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Mr. Fess and Mr, Shouse
Bandy the Lie

A Skyscraper Mooring Mast

.', New Baseball Holds Hitters

"United States vs. Russia

Internal Revenue Town

Welfare of Our Pets

New Monroe Doctrine?

To Buy or Sew?

Faustin Wirkus, a sky visitor, was received by Is Prohibition an Issue?
the natives of La Gonave as a reincarnation
of their own vanished King Faustin I Prizes for best letters;
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M ORE than 8i y'ari age I negro
named Soulnuque who became
emperor of Haiti rode onA in
ugrgeous uniform Ito Ie iif Ith is-
"land's s nguinary wars. iid d isap-
peared. Bu he left Icbehind him a su-i
iperl ilion lh.lt ,,lm ln ta'v he would
miraculously rtlurn frIm the hravc ns
It again rule his people. For some
reason lunknwnl i to hisinry this negro
ruler. %%'hein rewnerd had taken the
title of Fauslin I.
Some 74 years later a plane swooped lf
miysteriously dhown( from the skies and
deposited on the island of La Gona\e
n uniformed white numn ii rule Ihal
Ilaiian poSsessionl. This was accept-
ed by lhe simple island folk as a prom-
iet fullilled .
But the strangest part rf it is that
the new ruler. though while, w"as also
named Faustin!
"Failsinin II." if we may call himn
that, is Gunnery Sergeant Faustin E.
Wirkus of the Inited States l:Marines
.ind a lieulenan t in the Haitian con-
lnabulary. He ri-lurnerid toi this coun-
Ir( on a two m nths, leave of absence
-o publish a bo',k. "The While K ing .', ...
of La Gona've" IDloubleday. Doran & Froum Tr.e- Islar
i a ani fir the incidlental I)LIrPOSC (of
\liiting a Lcertain .itlung laidy of Ne',.- "KAng" taustin II, better konxi as Sgt.
porl. R. I., wvho, it is whispered, is not F. E. I'irkus, and his court.
unwilling In beconic "'queeil" of the
""Kingdoml of Wirkus." gtan1t \ I rkLIs had been deposited onl
IIt is a for cry fromii that lillr Haitian the island there were rtllfumors (in
island to the little coal Imining town Hailti news spreads among the nalite
of Pillsttn, Pa. It w'as in the latter like a prairie fire in our owv.n Welst
place that "Fauslin II" wac b),rn. Was that lhe "reincarnaled" Faustlin hail
it coincidence that links the two been crowned king of the island. Ser-
nanmes? We'll call it fate but in a gt-an irkus's superi,,rs didn't cart ,
t.Irange :land such as Haili. where particularly since the Sergeant's re-
%oodcnisn l is rampant and \Ihere peo- porl.s were excellentl and tax coller-
pile believe tIh t the lead are resur- lion- in La Gona\ e hail iluublled. If
reeled by sugar companit-s to w,,irk in Ihe blacks chost to call him kingl in-
the fields, an thing seems Iuossile. s l.ad of lieutenant, %wh\ v.\ rr\.
Born of a (German-Anmerican coal A\ccrding to Sergeant Wirkus. v. hen
miner and a Polish-French mother. he first sent to La Gunavel he found
Sergeal t Wirku; was nut jb then Ihe island virtually ruled by an old
inallned Fauslin. That name \\-, se- negro w\'omlan who held court in a
lectled \ a I-cal priest to wlIh,.Il the fotrest near a mountain top. Though
parents had appealedl fr a n3me. Alt tis i"oman had held swa\ for 311
the age of 211) Wirkus ran a"av. A \ears. loc.il soilh.salers professed to
stlomath which neelcll forld and recognize the while visitor from the
a tcolirfuLl recruiting p-ster li t" skies as "the returnrled one." Soi on
a combination which led hill into a certain furnial occasion the. wtl-
the marines. The "'I solilt-rs" formed him with native flags. strewed
send their men allt ver hit'e w,-rll. The flowers and palm leaves in his path.
recruit onuld have'f been sent to China. put a hig .ulllw bandana over his
Nicarnagua, San Diego, or the Brnl.k- shrioullers set him in a chair and car-
tlsn nrav\ yard. But fate willed thi:Il ried him round and round in a circle.
he be sent to Ilaiti. singing and kneeling before him. las\-
Someonel \\'aqs needed hto t-sablish Ing IbcIhell-s uprin his shnulters andl
cirler andi see that the nali\tcs of La "Ither tulfn like hat." he said. xxhich.
I;ona'e paid laxes.. Oddly enough. Se.r in effcel, crowned him King FausLill II.
gR-antl Wirkus \\was selected. Though
La Gonave is within sight of Porl-au-
Prince it is best reached by plane. S ,
a Faustin really did return from lthe
skies to minister to the natives.
rclilllllunilication b\ pine bet keen
the island and the mainland was in-
frequent. Several months after Scr-

Died. Fauc iin E. \\irku-. 4, M.iriine
Corps non-con1i I.. cC .1mi. Fh I,,pul.ir iE \ YORK
demand, Kiri lt II 1.1 ., Faustin W i us i
the io,ooo vc.i, ...ir.,,tun ,,.,ni i I, i, i Faustin W irkus Ruled West Indies Island
on the island I..1t L i n e nr. r l.lll 1.
where he wa- ;r.innd l j a inr,-mann Dies M al in I
police force i l- .ubi. -.t- r i l. il a utrel
him: "Bon :.!. i'.1i'-Tii. April in of I land
1931); after lmin illns-, in B;r:.,,klyn. I r Of ISlal

Aa SergeanlHeRuled 10,000
Natives in We t Indies V
Group From 1925 to'31

War rant OfficEr Faustin E.
\Wirkus, U. S Mh. C. soldier, au-
thor and lecturer, w'ho. as a It -
rine Coips sergeant, ruled from
1925 to 1931 as king of 10.000 na-
twies on the West Indian Island
of LaGona'.e. off Haiti. cied yes-
lerdav at the Brooklyn Naal
Hospital aftel an illness of several
mnonrhs. He %as fort.-nine.
Mr. \,Wirku, ho i.'as d iscliarged
from tnp Marine Corps in 1931
afril sisxtrn years of ser'ice. te-
c-nlisted in 1939 as a lecrutting
sergeant in Nev'aik, N. J., after a
briei period in the mnl Importln
"u-l .- nd salesman :
en the oar
Lining office
a the son

I t 10 ae ,, Ia a name

ntpo.l1d L e wu) h 11 ile King
111.3 C1 \ an us are d them
1.1 P.? l t utgri _-- tri natesd

31 la ,,i a..c sL t alFc p Ao .. ,,' l..P a
3k 1 t clot.nc Arra ns Of ficer inan ti E. 1 ir-
)V.1 Il fl !1upa j a.o Ines a ais t marine recruirig wr-

a-.,ld 1- dn Pa Al u
Pil Ii).t alIt 0 1a 1 'puc-lal UIS

V -,,-., 'p. on i a j' n au L
-V adal PA3 NNO a. 4r a. l.
ruk U311rr 9o\1j9 ME:
Nh\9lrn a t lno
oqt- s1i3 aQ n sp 0 i000 'L Io

3-i1ci UL s11 O'A yIs.2 i
libil393 teat dl il.u1 saP 1 a' L \ a aurm -

A Ati' io 4i.aiU01i)301 o. 3 aX2 palC' l *5u1a de
n I7i' aAUlal.OI Qu

A;) P 3 ;1l 'a L C
0u 't e 5 inoi'VAA t ,qIA0i ,.olUr U T

F. E. WiEXUS. 49. He was the first white man to wit-
Brooklyn ness the complete voodoo care-
-6 moniea in Haiti.

T /' ;-' NEW\' YORK I

Faustin Wirkus Ruled es Indies island

Dies; Marine

King of Island

As SergeanlHeRuled 10.000 ..
Nalit es il W1'ena Indies
Group From 1925 to'31

Wai rant Officer Faustin E.
Wirkus, U. S M. C soldier, au-
thoi and lecture, who, as a nAi-
line Colps sergeant, iuled fiom
1925 to 1931 as king of 10.000 na-
tites on the West Indian Island
of LaGonate. off Haiti. died yes-
terday at the Brooklyn Naval
Hospital after an illness of several
monthly. He "as forty-nine.
Mr. Wirkus, who v.as d ischarged
from the Marine Corps in 1931
after sixteen years of service, re-
enlisted in 1939 as a lecruiting
seigeant in Newark. N. J.. after a
brief peiiod in the rum importilni
business and as a bond salesman .
in Wall Street. When the ,tar
came, he became a ltaining offce
In a this country.
Born in Pittston. Pa., the son
of a coal miner, he %tas chris-
tened Faustin by a parls priest
nho % as asked by the child's
mother to give him a name.
Twenty-elght years later natives
of La Gonave, believing the ma-
rine a leincalrnation of the King
Faustin who had ruled then
eighty years before, designated
him KinL Faustin II and accepted A; ci.ir. ap I
his rule. I al it Off irer I'nu it A. ir-
Ran Away To Join Marines Au. Ht n un oline' rtruiting ,. tr-
AIr. Wirllus joined the nlalnesl 9'",a t "at tiark;. ,1. 1.. il 19.39
in 1914 after tiunning away fionH '
home nihen he was seventeen be- suits and diesses for tile women.
cause, he said. his patents v.anterl and other Item; which had neter
him to be a coal miner. Dischaigel d been aren on tic islatid.
in 1931. he explained hov. he can e His fame as King of LaGonave
to be "king" of LaOonave. apparently cost him his kingaoum
In 1920, while he was station,-d His story .'as published by tih
on Haiti, he made a sailboat ti p late Willian Seabiook in hi_ book
to LaGonare. a dolphin-shaped Whitle IMaic" and v ,ci l, i rcu-
piece of land forty miles lon-, lated in ,ynrdiCated ne'.'spapel
u hich was thirty miles north .e;.- n ar icl.es H'e '.as iiin'E iaiom
of Por -u-PI tr ce. capital ,fthe l a rind in 1931, arnd although
Haiti. The island alioused hi: the oflcial ila.orn ti.a. i that his
curJosity 'health ..'ulo illffer it he Ir.tay'ced
Later, on Haiti, he met a woman any longer, le .u.,pt edl that Pres-
tho had been arrested by Haitian dent Borrio of Haiti objected to
authorities on trifling change. H( a 'king" I n his domain.
mentioned his name was Faustin Aftei hih, oailiiage, I.Lr. \Wi'lku,
The woman told him there was a and Tanc.y Dudley, wile of Biae
tradition on the island of "one .,;o Dudley, a drama critic, collabo-
is to come.' and told him "we will rated In v writing The White KIng
meet again." of LaGonave M. WiJkiis also
In 1925, when the Marine Corp le iculeca on h; cxpellenceri .
aaigned him to LaGonave as a In Mlatrli, 1937. hen hle \'a a
sub-district administrator, Ser- lbonid alc.,marn .!t F. A. Eacd',LaciL
geant Wu'kus met tile woman ag.aii & Co, in..estmerit lOKn 3:
and dicovereq she "as Ti Ale- Bloano' a',. l It. M '. Wirus maiiird
minne. queen of the is-land and. Mis. -YLIlaI Full':1I. M' .. \\'Wkus anl
Itiler of ile natites u no Jong had rl it E dclptlt d In-r :,al-Oi Q .Jl .n hld
It listed the Haitian gourinmr nri. IbeEn ihi irl in B n'.. lyn i, i .lce itt
Soon aftEi \WJ'rkI5 s took o' er l il Iitibanct 2 conrlinerme it in tht hot-
dutie. tile Queen clowned him pital.
King Faustin II. linmediatel. t-he A hi(i ,i .'it.e ill b. iihell .odia.
nali'.es banded lo2elher under at 1..30 p. n in til Biooki' n Nav'al
their ne. luler and a harmonious Hospital chapel. Burial 'ill take
government on the island com- place rtoorriov,' at the National
menced to exist. Cemeteri. Ailingt'n. Va
In his fist ,ear. WIrkus collecit-
ed 410.000 in taxes %wheie the
Haitian government had collected
only $2.000 in twenty yeais. He
taught them to plant seeds and to
doctoi sick children. sat as domes-
tic judge of famlhy quarrels,. ot
llmony for deserted mothers for
the first time in the islands his-
V'iemed Voodoo Rites
MIr. Wiikus wa, also the first
while man to view voodoo cerE-
monies on the island At first, he
blackened his face and hid in the
blush during the rites After his'
coronation he was taken into the
inner sanctum.
During his reign he made se\-
eral trips to the United States and
always blouahlt back shoe. men'5