_O1ceethlfd story Baltzell's Buildings, corner of,
'. Commerce & Chestnut streets,
*Advertisements of tea lines or less (twent lines
ormoire m proportion,) conspicuously inserted,
at the followvin!4 rates:
0,On.... .. ?10 00 One month, $2_.50_
Six .mnt, ........7 00 Three week,. .2 00
Three nio]Jti,. 0..* 000 Two weel's,.-':- ,.1 50
Two ,'onhs_,......-4 00 One insertio'l,. .".I 00
When- adverti-iements are sent without'any spe-
cial dii',:-ctio ,s to "the number of insertioil.s
retirede, it will be understood that they are to
Ise published UNTIL FORBID; they Will heree.
fore be continued at our discretion, and charged
according to the foretoing jates. : ; V
Legal Advertisements of which the' term. of pub-
lication i*s- filed by law, will only be excepted
from the above rule. ;' ; *- '
To those wh"-'6dviertise by-the year a liberal dis-"
-count Will be mtd,_ ; but all advertisements not
S"\%tt'ictly ,pertairing.to their own business, as
",Yell as'al legal advert isernertssent in by them,
*ll beocharged at the usual rates.
-All ancin, iirCemntr0caindidatets for office, will
be charged xIVE DOLLARSduring-the canvass,
payable in aIi c',.es in advance.
All Corimunications. (when admissible-) of a
personal or individual nature, 6r puffs of new
inventions, goods, &c., will be charged for as
advertisements, at ourdiscretion.
~ C"7 'A R D S ,

:' Michaiel Al. 1yers,
No. 2 \ Water street,
Sale Dais-WEDNtSDAYs and SAq':rtLRDAYS.
$0.$%%van14 Dill & Co.
No. -20 %Vateristreet.
Liberal advances mad.- on all consignments,
and business? entrusted to them will be
pr n |. m l ^ tt'. t'^ '" '* : ''^
_--Refersi to-LANE READ, Boston.,
CARY CooK, Portihnd, Ale. "
S. C. WHITTITwA, Hallowell,
Apalachicola, Aug. x'u. : 'ly
'-. :- .A ICard.
"ISOCTS. W,. SPENCER has removed, his
D office to the Balte-.ell Bui1dings, second floor,
over the store ol N. Miller & Co. Entrance fromn
Ch~ust nt- strebt-. His residence is on. Live Oak
S.-street, forni-lv the residence of Charles Ro-"ers,"
Esq '---dec4
E sq .. ; ... : ...- *... ..ec
S.,,. ll,-lnniltoHI,,
.... >, -. No. 47 Water street,
decl ly dpalac;Veola, Fla.,
N.I Mlillet, V;O"
,'1- 'Cbrnet-Wkater aiid. Chesnut streets,
Apal.,,hiola. novli4y -
Jas*,_L- Francis,
NoA..2261 Bowery, near Riinglon st.-
--!.i- ; : oEWYOK. novl ly-
James F. Farrior,
* '* 1 Apalachicoli, Fla. ;-
Ma, alwa i.be found at the office or Fa.tier &
'Co. No. 44 Water st. He would respectfully so-
ilicit the patronage, of: his friends and acquain-
.\ t-nce.... .: dec25
:: L. WV. Spnatt,
-W ILL for tho future r-_;ide in this city. All
Who have conminitn legcal h,.iuine, to hi.a
carep*hile -a resident of Quincy, will please ad-
dress hi m at this place: He .will c or ii,,ie a regff-
lar attendance tipon".the- charts of Jack son and
Oadsdens" counties, a:d the. Court ,of,3ppeals at
.Tallahassee. ..
Office over W. A. Wood's, No..213 Wa~ter street.
Apalachieoia, Jan. 8y 1S44. : ...;.:- i ,
t-]', ::;' ,,"L~aW .Nr *Has returned to the practice of the Law.. He:
Ss prepared t9 attend to. business, at the COunty
flerlds Omfce,:.palac'iL:01a.' .... .. *

C^ A R) D^^ S.^ . Io W - I- xO r ., ,i0i~ht borrow achisel wort hbuthalfadoliar, and COutry with money. for all purposes of-VsefF'-
CA RD .St.jv five dollars ,or its'use fr lalf an 'hour; and business. It is the onlything ot'Which Congresi :;
For IhIICommercial kdverniser. thedhisel'inigl enablebehim to open 'his neigh-: determines the value; it is the standard by-whic .
MCI 24,. M .1 L-' III Sl 'a.i 1 Q N.THE DET OF..A YOUNG POETESS. -b ,os tr mk ard take iror itea thousand t dollars : -all property is valued; the base.of every cobtrae.
ON lH- DEATH ,OF thus he would make money by hi-iing the chisel, between man and man or between individuali-""iy
..;,A'b. 6Wd : s0 Pik Streeti s. -Sound the dee, .... -DT :rl Tv TW'g .K, T r Its body is mingled in tears with the dead : our law-makers would but investigate this evil, vary. If the value of this standard be in t!e"'i
jMPIILANDER KIMBALL." Proprietor.'- That spirit wjuieh soared in suchc heavenly flight,- they would -find that, ver many millions -of as least changed by charvinz more for its 'use at-aei-'
Anadrew S. Cooke, Has passed from the earth' to it, ulillndte height. gool securities as-tlere are mdde in the country thie titan- another, or allowing any exchange -.,.h.
C OM I S I O N 'E RCHANT, ; ........ ( have been suld in .the city of New-York at from be demanded from one pmat of the.Union.to an?+
No.-'5 Can', r. Tch,-upitoulas st. Le~tFame% loudest trumpet now mournft~ully sound, one and .a half per cent. a m,,th to five arid smx other, its value is not determined :If- thIfer-he'A,
,- ..:-.: NW -Orleans, La. While hearts full-of sympathy whisper itround,., pet cent., and from that to one and two per cent. any time a scarcity of money for useftl,.busnigs%,Tx.*
Refers to--Mes'irs Harper.& Holines, That she who was fairest, and purest, a&n be.,tq a' day: This1-&,0ect.3 the interest of every proi (o Government has brought distress npoTte-lif,,
janl- nov Apalachicola, Fla. f Has flow from the earth to her heavenly rest. cer in ourlland4 however remotely situated ; he, ple by neglecting the duty which it ha.se lrveb...
L., sides, it aks Up and destroys heard vat g to itself the -rigt to perform. *
"' Y ...ee W O ..... I".-Tr raptirou ;orq we no longer may hear, ,. which have ot year of oil to thousands o.f our Mlone v is a national measure of value.;n steruffqe.
1l;e ATC IO E_ ]H[ & lOMMISSIe- USUY;ere, TE I most deATrRinDY citizens,ait d sla irtens-the lid of fqre, Inttes.,). as it. has no jurisdiction guo oitj.!
C O M M i S S O NNTE AN ," "r ...- are sl -t.-"l-a s d,,n di tho aere, nIVable til bear the 1n1rie 6 en Ii Ir we d t. cate, t .-f.
^t^,^1'~ au ii ^ .i^ .p n ^ '. > ,. ^ h seuind i- s n an es be o es -ade e wut lim h iirts should cobe allowed iaL to cGornse-Ii Iaflnetfe p ntfh ma d t er w ~ s u~ n r~ n itrg lae i, o ote St*

:" Ah .h .ol .gi .e'mg rea,;. in these iniriuitis tha thi coscene are seae value so ta eer doll r ihudb. pr~ty-
Colum b s, P orgia o o a d o l b l a "a Wot ro--- to -ht a-iaric is thi --aglyt, r hd an p ice ktown te pr er set i of' outhe

o. 40-\rtIr ste. t, aWd- 1 o..of s tO\I If:p :esneuv l n nr a rguat i, o. p- w^e;ia.-

A ,cla Florida. ...... .. a 5to use them exc usively as a currency as.tle
w wu a ga in h er r' gel" -- .... (t/,e' That Mone, -is necessary eforatheex- require nsuch labor to count, and are troubleso-. rft. .-
.W -.A A: P :C ." AI ai a,: lllu~ratins of Usur:y-- re'c s. ch ng of ,property,* ;i~, "'iaa that Ibar,'tein-" wit o~u't expensive and hazardous to remit. 0- *.,
CO MM .ISSI G.N -MoErR&C o. hlAN T S, A short time since he Cashaierof one o our oa ,le-li ... ," -: For the purpose I hae before mentioned th *.
.No. 52 W~ater street, mosta respectable Benks in Woll street fere'brked -,a ordi t hahta- Credori go-at -a cannot be disi United Statei should establish an institute ie
SI No G I govpensrd with, but.iS ab.oluielnecessr-to the .hih I shall here call a Safety Fund. tvra ioeni.,-.
Liberal advar, ces made on Cotton -shlpped to hundred thousand dollars, made hi.s money.- ,-Itis rs i of a ',.-, "..... thisr ame because I think it whill bethe mea"'-
Liverpo,:.l, New Yorks and Bos>ton, and, also .in plan is ....as follows : When Real E;,taic and stocks. Thir, Tnat;X M-ont e. 19 .a pub:lic .m-easur~eo of -ore .c_.ring_ to the producers a fair remuneratio^--
store.- S novlely. bear a good price, he sells them all out; if he value. .. ... : :;-" "- ior th-ir productions. It will save .usvfrom-ti
JT_--r.H Dr.+ ". : DANIEL J. DAY- takes ,ri'*^r,.es 1e;r.;iin', .-even per cent.:interesit 1,h',rlh That~it doriv;esall its-^alue: as'-a~ur- :power of' any. foreign nation over oTr Internal -?
: D~av &: C3o;, for. an' part ot' I,' Real-l Estlte, he se them aI,." eney from taw and~laW only, andl that pebblesor Improvements or any thing else -of .great inipor;-j..
COMMIS*SION MERCHANT.S, sthalt.he turns thed.hole of.his pr,,pfrty-irto anyothe" material would answer the same, pur- talnce It will enable the natimon--as: far as- ma -
.o 5 Wahioate tet' '. Fla.v Vemnybigee-~ret trs,,ps sgl nd-ilera .f _euthens -a nol' a tion tav pro% control-od ecvid sler -ing owttCiVC

-^ ^ TU bestUY Htock secErit, for double the gum ledf.-- M, lev add' to or takestfrom its value lust in pro-,q u i" t"es to expeofala the n sr e fe iSafe..
COM M I SSiON A I E R C'H A N T S-, .. .-wi .... .. ... s Iaid he d'an -e ."i r "atiale i v~~ "; -"--
-e h ,- will.geatFhidrance tolthe e roste otin ltvblsn

1A He makes- the4 mterest-ow, to oblie t e por(i,neto&efioAorteallfInterest. d -l e ot lt ob n
.... ... o. 29 watertreet.- Fo whom he.tends, bit hse mnonee must all be pava- ,'ix That the ute; ard the use ontv, eoishii f er a cireulatin medium, theotner..Ra Treasury
iani p:!,:.hic:,!a.Fla.p... -- e" "c

h t.i i e on demand;, he c,-m,),.,t .v when he slil fu-tes j the vaMue of all ne atec'salr hirgs ;ihat -the --.u. hBy reading these, the system may et.t
B. El A '*' 0o 0C., pneee it, lie may want it iu a m,,nth, and may not actuajl inc-d r i:,roduction is the'onl thing most endirehy uazerstoud. Should -sueem aim.t-
DEALER.S IN QIS:CELLANEOUS GOODS.A for six months,; .-If monet happen to-be .af.little- {for o es valep to every rhina permanent, Wh.l- tution be established, the bills might -lh0I
AND, COMIMISSIO'4 MERCHA-NTS, more scarce in: Wa't street, >.>n s, me .S.,Rsrday. lher ,.rrnarrkdental or intri'usicalfv valuable to man. brief, as the laws on the subject would be,.:.
ho-e-sl i. ~h a wrhsmeorpnsd i, ... and4t4,18uslth eesr t: whiA hll herune callsary oSafetyFudaFg 'ttjh

No. ;33 \\ ,tler -trv.t .....l-Ct,,,, 'ito u i (t ith lei,- a d,,uDle div..o which h ali R'h, That le,.ilaid.e m value .isp_ foctili tius, n am be ause'I"hin. t ha .e t h em ag't
d.?rll---n I .; ;...* ... _th n .-:real, and il,..r....,.,-, should he defined- aod re- pressed as in the follo.wing:t ,,o :..-e s"d..ea.
=.p-n: r-,..:e.w-.\--.,. .tvi.oa ..Bu,'s he notpln es all those to., vhoinhe has oaned, and stric-ted bylTaw ,for, as it s? arbilrarvso -wi'its (Cireulafin Medium, or S e mtv Fune'Not '.
l~~~leweBlen- d& BuItt, if the money is notfpaid, S3.il?.the Srock which U~e be arbfitrarv ard unjust,,ualess it be. so--re-:. THE ltTiT_; STTED promniae-to -n^+'0 A.-'.
Fs ACTORS &- CO ISSION he, holds as .collateral secuaity- oruwht it. w e e, val. e .- --fr. hear heiroductio FundItwillsey -t '
E N brigg.ets i ga itriend t buy it; eand in fhiw-av- Ei h, That the wea&h of- the nations, wlih ONE HUNDRED DOLLARSin aTreasuryNat.s
N,-, 2 Columbus .Block, he is -,r-tly sure to" corner" some ,one ot Itose t hataken ,agesof patient icdei-tiv to-acquire, bearing interest at file rate of ewo peor-Internal.
!EitmannumY.a- able halfhateitlderhdall itl2,"aeu

J,- Apalachicol.a, Fla. whoor -pa'e Ito,.r..)\ved f hin s and to be y hi s stm.c riiav be sariitl, te 'ahoeneadof thl ecale, atetso-his mprovements'orat-h-ing.els.et".." .'
j- I,beral advances mad,. on Cotton ship ped at ten;,'fifteen, o.-twenty per cent. ,bel-[,w its actu- lexgslit ve fict nn, n oieiv, in the; other; andl the a'2d eun'tl ir paymen t2 hssia t~his.j}te..sha~t.,
tO Nc ol, Liverpool.or Havre. d25 6m al value... When his. ,Qf, e hicalled in, he is nto' ...e..Itc.-i .' ll:nb_ he ,enesowas n^.
i~m lloS*t Itl-d SS~sri g- a y., ready to toaan-it again for. ao,:,il -;" such ,_1oe, thonl. la,,,:e the w h fo r e of the form er.l, -1 .. '. '- te. -.. .*......:.

.y .Apal choa -Horida. -F he ine' s -his money inathese.d ,:,lds nfor-be the easywh cTh tr eforite he u o ".l.." .
ri- (M .KMH^ Ta nd when these ge u L.-ll_ ne and~i :,r,-,duclicon and-distribution., wlhich are.6f vast .HNDR |D DOLLARS in Safety Flund :dtar
"JbO"H.!. .IBoGA ', readyteor.a;,il.,rivestment,. thFef o u prth,-ce to man,.w,,uld be greatly increased. ".. and. until ,.,ch payment is made, to pay intes,,
W ... e -* of his rich friends 1oan i the saaea:o and all T':,hs That d ifa proper quantity ".of aus nery- theIreor halt-veari on the first dalVs oftMahis arf,
Liberal 'ad.\!n>;e made on Cotton consigned to" in t-heir money arthe same tis^'_ \, \tier, w,-, be- .'e~a~ar ~ i ai it u -- -o '^an in u*terest? November, ait he "rate of two e n tje an i,, S
-11 Ar on vrpoo r if.million atS. h o two nli une'petedly fixed at .just rates, it would never be a hindrance d' Igold hr sieer. i *;. t; b i ;lson'
-.. ..... deei ey to .e paid, andtths wotld mal quite a change in o any necessary or desirable improvement : that It will be perceived that the note inten ar'

r n 'Mr'si-) M pr-*?xM T<.; T"^ c~ul-:1*a fl*~ n., tl> '" all street Strict prod ue~tion.; hence the laborer would never debts ; that it is issued by Government, and pay-,,
n. 0M 5Iv I.SSI 0' N Ii.ER HAiN TS, t~he C,,sh ier said it was-ju_t as air as!,1. Mb ',-,,,ds*c be without empl,:,vment. "able in Treasury Notes ;The Treasury.-,jNotes;
,-No.529 W ater str' eet., .... ..sur

: Al- and sell tmh m at a p,,,0it. But !. think. to an tal e ,tS, Th.,t any ahatnee by Which ehues oane ar to bear interest, hence there can be nomoneyd
:-. ...,,Aaio.""-ondestm-and;he,, ooa ieshallg of i.hterest israised increases the debt fe debt- i circulation but sshat the h molder 'can. at i
ibera, a ,deo Cotton shipped to -psh your neighbor into. the river, ad. ashe is or just'in pr,:,p-,rtio to tlelrisema interest, althoa time put n interest where the loan would be..i
INe or-K. ".: -,- novlny -unable to get-out himself, you take all you can '.the pers,-n owing may not ,pay arty more money, tim-ely safe, and Ihe interest payable haif-yea'ly.^-
,.. .L_. &Co.-,-needit,"e -'may', .,t t.,_ atir him.t a; but all this't3me, .and interest tann he had previously greed t0 0tv ; i spncge so st-at money can, at all times, be lad,.
C O M Ml S S IN, N &. F'OtR AGROD SING- whle you push and rob am, you pretend to be-b but the chane in t e interest "tl-e dollar n'as fr a certain income secured by the nation.. OA .;
AND_ .,,A_, ,,-.4MS m or hisbest. ed. .,,. ,-e ,.. increned bth the d,-llar and its use in value,-aoad year il'ter the first of Mant. ensuing, the woller
No. 33 Water a.. t. Apalacico.:_ J w,6h tobtate -an ,Katlrem.e where usury was hetlabor -to be 'erlermId or the property to be can convert the loan again into the legal currency
1NO A p. i I a tL. ," !da I ii, "- -, 2 '2 ,[" -H jo y ."". ch ev '

eas e Fl ad p, sr n o he country, so there never can be a surplus of
if theIrmonney ht nh m\ not be mae roeu t "e

...... .. .. woe"!le e-ofthe Direct,.r a t.n o t ,,doubtd Tue ir, the sa ratio that ^he m nev.has incrensed i a .' P and, -*
Bo (G1OCEl.S &- L'OUMMISSION MEI-CHA.-NTS .,--funds to the am,:,unt ,,f tw,;-!tyt th,-,t,..,,id d..ollars, .. .. r,"n r -"p y~r-tc 'inma i ln ... withoutt labor, 'it" is" valuable, and ther-e~ "o m~f "
FACTORS C,0tM iN or S I ya he,,sholds sncollatetal~secuent fh ....vh.t0 01"il-
N o 4 W at:r :tre t, in~S3, getie.gCafrierand to b y it ne d ior th ris e N.. ..--.a. -1_.

S40 I I 838tetNwYr- ri T. ; Eighh,That a chan% e ihf-the rates on interest rh,-aon tLat money should ahRays be iotivertiNa,'
d,:clc1._..... A.^la.h'-icola, F-la. the surm. This Bank h-,l.. alavsd. r,,.aint-,i,,ed its: }nakess6:me individuals lose exactly what the. i"t. lecie' than" that atfarm" or the soil of a-.tiiftr,
.........m.b. ......... credit;" but 0s creditc when meu \ ,.v.s of-trce,h others gain b the change, Jr d no person in the-to make it valuable should be such that._,uid,
WHOLESALE &- ITAIL ,-ROCER, wasn't good secrit;, en,,uzh.ir twenty r,,,u.dsi tand is SO remote thbat his I-roperty is nt attected at an t nonenr be ground into flour. thefafi~t.
No. 49 Water street T A G .nof. .--r W .i h -i e- by it., .....t.e rise ," interest ch, i^s the base is valuable it" it will produce wheat or a1y thi
Sjanl : ,..... :Apalachicola, FlaY. ork; and the C1asI, ,:r !,.,'a t,, ot ,;e h., *oll d .zen ef every eofntr, t ; tat thie d, e tr has to0 pay doua- else that is useful ; its value depending ertirey.
.. .. .. e' thle wealthiest ,enn in the 'ounty here 'the be, treble or ,,,adrutle the value that lne aed .0o what it il ield more than is rieces.rr,6 f
iba .a.. ces: onCoto n sh... ..d- aten was tutedn,; r tety pe.r dent. I I ,-p-ent t py adict" then honey b a oth)Ier a,,1epnd then l scayo omkenthe pr~duct isn.,jbtt..

COMMISSION, tiOR WA-IRDIN MRHAT sides binidit ,a the: Bank *for .theale r.[...rn ,.the, out of debt,, he reaps much advantage fr,-,m his paper money that can always be made to proueOM^OA^MRWNT Bkwsstae't '^ 11't-;opy n i h odrb oe-ene n xedi ao o aetepouto. t,
D ,IProEr H r ,- 5 a money: the Director saidthepa, lies ,,..r teeing .debtor's loss. ; ;:: a certain income in specie, which is a salndar'
No. 23 Water street,, -tle note Were worth nearly half a, million. After m ayrtentThat the st-ncli,,bhiA business .of v aue, the income being a_ all times the sa_2 ,.
Apataehieola. ,novl -ly .all thi eisn'cry was obtained, thisfnote was givreni !t is cled, isnot only garr, b~ hl~r tia s[,e,_eo~f will ever varyin value; and, if the Oovern^Detl
:' M oe& e e~ to,, "'"iin ,;,clefbt wenty^thousand dollars, bear- fr.uid ,t-ifni,'h depepr dYe, and far more perrm ci,,us i's bound to pa.V this. its value cannot be destro .
IOl'e 1l~e~uze, ig iready to oa, itanine for .,\\itoo!',,th, motJole11"".

-I- t nto (lhe well',re of the ubhc :without destroying the Government ... ,,"
.. No,. :3-' Water street, lde fteCs.eoopy u~e.eit ot rFcweni-, That the states, bjy these changes .The principal institution might be established.
.-zplchicola. interest, and the Bank had tlWphe i leeeo return-h a l i,(aereat, areeompelled re make great sacrifices at ; ashingt.,n, where all the bis might .-ehe
\in'- t.~~i,)lalhe money before the Ok.!f'ati,,n-l1 'of m othe irm...,^ ..b.ends,. a .nd .... .ts -ar a ...... upnthe ..... sea, and those issued by the branches co ntera
-H ;.tlithaddrawnOverttve hunktSt.ebt the ie-oflar, woh' -s Each branch should have aho
M Fa Arror 'lio. interest, and;1or thetime.otneyi kept them-oney b they. petr:ted this nh-.iit.y md-who profit b the m rd-t of'aried directors, ; and ,no director, o-ficr o6.-.
CO.MMISSI0,T .A. ND. FORWARDIa G.ard-t-iy four per can per month. .To mae them ships they havemposedrupon others. .. erir-gbuld be allowed to borrow :moNey "or-
'" ... "MERCHANTS, think they got the money cheap, the man lending .Efteenth, That Labor,: and .L'abor. onty, pro- the .fttution or keep an account .of hia-ovw
.... No. 44 Water-street, informed them thathe "had- the day be,1 relent d.-. lt, an -h:' ,' just laws the "w" s c d guardis-a.
X-%r'. K-1I VH-:rduetion,l band 'illribheutin,,diiaer -: fvat heNret ithEDhDOLLARS chafeks und"

nov25l 1 '"" Apala,:hio:,la, Fla. double that sum for fody,', inve ths, at thet.same rate laborer would receive a proper re,, i'd. and no might by Congress be deemed .nsecessary.. .
B.S. Hg a~le- of interest. :Nlw-flanBan< tfrW.h e ,ll.tAis secuar-, manr who was able and willing to work woId be hps it w-ould be well not to permit any. membe
.ou Fr A F e. y, nst. pay t^ 7. ir tet.the tse oTv .ow 1inwantofthe means .necessary for a confortable of Congress, while member,to borrow an
.W'HOEALE DEeiALERe IiN DRUGSaPAINTt a What amust tidsiiru.,lse wlo .are no able toive ofuptwprt r-"" ney of it" """.'
OILSGLASSork,&oston,,cLive '-o sormuch-sec imty ,ift"l,e'-,-,i,i,,-rtobe"' cor"t. )'- :/. a-b- to,- nes o oe Thse Safet- Fund should '- .. ".
'- A ter, ner t :nerer .^ :.1' 1,:,da. t just antthers aitw s, bune all are gainersa andlortgage at the rateofvthrer.ercent.'
Apalacn-cola. novl ly i Wi Leto us se e what twentythousand dollars at this a ag ann paable n e n te t
C.. H. A t'i % .." .ia.-..e w aiknt apof a iiYtor du p the andla in,,u afonert e a l y aly n s on .Ie ~ e

* l. W W^^l ri_ .. Co rate W0ould earn inltwenty-iveyears,comp0^ urd- selves orrhse W6foloWtem"es was regularly paid, the principa-co^Id.;,e
O W. Woo and & Co. i,the iite'res everyiiney days. The 'mon1ev "main, but might be paid at any time the I.draw.
COMMIv I ON MERCHANTS, loaned wnul t double in less than eighteen months ; felt disposed." The Public LmTds' mightals .i,
No. 18 Commerce street, and nine days, and htthe t xriration of twenty-five "HAP X. r st s poto
New Orleans, sonld, 1ithsaousmall paymentnteown (.say not oo u tt
New Orleans, La. novl ly yyes would amount to l,73', 77.808-sp.venteen T .,. 7.."y }sectionto anY one individual, and heonja ."
T" T--r c. hundred, and thirtv-t'o millions, three hundred have.before intimated that it is in the power settler,) and the rest might remain for au I
,-,m Bertram ....... .. .... d ev y-seven thousand eight hundred and of Government to do away the evils of which I of years. as long as the'interest -waspi a
*t., M NO !orp eight\dollars" have spoken. I.will nowstate what w6uld in my !then no industrious pioneerr would be ariv'enir
'No. --__o_ sr I know of other instances where ;..a pcr Is been opinion, be a complete remedy, so tr.t not only his hore (by a change n the value of money )
S W RLEAS. nov1 y discou.ted for ninely days ad. drafts given on the: People -uld be SUlel,_-,] .with a..souhd and after paying .eone hatf the purchase moneyof Mis)'
WllitlIarsh & Richardson, Phil,d:,-,'pl)i;a at par, when the exchange on t at good...curr,, ;iC which would: always remain'the farm and s''endin= vear.4of "
.- .. .... ,-, .- .... ."t., ands..,n. v, l- = of- abort on, it. '
Dealershi ( 1 h cIva; oer thirteen per cent. discount he CiTK-, l i t ^e States, indeeently of foreign These institutions could discount eotes, inow
-.GOCERItES, CONECTIONARY, AND parties borrowig had to sell the Philadelphia as.,st,,ce.iruld receive "al the aid they rnilhf commnercial cities at three er cent.diaiumn
A general assomnent of Fruit, Vegetables, &c., funds andljose this exchange, besides the interest ; need. There could n-evn be a surpl oF meney,.; pa able in any State in Unionwithout charge.f
%-. 33 Water street. and banksjiave discounted paper, t Ping in'Phii yet always en,-,h for.h .alt the burse tra nac- -exchae or collection ,which ..... s f1or -ba-
{; Goods sold'ln Commission nl Fvla p ands when at. as large discount as the t0ons .,f the in.-teon. ssuch ra e of interests :fctlities for business and do awa1y',with't _e- *.
...... sl -C aoove menoned;so- nthey ave not dorne thrs,- Cjngtes h,,ld think best for the welfare of the cessity of brokers or trust companies, who Wyepi.
MV l ^TPJ n~obiitF ,New-7 orkj t.has been done in a neighboring .'eele. .nd not nln so. but the Ctrecy would row money at one price- and" lend it- at athm-
X yANUFA.CTuLVER AND' ALEState,. .... ; ,: -. be, ased On specie,'every note issued as'god in thereby ehann the measure of v-lu a
u&I.U'I':'N F URNITURE, I know pe.oele-will think these rates eno'mTus one part of the pion as a other, not a Fraction ducting much e'il in the nation, T.his i"ti,
Up -S stairs, NC"42, Water Street, but if they eokdt look .over the bo,,ks of some of of exchange would be charged for a draft from tion would lend money at ,n-forrmS'-, '

oec14 ly Apalach'icola.--ou....le--b. .. .... -.e to- a,,-,,,n, ate -, W ,
APa m a our abl~e financiers ,they w,,uld be astonis.led to .ne State to another,; and whether money were whether thefum were 6ne hundred aol..arg $.1^
Wm . ...e xre,. D. find these rates Se moderate c.,mprred with somme borrowed by-a State or anidi'iduAl,theSame hundredothousand t' '
DRt-Z.D IZ,;xr tk t..ise o r- _of... e .......whic hhave been paid. A broker recently said rate !of interest w,-,uld be paid. individual; and everv dollar pWarm* b^i l8t1
GR,.. ,.r..,,'.takes t~ls opportunity of expres- .( L.- We .; p'.l" "
sDg-hbs gratitude to is-patrons: and to assure he had known ohe per cent. a day paid for the .: In nrdr to -acomphish -so desirable an-object, istitution would be ibr the bene'ortfit ;o,
them that it shall be. his Cdistant endeavor to ren- use of money f6i a c..n-,dc-rbhe time, and the it _will.be necessary for Cn..,r,-.s-, which,. by the Every person in the country ..o.l. ,'6t i'vi
der himself more useful in is'profession. man borrowing n made morey U its use; after pay- Constitution .has r servcd to- itself the ri-;ift to c'iye the advantage of the income'' ,Wf ihit.
Offi-ee on Gentre, nesarWi~ter street.... dec25 ing one per cent. a day. i *3 may be: a man coin onrey and regulate,its ,alue, to supply the greater one of obtaining the' va-il-f Nrib
'~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *- "; "\ ... ,*... -'- -rtj -,,

r- .

~' i~ Ti

.' "L ,.- .- -;'
*-, ;,: -.-,-ri^.W&
^[NUMBE.R 5.: :, -";
- .- *" ],.-: ."3H

- Alleki., Bushg,
',. Marianna, Florida. "
Will practice in the 'Courts of Franklin, Jack-'
,!.n,WltQn and Washington counties.
:i.. Yoing-e &* Taytor,
'.. --Y"TT'tlRNEYS. AT LAW,
.,'." '.. Marianna, Florida.'_
t" C. I Ward & R, W. /Vhimte,
Tallahassee, Florida.
Having associated themselves in the practice of
-the Leaw, under the firm of WARD & WHITE,
W will a ttnd regla'rlv the several Courts of the
Middle and A~palo,-hicola Districts, and the Court
!rf Appeals at Tafllhassee. "
-'^JOTICE-"-JOHN LUCAS, inspector and mea-
Nal''surer 6f Lumber for Franklin county-hopes
't0 merit and receive' a share of patronage.
*dec4tf 0" ,
FOTICE.-The Suhsc-riber having, been,.ap-
I pointed INSPECTOR'OF LUMBER for the
tbounty of Franklin, will be: thankful for a share
"pf'ft public patronage.
..?': "' : tW TERRY. *
.. Apalachicola, Nov. lst 1,8$43', im m
.'^IBBLS. Pilot and NavylBread; also a lot:
,j of -first quality Goshen Butter, in small,
kjefrfo. family use, forr sale by.
jan : : .27 water. street. ,
-.'"' ARDEN SEEDS-Weathersneld fresh Seeds,
A. just received, and for sale by .




re.JME II.]
t .1..




ri' ii I --r -~- --it ,_,a

- --~--- I~auasLa~e~--~---- --- i ___, -Y` -~ L 'i+r~L




- ~_-LY

- _7








i E










Connor for board of paper. Gray, for $3, whicit
was p.tuRed.
Mr. Guyon aMOVxe4 ihat ile petition of MAr. sSten&
seen and Messrs. Davs and Alyers, and -the action
had ihereon be reconsitg-red, which was sebofded
by Mr. Roberts and adoited. .
And further, that a stai((it--committee be ap-
pointed by tie Mayor to be alled tIP Market Com-
mitpee, a d the Mayor named'Messrs. Guyon,
.3chiffer and Clements. -
\Vhereopon, Mr GuyoMovied That saidpetiion
be referred to said .e.,r-et--Com fft-+, rr
thereon at the next tieettng,.-whihil-wai.adopted.
[The Council th*i proceeded to, the .1" sidera-
ti-Al of the revised Otdinatces, the Wwole, of which ,
wili be issued frciil this office'in ohvrt titc,_
pamphlet form.] .... ....
On nmuion, me Council then adjonued.
wiet H Rogers, New Orl-ans; Dr Gardner. 0
,\V Wakehipjd, F B 'Whkefheld, Fort Crines ';,at
Chrf.: ,ind fady, 9htr> Medmseh: CaHT G N Booth- -
by, -iipt Enliiid ; CdpI J Blow.n, barque Noble;
a(.t G GCltes.. brig RA ipblic; J E Duilfonr, Talla-
haszee; P.aiul Nr paflord, Jjs G Sta~ee, George
Yoliung, 0 Wentmore, T A Stote, New York,:F-R' :
Ely, Dr Bellamy, Marianna ; F Ruse and'ladt,
Cohlmbus; H L Srone, Apalachicola. "

Well, itwe spt._; of the present, the question
is not.-so easily answered as many might suppose:
but if, of the fPast, they have gone -to, rest. with
their fathers:. Then, to proceed withthe living,,
we must remark :-.As men are only great by de-
grees of comparison, and as man is more or less
"the creature of circumstances, so it becomes a.
.most difficult matter to determine who are great,
"with few exceptions and ,tuile impossible to de-
cide who is the greatest -of thegreat,.. First. there
w,-,uld be a wide difference ofe opinion between
nations, as to who are greatest ain,,ng those d's-
:tingniish.d for genius antd talent of thepiresent
age. And should the question be raised for dis-
putatiqn, Engi ,rnd, France, Germany, and our own
cou itry would surely enter the lists; and to nar-
row the question down to the United States, it
still remains in.somen degree sectional, and then
partisan, so far, at least, as the names of States-
men shall be presern-t.d. -11it highly a$ we esti-
mate t1le talent and'genius '`of the prliticians and.
Statesmen who have served the country, we are"
'quite unwilling Io believe that:this class cafn fur-
ri:ish a greater nr mumiber of really emine.It, or thore
,useful, men than ma ,y other professii,,is';yet the
nature of their calling has mnde them more im-
mediately objects of attentionn.' aud. cons-equently,
more distinguished, in the common a,ceptatinn 0of
the term., as they are ever before the public, and
the subject of continaaildiscussion, as well as the
measures which they advocate. And many of
thesB whose names areIas familiar to the public
as the face of our neighbor' to ourself, have been
from early youth the favored son of some particu-
lar State, which felt both proud and ambitious of
the d i titnncttihon "6f flir'ish i 1f men. to fill, with. dig-
nity an such men siiu"ld have become eminent, there-is
.little ea',se for wonder. *But others, now in ob-
scuritv--and perhaps always, from choice, to re-
main s,,-iei be equally gifted by natur,+ arid :oaf
as hi.,li, or even highe-r, iutrllectual attainment-.
Oth~ers?, rtaii., ii- a diff-rent 'sphere, of life, iriai
be L-tud i ih t'i'Li t in tti-rprofessi,)n, acti.-
~ ~ e r 1),'* ''_ n F, t^ __ on so lit -
ally-confer gre;>ter Lbne itS on society: wihouth
attricting any great de ree of notice. So, an end-:
l,.-ss arguriient would fo1.,w the erquiryv-Who,
is the greatestbt. Other great? "
SBut to Saea ,r fQtatesq,'er,, .otf lie pTese it day,
h_- -iiich we never do as partisans, for we .are not
s,-, irr'..,r<-j,,-\ve think many of them may be,
pripl, y 'Cealled,. 11.A. w.al ,,?; di ,i' sioip seI to
co'ntenance tlhat teelini or -S T-nrl"*ai,
IWxhic'h would d,l.r, rive the ciuntrv of' the credit of
having pr,.dnccd them, And here let us say, that;
we would: prefer ior late.;:.en, for men to -fill tie
hi;he~tstatiois, those whose strength of principle
will bend to no obstacle, nor' yild to any arts of
e'e,,'Ai,-to; Ihose who w,,ulMl be jnexorafle in all
that rIl-ites to public justice, and inflexibly rigid
in the execii'i- of tad\s; neIen : could -rise
above the dir-r.tdI.A. trfL.--tyce- of party, so far as'
to select irren of capacit\ arnd honesty ti, fill offices
of rc-i;sjonsib'lity and trust, Wilhout stopIiing to
en.-tuire-For \vhor, d'd .ou vote ? r
Now, to what-extent does this tone oft feeling'.
- prevail ? Our natti',,l: character is one of i1TIpa--
titfice in M the pnr_.uit ot all objl.cts %vlicli c.dll ou"r
:utter lion, whether it be station. othweth, or ,tler;
possessions.L We ceraet l-re.or that long endurance
in the attat.inent of atnay of these obj,.crs, which
in other cC.untries they arrive at ITbtedi(,uiand
long processes, Hexein culsiss 0-one of the dar--
gers ofrourc nu -.try^"/ *- .. :' ;
: + Objects ol' atnbitioni ,are not sulfcieietly nmi.-r-:
o)us and dlivcrrs':(Ld, in thi..contr;, to .atisf t~he
n- i:i.id of aspirant-. Tilis accasi'ons mnuclh ,of thie
Sstrifec which, i-,r years, has entered into the poopn-
lr electioi,m arid.U-,les;3 t}ere isi itt-llirie;',ce and
, chrishtin virtue.-yet to be aroused- int0o^.^ioB-,
! q' l i IItrtn to. resist tlili rc-lloce-sion 1.t t{s
it,:ilpien|t stepsf't~h-e is room to ap!,rehenud a still
clh-, ttvrd1 tendley. Let the Press do its d~ut-yL-
le-t all antd ever <.ljss and profession 'do their
dlut.'--a-id, w+,hat is of" still greate" importance,
,lt parents aittend there to the early instrruction bf
the rising generation,, in s-elc-eti- tg correct teach-
er's. This'is a most" valuable professions, because
it is highty'Us,:liul--none .more so.: Let it be the
' airo of mar to tie useful, and our country will be
s.,ife-th".e pe,,p[e ha.pv. .

Ve clip fror.m the Baltiinore Anorican of the
lIth' insts.. the ,fillohing .notice of the demand
made upon the auifi-,rilies at Nassau for the Ne-
groes which fled there for proteclioii, after corn-
mitting a -urder at Indian Keys. Now, if this
is the manner i:1 which E,,glish authorities are
to tfet Vid~ ,anrdds f ovli'-Goveriament.- if this
is the respuit of the Ashburton Treaty" 'and in-
dieates the spirit in which they are to keep
good neighborhood,';*we are sure the result, andi
final con_' u., ices, Cannot be doubtful.
Let- Congress move in preparing the. Nation for
" that war which, sooner or l-ter, is inevitable' -
At every point where England comes in eontace
with us our rights are in sortie degree assailed,
W we repeat, let Congress place the Nation in a
, state of defence, as the most certain-mode of-pre-
t venting war; and then, if hostilities must come
h the consequences will be less destructive to life
s and property, and sooner will our cunsfait foe be
shorn of her strength and grandeur.

"We learn, from Capt. Wilson that during
s his stay at Nassau, the U. S. Revenue Cutter Nau
t til us arrived there to demand the slaves who fled
from Florida some time since, comnitted a mur
der at Key Biscayen, and then took refuge a
a Nassau. The Nautilus was competed, however
y to sail- again without accomplishirgg her object
The authorities.of Nassau refused to give:up' th
fugitives from just ice on the plr that Prooft were
not sufficient."
r -" (t An editor 4- out Wast arjolowisps for th
,d duli"csso" or nls cditrl-i:di, and attributes it to-th
ig fact t- t he s> coi, lied to write them o=Jabols
cap- .. .... "' -

We have read, his document addre.+ss:d to the
Legislative Counidl, and tiid ,nuch more in t to
approve than to condemn. Indeed we are sati-s-
-fied with all-its recommendations, and particular-
ly that ofallowing the people to elect their own
Public Olficers. There ca.n be no good reason
why Congress should desire to withhold this pri-
vilege from the citizens of Florida, to confer a
more extensive power and patronage of office on
the National Executive. Nor do we believe an"
republican President wotfid be inclined to deny
thle justice and propriety ot granting to the people
the choice ,f 'their own.-Governori Territories
havel very little voice or politiciat 'inflnence, antl
yet they have rights which shoalit be regarded
with indul-ence and fauor, in all things not con-
flictingwith the interests of other'sections of the
country; We like our Governor's viiews on the
subject o .Repudiation. It is folly and madness
for communities, whether States or :Territories,
to put theniselves above the lawvs. A conitnunify
whJch can become a creditor, can -also become 'a
debtor;, and when t he latter character" isassumed,
the moral obli'tio is just as strong as tpon in-
dividuals who enter into Centbcr with each other
or withcorp,,rate bodies, ard for States ( tocaim
theri-Igit of exerontion under pret..xt of sovereig.i-
ity,or deny the right of individuals to demand a re-
turn of the money loaned, is 3 new and itartting fia-
ture in our government, whiCh reflect, nothing
veryfavorable to the-tone of morality pervading
society, in the communities where this doctrine
has received countenance.
The Mayor of New-Orleani has recently
interposed his authority, and defeated another
f,isl,ionabla murder in that city. We. cannot call
duelling by a softer hame, for it is, in 'ifact, homi-
cide, mi]j ,,;fi able, and bel0nI to the barbarous
age. In the -present, it is not at all r,'ecessary for
the defence of person or property, as the laws 4of
the country will protect both. IDeeplyshould
we regret to see this degrading practice eer re-
ceive countenance in oirr city. -

MR. CLAY, novw on his tour. through the
Southern States, proceeds from New Orleans to
M,,hile-thence through Colum, bus, Macon, MA -
led.,eville and Augustla, to Savannah, Geor;ia,-,-
,thence- to Charleston and Columbia, S. C.-
thence'to Nor'folk and Portsmouth, Va., via Ra-
leigh- and Wilmingtonn N. .-ittenc? h.) tlie
Penins.ilat of" tIe Easterni S]inre of Virgi'ii;
'- *^ N n n t tt U i- k t .t "- ,& i t .o.iv^L ] I r :-
Dl'l,v are..


To SujscRiBmis.-'l This, completes fiJty-ttw6
weekly numbers ..of -the -Commercial Adver- |
tiser," and we deem it a proper occasion to sav'
to all who have become subscribers'-either by,
express order, or consent given tacitly, in taking
the paper from the several Post Omces-2and who
are in arrears, that we are much in need of the
money, and hope- they will be as just in paying
as they have been generous in sunscribig, and
remit to us, tbrthwith, the atnount due. -As has-
been said a thousand and one- times, the simaill
sumdue by- one subscriber would, not:go far in
sustaining a ne wspaper; but these small amounts
collectielywAhen two or three hundred are in.-'
debted, make up the principal fuid upon which
we rely for support.-Frotn long elxperierce in
the business, e% are aware that many to %0iion"
papers are sent-with the request that should
they not wish.;to become subscribers, the., paper.
,ay be returied--'from a feeling Xfd.-licaey, per-
mit them to come week after week- and- take them
from the otrice, when in fact theI la(;drathef,.iot,
subscribe In this, theyido themselves injustice,
as well as the publishers, and we hope that such
may not be the case witlI any to whom the "Ad-
vertiser' ....ha. heretof-.r' been.,'ormay hereafter
be sent.' We would h,.ve -an w-i.iwIllin]i sub-
scriber upon our" books, a"id d -sire that all who
do not wish to continue, will give us evidence of
the-same'by remitting the ariounrt already dae,
and .returning tl-e next .u, br.-, .
.Prom the nature of o.r bu-ii-, s.?, it is absolute-
ly necessary that we should have no &ciirib.rs
except those who pay,; and uch 4as -,are now in ;
arrears" fo4lfail year's subscription, ,unless they
pay u, within a reasonable time after this notice
reaches them,: th/ir- namhes will bo er.:s.-d. The
Cash Systtn we- are con-wt.lled to ad'^t, and
shall adhere to it in future without d"liictet,,i.-
To the many. who have paid uiin a,i .va.,e, lur
the last and the ensuing year, we must return our
thanks. ."

3,-Ab:ut 4 o'clock7hi- W c$d .3ay, eve'Ing11
last the Merchants' an'r Planters' Exchia n ,k
kept by Mr. R. ;C. Adams, took fire from the,,
stove.i-e I wl-ich'ratit through thie'roof. The
alarin was ViVen iiil1jediately, when liundreds of
our. citizens repaired to the scene, and with an
activilNaf exertion which deserves the hiightst
pra~sz;uccie-_>l'jd in exling-6ishiinu the fire-b-Pfore
much damage. was dore,; 'T'he w ind .was hiigh at,
the time, and had the fire ,nt been discovered as
early aslitwas, aid ,-ur citize,|sb been less ener-.
getic, the loss Lf pro, ert wuuld have been
immense. *\% .

fD-3- HART his Corps Dramaltque .are-
now, playing i4 KeyWest with considerable suc-
cess., \;e leirn that they will-be here early in

Complaints are frequent .in this country;, that
the Press has for many years been cri.du,-t d with
less ::t;,';nity, less regard for the-rules of CoiMrn,,n
courtesy than is becoming a profession which
acts immediately on plublic opinion,, and, to some
ext;it,' has a ,'>ntr.-..i inlalerc, iii' diectitg
the affairs -.ffthe nation. There is;.oo much h ea-
son on which: to-ground this objection so gener-
"ally ente-rtjined ; and we atlributi tthis dem,,ral-
is;i, r tendency to the outrages of party-spiirit,
which, within, the last ten years, has acI luSI1lyem-
i battered the social relations in:.society to~ a degree
that is Alarming,. ,- '-
It ,is- however tru0,, and nm,-t gladly, do..we as-
sert -it, .that, there are s,^eierai E...lit rs, who h ave,
throughout, been gu tided by strict dh-c,,,'im and
're,,a^rd for trmtt.-whi"ne~ver' become so excited,
.as. to yiilif .ai,1 ahuse thosee vith.-whom thaey
'most widely dine~r in politiealcopinion--who dis-
cuss with ,candor* and ability the merits and de-
, merits of men* and measures--and these we con-
.sider as it modelsta forflhers,, aind wish thee' migzlit
in this parti,:ula," beoadopted,.,
To r ,ir>-\ent and reflect putbiic opinion, should
be the main object >with. Editors, s~o far as t hat
opinion is morally and politically correct; and
when the opposite course i|, ursu>d.-d-,vlcn. the
e onduc-tors of newspapers undertake to ranufae-
ture public opinion, by advocating measures of
questio~nable utility-.-*hange's of form and prae-
--ti., with aview, of substituting, that, which is
ritlfiv. n to be bad, tior what has worked well in

- practice and been useful-it then is evident that
the effect is to corrupt, rather thanimprove pub-
' lic opinion -
r We should most cheeriully give our feeble snp-
e port to effect a reform in' the Press, by discoun-
. tenancing all vituperation and personal abuse.
e The desire to destroy the eminent men of one
f party, by indulgingin slander to break down and
to build up and promote the opposite, is wrong
and few are to be found who can, or will attempt
r iAs justification ; yet it is still continued, thougL
)f we hope not with the same asperity as ign time.
)- ,past. Men seem more inclined to- reilect an
te act with greater d,_fJferation.-
atI For uther wta to read American newspaper
sg .in titrrs t'f-h party excitement, they mDus
'A-- naturdlly'fqrmn the c,'iclusion, that our most dis
tinguished-alatesmen are a set of scoundrels on
,L large, scale, and the inference, could not be ver
)n favorable to the good sense or integrity of a pet
pie who Aelected such for stations of trust.
8", VEP GREAT DIVIDEND --The Protection Insu
h ance Company of -Iartford, Cnnn., have declare
e a semi-aunual dividend of forty pt- cent. makln
).. firty.fotiper cent dividend for ihe year 183.

5 for, ift the rates of interest were as low as justice
demands they should be, labor cxutld alwa,s re-
ccive itt proper remuneration. and poor-l uses
would be little needed. The Goverafmient might
also have, at each oft the Safety Fuuds, a place of
"special deposite-a sort of savings bank for all
aums under one hundred dollars-the deposites
in which should bear interest at hlie same rate as
the Treasury Notes, so that no ITreasury Note
5 e. niiued under one hundred dollars. ',Thus
e every.person with small means, who migit choose
to save his pion, might lend it to- the Govern'
ment, and; receive the same rate bellpterestias
those of greater wealtli, and be able at all tiieA.,
aftit.having an account a certain le;lgth .of time,
":V to draw hi r money. ,
In order' to guard against' the alteration or
cottertetittg of (lhe cireulatingr inediurmsve,
/ different notes might be made, all of diflrewt
D'- lates'and of the olluwin |.lenminations On- ,
Five,, Twenty, One Hundred, Five'ffhindred, One
Thousand aad Five Thousand dollars. -Tiiese
notes ,would be sufficiett to make any change
except under one dollar. Three five-r'and fI',ur
ones 'Wold.make any sum to,a dollars der
twentyy+ add-'four twenty dollarr notes, and =these
woliid.malk any sam unckr one hundred dl.. brs;
add-to;the114 four one hundred dollar notes, and
" they would make any sum u.Aer' five hundred
Aollrs;.one five" hundrAd dollar-bilis'addh-d to
'. theae 'would make an)' sum under one- thousand
41olars; add to these lour oue tlhouand dollar-
bit.woul'd 'make any sum under' five lhuis;..id
ddara. To guard against the alteration of bil-,
bo.'des having Ihem or dire'r-nt plLtei, the one
doHdrrbills might be made ofla certai, .length
and width, the fives a quarter of ah iich longer
and wiere as -the amount of the''bills increased
th ..dze ',also should be increased; tiu-, ifone
eutkLwere extracted and another plut in its place,
the;iz" as Velt as 1he plate would :at once pro-
claiminthe fraud. Should tflls,;.l.:|n be adopted,
thra would bi* but seven dif-fTt'cnt notes to b>;
Sguard-'a~gai-nst connterfitiig, iuteadoft-ehost
we'aow five, not only of all denominations, but
of a mutitude of'.banks aand plale3, and W,4so0pu-
rionisbills, which have' often been issued When
na:sueh bankrexistWd. There ate few -people,
evenr ierchahtsin the Staie of New-York, who
would:'not tie liable to be imposed upon by spuri-
ous hills in thleiv own State, there being such a:
multiplicity of Bank- that j doubt whether one
...in a hundred',could tellall the banks in existence
*: in-one State, unless he had a list of them before
him.:Ifor .thii reason we must have Bank.Note
and- rorena Bank, Deiectors, and detectors of de-
prmia&d-'paper,:mawA".these, to keep up with the,
times, must be studied very day, and eveLt then
peg%&.witf often bg'.deceived. ,
:' *'i "-*1 1Froi& ihe'Southern Palriot.
-Thetct must:liave struck the iiiost superficial
",-ibarverithat our large commercial cities super-.
abamd4with asurpluslpopultion. Eniplyments
of- feriyk.ilid areoverstocked. :3This i peculharl '
remarkable in Mercantile and MLrehancat occul-
patiogji ,,But the liberal professi0,is--iiichdin
Mjpne, tJie.Lawv apd tlhe C'hurcn-are crowd,-d
wtthzhager aspirants for their profits and distinc-
tiots,,: The. number of ',aoug wmeai that jostle
e each-other.-in all ;[le-e walks'of 1lite leave litilo
ralipl.d 'hope of success in eIther of flheni.: That
atiarftificia]'growtli and unnaturAl distensio'h of
tltecoimimn'rcial cities of the? United States have
driven to these centres of active occup lti.,)n 11inu-
. bers whow would have*been i,-,rri -'roiitjble for
themselves and tlie general prosperity trained to
ao.i.employed in the pursuits of Agrieulture can-
notadamit of denial., It-*iutnecessary tu .,avy tlhat
of, the changes of prefessioial lil'fhtlore are .very-
few gainer-.. For 0n& Wlve reaches tt., .tdijinost
roxmd of'the ladder':t,1ee are teni wri,,_ retnain
at the bottom, while cornmerce is 6o great- a lotb
tery that its prizes are won by even, it possible, a
snidler lo6portion. Y, et .uch 4s the elasticity of,
hope ahd the prepotency of selonn|fidenc--..cl'|ic
the: tenacity to a city .life. and'its"attactions, that
hundreds still cling to a crowded metropolis, in
thai faint and distant hope otf- betteri.,g their con-
: diton by thrusting some competitor ir,:itn his
position. They thus linger out the precious 'days
of their existence andddestory theenc,2gy with, the
: buo'ancy of youtl.. '
i Let the present statepf tlhe youth of the cotntry.,
: crowdel into cities and:-coadetfrni d--th, to hope--
less eXpectancy, be' cornpa~rel-with- thir, condi-
...tion't~en years since, and ani :i|:,or~ndLterior-.tion
as w el'l as im p oten ev fi ,,",as ,lful fp u 'sitii s, m u st
str'ike 'every observer'. Conmnicre, as/we -have
BW&ti, having wrongilt this revolution, the restor-
atriota of a prroper balance .betw.een the numbers
-depe.ndent oa it and thos,2-dc-pend mt on *Ag'ricl-
''-ae and the Mechanic Arts, is the .,ork .tlie 'change is now in progress.: It comess too
iq "iw', 'however, for those whose-habits-are. mat-
frlo, and who "(cribbed and- cabinied" in' popu-
lous cities-possess not the energy to break :the spell
.that~biiids ihem to thes soc-i' cunnex runs, thie pub-
lie;amuse"" "ments, and tlhe-plles-a"t- associations that.
.belong to a city life., They i'emain encumbterirng
alltte dpatmnts of busn,.s and each path ot
ecatl ionep rtm s -~ o,' i

":'Tbe",iat ten 'years, has, theref.r, frd.
aommi important :lessons to parentt. This perodd

bag showvn how deceptions is thaIrt pr.^parip!lt f
cities whiehr lures-hundreds from the morie .g|
ral and'tl6althfui occupations of Avgri,'1.itu.
the apparently large gains of trade and itgix il-
isty"eceupatioins. mt~proves that in th .-? eS"andtid
flo&w'f haitional prosperity--in .he alternations ot
-,Pocess and failsre'whi.ch belong to the different
I'-ranches of active employment-Cui--oinerce- pw
takesiH the-mted States at least, ol' the larg.4
and Agriculture of the least of these fl-lotuit tons.
fI;I0 Tiaoyinth.:n'ow crow ding the avenues ic
linesS".-, would have "been differently trained i
-Wha a, large -portion of that practical -abilit
Whihl looki-to permanent sources of wealth for
Ow fieldd .4. is natural etmployment,:vwould have
been resifedf fromr-4'akte, if this'field had been
ftly operied;-ahd'*f 4the Fband ishments of pro'tes.
efl lif# with the'deceptious gains of commerce(
Kad-'hotieduced parents into false systems of edu.
bn for ihefr" sons in relations to, the business o

iPAJJ -iF.fOW.INPNEW YoRKC.-In his last lette
to the Inteligencer, Willis says,-f have tw,
more teps teanuounce to you in the advancec
the gyrnbracy, These is a gymasoum. 1n _the up
pet part df ;Broadway, where the ladies don th
Turkitshiostume, and are taught sparring an
cnilmtia, jackets .and loowe trousers, tCr
O"-tW,. ith a,iniug.fit .-to. the back, are supersedin
LI o pk 0 l hwladies" out of-door wear. -"Mercifu
Hiarin' !, S, Dick Swiveller would say,
,HBT.A^ IIQTNb.-"-Strange -as this assertic
ma~aeinit would nevertheless appear to be borr

kj 833 npfewer than S00 merchant shipP
orhrt th pa'rt of the whole number of shil
1fo..%8tb6 the British dominions, iOncluding f
t tere either lostor driven- hore
-., tTi ear the'n^ ~roflostye~se wa aapt7u0,f.q,

Liverpol ....... Dec. 18 -ew York ..... Jan. 18.
Hivrp,.......-. '. 9.INewOrleans,..-" 20.
ltavan...^..... 15. Clharleston .... 18.
-.i :-C.H A M B E R OF C 06 ME kC E.']k
.... "" : -'Offhicers e[,ced for 1H44
ISAAC M WVRIIHT, Vice-President, +
^ G; PC KAIN, Sec'y & Treasurer.
Committee cf Arbitration.
Peni,Ellisn,s' S 11 Hartghorne "
E. (' Scr'-,non, C G. Holmes,
A. N. McK,\,% N. J. Deblois,
::'. Dan'l. J. Day. '

Committee on Appeals.
-- +Win. G Porter, 1 Benj'n Salter,
Wr.m. A. K )inP, Wni. H. Yoangir
David G. Raney.
Checks at sighion N York ......par.
ig 6C AtLigusta, ....-par.
,)t-in,...... 1-2 pr c prem.
'( ("'harlesioi,,..1.2 "
S av ..i i ah,...1-2 "
Bi1l- on New York .... 30 days ....lI per c dis-'t. *
...6A) dys ....14 "
.... 9JdwF .... 2 a2j "
On all other Norihern cii the, the sme rates.
To Liv'ro ,.l.......... .. '.5-8d pr b.
,, NPew York,...... ........... 5-8e
B,..-.tun, ............... ....5-8c .

TI et \ +i -ine..' o,,r Iast,. ... .... '5.9St -^-..
"* l'revi.,u.ly. .... .... .. 55.914"-
,-;+ 62,116 bWas.-
E pori.'d -iine_, 'nr last,......... 9,381 "
". ".. 'previ.i,)sy, .......... 27,040

Stock'On hanmJ not cleared,.......25 6j5
.Ave h Iv. hid a sairidless-week in the Got
Trade, both parties appearing ,qite indiftTerent,. The
sales whiih have taken plice has be-n ai the'rales
current tast week, and we retn.n the sami- quota-
tions. Ir i'no r, 74 a 71 Ordin'ary. S a 81. ; 'Il-
dling, S1 a 84;, Middling Fair, 9; Fair, 94 a
c-nts pr Ib.
* The sales of the week have only been 104*
bale., aq foll,:,ws--Al bales at-7; 175 at 8; 23 1g
81, : 99'at 88; 127 ar 8] : 15-at 8 ; 31 -it S 9-16; Itf
at 2i:'; 2 .,1-81.- 20 at 8!j : 2i43"-,9; 7J at_ 91; 43 at
9j; 30"at'r9; 13 at 94'. 103 at 10.
LIVERPOOL, Dec 13-CoT'nrNx-Cot:onfbii'
,-,'n. d deroind. b,., fireply oflfred, and ihe n*.iet
clh.-d with la-t week's quotaitions ;f AAmiacaan
b:-r_',v .-,i,,i,,rred. EgVptiaa is aln-o i g or-de-
|niil,tt .t at Lrri,-r r.-t1- Brazil -i,? c mpargvel'y
i,:.c:.'.;,, ^And hea".y r(f sale it [ast.wpek's.plOl-
it, os 11'.ir.l 1i li;nit,:d d-i-noiit],a d 'u,,cl0anged
Iin prie.. TIe el ..,,f lie week ai'm-t.lvi toA000
hai-eil..'.', iiidiPAg S00) Americ,,; and 100 jyoiian
,,n l,.-.c;, l-tion ; 40 b:,l- -ea W an]nd at llj a'ltdl
I ,] 1:- Staine,,d do, i .- ; I : .931 (o (toIrfl 4_' a
. -1; 5,75,) .do M, Ih,-^ Vc .I' .a75} : 15,9)ua
',,,-:,,-,-11+ I 6.i-: 9C0 do EyI pliai,,6 a 1.1d iThe
Mn r :0: r ;o d ty his ba,,n q lit, ihe sales[ .n i ex-
,",='Ji.i? 3)00 bites, which are all to the Iide.
There I.; lp rhlinge in~prices .
D-c 1mb.?r 15, 18 43.............:..'... ... .82,80"
S, .ini- ,,r od in 142,:............ ......... .-^ ,a00
-Compar.-iive view of thenmportt-and ExXttts of
C'.,,nn int,. and from rhnwp wole Ki)gda4iNi'ro
ih? lJt ,J tiiry 10 ttom 9th ia;stant, imd of t14Ifn-
PI,[s and E.sports tor the same period Wat j_
"1"3 18423
A in-ri>an ............. bags', l`3403t374 -83554
_,ruth Am, rican .... ........ Lc;'.(40 8 ,676 "
W\e_;l Inlies,Demerara, 'e.. .5 R,113
EList Iudies .................. lo9,(^f. S ,094
....................... 46 A li

Total of all descriptions... l,($SS.Ol 1;274,S85
Increasepf : imports. as comr
p.ird with the sa ine.pe'riod
t I,,.. .. r .. ... ............. 3 -,885 bags..*
-hMANCI-IESTE;R, Dec. 15---6drTi-r-..,Ve Miv4
hada preti It'r b,.iiej.- in Cl th This weeA and
at prices witoit cha'ig:-, thnug4!anry anitimPate
that by the return i-f the tLurn d0rsto thetroabor
z.;ain, that gnods w,,ud h-ive exceeded in/yalue.
oin the contrary, prices miust be 'regarded -t* quiid ..
firm, and efen htiiaut sitice, Tuesday I id Twift-
there is no qiImable diflerence since thigefayweek
,-a good demand exists both from -India and
China. .

T NE,\W YORK, Jan. 1.-,CorroN-The. market
still feels the efiectst f lie fcreimi. advices, arnd#.
as yesterday, we cin hear of riptnig, done worthy
-rt repot. The tn.rket is very heavy, and pur-
-chases cild be inad, 4 ceie per Ib lower lhairb e-
fore the Sea arri~ved. In Itis stage of the maret
it is useless.to give quotations.
NEW ORLEANV .[an. 20--(oTTON-JnUour
review of last Wedlnedlay morning, ve quoted an
advance-of an eig~hth to a quarter of a ceit .-n'
prices, and we a[.-.o reported the tnaiket :as-havlogf
pxhibit.,d a cannd-irab 'e degree (,I" aeltiv~ty on~the
day bef ere t his ia i ini r 'i i .t-h e -ei w
we-thens s.(.ted, having pi~.iblby} been quickened
by favorab~le tne~v,' tror tlhe Ne~w York .market,
and hby ""' tli dio rging Hf,.'uUIIInt from the inte-"
rtror i,, regard to illhe cr, p. Tl'ie deman md on cd-
rn.:sda'- a-. wg again. quiile act-iie, fully 550B mitf*_
h:\iiicr;r'ie-,,gd hadnds..*-,d < fitrther m~prov',iaeHint
of about ou e'iclhh 't f c, nt wa.* reahizedl- -On
Thn|rsd-.i the sales -e ccrc,:h, aniouunred to 2,500
b .!,.-s, arid flhe' irk~ret-ihr-curlout the day tiiain.
tauied a ralth,,r qu~iet :api,,p-ia,,ce Yecterdag.we
had no nr.ji b,.\vond" -M|.bile?. but I~qttrs were re-
ceived, froin, that Cihe lt, ting thait a pas~nger
from Mont~otner,j ia" adv,,nee of the nailjiad.

. COMMER'i oF .CHA.FLESTOX.--The* Charleston
Courier, states that during; theyear ISI3, .one hun- i
dred and sixty ships and barques, one h:indre and
one lbrigs, aiid sr'-,ini schooners have _iltcr-,
-ed that port. Of, ihit-number one hundred ahd
-iwenty-in:e ? Vere r}Ihbal..ji -

:.lCity Comnail Paroceedings.
T1E'- \Y EVENING,.1tri 1<,...1!S4
": Council net l, m ..evetni Pre-<-nt, u. G. [Rane,,.
Mayor;G f6111,|,11en. Babeoc,-Dek. Cl,_nents. Faii,
Gvon., Roberti, ,'_',chifi:-r, Srininons and \V'ood.
M l-.us of the Ict[ I,:eti- ; road and approved.
Mr VW ood. 'rom the 1 p-ci, C ,,rl L- intr,.'e' y ,',prini-
ell 10 COlf-tr" wiIl, itl (- C'ty Atr>._r',v, repon :d IhI
dr.,f if "" :n Act ro, e ,bt.-I anal oa'.t.,e a Ma\-
or'S Lo..*rt fm tile Cii v of A11,l iclncolti,"% \,hicih
was read by thle Cl( r`k and approved,
On uio(- Tlatr be re-1 i"-r.ed 10 forvar, l to o,u1 Jepre-emia-
tt\-\ ithe di .ift 4t s'nd acs, and "req iest iin Ko pro-
m II~ote lh,? .pd f of Ihe saine 11 llthe T .rririlal
!.,3U tl [I. 'il[- ."
On inotnoim cf Mr." Robi-rls Jh.ko Council wo.'nt
into th,_' r .o.e-corsid,:.ration oftIhe Or,1nli:tnce -ll!-n ,:d
"" AI Ord,]inila'e to prjivent the er,'!ciic;'i of 'woo, n
hilhlid n 6111 within C ltl~n t.iimui ," waid See .ic I \\',.
-teii,,"ird ,by.iiterlinigg hlie word;, "' unless made
fir,.- proof'."'" .
M.h"r _,,iv-opresenoed the atcour,(t if Gannon, for
lbi-r .,nd drqyjae^,, hieh m-'.is paJ (d ;it $5'L2.
A lr G,.,\', tla; it that ie coiin, i;,-e un con-
iri.t fila t iiuprovernieijs be i n ..r.-.d to causI 10
be reIioved th':" old tin and otli;.r ,ib5biz-h lying
..b.'it thie, trefr.tz s, .i -oon and at, clie,ply a i : p ri-
ble -and i-A.d committee were so tn-Iraeted by the.
Oojuncitl. .
I The pe'ltion of Mr. Hancoclk to have the tt4-t and
care 0,1 th Prontenade-, %at read by thie k- !,Il.
and, on motion of M\lr. kobei Is, ir w ; it ordered ilha
eo';nimtkte ,,f tw.. b? appoiute..] to l-.t otl hie
Fl(,ri'i, Promenadet for the ensuiria y eu r Tie
1M L\or titi~ed Mr. Rob,_na and Mr. -Wood as said-o
cohiniltee. -.
iOn motion of Mr. Roberts, th,." 'i.yor was added
to te Co'mrniLte ,n01 Fl lance. ."' +
1 Mr. Wood mo\ed that tlie liei iadueprom Mi1r
it-ICken, f ar tIn exiitbition la-t e ey _te Aldn-
s lion Howse, be li.-inittAd ; v nll:q yTts lo~t
liy Mr Rol).-It: H-1eeolvdri iR';,IB %edTee
cm yniraci- and imhr,|openire,, ciia-
:tse0po hav. the V\ac.-u.t lots next to-"|>^.^I|.. s,-
hart N :Young'.- filed uill t to prot r ..a t the
expense of sadd lots. Adopted. ;
Oil moti6in tf Mr. Wood, Council adjourned.
SrTulp Y EvYv rrG, Jan 20. .
Ookoncil meet thius evee1n11 Present, the' layr,
Ct'ur|6iln,:.i Ltritcoek, Cieinenil., Goyon, lKobert!h
Schiffer and Wood. -"
M1nites of the last meeting read and approveed.
Tile Clerk read a communication from tae Tax
Collector, in reference to certain lots sold by him
Sfor taxes, and which the: 1,'.ichiserrefuzed to take
the Deeds for, aand pay th. purchase money.
On motion of Mr inoberts, the matter was laid
over till the next regguil r ,n .
Mr. Roberts from the conmitltee to whomrwas
referred the letting out of the Florida Promenade,
made a report that the same should be let for five
years, and the person taking it be bound to fence
it In and keep it in order, ,ifr. G,.'iyoii moved that
the committee have- power to lease Ihe Florida
Promenade in accordance with their report, which
, was adopted.
* The Clerk read the petition of'Mrs. Susan Sten-
seen, to have -the note of her huI-band, tor I' rket
S atall No. 1, given up and cancelled, 4pon her pay-
ing for .the time her late husband hid said stall.
And In consequence of the death/6f her husband,
on motion of Mr. Wood, her petiion was granted.
t Mr. Guyoni presented the comanie,,tion of Thos.
o2nan, in. relation to his elaimy'against tihe city.
On motion of Mr. Queon, itr w~ ordered th ,t a
t couitijiitet. of lir, e be .'pp,.llP-d by the Mcial r to
A ernstder on-Mr.-Orman'i ePIin., and report ihere-
on. Messrs. Guyon0 Babcock and Kbertswere
e appointed said committee..- :
Mr. Wood presented thj petition of 3. tl. Davis'
and J.JD. Myers, to h-tveMarket aIXll No. 1 irains..
feared totheinm instead ofthe ore they now oec .i)y,
and on mfaoion of Mr. Yood, it was ordere-d iii
e the prayer of the petitioners be graned, on condi-
e -tionof ot"their leaving/he fixfurnsp iu by them to
their sta.l. / ,
N MT. .Shiffer praganted the aeeouftof OwentM,


-- ,, ~- ~-I 1~ I r I r I ,- I

_ _

C -1- =

roungit intelligence of the Atri' aat Ne-w.York of
0% of the: Liverpool-pack .ith advice-Sot a
.material rise in the pric,s L- Cotioa at F.at place
SThis news, ailthgn of'gi e- ,,vu, a chardet, ,nd
pocit genej-all coeditId, h I ia,-f ect li.->wever, of
"completely utusettlliig uq minrket, and of e.iut.inq
Iransactilns to be in /'grl* measure suspended.
'Buyers were not di sesd to, pAy any advance ou.
tire]rates before cu nt, and holder.-,, pretty ,Mn-
-'rally, were either,,raid to sell at pr,-,vious prices,
undir suchl peculr circiirnistances, or else asked
sa-hitnportal t ay ladvae, as to caus, b-lyefs at.
Qgce too.withd'v from thil market T1 1-weA-'Ks
:c'si~aess" auinto 2'2,0. b.,le-s, uf which 10.200
ivi're sold- dxing tIle past three days, at. from 8 to
H 'inrlts 1b 1 ,
,'*Soo~iThere niave been 'a good miany 3 'StIat' Levee since onr review of l',st Wed-
Besadavyfrtming, -though principally in small lot-,
and A demand, un the whole, niust be reported
sa biving b-cen .only 'moderate, and tlhe market-
rao er heavy, ip-consequence of. the increased
stock on s-dje. Prcesi, however, remain about lie
stunr. as previously--sav for Ifferior and Common
,$af8, Fair 5j a6,' Prim.e-6 a 6] srricly choice- tit
Itiied parcels 7 a 7j cents per Ib.
M- OLASSES--SitCe our review of l.tst .Wednes-
day morning, the -receiprs of Molavzses have been
'pretty lrge, and sie mock on thl- Levec, therefore,
ha@ lb"eq still furthe, augmented. A tonl','bl !y t-,ir
demand has prevailed for good lot-, in good ey-
preog barrels, a 23 cents per gallon, and the mnlrket
11 may again be reported as firm-atitir.trftpe.+ :
FLJR--Within the. past few dav[l the wh'Ci-dr has.
been clear, bul the market, as Yet, is.-in a very un-
settled condition, and we ye-,t'rday" futitid it ex-
tremely difficult to arrive alt accurate qiot ition .
F-rctin thO bestinform tii)n we co,!,l : ,111 'i ,'.v..v1-r.
we place our quotations Tr die ,.rdmiafy shipping
brands of Suvorfin:e at $4 121i a 4 20 per bbil
BA "CO .\ n 1 li "the exc,-pti.-,n eo Canm a,-,-d Ilatin;
which are stil plenty, thel ni.rkt has-but a very
light stuppl' bf.country smoked B:tcon, and buyers
find It drificnt t t fill orders for .n,_- q:alityi. We
conoitdne f'orimer qaiotalioui, tho; ih i rr'ay'be, re-
mark-ed that. choice rots of Sid,-,(.ind 7Shoulders
would probdtkiy comnnamand a.:fraction abcve oa;ir
highest figures. Uifc-duvassed Hams'5 cts, scarce ;
Canva.%ed do, ordindrv. 4, a 5, extra 'ured, 6 -a 8,
Side.3i da 4, 'S1ioUld.er?, 2'a cents per lb.
-, ..-.. EXPOR TS .
LnT-ER P0OL-..P,r,ship George Sli olfild--15-5
bales coiion -
BOSTON-Por, barqueN'ob1 .-703 bales cotton.
NEWV YOK--Per barque- Gleaner-809 bales
c UttU.,
V Per ship Floridian-939 bales cotton. ..
Per ship Auirew Sc.,t---5. bales cotton.
Per barquie Condor-490 b,.ales cotton..
Per brig Florid--474 bAles ento0,.
.NEW ORL.EANS-Per ,hi{p Medeinsph--lt06
bales cotton.
Per ship'Robert Parker--1502 1) le. eottoi.
[,eff!erirgahl Floridian-193b .les Cr itch
Per-Aehr B.:ositon-104 b-dos ciiton.
P se sehr Foam-2- ba.e._ cAo,_i.
Per, Khr Texter-79 bies cotton. "
..FORTLAND-Per bjirqiie W.b0li-4 Itonihay
,to order.
WALDT30RO"-Per schr SRomeo-740 casks
Rimd, to order.- "
z. NEW 444dze to Mooro I e. ],Ko,-'-i I \it e d o W A ,: P C
Kaim- 1 do S -A Ri,,, I. vo-,A Wvvlie : 62 do- i
"l -i'0 I 3L Co 4-1 do L. _l trn ,v i,. i -" ti
ItTaylor V, C6 5 do .1 t,-veai-on AC O0: 11 do
o course Ston-; 13 d., B Eil,-?,n .\.- Co; 3 do CS
Russell'; It'2 Font'a-ie VX ,.,'%er; I .V F Tift.
..P.er brit R W Brov:i--2 '.,-r indze to Harper
fHolm- t4o. v% A ,V P "C K un; 37 do J Day
6r. Col 62 d'o A' WvU-i : 5 .,, P Hobart; .123' do
Nourse .N- oiie."'305 d,, 1\ Poripr & Co.( 19 do
d- R Tav!,jr &. Cn 2 .to S1 B H,-nmilhton ^A C o ;+ 43
do Lock'hrtt &- Young 3 do 1I Smith ; 121 do B
Elliosm & Co: 9 d MAn .ty v Hart-,-ihrne
NEW ORLEA- S-P,-r ,chr 'otinn-10)) bbla
whii&y, 30 do ftitu,', 2;0 do ,crk, 20 kezg p,,owder,
to Dodge k- (;:irnln,-r: 190 pkqs In:ze to Green &
-Connery; 3*2 do Luckh irt V: Yoing.
CPeristeamner Flor.'nc,--!2bales cotton to D I
'Wood &.-Co. ; 42 to Ch is E, ngrs.
Per steamer. Charie.tm--l-G2 alAes olt nii to
M oore V" M .,cni-r ,.i*; 120) ..) L,. '.h..rt ,& V ',:)
-W to Mc'av V ITlart-horiie ; 55 to Clhas Rog.rr.-;
'28 to Pre-ito'n i 5laclav
Per steamer .ras. Y.: init01- 196 bales cotton to
: *Ki.nbrough \-,RH.'w-v; 103 do to- Lockhart&
,Yoing; 10) t, order. '
.-' Per stedanerLoiiisa-l140,bales cotton to WVA&
C Kain ; 107 to Lockh trtV Young; -40 to J 31
'Griffin; 17.5 sticks of cedar to A T]3ennett.-
-Per, teamer Lowel11- 44l1) l ] &+C6.+; 55 to -'[oof1 Meieetzie.; 122 to reK.ti
+& FinelYofne'; -27.to WV G: Porter-\- Co ; 34 to l.i
Hawt|ey .3Tto:'7.:)! '2 lo+ A dias ;+ 3ito J M 1.: ,;drir. ...
Per s'teanilpr Oao'tiee"/2l7 bales cotton to 7:qonrs
-& torte ; I!.)3 to T,,c\-h-<~rt % Yo~inig 8 $ to -liul
.. "Dawsonl \ C' ; 70 to F, w-w'll,'n Butt."
.. :Per steameF'A'isu-r-t'-513l hb les c,.,tin-n,- E C
'Scranton ; 39 to L~ck!< "... -.* Holmes ; l118.to J M L..tndl'um ; 10 to J'D Van
*de~water; I9 t;) Preitor ,\- i[ael~iy; 8 do toorder
3pkigs mdze t,.) HcU-p-er IY lolme ,;2 bx3 tebaeei
''to J Day .-.- C,); 3r.i<- in,'al to Flewellen & Butt.
,P r t ,'a -r G *n Harri ,n--515 bales co~tton t7
Preston >S M acl.y : -
Per ste~gi-iir 8irei-20 +bales Cotton to W CiPOr
+"er-.5ECCo..+ 9 t,._: G R~aev- v ++
Per siea,,.., ofr.'nhbi--1.'3h ?iCio,, I "broillh & Ridl-,_.." tv 0. I,- i.> C, i~rs:; 31 t
G ( Porter 5, Co : 55"i o W\ A '.- P C: Ki.i.t; 6 to
DayA C1o:;--1 to P.?rrv - -itklilSOn ...
Per steamrrT Agni,^-lt2 btleps cotton to "Wl
Wood ; .3^ do to rc.l'lr.
Per steajner Florenco--117 bales cotton to Lock
heart &? Youngg; 150 lo Kimbrough ..\; Ridgw~ty
.9 to J DAV;', C.o.

Per -barge fm M1\rianna--102 bdi9s cotton t
'Tillinghfuts. Stark &- Co. -, 7 to T L Mtehell.
'fwo barges fin Mainanna-215 b4-ils cotton.
..5 .... .. PASEN GER,.,.
Pep steamer Charleston--frn; patterson, fiv
daughters %nd serv'tfs Mcssra. LFStow, J Mol
ton, Allea, Jones, Kius '
Per steamer as Y Smith- "B Kimbrouzh,
M"iekinson, Lampkin.
?%SPer steamer Louisa-Dr. Locahart, Mrs Prowl
,irs Harvey.
-'"Her steamer Lowell-Mr. FN Ruse & lady
.: Mrs Tonney; Mesrrs Selden, Gaulding, Franklil
Morris, Persons, Hawley, Anderson, Hays, El1
.Spofford, Shep!id, .Dr.+ ellitmv, Dr Ingersoll.
Per steamer Ooonee---S Kimnbrough.
-Per steamer Augusta--MIe-'r BroWn, I DVar
waterr, R C Sa~nn, T A Terry, J N Webb, E
Chandeni'A St:w, C Geese, J G Stacey, Col. N
HiHarper, WWReynolds, L ,Weemi, AD McBri&
-G, S Sahlife, Gen'l Irwin, E S Ott, L G Owens,
C Ower6," H E:Owen,, J M -Landr i (' CF B -m
-..od lady, Mrg Maclay, son and serv't, G S Hoat
.Per steamer Sirn--Mrs. Line H W McMillat
W^Mcillan, J GRuan, Fielding) Astodi, Hay
Maxwell, Wooten. ,
Pet rteam-r Columbus--MNiss Harden V E J Ha
den, W A McKenzie, Anderson, Gampnfield.
;a'"t'6NIGNMENT :--4 hhds CROCKER
+ TW..are, assartied, for country trade;
Cbewine Tobacco, rna-iufacturcd by A. Le'
Wich, Va., some superior cress brand;
S"' Dry Goods, Hardware and Cuttlery;
Hollow and Tin Ware ;
Saddlery, Hats,- Boots and Shoes, &c.
Siugar, Coffip, and C-anal Flour;
Old Sherry Wine, in cases ;
-All bf which will be sold very low for cash.
jnr29 : 43 Water street.

Alexandria L-6ftefr FO,. FOR LIVERIrOL:-The--f.st-.ai-ing
lC ie. "-", .4 i,,p COt F7R 'ENAY nGe e Tur- *- "
Tl o obe d r it m.. t it;l i rt x a n r ia l D C J a nt 42i ', n e r n 'i t e, % %. II l e et.... L J a c.

I PRIZE- OF...-:30,[) ... FOR.. .$yjnu q->:oR,. P00L-.-Britj9.b*R'e
1 . . . .. 1 ,)0r>. ). . . .lO ,. S C! i LtT 'le p c .
'*/nft Tii", ^a& now -lsch~arijinu, ai,d wiff be*ed to
]P'PAiI I ^Xt -l~l , 'P... l'-U-l^ -:lg.12,,t. -; ,,, e, eight a Iply t day ", -' -
rtv.r .* .. nj,'o... .. ... odeclc A ^ '- -
< 1 1 '.. ; .> ^ "." F> i "-' r -,* ^ L- -'- "o

I P: iZ Oi.,...-2aJui ...fS.-...U,,,,O00 4FOR LIVERPOr 7"--Ship TALLA'- "
,.... ....,," 1.9'JJ ..'.. .. .l.'. i ^HASSEF, a TTI, JOS. Ill Meet with
1 ,".. l u ., : t I1" ,===+:=m,*.=a = 4,1+dcs1atc h F o r re igli t abI N, *l,* ~ 'O "
I.: .-. . 1, U U . 1,7 J [Ie ..^ ;. ,. '

r 2...,.r.-.:.." .. ... l,5 .....; .. .. .3, O d3 reihtiF NEW YORK Th i
3..... -. ...1,300..... ..! 3,4(0 hip G RDfNER, Patten- .u-i vLy .
5... .....:. .... .l .-. ..... ...,32.0 -&,ive .;n-d.te dispatch, for -..- h _if
0. .... ... ............ 1 .ii> l b .. ss cotton I--al ,a.,rt' r' e t w!th "
.>.. \...,. .;....1,foO.........&13,8000j la"tc Fr ei htaONl, 40--V ......-.r,
..- ... ,,.. ..... ,19.: Yo...,h..)... 1.. Te j, "- A -i.n. I '
%' ^^ ** *^ **0 -- *7'(11 masL~r, vi ni t-^ w l.d ?
ii.;.ii.>.,.. ;;::... .... 1.. 560. .. .... ,g. 4.360.j i .l* S ,u PAOE% YORK y-a_. e- ., .
..o J-' -' "-. .. "rbov e or"to N Qi ," "
27 3-.1 Prizes.... a,:k.- 13*, ..... 3 ing to )1;)t36,4 3 jain y *'NER, aRte ,
Tickets $..-1 sh",resJn totrtion. -' '" + FO. ,W RK- J" "*
\1' X 'A RY "- R c h rds ast JKL h II
For ..le .tle Affenc J..y of f .ii.d0 of .er cargo e.. ,a a ,- .
G. G. ,G.EGOR.Y CO, Mara 1 )ir0 n ',l h iardesp -Itci.. FOY' n-Ice
'\ *27 Water-st t passage, ap p.. to thf rrbaster-f \A kb
-Ap .alchico1.. 111.44. ,.., McKAY & .HARTSH .
E XC HANG E- bought and -<,-Ad, byr" a22_ 4.-\t
;. ,. .'4 La: ) 1, 'e.

WAL G" PORT :ER. FOR NE\.V I-RK-ivithd ..
.. :! ", R T l.-+ m; )a d a steMrY R tha rds ,moste J +. .

'de I Airenot -Aif Bt,,.rUnswick. The pa,kef heprc LORDIAN IZ a
G. GREGO-RY I., CO, ,fa']a'k iur~ 1,l har dEsf~it5 e s,alh.' n a ^ iForr q ce-r ,

",AN C E U N C TteN.- L ibc--,al advan.tply o thss rg a s itervc- a-p.
a l c hs mdc on cottonl for s4ipme..rHt to Liver- N NUlhAE R TH1
p>ool, Havre, Boston or New Yrl, by ..-n __ 4 a\-t
ia -I-) H-.RPER & H TL]rER,. J 11 41 0Vt
'- i' L i+\, .

Harper &itoSales, -
C 0 12I M L :.3 1 0 NAi ME t t-,i N T,
o. ..51 Water street, .
jan29 ++ Apalachicola, Fla.
Davidi G. Raney,
CO.iMIS-Siu;, .Sk *'OZ k ,0.- A. kDILNU .'MERCHANT
S AND DiA1, `it iA .GCOD,'3,
No. 43 ,'Xater itre,'t.
jan29ftln A t._ichicola, Fla -
Ligonn & Owens,
Abbuvll.- and i'r. y, Ala.-,. .. ...-.
I -TWiLL -practice in the -'nuny aiaid Circuit I
,V T Courts of the counties of lMon'tanery, Pike,
Cojtee, Dale, Henry aiid ijarbonr, cuirnpo-inm the
eiiihtl Judicial Circuit ,>t tine State ol Alabaria. -
Abbeville, Henry coi, Ala.,
S: .Troy, Pike co., Ala.
-T Refers to -
Col. A McAllister, )i+. a .
-A-j. A J M cAllistep, 1--" +,- .
A M."j. JefFerson iu1,1rd-, Eiil'uli, Ala. "
- .H'bale. Jas E Belsei', Motgomer,, Ala. "
'Ge.,' ..oohn Dill, Fort GUiues, GU. .. :
Messrs. Chetr & MctGriffi, Apal'<. Fa.
Januar'v .j3t1, 1S44. J 1',29 tf
A ctjimiil Sale.
Oil Tutemday, Fto. P /i, tIt II o',c11 c, r.
0'NE Side .i1;,, ; One Sopha;
One l:,ednre;-u;. One Can -dl Stand;
; T\\u Card Tabl.s'--(all mjhogai Y;) -
deO-Ae M.ttr.i s.- Two Evditef,,f ;-
Betand eantd i,; Eighteen Chairs;
Two Wash Stands.; Onke Carpet;
One Candle St61d.
-The ab,,\e wall be, s.'.1! by order of D., .Ralne"
as the, property of J..s.'B. Starr,, agreeable to j
Deed, from said Starr to Ra-ney, executed -of the. |
30th day of-October, 1843. *_-:

PORT OF APALACHi10OLA.... Jaa. 29.
.... CLEARED.,
-'PS1iip Andrew Scott. Emory. for New Y ork, by"
B Sahktr.
< Ship Floridian, Pratt, for New York, by Nourse
& St'.)i?. L ". ,
Ship Gen ASkolfield, Skotfield, for Liverpool, by
Harp r H FIolnip ": .. "
Ship Mede.mn-ch, Chase, forrN ew Orleans, by+
H-IDDarden- ', .. ,
Ship Robert Par'ker, Dwight, for New Orleans,
by D-B Wood & Co. :;
Barque Gleaner, -St.;vens, fpr New York, by C (
R ogers. .+ :
Barque Condor, Wt-i, for NewYork, by E C
Se ratii oa.. .
B';i r'pte '-:,ble, r0\vn, for Boston, by D B Wood :
&C o.
: Brig 'londia, Cr- cker, 'or N York,-by McKay
: & HIit~thoriie. .. "
Se 8hr-Fon- 1, Row^laund, rfor New Orleans, by B
E llis t .) i C. : I -I"4,
Schr: Bostoa, Bradle_,y, for New Orleans, by J.
.D av & C p ... ._, .... '-,.. ,
D Schrp Rodii,)y Ewiri.t f" Havana,'by B G R Pop;e
86,1Sh7' Texier, Svriih fur New1 )'rleanS, by B Elli- '
;Son & Ct.- ;;''' '- \
+ ".- .- A F R .[r E D "
Ship In-land. (Bri.) Boh sailles, 'In b',llasi to W- A P C Kain. "
B.arque Waba.s;h, Talbot, f-roni Portland, to mas-
te r. .:', .,,' .
Beri+"i'e~trl, de. anlder:;.- fit:St+ T" nin.i?,to as-+
te-r.D \, ...'
[e-r'ti" rR n"B'ri, Taten, m from New, York, to "
AV G Pnrter &.,Co. I I
BrigE-eo',blic.GG~t-, 19 d-ys 'fm New Yorik,'
vi i Key "W-.r. .to, Nollirse .,- Stone.
S,.hir ,<,ston,-Perkins ,fi-N Orflean&, t6 Dodge.
&-Gardner, n
Schr. Romeo, Young, Dffi WildboroL-, Me-, :to
master.' "
Schr Gladiator, B ik,-r, fm Kingston, Jamaeia,
tb m i -a e r. :'- '
Sehr Medium, Eld idg:'* n Kingston, Jam., to
master '
ehr Joseph Helen, R ydr.', from Point Petre to
mSpetr. phj el, R3 I'/.,
.,,inT ,r'Ge,'l HaaTrison, Vanr Veghiten, ftm Co-
l, lii h :)s ,
: t,.,,i C.,olrbu., MeAllen fmn Columbus.
SteLi -r A';n -,." J,=ii'.i,"I.tiii ColA:rmbu?,
,te1a1,11 'r Aign-if. tn'. -]ld 'r,.fm Columbus.
,. Str.-I er C.h ,rle-!:,-I, FVr.einn. -,fm Columibus.
8t.:am-r,. 0onee, Q1 -or. fr Co1lmbus.
Steam-r ,w..!!, Nil,--'. fm Cohimb'Is.
Stpamt,>r Fl'r,n'c .. F-r ,l~er. fm Albany.
,-':.trer LnO'risa. B,', ,wv,, fm Albany.
Steamoer !as. Y Smith, .iniih., fin Albmny.
Ship Uncas., .tt,.hii. lo s-i1 20fh inst.
llin M."tiihil r~W-1iiiiion, Tyior, up with desp'h
BJi1:6.I .b-iina, D ,dl~v, lo sail 20th inst.
Brig .Al n, lmb'n cleared 16th inst.
BMIrque Gazelle, Allen, ':*red -llth-inst.,
1"l!A' LE-T;V>N
S.hr _Sirah, M.rrick, to sil with de.pittch.
D ',4r' r '.,'D l:'r, 1.! r, sai led ,lh inSt.
Brig P,iri r,;n, Brayton, sailed 14th inst.
Ship 1lri'ii.'.WO) hin-, arr. in NY i-lh 'ist,.
Sl;.I, tiari ,,,li. Norton,-ar in N Y. ile 15th
T3Brig P.tr .,',,. B,'',tor|, ar. in Providence the9th.
r, ir. A iI.'d.i. A'hhy, ar. at Philadplphia tth0 10th
Brig "tm ,;ra, Ashby, ar. at N Y, the 10th.
3 v. "'"V-SELS rN PORT. .
' Jan. 29-.-Sloopf and Li-hters not included.
: ,SHIPS.,
E ,gland. (T,,) B,,,.thby, fin mAfi reiIllre-, waiting-'
M W A P U 1g1in. -
? CoiIrt-_lv. (Br) Turner, 608 tons, for Livfrp,,l,
S w ,il"'r'- A ,, P C Kain.
- Gardeni r, F ti.-:n. 346 tons, for New York, .?a-I-
: [" ing- NoGu's ,.. Sr; ,_-. .
.': Liverpool-, Cofin, '42' tons, ioidi)g for N'York-
J Div< Co. ...
c) Lyons, )i vytin. 4,7, tons, wiiting-J Day S Cq.. :
Z Marv & Sauan, Weeks, 392 tons, loading for N.
. Yorkat t3_-D 'B oo1 d &ICO -.
r;" 03 .-.Pn-UI, ll'.trdl, 5ri6j ton-+, wnitlng--?Ia-ter." \- ;
\ Tdll,,ih~it e?.. Iladl'-v. -1^9 t|,ns-, Io,,I'lin tfLr I/ivcr-i
1_oo l -- J I) l V ,'.: "Co. '.'
Troy, Hills, 623 ion-;, w.lizs-- I N.I li'glit. "
Y B .A R Q U E : '"-.._ -.*
.a3: ^VJl^*, ihth. 7alh,t,29S lo.)il-, for N,-W" .York, load-.]
";-" iio--- qc,,,-e ,\" S 'ine. -"
''. Br. Robert \Vatr..J,.hn-,-n, 49)1 tons, for Liverpool,'
e < \v+,iiiir"^-- T~ k T'y C o. ^
, Gu-ntl-man, M'rri?,, 227 tons, for N Yiork, toad-:
y ''* -"* '-BR["IS. -- ^ --?
r 'W L_,J.ones, Tyi-r. "-*) tions fotr N w York--Hai-:
l- per fe t-olmnes ':'\ ... '
;' Ger-t);!de, Saunders, 154t tons, waiting--B Eltison'
o & Co. ..; *
+ ?. Wr B> ,,w,,t Tat em, l93,tona, dist-iargin--WVm.
": ^ Prti.r & Co,. ^^
r.-p i'.1,blic, tGca'_-<, 139 tons, (ii-c'nr;:''iiiE-Noiiurs-r &:
Oynosii,'i, 5 tc!,,on. 2,30 tonii, loading for Prov--
d- d -,i.-t Elli.,-/n f Co: :',
r.Mtiry. rticii.irJ-ln, 193 tons, for New Y or]k,- 10ad-
.. ihg--M\cb:|y '.': H~t'ts~horne;> .: ':
&: : : .+SCHOONEkS\ |'.
Rom.^, Yo,;in?, 133 tons, witdting--^Tister.
ldiir Bak'r, 98 tons, waitng -Master.
,1 Meoiuth't6tdrid~p, 90:tons, waiitin,-M.daler.

. "oaph Mlei^ Rvder, 85 ton!;, w.,itug--aster.
o Bzzqon, "rkn11, 58 tons, dichargeig--Dodge &
Gardner "
Exceisinr,", oodbury, 86 tons, waitin"--Nourse
f Stone. \ .
Textor, Smith, 80 tons, itoading for N OIIeaIs-,
7e BElisonG& Co. \

S 1Pitekteoe Attention1 \
nIHE Msmn'oers ,if the "APALACH!dOLA:
n, RE -iER EN G NE CO., No. 1," are hedeby
notified to'. attend the k-m.-ual -,r?Teinr of 6id
c; company., tq-mnlnT >w (Tu .sd n, past 7 o'ctoek for the purpose of ele,'-ti-'i, i For-
Y, man, Assistant Foremra and Secretary, for thi
ensuiag year, and transacting ocher business.of
n- importance. By oldvr of the Foremnan,
W N. B--iAnV.persons wishing to become mem-
bers of said eomparny, will make application to
T one of the rnmm,-mbr_;rs, at said needing or previously.
Is Apaiachle.ola, Jan. 24th, 1844. jan29 It
5, 90Ut 50 Bbls, Whiskey"
s, "' 50 Mnlasses,
ir- Jlist received from New Orleans and for sale
jan 29 24 Water street.
6Y O. kEGRS.--30,000 first quality Havana Segars.
t.0 For sale by T L MI.TCHEL,
ja-n22, 43 Water sl.
B OOTS &-,.SHOE--A general assortment of
men arld boys Boots, Shoes and Brogans,
For sale chea- for cash by
jan29 S DTLL & 'CO., 29 Water st.
0"OC.,'YEE-A choice lot of Java Coffee, just
received and, for sale by
B. ELLtON & Co.
i ar8 33 water street.

, .
+- .+-
-~ -^ "--'*7:


S. DILL, Acuctine r. ,.VANCES.ON COTON,-- T ireal atvan- r ,, YII- 1 e nl" '
naalaehicola, Jan. 25th, 144. j.,222t .tNe %v Ctttlip:shietoew 'COTT Eer'
'ovn Popel'ly for Sale, Yolk, Boston o--Liv~joojl, are offred by:. hs.athcvroelae
T ,,wnPa f BLo uwid. For balance 0t'Ireight, appi
OT N,.2, in block B., first ra ,ge, in Water T. ++-R!zE & sTOr Er.. BNJ-AMtIN SAT -I',.
L street, and Lots Nos.,8, 9 &, 10,inblock 25; lan 46 -, : 41 Water st. jan,. BEN -
-deeds with general. Wvra itee will be executed to LAC K tITH'S COAL.--70 casks Coal, just ......
the purchaser-. T-he -said property will be sold -) received and fur sale by -. ._"aS Trl" p ',, e,
tow fo~r ash~appl to W A & P C KAIN, ..B- T ,-
.NOURSE5 &STONE, a,"9 Columbus block. s 3*rtn
ian^O 46 Wiatelr I'ree~t.-'MlyM aild s''^ilid 6'sso(rt men
... .... -C" < ) -I'TON SEED--54,) bushels Petit Gull' Cot- i IONAIL WINTUR- '3
Agesacy Bank of Ch.irleslOU. C t on seed, just received, for sale bv y | ..CLOTH-I.,omsisti '*^ "
T -E subs 'r,,e', AGENT Uo thie ab..e BANK. ja ,2 J DAY & CO., 5-2 Water ?t. | ... Chth f1res ant 1roc ..
_ is u i t h o r i ,.e d t o p u r c h a- e E x c h a n g e o n t h e + .i g fe d a M .l ain ; aC is
North and "'terlhng Bills, and to Check on New T AY AND POAFOES-100 bales sup-rir andS_,lencia Vs-?' t
,k nd Charleston. Eastern Hay; 75 bbls. Potatoes now land- J de, black and y .-|
Yortv-, nd C a eso + +, .. . from b'arqure Noble, a- I h&-fr sale by ue lk k n'-p
Or Otfice over D, G. Raney's ilore. Water. 4,: g l f a a o al y .. "l -.,-mrxed and 'ribb&-dt'Piu
+>- SAMUTEL cAsSISN. +,*<; S, :t&* ^LL^ <* Co.)* .Also, a gv i4eral assorttient of Bt'-nts |
Apalanhicol, Jan. thi, 1-,l4. ian20 1m '.2, ianv, . 2 water s reet. Hats, Caps., &c., which will b:.
.,. a. r-..=;... ...... ,,, T ATS.--Just received per bri.4 Mar 'r,,m ;9S B-.HAMI%1 '- '
Fire & M arias 1asir' t a-c janQ9 -4M .^9 -
.. .. ..,H-. .ew-l-o ~ t Y -rk, a few dozen fn e C,., ....7 W c,
T HE AUGUSTA INSTUIANCE ; -i- H 1Hts,, i-teqt:f slion, a beautiful article. .. .-
_L [N CO a lt .3 ),i ull Atre aIli-
[NGCO-Ca-It' A .... .e.....N",.'" S B HALTON, Rekly MadO 0of: +
(-d to take ris ks aguir~st tile Se ..as _, iVee rs And F r e. iatr> Q -, S B A M ILV T O N , ,t, lI L E & .) % ,-
edotkeis~a;in3the3aicrank.e. jan-2-2 ^-----4-7 Water street. M., 1V MLLERf 4* i.).
J '-a. -KELLOGG, A A.,.e.nti- "W .r S'f-R P*RODUCE.-----100 b.. L^ *i, ter street, havr j ,i *. 'e .
ja n l1qJ e 0. ed pier iatarri ,,'a _, : -
Apalachicola, Jan. 25t0, 1l;4.1. jan21 3m ;8 VV S ) bbis WhiSkey;. + ? t strtnient rf NWV ,, :c. 7A:,E'.,-
38 do Pork.' -" .-U'lNAFLE RE-\I/ M ,'il
AMERICAN GOLD.-, or sale in sums to suit Now landing before our store and for sale low l C ) CtwTT~rTM.. ^ ;ir
.lpurchasers,by for cash by FARRIOR & CO., 9 \)ats-Sacl--Srh,.-Poiis- 1
ja,2 4Water st. V" t, ".
"W ],^ G. PORTER. &. Co.+: jan22 44 ae st ((\ est-, &c ; ..s..4
jan2 41 W ater st;' _i [ -l l ritiiRhf"",*-r,. ^r
...... 1 aler+Si EADY MADE CLOTHING--Just received tne Over coatg'; :1
"OLLAND GIN.-2 pipes "M.tder s Sn" Irm New York, a large and eneial -assort- Plin b a, b, bron an .:
Gin, with certificate of importation. n.,.t of Ready Made Clothi_4g. -.-.- vT e
or B HAMILTON, Frock aAd Dress ;ts; .
to .oe y .SAM!L M Af, P .. ..SlohBasiAMILTOfushnNSt) ",'.a_: I
1n23t 40 Water street. 1Wcoth, cas-imeid fluhinKSa. '- r .a
i "+ "" "" >" S i r j n ;::;.47 \\ater- street.
S .... .. ..Cloth, cassimn -.-i arid sitiine-Pai 1r d fi r,.:,
'W HiTE P'L'-.-l")5l-l.) it clear White Pine; r>rpRUNK.-Iro Bound, Leather, and Hairm vldr and pqatti.; .
limber, landi.o f. m shlip e 'y J.,"' ~T iks ";orrsale low by', : Pliu a d d S satin, vale-
i,.,2 J DAY & CO., .5Q W,. tr 4 Nan2 NI MILLER, 45 Watert mere vests
Cal'iCRe! l Ili'tm, eq, AP131INET FURNITUTRE.- Made to ,,rd-r, White tit and linen Shirls; .
Colored 0d ddo % i
rTER L 1,'R I' No,. 42 \1'aiLr street, have % repaired, varnished, old s.ofas ul h,.lstered _, d.-^ ^--tj nl Shirts and rr. .,
_r i'treceived per late art"t.l;;from theNrth Lookin Glass latest fitted r Siriped .,irts; Ne.Pa-,s; |
the ,`l6ll.-'-.n, articles .of CABVNET FURNI- PTRHO.IART. Du' 'rcks and "iwses; ;
TUPE, ho-i.,.ft, 'andat reduced secretarBonrices: dec 1 .42 Wat rt. .Isk d Milens; B..o.andS, -
,. '..l ..b .; d Secretary's. + .1 r I SSE,4.- Juit re-t-ivv.d a larre assort-' H. 'a S, a) Qv M
-', ". -.. : ... .. : .. .... .M m e n t of M atr asses. w h ichl w i l he ,o l dd lo w M O L A ;S E W H I. K ^: |
....for cailht by N M':LLER,11 ,"- ar 2 b. tes
'111 ^. Rockip- Chairf 4 ; ; a -'^ rs ." _s ^-25 b.r~s 4-14
G ,,,It do Cane B'aki and Seat; :. an.. 45 Water-st.er Lsses-- barrels.
Gostl do of v,ria u sizes; e EADY lMADE CLOTHING.-A large and; Whiskey--35 b-rrels.
7'r+ M-t-ija), a'd Curlil Ma,:ple Chairs; ; : -. eneraI assortment, fir sale by : lour-50 barrels.
Fanc &'Win&s-r do of vari,,us patterns- ja r129 S DILL & CO., 29 Water st. > Cra berries-S- hall barrels.
Ladies W,.r'k Tables, Looking Glasses; i Whiskey; Lard 20 kegs.
L..inGl,,s-Plates; -BLSReciied Whiske Bacon"-,4 esks. :
\,lTr,vdlisBsket_, all sizes; -lUUJ 30 do Western Flour;- ; Jut rteivc peI sehr..?!^ .., ^,-^"
SW illow C r ndl es and W aions.. jai29 -. 2 d W tstctrn P ork ; low by *; D O D G E- & -.N-'... V. :
Just received, and'for sale by v n 40 ". r ,,..
.\TS, C.\p<, .--.,00 doz Palmetto Hats; DODGE & GARDNER, -- --
.H 'd d'z- G.' -& -' H-a;ts; ; 6 doA,,e i n e -.. ,i an 41 ) \ater street.USF' lNE, E LAInNE'--i r
6 dz Bac ^Sikd;^d^ ^ m don0 Dri di; -elin eL'aines, iii :r
5 dDzBabcWSilkdo; "2 d,) D 1.,icdo;. ",-L SAND CROCKERY WARE-Glass Fr sale by B ELLI9 ,.,
-CAPS.--2doz Fur caps; 1 do) Select d,, G<" Lamps, of various sizes and patter-is; -Cihina, janl5 :"
.3 doz Velveteen do; I d.,- Riun-4 yd,)."-- Printed, Edged and W hite Plates; Printed'and "A._..A D A F'I fti ..." '
ssenamled Teas a- d Tea Setts. Printed and om-,-iAND,- .. |
J.m) .S DTLL & CO., Wa;ter~st., meniDishes,<,wls, Pitchers, Mus, &.---- "S.' -3
In.. .. For sale by S. D iL L ,&--(.6._ 91..
In theb United Slates Disrict C .uiit t w ,e ianl5 .9-wa-er street., 2ja 2n 2 . _
For the A pal ,-l.ir, ,, District of F lorida. RO._ .... ..' W ater ,,ills,. -treet ,,ier r RO R"I
T Q -!N R O CH of J ,kso county, hr -ing ,-,co laf i e ,e e.s d J,.. "
ilI[e.d ,,:)t1 itio iipriyng lor his diie'har.- and o .rq -a", ,, __ .--d.. ..' do Isky 1
". ,. t hey are prepared treSelL at redaucd prices, ,
certificate .as at, ,. o s, owt-his ordered that cause: ,rp the ollowIn..-- ,'1 t
be shown before tht 1 Court against said petition, "for- -._, ,
at Mar imaonth "rt M ll!avinfNr~oceries of all U sc.11tio'lls
at Mlaianna, on tl first _- v inc M net ^o- Hg -- BAGGING--tu.) iieces Neigh 7'... : S
.('l'osi .)t B G ALDERM.\N. ('lerk. 4 r r;I cloe Havana" -egars,
Y O N(;E +&r & T A Y L ,O R A tm 's inr P ett ner ,' PamttO il, -& c., .- w to cl.,De consign ,,it. ',-
M-Srianle, Jan-. P We44. jan2034,d rights, Iron Hollow Ware, "..15 4.. .
U. S. Marshal Sale. SA)tIi >1 Lamps, -_,,p-i. Q ,)1 NL riATS.-A 'lrel -, _U
BY virtue of a writ of fi. fa.,S issued from the- --Hes, Shovels, Spades v -- portion g Hats, just received.,-. t ,.,- *
S u p e ri o r C o u r t o f i ra n k l i n e ou n ty in fa v o r K n iv e s a n d F o rks, a n d P o c k e t C u tle r y.. -Bip- ... _
B y'^ ^ ^ Frankli c^ /^^ -. --
of %fix,-vs. Altison, s~irvivor,- tivxime directed,, I Iory betl--, 51 pieces,2llq l5.. V..
have levied on L ots num bers (5) five, and (13)f C r,,i s'A xes, A nd r ove au n .- -- .... .
thirteen, block D., in the City of Apalac~hicdla an adBl Rp, + ,ONSIGNMENT.--17 ''
T tv~~~t% i; 'e a n d s h e T h re~ d J t s an, su itab le lot .
and kno w5:n as lots .N os. (.5) five and (t3) t 1,11rt e e ,F rsle 11-,.T 0 ,
block D., front range, in a plan of said City, to-:- Cotton LeadiaLie'=(For sale lw flo n;,r b
gether with all the buildiws and itnirmvemenits Painted Buckets, T.os'and Measures," FLFIVELLt 7
.thereto pertaininc|,,and belonging'.; and fftrtlice "!Cradles and W ago* +!, inI N ,,l"2 .: ,.,
t known as ,Phenix Houseu and ,an dn. S al,,on, Broa
Or f -erly owned bv Raymond & Allison, a' the 10100p lrs l:,rimi Ru yet's CroganL -iN g, jlt A9e:er as
510)011 Thick -1. ., t.)M de Ch tihing, just rec-ei, ,
J property of said firm, and shall expose the same 'Lqde s--ppers, Ladies'common do the store of BELL
.r sale at public, ut(ry b -lore tile Court House +Ladie' inelips Tnmdis' _omo do,. -
) Id o inr the City of April'whic|ola oil the first M onn. inAn, s sorlt ent of om ens' Shbis, lew '. '. ',
daV in M arch next.5 at 11 o'clock,- a.m ., to the + H ats rl, 'up W'. 0 S t a E- -A Jew t forces e'ur s .'i .-:.
highest bidder for Cash, -o tisfy sidSaddles nd EridleS,.-vuice prices, to cloge'cos. v "- ,
\ROB"'[' MYERS, Marshal. S-,ldl!-ba~s and Girths, r +; -: "^ .^ ^j'r
Apalachieola\ Jan. 23dt, 1844. jan29 !m 2 l0()0bro sice and~its'heetings, '; + il: *' ': ; '; -. _-- "
\ II. 8. 1T]arsha~il Sale. 1070 M,,usline deLainle Dresses,..-'* ; A I'lo- bdo Ruppins. .*; -J
BY irt~ueof an alias fi fa,,'issued from the !ankets andFlannels+" : .' 1ut do Pivepperbins M-"t, or%
.1):u ;rior Court of Franklin courtly in favor of+ Br~it annia. W^re L^d ams .. in Juprimer oivdrder. eForb isal~e *,)Ma ,y.-'
Bank of pensacoia, vs. -Benjamin Brown, to .me y/ -( stnrs and HashDise% ..'?.}Le~d hv ti ~lve ntefloig us apDne el, Cofet lils :: V .^ :'L """

f with all the improvements and buildings thereto. LookihoGlasses',;, .Ia12"2 /* ... -"- .* *.
1belongi ng, an shall expose the same for sal@ at "ta "ne" arl1"^ ^'T "RSAE'. ...^.. -: -
public outcry Before the Court House door, ,in the eso iP_tvrD3bondPils, ^ t( p:i :+ hav>e.istrece ,^ a|
City of Apalahicolh, on the first 5Iordiv iu Br!e faldsrpin.^ ..^ aiT dadGeL -, ^
March next, at \1 o'clock, a. m., to the highest -B dsteho*Oa ^ ^T r oF ;
ti bidder for cash, V satisfy said ft. ft. Property of a great var'ety of"" ,ealallls "tck ,tleda Slmon ; W-' **- ^|
[ pointed out bly plffs att'y a the property of s~tid ou_ to: mntiou... Purchaser. .. are^^^ inttd* tFcat^,-., ..Fl orl~d:t _a reaB,i~ ... +. .- ...:|+
IBrown. \,ROB'T MYERS, Marshal. and examine our Go6ds and prices b~oe hW ,.lgu, ,_ Sou.nd, &cazl.^ ,. ,,,.B
I.Atlalachicela, J~an. ,,4thr1844 jan29lT t .ro-^'I .. .^^i^- ...!-.,.:. L



*;; ~ i-9,. -

- I -9 .

, -*,. -,

. i- .. _


Receiver's Sale.
EefBijamin F. Nourse, adminis-1 "'
'r-Ator, (de bonis non,) ofes "
tate of 0 C Raymond,'dec'd/ '
-"'omplainant. .-N-GHANCERT
-vs. j ,
Ab'aham K Allison, survivi-nd '
partner, Barker, et al. J I +
S ,. N pursuance of a inretat order, mane n tfe
S .I bove nam ed ta' -se, D ecem b eri th l $ -1,b
f Honorable Judge Of the Superior Court in dt-or
.Franklin Conrity, sitting as a C ourt ofe j, ty, anAd
*.- by virtue of the powers thereby 1-^tgr m me,
...on -turdav- -th&-econd dav o arch next-,
proceed to sell at Public Auctio_/ he highest
i. bidder, the following described )perty town;

Lot No. (5) five, in btork l.,, ,ituated on
"Water street, in the City_ ot feel front by eighty leer-t p, having thereon a
brick store of three stony- .... ..
Also, L; f No. (1I) rl i een, i block. D I
ted on Commerce stret .i said eity., rtVrt fe.Apt
b '. front by eigzty'deep, hving thereon.rick nuud,
ing of one.stoily; e"wn as the '113 nnix nHouse.,
The title to--8 roniveyed bv .s sale behig, all
the right, title aad, interest of C Raymond, late
of said co.ttayanid A K V1on, in and to said
property 7- -- r f ... i
"'---- "Tem.:-Pne-fom'th^Q/h, and the remainder in..
'six twelve ind eigl _n months, wuih good joint
-. anid several notes r secri-ty, satisfactory to the
'- Receiver, and t,*itle to be'given until said notel,
s:l hall be al ej i +-' -.. .. "' "" "' "

-... ..../BENJ. F. NOURRSE, Receiver...
^-'--.-- M .A. MYERS-,Auctioneer.
'" ApajFhicola, Jan. Ist, 18-44. 'vl'3m
W In Jackson Superior Col r*,!'
.' ,lames Boon,).
i,, Piet~y-- on.. y "" .:+>- .i^ ,
? TN this case t is ordered, thatpdess the said
I defendant do appear within Airee months and.
answer or demdr to com)laid~ij bill filed' that,.
I- the same will be taken. .pfjorifontsso, da
I matters iherein contained creeded accoTdingly.
| .,. BENd. G, r"GE & TAVyV "1tc Pr8 sON.rs.
g- Mariatna, Dec. (l. ecI I lv3m
|------ar-as S~tperio r Jpu ft.
Willoim La~Vrene-._Co nipl't.) Bill for 'Divorce.
Vs. '"f f December.Term,
.Elizabeth Lawrence, Def't. 1843. .
4- %'AME the complainant by counsel, aud it ap-
| pearing to. the satieacdtion of the Court that the
-"defendant resides beyondthe lifiys 0".the Terri-
tory of Florida. Therefor'-it is considered b,- the
s' ,Court thai,, the defendant da appear here "On,. be-
1- fore the expiration of three calendar month'frlIe
HR datte hejeot', and answer the omplaiiian.'s I''ll of
o plain tai--or the same will h'-. en pro confegso.
08S And it is farther ordered that a &opy of this order
4 9e published in the Commerctal Advertiser for
three months consecutively.
(Copy.) ; Teste, GEO. F. BALAZELL,
MosESs 8Jolciter. Clerk.


+ ; Iu. S. *uIlarshal's Sale* -: ''
'B virtue of three ,% %i.t1, .-fi fa, issU,,.d from the
-Superior Cotrt" o' Fraiklin County, to,-me
directed,'one in favor ofJohnHardin, one inr f~arr
qf Benito T, Caro, and one in- favor of Isaac S
,.ac.ues Vs. the Soutither'n Life -insurance and
Trust Cmpany, 'I wdl offer tr sale at pt1lIc
outcry. at the'eourt'house door in 'ith4city of Apa-
lathi,,la, at'i0 o'clock, a. m-. on the first Monday
in March) next, fractional Lot nMt-rrber (9) tnine,
in block D. front'range, agre:eablv to a map" of
said city, together with all7 the uJildings aiid'ap-
pnrtenances tlih-reinto .belonging. -Said pr'emises
heing the same. known'as the office of- th&e .Sti-,
ern Life Insurance and- Trust Cornpnnv in Apa-
lachicola. *; OBT. MYERS,
U.- S. MarIshall dist. Apalachicola.
Apalachicola,- Jan. "2_.d. 1843. jan29 1m
U. .S. lal shail Saie.
B'YY vi%'tue-of a writoffmo "tgze fi-.fa, issued
from the ,Superior C(touit 'or Franklin c,:,unt,
to medilected'in lfaor of Robbins & Branch,
trustees, \W...J,-,n W. Rinaldi, I -have levied on
the f.:,ll.,vinz prperti being, in the City of Apa-
ahiic,.nla, ;1_11 known andd] dfsinat,-d on a +oat of
said city -i l,.irs Nns. (4\)Tout,'!a in blockfF.., front range, to,ðer with all and
i,,g-l itr, the improvements, buildiris and appur-
tenances tleri.ol i,,itdt liareto helong ng,and shall
expose f,,r s.-ile- it p ,l)in outcry )-'-..y.. the C61rt
House door, in the- City (f Apfilachicoia, Lt I I
o'clck, a.m.-, on-the first l,,iilv in March next
to the highest _id.ti.]c for cash, all"the right, title
and interes-" of Jno. W. Rii,,Ildi, in andI .to said
property to satisfy said fi. fa. .
-: RBERT, MYMSR,-U.- S. Marshal. '
"-pal: i.ic.. ,), ,Jan. 16t'h, 1814"4 j.an22 Im

U. S. MaIrshal SaleJ ./,. "
BY virtue of.a: mortgage fi. fa.,, issued from the,:
:_Sufpari-.1,r Court of, Frikii, county to'medi-
rf[-t.d in favor of the'Bank-of Pensacola against
E C hitthdeh; 't a1.;. I 'hve: leviedd bon th e l..;iI ow-
inf property;'-i.'g in the CiON of-ApaaicLicl
ad'ri -known and de'i. wanted -on-a -plah of saiAd-ity M
niq lot' N.-s (1) one and (2) t0o, "in block (u4):
I'on'tecz-.),'t,.,g,.-t!:)r \vil lI all tlie bnildingfsLimprnve_-
ments .and aII.[,lleri IIts thereon, ,Ind&' thereto
l-,,,,gigt arid shall expose the same for sale at
pi.i-ll ,utery lpt-eor,.- the Court House door in said
ell.%, at 11 ,,',:i,:ck, a. m., onI the f6ir1Af d.t of t!ie
^\t ter'm ,.,1-the Su ,ericirt'ourt 1f-r Fi'anklin
county,-topthu lhio-liest bidder ;-,r cish. s. ,iid pro-,
pertv to ae -i,, subject to a claim held by Lewis-
Cirti_ I'; andi Gi- ("Ie Ci'Vd,-(A' or their assirgees of
six hundred and fifty.dollars wittl iitteresit thereon
f'roih Ilie seventh d Y ,:t: Mar'tt,' 1 ':. till .)aid.
,; I! BERT.'MYERS,. U..S. Marshal.
;-Apalachicola,. Jan'i.t, It-f-1: j:n"24"? -1 J
It?,.S,. I~ar.slial Sale.
.'!O V. irtue ri a i ortrf-.e ft. I., isied I'ot t|i,
T',," ',,-,rtof F" franklin CoU, ty, to me di-
rr-r.ldin favor of Lowell H.,,]rJ,,,k vs.1ohn W.
R i n i l 1t i I h ai v e l v f -M i f t % i t -
pert'y. to wit: ail of l two certain I,.,ts iii t,'le Cit,
otf _- atc iic,-,la, heing parts of i,,r !.-iFrs in .s id
cif ;, \i-oi, and described in the pl.i 0,," said
cit3 -a? l,,ts,. N.,?. ^:) ihjree and (4). four, froi:t
range; W.,ic sheet, arid lots Nos. (i7)'sevent'en
and (IS) eiglitei,, in the rear of lots three and
four,lrespectively and f,'-ting on Commerce street
in sqtid city, all being in-block F.-, front range,
being fifo,.n feelv.of lots. Nos .four and seventeen:
on the east side thmfeof, and seven and a half feet '
of lots N,.s. liret_ and eighteen on thewc-st ,;lde
thereof or ,.oiititvioti to the fifteen f.-et in lots,
Sfor and seventeenS, making--alt,:i tl-eter, twetv'-l
twd and a half feet front on Watei street and the-
samae u, Ciii-,erce s,:-;--t in 'one body, part of
fourlot '1 in lIh,; .lah o 0'.aid city aforesaidto-
gether with all antld singular the impr,,v,.Aemits.
buildings and, ap,,rti' icf-- t her-t, b,_l,,niiit^,
as. the property :,i" the sidM Jno. \\:. Rinml diralnd'
shall expose the same for sale at public outcry
before' th-e Court House door in the cifV of:Apala-:
chicola,,at 11 o'clock, a. mo., on the first"A Molndav.
in March ni-xt, to the highest bidder for cash, to:
satisfy said mortgage. '."
.ROBERT MYERS, Marshal. i
.A p.,:,l 1,il '..,l,! .) irn. 17thi, 15-1J. [, -'2 l i

Apalaeiicola Exchange.
-HE PUBLIC are rresplectfi, lly'intormded that
Ithe abn x-o nstatil, Is!iif ni t rasib~ei entirely-re-
fitted, and .is now -opei'fowr the reception oi'per-
rnairent'and t-raneie b,-oarders, and tlhe subscriber
-hopes by strict attention to !the business of his
:'house to.besecond to none inf re nd-h-ing his guests
' comfortable.
Oysters, G'ame, &Cr. I -serd u.'lap at all hours, and
i in the best style. The Bar attached to the house,
'as usual., is stocked hith the best \Vinea and Li-
.quorsit Grateful Tor the liberal patronage hereto-
fore received, he hopes that his. friends and the
public" wll'continue ito Sustain him.-
Apalachieola, Dec: g1th8f 1"_ 43. decl,? tf


United Stales of Avuerica.
.The Presideni o qtfie United Stales:,
.To the Marshal of the .1pala'hicola District,
!" G reeting: ." ... .
,r ,THEREAS, Sam'uel'Alsardi *has' exhibited ai
W Libel' in lthe United'States District Cou(!
sitting as a'Court o6fAdmiralt y,-aling, 9 Md.
propoundin-.,-g-That he is entitled to conpesa-
tion for s.dlage in savi g the s.hooner'W/fiam
R.-Daffin, Ilitely'driven, ashore' in'a galet wind
in the harbor ofSt. Joseph. .. */-
We comnfitid ,-iu that' you 'attach' seize and
take in:t6 custo(_dy, the schooner "Williha R. 'Dffin,
her apparel.'ttackld -and fhrnitu're, commanded by
'Edw*ard'B. JXenkiS'aind niow lying in the Portof
Apalachiecla, and safely kebp'thee strieto answer
the libel of Samuel. Alsfrdi.' Aid'w.,ereas, the
Judge of thde Di..trict afordsaldhath lidbred and,
directed 'this.writ ()o issue' f*' aal"'persons con-
cerned t, ap)ear 'at tIe b t. of;.palach icola'on
the secoh& Monday +c^fr!arct' next, "aind show
ause,"if any they hape-why.j'Udgment shouldn't
pass as prayed. d. Vol lre'Werfobre hereb} autfto-
rised, -emt poweilef and strictly enjoined.peremp-
torily o c~iie' edadmonish all peri.-ns whatsoever
having, or preteidig to have, any right, title,,
cqlainI o,'nteiest ,i or to theSai scoouecr libel-led i
a, 'it .as ali resaid. by ;iublic[ly tfixitigaacopy of
t 1 t- Ionitin 1on th,- nI.tiin-iast ttfthe sail s,:h.oon-
-, i, and.pujlishiL hL1 0 Satliu in s..,lit iw:-spaper
put-,fishid III said city tor-at leait, fourteen days"
be-l-t' the t etUr,' day tht ',-,, r and bhy all lawfutli
mneans %vhat8.t+vl"'ve.q ereb3 this monition may. be )
made:- most public andI..I not,:,ric-,u_3. to be-aridap-
pear before the Jidge itforesaW at the time alid,
plar'e afores.iiT. hdIdalso o attend uon eyver
sesAtoff to b.e- held there and from tlheee until a,
.dCimntive se'iterce slhall l ..ad and" priTulged
in.the said, busiinss inclh.sivelt.v i"f anly of t10em
shall think it, their: duty so. toAdo, to -ear, abid-,'
,by and perform all and'uir Sucli jdicial acts,
as are necessary to be OA.ne and expeded ted in th.'
premises, and f trther to do and receive what unto
law and justice shall appertain' ,under the pain
of the-law and contempt thereof, the absence and
contunmacy, of lthem and evei-iof them notwith-
standing. A_6d' whatsoever vou shall do in the
premise-,, ,ou shall duly certify utitd th li J ied
af;oresaid at the, time and place, atoresaid together
with these presents.
Witness the Hon'l Samuel Carmack. Jndge of
our said Diet-rict Court- .-this *:'5tli day o,"f De-em-
ber. .--. GEORGE F. BALTZELL,,
iant"' C I: "let'k-.


N OTl :E.--A pei-,;o-s having. clicIsS. aint11-.
^ Fredei'ick L.: Mi,.iw-, late of Jacksoaa c.ourt'v.;
d*e;t,,ed, are required to pre-nt tle tt dul'
autliy .ati,_dted \ 'ithiti tII 1ti 1-? presetibed I,.. t .....A",
or this notice will be plela',-i" )" ... t-,-mtir recovery..
A ll p,?.r:oi:,(-, 10 ,- c r' ia'l ".-tte are r- .,,-i;Ited to
niak .-.," ,TiJ-T eddte p.i,'iir, i.ir to the -iub ,er'ib :.r. .... "
M arianna, Dec.,9, 15-13. + 1 ,
"NTOTIE.-All-,ersons having claims against,
lThr.as Villia s, latt, of Jackson :equnty,|.
deceased, are required to present the same duly.'
aut henticcAted within the time prescribed by l-\v
or tltit notice will be plead in : bay of their.re-
c.overy., Alli persotis indebtLd ,to said estate'aire,
requested to make.;immediate ,settlement.
.,-S' THOS Af. WHI TE, Administrator.
Marianna, Jalv.!9th, 1844.t- jan22 Cnm
NTOTICE,-iSix weeks after-date, I shall a,ppl
to the Honorable, Judge of the"C6unty Court
of Franklin coLrty, for letters of admi;, istrati,,nI
an the estate-of MARY -A.. I COT't; late or said
county, deceased E. S. \WOOD.'- :
...A. ala.lhicol Jol ,. l.mt1 lP -14. jan";' C %w
N OTICE-Six weeks after date I will. apply
N tot.the Honorable the Judge of the County'
Court for the county of Frantklin, for letters o(
.\dr;,iniitr.,tio:i on the estate ,of Arory mRoge",*'
d.,ceased. and for letters of Alminisitrati.on ,, de
bonis non" on the estate of John Locke, deceased.
.Apalachicola, January-l; 1S44.-: ,ff'

Flainulin Superior 0o1rt. *
.,..,- ,Marita. Fredericks, ) IN EQ.U[ITY. i
.." .... .. .'. vs. Petition tor Divorce.'
Darlifc M A.' Buschendord. 5 :.
.,I~-N reaidingk the foregomng p etit ifc 1,0-'--")-
td[ hearing that Daniel M'l-,j;e-z.:,-e'udorf re-
.,aides beyond thep u -'(nis erritory-It is
'Ordep.d_;tht a.hearing be hal before me on the
facts, "s.harmed in the pettiort o,., the second
'Monday of March, 184-4, at Apa) chicola, in the
County of Franklin, and that s.iA order be pub-
.li,,shd in one of the public lkew.papers in this
. territory,'for the space oft Aree months before
the time afoiesaid. "i
~.--. .... .S. ,N' CARMACK,
Judge Apala.l-,icola District.
: HAyCK|NS, Solicitor. .'I
AplIachicola, Nov. *27, Lq'34.'. % -14-3m

,.-. IPraulklin Superior 0o1rt.
, .John Banks,
t ~'' S. AT M-HiNTT-
I.lamin W. Walker and for .-S'5,.) 01()
-..J".n H. Watson, execu- Returnable to De-
^oys of-the last WiMU and ccrnhN- Term,
J"Tolbilment of Jatnes C. .3.
M itsi, deceaseded.
.Te defendants and all others inte,-sted are
ly notified of the institution of the bove suit,
";) ey are required to appear and plead accord-
'.." law.
11. I 41 3m Atty.s for PIT'H'




J. Stevens.m, &a Co..
N O. 45 Wmter street, arnd one. d,,or.,Ea? o tl,e
L -Post Ot(ice. on Che-tnut street--ofMer for'sale
a large -it!,1-,1n.ral assortmenett of Fan cy and Sta:-
pleDr Go,-idts. Hats, Caps, Bonnetot, Boots, Shoes,
and ari.IS artijlifs., consistting in part ,-
BL.ala3ri and blue clotlis, cassimere and 'vesting,_-
-Sattin,_.tf, a-iiiu KKentucky Jea.ns,
_M ..,, ,_-!ine P I ,,i-a ,es, Cliusan and .lpaccais,
Rich li-;-,l an8 rtrip'd Dres.Silks,
I ...... Fl l- .inid rich lil 't,.I.: t l.';.
Earlst-..ii. M:-nchester & drfii- sticG G iiiiham ,
.:. Eilbr,,J'l'd Merino, knit rid pplt w'i'n sl&ials,.
^r'i,_,ul,_r~e Delaine and fancy silk : dof
Jackonett, plaid, bon,, arid swiss Mii-lins,
Flannels,_negro blankets and Kerseys, :
12-4-Linen ard c,-ttivi long cloth slieetintr,
Foreign 'and Domestic Priis. a great vA'iety,
5-4,4-4, 7-8, 3-4 biwn shir'tings aind slieiings,
.do. do. -blhaelIed do do.
Lowell., MancheSter and ;-.,(leer c,*ttIi osnaburgs,
HeavyLowell t4t Stark Mills Drillir,-; -
W oollen and c-tton hoserN, -- .. --" r
jGloves, combs,, hair-brushes, fancy b, sets,
Boxes, cr:lgnie, t,, ,% etc. et ""
Fl,-rerice briid, brilliant arid othet_-B.oanets, ,
Russia, R11bit-silk .arid other Hats,.' .',-*'- "
An as 6rti.ent ,,f Boots aiid Sihoes. '" f' .-
+.. fi'.o(+erts,.Al~eI al & Co.,
,,,,1 i,.,,,d ,a 6& 'for sale-: .
1 ; 'ieet and bar Iron,; -Blacksmith's Tools; '
Ge4tan, English Blister and Cast -sIee ;']
.... C)atdron Kettles from ) 20 z;),1o galls;
Hollow Ware, w,,,-4--lpe ;4'j refail' "
,_:Ji.r -oid Cut ._pikes:; Nails;-
... '3rass Andirons ; Fire Irons; .. ... .
Pl,-tfoi- rn P..-ie% Beams and Ballances; : :
Tin Ware of all kinds, wholesale & retail."
; Also. a -'eneral a ,riii,_-nr of Hardware.
* They are also prepared to attend to any orders
or [ron or Brass.Castings, Blck.rihithi. Tin,.
Copper, or .-h,_,,.t Iron work, or Tin and Copper,'
toofing'on reasonable. terms. janl ly
SV. just received perbri-g Cynosure, from -Bos-
an', a fresh supply of:Goxd3, Yakcee Notions,
&cP., &c,, consisting of a h.,t o.f Pic kLIs, Capers,
)hves, Catsups, Sauces, &c. A first quality of
Boston Inspecton clear Pork ; I.:.
20 bxs Lemons; 5001bs 1st quality Figs; .-
Shellbarks ; Beans; Cigars;, Grapes; 5 "
100lbs Confectionary; 6 bbIs Cranberries ;
.5 bxs. Lozenges;, 10 do Cough Candy;
I case Morroco SlipI-"er' -
Also, a lot of Clothing, consisting of overcoats,
acks and pants, ,also, a lot of overhalls, drawers,
rnder shirts, socks,'&c., &c. janT5,

NV OTICE-Six weeks after date I shall aplp-,ly
1- .1 to the H6norable the Jttudge of the countyN
court of Franklin county, for. lelttersof Adm.ninis-
tration on the; estate, of Amory Rogers, late' of
said county deceased. ;: .. \
-." -' :.+ M ** :. HAMMOND. '
Apalachicola, San. 1st, 1844. jani 5t .
TOtCE-Six onts ater dat- I shall apply
-LN"t "to the Judge of(tlie County C,,iwt for Fran-k-
.in county, for letters of dismission from, the ad_-
"illni-tration of the estate of M.artin Syder, late,
of said county deceased.
P_ Dec 05, 1543. B. F. NOURSE, Ex'r.
OTW-CE.-Six months after date, T shall ap-
ply touthe Honorable the Judge of the6 Cbur
,for the county of Franklin, for letters of Dismis-:
sibn from the estate of Al1xander Crbok, late'of
said county, deceased. .. + '*
, Nov. 30, 1843. 4o 45 : ','Adininistrator. :
-N`oTICE.-Six months after date'--s-haL apply,
to t,, Judge of the County Corrt'for I- 1k-
tin county, for letters of:-Dismission fromtbL-,.
\administration o6f th estate of Robert Robi[nson,
\ate of said county, deceased. + ; ., +
S". : : UH. B.,_STONE, Adum'r.
talahchkiola, Dbc.-4, 1843.. .m
orptCE--+X months after date i shall appll,
{:ot'Honor~ible Judge.of the Countv Court
of Franklibcounty, forletters of Dismission from'
the estate o.Willis Yon, deceased. '
,. G.4***(.SAI1TH, Administrator.
Apalachicola. Ov 11, 1543.. r l AIn
Dissolatione rParsinerihip.
HE L w Partnersli pLeretofore existing ini
-t the Apalachicola-Distritt between WM. H.
this day dissolved by ngi'utujal content. Each par-
ty will continue to practice in thesame courts as
heretofore. W. H. B; refers those" persons wish-
ing to employ him, to Col1, Hawins,fo0 any im-
mediate advice or assistance :ecessary in his ab-
Apalachicola, Dec 3, 1,843. tf "
Saddles. '
T HAVE on hand a-goo6d supply of Saddles, Bri-.
dles &c. of various kinds and- of the. best qual.
ity, which I Will sell at lower rates than they ever
were sold for-before-in this place.'. Call-and see
them at 42 Water* street,, up stairs. : .
To tine, Putb i co
rHE subscriber having ereted a large and sub-
*aJL stantial WAREFOUSE at -Broyn'S Ferry,-
Jackson county, .Florida, will receive" and -for-
ward all Merchandise,, Cotton, &c. on- tfe most
reasonaW~e terms, Prompt attention will be giv-
ntAo,any Goods consigned to his care.
Oct. 3 N. BAKER.

1- likte U7. S. District: Co111-i,
Forthe.lpd a.hiora Dist)wrie oJ" Florida:'
r-4SAMUEL. GAINER, of Wvashington county,:
k- and ,said district, h having filed a petition pray-'
:ing f his! disc"i,"rg- an "1-certificate: as Bank-
rupt, it is ord:.-e-d that cause be shown beflore the
Court, on thee first Mothday inn February,.1S-4 1, at
10 o, -lk, A. M.,,at the "Court House, in M"-'i-
_anna, why6 Samuel Gainer shall not receive his'
diseharve and certificate as a bankrupt; and that,
notice there.-,f he published in some public nqws-
paper, published in said' district,-for and during
tlhe period of sventy days before the said day of
hearing.. (A:copy tte.) -
: Marianna, Oct -24, 1,.13_. 4-2 Atty's for Pet.

Territory of Florida.
lM Tillinghast, ,
f, vS. Attachment.
fc H uldbut & C o.

-21.defendants and all other interested will
e.Yi',tki-tr that Hiram Nourse will be ex im-
^4i;n behalf ofplaintiff, in the city of Apali-
la, onT/. dav of November next.
k.'. YOUNG --TAYLO"R, Att'y. for P'ff.
f,*fianna; Qct. 7,S43. ol4-.m
., lackson Swperior Court.
[ilda L. Pinkard,) .
"* vs." Bill f 'r-,^.orce.
ttp H.- Pinkard. 5 .--,
il defendant will take notice trat,." Cthe
. third Monday in November next the1ptt.i,< ff
IRl proceed to take the depositions of Shephaed-
at the Court House in the town of Mar-ian-
"t whielh time and place the said def.,dant
ttend-if he sees fit to do so.
A. H. BUSH, Att'v for Pl'ff."'
arianna, Oct. 5, 1843. o14-4m .

,0 I have this dayv.received in the Jail of'
,L Franklin c",,int3, two Ne6o,_es, emmitted
as runaway s aves, answering thr fbllow-
"-iMg, description : One says his name is JAMES, a.
dark 'mulatto, aged about 30 years, about 5 -feet:
11 inches tall, walks erect arid wears black hat. ;
The other a black, aged about 25 yearss, say his
.name is WILLIAM. about, 5 feet 4'inhli.:-s higii
"thick set, thick lips, stoops a little in aw.,lkir,
and wears a cap. Said negroes had with them;
when taken up, a paper purporting to. be- a pass!
signed Samuel McCinnis, and dated 1st January,"
1844. Theysay their master lives in Baker coun-
ty, G a. Any person claiming said negroes'will
please come forward, prove property, pay clwrges,
and take them away. C. J. SHEPARD,
' Jan 8, 1844. 6mupf Sh'ff Franklin Co,

pekson Superior Court,
ill for Divorce.
[tmg G.- Stevens.
H- defendant will take notice that on the
['Ajfird Monday in November next, the plaintiff
pr~eeed to take the depositions of Jarees H.
od Walter -J-, Robilnson, Ellis Dao is, and
Davis. The depoisons of James H. Parker
alter J. Rob'inson i+U be taken at the
House-in. Marianna ; thosg,. of Ellis Davis
iza;,Eavis at the house of Stepken J. Roche
h~gton. county. The defendartat mav at-
14. &,gross-examine'"said witnesses if'he sees
0 *.... A. H. BUSH, PI'ff's Attyv.
Oct. 4. 0,1-4m

M .,si (4 l I u sf tm u e n ts .+ :r
A :'PLENDID collection o-f'-She.t MusiT,
'A sistinrg of Songs, Marches, Quick Steps<'.w
'for the Piano Forte, including Rssel'scelebrat
-songs. Also, Guitar M-sic, and instruction ".'S.
for Violin, Flute, Clarionett, &c. ':
Aleso. Violins, Guittars, Flutes,"Violin and Qii-
tar string., Clarionett reeds, Tuning forksf-, ii
Forte ke-s, Violin bows, bow ,hair, bridges,.;&c.
Also. Agency for selling Chickering &..Co'
Piano Fortes. B ELLIS8"'
doc. I 8 Water 'st.. '
St-aple Dry Good. -
T"1,TE have on consinnment and- for sale very
I' 1,,w. a quantity of STAPLE GOODS, con-=
sisting of prints of every description, Cot.ton Os-
naburis,.-'hirtings, Sheetings, Glasgow .JaIes,
&c., &c., which will be sold low for a bare"cm-.
mission on New York cost.
,+ .... FARRQ &,4Q
'jyl 44 Water..


I -: IRool and Shoe MTlaking.
g r THOMAS CLARK having 'remoed
; .to the Store formerly occupied byJo-
,J ,"i.! .Schrodt, respectfully inform the
> ,- rtiz'ens of Apalachicola, and th up-
country that le will attend.to'the above business
-in-all its branches. French calf skin Boots made.
to order. He-has also on hand a supply of French
-Gaiter; Boots: arid Shoes, new and fashionable
style, which will be: sold aslow for cash as in any
house in the city. o Oct. 28.-1

Franklin Superior Court.
Ha.--Sprowl,, IN CHANCERY,

yord .owl.4 Bill for Divorce.
'"pea'.j.-to the satisfaction of the Court,
ia Sprowl resides beyond the limits
vF i.of"on orida-It is therefore Or-

ht'publieationbe made for three months,
'Outedefendant,'Crawford Sprowl, to ap-
a- add C to be held in Apalachicola on the
.R_' -in December next, to shew cause, if
he hi,', ^" a6--dirce as prayed for in
'.k, shouldd no'be granted.
J"fdge.ofthe Alpalachldola District.
dac4ja, Ji me 2, 1843. je 14 3m "
.T'E 40. firkins Goshen Butter, just re-
,guidailbr sale by
-- "-J.: A. MYEMS, 'A water st.
% o1 a

=p[. 2000 lbs 'Extra White Lead,
200Ibs No. 1 White. Lead" Linseed Oil, "
"" 2. Boiled,
500 Imperial Green, Sperm Oil, .
"c "1 Ground Verdigriss, Nears Foot Oil,,
-''.25--" Pruss: Blue, in oil, Spts. Turpentine,
;" Chrome Green, do. C.pal Varnish,
I"., '" ChineseVermillion, Bright "
500.'" Putty, Leather "
By the barrel or gallon, jast received and for
sale by- B. S. HAWLEY,
dec7 .' 27 Water st.


FOR SALE-1.50 pcs Kentucky "Bagging-_../
.150 coils Kentucky Bale Rope; .
35 bbls'Northern Flour; !:,'
10 hhds St. troiv-Srgar; : +- : >+-
10 tons assorted Sw_,es Iron.; +:': ; .
t0l-kes6 cAut nails; by {' *,.:^ ?
dec4 4' 41-wateta.

On Consignment.
1]! Kl coils Kentuoky Bale Rope;.
/15 30 firkins 'Goshen'Butter; -. i
'15 half-firkins do. :- .-:
20 bags Java Coffee. : .
'For :sale low for cash, by :*
- jan15 HARPER.& HOLMES..
RICE-40 casks Prime Rice, landing from schr
Excelsior, fm Charleston, for sale by
-jatn2"2 J DAY & CO., 52 Waterst.

NAILS-100 kegs Sweeds lion Cutt Nai.p'
-,Jyst received and for sale by
..- -,.- T. H; & C. H. AUSTIIN,


II C.~ Lr~. I-

-,~"` ~~ "-"-r-~pi~7"?;r~_L

. I

'" y I__ _

WValrehouse w ,arles adop-- ""'
Mhe 2OU ,Prcsses. "
COTTON for storan %,'IlI be received at t'
yu,,m ano ,tcorn prLe:-ed .vdtifiA n ,v h,,,,-
no charro' e will be Made 1,, st&'la-e, but'j ce-12'
per bale-will be char.ed F01tabor,,ti erinj, &
not compressed within one ionth,- .2fj -t: -"
b al e %N-il Ibe' ch a red lor st or nd....con ..

receipt 1.111.l delivered to lightr^ vessl- Ati
ton changing hands will in all ba bl cint.:
.new storage from date of order'inmel t- T n.lqt"
ing out for sampling o weighing ark ", -.o
same, S cents per bale. 'Wantages f9 gag -A
by the press when the cotton "ea is-,k:.-
amnount, assessed endorsed ct the face-...ofV; t _"-
c e ip t, '* _+
All cottons are required to have six g"ood"n&
sufficient ropes. Grass, tow, bark or cottbn o'-3
wvill be considered" unmerchantable and. d edie-'.
All deficient ropes will be charged at the raho,
1-' cents per rope, and all bagging t ,the iaie'
2.3 cents.per yard. -
A. DOWNER, .,gmt-:... :, "+
S for the, Srew. Press',--;
C. WILSON,- Hydrauilic JPt.
H G. GUYON -...:.*,-
Florida Lever Preosf-
Apalachicola, Dec. 1st, 1-;43. d7 tf
11ateis of Wharlfage. '
T-HE I;61l,-,winz are tle Rates of Wharfa49r
J..all Cottoi, Merchandise, &c. landed 0'or fi
ped from -the Wharf at this Port, : : "
Ol Cotton, per bale, landed...... 0{,e t ,
O n ,, lti Ced.' 6 "' -
On G(3,,,ds per barrel, landed, (esti- :' "'
m atlin five cubic feet or 20?o Ibs. ',
nett, equal to a barrel,). .....,., ,, '
On Goods. per barrel, shipped.,;..-.Z':.t.,:
"4 Salt, per sack, landed .......... 6 -. w
t shipped ......... .- " Wood. per cord.............5 20 '-"
L um ber, per At feet....... .50 ,* "-'-"
Bricks, per MA...............50 "
S', iin les. per AM ............ '. 12 ;,.,:
'.Sacks of meal. corn, oats, or ^,.^,
other merchandise, containing- ,.
not more t~lan- three bush-els.'..,2 ,.,_,
All lumber, salt or merchandise, shipp,4..bf
board vessels or sream-boats, from other ves.s984
stearbrih-ts or rafts, lyin- at the wharf, %-Il'be
cna., ed, one wharfage onh-.. .
\Vliar'-.ge on cotton, or other merchandise land-,
ed. t, hte paid by tile c.,nsignee; and when Ship.+
;-'!ed ,'y (ihe party taking-the bill of Lading.: .
All g.,oods and mei'chandise not enumep:aded
abc,,-, w. 1Il be charged at corri.esponding rates. "
.V.s.els, liters and steamboats, lying atthe
\',i,: .-t n. aid i,,not receiving, or discharging eargo-
Will t ;,e ,.elired to pay for the use of thle berth:f he
sum 01, two dollars an'd fifty cents per davranl to
gcrve way to lresels or bc.ats landing or dischargihg* "
The following Article of the Reg-ulations fthe
--Alachicola chamber of Comnerce, will-:.h
stric~ly allhered to:--0 '.- .
.'.-;,',nees (it' cott,,n shall be allowed th"
<1.',s l61r their cotton to ,-. u t h rf andm
11t I.a l,. If after notification by he wharfih-e.
.lily d/l,-.w it to relman a longer time, they sha
incuiarn extra whiartasge ol (f ., cenl? pera4,. l -
every, twent~y-flour hour-1 that it r,maio th',eri4A
ten _Wo1:,d and "tt hber s6lJlealwdt
remnin more thai^ twentv-fotur 'hours without'ri-
-urrin anextra wharvarl'aYe for twenty-four hois
All biils will be presented monthly fbr.eollef--
Apalachicola, Dec. 4, 1P_43. .tf
D. It. Pallais"
-"..--'... HASdeterniined to establish him-
-'f- "-s. If sell perrnanent.v in this city, and
respectfully solicits the patron age.
of thli:- citizens of.Apalachicula and the up-cqubq-
trygenerhlly.' He flatters himself that a thorough
a1d practical knowledge, of his.business, com-
blied ,with a desire to deserve-.and obtain the
conflilen.,e of the public. will ensure him success
inllii u,,dertaking. Shop up stairs in Baltzell's
Buildings. Entrance next door to the Post Office
rfeler to B. T. CA Ro, Esq.
" Aplachicola, Sept 16, IS-13. .33 tr
L. A. Le~lay,---
^*'y^S^ TAKES this method of mtforrm-
,-:. ^^ ..].. g the public, that he has Ju"
$.ES^ returned from New York, with a.
new and splendid assortment of
,J E W.E L R Y ,
(-'onsiL-tit_ in part of Gold and Silver :Watchds,'.
new pattern of beautiful Bveast-pihs--among-themfl
'-....e DIMOD o .tbe first" water--Gold 'and
8itk,:r Triiml-ies, Gold and Sih'er. Pencils, Gold
and Silver Spectacles, Gold Guard and Fob.
Cl'iins, Silver Silenus, Plated Castors, Mantle
('locks. fine Knives, &c. &eC., vfhich-he will ell,
],:w fu-r e,.:slh. .. .. ...'
All fkinds o," Watches apd Clocks re~pailfe~jand
,\arrdanted to perform w ell. *,'. .-: '
N. B.Prosresiditg in- Apattdicola,d e
(long thi? river, wishing their WVateries ot other

:ew"lr. repaf'ed, having an opportwiity-t0 se!]o
thein b, t rustworthyv hands, during -the 6oatig
i*ason, c:,in have them .repairet'ih- Mr.' LzeQa^,
aind r_-turned with nearly the same despatch 4s
thou:.h his establishnlent.we're in.-Apalg -hi ola.
C("duml1-blus, Ga., Oct. l5, fs-Ja. '.' ;,"40 tf,

. / Phoenix Mouse,
; -HE subscriber having refitted the above es-
1 thihl I -!iiient, is' now prepared to aceommor-
date, "-bi. hiriends and the pulic- in a manner
Which will give satisfaction to all. His table
Will be- supplied with.every delicacy the market
affords, and his whole attention will. be devoted
,to tlit?. cormfort of his guiests- ". :
i- Attached to tihe es!-ablish'nient are two superior
BOWLINGI-ALLEYS, and constant attention is
-given to those who indulge in this manual exer-
+cise ....
OYSTERS, and every other delicacv which
may, be wanted fur refreslhment, can be had at any
hour. '
Arrangements have been made so that perrma-
nent and transiert OARDERS can be as well
ii iln-od -j-,te-d as at any ottier house in the city,
and ;the prices are in l-epilr. with the times.
Board' and L,.,dging, per week,.., $7.;...87 00
: Board, per week,............. ; -,.,.... .1 00
-Board, per-day,...........;.,,.,..-,,..... 5 00
I =..7- m eal .. ........ ... .... ....... 50
Lodzazi., ...- .^. :;;.. : ..... ....... 5o
" Nov. 20 41 tf W. H., KELT N

!. M rgis^, a il Fire la arIgrarce.
-E b,'cril.:.,' dv\y appol,,inted agent for the
i Protection Insurance Coml-vtiiy. ol' Hartl'otd.
Unn.;, Wth "full power: to receive proposals and
to issue policies on as favorable terms as dther
go,>d ,,t,'?-.sls' prepared to" inst jr,:, against loss or
damage by Fire, and also to take Marine and In-
land risks. "Ti relutitior. of ti? cIrpan I ,r
scttlinf !,'.ss_s withl promplitude ;",nd hberali'tv is
well.known D.\-I'l DAY,"
dec25+ -- 52 Water st.
Vie a ad. llnland liaBsramiice.
r- .HE subscriber, a.ge-it !>-.r tIe -Etnailnseu ace
_Lk Company, of liaittor,. Coron.. is 'prepircld to
issue.policies of hir.i.-rarce Fairist Fire and l,-,ss
or damage on r,'ers,,on :v.rlile terms. Tie
capital oftheI ;l),ove cor,-i )ar,-1 is i.iA *eand i, e-t..: d
in the saft-At rin.,- marnnr, and its ,etlleni%-,,rt
of losses has a4vways been pr,,rinp a id liberal.
Dec 25 .-D-AN'L J. DAY. .\ent.

rHHE ,NEW 1_0113K .EQI.[fTALE IN-,R-
T A Nt-`E ".'" '\tth a (.--i,%ral ,,1' ' ;)i.i ) ]. a\ e
I l, I 1;-mi_ ,a ,. I .. I ,, _I ., ""' f t- ,T r -
ellt".i t. u (_ ,(-' lln.- in \Vareh,_-i'5t_, S~h .-].-1 Pr.-sses,
,.r ,-,, (tI,-. W ',arl". ;,,d every ,,},:!n ,' ,.l.:scrip:ti,'.n o
merchandise. Also, onWrf!-.-,se?, Dwellings,
and othiur *Lb'lddnygs II-,,us,.lolc urinitr-e,. &c.,'
against loss or damage by Fire. Los:,ts1 proufnl,,. iN
aitji-it'teil iand paid. Applications wfl! receive iPtr-i
.mediate attention, at-the Office of the Agencyj
over- D. G. Raney's store- W;.iterstireet. = ,
HENRV JACKI. Apa!achicoia4-Jm,, 1-t, .144. j5 it n.
Marine laus-rauce Agenacy.
-r, HE "ATLAN IrC IU.-\L iNSf iR.\NGE
1,_ CO." of the City of Ne-w York, hIavin& duly
appointed t s, ; st,!,frih. -r tLir Agent. tile public
ate respectIHi icla 0,,n1l1t, 101t4.at lit! is pr1-pmred Io
receive applications for Insm-nrce agaitin-t 1Ri-or
rikat-his Oil-ice over 1) G R,iiiiv-'s ?t-re.
HENRY' J.U('K.ON, A,_-nl.-
Apalactiic.,l-4 Jain. lst, 11,14. 11.3 1'r m



B-rouglht to Jai.



_ r


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mods:genre authority marcgt newspaper
sobekcm newspaper
mods:identifier type ALEPH 001960138
OCLC 02713285
LCCN sn 83016267
mods:languageTerm text English
code iso639-2b eng
mods:physicalLocation UF
mods:note additional physical form Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
dates or sequential designation displayLabel Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937. Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
mods:publisher R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
mods:placeTerm marccountry flu
mods:dateIssued marc point start 1843
end 18uu
mods:dateCreated January 29, 1844
mods:frequency Weekly
marcfrequency weekly
mods:recordIdentifier source UF00048473_00005
mods:recordCreationDate 770201
mods:recordOrigin Imported from (ALEPH)001960138
mods:recordContentSource University of Florida
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mods:relatedItem original
mods:extent v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
mods:detail Enum1
mods:caption 1844
mods:number 1844
mods:subject SUBJ651_1 lcsh
mods:geographic Apalachicola (Fla.)
Franklin County (Fla.)
mods:country United States
mods:state Florida
mods:county Franklin
mods:city Apalachicola
mods:title Commercial advertiser
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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sobekcm:Point latitude 29.725278 longitude -84.9925 label Place of Publication
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sobekcm:Name R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
sobekcm:PlaceTerm Apalachicola
sobekcm:statement UF University of Florida
sobekcm:SerialHierarchy level 1 order 1844 1844
2 January
3 29 29
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Commercial advertiser
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00048473/00005
 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: January 29, 1844
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
notis - AKD6771
lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00005

Full Text
.. ....,.. -
? .
t V : I



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} E fc o r s /; ''N ?> i mt J'J l h< n-\v ac'.uselortu i. but }ilf: a dollar and untry with for ail of useful
r - .0 j ji'or money purposes
:4 tiv ,.> d"U 1 !l'r> fr; i it; u-f tr h.ilf: :;>. i.' ..r : ;t"'J OIHK: S. !f H the fnl; }*firth:; ot which} Congress

IM'iM.MIi.iJ; : E' ': ty M'' M'\Y; i- -a t ,> ti-! '. Vimiifrei-il Advertiser, !!hi- cltJmi! hl ciiahl.: h'.iti to'>.-n hi> P. ..r-; ic'i'tnii! ; >es the value ; it is the standard by which

'- --' ,_. r_ _.a .d ..: .. b'.r's trunk and t: i\f iVoin it a thou>.tti i nit .1 t .; "- : all:l! !j-n-perty N i valued ; the base of every contract
O:; TJ : :. i h.iATiiv A \ t'i >;. : IV..TE *.
) < ; I-- lltVtRTI) \VV.MAX .M 1 1iu:! If".V tai he would !by Itilni-r rh.: .l.
1) > M 1V ; / .r!! !;;reetP : make 1uOShe\ ; tuc ? ] btfwtcn man and man or between individuals
ZvV ;'ORKPj'i.1 Si i:nid ti.-- .1.1ep -I-'i.i t j ..t.! '. vii r.aikd, !, he could witV-1.? lt. ? '
a< not open the! trunk : .'r.1! tit tjntmetit: and therefore should

) li v th.r.l, st-'ry iilt/: -ii": ilu.ldur.rs; } : cm'nor of :111.11 ',;-i'41"'i.l., Pt'lrt j"tn' lr- Ii ''y i.mu;' d.1 ',3 tears with CIt rkail : o'sr I;.A-in.ik.-r! < would but in\f t isr.it e tut"ti'! t i iti'.ty vary. !f te value t.f this! standatd be in never the

t'nul>'rt c &. CttfsTmil! -trtt'ts:, s I Ti atvii'; vvi.nM : tr 'i in! MU-'I heri.iy l Jl'trht. { : wiuld titi'i ti-.at! \.ryrnn'\v Kiil.-: >% f f as |I !b't.t t h'Mi-,t-d bv char iiri'r mre fer' its ti".c at one

AT TIIiiEE lw )LL\ :: >, PICK ANNUM, :t5114\5- Vii. li.iMssed f:,.m th" earth! toil* ultimate he'urtit.j i iti. o(! ccurities .ts thoiv are irde la ti.e! f. tn.trx j Mine than am ; her. or! aSlowiui; any exchange t6'K'

PA.UM: iv .\ vxct:. COM l l1S-1 f X :,1EnU1l A X T, havtbffii $n\d\ in! the nits of 1 Xew-Yt.rk -rn j demanded from one \tart ot the Union to ano-

: 't ri-f! #ni'Mts' of fe \ fiat s <'r less {twenty lines X t. i (' lh !I. '. I t' .' MiMiu'ilaS-st. ] f.( t'Rmt'altu Er.t trttnpeGUOa> ttlo' rufitih ullld. n'tu .r.d:; u ;is! ;lf |":-r xi.: .t in -)!.h ttit '- .+! --\ l tl.fr, its value i- not oVtenrur.ed If there be at :

i .u >r !'i 'r ; i rtonc,.in1JicuuiHU Ierted Xt.-\ ir.- '.-. L ;. j I j \ :>:k !h :dtitr full sympathy whisper it round, p.'r ft'iif.j; dr.d from th t ?tn" ad tv\-' pg r r
; f ;- 'jt ,:ytrdteS : R.-:<-r-s' -M's des tl.u/1 r clohnc-:, j T;:.,; -in* who wa luirf&f, ui.d purt, iiu.l: b<-=t, i a (I\y. Th"< ;i ffr.t f !>e i'-t-'ret "t r vt-ry t ir.dnCtrin. ith-rnnut: I as brought: distress upon the peole -

S'' 5 W (lit Uiiemoath5 jau_ ] .i '\ X'M1: ; .< 'ic :I-i. 1'la. i ft'fi: twn from the e.irth-in lir hcAu-iy! C'a. oTtr t 1-ind. how--ver r.. IM iteh s.iti :ltt! ; hisiile. -- t ; by u.' ItH'tiiis the duty which it has reserved

i > i* i-.. .* *W T'lr.-c( -k: .2 1)0 ;; t'i'2i'i'ottl ,3 BIIa .-, ;it r3CeGl.i f. ad; ti 'r.AsTiif i..ud i.ii.uiU'* ( ti> U-t-lf tie! nsht to perfuim.Mi .

.3 ? T r IJ>HUHKoii:; \ve no longer may }hear, C wtiirh i { f".l to t'. ,iMS < 'i" 'i;
.1 .! %, th) Two vveecs, . J 50 : ive --t( \i uts: i > t >neis a national measure of value ; there
AUCTU'v: : < "M.M'i.TIA"TS.
> : ;- 4 XI kt!! insertion; 1m I : l1 tiTOF spire: : i Irma d'-*. Y+ 1i'lt.S.:: .h'dl >'. .- r1t i r.rf tit_' l\f :'! ',r<-.% o Sr.re. :ts :t hu no jurisdiction out of its

: 'Ii .,":13.Itr .ttt :i 'it tv'itll'l2t: am ipt'l' I C 'i 'Min! '. ; (,;'Sot.! : ><.-vt', hnuivfs v'i > ;Vi-f not able t- l l'--i ti; -- IPI-: r> | t>wn limits! should! be aHuwd! to create this meare. -

.. "? t- *S tt) t'e' ;'iitber : *! WSettK.:..? 1 1i > Liberal! adv. ..:.( i.i .C ,>".. '.;ptrri5 '(fa l Il- I'!! thv- ; !'l'i"r l! ;rl.*ry 'in:; nvt-ttf<= of ]o.r.is 1! wi'icn it Iri1'y5 upon rtfiii ;:';d! tht-ir i=vuui( j. j .' ,trip can it rrjt late it, for another State ;

i i, ,it *, ini aa.i *r t.i d t'.rtt! titev are to | i'.1\ t.i) u-1 =. ianv nt These tHiu-.s(i .tr.d bl't.ri: b. c >i.ie S > }..; .. >,ur ( *(:vernment should coin it and settle its

.'-'i 1 -l rvrii. roRBii : tn A will i i I theretime ( .-\ wiiu '..voiildisrrf'il hs-t iniaire j>>r.uL j jTo in tli<:Sf iiiitjuitio that thf!r.. .Mfi.ce-.ir -t'.treias v -iue.co that c-vtry dollar should be perfectly

> .l At our 5".rr.'U trill cliard: iirL: $5. P or JoscV" ? 'o '.' tri dt-r-.i"; 'r -ti.l 01-iiiW let: ::-r thi.ui : !j with a h'-t iran, < > th.it! av.r.ce is tho o;.} ..rid pt'bliclv krifiwn in every section of the
I IALI :,< < J., ; < ; j; .; \ : < *
M 1 !u tft t'ite; iWtvorwt rat(*5 8. 1 -. .Rt t.1: t rsX" F ir bftt"r j5s.1"! in lUe rt'dhlS! rf "ier Lon'Vh =. 5o' erntng }principle they b i*=e-i. ; cr'infry, and sf conti'me without variation. I

\ '. 'rtiSttu'v ie1 whicti; the ) I ICHAI b+-heve it fi evident to all who have
: : ( ts t"r.i (:flat'- J .' ti al 1 r "te! i. \ -r" ;her li'' irt ipjtucoJ; n_ v : t-iiij! of His i investigated
tiv.-d law will be ( rr.rt :x i iF this suhi.Tt, th.'f it would be
ttl t't 13 : toy only excelled 1y :'jtii.'ti.'arota. Fa3Iiiav wf'I-4t. r ; impossible for this

.:, the a*> *ve rul-. j ts'itCT'f1a' ffrl CtCfllLs. i 1a t'in to provnkjjeid( and silver in siillicint

i -A .t( ad: ,*er*> hv the! vear a lih.-ral (list iv* USTsrl lJorzn', L'. > t-Hect ail the necessiry exchanges ;

i i ti: : .I i i t !ii 'i! it 1 tdvcrti'o "its not tOd11 i i."i iUN :,ii'itcll i : _>< x TS CiOUKK! ri,1nI11S' >rLL.t d wrs i.i the f-r.' ;' tr.;' rcn.ir'c: >, ar.d the': j r< ti i;! ;t!>dveu if it were practicable, it would be a

; jvr*. t' .t. _r : i 1 : own tju-ni-l + as X". J V.V : I I lo the remed( :' !:>r ti.e enl< existin!, it will}} ;rent hindrance t!> the prosperity of the country

t I! .i-aill 'I' l i'i ; Mil IM by ten: !Muv ] \t ).-i ic-'sir..la'' I'londi fiiprrii v a*. to ue them exclusively 3a currency, as they

4 .h i '.,.'_ t n-< t i.'te 1Y. A. AL*. CSialis /'VTliot I\l l' :iey is necessary i"r' the ex- require much ibor to count, and are troublesome; '
inn iiiiiitn of
.' : '*e- 1j''f, \\t\l\ t ; $ l *:<.i'ii 1\ 4v. expensive rnd h txanlo'i* to mit.
C)1111l i tiic i 1t ; cha ;r RCiiAN'FS
i-4' 3 :, tit. tHrlt, eie rlnra: >X.i. > U' !J A shot tfn: <_- sitr'e. the C i-'uer; 11 one of our i<;i in.rr.-tjr..ble.! For trio purpc-p 1 have before mentioned, the

> IM dv j to )- t.'r strict, nywt re-1 f'f .b-! } 'h's1in V/all -ti-fceT HiaS;rked t th'nv :s>rW.. 'Ti, >t a Credit Sv -tm rimnot be 1i*. Urttted} titltt'; sh .'aid e-tiiblish an institution
S. d :t 1, ; t i- -.t j 'i :.11ni;; M!<%) of a Liberal adv.- .Apla-i_ i.ad.o Cotton !! .--; hi-5-lne?>*:vd wilt, but is absolute!} u,ct ,art to the t whith I shall: here call a Safetv' Fund. I ;ire it

> '. : ? I..HV.; or s.is of now -s !i ; shipped! \<< th-ws..'"t't' Slar.?, ti-uk i.i-- ii..nev. tu j, F lridn eriU: of it i' ,,t. : this! u:-ne Lecan-e I think it will be the mean>
'.-. ,v* -.. 11! t? nii-i wl for as Liv-rjjod, 1'01'1: ;a1tl; h- son, aud ;do' ni pi-1 ..i i, ::5 loll! ',r. : : _v. h ti J
n.-, ly t| b". "r 1311! i vi ll- t them! .41 { If h5 i !"
: a ;price IP. ; : t ( r tf :ir productions. will save us from the

-! suu .1. *5 >! \'. j l.: .< ",Ttsime< r" X'uiT A'ven ",fr'Ppi. mteri'4i /Vvr//;, That! if derives= all its value a< ct curr.i'f. j novv r of ;. y foreign nation over our Internal i,

/1 iJ bX J. Oav tV: O.I., J i- ,-, ; t iy i part ot'1't t { K-it.-te. hf sek-s thm all i t f.'utn law ; ml Iravsniy/ and that! petMtestiri irtpruvrrlients or any !thin:; else of ,neat itn or- t '

j \ ix C MMJS l < ; .. M! i. :ii; CHANTS, J 1 it I : ,'t he lurus the! :'M'lle of iris "if j*>erty into-i ; !!v oTt.fr; i..tfrt..l wi uii] utiswer tn-j aifie h urP' t'.tilCf.In It will enable Fie nation-as far as man

Xo 2 \\"ut.-r If .u"'' r"-britTjrs, seve: r cfit. inters ( ran have such control to decide
> : r--f i.viey. f-e M. ;t: 'jjol.i ; : 1 .silver if the law c.-ul.f KJ.tUeil I its own desriuy. -

% 3i4'Iat'I +f ; t'r.. ail1 \ A i 'jirria, F! : he I'-ud-i} }, :, :it tivn !p-T cr-ut.: he i is :t iiil!! !
:1:i 1 -v ;*a1e < rit -t'-t. hnt HIM hs'.v S-IRJP f)f the 9 1
n> B. XVo s! & rnitojey
I. f' '.V.tt'T -ir 'T. .t k 'untv t trrr aubU* the tim? loificd.sf .- { r-rtler t" explain the of this
( o.i.\ijssi MJ ; i ; CIA: >: T5. i : ;add1 t-'r t t.v 5 Irofi iN t value \just in pr' nature Safety

if ; ) r XV .i 't .:! .\ 2fV .: *r iMffM. *- I,' k: ? t if 'riCTf lnv.. to uhbre tijO c to I IJ porii fi t'' r'nc ri i .. r i11 > In: .r.--f. Fnrtd.! T !sill here write out, in full, two bills, one

t v\ .,, ,' ,a Ir'} .i 1-. *. >;' ti'e!' n:tiLr'L iiiU f all bo! >'t f 1+ -r .- l ,
1 "il .A.hic'N.; i Fh J{ > > j > a- f N//. Tl l' l 'h;> i'- fid ? e tsi* Mtv. rjricfj.t'tf. f ir : tiu: ua'dmm, the other for a Treasury
r A"V '. i i'!- i. '! ti'I.} tl ei.i't r.v.e.i iu'- s-Ul:: f fr I \: :,-.
By dti.i th.
: ._. the vtluM" iii matei'J tun _> : t :. tf ti.ea I Ii r* e. t-: system may be al-

iiivaLr(: D1a1 & Vi. ?5. ii's-on tV Co.. ,c ; ?. InTTs .v tt '! ,.t if I'' a T(. ("' } rind i'i..y' tint j i *tu-I[ income or induction i is tl-!: >"< :Iv t'.intr n o-t entirely urd: r-tr;(}. Should such an instituifrti -
} l ; :'11, !I MAM:; : > '\ '.- : < '. ,
i't 1S .LL\i.t r :.oo.j: s'i n"th--; U; hnni ei.- to he htilo j fe esf.thusfiid the lulls
,, mo'iey -1 that iTiVcv.tlup to every thintr pennaae:,t. v.ither ,-- : mi ht be more
: it AXJ'P: ,.+: f : i iIAM'rr.V
: .
lc 1' rt 't. t ; .f '."sivf I rs'i: Stri? (rii some SaturJ.jy t f,orttainenta! or iutruisu'aliy: valuable to i..,MI.Srt''ifff !prltt: 25 the laws on the subject would be known,
1 :,t t illi : ?!1 .1lt .S 1.f'1 1 t'i .= l. ur.e] day, on which all d it
Iv \ Fli. ; it U..I ( > ii..r r > i Tout; iu MatiVv' like is iicit.:- 'ta.ii't :{ > uoul l be uniuc'jsar\ have as much ecI -
t,'{ ; : rlirrL 1e I t+' t:1: to Syi44..fnt : fnf 'lf"1. <. r,lii; l 5u t he "
t-j < '= < 4< "H :f ; mit j Irllli r-al. and t til' refi.should be dftit.ed and; rf-- I pre _-.tl as in the roll'n\iti<4 :
1l..i. ai
t t 1 e K. *i. 1'i.t.v, i.v.i-. -vl ; j. HrTr.r2 1 i! 'i lily- wit\\ tii'i--- f*. v 1. 'it'1 f.e !loin(''i, ft'!'' I -
Si: i''t-t1 !by law iV.r, as it is arhir? ; v.:1 wit isUSP (< 'ire.nIaltR .iet
4' t 1'; It.L #,,:. & 'l .tit, 1) % n< cv &: : ; r .4.'c r --j'.y: jn.:.-,, pair I ,..''tlthc' S-or-k which !| R turn, or Safety Fund Xote.)

C +IRt' t 1111 tNl, ,' tr'i 1'AC"j')1: s )fL i s s i o N ',< I. lur .--> {>roirti.-e to pay to AI>. cr

"' \ it'iit. 11 ii. ".;<. J \E! {! H \.\ 1' .> i _. i, (ti ,'. i : -. .1 t f'tiv it ; vid I.., thvay ; l b'-urcr at their S.t.n Fund in the ( *iv of ,
( ;, Klfi, That I the vve'.i.h: oi" t'-e:: 11:1 ivi.ichi t 'X E f-IL'l >f! h.!> ixLL-l H Sin aTreaurv\otP
> >! v X2 C" ? : f r- *, fJ'O E ,
uuu- : i ; > ; r M C' "Uf n f
i t. h.i-s t.ifkn! ->f i i'i bearing intrre-t attie!
aj.-s pt.ti nt t ; f( af' .r.re. r rate of two per cent,
i. ...,' !.."'I-.F-! ii+' t'fJ11' 'V .. .:'1 t !'r' ,t::+ Clflrl: per
A envtl, 1 i:: v bf ,afd! f.i h ia o'u1 fp'J < .: i'i : -sif.aid > !!tts j( annum. paj.sMe hrjfy.irly! in ;old or silver coin;

\ 1. v %V. -.1'KA\-JI: u.ir :. .! :., ', \5-r r1 +l -t- j 11ir'j ) C 'i 2""<;"-.'. ,- ; i i. ii.'t'v"'. ui Sv 'Sy !)t:: r (. h.-l. w irs artC- r 1 *tri-f; -itivv i"1I-$ nji>n y i: ft,. t -.e r' as;:\ tuI.utt.r !t ;ind iTjitil s'cll jwyiin-iit im ide thi; note shall >b.ea .
T '. -jip1. \Vi- .. ", "jil. } I'- .' tender fr d 1 f f
i .. i ; :: ihrr
< i. < > >
' 14r same ,nil and silver
I / t v T. ut : J5j' 1 ,u-, .''r1! tl' r. lay !be i.tidf} b\ < .: l r->l .J tIt'*,- .-ot tu ba- ; .is
> 1 i: .._ h ". th t n f/s t r.
r i-
s ; :
r it). -' : "1 XJtittrA\ < 't). K .IJ'K* I:"*!*] :trtrc! ? ayli Ea- "aa1rr6ii3E.(5 -i. 1_* 'if.tho wl:'-i. rt t ti.' !1' 'i.str i iJ7tt'lt. ;

- n.--* i' t til: Live Oak ,:ti.1FSTlt1 _% N1) F' ) t\VAiii'Jl\ V. ; '' i ttn .- r.' v i. 'f.-'f ;fp .tltel{ i i Ti',.' thi; > ti&-tl'i 'i -!h'ili! r.--v 'r u.n: t (Tranrv r\ f.. t
*- t"-..- , | One y-nr fr 'm the fir-t day of
,,.It t., c'iirs ?(rti, -Mi: rilVVTc.A : [ ::;/ ti.e "rod'srtion j "f t 11', r. but .-'u' tiirl 1 rn'TcIy or any
f-e snv-.r, all hid tr'i, -v I'ltSi. I h Ldn tstne rti'-reatrrr, the I NtTii:
se sn ts: <+ tor ; STVTEpromise top
I' 11't t '. ':() tr 1 ,-ritIa.V.T. bf t re 5'if t1. u'. tyj"l, t > 1 \\clj"--! ::.eta : tl. :-> : v to A 1.. > b.trfr rhP '
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a'd iLt-str f r : m itsf ONE
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II. Kr.ruAorx.ii ? pn' hiffu.n! ati'I di_ttib'ttirrlurh! III
me cl vast NI'i'Kh' : i" >LLAK. >
;;. Elia :: ytit), I for a :;nil')r invt'sfnjcnt. ir tii nr tur II i iu in Safety Fund Notes ;
Jois 1 I- 3r.iv\v.
5 1'iiporf !
j'ice In iiia'iv<:Uid be cre.ttv! i: t'ft't-td.TuJ' *ud. nrtil{ such > imadf interest
j to
!hiii !h Irif.ici-i l', th ] aj.nieiit pay
iN UKX.A: .uXu at in 5t( :ya.; ; i ,.5-l\\ ]
Li'r d 'id.'jnfpmd( +: 0.1 (>'tton consisyit tht-ir at tiin" I Ia
U itr -' 1' t nv.m-v surr.e : ::'-'lt'I J f!{*
'ir i"t s !:i .'--.v Y' rk, H Ht n, Livt-rjfuil orjx' I'liflioii a'H jf'.r j'.ih.; i it vv.r.ahvT.y-, t r bi1 1 UJ. ;.t't! ita use. r iiteivt I Xo': *.-mbf at the lire of two per cent, per annum
: ,! <;, .', /' / 1. j; t-.vo i.- un-\p. ff"ily in
1l d.-cl I Iv'a' -fi'i'4 r.f |':-t nt'it ',v< .,iui !ne'r be h.dr: t ?(>;d or :ftrr.r .
a i ct
i n" 5 5jid.. 4n-t ; !. !-\vutild ai lie inc! .1 J. ft mi in 1 1ti
Y ...rlI mc :'nv 'r f 1'r..:M in'4'r< vt>:i- f : tl::..t t Ji t will be pcrreued that the note intended as
:h' :ie' !:; ;
II. V c;. IL Air v'--f r : ;uhihfy to do tj.-f [ ..br.vinld a cirrwJatini n.ediarn
*zi :' ':;.e re- : is made a tender tor all
S1IOiS 'j'is-3: i ia cili--! l lair !Irnl'io s Wail
tOi' : a IM -trt-eJ
; )1 r.LIR: ix CL'a'i'lii4t c o .\i i M r; .> i : : ; : i. ixi' ii A x T.S th! C.ftjhipr : i sri't n. I'fti'*,) ; her f e tirC Lib! we v.c,uld f i .,vrb iL-'jfs ; that! it : t.ued bv' (Government, and
HAT", v.C stxl it -vus in-t a: f-r; a? t > tly'r'ta'l ; } pay-
_:\I. 7 t i'1 Itt r )'i, t't, ulu."';i! .n,;:!IXJJKM.i'J' i :'blf! in Treturvtt The Treasury Notes
.''! 1 11 tl'( : t iuiltt. P.tt I oink t .
HT Writ -j .1 1 'li 's .1t sire+Yts, 11 < a tc a s .- nth '
i i. f > 'i n ii .jriy Cla/ay/ v. i i. :i.'h the r.tkof re to bfinr incr.'Zt, hence there can be
1 1-. '. .)<- i! i-. u1.! l l'K'h no money
\ ,. : i it.! ji -vi : "b'/.it ?< ju4 a-f r-lviy to
T.t'.r i ;id.'fvr-' d 1: ::1 Sip! i iX |'! ; JTi >t i- r.iis-d! i:.; t's! 1t!,<.- ''.< t. f he debl- E in nifulatioti but what the holder can at
j i-H -h! \ ir r.--i/ i it ., thf r14 -r. it' d!, a<\! fie t- any
.Diis. I*. Vajiri ., .% Y< : i'" I'lv i iTIs n'i: : i V L "uf !)!uit.. ; u t.r 1 ;.I1 vfn euni <' i'K! inr.'p| -rtic.ii {. th" rn<* 1-fi'.tf-rf t. aUo"t'lf time ptii nil interest where the loan would be entirely -

tLOT IIil! : !o.-'fon n:'. PI itr riY.li not ; 1 safe, .,'id the interest
r t'ihiiiiAT: TAIL M) : 1 .! jiai'.v. Kfrrr..ev payable half-yearly
i iri '
f. 1.. sli-FivS. j i ; a -! ir nunin! aI! tiii:* t.rncvri"u -
', 1ltlt'I rtfll ,t. aal! { itirre.t thai i'e jvudi| vto i-y! '_r.vI I > ,t't \ s'-tCiC. sr' that n.t net' cnn. at all times be loaned
1. .' 13 ) -.IY < u-sJ i ; ,
\ v 'I b
; IrY'fI.' CO11MJSS11)X: V :i j ( Fit1VAallNu j i iM !> t tli ch--itro !.l uf ii.tert-t i.it .t'in inn
11OSK.. tttiv1 1ya in I i t.t: tl i/; L.-< ce t ar- secured bv the nation. One

: ten A.NT. j -wi ir cret-ed !!nth the d! 'liar .ti'iT its t:-> in v ;
.:,t'tt'ti 2'. i"irr\ l-f ;per-brn-rd: or ti.e pro,' rf' to Iv Can convert the lout ainiin into the legal
.nd h\
fK: 11'
.t h : t JMWMiiTi-sluncc; : ui- r.-I itt.i tip currency
Is ,
'.v\j{ i-v: \ xx MV.UV rrnuai !'f.: (' ", : (tt"1.-! l }fr, rt ..ra nrtn ol u-nlo'jht'-d id fiir! the j .:} rc'if; r.f) the di l,t ;' -i h .tt in va- or the countr, sO there ntver can be a surplus of

.1 J"ti!< ). i. 1 J lilt in: ihes..r.-jf r, fj'> timt the Ii.js I n-.ney which not be aJe
11s 4Di?_: & y>; t51'S53Zt'f'r i't i'arTh"; P. F.cv ii C. Iit'itl'.jlttrt i Ch''v : I :Crt' :->tdi may n productive ; and,
\! _. v i-. H t''s'i i i* ? ill'/' ff Irttnr ', 01 !t i j'r vau:*. \Vit 'itr: i? '.,-[ ; h ,:, ,u.(1 ice i v.eic'KijT ', i it aathi't'j; can alxvavs be made
( ; )(:. ; s ,. t i11Sst'N; : rhill: :! ':i'si1 '.i i- o j'.e i"-U: .; d (1 iLu>. productive
\ \5-r t. l'! 'A rU.n "r f!." v rrd- frck IM v. it tJ Libr.. if
; :! rru--iMir; :, Iff'h.Tw'ffth. : 1 is tauribte.lnd there is ro: more
"i :s, th-c i,' :, / >-- ). to New York ti) r.j t ti t
.. I'riai- \1' :, Jrut a'4; ire 11I11- e That a eh' iarhe r4un; ttmt should}
: i i :ti AdiHriet: Ji FJa.V1IOLKSALL i'.f' : sn',e ratt--iot iafreatfii tnunev always be convertible
i Tu
< S'.i.i H r ,'Hhi)-- always ti"J>:.i .r-'lid :'t.f fly

i i _. ,..... --- -- -- .._..._ t dit bill rr1'f SYirr'a trlorlV t4'a3 st 'ikfyrif iiid. *. !idu.iU Ie e\tfh! uLat tftei''t i' into specie than th;,t a forth or the soil) oj a farm

i r-s tj.un by the eha 4e, d.id no person in the to Eiuke it valuable at ted be ?u<:h that it could !
evI)1'a 11. i "t" ; n ll tnt' tterl ih. ; d
\ rs/JVUL! .iKOCER, t > ir : !,.-. jb *) n-ni'):e that his ,ro rtv ia rt at any icolm e be und into tlour. '
> ; ,>t: n .ttk-et. | tt er 1'he'arm
; AT t-A\v. i ) !i'. A- > .-, (
\TW; .v i'-M. x -L1.L'lt <>; : A v i tit ; fi! .tf< .( M in Xs "'. *
I Ii.. ir. T l !, A hiri-;- f't iit; t -r'st cJ! .iMir-'S! tiif h iv l is valuable if it wiii produce wheat or
t"i: :(I'' I .n-- : -! in tt'- mv. Ail I I tli t-IR; oIi. = 1a. : t r', (J t? -rl. ; .t'Lr'M1 'i fl (I '"r j any thing

ci t t.l t i n iif < -t:-i 3 '.- .il :Miu '.-> l" his f 1..' ? !/ "\ L'M: <' : -i f i', u try ts.1\. f.- fj .f e'.i'rvro-itr : that ti'e' debtor !K-& to ; ay clouI tlse that( is useful ; :t-J value; dependmi; entirely

v i r---! y it *' >i < i .i-v. "A" ; t'l uJ- ,( A.iMi .r r :, 4. '. ';r'ttt-'d. t ; 1" tr'": i I '. treble (*-puidni. le the vv-lue that! he ;airivrtlt" t upon what! if will vsrld ttwre than is necessary to

lr -- .1 i'ttu-- ., H ) '.! i.tri"t a rejm- {' \SlON, t 3.V.\iti! )IX. ; MERCIIVTr. !' .i.--j 'r'i'di: r'.f' I'a k t-r itu1a'e! rrcur.i t\ tii! <-1 i
ir-ndi'iff n t!) < ir. < i .fi.-'i-oa a AXi> iiiP I'llAXijUJt, .' 4 < h"Li.--ji ud n'5t'4 dfhf, he rt a-- much udvanl.ie ; <.':! hisdbhrM pap* r :MO:icy that ca.i :alvvav be made to produce
: tu. |
: irhcs u
t 1-'fPtly CO:1ntPS, aftf tht' ( .+riu'i UI _''A11ti a/a atit Xo. Viv' ft-r p ( htf n 4 a cert:tin n.r-aj-e which
sU. ft. ,
1 inpecie is standard
1.1 :' vt w i" W-rt: .- riv i.f u mi'Ii: : r:. \rrt-r j
i-f t' 1 \ !'i.tl !! 'r;t't' nov] jv I al!! tip ; rtjnf- >. ..jiht I If TTiirttfiit'u That the t'-ckjfbbins: bti ,'rne-*, 'as of value, the iriffii.e brut:; at all times the same
? i 'ihi-!{ 'VrV.. A. \V 4e1'-. Nu 23 Vai, C r lrt't't. \ .lI..r: :.ss jfi\\; 'a it is ,
.Taa > 1' ttI.tt I : '!; '." -. f c-.ll: *'d. !i- not oulv ir.imblii.ir! t ut a >' fi ses! lf J wiii i.C'Vvr vary in value: andit the (>overnment
J :
s K \ ..lUclncol*. >, .Ili .5. ; ; ir {IW.T Jy thuin; >.,! lt'U-r 'n-ar- j f
'" 1YIf i'L : f fr:ind or'nui/ri: 'ir-ep-T ihe and far is uotirxi to tti! its
; more :
I in r .i.!.>!vc.t j jj ,, -. .icla. the f i--mn per.:ioroy pay cannot destroyed
; with m
[' AW. oitr.: COM 11t l ; i u X M EIU' 11 .': NTS.JN'o. > M tI ff iv. f.T..r ti... .iiMr/-. ( witht.'it tt'5trllttl! the (n.y-t'rttrhr_

:g C.; M. -' VIS.H.I i :'i 2 1V'i ier* strlet, t (I! nfer'.ia'd\\n-1 _'.' < : tin-t'i'c< ',-i''.1.; t 'i-.,,./-{-;,tJ juur! *. |vr i-'jjf._ <"u'r-r.. 't.. i..i-,tib j ; '<< ('+ t" ,,ill* "Piat:: te!: Crates, by th ..)' _P; I TLt! prmcii-al; in r fitutinn mi,lit be established

} ? rf'iru-d to th,: {ir.i"ti! iof the Luv. HP .1:1: t' IiC'l.! t. inc iae th *r. mfvMre t t. are eonr>eiifd to nuke ;.irrent st r.:?} >.>, !t at Wusiuimt-} where all the bills might be
tjj-v' '
v > : -f ?t- ; -ratto t j ;
\ : tune.
.d .< 1-ivii.in I t't atrfd: tf, !nii ucv- at the County { 1r3I. A. IC1iE.z'lIi:, 1 ft i't) their! balds'; I ail th jsv' are a t.ix ii/on th'I 1 signed, and tl. e issued b the branches
< > I ; counter-
\v. t' tl 1 : a. ,' t,> b-f' rr it ttd; i-, fr!f n 'fntl pro-
ig ('I' rk ( ; ;). (' : f) JOHN M. Mooni:. nuvl i lyFiarsor ; u i Li i dr.j". 'i 1,1 er uvohe h-tnur cl l d"li tri'Jt t i)! rt> waft the J'.Hure indu I -
A Co. IaMdui t' a
Sit 51. I uu they kept :i.tutc v
1 I f Iit; 'ratfd tri!; ; iri 'iuirv' f d who > fit i ff Sill arird d
AT coit1IsSu.1 1 .\ NIl 1 J J'RiV3RiL! ," (', !f-u'-j t .e :. s ::. kt,7.!. ,-. ; rv !ith.! To nm'e the'jI t] ; r by ti.e: lu'rd- rtctors ; and no direct, otlicer or
AT7'i1UV .txn tlcFLLIt: LYoiis 'lii'.K tl.-v ships! tl't-y have; im >os d u 'oi oilers.I clerk, shMiid be all.\vc>d to burros from
I u t t iL I- tltrt'4'! cS'.n1;. il'e: llu-a i'l l icj money
- :if 7r1ut'! (i r'lt. I Fifiti-n'h. Tit.; Labi r, and L-.1 h: r f-'il: { the instituti-( : rr keep arv account cf his
't'rrnvf fr,7i ; -
1. tiit't "had proth' own
Xu. J f \V.il.;! ->!:vo{ j | hf tiie# d.\v before
l1'lli .
it I'r.tl .11 ,
'r 7-.1 ( ( rrt t : aud .1
; : 111 .'.o'Lile ( \--urii, ti.-re: .r* lt:.( r ,pj-t laws t he thc-rcif. teeth --iieh other checks and
: l Aiat'n1C 'la.r Kla. i tist Sint li.r tiTir inoiit'sts 11 the guards as
.. I1v'5 ) ; ? samf ra'fi
1 ii.a, l0ltu' :.t'} ,;1' );i'Itk t 11': -rrr wo:il-l re'-i ive -. miidtt
i ot Ititlfft. X'.'.V li tali"1r.] ttl'.1( :>il tiil< >t CMtj. i pru>, er rt :-d.! a., 'll tioi by ('r'nrt" be deemed necessary ; pore -
r| 5i. i:: 't vv'-o' lC f:< able :ar+! xvilliriir it) work fctpsit; would be well
S. :
U2nvli'.v, vvr'ctf b not to
permit any member
d i Taylor, r tv, nrst ;>,iy tl4- -f: rI I t'S icr f.e! u-e of rrT-K. !

ii 11' r U nxr.vT LAG. \ WHULK-.ALK: : bKALKR: lL IX i.i! > "Sl'ALNTS, j what 1'S M i..div.d'iaKvio! aio !mfbj., .- toue I i f Sn1 in vvir;vrt.i : if the means? necessarv for a rir'-rta! ot d>riire-s. while a member, to borrow any m ff
3 .a, I'1'r, I.i.U )I1 "o tnnch s'ccuritv rw, if thev h.ip[)e'i Jo b.> 'rori ney it. /
i .MU/*' .' .ir.t Fund
-.\VitiT ou> i no Safety should loan
( i. ni-rr-df" oie money or.
N1)LFlt ( Juir\ li. t Ixy
x'1 .
;(; 1: .
vvl-tt} '
.\M! 'ihi. utyi y L. >- ; a jot her tins, h':t j.il niv -rftx.lauiriiT and mortir.me at the rate of three cent. /
; iif t M s,-\vlnt t\venv! {t.S'? si-\fKi l 1l!.t1li'i', ;at this per
T.Vir<: A: ire IV. V/I:5f, r.'tt' w.nlil vir.i ii. tvttty-i'ii': : I .! tl'| > .;-rsurpI'H, an l lseKeior IaGll.,r ;t'() t' i' t.1Er11' ..tnlsl.i). pavable v early, aid so long as the ii/

r ? ATrOR.\TA > x (nj NMIU.'JRS AT LAW. .1. Vi. *V flcllaati iv To. "-I ti.e: int 'iv-t-i '- -rxl Th" n.r.trt1 .., tip r thi $e who '( lf/tr} tilettl. t t $r was reirul-iriy paid, the principal coulf t

4 1 I I'i ,-,-. ida.flavins CU11.4Ii j j ;l\ \j r. !II C If'tN'iS. l urnvmild! d'iUrih' ill Il at '! nirrthi main, but toi,ht be paid at any time the drawe*

: as, rt. d tI i-,, .,,, ]lt ,., in the!: pra: f iff oft X < ; > i fi.i:. T<'flice? I ? '. d5.I and til tMP er'rrtla': (1! tweltv-ht; eI ctrl:rn: x- felt d.*}>osed. The} Public Lands might also b
L.w. utid" u,,. tji,4 ,? \vnnVHITK, X.-A Or!.-,1"5, Li.I nov i i v'li't I TinRttncdyfor sold, vvita a small !pavment down (say not over *
w teid iv Ml! ,. ., il: (. ,.\eral Coirrs of the l.27.l I have seclton to any one individual and he an actual
\ before ti
I. i'.f! .d .\-it'.t taitlSE ; i K mated that it is in the :Pitb r.y and the
i povvor rest rjht
t ILt; J 1) Court remain for term
::1 '
r : y-st 4 [:: t'a;,:: d I ejl Kt htr.-dr.'d!: } and of H e'r r't f.sjnt t d.r the any
; ,' "" i" iL'Lili'1 | COMMISSION 1 l .si KK. I II I A XT, I (t5t'b!! lllr iRiS evils <,fiifh I of years as lontr as the interest was paid, and
hn'-v c I I
,'( : -M. will
X i ,' < t.HJuW MOW Milt what *vouM[ i'i my fi-en! ::<> liiAtrUi pioneer vvotild! be driret
< r t
) f
I( I itmo < iia\ I i nom
-JllMXJrcTsT. eci.Mraiid (rj other isl3rIceis WhC Ii ht't-n I
t as weai : faner i!' o'M'iiorr, be a cf-jj-: jr-te rftnedv
i .
OiiLEAIMa. nnvl Iv 1 c t t'-vt not t culv i i;, i; !. :;ut' (bv ;t change! in the value of
<'ir-r-+f Luiar(; ( hr'+ .tltltetl for da\- a.d dral.'s thf money)
; Peie
aI nrfr.iriUiiticoumv-hopes 5 5- nirsetv i ; _iveti n would be lid with
t sup ; ,rurd! alter
a and t
f.avirii; oie: half the of his
1' !:. nt ,s-u] re-cue a !1 u--ol mtroaaw. t .! di .. t. Phil 1'h.a at ear; VVJ.-M: the ex-t.'i'e on tint il< H v> \\-\:>,n\\\ tiifsarf farm at.d si rr.dinir team ot labor it.
< < ,ti i ), ,1, r.. ll I l'/]/ t ;4'r: over tl.irtf'-i per cent, chsf.unt.! ThfIrrov.Mnif : !>ut t'( .f( Stie i"de )x'.dfiriv on I

(1RO'EiJ.! :. ( 'i -I i'1O'Afl i.:1\1)) 1 + .ar : hd to SI tee Phil! d.'t 1 !' f.tnre.3 lif fint:ti These institutions could discount notes in our
55'T' > !alUcUoso > would receive
i } .--Tls, 1 '- tut }lecu a- A general <,. !the ?'d t1' ev ttri' lit cornea, !al citus ut three cent discount t
r r.4'iyn'5 ;]U.MI, c'i j.'rilt> --tal.le-; -, t C. t.L't f. tlos evliaujfe. b; sin -.- rhc, 1 itcrost ; f'(' 1. T'irf c. aild I per ,
- '' -' tl IN ,11'.' < Li Jil {$jil for the { fit'. ii.J U ttr : r"'t. tul> !S-iiikshave never be n :ir"l'i-s: 4 1' no'sfv, pav.-ble C in a'.y State ,in t Union without charge for
d1Sl1Ut. d I'iii- uivv.v .
t' j > er pavsnir: j.i Set
; enough lor all
v1v ? i v. ; a inI'; -j'kiul for a share 111, I1 u'hi ola, I'la, delui.i! the bust... .--. riiHactioi xrhan je or collection, which would afioni} great
) ( I I Uit 1)rstrvri t t;' ( ; ',(!" "'.!'( "," tv'> SIuH. 111 iy : j'nrid, when at as taiue di- 'ouot as the 's of the irfir-n: ,tl stich: rates of n.tt n StL fac'hties for b'i'.iness and do away with the 4
5- -- ; hove mentioned: ; tt I hey have not do' f this inr Co Lrre3' ;h'' nld think bit f for the welhiref tlie: ne*
p. : ces ity of brokers
IIV TERRY. ; Cti1F'Tt, e\v- > .,rk jt has been done in I le.nd or trust companies, who borrow '
a n jilbtru'g er-i
; ; not
only but the (
'iri sn vvo'iU!
: :' ? "urrency
Nl v.1st,1 at and lend it
a, n fl hnI ) Axrrrrni.j.:: :\M > i\LiR; ix State. bf bi-'d money one price at another,
o i H-U'iMf, everv note is>iifd affor d therein chanjrin
i : in the measure of value and
I ft1,1. >. 1 atid CAIMMrrRMTi'iir:, I know l will think the raffsenorrnbti- of the pro-
I'jl.ff s' o'ie..art
.I Nvy Hreud ; also a lot .sms. peo; ; Union v-> another, net a fraction duftu.tj touch evil in the nation. This

'if> lint j'"Uitv G {sh.-i! letter; in small; cH 1-I ly,> i-j, \vu 'r i Sn.vt," but ii ; lu.conhi iook! over the !books ot some of I of dvit i iuwould be chained for a draft tn>tn I would; lend money at uniform rates institution all
lt'pz5 tor laimiv __ \.il.ifiii; < our ;mile[ iliiitncA-iH would !he nnisied to ,
WHITMUSII \. R'.ruRD! nr>.tred With otnewhifii b-n>\\id bv a State or an individual, the saute I hundred thousand-whether lent to a State or one I

., 11n1 l have! b-'ei paid.) .\ I br: '.:-r n-f thnd 1 rtf: of iiiN or an
V/14rtred. ( JiKi\! : ; ; JaU'u .. .rmitv I ol (-\rf: rk";t n'md'e! paid.fr individual ; and every dollar profit made by the '

yin;; !lo- .''! .) iifi'i tt !. ,,;, 'r.w ; },,j.i to ,i--nreth. t I } ] t <;nlr to ;icfori"l-h! i > de-irnhle n object t institution wuld be for the benefit of the
:;j'.l 1 (i'rU SrPd: tha' i' .1 .d I '! 10 < ', C | rt wilt b- \
: 'pi .t .Itt? :, |l' ? utr to r+ ndfi tcf !rt'r t !ozr- *. ttiirl: : bv the users in the would
1u1 rt.tyPri. at.d fi r s !j !+4 'i.in ''il !in .r' ti- i fii! I in I nun hnu-o'Aiu mide } ita after 1 ': person country not only re
'"' ? r ? 'f{ -p 'II. / ; money >v n- payj j uMi.ri: his rt'ivvi! t > Useit the n.ht to ceive the advantage of the income but the

i\RNAIiD FILIS.i Oillec en C-vnire, i; -arViter street. dc2"t> inzoiicper, cent: a day. Tins tnay be : :a than I coin monev and n-j ilat'* its value, to supply the trrrnter one cf obtaining: the valu ,of Ins labor still; ''I,


( Nom. / H

i -
1' d
.. -

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- ;


-::- *
-_ __._ _:L_r J-. - -- ---- -- ----- --- .
o OHKAT : i IN-\\l ERF; AUK; TIIKVVetl ? ;uvEuNu1 rs :,1 n : .: ACK.Ve ( :. ( % '!p.or t-.r b' ai'I ui'.i'p"r i ir-ty, f T winch r

lor, il the rate* of intres; : were js 1 w a*? justice ('1'V1 'Ii ; w i* i -- rij.Mr. .

dema.iJs t.iev: sbc.ul.i: he, i..liur t' ..id ,iiwiv ivccivc Lti4 .k ; \ U v\e -ie.i; of tle: j reac-nt t fl! e iv.i.i I tli.s; d-KMiment I ; ad-l.c-s d t" the < ; '. c-ri movM TI! it !i'p f tim < t" Mrs Sterrn ,-

l..t vc Cncil: 1 anil li.l r.-.uch nvire it it loapnrove ari'I Messrs. l'i ju-l N vr.ar: i the: :actt*
it# pinper ri i u.tcrulum. and p-i-i-: t i1- is nut :: o p.->:I lv n jswv.'red ;as mannn ht snpjuse! : Legi> : : n
would be huh* i.ceiied. Tue iimt-r mu'iit iiiichtilso at s- !i.fl :h'rroi; lt! r'Toriil Td, vvhien v/n ieeondfji
tlian condemn.! Indeed
t with t I tu we .r. >
APAL/V'-KICOLA, MO7JDAY J/lTI. 29. IU4. ;ivtt if ol the pt; thev. have iiotie to re i liv Mr UolHr' iiiiii tpt-"l' I

: have dtit-.t, at t'.tJi ol tie viletv of in ids bank, a jJUce li-r all oi i tlu-ir latins. Tn.-n, tt* proc i d with t t the living, lied with all ifj recommendat'.oi.s, ;md partn.'ul.ifly "And fiii-t'r.! that! H ..:.'! : c inmiftn- ]><> ll?.

special tjuins under one husuiivu 3'-rt' iHl.M-i savings-lie! de| >o-tv's; \ till IK A t- 1 i-l I'TJ -" we nuHl ivnirU: : -As mo.i are oJy: gr-'at bv de- I that cf allow) i.ig tiie p.-ople to elect tif-ir! i own nnintf.l: livflic;t'd J thr M-i>:.M.ivor' rf.. b'e.ill'116111P11"! ii'M.itkri! tft--r-.. t ;(Joinnnt'rr' -

in which should bear i.ilejes' tl.e ralej: les I'utilic ( TUT.can: be t'l reason!
meLof Ci m,'arisen, and as man i I' !more! or LZirt3. no g r .''iiirt-r and ( 'Irni'nis.Whrre'U'ot .
the Notes th .1 n. lt\r. ur. Nie S. i-iauu '.-Tins, Comi'leles, fiftytwowce'.cly 1feV.f h-it sa'l
Treasury sj : it becomes a why Congress !n.uid d'-sire to witiiold! this privilege !. Mr ( ivnb' ptmt4oa
the of
need be issued under one ,isu.jdivdduil.ns. Tuna numbers cf tiie "LoinMu-rci.il Advvrtuer ; creature: cir"itn-t.i'icej, 'ff'rr'vJ to s.ii-: Irk.t (.'.)innntt--r, t.i report

every person witii sn.alluKM'.s.: ': who ui ..jtciio.i..- ," i.al we d.-cm it a proper occasion to say: most dlictilr: r".tter to d-termine V ho are great; from t the riii/i-in i I of c'lorida, ts > conlvr amore thrrn n .ir th nxt nireUng, vviiich! vv.j.aih.j't. d.Thr .

: to Save liis money, tmgut it''i(1 1 it to the \Ji\\r: :- Vt't with i'\v cx-.vpiions ; and qntte impossible to decide exteaive power and ;patronage of oil'.ce OM_ [ ( onneil lli.i pr. ce'e.I to hr cons: !I..TA- f
a,1 )
i : .c
meat, and rece.ve Use S'l.v rUr e-f intt-r.--t ;,* ; who i> n'if r< iitrst of t the great- Fiist. there tiuXatioiial K\eculi\e. Nor do w>- beliive any tn.ii of tit- rvi-r.t < >r liii.iJ.ces, the vvhole} of which _
those ol greater wvltt.I t ati:; be a:>je ;it ail in.x-s. t ( rdi ( i Ct.h.4It! iVCfl 1... : '
w-n'.d' be a wiilr di lrc'ce! of o; i i.'ion l etweennations fl"pMbli I'Mti Piv.si-lent vv'ld! be i inclinec! to deny will b" i.-3'--M! fn.m thioflitf in a short time, i ip > -
after having at aerotra a ccrt.Mn e Ujth ut tinu', t.2 Ihe ctI: Iul () cci uisoJi'1

to draw his nione} ;sw to who are mu-'h
ii: arro.sM, thai I we a:re in ncxd ol t tin t ;
In order tj ru..ni a'rtini t-; c attrii-i! orconntcrfeitit will bas in :gni'i.: d i I f-r ;_r> ;inns and tilent t f tlif!; preseutare. chcice : f 1'ieir o-.vn CJovvriior; Territories I 'u mutton, t.ie rmririj then :iiotirnrd.t .
: aiu: !:o> e tlsey just? paying
:: ol t'u c.jvui-jni; ineu'iuin, s. ve ii.iiej. : And s'.onld t the qMe-tiou be r..is"il :< r d'ufutation h.t'.v viy iiltl.' vor-'c f-r pohti'ma! inilnenre, anrlv 1 K15 J V A I> A T T11K: i!DTK LS.Vui .
different netca mmiu! be i, ,i.L. nil nj *!:# ; ? ,.s tuehue: bee** %'tnrvm in sui! oi-4biiu: a.ui
I iul: d Frai.cc ( ; ;' an-1 ur f.w.cii'itry I.1 thov have rights! wiiich should bu regardi l ii.ti;
and the l"iiii*
plaU-i ol : ; : : witn due. A-i lub.e.j
rej t tt> *.-a, I It-rti.; tne amount : -> \ If I I: -M, ..Nv ( 'i-.r- ; 1 .t. 0

Five, Twenty, One ilu iv-i; iw Humlrt d, One t.iiil m..11SMfii t wuiil-i Miix-ly enter tie! 1it'(< ; and to nar- with; indulgence :and f.or, in all tilings nt>t C"iifliciing \\ \\V\eii.il.! 1 K I I' W? ?v tu-id. I l'. rt Ct t i ties ; (

ThoiHind, a.id r'ive Tt '.us.u.d dollars.; TJ.O-SC r-\v th" tjiic-.! iii d.iwn to the I Fnilfd St.-.Je': *, it nilli the inten-ts of other vcttons! of in'' < 'h.i'f{ .tiv. -Ill,' Mr
noted would be sulii-ient lj fMt-.e am ct.ni;{ > .%n'iCiVUhl not ijo t'.ir in sectional add t.CI1.ctati I *i Ve I like our < Iovni'.r'a:, vtevoti the! I i \ ?iij> i-.iijt.iiul : ( : lit .1 i JJi.'wn; b.tr'iietble;
except under one <1liar.. Tia\e ihv-s and 1'1. ur SUa'II.t4' a itf.V'.paper : b'lt t these >;nal! aii"i! ; icoHevfl !-. >ill ri-niaiiis : son.-; decree co-intry I r'.t.t ( ; r; ;; .,, brig i II; -,; ii :?-. j K i : D r ,ifont! T.tiia.M .
: far 1 L'j the of Slu't.srnei .'. .- < >i' KeiJtiiliution. 1 It i is folly and madrn s-> 1' iitI tii.'r.i J (.' OrOf
iiie.i) would make -any sum lo a i names -rr; : i.- St.Cy, ;e

; add (bur twvnn l-nl r irts.., :ii.dhu-e bhall I heprtsei tt-d. I hut t highly as we e.>ti-i foroi.sir.ii iitit.whether: } States or Teirf'TU: s, Vo.rO \Vrfm-r. T.At.nr. Xe-.v \ 0 rk; FflKi
1 maho up; the priitcipal; I lind u on vuchwe ;iy, .' !r r }! .mMinimi.. .' ; F !Ku-e und lady,
would! make any sum: tiiL; l i mo ir.imhvd d'.'ii rs ; t'etillvo3 -lvf- tin 1 laws. A community
in..te the talent a': :nbih; H i '.ti" Ap.tlafh'Culj.'
From lon cxirie' in .
a.ld to the>e tour one hn.Miv.f Adi'r .lutes, aud rely Jor up! |,()it. oc also become a
'>t :t tesirn; who have: skived i.ic rt.iu.ti\ we ar.' I \v--b: can L-'Coiri"t a cix-dit"S% can
they would make any utn u r.ier inv ixi.-duxl: the I hu.-int's; we I'.riiwive tlr.it! inaisy! to who!.. I

dollars : one live hundr.d dolhr iiiUs ;,
tee would make ay n.i uu.ltr! ..IC tnaHa.J! : they i.4 wi: to become >1l1.'rhLI-! ., I the! part 'ii=': a :ri reat: T rm.:>.!) r < f ivilly r'ainent, or nvreifrful. ti! _; iiioi al 4.Ui.. !if'u I- j 14-.t! .;.s strong as UK., :I mdivuluiM ,

dollars add to tii i ur t.n-u iid d >iljr with each other
; 'sc one i whottr into ftint-cf;
meii t tiinn ma oilier [ ro'e: >siois ; yet I the LATLST DATEX ;
njbereiur. i-ci from 1 fi-elm ul'd j li-'a _
bills would make u.i.l-T im li---! ".i : a : y perp V *
a\v sum : ; thorn} ;Itii eorporjt" 'I '(Jits, ;n-nl, f.-r States to claitfifh.'ji ; 1-svr-n'ii . fvc. is i I .; -w York . .Jm ]fr. l!
rtsir..' '! t their cailisi I lia- !mde : more I im- or v. t
dollars. To iruaid ugn.iI I !u? ,,n : .* :. .; t,, i-'il-, ,. '. thet: t" CUlt week aJt 'r v.v !\, .id Like t'ic-1!' 'f'l'l.TT'f -xt of stiverei- I H.vr-, . . {9.{ --w i >ilr.ms- 20 f
besides having them o: diie.e: :.; : J J.u-, { .'r > tc, ne'hstly! -''ts of attention.d: C.MH -. | : '*.' "f e\i-n"ti'7: I "
:r :u tliL5 tj'ute, \\iiuii u. IVt l tiivx li rallx.r: 4ioi fl.J t . i ; h.tr.o' .. i' j'I
dollar bills i.injM i he !.:; '!.i !in-r''di-ti'tgui >!:1 T'he II. tiie\ d > t'i.-J.iS.-hca H' UstiCe -- -- -
and wdJh: the ii.vs a <,n.trcr of a < i.cb j ( rr ; rn-\v ;and Wanting feati.r : -
tin: tenn as they are ever before the :!; !)1ir, ai'd; ttt tiuinone} ; c\ .M is EU: O' CtM MEkCE.IT'4r. .
..udvider ; ;*s tij! an.ouui < l ;:. ij'lk jt.civ .' -tl ;.s \\t-il tr; tile j'Uni->ier} f tid we hope t ih.t Mi'li : nlkvtstt'.thi
;it'c the subject I of ot> itinifii d: .:u->i<-'i, a> well as t the .- in ottr iroverirrnnl: whi"h ; ; 't'oo' f.I'.4
the size ulsri umld IK itfrtL.UK.. mitA" 5 e luu e.-se with any In whom the A<1- B 1NttL1' Prt Jrit.j. .

sum wcru e\tr.irte ftvraluc! to thr t i to..e i/f ru'ralit> nr-n'adng .: .\A( MV Jl'" .lIT."virV I'reidenL

( liesizoas well as le! j l.ilo \ > xiiJ .1 :itx proclaim I Ihos whof;.' nan.es rre as faiuilhr: to the public S'cietv.in; the coinri5riittc, hire thi* dartfiaeIJLI P C KAIX, S-e'jr vV Tru..-urer.f .
} iwili. .ibsfrilivr
} s 'ut.'o Wijuhl noi j.i\e an n I .I r>. -
the irA'id. > otild tins- :i be iidnj tt,1
"lJ"! have '; iveri'; cd tv unt :r>:irice.'f .
thereVdUid l bt l vi t! C-i\i 4*. .j istoL u/'. i t-ur books, u'id d.s-re I tl'.at all who ;.> the ft-"e f i.ur ri'i to <'Ur> ieiu I '. mmittf-e t f Art.irrution.II .

guarded a. ausl ccuatfii; in, Mner': oi"ih 5rvc : ( d J ; not wili t<> continuel: t lrive\ : usi; '!iMr ol fp :n elv yut' Hie f.'v.ivd v' i i.f vi-ne p. :i'ti<-!ijir (\ ; iic Mayor o Xtfl -Orkarl4 T1 -* I I LtTthvrrip,

\ now hax-o. n-1' (tnly of ;:U 'iof k-l if.-; ViC:. ''elf !n ih! pruiul .i' il Mi.bitJuiis of t K rif'toft.. ( f' HolmeX. ?-.
te .a'uo' by i ivinittiiijc; I the a::.<"ii: sdieaiJv (1 b I e, -'.- !: >l Liauthprity, ami iMV.Ucd aur-tft r ;. MiE .V. J. L'eboio,
a multitude <>! iuulv.: a'd pLites: and also *;>i.rions .- 'I- di-f : iur'-i..i 'iti: to fill v itli dgii : -
M"um g l. .1. _
bills which luv i olion been n-ucd wJieii .teiI: reti5r.inu, iue next .tfjscr. 1t; --i[ i .n;>!-.nmrli.r in t that city. \\\- cmoi cull ) Jty
i-d ?!i.' iii.- :"iCi- j.i lvoiil.! I. That[ l
; -r ;
; ,
no tuch( bank c-r.isted. Tlsciv a \- IL\V pei--, roi tho nut in o oi I c-tr lv- *. n i-- ...bluJ..- y diilit.. .j y s--U'-r iitirn', I f. i it is, Xi fv-f, K 'r-- I ( ,, :

even merchants in the Sute <'J f New-Vcrk, who iy nccessiry tiiatve! "!'lould :ito\v ui .>II'M' nncxeept : ,-; ircu-* Wrn CJ PTt-r. I liAu.'ti Siltr,

would n(it 1 Ire liable to bo itnysed u'ti.; by s tirious LiiUCi'is-- :' r vidr.) tint *.t .jvrtiow iob: Wai A K.m, J !. '11). H. Yona-
th(;se: v.i, i pav ; a ui vie : asp' ;..cvarreir in i ,i.zv.: lit f'.eri; -seut.! it i- n.t! ; .it all i er.s.rr
bills in their own Suto tire; bein M'ch a i<';.vi'J f; H-'tney,
i .ju/it'. --.i :n jie1.-! ; :rlv-iv.,. rVo"1 ci-oicw'1 Jo re-
multiplicity of Uanks that l d uru wnetiicr one fur 1 ist \tis .1 -s :'i.l]; h--T, .i-4 -s M.f* i th., > -f.i'-e; 't f prrn t-r n. y, .'s th" ..* >ftir
'.!. .tv b c -\\ .11' i.t-'ti !n li'-fir ::id ff I TIXi.vfiE..
in a hundred couid U-.1 all ti.ibnnks! $ in vxiie ice p-ciV U4i within a re.;.? (tub1 ? tune uftei t.:. s i 'ircre.v.'lc's ; et-O-ifry w.ll {..rteb"t !.. I> -.-::1Y s.1.. *slI
!i.h. .. i. r her u il itt.ii'irnents.i : t .-! iru :; Vr.rt . .
:n one State, unless ijc iud a i.: : ti! tneiu bciore them th.irnafV--.wsli '. -r ".. J. The .i i: L1 t .en I -T, this nl, .- Ch' ; at nit .par.
wiivjtf.i t f-ce (u : it: ;>r.fsce evtr r.nc'r ''
him : fur thi reason w? murt hive iJank Note i (/. !.. M, -ig.ti'1, :n a ihiLrent s-.uiere ol life, nayb1 : 4.igistt. -p.r.
la V. C ..V&. c : .' i! .1 t : d t, s :. in: our --it '' ]:.-. rn. l-H: t.r c r-r.'nHi
aid: Broken: Kaiik Dctec'.ors, and ddectora nl' depreciated l e .n.ilh .i i r.t i i ti.! :ir prolesjt-? ; aii'l a'tuun : S '' isVw..1 2 "
and tit: lo k wjtii the shall a'iJKTe: to it in hit urt vi! 'u! i] -.lin '{an."it .- **
paper : epitt 'C th. 1-2
ilV-r b ut'.iJs society wifh ..t LV flt
: ( ;ijre.-for on : :Mu.i CI.AV. hitt.ur tlu-.u-'i the
no'v or. !
time- be studied d, and i tht who! liave ii tLr
: must veiy :\ even tnen uonx: ; -J u :i\i.ce, .T i"rc-t.
people will often be deceived. ..Kr.-el.r'ir i ,)::\ rreht (niret ( ni.tive. So, ai: f-ni-; iL.i IJreeds trr.tn Xv Oil--ri* to 5- 4' ." .
the 1-i-t t aiil ensuing \ ear, wo mu>t return our

thanki. 1. ss ..njir.i"); would; t t'.llo'v the t'.uirv-\| ho : ; !, ---- !; ,: tItOt.h ,I t 11If .lUo-y. .2 u '' t -

From JhSo'jth<-ia I i'iaiot.'LA 1 2. Ihe! -Teat"j.the gl' :it ? i '. i I ;t; I .\ u''i .,, t :: ;. tfl8L I I t 1h .ll ttlwr Northrn ciii'--. the sT-
nox or AMI-S; A > rrncs.
The iVt Tnu t havt strack ihcsri >;}* A'jout A o'clock on \\\-d.irMipueuuinz ::iil t' :* :.. I M.f: >5rii: of t"j.- ;T.Pe..t Mv .>' t-ev! ; to (' 'tri.4 ;md ("obr.ubi v, .-.;. i'. t
> s-Ujje T. . . . . !b.
observer, thatur l.trjrt* <*"!itii--rcj :t citis-s 1er- !List tie: Merciiants' an-! IHtaliriXcl.: j ,1:140: -4 I it'li V' I e% .- du ,1-s ;>aiiiiu.s: i : i"frv -'r. n.ts t.e:; : "- ( ) X--r< 1 lv! a.ul PorJsrr.onth., v :.* !luh I '') :; ,
I r -- - -- - -
abound with a surpl.opii ii< :.i. Ku.j. l.nmc'itj-- inij-t 5 hy Mr.1 I U. (". ..\ d n;!>, ti\ !; lire Irom the in fy'ij!) ur,-'vc ihuilc u-iv o, tt-tn: ir.-v !>: I :lf :: d Wtlnii'iJitT. X. (.'.-fa'v: b v re* ; .' ,,, .'

of every hind v.vrs-.iH.-kc.t I ris i< j.cVtiiiarlvrcmaricuble ? jve 4c, v. Jjirh; rarout tfir- uri: the: roof, "i !ualirui pn i'l/riv e-'iL gr.-it. ar.d we .ire tot d'. tseuite..P.'V t.: P-'iMMi-l'ii of t.e: IJ.is'vr.i Shore (4 VT---: ) iLii: ;
in r J li'%.cjt!!!* a.!
Bin te 1ihea1 jme--: >-i ,:jciu :liMcJicine wa-i iveii iiumul.u\ ween inn-tin: da < f (/|- tlut feeling of pii'lism ill- i.ttJi'e :.X rt ijiTa'f-i; ; O-M! Acc.Mi.-ac:) t.jVihn;-: :. ; : t' .. . . .. . ; sI

the I/;..' a-uj taei ;.:i-i!-art1 crowd d oar ciiix.Ms r.-paux-d$ to tue =.x-i>e, x'u5 with :i whitth wi-iili] d' .vr.ve tit. c .nnr: M'the* credit o!i.a. i DA i vro."otisfr I .: -L ; ft . . ....

with asirants: 4'ul di '. 'it4.r rl'icid tiin.: A-xl !.i-r tot is tv, t'.iafAe ,
carer !< r UK.- !i-r-ii -s .jiic- u'-jt.T : % t-s" c\"Vli'fi whic.: d \-'nt .- : !vj liiirluntprijC. ; r "
tions. The iunrr > VM ; ivi tuat j-tlc | '. fcr till F ;! RF.E' 1 ) r:1: -! --' : f2Wbd'r 4
vild Slateei t'
ni.j he lir-i b I nr. : ;r : : rri. n ; t'.et
ii-* i .. ; i.-iv -
>tic c ui extin-pu :: i .. . ?
i I1'--- leave In5i ( '1 H-.i -. :r $. ,
each oth*jr iu: all [K--V" v\\t' i ; ; --t.it i : tt h'HK L.t .tf i < -
S h I Ii. !4ih: :-t i -talio.-;. t-it->" w I i e >tre''iih; ot priivi lew -- .
daiu-i v'uii.The. wiu-.l I w.is > s .itli. >: r > --hr, 2.\t0
K'li t' w
,1 ;
rational hope of vjo-e-s i.: rtk .,?r < tj<"i Thu i :u lr'-tl tii'. sr :j. '\ ;i t.. .; --. t);r- t tt i-r: i ; ,tf .g '
ii }h n.i to n: ob i-.irje: norn U to a :\ ail- <>i
an artificial growta tr.ul uUT 1 tUstij si'/'i 02' i..- tiiru*. a'ju h! 'l tinlir-- iit.t. be. n discovered in : if l b'I-i, ,;. ii'yn'ii'.n .', tt.ve-.iti r1. '

the csmni rcial eiti. U' tr C ':iu Stat j5 iulnv'eu / rln.j it a'rj ciU.eibe'ts Uss n -iluo -,-IMtn.'ii! ; !,< <<: who wxiiM l.-e PI i v raile! in :.ll O:) Jl *1. 1 r* .v ur .i' 1..J j p.t. Ct th": rr :v.5r :: liialst-J ,uiu
to thes-jce i ..f-t.-u.' -. .ip .*j n ' j. jr.-.ti'-c PhleMbly ruu: .
..l"'U.. Would huVo bec.i : t'e -
i kas .. ti
:ftIt'\ tlty tviit--i..:; : rTT' >:.v \.iKrT..
rItM. *
>ers who \vcul ivv } -".} in iv. j l .r .
1:1: the cr.eLi.'ii.'i' <>f l.u.s VIL-II .vic '*< .!iiii me.tlv ) *
; 'v. hi'i vrirl- in lh" C tfa1"
themselves and the .w.c-ivl ijrv .j rii.. li.ii.i--J Sound : : i t > (

employed in the :.Jtmu :s 1-1" Aiji'ii-oi..ir.* c }:.- -. >. r the I d"---th.-g i.fshi.-ncc-I pur?; sI'M- .i? City. : ;>Jt'.icia :i"s'?*<.c'a1 ; irt' h th .- Ti

not admit of denial itunxcs.nnnl} 'ir. are lo Delect iien: of "a-i( : -1 italui t !hoir 4 ; >tv to fill I oilicesi rtTViI. ; L'AM'.K ? :. ?' \\ Inrh. h ivr takn l id* !i ;.- b' -n af :hr ir*#

the chances cf pro. i i.vv II /r\-Mj. .o! 1':, t'-li. 3 I t-errPs5; I I.wrfcT tr I wr..-: an thf sun* > trier.-
'tvlH's ro-tpvl.: n.'r > -.CM. ,' l'i".i.. i > .i. U tltry.M .
few fiiiner Ft.r onevmjr ine ti *:na- c<-- ';c leirn t'Jat !hV will] be here eiriy i;:
round cf the lad ier these ;ire tu win r.-m-i iut ritI; :N''W. t-i v: h.it r\rnt tl"f.'s this 1su f..f feting* tii-.viiii. ;i-, r"eiifi-T! rvti.nriii>. ,,. f V xud.Mt. i t-r.! > .1 ; Mriuiinj Fair, 9 ; Fitr. I** f':.
U-I- I ;
tiie b.ltvm, w'.jtle.: ::< -: ;i--; -> -i.l a' j jZHE ..-; i tit-- l.t-i in tin,' r-aij; t" t u4. >! --tl [ lb.'i':4. .
tery that it> prizes ar. wvn !n t--.e a \ s- .i! .1 .!-ri'i ? Our n -in : 1 ct. 'ic < i-r: -rit- r.p'r -

smaller !proportion.! Yet .KM > .- -ij-,1--.*.. ; *\ : : !'1 : tirT'i.- ; :i the nr .uit .!
', hope: ami tuc prepotency o! vi' .!'..-!,: 1" -- v1', C'.rafh-i'ils yie. 1'ru; .1 in this I c.n jtry, tint dr }t .f t .\-t A--T r" i--'i.i- :t trI r: ; .nt.- .t 'I ,v- j b I ii'-, .z f.-il .v. IS HriJrs ;ir 7 ; I7i'.f ;>: l J k{
altti..l..n, .vhi- h.i ii t>, si s.ti: .! '% ; ;, i t- t.th. r **
the to I.- a-.ti i. ; ." -. t t : o>- u. tt i : .- Ct-y ,f \/.i it-.ucol.t, %vl tciv ; { .v5 f'5* : -
tenacity; a city liiv- ; i ,- ;.. !iq- iv : .v \ av-u-: 'iicot.ilu"ts'd witli; : -.: '4 : 127 ;;r SU o? : :?! -t > M I,J: Ii)
\ itiu ::1 & tt.1 i : ., iCC ,- t.- V"5 -i l by ti:- t1"r.t .tti.i ".i
hundreds still cli -1: .*' .i.-. i -- -.Li::; I. .t < .4 jr
ta v i : '
i cr j
I.1 = 5L''t 1 1.*ss r- .ri f T tjral! --* <.f e.itxn- i (Oni.i; :, .1 it vir. VV ..c:. OrJn- 1, ffui} th.j.iVt ,- &t ; 2S : P > : it) -it 2i:? t !> ; 71 .: iti ; *5 att
the faint and disa h'et.i" ttv1 i it i-l oj tlii-c- cti.v'lic
: it i. : :j tiLl ;.tr-ain anv o'lj%: t
.; '- I/r- r.-j I---K u tt". rw..ril to tr ii '/i-eti.t- t ;l,; :, ? ;:, : M .,r fJ l.t i;>
dition by tirHig: : ':.at* <%o eii.! t .r ': t sposition. < n.-.e-. t4L; is luo :jiug a |,r' K.siAMic'i I i ij"K teJ naiii
.11 .tt'.i.r em nrivs t-y: ;r.rnve ut Iv. : : t' -> 't:J t'l tfl l'> -stld a' t. ; iiI t.ll--t ti.ia l.> }1)! .V-

Tlv.y:: tiu! hj-jir .;it' .s p- i.--' .s : ;.. '-. i.i puWio c'i'i.i-.i.: -.nid, { so' it j jt'Xi i< '.i! ir ic. >. s. I Ikri-ii I! d !i>i-jts one oi the !anI.T. I II ii'.ttc '.*. e p.i.- I f tu j>utt.iu 'r ri&.rt1t I I rOKCI'JA: "lAKKKTS |

4 of their exislo'ioe anUJ )0:_, I i >e i i _( -.>rr -l*. -t-; H ia 1j

buoyancy of \ out''i. .- I t'our con-1 try.OliUcls I '.j :jncli'-n cf Mr Il.bitth ('.-.im-u w.-ur j a- < i {i'r.h :If?. b.-r ft.ly s1fr-d. .* u! in.- i.mlitI !
:7isI the Uitli'ii. Th'* is !fi'. '! fe -
jr Let the present s l ileoi'f v ; mh m V oy i of aii.b't.ot: nr :: 1 su.Iicie'.iJly: nntnr .!sir.it- r --I'-Li -L.tiorii/! 1.- O. Sin :;c- KII i I fl I .--I w: a I -i -v>-.-i' .*-.
crowded intocit-: U--J i-'. ruU lotion I s ;j oi wiui'h t % :iru 41! thi"i i' )Ii"tI4.i 'O z1"r- : ; atisf. the ,\pi > \ 'hLl t i" t j j r v li.t thr n--iyf wi: -..j"rtIrui'I J'-v.v.t >; ft-*; -ra-r .-. i. ,rd| .f--
t.-.i-s ,t'j i diji>'li to > '" '
efl II.IH- S
i"viMiiii iin *
: "in .r i-tvM- f '. ; t.K ,-- r.t--. ; f.'tvi
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: d I ir rtai.iesl und aMrtbitte t.i i' dcnilalisi : .t : ; C' Vu' !
es ten) sinetn'J' .' -. i.t ii1 .'. jo: 'i >,ias uli', :!.l: : we ; lui ''d 1 ol! ;I:9)ifIu;.;. Tiu> r-cca-siozi-s mucii of tile ; i-.ul.-i: : "Vi .r.-ri.iti.g tat w. r-. .;t;! -s uwt.-| .'- .- -- t.Df ;ftr-'y "t"stl i ; :-T vr-rk' i > it i-

yetrs i .14 t.-1 tl-.i-y: ti til-,' i.ulrar s of parU: > rrilvticli | i'lto tfltpc.ii tin if '< T ;-. -r tlIr- : ;t d e I II Iji
well i irtf fui..- .-:: ." .i.s, L I as .4 tli 'f
; y O1 Rrr-o-jr-t ( ;
thr l.-t .ulilaii\ .Mr. pr.-v Hnn..t:, t.tLb t '*. :. M- i v."r. t-i -.ir. .;; -?>
hii1 1--.1
'.' -ar.s, H.i ilioittefru -
strike every ) )s4'Vtr. i'onr-rv, t* ue li-s e \ .4 y : 1 tr li-ctioi-! ai.tl u d s-, t.tre: i i' mt ili-/c: cy r.' d < .r --i ilr! sy;>'r \ v ineii; v uj j> ;: .! ,.r ..j.Mr I .-i .< t.H rs; ;1s't -. f M) f_ v' ..1j

paid, having wr'w. it this rwUiU-n: tn* reH-.r- I the s'ici d reittiou-1 l hi Suvirty lo a degree (.h, tti.t.i virltie -vet t t'i be zi'i.d into uCtt'Ui: 5ii'V-i ib.. il I that ? raur. ..: >.> uti r..iir.ct l z- :' tj -! ; ) : '.i?' e' jgr
u.Jnne t.s<* t uiulu'V .' < 1 tin, r---ui '-iibr i i i T ; n i :> :-'f '* i" i
ation of a prorier; i-vc-i-"i I til.1 -.ilaruii i ; :- ct.t--iv- *' .L! > '" ; ; "t-1- : 4 *
ig.I j ;
i .-1 rtigt th to res.a thi. i\lroeesoi I : in i its tl oLI i uti
dependent on it and i 1iti t'-uiJJ; tit i AgHruJ* ijir.,1; :: !iJt ilIl1. \ -' th t-i ;ti : r r.iMr.U! t lml -; r : 1* Mb J'i :

ture si'id the 3I'iciia.jic Arts, ;.* i.tj w a-k >i iijn '. I li is h/\vver tni a'ld m-i f triad!,, d 1 we sj ii>' | -ir.i-j. there 1 is r'siu to apj rehend) 'i.>till l>,,- tiftr: -'"!-. i.s oon atid UPC !e-.4 iv ..1.ji >, %, r t: 9j L ) c; ;

I -rt it. tlut f.ur.are s.ver.l IIJ.itt r-. wh1 1 b ; t.- lit : "i'i-1 vii'l cmn.mVrr v ere {> it-u\tte-.i: by t'Ii' :&- n-J" "* tI b-'f u u'/r. :h tWu-t--
1 J' t-x < > "
The chin: / H iu vv m pr euhie> :I'.v, jr.vunl {c-'li'iicy. Let tlio Pres< tin it-' duty! .. ;f / j
slow ho\v.'Vi 1".-r thi sv.fSo !? -si;;? are iv.'l- I lis r.l .it, bee !iin'dvd by s'nct d.' '.rnm itd t: ( : ; .1. L;. ;b :,, !: 1.
: do t'niriltity Dition "t Mr.: IrinctV hv
Irl I all sis.'d evi r t < ; anl( pn fr-xiu:, Tin* j ; jn jlc u- iutlc'lii | rU--- i- uo c't ,:yy in ,>*-iet1L'UTid*- ||
tired, aim.1 V vn *' crcd *u 4"* I.l iu 4 Ii I'l*-,.41-. ZtZVJ for tiuih -"-w'.m ::t *. *c'inr *- e\--l: ; is of j 't f ill Pr-'tn: i.uif vv.i> rt.L: by M<' iI !-tlv..iiiii. .
i .j.d wh't} ; bus cities poes : ()t l.je ': crjjv: o ht-e d c t-] j"ll! I !. on tin tiorit Mr tint).'iis, it u i- ar.ft-r.f ti! itn
to ; ;,ti-.' i : Ihi.yt ) -r"f t . . .. . ... ..
:i oi' *
f"je! i'ul l"t .. !. -.itend more to this nrly i nucJioti: l' I -
that bindstcrft! to ti.i: ->v.<*i .1 i on : -i'is. t >- .iri! -> i i I.l..fltoI! Srf t-t{ l .v u; : I
:- !h1 .- r.j . . .. . . -
lic amusements at.d the j>k>. a ,i K'!. u1Da:S Jiul '.:> ,t v.ML'1) iltl'rr i-i M-.l.tuv 1 1 c riiu t- who d the I ri-ii:4 gei.i .tio in stlictiivg i c'tiTi-et t -arhj l-'li.ri[ 1., 1'n.ini-ii.ti, for tit.- MI.-II..I- yir TiicM I "

belong to a city hiThey: jvn. u i < :in.. .jeri. ? riiswir'i' civuK'r and ; '.,.Ltv the merit: a.itl d-- iv( -r n un.-'i .'Ir. K ,>i Tuni: Jilr. v\ ,? .I} a;, -j.jj -V -r.itivc, vic-w -f ;,r !tHvir m ci K.\p ,t ift
( ;;. 1.hi i a Iu-! u IhIL ) ) ttrjIUUtt i 4 I \1'1 ft;: jm--* from t-: v.-.io'i'' Ki.ji: Nnr, fn m
:alI the de .:trtrLt1's! c.t' ad ez' .it ri's ( .I' ;:'on a-d inyt.-up. .>-tid l t iesj we c '-.- t Kob'Tit'v! I !'i I l-i .1 I'M tar9th 5> f. f 1m- *
t4 of t< <
larhvs and j if is ;. ::4i1v! u.i-fui-:none: 1114:1 ie s.>. Let it bi> I litej (:i I'otnin Mr. Mayer was.it'.dedto t-y in-: !>r.IK :!\
hie ol JiiJi* .: ,.- !(i : .
profession sid.T .., nt 1:1 ..Irliia i "!li rs, aI l wi--li! they mivr.it in- (( oiutiiitter MI r'niaiu:**. i 't- aiul t'\i)ort> for the ram. pi d l.uit y--r
-iIu'rs witu btiurx- j "MM of .; ti ;- i b.; useful, an-1 our cou.itry[ wiil be
bstructing: tae nr' ; Mr.'t? )-i in-\ >>J thai! ii % ii.- u..e tl.w f.iu; ?.]Jr 1ut.

pec tat iori. I ii ;iiis :.- I ulr; i- adtni.. I s.t"-" ;tl.o pci'i'L' hawiv. I ll.sc.M-it, f-ir :ni r.xritntioii: !I-; tc iisr< at ; i.- .Mtu.i 1.; . . . .ttr.-: .: i

The last ten years! & rofTaT>rLd I T. r vr. !! a..1 n'i'blic opini'in: shvld: > II. >. >ti ioit-r! hr HUM d : wnich motion v. aitUy S.-rh: Anr'u.m . . tt ".' 2

gone imp.-rtant ; )1l s t.i -, -. -. T'. s :: i. >d J ; t I II ilia! 1 I: \r! l > ( ii-r: : 1 K vivr.l, 'i ,i.it the connntlSee \t.--j I !i :', ikfl1rr1e., .
K l.
: til' r.'fj.Vt W.tii ( rs, ;> T : s
)0 r.Ml : Vv'e clip fro 1.1 l'i.: I U iltiitior'Xnvrican: r.f the r..ii'r.riand i- -tre hrr. bv auihorl -:4: :.: Ll's 1t.O4)i
has fh own how dcct t '"'* Jstli.tr: svrU; o.: on tin.'io'inr'i. - - - - -

cities which lr.re i undri"i j-.i il' :> n natural I o4ii.I.- js tnoiv.ily a id pi.hiic.dly ci rn-c' ; rn-'l I llt'i! :i11.t. t tiuj ii.llttwiiig notice ,f the demand l>ril In ;" tilVacuit t H.IS II -\J to Me sf.S. Loc't- i Lhzy1it. . . . .. . ..

f and healt'.tui!; oc.-i >ati \* >( Agi -u.; rc t j Vt1ti .I .: ()5ite c'fl1:;'. i .L :$'ie -;\ 1.i l lco in.ile: ut'n';, aii'h< ;ritics at t :Xa-s.tu for the N'eors rX-hart !,VoinuV,' oj >. lul.i iill.-d Li Ado;\> to;ro.er sraile.! ut the r4ta1 *It tI i1erij'tzoh1s _1 I ,274, :

the anparentlv; 1 1ir. .shs i t tr1 l u diary ituuxi: :d'i M* .r .! :;eAi >ers u i( Mr. \VooiJ, Couneil: ailjournerl.r'rii 1.: ; m.3

occupations} H }jr >vs thai n ihcbb5 a ..1 j inio I advocj.ln! M, .N-UVS I !' Irbpi1'. a.. einr _
lic i by if this
lir jiul o; > : :." a nunr l at t I li-dii'i Keys. Xow, i t
flows of natioiul j.rosp.-r.ty 1.1 f the Iteruutroi'j I s.\ '.\Y KVKMV: ;, .Jan J 20. .-<\vitli tt A.nt'* i ertt..II

success and failure wiiich !'' l> > toe .aaile U. .1lI-: }hrr tires of t 1',rnind: i ir..c- i is t ti': man, ev t : which! lviglt-.i! authorities :are Cf'Mncil met ihicxe.mi) I'lv.--nt, thr .\l.irr.Cumr I r r. . . .. .

U branches of activen l".r.e. it-iuj'ntrce uar- j tufls n VH-W of sn'j'sii tilting th.'t: whieli i1iji'.o > l t-: lie-a; th:* l"tn;*:ids of ont vAvr nnent_it this} : : iliii'-n( i'.il' I :;,-e.M <. ': MJ..MLCnvt'ii, li.-hrrt.-, MAM .>TMIi J >.'c. \ y-r.rrrN_\\' nlvpi -'

ie..st fi'il"i..rr) | s :, ,I a'I .d (... -. -t. t ur liui'j.. tn (.'{, th tlu vvnrk ndat
in i
takes, in the United State* at lo iv ind, i< >r what h.iw< ri\ed wtll is the r ult <.I!" lliejhburJon! Treat. ,"' p.nd inhcit"K > ; ,
Acnculsnre: of t'.w 1 1ast t :' thesj f i tni ,..s | \tiiii.tes I t I f I tin! la--t ni-etiiu' read j.ud! approved I t r: vvtu! .it chfgliv**-',','!! in i iy anticiri-f
and now cK-wd!:" the ./ves. :. .-. 'i\.'-t ; v a-4 l t>-ci:! u-, u1-i it$ t then evident I that < iius 'irit in which the;* are to keep Tu.' ( ir.v r-.i! a c' iiiin.'iiu\uton IVi'iu i itTt 1 \ I'l-.t hv the return. f th.t.iru! outtn tluirbbff t

I How many youth t'e c.r.ei io rather than nnpnv.-j pub.1 "' MIIthe Coii--tt.r, in i fri.'nc- to e'-u.iii: t.-M-M ty nmi ; U.,. Lit it !?;>'flh! ; w iit'J h iv e >xr. ejv.-i li vaintirii [ -- 11
:E business would Ivtve: be t d .J/r"-.itly: i ..i'Ja j- iruiJt r tryosl I .r-i.i'ib'.r'iocd! .V..- are ) r ;\\l a-ul
tor t i i\r.-, ami w.iifli; inicu :MT n-iu.-ed to tak.tii. .- ( *41 ib e.ii'r.mrv. m '& IU st f
What a large j lb. ir.*.< -, o$ tl?:itratioal whihJy OS.iltO.l.Ue iiI: C S, Ct1et I)4 tliih1ii., .- i >erl- ti-r .ind' i'aj t t-..' I'-nx-'i L-*_. m.n. \ !, c"I l r\r.: | bti.-.1 lit -tru--Trtu..y; I" Twist

( which lOOkS to }>ermi'ientnrcs 'i1..fviUn nr >). i'i.J: tr.iJ: olver'ully; tiixo cur lcvbl"si: ,>- r ( ''iMur.-s* :ni'-vc in ;prepariiitr thr X.lii..i fi.r ( 'u mottsjn :" Mr I ii P1)\ n.-, I tiiui.uirr vv > ltidocf th"ie is tu q 'tth-! ihtit rei' eitfc fhijdayvvc: k

the Held cf it- mtur.u em.-J'A'i.ei't' v.o-ild have till 1i.- II-A' regular m mt- -t; c :d d'-in.iiul exisi> b.Jth fry Iiidia and -.
1 been rescue; ] fro-ri w.;>U it this licit. }wi" t tI bfiilly -, i l>i rt tu ii'Jvt I tci- rn .a lh. I're-s, !>> tl--c- .:- I t Hi!, tl war w-.i!!! s 't'i'r: or 1-tter, ;s iievit.'ilr.: \ir. Jl.'hrr: from! inc e: ;i.untrr: t, vvii inv, Cluu.1. in

opened, and if iibiMi-ljitiontsof 1 pr .te>- U'ia.in i_; H I t viiUjj.T.ition ;f id| personal; ; ; ,il->.s At evi-ry !ji-ni-t! -.vl.cir; I'.n, ,laiul, cotrustn) : co ila: "t 1.-i; ir ill l-'itnt-. tint i t l- I-'lorii!.i Pn-tn 'u.nlr.

ifiv.ii ir..ir.soj coiwn* rce The fi dtt'ov I tin- I'H-iiictit ni u"* .iI r'-C'-rt ill it 'lie i.in"itoiml h irt t< i| !,% ; ) : ( MKET; :;.
j siotv.il life with tho < >UN < ->iivj to In'l! > ". ilh u.nr ri iits ar% ri s me degree! availed.A.V. ,
,f education V<',n-, ii'i'l Mir! ji-r--;ll I-Ulliv m It t>" |)<)iuil tO [eiifi; .Nii\v: { 'Lix .ian. 1 ; M f ,N-Thrtlrr. market
i-il J
had not seduced patents < tlie business of parly, by i'41IIL4iu.; in >!a! der lo break down! amito ) .; repea*, 1( t ( 'o r.rrr-;> !|.lier; the Nation in ytatu n ii! .i.id iv. .'ji i it 111 oiuVr. .ur. Imviin ).: % .-({ that -tit tti- tl .-. f .h.- |i. n--4ii :nivie.-, !. u
for their sans inrol.tti-mi. bmld: tip ai.d! promote th I o-jpositf; iwro.i .";, ..f of)I tL'leiiee! as; tr:; :ii'i>l ccrfJn nv.dr o.rireve'iliig | tnr ct'iinniiiee hivsn.wrr 10 \>-, > ih-! J-'iorula a? y -t-ri.iv. \\- > c tll h..nr" ,,f rz'Iti.m, Jont worthy
life. i ateoidaiier with! lil'-ir I tepoifvincli! rt r-p-.f. Tiir nurU.-i a-id p"r
I ( I in! x *.rv JI.MVV, :
hilu i l.-ttor a'I: l i'-w are 1 t.. l>e foii.d: who ea i, rr will atteni't| 1 war ; at.d then! if ho-tilitics inn-,! come) v i- ;LtllL'-I.' }ll-- 4.. mTd{ he HM-If .J (.,.i.f per" H> lo'-vVr than before

K\binoNs IN NKW YOUK In >t its: jn-J inV.it iun : u-t it j is >t till co-iijnu.! >d] I th. u.. hwe the coiisetjue'iPes vviilbe I less d.-strnctivi to life The Cit-t'-. read tlif i ir.i llIul .J :?s1hI Si n- t'.uS..t .iriKi-.l. in tj;}., -MISof the market

to the Intelli-'e.icer; Wilii.t:> >, --! have 1 two .- to h.t\r tin'L note t ot h.-r li'm-htntj: for M I rk'-t ;i IN ir -l'i give niiftatt.' .
ii'.jie nt>t with t're sat.ie ZiS.I .1V i tiriep ( I Ii -> I > u>
: s i
..a.iPti 1 and and w'll 1[ cuns'.ai.t foe !li
V.O.HT our t J .
more steps loamiouuci* in y..u it i tuc property! retail: -so. 1. m\'i'i t up iiifl e..nvl-il t! I, tiu| UT py1114 : N'AV i'iLr.A.I: : > :>. J.4n JO! .-I'OTION In our
the gj-nocracy. These I is a jr> i.i.ist't'i ia ilic ur i ; >i t. :Men i j re-.n tsu.re 1 cl ted t li ii u-fieci and -horn) of t hr-r li-r-pjitn!I and! grandeur.V : lor I tintmif L I her late hn-lMi.d( h.idul I ftalt.Au1 r- 44f I -t \e.' .l.hV IILtlIInI. ') ( iI

per )part of hroadwa} w:>"iv the 1 Uii'.* don : .:.o :i--t with ,reiter il.-lilvraJiiii.: \ le rn l lVtTi ( apt. Wilson that during Ml c.iiscMiei'ce!! of th- itith t j .t I h'-r hnrhand, ( t ti1iti4 i;; ., q4eIrr'r tt a ( I11t

,/ FJ./ iii'itioi ol t .\lr \\r.- '(i, l h-r ,'ci'! ; >n \\ is srint.'ii.Ml" ; Utj iijikrt lil.% ltl
and vtm' .a'i ; oi. It'r-, Vt ili :1s
Turkish costume, / I For other iutios: lo rea-1: American! ncwjpjpersin his sl'iy: st l Ni.wiu, th,: IS.: Rfvciiue C'ntl lr X.iti- j. 4 :
r.it t;tl\0ii piv.M-ntrd t lilr i c 'Iiiiiltllir.illi.m i :. Thos t on t&2i.Ly
climbing in j jackets and: l< >vain tist-r:; t tilus arrived, I here to dettia'.d! the slaves who tK'ltrotn a ;, tlt.r.t ctI'yLtY
tunes of high p.n-t\ i-vit<'ment t they L.tli! h' ,
Nj-'K.ar ; (-iI'L.tr in I iei'iti >n to > eiaiinja; inu-t i tn" (-I iv. let: ItL, iiiri.; -. rttI t. (itlUcIP.i.'Vt. .
coat> with a snug fit to H'' I ri< ;ridi s-itne time M: icr, cnrniMtted .t innrd -. 'Ii ., onl.-rnl tfiit ;iiviuiM.iter .
.\crciul; naturally firm the ci..icut>ion, that: o'tr : (] ,. (( .i nii tioi 01 litiyou, it w I -t. hd, hi ii- #.! :v ht crIceiit'ut
cloaks lor ladies' out of-dom vgr: I T at !Krv:: iJi--c-aven, ,rul: then t>xk! ref'ugo ;t i I <'t tiir' e b-- p.K'titrd by ih"! M.ivi-r to t) ro.ii: st.sV \ OtIflhI4le'

Heaving !" te Dic! Sv, iv' I r s.y. tmirni hed, statesujen tire -i j -t of SJ'j(1 ils OM a Xa-ssaii. Thi1 Xuttilu-i wis conrl.ed| howovir, I rusMiK : en Mr Unuia'lnni: I .md n-puri ifKieon i -tel by tUt th.-ctmra! u.'j ;-.' .-- nr* fn-in the i".tfm -

V2..L' A T-AV ALL I J.irrvale I and I the inlVren''i I n-iiid i.ot I bo \-\ \-,- to Mil t again without! I a corn ,I li-Iij.i 1 h"r ohet.} I .u-'.'-'t-. t'iiyou; if ibiiici. uul U( >bert.- vxttAir. >r in reg ir:! u, fluci, T>. 1 u un> mil t>n \' fv '

.' B.VCLAND LOSES" r-.vo!: this .-=>,. rtio:, Lvor-ibloto the oo THE YEAH, nouxn. IM"Ius I Ironi the : \V .u1 l |nVvrntu ili- petition i-tj. Fl. UiviJ. Oil*fc"i *i! ii.t*' 1 nid} .1 !il *her lllfc M'Vttn -"
jujtict: 0:1: pl.\ oat( pruc.fs T 'T f .HI
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Vlantations thc were nutuUrcf either loat vefc or cjs wan about ') fifty-fotir pt-r rent dividend f for the you 1'4LJ aI). Mr. S'-hUT} 'r prrac.ited the account of Owen M. Montfjonifirv. i.i (iv .u1:'* ot she maiU r.w


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the rats b f. r"- t-Mr''f .*'id h.'Itie; : -. .t.il-tti' tr--i- -11r.tT. XYcrk' 1H 1\. A .> x.JAL .1. L. do,. .. -, 1 PRIZE! Or. : 3'- : O: I?_.- 3ar', .' .,, Is fn.rtitj'=

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under sue:. p,'cd.o Ar (:if.' mi-t 'I"t'J, or ..!..' i'-';od :tiu ". X'nv York, by X onrr.t1 pil't: tl:1: Ar'ILchteol.t.} I'la.Llr3ih11 . . ..1.') IU. . . ..").'J. ;A) -:- :, \ .l.h.lr.i',: : \ .a h. r, \ i.r. i.-

il1)1orta.Jt an al\'dl"" ", t- t.. r.1 1:' I"y"r. al :111;' ( "a 1IPt'l.J.; :31tolficl f&lr Live-fpool I O\\'t.-1-1- .. 1 . . . :',; hJ.t. h .- *...:..r :.i a ttw: d.:.. ., tvt.ch .p.l; U to
Tuv -k'b .' by tel: ((1... 11 1
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\\'Jth."w D\
once 1. 11I1illtf' I .vis. 1. . : . :,:{ . . .:.: -- -- -. __. Y & Co.
.il l'it- 1. AoilLLcRS 1 iNT LAW --
.nltoV<> -, "t111.:11} ll.2! \J :llIfII..dll11l'l; ATTORNLi! ---
liliauu UI..1lli11'.t troll Cha ... ft-r: Xew Organs, by ,, : 1. . . . 2,111 ,'.I . . . ..>.v MI: l FOR LI'E.PGot.ii' TALI
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\''Cl'Id. dIrth ;, at J 10II HI'uv I I >:rn. oIll"r i i tub;;\ i ii ,\ \ 1.1.i j _\-
1. . . . ItictiP..1; ,:' I H t-!>:r, hail u-
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and ." rIt lllCt. :1 th. wIlHh' 3tut'h.' n'jliTf' Ia J !I i '.>nvr' \\-<:", f<'.-.VwYork, by E C 1.1';!ltll Jii-iiCi.-i :.OV L.t.ij:L.GUNb..ei : : t te t ol : : . . . .I ,:''' I. . . '>.) *' .1.. it.I-.t XiAV Y.iKK- et
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rather Ii. '.\ t In ('PII-"p..Uf'; .' of Ii' I 1'Or"'F'. .i r'rl: ""' ::"bit! Kr"wnforl'-! ton' ljy D \\'onJ ; t.\I'Y; Co., Ala.HASl'lXCiS j. . . . 1 ;)*'\'. J..6:>:.o I ; ':" .Ii r."(ITt d},. .,> ,j-u: trsrr
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5 tU..Fair/( (
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fun:ted P'lW"a 7\ <-.MH- P M lb.11')1..V ,/ Scjir Col. Mi'.Mli-J.'r! > 1'1 j. . . . y-9 . . t.;' ...12 FUI: N.vt't T-
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hdtr-: tor j n.>d i l"t.. 'i- q Jm'i: .. .: : 'Fcxtrr Sjujh i _),. ..1'! Prize-: '. t"i i '. .j.
ll'Hff.'I.It ;.1 i f r XPW Orlcdi.- liv B :!lj,1 I : 'he-t. r >: Jullnpi.l'a.; Fa. a..uah.ltf c-.V ,-.-.i. f J r':J 4fi
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may ;i!:au b<' i"';'' tid ,i# linn :1111..f Mf: I Ja.iu.jv J.:): !111 .i| i2'.Mf! I'tJR E\ '
J- Ticket, j 10 shares in .rticn fIiK---t hi
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1 : .. ,..injkiiiy 1-..T P. 1\: P"f\w',. T .: "''1. from X,"iv-Y tW :\. n I Jii-d, ..llllS'l i J.! 1 r' ; 1.J4' tec.I (a.ir.4l't ; ;i J' pCliANGiI:-Jou 111'\1.;l.t :ar-l I s<-ld. L.V -
"JIII.il ;If" ; .I / til' :jj : .'; u,. I, .t t v MV t P .. (VV J <1. 1-OUTER., i'OR NEW YOHK-'\ It: d

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cuntltllW luritw M'+ntt! ,';. ,. 1:10..1.: ;. 1" .,. ." r.'- ,I n I Tiio aJ'IW : ii! Oo ;"l'l:! I by <>rdr of f F;. G. Jb-l'Y, j \ .vX' j:: ; OX iITuLdld. adv.;. I... .. Lif. .
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LIVE I( 11 tl 1.-1'-1 Gc"( 'o f: .Hl P'd-1'j "oJ liT 'nOr! t, :.fi
liJf"S! unoll ; f r : "hlJ-lfn.! Hyd-r, 'from Toi.il Pfntv! -LOT 1 -\". -', 11 i flit.l .cv 15., III-H'L '.i iv, i-t \\ .It.'r t NOl'K-K 1 &. Sf( XF, >r,".:.->".rAJiT<; '..\I

H' ':T i\-P"f J. ',#.' .-.r.1 : HI. t'r. : el ;::id Lot- Xo-. > '.J v'c 1'III/ block! .t. I ian- .Ir ratt.. '..:j' .' ,
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otr(1'ir: jJ. mt"l-:;;t9 t I .1.': 1-iij b's L \CK "llf'I'ICO \L.-.J ca.k S l'zi(, j jn"t
CotTon. i the #purciiaiff. The s..id )r.).; 'Ito. will be :. .111 B 1 i'8 LuI1191tt )IC C'I9I1h' .1I
.'. St.- .f.t f Al-n! fin r'mnbnruun .-. recer.od and for saP by
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1 -/ .\1 '-. 1 '11'1 C 1 ii.b'i-l
lH.\ inIVr "w "C<- -..;: ft.. 1:' 1:1. : YUGit 1:1'0 X I:, J l'-xv:,, ir rn X. Ya. '
P I C, !1I1T-.tM ?! -r.nr AM- T' r .1 \\ ,;'..rl"l'. fin C. 1 1imbr :. 11 O-.i I -> ( ,! nubn-i bl -ck.C .
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on '-. ''r. .. 'I..h!
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bal''s .h.l Sit"-J'm 11-110; ; Si : mi .r T. ,\\ -", :\1'. I". .. r ..tut,. .?. .\-f! !!e1' Iaui. of CIlli'11lsii: I I"r = .-l..t, jn-f rert'ivt-d, l tor nlo bvin t LO i'i I .\G, c .nss>tj

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ship tob"-T P nk K h ; "f Ftor-'sc: -. :t ."b-r. fii A!:,.ut.,'. ; I'! I D.\ v ; r l s ar.d 'r '('
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Per -ehr H.J,1 .,-lul tJ t i!j.- c .1"fI. i. ] '1" ,tnli'r.1st- Y Smn'j I. Sosii-i.! fn .ills:11'. X-M-tb ;. .-terl'-.j! I ; Uiil-, awl to ( he-k o.i X>>% 'AND PUT.TUIlJIJ "tIts lIp' n. r 'I } ii. Valen i. %( stc

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Pr nhr Te. : -7.* t. J1ip1'fs'- tv.u,.;. J JJ I E z -'J-'T-n. \ ciji i: > roi Tin- MT! : : _fv; t(1l:IK-L or 1. ( J. !Ri::p\ ., -!I' .:. \Vit'rt.; i I 1-4 from bar (jue Noble, utid] li-r sale !by I -- rrtxtd; : atd rl'JiI Iu.'

J. Fry VO'Mv.f'rH .\7.lf'iI.I i:! C'"X.: S. DiI.L'v'c i Co. I \r : aPral j-y-rt *it 1i't13
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to .mer.V.i !I ,. ,t Ji :1 : : Uf' I .usU5'aH { HI'S. .
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C'handlt'r .\ >t.\v t' ( ; ....,-. .I < ;tS.: ..1(00'. C''I.I'1 1II :\. j B \ '' MCT'' .:< '-M--i'1': *o bec-iiiie! tnen--: 1 !Lr sale at uublic. IItl'r\ b''or ti.!, Court House AM a.crtt.t.t cot. \I-IIHIer. ,* Shops, i !''f !'
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{' S ?.Ibl n'. j ;..,,-| irviMi. E: S "II, !L < ; ( > v-j-. T ...u''n* t'.e :nin1* 'r-: t -. 1 11"1 I. time or :previo'Nh.! d ill M rch noxt. :it: 11 I lI'd, K'i! :a. rn to the H-its{ i'.d Cap-, \\ "ol [Sortit: ; Hats, i ) ,L L-A tray ttrrtai.rSJt

Ch\',-n', H j.. c .w'?:a., J1 t. lU'irun, ( F i'' ". ,- \d: j""I.l! ; :,, Ji x .nil/ 1'1I.i j jl'l.: .< it I !hi; L-st buldr I l'' >r cam:,, to .atR'u: ( ffa.\ Saddb-s.tMd' Fr-dl--?, dire 0; 'rice", to cl:?e ca i>
: S dla! and (;irth )FAi ; :
HoanIVr .
and lady, \1h\1 icjay, *,,n AUil HT'I ta! S I HOt ; r.1 Y liltr..ht1.

t'rap. ,:z : ; .'fI"..,. f '( ) .PI \.\, .\ |;!larhin.lj J ill. 'J'5:; !, h 1.1. j i.-'.-".. 1 1m :2. I ',i.': (, I'ri'lt., h..n
o"'anwr'n Mi.Lit"* IIie'Tl;: t.!. 00 O-n'bnr) .s :and 'lu-etin2'*. ,
: -Vi ]Unl.. 'a'inA-ey: I I. L F. > -':' > h)13: I'tutits'i
McMillan.! 1' '. : lull, Fi.-idjnx, -\ tnui li I> .-, I.J '): M- '!.i-s .., I;. S. I>Iursiil 5tie. <; t iM) : -u-lino' d.: I/iino! Dresses, -. 1" tit1'1tarii; ;

I.IXWj'll.01"1 '.'tJ f, :1. "* ''liis ll ta. i'I"cI! from te r'.isMK and ,FlannelI'ril.ui -,
(Jl.n'-l ld .T'l"! >t'ei"l fr"T' \. tc Orl"1n. r s 7> MrtiU'ol a'i .' Just rtcvivul 'pc r bnZ -1 U" I
iVr E.1
Mill'l; \ :-T 1
"It !
it Ware Llfi L'mns.
1,v' KiMHUO-'Cll 1 J ( I :. I RiVAY: J.3n! nor Court of Franklin con-y: ;n t\,1' of ; ; Fcr suit Incc '
-n.V ,\ \kh"lt.i Aii i.'r'r. ( tI1.,.:::id in 1,rune
.. acv j :::1 '.:f 11r Iter -tra.. I"!1.1'1'c of I h c. ,;jcoli I. v<. I Ueiinm' | ',1'0'\1 1 to ire C trot and IHsh Di>..heN"r -, S T 1, I.ian" r ,
t- u. .1.cc.7.r. Mill' ,
i i I 1-viul f'.o: loll.iui'u =:e I/u.ipi, Dimer Hells, Cdli.e! ;
------ ------ (!d-ic-t.-l i ihi\ '_* tiiisdi'!! '.. oi ; ?? ,
O\ CONS\MI: 1 i :--1111": I ( K-.H( KUVVar :, C* \fi'--3 '." I I:1Ca) :, iMtl.n I ; II:.\1.S...aw.O !h.t ol: 1 1d 1 ji the' City of Al-'all. iin-la, a"d !knowni"d '. Wrap-.m and Writing; Paper, ; -

.', ;. :;' iU.d.i I-T -. I .-. trOifWiij'i -.} M'TCIIFL: I aL' a"d Shaving Cream :. M>) sack uaaTor '
: !
f 1. ; !''ttr slit L / T! L .i;.tin:ished! l o-i! a nr i> of siid :-r\ t : Soajis ; l'Ki r

TI! !,.!, I'. JIM 'uJt _tllfl! <* hv' .\. IAwi *'t- ,iIi,?-1 ]J't \f.t/.r'! ::t._.. I. run,n T vl 1 ;ri.ir. in block B. fr'I.t' ni; v, to.,ctlur ; Tin Mart, Japanned, &-C, CO. sale by i i

ich, Va.. sriai* -'I 't'rt"'r 1 p -s '.. ; ---- -- -- -- -- with all the: i..n.1ro'r.eLt: :and' bid.; tom= tlicretob.l.i.i4inj ., Loiicinj! Glasses, )' "2'. ..

nt''IId; :, II ,,.J\\ 1'.' ::1',1 tuttl fH .' : BOJ'I'S; tr OE ,-A ...'it'ral' :H--. 'rtme..t <.r' I t: ;, a if.1 ,''llll'xJ': j the ;amo t fr 5.11at ; Stationery articles in encnl 1, U.LE.DILL> Ac Lstret .

flJI.\( 11cl TnV 1 f. ; d l".,\s:, J r.o ..t'o; I a-id' Utog.iLs, ;public outer}' it-frre the Const IIo\i.. d or, in the i Cocoa Di'pnerand bri3 bound Pail, IF ,J11 have j-st received f

Sa'ldkry, JJ jars, B4 It. 'Io.t S.eq: .C. } 'or .alt c: c" ri t f; r on-li !l' City ot .-\palaf!1ic'h, nn the tlr>t 'IIo1.f11jn : Kru-she of all descriptions. HaDr1ei, and Green A : ,,

AT.U.Siuir ':'l'r1 5 I' 1.1 s. ( O. '!\V4"er't. March; 1 next at il o'clock: a. m., tn the highest I I TJc-.ides the ah-ive, our as; rtrncnt is composed Putute ; Dry Gul rash ;

Cn.a' ; 1'(11 tail: : l :' a'd! fi fa. ureat variety of desirnbh' articles too num"rrJK White -.
(.ur ; vC..L( J.o. i b-ddcT; for "i5h 1\1 itu y Property cf; Pic'ddidmoa: ( ; I
l.t I 4.1
'i i''r.: .- I I calla
h ; '
; to
Old Jlh-rrv: ..Vi-', t''t-> ; ( pointed o'lt! bv ;>lilatt'v! atV M-one'tv of -vd 1 MVitioi. pU .hh' ?r; are 1-'i'i 1 l .r.d i Peas ; '
All ofvluch: will i ia.. .'d' \rv f-T ris'r.. ', r.'*e v.d and hI' < ilrbv i.Vid GooJ and irks before h'"j"i ; &
r* 11;. ';L. OX: .'c Co. I.rtt..'i. RO'VT) MYERs I. rtnl. examine ojr l Tongues fc Sounds, tc.,

D., \.j ;; r RA.VEY, 1J :\3 Matt r Strk'.t. .\llaashicuiz. Jar. tth, ISM. j j"29 1m I i iak l jan22 s sS .

r. 43 '\'att"T e rl t. j I.a1G





_. --- ... .. ,r _1. .__ ..
-- r

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.. YNOTKM5R k' r


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-- ---- -
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) ( ( ) 1xvtiuic.ri ;.( (,: e5d;
U. S LES. O1)ledIjy
i / I i.i i : '' 'L 1 Cre r s ..ctt'uly r firmed thai t 4 ( !
ij '
: ( ; Al1
-- 1. !I1--: !fw t e F-tablisl-Mci.t !>.:-, t "ei: e.ifirely renittd. 4' 1 t Yl. FN iv t ttE.-_ f he reresved| j,lt the

-- Tiitt! Slater of AsHvrimTLi.'i.iToKY j II.: S. lI ; rsaaS% Ssii .tad iui w t.pe'i fi-r I thi" rccv'j :J'; n ol }perm. ki_ \.rd. .nid i r.fli'r. .vwino Vithll1 E',, !flIflth

: Ie.3Ja1ifl 1 s 5" HOu'li t I I >AISTKKT! > 1 <-'* 'jp V XjI'fU.M.f I Ih'ei: v\ '.. : i li i. 1-,4-U d! "'"It. ti.eO I "*'iil .mi] tiahc.enl hoarders! : nd the .subscriber} rh.tri. will t be in.id.-: ; ti.| fi.r.i <., Imt t rents

I'. :\u'1r- adm'jsi } AI'ALAOliU.ULATutPrntitimt _1 superior, Court 01 Fr.mMi'i < Vu-ilvto medircctid 1itt *' I! } siin'i i attention to I the business of his puse ( r bale uill be rh.jnr* 'I fttil; bcr. tierir." &.c. If :

tuitor, (.tiil' s : one in favor of Join} H.rdm-'lie; in lav< r ) Jo l be- s-'cond to none in rcmlnnnichis guests ncomfortable. t compressed! \\ithm one i.0ithu t cents

tale of p C Kayinonu, uec d (IrANCEU'V Tol"TiUiIEAS fljf. 1f'i/ia1 Iilit' )( ( ( ( I, < ; !'i :nto T.I C aI'O. and 1 one in f.-vir ol isa.ic SJac bale u ill be rhanri for sf niw.f an
comi'Uinuiit. ( f' ;ucs vs. the St tilt I'' L.I Life I insurance; and Ovst'-r-J. ( : !me, ;vc. scr-.ed ip at all hours nnd I thercatt. r. Time comjuc(| ,rIri) date pPrwtek 4

K Allison Vs. wjrviviwfJ 1 : : : ..imuclU nli !bn fvl.ibilwl; aVV :.i'rifst; (Ci.inpam 1 will oil! r f"f s..k.it: pubhc 1 in the lust tvle. The IJar attached to the bouse, j receipt until (!&Iiv4r4I t to lighter -r vtssel. Cotton fjf

Abraham 1.tr ,1 I. Lil-l I in Ibo initrd ...l c- ) ,ctomV oul'Tv. at thecnnrl! hou>t' door in thecitv ot Apah.hic ;a l = u.u.ilis.locked vvilh tl.e bet Wines nnd Li- ch} :;Tr'in bauds will m all ca-vj |,e ljanic.nevv

p.ir1zi'p'11: ,;tIRl iii a ti u r., r'i'b' in IIfTN sitti.I ..' :an a Court i of Admirally, aH.-i'H;, .i'S! .eka. isi., on I the tirst Monday fiIi r:,. ( Jrhtcful for the liberal patronage hen-It sfora e In-rn date of i.rdir iiichojve. TurniriLT ttj

_I abovi niryj'il: c:1I2s: !. PrV11)T4hI, ..r.-H-us. 1-isr Th.it he K= o.'titltd to .mp.is in :March next, fracuonal Lot l number ('.*) nine, u1'e received, 'is.' !lsot.s;| ihtt his frit !uds( and this t out 1 hr sutiiplins: or uri !hinii' re-storinc-

}jflflr.tIl$' .1iits' (It Ih' "i'. fl'i l.oii; i ir tiV.Z. (- Sn sivi.ii; Hit- h.K.u.rl. \ ,/ : ; ; in block 1\ front r.mfe, ;a nvc-ihl\: t' a mip; ofsxid public will eoiitiiiue to sustain him.IIKZ, .ttne s cents |'tr bUs.: Wantages tt> !b assessed

Frankliiz cu'iy, ittg ts "tht11 urt :.' i \ D.t '-!. 1 1.tel' driven ;HH.I-J! in a -,' iii' id \vinu : city. ti>_( I tI'l: viHiill: I tuhr.ildiVjfs! and "p- : SMITH.Api'irli f by ffic press when! the cotton cuncs in 'jrjatuoi.ht the
by virtlit' dii iturtt tht d d tv "i : 1 I % i i's i th.. I'' 'ii T of St. ..losep1' l" eii ''( ; t 4rel1tf! l'1''i i'. :-. ) : < : I Dee. l fh. |t'wj.J. d.cjs.l tfI'SKS'ISSY ai.t4st.4l fiut'Tsul ut the lace of tie
on tv thi V'1 ;itt'h. -.IZ( ( thJUMP! of'.ce ot Ih1 South re
AF VL.1 tb iL U.'lbidd'r \\ : si ( : kn.nvn ;as Ihe! --

prncfed tin'1(1 ft41viai'11 al 1'1lbIIr; 1&r't'' t'.t' .' the \\r\ 1llisTn I. J till, 'ra LifInsiira'i"! ; and I'r't t Copipmv! in \ tv.HOLT. : JfnmiM*. f c.iiJt.ll rotti-as ar.mjuired to ha csfv

I . ... 4 ( : ti lv'. 7' 1 II I snbscnher rrfrfi fl(
UI '( i ] .r 'I 1 JUILiltfl 1a.liro1; MYKKSF. i : 'i.ivini; refitted the above cs-
ld1t ( '
flVi .
) :. : ti : .I'urI'i.tI! ; topos. rass-fii\v, !ark or cotton ror
\ttr trit1, ii tIa L'y I 'P t. : ,. ..:;; Jeu'MiiJIKI 'nw 1: ii: 15c' : of ( :. S. :'i-fsM'l! dtt..al .\ :-"!. ; J. f .Mt'irnertf) i-; t' t'.'. prep; !
feel front ln tighty t' 't 41t1 L it tn're'i a \ i.il'H.: j .- i.a..d safely' K.vp t'e .viire to answer :\] :H'hiVoK .J.-n. -2'l.'L:: ] \ j.urj' I lm ( ate !his fie..Js: : ::i'd the puMic lit .1 m. uner j drf cuvit -sill be rItr4&.l at the dttiritnf.Ml .

brick rfore of ihW sAlo I'r1 the l'h v vf Si"iel Al-Tn'i.1 i Andvleivis( ; I the V.'li'-'h Wil sri''e satisfaction; lr> ;!ll. I Jiis table 14)Ji rate fjfj
Lot \ ( I::) TlZt.i, ins. 'r k D 1.. -ii'ia- .irdered ;and ;IT.r I j-!:i f..T pt.r rof>( ansi all F lsg.'i1Ig: at the rate ofwrd.
1IIrI. !" .hid-e: f il! e I F/i-l/ict ;.for..said h.ii uiil: be .supplied! v\irli every dclicacv the marketafit.'ds -
ted on Commerce >tr;et .421 .*H ('ity. : .di : virtue t i a vnl of inorluue lu la., issued ;, ( cut per .
ivuo llr ;
vFit lo personsun td IMSvh I
:t Vt.niMprojvrtv. direeled 1II:* : | ; : > >-attention; will !b.devotedto
front 1Ev 412h1 d.'p, tvnt A }) Jr-iiii iiio Superior Coui I hi [' ni.klin A. UO\YMI: {, .i # ntfvr
ol connty,
in uf : ,eIiI1V.. iii'Vfl !'; 1t P.isitx I I4)fl4*'_ ts.
:'I'Jii' iii1)! I"' 1it Is" 1' hvii; all the se-oinl"Mond.iy; \ < 'f Miivh: next, :and show lo i-.e directed i.t l.ivor ol f R ;bbn.s: .v Hra-icii, AM.-"hed! : > tl!i e-f.biishine't: are two superior the hcrnr Prrss.

1ie ii1it, iii1 aL'l itrr4-1 ( : 1ttchf ; ciise: if ."iv they h> S v hv judgment! ( OX, Hi/drnulir Press.n. .

titi ('()tIHt', arid _\ i 1 : '( UI, ill il!*' tu tLl S -t- ; s"s 1 praved. v"n ;M *' l| 'icrli; ti h< rein: lUt .t- t ilhnviis: oro'sertv i liein m the Citv* of Ap >- : -i to t1!: > > '. \\if} indulge in this manual e.ver- c;. < ; FYOX: ,

rscnv: '\\errvl anu* siriftly t.n :j,,'I liCe! perei.ipt.'iilv u-'Moi-i-.i: .tttI! !Lin-: ". :i .tntf!
Terms :-( ),-ie-foirth r'J-1'! :1T1<1 ihi' Mnaj'id :r.in > civ nl! "dinonis'i! all perM< wh.ilsoe-.t rb Slid c'.fv :H i'-fs! X'i- ( I ) It.ui. and ((1"1 ; ''" "'' Mtcenii OYSTKK4r.id other hirhnry : ( '( I )ir. J t. I Jsj 1.: d" tf
everv delicacy \\
uomh.-! 1t1III Rood
six. uwlve anil eishr''n! joint rr<''l"-dinir I to ha-. a.v:\ i'/.t t ti'i I t ti ', hi < *r' >ntvin; -. to th- iv.Ptr '" be vm > t< t refreshment, can b<- hud at auvho.r. : tes of
and hcw-rul riiy' .sati.-jaen.ry Wharfage.IK .
notes 'f '
;ci i o'2 '1'4' Ul *.ittt *NO : '-'-' s '' "h> i r :bt 'ta 'l'' si ,> ;-M' r. i5i' ii" ; rr.i.'ineiilshuiMif s and appu.- j j, .
Receiver and Jlt'*% Ju !J<* &Vt'1J 'utl! ih- ii<-'t'"sbe nm ; ;
'i" s :;-{ aiojvsiiil. In jiii'ricly!' i'lixiiiii a Oije. t : I i. .. :r'. .1 on .- }d] }ir.. It) I "lo-.i! m :JK! .h.iI ; t following are tlie fl.itt--i; rf Wharfage on
hIl !11 'am' A! ; 1Tt'IriUt! hai-been made 1 that
M > ; so pernnm -
1 1rvinii. ,. th'1 sif tin-said 'ir .% j. < >\ '.t t .M--' hv-'ure| t Ihe Court j all ttstii. Merchandise! &.C. landed or ship*
it.e.Mvcr.M. !
ri-x.r. j \ ft f < j,, nn 11-: -: < < i s o iaii.j i- \ ? ; (iiit.-ry j ..! ;iM.l! frtn.s.k-Mt !,O.\ RDI .R- can be as veircf !
A. MYIIISS. Aueiiu:: rr. .. : S tusihi] : lie s.u.jj I:1 soiji*. 'e\V.1 ;' t'o' .i-. .r, in ihe CJH'| A ;>:il.icbicl"I, ;.t IIci tied trorn the \YI art at this Port : .
'mmoi t.tl.'T! In in the city
{ a ;i use
Aialaii| <- -In, J. u. NT. ,.' } t.Sta T pM'i'i-h i PI stid c rfir. ..! b-a-t fouueen, d ;y.s : >. i- .' m., (>n tii lirsj M'md.'y; ;01 i M:irch m vf: am! t'r' prce.> an; j.i:any L.-epiis-r with the times.TKllMs On t t ttori, per bale, landed. ... .fi; ; cents.

iiel-! >!V: 1'j.* re-ri| : d l.t ty toer '!, >id b.ill l.i\vul! !to ie: hifhts! hit'tKr fr c sj.ill Ihe Flltt, hue On sliiJieI..t GJ "

Jicks CtU .::on.s ivha* -ivervivrebv! I l'K': :n. >ni'un.v! : 'vn.iide :' (i i '-r- :.;1 r.f '. .. \ \ HinaUli.: in: a:: l ton: l lij Board iiJ'e" LK| : On ( I 'd4 per barrel, lai.tled. (estimnfin -
James Minn, cinsr, p-r \\> :.k..7 0-)
v*. s) inr.L roil JF () L. ID si 1 j-ubiic: .!.:'! n. :>ri. 'i---. |fs I-- a-.d ..; ;. ".-ri\. l > :* ('. s- ij.l; <1. f ihf0' i'r.Li.-- we--k. . . . . . I Ibs.nrtt .

Piety JJociti 5 p..r i b.'f're tu.hid! // afore--jid ul the Ih.i-" aii-l KJM': "\I\KiM. f F. S. Marshal.Aj'.ilacliici. : Boar'1, ir 'l-v f . . . . . . ..", ::0sj. e j'lal to ;t li.ari.4.3 *

"IX this it i 1'- ordered! jh ti- said j-j.-| afcreul; .md I ;also I i.i atK'iid I I Ujton I evcrv .] i. Ja'i i'-Pi Is !L i-rr'-.' lm ; -r: mtaS."l.j. !, "0 On floods, ptr brped. '* "

ease :>-irrf t '"''"! ami&IHH s.'s-tjon to !1).- l eld there :' -d Irori S llie: c." ut.til aKs'jitive : .' . . . . . . . . ."'J S-iit, per sack, I:r ruled. . . X "
.I__ defendant do! within
appear hi'-1'5 mji "lc-1, that < sjnl-'tice iul:! !be i :iJ ;t.u: p.-oiri'd ef! 51. #;. ni I'M SsS r\iE Xv2') H If W. ff. KLTt77 : ) \ '- '. sbipjied. . .'I "

the same cr or rinur will 1 IM to taken conn i1'! t'uj/< ** > a I4I thc ii; t ho said busi*:. =s i'lclu-sivelx.: i u" any: of iher.i: "|1T) v- u'luw M!'' ;.1 mtl r.fii-- ii. !: .. : --'h-fl 'i',jn Ihey ; 3'al Wood, per c ;rd . . . .25 **

therein mfastrdA'cJJCXJ. ( accordii1y. shall think it thiir imM; t" il to !Lci:i abideby _> :-n 1 : i in 1 r -'irt of'i i.iUiin <%iimly to ini;;- LnU'berr[ >! fei-t . . fvO "

matters c G'Dr.KM Clt ik.S. a'ul! uevfjnn all 1! .us'! si;, iltr! such jiulic.nl acts re i r : '' -\ r 1" l'io' Hu ik 't' i'-, i-.icela HTM--'. rj li' > iL--ri.-f' r. "
: i V.: I :tie-id, -f f }Ir.ve levied 'In I : l ':! .., :' ( (.tft:. tv: i.t Hiiti'i.td.[
VOMJK TAVI Cumpt's (Jl z.LtriaI1Iia :t- ar" necessary to be d-w a'ul i\a:, i- : .Jtik; ;ptr \I. . . I'Ji "
: OII irr': r iierty. '> 'f:: in li! City of Apiic'i; -a| ( .t 'ir.! .. v *t !'tiI} pn-.v{ T M tt ""ive m'opo.-jls ; ndti '. >vk of ltJi L .
) *. d1 tFi'IIILLlIfl lliInSi.. :a.id Imi'ier t to ulo ;and red..iv.- w! at u-.tu ; > ii corn, oats, or
lI'.'. ai.d pufce t : }..il! ajipertai'i, under thc pthiof a.id k. i-An f.d dtj i; .!.:ti' i on a Tjvfl of 4i'l: l nlv i--n. i .:if :, -s in as fivi-i.iV.e j.-ims s ofher ofl.er merhfidi> --, rofitsrininz

)( <'ojrl. the law ;;:r.d] coTilcrupt thereof; the absence ; !jdC'Mitiviiiiy < ('ilt! 4 ( i n-ie ,-.i ( > \ |\V >, in !11') '< ( ) ;. ?, -, l j:r ir'p-utd t-* i'-"!!' : 'raii.st! !'->- r Hot ir.ore rh.MJ three K'labels. .'2 S

J'.iH! for I Dnorcc. f, % tIfTviih tI1 the !htiilitris d u:. -f. i v t"iv, :tut .ilso to ttk"'t; :.nnf :tfifl Itii -
William L-awrence, Cemj.! :. i : of thtiii i-ntl every of them notwith- 'it : t"cr ; : :: uis'r; vei All t'r her, sflf or inorch'-ndise! shipped! on

\ -. > December Term, st.iiidiiAnd whatsnevfi :.,, tlvt| 11, I Jn< ;.. ..) anil :, /UlJi'n.-'s: t'pf.re'i'l. ;i ul ihe.'fto i ;.t! i-.';?.. Tlie rupii'.itton tm-; ; C'ipa-. f--r {hotr Klizabeih L--t\vK'ne*' D.-f.'. N JtfW. s. Kl h: ; i I- s :S v.itli t't.n )' '{ .!.' id h/-ratv < '
premise4, v.u shall! duly ct-riiiv imtt) t'ne .!(..! > '] T-ri-ni. : iid sii.'l i vji'.se the sit.le sr s.tle ;itlie ? i .,';. oor rPt ', F iR- a* the wharf, will ber
GAM 12 ihc niinji'ii.ii.ini;'' h" c.i-nsr], aatl l it a- aforN.tid at the time and( place aU niid: h"'clwit'i ;h'r .': s1.y '-ir>fOr iiC; uit ijuu.s:-d' >.,v i.i udc i. ,.t\.v. \\\\-i. j. IUY, : v.* no wl.'srfi: only.V. .
to tin .iti-<:'oii )ii "l t.i- ( 'PIrt 1lia tli'-
defendant piMnn r<*sid-6 beyond iht> l.nnt.- ilu- Territory '! Tti; -' prer-enl?.. < \ ,.t J i t >'' 'l"ck i). in., on fie iirst (laut: !: 'r -- ; r;-> \v'ler( st. V :s, ri i.r1 on rottort, or other mTchandland! -

of Florid-: Therefore it is c. >:.-i.'red| i I'\ the U'l! i. ;1i i ht' 1 ile'i'l Sarriu ?1 I '.:r1vc; : '-' Jud re < >ii'irs.i i \f t J.P-i .' iII' Sn-nit.r; Court f r Fr.uikli'i! 5 ,';T.! r- *v ; fiu v fh.' ft .'js um-e: : :111(1 whcii shipS -

Couit thai the defendant do a; j> -.u1 her-1 on r before < !'.} ihs'lrict (Cor--t, this litndr. of Dei-'i-j.: c. :i:: ''v ttI'M I hii1 *! bidder i'u' e is'}. Said; i'r r--- 21.SIS 1 511!*!. .S ; -\ :*: ; artv fnkin'ne bi'f I f Lutiinir.
V. r .
tin} expiration of three eal< ,i-.I.svm; >iKhfi Mli-> I.er. I K {'{. GKOIMK; i :t ;l : F. IJALTXF.LL.I" ; i.v t be .Id -u'/j. t u i.) a "hiim held h\ Lei I[ *r. : t tr r t..tKin. "r.ti"tL Ail I oN? :-t f."l Kjerel.'aridtsrnot enumerated

date !hereof, and an-wr the com:.!.ujrim"Till i 1 ofe.onipl4ini ? CI. ik "ui, t;'; .1 >d (-I, > .. .re C.ii .w M, or their ,'i ni'i i-i t : ,' t4! i :'rt.r.! t f. .'1. S : i-.refk'jr. f. > S -, '. .. -. } h(" cbirtrf.af: com '..wiulinirrates.v" .
the v-iil he t.i1. .. roiifeo. >:.. .. !. s t't'i :;!j. ct : ii'n < IFI i l I -
cr s-aine p|--o 111 ii i i ii m rrrw ir- i i nnnni rairi n !! j IBI i 111 n JJPLJJJAf -x !L'i l i'.r: < d i :i id li.ty; i- II ,rs \\ iMi.iter.j: ,! thereon S. !-. Iii.tcr-* 'ti"! sfp-ambt'ats hir ut tit
And it further ordered tai; a ;' f iz' ur. (.r 'ii"i' .'' r--r: <. fii f-\ ,t! >!<' t rm<. Tr.J .' <
iV.itii ll.e tith dt' of :M rrcji. f-'I7.: till ui }. V. .
I t s-- : ; : ( : :. -i t ut r'rt rr.r r>r ds > -'
be published in th'thr C.tinnnTeial A.I.I :.t.tv. I i.r i'r ..Mi.ISTiTuirs: XOTfCKS J ei :J .! ,-:/< .' f :;,,!.> ._. 5o 1 .i.:1 IH.- I S. S ; !n carjo.
I'oiif-nr MM.IF.S.: M.ti.Ap..he'icls -\ ui'f$ f f tlte
the thc
) <*<* month ; o pay 'r Us.' ot berth
(Copy. 1'4-1. ( ; E41. F. r.ALTZL : Ju.' !I7lt.! !h i .!MIn j 'in (e ; ; -f f -M" irzaJii: r. and if; -etilr-t.- --i', t"T> il iaarr'1! hTft' c, fs da and toji'
) j per >
rk.Jt TI 'l-I, : Ail "
vi i ii.i- h.
|ier.i- li'inii cL : :lii 'iiu- t ; : ; \ .t. .: t:;t i-nitaut .uia lr,:T..1-
Mosr.< O1iCiI.)1. Cer! : *v.-' "f' v.-v.i> t.r'lif N {Jflsfldn. ischurii?
; i're.i--nek L. :Mm, late <.f f .lackf-on J ui imtv.: "3T. S. IIis\sjaS Sais'. 13. I b \ Vl ,L pY.. Air--!.*. ; yr itr'i -
fl0'.' d. .e ;V itjwi[ z Arfi'Ie of the II.- '-tinns of the
: .DC; i.-ijjri'd !14) tl-
i- ; duly
j.rc.----nl -,111", ,
\ iEfl'! t | : r ., ( .
FrmkEasiJVIaru ; ; n- f> ;j. ;.. .u.(] fj-j.-, J.. '
au'ii ;;e..oj witlin. the time! .r--ctih'-fJ 14 1- '" VY ..*, "e' re4py, i \ ; ;-V Chamb-T of Cemnitrce, will! be
; FrcdHrics, I L\ EQI FVY. r I lir.nvef v.-ii! he i-i-aJ j vs I .rm-ir i I reeM> > d! i." r i.\iirl of i r.ii.lJinMiviiv.. tu ire: di- r-j t : :. ; :""t4 fl' j.1 : : X"K- | .-.{ ; i-rv .ijir.t-red tf> :-
v Vtii \.i I r ii '. "' "'*' ""' ii:> '" 'V'iie" to.micwMtc rr--! : a i t'lVffr tf r.r-.vel I IMbr-ok. vs. Jt.'m' \\'.
vs. 1 : ion lor Divorce.Daniel P "ii-; ; : i "C'
M. A. -lit ,.'.. .. .-.. !..''! -! !:J th" 'ibpfiribr.i'i : Kviii'ti 1 1-iVi- !ic it'd 11,1-1:1: u,, n ....... .. L. ti ). >' > .. I .s. rifftj f t"roftnn shall be allowed three
IU.ei1'fl1Ii. ; j.-'" i .i il._ ''e- i,.,' Jr ujfl. 'Lt ir V.. '.,f. f .'.', 'I j P s ft > j'jeir eotfon t-> remain .n i ilip wharf and
SMs A. MLVJAdm'.x.. j.erly. In v--it : all of t'\o cfil.tin: ; !Kts nj Hi 1 i'if { > n. j .. ,
reading the! for n; 'c I azi: M ; I-; ;, .i' s *!,- < ->v ot f A.'i'l t.'hi I'i -i If. vi- f ; -.r ; ,r.; two rj..y,. .vithf'Tt iutrrrin
n ! OX :IM, i' 11.
oi vp'sl f\\ ici.Ihei'ii! purls of four l'>f-: j jI i'i < -i\\ '
pearin* that Danir] M. A. -iezilorf < : ,' ->'_ I ., in IVure'-r; :*- -, *-i ir -h :, j v !..>!-. -. !taft1'r ..iffif.cri- a !liv the wharfinger

fides bcyouJ: the limU.or ft.* Frrit vy-It i.s "JV"T; > 1'U"F,- \il 'ers-'iH havin. c.1'lims :iifnin-t I ci-\ kl'\Vs i(1} 'J ur n I'-- U'lt.i'-;". ;.:.. '-'. ;>ry ::ii* : tl fi -":.... > r { r y ,..",....- if r ; r< r.'rf! n !i"uer_time, they -haU,

Ordered! that a hearing l lie hil l lfi r.' mo n th J.1 'i ii i- ; .\YilliaiiiS: l.t.of I J i.-ks.n( coUt-.Jy.: i-, : :.- l .is. X-:;. (.I ) i'r.e nail ( !i t f.jt'r, !io* i i"al : n '. i -vi.o. o'jY; r. >-,- J-x.i..i-: 'L -. t i.c-;! :... *-\tra wh} r,':. (* ot t' | cent-* b-ale for
41 ,. d. r'uir--d ; re. \Y :' >! ( t::, : :1} iols Xos. ( | 7)) ; per ,
.' ( : .t.- .r.; t j.t t ihv duiv s\.n i I
facts, as charged ia tu: :fi. .us lhsecond! ; ; pre- ; -me r -'iM: 'i: -*, I Ho--1 1 i'nr.silur.; c-. { rniv rv. ntv-ttr houi-j ihat it remains therraftt
hi.-cl'i thc at'ih.tic.it.d uilhiii I lhtime) I 1 hv lvr tiui(! i : ) e1:1 L.L! I i" iv iear ': s-tsihii. : .. .' .. .
JVIondavuf ALiroh l i \ ul pr'-seriii-d .
A.-ui. in ,
:t : ':.-i ; .: ; tt.t.i Je bv ire. 5.t --.r> propipThitii /, \V. S ti am! Inn her slurll; not bo- allowed to :
I h" this rn.fice will! be in b.ir of jo.rv.; .|' cisvo.tini\ i.niit-h1.. <*-i i'i mu. rt > ;'rfir. i l
County of Franklin, and tint t! .ultr i pul- pl.-.d: their recover' < : 't *j l'i: { pj-rd. Ap'-lic i liens'v l! refvivf i'ri- i n-:1:,'! ?> orr tssn! tvvTitv.J'nr Iifur-* without in-

lislied in one of the jmbhc ncv. *.>jiiers iiiti'i* Ail'.ief.si.ns-ii l.lt} 'i hud to s-iid eslatj are s.uil riv: -.II .j. c: r inu.c"! : Ifiuiit ran.ce.bt l;: d! : 'te ::1.l -i-.fi! U lit he 1/JJice; of :tise:; i.t-ry! ;'f fprrM / .ei *.\trt wl nf?, fir twcntv-fmr hours

Territory, for the ?u.ice of three 3o.! '.!))5 b.'irc\ re j-.i"s!. .1 I. .ii.ike j mined j ie seltl.inent.THO 'i c iil'i' < .! fi -,. i f i > l-'Mr i"i'l i TV ut. jon .v r l lfr. vi. l U <:;< "s -.r.-{ .-, VY f. r :. rf -tiixkY [ tl-.r-; M.I' -
-". :M. \Vlii IF. the e.ist; s't" I it't'1''l: -? \ -'n : n.l a hIs t feet "
the time aibres id. Ad.n.: :' istr ior.M. : .i.t'N.: \x :'tl ;! ; t'i.! ..
S. W. CAHMAl'K: ri.uun.. Ja.i. I''th. I Js !. i..n.-2 in: cf h''J: .\< <. thri-r :i, 'I 1 i.cldit :: ,:t il.r; w.i s-.(!, ,-I-i } i ,. J-r I 1-* ISM. ; t F"s lm t. .". pre ctitril XtriM.CSTOXE.monthly: for; c' lbcti. -

Jud e Ajuilacliic' Id District.HAXVKIN tnf"i F 'r co-.fijiM-u-; lh" lille'-'! l--ct in: io'i.s .

-*, Solicitor.Apalachiool.i \" < JTiCK.Six weeks aHt-r d.ste; I slrsll apph I !<-4t. -and i >' \ t'' < n. His.kinf alhiJlier, twei.tv- ?flaru< Ss vssruiiro Ar rsisv. t tr ._-_\ : 1 M-.I' D. e._ J i-n. ___ __ _tf:____

\ ti. !M'lnf.rcM.! Ju Xov. -J7, 1 i'\\ tiins = \ i r\ \ I'ff rtii; \L LVS; if\x'F. | I-. 'zI4uis,
Franklin: e miffor letters -'liniiiistration, hiii.ea < 'O! ri-ercu street IM o-ie h> !'" CJ.( f '. vrTt
( p :r{ .f j th.- it. ,f'S having dtily { n-MAKKu. i'4iu.n'.uLY OF MiUILE.
Fz'azi8ia >?irl. -1 t'i t sf? ,1. ol M AJIY A. SCU'I'! late of saideei f-in-1--i-i' llu of-vitl -libr'-int. "
: cu\ ( v-f d Iv :: '
p-ri onjt ; ; ; : -n'--nbf r ter Aj--i.t. t'e? i.! .!>! :j- | ":>. I H.XS'IeN-rmiiiftl t< u-stnh! i hir1-
John Il.v-.ks: .1 V. s' -:- 'd l i K.: J. WOOD.A t'r( ; |i. ;JH ;, ,d :.'ti'rul.r JlH- ilr; !-.r-!.., itfS, a: ._- r spt'citiuv! s--'inutd)! tii.-t Ii i-J i r-p.ired: ro \ .--"*'> : ,-*/ s. If p"i-'fi.ir.-entlv j in tfris lif

vs. :j i'L| :-1-! .i.i.! J.Il.i I7fh, I I H. j..v.' .> < i.w lt..1.2: : -j ;si.'i I ap| .MI ti-ti.irc< s therein hi i luri inir, rwt-t\ ,' -,' .f. ,i'i'i. fur I jrtsuntMtv ..ihssf Mivcrrisiv.s. : I relL'cttiliv ivIirj1. the city ur<

Benjamin W. W i'C--'MX] ] : J5Vk- .tT--! (hie I will tj.l; | \:> ;.s tl:<' 'tI.I{\ ,(' li, > ) ul Jno. W. Hiinlili.! and <;! la.-* )-ice < -\ ( r D < i UatM-x's sS"re.ilMXKY I t! : eifi7.tv.s o .T5t1z.j.I ,j a'id tLc tStroroSZ

John 11. V.'ats'' cxc'u- J Jor turuabl" to IX- \ --.I < '.v :-t' I'e- !l'! f. .r s.h- :.* pisldit': "it.TV U'iC'-fJX. up-cotin-
tithe Homr.i'.K--- .Jud :.' of the Countv; : t .f Arent.prheai. try L. ner. ly. Heilitters !..imIf that -ath. rough

% < ? of the hit Will ad cciabpiTerm, I'IIT! f-r the cou.ity; of Franklin, for letff rs ofAdiji'trt'i'in irt'! < th"i. "ir! I H'.sr! il-M-r inlhecilof 1 .\p-ili-: __.\ .- .h.I.n.; 1st, iMI. -"> Ira 'u;:<;t pr."fc.il: k b.ovileti f of hi> bu-iu .s. Cor'tI -

Testament of James C. o'i the estate ofm' r; litterai. -. c'n t-J i. :t{ J I M'COC! !L<: ;i. i'l.) o-'I the, first M'>!,'!,;'. bitt. } v .ih .t d--irt- Jo dfst-rve and obtain the
Watson, 'ceiseil.: i iii; :' i .rt !. i to t the! iu/n.-' !b j.'L' .3.! Ski1'i'4 52r.TBl & *JO. "
.-? < i. j,!i'j J fr l"ttrs \diiiinistr.ition; debonis : :nt :\ : f.-r ea-h.; }o cor ;. t'-- of r! e t nrtlic. will Turn
( The defendants and ail ethor' ttercsted nr< I nou"on l! ee-tat1 of J'thn! 1 Lo.-ke, dec'-'isr-d. I s ilirsU :;i! Ii.. 't! J ,_r \yo. !-"> \\r.t.-r sfu-tl and oiu door Haf the lit r.is ir'iilfrtakintr.[ Sbo tairs* sucecs-r
> n 15.it/. U'iJ'n'.flirjirs.
y notified of the ifl4itUtt.J1 of the ab ,ve smf, .i < Po t l j'l.ee. ( 'iio-tmii ; ; in ,
; :< TRT; : MYF.II : M..r.iiii.. > .n street-r-lter for ale '!
UAI'llAKL I J.j :Mi SiS.I : : ; Hntranc-nc\t: diort the Psvt Oth'ce.
ICY arc reijuired to appear and plead accord-: f t \o ii .-. .. .. a I .: '.: t... 'ral I a-sortment of i i\ricy and t.tple
.f -
\paia-l i *. la, Jinuirv I I. 1N.TOTIC'tl I 1. : : i .i. 1 i7li.! u I- ; !u. inJJ; u lm % i.;. tcrf.i II. T. ( tREi. KApth ..
laA.HltOCKKNUKorGir. !)rCr.. ,, [>-. f. fsCaps, Honnett-s: I fflt.s.Shoes} ,,

x HAWKI\ % ( lXeiks rflter date sMll! aplJ. > IX an; various .n-ficl.s! consistinij i i.i [part ofi'i.i 'Jiicola.Sepf lv;. l I.. j.-J. S-'J tf

I i ,-. I 11 I .1 H :{fi: AttyMor ITtf.TorriJorv : l io the) Honor title the Jud.. e i s1. the ju.-ilv I !: and: blue loths, etilnere; and vestPtfj, I 4. .1.a i "4iiy,

cif* of Franklin, county, 1 li-r letters of Adrninist:1n -' ; ,>. f ....> i : 1)tTI'V .Texf-s. (AT TI! OLD STAND JVOIJ
t o! F2 :>ri<1s.JACKSUX 3:3 ShiS'. W. 555s r? 'tf'nr FOGLKTAKF )
:i on rile estate ofmo.'V Kopjrlate of :?.! *! ; '!tf.v: t Mel."Hits, t'l.us-iris: : : ami Alpacc.'S.Hi .
SI'I'EUIOK I'vM'Ui'. f'njti'ti'"irf>iu't>i / /%'/ >' /*/ r/cri'fti : CC'I.tI-. fiIEIiA.
s.v.i ( .IF.tv deceased. M fu'ii Md.--ipM i/r.-s- >ils! ,
:'i \M': !I.L C.\'X-aJ' Wushi.i'ctcn > thi- method uf infonni -
: 4rvi:
) :: county.J : '
.. J. W. HAMMOXIXA ) ri't. ': e.: tl I nch} 1i /: ( s.t'tii.\: i;> the
public, that he h.
and S"l li JiU-i :; instretnrntd
Atracl.ni' .tncl
.! s > inv ; petnii-'i; \ -
j ichi.v.l.u J'jii.; 1st, l i ij.I j.,1, I ;',!i1rtt prainjf fri:: M-.th.--ter-Sv. J:* Ilald'wtii C.KI' f Mu .'.. ami c.-rlmcati Xt-w York, with anew
; >'r < < > r'o ; as n I'anknpit. -
K:..!>; ',; !l':! Meri'io! knit >>d\ j-iM ul'u .Jiatvl. a.t; splcddrd
4 d.ie.iiUttt<> a.id ii of'n-vi inlerestcd will ) i'lCJ-: Simo'iths alter dite I sbalT nppi I it 1 i': rd 'r.'d; } I hit caine: ii" loun bef-rrttlu-! asrfrrttnt of
> :r i"i-! !.' i ? I H< I uie: ami, i; 'iev iil\ do..lacko'wtF J i: Y
L tjke not,. that Hiri Nour will he eMva- _..N to ( he Jivl eoi'tb" (C-oUMiy C.tiirl for Franklin ( 'i'rrt. f elI the ;iii'4 t .Monday ;n 'fI vFlIiV, I Is' I ;..tI" } K L i II Y .

ned in bt-hali or nlaiati!;; m ihn ,-i .- ,t \ ih.chicola I c tnit1' .I letterof dstni: { 'Lf.':. !-, .' "T i r l'"ik'taii'l: Nirst- w :itti m it f beautiful
on (1:1}: v oj- Xnvcnbricxl.; ; liU'ii -tration of tli.j e-tati; of M :rtin Snuler, late ac.u.i, v.-hv Samuel firmer shall not rcc-civ'e hi.sdis.iar"e p Kreastpiiismore- them
I I.- Liti'-'i: and e-itte-i lonici-ufj shei'tic.jf! S -mt' { \MOXDSof: the
YOUXf; first
*c TAYl/j'l! Att> for PI IK of said ':-Uitv! deceased. I : : and <*erlificale I ;:s :a s bankrupt : and (th..* water.hl and
r r-Lr'i: ::::'! Dome-tie i"ri'::<. irre.t v..riey. Sl.r; V'ml.Ie<, Gold and ;
Marhtina! ; Oct. 1. js *3. otinoJittkson 1)eJ.j: I TJ.: K. F. NOl *1 J >H::, Fx'r.7 : lii.tice ii.en |" 'i' published Ill some \ \idIi\} {} ivwapaper. : Silver Pencils, Gold;
ri I. iJ.:J. 7-- -I-1 g b'vvnurti! i.rs.aid and Silver
: ?.le&ings. : SpetacK-s, Gobi; (iuard
f puhi-hod! in said (district fnr and duri'v Fob
SMatilda )( \ < )'n'iv stv mtm! :-1! T d lie, 1 shall ajflN d- >. tl ;i.-u'achi'd do (JO. C.Miins.cilvrr Spoons, Plated. Cast
th" t.i ri.il i f f .:.-verity dsys !before the s.id rs. Mantle
L. I'inkard. ) plv 1.) itti'! I lj"i on' >le th i Jud/eof 1 the ( omtfor iu'isrini': ( .\ c'- >\ J-'s-te.;) : day o.1 L' r.\vlL M i.'h. :tf fer and other c 1 tte.n snuliisr s, CUK ks. il..e Knives, &c. ..Vc., winch he will sell

% ii vorce.'tfl t1 coirjty! <nllinrYoolUn low l'"l* I'-'Sh.

H. rinkani. ) fioi the *stat j of Ali-\ander Crook, late of \nXfIH( &, TAYI.UK( \ :':at 'tttoi: h sery: } LI.L .irwKi.ro COr.fl\vyrczus*
Marimna,, Oct.J I I h 1.! l'. Attv's t fr I 1'it. AS CHEAP AS
defendant will take nnlicx* tba said countv, ileceased. < ; i. mix hair-bnishe-s}
uhf: .ltl |?'M : n-s.s. I. Pgcrap.-at'n t.n. '.. ..&a ves. < fancy b' j. third Monday in X .'.'Mi'n-r i-.vt the pit;. ;} s. !li. I HAUT I HOKNT:, V'PbWfle..w -w l ::. VP<, .". t.", ro.stc.. etc.Florc'i'r AH *: r.ds \Yatches! and Clocks repaired and

ill !proceed to take ihe dp.-M'SitiO'is af Shephrir :;'i. 1.i.i. .i:; t' Jrosa Sii So ;iij.I '..?:] 1, brilliant! ;.Td other Bonnets: vv.iriMiti.il to perform wtll.X. ,

$lone( at the Court llouso in I he to\va r.f Mdrian- Y-t' have I this da received in the Russia: i P ',j1-jl" and :U.hcr! Huts, r). jVr.sons re idimr
___ Jail > ill
\J I ') i'l ll.: Siv jn '!iths!} .il'd-r date I I : ; c.l Apalachicola, or
at whicli] time and pi.tec the. sad defendant s'lallauj-ly An :iSSit ; -t of i'oi.ts t.d Shoes. dec! al'-.4 t'i' river
a, 4. 1 'o ih.Jndjro tj f tL.| Countv? (J'ourt lor Frai-k- 't I 'rii'l.hn i : cou.ity; < \\ oernes, committed( : t"Z' ui attend if he fit to do s.
/ see- lii :.4 nmawav slave*, nv\vi iiitr 1 jj.t. f fi.uvi"il7 | | .lev. tlrrepaired.. hainir
c.iu'v' an oppertunity to send
1'i-r It flfis of Disinis-ion tb! -
: jrom ( -_
: rrtsi, ASSrzi & Co.
A. II.I WJ>H I Atfy f-ir rTlf. _
; le- Tii'ti'-n "ne) his __ t them! ] \ tinisj
11. ; : < i\s name is \MI-N. ; uort by hand; <, during: the boating
) Jh, '
.tiie oj ibrt iiubin-on
Oct. .r I lTJ.:: olJ-hn f < i TVi 'e! l..d: and fer sale :
,Iirianni, >, 1'tti- !' Mid couniv. ie"II JL.i.. x "tf.ai.d ic-.r Dlaclnit'us! Tools sia
I 1 ii.-: !,, si., | \v jks! er"-i and !bl-\ !.. iron ; ; aI r. r-'tK-d v itli nearly the
vve.-.rs .1 :: { same !
Jacksosi SIIp.9.i()&' Court. I II.I i :. STOXi i:, AdiiV.N'i'TlClI : ( ', LI MC'b' Kli-ler :md i 1.t -1t'l ; despatch! as
l _, .. The (.11- .1 M! ICK, iiiccd i ..iimif; 'J."> years; s\-: ; hi, I ;!lS4 uih hiesi ihlishment! were in Apalachicola.}
jtfcca bteven<, J L IIIII < 11. i: :Iv.-tli.v tVk in i'? to 12i) j'iiila ;
vs. > HiH 1JT iivri. naini\VLL1! \.M, ab< nt :> feef inch s hi/l- I HOI.-{! *V-: '. \vUi-lesjile! ; *!n.: r< l;' ti ; ___.Cjj::i! !it! ii. i i'> n. n > tf

iittiti G. Steven*, 'Hinuhlh* alter date i hall apply thicke -, tiu'cl; I-; stu'ips} ;t liMl- \valkmir) V.ii..i-H :.nl Cut >i'ikcs ; X j / !, .lu l'c, Coui'tof .. : 2 SIF1I1C1S,
cf the
) and '
< ,
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Coiiutjv l wears :) i ) Sad ;iie roes b.idith; then >rt-" Aii'hri'iil'i'-,-- iron.-* :
I11IE I 1 .lefi-ndatit; will t.iko ju'tirc' liat on hoiir Fn.kliii.-ouiit\: f;,r K-tl.-rs I ''f I Dlsniiaiion: 1 from \\i in t.'ke'i! *'u; a jiper; purpottin! :; l 1ff IIP a J l'f.ill.rm: Sett.! I Kc.an.; ami F.ailances! ; .i -i'l.KND.D: collection of Shett Music, eon-
Mind.iv in p.s \
Xov.-mbor *ie\t, th plai Ihe tsKte of\ViUs; Yon. dece.iMHl.A. : signed S-i.ihf Mi'Citmis, and sited! I It J.iiiuru' Tin \\"ai"f t .dl!! Kiu'Is. \viioI.--al-' \ rrstil.Ah" .5E- sibtii;: :; ol "OI15, Marches, Quick Steps, &C.
ill proceed 1 Jo takt'n ; d.-p l siti''if J.uuH.. < J. ;> ."...'.. il--4 .ri unr ''f Tlanlw.ire. tor the i'iano I Forte, including! Illssr1'5 celebrated
:SMITH: I 1 Administrator.i I Is. s The'. :M\ their master I lives j j in !Haker; county -
arker and U'altor .1. lluiiai :;, \\-l:< \ >< I) ; i-. -fidi ( i i.'' pr'p-in-d afe-ivl sonirsAls Guitar Music 1
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I ( ( Xov II Thy t ; 0 in :mv >nlrrsIT >>, !i arid instruction books
$ _..___..___ .__._.____ i;;. ill( ] (;iiu ( ;Ja. An\ p'-rsoii ( claunini .s.iid negroesvil
i/ Ia\U.
j Thed.i ioHi, ijS ?( JaMcs; II. i'ark T ________ / iron or -.i ( 't-tinvs. lil-if-k.-iiiirluh Tm. ft 'r Yi- It. Flute, Clarionett, .e.

1 Walter J. IJ bnisnn will be taken at tl IM-: of l>uriix r.Y and pl"a-e la'ne ccne:th. loj'uard.r-i aw-/l IlutVC prop.C. -iHlfl'.MJlJ.rl%. !p'iv clnr's. S f.r; or S-n'i I ir ',i vv.4, or Tm, mi'l ( '"tver \K". "v'ioli'is, Guitar-J; Flutes, Yiolin and Gui

iirt House? in Marnnna ; tbox< tf j JCliis iJavisKli.a F11 : !. ,-. ) : : I l 'ii'iin: : on r- i >n tide ttlli.! .-&ikl ly t.r.tri Cliriont-it
l .:- -..-:- i. r. t-.N.re t'Xi-tiIsL Ill '.HI s., i I'I i lU-.ipf St'flrnt.Iil! (r.Tl'OMXS iir-5. : reeds. Tunini; forks PianoForte
Davis at the lio' .-ot St< phi :i .1 Js (-he lic \ |j.l tin,-.la: Ji-.iti: iit( hel\\een W.i. 11.Ki.MiKoi 1. : -\Ar.FiTMMl-H 1 lc iJWIIIfiXOX 1 ; ; th\i. kt-\s, Yiolm !>o\vs, bow IlIr: bridges, &<".

IVasliin ton county. Th. d.-li-Jid-Hiit may ;:t- (')( ) (.u x G'-tm: : i. s.; HAWKI.\S is oc>i :cn V ju t re.--ive.l pr bri'4 C> n* suro. Iron ilo>. .\l>c. \ cnclor" M-lliiii; Chick* rinsr Co'a
:1! and crosd-examine said witms*", if ho sees tliiN t\\ sv di ..hcd CLAl.'K h.AiH- Veim.uilt" r.in: 1 F.-rfcs.
>> by n.ntnul: coii.--ii.: Kich lnii a fiv-h siij/, 1} oflit-.d. Yd\t e Xolions, U. ELLIS,

4 nio *>. A. H. ini:, L iTirstiv.. ly will o-itinu-l I. prirlici-: tit.' une coints par;as : I the Store formerly oecupi< d !>\ ..Io4 cVc., i..c,, e' !. .i(Si iiiu' of a h t i t f Pick* l I-. Caper.,, dec l .''. Water stSfi -

arianna, Oct. .r, 1 HS'l.:: ol l j- irn hert',fre.V.. 1 i:5. refers ili'c] H.-IXMIIS! wi.shjn ** .'-r'i Sehr.di, n-sjMv: fully inf.,ini;< llu- (OliveC.f) ; -'!;>s Sit'-c:. .'cc. A first niulity ofIJot'.n t ti -

J'FabIkJiil 4upeiior to .-Jjpl..y! hi 'n to e'01. I Hawkins, for an\ iinn )- 'i. fi'V""i: > of Apilaehin.la.: ;nd 111* UM- i liisp. MOJI clear Pork ; "* :' ]> ir"I Ii-

>zIv... Sprowl, i JX CHAXCKIJYvs. diate ;:idvic or assistance: .a cessary; ia his :.h- eoimlrii..t u t ;I'e \vili attend to) t the above( bi incssil ..i! > K\s": : ; I L, ::s >ns ; .')' )Ui I!)> I Ut qu.ility Ii4s ; \\:\ i hate: i'n consignment t : and( for *'le very
ivi I bi'i'ti'i, FnMH'h ill > I l'-vv. a ,;niiuiv >t ST.\f f'LI. GOODS; consisfjriir -
> sence.A ; is -s % c >!\in IJmii.? tnade Shell\! ; ; 'I. .tii> ; Cigars ; drapes ;

ford Sproxvl. } Iill! fur Jjv4lCo. ] ;'l-'hi >r>b, Her I 1:2, i si r.i: fii to ord! ( < r. 1 1.1 ill'.l! jo t on hand a snpph of icnchrii'er I l'Hil' )f j!t4 i *ofecti': ; nar.. ; !.> I b! ls Crinbornc.-j of j 'rr: >ts of every description, Cotton Os-

>j Pen ig to tlie snti f.irtji.i; of I the ( 'curt, k's.I ( Mot yid Sho.new and li- iioiiac! ", f b.vs [ tri.'l.t' ; I III I I d" Cosyh Caiuh ; &c.c.nalmtu's. ShtrtfnL-s! Sluvtinirs Glasiroxv Janes,

t Crawford Sprowl -aidcs; !beyond the I I liiiiits I i t HYF. on !ir.i'id: a i.iitotI i su PV! orSiddlo! > style, \\liic': will be si ti'I .is low for fasi; us many I case: MoioCM Slipperslstv [ ; on. which Xe\\ York Vt ill be .sold low fer .1 bare commission -
!I < \ r], IK-MS.- in!I theejly. oet.Js.. \ let "of (.'I ithinj cost.
Territory of l"lJrjId--I It t i therefore ( )iris- dl<.< 'cr. T variou-s kindd of 1 1ie lusti" ;t : ;, consistiur; cf (iv.rcoat.suis -*, CO.

!jat publication! [tc made for three xxitnil h jjy, ',\iich! I vviIls.Jl I I I ;it i iv.. r rates( t bun: I I b \ ,d-] \ j : \ \f)
Irig tne defendant, Crawford Sprowl, to ap- were s. .Id i f> r bcl-iiv in this, pi) t<-,-.. (\&l1[ and i t j !')s KM: i :a UH.ile. I.rid. under SIIt t' so 'k-. ."vc.: cc. __ .jmt"li > -:

at a Court to be hi-ld i in Apah: 'hirola on i I the I tlici.iit; 1 1JVati r '..l ii'. t np st.tirj.d.ru I : ) ) :N .. 1 \v'nt.: Le.id LiiiM- Oil ] "Ui SALi : -'' jCS Kentucky; ; Hafflring ;

JVlondiy in December next slu-.v '_> ..- J cause, if I !M-rF: :'; Hor.AHT.To ( .'V.'l IJoiled, c'tiI .'' Ih' !
there be, why the divorce ( ( ) 1 Oil) m.-f\ :{."> It1'l l< Xcnhern} 1 b.nr
as pravcd for inc ) ltI'.r! ( '.i, Ser1; 1 ') / l il :; 'u ; ( 'u'.IlI'u J'ttt.r ;
Bill, should not be uranl d.SAM'L tlw ( 1v "ZH! J 't's it Oil, ; 10 1usd-; St. Croivu i >r ;

W. CAHMAC1C, r I HI-j ; sub>cnbtr having i'i'l-ted ;: lar e and *\\\ tFtl4',. IInt'. ju oil 'l'nllelltiue, .I Jl.ti :-iit-Llls Java Ct-lli-f.do.Ji !to( tor.s as-s-ortt-d S\vtl Iron ;
) b.u-
Judjnof the Analach'.cola I District- J. .stai.lial. WAI.'Kfryl SK at j'JriiwnV i, (_'hi''iit' ( 'i.' t to. ('( : %r.l I, 1 Ii'or sale low; fur cisli.: hvinnjr [( Ill Iceirs cut >;-rls : F>y

\jl1aC1IiCOl3June_ 2, 1 Kirj.: \\c j j 'imV Jack.son county, Floriili, will re-jei\e and lorward '' ( I,i 'ye e '. !! 1110;), I k i t IIA11P WILLIAM G. POUTERS Co.drl .
: F.K ]lEFa1S.[
all Mrchandi-t Colic t, Xc. <,n tin most 5: rum .V'lthcr '' -II \vaterst"VTAH -

TJTTER5U* and for firkins s bj bvi ( then Unllt-r, just reasonable terms. Prompt alien! ion uill b'-J given 'Uy li.e barrel or gallon iist' received -and J Jsab'by for i! ) E ICF.- I I" e;:ehrV I.'*-Iiit > kecs Swells Iren_Cut Nails

hS ..M. AI (o am' d'oods-; consigned) tit his care. |l. S. \\VLKY, Ieel.idlm 1 Chart! -sj.i :'ol|- .N.i!,' [iya 1 'i .J tnt reeeiveil u.td iVr lc b>
lcrs1. Oct. : i\ :
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