Title: Letter from Walter P. Corbett (Vice President and General Manager) to Charles E. Adams (President), 27 February 1915
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Title: Letter from Walter P. Corbett (Vice President and General Manager) to Charles E. Adams (President), 27 February 1915
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Creator: Corbett, Walter P.
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Taco 3ay Commrercial Co.
Feb. 27, 1915.
Mr. Chas. E. Adami, President,
Boston, Mass.
My dera Mr. Adams:

Your letter of the 24th. inst. in reply to my
Lettergram regarding Mayo's account was brought out home to me
yesterday, where I was confined to my bed still suffering from
the severe cold which I contracted as a result of my jump from
Santiago ae Cuba to ieow York !and Boston. The )Doctor's c nation me
that I fn Ri'ply overdoing it "anr if I ai wil le -. -ill be more
careful" etc. :;-:- ; of th,-, re ayn, :iyb I .h'ball ?ini 4:-ir-, to
consider the coo.rvation of my health ind V tal -forceo. Meantime,
I :.m de7voting y beat thought an.i -I'tontion to th:- formulation of
definite plans for the SALVAGE of the Properties of the 2aco
Bay cr'nercial Co.

T note .th4i o*inioi of "your Auditor" that
"becretery Cotton has no right to let ALL Books, Re;orts, You-
chers, etc. t go out of 7hi:1 noon es.ion" etc. ithter yrn, o0 Jecre-
tary Cotton, or your Auitor, have entirely y failed' to catch the
point ond ,nirit ofr my LetV-r-r:m, or else iT jm entirely Anac-
Suainted with the Laws !overning Corporations, anO the ByLaws of
he Taco '.y onmerRcil Co.

Yoau will e '-hTns recall that our Directors are
given certain specific authority undcr our Cnarter and By Laws;
an, r:eting unn r legal *':ice, thr Director- conferre' nuon meb,
t'.e right, power an', authority, ;o tako with ne to Cnba and to "
Jacksonville (really a hrnnch Office of the Company, -here Directors
meetings have been calle' and held) all Deeds, Books and papers'
necessary to thf advancement of the Company's interest;, etc. By
virfue of this authority, i have for the past four years, from time
to time, had with me thr most importanan nd valuable of the Comn-
pany's papers. Now, if you will refer to my Lettergrt m, you will
see, and certainly Secretary Cotton and your Aluditor should have
seen, that what I asked for was not aL of the Books, Vouchers,
etc. of the Company, but "all oo vouchers, reports, pay-rolls,
and papers necessary to complete audit of iay.o's account from the
beginning of his employment to date" I only %v noted such papers
etc, as voere IECESSARY to check up Mayo, and ny Lettergram Mas
not sent to you until the entire matter had been c refully' weighed
from both a legal and practical aspect.

A MIn simple and blunt iEnglish, I do not like the

looks of things as presented by layo's figures, and I propose, if
it is possible, to get the naked facts as to exactly what money
has come into the hands of Hlayo, for and in heh&alf of this Con-
pany. To do this, I must begin at A and w-ork do'-n to Z, and I
shall need ev ry ocnnment, book or paper bearing on the matter,
and i cin sor no renrson "-hy they should not be sent here. If,
however, ounr Auicttr's &pinion is to control, then I think it
will bo necessary, either to ask a* Order of the Court permitting
such books anc pp..er ao are necessary to my investigation, to
b shipped to an Officer of the Comrnpny in Jnclksonville, or to
send *ecrctary Cotton clo'n h're': -.t :h, or, I -uuvit corit to the
Boston UOffic to "'o t1ih work.

T-hcr ir. one o.h<:r .:- the i3-"- .lt;. ,i. r t be removed&
I recall a.hat .t .orthamrnton vihe o-;her &aj, 1: waTr ou. ; j..o.te7 that,
in view of tf )ror-tin la', an to-xes tnr. rentri:tion;; placed
on o ..oor:, tion. 3 '-r in '. ic i 'a::-;i.cu; tt i r :t be better
to rMlovc thO, o-i&d ofVicc t to e 'i2o ,;Oi.ri-ry frx.in 1 o.:.t-i to ;0 ck, 'n-
"*..illo etc **ere i* va^ *xere;'."1 *ir ft n. f o. ,* Tnt< ni^ J&n
o 'ice roul? b- consir"er0bly les', You mig, .t confer th our
"ri,1" ::i"1. lot, no kno ': hat ou u thio

_o.. to '^o's ,'ro k, .nti ; i". '.o c:u.tion ,yot
to r FJe no tr.n.a.:fers o" hi stockk iun'iil I coull corplfete ny inves-
tig t;ion, an--. too k" it ?.- :ranto 'tht yon nld. ab co ith me,
Stat the reason 7as obvious. Layo hao ro.;ii;nei. le night wish
0to li;nose Lic h ;oc, T oul-th nuob o, tion was
hoel up unt T 1 Cwl get b"ok to Cuba, where my ifinll investigation
:.;ill be naad fnid the., -oubtts which I no-, cat e tain oit;lhc reo oved
or confirm .

I am sending carbon of this letter to Director IHanmond.

.ineer ly yourn,

P. and 1'n. ilgr.

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