Title: Letter from the Vice President and General Manager to Mr. Charles Dickinson, 3 June 1912
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Title: Letter from the Vice President and General Manager to Mr. Charles Dickinson, 3 June 1912
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Jacksonville, Pia. June 3rd, 1912
'ir. iChnrls jickinsol
53 State Street
'"'.toen, :'-2s8.
Dear Mr. Dickin3on:
-eplyind to yours slt inst:

From time to time since ;r. McCormack Rent to Cuoa hi-ve recivv-j letters
from him ian from nuncie Lanmar and fro.i Ir. awyo, all of ,tich I hw;v trins-
mittel to Presilent AaJms rr. iu tin;n nis comments ani sudiestionI. I assume]
that he ouIll !et you to ,. over the situation with him as se his custom here-

Mr. mcCornack arrived here from Cabs on iay 33th anJd r. ninchart ani ir.
Zapf were :r-.:int in my office when Mr. ,e' ormck s.de his report anrd Oave : e
the map ihich he has male shotin the preliminary survey of oar property re
says that *ithii the aouTia;ie3 as !:cri'bei y oar ieis 4e hve acpuo:irimate-
ly 21,033 acres of lanJ; b1t that the nolriaues survey otherwise knr, n :is the
capey ''lite 3arvey as reroor-ei by !r. Bernal the -.o'.rder or sneister of ;rp-
ertay at Baracoa take aiay abo)t 7333) acres; 4hile the sjrvcv, the lines of
ihich hive been run by persons claiminP aon state cslleh "C /' itanaaoe" which
McCormack states sill, if legally effective, take aPay some 5333 acres or o333
acre more. iicCormack aJds that he got derelia to come to Baracos and enbte :3
le al protest against tnis survey, within the period blloweI oy La4 for such

rcCormack states that the formal notice r,"..jrr :'v Lan of our survey
to oe male 3as published in the Jfficial Gazectte in navans on Miay 33th, 1912.
I hLave written nfcie r Ls.'ar for a co:v of the Gazette containing the notice.

>cCorm: so states that it 4oull be some six ieern o 't .o msc.ths beforee *
Court Orier iill issue iirpcti :r the Ole l surv.,'; ; ;t-i lly oitinr o
desiniatirnr him to io the forK. te says that h t. this Cor' Ori-r i iassr IP
he m-st then return to the property, verify Lis ,ork ir f-- r.3 7n: then fili
sam.pe ith the Court for its approval. ll tni:: ef'or!' ..i n i pet :iur survey
recordea by the -.ister of property at aracSc m cCr:.Acx. tol. me that nere-ni
was -O1N of the opinion Lnst oar title sas only of po uessino, or hoat hC calls
"N ls ttiers ri.;t&."

Mr.. Dickinson 2

a n that neroeia sidnestea, in saustrnce, that if 4e antej to Nin our fijht or
det oar lani that it NoilJ be Nise for me to come to Cuoa and "fix" tYo of the
Cuban Dfficials. I nas diven to understand that these tvo officials etre the oe -
ister of property at Haracoa o.i one of the Attorneys for the Cuban Government
hose relationship to an interest in the Cupey-noiri o noJriques survey is .ell
known to is. I toll McCoraick that this infamous s:."i "Jtion or proposal 4as made
to me last Au-..'t c y erni s: 5aracos and aPiin 'at Santis- and bint e-. .t :;.
rerejia upon 17 rctarn to Santiago from Baracoa last -i-'at, and that I Icclin1ei
to become a party to bribing one or more C nns a-n that under no circumstances
"*oul1 i at this time or any future time entertain r. y sucr I.rAositicn. hat :
lcng as I as sanasitr the affairs of the Copany i 4ould fiCht its csttles in
the Courts in Cibs and if it Ias found that because of orib-r/ and iebauchery of
certain Cuban officials by certain persons hose identity 4e strongly suspect ,
then in that event, if my associates gould join me in tne effort I 4oual m k an
apeal to the Aerir.e S3tate ,partm nt or to our Senators and rz.ccnt.tives in
the American Corress.
anclosei find letter from !cCormacK written here in Jac s o ille at my request
and I nill thank 1 i t.o take y letter *ith 4cCorm!c 's letter and o0 over the
situation mith Frepient adams at the first o,-.rtunity and nsvise me v ; ire of
,hatFver conclusion is reacse I must be in ColorIo Sprin'-: at a business .Omet-
ino of the Prudential on Jane 23th, 21st and 22j, and if it is deemed n_-.:s-ry
1 will come to rJe York or Boston direct from ColorJ? Springs reachin- there say
on or about the 2oth or 27th of June.
r. s.-3-.r-l is in hijton and nill be there for the next five or six
weeks I therefore 4ired Mr. Lamar mho is in the P-vo's Snitorium at nochestcr,
in. ivisi_ im tht qC:rc as here and )oal in aanji ton and that i
4 -O :t ^-:'tn or Aes vork

desireJ a conference %4ith "-c.orm.c:k imsef either At A in r O Yir
at his earliest convenience. L' is in vies of the fact tt s'jor uncie Lmr zr
carter was ;r rI 's lss familiar 4ith the 8hole situation tOi t-at trefore, e,
-,U un er the "t Lis.
Lamar nas better equi2- i under the circums-i- t3 vise u.

Very t.-ly P..rs

Vice Pres. 3en. r.
C- F

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