Title: Letter from B. S. Hile to his wife, 28 November 1861
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Title: Letter from B. S. Hile to his wife, 28 November 1861
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Havana -ov 28 1831

My Dea r Wife

Yesterday I received your letters of the 10th they were directed to
care of E. :.i" I had forgotten that I so directed you to write and
did not call there he finally sent them to me and is 10 days since the
letter a arrived concluded that you had forgotten to write If I can
find time I will write the Historical Society as there is much to
interest foreigners ( I am very sorry that extends his meaness
to you you need not trouble about the piano being forfeited he played
me a very mean trick in the Lodge the night before I left try to let
him have ,25 monthly the price is arl:ed on his circular in my drawer
,350 it is als o in my new account book where I have all the payments
intend I shall the next leisure visit the grave of Columbus and will
preserve my notes of it I am adding to my sketches very often and have
them in a drawing book I am sorry to hear that Ella does not enjoy the
best of health Should like to have her come out in Jany if the passage
was not so heavy and return in the spring with me perhaps Charles Hunter
might influence Spofford and Tileslon to give her a ticket to go and
return for the fare cost $45 for here however should I continue
terrific here (and I now think it probable) it is more than likely that
some of you could come down during the winter and Ella having a partial
knowledge of the Spanish language could in a short time learn to speak
it (Mr. Ha rris is speaking to me said that I ought to reduce the
rent and thought that '19 and no charge for gas would be about right I
told him I would see and a day or so in making out his gass account I
stated on it that the rent would be ^20 and no charge for gas I have
received all your letters I presume- You speak of our garden and the
flowers in bloom well they don't seem to cultivate them here except in
public places and in front of the Capt. General there are a grea t variety
of them a nd entirely different from any we have The oranges now are just
ripe and yellow you can get 5 for a five cent piece which is the smallest
coin in use the oranges are sweet and delicious You could not get an
apple for 20 I have Ellas letters before me and last evening I
showed it to a girl about her age who is learning English and she read
it over and over Ella writes so well and so uniform in style that all
admired it a nd she asked me if I have her deguerotypes sent down and
Eddies too I told her that I intended to have but them of all my family
but overlooked it but promised to have them come by next opportunity -
Now Eddie Ill tell you about a scorpion that Mr. caught in his
room it was in the afternoon he was on his bed and he came out of his
hole in the wall and ran being his coat hanging up they got hi-, out and
on to the bed there they put a pin through him and held him till one of
them rushed out and got a bottle of alcohol and they gave him a bath in it
he did not like it at first but concluded it was no go why he looks like
a small lobster a large tumbler could only cover its body and the legs
sticking out -
Today Piena Pres. of the Piena Del Rey Gas Co. trade me a proposition
to superintend and take charge of their Gas Vorks the place is in the
South side of the Island if I do it I shall send out for a ran to come
out and attend to them I can make more mLoney here than in -e,: York
I think I expect to send by next steamer some 01500 in Spanish gold a nd
my $2000 But I fear it is not safe to transact any business that I
cannot close up at short notice Our state troubles will lead other

nations into invasion and outrages and I fear we have but the beginning-
crowned heads have always and will ever be jealous of our ioddle
Republic Spain very soon sends out a fleet of some 20 and
this part and said will sail this week for Mexico and
intend to hold open a coEumnication from some point in Mexico with Mata,.,',.
or -oi plave on the gulf and proximity to the United States and thus
establish a mail-passenger and steam line to connect here with steamers
to Europe there is now a mail that goes in this manner twice every
month a nd last trip over 200000 letters came here and were sent on to
Europe Today we have news that in consequence of Spain interfering with
Mexico she (M) has applied to the Government of the N.S. to protect her
and she will do it and should we require the aid of Russia there is
but little doubt but can it -
8 P.M.
Este teimpo Nada Mas, Buenas N'oches
Friday Morning Nov 29/C1
have just come from the wharf- a part of the fleet has just passed out
the harbour- the U.S. War Steamer Sae jugo de Cuba came in yesterday
from Charleston blockade for coal and supplies This morning a vessel for
New York is loading with oranges and they are in a pile on a
square in front of wharf so you can judge what a pile there must be and
i?.agine how they look so yellow and rich Negroes carry them on board
with flat baskets on their heads- The Capt. is from Fair Haven and knows
all our Madison people I cane very near getting a barrel of sugar
through him as stones which would go duty free but he had one and the
Mate had one and the custom officer said he though 5 barrels of sugar
would do to last them to New Yorkl cost here 6 and like laof sugar.

Sat. morning 10 o'c
Mail by the stea-er Baltimore closes at 12 and I send via Baltimore.


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