Summary of the experience of F. R. Crumbie, Jr., in Haiti and his reading concerning it, 23 December 1954
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Title: Summary of the experience of F. R. Crumbie, Jr., in Haiti and his reading concerning it, 23 December 1954
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Wine trips to IHiti between years 922-+2. (1922 vas Saely a
erotung of border to Anse a Pitre. 1W2 was a few days stopeove
wben subs chasedd" fsW our ship into Po.*at Pa. )
1926-27. Customs Inspector at Port and at Cape, Worked under
Dre 0Oaberlaad. (Believe he is the Cumberland acwh you mention O
page 53. Ayhoe there is a similar amusing tale about hia.)
192930. Gustoms.aevenue Collector at Jereaie (13 nmo). WVhl)
there and before road was built several of us rode hobrebek sad.
alkd fom Jeremie to Cap Perr n Your page 126. I tvio visit-
ed Tibumro. Garde Officers (Aericans) inspected it evew Month.
(In this respect, as in so many others, I think Mr. Cave i off base.)
1930.3I Custome-Revenu Collector at Cape. Visited Citadel
mr titsse- also small fMoatedu fort beyond it. Visited forts across
the hay t fot Liberte--amog the moat interesting in Haiti. One
astl l ar or did, a legible motto in Latin. Covered auh of ihoVe
line fre Cape to border-trying to break up asugglinag
1932 Visited Haiti and Is 0onave with Faustin wirkus
t19&37, Traveled in Haiti v th photographer- riter Phil Hisa
(eiela d Amalrir Bali ete.) He and I climbed to summit of Morne
Xa is leb photoraQpbd some of the eaves at ondon etea He took
quite a iw hi dd photos--I have a hundred or so of then
1938 Two trips to Baiti and la Gonave. Entered nay eaves en the
mainland and on La Oenave. (Dr. HeyR had had a man rkiP g nl a
Tasehe I do not think it easy to find good Indian Nhi ial in Haiti
or its islands.)

Among those who traveled widely in Haiti-n oftep on foot to
"Mnakamov pliaees Dr. Barker,8.d'H. Dr. EZman (nota m(iIN in Haiti).
A ientlait wbhoe aaame I have forste, walked fuot Port to. Jereae
eo died in Jere ie of maleria and .f e eU f toI I of betai stoned
peasants. Then there were Uineers Knapp, Povell and other Io did
road loeatirng t e In my opinion there are very very few places. in
Hait which have no$ been flsited by white men. (I used to carry the
Oet, pay roll to many out-of-the-vay spots including the "Ton the
Zabies btilt., I did not know they had until I read Mr Cave.)

I have read some four hundred books on Haiti--have at least ea
hundred, ad a like number of magazines, reports ate. Aleo, have 8
serapebooks of lips eto. And too, some Indian material, Voodoo
objetas and asuh.
oape the above vill show why I am sa much interested in Haiti,
ea why I a in lined to judge critically books about that fair le1d