McKay & artshorne,
No. 40 Water street,
not Apalachicola, Florida.

C A.T T R* "

-D B.- Woed & Co.,.
No. 29 W ater street.: *-, ...... .
j-ml Apalacihicola. Fla.

decl4 l 1Apalachicola.
S. B5. Ilaiailton,
'""" No. 47 Water street,
,decl ly Apalachicola, Fla,
N' Itiller Co. ..
.HATS, &e.
Corner Water and chesriut streets,
Apalachicola. novel Xy,

Wai. Sydney Green, MW. D.
DR..GREE N- tnjes this opportunity of 'exlpres-
sing his gratitude to his patrons; and torassure
them that it shall-be: his constant endeavor-to ren-
der himself more useful in, his profession..
Office on Centre, near Water street.., dge-25
A Ca rd.
D OCT. S. W. I'ENC.EtR has- removed his
D office to the Baltzell Buildings, -secorid floor,
over the store of-N.MilAer& Co. Entance fiom
Chestnut street.' His residencelis on Live Oak
streett formerly the -residenceeof Charles Rogers,
Esq. dec4

t.W. Woodland & Co.
N0. 18 Commerce street,
New Orleans, zLa. novel ly

Marianna, Florida.
Will practice in the Courts ofFranklin, Jack-
,eon, Wilton and Washington counties.
Yonge & Taylor,
Marianna, Florida.
G. T. Ward &k I.'W. iVlte,
Tallahassee, Florida.
Having associated themselves ii the practice of
.the Law, under the firm of WAID & WHITE,
will attend regularly the several-Courts of; the
Middle and Apalachieola Districts nd'the Court
S41f Appeals at Tallahassee.
R EA-DY MADE -CLOTH I NG.-Just received
from New York, a large and general assort-
,Vneilt of Ready Made Clothing.
jan22 47 Water'street.

.* '*

"-or you." There is no left to pay the $.17,383,83,S? Certain ItIt ik-8
ust be removed ; they all the legal Currency eo the State,.excep.t-a.14a
d exposed to rain, and amount in circulation in (he hands o.ciis
)f having them trans- and if all paper-were anhAilaited as a cijc P'.aik
n, as the law Irohibits mediuIm, this w6utid be all 'the money 'fe'e"ai!
has a licensed cart.- to do the business of0 the State. We'l. olatawiv
-, how long would the more thian severoteei .millions. lesstan y4,in9W
)osifion ? How would have;* for deposits il -Bank are justas WuK'S
ho drove tile licensed part of the circulating!iMedi.um.as the d a u]1
would be thought of which-are out: f here is no difrnce tlat'.f
h allowed such things see, sn far as individuals,-Bafiks- Lrid the ].
Sare cotncerted.
application .of this to For instance : if one man ha a thouisad didloa
finance l11 the City of Bank Bill and deposits it in his desk, so Joneg ag.i
?rtaia number of banks remains there it does not circulate ; When heiia_
the goov of the public, it to another, who puts it. in bis desk'r
)ose of lacihati. g th. keeping, it is'again the same thing; 0 bu ti 1. oiy
rodUce and all sorts of del.osited the.e until' h'e needs its use .wlknuh
Lndise.. These banks again passes, it to another. Tlhis in, s.a its of
eylto make these ex- keeping it himself' ; deposits it' in Bank, and.th4I
the contracts For these Banrk credits it to hUs account; but.it is.
ed unless the money is Much his money as if it were lyin 1inhSoWill
e hen doing the busi- desk ; ald be," he I ishes to uehlhe'-`one', hi
to -rrake the money; takes it from the bank instead ofhis sk. BE
Govern meant, delegated a-the Bank has given him credit fo'r it he (i,.
s they are to charge for hiz check when he draws the Morney,'a-nd-..tbj4
of the banks lending balances the account on the booked ol the Banik'
,ho make these exchan- This thousand dollar bill is as much. money ,
ucee, i is hired out to far as all business transactions are-concernled,
except to relet thetmo- if the same su.m were .in gold o: silver. The man
double, treble or quad- exchanges his property or note for this Bank notil
by law, allowed to de- which Ire holds in lieu of his note or. property'-
this is just as much the Bank note measures the value f4 property a"
muni"y than hiringout well as gold would, and whether hei has the Banq
ud are worhthn more thgan note or gold deposited in Bank or in his dk, 5
must-pay for the whole is just' as much his in one place as in6the-0o1hedr,
*ell as the cartage, and arid equally at his command. It is alwavsa de'
son the whole amount, capital to him as long as he holds it, wJ 'etE
arise in the finance cl deposited in the Bank or in his own deskWheth'
to be done to aid bust- in gold -or in a Bank note; If a Barnk hvea'i oS-
d as to tile best means sand dollar bill engraved and signed, a.-d iit
to be adopted, to better counts my rrote for one thousand dl Pars fodr mt
Lcouttry? Certainly it exchanges its one thousand dollar bill n lcn
zln'ul in "finance-who bears no interest on my note, wheiher'I take th.4
the largest sum out of Bank bill with me or leave it in the Bank' Tf.
me sapped the founda- leave it, it'is a deposit of mine in WBhbk, and'i
d the value of.produce makes no difference with the Bank whether"f
I. These nmen are sure take it away or leave it. Thq Banks in the 'qli
best securities possible try derive their advantage fr6m circulation; f.e
made, that the finan- Farmers take the Bank notes home with .t.....0
eod large discount, and The Cy Banks derive most of 'their adva ,
ind Gov'ernment with from tle citizens depositing their monev in*B^
Swell consult the free. instead of keeping it themselves. I 3n
he maritime laws best reason why one is not just as much a'circd14US6
onmerce of the coun- as tlie other, and the liabilities precisely the srhi'
-e would be such as to in one case as the other; and, therefore, instead
ships of the line, and of having only $7;714,2,SS4 of circulation, we have
guns, and they would at least !25,S:>,914;and ifP-ve'should utse specie
well as the finance of 6olyV;'-t wYiald T'edu-e" "ur circulation to "e"ffd
iur financiers. I doubt what it upw is.- But if we take the currencyldf
banking institution in the ,State even. at twentyfive millions, the whole
exchan-e or otherwise, of the circulating me'dim of ttlie State would-not'
than legal interest on by passing 6nee a yeaq through fifty of our met.
edition to this, a large chants' hands, pay thdl^-ntracts which they year-
be kept in tile bank b6 IY make ill their ordinary business of buying and
Is any discount, espe- se-lling goods. I have little doubt that eve
nd interest high out of thirty 9f our largest dealers would need that sum
to pass in a year through their hands-.or else not
rat-e of interest--say be able to fulfil their engagements. How impoK-
than double ffhat it tent, then, iA it, when so small an amount per-
that a young man on torms. such wonders; that there should be fio
a bequest of' twenty obstructions.to a rapid circulation!' "**
It good health, he de- Suppose one hundred of the richest men in'thl
6 and nqt. to use either City -of New-York should agree to draw specie
s or tlie interest. He trom the Banks and hW1itl themselves for a &g,'efi
and niortgage at seven time-say one'. two or three months-Redpink
half vear'ir, and this the engagement-to themselve-, so that the public
sts I n th sae wavy; would be unacquainted with their irtentious: leap
"incipal will dqublei- thana eighty-five thousand dollars for ach indivi-
s of age it will amount dual would draw every dollar of specie from every
ne years it will aniopnt Bank in1 tt11 State; na sotlme of thlese.men equld
l.y-one to one hundfd easily furnish se~t:ral timei. the sum allotted to
y-one to three bundledd each. All who would make these drafts are thie
eyenty,ono to six hun- actual owners of the money they, would draw
.and .at- eighty-Qtoe to fr-om- t-ie Banks; and as they owe no 'one, they
ty thousand lollai.,.-- could.- keep- it as tong as they pleased, whether
1 btt t'feity thousad one; two, thr4.e m onths or longer.. ,_ t:es
e. eafrned- twvelv'e lin- one acqluain ted- i Nw-Ytr WT f doVtt
*d paid it to hiH ten ability ofl bne hundred of our citiz2ib~o .cba'_o
thousand. Tlhe nmmey this money without being indebteit&toahn "yi,
y ohe ; it has only ena- a dooar- but should this be questioned; it would
e piece of property for only be necessary to add a 1fewv to the number t6
being.it has been -held accomplish it. Should"flhia.be done, every bank
t.y ot; goods or piece of in thre ctty taxust stop specie payment ; and 'tthi
*action to the wealth of would probably cause a run on the batiks'in all
enabled the, people in the Atlantic cities, and another suspension
"tee they I ld-produneed throughout the tUnilted Stairs would be the con-
an irn ten thousand \vio sequence. This would at'0neoe occasiolia great
stry and energy, a t'.- s(arcity of- money, arid would' reduce 6roperty
ernyn thousand- dolt.,rs much below its p'resetnt price; meR sup.pos the
ne chlance in ten thou. mTen lIw-held--th-is specie should denaounceBaanl
tested in any kind,.of and Slate Stock, saying all this kihd'of'paber is
Jch an amount, or even worth next to nothing, and that a^'rtsor'l~ p~rol.
ear of 'taxes, &c. and pertv ought to be.tdlbt s'p-e~ia,,t lhecei.-sef,.
mey, produce such re- tainjy n~o dependence to be -piac'edl in~b'ang.' e
d{istry of a ration, and these men still hold the specie, and'i' obuir S
ie course of u-set'td bu- d ,lrs or .. .. ....rt em.^
,_ -n, ,onths-Il ask what "w.otuld pro..r~r~mg,.f~o.
s, Report. for the State vided a mortgage, or one hundred.:*moragai!
43, statest-mtha't were foreclosed in. New-York, and tne prope
circulation "l for spc P- ," bank should b~e sued and'i:t
.,:.... ..... .^!2,031,871 sheld.St~ate Stoc~k as collateral security, aW-iauM
other ...... ,4,8.88,987 stl it for' specie, what would the stores, b'6uBM>
"n ~ an lState stock bring i specie ? .Wh-Buiafl.
..... :....,.. :.7,142,$84 have the specie to buy tlnem ? The ,iH~rt?
.. ".''-"... ..... -,n, wou ld n^, t sel fo mor tha a. quarter , m.r

elation. .$1,334,192 sent estimated value; yet these meb haw. t
b lu w to d o all th is, and th eSt ate a idi th ff il
appears that the-Banks ted States Government would be.uttterly I ri.._'
hold~more specie -than id .the. matter, and could not helpther'l V or
ation: it is often re- the citizens. These hundred men -wtotflQ' ld
specie-in the Country nearly all the legal tender of the State, aq^.ap
ionce all the business citizens are bound by law to pay their drili'n
ie to advantage..inde- this tender which it would be impoqsb:16A#.fir
xculating medium, as them to procure; they could no more,'paythA
undoubtedly (in pro- the children ot Israek could make brick p~f ;
cie as the States 'are, straw ;. tle-ev could neither get it from'aihoot
Lhe Union. at home : credit would be entirely prosti..ted and
S matter' and see-ifit the laborer beg 'from door to door. Y such are
of the Bank Commis-. o-urlaw-s-n this all-important subject: oar citi
it of the Ja ffirs of.'the zeus are absolutely- legally robbed byatheU oWri
may be s{'Aed thus neighbors and before theft own "eyes, but have no
--- .' ,-,,^ ower to prevent-it.
n dem and, $1S;723,030 .... '-, .......
...-.........I 1203,71: ill be said that- these hundred menA -weald
~lose the interest oil th(qir ;oe- p he(K
.!.,3075,01 t rp -wypld be no inducement to -do -hs t?
7Banks .... 4,888,087 answer -specie -would bring a -much-. sreateigas
-'-'; :: :" : .) _ .( miu than all the loss of interim, ioThIA ...
;avelpei'"S,%,- y goq d, bonds and.. mortgages at ap ,en
haw specie ., ,u77 .. ... 6
. : ": .-. sacrifiqq, or property for le tht ha i( ,
$17,388,838 ,If t hey-c.ose, before :they-mad4 the rg.,.a '! i
bana'.ks, they could sell 'State or Bank s -ekct
]rawfrbm these Banks delivered at a certain time within thin e''- t'
would the Banks have months, and ca lculate with a moral certaintvy')ia

'.Offie third.story Baltzell's Buildings, Icorner of
.1PCommerce & Chestnut streets,- ,<'- -
i -..... PAYABLE IN ADVANCE... -' -
Advertisements of ben lines or less (twenty lines
.-or, more, in proportion,) conspicuously inserted
-", at fhg following rates:, .
,Que yea $10 00 One month,'.....,. $2 50
x montths,........ .7 00- T'hree weeks,. ::...2 00
Three.months8,. ..4.5 00,W To weeks,..... .1 50
Tw,-o months,1...... 4 00 One insertion,..... 1 00
vW.hen advertisements are sent without any spe-
* cial directions"as t'o the number of insertions,
.: required, it w ill be understood that they areto
,"-be published UNTIL FORBID; they will there-
.. fgre be,,co0nqtnned at our discretion, and c charged
Aaceording-,to'the.'foregoing rates. :* -
Leeat:Advertisements'of which the term"bf pub-
.hcatiot is fixed!by law,, wi ony be excepted
i ,from the above riile.. "
To'those who advertise by the year a liberal dis-
,6'icount Will be made'; but all advertisements- not
's~itrtly pertaining to their own.. business, as
:Well as ill legal advertisement? seut in by thern,-
w^ill be charged at the u-sual rates.
.All.announcemenis ofcandidates for office&,will
be charged FIVE tOiLInts dturin'g'tihe e arfvassi
payable in all cases-ipn advance. .
.All iCommunications, (whehnadnissible,) of a,
pIersoal or individu.,14 nature, or puffs of new
inv'entiosu, goods, &c., will be charged for as
advertiseme-nts,"at our discretion.,

can therelbre do nothing 1
alternative; the goods mL
may be on the docks am
there is no possible way o
ported except by these met
any one cartitg unless, he
Should all this take place
public submit to tile imp
the carmen arid those wl
carts be received? \ 'Nhat
them, or of th'e laws which"
to be continued ?
I "wish nowv to make an
our banking and systertm of
New Yurk. We liave a ce
chartered, as i3 alleged, f'r t
to lend'money For0b the purp
exchange of the soil, its pr
goods, wares and mercha
furnish ne..irly all the rnon
changes of property, and t
excht-anges caiinut be fulfill
Conrt lcom i g. None 'of tht
ness ha ?ny Hl'i1ht., by law,
this right hias b.eelt, by the(
to.tIoe banks, and the prices
its use limited. Instead
this monq to the people w
gPs of tile goods ahd prodi
others \who do no. business
nev for a profit, charging d
rule what the banks- are, I
miand for its use. Now
-worse -for the business corno
the carts as the goods carte
the cartage, for the money
amount of the .goods,-as %v
the imposition for its use is
When great difficulties
a nation, and something is
ness, Who will be constlte(
to be taken, the best plans
the financial affairs of tbi
the men who are most sk
have been able to "shave"
the people-those who hav
.tions of trade and destroyed
in the hands of the holders
to recommend some of the
to be had in the land to be
ciersr may buy then at a g(
accommodate the public 'a
money. We might about a
booters on itie ocean as to t
.calculated to protect [lie co
try. Dootbtless their advic
give them the control of
the largest ones that carry
protect commerce about as
the nation is protected by o
whether there is a single
the land which has not,-by E
contrived to ,make more t
many .of its loans. In ad
and constant balance must
the customer if lie expect
cially 'if money be scarce a
, .To show that the Iegal
seven per. cent.-is more
ought justly to be, suppose
becoming of age receives
thousand'dollars. Being ir
te't ines to earn lis living
the twenty thousand dollar
lo.-ins the mnioney (oil bond
per cent., interest,) payable
interest lie regtilIarly inve
In about ten years. the pr
when lie is thirty-one- year
to 111rt, thOUsand ; kt Ioi'y-o
to c-,:.ihty thousan and sixty Ih-ousand ; at Am.t)
and twert t'ythousttid;,als.e
dred and "1orty thousand;
twei've hlundhed and eight
Now this mati`'rieveft had
dollars; other pe-ple hav(
dred and sixty thousand, at
ply f'or the umse of twe itv ti
h:i-z tiot clothed- nor fed a'nr
bled people to exchange on
another, and fbr tie tiine b
in lieu of a certain quantit.
Iand. It has not added a _- r
the country; it lhas only
exchange useful articles alt
thlt21n. There1" i3 lnot one l-fin
atnasses, wvith il his indis
tunme so large. as these -twi
a,:e..mulate, nor .i.. there o1
sated lhat the same su, +in
re.di estate wuild produce st
rirte-third of that sutm, el(
why'should this tictifn, n,-:
sults, tyra~nnise ovfi- the ini
by its unjust use obltruct tl
siness ?
Tle Banlk Commissioner
of New-York, January, 184;
The 131 Banks show the i
to be. ..... ..... ...... .. .
Deduct notes held lby each
.Actual -Circulation. .:-.. .. ..
Specie. .... .......... .... ..,
Excess of Spce o"e ........

From this statement it al
in the State of-New-York I
they have notes in circulz
marked that there is more',
than there'is circulation ;-b
of the Nation might ,be don
pendently- of any-;_other eij
the State of New-York, is
portion) as well. off for spe
on an average, throughout t
I purpose to examine this
be true, taking the Report.(
signers as a correct account
Banks in this State, w-hichl
.,Deposits in Banks, payable d
'Bank Notes-in Circulation.

JVb. 136 W'afer & SO Pine street,

For the Commeircial Advertiser.
1 0yo%, to whose care I've-now consigu'd-
My house's entrance, caution use, ;;
While yoqu discharge your trust, and mind
Whom.you ADMIT and whom iREus,
Let no rude Passions enter here- .
S- .(-Passions the! raging breast that storm,)
Nor scOeeful Pride, nor servile Fear,
Nor Hate, nor Envy's pallid form..
Should Av'rice call, ybni'l let heiknow:
.. Of heap'd up riches I've no store,
.... And tha t s~he has no, righ t to-go "
SWhere Plutus has nrot.beent before.
;t: Lo! oa visit hither bent, s; .
High-plmn'd Anibition stalks'about;
,, But:sliould lie enter, sweet Content ; .-
Will give me warning-' 4'shut himi out."
-Perhaps the Muse may pass this way,
And thho' full opt I've bent the knee,
And long invok'd her magic sway, -.
.9iSvi-nit id the -loe of harmony .. -
Alonet469' she might please, yet st ill
I know she'll with Ambition 66we,
With lust o#-famb-e my heart she'11,fill;-*
She'll break my rest-'- I'm not at home."'
There is a rascal, old and hideous, <
Who oft (and sometimes not in vain,)
Close at my door has wvatched assiduous,
j Ih hopes he might admittance gain.--"

HIs name is Care-if he should cali
Quick out of doorsiwith vigor throw him,
And tell the miscreant once for all,
I know him not-I ne'er-will know him.
But welcome tat sweet power 0nv'whom
The"<3Graces all attendant move,
Still flush'd with Beauty's vernal bloom,
'Parent of Bliss-w-the Queen of Love.,
Oh, you will know her, she has stole
The lustre of Miss** ** *'s eye,
Adriiitrher, hail lTer.for my soul
Breathes du-ble life; when she is nigh.
If then stern Wisdom at my gate
Should knock with all her formal train,
. .Tell- her 17m busy--she may wait,
Or, if she chooses, datl-agai..-
Apalac'hicola, February, 1844. D. W, C. J.

A-ndrew S. Cooke,
. ,No.5,Caiial,cor.Tchoupitoulasst. "
New Orleans, La.
Refers to--Messrs Harper &, Holmes,
jan15 tlnov Apalachicola, Fla.

Greenwood & Ellis,
S:-,- .--. MERCHANTS, .
" 'GColumbtts, Georgia. '-...
W---LibirI a~lvances made upon Goods consign-
ed to us. jans 5t

W-m. G. Porter & Co.
No. 41 Water Street,
nrv'?5 lyv Ipalarhicola, Fla.

W. A. & P. C. KWil,
C 0OM M I S S I 0 N ME R C 1 A'N T S-
No.'5. Water street, "
1 ; Apalacliicola.
^ Liberal adVances made on Cotton shipped to
Liverpool, New York and Boston,. and also in
store. ;- : ".., -- nov I IV-
J. Day & Co.,
No.,52 Water street, -
JinS3 ly Apalachicola, Fla.

MIichael A. IMyers,
'" *. N .9.. .28 W ater street,.:, ..
S Seward -DOill ] Co.*
-No. 29 Water street.V :
$3- Liberalladvances made on all- cons4ignme1ntsi
and business entrusted to; them will be
promptly attended to .
.ReJfe's to-LANE & RED, Boston. "
CAnY CooK, Portland,, Me. .
S. C. W.HITTITR, HalOwell.
...Apalachiol. Aug. 2 ',-6,. .: ly

Harper & Hlolmes,
"N n -! ,X1v r n W -npnt a r

iN-U.- in "+ ar stre mn ., .- -"
jan29 A palace icola, Fla.
David G, Rancy,
No. 43 Waier street.
jan29 tin Apalachicola, Fla.,

B. Eiaison & Co.,
No. 33Water street,
decl 1%, Apalachicola. Fla.
"FtewelleIu & Buttt, ."
: No. 2Coluhmbus Block,
Aa..lachicola, Pla.
(f3- Lib -ral advances.-made: on Colton shipped
to New York, Liverpool or Havre. d25 6m

P. iobrlki,
Up Suirs, No. 42, Watem Stree,.


Defects of our Banking System.
There is another source-from, which the com-
munlity suffers ,very much--I mean our lprebenit
Baking system. Tho money pi-d for exchatige
tlhroughouH tlie nation, for drafts and discounts
on' uacurrent bank notes,wou Id amount to an
enormous sum i llthe course of a Near, not to mhen-
tion the incuivenience attendantt 1pon it. W11tl11n
the last few years tile lussel, by brulker banks,
coutnterfetits, altered notes, and spuri. --us pajer
put in circuldLio:n whtre. no b.,nk ,'A'tite ki nd t\c-"r
existed, would aonotm! t,.) many mills sl't'doll'urs.
Tiese losses I'all onl our citizens in con1iclqur.nce
Of uLnvise le-i-lat-on ill chartering tlh,:su- Ini-ttu-
Hionas and delegaaini -poerto dvnildijls by
which the y ipoe upon the -publio, ind! abs,.'lIte-
ly rob the petople and the Govcrnment of their
jus.t lights, aid dilctate to them y ',,t exchange
and iitereSt the%, mtu1.1st pay. POye wotuld.I ,,iir i e
from the exchai,es, from hall to nfie or It.or1e per
cenrt. on tlhe bank bills of fllh interior, tl.at WVe!t-
ern New York abounded in gold ftid silver min,.-s,
as we have this discount to pay 6. r (Ihe exI'ei-V- 01("
traiislorlitig |specie to tlie city of NfW York.-
' Lut neilNh all the specie in the interior haslbeen
'carted thither frot the City of Ne%\-York. Why
do we not sometimes have to. pay cartage out as
well-as back ?: If we have to transport goods froin
the city to the western part of the *-'tate, we iave,
to pay as much as to transport them from the
west.to the city. I doubt. much whether there
are two,' hundred Jthousand d &llrs_ of s"pecie- ran-
ported either way by the banks in the course of-
,a year, taking ten years together,.but.an exchange
of"onz, hall', and from that to one a-nd two per,'
cent. is paid on many millions of d, ll.irs every
year, which is an unjust .tax upon the inhabitants:
of the State and a gain to tile banks. If a person
at the West wants a discount at bank, he must
give a draft or note payable in the City of New-
York, and take the Western bank paper to get it,
and in this way the banks continue to make an
exorbitant interest on the money they loan: this.
is not a whit better than, if a, good as, to take'
usury directly ; for a man needing money, who is
not a dealer in the City of New-York and cannot
draw there, must devise some way to make a note
payable in the city, and some days before the note
is due pay a premium for a draft and send it.
down to meet the note.
In bur incorporated Cities we license carmen,
ahd the public depend on them to transport their
goods and produce from one part of' the city to
another. Those who have no such license have
no right within the limits of these cities tocart:
for the public and charge what they please.-
When these laws are made:and the license grant-
ed, the price a carman may charge for transport-
ing a I-ad a certain distance is always fixed. If
a carman charge more than these rates, he is lia-
ble to pay a fine and be deprived of his license.
These regulations are occasionally violated ; then
the person offending is condemned by the public,
compelled to pay a fine and forfeit his license,
although he'may not have exacted of a person
more than twenty-five cents, or from that to one
or two dollars. Suppose that every fall and
spring, when the greatest quantity of produce
arid goods were coming into and going out of New
York, and the services of carmen are most needled,,
they should hire Out their carts to other mei, andri
they should charge for carting a load seven and
; sixpence, instead of two and sixpence,, which thiie;
law allows those licensed to charge. The met-.
chants and dealers would. emonstrate against the "
:prices and find a licensed carmai, but the mani'
says, I have no cart--I have hired it out, and

Kimi1roush& Ridlgway,
Apalachicoa, Florida.
Jo t. R1IDGWAY. .
Liberal advances made on- Cotton consigned
our friendss i.n New York,'.Boston, Liverpool
Havre. decl. ly

Jas. L. Francis,
o. 223.6 Bowery, near Rioinglon st,.
NEW YORK. novA ly

James F. Farrier,
Apalaohicola, Fla. "
May always be found at the oltice of Farrior &'
Poi: No, 44 Water-st. He would-respectfully so--
licit the patronage of his friends and acluain-:
tances. dec-15


T.- H. & C. H. Austin,
No. 50.) Water street.,
Liberal advances made on Cotton shipped'to
New York,- no'l ly" !

Thos. L. $[itehel,
.. M ERC H[ A NT ." ,
No.,33 Water-st. Apaladiicola.
dec7 ly : '* *' : "

Dodge & Gardner,
No 40 Water street,
de Apalachicola, Fla.
Ramnel Schiler.
No. 49 Water street.
jani Apalachicola, Fla.

ULigon A& Owens
Abbeville and Troy,,AAla.
W ILL practice in the County and Circuit,
Courts of the counties of Montgomery, Pike,
Coffee, Dale,-Henry and Barbour,. composing the;
-eighth Judicial Circuit of the State 6f Alabama.'
Abbeville, Henry Co., Ala.
Troy, Pike co., Ala.
Refers to .
Col. A. McAliister,- "He rcoAi
Gen.,A J blister, nry coAla.
Maj. ,effrson Buford, Eufaula, Ala.
Hon'le. Jas E Belser, Montgomery, Ala.
Gen'l,,John Dill, Fort Gaiues, Ga-.
Mesrs.. C'hesier & McGriff, Apal'a. Fa.
January 25th, 1844. jan29.tf"

W. A. WOOd,
No. 23 Water street,
Apalachicola. noyl ly

ft[oore &- MIcKenzie,
N0. 32 Water street,
WM-"A. McKENZI,, 5 nov1 ly

Warrior & Co.
No. 44 Water-street,
nov25 ly Apalachicola, Fla.
-B. Si. .Hawley,
OILS, GLASS, &c.. &c,, &c.
No. 27 Water-street,
Apalachicola. novel ly

Thomas Bertram,
; No. 54 Common street.
W N omQLEANrS, novT ly
hitamaTsh & Richardson,
Dealers in
A general assortment of Fruit, Vegetables,. &c-.,,
No. 33 Water street.
Apalachicola, Flit.,
fij -Goods sold: an Cbmnmieston. nl ly

Deduct Bank Not01es held by

There remains ........
To pay the above, the banks k1P

If the depositors should d
$8,477,076 in specie, what

. .t T- i.:. ..

/4y11:% ^ V ic40l ^ ;';,



[NUMB 1o;


" A IIAi+ XlX lI.1

The late news irom England is still of a cheer-
ing character. Prices have advanced since Janu-
ary Ibr almost very great article of trade. 'Tie
English papers report that tile Cotton Market :in
consequence of the reputed short crop, is in a
statUeof feverish excitement. Prices have rise.i
in six days from | to Id, Iotwithstandi ig the as-
tonishingly large quantityy of 109,000 bales changed
hands, and more than halTI taken'on 3,)ecu-atilon;
the total s.iles of thie last five weeks being 3.53,1)uo.
bales, against 127,000 during the corresponding
period of last-year;I Money is represented as be-+
ing very abundant, and every department of com-
merce and trade enjoying the mInst extraordinary'
prnsperily. Money also in' the United Stales is
proportionably abundant. In rNeW'-York business
is said to be u iciinmn:ily brijk, and all branches
of trade carried on with e;ier-y and sl|)rit. All
the Packels come in fll freighted;"Yri6t with
goods sept out to seek a marker, but goods Io or-
der,1which Up66n`tbei;i arrival are sent Immedi-
ately to the various por-ts-i-' the South and West,
The Dntie` are rtnpIl' pdid, and the amount of
Revenue rV'ceived dt New' York', alnc, Ifor the
presentt qluar rr, b fillirib .blv be cv er five million
- frr J.un'ary irt'..v,i g 1,81 I,),> nirj d tfo- Fehruary '
it i4 cid;indeiitly st-ited t.at ifwill be at least two

of thesepetitions, to propogate their fanaticism,
and prod_ the altetfaitive of the interference b
LongressWith the slave inslitiions of the Sonuth,
or a dissolution of the Union. Now, sirt, s it con.
simtutoarl'for Congreas Ib-lenkBitself to this un.
_conrtitItutonMd end' Can Cofr-s do thit ind
rectly, which ir cannot do directlyI Admit the
absolute% puwer of Congress over the Dltriet and
the;TTerritories: constitutionally Caun il, under the
pretext ot dlavery here, use Its power to affect
slavery iu the -lates, over which it has no Jurw
diction7 I have h,+ard ofd nan who firejbl.
ow fields t1 burn down his neighb, r's 3 -a-
burn. ; :. .
%%r We have no right Io use whal. isnundoubtedly
..ours, to- work alnl lnw to another. And yt ws
upon this high mot-dl and constiluional, grqlno
that .rue South' and ihe den cru...c partyr r,
Atherton's re.olurions., and refused"sterti
conshda e rigsueh pelitioris. Sir, we aeted 6n thtnp
as they, really were--as the-y are now. The'iboe
hitlcn petrtijuns belbre us are as truly pett 'to
abollrah slavery in-the 'States, as if t11 ViJV9
was declared on their faces; and Cn-
have .no n'rigt to receive or consider them.-01
only the con-tilution, but-a regard to the safety and
welfare ofthe people.-of the Union, in the sound
discrP iol of CnFgress, forbids it to entena. the
subject of slavery.
'. *, -v" .,
"The South is arraigned to answer for inskitu.-
tions which belong to her alone, and no pow" on
earlh has the right to question. 11hy should she
.answer to the insoleuce and Wrong which arraigns
her 'Iave her patience and forbearance brout
S.ly[pIn .thy or support ? ,
"For dsix yeirs Ibis course of ag-ression A ~
bPeen going onn -.thering st rehgth in the North,
and gaining f.oTh..,H c,n this floor: and where it
will end, tlhe great Ruler of Events aline cn tell.
Bult in ib18s ?atte of thing,, I cannot iminftam the ex-
ample-,f those who. have dealt so elaborately in
prifessions of attachmeint to the UVion '
** ..-*, .
The Southl will rein ,n as she has always been,
on" thie df-nive-unrpi ng, violating, the rights of
no potion of the Union; bit ever prepared .to
m3intiin her owvn. Her d&riny is in her own
h.tid---,bove the control, if true i6 herselt', of
nimn lier,. or Stits elsewliere Shr must not
luoli 10o the power or sympathy, of Othprs forr:sup.
l,-,it i.r jii -f, ,l clion will be her 0nlge ro-
ItCllOn; an.J, strung in her own resounrcs,'she
hls b 11 to exteid themi with vigl.-nce,. energy, and
cnir.g-, and i i th- (n,;C-. or out of the VUion,
she can and will be free "I,
]-gTHS RIGifr HON. R -C-ARi P.c&ILENaA'k.-
Tlihenew lritish EnvUv is thus described by the
New York Herald :-,,
i"He is railrr a young diplcnmatist, of the Eng-
lish school, being n'ot mo-,; th.,u fi-urv.or fourty-
five ',.rs of iagt ,. and is a connr:ltKl Of thle Long-
iord'fmiily in Ireland. His, father Was th.- cele-
br.,t-d AiJmlral Pdckpnihum who quelled tha
inni inv in tire ore- dirinz tlhe French revotitiou.
tis u'h, w the- c.,lpbr:tid Gen'l PRickenham,
who wis killed at the baltkl of N-ew Orleans.
Tlie Duichfcss of Wellingr,,ii. who di'ed some eats
ago, wa.n, tis aunt, arid we b-liev\ he is allied to
Ihe higl ltory party, of which theli Dike is the
,-riiwIipal hedd In cert.,in r-spects Mr PRtckan-
h nim is qui,.- tli rev-.rse of Mr F6o.. who will we
believe, r,'iirn to England, arid noi go to Mexico,
: iS we supposed. Mr P-..:ckInlh-m is a man of the
rw .1 Id; a Kal Iii.-hinan fr-,m top to bntom ; very
fr.iink and geriiernius, ;nd. full cf .i1l the vivicity orf
his c.mntry, ,and withal a very skiiful and practi-
cal diploni-.itif t.
t W- The Marylat.i eleciiroiis,'so far an'heaTd
i frnm, ha\e r(-alieud in favor of the Wwnga.'
A:- AI lite of twentyv-!x. gUf was fired at
New Yor:. undv-r the direction of MIj. Joseph
. H(Il'i ,1, to cel4brate.the rebuilding of Gen. Jack-
f son's fine, t ,. ;. :.: ; :.; ^
- (:,, TIip-t.>-.,!. of COlr,,n m ih le Cit of" N'Pv"
. Y,.rk- w%3 sfiinr, at, `d on the 29th u1., at. 1532,01UJ
. bales, and has been increas-?d since.
*' - It is4id'ithat'Mr. TIr, will makfl a'd-
. tinct c,,.rTni.ui'L;t,0Uo;Con -res.s-, umin the an,
; nc x,:tin "f 'F'ex is.-, .. ..... .
-j Q The sii Ml:,s:lle ai ri.ed at Boston from
": Havre- (in the iv clt of wviic-i the. i t ,iiee a-
r nu nt ,t f h ei'c ar,,. w as $!S iO,! Vi '
. ;'r.!.-- he FT>-use of i, C-,r ,-.ii ,li' ee c.r M is.-i;.,pi
: i on tile 22,1 nith, rej,-ct~d .t bill lo divide the flare>
,into four C~mr~i ,,brt;ian LDistr"its by a vote ofhffty-
_ *O te" to- ti,lrrv-ri\^. .. : '*** r- ', ~ *:' : :- *. *V.:

0- SOHJHN C. 'HAMILTON, :Esq. is our Agent
at Lumpkin, GA,, and will receive and rece ipt for
subscriptions to this paper. -- I- -
Maj. JACK HA-DMAiN, will act as our Agent
at Eufauia, Ala., with authority to receipt ft.r
subscriptions. ;'
,b*- We'return thanks to Capt. TAYLOR, of
the schooner Seminole,' for New Orleans papers
of'isl March. .
-.- We are indebted to Capt. HALL, of the
Steamer Augusta, for late Nort.iern papers. -
Mr. MAY, of the Agnes, ditto-ditto.
(0- The following app,,ttarnentw have been
made by the Governor, and confirmed by the
Senate, for the County of Franklin:-
Win. G. M. Davis, Judge ot:'the Countv Court;
Charles'J. Shepard, Tux Collertr, lVillifrm Val-
leau, James F. Farrier, J. I. Ccilneni, 7. P'
Ellis; H.R'. \Vood, Ntaries Pulllic; ''. K'il .r,
Seward Dill and' H R. Wio,)d, Auctioners; Ed-
ward3 R. Boyle, Juitice ot tnhe Peace.

tJO- The FOR G (JN S j HIc W ',"-which has id a al nllii. The p..ricd tf cottoll id still

been alternately slumnibering, i:, the Village (II the
hill, ever siice its establlishment-h;,s been .ear-
nestly awake foIbr tl:e last hlree months, under the
mechanical and .ditorial management of' JAMZES
H.''WiLsoNI;.Es. ; and romi our. knowledge of
.him, we feel assured that it will slep-no
more.". The '-Whig" is neatly printed-puts
in the licks heartily lor H3rry ot the West,'--
and Ihbe citizens of Early, and the adjacent coun-
ties, should feel proud of su,-h a paper, and ren-
der it that support which it so, rich. deserves.

ft,- The lower House have refused to concur in
the amendment made in the Senate, (which was
to strike out'the filth section, in our new. City
Charter referred to ift,our last numberr) The
bill was passed entire a second time and senttbt
the Senate for concurrence ; but that body again
refused. Our city authorities will therefore be
again, embarrassed in making the necessary con-
teinplated improvement, unless it is done at a

mnous expense.



By the steam-ship Hibtrnia, which arrived at
Boston, on Monday the 20th, papers of 4tn Feb&-
ruary from Liverpool, and-lhe 3d Irom Loiid._.n,
were received. The news bl the advance ol clt-
ton k favorable and of great importance to thie
commercial interest.- Tihe all-absorbg-ig toiic is
the State trials. They had gone through sevI.n-
teen days wittiout much progress : the prlinliniry
steps have been marked by great excttemet: the
striking ot' from the jury l.st has ranged all the
Catholics against the Government, even those
who were not'replealers.: Of the forty-eight jui.lrors
drawn, eleven were Catlholics, all of whom wr'e
struck off. This affair has, set the country in a
blaze. -:The proceedings were unplolpular before,
and this has made them worse. So great wasithie
indignation that a requisition for'callin, an aggre-
gate meeting of 1he Catholics of Ireland was
signed in three hours by sixty-five Barislersionly
three of whom were repealers. Repeal imeetinigs
are held weekly in Conciliation Hall, Dublin,
which are crowded to. excess '.?On the 22d Jan.
ive'of the 'accused' (and among them Mr. O'Con-
neil, Mr. Steel and Doct. Gray,) contrived to at-
tend, notwithstanding the watchltlness of the
Attorney General.' *
Mr. O'Connell made a short address, and ex-
pressed liirnself as being still zealous lor tlie 'ause
of repeal. .He said.that whatever became of him,
Ireland was not without friends ; and his own',in-
fluene -with his countrymen, wlien in prisonl,
would not be Auch less powerful than when at
large. .:.- +:';..-*s'K i ^ ,;- : :"
: M lr. Steel afterwards spoke, and described the
irial in the Court of-Queen's Bench as a piece of
the purest Irish fun. ;
Itis: slid that Prussia is about to conclude a
treaty with the United States for the surrendering
certain classes of criminals. .
The Globe states that the Bank of England is
to Wbiain a renewal of its charter; and that in re-
turn the Bank is to assist the Government, by ad-
vancing large sums to reducethe interest on Con-
suls. ,.Other papers deny this statement.
"Parliamenet has meti.but- nothing of importance
done; except to receive the Queen's Speech, in
which the: determination -to.maintain the Union
between Great Britain and Ireland is firmly reit-
erated; and an -earnest desire expressed to co-
operate with Pariiament in all' measures which
will tend to improve its saocial.eondirtion or deve.
lope its natural resources:.
The -question of the election of the members
-from the four 'undistricted States, has been settle
by a resoldtioi of tMr. Dromgoole of Virginia,"de.
daring them duly: elected, which passed by o
vote of 127 to 57. -
T-he Senate have finally passed the billremit.
ting the, fine imposed on Gri 0iral Jackson, by ;
vote of 30 yeas, 16 nays; without the amendment
of Mr. Berrien, exculpating Judge Hall...
The Oregon question has been broached in th,
Senate, and debated upon by several of the merm
hers with"great spirit. The resolution of Mi
Sempledirecting the President to, give notice t
Great-:Bi'irtain for the termination of the treat
allowing the joint,occupation opf Oregoni was abt,
advocated by the wesrern members.
1 Mr Adairis lias made his tgpor.t on the famou
'Massachusetts Resolutions, ahtd recommends -
change in the.Cqnstitution-to take avay itw slav
.repro entation from the Southern States.

*. i ,f -
* >*; S '; ". 't'

Si; ". : '6- :E.


; '-r '


1 1

* ag "- n ..-.. '. ='-*

-4 ^ .= r.-. ^ *"\^^,.: 1-
l:;? '' 'ss

11=j.^ ,' P ; ..* i; ^ g
O- i ." 1 0

.... .. ... + ^ -- ; "* 8 1 a
.... ^. ;,:+::.. ...l"
"*' Sj .* L '" ,: :
i#+ . + ,

K ^I-
" ,:2+'` ,' ". ".t:J;i ':w +'

+ i ":;"+'l s r ,
r-^;^~ a

Cily Coniljicil ProcedirtiG s.
c: I
C.OUN( II, (HAM ,,.?,'"
NF;nM."'n.% "- EVNING, FPb 2--, iU S
Counci l n .ift i [hi.- ev nifi Pre.;eniti L G tRedi ',
jI : C.!!nrl lliieu LAabt;ocl(,'.Clenients, Farriur,
?;'rivui, I"..btertsS., Lhifi;'.i and VVted.
Til... 1Infilt-$ %.Af,ili' Il.-t nier-ling weie read and
i|',[" ... i. v ;. : .. .- ...
Mr Kbfrtsif.rm th," Fin'ince Committee, re-
I- ,,tJ ti it th.. had i?Aknul, ed ill,.' Treasiirer's ac-
*'In up i i dIf"l: -d y ,f.tna..trI lat, andfuind
1he sim, correct. And tht '.th-v had received
,i.nl TrI-,,,ir',r find ,ezte (- ed$7"-142 833, of which
,312 ";2 ,,&s new scrip. .. -
,rIN I ',r.'r, t',Crii (-)hnCnmmittce on Claims, re-
p)rted h t tEe Ctmitifiittee h.d vlewz.d trh work
one b) Vt" O"1uluivan, Ad to enable him to c-.m-
il1 -le the cimierct h id drawn n rider r oil th-.Trea-
turer.for $:0 in hi- f.vor, and Mr. tGuyon moved.
.eo:i.f-d by Mr. Pabcok. tlhalt thle same be paid
by the Trr.swurr,r which niltion was ALd-.pted.
Th' r,'ig-..ition ,f hi. R. Tvlor ab City ssiisbr
w 14 received by fhi Cl'.-rki auid acc.pled
Tlhe S,:ec;iil C'ommiTite, t-o whem was referredf
ihe, crnllliiicatlion of T ioo .ii,? u O,,ln n in reation
to lh cl.,m oag.inti the ciiy. presented 'a report-
4nd rei.lullion on sui'l suliject. which were read;
by lh#- Clerk, and on miotion of 'Mt. Giuyon, duly
-<'V0TVjed, laid on the I ble until tile next regular
me' tii!#
Tile ,rc.por'! f ihp Chief EngintePr. recritammend-
ing the'rr:lniival ;f 1th," Ellgine Hcusc, ind-the
purchase of at'.n-ther Fire Engine for the city, was.
received .ind read bylt:h- Clerk, together with the
f ilo w inglre -o-u t ,ic +1, illc h w -t aido pte d :
lRsotled, Thit itll Finance Cunommittee be ap-
poimed to cairrv ihe above recommendations into
redci umlder the direction of the City Council,
wilh an espcinl eye to lie low state of the city
:riasury, trl)ii g it parr to ithe liberdlily of the-
several Fire Insiiraic, Conmpanies in thle ciiy, who,
are mnainlv intereted.J / '- I r''* "i
Mr Earrior, from thn Committiee on Claims, rc-
p rted thr foi:,llowing bills, which were ifveaially
passed tnd illwed, viz: ..
Patrick Gr.\dy'- bll'l for drayage...'...$37 00 G
H. F. Simmons' bill for negro hire-... 22 50
John W. KLinaldi's bill for-dravyage..., 20 30
D. Campbell'l" bill f r bo.Ard orpuper.:. 18 00
B. L..Tlrn,r'- bill for making 2lader.. 5 00,.
On- 'motion of Mr. Clements, the Council: ad-
journed till to-morrow evening. "
THuRSDAY EVENING, Feb 29, 184 4
Council inetfpirsuarit to adjournment Presnt,
David G. Hairey, Mayor; Councilmen, Robetts,
Simmons, Woold, Guyon and Cleniept,.
The minutes of the laE niieeting were read and
approved. '
:HBezekiakh- R- Wood was, on motion of Mr.
R.-obertF, duly seconded, appointed Tax Ass6esor,
in ne pldce of H. I. Taylnr, resigned. .
On motion of Mr. Roberts ,the. Council then "
journ e4d i/-- *:. + : "'::..:


\- v

"; : . I s S "5+ ". P= *S -T
;Ita _.Cr
:. i '.8 ... '., to

, ,'" Q h. :uinimption of. Cotton in- q according
to the most correct calculations, appears to have
been 1.63,130 bales of all kinds, against 1,172,030,
thq estimated consumption in 19.412 -separately, thi
er, t-10998M4 American,'' 7,605 Brazil, 109,956
- t Itaia, and 64,585 Egyptian, &pe.__

' CF' rl' oeR THE UNITrr STATES, s1842.--The
"following table ".eliibits. a comparative view of
`ie commerce of the United States with the prin-
c1 'actions of the world. It willibe seen that
nearly half of our-conuHce is with England and
tst colonies, that the .balaritee.ef tradaewas last
.. Qtr.in pu favor, and that the balnce against us
i"s "i..in, Rutssia, A .ric. and China, is made up
;.li.'nliAd Franei;, Holland, and- the Hanse
T fbB, and nunterous6other places'where the
.-&ide.. icomparativiely mUll..--!
I Imports. Etxports.
- ,__. .'. t\L', ^^''~->^_n-'0; ti-, **


'~fEx'irue erf.... ....$4,60,000
,-w. -.s fercanti r :agazne. :

"^i XIw i t-.PAiTy STlIrE.--A Mr. Baker, as
~.~.~Dfore dbfticled in, this :paper, having died
' I hcn@iqnct j of nuries received by thezfalling
-'it, roof of the Whig Log Cabin in Richmond,
J..S mc a destitute family-at a democratic meet-
iS Mr'~. Dehoon stated' the circumstances, and
, =-,d co-operating- wRth their Whig bretherh
-i t nith'tAe'distrese d h ledltnhe;way by
lot" down 2,0 himself. thi 'i honorablele
Srif cudetd:-p + Y. American.



' 'Ic
ti n
*' B
2 Y
"; I J,


1 ist-

,-i 8>_?r


de .fan etes,..... ,.....l4 ,,61 3,00
Franee, tnd her- di'p ..i.; 17,23,-.000 -
s" ii ,, .....13,450,000
SM0 i o ..1........ .. ; 1',350,(W0
^--^ othxr than US.,.013.0,000
A ._ .. ..... .. ......5,ooo,oWo
ht ) r".. .... .....1000,000,000
5^ ?^o< .12. _._ o200,000
S;ii:,iBtel..;.... .....".... 1100,161,000.


I- I I





--- --D~----~nsC--~ ~Pm ~e~bl~ I

f -l.. .. .. .. .. .o


firm a,,d on thile dvaince; lar'e q;uanlitiesare pur-.
chasi:lg by specullatlonm, and will be held Ifr far-'
tiier rise mIn Eut'ope.
-.In New Orleans every thing is active; nearly
one-quarter,/f a million bales ,:f Cotton is report-
ed as bein- held, together '%with a very large sup-i
ply of all other product, agnd yel there is no scar.
city of moliey''r c,,m).l_.i!it of 4dll business.. The
news irom all.-luarters i3 cheering, and pr..riises
fair prspiett for increased prsperity il'conm-
mherct, trade and national wealth, for several years
to com e. *- ;, ..: % ; ;

Gr5 Mr. VISE,. it is stid, will.Jeave for-- Rio
Janeiro, about the:lst of April, i, the .X S ship
Constitution, under the command of Cipt Percival
After touching at Kio, 60(IIroridris wi!' then con-
liuive hlier cr ius, round the Cape of Good Hope to
the CGoast of'AfriceiY,r: necP to .Li va,. Sunmatra, and
other inlportant printfif:'ntheChina seas.

GrEAT DuriEs -Thi receipts at oat"r "lstonl
Hortse, z.ly the'New York Journidl of Commerce
of the ilth ult.,, un Tuesday lastwere 8-10,(:)l;
and far this month so far they ha\e avvrged
lis mont so:
about $ 1 0 ),(h) i; r 1`1 iy. *; -- ***:* .; -o'\ ('.^
THE :PACKE- .-:iL'm OXFORD--TI N" Y II-rrald
:*s, i tii the- CIlfCet ti,,r ni-rl-m_iLL-J-iill .:I--mizires
cf sming Irel: g, od. 'at Wiliaimsburg and in New
York. Tli.. ovwrs o(f x r-' ar,: inikig ap-
pi'Vdti'oraitihe SEcitalry ,i lh Tieas n11, to remit
the pen,.Jy, .gjiins tliLt L s'l:p, r', c n '; s-iie- at
StLis port, but th,, Ditricet Aiirn.-y thfMAsilthat he
! has evid'eAce to overthrow such aplication, andIIJ
s1'iir;-\thCe ,ale otf'thi \ess-l. "
Pro~eimn to Southern Commerce.
Gov. MIJuton, in'hi 'M-I._s!: to the Legislature
of Louiiiana, ihl-dd the f-ollowin Iln,.i;dq which
SowE think, will, inee wilh a-hearty resp,)nse frini
fh-e:e`'entiretSouth. In truthl every section nf the
Iunioil is- ilit'r,_--td? in temeasar f defeanc e BO
st rngty recoinm-ndcd. .
'"I beg o c.ll i% our alitention to the expo ed sidle
of our limariinnl e t'riUllir, iliriughli which the vast
trarde cf the valley of thile Mivs.-lssippi m,l- p;-s
Thi4 great interest depends, aUd In ilr cotillnue lo
Depend i"on a naval fice,- for prlteeii:t!l F r tile
maintaintanc- of- lich a fore, on our co.astr, a vll
e-t.lhlhl1id NjvyiYard, well tfited. not only for
Repairs but fur coniitructiim, is deemed .bsolutelv
S.cee.-tisary. Abounding as this region does ini ail
S-the.req'; i's t, for such a yard, its utililv and irni.-
portance li.ive been singularly overlooked], and thi-,'
great interest p-1rinteldl I, re ai 0n il a inll)st de-
teucele?-a, cnd'trini Crizers h ,ving ton s,-' k re-
pair. in Iyaids thousands of mille? di:,i'jt from their
crmiz.it'4 groun011d, ni iy be rendered useless hb Ihe
-casualties of-ocean or the bfortuls of-war.- A well
established yard at Pensacola, with a ready aicc.:-s
to its harbori for mnn-of-war of the large.-.t cla---
-a work not 1b,1lieved ditficult to be aclIiev:'ed--v,,lil
afford a protection that the extended and r:apidly
growing iriierft:s invoked'in it have e\ry righti to
cl lin I cannot but thilinlk i t t resolit,i.i1s calliii0
thile attention of our delegation to he subjjecr .ind
: inviting co-oporation-of alt our -sister .States bor.
duringg -o our waters, would awakeh;-i'n:C,.m r>.'E
thile attInti,:i that-this great subject has-so long d&-
manded at their haiiuds., .- : ;i :.,: -
"!"We .co";'y bel-,wa.r'rpi fraoh m the Na-
tional Inrttligencer, in whi.-h th- late murder o
Mr. Saiers and thers,by the Indians, near th(
'Choctawhatchee is treated as a rumor. Our De.
legate: in Co-igress being better informed, l)a:
publishedfthe accrimpanying card : <. ,:
'FROM FLORiDA., :.- :J :
Ay the latest, accouilts ImrOln Florida, container
.in the St. Augiitine News of the 3d instant, ,we
are glad to. learn'.that there' isjno just found tior
fIr report, which has lately:acqtuired a pretLty
extensive circul-itioi tlir -ugh'-sbtimeof the news,
papers, of the 'fidiaris Slaving killed some whites
neatr' Peridmae:'oai ; ;* ,
HoMessrs.LFRSPBSEJATON': kIVE6,;FE 12, Ied -1
"Messra.' GALtS &, :A'ToI: I observfed in;.y"V
paper of this mornirng.a paragr ap, in w~hji ;il
alleged, upon the a,.llhority of a paper pub!li!hel
s .iDn St. AugosFtine, that; the :epor; of ".'.rec,,i nnrt
,1 ders c -,rnnitled by Iudians in West Florida is with
ut fou ,datti..n. :As I can:not- cuis^!Lt to analcde
- cettionupon the publio.Erind nj a;matter,; sp.ian
a ; portantto the Tdrritor,.rT:.I-.re p-resent, I: tBk-ii
proper to state- thjt the lettt-r :,u.ullsl,:d i.n th:
2lube givin^'a .detail oi.the assault andi murder
" by the Indi.tns wgs address sedto il\,cilf I,HiE.NR:
a .A.. Nui:.'E5,--Esqj., u: unIwwhose .c,m;:.. thi. attack
t was n l-d, a.d -vho *, i ies ais n e ]-,illie's apl
actor inm.te.matterM. NtrsS a aer, tler;-
tfuiy to be reli-d uI ,(n, and I am readv .perspnall
e to fly.oune tih ..l.rrectnetsS ,f any slateCent magid
- bvhim' on the subjectt. He has re,.*resented :th
.. city of Pensacola in the Legsifat~ue.t Florida, at,
0on the occasion ef.,a rec.-,t v:irancy in: the-offiz
of :United States Marsh:al in WestFl'l:rida, via
Y reebmmended. by. the United States Judge of :th
y+ ditricta!d-^; believe tbe entire JBar, for the plaict

:It is only n,?c. ssary to add that, St, :Augstinae a
i ihendred3 d;fFT/iTes ti ."n'fhe.s-;6ee of the affdir, an
tiat the as-,erf ,of the, er i "iIcl ed ,fr, omi
Z aiotose surmise of the editor u. on hedartr a men
e rumcir th,'t 'Ciere had bees s(nie diF.-ulty wit
the, Indiaisin Weat Florida. I cannot conse,

to have ficts covered from the public eye, arnd
theL .Aduijliitrajtioi thui released f'-rom its respon-
sibilityvto t_ .-rncmnrica.i pco0.le Itr this contiiiULd
etialion ot the blood of their citizens.
In nulkr tills correction I do not mean it to
b? implied thlat tier is any present or immediate
d inger to., be apprehended by sttli.-rs ia. 'Florida :
but scenes (it vil^l;ice are to be cleared 4u lo)g as
wiy of' tie Indians remain there. T, the per-
manient surrender of any part of the pe'niisult of
Florida tu any b ind ofSvE oMIIOLE !'.:'AG s, after
-6s n;. and costly" a contest Ir its possession, I
sh1l;laiever Cafifcrilt so long as my voice, either as
,in-fihabitant or Representative of Florida, can be
raised in opposition to it, :-.- .. .... o .-.:-
Very respectfully, your obedierlt servant,

T Be Righ.. of Petition, ;7bolition, &rc.
We publish below" some:extracts from the
speech' of Mr. RtFir,, of 'South Carollna,' made
lalely in the House .of Representatives oil the
subject, o-fth :reception of' Abolhition Petitioni'..
'I'lie subject is handled In a masterly style, an-i
the argument, ingenious, and as we. think unan-
swerable. The Southern members s-eem to have
taken fresh courage, latlv, a id LEp.determinied to.
fight evevir, ic h of ground on thi subject.. It is
only by such a course, that the Northern fanatics
and their perFdevering npol;gists can be silenced
in Cpngress. The correspolident of thle New
York lT'r Sun, ,say, The sr!eech of Mr. R.,
has trhe.effect of changing entirely the character
of tile debate on the *21st rule and the right of
petition. It lias given the Northern meiiihtir a
shock from which they have. no.t yet quite re-
"'Our fithf-r; were neither ignorant nor uraitiind
fill of t'Ih Kighli uif PeIltoIl They knew iti
iieiinimab~.w vile' ia' a gov--rninent \l'ni, oueS,: t,"
Ihe great p..lipuse3 l'f.ppUllar iiifOrllllnltlOll and pu--
pilcir coutrtll; und aey lined into thr Con-
4stti.ii.:>n the prof '. Olie -conid.z-ration In
wmCh they lield it. an-d ,f thiieir wi dora in
plOleft, li-g "11i In t ti '- ir.-t aineii..ied .iticle
of the cosriltntionl, it is prtvideJ that "'Cogrles,
!*lJlt Indke no law t.-,peciinl ith- ebtalblishnientief
rt rigttmi oir prtLhibtiig IIIe free exercise tll reot ; oit
abridging ithe-fTeedoin of speech or of tht pres s; or
the rglitr (-f-lhe people p.'.ce ibly to assemble, and
to peilioun the goveriimeni for a redress of grievai-
c I" Ii looking down ihe whlilepge P, iof Umend-
iniliils, as well as Hn llis drtlete, it illI be seeing thai
I they ull. relate to p.rsondl lighltsof the-peopte-
Tl.- rights in the people to bear alils, "to be se-
Scure in their perto'ns, housez-, papers, and -ffe-cts,
agll.tis uureaonhllie s-edri-h.-s and -seizures,;'" to
"a presentnlntoft : a granI jJry,. before trial for
crimess" are all personal rights. So, in this ulticle
congresss is reraiEriid from passing laws tll cII
prohiibit tlie people ftroin the free exercise cf re-
ligion, freedollm uf Seech,orthe press," cr the
rgit. of the people pIiceibl.y to as.iuble aniid lu
p. tuition ine g\yo%,.rnile t hr a rt-dress of grieAn-
ces-1- 'i'hl e-e,, i, re all personal rIohta of the
people, which t.llr dice.'orsi did not enjoy- utler
the domtmi-on f tllhe BritL-h crownl;gAt)d they de-
r-tc-rmined-Trhat Co-%i Sres, s0no.1ld hlve no power to
violate them :..- .. :-
$. ..;.:%. :
Liberty could not exist, withoiil thisgreat
priille'-_e w.th te peoplePo ; aInd lhence e e provision
iI rile collstitaufion, ihliat "G01ngr-ess shdil p.tis no.
laws- .abrid-,iigi tne right (t f-ie puple peaceably
to a-semble, aniid tu petoih h.r a rcdr.-:s of griev-
Saneies., *'i-i- ^4
'.-. \ ot will p-rceive, iMr Speaker, if thc-se% iew
ble correct, wn'iut fur.c, t;itere ill the' arirnlent of
thoze w!hoi ded,'iceC Trni this cl tLuse of tie Crnsltu-
tiou,-a ii rhibml ton tin thi- l-louse 1i.) r tclt-nte to r.:-
ceilve petitions., Th.-' cau;se in the constitution
loukis- t,., l.-oilatlion, dud to legisl.ton by the whoat
+ G rigr,-'-- "t..'ongre.s lidall p,& 0 no law i--,'l t(.
the UciitOll Of etier Hour. of Congress in rpgula-
.g its-pi :f igs ~~it reT.-pt-ct itI-, pet'- p le- the
rnght of the people peaceal,.vyto, assemble aid peli.
Sliii- --i, t tht actUiii -f t th'ir rcirearntaive 0l
'r,IItIi.e~ bJdi,-s. It i' a pd p.'rs.nal p'ril;' .f" the
prOple-n-t a-;h i, ILteriedile ur ngi. tater I -ght-
[n-a word, the c!.tiiie in thl, ccni II.tliti,,ii has slth-
iug to do wIlsi Ihe dCI111.a Ot 11ti11- i-t.1U on the sub-
: ject of petitions. ... ,: -
But here it may le asked, have tlll- ptoJpl, no

where" this constirutiou does not opcr.,t.- "'h'-
" can send ilii.ir pti-tilir.ns \vhllever rcpr,.senatji,.,i
Sop,-rales. -and ad an incideilt to repltaelit :'.ial -
"The vrry natnure-**f repro* enliatoui tiiilp'ie-- the riL;;l
rof those represented to -l( ei: bt, t;III.,tith ILiz i
r epere' nldlie d .I ',du iy, by p ii,', I
the reirc-r :.iidlalie body "ne p-.tle f'.l p_-', (-i)i
[hi,"ii .'[ale t tel.\leeilvts, [lli-.irl" .. Ir *jr.l., ule, tii,-i
' city ,t.lthlCion e.., Congress, or the Pie.ld-vi ,_ I" Lh
S Uiiiled ltsi.t!.' -. IO 10 fil athjricr \ ithin the.d c P'.-'..;
tion and coltrol cf tle.le th-tfir viarlout agents i
is their rigiht, tlen, ii, t Onlt ih'`. 'Coiigrees h~i.
- pass no law prohiibiiiiin the lpe'upile peaceably to a-
: sembie and. peUtion, bu~t thl.I they may send thel
petitions t0 tileir ug;ett--?Stite or federdl-t-who .ari
' competeirt 10 rant relief. 1-yieid to none in de
s' ring the f',e.l't aniid clo.-e.t i'lliercourse between
S h,-'.. .p"op'le arnd. .lheir rpr,'el..i taliive ittt whel
7 they enter the: hall'-o 0 clgi.sl..tllli and thr< ui l
.thelirlrepres.sn~t itive., tli te ilieirp,:liilion |),'effented
"; thliie is uii end i,, their udi -._,ii and the Ciii,,n (
f rit? l -';i-I .lur.' hi s coiiiitueuoi'd Ail ih.. colid b!
- >o>lh> iiv th,-ir ,p. irale will ha. been ,,. l ,iremcd.-
" T .I' l..Ive a-s,-nm bl,'d, tir.-pul01i ih ir fpclltlun, dni
* ri-re~ nied ilh.ir pr iti n Thley liOW aipeulIl toill

S wilt Of tLlhlVrs A .part of tile p'tco-~ Illhey -ituv
come in contact Lith Ihe per'ple, .:and sublmiI their
repiesi ot0 L uiue'ni i coirnp.t.-l o dCCt.lmptl h their re, tlest, they w,tid
1101 hav?- ptnioned. II petllOning, Iherhlure, hli-
e: dlpe-led 10 the ptwer, a. %%ell :-, judgoenieril, f,4 d.
l the people repreleiaed in the legislature: and nius
not the p'Twer and discretion of'the;-egislaturw
Y prevail? .Tlhe plesenrationll of the-pttition itself i
': .tiling but a. legislative act-the firr siage i
s legislation. It difiers in uotling from present in
a bill or resolution. ;
*. -$*
; Now, sir, permit me to ask, with whum ha
i" the cun-tituliio entrusted'the legi-ldtiv,: power m
f C"tnh'e .s Is it ,;sf' ed illn an pelltiutiers, -a pai
S:.of thie people only, who may come hl-re, wn thei
prayers or in a single menmbr of Congre-s, wh
.p may present then arind mik, Ills legislative m<
tious with respect ttothemr' The eonstlitutionsay
"alt-lleqit;l ,1v powers herein granted z-lall he ves.
Sed in the Congre-,s of the TTnited iai ." all th
,1 iople, by all iheir represenla:lv s in Congress, ail
e o-,'&ecise.- the legi-,lative powers granted to tn
s constitatigti.- And this mult be .o, ornut ouTy ih
Y constitution would be violated,' bit i giulaio
k itself would be impraCticable. Whly, it d prt o
d the people c,.n crime i here and diciaie the cour.-
(I of IeRi*latiii, so njiy anoilier; atid the scrambi
S for power by inconsistent and opposingintlere,-t:
Ye woild s ooil bring the whole legi--liure to a lial
ke and produce Itsdiss,-lution. Thiis io iil\.abie,
e petitioners or their. represenitadtives, acting for their
dt mnCongress, can control-the-will and power-of+ h
.e: gislation. ,' *'
ies iif the otitions prayed Congress to'Inrerfen
,. with, or abol,,h slavery il the States, all will col
is, clildd ihut iir matter is beyond its, j'risiction
S Shall we, th.-'n. be blindred byj, ornl-, anild bede
d ceived bva veil so thii i"that all cen se ihPe dat
is features lurking beKin it ;AEvery one in an-d o
re .f Ai',lIre ..- nIw?; thr. -i.veriy in the Statesita ti
b rehl obeel thy' deilglitoas&a.rl They propose b
it continna liil ations through the instrumrsntali
















:r i

t -

I +




e ;

1 f





no 1







the stock would fall in price so that they could
take the difference without buying the stock at
all; and if they should buy it, they could have it
delivered the same dayanddraw the money they)
ay for the stock from tfihPerson to whom they
ave sold, without encroacging on one dollar of
the specie drawn from th*. Banks. These hun-
dred men by this means would doubtless more
'than double their money. The public have no-
thing to guard them against this but the tender
consciences of these men, and the people who
hrM WithiTr-few--wars .past paid to them from
one to four per- cent. a month for the interest or
the uie bfimroney, with .every pledge which the
prties could possibly give to secure the safe re.
oirn of the money, can pretty well judge as to the
eientious scruples of our molt wealthy.mo-
moed tnen in the city. : ,. ;:
hen' hard times begins'the merchants, who
are the firt to teel the pressure,look about to see
what AXpen.i they dan avoid, they dismiss some
of 6it, clero and cut down the oalariee of others;
A7ioritir Nbitilies they-procnre houses df whih
the tent is low, 6r elaeget their landlords to re-
d,.ek.he rent of, those they occupy, and th:esatnme
ih'istores.. The clerks find acheaper'place to
bbardL or reduce the price at their present places.
The manufacturers dismiss some of their Hands,
snd clit doWA-Wh' W"gea of those whom the. con-
ue.-t employ,! and all mechanics do the same.
Cotio falls, in price, and those producing it inust
buy "feter goods ahd pay leas for the production
ofthe 'Otton. AI articles for food full in price,
Ind'of o'ourse the. farmers raising them mrut pay
lss.for the labor they employ, and buy 1e6s' clo-
thinag for their families, and all those who' work
f-6rthem iist do the ,ame; ,cnce people consume
t iPr articles 'produced wiith little labtor- and
leof thSeiiwich require more. Many without
!ttloymefit are unable to buy even the cheapest
fWo'aAnd clothing at these low rates, and all lands,
ikhementS, '"very tfing,ii. the country produced
_iylabor, falls in piice. When this occurs, it is
kid that it 6iakes io'difference if you receive low
i'age-, you buy all these thiWgs at a proportiona-
bly low rate, so one thing balances another. They
do not even consider that all these things are in
the same end of the scale, and bear thle samrue way;
they do hot perceive that little devil--money-
id'the-":ther end of the scale, and his imps (the
m'atbrs).-laughing in their sleeves at the folly ot
he' producers, and saying, 'With six cents we
6'n riow' wigh in this balance much as we
caliber' With twelve, eighteen, or twenty-five.
H0 vri 'divi'ible :this labor may be, whether
lp*Lg 4r small, front a penny to the sale of the
Wihaife ih "New-York for over eight .hundred
tqhosand dollars, we are so divisible that we can
il.'al times, fix an exact balance and by a sort of
mrgic car6 expand ten or twenty cents to the dol-
4la; and again contract to ten or fifteen cents. I
and my imps never want a balance for all or any
of the.bounties of. Providence: i can by my imps
ai&w tIyself up into a nut-shell, and l and my
pSisessors as muich'balance all these things when
so drawn' up as when I by them expand over the
iorld Whin I through them-expand, the peon
plelthlnk less of me; When I by them contract
myself, I draw the nation with me, government
ind all; they feel my power and reverence my
authority, and they are as much compelled to bow
before me as the people of Babylon were to the
golden image of Nebuchadnezzar"





Alexandria Lottery.
... .. d; C1. A:, S_ t."3 t ) 1,644, 'eh 2:-i
C-.i u;4, D .
To abe rili'au, at .lexrandriia, D. C., arcr 2
Under thie uperini endatce ofu'o inwm isiuoners.
Lagnuificeul Scheme. ."
I PR. I z r'.. iu... .. s.... o 0,000
I ............. i X,00. ,.... ;'.15,00.
1 i *... ,... .:.-:o.: v 3 8*jO. .,U O
; ;'i .1. ... ;. ,. .. t.l,,),O ..... L,. ..l ,iU.Ji

:? 1 '. ; ri..,. .i ., ...300... ..,.,J,. ,; 4,03,0
3o..... .. .. .. ;-1. ,75U .. .. ; .
15.,i ... .,. :. .. :.-.I; 000 i .. --;0 .. ,,OU

1-2. 6.4......;. o
,, : ;:,.*. *-, ..**.. .. 0 .4 ,40 .. -.: 0 ,. I. ) J,939

... .... 1. .. ...... I 3,2 u
Bo ......... ..... 6100 :'.. ..... ,S^.l
13u.. o . .... ...... .. 3
1.4, 530 .. ......0. .:.:3,O. ..... .... 7,J50 1
! ", ". -. :,:, :, ...,3 .,... ... ... l,

3.2,:-!'. Prizes;...;;...'. .oamountingj to ^S -.,u 5

Tickets [$1.3-ishares in proportion.
.,' For saile at the'Asenic, of ''
";f; ; J-; G.-GREGORY. &,:CO,- Managers, :
'i. "-'- t ;.- '> .. 2,7 W ater-street.:
Apalachicbln, Maich 4, k11.".
Llst Notice to ,avX Payers 1
.AXE !--All |>ersois liabie t ,. City Tax,
T: are iolified, thldt u, les- tle lhss are hra)dedi
in oa or before-TLuesdav xrtl the 5ih linst; tft-v
will, be T.AXED DOUBLE, as pr,,'ed:6 y thiI,
the Ordinance in relation to assesiment.
W- Thle books will, be kept open at Lewis"
Exclh-igd e until tlihat time. -: .
S SE THP. LE,,IsV ::
4 HEZ, R1. WOOD, ,Tax essor.
.. .Ap *ld clc..l ,1,.M ,rch. l~st-, !8,4,.^ ., rm4 It -

camine purchaser from the Apalachicola
L.and Compa;ly on the 1Sth day of April, 1836,
ou' lots No. 7 and 12, on block t.., front range at
the price of' fifteen hundred dollars payable one-
third cash on the 15th day ol' September 1835;
one-third on the 1.3th day of September, 1S36 and
the remaining one-third on the 13th day of Sep-
tember, 1536, lor wnich last payments two notes
were given each dated April 1Ithi 1836, with in.
terest from Sept. 15tl 1535, which notes repoaig
unpaid with the interest ;jccrued thereoni.
RANEY, Merchants, uijrig the name and style
uf 1"Harrison &. Raney," became purchasers Iromn
the Apalachicol. Laid Company on the lst ddy
of April, 1.636, of' that part of' Wharf; lot No, 22
..being directly ii, front ol' lt Nu. 9, block E, first
range, at tlie price of" three htuidre;d d,:llars, mpayo:
,.ablet asaltll.,ws; one-fourtn cash, one-lburth one
3ear alter d.ita, one-fourth two years alktr date,
and the remnaini.g one-l-ourth three years: after
.date,for: \ hichi mree notes were by them executed
as aboveand dated June lstj 18L, lor the sumrn of
seven'hundred aid rilly dollars each with interest
Irom date, t1.o of which now remain unpaid with
tihe iiatcrmat accued thereon.
: NATHAN BAKER, became purchaser from
A-h zApalachic,,li Land Comlpanv,on the 7th day
of"March, 1837, of lot No. 3, in bl6k6 No. 14, in
th" cify of Apalachicola, at :t-he.price ,of twelve
hu.idrtd dollars, payablit as, foAllo,.-s; one-tburth
cash, unc-fnlurth on:lie 7th day' larcri, i538, one
tolurth on the 7th day. of March,TlS3y and the re-
lrnai,).ng uin:-lourth;ola the-7th day o"lMarch,l14U,,
fir wliich three payments otes were.duly execut-:
ed ,%ith int(-rest from date, wiich last note re-
main-. unpaid, with the iriterest accrued thereon.
WILLIAM H. WILDER, became i.urceiaser
fromrri the Apalacihicul Lanri Company, on the-7th
dav of March, 1637;, l lot No. 4, block 14, at the
;.pr, e of twu, iuiidred and fil't di.,llars, payable as
fol1lowso ;''uine fourth ca3h, one-lburth payable on
tie 7tnri day of MLirch, 1$3S, one-loUirth oun the 7th
day of Ali rch,5 1 t, and :tiemaining one-.ourth
0nythe ihth day o March,i140, ftr which three
last pa nents, notes were duly executed with in-
tere.t from date, twwo of whlicli njtes now remna-1i
Su ipaid witli thile indtCrest accrued thereon.
REK.'STUS C H I 1 TENDEN, became purchaser
Sfrri the A ialjchic(,ld Lund.Companv, on the 7th,
day of Malrch, :1837, of. lot Nos. 1 anda 2; in bl2ck
No. 14, in the -itvy of Apalaclicola, at the price
Sof twetyv-six hundred d. liars, payable as follows;_
olie-foiurth cash,. one-li.urfh on the 7lh of AdrcIh,
IS38, oUe-fo i1thl oi the 7th dav of March, 183y,
aid the remaining onet"-f,urth:on thie 7th day cf
March, 1941j, lur which last three payments, notes:
were dil), executed, with interest Irtorn date, otie
of whicl hiott'sp'remain unpaid with the interest
accrued the-reon. -P -
OBwERT J. FI.OYD, became purchaser from
the Apalachicola Land Company, on the l6th day
of' April, 153S, of lot No. 3, in block No. 16, in:
the city' 0tApalachicola, at the price ot eleven!
hundred dollars, payable as follows; one-lfourth
cash, bnefoburtth on the 16th day of April, 1839,:
one-tourth on the f1tith day of' April, 154%, andJ
the remaining one-fourth on the 16th dayof April,
1841, lor which last three payments, notes were:
duly executed -with interest'from date, one of
which notes remains unpaid, with the interest'
accrued thereon.'
: JOHN R: C HAPM .AN, became purchaser from
the A ,alachicola Land Corrnpan, on the 15th day
: fAl :rcn, 1-3S, oi' "1 t No. 1, in block No. 1SS,
in th cily of' Ap-lachicola, at the price of.f!our
hnndredl and fifty dollhtr.;, payable as follows; one
fourth cash, on.-fiourlh on the 1.5th day of March ;
i3S39, one-4i,,rth o,) the ,15th day of March, I40,:
and the remaining one-ourth on ;the 15th da- ofi
:A1arch, 15-11, lor %wVhich last three pa),ments, notfs -
were duly executed, with interest from date, one
of which notes reminains unpaid with (he interest
arrrued thereon. r' -
IAARG -1RETI F. BOWER, Executrix of Ebe-.
nezer J. Brower, deceased, became purchaser from
the Apalachicola Land Company, on the 16th day
of March, 1S3S, ot lot. No. 10, in block No. 52,2
in the city of Apalaceicula, at the price of five
hundred dollars, pavabl, as follows; one-tourth
cash, one-fotrth ,,n the 16th dav of March, 1839,
oie-fuurth'on the Ifth'day of Mlarch, 164o, and
the remaining one-fourth on the 16th day of March
1841, tor which last three payments, notes were
dri)v executed with.interest from date, one of
:,:hich notes remains, u P d ith t he interest

FOR LIVERPOOL-The fast.-siing
Br. ship COURTENAY, GeorgeTuri
ner, master, will meet with deipitch.
a or ,1cight apply to .. '
dec23 W. A. & P. C N. d ,I..
FOR LIVkRPOOL.-B itfiS"lh" f -
ROBERT WATTS, Johl 01. xn,.6jvti
i now diiahargin j and wil bei ja'."
rece, ve freight in a few days, for whzdB.lh aplfo
dcl IJ. DAY.-#ftV-
FOR NEW YORK---i *a-^iBS
:MARIANNA, Norton,, [ast0S4A.ifng
iSjther cargo engaged andgoihng a bf1W
will meet with despAtch.' Fbrfreigcm 'on aSi
or passage, apply to .
.. tnat4 40Wt

Auction Saies
Wif.VLL be sold on the fourth duy of April next,
1iiitrohtofF Messrs. ^Green & Coniery's
Store,:-Elevenj.iBales Cofthn, for the purpose o.'
paving freight; salv.ige, &C;i -said eleven bales
were shipp,d -n board steamboat 'Tallas'ee, S.
Dumnmer, master, May -2.5, 1.s43 Unless claimed
and iden i lied beib'ore ihe day aforesaid, it diil be
sold tu the highest bidder. :
...... .A. M Y ER S, -*'
March 4,,'A44. ":" Auctioneer.
A iMI:NISTRATOR'SSALE. -Will be s, ld
dt pl) iblic nuctini, on Siturla 'vthe 16th inst.,
at l2,,'ctck,'M-., in friot- of 1I'AMer's 'Auction
Rd1iM:', uoie g-,ld watCh aiit tlhe furniture thereto
belonging, of ,thie'esA.atebf'MJLrtin Slnder, late:of
Franklin- cm it,, Fa., deceased.'
-;. Sate by order of the Judge 4of the -County
Coirt .: ..r wayIj County.- ab-
B. F. NOUeRhE, Eaxecutor.
A,Atlahicola, March 4, 1S44, ois 92t,
nert h SAiLaE.-dThe nriewh and; sbstandia barge.
FLs.. olASEti't-hu; tbe-,eapacity of 3WU of
4r0e:baiys cotto. For-termas apply to r
mnar4 tf h No. Colmbus Block.
S it ltlna lvay N ,egro
i W or e united to, Jaire'hiuday, a negro man
as a runaway slave.- :.Saigd negrro is' about.
l reet 8 inches-high, about thirly years of.
,-Igo', 1Dick set', -and sloops: a little 'when
-wa I',.-111 has asmall scar over the right eve, o'ne:'
panderrth chi),wand on each harnd; and 'a'hairge:
sc:irr on the left ~sloul' r-r blade', back slightly;
sca.-red by--the 'whip. 'He was dressed in gray
k",rse -rpantf and round jacket, and saysou FHebe.
lonas i to John B. White, !:.. Harris cou-.tyr Ga.:
Had with him, %% h;en tal~ef-iup, -a badly written'
,and worded pass, naine could no.t positively'be
ascertained. Any person owP i.ing sJlid negro.w.ill
pl'.3e' come forward, prove property, paN charges
und take him away. C. J. sHEPAIRD-
Sheriff of' F--ranklun county, FM.
Apalacliicoli 1, Feh. *29, IS11. mrnr4 6riupf'

S, --- 34,681: bales.
Exppr.ied since our -last,.... ... 5,133 .
pre viou sly,1 ,' .o4, 6 ,."

Stock oa hand not de.ared,.,.. .,u "

"To Liverrpoq S,. .. .... ... ;:5-3 p;r Ib.
*-Ne yoM,....:,. ....,., ;....13.1.,c "
M B.oCston,, ,.... .. ,;.i ;."..... :.... '7-8C "
Orfe Br. ship. is said t4, have a mall beginning
at idfto Livirpnool. ....
S0: FOR-EIGN .I,.ii :-E'TS. ;
LIVERPOOL, Jan. .-19h --Co,.>io.--In cotsel-'
-quence of advices from hii,-, [.irt.:l iS Irs,:'Tecev-
ed on Saturddy last,..au urtisaally exten;Aie busi-
n.ems.hais b...'n do.i- tais.w,.ek ift cottol,, ch-itfly on
sp!ecuI.ti,;n, ocem.i.ld by an advlne.e(f 1-31]
1-4d p,,r j.).,- 09 Last w qI' l q i)otAtio,n-,_of A.nc.-i-
,tin." :Sea ililand is il g,.,, I dein i idj, at advancirLg
price. ..Eg'ptiais hlas 'attr,,ci-! ihe attention of
s clcu1at0rs, 1WVCell as the trade, and is iit active
demand, :at` an dvawnce of 'fuhi I-2d po-r lb. The
sales of Lh- w.',.:i an-ount t., 92,.j3 -bales.
-Jati. i2fjh-In tlie-eare;iy part of the week, cotton
was in moderate demand, and tile mwa:rkct dull;- but
dirinj the last ftw. ay a c.).-ni,.ldiyL,,i business
"h;4 b-,b'-n d.dn,. pirticicqiariyv on specu ,lation, andl the
week ci-,oses ',tih '*j.t-. o .*'s qotdtfions of A\i -r-
c i; 'fiAmtly mnaintai ted.l 'Se-r a -_.L ,it d in fatr de-
nm-iit, -at fzll priest In E ...nj.i,. larg, )"'si :5
mas .6iiil done, it fi-irther tdvance -of NAl l-4d per
z^ ATtci s.,n ,,f the week amount to 42,7.7 bal -
":Fb,'21 -Ti. Cottonr Marker .has beer :e.ce,:d-e
ing'y anlirnated throw itbiout Wt.ne Swei, pec.iltonM
h.t%,%,g rceiycd a fresh im;)dlse from. the excite-
"fent prit vaiiNtg ng i tile U',iie.j States. The trauas
;'tion-._,-xcei, by nearly 10,000 bales, ti,. largest
Wet,-k's biaiuness p"evi, ,i;;y knowu rud the miraict
CIo.8 wlth gi- g t' nin'a i i, ,14 1-14)._ 1 ib adva >c!
oil i .t-it. *' '.-, q:lotatioaS3.uf Animericdn. Sea IMlan-
tho jgih in i o)derite d-mn.uid, liis advanced 1-21
p,-'r. Ib, E;_ (,tl 1:1 eConttnuesrto attract the attentbin
tof spccul-itor, at 1-4' per lb advance.
The sato6 of. thle week amrnount to 109,570 ba-iles,
including aoi ,'. .i 5i, ) Am :tricti, l 1 ,3
Egyptian, 2 ._ > l\,:rit..', 20'0'B,.hi.t, 1:h ) 5[.Itiri-
ham ,irid 2i,500 Surat, as folilows.:-13U Sea Island
froiFL:2 to 32.1;:-I) .'i.cd do, 7 a 11; 21,0c'0 Up-
lanid, 4' a-6 ; 15,670 "-obile a.id Alabaula 4j a 61;
'37,040 N Orleans 5j a 8 -
Stock in Li verpu)ol, '31-t Dec. ,1813,... 653,$R0 bis.
Samie in '!02, .: ..... .. ....... ......456,600 .
D1.e'rease of impiori this year cam,ared
with th-*same "date jist year,7.....7,121
Increased f stock, .. ..-.. .. .... ,... 105," ",,,
incrt-ekse taken for eonsumption, .......2,700 "
Feb 3;-rA half holiday is now. observed in our
coinin :-r,. Il i .iirk-s, on Sattu'rday: t-o whlIch ,may
b"i attributed tie comparatively small saies of to-
day. The.trade rern-iiy nsiii.Jhg..d in'spirit, the
saine *irm feeling exists, and prices remain as quoted
yesterday. .17000 batesi have met with buyer-, in-
:ciludig 2000 taken by speculators, andt he 'ie,
with tlie exception .of' 20i) Snrat aund 40 Egypti1an,
consist of American'df 5jto 6d.
Estimated. Stock, Fe'be :21 S43 ;nd 1844. .

Steamer Augustu.,
ThE fine last ruining first cla
f Steamer AUGUSTA., Jas. B. HfI,
& master, will run regularly during
wthe season'between Apalachicola
-end Columbus, when the river will admit, touch-
ing at all the inttrmediate landing. She will' be
at EUYFAULA on her downward.trip,evrSry .ed-
nesday, and will take Ireight or passengers on tfih'
most reasonable terms, and insurance can be ob-
tained on her as low as on any othtr bcat.
The Augu-sta's accommodations for,.passenge-s
are not excelled,I her Cabin being ai.iI Sta.
roe ms, and every exertion will be made to retain&
the well known reputation she hasi sustained for
safety, comfort and despatch. : .
For freight or passage, apply to
ST.... TOS,,T TERRY,'.".
Agents, EulzuIfc;
!->-,- ';-- .BELLISON:-CMi': .
nmar4 Agnts, Apalachicola. '

: Steamer Charleston. .;,;.
9 .,'-. THE.new, splendid aid. fain
j K running steamer CHA RLESTON,
'1 ig Freeman, Master, will, In cbnnec-
: nection with the LowEkLL'nia)
reguk-r semi-weekly tripsp between Eu'ila, iand
Apalachicola, and all intermediate landings, ahnd
when the condition of the .riyei'will warrant will
-run to-Columbus. ;, : : ,' ;.:
,The Charleston is neatly arranged for: the Com;
fort and convenience of passengers, and with'fii
is a large, well built craft, capable 'f carryin as
much freight/with perfect safety, as any boafon
Ih- Chattahoochee, and can aford to do iite a
cheaply. For freight orpassage, apply to:either
Agents EufaUit;.-,
fehi9 Agents Apalachicola.

JI' I,' recCivI.d ,.er" shctr Li',i iron N Orleans-
'A few patterns-of'Frec`eh Doeskin, Ibr Gen.
lemene's P ln t, suit,.ble for Spriiln w.car. Also,
French Shnei, t.:,r s:ile'dii i6 w torC,, h, hy
"nnre" :- ... 28 Water st.
W ,,TERN PR,ULLCE.--JI,.t reci ed per
sc)r Lion f'r,,i New Orlcans-:.
S 50 bbls Whiskeyv; :'-
". 50 do Fiur; : .
5 hhds' Bacon Sides;
5 do Sh.,Ild-rs.
S'or sale by '1 :M-,. MYER%
arl ... 28 Watr st.
., FIR:-.:EN -ATTE'n.xON -
THI-IE memb,,iAof the "A\l aolli,;Iia ',irer' nEi
fkrine Company, No. I. are hereby notified
to atre.nd a rmeetinr ofsaid Company this sver.
in Cm Iythsbve
ing-'t hb lt'- ,vi t 7 ,:,'clc l, ;at the':E-4ii. e Hous.",
for the Traisaction oft business of importance.
.By ,,rde.r f"the Firemarn.
::': *- rao H. H 'HA"LSEY, Sec'y.
Apinl chr,! i, ,,March4,;'&44[. : r4:lt ....
0.AtDDLERY-Reeeived by late arrivals from
0- New York, another assortment of Saddlerv,
consisting: of ''.
L.dies' and Gentlemens' Saddles,,-:
Coach Harnesses,
Bufgy .. ... ... "
Jersey -
Double Wagon Harnesses,
Collars and Hahes,
Eridles and: Bridle Bitts,'
Martingales, Circingles and Girts,
Stirrup)s and Stirrup Leathers,
Carpet Bags of' various kinds.
Also, a few Call' Skins and white and'red Lin.
ing Skins, all of which will be sold low for Cash,
mnrch4.. -.

ec ;ru : i errpn 1.., .
.Inlwtureas, b the agreement made with
said parties, it was'fully understood, that in case
of failure to pay said notes, the said Company
should be at liberty to, sell. "6And -it is lurth,.r
'l-ders,-od,o that if t',e s.id (purchaser, named)
shall tal to pay either otf the. said notes, as they
re3,)ectivelv become due, the said Company shall
be at liberty, on jiving thirty days- notice, in a
public Lazeite, published in Apaachicola, to re-
-ell said lots, at therisk of said (purchaser named)
for ._th benefit of said Company, and if any sur-
plus remain,' after paying of said notes; given obr
s 8d l..,t;, and all costs and- expenses, the same
shall be paid to s.iid (purchaser named) or his or
her legal representatives." : .qnd whereas, said
p.rti4s have failed.;to pay.said notes herein be.
fore cited ;-,,Now said Gompany,:in pui;suance of
said agreementi:-wAllr expose the lots aforesaid at
auction, in front -of the Apalachicolh Exchange
in suid city on the luth day of April. next; be-
tween the hours of 11) o'clock, a. m., and 3, p. m.
for cash, to pay the notes due thereon, interest,
eost'and charges.- :
::Lewis Curtis and George Griswold, trustee of
the Apalaci.icola Land Company; lor:.theuse : of
John NcPherson :_Berrjen,; for .the use of David
Selden. By their Agent, B. G. ROPES.
A"jalachicnla, .Mtrch 4th, 1844. nr41m

.431 ,i.-0
t88,0 j0
, 9d,z370
I25 i-.'* ,()1

American,................... .25,7- ,0
Brazil, ... .. ,, -.,w
Lgb pttan ......... .. .... 21,61i 0
West India, &c.,..:........ i:.. 16;. O
East India,.............. ........ 91,fi 0
Total,.... .... ......... 522.51,0

The co-partnership heretofore existing under
the name and style of "SHERMAN & FORD;1"
was. this day dissolved by mutual coneint.
Apalachicola, rFeb. 24, 1844.

THE undersigned make know.jto hioMriends
and, the public that he has purchased fhi entire
interest of his late partner, and will continue the
business under his awo name at the old stand.
feb26 S. R. FORD.

npE snbser-iher having taken the BAR-ROOM
Sof' the: "CIrY ,HoTr:L," in Columbus, re-
spectfully solicits-from hisfriends and.the public,
a share of their custom. The. Bar will be con.
stantly furnished with the choicest WINES,
LrQUORS, and CIGARS. Gentlemen who wish
to indulge in a *Toddy,' cold or hoti'a -Punch,
hot or &old, Or 'straight fixing,' will find them
,mixed up brown, at, this establishment; and
these who wish to regale themselves with a cigar;
will always find here a regalia, a I canone, or
a principle, of the most d.liciuus flavor. -':
The reputation which the "City Hotel": Bhas
established, for- genril'itV and go;jd order; pre.
cludes the necessity of :.the undersigned making
any assurance, that such will be maintained
throughout., From an attention to thisr.business
Fbr a number of years, the subscriber -does not
flatter himsAfi 1i fe-ling assured that he cangive
perfect satisfaction. Drop in and judge for your-
selves. R. E. RAIMOND.
Columbus, Ga. Feb. 10, 1844. feWl2 tf-

C dAiRS CHAIRS! !--Received per snip
10 dozen Cane Seat.Maple Chairs,
3 curled "
2 "' Boston Rocking Chairs, '
1 Mahogany ,"
Als<:--Sofas, Sideboards, Beaureaus,' Tables,
BeJlteads, Washstands, Curled Hair -Mattrasses;
Feiathers, &c., ail of which, will be sald low itcr
mal rh4: -- :

L EATHERT :TRUNKS-Just received a few
3,.lendid black and russet Leather Travelling
Tru iks, tbr-sale by :S DILL & CO.,
fe^S -29 Water st.

R EADY MADE CLOTHING.-;-Just received
from ,New York, a large and eehbtral asaort-
ment of Ready Made Clothing,



FOR LIVERPOOL-The Britisi slifp
7 ENC LAND, Boolhby, master'will meet
Ab f^Cwith despatchl, for freight apply to.,
.V% V S A-A-P: C KAINi
febl7 4 Co-umbum Block.

... .. I iili .


L ----- 1 ~I

_ I


NO rICE.'-The subscriber in
tending to leave this city, in a feA
,llys, .requNeSs all, persons' havini
wv iic.-s i,,d j..wv-lr' let With him to be repaice(
:o caft for the same% without delay.*.
., .......... ._ -. D. .-PA. LLA IS.
,. .'Ii,:acola:,March IsE16014 ,rr.4 *2t

-:,> Steamer Lowell.
Standing *'A. No. ]," with all ihe Insurance Of.es.
THE splendid and siib|tamia-l
t f _._/ fast running steamer "LOWW LL,"
^^, J. T. Niles, ?Master, will ply re,
S s ularly every week between thi
city and Eufaula, touching and freighting .at _l
intermediate Towns and landings, and will fak)
freight and passengers at rates as-low as. can be
obtained on the river. In good and safe stage' or
the river, which will probably be during thei
winter and early spring, the Lowell, will rn ii re-
gularlv to Columbus and intermediate landings'.
T'he Lowell is not surpassed lor accommoia.
tions and comfort, and it is intended she shall not
be, by any Boat on the Chattahoochee rietr.
Those who ship by her, may rest assured it jt
their Cotton or Goods, will be.delivered.as quick-
ly and as safely as speed and care will accomplish.
Agents, Eufaila, Ala.
feh5 tf Agents, Apalachicola; FU.

FOR NEW YO.RK.-a,-T'he:.-firt, f!
i hip GLENDOVEER, Paatahitwl nater,
IiH i, l-avitfg her entire cargo underr deca) eii-
gaged and going Ol board, for deck'freght4.6
passage, apply to CHAS. ROGERS,.
feb26 4-. Water z ..i
F.URN. i NEW"' itORHK-The' ine if-"
IfMM ailing copp.ered and copper fastnea
A S.ihip DUNCAN, Dagget-, for fteight *<
deck a'..py to W A WOOD, "
l'eh26 23 Wa.ast.
,. FOR CHARLESITON.--IIbe fast-sail'
/ir ifig schr EXCELSIOR,-Woodburyamm
,,iA rer, .with mostof her cargo engaged; will
h,,ve ce0patch. For balance of freight or passage.
apply to A. L. CLEMENTS,
m ir4 40 Water street:; .
1, schooner GEORGE, Capt. Kellogg)
is daily expected, and 'will have qdiiclt
despatch. For balance o0 freight, or pasags ,
having superior accommodations, apply to
febl:2 A. L. CLEMENTS, 30 Water-st. :
B rhe fast sailing Br. ship-ROTHSCH ILD,
.,T, hv to (febl-2) H B FELL.


Taken on speculation this year,.....218,4,,0 holes.
Do. at the-same: peri,.d i tl year,;.. ,13,600 "',
HAVRtE, Jan 27th -Prices of cotton have ad-
vanced-ince.our :previous report, but the mnariel
4( present is qiet, with a downward tendency.
Thesales of the last eightt days have been ccnfin-
ed to 5,000 bales. Ouxr stocs,are estimated at
104,(00 bales against 127,000 bales in 1843.
Tne den-mand for cotton yesterJay was active-
sales 2036 bales at improved prices- Sales during"
the month,- reached 40,000 b-ies. This morni jug
thedeniand cotines united. One ciru of
1886 bales froqn Mobile was taken, by speculators.
Jan, 31st-Cottn-The short space intervenid0g
beiw6en tie dare of our last circular and the pre-
sent one haviIg: but little scop ibr.operations, ;and
the a.6viees froai Luverpool being devoid of ,ny
fe"tirt e peculid.li i-iteresting, the Cnaractero(,f ou
iMetrjet has not. n-terially altered sirce, and coi.-
Stiiaues to wear,-Ibtut the szme'aspeci as at the:ci0be
0ol the past week.- .

flit scri e elen-Mesrs Storer and Hollings-
S worth.'
Per- steamer T"alahasse,--,rs Lapharm, Miss
:Sauriders, J B App!ing, J Matlock, M Bethune and
2 servants.
Per steamer CharTleston-Mrs Johnson, Messrs
,Fort, Hardwick, BRrns,'Jphns6n, Sherman, and
Per steamer rAugusta,-M-J :Halley, G B Perry,
A S Porte.-r, E-Noyes, J A Jdrbole..
.Per steamer -Agnes.-Messrs Lee, Richardson,
,Cromwell, Kennedy; Burns, Roberts.
Per steamer Oconee-Judge ::.Taylor, lady and
.Mrvanl, CaptJ M Moore, F Mav, D EXittieband,
W .RLwlett, L Bowden, Smith Cochran, K-agap.
N OTIbE'':';iix.weeks atter, date, I shall'apply
_. to the. Honorable Judge of the County Ccurt
9f Franklii county, for letters of administration:'
(n tRhe estate of JOHN -LOCKF, deceased.
- ,::.-.......: -..... 'ASA D. GOVE.
"ApMJtchicola, March 2,1844, ,ar48w


N OTICE--The Office of the STIRVEYOR
GENERAL OF FLORIDA, will in'.ded.
ence to:an Executive order, under the hand of the
President of -the United States, dated. thet'h day
of October, 1843, and in conformity with'augge*
tions contained in a communication from the
Commissioner of the General Land Office of 10tb
October, following, be removed from Tillahaass
to St. Augustine, on the 24th day of February.
1844, at which place it will be established.*
soon as the archives ca, be tran orted to thek
proper destination.
,- V. Y. CONWAY, Sr. General.
Tallahasee, Feb. 23d, 1844. fe26 6t
- .l ,uslt received by Thomas CkL*3
-d. iLzirge assortment of fishionable ..rera
m roada French Calfskin Bots, tgethr
withfa large supply of French Calfskin aid. otbei
materiaIs of the beat quality. .
All orders thanktuUy recve d oad iompt
ly attended to. "rf4 t f




Derery Sun land Thurslay at 7 o'clk, P M.
clie every Monday and Thursday at 10, P. M.
Livrol.,...;.Feb. 31. Nw York..... Feb. 21
Ha'et. :'/.*. [.. .Jan. 31 'N'ew Orle ,hs,. M.,rch I.
Havana,..;.,, ,.,. Feb 17.lCnatl stou, ... ..Feb. 27.
.Checks at sight oi N York ..... par.
ell *" Agustad,......1-2 pr. ct. disC'et.
o B Stonl,....... par.
;.. .'. .-: ~ Charle-ton, .. par. :
S av rn ...., ... 1 .2 'cc,
-;: ..:' ..... Savarniah,...,l-2 '" .. .: ** "*
> t ...:.^ !' N O rl/ aUs ,;.. 1i ..- ,; "
Bills on New York.... 3 0.d!ia .... 1 a -.J pet e dis't.::
cc -v,; : .. d. ayS....1l a 2-.. .
Sn all other Norlhdra cities, the samerates. ;.

!';f 'COTTON MARKET. ^f-^i'
':ir Cotton Market this week offers Ittl to re-'.,
.Rark upon. The Hibernia's news occasioned a,
little spec4lative feeling, which i4oon subsided
mSain, and we, are now as dull as ever, wilh very3
littw iii)wry.'r.;,There is more off-ring th:,i' b.'frre
hi riEOi,:and 'a large business would be don -if
lirtei Cbild m'et. VWe q'ote :-Inferior, 7 to 7;;
Ordinary,:,7j to Sj; MidJ"ing, 31 to 8j; Middling
yatr 1.,t9 ^ ,;air, ?9 to 94 ceanta. .:
The sales of the paat week atanoumrto 1,615 hales
M(follows :-,14 bales- wt 7.; 29 at 7.; 11 at 71; 37
t:r 9,it.it8 r-165lQ2a at: 8i; 805 at t; 60 at 89; 36,
at 8 7-!6; 215 at. S; '15 atlS 9-1S;: 73; at ; 235-at
8; 67 at 81; i dr 15.168 176at 9; 21 at 9 1-16; 62
t 9,I 5at 91-,. 3 94t; 53 a cnt e.
Nothing doing to-day. :
, *t Ne:Orleans, 29th ult., ih- stock of cotton
*jt haadn ed' on, shipboard not cleared, amuurte-d
to 252,470.bie. :"::
Stock on "n- hd...... .. ..... .:..-21 '
1.cciived 6ine ouilr lait,... .... 2,923 : '
... pre viouzly-.. .... ,,81..U7;



LIVERPOOL-Per ship Dauntless--S,975 aac!
sail, to S Cuq1si,.
Pr.birk .S,:.,phia-2,S50 sacks Sat to S Cassin.
NE ORDEANS--P-.r sclhr Excelsior-46
pk-,s mdz t to Gree.ri.- & Coirnery;.650 do 1o order
Per s-chr Lion.--20 pkgs mJze 10 PresteII '
Madclc; 257 .I E ;re-,n-.vuoJ; 1li0 Grern & C._)
nery; 21 H R Taylor & Cd; 6 Lockhart \. Vounq
62 bbis foour, 6 h(lJ3s ?'ulgr, 5 do baco, \, V G; Po
ter & Co,: -25 bbis flour; 20 do whiskey,-5 dosuga
40 seeks coffee :2: casks bacon,1 McK ay & Hdrt
h)jrae; 4 c.usks bacon, 18 kegs lard. 10 scklis coflei
H irper >: Holmes; 79'sksp coflfe, 24 bbls flour,
-hhdsa sugar, Kimbrough c& KLidgway; 50 bbls flou
9 cjisko bdCuln, TL AIftciel." ..-
-P-r schr S iiiinolb-'447 lkgs m.ize to .L J Lair,
10 toJ' Ai lingn; 2; to 11 R T.,v..r; 4.2 bbIs ibc
losses to M.--K. iy IiitshA,,ne, 96 pcs bagging 2
coilk rope to Kil:nbrol- : ItA igJ'.vav; 4 c1.sbaco
21 bbl liork to Dord.? 1:= :;,rd..cr; 8 cks bacbn, I
k,'g lardI to T L Mtci-l. 1: -; '
-.Per chr Hr-lei,)--50 bbls flour, 25 do po6rk, Sqck
coff&e, 10 hhds sugar, 10 do bacon, J Day & C(
50 bxs tobacco, D G R aney; 10 pkg mpdze, Mo1or
l ]IcKeIizle; 252 4ill, D.Dwson 0: Cc; 21 F~ew
elleti 'k Butt .
AT A:. : b a le s e o tt :,on '.- r i i
..:" EXPORTS." :. :;
.HAVANA-,\ Per schr Rodney-.rl coda wood
7 toue tinb.-.r, 20 e'rnpry cask. .
r. ^ \ )l.--ls-ir s Adi) Martha WVashi;)gton-
1,202 b les c~tioni, 31 sliciis cedar, 1 ck ui CLswaj
Per bdk St. Cloud -576btlescLuiton. 9.1`..011
Per ship Ocen;--1,912 b.iles cotton :
:. PFer barqne Mrv y lKimball-1.151 balps cott-on.
4 i- E \W UK LEA-'S- Pe, Bchi Swuilouw-292 bl
'C'ttqpon. .ia.

.,er stenr Tliah e.--3l7 bales cotton tow(
oger, 5W A 'Vood, 54 1 %\[ \Vright, 1io Har
pir A1 H nolins,35 Nui.,s- S cStone.
Pe stciiier Ch 'riesE.,I-93 bl,- culton to Pre,
to"n I ly, 15U Kii-br.,.,g; I tijgwv92.I
B ,,ood W C'o, N l0re) A0 4ei& Con,,-ry, 3j Look
hax-.,c Young, 3 It\lcKi y :f- art i oii,.'.. ; .
Per sleatiner Augl,,a-227 buie., cotton to G I
tPerty; 31 i,) .LcV.nda,, V ouiar: 10( to Fl.-,eilei
A: L)ut I75 to B L.j:i,"11 : Cu.-; '6 to IcKay &
Hart-h>-rie; 31 I., ..,arae .tone; 2 to Fdirlcr \
'o ; lU to rder
Pei a ejemer Siren--9 bles: cotton to Lcklhar
L& Young; Jto ei\,iy El:th-iarmsrne; 19 to Pres
ton l .Wl.t- !iy ; 4 iv- t] K. an v '
Por t,-L&iiFUr A' Ae-3--l,3 baIes eCotton t6 Kim
brougai .; J040g.,W; 60o A \Wouod; 44 to -%I
iKay \: I i vrih,.,,rl-; I R) ,, B Eiso \U Co ; 11.) _,
Pr-tu,; iA: .:luc.iy; 152 to B P Butts.
P, ree.r e -c.-.- ..--14; bi. cotton toiW A .
p livn; "Ii2 tu It P ou I D; 7, 10 D B Wood; 2(
to.Nourse o.Stinte; 65 to i,LcxKuy &, Hirtihl;rnie.
Per barge Jane-ll10 bates cOttoal to F R Ely.
.vS f ^ v '_'--:=.-. -: **; *


"PORT (T OF APALAC(H1-COLA .... M-rch 4.

-S;ip Martha Wz,,hintion, Tyler, forN Yirk b]
M c t< a y .: I at ,i, h ,: ,n e .. -
Ship Gc,44 iildrd, for New: York, by Kiln
brought & Kldgway .. ,
Barque Mary Kimball, Freeto, for New York
by C .1-ogers and E P Butts. -
Bart: St Cioud, Davi, tfor N York by C- Rogers
Schr Florntdian, Brown, for. Mobile by. B Elli
son L; Co. ,i;
Schr Swallow, Shannon, for. New Orleans.
8chr-Rodne;,, Evais, for Hiavani, D Goddard.
Schr Alligator, for New Port, Fla.
Sloop Henry Clay, DOWa(, for mobilee.?
A'i tvl ED.
o Ship.Dauntless, (Br) Rogers, from. Liverpool, to
3.tr-, Sophia, (Br ) Webster, fm Liverpool to
S>. (-/assin. -, .
Stip iluron, Paine, 13 days fm New York, to D
B Wood Co.:-
Schr Seminole, Taylor, 21 days fmn N .Orleahs
Stnr Lion, C'ift, 2 days fin i New O)rleans, to E
Elli-on Co .
Schr lelen, Sears, 8 days 'fin New Orleans,tc
J Day & Go. '
Scihr Excelsior, Woodburv, fin'N dOrieans.
Steamer Sir-n', S ii r il, |n ., t iiin ],.'
S ,Ste ame.r;Tilnh.,.-, ,M! .rt.kin; *firn061unlbus.
Steamer Auguata, Hall, fm Gcl;umbus.-
: SteamerAgres,.J,.--iii-; fin CGoiurnmbus.
.teamer Oconee, Greer, fi Columbus.
Steamer Siren, Van Vezhten,fm fniBiLtridiz.
Barge Jane, fin M-i ri,inna.

Ship Huron,. Paine; freon New York, on 26t1
ult while passing the-':Salt K.y Bank,.saw a fu;,
rigg.?d brig ashore on Dog-Rocsts, with her saih
loose, apparently just got on'.

March 4;:-.'!.j., -p and ilii-'r not included;
... SH IP S.- -
Sophia, (BEr.) Webster, 3S7 tons, fm Li-erpuol,
fdi.--ll,.:r','in,- S Cassin.
I),i I.i ,.'.'-, (rr") R,;qeri. 532 tons, fmi Liverpool,
discha., .i C.-- S C ssn. :* :..
Hiuron. PAine,l-ol4 tonis, m:frn'ew York, waiiinf--
M a s t e r = : .
Glendoveer, Parsons, 495 tons; foi. N.York, load-
ing--C -Rogers and D B \o. I,)d & Co
Ccaurti i.y, (Br ) Turner,. ;(,S tons, for:.Liverpool,
wamIIng--W A & p G Kain. ., .
Grotius, Sears, a299;t.cns, fur Boston, loading-
D B Wo(iod & ,o.
Marnar;inna, N .,'i)i, 379 tons, fmn N York, discharg-
ing--McKay:&- ItIrt-h.orne. p:

U,:JLIi,. D,-,'i. 2;7 ItU, for New York, load-
ig--\V A Wood. .
E.,glai,:t (Br), oothby fiffriMar-eilles, waiting-
W A oz I C Kiii 1. "- -I ,r ",
Sylvanius Jnk-insEvefleigh, 547 ton-, for NYork,
loading--WA & PC: Kain.
Troy, Hi',!s. 525 tr,;n. vaititng-I M brightt.
ItRothclchid (b,) Frll, -47, tons, fpr freight or chair
ter--,t~k'r. ,
Lyons, Ryuan, 4S1,7 i.n, waiing-M1aster.
"igtu, Iamit0on, 2j5 tons, tor N York, load.
ing-L-) B W<.,f, \- Co,.
Br. Robert Watt, J; hnon, 49i tons, for Liverpool,
waiting-J I'dy & Co.-
-- BRIGS. ..
Timoleon, Bliven,-222"to-ns, for New York, load-
ing-D B Woo,,d k 06. -
F lconer, Upton,. 2.1 tons, for Ecsion, waiting-
D B ,W oud Co.:
Seminole, Taylor, fm N Orleans, discharging-
Excelsior, Woodbnry,:84_tons, for Charleston, load-
ian-_. L C.emnents
Atldinti-, Ware, 94 'tons, fin :Havana, discharg-
ing-J Day & Co. :'
Textor, Smith, 80 tons, fm New Orleans, wait-
ing,-B Eiison- & Co.
Lion, Clift, 99.tons, fm, N; Orleans, discharging-
E> lion^ a.;. C .,: ... .
Helen, .ar, 73 tons, fm New Orleans, .discharg-
ing-.l other.

AUTION--The public are hereby cauti-oned
% against tradiiig for some. notes o0 hand made
by mfe, payable to M. Carrigan, 'dated Nov. 30,
.843, as the,.consideration fur wliclh siid notes
vere gi.Ven has entirely filed, i will not pay tiLem
unless compelled by law.
'Mar-h 4, 184.4 .-HARVEY WieLL TMS.
EXCHANGE-O,.Svugnit a;.d sold, by
febl. Agent Bank Brunswick.















i -







Receiver's Sale.
..PiinF. Nbuse_, adminiis- "
.... or (de--boniijig'a)-of es-
o te f OC Ray nd, dec'"-.:--
comlaindant. IN CH .-Y
,V -.---VS.
Abraham K Allison, surviving
.jt.i, BarkVer, tt al.
,N- iuanc. of a decretal ordetm-Tade in the
Vvi'.vve nal me'd'canse, December 7th, 1843; by the
-Hoibfble JUdge of the Supgerior CT.,urt ,iA-tlor
oFiirjt'in GCoAiihly, sitting as a Court of E40u4t-m.-',d
eby.\iiteof the powers thereby vested in me, I
shftti oa landday the second day of M\Lrch next,
proceed to selL at Public. Auctio6n to the- hig'est
'vdw0,eej-' f6ltowVing described property tof wti:
,':'Lcat Ko.O,5) five, in block D L, situated on
.'WSatir areet,.-ji the City of Apa'lach'icaUt-4hiity
fr front- by ,eighty feet., deep, having thereon a
brick store of three stories.
Also, Lot:No. (Aq}thitte'en, :i-n block D 1.. situa-
tede.o6_4.C inerce street in said city, thirty feet
6ffb3iSy,dgaty.deepihaxving.thereou a briek.buUd-
S g'of pftoe.story, .lmowytl as the '"Phenix House."
-.,Thet tle.o be conveyed by this. sale being, all
"e rit, tile and interest of'O C Rayn0ond,'late
idf.k d ouAt'y, and A K Allison, in, atd to said
Terms:- Oie-fo||rth cash, and the- rerinhder in
jiBUtWeive and eighteen mniontlihs, with goo)6'd oiut
"MLqviS'ral nples for security, ,ilisa-ct5r .6i'-t3lie
.ircvyer, and no title to be given until sadtiioes
',shall be all paid. ,, ',.
BENJ. F. NOLURSE, Re'civer.'
.. M. A. MYERS, Auctioneer.
Apalachicola, Jan. 1st, 1S44. j3, 3m
Si: : Territory of Florida.
;+"" In Richard' Wilson, Esqr's Justice CourFt-.- "
brace Ely, "., .Attachment for $3 0113.
Svs. Rettftnable to Februa1ry term,.
14#nry Co0iper. ) 1S-L4.
-HE defetidant ,and 'all- others interested are
,. hereby notified of the institution of the above
:iyit by attachment, and required to appear and,
iJlead to the same as the law directs.
S :.HORACE ELY, Plaintiff: ;
Marlanna, January 30th, 1S4.4. "feb5 3m
Franklin Superior Court.
; to Spring Term, 1544.
Rgao l ses,,
...._E.:....I~ ,.':i....AT-TAC HMENT :06-2' 120.
William Tilev. Damages ,.50).
# HE defendant and all others interested, will
S.-. please take'notice of the institution :of this
-siuit by attachment, and appear and plead j._the
same.aceording to law. R. J. MOSES,
Apalachicola, Jan. 30th, 1S.44. feb5 3m
-Ih Jackson Superior Court.
Jaines B6on,

tI this case it is ordered,: that unless th. said
1 defendant do appear within three months and
answer or demur to complainant's bill filed, that
thMe: iame will be taken pro confesso, and the
matters therein contained decreed accordingly.
.. BENJ. G. ALDERMAN, Cleric.
YONGE t TAYLOR, Contpt's Sol's.
.Marianna, Dec. 7, '1843. decll lw3m
...::1 '..,:. > .
Franklin Superior Court.
William'Lawrence, Compl't, Bill for Divorce.
..VS.. December Te6rm;
ElizabetliLawitenee De f't I- 1.?43.
lAME the complainant bv counsel, and it ap-
. '+peanng to the satisfaction 'of lthe Court that the
defendant resides beyond the limits of the Terri-
tory of Floriida'. Therefore It is considered bv flie
Court that'.the defendant do appear here on dr be-
fore the expiration of three caldendar'montfih from tlhe
date hereof, 4nd answer the complainant's bill of;
om0ilaintj or the same Will he taken pro coiifesso.
And it is further ordered that a copy of this order
be published in thle Comnmercial Advertiiser for
thkre months cp.nsecutively.
"(py,) Teste, GEO. F. BALTZELL,
.MosES Solieitor. Clerk.

HE subscriber having refitted the above es-
tablishmnent, is now prepared to accommino-
date his friends and the public in a manner
which will give satisfaction to all. His table
will be supplied with every delicacy the market
affords, and his whole attention will be devoted
to the cornfort of his guests.
Attached to thle establishment are two superior
BOWLING ALLEYS, and constant attention is
given to those who indulge in this manual exer-
OYSTERS; and every otlier delicacy which
may be wanted for refreshIment, canbe had at ny
Arrangerements have'been made so that Ip-rmi-
nent ancd transient BOARDERS c.. bet as \\ ell
acconimmodated as at an,, other hoite-in the city,
and the prices are in keeping with the times..
E,,trd |and Lodging, per-week,..... $...'7 00
-Board, per wee tk,. il........500
Board,;per day,.. -.... ...-... ,....... I0" 00
Single meal, ........... ... ........ ... 50
L.odgiing,,.. .. .-.. ... ... : ...... .... .50
Nov. 20 41 t-f-- W. H. KELTON
Ileady MIade C'lolina1 !
-HNT MILLER & CO., 45 Wa-
i iti4 o ter-street, have just receiv-
i, : ~ed per late arrivals, a general as-
iBSB-. sortment -of NEW and FASH-
lk\ [ CLOTHING, consisting ot' Over
N) Coats-Sacks--Surtouts--Puiit:--
l( Vests, &c., &c., as follows:
a.~-=-- Cloth, Beaver, Flushing and
.- Satinet Over Coats;
Plain black, blue, brown and invisible green
Frock and Dress.Coats; -
Cloth, cnssfmere and Ilulshing Sack Coats;
C'Loth, cassimere and satlinelt Pants of different
colors and patterns; -
Plain and figured silk, satin, valencia- and cassi-
mere vests; --
White muslin and linen Shirts;
Colored do do do
Red and white flannel Shirts and Draws;
Striped shirts; Neg|ro Pants-; -;
Socks and Mittens; 'Buoto arid Slhoes;
Hats, Caps, & c., &c. jan29
Fasih ionahle Clotlhing.
SUsT' received per brig R. \'.
Brown, Ftrom N. York, a large
S and sl l1 end i d assor |ment of FA Sti-
t CLOTHING, consisting of fine
Clotlh Dress and Frock Coats ;
Fi-u.red and plain Silk, Satin,
S and cValencia Vests;
ad+_ .~- Blue, Mi,,'I: and.-ol.,h,. d,. plain
...------ .mixed and ribbed Pantaloins.
.Alsou. a general assurtineiit ,of Boots and "hihoes,
Hats, Caps, &c., which will be sold low by
Sjan29 -17 \Vater street.
D. Ht. Pallnis,
t.: 4.,:6.. %:, .HAS determined toestablislh him-
-,!ni"-'" /w stf permanently in this city, and
1-.--- respectfltllv solicits the pntr,,nage
.of the citizens of Apalachicola and the up-coun-
try generally. He-flatters himself that t hl,,rotiv h
and practical knowledge-of 'his` business, com-
bined with a desire t(, deserve and obtain the
confidence of the public, will ensure him success
in his undertaking. Shop up stairs in Baltzell's
Buildings. Entrance next door to the Post OITi Refer to B. T. ,CARO, Esq.
Apal.-:hio-,la, Sept 16, 1 43. 33 tf
: ,-;-L. A. LeCGay,
r TAKES thisnhethod of inform-
ing the public, that he has just
returned -from New York, with a
new and splendid assortment of
Consisting in part of Gold and Silver Watdches, a
new pattern of beautiful Breastpins-amrong them
some DIAMONDS of the first water-Gold and
Silver Thimbles, Gold and Silver Pencils, Gold
and Silver Spectacles, Gold Guard and Fob
Chains, Silver Spoons, Plated Castors, Mantle
Clocks, fine Knives, &,c. &c., which he will sell
low fbr cash.
All kinds of Watches and Clocks repaired, and
warranted to perform well. .
N. B.- Persons residing in Apalachicola, or
along the river, wishing -their WVatches or other
Jewelry repaired, h.aing an opportunity t6 send
them by tiustworthy hadls, during the boating
season, can have them repaired-by Mr. LeGay,
and returned with nearly the same despatch: as-
though his, establishment were in Apalachicola.
Columbus, Ga., Oct. 15, 1843. 40 tf

U. S. llmarshali Sale.
BY virtue otf a mortgage f. fa., issued from the
Superior Court of 'Franklin county to me di-
rected in favor of the Bank of PensUacola against
E Chittenden, et al., I have levied rcn the fllowv-
ine property, being in the City of Apalachicola,
and known and designated on plan Of said city
as lots Nos (1)one and.(-2) to, in block (14)
fourteen, to,,ether with all the buildings, improve-
ments and aplpurtenances thereon,-ad -thereto
belonging, and shall expose the same for sale at
public outcry before the Court House door in said
city, at I I o'clock, a. in., on the first davyf the
next term of thle Superior Court for Franklin
county, to the highest bidder for cash. Said pro-;
perty to be sold subject to a claim held by Lewis
Curtis and George Gristold, or their asignees of
six hiindred and fifty dollars with interest thereon
f'roin thle seventhli day of March, 1S37, till paid.
Apalachicola, Jan. 17th, 1S44. jan-2-2 lm
U.S. Tamrshal Sale.
Y virtue),of a mortgage fi. fa., issued from the
Superior'Court of -Franklin county, to me di-
rected in thvor of Lowell Holbrook, vs. John W.
Rinaldi, I have levied upon thle 'ollowing pro-
perty, to wit: all of two certain lots in the City
otf' .Apaluchlicola, being parts of four lots in said
city, known and' described in tihe plan of said",
city as lots, Nos. (3) three and (4) four, front
rare, Water street, and lots Nos. (17) seventeen
and (IS) eighteen, in the rear of lots three and
four respectively and fronting on Commerce street
in said city, all being in block.F., front range,
being fifteen feet of lots Nos. four and- seventeen
on tile east side thereolf aridseveni and al half feet I
of: lots Nos. three anid eighteen on the west'side
thereof or contiaguous to the fifteen feet iIn lots
'four and seventeen, makin- altogether, twventy-
two and a half feet front on Watei street anrd the.
same on Commerce street m, one body,,.part of
t1fo1r lots in- the plan of:said city aforc;said:, to-
getlier with all and singular the improvements,
"buildinIgs a31d appurtenances thereto belongi"g-;
as the property of the said Jno. VW. Rinalli, and'
shall expose thle samrne for sale at public outcry
before thle Court House door in the city of Apala-
chicola, at II I lock, a. m., on the first Monday
in March next, to the highest bidder for cash, to"
satisAy said mortgage.
SApalachicola, Jan., !7th, 1S4.1. tjan,?2 lm'



*. franklin Superior Court.
-"JotU Banks,
Ber.lmin- ;W. Walker 'arid" for j9.55,) Of
S .cH. V%,tLton, exeCu- 'RefIuriiabti to-be-:
irs* of htle. last Will and ce-emb'erTt m,
.'Teotament of James JC. 1.43.
Watson, deceased.' ...
rPHE defendants and the heirs of Jas. C: Wat-t
JL' son, deceased, and all others interested are
hereby'otifiidii&of the institution of the- above sifit,
and they are required to appear and plead ac-
oorlitOig.to law.. :-:
^ ,',..11 41 31m .:;:Atty's f'or Pp'ff.

Boot and Slioe IMaking,
mi THOMAS, CLARK having removed
[ to the Store forrnerly occuipied by Jo-
^^,,-^septh Schrodt, respectfully informs.thlB'
,e' country that he will attend to the above business
in all its branches. French call skin Boots made
to order. He has also:on hand a supply of Fiench
Gaiter Boots and Shoes, new and fashionable
style, which will be sold aslowfor cash as in Ihy
house in the cty. ;: oct.28;
Roberts, Alien & Co.,
T AV.E on. hand and ,for sale:
Sheet and bar Iron; Blacksmith's Tools.
Germa.n, Engligh Blister and Cast steel, "
Cauldron, Kentles fromn 20 to 120 galls; .
.Hollo.w Ware. wholesale and retail :
Wrought and Cut Spikes; Nails;
Brass Andirons, Fire Irons:
Platlform Scales, Bearnsm and Ballances;
Tin Ware of all kinds, wholesale & retail.
Also, a general assortinent of Hardware.
They are al-o prepared to attend to an), ordpem
for Iron or Bra;s Castings, Blacksmithi ng, Tin,.
Copper or Sheet lion work, or Tin and Copper
Roofing on reasonldble terms, jani ,y,
SHA.-\KER'S GARlDEN SEED.--Afresh supply
Sjurst receivedl and for sale by
feb12 B ELLISON & CO., 33 Water st.

-,-- ---L- I -- Ir,_

" ~ I

1 : I


, -4,-


U. S. lIars'tual's Sale.
BY virtue of three writs ot fi fa, issued from the
Superior Court of Franklin County, to me
directed, one in favor of John Hardin, one in favor
of Bcnito T. Caro, and one in favor of Isaac S
JacqUes vs. the Southern Life Insurance and
Trust Company', I will ofler for sale'at public
outcry, at thie court house door in the city of Apa-
lachic u1a, at 1) o'clock, a. min., on the first Monday
in Marclh next,' fractional Lot number (9) nine,
in block D. front ringe, agreeably to a map of
said city, together witni all the buildings aid ap-
purtenances-thereunto belonging. Said premises
being the same known as the otfice ot tile South-
ern Life Insurance and Trust Company in Apa-
lachicoia.. ROBT. blYERS,
U S. Marshal dist. Apalachicola.
Apalachicola, Jan. 23d, 18413. janw9 1Im


N- OTICE.-Six weeks after date, I shall dlpply
-I N to the Honorable Judge-of the County Coui:t
of Franklin county, for letters of administration
on the estate of Henry Beadle, deceased.
Apalachicola, Feb. 10thj I-144. febl-2 3t
N OTICE.-Six weeks'after date, I will apply
to the Honorable Jurdge of the County Court
of Franklin County, f6o ltetters'of administration
on the estateof Robert Gilpin, deceased.
S.' J R: J."' MOSES. :
Apalachicola, Feb. I-2th, 1S14. fel-' fw "
tOTICE.-Six weeks alter date, I shall apply
L to the Honorable Judge. of the County Courti
of Jacksonq county, for letters of, administration
on the estate -of William 0.RKenJan,.late of said'
counts", deceased. JOHN.TANNER.
rMariantia, Jan. i30th, 18441. feb5 w6 "
NTOTICE.-Sirx weeks alter date, I shall appilv
t tb hre Honorable-Judge of tllhe County Court
of Franklin county), for letters ow" administration
on tlie estate of MARY A. SCOTT, late of said
county, deceased + E. J. WOOD.
Apalachicola, Jan. l'Th, 1 S44. jar-2 w "

T HIS establishment is still kept up in the best
and neatest style. No pains nor expense is
spared by thle'proprietor to render all comfort-
able who favor him with a call. The table is
spread with the very best thle market affords, and
the services of the most attentive servants are se-
cured. Feeling grateful for former liberal patron-
"age, the sublscriber hopes tomerit its continuance.
Apalachicola, Feb. 1st, 1.-44. feb5 tf
:T HE PUBLIC are respectfully iniformed that
L the above Establishment has been entirely re-
fitted, arid is now open for the reception of'per-
manent and trancient boarders,and the subscriber
'hipes'by strict attention to the business of his
house tobe4 second to none in rendering his guests
Oysters, Game, &c. served up at all hours, and
in the best style. The Bar attached to the house,
as usual, is stocked xvith the best- Wines and Li-
'quors.: Gr fateful foi the liberal patronage hereto-
fore received, helopes that his friends and the'
public will continue to sustain hirm.
Apalaclieola, Dec. ISth, 1S-13. declS tf

"For the angel of death spread his wings on the
And breathedin thep face of maniNindas he passed."
That the first symptoms of sickness, complaint or
disease, has an origin which requires but little at-
tention to overthrow, the first cause of illness.
At this season of the year when the organic'state
of the body opens the system in a premonitory
way for the speedy gathering of matters which
end in CAUSES beyond the approach ofmedio
cine, and finally termrinates in DEATH. "
How necessary is it then that mankind should
becomnle aware of the safeguard- which can be
thrown around them at a moments notice, wtki
attacked by CHILLS, COUGHS, and COLDS. ,
Simple as sucli complaints may appear t;0 f64
sight, they are the mere precursors ol that diSeMa
which ends in CONSrUMPTION.
Why then will people be blind as to the proper
course which they sh,.,uld pursue when the Ar?-
gel of dt'eathl spreads his Wings ori the blast."
. Aalw e at oncle to rtle necessity 'of preserving
life aIId health,, if rotN. have a serere .cold, fy to
that talrnOus rermedY, atnl use -.".- I
.J. PE.- EF SbON's + .
".C0nllIound extract -of H.oarhound, now refog-
:i,,, a1as the only cuiratie in preventing foi-
sumn pt ion.
II s merlIt is testifi.dJ by tlIusi.ands,and the wtole
Uiiit.-r stlitc., Irjo..ir record, ol' its virtues. Scdt
wh,.,il.-.s,,hM anld Ivtril by J. Pease & Son. -
1F'o` sale by B. S. HAWLEY, Sole agent.
Rates of Wlial'lage.
T TE fall,,wiir- aie tlihe Rates of Wharfage on
t all Cl'tton. AMe|'t'hajnliL-3e, Sec. landed or ship-
ped from tlie W1,,(r at this Port:
On Cotton, per 1..,i.k. landed..... cents. *
On h + i' L llpp". ed ..'.. .61 "
On Gi,:.oos p,>.r tiar-,l.liided, (-esti-
Smatint liv,- cubic I'et or "2.,j lbh. :': ;'
nett, equal. to a barrel,) ........ 3 "
On G,,,ds, per b:irrel, ,.hIiplicd .... 3 <
S.olt, per s:,k, landed..... .. *(
"" '" shiipped....i.... ,,
Wuood. per cord ..... ... ,112i ; .
Lrnmber, per M feet...;.....5. ",
Bricks, Iper AI............. .i o '
.!,i l .:.1_. per M ... ......... 12a
"(S. Ak .l meal, corn, oats, or ; :
oithier in.-rc'lilandiseo, containing i
,rot-more than three bushels...2 '-'
All lumber, salt or nmrchalndlise, shipped on
board vessels or srearn-b,_,t?, fir6m other vessels,
steamboats ol r-.ft-l, lying at tl-e wharf, will be-
cliarged orre lijr.-1i ., only,
Wh.irl (,-:..- on cott-dn, or.other merclIandise land--
ed, to be ip.id1l.)b tfie consignee; and when sllip-
ped by tlhe i.a't."tjking le bil! f ( Lading.
All goods .IId merchandise not enumerated.-
above will be clh:.irgied at c:,rr,.spodiiig rates.
Vessels, iilitcrs and -tI;. li,-al s, lying at'trie
Wharf, and not .lcH.ii6- nor disclha-rin cargo,
will be I e.i llJiI:. to pay tor the use of the berth tlie
sum oftw6 dlljrs ainl, fifty cents per day, and to
give wV ay to .'--".I1-j I,.1 ..t I I a ) 1d inil or discharging;
Tilc. fnl..,wi , Al" .'le ot the Regulations of the
Apalji 1'Old (.'li i- Commerce, wily be
strictly adhered to:-
"-C,,ii.:;'.it-.:. of cotton simll be allowed three
days for their cotton to, ri-m.iin on the wharf, ard
purchnsers fwo days, without incurlrinr extra
wlharfl.,. Tlf,,iler nitilicatioii by i lie vwharfinger,
tlhey ullow it to remain a Io,er time,-they shall
incur an extra .'],er(;.; ol 4; cents per bale, for
every twenty-fvu: hours thLat. it remains thereaf-
ter. Wood.,and I,-limbr shail not be allowed to
remain ir,,,n-re than twenty-four hours without in-
curring an extra, wharfage for twentv-fourli hours
th ereaf't-er." + '
All bills w*itll be presented o.iinthlivfr eoliec-
tion.- N0,URSE & STONE.
A tI; l :,,,; .. l; De!c. 4, 1S4-3 : ;. tf
ats- : .BH.A-MiLTU'N, No..47. Water street,, Is
*. consta|itl) r,ccri, ing an addltior, to his-tock
of (' LOT "-I NG, ..
Consisting of Cloth, Beaver, Pilotandt Flushing
Over Coats;
Gent's Cloth,, Beaver, PilOt and Fnshiseg .Frock
Coats ; "- \ .. :
Gent's Cloth, Beaveri Pilot and Fhlushling Office
Coats. .... + -+
Blue, black, green and -invisible green, Frock
and Dress Coats.
Kentucky Jeans Frock and Dress Coats.
Blue, black aid fancy colored Clth larid Cass.
Pants. .
Diagoriiil and fig'd French Cassimcrne. :
,; V EST S :-': ." ..*.' ..,
Cloth, Cii'5Cssinere antd Cashmere Vests;:
Sill ,and W oolen Velvet do. -**....
White Muslin and Linen Shirts;.. ,"
Colored do. do. +-zdo. :.:; ... ..- y-

Ipswich, Lamb's Wool and Merino Shirts;
do. do, do,d. do. Drawers;
Woolen and Canr lton Flann-el Shirts and Drawers;
Stock., Scarfs, Cravats, Su1spenderi, Gloves,' aud
HTosier "
Dresi, g or Mlurninz Gowns. '
A great variety of Gentlenmens and Boys Hats and.
Caps. : ... -
Oj-. The abi've goods %%ill be sold very 10w for'
cash. dec7

U.S, Marshal.Sale.; -.,
"B-Y virtue of a writ ofpluries fd. la. issued froni
Jackson Superior Court, to rne directed, in
favor of' Samuel St. John vs. Bank of Pensacola,
I thave levied on Vie-ibllovwin, property in the
city of.Apalachicola, to wit;:-Lots No. eight (S)
and eleven l(lk) in Block C, Front Range, -agree-.
ably to a map of said city. Also tlihe interest of
the Bank of Pern-acola in the Franklin Land anid
Apalachicola Lot Company, beiniig the interest
derived trom Nourse, Brooks & Co. and conveyedr
by. them to W1m. H.- Brockelibrouih in trust fir
said detendai-ts, and shall expl.,,oe the same at lpub-
lic outcry hefore the Court THouse, door iin the
,citv of Apalachicolaq.onwthe, first Monday in
MAa rch next, at 11 o'clock, A l. M 'to the highest
bidd-:r for cash, to satisfy said fi. fa.-
Apalachicola, Jan. -29, 1S44. Ieb5 I m

N OTICE.--Six months after date, I shall apply,
to the Honorable Jutdge of the Co:,unty Court
of Jackson county, Ifor letters ol'dissmiis-sion from
the administration of the estate of John S. Ran-
dolph, late of said county, deceased. ..
FRANCISR.- ELY, Executor.
Mariannira, Feb. 1st, 151-. '" Ieb. mn
NOTCE--Six months after da-te I shall apply
N to the Judge of the County Court fur Frank.-:
lin couiinty, 1or lI-tters of dismiJssion from the ad-
ministration of the estate of Martin Smder, late
.of said county deceased.
Dec -25, ;43-. B1. 1,. NOTRSE, Ex'r.

HT HE subscriber has leased the establilishment-
jformerly known as the "M MECH.-\NICS &.
MEICHI-IANTS EXCHANGE, tor the present
year, and will use his utmnost exertions to pl]Se.e
and render Mis patrons comfortable.
Thlie ()YS'ER ROOMTS is well fitted up, and a
party or gentlemen can alwxzys be acco:rn nmcdatel
witli oysters, and other retir-eshmeits, with,,ut
btci: dlistu.rbed.
Tihe BILLIARD TABLE.S attachEd to tic,- L.-
tablihliinent. atre in good ,-,o'de'r, ind thlie pric(- L ol'
billircds reduced to t\vwenty-five cents per arti,.:. ;
f-. Thie subscriber will remain and keep tie:
Huse open during the Sumiekr season, and h1s
o0i1 desire is to please and merit a liber'dl t.at'ona t
ApIalachicola, Feb. lst, 1;14. relb..) tf

N O'I'TCE.--Six months after date,:I shall ap-
ply to the Honorable theJudge of'the Court :
for the county of Franklin, for letters of Dismis-
slon from the estate of..Alexander Crook, late of
said county, deceased. .. :
"S. ,; H 1S. H. HARTSHORNE,;
NQov. 30, 1S.13. 45 :. ..Admtlinistrator.

N O'ICE.-Six months after date I shall apply
to the Judge of' tie C.ount)' Court lor Frank-
lin country, lr letters (of Disn|.-oli from. the
administration of the estate of Robert Robinson,
late of said county, deceaseid.
H. B. STONE, Ad.m'r.
_Apalachical la, Dec. 4. 1,43.- 6: ..m

- OT7 TIC'E--.Siix motlsl after date I shall apply
I to the Honorable Judge of the Coucnty Court
of Franklin county, bfor letters of Dismission from
the estate of Willis TYn, deceased.
A; G. SMITH, Administrator.,
Apalachicola, Nov.11, 1543. nl: 6m-

N OTICE-All persons indebted to the estate
of Isaac L. Battle, late of Jaclikson county,
deceased, are hereby requested to make imme-
4iate payment to thesubscriber ; all those liayill
de-mands agai nt saidf'esrat-e rfmist-p.re l the -<1a ne
within the time Ilrescevi bed by law, :or-this nutice
will be plead-in bar of tlheir.',covr-v|' .
.Jackson Co., Feb.- 19, 1S44. febl9-2m

- I OTICE.-AII persons having claims against
n Thomas Williamts. late of Jackson county,
deceased, arejrequired to present the same duly
authenticated within the time prescribed by law'
or this notice will be plead in bar of their re-
jcoyery. All persois indebted to said estate are
requested to make irinrediate settlement.
"THOS. M. WHITE, Administrator.
Marianna, Jan, l;T'-lh, 1844. jan22 6m
*.LJof an order fromn tlie Hon. IR I Luiig,, Judife
of the County Court of Jackson county. I will
oflr at pkl|li.l s:ile on tihe 14th March'inext, all1
the NEGIOE.s beh-loingi tr, the estate of Isaac,
L. Battle. deceased, curnp-risiriKC young arnd likely:
field hands, *2 blacksmiths, I carpenter, House
.servants, &c. Sale to take place at the planta-
tion of said deceased in Jackson co:untv. ?
Terms-Part to be sold for cash and part on a'
credit of twelve months.
B. D. BATTLE, Administrator.
SMarianna, Feb. l th,lS4ll. tflb26 It

: I.tr~ lkln Superior Coulrt.
Heinry. D. Dardeni Attachment for .$12,000.
-,V.s : .-. > Damages i,,j u_.
Daniel McDougald, .
TrE dIefendant and all others interested are'
hereby notified of the.institution otf the above
suit, and are required to plead according to law.
+ ,.. -o Atty's for PI'fl;
...,Alalachicola, Nb, "2:31d, 1S13. febl]9 3m
: Franklin Superior Court.
S Maria Fredericks, IN EQUITY.
,.. ,\,,..sP ,e Petition fbr Divorce.
Danie 1M- A. Buscheindorr,
O N reading the olbregoing petitionj- and it ap-
j pearingf that Daniel M, A. Buschendorf, re-
dos beyond the limits of this Territory--itis
rdered, that a hearing be had before me on the
fpts,, as charged in the petition, on the seeonad
C 3da ofA March, 1844, at Apalachicola, in the
inty of. Franklin, andd that thfiis order be pub-
if.d. i. one of the public newspapers in tbis
.T.iitory,|aor.tlhe space of three months before
t-e time aforesaid. '
,...,'. .,. S. W,,CARMACK, .
?'*" .;:; fJudge, kApalachicola District
HAwKNiS, Solicitor.
Apal-achcola, -N ov; 27,11S43. 44-3m

U. S. miarshal Sale.
B Y virtue of a writ of fi. fa., issued from tlhe
LSuperior Court of Franklin county, in tavo,
of Mix, vs. Allison,, survivor,;to me direcled, I
have levied on- Lots lumbers (5) five, arnd (13)
thirteen, block'D., in the City ofi Apalachicola,
and known as lots Nos. (5) five and (13) thirteen,
block D., ,front range, in a plan of said City, to-
gether with all the buildings and improvements
thereto -pertaining aind belonging, and further
knovwifi as 'Phirenix Hotise and Bowling Saloonh"
formiely owned by Raymond & Allison, as the
property of said firm, and shall eoipose the same
for sale at public outcry before the court ,House
door in the City'of Apalachicola on tlhefirst Mon-
day in -_arch inext., at 11 o'clock, a.n:,-to6 the
highest bidder for cash, to satisly said'fi. fa.
: ROB'T. MYERS, Marshal.
Apalacihicola, Jan. 23d,!'144. jai29 il


ING CO.-Capital 37,0utal. Are preplar-
ed to take risks against the Seas, Rivers and Fire.
Q Office No. 1 Colurmbus Block.
Apalaclhicola. Jan. 25thi, 1S44. ian29 3m
T HE subscriber, agei:t [br the .Etna lIi-irandce
C,:imt, y, of Hartfoird, Conn., is pro':.irrd to,
issue policies of Inuanii.vce against Fire and loss
or damage on rivers, on=. fa,,\rolIMi- sterns. The:
capital of the above company is large :I,,i invested
in the zmf'est pfl--.le^ ia..!ii';t-r, iml its settlement
of losses'has ual\\u J\l,.,rn prompt onll liberal.
Dec 25 .... DAN'L J.. DAY,Agent.

U. Si. Marshal Sale.
IBYY virtue of. an. alias fi..fa., issued fromi-the
SuI:'perir Court-of Franklin county ill favor of
Bankof Pensacola., vs. Benjamin Brown. to me
directed, I have thlis day levied on thle following
lot of land in the City of Apalaciicola, and known-
and distinguished on :a map of said city, as Lot
nu mtber (4)four, in block. Bi;0n t r range, together
with-Iall the inprovemn-ents and buildings thereto
belonging, and shall expose the same for sale at
public outcry beforetihe Court House door,, in tlhe
City of Apalachicola, On1 the first Monday ini
March next, at 11 o'clock, ai m., to the highest
bidder for cash,:to satisfy-said fi. fa. Property
pointed out by pla"ffi att'y as the property of said
Brown. ROBT IMYERS, Marshal.
.Apalac.Jifola, Jan' *24th,1844. jan29 lm .

T HE stubscriber, duly appoi, nttd agent Ifor t'le
S .Protection Insurance Company, of Hartl;.ltd.
Conn., with full power to.-receive proposals a1d(
to issue policies on asfavorable terms as ctlth.
,;,,l )offices, is prepared to insu7re3 .ail loss or
_ _. I n ,r agai ,'t os o
d,.image by Fire, and also to take Marine and TI-
land risks. The -reputation of this companyfobr
settling losses with promptitude and liberality is
welLknown.. DAN'L J. DAY,- -
dec25 52 Water st. .
W M. G. PORTER & CO., offer for sale a large
and well selected stock of DRY GOODS,
consisting of:- ,
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Kerseys; :
Sattinets, Flannels and Blankets;
Foieian and Domestic Prints;
Brown Drillings and Irish iLinens;
Bleached and unbleached Sheeetings ;
Shirtings ;
Cottori Osnaburgs;
And every other article in their line adapted
to the country trade. dec4 y
O N CONSIGNMENT.-Just received -from
New Orleans on consignment:
100 bbls superfine Flour;
10 casks Bacon-sides & shoulders; .
Sugar, Molasses, &c., &c.
All of which.will be sold very low for cash.
febl9 D G RANEY, 43 Water st.

OTICE--JOHN LUCAS, Inspector and mea-
surer: of Lutmber for Franklin county-hopes
to merit and receive a share 0" patronage.
dec4f '
N QTICE.-The Subscriber having been ap-
S pointed INSPECTOROF LUMBER for the
County of Franklin, will be thankful for a share
of thepublic patronage.
Apalachicola, Nov. 1st, 1843., D lm

", w Bankruptcy.
Ia.:-Inited-States District Court. :.
-4' ;jIrai he :Apalachicola; District of Florida.
.TOlN: ROACH, of.. Jackson : county,: having
61.fileda ,4,tition praying for his. discharge and
itt ate a a Bankrupt; it is ordered that cause
btilaows .before the. Court against -said petition,
a rariana on the first Manday-in May next.
dT~t)~.- -. B G ALDERMAN,,.Glerk.
+ ..- -YQNGE & TAYLOR, Atty's for Petionerf
.1fariatiina, Jan. 25th, 1844. 1 jan29 3m

DIILOT AND, NAVY BREAD.-50 bbls Pilot;
"50 do Navy, for.sale by
feh5 W A WOOD, 23 Water st.

11GAAI$S-Jtst received from New Orleans, a
choice lot of old Havana Cigirs, vit:r ,Rega-
lie^^lmpeials,," "'Trabucds," -&c. For sale
whWdla- and retail B ELLIS,
"i'B^tF *. .,:28 Wate t.

Ware, assorted, for. country irade;
.,Chewing Tobacco, manufactured by A. Left-
Wich., Va., some, superior cross, brand;
Dry G0o0ds, Hardware and Cuttlery;, ,
Hollow and -Tin Ware;
Saddleiry, HiIats, Boots and Shoes, &c.
......... .. .... A LSO. ,r -. ..-... --....-.- .
:Sugarj Coffie, and Ganar F1our; .
Old Sherry Wifie,din casbs; : -
All. of which will be sold very:,low for cash. ;
jan39 43 Water street,

ARDEN SEED.--Weathersfied fresh Seeds,
just received and for sale by
4feb12 1 BARNARD ELLIS, 28 Water st.'

G ROCERIES.-Landing from Schr B6ston.
VJT175 bbs "Western Flour;.
90.do0 Whiskey; 50 do;_M61asses; ... ,
.t6 hbds Sugar:; '3 do B;iCon Sides; -
S10,000 Segars, (choice. quality ) .
25 kgs Lard; For sale by .
jau22 40 Water street.

59 CA^eR T,.9Rttf'UNKS- Jilst ee a f
Utaft i'd bli.ak "and russet Leather Tr ling
$i, febt"leby.:,: S DILL & CO.;
'm : ":29 Watei st;.:"
SiIf~~',G-XOM ACeO.-A good:,asortment
VjelS^Boaking and Chewing Tobacco,' -'
febl2 B ELLIS, 28 Water st.

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dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: March 4, 1844
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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'cVOLUME '. :, : j 1 .".; '.... ,' .!.:Jit' .'4

n.] 1 ,
MARCH 4. 1844. rmTM :"" .
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----= = =-== ==-= -- .. .. .
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I L. J.TJ.JL/JLLtit f
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JF@rn IB'go can therefore do nothing for you." There isno : I -
alTtfiWS! :Wpte;: CertainV |
? \
PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY ; the. goods must be removed.; they Smatt
Currency of the
DY WJj J1 W&mrnm .For the Commercial Advertiser. may be,, on, he. docks and exposed to/rain, and amount in clrculahon in (he' handsToff&rSP;

:POMINGE, nOSVORTHVY IAN, JVo. 130 Water fy, SO Pine street. INSTRUCTIONS TO MY PORTER. there is no possible! way of having them transported an'f! all.papdr \VCr :annihilated, asIcir jTatiu

---- NEW YORK, You, Jo whose care I've now consign'dMy except by these.men, as the law prohibits. mcdit'im', thIs'w uId be ill the: :
03icc third story Ba1tzeI1'sBUi1Jit1g corner of PHILANDER anyonE; carting, unless.he has a licensed cart.- to .do' the busin s .monefrnamnij "
Commerce & Chestnut streets, KIMBALL, Proprietor. house's entrance, caution use, Should all this tak? place, o.long would thepublic I more.than..seve9teen..nuUlon9! ,of j the State. :'VF:sou1dave! l

Andrew S. Cooltc While you discharge your trust, and mind submit to the imposition ? How'wouldthe hiaV { for lessthan'ienow;
: dposits 1i
PAYABLE COMMISSION MERCHANT Whom you ADMIT and whom REFUSE.Lehno carmen and those Who drove the licensed Part(of the CIr 1Ilah I\ are''just'as J iiicl1 J
IN ADVANCE.Advertisements
of ten lines or less (twenty linesor No. f Canal, cor. Tchoupitoulas st. rude Passions enter here- carts be received ? : What would .be thought of whuchare. out E .;,here g 19:rimience edi.I1". .the, :Baol biI1 .
them of the'laws that
more the following in proportion rates ,) conspicuously insertedat Refers to-Messrs New Harper Orleans,&La.Holmes' (Passions the raging breast that storm,) to continued, er ?' : which ,allowed. such things-. aW eeo c' nc'erned far as ,JDChYlduas, BankS' and ,the p'T1io. .
: '
jan15 tinny Nor scornful Pride, nor servile Fear, I i: wish now to mfke an io'f this ." F'r. .
One year .. ....$10 00 I One month$2 50) Apalachicola, Fla. application to I Foi'instmce: : if one man'hu a
Six mouths .." .7 00 j II Three weefs..2 00 Nor Hate, nor Envy's pallid form. our banking and s>>ten>of finance in the City of !' Bank Bill and deposits it in hiS.d thothiddofla sk -

Three month",. ....5 00 I Two wpeks.l 50() Greenwood &: Ellis, New Y o"k.V c haVe certain number of banks It does not wfisss

Two months:,. . .4 00 i.. One insertion,.....I 00) AUCTIONEERS & COMMISSION Should Av'rice call, yon'lllet her know chartered: \, as is i alleg >d.r.or tl g6oH'o: (the public, [ternasnere, who puts circulate. it in ; ? '

When advertisements arc sent without any spe Columbus MERCHANTS Of heap'd up riches I've no store, to lend'money for tsh:? purpose.of facilitating. the $ $?g, it *,?g in l''p) s rndbj( 'i-i f d bu skfor: 5f \

cial! dirt>C'ti"noJ us to the number of insertions Cc3-Liberal[ advances made, Georgia.Goods And that she has no right to go exchange of the soiL its produce and ,all sorts of debited there until he needs ifi'usev g !?5 ,

required, it will he understood that they are tohe to upon consigned I- Where Plutus has not been before. goods, wares and merchandise.. These banks aaiflpasIesit to another. t
us. janS 5t : t furnish nearly all tile rrialce t :.TW II1an; ; msfea9'cf
these ,
published UNTIL: FORBID; they will there money exchanges kepuii it himself' d
fore be continued at our discretion, and charged I \Viii. G. Porter & Co. Lo! on a visit hither bent, of property, and the contracts for these Bank credits It to hl ep.s 1 Bank, and th'

according to the foregoing rate DEALERS IN GOODS AND COMMISSION I High-plum'd Ambition stalks about ; exchanges cannot be. fulfilled unless the money is much his! money as.if, account it ; butft .is! lUst u

J.ttjjal: Advertisements! of which: the term of publication ME ItCIIANTS. But should he enter, sweet Content forthcoming. None of the men doing the bUs; desk; and \Abcrhe: wishes were to lying in s qi!i \

t is lived by law, will only he exceptedfrom I nnv25 No. 41 Water Street, Will give me warningshut him out." ness has any fight, bylaw, to make the money; t .kes it frolI1 the flank inStead ue of'his the money_ he t

the above rule. ly JlpalarMcola, Fla. this right hag been, by the Government* delegated a -tlf Bank has desk. But;

TV those who advertise by the year a liberal dis- McKay & llartsliornc Perhaps the Muse may pass this way, !o the banks and! the prices they are tp charge jbr hIs check 'wb n given be draws him creditfor th .. it, h gi i'e

c.'uiti11 be nude but all advertisements And tho full l oft I've bent the knee its ue limited. Instead of the banks lending balances money. a.nd that t
; not COMMISSION MERCHANTS this'Tnnnov__ .. _- __ ..__ the account on. th"...... Jh 1;"; :.., ..t.: '900 '
And tn t\ta... 'nr.i1 .u J.l4.Ld : -i ----- -- UWUAS ui me I.
stnctly to their business long invok'd her magic 0 ''U-oJ w i s This thousand isanK.
pertaining own as No. 40 Water street, sway, -i-; \vnuiiiaKeineseexcnan-- dollar bill is as much
\\\11.1. all le:,:.il atln.'rti5 'incuts sent inly them, novl Apalachicola Florida. Sinit with the love of hrrmony l ges the goods ahdprbdiiceItis hired' out to I far as all business transactions! money, aij
will be charged at the u>uil rates. ) others,who do no business except to relet themo- if the same sum were in are concerned, as

All auno'incemo'its: of candid ites for office, willbe I W. A. & P. C. Kaiil, Alone, tho' she might please, yet stillI ney for a profit, charging;double, treble or .quad. exchanges his property gold G:silver. The man

charged FIVE I'lH.I.\H during the canvass>,> COMMISSION MERCHANTS i: know she'll with Ambition come, ruple what the banks are, by law, allowed...to.de which he holds in lieu or of note his for this Bank note,

[payable in all o-: (e* in .idv.mce.; No 52 Water street, With lust 0"fame my heart she'll fill, mand for its use. Now this is just as much the Bank note measures the note or property: "-

.\i:t i'onrnunicatiniH.: (when admissible: ,) of a .A palacliic la. She'll break my rest-*'I'm not at home." worse the for the business community than hiring out L well as gold would, and whether value he of property as .
;H.T.UJ: tl or in.hvidu nature, 1\1' pulls of newi'lviti'iuw ; Liberal advances: made on Cotton shipped I to carts as the goods carted are worth more than note or gold deposited in Bank has.theBank '

: i;" nl J>, iwc.: will be charged for a S Liverpool New York and Boston, and also i in There is a rascal, old and hideous, the cartage, for the money must pay for the whole is just1 as much his in_ one place or i 1hi8', desk, it

adw-rtH ": <'.its at <.ur (!i crctinno store.::_ novl ly Who oft (and sometimes not in vain,) amount of the good, as well as the cartage, and I arid equally at his command. It is as in the'oth, f

-. _- .-_. Close at door has the imposition for its use is on the whole amount capital to him always a dead, (
---- n JKREMIAH DAY. DANIEL J. DAY. my watched assiduous, When ; as long as he holds it whetbei
great arise in the
finance of deposited'in the r.;
J. In hopes he might admittance Bank or in his
Day& Co. gain. desk
nation own
CARDS. a and something is to be done to aid business in gold or in a Bank ,whetKCT
_. .- __ .- ___ COMMISSION MERCHANTS, who will be consulted: note. If a Bank h.ave"a'tfi.p iI4 t
0 ----- No. 52 Water His name is Care-if he should call', as to the best means sand dollar bill engraved arid ...
street, to be taken the signed,:"and it I
1lichacl A. Myers.AUCTION janS ly Apalachicola, Fla.IIal"pcr Quick out of doors with vigor throw him, the financial, affairs:best plans to be adopted, to better L counts my note for one thousand dollars, fdr JSi
.\N D COMMISSION: MERCHANT of the country? Certainly it exchanges its :.me;
And tell the miscreant once for all, the who one thousand dollar bill ,
') & Holmes men are most skilful in finance who bears which f
N"i. ,%? Water street, no interest
know him not-I ne'er will know have been my note, whether
COMMISSION to "shave" the Ihc
Sile Days-WIU\JSDAYS and .').\TUIlD.\.YS. MERCHANT largest sum out of Bank bill with me or leave it
__ No. 51 the,people-thoe who have in the Baokr. If I
the leave
0 street, But welcome that sweet whom sapped founda- it, it is a deposit of '
power on
DILI.. jair29 (tions of trade in Bank, and it
KW.\ui A. 1" PAI.MIR.: Apalachicola The Graces all attendant I anddestroyed the value of..producel makes no difference with
Sewn'Lt B)ill & o.AUCTION -- -- move l, in the hands of the holders. These men are sure take it leave the Bank whether..
{ .v CO Ll1SSl0XIERCHAXTS) David G. Rancy, Still.flush'd. with Beauty's vernal bloom, to recommend some of the best securities possible try derive away their or it. The Banks in the 'c'oirn .

XJ', Water street. COMMISSIONS FO WARDING MERCHANT Parent of Bliss-the Queen of Love. to be had in the land to be made, that the finan Farmers take the advantage from circulation ;..flie:t
ty Liberal: iidviiiuvA made; on all con ig1lJn'nt.;, AND DEALER IN GOODS, Oh ciers may buy them at a good large discount, and The City Banks notes home with 't mi.
will know derive
No. you her she has stole
"JaTater of
street.jan29 accomhwdate most their
buMiK'Si -atnkd
; : :; lo them will bprumltly public 'and Government with! from the advantages
attended. tl) tIn Apalachicola, Fla.- The lustre of Miss* * *'s eye, money. We might about as well consult the free- instead of citizens depositing their money in Bank i 1

flrfer, to-LVVU A. li.vn, Boston.CVHV I>. U. Wood & Co., Admit her, hail her. for my soul booters on the ocean 1.t3 to the maritime laws best reason why keeping one is it themselves lean .seeing

(ViK:, P'Jrthn11e.}: : COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Breathes double life when she is nigh.If calculated to protect the commerce of the coon as the other, and the not just as much a'circulation

S.l'. \Viiii-iini, I1..tllowcll.AII.thrhll'tlil. X o. 2D! Water street try. Doubtless their ,advice would be such to in one liabilities precisely the sairie I

; .\u. '2t h.' ly -j jtlll Aoalichien.i- -- -.---' -!--. P6- .,-.. then stern Wisdom at mv erate give them the control of__ shins_ nf th.. lina. as..", -* of having case as the other; and, therefore,.instead
r-v v* *** A CLIILt only
HCy $7,142,881
---- ---- -=- -' Shoula knock with all her the
,. UOL)3't, I B. EDison & Co., formal train, largest ones that carry guns, and they would at least $25; j,914and if circulation'- we have
)MANiTurnuit; ; > DEALER IN DEALERS: IN MISCELLANEOUS GOODS, Tell her I'm busy-she may wait, protect commerce about as well as the finance of only it would"reduce'.our 've should usejipecijB i

CAUINKT: lMjKMTUKK.Uj ; :. AND COMMIS1O.\; MERCHANTS, Or, if she chooses, call again. the nation is protected by our financiers. I doubt what it now is. But:if circulation "one-third

) S'u.irNo.! -12, \Viter Street, No. 33 Water street, Apalaqhicola, February, 1SU. D. W C. J. whether there is a single! banking institution in i the State even at twenty-five we take the currency of
dec ly Apalachicola the land which has not, by of millions, the whole
di-clli" ., __ApAJachifola.S. exchange or otherwise, the circulating medium of ,
-- E. R. FLUWRM.CV_ M. M. Burr. USURY ; THE EVIL AND THE REMEDY. contrived to make more than legal interest on by passing once a the'State would not,
it. 21'SillilitOl, of its loans. year through fifty of
many In addition our merchan&
to this -
Flewellcii tV a large hands
!t/dM.KK: ::l !L N: !:4 : \JY! .vl .MJE CLOTHING: FACTORS & COMMISSION, BY GODEK GARDWELL. and constant balance must be kept in the bank by: 1 makein their, pay the'contracts which they yearly -

NJ. 17 U'att-r street, the customer if he discount ordinary business of buying and
MERCHANTS. CHAtTER XVI. expects any esp selling: goods. I have
!I'icl little
< ly -Ipalactiicola, Ft a.X. cially if be scarce doubt that I
money and interest even
-- No. 2 Columbus Block, Defects of our Banking System. bank..' high. out of thirty. of our largest dealers would need that
lUillcr &: Co. Ap.tlacliicola, Fla. There is another from To : to pass in a year through sum .
which show their
Lib-ral community that the legal rate. hands or else \
advances of not
(JCr- made interest
DKM.EHS: IN CLOTHING, HOOTS] SHOES, i on Cotton shippedto I sutlers much-I Say able to fulfil their
New York .very mean our seven per, cent.-is engagements. How
Liverpool or Havre. d250'mKiuibroiigli present more than double what it tant then impor
HATS: &c. is it, when
Banking system. The money paid for exchange ought justly to be, suppose that a 'so small an amount
forms pef
Corner Water and Clu-snut! Erects: & Kidgway, throughout} the nation for drafts and discounts; becoming of age receives a bequest young of f man twenty on obstructions such wonders;, that there should be to; .

0 __Ap.iluciiirola.._________.__ nov 1 ly COMMISSION AND FORWARDINGMERCHANTS. on uncurrurit bank notes, would amount to an I thousand dollars. Being in good health, he determines I Suppose to a rapid circulation Z

.las. L. Francis: l enormous sum in the course of'a year, not to mention to earn l his ]hying, and )not to use either City of New-York one hundred of the richest men in'th'

MERCHANT TAILOR & CLOTHIERV Apalachico-a; Florida. the inconvenience attendant upon it. Within I the twenty thousand dollars or tire interest. from !should agree to draw specie
He the Banks_and .hnia-if .
I. 'jj'ii.ofvvy, ntnr Jticingloti st.NEv7YORK. WM. II. KIMBUOU ) the last few years tne looses, by broken banks, -In--.'--.-, -tn....,? Trvr.i uiuiii.-v j '/VII"- 1..1 ucmu ana'' mortgage at seven time-say .vnv4 ii lueiiiseives* : ":: h lor* -a given
JOHN I. HID counterfeits, altered nates) and spun'.us per cent interest one, two or three months
; {) ( WAY. ) }paper ,) payable half yearly, and this the -keeping
____ \'I.L in engagement to .
Liberal advances put circulation where'MO bank! of tile kind ever interest he regularly invests in the theras'elves; so that the public
made on Cotton same would be !
JTIEHVS F.: Farrior consigned t to existed, would amount to In about way: unacquainted with their f
our friends in New York, Boston many millions;! of dollars. ten years the principal will double than intentions : less
!"IJIU'HtJl'X; AND NOTARY Liverpool or These losses fall citizens when eighty-five thousand dollars
PUBLIC, Havre. o.i our in consequence he is thirty-one years: of it will for each individual -
decl age amount would
A pal.tch i i cola, Fla.M __ ly unwise legislation in chartering these institution to forty thousand ; at forty-one years it will amount: Bank in draw every dollar of specie from every
: J i.:' alwty- It. foirid .it the (, iiCC of Farrior &. T. If. & C. If. Austin I and delegating a power to individuals i i : by to eighty thousand ; at fifty-one to one hundred: easily furnish State, and some of these'men could, .

*'.<". N''I. .11 1 \\".tter t. lie would respectfully so- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, which they impo-e upon the public and absolute and sixty thousand ; at sixty-one to three hundred each. All several times the sum allotted< to
:, t the of Iii friends and ly rob the people: and the and who would make these :
: p.itroui;o :) acquain- No. 50 Water street, Government of their : twenty thousand;, ;It. seventy-one to six hun actual drafts are the r
i'iiKv*. dec'23> just rights, and dictate to them what exchange dred and forty thousapd and at owners of the money they: would draw
Apalachicola. ; eightyone to I from the Banks
--- --- ---- and interest and
(they must pay. One would imagine twelve hundred ; as they owe no
Liberal advances made n d one, they
\% Green 31. D. on Cotton shipped to from eighty..thsq dollar4-: could keep it
:Sydney New York. the exchanges, from halt to one or more percent Now this man never had as long,as they pleased, whether
1ft. <4:1;:: EI 1;.\' t-i"v:S tins opportunity of cxpresin1 novl ly on the bank bills of the interior, that Western dollars ; other people have but-twcnty''earned thousand I one two,' three months or longer.-}- reSume no I. 5:1
hi, !ijnititu.Je: to Ins patrons; and to assure i New York hun- one acquainted' in N : ftIV
abounded died York
in and \ '
and silver would
: Titos. L. mines sixty thousand and doubt the
'''' '!wt it hill: b L his C1)nTar1t endeavor to renh IVIitcIicl, have ) paid. it to him sim ability of one hundred '
this of
< him..lf more tisef-il ill his prof,' :.;ion. COMMISSION: &. FORWARDING as we discount to pay fur the expense of: ply for the use of twe'ity.thousand. The this our citizens command1. ,
\\1.ttr transporting: specie to the city oi XY o1'k.ut .- has: not clothed'nor 'fed money money without being indebted''to any'one for !
4 I!JiI Centrt n<'arD 4leet. de25 :MERCHANT. any one ; it has only ena- d dollar but
I I nearly all the specie in the irittr'or has been bleJ ; should this be questioned it
No. 33 Water st. Apalachicola. !' people to exchange one piece of property for only be ; would
A Card. carted thither from the City of another and necessary to add.a few to the
dec NewYork.Vhy for the time being it has number {b
ly been
OCT. S.V.. .VEXfEK: : has do held I accomplish it: Should ,
removed his we not sometimes have to in lieu of |his-be done
cartairu out certain ,
pay as a quantity of every; bank
oilicc! to the aitll SJuildmgs' second floor, Dodge &; Gardner, well as hack ? If we have to transport tjfoods from land. It has not added fraction goods to the or wealth piece of of 1.[ in would the city must stop specie payment ;'and this .

Ij\'t'r the store of N. Miller[ Ai Co. Entrance froml'ht."StlUt GROCERS & COMMISSION :MERCHANTS;, :: the city to the western part of the State, we !have the country ; it has only enabled the'people' to the probably cause a run on the banks in all ,
street. His residence: is on Live Oak t No 40 Water street, I to pay: as much asto transport them from the exchange useful articles cities, and another
"fCt't: : formerly the residence of Charlw Holers, deelS Apalachicola Fla. \.\.'/w.f tll th...,. (.jtv ,r. ,1""h. .....,.1.. .__1..1. d .1- ."' after: they had produced I throughout the United States suspension '
would .
I. .v. uuuui uiucii wiiftner mere 1Ilem.J Here is not one man in ten thousand the con
c. .. ... ____ __ who sequence. This
:1.. ._- --_. decl '' 0 arc two hundred thousand dollars of specie 1 transported amasses, with all!! his industry and a tor- would at once' occasion.a: great
---- energy scarcity of
J..i-oll., A Owens, Samuel Scliitfcr.WHOLESALE either way by the banks in the course! ofa tune so large as these twenny thousand dollars; much below money its and would reduce property I;

\TTOllE.Y'COUXSELLOH..' AT LAW & RETAIL GROCER, year, taking ten years together, but an exchangeof accumulate, nor is there one chance ten thousand men present price; then. suppose the
No. who-held.thi3
49 Water
fctreet.janl one half, and from that to and iW that specie should
one two the denounce'Banki
Abbeville and Ala. same sum invested in kind
Troy, any of and State
Apalachicola, Fla. cent. is paid on millions real I.I Stock, saying all this j
of dollars estate kind
many would of
; in the and every produce suchan, amount paper is
WILL practice County Circuit or even I i worth: next to
of the counties of Montgomery! Pike, W. A. Wood, year of the, which is an unjust tax upon the inhabitants one-third of that sum, clear of taxes, &c. and I p. rty ought to be nothing, and t.h.atlll.sorts:OfprO-

Collee) J Dalt, Henry
vi'hth: Judicial CirVuit of the State of Ala ama. AND SHIP CHANDLER, West wants a discount at bank, lu- Hllislgi'e Ivrannise over the industry of a nation, and I these men still to tje placed in bankl.! Let
V'OODSON L. LIGON, No. 23 Water street, a draft or note payable in the City of New- b' >: its unjust use olfelruct( the course of useful business dollar's hold the specie, and notbuy; a
worth ._ ,
York, and take the Western ? of nrnna.L.. ... ,.. "
Apalachicola. novl bank paper to get it, -'' ...u..,_....._ 'utu': '' I es'IO. ; ,"' .1
Abbeville, Henry co., Ala. ly and in this ,. ,, Y. ..,., .... asi What # a. s: ; .. &"
HASTINGS E OWENS --. wav- the- h:1IIJ.-.._....< v ".".u.!:i.II.,...
Troy, Pike co., Ala. ITIoore &: TflcKeiizie, exorbitant interest on the money:! they loan : this; of New-York, January, IS'13' states that were foreclosed a mortgage, or one Jhdred: !mortgaq ,. k, -

Refers lo- COMMISSION MERCHANTS, is not a whit better than, if as good as, to take The 131: Banks show the circulation sold for in New-York, and tbe, prop i.tj

r" A McAllister, > No. 32 Water street, usury directly ; for a man needing money, who i is I to be .... ... . .. .. .. ... $12,031,871: held State specie ? If a bank should be d and It .IdI.
'cn- A McAllister, < Heniyco.AU..Maj. Apalachicola. not a dealer in the City of .:\ew.York and cannot Deduct notes held by each other .. 0 1S8S,937 sell it tal" Stock as collateral securitY; 1d'sh 1d
JOHN draw there, must devise specie, what would ,
Jeflcrson M. MOORE. ) some way to make a note the stores, houses
Hon'le. JasE &'Juford, Eufaula, Ala. WM. \kKENzlF.,5 novI ly payable in the city, and some days before the note Actual Circulation... .... ... ... .$7,142,88-1 and State stock bring in specie 1 Vl1iulcf. p

Ctn!1. John Dill;lscrI'H1tgomery, Ala. is due pay a premium for a draft and send it :Specie . . . .. .... ..... .. 8,477,076 have ,the specie to buy,' them l' Thert-
Mes rs. Chest"f' Fort Gaiues Ga. Farrior & Co.COllllISSION down to meet t the note. would not sell for more than a. quarterofitsre. ,
McGriff Apal'a. }a. In Excess of Specie over Circulation... sent estimated value : ,
J our incorporated cities $1,3U,192From ; yet these
ay25th, h we carmen, men hcarzgbt
__! U, Jan'...!) tf and the bJ law to do all this and I
public State
-- -- MERCHANTS, depend on them to transport their this statement it that ted a lrtb Un i:; .
.1.lIetlll. Bush, No. Water-street, goods and produce from one part of the city to in the State of New-York appears hold Banks I States Government would be utterly prIes':
ATTORXF.V AND nov25ly Fla. another. Those who have no such license have more specie than in .the matter, and could not help-the
Apalachicola lver
they have
lou.NSELLOR; AT LAW, -.-- notes in circulation : it is often the citizens. These I. 'ft
-- no re
-- right the hundred
-Varn: limits of these cities (to cart t marked that there i is men .wou'lil.bQId I :
Will practice in the COIJrt, Florida. B. S. Hawley, for the public) and charge what they picas.-.- than there'is circulation: more specie in the Country nearly all the legal tender of the State, a n&Jhe
:>> of J.'rankhn, Jack WHOLESALE ; hence all the citizens '
DEALER PAINTS when business are bound
IN DRUGS these I
rjfl1 Walton and \Vashin laws are made and the license granted of the Nation 1e by law to pay their.debmn
ton cuunties. might 'done! to this
OILS GLASS &c. &c. &c. the advantage inde tender which it
-- price a carman may charge lor transporting pendently of other would be impOiibleif:
Von-c &, Taylor, .7 No. 27 Water street, a load a certain distance is ulways fixed. Ifa the State of New-York any is circulating medium, as them to procure ; they could no moe Jp'att
ATTORNEYS Apalachicola. novl ly carman charge than these undoubtedly (in pro- the children ot IsraeL Could maker
AT LAW, more rates, he is liable portion) as well off for straw brickwithoUt:
specie the
Marianna, Florida --- to pay a fine and be deprived of his license. as States are, ; they could neither'get 'it from r'abroadnor (0
CU\NDLER C. YONGJ!:. J. W. Woodland & Co.COMMISSION These regulations are violated on r an average, throughout_ the Union.i a.t.h9me.: credit would, hI-> ontMi. ..., "'.....t.l. : .._.I t 1 .
occasionally then - .
J'IIN' ?. TAYLOR ; to 7 -'J l"V" + ou..uu
purpose ,
examine this the '
laborer ,
matter '
MERCHANTS, the person offending is condemned and see if it beg from door to door. Yet such (
(I;. 1'. "ru'd by the public, be true taking the of are .
& Report the our
No. Bank
R. 18 Commissioners
'r Commerce on this
street compelled
White, to pay u fine and forfeit his license all-important citi.'
.VflORNEYS &. COUNSELLItS<< AT LAW New Orleans. La.. novl ly although he may not have exacted of a per.on, Hanks in as this a correct State account of the affiurs of the Zeus are absolutely legally-robbedVtheif own
Tallahassee be stated thus neighbors
-- than may : and .
Having Fhriaa. more twenty-five cents, or from that to one before their own eyes, but have no
the sociattd themselves it the of Thomas Bertram, or two dollars. Suppose that tall; and Deposits in Rinks, payable on demand, 13,723,030 power to preventit.

'N1ti Law attend, under the firm of \V0 &practice WHiTES COMMISSION MERCHANT, spring, when the greatest quantity every of produce Bank Notes m Circulation] ...... ... .12,031,871 It: will be said that these hUfldrdmeApnld

Mlridle and regularly the several Courts of the No. 51 Common street. and goods were coming into and! going out of New lose the interest on their moneyed.,thefefwe ;'

,I APP... t.li at Apalachicola Tallahlssee.Distrlttnd the Court NEW ORLEANS. novl ly York, and the services uf carmel are most needed Deduct Bank Notes held by Banks....$30,754,901. 4,888,987; answer there would no inducement to.do this; '!tl;;
-: : specie would
they should bring a'
Whitmarsh & hire out their carts to other men; and muchgreaterr t
READY MADE Dealers: Richardson in they should charge for carting a load seven and There remains.... q.. .'... .1'. .$25S65914; IDiom than all the loss of interestorthe.cii14 i r 1

=" ew'oy "CLOTHING.J, a 1rge and received GROCERIES, CONECTIONARY: AND sixpence, instead of two and sixpence,. which the To pay the above, the. bank'h vc i-pecie .8,477,076 buy good bonds and 5!D rtgages at..anJ ienormji,

" itt of Ready Made Clothin .. general assort- A general assortment of Fruit, Vegetables, &c, law allows those licensed to charge. The mer- sacrifice, property $for less: than half7 r ,.
No. 33 Water street. chants and dealers \ ,lemonstrate against the #17,388,838If they chose;b tore !tthey made.-the run o p. .
*11; HAILTON; Apalachicola Flao prices and find a licensed carman:: but the manIa the banks, they could sell ;State or Bank'etockYo,
&\\J1kr' trf't. t t- r/Jd< ,, !rJ J Tomnn-si ; '.,, "Ihjvc.I ". depositors should draw from these Banks delivered at a certain time within thrVorvn:
j : on I"n nl lv : ? drtI lij\ hiicd) ,it out-ud] Jy, 177.ivy'* jn ?l"'ci... \\'hlt| WOUM the Banks have month, ;and calculate with a moral"certainty. that: t't

I .,


.!. . :


-- ,- ..- --: -' --.v- .___ -: -" _-,' .,-' --. IS -' ____'____"___ --',- _____ t



,. -- o .-' -,-. .. .. Shive .
: -
.d' -r_ .1--- -J- !- r I

: ftoclc would fall in price so that they could ioiIEIticiAL COMMERCIAL NEWS. to facts covered from the public eye, and of the.se-petitions.,:to prppogate their Canaticillft
the and I'lodte
the stock at AIWEItTISEIL **V- Adniustrdtioi; !1 thus released; from its responsibility the alteraative of.the inte
take the difference without buying The late newa from England still of a cheering CougressXith the slave institutions trtnceb'
could have it -.I. to the American jjicople I for this continued o l
tnd if they should buy it, they January j .or a dissolution of the Union. ail So
all -
; the theypay character.. Prices. have advanced since ftttpsjon df."thc.bLood'nf their.citizeiis. '* "'Now. i Qt"t
delivered the same day,ijuWraw money .APALAcmOOLA MONDAY MAB u"4 (j. for article of, trade TheEng1ifi'jpers not it to stitutioiulforCougre53 to lend itseif to Ht'conatitatioaaijjrhdl Coo.
for the stock from tbJprsi{ to whom they -, !,11ost'ery great Ififrndking !ttlnstdrreciionI.da mean ] : Can'Coaareo do tj
hare told without encroaching on :one dollar_of .:. report that thq ,Cotton1, Market inconsequence bs implied thitiherc isiiiny .jesnor'Iuimediate'd ; !Irectly, which i 'nj cannot do 'directly 1 that.inj,
'Thew nun.drl .- 10 "V *." I' .\ .inger' ba f4irehendd[ by.ssttl;rs ill } loridabutcnics : ;ab3olute' .power'JDf' Congress DiiiJS
the ipecie drawn from the Banks. & ITE SANS.FEUa. ,,.of the re mtet1. sort :crop, is IJ1a ; over the ? ethe4'ernlCnes
more b'F, Be teared' as : SSf1
this meanS would ,doubtless ; -violonce'are to long con3titurionally can i ire
men by have state of feverish ('x' itement. Prices have risen of the Indians *the pretext .ot slavery here, ?? ib
than double their money. The public no- OCJ- JoaN C. HAMILTON 'Es:. i is our Agent ;any remain there. l' per- use its power I
the States
them against this but the tender in six days from | to Jrl, 'lotwithstandhg: the astonishingly ma-ient surrender of any part of the peninsula of slavery m over which it has no %
flttpg to guard at Lumpkin Gafc, and will receive and receipt for diction 1 have t.lrcL of a, j
consciences of these men. and the people whohlVf."withitr'l'feW7far'l '. large quantity oCWOfOOOibatobaPSSS FLoridatoaylirnd* -O1. An?"oL '! o.iS.: ;iftr -own-tields- ifown iiI man WIiQfl4.
'past paid to them'; from subscriptions to this paper. so long and f costly a contest for its possession,'IshjWUieV6rjtoiStat fencs
hands and more than half. taken. ,, on .speculation. !. ;i., barn. ? : 1Vp 1)1
four per, cent.-* month, for the interest or Maj. JACK HAKDMAN will act as pur Agent. so long as my voice, either as \ have inojignt' lo.use'whai
one to pledge which the :the total S4les of the last five;wteks.betn.355,0W' : n-irinabnaht or Representative of Florida be ; i i8 JoubtedJ
5noneywith every r ,
the ose of at Eufaula Ala., with auihority to ceipt for our, to work-an injury to another. And 'I
could possibly give to secure the ,safe re- bales against 127O JU during the correspondingperiod raised opposition to it. upon this high! moral arid it <:

torn parties of the money,ear* pretty well judge ait -theiOnl subscriptions., of last year. Money is represented as be- Very respectfully,.your obedient servant that.JurTSputn*, anil ihe dempchSjjVtherton's IPl&Ity gr
of our,.most wealthy. o.plied > Sr:* ;. t D. LEVY.Exc2.lRp re& lutlo.ls; and refusedenrert etN
entioUi scruples MWe return thanks. to .Capt. TAYLOR- of ing very abundant, and every cfeparlment com - n_ ._ .c 'n,it i such petitions. Sir i we !
men in the city. the schooner Seminole' for'New Orleans papers merce and trade the most extraordinary as they really' were-as,They are acted nth
When hard times begin, the merchants who .. '* enjoying LL !.tI- TT'S.ECH. htion before now, The lb0.
kabOUt see of1st March. -' "t the'United States is t,i petitions us are ,as truly Dptitm
to in
teel the pres3utelo prosperity. Money also >
tr< the first to :! : T/e,2ig4 :offPeUiion'Jlbolition4c.WV .abdifehislavery} in the ;Stale;; as-ifthV tt
whit xpin.es they can'avoid; they dismiss some indebted the nroportfonably abundinfc: In New'.York business below" thespeech was declared on
down the silariee of others tfjr: We are .to Gaptit'HALL publish ...some, extracts from !their: faces ; and Conirre ;
Iheir clerics and cut ; haVe"h receive
cf late Northern' is said to be u icommonly'bmk, aid: all:branches :of'MrR v.tt.'pf.South' CarolinaC| made. or consider them
they' :houses' of which Steamer Augusta (or papers. ; the conMitutioir but
(rhhtir'Cairiili procure ( only regard to the safttyW
the: JUt is low, or elie get,'their .1 dlordi to re-, Mr. MAY: of the"Agnes, iditto-ditto. of trade carried on with 'energy and SIi) it. All lately in Ibel House ,6i' Representatives on the' welfare of .the. p JPt! of ihe ,Union,i \heOuq

dace"the rept fthqstheyocctflij, and the.saine, the Packets come' i in i fiiil freighted h "not with subject(of''the;eceptiotV of XboiltiW ?etition .: discretion of Caress, forbids' it .to el1tenaui tb
WiUstores. The,clerks' find .a.cheaelac&briird to 00-' The following,- .. appointments have .been goods sent out to seek a market but goods-to order The subject ig'harJdled rt }a masterly style, anitheargnrnenttg'eni !: J. '. .4. '- ., '. ''.,1"1AI

or reduce the pVice"at their pr sehtplaces. niade by the Governor, and confirmed by the which their i arrival ire sent immedi. ,_ 4' The' uth'is
'manufacturers dismiss some of their-Hands', upon ) us,- and'as' we.think; u.qansverabJe -to'answer f 1", nSt
The ,
Senate, for the County of Franklin; ately to the various -iff the South'antl West tions which belong to her alone, and no"po1vtt
whom the" ports .yT.he.SQVitherh txrhave'
those y con. ,. members seem :
ihd cUt do'wrHfr \Vages arth 1 t5the, right
.e toquestion
\Vm. G. l\f. Davis: : : ; \Vtiy shouIdJ
rjmieftp employ ''ahd all ,mechanics do the sam Tax Judge llcrtor ofheCountTyCourtChar1es'JShepard \Vi1liim Valleau. ; The Dntie-? are p'omptlyid: and the amount cf taken fresh courage}lately and ure deermi ned to 1! an 2"-r to the U150Ie1ce, and Wrong which

C.ttori;f l" 1n'pyice, and those producing it'inUat : Revenue received .at NeivYork", almc, for the > a.&sJsltC- }* is'i ;:her t I lave her,patience and forbearance ffiS
and less for the productionof .. James F. Ilrrior; J"L.; 'Cl ments 'jl P: fight.e v rY.lpcft.o.gr! : I ,onthi; _sjabject. j JJ 14t.ly rsuppprt.i ?
fewer good J 33
buy thjrcptton. Aft articles pay ,for food fall in price. Ell i HRtVoo'i, N tllrll IC3XUIIIIU' j'"-T 1. kjitewatd ,1 ..1, i present! quarter: ,ttfi U urob.hlv be over'five million only by such a course/ tljat'the'Northern fanatics rttor six year this course: of anwttion')0.

ind'of "course thefarmersraising them mud -pay Dill' and H. \V"od"A'uttlpneers{ '; 'Ed' I -for;_Jimiary ifvvjji $1:SJfO'-and. f for" Februaryit ldJ heir'perteVerijig i \ >f )loijists'c n be ,silenced 'bee-' tcurg v>n, gathering 'strength In the N*

and buy less*cio Boyle, Justice\ 01! thj'Pt'a' ,; ,. i is that Jt' ;ill be'af least two and g.umng foothf'M on this floor i,and
le for the labor hey, employ .'l .,. \Ja1: deltly beared % in Cpngress. The corresporident of the New' will end, th, great Ruler of Events cfe

thing :for their, families,"and all those who, work QO The FORT G.JNIV. lJG/-i. hi l'" Has and a huh million,.'-The;'price.of cottolris still' -YorlPi'riie.Sun.,% says1he. _,speechpf Mr. R., But in ibis state of ihin-*, I cannot imitate affine theex.
hence ; W -'
do -
th consume ,
r them tnust same;) people .ample-'f' those who have
in firm and on.thedvance 1are4uantiticire: pur- has etfectof the characterof dealt "0 t"!.b'orat l
tnprVof articles 'proiiucejd.wi.th little Iab"or7atidlesy been alternately slumbering, the Village on the ; t ; : changing- entirely : professions of attachziciit to the U11iOJ1. "; i i.

of thosew-hich* re'qujr e m r;. Many'without hillt ever sjjice its establishment, been ear- chasing by speculation,.and"\villldl-heldi' '''for farther -. the debate : on )\h& 21st rule and the right of .. -,* .* 7

'to buy even the cheapest rise in Europe.' '"', '; :.has the member The, South will remain: as she has '
tmpioymeht.areunable: nestly.awaka for the: last three months, under the petitionv.lt' ,* given : Northern, asiock the always be
find clothing:at these low rates, and allla.radst : In New is ,active nearly; -i. j; '* on Defensive-usurping, violating, the
mechanical iand editorial. management tof'JAMESHtfWILSON Orleapazeieryhing from'which j y'h!; e'1 l yet quite re,5fj'frf no portion! of the. Union bin preiJS?
in the. .produced ?
ttn'ementtf'every thing country : :c.r .r ?* z- = '"
belabor, falls.in 'price. When this occurs, it.is ; nEsqi:,; and :"jroni l. pur.'knowledge of one-quarter.of a millloiv bales' of Cotton is1 reported covered., 'f, 1? ?-i, .... ,.,,_ ;; J. ; h.lOd.-maintain&bove her own.the Her'VttMfny' w 10 ffi,

laid that it tri 1tes ho difference if you receive low him we feel; assured. that it will ,*< sleep no as being held, together with avery! large' Imp-;: "Our fdthf r,.were neither ignorant nor unmindful men' here, or States'Control elsewhere, if true to herAelf. or

wages, you buy all these things at .a,pr po 1 ona.- more.'.': The, -Whig"; is 'neatly printed- -puts : ply of all other produce, and yet t nereis5 no scarcity : iuea of,imaBe the) *' itighi lu' ,:in'iif a Petition government( They like OIm kn<;w,-for its!: loOk to the power or sympathy of She utht'J'S-mtmlnoc f i'

bly low rate so one thins; balances another., Theydo of diill-businesd./ The: Port or aid Soil protection wjJl b h. .
consider that all these things are in in, the licks heartily for' Harry of the Vestj- | the grea, Ru>poe6 unpopular'iufoTniation and popular ( lectionand. strong in her nlytM- 4
not even and the citizens and'the news from alltquarters cheering and promisesa coutrpl; and. they jdam'ed into, the Con has; own rescurceg! 4
the same end of the scale, and bear the same way; on2arly't. adjacent cbun* :' s'titutioh 'the'proof; :ol "consideration inwiiich i b.it to extend !them with vigilancerttr.irf' enrrgvl11d ..
little devil- should feel of .such fair prospect for increased prosperity in commerce and ii tn" t nI'or; uf ',
they do hot perceive that money ties proud a paper.andrender they field ltJand of their wi dom HI. she dod wilibe out the Uniou
in'thejfotKer.end of the scale, and his imps (the it that support which it so richly deserves;' trade and national wealth, for several years protecting it. lii'.'tHl'1"' fir'A amended rtiticleof can free. :

in their .sleeves at the folly of ..' : is provide J that Congress
usurerslatighirig) ,)_; { toorc. the'.constTtutioii/it THE RicifT Ho.v.
i> P.\CF.fHAr.
and With six. cents we shuirmaiCe no lawre pecting ihe -eMablishiuentrtligiwi f tJ
the producers, saying, (tt.: The lower House have refused to concur;in I The
in balance much, as we I I ) or prohibiting the free exercise th reot; or new British Envoy thus described yth
can.did before now with twelve, eighteen, or 'tWf'nty-tive. the amendment made in the Senate, (which'wasto Oc-Mr.W.ISE, it is said\yiUJeave.! for Rio abridging the freedom of speech or'of the press..; or TcJv Yorkilerald- .!

However''divisible'this' :: labor may ,tie, whether ,strike' outline fifth, section in" our new City Janeiro,.,about tli2 IA of Aprilin the' U S ship the petition right" .f the-the'government people p aceibly for a redrew to assemble of grievan, andto *' He is rather a young diplcmatist, of the '.,

Urjje, 'or 11aU. from a penny to. the sale of theExchangelh Charter referred tq in our last. number.. The Constitution, under the cornnujvl: ) of C tpt Percival ces" Iii lookfng down the whoe-yage! of umendments lih school, being not mor. tbJIt founy.r foarty.Eng.

evv.York for over eight rhundred bill was passed entire secohd 'time and 'sent to After touching at Rio, Oiil: Ironsides wilt'then! con- as well as in this article,it will be seen thai five years of age, aud is a connelon of the Lon(. j

thousand dollars, we are so divisible that we cant for but that i tiiue her cr'tise'rimnd'tlu Cape of Good-Hope: to they alLrelate to personal rights of the people ford family in Irdaud His father Was I HI: CCK-

all times.fix'an exact balance and by a sort ot the Senate concurrence' ; body'againrefused. the Coast of Africi', thence toJava' Sumatra, and The rights in the, eople to bear arms, "to be secure br..atl'd Ailmral l Packpnham, who quell-l.tiii

magic cart expand ten or twenty cents to .the! dollar Our city authorities will, therefore be : :: in their persons' ; house, papers, and fl ctt, mutiny in the Xore dltrin. .the French rerol! ;tTdn.
other important points in ihe China seas. His uncle was the celebrated
and again contract to ten or fifteen cents., I again embarrassed in making the necessary con- against.. 'Unreasoriabie &earch and seizures ; to who Gcn'I. P.ckt t1ham
for all a presentment ofa grand jury botore trial, for w.is killed at the battle of Np\v Orleam!
balance or
and my imps never of Providence want : I can by my imps anyof'the.bounties templated improvement, unless it is 'done at a GREAT DUTIES -The receipts at our Custom crimes,'* are.ail personal rights. ;?o, in this aiticle The Dutchcfis V/elHngnui! ,. who died some jrea ,,

and ruinous expense. Hos1 Sasthe: NevYorkJourn l of Commerce( Congress is reatrdiut- from pacing laws whicn ago, was hi.< aunt and we b Iirvp he is allied '
and I
drtvr myself up into a nut-shell mypossessors of the' 15th ult. last were$140,000 prohibit the peopleitrom the free exerciae it" religion the high tory party, of \vhich the Duke is the
whenso on Tuesday ;
as much lance all these things LATE FOREIGN NEWS. freed l.Jf'ttCtC; or tivj press," or ** the principal head In certain respects Mr P. keohmi i-
drawn up as when, I ,by them expand over the : anJ for this month so far they averaged rigii't; of the people peaceably to acsmble and to is quit'- the reverse of Mr Fox, who will we

world When I through thenvexpand the people By the steam-ship Hiberniat, which' arrived, at about !00OJO) v r :l\'. petition tne government for a redress of grievances. believe, return to England, and not go to Meiico,

think less of me; when I by them contract I Boston, on Monday-the 20th, papers of 4th Feb ." These, sir, are all personal n,hta of.the as we supposed. Mr P'ckpilham is a mal of the

myself, I draw'the nation with me, government from Liverpool, and the 3d Irom' London', Tun PACKET Fmr"* Oi.'ORD-T* ", :' "NY' Herald people, which our dncer-torti did not enjoy under world ; a'real Irishman from top to bottom; very
and all they fee and reverence my ruary says, tint th i Crlkctor! marie &everal ,snull seizures, Ih dominion of .'the UritL-h crown ;and they de- frank and generous, and full of ail the vivicitj
my power
authority; and they are as much compelled to bow were rcceive The news of the advance**i' ocot-I cf !-111'211 gcods Wiiliahurburg; and in New trIn1neu: that Congress should have no power to cal his di country Ion1itll5t and. withal a very skilful and pracls-(
-e \iolilt' them.
before me at, the people of Babylon were {o the ton in r..vora.ble'and of great importa York; Th} owners of -hxf<-rd are making application *, *

golden image of Nebuchadnezzar I commercial interest. The all-absorbing topic is I I to the Secretary of-ih} ? Tr as'tr, to remit Liberty could not exist, without this great OJ-: The )Icu}lanfi elections, so far az'h -

... .- the State tI ial3.. They had, 'gone through'seventeen ihe ,"i' :y.: Hgains' that sh.'p,' rr-cin y si'ei a privilege! with tiie people'j and hence the provision from, have resulted in favcr of the Whiga

p Ot-T1. ai without much the preliruinury this but ihe District iliat he m the confutation, .tiut' Congress shall pass no ,
days : i things
: : progress port Attornpy< '
I laws abiidiiitig the right of..tile people
11II IIIS ? I peaceablytja.sembie.andtopciilion ':$ A salute of t wenh-six uns was fird'tNew
) -, >o steps have been marked bygreat: excitement; the has evidence to overthrow each aplicationa11d. fora redress oX'giie'-- .
I 'OoI "n W seur1iie sale cf the ves d. 4nees. '. York, under the direction of Mij- JoseplHopkir
PJ'i striking off from the jury list has ranged all the I <
: .n n ft ** d. .- --- ** You will.perceive, Mr Speaker, if these viewsbe to celebrate r the refunding or Get..Ja

,,. .. :.I.-. : : o a S.O So Catholics against the Government even those : NAVY YARD 1TIIE, GULF OF MEXICO.Protection correct, wnn force there is in the argument c!" soi* fine. :

OoI. :: :: :: :. C".0 "3 who were repealers. Of the forty-eight jurors to Southern Commerce. thoce who deduce from this chuse of the ClJn t tu- -' .

- 0 C. .. r-. tiou, a prohibition on this House to refuse to receive (G. The: stock; of cotton the C4fl%
drawn eleven were Catholics all of whom were IM '
Gov. Muuton in'his'Msaeto the!
Legislature ,
Qt"Ilo-4 : : : : :iS"o petitions. The clause: in the constitution
ST H :: :... : :. -:-:! Q.- struck off. This affair has. set the country in a of Louisiana, holds the following ling'Jajje.: whichwe ; looks to legislation, and to legislaton by ihe who r York \V:estimated on the Mtb ult,,at. IjZJJJ

IV.MH I : -.11 f8 I = '. ;i blaze. The proceedings' were unpopular before, ,think! will meet with a hearty'response from the Congress action of;' Congress eituerf, lou&e bhall oi"p.isa'nu Congress law"-regulating not !to- bites. and has, .'beenincreased, :. since.

.:' of.:. :. g_ iI2Ic.1, ;fJ i Z 0 and this has made them worse. So great was the th? entire South. In truth ev ry- section of the its lUc eJlUgs it respects the people" the r". It is 3id that Mr. Tyler, will rnakd.

: R-: : t; I ; eo. indignation that a requisition for'calling aggre- Union is' interested in the measure of defence so ngat of the people peucedlny to a.-fceinble and peti- tinct .
: no': (4. Th liun"ut the actit.u of. their representative corcn.unu-atiori'to Congress, urging the an
: Z recommended."I or .
strongly .
w. : 0 gate meeting of the Catholics of Ireland was isiative b-jdiVs". It i U t. i.f thtpeople r.cxatun f .
'' : : : : 0 s-3 I a p. 'ibODal'pri- t t TC.XVJ.CC
.. : .. .. -. -::4 <0 signed in three hours by sixty-five Barisiers; only beg to call your attention to the expq.ed state -net ah intermediate, iegululive right -,---- "

:. ... :: .0 (00 IJ(=QI to.,0 = three of whom were repealers. Repeal of our marjtime'frontier of through'which the vast, In a word, the Cl4tUselii th 'cunstU'iticii has nothing *- The siip! > Moselle arrived at Boston Iron
: 0 .W meetings trade cf the valley the Mississippi m-itt.
.. .. 0. \\f.-. \ -. -- >- pa to do witathe-uction: ot fthlS hULL\ 011 the eub-. '
...'..t".; ..- /,-';:. .1-....... 0; l" : .'cH III PI...a.., =.o .,<-.. are held weekly in Conciliation Hall, Dublin This great interest depends, and m'i"t coittinue'todepend ject of petitions. :Havre; on the llUh tilt of-which the !VJi t.
-. r. naval force for .
'1': ; J on protection Tot the '1.
'O'. 1. .. 4.".. .1fe. :.t' '..', Q.=. ,.1'-; which are crowded to excess. On the 22d Jan. mdintaiuanoe, of snch a force on ''our'co.l, 'a well 'Bit! here it may be asked, have; the people ncI mount of her car ';. was Sl (.nrl)

'. -, : l. .,r" se five the accused and them Mr. O'Con- established Yard well fitted;, for right lit bend up their pttitioius to Citngrcra i ..AsI -
: : Navy not only
: : ; : : 00 ( among I h..a tbut U"is .
': .. so CIa. fur Siirediy they hot by any Xprl'N' 1X5I'h: .IIous? of nepre&oiiiutivc,cf Mississippt
is deemed
construction 1
.. : : -Co. l 0 nell Mr. Steel and Dod: Gray,) contrived to attend repairs absolutely clause..of the constitution ; for they c.m arm! tu'en.where : the22r ult
: .' \ (11 W It s necessary Abounding as this rpgiondoes in nil on rejected a bill ro divide the'tatettO
: .
: : : : .. I ..4 .o.. = -:1'Q.m notwithstanding the watchfulness ,of the the req'iistes -or.sucha yard, its utility and importance this cqnotilutioii doefc net oper-.te. The\ fuiir Congressional
:' : : .,'. O .4 ; tj can send their petitions wherever rcpresentatiot.operatevahd'ad'an ;. Districts by a vote of fifty.
,: g ; t =' Attorney General. ** 1 have been singularly! overlooked I and thi
: : _' '. : n -O' iocideut-tb r pn' I.ttwn- one to -
: : interest to remain in defenceless thirtvthU' .
'. I. :. 'z Mr. O'Connell 'd short address 'and' great; a.most Tae very nature renre.-entaaioti implies: the light .-_ .' ,, -
.. : .. S. -. .- a .,' expressed c9nd:twll. Cniizers hiving to seek repairs '- of thoso both _-_ -_ .--- i
: :0 : : :: _OoI .f r. .. himself.as being still zealous bribe caineofrepeal. in yards thousands of miles distant from their reprf&euted and to aiJeiiKj trough ttiizperesentati City; Council Procedjij.CoUNih11 : '
_. s, individually, by p-tition, t' ,
;: e. N cc. w; z saidthat cruizing ground, nviy be rendered useless by ihe ; CHAMotftU l
F He
I I him thiere1reiitattve body Tn p'l'opie C..a11 pitieithie&rt.xte i J
I casualties ocean or the fortunes of Awell
i : war. WEDNESDAY EVE'iIm.F
23 l4Coiiidi1met1hjevenjii J
I', "i. & I Ireland was not'without friends ;'and:his own in- established yard at Pensacoh, with a ready Access exedltlves, their 'ttt: li-gb.1tut, tlh'U ,, .. ,
I" r uthorilie.i. ,
w city Congress, or the Preident d Ih PresentB G Raarf .
-o '
fluence to harbor for menof-war of the clas.a -
i i S ; with his'ou.ntrym, \ ,n,, "when' in prison work its not believed difficult to be achieved largest-would-- United States, as to all matters the di.-pO1 :Mayor ; Cuuiicilmcn Labcock,.Clenlenr Farr, ,

= i3 would note, much. less powerful than, when at afTod .1 pr9rection that the extended antI rapidly lion and control f'th/:5e th--ir Carious agents ii Unvon" \H oberts. Scliifiei: and Wood. ?./,

i. I. 0 growing invoked mit i is their riht, then, ut only that; Congress thali! (Minutes cf jhef last meeting weie read** ,
S large. wfer.eEts haveevery right; tocI.uin law
pass no iirohibitin.tlie people peaceably to asenible ;- .ipprov-'d.
I cmnot but think that
I I Si '' Mr.'Steele afterwards spoke and described the the attention of our delegation reSOlmlillS"to the llitig and and petition, but iiut.the; may seivi their Mr Kob-rtr from lh- FinanceCommJtft' ,! -
) subject
'.. ';. ,0) ( '; !': R't trial in the Court of'Queen's Bench as a.piece of inviting co-oporation of all our sister States bor- petitions( to taeiragen!=-State or f.aderJ.l-who an- p'tiled tiiat; thi'y had exumii ed Treaiiiretfstf .

: 1\1\ n dering on our waters, would awaken! in Congress competeat to grant relief. 1 yield to none in oVlirnig cmint lip to ihv dayrf January last, andfv4 d

... tTjI .. the purestirish fun. the attention thit this great subject has long demanded the 'freest'and cioi-est i'uterco.urse between (the same correct. And ih..t they had fec.tvt
d .11I =ct _' It is siid that Prussia is about'to conclude a at their ha.ids." so the .people arid their repretentaiives. But when "rom Treasurer' and destroyed 7-12 3 J, of \\'hi\ I
: I ; -: tcz they entor the halli oit;islatioll! and, through $12 (!2 was new scrip

\ I = treaty with the United States for the surrendering 'We.COi'y below'a paragraph the! National their revrc : have their pdit10llo piesented Mr F m'-r' froni th* Cornm'ttce on Claitpv-!
I GG-- ; from IIt.ltl'rt'r
E .
': I Ol i1 I certain classes of criminals. thr ie is an ( 1t'Ir action ; and the action cftne ported h t the Ct mmittee had viewed thewcit

0. ,_ W. -.. tnttlligenc r.in which the late, murder of' legisi.iture lidscoiiimeiiced JUliha could b:- done by 1J Oiillivan, uid to enable him tocfS-
The Globe states that the Bank-of is
England Mr. Savers and others, by the Indians near- theChoctawhatchee done! ; oy ihejrs'jate'wih1has. beetfperformedTliy 1)1 i'le the contruct had drawn an order ontlvTrw-
The consumption of Cotton in. 1843 according to bbtain a renewal of its charterand that in return : have a.s arnb to the most correct calculations ears'to have is treated asa rumor.. 'Our"D'elegate pif&ented their 1 peiitim:' l'heY'1ow appeal to th seconded by Mr. Babcock that the same } .*

been 1S63.130balcs of all I kinds, against 1,172,030, the. Bank iso., -assist, the. Government, by advancing i in Congress being ,bcttct'jhr rmed, I has .will.of'-'others""'A..part.oC: 11l& people they nov\ by the Treasurer, which motion was a (

the estimated consumption in 1342; esparately this large sums to reduce the interest on Con- come in crntuct witlvthe l peiple'; and buoml1 their The-resigiiation of H. R. T ylor as City pte'r

It 09.9S&: American, 73,605 Brazil"," '109,956. suls. Other deny this statement. published accompanying. card : rejuest. to. the j judgment cf"1!." Ifthey, had beencorhpetefirto'accompi was received by the Clerk! and ucc;pted. i'Th ".
Sst; India( and 64,85 Egyptian; &c. papers FROM FLOR1DA.I'I' | htheir:reijue&ti! they would Special i Qommhtee, to whom was referred

-. ,. 1-i--. Parliament has met but nothing) of importance Ay the latest accou'Us from Florida, containedin not have, p t tioiled., '. .In, ,:pe( ", itohlng II' ., .therefore_ the r.> ih iCpmmunication of Tiionus$ Ocuun ii relate
COMMCKCK 4 O or -rot- UNITED STATES, 1842.-The done except to receive the Queen's Speech, in the St. Augustine News of the '3d 'instant', we appealed to the':power, us weiMisjuageniem' VI an! r l IES claim dcainst' the eitv. Dfesent"i- a repfii
:following: table .exhibits a comparative view of which the determination to maintain the Union are glad to. learn that there is no justfoundation the/people represented h'th' legi.l ature : and ni'Jii and resolution on said subject: which wre fd

of'the United States with the pnnciVat"nations for a report, which hag lately acquired : not the-power and discretion of the-:'legislature by the Clerk'and on motion of ]Mr. CT.jvoa.tlij'y ,
the cooimerce pretty
'of the world. It will be seen that between Great Britain and Ireland in firmly reiterated extensive circulation thr,Uh some of the prevail! The presentation of th 'petltlOu itself 1nothing' : seconded., laid on the table until( (the aeit rgUttnetjIig ,
newspapers ,
Dearly half of our commerce is with England and ; and an earnest desire expressed to cooperate of the Indians having; killed'sorne>whit s l>ut a legislative /act -the first age n. ,
that the balarfce. ef trade was last legislation. llditiers in nothing:from presen inga The report of th Chief Engineer reccptzrw" "
her colonies the t with Parliament in all measures which near PensaeulaP bill or ng: the removal of the Engine 1-icuie. ld1Jt
and that ba.lince.again us f'sulutiou.I
i in favor '
." -year our, and is made its social condition deve- purchase of another'Fir? Engine for,the ,city,"".;
: fo Spain, Russia America China up will tend to improve or House OF J! PJll'E .NT.\TIVE6, FEB. 12, 1844., '
nriind France Holland and the Hanse Now, sir i permit me to ask/with whom ,has -ceived and read by the Clerk t together wiw"1"f
J br lope its natural resources. .Messrs. GAL S & SEATON : I observed in ,
your the legislative of llowing resolution
entrusted whiclivas.idoptt'd
hs ad Dulerous other places where the the constitution. power :
To. pnin-r! ",f this morning par.igraph in which it u* petitioners Resolved' That the Finari Committee be}
trade it comparatively small.:- Congress 1 Is invested: : Jn any a pan J
-' I '* CONGRESSIONAL ITEMS, ilk'ged) upon the authority of a paper ;publishedin of jlie people dnlyf, wlio may come-here: vyun then pointed to carry the above recommendatious

Imports.. Exports.1CV The question of the election of the members St. Au"ustinf, that: the report of'r ceu mutdors 'prayers1? or in a single member of Congress, ivhomay eri'eet under the- direction of the City CfiW?'

: ftjt jm1jfldTBritih nnmitlpd. by h.dians inVest Florida is.with present them, and rn-iice his legislative motions within especial eye to the low rtate of the C11
... S.t2,500OOO from the four undistricted States has been settled "
depend ,. !, S3S,613OOO ., them 1 The constitution trus-titig in the liberality of -*
.... 18,73S,000' out foundJ.t p.. As I caur.ot CtihSut to any deception with respect to says; treasury part to
Trance' and. 'her CI dtp's ..13,460,000 17,233.000Cpdib 6300.000 by a resolution of Mr. Dromgoole of Virginia declaring upon tlie public niind iii amalter s,> itnpoitant "all legislative powers herein granted! shall be.vested r- "eweral.Fm; Insurance Companies in the city, *Bare '

i aIS50OOO; 836,000Ame.riC them duly elected,. which passed by a to the T.-rrili rv I retJrc.lt' I thjftk! i it in the Congress of the United States," ul! the rriain'yinteretted.Mr .*"
Eairior from "
all ; the
Mole, by ihreinr/'prese'htaHv .8 Congre*, are Committee on CIfi
.,other than U 13,000,000 7,000,000 vote of 127 to .5'7.1'he proper to ?tile that the Icthr 'ul'81cd: in the 'rted the scWMpts
rch.e the Iejutatiye. granted to twcoii.tttiitiQu. following bills which
to: 'power .p were
Cbin.....a S... .. ....S S S.. 5,000,000 1,600,000 Globe givinia detail ui the assmilt: and murders e.x this ed and '
Senate havt'' finally the bill remit Ana must so, or not oniy the > dllnwediz: : '
aouid ...... .... .... .S.1,000,000 3,500OOJ passed the Indians.n :Mrvssid lu mvaelf HENRY ""' .
Sy by would I but Patrick .. $
Griidy'bill for g
; ootifciitution( beisolated, legislation drayage
.. 4,400,000 the fine
a Jt&1ile. :.pyt -- 2,200,000 ting imposed on Giieral Jackson by a .:. N.JNESj'-Ii q.. fill whose c.iin ,the attack itself would be'impracticable' Why, if a part of H. F Simmons' bill for negro hire-..- ** { ;

"" 1'otal .. ...100,161,000 104,691,000 vote of 30 yeas 1(5 nays; without! the amendment v.n iiMil', it d 'vhnriu"j .is ja e)e-vvilncsg! aid the hppie.cnctme in here and dictate the course John W. Ri J.ldi'$ billfor-drayige... 20 *

.- '. .4 ,p. 100,161,000 of Mr. Berrien, exculpating Judge Hall. ;urfor in tinmatter.: ,.?lr. NUN KB KS t a gentleman of Ipgl'J ..ou, so'jnay: ; another;. and !the scramblefor I). Campbell's bill f..r board'o(pUp"r. .. 1J JJ
nid I power by incthIstent-thid, : opposmgintere ts, B L. Turner'biht for making'ladder.. .5 J,
.. -- fully: 'to be rr'lid UII"1;: am ready personally\ : J
S 4.:4' The Oregon question has been broached in the of would soon bring the:whole. legislature td a hall,' I On motion of Mr. Clejffehts;. the Cqonctt.1*
; ) tiio -orrfctness statement madt ,
Exce o'r.E1.500,000 to a (l1"a any : .
'I'!' I' [Hunts Merchant Magazine.ST Senate and debated upon by several nf the members }hy him (.n t the 'M ibjt-ct He has re;\re!en'tfid the and petitioners produce or its their dissolution.representatives This-is'-inevitabie, acting for themin if journed. *".till.to-morrowrerehiogv* ; &'b '+* -'" -s jedlJNClL *-' ,jj

with'great .spirit. The resolution of Mr. city of Peiisjrol i in the L 'gi l Hue of Florida audon'thc Congress, can control the-willnd power.of I Icgislanoti. : CHAMBER11rJl

toOZAL-.P: "TT ITE.-A Mr. Baker as Seraple, directing the President to give notice tu occasion of a rcci'tvacancy in tlie.ofiice! -t$ fl.rny.< v.tftN.G.Feb: 29, 1814 jn
of United states M.whal inVest Fl ridi, .. '.:-
diN was
having to
chronicled in this paper,J Great Britain for the termination of the ; I met'pursuant pret't
qdfc : received by the falling treaty recommended .?. the United States Jude of the ''If the petitions prayed C ngre'J ito interfere ,David.G;iRaney: Mayor; GouncilmenvJI5imrnons _

th c oi n of injurieIJ L Cabin in Richmond allowing l the joint occupation, Oregon was ably districtand-f J. believe the entire Hart for the I place. with, or abolith 'slavery. jri'ther States, all will l conclude \Vo.)d, Guyqn and ClenieptfrTh.ajipinutes ,-, ad'.
bcth. oofof'the Whir g. the members. that the matter'is Beyond jurisdiction.. .:: .ihe1t meeting .
at a democratic meet advocated by wesrern It is o.1Jy necrsaary l I. add that, St. Augustine is ,cf *" yrejpj'approved. .
Jvini aettitate family- and Mr. Adams bat made hirort tl1e"famous .hundredicTv'iTesrorp'; ; ( .fhe,s'C'teof' tht'fliir, and Shall AV/J, .th-v-n.hci blinded .by. form?, hd.be deceiled ; !- J r'
11\t'Mi.'D nobn stated the circumstances, en by a 'vitothinihat'! all \n'st? the dark Hezekiah R. Wood was, on ,(moUOa.el,
cooperating with their Whig: brethern 'Massachusetts Resolutions arid r recommends thit? thc> .as ertnn. of t'ie' vtj.'ir you! ;iiicled .from s features' lurking behind it :E\ery one indr'ct, Robert,,duly ,seconded,; ''appointed T lX I

-'r,.t.U rft r t1ie.distress;.a 1d; l''th' .way by in the.CqnstUutionlo take away tire slave .a.loose tiur:1i:4: fir the editor on he.irii amereruTior.th'ut of Corgrebknuws, that:shivery: in the Statesi.s j tile l1Itne I place.of H. R. .Taylor resigned. ;- '

tdD down $20 hinvelf. This 'I b 1orableitrife change Rtr had oean siime: diilisulty: with real object th:y design to aetail They. propose by On motion cf Mr. Roberts,.the, Cquni1'cjoumed. .

p Utdud!-. 7- ..qrvrkn.b representation from the Southern States. ,the Indiana in Weat Florida. I cannot consent continual agitations, through the inbtrumBntahty .' '' .



. ., __ 'H -- -I-' "


-, --r--- -. ______ _'* __ J- : .- -- : .-. '- ... ,"-" .-.-,,---> -.-,, ,--,- -.' '. . <. -- .., .-} S .-, -, -. .




, :

E- Y,. ". :_ ,! I I L u-_
:i. A ..
coTLiiiR9I4L. IMPORTS -&le al clI'Ja' tt S ALEOFLOTS:IN ALACHICOt'A'A JATAUcf1O f' ; -: .FQRL1VERPOOL THe "nt IIi p .

: LIVERPOOL' shin r" Dauntlesa-3,975, sacks FQR INTTBXA1 IMPabVtMiSffr THE DISTRICT '' :\.:WiTHfcUOtht DAY QK APRIL _ENGLAND, Bootbby/mastotrwUlSfVt ,

lt, to S Carein. OF,COLUMBIA.CLASS NEXF,IN FRONT OF THE, APALACHl. despatch, for freight apply.to ,i !

--7. '.KAIL.A1tRAN:1EMEmT., : ., P NEVOltIJIA?r bdrk Sophia- --2,850 sacks salt.to S Casein tudUnder .. _COLA;EX HA GE. .., ,. r \r aA.sr..p C KA1N4: t

i: Wry Suft lay.'id,Thuraiay.iTt.7(.ellt, P M. ,pkia; 'mdzj.to, Green& Cow Per;ery,650doto hr.vl celsio460: .T o :'be, drnc4 tit .J1/tz ndri Z. C' ,M"aip':2ti: WdEREASVltL1Am MATTHEvs. ? febl'1' 'j.-..'.", 4.OlUfl1b11 Block*,

Vtet1 dp y.and:1IiLlr4uY t,.w, -.M. 'Pr, *chr Lion '20 psga maze to Prestbn order& I I* .'the* 'Superintendance, :C. *I .' : ': the. .Ap chic la FOR lVEHPOOL-mie:fJiWi .j
I i -T* *"
\, t 1 j LAtSSTDLTt : ;.Maclcy;.257 J E GreenwopJ; 100( Green & Con-I Sciieraei' "; 'L au.Company ;"Qitbe_ 18th.day of A il-_1836. Br. 'COURTENAYG: I
Lt"t op.'JJ.I.Feb.! S. ew''YQr''f'.' Fcb 2-t 'nery; 21 H ?'Taylor Cu; 6 L.ockhart'&'Y ',ing lHaffnifictsnt! :pf LotiN :.'.a ci.l2,:o, block,ti I' front.range at ihiy
; .'t..J' : t1 n. 31"!NiOrktn.Mirch 1 G2 bbla fioor 6 hfds'sugu; 5\Jo: bdcon; WG Por-: <-< 'ipIll2&0: Y. .fcSCMJ.JJ( .16.,. .$50.000 'the'price offirteen hundred dollars payable .one. n jriaster; will meet ,with dSfitch.dec2S .

gr1Q'l.: .......Feb 17. Crt1toa,. ...Feb.2T. .!te!" & Co:. ?? bbls flour; 20 d*'wnrsk>v5 do'sugar, '. 1. ;. . ... i .'.:yiJJJ{ .v.v. ,30000 'third: hon- .the!,l5th day .oSptem er 153hhdrntbe,1thdYOt ; .i' r'lclghtappl1 t.5. : fa. : ; :

40 scks code 2 casks bacon, McKay; &Hart. I. . .. .! .'. .:loUJJ*' ... .! .-J ii, ,ir 15.CRX. V ) onf. September, 1836'ahd.the' 5 W.A.-kfr.CIMN.. : _.
I. '
EXCHANGE. home; ;4;casks biLcon, 18 kegs lard, 10 scks com. ,, 1. . . ..... ,l.J.tUJJ. .e..o.1. ,U5Jf) rethiiningone4hird\ on the 15th d4y' 'pep.thir : 4. FOR J IVERPOO .BfitfjIt' !
Checks at sijht ou N York.. .par. H nper.Is Holmes; 79 scks coffee, 24.bbls flour, c fr 1'. ._ . .-. > Of'OOO*. ..! .*.. ......6,000l te ibr *hich! last paymehta.) twapotetre ; 'Ir' t i ; i
., 1S36
..Auiita.f-2 pro ct. disc't. hi d: sugar, K.imurolJg & dgwayi5Qbbls. flour' ..,. . .,.... ',:D'JOO.'. : .. M. ;... .6OUJ. ( > .: 1836 .with'in-! ; a WATTS JpbM.tta# | .
v 9 T, 7" w given ecfe dated AprU lBt.t.t diicharKi i be.fc'fdecll < \
bacon L'.Milchel. i axkiil
# : now
Boston ... .
par. : + .
1.. .. .. . .4, 39. . .4U39 f
t S S I
'T te | which remain
.4 "< Cbatle. orJ ..pu. P.-r schr Seininole-.4-7. 1 pkgs mdts to,r 1. Laird ; reit.fdS pt..l5thil&3J l *. : recrue1Lhereoi1. ceve 'freight .few ; 1. . . .. .3U>JO* ... .'.* ..43,000, ; II
10) to Jlisses B interest :. .
: Appling .
..1-2 2J t "the iI. DAYiCLmS
Savannah ;
J ... ., HJt"T4'lor; 42bbls mo. lp MU VJAIM I .
3 . .1,750. .:. ;. '. -
.'. ". .1.' v to MKiy, \: IIarU horne .. I I : PAYID G.RANEY I .: i.Je-)1&
i" '. N Orleans! U 36 ;.GEORGE\\V> ,HRRlSON.d ; :
Bill*oa New York.' ';..30 riaya*.. a 14 psrcdis't.:, coilcask's'rot'e to Kirnbrough; Kifea pCs c&bacohi! : i -.'. .'. . .. 1.1IV1I i.. -..'. ii" ."". ..17.,'./'J' ,Mercbialsi th'S, name and style EOR NEW YOBL tbi"p&st.s

.., 'I ," ..,GJdays..lU2 21 bbl pork to Dadri' Gard. .&i& bacon, ; < ',7..". a. '. .:. .'. .. ."; ...cJv."t .v'.l' ;. .,.'j.;.'-71':1"0 of' 'h Harrton&:.Rao
.o; all other Northern cities, the same,rates.. kt"gg lard to T rjMitchers: .. .: v\\ 12J:.i .;. ,:... ; . ..400.. ,-. ;';. ..... ,OUo, th Company the 21it deyw; i hex cargo engaged; goi d.

--- -. *' .P4r ictirHll n-50 bbls flo r; 25 do')6rk\ Sscks -. 130. i.!... ,. . ..200. .;.'..'i'" .:T>.<. .26,00 A1-i836 of; : of Wharf: lot No. 22 !"-meet with despatch." ,FcTlrei .oa\. A

COTTO MARKE1t \ .; : cotTec, lOhbds sugar, 10 do bacon, JrDaV & Co,50 ;. .1.3tJ.-. ... . . . .1Y( *'..'. ;'. .-. 13OCXJ oC ; ; ; tha'tpuii lot No. 9 block, ,E first, i cr'passage. ,'apply. to of .4I
r Cotton,Market this week offer little J to.it* _,biston. CO, D GJUneyj-10. pkgs rndze' Moore 130. ... .j f 136O!_ f''t.._ .. ..!. '.. 1,9yo.13q Lbeirig dir&tly-iri'front of ] McKAY-:& }1AflTSflO1tN! ",--,. c.

lurk' upo'o. The'Hil.lImia's.. news occasioned a .x. AIc1euzt 13utt"i.1 252. Hil1,'.. ).wso. :_, ;Cp;'21 F w.elleul .-. -. .. :. . .' .. r...50. ...!f 1i.l GttjJo, *range 9J$ :a2fOthWS* at-thtfpncicfthreehttiidfedticJlars;; oj&e-fourth:; ] cash, one4burth'he, pay-:, I ".'tnat4'I' -. S ..:t. -t.. ... ,' 4 9 <. "

L'ttle speculative feeling which scon subsided r' ..4'XpRES. Y I,1ei '10 op abl; 12'WiUes i 4j51j*. !.,. .,. ... S S .4. .I ...3tzt:tff. 11'1"" n}I 1.year.al'terdatat; ..on our.t.h; Iwo;,.years.after date, I : ..:' 'FOR .'NEW YORJ." .fiftt)

igiin md wr.are now as dull as ever, with very cotton. ; */",, .*.'I.... .. .,j( ?*?.-f.i.f.532JU9G .. fr'f,4.q'Ll. ,_ .and the, remaining ,one fourth'three; years after I' hip GLENDoVEER', 'Pfbte.! l

little inqiiry..There is more off..ring than b.-fore EXPOHTS3: ', "- '. : kL .",:; .,- ,: date,for which thr.ee.notes Were by them executed .I 1ivib$ VtotitfcM*& d r&&Fikgagetf i

the nt"$.and 'a large business would be done if HAVANA-Per:* schr Uodney-10 corda wood. : ,"Prizes.. ; ;. .amounting, tolotis9,, : .as above,arId dated-JUnelst: 1637,"tOCt the sum of anfl going" oiTboir; for deck vftei&lit;$_
7 : o/\ : /:-, ; '. .f ven'hundred oUara each with jnterestlIrom.dute usage1applj toe2O R :
s audifitty:
pxrties could! m;ct.V. quote :Inferior, 7 to 7, ; touj.Litnbr. enptyci .. cket.1.-haTeS in'proportion "- ; p ": G :'
.Ni'W IOhK-Pcr ,; ; two of:ivhich now,remain unpaid with:: ( .46 Wters41j
7 Middling S ship )hrrhs 'V i1gWn- ," ,_ r" 5- 5dC -J _:__:. ;_Y_ '
OrJin-iry Sit 8i to Middling .
l to $ :
I' |
; -
1 -
21J2 b1esct p. 1) ,
on: 31 .tic daJ"'r 1! k'b.*lwa%. ..it" tiut >t ra lu: JU eteon.- -' "- :Ji9R. NEW 'YORTbefifcmd *
fitr.9 to 9J; F.air. 94 to 9J C Jts. Per'bark St: :: bile H,For Sale it the Agency of' i BAKER from -'
> ,
uuu wivr cotton. : ;: : 'purebaser !1 I q il nt-'c w.ered' pr tiitiipDUr
'The salta of the past wjeek amount to 1,615 bale, Per Per ship barque OcacJ-1,912 biles'cott n.; :: JGi. GREGORY" ," : &,21 CO,Wateristreet1'Apahchicblav Managers, ithJAp! hicdh Laud Company onrthelTth: day, *, ..Dagger. 'ror ftIh1.llp d

M follows:-H bales at 7; 29 at 74; 11 at 7J;.J37t ,EW pKLEAi Marv'Kimball{S-'Peibchf'Swallow.131 bales cotton._ f > > -. .p1' 'MaTCl:1837.of,lot-No: 3.in,block'Zio.-14.,,in d ; tb. ;: --WA WOOD, \
< 6; Sit 81.16(2; at 9!; 305 at 84; 60 at 81; 36 c9 U0n. 292- bid :r_. :.March'4,1844.. : ) .11 .th city.ofApalachicola: at .the price of twelve: 7 feb26' S .: 2? W1Zdi .
tS7-lG; 215 at Si; \$ at S 9-13; 73 at SJ; 235 at IJ. Last Notice ,to lax Payers I: i '_b tjidrd! / lljtrs, :payable as follows; one*fourth j; 1 _

SI: 67 at Sj: 7 at 8 IMC; 176 at 9; 21 at 9 1-16; 62 RECEIPTS Ot; ..PRODU E." : TAXEjAJl l persons liable to pay City Tax, .c b,10n.turth; {'!the,7th day March; 1339,_one; 'L-t_'QRCHARLESTQrTbCa3t5211.ui' j
Per Bteamsr TaUahassee3l7Hbales thatuilesi.the'l1stS handed .fourth;ion the 7th day.of March,il 839 and there i .ing .
st9j SI ar 94 53 at &j 34 at 9j cents ib. cotton/to.C are I rcargDeng2gJwi11vyc
: ; with of h
; per ,Rog r 55 VV A Wobd.54i; .\i[ .Wright, 1UO,riar- J bt befoie-i'ucsd.tyiit th thhit, fhty! niaiiiing; on -fourt.hcjl1: the:7th day,of March,J840,:; ter, most ;
Nothing doing to- !hy. -.- ic h lefpatch.: For balance freigbt or :
p r Holm-ij'35'; Xoaree'oi'Stone. inwill b .TAXED DOUBLEra*;proviaed! bY the torlwbich.jhree; .payments notes were duly executed -' ., passage.
At New! Orleans :ih ut.! the stock of cotton Per steduier Ch. irlebtvu-r bUf cotton toPrest the Ordinance in relation'to'assessment. wih( .,interest from date,.winch last, note remains apply *o :A., L' ,ELEMENTS,

,n hanJ ad shipboard; not cleared, amounted. ion B Wood& Machy:tf\ 130 Kimbrongh'iz itidgway 92 D OCJ- The books will, be* kept,oj Jl'"at Lewis' unpaid, with the interest accrued thereon.,; _m_ u4 ___S_ ,-I40 L-V*__aterl strecp.L
Co, 100( Gren&-Cti .
Lock- ,
b des" ery30 \WILLIAM WILDER; became purchaserfrolnnhe : $ CHARLESTON :Aiitl
232,470 _
hart fV; Young McKay Vs.Hartahorne. Exchange"Jntil' that .time._ ,J! FOR t
Per,6teawtirwAugubtarr22Iibaledcotton: ,SETH P." LEWIS -k- l' Apaldchlcoid'Lahd 1 : Company, on ttte, ih; S." 1, schooner GEORGE.:Captl: 'Kellcjtt
COTTON STATEMENT.Stock Perry 31 to Locktiart.j to G B HE2. R. WOOD T ax A')sessors.Ap1achicoLiM.irci. day of March, 1637, )! lot No.4, block14attt2e! is arid will'hate quickdespatch.
on-lian'i..i<.;:-. ..2ll ; ? y OQ.l?; ,,10J tu-Fieweilcn[ r ,_. J, -TII i ir daily.expected : :
lleclnd inc our hut,... ..:2tLf3, JSc thin; 175.to h EHisju' 'Co.; 76. McKay & ,.it,1S.i.. m4 It )jrice Of; two'.hurkfred fand fifty dollars/pay abe'iai| ; ? For balance; dt" 'freizht, r pusap. ,

I' previously. 1,447 Hartihome; 31 to ivuurse i tone;' 2"to Farrier .V: Auction Sale' ; follows;*one fourth1cash: ; bnelourth'pavable) on; h having perioraccnmmcdations, apply to_,
Co V 10 to order' ., he'7tn'day of March,.183S on -fOurth oh the 7th\ feb2 A. L. CLEMENTS, 3U'w" -r.st.
: 3-1,531 bales. Per .teiuer Siren-9 baes: cotton"to" Lockhart WILL be sold oa the Iburthday-of'Aprrl'next, day of March;' ISj .arid the>emaihing one-fourth i. ...
Exported since our last,.o.l;;,3if 5c Young; ti to McKay c Hartshorne 19 : froht of Messrs Green & CouJl rY'I the .!. K. iltGliX :9R.t ti.ARTER-
l're -7th three
;; to I. off day r'Marr.h,15.1O, for 'which : )
1 i.... ... 51,1 ;0 ipreviously \ '- ten .Muclay; 4 toll: G Ran y'' 1- Store," Eleven 'Bales Cottbn, lot the purpose ofp1yillg last payments,.notes were duly executed with'interest ;,' .,The fast.sailing-Br.ship'ROTHSCHILD.u .

9.27 Per teduier A.rne-lJa bales cotton to Kim, freight, sjlfA{e* &e.: said eleyen/bates I tromdate; fof'\ hich remain '? -ly to (feb12)H. B.EEIL.Ste&tmci5 J.
Stock on hand not clears d.... ut brougli & iiulgw.ay.aO to,\ notes now -
r .2aau V.AV ;44 to Ac were shipped on: board.'steafuboTallah'agje"lS.. wittf--the -
unpaid. interest accrued thereon. A.1r1l$1a.: .
Kay>c Iliiruhuruci ,10 tu B Eiliaon & Co 110 to Uutnmer. master May'5-X 1843 Unless claimed '
t. FREIGHTS PrfStou Ill; Maclay: ; 152 to BP Butt ;;. EKASTUS CHf TTENDEN,became'purchaser ThE fine/ st.r thftngrstcl t

To. Liv-sri10/!,. .. .. .,,5-3d. pr Ib. Per stfeaniwT Lcoaec-147'bio: cotton to W A X and identIfied .beiore The day afureaaid, it,will" ,.be frrirn the lApaljchicda Laud Company, on the'7th .SterAL'qJ&1'.iIas.. B.Hirnaster' .

N wYoM,. ..... ..... ... 13-V>c'M P C Kain 112 to E P'Bu1t ; 7( toJ Wood; 26 I sold to the highest bidd" 'r. "?i day of March, 1837, o ';lot Nos. 1 and 2, in block .. Will. regularly :during

Vi&on ... ... ... ... ....7-Sc to Lo4te' : x Stone;: fc"5 to iicKay &'lI rtsh.1n.e. i N.A.. MYERS, No 14, in, the citv-of! Apalachicola the priceof .. the season? between ;Apalacfc6I.ndColumbus .

One Br ship is said to hasmlll, beginning Per.barge Jane-110( bales. cotton to' F R Ely. March 4, Id(4. ( Auction._-. er. twenty .lY'htir.tffed,' a.l1 pav'able'fis follows; when the,'tMr, will'admit,',tob.'

at li 1 to Livrp(ol. .j' ". __ l.o'IARINE S SALE.-Will bp 'sold I \n .ttJUrtbc |b''Qt nVtourthln the 7th ,"March''; ing i i7th at all the.intermediate landing 'She.wiH beat

INTIIIiLIGENCE ADMINISTRATOR'S Saturday: the 16th iiist., :1838l rie'fo i1h'Oi the; day of'Mai h,'"2830, EUFAULA on-her downward- trip, i ry Wed- ,
FOREIGN: MArtKETS.LIVERPOOL at 1-2 I'cluck, M., in fro 1t, of :"Myer's Auction a'id the remaiHb i i :miefcfourth on .t the'r7th 'day'of, nesday", and will take tieJgnt.or>passengers- > on,the

: J in 19th -Cou '.-In consc- -. -- Room," one gold watch and t the:furniture thereto March, lS4'Jfur which last threerayments,netes most reasonable terms, arid insurance caix be obtained

q ifiicof ndvicea from the U.ute-.I rftatei. rece.ytrJ POUT OF APALAClhCOLA..March4.CLEAtlJSa beU'n inyj, of theestate of Mjrtin Snd r 'lateofKrinkhfi ; : were dulyj xecuted: wnh tolle 'on bef-as*low asbn any othir bcat.ft' i
S.uurdiiy la:!, au uuus-ially ext n he b'Ji.nl" of which Tiotcs'remaTn, ,unpaid' with the interest 1: accommodation for Bamngenare
-- Fa. dece ed. ,
s h.Li b:i'a doa tins: \v.-'k ia cotton county --4 -
cnliy '
on "
speculation, occomptailed by an aciy nice <.f I-d-l I a i I ftr Sale! by order of the Judge of the County! ccruedthCr I. ,, J not: excelled, ,her ,Cabin, being al io"Staje
l-4i pr !n.] ()R tt-t wieii'o. tl'l.tLtiou. of Amcri. Ship: Martha Washington, Tyler; for N York) by ,Court ':for sud: County. ItOBERT-. FLO YD,.became purchaser'rrom rooms, and every exertion,wilLbiuiade, tajetaia.the

cm. 5A Ulaad: i: iii goul d. iinjd, 11: aJ\'c.lucl4 )I.:1.IY.If rhotl1e. B. F: 'NOURSE( Executor; the Apalachicola Land Company the 16th'dayof well'known reputation she..hM sustained fir

prices K:;yiuiatj).? h.i.< nttracted the aitc-ntio I tfspciilators biuugh Snip OC& \ViHdrd, for New York, by Kim Apalajriicola, March. 4, l44A' mr4 2t. April', '1838,-of lot No:.'3, in block' No. 16,'in safety, comfort and despatch," .*J," :\;',
Ridgway. .
us w.il as ths trad, anJ is in active I- j the city Apalachicola: at. the price ot, elevenhundred For,frefgbt or.
dcmind, ut an udv.ince of f ily l-2d pT lb The L'1qUI.uy C Kimball, Freeto, for New York, FOR SALE-r Tlie! new- and substantial barge dollars, payable! as follows. ; on -fourth S1O'V3&'S1ARRJ ', '

.',> of the w:?;{ amnu.it l'. &:,53J bile.- by Burx Kogers St'Cloud and,E Davic Butta..l.r 1\. York .F'AYETTE," of the.capacity of 300 or cash; briefourth on the 16th.day'of April, 1839, THOS A. TERRY, v: ,
Rogers. '
J.m. 2-i'rt-In ths einv 'urt pt'ttlr week by 400 bales cottor>. For terms to ;
j cotton apply one-fourth the .
Schr on 1840 and
FIi rididii 16thdq1ofApri1
> Brown, for Mobile by. B Ellison Agents, Eufa 1
w't: ia m.Kk'Mtcdemiua, dad tae man- dull b-Jt FLEWELLEN !
; A: Co.Schr & BUTT, the one-foimhipn the 16th of
fsw remaining y April, B ,ELLISON &Ca1 r
during tne idst daya cutdero.e b'lsmr.shwb
Swallow. Shannon for New mar4 tf No.2 Cdumbus Bl<>ck. 1841, for which 'last three '
Orleans. ( ,
*n don", pirticaijin)' on spf cal.aion, awl the payments, I'ote ,were mar4 Agents, ApalacI hicola."i'
week clos-rs v.'uh :a.-t we '.."= quotations uALIL.r.Lfl Schr Ho.fl1 ,-Evans, for Havana, D Goddard. duty executed 'with, mterest from 'date, one of ,
IliinavvnyCotnrratted "
Negro ,
Schr Alligator, for 'ew Port Fla. whi remains Steamer Charleston; ,.
( firmly mil .t-ii.ied.I rfea l&Jtnd id in luir d:- : notes unpaid; ,with the interest >
at" Sloop lieury CLy, Downs, for Mobile. tu Jail this day, a negro man accrued, ., THE and.
Tnind, full prices In Kjyj: ,fian, a IA ;*. bsi'ieas WO thereon.- new, splendid fast
his b,en done, nl af'irthTiuJvancf; of f'l.ll-td pror as a runaway slave.Said negro is1 about& JOHN R. CH.PMAN, became purchaser from ,running<",er CHARLESTON.
i3Ttif hl if the week A' LL h ED. #[ & r leet 8 inches high, about thirty 'years of j
s amount 42,730 bales the A'aiachicola. tandCompan ,'on the 15th day Freeman, Master,will/iptconnec-
Fb 21 1 1T Cotta 'litct h..3 Ship Dauntless: (Br) Rogers from Liverpool, to J4 age, tick? set, and stoops a htf1v.hen. .
? bei ced I .
'of with
S C,. ,iu.I MYi.i 1S38o( h t'No. 1, hi/block N(,..188. the LpwkiiJ'initfi
r.4 y ;it-'inudt: thn laii.i'jt tus "'eeii, sp.txUiig .- 111t"rs! ]itr\ -5o hid wrtT'inir, has a'small scar over the right l eye, one in the city of' 'Ap'll chicIi l "afth'tf r semi-weekly trips betweei.Eljtaujta'apa
: > Br Webster (; of regular
I ; ( ) fin Liverpool to I price four
rct-ivL-i .1 fresh 1U1t.xI t' from ine rXCllt'- under the chi'!, and on each hand ; and aliirge: : .J
S. Caui.SLH hundreil and all intermediate
and and
Apalachicola, landings
h-Rt prsvaijiirf l.a 'a: Vuiie-i td.tl"S. Tne ftaas-: sr on the left' shoulder blade back slightly ] fifly! dolhr.s,payable as fuIliwi; on efourthcahonefdurth ,
arriofi 'jxceed, by nearly 10.00J bles, the iargjat WoodJc?: Huron, Paine. 13 days fm New York,,to ]D sca.Ted by the whip. He vraa dressed in on the 15th' day of March when.the condition of tbe'flvet'WU warrant win # '
w ''k.'.. b lours., jCtrvio-isly k; c.vu uud ihc uiarKct & Co .4 and round jacket and says'h'e gray one-tourth'odthe 15th day of March.184(), tun to Columbus. > t: I
kersey pants
dn! ? wit!! B. White
Scnr Lbn. Call, 2 days fin .New Orleans, to B 1 to John '.rf"- Harris county, Ga.
; list wkVq jotdtifmsuf-maud American S""d 1lanithoagh .iI E:1Qa! N: Co Had.with him, when, :taken up, a badly written_[ Mirohl84lVfor'wh7ch"lAstXhreepayinent9rnoteswere'dulv t and Qnveni nce of passengers, and wit r
in h.t5
moJerite adv.iuctj 1.H! Schr ile'lrn' Sear 8 (executed with interest, from:date, is a\velrbnilfcraft, capable of earring
days fm New Orleans, to arid worded pass, name could nQt positively be one
p-r U) EYtitU3. continues' to attract tn? itte.jjon; 1 '
J D.l & Ct ofwhichnotes, remains unpaid with the interest much'freight;with Kat'on
) perfect safety
of 5"clll.it.'r. at 1-41 per ib advance.Tiie } ascertained. Any person owning said negro.willple.ie I -. j-.. js any
of ScLIr kxclsiorVoodburv l fm N OJJeana.:5u accrued thereon.! tha Chattahoochee, and can ar4.q.Titischeaply.
sales thf amount bile come fc-rward '
w.en to l'9,5ro
?, prove property, pay charges -
.d"J1D Ol !, ':, ti.a JVJ'J) Anirie HI, I., Sta.ner:ltner Siren Tdltaha'lS1 SI1.lrpt.fm, Ihinbrir.ge. and take him away. C...!. SHEPARD. .MARGRErF'A: |: BOWER, Executrix of Ebetzcr'J. .. For freight passage appljT S tb'eifh'er .
: 2JJ. :'(;I1:1n, 2JJJ i .tllt, 1t J Mar&tlt11 Ilyitian S :>1'.too, fm Coiumbus.te.rnr .Sheriff: of Franklin county, Fla. ne Brower,deceased, becamei. purchaserfrom; JOHN M. MOORE, ., : iIVM
.t..ad : ) It U) S-a 1tn d Augusta, H.til! fm adIlInb..ls.' the Apalachicola Land A. SCANDRETT &.Co.
i.I U'4t. is loHows: StCHI1.r Apalachicola, Feb.i 2'9, 1844 t mr4 Company: the 16th day t
Agues; Jenivins, fm Coiurnbn3.tamr 6mupf'NOTI '
from 12 tt) 52i ; 10 *i .incd do. 7$ a 11 ; *?lt.XO L> .; UCn Groer fm C'h1rnbus.ttnr of March, &. (f lot, No. 10,. in block No. 52. S Agents Eufauiai4'MOORE :

..u-d, 4 J a 65 : J5. 70 Mobile a.iJ A.iibatua 4| a Oj t; Siren,lat Van Verhten, fra 3ainLridge.&rge E.-1"b subscriber.in.rendinsj : in the city of Apalaceicola, .at.' the priceof: five &\:McKENZlE. -

:?7,0i; .:\ Or1 irih 5j a d Jane, fm Mir; "'ia. .. i'- to.leave'this:city,,in;a;'fevil.iys hundredjaojlar3pa'abl:; slasjfollows;Vone.fourth f Mc}AY & HARTSHO r 4JfehiS. 5
Sf.'k in Ij-.erp-ol, 3L-tl)ec. 131.1,...f 3g30 bis.S request all cash, bti .lp Eon heiieth.day '\ :gents4iaIai: bic til 8
..n in 1.*2. .. ... ... .. .. ... .45utitrJDe'rea .' ..... 'd persons having one-fourth'on! ; f.Afarch, 1639, :. .; :
1I.1r.1\llJ' W,11C J left with him the 16tK
CDA. jewelry .to be.repaired ay..or.lIarch'AO'and -
) c of U111 ort this year c-'in. ..red ." Ship Huron, Paine, from New Yorkj; on 2Pth to call for the same without delay. the remaining one-fourth' on .16th day of March Steamer Lowell. .
with th! ? umd.J.t l loat : '* : "
year..74,121 alt while: if Standing"A.N O..l J, with altthe'Insurance ffi
: the
liic.Vdsf! stoc4,.. '. .... ..:. .._. .... IJ-.,'_)OJ rigged passing Salt Key Bank, &iw a fu.l.1J I' J D..H..PALLAJS.Apalac.hicola 1841for, which iast three payments, notes were -- THE splendidandsubstMtia!
Incre-ise i.tkea for const"'tiun, ... .2,7'JJ ** loofctf brig ashore on Dog KOCKS, with her sails l March Jat.'l&i.. i 1 rn42t' ,dilly,executed yyith ;interest'from. date, "one, of sfeatSetVlOWEtL "
apparently just got on. running ,
Frb 3 -A halt holiday is now observed ia o rtonujr'i41 -- JIJ T rl'cci.'per. :1fhr Lion,irotri NOrleans;; which.notesremamsu !ipaid, with the interest JiiilaJt 1 N'lesBlaster, will fpfy.fij

tairkrts rn Saturday, to which m.ly VESSELS IN PORT. few patterns;)f'French. Doeskl I,:f9r, G nTinmen's : ccriiVJ.t'lefepn, ., j every week bet"eeD bj

h *ttn )."'.J ;ue coniiMrutiveiy biniil hairi! of to- March Slocps.and lishters not .included.- .' Pant', 'suitable for Spnhif wear. .Also, ..11"4 UtTt., by the agreement made with city and Eufaula, touching an'd'freightingr"; : *r"] -
1.1. T1ietr.de remains unchanged ia >5rit, the ,- SHIPS. French 'Shoes,"for'sale'low-fiirCish'.hV said parties, it was fully\ ,understood.. that,In.caseof'failure intermediateTowns landings d' wi11kb
narm ftfehti! cxi jif,uaJ prices remuji; asquoteJyirJav S-.p'iia: (Br. \Vebster 337 BARNARD ELLiS to .sai'd notes, the said Coinpany
) > tons, fm Liverpool, :1' ; pjay freight'and passengers at. rates jrow'b
1JJ) bites ii-tve nt d with buyer.in i .ot1td.beat
discharging Cassm.auitl"fc mtrch4 libettytusefl. VAnd it is
S 2SWaf.er.st.. lurtht-r obtained on the river. d and safe
Hjvj (iU tl"n: by ?pcul.itors: and the tiii ., IngO 'stages fth.e
> s ) : (Br> Rogers,: 532 tons, fm Liverpool l, understood, ..thatiif't'iwid: : w'ita t.1- exctf tioa ot 2 Jj Surui aud 40 Egyptian if ''discharsiiig Cassm. T17tvrEtlPRODUCE.: ., iv shall f tail' river, which wiir Ilr be during the
aver to either of .
J-' t. C pay. ,said notes, as they
ccast of Amsrcaa 5j to C&d.Kfclirnated Iiuron Potinp,611 tons, fm'New York VV schr Lion winter and early spring, the_ Lowell, will Tmf rJ
waiting.Master. NewbrleahJ .
: respectively becomdui, the said shall
Company '
Stock, Jcb. 2, 1s.t3 and 1S44. 50' ; .1. gularly to Columbus and;:,intermediate .landing.
bhh Whiskev b'e at liberty
; : on: giving ..thirty days, notice, in a '
1S-I3 Glendo\eer Parsons 495 for The Lowell is not iurpassedforacthmci'a.tioris .
: 1S44 ton, N York, ba J- 50 .
American,. .. ..., .. .. .:C2o,7oO:: 431,150: ) m-C'ltogerti and D B Wood & CoCourttnay J1. do Fl ur; l public a azettel'publisKed: Apalachicola la, o're and.comfort, and it is intended she shall cot -
]?'ZIt! .. ...... .... ... .. .... .X3JO G-t, iO (Dr ) Turn, 60S.tons, for Liverpool l 1. 5 hhds Bacon Sides ; s-ell said l loti, at t&e risk. of said (purchaser named I) be*, by ,any Boat on the Chattahoochee 'met.
... .. ... 5 do Shoulders- for t he.$inefitotsajd
Uvttan ..21,1O 22,7-:0) wo1itiu-\V A & P C K.ain : i Company, and if any surplus Those who her urei. iBat
ship by rest
w erf India, &c.: ,... ... .. lbVJ30 b l 0 Grotiu8. Sl..ars11 99 icas, fur Boston, IO 1dinbD For sale by i\J. A. MYER, .remain! ,* afterpaying/ "of said.notes, given for their Cotton ctGoodi may a .
EostlnJia, ... .. .. .... .9I,->) 9):'7" 13 \Vood3c;Co.Man.inn3V'Nrttcn..37d'. _mar:, .S Water st.FJRCME.V s.lldlt..h! and all. costs and expenses, the same will be.delivered.as ciui k.lyandusafeIyasspeedandcarwiUaccompli3h. ,

-- -- tony;, fin N .York. discharg shall: be paidto: said'(purchaser named) or bis or i-
Total,.r.2.', 10 ) /": : A 11ENlior- I JOHN M. MOORZ '. + "
; in-McKyH.rL.thOrne. f. her ')legal repre ntativ." .qnd- whereas,;Sti d .
Taken oa speculation thi* ye.t1r. ... .tlS,,K) bal s. Dcucati Dd. 'e:, .2,16 toaeYor f' w York, load TIE members of the Ayalaclurola Fir. EnJl parties'have'failed to said notes herein be W. A. SCANDRETT COYeb5tf .
Do. at the same period Jiit year,..13,000 ing-XV A Word. Jiine Company, No. I." are Hereby notified fore,cited :.Now said in .- :. ,agent ,. talauia,' a.
England, (Dr) Eoothby, fm Marseillep to attend of ; Company, pursuance of: MCKAY&'fi ARTSHOBNE
HAVRE, Jan 27lh Prices of cotton hive advanced waitinc a meeting said Company !this .ever.ing said agreement.\vill the lots aforesaid at ;
mac*; our previous njv,rt, but the marvel W AJcPCKaiu-. ; <- I .it half-past 7 o'clock 'at the'E'whe.Houa'a, auction;, front,.of!the expose '.: I MOORE & McKENZlK"Agents
e.t pre!-l1t is 9'I1ft. with a downwdrd ten-Jeucy. Sylvaiii w. 'niinst.Everleigh,547tonF! for N York, f>r the transaction of busipess of 'importance* in said in Apalachicola Exchange : 0 .: Apalachicola;FJa.DKSOLUTiorr '. 1.
Thr loading-W A & G.Kain.. 4" : city orit.ijhe 10th day;!-.of-April next; between -
srtlesof tn la.-t eight davs !have been )5y order of the Frerhan..
ccnti ned Hiis.! 525 ton waiting 3r : the hours jofilQ o'cloclcra. and '
to 5,000 bale Our stocw, ure eni'muted Troy ?, Vright.1tot1ici1d THO 1Y.HLSY m:, p* m. [ OF; CO-PARTNERSHI f."
101, KH) ) bdiess agtifet 127,000 biles ia IdW at (bi) :ell, 617\tons', fi/rfreight or char. A'pnlcHi: > h Jn44. Soc'y. for cash,'to:pay the' notes, due. thereon, interut.cost ; j 'tefetofore eiistiiik under
f> Marrb
4. m4 It -
Tnf ter-Master., !, and charefi -
d -mttid for cotton yebterJay was activ : ; i ; the namem style of "SHERMAJf: &FpRDw I
141 E. 20( ji; bil.'s at improved prices .Sales dunti -F.yons", Ryan. fT'fl, #l g-\tuttl'r. SA V'.ERY-IpE'ived' by late arrivals from ; Leww Curtis iind .George'Griswold,.trustees of was tbif dissolved by mutual ; it

toe month, -sached 4J ,OU) b-iles. This minting' i ;;; TUQUES/: ... '\ York, another assortmentof Saddler, j the Apalaci.icote Land Company, tor'the use: of T tfL 'day: -. -- > ::=: ; : $: f 'r :;
i *}"nunl : Ligonia Ilamitt'onl 235 ton! /or K York 1 J
1Jo roi.titju": ; utiim ted. c-irgo (.f 1 : 0 consisting of i NcPherson .Rerrien.for itheuse of David 'IS S.'lt FORD f fApthehicojFsb.24
but'. fr"n Mobile tak ing-1) B WoujTfc Co. i.I .
was n by ppec.iUtora. Lvdies' and Gentlemens Saddle Selden. By their Agent, B. G. ROPES. I
1 .Ia&&. 31st_. Cottr..-Tue short spice interveuitrg Dr. Robert Watt, Jthnon, 491 tons, for Liverpool I, Coach A'labchicola, March 4th ; .' :., J.)
Dctweeu '***It". Harnesses, : 1844. nJ4'lm
ue d4e wdulrg-J JJiiy & -
of ujds>t eirc jhtr an j- ih pre- -I 2 "
&UI on 4.viii -BRIGS.TimU DU. KY" THE makes #4na
: | bat litile sc1? Ibroperttiou.-;mrJ: Bacchus undersigned knojmQ& j
rt'we aavK-ta frni Ln'erpwl..bpiru dev id qt .my on, Bliven 222 tons, for New York, loadC'r Jers.>yDouble u rpHE,subscriber having taken the,BAR-ROOM and the public that he'has PtJrch* i tjtif> .e ths

tu;; ? cjTuriut.'reitiu! j :,' t!2'V'Cl1t1rcacter';I ou .lng-1J Wood Jc Wagon Harnesses, X of the .' Ciry HoT-'X in interest of his late,partner,and will'.continue th
rslrk: t his nt n aerially : uttered .irl e aid&. Jccuer Upton. ,2111011i., for Ccston, waiting Collars and Hanes, Columbus 'respectfully business: under-his .
tjiftold stand
owtJ name
tlt.IPS tb wOn : DBWuud1,1C9. ,solicits from his friends and the .
: d.i public -
b.ltthe iJridles and'BrJdle -
: l..me 7ect' the'cl!te Bitts,
feb26 : s
4 -'R.FOIIDt.
tli 'he share of their .custom.
part week.. a The Bar will be -
SCHOONERS. Mfcrtinjpl'es; Circinplos l and Girts constantly
Seminole, Taylor, fin N Oriettn5.discoarsing Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers, furnished with the choicest WINES, 'TOTICFThS Office of .the- :SURVEYOR -

PAESGE1t.: : Master Carpet Rags of various kind- LQUOR5, and CIGARS. Gentlemen who wish .L GENERAL, OF FLORIDA .*KB&&ttS; -

Per ac )r Ifclea_ Storer and i lIoUiD"., ExcL,ii r, \'oodbury.'f tona1fgr" CJ arIeston.load. Also a few Calf Skins and white".and red Lin i to i.dulge in.a Toddy,' cold Dr hota .'Punch'I;' ence to an Executive crder, uodtr.ther Hdo/tH
-"oia .
*orth. 1.1 -,.\ L C.tments 1R Skins, all of which will be sold.low for CasH i, ht or c1d, or 'straight1iiiins,' 'will find them President of the United.:States, dated the.dytf
cPer itamr T. Atldl f1i, Ware, 'tonS fin Havana, discharg. 4 mixed tro'wn' at. thi
;, tl.h9i'Se.\I" Miss I ? ', p to by PETER HOBART. up establishment and October, 1843;and confomity wfthvraggwtioas '
2u:1.it:; J Bi p.l'IS! J Mailock.M tethuneahd ing-J Iht.y & Co. mirch4 '- these who wish to regale themselves with a cigar; contained in a .''communication !thc
Tester Smith, tit ;tons, fm New Orleans, waitliurli : vill find here '
Eiti always a regalia a canonc. ,' ora CommiBsioner cf the General Xand Office tot lOtb

rJr, t.Pamtr. Ch.mef.1trfr3 B.rus .Tohnnn, Me ts Lion, Chit 99 ton onCof, fm j Orleans, discharging CriAlRS CHAIRR! ed per snip' prmciX' of the mostd.4iciousflavor. October following, be removed froCKTi'lahjgtj

11 O ard. Johnson', S'u'rmiiJ' ,rdI j> LlUioiiicCx). f, .&4 ._ ,. The reputation which i the:"City Hotel 19 to St. Augustine on the 24th da; .ut FebraarTIS44 ,-

:; t "mf"r'J\'JgUUa-.rl Helen, tf ,an, 73 !tons, fm Xe'w Orleans, discharging 10 dozen Cane Seat Maple Chairs, etablishedfor*Jennhty 'land Ij-.' order precludes ,at-which.place.-it. .will.b A.r "
p Qrlol, \LY"S'J A J'rbole HaUe), G B Perry, -Mailer. 3 'I curled S' S the necessity of-'the 'undersigned making aeon. as the archives can ,be. raflPrtedJQteii'; {1i

1).r H"'cUnt'r AgnMed5t ve RicbardOn ,- .r-- U- __ __ -_ 2 U Boston Rocking' Cl' air ( ; any lassurancei ihaCsuch.: !:wili. maintained proper.destination, J. *. I' i.', .. } '
C rom..u, Kenzidy1 Bumll, tobert AU'F1ON-1he f-ublic ;re hereby cautKinetl 1 Mahogany uAl throughout 'Frf>m attentionto; thit'.businea :. .. .'V.YONWAY4Sr.Gear4.-

t.Pill bttcltne konet-Jud"'t.rll ior lady and \ / a aiust tradiuV for j>I,me notes ot, hand made ,'.->ofas, Sidebo rd Beaur aus. Tables", for a numberof-years, the! subscribejr.idoes hot TaUah. Feb.. 23d .4. 48., .: $- -
W : tJ M Moore,! Ity, if EKiui b.nd, by me, 13ab1tb'M.. Carn daled Nov. 30;, BeJ-teads, Washstand, Curled Hair' Maftra ; flitter htmsaf i. feeling assured that be can give : ': -

'YttL&wden, irnitF&, lD.1tagar. 1;43, as thejconsider4tlon for'wnicii any : sid notes Feat hers, &c., ail of whic > wilt be saId low kr 1 perfect satisfaction. Drop-in-and jude forvourselves. FRENCH CALJ: SKIN.O;

Ca h, hy PETERHOBART.T .- -} i .,' %. IJAIMOW): -, :TCSt.. .reoited ;'fnnmsaJ.. ,iii .
NOTICEiz weeksT&e, i lhd1'aVPl.v9f : wer .givep "has entirely failed, A wIll not p.iy tLtIucompeUd m c .; } '. "i.f : ; ; j .i. "-hr

Ftoh! .Uonorable.J e oftlJe County O:l1rtp by }a w. T Columbus_T ,..Ga-i :J" fi bv.1OuI844.f i .". >:ii I"bl2 faD .,tf- ::' -r 11C Boots fetii*
1\arr.t1'4 1S-14;. ;BARVEY W'.LJjMS... I p !
rbn.'iclt County, for Ipttera t( ndministrJuo T EITHERTRUNKSiiJurt received ale '
'" : r w EADY'MADE: :CLOTHING JUStTeC81Ytd l with largasapply of FrenchCalftSda"afimaferiajs 'ptbv *
'" teot OHN LOCKE, dceased.APAthiCQs E (QHANGUt 1.d old, y XJn-lendid black and:rnwet Leather Travelling JA from New York,'a large'and 'gebetal. asaortzuent -. of the- : I :
D.GOVE. WM. G PORTER I Tru >kf, fornle b7'SDLLb& CO of thtBtelr"1"i'
brih'2l84t ,, Ready, Hade Clothing. .;AU jWtri
? .a feblO, Agent Bank Brunswick. fe1J19 -1 29 Water it. '. .f. 'SB HAMILTON ly.sttsddt' : ::1It 3i, .J Wy: ;
S '
.J}'} '

It ItcTJ '}", :



-- -- ---

.. ,..JI II'I'I' !' .. ... .... .. ..
.,,,,.. .: ''--' '',;' -. -:- ''-;-'' -' r-T :-w_ <' ',' "T- .o-::::" 'II' ". ","""" Or '


__, ,_,.. .... . .. .. ........ ..,.'' .......
',*. -, ... :;'i1!': ...... '" ----""""'- -t -----. ...,- -t-'t-o--.. ;: '2Zi 2KSh '':: ":- '='-" -""-" -..... .g. A. - '..::.-.t.. ?' .;,:::. :: :; ".4 -"''' .... ,

: .-- __. -. .. ., -- ---'--' -- --"v'- -
; ; : ; :--; ;- rd-i i V .J. .. .. : i.ADMINISTRATOR'S I
; ,LE-'dAL ,N1)btC ES:: : I U S: MARSHAL'S'SALSS < \j )
... t ; MANSION HOUSE. '
: 2_ .t..' ,. .. -t.' '-. '.. -. \. 't-': 1f "' '';

f.. .. Receiver's Sale. ". ..U."S. Marshal's4: Sale., ;: NpTICE.--Six weeks'after'date, I shall apply !THIS establishment: 'is No still-kept, up"in the best is .- '
__B__tit'F'. .-N'oueadji: :::r' So _. _- -'-" "D Y;virtue of three>vrfts of'fi fajiss d.fro JheJD Judge-pf'the County Court spared by neatest-style.the'proprietor to pains render all expense comfortable '
> ebOnlS: n' .Wles" 'SupepbrCburt' Frahkiirj to of'Frariklin'cbuntyi "of administrationon
r County, metHfected fp.r.1.letter "
.a : who favor him With call. The table. isspread
l irlant.J 'j,. t... .r'' 1' ii' ; tneln'favorof John'Hanlin,6n'' 'in.fator the sjate pf;Henr&BeadlMeGea8ed.: with,the; best the a 'affords and HDARKOUND'CDY1'ITS
.. "eo. .. INCH: ... P BenifcyT.: ,' *' '"'- very market ,
-. v TSV *" '," I.:*-. ,'- T> < CaVoi'ahd 'onft in TaV6rqf TsaaciS: (' : : -, '. JAMEs GIBSON.alachicpia the'services of the most attentive servants''are secured.

:Abraham K Allison surviving! ':'roc ', :'",.- .: Tacqti& 'vs. '; \ "Southern .Lire'lnsuran' 'aridIVitst'Coihpany .,, Ap : ,. Ech.. IQthj |844x feb2 6t ; '.FeeUn, $grateful for former liberal patron- '" POWER IS UNIVERSAL. .

,.B k.rta1. ) l\* :-- ; 1.:'will pffer, fdr/.Sal&tat publid "\TOTlCE. -Six'weeks'after 'date1,'1' Will apply .ag eihe subscriber hopes to merit its continuance. "For the angel of deatrrspread his wings
ofa d 'in 'outcry, at' thacourf, 'house dobrih. therjcity'offApa! ,.. on the
:is: an reaJ'wdetade\ .P < ihei ,i\Jto Honorable Judge of the County: Court: BENJ'N HURDviApalachicbla. blast, .
namedcd.rise Decttnber7t1t.18) h<< lachicolar'at; 10 o'clock, a.'m:, on the first! Monday '
Feb. face
-Frankliir ,' feb5tf of
for letters"of administration 1t.-1S-i4. Andbreathed'j1\the mankind he
County as
I of .
HoftoraMe'Jfio fe tSucnotoIrt
Ih'Mafch'HeW; C1fl t ::1 pit number.p) nine, .
cFmakUn' Coiinty:Sitting a*&G6un'of it4ToI I taThaof, on the estate'of Robert Gilpin; deceased. 'APACACHlCoil XCtiANGte. "' \ REMEMBER
J 'in block;T5. front. fange,'agnTeablv; ( '. .'. '. .
cVf Virtue )'thcrrqpo.wers& thereby. vested in me,,]I I : witlia11the buldiiuid T R: 1: MOSES.J 'PUBLIC That the first symptoms.pf-sicknessy complaint

'2r.t1ot a.tg.rdary the second day of March;next, said-dityi:.J togejhbr ther :nntO., belo1gthg, ., Said'prtrMeeiii' :appUJtenatices Apalachicola,' Feb. 12th; 1844. felg 6w ; THE. : above Establishment-has are )respectfully been informed! that disease has an origin which requires but; little at.
entirely re-
prcedto sell. at Public.Auctiozrto the $nfresi tention to overttirow.the first of
: t cause illness.
'bidd i''the 1aUowin; describe4piopy twu ,B .:. the' 3rii;: 'knon": i 9 'the'bffice of the':S titli- "VTOTIQE.r-Sbe= weeks alter date, I shall apply;' 'fitted;;and is now 'operf:for the reception of per < NEGLECT -

; ".jLt1t Noi(5). 4ve. '.in: block ,D it! tat dr era Life Ihsufahcd' '1' .. .and. .A. TVust t.Compat\t:1n: : :AMalachicola JLN ,to the Honorable; Judge,of the County Court! tn nent and.trancient l ooarders.and the subscriber At this season' of the year when the organic '
'Vat the : : "fiOTTL MYERS. of Jacksor .fpr letters Qf. administration hopes by'strict ;; state I
street; D1 Cityof.1. acc1tiy : \ ppunty, attention to the business.ofhis.house of the the in '
-fetfl front,bjr-eighty feetjdeep;' havingthereon-a :: U.: S/Marshal 'dfsf/Apalddiidb.la: :t' on: .the .estate .of. William 0.. Kenan.late.oC; ; .to be second to none in rendering his guests for bodv the opens < system of a premonitory! I

brick store of three stories. "t \.. ,i.--4 : ",.Apalach icola, Jan.'SSqYlS. V.1ffi29.1frn': ) ,< .1 county; decease.d.. JOHN TAN ER. comfortable.Oysters' way in CAUSES"speedy gathering the matters. wMtjend

Also i Lot/No/ ;; (13) hiT.e1hL: block D J., situated.bn.Oommerce ,S..MarsIial'.Saic ., .Iii i ari.anna,.J31h} 30th, IS:!:!. febjS 6w Game, 8tc. served up at all hours'and' cinei and terminates: beyond irf'DEATH.approach, of aedil* J
Ui ; :
street In Bald city, thirty feet ? >iTY.virtue in'ihe best
ff b1 .t1)y.. ighty.deep..ha.ring..1hereou a brickCJbuild-: ; of wit pluries t .*.fa:.'Issuedfr !in ""VTOTK&iSrx weeks after'date; I shall' >ply' usual is style 'The:Bar attached to the house 'H necessary is'It 'then that ''mankind shoujj .
as stocked.wl
iAof. )es.oryJu1oW\l as the "Ph: nix lj.o use.tt, .JD Jackson: Superior-- CCJurt Ito Grateful
..... be; tl .. ., e cgnvgyed.'byithis; : ; sale beiuf''alle 1 of.Samuel St'tfohn: .Bank of'Pensa ola, of Franklin-county; for letters or ministration! ,! qu fore received: for thfc liberal patronage hereto thrown\ around them at ,a'moments'notice, \vhefi ,

bexgJt", j t1c=''and interest' '*'* .of.OG; *":1tayzm4d'1t. I: have'levied':6nthefbllOwing: -property-inth'e' 'on'the estate of MARY A. SCOTT\.late of'said,; heJiopes that his friends and thepublic attacked by CHILLS, COUGHS.'and; COLDS.; .
..0 f U4t'., .. a.iia A,u.jLll, On" JA aIlu. L,, ;'of'd will continue to sustain him ,
? deceased"yo E. Jl'WOODr; such
i :
: cityof Apalachicolaitbwiti-: eight (8) county 1 ., Simple as ,complaint.may appear at first !

eID-ine; ) u cash, and"'i1it! rernajHcJer'injBuktVfelve : land"leven'(ll1I1 IOCFrotlt'Ra*: j agree- Apalachicola. Jan. 17th. 1844., jan22 6wO'ICE..LSii :, Apalachieola, Dec. 13th.18! 3.HEZ decJS SMITH.tf sight, they are the mere precursors of that disease
: and ::lbly to.iUap': ,ot-.saId: the which end3 in CONSUMPTION:
eighteen monthswith goflcf joint j city..AIsG'( Thterest ol f; : months after date,I shall apply "
:4scvcniijioie:: :Vecurity,:If tisfactorOotTie; !:! the Bank of Pensacoldn.th Franklin nd anU,! 1 1 the Honorable Judge tf the.CountyC urt t Ito :LEWIS'. EXCHANGE. '. Why then will people be blind as to the! proper

tHjCceiver, anno'title to be given.. ntil s&cHirotesr rA palachid: la: 'LotlJComp hb; lng- tlie ;interest tl! course which they should pursue when the AIR
'.i 4 99'J5e a1tid. .-. -'- .' '-. -.* i.V*;...""'f!,-' >rBENJ. *.. d&ivod.from-Nour ,,Brooks &:Co.'ahdconyeyefltibyibenr'toWm. L\ of Jackson cpuntyfor letters ofdissmission: fromthe.udininistration : THE subscriber has leased. the establishment gel of death spreads his wings on the.blast.! '
*" of the estate of John S. Randolph
N'OTmSE known the;
P. K eeivefr a? MECHANICS &
Awake at to the
H. Brockenbro once
J ini necessity
.. M. A. gh trust for' late of said county, deceased. ; :. .. MERCHANTS preserving
MYERS Auctioneer: EXCHANGE,? for the
'. a defendants and present life and health, if have. cold
shall.expoe he sam pub you a_ severe fly tothat
_'Apalachicola! Jan. 1st, 1844.! _}y 1 3m FRANCIS ELY, Executor. year and will use his utmost exertions to please famous and
before ,
outcry the Court House door in the remedy use _
1i.ci ; Marianna Feb..1st; 1844. i1l -fbYiii: and render his omf
-II '
.. Teriitory-- Florida., ty.ot Apalachicola,. onthe first'Monday-ih ; patrons + '
.w JACKSON 'COUNTr.r f/-! :' ,,;;, March next, at'11 o'clock-AiJM.. 'to the highest NOTICE--Six months'" after datetl" shall apply The OYSTER ROOMS is well fited up, and a mpound'extrart of Hoarh und,, now recog.pi.tdas' :
''In Richard CoUrt bIdder : 'Court for Franklin party:gentlemeri! can Always be accommodated i the only curttive in
Wilson Esqr's" Justice -* for bash,.to satisfy said fi. fa. :& i Judge oifjlie County preventing Con.
'i Horace Ely. ) Attachment' r'$3806. ROBERT'MYERSU S..Marshal; county" for letters'of.,dismission.from' the ad- with 'oysters$, and .bth' refreshments. ,, without su.i tion.;

vs. > Returnable: to February term,, Apalachicola.Jan. ; 1844. "' )feb5-lm: ministration tHe estate of Martin Snyder, late being? disturbed. _: Jtsinerit: is testified by thousands' and the whole

Henry Cooper. } 1814."l /;:; _1._*_' "' 7 !: '. '"*". of said county deceased, .. .. j The BILLIARD' ,TABLES attached tothe cstablishmen United, .Stat s bear record ofits. virtues. Sold

detendJlt,and ,all pthers'interestfcd are "**!. Jk& ,Marslial'iSale. Dec 2.)/18,13. B. F. NOURSE r Ex*J:. : *, areingopd.order: and the prices of wholesale and retail by J. Pease &. Son. .
THE: notified of the institution of tli :b zre .y:.virtuVpf a,1I1.o tgagc..fi. fa., issued .from_theSuperior : billiards reduced to twenty-five cents per game. For sole by B. S. HAWLEY, Sole agent. f4

!wt.b attachment, and required to, appeaIar I i/ Court of Franklin county.\o me di.recte "OTICE.-Six' months after date, I shall apply ocr The subscriber$>'ill, remain :and keep! the -
to tlie Honorable the,Judge of the Court House thei i Summer and his; Rates of TVliariage.rpHE .
,"plead-to the same as the law directs. ,d.in: favor: of thq.Bank.of..Pensacola.agamstittenden : open during e.ason. ; '
a- HORACE ELY, Plaintiff. :1$ ,. et aLI have.leyied l\the followsi: i the ounty of Franklin, for lettersof Dismiss only desire,is- to please arid merit a liberal patronage followins: are the Rates of Wharfage

ATananna January 3Qth. 1844.. feb5 3m. .incr! property, being in.'th, << City of Apalachicola, from 'the'eitate.of. :Alexander Crook, late ofI 1 SETH P. LEWIS. JL all Cotton, Merchandise &c. landed; or ship .

I ,said.countY,Ldeceased. Apalachicola. Feb. 1st 1944 feb5 tf '
and 1 known.and .designatedon a plan of said city ped from the Wharf this Port : ,.

:Franklin Superior Court., .a s lots.Nos/i) oneand, .<(2):two, in block (14)) S. H. HARTSHpRNE. ,*' On Cotton, per lalelanded.. . .6} cents.'

to'Spring Term 1944.R4lia :Tii)I':" fourteen! ;:",together wih all the buildings, improvements Nov. :j9. 18/J3. .15. Administrator. PHCENIX HOUSE. On"_ shipped. . .6J "

-I' J- MosesAl ATTACHMENT.' $osfefl.I and_ appurtenances ther onand;. ,'thereto :--Sjx months after, date,shall THE subscriber having 'refitted the' above es. On Gyods per barrel, landed, (esti-

.'DA-IItrnd ". 0- belonging and shall expose theme, for sale..at NOTICE Judge of the.County.Courtfor Franklin apply ; ,, is n&w prepared to accommodate mating (five cubic feet or 200 Ibs.

William Tilleyr'y1' publiaoutcry before theCourt Housedoor, ,in Said I for letters oT Dismission! his friends' and the public in ajnanner' nctt, equal to aTbarrel,). . .3 U

liE' defendant and all others interested;TwillJ'pleasetake'notice.pf city,aril'p'clock, a. m.J.lot4! .first! day fcf.the .administration county, ,of, the estate ,of Robert Robinson from .the which will give' satisfaction to all., ,."His, table On Gocds, per barrel, shipped. ..1 If -

the institatiq pf.tjiis next term -of the Superior.jQourtfor Franklin L said will be ,supplied with every' delicacy the market L Salt per sack landed..3 "
late of
ult by attachment,.arid:,appear'and'pLeadataithesame' c ou-ntyt; the highestbidderforca; Said property countydeceased.' H. B. affords,.and' his whole :attention will be devoted I f. shipped..3 "
according to law. .. R. J. MOSES,. to be.sold subject to claim, ,held by.X.evis Dec.4 ,.Adm'r.Apalachicola to the comfort of his guests.. "W'oodpercord..2., ; "

'..Apalachicola, Jan. 30th 1844,,. .,.feb5"3rrila 'C urtis.and George Grisvvold,or their.;assignees.ofsix. 1843.. Cm, Attached to the establishment are two superior Lumber per M feet. . ..50. "

.h ndred and fifty dollars .with.interestthr.eon I Six m.onthsafter date I.shall.apply BAWLING, ALLEYS,,'and constant'attention i is '1 Bricks, per r.o U'
James Boon'JTackson Y Superior, : .Court.. Troin tfrerseventh\ day of, March,, l837, till paid. NOTICE Judge of the County Court given!i to those'9ic: fi indulge in this manual exer Shingles per M. . . .12fc "

V '; ROBERTMYER3;' u:. S. Marshal. of Franklin county for letters of Dismission from ciseOYSTERS Sacks of.. meal corn, oats, orv
; vs.BOOL5 BILL FOR DIVORCE.. .Ap'al ) oh.Jan. 1.7th, 1844. jan22 1m the estate. Willis Yon deceased. and every other delicacy which other merchandise, containingnot

Piety F '.., i' t" A. G.. SMITH Administrator. may be wanted refreshment, can be had at any more than three bushels. .2 '
TN this case it is ordered that unless ;th'said U. S; Marshal' Sale.4Y. hour. All
lumber saLt
: Apalachicola, Nov.11, 1843 nil 6m or merchandise shipped'onoard
1 defehdant do appear. within'three months ana virtue,of a mortgage/ .Ja., i issued-from the Arrangements have been made so that permanent b vessels or steam-boats, from other vessels J ,

ahsyver or'dem'uf to complainant's bill filed; thai ._ Superior'Court"of..Franklin,county, to me directed NOTICE!, persons indebted to the estate and transient BOARDERS cap be as well steamboats or rafts, )lying at the wharf will be

the-ini&will be' taken pro confessa and the in favor,9f Lowell.Holbrook, vs. John W.Rihaldi : aUle, late of Jackson county, accommodated as.at any other houmin the city, char ed one wharfage only.

matters therein contained, decreed accordingly.. i : I have.,levied, upon following property .. deceased- are hereby 'requested to m'ake immediate -: and the prices are in keeping with the times. Wharfage on cotton, or other merchandise landed -

.BENJ. G. ALDERMAN,'Clerk. to wit:'all .of two certain lots. hi the City payment to the subscriber ; all those having TERMS: to be paid by the consignee and when ship:

YOKTGE & TAYLOR,'Compt's Sol's. of Apalachicola, beIng parts of four lots "in said I demands against said estate must present the'same; Board and Lodging, jjer. -week .... .7 00 p Cd by the party taking the bill ;of Lading.All .

Marianna, Dec. 7, 1913._dccll Iw3m city, known .and"describ d in the. plan of said I within the time prescribed by law or this notice Board,per: week,. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .5 00 goods and merchandise

I city ,as lots Nos.. (3)) three: .and (4) four, front will be plead in bar of theirrecovery. Board,.per day,. . .:. ... .. . .. .1 00 auO'eviU be not enumerated
Franklin Superior Court. .... ... . .. ... charged>> at corresponding rates.
ran eVater, street, and lots Nos. (17) seventeen Singlenieal. ";: ... .... ,50
William Lawrence CoinpPt Bill for Divorce. : B. DORSEY BATTLE, Adm'r.Jackson .... .... ....;i. Vessels, lighters and steamboats, at tileVh
) and (18)). eighteen! in .the.rear' of lots three and I Lodging; ... ... ... . . 50 lying
vs. > December Term,, i Co., :, Feb.. 19,1944.V., .., febl -2m Nov. 20 41 tf : W. H. \ :rf, and not receiving, or discharging cargo
Elizabeth L&ivienceDeF'fO ,1343. four?respectively and fronting on Commerce street L '-- KELTONw ill be required to pay for the use of the berth tie
CAME the complainant by counsel and it ap i in said city all being -in block F., front range, OTLCE.-AWpersons having claims against Ready Made Clothing sum of two dollars and fifty cents and
Thomas Williams : day, to
late of Jackson per
fifteen feet of lots county,
to'the satisfaction of the Court that the, being Nos. four and seventeenon
: 172 & CO. give"I.'a.y to vessels boats
defendant resides beyond the limits bf the Territory i- the east side thereof, and seven and a half feet I deceased arereq'uireq to present the same duly NIILLER 45 "- The ] or landing or discharging.
authenticated within the time ax< ,441 have just:: received following: \ of the Regulations of the
Florida. Therefore it is considered ByUhe of lots 'Nos. three and eighteen on the west, side< prescribed bv, law
Court thatUhe: defendant do appear here on or before thereof or contiguous to the fifteen feet in, lots; or this notice will be plead in, bar of ,thou 're- per late arrivals a general assortment palachicola Chamber of Commerce, will be
the expiration of three calendar month from the .All of NEW arid FASHIONABLE strictly adhered to-
"four and seventeen ,.. .covery. persons indebted to said estate are
date hereof and answer the complainant's bill of making altogether' twenty equested to make immediate settlement. \ READY MADE Consierrees: of cotton shall be allowed three !
two and a.half feet
complaint or the same will he taken pro conre?o. front 9n Vaty:* stree.t.apd hi3.n'lc THOS. M.? WHITE Administrator. CLOTHING consisting of OverCoats days for their cotton to remain on the wharf and
And it is ordered that of this order s Commerce street in one body, part of :' purchnst-rs two
a copy : -Sacks--Surtouts--Pants- days, withtut extra
four lots in the Marianna! Jan. 19th 1844. jan22 6m incurring :
published, in, the Commercial Advertiser for; 'plan of;said city aforesaid S : Vests, fee., &c., as follows: wharf aece. rf"aftcr notification by the wharfinger,

three months consecutively. gether with all and,, singular improvements! 1' 'A DMINISTRATOR'S ) A E.-ln pursuance i =:-: Cloth! Beaver, Flushing and 1 they allow it to remain a longer time they shall ,

_, MOSES(Copy.)'Solicitor.Teste, GEO.' F. BALTZELL buildings and appurtenances thereto' belonging, :r I.. of an order from the Hon. R II Long, Judge( ---.-- Satinet:Over Coats; incur an extra wharfage of 6 ij cents per bale for .
,. as'theproperty: of the saId'o.. WV.Rinaldi and:i '
of the CountyiCour't of Jackson county? I. will 1 Plain black, blue brown and invisible greei every tw{>ntv.ftur hours that it remains thereaf ';
Franklin shall expose the same for''sale at public>.outcry offer public'sal l on' the 14th March 'next\11 Frock) and Dress Coat; ter. Wood(and lumber shall not be allowed to
Superior Court. before the Court House door -
D. Darden in.the:city.of Apalachicola the NEGROES belonging to the estate of"Isaac; Cloth .cass mere and flushing Sack Coats ; 1 remain more I han twenty.four hours without incurring
Attachment for (
) $12,000. at o'clock,4a.m.j onthe first
"'. ; Monday L. Battle, deceased, comprising! young and likely Cloth cassimere and'sattinet Pants of different 1I an extra wharfage for twenty-four bonn
vs. V DamaesJ525,000.! i nM. rch next, to highestbidderfor cash "
to "
field'hands'j 2 blacksmiths; 1 ,carpenter: ,,,House colors and patterns; I thereafter.
Darnel "'
n HE'McDougald defendant ,and) all oU .interested satisfy. .' "! ':,.said mortgage. servants, '&b.': Sale' to take place at' the'plantation Plain and figured silk, satin, Valencia and cassi All bills will be presented: monthly for collec
> are ROBERT'MYERS, Marshal. ,
pf, said<< deceased. Jackson vests tion.
counTcrms mere
JL hereby notified of ; ( Y.-'o t : ; NOURSE:; &. STONE.
suit anoV are' 'required the.iDstitutionbf to'plead-according the to above 1v 'Apalachicolai, Jani7th'; 1844jah22 is t..., 1m, ': -:-Part..to sold. for cash 1n'darton, .a White muslin and linen Shirts; Ayuibr'hi'v.b! Do<*. 4, 16,13. tf
V. credit of twelve ,, Colored do d* do ---------
-* : .J months. >
3ROCKENBROUGHHAWKINS Df. Si,Marshal Sate. : ; Itl-ady Made:
54 '
; Clothing !
: B. D. BATTLE Aamamstrntor.Marianna Red and white flannel Shirts
and Draws
'q t. I .* > '( ijrAtty's: for Pl'ff. BYvirbe: of: "Wf of 4fi. fa.,- issiiedP from the Feb. 17th 1S44. shirts ; S U. HAMILTON, No. 47 Water street is
feb26 Striped Pants
4t Negro
,.. ATalacbicola r Court ; ; .
of Franklin'
Nov..23da8J3. feb.19.3m-J- ; county, in'favor .... Socks and Mittens; -:,Boots and Shoes; constantly receiving an addition to his stock .'
orttlix.s.: of
: ; Alirson-8urvfvorto directed;
Franklin Hats, Caps, &c., &'.
SUltCrior"Con ha'Ievi: d on' Lots numbers (5))five, :rid.J3) INSURANCE AGENCIES. jan29 Consisting of Cloth, Beaver Pilot and Flushing

I Maria Fredericks, ,) IN EQUITY.-; ,- tlilrteeh block D., in the City of/'Apalac lc la, Fashionable, Ov er Coats; -

f .. "'I j !lI. .,PetitiQnfoiDi C. and known as lots Nos. (5) five I4'P thirteen, THE AUGUSTA 'INSURANCE .&, BANE Clothing. Gent's Cloth Beaver Pilot and Frock
Daniel M. ABuschendorfVjHN : block fD -'front ( : "CO.-Capital $375,000. Are : JUST :received per brig R. V r. Flushing
: :, rrange. in4,a plan'bt) idC ll I toj ; prepared Coats;
/ reading: :the .foregoing petition and.it ap- getherwith air e buildings and imjprovemehtsthereto1 i ib take risks against the.Seas, Rivers; and Fir -:. !qAA ::1' from N. York, a lar :e Gent's Cloth Beaver Pilot and Flushing Office

ly,,pearing thatDaniell\f. A..Buhendorf; ..r 'pertaining and, belonging! 'and further CICi-: .Office No. 1 Columbus Block. and splendid assortment FASHIONABLE Coats.

ides ,beyond the jlimits. of this Territory-fit isI known as 'Phoinix House and. Bowling! I< on," t' *' .. JAS. KELLOGG,,Agent. WINTER & SPRING Blue black! green and invisible Frock

Ordered: that a hearing be had before: me on the I j,I formerly owned by Raymond: & Allison as! the ApalacliicolauJan..25th.l&44.: ,jan293m. p CLOTHING, consisting of fine and Dress Coats. green, j
facts, as charged, in the the second I :'\ rf Cloth 'Dress arid Frock Coats ; !
petition,.on : of said firni'and shall Jeans
property the Kentucky
cxpose same subscriber agent'for the Frock and Dress
Etna Coats.
Insurance I
Monday of March, 1844,. at Apalachicola, in the for sale at public outcry before the THE : Ji; Figured and plain Silk Satin,
County of Court House ( of Hartford, Conn., is prepared I to: f and Val ncia"Vests PANTALOONS. j
Franklin that \
and. this ;
order bepub-,
in the Cityof.ApalafchicoIa6h the. :first Mon i issue policies of Insurance' against Fire and lossor -. Blue Blue, black and fancy colored Cloth and Cass.:
listed io one of the public newspapers in.tb is day in -March'nextii at ii'p'clockj !in- black and. colored, plain.mixed Pants. .
to the
a."tn., riversu favorable .
damage on terms. The ----- und ribbed 1.1
Terrltoryt'for the space of ,three months before highest bidder for cash, to satisfy said'fi. fa.ROB'T. :: Diagonal and
the time aforesaid.. '''.e : capital of the ah'nve c.ompa IY is large and vested .Also,'a general assortment of Boots and Shoes: fig'd French Cassimere.
MYERS; Marshal. in the safest.possible: uianticr. and its settlement Hats, VESTS :
V: Caps, &c., which will be sold low
Apalachicola, Jan. 23dj,' 1844. ., Cloth
1m Cassimere
.:. JudgeApalachicola D $ict. ,._ jan2D. of losses-has 'always'been prompt and liberal. SB HAMILTON and Cashmere Vests; _

.r HAWKINS' Solicitor.Apalachicola.Nov. I U.:S. Marshal Sale., _Dec 2j'; .DAN'L J.. DAY.Agent. ._ jan29 ,.. 47 Water street. Silk! and Woolen Velvet do.

27tJ18t3.- *OY: virtue.of, an,, alias ,fi..fa. issued from tiSueriorCourt SHIRTS:
; 443mFranklin ie .
subscriber White
duly appointed fon the Muslin and Linen .
_Q THE agent : D. H. 'Pallais, Shirts ;
of Franklin county-in; favor of : Insurance Company; Hartford, WATCH-MAKER Colored do. do.
Superior ,Court. iva/ FORMERLY! OF MOBILE.HAS do.
,-John_ Banks, ". ,-1 Jiave this;; daylevied.on.the Benjamin Brown: to medirected Conn., with full power' to ,receive prop
: 'vs.Berfpimirr ATTACHMENT following to issue policies on as' favorable terms .as other tX. permanently'in'this city and: ilo. do. do. do. Drawers
lot of land iri the City,of Ap hcitcol and known ;
good offices' is to insure .
', prepared ins.1asg'ordamage' Woolen and
V. Walker d. for $9850'00 respectfully solicits the patronage Canton Flannel Shirts and Drawers;
and !
,' John.H-..Watson,-execu-,: 'TtelurnabfetoTDe_. number distinguished 4four.. inJblock a;- 'map B.1,front ofgaid city as Lot by Fireand'also to take Marine and Inland of the citizens of Apalachicola'and the uP-COU;- Stocks Scarfs, Cravats, Suspenders Gloves, and "

-1td Jr'J ) : Jtvin nd- rance; together risks. The reputation of this company'forsettling try generally. He flatters"himself Hosiery
c cembetTermf* witb} all the:.improvements and.buildings ther to that a thoroughand ;
:"Testameht.cf.Jameij-C.: 1S43o- losses with'promptitude and liberality is practical DRESSING
belonging and shall the.same for sale at knowledge of his business combined GOWNS.
expose .
Wats&i,. d c case"d "r',' .:- .- _. public outcry before',the Court House:door-in.the 1 welLknowiu DAN'L' J. DAY- with adesireto., deserve and. obtain the Dressing or Morning Gowns.

rpIIEdefendants and thee '&'Ji. C 'Ware: City,,of ;Apalachicola, ,on the 'first''' Monday in dec25 52 Water st. *' confidence public.will ensure him success HATS ,AND CAPS. <'

X 'I son.! deceased; and all others March next at 11 tr'clock,. a.. m., to the highest: WM.-G-PORTER & CO., offer'for'sale a large-t in his undertaking. Shop up" stairs in Baltzell's] A great variety of Gentlemen and Boys Hataand -.'

hereby nbtifieoTof the. nstitution of the abQve 8.\lit. J bidder for cash,.to satisfy said fi. fa. Property stock of DRY'GOODS, Buildings: Entrance next door the Post Offic C. Caps. -

and they are requirefjlp"appear" and'plead: c- pointed.out by phVffs att'y as the property of saidBrown. consisting of- 00 "Refer,to B: '1'. ,CARD, -. Esq.Apalachicola 0;- The. above goods will be sold very low for

cording. to law. ___ 'i-, ; Yo.r..r< -w ., 'ROUT"MYERS; 'Marihal.jan29 : I Cloths Casimcres, and Kerseys; Sept It?, 1843. 33 tf cash. dec7 '
; :: ; J} OCJqNB1l0Vg-li! !UAWKI& -\pahc.licola., 2.tiliHgf4.: jmTOT1CEJOHN Sattinets, Flannels and Blankets; .. I Boot .
: .Oy. ,tl..tr 3m .--:-':;.;'(A tty. tor,PI t r l ___, __ _ _. Foieiun and Dpme tic Prints; ,, :. ** -L. "A. jLeGay, THOMAS Shoe Making. '
Brown "and Irish (AT THE OLD STAND OF JACOB FOGLE CLARK laving removed
Drillings Linens ,
C Tn .. \, ; LUCAS, Inspector and meaJL ; I to the Store Jo-
Bankruptcy.gOYSMftWthe COLUMBUS formerly by
; I GEORGIA. occupied
surer-of Lumber for Franklin : Bleached and unbleached She tings 1t'
county-hopes ; '
DictJ1eurt 'seph Schrgdt the
informs :
: to merit U method of inform respectfully
.and receive
share of Shirtings
ApalachicolaJ District bt Florida'. dec4tl' .a. patronaee. Cotton Osnaburgs ; dflli.TAKES public, that he has just citizens of Apalachicola, and the up
ROACH -Jackson .'.bay .. .. country: that he will basine*
.TjOHN .fcoUtfty, Ink --' __- And every other arti lcn, their line from New York,. with a .attend to the above
1MocIR.petition praying ,for' hisrdiar.hargB and .:] ,; nIC.E.: -The Subscriber having been ap- t cpuntry trade. adaptedto new and splendid,. assortment ofJEWELRY in all its branches. French calf skin Boots madeto
tite'ata Bankrupt;:it is ordered that:cause: lpointed INSPECTOR.OF LUMBER for the order.. He has als'o'.on hand a:supply of Fiench

.abowli: before the.Court against vsaid: petition, punty.of Franklin will be thankful for a share O N CONSIGNMENT. receivedlrom Consisting in .part of]Gold"and Silver Watches, a Gaiter Boots and Shoes, new and fashionable

&tlt: arihna on the first MandayinMay next. of..the public patronage. ,. New Orleans on consignment: new pattern of beautiful Breastpins- them style, which will be sold aslowforcasb as inauj

d.T ts: ... 3G ..ALDERMAN.Glerk.YQNGE :.- "', ; H W TERRY. 100 bbls superfine Flour; some DIAMONDS of,the first among h usejnthecity. oct. 28. '
10 casks Bacon-Sides'& shoulders '' water-Gold and -________________________ ,:
.. ; '& 'TAYLOR Atty for PetioneriJ.an. Apalachicola* Nov. Jst, 1843. >>11m ". ; Silver Thimbles, Gold and Silver Pencils Gold Roberts
Sugar, Molasses &c., &c. Allen & Co.,
; Miriitn$4 25th, 1844.jan293m and Silver
." : All of which will sold I Spectacles; Gold Guard and Fob TTAVE on hand\and
-- ])tLO"r.ANDjNAVY,1JREAD.-:50: "bls Pilot be very' low for'cash. for sale :
T4--U'-f- .. tj Chains Silver
I I r Spoons Plated JL.L:
Castors Mantle Sheet ;
:-: J" 50 do Nav' feb19 P RANEY.. 43 Water st. bar Iron Blacksmith's Tool?
IGAns.-1 ctd TrorrJf W,Oil iiicboic !.i,a Teb5' :'' T: y"wV.6: Clocks, fine Knives &c. &c-., which he will sell l[ German, English'Blister and Cast steel ; "
D. 23 Water --
st. CONSNMENT.-4hhUsCROCkEF Y low' for cash. -
V lot.of old Hav.ana ptg ri. vlz uRet! ON _.nb--_,- _%a' f Cauldron Kettles from 20 to 120 galls;
1i : 1np riat. '" "Trab c ,tt:'&c. for tlent .ARDEN SEED.-Weatherefied" fresh Seeds..7 assort,'for.c u iry"h-ade' ;. 1 FULL, JEWELED GOLD WATCHES AS CHEAP AS Hollow Ware, wholesale and retail ;:

f 1 and retail' B' EtLTs; \: just-recelvedandfor sale.by ,..Chewing Tobacco manufactured by .Ai: Leftwich'rVa. SEVENTY DOLLARS: Wrought and.Cnt Spikes Nails;
------ :- rfeb2 BARNARD ELLIS 28 .>'s4m ,sup'ri crossbrand, ; All kinds Watches and Brass Andirons: ', Fire
: T.::; :, g W at t. : w Water st; Clocks repaired, and. ; Irons
(1U' 'f :., Diy06.ods"Hardware and Platform! Ballances
r' .
Quttleryi ;. warranted to perform Scales ;Beams and
well. ;
.... ... .. *
.1i '' "U\.U-t"nW'ft."uLtW; A.DUSr.; recel.....;,1.t ;:;:; h ROCERtESiLandirig'from: 'ScIir"B s n Hollo\! MrjTinAVare ; \ N. 'B. Persons residing! Tin Wareof all\ kinds,'.wholesale & retail.Also .,

l eTiiid'bHck, and'Tusset''L 'ltl er TraHllings ] VJT: .175 bbT5"VVe lfrp Flouy T Y .cTI. t Saddlery;Hafs/Bbots and Shoes &c. fl" along the river, wishing their.ih'Watches A'palachicbla, or> : a'genej1 assortment of Hardware. j t'

ijS iijf ( flit1eJy') :' DILL & CTJ:; ,' : oo.d:: .JVhiskey;, -.50"iIo.Molasses: 1 ; _'_ _. __ w ALSO, J --- ,-_- _... ,_, .. _. Jewelry.repai red, haying: or' other Theyare; also prepared fo'' tlttenho"any 'ord'!!
"....;. .:. .J' ". 1. 29. 'V ter &. '4tf/Jihd4 Su ar.; '3 :dd :;Blton Sides;'. '. f.1 n Sugar"'Coffee, and Can l!FI6\lr; U-. t f them, by trustworthy an opportunity! t Q'se rid' Copper Iron, or. Brass Castings Blacksmithin i 1g, Tjj'
hau'ds.duringttiebbating: or'Sheet Tin and Con
.. ,.' ,JPOOO.Segirschoice qulity.) _' 1. Iron work or
t' 1 J. > : : "; I _Q1d'.ShryWii 1ie,1inc ea.; .i.M! bib :J .o-l season, can have them Mr.. Roohng.on ..
tHEWlNGWBACCO-A: odQrt : 2... kgs Lard; .: Fprsale y,1 .. 5 .u J..1, AlJ.oOwhichJwillie: sold veryibw for.cash. .*< and returned with repaired LeGay, ? : ,
U0r.8a\oo.king and Chewing Tobaeca,? ;'.n't. f'?:---. ; : II'. .. {DGE & GARDNER -,! 7. ,;,. >:::. DAWD' G. RANE ;. -1! though.establishment nearly same in despatch OHAKER'S GARDEN SEED.-Afresh suygffebl'j
Water st. I 40 Water street., Apalachi o Ia. ,ju j rreceived arKV'sal b ', : .
feb12 B ELLIS 29 j iauT jan?!) ;13 Water street Columbus, (;3", Oct. JS, 1& 13. .
-10 tf t
B ELLISON & CO., 33 Water $


. ,