Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla.)
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Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Uniform Title: Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Republican
Weekly Republican
Physical Description: v. ; 63 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: s.n.
Publication Date: November 4, 1852
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: "With malice towards none, and charity for all."
General Note: "An official paper of the Fourth Judicial Circuit."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 6 (Feb. 5, 1873) = whole no. 63.
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Three ollarsper il Ie II F ,B O1 ....ICN E PI 'O UGHT T RE lST" ilTESOIlB "S rSi F IT ONiENT F-" i n [* PIHLHE"....

- I I I JC L -r _~ I II I P ~PI b I I

H AVING removed his office from Columbil
X County to Jasksonville, Duval County
r-peotfully informs his friends that he will con
tinue the practice of his profession, as formerly.
He will attend at each and every Term o
the Circuit Court in the several Counties o
the Estern Judicial Circuit, the County o
Hamilton in the Middle Circuit, the ASapremt
Court &t Tallahassee, and the U. S. Court at St
Airegtine. All business entrusted to his carf
ro ive prompt attention.
Address-J. P. SA!DBRSON, Jacksonville
Dusal Covntv, Flortda.
Jacksonville, Jan. 17, 1850. tf
McQueen McIntosh,
WILL attend the Circuit Courts in the Eatern
Circuit; the United States District Court at St
A ,ugustine;! the Supreme Court at Tallahassee;
* r ^Droeut ,,I,- for citimi, in ay part of
either belfre C"n0rt0s or'at hlie Departments.
0*- ADDRESS, valcku0vtet, East Florida.
May 2.1850 tf


Attorney's at Law,
WILL practice in the Eastern Circuit. Business
entruted to their ee will be promptly attended
to. February 19, 1852.-tf:
43-p.Saxannah RepubhIcan please publish tf., and
end their bill to this office.
Prmotices in the United States and State Courts
of the Southern District of Florida.
July 10-tf

Alligator, Columbia Co., East Florida.

Corner Bai- and Jefferson Streets,
October 80, 1851. tf.

,fetors and Commission Mlerchants,
N6. 118, Bay Street.
Strict attention will be given to the sale of Cot-
ton, or other produce, and liberal advances made
when desired.
Jan. 22, 1852. ly.
General Commission Merchants,
154' Front Street, Corner Maiden Lane,
Up Stairs, New York,
WILL ^attend promptly to all business entrusted
to their eare.. Particuar attention given to the
sale:df oCbtton, Lumber, Timber and Turpentine;
ahltol tle purchaseof goods.
.Puehberal'adva ments, made on consignments.
3'-ebruary,19,1852.-ly. *


"An act to provide for the better organiza-
tion of the Treasury, and for the collection
safekeeping, transfer, and disbursement of
- the public revenue," approved August the
sixth, one thousand eight hundred and forty-
six, which relates to the treasurer of the
branch mint at New Orleans.
Sac. 8. And be it further enacted, That,
t if required by the holder, gold in grain or
" lumps shall be refined, assayed, cast into
i bars or ingots, and stamped in said branch
mint, or in the mint of the United States, or
f any of its branches, in such manner as may
. indicate the value and fineness of the bar
or ingot, which shall be paid for by the own-
5 er or holder of said bullion at such rates
) and charges, and under such regulations, as
the director of the mint, under the control
of the Secretary of the Treasury, may from
time to time establish.
SEC. 9. And be it further enacted, That so
soon as the said branch mint is established
-,iwthe State of California, and public notice
.shatll ]e given thereof in the mode to be
-designated by the Secretary of the Treasury,
then so much of the act "making appropria-
tions for the civil and diplomatic expenses
of the Government for the year ending thir-
tieth June, eighteen hundred and fifty-one,
and for other purposes," as provides for the
appointment of an United States assayer,
and the contracting for the assaying and fix-
ing the value of gold in grain or lumps, and
for forming the same into bars, be, and the
whole of the clause containing said provi-
sions shall be hereby repealed.
SEC. 10. And be it further euacted, That
before the Secretary of the Treasury shall
procure or erect the buildings provided for
in the second section of this act, or com-
mence operations under any of the provi-
sions of the same, at San Francisco, State
of California, it shall be'his duty to make
a contract, or contracts, for the erection of
said buildings, and procuring the machinery
necessary for the operations of said mint, at
a sum or sums which shal! not in the whole
exceed the sum of three hundred thousand
dollars, which said contract or contracts
shall be secured by good and sufficient sure-
ties, to the satisfaction of the said Secretary
of the Treasury and the President of the
United States.
Approved July 3, 1852.

[PUBLIC ACT-No. 26.]
ANV ACT to amend an act entitled An act for the
unishment of crimes in the District of Colum-
Whereas, it has been represented that so
much of the third section of the act of which
this act is an amendment as provides a puni-
ishment for the Tarialciciii-ly, wilful, or fraud-
ulent burning of toreii. iams, or outhouses
not adjoining a dwellinghutse, has been con-
structed to apply to the cases of burning
such houses only when they contain mer-
chandise, tobacco, grain, or hay, whereby
offenders have escaped punishment for burn-
ing buildings in which none of said articles
were kept-
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States.of Anter
ica in Congress assembled, That fro in and af-
ter the passage of this act, if- any person or
persons shall maliciously, wilfully, or fraud-
ulently, and with intent to injure or defraud
any other person or persons, or body politic
or corporate, burn or set on fire with intent
to burn, or attempt to set on fire or burn,
any house or outhouse in the District of Co-

pectively, whenever, in his opinion, it may
be deemed expedient. ,
S SEzc. 5.And be it further enacted, That any
location or sale of lands lying in either of
the districts hereby created, made by the
land officers at Dubuque, Iowa city, or Fair.
field, after the passage of this act, and prior
to the receipt by them of instructions from
the Commissioner of the General Land Of-
ffice under this act, shall be as good and va-
lid in law as if this act had not been passed.
[PUBLIC ACT--No. 39.]
AN ACT to protect actual settlers upon the land
on the line of the Central Railroad and branches
by granting pre-emption rights thereto.
Be 4t enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
;ca, i Congress assembled, That each and
every person now an actual settler and oc-
cupant, and who, on the twentieth day of
September, in the year of our Lord'one
thqgand'eight hundred and fifty, had made
.zUctfan actual settlement and improvement
as would have entitled him to a right of pre-
eruption under the act of September fourtfi,
eighteen hundred and forty-one, but for his
failure to give the requisite notice under that
law, or to file proof within due time, on any
tract of land now owned by the United
States and situated within the limits reserved
from sale by order of the Government, be-
cause ot the grant of alternate sections to
the States of Illinois, Mississippi, and Ala-
bama, iii aid of. the construction of the Chi-
cago and Mobile railroad and branches, by
virtue of an act of Congress approved Sep-
tember twentieth, eighteen hundred and fif-
ty, entitled "An act granting the right of way
and making a grant of land to the States of
IllinoisjMississippi, and Alabama, in aid of
the construction of i railroad from Chicago
to Mobile," shall have'the right to purctiase,
at the price established by law in regulating
the salis of said lands, a uuantity of the
tract sa settled on and improved, not less
than forty nor more than one hundred and
sixty acres in legal subdivisions, on which
saidt iiaprovements may be situated : Pro-
vided, 'Ihat any person claiming the right
to purchase under this act shall, before the
actualoffering of the tiact at public sale,
file wiiii the register of the proper land office
a notice describing the land by its numbers,
and make the necessary proof, affidavit and
payment for the land, within twelve months
from the date of this act, -And, provided
further,'That the right of way upon and
across ahy tract of latd claimed under the
provisions of this act. not exceeding two
hundred feet in width, shall be reserved and
retained tor the said railroad and branches,
as the same may be located and constructed.
Approved August 2, 1852.
[PUBLIC ACT-No. 40.]
AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to in-
corporate the Washington Gaslight Company,"
approved July eighth, eighteen hundred and for.
ty-eight. e
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
ica in Congress assembled, That the act ent-....
tied "An a'et to incorporate the Washington
Gaslight, Company, approved July eighth, c
"i^Lite u hundred and forty-eight, be, and the-[
same is'hereby, amended by infkerting-in the f
second section, immediately before the word b
"fifty," the words three hundred and;'1 and in
seventh section, wherever the word "*Wash-
ington" occurs, by inserting immediately
thereafter the words and Goorgelown.

Passed during the First Session of the Thir.
ty-first Congress.
[PUBLIC ACT-No. 24.]
An act to afnend an act entitled 'An act to carry
into effect the Convention between the United
f States and the Emperor of Brazil, of the twen.
ty-seventh day of January, in the year eigh-
f teen hundred and forty-nine," approved March
twenty-ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House oJ
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
ica in Congress assembled, That the Secretary
of the Treasury, in discharging the awards
made by the commissioner under the act "to
carry into effect the Convention between the
United States and the Emperor of Brazil, of
the twenty-seventh day of January, in the
year eighteen hundred and forty-nine," ap-
proved March twenty-ninth, eighteen hun-
'dred and fifty, which is hereby amended,
'shall inAO cases to which the same 'shall
apply,bo'dverned by the provisions of the
eighth section of the act entitled "An act to
carry into effect certain stipulations of the
treaty between the United States of Ameri-
ca and& th' republic of Mexico, of the second
day of February, eighteen hundred and for-
ty-eight," approved March third eighteen
hundred and forty-nine, in the same manner
and to the same extent as if said eighth sec-
tion had been originally a part of said act,
hereby amended: Provided, however, That
any party who shall desire to avail himself
of the provisions of the said eighth section,
shall notify the Secretary of the Treasury
thereof within five days from the passage of
this act, or from the date of said award of
the commissioner to adjust the claims against
(Signed) LINN BOYD,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate pro tempore.
Approved July 3, 1852.

[PUBLIC ACT-No. 25.]
AN ACT to establish a branch of the mint of the
United States in California.
Be it enacted by tie Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
ica in Congress assembled, That a branch of
the mint of the United States be established
in California, to be located by the Secretary
of the Treasury, for the coinage of gold and
SEC. 2. And be it enacted, That suitable
buildings shall be procured or erected, for
carrying on the business of said branch mint;
and the following officers shall be appointed
so soon as the public interest may require
their services, upon the nomination of the
President, [by] and with the advice and
consent of the Senate, to wit : one superin-
tendent, one treasurer, one assayer, one mel-
ter and refiner, and one coiner. And the
sa~D superintendent shall employ and engage
and employ as many clerks and as many
subordinate workmen and servants as shall
be Ilavide4 for by law; and until t1w thirtiethh
rf June, one thousand, eight. hundred and
.fifty-five, t-he salaries of said officers and
clerk shall be as follows: to the superin-
tendent and to the treasurer, the sum of four
thousand five hundred dollars each; to the
assayer,,to the melted and refiner, and to the
-coiner, the sum of three thousand dollars
each; to the clerks, the sum of two thousand
dollars each; to the subordinate workmen
such wages and allowances as are custom-
ary and reasonable, according to their re-
spective stations and occupations.
SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That
the officers and clerks to be appointed under
this act shall take an oath or affirmation be-
fore some judge of the Uoited States, or the
supreme court of the State of California
faithfully and diligentis to perform the du-
ties thereof, and shall each become bound
to the United States of America., with one
or more sureties to the satisfaction of the
director of the mint and the Secretary of the
Treasury, or the district attorney of the
United States for the State of California,
with condition for the faithful and diligent
performance of their offices.
SEC. 4 And be it further enacted, That
the general direction of the business of said
branch of the mint of the United States shall
be under the control and regulation of the
director of the'mint at Philadelprla subject
to the approbation of the Secretary of the
Treasury; and, for that purposes it shall be
the duty of the said director to prescribe such
regulations and require such periodically and
occasionally, a shall appear to him to be ne-
cessary for the purpose of carrying into effect
the intention of tChis act in establishing the
said branch; also, for the purpose of discrimi-
nating the coin which shall be stamped at said
branch and at the. mint itself; and also, for pur-
pose of preserving uniformity of weight,
form and fineness, in the coins stamped at
said branch; and for that purpose, to require
the transmission and delivery to him at the
mint, from time to time, of such parcels of
the coinage of said branch as he shall think
proper, to be subjected to such assays and
tests as he shall direct.

SEC 5. And be it further enacted, That all
the laws and parts of laws now in force for
the regulation of the mint of the United
States, and for the government of the offi-
cers and persons employed therein,'and for
the punishment of all offences connected
with the mint or coinage of the United
States, shall be, and they are hereby, de-
clared to be in full force in relation to the
branch of the mint by this act established,
so far as the same may be applicable there-
SEC. 6. And be it further enacted. That
no permanent location of said mint shall be
made or buildings erected therefore until the
State of California shallpby some law or
other public act, pledge the faith of the
State that no tax shall, at any time, be laid,
assessed, or collected by the said State, or
under the authority of the said State, on
the-said branch mint, or on the buildings
which may be erected therefore, or on the
fixtures and machinery which may be used
therein, or on the lands on which the samp
may be placed; but nothing in this section
contained shall be understood as implying
an admission that any such power of taxa-
tion rightfully exists.
SEc. 7. And be it further enacted, That
the said branch mint shall be the place of
deposit for the public moneys collected in
the custom houses in the State of Califor-
nia, and for such other public moneys as
the Secretary of the Treasury may direct;
and the treasurer of said branch mint shall

the United States lying in Black Rock, in the
county of Erie, and State of New York, be,
and the same is hereby granted to the Lock
port and Buffalo Railroad Company: Provi-
ded, That in the opinion of the President of the
United States such grant be not injurious to
the public interest, and that the location shall
be approved by the President as to the posi-
tion and width of the said railroad: And pro-
videdfurther, That if the said railroad shall
not be completed within two years, or if at
any time after its completion, the said rail-
road be discontinued or abandoned, the grant
shall cease and determine.
[PUBmc ACT-No. 42.].
AN ACT making appropriation for the support
of the Military Academy for the year ending
the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hun-
dred and fifty-three, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
ica in Congress assembled., That the following
-sums be,,and the same are 'hereby appropri-
-ated oat'of any money in the Treasury mt
otherwise appropriated, for the support Qf
the Military Academy for the year ending
the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight
hundred and fifty-three:
For pay of officers, instrnctors, cadets, and
musicians, eighty thousand four hundrfd anti
nine dollars.
For commutation of subsistence, two
thousand two hundred and sixty three dol-
Fir forage for officers' horses, seven hun-
dred and sixty eight dollars.
For clothing for officers' servants, thirty,
For repair.-, fuel, and apparatus therefore,
forage for public horses and oxen, postage,-
stationery, printing, and other incidental and
contingent expenses, twenty-five thousand
For increase and repairs of the library,
one thousand dollars.
For improvement and additions to officers'
quarters, three thousand dollars.
For additional pay to the lithographer and
and pressmen employed in the lithographic
office, fifty dollars each, one hundred dol-
For expenses of the board of visitors,
three thousand dollars.
For purchase of new equatorial telescope,
)einiu the difference in value between the
(i'f.ctteO one now in use and a new one, five
thousand dollars,
For purchase of thirty artillery and cav-
alry horses, three thousand dollars.
For forage for ninety artillery and cavalry
horses: six thousand four hundred and eigh-
tv dollars.
" SEc. 2. And be it further enacted, That
hereafter the assistant professors of French ',
and drawing shall receive the pay and emol-
uments allowed to other assistant professors.
SE~c. 3. And be it farther enacted, That to
rectify a mistake which was made in the
enrollment of the bill entitled "An act to sup-
ply deficiences in the appropriations for the
service of the fiscal year ending the thirtieth
-of J-une, eighteen t-hundred and fifty-two," by :
omitting a clause appropriating for per diem
compensation and mileage of Seiators, mem-
bers of the House of Representatives and
fDe-legates& and agreed to by the, Senale (
and House of Representatives, the sum of
fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated
for that object, out of any money in the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Approved August 6, 1852. .

[PUBLIC ACT-No. 45.]
ANV ACT to provide for executing the public t
printing, and establishing the prices thereof,
and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer-
zca in Congress assembled, That the joint re-
.iolution entitled ;'Joint Resolution directing
the manner of procuring the printing for t
each House of Congress," approved August s
third, eighteen hundred and forty -six, be, and
the same is hereby, repealed.
SEC. 12. And be it further enacted, That
there shall be a superintendent of the pub-
lie printing, who shali hold his office for the
term of two years, who shall receive for his l
services a salary of twenty tire hundred dol- (
lars per annum, and who shall give bond t
with two sureties, to be approved by, the i
Secretary of the Interior, in the penalty of I,
twenty thousand dollars, for ttne faithful dis- f
charge of his duties under this Iawv. The t
said superintendent shall be a practical prin- r
ter, versed in the various branches of the t
atrts of printing and book-binding, andt lhe
shall not be interested directly or indirectly
in arty contract for printing for Congress or I
for any department or bureau of the Govern- e
meat of the United States. Tne first super- (J
intendent under thifs law shall hoid his of- f
rice until the commencement of the thirty- si
third Congress, and the superintendents t
thereafter appointed shaall hold their offices l
for two years, commencing with first day of
the session of each Congress. t
SEC. 3. And be zt further enacted, That it t
shall be the duty of said superintendent to t
receive fr'om the Secretary of the Senate and t
Clerk of the House of Reoresentatives all t

matter ordered by Congress to be printed, s
and from the several chiefs of departments
and heads of bureaus ail matter ordered by t
them respectively, to be printed at the public e
expense, and to keep a faithful account of I
the same, in the order in which the same t
shall he received, in a book or books to be t
by him kept for that purpose. He shall de- t
liver said matter to the public printer or
printers in the order in which it shall be re- t
ceived, unless otherwise ordered by .the '
Joint Commiitee on Printing. He shall in- L
sp ct the work when executed by the pub- a
ic printer or printers, and shall record in a
book or books, to be by him kept for that
purpose, the dates at which the returns of
said work are made, and whether the same fi
s executed in a neat and workmanlike man- a
ner; upon the paper furnished to the public r,
printers by said superintendent, and the e
amount allowed by said superintendent for
he said printing'. It shall be his duty to su- tl
pervise the execution of the public printing a
o inspect the work when executed, and to e
see that the same is done with neatnLss and 1
despatch,to report every failure-ordeli quen- r,
;y of duty on the part of the public printer, n
and from time to time to report the said de- r,
inqnenc.es to the Joint Comnittee of Con- I
gCeSs on Printing. He shall issue his cer- a
ificate for the amount due to the public fi
printer for such work as shall have been
faithfully executed, which certificate shall
)e made payable to the public printer at the c
Treasury of the United States, and shall not


and for the treasurer, upon the order of the
second comptroller, to pay the same.
SEc. 4. And be it further enacted, That it
shall be the duty of the said superintendent
of the public printing to advertise annually-'l
in one or more newspapers of general circu-.
lation in the cities of Boston, New York,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, New
Orleans, Louisville, and Cincinnati, for the
space of sixty days prior to the first of De,
cember, for sealed proposals to furnish the
Government of the United States all paper
which may be necessary for the execution of
the public printing, of quality and in quan-
tity to be specified in the said advertisements
from year to year. He shall open such pro-
posals as may be made, in the presence oof
the President of the Senate and Speaker of
the House of Representatives, on the firs
Tuesday after the first Monday o' Decem-
ber, annually, provided a Speaker shall have
been elected, ,or as soon thereafter as a
Speaker shall be elected, and shall award
the contract for furnishing all of waid i per,
O*or wicl c'1a~ss ttji~f as-ntv V4i bi.m
the lowest bidder,; whose sample,ace4ropa.\'r
nying his bid, shall most nearly dpproxi. *
mate to the quality of paper (size, weight,
and texture all considered) advertised for by
the said superintendent. The sample offered
with the bid.accepted shall be preserved by
the said superintendent, and il1hall be his,
duty to compare these with tWl paper fttr-
nished by the public contractor; and he shall
not accept any paper from the contractor
which does not conform to the sample preser-
ved as aforesaid. It shall be the duty of th4e
superintendent of the public printing to de-
liver the paper for the printing of the Uni-
ted States upon the requisitions of the pub-
lic printer or printers, and to charge him or
then therewith; and,as the, printing is return-
ned and passed by the said superintendent, he
shall credit the public printer with the quantio
ty used in the public service. It shall be the
duty of said superintendent to have the re-
quisitions of the printer and the retwnas of,
paper by the printer balanced at least once
in each year, and in default thereof to re-
port the same to Congress for such proceed-
ings as Congress may direct. In default of
any contractor under this law to comply with
his contract in furnishing the paper in pro,
per time and of proper quality, the superin-,
tendent is authorized to advertise for propo-
sals, as hereinbefore provided, and award.
the contract to the lowest bidder; and for any
increase of cost to the Government in procur-
ing a proper supply of paper for the use of
the Government, theI contractor in default
and his securities shall be charged with and
held responsible for the same, and shall be
prosecuted upon their bond, by the superin-
tendent, in the name of the United .States, in
the circuit court of the United States for the
District of Columbia.
SEc. 5. And be it further enacted, That-
the public printer shatll be required to exe-
cute each job of printing entrusted to him:
within thirty days from the late of its deliv-
ery by the superintendent, except bills, re-
ports, andjoint resolutions, which shill bi
returned as the Clerk of the House or Sec-
retary of the Senate Shall require, unless,
for good reasons shown, the superintendent
:of printing shall extend the time. And
hoauld the priftex detaiii a-ly- maWlr lon1erw
than thirty days, a deduction of five per cen-
turn shall be made by the superintendent,
from the account of the printer, for such job;
and an additional deduction of five per cen-
turn for an additional detention of twenty
days. If the public printershall detain such "
natter for sixty days, the superintendent
shall withdraw it entirely, and shall employ
another printer to execute the same with
promptness, upon the terms provided by law;.
aid in such case the public printer shall not
be allowed therefore.
SEc. 6. And be it further enacted, That
the superintendent of the public printing
shall not be directly or indirectly interested
n the business of the public printer, or in
any contract for furnishing paper to Con.
gress or to any department or bureau of the
Government of the United States. For any
violation of this provision the superniteri.
dent of the public printing shall forfeit his
ffiee, and may be indicted before the dUs-
trict court for the District of Columbia, and
f found guilty, shall be imprisoned iu the
penitentiary of the District of Columbia
'or anv term not less than one -nor, more
ban five years, and, in addition thereto,
nay be fined in any sum from one thoUSalnd
o ten thousand dollars. -
SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, That
when any document shall be ordered to -be
mrntedt by both Houses of Congress, the
entiree printing of such document shall be
lone by the printer of that House whch
first ordered the same. And whenever the
.ame person or the same firm shall be prin.
er for both Houses of Congress, and both'
louses shall order the same document to
ie printed within three weeks of the same
ime, composition shall be charged but once
or said document; and no sum shall be paid-
o said printer for altering the headings frora
he form in which he printed them first to
he form or forms in which such document

shall afterwards be printed.
SEc" 8. And de it further enacted, That
here shall be elected a public printer for
each House of Congress, to do the public
printing for the Congress for which be or
hey may be chosen, and Such printing for
he executive departments and bureaus of
he Government of the United States as may
he delivered to him or then to be printed,
by the superintendent of the public printing.
Fhe following rates of compensation shall
be paid from time to time for such printing
as may be ordered by Congress:
FIRST. For bills and joint resolutions,-
For compensation per page, fifty cents.
For -press work, folding, and stitoning, for
ive hundred and eighty copies, thirty-two
mid a half cents per page; and at the same
ate per page for any greater number not
xceedling one thousand copies.
SECOND. For reports of committees and
the journals of both Houses, with indexei,
nd the executive documents of each House,
mbracing messages from the President, re-
ports from the executive departments, bao
eans, and offices, and documents and state.
nents communicated therewith, within dexesl
esolutions and other documents from Mtate
Ltgis atures; memorials, petitions, treaties,
nd confidential documents for the SenaU;
or composition per page, octavo-
For small pica p!am, one dollar..
For small pica ruled, one dollar and fifty
For brevier plain, one dollar and fifty


Attorney at Law,
A'oa located In Jacksonville, and will attend the
Circuit Courts in all the counties in the Eastern
and Middle Juidicial Circuits, the Supreme Court
of the State, and the United States District Court
for the Northern District of Florida.
His time is devoted exclunvely to the Legal pro-
r03-Office in the basement under the Republi-
can" printing office, ly may 20

Office upon the Second floor at the Court-house
Forsyth street.
WILL practice in the several counties of the
Eastern Circuit of Florida, and attend to the
collection of claims against the United States for
Military services, and for Horses lost, or other
property lost or destroyed by troops in said service.
Also, claims for pensions of disabled soldiers, or
The -widows and orphans of deceased soldiers. ,
Also, claims for bounty land to officers and sol-
dierm. and the widows and orphans of deceased of-
ficers and soldiers.
Also, wiff give his attention to conveyancing,
sto exsnuog titles and records, and ascertaining
alaims to l*a 1a.
All business entrusted to him will meet with
Jprompt attention; and all instruments of writing
vill h e execxtgid by him with neatness and de-
Jacksonville, fan, I5. 1851. tf

Joseph& Baker, X. D.
Offioewthe torntr of Market and Forsyth
Streets, opposite the Court Houw.

Cjet. Ks,


J. XIcRobert Baker,
JA&KSi.sQWviLIja E. Ft.A,.
A so Cmfisaioner ,of Deeds for the felloing
States of the AJ.uin :
Maine, Delaware, Georgia,
Vermont, Maryland, Alabama,
JdassaehUselt Virginia, Mississip
Wl'ow YodX -v bt? C..t.. wTexas,
Pennsylvai~s, Seoktih -Ca-&lQnn.ow
mar 31-'52-tf

IIA$ removed to Jacksonville, Florida, and
will prmee a Athe Eastern ard Southern Cir-
scuits, the Supreme Court ef the State, and in
the U. S. District Court for the Northern District
tof Florida. Feb. 19, 1852.-tf.

lumbia, whether the same be finished or in
process of erection, though the said house or [PUBLIc ACT-No. 41.]
outhouse shall not at the time of such burn- AN ACT to grant the right of way to all rail and
ing or setting on fire, or attempting to set on plank roads and macadamized turnpikes pass-
fire or burn, have any goods, tobacco, hay, ing through the public lands belonging to the
or grain therein, nor be adjoining to any Uit ed Sated y r a
dwelling house, nor be occupied or used for Beit enacted bu he Senataud House of
ay pRepresentatives of the United States of Amer-
any purpose w whatever, he, she, or they, on o g e s a s m l d h t t e rg t o
conviction thereof, shall he sentenced to suf- "a Conress assembled, That the right
fer the same punishment and labor as is pro- way shall be. and is hereby, granted to all
vided in the said third section of the said rail and plank road or macadamized turnpike
.act to which this is an amendment for the companies that are now or that may be char-
offences thelein enumerated, tered within ten years hereafter, over and
Approved, July 8 182. through any of the public lands of the Vni-
Su 3 1ted States, over which any rail or plank road
.or niacadamized turnpikes are or may be au.
tPuBLIC ACT-No. 38.] thorized by an act of the Legislature of the
AIV ACT to create three additional land districts respective States in which public lands may
in the State of Iowa,. be situated- and the said company or com-
Be zt enacted by the Senate and House of panics are hereby authorized to survey and
Representatives of the United States of Amer- mark through the said public lands, to be
ica in Congress essembled, That all that por- held by them for the track of said road, one
tion of the public lands in the State of Iowa, hundred feet in width: Provided That in
lying west of the range line dividing ranges case where deep excavation or heavy em-
seventeen and eighteen, and east of the bankment is required for the grade of such
range line dividing ranges thirty-one ard road, then at such places a greater width
thirty-two, and now included in the district may be taken by such company, if necessa-
of lands subject to sale at Fairfield, shall ry, not exceeding in the whole two hundred
comprise a new land district, to be called the feet.
Chariton district ; that so much of the pub- SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That
lic lands in said Stale, now included in the the said company or companies shall ever
Iowa and Dubuque land districts, as lie be- havw the right to take from the public lands,
tween the range line dividing ranges sixteen in the vicinity of said road or roads, all such
and seventeen, and the range line dividing materials of earth, stone, or wood, as may
ranges thirtp-three and thirty-four, shall be necessary or convenient from time to time,
form a new district, to be called the North- for the first construction of said road or roads,
ern district; that all that portion of the pub- or any part thereof, through said land.
lie lands in said State now included in the SEC. 3. And be it furthe; enacted, That
district subject to sale at Fairfield, and lying there shall be, and is hereby, granted to said
west of the range line dividing ranges thirty- company or companies, all necessary sites
one and thirty-two and all that portion of for watering places, depots, and workshops
the public lands now included in the districts along the line of said road or roads, so far
subject to sale at Iowa city and Dubuque, as the places convenient for the same may
and lying west of the range line dividwnr fall upon the public lands, Provided, That
ranges thirty-three and thirty-four, shall no one depot or watering place shall contain
form a new land district, to be called the over one square acre, and tnat said sites shall
Missouri River district; and that the dis- not be nearer to each other than ten miles
trict of lands subject to sale at Dubuque shall along the line or lines of said road or roads:
hereafter be bounded on the north by the Provided further, That the said grants here-
northern boundary line of the State of Iowa. in contained, as well of the use of the pub-
SEc. 2. And beit further enacted, That the lie lands, as of the materials for the construe-
President be, and he is hereby, authorised to lion of said road or roads, shall cease and
appoint by and with the advice and consent determine, unless the road or roads be begun
of the Senate, a Register and Receiver of the within ten years from alrd after the passage
public rmoneys for each of the said districts of this aft, and compleled within fifteen years
respectively, who shall each be required to thereafter: And provided moreover, That if
reside at the site of the respective office to any road, at any tune after its completion,
which they may be appointed, and who shall be discontinued or abandoned by said corn-
have the same powers, perform the same d(- pany or companies, the grants heret)y made
ties, and be entitled to the same compensa- shall cease and determine, and said lands
tion as are or may be prescribed by law in hereby granted revert back to the General
relation to other land offices of the United Government: Provided further, That when a
States. iucation for eihner ol said rail:oads, or plank-
SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That roals, macadamrized turnpikes, or sites for
the President. is authorized to cause the pub- depots on the line of such road or roads,
lie lands in said districts, respectively, (with shall be selected, the proper officers of such
the exception of sections numbered sixteen road or roads shall transmit to the Commis-
in each township, reserved for the use of sioner of the General Land office a correct
schools, or such other lands as may be se- plat of the survey of said road or roa:ls, to-
lected by law in lieu thereof and of such gether with the survey of sites for depots,
other tracts as he may select for military or before such selection shiall become operative:
other purposes,) to be exposed to sale in Provided further, That none of the fore-
the same manner and upon the the same going provisions of this act shall apply to,
terms and conditions as the other public or authorize, any rights in any lands of the
lands of the United States. United States other than such as are he,d
SEc. 4. And be ttfurt/ter enacted, That the for private entry and sale, and such as are

Alligator, Colombla Co., East Florida.

Will practice in the Courts of the Eastern
gept. 11. tf.

Edmund Whitney,
Commissioned and legally qualified as
Measure and Inspector of Lumber for
Duval County,
May be fund, when his services are desired, on
inquiry at the Republican offloe.
June 10 SM

(Smetts' new Warehouse,)
219 Bay- Street, Savannah, Ga.
E. M.-MOORB, N. M. HARmIs.
Oct. 23, 1851. ". tf.

ubl, lrxtn




J, P. 8anderson,

-.~~~~~~~~' R I O.: < < ,

.Fr'tfie coin position of tables larger than o thekbusiness of both Houses, uitili both
mc'aVo site;,per one thousand erms, seventy Houssshall have approved of such conl-
ce.its;'but the page of octavo size shall con tract or arrangement.. All:njotionsqto, print
tain not less than one thousand: six hundred extra copies of any bill, reiort,,dr oiher pub,
pimn, when: printed in small pica; and the lie doe'ainet, shall'be refelredfo. thenmemn
body. of all plain matter shall be so. printed, bers of-the'Cbmihittee on.'Priitig~fTo0n thed
except extrtiictc, yeas and nav and, adden House in"which the same marly be iftide.
dw: which, shall be printed with brevier type. & Sc.-13. And be further enacted, That all1
A-11 rule and figure work shall be printed acts op,-point resolutions conflicting with the
axytd&ooLiW.o. form, withsmalpica, each lproviqions of this act are hereby repealed;.
pa-e96ctaiining not less than one. thousand but nothing heerein contained shall he con-
btrllt htiet. em6o, if the matter to be printed strued to authorize the cancelment of an)y
.can be.l'Q.okght ito pages r4 that size with contract now or heretofore entered itto with
that kind if type,M o aslo be read with fa- any printer under the laws heretofore in
Slityaidiconvenience. If it cannot, itshall force, or to abrogate his rights in any wayl
bo Prmld with. brevier type,.each page con- without his consen-t. Nothing in this act
tqin-g nor_-f" than 'two thousand eight s-hall be construed to authorize the printing
hiindred ems; and if it cannot be brought bf the census, but the same shall be done as
into a royal otavo page with brevier type. may be provided" by law hereafter.
s';alt6h be Ifnderttood with facility,'-it: shall Approved August 26, 1852.
Ib priiited with nonpareil type, each page
'evitaiiiing'not less than four thousand two [PUBLI ACT-No. 36.1
hundredeiris; and when'it cannot be brotvghMt AN ACT supplementary to "An act providing
ihlo a ropyal octavo page with nonpariel type, tor the taking of Lhe seventh and subsequent
to as t6 he read 'with facility it shall be censuses of the United states, and to fix the
pri e .i, th ^ brevr type. il a broadside, \^A^ number of the members of the House of Kepre-
printed with hrever type l a broadside, sentatires, and provide for their future appor-
howmg the whole table'at one view, and tionment among the several States," approved
beso filled that it caii b'e bound in a royal tweoty-third May, eighteen hundred and fifty.
ettvo volume. *Be it enacted by the Senate and House oqf
When. matter is leaded, the. composition Represer,ntatives, of the United States of Amer-
ghallhbe counted as if the matter were Pr'n- ica in Congress assembled, That the Secreta-
ted solii,'d not leaded. : of the Interior proceed forthwith to ap-
".For pieiiwork, folding, and stitching of portion two hundred and thirty-three repre-]
idyal oetavo size- .entalives among the several States,in accor-
For twelve hundred:aid' fifty copies, tir. Jatice with the provisions contained in the'
fytwoaenda half 6ents per page, ami at the twenty-fifth section of'the act of twenty-thirdl
l'\'; fi ; ^k *" ,,, r'lil ; *I, -' << '< : . '.. ; ", *,mi.* ; -*i > *. "~ *, .**.*, 1.l o ) t ,: .'-* *

it .ti A : t i ta lte f 1 .X t t, L x .' .. : ,.. 1 ; t ,
a"t th r A q '.:r!c ,it : )' i i. 1 *' *'" *i i,,t t v .* S '} '. ':,: i i:, .. ** i ..- ::*. { ...' : .

foldik: ii.d -tilchiitg 'copies reserved foi ;ritoe the Union until a new apportionment.
bindiga, shall be mnade : "and 1'f r this purpose the whole number of'
\"-For 'royl octavo'size, per page, for each representatives is hereby increased to two
hur Ired copi.l one quarter of a cent; and h'undired and thirty four until such appor-
.thib fo:lowinl charge shall be allowed for tionment.
trimming, folding, and stitchiug, and insert- 8EC. 2. And be it further enacted, That
&iH eaclh m'a rt, cart, diagram, or plat in the if, at any future decennial enumeration of
opies notrieserved for biadiang: for every the inhabitants of the United States, the
hundred copies, ten cents. census of any district or sub-division in thel
There shall be allowed for the presswork United States shall have been improperly
ot treaties,. *reports, and other documents, taken, or if the returns of any district or
When ordered-to be printed in confidence, sub-division shall be accidentally lost or]
for the use of tire 8etnate, at the following destroyedd, the Secretary of the Interior shall
rates: nave power to order i new enumeration of
."For the nresswork, foldin~g and stitching such district or sub-division-.
of sixty-five copies, six cents per -paie SEG..3. And be it further enacted, That
when of the ro% a) octavo size, and one ( ol-tlhei twentieth section of the said act be
lar per 'page, for sixty-five copies when the ,amended by striking out the words "has
ittattercannot be contained in the royal oc- been" from tile last line, and inserting the4
tuvo-p'age ihfdany type hereinbefore specified: words "may necessarily be" in lieu thereof.
nad allowanceishall be made at the same' .
rates for:arny greater number of copies than I[PUtBLIC ACT-No. 37.]
biity-fivi,' anil not exceeding one'hundred. AN ACT to establish additional land districts in
'HI(.D, FolP'tabular statements of the or- th*0 State of Wisconsin.
dersfof;,the day, lists of yeas and nays, cir- Be it enacted by the sate and Hoie of
eulariltters, aid miscellaneous printing or- Representatives of the United States of Amer-
.dred by-Congress, not hereinbefore speci- ica in Covzre'ss assembled, That so much of
fwed'". :. "".the public lands of the United Sta'tes, 11 fie"
F'or composition for plain work, per thou- State of Wisconsin, as lies within the tol-'
eand emo, rifty cenri., lowing boundaries, to wit: commencing at
"Forrule and figure work, fifty cents per the, southwest corner of township fifteen
thousand emrs. "* I110rt.11, ol range tw\o, east of the fourth prin-
: For presswoi'k, folding and stitching, one ciplj ,meridian, tuence running-due, east to
hundred copies, .p-r page- tthe southeast corner of township fifteen|
For royar octavo, or any smaller size, lei, ,north, of range eleven, east bf 'the foqrthl
nts.:' priicital merid-ia,, thelice .i, alon- saidi|
F' For quart'o'p6st, twenty cenits, iange line to the north line of the State ot.
For foolscap and any larger size, twenty,,Wisconsin. thence westerlp along said north,
C -'Blilt'. tile following deductions shall -.rc :;ii of the fourth principal miei-idian, thencie

i w i"i. 1, ?' .O i -: r' .*,, !" .** : ':.. ,*;- ,,t r I;,' "i ^ ;o .. ,* -, ...h. .' ,* : ^ ..

1,erceitui.. inuCih of- the pubJic lands of th'e U i,,',,I
"Whe.n the number e c.-eeds twenty thou-|,States, in the Stater of Wisconsin as I,...
Batd, forty'per ce,iiii, ^within t4e following bouWdares, to wit -as ._,.
".The presswork, folding and stitching) of menacing at a. point where the line between,,
.all prinitin not herein) provided for, shall beg townships ten sad eleven north touches ti,:I'
done by the ream--the rates shall, be two| Mississippi, river, thence dune east to the;*
dolla's per ream when printed on one side,g fourth principal meridian, thence north tel;
atrid four dollars per rearm when printed oni the line between .townships fourteen anilj
botl' sides,; when any amount less thaa one||ft'teen north, thence east to the southeast:
ream is ordered, it shall be counted anid'set-||corn~er of township fifteen norih, hof ranfe^
ited'-foras Oare ream; ^one, east of the fourth principal meridian
SEC. 9. And be it further enacted, That thence north on the range line to the south
the.i regular numbers of documents ordered|Fline of township number thirty-one north,^
by Congrtsss.shall be printed in octavo form..thence west on the line between townships^
on .paper- weighing not lens than fifty-sixiynumber thirty and thirty one to the Chippe.|
pounds for every four hundred and eighty! wa river, thence down said river to its june-I
sheets, ,and measniiing twenty-four by thirty! tion with 'the Mississippi river, thence down.1
eight incrhes; and the extra numbers shall be! the Mississippi river to the place of begin-1
printed oin paper weighing not- less than for-ni uig aslal] be formed into a new land dis-|
ty-;five pounds for every four hundred andu trict, to be called the La Crosse Land Dis-J
eighty sheets; and measuring twenty- four||trict, and for the sale of the public lands,
by,.Jhirty- eight inches. T he paper for any||withiu the district hereby constituted, a land!
other species of printing ordered by Congress||office shall be established at La Crosse, oui>
may be of: such size andl quality as the sui- the Mismsissppi iver, as soon as the public|
pl~riteindent of~the public printing may deem conveniienc' may require it.I
suitable and proper. | SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That
SEC. 10. And be it further enacted, That! the President is hereby authorized to caused

thei.&ublic printer, or printers, may be re- ithe removal of either of the offices created
quirTd- by the superintendent to work at by this act, to-any other place, within said|
night as, well as through the day upon the district, whenever in his opinion such remov-|
public printing, during tile session of Cqn- al may be deemed expedient..
gress, -when the exigencies of the public ser- SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That
vice require it, the President be, and he is hereby, author-
iSEc. I1. And be it further enacted, That, sized to appoint, by and with the advice
thelsame prices shall be paid for printing and consent of the Senate, a Register and:
for the executive departments that are paid a.Receivei of public moneys for each of the!
fOt printing for Congress, except for printing" said districts, who shall respectively be'
po'st-bills,.which shall be printed on paper, required to reside at the site of said ot,.e
not less than sixteen by twenty six inches, and who shall have the same pIo..vers, p,:i- 1
and. for printing on parchment there shall form the same duties, and be entitled to lliet
be paid for printing the post-bills at the rate ,a ue compensation as are or may be pr,.-
of oneAdollar per thousda'd sheets, and at the scribedd by law in relation to other land offi-,
rate oftenldollars'per thousand for printing cers of the United States. And in case it
uar.ehunents;ibuh.nothing shall beallowed fm hli.oll be found necessary or expedient to
altering post-bills when the alteration con- establish said districts, or either of them, du-
sist in the mere change of a postmasmer's ring the recess of Congress, tie President
ntriae; and nothing herein coltatied shall pre- shall be, and he is hereby, authorized to ap,
venWtllf e beadaof executive departments from point the necessary officers during such re-
e employing printers out of the city of Wash- cess, and until the end of the next session
i.igton to execute such printing for any of of Conigress : Provided,r however, That this
Wid departments as may be required,,for use act shall not go into effect until at least six
out tofkWashington, -hen the same can be months afier its passage.
executed elsewhere as cheap as at the rates SE&c. 5. And be it further enacted, That
herein specified, increased by the cost of the Commissioner of the General Land Office
transporting the printed matter to the, State shall cause to be transferred to the land offi-
or-Stateg where tiuch matter may be re- ces hereby created, all such books, maps,
quired for use-in the public service. i records, field-notes and plats, 'or transcripts
USQc. 12. And be, itfitrther enacted, That *thireof relating'to the surveys and entries
a committee, consisting of three members ol of the public lands in thedistrcts herebyl
ti.Se, nate and n;& members of the House. created, as may be necessary for the sale of
"*..Rl,,ese11tat^1-s, shall be appointed by the public, lands in compliance with he pro-
ithe Pi..le,.t ot the Senate and Speaker of visions, of this-act.
t[I Ho-y.-,', to-be called the Joint Committee| Approved July 30, 1852.
on th e Public Pr~ining, which committee [PUBLC ACT-No. 14,]
* shall have a rIght *to, decideJ.between the su- J OIN T RE SOLUTIO A providing for the 'disfcri-|
.jpjitendent of the- public printing and the' button of the Laws of Congress and the do-
puiblic printer, in at)nV dispute which may bates thereon.
waise as to the proprrety. of the decisions of With a view to the cheap circulation of
A*the-supeji ntendent in.,.kng deductions on ac- the laws of Congress aud the debates Con-
ont Uofwopr,,k hhich -tle superintendent may irributing to the true interpretation. thereof,
rc'tbe lo ', -IV', 01 .v which, in his ol i.n'un, auit to m',k,, fieethe communication between
..a nut he dane %iii proper detpalch, ,Is ihe t'pre-entltive and constituent bodies:'
required, b-y talaw; and the Said C,mmite. B,'.,it ,r'ei,.heby-the Senate and House of
fhtll pa[,a upn thle accounts of the .Mpre,-- R ~rr-,.tI atI fi3 of the Uaited States of Amer-
tedeott of the pul6ic- printing., Sa d ,mil- Ico .,, C,,", assembled, That, fromand af-
mittec-6haN have pIA'cit, to adopt such med- lei lhe i,'I-e.fit S-Psfc.ion of Congres--, t.e
sBiltS as kfia) he it:duc ,.-d iwee-essary to reme- ,C nrisr- ouil Globe atd A;,,.p'. ,.ix, which
,- ** -* .'* 1- -. -.. l nn riphitp.qc th~frPM1

JOINT RESOLUTION accepting from Guisepp
Vagnani'a-portrqdt of-Henry-Clay, and ordering
it to be plqed iirthe Library of Congress.
Re~olv'ed by thi Se'aie and House, of Rep
resvltative'!pf. the Un7 je tes of A 7eic
in "Congress assembled, That the portrait o
IHenry Clay, presented to the nation- by
}uiiseppe Fagnani, a resident of New York
be placed. in. the Library of Congress.
Approved July 3,. 1.852.


IA C K S ON-V-I. L L E:.

Thursday, November 28, 1852

Death of Daniel Webster,
DANIEL WEBSTER departed this life at hbi
residence at Marshfield,. Mass., on the morn
ingot the 24th ult., at two minutes bef or
three o'clock. The tidings of the melancho
13, event were anticipated by the country in
the despatches communicated by telegraph
From hour to hour before its announcement
A portion of these despatches, with various
Hicidents marking the dying hours of the dis
tinguished statesman, we transfer to our co
lumns. DanMel Webster is no more..Within
the space of less than two years, the coun
V! i ; ..' '-- s sl i i ; ..L..; r t ~

: =, : i '.,- ,

ofu our. terr'torial boundaries would rendei't a title of nobility attached to it The de- is what I meant-ihy rod-thy rod--ty
e, neces ary that the Federal Government seridants of George; Br6wne, a Lieutenant staff--thy staff." . .
h ia the Brhith arm)y;,who Iemigraed to this Theclose of his life-was perfectly tran-
ho d a nw ente of th ofe a,. ;country about the year 66.10, ahn settled at quil and-easy. Mrs. Webster was unable
9- Such a result was regarded.as -a probabl-e Haverhill, Mas., 1 am quite certain are the to witness his last moments, and awaited
,a necessity. But the reasons for that neces- heirs." the event in her own apartment.
)f sity no longer and can never exist. The His bedside was surrounded by'his son,
y steamship and the rail car have done much Last Moments and Death ?f Daniel Fletcher Webster, Mr. and Mrs. 'Paige, Mr.
Westr Harvey, Mfs. Levy, Edward Curtis, Mr.
to annihilate distance : but the electric tele- Webster -,Ds. Warren aro1
graph has annihilated both distance and As matter of melancholy interest to our Jeffries, Mr. Abbott, and Gen T. Curtis.-
"time, and brought the extremest points on readers,we givebelow a sketch ofthe occur- A few niomefit? after be ex pred:Mrg^'We't
our continent in instantaneous communica- rences and incidents which characterized the ster entered the room.to'gaze upon the life-.
S with eah oe. Th m c n e last hours of the departed statesman, which less remains of her beloved,. partner.. Tho,
ties with each othew. The magnetic nerve compile from dispatches in the Baltimore scene was painful beyond descriptionr.. -Heft~ r
of thought being touched, in Washington, Snn and other: papers 'A dispatch dated grief gave .ntteranee. in the most. agonizin_
vibrates from the centre to the circumference Boston, 23, (Saturday myrning,) says- tones of sorrow. But it were vain to at.
L of the Union. At eleven o'clock he was a~ain seized tempt to mirror the cenee :It twas -a.i c.
With vomitiugs,.though at this tim4 they we're ture never to be forgolten. .,::- -- -
Wdhat does it matter where is the political 'ht. Between one and two olelock this Those who saw Mr. Wetoier-.a few mo-
centre of a self-dependent, self-sustaining morning, he was again attacked, and for ments after death. statg., th-at,-thotigh.;mpich
s system--a government of opinion like ours? three-quartersif an hour he suffered terri- changed, yet there remained those character-
I- We shall therefore hear no more of the re- bly. : istics of the great mai, as strong iMdeath as
va f the apitaan, i t s wl, perha From that time to the date of .miti!? this they had been in lile, : ,.. ,; : ,
:exmoval on a half o'clock, A. Mi--wte remain. TH Fprra.--It is understood thar Mr'
--sixtaWdbathalf o'lock, A.nM.ese rea-ain.eY hie, Own er
- that we shall not. It is, there, in Washing- ed free from pain and i placid Webster, airecti.n,
n ton, that the political foundations of our His mind is still as clear and bright as the be buried in an Biaoteatatiousm'anner. : :'.
h national structure were laid by its immortal suln now rising. During all the time for ten, The funeral service* will be performed by.
t arce, a, it is, w the hours past, when he, was free from pain he the clergymen of the parish of Soath Marsh-
t.architect, and it s. wise there to let them re- conversed cheerfully with his friends around field, at which place the remains wibt:&ii, ro-
s main. We are therefore for making Wash- his bed-side, and more than once playfully terredin the tomb. '',", "
- ington the political Mecca of this Union- reproached his faithful nurse, Sarah,, for not It is expected that Mr, Fi.iMore and seve,
- for improving and adorning it until it be. retiring to bed. ral of the Cabinet will be P1p-rest lt Mr.
coms te J m oi o n l rie Mr. Webster is fully conscious of his con- Webster's funeral.
ion, astis evidenced from the fond conso- : *.,*-
"Band our national faith.' Let it be adarned latioas he is constantly addressing to his The Death of Webster '
n ,,,: f' ~.- .; qt o ,,,-n^ f (h :a y.--' ',, le i i Il l v fl ai r en d f. a. n d I"it
o,; a ._i -, I e .'',,= ha :'., ** .. ... **,-" -w;oiia,!v, :, i', i~e' presence oi" eth. -o ...,-,: 11 a'1 '" ^*::'icb.. .. ,,, I '.c x ,a ra e sen of
; . ,. .v, 4 .. .; , ,t ; v ,. .; b s p~ e a i *> '- ib l ~ i : i .. ,- r, l 1 : i f !h : :.-. a j ^ ^. : r e a d t c u m wr i
.... i-h ...\ and poTvtejfvi n l ha 'Do. &I
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~f h ",'; .*.*****> l?^iec. a ;*i icv:-^ .;oibs euunlr> w ^ **** ''^on Telezraph.kwhich we m.h di
: ',.. .. : *.'^ : i;;' ,.,: ", .";;-!,, ;:.- & ," ; ; .:- *, -.z. an a, 't c;-.5 .::hii ,.. -,et. tc... % -*'!! ton "_.!"-,r p *v c w e e: i.>o s .
s? .. .. :. !.: ;l u: ', ns, . ; 2 : ; ,r : o hi ; i o unrw -. ; .. .. '*i v < w .
S" .-..1 "' .>. ...^ l ^ ^ -~ e i g o in .' l .. ;;!'- ':--..
'_~~~~~~~~c .. : { V, L ,(., well.

.*** i : '- '. : : *; : ,, .- { ". ;~; l. i *: *' ) ':." e n u v h n '. Md h e t 6 "e o ir .
we shall be enabled to give our paper a Ma4a"seizdwiir- inng o i -v -,
K i c ,1 1'. S.-,Another despatch (from ihe B,-lons on 'lie age. L ieitarif cannot eftace-it. Eulo-
greater variety and interest for, the genera 1,',-,urier), says that.' Mr. WebSt-r was in gles will be spoken; monumental pillars Will,
reader than it has possessed for the lastt fe\,ai,.et slumber at 6 A.'M. to day. i-be rcard, lbut h-e needs them not. The PEO:
months. To make room for the large MARSHFIELD, Oct. 23i, 7 A.- M.-M:'. PL- will pleasure his fame, for fromthe peo0'
amount of political matter pressingI on ourj Webster's physicians .have give, out til,el I i he sprang. Born in a :lowly cottage,
ount f a e p in n o following bulletin : "Mr. Webster has hillr,-, l,?,s ai lI, life passed between the plough
columns, we have not only excluded every i duringg the night, and is quite low ahili ex.,;;l, lie, grappled with poverty and sub.
other description of reading, but have' also hausted this morning.," do.,l it. Years passed, awa-v honors came
postponed publication of the Laws, etc., of BOSTON, 121. P. M.-A dispatch tn a .e-' tlhick an.1 fast upon him-nations watched
ithe government, the authority, to publish native in this city dated 8, A. M,, .- aies tilat: h,; when he spoke, but he never forgot his
S|Mr. Webster had been told that i. was in-- i 1neae. When triLd stia, eis sat niu the
which has been for sometime in our posses- cessary at once to make his will, it he de- Se,,ie Ch-amber, aizh-d 1 )y tlh0 fireof his
,sion. These we shall be compelled to dis-; sired to do so. Mr. Webster signitie,1 ih,,'s lances, and awed by the tlliudcr of' his
pose of as rapidly as possible, and we sail assent, but it is doubtful whether lie had tile ,0,ne., lie loved to poiut them to the New-
'Bhave for a few wees longer to ask I the I'- necessary strength to do so. ,1 Fi,,land farm house,, and the barren soil
laver or afoewrweakdlr,,,er touask the in-o t MRSFIELD 10 o'clock, Saturday eve- lhic'li e had helpedO.to coiiguer. A child,
dulgeneeof our readers, if our papers not nin,_,-Mr. Webster is not now e.xpecled. to oftmthe Republic, he was proud of his parent.
altogether what we or they could wish it.- live an hour, and is himself momew i.ly e.x',a',i. people- willguard his .,emory. He.is
The laws in a newspaper, however, pos-|pecting the final summons with great calm,- d.!'- a,. Het has left no man behind him wor,
sess an interest and value which all do to writi epitph.
notirel i, a d attention would During the afternoon and evening he hasra e n d a .o.
jnotreaize anddoutles atenton o nlB versed freely, and with great cleaned^| Later From Havania.
be profitably devoted to them, upon the re- and detail, in relation to the disposal of I;,
flection that they are intimately connected private affairs. He gave full diletIS ill BY the arrival yesterday of the steamship
f with the current history of the Government ration*to his giving the rnuslim- I I
gv~ththecuenthistiy ot tn statements^ of his wi'hsi cadt ed dale., I rom Havana to the 17th inst. W6.
Under which we live. But of course we do!thmD i the translations of the Picayune.- Cress.
not offer them as preferred substitutes for At 5 o'clock ini the afternoon, lie was' From the continued argument and, e.pla.
|sueh news and literary matter as we knowwgseized with a violent nausea and ,.i-'ed c,,l. natlnris in the Havana papers on the Cies-
e isideiable dark matter tingedwilC bl,-,o 1,cei CIty affair, welare, disposedato believe
Ipossesse ine t a, Wh c. we which left him in a state of great f.li-tauton,'th, lIat ceiit events have 'caused no little ex-
shall soon be enabled to fill most of our -and debility. Icitenn.t there.
jsp'ace, and we then hope to render the Re- The physicians in attendance then an- "J'hle Diario de la Marina gives the follow-
y, publican acceptable U, every class of our, nounced to Mr. Webster that his la-( loui inz account of the 'return of the Crescent
e readers. was rapidly approaching. He receivtd tllte c -' to Havana:
announcement calmly, and directed .all the 4 "The steamship Crescent City, on her re--
The following account of an occurrence females of the tas'ily to be called in, to turn from New Orleans toN ew York, touch.
Thac of whom'he addressed individually ated this oorning- in our port, doubties$ in or-
gwhich took place some weeks ago in New-' few affectionate parting words, and bid them der to comply with her contract with the go.
!n.n v,1ln, i,h;ch -"p ominttf-j ni he I'm, ,'....1 fr.,pvPl_ He then took h is. leave oftvernment of the.United States. No change.

g ': r ,;1 ;' ;- :, : -a +: +:-:" " : +' ;" :' .''t :_: ,' -' +-,
A L 0, ....
+++ ..:_:.I, fit, r ")V +: +" % b + "(if : { + ,, :A a I+ ~cc


isting, generation have no longer tne
counsel of sages whose deeds are .world.
renowned, and whose precepts commanded
the attention, and in some measure, the rev.
erence, of the American people. The noble
and the great tnust, however, with the hum-
Mbe, walk down the dark valley, arid amid
the dim shadows of death. The min who
guided the ship of State when she as first
launched upon thelocean of chance 4nd for-
tune, entered the portals of the tom, leav-
ing their country in the hands of thosT who,
in their turn, depart forever. The' same
Providence which raised tip these later, to
sanctify their sacred trust, will create hstru.
ments by which the liberties vouchsafMd to
us shall be preserved and perpetuated&'

Not yet Final.
We received by the last mail from iTalla-
hassee no paper-a repeated occurrence of
late, when we are looking for accurate a'c-
couiats of the State vote from the capital
We were in hopes of receiving thb official
return, but must wait still longer.
Presidential Electioli.
At the time of going to press we'are only
-nabled to give the vote of Jacksonville
precinct of this county. It stands thus:
For the Pierce and Klng Elector, 184
tl Scott and Graham 162

l,;rtv of course took every advantage of i 1 '"p ... .... o,. , M ...-..e 0 ,",* t-o.0 ,t., iu -r,
*' -some difficulty on the plantation, when shell n
i:il', and left no nerve unstrained to carry, sent for her sons George and Charles, 4o|
iii precinct. They succeeded in obtaining lihved in Columbia county, Florida. Pre-* c
-he hole floating vote," which is always; vious to their arrival, Stephens left the plan-' i
station, and having been informed of their-
at the command of the party that works intended visit, armed himself with a six-bar- ,
hardest and bids highest for it. The vote ;reled revolving pistol, and, it is said. sent"
of the precinct is larger than at the State word to George W. Stewart, that he would ,t
election, which increase is mainly that of ineet him at Newnansville the next day, -i
Democratic voter., frm. Nassau and adjoin.- Saturday. Stewart went to that place in the.
morning, and waited all day, but -Stephense
ing counties. A number of the Whig voters not making his appearance, he leftthe town.
did not attend the poll; but the strength of On Monday, hoth George and Charles Stew-c
the Whig vote cast shows that we kept art returned to Newnansville, where they| t
r b nn n a t a remained until about 3 o'clock. While
arba arty we George Stewart was in a store, he was in-v t
are neither divided nor prostrated, formed that Stephens was in town. Stew- i
art sept out of the sore on the piazza,'So
The Richmond Republican. Ahen lie saw Stephens standing about tif-|
l, which stand it) the f teen feet from him, in the street. Stewart_
This journal, which stands in the first addressed Stephens, saying he wished to!-ti
rank of the Whig press of the country, have some conversation with him. Ste-' ,
some weeks ago passed into the hands of phens replied that Stewart must first explain -i
0ew proprietors, Messrs. Gallaher having bnself, &c. Stewart then said, "Are you s
S prpr r,. Gale h g armed ?1" Stephens replied that he was, and| r
transferred the ownership to John Grome, both parties drew pistols. Stephens fired jM
Esq, and J. W. Lewellen, Esq. Messrs. two shots without effect, when Stewart fired f
Graeme and .Lewellen have loig been con- his single-barreled pistol, also without effect. I
nected with the establishment in several im- By this time, several friends of Stewart had o
arrived on the spot, when his brother Charles i
portant capacities, and the Republican in fired a pistol at Stephens, but- missed him. d
their hands will present an efficient manage- George Stewart, being without arms, then )
ment. They are both gentlemen of excellent said, "For God's sake give me a gun or pis-a[
business qualifications, and ready writers, tol-he has a revolver;" and as he spoke, ,
h ,il he started across the street, apparently- for i-
having respectively at different times man- the store, perhaps to procure arms, and when|"
aged the reportorial department of the 'pa- he came opposite to Stephen,, about twelve|q
per. Oliver P. Baldwin, whose graceful feet from him, Stephens fired again, the ball
ln has for several years given the Republi- penetrating his left side. Stewart was mor'-
tally wounded, and died in about two hours`,T
, its high tone and. influence, is con-Ali attempt was made to arrest Stephens, but vi
tinted as the principal editor. We sincere- he was not taken,.
ly hope for a continuance of the deserved G C,
prosperity of the Republican, in the hands of
its new conductors, been appointed chief Clerk of the Pension"
|office, vice Capt. F. F, C. Trplett, of Ken-,
The Savannah Journal. |tucky resigned. Within the past few months' f
We are happy 4o witness the evidence, of the following clerks in that office have also! e
the prosperity of this sprightly sheet, pub- resigned, viz: A. H. Markland, of Ken- ra
lished in Savannah, presented in its recent tucky; R. W. Burehe, of the District of Co- a
eTlargement. It can now compete in in-,lumbia; Charles Weirman, of Pennsylvania:,a
ches, as well as it has heretofore done in in-|F. Moulton, of Massachusetts. It is ru- e
terest, with its city neighbors. The Journal|mored that other prominent clerks in that
well epitomises the news of the day, and office inte-nd to hand in their resignations., th
discusses topics with an ability and tempe. BOARD OF SURVEY OF THE MOUTH OF THE'
rateness which must ever commend it to Mississipp.--The War department have tt
a very largeclass of readers. constituted Capt. Win. K. Latimer, of the
The -National Capital---Monuments to Navy, Major Wm. H.-Chase, Brevet Major p4
"our Great Men. J. G. Barnard, and Brevet Major P. G. T.
The.Savannah News thus speaks of the Beauregard, of the Corps of Engineers, the
rapid improvements being made in the Fed- new board to make an examination of the g^
eral city. As an American we take pride mouth of the Mississippi, with a view to
and pleasure in contemplating the rapid determine the most convenient pass leadingat
growth and improvement of the national into the Gulf of Mexico, through which a ZI
capital,- and we give honor to those public shtp canal of sufficient capacity to accom- 1
men who, with a just regard to economy in rmodate the wants of commerce can be open re
the expenditure of the public money, lose ed, and to report upon other points in rela- a]
no proper opportunity to improve and adorn rion thereto.
the city of Washington. We desire to see VALUABLE CLAIM IN ENGLAND WANTINGJh
it become a city in every respect worthy toAN OWNER.- Mr. J. W. Bryant. at Wash- t


himself, 11 On-te 241n, Qj Ufooer anb inal (a
mortal of Daniel I'll.rwill be no more.^ I
Mr. Webster then prayed in a full anid]
,]ear voice, mnost fervently and impress ve-|
y, concluding as follows ;
-"Heavenly Father forget my sins, and
welcome me to thyself through Christ Jesus.,
Dr. Jeffries then conversed with him, and
old him that medical skill could do nothing
nore : to which Mr, Webster replied |
1" Then I am to be here patiently till the]
nd-if it be so, may it come soon."
It is now 10 o'clock, and Mr. Websteri
ontinres perfectly concious of everything
hat is passing. |
Drs. Jeffries and Porter have expressed
he opinion that the immediate cause of his,
hevitable death is a cancerous affection ofl
iome of the -smaller intestines. I
MARSHFIELD, Sunday Morning, I o'clock.<
-Since ten o'clock Mr. Webster has con-
inued to gradually sink, though still retain I
ng all his faculties unclouded, but too weak
o converse with his friends, save an occa-|
ional remark, as if to satisfy then that his",
hind %a.i, ill free, aud that 4,11 his mentally
aculties remains unimpaired.
MARSFIELD Sunday Morning, 4 o'clock.
-The Hon. Daniel Webster, the greatest
f American statesman, is no more! He,
led at 22 minutes of 3 o'clock, in the 716t.
year of his age.
During the last hour he was entirely calm,
nd breathed his last so peacefully that it!
was difficult to fix the precise moment that
Le expired.I
BOSTON. Oct. 24, 8 P. M.-It was the re-,
luest of Mr. Webster that his funeral souldJ
be private. No time or arrangement for the,
nterment have yet been determined upon.
The body is to be deposited in the family"
vault at Marshfield.

Further Particulars of Mr. Webster's!
Last Momenes---Hls Dying Words.
BOSTON, OCT. 24th, 7J P. M.-We learn-
rom gentlemen just arrived from Marsh-=
ield, that LIp to 10 o'clock on Saturdayi
evening, Mr. Webster continued to fail very!
apidly. Arousing from his lethargy at
about 10 o'clock, his countenance became|
animated, and his eye flashed with all its.
usual brilliancy, when in full health. He'
exclaimed-"I STILL LIVE," and immediate-1
y sank into tranquil unconsciousness.
"Dr. Jeffries offered to Mr. Webster some-
hing which he hoped might give him ease.
The dying statesman remarked-,'Some-
hing more, Doctor--more. I want restora-
io n ." & '1 .
Between ten and eleven o'clock he re-1
heated somewhat indistinctly the words
"Poet, poetry-Gray, Gray."
Mr. Fletcher Webster repeated the first
ine of the elegy-I"The Curfew tolls the
knell of parting day! |
"That's it, that's it," said Mr. Webster;!
and the book was brought, and some stan-1
as read to him, which seemed to give himn
From 12 to 2 o'clock he manifested much
estlessness and slight suffering. Faintness'
also occurred, which led him to think that
leadli was near. While-in this condition!
one expressions fell from him indicating a,
ro'pe that his mind would remain to him to'
he last. Mr. Webster also spoke of the,

"The next day--me same paper- makLo tdi-r
following correction: *. "-
"In stating that the Crescent City remain-
ed entirely without communication, yester.
day, it must "be understood to be so far as
regards the landing or taking on board of
mails and passengers, or the enjoyment of
the slightest liberty of free intercourse. The
communications that passed through the-in.
tervention of the captain of the port, and
with the consent, of .the authorities, are not
included in the meaning of the words."
Mme. Koska had not begun her concerts,
in consequence of the illness of her'husband,
who had the making of all the preliminary
Tne contributions in Havana, according to
the Gaceta, for the sufferers by the earth-
quake at St. Jago, have reached the sum of
$26,616. .
The "Item" of the Diario ]a Marina has
on his table a boll of cotton superior to any-
thing ever produced on the Island. It is
only to be compared to Sea Island, being five
inches long aiAd seven in circumference, with
a long, silky, aud very white staple. It is
not a selected sample, but is taken at random
front many others in a field.
The Gaceta says'the] amou nt collected from
transient passengers during the month of
September, fur permission to land in Havana,
was $312 56.
Dr. Francisco. E. de Abren, a celebrated
physician in Havana, died on the 12th inst.

FROM TAMPA BAY.-The U. S. transport
ship Fashion, M. ,C. Baker,.master, arrived
aon Friday, at New Orleans from Tampa Bay
1via Pascagoula. She brought over two-eom--+
!panies of U. S. Artilleiv, under Col. Nau-
!man, with their hospital establishment.-
IThese troops return from summer quarters
Ion the Gulf, and were disembarked at the-
Barrack4 below' NeW Orleans, '7 + .? .
Capt. Baker reports-that while he was at
OTampa, the Seminole chief Billy Bowlegs,
,with his suite, arrived at that place, in
charge of -Gen. Blake. The day following,
the party left for Fort Meyers. Gen.
ChiIds was at Tampa.
It appears that whenever Billy Bowlegs
becomes a little inebriated, he says freely
that Le objects to leaving his old hunting,
grounds for a strange larid .

'of Health report two deaths of'yellow fever.
!for the twenty four hours ending Tuesday,
26th, 9, P. M.- The Courier of a late;date
The health of our city, we are gratified to
state, is rapedl improving.- For the twenty
four hours ending on'.Monday evasningi the
city Register reported only ond death, nd
for the same period ending last evening, on-
ly two.-The new cases also ape much les's
numerous. We yesterday visited the dtffer-
ent wards of the Roper Hospital, and found
that only four cases had been brought ,in
within the twoenty-four hours ; of some ix--
ty patients' thin there, only -four br flvO
were considered in- a: dangerows'ioaition,. r5
In th Marine Hospital and Poor Houm
during the same. period, no new case haf
been received, and we learn from, reliable
authority that in private practice 'the same,
. .......... ; .r.,;-- .V;i.tA, W e am


I '~-~

_ 1 I L

Persons applying for letters in the above list
will say they are advertised, or'they may not get
them. MARK BUTTS, P. M.
Oct. 7-3t


L-^-a.^L!"'AND ,tsC^
Steamy Navigatlon Company*
The new aud splendid side-wheel steam ship
STATE OF GEOUGI(A. of .1200 tons register,
Captain J. E Walton5 has commenced her regu-
lar trips, and will leave Savannah on Wednesday,
the 2d day of June, and every alternate Wednes-
day thereafter-say on the 16th and 30th June,
14th and 28th July, 10th and 25th August, and so
on. : ; I .
Cabin Passage to Philadelphia, `'25
through Tickets to New York, 25
Steerage, 9 9
This ship has been buiit with ci, it.i regard to
safety, co"foft and dispatch, i-11 ,..f1'.:i new and
admirable, facilities to business and travel. For
freight or passage, apply to
Agents in Savannah.
july 8-tf Agents in Philadelphia.


-T-HE PROPRIETORP of this well known
House is pleased to, announce to his old
patrons' and those visiting-the "Sunny South"
for health or pleasure, that
His House has undergone a thorougli reno-
and has been we'll fitted up to suit the most fasti-
dious, having most of his Rooms
The Proprietor has also secured the services of
a lady of long standing and. reputation as -a
House-Keeper. He will spare no-pains'to make
this House one of the best in Florida, and hopes
by keeping a good house, and giving bis personal
attention to business, to merit and receive the

Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron.

I ~~LI- ~qps~----~y~Y~ll.

New Fall Goods Just Received.

TrIYUE Subscrlber would beg leave to inform
H the public that he has just received a very
Large and Splendid Assortment of Dry
Ready made Clothing;
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes',
-A rich assortment of 3douslin de Lain, Ame-
/< rican, English, and French, both plain and
figured; ..
Si,,i.,.^:,., Calicoes, fig'd and plain Alpaceas;
Mohair Lustres, Persian Cloths;
English Merinoes, Paramatta Cloths;
Bombazines Brocade Silks;
Plain Chameleon Silks;
Wide black do
Florence do
Colored Satins, &a.
Avery rich assortment of Cashmeres, all
Shawls, plain printed, and embroidered;
Black Silk Mantillas;
Persian do
Black.and coi'd English Silk Hosem
Do do Gloves and Lace MitS;
Paris Kid GloVes-a large assortment;
Rich deep Trimmings, Braids, Lace Gimps,
Cords, and Fringes;
Black Lace Trimmings, very wide;
A beautiful lot of Embroideries;
Needle-worked Collars;
Do Cuff-bands, Chimisettes,
Undersleeves, and L. C. tfdkffs
Needle-worked Edgings and Insertings;
Linen do do
Thread do do
German and
Valencines do do
Worked Flouncingsl
Embroidered Skirts:
Do Window- Drapery, &$c.
A very superior aud rich style of siik and
velvet Bonnets;
Do Straw Bonnetg3;
Bich Boinnet and Neck Ribbons, very wide,
plain and fig'd;
Boottees, Buskins, Slips, Ties, and Jenny
Lind Boots;
Gentlemen's very fine Boots, Gaiters, and
Ready made Clothing, of every description
and quality.
The Subscriber would say that he has engaged
an accomplished Tailor to do custom work, which
will be done with elegance and taste.
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings, kept to suit
Planters who wish to furnish their negroes with
shoes or clothing, can be supplied with large
quantities at very low prices.
The public are solicited to call and examine
Goods and prices for themselves.
Jacksonville, Oct. 1st, 1852. 14-tf

Astonishing Intelligence!
The Cash System Adopted!!
of the Subscriber, in the city of
Jacksonville !!
-AVING just received and opened my large
and elegant Stock of Goods, selected with
express reference to the demands of this, Market.
1 take pleasure in informing the citizens of this
place and surrounding country, that they are now
ready for sale, at, remarkably low rates for CASH
only An enumeration of the multitudinous arti-
cles with which my Store is supplied is deemed
unnecessary : suffice it to say, that I have every-


School Notice.
rl"HE Subscriber will, open an Evening
AF School, on the first Monday of Septem-
ber next, for Gentlemen. The classes will meet
from Monday to Wednesday, inclusive, of each
week. Rooms open from half past 7 to 11 o'clock.
Per Quarter of eleven weeks, for any branches
in the English and Mathematical Courses, ten
dollars. Including the Scientific Course, twelve
dollars. a
Lights and Fuel farnished by the Principal.
Stationery, Books, &c., extra.
Opportunities for the formation of, and exer-
cises in, a Debating Society, will be afforded.
Principal of Jacksonville Male and Female Clas-
sical Institute. August 19-tf
SIX weeks after date, I will apply to Hon. the
Judge of Probate of Columbia County, for
letters of Administration, on the estate of Elias


F IRE, 1- PCARL -T.- -LTL :and ,'- .-Le,-
8 Street, A',.'v -irk. hTiee :-tor.s aud their
contentsdestroyed.. Perils before words' 7,
P .11CI-IS ,SA ES Al(l A IN tl
ELEVEN. SAFES of different makers consumed
with their (Oiiteiti! The Safe ihand" by Richit
Co. defied the flames and brought out its content ;..
without a, mark of fire ul,-,n them -
NEW YoVnL, Dce,20, 1851. -'-
Messrs. STEARNS and MARVIN, subcessors to *. -
RICH &'Co., No. 146 Water Street, New York.,-
SIRS, when the fire was consuming my plac ot-f
Business, No. 216, Pearl Street, I wa'a'absrt in"
Renss-laer County, tesfin-g-a new cleaning appa*l
:ratus in connection with my Excelsior Thraohefr'.-
and did notread-the account until I wits Fearful it
'Was too late to save my. booiks'wIkich' were, placed ,
in one of yotir safes;pur..hasd from fr.A.f1/arvin
some yearsas o.: My fears were-not allayed whn .-
I frt. iid It i,-fo-,ary upon my return to apply the;
C''ol,, W.Vat er 40 hours before 1 was enabled :'to
commence operations; after which it required 54
hourseof labor and application to raise. the Sala-
mander fromits ashy bed. Youmayjudgeofmy:,
anxiety during this delay, and my, agreeable sur-
prise ip,',n opening the safe in the presaneew of.A
number of gentlemen, to find my books and pa-
pers saved, and as legible as they were previous tok.
the fire. The intense heat to which the Safe wa
subjected, can be conjectured from the condition
of another safe, [not a Salamander] of which an
iron skeleton frame only remained, and not a veo,
tige o'f a book. They were companions : in .the
same office, on the second floor, from which they
fell upon crates of eahthern ware in the cellar, the
ruined safe uponthe Salamander. If their posi-.
tion b.ar i.e,-:n reversed, not even the skeleton
wev. Il.. 1 h&e rreuiai titd._ -My loss" over the insur- .
"ai i.yi1.9i~. v..'t thesalhation of my books in
y,.[,r "s.nfqmlld.er. with .the representatives of
$100,000,*andiimportant documents which could
not be duplicated; has fully cio pensa ed me.
It will afford me great pleasure to exhibit the
new safe p.nrchased of you, andd explain its merita
at my present office, No. 251 Pearl street, where l
shall remain until the new building, No. 216 ias
erected. Yours respectfully, .;
The undersigned invite country merehaqt and "
others ir, t ti in the preservation of their books
from fire, [but particularly those having Rich's
safes in use] to call at the depot 146 Waterstreet;-'-
New York, to see the interior of Mr. Gilbert's
safe with He books undisturbed, which he has
kindly permitted to remain for thb .tisfaction '
and gratification of the public. "
(CU Orders for Burglar Proof Vaults, and Vault,-,
Doors, promptly and faithfully executed,'
Successors to Rich & o& "*'
146 Water street, and corner Avenue A and St, "
Marks Place, New York; ;'
Owners of the exclusive right of Rich's.Patent,>
for the whole of the United .'ct-i,, and the only
makei-,'f Slan.1.:r sai-- combining both pat-
ents, (.-'nim.ii.ly calk-.l ,1 [. H'ssafes, or WILDER'S
Salamander Safes, with Rich's Improvement';
Feb. 5, 1852.-3m,

Union Agricultural -Warehouse
A N D ',
8* S~iE y T -1 E -
s.E-t D) S T 0 E-.....
T HE undersigned solicit the attention of alt'
purchasers of Implements for the Farm or.,,
Plantation 'to their assortment, which includes
many of the most recent imi.r,'.renents in the
leading articles in their line$ all of which they
will sell at prices to insure satisfaction to the
buyer-especially Railway Endless- Chain Pow-
ers, for one or two horses, of the Wheeler patent,
so often awarded the first premium at the State
and County Fairs where they have benn exhibi-
ed. Railway Powers, warranted, Warren's &
Trimble's Iron Sweep Powers, Taplin's Circular
Power, Plows,- Harrows, Fan Milks, Straw Cut-
ters,-Portable Burr Stone "Mills, Wgons, Garts,
&c. &c. Field and Gardai Seeds of ieliablh qua.-
lity, Feitilisers, Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Our descriptive-Catalogue, illustrated with- cuts,
will be -sent gratis when two to four Post Oflice
Stamps are remitted, according to the distance.
july 29, 1852. 8m RALPH & CO.

Agency for. Scott & Co'0s
REVitEWS. '..
T1HE ,ie.ler-i-, .i *Io." l.-,n dul,- utb-,rizel, by
11 LEO o ,r -. I T. IT 1-t-.. oV' -'"'vt7 ..;-i er-s n dnc
receipt, for.sub.wcript.ions- to" the .Fritish RnView

7111 -, .'", ish P~ ,vi'- .
T li .V s:q,:...,zc," ,., ->,,

-1 J, :,; 11 ?
'-,'.. t of Florld'a,

A Y' Ts 0 A 8-'B R 0 W X,
Governor of said State.
IHEREAS,it has become a. custom in
in this -State to observe- annually a day
of General- Thalrksgiving and Praise, for
the many blessings and *favors vouchsafed
by ALMIGHTY GOD during the past year ;
and, whereas, nearly all the States of the
Union have adopted this Christian and
pious custom, and have agreed to set apart
the last Thursday in November as an An-
nual Festival, to be observed by all the good
people of this Nation : '.
Now, therefore, I, THOMAs BRowN, Gov-
Jarnpr.:of the State of Florida, do according
ly appoint and proclaim THURSDAY, the
25th day of -November next, as a day of
Public Thanksgiving and Praise; and I do
invite the people of this State, on that day,
suspending their usual avocations, to assem-
ble in their respective places of public wor-
ship,'and, humbly acknowledging that in-
fihite goodness and mercy which has crown-
ed the closing year, entreat in behalf of our-
selves and this wide-spread Republic a con-
tinuance of the same, and the forgiveness of
ALMIGHTY GOD for-our many individual
and national sins.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
I set my hand, and caused to be affix-
8L. S.] ed the great seal of the State of
Florida, at the Capitol, in Talla.
hamee,.thia l.th day of October,
A. V., 1852.-
'. .' -",',THOMAS BROWN.,
Governor .of Florida.
By t&e Governor. Attest:
SSecretary of State.

WASHINGTON, OCr. 23.-Lieut. Porter had
an interview with the Secretary of the Na- t
vy yesterday. He was, of course, treated
with great kindness. The views of the gov-
ernment, as given in my despatch yesterday,
were laid down, and he will be expected to
govern himself, accordingly. He will not
return to the Crescent City, but will resume
the command of.the Georgia. The Navy
Department has no control over the former
vessel,, whilst the Georgia, to which Cap.
tain- Porter is attached, and from which he
was. merely temporarily absent, is under the
-orders of the 'Department. It is considered
proper that officers-of the Navy should only
be attached to such ships as are at the dis-
posal of theSecretary ot the Navy-nearly
all'the mail steamers being in that category.
-[Cor. of N. Y. Herald.

Dr. B. S. TAYLOR writes to the Detroit
(Mieh.),Free Press that he has discovered a
new and sure specific for the Fever and
Ague. The -account of his discovery, as
published in the Free Press, will be likely

L IST OF LETTER'S remaining iu (he Post
Office at Jacksonville, East Florida, Septem-
ber 30th, 1852.

State of Florida, In Ihe C'recull Court of
the ]aaiicr-it ('rcult, Duval Comtn3,.
William Cheever.
Ellen A. Brockenbrough, widow and admx. of
William H. Brockenbrough, deceased, Lucy
Brockenbrough, Arthur S. Brockenbrough,
Thomas W. Brockenbrough, George L. Brock-
enbroagh, George S. Hawkins, and Mary R.
Hawkins, his wife, Thomas W., Brocken-
brough and John W. Brockenbrough, infant
children of John W. Brockenbrough deceased,
Lucy B. M.,xwell, Elizabeth S. Maxwell, Si-
mon Maxwell, Margaret Chaplin Sims, widow
and admx. of William H. Sims deceased, Mar-
tha Mason Sims, and another infant child of
William W. Sims, whose name is unknown to
It appearing to the satisfaction of this Court,
by affidavit made and filed in this cause, that de-
fendants. Arthur S. Brockenbrough, and Thomas
H. Brockenbrough, and John W. Brockenbrough
infant children of John W. Brockenbrough, de-
ceased, Margaret Chaplin Sims, Martha Mason
Sims, and the other infant child of William W.
Sims deceased, reside out of the State of Flor-
ida, beyond the jurisdiction of this Court, but in
the 1) united States, and that defendants, Lucy
Brockenbrough, George S. Hawkins, and Mary
R. Hawkins his wife, reside in the Western Cir-
cuit in the State of Florida, and that defendants,
George L. Brockenbrough, Ellen A. Brocken-
brough, Lucy B. Maxwell, Elizabeth V. Max-
well, V. Maxwell, and Simon Maxwell, reside in
the Middle Circuit of the State of Florida:
It is therefore ordered, that said defendants re-
siding in the State of Florida, and out of the
Eastern Circuit, do appear and answer the bill
of complaint filed in the cause within two months
from the date of the publication of this order,
and that the defendants residing beyond the lim-
its of the State of Florida, but in the jurisdiction
of the United States, do appear and answer the
same, within four months from the date of the
publication of this order, or that said bill be
taken for confessed against them.
And it i's further ordered that publication of
th*s order be made in some news paper, published
in Jacksonville, in Duval County, aforesaid, once
a week for the space of four months.
THOMA, DOUGLAS, Judge, &c. &c.
County of Duval. S5,
I, Isidore V. Garnie, Clerk of the Cireit Court
for said County, do hereby certify, that the fore-
going order is a true and correct copy of an or-
der now on file in my office.
In Witness, whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the Seal
[L. S.] of said Court, on this eleventh
day of October, A. D., 1852.
Clerk Circuit Court, Duval County.
Oct. 14-4m

QU. PTFP- i rH B PIP Ar.rf. F M..
I.A,'?:"....','i Li.r, ` el.t. 2S, 1352

Order No, 4.
G; COOPEoR GDBs, of MTay P'ort Mills,- Nuva&
County, is hereby appointed an aid-de-Camp of
the Brigadier General, with the rank and title of
Major--vice John L. Hopkins promoted. He
will bo obeyed and respected accordingly.
By order of .Brig Gen. Hopkins.
Adjutant General..

Appleby, Abram
Agres, P Marshall
Albritton, S Noah
Adams, Wm 2
Burnham, D Win
Bacus, Jim
Bostick Edmans
Bryan, Henry
Brewer, James
Biringer, Ferdinana
Brady, Peter
Corbitt. Daniel, Capt
Curry, Moses, Capt 2
Clinton, Charles
Cherry, J James
Colravey, Thos .
Cestain, Thos, Mrs
Curtis, R Thomas
Cooler, George
Clay, G Wm
Caldwell, A Robert
Davis, F Amanda,M4iss
DRbel, A James, Capt
Dough, T Walter
Easton, D R
Eccles, Nancy, Miss
Floyd, John
Floyd, Davis
Flynn, W Michael
Flemming, Peter
Falany, Peter
Grothe, Wm
Hodgdeir, B A, Capt
Hill, G, John
Jones, John
Jones, L Nancy, Miss
K .
Kersh, Joseph
Keany, Michael
Louther, Estor, Mrs
Lang' Charley
Mahel, John
lMi'*, Anthany
Miller, M. James
McLaren, Colin 2
Miner, WYF, Capt
McBrady, Wm
Norton, Louis, Capt
Overstreet, E T

Ortegas, Ignatius
Ortegas, John
Pride, John 2
Pape, Jacah, ,
Padgett, Elighd
Prescott, Riley
Price, A Joseph
Perkins, Robert
Riley, John
Richards, R Johd
Rulane, R V Martin
Reyes, Claudius
Rawlins, Robert
Rowe, Peter
Rowe, William
Stewart, W James
Seay, B Lauro
Summerlin, John
Salter, i. Joseph
Swearingen, Henry
Smart, M Jos
Savin, F A, Capt
Sawyer, Harriet, Mrs
Simons, B A
Sanchez, John
Sikes, A Henry 2
Stone, Thomas
Stacy, Thomas
Sheppard, Miles
Spier, Win
Stevens, H Thomas 3
Thiers, 0 Benjamin
Tailor, C. John
Townsend, Eliza
Tracy, A Jacob
Williams, F R Mess
& Co
Whipple, W, Capt 2
Williams, S J H
Williams, Cabeb
Weeks, P J
Wood, Luke
Weed, Jonas
White, T John 2
Wilson, John 2
Walls, M 8, Capt
White, Ben
Wait, S. J.
Williams, B Enoch
Willis, C Dontha, Mrs
Wiggins, R H L J,
Woodhulll, Theodore,

(Late of the Firrm of Samn'l Hoyt & Co.,
Saviia~h, ~Ga.,,)
TOULD announce to his friends that he
W, has removed to Charleston, S. C., No.
149 East Bay, where he is prepared to do a Gen-
eral Commissson Business, and furnish to order
at all times any articles from the INorth or South
that may be wanted, for the usual] commission, as
well as receive and sell the same.' And I pledge
myself thiat all business entrusted to my care
shall receivee such attention as will ensure' similar
manifestation of their good will, not doubting
that my'acquaintance with northern and south-
ern markets will enable me to do as well as any,
and better than many.
Also, Dealer in Butter, Cheese, P/aster, Mar-
ble Dust, Cement, Lime, and Hair.
And, Agent for sundry Machine Manufactories
north and south, as well as Silas Cc Herring's
Vire-proof Safes, Georgia and French Burr Mill
Stones ; all of which will be furnished on short,
notice, and at manufacturers' prices.
Cash paid at all times for Wool, Green, Salted
and Dry Hides, Deer and Sheep Skins, Shipping
Pur-, Beeswax, Rags, Rope Cuttings, Sea island
Cotton Seed, and Florida Moss. Also, Southern
Tanned Leather in the rough...
OU-Terms cash invariably. Refers to citizens
of SavarO;h generally. sep 16-3m
Jacksonville Female Institute.
T HE FOURTH .YEA R, of this Institution
V will commence on the 20th of September
inst. The classes will be arranged so as to em-
brace the different ages and capacities of the pu-
pils, and thus progressively promote their intel-
lectual improvement, and also insure to them
thorough instruction in the various departments
of literature and science.
Mathematical Instruction wxll be continued by
the former Teacher,
The French and Drawing Department will be
under the direction of Prof. Des Rochers.
Musical Instruction will be given to the Pupils
of this Institution by any of the Professors of that
Science in Jacksonville ; the Principals leaving it
optional with the parents and guardians to de-
TERMS, (PAYABLE IN ADVANCE;)-For one quarter
of eleven weeks:
Orthography, Reading, Writing, and
Arithmetic, 4 00
Geography, Grammar, and History, 5 00
Mathematics and the higher branches
of English Literature, 6 00
The French Language, in clsses, 5 00
Drawing and Painting, do. 5 00
Music, from $10 to $15 for 24 lessons.
An additional charge of 50 cents for fuel, will
also be made to each patron for J.NIE quarter, dur-
ing the winter.
Jacksonville, September 1st, 1852. 096m.

Commissioner for taking Acknowledg-
ment of Deeds,
And other Instruments of Writing, to be used in
the States of
OU-Office with E. L. Harrison & Co., Jack-
sonville, Florida. Oct. 14-tf

For Sale.
WILL be sold at public auction on Saturday
morning, November 13th, at ten o'clock,
the whole of the elegant and complete Household
Furniture belonging to Capt. R. H. Leese, per-
fectly new and made to order. Comprising
Drawing Room setts.
Dining Room do.
Bed Room Furniture
Kitchen Furniture.
Cooking Stove, quite new.
Plated Lamps, Silver Candlesticks, Linen. '
Library of choice selected Books.
Ladies and Gent. Saddles and Bridles, &c.
Can be seen two days previous to the Sale, in
t.he a.ftervnnnn f.rn R to 5 n.nd ataatflznias ha-d.

MOODY & BOULTER would inform their
customers and the public that they have
removed their Stock of Goods to the new building,
One Door East of the Store of Ambler &
where they are now opening a large and elegant
assortment of
Carefully selected to suit the market, and com-
Fancy and Family Groceries;
Provisions, Corn, Hay, arid Flour;
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods;
Clothing, Boots, and Shoes;
Hats and Caps;
Crockery, Glass and Earthenware;
Hardware and Cutlery;
Hollow Ware;
[!+ *''

r1'..- f',v\ ^ -., "' ]-* I.:." ,e '" '

V/hicih th~ey *..f;', ," '.--,: -" fc-^'. c' :" r. 13 S-:- .* ;*

Goods cheap is t6 adopt the cash system, they
will hereafter sell for CASH ONLY. Trusting that
an examination of our merchandize and prices
will convince our customers that the cash system
is more for their benefit than our own, we invite
them to mall on us.
October 14th, 1852. 3m

I Brandy, Wine, &c.
dIhLD Otard, Dupuy & Co's Best 6BANDY.
qf SHERRtY WI2 E--a very superior article.
MADEIRA do, do. do.
The above were purchased of one of the best
houses in New York, aud warranted superior. "
july 22 For sale by J OHN. M.. PAi N E.

to interest our medical readers: The above articles are superior to any thing of
Certain accidental occurrences led me to the kind ever offered in this market,
C e rt i n c ci e nt l o c u r e n c g 'l d m t oJ 'N O W :. P R I1 C E A u ct.
Make some experiments with a plant which Jacksonville, Oct. 28, 1852. tds.
Trows in.the woods of. Michigan; but which. ,.-
S never been supposed to posses medicinal Sheriff Sale.
properties. "The result of experiments has lilY VIRTUE of a Judgment and decree of the
been to convince'me and all who have tried lip Circuit Court of the Eastern Circuit of the
it, that this p'lantis nhite scertai a remedy State of Florida for the County of Duval, for
a n9 ite as certain a remedy the foreclosure of a mortgage and an execution
for ague, intermittent and remittent fever, as for the sale of the mortgaged property therein
quinine. It has been thoroughly tried during mentioned and described, duly issued and to me
the Past summer, without a single failure delivered, I have levied upon and will expose for
I e ge n r sale, at public outcry, before the door ,,f the
Its name have never beta able to find in Court House in Jacksonville, on Monday the sixth
any Dispensatory or Medical Botany. and I day of December next: All that piece or parcel
am confident froin' various considerations of laud, situate in Duval county, lying between
that it has never been used ia domestic prac- the forks of Black Creek, in Section Thirteen,
lice. It is nO aft 4 '-s.I { ] .* '" i,)- ^ h%."P -vs !?" -Tw wo~y -four. -,ithl a"
irom which all ag:,: ,o, *l -, ;n.A..: F J ;.,. ;- .,';,. .:. n I
lerivwd t,; H r .; t4, ) ; ;. t4,:' ; ;" ,>" ; [ i r *
p u n g e n t ta s te to t tt, ,' r *,,3',.*i ,v '-,, ,- .. -. ,:., <- :3..* .. ... .., ''.
p a r a t i o n s I c l a im t L e r e tre to Li ,^ .
a discovery- to have based a plant! 4i,'Ci ..... .. ^ ,., ;' ; r-'., -i *i ;/
has never been used before, and to"';.d. !< -.= i.,,r .'- ; *. i,-,;o.,.i :'cc-
possessed0 of impi ortant idiical piro rticr,' s'- .... .. T, '" "
T he p reparatio n w hi.. < s .. d esig ned to h1 of- "-" "' 3" "";'
.. '-- '" .** uonti inin ue iiuin-c oa, tit l coj niv ailt u nuatt -
hcial, and to whik-h has been given the name tv hundreths of an acre, said lands being the same
of 0p -ura, is simply the plant "pnlverized rortgaged by, Benjamin Frisbee to IsaaeJ Moses,
and .ground with sugar. An ounce of this on the nineteenth day of April, A. D. 1849, and
preparation will go so far as a drachm of by said Isaac J Moses assigned to Jacob J. Moses,
'and levied upon,. and will be sold to -satisfy said
quinine. It inadmissible in every case Judgment, Decree and Execution, in favorof said
where quinine is. .It is as certain as that Jacob J. Moses. Also at thosame time and place,
medicine to arrest the paroxysms, it is much will be sold by virtue of a Judgment and Decree
cheaper, it will cost less than half the-pres- of the Circuit CourtofDuval county, for the fore-
t p re of *e t as a bd tste wht- closure of a Mortgaged Property therein men-
ent price of quinine, it has ao bad taste what- tioned and described, duly issued and decreed,
ever, and is never followed by any of those the 24th day of May 1852, and to me delivered, I
unpleasant effects which follow tbe use of have levied upon and will expose for sale -at pub
quinine. I have givLen it in ten times the lie outcry, four uegroes, viz:
Moses, (black) male, aged about 25.
described dose without bad effects. Indeed Samson, do do do 40,
I have never been able to descover any ef- Tamer, do female do f0t
fects from it, used in whatever doses, except Kate, do do do 31.
a cessation of the chills and fevers. The Clary, do do do 12.
Said negroes being the same Mortgaged by AVil-
disease is not liable to return in a week or liam Haddock to _orace0. M oss and Daniel C.
two, as when broken up with quinine." Ambler, the 22d day of March, 1849, and levies
t^,^-TI-- *-^^- .. upon and will be sold to satisfy said Judgment,
Arrivals at th Di House. Decree, and Execution, in favor of said Horace
Arrivals. at th B gton House. O. Moss and Daniel .(. Ambler.
NoTv. 3-R 74 HBrar. N V-, Moseas .I nJn on ,,o Jacksonville, Oct. 23, 1852. Sheriff.

UST RECEIVE D,,per Schooner 3 ersey Oak,
500 lbs Ground Zi<:, much superior to the
best White Lead, and cheaper;
500 lbs Pure Union White Lead;
Ginger Wine.-the best article for debil-
ity and Dyspeptic persons now in use;
Chrome Yellow; Chrome Green; Broy'n's
Blistering Tissue; Adhesive Plaster;
With many Other articles-making my
Stock complete.
All of which are offered at the lowest
rates, FOR CASH...
Jacksonville. Aug. 19-tf Dra._=gii.

Tooacco, Cigars & Snuff.
^ h 7. b:-0 e ,7 ... h. -" 7 -7. 10 -f I 'A ,
fe o**i' *** .' ,: f'rr 5a : -a',- l- *** P cas? h. "i !

+1' *i L ,"f I t .)[.; ,* "" .

1^ ]L t it'".?^:;, ,! i!i he ubhe. -ito-'., '

sever-al of the same with fire places. t, '.i...e
is within one hundred and fifty yards of the Post
Office and wharves. The I,.i.r.;.;.i..1 is Agent
for Gen Scott's four horse Coach and two, horse
I-ack Mailiines, bothleaving for Ocala semi-week
ly. For further particulars apply at the offices of
thA Jacksonville Republican and News.
Palatka, January 8, 1852. tf, -

Agents Walnted.
500 PAGER 32mo,
Many years Editor of the 'tncinnmti
Daily Choni"le. '"
TrlHE Subscriber will shortly receive from the
Press, an Edition of the above v.jin ,.il-
work, and will furnish those who wish to become
Agents to circulate #ho same, on the most reason-
able terms. For father particulars and all. neces-
sary information, applicants will please Vddress
their letters to the subscriber,
H 1MANSFIELD, Publisher.
134 York Street, NeW Haven, Ct.
sept 16-tf

Cow Hides, Deer, Sheep, Otter
and Coon Skinsi
EES-WAX, Wool, .Tallow, &c., and all
Country Produce of this kind pnrchased,
for which the highest market cash prices will be
paid, or leather given in exchange, by
No. 286, King. Street, Ofa-arleston, S. C.
sept 23.


P'or any o1 e 11,-7T ,,-01i6wS, 3 't-' per ann
For any two, do. 4 5 00- "
For any three, do. a 7 00 "
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00 '
For Blaekwood's Magazine, 3 0O 0
For Blaekwood and three -,.eviews, 9 09 0 ;.-
For Blackwood anI fou- Reviews, 10 00 t
Fiur copies -of any or all of the above Works
will be sent to one address on payment of the reg-
ular subscription for three-the fourth copv being
gra tis., COLUMBUS DREW, ,
Florida ii epubliean Office,
April 8-tf Jackso,.vllet

npHE SUBSCRIBER Is |1OW openiing--
11. A General assortment of Dry Goods, tGro-
ceries, Drugs. Paints, Oils', &c.-among which
may be enumerated, in part-
Osnaburgs, Calicoes, &c.
Blankets, Negro Cloths,
Ginghams and- 1-In-, ,-,
Flannels, .....tiu', and Shirting,
Linens, Satinets, &c.,
Cambrics, .Jackonets, Swiss and dotted
Hosiery, Hlandkerchiefs, &c.
Ready-made Clothing,
We are also receiving a general assortment of
Groceries, such as-
Flour, Pork, Cheese,
Tobacco, Coffee-a few bags of Java,
Sugar, Loaf and Brown,
Candles, Soap, Starch, &c.
Crackers of every description,
Vinegar, Cider, .and White Wine.
in Paints, &c..
White Lead, Lamp and Linseed Oil.
Also, Lead, Shot. and-Powder.
Also, Stationery, Cap and Letter paper,
Fancy Soap of all kinds,
Blank Books.
Cologne, and other extracts,
And a General Assortment of Fancy
For sale on low terms, by
At Finnegan's old Stand, Jacksonville, Fla.
Sept. 23-tf (News copy.)
Watches, Jewelry, loekS,&C, &c.

Hl'AVI NG just returned from thei North,would
I& K respectfully inform the public that he has
brought out a splendid assrtment of
Fine Gold Jewelry of every description ;
Gold and Silver Guard, Fob, and Vest Chains ;
SILVER WA ItE-such as Spoons of all k.nds,
Butter Knives, &c. Gold and Silver Pencils;
Knives, Razors, Scissors, Shears, &c., a splendid
lot of Ladies' Fans, Combs, Brushes, &c.;
and many other articles, too numerous to mon-
tion. (t.jThe public are invited to call.
CO-Watches and J ewelry repaired at short no-
tice, and warranted.
Jacksonville, Sept. 11, 1852.

Q^ ~ Sit^S.Acres, situated on the head waters
21-163 of Halifax rivers Orange county,
East Florida, 44 miles south of St. Augustine--
bounded on the North by lands of J. J, Bualow.,;-
deceased, and on the south by lands now or lately.
the property of the Marquis de Fergeaud. The
greater portion of said lands are covered with -
growth of live Oak and Cedar, and are well
adapted to the cultivation of Sugar Cane and the
Upland portion to that of Long Staple Cotton.
Lying on a navigable stream for flat boats of
three feet draft of water, these lands are conv
niently situated for forwarding produce. %"
For terms apply to O. DREW,
At this Office-or to-
C. W. DOWNING, Tallahassee.
August 19-tf

S H Vanness, Ga; J D Tussely, do; E T tIlack-
uett, do; John Bilbo, do; A C Smith, Fla; A
Vaught, S C; T 0 tolmes, Fla; Mr Parsons, do;
F S- fHernandez, and servant, Ga; G H Sallis,
A H Sloat, N Y; Mr Mickler, St Augustine; W
Grubb, TN Y; John H Simmons, do; Geo W Cole,


T HE Executors of the late Col. John H1.
AMclntosh, offer for sale, and are ready to
receive applications for the purchase of, all his
real and personal property, consisting of a quan-
tity of Plantation. lmplementsj Mules, Oxen,
Corn, Fodder, and about 221 Slaves, &c., all
which are on the plantation called Burlington,
Duval county, Florida. The Slaves will be sold
in a body or in families ; and the lands in vari-
ous tracts and quantities to suit purchasers-a
diagram of which, exhibiting the localities, may
be seen upon application at the plantation, to
Benjamin Wilson, Esq., Agent, or to either of
the subscribers. Among the real estate a large
and elegant dwelling house are situated in the
city of St. Augustine, fronting the public square.
Also, a steam Saw Mill and site, with the ouild-
ings connected with it. Tlhis mill is 85-horse
power, works two gangs of upright saws and one
circular edger saw. There is no better mill in
Florida, either in machinery or frame-work. At-
tached to it is a substantial and commodious
wharf, alongside of which any vessel that can
pass the St. John's river bar may lie and load.
it is situated at the mouth of Dbctor's Lake, on
the St. John's river, opposite to Mandarin, about
14 miles above Jacksonville, and 25 miles below
Pioolata. A large body of pine timbered land is
near by, from which saw logs may be had, and
which was purchasedd by the proprietor for that
purpose. The Mill is new, and has only been in
operation five months-was stopped in conse-
quence of the death of the proprietor, and is now
in working order. It may be seen and inspected
by any person wishing to purchase, on application
to the Agent, Benjamin Wilson, Esq.
Executors of Juhn H. Mclntosh.
Sept. 16th, 1852. 23-tf .

IX MONTHS after date I will present my
accounts and vouchers, as Administrator of
the estate of CALVIN READ, deceased, to the
Hon. Judge of Probate of Duval County, for,
ihal settlement of said estate ; and also apply for
Admr. Estate of C. Read.
Jacksonville, June 17th, 1852. 6m

Bread, Pies and Cakes*
THE co-partnership heretofore existing bd
tween Myers and Coopman, in the conduct
of the Baking business, having been dissolved,
the subsciber desires to make known to the public
that he will hereafter carry on said business singly,
He has made fall preparations to supply the town
and other purchasers with very excellent BREAD#,-
PIES and CAKES, which he is now delivering
regularly -at the houses of customers.
He takes this opportunity of expressing his
thanks for the liberal evidences of encouragement
which he has already received, and, while respect-
fully asking a continuance of the same, feel war,
ranted in cdahning for the-bread which he offers
qualities unfsurpassed in aiathe essentials which go
to make the statt" of life palatable, pure, and
wholesome. He will continue to use the best fiouro -
which, with personal experience in the art of Bw
king, justifies him in promising his customers
good Bread, &c.
Tickets furnished, and families any where within
in the limits of the town supplied at an early hour
every day. Price--5 cents per loaf.


Oct. 28.-Brig Relief, Cates, New York.
30. Brig R. Spear, Auld, Bath.
Oct. 20.-Schr. Emerald, Wells. Essex.
25, Brig Humboldt, Ginn, Curaroa.
: 18.. Sohr. Energy, Lowry, Philadelphia.
:Nov. 1. Brig Relief, Gates, New York.

Brought to Jail,
ON the tenth of May, a Negro man named
0 WASHINGTON. Rays he belongs to
BENJAMIN SINGLETON, of Lowndes conn-
ty, Ga.-about twenty years of age, dark com-
plexion, five feet four inches high. Says he has
been runaway two weeks.
Jailor, Columbia county, East Fla.
May 20-tf
Notice to Debtors and Creditors,
LL, PE RSONS who are indebted to the es-
tate of Donald C. Murdock, late of Column-
bia county, deceased, are required to come for-
ward and make immediate payment to the under-
signed ; and all persons having demands against
said estate are hereby called upon to present them
to the undersigned, duly authenticated, without
delay. .. ... ... .

03-Another Scientific Wonder 2=-IMPOR-
TON'S PEPSIN, the true Digestive fluid, or
Gastric Juice, prepared from R .ET, or the
Foujfta TM s'ocr--OF -rHE Ox, after directions'of
BarIn L1EBEG, the great physiological Chem-
ist, ,by; J. S HOUGHTON, IM. D., Philadel-
phias This is truly a wonderful remedy for IN-
,andDEBILITY, curing after NATURE'S OWN
JUICE. Pamphlets, containing Scientific evi-
dence of its value,, furnished by Agents gratis.
.. ,. ee the advertisement, sp 2-1y

may 27


W.T. McLERAN,Adm'r.
Their Attorney.

The nndersigned is prepared to perform
Cp,. all kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron
0i l Work, such as the manufacture of light
.flaaa Culinary Utensils, making and repairing
Tin Gutters and Spouting for Houses, Tin Roof-
ing, Tin and Zinc Coffins, and all kinds of work
appertaining to his line of business, which will be
executed with promptness and despatch.
W- Orders for articles, or services, for the
country, will be promptly attended to.
May 6-tf Bay-st., Jacksonville.
M THE subscriber having leased the
above House, situated on Broughtorn-,
street, between Aberco;n: and Drayton-
streets for a term of years, respectfully informs tbh
citizens of Savannah and the public generally,
that he is now prepared to receive boarders,-both .
regular and transient, on the most reasonable
terms, and pledges himself, by strict attention to
business, to merit the patronage of the public.--
Ile intends'to make the Marshall Htouse A FIRSy
CLASS Hotel. His table will be supplied with ev-
ery luxury that can be procured. ,-

To the Ladies.
THE attention of Ladies is respectfully solici-
ted to my stock of Fancy Starionory, which
embraces a great variety of beautiful note paper,
plain and embossed; gilt edged Bath post letter
paper; fine steel pens, expressly for Ladies; a large
Assortment of visiting cards, &c. Call and ex-
xonine if you wish something nice.
*ct 28 Druggist.

Alligator, ColumDia co., Fia.,
,, Augnst 10th, 1852.


State of Florida, Circuit Court, Marion
Littleton B. Lewis, ]
Vs. I
Abner D. Johnson, Bill in Cpan-,nery.
Francis R..Johnson,
William Lastinger,
and John Johnson,
T appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
by affidavit in this case filed, that the above-
named defendant, William Lastinger, .resides be-
yond the limits of the State of Florida, to wit: in
the State of Georgia-Therefore, on motion of M.
Whit Smith, Esq., Solicitor for the Complainant,
it -is ordered that the said Defendant, William
Lastinger, do appear and Ianswer the said Bill of
Complaint, according to law, or the same will be
taken as confessed against him.
And it is further ordered, that a copy of this or-
der be published in. some newspaper, printed and
published in said Circuit, once a week for four
Judge, &c., &c.
-TmT, N W A .& 1). *IQ.W. iii '.)A

NOW LANDING from sahooner Plube A,
Page, and for sale low :
Flour, in barrels and half do.
Hams, Mess Pork,C,.l Fi-h. Irish
Potatoes, Onions, Lard, Powder, Hay.
Oct. 28. JAS. LIVINGSTON, Ag't.

tourOR attention is solicited'to my stock of
Jt Cigars-I have just received 10,000 Havana
Cheroots, (genuine, aud no mistake,) which are
offered at lbwer prices than you can imagine ; call
soon or you will regret it.
,' ..... 'JOHNUM. PAYNE.

Two Hundred and Twenty-five
Dollars Reward.
4i RANAWAY from the Subscriber, about
^^ the 1st of June last, a<,negro man named
^^ 2NED, between twenty-five and thirty
,ii- years of age, about six feet high, rather
square built, of -a bright copper color, has a down
look when spoken to.,- No other marks recollect-
ed. Said boy is a plauqjble fellow. 1 learn he
says he can and will get a man to taks him off,
1 will pay two hundred dollars reward for the ap-
prehension of any white man with proof sufficient
to convict him of tampering with the boy, and
f --_f. tA VAr Anlan^^a fh .-41.I ,. T- -- A ^:. l.;A I A +

0"!.,W. Vanhan & Vo's; Surglcal
a w tig Banda es,, .:.7. "
I,WOULD-call the .attention of Physicians to
my stock of Aurgioal Bandages, consisting
In part of Shoulder Braces, ass. sizes, Abdominal
8umnbrtftrs-TT.'Uteinft.- Abr^nw*nn1 o/nm"--^a-.^




The New and Regular line of Packets between
New` York, Jacksonville, and Palatka, composed
by the new and fast-sailing schooners--
Joseph Grlce, 270 tons, A. ROGERS, Com'r,
Jersey Oak, 160 tons, J. S. ROGERS, Com'r,
will ply regularly between the ports&
Agent in New York,
Agents in Jacksonville,
Agent in Palatka,
All goods directed to their'care will be promptly
forwarded. "
September, 4th, 1852. 23-tf
Charleston and Florida Line.

The Splendid New, Packet-steamer
pl_ "S now running regularly on the
_' A Line- between Charleston, and
aaaEthe St. John's river.
The following Schedule has been adopted, which
shows the hours of arrival and departure at the
various ports: %>
Leave Ciarlestn 'Tuesday, at 3 o'clock P. A.
Leave Jacksonville Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m.
Leave Pieolata Wednesday, at 7 o'clock P. M.
Leave Palatka Thursday, at 7 o'clock A. M.
Leave Pibolata, Thursday, at 10o'clork A. M.
Leave;-1Blgok Crek Thurday, alt. 1 o'clock K.'M'.
Leave JAeck.Jon\-ifie Friday,'at,,3 o'clock A, _M .
The -t.'.1i., to-ditti...ns for passengers are unsur-
passed by those of any. boat ever placed on the
St. John's. Freight and passage as low as by
any other line.
Any farther information can be obtained by ap-
plying to either of the undersigned agents..
J. W. CALDWELL, Charleston.
;. Jacksonville.
R. R. REID, Palatka.'
:'eprt-i.ber 23, I852. tf


In One Vol.,Crown Quarto, of 1452 Pages.
" Containing THREE TIMES the matter found in an
other English Dictionary compiled in this country.
G. & C. Merriam, Springfield, Nas1,
Ands old by alt Bookaelers.

"Etymological part surpasses any thin that
AM been donefor thB English Language."

ih.trkit accortling to Act of Congre.p, In the yea
1851, by J. S. 1OUGHTfON, M. D., in the plerk'a
Office of the District Court for the faster
District of Pennsylvania.
Another Scientific Wonder!


"PflNTTSIE BBHnflr7w

Which has ever been presented to the public,
It stands upon its own merits, and needs no
T HIS Valuable preparation i& compounded
from several medicinal roots growing in the
Wilds of Florida. It is PUzELY and WHOLLY
Vegetable, and designed ESPECIALLY for the cure
of the above disease. The Inventor aud:Ftepri-
etor is fully convinced that it is an invaluable
Medicine. In fact the test that he has given ,it
in the town in which he resides, and the aston-
ishlIng success with which it has met, warrants
him in saying that it is a POSITIVE CURE.
He has therefore come to the determination to
place it within the reach of all, knowing how ma-
ny suffer with this very unpleasant and often dan-
gerous Disease, particularly in the Southern and
Western States.
In purchasing my "; Indian Loxecust" be
particular and look for my written signature O
the label.
I refer the public below to a few certificates se-
lected from among many received from respecta-
ble citizens of Jacksonville.
P. S. Planters should not be without this value.
able Medicine Every family, ought to keep it,
on hand.
A. M. REED, principal Agent for Jackson-
ville. ;


SIX MILE CREEK, FLA., Dec. 9,18bl.
Mr Poinsett,
Sip.: For the benefit of the afflicted you can
publish the following-I have had seven cases of
Diarrhea on my plantation this season ; all of
which have been cured by the use of your most
valuable medicine called Indian'Loxecust.
Yours respectfully, JOHN PRICE, Jr.
Black Creek, Fla., Feb. 1st, 1852.
Dear Sir-Some time since a member of my
family was very ill, indeed, with a Diarrhoea. I
resorted to several things usually given for the
Disease, but none of them would afford uny re-
lief. Your Indian Loxecust was recommended
by several persons ; I made up my mind to try it,
and am very glad I did so, as one Bottle effected
a cure. You will please publish this-as such
a valuable Medicine ought to be known to
the public. Spread it far and near in order that
the afflicted may find relief. Yours, &c.,
To Dr E Poinsett.
JACKSONVILLE, E. F., August 15th, 1851.
Dear Sir: This will inform you that one bottle
of your medicine, called INDIAN LOXECUST, has
permanently cured two of my negroes of a severe
attack of Dysentery. I consider it an excellent
medicine for this complaint, and take groat plone
sure in recommending- it to the public
Respectfully yours,
To Mr. E. Poinsett.
St. John's Beach, Fla., Feb. 5th, 1852.
Dear Sir-Having used your most valuable
Medicine called Indian Lexecust with complete
success in my family, 1 feel it a duly I owe to you
and the public to inform you that myself and two
children have been cured of a severe Diarrhoea
with it, when nothing else would give us relief.-
Publish this if you please. Yours, respectfully,
To Dr E Poinsett.
JACKSONVILLE, May 6th, 1851.
JACKSONVILLE, July 30, 1851.
Dear Sir: I have tried your very valuable Med-
cine for Diarrhoea and find it by far the best and
safest cure for this dangerous disease that I have
ever known or heard of. My little daughter, aged
about two years, had suffered long and was re-
duced to almost a skeleton, and 1 tried part of
a Bottle of your "INDIAN LOXECUST" and
it has acted like a charm_-f1"- end- 1 s-now i.-
,-,Fig-gru may b stoarn by those who do eot be-
lieve. Respectfully,
To E. Poinsett, Esq.
S T. NICHOLAS, Fla., July 31,1851.
Dear Sir: 'I his is tc certify that two*Bottles of
your Medicine called "INDIAN LOXECUSTT"
has permanently cured two of our Negroes, of a se-
vere Diarrhoea. I take pleasure in recommending
your valuable Medicine--as being without doubtc
one of the best and safest remedies for this disease
that I have heard of or seen. Yours truly,
To E, Poinscflt, Esq.
JACKSONVILLE, June 9th,_1851.
Dear Sir: I have used your Indian Loxecust
iu my family, and have found it a very valuable
remedy for Diarrhoea. I take great pleasure in
recommending it to the public.
Respectfully, -J. E. TOWNSEND
Egber Poinsctt, Esq.
JACKSONVILLE, E. Fla., May 17, 1851.
Dear Sir: This may certify to you that l had &
negro girl suffering under a severe attack of Di-
arrhoea, and that the use of one bottle of your
preparation called "Indian Loxecust" effectually
cured her, and I would take this method of re::
commending it as a very valuable Medicine.
Yours truly, JOHN BRANTLEY.
rMr. Egbert Poinsett.
JACKSONVILLE, July 26,. 1851
Dear Sir : Sometime since I was attacked with
a severe Diarrhoea--so severe that I could not at-
tend to my business. I was recommended to try

your "INDIAN LOXECUST." I procured one
Bottle of it. At the same time two members ot
my family were afflicted with the same disease
We all used the medicine from the one Bottle,
and I am now happy to inform you that it cured
us all entirely. We are now all well and hearty
from the use of only one Bottle of your Valuable
Medicine. Yours truly,
To E. Poinsett, Esq.
Mandarin, Fla., Oct. 1, 1851.
Dear Sir-Some time since I was on a visit near
your place, and was suddenly taken very sick.
Your Indian Loxecust was recommended. The
friend that I was visiting happened to have a bot.
tle of it in the house, and I used it, and take plea
sure in informing you that it cured me. I am
averse to having my name in print, but stzll, for
the benefit of those that may be afflicted, you can
publish this if you think it necessary.
Yours with respect,
Dr E Poinsett, Jacksonville, Fla.
Gravelly Hill, Oct. 20, 15M.
Dear Sir: Your Indian Loxecust is a good edo.
icine. Some time since I purchased a bottle from
A M. Reed, Esq.,,your agent, and gave it to one
of my negroes that had suffered very much from
a severe attack of Dysentery. It cured him. Soon
afterwards I had another negro attacked with the
same disease. I purchased another bottle, and it
cured him also.
I do not hesitate a moment in recommending
your Indian Loxecust to the public, as being the
most certain remedy for Dysentery that I have
ever use d, or heard of. If you see proper, you can
publish this. Yours truly,
Dr E Poinsett, Jacksonville.
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. 26,1851.
Dr E Poinsett--=mir: This is to certify that I
have been permanently cured of a severe Diarrhoea
by the use of your most valuable medicine called
ndian Loxecust, after suffering for more than 12
months with that distressing disease. I take plea
ure in recommending your most valuable modi
ine to all similarly afflicted.
1 remain yours truly,
Formerly of Jacksonville, N. C
CLIFTON, FL&., Oct. 6,1851.
Dear Sir: One Bottle of your Loxecust has coru*
pletely cured one of my men of a long standing,
bstinate Diarrhcea.--From its complete and cer-
ain efficacy where all other medicines had failed
take pleasure in recommending it as a most
aluable medicine. Yours, &o.,
To Dr. E. Poinsett.
Jacksonville. Dee. 4$h I=;

Union Agricultural Warehouse

THE subscriber is now opening, at his Store,
on Forsyth-street, a general assortment of

(~14slll~ylYYrrra~--~~ r

--- --C -- ---- ---ls L .I- -~

~l~iurr~B~LiL~g'n~- ~'U~111~' I I

English Studies and Mathematics, 10 00
Including the yuientifio Course, 12 00
Latin and Greek, 15 00
(Payable quarterly, in advance.)
A liberal deduction wll be made for pupils in
,the Primary studios. Address,

Hoe. WILLAARD HALL, R, v. S. R. WYNK00p,
Wilmington, Del.; Dr. AMnLEa, Brandywine Vil-
lage, Del.; Rev. T. BKRAD, UeD Dover, Del.; Rev.
SJ.*E. Rockwell, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Hon. J. O.LI-
HA.\T, Dr. A, E. B[:I;I, Mdedtrd, N. J. .Teach-
ers-T-1hEo. HYtATT, Rev. Tuos. CANN, Rev. Z.
A. MAISWIFLD, Wilmiooton,Del.; L. BARROWS,
Andover, Mass. nov 27, '51-ly

(.. ton and Woollen Iachinery and
St eama Saw MiiUs and Enginesi
...\tj':rr'S,. will promptly execute all or-
,dersior :Cott'on and Woollen Machinery of all
l.indi, and wili conctraot fo r whole Mills from the
, water h el or steam on iine to the finishing ma
olhineC .team SAw Miils for gangs or single
:saWs. Machinists' Tools of devey description.
Locomotive and Freigbt Cars. MPcllnnrry of all
litude ou hand, either fimshed or in progress, so
ohat orders ban be filed in slirnt. notiea

n fl XT Ynrk Iti?" r ",T,,

aekvonvllle, Duval County, E. F., by
TKxn .--Three Dollars per annum, payable
spon ordering the Paper.
Subscriptions, if not paid before the expiration
of the year, are charged $4.
Advertisementa will bo inserted at the following
rates: One Dollar per square (of twelve lines) for
the first, and Seventy-Five Cents for every subse-
quent insertion. To yearly Advertisers a liberal
disoonnt will be majt. All transient Advertise-
menu (except by persons having a running account
with the offico) must be paid for previous to publi-
Persons at & distance can govern their remit-
tUnoes for advertising, by the following rates:
One square (twelve lines) published -ix months
tor .- 10 00
Two squares, for six months, 1500
Legal and othor Business Cards, per an. 10 00
Notices to debtors and creditors, 7 00
Application for letters of administration, 5 00
Notice of Application for dismissal as Adminis-
trator,- $10 00
*For announcement of candidates for office, 5 00
No announcement will bo made unless the same
be accompanied with the amount charged.
Editorial notices for private benefit will be
vhatrgod double the rate of advertising.
Rl.igi"us, Obituary, and Marriage notices, will
be ptblishod grati.
Cbimmnifncatiuns must be post paid.

$100,000 SAVED!!
Street, New York. Three Stores and their
contents destroyed. Deeds before words !
ELEVEN SAFES of different makers consumed
with their contents! The Safe made by Rich &
Co. defied the flames and brought out its contents
without a mark of fire upon them !
NEw YORK, Dec. 20, 1851.
Messrs. STEARNS and UARvIN, successors to C.
RICH & Co., No 146 Water Street, New York.-
SIS, when the fire was consuming my place of
Business, No. 216, Pearl Street, I was absent in
Rensslaer County, testing a new cleaning appa-
ratus in connection with my Excelsior Thrasher,
and did not read the account until I was fearful it
was too late to save my books which were placed
in one of your safes, purchased from Mr. Marvin
some years ago. My fears were not allayed when
I found it necessary upon my return to apply the
Croton Water 40 hours before I was enabled to
commence operations; after which it required 54
hours of labor and application to raise the sala-
mandor from its ashy bed. Youmay judge of my
anxiety during this delay, and my agreeable sur-
prise upon opening the safe in the presence of a
number of gentlemen, to find my books and pa-
pers saved, and as legible as they were previous to
the fire. The intense heat to which the Safe was
subjected, can be conjectured from the condition
of another safe, [not a Salamander] of which an
iron skeleton frame only remained, and not a ves-
tige of a book. They were companions in the
same office, on the second floor, from which they
fell upon crates of earthern ware in the cellar, the
ruined safe upon the Salamander. If their posi-
tion had been reversed, not even the skeleton
would have remained. My loss over the insur-
ance is $1.900, yet the salvation of my books in
your Salamander, with the representatives of
$100,000, and important documents which could
not be duplicated, has fully compensated me.
It will afford me great pleasure to exhibit the
new safe purchased of you, and explain its merits,
at my present office, No. 251 Pearl street, where I
shall remain until the new building, No. 216 is
erected. Yours respectfully,
The undersigned invite country merchants and
others interested in the preservation of their books
from fire, [but particularly those having Rich's
safes in use] to call at the depot 146 Water street.
New York, to see the interior of Mr. Gilbert's
safe with the books undisturbed, which he has
kindly permitted to remain for the satisfaction
and gratification of the public.
CU- Orders for Burglar Proof Vaults, and Vault
Doors, promptly and faithfully executed.
Successors to Rich & Co.
146 Water street, and corner Avenue A and St.
Marks Place, New York;
Owners of the exclustve right of Rich's Patent
for the whole of the United States,.and the only
makers of Salamander safes combining both pat-
ents, commonly called RicH'S safes, or WInDER'S
:Salamander Safes, with Rich's Improvement.
Feb. 5, 1852.-3m. ,


William E. Kennaugh,
Continues to give his prompt attention to the ar-
rangement and prosecution of claims before Con-
gress or any of the Executive Departments.-
Claims arising from the Revolutionary, Florida,
or Mexican wars; Invalid, Revolutionary, Half-
pay, or Widows' Pensions; Naval or Army;
Bounty Land or Scrip, under law of Feb. 11,
1847, or August 10, 1848; Arrearages of Pay and
Mileage due returning Volunteers; Claims for
Horses lost and other Property destroyed ; Ex-
p"., incurred by Volunteers before being mus-
tered and received into service; Waggon-mas-
ter and Teamsters' claims; Marines', sailors',
&c., &c.
Having all the forms necessary for a proper
presentation of claims, together with the rules
and regulations governing the different Depart-
ments, he is prepared to undertake all claims, of
what kind soever, that may require the services
of an Agency at this place.
Particular attention given to the proper settle-
ment of Quartermasters' accounts.
Charges moderate, and regulated by the amount
claimed, and the extent of services required.
All communications, to insure insertion, must
be post paid dec 4-tf


Prepared from RENNET, or the fourth STOMACH
OF THE ox, after directions of Baron LIE BIG,
the great Physiological Chemist, by J S. Hough-
ton, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
This is a truly wonderful remedy for Indiges-
sion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Complaint, Con-
stipation, and Debility, curing after Nature's
own method, by Nature's own agent, the Gas-
tric Juice.
01-Half a teaspoonful of Pepsin, infused in
water, will digest or dissolve Five pounds of roast
chief in about two hours, out of the stomach.
Pepsin is the great element, or great 'Digestive
principle, of the Gastric Juice-the Solvent of the
Food, the Purifying, Preserving, and Stimudat-
ing Agent of the Stomach and Intestines. It is
extracted from the Digestive Stomach of the Ox,
precisely like the natural Gastric Juice in its*
chemical powers, and furnishing a compete aad
perfcrt substitute for it. By the aid of this pre-
paration, the pains and evils of Indigestion and
Dyspepsia are removed, just as they would be by
a healthy Stomach. It is doing wonders fo: Dys-
peptics, curing cases of debility, emaciation, ner.
vous decline, and dyspeptic Consumption, sup-
posed to be on the derge of the grave. The Sci-
entific evidenced on which it is based is in the
highest degree curious and remarkable.
Baron LIEBEG, in his celebrated work sW Ani-
mal Chemistry, says : An Artificial ttive
Fluid, analogous to the Gastric Juice. 0ay be
readily prepared from the mucous membrane of
the Stomach of the Ox, in which various articles
of food, as meat and Eggs, will be softened.
changed, avd digested, just in the same manner
as theyftould be in the human stomach."
Dr. COMBE, in his valuable writings on the
"Physiology of Digestion," observes that "1a
diminution of the due quantity of Gastric Juice
is a prominent and all-prevailing cause of Dys-
pepsia, and he states that 1 a distinguished pro-
fessor of medicine in London, who was severely
afflicted with this complaint, finding every thing
else to fail, bad recourse to the Gastric Juice, ob-
tained from the stomachs of living animals,which
proved completely saceessfuL .
Dr. GRAHAM. author of the famous works on
" Vegetable Diet," says : '" It is a remarkable
fact in physiology, that the stomachs of animals,
macerated in water, impart to the fluid the prop-
erty of dissolving various articles of food, and of
effecTing a kind of artificial digestion of them in
no wise different from the natural digestive pro-
?-Call on the Agent, and got a. descriptive
circular, gratis, giving a large amount of scien-
tific evidence, similar to the ab -re, together with
reports of remarkable cqes, from all parts of the
United States.

Dr. Houghto 's Pepsin has produced the most
marvellous effects, in curing Diseases 6f Debility,
Emaciation, Nervous Decline, and Dvspeptic Con-
sumption. Tt is impossible'to give the details of
cases in the limits of this advertisement; but au-
thenticated certificates have been given of more
than two hundred remarkable cures, in Philadel-
phia, New York, and Boston alone. These wore
nearly all desperate cases, and the cures were not
only rapid avd wonderful, but permanent.
It is a great nervous antidote, and particularly
useful for tendency to Bilious disorder, Liver
Complaint, Fever and Ague, or badly treated
Fever and Ague, and the evil effects of Quinine,
gn'X -after'a' ^'"^."'l ^ tX_
eating, and the too free use of ardent spirits. It
almost reconciles Health with Intemperance.

,, Ewy ,whdoar kow its value."

to A very valuable work -a irzcassi 10

,, The most ACCuRATB and REUABLz Diction-
ary of the Language."

U"N71ER the direction of AARON HAIGHT
PALMER of New York, and WORTH-.
Orleans, Attorneys and Counsellors of the Su-
preme Court of the United States.
This establishment is formed for the following
1. For practicing law in the Supreme Court of
the United States, and conducting professional
business before Congress.
2. For the prosecution and recovery of all claims
in law or equity, against the United States be-
fore Congress or the executive Departments, or
against foreign Governments before Boards of
3 For the settlement of accounts with the
State, Treasuxy, War, Navy, Post Office, and
Interior Departments, and obtaining the remis-
sion of fines, penalties, and forfeitures, for alleged
violations of the revenue, post office, or other
4. For securing letters patent for, inventions
from the United States or from foreign Govern-
ments, and procuring land warrants and pensions
under the various pension laws of the United
5. For collections generally, embracing debts,
legacies, and inheritances, in the United States
and foreign countries.
6. For the purchase and sale of lands in any of
the States or Territories of the Union, and loan-
ing moneys on mortgage of real estate lying
7. For investment of funds in United States
and State stocks and loans, collection of the divi-
dends thereon, and, generally for the transaction
of all business pertaining to a law, loan, and
banking agency.
All communications addressed, postpaid, to
Messrs. Palhmer & Snethen. American and For-
eign Agency, city of Wash;ngton, will receive
prompt and faithful attention.
Office No. 5 Carroll Place, Capitol Hill.
July 3. lawti.

T lihe Eierelffs of this Iintlttlton were
resumed on TUESAY, the 6th .PLY last,
under the superintendence of Dr. ISAA?3 AULD,
The Trustees take groat pleasure in announc-
in ~ o the Patrons of the Seminary and the public
g^CtIlly their entire confidece in Dr. Auld as a
;*ier. .From the success which kfs so far at-
tended the enterprise, the Trustees feel an assur-
ance that they will succeed in building up a
School exactly adopted to the wants of the com-
munity. 1
Their o# is to establish, on a permanent ba-
lse, an institution in which the minds of the pupils
:hall bo" thoroughly educated. Prompted by an
earnest desire to promote the welfare of the rising
generation, and increase the prosperity of our
young and growing State, they rely with. confi-
dence upon the support of a patriotic, generous,
and enlightened public to sustain them in the ac-
complishment of so noble a purpose.
hxperieoce has demonstraied beyond a doubt
the necessity of increasing the rates of tuition.
The exceedingly low rates of the past session have
failed to produce a sufficient fund to meet the cur-
rent expenses of the School. The Trustees have,
therefore, determined to adopt the following per-
mifent rates, which they are satisfied cannot be
deemed exorbitant by any one who will give the
matter a moment's reflection.
For Spelling, Reading, Writing, Primary Geo-
.gpap h;y,and Primarq; Arithmetic, $8 00
For Geogra[,hy, Arithmetic, English Gram-
.mir,-and Modern History, 12 00
For' Aqcient History, Ancient Geography,
Chewmistry, Natural Philosophy, Natural
"JiSt'i'y, first Lesson in Algebra, Gcom.
.etry, Anatomy, and Physiology, 20 00
For higher branches of Mathematics, Logio,
:Rhetoric, Moral and Intellectual Philoso-
poy., Latin and Greek Languages, 25 00
Fer French--extra, 10 00
C.oitingpnt exen.3cs, 00 60
.Tlere will be a pubi.o examination at the close
of thi- scssion--attendaceo on whidh will be oblig-
ato,T npon all the students, unless a written re-
quest to the contrary be received from their pa-
rents of guardians.
Board can bo obtained in private families at
from eigjlt t'o~teiY dollars per month.
Secretary of the Board of Trustees.
.'Aug. 19-4U ___

AoES WILL ELAPSE before any other Di3-
tionary of the Language will be require "

LL. D.. of Scotland, author of
Ch. Philosopher." etc.
41 Its reputation is widely extended. I doubt
not this edition has received essential improve-
meats from the able hands it has passed

"6 BEST DEFiNINo DICTIONARY in the English

ACCURATE and RELIABLE in giving a just
exhibition of the Language."

THE undersigned solicit the attention of all
purchasers of Implements for the Farm or
Plantation to their assortment, which includes
many of the most recent improvements in the
leading articles in their line, all of which they
will sell at prices to insure satisfaction to the
buyer-especially Railway Endless Chain Pow-
ers, for one or two horses, of the Wheeler patent,
so often awarded the first premium at the State
and County Fairs where they have been exhibit-
ed. Railway Powers, warranted, Warren's &
Trimble's Iron Sweep Powers, Taplin's Circular
Power, Plows, Harrows, Fan Mills, Straw Cut-
ters, Portable Burr Stone Mills, Wagons, Carts,
&c. &c. Fleld and Garden Seeds of reliable qua.
lity, Fertilisers, Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Our descriptive Catalogue, illustrated with cuts,
will be sent gratis when two to four Post Office
Stamps are remitted, according to the distance.
july 29, 1852, 3m RALPH & GO.

Agency for Scott & CoNs
THE undersigned has been duly authorized, by
LEONARD SCOTT, Esq., to receive orders and
receipt for subscriptions to the British Review
consisting of
Vie London Quarterly Review,
The Edinburo Review,
"-- x tT jL ).is ,j',i _. 2*_.--
The Westminster Review,
Blackwood's Edinbta Magazine.
For any one of the four Reviews, $3 00 per ann
For any two, do. 5 00 '"
For any three, do. 7 00 4'
For all four of the Reviews, 8 00 '
For Blackwood's Magazine, 3 00 "
For Blaekwood and three Reviews, 9 00 "
For Blaekwood and four Reviews, 10 00 "
F-ur copies of any or all of the above works
will be sent to one address on payment of the reg-
ular subscription fur three--the fourth copy beiug
Florida R republican office,
April 8-tf Jacksovivlle.
/ 10 _1b Acres, situated on the head waters
,AW<9LJ of Halifax river, Orange county,
East Florida, 44 miles south of St. Augustine-
bounded on the North by lands of J. J. Bulow,
deceased, and on the south by lands now or lately
the property of the Marquis de Fergeaud. The
greater portion of said lands are covered with a
growth of Live Oak and Cedar, and are wo.
adapted to the cultivation of Sugar Cane and the
Upland portion to that of Long staple Cotton.
Lying on a navigable stream for flat boats of
three feet draft of water, these lands are conve-
niently situated for forwarding produce.
For terms apply to G. DREW,
At this Office-or to
C. W. DOWNING, Tallahassee.
August 19-tf

Bread, Pies and Cafkes.
TjpHE co-partnership heretofore existing be
A tween Myers and Coopman, in the conduct
of the Baking business, having been dissolved,
the subsciber desires to make known to the public
that he will hereafter carry on said business singly.
He has made full preparations to supply the town
and other purchasers with very excellent BREAD,
PIES and CAKPES, which he is now delivering
regularly at the houses of customers.
He takes this opportunity of expressing his
thanks for the liberal evidences of encouragement
which he has already received, and, while respect-
fully asking a continuance of the same, feel war-
ranted in claiming for the bread which he offers
qualities unsurpassed in all the essentials which go
to make the staff of life palatable, pure, and
wholesome. He will continue to use the best flour,
which, with personal experience in the art of Ba-
king, justifies him in promising his customers
good Bread, &c.
Tickets furnished, and families any where with-
in the limits of the town supplied at an early hour
every day. Price-5 cents per loaf.
may 27 tf
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron

Bounty Land and General Agency,
Washington, D. C.
OSEPH T. WALKER will give prompt
and efficient attention to the BOUNTY
LAND CLAIMS of officers and soldiers engaged
in the FLORIDA WAR, or in either of the INDIAN
WARS in which the U. States have been engaged,
or the War with Great Britain of 1812;-to
claims on the U. States for MILITARY'SERVICES,
any description of business requiring an Agent or
Attorney at Washington. For procuring Land
Warrants, his charge will be $5 In other cases
the charge will be proportioned to the nature and
difficulty of the case.
He willalso act in connection with Agents or
Attorneys in Florida, who may be employed in
Bounty Land and other claims, on terms which
may be agreed upon. Letters [which should be
post paid] will receive immediate attention.
June 5. Iawtf.


And thirty other members of the United States

President of the United States.

B Y a recent 0ionigress, 0icers W rSol;-
diers (wh6 have not received) are entitled
to BOUNTY LAND, for services of one month
or more; the widows, and minor children of those
deceased, are also entitled. The Subscriber will
undertake, at a moderate compensation, the
claims of those interested. Having been employ
ed in public office for several years, his experience
in such matters will enable him to afford great
facilities to claimants for LAND AND PEN-
SIONS, and save them a great deal of trouble
and expense. Where he obtains nothing, no
charge is made. All letters post-paid will receive
prompt attention, and the necessary forms and
instructions sent.
C. W. BENNETT, Att'y.
Washington, D. 0.
October, 1850. tf

Classical and English Institute,
N.F.IROWN, Principal.
1 --0o0-
1HE SUBSCRJIBER having had several years
experience in teaching, has concluded to es-
tablish his School in this place, and respectfully
invites the public to call and test its merits.
IL will be his constant effort to cultivate the
friendship and esteem of his pupils ; and to instil
those principles which tend to develop the human
intellect and to refine the heart.
Without beirg in the least sectarian, the Insti-
tute will be conducted on religious principles.
By a mostfthorough system of reviews and ex-
aminations, which experience has suggested, the
Principal flatters himself that Knowledge once
acquired, cannot be lost.
Great inducements are offered-in the way of
health and beauty of situation-to parents wish-
ing to send their children from home, as no pains
will be spared in providing for their comfort and
the discipline will be inflexible, though, mild
and persuasive.
-The course of instruction includes all the bran-
ches of thorough finished English Education,
4M a full preparation for any College class.
.Drthography: Reading; Penmanship; Phonog-
raphy; Grammar; Geography; Ancient and Mod-
ern.History; Rhe'toric; Book-Keeping; Composi-
tion and Declamation; Botany; the Bible; Vocal
Music, Drawing
Intellectual, Moral, and Natural Philosophy;
Astrop my'i, Chemistry; Logic; Geology.
Arithmetic; Algebra; Geometry; Trigonome.
try;' Sirveying;,Mensuration; Analytical Geom-
etry; Differential and Integral Calculus.
Latin; Greek; German; French.
A course of Lectures will be delivered during
the year upon Philosophy and Chemistry. The
Sabkal will be furnished with a new set of appa-
ratus, and will afford ample opportunities for be-
coming acquainted with 'Soience andthe practical
,operation of its 4aws.
The Academic year will be divided into four
quarters.of eleven weeks each. Students may en-
ter after the 6o .imeucement of any quarter, and
be charged only from the time of their admission.
Board and Tuition, in$1uding lights, [fuel, and
washing, per Session of five months, $120 00
*German or Ikrench extra, 6 600
,Mrusic ,(including use of Piano) 15 00
Vancy Drawing .. 5 00
Painting in Water Colors 9 00
Oil 1 12 00
Including Instructions in Perspective from Na-
.(Payable quarterly, in .advance.)

New Goods New Goods !
..fggt Y~k sate and Retail.-W&
Ba u-I K&nx 'El,- aiU rr~ "T --j uri~r
tJ Large Assortment of Fashionable Spring
Dress Goods, of French, British, and American
Manufacture, comprising in part-
French oil col'd Ginghams, American do.
French, Engli,-h, and American Prints,
Furniture Chintz, Fig'd and Plain Lawns
and Muslins,
Do. Jackonets, Plain and Fig'd Swiss Mus-
Cambrics and Jackonets, plain and checked,
Fig'd Berages, Silk Tissues, very rich pat-
Wide Black Silk, very-cheap, Marselines
and Florence Silks, of every color,
Crape Shawls, plain and embroidered,
Paris Kid Gloves, Black and col'd Lace Mits,
Do. Silk and Lisle Gloves,
Jenny Lind Polka Gaiters,
Bronze-tipped Bootees, Opera Gaiters,
Single Ties, Buskins, Slippers, &c.
The most. approved styles of Spring Bonnets,
Do. Children's Hats, Silk Bonnets, richly
trimmed and of the latest fashion,
French Flowers, rich Bonnet Ribbons.
Gentlemen's Wear-
Boots, Gaiters, and Shoes,
Ready made Clothing, a splendid assortment,
some very fine.
Country merchants supplied for cash, on terms
equal to New York prices. The country public
are solicited to call and examine Goods and prices.
OjF-At the Brick Cash Store.

James W. Bryant,
Will (except when business may require his ab-
sence from the State) attend to Professional ap-
pointments in the Courts of the Eastern Circuit
of Florida, and in the Federal Court for the
Northern District of Florida.
for general Business in the State, respecting
grants and donations of lands, and the location
or selling thereof.
for the collection of Claims upon the United
states for Military or other services, pensions,
.3:0pplies furnished volunteers, and for horses or
other property lost, for which the United States
is liable.
(0-Forelgnv Bushiess.-J. W. B. will also
attend to the collection of Claims and other Pro-
fessional Business, in England and on the Conti-
nent of Europe.
W-During his absence, JoHN W. PRICE, Esq.
will act in his stead in Florida,
A address Jacksonville. East Florida.

Is sold by nearly all the Dealers in fine Drugs and
popular medicines throughout the United States.
t is prepared in powder and in fluid form, and in
prescription pbials for the use of physicians.
Private Circulars for the use of physicians may
be obtained of Dr. Houghton or his Agents, de-
scribingthe whole process of preparation, and gi-
ving the authorities upon which the claims of this
now remedy are based As it is NOT A, SECRET
REMEDY, no objection can be raised against its
use by physicians in respectable standing and re-
gular practice. Price ONE DOLLAR PER
-OBSERVE THIS.-Every bottle of the
genuine PEPSIN bears the written signature of
J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D., sole Proprietor,
Philadelphia, Pa. Copy-right and Trade-mark
I OU-Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medi-
Agent, Jacksonville, Ma.
Wholesale and Retail Agent, Savannah, Ga.
Sept 2, '52-1y '**

T1IE SUBSCRIBERS have entered into co-
-1 partnership for the puepose of carrying on
the above business, and are prepared to make
sales either oA consignment or at auction, (one of
*the firm being an auctioneer.) Both of the firm
are well acquanted with the merchants and citi-
zens of the interior, which gives them the advan-
tage of making ready sales of any goode or mer-
chandize which may be sent to them on consign-
They will give their attention to making good
and immediate sales. They would respectfully so-
licit patronage from merchants and tradesmen of
other cities, who wish to sell goeds in our market.
Any business in their line will be promptly at.
tended to.
REFERENCEs.-A M Reed. Fernandez, Bisbee
& Co., R Boulter & Co., Samuel Willams, Alsop
& Bours, Jacksonville; Boston $; Gunby, J A La-
rocbe, E M Moore & Co., Seaborn Goodall, Sa-
vannah. Jan. 15, 1852. tf.

Paper Hanging Depot,
No. 44 Courtlandt-street, New-York, opposite
the Merchants' Hotel.
rTHE Croton Manufacturing Company (organ-
' ized under the General Manufacturing Law
of the State of New-York) offers at wholesale, in
quantities to suit purchasers, at MANUFACTURERS'
LOWEST PRICES, for cash or approved credit,
Paper Hangings, of every variety of style and
Borders to match.
Fire Board Prints in great variety,
Transparent Window Shades.
Oil Painted Window Shades.
Wide Window Curtain Papers, and
Window Shade Fixtures, '
Of the latest styles and superior finish, all of their
own manufacture and importation. As their stock
is large and entirely new, they invite Merchants,
Booksellers and dealers in these articles, to call
and examine their styles and prices whenever they
visit the city.
Country Merchants can examine this stock from
6 o'clock in the morning till 10 o'clock in the
New-York, Mareh 1, 1852. Ap ril8

zzp" m3 an zp up <&c a* 1 a RECENTLY SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE
He invites the attention of Merchants, Physi-
cians, and the community, to his Stock, with the
assurance that the articles will be found to be
fresh, of prime quality, and at as low prices as
they can be bought in any market of the South
Chewing Tobacco & Cigars, Old Liquors
and Wines, Stationery, Pine Cutlery,
Jewelry, &c., &c.
The LADIES will find, he thinks, many articles
adapted to their wants and tastes-all of which he
will be glad to exhibit and sell for CASH.
june 24 JOHN M. PAYNE.

General C ommnission Merchant,
STRICT and prompt attention given to the sale of
all articles of produce entrusted to his care,
and all orders promptly complied with.
apl 29-tf

Pekin Tea Company Warehouses,
76 and 77 Fulton st., New York.
N been established many years, and has
K f always maintained a high reputation
for Teas of the- most delicious character
and fragrancy, and at prices wbioh have in every
instance given satisfaction. The Teas are war-
ranted pure, and.may be returned if they do not
prove to be as they are represented. The Teas
sold by this Company are done up in 1-4 lb., 1-2
lb., and 1 lb. 'packages. making it convenient
for country merchants to'have a great variety
with a small .outlay of capital. Hotel keepers
may always be certain of having on their table a
uniform character of Tea; which Teas, of which
there is a large voriety, are done up in three
rappers. The inside is of lead. the second wa-
ter .proof paper, and the outside Chinese rice pa-
A r.I
For sale at the New York prices, for cash, by
the Agent, JOHN A. MAYER,
'154 Broughton st.. Savannah, Ga.
Feb. 26-tf
No. 154: Broughton street, Savannah, Ga.
( OFFERS for sale every article in his
aim line of business, besides-
a SSpirit Gas. Gas Lamps. Camnhpne.

T The undersigned is prepared to perform
99 all kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron
1 Work, such as the manufacture of light
1 Culinary Utensils, making and repairing
Tin Gutters and Spouting for Houses, Tin Roof-
ing, Tin and Zinc Coffins, and all kinds of work
appertaining to his line of business, which will be
executed with promptness and despatch.
OU. Orders for articles, or services, for the
country, will be promptly attended to.
May 6-tf Bay-st., Jacksonville,
j THE subscriber having leased the
I'H above house, situated on Broughton-
J street, between Abereorn and Drayton.
streets for a term of years, respectfully informs the
citizens of Savannah and the public generally.
that he is now prepared to receive boarders, both
regular and transient, on the most reasonable
terms, and pledges himself, by strict attention to
business, to merit the patronage of the public.-,
He intends to make the Marshall House A FIRST
CLASS Hotel. His table will be supplied with ev-
ery luxury that can be procured.

A f^ Boxes Window Glass, assorted sizes;
40[. 400 lbs best Bladder Putty.
For sale low for cash.
Aug. 19-tf Druggist.

Oil, Tallow, Greasen and Ohio
Mineral Paint.
-d^"^4|" barrelsVMachinery Oil, price 75 cent
30rJ0 per gallon.
2,500 gallons same, 75 cents, in casks of va-
rious sizes.
200 barrels boiled Paint Oil, 55 cta per gal.
5,000 gallons do do do do
in casks of various sizes.
350 barrels Tanners' Oil, various kinds and
qualities, from 35 to 60 cents per gal.
1,500 gallohs, in casks of various sizes, va-
rious kinds and qualities, from 35 to 50
cents per gallon.
50 tons tallow grease, for heavy bearings,
^nd coarse machinery, in barrels or
casks, of any consistency required.
Price 6 cents per pound.
150 tons Ohio Miberal Paint, in barrels, at
the lowest market price.
Marahinery Oil, warranted not to chill in the
coldest weather, and considered by those using it
equal to sperm oil.
MI:', ^ i" !, ---f A.... 1 #- i _.A-.A t 0; 1 ..ItV

To Druggists,
Apothecaries, Perfumers, Confectioners, Pa.
tent Medicine Factors, and Dealers ia
Toilet and Fancy Articles.
;pendium of over One Hundred Recipes, for
the use of' Druggists, Apothecaries, Perfumers,
Confectioners, Patent Medicine Factors, and
Dealers in Toilet and Fancy Articles. Edited by
HORACE EVWRErT, Graduate and Member of the
College of Pharmacy in the city of New-York.
Also-The celebrated Recipe of Professor Wil-
lard, for making good Soap at one cent per pound,
that will wash better and quicker, without labor,
than. any other Soap ever manufactured. This
alone ia worth fifty times the price of the book to
any family. Exclusive wholesale agent for the
,United States and Canada,
V --r TIT -- 4 XT -.T 17

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