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Title: Mobilization lists Florida State Troops and Naval Militia, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
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Title: Mobilization lists Florida State Troops and Naval Militia, Spanish-American War 1898-1899
Series Title: Special archives publication
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Language: English
Creator: Florida -- Dept. of Military Affairs
Publisher: State Arsenal
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla
Publication Date: [198-]
Subject: Spanish-American War, 1898   ( lcsh )
Militia -- Registers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
History -- Florida -- War of 1898   ( lcsh )
Genre: government publication (state, provincial, terriorial, dependent)   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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General Note: At head of title: Florida Department of Military Affairs.
Funding: The Florida National Guard's Special Archives Publications was digitized, in part by volunteers, in honor of Floridians serving both Floridians in disaster response and recovery here at home and the nation oversees.
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    Fatal casualties Spanish-American War, 1898-1899
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Robert Hawk


The following is a complete list of all the men of the
Florida State Troops who volunteered and were accepted for
service in the 1st Regiment of Florida Volunteers during the
Spanish American War of 1898. The original muster was held 18-25
May 1898. Further volunteers from non-selected companies of the
Florida State Troops were accepted in each unit during the same
period and other volunteers from the Florida State Troops and the
general population were accepted during June and July. The names
of these later additions are added to the end of each company

In the months following the original muster, many men
transferred to other companies or were discharged from the service
for illness, disability or other reasons. These subsequent
changes are not reflected in the lists below. Twenty-eight men
of the Regiment died while in federal service. A list of these
casualties follows the muster rolls.

Each entry below contains the name, rank and home town of
each volunteer at the time of the original muster. The later
volunteers whose names are appended to the end of each company
list may or may not be from the cities noted. In some instances,
Tampa is the location where they joined and may not have been
their actual home town. Available records are not clear or
consistent on this matter.

The lists are presented in the order they appear on the
original muster rolls and are not always in strict alphabetical




William F. Williams Colonel Pensacola
Irving E. Webster Lt. Colonel Gainesville
Charles P. Lovel I Major Leesburg
John W. Sackett Major St. Augustine
Frank A. Ross 1st Lieutenant Pensacola
Andrew J. Harris 1st Lieutenant Tampa
Robert P. Izlar Surgeon Ocala
Charles A. Durham Asst. Surgeon St. Augustine
Charles B. McKinnon Asst. Surgeon Pensacola
Albert Wright 1st Lieutenant Ocala
Charles H. Chestnut 1st Lieutenant Jacksonville
Henry W. Fowler 1st Lieutenant Palatka
William D. Hallowell Chief Musician Tampa
Fel ipe Vasquez Principal Musician Tampa
Edward J. Lynch Principal Musician Tampa
Leon Blake Private Key West
Antonio Cubello Private Tampa
Arthur Fitzgerald Private Tampa
Henry W. Sherman Private Tampa
J.W. Bracken Band Sergeant Tampa

COMPANY A (Ocala Rifles-Marion County)


Robert E. Davidson Captain Ocala
Samuel R. Birdsey, Jr. 1st Lieutenant Ocala
Cevie V. Roberts 2nd Lieutenant Ocala
Edgar L. Crossette 1st Sergeant Ocala
Ralph T. Birdsey QM Sergeant Ocala
Ernest L. Sparr Sergeant Ocala
Edward L. Mclntosh Sergeant Ocala
William N. Bangs Sergeant Ocala
John W. Lancaster Sergeant Ocala
Samuel L. Ditto Corporal Ocala
William T. Gary Corporal Ocala
Washington M. Ives Jr. Corporal Lake City
Charles B. Clements Corporal Ocala
John P. Moody Corporal Ocala
William F. Abshier Private Bel view
Samuel A. Agnew Private Ocala
John W. Allen Private Ocala
Lewis B. Ayer Private Ocala
Harry L. Beazley Private Ocala
Leander F. Ballard Private Ocala
Alfred L. Brown Private Ocala
Frank J. Bishoff Private Ocala
James O. Brunson Private Ocala
William B. Cahoon Private Ocala
George R. Carter Private Ocala
Henry M. Clark Private Ocala
Jackson W. Clay Private Ocala
Charles Cress Private Ocala
Harry C. Cresson Private Lake City
John W. Croft Private Ocala
Hudson Curry Private Tampa
Holmes L. Coon Private Tampa
Frank W. Ditto Private Ocala
William P. Edwards Private Ocala
Harry Flood Private Titusville
William H. Gaskill Private Ocala
Asa J. Gaskill Private Ocala
Joshie C. Geiger Private Ocala
John M. Graham Private Ocala
Clayton E. Giddens Private Ocala
Anson B. Halsell Private Ocala
Benjamin F. Hamilton Private Ocala
John D. Harrell Private Ocala
Thomas H. Harris Private Ocala
Fred Harvey Private Ocala
Bryant D. Hiers Private Ocala

George Hinson Private Ocala
Claud P. House Private Lake City
Archie F. Ingram Private Ocala
Charles W. Jarrett Private Ocala
John K. King Private Ocala
George E. Lancaster Private Ocala
Charles H. Lloyd Private Ocala
Thomas Livingston Private Ocala
John H. Mathews Private Ocala
Victor E. Mark Private Ocala
James M. Marsh Private Ocala
Sloman W. Moody Private Ocala
James S. McDavid Private Ocala
Lewis Martin Private Ocala
Sig Messing Private Ocala
Doyle O'Hanlon Private Oca a
Alfred T. Perry Private Ocala
Richard W. Payne Private Ocala
Samuel P. Posten Private Ocala
Louis H. Shortridge Private Citra
Elwyn L. Smith Private Ocala
Charles T. Snowden Jr. Private Ocala
Fred W. Stanley Private Ocala
Charles J. Stewart Private Anthony
William P. Strobhar Private Gainesville
Wade H. Triplett Private Ocala
Claud Tireman Private Ocala
Frank S. Turner Private Hawthorne
Ralph E. Van Ness Private Inverness
William B.M. White Private Ocala
James Williams Private Crystal River
Charles B. Yandle Private Hawthorne
Karl H. Zimmerman Private Inverness
Alvin Maloney Private Ocala
Isaac N. Buchan Private Hawthorne

Joined Company A, July 1898

Thomas J. Cockrave Private Tampa
William C. Dunn Private Ocala
Percy Hightower Private Ocala
H.W. Herlong Private Ocala
Charles B. Waller Private Tampa
Frank Williamson Private Ocala

COMPANY B (Leesburg Rifles; Sumpter, no Lake County)


George E. Lovell Captain Leesburg
Joseph C. West 1st Lieutenant Leesburg
Joseph R. Cunningham 2nd Lieutenant Leesburg
Adam Noble 1st Sergeant Leesburg
Charles S. Noble QM Sergeant Leesburg
Frederick C.W. Kramer Sergeant Leesburg
Bartley Corley Sergeant Leesburg
Albert R. Stephens Sergeant Leesburg
Willie A. Green Sergeant Leesburg
Mason Noble, Jr. Corporal Leesburg
Joseph L. Sims Corporal Leesburg
Jesse McClendon Corporal Leesburg
George S. Wilson Corporal Leesburg
James L. Mobley Corporal Leesburg
Hugh C. Sparkman Corporal Leesburg
Samuel A. Benton Private Leesburg
Jeremiah I. Barnett Private Leesburg
Daniel T. Bozeman Private Leesburg
Benjamin S. Branch Private Leesburg
Alex B. Corman Private Leesburg
Clarence L. Cureton Private Leesburg
George B. Cureton Private Leesburg
John Coughlin Private Leesburg
Garrett V. Chamberlin Private Leesburg
Walter M. Culver Private Leesburg
John K. Dixon Private Leesburg
Samuel W. Dixon Private Leesburg
John W. Dewitt Private Leesburg
Walter Diehl Private Leesburg
Elbert A. Froscher Private Leesburg
William H. Fink Private Leesburg
Ralph C. Fails Private Leesburg
Thomas Gordon Private Leesburg
John A. Gruver Private Leesburg
Herbert W. Hardman Private Leesburg
James D. Havens Private Leesburg
Robert S. Hammond Private Leesburg
William C. Harrison Private Leesburg
Robert L. Hackney Private Leesburg
Lonnie R. Jones Private Leesburg
Elias W. Jordan Private Leesburg
Joel A. Jordan Private Leesburg
Oliver Jones Private Leesburg
Joseph T. Kininger Private Leesburg
Henry A. Lovelace Private Leesburg
Cleo C. Lamoreaux Private Leesburg

Percy B. Lawrence Private Leesburg
John T. Martin Private Leesburg
Joseph B. Martin Private Leesburg
Thomas A. Magill Private Leesburg
Andrew P. McCully Private Leesburg
Richison McClendon Private Leesburg
James D. Nixon Private Leesburg
James M. Mehaffy Private Leesburg
Herschel B. Mattox Private Leesburg
William E. Nelson Private Leesburg
Zachary Owens Private Leesburg
Sydney D. Peper Private Leesburg
Emmett B. Peter Private Leesburg
Albert M. Purdy Private Leesburg
Thomas R. Puckett Private Leesburg
James T. Register Private Leesburg
Harry W. Rizer Private Leesburg
Charles E. Roe Private Leesburg
John F. Stone Private Leesburg
Harry B. Smith Private Leesburg
William T. Sloaterman Private Leesburg
Thomas W. Smith Private Leesburg
Percy W. Sessions Private Leesburg
George Slater Private Leesburg
Walter M. Seclore Private Leesburg
Joseph C. Tommey Private Leesburg
Mack J. Wilkinson Private Leesburg
Sanford W. Wicks Private Leesburg
Charles T. Williams Private Leesburg
Francis Whiting Private Leesburg
Charles E. Williams Private Leesburg
Orvin W. Watson Private Leesburg
Harry M. Yates Private Leesburg
Gattis W. Yates Private Leesburg
Eugene B. Young Private Leesburg
Jack Stith Private Leesburg

Joined Company July 1898

George Otto Private Tampa
James H. Barker Private Tampa
Villen C. Smith Private Tampa
Max L. Von Koppelow Private Titusville
Preston P. Pearce Private Tampa
William Ross Private Gainesville
Joseph Jackson Private Gainesville
Joseph Hennis Private Gainesville
William J. Wilson Private Palatka
Charles W. Brown Private Palatka
Thomas J. Mulhollin Private Palatka
Paul J. Flynn Private Palatka
Charles C. Crenshaw Private Fernandina
Eugene O. Griffeth Private Tampa

COMPANY C (Shine Guards, Orange County)


John N. Bradshaw Captain Orlando
Augustus C. Hart 1st Lieutenant Orlando
Frank X. Schuller 2nd Lieutenant Orlando
Charles E. McDowell 1st Sergeant Orlando
John R. Wilson QM Sergeant Orlando
Edward Roberson Sergeant Orlando
Charles H. Welch Sergeant Orlando
Frank P. Kenny Sergeant Zel Iwood
Eugene B. Morey Sergeant Orlando
James Rogers Corporal Orlando
James Forsyth Corporal Orlando
Roswell King Corporal Orlando
Edward Banks Corporal Orlando
Samuel Perkins Corporal Orlando
Amory O. Amsden Corporal Orlando
Rolland Arnold Bugler Orlando
Clifford Allen Private Orlando
John E. Allen Private Orlando
John A. Anderson Private Peoria, III.
Clifford T. Bartlett Private Lakeland
George A. Barker Private Orlando
Edward H. Barksdale Private Orlando
Percy G. Bartlett Private Sanford
Lawrence C, Brunson Private New Smyrna
Horace Browne Private Orlando
Jesse Bumby Private Orlando
Arthur T. Butt Private Orlando
James H. Brutan Private Orlando
Walter Bates Private Orlando
Victor W. Cisco Private Orlando
William B. Campbell Private Orlando
John C. Carter Private Orlando
Benjamin W. Clayton Private Orlando
Joseph L. Crews Private Kissimmee
Vauden W. Cooper Private Oakland
Walter H. Combs Private Apopka
Frank Curdullo Private Orlando
Geoffrey Cary-Elwes Private Orlando
Thomas M. Decker Private Orlando
Thomas J. Darling Private St. Augustine
Patrick Dennehy Private Orlando
Marvel Edwards Private St. Thomas
Frank Evans Private Orlando
John W. Fulford Private (Orlando)

Frank E. Gamer Private Orlando
William G. Golladay Private Orlando
Frank M. Gleach Private Orlando
Oscar S. Hawes Private Orlando
Peter Hansen Private Orlando
Edmund R. Holley Private Orlando
Edwin L. Jackson Private Orlando
Paul B. Jaudon, Jr. Private Orlando
Daniel Kittel Private Apopka
Harrold Lake Private Orlando
Louis M. Lanier Private Orlando
Arthur C. Landis Private Orlando
Eugene E. Lee Private Orlando
John F. Lyons Private Orlando
Walter Lynch Private Orlando
Adolph M. McConnell Private Orlando
Charles E. McLarty Private Orlando
William McNeil Private Orlando
Semour Norton Taylor Private Orlando
Ralph E. Nix Private Orlando
Jacob D. Propst Private Orlando
John E. Partin Private Orlando
Charles B. Piatt Private Orlando
Edward H. Piatt Private Orlando
Adolph Sacher Private Orlando
Louis Seaman Private Orlando
Thomas M. Scott Private Sanford
Thomas F. Smith Private Sanford
Charles S. Smith Private Orlando
Frank Schmidt Private Orlando
Robert F. Stafford Private Sanford
Clarence E. Strand Private Orlando
William J. Shaw Private (Orlando)
George A. Taylor Private Buda
Gabe H. White Private Orlando
Luther H. Walker Private Sanford
Will iam T. Webb Private Orlando
James M. White Private Orlando
William H. White Private (Orlando)

Joined Company July 1898

W.R. Hall Private Tampa
William de Cantillon Private Tampa
William Rourke Private Tampa
William Dansmeier Private Tampa
Eton G. Pennell Private Tampa
James T. McGuire Private Tampa
Florida Reed Private Tampa
C.E. Hartley Private Tampa
D.E. Hurlbut Private Tampa
Van D.R. Hurlbut Private Tampa
Guy A. Bryant Private Tampa
B.T. Bowman Private Tampa
C.T. Mitchell Private Tampa
A.S. Piatt Private Tampa

J.W. Robertson Private Tampa
Walter S. Gates Private Fernandina
Walter J. Baker Private Tampa
Thomas M. Frierson Private Tampa
Charles R. Lord Private Tampa
R.E. Barrow Private Tampa

COMPANY D (Gem City Guards, Putnam County)


William M. Husson Captain Washington D.C.
David W. Ramsaur 1st Lieutenant Palatka
Charles M. Hilliard 2nd Lieutenant Palatka
Foster B. Vary 1st Sergeant Palatka
John Pendrel QM Sergeant Palatka
John W. Richardson 2nd Sergeant Palatka
Alex M. Melver 3rd Sergeant Palatka
James C. Ray 4th Sergeant Palatka
Kirk M. White 5th Sergeant Crescent City
Andrew J. Shelley 1st Corporal Palatka
John D. Points 2nd Corporal Palatka
Charles Weiss 3rd Corporal Palatka
Joseph H. Merrill 4th Corporal Palatka
St. John Wigg 5th Corporal Palatka
Charleton E. Shelley 6th Corporal Palatka
Harry A. Vassie Musician Palatka
Harvey H. Bard Private Norwalk
James M. Bard Private Norwalk
George T. Bryce Private Palatka
David Benbow Private Palatka
James L. Burt Private Palatka
James D. Bukey Private Palatka
Griffin Beach Private Palatka
George F. Beale Private Palatka
Henry E. Cowart Private Palatka
Augustus Couver Private Palatka
Hugh McL. Corbett Private Espinola
Silas E. Chancy Private Federal Point
James E. Crutchfield Private Palatka
John E. Crews Private Bostwick
Ralph A. Cross Private Palatka
John H. Culberson Private Palatka
Lusher B. Curtis Private Crescent City
Willaim A. Cox Private Lakeland
Darden T. Cox Private Lakeland
Carl G. Caswell Private Grandin
Don F. DuMaurier Private Palatka
James O. Driggers Private Bostwick
Stephen C. Dunn Private Palatka
Eugene J. Gay Private Palatka
Redmond Gautier Private Crescent City
George O. Gale Private Palatka
Arthur Gomes Private Peniel
William H. Grover Private Palatka
Charles E. Hill Private Palatka

William L. Hoyt Private Palatka
Frederick Irving Private Lakeland
Leroy D. Jones Private Palatka
Harland D. Johns Private Palatka
Elijah L. Kirby Private Crescent City
James E. Lane Private Grandin
James E. Lewis Private Palatka
John T. Liles Private Starke
Tully R. Livingston Private Hollister
Miles J. Lipsey Private Palatka
James A. Mills Private Tampa
Patrick McGraw Private Palatka
Howard C. Martin Private Palatka
Louis E. Madarasz Private Palatka
William E. O'Cain Private Crescent City
Erastus Pinner Private Melrose
Lawrence B. Powell Private Starke
Tate Powell Jr. Private Starke
Leo Rawlison Private Palatka
Thomas J. Register Private Bostwick
John W. Register Private Bostwick
Frederick C. R. Reimer Private Lakeland
Alfred Roberts Private Grandin
Albert J. Ryan Private Palatka
John D. Ringham Private Palatka
John H. Sails Private Palatka
Fred L. Scott Private Palatka
Edward M. Smailes Private Melrose
Vollie T. Sullivan Private Riverside
Rutledge Smith Private Palatka
John H. Tison Private Hollister
William C. Wall Private Putnam Hall
Arthur H. Weaver Private Crescent City
Thomas H. Wigg Private Palatka
Nixon N. Wel Ions Private Tampa
James W. Young Private Palatka

Joined company July 1898

J.H.S. Thomas Private Tampa
H.G. Hester Private Tampa
George W. Roberts Private Tampa
A.K. Parker Private Tampa
R.M. Scammell Private Tampa
J.T. McLendon Private Tampa
P.J. Cochrane Private Tampa
G.H. Anderson Private Palatka
Fred A. Barclay Private Palatka
John Conyers Private Tampa
James Branam Private Tampa
Thomas T. Beale Private Tampa
N.M. Boyd Private Palatka
W. Brentley Private Palatka
J.L. Carey Private Palatka
A.E. Gillson Private Palatka
T.J. Jones Private Palatka

H. Lee Private Pa atka
J.E. Nelson Private Palatka
C.A. Russell Private Palatka
H. Roberts Private Palatka
S.K. Rich Private Palatka
J. Smith Private Palatka
J.W. Trueman Private Palatka
John Usina Private Palatka
S.W. Watson Private Palatka
M. Yates Private Palatka

COMPANY E (Jacksonville Light Infantry, Duval County)


John S. Maxwell Captain Jacksonville
Braxton B. McDonald 1st Lieutenant Jacksonvi le
George R. Weldon 2nd Lieutenant Jacksonvi le
Charles W. Tucker 1st Sergeant Jacksonville
Lee MacDonald Sergeant Jacksonvi le
Harry T. Barker Sergeant Jacksonvi le
Horace R. Drew Sergeant Jacksonvi le
Augustus O. MacDonell Sergeant Jacksonville
Roy N. Ellis Jr. QM Sergeant Jacksonville
Joseph L. Hopkins Corporal Jacksonville
Allison B. Humphreys Corporal Jacksonville
Herbert J. Cassidey Corporal Jacksonville
George W. Thames Jr. Corporal Jacksonvi le
Lawrence H. Thompson Corporal Daytona
Horace C. Avery Corporal Jacksonville
Charles C. McCabe Musician Jacksonvi le
Speakman C. Coburn Musician Jacksonville
Victor McCracker Wagoner Jacksonvi le
Elisha M. Mott Artificer Jacksonvi le
George A. Acosta Private Jacksonvi le
Lewis D. Allen Private Nesbit
Thomas B. Ball Private Jacksonvi lle
William H. Beam Private Jacksonville
David W. Bernreuter Private Tallahassee
Richard D. Bowden Private Jacksonville
Fred H. Bowen Private Jacksonvi le
Herbert G. Brannen Private Jacksonvi le
Vivian R. Brown Private Jacksonvi le
Herbert S. Candish Private Jacksonvi le
Louis B. Challen Private Jacksonvi le
George T. Christie Private Jacksonvi le
Bert A. Combs Private Jacksonvi le
Clyde T. Cooper Private Jacksonville
William C. Crolly Private Jacksonville
Dennis Curran Private Jacksonvi le
Harry B. Curtis Private Jacksonvi le
James G. DeVeaux Private Jacksonville
Richard P. Drysdale Private Jacksonville
Samuel E. Dyess Private Jacksonvi le
Edward H. Emery Private Jacksonville
Charles S. Fleming Private Jacksonville
Joseph S. Ford Private Jacksonville
Isiah S. Grant Private Jacksonville
Eden P. Johnson Private Jacksonville
William B. Jones Private Jacksonville

Tristan J. Jordan Private Jacksonville
Joseph A. Lang Private Tallahassee
Marvin W. Long Private Jacksonvi lle
Thomas J. Lonney Private Jacksonville
James McCary Private Jacksonville
Henry W. McKenzie Private Jacksonville
Alexander H. MacDonell Private Jacksonvi le
Henry E. Markwood Private Jacksonville
Lee Augustus Mitchell Private Jacksonville
Bernhard Muller Private Jacksonville
Edward L. Munroe Private Jacksonville
John S. Murtagh Private Jacksonville
William D. Nelson Private Jacksonville
James W. Page Private Jacksonvi le
Samuel N. Pasco Private Jacksonville
Harvey R. Payne Private Jacksonvi le
James L. Putnam Private Jacksonville
Henry Raley Private Jacksonville
Walter N. Reddick Private
Joseph L. Reed Private Jacksonvill e
Joseph D. Reese Private Jacksonville
James S. Reneau Private Jacksonvi le
Lonny H. Roberts Private Jacksonville
Stoddard W. Rockwell Private Jacksonvi le
Roscoe Rouse Private Jacksonvi le
Thomas W. Skipper Private Jacksonville
William G. Smedley Private Jacksonville
Joseph E. Snowball Private Jacksonvil e
Arthur R. Warrock Private Jacksonvi le
Fred L. Washington Private Jacksonville
Talbot D. Watson Private Jacksonvi le
Edgar L. Wilder Private Jacksonville
Frank B. Willard Private Jacksonvi le
Henry Wilson Private Jacksonville
Carl H. Williams Private Jacksonvi le
George Winterhalter Private Jacksonville
Edward C. Gates Private Jacksonvi le

Joined the company July 1898

Jerome S. Campbell Private Jacksonville
Benjamin H. Belisario Private Jacksonville
Charles J. Cody Private Jacksonville
William A. Shadham Private Jacksonville
William H. Ward Private Jacksonville
David W. Bernreulio Private Tampa
Benjamin W. Cotton Private Jacksonville
Edwin A. Turner Private Jacksonville
Henry A. Parker Private Jacksonville
James R. Maxwell Private Jacksonville
William T. Damon Private Tampa
Samuel J. Roberts Private Tampa
George D. Edmonson Private Tampa
Jesse A. Pitts Private St. Augustine
Henry Johnson Private Palatka
H.T. Wells Private Gainesville

Samuel A. Rawls Private Fernandina
Fred Guy Private Fernandina
Buton Bassett Private Fernandina
Jno. B. Henry Private Jacksonville
Thomas S. Bonham Private Jacksonville

COMPANY F (Jacksonville Rifles, Duval County)


James Y. Wilson Captain Jacksonville
John Stephens 1st Lieutenant Jacksonville
Thomas G. Watts 2nd Lieutenant Jacksonville
Edwin H. Blinn 1st Sergeant Jacksonville
Fred G. Yerkes Sergeant Jacksonville
Louis V. Mead Sergeant Jacksonville
Samuel F. Hall Sergeant Jacksonville
George L. Dancy Sergeant Jacksonville
Martin A. Byrne Sergeant Jacksonville
Charles B. Onderdonk Corporal Thomaston, N.Y.
Harry B. Sargent Corporal Jacksonville
Charles H. Dingee Corporal Sanford
William A. Baker Corporal Cambridgeport, Mass.
Louis C. Hoyle Corporal Jacksonville
William T. Maxwell Corporal Jacksonville
Fred E. Armington Private Jacksonville
Emareus L. Adams Private Green Cove
Charles Batton Private Jacksonville
Abraham S. Berlack Private Jacksonville
Frank E. Barrett Private Jacksonville
Herbert Bale Private Jacksonville
William J. Beatty Private Pueblo, Colo.
Walter E. Boyde Private Jacksonville
Theodore H. Birks Private Jacksonville
Halstead E. Bowden Private Jacksonville
James C. Black Private Calhoun, Georgia
Obe D. Byrd Private Jacksonville
Robert C. Bigelow Private Ocoee
Alfred Z. Boyer Private Jacksonville
George A. Curry Private Jacksonville
Thomas D. Crews Private Jacksonville
Charles A. Cancio Private Jacksonville
John Conners Private Columbia, S.C.
William H. Doyle Private Orange Park
William A. Dorman Private Baltimore, Md.
Francis L. Eager Private Green Cove
Thomas Fremont Private Danville, IlI.
William Fuller Private Jacksonville
Edward F. Gibson Private Boston, Mass.
William S. Hitchcock Private Jacksonville
John A. Hardee Private Jacksonville
John Herbert Private Jacksonville
Charles A. Hernandez Private Jacksonville
Benjamin F. Hurlbert Private Jacksonville

Luther M. Hamilton Private Dalton, Georgia
Richard Hines Private Jacksonville
Isaac G. Hedrick Private Jacksonville
John S. Jones Private Jacksonvi le
Edward W.B. Lopez Private Jacksonville
Samuel W. Leach Private Jacksonville
James F. Livingston Private Fernandina
Joseph M. Lorrimer Private Jacksonvi le
William F. Muse Private Jacksonvi le
Edward Morris Private Jacksonvi le
Alex MacPhail Private Jacksonvi le
Charles Nuttall Private Jacksonvi le
John W. Neil Artificer Jacksonvi le
William H. Powers Private Jacksonvi le
Perry Peters Wagoner Jacksonville
Egbert J. Parker Private Jacksonvi le
William G. Perry Private Jacksonville
Guy B. Reynolds Private Jacksonville
Austin T. Race Private Jacksonvi le
Emanual Ramos Private Jacksonvi le
Fred S. Robinson Private Hibernia
George E. Spencer Private Jacksonville
Joseph Soler Private Jacksonville
George H. Snyder Private Springfield, Ohio
Stephen A. Smith Private Jacksonville
Joseph F. Smith Private Jacksonville
Richard M. Smith Private Palatka
Arthur L. Sterrett Private Jacksonville
Joseph P. Tipping Private Jacksonville
William J. Travis Private Jacksonville
Starke Taylor Private Fitzgerald, Georgia
Carroll H. Taylor Private Jacksonville
Henry Varnum Private Jacksonvi le
Thomas W. West Private Jacksonville
Frank J. Williams Private Fernandina
Charles A. Wheeler Private Green Cove
Frank Walker Private Jacksonville
Martin Brennan Private Jacksonville

Joined the company in June 1898

Arthur C. Hobesk Private Jacksonville
Robert E.L. LaRue Private Jacksonville
James F. Scott Private Jacksonville
Johnson Oberry Private Tampa

COMPANY G (St. Augustine Rifles, St. Johns County)


Frank J. Howatt Captain St. Augustine
J. Clifford R. Foster 1st Lieutenant St. Augustine
Ernest M. Howatt 2nd Lieutenant St. Augustine
Henry M. Snow Jr. 1st Sergeant St. Augustine
Curtis M. Weeks QM Sergeant Daytona
R. Kingsley Gibbs Sergeant St. Augustine
George Snow Sergeant St. Augustine
George Reddington Sergeant St. Augustine
Wilson B. Fleming Sergeant St. Augustine
George H. Shellgrove Corporal St. Augustine
Charles O. Davis Corporal St. Augustine
William F. Brown Corporal Daytona
Eugene M. Sanchez Corporal St. Augustine
George Couper Gibbs Corporal St. Augustine
Elliot Arnold Corporal St. Augustine
Gonzales Arondo Private St. Augustine
Albert B. Button Private St. Augustine
Wyatt L. Brown Private Miami
Burton L. Brown Private St. Augustine
Andrew J. Brown Private Osteen
Levi C. Blackstock Private Miami
George R. Beachwelder Private Moultrie
William R. Blanchard Private St. Augustine
Morris R. Burton Private St. Augstine
Roy Canfield Private St. Augustine
James G. Coxetter Private St. Augustine
Dunham Coxetter Private St. Augustine
Henry F. Clark Private New Smyrna
William D. Cowan Private Daytona
John N. Colclough Private Daytona
Harry P. Davis Private St. Augustine
Thomas Dardis Wagoner Palatka
Alfred Einig Private Miami
Albert M. Farrell Private St. Augustine
Melville E. Forrey Private Lantana
Guerry J. Goode Private St. Augustine
Charles R. Galliard Private St. Augustine
John N. Galloway Private Miami
William A. Geiger Private Fort Pierce
Stanley Genovar Private St. Augustine
Thomas J. Harper Private Tropic
Samuel A. Hampton Private Miami
William H. Hay Private Miami
Clayton A. Hay Private Miami
Claude A. Heslington Private Miami

Wallace A. Joughin Private Miami
William F.L. Jibb Private Fort Pierce
Joseph L. King Private New Smyrna
Whitfield L. Keller Private Daytona
Wallace T. Leonardy Private Olustee
Garron Lee Private Fort White
Robert F. Lindaberg Private Daytona
John T. Miller Private Tampa
Cecil M. Mabbitt Private Holly Hill
Edward Myers Artificer St. Augustine
Frank A. McGuire Private St. Augustine
Gilchrist J. MacGonigle Private St. Augustine
Robinson C. McGuff Private Daytona
Joseph P. Morgan Private Tampa
Charles R. Nolan Private Tampa
Walter D. Pitchford Private St. Augustine
Anthony J. Paffe Private St. Augustine
Troy A. Proctor Private Miami
Joseph F. Porter Private Miami
Noble Padgett Private Miami
Frank D. Palmer Private St. Augustine
Frank W. Palmer Private Lantana
George M. Phillips Private Melbourne
Oscar C. Proetz Private Chicago, Ill.
Clarence C. Ricks Musician St. Augustine
Allan T. Trasker Private Miami
Wesley M. Taylor Private St. Augustine
Charles Van Dorn Private Daytona
Ralph C. Walker Private St. Augustine
Alfred S. Wyllie Musician St. Augustine
Alvin M. Wil is Private Miami
Charles H. Wilson Private Tampa
Frank K. Waters Private Palm Beach
Edwin R. Wittich Private Miami
William D. Wheeler Private Fort Myers
Howard B. Yarborough Private Palm Beach
Henry B. Bingham Private Atlanta, Georgia

Joined Company July 1898

Walter Mickler Private Tampa
William Woodward Private Tampa
William J. Lewis Private Jacksonville
Sarmuse D. Orser Private Jacksonville
James LeRoy Beverley Private Jacksonvi le
James H. Colligan Private Jacksonvi le
Charles C. Gibson Private Jacksonville
Peter M. Pomar Private Jacksonville
George H. Thompson Private St. Augustine
Henry J. Nelligan Musician St. Augustine
George W. Beverley Private St. Augustine
William C. Capo Private St. Augustine
Edgar F. Pomar Private St. Augustine
Henry P. Willox Private St. Augustine

COMPANY H (Escambia Rifles, Escambia County)


Richard M. Bushnell Captain Pensacola
Robert W. Cobb 1st Lieutenant Pensacola
John Wheting Hyer 2nd Lieutenant Pensacola
Estavan A. Moreno 1st Sergeant Pensacola
Jared W. Daugherty QM Sergeant Deposit, N.Y.
Robert B. Hargis Sergeant Pensacola
Frank M. Whiting Sergeant Pensacola
James T. Maxon Sergeant Pensacola
Max J. Heinberg Sergeant Pensacola
Edward Gale Bonifay Corporal Roberts
George O. Brosnaham Corporal Pensacola
Joseph R. Martinez Corporal Mobile, Ala.
Stephen Lee Corporal Pensacola
Joseph P. Barry Corporal New Orleans, La.
Henry H. Whiting Corporal Pensacola
Charles Hutchins Musician Pensacola
George Peck Musician Apalachicola
Charles McGinniss Artificer Pensacola
Edson Way Wagoner Pensacola
Peter Apt Private Pensacola
Charles Avery Private Pensacola
William H. Allsabrook Private Pensacola
Robert E. Barrow Private Flomaton, Ala.
Benjamin L. Bell Private Pensacola
Henry R. Bonifay Private Pensacola
Mannie Brash Private Apalachicola
Leslie E. Brooks Private Pensacola
Henry W. Brown Private Pensacola
Richard Bryant Private Pensacola
Curb C. Chestnut Private Milligan
Samuel R. Cooley Private Pensacola
Thomas E.A. Cumberworth Private Carrabelle
Harry T. D'Alemberte Private Pensacola
Michael J. Daly Private Pensacola
Harry J. Dykeman Private Apalachicola
Ernest A. Fannin Private Apalachicola
William A. Farley Private Apalachicola
Hugh H. Farris Private Pensacola
Charles H.B. Floyd Private Apalachicola
Frank Goodger Private Pensacola
William L. Hahn Private Cottage Hill
John T. Hearst Private Roberts
William H. Holt Private Flomaton, Ala.
Otto C. Hoppe Private Apalachicola
George D. Huckabay Private Apalachicola
William J. Hutchinson Private Pensacola
Arthur Nickmeyer Private Apalachicola

Floyd Lanier Private Pensacola
Archie Lovelace Private Pensacola
John Lovelace Private Pensacola
Joel Lowery Private Pensacola
George A. Lynch Private Brents
James W. McLean Private Pensacola
Frank Martin Private Pensacola
John Menck Private Pensacola
Benjamin L. Mitchell Private Pensacola
Solon F. Mitchell Private Pensacola
John F. Nash Private Pensacola
Oscar Nelson Private Pensacola
Gottlieb Nyman Private Pensacola
Ernest Owens Private Pensacola
Harry M. Perkins Private Pensacola
Owen D. Peters Private Pensacola
Theodore C. Peterson Private Pensacola
Albert Pierce Private Apalachicola
John A. Power Private Apalachicola
Hampton M. Price Private Pensacola
Robert S. Quina Private Pensacola
Stephen E. Rice Jr. Private Apalachicola
Halcott Riera Private Pensacola
Jefferson D. Richburg Private Pensacola
William Sawyer Private Apalachicola
Ernest Shackleford Private Pensacola
Daniel Sheppard Private Pensacola
David D. Shuttleworth Jr. Private Pensacola
Frank Sincock Private Pensacola
Thomas B. Tolman Private Austin, Texas
Joseph B. Van Damm Private Apalachicola
Christian Widmeyer Private Pensacola
Wyatt K. Williams Private Pensacola
James W. Wood Private Pensacola
Thomas M. Wood Private Pensacola

Joined company July 1898

S.M. Baggett Private Tampa
R.P. Bradford Private Tampa
Gordon DeVeaux Private Tampa
J.W. Dortch Private Tampa
James E. Ferguson Private Tampa
Edward Foster Private Tampa
C.F. Highman Private Tampa
J.J. Irwin Private Tampa
Charles Miller Private Tampa
N.M. Miller Private Tampa
Frank Jones Private Tampa
W.H. Littlefield Private Tampa
J.W. Mann Private Tampa
G.B. Morris Private Tampa
C.A. Spencer Private Tampa
C.B. Fenn Private Tampa
J.A. Steele Private Tampa

COMPANY I (Chipley Light Infantry, Washington County)


R.M. Cary Jr. Captain Pensacola
Edmund Fox 1st Lieutenant Pensacola
Benjamin W. Robinson 2nd Lieutenant DeFuniak Springs
James A. Stewart 1st Sergeant Pensacola
John Ketchum QM Sergeant Pensacola
Mart Griffin Sergeant Pensacola
Reuben L. Nicholson Sergeant Pensacola
John W. Sullivan Sergeant Pensacola
William F. Ewald Sergeant Pensacola
Joseph V. Gonzales Corporal Pensacola
Joseph Lee Corporal Pensacola
Henry McGuire Corporal Pensacola
Thomas Briggs Corporal Pensacola
Clarence J. Jones Corporal Pensacola
John Massey Corporal Pensacola
John H. Pine Musician Pensacola
Louis D. Robinson Musician Pensacola
Adrian Dolive Artificer Pensacola
John A. Anderson Private Marianna
William Akers Private Tampa
Frank M. Briggs Private Pensacola
Orin A. Bailey Private Pensacola
Thomas E. Britton Private Pensacola
Oscar Beardsley Private Pensacola
John Bovis Private Pensacola
John H. Broger Private Pensacola
Lee Barnes Private Pensacola
John W. Bracken Private Tampa
Benjamin N. Crona Private Pensacola
Daniel P.M. Cooly Private Westville
James Dawson Private Tampa
Thomas A. Doyle Private Pensacola
William Daniels Private Pensacola
Joseph A. Dickson Private Marianna
Jacob Eckel Private Tampa
James M. Folkman Private Pensacola
Fred A. Fear Private Pensacola
Stephen L. Ferrell Private Tampa
Thomas A. Gause Jr. Private Pensacola
John Gunning Private Pensacola
Willis Hough Private Pensacola
Allie A. Harris Private Pensacola
Charles W. Hill Private Tampa
David Hudgens Private Tampa
Louis J. Harwick Private Tampa
Zebulen M.P. Inge Private Pensacola
Charles Johnson Private Pensacola

Frank Johnson Private DeFuniak Springs
John Jockumsen Private Tampa
James O. Jackson Private Tampa
Adolph Larsen Private Tampa
Oscar Lewis Private Pensacola
Livingston O. Larcom Private Pensacola
Phillip Landmesser Private Pensacola
Theodore Miller Private Pensacola
Franz M.S.A. Minskey Private Pensacola
Thomas McLaughlin Private Pensacola
Thomas M. Matthews Private Westville
William P. Mays Private Tampa
Alejo G. Montero Private Tampa
Earl Nevel Private Pensacola
Robert Nork Private Pensacola
James R. Paul Private Westville
William E. Pearl Private Pensacola
William E. Pickens Private Pensacola
Herbert S. Palmer Private DeFuniak Springs
Samuel A. Powell Private Tampa
John B. Parsons Private Tampa
Morrill A. Saurez Private Pensacola
Clyde L. Smith Private Pensacola
John G. Shuttleworth Private Pensacola
Thomas A. Stevens Private Tampa
Jose A. Santiso Private Tampa
John W. Thompson Private Tampa
Leonard G. Thompson Private Pensacola
John T. Thompson Private Tampa
John G. VanPelt Private Tampa
William J. Walton Private Pensacola
Jeff M. Walker Private Pensacola
Frank D. Whitney Private Tampa
Charles H. Watts Private Tampa
Zellum D. Zedkin Private DeFuniak Springs

Joined company July 1898

Nathan H. Brown Private Tampa
Allen Corbin Cawthorn Private DeFuniak Springs
Joseph Barney Turner Private DeFuniak Springs
J.B. Stubbs Private DeFuniak Springs
J.B. Cockcroft Private DeFuniak Springs
Hawley Cawthorn Private DeFuniak Springs

COMPANY K (Gadsden Guards, Gadsden County)


S.T. Wil iamson Captain Quincy
James G. Sharron 1st Lieutenant Quincy
Harry McFarlin 2nd Lieutenant Quincy
Mat H. Wilson 1st Sergeant Quincy
Robert F. Howard 2nd Sergeant Quincy
Thomas F. Monroe 3rd Sergeant Quincy
George B. Massey 4th Sergeant Quincy
Haynes F. Sharon QM Sergeant Quincy
Raymond C. Sanford Corporal Quincy
Council C. Ashley Private Tallahassee
Wilbur F. Alley Private Chipley
Merrian Brooks Private Quincy
Robert J. Barker Private Madison
James M. Brock Private Chipley
Doc B. Brock Private Chipley
Amil Bonham Private Chipley
Charles A. Bunting Private Madison
Charles A. Criswell Private Quincy
Robert J. Chester Private Quincy
August Conter Private Norway
Marion F. DuBose Private Chipley
Richard C. Brevard Private Tallahassee
Arthur Drawdy Private Tampa
Robert L. Farrior Private Chipley
Thomas W. Farrior Private Chipley
David F. Foster Private Quincy
Lonnie Fox Private Madison
Barney Fox Private Madison
Hugh Griffin Private Midway
Sevier Griffin Private Madison
Frank S. Gregory Private Quincy
Leslie W. Gilbert Private Chipley
Oliver Gearing Private Tampa
Ed Hogeboom Private Chipley
Robert G. Harrell Private Madison
Joseph B. Hubbard Private Quincy
James Harkness Private Monticello
John B. Halbert Private Tallahassee
Oscar Higgins Private Tampa
James Hart Private Tampa
John A. Harp Private Tampa
Robert H. Kilpatrick Private Monticello
Charles R. Kilpatrick Private Chattahoochee
Henry P. Inabnett Private Tampa
Willie Ivens Private Madison
Reuben P. Lumpkins Private Tampa
Claude Morrow Private Madison

W.A. May Private Monticello
D.A. McMillan Private Chipley
D.A. Millan Private Chipley
Irwin McClellan Private Madison
Charles J. Merriman Private Chipley
Gus B. Owens Private Chipley
August Obert Private Chipley
Samuel M. Ottenger Private Quincy
Josh D. Pitts Private Chattahoochee
Russell Patterson Private Madison
William D. Patrick Private Quincy
John A. Puleston Private Monticello
William Parramore Private Madison
W.A. Paterson Private Madison
H.L. Powell Private Quincy
Joseph M. Ripley Private Chipley
W.A. Snow Private Madison
Charles D. Stephens Private Quincy
Robert D. Stephens Private Quincy
Eugene A. Stokes Private Quincy
Robert H. Shackleford Private Madison
Joseph G. Swanson Private Black Creek
Charles L. Smith Private Chipley
Richard Scarlett Private Chipley
George W. Smith Private Chipley
Benjamin F. Smith Private Quincy
Francis M. Turner Private Chipley
Leslie Taylor Private Tallahassee
George Von Weller Private Tallahassee
Joseph H. Walker Private Madison
Richard W. Wilson Private Chattahoochee
F. Earle Waller Private Black Creek
George Crowell Private Tampa
Will Rogers Private Tampa
Thomas T. Sims Private Tallahassee

Joined company July 1898

Charles W. Rogers Private Tampa
Jesse S. Hartsfield Private Tampa
W.J. Allen Private Tampa
J.J. Allen Private Tampa
G.E. Teter Private Tampa
Ben Gainey Private Tampa
V.B. Potts Private Tampa
James W. Lumpkin Private Tampa

COMPANY L (Suwannee Rifles, Suwannee County)


W.L. Tedder Captain Live Oak
L.K. Kummerlin 1st Lieutenant Live Oak
W.H. Lyle 2nd Lieutenant Live Oak
W.W. Griffin 1st Sergeant Greenville
J.B. Johnson 2nd Sergeant Live Oak
M.H. Redding 3rd Sergeant Live Oak
A.B. Hays 4th Sergeant Greenville
J.F. White 5th Sergeant Live Oak
H.M. Hicks 6th Sergeant Tallahassee
J.M. Hankins 1st Corporal Live Oak
W.N. Smith 2nd Corporal Live Oak
E. Long 3rd Corporal Ellaville
J.D. Hemming 4th Corporal Wellborn
G.W. Burns 5th Corporal Live Oak
E.D. Gardner 6th Corporal Live Oak
Allie M. Bass Musician Lake City
Norman P. Ives Musician Lake City
Owen J. Williams Artificer Live Oak
John W. Parnell Wagoner Live Oak
David M. Beckman Private Live Oak
Edward Bynum Private Live Oak
Thomas W. Brewer Private Live Oak
John A. Bridges Private Jacksonville
Hunter G. Bryant Private Lake City
George T. Bird Private Live Oak
Robert H. Betha Private Lake City
Benjamin I. Bardin Private Fort White
Benjamin N. Curl Private Live Oak
James A. Corbett Private Wel born
Arch B. Cobb Private Wellborn
Frank E. Cline Private Lake City
James W. Carver Private Live Oak
Robert P. Cato Private Alachua
Marvin P. Chalker Private Luraville
Robert L. Cline Private Lake City
William H. Cross Private Live Oak
Edward D. Curran Private Atlanta, Ga.
Joseph H. Dutton Private Live Oak
John P. Doyle Private Live Oak
Capus C.C. Davis Private Alachua
Lorenzo D. Evans Private Lake City
Thomas J. Foster Private Live Oak
Jesse G. Frier Private ....
William J. Faircloth Private Madison
Benjamin Fletcher Private Bradford
John H. Ferrier Private Live Oak
Hunter Fielding Private Columbia City

Andrew M. Gamble Private ....
Charles F. Gillstrap Private Houston
William J. Garrett Private Luravi le
Robert M. Hill Private High Springs
Joseph F. Helveston Private Live Oak
Charles S. Harby Jr. Private Greenville
Blumer O. Hunter Private Lake City
Ollie M. Ingalls Private Live Oak
John C. Knowles Private Live Oak
Joseph P. Lamb Private Live Oak
Benjamin Lelson Private ....
David McCullers Private ....
Pickens B. Macon Private Greenville
Willie P. Moore Private Wellborn
John McDaniel Private Live Oak
Marrin P. Miller Private Live Oak
Walter McArthur Private Live Oak
Willie H. Nicholas Private Lake City
Phillip Onansten Private Live Oak
John L. Presler Private ....
Roy L. Perry Private Lake City
Charles C. Sharpe Private Bridgeport, Ky.
Rollie Sessions Private Branford
Presler Suggs Private Live Oak
Roscoe W. Small I Private Suwannee
Theodore A. Stevens Private Tallahassee
Percy C. Summers Private High Springs
Marvin P. Summers Private High Springs
Percy H. Tyler Private High Springs
BArney L. Witt Private Mason
William D. Whatley Private Tampa
Joseph W. Wood Private River Junction
Fred Williams Private Live Oak
Chandler R. Yonge Private Citra
Charles Medary Private Tampa
Oscar K. Crawford Private Tampa

Joined company July 1898

H.N. Hicks Private Tampa
T.J. Carlisle Private Tampa
G.L. Dunham Private Tampa
W.A. Gainey Private Tampa
J.T. Jernigan Private Tampa
A.S. Johnson Private Tampa
W.L. Lewis Private Tampa
E.A. Putnam Private Tampa
C.S. Walker Private Tampa
J.F. Hackett Private Tampa
G.F. Newlan Private Fernandina
J.D. Puckett Private Fernandina
Phillip Riley Private Fernandina
A.B. Ward Private Fernandina
N.C. Walker Private Fernandina
L.M. Pennington Private Fernandina

COMPANY M (Bradford Guards, Bradford County)


Eugene S. Matthews Captain Starke
Augustine V. Long 1st Lieutenant Starke
George C. Livingston 2nd Lieutenant Starke
Julius T. Adams 1st Sergeant Starke
James M. Henderson QM Sergeant Starke
Felix D. Witkovski 2nd Sergeant Starke
Ralph P. Dennis 3rd Sergeant Gainesville
Archibald H. Johns 4th Sergeant Starke
Frank A. Moore 5th Sergeant Starke
Perry Kite Corporal Starke
Hilton J. Dunkley Corporal Starke
Owen Owens Corporal Starke
Locke Castlebury Corporal Rocky Point
Leo Witkovski Corporal Starke
James E. Welch Wagoner Gainesville
James C. Dobbs Artificer High Springs
Robert S. Adams Private Starke
Hansford Austin Private Starke
Osburn J. Benton Private Lake Butler
Frank W. Burnsed Private Lawtey
James G. Bell Private Gainesville
Edward M. Beville Private Gainesville
William K. Bryson Private Bartow
Mark Chandler Private Brooklyn
John C. Carter Private Lawtey
Stephen B. Cullin Private Gainesville
Charles C. Carter Private Starke
Arthur M. Clark Private Ocoee
Walter R. Crowson Private Clearwater Harbor
Jesse F. Davis Private LaCrosse
John W. Freeman Private Denmark, S.C.
John A. Harris Private Starke
Thomas F. Hemmingway Private Starke
Simion B. Hedges Private Theresa
James S. Hall Private Starke
Schron A. Herrington Private Starke
James A. Henderson Private Patterson, Ga.
James E. W. Hanks Private Tampa
Leroy Jones Private Starke
Noah Jones Private Starke
John M. Jones Private Starke
Jefferson Jones Private Starke
Ruben Jones Private Tampa
William J. Joughlin Private Bellaire
Daniel B. Kelsey Private Starke
George L. Lemon Private Green Cove Springs
John 0. LaFontisee Private Gainesville

Albert T. Lipford Private Macclenny
Alexander Malcom Private Moundsville, W.Va.
Thomas J. Moore Private Dyal
Charles H. Martindale Private Starke
Oscar H. Martin Private Asheville, N.C.
James A. Miller Private Sanford
John M. Prescott Private Lake Butler
Herbert H. Ross Private Hampton
Harry M. Roberts Private Lake Butler
Joab G. Rice Jr. Private Gainesville
Rollins G. Reeves Private LaCrosse
Luther J. Smith Private Starke
George C. Singletary Private Lake Butler
Julius H. Smoke Private Lawtey
Alexander T. Smith Private Lake Butler
William M. Smith Private Waldo
Arthur Stokes Private Lawtey
Claude C. Trowbridge Private Waldo
Lacy W. Taylor Private Gainesville
Henry C. Timberlake Private Hampton
Isaac D. Wynn Private Starke
Alta J. Williams Private Lawtey
Thomas Wimberly Private LaCrosse
John Wilkes Private Waldo
John J. Ward Private Brooker
Isaac N. Wilson Private Alachua
Thomas J. Wilder Private Ellenton
Elmer E. Cain Private Tampa
Arturo D. Vazquez Private Tampa
George E. Dillon Private Key West
Anthony Malone Private San Antonio
Martin Fremstead Private Tampa
Patrick H. Malone Private Tampa

Joined company July 1898

T.J. Moore Private Tampa
H.P. Benning Private Tampa
W.B. Haffner Private Tampa
W.H. Hemmingway Private Tampa
L.R. Moore Private Tampa
T.S. Howell Private Palatka
J.W. Beville Private Palatka
G.B. McClendon Private Tallahassee
J.L. Brasel Private Tallahassee


The Florida Naval Militia was called to active duty for service
during the war with Spain in 1898. The militiamen were accepted
for federal service as individuals and assigned duties in various
locations according to the needs of the U.S. Navy. The
information below was provided by the Navy Department in 1929.
The enlisted and discharge dates refer to each individual's term
of federal service. The stations refer to each man's duty
station while in federal service.

ANDERSON, Louis Joseph Quartermaster 2nd Class
Station No. 5, Pensacola, Florida; Crew #1 from 4th Division
FNM. Enlisted 23 April 1898; Discharged 23 May 1898

ARMSTRONG, George Lafayette Seaman
Enlisted 26 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

ATKINSON, Edmund Trevor Seaman
Station U 3, Jupiter
Enlisted 26 April 1898; Discharged 8 December 1898

BEAN, Charles Lathrop Seaman
Station # 4 Cape Florida
Enlisted 27 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

BOSSO, Samuel Clark Landsman
Station # 2 Cape Canaveral
Enlisted 24 July 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898
Coal Passer; Enlisted 5 January 1899; Discharged
30 June 1899

BRITSON, Thomas Francis Seaman
Station U 2, Cape Canaveral
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

BROWN, Charles Archibald Seaman
Station # 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

BROWN, Louis Queen Seaman
Station U 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

COLLINS, Louie Bunman Chief Yeoman
Enlisted 14 July 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

DEARING, Frank P. Seaman
Station # 3, Sanibel Island
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

EPPES, Edward Bradford Seaman
Enlisted 11 June 1898; Discharged 12 August 1898

GALLIE, T.B. Seaman
Station U 3, Sanibel Island
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

GONZALEZ, Blake John Quartermaster 2nd Class
Station # 5, Pensacola
Enlisted 23 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

GREESON, Guy B. Landsman
Station # 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

HAYMAN, Edward Dishong Seaman
Station 4 3, Sanibel Island
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

HOOK, Clarence Tennyson Seaman
Station # 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

HARVEY, Edwin Leon Seaman
Station U 2, Cape Canaveral
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

HANDY, Robert Franklin Seaman
Station U 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 2 July 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

JONES, James Mathew Seaman
Station U 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

KELLY, W.H. Jr. Ensign
Tampa Naval Militia

KENNEDY, Robert Irby Seaman
Signal Service Corps, Headquarters, Port Tampa
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

LUCE, Harry Agustus Seaman
Enlisted 28 May 1898; Discharged 12 August 1898

MAXEY, Edward George Quartermaster 2nd Class
Station U 1, Cornella
Enlisted 25 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

MERSIN, J.K. Ensign
Tampa Naval Militia

NORRIS, Noah Landsman
Enlisted 27 May 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

MOULTON, Charles Henry Chief Yeoman
Enlisted 17 June 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

MUNSON, Charles Newton Quartermaster 2nd Class

Station U 4, Cape Florida
Enlisted 27 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

O'NEAL, Robert Seaman
Station : 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

PINKSTON, Lovick Pierce Seaman
Station # 3, Jupiter
Enlisted 26 April 1898; Discharged 12 August 1898
Enlisted 18 April 1899; Discharged 31 May 1901

REED, Wallace Lee Seaman
Station # 2, Cape Canaveral
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

REID, C.H. Lieutenant J.G.
Tampa Naval Militia

SABATE, Phillip Edward Seaman
Enlisted 27 May 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

ST. JOHN, Oscar Buckley Chief Yeoman
Enlisted 27 May 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

SALSBURY, Louis Seaman
Signal Service Corps, Headquarters, Port Tampa
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

SCHOEN, Charlie Carroll Seaman
Station # 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

SCOTT, Walter Seaman
Station # 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 6 July 1898; Discharged 17 September 1898

SHEA, D.W. Lieutenant Commanding
2nd Division, Tampa Naval Militia

SMALLS, Joseph H. Landsman
Enlisted 18 June 1898; Discharged 12 August 1898

STINSON, William Miller Seaman
Station # 1, Mt. Cornella
Enlisted 25 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

SUTHERLAND, John R. Quartermaster 2nd Class
Station # 5, Pensacola
Enlisted 23 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

TILLIS, Victor Loammi Seaman
Station # 3, Sanibel Island
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

THEABAUT, William Maxwell Seaman

Enlisted 25 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

TUCK, William Ezekiel Seaman
Station # 4, Egmont Key
Enlisted 4 June 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

TURNER, John Wesley Seaman
Station U 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

WHITTIER, True Seaman
Station # 2, Dry Tortugas
Enlisted 29 April 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

WILL, George Ernest Chief Yeoman
Station # 1, Mt. Cornella
Enlisted 24 April 1898; Discharged 25 April 1898
Enlisted 25 April 1899; Discharged 30 June 1900

WRIGHT, Frank Bennett Chief Yeoman
Enlisted 25 June 1898; Discharged 31 July 1898

FATAL CASUALTIES Unit: Company I, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Escambia
SPANISH-AM ERICAN Died: Fernandina, Florida; 15 August 1898
LEONARDY, Wallace T., Corporal
W AR 1898-899 Unit: Company G, Ist Florida Infantry
WAR 189u-8189 County: St. Johns
Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 14 November 1898
Men of the Florida Militia/State Troops who died while on ac- MCLAUGHLIN, Thomas, Corporal
tive Federal duty during the Spanish-American War, 1898- Unit: Company I, 1st Florida Infantry
1899, are included in the list. County: Escambia
Died: Fort Thomas, Kentucky; 11 September 1898
ANDERSON, John A., Private, MONROE, Thomas E, Sergeant
Unit: Company B, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company K, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Lake County County: Gadsden
Died: Fort McPherson, Georgia; 15 August 1898 Died: Quincy, Florida; 28 August 1898
BEVERLY, George W., Private NELIGAN, Harold F., Music
Unit: Company G, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company G, 1st Florida Infantry
County: St. Johns County County: St. Johns County
Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 11 December 1898 Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 11 December 1898
BLOUNT, Hugh G., Sergeant Major OWIN, Edward J., Private
Unit: Company I, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company G, 1st Florida Infantry
County: State County: St. Johns County
Died: Guantanamo, Cuba Died: Tampa, Florida; 12 July 1898
BROWN, Alfred L., Private STOKE, Eugene A., Private
Unit: Company A, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company K, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Marion County County: Gadsden
Died: 22 August 1898 Died: Fort Thomas, Kentucky; 25 July 1898
BUXTON, Albert B., Private STONE, John F., Private
Unit: Company G, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company B, 1st Florida Infantry
County: St. Johns County County: Lake
Died: Fort McPherson, Georgia; 1 September 1898 Died: Fernandina, Florida; 28 August 1898
CHESTER, Robert J., Private SULLIVAN, Vollie T., Private
Unit: Company K, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company D, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Gadsden County: Putnam
Died: Fernandina, Florida; Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 16 September 1898
CREWS, John E., Private TANNER, John S., Private
Unit: Company D, Is t Florida Infantry Unit: Company M, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Putnam County County: Bradford ,
Died: Fernandina, Florida; 12 September 1898 Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 23 October 1898
DUBOISE, Marion F., Private WALTON, William J., Private
Unit: Company K, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company I, 1st Fl Infantry
County: Gadsden County: Escambia
Died: Fernandina, Florida: 17 August 1898 Died: Fort Barrancas, Florida; 29 September 1898
DUMAURIER, Don F., Artificer WARD, John J., Private
Unit: Company D, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company M, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Putnam County: Bradford
Died: Fernandina, Florida; 6 August 1898 Died: Brooker, Florida; 8 November 1898
ETHERDEGE, Hugh, Private WILKES, John, Private
Unit: Company F, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company M, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Duval County: Bradford
Died: 22 September 1898 Died: Fernandina, Florida; 10 August 1898
HARRIS, Allie A., Private WILLARD, Frank B., Private
Unit: Company I, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company E, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Escambia County: Duval
Died: Fernandina, Florida; 19 August 1898 Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 29 September 1898
KILPATRICK, Charles B., Private WILLIS, Alvin M., Private
Unit: Company K, 1st Florida Infantry Unit: Company G, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Gadsden County: St. Johns
Died: Huntsville, Alabama; 14 September 1898 Died: Fernandina, Florida; 19 August 1898

WILSON, Issac N., Private
Unit: Company M, 1st Florida Infantry
County: Bradford
Died: Killed accidently, Alachua, Florida;
22 October 1898

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