11- C fI' SS, 10N 1\1E\ f.,'h.... 1`ANTS.
N' .... :;*' V_ tt r stf 1:e ', 1
A i.iL'.;-! ic.,.l,-i "-
W ' iAx "'tt- i fZ.IE, ,
0 -* FMB S'SoJr & (!-o.
C6 M M I S S~t _-J \ vN D Fl-", <;RV/\R DI N(,
+ ME!';'C H NTS, "'
* .. .....*, l. \o:. 44 .1 \ il:[,_"-sil:ie>t.
, '_+_. V2 t^~ y. r'. *.i+ -,. A|-,.,acliiccola, Fila.

5:,- uILS, GLA '.--.:, &c. ,c ;' -
[ ': + .N,j. 27 water r =,iee-t,
?....A p aL ..!\i.- .,.l.. 'll,-,vt i l^

J. 'W. Woodlad A-& Co.
C Q0 : M I'S S 1 0 N ME 1 C H A N T
*; -N'o. 18 Co:f, rli>:r'e s.t'eet,
b '- 5 %w*\ Orl-ie ii., na. tuovl 1\

Tliomas BSerivanks,
C01\M! S: S10N M E R 11AN71,
S: .' a,,. N 54 CoCn, ..ii L ,, >t et.
2"EWORLEANS. n nl ]v
& R*a iel ", a
... Dealers in" -.
:A general assortment of Pruit, Vegetables, c.,
.No. 33 Water street.
Apalachicola, Fla.
4- Goods sold on Commission. nl ly
", P.'fSobmrt.,
Up Stairs, No. 42, VWater Street,
dec14 ly Apalachicola.
S.- B. amilton,
No. 47 Water street, -
-dect ly '.palachicola, Fla.

N. Miller & Co. '-*
HATS, &,c.

.PACKET SHIPg..--The New York Conij rcial.
A dive'i-c.wr ssys :--:,11 T Iie :'eutt o oftha eve.lines
of' p "cket slips, saflirig betweeri this City and
Liy.erTpoxl. hardntered inao rm arrangedfimet, by
winl-ch a ship+ 1! be despardhed evel._ *tive.xlavs
fi'vrm this port to Liverpool, and vice .-versa.. Tile
d -ys ,-,:t'ailinf fr',.n thias [ort will be the J 6l^ th,
Ili,,, 1,tI h, ir, tnd lt,,h, ,,I evory mno tlk .' *The
price oit'pasuee under the new arrangement/\vi*
.le .I(l1_ l'.;Hi New\ York to Liverpook! frot'wrc iv-
poou to N x York,;J5. 2^.^^', .. ". L-,
: : :-.. ^ S'+ +: ".1 )-, ".+
NrEv SPEcIErS OF CoTro.N.-A very bautifufi
speci,-et, of cut ,:1t1,r, raised in in-lds county, hai
leei Auwc,\vr the editors, oltthe Ravcincl" -"Ta tmier-
The bolls are very. -ar,_. and conRunffive iivis-




S....: U SU R Y :.
TV allr mie, of liberal uml,.rtan'iiiigs. -nd -ener-
oU.s heait--t, every sincere inquirer after" ifie'
m,..Pi 0 of %rv.nfing.=those ',-c :.Ie !!ji-r r,_v D l.-ioii4
*.vh, _h-A z4 r'. ,'i, '.i, %4, 1 ov;-W.:r hi. i oQur-,:c tizii:.s by
t,,uu1-0ip ,.-. ,, _:-_,,, iher-^. ,::yo ,:L h>: licr ,..ofrescue
,.ind dboLi;tiLI ^h J9 (.v 1oi0;!:kf, ",.'i,,'i' and life-
1,,:,; d~tLt1ittuII-Pt,, ;all sinice-re--inquirers t laterr tr,
- means of 1i~vro.IIing the condition of iiiankind, a,-Id
'allevia, i~ i e !V- wIeo % to i-.Ih tiv:. arc o\-;",n i|'--et.
To all v,'o d'.+hLy rc'-.ird thi weiglir of M[oral and'-
:".:,,. 1, evil '.;vi'llich 'I cOI,,.,it.uty e.v.p,>--r, nced f'i-cin
1 ,,2"~ f 1 :5 d ~ t l l P 5 L. tE l i P .t( 4 1 l 1 ,2 i l .t .. ,
<',,[.-tri,_.-t;.:.n or I'l,.h'^.rv--to all[ wh.:, h,-,d- that thl,--
pI.r ,.I:,_Jt and arltifitl A\Voi-ler ou1. hlt to be b,-Ond
thlu. fearof-want., whether-" of' eimpl.-yment, or (A
+bread, and enab le.:! Io r,-ar anrl educare hiI, chIIldra
iin c.inoit .tilp. .ic.- I- all \\l,_ do iol drn ad I
thl'i.,gIit ia.:rely b,;.e".i;,?, it is n:,vet, iiorilty-frorn a
Il..i ot ale-viatog lI-m..it illk, for the simple reason
IIar it h itnltul._,ohg':) I:,,_been ado,:,tec--to tlio., arid
:v!y l~w^-ll-x ... *,' *.,t Hu mar, it\,, the follow iiis-e a'"
h dedi.-,:r t \ by the \vrit,..r. W holly ru,mau.s4-d, as It..
1. ; o 10 t..,hi.r-hipip or legislation, lae is co d.-fid i! ti[at
o, e,.-rii..'.-t niind cian give lieed to ) he.-fucts h h.as
,-,,bodie i, tt-:se p;,t.[.- vv'ithout i1terpK( r. r1'r ec-
Iln, aIld It ledri poa.rtiul as.sent. Hax,,g.no hIo|.,e
-:or thiinl,- (i of r,_.c'h ary or ,st!tr 'p rsona-l adC\un-
tage, Ie I, ks o,:, r thi.,rn a patieilt, tlio'u hitt'ul p,'ru.-al
to be h oll,,l by suchi action theieupo|o +s tlhe
(i".i l i~l,_ey CO' .ira ".-h ll i di at,:, and re-quire.
4 Respectfully,, ;. -T1IE AUTHoPR.

j n- I

- --- --- ~,, r






C o M M 1 SS o I N M E1r-5 It .A NTS, ;
._,. -i-i \\\oter street,
is, v l _+f~Ahl ;:lhicl,, Florid: .


... ... ..CIAI BDUERTIST1E ,


Office third stury' Baltzell's Buildin._s, crner of
S- .-----._ -. .. ----^Comnmei'e.
Advertise I-ents of ten lines or less (tweity lines
or rht ;i, proportion.,) conspicuously iisorted
at t0-A.n\V'litih rates:
OqP yWr' i'....... 10 00. Pi Ce -month,..... .,50
Six mnth4_ 7... 1i'-7 0 Three weeks...... -y; -
Three months,..,-.5 jOWTwo week,......; X 50
Two ,,, ,. .....t.4 0 I One insertion,..... 1 '00)
S henad" are sent without .,ivY spe-
cial dutecit&,. 4a*,thc1 number I, ht'cj ,js
required, it +,itl be tufiderstood thot tlhe'-v ar' t,-k
be published UNTIL FORiBIID; they will there-
f,,'e b,? co:,tiliued at on disc,'Lti,:,r,, and clur.'ed
accordita' to the lI_,rc!-iir- l'crtes.
Legal A-d\ertilsemuents 4, wh%\ h the terr rif;-,ul-
li,-ation is fixed by la\\', will ,,ly be u:..C.,-pted
from the above rule. "
To tlic'se wvho., advertise' by ilm year a liberal dis-
"court will b.eadc-. Lb'ir- all advertisements int
/' gtrletly pel'taitiJ', to their" own butine-_;! ,ii
v.t'll'a; all legal O.vert itiemnents se.it in byfT~ieIi,
will be char',ed at the usu-11 rates.
All annxicercients 0o canditate. for ,ttice, will
be charged"'tivE (,MLA.RS during tile canvass,
.pavable in all cases in advance.
All C-Ai',_,,nunit 10ati 1ns. twhten adrnisible,,) Of a
personal ot individual nature, or _,iKS) of n10W
inventions, .-oods, c.,\.will be charged fo1', as
t afdv ertise'm nt-a, atvonr-d-iscretioI-.
+ -C+AR:DS

.l -,-:,liitc'!l!.'-Ie! [A.'.O' U years,
b "." '. N o .** .S \ V a te s i r .e e t ,
S, Ddsj EDNEI:DAY:Y afi4 SATUftnnA.YS.

':SEw'..nD DILL. ; A. F. PAL.:tLzR.
S : :' Seward Dill &: C'o,
." N-o. "-29 W -\r-ter street. .
s,.,.,* -.', Liberal advances, upade ort all con,.in'..m fits.,
and bLiinuesS ezi riln .t.ed t,., th,.-m w i I' be
"'' Jie,"s to-LANE &-RE.D, Boston.
,C.knRy COOK, Portland, Me.
;-, ". : *S. C..,'i, ~ rTI.TRI,' IilhllWetl.
A palact_,ic,.l A LIV. 213. 11
-Jas. L. Fraticis,.
J. 60. *,-3t3i Bowery, e/."r Riviigo/u ,l "
F -*,;.* .- NEW YORK. -nio'l ly
S ... ""/' .'.," Ap[ailachicola, *F10. l
*. Alav alwati' bt forind ,4'the-office ot Farri,-r ,-.
Co. No. 44 W:ater st. He would respectfully so ..
lic it, th e p .tr,_,o na 't,..l' t-rn ,.-- tc ,ta m -
;,. -+,t,. lanceS delecJ'-
-\ ::-;: *:- .- -* ] F inch. '
W :,1 "ILL return, t .-.lk-pala,'chi>-.ola about the GOt'`.
" + V-/ Hit ., dild lI'&unie the practice of Iit' h i Jo.e;
+ -'. iiotA.. He rv-t;Ulk hipt thilrlks to: the public 1o,61 tlr,,
-o- .; rVe libm ri' l.'ou!'agen ie t he hl.: i eret, klict:c re-
e' 1. C+-,,."-11. h,.,,,,,i, t lreC.mve aI contitutanee ot' lhieir_
,.: : / "* "- ]r.t i. ,ii.t-.e.. .. .... ... lI,,,,._
," '; f+ .: L, ! .,. raril,, k_ ;,.
"''r^ A7['T(Tf-'KNEY CO UIN.ELLOR AT LA.'",
TV ILL for Ill--.' 'i.iur',;- res-ide in t]ls~ iVi All
(. ; V w \l'i,) h iv e co i ni n i t t e d l e ,. l b ul~ s i iie s ; o th ,-.
+7 ,: care while a ]o-iient Of Q.iti.-ll, pl,."-. ,iJ-
d ies hii at tii place. H e \- till _',qrli'.i,^ ,w I',ll;]!-
'- r lar anetid im,:- +1.upt.r the 4o0.1rt1- of JEi..it i nd.
+' .' A" Gaddsd-ll i c fuies, aif& the Court of Ap|>alsea'.-t
..:. I' .o eal]l v sse rW. N' ; 2.... .> ..... :.
-. ,:. _.,,0 -np, over W A. W ood's, No. 23 \W'nter'.l-et.
'! 't: '. A r,.d.chieol. Jan. S. 1_s34 .


i' ., .. JLaw Notice.
W. G. M. DAV I S,
- Has returnedto the practice of thle'-L.w. ,He
is prepared to atti.d to b as i nessat the Coi.int
.Clerk's Ofi,-e, AipLki.ilticola...,- : i :-

7: "> Allen ..H, "11fU,419
'r ;' rC'. lMariarnma Florida.", ... :, ,?
'. *- / Will r;rktetie in- the Courts of Franklin, Jacke
.o ': ?ob,' Wa mh-ar, d Washington counties. "
-ouge &' Tayior,
!' *' Marianna, Florida.:' .
0 A NOH. LFR C-., YONGE. JoHN-w-B. lYJ.')R
.;-.. ames i s M %. Walsoe,' :.
,i ^; '" 1... -- -. ... -N "ew Orleans
^ ^ -a T Ward
11 .:-:;, w. : ,.Tallahassee, Florida. :.,-
i .*;,: Havmn'g associated themselves in the practice of
: ^, the La\' unde1 the firm of AV.kRD' & 1WHITE,
w'.11 I atnjnd,,r-ectharly the several Courts )I' the.-
i^ iddl.Id N,,,J .,palachicola Distrfcts; and the Co_ rt
;>i..,,- Appeas at'Talldhassee.
i-.i : : *i "' ^- ,
<-'i ,,, .; ." C a rd .
S+i ." s- w.. ..SPENCEIR has rernoved 'hl.b
,: offce to Bhe.^JtzellBuildings,"eo:,tid f(,,,',
So$r Llhe store oN, Miller & Co,, Entrance ifrom
r _: stn ',htnut. 9treef. _H' residence is on Live OAk
it: fmieorrly f h resideTice of- Charles, ,Rogers,

"y,,=_ t1-nt. Sydiny: rect, . D. '
A.--''O"-;01^^^ tae his oppo'imnitv of' expies-
-" h'g hi- gr.itiit.,de t- his patrons -and to'assure
them that it shtll be his constant endeaVoi to ren-
der himsel'-imdre useful in his prf*,t.--iq;.- .
% ce oretre near "W ,, ,-
*.: si+ .-+pf4i ]. ^ 'e.", e" a .,ersire-t. dec'25
%9 '-,OTTCE-JOHN:LUCAS,; rispector and-iea-
":' :;'-1 surer of meP forlFranklin county-h6pes-
A& Me reit md receive a share of patronage.
'*, ;.; ae 4tf ". : ,

-f "OTIC E,-The Subscriber hav'llih be.n ap-'
4. ,,h ^. Pqirited INSPECTOR OF LI ',BER for the
_-,County.of Pranklin, will be thankful for a share,
**-^'otf the. Public patronage. .. i.



***- ^"i

* + -' : *' -.- *I ::.. + /--.--" tltr r ^ w -

-~~~ ~ ~ :" ^-.e .*..-: ^ n
.'; '..:;^ '- "=

t ~^ : '. "' """ '- .
+' J+ d UM BER .,.;, ',



' Jl

- I

~---~- .~_~_ ~_____ _~~ -.~~~~---~----

LT ].S -r .,:' '- .. ..-3 i .... ..
1211 l i, MC 161 liz &_ VUi IL-. im .-
.M>o. I.+ l' o f < -1 Pinte sh'lM t.
'PHfLAN[TEE, KIP.iIALL, Prolritor.
G [eiuw o o.od & E llis, ....
:;-;A U C T 10N E EP, S>&- (:* 0 M M IS S 10
, "IERCH-A 'T :
' {_"eli~iiiii_:-, -ieOl'- ...1
U'L-wberal advdance.s nide upon Goods cors-i !-
Or't tlsi |.-ii A t. -"

rdebte"7,%:,0i beside i-ntirest-1 aid sts. -Now
evil have these two. f Iw-mrs.do ite,_o.. Thtey
anJieir families have worked hard, and raised
fri. ;their fartrms provIsions lor. thema0 e6 and'a -
L'ge surplu. for ihe fo6d of others; and who bao
reaVpd the fruit of their toil ? T ie omney. capil.- & -.
t~iliet, and widheut rendering they i atg't ,teqniya- -" "'
lent. I. appeal to persons in -al seotfins of-.our' 4
countiY'if cases qui te as hard as th eshae-Bw',-not*
; occurred with ia _n&e. limits o, theix observation.
.-:.hc-se 111r1ie,'s pa4 but six.per cent. interest,and-,, ,/ .
y t.'ltost, because thf l l measure o" vialte -has" af-teced' ."-','' f
the produce of the. airing and testedd th 3' a .W '
diflerent measure trom the olio bk w-h4e.1 they *-'*y
,oug!,t, and' therefore they itll ort in paying
their debts... Q .: -'.
Forv further illh.i sip oppose Lbe + lter of
New-Je'rse), dul'rilg t;e whphe time tha t .R rites
of interest Were tltflue.titikg in all the other' "tls,
kicd ninintained hers at six per cent.'anld rotadied -
all the money that generally circulates. ip the' "
State, so that an citizent codld as ews-lY.l*bta.in
the money at this rate. ftr at aiy-period df blx-= '
Wsteice.. Uider.these circumLtano.S't bpreRgpxl. d ,
have been no complaint of a.scarcivy of, Igey, .7
1n) if any one unable to i l)a is debts ha 'fl-
t . it" e I '
butc-d it ta .tsUry he wo6hT1 ,haM1 e4 l ,cal% a -a
madman.' But Jo'vk aV th e act. ,-The.mipiu! ,
pr-xluce',of New-Jersey; and m4 of.;'he..gwpd4
tnaujUlfactured there, fud their. market jn Nw-
Yu.rk a'nd Phil.idelph6r9 a; These p;rt'ii"ln-re
tested b-HY tbe jhe dtt'ds't 61'-valc(f'iAfi'these. -,,o'ci6es,
"ard their fal- 'Sif in'price roin one-thid-mtoohe-
b-,f, JrIe" t hose .conlsujtid .l ,,t i en.jtSte .l.1, _a put "
a4.n).uch;..t:r thuse pricesf-at lionie are gF, rled ^d
by t-l, aii ees in lia.e'j hLs i "increases'he
a- it)i- of labor t6. bo 1p,-for.Gi~eA bieery,'feItr or
tM pa',y lhis debt., .r.-it' tes the-shfa-'ahB4 as ..
at any previous ti umo-.rodee a hush o rf. -ginr
or any other arratic-letie rc ult of- fabor.'. Farms,
inaiifactuted gqodta, y~chinei.h,, all..Tall in prices "
and this operates a'ans,, t'h.roducers and il ;
'favor! orthe tinori 'ito, itff.t-!VThe cifizetig.bf the
Srhte imay lb.g'a t .g&LsmTiere~s, a'rttE'n al"-Uiem
,'er tircey, broken upjftlu.-.il tuaiuot. oae.Qt'.t:hee .ha --
direc,vl vpa d, moretian six s wr center utierest for
money b'onow'd or revayt.o.v'Eed.';an'd not bne
ha bi,-et- tro-.Wled to .boirwv-tf.,ahe- nee&-& for;
-his use' Jtis'a4i if.a' plaitter-,.ioulld ,agvgc..ta-de- .+
liver, at a giveii tiumne, a cerihin. jitu b.. qt ..d*.
of cotton, and the nman p urchasig 'ahould.Fuf, to
balance t1if c.ot 0 1'.doubk'tbwej-hfhe '01e r y'-
did,41-'calcu^ each a pound.' IHe-'.doub ksklihe,
pound .w\ilit, and the colton falsm*-tt oine-.half.
The pound eight tests .-r -ea.ur~e4, t-he weight, '-,
-but riot'imore than moaey'tes or meas~iis the
value. it the- Value f' 'Ufdney be'dofbled'f.the
debt of every debtor4sdoublied, and he. oa-f0rt
Jin pay mgae 5tr.o-.the,saniuc .re~asop thatiC @t^lls
1sh1 t iuweighig.. ,Iln iej;',i in (.cy,;,it dotui a ns.
I'he IC1 uid-'\ould be. -4-olnSlcere ad[lt-Jl1er put
*doubh nu ie vate at o moby is 6ti'ancl^hlg. -<
'- "" -" il i ^" i, -;. *,*, ,;
_: Frn F-rzei''.M agi,.4 -f x_-Qai ,at
E: N -GN L N o r .C,. X ,,,
stirikh-ig moirien-t, l'd ;haWs4ri au'.scIAtia l gur,-,
oiu the'romrantic history o?--Louis.Phili*!tien, :
standing on the sea-gir:c-aust p.,.'iiA Wjl.;v be--
loved N. ri mNadryAilN i.-tlhegoldipeu vys oa, an *-,.
ca,'IV autumnal s qn 4hed't'feii'beiuf'eousei m "i'<,gs.
1-1n the, oCeaee-<-iHwrfael.'prb'ch,^^lrd of Clb1fi'ai.-
*tain. the Monaroh' received=' wit grader. dignity,-
<'jid .ad rn f atJ.icu., dt\\^. yoigl. gand.,cllar m. tr.g-, .{|een.
vfour-owny gkl-olis isles Ah' little did he think
wheu a 'a'deere it" a S ztr:.nd;d a Iteacher in:
niathreinatics in a ruounta"in- q11bage a 'pedesf&iai "
exile in Scaiulaia;Vl,; or at,'.b estan. 9-taw il l
America, .when the name .axlt x -l]Sasra; re- '
proach and a by-word, and himwt:-.tq h "bor hii
%%a s alIi,:,t a n o :Iliu e U-eeIi r,+E t 'bl.b bP ,heh e i h16ibuld
chber's, and -norna would l0ove-h'iin-'not rth~t he =
-did rIot possess l 'Aditwa..ndU .virt.t l gf ll'anis.. or
coura.f, but t L.,'.t nonel-d;red to acknowledge his :*
po.;s.se,osit, (Iof those, virtue's : Little did he then.
iijo!ine tt-t the day \vonld aiTive-,len'he st,;buld
r tte .rov z -i-the d e.-sri es.of t Fi-a ack, andi whd w the < tl
shipo8 of tthal Brcacatia" who. still.;jllleay the
wavess" sl,,uld a,,airor at peace iu theUicid-va--
ters o-f Trei-,'_. t, conr ducting to thie. shwes "hIiat -
tind the yount', noble darfig.active';^'duergetie "
Mona.'ch of the :British-,empire. I: + ::.:
No one can describe but Louis Philip himself
the ligli"; which lell upon lhis brow when'fe be-
h eld w(i0h raipt rous emotional,% the racefiul ngiq'e,.
and thri oft deserilje'd Iromn of his ', fai;" cotdsin"" the
r,,a,' of the a rii 'Uery hct'd +music_2 hn~t Rfer. hli/ ears,
"="c "l ; :uuic-'d ".t "imta -h. ,awte and en-
!,al'ilered p:olicy w;,a apjareeiated; thiat his honior
'alid fidelity Wer.e p'r:LizedI; tha.t- his afi~ainc was :
'soi,'g^t for" artud valiuid;"tlhal thi.saei'fanesh'-or'eace,
;r, d,,:,.idrer\Ore,k-Qowli, affd esteied..i; attd'tiiat so
s~ai-ed 'were thie i_,ople, tLhe. Goemix~ietL, and
the Mi~i,:ialil o[" Great Br~itain, w"{ith :.the'King of"'
the F,'r,,:dh thht tlhe Queen 'hersel'f had'eofio to
receive the kiss of friendship and esteem4Troin
tlhe Frei-chl Kinyr; to .Jbold on[t the lhand of',s[incere
lriet~dshi[) to t.he Fren-ch people, and' to sit.^ideby
side in, thi.- cl~r,,ttau of tlhe Orle'aim family ,,thus .
,e,',-arzii.. .the ..monqarch of the barrica'de5"-. _t'he
rev(.luti,..>n of 1S3,0, the elhtaracer, 6[ the -new dy-"
niiit\, Find d~r~in.-mm all. etiviotis, }eJillngt.l in- ?
1kind al.irits, by (-arrying herself s-agcntle;cqove,.
"hot merely fin olivebrandt, of .p~eace, .bit' ven
l:lauting; oil *th,- Frenchi sm\t the doii,'e-h'r~ee'felt.

Lot,, lo'I0 ,-, 1'ayv it. gr'6w-!- M ay.' it. ; bt eu tITi&ted,
wvl.red, dIelnded.,by Frenc h- honor, .gallitry,.
riutlltiflness!. May there ceaso to e xist.any.ther'
I i vv1 )et \ een ti,. subjects ot'Vic'toria and those'
of Lo,,uis -Philip, than that noble riv-aly, of" who
shall be preainbeiiet in eco,.iraainga th'e",--ape of -
p,ce., order: pro~gres3, natiuta .h.applints_.^_id.
ual inF r,_,-meirtl ard xteucio iof civilai and.
t r u t h ., : .. ." f -i

certainn Bank mid Railtoac, stocks, and agree not
_ to sell the stock wlic theh, own or control, know-
ing they have a large mai:'kity of that in which
they are operators. These same m;n then -,o
forward and buy', to be delivered in a certain,
-tine, a far .greater amount r ot [hll-s e stock tlian,
the,'e is o'.lt- tandlrunisr, dipi't it. i, to doule its
l.riier price. \V h>-n the ti101. aMOvI.ES hOr it to be
delivered, they know it ,.*::ndL, be' done WUleis it
is b,_.'.!-qlt directly.Lr indirectly frori tbenui,.ives;
and they Marhge-a whatever hey please f,:r it, or
Wise thiy. take- the dihreiiee, and tihe.' ?xck is wot
,.llivi',::cd tat ;i!. This is done undk-e" ir teiiea .
that there i s t,,:, real -:e'.lse( obr this great ad-
vapce, and those unskilled in financial operaioas
are often 4,. c,neicdd" iu this way or in llorSme thter
,!p i t e ai s u r ,i _t i -.A h c t .r y ,
A 'N, are thee rtmsactions any more lti than
a private mark upon the cards b 'fre gamblling ?
In all these do not some.of the parties lose pre-
cisely "lat the others gain ? In aWM tiis there has
hee nothing d_.ne to increase the \'ealth of the
nationn or the comcrort of'nan;ii neilhl:-r has it bet-
tered the morals'*of any one. No transaction ot
this kiod deserves thle. naie of busing's; and !ere,
let me explhtit what busi:..6 is. .
Take, Aor instance, a fariner .who has ai exten-
sW:e business in wool, and suplose him to hav
to -thousard sl-:elj. He rnliu4 provide hay and
grain to ..keep them durin.r the .winter ; he alisu
rai-:.es grain t o.sell. T ,.t,[tLVate.so large a flltt'l'1,
hie must ernploy a nurimber, ot' !,boirers, who liem .e
b,.,;,Ms and :ays suficient wavn,,es t'o lurish. tie-Is.
selves with go:d clothing, and -nable'thenpat, the
ead of the year to have a't handsome surplus.
Wheni the wool is ready fi:or i-niket., the farmior
se11s to tire Diannufa!'turer f'oir a price which Will
Epay fur the labor devoted to t1he sheep, a retsorn-
le coanpensotion for the use ot! the part of tlhe
furin allotted to them, and a small protk beside.
Thle man, ufacturer converts the wool ituo clo)h
and sends it to a commission mercliant. in XN w
IYVA to sell, !imiting himr t seh price's ao"w, l
enable'hi in -to pay"all his workEla wc-'U. "Ti"E
tfaariulifCturt r aklso demands a .price suilicieit .tc
) pay liilseltf1,r his own Ihbor, the use of his mia,
"C.ji1ner'V aSld. manutifactor, sand to insure a small
profit.. T'he cormmission merchant s tlls rhbse
cloths to,-thle wholieale merchant or i-,,bber ahd
recei\es his cmnmissioa, which iv\es-biin a good
living and a irandsitn.-. stu-'lus. TlheJobber aguii-,
'.sells dle cloths to thle country merchant, a,,d re-
ceives enough to give him a good living nd area-
sou.abult Ir.):iit.' *-The country -mecchant sells then
to '.tumers. mechanics, and various iujdividtlql;
nee,.d them, and the)y ,vvar' thtem iiot. Evenr
one L.,t these persons is ia',king a livioira aid savinL.
t!,.-siirplus: the people who buy 'ichse clothes
. and wear-them out are. raising grain, beef,-pork.
qyio sppllig the various mapvft'atcturvrs, alndr-e-
c.iharie-' with ftoocj, and they:, air',>make a. g,.,.u
living and sme profit. No o&^ has I.osf VhIt t.,I
otWe, hasgainedl, but each and every, o e Trhem
is h.i .ajari._- Z,^^s bud-aiv -_eac"!.oine is adding
to hIis O.n couit'lrt, while at tlie same time he
co:.,riibutes to that ,,t" all lite othe's. The saIe
appy' rLult vWoul.l'1 attend every bian,_h o;useful
busi'.ess in outr larid it' buin.ss "-xvre pursued and
not g,.mbli'j.. j
a" i
H w U a CHAPTER Y,.-". .. -
H..i{^z U.s."iiy a(ift'l/,* c:ll Iluhslry (tiil Iop. ,'l/.
If thki aalabling, in stocks and ilunev afl-.,;ed
the ,oly who arb in that t.Usinestj' Ac it. is
called, Atle evil wo'ld be comnpxrativeiy sur-ill,
bIrE it dues nut stop there.. This article,"mnioyev,
!..-. th, i,-easIce oft vdlue -c uAll.the.prodiletionisot'
ke ,couriit rY, arid n o mflatter where the.tartr te I-otf-
ch,,i,, lab.,,'er, me-rchdant, or any ipiodu,.1er -maY
be s%.4p-,-t, if lie be in debt, the ri+o.) of itiier'est
fPoro si..o twelve per cent-.- per atnUn!, dItubles
his debt u a buhn athuugh he U .ay .be payi,,g
but ,,;x ler t..-e t, iat-rest.ltpon ,it. .-It -will Take
&.,uble the ptoduce to pay.six.per--ceit. bc-aiiuse.
it \vjll-,li ii;'abu;-_.it that pro.portkin, btht-at 6!,e
s,,.ie Limejt ,4it take. 'tle. me !ato,-r" that it ;:,l-
vay-. did to i-PisU-a pound of.-.otton, a.bushel- f
wheat or tor,: ,-+ a -ard of clAth,'and oie lfir
thme 1noley will pa" ftor it, hence it i cldubled-.in
Savor of the,''11-1ru ey capita. To .illustr-natt t-his, I
wil. Sy:s.; A','wlok,,is ,ler,' of debt,.owi? a.
[ai-ui,".but it is not. as large as he wishes it. B,
Mocltier farmer, o.nrs this Ar t 1.1.-(,u.:-. ..vincg
*:'-2-i)0 acid g.iv'itug. a bonid .and mnot'tff:+-^ e ,- [tli
thcrm purchased for the i'om'2'iahiing' 00 _-' '.:^ ;v,ible
iu instal n .p.-'rs of 'ij;+)'a year. init.rest ,-'eint. Hle e|:f.et:-., wltll the' assistab,:[, ol liis
tami!y, t, ,I., al tiie w,,k o,, tt, e farm', aiiid tl/tks
ih.,_:, c, e:,si1y clear .';K.JU: ), a pi oduee c'ji-,-;_..ods
i:.,jod i.,rlc,..-". -A . pLutcha.ses an,:thei '. j 1"io fo:r
F V I, p ci,.yi n 3 r .', ju ,.i l'in c ,:t. h a in d g iv i n g .I us
!,i'.,itg.,',- fori --l~ilYjlj at six .[)-t' ~enlt, i'it,_r\"i. on
fhe f.rni t'ure'.~a-t.et..d. He aTr_Te':-a to p:ay .t.,,)" La
\,<,i' ar, d llie iiitei'il. -He .expects to r,_=dive
-^-:' '_u,, c ;,e.-r fi',,i i 'B and to m ake clel a r, aL least
t>.+,)"' !b,:, i,.;_.* rli inl.et'eset. B-.ut before the \eor
,roll--, r-ouri., the intet'cst :,l rort1101 rise-s .in the
Atht iticcte t. l .'m si [lq t o+,X [ t'A^\lhc-'jer < ,3 t. H
s~e,.:-L t,_ iie\\ -- :ir,:iL.is [stair,., tihe fact, but thinkss
_it. \i., .,i tl l... t -. d ,_ \\ ltt l ttli llliir ji ,i a s 1;,al Li. s to
I:'.ay i:i s.ilih linrC-I' l.er' cc-nt. By, the limn, he s.et-(li'is cr,:,l) to nar-
ket !';e --d t 'i~ c -':+ |',-ihl:.!i,and e -vrict low-
er. lpuie._+s +.lo>-?s not se-l i'eadily. His. neiglibor, B.
i.]bes riot i,+c.,iv.,r as hi~l-i a i'i,:e fo_-r liis 'lit',odtee

asw he Py wh,,:,.',J aitd is o,,l'able" to pay the J.ite-
res an 'i :; >-)', o i -,,:' i is, "i j-" f ,-'Ji.n.r,
as :..vr.. 1. .A. with dilicidlty makes lrisl inte-
rest? :,,d :...-.. b.-3idse, lie hWkes the .".) ,'A-
-t,- ,i t ,fr m i '.. a-id thle if2,): eld
.his'Unvv iAlo":' m, >ci.lces ils Iort, : e t:-_ '.'],l~ l lfi -
anid pays Awn h a YwA. SO in thbe At hii-"A cit-
1i-it.-n- 't n ,t-lih.ics 1Ql l, an-id moim,_y ha.s bucoime
SIS.I.iCLM ili 11.15 >.ontry, dhe interest isiig, t, twcid e
r'er!' c:e,.. 't.;cuIiilthe fprmr. are Fayia: b t si'\
per.;e,.t, Vilei,-:=. on tle ,nort -',:).<,e.:s -Vhen th
,:-r,:,[,- *j:'s-ready forr market, the hi.),ve- Il.11.c oe
third fic+m tle lst .Ye" r ric"L t the c..s-,, f tra'ns--
port ._1i:k, itin,:"ii.-u-ket is_ the' same.t fr;!^rl,
and when e::l-etscm nre:-dcductmd the\ tii:d I(,-\'
have cleared !.,ut'!t'l u as much nomnv as in thle
year" pre-vi;.a'N;." B. i able to pay ]lit it's-It 6iid
'100 6nly 4 on ( h;n pl.,l: A. c.- pay the A -
terest onrh;C i,,-.-,: t^]e at-nd : mi2nk. The n-ort-a.e
is now rcc-ud c,.,. tj *. ;.i,l,_,t); the p- erson ,:, li.. iiia'it
insists upon.theo amoi,,t due l,,.-ig .,aid and w tre-
closes the i-la'ic-"Ar-. ]firit.' f' 1l whi"l\vh '.
oad+ +:,'.,i', fJ .brin^7'. but .'2.,1X11:,, ard i-onley b\ tlis
-moie is .:o so rce tiia( i'.. w peoie, ia.\ e y teciernt
1o l6'. it. As A 1.. pu-hed, he .ues B., and
B'S fwi'jtl briuias. but )UpU-., i,-ii.- 3., insolvent
anrl nd K i mno+ 0 --111 ,i x .-- d < 1-. ~ ....., -

'. .I iM. ,x. S-i't ei -,Co. .
.MEi'-ll'ANTS. -
o..NJ;-.,. -1 1 *AL ,:- ., ,;..
I),ov'2. 21, \" .ip) h^! ,'Di,',ltl^l IF) .'


M'. A. &6&.P, C aina1,'
C 0 M M IS -S I () N M E R C'H A- N -r
52 \Vater street, ': : ;' \"
A .,al ,c inle a.h t : .
Liber.:d al va.ice.,s u d_ oi .Cottolln lT ip,.d to
Liverpool, N.--.%-'" L ,urk id Bcstoi, arid al.o Jii
store, 00v 13"
Ba. ya7 t& Co.,
C N I[ M I t C. S i _' I M E 1-R C" A NTS
N-o. 52 ? W aT.:.r -,tre,:-r.

Ali ,l.,,.hi,-'iola, F!I.

j "t n I1. ]V

U. 1. Aood & -Co.,
C'MMISI .*.'.I"N M[ ER-C !t A NTS.
N <.... ?. \\' utAt-i .- tr, et.-i---r. F "
,1l Ap, I Jhdilc.:l t. Fla..

B Y-.G OD Eli'GARDW ,,Ai


e. Ellisonu CO.,,
DEALEP, IN M.tI.:iL'ELLANEi'UTS c(,rl.-in,
AN-D) (.':,M-\i.-I':_'I1N M[ERC'-IANT,-S,
N-.. `_3 Water street,
,:1',-.- 1I Apal;iehieol.;, F! ..


U-"u,'y hI,.sitraltdt by St,.,c,'jubbing. .*
All l v.ws 'are iade f.;'" tlie ,:,v nerit of man.
Each riati-._ii ei,:icts, ther fur itself, and every citi-
jzen \\'t .iitl [l,,-ir jui'idiction is buund t ) obey
them. TV,--,, law's are iriteii1,,d. to pr'u.:tct the
Iilit s of pr'Qp-.rty. to shi;ld the w\-,ak fr,-,m the
Ari',my, allowi no .... by uppi ,,,i ,o r i u1iij stice
tio tai, ^;: L)rC,, '.uA!-j'._-_1JJ -^4th,.,u; leturn iln_
-r.i ,-Ae-n ,- S.-^',t,.:liri_?, is :Ia )pro;.i ariati ,C4 11 -
pe."'!)' with,,tut the consAt of itsow,,,'. O_)n}e who
*;e_.jl' i, _.-.t ,nly bound.,by law to, rtui,'n the hiini
WEtol,.:, but is, also 0btxi,,i.rQ t,., rnp,'i-ori--n t.
'The la vsalso, l": 1t1: t i-ANGsamgambh-,-. "a..
i1 1 1Ol,,t ,ill tVo ciml !ll,..,r,.: pc onli., ^S'.,,stij ng Up
an/ sUN)u of money, to which.. 1 i pau's airvee,
thr. pLaYing suome fwg.-e, lt'ter' win,, (lie-oie
who bean- takes all tl,e minorey. This .is f-ii-"
:,li hev. aUe,. OWSe o, n ii WLt ta!es t6=' 1 ii ,itherS n:o-m>iiey
i ti ,:,thesM a ei l 1ov, iuqt ,\lrtHie -vtftner has
-in.:hed. yet it was all. dune volutrnilly, without
.-tie slqht<-_-,t nece_-.st ''or it, .:6 thi r e \v"as rn.p p-
l:,>e-^Sz,-,, on tl-e paurt C:." tlire' wiiin;.r : 111,5 huoe >-f
5.,,1 i-'r-rinptLd cj,_i-i, yet tlt;eV Iview btcf.,te 'they
p-iycd jtl but ,_,Li must 1I,_ stilll eu,!h liop.-d to;
bo t!he- t'rtfinjte ,_,e. Tbiis is fair" anbliug, Sit
s ui,', l ed .tho Ie LA f 1T:, lt.l,:,wt 'ii ^ dhscover
r!.?.t tile -wihiner hId prer,.,:;d the C ..A..'ds' v.a iPri-
v.,.--h? 'rko, i thie ba..-, ot.?,?h, ;.md iI !2ad"'A'0ol
th e g,' e. it be : ,,.ild lb.? called unf 'ri- ^,, inb]..,J ,
an"d the' jw S'ils ii.3lii .,- .. s.Ly'..,,:i v'-haj be:-u
cimieited out ,Ofel'ei ii, lHeV.
The laws prohibit th,_s.- tr:,iisa':ti,-,cjs be cause
they are injuriouj to the !)-arti>--, coi>c:rne' d, th,;iir
tfh~ihl..s tnd the publi.; ; c,.,rcu;tpii 1-i t ,, morals if
iM elwi iumoby by thi', h A,_s w-* i in.,el u-, of ta-
l:i r' h !l iu on>' his IpI : ..,rly 17-i i, G I !t to )ario-
tl.rT w itIl.ut .,riy A-i\-vl,r.r. .m bhir is i,-,t
_i- i,?rall\' c,:,:.-.l -ered a I i .-.- mu i. It" it wereL
as!,.:,l in what hisi,,s.; ilch *;s in.tl' -1, M e nSwel"
v.idd be, Non:; ? s! .i.his ,i. t itt a ,bler.'
%\1,1 ltu \ W "ii 1,LO t]iW,
^ .i- i iu s, .--a o o i 'e thlii;.:.s ii tle. ('o1-
*{ Ui-ilty called .ii-,no-'s, ,(ld a _ceitumi whether the
; hin be nore l:,roieijcrl\ applied to t',,1 tilrj it is
tWthe gam, I_, r. luean the sthe cki.:b -i,,g bsi-
S.W A :,ePrsoI-i 1)tyil,-. .stock C lit) ,i i b. a time,
opts to se!l it ICra hig"licster [)rlce'thatu he pa\s
If it be State stock ticarit]r Intet'_st at six
SCent. hle intend. t, buy it .,t uch rates that
41all not uly receive 'six per' er, .it. re..t lft
--s' besi -. g. Let ,ii see ,,l ethie,, "itt' l I R lIuvs
j. ocl. -bet it. fI.r valrie, ottasi' wiii t!...t 1,.
j :ie --.i[is. S,.;. |..,i it t,-, i, i .-,ii b\ tly-
W^~n ij.wjr six |J<:e cent. WOW-r--.. S.'nip/iiidl!
yg agal wii- lIas tl,;;n t' at iat it c ..i ,ip-!l l, i-
n u 'to rt,'. i,., t,_ s ,.-li it f ci'r ii lt i-, r c e n.t, i-l i ,.,,i l ,
t ,..l';,-1i i-" orif h lli')of rlte j!iiJ ll:I t i .,ij p. hcii 1'
lihak (-ec _-- :,1 i,,o e tui\ al.? ,r, whioih the ; ..lr.i ; ,00-,
it~tas '-.ired rrxinly wt,,t the .;l .ier l oab h d
>0. 4 g iven r i .t, r,.r f -r it. -
A^ Lini: if. the :.at, itself he ,o-bli,, to, s ll it
av )I Ond, bearmi" the16131 inlv .".-,f is,..,tale
1 '.'*w y, t"..., or any o. er p e (.-t "eii
l. p inl'O.7 it all thei irt -r,,e btieen
ftp af~i~d; th e |i,.,r-ollii bilt-i^ obtai,,, p'+cjsel]v
w at tge tat l,,,os,, ar:d this l ,n,005tbe paid
b -t. axt g, direi-ly ,:.r di,'ectl', Itl,:' .itizensi (f
the State.' The-.,: State St,.,,_'ks bear a cert.,in rAte
of interest, and bi.h principal .oid i W,:rr.st e as-
d-finite as the i,,.ir,.l ,w.?i:;ht or. the +yard. 'The
interest is daily ls,,iijg~onaata l-rt.il, r.-te, and'
the st,-_ck"\ari, Ir.. IIa dSy to d:,y e-,xactll thely
a onrJIIt of he accuing interest. .4nd it,:, :,,_,.,:.. -
I'-u[ l tir~'e Stod. M:,rk,-.t one d ayit :i up, one,,f.,v,
'.-' throe ,per c,-iit. ; the rnext, down one; tv.7
three, our.or, five per c,*tt and tiliM again 9 -.;i .
I6 all thAsMe Knioiiwactiois, oi,.arty gins. picelltlv-
what th other b.1.es, as i'.i.,.. as it one.,man
sh ,ld i I 'ea i- i t "ic.pe es of '1:1(-h I-1 bought oQ
aI,.,tli,-. with a yard stick hbur feetdlo.i;,.and3;when
he. sells, measure wPwith one, three .', t-long. UHI.-
has taken precisely as much cloth !';.;di the firt,
man without giving 5any e.-1,,v -, *,s he 1,;i
,a!in,:d f>',,r the person to-WhOm It,- l'i- :s sold it.
The 5todks rise and fall daily, bc h .et:...ni:. |eW
individuals combine and run them up1,, falsely
sellingt-:each other within', any intentiotnaofril- ,
Hivenng the !.A:.Ml, or it delivered thec-v is an un-. 1
derstanding that it shall. be rebought by the, per- i
son wh].,a-..ld:it. This is done to c,-,ierr" .j",e -
other persons who have soLd" sruck 11" time am !I
have to deliver it within a c,-'It.,ii period, Wi jh ,]
fthey cannot do, they must pay the di~tl.r,_.i, oir '
)>e disgraced by this veiryr,.:,.i.,eda:,le. -Board of
Brokers. in this way, .combining to run up 'nfd' ]
*un down the stocks, they try to induce innoeent "

E. R. FLEWaLLrAt4. MA. "l. "T "
Jr.ic ilweleBl A- Bulll, .
FA C T 0 R S &- C C) M A SiSS I ON
N 2 C,.,hu bus l l ,-.eI.-k
~ ~A p Jl t'.d h _-',l i :.l a F la .:
{._ lbIA .z Lia .+f >-^+++4 ,, *?"-"-^
[c) '_ i- 'I r_ l o r i1r', ni. .l o l-.[ ,\ ',.. d 2 (G;;t
t Z isnsb s 'o .z l ']! & -< a ^ej i-a y ,
ApJ al;.ic eo!a, Flor -ida.-
W _.I-.H. KIMBRouGo ) '. L *
J OH ,N P 'ID G %W A Y ^ : '"
Lii-,Lc] advanr .,-.-, mad. onl C.,tton cotIsi'rIed to
O ~ i' i r l y' I.i* 4 -- i i ~-i, ^l.. ;o v -J o2-^ a ~ ,L .\ i .r i .,. i -
'-a,-avrf.- ..,..cl ly .,

,; TM-1. & C. Ei Als.lih,
C 2 0 M M1 S', :_ I 0 N M, 1E R C H A N T S ,
N ,-,. 7",)11 \ W ater' str,-et,
.: "+ '' A p ..l e.lc i ,'i:,:,la. +. :.-.'''^ 'l
Liberal -advan,:s n111,.h- :.oil Cotoi shipped ti.
N ew Y ,ri 'l*- ... --c i,-,vl ].
T Is'4. L. M!itciel,
.:I *' *' [ -',f [ CH ANT *- .
N,.. 3 Wat -r st.. Apa D c ic e n
dec Jy+" .33, t :; : =-

., iDoidge & GardnSeri'.
-GP 1','"f. 1& C,'.J.;\ ,'I LN M i'CI-fANTS,
'* ."dee18 _-? '*** A+_lalj eldl ic,:,l Fla.
S"- a n__.s c h it-.a. *. _
N o. 49 !3 tertr,.t.
l "' "* ... A r,.,l ,, el A,,, .,:,t:,

COtMtS.~-'.,_",, i.'uR *_-\RDJ.NG MEI'CH. ^'
L", 'N-H .IP C HANDLE!7, 1--,
*. N,. ; W at,.r street,
: _:'i h( ,_ h I.. ,l:'olh.l. Ti,-,i { S B>

INS _--- -- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


-~ag I IIIBIIW~ --




DIED at l o'clock, at the City Hotel in thi4
city, on the Ith inst., of an abscess of the lungs
SAM'L. Si JOHNSON, oldest son of the Rev'd&
Daniel Johnson, of Monroe county," W. Y., aged
27 years 4 months. ; .
;i "' 1 "" I l I
Capt W Pratt, ship Ploridian; Capt J"Willard,
ship Ocean; Capt G- T Iills, ship Troy; Capt W
Ryan, ship Lyons; Capt J L Wise, barque Con-'
dor; Capt T Macloon, brig Cynosur,- Wm Hasm,
per, W H'Stark, Augugta; Mxs Sumffers. Dr J E.
Bacon. 'RX"C Green/and lady, Alabama; Miss E
Dardpi, .T1ti Hackett, H MeynP-, New York; J
C u.l!, T M ead, K-.; H S3Ph'my, ]en.; J
B inch, NewT3Yrteans; H Wilecox, mia a %a} \V.
Atmstrong,:M Galt, Baltimore; Rev F-Y-ah, St
Augustine; J D G Baker, W Nickels, Marianna;
C F Bennis, Fort Gaines;C has Lefftt. S-- h:
.A1 F Stark., G6lumbus;,H W Van i-a -
lady, W A Kain, D K -Dodge, Thos ?oB%' Apa-
lachicola, *., ,- -s:'-- -


Officers elected for 1844."'
ISAAC M WRIGHT, Vice President.:
11 C KAIN, Sjy. &8 -.asurer.
Committee:of Arbitration.
Beiij. Ellison, '. ,S. H. Hartshorne,'
E. C. S,(';nton,^ ,. -^ C. G. Hohines,
A. N. MeKay,. I"T N. J. Deblois,,
UKDi'l J. Day.

rald tlims far their proceedings have beet'ma'rked %% I
'by wisdorm1--except it) one instance, viz: their ri
not procuring-the minutes and ordinances to be do
published in, the 'Commercial.'--We say this ,foi
,with that modesty for which ware so noted.-- co
This shall not Ir I"ent us, how ver, from publish- of
ing their proceedings, for thg beniefit-of our read- cu
ers, free gratis,' and if the!Council has a mind to pe
reciprocate this very liberal course, by voting us ce
a starAl donation of fifty or an. hundred--why, neI
we'll not be stubborn- In the mean time we TeN
wish it understood thba we are a candidate for the ab
printing next year. The Board have elected their Pe
several officers of Clerk, Marshall, Tax Collector, gr
Harbor and WeiVh-Masters-generally retaining Tli
"th, ,se! who, ser,.,( last year--all good men and ,,"
t ru e .' -; / a r
* We hear ?f nothing in the great political wor\M o
of thrilling interest. Henry Clay -will certaiIN wi
be the candidate of tlie Whigs, for the Presiden- N
ey,-and either Benton, *Buchannan, Calhoun, TP
; '5 ay
Cass, Johnson or Van .uren, will receive the en
nomination of the Baltimore Democratic C(onven-
tion; which of these will ,be-1he choice, is yet/in, it
the womb of time. We look on pretty' much aP
,disinterested--et 'the longest pole knockdown m
:the [persitmpns.'w i' W
Congress has bee, in session nra month, gsounr orfi 1 1t1
after tse old stle of talsh ing, wrangling, arand eden- f
tioaeering-eilling their own pacets,' from, the ,I
public cribb, atlld d.pivnd nothing for Iwe the peo no
poe.' John QuincY Adatu s introduced his sttereo- n 1"
atnped resolution of rescinding the r co st ruaile-as ?11
lie l dastdone evier obsession or-the last four or five til
years-as soon as the eHntuse' h was orgatitsed, and w
ofas been endeavoring to SLe pt Objec of erA s c
so far his efforts ave proved successful, andt1en
is consequently depriia ed of the exquisite plea-ur ase
of' flooding the House with Abolition petitions, t]
and wasttering tiei their consideration, whics t re
'cancbe of no benefit to the cos try,aits r ighte bp Ar
attended with evil conseluenyces-d f the Aboitina1011o
oif hoSlaery and te Meddling attethsthe Instituties,
of t'e Soutlh, be the paramoignt object of nt Apa-'
ams-and it really seems- so.dlyiBhad better re- f|
sign. retire to private life,-anfd pass' the remlain- I a
der of his aIgreen ols fare'In Urmark'e O-suir. h
The Coantsecial affairs of the countrld, far asd
peoare able to judge, are in a state of prosperity. te
'The last adnics from Europe, per. tlse Hibernia, te
weuewflattering, and;ta considerable rise has taken
place en thes great staple since d its reception.-
The question of average crop or short crop s on
imasn ded be as decided, eyoiind a doubtI i favor o-
of shoit -crop, and the planters are in extaces. ad

*"-,ias h ,,,h not e,>). l l: ar -*e. ,. -- n
We year say to'thes bring yort cotton to Apa- I,
lachicola, ell it here,' and lay is n your stocks of a
denoods and gcrocerient frote our market. Our e
y g( 0 1..I
Merchants have any quantity ons phend, -And w
dispose of heins on as goh)od terms, a'id probably '
better, thl rsYou can procure them elsepthe"re. -, i
You will find no difficulty in trasp, raitnion, as t,
o wr rither is kowand we now%, have re lyin-_be- -it
t een this placeant d C 11,oth. 1311t1-, and bany, s It ,
B teen or t fine substantial Steaners, co n- r
omanded 1: as snliilited roprtisiniret, and accofm-to-
datingc -capatains,_as any waes- can boast-and e(
lasteho.l-,i a notdleast,' octton /.sared'wAllthe n-

Froe Hunt's "t erhantelS' tMagazine. rage
The product of cotto on tton in the United Statss.- e )
i per lb.;adron39i \ ejs short- of the precede' g cWp b
1Y 32 perCent, wpich was followed by til l auc \

1 ete yield to f 1S00, ct en4..t. tll 19e 2 s ctsdif'y. it,19

1ut)1 toe 11s,22 o" a4 "ingl 1rop'b, 16 taking l'_ ;
18f toe Iou2t, 2 ol. o pdin 8Sl)e ind 1onsm, i
e ; im te 1-c urc.3;,l4.- 1 i 12 9* in15:

n .From this it appears th0t, for thirty years
1 from 9119 to lS-21, the picece of cotton average
,3' 25 cents per tb. ;;and' n the last fifteen Years s
' the forty-five mentioned in the above table, th
average price was less, by 20 cents per, lb., th'bi
e it was in the fir.t ten years. -" '
_ 'The cause of'the great reduction in tlie ,halte
oflthis important staple is to be found, no.Aoubt.
3'- in the a, tgrnentation of the qutat ityprodumd ; the.
11 progressive increase of which, i'n this. country,,
is, lpr the last twenty years, appears in the f011ow-
o i-ig table of-the' .. ) :.
t ;, :.: ; '. -'-: Y" : Ay..increase
.:- Average f6r 5 years. per annumin
N- -Y'rs. Bale. Years. Bales. Bales. Pr. ot.
-1824 504,158 .,
: 1825 56(i,748 ..... ...... ".......""
,e 1826 716,290) 1824't6 1828 691,606 ..........
le 1827 954,251 1825 to 1829 762,000 71,.0O010.27
1828 709,422 1826 to 1830 844,000 82,000 10.76
ys 1829 866,112 1827 to 1831 909,000 65,000*,. 7.70
a- 1830 976,845 1828 to 1832 916,000 7,000 0.77
1831 1,034,847-1829 to 1833, 988,000 72,000 7.86
r, 1832 9S7,477 1830 to 1834 1,056,100 68,000 6.9S
,st 1833 1,070,439 1831 to IS35 1,111,000 55,000 5.21
gi 1834'1,205,394 1832 to 1V36 1,175,000 64,000 5.76
1835 1,254,328 1833 to 1837 1,265,000 90,000 7.66
1g 1836 1,360,725 1834 to 1838 1,409,000 144,000 11.30
s, 1837 1,422,930 1835 to4839 1,440,000 31,000 2.20
1838 1,801,497 1836 to 1840 1,625,000 175,000 12.15
n. 1839 1,360,532 1837 to 1841 1,680,000 '55,000 3.28
of 1840 2,182,880 1838 to 1842 1,732,000 52,000 3.27
he 1841 1,634,945 18390to 1843 1,848,000 116,000 6.69
1842 1,684,211 ..... .... .... ............
st 1843 2,378,875 ......... ......... .........
o ; 15)101.86
)t, Average increase per annum, in th -- --
d- above series of years,.................. 6,79
th So long as the, production of cotton shall prove
)1- as profitable as that of any other article, we may
expect its increased cultivation will continue, un-
til all the lands peculiarly adapted to its cultiva-
tion shall be put into requisition. As, however,
Ts, the cost of producing an article by agriculture,















Wf' We extract the following excellent article
from the Charleston Patriot :-
--"" EvroL'mes7 1-11 Ctrnffre'TTr'CS 'ii^11
every other dcepartrijoiet of human affairi-. An
average co-nditiun of .the supply of "any article of
trade oF general u.-e anhd whose value re-relates
that of ma,vyotlers ef daily consumlptio,, and-
olmmerce, pr'oduces a medium state of prices the
most conducive to general pro-spe, ity. Let us
apply this general remark, to the present condi-
tion St the cotton market. We- cannot but per-
ceive that while -n aiaverage -crop was expected,
there was r, othir- to excite specoutlatiul. With
tihe le.idi ng provo,.ative to rutirc raitile exciteriient.
the groat a[buadatCe of_ money., all .WHs ]uieti-ESS
and tran-Inility. But this expectali,.n became
chianzed. A deficiency, to-a. ina.tertained ex-',"
tent, succeeded this anticipation. Tle specula-'
Stiive fe(eing -has been -radually grown, stronger
as thi is arss'rarice of a deficiency becan-e confirmed,
until s;',-,eblatiol hx-.'ins now to-assumethe fea-
tures of Iarm. W\e say al-aLrm forr nothing could
oe rnore etb~ud in arresting the return of the
pnitrv ., :oidt n -ce d tro:speritY than a s].)e--
blativoe excite-nnut-irrthe article of co.tton,.1he
iIt is fu he i lerceived that the markef is not oo-
-Tveriltd as usuial-bv a natural,..>ut [,Iy a, a,,,'tificlal
g.state .,t' supply .Atd den-Laid, crushed. by tile crnom
| piaritive abundone of mononyon tilhissideof the
FAktlantic. The cuinsMtmpti,'n aand -want of the
Eu.r,,p,.a:1 nmaiket Iave ,o,,ised. for the ,i,..merq,
to re:,_lute the,-, v he 0on- this side. Ca'pitalists
lave ,.,nsiquieiitly. the pover of holding 6ver in-
tile Arnerican markets, to the gro,.t temporary
iij~uy -,t a( s-:.Ia,_l and ,Man.,les1me. conditi,-,n of
traI Ir;. WVe say etr Inporary ipjury, tfr (tle reaction
cinr.i.t be ,:lcla ed>- l;n,:et 'itfon a shi|irieti 0fc spe-
cit, caused by the detention of Cotton on this
side (It' the water alid -the, conse,-.uent scarcity of
hills (lraw,- ,a)-diiit itshall rectify the evil. The
Sr-i,,g irni|,-riati,,s from Europe co,-lpaire-l with
1," '2 and '43, will be large and tile coinpnow ac-
ctruluted in ,.,,mr Banks. which should be diffused-
ove;r lf_ in't-rio,;,to supl'ly the v'oil caused by
the witlidrl,,vol of paper tti>:,re'(?, rnay a.d will go
ba,:ick i ai .a:r, stream to Europe. An cu,nsidera-
l/ln ru,>-om,, ,:.r specie- t1: -ectify a -bala~ieaPf-
tra,-le, t'r"t'c'.--"l by artificial scarcity, is a great
evI'l, and ld v'.veve-r sonie partiess may appear to
b-,Iil.fit hy thlis .,'rcit.y, injthe' eiidlarced pricOe of
the export-4, tlhe country at large sutlters in.iry'in
. all it,- other business relk:ti,,ns. --In the i-,'esnt
cor, d tion ,-,f things a reflux of the current by
S' which .ny hit'e portion of the precious inetils
' shall be di-v,-ii back to Europe, rnust retard th'
restIritl,,n ,.,If confidence with a healthy state.of
L trade. The chlannels of domestic ;,iid irterii,il
t commerce wanf- replenishting with a sp,.-cie cur-
f-rency-that will-invigorate it. The abutdaiilt
'cr,,ps of tIite ph1resenit year would enable-those parts
of the Union which have been deprived of thein
h banks, to supply the equivalet-for specie in~th(
h products of their industry. But if fictitious-va.
lues send the stream of hard money in an oppdsit<
direction to that which natural causes would lead
it to take, every well wisher to the regularity o
g trade will have cause to regret tlhe ch'cuiristanre
)f which such a .forced condition of things is pro
g duced.



r -

. Li,

For the ( ',A*.nnnrCial Advertiser.
Founded on Fact.
I sat beside her couch at close of day
And mourn'dsuch beauty's premature decay;
Anld o'er her sleeping form I gaz'd with eyes
Of grieft suffus'd, and saw the crimson rdyes
Of hectic, purp'lahg'on her cheek; and dead
Her sweet expression seem'd-her smiles had fled.
Along hr garmerlts a soft breath: of ir.
tolee fltit'rng by, awld Mss'd her haz'ly hair,
The'nil ft the roomn forever. Mourning too,
'1 hlieading day .hon. glim'ring through
The window." -Inrie-dly lher heaving chest
Alte.rnate rose and tl;l as on her breast _
Oii, lily hand repos'd, and 'neath her head
The other mid her tresses lay. The dread
Of sunff-cation wok,: her. Clear and bright,
Her eyes- with b,'iiin, of liaiq id aznre light'-
Shone" wildly on r,,,- as ITh feebly slpake: ;
"0 Ilae Y011om at lastt? 4,For pity's sake
Remove this fell disease 0 give me bre-61h! i
Save save a stranger from an awful death!
Far from my home, and froth tny friends I lie, ; f
My name aspers'd, I must obscu.i,-l die. /
AI've been deceived 0 take me frtm this plac/
And shield my innocence from foul disgrace. J
My father once his own Adelia lov'd J,
Ani endless.;. plea-.tires fondly round me mov", ,-'
But crush'd atiid wNi'd by a s-ad reverse, ,
M[\ second )LotI'tl fad our rtunes worse."".
! fled from'] ome-mv, needle eAm'dr my bread- -
My books we ie friends, and balmy was re'bed.
Night follow d 1,i-,14hi from harm I seemed secure
Fuldeti] in sleep, my ,.,dhfdms were sweet, and pure.I
Delusive state While thus Ia alone"
A sudden light ar.,o,.nd nmy chamber-phone,
And stealthy footst.,ps hear my bed, Iheai'd. ;
fTr?,mbling 1 woke-the light lhad disappear'd.
MN, helple..-' state I'saw-pledding, I louder cried,
When-thus an unknown, coarser voice replied
Such s,.'reams oh lieard in houses of ill fame-
Avail (ou nothing. No one [(nows your name.'
My-stupid sn:ses reel'd-a door rloev wide--" -
A light sht through the room, arid by mn):side :
A female form i-ooi o'er me seem'd to bend. "
I la,.igh'd and wept, and cali'd her "dearest ffiend.-"
She prais'd my beautvy-call'd me her own child,
And with softf64rd's mny tender heart begt il'd :
.Collie, go, stid she, the sunniv South to see,
My home i,_ tih e-thy conritant'friend I'll be-'
There, rich Magnolia's and the clust'ling vine,
The gentle breezes and the fragrant pine, ,
And flower\ woodlands, ever shall he ihilne.
No rnore insulted I, y a rnl--ian's grasp,
.In softer love, m' lovely child I'll clasp.'
Who could resi.,t"! I vieWed to her art,
Andwith'worse danger:spie, rc'd my trembling heart.
!Her serpent tongue has falsely told tmV ,haine,
R,veal'd-my-beuitty, and conceai'd r\\\ nrte,
-Arid ever s,.'eik my vi Liue to ido .,
And tears of blood are vain with Mistress Rue. :.
To-da\ she dragg'd me by my aching head,
And threw me helpless trom rny peac-eful bed ; -
Then from my body nmy best garments tore,
Arid left me naked on the cold damp tioor.
0, tender, stranger, take an orphan'ls part,
AiIl I will clasp thee to my grateful heart."
-Mid gushing tears *i'bade her sooth her grief,
And, ere the niornIng, I would bring relief.
-The night soon fle.d-t-he dawning day airose,
And glad I ran to calm the-orphan's woes.
'By."te:tlth I srood within hei' chamber door,
And there I saw, aslee-p upon the floor,
A o. Atd on ,erT'de"fa fsnefiTTi" *':
onCojpo'o :-le s,.em'd as on her side she lay,
And calm and loueky as the opening day.
Her ,,,ft, fair hanid, adorn'd" with prectousi gold,
Was pale and puL-elesi.nmtioiiles;s and coil. ..
With re I n fa:, i fear. i-rais'd her drooping g head--
0 crtnel scene! thefoyvely gr'0 was dead! i

* --"n

len only one article is cultivated, depends up,-,rt
*any cortitgericeu-, it is impossible to rix the
wvest price atL which it can be profitably pro-
aced ; but a planter who is out of debt, with a
Wee that makes a crop of three hundred bales of
tton, can, it is said, at the present low prices
supplies, comfortably support his family, -and.
ut his: cotton in paekages'ready for market, in-
uding cost of bagging and rope, at ten dollars
*r bale of four hundred pouds, which is 2j
ants per lb.; and if he obtain a price that will
ett 5 cents perilb., after de'djctirig freights, com-
ission. and other charges, it will give him a nett
venue of $30,000; thereby yielding, over and
bove family expenses, an interest of 10 per cent
er annumn upon a capital of $30,000, which is a
heater Wji in -proportion, I-believe, than has
een ,:,bWaed for any plantatioli recently-sold.
lie re-establishment of confidence will tend
neatly to enhance the value of land and labor ;
id, as a cotton planter has to buy a large porti,,,
' all that he consumes, any considerable upward
actuation- in the price of other cornirdi ties,
ill greatly add to the cost of his -own crop.
evertheless,..tlie cost of producing Aotton will
probably sel,omi exceed the .price obtainiable;
nd its cultivation is likely to be steadily extend-
3t, until the means of-extension are exIhauste,1.
The average -increase.+in the growth of cotton
t:he United States, for, the last twenty, years,
Appears to have been about 7 per cent per annum.
1,,-,ld thlie .saine ratio of increase be continmted
intil the year 1j.O0, the crop of the United States
rill thenwamount to three millions five laundred
hous.nd bales- and, should this great quantity'
cotton be pr(,duced, past experience warrants
he belief that it %%ill all be wanted; for, hereto-
,ire, at moderate prices, the? consumption has
at milttyN kept pace with, but run ahead of tlhe
ro\vth. until checked by the reduction of stocks,'
nd the c6nse,.|iierit advance of prices. But there
a linit to thle extension of cultivation, and-
here is nolon'Ze" capacity in the-Initt.d States.,
ithoult a grea t divers'io,-of labor frorn other
Mrsuits, to increase the growth of-cotton in the
alio of 7 per cent per annum. The average
Top of the Urtited States, for fi e years, from-
?36 to IS40 was 1,625.000 bales. '' *' .
s37 to 1s41 1,60,0)00 Av.,inc.3.38pr.:at.
93StolS42 1,732,000 3.28 *s
839to1843 *1 1,$48,000 6.69 "
making the-average increase, in these -- ,
eight years, ................. ... ....4.41 "
Ilh this period, are included, three very large
xop's, and only one very short crop; and it will
irobably be fairer-to take the difference between
ie crops ,tf "54:- and 1840, (the two fullest and
largest crops ever/made,) which difference is one
hundred and ninety-six thousand bales. This
thows anfannual increase, in the last three years,
f about 3 per cent; which may be asttmed as
he probable increase of the growth of cotton in
his country for a series o r.yea's to come, pro-
ided no extraordinary occu6rrences interpose,, to
listurb the settled arid-stead y progress of events.
Thle two largest crops ever made in North Ala-
area and Tellies-ee, Were, in the year41831, about
)L Ieunrdred and seventy-two thflousand "bales;
nd -in the-yeai-~-l84&, about o. huLnrdred 'and
inet V-onetlhusaiid .bales-showi na ntnt', increase,
nI tw'elve ,.ears, of only nineteen thousand bales;
nd the large,,t' intermediate crop was one hn-
lr'ed and fortN-rit thousand biles. Ilil the At-
atiitic states," there h;->sbeen nio in-ecrease in iThe
,'rovwth of cotton for si- years. The largc-f[crop
2ver rnade there, was the growth of 1 -" ,- abou'at
ix hundred and fifty)-wo thousand bales. In
hese large portions of the? cot t-growIn!" region,
t is not probable, therefore, that the crop-, already
,natK+<-.v ""it\L.. --fu i iriO.,tu'" Ig.cii it.i t~o-_ioua..t.c. l/,..+--6U ,M h -.,i-
ceeded ; and they may be deemed to have nearly
reached their maximttm. In the ten years frorn
IS30 10 1^4) toe population of Alabania increas-
ed r5'5 per cent; antd the receipts cottonn, at
Mobile alone, have already reached nearly half a
million of bales. During the sarte period, ,1.e
populatio.%if Mississippi increase "2'0 per cent;
and n rfge portion '.-I her., most -v~luable lands
are already uuder cultivation. There. is no pro-
bability, therelbre, that the future increein the
rodu,.6tion of cotton, i, these two stwo rtes, will
.-ear any proportion to the iitcrease in the ten
Vears last past. The largest f.futher auutnenta-
lion of fthe growth of cotton~in the United States
is, th erefore, in a great measwre, limitedd .tothe
re-gion of count ry west of the M[ississip pi river,-
t,,-Arlar~ans.-a?,d the western" part-of Louisiiiinti;
a ,,d, a A p ,, u, ttl a i,_o i nem rea .,es In tlhe h iglh cotton-
gr,-,wvng latitudes, where the? cr'op is most pr'e-
c;arious., it is lrol:able that thiere- will be a gt'id.
ual i-tversion ,of hab,:r fro0ir thje cultivation ot" cg
ton to other objects, as has already beer, e^
rienced 'in Vt'irtiia and Northi .arolira, m'
the ct'ops have beetn reduced from, one lumd_lH
and thirteen thousand bales, in the y'eat" l .-t
tw(?rtt\-one thc_,nsand bales, in] tlhe year 1l''^?
ht 1North Alabatna ard Tennessee, th_ i
tahtty ot" tlie c,-ttotn erop is more th;-ri ot'-_
say, as four in ten. The crop ,of 15'3i .:!.f !
hi,,dred. atid sevenity-two thousand baless^
cro1p of ISyj' was si'xtv-,tire thousand ba^ i
The people of that sect(ion ,-, c .)tr'y w|,,;; ,
portu-nity oflers, gr.adually direcT'tl{:eir at/i, (
less doubt f,.l Iprocducts. '-=/.~
In vieW of the successful tnan,_tfaB.-.e o
cotton itn tle-e.;nited States, which- h~as-".,ort

th-a t,'ebled in the List sixteen ye ars, a,.,
considering the cotstattly *autn-e,,ting:alita
applicable to ani1fart 'irIi i pttrposes, ttis b4rnncI
of manufacture -eet,,s mmore likely t6,.procr'es
.in ail accelerated tlhan 9. dir,,inished.'rati,.-
The increase of c..iis.i.i.ptirnt has nowV""pparentl'
overtaken the increase of p rodction ;tndKilt
the manufacture of cotton in tllis ert-'tiy^ t,:
after, increa-.e iti a ratio coi,,spoigi wJH, th
past, our su.'l,tus for forei-ji rarkct w.... t
create" incre,-Is of prod, -Uin t ha"- a'flar
been -realized, Can never exceei.I the- gt..st ex
port already, obtained. : :: i "
It is worthy'of remark, that, tlhe Stock of-cotto
on hand in Great Britain, at the close of the yea
1820, was four hundred and fifteen thouIS.id.balt:
being a supply of forty-three weeks~consumpt i,-,n
and the-stock of cotton in the ports of Great Bri
tain, at the ,,lose of each yc-ar, frc) I- 1.5 to 1'53,:
was an average supply for about thirty-two, week
consumption-exceeding the stock (as compare
with the consumption) on hand,:at the close <
the year 1842, by a supply fotr about seven week
Nevertheless, prices were maitiitioed. during-tt
whole of- this period bf thirteen years, muc
above the present quotations ; and, subsequent
1830, they ruled much higher S. T. C.

MECHANICS'' BANK'.OF GEooGIA.--The followii
named' gentlemen have been elected Directors
the Mechanic's Bank of Augusta, for the ensuib
year--A. Sibley, J. M. Adams, T. S. Metca
Josiah Sibley, A. Gould, J. B. Walker, P. N
Rathbone, A. W. Smith, J. M. Hand. At a meE
ing of the Board, A. Sibley, waswuianimously i
elected President. "'
(whig) was elected to the U. S. Senate by the I
gislature of Maryland on the 29th ult. His el(
tion dates from 4th March, 1843.

it We published in our last arn obituary notice
of Mr. E.BB. Johnson. A mistake occurred in
the name, Nhich should have been- S. S. J"oh nson
The obituary Was published: Nva-wa 4fdedlto
us, and we make this necessary coit iton atone
request of Mr, E. B. Johnson, the brother oa'fe
-deceased. who is at present in our city. '"'
-: .t "'8~ We inadvertantly omitted last week no-
t.tice the reappearance -of the "Florida Jourt.l,"
underundr the editorial management of E.R.Boyle,
** +.aEsq. The second number is on por table, and"
gives evidence of being well corducted.
--. yWehave also received a b'ew paper entitled
. 4 The Age*,'i published in New Orleans by C. AV.
Duhy & Co .The Age e!touses Democratic doc-
trines, and is ably edited. :
11"{ The U. h^eavmer Poinsett, R; Semmes,,
Lid*I. Com'ding touched in here last evening
from'Pensacola. She leaves this afternoon for
Tampa Bay. *-.*--* -
i5c Mr."Rack ettof New York, the celebrated
";*-.. Comedian,land reprseentative Fof Shakspeare's
H ?" Hamlet), King" Lear, Falstaff, &;., as a]o .the,
.original, Solomon Swap, the Yankee; Col.
Wildfire, the Kentuckian, and other amusitig
-characters, is now in this city, on his route to
New Orleans. Mr. H. gives an entertainment
this evening, a4t the Mansion House- and as this
j iiithe first opportunity that many of our citizens
"i hrade; had to witness a display of the histrionic
'talent-of this gentleman, and may be the last, no
.... doubt all will improve it, and a crowded room
imay be expected. The beauty and fashion of the
c ,ity will be in attendance, and we will be there
"" :'*too--if we can raise a dollar.

r: "Our, devil'has, just called for copy, and there
is none on hand. -We have seissored every thing
-; out of our exchanges, and havev,'er little of inte-
_. rest, at that. Copy, must be bad, and we must
write something' Wvha.t can be said that has not
been said before ? As father Ritchie would say-
.j + .. .. .. .- +-
j. dY o u s yerron s. +-* .: -. : '*f : ....
,- Since the controversy on Puseyism has been
/.; brought to a close, no subjects vital importance
has agitated our community. The great excite-
: ment which that controversy created has subsided,
and %wY are now ; in a most glorious state of qui-
:S" ecence; every thing glides on as smooth as tlhe
unruffled waters of a lake in suntmer-except the
the weather and the mailq. The former, in our
latitude, seems entirely to have baffled the astro-
nomers and the almanack-makers; and the latter,
no one oan geto' the hang"7 of.- They say that _the
weath-er is regulated by the moon; if so, we fear
that Professor Burritt, in his c6riresponderce with:
-.her 6f late, has.caused her. to neglect her.-duty
towards .s;" for, within the lasgt week,-we have
had a little of all kinds of weather : one day we
''lave unclouded sun-shine, the next the 'big rain
comes dancing to the earth,l the third, drizzle,
mist and fog' combined; on the- lbttrth, Old Sol
'beams down as though he intended to drive win-
l;^ter into the middle of next NYear, rendering suin-
A mer apparel quite comforiable; and the succeed-
ing- he reftiss &o show himself 'at : all,t and the
north winds come. whistling around us, requiring
all the .'store 'clothes' we. can raise to keep out
,- the coldd' on the sixthl we "have transitory 'sti-
_'-. beams, with fog and drizzle accompaniment, and
l' njight.the rain pours down again in torrents,
-, '; threatening to submerge every thing-arnd had wei
:+;: nit always deemed Professor Espy af hutnbug, we
1? #should h ave su opposed that he .was som aew here- ir
-+~ our !diggins'giving practical.-iihtstrationsh o~h is
theory.: The New-,OrIleans papers occasiona{l
ico t-mplain t the state of their weather, but w
;' i'hink' had :they spent the last week here, the
f.;-; wouldd concl-Ud~e" that they feared: first-rate, am.(
'-)[, + foreverater old their peace. ',
7.=; The mails, in; our Teriatory, are as bad :as tl,
+ ^weather,'and need as mtuch ecorrectiotn. Fron
J:' Taillaassiee, th~e Capitol of .Florida, and .iwitl
-,:*:. 't', ffa-h vw-. oufght.to e !' i~n !daily comrmrrutnication;
:'"i"We receive news about once a month,'on tlhe ave
"' rafge. TIhe Legislative Councilco~nvened" theirr
:i, -. s thysday two *weeks, and we have r eeeiv'ed noiter
./ '6^-thei~r proceedings' yet. :2The Govertnor's Mes
.' :!.aage we may get by the next mail, if we :are i
:L' *'t~*'lc a~ndThall lay it before pur readers, if" it i

/.'. t ooderate in length, We shall als0: endeaor t
.oii:' give them some'idea-of what the Council are dri
/ it i tig at, wif'-weece.ive "anintelligence from-thx
'-'\bI_ 'before its adjournment-which,.from -pre
7 .;s;r ent appearancess, we have some cause to doubt
*' e have received no Columbus' papers since
*i Christmas, and' look anxiously for them by th
, ,.nextamail, aswe wishI to hear how the holiday
._Va8Bedloff with our friends at the head of naviga
Ao' -ton-who are- electetd'County Officers, Mayoi
Aidermeia, &c., iti which we'take some intere
a e are ourself from the Queen of the,' GeorA
R5 itate.'* Now these mail failures are aggravatir
4v" &ve to the calm, good-natured, job- like printer
;":m arst less a favorable change takes place sooy
_w .we shall be under the disagreeable necessity
,..again corresponding -with the President of- tl
_:" .United States. While on this subject, we mu
.','.ol Mr meed of praise to the Mail Contract
-.....betweeA this. place and Chattahoochee-Cap
: VAN VEGHTENv. The Steamer Siren, command
ed by Judge SHARPLESS, performs her trips wi
Great punctuality, and has not, within our reco
election, failed to have the mail here by the ho
..specified in the arrangement.
The new Council have had several meetin-

Committee on Appeals.
Wm. G. Porter, I I Beni'n Salter,
Win A. Kain, J Vn. H. You"4-"
1R-SyvjdtGr. R:aney.
It-AEint BATES.'
yer-pool ...... Dec. [Ne' York ..... Jan.
avre, ......... ..New Orleans,.. "
vaua ......... 15.r harleston .... "


Checks at sight on- N York". ... par.
".. Boston,.,...i -2 pr c prem.
Clharleston,. .1-2
." Savannah,.. .1-2
Bills on New York,.'... 30 days..., 1 per e dis't.
'+ ,.". ..R0)daV-s...- "'
-,... 90 days..... :k a 2J .
Oi all other N4jfern cities,..the .same rates.
-To Liverp6ol,-..:-,.......... ...5-8d.pr lb. "
New.-York,.,.. ;..... ..5-?c "
D' Boston, 1.'.-....... .....;.+V:5-86 .. 14-
There are no foreign engagements to report ex-
cept to fill-lp, which was taken at q'd. Coastwise
shipments are goirg on freelyat('i<. Severallarge
vessels are loadingfor New Orleoas at $1 950 per


uaiO. fL+'_ ... -
The. operations of-Fie past week have been very
limited. Tile weather during the fore part was
",n^dT^)^vty(Tbg3 't~r~i.-41e-vere much ;'-.
lighter than fCr- seyerat week's past. Tf kfiner
g.ades .-are._f mAt. delumand, anid the. pries are --.
'belter sirstaine-d than for the,.iYIddling and oidi- .
nary, tbesal.-esof-which have been at irregular |
rates, depeaduig.on thje necessitie& of. the pa-ties. "
Ae have-however to state a declim-tl.fron the high /
vtews-rf..holders reported .op the. 1st of Janifary, '3
of oza..1aa'9U'yi~idT ng, and .i ic.t .


on mttid~uar nd he -obW'ergraoea. .
Our woas/.altcipatior, s. ar beiig realized wi :kk
regard to .the-croMhth Florida avd the lower coun--.
ties of G-orgia, bordering on the Ch-atahoochee.
Many of t lw crops are alrefii in market, and are
less than hulf of last year's yield. The estimates
of the deficiency in the Chattahoochee district air va,.:
very gMefal at 4' of last crop. Tle sales of td ie
pat week are said to. be,..mostly for French ac-
eount; :-The sales of th"-t.ek, amount to oniy
_4098 bales, as follows :--1-WAs at 7j ; 30 at i;
7S at 8; 65 at 8J, 130at 8-- 26 a ;'130 at 81; 45
-at 9; 160 at 91; 18 at 9+-; 203 at 91; ~-S,..568 <
at 91 cen ts per lb. "-' .., ." -
We q,.tote .6rdinarv 7 to 71; middling 8 to81; "
mniddli,,g fral 9. to 94; fairg 91,a'. ^ ..
There i4 -more inquiry ko-day, but few sdea have
.taken phwe. -:' + \ .. "- : :.
GR.OCEIE~s-"Our maIet is well supplied_ with
Groceries. Recent; aj rivajs.fiaom New O teans
and*.Cuba have added- io our stock. A sae of
Cuba Mori.-ses was made at 26 'cents' fna the
whia-rH. WVesteriT Flour may be quoted at ,9"25 a .
$5 37. ..a C offe- 6L a 8 cents per 1b. Rice
$3 25. per 11B) lbs. "
Stock oft hand .............. + *.
_Received'since ourlast,....r...6,818 "
l ,, feviously. /..,./.... .46,078
S. ...5.3,107 bales.
E.xf. ,rtied i si e o 'r last,3..-. 3,554
"" evousl, .. ...... 18,405
.. .^.?+.. ++- .:- : _*:* / 21,959 ;" :-'
',Stol~k 1on1 hand not cleared,.......31,14"'
17 (Pv the Burgundy, at New York )
HA IlE, Dec. 9--COTTON-The Joumal de
H-ivre of the 8th December gives the following ac-
coant : On the 4th and 5th 4600 bales sold. The
mareet had then continued firm for three days and
thi (ein:demad good for Loui.aiana : ordinary 7tf and'
? r,7r 1-,1:,o ",ni_. ry so itr a6 4.-5_1 he Austerlitz with
1563 brtles-tfrom 'New Orleans.; th t osele and
r Ma' Iiihball 1troin Charleston, \i 2600 bags
new cotton had arrived. On the 6lh, 374 bales at
69f for La. and 72f for Florida; on the 7th the
market \wvS 1 quiet--prices remained in the position,,
With \Pr'V little disposition to renew purchased, the,
news tro'ni Chin aand the tEast'lndies.being con-
Sidlred favorable. The sales on the 70 small.
r" ]ie.inh,-r9.--The Havre Revue (.orntnerciale
f a^s that the receipts of Colton for tpe week'end-
in" D,.c. Srh, had been 5,269 bales, if which 1553
7. r 2,720 frpmi Charleston,
woret-t'roin Ne%% C ea s z z f
! and Sl4 froth New York. Three cargoes Qf the
new crop had arrived--bur, thf preferenet- val
. given to_ old. Duritna -the fisrfthree da-yi'-tklm.+
% %ere active at a sli-fit ad.%An&e.; but they had be- '
e 1o0, e more moderate in cseuence of the quiet
-tnartkelts at Liverpool. -lie prices U. S. Cotton
e had risen 2 to 3 centimes; and advices by the
1 Francois1st produced nochange. We indquo-
)f t,itions of Loui'ine, ie, ve ordinary to middling,
691, COrtadtarv, 75; good ordinary 80; courant 89,
. bon courant 93. :, .*. .


N.EW YRIK, Jan. 5.-CO'rTON--There is a
great deal of steam on the market to-.ey, and -
amid the flying reports it is, difficult to get at the
correct state of thie market; The sales yesterday
are reported nitich la rg.'.-r than we had then, there
,in bet.e1la rge ,sule- reported late in the day,
Tlie estinmiate of the sales of the two days are very
VitrloLS, ranging firor, 9,000 to 16,070 bales. As far;
-ase --can ascertain 10,000-baEs; for the two days'
would be' near the mark. Ont lot of 400 bales is,
reported to have been eold. Thle market has beel...
uui~uVai, and an advance o.f f


It is stated that a firm in Boston intend building,
before spring, six steamers, to be prop,-lled by the
Ericesson screw, for the Albany trade. They are
to be constructed of iron, and of three lhundred
tons capacity, and are to run between Troy, Al-
bany and Boston. 'They will make the passage,,,
it is thought, in about forty hours. Flouris to
be carried in them at fifteen cents a barrel, to the
injury perchance of the Western Railroad.

I~--~ -"II~ -~~--`-- --I

' ... ...._-

...~.~,~~.L--C-.4u- ~-:ilL- d~~lillC-dAl

14I .1ll i 1Ii1 I-

s ner, master, will meet wtnh despatch.
For freight apply to
dec-25 W. A. & P. C. KAIN.
-,. FOR. LIVERPOOL.-British baitw4,P 4 '-.
^^^^ ROBERT WATTS, Johnson. inasll'd _,
. !..now discharging, and will be iia.f,,,_ :
r~tceive fireiglit in a few days, for .which arppy .16
dec II".J. DAY& Co. i
HASSEE, Hadly,.inasteg, will meet with ./
despatch. For Ireight apply to
decll J. DAY &.Co.

_ _IP~II _~


tbeen obtained. The quotations are somnwlial un-
vettled, but are nearly as follows,: We quote Up-
land, ordinary to middling 8 a 9; 'middling fair 94
a.9ji good fair 10 a 104; and New Orleans and
Mobile ordinary to middling 8K a.94 ; middling
.fiir to fair 91 a 10+; and good adiri-0 a 11.
:-. HtRLESTON, Jau. 6.-C-roToN-The ope-,
.. -ations durin-gtlie past week have been very light,
=articularly when compared to those of several
weeks previous. All speculative spirit seems to'
*have deserted 'piirchaseri at this moment, and as
i our present prices are undoubtedly too high to per-
Tnit foreign orders to be executed, tlie ruarket has
come to almost a dead stand. Neverhelcless; hol-
ders corninue apparently firm, and disinclined to
submit 1o aniw reduction,, and we do not feel our-
selves atltor'ised, from the few sales made yester-
day, to Aufote an aotual +decline, but. at the same'
tune are compelled to state fliat the market at its'
:- .close, exhibited all thie s\m~ilom of a downward,
z' .tendency. The sales, ,,'f the week amount to
: 2672 bales at from 8i to 91 cqenis per lb.
SAVANNAH, Jan. 9--COrTON-The market
'for Uplands on Fridav'was without animation,
-,'only.400 bales being sold. Oti Saturday the de-
_'mrand increased, the sale; amounting to 1300 bales,
-and yesterday about 1500 bales were sold at very
full prices, and in some instances an advance ,f
ic perlb on the prices paid last week. ThPe sah-s
of the last three days sumr up 3,193 bales at from
8 to 9e per lb,. __

-. : ..,_.-". / EXPORTS. : _-
BOSTON--Per bark Tiberius-1007 bale4.
Per ba'que Conl merce-732 bales cotton.
: N YORK--Per brig CE Platt-425 bales cotton
_27 boxs tobacco, 2 bbls beeswax and 227 sticks of
Per. bark MArse'-1092 bales coftbn.
'N OR LEANSN--.Per schr Swallow-298 bales. -
...... IMPORTS.
BOSTON-Per brig Cynosure-.-5 pkgs mdze to
D B' Wold &' -Co;,-3 do'S Dill & Co.; 16 to--B Ellis
31 t6 R Ropes; I3 to* D Goddard; 85 to WNit-
mafrh &';Richardson. ,.
I.! YORK.-Per ship" Troy-10,0 bales My to
ord4r. * .
Per sh ip Oeean-100 bales hay to order. "
BALTIMORE.--Per schr Mary Wilkes Qil)
pkgi mdze and 11 tons castings -to H W Nance;
15 pkgs mdze and 5 tons castings to Kimbrough &
Ridgwav; 230 pkgs to R Ropes; '011, do C Rogers.
N. 0RLEANS.-Per schr Lion-2.5 bbl.s whis-
key, 20 do sugar, 20 do flour, 40 do molasses, 25
sks cbflee, 3-2?cks bacon to McKay & .Hartshorne:
181) pk- mdze to, S'Crosby, 448 do to order. /
P]?r schr Seminole-172 pkgs mdze to Loc'-
hart & Young; 30 do H R -Ta3lor & Co.; 30do
0reei & Connery; 30 bbls and 5 hdgs sugar 2-1
sks coffee to Kimbrough & Ridg\va% ; 9'.1 l_,-1 of
tize to S Crosby; 396 sks coffee to H D DWr len;
30"b1s whiskey,:20 do flour, 1 do loafs) "CipL Tavlor. "
CARLESTON-Per shipl)-Lyons-1,000 ft
".urnber to order.. W -
%' ; St.. IARKS.-Per sclir Elizabeth aruline-
119 If bap's cotton to N'xurse & Stone.
HANANA.-Per sclir C H Hoopsr--372 b.,g'
-' coffee, 6 bbls and 2 hlids molasses' 2"25 m. ontd 4
bxs sears, 1 bbl sweetmeats an, fruit toT L_
; M i'tc h e l. ; '/-

R L I C E I P T S t 1 P.' ,C i . .
",. -.:.... !Per stemiL-r Florelce-- : bales cIton to
"- 0Preston & ldil-lay; 10.3 to"Kiiibrougli & RidP, aN;
6 S tor Loc.h-Art & Young, i-4 to C Rogers, 50 to
T r L M'itchel.
-'Per steamer "rall ias;e-111 bales cotton to
SLockliiart & Young; 10' to C Ro)gers; Of0 to I M
:Wright.; 6 to Preston 6, Maclay, 49 to Till ing-
hast, Stark sT, Co.; "22 t'o order.
Per steamer Auguta-150 bales cotton to Chas
--- ':-R -x" t',i" to aeriollriT ;:; Ctrtt, li'2i to .L.,:lz.
hart & Yolfn)'; to H.rper & Holmie-s; 54 tb
"-W G Porter C (o; 1-5 tb Preston & M.1clay ;42S
to, McKay,& Hartsqiorne; 31 to A Wylie ; 27 Co
-W, A & P -0 Kain; 1 to Per'ry & Dickirfson; 100
". to brder. -.-2 -; *--- .. .,:,- .-:
Pe. sfe'ainer Cliarleston-'23- bales ctt-n, to
-*<.:- Moore &.'McKenzie; 210_to J Day & Co.; 136 to
-("- 'n McKai & Hartsihorne; 41) to narper & Holr~es;
23 to Varrior &, Co.; 11 to Lock!teart & Yotng;
: .1" to order .
/ ""''" Per tearner Siren-100 bales cotton t,- CIiste r
-, i, ,l\cfiriff; 6.3 to W G Porter & Co.; 39, to Link-
heart t. Youn;-, 17 to Pei rY %-Dickins'4. :
: _._... Per" steamer-.Apalaichicola-184;bales c,_ttoi to
/ ...- Kimbronghi ,% Rid~wav; 14i." to Mec~ay & H~rts-?
,>- .ho)fvi 50~ to T. L IMitchel ; 75' t,: T" Bttle; S.o
-VJones;9Pto Moore &. Mcl~er, .ie; tai Ha'petr
... OIaol es;.-! b -tobacco to .D G Raney.' ,'
": Per steamer Agiies--S'3 bales cotton 'to W'A &
:/P Kaih; .3-28 to E L Jeanrenaud; 45 toVV A
;, "''W o'd; 5 to"D .G Raney. ". ...
Persteamer Oconee--'.11 bales 'cotton l,_ Pres-
%- : .(:on &.Maclay; '12(5 to Fl,:.wellern Butt; 42 t~o
?McK'ay &. ,20 to W GPur~tei.&'Co..; 52 to. A Wylite; 34 to
"^ Perry &. Dcl,; in..oo; 42 :to- Lo}ckh art "&. 5ioung ;
1t2 to W A &.PC Kain ; 9 t: Kilibroi.i-;! Rulg-
way ; 10 tO order. -
Per sitearmer. Siren--80 bales c,: to,:n to t H&
,-:;H Aus~tini; 32 to D G Raney;:20to BS lrawley.
;.!'15 to PreSton .& Maclay; G to IMcKav & Harts-
'homeb; 6 to Fulgin ; 5 ,to W G Porter" & Co.
"Per-:barg~e Flat Slioals--15 bales cottorito W G
:Porter. &. Co.; 29 do Farrior & Co.; 18 do and 165
h id e s to J M y ric k *; -
.,L**U. Per steamer Lowell---259 bales cotton to. D B

*Wood,& Co.; 235 to I M Wright; 63 to,McKay
*& Hartshorne;' 106 to Hill, Dawson &Co.; -16 7
7 ,jo Moore & McKenzie; 5 to Lockhart & Young.,
Per steamer Boston-351 bales cottmi to J. 0
R.use; 323'W A & P C Kain; 23 D B Wood & Co-
11.M H Baldwin; 66 Perry & Dicksnsoi; 46 Ches-
ter. McGriff. '

..--; .... --.a-BJ. NOTE _TAILE.-,- ..
All the Banks of South Carolina .. ...... par.
S (Bank State 6f Georgia and Branches....... par.
TPlarwers Bank, Savannah...- .. ;-...,... par.
., .Marine & Fire Insurance Bank and Blmnches.par.
tCent raj R ail Road Bank,r.-- :5 pr cent. dis.
i l Bank of Augusta ........................ par.
Mechanics Bank, Augusta.. i ar'
Augusta Insurance and Banking Co. Lugusta par.
Georgia Rail Road & Banking Company, do..par.
,-ji;-.anK of BrunsWick............ ...... ....,par.
..Bank.0of Milledgeville,..... .... .... par.
.' TUomercial Bank, Macon............. ......par.
-/",',, Bank .Si. 3iajvs, Columbus_.... -.. ... .par.
/ Pho'mx Bank, Columbus.... .... ..4 .... .... par.
/ _tucketrsvitle-Banking Co., Ga. 2Jper cent. dis.
w "intrBank of Georgia.... 6 a 8 per cent. dis.
-- Merchants' Bank of Macon ............ 3 pr c dis.
0Ocmulgee Bbnk, Macon, Ga ...... ...... -broke.
Monroe Rail P`0ad and Banking Cbnpany. broke..
Bank Of Darien and Brahches.... ,....... broke.
"Insurance Bank of Columbus ........... broke.
.,'Bank of Columbus... broke.
Planters and Mechanics Bank, Cohmbus.. broke.
Bank of Floi'ida....... .......... par.
:All other Banks in Florida ....... ........ broke.

B"AGGING-100 pieces Neish Higging, for sale
l: -ow to close consignment, by :
^: FARRDR & Co.
jan15 44 NVater street.
S, PORTING HATS.-A fresh mpply of Wool
k Sporting Hat, just -received and for sale by
J 5.1, 33 Water st.

janl5 -

Andrew S. Cookie,
No.:5 Canal, cor. Tchoupitoulas st.,
New Orleans, La.. :
Refers to-Messrs Harper & Holmes,
"-janl5 tInov : Apalachicola, Fil.
Fire Innsurnaiice Agenncy.
,.;1 ANCE CO."' with a capital of .;:3O,),0. have
aipolinted the ulndersiigned, their Agent, to make
Insurance in the City0f ApaladIcico'la *arnd its vi-
cirnity, or1 Cottoil-in Warehouses,, Sheds, Presses,
or cm the Wharf, and every other description of
mernechandiise. Also, 6n Warehouses, Dellings,
aiid other buildings, -tousehlAd Furniture,: &c,,
against Iloss or d,:lnamg,, by Fire, .Losses promptly.
ailiu-;t,4-and paid. pl.liati.s will receivejim-
Inl-dIate atterntti>n at the Office of the Ag66'c,
"over D. G. Raney's st,:.re, Water street.
" Atal:chicola, Jai. lsl 1 1.< jl.' f14

EXCHANGE--Bough and sold, b
dec 4 Agent Bank Brunswick.

J! DA.;'& Co. offer for sale-
o' 30' Bbls northern Flour, .,.-': *
50 do. western do.
...... 1 o.. i -(and Bbl Buc-kwhet ilour,
Q0 Bbls N. 0. Molasses, :
.5 Hhds St. Croix Sugar, ;
30 do. Porto Rico do.
: ; .i3 do N 0 do. : '. *: t
"; : 2,0100 1bs Loaf do. : .
=-" 2uOi) lbs crashed do.,. *
0(m20)0I0 Ibs Pulverised .-d. '
;;>.* 35 tons Iron, assorted, -
* **?:" 250 kegs Nails, do. '- : ;" .
'* ':"" 400 pCs India Bagina,. : -"'-^: \
--- <--'...Ou c i :,ls Rope, ^ : ; : , r
':'- .' : --<.3 00 bags Rio Coffee,.- *'*" ..... -:- .
": -. 7,;7f do. JavaandSt/.Domingo6-co,'- ';
Ni" 5 li boxes fresli Raisins,
50 boxes Havana Segars, various kinds,
50 bales Domestics, .
'200 pr Negro Blankets,
20) cases Negrio Shoes,
20 doz. patent-cast steel Hoes,
10)0 kegs and hilfkegs FFF Powder,
2-uho bags Shot, various sizes,
200 lbs bar Lead. decll

jan"3 50 water street. "
...... .OR NEW YORK.-The fine fast-
i saying copper and copper-fastened ship
3E=ACH.RLEAGNE, Packard, master. For
freight or passage, apply to W. A. WOOD,
dec 112 3 Water st.
^ bErkGILBER'T,:'Giverif mi'aster, having
S her entire calgo engaged, will have des-
patch as above. For rIssage apply t"
i ah15 ,51 water gtvV&
^^^ Clilt, master, will clear to-morrow
sa (,Ttesdoa') as aboiv. Vor freight or pas-
sage applyC to the master ou board or to :
B EL S'ON & GO., -
janl5 1. Water. st,
5-- BBIS. Pilot and Navy Bread; alf.o-illot. :
0,} ofi rst quality Goshen Butt~er, in small
kegs for family use, for sale by !.
jant 27 -water At** "
J "UST ARRIVED and now. lauding from.sqhr. ^
l Boston-100 Bbls Potatoes i
5 Bbli Wh ite Beals- .... -:
20 do. dried. appks, -
)5 do. green do. :, -
1000 lbs choice family butter, in boxes con- ':
training from 4 to 30 lbs each, all in
p rim e ord er, :.'
5000 feet white pine boards, for sale by
decll S. DILL & Co. 29 Waterst. s "

Oil {'olisiil-tlielt.
1r.0 c.,ills KIOiitckY bale-Rue;
_.., 20) firkins Goshen Buttelr;
:; ;" 15 halt'-lirkins do.
2 '- 0 ba^. Java Cflee.
T,7 For sale low tbr cash, by

O BBLS Mess Pork, 20 do Prime do,
2-V) 30 bbls Mess Beef, 10 do Prime A.
50 bbIs northern Flour, 20 hf do d ,. do
2.5 hlf bbis Buckwheat, 5<.bbis white.Beaw.
-50 firkins selected Goshen and Dairy B utter,
5. 5 bbls (folsev &,Waldey's) cbrash'A Sugar,
1 i500lbs3 .do : do Loaf do
80 bxs and 4.bxs Raisins, 300 ibs Verdigris,
:/401) lbs Putty, 35!kgs pure White Lead,
-:. 10 kgs Black Paint, 15 do No 1 White Lead,
10 bxs Tobacco, 100 bxs Soap,
S chests Tea, 3 bbIs smoked Tongues,
dec25 23 Water st.

O11 Coisiguuieii,
1.gD BALES. Heavy Cotton Osnaburas, suitable
1 _/ foir nezro wear, (or sate low for cash, by
jan" No -2. Columbus Block

, AY AND POTATFOES-1.00 bales supenor
Eastern:Hay; 75 bbl-'. Potatoes, now land-
i,i,_" froinbarque Noble, atid for sale bv
**S. DILL & c Co.


10 boxes muscatel Raisins;
10 kegs Malaga Grapes;
10 casks cheese, (a fine article);
For sale low by FARRIOR & Co.
dec7 44 Water st.

Sugar-25 barrels. .
Molasses-53 barrels. ..
Whiskey-35 barrels. '
.i:. : Flour--50 barrels. ;*: i .-
Cranberries-8 half barrels, -- "
Lard-20 kegs. 1-
Bacon-4 casks. :-
Just received per, sehr. -wallow, and fu.;r sale
jan8 40 water street.
Matilda', =-
Adventures of Mons. Violet,
Adventures of Laurentini in search of his
Father, just'received and for sale by
jan8 27 Water st.


500 Sacks Corn, for sale by *
5 0 M. A. MYERS,
jan8 28 water st.

N AILS-100 kegs S\veeds Iron Cut Nails'
N1Just received and for sale by
T. H. & C.' H. AUSTIN,
61 BBLS of ROSIN, for sale low,
UI apply to FARRIOR & CO.,
jyl 44 Water:At.



- **'

FOR LIVERPOOL.-The A 1, shi*i
.GEORGE SKOLFIfLD, Skolfield, m_
ter, having her enti re cargo engaged will
meet with despatch. For passage -apply to
janl 5 51 'Water st.:

Per steamer Augusta-Mr. C C Green & lady;:
Capt. J M Harris, B H Robinson, *C F Bemis, J N
Webb, W D Everson.
Per steamer Charleston-J McKenzie, lady and
-children ; Miss NMory Welborn, Miss M Welborn,
Dr. Tliua-. Messrs". Welborn, Wood, Solomons,
Brv,'e, I-udso,, Knight.
Per steamer Apalachicola-T Battle, W Jones,
J Porter. J F C Farrior.
Per steamer Agnes-W H St.ark, M B Avery.
Per steainer Siren-Mr. Edwards & lady; Mrs.
W B Dickinson, Mis. II Ely, Messrs. H R Tai'lor
J-H Hackett, J Bri,'a J L ( Baker, W,\ Nicliols,
W\vnen, Preston, ('h,f..ter, Tail, Hines.
Per sei~"iAer O ,c,-et:71.4eS .-Wright, M.iller,
Perry, Ciiisolm, Fort, \Vil,'eiaMs, Garrard, Lippitt,
Browiiu l, B,.\v., ". .
Per steanirir:--Sireu--W T Stark, T. H AUstin.
S Haney, Fullin, T Mdlory: ,
Par teainer L_,owell-W. A Kain, D K Dodge,
Dr. Banl>,_, f,'-Call. Tlornas.
Per steamer it?,,:,tn-J .C Ruse, M H Baldwin,,
H T Crawford, t A c'rawf6rdCapt Ryneer, Mas-
ter Owens. -

Apalachicola Prices Cn
.\; i'll 'LLS.

Alexandria Lottery.
... ICLASS No ,2.
To be drawn at Alexandria, -. C., Jan. 13,1943.'
1 PR.ZE: OF... .$li),0 .... IS.,, .$30,000
-1.,. .. ....... -..12,000........ .1.2.,000
: i 6*0 6 000** *.OU u ** **** *r^U
S-. 3,.00 .... .. 4.. 3-.3500:
i .:*..,....-., ,.. 3,t,) ... ......... .3,0001
40 Prizes ofG.. ... .1,000... .are,.... 40,Ou
50... 0500 .. 2 0
6,0... ..., ...... ;..,.40o.. ........ .4,oc00
......... .... 300........... 1. o
6150 ... ..... 9.450
63 ... ....... ..... I .0 . .. 9 D,400
63. ...... .. .. .. 0..... .. 3,78

126... .. .. .... .0 .. 4 ... .... 0

23,436....................10. ..........2-34,360

1261 .Prizes.. ...... .a. ou.t. 50Gll- .. 1.,4370

1 Tickets ...... 40 .pr.oro. 4

For sale' a, th Agle ouncy rf to .'
J. G. GREGORY & CO..Managers, :
.- 27 Water-strect.
Apalachicola, Jan. 115, 1844.; /

B-A,:"I:,.I.T .enltilck ...... pe rNyd.
India............ "
Dundee ......... "
BAIE ROPE-Manilla ......per lb.
Keiitueky ..... "
B.wv-U -Sid,=s.............. ""
Shoulders .......... "
Hams ............. "
BRtTTn-Gu-(shen........... "
,Co~iprEn-CIba ..... ........."
Rio ....... ... .
". Java...7......,. ;. "
CANDLEs-Sperm........... "
CHEESE. ........... .,. ..... "
CO N..... ....... :. ..:per bush.,
FLox:R--anal ...... ... per bbl.
New Orleans..... 14i
GtrNP6wDER-FF.I........,per keg
IION-Swwede-;, assorted.... .per 11.
English, .... "
LEAD. ............. ......... "
MACKEREL--NO. 1.....".... "
No. 2.. ...
N o. 3..'.- ..... '<
MOLASSEs-New Orlea-s.. :per gal.
NAILS-GCut, assorted ....... per Ib.
Wrought." ....... ;
OIL-Whale....... ..........per gal,
Sperm ... .......... ,. "
Linseed.. :...... .... "
P.iNr-aExtra... .'. per keg.
White Lead, No I- "-
.- .. N o 2."5 o" ;,:
PPovIIONs--Beef, prime.", .per bbl.
:mess..*.'. .
Pork, prime.,..."
mess..'.- "
clear.... "
P O T A T O E S .* . -.. -( l
SUGrAR--New Orteans......per lb.
Porto.Rio.. "
St. Croix ... ........ "
Lurflli,...... .. (<
L i.uilie. ,. ... .. .... '
SALT-Liveirpool, ground.per sack.
Allum .............. per buslh.
SOAP-Bar .... .......... ..pe r lb.
SHOT-Drop-....... ....per bag.
Buck.-............. "
TWINE-- Bapging ..... ......p.r I.
Vni~siinv-Kee;tified ..... le.- p r -a[.

1 r re ilt.

16 a .. 1S\
IS a .. 20
17 a .. I;
.. a 9j,
71- a,. 8t
4 a ..' 4
. a .. 3A
6 a ,. 8
14 a .. 18
.a.. 8a
7j a .. 8k
13 a 4 14
35 a 374,
.. a .. 7
70 a ..75
.. a 5 50 )
25 a 5' 371,
00'a 7 00
5 a.. 5
7 a .. -8
.. a .. '
a 15 00
.. all 00
.a 800
26 a .. 27
a .
a.. 10
a 6..2
a 1 25
12 a 1 25
..a 2751
..a 2 50
.. a 2 25',
.a 6 00
a 9 00-
..a 9-00
.. a 10 00
.-. a 1 50
6:a .. 7
8^ a ... 9
.. a .. -91
13 a .. 14
14 a.. 15
14a:, 15
.50) a 1,75
50 a 55;
5 a.. 6'
a, 1:75
.. a 2 00"
..a .. 25
25 a .. 26

._-fiFOR PROVIDENCE.--The Barque
^^^^^ JOHN BROW E-R, Sutton, master, wHi
s ix ave immediate despatch. For freight
or passage, apply to
janl THO,.' L.4MITCHEL. ..,

PORT OF AP4LACHICOLA,-.... Jan. 15th,
k IL --.A i'. I L .,
lari'r M~'se\"i u,:"i,-:r. i',or N York by B Salter.
Barque Tiberif, ltowes, for Botton, by Kim-
r'ou]IV & Ridgxay.
BarPi ,, C,,nwnrce, Mairzton, for. Boston, by D
B W oodk--<-',- .
'- Brig- Carolui."E Platt, I-lice, t;,r N.rwYork, by
McKay & Harlshbrne. i
Schr J M AWVIter-biutry. Thompson4 for Havana.
.Schr SwalI.bv, Sharlnon, for N Crlears.
U S stealer Poihsett, R Semme,.Lieut. Com-
m'ding., f# Pensacola. "
Ship Ocan, Willard, fm N York toaster.
Ship TiHill, fm N York to niusfer.
Ship Ldions, Ryan, fm Charlestoi to master.
Brig C0'.iisre, M i(C-1oon, 19 dys fin Boston to
mla _Slel. / '', j ,., -* t : .
SrIr G H ,ooper, Hamlin', fm YVana-,to TL
7M h,.hel. ....
Seli" 'iaiy-Wilkes, Gait, fin Baltinore', to Chas
los-'rs, C ,* -' :'-
Su"Liol,_ Cliff. in N Orleans ti master.
SclirSeaunl)fe, Taylor, 5 dys fiN N-Orleans to
-/ m a s te r :. '* :" -. .
Sclir I lizab,-.tl Carohl ne, "V. illoin,fil ..t. M arks.
Saloop t-ratmge Branchi, Saiiinders,-fin St. Markr..
Siemiarer Florence:-, Stapler, fin CdLunbus.
St.ariir Tiall-hiassee, Marston, fol Ciriinbus.
Stelaner Ai.i,-.-ta Ccidwallad r, iln C>.,luh ibiis.;
Steamer Cha'islc-on. Fret-mnan, flh'Co-unisb.
St?, oiiic r Af,.alacli." oli.. Suton. tfa Cohlrbi.i.-.
S teur.11e r Agne-z, J.' -nlkil fil _'Uonll bt Ls.
Sieanier Oc'(onee, .'Gr4er, frn Coumubkis.
Steann,-r Siren, Siarpless, fin Bitibrlidge.-.
Steilner tiren, Sharpless, fim Fowi,'s Ferry. :
S,_ auiTr Itr ,ell, Niles, fin Ccumlb s.
S ~e tiin r l')i ,-t. ,n 1 "R o ku d f'r ,- C 'o h um b tl.% "'
.Barge Flat Shoalf, Myrhck, 1t lariani.
-Ba).,-r ,Alleit, up t 511th inst.
Bi' Acton, Lamibprt, to sa'7ih in(s.
,-- .Ii, <+i -(-:'.H~ ,%-.,-t--rJ d nt8d ill.
li'ia 1 ft' W rown, Tatc.i., 6-_ared 27th ult.
]_ i'g Reri.lhlie. t-ates, up iohil 3rd inst.
Brig "[r:y''; Kiolif ardsou, t.iP. sail l-l illiq. '
BrigrWm L J..,ne, (new) Dr. to sail 4d'nsf,
Ship N ,1,ara4. Coleclear,:d 3 inst.
S,.ir Sel,-ct, W est. clearei i 6 lls[t. |
Schr Textor, Srrit idup with ves pdi ch. -
Schr Folo.nt l.-wl,.iind. Up willdesp,.ali .. '
Schr. Florida, Howes;.nTp on ie 6.t'inst. .
S(Ai'.-Floridiari, Br.:m n, a i, z 6ith It. -. ~
C~xI LE'i jN.' s' 7 -
Schr Ex,',-1._inr, -' ,.oodlr 'ired 7-thrinst. ,
Schr Indiana, A rr;aitsnt, s'-1.1i-d t he it isl .. :i
'.6n rL.\\N,).
Barque Wabash- (,i.w) T:ilbot-cle,:d 21st ult
J3an. 1.5rh.--Slops- aid lialiiers.0ot included.
Andrew Sco- Emlory, :1,S tons, f, NYork load-
ing- B l-niI. Salter.-* .
Courtenay, (Br.) Tt.irie-r, 608 foii.-for Livf,-piuo,"
': w i fill, ,d, 442 toin; l
Challi_,i.i..'.f. Packard, 442 t:n ird% for sea--
W ., A.. \o d O0 -,:' r.
;Floriidian, Pit,, 4,i'0 rn_, for'N Yoti -:oadh,-
N OcL i'ze V- ,S lo ne. J.. a
_G-eore Slo-ltield,.;Skoltie16d, 414 toiis10.,in for
--Liverpuo --Hari,:r & Holmes. I
Liverpool. C,,-itin. 4"28 Ions, waitin-i-JorI, L\-" CIO.
LVons,. lja,. 437 ron. wvaitinz--[st,?.A
Mkiry &- SlKH". %,\-,-lv,, 392 ionsw, wait:nt-D B
\\'uod \ 7(o. V
'Medvnm-eh. rhase. 576 ionis, for N Orlean. load-
-i1i i-- D Darden. '
Nile, Kenney- 334 ton's, loadir-ir_ for Bosto-D- B
\V<,od-Co. -
Ocean. W\illlard. 5.'6 ton.., \ aitnn--T L I telpl.
Rob!,. Paraei, \ i l-it, 599 tohs, for New leais,
lIddiiijr,-D-B-Wo,-,1.1 t- ,o.
.Tdllrih,.s-e, [Iadlev. 489 to-,s, waiting--' av.
Troy, Hill'525 t01"l, waitiia-Master. .
BnB, .obert Watt, Johnsoii. 491 tions, for.Li 'pool.
\Vani'nG--J D,.a'y (2' -, .Co.
C i'in l,,.-c ', M n'[rstron, 2 _0 9 to _-), readv f o ei-
D B Wcvd & Co. [
Codr, \Vi.,.', 236 tons., for New York, Ic inr-
0 rEC 'aniton. Set'
CGentileriiti, M,..uri.. 227 tons, for N Yoi1_ Iooad-
i : aiii- (--\ r popr-w
Gilberi, Givenm 289 tons, for N Orleans, loin,-
HLarpper & H olm e s-. s
Gleanor,.Srevens, 2.8-3 tons, for New.York. loail-
in'1-Clba Rogers. '-
John Brower,-Sutt~ou, "810 tons, ;loading fro" ^rovi-
dencee-T L JMiil.ehpl -
Noble, Brown, 273 tons; for-Boston, Id'iin?--
DB Wood & Co. -, '.
BIIIGS-. : <,
Cynosure, Macloon, 230 tons; waiting--B~ilison.
Fb-roda, Crocker, 209 tons, fminn York, dliharg-
- ling--McKay &7 Hartshorne. t^
L~awrence Coti-,ria.d, Baker, 218 tOn-s, fd,\N Or-
leans, loading--H D Darden. .-
C H Hooper, Ht.i-l in, 91 tons, fm I-Iavani". wait-
ing-T L Mitce-le. 1
Lion, Orift, 99 tons,, for New Orheans, Io~in?--
MVaster., ~f
MKary Wilkes, Gait, 97 tons, waiting--C lRigers. '
Seminole, Taylor, 95 tons, for New Orleanm load-
ing--H D Darden. ".

^/^^^Crdcker,' master, having two-thirds of
her cargo, will: meet with despatch j
above. For deck load or passage, apply to fu
jan15 40.Water street'

LANDING from schr: C H Hoopt:-,
400 sacks Cuba Coffee-new croN.
30 M'. 1!st quality Cigars, Various brands.
jan 15 -43 \Vatle st.

FOR NEW YORK-with despatch-
i The packet ship FLORIDIAN, W Pratt,,
inaster, has most of her cargo engaged
For freight or passage, apply to "" "

Lamps, of various sizes and patterns ; China,
Printed, Edged and White Plates; Printed ani
enamelled Teas and Tea mon Dishes,;Bowls, Pitchers, Mugs, &c. &c.
For sale by S. DILL & Co.
janl5 29 water street.

47 Water street,

"F FOR NEW YORK-The barque GIA.-
N3ER- Stevens, masteF, havingiost of
her cargo engaged, will have Idespatch.
For balance of freight, apply to
" <.r^B^ FOR NEW YOR-K-The fine coppered
ship ANDREW SCOTT, Emery, master,
has half her cargo engaged and going
on boari. For balance of freighIt, apply to

CHECKS!--Checks ,on New Yolk and New
Orleans for sale at the Agency of the Augusta
Insurance & Banking Co.
Also, Fire and ,aLine Insuranc e, by
ani ..JAS. KELLO(G, Agent.

CHECKS ON NEW YORK-For sale at the
Agency of the Mechanics Bank.
,-i ., E. C. SCRANTON, Agent.
Apalachicolta, Dec 4, 1843- At

by JAS. KELLOGGG-, Age-nt.

IA MERICAN GOLD.-For sale in sunms to suit
*Jiv" purchasers, by
IWi. G. PORTER &, Co.
jani 41 Water st.

ADVANCES ON COTTON.-Liberal advan-
c-es.on Cotton foy sale, or shipment to New
York, Boston or Liverpool, are offered by
*^, "-: --NOURSE & STON ON i
jang8 ^; 46oWater st.

UCK-10 pieces 2 English; 10 do stout Ra-
D vens; 3 do light do; 1 do Russia 2;.for sale by.
dec2 ... \ V A WOOD, -23 water st "

MItarinie Ius 1 fiance Agenicy.
i City of New York,--having duly appointed
tile subscriber their Agent. The public are re-
spectfully informed,.that he is prepared to receive
_.apml.eltiianlns tbu-. Lhsuran!..Cra1aiist -Ri.vxi,._risks, at
his Office over D G Raney's store, W ater s-. ... .
Apalachicola, Jan. 1st, 151-1. j15 f.rI
just received per brig CyVnosure, frm Bo-
ton, -a fresh supply of Goods, Yoankee Notions,
&c., &c,, consisting of a lot of Pickels, Capers,
'Olives, Catsups., Sauces, &c. A first quality of
Bo:,ston hnspecton clear-Pork ; '
20 bxs.Lemrons; 50011I.s Ist qualiltv Fig~s; .
Shellbarks-; Bteais; Cig.,rs; Grapes;" '- .
l'-).)lbs Confectioni-ry; ,'- blhs Crauberries i;f -
5 1xs L,,zeng-es ; 10 do Cough Candy ; N
case M ,:,rroco Slipl-)i rs; --/,.:.
'. Also, a lot (,f Clothing, consisting of overcoats,
sacks and pants, also, a 1,-.t of'overhalls, drawers,
under shirts, socks, &c., &c. j:an15-

v I r

OR'U S aALE-On Consignment- --J
F 100 BbIs Flour,; -
I0 Hlhds N. 0. Sugar; -
10, do. St. Croix do.
50 Bbls-Whiskey; "
-25 Molasses; "
10 Hhds Bacon Hams and Sidel;-
Ili) pcs Kentucky Bagging; .
5 bales 4l#dia .
100 coils Kentucky bale lRope-;- i
I'.0 Manilla Rope; :
511 sacks Rio Coffee; by-
J. Stevemonx& Co.
N O. -15 Water street, and one door East of the
. Post O-ce, on Chesthut street-s-offer f6risale
a large and general assortmenf.of' Fancy and~ta-.
ple Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Bornhetts, Boots, Shoes, *
and various articles, consisting in part of-
Black and blue cloths, cassimere and vesting,
Sattinets and Kentucky Jeans,
Mouseline Delaines, Chusans and Alpaccas, '"
Rich tis'd and strip'd Dress Silks,
Blue, b-l'k and rich fig'd Sattins,
Earlston, Manclhester & dom'est&c Ghingha ts,
Emnbroid'd Merilno, knit'and'pld Wl'n shrws,
Mouseline Delaine and'fancy silk do-
Jackonett, plaid, book and swiss Muslinsi, '
Flannels, negro blankets'and Kerseys,
1"2-4 Linen and cotton longbeloth sheeting,
Foreign and Domestic Pritnts,'a great vartet^1';
5-4,- 4-4, 7-., ;,3-4 br'wn .sbirtings and sheet91ng%-,
do. do. bleached 'rd' do. -
Lowell, Alanclgester and other cotton osnabl-Os,*.,
Heavy Lowell and Stark Milts"Drilling, -'
Woollen a.nd cotton hosery, '
Gloves, conmlbs, hair-brusles,'faney baskets,
1Boxes, cologne, toys, etc. etc.
Florence braid, brilliant and other Bonnet,. -
Russia, Rabbit-silk and other Hats,
An assortment of Boots and Shoes. dee14

RTCE-A few livrces for sale at Charleston ih-
, voice -rices,. to close consinrnment, by
;.,. FARRIOR & ('o.
an).15 4-14 Water street.

Roberts, Allen &A.Co.,
_AVE on hand and for sale:
Sheet and bar Iron ; Blacksmitlh's Tools;
German, English Blister and Cast steel;
Cauldron Kettle, frorn 20 to 120 gall.,
Hollow Ware, wholesale and retail-
Wrought and Cut Spikes; Nails; "
Brass Andironis ; Fire Irons:
Platform Scales, Beamns anti Ballances;
Tin Ware of all kinds, wholesale &- retail.
Also, a general a?..ortmewt of Hardware.
They are also prepared to attend to an%" orders
for Iron or Brass Castings, Blhek-'mithing, Tin,
Copper or Sheet Iron work, or Tin and Copper
Rooting on reasonable terms, iani l'


2.1 water street.

TUST RECEIVED per brig. Caroline E. Platt:
o. 20 hIlf reani- iahin and ruled Letter paper; -
5 d til.:' Linen UBosom_ Shiris, at till plice-;
1-4 100 c, 1'd C otron do do do -
-125 .frilled striped dow -'do :
"75 Red Flannel .. ;do;- : do."-: i r
200 pairari-t'd Ca-ssinmere aid-,auttiine t Pantis,
100 do Negro Pants arid Jackets-,
2 cafe-e a iesi's black and drab Sporting Hats,
1 se-boys' fancy,_rourd drab Hats, -. .
I do I m en an l b oys'C loI lith C aps. '
I Als/bmeWne % glazed, Fur and Velvet Caps,
5W0 pair mueii's Kip Brogans, at all prices,
25 do gei',s ine blWk and col'd waiter Boots,
25 do d0o do sewed Calf Boots. .
4 doz. latest s-- le. blk and c'd Satni Stockh,
jan 152t 1 ,for sale by F.;KOPMAN.
SALI' IN STORE.--:,)ir sacks for sale by
jan8 J DAY'& Co. -52 ,6\ater st .

-J C) BBLS Potatoes,
120 ? 20 bbts Appiles, 11) bbls dried do
10o) bbls Baltimore Howard street Flour,
" 10o pakages prime family Butter, containing
from 2 to ,0 lbs- each for salt low by
:[arl S DILL X Cou, 2 waterr st

B S. HAWLEY, has on hand and For sale,
a full assortment of School, Blank, Prayer

ooks. Also-
s Mysteries of Paris,

and Hyn',, Bo
25 copies
25 ..
-25 *
-; *25 -';- ,-
;, :. 2.5 ,a ;
S25 <
-.. :-2 5 ,,-
: *:25 c,

Cousin Hinton, -
N in a ': .: .|
President's Daughter,. ,-;
Traduced, ... .. ,,' .
Fliortunes of Caleb Stukelv,' "
100 Romances Real Lite,
Magic and Mesierism,.. "
Adv'entures of a Green Horn,,'
Romantic Biography of the Age of
" Elizabeth, -.'
gate in Search of a Husband,
Philip in search of a Wife^
27 Water st.

A ADVANCES ON COTTON.-Liberal .dvan-
des made on cotton for shipment to Liver-
. pool, Havre, .Boston or New York, by

C LOTHING.--A general assortment ofiReady
Made Clothing, just received and forssale at
the store of B ELLISON & C61,
jan15 33 Water sfeet.


BALLAST.-Wanted br the subscribers 3u0
tons, for which cash will be paid.
jani ... NOURSE &, STONE.

ROCERIES.-lo0 bbls Western Flour;
G 50 bbls Molasses.
50 do Whiskey, for sale by
jan15 23 Watet st.
MiOUSELINE DE LINES. -A fresh lo-tof
Mouseline de Laines, just received. ,
For sale by B ELLISON & C0.,
jan15. 33 Water st.

CALE BEAMS-2 Dearborn's Patent Scale
Beams, for sale by

G ARDEN SEEDS-Weathersfield fresh Seeds,,
just received, and for sale by

43 water-street.

dec4 4t

FOR LIVERPOOL-The -Tat-sailf!
^^_ Br. ship COURTENAY, GeorTgeW-








BY vi~tUe ,:f tL~rr-e wnt-it o! ti a, is sued from ('he:
Superior Court o' F'rank.lin County, t0l me:
dire,'le:Ld. ,:A- i,, f.,v,: of John Hardain. o:ne-I in favor
of B--r,-ito T. Caro. and one in favor ,.,t' Id4c S
it a r,.na.1o n-e .
J.t,:iite< vs. the .:,,0tbF ro, Life Insurance 'and
Trust -Company,I -Will offer for sale at public'
outcry, at the court house do6r inthe city of Apa-
lachicola, it lP) o'clock, a. im., .,on tihe first M,.,raiy
in .F l 't tar v -njr ,:t, l'rjl' i.'tt, i' al .l at jiir~iinb e r (9 ) n iite ;
in bldckA D. ',r,'it rariie, .ar-T tably-I to ) itrLap f
said city, toether\wt!, all tOne huilMings andL ao-
ptlrton.-tticev- tlcreti-ito belonging". -Said preu-'li-s.s
beiu._j tl? same known as teli office of th- South.
ern Life! Insu-ance anill Trts;( Cu linpanv in Apa'
lachicola. ; ROB'r. MAYEIItRS, ,
..... \..:U:. S. Marihal dist. Apalachiocla. 1
Alpaacliicnh:I, Der. 1], 1S-13. ;. :
Conssifble's Saile.
NVOTICE.2-By virtue- of twb' fi s. from i e-
1 .4 ji-Isti,.s's Court.ofFran 'Of Albe,.g Pe-an vs. L. A. Pbelps and Ed, J. Sai
g'en.id:Irf, I have hlI.vied on tIlit-.steamnb..,at "Faimv"
as tCie pliioferty o:f' s.a:id de-fendants and will'pieo
cetd t;.) s.?ll'thieir irter,-.-.t in thesame at 11 o'cl,,el,
-a. in. ,n the first Mrt.v in iiF-ruarv next. in tlhe
city <_, A|>,tl i,]c,:,la. J. W I-[_ .MM )N!-D,
A i,:tlali~ic,,lj, De-,. 26', 1S4:''. (2on-'tahl,-

In Ia elle S. afislaict "Co151nCp
For ih,' tpu/e,'hirola Di_','i-d ot"f 170lor11:
,.-AMI!EL GAINER, of WaslinMg'on c:.untv,
.andsaid".d1,t:ri,-t, havii'in filed a-petitioa pra:V-
ing- f Itr Iis discharge *aak certificate as- a Bank-
ruipt, It is ordered thatc'muse besh,_,wn before the
Court, on the iOt Mionwday in February, 1844, at
in u'-loek; A. I[., at'the Con't Hou-se. i_-mMarit:
at11j, -Wihn S., 11,,.ni.l G- i ,-r"shall. not receive his
di-s'l'iirgle and ceitflicate asait bankrupt; and that
n,7ice tivere,-,fbe published inaQome public news-
faper,: -ubliked *in said district, for and durin.
the period .of sev'enty days befre lthesaid day of
lMearing._;. (A Q 1py teste.) *- -** ;^ ",'
S- -"+ ...-" -YONGE &,:TAYLO,.
t Iaria_ 4na, Oct:24, 1--43. 4"_ AttY's l:-,r Pet.
1T. %-. Uislarict C oital.
Ro:,bbins & BSL-itei, "T,'rrstees, ]

Warehouse dliar-es adopted, by
the Cotton Presses. .4
C OTTON for~stoa'-, will be .received a'it "r t
^ yard, and if compressed within one mouth
_n0 charge Wilt be made for storage, but 41cents
per bale will be charged for labor, tiering &c..,sjIf
not compressed within one month,?"20 cents ?w
bale will lie' charged for storage, and 5 cent per
week thereafter. Time comrputed from date o
receipt U1til deliver ed to lighter or ivessel., C6t--
.un chaiging'hands will in all cases be liabiE'wo'
new storae from date of order inclusive. Turn-"
sing out for sampling or weighling and re-storinig ,
same, 8 ceefts per bale. Wattager to be aa.ese.."
by the press wMin eie cotton comes ia and- --
ahfoui tint assessed'en&,rsed on the face of the-re-'e
ce p-t. "
All cottons 'zre required to have six Ipo4 a'dd
efficient ros". Ga, tow, ,ark" or cotf'6ftropes":
will be conlsidered unmrerchantable and detdcient. -
":A11 deficiert i"0pes will be, charged at th Fate of
1`21 cents ,per rope,,atid all bagging .at the ratof'
2.3 cents per y ard. .' ,.' ",
.-:. .+"A. DOWNER, .4genit .: ,"
:. .r the Screw Presm.-
C.VWILSON, Hydraulic Preesr.-
".H. Gi GUYON, "
S .... .. Flrida-L.iFevP ,tP-:.
Apalachicola, Dec. Ist. JS-13. d7 tf "
late4 of W111$*1age.
rn HEfi-4,!lwing are the.',Rates of--Wharfage on
1. all Co-,rton, -Merehiad-ine,.&clded or ship-
ped from theiWhiarf at ti~s Port' '
n!Cutt,:,n, per bale, lanilded. .,6} cents.
on s* shipped..'". .6 -
SOn Goods per bat rel, latuled, (esti- -
.-, mating fivecubic feet or'200 lbs., : .
: "..r ,jett, e~l Udl to a barrel,), ........ 3 3..- -
7 Oh Goo-ds. per barrel, shipped..., "
. /" "* S.,lt, per sack, lauded ......'..'.3 -, ",
f ^ -- .' "q .lIipped.,. .. 3 .. 43 ;'-. .
/ ".Wood, per cord ............. 25 ":- ..
" "- Luri iber, per MI feet .......... 5.J 3 .,! '-:^'. 4
.,-,'. Br:ieks,,per i...............50,' ,
Sl iingles, :PC-er AlI............ 12-1 C. r .
,i ".'Sacks of ineal, corn, oats, or .- -
; ;,, other merchandise, containing .. ,jt ':
*., ;.l.l-:ot more than three bushels...2 ., "
.All lul,,iler, salt or merchandise, shipped on ,-
board vess>.ls cr steam-boats, from other vessds, i -
ste.I,>rlnlIalts or rafts, lying. at the wharf, wil .be ,
clm--;ed ol,.:e.wharf:j--e orlv. .
W~t lag,;- ,tnl io0ttin, or other merchandise land- "--
0.. to. be paid bv the. consignee; and whei ,ip- -:
n'e! by the party taking' thlebill of Lading', ';"" r^
.-^li'goo^ and .,merchandise not entlti9eRd
-abo` will be. chIarged at c,-,rresl)onding," ra ."'; .
Veyels, lters and stealnboats, lyinii.atthe
Wharl.ad not rl'ceivi-ng .or discharginiifcicaro, *
\vilb'-'-'ejtred to pay for the use of the iprthliie
sum ot. t,. tvo dullar.- and tffty cents per d;V,.and to ;
ve a0 o vessels or boats la udirng or.dis6hargjpg.
Tlhe f.-;l ,,xi.Lnz Article of the Regulatins qf the
A[.l, dtchji\. Chamber. of Commerce, will ..be
, strictly adl<.e-d to:- i ; ;'(
.,"CaSiLI,,e"s of cotton shall-be alUowed thTee
f',r t0tr ',., [011 tt-,, l tre-main on ( he wharf, and
-,-. 1T.- .1.,,V-%,44y+, tw -.rturriring extra
,larta "". Iltl'ti aoticn by eNwhaxjiiaTgi,-rV--
th-y atlow it to i-L-'anai-a longer titie, they shall "
ircutr ai, extra wliWa._fa ol 61.cents'-er .bale, for
,;v,;r\' tw\ ity-l'-;,i.ur li,.j.; % is hat it re- 'ins thereaf-
ter.. Wood and iuir:lr,-s3lall-uot be allow wed to
itinaiT if ure than twe.y-;y.ur hours w.ithouijn-
cur.in, .-."in extra "Irara.. -lbr twenty-folar tAars
tlh e re-I!'l,-i." "'-. ,-. -' .. .. -'; .
.. All bills will be presenVd monthly forn cileC-
,. tun.... ---_2 NtlURSK .," QT'r Ti,- --, "
Apfrlahicola, Dec.,4,"W..... .f
Fn'a ncis K iian, /
E -\LEt in Bo ot,.Sh,:,es, Staple arid.F..y
D,., C,M,_,l',-Ckl~L'jiu, II1*t.-, Cav's, ,Saddles, "
;.C.., 'tlji~a~iut strej Apalachiculu.- hfi.hatd -'
(i.l Is (,,c, sta tlyaecei ving additional Slip'pD-es to
lis ass,:,rt r,-,nto'the above line, suitable, for both
wtxy and cotffry rade. "
Ju1st j:i'ed ahd discharging per ship Liverpool S'
koiin NQN'%v York, severed cases of .ler'handise, -.
(ntaii n< Bo-.ts. Shles, Clothing, Hats, Caps,
z,1., It of which are o',flred and will 4e sold at
lle 1'-rv I,,est market price f'or q.s !.
,- "I''L,'S FOR THE HOLIDAY '. ''.-:.
'One eiitire case assorted Toys of t'erver ar6ty,' "
'sui, dble f..., Christmias and Nev.-yeae'f; giftlbr ".
eihl,]'.:r,. deci6' tf f ..


S-Un ited Stfales of Ame2'icna.
Tke Pre,,id'. t J'ofthe Uniled Stattes::
", I' To.".v .^Iwrsal of the .71ak~eeihk' District,
iS- .^ G rec/lii^ *" *+ '
T'-.fEREA6, S muel A1t3:1idi-has exhi cited a
-"V-V-.-Libel .-in t!e Unite-.t. t. tc s.l i-_rict _C,..urt.
.-it6tiir,.- as a Co:,urt ,:." Adm iri-A ty, l.inso',-,,,nd
:rpp ,,-u,-,,..itr, u- Tha't he, is etltitlfd t,.,.*'c,:,nljensa-!;
tion It,' salva_'e in sai'aig the schlio,,er William
R. Dafin, ltittelv driven asIore i-d 1 6g-ale of' wind
id -the hu rborro1'St. Joseph. ,' ... ..
"We crinxand -oou ttat you uttach,.seize and
taIke itl,> c.isti:y. the seho,-ticcAVilliam R. Daflin,
hler appaiel, tackle arnd furni'rilre; coinand.,?d by
Edw.vard B.-Jenkins and no~v lying in the P,_,it.of
Apalaoi-Acot:,, aml safely 14vp the samie to answer
bthe lib.l -,f SatuIii ?! .M- I A I And .1 leEreas, thIe
Jut-g.:-.. of theDistrlct afi'resaiM },,th ordered-and
dire-ted ,thi' writ 'to jisue-for all+ p,-rsnis cohn-
oTrL .dC,_, app,-.tr at #tIe city of ApalaIci-cola _n
th,-, sec,.,nd .iM, d ayol- M-rch nHext, and AlnOW
cause, ift ny tlhevy five, whvt jiud.4rtent s1,:,uM ii,0t
passs a.s lpri,:.d. "You ire tHtei'el'b]'e her 'bV aVtLt.o-
rised, einpulfwerud i nd stictly t-iijoired ,er, p-
torilv to cite iul adi't,,nishi all pe,'sors wl,'h.t;uever
hav inE;:, or 01 terdi- to lau e., any ri lit, title,
cl~tic ): o'r int, ~s~t in >.r -q. t!,e .ail ,d l,:,,':hrer libelled
aT.,irst a .,-,,resaid, y p:,ub ,icl, attixitl a copy of
t l ,Is i ciniuo l u-i the 11. ii-m o::t ':ft S'i a sa-id sch.i:,111
er. aJndt putblislinig. lthe sarrie mi nome newspopein
'.ubl.l!,*'d ,n saidl tity for it Icaat l'-,urt,:.,.i dla~s
befne-ithe return dayI tl,-ref, t and by all lawful
rrii.ifS whatsT.,ever w iereb, thisr, niorition may be
IIu'l nmost, publii: ind, noturi,,i"i, t,. -be and ap-
p.Ar bel;re tlie Judge af,,rtfeaid at the tim>? and
/tlace aforesaid, and also to attend upon every
steysion to be held there and from thence until a
detfiitive sentence shall be read arid promulged
in the s4aid business inelusivelY, itiiny of' tlern
slhal think it their duty so o0do,, to iiear, abide
by and perform all'and sinlgul.ar such judicial acts
Os are necessary to be doine and expedited iII the.
premis-z._, and M'arther tO do and receive what unto
Iaw a-Id ju. ticc shall appertain, under the -pain
,-.f the law and conrteempt thereof, the absence and
contunmac of them an d every of them notwth-
standing." And NwhatsoeCer ,ou shall do in the
premisis,3Y.,u shall dulyxceritif' unto the Ju-dg.e
ato-res.,-i dat the time ad .place aloresaid together
with these presents. -.
\Vith,ess the Hoin'l. Sarnlue! Carmaik, 'JtiJu]e of
our sAlid District Court, thiO 'S th dav o f Decem-
ber. 1513; GEORGE F. BALkZELL,
jan-! (Cle'!" .

List of Letters.
Apal, aOicul. Jan., 1st,;1844.:.. "
+Stj- Pero u ii._i.;v li.Itl in'..I, fbrany of the f0ll0%in61- let-
ter- wvilll -le'e say "'they are advertised." ,
Arnold Justice Lang Caivin ;
.. -Ashley Capt H Low Abram^-- * Angus Thus Lines LlJ ..
Baker Capt-S:- \. ". MeKinney B.t
B Be"II le HeIIvV. 1, "3,Mars Wm .''' -- ,
JBaldwit Miss.-l Mibli6nsE. .-. !
3Bascoin Cdpt El:,b Mawey A' .-, *
.:: Barrett .lluldaN:; '^.: Miller-I B P .C.-A." i
.:* Brooks HGC '. McDerrnott'M D" !
BatcheldiAi I '2I\. Moore Tbos H H
Bai Ka e E'J ,- .... E .
XBrown Capt D.W-.'- M.;nle, 6 : -
-Brifgg.0E Nestor Win : -
Bowden Ed New ton J "J
Brodie & R-whI.s us Orr H S ;1 +;
C.,k>;r Drury Pr,,rs Capt J ;
CowleyEd. .. P-prker R L '
0, B. JW ,B E W --'*
s ->c.rley-A J ": Patrick W1, 2 :
',' ::Chur~ ill C 3 P'ic( ;, ce Joh i
-; Carter JF .Ru, Poter
C -rv 'rCaptB RA 'Rli'iev Jas |- |
Cusl0 iiiar C J 2 RA John ---- "---.-
'Chase Cant L B R : IN,;I'Vn r ."
< ,nl lH -: .Ra-mord Henry' ;
DevaIII,,rr Augustus Ri7'iiardt Thos" -
-DuiIliai .SH ,- Ro land Isaac B, "
< DawAs,,n R! W tl lMiss Mlave' .. \:
D .Y N S .-,: +. Sp i,"1L ,- Jas -: '+ --
DensmoreW S ,S!hl.,s"A C +1%;.. ?
-.)i-i,,s.\V S .*; : ->, -gSc tt M ilton -
DIavis Ge,-re ""'-"-"'y^ Smith' aipt H *2 .
EvLurleigIL'apt ]^X-. Srnith levi ;
RyFlrd R 5 :: ./ Smith a 2' 1 'h
+"Fitz~ctial,Ed ... StitnseenM .:.. ,..-
FlqJr Jord f j Sands S .^ :; | .
Fras,--Grrge -, Simmons'iekiel :
SGoutld \VB -S. Stark W R I *
" GueithrrtAndre',," TaNlor Ch',s" ',
, ..Gerherd. ndrew .. : Thrirnton ^ .It ,. *
.GirtE A : k Titus J G ,-': '" f
Gilmer J .-.. Terrlp Thol i *' '
rayJ,,,JD ,.. Terry F 5 l -"
G uQ t i 'lo.-,- .**.-T T rom pson W ,. l< :
5 -eight CM '; .: ;-'^-Th;,nm^G ( ::. ;
HalW -tH- : T .'e,-tris N (G. --
Halhy Ca.,t.W r *5 T Wrrdin C V (
-,:,.-"c~ S;' "= .... W ilcox Capt H
+ I-llu ,ldLrsis Jos "i- W il!ar Cupt R N i.
.:" I -Iub.>!j '.l':pt N 1 W' b''l.,-r David -
": H :> lu Nil J. .. '- -" W ie Capt J L .-
Jack-on.1 o Wlia.-ion B B .
Jeiiklns in A.1 .. Wheatn R S
.lliins kekiei .-. Wakelv 0
Ki'shb:,nrm'q : -.=- Y,,ork Capt G H
Knk.Tise \ ..-* Zakeev W'ilhelm
Kt-,eiey .-,S G. F., 1A L'_"TZELL, P. M.

reO 1 c. L 'r.,,-,in-, h aig claim? a_.aiAt.
l'i Fr::derik L. Mit,.r, lai1 of Jackson counl,.
ti ca-n-d, are rt.,;itr_-dh 3 present die saime duly
authenticated iylhin ih n mne- ireseribed Iy !a\v, ,
or ihis.,, notice w i!l bipj- )le.d in bar of their recovery.
All pe-rsons hin,-bitel to saidieclate are rei.|,.[tjetd it-,
make iirNIi-i2tt._ [h.ivmrll to ilthe !ubsciiber.
rSAN IMING,, Adni'x.
\r1iiriaiiiv Dr-c. 9, 1S-13.
N OTICE-Six weeks after date 1 will apply
to the He:,,:ral.,le Hthe Jud,-e of the County -
Court fjr the county of' Frankliti, for letters o'r
Administration on the e-state of Amorv R,..,ers.,
deeas-:d, and for letters ,f Adnmiiistration .. _:.
bors n,.in" on the estateulf Jul,, Ln ke, de<.cse,-
:., .R.APHAEN1 J. MOSES. "
Ap .:ia.--:hici.'a, J~aii n.iry 1, l'-)14.
N- OIICE--Sx weeks atter date I shull apply
to ,the Honi'-brab& tho Judge of the coutly
c,.,urt ,.,f Frnklin colin.y, for letters of Adminis-
trati-in vu tlhe 'esth' ti' .- ,If A 'i,.rv lv ogers, i-,te 1f
szid county i.t,-.cease- / ; <''
A pal Ilicula, ,jn. 1-st.. 1S jarrl 5t
1NT,., -'.E-ix monis after ,.Wte I shil appll. y
Lt ,., tlie Judge _', thi-- Countyr Court fur Fraink-
in county, for letters of dismissiion from tlhe ad-
ministra.tion 6f. the es-ate ot' Martin Sr, der, lae
of said c ..;,u!, (v dec-eased. ... i I
Dec-'.., 03043. B. F. NOURSE, Ex'r.



; 1ittaix tlouse.
HE si..,[)srr having refitted tle*oab,:,vc es-
St:,blihr'hi-i is now prepaiedio ac>:r~m~ro-
dhote h is 't'r t-m -and the i.c a nI-,, .,e ;
wlhiclh will Sul-sisf)ctiorrT io all. His t-,brp
wiil I.,e supply .r.wis hev( ,elic-acv the arl,!et
,,i_,,.l-!, a d ,l. i ihpLaJ, .tri "tT '.o _tl t-
to) titr coin1.out 11A gnuest-. .
Attached to e eIablk:4.,lshrrent are two supen,)r
BOWLING ( mEYid, ard cortant attention is
given to tl, .vlo indtlg,- hi this ,ri.ilal exer-
cise '; =.- L ;'.* '*
OYSTERSZ..nod every -other dlicacy' which
iav be \va'nt.,,-;frr'r?.?lim i :it,icn be had at atr,
.rron'.c-mes have been u,adi ? so'tlat p-rn'-
Iel.,t a*iul tr.ii .-et B)ARDEKS r- anhe as wLf
acc,',;iIudat( ,s t asA y other, ho-use in tle rit ,
anid he pri(St ar4 ilakeepiii,, with th'-2 tiri1Ps.
Board *^n(^od~i h: |ier \veek,. ... .... A'7 i,)
G o:r..rl, i.; w ,v.ek ,.. ................ ... 5 1. t
B o> rcl, pe-av,. ................. .. )
8.,ltSte l ^ ,-'. ',' ..... ........ ... ..... 51.>
iL .lJ inj..' .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. .. ..... ; -'50
.No.,2i).- tf W. H. KELT(-

1^ I h:,ve this day receivc-d in the Sail of
i;y\ Fran!:k'!t ci.oiity, two N egrue-s, cor:'rnitted
.ik ] i s _J ,i ;. _4 a _, L : iL : 3e a n s -,~ y e r i t ,h e .! l; l h v-.\ .
ing description : One sayss his mi-irne is JAMES, a
dark mulatto, aged about 3 I years, about 5 feet
11 inches tail!l walks crect and wears a bIA.k hat.
TIe utL' er a li: l,,bck, a- d.atI.utu .25 veal?, slvs IIis
nrie is WVILLIA.M.-abot .5 feet 'I inchbesiQ-,
tlick, set; tlihk lips. stxp3 a little in walkti,-_,
an! 'Leat' a cap. Sid new.-rjes h,id wit!, them
who-i taken up, a. paperr pa) r1,,prtin g to be a p1iss
?i-,r,8ed 1-[nu ( C-1 i .1n's, and dated il t Jan,.uary,
124 1. They vs:, their master lives in Baker o:ut-
ty, Ga,' Anyv pe";sn' clainiic, g said ne i'ioss t',% ll
"pirea.e co-'me Ibrward, p'Ro'e plroipert\y, pa), cli]',-.es,
-and take thrn away. C. J. SHEPARD,
Ja A 1_44. ,-il- -, f Slh'i'n Frarn liti (Co.
. Valuable Piroperily for Sale.
'fN the eApu, lciNtiio a R:iver, k S-li), amcrcs o
la ln .t er tdiib -c ing th nu lo w er pfat '-tof M ercra-
rihtv's Reerve ((t' i -e Fcebes PurclhuaF., and, run-
Hina, Eist aifid SOUt so as to etnbbraCe alz.-, Estit'a-
iu1:;a BMull" This pIropeity contains the richest
Har-Lin,:,rk"i land on the river, us well as tVe Most
pl':ucdtive, arable Pine lands. It has oni it Estit'i,-
Ifulia BMutr. ll, iag the only good Stealtlnb,.It land-
in_ bri, many miles above or below it, and which
-a 3,-,cation fur a wood-yard is most valuable.-
lir alw ,,n-ipssewse a \v,tter power u,-f great value,
Estifanula Creelk, wh-.re a sawt mill might be
erected ,"an pPower, there being plenty ol water
in the stream at ;dl seamoni, the advantages:nf
w, ich ,v I.,e imagined bfruom it! vicinity to the
lare --and iowin city of Apalachic',_,-'. Thi.
prpert.vt.ll be sold very l,,w tr one-third cash,
Mid thll, e baliain.' 7 or1e an1d two y War'S, it'j sectred
by w',ort.a'age o,- tihe properly.
Also fo lr !air (_Lde itv.'.s.,',bh: terln'% lot rnurmber
t\1,o in bi.,ck, B, tIr1t.ranu e, o, \VolWater street, ard
lot- 1., 1 and 1I: li bluck -!'5, in the city of Apa-
lu,:lric,_la ...
D..-tds withl_"leer.l wtrraiitee will be executed
to the -inipuch:.ta e'w in thie alppro rite ,lan.,) that
thil, lstt will appiv I -, tile lots avid land likewi-se.
Apr.i l to T. Eie.trv, y onticell,_,, Fla., or to Thos.
t3B jtzell; Esq. T'l': tl.slssee, Fla. '' '
d;:eJ lm'"
fiei Il~t C'l saa Bi? iI
'1,1 B. HA-MLTON, No. -i7 Vttcr sti,-vet.'is
7i< comistantlv receiving an addition to-hi, st,.ck
of ,.. LOTHING,
._,ii-.isti,, or Cl..t,, Beaver, Pilot 'and Flush ing
O\e-r (C',jts; "- .. '-; ; ...^: . : '.
C(pit'i Clo.th, Beaqepr ,Pilot andFi Flushing Frick
C '. i ... + 7 ,7 -- 7- ..

Asi'Aaclaicola Excianh,'ge.
r tlIE '.JBLI(C are- i.s-pecttfully i-,t,.,rme,1 that
tIE; @-'e-1 Establishmetnt has heen entirely re-
fittefd, an i ,w i' f t'e. b.:,r the r>cccpti,:,ri. -,If pler-
nai-ieti't ;',dl rainciernt.b-.arder-z,aJd tlhe .-ubscrth r
hripe4 1) strict -,ttentiri to t e-le business 'A.,I LIs
h]muf t.*-":.' second toi none i-.r.ofDlit'Iln hls gn,-S"'
c ,n- ii .'. l et le .
(_t) Ts.r G:tl'ie, &c. ser,-Hed up. at ;.,Itl tlrs., dl]
in tife >,:-st sr.'Ie. The Bir ,fj, :c to the liousie,
as.,'_{i, is s%,cked with"tlie best Wine's and Li-
ts.i Gr tCt'ul lf:,v' tte:;liberal palriiage iSit'et-,-
tI,,rectivcd, t_, l t-Ipes th.it lhis t'nends via' the
pUic will ,UlItiilue to suistU n hIr. '0"
'W+)atachie,:,l..a, Dec. r-:tlP, 1_-.3. "dec I" t '
--"< Bj. A. lheGay., -
C L:' CO 1, 13 riB (_;r.()r, I- I _k.-
C TAKES t i e1:-tl0-1,Ad r1," itif,.,rrh.
.'.w... ;'.. 'ir",4 t 0 1, 1 bll t!_-,-t I e l. 1,lbt
Si-'nv..irried from New York, wittN a
W ilh d sp lu tL cli,:t srA.rt ii t ,_', .
j ..E IV E L 1 .
C( tinI'I ill p.,irt of G,,h m a l-d 4i1\or W,\Iat.'1, _-s, -
niqj [,.tt..rn, ,-,t" ibi-autit'dl Br..ast[,iri-i-a,,ttn<.n thetr-
sle DIAMONDS -, f the first tvatei--G,-_d ard
4<;er Tieitri-te!, G(ld and -Zlver Peu 'Isl., Gl:h
a' Slv-:' Si,,..ctal_s, G,-,d GuaM and Fob
i'in-.. :ilve,' Sporis,' PkRtecl Castors, Mantle
ti.c fine -Ki iv% s, S,.C. &e.., which he w\ ill sell
.1,'? fi.r C 'j .li. :, ..-
". SvEN'Iy L, DOLLARS?, -;
-k It cir,! 4 :,f' W:atchc- f ill Clocks repaired--avd
wt~r'antel lo pcrt~rm;,ll well. +-"' *:*.-: <-t ,<"+.: :
4.. B. Pers,:,ns resting ill Apalachieola, 017,
a],i-tlie liv.r. wislhing tlhei'r W catches or othei'l
J'elrv 1'.-pairen lia\ i-g, ari opportm-,ity to senc,
thf by v, tt'i-utw,:,ctliv hands, drurliig tl-h bo:tir,-t
si-:OII.'C.nII hlu- them rt -p ir,--d by Mr. LoGay
arj r turn,-i,_ v. irI ,,icarly thl' S 1ii d,:.Ll, ,0.cli1a!
ti~ill t-,i-_ tl~ibl-liinrtu.,t were. in :Apaila,:hicol
',-;li,, i~-,lt- G a., t-h't:' ,:l ; _"'." :, 40 tf
S" D^. asH. Pialltais,,
-vWTCH-4.IAKER. F-,>RFiIn.Y O. M,:r>IE
: --- ; H A S ,letn-i'r'icd to es.tab~iish..hit
- *,:''* s-~fpciLrne i ilv ai tllis,..' U -t, a in
, if-;-!.:-.-. .. -, ecttullv ,ol ,it., h e ,.,.r ., a
,M, <:h cili/. -'-Is o l"' A p -.--1 i,':la ,d "tll u p-,_',:,u ,
tr enera 11. ,1e I tt:rs l.i-,.lt thVt a t Ai,.r ,ci. l
.-111 pra,':li,_-",l kI.., leIo ,:%\ e of his business, coln
?')i.JS withf.la desire to deserve a,,d, ,11tjhi t.!,
.:,:,-ienlc- Of tl e public. will ensurefhim .,cces
,-,ls uidertaking. .Shop up -,firs-, i l !,I t,.:.l'
E(udh^',.'; Entrance next door to the iu-,s :,
w tefer t, B.- T. G-kRo, Esq. .
.-,i',l,'-&0ie,A,. Sept 16, 1843.-.- 33tf
(pECTAC L-E (.;LASSES.--C'-ivCex atd cg
,a ,ve Spectacle Glasses, suitable for all ageE
a l TOrpersons having weak eyes, fitted at sl~o:
nticeeby D. H,-PA LLAIS, Watch-maker,
NKov- 2 42..ff Chesnut st. Apalachiceo
QOFFEE--A choice l1t of Java CofTe>, j-,
ye-received and for sale by ....
rt- B. ELLISON & Co.

N- OTICE.-Six t,,onths after'date, I shall ap-
ply in t, tl Honorably. the Judge oft the Aoart
1l-r th cc',lu.intyV uf [Fralilin, for letter- of Dismis-
sion fI1 tlie estate of- Alexander Grool,, ate'of-
said C',,uity, deceased.
NoV. 30, I 13. 4.5 Administratoc.n
OT[CE.-Six months -after date I shall apply
1t' t,) the J,,x.t.he of othe (oantQy Coturt tor Frauk-
-lirn C.-_,uty, !;r letters of Disrilssion frorn the
!a,.liinistration ,61 the estate of Robert R.,birtsoi,,
lItgo of said county, deceased. .
H. B. STONE, Adm'r.
Apal~acbicola,- Dec. 4, 1. ,3... '- _


*I,, 7:.


GoodSs for Cash. -
I HAVE 'just opened an.-ssorted stock of Gopds,
eriib it.?.-irig ..-, '
('C:[i.''jes, Cairbricks,"Mtsltn?,
C,,tioli' S'hirtrugs and Sheetings, ~ ', '..
: Gin hliairs, CottoIn OsrlatbUrgs, '.'" _;..
K.-r-.'R'v, Je.,,s, Satiierts and Linseyw, "
^Flarmels, Blankets, Cloths, .Ca.-ssimreres? -'-
'Shues.'s-sbrted, Hats, and Caps.,
'?Str'.w Bonnets;, "..
SH,-,rd',\re, Cutlt-rv, and Tinware.
. Tii.-e (,rods are sold o-n Cotnmission, an) wth
be ott',_d at'verv, low prices for the ready money.
Ocl *:'. 43 Water s!.

- OTICE-Si: rnonths after date I -lall aup,l,
. to tl,,-i Horn'raible Ji.Adge oftthe (.ounty.(- Cort
0,t" Frnldm,_-,:t.m t,. tbr letters of Dis'issi~ u frolm
the e-tate of Courtland S.. Ti-hompson, late o said
cout.ty, leceaiMd. '
"HARVEY WI\LLIA-MS, Admittish'at,-,r.
-\ b h.x!,, i,-,-4 J u l \ )' +, 1 4 'i !.
SIX MONTHS altr darte application will be
I!) made t,) the .[-W ,rlabIt the Ju.ge of tldie
Co.nlt' _',iu- t o Fr-:,.nllin N"-it;, Ib Leatfs 0
Din-,i-siAl on the estate of \"illi Yon. deceased.
Nr-,v I 1 4isu-, 'A. G. SMITH.

Dissouin oia' of Pa'tner'shilp.
T HE L'iw Partnerhliip lieretotb-f o existing iII
the A,,alc!ic,_.ra District'1:r_ ween WAV-r. H.
this da" dissolved by mutual consent. Each ptr-
tv will cottintue to practice in the same courts as
beretofC, re. W. H. B. rlf'ers tho:,se persuis w isl,-
img to. employ him, to Col. Hawkiris, lo:,r -ay itm-
me.diate* advice-or assistance LLcessary in ,bis ab-
sence.- .. i; ,i- ,*. t '
Afpal.-c1iicola. Dec 12, 1S4. tf ;
SIap Ie Dry Goods. *.
TTE liave 'r, coti. irmeiit anid' for sle v~ry
-V,' low, a quantityopi STAPLE GOODS, c6n-.
sisting of prints of every'description, Cotton 06-
ndbu'e:s, Sirtii,,1'9 Sheetings, Gja sgw Janes,
&c., :c., which, {will be s,.,ldlow for a-6are con-
mission on Neo ,'Yorkcost. : .- : .
..... - .. .... : .AiR IOR &S+CO., | ".
"' -iviT' 1'." .. '*.' :]- 44 Water st_
I HAVE on hand a good supply of, Saddle3, Bri-
dles, &c. of various kinds and of the best qual-
ity, which I will sell at lower rates than they ever
were sold for before in this place Call and see
there at -2 .Water street. up stairs. '-+, "
: '-dec4 ::" '. PETER HOBART.
FOR SALE-150 pes Kentucky Ba _6
1 50 coils Kentucky Bale Rope;' ** (
35 bbls Northern Flour; *
# 10-hhds St. Croix Sugar; .. ; -
= ! -150 bags Rio and Java Coffee;. '-, i
10 tons assorted Swedes Iron; -" *
.100 kegs cut nails; by : :

"i.-I. G.ch. PORTER &S CO., otfer for ale argue
W oil .'-ell sElected stock of DRY GOODS,
consi;,!i,_^ .:. f:-- : '
Cloliis, C;15imeres, and Kerseys;
'S.,ttinets, Flnrelsand Blankets; ., '., : -
-. = ,,- p i gi0,ri d -Do itstic Prints; -^
".!-'.c ,r D "illirs and Irish Linens;
!i.i.. !a,:Ifed and unbleached Sheetings "
,, '- Shirtin i.g ,
(iUtton -O naburts; "
--- -A id- v r.v- -c-+ er '--tiec- inj li._ e-- dapted
to t I ,: .,'.i trade. de -4 y
.'..'. musicall Instratments.,_ ,
A :ILENDID collection of' Shect lusi, con-
t&sn'-o Soti^,:44 Marches, Quicrk Steps,, &e..
t',.',, ;:.i'.-i:,7,,: Forte, "including Russel's celebrated
pnn-s. -,i guitar Music. and instruction booki,
Vor 5,ia, Flute, Clarionett, &c.,- .;
*.' .AI,:',,f.i us, Guitars, Fluts, Violin aan Gui-
far titiii,.,s.- Clrionett reeds, "tunirig forkli_- hano
F, rtfe I',6, Violin bows, bow hair, bri(desi&-.
Als,, .AN r.eyv for sellihug Chickerq.4 & Co'
Plan.. F', t ". B. ELDIS,
.dec-1 .. 2 after a.
_1.0 !r71 )rLS Canal Flour,
"-f4-' igs GoshenP,,utter.
",) u l.ils'Navy ard Pilot Bread, -
Lah-'ii:, from Ship Liverpool, d for psaIf by
S d,,: 5 J. DAY &- Co;
shil) c~laiudflTi'."
1-1c, lie,, ,ormline, .T at-

-liine, Alfte, 1a.4.7 L'--ad ines, Pendan
alyard'T;^. L og" Lnus, SI.varn PaLng
Y arn, O :nk-, m, SehinT will,:.- at, ai ', d ',.B... ,.,

d(^ e,;Malinp.do
Bale do. T-,at do. C a ..pl le h
Scrapers, P% nts, Ii (%8Sb -
\ ,tl b- t a t H in d P 'n i -s -o 'k e s .d o L e a d D e e p
S e L e .-i 1 4 ( a- na_' I',- .. 1 i .r :' ll S hl e a v e s j B lo c k.
8, ;," -T.. -ihn+ uupLeatlher, .R199410-..
d.cormh,, Ooal do. upniiPth
Varnish,, Paints, Oil$, L11.,d- Oil,, Cordage.~i):'
For sale by \v. ."IMO
!' - + 23 W ater St.


41 water st.




_ _____

_ __ ___ ~ __ ~ ~__ ~_

, /

I- '4" :- T/ -" '


F. .+,* ... ,:EGNOY IC., E S--
L .**' ;^.,*ieceiver,'s Sale.
B3enijaini ,. Nour:,e, adnminis- i .7 .7' : -

Ar :.qaor,,d.el: nisnon,) ofes- .;".
o 'tateI'PO.C Raytond, c'd -.- :
1 eo ,'m.nt, -IN CHANCER Y.^
r '. ,'. [ :' *. '*. *
Abraham K Allison, slirvivin-; .. ,
pa rtnCm,.Barker, et al. .1 a l .
I T N purs-tanc;, ot' a decr,-'t-[ oidl,.r, ,..lie in tf e,
S"..li.-boveimred case, Dec-n:er 7t.h, 19313, by t1e
S.Honorable Judge of the ,.if..rhor Court in and for
t,.Frankli QoComity,- sitting a.4 a Court of-Equity, and
: .!}yvirtue- of the' powers thereby vested ir,'me, I
sfieat oa o turdav the secotMday t"of March next,
S* proceed-to'sell"at Putblic Auction to the lhiihest
d- bizdd; the following described property to %61:
L ,ot N .O. (5) five, In block D 1., -'. toate i-on
W@ ater street, in the City ,:," Apalachix:l.i, thirly
feel.l'roil by *?ifhly t;-.,t deep, ld\lltg thereon a
biick store, of three, stories.
-,.Ai- lo,-Lo No..(13)tllit,:',-u, in 1,lock D 1i. Sii-'-
,; ,t d on (C ,: ('rer-e street in za M:id t e lturt feet
..-iton bv eighty deep, leaving thereon a brick build-
i' or o'ne story, kiiow;n as The "'Phaltnix House."
. T -rhe title to be conveyed by thisi! satle being all
t:": the'ight, 'lirlt.and. intent of 0 C Raymond, laie
Y, -f s-id countyy, and A K Alli-on, 'in andr to said-,
Tern',:-One-fourtil c.tsh, afnd the remainder in
i,6.ix; twelveLund eizhLeen rionths, with; grood joint
lind s, eral iiotes for security, .itisfaciry to Tihe
ayce ri."1r, lnd ro iite to bIf tIvell u til said inole,
--+" shall be all ptU.'. .
.- ... BENJ.. F. NOUtSE, R .
/ -. >.... J ..-.j.' f- .M. A.^ YER S. Auctioneer,. !
; Apaaehicola,.Jan. 1st, 1S44. J0- Sill 3" "
.-*-' In JacksaBB Si1perior Collet.
Janets BOU ,. -', .. ,
s. . +: :BILL FOR DIVORCE.. :
..Piety B11on. .- : ...
.._ -N:this case it is ordtired, that unless tleo ^aid
:.L deo'endant do atlppear within thn'ee jthonlisaud
",.iaswer' or denmur to c"mplaiarant's bill filed, that
the 'samne will be taken p'o eoi/sio', anld t'f[-
att.erst-berein contained d1,_,reed a,_-ordinsiy.-
;- -...BENJ. G. ALDE[ MAN, Cl-i,..
-'"" YoWc;,' S T.kyioRo. CLtnpt's SI's. .,/
'Marianra., Dec. 7, 0,fa. dec 1 '3r

I Pmranklliin Supearior C.o aril.
?- Wdliara Lawrence, Gollipl't, ) Bill fi_ Uiiorce.
'i .. ., -/vs. > DecLernber Te~rm;.
Elizabeth Lawrence.DeFt. ^ .S43.
i" --*-r_'AM-k th'N eorplairnt e),, ,:,otuiel, a-1d it ap-
::w ,, :lJ pearing to the ia ,:.tiofa ,.f'l .\ Co.)nrt t ha e thw
.-, .defendant- resideq beyond tie liits otl .0he Terri-
:, tory of Florida. Tlerclbore tt izi considered b' the
CO0urt.tlhat the ,-defendntiil do arepar here on or le-
fore'the ex:,iratioii of three cadJridar i-nitlii tEoL tire
j ., sdae hereof, and answer t.f, e.-implipiarit~ s bill of
cromplaint,'or rhe same willite takeqi vro io es .
A&nd.tt i s fiu'1lie r, ordered rlt, `0t a co;,V ot .this order
be pubhli-l)e'd' ill the C(mnerctidl Adveitiser.-for
three nmouthls consecutive. '" '
('CopyI.-) '.' Tepie, C- EO. F. B_\LTZELL.
".MosEs;? 61icitor. CleriK...
":' lmrikli.B ilft Sla rior tourt. '-
'.. .NI-ia Fredericks, ) 1IN ELITY. .
*"*"' : -. t,, vs.' Petition fi-.Divorce..
Daniel At.'.AVBuscel'ndorf. f'. r
O'- N7 'iifdifis 'the tbre ,',i:,j petiti,:,n, and it all-
._ "'clpea'rLu,that Datiel ML. A. 11tlushondorf re-

+.,liLdu I t the.. lim its of this T,-irrit,.-.r .lt is
*Qrd[ref4.th~at'. lieav'iiig b:e hladt letbo,rr? m on ~he
lacts, as charn.ed in tht.- .*|ettiti I .,n th4ge second
.Mopdayo f^U;.rch,, 15 11, at ApUlacU1ioIi -l, in tle
lC ~y-,ol'.F,'ranklin, and t\tat t1liis order, be pub-
-!.i 'ed in o rn _' the public, Ill,-jp:ipers in this
-'f.tpeititory, Pbr.jthie spae. of thiee months belbi'e
the time afore'said.-' -
<--......- .... ...... .--_ 3- v .- t_-;L' t ^CK;- -- -
'. Judie'Apalachieola. District.
HAWKINS, .Solicitor. -"
-;<,, Apayla,;hic.la, Nov. -27, ll. : .44,3mr
Frai mkin 'Superior Cours'.
'. Jolu) B a1tks, ,. ,. .. -;:. 7 ,, .".:. ** $"
,','* 7. \s. *..^ ATTAC.HM.ENT
-"b'Brrjainin IV. Walker "and tb," .T'J',5,),_-
Johil H. Watson, exoc'- 'R "Rturnabh-l to .D.?-
t (if of'the list Will i d 9, 1d cember Torm,
"'->Testarment of Ja1 es ;\r^yatsotY, deceasedd.'; *"':' *.^ .;
^e' drft'e~ndants and -^iLl ,,*hers i,'tel'ested. at'e
'*' h 'e:ve'b'y. n otifl ed cif thie i'n -titttti,:n '.:,f th e ai: ',:ve su it,
'and tl,'ev are required to appeal and ple-ad acco:rd.-
": ing t6 law<. ,- r,+'..
BR,.CKENBRO[tG-H *&' H A A KI. ,, .
,t. ,,NoV; l: 4-1 3min' *' At-ty.slfo p'Prff"
T e r -' i~/* '. i t
.;+ ":.. "i'eito r o ~f Fll o l'id a .. .(
(;t?* '-*' -JACKSON SUPERIOR COURT. ,: '
.L .George ,3[ rilhnghast,-> *. := ;+. .
-;' "_ \' \ A ttach m ent.-,+; g ,- --I
.* E. D., Hutdbl:u.t '&, Co. .) + r" t;: ,
T^^nHE deferdarts and till others inr, rested wvill"

J' L take n,.,tiee thatiiiramt Nourse will be ex~ami-
ined in behalf of plaintjrt', in tlh& city of Aisala-
ehieola., oa .. day of N uvernber next.
YO.I.TNG &. TAYLOR, Att'ys for PI'rl-..
MIariatna, Oc~t: "7, 1S 13. o14-4m:




Jaacks s. Saioipo r i or fCourt. :
M atilda.L ..:P: -ikard ," -.* i
vs. '. '* yBiIl for Divorce. !
.Po'tou t. Pirikard-y ; t",f' : r \
I ;E defendant wil'tlP 1i, notice that on the
X_ thiI4N ->,lay iii Novcmdbe-t'n.ext the- phaiitiff
6ijli-lrpceed i6.talke they'd upcstions of Shephard
"i*-pn'e at the. Cou'rt'h.,Huse. ihtt, towri tMarian-
,.'.ta, whichh time anbd place the said defendant
v:" ,.P ay. atttendJf 'lhe sees fiLto -1b s.. ...._' ,, S O.
'" '.L-:., :7. A.. H.BUSH, Att'y foir Plk
, ,.MtIarianna, Oct. 5, 14-.3. _m. ..- o -l4--m
l .acs .. %i pei .o .
Re _bec a Stevens,.) ,, ..- "
vs. Bill for' Divdrce. ; ...
.,uttng.G, G tevens. 5 ... "
Ji THFE, 4 f!ndant will take notice, that"on (he
S '. third Moinday ii Novelrmber next, the plaintiff
"TJ. pro00ed t6 t4ke the d,. .:isitious of Janics H.
PiParker pid aJtg. J. Robinso.n, Ellis Da\is, and
E l;,i 'Dyi." .T~ed,,posions of" James H.. Parker
....i.,lia~v ,'d ..' ,t.r u.btson will be 6 tdken at the
P-gA iHuse ini.' ^rjnri ; those -f Ellis Davis
an JE.ltz Dhvis,.aWjht hou-e Iof SteplenJ. J Roqhe
n in kV hinigtd'ouiitv The deifecdant may at.
tend and 0voss .,xamine said.'witnesses irhe seefi6.
fit to do so. :, H-AUH.,BUSH, PVff'sAt Vv.
--+06t,Maajai. Oc'5, 1S43.' ": i;l-4m
F lraB IiH SUtperiorI ?o'aCourt. i
1 ,tICuisift""prol,,4;'^;t:NCHANCERY, ,1%
e.rl"rywford.SprbwI L Bill for Divorde. \
'I T-ipiarming ot. tGes tio Rt .
X that Cravvford Spr'owl rev. ides beyond the lHirmits
of the T*,rritory.of Mori.dc, It is therefore Or-
7, dered, thlit publicatioti be iade -for three months,
.;'aot!fy~egith01-0.'4fendant, Crawford Sprowl, to ap-
i .4>ea-&Va Court to be held in Apalachicola on the.
S- -ftrst-MondayiwrDecember next, to shew cause, if
i an:y here be, W -y- the' -divorce as prayed for' in
*;' the JBilL sht uld'oi6tbe granted.
,. -:'1i-. .... .*;*' SAM'L-W. CARMACK, :
'* ""' ;Judge of the A palaphicola!'Distriict
( Apa achi2o!e l^.'Ju ,.1843. 4je i l
; TTUTTER-50 firkms Goshen ButterP, ustfrer
e D ceived and for sale by
s_-.. jan8 M. A. MYERS, 28 water t.


yet'ss Clsott!, Beaver,.TIlt and Flushing'( _lic
.L C Siil.. .. .. ..
->1.LLt ,bl ; gr'ern' and invisible i'eeti, Frock
and Dress Coats; ; ,:';' '. *
Kentucky Jeans Frick and Dress Coats.
Blie, black and fancy colored Cloth and Cass.
*Pants,,; ,: : ; ": -
--Diii :40n[ ,l and fiT'd French,.Casi n e L'e.:
-'- + VESTS: ".*
Cloth. Cassimere antl Cashmere .Vests;
Silk arnd lV:clenr ,Velvet do. ,
:,*: .. + > SH IRTS: :
Wl'.itie- Mu?.lif and Linent Shirts; .
Colkr,-d -do. : do:. do. ' .
,\i "hb, Lan, 's Wool and Merino Shirts;. "
-.,; 1 ,,. + do. do. do. Drawers; |
W,;>,-n andi Canton FIlnnel Shirts and Draweirs;
Stuck'.W S'a4i:, C('t'.,t's, Stspetide-r, Gloves, and
Dressing or Morning Gowns.
A!; great Variety of Gentlemens and Boys Hats and
C a -Gaps. : :
T- "he above goods will be sold very low Tor
cash. dec7

Is. I Mrt,'a e on Real
P. J, M3es,. asi-ignee.ofE.f (EEstate. :
I WILL ofbr for sale at Public Auctir,,_ on the
-l7th day, of January pre'?eit, in front 6f tile
Clerk's Office, All the- real estate late of E. J.
Wood, Btrdnkrupt. *Said Real Estvteh being sitlu-
ate at St. Juseph, viz: I'Lots 0, 9, ti.uare 10i to-
gether with the dwellingN house and u,.ttuildings
thereon. TOhe lo,,ise cor, tains six s',-ltare r,_',,:,4rS,
and is well 'furnished Witli Vertiar, Blinds, ce.
Als,-,, Lot S, ,', 13, 1-I, sqLI -I'e C 3,. With tile ih -'
:provereller ts, cornsistir,.; olfa dhree st,.,ry wooden
hI.i:,te, ibrmit:" an L, bing about ') by .'-_) feet.
The d hJ_,:rs r'd Siih ih tilis house, a-or,,:.. are
%\,_rtl, (i.'. or .300. The same i to be sold 01 1dfj-
plicati,_,ri and for account of PRcbbiri S: Blanch,
Trustees antid M,,rtgagees,,with consent o f the tin-
dersgned, and by direction of the Hon'l Sfin.,..-,l
C,t'rr,.cick, Judge. Terns-Cash. ":
Jan 9, lISIl. ,. flR. J. MOSES, Assig,tee1.=. ?
BralfOsgiat -to Jail.


33 water street.






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"Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
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Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
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Commercial advertiser
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Permanent Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00048473/00003
 Material Information
Title: Commercial advertiser
Uniform Title: Commercial advertiser (Apalachicola, Fla. 1843)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 56 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge
Place of Publication: Apalachicola <Fla.>
Creation Date: January 15, 1844
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Apalachicola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Franklin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Franklin -- Apalachicola
Coordinates: 29.725278 x -84.9925 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began on Feb. 4, 1843.
General Note: "Libertas, Constituto, Et Nostra Patria."
General Note: Editors: H.H. Meals, W.W.B. Crawford, <1845>.
General Note: Publishers: R.J. Young & R.A. Dominge, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge, 1843; Dominge & Bosworth, 1843; Raymond A. Dominge & Co., 1843; Dominge, Bosworth & Wyman, 1844; R.A. Dominge & J.L. Wyman, 1844-1845; J.F. Bosworth & J.L. Wyman, <1845>; Wyman & Wilson, <1850>; J.L. Wyman, <1853-1856>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 4 (Feb. 25, 1843).
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 001960138
oclc - 02713285
notis - AKD6771
lccn - sn 83016267
System ID: UF00048473:00003

Full Text
: t .,




4> M j. : ;

% % <% x & -ft
I R ( ?r .rfc < *5 Ii fa v 1|
1 IB I ip j FJ | /\j3 f 1\ CA 'ifd ti 1 C'. i V
i p / 1.7? Ls ] Sri
i x t1\ x I tiw. i 2* 'I r-i
K %i



1 ertuin Laalv ;::id Uatlroai slocks, und j itt' not \ ihdehtef ft i' < i beside interest: and ccs's.' Now

iEl 1 a I1E1 I t ISE I1 ; o sell the stuck which they own or control, :kw: >wnz i what evil haw tats tv.o ;?rkj< r* d .nl' They

T1IK EVIL AND THE 11E'MEI.Y. i they ha\c a large majr-ity of that in which t and their f-nthes: have worked h.irU, and raised
1'1''.; : :. : \ .M XI)AYOTrv hey are cpenxtowThf- e sane men then? j* + i f"unvani their LrM> provisions for theniselvt-s and aiaw

iud I and to be delivered m a ct'rtau si'rplu! f+t r the food lit' (.ihers ; and who has
To all of l.b'-ral und'-rstandine? 'cenerv.is -
l l 1i ri' + Inn
\ v. ; 1 Uttarjtret ;
DOS tt'URTIIVVMA -ev4,. d the! ini.t: of tlinr toil ? The tu capiiut -
Z:fry YORE, ht-arta-to ev--y! sinc'Tf inpurf-r alter the t npe, a far !iris < t7it't' 1:1' +:Int lt th. ;.tilt: t( t.tt1 ney
faiYj outstanding, ..i.rui it u > to< Uoub! its ; a..Jith:,ut re:\de-rr.: ; the slyhtesf emuvakst. -
thm! ? >U n }h.>;l/ei: ;"> P.uIMi:: Ls, corner of }'1I11..i't )L : !\ i'lLf.- Propntor.Lii.er.i ; ; IK-OIIS 'oi"r<-ve.tiM 1 tH! <'- ;>"cui>:, ry revulsions firir er price. VTIu-n! the tiL'-' .: ariivt ir hi i to b.: 1 I appeal lj persons in -Al! "sections Of out

Comtuevcc & Chestnut si reels, v !..<"h( sr. frc laeiitly! t\v.rv.h.-lm uur cith-'us by deli;ertd, they kn,>w it ..l.lit : be iloMe urrl-- > it oU'itiy[ if cases cuiteashard JH these have not

T TilKEE DOLL'AU>, PLIl AXICUIM, S iuatirA:{ :. .:. ; ; :! { !' +' u1 ,'ta'Lt is[ b;.': :it directly,or indirectly[ from thorns ives, {. occurred vruhin the limits ot" the iv observation,
ER SIC'Nr.ihtt't
AU'TILf' is f \ 1'tl1; MI
VYAB1.C !V ADVAXC.Iilv '. { :.11 'sl .id douiu.u:: 'Jiciu to !h
\ <'rMicauMta of i.iii hises ur less (twenty: linosi.r :'-'!'.... ,2Ura.t.: I 1 Iv.r.--; dcstituiii'ii-tu ali l sincere hquirer after th.iu :. i-Ise! th--y toixe ti e dilltrerurc, and the .j.iurk is lift *, ;vt lp-, bet.ifhe! mi-aMire of'vulue has alfected

tuore m ':)ryu; ; ':::,) conspicuously i.i.vr'td udvar.ot-, tde. t'poii! Goods? cnn,t'rt i : ii; of jo; ro7ir. the comlition oi maukiuiLstf.rlsll (k-llvere:: at ..d1.rrIcis i is cl.-ne under pret :let+ i t tnprtiduee vi thehri"f iria3 and tested them by a

at the following rates : '! lt> ti,.! ynrt :''T I IWs 1 ; i.nMl"-- woe? to which tL'-y ere uo\v :> i j ;ci.To tlt: thr-rr u MP : real c usir ter this grt.tt ad-t diil"rent; i-asnro trcin the out by which they
Oue ,..She? <11') (i ie momh, 00 j r idi.ce, aad those unskilled 1:1 tilatcal; ofj>eratioas bought, and the-ulore they i'oll short in paying
year nil tl the! weigh: of Moral and
::. G. Poi'Jcr tV. Co. who :'y r.n 1
." < TUn-e L- .2 00) } ia her their tiebfs. .-
?% m-tnita,. M.ti wt+ 1 art oftea eMiMe-red" in this \v.y cr same < :
Ttin-r moinas,. ... -5 09: Two v.-pt-Iw, 1 ";'.> DEALERS !X tOO,1)S AXP Ct1tiIylIr: ati rr--ti tl l evil ..vLh: 1- cttn !truly e;. -. ri-ncctl from .linty .i5 allsuti-t tflry. For tttrtier: frustration: suppose the State of

T.xo w- ./'>,-.1 4W One itl.-ertinn,1 ME I\lA.vT; ; <. the dt'r U'.r? J Business f-'JU'-tiie p:-u +u-l "N.r.vtiv: tiie e transactions any more .N.r than X w-Jersey, during: the whole time that the rates* '

a-h.-i'Isvuicnts Jiris'titvithua( a.tv ,pein 7b.-tr.e-tloi: of JuJastry-to all 1v.J !hold! tifit tho i IrtenIark unna the cards before RaaoMn ? of interest: were ft' tctuatmin id! thc other States,

,um:< ;. 3s< as to the number -d maintained hers! at six per cent, and retained

r ,M:uvl. n will I be understood t'':4t tli-y :are to j jS i tar <5f Wiuit-, whether of''ui l ynienr or t''f, what the others gain : In ;ail tins there husSKV.I I Jl the money that generally circulates in the
i-jH-J. r'.Tii. FU&BXP; they :1'.l I tli-rej j x" wealth t-i' the State so tl. :t ran:' citizen crniW us easily obtain
: X nothin frie: to incre'iso the ,
COMMIS5fo .,1Ettt.li1 l's. i, br'-u.i.! *.n.i; .'nublt;; 1 to rear air! e iucat-; hi-i c!:-hire:; :;
; ,- i >,.tin'K-d: ,tt nur discretion' atH <'...,/jvtl X>. _' Water srret t, ;uatin or the cv.rnforr ol'inau ; -ilhcr hits it bet the nioaoy at this! rate, as at any period of hfrr ex-
j jnVn i'ii 1 who 'In di ud
iu 'nnift.r: :iiu paco tu : 2l I : a.
,.. vja..u tu the i lurj.?*.ii 13 rates- i 1 \ ".ihcIUe-.Li, nlfcucv. fr-der these eir.utnance3 there \\ould
eg.J Adverlisetutntts f 1 pnb- thought nier1 1bc'iu=j it is novel, nor fly -roiii ui this kind deserves the name .,f business: attI herr have start no conr.paiiL a srarclty oi money,

1: itou is fitted!i by 1-tw, will only be cxc'ytedtr A. & 2.* 4* K.iaa, I IC # ',i.ui of ii'.levi
<*:nlhtj above rule. 0 31 M jVs'l U x"M t'uVil A X T S j it ias not l Lnig a o been ado.'te-to! thi *.0 ;;Ti' Take, tor instance, a fanner who hai as: ex i nsl"e '! it to usury he tvcc'.c have been called a

T il.'se! wk' advertise by the \var a liberal disc N<*. .,} \V..Ter. street, j jLibcrd wtll-wi.-.ierof. ; Hum. .1i!+ry, thf t followiuj'ay l : bi-vuc-55! : ; in .Vwol, and supt.ose him: tu !tat : !j mat!nunBut; lr.ok at tb.j fa *ts. Thc surplus

.'irA will be madeit ull 1 aJ vcrtisemenis aotrtp'Tly t is dedic-xted: by the writer. Wholly u.rasec1 r us L" two th'nisat.d sliet'r). He nnst provide htsy and j jto iroduce cf Nev -Jcrseyt and ir.ust ot the goods
|>erttaui: : to tUnr own bnainerwj, ;isv .ivu.jtv iijuuion Uotti/n sl,i )td! 11) j : i 'milt 1 keep them do-i v.< the winter ; he also j I.ttllfdC3t.ilthtrebail their inarket in NC.VYerk -
uurie-r--hi! he is e-t'iifid" th.-.t
I's all l'--J adv.'j Yemenis sent 11. by tlieiavli IN'eAV York iiud Bosljn arid ol-o 1:1 '.-= lo ]> cr legislation, : ; : -Il.t TILL productions are
\ Liverpool, i r.S:; :rain he sjuli. 'io ,''1' .'. ..te so large a farm, 1 iivlphu- :e
at 1.... usu..l raft: *s. ivn'J no earn,-ct uiln-a can vlvo heed I to ti : f.tetsw ha- vnlac in these two-cities,
\ : be chared : storo. iyJEUKMIAU I he Iaust cmj.Ioy a nnino< i .>* 1-ilwrers, \vlioin lies tested by the : #-::c ( -
All ana nmceuients of Caldi attec !ur office, will c 1 iib')di" i in there \Lzvithcut inti.re.r., .. ilectiuu t, ..ru a and i .C.:: su.Hcier.t \--rv.s to furnish tiiemi and they fall oil m pue from cne-third to one-

*H? ch!: irjjed tT9; JXJLLARIS during the canvass, U.\v.l D\NIL J. DAY. Ltd ttt least p-irtial assent. lla\iiia' mi ha.'eor 4srs: with ic!>cd clothing, and i *enable them at the i tieu } half, Viltlie: : ta.sL con-uincd in the State fall about:
+ d Ce.
payable! ia all care in aJvauoe- MISSo" MV+ 'lIAXTS thot uht of \> 'C-umary ur othi-r per?jual :.dv tntin [! of the year to have a lumlsome surpla .- | as ninth; t>-r thusi prices at home arc i jverned
COM \ < : K ('
All C'.nsnuni'-'jtiojis.! wJu-u 3'faiSSlb1t,1 of ars is ; the by tlj p/ice' Iu n.virkeC This increases the
NI,. 52 Water .:! ,'' ; -<-5 he nAsfi,r them a patient, thoughtfulrusul 'Alien the woul i\rvly ibr liarket, laruu-r >
; >:ad ter inJivi-i'ul tidf.uer pulls, ol'new ian.1 A !.-e-.i! <-.>!a. Ft. tL f.llo'v-d t hy such actioa thereupon 1;= the s-eiK to the :.t.t ttrrr lor a price whioa will not: cf !:;b..r to bjKrlurrr. by every debtor
inv 'arii !}s, /ouds, ar&i.., will be chared fur as :_j T ay for the Ic-bor devet--J to tits! sheep, a rs..s .TKible {t to ).,} his debts, tor.. it requri-s the sacae labor as
.> Ueiii.siiaivt tat our discretion. I E> 1:5. V'> *>*1 c* f>. trut they contain: shall iudicat--- and rcttuirtjit'ertfuliy con pfc-r.siitioi: for the use of the part of th .tt a':%' previous time to product a bushel et't grain

.r 'rt I CO.IMSIIKiciiAXTs.: ; : IUL' At.. TllOR.USURY furra allotted to thai, and a sui.tii: profit bjside. c r any other a tick, the result of labor. Farrcs,

GAUDS.A'TTION The monui' cturer converts the woo! into cloth !i ii'l ?:. iufactuied goods, machinery, all fall in price/
l! ,j.tnl: tau tl.1'IR.,! i. Tin.1 ) THE EVIL AisD THE IIEXEDY.LT : scids; it ro a commission merchant in Xcv.Y'rk :: 'I I this operates itJ'tinsf tue produ--ers and iufavjr

>ni & (' GODIiK GAUDWilLL. to sell, imitinr him to synch prices a5 vail I efthe Lio'tey er ital The citizens cf thc

_tS i Iet .i. M ye: 1 iLcVLFJ) > IV >-ii-LL.1' ;E( )1' i'OI1 enable ht: :. to pay ail his workrnca wll. a I hei\: St-.io may l>e great suiferers, zzid many of them

ANL> tV-MjliS i PN( MiiRCi'.ANT, : A\"l> Cl.Ui> -I' >X S 1ElitI'!; < TS' CHAPTER IVUnry mdnui.ictur also demands a price suiiicieut to |;--ei.ureiy broken u v, -.tlthou:U not due of them has-

rv\ ;;> Vt'.iJer tiect, '| :. ;i"-j; V/atcr r-tr'et, ; L'1 i' lrtdeif by Slockjubli/ig. pay hhiia-.h'ler !tis own Lbor, ths use ufh.s mcliinery -:- ;' directly ?ui l ifiore.tL !i s.x ,er I cent interest for
Sale D AS Y'cr\-K r.ws a.id S.VTI'a.r.\y- ': 1 iC and uauufactory, and to ii: are ar anal money borrcwnl or previou!y owed, and not one
1 All 1 "AS are ina'lu fvi* the ;uvertimeat 4 T nian.i .
has been tro'.tvr1ed to borrow what he needed for
The commission merchant soils those
1: i Ei'h .i.itl t'i'jin ftr itself u.td ciri- prcftt.
: -l.ti .ti) J Jl.L. A. F. r.ii.3ini. ; : : : !; "iuc3 e\vfy
cloths to the wholesale merchant or v-bber and his use. It is as if a planter:should agree to dt-
DIIS & Co. Fic've1IE'1.'s: 3ITt. j I /.eiAil': : !.':-! tl.uir.ri-diction is bjiir.d ti' <-!'vyt1
Siwai'i : TLtse Li.vare intj'.ded --t receives ins Cv.Uiru.&ioa, %w:loll uives 1 trn a _;(.Gtl liver, ut a _-: e:. tit .e, a cert uu number of pounds
ILUI. : t.> ; t ; tr.tjrhts -
AUCTION t UM.s11* 1li MERt'i 1.1X1 t 1 I FACTORS .vc COMMISSION ;'! :'!' ; r ,. erty. to shield the vi.ak ir-rn the iiviujiiI: 'u. :: ittiuaC aiir.-'lus. Tue j>LI.er a ;siti j j.sv oj'cutljn, uii'-l the man [notch:'=m'. ,j.u uld.paf, tuT
JCo. 'J'Jjtey fetreit.i. :.MF.Ui'HAXTS.Xo. iti !la ;S.le cloths to the! cviiatry .tud receivih lxnce the cotton, double. thc \vcmht he fcmcrly
t" -' allo'A
: : _, : o otte by ili't)1'iasinu or '
Il.iii. rdl : <..tKma'i i- ou :1:1:] conixunv.jlrfff .-;/-. 2 ( U1UU..) 15 !'i..tU luarhurla tu l :krf < ViTH'nijj [rout antht-r without iit>tlir.i; >izj > e:>oi-jh: to give him a good Ii; inir net a rea- 1 1 J distill calling each a pound. He doubles the
illla'l bu ; '. 'iJ-tvd: t '' .ni w U b. .: i a.fz stable wet t.t; end the cotton LUs short ore half
: 1,;,, ,1, tl1.ic' .ta I'. a..rs :' j ...i j-jt.fv.ile'.t.( h'ij-iin_. is : ,ltt'ulwti.a; : ; pr-; jiroflt.. The country merchant seils them 11)uted| ,
attcdtJ :CiiC.
pratI :,j' :oa ;v i Lvl :pInl or j ,w"'v'.ut'.i.i.L tau t:' .:--?it tea its -\\-ul";. Uio; who to f irmers, meuLsuic-, and various iailividutls; j "file -untl weight tests pr ti-easures the weight,
to LA.VK & RKI\ Boston.RY 1 i i -.teals !s .t (July bui.d Itj law to returatlhr tiii'i;; \vho lie't.! en: and tlu-y wear tlu-M <;.t. ilvur. j 1)t! Lvt more thai .ioue% tests cr treasures the
(\\ C' ')K, 1'rtlalid.1'1c. onot tlifstirsoaa i la.'k.trz lr. 'd -. +r 1 value. If the vshre of "nxoxiey be doubled, the
i stol'jijj L,;it is ai -; ubii'" vi'j'i:, ? iiiiprL MirJcut.I ; [ s a "u i s Girt
S. C. \i lit r't iTR, H&liowcllMKKCHANT i CJUMMiS y AND Fili\V.hitDIXG I '"ie laws c.lso pt i'tect ;:'" ijst-tTiinoir.c. i GarncaMoists ri.e.: surplus : the people' + who buy th.-s-j! clMlu' i debt of every ftebr< r i k doubled, and he falls short

MCKCH.NTrf.. ,uit lei tiCi) or more pei* .'.s pustli. up i dad wear them out are raising unri: bee. art-ri;:. i r in payment, for the same reason that cotton falls '

+,; j I Apaiuchicula, Flo/iJo. : ;.tn,, sun; of niouey, to which nil parties"airre.i, ice. s1rtong! ; the various uui'acturv-rs,-rs and tae- \ short hit \veigiiju.4luvvei: Licg 01, doubling
1 cl.wric-s: ; with .t'jod and they :1 laikc &dt thef iKid would be cuttslde-i-1: : : ileut, but
TAILOR & CLOTHIER ] IVr II. jvmnnori.Li' t thoa! p h\Ing some auu, alter wti.-1.! tio ouc j a g. ] ]
st.i'w |! who beta, talces uli; ti.e iuncy.; Tots b i iI livi'u- and some t runto- one h is Lst wbj.t tl.L- deabiia, the valce ofmocev Lv ';raacierin;.
.'ft.l Boti + 'Ii, h'rrr Ilicingtun
'z t
1rori. novl Ur.aT .-r.i] .j'jvan" -> u: uLi on C\-.tton consigned toO I hiiii! ;, be 'nuse one Luau tak''i fror.t i:rhj. .::i: e': other has; train.'fl, bat each and every on C of diem-!

U' 'r -:'ill:; in \i.w V .-*-, Ev to-t t. f ii-.r--:1; -., 'I! iIt"Itfa1. iithll't r'It-h rie :: tb', is iiiiiu::, Thi* is business : each one is adding rr :1t'T'-z Mitl'A ..nfor OL'w !S. .
jjavrf. def] lyj I TI.3 others have ltst just \% hU uievu:j:r hr.s to ins CT.YU ec'Uiioi-t, wtttie at the sane tinix he t ::r .1..iic13

WAJIUJX: AND XOTAKV PUBLIC, j I i I gained, yet it was ::11 done volu.tanj: ., '. :,tluut u< ;,tifttes': to t'iu! of all the others. Tr.e; &u:ehctUjn I A slL.iIi1E2.v: iM-EitVii:v.-.-That V\TS: a

A' u.i".c* icol-i, F! v- j II T. If. &: 5?. Atsstisi, the slightest! necesa ty for it, so ti.eit; S:a3: '.:1U c.- ; -_-5ifltvou: I attend every brach ufafefulbusi.te t strt.r.: :; moirxrit, thr.t was an anspiciond hour,

dray ,''lwav; 5>? !f>Tid .'t tile ui'.ice' oi Farrior 5c i llJ:1:111Ir: I N M F. R C 11A NTS ,;t n on the part of thewinnjr! : the hose of -j in our land if business were pursue,! und iu the romantic history of Louis 1'hilip, ivteu,

t'+.. N4'. 41 Water at. lie w'.uld resjx: cifulb st 3tttI11 <. stantiiL'gtthe seaIrt ctu,t ot his own wdljbeieved -
'' the uatr-ua-ze ui' his irier.ils an-1 ac ;nialnTIIL j! l,11rchirttIa. pay ed It!! but uuc must Iuscstill ci' h litt'cd to t tbe "->riiiaudy! wii.Lctiie: _.jlcleu ruys oi> an

| 1_.i' -' tt'h'u'.iet.a.i'ie on Cr.tt-n stopped t toC 1iti: tln k +nC. 'l'ilts is fair _ruubliti but ct3PTEi V. early autum.ia sun sli1 their beauc.>us colfrin;>
t tnllitEuti should ti.CoO" who hud ln-t the in'ffijjy; discover ///:: t tf.ww afftris ell Lvimtry tuna Pror rfy.H" :,n peure-auprojichincs; ntadroii of Great rai-

: IllATiST. tat: the winner had prouvd: : the c.s h\*. a triI t:5! i tuiblu! :.; in stocks aud nun-.v u Xtedthi5i"niy tain. the Monarch rec.'ivedvih irrace- dn nity,
'hi. L. r a1cie1, I( b.teal\ en the b..csc: lit f each, and i'm."j! : 1 \ eid adEairatioa the tiled .r
\ rtlru lo Apiilachu'ola a'nflit the Gtr* \\ jn i i wii-o are in that -s bu in,_ss, ..;> if iscali.'jJ yo ll. ; CilaTt.nL1et Queen
\ ( 1firGtlt1; r,+1.UGli: ISkp'Sittc'e +)1 hi 1.f .!'tr'ti{ !J M M1 .S S i s ) X FrO' R VA l) ti I thin it would t-e c:ll d tnfa' ,':' ":;",uttlt the evil would be comparatively stii-ill: oar uw*> j.Utiioxis Lie 1 Ah little did he think
i i \ LadlLv i, rj-jiis losing v.ould t ,,.i kj: biJuf but whtu wa.-'Jertrit Swi.'xerUnd teacher in
1jr lll talli: t'. 4 pUICiU1': tint say i y it duty ti-.t stop there. This article, laouev, :t a
1: y : 1gt'i.Jilt: l.t !,.:) UCi'.33ft3rt : -i I Xo. :: \ i =U"A'ijs !); :i lay(91t. f ci.-e.iU-d out of their (honey. ; j is :h,: mea>ai-e of v luo oi" ail the !)rod tcitona ot mathematics in a rno u.tai.-! c lleire pcde man
Li' a1t1t The Lws prohibit th fist, tr >'zj:(--tl.iiisI : Treatise the tad tine exile ia Sca..ilana7i, or ut bes:, an outlaw in
,. : !. .: ,1Cs> rir'.vi Vv.* u cuiitiiiUxiJ: of 1i: iil I couulry, ; :io matter; where farmer, mtchaii'v -
t4:* v:: ,. It j I they: -:ire injurious to the partu .-; ctertedj: ; their Xbier, mcrc'i.iiit, or ariy l producer may America, when the name ui" Orleans raps a. re-

t itod'd z'', t'ti. (.Ft i i-.iilka: and the public ; curruptiruj: U.e! ;.o J.vJs ufi tt beattuuled:: ii' he be iu debt, the rise oi tnt rt at p.cadi ant! a by woJ, and when to harbor himV.MS

2.. IV. &ijrm.TT : : Ai MM JOX '.MiiiiciXu i tte c.JMiiUiuy by the t't : :;iifiuus' -.-ciic ut ta- Iroii! sis totwt ire per Cent per annum, dvuMcsL. uiuivst an e-tiecce in Europe, when none cbuH

\ X' Njrx>ELUit AT LAUT. 40 V.Vuc-ri-tjct";. ii.i !i\m one his r-ropcrty aud _:!-. :t to at.o- 1 debt upon; hun tdtuou a he uiay ht l pa\in, !I| cherish and nona would love him-not that he
\ \ ." .! rrt.j--> -ire in tilts r1C. Ail li -i.i'i.Iiijhn'0/t. Fi.t.S tli-r without i
!% A ml'1r.r is
e-juiv..k'at. did
: hot'i j nut raerit utd virtue: .
1 : ; but ,ipvr cent interest upoa it. It will take ]I pusatfs>s iiKi; ianiinity or
r'i 51 158 ne! Si ; -;\. ".illy cu;--. it-red a ba.-tnem'i.. It i. were Juubie.! the produce to pay six per cent becatisa j i cuua.e, bat that rune dared ta acknowledge his

t :tLt ; < >L!>AUDETAIL: i.iiocriso. : : j-'c.-l! :n whur IAl:1tt'j5s'Itil u St'ul..-, the "lawervotM it \\i\l:\ lV i iu uloat, that proportion, ''ml ai the !i po- ei,u.i ff those virNi-s : little did he then

,. :.r:1: ihN 1131. ., L1 di cf I \ 49 ',:'.tier ti. :. i \ be, 'X.irt> ; he is nothinu hut a g..i.Mer.* s.,me litne it will take the ante iub=r tat it dwu 1{ int.2 the thit! tK d.y wcr.Id airive when ho should
i.ad the of ; I wilt i.uw to v.va'.c of other! tint s iii "th : coin- rub-,- the d"ftrues ot 1 and when the
< + -rt u- "j.--, i'ouit AppealsTiif ;|__: \pi.ivif .i. Fit. : > il.d to itise u pound t.f cut tun, a oubhel of1 o\vr ra ce,
i '' nm'ii'y culled buiiii<'3.- ,irid itsetaiu uh'-t'jtr! tl.e i iterr S: ret or to wuko a yard of ck>th, uad one half j ,ilils u; that KutomiLt" v.ho sail tales, the
+ JiH t vVi \V. &. Wooi'Xo.. 34k1 street.A l v. .;. lV > >d, ,. bnure properly; ap:4ud: to tseta tui.i it is [ the rnditty! will pay for it, hence it is doublein | w aVC:." 5:.1ld u.ch'>r at peace in the quiet waters
,. .' t.- ; V..T ... x. 1SV. ) :jl'S; JX, i-'OKi; ; AJlLiiXGMEUCliAXT, to thea ler. 1 '
; ; : > mean the stockjnMjj'! bus- i'jyor of the money capital. To iilu.rntte tilts, I <,! Tte; rt, c.ducti.:: .., to the shores ef that
AX ) : <
Y.:8t1' >"iij\ iiAXiLLli, ness A [jersi.ii buying; stock to ht.! .;!! fir tin ,, will sitp';*:s:- : A, who is clear of debt, own a IT id the! ycunj, nobi, d-irr.v: active, energetic
Xi 2\Vu\r
\ 0 Mt 1J A VIS I I k- t. evpecta to s.11 it !ur; a higher: price than h* pals fa.-m, but it is not a5 tare as he wishes it. I), JUoinrch ut the f ritish empire.

y t.) :,:1 r/rCt1C,- of the L- lIP i! it1+ ht''ull lic'1 t }! for it- It it be Mate stock b beai'inij ititerr st at six another farmer, offers fer this .' '1y' .', paying 3To one can describe but Louis Philip himself

.' t' per Ct rf., !!!,' inte-ids t.> buit! jt such rat<.> that .-''font arid bond the lit h: which Yell K )un his bro-.v, when he beheld
1'Cz a: : t.; 41t:: : :U #+si;llless i t Ike t.;r itvt ... of f..rI :;iv'hlg a and rnortg ; ,tl the ;
rtall t'. 1 .* _i..; '\ .a. I Cur:1s MII :X: .M EIIU ll! IA N T he shall! ut uily i :cIveai \ per cent, iut..i\A 'ata. farm purchased fo.- the remaining $0t; ;. } -v saJI. with r.i'nur' )a> emotions, the graceful f figure,

1 N ': 'Vater street, prpli'; h-'.-idu. ,Let us s+'t e A-Iiether! i' !:1 burs in insi.ilia-fits of .,.>:;0 a year, interest :.t *iz. per ajul the oft dCs'-n'jed from of his fair cousin the

:,tiaP iriL iiii :' ; > "iw.r.ii. -, thegtb K/w its t..tr value, o'U rw.il :.i t i-.se i eiitIk exs.-ctj, with tl.j Jusi tatv.--.* of tins \ rt ar uf the arts t rv had nu sic in it ftr Ins tars,

't ; : rtI all the --s.: Si./' se it to he is.a : :n Hit | tLn.il> lv Jo oil ell_- \\-rk on tilt fwrjClati thinks j since tt .iii'iounced to him tii-t !iis wise and en-

.lid: iauaa,1 i-n'ia.. I :; : -IK. 5 ; I State a:1: : j.z s\ j/e'r 1'- r. Litet.. S s.\\ 'i\di- 1 1L2 ; e ,qtly Clear .; ;t1.,, as : educe c:, .. ,: ,,1s t| if '.tend '"iily t: .s Appreciated; that his honor
'','iii practice air tlte Courts tl! Fr.i.:','.:., .1 xdci. vidual wii-j :I..ii taken* it at j.ar L eip: lied. bjnl !o?'I pr.-j.-j. A. puicuases another .'..a ;a for ai.J. iidethy we-r.. j-riz d ; that I.is alliance was
1 *I i., Walton anl VVjj .ftiin! :t.:, s.Voesru Z atlr ion & ?forru-; s -11 it for fifty per cert- d. : :+valt, t : ', ttl in r 2,0'J') m c.ishand giv.ji' ,his | bv r;{;iit for and \.Ju.-f : tint his sacrifices for peace'

11; j M M i s i u x \ ;>: \) F (j !uv A i : v : x ts i ii bus 1'ijur i'i.e !'. ,!:' r the :uauuuf! r"j \'. \ ch lie h: : : j. ,e lor 71,0 i-j at six pir cent. Liuri-tL on ;I authorUS.Trer6 Icnowh and esteetned; and that so
A' Taylor, I I e NT L I hasrtceii.! Lu thin ale-it! wl.ILtheera !,uyI I sitiu-ucd 'Avie-ii.c
; : : ti : i t.. r.i i Lircliuswl. H t: a;.-e ,s lo pav Cj-'Ja ;I i.exwie, Uxvc-rnuient, and
,11 TTUH\\IVS AT f LA'IMar .-/ i 1\O. iiV.tt<'r-stl'eel 1! iig: it has 'riiw'd lii'cit'l i ytLut the uttv L$, icsf ,t vt > .".t! !i;t.interest.. He expects# to rt ceie '| thc ii'jM-'rch: o.' Great Britaia, with the Tang of

anua, l Florida.n AjuLtc'.jrc.la. l \ i. :.nd given not Ian 4 r.ir: it. Jay.tr from J3, and to retake cleared .lezt i the French that the t!'.teen herself had conic to
>;n ( VOV ;K. .lrit' P. 'f : I Again : if tiie Stute it-ein olli -11 .! : receive the kiss of and from
S. Ssawlcy I tltLle tt sOwn .t' > be-b i i the interest. But betel e the yev.rouua !. friendship esteem
bonds the it-trai iutere,t of tise Sttc I the i'rench hold the hand of
bearing alts the intereot ris.-s the Kintr, tu out sincere
? mont ; in
: t.h
.R IfE 'r1)1It1i. +
1,1al. .) ,. ,1./ ; :. ;
J.L1 : -1's1 at t\vept\ *-:.::a-tire .
1.111' ; xu'i'.11; lLLV; ) ;i.xc. &c., i .
-i. pariah :, ii L,es uil te diiIrrer.ce! :: i bciween ee3 the newspapers statin;; the lUet, !hill thinks t:1: tint: (1: : :U uI the tlritans fatllily, thus
Uld.lU,. X ,
s 't.t tlcet
I tHe par.Valiii.ud the am* unl ibi Iv'tU; llfey 1 h..s Vtle reruhi il the tl of the barricades the
are it l do v.ith h:, .::'Illiil: .,' as Lo hus to : rltonart ,
A tti ,lu.
lie' isSael
(i. Ctt: ;Ltt#, C'{ L r 1i t r,tiltA'l't \'. | iC sold, and tin- jer-oii[ tui} obtains! pre iely )Jai no .each interest, hl& nit rt":.uru IKI.i ''+ bat ,;\ f revolution of 1S# >, the character cf the new dynasty -

3 ,11:1, x < : AT L.xV/ 1 I .5. $ r ., [ & Co. what the Slat i't>e.ai.d this lusb must bv praidby per centBy the time he ; c-ts'his crops m market and tilsurnnn all env ious, jealous, or unkind
ot'NSFrLLOliS taxing, dire-tK ;r indirectly tiie rinzim' f he u'.i'l- prodsice! h.ts fiillen. K.IMeven ,.t lower spirits, by carrying !ter elf a? a gentle dove,
"'*-i T.tH.il-asssc-e: l-'iornla. j C&) :i ;\lt.i j s i itN 1IEitCII.1.1'S: the State" ThesJ Stu'e' Stocks bear -t. rite prico vloes: not sell readily. [His, neighbor U.tl'e not mert-h an ula; ebivuch! of peace, but even
tir u-*trcc-t, cf;t interest aid bUii and
t1 f.' : piiiicipul r.imroi l ire as of-t us hijjh a ;.ftCe for h-s 1 plautin on the Trench snit! olive-tree'Itself.
? '.:'tll'!' thc irm< of WAUI) tt 11"iin-i., Xov\ t/K'ii! !>, La. iiuvl lv definite as the pound \\euht or tls-!: v.-rd.. Thc as he -\Meitvf, -a-id! is onh. Volo to pay the prut it tt- t hr'KT: lo't: may it jrrow May it bi* cultivated, '

WfS'"ntV''J 1 .r., '-'ilulv.:,. .',Alfia the l,4tricl.->ru'ral: Courts unil the of Court tine interest is daiK, u>In r u.i at u certain: la-, and rest a'1.: : .v..: > JOi' his mortgage, instead of i' .t, w.ittred, defended b> French honor, gallant-: ,
j 1 t the stock var':'= from day to tby exactly the! as he ujcrvv-il. A. with d-'ticeity mokes leis *r itifuicess! Muv there cease to c.iiit ether
__ +_ -t 1' ,lattaartt. C O 31 Jl 1 S r-, U X .M L,1: .C i I A X T :tine- f j any
amount: of the _uccruin interest asid ; .
T t 7 no K re.I5ui rest avi :! 3) 1)ti ucle- lie takes tt.Vj a* ilecteil i- i riv.Jvy .tt'.veeu tL subjects of Victurra and those

*>9* *"41* X> -* .1 i ti X. \ onr.'i .!i siI.T1W et. i in the Stunll'trket day it is ut) o- -, t'.voor ir>m i{. and the fc >i i)0) he has Lid- i.tzll of Louis Philip, than that noble rivalry of w ho
f {* itLLAN1u.
I %' i\ PEXCilU has removed his ) novl lv 1 thive per Ct:..t. ; the next, Uuuii cncj' t\.i, i ii his o ; f-n: !, rt'hCt's hss mo g .' hal be prc-ctninont ia cm.ouragin.r the cause of

c-j iu t'... lihtrit'll j jjuidiiw wscufad i!<> r, {i '2 ii ; isrtateur or live per ce.Jt.: and tuna a.nilG-:; arid 1 j.-13 th* iutiveat. Still in the Athir.tics.urce ctis l i ucie, order rrujrta.j, nutwr.al luppuieaa iudi id-
J Yc" U" rfar ul XMiikr Ac Co,' fiiitrawoe from Li fall these traubiicuons, or.e party .;>, ui, \ Jc-jely i:,tere:a r tot's hi:h a:1d honey las bL ulhit. uai im-provencnt and crteicicu U" dvilatk and

CYrStilut tiiruet. Hl rtoidoncc: is on Live Oak !-il'; EHIEirT1; ( : XAKY. AND what the other loses, u.s much as if t.it rr. ;uJslioulJ. j iii i the C. ;ritry, the L-itere riaii. to twelve | truth. "'

titret.' ,,1ur2utrh' tit t l.s1 aLCC 0,1 Chavles JlpVtB ?A a11 !n-r... :. r.iriia-.t ,}" Fruit, i'r getL: I measure era: peicea tai doth Le uuijj.t oft 11er-Ct.;> ,t. t.,riuii, the i".riners are paying but 'it |

-1 :i._ dec > '';U \ rater
1lachicni: Ft he se'.l measure with ote: three i'eki .teat 1 ;, iie crops a: a n-idy i market, they !tart: iathn; tae i Ativti tiger says :-*' 'i i..- ....;Cats i>f the five lines
LY :'et. t 1'a' t/tlt; Oiiii: t ):i. u] !v 1. take ; much -Lih f.na f packet b-atween this and
'set 111. # ::; a ])nI.ely as ; tl.jfirst! third from the lust iv-'s price : tiie cost of traniiortin2r I ? ships, sailing city

r J ( >4JtIiIL'LIy ()i t'Sjre' a' gob"at"" i nun without! giviiig any ciii'ter! : its lit'l has | to the market is the same us !' /u dy. I Liivrpool, has entered!into nn arrant eru'nt, by

f !, nL- .> '- ; -:!{f U) aaure :.MA.L"Frrnj"it A.NS > 'iE.\141:2.: ixd. I Irained from Lie' c erst.l1 to whom iu ls -i.iil: it. and whenxj:'.t-nses aro de-duct the that tle.hav .- 1 winch a ship will be despatched every five day
, -1 '' 'it ini: :!t ivor to rt 11- Tiie stocks rise and i'ull daily because iie ; froiu this to and The
t: i, lI W re il.'tl ,# I'i: f'l i is as a- a t JJ-w c-ared! but halt as much money as in the } pert Liverpool, vice verse.
t ttii ', ,r*, C + tiCltirr 1t tJ 1t! '-i'. t+rvf' -( !1. t ;I- 1-,1 \ :.. -Li, 1L'.lt'r: Stir ,q i, individuals couibiuc aid run tl.e.ti! up ir: ?al-h 1 vvar nivvi..s.i ;: }J. ,s able to pay hi->' interest and >ti days! of sailing f.'oia this pt-rt will bo the 1st'" Cth,

4 T4),4 .'r4 lv ,vi ii.t.-b-, I,.. iiing to cue!, other without iiU..U.u-i; tie- j .-rl'-Hi' uaiy va the pri.icipul.. A" c-i" }pay the '!:*- J t ..:, iuh, 21st, and l Uh, t>f every month, Thc
A { 11--I1)HN IfC AS, na..t(4# a11a. qt a1. i Ii'. tint the stock, or it delivered tere.! ia .?;4 unierfttuidiii terest us-his: ua itn:.;e and -2uU. The ii .rt-ra:;e !-riCe ol'nass ;c uuder the i.ew arrangement- will
t: v.vr i _'i.., )* !f* ?'nVKhu! wwyrfv--hopes ). at. : ;: EafEtt < ,; th.t it shall be rcLUJT!:: IM r tit ; l pers ) I is Ji -.v re-uuccii tu $tt jj-i'jij' ; thc prrbon hohiiii it !Itttslstd be tsU/,1 Vi-om .Xew York to Liverpool ; from :'Liv

t fit :'"1 r: X 1; tf a "- (,t patron: na DEALER IX L E \ ty M ADK CLOTIIIXC, -r, who.-M.ld it. Tuis :'a dune! + to v.\aer'1: some 1 ufta; tie uT.l'thit; due h 'i't 1tid )1'e- iiool to X..v York tf.
t vltf N-'. \VatorMre.-r, I 'rer who !l.avc sold stock tirr) I II r
pi iso is uii: : EIK closes theraurt;i: wThe farm iur wnli-U: A.

1 i: The sultscrll'r tiwi decl ly Jpa.'adarolu, Fi*. naviJu Ueliver it witiuu -a certain ptri: d, v iiich paid .rc rijihjy brings but t,'-,OUJ7 and raoiiu> lie this Nlir SI'Fct1s ff CorrovA very beautiful

;tl'I 1 lc u tLII if tlieii.uut do, they must pay the daureor# : uniu is so scarce th<*; is people-; have suiScieut speci.neuof: Cutto.y raised in Hinds county, has
+1 t1 i'r ("colt (if' r.iitEn for I :ia 1 t CO. I be drmod i by this very re-'pectable ]JeJ.id ufHr. to purchase it. A.s *>. t. pushed, he sues B., and been shown the editors of thc Raymond Fanner'ilie -
t11I Ile
111 flip:1tlltilcr i:. ta1, thauktul 1UraSliilk' DEAI.KHS IX CL'HHiXi ;, JjoOTS, SilOKS; i ers. Tn this way, rtnbiniii'i to :u.i ij,. u.t: Bfarr.i :.rttrnj butc I .j ieiivitu< ii. iiu>,HVVntmd buiis are ve-ry larsre. and contain five divis-
+) +tr dlt..e. i H -VI- & -. 1 run down the stocks, they try *j isalurc i-.i > ; t I : ow:: 30u, wh. ., .iu t be puid iVoin his t to ious, unit more tuan usual. A hand can jlck ot

V TERUV Corner Vat'-i a1-! ( h.-s.-miatu-oH, :)alt :iie to partake in the sawb'l irtfs;. fc tsotI :uturs' 'Li1U are ,Jid tat t it fifty fouwin.vre per if i.iy than any oilier kir.L
w. :... ., ii,,t u I H. :t.ttluit sundry uid\duai3 c-.uJ'ij.e tu the t V t ; t JUDITH ,Liiia., Rtrotter.t .


.. -w Y '
f 1IF1Sll -


t -
-- -
--- -
p "l


._- .- -.----- -.- J 'j-J- _n. _.. ..--.-- .--.'-_.__-.-- -_..._ ----. --- .-.. -___ _c ___ _. __ .____ ..'_ _.-__-_m____-__-.__--_ -_--_ -. ._ _------__ .- _- O. _-_ :I

and tin* far their: proceedings have beeu marked when only one article i.s cultivated, depends( upon ; For tin- ( 'uiniuercial Ad\f'lli i I >cr. Obiluary.Dlf'I .

: (COiI1IUEIIUI1II1 I (' ADVERTISER.APAUICIIICOLA \ by aloll1-xl'l'pt in one instance viz : their many coutingences- is impossible I lix the Tin: 'lI\-L .\ll'TlTHA; :( ;;KK.:J ) at 1 o'clock, at the City Hotel incity thi

lovu'st price at which it can be protilably prodnced FOlllldnloll /'t1it. on the 7th i inst., of an abscess of the hin<'3SAM'L. .
not procuring the minutes and ordinances to be ; but a I planterho' is out of debt with I i a : S. JUll.NSUN, oldest( son of !the Hev1d:

MONDAY, JAN. 15, 1844.Vruirn published in the Commercial.'-We say this force that makes a crop of three hundred hales of j fly w 1 1. [. 1 .\ M s % DXCV. Daniel Johnson, o! Monroe county, N. Y., aged

with that modesty for which wo are so noted.- cotton, can, it is said, at the present low prices l\1 !Sat lcllIOlIm'cl'lIdl beside her couch he"I"U'llIalllrc at close ot day decay J7 years I months.ARRIVALS. .

_ SAN rJn." Tins shall not prevent us, howvver, from publishing of supplies, comlorlably! support his family, and A Sid o'er her sleeping form 1 g.lz'(! with eyes; -------- -__ .
put his cotton in packages; ready for market, including AT THE HOTELS.
benefit of readers Of)l grief siilIiisM.l and saw the ciinison clp'?
their for the our -
proceedings, cost of and dollars ij' )tSln' IJlln.F
bagging! rope, at ten ( hectic, purp'iing i on her ( .h..1alld d'adI
jJ-: We published in our last t :nt obituary notice free: gratis,' and if the Council has a mind to per bale of four hundred pounds, which is -Ji ;' sweet expression seemMher smiles had lied. CaptV Pratt, "Iup Filiridian; 'apt J 'VillardlIp .
of Mr. E. B. Johnson. A mistake: occurred in reciprocate this liberal course, by voting us cents per l lb. ; and if he obtain a price that will Ajong her ganncnl.s a toft breath of airStole Jcl'an; ('apt U T Hilt!:, ship Troy; Capt \V
very 5 } lliilfring by and ki -'d her hair h-3cLfl: hip Lynn; Cnpt :.1 LTIC, barque Con_
nett cents after ha/'Iy
the which should have been S. S. Johnson pcilb. deducting freighlscom- ,
name hundred
a small don it ion of lifti' or an -why, Tiicn left the dor; ( .II'T \tac'loon, brig ('viuure; \\ m Has.
lirc (
room Mourning too
mission, and other charges it will give him a nett \ ,
The obituary was published as it wai handed in we'll not be stubborn. In the mean time wewish llie fading clayho1l1. ghnrniig through perV 11 -Iark. AU.IIla; Mt Summers, hr S1il4)fl &
revenue of .vi: i ,! i over and
therebyielding, and
d ; c C Ure lady, Alabama :\11:03
TJI<; window. 1 Iurri'&hIhtc'r n ; 1 1I E
us, and wo make this necessary correction at the it understood that we are a candidate for the above famik expenses, an interest of 111 I > per cent Alternate rose and l fell as on her lieaving breast 1 chest I Danh'n.r II 1 1Jaclet II il")''nel, New York; J

request of Mr. E. B. Johnson, the brother of the printing next "ear. The Board have: elected their per annum upon a capital! of >;Ji )1,1< )h tj((I, which is a I'-iic: I lily hand repo.Vd, and "ne-ath hr head ( Built T Y Un"J, ('y.; u ll111nl'Y, Penn.; J

deceased, who is at present in our city. several olficers of Clerk, Marshall, Tax Collector, greater: sum in proportion, I believe, than has '; -. oilier mid her tie>>es la'II.; dread B Fillch Xl'\\ Orleans; 11 \\ dcux, iIatanzasj
__._.___. 0 been) obtained for any plantation recently sold. U>' snfibcalion! wi.-! her. Clear and bright, Ann.lft'Ir; ( :,11. B'lltim'; Rev F Y VamlSiAIC9tlrie
!:J.Vc inadvertantly omitted, last week to no- Harbor; and Weigh-Masters-generally retaining The re-establ'shment! of confidence will t lend Iljercyes: wilh I beams of liquid aznre light ; .r 1) ( ;r Ihkl'r, \S. ICr":1, :Maraanna.
those who served last -all and enhance value of land amid tab! Siione wildly i on me she C F I ;iuuIlis, Furt (T.I1Ilt'o; Chas Letl tI, Savarmahv =
tice the of the Florida Journal "' I : year good men grealh to the I < '.r ; as feebly spate :
; ,
reappearance \ Frarl" Coll1mlms II \V"an eghten and{
and I I .t( I h.ive you come at I.i.-f.! For !y's sakeJljeinove ;
as a cotton planter; has to buy a large portion! P1
under thc editorial management of E. J\. I5o\le 1 true. ef all that lie considerable 1 this fell[ dieanO! give me breath ladv. W A Kiun, D K Dodge, Thins Young, Apt.

J.: q. The second number i i'. on our table, and 1iLcar of nothing( in the great political woild in consumes t the price, any of other commodities upwaidfluctuation '}[ t Save salrilll f'r from an awful! death I.whi'nl.,! ----
: -- --
{1-:11: from home, and from friends, I lie -'-:: !: : J
of will my ,
thrilling Henry Clay certainly
gives evidence of L'inwl1 conducted.We will greatly add to the cost of }his own crop.} \y|! Il.l1t': isjvr.s'd, I muM obctnIy:.

have also received a new paper entitled be I the candidate of the Whigs, for I the Presidency Neveitheless( t the cost of producing cotton v.illprobably i !":;'<-' been dceeiy'd ( ) take me from this place COMMERCIAL.CHAM .

and either Benlon Buchannan Calhoun seldom exceed the price obtainable ; A: nl hieSd( from foul di -... -. ----- -- -.
II The Age," published in New Orleans by C. "'. ,- j my I 111)1 nice -gral.'e. --------- --- - ---.
and cultivation is to be steadily extei.ded y\\ father once Ills Adeli.i lov'd
likely iwn
OF .COMMERCE.Ofliccrs .
Cass Johnson Van Burcn will receive the .
or ,
Duhy & Co. Thc Age espouses Democratic doctrines until (the menus of extension are ,'xl;iant tl. A-iid, 1'I1l1.pll'il11f'S fondly round mc mov'd ; elected for 1814.U .

and is ably edited. nomination of the Baltimore Democratic Convention The average i increase in the gro\\lh t I of cottonin ,1 .1 ll;i it t crii.-ird ;and! ii.l lui'i l h y a sad reverse, FIILJXn1H: E, I'resident.

-. -- ; which of these will be the choice, is yet in I the United Slates, for the last I twenty )ears, :Ayefoiici| i mother I made I our t fortunes worsc.I IA.C1 \\': H.HT Viet-President.
I from ,
(3- The IT. S. steamer Poinsctt, 15. Scmmes, I the womb of I itne.e look on pretty' much :appears I } I to i have been about 7 }percent 'annum.. I\Jy hooKs 1\veie Ia"ille-IIIY frionil.and ii'-eiile, h.iimy earu'd was my bread bed.Vj'glil -. I' C kAhN, Sec'y& Treasurer.Committee .
Lieut. CoRi'ding touched in here last evening Should; ( (the same; ratio of increase he contiututdtiiitil : foliow'd
disil1tl'reskd-Ict the longest pole knockdown ; I nfght t, from harm seem'd secure ;
the year l};U, the crop of the t I'nited States [l-'f-ided I in I
dieim.s and
from Pcnsacola. She leaves this afternoon for ; my u ere aweet I'ure. :
the l-ItlIfl :. 11.
I p will I t then amount to three millions live hundred J--: lii.-i\e slate : While thus I lay alonuAMden ,
hi.; C. ""r.lIIron C. G. Holmes
Tampa Bay.Mr. Congress has been in session a month, going on thousand: ( bales ; and, should. this great ItI llltit) : I liirht:: ;arllBHIIIJv chamlier: -i-hone A. N. McKay; .V. J. Dcblois ,
of cot I 11111 1 be I warrants A?id stealt'iv I footsteps bed I heaid.1'remliimg I. .
rJ-: Hackett, of New YorK. the celebrated after the old style of tJlkillTangling, and clcrtioiieciing produced, past experience[ : I iicarmy Dan'I. J. Day.
1 woke the bbt had
the belief I Ural I it will all be wauled ; for, heretofore disuppear'd.J
Comedian, and reprseentntive for .Si iaksj'ware's t -filling their own pockets from the at moderate i prices, I the I consumption I hs; i y I lielpIi--r-i tiile I saw-pleading, louder cried l, Committee on Appeals.Vm. .

Hamlet, King Lear, Falslalf, &r., as ali-o the public crib! and doing nothing for' \\'C the peo not only kepi pace with, but run ahead of the ,Vfhen. 'uch thus-reui1Isti an unknown heard, in<-0..1'-1'hoii.-es; voice of ill replied fame : \ ( ;. Porter: I I JIIj"n.ilf! .

original Salomon Siwtp, the Yankee ; Cal.Wildfire pIe.' John Quincy Adams introduced his stereotyped growth, until I I checked by the reduction of stocks, AVail; you nothili No: one knows your name.' \\ 111. A. Kaiii, i I \\ /. II. Young,

the Kentuckian, and other amusing resolution of rescinding the 21st ruin-as and I tiie consequent advance of irires. J Hut (there Ay! ttnpid! H'II-" ; el'rI-a door hl'vidc- David U. Hun.'}.
is a I limit t lo the extension of cultivation, and A -li ht .shot through the room, and by stile
characters, i is now in this city t on his route to lIe has done every session for the last four or live there is 110 longer! capcity in I the United; Slates, A.:; t'-nnle form soon o'er me seem'd to lilY bend. . LATEST DATES.LiVt'rp"ol. .
Dec. 7. Xew York .Jan. 5.
New Orleans. Mr. II. gives an entertainmentthis )"ciJrs-as soon as the House was organised, and without a great diversion of labor from other! I ::laii'd: and wept, and call'd her 'deare-t ft ie nd.' I Havre[ . !n. New Orleans,. &.

evening, at the Mansion House ; and as thisi has been endeavoring to get it l' "sc'cll'\1' since ; pursuits to increase: the growth of cotton( in! (the She prais'd my IJI.'auty-call'c\ her own child, Havana. . 15. Charleston .. 6.
far his ratio t of 7 per cent per annum. The average And with soft \yoi da my tender. heart hei uil'd[ : ___ _n ._ __.____. __. .
efforts have
so proved unsuccessful, and he ; ---- -
that of citizens 'ome .s.iid -- --- -
the first I he ----- ------
our u'o -
opportunity many of the United Stales for live fromIrtMito thennny South, to net,
have had to witness a display of the histrionic : is consequently deprived of I the exquisite,} pleasure crop years :\!jy iiome i is ,limn -thy con.-tMMt t friend I"lll"! ; EXCHANGE.'Checks : .
I ; i IS 10 WH t l.tiij.OOObales.ls7tolSH (i 1-lirrf, rich M.'gnoh.Vs[ and( the clu-fring vine at sight OH X York. .par.Ci .
_ talent of this gentleman, and may be the last, no of Hooding the House with Abolition petitions( :{ JS,000..) ) .Av.inc.t'lr.et: :; .1'1i'- penile hrt-e'/-s and tiie fragrant pme, Aii u .la,. ..par.

doubt all will improve it, awl a crowded room and wasting time in their consideration, which: I 1i3'to. I 1I2,. .". 1,1.--'_),(llI"() ._ A'nd 1I0w'ryilldlalld; ever shall he thine. ]io-ton..1-2 l'r c premo
ll: ) rn IhM 1M, ,() )() (i.W" N.o insulted 44 4i ChareMon.l-2! H
OIO" more hy ruffian's ,
) a
be If 1 benefit ;: grasp .
can ( no to the
might l 1\1'
be The and fashion of the country, '
expected. beauty thoe "
the increase in
lalil average J It i: i-ofier love, my lovely child I I'll Savannah; ,. 1-2
city will be in attendance, and we will be there attended with evil consequences. If the Abolition eidlt.car., ... .. .. . . ..1.11. I \i'ho could! resi.-t ] 1 yielded to her cia.-p.art(, I Bill[ on Nc\v York .:><1) days. ..1 per e dis't. .

too-if raise dollar.OLLAPODHIDA.. of Slavery); and the meddling with the Institutions In this period, are included thre very Ian1crops [ Alid with wor.-e dangefspiere'd my tienililinglieurt.! 'C .1i4t cla..s.- H- .0
we can a :
4I < "
..>n das..2
I a'
ami short and it will ."r"I1"'lIt tongue has fal.-ely told 111halllt. ,
only one very
of the crop
South 1 1 b the
i, C paramount object of Mr. Adams I- Jf'-xj-jd'd : On all other Northern cities thc
be faiivr to lake (lie dillerence( betweenlie my 1"1111allll" conci-al'd nr nuine, same ratt..t1.
-and it really seems so-he had better resign probably A-tid: evi r :.-''k-: my \irlue to muio. -
of JMi t: and the
( crops 1MO), ( two fullest ai.'l l FREIGHTS.T .

Our'devil' has just called for copy and thereis retire to private life, and pass: the remainder largest crops ('rll made,) which: difference: i is: one : Todayhe And 'lefir.s (ifhlood!dra- 'd are'me vain by my with aching Mi.-tress head Rue., Li verpf>I If . .. .. .5-Sd. pr lb.

none on hand. We have st\-OTld every thing of his green old age' in Uterury pursuits. I hundred and ninety-six I I Ihousand bales.. This ..:\-uitt iIIII\\' lime lielple'! s fro 1 11 my peaceful Ned ; New York,. . .. . ..5-Sc "
shows annual increase; in the last three li Host .. ... .. .. ... "
out of our exchanges, and have: very little of inte- The Commercial afl irs of the country, so far as all Year, i 1ien; from my body my l hie-t irarments tore, on, 5-8c
of about: per celt ; which may he assumed; as A-iui left me naked on the cold damp floor. There are no foreign engagements to .
rest, at that. Copy must be had, and we must we are able to judge, are in a slate of prosperity. the probable increase (,f the growth of:cotton in It. lendertrancf'T.' take an orphan's parr ( to till iip, which was taken at ',d. Coast\viji report except
write something What can be said that has not The la--t: l ;advices from Europe, per the llibcrnia 1 this country for a series of years to CntllC provided And: 1 will clasp thee lo my grateful heart.:'
shipments are going on freely at ic- Several large
been said before ? As father Ritchie would say- were flattering, and a considerable rise has taken no extraordinary I } occurrences interpose, to '
Mid; gushing 1i'ai'1 bade IF"r olJth
disturb the and hrrgri"f, VesSelS! are loading for Xew Orleans at $1 50 p.r ,
steady of
JVbus Perrons. place, in the great staple since its reception. : :dtct progress events.The A(ud. ere ti.e morning, \voidd! bring r' hef. bali
two largest crops ever made in North Alabama 'liie '
nr-r'it soon tl.-d h-i the dawning day ;aro.-e
Since the controversy on Puxcyium has been The question} of average crop or short crop : and Tennes-ve, were, ill (theear; J v.labout{I A'-id! glad! : I ran tocahn; I he orphiuwoes.. COTTOX MA 1 KET.

brought to a close, no subject of vital importancehas bus been decided, beyond a doubt, in favor one: hundred and lellttwo Ihousand bales ; 15y.-tedih: I stood within her chamber door, The
operations of the week have been
agitated our community. Th' prt fit excite- of dtvrt crop, and the planters are in extacies. and in t the Year i I in, ixU.ut mo' hundred: a'idninetyonejthousand :\lIllh're I 1 i=aw, a-eep| upon i lie Ili".', past verylimited.
i 1 I Ir.tles-showing i i increase i J"1: .-, .t yo"ai nim. ;ilil JI.tTcflll Mi,frefHue, ( The weather during the fore part was .
_ ment which that controversy created has subsided, I \"eutcJ say to them. bring your cotton to \pa- in twelve years; of only! nineteen! thousand:1; bales ; Alid on her bed .\(lel ia, silent tOt). unfavorable lo business, and the sales r were much :. "

and w; arc now in a most glorious state of quiescence lachicoln; soil it here, and lay in your stocks of ali I thC largest'intermediate{ nnp't.. one hundred :' C A){Mnpo.-'d HI ':"ulfltiil! ,h" seem'd lovely' !as as thr on opeuinsiMay.Ursoti her sidehe. lay, lighter than for several weeks past. The finer ; "

; every thing glides on as smooth as the dry goods and groceries from our market. Our and forhiiMuthouand! babw.: in the! .Atlantic I ; fair h.md, udorn'd I with, precious gold. grades are ia most demand, and the prievs are ;'

unruffled waters of a lake in summer-cxrrpt the merchants! have any / 1fi1tif011 hand, and will states; then has !been no increase in t lie \\'as pale and p'lUcles-i, molioiie,s .s :and cold. b* tier sustained than for the middling and ordinary \

the weather and the mniK The former, in our dispose l of t them on as good terms and probably growth of (olIn for sivjears. Thclargfst cr-jp \\-i ith i tremlilin: ferir 1 nti.s'd her drooping ta''atl- the sales of which have been at irregular! .-'
ever m.ide( 1 there, was I he growth( of 1 .:'JT; -ablut (.'_CrtieJ ';"UL' m ill' lo\ey| girl WHo dead !
latitude, seems entirely to have bullied the a-tro- better, linn you can procure them eUc-where. six I 111Jln'c imd t fifty-two( thousand I bales. I In i rates, depending on the necessities of thf[ jwiaii*?. .,
: .
nomers and the almanack-makers ; and the latter, You will find no dillicully in f transportation, as these largo portion: of: the cotton-growing region, :&>"" We extract the foll
river is and \\i i is not prohablo, t therefore I that the crop< already views ef holders! reported on the 1st of January,
no one can cot the hang' of. They say that the our high, we 111)ha'e plving between fri'iji; t the Charleston Patriot :-

weather is regulated- by the moon ; if so, we fear I this place and Columbus, and Albany, fifteen fln.ceeried Ir .,.jl; and, (i\n tma.. innnv j.i :be,r",deemed.fi> OOl ""to, L.t!ave nutcli nearly t.i- :I M\l: refills .i in Coimnerce' arc like exlrnnes_ ____. _inevery n on of .1 middling{ a *e. on and qualities! the lower above grades.Our middling. and i a ie.

that Professor Burritt, in his correspondence wilh or sixteen line, substantial Steamers, commanded reached their mx: i(\"uo. (In the tel years from1SJ'U ; : other dep.iitmciit: (If human alhiir<. AnaVerag wor.-t realized wi'A .
anticipatn are being! ;
her of late, has caused her to neulcct her duly by as skilful, enterprising, and accommodating to IM'l I' tH]opulation I of .Alabama I ; i increased ;I li.ide; /of;f condition genei.'d u-e of the:.aid supply\vho.so} of value mlrIcle: of regard to the crops[ in Florida[ and the lower coun- '',.
l of retrulatc.s
3 ; and I the receipts ( I at
towards us for within the List week, we have captains, as any waters can Iwast-ulCl : per CClt 'otOI tie of (
; Mobile alone, have already reached nearly half a I hat ol in.Uiy otheis of daily CUl"ollll1pti'.Jh audcommerce ? leorgia, bordering on the Chsatuhoochee.Many .

had a little of all kinds of weather : one day \\e last though not least,' fulfils are dll''jJ. milliol I I of I) uiOS. ]During the same period, t tlie: .I : produces); a medium Matef: prices theirji.st of the CfII11- are already in market, and are ..

have unclouded slln. hilH', I the ne\t tin 'big rain population of Mississippi incrcas-i.-; '20) )per ct-nl : I conducive! to general prospeiity.[ Let u-j less than half of last p'ar'yidd.. The estimate

comes dinting: to the earth," the thud, drizzle, Fioni Jltint'd Merchants'1 l\Ia; lziw. and a large portion A her most valuable landsare ;:j>i ly this general remark lo' t lie present condi- of the deficiency in the Chattahoochee district are
4 I li-U; ) of t the C'oUOIIII I lrkd. We cannot I but
under ctiltivat ion. is < I I perceive general of I last
already There no proiraiiilify very at 4 crop. The sales of the
mist and fog combined ; on the fourth, Old Sol OBSERVATIONS ON COTTON.Tlie ;; that while an
t that the future increase in thejir'nl'ictioii crop w.iexpected,
past week are said to be for
beams down as though he intended to drive winter production of cotton 1 t in (the United States, : tHldi'l'( in these two slates, will I I rhl're"d.. nothing t.., excite speculation." With The mostly French ac- .Jf
sales of th
in the year l 1"j; 'l, was short of the : t:ice le.iding I i provocative to m ntntilexcitemei.t; count. wet-k amount to only :
middle of
into the next year, rendering summer preceding crop hear any proportion) (to the increase in the tell .
comfortable and the succeeding by >; i per cent which was followed) by an aug y'.-aL s last past. The largest fl1l they .111 mcllb- tw! great abu.idanee: of money, all I was quietness 2tH>3 bales, j. follows:-11 bales at 7J ; :.50 at.h ;4

4 apparel quite ; mented yield of r.u;t per cent the succeeding year. tion of l I the growth of[ cotton in the United( States and! I( tr.ui jniliiy. f n'lt this expectaiion hecaincc'Can 7S at :8: (K at SJ. l.341at 8.V: 26 at s|. ia at sj; 45

he refuses to s-how himself at all, and the A continued% liability to similar fluctuations places is, t theiefore, in a ureal measure-, limited to the : :cd. A delieioncy, lo an unascertained ex- at !9; )( 0 at 0!; IS at 9j; 203: at 9J; {.l/ .. ft". 555

north winds come whistling I i i around:, requiring in uncertainly: all speculations upon the futureproductions region of countn west of till Mississippi ri\er- tit: succeedeil this anticipation. The speculu- at !tI J cents per lb. /.1.

all the store clothes' we can raise to keep out of the country' particularly if based: Arkansas: :, and the western part of I I-ou'uuna : t tiie I feeling I has been gradually growing strongera. \\\ inofe ordiruiry 7 to "4 ; middling S to 81;

the cold: on I the sixth we have transitory un- upon t Ihe result of a single crop ; but, by taking and, as population; increases I ; in I the 1 high coltong .-; this! i assura'uve-f: a deiciency! became confirmed, luid.llins flit 9 .tC1 9J; fair!9>'i a -. 4
the I ; for a series of in Ut'-til speculation; begins now to assume the features
average connection -
; ,
years latitudes where the is most
I row ing *
crop }precarious
beams, with fog and drizzle accompaniment, and with oilier known facts I the increasing capacity i il I i is probable!. that there will be a gradual of alalUl.Ve say alarm, for nothing- could There i is more inquiry' to-day, but few s ties hare f fla

8t night the r.1 pours down again in torrents, of the country, both to produce and! consume, ; .1 aversion of labor from the cultivation i (it f cot- bo more tfictual in arrest:; the return ,,{' the ken place. .

threatening to submerge every thing-and hud we may IK: estimated t with the probability; of approximate I Ion to other objects, as has already been experienced ctiuniry to confidence und l prosperity I hall a speculative l :lwnIJonUf market is well supplied with <,

accuracy. in Virginia and North Carolina, where 1-xcitemv.iir: in! the article of l' '(toil, the I ;'r'C'riu-s. Recent arrivals from New Orleanff.
not always deemed Professor Espy: a humbug, we great( iv-rubtor of other( .values.
By a report of Ihe secretary of the treasury to tIle crops have been reduced from me hundred and Cuba have added to stock. A aIe of
should have supposed I that I i I he i was somewhere in Collar-si, compiled from I the returns of the and thirteen t thousand bales, in the year lb'27, to1VClItVOiie : It is to' he !perceived that the market is not govivrned our t
I Ciibri Molasses[ was made at 26 cents from* the
our diggins' giving practical illustrations of his weight a1ll1"ahw of cotton cleared at all thc CII. Ihousand bales, in the year ] : 13. atiaUal; l"\ a natural; but !l.t\ :>i .trt !tttCid!

The New-Orleans loin-boiHes of the United States, the :average III North Alabama arjd Tennessee, the uncertainty -. sl'ito ot'supply and d'-maud: caiisl l i.y the compriliv wharf. Western Flour may be quoted at $525 a *.*

theory. papers occasionally price of cotton, in the year 17'JU, was t.q cents I i of the/:ol!I oi 1 crop is more than one-half I : ,* ::ljMnd.tnce of money on I this side! of the s-5 :i7i. 'uha: ColFee G\ a Scent: per lb. Rice

complain of the state of their wt'atJl'I'll1lt per II). ; and from the 't'ar- say :as four in ten. The crop of Iv'jl: was one .';' alltie. The coiis-uinption and wants of the :;3 2i p"r lIJl Ill:. iCO'"I'ON '

1hink had they spent (he last week here, they price. ITr.lie.-t i \| hundred: and C'\'I nty-lwlI Ihousand bales, and thedill l-.l: :r/JI\ta. : Uiaiket -la\:1..l.-- --. -, I.I'm-... t\n-. .\ III..t...'iiivill,
Lowl.t:1Ii '.
average. : ;; [ STATE3IEXT.Stock .
would conclude that they fared lir. t-I.lk, and !) 10 ISO'J; ::::'. cts. .J J els. in 170!), 2": :). in 17n!):{ I of l L'a: I ; six\-nine( thousand bales ; and tU I hivi, regulate the value on (this ;!ce. Capitalists on h-uiil! . .. ..211Received

forever after hold their I't acc.' 1"))1 to ISI0.2211() in I 1NI) Hi in IS1Average () the [eople of that sect ion of country will, as opportunity th.. ; I'on..f1l'lly the power cf holding: over in since our last, .. .. ISJ() to l2O, 2111 t) ill in ISIS, in1) "' in 1st! I oilers, ;gradually: direct'their attention to Aiuericati markets, to the great temporary .' previously! .. -
The mails.in our 'l\nitoryIre as bad; as t the 1821 tolSJ5; 12 1 21 in I lw: >3, ,.J.] in I IS31From I. lessduubtful h products.In iij itiv: ol sound[ and wholesome coraltion: of .16ni5J.I0i: hakJ.

weather, and need as much correction. From I this, it appears tint, for I thirty ycai s, I view of (lie successful manufacture of I i-f.:.|.I"VI', temporary[ injury, for the! teai-tion ExiH'rted"nice our hu-t, .. ..: ,.. =& E

Tallahassee, the Capitol of Florida, and with from I 1VJU f to IvJO, t the (price of cotton averaged cot l I Ion in I lie Unit ,d I )tatcsllil'h has iii.ielhii.iu "a ii'.t bo delavV.l: longer than u .shipment oJ'speci" .. tl\'iuu..ly, ... .1 .1\; .
2"> rents per Ib. ; and' in the last fifteen years of trebled, in the last t sixteen years, and : caused; hy the retention of Cotton t on thisdl' : 2 ,959 h
which we vnght to be lit daily communication, : '!
: of the
the forty-live' mentioned in lie above table, tlal'arcrac' considering: I thc constantly( augmenting capital water and the consequent Scarcity of Stock on I hand not cleared,_ .:1 ,Ttd. "
we receive news about once a month, on the ave price' was less, by :U cents per 1 lb.! than applicable 1 (to manufacturing; purposes, this branch lulls drawn against; itshall rectify th" e-vi.;. The -. -- ---- -

rage. The Legislative Council i convened there it was ILL the first t ten years. of manufacture seems more likelv to progress Siiin .- imjiorlatioiu; IVotu 1'IIl'ol'c"l'ollpan',1: with FOREIGN MARKETS.lv .

this day two weeks, and we have received no item The cause of the great reduction in!l the value: ill an accelerated; 11 ran a diminished} ratio.- I li I-J and( '.1:;, will l III' Lirgt} atu! the coin in.w accumulated ( the JJnr iindy, at NVw York ) .

of this important slaple is to I be t found, no doubt. The I increase I of consumption I has i now apparently l in our 1-:llk", which should be diffused JLn t: (E;, I 1.p. 9 -CorroN-The Journal tie
of their proceedings yet. The Con'mllr'sles- over (the inlet, ior; to supply! the void caused b\ t (hivre i't IIw Silt Drcnnbrrgivps the followinac-
in t lie augmentation; of the quantity produced t the overtaken! t tin l increase I of production ; and,shun Iii
sage we may get by the next mail, if we are in I progress iu increase of which! in this country; I the manufacture of cotton ill t this country, hen the: withdrawal paper money, may and will: go count : had t >n hue then-1th continued and 5th "tfitlU bales sold. TheJl1drl'pt
: firm forthreedav.sandhe
luck and shall lay it before our readers, if it is for I Ihe last (twenty years, appears i in t the f following after, increase in a ratio corresponding with (the l k.c'1.!hi.: in atn'm 1 :, lo Kurojn-: .Xuci'itsidera- (II denr-md : od i for Louisiana : ordinary 76f and( '
ef ,
inovemc'il i t specif! to rectify a I ;,loiee: of
table of the- past, our surplus for foreign markets, without for 'ood SO b'lf. with
moderate length. We sh< ll also) endeavor to trde erdinary; a The Au h'ritl( ,
greater i incieast: of i production) ( than has of late t : !I'l'oduc.'d( hy artificial scarcity, is a : r.'atehl 15 i:> bales fr >m New Orleans thtvMoselleand :
them idea of what the Council driving Co I I'O.V CROPS OF THE UN II HI STATF.S.yvv. and ;
give some are been reali/.ed,_can never exceed (the greatest export however' : some parlies may: appear i ; tob'neiit Mary Kimball from Charleston, \<*|i 26I.X bagS ;
at, if we receive any intelligence from that A increase already" attained. I by t this scarcity, in the ('ntal'l"l.'cll'rice! of new cotton had arrived. On the (>'rh, 3i-t bales at i'
Average: for 5 years.; |per annum.Years. the evpoils. the country larirv! sutlers( iuimin (?Jf for La. and 72f for Florida the 7th rhe .
before It is worthy of remark, that the stock of cottonon ; o n
body its adjournment l1 l.'li, I Irom present Y'rs.1S2I. Hal: ,. J J i
DalesHales.; ; IV.el.
all I its other IJI1..iIIl'SJ"Ilali.1I1s.; I la t the marketMJ quiet-prices remained in the position ./
appearances, we have some cause to doubt. I !'I))9lI23 ,li . . . . . . hand in Jreat; Britain, at the close of the year of I.n ;l'ntct1ncitiol1 wiili: lime.I disposition to thl* (
things ifllux of the I very renew iiurchuit.es,
1 7,7H( . . . . . 1 t.II!< ), was; I four hundred and fifteen thousand bales, a ( current byxvhicli (from China and the -
East coud
We have received no Columbus papl'rsill{(' 1 1S2<5 7HV !90) I I IS21to1S27 1 IS2S (iH! 1,000) . hcingasupply of forty-three( weeks consurnplion ; any large portion of the preciousmetals, :news. red (f.l\'oraIle. The sales Indies the 7thsmall.li.eenuVr being .

Christmas, and look fllZ.I- ''/! for them by the 1 Jtt) 4,251 I isi'HolS2Jto 1>2!) 7IikIO< ) 71.000) ].: and the stock of cotton in the ports of fireat Britain shall: he driven back; to Kurope, must retard tin? I i !).-The Havre Revue on Commercial6 1.uid 1.

ncxt mail, as we wish to hoar how the hohdavs l'2 70)!)122 (; 1)oUiI:; IOIK()( S2,000()( ) 10.7ji. ( I: at the!: close of each year, from I IslS I to ] >'!!1, r-'stf.r.ili'on of confidence, with a healthy state of says that the receipts of Cotton for the week eudII -
I-S2! H/.112'; 127 to is:;H i 90,0K)!) ( () (i.>.0)0!) 7.70() was: an :1\'I'l'a supply for about thirty-two wcxks'co.'isumptioM I trII1: ,'. The channels of domestic ;and internal }! I PI'('. Jsth, had been 5,2(2)( bales, of which 1553were
passed oil'with our friends ;
-who are elected County Officers, Mayor, i.s;!! iuSi7: lS29loissoio! I : :; J-i ,(()(un) ) 7.ClOO< ) 7.8(5(; the consumption) on hand, at the close of that will invigorate it. The[ abundant SI I from New York. Three, cargoes of the J
l 1S.J21KW:: !I..7. 177 I : ) I 183: I IO., (HtllHO;,( ) ( ,( ) fs; ,, ( I was
Aldermen &c. in which take interest I lie I M'2 l for about weeks.Neveitheless c'opof! the present! year w<"ild enable those III'ernl' had arrived-but the preference
we sonIc : 1,070,1:5: !) is:51: I lo1S.J2IO ]-t 1,III ,(ClOO ;:,0\( \H) 5 21 year by a supply eli parts f'3Ies
01.tlU' t Union; \\liich have been given tit old.! During the first three days,
fa we are ourself from the Qu<.en of the Cn-orgi; isj: .I.m 1 ] '>Ii 1,1 ?3N)0,( ) (},((() r.7(/; 1 prices were maintained; i during t the deprived of I theirb.'iiks were active at a slight advance but they had
IHj: : I ,2i l.32'4 |i's: : to 1 1S37: I, (IOO; ( ) f)0,0M) ( ) 7.QJ; ; whole of this; ]>eriod of thirteen years, much supply! the equivalent for specie ill till'Ilrodnd..r come more moderate( in ; of the et r
State. Now these mail
failure.are.grl\.atill; JS3ui; ; 1 1m,7: ; ) ; 1H.JIIO1KJ5 183S I ,109KK)! ( ) 11IMK t ,()( ) 11.I :){ I I above tlie! prr-seiif) ( quotations ; und, subsequent III their industry. Until'lifitiou.sv.i- markets; at Liverpool.! The consequence( prices! U. S. Comma
even to the calm, good.uaturdjub-likc hrintrs, 1S37: 1 ,122,9:50! :: : to 1S391S10 J,.I.IIJClOU l )()() :n,OUO() 2.20 I Is.-JD: they ruled much higher S. '1'. C. lutes send (the stream of lt tnlllllllI'Y in an opposite had! risen: 2 to :; centimes : and advices by the ."i

and unless a favorable change takes place si>ou, J :: S0197, ) | li.'(; tolo ) 1,6'1,1IJ 175KK,( ) 12.15 ; direeti-M lo that which natural: 1'.111..1'011111 [leadii Francois 1st produced no changeWe; find !quo.f
---- -- -
139; 1 ,;>''itJ2),: 1")7 1'-hI i6oKH, ( 5.1100( ) a.2 t'. lake: e\ery well vrisher lo the regid.irity (itS taion! > of Loui .1Ut', ordinary to middlin.
vre shall be under the disagreeable necessity of Ihl\() 2i82&S01S3Sto; ; 1M2' ],n2ooll,( ) 52,000 :!.27 1\frClT.OII's' ]BANK of Gi.orni.v.; -rfhe following I U.ido \\ill I I have cause' to r:'trrd the circumstances
again corresponding with lie President of r the JS-JI I.f;:;1,9-15' 89 to I JS.IJ: 1,S 1.ooo, ) IWOOO, ) HiH named'tjentlemen; have bttrii elected Dirccloi.-of \ lill'h5I1l"h a foivul. condition of is I bon couraiit 93.
1842 1,1584,211 . . . . . . . things pro-
.Mfclruiio..s Bank of f for the diiied.XLW.
United State's.'hilc on this subject we must 1-:; :,:;7dS75, .. .. . . . . . u enningvar DOMESTIC) MARKETS.NEW .
..add our meed of praLe to the Mail Contractor > :-A. Sil.Iey, .1. '. Adaius, T. S. Metc.-df( MOVIMKT-" YORK, Jan. 5.Corro.There is >
J)]OUA :-( .Io.iahif'; }, A. (:;ouldt .I. B. \V11k19 1'. W.Kalhbon. ; IN STKA.M: X.wu; VTIO.V.It .- great deal of Steam on th: market; to-day, and
between this place and Chattahoochee-Capt I( is-slated i I that I a unit in Boston i intend the
.verage increase annum in the building, amid the i is difficult to get at
per -- ; -. A. ,\r. Sinilh, .. M. Hand.; At a Hireling flying reports it
VAN VEOHIEN'. Tho Steamer .Yi> n, commanded above scries of years, . . . . ( .7J h,{()n' spring, six o sleaniers to be propelled tin; eorreet state of the market. The sales yesterday
of the Boaid-A.,
( iribley, was uiianintoii.-Iy reek'Cled I I'.riccsson: therehaving
ol.1"elir the .
Albany I tluni had them
Clue. They are are reported much larger we
by Judge Sn\nvi.F.performs her trips with I So long as the production of cotton shall l'iesidcutt.SEN.troit the (fa\.'' I,
I prove 1 lobe coii-tiueted I I of IIOM, and, of i t three hundred; I been lanje sales reported late in
great punctuality, and has not, within our recol- as profitable that c If any other article, we may Ions: capacity; and are to run between Troy, Al- The estimate of the sales ot the two days are very ,

lection, failed to have the mail here by the hour expect its increased cultivation will continue, until FI \LUt\'I.\\II-Ja11lt's A. Pearee, hu.nand JII; tUlt. They will[ make I the passage, various, ranging from9,<}XK) to U ,()XM) ) bales. As'" <,
in the allllJl linds peculiarly adapted to its cultivation (wing) vas elected to the U. S. Senate by the Le- it is tiiought, in about forty hours. Flour is to as we can ascertain lII.oon bags for the two days 1.4
specified arrangement. shall l h(' put into) requisition. As however gi-lature of Maryland the would IIP near the mark. One lot of 400 bai es t
on 29th ult. His; rl'-c- It'f (:/iti led in (them at fill i'll cents a hand, to theHltllr has btt'
The Council have had several meetings the of V\ ( rtfd to have been sold. The market
new cost article ricultme
producing an by unit dritci 1 from: Hit Mulch, 1S13.: ) pcich.uice of [the \Vc3tcin \ailro.-td. buoyant, and an advance of 1 to .f{ cent per ID hi3








-T 1
--. -- ,-. i 11 ,

-U-- -- .-
.__: _. 1-- -
-. ________ :- '
-- ; ; -q-
:- '


._ .
------- -- _- -
A u-----r: :: ponnwhat -- --- - -: : : ---- ='"'4====::::=-:- -- _h n_ __._. __ __ -_ __ -_ --:- 1 ". ,
are n- I'ASsEN( -
The -- -- ---- -
trl-l: nlit-niicd quotation Meiers
f follow.We quot- I'llCdtt Per slenmer: Au' Ailicliicoli I'ricos CIII"' ( I' Alexandria Lottery. FOR LIVI.npII.-Thc A
W uearlv : :' !n-t.i-:Mr. C C Green Ar lady 1. ship
] \' t Itl IIlhldltl1 :" a 9): .! !! IllI' !'J Capl.; J M 1 I Ham: I 1511 1 Robing: ,, C F lr'l11i.J'X; ('() :ItErTr4! \\TEKM.. -- CLASS: Xo 2. ..c .>> GEORGE: : SKOLFIKTD, Skolfield. mu.ca -

: M? "uod tairlO: .1 JIIJ< : .md \ew < IrI"illI'| smdJin'ile Webb, W I I') E\er-on. AK! t ri( i.rs. l'IlC'I-:": 1'0: 1'dnlll'll lltxtinilrin, D. ('.. .fw.IJ: l tc: ?:-': iter, having her ('Iltirec'fgo engaged will

to a !.M i : 1I11ddl llg Per steamer Chrirle.-ion-J : I Sl'A'ENTYFIYINTMBER( : : LOTTERY. meet with despatch. For
l onlinary middling MrKcnzie idy and : : passage apply to
: :
11. 13\1.1\l.l\en llc'J! l Uia .---1: is:
1 III<> a children Mi-- \ ; :
fair to 1..llrlJ. a 10-i- : 4 I Dr.) Thomas; :\l.Mary.. \Wclborn\ \Iiss1: \V'c'lhoru[ ) India. :. . '." ISa. 20 TWKtA'i: PJtA\VN HAI.I.O1S. HARPER & H'LME5,.

OHAKLKSTi: )X, Jan. fi.-CoTn.v-The ope- ];r\'e, Hudson, Kniirht.-:-r I'lhur", Wood, Solomons, Dundee) . . 17 a .: IS:: '- janl'j 51 Water st.
dunutflhe! paM week have M-ry light HIII'J-\Iallilla: . Ib.Kentucky .. : .
mrlicularlv Utiou when compared to tho.,'. of i severaleeks Per steamer Ap.il.ichicola: Battle, \\' .1 one=, UAJC ; . ..per" 7 a !:); 1 PRIZE OJ-'. .S o.ooo' .IS. .Sown:]! ( FOR I.IVEHPUUI.-The t-siiling:

"" previous-( Allculame spun seems to J Porter Per .1 FC Farrior. B,vox-Sides. . . . 4 a a .a: 1 . . . 12i ((00 . . .1:!,(H.N I : Br. ship COl'RTENAY, George Tur-

have deserted! 'purchasers: at this i moment, and as Per steamer Amier:-W II Stark, M P A very. Shoulders ... . . a ::1.\ 1. . . S ,6lJiO.! ) . S I S .1,1100 ncr, master, will meet with dH?atch.

our proem price arc ....nl.'i.bu-dly. too high to ,jerimtfore.qn \V B DiclviiiM.ii s-tenmer. Siren-Mr. Ehvauls; \: !ladv; ; Mr: : ?. Ham; . . . (Ha.J 8- . . ..t,5ltt: 1 '0. . . .: ,:' If) For freight apply to

orders to 1 be.ventedI, the niaiket ; J II Hacki-tt .T Mis. II Klv: l\Ies11' I 11 J Ji Taylor BTf11lis1dn.! . . .11 a. IS::; r I ; . . .::;!27 . . .327: (Iec'.?) \\.. A. & P. C. KAIN.

f'Oll1l' to almost a A-id) rfand.; .yvenheo-- Wynen IV.-ton, P.iyan. .T L (Baker, \V Nichols, (JMTriCuba: : . . . .a.'. :S: 1 . . .:1,I.IVO. . . .::1OIIU t i/ ) -- ---
ders coiti flue appa.ently! I 'iirm, an -i I Che.-ter, Vail, Ilines. Rio . . . 7i a. 8\ 1. 1 ') FOR I.IYERPOOL.ritish: barq e
| .
do Per Meamer; Oeout-e) || . . .2,5'O.( | . . -fI') .
and I ii1! ? -}
mlm-t.on! we not ourselves Tssrs.'right, Miller; . . . . It"V HommT"xrl's Johnson.
submit to any Java Ma; 'lJ( Pri.5 B master, i*
Perry, Chi.-.ohn 1-Vit t.. . 111I'J.t ) .areto . .'lil II)I J
the t i-'WNil.'s made] U'ilJiam Garrard 0
; Yt'h'r.flar ? -
authored, frelm Lippitt, ". . . . : : 71iElF. '
\xlIr.m'-'l'cnl! >) a. > \ ; . now discharging, and will be ready to
Brownel, BOW.--II. .500. . . .q
but the; . . ( -J IJOI)
,hlmal! )' decline at simc: ,
. .
to ..qUIIaU : : . . a 7tRN receive in few )
freight for which
tim are ('lllIIjwlkd! In state that lie' ; l11arkd Ht t "=S, Per Meamer ir"l1--\V" T Stark T II Au tm, l . . . . . perbush.FLOI 70) a 73 t'JO.) . . . .-100 I . . .111,000M dccU a days,. apply to

clo-.c t.'xlllhIt',1! :t ;ill!! the s> :yini'iom< l't'a II Iovnvavdtende'ucV 1 :Sllaney 1 ; Fulfil! T dliory. "r.-Canal. . . .per bbl.New .. a 3 50 : . x . _"*;(J,'). . . 1.'>J,000 -- -- -- J. DAY & Co. \

The "- il.! ':: nl the WOL>Iv alllolllll I to Par :steamer LO\\'l1-\\ A Kain, D K Dodge, Orleans . ry 23 a 3 :37A (.1:3. . .. . ..150. . . (7jus I ,15f'] FOR LIVERPOOL-Ship TALLAIIASSKK -

2672 bales at (i rum *-'J J to !>: wllt per Ih. Dr.! Per BattleMcCall. Tloinas.1 Cii; 1 :\.O\\'pf:1-FF.! : : . . per keg. (; (dO' a 7 (M)- 63. . . . . . . . .''-,_It'll) Hadh master, will meet withy V

SAVANNAH. :Jan. 1).-Corro.v-The market I H I T Crawford.steamer;: Bo-tlln-J R: A C Ru-.e, M II Baldwin.; lii):'\-:Swedes, aborted. per Ib. 3 a onoil' \ G:3.: . . . .G0. . . f v*"'QJ despatch. For Ireight apply to I
without aiiinititionrnlylH ) Crawford, Capl' 1:)'IW'.f, M.L- Kir-'li.-! '* ,-. 1:20. . . 4
Friday wav ;
f'r 'uplands on ; li-r Owens . ...Ju./I . . .v,31'O dec I II J. DAY
: -lll.!. On : -atl1rd.1tllf' doiiuiid / r... . . . . . 7a 8 & Co. I
\ ) !lLiltn'ing : ::: \iU) 120. . . . .10. . . .'-,,I) 11) -- .
increased, the sales I :amounting to MOD: ( ) bales _-- _- -- Li\n . . . . . . ( .. '* :
: : {
: 2i1iINE -- ---- -----:-- a. > {,717 . . . .. .o._). . . .<- I 1,3-11): I } I-pnO\ IDE CE.-The I
. . -
and yesterday: about 1300 bales, wereold! at very \Ci.JtII.-\"I J. . a l 13: (H) 2l3I;; 1 ')( . . . . .ii . . .-_>."! i .*,1'; JOHN BROWF.R
Sutton will
full price and in s-onie instances ;an advance ofjc ; I \ I lNTiH414ICEUE J ] ( No. :.t. . . . a I 11 I (W I ) ) n > l} master

Ib' on the price* paid la-t week.: TIlt.alt-:; No. :*. . . . ;it.B (00 have immediate despatch. For freight
(>f the l ll -t three days lUll up 3,1IKJ!); baleat from :MOI.A: NI:"-New Orleans. .per goal. 21); a :. 27 ;J7S11 Prizes. . . .aioiinlin 4 to ;;;")(li,1n; : or passsage: apply to

>> :\. Cut. assorted. . I Ib. .. 3\i\ jan I TIIOS.
8 to Hc per Ib. PORT ( )IF A1VLACU1COLA ..Jan. 13th \I :<- per a .< ___ L. MITCHEL.
....-- -----. ------ _..- .- -- ---- Wrought! . a .. lo" Tickets $I 0 shares i.lrtltltiomt. --- ---U_.-
--- -
-- -- -- ----'LI-JAR- -------- -------- OIL) -Whale. . . .per qal. .. a .-. (J2Sperm \ i-EiS FOR N YORK The brig!' FLORIDA
EXPORTS. '* . .1.. tLifl'C.tI 23 For sale at the .\gelll'If -?1iCrocker: master, having; two-thirds of
nan111'kr: (',', Tucker for X Y rk B Sa'ter.
} : < by
BOSTON-Per bark TillPrin-)071Htlr"() I "I. 12 a I 25 J. G. ; her cargo, will meet with despatch as
.1 .tniitn1tIeri l Howes( for I.oton: l.im1'arque : GREGORCO,1Iatager
Per barque Commerci'-7.2 bales cotton.X by PAIN: i-s: -I:\t ra. keg. . it 2 73 :), above. For deck load or aire, apply to-
lIiO1It% :\:: I Jr.; I4lg"-V. :H '" pas
YORK-Per brig; C K l9att123 "halo eotton White Lead, Xol. . a 2 50 "at<'rstred..
27 box: tobacco, 2 bbla bees-wax and 2 Hick. of t'oliluk'ree, Mardoii, fo. Boston:: oyl ) .' "X02. . .a 2 Apalachic.ub_ Jan 15", IS 1 1.JJNDING ;'" McKAY &. HARTSHORNE,
15; Wood! A.'Co 23M jan ) 40 1( Water street.
cedar.Per. PI'\'! IOX-Ik..rprilll.p: bbl.! .a BrigCar"llIl( E Platt J Rice forNew Voik Hoopc, _
; ; by .
bark \Irs'v-: ( 1092() bale I ? eotton. .t .ii.-.* . tt .a t too) ( ) ( FOR NfYORKwith despatchpi -
V I Jlarshorne.] Cuba: Collee -F-r.-
McKay -new '
X OK: LEAX'Pt chr S\vaUbw-2nS! bales. < Porkpiime. . J n 0(1() croj30 -
Sehr.l M for : ; packet ship Pratt
Waterhuiy Thomp-or Havana.Schr . ( m. 1st jualitv Cigars:; various braHk]
- mess. JO I) 00)
: a l
IMPORTS.15OSTON : : SwaH'W, ::1iaiutiomi,1or N (Cleans. clear. none T L MITCIIiX} master, has most (If her cargo engagedFor

-Per brig Cynosure:5pkj< ind/.c- to ARRIVED.-I POT.\TOIS. . . . . . a 1 50( jan )15: -13. Wale. s t. freight or (passage. apply toNOURSE

D Wood & Co 3; do S Dill & Co. Hi to 1 II Ellis = SIcAa-Xev Orleans . per Ib. fij a. 7II ----- --- ) & STONE,
; ; f':1i':1JIPr: t, :: l'111:11f, Lietit. Coin-
:Ml toll Hopes; l.'J: to j) Goddanl ; s.'i to Whit- ni'd lug., fn PensaeoLiShip ; ] .ortoiico..r: y;-\ a. !9 t GLASS JS: :: janl5. .. -17 Water street.
---- -- -
St.: Croix . . . a 9I) various::; size: and patterns ; Chi -- --
marsh & RiehanNon.N : Oc-iin, \\ jllilrd, fin N YoilvO! : mnter.Ship ?,
. . . Printed I FOR N YOHK-Thebaf'lUeGLEA--
,. Lump 1):: a. Edged and \Vhite Plates Printed anx -c---
Per 100)! ) bales : Tny. I Mill, fm X York to ter.Sliip .
YORK.- ship Troy- hay to r.i>
I L'ons, Ryan: fm Cbaile.stoi to master.P Loaf 11 j a 15 enamelled Teas and Tc-a etts ; Printed and com xKit, Stevens, master, having most of
order. O'lUoiinMueloon I Crushed lla I I 13 mon Dishes, Bowls Pitchers Mugs &c. Ace. j yg her car o eniosed, will have despatch.vor ( .
bales I ri'4 1!9) dys m ]!o.-1on to ,
0'an-1I nil order.
Per ship hay to master.Schr" r SALT-Liverpool, irnumd.per sack. 1 50 a 1 75 For sale by S. DILL & Co. balance of freight:; apply to
HALTIMOUiv-Per scl'r1am; : WilkeJ70 Allum I'r bush. 50 55 .
; t. II Hooper Ilanilin, fm Lvana: to T L ) a jan u.. 29 water street. JanS CHARLES ROGERS
.. _
pUgs md/.e and J 11 1 1 tons castings I t to I H \\Nance ; Mn.liel.Schr! So.vr-Bar ": Ib. 5 a 6 i ---- --- _

73) pkgs mdze and 5 tons castings: : to KimhmuLrh: Ai ?Iary \\ Ilh4'.-, Gait, fm Hal /tiore, to Chas; Siior-Iri'p hair. .> .. a 1 73Jil1i !-Checks on New York and New ar.FOR XEYOHKThe fine coppered

Kidijxvay; ; 2.10:; pkgs to l 11{ Ropes; lil'i' do! (C Ru<_visX. n"e.z'"r": ) . a 2.110( ) CHECKS for sale at the Agency ofthe Augusta i :ship; ANDREW SCOTT, Emery, master: ,

OnLE\X .-Persehr Lion--Jo Ithl-l:, ,\"hi<- :-:,' LioH. (:lift, fm) X Orleans! ; t mncf.r.SchrSeminole | TWINI:-Bair. m:;- ..pr Ib.WIHMV .. .. u 2-3 Insurance & Banking Co. : has half her cargo engaged and going!

key. 'JO() do sugar; 20() do tluur, 10( do molasses; -") ; I Taylor I 5 dys 1 fnX t )r"an' ? !to --- -:----I Rectilied:-.----...-. .-.-per--!!-al.-.-.--25-: a 2fi Also, Fire and Marine Insurance, by on be-au. For balance of freight, apply to
-- ------
sk* roflee, H2 cks bacon: tCl2lcKl.lJrtshorne! : : mnter.Schr. Alldl'\\' S. Cooke, .i jnnl JAS.. KELIQc'Agcnt.; .BENJAMIN: SALTER _
: ixaiK-th Caroline St. \
.' 1"-') nks nul/.e to S Crosby, .1 11 b Ill) to older.P AVil-on.ni Irt. jud 50 water street.
:Sloio, Orange; Br.ineii I, Saunders'm :St. Muiks.Sie.iiner (2MMI S :S I ION M K R C H A N T\ ON NEW YORK-For sale at the --,-- ---_ .. -- --- --

-r chr Scm I1'1h'-J 17-2 pUir*; m/.o to Loci- FloTtlct'Iaplt'r/ : fm C'imbiis.St No. S Canal, cor. Tchoupitoulos st. CHECKS of the Mechanics Bank. iOn rEYUHK.Tbe fine fastsating -
hart & Younir: : :W i do H II T.ulor& C'o.z; iOflo: -
< .ini,
(;rem &, Connery: ; ; o bids 31H1' "> JJ(1s; su;:ar 21* Augn.-ta, C.nlwallailer, ''i Columlms.Steamer ; : Refers to-:Messrs: ; i larper &. 1 Holmes, Apalachicola, TJec 4, ISM.:$ lit Agent. CII. L} :\IAXE, Packard, master. For
>ks ollec to Kimbroimh! & RidiwaW(] plrfnt Chaileston. Freeman, i I\)}t1lllhl1O::. jjnlo tlnov 1 freight or ;
Apalachicola,, Fla. pas-ore, applv to W. A. WOOD,
ind7.eto S Crosby ; .*{!"'' sks cofll-e: to 11 I I ]) l)deli: :'11'.11111'1', Ai'alachieoh, :Sutton I I ( d innhui-} .. --- I I I\GE-Buught and sold, by dec 11
23 Water
:: bUs \vliiskov: '!(II t ilo flour, 1 do loafs ;r'ar to :-:It'alllf'r11'. '::, Ji-nkms: fm C 11l1hI18.' Fire: IlIsUI'anc( ..\ CIU 1". ENC W3I.: G. POUTER, st.
:Steam: Oconei.Greer. ) ( fm (;.11111.:1: :':. rnill"XFAV FOR N ,
Capt. 1'1"101' : EaUITAULE INSCRJL (dec Agent Bank Brunswick. :W ORLEANS.-The A 1.,
i iStejinier
CJ.ESTOX-Per hip] Lvoiis-1 1 ',' ," '' ft :Sii-amer: :--lrc'lI Sirn':! Sharpless Sharpless I ,, fm flJ1t:1IlIJrlllge., 'own's Ferry.Steamer ANCK CO." with a capital of-0tiuu:{< I: I < have ----- ----. --- ImrkGILLTRT, Given, master, having

lumbr to order.St. % : < I Lowell, :Xiles. im fjimbns.S.e appointed 1 the undersigned; i their Atent, Ito make _1fJ1ll4OONS IJ AND SOVEREIGNS sale her entire ra-go engaged, will have des-

UHKPI'r -si-hr I'.li7-ibeth: :lruliurI tiiv-r) j'II-t\l/l), Rol.-iiid! fro Columbia.Barge } I Insurance in the City Apalachicola; : ;'iitl l its vi- by JAS. KELLOGG.: ( ; l'nt.i patch as above. For p-ssage apply to

I '.) baps cotton Noursc: Ai Stone. 1 ; : Flat Shoa-; :\lyrid,1.\Ianallirt.; cinit\, on Cotton \Varchouses, Sheds, Presses, j A MERICAN (OLlJ.-For sale in sums to suit 1IAKPEK & HOLMES,

coflec, M' Uils. ; on ORLEANS
11 KS sc:ars, 1 bbl sweetmeats an fruit to) T LMitcbel. xnw \ tnxBarque and oilier buildings; Household FurniUue, .Sec., jant: -11 Water st.DVANCES -Schr LION,
] G-i'7.ole! All'-n, up t :oth int.1k ajrainst! ; loss; or damage! by l-'irc. LO-SCS promptly I Chit, ma>ter, will clear to-morrow

_ :iiT Acton. I Ljniibf-rt.-- : in <7th Ills: udji-t...d I ui-tl piu'd. .\ pplil'atlOfl5"jlll'lcl 1 i\' irn1f.d'tt. i It ON COTTON.-Liberal advances (Tuesday,) as above. Vor freight or passage -
Bri"; ). ; ,.$:. Cli I ":', .iJl 2M 011.I .. .., ,.. ,,, _. ., ( .
iII. E1._ the
rCEIPT: $: 01' J'H/JfHer;. I !rig! I If: U* Brown; ; T.item.fired 27(11( nh.I un ......- .lfl"... ......v.; ..t.. 41.UIl:: A'I VIItCC: 01' me .'g''ncy, on Cotton for sale, or shipment to New : apply to master on board or to

Per steaner I-'lorence-Ti<:) bales, cot t I fon to I '.MI i ? I:4)ullic/ Gates; up toil :jnl inst. over D. G.; Rane\"s sti.re, Wntcr sticet."IIKMIY i York, Boston or Liverpool, are olle-re-d bvNOURSE B ELUSO\ & CO.,

Preston AL 1.td.l11.1'); to Ki,1 urouirb! Ac Hi.wty: ; I trig!: Maiy}; ; R ichardron, ujiiyul 1-t I m.-i. JACKSONeiit.. & STONE, jan5 31 Water st.

f,... tit Locknavt: i Yonnir to C Rogers{ : ;>u I toT l.tiu \Vni L Jones (new Apalachicola] } Jan.J janS; -1C.( Water I
: l-r 1-1
Mitchel.I ; ,, ) to rail ;} J in4.cfv h ) _!_ .:_ t l'' I I._- jI5 j I .I 1m I !:t.DeCKto 50: BBLS. Pilot and Navy Bread; also a lot

Persti-am.-rTall-ihnss.-c: -111 I balos cetlon t.. : : Xi.i2.ira.: : Cole: : clean ouwShip :.*d\ in-t. :i1tiiue E nSIlI'aH'n.: .:)'. pieces 2 English; 10 do stout Ra of first quality Goshen Butter, in small

Loekliart.vt Yomjir,' ; t' to C Rogers ; .'.o' to !I .M :Sr-lir/ Select, Wot.,clean-1 6in; ::t. rplIE-ATLAN 11C I INSL'RANCK Ct)." of the dec-J5 ; light do; 1 do Ru :-,ia 2; for sale by kegs for family use, for sale byWHltMARSH _

Vrigbt ; 'i to PnMon Maclay: : ; ,t ll to Tilhnshast. ;- S hr Tl'xIClrulilh: nji uitli >ji.neh.: J. City of New York, having duly ap[>ointcd W WOOD, :2'.' water st & RICHARDSON ,

order. :S hr Foun. Rowland: | the subscriber their: .\ The T DAY jan 27 water street.
) ; St.irk .c Co.: '-i to up wiop.itch.! gellt. public arc respectfully & Co. oder for sale-

Per >tt'anH'rl11t: -I'M; bales" cotton to ChaII. :Schr. Florida! Howes, uj one, (filh 1| j\i/l\\-1. informed, t that he is prepared: to reCeive tl :;"Ii) Bbls l northern Flour, and now from

*.''3. 10-2 to J-'|,:\/,'HcII) kV 'Jvitt ] '."i to L',,-k- Sclir. FJi! rihau, Brown, ni t (lilJI| ,lib.1 applications) for r Insur<11('.' n ain-t i River risks: at f II u do. western do. JGSTUnIYED -.: Potatoes landing, schr. j .

hart, ic Youn!! ; IM: 1 U- I Harper fc. Holmes ; 5'd I.) (iT.yl t.iroN. his Ollicu o\er J) G Raney's store, \Vatcr at.IIKNRY : IIJM. do. land I Bbls Buckwheat Flour, 5 i tail White Mc-ttuj,

W (; I'-rter Ai Co; )1";, lo J'rctoll \- :.Maclay: ; : 'h :Schr M\eel-ior) Wooilltury C-l,) 7j| |ill,,:'!. : JACKSON:: A sent.Apalachicola :2''II) Bhls X. 0. Molasses, 20 do. dried apples,

tit MeKax .t: I IIirf.1I\11'l1t'; ; ::.J to .\ \r\ lie ; vi7 toAN :Schr Indi'ina, An.tnts, tuld (;JiJi I itl.t. Jan._1st,. JM I I. j 1.) 1mWIHTMAR.SH :1.) Hhds St. Croix Sugar, :5 do. green do.

.\ & J P C Kwii: 11' to Perry ic Dickinson ; !OJ 1"IITI..nI.; -- & -- ---- 'M i do. Porto Rico do. lOoo lbs choice t family butter, in boxes
H'IT'IIIl'V'aJas! HICII.-\HOSUX.-IIa\'c containing -
(new) TaIIOI.iUtl ->
)1ltX. lat ult. fl tIl .
.to per brig Cynosure, from Bos- ) N. O. do. from .1 to :30:: lbs each, all in
biles eutton to .
Per t(>. Charlc.tfn1 2000 lbs
'IIH'r LIST JF) SKL'S'IPOI: : > ton, a frch siijjply of Goods; YankeeNotions Loaf do. prime order,
Mr-ICe-r/.ie; : -JJ!JO 1 10.J \ Co. ] .;> tolf'Ka' T..Ian. 2000
:\lnqr : Day ; ]lbs .
; fc Ifolnc .1 I l-'jtji.: -:Sloojis" anti li hter...,t iuclnd'd.SHIPS. Aic., vS.c" consisting oft lot of Pickets, Capers, crashed do. f)000) feet white pine boards, for sale by ft
&. h1tt4iorne Hi to Harper ; 2000 Ills
: Pulverised
; 1 Olives, Catsups: Sauces, &c. _\ t first of do. rlecll S. DILL & Co. 29 Water st.
quality _
J.'J: to IWrior ic Co.; 11 I to Loekbeart \, Yomj: ; Andrew! Scott, KmorytJl5: > ton.lx: YorkIo.d- Boston( Inspucton I clear Pork :33 tons Iron, assorted, i _

::;J1 J to oiler. mi!:;-B.MIJ. S.ilt.-r... JH I bxs Lemons 5nulbs i ( 1; 2.:}: () kegs; Nails, do. ')0 l BBLS Mess Pork, v'O I do Prime do.

Per UeatniT Siren-Hi'j, b.iles cotton t lo Clir-ler:! (Council: (Br I: ) Tun--r: (id)H; ton t>"or Tu"irpoolw.iitfnsr Shell barks LVans; ( 1st quality Figs ; lou' pcs India Bagging i) ,. 30 bbls Mess Beef, 10 do Prime do.

& :Mcflritr: ; l;v: to \V (; Porter & Co. : :!'I to Lwk- II ; -W A ."I"J'al11.Culrll'lll'I'W. inolbs( I ) ; ; C'isars ; Grapes: ; ; 2(_)0 coiN Rope, 00 bbls northern Flour, 20 hlf do do do
}he.iit i Vounur: ; 17 to Petry &, Dickinson.Per ) J'.ickai-l, J U2 ton lly for fU- 0 b\s Confectioinry ; 0 bbls Cranberries: ; :300 bags Rio Cofli-e, 23 hlf bids Buckwheat, 5 bbls white Beanjf,
L'/.enires' I II do
steamerpahcliicola: -1 1 biles <- itlo.! toKimbouub \\'. A. \\.00/1.l.Finn. ; I) Cough Candy: ; 7'') do.- Java and St. fIt) tirkins selected Gnshen: and Dairy Butter
1 :Morroi'o! Domingo ,
A. Rid-\vay: ; I 111.J to :\e1] ay ;'c I IlrJ I .haii, Pi..Mt, ion) tons, for X Yo loa n- case Slippers ; 50: :i hit boxes fresh Raisins i co.. 5 bIds (Wolsey Ai Waldey's) chrash'd
Also Sugar
lot ,
of f
Xom-e: \ Sti.ne a Clolhinir 1
hoi n'. ; ri, to T .Mitcbel I : : 7' to T hattIe ; : toW : consisting of overcoats, 51) boxes Havana 1300; l lbs do do" Loaf do
Gcorce; :-::'lIltiddollit'1d: 41.J tonsJi'-r s:1ckalltl: pants, also lot of o\'rl Sugars, various kinds,
for all
I a drawers
; JMU-S ; '.I i I" :Moore ic McKen/.ic-: : t-> 1 Ia'Cr ; 50 bales Domestics 30 I bxs and A b.vs Raisins, :300:: lbs
I Lixr i ,>ool-I llarp'T :Holmes.; ILiverpool !under shirts socks &c. Verdigris,
..& Huhies: : : 1 b\s tobacco to J D (/ J\.mcy. i CoHin, .J:!,,, tons, waitill-J') \- Co. -.--'- -.--'-- -. .-- ,- -- janloOaa 2oi( pr Nczrro Blankets, 100 Ibs Putty :!,} kgs pure White Lead,

Per .tearner: .\de---.s: : !.iles cotton to \\r.k I LyoaH:; YIII. -I7} : I"I: wailing I -M.iste;..J ollsi nlncnt. 20 cases Negro Shoes, 10 kcjs Black Paint 15 do No White Lead, _

PC I\:
.*!; "; to I D (; nillll'\ \YiodCo.: 1 U O :;o firkins (ioslicn flutter; 1 lOt) kegs and hlf kegs FJ-'F Powder f, chests Tea:: 3 bbls smoked Tongues, _

P.': st.'amer (Jeuncc'='-'211 bales cotton tc PresfoiiA :Mediim-.eh) Ciia.77o; tons, for X Orlea lo.ulini !- 15 half-firkins] do. ; 200()( bags Shot, various sizes, sale by W. A. WOOD, _
Maclaj I 1-"J to Flcwellen] &. full I'J to ;-11 J D J D.jjde-n. | dcr2:
: ; ; ::J Xilr, K-nney, :* 1lI. loadinir fur Bost __ -_ ( IOn --
TNlcKay k Hartsh>..nic ; l IIJ to I D H J Wood c Co. : i ; ( ; -U B
\\'..od! AV.. For sale low for cash, by SALE On (I
4J'i toV G Porter i: ('o.; .72: to :\ Wuiu : *J1 1 to) Consignment FOR Consignment-
Un'an.VIII.ml 1 .0; Pern ic Dickin-cn : 1-2 to Lockhart \c '''lIn BALES Heavy Cotton ; I
; suitable
R ilu. Osnaburgs
) J'.irkei. I Invijlit, .>!)!) tons, for XeWeans' 17 10
;'_> tit \V A At P C Kaiu ; It I to Kimbrou icllidgvay. I !...i
\ lo( to x>r lr.l 'l'ihI.i I t.i-Se'C', I Hadiey, .t:*-!D tons: \l i tiflg,1ay.: prices, to close consignment, bvFARR10R & Bl'TT," 11) (10. St. Croix do30 i

Per steamer: Siren. -<() h des] cotton 1o 11 1 1 k Troy, Hill J 1 !>, :)2.> t ott.-, waiting-Master.! : Ac (Co. janl 1\02 Columbus Block Bbls Whiskey ;

C I II Au-tin ; :; to J 1) G R.HK-V : -!I n) to P. S law'Icy; P.ARiCl'-S. i I jan5_ ;_ .____ -11 1 I Water street. Roberts- 2;) .. Molasses ; 1
I J.> to Prcsion' & M.:* -l.y ; <; j 10 :.AfcKayIJarts I ; Br. 1 t olo'iiV.t I I, .1l1hl1.-CaWI: tons, for L'pooI > Allen cV Co., lo) Hhd'} i Bacon lams and Side! ;-

horne ; G to I rlllill; ; :i toV ( ; I J'orJcrVo.Per : waiting Day) A: (Co. | II.NI UT.\1'OE\-100:\ bales Miperior TJAVE on hand and for sale : 100 pcs Kentucky llar.in"haIl's :: ::> -' *

b.ir..e I I'lat SIItJ.lls-t| :'i b ik-s; cottoioV I r ( I C'l'inm-M': .'. :Mii\ !.loi! 2S9! tons ready fscaD : I lay; 75 bbls. Potatoes, now land _I1. Sheet and bar Iron ; Blacksmith's Tools ; i 3 Ifcdia "

Porter & Co.: '2') do rai-uuric 1 Co.; I I'* dc amid l JC',.')P I J; Wood Ar; Co. g- ing from barque- Noble, and for sale bv : German, English Blister and Cast steel ; lOll) coils: Kentucky: bale Rope ;
COlld'lrVi. 2Ji; for Xew S. DILL & Co. Cauldron Kettles from 2U to 120 galls lOi) Manilla I
!hides to .J :M> ri'k.Persteainei -", tons, Yoik, Jin;- ; Rope ;
LoudlJ.V.i: E] C i SeianUn.UemleiiMTi .fan; I 15 2'J! water s-1 rcet. Hollow Ware, wholesale;; and retail ; f;o .-smkRio Collee
1 .
b.uVsot.a{ to I D HTo.,1 ; by 'I
.... ---- -- and Cut
-- ------- ----
1 : Morri-s 227 ton forX --- tlocll
\\ &. Cc.; 2-1:: to I :M i Wnjrht l ; I 1/; / ;, :McKayc : : : -1 H Ci; Rop: <-s. Yoloadum ,I tti; :: JhCl-iVI-i: ] ) p.-r brig Caroline E. Platt! : Brass Andirons : Fire Trims; ; KIMIIROUGH &, RrDG\V A Y-

.< Hartshornc I ; ; loo I tr Hill 1 1 n.ms'JI.Co.I ) / : .; J 1 1i <;.7 Colbert; ( ;liven, 2.->!) tons, for N Orlt'unJiwr. J :20() halt reams i>liin; and ruled Letter paper; Platform Scales, Bens; -and I! IJallances ; J. Slevciisoii \: Co. '

to :\luore.11cKeuzic : Ti j to L-.ckiaitv! : : Voim Harper lV11 olnlC'llancr .*. 150( fin.Liniii Bosom Shirts, at all prices: Tin Ware of all kinds, wholesale] tc retail.
I i 100( ) roi'd Cotton, do do do Abo NO.15 rater street, and one door East of the
Per gtflll-ril
steamer: bilc r-cdt'li to .1C t(: ', :Stevens, 283: ton-, for Ne\v Y load- a general assortment of Hardware.
RUM-: ; :m \\T A Ar P C K.iiu; :Ll;; 1 111 1 g; \y, .rj! \- Coll ing-(Chas I Rors.: : 12- frilled striped do do! They are also prepared to attend to any orders Office, on Chestnut streetofter for-sale

:M: H l B'iIdwill l ; fi(> Perry .'.: I'ldvMt-nf! s. .Hi''insHAXK ; ,- John! l liw"r.; ;Siitlon) 1 :310 tOI1::, .loading f'rovi- 73 Red Flannel; do do .' for Iron; or Brass Catting?, lllackrinithinff. Tin, a lanre and general assortment of'Fancy andSta- _

:tt'r.\: :\1('( ;ritll d"JIf'-T I L ;Mitchel.Noble. i I ; 2X( paira--t'd' I ('a tS-j nmere ;and Sattinet't: Pant, Copper or Sheet Iron work, or Tin and Copper pIe Dry Goods) Hats, Caps, Bonnetts, Boots, Shoes: ,
100) do ,
-- --- I Jr'n; 27:: ton, for Boston, .* ill"-- 2 \egrtl Pants and Jackets, H oiling----on reasonable terms._ janl ly and various articles, consisting in part of-
men' I
cases black
and drab
NOTE TABLE/ JJ B\ Wood l\: (Co. | 1 case bt'( ?fancy; round drab Sportitg Huts' Hats, 1 iJ :: BIlLS Potatoes, h'I I Black and blue cloths, cassimere and vesting,

All' th. J.tiii\s! of :South} C.irolina . . .1',11') HIJKiS. 4 1 oo men and boy*' Cloth Caps ;. .-I t) 20 bbls Apples, 10 bbls dried do Sattinetts and Kentucky Jeans,

Hank! :State
:Pldiurs Bank! Savannah: . . . . .i JIM. Florida., ( 'rocker, 2o!) tons, fin N York, har !.XM pair men's Kip Brooms, at all prices! 100 packages prime family Butter, containing Rich t ti'tl and s-trip'd Dress Silks,

Marine A; Fire! I ti-u razice I ..iiik awl I Ihnrli."eiitraj ...-.1':',r. ni/ McKay-' A; llart.-hoini- t 25 do gem's tine bl'k ;and col'd! GaitcV; : Boots, from '2 to ::50: lbs each, for sale low Blue, bl'k and rich f t'd Sattins,

< } Rail: UuadB.iiik: ; eo. . .;j pr cellI. cli,.:. Lawrence Copcland! Baker, :21ri I ton-, .fOr- 2o do do do sewed! Calf Hool janl S DILL & Co by Earlston, :Manchester &. domestic Ghinghams,

Bank of .\II Il.t.l. . . . . . . .p.!r. h'ails, ]loading) -II D Darden.( /' GEXT'S; FIXE :STOCKS.) 2U water st Embroid'd Merino, knit and pl'd wl'n shawls,

Mechanics H.lllkll, ''Iti1.; . . . 'I'ar. .I SCHOONERS.C ) .1 toz.late-t! : stlf bl'k and ( I'l Sail iStochs: ; HAWLEY, has on hand and for sale Moiiseline:: Delaine and fancy silk do.
\1II-'a: ; I InMir.itice$ uid IJaiikini i :: Co. iU i.-ta; plr. _: I II I I H 2l for salf: by F. K'OPMAN.UALT BS.full assortment Jackonett book and
of School Blank plaid, swiss Muslin
( ., ,
j rcliJ.1 Ji'ni: ] Ro.td: Bankini' Coniiiiydo.| : .par. i ):;---T i L \l itrli 'I. IN and I
Iwuikuf ISniiHvvn.'k .. . .". .. ... . .1".1 l'. I Lion, Chit, i).') ton<, for New Orleansin: jr. ) STOHE.-JfJII: sacks for sal -'uy Hymn Hooks.10; negro blankets: and Kerseys,

; Bank. I (J[ .Millrd\ ville. . . . .. .. .paL> :Mii.r.MJIV: L--jau-_ _; .r DAY & Co. f 2 wa,1Mst. 25; copies Mysteries of Paris, 12-1: Linen and cotton longcloth sheeting, .

, <-"UH1JIIt'r"I..1| ji I lllk, A1]<"ICOJI . .. .. .. .1I'Ir:, Wilkc.s i ( ;J.dt <))7 ton.s, waitillC;,,rs. QUGAR, MOLASSES, WHISKEY '25;) Cousin Hinton, Foreign and Domestic Prints, a great variety,

hank ? t. ;Mirv s Cohuubu.s! ... .. _". ... .. .l'ar.. Seminolr.:= I : Tnylor, !)3 I ions:" for New Oile load! SujjarJ.) hairels.Molasses : &cL > y5 Nina, ,r-1 1, 1-1,7-5,3-1 br'wn shirtings and sheetIng,:

{ I HI'lUX l-M.jk. ( )11/111111, "'. . . . .. . -r. ing) -H I li j I Daiilen.A ; .j", President's Daughter, do. do. bleached do do. ..
Kuckepy,!!,. H'1Il1ill ( ; cent dis,. .- ] -;3o barrels.Whiskey 25 "; r Lowell Manchester .
i :: ro .K 2vr ----- .. : Traduced, ;:: ) and other cotton osnabiirgs,
. '' B.uk ( it rr : Fortunes of Heavy Lowell and Stark Mills
t Merchants 1;.lllv ,/fy: ,..,"...(' . . .;{ III' c 'Ii.J i| .. 1 J DVXCKS: OX COTTX.-LiberhanA. :\ Flour! --30 ltrrt1s.CrtiiIicrriesi r 15 100 Caleb Stukely, Woollen and cotton Drilling, (

L 0.innl-' ; I -,,.\, :Uu.un. ( a. . . .,,rovl| .: C:l'''; m.ule) 4 on cotton for shipment 'diver1 : Jwlf baire-Is. Romances Real Life, hosery, ;.
25 Gloves
,. .Monroe: i h: ;tli ':'Iad awl nidvinConpanvhroke.. 1 1"-1;i, I H.ivre I : Boston nr New York, I by Lard-20() kegs. Magic and Mesmerism, combs, hair-brushes, fancy baskets,

,: Rlllli of n.I ,n"1, i| ;1:1'1:, l p.tl1C'lw, .,. .. . b.oke. i j.f'- Ji 11 :\RJ'l..R li IIO-1S. Racon 1 casks. ; 25 ". Adventures of a Green Horn, Boxes, cologne, toys, etc. etc. *

. liiMinnr' ,Ua.-it. ,.f < duiiilui-.I I I I broke.j. __ -- --- Just rece-ivcd Jschr. 25 Romantic Biography of the Age of Florence braid, brilliant and other Bonnets, .
:; J.-tJ1' of ( obi.I .,,' . . . . . 1 Iikt:,. CLOTHIXG.I ( I I ( ; -=-A general a oittneiittt-adv ]low per DOIXJE; and) :Tor sale Elizabeth, Russia, Rabbit-silk and other Hats,
by :
p J.
L.Inll'r. :si .'II| .. .,. broke. received and'Ulc a't 23: 'C Kate An assortment of Boots
Halik ldlllf':': k, ( 'olllllbu just .iall' in. Search of a HusbandJ I, and Shoes. dec4N
i-f I'Nirnl.i.! 10 ateI' sfivet.YSTERIES .
; the \\ n. u -- -- -
All : .Jr. ) store of jj; ELLISON & 1'liilip In search of a Wife. CONSIGNMENT' '
other Inks
m Hurida'.V.V.V.V.V..V..bVokeM1)1L.sX.i:; ; : ; : : : -
janl I :J JVat:: 1.t.Il1 i [ [ OF PARIS, 27 Water st.BALLAST ON 10) boxes muscatel Raisins
a : .LV1 Matilda ; p
u.--__ ,
d --. = 11u( I :Rl I-S.---J: Joo( ( ) bids Western lie .-Wanted by the subscribers 300 10 kegs MalagaGrapes; .

p. B"f''J"; ; ,( ;-14), i >h jjlininf! fur .;;tte 'sLI- ;rp bids: .Mulasscj' : Ad\'cntlJrl.'s Adventures of ?%Ions. Violet, which cash will be paid. 10 casks cheese, (a fine article) ;
4 of Laurentini in
y c1uc C'J1lSitIIII'111, |hv r'0 do \\'lli.kefor. sale by... search of his Janl NOURSE Ac STONE. For sale low by FARRIOR & Co. :
Father received ;
C just and for xile
' KARRI: >R & Co.) W A ,\ (, : bj'H. dec7 '. .t Water Ht!

'\ --_)lfriI.r:_ ., -14 J .'\'at.'r street.I'ORTiNr : jan)13) ::2:- \yst.M'OIJSKLINE S. 11A1dL.ja1i ;\ 500 Sacks Corn, for sale bvM. i
--- ---- ----- --- --..-- .-_. _.---- .. -- .,. 27 'ral 'r st. AILS-loo kegs SWt cds Iron Cut Nails f
J : ,_ A. MYERS .
4r ------ -
S HAT.S.fl-h; ; ,t ,\\I h- (}I-\ lJolSl'OIt11I ) ;; ; IE L\Il'\E--.A:; niufof nE.\l\TS-2-- -arborn's------ -- jan"'l Just received and for sale by
) Patent Scale __ i2> water st. ;
I ; Hati., JUstr i.Jn.,1! aul 1 i fir; : sle, by ; :: de Laines, just receive SCALE'" for sale bv T. I I. & C.: H. AUSTIN, .

, -J) iLUSCXic: CO., For snle by J{ ELLISON At GARDEN: SEEDS-\Veatherslield fresh Seeds
'n ] tJl'l: ; R. II. GOODLETT, / I BIlLS of ROSIN, for sale low, :
$ : ::3 Wufer t. 15 3'3 \St. \' and for sale byBARNARD .
J ; ::: Jan: dec I It 13 wnter-sth'et. UJ applv to FARRIOR & CO., .
j'm .
I ELLIS. jyl .1-1 Water.


in .J3 hours.v ,


I ,
... 5V .
...---. 1 :

t *

V ,



.---- : -
-- -
-. -- -
sst 03 Le1t'vs. w :u't OUM( q 'lsssr cs aoopiou yIhu.

LECJAL NOTICES.6or L E G ii: NO'1'1CES.I .4. S. MARSHAL'S"SAL2S. RE:1.\N: :-V ; IX TIT.: POST OFFICE. '( :ft, 1'resics.

r -- - t '. Jan. Kt, I 1" i I. 12'1fj 'j't* >N t'r j-'i.r-r.- v\ill be i.ceivcd at the

%* *' SaLe. PI %1C oi" AiBi ric: :. cJ. b. rJarsS3nri 5aLe. [ : ;-iPer.-en.-; n.'iiuiin' :,' tir any uf the following letVrs _.) vardai.vi: n coiiipre-scd vMthiti one month
) V virtue of tl-ret- writs ot ft ij, issued Iron: the v/il! plc.i-csay ''tlp-yare advertised." charire will be made for but 't cents
1tjainin y. Xow.-e, :udtncMs- TKu'iiiTVHY: UK L-'Luj.lUA 1 I ) I'l.STKlUT' OfAPALACIICUL. Ill) storage
trator, vdc boiii. non,) of estate 1( .\. j _) Superior Court of Fianklin: County, ti modirtrt'd Arnold Ju-tic.; I 1/tn: g Calvin per bale will be charged fur labor, tiering &c. If

cO C J.ayinuiddee'dti'I'1aIflt1i. Tli> Pff-iilmt tij the L'ntletl S't's: i one i in favor nf John t Ilardin I one i inhvorof j\j.hiiY! Capt II Low Aintn! not compressed within one month'JO( cents per

( IV CHANCERY :1H<<' 7lir/ittI of the .1iltU/eiCOIit Dii Ik-nilo T. Caro, and one in favor oi' Isac & \ >, us:; Thos! Lines t L Jiiker bale will be charged for ftor.i e, and 5 cents per

vK --. (;, 'i'1irj :, : Jar-jues vs. the uu'bni Life Insurant and ; : Caut S C IVIcKitHipy B wrek thereafter. Time romjmted from date of

Abrtnu! Allisoniirv him; ;' !Kill: :.ls, Siniucl Akinli Ins p\hi'k-l1! ALib.l Trust Com-1;! :.;V I u.Hofilr I I for sale at pit'1 ic Yi alle I Henry iMars Win receipt until delivered to lighter or vessel. Cot

Iurtnt'7, Hitkcr, ei .il. I II % MI Ihu J-uted States; I iiisti ? '"lltas outcry, at I the court t ln'iiv.- Jour Iii the citv; ot A>a- .Di'idv.in;i .l iss J\I: H i\i ibi ions JOt ton chan in hands will in all casts bo liable to
pnr--uanr" < ad.vi-' I i>!rd'r! mitl: in tin- ;
it !It ;i Court: rf Aibniralty allv1"-' :'"ulpro bchi-'ola.! at oVlook, a. in., on the first Momay |; CUt Ely Mawey AITJtnvtt Turn-
above minted can--, I 1)( ct'inbi'i7th, HIS, i by the :.sc new storage from late of order it.clibive. \
.i-vlinu 'i'liat he i onhtlul 'ltn'n3'-! in i-'ebmarv ne.xt futioi .d lf i 1 (
Honorable Judqe of ih rr .cnor; Court in and for ;- >* o t f ttio'i ; intr out for sampling or wei4hlirig and re-slorin 9 -
t Franklin Couniy, Mttbisas uCmm of j Equity, and! '! fur sal; v.i'' in saving tile scho', ''1' % i I 'Uu in block 1). front i.ote, auTecaliiy; to a map ol J>.oois HC ilclkrruiottI.1)I ime, s cents per bate. Wantages to be assessed ,/

r )l y virtue of tlic Bowers ihcicby vej-ied hi me, 1tlulloa 11. l-alin! 1 t1y driven ashore itt oalu ct WJIRliu said city, together with all the biiblitigs and apiiivtenanceri |>.,!eiieltln AlU :2 ;\l.ore Thos H by tin; press wh"ii the cotton comes in and tho

jJnturday ih<* second
proceed lo s.-ll ;it Public Auction lo lh! li'mhes! coMiiiandouthat! you -Ctach, :vixt? and bfisi: tin! : same luown as the olficc ol tho South Pio'.vLi: cit; ; I 1) W .Manley fiirs0i ; on S.
bidder! the following de.-cnb j)ro'HM' v tovii : take inlocj--iotlv/thexchoiMor 111'-111' & Daflin, era Life Insurance and Trust Company in Ap.vlachicola. Nestor 4
Lot Nd). (3)L: jiy, it: blue!; i > I minuted! on coininandtd by HOIH' MYKItS:I : : Win All cottons are required to have six good and
"Wij|<*r .-trot t, in thf Ot7f: Apa! :"hiewd'uEd Newton Jifode sufficient rc; es. Gra; >s, tow, bark or cotton ropes"
I t'1 P" t olApala'hi'.l 1 U- Maishal} dibt.
1' : Apalachicola.hico :
Kd'Aaid: U. j-nd } [
t<- front i by> iHity fT de-p, Ii..-, iir: thavon :i ll tllC TTiIJ! tO iTiSV1 \ !:-, I I--. (II I ] j:{.
: .'. >>i.l sif.-lv kIhthbii ,
brick store el iiv! .- ttj'S. ; Drury 1'arsons ( ;/'apt JC'leyEd deficient ropes will be charged at the rate of
Al:;o. Loi'o.. (Is) t1iir'ia; ii: !block! 1 t 1., t>m- of Sai.iAhj!! All
ted on Oentii'iri'e street h 1' r xjd j tit) tlurtv Jeet ; if he I District : $Ve>. id bath ordered and ('E.-!}/ virtue of two li fas from the :>uud J U fae E W -J. cents per

front I-- <-r.rluy dtvp j having t2nM<- Hi brick buil! fimrofiMM f- directed this writ to ,'-UJ t br :ili persons coiiconiud _L. 'N Justice's Court: o/Franklin county, in favor ( .rleyAJ I'atrickT:1 JV'urHiill per vard..A. DOWXEIt Agent .

s-t'W', lumwn its the "I'hiruix! IJou-e." to apK\ir| at rte' CItY of Apalachicoh onlh of Albert Dean vs.: L. A. Plielps and fld. J. Snjffsd'rf ( Cii't I H E 3 Price! John the Keren Press.C. .
Th till" to lie l b thide hein ail for -
M tivh how
v SI! : ritxta:1 '
ilu- right, iiiit- and intei.-.t 44" Of Ii > moid, late I ,- second i\londtvo! should not I, I }h ive levied on the steamboat Fanny' Carter J 1'' llady P. NTC WJLSOX! Hydraulic Press.-

nf Kttd c< 'ntv. nnA! K AiV-uji, in and to .<:iidTerms cause, if ;uv! tliey }Ao\\hy) jud nu'iit lien auihoiis as the !property of said defendants and will proceid >rv( r (Cap: P Holney JtsCjist'.man : H. G. Gl'VOX,
ty. ]!:'
;-O/i'Mourth < $nd the remainder in ; d 1, emjxV.vere/ '"ttti strictly ( joined pereinptorilv a. m. on the iir.it .Monday m l-Yhruary; tat in the Cili-a-.e: C.;>;)' L 15 IAiiViii Apalaciticola, Dec. Ut, J', \:>'. d7 tf f
six, twelve ;i'id eighteen! mcnths, with! uiod joint to cilean' ''dinouish) all person whatsoever city ol f Apah.'I-ieola.: jV.. 1IAMMOXD I if Kavnond Henry --_ ------- i ,

I and .v.ral notes Jor securitv'! -atHaftoiv to tin* lining, or j.xle'.ir'inK to b-ive, any vuhl, tiMe, A i il lehicol:i, j)cc. 2t', 1- I.:;. CoiiotahK( f.'s.mpbfll\I-t. vIflnt '\ne-ittTis Kit's.irdt ThosU'inham : tes of '%Vharlage.ri ,1E
Recdver: un-j no ut-- to be guea uniil : tid not-s cluiiiTor It.t't in .!' to tie! s ml SCltJ..IlCi libelledt : ) -- .: :..
$11 Holland Is'ia following! ire the- Rates of Wharfoge on
P1t1ii be d1 t
i i t tnt t'c4Jitl. by publicly titlivin a copy .ii"LREXJ.. F. XOrrsj-;, R.vivcr.M. ; : inoni as/;'1'' vI1 the i.im-in.bt; uf the said scitviI. IN J3ANKRUPTCY. s-\ s Alary J. ;aIi!i Cotton. Meivh tndtse, tec. landed or shipped

A. MVE1JS, Auctioior.Apalavhicoia utblishinjj 1 ih'j in I/-v: \ 8 i Sfiintey Jas fit :m the Wharf at this Port :
same some
:_ Jii.: 1st, I'll. jyl Sin & ''"i1"i;'i! said cih for a I ii-.ist fc.r.rtcen s sf dasbe iI2;: 22? W. fS. JJSftlrict C)2t, It iimnjW S hVlk-s AC O.i Cotton, per bate, landed; . .GJ cents. -

; 1I fIf /i'Fieo1a 1)is/rii of Florida 1 >: ins, W'S; Srott Milton on slipped. . .( }
tbioof nd all l.r.vlnlIIIM
ESB .Ia Ii5 Si f reIXtI i.cti.11 d-iy: ; by: : '
: erk CO't.Ja1flCi .
:>5i > >i- wirat soevervhcreb} } tills: itictnil jolt may bein4 11AuIEL: : : (; \tNi-::1 Washington c-unty, 1 .vis ilefcu STruth t''apt 11 2 Ois (;iU per barrel, lauded, (ejtitu -
ljjj.s. .
C) RILL FOR in's! jiipiiie i and i notoiii-us, to be and app.r \__) aiul sui'lfnct! invm tiled a petition praying '. .-rlei &iu'apt! X V2 Smith Levi .it i 114 live cubic ft* t or U'J Ibs.iiett .

]ii. DIVORCE. before the Jud_:e afure-said ut the time and tOi his tIlSCIIre a.id certificate as a I Huiikrupt riovd I It Smith !\>sa 2I tjual to u barrel,) . .2 .

Piety on. ) aforesaid and also to attend I It 1 is oulered! tlit rrmsu !)-liMwu !before the I\: ,: ( r.iH'! l"A Stinseen.il On (ioods, per barrel, 5hipped .3 "
this i is ord th" aid iacr upon every
it red lbit unless
iN case : -C'bioi! to be held there anti from thence until a Couit, en the list; )If"dav in I'eliru-iry! i 1" l 1, at l-i\i Johi Sands S i S..it, per sack, landed . .u li
.1 ilcfendjtiL d') aj,peaivithm t tjnvv* mouths an Junsvver delimiivi1 sentence shall be read and id in I o\-l-'k i : A. ." i., ;.t tit: 'Cnnrf Hou., i.Mariar.ii' !,'; j4y (;>>rgc Sirnmo'is _ _ \eiuur\ fuwnlaiiunt' bill filed tha'1 jiromul
t.1 !o : in the said: bu, >iii':ss inclusively, if of them : ', .vliv S.MUulai'i'T( shall not receive his ( WIJ Staik W F c '1 (!, 1)'r cord. . . ..-s J* "
the will! be 1 taken rtifw ancl tinotter <' any
s.une tliercin contain d//v* >.l 'cordiir, ( shall think! it their duty *) lo do, to hear, abide di-vi.attje and cci tiic.tc; as a bankrupt ; and that CJ'iKTl..irtndro' 'iV.lor; : Ch.sC.rhf '* L-imber, ptr 3f feet . . .f>fj "

: (t.I.; ALDElMAXCk'tYo.vou < cre.:!{ a ly.RKXJ. by lITTlE; perform all andMiurular I i : such iudicial; ; acts notice thereof be published) in some public newspaper ; rd iiiclrev- Thornton fC.atEA' '- I'ricks, per 31 . . . .t 0 "

&. TAVI.OH Sol's. as are .Mecessary fo be done aid: expedited in the ) published in said district, !for and during Titu> .TJ; Shingles, per M . . .l i : -

(1umptsIaLi11fliI premises, and! !further tA d'i and receive what unto* the period of suventy days before the said dty t>fhearing. ( ;Sliner. J1./ TerrvTho A 2Cr.yJnoD st iS-icks of meal, corn, oat?, or
\ Dec. 7 l- ). dccll! I'U -
H W .
A te teVOXGE) Terry -jOn'le" other merchandise
( copy containing
------ ---------- law ynd: ju-stico shall appeitain) under the pain -
Fiiilin SiII; ( ir Covl'l.Viiliani 44' thc-law and contempt thereof, the absence and 1 & TAYLOR A Thompson WlC:4ht not more than three bushels. .2 **

\ Larence, Conij4i. > J'.ill f .r !i'co.vs. contumacy of them and every (1 them} notvii 11- .Marianna, 0i: :ii 1, Is I ii.10 Atty*> f.-r Pet.IT. :: GM TlnmasGO7f All iur-il'or, salt or merclrmdise, shipped on

't l oi.-i 'trri' : ', standi.ind: whatsoever yeu shall dy in tie! 4. I istrir.t Conrl.I'ubbins !: !.". t ik.I; VenJris X C brd VL-SS .U cr steam-boats, from ether vessels, .

Ii7.4'th 1 I f 5 i'I3.i shall duly. unto the Jrdreafiresiiil Ih'fiiicl lI&V: U.t W S Wordin C WHr. SttrObItz, or rafts, lyin at the wharf, will be
premiees3) certify 5o : 'i 1 nistees )
:i; '- th c!:.i-:.int 1 by i-ovi! ''-l l, and it :|iv ; at the time and pbce aforesaid together .s. | :\hrt.cau on Real I ste & \VilcovCaptH.dr cti .:i.th te % hartae ouiv.

pitnut; lo the .-au-iartjon >f ti onrtihut the with these 'K-state. ] !l': -. I1cfItLIt rc-iil-'sj nt the Territory piesents.Vit'e II. JMoses, asneo of E. {
-youJ th Siuts j 1 !MrdVnpt: X Webber I David e to I b" i-mi b the crnignee: and whteti Shlijipci -
of Kioriii.i. Ti.i'-rffure t'iisidercd l hy tin- \ tinllo'i'l SarnUei" Carrnack, .Tiid e of J. Wood. j ;
Court tliiit tlf d.-iVjulint Lb io it.ijj.car i.- here on 01 before iursti'1! District Court, this -.th div of December. -I. "WILL ofier for .ile at Public! !! Auction on the ih'i'iui 1 i 31: j J Wise Capt JLJ by tite party taking the bill of Lading.II 4

ilu* cxir tioti oi'ilrcc ciU': J .r in-uKh from tn;% 1-1-j.; GEOK' ;i F. F. JJALT'ZKLL, .- .. ] 7th day of January prerciit, in front of I theCkrk's *':!:-:'>n Lo V/ht-at-} U j R 3 .-- troo.Is arid merchandise not enumerated
date -reuf and -nipliiK.iit"t bill olcojii Clerk.ADMlNISTJIATOIt'S J. ikins P.P. AVIieaton i li S aTjov-; by churned at corresponding ratsU 44
un vcr jan 1 Office-, all the real e.Jae( late oi' E.:: J.
] Uuit'or the sine \v"u he token pio conic.--). _..___ _.r___. __ -' .JtTfl.IT'S! il' kielVakelv. (.) V .!. i iiih-, .Iu .!?! ; '.- it Ifl t thc.hi .
Wood, a bankrupt. Said Real E' t lo hein$ situate .
And it i is further! oruereJ *fIt A '.-w "t this onl'rbe Ktll! >..Mn i' York Cat (1 H nui not receiving or (hscbTririnjv. crro, '
NOTICES at St. Jj-eh viv Lots r, t 0 10- together
( ; : juare
;.Tt1i-i! 'd in th" C inmrcul A'lcrtiser lor with tis ftt duelling house and outbuildings 'ifliW'v: ZikeevVilhirlrn 'j[,:> ,'iired to pav for the n-: e of the lerth the

three uu'iillxs con jecutiy.. Kj-nnedy Tl Q G. F. iiAI/rXKLL, P.M. v.iii of i\n dollars and fil'tv cents da,*, and to
(Copy.j ) Tprte, ."r ois! iuivi.w claims H'-raiKt thereon.) The house contains six s.jii.tre r.-riins, per

l()- !$, Solicitor.: Clvrk. I Fr-d'-rick L. :Minir. lute of Jackson coun/: and i is.veil furnished: uith Venetian Dlinds, & c. i tu.cL'orbctts

-. (!>-e'aJ.. are r.. i.ur 'd to jsr s'-nt tbam-, dulautheniieated \ Also, Lot-s S I1, J.'S:, M, sMi.ne; T;, \vih! the! improvciii'nts q-*.' Ir. s'j' -"' -r having rt-it'-d: 1 l'aebn'.v csibliiirv 'I l e i"lv.vin2 Article of tin: Rf iLtims of the

iivi-ii; ;,: ; ) :' () wiil'.m the tune j-re-r-ribed by '.ivv, ) COtIIStI:. of a three story wooden j_ : 'D', is no\v pr'-i'arr.i to arcf-ti:': ioditej A;>.u.teii Ai Chamber of Cunrneree will be

Idri.t Frcit'i! icks, ) i iN F1C IT V. or ilii! nonce iI! be jilc.tti in liar of their recovery. house, forming nn L, "lieing about 75 by -"Ji: I 1l et. }ts; fVIe'.C and this public in a n.aunerw'niih strictly! adiiiicd to :-
Ali p'r.ojisindclited lo stid e.-t:ite are reijitc. ted to C'msi'jof cotton shall be allowed three
vs. vPetilion for Divorce. The doors and sp.sli jn this house, aloiare will i''t satisfaction to all. His t.blpvilsiu
XiusrlicMdorf. make imiJK'diut-j {pi.ivni"' to -ti1isciiItr.. worlli C'J' : ( ) The da;j tor thouv! >tton t. remain on the wharf, and
D.miul.M.Y: A } :-iSA.\7 A. MIN'T Adm'x.Mei.fr >J or 'J'J. S'wic: t'i be sold on irnlieatiuii \ sjuppl-ci' with ever delicarv the market!
read th lor 4 \n, and it ; )- and for account of Uobbim 5c. JJianrh will bodeVjt ;.ui-t-j. jr t\v i ilars, without irctirriinf extravtara2.
OX ? *injj qjcai'ias ; : ,-'. l De.: J 9), 1815.NOl'i" .itibiilj, ad: hi.s A h.>lc atteutum il [t f,
:: tin Daiuci \|. A. bn-M-iii'iidorf rovuiil '( ru :'e-s and M
}.id the limits ol" tiiis 'f.rrit'iry-lli is K.___ :IK weeks after, date i Ivil! applv T-i'ii'.fd, jr.S by din"'triM! of the I Hon'i b'ar.eiCa''inack ,-! A fa("hcl to tsc: e-.I-ablishrnont are tw > jupciv th-iV all"vv it to rt-nain a longer tine, they shall

4)rdrti that a hwariu: bo had nloi
lacttf;, iis ch.!, LSSu1kt.i : iri'.t ?. :.o thciiv.'h) indul o- iii tins fittiittl; erSTER ev .ry tv\--nry-i .ur In n3- that it remans thereaf

M-mdiy of I\Urcli, l !U ai Ai'abH-aicnla. in the Admuii-str.tii'.n on the e-tnte of Amory K..irors, CJ n r.Vuud and iuu b>r shall not be allowed to>

County af Franklin, sn-l t'lut il.i:h on'.or !hC i>uli !)- deroasv: ari'l for let ttrs Adinini-stratiou dboms ,- 25rotsSLt tt ; ai. :0 ; ::ur hours without incurrinu .
I li'is tri": on the! estate of J.iisti! Locke, (Jeceused.HAPIIAILL -> ; a.t extra wharJ'o for twentv-feur hours
ht"! in tf the .
om pithhc II'-A r i-rs Ill rj
j ; :rj \: I ht'-'e t this d'jyrecoivid: ill the Jail ot''f maybevantd / -r retivahnient, cr-n be had at air.hoiui thcr.Mft. "
t11J&Tth !,'frc J. MOSES.Apia'iSeola ;. r. '.
Territory, l'nl- tlie so.iec t-f three
'r..n'/iw! Xe committed
?t ) ioe-) ,
1 1 I 11. All bills- will be for collecApalahicola.
tile time lid. Jaury! prtscnVd monthly -
aluiv- _._:kr5:! ;'S vti iav.-av ; i ies.. anv.vcrin the folhr.v- A :!'anLrriK'rits Ituvn been made so that perraaner.t UtIL rcuin .c rcxw.
v.v. ( .\11ACN ''VJOT1CK K wee1.after date I shall: apply in! iic'scriptjots : Ono says I hs: name js J A-ML, a and! I ttu-t; JJHAUDKllS can bo as v.cli' Dec. If
District.Ajala'itict'h -I, l 'y>
ndzc Apalaoliiccla \ t-) I the 1 lonorabkthi .1 u'l.ze of I the county dark iiiulatio, aired about U'J ears, about 0 feet ace<;{ iiiotlti.-.l as at any otlier houjo in the citv fMXlt

1LtwKN?., St11j4.lt'fltv. cin'ri! i of 1 Ymklin t roUJi'y: ; fur letters of Administration i 1 iwho.1 tall \\alks! erect and weais a black hat. and !he ])ru: are i't keepr. with the times. :Tra nci 1itr1)1t1I,

:\ 27. isj:5.I I ; A 1 l--m:: e-'i: tiie e't-.te nf Amory Rogers, late: c.f The other a Ll.-fk l a.r. -. about! 0 years, sajs his \ T Kit MS : I'cE in liuots, Sh..fs Staple and Fancy

s.'id ejuI dec.iec1. is WnlLIAIU, about o feet 1 inches hih 1 < |inl ujic! -oijztg, v. eck, i7 OJT'
vVlktlaiiilfl fSlSyCViOl* ClKlS'l. natne ; per _I )>iy: *lin'ls, Clothing, 1 !its. Caps, ,addIts.c. .
thick iios little invali.rr! ';rd, '.Ve!;,. ..5 {!')
John Jl.iuks, J. VJLULMOXD.. thick set strops a JMT ., ., CLe tut; treot, Apaidchi ola-hu> on haul
!i.r.i 1 }
A-.il. ''! Jan. I 1st, JMI.I jan "itNT7rcT ard v. -'.trs a Cup. S. id neirroLS l.jd: with them jec.v, .
ATTACHMENTlVj : ::cea( t'l'I receiving additional tjLs
js r.> .otatly supplies
vs. : .d.: ine !, . . . . .. .. ..> I
;j miu W. Walker: and i ler; <, l i : : '-r. . . . ."tf!t assoEiiueut in the; above line, biiitablc for both

.1 >hn, 11 WatsiJ'i.! CX CM- Iv-turnaiilc to D.tois .-- Judjof th.-! County Cr-url i'l.r Frankh -i:jn i! S.tIYitklEcClitis 1 : and dated I 1st January, -VJ.-. -a) :u \V. II KLLTuXJ : cit-: and country trade.
; ._ ____
] They -: their master lives in J/aker county
f 'I of the last \Viil ?nd j tti'f Term, I in c' -'ihtv, fi !l-'tti-rs 'dismission from I Ice ad- .y J-Nr: .'rri'.e-i aid discharging per ship Liverpool

,I TV 1 nnfiit oi" James C. j IM-J. iii.i-'r.: :! : )1: "t f (h'- estate ol' Martin .Si\der, late (ia. Any person: claiming: sal!: ne r.vsvill ( _: -tn NeW Yuri:, several cases of }Ierhamlise,

., \\rat n, iIcistii.r of said t-Ah.tv deceased.ecj. I jihwe co.'i;a' I'oi v.-urd, prove jiro.erty; I pay ch.inres! rii !-: PJ'hLIC! uroiv- M-ctfully r.f..nr.e.l tlr t Cental liic! B .ts, Shoes. Clotlii! H; ts, Caps,

I Tindft'ri'l.Mits and all <>th .Tlicivliy -* iltrktkI ) : .'., i -' 13. B.; F. NoIRLi.: :, E' and. take th in \VUV. C. J. 'MlriRMiD I I .L notified of tin; iu-lilutk n .f the aiiovtsuit.. J m v. h- !hi.! :Initrf Sh'irFraT>UliM! Co. iitU.J. aiiu i is u-v open) for the re vpti-; of perrnan tiLe vcrv 1< west market price for c.\-n I

j ajivl t iv arc ri'juirsl to .njtear and plead according _- ''JT1C :.___Sis l motitlis after due, I shall apply P2'4)ltevly iTo) fak; ,. 'it aivl trancient boarders,and the su!>srribirhi'pr "Ti's roit THE HOLIDAYS rOPP
t'' l.nv.mjornKNWiouGU: L" I to t the I Honorable I the Jud ccf the Court ,;/ \X: tiie Ap.la-'iiii-ola 1 ; ; River, ." 10 :UCIL of 1: *. !bstnit; atttntion to the !business bsiioui ( t tiie ca>e assorted T--VS o! every variety,

( : ic HAWKING, 11)1. the county of Franklin, for 1 letters of DJMnis.smii \ / l.ifj, etaiir: icinn I tl.elov.-er( jjart ef .Mrrcrant"s too second to nono in rendering. C3 his OCM inicsts s-jif-; > u.i Christmas and Xew Year's gifts for

p Xov. I II I II vJrn !tti't for fnV. ftoia tiie estate of Alexander Crook, late cfcountv !U' -er.e (C ) on F< ibes! I'urcbas.and:! running : I i i'< 'Mf.: : ; tkcttf
: aitl deceas'fjd. < J-v'-r. r-, Cirr.c, &c. .rvcd up at ;Jl lieurs, r.ndin !
r..t-f:; and South so a,; I to embrace al>u }i'jtit'anuL'.i : : ( ; 9)S lor C1sI1. a
I'crriiorv of I'JAtK'lX ) S. I 1. llAHTSHOHXi 1 :, 151ult' This ntain< the richest j t: j ot s!?\ le. The i.r ;iched; to the lu>u-c, )
Si i'KiUOil: COL'KT.M Xov. :::0 ; jtropeity c > I HAYK '. st opened assorted stock of Goods,
l lTJ. Ad1uinistrttof.
: -in I llniii"! '.: land en the river, as well I us the mo.>tpr'vl.u' a-* -i'L l, is -t.; eked with the best Wines au: LijtTC. -
.teore Tiilit! !i.tsl, ) ( tlhlUd : hxreti.1r .- _i_ tt.beilT.-! ; !
\TOTICK.-Six months ai'tor date 1 shall appiy ?!'. .- :tt ..hle Pine lands. It h.is <.n it i': tuanul -
% ? ) AtttCi111i'tt. j.i M. to :hn Judtri[ of the County Court for Fr.Mik- : .i !iul'! ', beini; I the only uood; Stcamb- landix ; :\_-ceied, be holies, that hs i': ieiul s and theflt.tjl Cali 'ues, Cambric!;:?, Muslins,

_ _ _ K.: 1). HwMb'tt &.. Co. ) ill continue to t tin him. CVito.i; Shirti.i and -iictiiit.5,
li.i c-'iinty, for letters of Dismission from the r; 1 fi-r Ji: r.y miles above or belov/, and which : \\ sii:> :
r ilK;: n Osnaburiis,

tal.e Titi(xtuut Hiram Xour! > possesses: a water power of irreat value, : ; !'ie 'la, Dec. 1tht, !- 13. then tfATJTiiE Ker> Jeans, SathiUts and Lin>eys,

jTt41 in bdmlf of nlaiatilr"! ", in I lit; city of .Aphchicob II. li. STOXE.Adm'r. Estif.inuli Creek, whose! a -aw mill mi' ht be Fl-mtu-U, Dlankets, Cloths! Cassiinerc?,

<,n day -f Xuvniber novl.YurXCr [. J\'alsd1ii(1! a, Dr-c.-I, HK i: (Hit crect.-d (1' all:,' power, there bcint; ]lenty oi water E4 STA'XD A. OF"J\COB Shoes assorted, Hats, ana Jaj'S,
: TAYl.OU Att'ys tsr ITIKMiriawna ( OLD FOGLL-) :,) SI; raw iJonnets
: Ai lit the slivain at all season-*, the advantages (.I.fwl.ieh ;
O<:t.7, Ibl 1:;. oil- 1mjKttksosi \JOT1CE-Si?; innnllu. after date I diali wt\A\\ may be imagined irotn its vicinity to I the (;ri't.: il.irdw.tre, Cutlery, and Tinware.K.j .
JL\ Jud ot' the Court TAKES Hit- i-l: :'.;.d of informing sold Ci-nuai-sion and s itt
t .t'i; I llo".orabl j <;e County lar4a and L'rmvin city of Apalachicola. This ;- CaL ads arc on ,

e3'oV Coin1 rf I Frrnhlin county, lor letters of Dismission Iromt'ie property will be sulderylov tur one-third cash the i ptithic! th tt he has Just 1>e o fl-ed ut very. lu\v pries for the ready money.

Matilda L. Tinkard, ) e>*ate tA Courtland S. Thompson, late of said mid I I the balanco: one and two \e.ai>, notes secured eturned t from Xew York, with a DAVID (;. 11AXEY,
Lill 1 f1'vytun cr "*eased. nmvimd splendid a-s-soriniL-ut ofi Oc'i' 13 Water st.
4. ? eo.niv, < I h} inort' ii'.. e on [the property..Mso _
i iw i'.: r ur
Piukard.f !. \JIVEY WILLIAM- Adminis-tra f 1 i* \ ,
11. for sal;; on n-as<'liable teimln| number r
tlrfrml. will tak" i.-.i.e,. t thai! "n Ihc4J >.> i 1.! C1-Jiotin! in p.it of Ci.ld md Silver Wateh'-s, une 1k\ :.1. ii. I'OKTKU v\c. CO., otiir for salealanrei'
m \ -! ii'-"la July ,
in 15 fust 1 W-it.-r
pllK : I two block ; rante; on street, and ,i'well sJected stock of DRY GOUD5,
the! \\- .rii of !bvauliful Ur >.tstuits-.lrIlf'tTg; ih<;m
third M ,ndiv, in Xou-iab-r 'i.-\l plaiiiliHvyill ltt. '. and 10 in block 20, in the of jatt [
) city
\\ill bek5 Apa- :
date .. ecrsisR-
of St.phui1 ( MX MUXTHS; ait.-r application sot,. -i\.MXDSuf( the lirst vtti-tuid and :-
j.Ti'ceod t<> Uki: the t'.opositioiix of \larit1na ii'.idc! ft) the l' :i.>nbl'4 the Judve oi the I 1uijeo1t.; } : SI Sil.iHumble.! .-, Cold; and Silver J ncils, Gold! (.'i lis, tsiincrcsantI Kerseys ;
the town !
Stone at tbx; Court liu.ui in : I Deeds with I enenl warrantee will be. executed
the said defendant County Couit of I f'rinklm C't.-rity, for Lt-tl-r.s < ;aii'l ::silvir: S. ect:icb-s, ( loid Guard and t'obCliiit S.ittim-ts, b'laniiflsaiul Blankets;
-.: .. at vihioli limcund pljce Di-jinissd on I tbe estate ol Willis Voli, decense-l. lo flu- 11t1itSer5; : in the appioprhte: pluiso that |! Silver Spoons Plated. Castors, Mantle }''. .en and Domestic Prints ;
attend if he sees lit t-j i1)! ,u. tins la-it will the lots and land likewise.Apj .
may SIfIl.Wta applv Urov.n Drillings and Irish Linens
Nov I 1'' Ism I A. G. Cbc.5 tine Knives, xc. &.C., which he will eIlI ;
4 A. 11. flUSh Att'% for PHI' .-_*-I'a- :ly to T. Beatry, Monticello, Fh., or' to Thos.Raltxll I 1Ui'r< s ea h.iLiJ U' t\led and unbleached Sheetings ;

I ? .Maviauua. Oct. 0, 1 sTJ. (it i- Jw I l, Esq.: Talkthabsee: 1'la.i'I .. '. Shirtings
i'.so1 I() Of Jiwii.ii qIJvtrcIiis AS; CHIAP AS ;
h-ntotbie existing inL ( 1 Tni ". S".VKNr\ iOLI.\Ii-. Coffon Osnaburjrtul ;
# Couli.flcbe'ca rp.lllLiw I : Paitr.ership l -
JitKstni !peEr
tIt. A"aL".hic- !District bH Aeen Wir. H.J 1. ( ( I'j All k't t Snl't Watches ni. i Clvks ivi-auv-lti.d l \ J v-.i-y r.thcr article in ther; lino adrptcdthe.

Stevens, } HAWKINS No. -17 Water sheet isO i-tttt.d lo rl'onn well.Nr tu u.:: ..rv trade. dec-I vA
.- Bill for Divorce. J>UOLKKMKOIIC.H i
$ this d:iy dissolved by mutvul consent. Each par co'istantlv' receiving! an addition to-his: stock ii.: Persons re-siding in Apalachicola, or r.isica1 insliuuiciits.
G. Steve "
Cutting !):; 3"rpHB ,
in the courts asileielol CLOTHIXC, alonj I the iiver'iShIiflg their Watcbi-s or other
will lake notice that on the. ly will continue to practi'-e same of ;
.L in Xovcmber next, thepL'inti if!! ;'rf. W. I il. !H. refers thc jKixons wisiiin Coiisisliiui: of Cloth, Ucaver, Pilol and Flushing' Jm/dry r.-naire.!, ha\injj an oppoitunity to scinltlit'iu SB.EXD11) collection! ot Shea Music, conJT1. -

third "Mond-iy take the dejKsiUoMs of James li. to oiiploy; him, to C<'l. Hawkins, for any immediate Over Coats ; b> 1 IruMwt-rlby; harils, durisu! t1te hostings .--. fill of Si.hir-J, Marches Quirk Steps, &.c.
will pi oceed to in his abAiil.nl.Jcolsi Pilot and FrockCent's Juvi lliein bMr.: LeCav for f !.t T" i-.-> Forte, including Russel's celebrated
Parker and Waller J. IUiius.ni, Ellis! Davis, and advice or assistance necessary C.u.t's Cloth, Reaver, Flushing; jasi>n, can : n !juired ,
U. P-rk 1i1: and : (_ turned:! with nenly: : t the >;.iUv-! xpafrh us M:! -. \So.tluitar; i\lusic, and instruction books
of Jaaes T
Eli&x:Davis. TllC "' i '-sio'is tfT"S7E ClJ.i and !Plu-shi OiliceCunts. th'Jili) IlL for \ n' l.s KlfJ.', Clarionett.c.: .
Pilot e..l.ibhltmi.f laclicola.CjumiiU
WJler jhi1iOflVifl be ikeu at tile Dec; I 12, 1SH.; : tteawr, : : $ weiv :n Ap
.'. und :; J. f Ellis D.r.i.s .,, ia., Oct.) 1 If), tn.. [Irt I tf .\i-n I. ..inllnCuitars, Flutes, Violin an Court Ucuse in Mariam.; i ; those <::1 ; ) ftry (; Iiano
; ; Fiock (.t1u-4011u1t reeds Tuning forks,
invisible s tih f4- ; ,
and >
bl.te.k 'n .
l luxs 5ie< green .
: and F.U/-a Divis at the ir";; :i L-teuhen J. Rjchein : i: hu\e HI coii-iiiiiment and for 1 sale very > : !. Co t.'#. .dj.73 -. forte l.tysViolin bows, bow hair, bridges, &t.
a'-d l its.Ke'iluLy
Vasliiiu toa couut} Tiio djioniLint may attend I V V low, a quantity of STAPLE (;iOODS, ronsi : Jea.i.s! f.s Frock and Dress Coats.PANTALOONS. WATCl-MAKKU- FORMERLY) O1! } Also, A, encv for selling Chickorinr & Co's

and croj>-4xauiine sidvitii''s if IM >ees i-l linu; of piinls) of every description, Cotton t>sliabun ;- iisf&xty hAS determined to establish :- ri.ti.o } 01tc5. 13. ELLIS,

fit to doso. A. H. RUSH !'riltV.. ;-?. Shilling; Sheetings, (Jli; .w Jalie<, Ulue. b. .' aiid fancy colored Cloth and Cas.I.sotts. ; g/*. ..:u-/: self pettnaiiently in thi; cit> and dec 1 3S: Water st.
; ;
Mariauna, Oct. -., 1'' 13. __ olWiaLouisa &<-., cc., \hich) will be sold low for a bare commission o 'j r 'i" ropectfully' solicits tJe: pMnure: -. -- --------------

0:1: New York cost. .f .. citizens of I ['fl ?rnLS Canal Flour,
ti- la aul the
"UL'flOI COH % *d French CvssiiVESTS Apalachic.' : up--ou-;
I Di i foiial aisd ft
KAKUIOK & CC)., : He llatterj I.imlt' that l! .yoiuh I _j '. it) Ici s Gcsbeu P.utror.
ANCKRY trygiet.h1y. a :
: W. tyr-owl, ) IX : : l 'ils and Pilot; Bread,
-11 1 Water s!. i. > > Navy ;
jyl __ Vest- ;"!:.d j>raclical kr.owledge ot !hits buMne:>-, coin-
___ Ciibbmere
vs. > Cloth, Cj-wiwero ;t't'i' i aiulitit; 1 ficui ship Liverpod, and fur i-alw by
'CrA\\f S1u uv1. N I Uill: I for Divorce.1Tai SutScllcs. Silk and: \vuc41ctc Velvet do. biiitvfj with a di'-jire to 'e.-erve and obtain tie (1tt.!.) J. DAY & Co.

.- j i.Jrii 4 to the sali.sf.Cti<:n of the Conrl, .1| HAVE 1 on hand a j good --suppl of Su.ldles, Ilri- SHIRTS: Co/; .ic-n: :e oi'the public will ensure him juccessm

Ci.t'XtUr Sjiro .l reide.beyond tii<- iim r t tof t-; J. tiles ive. of varitAi- Kinds and of the !b .. ,l qu.il- Whi !: Mu.-ha :uid Lmen Shirts ; h s undrriakui Sht.n: fl'> stairs in Half.-IPs: I t'utIIey.TA .

II t thncforo (OribT'ni ) 1 viI svll( at lower lates than Ibi.v t-ver do. do.lp Liijtdni; ; JviUr.iieeu-\i! d.-urtotbe Post Oliic_ J't4J -
tli, Tuituryi.f Florida- is ity, winch : (: 'liui.-'l do. [ \1[:iU )[.1 \ F 1iflt1thiT1P.'Ti'nuuhmn' ,

th'at; pubhcatii-a' hi: iti'1-' for t ir ; months, were sold for belore in thiplace.' Call and te >i\i '!!, La/-!! > \Vool aiid 'il'rjiiu ShitIs ; U'.ier to iJ. T. C.\HI Mtj.. hittt-', '[arhiii- I.id I i'id Linei Pendant

liutifvin-j? the dofe.id.utt, CiuvMoid Spro\l; to : p- them at -12 Water! t>tree!, up stairs.Pi 'lo. do. do.; do. Drawers; .\nil; !'-lieolt! ; Sent ilisi i;{. 0' tfii4CTACLE hTay.trfl! l.it'.s L-g LiiitS' utiUVflIII, PacIiii

,.i'tir.at* a Court to !he h'-ld in Aj-a!': -.ioula! OM th (ledi J : PER H01AliTSALE Wo.loMand Canton Kl.mn! l Shirts :tiicl irawx-rs ; (..2 : i. 'rI1ASSES.-CuLvex and ccnO \ *
jirst Mond.iv: in December m-vf 1*. hfv% rjnv, ifahy l'Tpcs Kenluck: llag-'t!>s ; Slocks, ScuIs t: Cravats, Suspenders, Cloves, and i ttte; Sin-claclc[ (Jlapses, sLUt Jle for all '." eauj -:, t ivido.rMukit. 1'oatdo.*" Iron--Can ,ih Ca>. ,:ri'-.kes ik'nsr .do.Marjme CaulKin0

there !b P, why the divorr.as prayed fur lit L J.:111 i coils KenUtck} Hale Rope ; 4 Hosiery ; ioi persons liaviirak i\v, fitted at short! Mallets, Hruul Primps do. .<.nke.-, (It). LeadV

the ijili, should not be jrranU"! .",.j bbl-J Xoitl.ern Fh.ur ; / DRFSS1NO C.OWXS.Dressing nuti.-V !by D. II. [PA LLAIS: Watch-maker, 4'a I eutis, Cap>tati P at>. 41)IIi.' Sheaves, Block

SAM'JV.. C.\11A'K, ..10 lilith St. cioix Sunar ; or Ivloinii) llowns. N v :2I'J: tf Chesnut st._AprlachicolaC Pins, IVrl IJ.5ekts, do. 1rooti ?heaths and.
of the Apalachicola Oi.lrtt'tP .JttCoi1e HATS AND CAPS. I Wis. Motnt.-.l i'alms Fmnp Leather, Rthu.
J1.ldge :Rio and ; : : ,
I l.Yl 1iais : : :
_. _
EE: A choice lot of Java CoOle( just Piti.ii,
l ,
Airt1tC1tiCoIa, .Jtine .?, 1i i :- ll 3i"JJ I in c j tons as-sorted Swedes Iron ; A icreat vyrietv ol'Geiitloinens and Hoys Hats and i'lmimoa Tar, Coal (ii). 'FtiPntLfle
i'Deceived and! I for sale bvli. Vat-titt. PVHM ftk J.itt-et'I n.I. Cordage.
Caps.Tho .
)1 r:1.ER-: $ 1fLl.-; ( (J ; i 1 : :fli re- P'fj l.-o WILLIAM s cut n.iiK<:i'UJlTKK bv &. Co.i cy: above Kood.j \\ill bo bold MTV low for ELLIS'JX & Co. t or ..a!=. h.r W. A.inVatersr.),

ceiv.-d und for dale byM i-t. tashi. deC7a tkic y.'iatcr; trcCL. dec::.i
H water
jauS **.* \1YL1. (llt I i


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