li-rv.. fNom New
J 31) do T in d,-1 1-3 Orh-.ii a c,,,,.'igT;nlri ,-,I \,-ry .,pr,,.,r Cii,-
1150 hdl Shm.,t Iron, Nog 1'2 to *20,', cilari clre.j B mcmn, in hhds, tOr M,i,? W.i
-'- Braziers' atd Sheethinrg Copper, lebC'- '. RCER^ & CO.
Blck Tin, Lead, Iron and Tio'd Biveth, O '. l l
+'*+ **<: BiiBclket E ,r, Bar iron, Ho:op Ir,..i,
Nail Rods, '[in Ware, wholesale and re- BUf)RXES? Nvw% Sp:d.rd in,:r Caidl',
tal, by 100 lr sale low for CLJ']h t'y
.- Nov I ROBER4-S, A>eNov T, 4? r street.
Flour and Coi'rn. 3 rd .
0: BBLS W western Flour and 75 sacks Corn, fres h, 'de n eee d an f
P U Ibsa".-\WRRANrED fresh, j,,st reeei'ecd and for
20' for sale Aby
'' febS 9 6 W after street. Jan. "-'4 D" [ i.-t.
Limne-Afloai. Bagging nlaid Rope.
0 Kf~tT\CASKS Tlonia-ston, i'or sale bY V500 PIECES lieavy Clifton Ketumeky Ba'-"
500 Jan .24 D. B. WOOD &, Co. ^\ r,..,; "1,, coils ',.,,d K-,tucky Rope.
Flai'OiiI'ilIs" Wa,'lller>. .-lo, .,0 1% boxes Tubh'ic:,:, varil,,u briud-. Inr s-,le
A N assortm ent just re,?,iveJ, ardwl ,r sa Iy eby Li-iL"KftArT 5 \O 1NtG.
Nov 29 C. ALLE.N, Drii-,izr. F c" .9
-, ..,.,K-n,-.,- .n iOn8 ClotiBS andii (arli,4s.
5 0 C O ILS or KE N rUC K Y ROPE ; W.U Wbs 1 R r_,,lC h.h, 1 .-2 ., ,,d 3 rd. wide,
superior B a ina 'T r n te. ,r sPl,-by 1, I3 p c: 1pe. In -ram C carpet r, i de,
MYERS &, M ITCHEL, r, 3 p" ,:,it gn -i
\\ ate "2 '"straw "
.Dec. "2"/, 1';4-5. :3 Wtr st. ^, ^
+ ENT'S black, blue and red Ink. Also, copy 6 Cotton Drugget. 4. 6 and _iqlrs. wide.
ir, Ink, for sage by For sale by W. G. PORTER & Co.
,an 24 1J. C. ALLEN. Nov '29 tl Water street.

Coal. ot 1;frc' .91rmfnfistratorst- iotf cra. *Arogs| and Nediclewi
... ,." Il THE subscriber b*,,.,atd will
7 17A R R A N T constantly have, onandb a complete
: AT CHAMBERS, MARCH 16; 1846.-. .TOTICE-Know all persons interested, that In
," "-assoit *eit" of DRUGS and NEWl-
Franklin Circuit+Court, ; i..Ll six weeks-"from the daite or"ihis, notice, I" llB..
:. InlANCERY.il apply to IiJs honor the Judge of Probate for A J l and ofhtib'hest quality. Country
Alphonse Loubat, 6... county of Franklin, for letters s5S5l Merchants and Planters will find it
VS.. .. ,. coupon the-estate of Stephen T. Skillman. de- : | to'ihcr advantage to call,. examine and price hit
George W. Harrison and Marga- -.'.' ceased. SILAS DAVbENPORT. '
z + '"' ....Gpods, before purchasing elsewhere."
ret Emma .Harris6n, his wife, Apalachicola, Fa,, March 6, 1846. 10-6w N. B. Physician's prescriptions. p4 up with
David Q. Raney and Harriet F.. O:R t he n t he cure of tspepa-orIndigestion, ..Bi. dare and accuracy a-y t
*Ranay;his wi~fe.; Joseph Hud- : ''._:,= OTICE-Six months after date I will apply F iomus and nervous Headache, Constipation,' .. : : r r AirN1
Alexandw Me;s n and e p +to t P ate Court of Frankin County, Diarrahcea, Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel', Flat. ,^ Marc 21., _.; C. AL.r a'.
-.O den- Haggzerty, Assignees of --Bill to- fore- for a final discharge from the administration and, 1-n ev, &c' For Salfe holesale and re ail'by ..,M arch 21, X i-., Cr. 6enreantO iere st
SCutter .. ... ;J'mg smot officeofexecutorof the estate of David Rich- Nov5.BXALLEN, 'Drugi'st." '. allsam-of.l~ierwor.
:gagSoi lotsardson, deceased. REED mostRSH parrant ispOn said'^ now to be
+ Boartandohn. Hwthrn, gag onots 'E. B. WHITMARSH. -Tlarrant_'s ,'Compound Extract 0i. '-dis3covered ,n settled CovoUmltioti, Liver
+ constituting the firm of Bogart Nos. 9 and "8-6m -Ctllketos.a:n^ o]vayia complaintint or any of'bheir incipiesl ytUtonua,
& H aw thorn ; D avid M aitland, 12 in block S d 1. fo. r .. .. ..... t stefo so-^n the oro n o- The irtia pydttripth
SDavid S. Kennedy, Henry La- El, in the -TOTCE-Six months after date the under- 'efficacy; it performs a cuM, Doctow.-TAYLOR'S celebrated-mii cine,. that
'verty, James S. Branden and city of Ap- _, signed will apply to the Judge of Probate in a. few days-no confine Gemuine BAaM OF Lav EwORT, wbich he nre.
Hamilton. fwMurray, constituGenuiengAala OFiAVolaWO ","hich e pr"
Hamilton Murray, constituting- alachcola. for the county of Jackson, for a final settlement- meant or restriction in diet, .pare ,, at .37 O ERY. Thin pla. oftyesteientt
the firm of Branden& Murray; of the estate, of Mary T. Gardner, late of said is necessary. It:" in. be now espousdg by'several eminent physiciaA,1 8,
Crumby and-- Dra- county, and a discharge from the officeof Ex c- found invaluable being pre- aiidha'sbee 'forW a 10ng time, therseret of the
per, constituting the, fim of utrix of thelastwill ntt tepred with the greatest-np''"tleld "success whc 'has attended -Doctor
-Crumby &,Draper;-- Wil. .. ceased: MARY ANN. CHAPMAN, ;B~vglx,-, possible care,- Upon Well Tay6lbi's medicine inm'performing ils wonderful
son and -- Gale, visible I December 20, 1845. Executrix. tested principles, fi.unded ce,,, ,,hich in manyy c ,,, ,ery .... ,, ava,
partners of the firm of Wilson, TOTICE '-The undersigned having recently- upon ta.t important law-, beenalmost incredible, but the conclusive proofif
Gale & Co. and James Brown. 'N + first established by the cel tl .Doctor can bring forward are irresistible, and
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, J- quaunied as auminisfrator onthe'est.arte"o; : f a c .
.Lthat the above named defendants'do not reside Henry-Josey, late of Jackson county deceased, "'.rr~aJ .ooe lowidlta!womyhv ogso lml
within, the aState naoef eFlodabuts w n requests all persons who are indebted to said es- that a combination of sim. ,colds eyen, to use thib perfect specific-.without
within, -the State -of Florida, but within the ^ f 1.03 -ilar remedies would produce- a more' certain', oga *rnlnsv sal ekwl.sn
UnitedI tts;;tihrefoeordered, that pub. rate to come 'forward and make immediate Pay-, lrreeiswot rdeamr etii llay. -.,Franklin says a. small1 leak:wilt sink a
United States it is there ered t ment and those to whom saidestate is indebted speedy,.and considerable effect, than~any equiva -big'sip.- Therefore, clre your roughs before
licationbe madem the CommermaloAdvertiso p t lent dose of au.y single one.' In many. tasesithb your lungs are ast cure Forsale by
once a week, for sthe space of four months, ofatheaOP y TH. R disease is entirely prevented byitltimielyappliJa-. ; J..ALLEN, Sole Agent for (
institution of said suit, requiring them to appear "Y^ o /' tion. For saleby -7.- *' Apalachicni *o
and answer to the saidbill of- foreclosureon or -'Marianna, Nov. 4, 1845. [6m] Adm'r. tov For sa-e .-^yD. ; Drggist, &c. :. CAU N- g 'la. N
N~vf. "'+ .+ -: ALEN Dt~ggst,.i:." "; CAUTION"The gentfine boetoi" TTi,ont's
before the expiration, of that time, or said biH- ".rOTICE-The undersigned having recently hi-,, Wr, slo BA-LsAm -,or;-.LiVERWORT, has on tbe bottle a
will be taken as confessed against them aud such-: .j qualified as administrator on the estate of ,t..,,,,-,.
Cabinet Work-; S-ho....* ... ; O.p;eptedinsteet plate engraving; to p -revent c-oun-1
further- order given in the premises as: to .b^ arey W. Josey, late of Jackson county deceased .....E.suc e ., .. by a J... Leeds, -.any other is
Court may seem meet. s 'll'ero"srequests all persons who are indebted to said es- t........tren r, -it..
~~ ~~~urniture, -with prompt eesand, de, -.. .- .
.(A Copy-Teste.) tate to come forward and make immediate pay- r w cautioned not to purchase or deal in it, an it is
WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. reent; and those to whom said'esiate is indebted spatch, and solicits.the patronage of his old (pay, pee by theU S Cop Right Laws f\
March 20, 1846-12-4m to present their claims within the time prescribed ing) customers, and .hopes by trirct attention to "2;March 1, 1846. 12-1y
Franldllin -County. by law. ETHINGTON J. MERRITT, orders to-gain some pew ones .,, ....... "
FIRST DISiTRICT TUSiT-IC'S COURT Marianna, Nov. 4, 1845. [6m] Adm'r. P ETEK'R1 BA4 T. ., : rew Dry Goods i
F D T 1 S E 1OcJ Shop in third story of Brick Building, cor-,^rVHE1 SUBSCRIBER having just received, and
A s. G .Aaemmes, n TOTICE.--Six months after date, I will ap. ner.Chestnut and Water sts. -ov 8-' L opened his splendid slock of EW DRY
Aron B. Ma rv.' .. ply to the Probate Court of Franklin coun- Thosw'larh GOODS, at his'store adjoining the Drug :Estab-
rpHE defendant is notified of- theinstitution of ty for a final discharge from the administration of BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, t'shmen-of J. C.-A~ en,respectfullyinvites the-'
1 the foregoing suit by-attachment,ieturnable the estate sph .Burdsall.- CONTINUES to carryon this busi i t a n exmie'orth^86e.
to the April term of said Court. ELLWOD BURDSALL. nj ] hess in Apalachicola, two doors below Pmon this new stock, are the fol wiKgarticles,
A. G. SEMMES. Apalachicola, Nov. 1, 1845. '-the City Hoiel on Centre" street.- vlz:. .'. ..
March 18, 1846. 123m" Having superior workmen, he is, con- Calicoes, beauttfu patternsand aest h
March ni8, 1846. -:. *h tt r State Tax Collector's Sale. fident, that all .who may patronize him will find Mousline deLaines and Fancy .Ginghams;,
Western Circuit Of the state Of ^UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that six. they have called at the right shop. "French-Calf Amiens, a rare and splendid article for Ladies'
o -' TFlorida* months after date I will' expose to sale at Skin and MoroccoBoots, or Shoes, made to order, '. Dresses; .
HeNryD. DFRAenL IR I -sORst by attpublic outcry, opposite' the Court House door, of the latest fashion' and-most approved style. Silkand Worsted Shawls; : : ,-
HenryD. Darden,, Assumpsit by attachment' in he City of Apalachicola, county of Franklin, All mending, &c..,done.with neatness and promp-, Ladies'- and Gentlemens' fine Worsted 'and
vPla.... ff. Sum dean1ed,8 1 the following Lots, lying and being in said City, titude, and on terms that cannot fail to be. re- Cotton Hose "-
vs. $11,8 12.^ Las the property of*the following persons, for cognised as in keeping with the competition in A fine assortment of Domestics.,of. various
Daniel McDougald, ] Bond filed in ^24,000. Taxes due said State for the year1845, as per trade and the closeness of-the times. widths and colors; ..
Defendant. Jaconet, Swiss'and Figured Muslim;
rpHE defendant and all others interested will plan of City. jan17 3-6t "tI .Jaconet SwingsdoF ni mered ouS pattli no;
1 take notice that this suit was commenced Lots. BIcks Owne Committed Ladies'fine Caps of all kinds; : +
by attachment issued 15th March, 1845, from 2 40 Campbell, $ 20 Franklin Superior Court in the .Apalachicola 9 and 12 El Calhoun & Ross, 1 60 -lachicola, Florida, on the 27th January, Red, Yellow and White Flannels;
District of the Territory of'Florida, returnable. 18 H2 R. Mcj~enzie, 30 . 1846, a runaway, who calls his nameSAM, Gentiemen's and Boys' fine Hats and Caps;., .
to May Term, 1845, of said Court-that the said 7 and -12 Bl' Wm. Mathers or assigns 2 95. and says he- belongs to Augustus Li ear, Gents. Lamb'-.wocl Under-shirtsand Drawers,
writ hath by operation of law, been transferred to 4 28, Dr. Meacham, 40 Gadsden County, JPlorida. Said boy is -25 or 30. : Silk and Straw Bonnels; ....
Franklin Circuit Court in the Western Circuit of 1 J H.N. Morris, ,80 years old, dark color, about 5 feet, 6 or 7 inches Umbrellas and Parasols; -,
the State of Florida, that a declaration hath been 4 I! David Seldon, 5 high. The owner is requested, to come forward, Beauliful Ribbond; Cord and Tassels;
filed in said cause by leave of- the Court at the 6 and 7 C2 Jacob Harvey, 1 60 comply with the law, and take him away. Alapacas, &c.&c.-&c. .
present Fall Term, 1845, and that the'defendant '2 22 Chittenden's Estate, 30 JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff F. C.- Together" with_:a general -inal well selected
is hereby notified that he is required to appear JOHN LUCAS, Sheriff, Apalachicola,'Feb.+14, 1846. 7-tf '".assortment of
and. plead to- the declaration filed in said case ac- and ex-Officio State Tax Collector. Ladies'.fine Boots;and Shoes; .
cording to law. W.,G. M. DAVIS,' Apalachicola, Jan. 24, 1846. 4-6m Twenty Dollars- Reward. '_ "Genllemen's ditto, ditto; <. ',;.
AttTH OM A S rn; Pain tif D EI N abont to elo se their present business -GOR' the apprehension of the boy H E NNR Y Boys ditto ditto; ...
'~~~~~~~~~Gelee s Reaore::o'Plaitaff Clothing,^^ cosstn ofaa~~lslfT '.l~na'^t
BapiDc1 8^ '13-J)the subscribers nowoffer for sale their large urday last, without leave. He is about 50 years Frock and Box Coats; : -?osi: ngo
Dated Dec. 19, 1845. 51-3m and well selected stock of Clothing, Boots, Shoes, old, six feet high,obuet'headed. and bald o n top s F k andB Coats; -,
AT CAMBES, Dc. 5,145. Has, Cps, c.,at geatl redcedprics fo ol sx fet hghFine Sattinetand ald Ind (.a Sttiemtre CPantaloPntalon;
AT CHAMBERS, DE. 5, 1845 Hats, Caps, &., at graly reduced prices forf his head, with an ancient cut over the lefteye, Coarse"Gotton and Worsted. ditto-
Franklin Circuit Court, FlorJida. cash only ... which, With an impediment in his speech,,gives FineSatin and 'Worsted:Vestas.
Fall .Terim. .' COATS : him, when he attempts t0 speak, a curious ^ex And for (he Juveniles, a splendid assortment of
IN CHANCERY." .Beaver and Pilot Cloth Coals; pressing, Worthy the study of a Lavater. rTie, Pictoridl Books and Ti s of -ll d,?scriplinis.
Jo nGrrie, on bill, to -+oreclose- Bl'k., blue, and inv. green frock address do. iI- B o sa dT fal de rpt u .
.JoinGorrie, O b oocebl a i r a a a above reward will be given for his apprehension Together with s I
,vs. -mortgage on, certain- Sattinet and~cloth frock~and sack- + do.t "" ,. o et eaih raions olfier articles too, numer-
vs. r I I I do. anddelivery in .this place, and all reasonable ex- ous to mention; atl of ws hi t-e su--c.iber offers
LwisP.-MosleyTweed assimere sak and frock w penses paid. JOHN JENKINS;?: ;at low pri-esifor 'CAt .ononly.;* -'
his wife Ann Mose- [.No. 9 and 2 in Bloock Kentucky Jeans frock and dress dO, Apalachicola, Jan 17, 1846. ,.3-,f .: N SEYMOR.
ley, form erly A nn |-N o. one, in the City of P AN TS : aarra n t s -:ff eprv esre nt s e ltz e r 6+m'" +
Gillespie. JApalachicola. Blue and bl'k cloth Pants; Aarrant a lIfervesenh. Seitz
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,, Super bl'k doe skin cass. Pants; Aperien. Dry Goods.
that the above named defendants, Lewis P.' Plain sfiipe and fig'd,- -do. do; "'EALTH RENEWED,-and -an inviioralr,] h rTHE subscribers offer for sale a large:anid sea-
M.,.it ad his wife Ann M,,sel.^, formerly Ann Sattinett and Tweed do. do; _IL and healthful' condition of Ibody produced, J sonable stock of Dry Goods, consisting it
(;llJ-pie. reside beyond the limits of a'd "S.tae, Kentucky Jeans and Corduroy do; by the use of TARRAN TS *EFFERVESUENT part' of:. ., : -. -
but residents of' the United States, to wit, the .... VESTS: SELTZER APERIENT. '- Negro Kerseys and Linseyg, *.
State of Alabama. It is therefore ordered, That Plain black satin Vests; rThis preparation is universally allowed to be Whitoeand.Red Flannels, -,
the said defendants be required to-appear and an- Fig'd do. do. do; the most popular remedy of the present dayoibr, Plain and Fancy Jeans, +
swer the said Bill of Complaint; on or'before the Plaid, stripe, and fig'd cashmere Vests; the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bilious :Doubletwiwlled Tweeds, .
sixth day of April next, 9r in default thereof, -that -ALSO- and Liver Complaintservous Weakness, Head-: Super fancy Casameres, __ J;
the same be taken as confessed against them. White linen and muslin shirts; ache, Hearttiurn,. habitual Costivenes,;,&c. .Sper English and Freneh Cloths,
And it is further ordered, That a copy of this Figured do. do. do. Travellers and residents 1n warm climates will Whitney Blankets, 10, 41 and 12 qrs.
order be published in the Commercial Advertiser, Merino shirts and drawers; find it a desirable article ; it prevents any .accu, .- Duffil Blankets, 8, 9 and10 qrs.
a newspaper published in'the city of Apalachico- 'Silk and cotton shirts and drawers; mulation of bile, is portable, and the method of Denims, Kremlins and Cottonaidesi,
la, for four months successively. .. Stocks, dollars, Gloves,. Suspenders, Cravats, preparation is, unusually convenient. Children :. Brown Shirting-and Sheeting, -
(Copy--Teste.) and Scarfs; have frequent occasion for gentle and coolitiq Cott'on:Osnaburgs, .
.WILLIAM VALLEAU, +Silk;.Merino, Lamb's Wool and Cotton J Hose; purgatives; they will take this aperient:inWpre- Cotton'Drilling and, Ticking, ;
December 13,1845, 501-4m 11 Clerk. Silk and -Cotton Umbrellas, Trunks, Hats and ference to any other. Sold wholesale and retail-by 'Linen and Cottorn Checks-. ^:-
l Caps;also, a very large assortment of Boots Nov 5. J- C. ALLEN, Druggist, &c. Irish Linen -Shirting and Sheeling,
Frn-i Saprdo CoSt.oe ^ sh &c. "MILLER &Co. paints, Oils, and G-liass.+, Bleachied Cotton Shirting and Sheeting.
William Wr'ight, /. an "ne, -iivis nL^~s English, French and Amnerican Prinls .
S "vs. Attachment for.S5000. ."' To Pruintrs. ,^ GIBSO &: CLAP;P; wrco :+.taspepan adtil igas
Daniel McDougald. $ L TYPE FOUNDRY AND" PRINTERS' FUR- WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN+ Exr super pCinashdr twilled Gigas
r-[HE Defendant and other persons interested .-:,NISH[NG WAREHOUSE. aints, Oils., Varnisbes, Furpentine, Window ;:;Extra,9Uper Muslin de Lathe,. --,.. '
J.L are. hereby notified of the institution of the r- HE subscribers have opened a new TY.PE ,,' Giass a&c, English, Scotch and, Americand, ': '
above suit, and are required to plead accordingly. L -FouNDRY in the City of New York, where Will keep conlstantl~y on hand a good assort.- Sue Italian~black and figured Silks, *7
-- J q : rlGEO" S" HAWKINS'' -they are'ready to' supply ordersto any extent, tor ment of MlIXED PAINTS of All colors, tor'Ste-m ', lac sikCravats and f-ancy H krs, *' *
"J. C. sMITH,+` = any kind of job or fancy Type, Ink, Paper, Cases, 'Boats, Shipping and Plantation use; tether with ,Super English ;rnd Pongee Silk Hkfs, ." +.
Att'ys tbrPlaintifl -. -Galleys, Brass Rule, Steel Column do. Compos- a variety of articles in the painting line, toohnu- English and American Cotton Hkls, '
Apalachicola,; March 19,1845. 49-4m ing Sttcks, Chase, and every article necessary merous to mention. + Madras and Verona head Hkfs,r ].. *
...ge. Ha ".ki.. Attcnment, Franklin Te ru, hihare cast in new mouldsfom G^ d Super^ :as/le an Wrsed,es :,; .-
""G.Semvs,"" Circuit Court, Damages an entirely new set of matrixes with deep coun- moderate prices o cash :; Cotton~andFlax'Thread, *
T ", -" h ^1.500. : : ers, are warranted to be unsurpassed by any, and 2 2 Water street, Apalaehicola. plain and fig'd Swviss and checked Muslins,' +
nr]H defendant is hpereby notified of the irnSti': will be sold at .prices to suit the times. Ja.1,14., -; Jaconet and Carrbric Muslins, '
T tuh-tio f theabovesitb 'r;,hrrt;r.; P~rint{ing Pr'esses turnrshed, and also Steam- Iron, Nfails, &C. Needles, Pins, Tape, &e. i.c... :*
f l <" Ei en^l^^ fs 'oi t ,i[,esot the most approved patterns. TpHE subscribers have on hand. and for -sale,. .Which have been selected with zreat care~inr'
turnable to the%:rr Te~rm, 151;.'. "i wofsaid or, Composition Rollers cast for 'Prin~ters. 1 wholesale anti retailIlpw for. Cash-2 ;-- .:New..-York~and. Boston from hrporter~sand Agents
'at which tliu:,e e is rel^Jl ^^r I appen-i cosrnl am plendacdtoreai 20 tons assorted Iron5- 50 kegs assorted Narils, -.of .3,nufacturers, at the lowest market rates, and
:' 9 n.",1840. '. .+ ... I f-f Prewes and do'light work. ".50 kegs Spikes, Wrought and Cut, ,.are ,owV Onfered at.\, Ilo.eale or :etail rn favorable
i ,"!- r --* E..:lir.:,rs of NeWspapers, who will .buy three Sheet and Boiler iron, '.- ,.-.'" ,.- term-s by WM. G. PORTER &c^ Co. ..
.. ... :- _.- -- .... tim es as iint .,-J ty pe.as th eir :b ills am ou nt to, m ay. "H ollow W are, a genera l, ass or~tm e ntf, i L '., '*! i N i~ *2 "'., i"Z,.l i. -11 W:a fer stfr pet.
-llil--a--~Nllkeenl ColloU Seed for giv- te above six-months' insertion in their pa- Sugar and Coldren Kettles;, .; ",+ ... "'i-----
.Sale. pers a'td send their, papers containing it to the Cook and Parlor So,,:-,,.'Sad Irons,",."; : ( _Iron," .malS a""s --. ,11
T H ..VE a few hundred b,.i.hels of Tell,:,w ,uh,' rib.nb r.. :". Blacksmit~h's Tools, H ardwiare ". '. -*Q n TO N S S~ wed~e Iron, assorted sizes, , :

t.vo ,lkar..I.U I'"- I ..... Nailq, dc
1 ..f i ,,,eton S.ed for saile at two dollars ...CO-OFT & OVEREND, 68 Ann st. Britannia and Jappand Wares Brass Andirons, 41 .;s ,..' ..;
per bu~l. ; This. S-l is"he gr.,th ,:,' s,.ed : ^NrYork; Aug, 6, 1845. 34-6m Fire Dogs. Shovels kand Tongs,, : 4 casks Weeding Hoeg, assorted qualities,
impIted l.-t ear frumh l,.a-r of M-l a i, ':. : Hooks and Thimbles, Blocks, Pump Boxes, 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils, -;,-,, +
the 3dnte.rean aand \\ re r.i,-d anI ined ,. '.+ J Ou Pri e Marlin Spun Yarn, Manilla aM Hemp Cordage,. 20 English and American Vises,
on.a pl.arnta,_,n wIere no other Cottongrew. TYPE FOUNDRY AND PRINTERS' FUR- Anchors,Pitch, OakUm;Tar, Coal Tar, Rosin, R ; -1 C.I BeInws, '
g I H N G A E H UEm 12 dozen:Sp ade sand Shovels, : "
The 'ee,s."ile,ef:,re genuine.;' Samples'of the .. sNISHIaNGV enwTurpentine, Sperm and Linseed Oil, .-.
Ct,,,n altE be se''ll at tle office of Mes .Mc:K." "1 a oL,- : : aou itw rk e Paints and Brushs, Rigging and Pump Leather, n,1 Collin's Axes, "
-le.- It Aplachicola,13 alld whil-haeot^ S^p e F oeketsf in the cit ofNw okw-bnd Wooen ^is
d~~~~~~ ,J-T.,,l:It.'. tl\-rerdytsppyodrtoanexent, for Matts, Pumps and Buckets,-.- +
Tnie seed cu.i be fr,rwarded by ste-ttnboat to anvkindofJob 'r FancyType,'Ink,'Pap r ass lnadSh eIrn \aet: +. 1cseR vadsC st telM l av.
r March 14 ROBERTS, ALLEN & C0.. .000 lbs Cast and Germnan Steel, fir sale by
-k~l-hi.lao CAniu;,o a,, n~r-ndat raley,, ras11i TELCOUNRLE\VAM. G. PORTER & C o.
I.:, ,,.^li,..l or'on~p,-,_dil~z Lts, (trare.Chs, and every article, neo- SanS SO01Cii" Nov- 29 41 Water street.
-" '" REIUTBEN C. SHORTER, Sr. ,,.-:,rv u--a Printing Office. Also second hand RESTAURAUT, BILLIARD AND 'READING ,e K r |
E uhid, i. A la., Jar iurrv '-27, l :4fl. 5 w n :,t -rial 's. R O O M Pt n i v a l
-- l_..... Al"., "y ", l-4. "!,- TIle Type which are cutin imitation of the I corner Comerceand Centre Streets. I "1LLER & CO. have removed their stock of"
Goods CheaB* for 'a rIT HE.1.-n,.ber -,,e, of de rir.. ,,f ,isp,,s I ,'1 ertrr,.l\ ne-w ,st of Matrixes.with deep counters, BY R,. E. RAIMOND, .- iWater and Chettnut streets to the store'o0 '
r i 1i.:C'-k of \ it,-r (_;or,,s, ,'-hich Is large e -art? \',m rainted to be u,,uipa'--;ed by any, and will : ._ r .W after* street, forirr rly occupied by S. B. Hamil-
a,,d be.,.nI, l, as- ar tadditu>, d i,d,-,,:.inet to his be sold t,o, suit the times. All the type furnished OYS"I'ERS- Fried.B'roiled, Roasted, Stewed, ,ton, where the ,'y will stand* v keep on hand a4
cust,:,ms that ofselling them ,-,ff at ,',./ u,,d Iy u is"hand cast." The types from any f un- Pickled and'in the Shell., g- .ae a ,rleni t ,on READY -"ADE CLOTH~
,...',,/r.z,v, ,nr ,dalan evjenceof4r.dlitud- l,-,r the dr can be ilat.:hed at this establishment. .WELSH RAREBITTS,.AP, : .NHT P, BOOTS, SHOES,,&c.sc.-.
fiv',,i thierelol.-re reeivEd ,l, .nf,, h, frind._ar,, Printit,. Pre z.;e fur-nished, also Steam Engirnes POACHED EGG ..-,-t ....4.' O t. 5.l.4 .43- if
thl-e publ,', lie r,,)0, -ivesI l,,1 at ,opp,-,rurty o _,l -o the ,-,t approved patterns-'', BIRD SUPPERS.. t 5 0 BALES HAY Ibr sale by
gfttit,-, bargains, sch a4 the,, c In s dld,-,m ieet .Co nposit R.llerrcast tforPriIters. B P ate S ,pper. R ooms. E .I M YERS & Ml TcH EL.-
with in thii e,",unttv. Merchants fr,.,n, the in- "H OOIKlt)T 0VEREND> HOT LUNCH every day from 11 'to-1. FLeb. f4, 1S46. 36 Walter street..
ori,-,," w,-,uld d&.) \'ell to call and examine ihe : D,?;,'1a3, l .. Iy 6S Ann-st., New-York. Families and visit,.rs supplied with O termss by "
t e.th Narl rlln arc~h 14 Pork & eBeef.
stock wlhch is r,,o '. ah,:e.HHDS St. Croix Su.iar, e b ar rl or : 3 .
N.BFRwuda ain CSlue I ( ,-*PM.,N. 10 "- 1: 40 %-Olan iwat Larve jBBLS. Mess and Prime Potrk; 30Ibble.
N. B. I .I. i, N.- Oe ,.r to are, + BL N.I'sa' a by 40 ; 4 Mess and Prime Beef, for saleby
thei' idebtedhess r.rsettle u i 1,, s .,e s RioCTee ; 0 d 0 .. .M arch J7 .. ; J DAY & Co .-Marc i .' DAY & Co.
thei.-'~i\ of linti"Nffif- theiem further. bxs Aroi':> n a li Tubcbo ', Sall.
Fe!, 7 "F 1. K. 4 1) P r:l',teT.aao "rE D iAR %%anted by 6.0 "SA "< "C K I'"
: ) ,htf"d do. B,-:.:,n*.and Labb,,'s, a41 D.B WOOD & CO.'
B001S lid Shoes. ,, i S,,e m (..,.dles; ;,bx. brown Soap, D B WO & C 0 26 0 go of British bark Cumberland, for
"D OVS"a,. 1liS Ri_-t Br ,,- ,_,, ba St ,,t; 5,1,ke, PAwder, -'^GGING- 2,, roll, for sle b sale y [M arch 7] J. DAY & Co.
UI Mer'.' ewv, and at,.fd Kip Brogans, ).,,.i is Lead; 4 cs.l l.in-,;-d Oil, B march14 D.BW00D &,LO Canvassed R4ams.
I;e,,|s tire Calf Brr>;-:,',s, + "-11., keis Whtlte Lead., No. 1. E~i,'ra and Pure. PECiE-For sale in sum-i to oillt purchaser,.so, CASKS Canvassed Hams; for sale by
\ 'sp e d a rdl ,- 'd S h o e s C h ild r e n 'si d o d o F o r s .le b y v \r G P O R T E R & C o b \ D .B W ,bOO D & C o . W O O D & C O ^ t
Si..,-r Ladie,' Kid and M,,rocc, Shoes, No:,v 41 Water street.' JanuairyTO,1 1'- .... ""' March 7 "Waer-st,-
. Suer, eler',:,anter ain,dCalf"Boots. Sol'-orage Oi Collnis lilieielt. -DECEIVED per ship Huron, from Havret, -
.largerdee e ,rt Lntis received, TOR 1il, barrels or 5-_U bales cotton on first 6 CASKS superior Rice, now landing from 1R, few pair of French Boots, .made,.bX t
and ;,r sale by '. G. PORTER & Co, floor. Apply to WOOD &. Co. ., brig Tybee, and [or sale by brated Hurter. -. .I ; I ..... L
.Nov19 11 Water street. .. Feb 11 t t + 3 Water st. Feb '21 NOURSE, STONE &.Co. March ...., 'MI R& Go.


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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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mods:dateCreated March 28, 1846
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Franklin County (Fla.)
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 28, 1846
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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lllHERGLLL()} ADVERTISER, 1'I } itin ZBCrcctorg. 1)roftnitonatlcotkus. ; l oe r!?. ten being! made.: This was also, accepted ; RESPECT DUE- TO P4nETs.-NOt: only l I .

ZVERTSATURDAY: BT ; S again the thimble was raised and sure the younger are apt to forget the respect duo
rCJIJSHED T. H. C. H. Austin A REMEMBRANCE.I enough there was the ball. Our friend
& WI1AN.oce'rhird W I. SYDNEY GREEN, 51. D to parents, but often times we see.childrenof
BOSwonTH COMMISSION MERCHANTS, see thee stilU.! thoa art not dead, again pocketed another X, and again the older growth forgetting those who have
May be found at his residence of
Cc1-:: corner Though dust'is minghng with thy form "social
; Story BaltxelTs Buildings, corner of Water Street Centre and High streets, opposite the Mansion The broken sunbeam hath not shed '. halt" rang with laughter at the reared them from infancy, and by their':waywardness -

Commerce and Chestnut streets. _Apalachicola Fa. House._ f Nov 8.Dr The final rainbow.on'the storm. Doctor's expense. causing tbelr parents to abed tear3.
TERMS. In visions of the midnight deep, The Thimbles were again arranged.- when it should be their. duty to give them ,

.-Three Dollars per Annum, :II. D. ardcn, ;. A. W. Chapman, Thine accents through my bosom thrill, This.time we observed the game closely, as reason for smiles. .

StTB5CUP11o in avaflCC: { If.payment is delayed No. 2 Columbus Buildings, 03- Office over the Drugstore of B. S. Hawley, Till For joy's, wra fond:t in impulse thought bids I see me thee weeo still:-! we thought from his repeated losses the There is no sight which i is so reto\ting\ to

'i j variably the end of the scnption year, FIVE: DOLLU' Dec. 20, 1S45. Analachicola. Fa. (entrance on Chestnut street.) Residence at the Doctor was hardly entitled to ,that great an upright man, to see youth disrespecting

'unu1 be demsnded. house lately occupied by Dr. Baltzell. I see thee sti1l,- that cheek of rose-, reputation for cunning and sagacity which hairs but when find arrived
win Joel W. Perry grey ; ,we a man
for less term than sj' ixoutMad January 10, 1846. 2-tf Those lips with dewy fragrance had
taken a wet, ever been attributed to him. Now in
No subscription RECEIVING, FORWARDING AND at age discretion: ,, neglecting his sil
be charged forthLpeiod. That forehead in '
wi!j serene repose,-
J. 11. the
COMMISSION: MERCHANT Brown, moving of the little paper ball we thought ver-haired
3 r wiu be discontinued until Those soul-ht eyes-I see them yet! parents, and treating them with
arc yo plS, unless at the option of the No. 42 Water street, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Sweet seraph! Sure thou art not dead,- we discovered the source of the Doctor's contempt no one word is forcibe! enough

atl *! & *: Dec 20 Apalachicola, Fa. WILL practice in the District Courts of the Thou gracest still this earthly sphere, misfortunes for becoming a little unrolled, to express the feeling which naturally arisesin

p: raetors.rMBcr .-4>:3e square,(twelve lines J. II. & J. 31. Hull States, and the State Courts of the An influence still: is round me shed, a portion of the paper of which it was made, honest breast. The idea that
tr leS)i conspicuously: inserted at the( following FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS! ;Middle Circuit., and of Franklin county in the Western Like thine,-and yet thou' art not here! stuck out from under one of the thimbles. tbe babe. whose care has caused very them so

Farewell, beloved! To mortal sight This our Connecticut friend plainly saw,
sleepless should in "latter
rates many nights, '
Lr..'.....310 03':>J;! One month,..*. .5250 No. 43 Water street, Office in Tanaha see. j t 1 Thy vermiel cheek no more may bloom; and we presumed the Doctor through! old a curse instead of ,,and'years repay -
o.yeaT! ....s ...7 0.): Threp weeks.2 00'hreemOnth"5 Nor. 1, 184j.: APALACHICOLA. January, 1840. 2-3m No more thy smiles inspire delight. about had his prove a blessing, *
iimvnith: (now ,) sight so
age its
; CM I Two, weeks.1 50 For thou art garnered in the tomb. seventy parents: for all their love by uulbank
ont1s..4! oa,!I One InsertIOn......* 00.avetjsments David G. Raney, :II. E. Owens, Rich harvest for that ruthless pqwer, impaired as not to be able to see it, and fulness, makes one almost wish that the pa

1'wo : having the number of inert COMMISSION FOR\v.\R DING MERCHANTAND ATTORNEY AT LAW Which hath no bound tr mar his will:- could not: therefore play his game with his rent's malediction might be upon him.-

.e.cribed by law, are subject to exception DEALER IN GOODS, NEWTOX, Dale County, Ala. Yet, as in hope's unclouded hour, accustomed adroitness. But the tale was Yet how often do we see cases in which the

from tort!!the t'I' above rates. No. 43 Water street. January: 10( 1SJ6._2-tf Throned in my heart, I see thee still. soon told. Our Yankee friend proposed to child forgets the respect due to bis mother

T.those who advertise by the year a liberal disrnnnt Nov 5. Iv Apalachicola,1\ REMOVAL.W. STANZAS.How double the bet, having the thing so dead." and i is regardless of his father's wishes!
will be made; but all advertisements not ,The Doctor of losses '
impatient repeated
sweet,when around affection's dark Children learn in early to respect
to their own business as Francis Kopman, G. 31. Davis us power! hundreds age
pertaining said make it instead of This
strictly sent in by them Eclipses the sunshine of life's glowing hour, lens. your parents, and obe.tLpm in all things;
well a* was done, and our friend bet three hundred
the usual rates. SHOES DRY When drooping, dejected in bend struggle not against their authority but yielding -
will be chirked at GOODS.CLOTHING, HATS,&.c. in sorrow we ,
( $3Office
: Flood's new Building, opnosite dollars against one hundred. (Just here we
be addressed to either the edi- Cheap for Cash, the Mansion House. Dec 13 18.1" Is the constant adherence of one faithful friend. while young, you will derive honor .
nay ,
it shame take
rLtter thought a to advantage even
octl when older, and that command- -
Chestnut-Street never forget
.and must bt TOST PAID to insure Apalachicola. Fla..
Ifl'S, (lr )!'02fltO!: ... The crowds whom smiled with when of
A. ft Scmmcs we gladnesswas a professional gamester's blindness for meet which says, Honor thy father and

4tt nllnll "- --.:- J. C. Allen, ATTORNEY AT LAW. ours, the location of t the ball was so evident.) mother that thy days may be long: in the
Wholesale and
"Business Directors. DRUGS, MEDICINES Retail, PAINTS Dealer ,in OILS, (XJ-.: Office* "\0." :2 Capt.:'Simmon's Building, Are summer's bright blossoms and autumn's gay The money up, "Connecticut" was all land which the Lord thy GoJ giveth thee"

------. GLASS, BRUSHES, &c., &c. cor. Centre &. Commerce streets. flowers; impatient to realize bis expectations, and in
---.-Xiinrse"----11. B. Stone, II. \V. Brooks. also, novfi! Apalachicola,Fla. But the friend on whose breast we in sorrow repose, great eagerness be again raised the thimble, A PRIZE ASD A BLAXK.-Some years

13. f A Co Jl.genera aswrtmrnt of J. Law, That friend is the winter's lone, beautiful rose. and, sure enough, it teas not there! He ago, when all the world was mad upon lot
Stone :
A'otirse, MCRClIANi'SNt BOOKS, BLANKS, STATIONERY, &c., &c. ATTORNEY AT -- 'had reached the climax of the Doctor's expectations teries, the cook of a middle-aged gentlemandrew .
of Centre & LAW,
cor. Commerce
COMMISSION no\5: streets, !-RIcttItancous. in regard to ready cash and willingness from his hands the savings of some
Apalachicola! Fla. Bainbridge, Decatur Co. Ga. _
Water street
) -10 to bet, and he could not win. We years. Her master, curious to know the .
nofl} Apalachircla, Fla. P. hobart, Or:: Will attend punctually the Superior Courts THE GAME OF THIMBLES.OR have seen many pictures of disappointment, cause, learned that she bad repeatedly .
of the counties of ; Baker
Early, Decature
Salter BEST TVO IN THREE. but the appearance of that young man's dreamed that a certain number was a great
Benjamin CABINET the South Western, and of the county of Thomasof
COMMISSION MERCHANT the Southern Circuit. Who has not heard of the game of thimbles countenance we never can forget. The prize, and she had bought He called
0. No. 44 Water street-Up stairs, may3
43 Water street-Up stairs, novlG 7- Apalachicola, Fla. John Bilbo ? For the edification of those who laugh was now uproarious. As much as her a fool for her pains, and never omiitedan

De:. 1, lS15. Apalachicola, Fla. :- have been fortunate as never to have seen you may have pitied the poor dupe, laughwas occasion to tease her upon the subject.

Lockhart & Young, ATTORNEY AT LAW, it,, we will succinctly describe it. irresistible-but the poor fellow, like One day, however, the master saw in the

JIKEUUH DAV. DAMEL' J. DAT. COMMISSION and FORWARDINGMERCHANTS ,ALBANY, GA. The sporting gentleman produces three the boy the calf run over, saw nothing to newspapers, or at his booksellers in the
practice in the several Courts the
J. Day iV Co., No. 53 Water street, WILL r .\Vestern Circuit, and Thomas and common sewing thimbles and a small ball, laugh at. He was a statue of amazed misery. -' Country town, that the number was actually .

COMMISSION MERCHANTS, nov30 Apalachicola, Fla. Stew ll t counties and placing them upon his knee or some The Docor coolly pocketted the cash, the 20,000 prize. The cook was calledup

No. 52 Water" street, Ausr. r, 1545. 31-tf smooth surface commences operations by while our friend stammered out his aston- ; a palaver ensued-bad known each other -

Doe 6 Apil:icliicola, F*. Wit. W. SIMS.! WM. W. CMEEVER. -_ rolling the little ball by his third, finger under : ishment with the declaration that all was many years; loth to part, &c10 short,

P::> Al\..Agents, for the -Hind:: Insurance Co." Sims fc Chcever, I Advances. each of the thimbles, which are in a not right, that he had never bet before, and he pioposed, and was accepted ; but insisted -

the"7' Protection lut'lrdUC* Ct)." and the "Hart- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, THE Subscriber! continue to mak advances on row, lifting first one and then another, as : had surely been taken in."Nevermind" on marriage being celebrated next mor.

(!'dlD'IJ4.ur"!! Co" HarifurJ Conn. (:::}- OJice, No. 6 Columbus! Buildings, consigned to their friends at Liverpool the hall approaches it, with bis thumb and i said the Doctor, "what'sa ning. Married they were, and as the.carriage

Ls. Fred. JC.FACTOR Dn-as, decM Apalachicola, Fl:!. HavreNe\v"York and Boston, fore finger, and passing it along from one i few hundred dollars to a young man with took them home from church they

AND COMMISSION Cooke A Home, D. B. WOOD & Co. to the other. When all is ripe, he suffers your eyes 1 The ladies all admire them-I enjoyed the following! dialogue :_..Well,
Dec :
;MERCHANT, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 5 29 Water street. the ball to stop half. disclosing., half con- beard them speak of them to-day-at.Jd you Molly, two happy events iu one day. You
No.J Columbus: Advances to New Orleans. ceahug its resting place. Hands are then won twice out of three times-that's the have married, '1 trust, a good husband.
Drc ,1. lSt-:.. A'jalichicola! : Fa.COMMISSION No. 13, St. Charles Street,
-JSew-Orleans.- LIBERAL Cash Advances made on comi ifijn- lifted, and the easy dupes make their bets best two in three any how." You have something else; but, first let

, lIat'itcl' &-: -1I0IUICSi- Cotton or other produce to New as to the identical thimble under which the I me ask you where you have locked up your
MERCHANTS, feb 8. Orloans. J. DAY & Co. ball may be (found. The strength of the A ROMANCE OF REAL LIFE.-The London lottery ticket]" Molly who thought her

alciu, SJa Dec (d 52 Water st. game lies in the legerdemain by which the I correspondent of the Boston Atlas gives us master was only bantering her again on the

.qeiit for l' '!. F. Fa.'I.iolGEXERAL -, Advances.undersigned the ball and old ctied "Don't
gamester removes places under the'! following glimpse at a romance in real point, ye say no moro
SUN MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, RECEIVING FORWARDING & THE : will make liberal advances any thimble he may choose after the bet life. He is at the and :-Do about it. I thought how it would be, and
COMMISSION:: : MERCHANT opera says you
of the City of.Yfio York Cotton consigned i to his friends in New <
is made. Thousands of dollars have been that that I never should hear tbe end on't
in side I
, No. :31: Water street, No. 9 Columbus Block York, Boston and see lady, a box who is dressed, so
N'w 1, Ibtf. Apalachicola, F. nov9 S Apalachicola Fla. Providence.WM.. T. WOOD lost at this game. About three years age perhaps, in a plainer style than any one else sold it to the baker of out village for a gui-

Edward JlcCiilly, T. J. SANFORD. M. M. BUTT. Nov 2c!? 42 Water street.AtI'aIlCC5. we took a trip upou one of the fine 'Vest ernstea'mboats in the house! Her face wears a very sweet nea profit. So ye need never be angry with

Sanford &: Butt, S up Red River to the foot of the expression, and seems so familiar, that, immediately me again about that.1' ,
COMMISSION MERCHANT AND DEALERIN Raft. As usual, there was a large number
COMMISSION: MERCHANTS on glancing at it, we involuntarily
DRY GOODS:: AND GROCERIES, subscribers; countinue, as heretofore, to COMMERCE. The of
No. 36 Water Street, THE liberal advances on Cotton consigned of passengers on board, among them the ask ourselves where we could have seen it origin commerce is
No. 9 Columbus Block almost coeval with that
decl I Fla.Avery celebrated Dr. B-, the inventor of the before ? What society. When
Apalachicola, I'o the address of their tnends in Liverpool, New a noble forehead she has-
SOYJ: Apalachicola, Fa. -- of "thimbles!" The Doctor frequently tribes had abandoned their wandering lives
York or Boston. C. ROGERS & Co. I game how much expression is there in that finely
A Jones, Oct. 25 47 Water street. amnsed the with several curved It is the and settled in fixed abodes. their new situations
ffg :. G. Porter A Co. GROCERS &: COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, passengers lip Dowager Countess of rise
to ideas and
.YLEiS) Itf GOODS AND COMMISSION No. 31 Water street. Exchange.1HECKS games-particularly the one called Calculation Essex-her lord, the late Earl, having, a gave pew pursuits.

MERCHANTS.No. Dec 13. Apalachicola Fa. /" at sight on New York, for sale by ," which seemed to be his favorite, year or two since, paid the debt of nature. They soon found thattbe sources from which

41 Water Street. s ISAAC M. WRIGHT, and brought him quite a revenue during the The Countess of Essex's history is in itselfa they had formerly derived this subsistence

NOT_ 29 Ap-tlaohicoh: ; Fa. 'v. A. & P. C. Kain, Feb 7. 6-1m 3 Columbu-5 block. trip. The Doctor himself was quite a sub- romance of real life. An old friend of the spontaneous fruits of tbe earth and the

COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ject uf curiosity and study to us, having mine, tells me that he remembers seeing flesh of wild animals kilted in the chare,
Win. T. Wood, Office, No. 4 Columbus Buildings Exchange.rpHE heard much of Ins unrivalled shrewdness were insufficient to maintain them when
so her shoeless and !
a dirty, stocKingless girl,
Nov.; 1 1S43. Fa. subscribers as Agents for the Bank of
COMMISSION MERCHANT, Apalachicola, their number were increased, aDd their sit-
___ and accumulated
X Brunswick prepared to purchase bills as a sportsman vast amount nursing a child, at the door of a house in..
No. 42 Water street, \Vm. H. Kimbrough, H. 13. Kimbrough. New York, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia or by him by the little game of Thimbles. one of the obscurest lanes of Bristol. She. uation more confined. Hence they were

NOT 29, ApJachicold.! Fa. Win. II. Kimbroiisfh &:: Co., Charleston, and check on New York in sums to Indeed it was said that he was the movingcause was, in fact, a drabbish maid of all work. obliged to have recourse to the breeding of
COMMISSION:: I & FORWARDINGMERCHANTS. of several in tame cattle, and the culture of the earth.
ALBERT DODGE. CHARLES PRATT. suit purchasers. penal statutes, regard to But ever then she was distinguished by her
Xov 25 WM.: G. PORTER &, Co. been enacted this State Property became established and ascertained -
Dodge & Pratt, gaming! having by sweet voice ; and one day, as she was singing -
Office, No. 25 Water street-Up stairs, and m*>n began to exchange one rude commodity -
SHIPPING t: COMMISSION! MERCHANTS, Apalachicola, Fla.CJ L UMBER ISPECTOR.The undersi ned Georgia.One to the child she 'tended in the dingy alley for another. While their wants and
having been appointed Inspector of Lun.ber evening after supper it was insistedby a gentleman. who casually passed by,
:\0.40 Water Street, $ Liberal advances on cotton consigned: to desires were confined within narrow bounds
their friends in New York, Boston, Liverpool or for the County of Franklin, oilers his services to some of the passengers that the Doctor was stuck by the rich melody of her tones, ,
NOT other ideas of
Fa. had traffic
-22! Apalachicola, Havre. Nov. 1 1,1S45.: the public in that capacity, and will attend to all should exhibit the game Thimbles, which and took it into his head to remove her from they no that

lcltiy V Ilartsliomc, duties appertaining to said appointment. with his usual modesty he declined to ilo, her obscure situation, educate her, and have of simple barter. The husbandman exchanged -
Thomas Preston, CORNELIUS GRADY. other that he hadno a part of his harvfst for the
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, protesting among things her taught the rudiments of the vocal art.
No. 10 Water street, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING March 22, 1545. thimbles. This difficulty was easily remedied The pupil well rewarded the benevolent cattle of the shepherd, the hunter gave the

'OV.IS43.Api1achko1a, Florid: MERCHANT, Fire and Marine Insurance. a messenger being dispatched to gentleman's exertions ; for. ere many years prey which he had caught at the chase for

------- --- APALVCHICOLK. milE PELICAN MUTUAL J SURACECOMPANY the ladies cabin, soon returned with the requisite had passed away, the name of Miss Stephenswas the honey, and the fruits which his neigh
D. B. Wood & Co. Office No.45 Water and Chestnut streets bor bad in the woods. Thus
corner 1 of the City of New York, number. The Doctor made him a known all over the musical world. gathered commercial -

GE ER.\L COMMISSION: MERCHANTS, up tairs.-Entrance on Chestnut street. having established an Agency at Apalachicola, little ball of paper and commenced the per- The Kitty Stephens of the dirty alley in intercourse begins among membersof
No. 29 Water; *tref Oct. 23, 1545. Cm will be prepared to take Marine and Fire Risks } tbe same community. From the inequality -
formances. At first he
was quite unluckybut Bristol became the
? soon fascinating
ov. 1, IS 1 15.; ApahcUicola, Fla.: on favorable terms. song- and diversity with which the produc-
Roberts, Allen & Co., CHARLES A. GREEN, Agent. he paid up punctually, and consoled stress of the metropolis, and stood, confess- distributed
of in
tions different
Thos. L. Jlitchcl, MANUFACTURERS IN TIN, IRON,COPPER, Office, No. 23 Water st., Apalacbicola. himself with a favorite expression of his edly, without a .r val. Her character was countries nature are

RECEIVING, FORWARDING, AND BRASS, &c.: Nov 8. 6rn that sometimes I am very severe, then excellent-and amidst a thousand temptations a more established general! between correspondencewas 'differcot

COMMISSION: MEllCHANT, ALSO, DEALERS IN Notice. again not quite so sly." she preserved her purity of mind and by degrees -

No. 37 Water street, Hardware, Stove, Britannia and Japaned Wares, subscriber wishes to close his business in Among the lookers on was a young gentleman manners. The late Earl of Essex, on the tribes and nations.: No longer satisfied J
;Q,. 1,IS 1;. Apalachicola, Fla. Iron, Steel, Nails, Spikes, Grate Bars, THE with tbe necessaries they aspired:: to the in-
____ as he intends leaving the place, from good old Connecticut, on his death of his first wife, a dissipated, heartless -
Siurar Kettles and Mills and other conveniences the accommodations, and the
1 t' and requests all persons indebted to him to make first visit South." He was on his way to votary of fashion, sought her hand ;
flyers & IitcheI, Castings Ship Chandlery,&c. luxuries of life.9 the of
; objects commerce -
immediate payment. He wfll continue to do the head of navigation with a pretty little and a coronet sparkled on the brow of Kitty
COMMISSION MERCHANTS Oct. 25, 1815. APALACHICOLA work during the time he has to remain to settle stock of groceries, by way of trying his Stephens. Into her new station, if she did became varied and multiplied, hey

No. 3G Water-street, WILLIAM DICKEY. J. W. HAMMOND. his business!: at the lowest prices that can: be afforded fortune in the Great West. He soon mani- not take to U connexions which increased invented a common measure or standard of

\! 15. Apalachicola, Fa. Dickey & Hammond, for cash, and cash only. fested considerable interest in the game, de- its.-_ irfliipnrft.__________. she_n_ carried____,__ virtues_n____ which____ the value of commodities; after different I
W. C. LAWRENCE. of this kind different
experiments nations -
knew tbe thimble under which the
c1aring adorned her positiou. The most rigid in
Ciatle! : Rogers John Munn. SHIP AND FAMILY GROCERS, Apalachicola Feb 21, 1816. 8-tf the precious metals from their rarity. I
ball might be found. The Doctor! gave him vestigations, and the most envious attempters -
32 Water-srteet, Apalachicola: Fa. 'Wanted to Purchase for Cash. their beauty, their permanency, and facility
has. & Co. wink and desired him in
Rogers a knowing.. a to defame her could not fiud a speckon t'l,
15: 42tt"i
'COMMISSION NEGRO BOY, from 13 to 20 of transportation were universally adoptedas
MERCHANTS, A years age whisper not to tell." But so often did her character. Not long ago she became -
suitable for taking care of horse and symbols of and their
Water street a poetry :: representatives
i friend thatatJast he laid of Lord Essex dow-
!' u:. R. Taylor, house. our gues$ right, by the death a
OY.llSt5. Fa. waiting in the Apply to of all the productions that are formed :
Apalachicola. I aside all scruples of conscience, and desiredto Now of the of Great
COMMISSION AND FORWARDING mchl4 WOOD & CO, 32 Water-st. ager. as one nobility by nature, or fabricated by human indus
ALT A WYLIC, WM. A. \IcKENZIE. MERCHANT be permitted to bet a few dollars. To Britain, ,she sits, thinking little, it may be, Commerce, thus introduced by the j

No. 22 Water-street, Notice. this proposition the Doctor at first objected, of the time when she sang to the. child, as, try.
Wylic d; McKenzie, exchange of commodities between individuals -
sept2 ly Apalachicola.henry ALL Executors, Administrators, and Guar- declaring he did not like the young man's bontietless and shoeless she paced the city I I
COMMISSION MERCHANTS, -S heretofore commissioned by the County it was too keen, that he saw the ball," : gradually diffused from city to city
No. 42 Water street Hodges, Court of Franklin County, will be expectedto eye This thoroughfare. and from kingdom.to kingdom, till at km it ? <
&c. seemed "Connecticut" -
to please
1,1315.: Fit.t make their annual settlements before the : united the
_2 Apalachicola.: AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION on or comprehended most remo- .. .
MERCHANT, 1st Monday of April next in the Probate's office, very much, and made him more anxious A BURIAL AT SEA.-A .correspondent of test-regions of jbe earth and.the most dia- }

Michael A. Myers, 22 Water street, APALACHICOLA. of said county, or default therein will be noted After to bet. the N. Y Journal of Commerce, in describing tant nations of the world. ;
AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSIONMERCHANT against them. much parley and a good deal of reluctance -
--- '- L. W. SPRATT Judge Probates. I the of the Doctor it the di.aa: and burial of a favorite i
H. R. WOOD. P. W. CULLE.V. part P THY-KEEP TRTI G.-u I t' nt:" has ra
'. No. 36, Water street, Apalachicola March 14, 1846. mch4 ll-3t at last agreed that ". Connecticut", mightbet sailor, named .Spller.! on board the U. S. ; :
.:. ov I, 13U. Aptl: . *:. D. Sugar.C afew dollars "just a few" if he would frigate Congress,-thus touchingly closes his expectation i and ardent .hope, Let v.

, Boot cc. HARGROVE HOWARD.Bngbcc AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION \5 HHDS. Dry New Orleans; 20 hhds. superior allow the Doctor:. a little chance against two letter: "I will. ,try" be your'motto in whatever; you *
& Inward MERCHANTS, /w St. Croix, in store, for sale by such piercing eyes as he had, by betting two '
undertake and if onward :
t COMMISSION No. 3:2: Water: street, March 7 .J< DAY &. Co. to one. This being at 'length settled, our A,''burial at' sea1: leaves no" memorial.Thereis .- you press you
AND FORWARDING Nov. 1, IS 15. Apalachicola, Fa. < will steadily, and,!surely accomplishyoor ob-
MERCHANTS, Rope. young friend..put .up his; twenty dollars : no grave to which grief and affect ject, and come' victorious. Try-' eepi |
No. 7, Columbus Block, Liberal advances made on consignments.The COILS, for sale by against the Docter's ten. Hands, off and all lion'may go. The deceased seems'blotted i ind Ire" made :fcrthisworId i .
300 trying
}(OV strictest attention paid to Sales out Doors.' march14 'D WOOD & CO. .remains but-. hat you .
.:.... MS45. Apalachicola being ready, he lifted the thimble! and sure o'ut at once. :Nothing .
C*4-GUBS. t Sales at Store every Saturday. Bacon Sides. enough; there was the balh The Doctor memory 'whi "wanders ,aver tbe waste ofocean1 A TOLERABLY HARD HIT Archdeacon" :

: C. H. COXICERT Bagging and Rope. A FEW casks, prime quality, landing and gave up the money, and'all enjoyed'a 'hearty ; w 'er8he: 'disappeared, like Ihe,dove Fisher having preached an old 'sermon'

Green 4 -Conner? PIECES heavy KENTUCKEY., for sale byNOURSE laugh ;at his expense.' Thisfcpts the lar over the 'unsnbsided! : waters'of the .deluge.I once, which'he was not aware that'"CJonsia-

COMMISSION MERCHANTS 100 GING 50 Coils Rope; Also, 200 STONE & CO, gest, bet that was made;thai tlv; nlog. The Yet'such isthie fastend- of the poor sailor- ble had heard1 before, asked bira,bow'be J ,

No.'28 Water,street, sacks corn, for sale by feb2S.9 46 Water street, Doctor cbsrvedjometitnes; : :. hewas .not the'burial l,in which he eMs"es"his short career liked Hr"V r1' much iodeed.:Fisber;"

YCYS. m AyAi.Acmcoi.4 FA- _' BUGBEE t HOWARD. For Sale quite so sly. Alas J 'for' him! The child of misfprtuqe 'replied Constable,. I J alicoy-dvi {i&'tMt

jan3 [iNo 7, Columbus Bl&-..;k.: HHDS. New Orleans Scgar,by The ball'and.,thimbles were again pat iq ,impulse. andTerrori, his i, brieflife 'lI r1tion"\" .. ." 5' !". it

Samuel Schiffer. ,25 M ERS & MITCHEL, ,motion-again all--being' read,;'!our! lucky filedwih! { ,pzatiooshardship,and ,peril- (5 ..y" *' 'f' ** ,3i.<*r f t.
)WHOLEsALE AND RETAIL GROCER. Bagging. and RopesPcs NOT 15.; <) .' .'. 36 Water st. friend. proposed to bet.but.the; 'Doctordeclared his i grave.inthe; foaming'deep, ; ,,yhoagh; El ctricity.is said tpjbera' snccessfat :ire- (, (
l Louisville, Man '& ,. :;
: tLCU1rttc1ttjcn steamboat and paid ship to putting up family. 450 Co." Bagging Vei7 heavy. .300 coils Bale ,Rope, :"": 4500 yards','suitable. for corn. or j, he must have some chance.}-agahis\ man,pity,ni'm not, ...may God remember medy for the'effects, 'of poison: > .priorj .
,No., |:9 Water tired .. for tale by '', '- BURLAPS as'f'r'e' ow.b ;', such'great odds,as ;Vankee'eycs: : and i in*. .weakness'and trials in 'the day ,of his last who had taken two ounces of laudanum has'

cr' ApihGhicola.FU.. j March .' ,J.'DAY &. Co., S ,.Dc.6..; :JDYCo:; 'J 1 1 sisted on three to one, -or ,thirty dollars to, account. been perfectly restored by it.


4 -


'.. ... .. .. <-




rl' ,'fr"' .
f&.Ii t
:1 r ;." 'ft' 11'V i, \",' ,

., y ____. -t __,_. -. J-- --------.- --- 'A' -- -- .. ., -. .
-- '
---- -"
Twenty-Main. Congrcbs s--IHrst$ Scsslen House to make a personal' r TIRED' from the earlier We----1[ : - r
,explanation j I lA vj .rjorth three days sin-] emaciated thatilfrfrsUo_ i literally) -rf'f Cal lhn, i: ,
,Leavt'\ granted., when Mr S. .tell thenrcurrenres'nftlieCnnimitterul'the Sfcrriatjr of Slate. andS
'' ,YESTF.REAT.. tRa ,
f totheu'hnnts
creel 'an.1Jttie
that :
-' ,. JI-U ) hope, this:: alteration may lie: ; -"tt'lIchof he I_ cruu d- J. Y. Mason. t *
(C.rr .poJJt'nCt of the Baltimore! Ant"rtcan,,] I \V I 11I-. | : \cd hulrl'wag I: Secretary o/, I the \
t WASHINGTON, Mvrcb Jdj ," fje) *ai'l'ihat he hadjtever known his i col- P SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 18t<5.i made, :and 'respectfully, ask that our Sena-1. ,t* Y"TliR, ; rr'rafiirtdlavrs-were> almost KtifVqcating.! landed 'present at the President rr'I"h 'Navy:!,
fflii at
t UNITED STATIC: SENATE, 'league{ ?:((Mr; .{ .) before the meeting of ConZ f -ili following gentlemen are authorized! 'lore and:,Representative 'will interest them- '.I\Innrovia\ and measures I were"adopted) fur performance mug.; who .'

'I .,. After the, presentation of .petitions l .''the press and! that he had beeujniruducedio' him Agents for the COMMEBCIAT. ADVERTisns.and will selves- l lo have it effected. ".,' ''Iaktll.cilro"or them,''by 'the U. S. Auenl for I am Authorized ihe negro thanc.ij&' '

Com uittees were'called upon for reports" since Congress'' met by a.!inuiml' friend andfolleague. ally receive gild receipt for subscriptions or advertise c+.Distance lend encfiantment to the viewr( hhi'rated.At ricans-300(C of (them by the United. Slates to by- the pr'- csule t or li-
him ,
Between arid 1\1 F. ',"
: ; Mr. ASHLF.T;from the Judiciary ,Committee r. mrn'5lb..oR:- M.u"" :Methodist Mission establishment there, who;\ 'laity'
-. f relations had! been in As ROBERT said: on looking four miles :
M reported aVtll_ io refund jo the hers every respect courteous MASON & TDTTLE, William Street; 1' have- i issued ;a circular,; appealing to the auihorizft when arrive' d
; j. : of Judge Cooper a finn imposed upon him{ and ;t'ntlrmanl). 3 back al his compeiilois when he came out. Christian public,! fur aid. 'to i make mention you of you ;Q It 'iI'f
He was at ,a loss to account for so unpro DAVID BRAVO, R ., New Orleans -The Pim ibis fart '
", under Ihe Alien and Sedition Law. !; of the boat race on 1\Iomla.10I8t. ; hall sailed for ihe United will aid in .JDUII'
'N Mr. BESTOH from he.MUiar Commit raked and gratuitous an ;attack, and there WM.VCnF.EvrR: Es q., Albany, Ga. ______- States! (suppttsed for 1'hiliulel you forwarding! 111\' t
JAMES 11. WIT. : Esq Games Ga. hia.) under Ethiopian minstrels.
ON ,
fore when his had submitted For 'J'he I ,ehfnb'i" It
colleague The
s "Some" slow the
Tee, rimle "a report upon the memorial) of Major JACK HARDMAN, Ala. proved a downright charge of Lieut. Cogdell.' : Madison, our .lamented II"
amendment) he had asked if it was intendedas ; i p tetlllr, ,
officer of the'army at Corpus Chrisli, rela- i1i1er.in the late boat race, and should be "-" was, likewise ill ,
an insult and the reply was that he Our thanks I [Correspondence of the Charleston Courier present and r ltrf"'ed bid .,
due Senators ]
2 which to -
"tire{ lo brevet rank, was ordered to am. known as the 'None," hereafter.; Boats much itfnu. "d. Permit
: would answer thai question elsewhere. WASiIINO'rnv, March} 17, 1346 iurcootempfaied Ire ,
be WKSTCOTT and ape
printed. : YULKE for the various public
'Several adverse mado.fiom.j No w. said l\I r. S., as for Mr. Bebb, the I Ij should becalled by (heir proper names, especially The effect of Mr. Calboun's speech is trip io)Kngfaiid, trill J'8,

ft ifi 'Committee pn Pensions.Oa reports were. I I \Vhie candidate: for Governor of Ohio, thp.1!j documents and. speeches which they when entered" by'legislators.! very great: ns,far 34 concernsrihose lo whom of In profit{ as well as ofpleasure; JD,,,e"'It

":,' I t motion oft lr. SKMPLE: the Committee / people of Ohio will lake care of him. For sent us by the last mail. To those who slat..etllllf'ir ** piles" on ihe it was. addressed. Every one says that it conclusion! io fresh 'yu feitY|| lit
: I myself in reference lo ihe amendment. soothed the" speedy aiiHinmenlnf your desire aft
on the Militia was instructed, lo inquire A against the Fawn asperities of ;t'pattVinlheSen.ate ) *
rrow it would
illrh'lms suhmiiied I ( We are ,indebted to our Senator. f VerjfrespeMfully. I
," Into the expediency 1 of reporting; a bill for been desire to say O t i and prepared that body for Mich a remaJn./
:the belter organization; of the Militia, of llio that nu man having: 'the regard due from one DA\'I L. "rULEF.for the recep- have' proved a dear-nee, but for ihe misun-1 I course as, would aid in the adjustment. of our obedient humid m...

Untied, ,) State gentleman to another, or knowing the courtesies lion of two.valuable Maps, one of Orp nn. derstandiug: which resulted in I the decisionof the question. 'His .appeal the ultra Oregon (S'"rd) c.p.fc- C. fiA'flp

j The tcn1iiiinn' { to print 35.000 copies{ of :I of' a gentleman', would have offered and the other of Texas for wliih handsome a drawn race," by the judges. party ,was. irrrsi:tablr. As a proof that To Mr. GKRMOH '''U. ,S. 1\1.rin'. n'

'. :. the Annual Report of the Commissioner: of such an amendment.( We irhad Futile effect I may state that Mr. Tot IhP'1't bur
were to see that the ConsliIUlinn" 1llaDI.
thanks. sorry If I there h {
Mr. [Ih L1-T. of la. I1Plllo order. favors we return our hearty ;, 1 any ilihig
: Patents. was then taken and) discussed : (: Hannegan. at the close-of hit speech 1 look richer tb.ta'Ih't
by 'M"+rs. ATHKRTUX, SKVIKR up: : BENTON, Mr. SCI": CK said he had done with his The former embraces the coast survey}' of could) not pass. The lido HIM! his hand1 and) congratulated, him in rile the 'history of diplomacy' : it 'lad' DQ' j 11 Lt A

"CAMCROX and) NILES, after which it was I part of the subject. the Explnrinl Expedition under Lieutenant wind both being favorable, we were somewhat warmest: manner.; There i is ;a good sketch |tot our blame lot to the look at it, and the j p'ublia? has oral h

hid over until to-morrow. The SPEAKER: : remarked upon the point Wilkes from Cane Mn/.on, N. to Cape surprised at its being defeated by sucha t of the speech in the Intelligencer. of this to call negligence of l'f nlr..s **fIn

The Senate then proceeded" to the special of order that the' personal. remark were outofor'er. lrlllucino. S., (sixteen de. : ) showing majority.. morning< and 1 understand; that; I the able .the\ :] adminisiraiion upon ,he of Department" JJ,
order of the and II! -I reporter congratulates himself" hallo jr.} 7 tlr| ?
: day, ihe Oregon debate upon :
was The
harbors: bays, inlets, islands, &c. Josephine run at first as though I Ishe tor.luctinn of
.' resumed.Mr. Mr. ScnENCK said that as to the allusionsto Ihp *- to- made: a f+ilh''itl report of it. lint I learn, public papers 'hltt 1 \;

ARcnr.R addressed! the Senate :.if colored per
:, leh,lh. He had heard, a great deal said ,the conveying of such: pi-rsons to camu1a'1 impediments to he met with I)' the mariner of ".Tim along Josey" but the swelling of it, till, the paper came out, is dissatisfied j ill which various I bureaus-especially; i in theta s
Capt. F"
about nerce-but. lie was.fr lo confess that he had; no affiliation with (' in those unfrequented regions ; added to the bosom of the deep, as she got 1 fartherinto with it. and will in a fw days. (present his |ing off the alto is env I'lu f rd'I l'ufu6.

: \h\* had not the to hit knowledge of, ,or respect for a i"y speech as {piepan-d by himsf.lfVhieh will diplomacy flf the!, >
nerce plume country i is .the bay, ; do j" C'unlry.t
proved too for her
appended : information that could 1 strong ; nut endorse te
or those encased in them.Mr. .lli ,1 beth intinuiionof
into a war in which', from his station and Irtt'liln more satisfactory to the public. But in t| btrli
1 TiiURMAN. of Ohio anxious he relied upon, as gathered from the Hud- though she ran, the race gallantly throughout editor that I I I I docnmeni
: was the tI'f'ry
i;,. it was: not probable: he would lake a I mean time. views of Mr. Callioun, !j I will do
Share of ihe fighting. He would not indulge that Mr. S.: holJllil11raw the offensiveremarks ( son Bay: Compan}*, in the N. 1 E. ; and! the t, and came in least but not last. which| in the main, could not be mistaken ;j; .good,,f l deal towards neutralizing that v..:.Ina"IDlr.
in any of lh<. cheap pruiimisni: which tn\ard* ;: r. };. r. S.:A friends, recent explorations in the S. J?. by that in- 1 "The "Belle" maybe entitled to lhat t have; gone abroad, and will 1 lend) to an entire j.J.hoping! j(( !, that' it inaugural will but we canflt lae"I! I

had become s t i common. He had) heard ho\p\'pr. I thought that as. the insult had suppression of anxiety or alarm the soothe, and Iran
a I Icfatigable Engineer, Captain Fremont. appellation' by the manner in which she i it is any on IslIllj..e:1 i'hot I' spirits of the I 4urhzelly I
great deal said about the sentiment of a distinguished comffrom the other fi.ll. the retraction of war, on the Oregon; question. I war duos. lill I..
naval officer : Urn country should come from there .ilso. The tarter (of Texas) i is ;a compilation, athe 1 generally "rigged out,'* but certainly not I Though l Mr. Cal houn disclaims I ; (Captain of' I the I United States Marios-IIII-

right orttrnng.' )If illllt-anilhal, our country i Mr. BAKER, of Illinois, ende.ivoied; to Bureau of Typographical Engineeisor by her sailing capacity. knowledge of the action of the President any, can find lime to write,again.

being;; al war, it was our duty to lend 1 convince Mr." T. ,that; the apology should I the State fp"rlmrntr, hinglfn. ands 1 The. Emma Church,"----but as she there i is reason for believing that ihe) Presi [From the Florid S u
: -ntine .
.' our aid and:) extricate her he :lc&nnlc,1'ilh proceed from Al lr. F. and heie the subjectended based upon the of ..P.lLon was entered by those who we learn are {strenuous dent did, through Mr. Me Lane, make .an PITLIC MEETING IX WALTON l
the sentiment ; but if it meant thai for the ,tlV. reports overture to the British[ Government iu COU??
we were
and others, previous lo advocates of the entire separation of I response -1 On Saturday[ the Tih of
1320 and
to stand by the country in demanding! that The House then voted, by and nay 9 the morerrrenl lo the conciliatory notice of th a large number of day March. 13 1 i
n d.. ones of Kearny, Brown Graham anilRrctnont. i "Church and State," we forbear to say Oregon difficulties !, the citizens ofVatoJ
which was not right he cculd not accoid 1 : : 1101 taken iu lire ( rte 'n'I I county convened
with it. He had heard also a Sen-nor! declare ment-*. The following were carried : where she was in the race. speech and in the reply of fir Mobeil t 1'eel 1 I f, of : al Almiranie, forth I
Providence r Ihrbor. 99 to 1V2( -.motion to Lord John .elfs I!j purpose ;ascertaining the J sentiments:
that Uus iii f
itVa t right lo the As of n rstian. Ir
"prepare Maps reference either of these q "'it y'till t
hearts of the people'for war." to reeonHer file' same lost. 10) to 93. invaluable.SOUTHKRX. are (or-A very large Panther-probably the certainly s duty lo do ibis :s ;h. Calboun irleclton I|:I |< people of, relative to till! late runirsifd

Mr. ALLEN explained, A Senator had l Newark Hay, 89 to 73. Have de (,race. one that was so often heard and seen, and,I pia nly intimates. The! reply I, may he )here from ihis Stale.Rrpre>eniative lo Con ;ll'"

aid that: it was he*! lo keep quiet. and say;, I ((2 0.000)) bv a viva "'UP vote. Tennessee -AND-WESTERN LlTKRAKt which c created such a vast degree of excite in a day or two' bv the jncket which sailed I i I. BARROW- was nominated On umfion.. ( Ca ,t. p. J'
River lot (Sioo (now\ 5 to 65. : oi ihe 4il!! of s Chairm-in of u ibi
nothing, ai il disturbed commeice-and he ment ill last : Match.Mr. ; ,
our and
IFasFcGCRThe: : March city summer,-was shot a meeting, DAMKL: McCASKiLL
had; s::11,1! in reply to that, that ii was ourI I The House. then adjourned. radical;] : No. or this peel few days since, at the Old Butcher Da\ton's. resolution, calling on t1. P sen as Secretary. was dlo-
has been Pen
duty to lay the naked facts of the before tcccived.rj'he contents I President
cage I to state whether there is and : On
> motion,
a committee
the anti nut let take them NAVIV.S: OF TIn W.'j-.D.-The followingis :are interesting usual about three miles from town. He me-+ thing connected seven prr'oni
,people war : as embracing: Historical surc ; : with or growing out u f fof f. was appointed to draft I

by 6urJlrisl"Vhcr t he had said was printed, of 1 an the abstract of a Report of the Secretary Sketches, Criticisms, Tales, Poetry, &c. nearly ten feet from the nose t to the tip our foreign relations, which I requires Jin increase expressing the a sense preamble: nf ibis and IP
ao inch I upon 'lIlij-CI-
with a resolution of lliR Senate, the following an t \\"h"IeIJIJfJu. the
Mr. ARCIIKR: resumed. He thought it ( It will be seen by the ; j gull, a laairo, two inches if so, his reasons fur the opinion; was to-day. Chairman appointed the following; |
the duty of every Senator 10 prepare the : information in relation to the maritime prcrcl1nzsof long ; IUd was altogether 1 adopted jifm. dis. uanifd:

hearts of ihe people for compromise andpeace. power of each: of the nations of the world :- the City Council, I published in another ( an ugly, customer." This resolution brings to a point ihe persons Wm. \Vird vi/ :-Jrdm Ghent, David' Gartnur,
He was against; war and this was a Great Britain has excteive of 14 fainc column I that the CIcik has het'l instructed THE ARMY whole question. It will solve the in>t-tery James D. Clary, and Baker,!Lewis I 3agrlr,
'question of ".r. He then went into the vessels and ?2 1p.amrr1 in the Indian navy, io give notice that an election will be held 1 I. or OCCUPATION.-By NewOr.'ean.s as io tile President's position. committee then retired ai.d Sail

question, of title to show that our title is 2fi' contract mail !steamers under control ( f ten days after such notice is given, for .a I Itit I .: pipers, we have news.of the march 1\1 r. Calhoun considers that the Presi i- lime returned and reported I the after a! abort

good)) to 49:. and no farther and ihat it i is> Iov.rlurnt. and,{ 72 revenue cutters-total, Councilman file forces under command (of (Gen. TAYLOR dent's message call'lllir war. BIIII'in'nln- Preamble and Jtesoluliuns following
to fiU the which
our duly to compromise on th .l line. 134 vessels earning 4.718 guns ; in couvmission. vacancy) occasioned') lo the Rio Grande. l.'here.as stances have greatly, changed though. the utran.moiisly adopted tare

i\1 r. A. Wrt$ followed by Mr. NILKS.: who 371 vessels (:'r\'inO cnns ; building first 1 by the resignation of i r. Lawrence, of a ni'I President has not yet signified any change WHEREAS, w. hahe:
rear a large Mexican force en informed lhai
moved th.it the Senate proceed the consideration and in ordinary. 300 vessels, mounting and subsequently}' by the rejection of 1 r. ,that gathering i in iu his views. His reply may be expected on the Hon. 1... C. CABKLL: our Kepresenta- I

of Executive ,business. 15.0")4 guns ; total fill vessel*, mounting+ C. P. Allen, who was elected to fill said direction, and) the army it is said were Monday next live lo Congress, baa been ousted, from bit

HOUSE OF REIUIKSEXTATIVES.Messrs. : 19,772 euns ; IHIIPc by 40,000 men ; of v can t}. in high 1 spirits! in expectation; of a conflict.( In the mean time however no doubt i- seat ipon an ex-panre mnalinn-Ihn' : af

SAUTKR: and DKIAXO: of Ohio, which vessels, are steamers. r Gen. TAYLOR clears his skirts of all enlt'rlainellhal he. as well as the Senate, ler the expiration; ot ihe lime ,
'n ere allowed to itiaKe! certain explanations France IMS. in commission 187 ves cls.carrying I. It was wilh re ret. that \e tcilgessed Ihp followers and camp-)iI s in favor of a compromise. law fur election return* to l II e received-Qrnri-d' by
the ,
after the reading of the Journal in reference. 4.157gun ; building and in ordina very great illlt'rclle manifested by our enjoins on Iroops! the utmost I- Mr. Berrien made, an admirable peC'ch.loda after 3Ir. Cal'f'1IV's duly coinrtiuiioitej;

to an amendment to the River and Harbor' ry. 129 \e.es, and 4.625 guns : total, 316 citizens generally)' with regard to the election respect for the persons, and property ) in favor:+ compromise He avoid I and )had gone to Washington! City U >oii his,,

Bill. vessel'*. 8.782 guns manned b\l 7,554 men ; of a member, of Council: ) in the place ofMr. of the people on both sides the river. This rd. as far as he could. the question of till'. : official duty as such Representative iu| Co.i-

)IILF.\a; OF MEMBERS, &C. of which: vessels 37 are steamers.: and more certainly looks like an invasion, but it will but he showed that all our sources: of title) I cress, election returns were sent by prints

The Committee of 111.Yhole reported Rnceia las (exclusive of the Caspian fleet]) Lawrence ; sli did wo regretthe pass off quietly. concurred in fixing 49"; 'ns the limit. of our!: conveyance to ihe Secretary of Slate l ** J(

In favor; diselnrgini" : the CommiUee of combining in commission, building+ tligposiliol-whidl we think was !pl.iinlvexhibited I claims; and that this government, : bound 1. lil f'. sufficient in number to }ire \Viliiaw

the Whole from the Bill regulating therniieage : ordinary &'.. 179 yr.Qal.. 5.976 cun., on the p.1 of lao, '.-ru bring+, SOLAR IcLlrsr-Tilee greatest Solar bv. rev own ants, lo acknowledge ibe right is I Brockenbrou J it small maj
nf memliers. manned by 50,009 men ; of which vessels disparagement ufton(, so responsible : l respectable Eclipse visible in the United Sates:: until! of Great Britain. be\ond* that !plrallcJ.or : and that said returns were unaccompaniedby
The report was :adopted when an amendment i 1- are |dram .. Inc Poll Bonk
: : office is ihat : 2Cth any or list of voters names, ;:
in as of a Council.uinn I- May 1:54, occur on the 5th of
was introduced) declaring that t 1If'1 The United Slates have in commission : April The individual (s:+y,+ I he Republican) And whereas, we are towhee il.fmut'c111131

ntt'nthershomld receive his mileage and per' 47 vesseland 1 155 guns ; huild'in; and i in of our c'ilVII'n ) next. who figuies so conspicuously in, the following 'J l r. C.djell! (I ibe ib,n silting memLrr it

diem except when iu actual attendance and, ordinan, &o., 30 vessels, and) 1.190 cun ; \ it is n fleeted that we are dppllIrlt Fur i lie Commercial+ Advertiser. article, which we extract from thee w : C uigr 8s.J) farnestly ft'qllt'slotl t ibatliiiieUaliowrd
vo'inc upon the >md unless when total.: 77 vessels I (of which 5 are I
yeas nays \:1 c'caui- upon an able and efficient Council I for 1 FKLT.OW: CITIZK.NS York Courier is well' him to inquire, inn- ihe legality or
:- \ Enquirer I.MJV.-II in
detained from :ami
attendance actual nickue- ers.) 2.345 ititmned! 18.724 I
by gufs. m"n sad: ,
I the whotcsomeness of the returns or io refer the ca s;e l+,ark n)
A moiion This exclusive, of the laws by which our You have suffered he Savannah having had command) nfl I
was now m ide. lo lay the wholeenbjert United Slates a man to elected as once rite lie for their !
ct'cisilln.-all of wh'nl
rl'fUI' 11Cn
f frcas
on the table. The motion was I lost t vessels, consisting i of 13 sailing:+ vessels lotatonnage. l ells is to he governed, and I lilt faithfulness Councilman of ihe city of Apaladiicola the revenue cutter 0:1: ibis station : l unceremoniously: drnirrthim :
,< -U 8 M 48. 1.443 ; n s"'amp.4els. total ion- of their f'xIOeliln.'t'rJ good dlizcl w ill whom you have consideicd as a fair, rcpreentitive Jf your J.ll(/jfs'I please{ t.'iisis tny! particular !, Be it therefore resulted. That in dej!,ri'in; I.

Mr. l t'LL. oi Aikansas, I11m'elllhtt t the! na:'. 3.1111-the whole mounting 61 guns 9, rit once: see and\feel the absurdity of tampering > : of your honor. our interests and 1 friend, Munsimr Hunes. ,11 r. < dn-U of bin sent upon an ex.purte in.i

mileage of members should be five dollars il,1 mmnrd hi 9 Iwn. with ihe interests of the iormaiioir. and tin denial In him of. 1.e'rt5I. "
per diem, and six dollars lor every iweiily Turkey' has in commission 31'p flo.! community I II v your welfare. II tells loudly of your intentions The London Morning Cli roniclcni\ \ \\ >trY lime toascettaiii whither tit,

mile travel, and that after the year; 1850, 1.5_! gnus ; building' and ordinarv. 12:vessel lending bis aid to the elevation: of men notoriously lo pay the just debts of the ciiy+ -it es a diplomatic document which will doubtless ,! of votes al''C'inin; aain 1 him alter mJjnril1 lie: w,.s ''

the seat of Government; should he movid *, mounting: 692 guns ; loial. 4 incompetent Infill a r of be read with delight by the frieiuls of commissioned ,
: vt's..pls.nf SUil 11lIinn ; -peaks plainly your disregard for the prospeiiiy the United Slates and England both duly wre le+.il nr n..t. w.nn ,1'
to the. neighborhood I of St. Louis. ( which 3: ;H'f slPamlrs,) null 2,212 guns ; .".III lint I stays away from t the polls, andneglcts of hOltE'sl.Veil meaning; citizen s i I j i sides of the Atlantic; and which: will nn :" unheard! of '| rii-et-diir! in a Rep ui, icao
Mr. Jont.sof ;
Tenu desire! that if t the nlmhpr of mm unknown.Kgvpt possibly
to sill in the Government 1 and ,
defeni/ of an t.&rrreign
seat of Government >;multi ever be removed IMS; in commission 35 vessels, and il such person an I it humbles the men whom you hiveprofessed t I put at rest any uneasiness that may still{ Florida.Resolved. outrage. upon

il should lie 'free Siaie. 1.448 is equally ; guilty of a neglect of duty' honor. I I linger in our midi as to the disturbance of 'rop"uf;
to a and to that 11. ; bui'ding i and iu (nli n:1 r\'. &(.. lo What pay do you give That) the rei-ewng nf tlecticreturiK .

end) he moved that the words St- Louis" 3 vessels, (of which lIe i is a fitralm.'t.) and as he who 'ues'tu the; polls and aids'bis I: I a man lo serve as your Counc 1 nan ?- t the amicabl relttitI1! between 11116 Iwn by priv.ite conveyance aft rlb rx: '
cnllllirit' tc"H'hilhe
he be struck inserted out, md J e l.-rsClIJ\'illt, Indiana I,'' 312 number guns oren; total; H8 vessels, and l,7CO guns; election. 'Tis 1 honor. What advantage does he e xAt I, any rate, the production Urrnn" of c'ol1lruvt'r this document :}-. 1 pirntton of the time required by law fur flJrb

Mr." unknown. The office of Councilman, to he sure, i is t by sacrificing his +time fcr henrfas 1 will add! materi'.illy, to the renown i.f, returns In be received, i".1 dan t"rnus pre.
DRO.MGOOLK. of Va. moved that t ire f Holland has i in .('ollis ion 4fi vBefls. and your t culenf. iiii>inuili it door
: ride
House into Committee of rot one of ;>ro/i// when we use the term 'Tis hnnnr,. ,nd) 1 will lpect Tyler dynasty, amt"I prove to .,doiibteis as opens (
go t the Whole on 303 guns ; building+ in rU,linirrv. &r., 86vessels ; Mill believe that i it t for Irallll.-Ihal if such le toll -
a practice
the State of the Union. The motion ivasagreed and 1.341: guns: total. 134: vessels, connected will; dollar and l cents ; but we i is some honor io represent the will of t the on that point, ill-it the, closing glories of ibai rated. any person who receives >1'1 miuorti

io, and thus the whole stoiy about (of whiCh 4 are steamers.) and 1,652 guns ; are mlcl mistaken if ibis considerationwould people of Apalachicola. Is it i immortal: ailmiui .irs tinn were quite equal lo. rat'vote, may; receive votes enough ins lin .
custom the held its
your high out
promises by early In +-
mileage was passed over for the day. number of+ men unknown..Sweden ilar after
good citizen it shall have been ascertain
prevent any from way : '
his accepting to elevate Ih ll'ou may inflict the more certain "if ..lalilln'helllf'r Mr. Polk .and 1 his 1 t
r -- HIVKRS A.tD HARBORS. in commission 330 ves\f.ls.I the office if he h bo.v many *'ill be regnirrd-rpecialy! if r.
was elected it.Vt' Cabinet : in for shan-
to fairly in
can come
? 'Tis I any I
and 060; guns ; in ordinary fcc. injury a poor way of gelling Poll Boo be .
The consideration of ihe River ins? Harbor hli.fn! :. required and I he right fun
believe' there are men in midst t this ttiisioess as i is inlimal'cI l liy the London
Bill was resumed in Committee, and I 50 vessels, and guns ; total. 380 vessel our every rid of your obligations; .and the weight will'' Jomnal is more than we feel. williiiir. lo !:a t'. I. quire as to their legality he denied.1 the Iitr.nn .

amendments were proposed: for almost'1 every ., (of which 2 are steamers) 1,854' guns ; way competent fur tin slliln. who wouldseie recoil upon your own heads in the end. but corneal his ."uonsiilutional! advi>Pr'" {l lawfull decleil! and I f"Ul1lml:4 lnlltd.I'JI"njlrt'dl .-

river and. Inrbor in the CCUIUr\'. None ofi number of men UlkIO"'. our citizens, and who would' feel that' A CITIZEN. were also members of I the privy Council 1 :{ tn the ;nr/Jluablt."pT; 'U
them were adopted. Interspersed ',illl i agr..al Denmark has in cnnvnissinn 96 vessels, their approbation of the manner in whichihey which auibori/.ed State p.ipe! of tv bit.11|| ,/'recsljet i !t illl&llC Rtpu6lictlnilm. ;

offered in good faith mounting 344 guns" ; building. iu ordinarv, had THE Sr..n'EIl Po s-The CII rlpslonCOllrier Jiftulccd, That 1 we most heartily appro'' I
many were. |%WO &c. watched: : over th+* Interests of t the we are ahulilin speak! + perhaps Mr. Polk is
1 12 vessels, and
of n different chlt'lcrt'r.-ont ol' which 732 guns ; total. 108 of llit-rour-e 1\1.. Cabeil pursued t ciuni: ,
led of the 16th inst. "In. iu of fact entitled
point to
vessels city, was a sufficient, says : our a pro rata portion
to a good deal of trouble in Committee. toll and 1,076 guns ; number of( nununknown. rew:11 And it is lobe of' praise. Ill.> contest I, and should his iiameaprHrai; { he-
Wednesday \:stated that
the House. hoped that eveiy man who is a tax-pa} paper The : of artificial bhckamoors 1 fore us again; we will convinee J.be/ rrori'1:'

Mr. CULVER of X. Y., by way of amuse Austria basin commission ln 74 vessels, and her will (eel sufficient interest in the l prosperity I the U. S. ship Yorktown had captured t tPI ihe whose{ sublime eompnny harmonies erewhile regaledim that we appreciate the propositiovbc malt

incur, offered the following: G8r cone has: number of men unknown.n. of the to induce him lo to American barque Pons, with 900 slaves I life refined tastes of our musical dlllra nil- in i otfeiing to refer the nutter back to tb i! .

For improving ihe navigation UP that Brlzi in commission l 31 vessels, ..mr the polls on 1)day of election go board, and sent her to Monrovia, undercharge at the Museums, :it Palmo's. and at I I people.
branch of Salt River gun ; building and in ordinary. &c.. and giie thl-t Revived. Thai inasmuch nil ihe \Irp>
runnin 1 as
through New vessels and his of Lt. It. C. COODKLL: as {Prize Broadw.iy (;'ircus, not long) since went
., Hampshire, 'five thousand; dollars, ., 775 guns ; number of men unknown. Volt fu 11)1t competent ptrun' I hereby Master, to land the In England; 'for the purpose ofi introducing! { 1 the I I or 'lawful information that \ appeared b

The amendment was received with good discharging+ ; his duty in ;adding another able> nc rue't. the i r vvn- Opera Congo in the Inv.'rr Ethiopian Melodies 1 f fore Congress show a majority in favor If

temper, as i iI! was {intended.Long 1. nnd, Sardinia 226 Ins in enmmissiiin 1 vessels I and efficient Councilman to our present York Courier "V Enquirer, we find it m. in the British Metropolis, and .as it Mr. Cabeil, he is yet ihe lega'l; gurad'ut1 1 '

after ibis amendment had been of vessels and guuo ; building and in orllar".4 highly'respectable Board. 'tinned that the Pa,s. when captured, was \would never do for musicians of their rRio :r! .live of lilt Stale of Florida{ lo.lhij l+vtal,-

fared Mr. FRIKS: of Ohio, retorted.' in'i a which 2 2'0 guns ; total 15 ( stI : ( three days out from Cabinda bound to I I bre and accomplishments to cross the rya 'Iipp. ninth Congress of the United Iilrt'l. and

manner personally; instilling lo the House. :IP steamers.) and 446 guns ; nlm.hlr : We thai( no ex pane {proof can legally lJorju)1I1
of men unknown.. ( learn frJI the Charleston and Janeiro. A circular from the Methodist without a Cour s-tamp, a full Cabinet w. s
and one of .the members, by offering an papers, that the PosliMaMerjencral called: at the White [loose then | deprive 'him of his seat.
amendment in ihe following words : The Two Sicilies hwp in commission 17 ( Missionaries: at Monrovia dated Df" :. 17, under Ingelher auspices of ills j I Sifncd 6y-John Gbent David i Gartp: .
has EXtC'Jlf'IICY'.Tuhn :
Fifty thousand dollars fur the Bcbb am! vessels. mounting 333 guns ; number of men concluded a contract with t the received at the office of the Sal"'m Register T\ler Senior President nrllle United'( i (Democnitj) William" Ward, Starry flaky,

ScheiickSnbterrinean'Ral! Road'," on wit u'h 1 unknown.Spain in commission Steamboat Company fur the conveyance of gives the following account of her caplure" I States of; North America" iu order to furnish Lewis Bagcit, J.I$. D. Glary. Michael: : 13+.
their odoriferous friends from Keu hal 21 vessels :nr i the mail hel\ernlhosel.la geeConuniltu.Ott '
toconvey 348 4 of which vessels { ( shysf."m.iuphlee :-, credentials: to the 'Minstrels' among '
are steamers. motion it than
,. lucky in Cunada. + of the horse the crowned heads of and was further resolved,
has in commission power recently When the Pons first Europe parlicuiarly -
The Portugal 50 vessels employed was seen she raised) of I ibis,Preamble and Resolution bt
amendment wag read and rejected I. with the t; among t the 11 an!ares of Great Prita in. copy
and attachment. American colors ,
225 manned Jl"rseyVilgfU This the
4.500 supposing 1morkt
; hy men. ncd
before its clnncter was thought of. cin! \Yet The signed by (the Chairman and couQtrrsigtby I (
Mr. SCHENCK'S attention-WCti however Mexico has in cumtu4"u. [ 23 vessels'a nd is an arrangement J Jy which the citizens of was a British cruiser, but, discovering the assembled officials heard the hiWjo.f| the Secretary and that copies be for.
mistake heard the jingle nf the bones, and. heard
42nns. hoisted
called lo it, and in % fog Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, immediately the Pllrlutnesp. warded to the Tallahassee papers fur publt
a calm i anJ respectfulmanner Altnouch the whuleal force for Ans: : &c."il flag. On boarding; her and demand Lucy Lot,;; and old Jar Tucker. cation. .
he asked his colleague h ire by in. he benefitted, but we fear its good effects' Time performallceVas "considerably, u
trio the Two Sicilies{ land Portugal have ink the papers: from! the Portuguese captain: ; upwards" R. N. BARROW. Chi.
"traducing this amendment and'his he will be of : : and "I L. C. Fatio
felt here ,
name been as, behu commission, the re not unless there is a new he replied, I have thrown them overboarIn cl." satisfactory Test .
meant fo 11I..r -pAsjEi, McCYs.KU.1, ..Sec'y.BENKKT'S
disrespectful: 'lo him. Captain. United States )Marine"-(he coinmauds *
Mr. FRIES said he poI says: ** Jl i i" probable; : that a portion of arrangement in the mail from Bainbridge On bein'g I\ell what was his cargo, he sj.id.
would the
question' out the House. 'answer that if i i4 in 'ordinary..' but ii,, is not ,known what Chattahoochee ; as under that now in exis- About; 900( ( slaves." On further fxauiina|: a reveuue.cutirr-. received royal 'RHETORICAI FLOtULlSR.-
of command furnish the minstrel l
lion it found to negro *
was that
Here there was 'great :confusion in t heir {portion. These nations have a few war. fence ihe Northern mails for this place she had shipped 913. with an ofhVial certificate. This duty was There is a figure known-lo rheimidillll b,1
'. B .n and steamers, but, thee number, is not known. art between the a,;;es of 8 and 30, only 47 of the name of I Euphemism. Aihuse proTinc.If
; some excitement.: The reading detained hvpvp! hours at Cambridge; : in them females,' and I left duly performed, and there being a gravity t tnhuiJl ) .
of the ameudinent.'wai called '{ at factory 4 or is In disguise; unpalaiable: ideas in ,exrn .
again for bv +WOMES: AND CLOCKS, A whjmsicalcomprrispn ) consequence of which arrive at 'hat" 500( more, wln'ch: they had intended hive it which is perfectly irresistible l per f .
; .IPY stuns which will make them less teroltiuj
Mr. ScBErccK
and oilier, but it ihe {{
ihe'second i is give gallant .
1 haps our duly tt1, C..pl.Falin'I'tl
taken in .the
( being 'bejyeen! a ,clock jind I tahoochee too laiefor boat for this same vessel, but were 1 "h IS
:: reading, .as well as the :amendment :was ohpeeledlo. made iwoman' place. the prevented :, +patch: entire, and here sit, i is : the mind.. Thus insiead :.ofayiiig < :
'') f An appeal' was taken and finally Ch ar >xrobserved, r that hp The restfrf of this derangement is, that twq by proximity of a British cruiser, from; \VAStIfirGrpa CITY United States Treasury l dead," "tyesay be i is QO more; ,and a mill ;

,withdrawn, when suddenlyquiet) $ rest' short ht''thP' "ie- bad4: : for/,1:' siid I!ie. of ihe tri-ivPekly mails to thaI place are delayed which' they narrowly escaped. The Pons Ikp'trnn 'nt. Sept 12. 1S44 S who fobs the 1 public ireasun., i impolitely f 1 It4! "
} .'a clock serves out ihe hours, was put mulerlhe I charge of 1.1. Cndr ell SIR It is with Ihfrt'arfSl t"
..;ed; and II became apparent that, the. inynlMa's t ,jo "'il't afda three : pleasure I I ."a deliutUer"Bennett' in his depoliiagaitisl > tI' I
days Chaitahoochee. and
IQ be R mailer: of further woman.to mak us (orget. them.. "' : By ;a t was fourteen clays' getting up to Monrovia ) (forward to you the 1t'ltrrof'lhp. Hon Chis.Wickliffe ., 'JlassOn of the Mirror who ,late, i

,* & The }arbor Bill wasioori prosecution,'to bead flight ,alteration in!the lime of the arrival| during whicli. time about 150 of the the Post Master, General of the cowhided. him ,has had) recourse: to thi hAre ,
< reported Of
House; and after tbe previous 1 t nil the' acifoni *>f man's lif'. Jiil) rnar: and. departure' of'the mail at Bainbridge) poor.xvretches died-siuue of them jumping ..UniteiUStates.containing' .1 likewise the -: tire lor..Bpeech. and alegei that !'K* t.1t' '
question tiat Cgcjenit'concerns 't'all ; overboard '
> .ferea moved and seconded. > > : other people|; ) 'of which we think might be effected in.a fit of desperaiion.and. on eommerulaiionoftho Hon. George M. '13i I struck several severe blows with 4 f/J.tp,,
> easily ,
Actioas'al":. his"lrc' I if molt, meddled l, her arrival at Monrovia; several of the slaves Secretary .of the Treasury ,of the 'tint unknoicn ( ; '
r.-;; Mr. jScr-fxacx' asked. permUsloa of tbe mth. *, citizen would recede their' : h'l' ,-, (o'tlirt dt'endQz, .

.'' t"."'.:,' 'I' ,I' ..'. .: :' ... ., .. -' .' 1 4 r'r : ,, our! *' I advices were,. in 'a .dying. .state, ,,and. totali.Y.were. 90_,,States,. who, along with the Hon;:. John. '. ) ,-, .. [Charfate Ntu. { .
.f: ' ,
< o
:; ': *'. *'. o' i";I. l : t. f I


j i


." _. "
,. "
41* >sa -


U ___ -.



., ,. . '- ,i 4 tfrIi
.. j.. a-
.. ,_$ 4 l1-
4 tl
,-i- --.. S., _.; qi :5z. :- "' .
____._iI_ --- ::::-__-_____-_ -S. '. -- : ._:_=::::zbxt'bTieoand'I_- '. 1*_._. _i: L -- _.;;=j

,. Uimrthe'B a finnnr Arnfricaa! ] City Council Proceedings. COTTON STATEMENT. r' Last lot"skinsto B S Hawley For JJvci'pool.
year. boxes tobacco lo Oibion iV Clanp.P.tsteaimTBo .
v:1vS: BT THK NKXT: STX.jyft.-F'cir a COUNCIL CRAM HER, > Stock on hand 1st Sept .. ...4 3 tMj--417 bil.-s cotton to J3nb-e THE first iJ Am. ihiiIIVOJtTifer

? Wp ibtie Plsl the arri.E f rTCr.nff WEDNESDAY EVENING, M rr h 23, *4S. \ Received po>t 3 li.tyd .... .....",592 & LIiirdr6l tu U'ylic A; .McSWizie: 53 to Hit, l'tivit g thtrv .Ii.tinhi cf

n Eud-n l hai! been siicrc sire.f Council met. Present, E. C. Roberts M-ivor; ,previously. .. . .79.475 Dtw3on2ICn: ; 16 to McKay ic Hart horne; 111" ? t1u-i ercih,. 'ihl have diath
rain Cuunctlmen, Messrs. Gu Green Rinaldi Peck Total..bales 83.074Cxponed 12-1995 1m4ttrCh'ever. ur ,i .,23tj! !.; } ur tre1fI.t. apt lv tv
towiili : von, "
i,0ved A,r* rl si epPrtIti'fl and SchifJer. pjt 3 day.i..2.2(0 Peffltt bwt No 7, fm Albiny-S41 bales cot- M. rrtl J DAY & Cn. .
Lts n i rUizrnce( of a lecjsTvr t clraranrometo -- t* previoii-ly .... 52,229 ufLockhart As YoiiHg; 1U4 to J Day fc Co: 52
The minutes
rt-liere the public! uimflI"1 of the three last meetings "were Total.... .... ....- S4.493 .s73 to.J H & J 'M Hull.We For JLiVrrpool -
leZ read and approved. i THE .s'uperi Ur,. bai k CtTAtDZR.
in ,
ofunrrrtanitv rein .
(" state .1.- _
-rim i'' : Hatinni. Thm faro The finance Committee presented the Assess On hand and on shipboard not cleared 23,575 37113 WHOlESA- -- L-E PRICES CUlt RENT.ARTIC.ES ;h; : -fAiy, P-t.r', master, nili UTC dli.1tt'ch. .
.ftrtIIre our foreign ment Roll as made out by th AMesor, fr the Fcr freight, aptly loMarrh
Utll intclUacuce has: been received. yeir ending ftt February, 1310 amounti.is to '
The oflVr nf the fory-nilh| PawHeJ, as $t,333 09, which WM received, and the Clerk Commencing l&t September, 143-aud same 0. ( fl 1'BXGINU

.tounUry lirtwceathe Ii9IIlIinZ parties rlered to hand the same over to the Tax Collecffr !- time. in 134 $. (; Krnucky; yd 11Ihinde. Fuusiti at jL.ui ,1 vmv cute fur For Kciv York
made l by thw Gontment taking his receipt thereof. .', yr I6 a 17 the Piles."pHYSICfANS THE fi c .bciif PIOATEER, He*rn,
M lnj5lieen I
i fhti ". MinI' Mr. Schiffer asked snd obtained further time WHITHER KXP3ETED. Sdiys'onsly.TOTAL jPrevi-!' Peanut, yd a I and will have uiek.dipatcb. PoecrpaiaP
awl! rfjecteJ) liy ihe British season BALE ROPF. Kuntueky, lb aNnrhrn Cneir.i-ts have bag Lien< .' !, Prly-to

ibe latter propuse.l! to submit the to reportt the communication of R J. Muses.Granted. Liverpool ... .... .... .. .... ..... ..21 xv> ; lbManiUa X aixioitt> discover a medicine tbit'wt/cld tucn29 : BODG& fc PRATT.

arbitration. That piopusitioii Havre. .... ... .... .: .1312 lb a 8IJREAD cure one of the most irrnMeomp Ivicilon tn Dr. Green, from the Special Committee, to Nantz .... .... ... .1279 Navy, ew' S 4l'ilot Success ha j at h?* been the result. Dr. or-Weir York*
*.jfcfinrtl so peremptorily an In preclude who'n was referred the claim of the City again't Triple .. .. ... ... .... .117 c'vi 5 JACJCFOS'S PILE Eatsaoc.vnav not cr.Iystofs THE 1 ft*: j-ailuxj: brig LA IVREJirCE

tteryY resort lo ili.il mode of adjust- the U. S. for the support of sick seatneV during Cr noi .... ... ., COFFEE, Rio, I allav.an all bleed hz, alljj? pam: aid inilatnrr.atfon, pnb- '''* D, I.ktr, jhasifr, wants a

pot um'rr' :mJ rirtlimstances-: The the Ust summer, rejcrtedttlat the Collector was Other ports. .... .... ._. lb 7a 7* ilne'tht! intolerable itchinc, but efT.ctualIv cures, .2rew ls cotton on deck. Fcr freight. cfw

IW jes"mu*t fall hack upon OPVtiatiOhl- not dnXHd to allow Slid claim. Total to For. Ports. ., ..262731759V .Jsva, II 1tJ a 1:1CA'DLF : like a charm, and in a very'shrrt time, reruns uirh, T ra.-s.ste, aptly to -
l hc1i to inle: the' nPXl Prl>0
,n4 ,ffer nutilin'' 1iicli Iii.* not been Ordinance entitled "An ordinance in relation to J r>o lon ... .* . .... .....749 4 .7494 .20067) Hemp.. lb h1 a 12T1irr.J ; year For sale by J C ALLEN, "!'i'L'W : urk1C
iVc can .. . .
*ljvrs Sic." bud further time them to Providence / ..399.-.499, .
offer granted lb 12 Scle
EtiiIinul 14CIDER. Agent for .
a Ap31achu.it.Mircb29
: ,
\Vb.i can wiTh Litratcb.Phillips .
er. Philadelphia .... .... .. .44OL..44'.t57! ; ?'-
The prev. ilina impr '*'* )'i n1* to hfib repntt.Mr. IJiltimop?. ... . ... .l..1tif2Ll6fi2..1u5i! Nnrih'rn. bbl 6oo a1o.I1STIC 1S1). 12.4QFOlI ;ti ; THE Picket ThIP .414.R14XN.f.
moved seconded Mr. Cin ldi GooDsBrovu -
tlif BriU t ihr proportion; wliich Mr.Pakenha t'iot the fbr'c' eive 10) dy\ notice of an dec!inn OtIiertwrt ... .... .16t3.lbM3| .931 I' Sheeiing Thiiting ,, yd yd 7(1 a a 7 9Tickings % p i'it. For Irujf.t! *-r pSfsage, baxing inp-
accept fur Cftuncilm fill the' orcasjonedby
niin* to a m tJ ..
vacancy L'C\ ri acc''inmtxl4ti : lv !InMreh .
Totil Coastwie.:6o 3 ( ap
ami ih't : : G:9..33949.6lhi)4 12 2')
ilerfined. I m .vprtiPiit3are4l > a
Mr C. P Allen t b foa peat .
'n n(> ing qualified 21 McKAV & HAKTSIIOPNE.
this lim"1 font 'tu frini": n frtaOt on a id Mer4 H. R Wcwd, R. C. Kcrr -.n J B. Lu- TOTAI.-PAi.K- 1 ..5iTITK1NILIcEiei.. J77 Cittnd yfi 14 a 22C41c" _
Print y a 25KrntuckyJean ( ( (
hilt b-i. is '" he rrsneuh'rett.! ; }" .r. cai ia t.h.rItfd IItqecltri. yli 25 a t51)LtCT ) For Ketv Yorl '

lint thi< very proposition, nlnrli iiiflritisfl Mr Guy on mived. 'ecoudtd by Mr. Peck thin R'tia, yd 13 a 20 _.-:--..' THKner.: .t-saili.. :xftrnelf ; I.IR0FI

I er. 1itim't i1iI ,iist I husk vrtIi while the AM "w"r9 be :dl< wd one pir cent rr th DYES, Lu.gwd, Cimpachy, ton ;, rstr; will ha e ir tuiint cI'a.z .
CSovfrninent. ln l heen three a n"U it of the assessment toll,in accordance with St. Duiuiuo, ton &patch if r ti.c :'we | 'Tt, Pi r (tru'Jl u
to refer to JiH t.ie rrdinance. Ad -jited. POUT OF AI'ALACULCOLA..March21. Fitie, ton l the ).c.iIigP. applj; to EOLGE & RATT,
\hiifii tf by ilia; Roverninenitfjectetl. -- r.n; u.- ui iJr.Af.> ss, r limf rcjw'ieil The Clerk reported that he hnd receivvd of Indigo. lbFLOUH ; :es of matter tjthe Eri Als-', Jlvrci 21 40.tVaterI'l ( t

tt)('. when it T :IcclIInllvUpd l by tie' I ite T.JX Ctillector (Pftcr Hobart) twenty CLEARED.M. Nnrth'rn, bbI (5)) a 700 all tb s cisjreab! r n--Hes like te! buzzi p i iinSCt c.f ?*eW '
libI 5
Western 75 t 00
of the ColumHii. a
the offiT i1 the fe, viyation d I ill-trs, w.iicli wa- the am( unr lh.it thr Finance: 21-TViz Wm L Jones, Tyler, for New FISH, Cod, boil 2 50 a 4 OMac..ereI ralliog o xvaifr, \vhi27irii! of siea'i Lr. .:- TI-Esi.: \> iEU. SJiULtlELD, Sk1.qrlcI -
( : which il'd; no! accompany; il wliPti Committee rep"ifd he oniht! not, t to be allowed.AT'd York bv Podije .V Pratt No 1, bhl ii 12'C i.c., which arc syn: tom' t't t ap arbirt; deaf I. ti.aser, vi ill hve io mrci.te dis-

}:.j5t made.( Sir Robert Peel Ini indeed express thereupon; the Mr- Srhifii-r f1rd the tdlowiut Frhr O"twa. All! n. for Kev \Vpt.i No. 2, lbl G (Y) a 7 00'I tu-s.; inlah't I tr ti r.iliv atttr.d ct u-iih the dig. trft. Fur Ire.sflil of I'M b If* Gotten

: !his regret tint Mr. Pakenham saxv fit ; r ,stilulionvbich was dpli] d : i Mirch23-ccir! J Q Adam?, Saurider, for N Nu. 3, bbl. 5 tX a 6 0') eue. M'i' y ptrsIH \vfio hare b CH deaf for t n.fitleen i. : r tii t'eI!;, < r ilec!* tr i-if-t rr |> !;i2j>t apply loMarrb

decline the prfIIIsiliIn nn hi-; ov\n rc- KcM.1{ ved, That the bond!* now lu'ld by tho :| York. bvDodi") V Pratt FIERIIING, bnx and 1v er.ty M-tr?, srd xvtre cbl-gtd: Int5f'cir 21 KCUKSc:, JT1 ONE fc CO.

to ,itt l1Ii'4 inIiniIinn iii retethii City arjtnst the I lite Tax CUlecti-.r, P. Hobarf, i B- r! .T n" F. Williams! Parker, for New York, FRUiT, Almond!, lb1auitt" trutn nts! hare, aficr; iing one ir two '

be lierchv cancelled.Dr. Ii)' Pork Pnitt. bo 273 a i0)Prtrn b tK-s: thrown 3--id.' if}.eir irupet*, beir.jr rnrd For Boston.
heM io imply :i creat deal. We Mirc'i! 2" chr TT lcn Siars. Tor Havana. Ib! ,
been the resolution >- !, THE fi-e hfrkr JLil7 KL1fJLL,
Green ofierni foUowing lv well Pbyiciins mtl fur -
do not Uio r wlnt it i< really worth. March 27-Bnz Morea, Conway, for N York, Currants, hbt 14 a 14Fig' prrl'-c : eclihighly -' ,Grcg \ n i-ttrvulteut with tipatcb.
x\birh ii.d ifs For bv
wa adojitetl : reccm ri ;i< ua. sae
London 'l'iiirs, says tint.t1r.. P.iken- Nosrcp. Stone iV Co.S"br drotnl .. zjr, :; r rrei l.t (r ?--rt.'c, lyAI '
The Re-'olvi-d, That trim and after the firt dav of Pnf1-. Knaop for Npw York. Lemons, box1Ft'flS. J (; ALLEN, Sole Art : j PJ
cor.iniit-! no f-mlt iiules asnin the October next the ftot nf the Ftrtetin AjJilachicola for New Mirch 13-1 rr i 14 D.B1C.DCEmilacocizee & CO.
ban March 23-Schr Ashland! Bradley, Otter, __ 23 _ 1 IrApnlai'hir.I 1 l.nsJflg1o1a l. _
etiquette of ihi1,1sifl cy. cl.iriii2 at ihetnt t leadinjr to the Apahchicop River b> a'.d Orleans EEATIIER lbULA1N Cnaty.

li'TJ"' that "it would IJ.IVP l eenimpo. are hereby deri.irf-d open lor the ue rf the City. t Oat-, bn.hl a c ISotcl.
: TAX COLLLCIOR'S SALE. ___ .1 lIE ,.ttb'-ribtr ttk'c In
AT RIVET). ,p pIrinr
Knsli-h, Cabinet to of.fsrnli The arnmnts .1! Jno. W,'. Rii-ilJi for drayaj0, Corn, h'i-h1 (2% a 5 ,
f-T nrrt-pt ; ,
h1e aflV le aolcI sc'nd Mr.ni'av in
n.l; March -ship Cnrtiovu. Lnwi'U.Fm N flrl'nru GLASS, box :; 'Y) a 1901IIA.V. TI1.L u tOe Srp- i.formin j ihe tra\rlirsj: r'-trnionitT
Wm l <
""|Hli'I' C. or n: ht-s
Tb. free iHvii ii1*" "f 'h** Ciilumb'M; is reiinleil Deputy M.irihal, $34. C. S. Rill for stone, to D B Word .v Co. Gren, .lb a 32trc dir, at idchs Elutr, IT Wa hin-ztnn crcnlv, thi-liIf.Ct, sttncKd! irrmidhtelyon

as m.h-pf! ) n ible to Ensl-uul.! ''What $13 7"), wrre pre=etjed! and refern-d to Jhs Committee j t S<*hr flfl'-n. Sp.ir, f.n Ne-v O'1-'ins. countr7, lb1 l % aEltON. I wiiiiin; the usual hours of sale, the folltjvi i: .rrL| i j. the bank" a'? tr> rtvpr, where flictraveller
: ** on Claims' I M.,roh 2-flri Pioneer, Hearn, fm New York, En1ih lb 4 CSvi.i1e ? '
: I uil
I", Oregon worth 'o o. iluTimts "ks, per v, to : rr ay Gi d a o ir.fi rttbie a'id qoiet restingpijre
The following bills were severally paFed and tO IWfT") vV Pr& ttHark lb 5 a 6 I F'-nr hundred and eitv! of Iird I'.irrri
a. wiilinit tiie *,i'"iiiit nf that; rivrr ? Ahbv Fnncii. Br.-y'on.; fm Providence. hoop 1i : a 8het ; 3cres arid tlu-reby aoidiu.g the n>ar.y incfnve
allowed, viz. I i in Hnlxp's V \m-rirjn think S"hr A-hlanH. Br.ifilev.; nn New Orlan* lb' 8 ii
Republic )
D.iMihe h :MiniitervoiiM, sfrinii-ly Kobfrls Allen ii Co. . . . . .S31 73Mr. Murli23-Schr Martha Louisi BUndt?, fm Nail Rrd, lbI C a a 7Carting. the er.jre rf Jic(.l) A. RLcfcwvii, and: t to be sold jeCt I".

that an Enili LiuiflyvteiJ. Th.-mn i.r b art ti.rtr.i . . J2 C2Edw 1Iavir.i Atnericin, lb1 4 a 6 f.r the taxed lor the car Iil3. T! e U. S Mail fnr.tr Arnrrnm Ap -

w.iuM be rllnwetl i In }ield.' licurfus ird C. rpeiUer, exi D'-'S of passengers | M irch 27-Starn schr Florida, Ciift, fm New LUMflEBoards.- Alj'i, '-ne hundred; and sixty acres of !bnj, lvHickroy lachn-i l h, rrrivts f-n ur.rfay tr.d Wrdresday at"i

which: l hive cintflh1I'l: l ihn, rhi*'! value ofih p T brij C..fl.l: a-id boat hire. . .20 0Djniel ) I Cr -ao.Si. Whit Pine, jn: nfl Hill, 1-vied m a* the pe-r'y 1Uiietr.e t c."c-lrdr. f'. tl. ; dft-eTi" P.fTifhiv ;rd Thnr .rlay

f frpenilein-y! to Kncli: ll subjrt} : ? ftis Ptutd, E hT)"i on tr'l* . . 5 25 mpr A i"ea. T1neur. fm Chatth"oeh" a' Yellow M 7 00 a 1000 and to Li s'.ld lor thc tixtsf at 12 Vi l.v-J-, A. M. T f e \Vf j.r"ern! Mail srriveaMord

tic itry esfcnrc of our ri-JiN in Orejnu," Samuel :I'oiTli; lab' r tn *'r *et- . . 5 '.!30i .t.dIII'r Ch -m 'jo-u. Ct'1w-tUader. fin Columbus. tav.1Vhite, <.r 110rir 13J3Al y VvVdr-esdsy.* and Frnlz\ at 12 o'rlrclf,

c ,it.tinHes li" Tiiiif-s., 'hxi vi- should! jrc : n Hion, the Council tien ar!) urni-d. 5te STparnr uner A ''ur-i-r i.. Hill Birnei, fern, fm("oiKnfinla. Ei2fIula.e \ Oh I h1.ad Hediag, ?MI. vILEAD. -"", firty acre of lad, lyir.z in Hdrr.es* A. ?.l : riervrJ.H'Ire'rf.-1}*, Tht r-d.s*>< ard Fafnrdus -

vrre the fr'e-4''il i I'Ot i luoi: lilt* suIt'T | nniotiof ; iin-r A !'my. u-r 'n tm: Alt tflv Thr, lbS Villcy, l-vJMfl en a the proj" rtvof JchnG. Ru.a, it 7 t'tlo.-k A. MN itfetnMaiI smvea

I ilj t) Coin inbit ; lake; ih.ii; away, t-t".im.r Ciurl ftnn. rr niin. ItnStf Colimbns. Sitet, lb 13 a 12rnir and :to be sill for the laxe* f. r the vear 15-J3. Tu.-day .1 hurtsv d Sa'tirdava et 8 t.clcck.!
| belvtii the COMMERCIAL.KhMARKS itnT ?Notion McAlii-tT. fat Ci.! Lb1! At-J'), f-tnv si<*r jinlwelo-.e! at
jo .rsiiiin in I ih Noth-Kni: of An e-ica, ON THE MARKET. tpant-r Colnmb'if Garr. H, f"om Columb'is.Boton NAVAL STORES. Pitch. bbl 200 a 2& ) l be o'd for the year 1S45.Ai O'irCv ar.d Tl Lati4sme, in'S Mtda; a, Wcd.

tslour I truwinc colonies io the rant)?. Le-iin.r Morion, fm Col-mib'i 04kuin, bil S09 a 10ORCUI
Si>chii luvi wiiuM involve ill* ruin uf pejliajn -- COTTON -Our market has m-iint.ihed a very hhl I 59 a 2 IE) : in Hollies* Valley, levied 01 as tdc property Ttu diy?, V.'ed o-d y< a- d cu-daj at fi o'clock,

rry frw individual hut it icmldin'jclG quiet npjirarance, since Tu-sdrtV. and the transactions LIST OF VESSELS IN POUT. Tar, bbl 2 50 a IX) rf Henry Ahrt-ns, ar.d tu be sold fur the! taxes lor PM.. Ci'1nrr.bu:s Mail arrive Kd'd. y ard

; vttDil on' the hnnnr. j it woulil lUma e limited to the sale of vr ry small parcels! to smrs.Marianna OILS NATI4., Ltr.a'ed, kug 40 I 00 K a 50'1 25Olive. ) the year 1545. Tl1ur-d3c at f G .'eoHP.! M ; departs lursdsvs

the ili'1 l interrMi nf ihicunuiry ; ami it meet the immediate necesities rf purchaers. In Phiipe.!! 37D tons, forNe'.v York, load- bottle 50 ii 57errn JOHN W. COOK, Sheriff! and Fridays Sil'7 oVlk.. AM-

wnu1lm e in,.iei'.iirahile; ilis ust and nnImunleJ prices we have no material ch-in? t'i notice, the insy-McKay & Hart.-horne ; gil I 12 a 1 5JIaitd ( and ex-'Jiciu State Tax Collect'! The H''0>? ard Ft.rntnre are ertlrely! nr.r,

di>iru'.t in the lireH i nf every colonut few sales nude, being dt about our figures. Huron. \VVek-. 514 tons, for Liverpool, loading gal _March_ 23.1',46. ij-Cm thesw-rvanN tUcmnsfi-Iy} drilhd in thiir btircc, ,
J Div \Co. 'l'unner'Caior. and aU will u'e thtir ntnrn st ctdeavcrs to rL>kp
jii our IIION remutcIi Yesterday, the strainer's account* to the 4th (!
I! was; oiie of Mr. (i.ilUiin'-, SIiiStiIfl! int. rer.cherl here via Colinnbits., Tn.ir efiVctnjton loading-Noiire. SIODP & Co. Moss, bht 12 Ct) a 13 09I dis -ojifd Dl"mv' entire strc! r>f A. G. M.-'RSHALL;

lint the free navittioti of I ihrnicht 1,411 ii maiket lias not been mde Alpxand-r, Leeds, C91 tons, fai Havr-, vaItingDauritIr d. 0. bbl Ii 5;) 2 0)'a and Mcdicmps to rIr. H F. Abc-li, Acent: frrtl-e Frrietrr.
.1 niiiti onr yet apparent Prime, bll 11 01)) a 11 5(1( in r'-tirin from the basin- I bike crcjsion to ',
I'oncfdetl Eoul- r ( ii. to in CfoaMahocehce Marti
Lawtence beconreded Th1- are g"n.'rally cons-id-'red very unfavorable, .- Hc r=. C93 tons, fm Liverpool, wait- Buena jm'! Ib 9 aI' return; t-i the public, my triend> and: ciHfrmer, 17,154S. 12-tf
a Mmilar use of the ist. : nd will prub ibly produce a deprcaaing influncc ins-Mastrr s cinvassed, Ibi 10 a ii'a my than kit l'.r the p lron iCfJ they have b.sv.: d Spring Goods
to us. trent, linger.622 ton, fm Liverpool, waiting Si'l.'s. lb a 7
ice the e-tai Ii5hmttit whil- i"der rontn.l
upon pi 1$ upon rny ; TUST arrived er t r- M'tdrr,0r2It l -
Shunlda'rs lb 5 6Lpr
\\V the -M it r a
li-ive hern coinz on supposition)
LtVEF.POOL cT.Assr'ATIoN. Ib 9IfrTNR and lake plea-urc in rernnjmendit'i my ucrpi3i rto ) llich Fancy Prir.ts-Ehsh and Araericin
Cordova, Lowell, 332 ton?, ftNew: Orleans, waiting a ,
l li'V
that a compromise; "f sotiif Kind i> t'voie 13t3 -Master.DJC ] lb I1S a 25Har.F l hem UH \%< rthy ot tluir [patronage, and solicit i\eu- style n.l vi ry mt"eria r Girghatns,
Mr. PolU'i Alniinisir.iti,, ; ; et it mustIror.fc.ucil ( lb S Lr bun a continuance of the cu5crn; berfctuioresr China L\vi. f-r Ladies'
} fi :, aPIr4Tn s, Dem-s,
.. ... .. 3
IrT-rior .... .. .. .5 a "J | a 41Orlimn
ih.it; thour>e iu! ilm hjuit .6 a ( i 4J a ojMitidlm' d- Orl "i *, nc.bfrt.-cn, fin New York, wait- bbV 250 aPEA'LJ'I'S lib.-rally extended to rr.e. Ladies: Fancy; Des; in patttm,

ry l* so equivocal tint rmllmc r aii ')t! I"9icaieil **- .i'a \ 4j a 5* irg !;iTr buh 40 a 4.5R M .rrh I B. S. [IIAWLEV.A S-lOand 12-J Mu.4uito Lace Nettirfg.-
< with r<'rt. iiitv, A* to lii-i ; iiuil poxi- G l ld1Iiuig..7; a 74 a 3 | oberi U'dts, Jnhnr'n. ton*, for Liverpool, ICE, cwt 5 (N) a 6 0)P1CE Card." and siunrle.

thin and pin jio) es. The next' Hir.mirr from.eraoxieiv Mrldlin Fair.-. a 7j 5J .a 3.J li.tdin-t1ilI. Diwon & CoCumb'rlind. Cacsia.CIov. lb lb 24 7% a 25 f | Tlin undrrsi re*! \l.iVI! > K urc:2cd! fron MrJL pr< plaid and white corded da do.
Fir 1 ... ... ... ... { a 8 5 a:6 P-iwer, 402 ton for Liverpool, Lade*' Sun Sde r.d P rjscla
I tirrtiirp. 14 a ;4i1 i ii t I hi t Ii.' l ) V Co root, lb 9 a II) B S. Flowl l-:> his ci tire "tock r-f Onus la-iry ,
Good miii.tl. l--idinir-J
F.iir.j it { & ti<> av
: ground, lb 11 a 12% Medicines Pdinfs Oils, Gb-i-! Ware, Shn-. Fur Rich Iv rvar'd Paiar{ Fats,
l-e ..HIof iheihe cxnrctai inn Mary Kimltill, Gr- ->ry, 372: ton, for Eostcn,
Iti.it liiiht whirh h r..rriot he h..il ou I liestij'.ct FREIGHTS -')urin; ih- pst we k fhiprr.entsc ioidinr-I) B \Vo.d V c.Eichtd. N'utinos' lb 2 12 a 2 3u) niturc: iu\ will cnntnue: the b.isme a' lVff>le- FitiirtcI MiNihs, EsLiarn ts td ether Jtjlri of

% t'l5 and particularly to New York, h. \c i. I Li t'rtu. 5 ))1 l tori, fmltjzbe Brbte. t'niTtn- P'pr, lb 11 i 2)SU'GAR ) sal an
HI question from onr own GovernuClt been active, c0 ill it htjt two or three vek-jels are :V II >ward nd L* Fr.d !' DI irisA.bby N. Ork4o2, Ii i; aOIJ ar.d C--trut!: ad to- Ieav.t''s iv t' his frtuni! Ldies' Kd: Vali1! flkins ardCaireri,
\ in, i!,''y4un** from ;ihruid. We crop N. 0. Ii. 6 a 7Loaf. Do black aid .b.ril! 1C d
iy pns Tranc's' BMVIOM, 33 tjiie, fin Providence, and ti.rrripr p.ilron' ut t.te. .'tabli-hrneit tat his c Slippew aii'd lie*,
'J f thoir- tint ,inri
cojMwi ,
I i.rig ;: i cn'i go *"- an II 2 a 11S.IT
m4v $ice thi'* finil l term* upon whirh Euj- w.tutiig-Matir stock H coinj'lfte, enibr icins evt-rv2 ticIiUs'ijllv Fl-rercf, L'-ibur, Cptn wcik ar.d CunsLblePhm !
Liver1" such I oil a 1 12C"irer
.idvriced rat is d'rnandedVe h tve not htdrd ,
lAfli i wihIiii i; lo adjust th! .* ciso'ruevu'ry. :mil < tz tr c. hu-la f2; a 75STEEL. kept in S utem Dnu S,! a'd tr.-rri :r1at'g- Srw Po"npt: ,

I I- iuu matter: m.iy take then a definite f in- elijzemezit at over 5 Sc. L Ccrelaid. Bnkpr. 2N tens, for New York, C.tt, cw.113 0:) a 2.3 I) ) tnet.t-! recently tll 'ctfd, wilL b.: regularly =ut>;jlt.l: ,' <5rrijed; ard: fired SXM"J and JackonetM'Jll2.

I e11' For Ltxtr ool, phijirneuta aie dull at the rates lt'iita-D: 15 Wood 'C Co.Pioneer. Geiann, c' 12 0)) a 15 (i.) vvitb: fr.i-h ta: I Is rtio1ei.' .

TiiTe is something further which may II utrd. Hp iro, 21'! t"nfur New York, loading SOAP. 11 5Si'li1TS Physifii-i*, Pljr tfr?, Country Mc'rchata! and Be-i rr.an c ;htr articles wi.ich the subscriber
-!J..de .t Pratt P.randv. Cogivc, g 2 3:) a 3 their 'iut.rds to sill wr ltiv.Muri'h .
( others tviil fi-d it to iiff-ret to rail a-d cxainn -
t'lea r-OTATrnYS :
n *.J. There b. as i liinv nui.stLr
toav Gun lloll.Id, ) 59 I 75s'
's a 2M F KOPMAX.
To Liverporl .1-2 17-32d i' o h-j sit! c'i' and price* All nrdr.sy.U be _
ri t lIlii'. iine develiipment of ihe I plm I' a per > Anttricdn, gT 49 a .1.!
New York ..5-& PAS-EXERS. ?TV :iHfi'dc-d'' to m by Per* "K'fauiorn.JU
1rirn. N E. B7 -t) prcr17 person Brag .
on fun! relative; lo Mexiro 1 ; nd I lIP irtlxi g.; a
p< I':o-ton Per Ftmor E: tfanl i-Dr Allen, I vlv. 2 children \Vhi-koy, Rect. gt 21 a 25 Maroh 1 1S40. H"F.. AttiL.Sacry >T drrtvrd a bt..utIuLrbnaent *>f Gentl.
'h En. Und h.is in thni ;ifl iir of :i morurr.'iy "
< Providence .3 Sc. atrlTv.m! Mrs J Mr\.ih, ? chiHiea and
; Alcohol, ga ((2% a 75 Cord*, s'.utaLle for I he season, \\bich
: in, the hn I of the \I OiltfiZlllfl: .rvanr: MefcrP Bi orth. Griti-Mii., J I'urliLT, SKINS, Bear, 1 :;i 2 (I IhJrr fat" SuSe at Cost andCharges. ; be ii ut.d- among/ <

Tl'Tf i n iid tu lie a |I.r- Frenrh flees nuwla The Elitor of the FloriJiari'* it appears, ha* John MrNnM.'ht-n. J Bili-me.! Jol-n 11 tit.Prr 7a 91ShOT. ; Fh i'i'y LI-ICH rbfrVan'l Sack Crts -aDo -'
tteamer Coliaiib'i--M r John Seely.P atlizes 1! on band an ascirtm't rf Sjde( ;,
th (; of a .t
i.di'.Hil i oousnl nuiu'ier Spiof -
.111 sa\en I list week. 4'r D'Gwoy do
fmbrnse at our cotnm-nt* non J L and ,
<*r pteainer A ncs-Messrs Huwitt, TOBACCO, lb 12 a r &e. tc I u ill rii-spcsc t f t'icinalx s
Ij.uli 'va r. isl. D.IM1UI20, ami ( "nlia.i : I C., PUi l Lr.fri Hint.'g; i ai'd iraick Coats
aa extract from M--jr<. Wriiht A: Lew'm'a Circular A ?mithP TEA, Vouig: nyson, it .15 a I 0:, ; v f-r rai.! ,
I fl i 14 Mi-v.'.| by some. ar' in view, a-* well and h id seized upon tics OCCJMCII to read us a .-r s-ti-amrr Ch irlrston-Mr* Monre, Mrs Harp, ouchun;, 11 5) i 75 On hind a fjr.e: Buggy ar.d Harnevhich will PFrd and! Kancv Linen Drilling Pant,
M Mr- Troculir. M--r> HnVp, Wiiinns! Tr.'e-tler, TIN Union Fl.i'd! a' aPt J
xic ), i in the :irrat1Z.icll1s (:oniempl.i- ,
illiheral cf be Id for cash.
homily upon our spirit, want comniuntty c ; '
a -1. : flit t'ul a
Knhrn.I F'r.,uice and Sp.tin. II March -25 .
of with !eof Florid Per Ch JM llarri! and
interes-t thepeo,' i. etc. sti'itmer mifion fipt Seine, 1 40 a 5)) Kren lip, f nry and striped Cotfnnrde Pant
'.lZetliPr. iniht tutu innto.il' ; advanlan1 in etc It i it no uncommon thing for tint: gntlmanto fmiilv. J'tdu'- Pafftl'l. Mi.-s Emily Schl-y, Me&r WINES, "adiia, g I 0 P a 09Cb.tnujuaie Hal)e r. White, Li.enr.i. rn, ad farcy col'd Shirts,t >

The b11 eh4iZP, of ctjuictilenls! a iliins I41111'xiilh end avor to gft up; a"ttmpe-i i in a tea-pot," S..liiaiin P-r' M-i'ner, Dunn Viol-t and-P.i'-f Or Intr-rpoll. Mr Eifr.n.Perfteatn"r du. I I 03 a 15 00Cr TU T rfreived r> ),0jj; ttvt Yellow Pin Tjn- ner; sri ed CuInrtek a.
; Tin-
I lv ? to Kuropean; oip'oiii.icy. iljriy when a chine offers to speak (hipragingly A luny-(*"! W A Maxufll, MessrsJ.s J her, as",>rfed q'l.iliti- Alf T hand .Vj.OO( ) PaLale.if, Lezhrn: Pur.axa, Florence and C nadj -

ne ku. nut % hit a d.iv ui.iy briuiz cf th: merchints of AptlacliicoU. OurreflIis4 Bond, Jno Bill>o, Wm II Cimj'b-ll. Green ?, are authorised to announce feet White Pmp.a-s.-rtt'd frf m \ to 2 inch, which Srnw Hats

farili.N.tvt..i. : nbove alluded coric.'ivd in D-nna-d, 15 Ad to. uvre no i: P ZnI. JH* H-nnell MAI JOHN G. CAMP as a canSidatP for MAJOR HOP ART.X Bnck kin: Clrfh, Fmnt-lb a t rf Goatskm Gaiter",
Hib-ral or envious pint ; thty were no more than j Pe Noiion-' Ir P '"nclilon.
lumber will" be d.-livvred V hit ard
the <> irinr. the yrd. Lthr o Sliper4, aLd
l.-uer ilattsl on Aiita-Mr Freennn Mr F C.ltflfl GENERAL of the 1st Division, F. M.
wh t we b-lieved the extract from M.- -rs W.C Per steatier ? a'ter' this ditP I unles paid fir, or a written order many other Goid-aIl chan.Mirrh .

r United States ship Portsmouth: at Mazatn : ? L.* circular demanded at our hund: TISEV did \% MiMarv Fornmn, 1sS utah Burnett, rsra1sibe! per-" n.N'O tirch 2- > P KOPM..N.
MiLoiiia, I Denrj'ard.) Mi i- M E Truillen. Mi -
,, Ofl ih*" J4ih ut f J muary s.ivs : attempt-whether intentional or nr.t, we are not A F. (Glen, Mi'.i EUin (*!t'-t Q, Mr Clark, Mw. E (t- Mr. Editor: You will |p1eae anncunceCol. I t'ICE.-AIttr six Rjotitli's ; i1f JTir Liquors. ? *.

S *'Th prepared to .c-av-to c.iM a ttigrn i upon the cottons A Holm" MiFlake.' Dr Ft ike, Judge H C JVCiCiOX MJlirO.N as a candidate for
friitf: Consiitiition. Capt. Perril. this! fiotice, f !hall apnly to the Jnd' e of CONRIGNMENT.-Ju-t received a- i.peri .

';;l. i< now ojf the jrt. t t.in'lin'Z in. shiP shipped from this port, nvplacinsthvma pe? lower Spmn Webb; ,, II Mf-r! L-lan-l.> C N J Fpiifloid L t HolmW P II Freeman.K ii-i., J N G" b'rI.aJftrCeneral of Ui fust brigade of the first Probate, fir Frnklin c-'isrity' to be riioi! ;);ir il OX < r br rf L q'; r- con-i lirj; of'Sisnett,

l wl 1't fr.n I llunolulu! whence sh? sailed ill ill* Cotton firnily" tinn cotton coming fp>mSt. D C-'inor Jno 1 fl! Wertrs K H Gixili-bi- \\" dtviioii (ifS the Florida Militia.Mtrch from tht administritioi of the *-r.ite "f Oliver Ceic'in", rd Pale C"-> ITr ridv H. find Cm,

1tfl',- let-ernber 1st.Phe Marks and to this we ob.erted, and Mdted in- ( .'ns M D Donv, A J Glenn. \V T Can!.*. A 2=<. 1343. MANY VOTERS.fjy C. R.ivcundlate of said ronnly, da.ed. Port U'i-ir, M-.cirii aid L. P: jr ttria Wine,

sunup of-war W; rr n. Coin. HoII.!! culentally, tliat: theh-il'-i of tIe' cotton: Chipped; from rra zitr, Mi II Alexmder, D R unbo, and Clarke BEN P. XOUR5E( Clnmpnsro Wioe, &.c/ &.C. itt safe at, iniuittr'
We are authorised lo auuouuceCol. Mreh 2' 1SL. AdV deb'nino. pri<* sttreho1ulyb7 .
Ii (l.ily: expected: In-tii I.i oaon.: : She \vt' St. Mark*. wis notoriously of a gnde cU>-mq

i i4 t n>pqi,> l at Elilo, September 2Cth bound from good ordiniry; >to low middling. Thi* I.i.-t EXIOItT.NEW' : .<. !. JAMB P1TTMAN, as a c.mJiujte for Notice.TT7ILL MarMt-SS _. T?. KoE1AN.
fur VOaK-Per brig W L Jones-539 bales; : be sold, ind: r a d. rrpe rf tb Conrt IVofcc.CA .
P.4flmit.Cyaie.: reimrk. it wa, which pirtic-ilirly raised the ircif the olli-re of Bn i.ler: G .ieral, First Bngad.-: :
coitun. \ V of Chanrerv, on the FIRrr! MONDAY \irAPR' 'rl antej I Ir from is also the EJitor, but\ve.sit ill! fnd.* ivorto from E \ViL'i4m.-94 bdles Florida the electu.i
Peru, ilily < prove Per bark J me > cotton. Mihtta.at eusuiug ; in A-nl| in r.f iii' F.x"' Lot
I !.. nf-xt, urnt i nr?, aTit.hr: tllper.i| i IiJ1irrstt'd i will take
his own piper, that it is e*> riiially correct in P-r P-r &chr hrrMorea ndge--3X1 4,39 !I b)Jts d .* Cli'fl.cotton next. Alan 7. N". G, Block D'2," in the city of A >abchin, d-if rrtico. and uftvVri.lhrrr) eiv accrrdingjy, or

are now in port the frigate Safltrrlt : his I Last review of the market, under the head of Per *<-hr J Q A-l mi--3 JO Nile* cotton. with the tpneinH'it st-ridin; tiere n, con sr>nlyk.own I wilt-'Uiri tLen! : pirsorallv. .' a

V Com. Sluai. the L-vaut, Capt."je Cotton, app'aw the following :-"ORDINARY to NEW OH LKAXS-Per t-chr A Jand-43 baLscott tt7' We have been requested by the a'i the City H"trl." k'jVnn M!irch es : PC 1T.R, HOBART.T .

aniI l the Ports.no ilh. Capi. Mnnt-1 GOOD FAIR, 5 a 65 cents Now we would like n.KKY. frie-.diof WILLIAM H. HUGHES, to aiumnce -One-third 'c.*'fh, a-d the !Inline tan '

I ; officers and crews are all in good to inq-iire of the: Editor of the *' Floridi invbat 'V'EST-Per schr On twa-34 biles[ cotton him s a candid te for Colonel of the Third Kegitnent nudeIe- of known one a un*>d the tAn iltv war ol l s.lt'Futthc-r. tern.s (to be JLJ UMHEINSPnCTOI h-ivi bfo'i a7iOintftt; ?Irwi'evtnr'-Th.c; n if d Lumber rrncd!

kind of cotton it H llut sells in theaf day. in ny RECEIPTS FKO.M THE INTERIOR. Fli rida M'lttia. March 7 T. H. AUSTIN, > tot Frailil C >mtv, Kra his service* l tDthe

of the Gufiaort| at Ci cental We care nt what Pf-r --teatner Col'imb i--273 htli & c finn In \\'m C. H AUSTIN. 5 LoTnrar"Apalachieol3.Mjrch.2J nn!>li<* in thit Cipinty, ami will aite idjn xll

Ar.coo1; or J. Q. ADAMS.-The rorpotijf0l it is chd in T.iilHIt4aPC or St. Marks wh it we H Kimhro'ih & Cal: 101 to Hill. Dawson Ar Co; City Taxes.TOTICis lS1' 13-2t duties app.-rt-i.ini'nilnsid appointment. \He'aay
From lilt ;:l to A Hartshorne 9 to Ls Fied EDniras. be lo'tnd at t 2i Water streit.S .
of the| Baltimore Patriot thus want 15 the Liverpool clarification. McKay : ; \ htrt-uy gtveo-, that from and after
*ri! ftct that G c is the extreme q-ioution, we suljjseit i. theStn diy ofATil next, the subscriber Drus* Medicines &c.LAUGE rch 23 GIBSOXSIierifiTs
: embrace tho.-e fine'crops which Me.rsVrisht Per tenmr Eififl1.it9] biles cotton to L ck- will be found dally -Jl his ittice, (Sundays ex- a-id Ires!) 'st.iply: i f' Dru.a. ?.! 'icinta ?-
An must Inr' A: YOUIIT? : 16 to Dodse w\e Pratt; 91 to McK yA A t'Iiew.ituit '
nccident orcnarerl in the House of'lives ttd,) tor tile spucuuf 15 da s ih.reafier, irornJ : &c n3stir i w wart ot the -
\ & Lewin epeak cf as b-ing preferred tr : [H irt.-horn* 64 to ord"r. ce, >
; vlrlne nf
nf fieri
t ,
and hf a wr .iJCiaV'Wned fam
a few ilijs a.tu. well worth STMARKS" Pr fctedmer A ne?-6 bile cotton to D GR o'cloi'ic, A. M. each day, to c.-llect City l J'aXes; article :-oO Ieht ,, Mr. Chas.: J. 1 lugersoll I and John' uplands, TARTICCLAKM WHEM COMING FROM iney; 4 box*s ton.icco fo Wm G Porter & Co agreeably to the ** Tax Ordinance" iI! the City 01 pt--; 5 hv- Hmick' Panacea ; 13 bx* Olive Oil, the Cl rc* 0.renf he ( tirqfC'urtfrtheccttitiry ; "
and in i-olated cases bringing as much Ch4rLIon-36 bales J E Salts 1U l lbts Ci-npt-ra? ; 10 Ih-* o1 f Franklin, .Wi-aiVtt, Circuit Florida" ;
q Ul Adams Per steamor cotton to Aualachicola' rd 1'Jtb! February, 15115;, wnich IfJkei' strn ;
3'I j cy as i< generally knon, h:*veCna"'hin2hui as fine N. O. cr'rs. In this market, "good f iir* C M, clay: 252 to $Hill. Diwson & Co; 117 to also Juriner provide, pa ; t."iat all tax |)a>tis, wh' Gum 0iin-n, ; 20 Ibs Sulphate Q unite ; 21 d"z in Hoih'ot>!f N U fc Co. areplintifsnd

e4r warm personal friend-) for cotton, for the last two %4fek!. has been selling! ai Harpt- A: Hohn45; u> B Ellison & Co; 37 to J shall neglect the n tice'and tail to ay thttr taxes Lond.-n M'Ktan,! ; Herb if all kinds >) lhXutir.e Ce). F. Faltzijl irierfT Tav-j"d upnrard

$ The other day however. i1r.Lftg..ruhI and the same kind of cotton is valued at lOc L H$\ nr: > ; will c'r'o-c* far *-uI\<>t \v $lore f heii Court1TQuai' ior
Wi Sic., Per UfamT Cluiupion, -17 bales cotton to Sei.llrtr. arid Soda thecitv or Aa1aciota J on
;eet :tt Mr. Adams's deok. ami Pearl nw. 2 M.rdtyttrr.6th;
first 6 10 keijH gros-
tot the ;
'hiew VeflerAljte in New-York. Now, only eee what a clnnci Lne'ih Ar Yo'inq: 153 to Hirp-r A: Holm**; .143 > *e* meni cat1 per viit per \vcler 2'J: Ib* E-ivrli* .Ca'lornfl ; 20 nz> S,-NTurpeatine. day r.f Apr 1 R< xt. withinr lecal ho r.,.tbe 1ol.l.wi'ir.i.arthe >
gentlemen were rotiwis- Cent hr the third Po < \
second ,
(J6to Sima Ac Clieeve censor the per
u McK is H rlahorue
in for grand speculation, by just buymj | to V ; !
there is a ol'all arfirles \\it a
1"lltpi in she most coorieous anti and St 3<> tt Bib ,V Howard; 2> to J Uav ,V Co; 11 toW and 24 per cent (for the fourth mouth, on the and a'scenenl arltn -nt riqt'rtv'to : 7eiejin.
1flPftdly "tanner. After Mr. Inserwill lunlto all the good fair cotton at Tallahassee A M P C Kim; 4 toVMie & McK'nzie amount if their several, ai. eS'Jincnl remaining in ,the Dm.'.line, for Coin try, Merchants, riivirlfd half nf LoH nmnh r one a (TinItaly in

teP'retl' his wn,, seat a Member observ l Marks at 6C and tending it to New-York, where Persfe m-r Viola-2)5) 1).le&V0ttOU to harper utjpaid after the 2Jjof April, that. being the lust .Plnter atid Phyiicians. .Forsilehy .Block! F., K 'a-Jd thC ftivrVovemerU Thereon, in
t >lr' according to Me5r3 Wright is Lewin's authority,I i; Holmes; 45 to Hill.!! Diw n Ac Co. t4 the lodays ure rlbed. : March 1 __. H F'. ABF.LL- thi 'said ""cty rf Apahchirrvla. Levifd.u'q as
A1'11' 'hat he hid! been pleased innn'n
; bale and 200 the of siid defer.danL'ard tn'bisld to
*u from this Per reamer, Albany-155 cotton i-roperty
0'is tht. and it i is preferred to cottons coming portO H. R. TAYLOR AND O'L'-.SU kegs Xo, 1 Wf.ite.
Ine.iI" between Pila'e venison hmto J II A 1; J M Hall: 30 bale rot' PLAINTS sifysaidc'riI.? '. JOHN LUCAF,
Mr. A(1auIutIIaike1I, :tt gentle- ye cotton speculators! why have ye not seer I ton to Loc hart A; Young; 53 ou aid casks horns March ?7,1841.- iiy.ix Collector., ) units,Winter Ltrn;) Oil ; 30') snlNt.ins Sheriff Franklin Ccn- ly.Apalachieola .

o n for the remark and lln-n observed this before 1 Why have ye been eo indifferent u to imAc Cheever I ed Oil ; 50.hxaitorted Glass ; .5i 3 lbs Puttv Match'7r'lSJ6. \ 10tsJretj.
aud .
d Per Notion 300 biles cotton to Chai Blank Books Stationery.J Punt Bruhe* Black Lad,
jot such for making money stearn-r 10> aborted ;
Jp before the dowufall nf Mark An- glorious opportunities Particu, Ri ;rr* Ar Co; 55 to [Hill. D.&won& Co EDGEK5, J.-urnals[ Day) Books, &c.J4 ; 'firo'\vn"Ypl'ow' Ochre, Green Paint,jusl rr: !' .
Dr CCttl) m4l'e' friends with several of We can account for it only in one way. Per earner Anra>ta-233 bales cotton to Har.p I. &J: reams FooUcaitand Letter'Paper; Spanish 1$
and for sale by
the received
Roman Tribune* with whom he !had larindiodudU it is said 'art designed by Providence.to .r fc H"lrnef 156 to Locih is Young; 132 io Cotton, MemorandumBo* ; > ; H- F. .A BELL. LyFo.; 3 abnv a cL i-i' iIeejbn ofS

I. b4p0 nn term of biiter enmity fi r yearit. perform certain great and mig ''y deeds a W'm G Purler AS Co; 47 to [Hill D WMUI Y Co: Ship and River Bill? Lading ; :.j March I t Famiiy Grv rti.& ar4 flV5a! *fl, $

was undoubtedly 2.StoVylir& McKenzie; 17 to J Dny Ar Cor.5to Booolc lor Letter. Ptes. "r l : pf.'the'Cooimerrbl Itn1of iwlacon. received ,., M Iv ,
lvfriend him the Editor .
charged with inconsistency! and to of the Floridian : : .
XV i P.C Kain'P t '
howard & KnthHrftffdoS to : for Goudj at the lo\vast casbprires.by' made ifu ia the 1attit *ule, fc-r .itebf *' \
Chccltt at
Vhreupo .BlankBilliolExc : .
p par
Vicrrouitl. i de&Ir allotted, thr difficult 'i of ms.kin jgaa .
(balmy very t r *tei mfr Agne*-99 bilecotton and2 bOie* '* CIBON'CiAp:
njt1 be wonderful which be has for 1V tr&L tobacco to Locktairt Yout>s; 17 bile* cotton toTfaomi 'JUbt IeceivedDd fc setbv.1 .
tflk7 temporary ; rayfrlcndshipi the tio promulgated discovery to the,world. Pr *ton: 5 to McKay &"Harthorncra : 4- H.'F.: ABELLi' Warcb 21 ELLISON & Co. March 21 t 22 Water tle tU





- - -- L

.. cj' ." -

., ',V. "' '1:"' \. .. 4 .
__. ----a--, ._ J -. ., .L-. _, .
__ L ,
__ .
-- -- ----- ---
"'Ie .. ---- -..-- ---- ----- -- -- ---
-' --
.swt- Proclamation 'l'hc-'Nnt o.i Press, : : :TIT 'jL t i N rttn .:J. mrmfnftJt'tator1J l'1 tf e1.- f Drugs tand _.-

BY TUE'GOVERNOR.Y JOURNAL".FOR HOME:. A Rep sitory' lubnbl..ba. l -

virtue of the provisions" an act ciT the A Letters; a'Record of Art; Mirror' of:'Pass- "AT CHAMBERS, MARCH.16;'184&:,: : ,. -Know all ,personsinterested/ t !, that) I : n a *a

: :Vk .",:JD .Ganeral Assembly of this State, entitled, ing Ev nts. To be published every Saturday, at Franklin Circuit. Court. 7. NOTICE' '. of the datetof this, jiotice, Twill ."aAsoitment'of'DRtJOSa1

"An Act to organize the Militia of I the $tat of two dollars a :.year,'in advance. GEORGE.t P. .,.Y. ft: /: :,.'-' IN ..CHANCERY.v, -| ,:-v; : '. apply to his honor: the Judge Probate! for' CINES, which be will K ,
Florida," approved J) ce'mD 27! IS45', I, WXLLa.iw JUORRlSi. Editor.and Proprietor... ; Alphonse Loubat, :'. the county of: Fratiklin, for letters ofadministra-- andofthebet' : ''qoaJityi ,r '

., D. MOSELY, Governor of Florida, tb hereby A number of the nvcst eminent literary personsof VS. ;. .1 y',t' t tion l upon the-cst te of Stephen Skillman'de' MMMHJMBFOR Merchant: aod Planter!witt g,4

-FreehHn that air Election-will bft ht-JJ on the this country, have proposed to the undersignedto George W.. Harrison and Margaret :"r'!" :7 ceased.: : SILAS DAVENPORT to thejr.advanjae td call-examine and,trWi?

fu-ft.Monday in Jprit next.:for all the Division, publish, under the above title, a refined and Emma llairison: his wife, : .. 'tApalachicola., March fi, 1S46. 10-Gw Goods' before' purchasingelsewhere. *

.c ".'-Br1&d and'Regimental Officers of the Militiaof valuable Newspaper upon a plan combining the David G. Raney and Harriet F., ,the cure of Dispepsla Indiajestion, Bil N. B' Physician's prescriptions '
of National Talent with the best ,' Six1 months after date I will care and a oC pu 1
4. > the State, follows: highest resources Hudson 11- apply and nervous Headache accuracy any th
Jlaneythis wife; Joseph NOTICE i Constipation! ,
For one Major General of the First Division of elements of extensive popularity, and at so trifling Alexander McAlpin and = Probate Court of Franklin County, Diarrahca, Gout, Rheumatism, Gravel, J. C..AU.o '
of that ofih 'atfannual cost as. vil! place it-wilhin the convenient for.. final from' the administration and. FItu' March 21 Cor. Centre anV Ctmmtr
the State ofFlorida. composed': part Ogdtm Haa erty, Assignees ofBill to. fore a discharge lency, &,c. For safe wholesale and retail l,by -_. ;
State West of thcSuwanneu River. For one reach of all classes of society. The control_ La'verty, Cutter & Co. ; James' close 'mort- office of executor of the estate of-, David' :' Richardson Nov 5. J. C. ALLEN, iruggist.i : Balsam,.01

r- Majir General of the Serond Division of the and management of this publication will form the .Bog.rt and John! N. Hawthorn, gage on'lots: deceased. Warrant's 'A 'REMEDY niost1 Llverwon-
Compound Extract of ;
I State of Florida, composed of that part of the exclusive and undivided attention of the Editor- constituting the firm of Bogart NOS. .9 and E.- B. WHITMARSH.' .EIIL discovered in settled Consumption0'

State East of the Suyvaaec River, and. known as whose long experience ample facilities and prac- & Hawthorn ; David Maitland, 12 in block Feb' 21, 1846. 8-6m .Ciibebs and Copayia. Complaint, or any 'of;their incipient At?

East and South FloriJa. tised care, will be exerted to select, unite and David S. Kennedy, Henry LaEl, in the -Six months after date the under- Stands unrivalled for 'its ; on the Chrn -Thertja1 system, ,by tbe't
For' Brigadier General for t the first Brigade, harmonize the various skill which is willing to NOTICE efficacy; it performs a cur Doctor TAYLOR'S .celebrated fI
one' of '
verty, James S. Branden and city Ap- will apply to the Jud!ic of Probate few I
seek under his direction. The : 7 'k in a days-no confine meinl
of the Militia west of the Apalachi development Ci Genuine BALSAM
composed Hamilton or
Murray, const ituting'alachicola. of Jackson for final ,
the settlement
for '
this will county a ; ? ment or restriction in .' LV.WORT
and Character of 4& %
cola. For one Brigadier General of the second Scope, Design Paper the firm of Branden&Murray ; of the estate of Mary T. Gardner, late of said t die pares at37 ,lOWERY, Ce
is If Thisplaohtt
ditlcr from those of heretofore esta- necessary
of the Militia east of the journals l
Brigade, composed any Crumby .and and from the office Executrix now espoua? .5eve al
county, a discharge of. r found
and west of the Suvvanee. For blished, while it will comprehend all that they Dri.1 invaluablebeing pre and been
Apalachicola per, constituting the of the last will and testament of said de. with ha for a long time, the secj'
.one Brigadier General of the third Brigade, composed contain of importance to the community. The Crumby & Draper; Wilson ceased.: MARY ANN CHAPMAN, I t prer the greatest Unparalleled success which has att
__2. of the Militia of the counties of Columbia contents will be fitted to engage the attention of and -*_ Gale, visible December 2U 1815. Executrix. t possible care, upon well Taylor's medicine i performing nde$
Alachui Marion Benton and Hills- the man of business, and be a source of elegant \ tested principles fi.utided which in ,
Levy, partners of the firm of Wilson, ". cures, many, very many case* ha
borough. For one Brigadier General of the instruction and entertainment to the Domestic Gale & Co. and James Brown. NOTICE-The undersigned having recently \. upon that important laws been almost incredible, but the COlusiY' ,t

fourth Brigade, composed of the Militia of the Fireside nd Family Circle. appearing to the satisfaction f of the Court, administrator on the estate of ,. first established by the. celebrated the Doctor can bring forward .

counties of Nassau, Duval!, St. Johns, Orange, The leading characteristics. of,.this' paper will IT that the above named defendants do not reside Henry Josey, late of Jackson. county deceased, Dr. Fordyce, viz: we advise all who may., have coughs or .i
St. Lucie, Dade and Monroe. be as follows: within the State of Florida, but within the requests all persons who are indebted to said estate c that a combination of similar colds even, to use .this perfect specific frith

For one Colonel, one LieRtenant Colonel, and 1. Early and Copious Intelligence of all interesting United States; It is therefore ordered, that pub t to,come 'forward and make immediate payment remedies would produce : more certain, delay. -Franklin say a small leakwflli;
follows occurrences in Literature, Society and Art, and those to whom said estate h indebted speedy, and considerable effect, than any equivalent "
one Major, for each Regiment, as : lication be made in the Commercial Advcrtis, ; big ship. Therefore, cure your (
For the first Regiment, composed of the Militia bothat, home and abroad. once a week, for the space of four months, of the present) their claims within.the time prescribedby dose of any: single one. In many cases.the your lungs are past cure. For sale ogh n'r

of Escamhia and Santa Rosa counties. 2. A Foreign Correspondence of tried popularity institution of said suit, requiring them to appear law. ETHINGTON J. MERRITT, disease is entirely prevented by its timely applca. J. C. ALLEN, Sole Agent

For the second Raiment, composed of the Mi- and acknowledged.:'merit has been engaged, and answer to the said bill of foreclosure on cr Marianna, Nov. 4, 1815. [6rn] Adm'r. tion. For sale by Apat1ichi ro ,
and will be commenced with the first number. Nov 5. :J. C. ALLEN Druggist, &c.
,.. litia of Walton and Washington counties. before the expiration of that time or said bill -The undersigned having recently CAUTION-The. genuine Doctor TATTI
For the third Regiment, composed of the Militia i 2. Productions in fiction, romance and historical : NOTICE BALSAM LIVERWORT
will be taken as confessed against them and such as administrator on the estate of. Cabinet Work Shop. or has on the bottle!
Sketches of the taste and
of Franklin and Calhoun counties. narrative mannersof further u-der given in the premises as; to the Carey \. Josey, late of Jackson county deceased, --. THE.subscriber is i now in readinessto splendid steel plate engraving, to prevent t c
_., For the fourth Regiment, composed of the Militia the time; Essays' after the manner of the Tat : %.4 terfeits Gordon
Court meet.A signed by J.
seem Leeds.any;
tler and connected with may requests all persons who are indebted to said estate I manufacture. new, or repair old other
of Jackson county. Spectator, on Copy-Test e.) Furniture with despatch vile and dangerous imitations, and the
( to come forward and make immediate pay- : promptness : public
For the fifth Rsgiment, composed of the Militia social interests; biographical notices and anec- WILLIAM VALLEAU, Clerk. and solicits the of his old cautioned not to purchase or deal in if
ment; and those to whom said estate! is indebted patronage (pay. j ft a'I.
dotes and bon a
of Gadsden county. : literary professional; nicli; epigrams March 20, 1340-12- tm to present their claims within the time prescribedby I ing) customers, and hopes by strict attention to protected! by the U. S. Copy Right Laws. ,
and trifles of hind the .
For the sixth Regiment, composed of the Mi- elegant every ; rumors --- orders to March 21, 1846. 12-ly
law. ETHINGTON J. MERRITT gain some new ones.
litia of Leon and Wakulla counties. of the day, and the comments that float upon ": County.
.' For the seventh Regiment, composed of the the conversation of the hour:-materials! of this FIRST DISTRICT JUSTICE'S COURT.A. Marianna, Nov. 4, IS 15. [Cm] Adm'r. PETER HORART.fJCr IVe\v Dry Goods
kind will form the ordinary staple of the work. G. Semmes, ) -- Shop in third story of Brick Building, cor- SUBSCRIBER having just
Militia of Jefferson THE
county. months after date I will Chestnut rec iYe
and Water Nov
ner sts.
For the eighth Regiment, composed of the -1. The department of Criticism will exhibit a vs. > Attachment.Aaron NOTICE.-Six ap 3. his splendid stcck of
Court Franklin
Militia of Madison and Hamilton co" ti's. discriminating and popular survey of the Literary IJ. Marvin. 3 coun- Thos. Clark, GOODS at his store adjoining the Druj
For the ninth Regiment, composed of the Militia productions of the day. There will be a thoroughand I ''IIIE defendant is notified of the institution of ty for a final discharge C.from Rordsnll.ELL the .administration of BOOT AND SHOEMAKER, lishment of J. C. Alen! respectfully invites ,

of Columbia county. careful chronicle of every thing of value accomplished I I the foregoing suit by attachment, returnable the estate Joseph 1 CONTINUES to carry on thn business public to call and examine for Ihemselres.
For the tenth Regiment composed of the Militia in Painting and Sculpture, and a can- I (to the April term ot'said Court.A. Nov. 1 IS 15. in Apalachicola( two doors below Among this new stock. are the following. arti
of Alachua, Levy and Marion counties. 'did and patriotic estimate of the National productions G. SEMMES. Apalachicola. L the City Hotel on Centre street VIZ- ,1I
March IS 131G. 12-Hm --- ----- ---- - -- --= cT Calicoes, beautiful and latest
For the eleventh Regiment, composed of the in comparison with other countriesSuch Having superior wrrkrr'n9: he is confident patterns ;
Militia of Benton and HilUborough counties. exposition of the character and p'ciall'x- Western Circuit of* the State of State Tax Collector's Sale. that all who may patronize him will find Muusline deLaines and Fancy Ginghams;

For the twelfth Regiment, composed of the cellencies of what Is exhibited in Music will be Florida. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that six they have called at the right shop. French< CalfSkin Amiens, a rare and splendid article for L

I.i, Militia' of Duval and Nassau counties. constantly given, as may lead to the more intelligent IN FRANKLIN CIRCUIT COURT. JL months after date I will expose to sale at : and Morocco Hoots, cr Shop, made to order Dresses,; ,

For the thirteenth Regiment, composed of the enjoyment of that most imaginative and delicate Henry D. Darden, 1 Asswnpsit by attachment. public outcry, opposite the Court House door, of the latest fashion and most approved !stjle. Silk and Worked Shawls; I

c : Militia of St. Johns, Orange and St. Lucie coun- branch of the Fine Arts. Plaintiff: Sum demanded, in the City of Apalachicola, county of Franklin, All mending, &,c., done with neatness and promp- Ladies' and Gentlemens' fine \Vorte
"\ ties. 5. No original papers will appear but those of :11,530 12. (the following Lots, lying and being in said City, titude, and on term that cannot fail to be recognised Cotton Hose;
For the fourteenth Regiment, composed of the obvious and decided merit: and the selections Daniel McDougald, \ Bond filed in $2.1UUU. as the property of the following persons, for : as in keepjrjg with the competition in A fine assortment of Domestics of
Militia of Dade and Monroe counties. (which will commonly be from the foreign jour- Defendant I Taxes due said State for the year 1845, as per trade and the closeness of the tiuies.jan7 widths and colors;

'- And I do order that said Election be held at nals the least known to this country) will be made defendant and all others interested will plan of City. I 3-Gt Jaconet, Swiss and Figured Muslins;

;, the precincts in the several counties, at which with the utmost'attention and care. TIlE notice that this suit was commenced Lot*. I\ltloc/r\( \ Owners.Taxrs.\ I Cotton Laces; Inserting of numerous
the election, on the fir:Monday'of October The predominant design of the Editor is to add 4U Campbell, t 20 Coniinatfed L general by attachment issued 1-Mh March, ISlo, from 2 $
TO the Jail of Franklin Childien's
County, Apalachicola ditto
last, were ordered to be hcM'arid by the to tl.e Republic of Letters Weekly Journal, distinctly FrjnMin Superior Court in the Apalachicola 9 and 12 El Calhoun & Ross, 1 GO dito ;
and decidedly National in tone and features Florida, on the 27th January, Red, Yellow and White Flannels
Inspectors appointed to manage such elections" ; District of the Territory of Florida, returnable! IS R. McKenzie, SU ;
and] the time avoid all 112m ?L1ls.I6, a ruaway\ho calls his name SAM, Gentlemen's; and Boys fine Hats and
at to
and if such for cause fail refuse same Coflflectinri Mathers I Caps;
or Wm. 2
: Inspectors any to May Term, IS 1 15, of said Court-that the said 7 and 12 or assigns : '- .- and he belongs to Ausustus Liner, Gents. Lamb"wocl Under-shirts
with THE NATIONAL says and Draw
to act, then by such Inspectors as the voters pre- mere party politics. writ hath by operation of law, been transferee! to 4 2S Dr. Meacham,
.t Gadsden Said
County, boy is 2 or :JO Silk and Straw
PRESS will in brief, combine the ; Bonnets;
sent at such precincts may select. And I do strikingand Franklin! Circuit Court in the Western Circuit of 1 J H. N. Morris,
old, dark! color, about feet, 6 or 7 incheshigh. Umbrellas and Parasols
novel attraction of the with the year : ;
order that the returns of said election Newspaper, David Seldon f I
further the State of Florida, that a declaration hath been 4 11 >; .
The owner i is re il'sted to conic forward, Beautiful Ribbons Cord and Tassels .
interests of t the class of ;
shall be made by the Inspectors thereof forthwith more abiding higher pe- filed in said cause by leave of the Court at the 6 and C2 Jacob Harvey, 1 00 ;
with the law, and take him
1o comply Alapacas, &c. I.
I irodicals. It will be in the folio form away.
after the election, and directly to the Governor printed on 30 & &
present Fall Term, IS tG, and that the defendantis 2f, 22 Chilpnden's Estate, JOHN LUCAS, F. C. Together :
and and clear Shdil ) a general and well .
large superior on a new
and Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of this paper JOHN Sheriff,
hereby notified that he is required to .
appE'arard Feb. IS I') 7-tf
Apalachicola, 14,
State. And I do further order, that the Inspectors type, obtained expressly for the purpose ; and and ex-OOicio State Tax Collector. _. assortment of I
plead to the declaration filed in said case according ------ -- ---- Ladies'fine
Boots and Shoes
of the various precincts shall set up, t..C'ntyda's will be, in its whole arrangements and details, a to law.V.. G. M. DAVIS, Apalachicola. Jan. 21, 1510.' "-Gm. Twenty Dollars Reward. Gentlemen's ditto, ditto* ; I
before the election, in three or more public favorable specimen of the beet typographical THOMAS H. HAGNER.A -- --- --- -- the apprehension of the boy HENRY, : ;
district of the country. In addition to these, and as" one about to close their present business, FOR Boy-( ditto, ditto;
places in their election notice of the Uornc s of Plain LifE BEING absented himself from thi-t city, on Saturday tiemen's
of its most valuable peculiarities, it will be, in now offer for sale their large Ready-made Clothing,
the election ordered. cotsitiD&
time holding hereby Dated DccA 9, lR 15. 51-3m : last, without leave. I IP is about fid years
Frock and
reference to the diversity of talent that will he and well selected stock of Clothing, Hoots Shoes, Box Coats;
hand the
of Tallahassee
Given under my at city -- ------- --- old, six feet high, bullet-headtd. arid bald on top
employed it, the cheapest in the AT CHAMBERS, Dr.c. 5, 11i. Hats, &c., at greatly prices for Fin Sattinett and Cassimere Pantaloons;
this 20th day cf February, IS40.W. upon paper Caps reduce of his head, with an ancient. cut over the left eye, Coarse Cotton and Worsted
D. MOSELEY United States.Terms.Twodollars. Franklin Circuit Court Florida. cash only. ditto;
which, with an impediment in his speech, qives Fine Satin and Worsted Vests.
Governor of Florida, and Commandcr-in-Chief a year,or three copies for Fall Tenet. COATS : him, when he attempts to speak, a curious expression And for Juveniles
of the Militia thereat Feb 2S 9-te five dollars, invariably-in advance.It IN CHANCERY.John Beaver and Pilot Cloth Coats; worthy the study of a LavMter. The the a splendid artnent Co"I

will be sent by mail to all parts of the United Gorrie, )| On bill to foreclosevs. Bl'k, blue, and inv. green frock and dress do. above reward will be given for his apprehension: Pictcrial with Books various and Tos other of all desciptiowi.Tozether

All Ordinance : States and to the British Provinces, done up j mortgage on certain 1 Sattinct and cloth frock and sack do. and in this place, and all reasonable expenses articles too
Amending an Ordinace, entitled.In Ordinance j[in strong wrappers, with the utmost punctuality LewisP.''Moseley and I( property to wit : Lots Tweed ca..imere sack and frock do. dei\'pry paid. JOHN JENKINS. ous to mention; all of which the subscriber
low for CASH
P Regulating the Licensing of Drays;' :and despatch. his wire Ann Mose- j t No. U and 2 in Block Kentucky Jeans frock and dress do.PANTS Apalachicola, Jan: 17, 13-16. 3-tf at prices onlv. N. SEYMOUR.Apalachicola

SfC., passed tJe'l2d December, is 13. Postmasters are requested to act ns Agents, receive Icy, formerly Ann | No. one, in the City of : I
SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and I subscriptions and make remittances.The Gillespie. J Apalachicolu. Blue and bl'k cloth.Pants; Varraut's EffervescentSeltzer Oct. 2; 1S-15. < I,

Council of the City of ApaUchicola, that so first number will be issued on Saturday, appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, Super bl'k doe skin cass. Pants; All l.i n!. DI.GOOtls

much of the ordinance of which this is an amendment the fourteenth of February next. IT that the above named defendants, Lewis P. Plain stripe and fig'd do. do; RENEWED, and an invigorated: subscribers offer for sale a lar e and
as imposes the sum of ten dollars for one That a probable estimate be formed of the Tweed do. do HEALTH condition of THE
may Moseley and his wife Ann Mcseley, formerly( Ann Sattinett and ; body prudiimi i stock of Dry Good*, coiuistizg
Hone and Dray, and fifteen dollars for two number ot copies that will be required, subscribers I Gillc pie, reside beyond the limits of aid Shite; Kentucky Jeans and Corduroy do; by theme of TAR RANTS EFFERVESCENT part of !

Horses and Wagon, for the use of the city and would oblige the Editors by sending in their but residents of the United States, to wit time VESTS : SELTZER APERIENT. Negro Kerseys and Linsey,

two dollars to the City Clerk for a License, be names at as early a period as possible. State Alabama.. It is therefore ordered, Tiiat Plain black satin Vest-; This preparation i is: universally allowed to be White and Red Flannel,

and the same i is hereby: repealed.SEC. Newspaper and periodical Agents and News the said: defendants be required to appear and answer Fiir'd: d'>. do. do; the most popular remedy of the present day, for Plain and Fancy Jean,:

2. Be it further ordained, that each men supplied on liberal[ terms. BURGKSS the said }Hill of Complaint on or before the Plaid, stripe, and fid; cashmere Vests; the prevention and cure of Indigestion, Bslion-t Double twilled Tweed,
Horse and Dray or cart, shall pay five dollars STRINGER & Co. 222 Broadway, Wholesale Nervous Weakness Head- '
sixth day of April next, or in default thereof, that: -ALSO- and Liver Complaints, Super fancy CaamErc
and every two Horses and Wa on shall pay eight Agents. the same be taken as confessed against thorn.Jlnd White linen and muslin shirts; ache, It.artlur habitual Costivene-., &c. Super English and French Cloth?,
dollars annually for the use of the 'nty, and on Subscription, orders, remittances, and all it is further ordertd, That a copy of this do. do. do. Traveler residents in warm: climates will Whitney Blankets, 10, 11 and 12 qrs

application to the clerk, he shall grant a licenseas communication, tl' be addressed (postpaid) to order be published in the Commercial Advertiser, Merino Figured shirts and drawers; a ,! article ; it prevents any accumulation Duffil Blankets: S, 9 and 10

above for, which he shall receive the sum of GEORGE P. MORRIS, 2fl Broadway, a newspaper published in (the city of Apalachicola Silk and cotton: shirts and drawers; of bile, i is portable, and the method of'I Denims, Kremlins and Cottonudes qr.I ,
one dollar, for each license so grantedThis ordinance Corner ot AlU .st, New-York. I preparation is unusually : Brown and
months Cravats
for four successively. Stocks, Collars, Glove, Suspenders, cor"cIient Chin:1 Shirting Sheeting,
to take effect on and slier the first day of {CzVitli: those Editors who copy the above I (Copy-Teste.) and Scarfs; have frequent oera--ion! for cer.tle cooling Cotton Osnaburgs,

May next. Prospectus, the Editor will he mot happy} to exchange WILLIAM VALLEAU, Silk, Merino, Lamb's Wool and Cotton J Hose; purgatives ; they: wiil take this ci-erient in preference Cotton Drilling and Ticking,

Passed bv Council March 11, 1916. and,
E. C. ROBERTS, Mayor. to reciprocates the liberalities and courtesies of Caps; also, a very large assortment of Hoots Nov r. J. C. ALLEN, Druggie, &c. I Irish Linen, Shirting:and Sheeting ,
WILLIAM VALLEAU, the press. Franklin Superior Court.William .
Bleached Cotton and ,
and Shoes, &c. MILLER & Co. Shirting Sheeting
March M, 1546. Office of Publication No. 222 Broadway, (corner Wright, ) Paints Oil, and Glass. English. French and American Prints

For Sale. of Ann-st.) Now York, whare subscriptions vs. V Attachment for $5000. To (5IRSOX & CLAPP, Extra super, plain and twilled: Ginghams
n\<* received. Daniel i 1 McDougald.: ) TYPE FOUNDRY I..uaers.! [ FURNISHING WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Super Cashmere d'Ecosse,
FIRKINS best Dairy nlltter,better known Paints Oils Yarn hes [ Window
3 0 nplIE Defendant and other persons interestedare WAREHOUSE. Turpentine,
Extra Muslin de Lame
as Latham Butler Apply to & CLAPP 22 Water street, have- Glass &c. super ,
} notified of the of
GIBSON are hereby institution the subscribers have opened a new TYPE Scotch and American do.
rpllE English
Feb 21 NOURSE STONE & Co. : received schr Helen from New
-__ Orleans and oiler for sale per above suit, and are required to plead arcordinglv. _L FOUNDRY in the City of New York, where Will keep constantly on hand a good as<(rtmentofMixKD Super Italian black and figured Silks,

Oil Consignment. 200 galls Linseed Oil 200 lbs GEO.; S. HAWKINS, they are ready to supply orders to any extent, for PAINTS of All colors, tor Ste.irn Black Silk Cravats and fancv Hkfs,

subscriber has just received from the 100 Refined Sperm; Oil Putty; J. C. SMITH, any kind of job or fancy Type, Ink, Paper, Cases, Boats, Shipping and Plantation lie; together with Super English.and Ponte Silk Hkfi,

THE : and publishers a beautiful 50 boxes Glass assorted sizes; Att'ys for Plaintiff Galleys, ikiiss Rule, Stee Column do. Composing a variety articles in the painting line, too numerous English and Amercan Cotton tikis,

of Paper Hangings, Foolscap and Letter Paper, 20 doz boxes Fancy Toilet Soap; ; -_Apalachicola, March 11, 1Stfi. .11.'m!> Sticks, Cha-es every article necessaryfor Houe to mention.and Steam{ Boat Painting, and Madras and Verona heed Hkfs,

Day Books, Journals and Legers, Bibles, Prayer ISO lbs Tremont Starch; George S. Hawkins, ) a Printing Ofiice. : ,done Sin,with neatness and despatch, at Ladies' Cotton Hose and Gents Hf-bcse,
Books, etc., which he offers very low. 50( kegs No. 1 White Lead ; A. 'r.5. ocnimes. i' Attachment, Franklin The Type, which are cast in new moulds, from Glazing moderate, cash Super Marseilles and Worsted Vesting,

Feb 7 F. KOPMAN. 10 Paris Green ; 10 do Chrome do; vs 1} Circuit Court, Damages an entirely new set of matrixes with deep coun- prices 22 for Water street,Apalachicola.Jan. Cotton and Flax Thread, .
10 Chrome Yellow ; John T. Smith. I $1500.lereby ters, are warranted to be unsurpassed by any, and 10 1SJ. Plain and fig'd Swiss and checked

Sugar. 100 assorted Paint Brushes, fcc. feh2S 0 rplJE defendant is notified of the institution will be sold at prices to suit the times. : Jaconet and Cambric Muslins,
5 HHDS New Orleans, of superior quality, JL of the 1bosuit by attachment t; returnable Printing Presses furnished, and also Steam 1..01 Nails, &c. Needles, Pins, Tape, &c. &.c.

+for sale by A Card. to the Spring Term, IS-lG.of said Court, Engines the most approved patterns.! THE| subscribers have on hand and for sale, Which have been Delected with great '

feb29 9 NOURSE, STONE & CO. WISHING to close our business in this place, at which time he i is required to appear and plead. Composition Rollers cast for Printers.A and retai, low for Cash- New York and Boston,from Importers and ;

For Sale. prepared to sell our extensive stockof .\. G. SEMMES, Aty for plfls. Machinist constantly in attendance to repairPresses 20 tons assorted ; keis assorted Nails, of Manufacturers, at the lowest market rate

BBLS MESS PORK; 20 \ bbls No. 1 DRY GOODS Boots, Shoes, Hats, &c., at Jan. 2, IS JO. 1-tf and do light work. f 0 kegs Spikes, Wrought and Cut, are.now offered at wholesale or retail on fa

20 Mackerel ; 20 \ bbls No Mackerel; 10 unusually low prices for cash or city acceptance --- .- ---_.---.-.- --..I- Editors of. Newspapers.. ,, .who'" will buy. three I Sheet and Boiler Iron, terms by 'V%!. G. PORTER & Co.
i bbh Fulton Market.Beef, for sale by Merchants and others visiting this city, will findit --- '- times as much type as their bills amount to, may Hollow Ware, a general assortment, Nov.:29. 1S43. 41 Water
DODGE & PRATT to their interest: to examine our stock before Malta Cotton Seed forSale. give the above six months' insertion in their pa. Sugar and Coldreh Kettles, .J 1.

feb2S Water street., making their pers, and send their papers containing it to the Cook and Parlor Stoves, Sad Irons, Iron, Nails, Arc. "
9 40 purchases.J.
STEVENSON & CO. I HAVE a few hundred bushels of Yellow subscribers. Blacksmith's Tools, Hardware, )0 TONS Swede Iron, assorted sizes,

Perfumery. _Apalachicola, Jan. 12, 18 1G janl 3-tf Nankeen Cotton Seed for sale at two dollars COCKROFT & OVEREND, GS Ann st. Britannia and Juppand Wares Brass Andirons, 100 kegs Nail, do.

COLOGNE, Lavender, Florida Waters, E, per bushel. This Seed is the growth of seed New York, Aug. (. 1815. 3t-fr Fire Dogs, Shovels and Tongs, 4 casks Weeding Hoes, assorted qualities

\J'tracts, Violeta, Jasmine, Amber, Portugal, Bagging and Hope. imported last year from the island of Malta, in Hooks and Thimbles, Blocks, Pump Boxes, 20 Blacksmith Steel Faced Anvils,
GOOD article of Power Loom Kentucky the Medileranean: sea,and were raised and ginnedon To Priltc..s.TYPE 20 English and American \1
Ac.1 Soaps, Preston Salts, Otto of Rose, &c. A Marlin Spun Yarn, Manilla and Hemp Cordage,
Bagging and yood Rope, for sale by a plantation where no other Cotton FOUNDRY AND PRINTERS' FUR- 20 Bellows,
Jan 24 J. C. ALLEN. grew. Anchors, Pitch, Oakum, Tar, Coal Tar, Rosin,
jan31 5_NOURSE, STONE & CO. The Seed is therefore genuine. Samples of the NISU1XG WAREHOUSE. Turpentine: Sperm and Linseed Oil, 12 dozen Spades and Shovels, A
Goods on Consignment. Cotton can be seen at the office of Messrs. -McKay TIE subscribers have opened a new Type Leather 10 Collin's Axes \
Bagging and Rope. t of New York, where Paints and Brushes, Rigging and Pump '
in the
SMALL assortment of Goods, consisting o pCS. & Hartshorne at Apalachicola, and which are of city Matts, and Buckets, 10 bxs Cotton and Woolen Cards.
A Kentucky Bagging, for
orders to extent Pumps
Coflie, Tea, Soap, Candles, Tobacco, 100 a superior quality. theyare: r ady to supply ,any Tin 1 case Rowland's Cast Steel Mill Saw,
100 coils Rope 30 Hessians, Cases and Sheet Iron Ware.
; Ink ,
pes Paper ,
kind of Job ,
The Seed can be any or Fancy Type 1000 lbs Cast and German Steel for sale by
is offered New forwarded to ,
Gunpowder, Brandy, &c., at 4 bales Basing Twine, for sale by by steamboat Galleys, Brass Rule.-STEEL COLUMN RULE, March 1 ROBERTS, ALLEN &CO.
Columbus & Co.
York Invoice prices, by Apalachicola or or any intermediate WM. G. PORTER
Co. Sticks Chases, and article, necessary -
every .
jan31 5 NOURSE, STONE & CO. landing. "Sans Soiici, Nov 29 41 Water!
Nov 2! .41 Waterslreet.
REUBEN C. SHORTER, Sr. for a Printing 01ce. Also second hand RESTAURAUT, BILLIARD AND READING .

For Sale. Bacon.JUST Eufaula, Ala., January, 1846. 5-8w materials.The ROOM, Removal.
20 BOXES Roofing Plate, 14 by 20. landed, per schr Ashland, from New --- Type which are cut in imitation of the Corner Commerce and Centre Streets. MILLER l & CO. have removed tbeir.
30 do Tin do 1-3 X, :, a consignment of very superior Cincinnati Goods Cheap for Cash. English letters, are cast in new Moulds, from an Clothing &.c., from the

50 bdls Sheet Iron, Nos 12 to 20, cured Bacon, in hhds, for sale by THE subscriber being desirous of.disppsing ot entirely new set of Matrixes with deep counters, BY : E. RAIMOND. of Water and Chestnut streets to the I

Braziers'and Sheething Copper, feb2S 9 (I. ROGERS & CO. stock of Winter Goods, which is lare are warranted to be unsuipassed by any, and will R Water street, formerly occupied'by S. B-

Block Tin, Lead, Iron and Tin'd Bivets, _On and beautiful, as an additional inducement to his be sold to suit the times. Al the type furnishedby OYSTERS Fried, Broiled, Roasted, Stewed, ,ton, where they will constantly keep on J Jlarsie I I
Consignment -
Bucket Ears, Bar Iron, Hoop Iron, customers that of selling them otf at cost and us is *f hand cast." types from any foundry Pickled and in the assortment of READY MADE
Nail Rods, Tin Ware, wholesale and re- 100 BOXES New Bedford Sperm Candles, charges, and as an evidence of gratitude for the can be matched at this establishment. WELSH Shel. ING, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS SHOES, &
for sale low for Cash ,
tail, by WAI., by T. WOOD favors heretofore received f oill' his friends and Printing Presses furnished, also Steam Enginesof RAREBITS, Oct..25, 18-15 43 t tCTA
Nov 1 ROBERTS, ALLEN & Co. them of the most approved
_. (the public, he.ntfw gives an opportunity patterns. BIRD
Nov 29 42 Water street. BALES HAY for sale by
Flour and Corn. getting bargains, such as 'they can seldom meet {Composition Rollers cast for Printers. crt SUIPER.Prvate Rooms. O U MYERS &
Garden Seeds. with in this country. Merchants from the interior CO KROFT &OVEREND, from 11 to 1.
every day Feb. 36 Water
BBLS Western Flour and 75 sacks Corn 14,1S4G. ,
20 would do well to call and examine the Dec. 13, 1845. ly 6S New-York.
for sale by fresh, just received and for Ann-st Families and visitors supplied with Osters by
WARRANTED J. C. ALLEN. stock which is now offered lS above.'FRANCIS the barrel or patlon. March 14 :Pork A; ,Beef.' ,
.. NOURSE. STONE& CO, KOPMAN. 1 rv IIHDS-. Croix Sugar, BBLS. Mess ,and: Prime Pork; 30
__feb2S 9 46 Water street. Jan. 24_Druggist. N. B. I would again request t those knowing .L\J 20 do. New Oreans Sugar, to arrive, Molasses. 40 Mess and Prime Beef, for sale by
call and settle without 100'sacks Rio ; 30 do Java, BBLS. N. O. Molasses, for salaby Y &
Lime. Afloat.Kff Bagging and Rope.PIECES' their indebtedness to up Cofee 50 March J. DAY Co Marc 7 < J.Salt. VA
4 cases Hyson &
\ \ CASKS Thomaston; for sale by heavy Clifton Kentucky Bagging the necessity of notifying them further. .
500 ,40 bxs Aromatic Tobacoo
.; Jan 24 D.i B. WOOD. & Co. ; 500 coils good-Kentucky Rope. Fehl' F. K. CEDAR wanted by : SACKS Liverpool Salt s *
50 Mctfgd do. Brown's and Labby's,
c. t -,- Waters. Also, 150 boxes Tobacco various brands, for sale Boots and Shoes. D. B. WOOD &CO.BAGGl"NG : ,)650 go of'Bri tish'ark
Flavouring: ... 20 Sperm Candles; 50 bxs brown Soap, '
N assortment just received, and for sale by by LOCKHART & YOUNG. and Men's Rusi
A, Nov 29 J, C. ALLE.N, Druzsist.T Feb 28, 9_ BOYS'n'i sew'd and peg'd Kip Brpgans. 2000 Ibs.Lead j 4 casks Linseed Oil, D. B. WOOD & CO. : Canvassed Hams.,

,KENTUCKY ROPE 500 lbs Oil Cloths. and Carpets. Gents fine Calf Brogans, 200.kegy\Vhite:Lead, No. 1, Extra and Pure. -For sale 'in sums to suit purchasers, .CASKS Canvassed, .Hams, for sale by
.*OU/ A'COILS or Baeein Twine for sale; by : 1 0 PCS Oil Cloth, 1,2 and 3 yards. .wide Wm's Veg'd and s w'd Shoes, Children's dp/do. :, or sae.by W: G. PORTER' & Co. SPECIE D. B. WOOD Co. 5 WOOD' & CO '
superior ? J.O 3 Ladies' Kid and MoroccoShoes', ?, Nov & 32 'Vater
MYERSMITCHEL, pea super Ingrain Carpeting, Super ." 41 Water street. January 10, 1S4G. __ March .
I 3c" Cotton. Super Ladies' Gaiter'Boots, 'Ha
I ,, -De. 27; 1845. : 36 Water st. 2" Straw : Gentlemen's coarse and fine Calf Boots; J :' '- Storage To 11 ,Consignment.CASKS '. RECEIVED per ship Huron, from

TTENPS I black,blue and red Ink. Also, copying 6 Cotton Drugeet, 4, 6 and 8 qrs. wide. A-large and extensive assortment,j just received. FOR 10 barrels'of, 500-bales cotton on'first" 20 ; superior Rice, nQw'' ndi" i- .s from. : f fren' ,tI.JS"' Jb1' ,

Ink, for sale by' For sale by W. G. PORTER'fc Co. and for sale byVM. C. PORTER &, .C0:; Apply tq' ;'WOOD.& Co. I brig Tybee.;.and for sale by 1' I brated Hurter.' *

,e:24: .J. C. ALLEN. Nov 23 41 Water street. Nov 29 41 Water street. Fcb'1 3 Water at. Feb 21 NOURSESTONE & CoI iarh,7 31ILLER.

( Co"m

.' .

4p9' :-1 '. ,'i/ Ii i