Title: Negro in Africa, America, and the West Indies: catalog no.74, pt.2
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Title: Negro in Africa, America, and the West Indies: catalog no.74, pt.2
Series Title: Negro in Africa, America, and the West Indies: catalog no.74, pt.2
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turnable in 10 days.

SThis list is supplementary to previous lists issued by us,
If interested send for earlier lists. Asterisk (*) indi-
cates Negro author,

625., LABCUR PARTY, The. (Great Britain), The Colonies. The La-
bour Party's Post-war Policy for"African and Pacific
Colonies. London, (c.1943). 24 pp. "'rs. 1.00
626. LACROIX, Pamphilede. Memoires pour servir a 1'Histoire
de la Revolution de Saint-Domingue. Folded map. 2 vols.'
Paris, 1819. 775.pp. Irs. 17.50
627. LAFARGE, John. The Race Question and the eli-ro. A Study
of.the Catholic -Doctrine on Interracial Justice .N.Y.,
1943. 315 pp. 2.00
628, LAGDEN, Sir Gidfrcy, The.Basutos. The mountaineers & Their
Country,-2 vols. 70 ills. & 9 maps. London, 1909.
690 pp. 17.50
629. LAIIG, (hajor) Alexander Gordon. Travels in the Timannee,
Kooranko, and-Soolima Countries-in western Africa.
Plates and folded map. London, 1825; lea. (Front
cover repaired). 465 pp. 4.50
63Q. LAMiE, Edward William. An Account of the banners and Cus-
toms of the modern Egyptians. London, 1890. 552 pp.
Illus, 1.75
631. LAiTGA, Langa. Up Against It in Nigeria. Ills. London,
(1932). 244 pp. 6.00
632. LASKER, Bruno, Race Attitudes in Children. N.Y., 1936.7pp. .50
633. LAURIA, Lew. Ghost of the South. Hollywood, (1948).247pp. 2.50
634. LEBEL, Roland. Histoire de la Litterature Coloniale en
France. Les i ainuels -Coloniaux. Collection publiee..
direction .d 'deorges Hardy, Paris, 1931. 236 pn. Wrs. 4,50
635. L-EDFiTU, Docteur.' Cours Technique des Infirmiers dc 1'As-
sistance Medioale .Indigene. Ills. Paris, 1947. 188 pp.
M +.' .7 cz r\

636. LEFEVRE, Andre. Race and Lancruage. N.Y., 1894. 424 onp
637. LEIGHTON, Clare. Southern Harvest, N.Y., 1942. 157 pp.
Illus 'by author, sm. 4to.
638.. LEGER, J. N. Haiti. Her History and Her Detractors. Ills.
N.Y., and .wash.-, 1907. 372 pp. (Ex-iib-. copy). Scarce.1
639.. LEITE-Ross, Sylvia. African TorLn. -A Study 'of the Ibo of
Nigeria..Lononn, (.1939). 367 pp. Illus. Map.
64Q. LEIOK, T,,. G. The Health and Turnover of 'i-ssionaries,
iap. .Chart.s. N.Y., 1933. '217 -pp.
641. LEPPAN, Hubert D. Agricultural Policy in South Africa. Jo-
.hannesburg-(1931-)-. 101 pp. (Underlining in p.encil).
642. LETT, Lewis.. Savage :Tales. MKelbourne, '1946. 195 pp.
643. LEVARE, A. Le-'Confort aux Colonies. Consei-ls pratiques
pour .e Vie colonial. 10th ed, revised completely by
Mi. Pretceille. Paris, 1947. 323 pp. Wrs.
644. LEAIS, Albert .B. Ethnology of ,ielavnesia. Guide part 5.
Field :useum of natural History, Chicago, 193'2. 209 pp.
Illus. .irs. hap. .
645. ---. New Guinea Iasks. Chi,, 1922. Illus. 9 pp. Wrs.
646. LEWIS, Sinclair. Kingsblood Royal. N.Y.,' 1947, 1st ed. Ltd.
signed ed. 348 pp.
647. LEWIS, Wyndham. Paleface. The Philosophy of the 'Melting
Pot.,' Loi.doi,. 1:29. 304 pp.











648. LEYS, Norman. Kenya. Map. Irntr'o. by 'Gilbert hurray. *Pub-s
lished by Leonard & Virginia Woolf, London, 1926. Mrs.
425 pp. (Underlinings in crayon.) 2.00
650. LEZARD, Adele. The Great Gold Reef. The .Romantic History
of the Rand Goldfields. Folded map. Ills. Indianapolis,
1937. 313 pp. 2.00
651. LIBERIAN CHURCHMAN, The, Vols. 'I, II, III. October 1922-
August 1925. 7.50
652. LIBERTY, 1838. Sewn. 120 pp. Shaken. 1.50
653, LIMA, R.S.A. de. Santo.Domingo. A Brief Sketch of the Is-
land, Its Resources and Comrercial Possibilities with
special reference to the Treaty now pending in the U.S.
Senate, N.Y., 1906. 23 px. Wrs. (Scarce). 3.50
654. LINCOLN, Abraham, Gradual Abolishment of Slavery. House of
Reps. 37th Congress, 2nd Sess. Ex. Doc."No, 69. 21rn.Wr1l,50
655. (----). .CLAIK, Allen C. Abraham Lincoln in the National
Capital. Photos, Hlash., 1925. 17 .%p, 2.50
656. (----). Hoe,. Beverly W. He Rescued the Slaves. Address
delivered at the 7th Nat'l Lincoln Day Pilgrimage, Fort
Wayne, Ind., Feb. 12, 1940. n. .,1940. 7 pn. "re. .75
657. (----). AORGAI, James. Abraham Lincoln, the Boy and the Man,
Portraits. N.Y., 1909. 435 po. (Some stains on binding)1.75
658. (-.--). VILLARD, Henry, Lincoln on the Tve of '61. Edited
by H. G. & Oswald Garrison Villard. N.Y.,1941.105pn.;r~l.00
659. LINGLEY, Charles Ramsdell. Since the Civil War, N.Y.,(1926).
730 3D. 3.00
/ /| 660. LIhTON', Ralph.' Ethnology' of Polyhesia and kiironesia. Guide
Part 6. Field Luseum of Natural History. Chicago, 1926.
191 p. Illuse. Wrs. Map. 1.75
661. (LIVINGSTONE, David). :.OITTEFIORE, Arthur. David Livingstone:
His Labours and His Legacy. Ills. N.Y,, n.d. 160 p.. 2.50
662. LIVINGSTO:E, W,r. Christina Forsyth of Fingoland. The Story
of the Loneliest Voman in Africa. N.Y., (1919). 248 p-.
Illus. 1.75
663. ----. The Life of Robert Laws of Livingston'ia. N.Y., n.d.
385 pp. Illus. 2.50
66'4. The VThite Q(ueen of Okoyong. The story of kary Slessor
for young pole. Illus. N.Y., (1917). 208 pp. 1.50
665. LIZARAZO, J. A. Osbrio. The Illumined" Island. Mexico, 1947.
191 3p, 0rs. '3.00
666. LLOYD, Albert, Dayspring 'in Uganda. London, 1921. 120 1 .
Illus. Ex-lib. 1.50
667. LLOYD, A.BE. Apol' of the Pygmy Forest. L-ndon, 1936. d2 .
Illus. Ex-lib, 2.50
668. ---. In Dwarf'Land and Cannibal Country. A Record of Tra-
vel and Discbvery in Central Africa. N.Y., 1907. 318 '.
Illus.- a,. 2.50
669. *LOCKE, Alai'n, Adult Education for Negroes, 'C'ntained in
"Handbc k cf Adult Education in the United States for
1936.'" Edited by Drrcthy Rowden. N.Y., '1936. PPs. 126-
132,. 1.75
670. --, Ed. The New Negrr. An Interpretatinri, B -k Decorati'ns
S& Portraits by Winold Reiss. N.Y., 1925. 452 -. 15.00
671. 'LONG,' Col. C.* Chaille. Central Africa: Naked Truths -f
Naked Pe-r1le.. An Account of ... Lake Victoria Nyanza
.., liakra'ka Nianm-Niam,' '.est -f the Bahf-el-Abiad (White
Nile.) F-lded map. Ills. N.Y., 1877. 330 -n. (Presenta-
tion :copy,) 3.00
672, LOTHROP, Thornton 'Kirkland. William Henry Seward. Boston,
(1896). 446 p. Ex-lib. 1.50
673. 'LOTZ, Philip Henry, ed, Rising -Aove Color. 'Personalities;
N.Y., .1943. 112 p,. Ex-lib,. 1.50
674. *LOUIS, Joe. My Life Story. Ills. IU.Y', (1947Y...188 7. &
ca, 60 -,. of photos. 1.75
675. ---, My Life Story. NY., (1947). 188 ',. Illus. 'Signed
copy. 2.50
and \\ar of 1812, The, Bostci, 1861. 24 p Wrs. 2.50
677. LUDLOW, Helen'W. Memoir of ::ary Anna Longstrath by an old
Spupil with a Sketdh of Her Work for Hamp.tori, Phila.,
1886. 224 pp. 2,50
678. LUDAIG, Eiril. Othello, N:Y., 1947). 308 p Negro'novel. 2.50
679, LUrHOLTZ, Carl. 'Amrnmg Cannibals. Four years' travels in
Adstralia. N.Y., 1889. 395 pp. Illus. Maps. 3.50
680. (LUNDY, Benjamin). The War in Texas:' A Review of FacQ .and
'Circumstandes. 2nd ed. Revised and enlarged. Phi'la.,
1837. Orig. Wis. 64 pp. 6.00
681. LYMAN, Theodore. Free Negr;es and'Mulattoes. Report to
The H use of Representatives of Mass.'Jan. 16, 1822.
16pp. Vra. 3.50


263. STANFORD's Mlp of Guiana & Venezuela. Approx. 18 by 30 inches. Mounted
on cloth, in cloth case. 4.00
269. Oi'CLa il, Capt. J. G. Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition, against the
Revolted Negroe of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South
America, 1772-77. 2nd Ed., revised. 80 copperplates, minn engraved
by WILLIAM BLAKE, AND ALL IN COLOR. 2 vols. 4to, 1/2 morocco.
London 1806.
Fine copy throughout of the rare issue with all plates in vivid
color. 125.00
270. ------.' Narrative of a Five Years' Frxediticn against the Revolted
Negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America,
1772-77. Vol. 2 only. Numaorous copperplates, some engraved by
WILLIAM BLAKE. 4to, contemoora.y calf; covers detached. Lond. 1796. 10.00
271. ------. Voyage a SArinam et dans l'Interieur de l1 Guiane... Tradult
par P. F. Henry. 3 vols. Cor:temporarjr mottled calf; joints weak.
Paris, F. BuiO.-on, AN VII.
Lacks the atlas volume of plates. Ex-library. 15.00
272. STRi CKEr, Vilhelm, Ed. Rejeen der PrB ed~" ch;rjbtrgk in Britisch-
Guiana. Boards. Frnrh!'1.'t am Main, 4.50
273. VENESS, W.T. El Dorado: or British Guiana as a Field for Colonisation.
London 1966. 5.00
274. WEBBER, Lt. Col. British Guiana: the :~Lnequibo and Potaro Rivers, with
an Account of a Visit to the R e'ml:r-Dicorered Kaieteur Falls.
London 1873. 4.00


275. BELMONT, Leon. Le Secret du Foyer. 153 pp. I'm 1/2 le. Etampes 1910. 3.50
276. BO~-JENAT, Georges. Un C-'ime Politico-Judiciaire: L'Affaire Legitimus
et la Race Noire. 398 pp. Wr. P ris 1912. 6.00
277. CUAM1TO'I, E.. La Guadeloupe. Lecons d'Histoire Locale. Onzieme ed.
34 pp. 12m9, wr. Paris (ca. 1902). 1.50
278. COLONIES Fr--nc,-i ses, Lee: Notices Illustrees -- La Guadeloupe. Folding
map; Ill. 143 pp. l2mo, 1/2 cloth. Paris ca. 1870. 3.50
279. GUADELOTPE (LI), Ile d'Emeraude et ses Dependances. Pref-ce de Henry
Berenger. 32 pp. 98 Ills. Wr. Paris (ca 1940)). .00
280. LARA, Oruno. La Gu idelo'l.e. Physique, Economique, agricole...sociale.
De le Decouverte a nos Jours (1492-1900). 340 pp. 1/2 leather.
Paris (1921). 6.00
281. PELAGE, Magloire. Memoire pour le Chef de Brigade Magloire Pel.:e, et
pour les Habitants de la Gidel'-.ie... 2 vols. In 1. 1/2 calf.
Paris 1803. 25.00
282. REY, Le Dr. H. Etude sur la Colocie de La Guadeloupe. 57 PT Wr.
Pris 1878. 3.00
283. rATIN,'FJ, Maurice. Histoire de la Guadeloupe sous L'Ancien Regime
(1635-1739). 400 pp. Wr. Ill. Paris 1923. 7.50


284. ADVIELLE, Victor. L'C1;-. ee d'un iH-rr' id a St. Domingue au dix-huitieme
siecle. Shaken. 292 pp. Wr. Piris 1901. 3.75
285. AIFARD, Gustave. Le" Vr.udoux. 317 pp. Wr. Paris N.d. 2.50
286. (ALTO VELO Island). Report of the Secretary of Ftute on the Claim of
Patterson and Mar ie-doi 40th Congress, 2nd session, Ex. Doc. 38.
WEsh. 1863. 16 maps. Wr. 78 pp. 3.50
287. ARTZA, Sander. Trujillo, The Man and his Country. Photos. N.Y. (1939). 3.00
288. (,J3TGiT~TI: MNRIE). Le I-c -L.-dal: Episode de l'Inuurrection des Noirs a St.
Domingue. Par Tante Marie. 112 pp. Blue 1/2 morocco, wr. bound in.
Nouvelle-Orleans 1892.
Multigraphed handwritten note inserted on slip at head of text states
that the author recalled the book from circulation, "a cause de
n6mbreuses erreurs typographiques et autres." 15.00
289. BELLECAIDGE, Dantes. Un H.ltien Parle. 280 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1934.
With a r-i:ied inscription by the author. .6.00
290. -----.-. Pour une Haiti Heureuse. II. Par 1'Education et le Travail.
Deuxieme Volume. 456 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1929. 3.00
291. BERCY, Be'i-e. Les Peripeties d'une Democratie. 267 pp. Wr. Paris 1941. 5.00
292. BIGELOW, John. The Wit and Wisdom of the Haytians. 112 pp. Wr. N.Y.
1877. Scarce. 5.00
293. BOURNE, Peter. Black S.---. London (1947). 2.50
294. BTUJRK, Arthur J. Land of Checke'r." rd F'-Li les. 278 pp. N.Y. 1932. 3.00
295. C.ARLEVOIL~ P.F.X. de, S.J. Histoire de l'I'le Espagnole our de S.
Dc-mLe. Numerous folding and full-page Maps, plans, and charts.
2 vols. 4to, contemporary calf 'ilt. Paris 1731. 60.00
296. CHAROLAIS. L'Independance d'Haiti et la Fr..v--e. 32 pp. Wr. Paris 1861. 6.00
297. CHRISPHONTE, Prosper. L'Apres-Guerre, rc ir une Licence es-Lettres.
176 D. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1946. 3.50




298. CLAUSSON, L.J. Precis Historique de le. Revolution de Saint-Donir*-ue:
Refutation de Certains Ouvrages publies sur leo Causes de cette
Revolution. 1/2 morocco. Paris 1819. 15.00
299. CCI-H:IR~-S3YLVAIN, Suzanne, Les Contes Haitiens. 2 vols. 4to, wr.
Wetteren- Port-au-Prince 1937.
L--Meman de 1'Eau; II--Conjoint Animal o-; Demon Deguise. 10.00
300. COOPER, Page. Sambumbie. A Discovery of the Dominican Republic...
N.Y. (1947). 2.75
301. CRAIGE, John Houston. Black Bagdad. N.Y. 1933. 3.00
302. ------. Cpnnibal Cousins. N.Y. (1934). 1.75
303. DAVID, Placide. Sur leg Rives du Passe: Choses de Saint-Domingue.
230 pp. Wr. Paris (1947). 3.50
304. DAVIS, H.P. BlacI- Democracy. (worn). New York 1928. 7.50
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Republic. Ill. a:-bihton (1936). 3.00
306. DELORNE, D.. Reflexions Diverees 3ur Haiti. (shaken). 138 Dp. Wr.
Psris 1873. 7.50
307. DENIS, L., DUVALIER, F., and PCilP'.'i.E. La Critique: lee Tendances
d'une Generation. P-e.L0ce de M. Price-Mars. 189 pp. W N p. (1934).
At head of title, "Collecti o des Griots." 4.00
308. DEREN, Maya. Divine HR'c' r...: the Living Gods of Haiti. 111. London
(1393). 4.75
309. DE.;C: ..MPS, Enrqiae. La Re'.0.llica Domini.can r. Directorio y Guia
General. Menj ills. 71) pn. (binding !lose). Re: P1i. Dorm. (ca 1911). 5.00
310. DEVOT, Justin. Lf. I tionalrte et son Influence quant a la Jouissance...
171 pp. Half leather. Paris 1893. 3.75
311. EASTON, William Eu,--r. Despalines. A Dramatic Tale. A Single Chapter
in Haiti's History. (Scarce). Ills. (Galveston?) 1R93. 10.00
312. (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC). Anaario Estadistico de la Republdca Dominicana
del Ano 1937. 604, 637 pp. Wr. 2 7ois. 5.00
313. ------. Same: Ano 1938. 2 vols. 685, 689 pp. Wr. 5 00
314.-----... Same: Ano 1939. 2 vols. 841, 833 pD. Wr. 5.00
315. ------. Discurso del Senor James N. Rosene--P-, Presidente. 16 pp. Wr.
Ciudad Trujillo 1940. -1.50
316. ------. Memoria de la Seoretaria de Estado de Guerra y Marina.
Correspondiente al ano 1945. 479' pp. Wr. ?h;nt. i o. 2.50
317. ------. Report of the Conmission of Inqairy to Santo Dcmi-r .... 297 pp.
We h. l?71. 4.50
318. DORVO-70UL4ST:1 Voyage par Terre de Santo-Domingo aa Cap-Francais...
Folding frontis. 40Y pp. Contemporary boards. Psris 1809. 15.00
319. DTJVIVIER, UJlrick. Le C'lon.t'ict entire le Pouvoir Executif et le Pou-oir
Legislatif. (Documents pour 1'Histoire). 224 pp. 8vo, pr. Wr.
Paris 1898.
Hitian affairs, during 1397. Signed presentation from the author. 7.50
820. EDZARDT., Bryan. An Historical Survey of the Island of Saint Domingo,
together with an Account of the Maroon Negroes in the Island of
Jamaica, and a HIirL-ro cf the War in the Vest Indies, 1793-94. Also
a Tour through.. .lirbadoes, St. Vincent, Antigua, Tob ..o, and
Grenada, 1791-92, by Sir 'illiam Young. Ill. 4to, celf; in'n
shabby. London, John Stockdale, 1301. 15.00
321. ------. The History, Civil and Commnercial, of the British Colonies in
the West Indies. Vol. 3 only. "ort.; folding3 map of S3.nto Domingo.
4to, 1/2 calf. London 1301.
The Present volume includes Historical Survey of Saint Domingo, and
History of the War in the Went Indies. 10.00
322. ENDORE, Guy. Babouk (Novel). N.Y. (1934). 2.50
323. (FABENS, Joseph W.). In the Tropics: by a Settler in Santo Domingo.
306 pr. London 1864. 3.50
324. FRANKLIN, James. The Present State of Hayti. 411 pp. 1/2 cloth; joint
broken. London 1323. 7.50
325. FILS-AIME, Andre. Ed. Haitian Directory (Hand Book of Haiti) 226 pp.
Wr. 1933. 3.50
326. FIRMIN, A. Lettres de Saint-Thomas. Etudes Soci-lo.-iques, Historiques
et Litteraires. 426 pp. Wr. Paris 1910. 5.00
327. FRATI, Carlo. El Ma n Mas 'ntigue. de la Isla de Santo Dominao (1516)
y Pedro Martir de Angleria. Ill. 22 pp. 4to,wr. Firenze (1929). 2.50
323. CATION, Louis R. E. Aspects de 1'Econoiie et des Finances d'Haiti.
353 Pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1944. 4.00
329. HAITI. Financial Advisor-General Receiver. Annual Report Oct.1927-Sept.1927
---- 1927-1923 ---- 1933-1934 --.-- 1939-1940
---- 1923-1929 --- 1935-1936 ---- 1940-1941
---- 1930-1931 ---- 1936-1937 -- 1941-1942
--- 1931-1932 ---- 1937-1933 ---- 1942-1913
---- 1932-1933 ---- 1933-1939 ---- 1943-1944
Charts, Dihgr. is, Tables... in Wrappe.s. Each 2.50




330. (HASSALL, Mary). Secret History; or, The Horrors of St. Domlnio, in a
series of letters, written by a Lady at Cape Francois, to Colonel
Burr... Princn-lly. during the Command of General Rochambeau.
12mo. Mottled calf; dampstained thr4oiou1t. Philadelphia 1808, 25,00
331. HARVEY, W.W. Sketches of Hayti; from the ex?,ulioon of the French to
the death of Christophe. BAs. Lacks backotrip. London 1827, 15.00
332. HAZARD, S. Santo Domingo Past and Present. With a Glance at Hayti.
Mapo, ill. 511 pp. London 1873. 3.50
333. HELFANT, Henry. The Trujillo Doctrine of the Humanitarian Diplomatic
Asylum. 288 pp. Wr. Mexico 1947. 2.50
334. HICKS, Albert C. Blood in the Streets. The Life and Rule of Trujillo.
Intro. by Quentin Reynolds. N.Y. (1946). 1.75
335. HOPF:I;,- J.A.H. & Yolinds Alexander. Machjne-.iun Diplomacy. N.Y. 1928. 1.75
336. Hf.'DCCJRT, Max L. Haiti Faces Tomorrow's Peace. 24 pp. Wr. N.Y.(ca 1946) 1.00
337. HURSTON, Zora Neale. Tell my horse. Ills. Phila. 1938. 5.00
338. The INTF.PJilTI JN Unbound Anthology, Consuls' Series. Poem for Haiti:
"Gray Mists", by Lou =1-He-'r.r Durand. Also poems of Albania, Brazil,
Argentina, and 60 other countries of the world. Poets' Guild, N.Y.
1930. 1st ed. Loose in or-.Inal bd. covers. Boxed. 5.00
339. JANVIER, Louis-Jc.-'eh. L,- Republlque d'Hatti et Ses Visiteurs. 636 pn.
Wr. Paris 1383. 4.00
340. ------. Le Vieux Piquet. Scene de la vie Haitienne. 36 pp. Wr.
Paris 1884. 3.50
341. JUSTIN, Joseph. Le Differend entire la Re .iblQ.:ue D'Haiti et de la
Republique Dominicaine. 39 po. sewn. Port-au-Prince 1912. 3.50
342. KNIGHT, Melvin M. The Amerl ring in F:Lnt? Pi-.i'ni. N.Y. (1928). 3.50
343. F-JSER, J. Dryden. Haiti. Its Dfrl;n of "~...re .....Plates. Boston (1921). 3.50
344. LA SELVE, 2l.~-l-r. Le Pays des iTe 'res: Vo.. .e a Haiti. 376 pp. Wr.
Paris 1881. 3.50
345. LECLERC, General. Lettres. Publiees par Paul Roussier. Ill. 361 pp.
Ur. Paris 1937.
With a ": nei inscription by the editor. Letters by the Commander-
in-chief of the French forces in St. Domingo in 1802. 7.50
346. LEPELLETIER de Saint-Reny, R. Saint-Do.L,Inriue: Etude et Solution
Nouvelle de la Question Haitienne. Folding map. 2 vols. Original
pr. boards. Paris 1846.
Inscribed and signed by the author. 25.00
347. LETTRE Edifi'ntes et Curieuses, escrites des Missions Etran-eres, par
quelques Missionnaires de la Compagnie de Jesus. XXVII Recueil.
Maps. 480 op. 12mo, cont.eimrorary calf. Paris 1749.
Letter by Margat on St. Domingo; extract ir-. Lozano's letter on'
L'ma, etc. 20.00
348. LOEDERER, Richard A. Voodoo Fire in HRati. Ill. N.Y. (1935). 3.00
349. LOCriir, Henri. De Praedonibus Insulam Snncti Dom.nici Celebrantibus
Saeculo Septimo Decimo. 74 po. Wr. Parisiis 1895.
Thesis, Paris Faculty of Letters. 5.00
350. (LOUIS XV). Declaration du Roy, donnee a lVeasilles le Premier Jour de
Juillet 1722, concernant les Vagabons & Gens sans Aveu. Arms on
title. 3 pp. 4to, sewn. Grenoble, Gasperd Giroud (1722).
Includes the question of their being transported to the colonies. 10.00
351. MAHAJI, A.T. The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and
Empire, 1793-1812. Ill. 2 vols. Boston 1918.
Material on Haiti and Wept Indies. 10.00
352. MARCELIN, L.J. Haiti: see Guerves Civlles, leurs Causes, leurs Conse-
qaenrces Presentes, leur Consequence Future et Finale... 365 pp. 8vo,
red 1/2 morocco; end of backstrip defective, wormhole in past few
leaves. Paris 1893.
Part 2 only: Reor.rnilsticlo et Organisation; Paix;?ro.res-;
Civilisation. 5.00
353. MOREAU de Jonnes, A. Aventures de Guerre au Temps de la Republique et
du Consulat. 2 vols. in 1, nearly 900 pp., thick 8vo, 1/2 morocco.
Paris 1858.
Chiefly on the West Indies, with material on Haiti throughout. 15.00
354. MOREAU de Siint-Mery, M.L. Descripcion de la Parte Espanola de Santo
Domingo. Traduccion por C. Armando Rodriguez. 491 pp. Wr.
Ciudad Trujillo 1944. -5.00
355. NEMOURS, Colonel. Histoire de la Cantivite et de la Mort de Toussaint
Louverture. 320 pp. Frontis. Wr. Paris 1,29. 5.00
356. OSORIO LIZARAZO, J.A. The Illluined Isln*l (Dominican Republic). 191 pp.
Wr. Mexico 1947. 2.00
357. PAESOTS, Robert P. History of Haitian Medicine. Map, ill. 196 pp.
N.Y. 1930. 3.00
358. PRESSOIR, Docteur C. Le Protestantisae Haitien. ler Volume, Deuxieme
Fascicule. 131 pp. Wr. N.p. 1in 4.00
359. PRICHARD, Hesketh. Where Black Rles White. A Jo.irune across and abodt
Hayti. 228 pp. Ill. Ex-lib. Backstrip damaged. Westminster 1900. 4.00
360. ------. The S'me. New & rev. ed. "balen. London (ca 1910). 2.00




361. ROSARIO, Jose Colomban & Justina C'.rrlon. Problems! Cocialen. El Negro:
H'.ilti-Estrdo--Jn-;i.- .Puerto Rico. 174 pn. -Wr. ran J'un 1940.
Being Vol. X, No. 2 (1939 D) of the "Boletin de la Universidad
de Puerto Rico." 3.50
362. RODMAT, Selden. Renisesance in H.:ti. Popular rointers in the Black
Republic. Ill., including 9 full-page color plate!. N.Y. (1948). 4.t.0
363. 2'J7TE., S3. Dictionnajre Geograrphique et Administratif Uri-ersel
d'H' itI...Guide General en Haiti. Vole. 1 and 2. ITuer..'.,- foldi"n
& other mn'ps, and portraits. 2 vole. ii.'iei (1391).
Rare. The first two volumes of this .ambitious encyclced:'c compend,
covering the letters A thro tlh Halti. 15.00
364. SAINT-A -ITD, J. Le Code Rural d'Huiti, publie evec Commentaires et
Formulaire; Notes et jnnexes at l'TTI ge des Fn 't ion:. res,
Officiers et Agents de la Police Rurale. 173 pp. Wr. Paris 1911. 7.50
365. ST. JOHI, Sir Fntryc-. Hayt., or the Black Republic. Map. 343 pp.
London 1804. 5.00
366. ------. Haiti ou la Rerl li'ye I'-re. Tr'du4it de l'Anglils par J. West.
Ouvro.Je ,.,-,r-cr *-r.e d'un e narte. opp. Wr. P:ri 1896. 3.00
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Port-a:i-Prince 1925. 3.50
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du B.,ron de 1!mpf:r'en). 1ll. ?Prls (1911). 3.00
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11. Garden City 1930. 1.25
372. SHEPARD, A.K.' P ne.,s on Spanish America. 7 vpp. 1/2 morocco.
A~l- .nr, N.Y., 1368.
Island of St. D min:'o; Letter from Pana'a; Mexico; etc. 3.50
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Graham. (Chapter on r-.nT -int). 264 pp. London 1904. 3.50
376. ("ICUT, Pierre). Meamo:ir of...., born a Slave in St. Domingo. 2nd ed.
124 pn. Fronts. Boston 1954. 3.50
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and Some Declarations). 60 pn. Wr. Ciudad Trujillo 1945. 2.00
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H Mitj. Mission to H.iti: Report. Ill. 327 pp. Wr. Lake Success 1949. 2.50
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Cus l'ancien regime (1629-1739). -`) pY,. Wr. Peris 1909. 6.00
381. VALVERDE, Antonio S nchez. Idea del Valor de la Isla Espanola, y TUtil-
id-dep, que de ell, 7e6:13 S:acar r "ur Mor;rii.q Small 'q. 4bo, later
1/2 morocco. (Te:r in title-n-.'). Madrid 1785. 27.50
382. ------. The Same. Ediclon anotade.. 228 pp. Ur. Cluded T..JTllo 1947.
Biblioteca Dominicana Serle I, Vol. I. 4.00
383. VPTTERC C CF, John W. Bl: ok M .:etr. The Life of Chri-r..tphe, King of
Haiti. Ill. 203 pp., N.Y. (1920). 1.75
384. VATJCAIRE, Michel. T, ', -'nt-Loaverture. Port. 200 pp. Sq. Svo, pr.
wrappers, a little frayed. Parls (1930). 3.00
385. VAVAL, Duracine. La Litterauibre Haitienne: Essais Critiques. 330 pp.
12mo, pr. wr.; unopened. arise 1911.
Scarce volume. Fro-rispiece portrait of the author. 7.50
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48 pn. Wr. Port-au-Prince? c.. 1945. 1.50
387. ------. Lee Pires Ennem:- d'H-_iti et Lea fe LL de l'Ftrin 'er. 80 pp. Wr.
Port-au-Prince (ca. 1937). 3.50
388. VERSCHUEREN, J. La Republique d'Haiti. 3 vols., tall 8vo, wr.
Wetteren et Paris 1948.
Vol. 1: Panorama d'Haiti, 538 pp; Vol. 2: Echos d'Haitl, 514 pp.;
Vol. 3: Le Culte de Vaudoux, 467 pp. 12.50
389. VICTOR, Rene. Lee Voix de Noq Rues. 93 pp. Ohlon 8vo, wr.
(Port-an-Prihse 1949.) "2.50
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thesiqu5s. ll. 163 pp. Large 8vn, wr. Paris 1942. 3.50
392. WADE, B.F., A.D. WHITE, & S.G. HOW E, et al. Report of the Coinmission of
Inquiry to .Snto D-mm.ln-:m, with the introductory 1Ie :-'' of the
Preslden. Special Reports. Wash. 1371. 3.50
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Haiti. N.Y. 1930. 1.75
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Seabrook. Ill. N.Y. 1931. 2.50




:.455. TORDAY; E. Camp and Tramp in African Wilds. A Record
of..among the Savage Tribes round :Lake Tanganyika
and in Central Africa...iNaiive Life, Character and
Customs. Phila. 1913. foldng, map,, 45 ills. 316pp.
SIncludes a collection 'of 'native fables & -stories. 3.50
2456.. TORi:.JICE,. Ridgely.- *Gainny Maumee. The Rider of Dreams
& Simon the Syrenian'. Play's for the iegro Theater.
N,Y. 1917.: 1st e'd. lllpp.. 2.50
2457. (TORREY, Rev. Chas. T.),ortth, Edmund. A Martyr to the'
Truth. Sermo6n in Commemoration of the.Deathof hev.
Chas. T. Torrey. n/p/n/d/(ca.1846). ,19pp. Wrs. 1,50
2458.' (------------ -------).;'Lovejoy, J.C. Memoir of Rev.
C.T. Torrey who died in'the penitentiary of Maryland
where he was' confined fdr showing mercy to the poor.
Boston 1847. 364pp. P.ortr. 3.50
2459. 'TORREY,. Jesse. A portraiture of .Domestic Slavery in
thxe Uniteil bnttes: with ee'flections on the Practic-
ability of es-storing the i4oral -Rights of the slaves,
without impairing the Legal 'riveleges-of the Possessok:
*A Project'of' asColoni2l. Asylum for Free Persons+ of
Col or:r.'; TiRffic in Slaves'and.on Kidnapihgg. Engrav-
Sings. Calf. Phila. 1817. 94pp. 15.00
2460. TOURGEE, Albion, Wi. An.Afeal to Caesar. N.Y.1884. 1.50
2461. -.--------- ----. Bricks without S.jzr A novel 1.50
2462. ------- ----------. A iodl's Err.and, b'y one of the
Fools; & The Invisib'le Empire.., I1.1+ N.Y. 1880. 2.50
2463. ------------------. Hot Plowshares. N.Y.(188). 1.75
2464. ------r------------. John Eax and Mamelon, or the
South without the Shadow. N.Y. (1882); 300pp. :1.50
2465. TQTUSSAINT L'OUVERTURE). Beard, John h1. The Life
of, Touse-int L'Ouverture, the Negro Patriot of'
Hayti. Engravs. Lond. 1853. Bac.kstrip slightly
'damaged at top.355pp. 6.00
2466. ( -------------------). Ch'aibers' :i scellany of Use-
ful &.Ente.rtaining Tracts. T;ouss.aint .L'OuveTture &
'-the Republic of Hayti. Edinburgh (1850.), 32pp.Sewnl.50
2467. ( --------r,--------- ). Korngold, Ralph. Citizen
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2468. (--------------------). 'artineau, Harriet. The
Man and the Hour. A historicall homance.,3 vols.
'Hap. Lond. 1841. 1st ed. (Scarce). 10.00
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*olutionists. A tragedy in Three Acts. I11. NY1942. 2.50
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2472. (--------- --- ~--). Vinogradov, A. The Black
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2473. TO "NE, Lara M.. ,LEtters and Diary of. .Written from the
.Sea Islands of South Cardlina 1862-1884.. Edited by
'R.S. Holland, Cawmbrige 1'912.. 10d'j. ( Letter from
author to Alice k. Lincoln attached). '. 4.50
2474. TO"NSVipD, John. The Doom of Slavery in the Union. Its
Safety Out oft.-; 2nd ed.'Charleston 1860. 39pp. 2.00
2475. #TO`SEND, ,(:Lrs.) Willa A. arranged by. Christmas
'HRlpb. Recitations, Dialogs, etc. No.II. Nat'1 Bap-
tist Convention 'i~unville ..n/d/ 60pp. Wrs. 1.00
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Examination of theB State of Society in Western Africa.,
5th ed. Boston 1846. 40pp.' Sewn. 2.50..
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N.Y. 1907. 322pp. 1.50
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mon Dancing in 'est'& ilorth Africa. S Colored frontis.
60 photos & 4.7 figures in text. Lond. n.d. 497pp. 4.50
(Back cover waterstained).


2480. TREMEARNE, A.J.N. The Tailed Head-Hunters of Nigeria.
Lond. 1912. 342pp. Ill. 5.00
2481. TRIAL of Pedro de Zulueta, Jun., in..London, Oct.1843,
on the Charge of Slave-Trading, reported by J.F. John-
son, Short-hand writer. With...remarks by the Committee
of the BritisU and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. 2nd.ed.
London 1844. Sewn. 96pp. 3.50
2482. TROUP. To the People of the S.outh. Senator Hammond and
the Tribune. Charleston 1869. 24pp. Sewn. 3.50
2483.. ThUI:EHLL, Lyman. Remarks of...On the Seizure of Ar-
senals at Harper's Perry...and Vindication of the
Republican Party. Speech in denate,Dec.6-8, 1859.
16pp. 1.rs. 1.75
2484. ---------------. The Constitutionality & Epediency of
Confiscation Vindicated. Speech on the Bill to Con-
fiscate the Property,& Free the Slaves of the rebels.
Senate speech, April 7, 1862. Wash. 1862- 15pp.Sewnl.75
2485. ---------------. Speech on the Freedman's Bureaul-Veto
llessage. In Senate, Feb.20, 1866. 24pi.. Sewn. 1.50
2486.# STRUTH, Sojourner. Narrative of Sojourner Truth, A
Northern Slave, emancipated from Bodily Servitude by
the State of New York in 1828. Bost. 1850. 144pp. 6.00
2487. (TUBMAN, Harriet). .Bradford, Sarah H. Harriet, the
Moses of Her People. N.Y. 1886. 149pp. 3.75
2488. --------------). Bradford, Sarah H. Scenes from
the Life of Harriet Tubman. Auburn 1869. 132pp.
( Worn copy). 3..50
2489. -------------). C leghorn, Sarah N. The True Bal-
lad of Glorious Harriet Tubman. Manchester, Vt.1933.
12pp. ..rs. 1.00
2490. ---------------). Conrad, Earl. Harriet Tubman, Negro
Soldier and Abolitionsit. N.,Y. (1942).47pp. Wrs. .75
2491. TUCK, Amos. Autobiographical. Memoir of A.T. n/p/1902..
(Paris). 92pi.. 'irs. (Slavery fight material). 1,50
2492. TUCKER, St. Geo. A Dissertation on Slavery....Phila.
1861. 104pp. 1,rs. (Back v;rap1.er detached,. 3..00
2493. TUPPER, Frederic A. Moonshine. A Story of the Recon-
struction Period. Bost. 1884. (Shaken, x-library) 1.50
2494. Turner College, 33rd Annual Catalogue of. Shelbyville,
Tenn. 1919-20. .33pp. Yrs. 75
2495 # TURPIN, Waters E. 0 Canaan. N.Y. 1939. 311pp. Story
of migration to North of a iegro field hand. 3.00
2496. fTUSKEGEE Institute). Whiting, J.L. Shop and Class
at Tuskegee. A Definitive Story of the Tuskegee Cor-
relation Technique 1910-1930. Bost, (1941). 114p.. 2.00
2497. T'"AIN, Mark. King Leopold's Soliloquy. A Defence of His
Congo Rule. Ill. 2nd ed., BostL 1905.( rs. detached)1.50
2498. TYBOUT, Ella M. Poketown People, or Parables in Black.
Ill.. Phila. 1904, 356pp. (Fly leaf .out).- 1.50
2499. TYLER, Odette. Boss. N.Y. 1895. 215pp. Lt. ed. 1.75
2500. (TANEY, R.B. ). Tyler, Samuel. Memoir of Roger
Brooke Taney. Balti. 1872. 659pp. 4.75
2501. TYSON, J.R. A Discourse before the Young Men's Colon-
ization Society of Penn..... Phila. 1834. 63pp.Sewn2.75
2502. Uncle Tom's Cabin Almanack or Abolitionists Memento, The.
London 1853. 70pp. Wrs. 3.50
2503.# UNCLE TOM JONES. Axperiences and Personal Narrative of
Uncle Tom Jones; who was Forty Years a Slave. Also The
Surprising Adventures of ;'ild Tom...Fugitive Negro
from South Carolina. Bost. n.d. Pictorial Wrappers.
54pp. 4.00
2504. ---------------. The same. Wrs. missing. 3.25
2505.# UNDERWOOD, Edna W.(Trans.) The Poets of Haiti,.1724-,
1934. Woodcuts by Petion Savain. Glossary. Portland
`\ (Maine),1934. 159p1. 4.50
2506. ---------------. The Passion Flower. Bost. 1924.303pp.
(Novel with Pushkin as one of its characters). 2,00
2507. UNION LEAGUE CLUB. Report on the Committee on Volun-
teering, N.Y.. 1864. 55pp. `rs. 1.00
2508. ----------------. Report of Special Committee on Pass-
age..of Constitutional Amendment on the Abolition of
Slavery. N.Y. 1865. 24pp. 1.50

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