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Title: Negro life and culture: catalog no.93
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Supplementary to Catalog 89

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1 Abbas, Mekki. The Sudan Question. 201
pp. London 1953. $5.25
2 Abrahams, Peter. Mine Boy. (Novel)
London (1954). $2.75
3 Tell Freedom. 311 pp. London 1954.
\utob,)iographi-al novel of the author's youth in
4. Adams, Elizabeth Laura. Dark Sym-
phony. (Autobiography) London 1943. $2.50
5 Albert, Octavia V. Rogers. The House of
.ll..1..ld or Charlotte Brooks and other
Slaves. 161 pp. N. Y. 1890. $6.00
6 Alexis, Stephen. Black Liberator: the life
of Toussaint Louverture. 11l. 227 pp. Lon-
don (1949). $3.50
7 Alston, Christopher C. Henry Ford and
the Negro People. 22 pp. Wr. (Washington
1940). $1.50
8 Amri, Daudi. Polisi na Raia; The Police
and the Public. 32 pp. Wr. Nairobi 1951.
Swahili and English texts on facing pages.
9 Anderson, Rev. J. Harvey. Biographical
Souvenir Volume of the 23rd Quadrennial
Session of the General Conference of the
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
111. 160 pp. Wr. (1908). $2.75
10 Anderson, Rev. Robert. The Life of.
229 pp. Atlanta, Ga. 1900. $5.00
11 Armstrong, Louis. Satchmo: My life in
New Orleans. N. Y. 1954. $3.50
12 Arnoux Magny, Elizabeth. Ces Dames
Catinat: Roman. 144 pp. Wr. Port-au-
Prince (ca. 1950). $3.00
13 Baker, Josephine. Les Memoires de
Josephine Baker recueillies et adaptes par
Marcel Sauvage. Ill. 348 pp. Wr. Paris
(1949). $4.50
14 Une Vie de Toutes les Couleurs.
Souvenirs recueillis par Andre Rivollet.
Couverture de R. Savignac. 117 pp. Wr.
Grenoble (1935). $5.00
15 Baldwin, James. Go Tell It on the
Mountain (Novel). 256 pp. London (1954).
16 Ball, Charles. Fifty Years in Chains, or,
The Life of an American Slave. 430 pp.
N. Y. 1860. $7.50

17 Barber, Jesse Belmont Climbing Jacob's
Ladder. 103 pp. N. Y. 1953. $1.00
18 Bassett, Theodore. Why the Negro Peo-
ple Should Vote Communist. 15 pp. Wr.
(N. Y. 1940). $1.00
19 Beadle, S. A. Lyrics of the Underworld
(Inscribed). 111. 148 pp. Jackson, Miss. 1912.
20 Beasley, Delilah H. The Negro Trail
Blazers of California: a Compilation of Re-
cords from . the Bancroft Library,
Diaries, Old Papers and Conversations of
Old Pioneers. I11. 317 pp. Wr. (Dampstained
throughout. Scarce.) Los Angeles 1919.
21 Beckett, Mrs. M. S. C. Hints and Plans
for Missionary Workers. 12 pp. Wr.
(Holmesburg, Pa. no date). $1.50
22 Bellegarde, Dantes. Haiti et ses Prob-
lemes. 297 pp. Wr. Montreal (1941). $4.00
23 Haiti et son Peuple. 111. 121 pp. Wr.
Paris (1953). $2.50
24 Pour une Haiti Heureuse. II. Par
l'Education et le Travail. Vol. 11. 456 pp.
Wr. Port-au-Prince 1929. $3.00
25 Bennett, Ernest. Ce quc Chantent les
Vagues. Preface de Max Jean-Jacques. 44
pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince (ca. 1950). $1.25
26 Bervin, Antoine. Pantal a Paris. 153 pp.
Wr. Port-au-Prince 1953. $3.50
27 The Bible Advocate. The Tongues Move-
ment in the Light of Bible Truth. 19 pp.
Wra. Salem, W. Va. (ca. 1920's). $1.00
28 Bigham, J. A., ed. Select Discussions of
Race Problems. 108 pp. Wr. Atlanta, Ga.,
1916. $3.00
Atlanta UI. Publications. No. 20. Contributions by
\W E B. D. I)u Bois, Franz Boas, and others.
29 Blakely, Al Ethelbred. Convoy to India
B'klyn 1953. $3.00
30 Bland, Alden. Behold a Cry (Novel)
229 pp. N. Y. 1947. $2.5C
31 Bohannan, William E. A Letter tc
American Negroes. 15 pp. Wr. (N. Y. 1948)
32 Bolamna, Antoine-Roger. Les P'rob
lemes de I'Evolution de la Femme Noire
Preface by M. Robert G. .1.1hn'. senateur
ancient ministre des colhcm.- I.. pp. anl
index. Wr. Elizabethville 1952. $3.7!

33 Bond, Horace Mann. The Education of
the Negro in the American Social Order.
(Ex-library). 501 pp. N. Y. 1934. $6.00
33a The same. Unhound. $3.50
34 Bontemps, Arna. The Story of George
Washington Carver. N. Y. 1954. $1.50
35 W. C. Handy. Father of the Blues.
N. Y. 1947. $4.50
36 -, and Hughes, Langston. Popo and Fi-
fina, Children of Haiti. Illus. by E. Simms
Campbell. 1st ed. N. Y. 1932. $2.50
37 Borders, William Holmes. Seven Min-
utes at the Mike in the Deep South. Ser-
mons. 105 pp. (Atlanta, Ga. 1944). $2.50
38 Thunderbolts. (Poems) 30 pp. At-
lanta (1942). $3.00
39 Bradley, Henry T. Out of the Depths.
Poems. N. Y. (1928). $3.00
40 Bragg, George F. The First Negro
Priest on Southern Soil. Ill. 72 pp. Balti-
more 1909. $5.00
41 Men of Maryland. 135 pp. 12mo.
Scarce. Baltimore, Md. 1914. $5.00
42 Braithwaite, William Stanley, (ed.) Our
lady's Choir: a Contemporary Anthology
of Verse by Catholic Sisters. % vellum.
Boston 1931. $6.00
One of 500 copies signed by the editor.
43 His own scrapbook of clippings of
his articles and reviews. A-K. $7.50
44 Brawley, Benjamin. D,.ctor Dillard of
the Jeanes Fund. Intro. b: Anson Phelps
Stokes. N. Y. (1930). $3.50
45 A Short History of the American
Negro. 1st ed. N. Y. 1913. $3.50
46 A Short History of English Drama.
N. Y. (1921). $5.00
47 Women of Achievement. (Biogra-
phies of Negro Women.) 92 pp. 12mo.
Scarce. (Chicago 1919). $3.50
48 Brewer, J. Mason. Negrito: Negro Dia-
lect Poems of the Southwest. Ill. 100 pp.
Wr. San Antonio 1933. $2.50
49 Negro Legislators of Texas and
Their Descendants. A History of the Negro
in Texas Politics from the Reconstruction
to Disfranchisement. 134 pp. Ill. Dallas
(1935). $2.50
50 The Word on the Brazos: Negro
Preacher Tales from the Brazos Bottoms
of Texas. Foreword by J. Frank Dobie.
Ill. Austin 1953. $3.50
51 Brierre, Jean F. Les Horizons sans Ciel.
I-Province. 234 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince
(ca. 1950). $4.50
52 Brooks, Charles H. The Offic;al History
and Manual of the Grand United Order of
Odd Fellows in America. A Chronological
Treatise. Ill. Phila. 1902. $5.00
53 Brooks, Gwendolyn. Maud Martha. 180
pp. N. Y. 1953. $2.50

54 Brooks, W. Sampson. Footprints of a
Black Man. The Holy Land. Ill. 317 pp.
4to. (St. Louis 1915). $5.00
55 What a Black Man Saw in a White
Man's Country: Some Account of a Trip
to the Land of the Midnight Sun. 4th Ed.
111. 59 pp. Wr. (Some margins torn).
(Minneapolis 1899). $2.50
56 Brown, Lloyd L. Iron City. A novel.
255 pp. Wr. N. Y. 1951. $1.50
57 Brown, Rev. Norman W. Keys to the
i...1 ..- Pi, .., ed by the Bethel A. M. E.
' .1'1,,, \',.l. ill., Tenn. 15 pp. W r. Nash-
ville (no date). $1.00
58 Brown, Sterling, et al. Negro Caravan.
N. Y. 1941. $4.50
59 Brown, William J. The Life of William
J. Brown of Providence, R. I. With Per-
sonal Recollections of Incidents in Rhode
Island. Providence 1883. $6.00
60 Brown, William Wells. Visit of a Fugi-
tive Slave to the Grave of Wilberforce.
pp. 70-76, in Autographs for Freedom. Ed.
by Julia Griffiths. Auburn 1854. $3.50
Also: J. M. Langston, Frederick Douglass.
61 Bullock, Samuel H. They Loved Him
. the Dramatic Story of the Pleasant Hill
Baptist Church. (Boston 1951). $3.00
Full-page signed inscription by the author.
62 Burton, Thomas William. What Exper-
ience Has Taught Me. An Autobiography.
Cincinnati (1910). $3.50
63 Butler, Anna Land. Album of Love Let-
ters unsentt) Vol I. Morning til Noon. 63
pp. N. Y. 1953. $2.00
64 Calixte, Colonel D. P. Haiti. Le Calvaire
d'un Soldat. Habent sua fata libelli. 154 pp.
Wr. N. Y. 1939. $3.50
65 Haiti. The Calvary of a Soldier. 125
pp. N. Y. 1939. $3.50
66 Camphor, Alexander Priestley. Mission-
ary Story Sketches. Folk-Lore from Africa.
Ill. 346 pp. Cincinnati (1909). $3.50
67 Carlisle, Edward E. & Josephine E. His-
torical Sketches of the Ancient Negro. A
Compilation. Boston (1920). $3.50
68 Carter, Jean. Country Gentleman, a Play.
64 pp. N. Y. (1950). $2.50
69 Carter, Martin. Poems of Resistance
from British Guiana. 18 pp. Wr. London
1954. $.75
0T Cashin, Herschel V. et al. Under Fire
W\\ith the Tenth U. S. Cavalry. Being a
Brief, Comprehensive Review of the Negro's
Participation in the Wars of the United
States. 111. 361 pp. Hinges cracked. Chi-
cago (1902). $3.50
70a The same. Wr. $3.00
71 Catalogne, Gerard de. Haiti devant son
Destin. Preface de Louis Zephirin. 305 pp.
Wr. Port-au-Prince (ca. 1930). $6.00

72 Cayton, Horace R. The Bitter Crop, pp.
174-193 in: "Northwest Harvest: a Regional
Stock-Taking." ed. by V. I. O. Chittick.
N. Y. 1948. $2.50
73 Chancy, Emmanuel. L'Independance Na-
tionale d'Haiti. Etude Historique. 336 pp.
(Civer bound upside down). Paris 1884.
74 Charmant, Rodolphe. La Vie Incrovable
d'Alcius. 111. 353 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince
(1946). $3.50
75 Chase, Mrs. Arabella Virginia. A Pecul-
iar People. 79 pp. 12mo. Wash. D. C. 1905.
:ssa;ys on the Negro rtae.
76 Chesnutt, Charles W. The Conjure Wo-
man. 1st ed. Boston 1899. $5.00
76a The same, later ed. $3.00
77 Frederick Douglass. 16mo. Boston
1899. $5.00
Pirsft Idition. In the "Beacon Biographies" series.
78 The Marrow of Tradition. 1st ed.
Boston 1901. $6.00
79 The Wife of His Youth and Other
Stories of the Color Line. Ill. by Clyde O.
De Land. Boston 1899. $5.00
80 Cineas, J. B. Le Choc en Retour: Ro-
man. 293 pp. Wr. (Port-au-Prince) 1948.
81 Le Drame de la Terre. 171 pp. Wr.
Haiti 1933. $4.50
82 I.'Heritage Sacre: Roman Paysan.
214 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince (1945). $4.50
83 Clement, George Clement. Boards for
Life's Building. Religious addresses. 156
pp. Cincinnati (1924). $3.50
84 Clinton, Bishop George W. Christianity
under the Searchlight. (Sermons). Nashville
1909. $4.50
85 Coleman, Albert Evander. The Romantic
Adventures of Rosy the Octoroon with
Some Account of the Persecution of the
Southern Negroes During the Reconstruc-
tion Period. Boston (1929). $3.50
86 Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle. Cheri ;tnd the
Last of Cheri. N. Y. 1953. $3.50
87 The Gentle Libertine. Transl. by R.
C. B. N. Y. 1931. $1.75
88 Gigi, Chance Acquaintances, and
Julie de Carneilhan. N. Y. 1952. $3.50
89 My Mother's House and Sido. N. Y.
1953. $3.50
90 Collett, Rev. J. H. The Doctrines and
Discipline of the African Methodist Epis-
copal Church. 23rd rev. ed. 468 pp. 12mo.
(Lacks last leaf of index.) Phila. 1905. $2.50
91 Comhaire-Sylvain, Suzanne. Les Contes
Haitiens. 2 vols. 4to, wr. Wctteren-Port-
au-Prince 1937. $10.00
al -Mean T'l'Eau; II--onoint .nmmal oil De-
motn tog'nisoe.

92 Constantine, Learie. Colour Bar. Lon-
don (1954). $3.50
93 Cooper, Anna Julia. A Voice from the
South, by a Black Woman of the South.
Portrait. Shaken. Xenia, Ohio, 1892. $3.00
94 Cotter, Joseph S. Negro Tales. 1st ed.
N. Y. 1912. $5.00
95 Cotter, Joseph S. Jr. The Band of
Gideon and Other Lyrics. 29 pp. Boards.
Boston (1918). $3.50
96 Cotton, Ella Earls. A Spark for My Peo-
ple: The Sociological Autobiography of a
Negro Teacher. N. Y. (1954). $4.00
97 Coward, Gladys McFadden. See How
They Play. Ill. by author. 51 pp. N .Y. 1953.
A pictorial tour through an orchestra told in
98 Crawford, Issac. Weeds and Other
Poems. 61 pp. B'klyn 1953. $2.00
99 Creole, Coeur. Saint-Pierre-Martinique.
1635-1902. Ill. 502 pp. Wr. Paris 1905. $4.00
100 Crite, Allan Rohan. Were You There
When They Crucified My Lord. A Negro
Spiritual in Illustrations by Allan Rohan
Crite. 4to. Cambridge, Mass. $2.75
101 Crogman, W. H. Talk for the Times.
11l. 2nd ed. (Inscribed). Cincinnati (1896).
102 Cromwell, Otelia and Lorenzo Dow
Turner and Eva B. Dykes. Readings from
Negro Authors for Schools and Colleges
with a Bibliography of Negro Literature.
N. Y. (1931). $5.00
103 Crummell, Alex. Africa and America.
Addresses and Discourses. Springfield,
Mass. 1891. $6.00
104 The Duty of a Rising Christian
State to Contribute to the World's Well-
Being and Civilization. Annual Oration
before the Common Council & Citizens of
Monrovia, Liberia-July 26, 1855. 31 pp.
\Vr. London 1856. $4.50
105 Cugoano, Ottobat. Narrative of the
Enslavement of Ottobat Cugoano, a Native
of Africa; published by himself, in the Year
1787. Appendix in: The Negro's Memorial,
of Abolitionist's Catechism; by An Aboli-
tionist. (pp. 120-127). Scarce. 127 pp. Full
calf. (Hinge cracked). London 1825. $8.50
106 Cullen, Countee. The Ballad of the
Brown Girl. An Old Ballad Retold. 1st ed.
11 pp. N. Y. 1927. $7.50
107 Heritage (and Three other poems)
ini Some Recent New York University
Verse. ed. by D. L. Blum. N. Y. 1926. $3.00
108 Sonnet to a Colored Dancer. p. 143
In: The Poets of the Future. A College
Anthology for 1921-1922. Henry T. Schnitt-
kind, ed. Boston (1922). $2.50

109 Caroling Dusk. An A.i rl,....., of
Verse by Negro Poets. 1st ed. N. Y. 1927.
110 Culp. D. W., M. D., (ed.) Twentieth
Century Negro Literature ... by One Hun-
dred of America's Greatest Negroes. Ill.
472 pp. 4to. Napierville, Ill., (1902). $6.00
111 Cuney, Waring, Langston Hughes and
Bruce McM. Wright (eds.) Centennial An-
thology Lincoln University Poets. 1st ed.
72 pp. N. Y. (1954). $3.00
112 Cuthbert, Marion. Songs of Creation.
(Poetry). 46 pp. N. Y. (1949). $2.50
113 Dabbadie, Lois. Belgique, F ranch e,
Grande Bretagne et Irlande. 53 pp. Port-
Louis, Tie Maurice. 1919. $7.50
incribhed by author.
114 Dabney, Wendell P. Cincinnati's Co-
lored Citizens. Historical. S ..1.-.;. .1 and
Pi..'r.,,lo,.l 111. 437 pp. .- ,,. .I Cin-
c ... ). $4.50
115 Davis, Allison, and John Dollard. Child-
ren of Bondage: the Personality Develop-
ment of Negro Youth in the Urban South.
Wash. 1940. $3.50
116 -, Burleigh B. Gardner, and Mary R.
Gardner. Deep South: A social anthropo-
'..; 1 tudy of caste and class. Chicago
-11"- $4.50
117 Davis, Benjamin J., William Z. Foster,
et al. The Conmmunist Position on the Ne-
gro Question. 61 pp. Wr. N. Y. 1947. $1.50
118 Davis, Stanley A. This is Liberia. 151
pp. N. Y. 1953. $3.50
119 Day, Helen Caldwell. Color, Ebony.
(Autobiography). 182 pp. N. Y. 1951. $2.25
120 de Lisser, Herbert G. Morgan's Daugh-
ter. (Novel). London (1953). $3.00
121 Psyche. (Novel). London (1952).
122 Twentieth Century Jamaica. Ill.
208 pp. Wr. Kingston 1913. $5.00
123 The White Witch of Rosehall.
(Novel). London (1950). $3.00
124 Denis, L., F. Duvalier, and Bonhomme.
La Critique: les Tendances d'une Genera-
tion. Preface de M. Price-Mars. 189 pp.
Wr. N. p. (1934). $4.00
At hadl of title, "Collection des Griots."
125 Dorsinville, Roger. Barricres: Piece eni
Trois Actes. 30 pp. Wr. (Port-au-Prince)
ca. 1946. $1.50
126 Douglass, Frederick. The Anti-Slavery
Movement: A Lecture before the Rochester
Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society. 44 pp. Wr.
(Rare. Shaken). Rochester 1855. $7.50
127 The Heroic Slave. pp. 174-239, in
Autographs for Freedom. Boston 1853.

128 Introduction to Duplicate copy of
the Souvenir From the Afro-American
League of Tennessee to Hon. James M.
Ashley of Ohio. ed. by Benj. W. Arnett.
851 pp. plus appendix. Large 8vo. Phila.
1894. $7.50
129 Letter, pp. 93-95 in A Memorial of
Crispus Attucks et al. Boston 1899. $3.50
130 Life and Times of Frederick Doug-
lass Written by Himself. His Early Life as
a Slave, His Escape from Bondage, and His
Complete History to the Present Time . .
New rev. ed. 752 pp. Boston 1893. $7.50
131 The same. (entenarv memorial sub-
scribers' ed. Ill. N. Y. (1941). $7.50
132 Narrative of the Life of Frederick
Douglass an American Slave. Written by
Himself. 128 pp. 12mo. (Cover worn).
Dublin 1845. $7.50
133 What the Black Man Wants. Speech
ca. 1864 in, The Equality of All Men Before
the Law Claimed and Defended in speeches
by VW. D. Kelly, W. Phillips and F. Doug-
lass and letters from E. Wright and Wim.
Heigh on. 43 pp. Sewn. Boston 1865. $3.00
134 Du Bois, W. E. B. Dusk of Dawn.
Scarce. N. Y. (1940). $6.00
135 From Servitude to Service. Lecture
on .\tlanta University. 48 pp. Wr. Atlanta
1906. $2.00
136 Tllhe Gift of Black Folk. The Negro
in the M .,t..- of America. 349 pp. Boston
1924. $7.50
137 The same. Cover stained. $6.00
138 The Negro. 254 pp. N. Y. (1915).
139 The Suppression of the African
Slave-Trade to the U. S. A. N. Y. 1954.
With new note, Apologia, by the author.
140 Ef forts for Social Betterment
among Negro Americans: Report of a So-
cial Study made by Atlanta University. 136
pp. Vr. Atlanta 1909. $3.75
Atlanta iT. Publications. No. 14.
141 The Negro American Family: Re-
port of a Social Study made ... at Atlanta
University. 156 pp. Wr. Atlanta 1908. $3.75
Atlanta I. Publications, No. 13.
142 The Negro Artisan: Report of a So-
cial Study made under the Direction of
Atlanta University. 192 pp. Wr. Atlanta
1902. $4.50
Atlanta 1'. Publications. No. 7.
143 Some Efforts of American Negroes
for their own Social Betterment: Report
of an Investigation under the Direction of
Atlanta University. 66 pp. Wr. Atlanta
Atlanta U. Publications, No. 3.

144 The Negro American Artisan: Re-
port of a Social Study made by Atlanta
University. 144 pp. Wr. Atlanta 1912. $4.00
Atlanta U. Publications. No. 17.
145 (DuBois, W. E. D., E. Franklin
Frazier, James Weldon Johnson, et al.), The
A in e r i c a n Negro. The Annals, Vol.
CXXXX, Nov. 1928. 359 pp. 4to. Phila.
1928. $3.50
145a The same. Wr. $2.50
146 and Guy B. Johnson. Encyclopedia
of the Negro. Preparatory Volume with
Reference Lists and Reports. Scarce. N. Y.
1945. $7.50
147 Dunbar, Paul Laurence. Best Stories
of. N. Y. $2.50
148 Complete Poems. N. Y. $3.00
149 In Old Plantation Days (Novel).
Ill. 307 pp. Hinge slightly cracked. N. Y.
1903. $3.00
150 Little Brown Baby. Ill. N. Y. $2.00
151 Lyrics of Love and Laughter. 1st
ed. N. Y. 1903. $3.50
152 Lyrics of Lowly Life. 1st ed. 208 pp.
12mo. N. Y. 1896. $4.00
153 Majors and Minors: Poems. Por-
trait. Sq. 12mo, cloth. (Toledo 1895). $40.00
First Edition, First Issue of this Johnson "High
Spot." excellent copy, from the Jean Hersholt
library, and enclosed in cloth folding-case, and red
1/2 morocco slipcase.
154 Elias, T. Olawale. Groundwork of Ni-
gerian Law. London (1954). $7.50
155 Ellison, John Malcus. Tensions and
Destiny. 135 pp. Richmond 1953. $2.00
Religious essays, sermons and prayers.
156 Everett, Faye P. Adventures with Ed-
ucational Progress. Boston. $2.00
157 The Colored Situation. Boston. $2.00
158 Everett, Sybil Byrd. Adventures with
Life. Boston. $2.00
159 Faine, Jules. Le Creole dans l'Univers.
Tome I. Le Mauricien. 214 pp. Wr. Port-
au-Prince 1939. $6.00
160 Fauset, Arthur H. Sojourner Truth:
God's Faithful Pilgrim. Chapel Hill (1938).
161 Felps, Mrs. Jettie. The Lost Tongues.
146 pp. Wr. Corpus Christi (1947). $1.50
162 Our Land and Homes. 23 pp. 12mo.
Wr. Burnet, Tex. N. d. $1.00
Essay on land use.
163 Fernandez Spencer, Antonio. Nueva
Poesia Dominicana. 341 pp. Wr. Madrid
1953. $4.00
164 Firmin, A. Lettres de Saint-Thomas.
Etudes Sociologiques, Historiques et Litter-
aires. 426 pp. Wr. Paris 1910. $5.00
165 M. Roosevelt, President des Etats-
Unis, et la Republique d'Haiti. 501 pp. Wr.
(Cover torn). Paris 1905. $6.00
166 Fisher, Miles Mark. Negro Slave Songs
in the U. S. 223 pp. Ithaca 1953. $4.00

167 Fisher, William. The Waiters. (Novel).
1st ed. Cleveland (1953). $2.50
168 Floyd, Silas Xavier. Life of Charles
T. Walker ("The Black Spurgeon"). Nash-
ville 1902. $4.50
169 Forten, Charlotte L. The Journal of
Charlotte L. Forten, ed. by R. A. Billing-
toll. N. Y. 1953. $5.00
170 Fouchard, Jean. Les Marrons du Syl-
labaire. Preface du Dr. Price-Mars. Ill.
168 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1953. $7.50
171 Franklin, John Hope. From Slavery to
Freedom: History of American Negroes.
N. Y. 1947. $5.00
172 Frazier, E. Franklin. Negro Youth at
the Crossways. Wash., D. C. $2.25
173 Fula, Arthur. Johannie giet die Beeld.
162 pp. Johannesburg 1954. $3.00
Novel in Afrikaans.
174 Gholson, Rev. Edward. From Jeru-
salem to Jerico. (Religious fiction). Boston
(1943). $3.00
175 Gleason, Eliza Atkins. The Southern
Negro and the Public Library. (Signed
inscription by the author). Chicago (1941).
176 Goodwin, Berkeley Ruby. It's Good to
Be Black. N. Y. 1953. $3.50
177 Govern, Rena Greenlee. Democracy's
Task. Poetry. 36 pp. (N. Y.) 1945. $3.00
178 Graham, Shirley. Ihr Ergebenster
Diener. Berlin 1952. $3.50
German edition of "Your Most fumble Servant,"
the life of Benjamin Banneker.
179 Jean Baptiste Pointe De Sable:
Founder of Chicago. N. Y. 1953. $2.75
180 The Story of Pocahontas. (Juve-
nile). 180 pp. N. Y. 1953. $1.50
181 -, and G. D. Lipscomb. Dr. George
Washington Carver, Scientist. Illus. by
Elton C. Fax. N. Y. (1946). $2.00
182 Granger, Lester B. and Jackie Robin-
son. Communist Influence among Negroes
-Fact or Illusion? Statements be fore
House Committee on Un-American Activ-
ities, July 14, 19, 1949. 15 pp. Wr. (N. Y.
ca. 1949). $1.00
183 Green, John P. Fact Stranger Than
Fiction. Seventy-five Years of a Busy Life.
Scarce. Cleveland 1920. $7.50
184 Greene, Harry W. Holders of Doctor-
ates among American Negroes. Boston.
185 Griggs, Sutton E. Pointing the Way.
Nashville 1908. $5.00
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. Critical Attempt and a Bibliography of
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ielrtmlan's iIistorical Sries No. 7.


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ITinding somewhat torn; plates danipslained.
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Wilmington 1816. $6.00
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Milwaul ., I-'- $2.50
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s-t ory r ... Illinois, race riots.
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V'ol. 1 1441-1700
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Vol. Itt New\ England and the AMiddle Colonies
\' IV The Rorder Colonies and the Southern
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ateur Minstrel Guide and Burnt Cork En-
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(Slightly shaken, slightly stained, lower
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A scarce imprint.
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(,n aislruiplion of I'aoul ltobeson's Concert, & after-
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Poemns ly Whittler, Emma MIitchll, Garrison,
and others.
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wick and history of . anti-slavery cause
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Boston 1836. $3.50

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of print. N. Y. N. d. (ca. 1940?). $.75
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Abstract of Evidence before a Select Com-
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IRale edition. Binding crudely repaired; heavily
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the Negro Race, Extracted from the French.
Orig. cloth, paper label. Charleston, S. C.
1837. $6.00
"Extracted from the History of Mankind, by Dr.
Virey, L French physil:ian." Dedi ted to the Liter-
;iry and P'hilosophical Society of Charleston. Loose
in binding.
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Section on: La Revolte Negre.
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on the territorial question. (Slavery). 16
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pp. Wr. (frayed and detached). Boston
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Scottsboro trial and others.

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Includes rhapl, r on (hp N. A. .. C. P.
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Biography. N. Y. (1953). $4.00
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Issued as No. S of Papers from the Society for
the Diffusion of Political Knowledge.
724 Horsmanden, Daniel. The New York
Conspiracy, or a History of the Negro Plot,
with the journal of the Proceedings Ac',il t
the Conspirators at New York in 1711-2.
8vo. Old V2 calf. Scarce (Foxed, worn).
N. Y. 1810. $30.00
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ful: Slavery, the Punishment of Man's Sin.
Argument before general synod of Reform-
ed Protestant Dutch Church Oct. 1855. 136
pp. New Brunswick 1856. $5.00
Pro-slavery. Presentation copy from author.
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Intenmperance and the Slave Trade: an Ad-
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pp. Wr. Amherst 1828. $2.50
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York a la Nouvelle-Orleans. 420 pp. V2
morocco. Paris 1904. $2.50
Iour chapters (1,. .57-407) devoted to the Negro.
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oea.ctions of children to teachers of other lands,
including two Nigerian women.
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29 pp. Wr. Worcester 1 ,.- 1887. $2.00
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Barclay. Account of Emancipation of Slaves of
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And others.

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Number 1 lacks ip. 5-12 Number 2 lacks 2 leaves.
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whiteit e on Ilack," short story of Negro segrega-
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Scottshoro Case
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"lreiublished by the Congressional Republican
,'omnmtlree.' Dnamrstained.
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I':ssing references to slavery.
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1 reconstruction
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Alultigrapllhed hlalnl \\- ltten note inserted on slip at
i.iad l it xt ole that the author recalled the book
t'roI tirl lltion, "ia auoe tie no llbreuses erreurs
polr;iphillltes it atutres."
962 Bach, Marcus. Strange Altars. 254 pp.
insidede storv" of Voodoo in Haiti.) (Pen-L
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(Documents pour l'Histoire). 224 pp., 8vo,
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1 aitian affairs, during 1897. With a signed pre-
sentation from the author to J. J. Chancy.

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London 1801. $10.00
Intclludes Historlial Survey of Saint Domingo, and
History of the WVar in the West Indies.
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en Former d'Instruction, destine pour les
Colonies. Donnec a Paris le 10 Juillet 1791.
56 pp. 4to, unbound. Paris, Imprimerie
Royale, 1791. $22.50
Loi 10i7. passed by the Assemblee Naltionale. Re-
later to laws,. administration, etc., of St. Doomingue.
984 French Revolution. Negro Emancipa-
tion: Album of 12 post cards. 4 in color,
from engravings in French museums of
emancipating work in revolution. (Paris
1939). $1.50
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les Pretentions tdu Saccrdoce, et les Dan-
gers de Revoir le Diademe Soumis a la
Tiare. (Haiti). 100 pp. Wr. Londres 1821.
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Wr. Paris 1937. $3.00
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-ler Jan. 1920. Pour la Patrie, Pour les
Aieux. Pour nos fils. 18 pp. Sewed. (Cover
somewhat worn). (Port-au- Prince ca. 1920).
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Resultats a Saint-Domingue et a la Guade-
loupe. Traduit de l'Anglais. 207 pp. (-li .tl~
waterstained). Paris 1835. $3.50
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eral Legitime President de la Republique
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d'Haiti). La Voix des Cites Ouvrieres d'-
Haiti. Ill. 16 pp. 4to, wr. (Port-au-Prince
ca. 1953 $1.50
993 Ligue Feminine d'Action Sociale.
Fenmnes Haitiennes. Collection du Tricin-
quantenaire de l'Independance d'Haiti. 262
pp. Wr. (Port-au-Prince ca. 1953). $4.00
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the expulsion of the French to the death
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288 pp. Wr. (Mexico 1947). $2.50
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Port-au-Prince 1935. $3.50
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1(00 pp. of photographs, some in color, with
brief descriptions in English and French.
4to Bds. Port-au-Prince (1953). $7.50
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Port-au-Prince 1951. $10.00
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III, West Indian & American Territories.
497 pp. .ondon 1953. $13.00
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de ]a Derniere Expedition de Saint Do-
:i.i.. -. depuis le depart de l'Armee des
Cotes de France, jusqu'a l'evacuation de la
Colonies; suivi des moyens de retablisse-
inclit de cctte Colonie: Ei Deux Parties.
257 pp. Paris (1805). $17.50
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Paul Roussier. Ill. 361 pp. Wr. Paris 1937.
I.etters b, the comma.nder-in-chief of the French
Ior,'e on St. Domingo in 1802.

1004 Legare, H. S. Speeches on Recogni-
tion of Hayti, delivered in U. S. House of
Representatives 18 Dec. 1838, 11 & 15 Jan.
1839. 24 pp. Sewed. Wash. 1839. $2.50
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Sancti Dominici Celebrantibus Saeculo Sep-
timo Decimno. 74 pp. \r. Parisiis 1895. $5.00
Thesis, Paris facultyy of Letters.
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Annees 1843-46. 407 pp. Port-au-Prince 1904.
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tion des Francais a Saint-Domingue, sous
le Consulat de Napoleon Bonaparte, ..
suivi des memoires et notes d'Isaac Louver-
ture, sur la meme expedition, et sur la vie
de son pere. 348 pp. Map. Paris 1825. $17.50
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institutionss des Colonies Francoises de
1'Amerique sous le Vent. 6 vols. Small, thick
4to. Original calf. (Covers worn; internally
somewhat dampstained). Rare. Paris (ca.
1784-90). $150.00
t)ne of the most important collections of docu-
i-nnis of colonial St. Domingffi, Martinioue and
1010 Nanita, Abelardo R. Trujillo: a Full
Size Portrait. 2nd ed. rev. 80 pp. Wr. San-
tiago 1939. $1.25
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Mexico 1947. $2.00
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ture pp. 468-94. 562 pp. (Backstrip torn).
Boston 1863. $2.50
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count of the Black Empire of Hayti
Numerous Copperplates. (Map and the
outer fold of the Plan of Cap Francois are
lacking, needs rebinding. 4to, % calf. (Lon-
don) 1805. $15.00
1014 St. Domingo of Het Land der
Zwarten in Hayti en Deszelfs Omwente-
ling. 2 vols. Plates, maps, Wr. Amsterdam
1896. $17.50
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l'Administration de St. Domingue. 256 pp.
8vo. unbound. N.p. 1785. $12.50
1016 Histoire Philosophique et Politique
des etablissemens et du commerce des Euro-
peens dans les deux Indes. Nouvelle edition,
corrigee ct augmentee d'apres les manu-
scrits autographe- de l'auteur. 13 vols., incl.
atlas vol. Ill. (Some bindings somewhat
worn, text in excellent condition). Paris
1820. $25.00
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N. Y. 1954. $5.00

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ing 9 full page color plates. 134 pp. N. Y.
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Haiti-Estados Unidos-Puerto Rico. 174 pp.
Wr. San Juan 1940. $3.50
Being Vol. X, No. 2 (1939 D) of the "Boletin (de
la Iniversidad dei Puerto Itico".
1020 Rouzier, S. IDictionnaire Geographique
et Administratif Universel d'Haiti Guide
V General en Haiti. Vols. 1 and 2. Numerous
folding and other maps, and portraits. 2
vols. Paris (1891). $15.00
Rare. The first two volumes of this ambitious
,ncyclopedie compend, covering the letters A through

1021 Ruesch, Erwin. Die Revolution von
Saint Domingue. 210 pp. Wr. Hamburg
1930. $6.00
Vol. of Item's "Uebeersee-Oeschichte."
1022 Saint-Amand, Edris. Bon Dieu Rit.
Roman (Haitien). 320 pp. Wr. Paris (1952)
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pullie avec Commentaires et Formulaire;
Notes et Annexes a l'Usage des Fonction-
naires. Officers et Agents de la Police rur-
ale. 173 pp. Wr. Paris 1911. $7.50
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Black Republic. Map. 343 pp. London 1884.
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duit de l'Anglais par J. West. Ouvrage ac-
compagne d'une carte. 336 pp. Wr. Paris,
1886. $3.00
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de Saint-Domingue dans ses Rapports avec
la Politique Interieure et Exterieure de la
France. 81 pp. Wr. Paris 1925. $10.00
1027 Santhonax, Citoyen. Copies de Lettres
ecrites au Ministre de la Marine. 3 pp. Fold-
ed; uncut. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale,
(1793). $15.00
Two letters hy the civil commissioner at St. Do-
mingue. (lated from Cap-PFranois 11 Feb. 1791.
1028 Schoenrich, Otto. Santo Domingo: a
Country with a Future. Ill. N. Y. 1918. $5.00
1029 Shepard, A. K. Papers on Spanish
America. 75 pp., % morocco, (Binding
broken). Albany, N. Y. 1868. $3.50
Island of St. Domingo: Letter from Panama;
Mexico; etc.
1030 Senneterre, de Mme. de. La Dot de
Suzette, ou Histoire, racontee par elle-
rmene. 222 pp. 16mo. (Saint Domingue).
(shaken). Paris 1798. $6.00

1031 Stanislaus, Francis Alexander, Baron
de Wimpffen. A Voyage to Saint Domingo
1788-90. Tr. by J. Wright from original
unpublished ins. Fold. map. 389 pp. (Front
hinge and backstrip slightly torn). London
1817. $17.50
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SRevolution in San Domingo. Boston 1914.
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et 1757, d'apres la Correspondance de 1'Or-
donnateur Lambert. 111 pp. Wr. Paris ca.
1920. $4.00
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Assistance to the Republic of Haiti. Mis-
sion to Haiti: Report. Ill. 327 pp. Wr. Lake
Success, July 1949. $2.50
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I La Societe et la Vie Creoles sous l'ancien
regime (1629-1789). 384 pp. Wr. Paris 1909.
1036 Valverde, Antonio Sanchez. Idea del
Valor de la Isla Espanola, y Utilidades, que
de ella Puede Sacar su Monarquia. Small
sq. 4to, later Y2 morocco. (Tear in title-
page). Madrid 1785. $27.50
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I'The Life of Christophe, King of Haiti. Ill.
203 pp. N. Y. (1930). $1.75
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neuve. Code des Colons de Saint-Domingue
. .avec des notes explicatives. 348 pp. Wr.
Scarce. Paris 1826. $22.50
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merce de la France en 1820 et 1821. (Saint
Domingue). 207 pp. (Some pencilled notes
in margins). Paris 1822. $7.50
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4 vols.: Panorama d'Haiti, Echos d'Haiti,
Le Culte du Vaudoux, La Diocese de Port-
de-Paix. Ill. 1,636 pp. Wr. (Vol. TV scarce).
Wetteren (Belgique) 1948. $25.00
1040a The same. Vols. 1-3. Wr. 3 vols.
1041 Victor. Rene. Les Voix de Nos Rues.
93 pp. Oblong 8vo, wr. (Port-au-Prince
1949). $2.50
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Voyage et Prospections Radiesthesiaues.
Ill. 163 pp. I.arge 8vo, wr. Paris 1942. $3.50
1043 Wade, B. F. et al. Report of the Com-
mission of Inquiry to Santo Domingo, with
the Introductory Message of the President,
Special Reports. Wash. 1871. $3.50


1044 Blanchet, Jules. Politique Etrangere (N.d., ca. 1938).
ct Representation Exterieure. 65 pp. Wr.
(Haiti). ('ear in margins and covers, not 1045 Bontemps,
affecting text. Faded). Port-au-Prince Novel. Scarce. N

Arna. Drums at Dusk. A
. Y. 1939. $6.00

1046 Brierre, Jean-F. Les Horizons Sans
Ciel-Province. 234 pp. Wr. Limited ed.
No. 20 of 25 numbered copies on coated
paper. Inscribed by the author. Port-au-
I'rince (1935). $7.50
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27 Mars 1883, Recueil de Documents Manu-
scrits et Inedits, ler vol. 233 pp. Wr. (Shak-
en, covers worn, unopened). Port-au-Prince
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12 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1938. $7.50
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Farm Boy. Autobiography. 111. 177 pp.
Nashville (1944). $3.50
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The Story of Vanished Negro Civilizations.
Ill. 208 pp. London (1954). $5.00
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Haiti a l'Usage de l'Enseignment Second-
aire. Cours moyen Premiere partie-1492 a
1804. 111 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1907. $3.00
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P'hilologique du Vodou. Communication
faite a la society d'histoire et de geographic
d'Haiti. 40 pp. Wr. (Covers worn). Port-
au-Prince 1924. $6.00
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Magie. 47 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince 1937.
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the Civil Rights Mass Meeting Held at Lin-
coln Hall, October 22, 1883. Speeches of
Hon. Frederick Douglass and Robert G.
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gins). The Lion and the Archer: Poems.
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Wr. I'ort-au-Prince (ca. 1950). $5.00

1062 Journal of Negro Education. Wash.,
D. C. Vol. XTX, Nos. 1-4 1950. $5.00
1063 Wash., D. C. Vol. XX, Nos. 1-4,
1951. $5.00
1064 Lamming, George. The Emigrants.
(Novel of \West Indians in London). Lon-
don (1954). $3.75
1065 Laye, Camara. The Dark Child. (No-
vel). N. Y. (1954). $2.75
1066 Leon, Rulx. Les Maladies en Haiti.
Collection du Tricinquantenaire (1804-1954)
343 pp. Wr. Port-au-Prince (1953). $4.00
1067 Mayard, Constantin. Haiti: Confer-
ence Prononcee le 28 janvier 1934 pour
inaugurer la session annuelle de 1'Oeuvre
des Isoles Coloniaux. 28 pp. Wr. (Poitiers
1934). $2.50
1068 Maximilien, Louis. Le Vodou Haitien:
Rite Radas-Canzo. Preface du Dr. Pierre
Mabille. Ill. xxviii & 224 pp. Wr. Port-au-
i'rince (n.d., recent). $7.50
1069 Minuty, Julien V. Orchidees. (Poesie).
Collection du sesquicentenaire de l'indepen-
dance. 49 pp. 12mo, wr. Port-au-Prince
1953. $2.50
1070 Oriol, Jacques, et al. Le Mouvement
Folklorique en Haiti. Serie II, No. 9. 116 pp.
Wr. Port-au-Prince 1952. $3.00
1071 Phareaux, Lallier C. La Vie Contemp-
oraine. Collection du Tricinquantenaire de
1'Independance d'Haiti. 630 pp. Wr. Port-
au-Prince 1953. $4.50
1072 Pittsburgh Courier. Fifty Years of
Progress. (21 pamphlet reprints concerning
the Negro in sports, music, theater, etc.,)
Each pamphlet ca. 7 pp. Wr. The Lot: $5.00
1073 Pompilus, Pradel. Pages de Littera-
ture Haitienne. Commentes et mises en
place avec tableau de la literature
Haitienne, a l'usage des classes d'humanites.
138 P1). Wr. Port-au-Prince 1951. $6.00
1074 Rigaud, Milo. Rites et Rythmes. Ltd.
ed. 40 pp. 12mo, wr. (Poitiers 1933). $4.50
1075 La Tradition Voudoo et le Voudoo
Haitien (Son Temple, Ses Mysteres, Sa
Magic). 433 pp. Small 4to, wr. Photograph-
ies, de Odette lennesson-Rigaud. Paris
1953. $10.00
1076 Toomer, Jean. The Hill, pp. 295-302
in America & Alfred Stieglitz: A Collective
Portrait. Ed. by Waldo Frank, et al. Ill.
339 pp. N. Y. (1934). $3.00
1077 Vernet, E. Louis. Le Medecin Haitien
Discredite par les siens. 40 pp. Wr. (Port-
au-Prince 1953). $1.75
1078 Williams, Eric (ed). Documents on
British West Indian History, 1807-33. Se-
lected from Public Record Office, London.
406 pp. Wr. Port-of-Spain 1952. $4.50

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Catalog No. 93: Negro Life & Culture


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