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Frostproof's Hometown News for more than 85 years 750 Page 16

Volume 90 Number 36 USPS NO 211-260 Frostproof, Polk County Florida 33843 Copyright 2013 Sun Coast Media Group, Inc.
Domestic Violence.... Pat Two

Higher tax Victim advocate speaks


Abusers make promises like, "I'm going to fix
Inasmuch as domestic violence is for a while this," or "Please don't give up on me, you are the kept secret from the public, when cases are re- only person I am able to lean on and trust, what ported, it's imp ortant to have someone there for would I do without you?" Lasater notes&
the 'victim: someone who understands
By JAMES COULTER and has compassion.
Advocate, at the State Attorney's Office.
Even though a tentative property tax increase was ap- Melissa Lasater, has been an advocate proved by the City Council, city residents will not experience for seven years. any changes to their tax bill when the final budget for next She's seen a lot in that time, and she fiscal year is officially adopted later this month, Finance has an "in the trench" view of what goes Director MelodyWalsh said. on in the hearts of those Who suffer from
On Monday, the City Council voted unanimously on a domestic violence.
tentative property tax rate of $8.25 per $1,000 of taxable val- One thing people ask often is why ue, a 2.37 percent increase to the rolled-back millage rate of victims stay when it is painfully ob$8.0587, upon which the current tentative budget is based. vious theyneed to leave a damaging
Under the tentative tax increase, a house valued at relationship.
$100,000 withthe $50,000 homestead exemption would pay "The fear of leaving is one of the biggest lot of that is u trip to ma e e $412.50 in property taxes. reasons why they stay," she says.
The city council had agreed on the tax increase during a Victims feel an immense amount of shame, victim feel responsibility for the perpetrator's budget workshop on July 15, but a formal vote was required she notes, althoughh they will be persecuted or happiness," she says. for them to take action on it. they will be judged they will be questioned." "Perpetrators tend to be very arrogant or
But even though they had approved thetentative property Some victims believe that the abuse is "their narcissistic, the entire world revolves around the
-tax increase, the final tax rate is expected to return to the fault," she adds. perpetrator."
rolled-back rate of 8.0587, upon which the budget is based, Other reasons they stay is they are Worried Victims grow into this frame of mind, she, when the final budget is approved later this month, Walsh about finances, children, the unity of the family. notes, which says, "What can I do to make you explained. Victims stay in the relationship also because o happier than I did yesterday?"
"You can always go lower with the rate, but you can't go fthe commitment of marriage. "From morning to night, we then do begin to
any higher," she explained. "So they always go a little bit b we Are responsible for their happihigher than the rolled-back rate just in case something ness, their failures or their
should happen in. the two weeks until we have the final -faults," she says.
budget hearing." It takes victims about
Ad valorem taxes are expected to generate $895,760 for seven to nine times before
the city. they leave their perpetraThe tentative budget included changes that were dis- tor, she said.
cussed during a special meeting on Sept. 5. There seems to be a
These changes, which total $48,000, include $20,000
added to the ending assigned balance for the new commu- ADVOATE j12
nity center and $28,000 to remodel the Women's Club, which includes approximately $10,000 to demolish the building Vmct i recalls ab fro u
and $18,000 of the remaining balance assigned to the new t t l s
community center.
The final budget will be approved during the final budget
hearing on Sept. 23, 2013.
The fiscal yerbegins Oct. 1. G r e Be e us an,

City will continue to cover H sh fmtli
By, KATHY LEIGHI BERKO WITZ right at home for her.
th at rspa ki g tKLBERKowrrZ@HEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM She was brutally abused, on a regular basis,
theater par lot she said.

By JAMES COULTER This woman was married to a military career lie an dea etaket gas rnawlysa t's
FROSTPROOFNEWS@HEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM man who was in the Green Berets and served in js lie lng ith t dert eose, s
The next time yoi find a parking space during an event two tours in Vietnam.
at the Ramon Theater, you can thank the Frostproof City She believes "that had a lot to do with his state said. Council. of mind."
On Monday, the city council renewed a lease agree- But she said she felt "trapped." ABS 11
ment between the City of Frostproof and the Chamber "That's all I knew," she said.
of Commerce, allowing the city to continue maintaining She *asin her 20s when they married, and property behind the Raon Theater as additional public there was no teal stability in her life, she notes. parking for events. "We move around all over the place, from
After th Ramon Theater re-opened one baseto another base,"she said.
Sin 2008, tl~e city entered into an agree- "M te aiy vrke nyii, h
____ ment with \the Chamber of Commerce in said2
_____ February 2009 to lease property behind the caefthlnayrnvsal34dtgto____ Ramon'hfaxiyvr ig.
--__ The city maintains this property in order ~ neseW~s~afinl een hh
t provide additional public parking forshesysh la'Dpnedthveaoto
events at the theater and the downtowngodfens' '
-" area. s'!J cairlysy
Under the agreement, the city is te e~gp~ins~ ie rudte)
responsible for providing "necessary dteyiW. '
PARKING 1 12 A h ti r fh m s n w st ahng e e '

Page 2 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Light .on hurians so. far

But heavier part of season picking up and the ground is wet

By JEFF ROSLOW McNally said. "September 10 starts the And McNally pointed out that this times while they may not be as severe
JROSLOW@HEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM heat of the season." year there could be more of a concern they're right on top of us and move to
Not having a hurricane when for Polk County residents than they've us more quickly. You may only have
The second week of September, September rolls around is not as unusu- had to deal with in recent years. That three days. That could be a serious
historically speaking, is the most likely al as one may think. Dennis Felgen of is the fact that it has experienced more situation." week a tornado will form in the Atantic. the Natonal Hurricane Center pointed rain than previous summe .rs. Wilma became a Category 5 hurriAnd with half the Atlantic hurricane out that going back to 1851, there have According to the Southwest Florida cane in mid-October 2005 and emerged season gone, there have not been any been 34 years when the first hurricane Water Management District nearly in the Gulf of Mexico eventually makso far. But forecasters believed by the came after Aug. 25 and 25 of those years 34 inches of rain fell here from ing landfall in Florida at Cape Romano end of Tuesday, the first one would the first hurricane was Sept. 1. June I1-Aug. 3 1. That is about 16 inches at 120 mph three days after it formed. form. At I11 a.m. Tuesday, Tropical However, the numbers and how above normal. IPredictions from Colorado State
Storm Humberto had sustained winds often there are hurricanes sort of plays "That is certainly a consideration University lowered its forecast recently of 65 mph and the National Hurricane second fiddle to emergency managers. for us because there's no place for in the number of hurricanes and the Center said it would likely become a Whether the disturbance is a hurricane the water to go," McNally said. "It can probability that the United States will hurricane by late Thesday. or tropical storm, the chance that any cause (more) flooding. A couple of get hit from-i 72 percent to 64 percent,
The early prediction of nine hur- one of those could hit land is the con- years ago in October 2011 the water McNally said, keeping a watch should ricanes four major ones still cern. For example, while in 2001 there came in so rapidly in the southeast part still be paramount. appears, though, to be going bust. were four major hurricanes, the most of the county." "Vigilance. can't be dropped," he
Despite there being no hurricanes there damaging storm that year was Tropical With that flooding, there is another said. "Just because we haven't seen have been eight named tropical storms Storm Allison, which caused extensive item for the Polk emergency depart- something (hit us) since 2004 you can't in the Atlantic and they all seem to be flooding in Texas. Those winds reached ment to deal with. Because this is not go back to the feeling that we went veering away from land. That, however, the top speed of 60 mph. A storm a coastal county, there are no official 44 years without being hit. Be aware we doesn't mean to relax and think this becomes a hurricane when sustained evacuation routes. have a lot of ground out there and the
season will be a safe one, officials said. wind reaches 75 mph. "But we do have low-lying areas ... potential for flooding is great."
"It's not common but if you look "Donft focus on the number, focus we're .getting more rain and there's back, in 1992 the first named storm was 'on the impacts," Craig Fugate, ad- more potential for flash flooding." Andrew," said Polk County Emergency ministrator of the Federal Emergency Another concern, McNally says, is Management Director Pete McNally Management Agency, said. "The that now that it's later in the hurricanes 04
said, referring to the Category 5 hurri- category of a storm does not tell you all season a season that runs from cane that ripped Homestead. "It only the impacts." June 1 -Nov 30 people have to look a
takes one storm." The thoughts that Florida hasn't been little more cautiously because it's likely
The last time the Atlantic hurricane hit by a storm in a number of years and we have less time to react.te season went through the month of storms that are forming are veering "There's also the phenonimenonforedn August without a hurricane was in 2001 away from Florida and all land that storms tend to come out ,of theH a when Hurricane Emi made its appear- this year, officials say people should Carribean and the Gulf instead of the Hertland Nvewspapers ance on Sept. 9. That was followed by not be relaxed. Atlantic," McNally said about storms
nine hurricanes, four of them being "I think it's in our DNA we go that form in September and later. Lake Wales-Frostproof
Category 3 or higher. through denial," said Fugate at a press Wilma was one of the most intense Bartow-FortMeade
"But it could be heating up quickly," conference two weeks ago. storms ever at that time. A lot of the

/ Serving Polk &
- eetHighiand s Counties
Rob Chase-Finn

a valued RES family member.
Rob Chase-Finn has been with us for 3 years. 'He. started in
install and moved up to service technician. Rob is also
learning about ice machines and refrigeration and does a
great job. He is EPA certified.

Rob says beware of low tune-up prices. We can't warn you enough
that they are trying to, get their foot in your door to get their hand in your
it,'s allerg y se s n on our senior citizens. RES has been here since 1974 and Ilam pod
wlt! We hear of iet toomoftn."Yurrlilsvemnyadtepe
Trouble hearing? Stuffy nose? Frog in your throat?tobpatfahnetcm n"

Meet Ajay K. Mang'al, M.D., board certified in

otolaryngology, and here to serve all your ear,
nose and throat needs. P- turn to the experts8

Call 863-676-6151 to schedule an appointment.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 3

Poole named Kiwanian of the Year L

Lance Poole was presented the
Kiwanian of the Year plaque for 2013 by
President Larry Tonjes during the Lake,
Wales Kiwanis meeting on Monday at the
Oakwood Golf Club.
"Lance has done incredible work for the
club in his support of Kiwanis," Tonjes said.
Kiwanians were reminded their next
regularly scheduled meeting will be held
Sept. 16. Due to the change in date of the PHOTO BY BRENDA EGGERT BRADER first Monday meeting for the Labor Day
weekend, members were in small numbers Lance Poole, left, was presented the Kiwanian for the recent meeting. However, all mem- of the Year plaque for 2013 by Kiwanis of Lake bers are urged to attend on Monday "to Wales President Larry Tonjes at the Monday give a good welcome to Dennis Harrison, meeting held at the Oakwood Golf Club. Poole Kiwanis lieutenant governor, who is visiting supports the organization by performing many for the luncheon meeting. Harrison rotates duties for the club. visits to the area dubs.
Tonjes reminded members of the be the topic for the guest speaker at the
Christmas parade sponsored by the club Monday meeting. STAFF REPORT
in Lake Wales that will be held at 6 p.m. Members were reminded that Sept. 22 is Dec. 14. Applications for parade partici- the Kiwanis Day at the Tampa Rays game A 9/11 service will be held a wo wereaot onCity Hall,
pants are now coming in and cost $20 per for $20 per person box seats with game time 201 W. Central Ave., to honor those who were lost on Sept. 11,
group. Applications can be found online at 1:40 p.m. The deadline for reservations is 2001. on the Lake Wales Chamber of Commerce Sept. 11. Members were also reminded of A group of churches in the Lake Wales area that organized
website at their Little Theatre night Sept. 28 attending the service last year will be doing it again this year.
To get an application, click on events, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," at the The service will continue until 1 p.m. on the west side of
open calendar, go to December, click on theater preceded with dinner atWoody's the building by the picnic tables.
Christmas parade listing and the applica- Barbecue at 6 p.m. for a buy one entree and tion will appear. two drinks and get one entree free. Twenty
.The Lake Wales Community Theatre will reservations have been taken as of Monday.

I s

F, T",

W -

Page 4 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A hand up for the unemployed

A few weeks ago, we commented favorably on a Ou *and operating an automobile. For the unemployed
new program of the county's three bus services to O rViewpoint who lack transportation, getting a free ride just might
provide free rides to high school students who have make the difference between welfare and work.
parental permission. such program, this one to help unemployed occu- A pilot program of the student free ride program
It was, we observed, a way to help students get to pants of public housing in Lakeland find a place in conducted during the summer showed.the merits of* and from athletic practices, after-school jobs, librar- the workforce. that opportunity for high schoolers.
ies, youth programs like YMCA and Boys/ Girls Clubs, Residents will be offered free bus trips to attend The housing authority's plan to monitor-the effecand even purely social events, school, enroll in employment training programs, and tiveness of this program for its residents will show if it
The school system will pick up the cost, and the gofor job interviews, The Associated Press reported. is an effective way to give a hand up not a handunder-utilized bus systems (Citrus Connection in Lakeland's public housing authority will pay $6,000 out to the unemployed. Lakeland, Winter Haven lArea Transit, and the coun- for the one-year program. One hundred riders will be If the program proves successful, it will merit ty-operated Polk County Transit) will introduce a new monitored to ascertain how effective the program is consideration for countywide adoption. generation of residents to the merits of inter-city bus in getting unemployed Polk Countians placed in jobs. It has the potential of being a win-win-win opportravel. The $1.50 fare ($3 for an adult day pass) for people tunity for the unemployed, the transit companies,
Last week, Citrus Connection announced another presently employed is less expensive than owning. and the taxpayers.

Letters to the editor ________President Obama and the shell game
President Obama is hiding the classic ordering the missile attack against Syria.
bean under one of the three shells. ... What. ...? Why ..?We had not been L
He's diverting our attention from the attacked or provoked in any way by that numerous national problems we're conflict and Obama. knows that it is an facing to a conflict that has been going internal war between Muslim factions! on and growing for a few years: the civil So what pressed President Obama to war in Syria. such radical deviation from his almost
It has been reported that over one monarchic style of governing? I'm puzhundred thou sand Syrians were killed zled that none of his opposing political already because the fight between party leaders had taken any time to President Assan and 'rebels' opposing analyze that sudden change of heart by his dictatorial regime. Last month the president. 777
the most terrible incident in that was Think for a moment. ... What could reported: the death of over 1,400 men, be the real reason for the president A Na ON me AvjA %WW
women and children by a sari gas to occupy our minds, as well as our attack! Last year President Obama drew Congress and media, with a conflict a 'red line' in the sand of that far away that is not directly affecting us? Our land, warning his Syrian counterpart national security is not at risk at all against using 'chemical weapons' in and if we send 'tomahawk' missiles that conflict because that was unac- toward that Muslim territory we can E a i g wt yop l n
ceptable and there would be serious and must expect terrorists retaliation a i g wa o l n
consequences if crossed. Assad ran again at us! Please, don't consider that over Obama's 'line' and the president I'm heartless. ... I am truly sorry about Most of us have some farmer genes ordered a U.S. Navy task force to stand the death of innocent civilians in any that urge us to grow our own corn Derek
by in front of the Syrian coast and be way or form but we have a very serious andtoatesblckerresan ready to launch a missile attack against situation at home that should capture oranges. Everything started in theDu-Rni that nation, the whole attention and energy of our godncesetbtee h iri I1
President Obama said he could and citizens, politicians and the media! and Euphrates, according to MY would conduct such military action Check what is today's date: September seventh-grade geography teacher. In under his own authority, as commander 4th, just a week before the anniversary thdasoHaiubihecyhd in-chief of our armed forces, without of two terrorist attacks against our life its share of government scribes, merconsulting or seeking the authorization and property-and less than a month chants and moneylenders, soldiers of the United States Congress. Suddenly to debate the increase of the national and officials, but most people made yard. Pounding the hull that protected he changed his mind. He is now Iseeking debt. The Obamacare implementation their living growing things. It was the n 'uts open with a rock left memothe approval of our senators and repre- is due on October 1st. ... Should we still that way in the early years of our rable stains on hands and clothes. In suc atack ned t wory bou tht fr aayrepublic. the woods behind the house grape-,
sentatives for Asc atak 4-yar-ld Io plante andu vines suplie enugwwetaritt
The national commentators and jour- foreign war in Syria? Wake up and ware rod drianed benntesace gives asummyie acohe Aseawtee fri the nalists were caught flatfooted as they smell the roses! beteen thied gaaeand the bpack front ar wah genear ine splingh
rushed to report the news: President btentegrg n h ak fotyr a eeosi upyn
Obama wants to consult and is seeking Cesar Guerra fence. When nothing happened after green fruit to try and test. Our mother
the approval of the Congress before Lake Wales. three or four days, I dug them up encouraged me to plant a seed that
__________________________________________________ and ate them. My farmer genes have did in fact grow into the beginnings of always been better at the eating than a tree, but we moved to Florida before

Firem an m ade a 3-,ye7nar-old smile the cultivating. temrceo t auiy
As a 6-year-old, living in the coun- On Miami Beach tropical fruit was try along the Hudson Palisades, an everywhere. Suburban yards were. Recently, my three-year-old grandson made our visit special and memorable ancient cherry tree gave out tasty sap stocked with kumquats, lemons visited me. In an effort to fill his day and I wanted to publicly thank him for in the spring that was better than any and oranges. On the smooth-barked with fun and exciting activities, we took his time and patience'. chewing gum. It produced cherries guava the ripen Ied fruit needed to
a trip to the Bartow firehouse. We were by the bushel in the summer. A be plucked just before falling to, the
greeted by Fireman Bennett who is Amanda Crews hickory nut tree on the farm next door
well-versed in southern hospitality. He Bartow dumped some of its treasure in our DEREK 5

Lake Wales News/Frostproof News, We welcome your letters

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 5

The Inquiring

Plw togrpe

Should the United

States get involved. Meryle Weiss Kevin Stepp Joe Bda

militarily in Syria? Yes. The total out of bounds act the I'm real torn. If that is one of your -No. It would be the fourth war for
leader (of Syria) took is unheard of. kids you want to see something done. the U.S. We don't need to get W hy or why not? That (the use of chemical weapons) Do you want to see the U.S. get in into their business.
is a real no-no. People in the Middle another conflict? Probably no.
East, especially Israel, need to be


BULLETIN [ iya't ij-4

Farmer's Market Dog Day Lakeland. Irrigation School is free and Sept. 29, at the Lake Wales Country Club. Church of the Good Shepherd at 10 a.m.
open to the public. Registration is $150 per person, includes Saturday, Oct., 5. The church is located at
The Lake Wales Farner's Market pres- "Irrigation School is the perfect oppor- greens fees, cart, lunch and prizes, or 221 S. Fourth St., Lake Wales. The animal ents Dog Day on Saturday, Sept. 14 from tunity for homeowners, landscapers and $400 for a foursome (the foursome does blessing is in honor of St. Francis.
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Historic Downtown homeow ners associations to learn about not include lunch, add $25 per person for Lake Wales. The event will feature several the best ways to conserve water while lunch). Registration begins at 6:30 a.m. Vedrwatd tSu Ry dog specialty vendors. Veterinarians will landscaping," said Jacqueline Hollister, with tee-off at 8 a.m. Players are to beVedrwatdtSu Ry be available for questions. There will environmental specialist for Polk County on the greens at 7:30 a.m. Registration Vendors are wanted for a craft be dog contests and prizes for winners The class will focus on reducing water deadline is Sept. 19. Corporate and and bake sale at the Sun Ray United of the following categories: Smallest consumption, with guest speakers dis- individual sponsorships are also avail- Methodist Church on Saturday, Oct. 26. Dog, Biggest Dog, Best Groomed Dog. cussing time clock controllers, smart ir- able. Door prizes, giveaways and more Tables are available for $10. Contact Multiple water stations will be available. rigation technology and Florida Friendly, will be featured, including a grand prize Evelyn Smith at 863-638-1475 or Pat Landscaping. Along with displays and winner for a hole-in-one, who will receive Triplett at 863-546-6134. Free Irrigation School: hands-on demonstrations, refreshments a brand new Ford vehicle donated by
Residents learn will be provided. Jarrett Gordon Ford. For information, call Lake Wales Turkey Trot
water conservation For information or to reserve a space, 863-241-6973 (Marla Smith), 863-679go to 3897 (Linda Kimbrough), 863-676-6260 1st Annual Turkey Trot 5k in Lake Have you ever been interested in (Debbie Rhiner) to register or register Wales. Start your Thanksgiving off
how to increase irrigation efficiency, LW Gators Cheerleading with one of the Gator cheerleaders. with a run or walk for 3. 10 miles and
use rain sensors or retrofit existing Golf Tournament enjoy your treats later today guilt free!
irrigation systems.? If so, reserve a spot Animal Blessing at Church Presented by the YMCA, proceeds will
in Irrigation School scheduled from 6 to Sponsored by Jarrett Gordon Ford, of the Good Shepherd go back to the Lake Wales YMCA for
8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17 at the Circle there is a golf tournament for the Lake their programs. For more information,
B Bar Reserve, 4399.Winter Lake Road, Wales Gators Cheerleaders on Sunday, There will be an animal blessing at the call the YMCA at 863-676-9441.

farming possibilities. We planted a keen eye for determining the optimum make great shade trees. These days in
D EEK variety of fruit trees including two maturity for snapping off and digesting the early spring they produce enough
kinds of apple, peach, apricot and the fresh spears. fresh fruit for great fruit pies.
FROM PAGE 4 plum trees. Chopping a large pit in the One day shopping the Sears garden An avocado grown from a seed now
clay, we created a tomato bed laced, center, I purchased a fruit sapling reaches 30 feet or, more. But I have ground. Hedg Ies of Surinam cherries with manure and also the bed of 'a whose spindly 5-foot trunk was almost learned they are not going to prohad their season when for a, few days mushroom cave.. Not since have we without leaves. The tag naming the duce until introduced to a tree of the the ripening red fruit deepened in enjoyed tomatoes this good. Planting a fruit had been, lost and it was for sale opposite sex. color until it became almost purple few blackberry bushes along the back for $1.25. Planted at the foot of the Last week the grocery store was before dropping to the ground or in' wall of the. house soon supplied all we asparagus bed slope, it grew like a featuring carambolas, the star fruit, at my mouth. could eat in their summer season. Also weed. Our children say it produced the a dollar apiece. They have a nice crisp
Later our parents moved the family growing on the lot was a fig tree that best pears they have ever eaten but by taste and make an interesting diversion to Winter Park where a great loquat, cast its graceful shadows on the bor- that, time I was, in Florida launching in a salad. Before eating the ripe fruit, tree spread it Is branches over the dering bay water. Our collie Duchess our newspaper business. J extracted its eight tiny seeds. Things
garage roof. For -several weeks we -could could leap and 'select fruit' from the In our side yard we planted a grow fast in Florida. Maybe I can plant peel back the small fruit's peach-like lower branches. Our success with the Samoan Island coconut from my one where the Samoan coconut tree skin and enjoy the delicate flavor that tomatoes tempted us to create an as- brother's backyard tree in Hawaii. It was so bountiful. enveloped two or three sizable seeds. paragus-bed. Once again we chopped produced abundant fruit but appeared Truth is I like to eat and if had my When our children were entering through the clay and carted in old to be a missile threat to the neighbor- way everything we planted would feed their teens, we lived along Lynnhaven mushroom bed material. By the third hood in the hurricane season. US. Bay in suburban Virginia Beach. year the delicate roots had developed A safer bet was several sprouts grow- Derek Dunn-Rankin is chairman
Nearly an acre of clay soil and an into the bulbs of energy that produced ing under a loquat in the yard of my of Sun Coast Media Group. He can be aquifer-fed well opened up new great fresh asparagus. Duchess had a niece's veterinary in Niceville, Fla. They reached at

0~ 0

.DaY Servie and Resphe Available W6 Rsarant Slyle Dining Epe ece
Pesnalizd Service Plans
Sauseein &Lundry Servces
-6 cellenf Aportiment (haices
Scheduled Transportalon
24-1ourWell.Tined, Caflng Assadates'C E T

Page 6 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

and 5 Want to see your event months page? Call us at 863-676-347 or

N Wednesday, Sept. 11 should know their login
and password. Main lobby at 6 p.m. FREE BREAKFAST
Yoga at the Library in the Schoenoff There is a Free Breakfast at B St. Community Center, on the first and third Saturdays of every month, from
Meeting Room. Classes meet each Sons of the American Legion Post 71 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. For more information, or to make donations, contact Reverend Alton Norwood at 863-618Monday and Wednesday, 5:30 to meeting the second Thursday of every 7641 or stop by his address at 114W. Crystal Ave., Lake Wales. Reverend Norwood has been doing free breakfast
6:45 p.m. Fees: $10 per class, $32 month at 43 W Park Ave., Lake Wales, for the community since 2005. He has a website at for 4 classes or $60 for 8 classes of 863-589-5689.
instruction, and may be paid at the City Mid-Florida Scribes. Networking, and Sunflower Garden. $7 per person.
of Lake Wales Cashier's Office, 201 West E Friday, Sept. 13 advice and support to writers of all Senior Citizens age 65-plus are$3.50.
Central Ave., LW. Cash, checks or major genres, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Schoenoff Teachers and military with ID are
credit cards accepted. Payments of cash Lake Wales Main Street meeting, Meeting Room. Group meets the second $3.50. Children under two are free. or check may be made at class. Call 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., Care Center Youth Saturday of the month. Contact 863- Explorations V Children's Museum, 863-678-4004. Coffee House, Park Avenue. For more 325-6964 or visit http:I/www. 109 North Kentucky Ave., Lakeland,
information, email info@lakewales 863-687-3869.
WackyWednesday, Applesauce Terrific Tuesday, Fall Lea Matching,
Muffins, 10:30 a.m. $7 per person. 0 Monday, Sept. 16 10:30 a.m. $7 per person. Senior
Senior Citizens age 65-plus are $3.50. Open Knitting & Crochet Group Citizens age 65-plus are $3.50.
Teachers and military with ID are free and welcome to all fiber crafters Staff Development Day, Student/ Teachers and military with iD are $3.50. Children under two are free. with some experience, very little Paraeducator holiday, Lake Wales $3.50. Children under two are free. Explorations V Children's Museum, instruction provided. Participants in Charter Schools, Polk County Public Explorations V Children's Museum, 109 North Kentucky Ave., Lakeland, the free open knitting and crochet Schools. 109 North Kentucky Ave., Lakelanid,
863-687-3869. group may not attend the knitting or 863-687-3869.
crochet classes without paying the Interm Report distribution week
Library Board Meeting at the Lake class fee. Open knitting and crochet 16th to 20th, all schools. Lake Wales City Commission
Wales Library, 290 Cypress Gardens is held each Friday night, 5:30 in the Meeting, 6 to 8 p.m., Municipal
Avenue from 11 a.m. to noon. library's main lobby, 863-678-4004. Magical Monday, Where the Wild Building, 201 W. Central Avenue.
Things Are, 10:30 a.m. $7 per person. Length of meeting is approximate.
Pickleball open to all from 11 a.m. to Fish fry every Friday, 6 to 8 p.m., Senior Citizens age 65-plus are $3.50. This meeting can also be viewed live
1 p.m, at Kirkland Gymnasium, 409 N. B Street Community Center, Teachers and military with ID are on Comcast Channel 6 at 6 p.m.; or
3rd Street every Monday, Wednesday, 863-679-8091. $3.50. Children under two are free. Brighthouse channel 622, Comcast
Friday and Saturday. Contact Carol Explorations V Children's Museum, ,,channel 5, and Verizon FIOS channel
Yarbrough at 813-478-3801. E Saturday, Sept. 14 109 North Kentucky Ave., Lakeland, 20 at the following times: Friday
863-687-3869. following the meeting at 8 p.m.
Veterans Affairs, B Street Community Jewelry show to benefit the Lake Following Monday at 7 p.m., following
Center, 1 to 3 p.m., 863-679-8091. Wales Depot Museum from 11 a.m. Recreation Advisory meeting to Wednesday at 2 a.m. Also available
to 2 p.m. at LIncontro, 35 S.R. 60 W discuss playground equipment from through city website: www.cityof Lake Wales Planning and Zoning Jewelry designed by JulieKate Studio 6 to 7 p.m., to Video on Demand
Board, 5 to 6 p.m., 201 W, Central will be on display, 863-696-1359 for Also available on PGTV website:
Avenue, Municipal Building, planning more information. 0 Tuesday, Sept. 17 For more
conference room. Contact Susan information, contact City Clerk Clara
Descheen, sdescheen@cityoflakewales. Chess for Kids every Saturday at Open Art, 1 p.m. Includes Tissue VanBlargan at cvanblargan@cityof com. 12 p.m. at Lake Wales Public Library Paper Painting, Metal Art, Apple Tree
Children's Room, 290 Cypress
E Thursday, Sept. 12 Garden Lane, 863-678-4004 for more
American Association of University
Women, 10 to 11 a.m., Schoenoff Fall Fresh Market held on the
Meeting Room, Lake Wales Library. grounds at the Historic L.B. Brown
house, 470 L.B. Brown Avenue, Bartow.
Thrilling Thursday, My Finger Every Saturday morning: 8 a.m. to Your lifestyle and budget are factors in providing
Prints, 10:30 a.m. $7 per person. 1 p.m. Sept. 7 through Oct. 26. Vendor the right solution. Winter Haven Audiology and
Senior Citizens age 65-plus are $3.50. space limited. For information con- Ridge Audiology offer a full line of digital hearing
Teachers and military with ID are tact: Maria- 813-501-3238 or visit
$3.50. Children under two are free. centralfloridaeventservices@gmail. products to serve your specific needs. You'll find
Explorations V Children's Museum, com. reliable, easy-to-wear solutions at an affordable
109 North Kentucky Ave., Lakeland, price, along with top-of-the-line hearing support.
863-687-3869. Lake Wales Downtown Farmers
8636Laket Waes Dntn arrsy At Winter Haven Audiology and Ridge Audiology,
Market every 2nd & 4th Saturday,
CRA Citizens Advisory meeting in 8 a.m. to noon. Market Square be- we are committed to finding the right manufacturer
the commission chambers at the City tween Stuart Avenue and Park Avenue. Kevin T. Barlow, Au. D. to serve your specific needs. Administration building, 201 W Central Locally grown, fresh produce. Mike Board Certified in Avenue from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Morrow, 863-412-6960 or email mike. Audiology Call today for your FREE hearing screening. Serving Central Florida
E-reader Support Group for since 1980 We accept most insurance.
hands-on assistance with the library's Dr.J.A.Wiltshire Scholarship Tec no
downloadable e-book collection, Foundation meeting every second Hearing chSolutions
OverDrive. No registration necessary. Saturday, 10 a.m., Lake Wales Medical Bring e-reader and laptop. Kindle users, Center lunchroom. 863-676-8703.starting at

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Hearing Svenes bD tor ol r 3 eats.
57 -Dy''ra

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 7


j Dave Farina at Sky
Powersports has been
doingbusiness with
Lake Wales for 33 years,
according to Farina. Sky
Powersports offers an
array of manufacturers,
including Kawasaki,
Polaris, Suzuki and
Yamaha. New and used
products are available.
For more information, call
(863) 676-2245.



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Janet~~~~~u Daugerty Opticians anfuioigrptmti hscana y pcaissoi-lrd

$29.95 or C i Suppoem.

C Ranked among Florida's

'must-play' facilities. ....
*Refurbished clubhouse.piace .,yc,
7 Lunch in our restaurant with O Service &Parts
$1 .0 ..... All sajle'snd

Sports barlo nge.f. w long i September.

Ra Cham pion Tu nida s 9 re-6MothWarat



~ ood thru 9/30 tIvP $69.99 .
Snc in our Plustaxt i perS oth
7220 Manor Drive Bartow, FL 33830

~(863) 533.8775 Fax: (863) 533,8730

Page 8 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Volunteer opportunities abound in Polk

Servapalooza shows what's available in Polk for those who want to lend a hand


There were plenty of people who
wanted to serve in Polk County and they
sweated Saturday to prove it.
At Sun 'N Fun, hundreds of people
showed up at Servapalooza. It was
the first event of its type that featured
booths of organizations and businesses
in Polk County that need volunteers to
serve their clients. Even on a day when PHOTOS BY JEFF ROSLOW
temperatures were in the mid-90s and
humidity was ever-so present, people Kadaijah Simpson took-a few minutes from
came out to see how they could help. the Faith in Action booth at Servapalooza
"We're here to see what we can do," Saturday to get a picture of her with Clifford
said Kayla Dodd, a Lake Region High the Big Red Dog.
student and member of the Interact
Club there.
About 30 members of the club that
started in April were at the event
Saturday visiting booths to see where AJ Panepinto, 9, watches the flap on the wing as he controls it from inside the experimental they could volunteer, plane at Servapalooza Saturday.
"We meet every other Tuesday and shopping and errands, light meal prepawe see what we can do for community ration, food baskets, light housekeeping, service," she said. yard work and help with paperwork.
Last year, they helpedwith the Iron "We have volunteers drive people to Man event in Haines City. She said they the hospital, the doctor, shopping. We are looking at Habitat for Humanity, make deliveries to them," McMillan looking into helping with the Girl Scouts said. and Saturday they were hoping to find On Tuesdays they deliver about a more opporttimities. week's worth of food to clients and
"We'll just see what we can do," she on Thursdays, they deliver fruits and
said. vegetables. She said altogether there are
Among the approximately 80 booths, about 300 people.
present from organizations were Faith in Action is also planning a
people who may not have even known fund-raiser to expand its facility in it existed, let alone that they needed Lakeland. From 2-4 p.m. on Sept. 29, volunteers. One of those is the Polk there is a Taste in Faith event where County History Center. tickets are $25 each. The money is to Coe, e te al i s w Corner"We want people to know there is a go toward. expanding its facility at 1230 stone, enjoyed the alligator mask her son,
history center," said intern Jeff McNiven, Ombundro Ave., Lakeland. It will take Tor! Whiting (left) and Kayla Dodd lead a Dexter Alired made Saturday at Servapalooza. currently an online student at the place at the Coleman-Bush Building, Club from Lake Region High School, Saturday at University of West Florida. 1104 Martin Luther King Ave., Lakeland.
Before he started to intern there in the "I'm going to try to build a house Servapalooza at Sun 'n Fun. last few months, McNiven said he went in front of this one," McMillan said, there one time. showing a picture of the facility. "This
"I didn't even know it existed," the could be a place where volunteers have Lakeland resident said. a place to train, meet together."
The history center is opening a Civil Cornerstone Hospice representative War exhibit on Sept. 27, and will be on GinnyWolfe, a community relations display until April. Coming there soon coordinator, said about mid-way, will be a display of historic Polk County through the event, about a dozen people residents which will be on loan from the filled out forms to be volunteers and a Smithsonian Institution. few dozen have expressed interest in
Currently the history center is look- the organization. She said-dozens more ing for collections assistants, library painted rocks they had on hand for assistants and docents. McNiven said he decorations for their patients. has gotten a number of inquiries during "We're always getting more patients the afternoon from his booth that was in and we always need more volunteers," Hangar A. Wolfe said. Leslie Laguerre, a student at Lake Region High,
Faith in Action executive director In Polk County, Carrie Hess, the puts the string into her cow mask Saturday at Mildred McMillan said her organization volunteer specialist, said there are about Servapalooza. She was with the SWAT Team. had dozens of people say they're inter- 235 patients and about 100 volunteers, pets, help in the office and wherever ested in helping that organization. Volunteers do so much for the organi- they can use them. The organization helps those who are zation that it is literally dependent upon "We are always struggling for volun- Matthew Grizia, 6, thinks he has this machine chronically ill, frail, elderly and home- them. Most patients live at home so teers," Hess said. "And we always have figured out on how it works as he points at an bound remain independent. deliveries go to them. And volunteers ways to help as much as anyone wants object on it while his brother, Ben, 9, pushes
They help with transportation, take them shopping, take care of their to help." the switch.

Bells for firefighters next month

For the third year, the entire country Foundation, other fire departments, "It is with great sadness that we ring bells signal the beginning or end of is invited to come together as one and community groups from coast to these bells for fellow firefighters who a call, they also were used to notify community to honor the memory coast in this poignant tribute as part have fallen in the line of duty. It allows department members that one of
of those firefighters who died in the of the National Fallen Firefighters us to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice their own had died while serving the line of duty and reassure their loved Memorial Weekend. they have made for their communities. community," explained Chief Ronald
ones that their firefighter will not be The moment of remembrance It is my hope and desire to never have Siarnicki, executive director of the NFFE
forgotten by participating in the-Bells will occur at 10 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 6, to ring a bell again because of a fire- Hundreds of fire departments, Across America for Fallen Firefighters at all Lakeland fire stations and at fighter perishing while serving." said places of worship and other groups remembrance. participating locations throughout the Lakeland Fire Chief Gary Ballard. participated in Bells Across America
The Lakeland Fire Department will Lakeland area. This day also marks the "The ringing of bells has a powerful for Fallen Firefighters over the past two join the National Fallen Firefighters beginning of Fire Prevention Week. meaning to firefighters. Not oniy do years.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 9

Webber, Warner football clash a 'dream come true"

By BRIAN ACKLEY between two county schools.
BACKLEY@HEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM He noted that he has close friends on
both sides of the lake, so that made things a Pregame festivities
Of the more than 5,000 people at Legion little difficult in deciding who he would root for the inaugural
Field Saturday night for the first ever for Saturday, although he did admit that Lake Caloosa Clash
Webber Warner "Caloosa Lake Clash," there there was still asofts sot for Webber. ,. included acerewas one spectator who had particular inter- He started the game sitting on the monial game ball
est in the historic college football game. Webber sideline, but got an unexpected being "flown" in by
And not just because he's one of the area's chance to move to Warner's side of the a parasailer from
most well-known and respected football field when a bank of lights suddenly went tefre yrs
minds. It's because there might not ever otleinhescdqurr.Garden's water ski have been Saturday night if not for current "I think I was the only person at the team.
Lake Wales football coach Rod Shafer. stadium who knew how to fix it," he joked .1 WE
"It was really exciting to see it. It was He said Warner's recent addition of the "PHOTOS a dream come true," Shafer said. It was sport is a harbinger of things to come in BY ROBERT
Shafer, who in 2004 left lake Wales High to one of the top college football states in the start the fledgling Webber program, only to country.opotntefoloafotallyrso Silhemgnofvrllaetbreturn to the Orange and Black a few years Southeastern University in Lakeland is opotniti es ynfor atball playrscoSlh agnofoealtln e later when he had the chance to coach his. planning on fielding a team starting in the cotnepaigatrterhg col tween the two schools wasn't as far apart son, Justin, who was a three-year starter for fall of 2014, Other Florida NAJA schools days are over, something that most players as fans might have expected, and there the Highlanders before accepting a baseball Edward Waters and Ave Maria are current- don't usually get a chance to do. is already excitement being built for a scholarship at the University of Florida. ly fielding teams, meaning the state could "I think Florida will end up being the top rematch in 2014.
Saturday's game, won by Webber 23-0, have its own conference. NAJA region in the country," Shafer said. Warner head coach Jeff Schaumn saw
was the first college football game ever 'It all adds up, Shafer said, to giigmr9Iv6ridt e anrtosatfraln some improvement from his clubs
tine. I told them it would be advantageous season-opening 31-3 loss at Stetson,.but and be a neat thing and exciting for the overall wa's not pleased with the lack of kids. It was fun. It's going to be phenome- discipline by the Royals. nal for kids around here to have a place to "Wweealtebibeerorllhn play close to home to play good football." last week I think,"' said Schaumn speaking to He sid he ocalproram, tO, ~ill reporters after the game. "We hurt ourselves attract kids who might go to a bigger with our own mistakes; we shot ourselves in university, and then decide where they are the foot with stupid penalties." isn't the right place after all.Oealteewr 0pnlishne "They go away and find out they're Oteonlltura night 0 sitting the bench. It's fun running out of Ruoarda upt 127 yard viac infaTion the tunel the first year, but when you Ryl akdu 2 ad i nrcin realize you're not going to play, you get a while the Warriors were just shy of 100 (98). lot of transfers that way too," he added. The Roy als keep to the road next week
The games pageantry included having when they travel to Macon, Ga., to face the game ball "flown" to midfield by a Mercer University. Next Saturday Sept 14,
Cypress Garden's parasailer. On the field, will mark the third straight night game for
it was clear that Webber was the more the Royals to open their inaugural season established program, methodically march- in 2013. Kick-off for the Royals-Bears ing to the win. The Warriors dominated matchup is set for 6 p.m.
*the time of possession, holding the ball The Warriors will return to action on
for 33:18. The Royals were held to 10 net Saturday, as well as they travel to Pineville, Webber athletic director Bill Heath, left, accepts the trophy that annually will go to the winning yards rushing in the game and 122 yards La., as they take on Louisiana College with school. through the air. the game starting at 12 noon.



Page 10 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Henderson runs wild as Highlanders roll

By DENNIS LATTA field," Shafer stated.
SPORTS CORRESPONDENT And LWHS just can't get the deep snap THIS WEEK
from the center to the holder to work on WHAT: Lake Wales at Daytona Mainland, 7 p.m, Kickoff
The Lake Wales Highlanders should PATs. The Highlanders have scored six RECORDS: Lake Wales is -1, Mainland is 2-0
change their name to the Highwaymen for touchdowns this season. Once, they ran WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT MAINLAND: Ranked as the No. 1 team in the Daytona area by the News Journal
this week's football game. the ball for two points, twice they suc- newspaper there, although only won Kickoff Classic by five and had to rally from a 10-0 deficit in the second half
After opening the season with two cessfully kicked it, once the snap was too last week to defeat Spruce Creek, 14-10... Were ranked No. 6 in the first AP state poll for Class 6A teams A., A
home games, LWHS makes the long trek high for the holder and twice the ball has blocked punt set up the Buccaneers first TD, and thesecond cameon an interception return last Friday ... Kay o
across the state to play at Mainland of bounced back to the holder. That point Hannah is one of the feature backs, had over 100 yards in week one, and had the offense's only TD last week ,an:
Daytona on Friday. Lake Wales is 1-1 after was the difference in the opening 14-13 11 yard run on a reverse play ... Anthony Williams emerged from a three or four man battle in the preSoason
beating George Jenkins 28-12 last Friday loss to Ridge. to get the callat starting quarterback. .
The Hjighanders are tied with Mulberry "That's still a little bit of a problem," WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT LAKEWALES: Agreat test for the Highlanders, who never shy away from
and Poinciana for the best non-district re- Shafer admitted. "We're going to have to scheduling tough non-district games early in the season... Justin Henderson figured to be a feature back
cord in the Class 5A, District 10 standings. work on that." and he lived up to that last week, scoring all four LakeWales touchdowns, including a 55-yd .ru'n.Ad75 ird
Auburndale and Tenoroc are both 0-2. Hiking across 1-4 doesn't bother Shafer touchdown run from Henderson was called back ona penalty ... Highlanders are no on trik p ny however.,
The Highlanders cut down on their as his team plays its only game outside Earnest Hamilton is a threat as' is quarterbackRail.nd Garrett.
mistakes for the win over Jenkins. They Polk County this season. Mainland is THE SKINNY: Playing such tough early season games out of the district is theLake Wales way, getting
had trouble with even the basic things 2-0 with a 35-6 win over Deland and a battle tested for games that "matter.' It's a time that Coach Shafer and staff look for character and leadership to
like the exchange from the center to the 14-10 win over Spruce Creek. Mainland emerge, and for seniors to step forward and take "ownership" of the team. Making the long road trip makes it an
quarterback in their season-opening loss eliminatedWinter Haven in the playoffs even tougher assignment, but don't sell the Highlanders short. They can come home with a win if they keep the
to Ridge. last season. mistakes to a minimum, and get a balanced offensive attack.'
"I thought that overall we did well," "You need to make these trips," Shafer
said Lake Wales coach, Rod Shafer. "Our claims. "You've got to get used to travel.
defense only gave up one touchdown." We always try to get one trip. If you're not
The other TD by Jenkins came on an used to traveling, you lose in the playoffs.
interception return. "On the other one, You've got to learn to focus."
the wide receiver didn't run the pattern," Shafer describes Mainland as a "speed
explained Shafer. team with all kinds of athletes who are real
'We showed a lot of improvement," fast. They just know how to win."
Shafer continued. "I thought we did As for Lake Wales, Shafer is a little
a good job of controlling the line of disappointed. "I wanted us to be a little
scrimmage. We've just got to keep getting further along. The problem is that we were better." expecting more out of our young kids
The Highlanders had a 74-yard touch- early. On our o-line, we've only got one
down run by quarterback Railond Garrett senior. Our entire defensive backfield is
called back by a penalty juniors. I forgot how young they are."
"We left points on the field. We had a After this road trip, the Highlanders are
touchdown called back and you can't do home again next week for its first district
that. You can't leave those points on the game of the season against Mulberry. '

Right: Highlander The rain couldn't dampen the spirit of the Lake Wales Highlander Band as they performed for
Quarterback Railond the crowd at Friday's game. Lake Wales defeated George Jenkins, 27-12 for their first win of the
Garrett looks up at season.
the official from the goal line. Garret fell
short of the goal line beh rtow ,
by oneyard during this Communft!, RKetion Committe
.play but carried the Pict
Highlanders to a 27-12
win against George
Jenkins at Friday's
game at Legion Field in
Lake Wales.

George Jenkins'
''.Darrius Mosley J o n u f r e 2_ j
(No. 58)and Lake J 4 r-- .. )
Wales Luke Hiers i
(No. 54) mix it up
at Friday's game
at. Leion Field.
Lake Wales led
by 14-0 at halftime.

Wednesda., 5etember 18) 201
I5artow Civic Centerat Noon 5ponsorsps Also Available!

Tickets $1, ia be purcahed from te Greater 5artow Chamber of Commerce or from an9

Coninuni9 Relti on Committee member. Call 8 65-535-7 125 for e information. Guest ,5peaer: Dr. ,ickard Harri4, 5outheastem Ljniversiti f'ioessor

Ralard C. Harris, Ed. is ar accomplished speaker in te areas of leadehip, eduction diversty, and race creation As a young man he rose quddy to leaderip pos in tie IK until he was the Grand Dragon of the KvK in rdiana, running te largest underdnd terrorist organization in the idwest in the mid- to late-1970s, Eventually Dr. Hards broke 2free of his terorism arid ended the curse over himself and his famiy, Thirt/years later, he MnC!P ~n A .~shares his story in his new book. One Nation tinder CURSE. Dr. H'amrs captive hi auine
( ~ ~2~i wit stories tiieyll never hear anywhere else and diaenges tram with lessons he's iearnedl
cao his Journey irom racism, bigotry and prejude to acceptance, love, arid tolerance. Hie is a .tie motto, "IfIt Is not Jtice foral, It is no teJtce at al."

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 11

Gators take on Destroyers in Sunshine Conference PAL play

Right: Lake Wales Gator quarterback Jayden Loydd looks to pick up some running
yardage after faking a hand off in action Aug. 31 at Legion Field
as the Gators
hosted the

Left: D'Quan 7 Medina looks like he has
plenty of teammates to help, but one deterPHOTOS BY ROBERT BLANCHARD mined Lakeland
Not only have the big boys of pro, college and high schools started playing football this season, Destroyer
so too have the players of the Sunshine PAL conference,*which indudes the Lake Wales Gators tacle
who hosted the Lakeland Destroyers on Aug. 31 at Legion Field. The Destroyers won the varsity tackler is close
game, took the Pee Wee game by a score of 30-6 and also were victorious in the flag game, 27-6. th ps the
The Mighty Might Destroyers won 21-0 and also took the junior varsity game by a count of 25-6. Lae les
Lake Wales
Gators hosted their Polk rivals on Aug. 31. Right: Lake
Wales Gator . .-" Medical Care foi Adults
running back & Children'
Corey Harris Office skin Surgery
finds the going School & Work Physicals
a little slow as Medicare and Insurance
he tries to fight
he t wari 1110 rmid Circle, Lake Wales Accepted
off Lakeland sawam fm the Emergency Entrance of the hospital) Affordable Fees for
Dtoferd~:~ Uninsured
defeders- 8 3~67~ ~Convenient Later
during little d-Thursday 9A PM, Friday 9AM-12PM Appointments
loop football ww Home Visits
action in Lake Wales Aug. 31.

Corey Harris was a busy young man at Legion Field Saturday,
Aug. 31, as his Lake Wales Gators took on Lakeland in a Sunshine PAL Conference little loop game at Legion Field.


Lake Wales

"Your Friendly Pharmacy"

FREE Delivery
FREE Oral Antibiotic Program
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----------------------------------- 32 State Road 60E
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ifForany new or .I Vi t : s i HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm *S

tL-----------------n-. IIClosed Sunday

Page 12 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AD V0 C ATECultural differences play into the mix, In that class are the "warning signs," acknowledging that yes, there are times
which is one reason why many times the "cycle" of domestic violence, when abuse stories are fabricated.
people prefer to keep their suffering "It's information, and it's empower- But every time, every victim, every
FROM PAGE 1 quiet, she notes. ing information," she says. person, the approach is the same.
Then there is verbal abuse, which is When a victim reports domestic "You open your door, and you open
lot of focus on women as victims of often just as damaging, and shefeels, violence, often they will latdr change your arms, to the same victims every domestic violence, and Lasater says, often more so, than physical abuse. their mind and wish to drop charges, time, until that aha moment," when "probably 95 percent are women." Sometimes, the verbal abuse can according to Chip Thullbery formerly the victim realizes it's time to make a
"On the whole, one in four have been escalate, eventually, to full blown of the State Attorney's Office. change, she said.
or will be" men involved in a domestic physical abuse. But even in those cases, they are "Hopefully, you've been able to
violence situation, and "one in every "You can't always determine if it is required to take the class to educate provide them that same, consistent and five teens are in abusive relationships" going to become physically violent, them, and the SAO could still reserve reliable information, a safe place to go currently, she adds. sometimes the verbal abuse will start in the right to move ahead with charges, if or resource to go to," she said.
And it's not something that people many ways," she notes, such as com- they see fit. The office of Victim Advocate is such
really want to talk about. ments that are made, supposedly in Many times, Lasater sees the same a new field, Lasater notes.
"It's probably one of the most preva- jest, which contain barbs of sorrow that victims come to her classes, but the Only in the last few years have prolent crimes in the community, the one pierce the heart. subject matter, the material, never grams been adapted and specifically
that goes unspoken the most," she said. The perpetrator will say "just teasing changes. geared toward helping the victim heal
As for why this appears to be you- you need to grow thicker skin," "I've had some people come in and and find a way out of the abuse.
the case, there is one thing to be she says. sign multiple waivers. It's the same Previously, the work was done by
considered. And does her heart break when she information, over and over, it's steady, social services or psychologists.
"Domestic violence is probably one hears the stories of the victims and the it's consistent, it lets the victim know Lasater notes that most people who of the most difficult crimes to prose- pain they've experienced? this is what abuse is." work in the field of domestic violence
cute," she says. I "Every day," she said. "Most of the time it is the perpetra- victim advocate tend to do it because
"In past years, what happens in your "I teach a class twice a week about tor who is not willing to change. You they are very passionate about helping home is your business." what domestic violence is," she notes. never give up on a victim," she said, people.

tongues," a spiritual for church, and "too much pride," coupled with the
communication she tried putting desire to "make things work.".
regarded by some makeupon to cover "I had so much fear," she said.
FROM PAGE 1 Pentecostals as her bruises. She has some advice for those who
communication It was excruciat- are living in an abusive situation.
"Because I really loved him, and with God, a spiritual ing, she said. "I just sought the Lord with everywhen he wasn't that way, we had a language. "I just couldn't thing I had. If they can just find help,
good relationship. The kids loved him "Then finally he stand to touch my to go to someone they trust, go to
and he was a good father. He, didn't like grabbed me by the face,"., she said. someone who would really help, it's
the way he was, but he couldn't control arm and took me in "Everyt ing a very touchy situation," she says,
himself. He never abused the children," the master bed- healed very fast, it noting it needs to be be "someone with
she said. room. He made me shocked me how compassion."
Her military man had a "dark side," look in the mirror fastit. dheal," she But in the end, it is the victim who
she adds. and said 'now look notes* needs to seek the help, she notes.
"I knew it was when he was drinking, what your God has Then she prayed "Somebody can't make you doit. You
if he would get to drinking, when he done for you.'" she =' and asked God, "If have to be tired of it. You have to get
was drinking, he was vicious." said, weeping, even you see that this to the place where you can get out of,
And then he wouldn't remember though it has been isn'tgoingto get any it ... it has to be the victim's decision,
what he had done to her, she said. decades ago. better, you can have him put me out." because if it is just people trying, it
"He would have black-outs." That's when she fell to the floor, she "Because I was praying for a miracle," might backfire," she notes.
She never ended up in a hospital, she said. she said. And what can families, friends, and
said. "I felt my spirit come back into my "TWo weeks later he started up again, coworkers of abuse victims do to help.
"He would threaten, he'd put a knife body, then he picked me up and was but then I got up and went out in the them?
to my throat one time and by then, I going to start again," she says. living room, and he told me that I was ,I had people support me," she said.
had accepted the Lord in my heart, Her son came into the bedroom to going to have to go. I said I am not, "People who had:beenthrough simso I was praying for him and I was stop him from hitting her again. leaving this house, he took me'by the lar situations, church family theffbseeking God for him and praying for-his "He came in and he stopped him. neck and called my pastor and said, 'if justreced, out and helped however deliverance," she noted. Then I got up and I went over and was you don't come get her, you are going they could help, yet they knew they
But the worst was yet to come. sitting on the side of the bed, and my to find her out in the yard with.her could go so far. Justlike my mentors:...
There was one big attack, "The last 12-year-old daughter came in, and brains blown out."' they took me into their home. I never,
one before I got out of it." when I looked up, she screamed. My She ended up then living with friends had to go looking for psychiatric hel P.
"He had came home and was just re- face was just purple all over. My eye from the ministry for about a year,,she When we would pray about-it, whatever ally way out of his head, he was drunk, was shut. It was just gory looking. He said, eventually able to get an apart- it was, it might not happen instantly he was just terrible," she said. got up and went out of the room then, ment of her own with her children. but it would work out."
Her children, the youngest of which and was sitting in-the chair in the After 25 years, it was finally over. Her concern Was that her friends not at the time was 12, had friends over, kitchen. I was sitting on the side of the "Then I separated from him." get her to be so dependent on them who were spending the night, and hay- bed. I felt something inside me saying "The Lord let me know not to go that she couldn't handle things-on her ing a good time together, she recalled. 'you've got to forgive him. I knew it was back," she said. own.
"That night about midnight, when he the Lord and I had to forgive him."' she But like many other cases of abuse, Abuse victims need to be allowed to came home, he was cussing and carry- notes. even her leaving was problematic. make their own decisions, she says.
ing on. The dark side was really adark Her husband sat in the kitchen, "He'd be crying, making all kinds of She said that as a victim, she went
side, bad. When he got into bed, he just staring, looking straight ahead. promises to go to church. Right away, through just wanting "normal," to "be, kept on. I was tired of it. I just raised "I put my head in his lap, and said I I felt a warning not to go back. And I treated just like every day." my arm and I started praising God, and forgive you and the Lord has told me I couldn't understand for a long time, Her calling now, she notes, is thatof after he grabbed me by the arm then, have to forgive you. 'There's something I don't understand ... I prayed for his what is known in some church circles and pulled me up out of the bed. When else inside of you that's causing you to deliverance. The Lord says 'he had his as a "prayer intercessor." he had me up I had always kind of do this,"' she told her husband. chance for deliverance, but he didn't "That's praying for people and
feared the other attacks, you never Her daughter asked if she wanted choose it."' seeking God for them," she said.
saw any marks." her to call her friends from her church She had four children. "That's my main calling."
"I thought-Idon't-thinkI 'could take deliverance ministry, : She loved her kids, she said, and Through it'all, she has remained true
it if it was just beating. The first time "And I told her no, it's all over, there's she felt like they needed some kind of to what she believes, she notes. he hit me wasin my face. I co6u .,t no reason for you to call her now. stability in their lives. "The main thing is the Lord, he's
feel anything, it didn't hurt. I had inthe Then my face was all bruised up and "That was the only stability I could the one that brought me out of it. My body, and out-of body experience. I was everything." give them was to be there for them and testimony is he took me out of the
taken up, and lookingdown, and he just She was supposed to work at the to protect them," she said. pit of hell and set my feet on the solid
kept hitting me. church. Going back to her family was not an rock, it's Jesus. That's how I got through
She believdin speaking inn" When Sunday came, she got ready option, she said, noting perhaps it was this, he's always been there for me."

The lease agreement is automati- the additional parking is appreciated
PA I cally renewed every year unless either by theater patrons, thus serving as a
party notifies the other 60 days prior valuable asset to the city.
FROM PAGE 1 to its expiration. "It's been very satisfactory from
As with previous years, the city coun- my point-of-view, both as a council
improvements," the determination cil renewed the agreement during the person and a patron of the Ramon,"
of which is left to the city's sole city council meeting earlier this week. Webster Biehl said. "The area has discretion. The council Showed their unanimous been both beneficial to the Chamber
Since 2009, the city has maintained support for the lease agreement with and the Ramon in terms of economic fOr reading the
the property by leveling its surface no objections, allowing for its automat- activity downtown." and providing lighting and parking ic renewal without a council vote. In the last couple of years, the Heartlaind Newspapers
bumpers. Vice Mayor Diana Webster Biehl, theater has experience a growth in .1111
The city annually renews the lease who also serves as President of the. attendance. Quarterly murder mystery agreement with the Chamber, which Board of Directors of the Ramon dinner shows are often sold out, as are Lake Wales-Frostproof
leases the property to the city at a cost Theater, showed her full support for acts during the annual music Series in Bartow-Fort Meade of one dollar per year. .the lease agreement, claiming that January, February and March. ________________

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 13

List of resources.

FOR ALL EMERGENCIES, CALL 1860 S. Crystal Lake Drive, Lakeland,
911 FIRST. FL. For more information, call
Florida Domestic Violence 1-863-534-4350
Hotline 1-800-500-1119 Florida Council Against Sexual
Florida Coalition Against Violence- 1-888-956-RAPE (7273), O I NW,
Domestic 1-850-297-2000 or visit Two 19-year-old males entered the Palms Internet caf6 brandishing a baseball
National Dating Abuse Helpline Cyber Tipline (National Center bat and a handgun. One suspect swung the bat at a computer screen while
1-866-331-9474 for Missing and Exploited Children) the other pointed the gun at Customers. One customer, 71-year-old Samuel
To learn about abuse, dating 1-800-843-5678 or visit www.missing Williams, took action. Williams pulled out his.380-cal. pistol and fired at Henabuse, the cycle of violence, and for derson. Both intruders suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and
more information helpful to those Polk County Victim Advocates: SE fled. They were later arrested and treated for their injuries. One suspect later experiencing abuse, visit www. District 1-863-534-6291, NE District, said their plan had been to"barge in, get the money and leave" and he"never 1-863-420-2564, NW District 1-863- expected anyone to be armed!' (The Blaze, Marion County, FL, 7/17/12)
Learn more about child abuse 577-1600, SW District 1-863-499-2400
and how to recognize the signs; visit *-Guardian Ad Litem Program, It was about midnight when 66-year-old Rosa Myles' nightly prayers were Learn 10th Judicial-Circuit, Bartow. terrupted. She heard a noise coming from the back of her home. Myles, who
how to report child abuse, 1-800-962- 1-863-534-4605 must use a walker to'get around, went to investigate when a man suddenly
2873, TDD 1-800-453-5145, orvisit TREATMENT PROVIDERS lunged at her with a knife. The man pushed Myles and demanded jewelry and Polk County Health and Social money. He followed her to the bedroom where Myles kept some cash. As he
Florida Abuse Hotline Services (limited to Medicaid or stood counting the money, Myles was able to retrieve her gun and shot the
1-800-96ABUSE people with an inability to pay) man twice. The 19-year-old suspect was later arrested and arraigned on first
SPeace RiverVictim Services 1-863-519-3744 degree home invasion and assault with a charge of intent to rob while armed.
1-877'-688-5077 Winter Haven Hospital Behavioral (The Muskegon Chronicle, Flint, MI, 7/3/12)
.Peace River Domestic Violence "Health 1-863-294-70621:
l!* Peace3River Domesti"olenc Healt 12- 7062s SJohn Mutter was asleep in his bed around 2:15 a.m. when he was awakened
Shelters iLakeland, 1-863-413- ACCESS Crisis Service by a man with a shotgun pointed at his head. Mutter, a paraplegic living alone,
2700 *24 Hour Crisis Line; Sebring 1-800-723-3248 kept his own gun nearby for protection. He quickly grabbed his gun and fired
1,863-386-1167 *24 Hour Crisis Line Women's Resource Center .' multiple times killing the intruder. Police investigating the incident believed
**Collect cal s are accepted. 1863294-5318 the man had entered the home looking for medication, money or anything of
SPeace RiverCrisis Stabilization value. (The Columbus Dispatch, Johnstown, OH, 7/22/12)
Unit 1-863-519-3747
Peace River Crisis Response Team Gerald Mirto, 67, heard noises coming from his backyard and went to inves-Available 24/7 1-863-519-3744 or tigate. When he noticed the screen door had been broken, Mirto spotted the
toll free 1-800-627-5906 culprit standing just outside. The 25-year-old suspect was not wearing any
Peace River: If you are in a crisis clothing and was asked to leave repeatedly. There was a struggle in which Mirand inneed of immediate treatment, to was bitten in the arm and punched in the head. Mirto was able to escape
please calithe 24-hour crisis line and retreat to the second floor of his home where he retrieved a handgun. He
1-863-519-3744 or 1-800-627-5906 then found the intruder attempting to steal his television.The intruder report* Rape-Recovery and Resource edly instigated a second physical altercation. That is when Mirto shot the man
Center Lakeland 1-863-413-2707 *24 in the chest. Police apprehended the intruder a short time later. (Milford Patch,
Hour Crisis Line; Sebring 1-863-386- Milford, CT, 7/23/12)
1169 *24 Hour Crisis Line
A 19-year-old male allegedly knocked on the door of a rural home early one
PeacesReveryDomestc Vinc 'morning with ill intent. When the homeowner came to the door, the suspect Support Group.-.Meets every threatened the man with a gun and stole $150 in cash and his licensed medical
Monday 6-7:30 p.m., at Peace River marijuana. The man didn't stop there. Instead of leaving the residence, he conCenter's Rape andResource Center, tinued to threaten the homeowner by pointing his gun through the dog door.
: -The homeowner retrieved his own firearm and shot the suspect six times. He
was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to be charged after his release. (KOAT7, Taos, NM, 7/16/12)

A man entered Smith's Marketplace one afternoon and purchased a knife. Police say the man then used the knife as a weapon and attacked several people. One victim was stabbed in the abdomen while another was stabbed in the head and arms. All the while, the knife-wielding assailant had been yelling at his victims that they had "killed his people." Before he was able to locate another target, a citizen with a concealed firearm intervened. The man with the knife was told to drop his weapon or be shot. He complied and was detained until police arrived. (ABC4, Salt Lake City, UT, 4/27/12)

When a homeowner heard noises coming from the first floor of his home, he called out. One of two intruders reportedly identified himself as a police officer so the resident descended the stairs to investigate. One man hurled a hatchet at the homeowner, but missed. The resident fought back and fired a shotgun striking one of the intruders. Both men fled upon hearing the gunshot. The wounded suspect was later arrested when he sought medical treatment. (Kitsap Sun, Tacoma, WA, 6/28/12)

Ruby Hodge, 89, heard someone knock at her back door twice before she decided to answer. By the third knock, however, Hodge heard the door being kicked in. The intruders, two males ages 31 and 42, entered her home and went into the guest bedroom opposite her own. When they turned around Hodge had her .38-cal. pistol waiting. Both men fled, but were later caught. Sheriff Fred Knight said, "1 was just amazed. When she told me she met the intruders with a handgun pointed at them, she said they went out faster than they came in. She is my hero!" (SCNOW, Blenheim, SC, 7/24/12)

utesi *re

1~ ~ our enpair

Gran Rafle or tainessStee Grlly

Page 14 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

P OL I CE The information is gathered from police, sheriff's office, Florida
LJJHighway Patrol, jail and fire records. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

White rocks in pocket lead to arrest

Compiled by KATHY LEIGH BERKOWITZ valued at just over $49. He was taken was given a counterfeit $10 bill. Retail theft at Walmart
KLBERKOWT@HEARTANDNEWSPAPERS.COM into custody and later transported to He said around 8:51 p.m. Sept. 3, a the Polk County Jail. The merchandise cashier received a counterfeit $10 bill A woman was arrested for retail theft A man at a car wash was arrested one was recovered, from a customer. The cashier observed at Walmart after she allegedly entered
night on alleged cocaine charges, the the $10 bill and advised the customer the store and removed a purse and walLake Wales Police department reports. Driver arrested for DUI it was a counterfeit bill. The cashier let from the shelves. The woman placed
According to reports, on Sept. 3, marked the $10 bill with a pen and the wallet in the purse and passed all
Lake Wales Police were conducting On Sept. 3, police located a black confirmed the $10 bill was a counter- points of sales and was apprehended
preventative patrol and as they passed Ford pickup that had been reported as a feit. The manager advised officers that by loss prevention. Total amount stolen the BP at Scenic and Wiltshire, observed reckless driver, the customer comes into the Gate gas was $30.88, police-reported. The suspect
a male inside the old car wash lighting The vehicle and driver were found station on a regular basis. This case is was transported to the County Jail something near his mouth. Officers at Kiwanis Park, and the driver had pending. without incident.
conducted a citizen encounter, and the just parked as officers were coming up subject claimed he had just lit a ciga- behind it. The driver admitted to having rette. There was no cigarette nearby or "two beers" and reeked of alcoholic bevin his possession, and when they asked erage, police say. Reports note he was why he would throw down a brand new put through the field sobriety testing cigarette, he did not have a satisfactory and did not perform them to standard. answer, reports say. He was arrested and taken to Potlk
With verbal consent to search, a County Jail and submitted to a breath cigarette pack was located in his pants test, which confirmed he was indeed pocket, and there were wrapping papers intoxicated, according to reports. The and a white rock-like substance, officers case was closed by arrest. note. Reports say the white substance A( surance
field tested positive for cocaine. The Motorist cited for no driver's man was taken into custody and trans- license and speeding ERS J
ported to Polk County Jail. TRAVEL
On Sept. 3, officers were working
It's a staple gun, traffic on S.R. 60 and clocked a van that
not a firearm they said was speeding. The van was A tA
stopped at S.R. 60 and 2nd Street. The & E
On Sept. 3, an anonymous caller driver, a woman, did not have a license.
contacted the police department She was issued a citation for unlawful GH
regarding a possible gun case laying in speed and a criminal citation for no 1 A P
the road near Scenic Hwy. and Burns driver's license. She had no past crimi- L W F
Avenue. nal record and was given a court date.
Officers arrived in the area and lo- She called a licensed driver to remove ( 7 L &
cated'a black plastic case and a profes- the vehicle. w e b r e
sional style stapler, not a gun. The items
were turned in as found property. Burglary to residence
Red golf cart is gone On Sept. 4, Lake Wales Police responded to a residential burglary at
According to police reports, on Crystal Avenue. According to reports,
Sept. 3, LWPD officers responded to the victim reported her residence burSouth Lakeshore Boulevard regarding a glarized some time during the hours of stolen golf cart. 9 a.m. on Sept. 3 and 2 a.m. on Sept. 4. N
This is a rental property and the red Police say no forced entry was found. 1997 Club Car brand cart was parked Stolen was a 42-inch plasma TV, which under the carport. Police say the victim was a month behind in rent, as the left around 9 p.m. Sept. 2 and returned victim was renting the TV from Aaron's. around 9 a.m. Sept 3, at which point, Also stolen was an apple iPad, which N "
they noticed the cart was gone. police note she said she was not worried about since the screen was cracked.
Shoplifter arrested A F
Counterfeit turns up at Gate
On Sept. 3, officers met with loss Cu e i turns up at Gate B
prevention employees at Walmart, Police say a counterfeit $10 bill
2000 State Road 60 E., regarding a turned up at the Gate gas station. a
shoplifter. According to reports, around 9 a.m. ,
They learned that a man was ob- Sept. 4, officers were dispatched to 2950 x
served by loss prevention concealing Ridge Way in reference to a counterfeit merchandise and walking out of the $10 bill. Upon arrival, officers made RAW0
store without purchasing the items. contact with the general manager, who Reports say he had merchandise stated the night cashier advised him she 00

: 7am-11am Registration Downtown ONL..
$25 Registration Fee 9am Opening Ceremonies/Welcoming (No IMS no
9am-4:30pm -Car Show
(Judging 11am-3pm Only!)
Call 800-423-5939 11am- All cars to be judged must be in place
(hoods open, windows down)
or log onto 12pm- 1 i I lI (All cars start your engines!) c j IIv I
11am-4:30pm-CALIFORNIA TOE JAM BAND MO N:L 5 I a l 1111111
nn the rirrde INIIII1 V n & ;m!
FRIDAY, SEPT. 20th onm th Cirolie BBj Awards, and Music at3'SUIg
8am-lOpm Registration Kenilworth Lodge 5pmnilwortode BAadad ui t..
4m-Welcome Reception at Kenilworth Lodge .::
5Spmn- BeerTents and Food Vendors open Downtown SUNDAY, SEPT. 22nd : 5:30$ ,pm -Tech Inspection for Burnout Contest 9am Line up for Cruise to the Racetrack. S S S
'an o St.)(Across from Kenilworth Lodge, ovenflOw l.~
,Brnout/Meet & Greet, Awards, and Music Elks parking lot)
(N Rigw ango) 9:45am Leave for the track
p-~EED BAD n the Circle ll1am-lpm Drive t Sebri lRcta

Wednesday, September 11,2013 The News Page 15

"Greek Night"
gg 2nd Saturday of every ntonth
NAND LOUNGE Elvi Tribute
~aauieaI9e inner Show;

8625 Hwy 60 East 3 Saturday of every month
......... Lake Wales, FL 33889 5:OOpm &7:0poOpm
!!tf s P h~j l (863) 696-1901 'All You Can Eat" b Fish Fry Every Friday
fresh fried d ShfirP Daily Lunch Tel: 8 69-647-9 111
WI ;F iS,,', F & Dnur ina's Plner -Highlan~d(CIty Tpwn(Center frog Legs FREE & Dinner
WI-FI QSpecials- ihln Ct Tw Cne Specials Corner of Clubhouse Zoad and US Hwy 98 South Highland City

1Perkins Restaurant
I By CATHY PALMER Photos by Al Palmer
You M eal I Correspondent
With this ad. I Now that construc- All the foods and baked goods are prepared on
Presentthiscoupontothecashieratthe imeofsaleandreceive % tion on State Road 60 site and the meals are prepared to order.
discount off your total bill (including entrees, drinks, side items and desserts). "We only fix food as it is ordered so it is always
Coupon expires September 30,2013. Valid'only at participating winding down, Perkins fresh," he said.
*Perkins Restaurant and Bakery locations.wnigd nPrnsfeh"esa.
,,1 150 E. Van Fleet Drive, Restaurant in.the Bartow A visitor can't help but be lured to the bakery
Centerisunveilingitsnew goods. They are displayed in a lighted cooler right
o w menu offerings, accord- in the center of the store.
~I~EMI0)SIuu5 niyr lancin the~o PesutrshaYe a[ realcpain favorite"or
l ing to manager Richard "Pies are our best selling desserts," the manager
the orgedo, h d a n Sae if a
*l---'-- o b Troyer. says. "Especially our chocolate French silk pie. That's
16 011 1111 i11i--11,- i "We're launching the Perkins Restaurant Manager Richard Troyer a relfv it.
and Assistant Manager Lorraine Fliszar
new menu, along with The pies sell for $10.99 to $13.99. Other pies
the other 500 restaurants in the chain," Troyer -said, prepared on site are the wild berry, apple, peanut butuat et & e e "And we're hoping this new menu will delight our ter, key lime, banana
I.avala Dfflhxs& eda guests.'We're very excited about it." cream and lemon
He hastily adds that the old favorites on the menu meringue.
Je: -0, A'(M4! are still there too.. Other specials
"We just wanted to give people a fresh new take on the menu now
155 Main St., Bartow on what we've done for years." are the fall featured
863.533.6947 TAKE, 50% FF onwa ev on o er. umknsieot
-lOam-8pm, Mon through Sat 3.2ND ENTREE usThe new $4 to $8 specials include the Fabu- pumpkin spike oatCATERING-AVAILABLE : .................. ......... lous 5, a $4 offering which features eggs, bacon, meal pancakes and
Van Fleet Drive (State Road 60) in Bartow
sausage and egg burrito, most of the $6 offerings are pot pie.
sandwiches including the tuna melt and big BLTs, "For breakfast we've also got a meal for anyone
and the $7 featured breakfast plate is a mushroom with a hearty appetite called the Tremendous 12. and Swiss cheese omelet with sides and for lunch It includes three eggs, four pancakes, four slices of or dinner, a meatloaf melt, all capped off by the bacon or sausage links and a side of hash browns or $8 dinner "Double Catch" featuring cod filets and fresh fruit. Add it up, and it's 12," he said. Other jumbo shrimp. Also coming in at $8 is a fabulous favorites are the Tangler Burger featuring deep fried meatloaf, chipolte jack burger. onion curls or our Belgian waffle platter.
LUNCH The family restaurant has been open in Bartow Perkins also offers take-out service by calling
Mon.-Fri. l1ani-2pm for more than a dozen years, Troyer says. It is at 150 863-533-9688.
Fri.-Sat. 5pm-8pm E. Van Fleet Drive. The restaurant which features a Aside from the broad menu, Perkins offers a
cozy, country dcor with booths or tables will seat mini-library where patrons can buy books for $1 or as many as 130 guests, including a semi-private din- $2 from which all the proceeds go to a charity "Give ing room that can be booked for special occasions Kids the World" which benefits terminally ill children. CD or club meetings. Perkins also offers the "Dine to Donate" program for
Homemade German Cuisine In addition to the new 'great plate' specials, Troyer churches, civic organizations or school groups. That
& German Draft Beer
863-5371-7190 says, Perkins also offers its delectable desserts and program, once initiated by the group, will funnel 10
135 E. Main St.. Bartow, FL 33830 breakfast treats. percent of the total patron's bill back to the organiza"We've even got a special in our baked goods," tion, Troyer said. he said recently "If you buy three muffins or cookies, "It's another way for us to help our community you get three free." Community and family is what Perkins is all about."

.. .

Page 16 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just how good are the Bulldogs?

Frostprooffootball team scores second straight easy win

By BILL ROGERS again by a holding penalty and had to
A Tenoroc turnover led to Frostproof's WHAT: Frostproof at Mulberry
Frostproof won easily for the second first score. After the punt, the Titans WHEN: 7 p.m kickoff Friday in the Phosphate Bowl
straight week as both their offense and took over on their own 21. On first RECORDS: Frostproof is 2-o,,Mulberry is lM.
defense accounted for a 53-6 romp over down the ball was snapped over the WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT MULBERRY: The Panthers needed a 47-yard field goal in the dying seconds of
Tenoroc Friday night at Farris Brannen head of quarterback Dylan Sirmon- a 10-7 win over Avon Park, which might indicate that the Bulldogs could have a third straightpushove' on its.
Stadium. Wright and Bulldog linebacker Cecil schedule. But that might not necessarily be the case. Mulberry played Fort Meade tough in Week One, falling
The Bulldogs actually got off to a little Cherry recovered the loose ball in the just 16-0, and has a massive offensive line that helps the running game and ball-control offense. Mulberry's bit of a slow start before the offense end zone for the touchdown. Lamar only points came on an interception return, meaning the Panthers haven't scored an offensive TD so far in the
kicked into high gear. Frostproof has Bobb kicked the extra point to make it regular season. Lost its Kickoff Classic at Sebring, 55-7.
had the benefit of having two of its eas- 7-0 at the 5:06 mark of the. first quarter. WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT FROSTPROOF: The Bulldogs have responded just about how you might expect, ier games at the front end of its unusual The Bulldogs' defense got into the with two dominating wins against lesser opponents in weeks one and two. Mulberry is a step up, but still not
schedule which also includes a bye on scoring act again as Marcus Bobb inter- at the level Frostproof will see later this season when it starts district play, although the first district game
the final week of the regular season. cepted a Sirmon-Wright pass and ran out of the gate, Sept. 20 at Bishop McLaughlin, might be the"easiest" game in league play. The other largely
Two weeks ago, also at home, 43 yards untouched for the touchdown. good piece of news from the first two weeks is the fact the Bulldogs have stayed relatively healthy, another
Frostproof had little trouble in defeating The kick failed and the Bulldogs were important consideration as they get deeper into the meat of their slate.
Avon Park, 48-12, leaving Head Coach on top 13-0 with 3:49 left in the quarter. THE SKINNY: Mulberry will be a better gauge of what the Bulldogs can be all about this year,a step up
Price Harris thankful for the chance for Frostproof scored quickly again from Avon Park and Tenoroc. They are always well coached, and like to play physical ball. Despite not scoring
his club to enjoy some early success, on its next possession. Sophomore against Fort Meade, they had a couple of long drives against the Miners that did not result in any points, but
but still wondering just how good they quarterback Xavier Gaines completed they have enough skill and size to control the football at times. Don't expect a 50-point win, but the Bulldogs
can be. a 56-yard pass to Jarviel Hart for the ultimately shouldn't have a ton of trouble, either, in bagging a third straight win.
As for the game Friday, Tenoroc touchdown. Bobb's kick made it 20-0
kicked off and the Titans tried an on- with 33 seconds remaining in the start the second half. The only time the Bobb's kick pushed the lead to 53-6.
sides kick. But the Bulldogs recovered opening quarter and the rout was on. clock stopped was for a coach's timeout Kaleel Gaines closed out the scoring
and took over with good field position In the second quarter, the Bulldogs or an injury for the Bulldogs on a 37-yard run with
at the 50. faked a punt on fourth down to pick up Tenoroc, which was shut out last less than a minute to go in the game.
Frostproof couldn't take advantage a first down and keep the drive going. week, scored its first touchdown of the The extra point failed making the final
though. A 16-yard pass from Xavier Xavier Gaines fired a 41-yard pass to season on the last play of the third quar- score 59-6.
Gaines to Kaleel Gaines put the ball Kaleel Gaines for the score. ter. Sirmon-Wright fired a 16-yard pass Frostproof improved to 2-0 on the
at the 34, but the drive stalled when Frostproof also got touchdowns on a to Nico Gallon for the score. The extra season, while the Titans dropped to 0-2.
Frostproof was called for holding which seven-yard run by Jaylyn McKinney, a point failed to make the score 46-6. The Bulldogs will be on the road for
forced a punt. two-yard run by Cherry and a 21-yard The Bulldogs scored with a little more the next three weeks. They will face
Frostproof couldn't get anything pass from Xavier Gaines to Hart. than seven minutes left in the game Mulberry on Sept. 13.
going offensively on its second posses- For the second week in a row for as Kendrek Hinson took a pitch from (Sun Coast Media reporter Brian
sion. The Bulldogs were stymied once Frostproof., a running clock was used to Gaines and raced 20 yards for the score. Ackley contributed to this report.)

A, )#* -4 A~fo


Kaleel Gaines looks upfield to try and gain more yardage during high school football action ", ...
Friday night in Frostproof As the Bulldogs hosted~enoroc. Harrison Johnson (50) takes down a Tenoroc player Friday night in the game in Frostproof.


Kalel GineslooslunielMtGtrynndyaitroreyarage urigthihishoolfoobalhacTonnarrion ohnone(0)eakesdowdayTnorcgpayerFriaynnghaintheogmeantFrs aroof
Feriy niHinrspo of e asv the alls hosd Tenorocdfne ag nt r oso i.BannSaim

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 17

Pooches enjoy Dog Day at Bok

Bok Tower
% tries putting
a pink
shy basset
hound, Sally,
who looks at
her owner as
if to say,"Do I
really have to
wear this?"


Jennifer Beam, Director of Visitor Services and Programs at the Bok Tower Gardens, and friend "Layla" greet visitors at the Bok Tower Gardens Dog Day of Summer event."My dog, Layla, Four-month-old golden retriever, Carter, is just really helped to inspire this event. We don't learning how to wait for a treat and he couldn't normally let dogs into the gardens"said Beam. be more eager!

O4 Offor reading the
Heartland Newspapers



Here we grow again!

d Ophthalmologists & Optometrists

Offering you
the finest in:
Cataract & Small
Incision Implant
Laser Vision
Correction Cindy Adshade holds one of five chow mix puppies that were up for adoption through the Polk
(A~I ~County Humane Sodciety during the Dog Day of Summer at the Bok Tower Gardens.

'Glaucoma il ; 4 4 1 Z-SDoctors, back row left to right: Drs. David Burry, v
CareThomas Brinton, Edward Attaway, William Corkins E Middle row Ors Julia King Evan Brinton Terrance Haffner,
I417..... E2. / Alan Fisher, John Davidson, Valerie Moulds. Jn m MCI_ l
Treatment of ELy e Front ro rs. Damon Welch, David Loewy,an m e M C 5 0
Scalar Degeneratin/ p aniel We ch, Neil Okn IEEV"U S,
Diabetic Specialists RE8ERSTO.
CompeteEyeof M ideFlonida, P.A. d ,,:,:i:!

Call toll free AT GREAT S PRICINGlli is the first to use wireless internet
Blended Vision Program eto communicate with MC 15000 via 2
Included apps. You also can con800-282-Eyes (3937) ln1.p.s4 uo ss ko.
Large Selection of ect directly with your laptop or PC.
Contact Lenses com OLD ACHINE RAsooo0
NEW -------------------LOCATION 20% 0ff Buttons
D 0 s2 i I U-I _'ar f~.ll In Stock. Original coupon required Expres10/2113
205Edgewoodr lOulkterson ~&oad 280idgee -way- -I- - -)*, -o~ -e. -&
ountanePATRICIA ROBERTS ON SITE MACHINE REPAIR 80 Iaeland, FL 33803 Haines City FL 33844 Lake WalesFL 33859 sewana s
USHwy 27,N 1050 US Iwy 27 N, Suite l
Sebrig, FL 33870 Clermont, FL 34711 -o- .

Page 18 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pet's obesity, can i mpair health and q uality of life

Obesity is a real problem in pets daily caloric needs of the small dog. their clients on how to help their pet
across America. According to a recent ~ *~Those extra calories are often the dif- lose weight and/or maintain their
survey performed by the Association Dr. CLori Mvur'phy ference between a healthy weight pet body condition to prevent obesity.
for Pet Obesity Prevention, 54 percent and one that is overweight. According This includes discussing what to
of America's pets are overweight or to Dr. Ernie Ward, veterinarian and feed, how much to feed, and how
obese. That's 88.4 million cats and spokesperson for APOP, a typical dog often to feed. Specific recommendogs. Even more distressing is that biscuit fed to a 20 pound dog is the dations for exercise routines and,
many of those owners are unaware that caloric equivalent of a human eating intensity are also needed and often
their pet is overweight. two double-stuffed fudge cookies, and modified to the owner's lifestyle and
Obesity is defined as the excess of ________________ feeding a 40 pound dog a pig ear is the the pet's health. Owners need to be
body fat that is enough to impair health equivalent of a human drinking six compliant and prepared for regular'
and quality of life. Cats and dogs most a lean body condition throughout their 12-ounce cans of soda. Instead of going weigh-ins and consultations with often accumulate extra fat on their ribs, lives could extend their life by up to for these high calorie "junk food" type their veterinarian. A veterinarian belly, and rump. A healthy weight pet two years. treats, fresh green vegetables such As becomes not just the medical expert
should have ribs that are easily felt (not Let's put some numbers to it to string beans and broccoli provide in these cases but Also the pet's a fat pad covering them), a tucked ab- make it more clear how a pet can pack a better alternative that can keep weight coach. domen (not a sagging stomach that you on the pounds. A small dog (suchas calories low and hunger satisfied. In Obesity is a significant health threat can grab), and a visible "hour-glass" a 10-pound Dachshund, Yorkie, or fact, most pets just want the atten- to cats and dogs across America. It waist (not a broad, flat back). Obesity Chihuahua) and cats often need only tion of getting the treat rather than can decrease both the quality and can prompt muscle and skeletal issues, 200-250 calories per day. Whereas, a the actual taste of the treat. quantity of life. It's never too late to heart and respiratory issues, heat and' large dog (such as a 90-pound German One of the greatest challenges get pets to lose weight. Pet owners exercise intolerance, compromise the shepherd) needs around 1,200-1,400 with weight management in pets is should question their veterinarian immune system, and lead to diabetes, calories per day. owners being able to make the right about their animal's weight so that
liver disease, and premature death. A One small dog biscuit can have as decisions about eating and exercise a full health assessment can be life span study conducted by Nesti6 much as 50 calories. Give four of those programs. Therefore, veterinarians performed and specific weight loss Purina proved that dogs that maintain biscuits and you've already reached the play a tremendous role in educating regimens can be started.

~ I -1 Call us todxay fovrEs~J 863-070-PAWS7



Suite Dreams

= *PHOTO PROVIDED Do you know if your pet is overweight? Most people don't.

Byu--would like;

to advertise in .. *. *

"Passion For, pets"

&Vl IU atCd. & jiL&Pc4P&AhI&

03'533-4183 iiFcbo

at~in usn~ Hopia
Wil Adertse EREARESOM STTISICS 4M ~ au &~Faceo

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 19

Teaching your dog to come when called

By ELSA LARSEN drive. I thought to myself, if only we That isn't the point. The point is that some freedom but not enough to be an
DOG BEHAVIORIST & TRAINER could channel that. I suggested that you want to have the dog make the irritant to other beachgoers or a danger
Kim buy a special toy that she would association between hearing the word to himself or herself. just remember, Half the fun of going to a dog friendly only use for rewarding Tucker's recall. "come" and good things happening. an unleashed, untrained dog could run beach or park is being able to let your Kim went out and bought him a real- You want to build up the warm and off and get lost, or worse, get hurt. On dog off leash to explore. Many of the istic looking stuffed rabbit. I had her fuzzy. leash or off, happy hiking.
beaches in southern Maine, where I build up Tucker's enthusiasm for this Reward Check-Ins: In addition to live, require that your dog be under time over the course of a couple weeks conditioning the word come, I also voice control. Voice control, in my (see How to Create a Motivating Toy). suggest that you begin to reward your neck of the woods, means when you Finally to really kick in his prey drive I dog for turning and looking at you or call your dog to you, your dog must had her buy rabbit scent at a hunting coming up to you on walks. You can come immediately- not come to you store to rub into the fake rabbit toy. do this on leash or off. You can even in a little bit or not come to you at all. With some really hard work on Kim's do this whenever you are hanging out Taking into consideration that not ev- part we were able to vastly improve on in your house or back yard. I call these eryone who uses the beach or the park Tucker's skill. His recall wasn't good check-ins and I see this behavior as likes dogs, even friendly ones, it is the enough to be able to resume my group precursor to the skill of coming to you dog owners' duty to have them trained walks but it was much, much better. when called. well enough to be able to get their dogs OK, so you've figured out what moti- The Bottom Line: You cannot expect to come to them if there is an issue. vates your dog. Now what? Understand an animal to come running to you To teach a really reliable recall you that the recall is a whole chain of when they haven't been trained to do need to first figure out what motivates behaviors. First you have to teach your so. Getting your dog to reliably come your dog when he or she is outdoors. dog to acknowledge you when you to you when you call requires a lot of Does your dog love butt scratches? Use call him to you. If he doesn't, the rest work both on leash and off. If you are them. Pieces of hotdog? Get some. A just ain't going to happen. The paying the type of person who knows that good game of tug with his favorite toy? attention part is the piece that I have you will never have the time available Bring that toy with you. You're going to my clients work on first. to really practice this skill with your have to have something fantastic on Conditioning the Word "Come:" The dog do yourself and your dog a favor PHOTO PROVIDED
hand to elevate your status enough to conditioning that I am referring to here and keep him or her on a leash. It's the encourage your dog to leave behind is classical conditioning, also known responsible thing to do. You could even To teach a really reliable recall you need to that great smelling bush or his favorite as Pavlovian learning or associative use a long line or a long leash on your first figure out what motivates your dog when doggy pal and come running so it's up learning. Below is an exercise that was beach walk, allowing your dog to have he or she is outdoors. to you to figure out what that some- designed to increase the likelihood that thing is. your dog will tune in to you when he
My dog loves her dry dog food and or she hears you call. The idea behind Nnt
she will work very hard for it at home this exercise is this let's say that for and if there isn't much going on. a period of time, every time I was to However, she is less inclined to work say your name, I gave you a $20 bill. 1, rr i NI L.rnalA nian plt annd nlt IT u,h Wat-,rni
for plain'old dog food if there is a lot Soon enough, you would get to feeling wi rI fearland I+rg A-zifar.e and MDr-f .'A tnWai-riW
happening. When the environment is all warm and fuzzy inside every time I Now ofering a vvde rangeoflarge ani rna n for
filled with distractions, I bring out the spoke and you would orient to me. You your catk ho rsi or other frtw, anfin-al
big guns, like some yummy hot dog wouldn't be able to help yourself. C .,a wt an appoi nerm,"
bits. With Lincoln, food is it but this Imagine if you could do this with isn't true with all of my clients' dogs. your dog. If you think about it, if you If your dog likes food but loyesaplay, could say come and have your dog turn 622-2014
maybb a tasty treat isn't what's called towards you, the next step actually 62- 2014 tfor. Instead you might want to focus on getting the dog to you wouldn't then your dogs' drive to play. Kim Salerno, be much of a stretch. Pairing the word CATS DOGS OTHER SMALLANIMALS the president of, has "come' with the doggy equivalent of a ~V~LIiIVI
a rescue Lab named Tucker who went $20 bill every time you say it, will help Carol Thompson, VMD
with. me a few times on, my off le sh your dog to begin to develop a reflexive General Medicine & Surgery Laser Surgery adve6iture walks. Unfortunately, we had. response to turn towards you every Behavior Consultation Boarding 4
to stop the walks, for Tucker because he time he or she hears you say the word. 3631 Hwy 60 E .Lake Wales, FL 33898 wouldn'tcomewhen he was Called a Heres how you do. it: Count out necessary skill for dogs off leash, so 20 pieces of your dogs' food. Say the 863-676-5922 *Fax: 863-676-7342 Kim hiredme to work/with the two of word "come" and give your dog a piece EMERGENCY: 833-676-4677
them to try to improve his recall. of kibble or a treat. Do this 20 times rHOM PSON' S
On the walks, I had observed that over the course of the day and every V E--C T
Tucker was crazy about chasing birds 'day for a'month. Don't worry about A CENTER'
and critters. He had an incredible prey whether the dog actually comes to you. ,. - &iek'~ MI
k I a ~20d A110jmaIB kter4

Come on out and join usfor a fun-filled,
................................ .....i + :, afternoon that's greatfor kids andpets alike!
1''EII ... Saturday, October 5th from, 1- 5PM
,l co '

41~ -kake Wales VeterinarypspJta,wll be hosting
l~~oo~ lour 2rnd Annuaaktoberfst a benefit to.
54W 'help =raise fun s d 4r eiiker's Wish. Proceeds I
. .. eit will be used to help localfamiliesin our
++0W community. W e will have face painting,
tow N. p umpkin~decorating, a costume contest for
AFT. the kids and dogs and even a bounce house. a

715 De Castro Rd., Winter Haven, FL 33880 520 Mountan ,Lakeecaueof, d. LakeW....,F
Visit usaw wpolkpets. org Like Us. +n, 863-676-1451 +
i Hous: l~m-4pmMon-Fri l Oam-4pm SaudyLk sn ... .: ,+...,.:;+ ........
863-99-200 Fax: 863-499-2603Fae0k} Q+;,+,,., #:" ii +,>,

Page 20 The News Wednesday, Septembero1 1,2013

Big Dawg Deli has New York City feel

Frostproof is still growing Arilyl's Place aims to pamper and please

By JAMES COULTER out and use as conversation starters. ByJAMES COULTER get to the grocery store and that $50 you
FROSTPRooFNEwS@tHArANDNEwsPAPERs.CoM His son's heart for serving others FROSTPROOFNEWS@HEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM spent on your nails you can't spend on inspired him to open his own deli, which groceries. So I try to make it more affordIf you're looking for an old-style deli has always been a passion of his. Like most women, Ariyl Wilson loves able and more reasonable for people to
where you enjoy hoagies and hot dogs After being a Wnn-Dixie Deli Manager being pampered while having her nails get their toes done." or order fresh-sliced luncheon meat and for the past four years and attending painted. Customers can also receive savings
cheeses, you don have to drive all the the South Florida Community College What she doesn't care for is traveling through daily specials, which are not way to NewYork City. Just drop into Big culinary school in Avon Park, he opened out of town and paying dearly in order to normally offered at other nail salons. Last Dawg Deli in downtown Frostproof. his deli in earlyAugust. do so. month, a 20 percent special was offered
The moment you step inside, you'll feel DeVault started his business as a way to For this reason, she opened her own all month long. Other specials included like you've traveled up North as you enter give back to the community by donating nail and tanning salon on North Scenic 25 percent for teachers, 20 percent for a delicatessen you can only find in the Big his proceeds to the local high school Highway in Frostproof. seniors, and another special for students
Apple. and college. Every month, he will pick a Ariyl's Place Nails and Tanning offers who show their school ID cards.
Take a seat at the lunch counter and day when he will give ten percent of his acrylic and gel nails, manicures, pedi- These specials are announced on the order a fresh salad, sandwich, or wrap, or proceeds towards either institution. cures, leg and arm massages, waxing, salon's Facebook page and Twitter feed purchase luncheon meat and cheese to The support he shows for the com- facial waxing, and tanning. daily, allowing customers much needed
take home. munity is reflected in his deli's name, Big Stepping inside; customers can relax savings.
Enjoy a classic Reuben or Cuban, or try Dawg Deli, which had taken him months and unwind within a beach-like envi- In the future, the salon plans to start any of their specialty sandwiches such to decide. Originally, his family consid- ronment, rich in green and beige colors, a special lady's night where women can as the Pippetti (Italian), Hansen (shrimp ered "Leap of Faith" among other names, while having their nails painted or work- come in with their friends and have p' boy), or Leah Michelle (ground beef but he decided on Big Dawg Deli as a way ing on their tan, all the while receiving the salon all to themselves without any mixture with barbeque sauce, onions, to show support for the local sports team, the personable care and attention they distractions. and sweet relish). the Frostproof Bulldogs, and by exten- deserve. Originally fromWest Palm Beach,
Not hungry for a sandwich? Then have sion, the community at large. "The women are the ones who do Wilson graduated from Mt. Zion
yourself a hot dog topped and served like Timing has been his biggest challenge. everything," Wilson said. "They do the Christian Academy in 1989. those sold up North. Originally, he wanted to open the deli grocery shopping, they pay the bills, and She moved to Frostproof eight years
For a real special treat, try the Hillbilly toward the end of the slow season in they run the kids around. And they need ago where she currently attends Full Sail Fred, a hot dog topped with a sweet order to garner ideas from the snowbirds. time to relax without having any worries. University studying for her bachelor's brown sugar hamburger meat sauce with Despite opening earlier than planned, That's why I want them to come here and degree in Entertainment. When she onions, lettuce, and mustard. his deli has since experienced moderate relax and forget about their worries." graduates, she desires to open her own
All menu items are made from the success. This new salon ensures customers no entertainment business to cater for
freshest ingredients using produce from The deli is a family affair, being run longer have to travel out of town in order festivals and other events. local farmer markets and co-ops. by DeVault, his wife, son, and sister Joni to have their nails done. They can stay In the future, she hopes to expand her
If the deli doesn't have the exact Denby. in town, save on gas, and help generate business with more nail technicians and
sandwich you're looking for, tell them "It's a small, intimate place for friends revenue for the city. additional tanning booths.
What you want, and if they have the and family to stay together," DeVault said. While other salons charge $20 each for Ariyl's Place is located within Market ingredients, they will make it for you. Aside from being a family place, the manicures and pedicures, Ariyl's Place Square in Downtown Frostproof at 215 B.
"We're very easy," owner Thom DeVault deli is also a popular hangout for many only charges $10 each, allowing women North Scenic Hwy.
said. "If you want something and we have high school students. Many of them to receive the tender loving care their Store hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. the product we'll certainly make it for volunteer there. nails need without burning a hole in to 7 p.m. Both walk-ins and appointyou." "It's better to hang out, learn here, and their purse. ments are accepted.
Originally a New Jersey native, DeVault get paid than it is to be somewhere on the "This is a small town we're not For more information, call 863-635moved to Frostproof in 2001 where he streets," he said. made of money around here," Wilson 6640, or visit their Facebook (www.face
lives with his wife of 15 years, Cathy. DeVault is not expecting to become said. I know when you go to a nail salon bookcom/AriylsPlaceNailsAndTanning His 13-year-old son, Daniel, is an honor rich through his business, nor does he de- and drop $50, it hurts later when you or Twitter ( student at Frostproof Middle-Senior High sire to. He simply wishes to enjoy what he and a brown belt in Tai Kwon Do. Daniel does and use it to help out and support has a heart for serving his community, his community.
especially through Frostproof First Baptist Big Dawg Deli is located in Market
Church. Square at 215 N. Scenic Hwy.
His personal mission began by Store hours are Mondays 11 am. to
handing out his McDonald's Monopoly 3 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday 11 a.m to
piecesto people on the street and 6 p.m., and Friday-Saturday 1 am. to
using itto start conversations about 8 p.m.
his religion. Seeing what his son was For more information, visit their
doing, DeVault decided to help him website at, or call out by giving him sandwiches to hand 863-257-3983.

Frostproof Chamber representative Wesley Wise wields the "big" scissors to officially cut the ribbon of the city's two newest businesses, The Big Dawg Deli and Ariyl's Place at the Market Square building on North Scenic.

EW. ,Getting your nails
done is a
Above: Frostproof
Councilwoman Diana sure way
Webster Biehl and
Tina Miller enjoy some
of the offerings at
the Big Dog Deli with
the reigning Miss i
Frostproof, Emily Flood.

Right: Son Daniel
DeVault, ight, was,
part of the inspiration I ..
for the Big Dawg Deli,! .......
owned by his folks
Cathy and Thorn. "....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 21

OBITUARIES LW Dental Clinic receives funding
By BILL ROGERS located at the comer of Scenic Highway
M ary L. Rim erHEARTLANDNEWSPAPERS.COM andWiltshire.
The dental clinic opened in April 2011

Mary L Rimer,. She is survived by her sisters-in-law, The Lake Wales Dental Clinic has at 225 Lincoln Avenue.
10,fae.als Coreceived some much-needed funding It served 1,349 patients in 2012. The
100, of Lake Wales, .Constance H. Hoffman and Eula Faye foalclchrtbergnzin. payor mix last year was 69 percent on a
Fla., passed away -Rimer of MisSouri; and numerous from a local charitable organization. paomxlstyrwa69ecntna
Sunday Sept. 8, nieces and nephews. Mary was preced- The Greater Lake Wales Health Care sliding scale, 20 percent in Medicaid and
Foundation Senc. wil n11 percent commercial.
2013 at her ed in death by her husband, Francis Foundation Inc. will give $30,000 to The staff includes one dentist, two front
residence. M. Rimer; parents, John and Bessie support the operation of the clinic, desk employees and three assistants.
A native of Hoffman; sister, Martha L. Chronister; according to Central Florida Health The money CFHC was requesting is for
Cape Girardeau, and brothers, William D. Hoffman and Care. salaries and to operate the building.
Mo., she moved to John R. Hoffman Jr., all of Missouri. Gaye Williams, CEO of Central In June, State Rep. Mike LaRosa gave an
Lake Wales from She loved to sew, travel, take pictures, Florida Health Care, said her organiza- explanation as to why Gov. Scott denied
Miami, Fla., in attend gem shows, cut and polish tion met with representatives from the the funding request during a LakeWales
1983. After grad- stones and make jewelry. She was a city, community and Foundation met City Commission meeting.
uating from S.E. Mary L. Rimer member of the Imperial Bone Valley to discuss the need for assistance. On 'After the veto process was when we Missouri University she taught school Gem, Mineral and Fossil Society as well Aug. 23 the Foundation approved the kind of understood what the governor was for three years before going to work for as The All Rock Hound Club of America.. expenditure. thinking," LaRosa said at the time. "Truly
the U.S. Government. She worked in Visitation will take place at 9 a.m. "The Foundation recognized the his belief was that it was not a return on Washington, D.C.; NewYork, N.Y; Lima, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, at the Golfview great need for dental services in Lake taxpayers' dollars." Peru; Miami and Rio de Janerio, Brazil, Baptist Church with services at 10 a.m. Wales to low income and indigent peo- According to LaRosa, Scott did mention as an Administrative Assistant with the Rev. David Koon officiating. Interment ple and applauds the efforts undertak- that there was money allocated to Polk Federal Aviation Administration for will be held in Miami. I en to meet the need," Williams wrote County's oral health department. The
some 25 years. She was a member of Arrangements are by Marion Nelson in an email to the Lake Wales News. funding is what he felt should have been Golfview Baptist Church in Lake Wales. Funeral Home. The Lake Wales Care Center will act allocated to the LakeWales clinic.
as the administrative entity on behalf
of the Foundation for the disburseEdward Vohn Lillian R. Whaley meant of the $30,000.
CFHC will be reimbursed for the
Jeffords Lillian R. Whaley, 87, of Frostproof, cost of dental procedures less payFla., passed away Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013, ments made by patients. Edward Vohn efforts, 77, of Lake at the Royal Care of Avon Park due to CFHC had requested $200,000 in the Wales, Fla., passed away on Thursday respiratory failure. Arrangements are by 2013-14 budget for the operation of Waet., Fla., passed once TMarion Nelson Funeral Home. the clinic from the Florida Legislature,
Sept. 5, 2013, at his residence. but it was vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott.
Arrangements are by Marion Nelson It is the second year in a row that the
Funeral Home of Lake Wales. Herbert G funding request for the clinic hasereadn g t
H e b r .been vetoed. The Foundation has beenH e rl n
Clydene M murphy 'Herb' Siewertexistence for about 10 years. It came
Clyd ne urp y 'H rb'Sie ertabout as a result of the sale of LakeWales
Medical Center by the parent company Newsp apers
Mrs. Clydene Murphy, 90, of Lake Herbert G. "Herb" Siewert, 81, of ofWinter Haven Hospital to Community Wales, Fla., died on Thursday, Sept. 5, Frostproof, Fla., passed away Tuesday, Health Systems. 2013, at Winter Haven Hospital. Sept. 3, 2013 at the Lake Wales Medical NormanWhite, the president of the Lake Wales-Frostproof
Arrangements are by Johnson Funeral Center. Arrangements are by Marion Foundation, said the primary project it Bartow-Fort Meade Home of Lake Wales. Nelson Funeral Home of Lake Wales. supports is the LakeWales Free Clinic


4, 4,,,

HnA~nMwI*ALkm.R 10 At1CHULIA

Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center wishes to1_ h I c tF, L S
for making us your most preferred hospital. Our friends and neigh rs
of Highlands County prefer the services of Florida Hospital Heartland
Medical Center, and according to the latest NRC (National Research BLACK TIE DINNER SILENT
Corporation) consumer quality ratings, you recently named AUCTION & CONERT
our hospital your first choice in all areas, including: Thursday, Nov. 14
Best Doctors Best Nurses Best Patient Safety -,Best Heart Care GOLF.TOURN..E.T
Best Orthopedic a Best OB Best Home Health Care Friday Nov. 15
Best Out-Patient Surgery Best Overall Quality. 5K RUNIWALK & l -K

At Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center, our.Mission is to Extend Sunday, Nov. 17
the Healing Ministry of Christ. For our staff members and volunteers this is not just a mission statement on a piece of paper, it is our way of life. TICKETS ON SALE NOW .
We continually seek to deliver theh l- h IgA] a t2_525
compassion arnd understanding. We believe it's our calling to reach out to or visit us on'line at HFordaHospialcor-Vieaaand
our Heartland neighbors, touch their hearts and heal their lives. 7 .
Ii) FLORIDA HOSPITAL Ummc ., :": it D PaSains : 75


Page 22 The News Wednesday, September 11, 2013


National Rehabilitation Awareness Week Celebration
By LAURA ALBRECHT aind injuries or even to sustain exercising
CORRESPONDENT on equipment found in most gyms. The population of
To combat the issues that surround people 65 and older
The National Rehabilitation Awareness injures, eh ab equipment has changed to -is growing fast.
Week celebration runs from Sept. 15-21 mieet tieteeds of disability and patient The growth boom
and more than 6,500 facilities nation- injury Easy access featuresconsisting of is especiallynoted
wide will'observe the occasion. swiveling seats and additional hand grips here in Polk County.
One such organization is Spring Lake improve accessibility. Also, there are fewer People beyond the
Rehab Center. Their story this week is, steps to take for customized adjustments, age of 65 make
about distance and how far they have The near zero starting resistance approximately 25
gone to treat patient disability with found on modern equipment built for percent of the popuadded technology and equipmenrit to the aging-population provides options. nation, according
daily improve patients' lives, to facilitate passive and partial range to the 2010 Census
It's no secret that between 2000 and of motion. This allows rehabilitation to Report.
2030, people 65 and older in theUnited begin as early as possible after surgery PHOTO PROVIDED
States will more than double from or injury or on an ongoing basis for 35 million to 71.5 million and become patients with permanent impairments. the fastest growing segment of the For exercise safety, the newest equipment Exercise is easier to execute and those people combating chronic condipopulation, according to the U.S. Census operates with air resistance. This type of effortlessly tracks patient progress. A tions. Their programs center on patient Bureau. It's also reported that more than resistance overcomes the additional effort simple button press changes the level education in order to control, alleviate and one out of three of all the disabled in the required to lift a static weight at the begin- of resistance. The system uses comput- reduce the symptoms of disease and the U.S. are senior citizens, 65 or older. ning of an exercise and to slow it down at erized technology that sets resistance, marks of disability. There is strong evidence that the chanc- the end of a repetition. It means that older reps and records all activity for report- Ten thousand people per day arees of becoming disabled increases with people can exercise more safely by reducing ing, user feedback and outcomes, turning 65, according to Pew Research. age. In advanced years, a person 80 and stress on joints and connective tissues. The increase of this demographic
older, the disability rate was 71 percent, .To specifically gear for safe senior Making a difference with necessitates a demand for rehabilitation with 56 percent having a severe disability, strengthening, the equipment comes disabling conditions personnel with specialized training in
according to with range limiters. Motion can now gerontology. The growth boom is espeMany patients have to overcome unique be put within a patient's comfort range Patient need drives the agenda at Spring cially noted here in Polk County. People disabilities that include lack of joint with simple adjustments on movement Lake Rehab. They quickly added cardiac, beyond the age of 65 make approximotion and strength, decreased mobility parameters. And pain with exercise can pulmonary, obesity and lymphedema mately 25 percent of the population, or inability to access exercise equipment be kept within a patient's tolerance. programs to help improve quality of life for according to the 2010 Census Report.

Polk State district Board of Trustees has new leadership

Hospital executive Linda Pilkington, administration, marketing and commu- earnings. The College has doile so much whose support of Polk State College dates nity relations, and has held positions to improve people's lives and so many back nearly two decades, will now serve in higher education, health care and different sections of the community." as chair of its District Board of Trustees. manufacturing. Also unanimously approved at the
Pilkington was unanimously ap- She has a bachelor's degree in meeting was' Trustde'Dan Dorrelli who will
proved fdr the position during a meet- Nursing from the University of the serve as vice chair, replacing Pilkington ing Aug. 26 of the Trustees. She replaces Philippines- and a master'sdegree in the position. Dorrellvwill preside over attorney Mark Turner, though Turner in Teaching Nursing in Biophysical meetings in Pilkingtoni's absence. continues as a trustee. Pathology from NewYork University. The new psft ha partibuli'signif"The College is truly fortunate for .Her other community involvements icance for Dorrell, a member of the the leadership and expertise of our have included the Central Florida College's first graduating class. Trustees," said Polk State-President Regional Plaining Council, Citizen "I was at Polk as a student inthe EileenHolden.- CPR, the Greater Winter Haven first year of its existence. Now, 50 years
Pilkingtoi's involvement with the Chamber ofCommerce, the Haines later, I'm vice chair ofitsDistrict Board Poo PROVIDED
College began nearly 20 years ago when .City-Northeast Polk County Regional of Trustees," he said. "It's a little over- Vera Brady, center, is congratulated by Hospital she served on the advisory board for Chamber of Commerce, Leadership whelming. I don't think that happens Director Brian Stone and Dietitian Jamie Moore. its nursing program. Inri thfe years since, 'Polk; -Leadership Polk Alumni Steering very often. It's very unique and I -still she's also served as chair of the Polk Committee, Polk Academies Advisory haven't gotten over it." Brady selected as
State'Foundation Board, in addition to Board and Finance Committee, Polk Dorrell said he hopes in the next year Employee of the month being a trustee since August 2011. No Vision Quality of LifeTask Force, Polk to secure funding for needed facilities matter her formal title with the College, Works and the school advisory commit- improvements at the College, anid he Vera Brady was selected Employee of through the years she's also been a con- tee of Ridge Career Center. is also eagerly looking forward to.the the Month for July at Lake Wales Medical stant "cheerleader," lending her support "The College gives students the opening of the Polk State Clear Springs Center. Brady, who works in dietary in numerous ways. opportunity to access affordable, Advanced Technology Center in early services, has been with LWMC since
Pilkington is director of community high-quality education," Pilkington 2014 in Bartow, as well as the ground- 1982. In nominating her for the award, a and government relations at Heart said. "Plus, it has a huge economic breaking for the Polk State Center for coworker wrote, "Vera is a dedicated and of Florida Regional Medical Center impact on our entire community Public Safety in Winter Haven. hard-working employee. She is a great
in Haines City. She is also a retired because of its workforce-targeted "We've got some big things going on, team player and always willing to help out registered nurse and has extensive degree offerings, which prepare stu- and they're all very exciting," he said. where she is needed. She is a wonderful experience in nursing education and dents for employment and increased "I'm honored to be a part of it." asset to the department and the hospital."

You deservepersonalizedquality health care!

Diplomateof the American No Stitch Cataract Surgery
B ard of internal Medicine Corne a
*D .Eyelid Surgery
:=Cardiac Diseases ... :" ''": "
CraDe* in-office treatments
Treating al High Blood Pressure for Glaucoma and Diabet es
foroar Glacoaeadaiabee
adult illnSSS Pulmonary Diseases We Accept Most Insurance Plans
Osteo/ Rheumatoid Arthritis
and diseases: Hypo/Hyperthyroidism Accepting e aints
,,,37Dru, iicle e .. : .Diaibetes
L a ew ales, F.i .. . .*. High Cholesterol
2000 Osprey Blvd., Suite 110 Strokes
Bartow, Florida Wound Care 866 --676-7624

Se habla Espanol 749 State Rd 60 Est* ke Wales, FL
Monday Frday: 8:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. OFFICE HOURS: MONDA RIDAY8- 5
863-533-1617 See an Ophthalmologist if you have: Difficulty Focusing, DoubleVsion, Dry
W alk ins welcome e Sam e day appointm ents nognn u
I.nternai-Medicine Institute, P.A. -e~ o*A A

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The News Page 23

Auburndale's Jo
Smith looks for a
kill while setting
up what they hope
is a good block on
defense are Lake
Wales playersKaley
Hinds (4) and Zada
Williams (12).

Members of the Lake Wales girl's varsity volleyball team gather around Head Coach Brenna Hodach in action last weekon Highlander Hill as the orange and black hosted Aubumdale. The Lady Bloodhounds won the match, three games to one. Lake Wales took the second game by a score of 25-23, but lost-the other three games by scores of 25-12, 25-20 and 25-22. The Lady Highlanders are next on the road tomorrow night in Lake Gibson, and will be back at home on Sept. 19 to face Poindana, whom they defeated 3-1 in their season opener at Poindana.

The action was fast and furious at the net. Here, Auburndale's Brooke Hutto and Jordan Snell of I Lake Waits duel.

Left: Getting into
blocking position for
Lake Wales during
a girl's volleyball
match against
Auburndale last
..week are Jordan Snell (left) and
Caitlin Reddick.

Above: Lady Highlander McKenzie Surat goes high to make this return-in girl's varsity i volleyball action last week in Lake Wales.i f u ted oaf

Auburndale defeated the hosts 3-1 in a dose match..

I oknow you.
My staff and I take the time to

~get to know you.
Our goal is to provide a higher level of senior healthcare: to better
Understand your needs and lifestyle. We treat you while you are healthy so we ca n better recognize when you' ure not.

Experience the difference, Become a WellMed patient today. or re e We accept a variety of health plans. HgWealMed at Bartow

g e a rturn Please call our office to get a complete listing of ?0i0 Fsming ri
volyalatonlsteki ake Wales. ro E LE

BotV-FrtMed MyEAF sTaffanXX tae20e m1t

Page 24 The News Wednesday, September 11,2013



Nationally recognized heart care .
is right here.
That's the Bostick advantage.

~Winter Haven Hospital's Bostick Heart Center is
&: o oo. \recognized by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons as
j being in the top 10 percent of heart programs in the
,United States, and ranked one of the nation's top,50 heart centers by a leading consumer advocacy w inter Havqen magazine. We. give our heart patients every possible
Hospitaladvantage by combining the best clinical experts with H0SP*t lthe latest technologies and the most effective rehab
services available. And it's all backed by the hospital BOSTICK 'HEART CENTER you trust, Winter Haven Hospital. Learn more at www, or call 863-292-4688.

September 11,2013

Sen e Sullivan Real Estate Legacy RealiEstatev
Prime Plus Realty Frostproof Realty Keystone Realty
Y Bartow- Lake Wales Fort Meade Frostproof- Haines City
863.533.4183 BARTOW 863.676.3467 LAKEWALES Lakeland Winter Haven- Avon Park- Sebring Lake Placid

Coneflowers, I

coreopsis and

dianthus add

seasonal color
The challenge: Redo a narrow strip of lackluster land between neighbors. The result: A thriving garden with an entry and private outdoor living space. Recently, Marilyn and Bill Geib took on the project at their home in Williamsburg, Va. Inspired by visits to gardens in Charleston, S.C., Italy and Colonial Williamsburg, they wanted something more than just a row of Leyland.cypress separating their small lot from the house next door. "This was a relatively unique project in that it encompassed a small space with a towering nondescript neighbor- sj ..
ing wall," says Bill. "The 35-foot-tall Leyland cypresses engulfed the space and the resulting shade proved difficult to cultivate."
The Geibs purchased their home, placed on the lot so the front is This home at 207 Townsend Ave., Lake Wales....Sold in less than 30 days for $32,000. It is a COLOR 2 cozy 2 bed / 2 Bath with large screen enclosed porch listed by Dolores Vogel.

'tUA E C 1151 HWY 630 W

Minutes To
NICE 6 bedroom, 3 bath home, just out of city limits on large lot. # Beautiful 4 BD/2 BA 'Call for appointment.
@ Over 2,600 Sq. Ft.
e Salt System Po01/Spa Melba C. Taylor,
9 Many Comm. Amenities Realtor/Broker,

$295,000 10 N. Scenic Hwy.
Frostproof, FL 33843

700 State Rd. 60 East Lake Wales, Fl. 33853


Golf Resort Historic Downtown Brand New River P P S
Home Lake Wales Ranch Shores
Updated 2 BD/l BA Prime Location *Spacious 3 BD/2BA -.. .
'Spacious i500 Sq. Ft. Retail/Office 1,600 SF Over 2,000 SF j Detached Workshop Updated/Remodeled No HOA Fees
$58,000 $162,500 $195,000

T -P-, cv2 TA T I T V V-V7FRC(T;TBEAUTIFUL HOME NEAR LAKE TIGER ON 1 ACRE OF LAND Nice 2 bedroom 2 ... ..bath newer built home wit volumeceilings, a split bedroom floor plan, eat-in kitchen, all appliances included, formal dining rom aml room (possible 3rd bedroom), spacious living room, and a 2 car garage. This .home Sits on a little over an acre of land, and it,'s in ready to ove in condition.
-oae:e gLaik e igr noysm ra isigg 6,0
Sdotn!$ ~~i 2- 1446

Page 2 CIASSIFIEDS September 11, 2013


perpendicular to the street, about nine i
years ago They had an 18-by-60-foot I
space to work with_ dimensions
similar to the favorite gardens they saw
on their travels. When they moved in,
the cypresses were relatively small and ,j II'.
cute, but those cuties grew into giants 4
that kept growing. s 1 14
"Two years ago we began to explore 1 I
possibilities for a new landscape plan
that would give back our yard and also
create a sitting area that would allow us
to enjoy the outdoors," says Bill. 1-,I
"Our neighborhood is quiet and
sitting outdoors to read is a favorite
pastime ofours,
"In visiting Charleston we had observed that many of the historic homes
were also located on lots perpendicular
to the street. We learned that this was
due to the city's policy of taxing homes
based upon the length of property
along the street. The beautiful gardens
in the side yards sparked our thinking
and led us to our solution."
First, they worked with architect Tom
Tingle of Guernsey Tingle Architects
in Williamsburg to design a trellis-like
feature that would become the background for the new outdoor room.
Next, they collaborated with
landscape designer Barbara Schuler
of Creative Garden Design, also in At night, the garden and fountain glow with the softness of LED lighting Williamsburg, to create a garden with
an Italian feel. A fountainhead of space delivered part shade and direct "The camellias are expected to grow roadside construction was harvested Neptune that Bill found at an antique sun and we needed confidence that our large enough to balance the central and-placed under the maple to create a store was used as a centerpiece for the other essential item, Italian Cypress, trellis and provide privacy," says Bill. peaceful carpeted look. sitting area. would thrive in that environment. They Variegated boxwood, fragrant A stone pathway encourages strolls
Last spring, the cypress came down, would grow tall to fill the vertical space, daphne, Golden Nugget barberry with to see the garden and then sit and stumps were ground and the soil was but not grow wide and recreate the contrasting Golden Ruby barberry and relax. prepared. problem of the lesson learned with the heuchera for the shade areas con- Drip irrigation provides efficient wa"The work was a labor of love as I did prior Leyland cypress." tribute interest with leaf patterns and ter use; LED lighting helps the garden
most of the work over months occa- Barbara took the Geibs on visits color. glow, highlighting the fountain at night.
sionally. hiring some of the neighboring to several wholesale nurseries in the Splashes of flowering color are found "At sundown, the garden changes high school-aged young men to help area where they explored and selected in the Sombrero Hot Coral coneflowers and becomes more intimate with the with the heavy workof digging the plants. mixed with Yellow Sand coneflowers. lighting," says Bill.
holes and setting the plants," says Bill. "We wanted plants that would carry A climbing rose called Joseph's Coat "We invite friends to come for dessert During the summer months the the eye from one interest to the other," will frame the central fountain, while and conversation in the early evening.
mammoth trellis was built, all in PVC, says Bill. coreopsis and dianthus are located We found an unusual pitcher plant and
to withstand any outdoor elements. The Italian cypress is spaced with throughout the garden. placed it as a table centerpiece, leading
"Plant selection was complex due Tuscan Flame nandina red winter At the last minute, Marilyn decided to interesting conversations about this
to many of our desires and site condi- color as well as new red spring growth she wanted a restful area with an Asian carnivorous bog plant. tions," says Bill. -,on each side of the central fountain, feel, so a Bonsai Japanese maple and a "It's where we relax, unwind, talk
"Deer snack in our yards so deer- Yuletide camellia, a December red dry riverbed were added to create tran- about our day and enjoy the peace of
resistant plants were a necessity. The bloomer, frames each end. quality. Some sheet moss spotted along our own small piece of the world."

LAKE FRONT HOME ust Liste 3 bedroom, 1-1/2 bathroom
1.7Acreswith over200ftonbeautifit concrete block home has vaulted
:Lake.Reedy 3BR/2.5BAhomehas ceilings in the main living area
'woodenvaulted ceilings, great room and kitchen, both with panoramic viewofthe Separate dining room, kitchen
lake, fine appliances, tile flooring except comes with a refrigerator and
in 2 bedrooms, office, 2 car garage, metal stove. One car garage with
roof, gazebo/gas gll, 30x40 covered A C" E.! washer/ dryer hook-up. Weather- Call today to schedule a showing.
4bed/2 bat-DWMH REDUCED 7TO $136900 OO Pole Bar! A MUST SEE! .4bed2 bath ized for maximum comfort & Pricd to s"D at $52$600
.al[EstelfeSUllfvan REALTY I Blue Jordan Forest energy efficiency. Completely
Realty today at Michelle K. Hutto, Broker-Owner fenced backyard, with a koi pond
863-632-2062., N .,4rze
245 S. Scenic Hwy., Frostproof, FL 33843 in the front yard and the kol stay l 863-635-0030 Fax: 863-635-0031 Cell: 863-528-1136 with the house! A LTY LL www.Keystone-RealEstate.NET

Fill in the blank cells using numbers 1 to 9. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and 3x3 block. Use logic and process elimination to solve the puzzle. The difficulty o level ranges from Bronze (easiest) to Silver to Gold (hardest).
5 1 7 Rating: GOLD

571 Lt9 t68

3 8 2 E 9 618 1 L Vz Z
Z 8 t' 9. 69 2_ L
1713 5 L I Z tl 9 6 E g

4 6 9 T C 6 L I Z 8 I,
6VfE 8 L9 I
The Classifieds Can Help! 6 89----6---------1 4 2~ 8_ _

Callnowto place an ad. :9751
.. [ , .. ..'. ,9/ 11/13 .

September 11, 2013 CLASSIFIEDS Page 3

Frostproof 3 bedroom, 2 3 bedrooms/2 baths and fiShing dock, Florida. room" CROOKED LAKE view on plus from Master Bed.
bath, concrete block home, downstairs. has 1 bedroom/i. and screened in porch. Asking almost 5. Acres! "Like-New" Recessed hot tub (As-"s") slidA metal roof, large corner lot bath. Home has formal living- '$169,900. 3BR/2BA home with fireplace, ing doors to access. Overwith fenced in back yard, and dining room, Family room. Frostproof Realty, LLC vaulted ceilings, great room, sized 2 car garage plus exteupdated kitchen.with granite has fireplace, Master suite 863-635-4246 huge room to entertain, mas- rior, storage shed. Private
counter tops and wood cabi- 'upstairs has balcony over www.frostproofrealty.cOm tersuite with office and master open porch entry to front of nets, ceramic tile floors. Ask- looking swimming pool, nice bath has dual home. Private Dock and Boat
REA ing only $75,000. porch plus decking around 110 N. Lake Reedy Blvd sinks/Jacuzzi/separate show- Ramp, listed for $239,000
EAL ESTATE Frostproof Realty, LLC pool area with gold fish pond. Frostproof 2 bedroom/2.5 er/walk-in-closet, with all ther- ID #1671 PRIME PLUS
863-635-4246 Back yard is fenced ...Garage bath home, located on Lake mal windows/doors, formal REAL ESTATE INC. was converted into game Reedy. Inside city limits, dining, breakfast room, split 676-7040 www.primeplusroom with private office. Home is well maintained with bedroom plan, attached 2 car 19 McCarthy Ave. Frost- Large utility area. Located remodeled kitchen' with garage, detached
Spirit of U.S. Policy For The Achieve- proof Broker is part owner. 4 near play park, Lake and ceramic tile floor with a mosa- garage/workshop, RV hook-up LARGE HOME ON SHADED
ment Of Equal Housing Opportunity bedrooms, 3 bath, Main part downtown area. This home ic design. main bathroom has with electsewer...comes with LOT with fenced back yard. Throughout The Nation. We Encour- of home is 3 bedrooms/2 has lots to offer. Asking been remodeled, has living Agricultural Exemption! ASK- Great potential. Formal living age And Support An Affirmative baths with a attached garage $158,900. room, family room and formal ING $371,750 room and separate family
Advertising And Marketing Program In apartment with 1 bed/lbath, Frostproof Realty, LLC dining room, with large porch all Estelle @ 8636322062 room; listed for $64,900 ID Which there Are No Barriers To apartousomen beiteih, Frst -44 Rearldi ing lae or c Estelle #122 PRIME PLUS REAL
Obtaining Housing Because of Race, Spacious home in quiet neigh- 863-635-4246 overlooking lake, double car- 109 N Scenic Hwy ESAT IN. P63-676Color, Religion, Sec, Handicap, Famil- borhood, Home has Formal port dock with boatslip, Ask- Frostproof FI ESTATE INC. 86-676ial Status Or National Origin." living and dining room, Large ing $219,900. w IEstelleSullivano 7040 www.rimepluskitchen/family room. Almost 29 Heights Ave Frost- Frostproof Realty, LLC' cOm realestate~com
1020 HOUSES FOR SALE 1 acre lot, detached work- proof- 3 bedrooms/3 baths 863-635-4246 ', JUST LISTED! Loaded with
shop, fenced in back yard. home located on Lake Clinch amenities: 19 ft 'ceilings in NICE CORNER' LOT HOME 113 Reedy Creek Dr' Home has lots to offer but' on a quiet street. Walking dis- great room & foyer/granite This 2 Bedroom 2 bath home
Frostproof Custom built does need some TLC. Asking tance to downtown, library, 906 Lime Ave Frostproof fireplace/laminate & tile floor has, high cathedral ceilings, home on approx. 6 acres. The $69,900. churches, schools Clinch Cozy. 2 bedroom/lbatti .'ng/some granite window bay window,' planter shelves
..home is surrounded by lush Frostproof Realty, LLC Lake has a white sandy bot- frame home, Inside city limits, sills/surround sound. Inside & ample kitchen cabinet and greenery and fenced in yard. 863-635-4246 tom lake for swimming, fish- screened in front '.porch, outside/laundry chute/in-Wall counter space, breakfast'.bar,
Has Lake Reedy access and ing and all watersports! Split detached carport and storage & floor 'pest control/walk-in- shed and 1. car garage. The has Reedy creek flowing bedroom plan, formal living area. Asking only $19,500. closets in all bedroOms/for- home has a new stove, vent
behind home. A real nature 505 Stanley Ave. Frost- and dining room,, breakfast Frostproof Realty, LLC mal dining room/breakfast hood, dishwasher, paint, carparadise. Single story home proof Very spacious 2 bed- nook in kitchen, large family 863-635-4246' nook/office/double. garage pet, and roof, listed for
with cathedral ceilings. Back room, 2 bath CB home, Large room with great view of the 'PLUS 3'bedrooms upstairs $71,900 ID #3905 PRIME yard boasts an aboveground bonus room consist of Family sunset over the lake. 2 car and Master Suite downstairs PLUS REAL ESTATE INC.
pool for outdoor entertaining room, dining room and office, attached garage. Asking 198 E. 9th St Frostproof with Jacuzzi tub/separate '863-676-7040 and relaxation! Wooden deck- Single carport, screened in $265,000. 3 Bedroom/1 bath frame shower/dbal sinks; 'make-up'www.prme plusrealestate.c
ing and screened enclosure front porch, utility building, Frostproof Realty, LLC home, Large .'screened in area/sitting bench & 2 walk-in- 7 om around pool. Utility building approx 75X120 lot. Must 863-635-4246 porch, Corner- lot, Spacious closets. Kitchen has granite''
plus a extradetached Carport see. Asking $69,900. living area, Utility building. counter tops & island with ice-. 2 STORY 'CONDO. 3Bedwith workshop. Pond in front Frostproof Realty, LLC Asking $29,900. machine & sink, built in room 1.5 th '2 store C'ondo
,-ith wokhp Pon in onvo""t end Unit located] near Lake
of home. Asking $164,900. 863-635-4246 212 N. Lake Reedy Blvd Frostproof Realty, LLC microwave & convection oven Jackson,' listed at, $44,900.
Frostproof Realty, LLC Frostproof Spacious brick 863-635-4246 so much more! 4BR/2BA two- ID #305 PRIME PLUS REAL
863-635-4246 home on Lake Reedy. 3 bed- story home also has lake ESTATE INC. 863 1108 Yarnell Ave Lake rooms/2 baths, sunken living access. ASKING $249,999 7040 www.primeplusWales 4 bedrooms/3 baths room with fireplace, large Classified Sales Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 7040 ww.rm
361 N. Lake- Reedy Blvd split level home. Upstairs has game room off rear of home, Estelle Sullivan Realty
109 N Scenic Hwy 3 BEDROOM 2 BATH HOME
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle 1 1020 HOUSES FOR SALE Frostproof Fl with 'ample kitcher- cabinet
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce LewisJ 2+ ACRES with 2003 COUN- space, screened. porch utility
TRY 3BR/2BA with a."MAN- LAKE .VIEW & Dock on room, and shed, The garage 1R 3B/B2ih .'MN Reedy. Lake! 4BR/2.5BA wasicowvert~d itoLa 3rd-bedACROSS 2 3 14 5 .16 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CAVE" Cathedral ceiling, eed. homeplus work- 4/oomB listed t $54,0 ID
1 Chiang Mai native Cypress Wall in Great room. -'"remodeled" homepl wrk r lite at $54,S0 ID
5 Dance moves .4i16nice kitchen, .Jacuzzi, PLUS' 'shop' "fenced yard,-' water & #237 PRIME PLUS'LREAL
10 Cheerful Pole b ith strauit 'sewer & well for lawn. ASKING ESTATE' INC. -'863-67610Cherf1.9 Pole barn with storage unit. $97,500 704 -wwpiels

14 Mint, e.g. 17 16, 19 ASKING $165,000 7040 primeplus15 Ira Gershwin 20.Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 Call. Estelle @ 863-632-2062
contribution 22Estelle Sullivan Estelle SullivanRealty,
contribution RealtyN Scenic Hw NICE 3 BEDROOM 2BATH
16 Indiana neighbor 23 26 27 109 N Scenic Hwy Y0 FrstroiF HOE h a b BAr
17- Iaidoi FrspofF FrostproofF11 HOME has a..breakfaist, bar
17 Palindromic _Frostproof Fl
fashion mag 31 www.Estelleulivancom overlooking the family, room,
18 More aloof -AFFORDABLE 2-3BR IBA LAKE WALES, 3518 ample kitchen cbinhet space,
19'alkingein newer 'D kithe 1&a Delafield St pantry closet, new dishwashMemphis"psinger newer kitchen & appliances, 2BR/1BA Single Family, er, range. and :hood., It:.also
Cohn 3-8--- "- screen porch, completely hsnwianCre n
fenced. Walk to school! ASK- Screen Porch, Lease or Sale has new :paint, carpet and 20 Accommodating --' ..'. ING $44,900 $500 DN, $215/mo 14877- vinyl. This :home: has a
work hours 40 500- ,514 screened porch, shed, and 1
Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 500-9517 oversizedcargarage- with
23 Large amount I.. I. III I vrizd aae
24 "0 Sole _" Estelle Sullivan Realty Lake. Wales-4BR/1BA storag.e-_,area;,.- ,listed',' at
25 Harper's 64 4 109 N Scenic Hwy C0ncrete block home. 7New $104,900 ID #3603
28 Chewie's 14' Frostproof FI energy.-effcient windows PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE
shipmate 54 z ref4loorsnd'freshly~paint- INC. 863-676-:7040
29 Bchamel base BEAUTIFULLY APPOINTED ed inside. Master bedroom www.primeplusrealestate.c
31 Monopoly deed 58 s 3BR/3BA home with screened 'has 'an: oversized storage om
abbr. r Pool (new 'tiner/bump/filter). roomthat could be convert32 Market research 60 '61 and porch, formal living & dir- ed into second bathroom. 2006 CONTEMPORARY
panel 7' 64 5 ing rooms, breakfast room, : Fenced backyard with "man BLOCK 'HOME Spacious 4
36 Laundry cycle family room, kitchen includes cave" workshop. Asking Bedroom 2 Bath home has
37 Fairway boundary newer granite counter tops, just'$48,000. new carpet; vinyl, range,
38 Part of i.e. By David Poole 9/11/13 warming drawer/ice microwave hood, and interior
39 Biblical prophet
40 "Yikes!" 3 "Over the S t'l 'Aauelfv ueuooaunqpj.*() machine/island, double' Frostproof-3BR/1BA Con- paint. This home features
41 Frito-Lay is its Rainbow" a 81-I NS 6V k' k V4 8 V A Agarage, 2 sheds, newer roof, Crete block house with great cathedral ceilings, a spa tub
4 and located walking distance Lake Clinch view and in master bath, walk in clostitle sponsor composer H 3 3 1 -E N N H V 3 to everything in downtown access. Large BONUS ets, ample kitchen cabinet
43 Mark of Zorro 4 Wild mountain
44 Action on eBay goat v a a H 0 N 0 0 'I Frostproof! ASKING room! New carpet in all bed- and counter space, pantry
45 USN rank 5 Deli worker's 3 N _I 9 I-N" IOS---" 1 $167,500 rooms, ceramic tile through- closet, breakfast bar,
46 Acquirer of more chore H 3 A 0 I a-" 3 Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 out main living area. Inside screened porch, and a 2 car
t Estelle Sullivan Realty utility room. A bargain at garage; just listed at
than 1,000 6 Danish 109 N Scenic Hwy $47,000! $129,900 ID #866 PRIME
Itins Brahe I M 0 1 I FrostproofFI Kris Bender PLUS REAL ESTATE INC.
48 It includes mayo rhKisBne
49 SUV part: Abbr. 7 Toledo's lake V E S 6H I H Bender Realty, LLC 863-676-7040
52 Culinary 8 Mottled N I d S d] I0 o u nSf0 863-223-8708 www.primeplusrealestate.c
combination 9 Prepare for A V ICASIIEsCHECK THE 863-521-9421 Cell om
56 Roger Rabbit or surgery Vl 9NO1IV CORNER ED1 1
Bugs Bunny 10 Lefty in CORNER lot, fenced in back LARGE 2-3BR 2BA, newer CUTE COTTAGE CLOSE TO
58 Heart of Paris? Cooperstown S 1 fl i 2 H 0S with garage/workshop & utility kitchen, tiled bathrooms, living LK ROSALIE Great retreat
59 Old Norse poetry 11 Small Asian V H 1 1 3 I 2 1-113 shed. Two BR, 1BA, attached & dining room, privacy fence and very near Lake Rosalie
collection pooch bred as a 0 I H 0 I I E H 1 H garage almost converted to back yard, shed, Ig screen access. 2 Bed. / 1 bath, eat60 Bring in watchdog 7 V 1 S 1 4 third bedroom, half acre porch.PLUS a DUPLEX-Each. in Kitchen with ample storage,
61 Rockne of Notre 12-Balloon filler 1 ASKING $56,000 UOBO" unit has 2BR and IBA. Walk Great room concept, FireDame fame 13 Medical nickname peAloS alzznd slAepsaupeM Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 all over town from this loca- place in living area. Back
62 Look slyly 21 Big success Estelle Sullivan Realty tion. ASKING $119,000 screened porch. Exterior Utili
63 Multitude 22 Lenient 35 Senate majority 48 Like the accent 109 N Scenic Hwy Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 ty / Storage shed. Additional
84 "Bullitt" director 26 Miller's"_ From leader since 2007 in "entree" Frostproof Fl Estelle Sullivan Realty parcel with an approx. total of
Peter the Bridge 36 Weeps ~ 49 Wedding 109 N Scenic Hwy .77 acre. Very shady lot with
65 Company that 27 Kidney-related convulsively memento HOME PLUS Rentals! 2BR Frostproof Fl plenty of room for your boat
thmaratus 20- irauthor39Haiphtlwton f .51 Founaou 2BA (could easily be 3BR), fire- www.EstelleSullivan.cpm plus room to expand: reduced
thestrt o 20,41torHardtplease 53 Chapn's lst place, FlIRm, screen porch, RESlDENTIAIC to $46,500 ID #10765
32-, 41- and 52- 29 Derby prize 4Hadtplse 5Chlislst HUGE WORKSHOP, 2 M.H. PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE
Across 30 Ways of escape 42 Grants wife rentals! ASKING $90,000 BEAUTIFUL SERENE LOCA- INC. 863-676-7040
32 Succumbed to permanent status 54 Neither masc. Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 TION Spacious living area, FP www.primeplusrealestate.c
DOWN Stage fright to, as a professor nor fern. Estelle Sullivan Realty in Living Rm., split bedroom om
1 Taking the wrong 33 Wondered aloud? 44 A.L. East team 55 NarciSsist's love "109 N Scenic Hwy plan, Screened Porch across way? 34 Babylonian 47 Golf-friendly 56 Darjeeling, e.g. _Frostproof Fl back of home. Sliding Doors CANAL FRONT HOME 4
2 Nametag greeting writing system forecast 57 Scull propeller ww& from Dining Room to porch Bedroom 2.5 bath homer

Page 4 CLASSIFIEDS September 11, 2013

located on the canal that throughout, and a circular SECOND FLOOR CONDO State Park. Owner is motivat- 0366, Keystone Realty port, fenced in back yard
leads to Lake Walk In Water. It drive, reduced to $22,900 Furnished (some items do not ed and will consider offers. Inc 863-635-0030 Reduced Asking has a boat deck, in-ground ID #1450 PRIME PLUS convey). Amenities include: Don't miss this chance to own $59,900.00 OBO Call
caged pool, 2 storage sheds, REAL ESTATE INC. 863- Pool, Rec Room, Storage, a beautiful piece of land in Blue Jordan-Frostproof Michelle 528-1136, Keyand 2 car garage; reduced to 676-7040 www.primeplus- Laundry Facility. Convenient such an amazing area. Owner ATTN. HORSE LOVERS stone Realty Inc 635$94,500 ID #6169 PRIME to shopping, banks, etc. Spa- has 2 other parcels available; 1942 Old Grove Trail 0030
PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. cious open floor plan, split reduced to $15,000 ID #14 Equestrian 4 bedroom 3.5
863-676-7040 3 BEDROOM 1 BATH BUN- bedrooms with 2 full baths, PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE bath ranch style home with Lake Caloosa-Frostproof
www.primeplusrealestate.c GALOW HOME Has formal Screened Porch under roof. INC. 863-676-7040 grand master suite, walk out 204 Woodstork Way 3
om living room and a split bed- Bargain Price Sold "AS-IS" list- www.primeplusrealestate.c basement, large living areas bedroom 2 bath doublewide
room floor plan. Family room ed for $24,500 ID #130 om and two wood burning fire- mobile home, living and dinNICE POOL HOME 3 bed- could easily be used as an PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE places. Horse barn with 7 ing room combo, vaulted
room 2 bath home with additional bedroom, original INC. 863-676-7040 2 BEAUTIFUL BUILDABLE stalls, tack room complete ceiling, large kitchen with
screened in-ground pool, a hardwood flooring throughout www.primeplusrealestate.c LOTS just under a 1/4 an with toilet and sink. Sepa- eat in space, 1 acre fenced fireplace in the family room, most of the home. Cozy om acre located in Babson Park. rate large RV covered stor- in back yard Asking
breakfast bar, a separate screened in back porch. Shin- Property is already cleared age shed, fenced pastures. $82,000.00 Call Michelle
entry to pool area from the gles, a/c and ducts were MOBILE HOMES and is just waiting for you to Asking $299,000 Call 528-1136, Keystone
master bedroom, new carpet, replaced, reduced to build the home of your Michelle 528-1103, Key- Realty Inc. 635-0030
new paint, new water heater, $39,900 ID #604 PRIME 2-BEDROOM 2 BATH man- dreams. Ownership provides stone Realty Inc. 863and a 1 car garage; listed at PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. ufactured home with a break- deeded access Crooked 635-0030 22 Blue Jordan- Road$79,900 ID #108 PRIME 863-676-7040 fast bar, pantry closet, Florida Lake. Asking price is $9,000 Immaculate 3 bedroom 2
PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. www.primeplusrealestate.c room, front screened porch, per lot. Owner will consider 2616 Sand Pine Trail- bath split bedroom plan con863-676-7040 om and 1 vehicle carport with offers. ID#1012 PRIME Extremely nice 4 bedroom 2 crete block home. Has
www.primeplusrealestate.c workshop/laundry area; listed PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. bath oversized double wide cathedral ceiling open living,
om OWNER FINANCING Spa- at $34,900 ID #6353 863-676-7040 mobile home has formal liv- dining and kitchen area.
cious 3 bedroom 2 bath home PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE www.primeplusrealestate.c ing room with built in tv unit, Kitchen has ceramic tile, SHADED LOT HOME Nice 2 has a formal-living and dining INC. 863-676-7040 om dining room with builtin cor- white cabinets, double oven,
bedroom 2 bath home with room, a large eat-in kitchen www.primeplusrealestate.c ner cabinets, eat-in kitchen two pantry closets, and
new interior and exterior and 2 huge bonus rooms that om VACANT LAND Great loca- w/ bar, family room, master dishwasher. Attached doupaint, ample kitchen cabinet could be in-law quarters. Exte- tion to build your home and suite has large walk in clos- ble garage, detached large
and counter space, split bed- rior has been freshly painted, COMMERCIAL have access to Walk-in-Water et,- bath room with tub and workshop with a half bath all room floor plan, cathedral owner financing available; Creek, access to lake separate shower, 30'x90' on two separate 1 Acre lots
ceilings, ceramic tile through- listed at $119,900 ID #22 LARGE 2 STORY OFFICE depends to water levels, lot metal dream barn, perfect on the corner with paved out, a large screened back PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE BUILDING Needs remodeling approx. 2.56 acres; listed at for RV & boat storage plus roads. Asking porch, 1 car garage, and a INC. 863-676-7040 to be completed. May have up $25,000 ID #L22 PRIME' plenty of space left over for $187,500.00 Call private shaded lot with a www.primeplusrealestate.c to 6 office spaces, reception PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. workshop/Man Cave, or Michelle 528-1136, Keyshed; just listed at $69,900 om area, 2 conference / meeting 863-676-7040 convert it into a large horse stone Realty Inc. 635ID #4414 PRIME PLUS rooms and two 1/2 baths. www.primeplusrealestate.c barn, All for a low price of 0030
REAL ESTATE INC. 863- SPACIOUS LIVING This 3 Has separate work shop/stor- om $136,900. OBO Call
676-7040 www.primeplus- bedroom 2.5 bath located on age area with overhead door, Michelle 528-1136, Key- 105 Snooks Wardlaw just under. a 1/2 acre with 2 separate self-storage build- RIVER RANCH RESORT RV stone Realty Inc 863- Road-3/2 like new concrete
2,084 sq. ft. living. Large liv- ings, approx. 50 + units and LOT Beautiful wooded lot 635-0030 block home, next to Ben Hill
LAKEFRONT HOME ON ing room with fireplace. Open some climate controlled. available, this is a great place- Griffin Jr Elem and FrostLAKE WALK-IN-WATER, kitchen overlooks dining area. Much potential to generate to put your RV for the season Frostproof proof High Schools Asking
large covered dock with boat Screened porch, with fenced income from office space and or the year. Boat dock and 83 Laurel Lane Spacious $131,500.00 Call Wesley lift, formal living and dining back yard; listed at storage units. All reasonable ramp close by with access to 3 bedroom 2 bath Palm Har- 528-8265, Keystone room, family room with fire $154,900 ID #3623 offers will be reviewed and Lake Kissimmee which has bor double wide on 5 acres Realty 635-0030 place, enclosed Florida room, PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE considered; just listed at amazing fishing available, of fenced land ideal for horsremodeled kitchen with break- INC. 863-676-7040 $179,900 ID #6443 There are many features avail- es or cows, Asking only 258 Quail Run Roadfast nook, sun room, work www.primeplusrealestate.c PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE able; listed at $25,000 ID $80,000. OBO Call Wes- OVERSIZED 4 bedroom 2 shop, screen porch; Spectac- om INC. 863-676-7040 #248 PRIME PLUS REAL ley 863-528-4265 at bath double wide with living
ular views from family room, www.primeplusrealestate.c ESTATE INC. 863-676- Keystone Realty Inc. room, dining and large
kitchen and Florida room, lush CORNER LOT HOME Zoned om 7040 www.primeplus- kitchen with lots of cabinets,
landscaping, privacy fenced for professional use. Neat, 9 Keenan Way-Three full island, pantry,' family. room
yard, utility shed, $249,000 Clean and move in ready. This VACANT LAND baths for each of the three with corner and
ID #9402. PRIME PLUS home has a newer roof, floor- JUST OVER 5 BEAUTIFUL bedrooms,,block4home.with built in TV unit. Wide hallway
REAL ESTATE INC. 863- ing and freshly painted interi- HALF ACRE LOT located in ACRES This amazing country ceramic tile, family room with built in desk/cabinets 676-7040 www.primeplus- or. Split bedroom floor plan. golf course and waterfront setting is located in a gated with fireplace, two open Sits on a 5 ACRE partially Large formal dining room, gated community. Ready for deed restricted community lanai's, one partially fenced in property, has
spacious living room. Laundry you to build the home of your and it's just waiting for you to screened, in town- location, mature oak trees Asking NICE POOL HOME 4 bed- room could be converted into dreams. Owner is also selling build the home of your very 'close to Lake Reedy. $110,000.00 Call room 2 bath, home with new another bedroom or 'even a neighboring lot; listed at dreams, priced to sell at Asking only $95,000.00 Michelle, Keystone Realcarpet, paint; roof;' range, 2nd bathroom. Just under a $6,000 ID #911 PRIME $45,000 ID #LT30 PRIME obo Call Cindy 528- ty 635-0030 microwave' hood and dish- 1/4 of an acre fenced lot, PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. PLUS REAL ESTATE, INC. 0366 Keystone Realty washer. The kitchen: has owner -financing available; 863-676-7040 863-676-7040 Inc. 863-635-0030. Babson Park
ample cabinet space, closet listed at $77,700 ID #520 www.primeplusrealestate.c www.primeplusrealestate.c 90 5 Lake Moody Rd- 642 Hillside-2 or 3bedpantry, and a breakfast bar PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE om om room/1.5 bath concrete
off of 'a 'large pass through INC. '863-676-7040 Lake Moody Access Enjoy block, single carport, parwindow. The masterbedroom www.primeplusrealestate.c HALF ACRE LOT located in a HOME SITE, Nice half Acre 220 ft. of Lakefront View on tially fenced back yard, leads straight to the in ground om waterfront golf course com- lot located in Beautiful Area of' the Wide Water of Lake ceramic tile throughout,
pool area, This home also has munity. Ready for you to build Homes. Growing Region Cen- Moody. This charming 4 br. hardwood cabinets, currentan open patio, 2 vehicle car- AVON PARK--WE HAVE the home of your dreams. trally Located between Winter home with split bedroom ly being used as three bedport with a storage area, and SEVERAL HOMES FOR Owner is also selling neigh- Haven and Lake Wales. Par- plan sits in 3.37 acres. room rental unit Asking a fenced back yard; just listed- SALE, all are priced to sell boring lot; listed at $6,000 tially Cleared and ready to entry of room to expand, $72,500. OBO Call Cindy at $128,900 'ID #2540 quickly, some with lake view, In #913 PRIME PLUS REAL Build your First Home. great for small farm, hors- 528-0366, Keystone PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE great investment opportunity; ESTATE INC. 863-676T Reduced to $24,900 id #cc es, animals & hobbies. A Realty 863-635-0030 INC. 863-,676-7040 call today for more informa- 7040 www.primeplus- PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE small grove is included on a
www.primeplusrealestate.c tion or stop by our office for INC. (863) 676-7040 corner lot. Huge detached Lake Wales
Om details and map. www.primeplusrealestate.c garage/workshop in rear 4649 Caloosa Blvd.
PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE OVER 1/2 AN ACRE OF om plus a carport. 4/2 home 3 bedroom 2 bath, one car
LAKEFRONT CONDO Nice 2 INC. 863-676-7040 or LAND just waiting for you to Asking $199,000 Other- garage, open living areas
wise Bestgts Offely CallFrbedroom 2 bath lakefront visit online www.primeplus- build the home of your WOODED HOME SITE! 2 ise2Best Ofer!tCal Fured gara with ug Nil eas
condo with new carpet, paint, dreams. This is truly country Acres of Beautiful Woods in Realty Iny66303 turned dining room with built
vinyl, range with hood, and living at its best, this property deed restricted community to -- in glass front cabinets. Askdishwasher. Also has ample SEBRING--WE HAVE is located not far from the build your new home! Not too 15 C Street 3 bedrooms, ing only $54,000 Call
kitchen cabinet space, all MANY LISTINGS IN Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. far from Public Boat Ramp 2 baths, with pool and one Michelle @ Keystone appliances, and an enclosed SEBRING AREA, HOMES, Owner is motivated and will into Lake Rosalie. Owner Moti- bedroom garage apartment. Realty, Inc 863-528porch with a beautiful view of CONDOS, Priced Low, call consider all offers. Seller has vated and will look at all Rea- Wood floors, fireplace, rice 1103 or 863-635-0030 Lake Jackson; reduced to 863-676-7Q40 today for 2 additional parcels, reduced sonable Offers! $39,900 id# front and back screened Fart Meade $49,900 ID #2131 PRIME more information or stop by to $7,000 ID #17 PRIME 11209 PRIME PLUS REAL porches. Asking 308 S. Orange Ave. Short
PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. our office PRIME PLUS PLUS REAL ESTATE INC. ESTATE INC (863) 676- $138,900 Call Wesley @ 308 S. range ath on863-676-7040 REAL ESTATE INC. or visit 863-676-7040 '7040. www.primeplus- Keystone Realty, Inc 863- Sale:3 bedroom/i bath conwww.primeplusrealestate.c online at www.primeplus- www.primeplusrealestate.c 635-0030 create block home, carport,
om om fenced back yard, utility
LAKE FRONT ON LAKE 1909 S. Lake Reedy Blvd shed, roof a/c and windows
NICE 2 BEDROOM 2 BATH CONDOS 1.29 ACRES WITH WALK IN WATER, Just Over 4 bedroom 2 bath on over less than five years old Asknewer built home with volume FRONTAGE ON BOY 5 Acres, Partially Wooded, 3/4 acres with 100' of Lake ing only $59,000.00 Call
ceilings, a split bedroom floor GREAT WINTER RETREAT SCOUT ROAD Near the Private Location, Dead End Reedy frontage. Dock, Boat Cindy 528-0366, Keyplan, eat-in kitchen, all appli- OR GET AWAY, Completely Kissimmee Chain of Lake and Street. Great Price! $49,900 house, large screened stone Realty 863-635ances included, formal dining Furnished, includes Washer State Park. Owner is motivat- id# Lt22 porch overlooking the lake. 0030
room, handicap acessible, (no dryer), Ceramic Tile ed and will consider offers. PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE INC Wood kitchen cabinets and and a 2 car garage. This throughout, bedroom has car- Don't miss this chance to own 863-676-7040 granite countertops. Needs
home sits on a little over an pet, screened porch has a beautiful piece of land in a little TLC Asking acre of land, and it's in ready ceramic tile, roof new 2009; such an amazing area. Owner ____________ $299,000 Call Fred 863- A Bargain Hunters to move in condition. Located Amenities include: Pbol, Rec. has 2 other parcels available; Sun Ray-Frostproof 257-2210 or Keystone Delight near Lake Tiger; just listed for Room, Clubhouse, lake reduced to $15,000 ID #24 204 Central Ave 2 bed/i Realty, Inc 863-635- Check the $164,900 ID #4450 'access, spa, tennis courts, PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE bath concrete block home, 0030 Classifieds First!
PRIME PLUS REAL ESTATE shuffleboard, basketball, mini- INC. 863-676-7040 spacious kitchen, lots of INC. 863-676-7040 golf, bocci ball, gym, library; www.primeplusrealestate.c cabinets, 1 car garage 405 Walter Ave 3 bed/1.5 A Whole
www.primeplusrealestate.c reduced to $40,000 ID am could easily be converted bath concrete block home, Marketplace of
am #905 PRIME PLUS REAL inoa3dbdomad2d newly painted, wood lami- Sopn srgta
ESTAE IN. 86-67- 1.9 ACES .ITH bathroom, screen enclosed nate flooring, ceramic tile yu
INVESTOR SPECIAL 4 Bed- 7040 www.primeplus- FRONTAGE ON BOY porch, NOW Asking only kitchen and bathroom, CHA, yu
room 3 bath block home with SCOUT ROAD Near the $44,999. Call Cindy 528- updated light fixtures, car- Fingertips!
an eat-in kitchen, tile floor Kissimmee Chain of Lake and

September 11, 2013 CLASSIFIEDS Page 5

AOR SALE North Carolina Mountain
CLINCH LAKE 3BR/2BA 3/1 w/ one car garage, fresh- Babson Park- THIS 4 COLONIAL SQUARE Lakefron o n ted
home with separate 1BR/1BA BREEZE HILL ly painted, new frig & stove, BD/2.5 BA HOME BOASTS a APARTMENTS Lakefront lots. New gated
living area for guests or ON WALK-IN-WATER LAKE close to Spook Hill Elem. spacious back screen porch SPRING SPECIALS aerlot community. Dockfriends! Home has vaulted $695,00/mo, quiet neighbor- and fenced backyard. Large 1 and 2 Bedroom apts; with sole lowinur o w
great room with living 9078 Lake Point Blvd. hood. 863-651-2094. LW. lng f En jy a ood e 1 and eat apt shoele Lo inu o w area/dining/and kitchen (oak 2BR/2BA with carport, screen living room. Enjoy a wood- central a/c and heat, largeN ow
cabinetry),Split bedroom plan, porch ASKING $35,900 burning 'fireplace in .the floor plans, big closets (property tax. Call Now
12x50 screen porch, has a A Bargain kitchen. 4th bedroom could & FREE WATER (800)709 -5 2
great view of the entire N/S 9186 Lake Point Blvd. n ters also be used as an office, Starting at / month seize the sales
lakefront seawall & dock! 2BR/1.5BA, carport, well kept, den, or playroom. Indoor util- Call 24/7: 866-485- with Classified!
ASKING 335,000 newer kitchen, workshop in Deligdh it y room. Detached garage 4961 6-485-_withClass
back, carport & patio ASKING
LAKE ACCESS: Crooked $45,900 Check the provides additional storage. Or visit us online at: 1520 OUT OF TOWN LOTS
Lake '3BR/2BA Loaded with Certain pets are ok. Available
amenities ASKING 9213 Lake Point Blvd. Classified early September. MINI FARMS JUST
$175,000 2BR/2BA well kept, dou- $1200/month, $1200 Secu- GETRULS OUTSIDE CHATANOOGA
blewide with carport! ASKING first! rity Deposit. Call Maggie U 10-25 acres starting at only
LAKE FRONT CONDO in $51,900 A Whole Stohler at Legacy Leasing U S $56,000. Located on Signal
South Shore Resort 33 Blae Services, Inc 863-676-0024 FOUNTAIN PLACE Mountain, Ideal for horses
outhB Pakhoel resot n3653 Breeze Way Beautiful and gentleman farming. Call
1BR/1BA Park Model right on 2BR/2BA Doublewide, remod- Marketplace or visit www.LegacyLeas- APARTMENTS 877-282-4409.
the lake with screen porch! sh p Bartow, Florida
Amenities include club- led inside, screen porch over- of shopping lbr Starting At $600. NC mountain property
house/pool/dock/boat launch looks the lake, newer 1mec4 2br Starting At $700. must go. 4.5 acres with out&More! ASKING $45,900 storage shed.Comes with is right at Call For Your Personal Tour standing views and privacy.
maitenaerh fes pad y863.534.3034 $25,000 OBO, great for
NEWER 2BR/2BA L maintenance fees paid thru your Nalcrest-379 sqftfor lease *Specials While they last* home or cabin. (828)394Reedy home, vaulted ceiling I fingertips! in a community that boasts 9298. Ask for Richard
inGreat rooms view Two Ls F500 apartments and approxi- OAKWOOD MANOR
in Great room, all nie Two Lots For Sale in Breeze mately 800 residents. This APARTMENTS 1610 BUSINESS RENTALS
lake, tile throughout, nice Hill come with water & sewer 4__olny__e-FrstprofPRCESEDUCD__O Kitchen/appliances, garage & for manufactured homes1 Ask- space would be ideal for a PRICES REDUCED FOR
"Ready To Occupy!" ASKING ing $8,500 & $10,000 2/1 concrete block home hair or nail salon. There is an LEASE UP! REDUCED! Commercial prop$207,500 Call Paul Bieber, Realtor @ w/carport, central heat & attached bathroom. Water Our updated villa-style erty.322 S Scenic Hwy, LW.
and wifi included in rent. apartment homes provide Prime location. 1OK sq ft shop 863-224-6559wit air, fenced in back yard an iiicue nrn.w1f vreddos10
FANTASTIC 2BR/2BA Lake Estelle Sullivan Realty $600.00/month, 1st & Sec. comfortable living at a w/14ft overhead doors.1500
Reedy home with super long 109 N Scenic Hwy Call Michelle 528-1136. $400/month. Call Maggie great price. Rates include sq ft office/showrm w/AC.
dock (boat house & elect lift), Frostproof Fl Stohler at Legacy Leasing water. $1500 mo. +security. 863irrigated mature lawn, dog 863-632-2062 100 Overocker Circle- Services, Inc 863-676-0024 Studio from only $425/mo 678-1498 or 863-241kennel/run, very nice kitchen, Frostproof 3/1 concrete or visit www.LegacyLeas- 1 BR. from only $500/mo 1528. large open living rm/Sun block home, central heat & 2 BR with w/d hookups
porch, screen porch, 2 sheds CALOOSA LAKE VILLAGE air, all appliances included from only $625/month 1620 COMMERCIAL/
& MORE! ASKING $199,000 LAKE WALES $800.00/month 1st & Sec. Nalcrest- 950 sqft of Convenient location, INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY
Call Cindy 528-0366. Retail/Office Space for lease Walk to shopping.
SILVER LAKE, a crystal- 1993 2BR/2BA home in great in a community that boasts Call 24/7 866-485- TIES
clear, white sandy bottom location and in good condition!. 10 Keen Road- 50artesanapox-4977 TwoildnswtSattlo
deep, private lake! Comes Call Paul Bieber, Realtor @ Frostproof-Villa style apart- 500 apartments and approxi- Or visit: Two Buildings with a total of FURNISHED! 1BR/1BA with 863-224-6559 with ment: 2 bedroom, 1 bath All mately 800 residents. There 6 units with 4 under lease ASKworkshop that has a Estelle Sullivan Realty inclusive, power,- water, is an attached bathroom and 1BR/1BA "guest area." ASK- 109 N Scenic Hwy appliances, furniture, all 600 additional square feet One bedroom apartment.
ING $86,000 Frostproof Fl linens, cable. that could be added on to the Single occupancy. No smoker Central Business District
to see any of these homes! 863-632-2062 $1000/month. Internet existing 950 sq ft. Water and or pets. $125 per week Building 2310 SF ASKING
Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 available for $30 per month. wifi included in rent. includes electric & water. $65,000
Estelle Sullivan Realty Call Cindy 863-528-0366 $800/month. 863-6327013LAKE COMMERCIAL BUILDING
109 N Scenic Hwy 1095 MANUFACTURED Call Maggie Stohler at OTS A $36,000
Frostproof FI HOMES FOR SALE 10 Keen Road- Cal Magie StOTer atN $ME Est 83 6_-_0 Frostproof-Villa style apart- Legacy Leasing Services, Inc 1340 MOBILE HOMES Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062
www.Estlle__llvanco ARIANA VILLAGE ment: 1 bedroom, 1 bath All 863-676-0024 or visit FOR RENT Estelle Sullivan Realty
uT 2 BED/2 BATH OVER 800 inclusive, power, water, 109 N Scenic Hwy
P SQ. FT ALL APPLIANCES appliances, furniture, all BARTOW 2BD, 1BA, C/H/A, Frostproof FI
PUT INCLUDED $23,995 LOW linens, cable. $750/month. clean new carpet quiet area.
CLASSIFIEDS MONTHLY PAYMENT $5,99 Internet available for $30 $ utilities incl
CALL 877-469-6610 per month. Call Cindy 863-559-2230 or 647-1958
1110 OUT OF AREA HOMES Keystone Realty Inc. 1350 EFFICIENCIES A
OR YOU' 245 S. Scenic Hwy. FOR RENT
37 ACRE MIDDLE TN FARM Frostproof, FL 33843
with 13 acre lake, nice home. 212 E. Stuart Ave. Efficiences Apartments
Selling at Absolute Auction, Office: 863-635-0030 Lake Wales, FL 33853 For Rent. Quiet NeighborFIND A JOB[ Memorial Day. Van Massey Fax: 863-635-0031 hood. Adults only. No Pets.
Auction Lic 1711. (931)433- Cell: 863-528-1136 Lake Wales 3BR/1BA 863-514-0103 EMPLOYMENT
B AHOIE! 8686 Visit www.Keystone-RealEstate.NET House with open floor plan.
BUY A CAR! DEVELOPER FORCED LIQ- New carpet in all bedrooms. 1500 LOTS & ACREAGE
UIDATION Smoky Mtn. Lake Inside utility room with wash- LAND FOR SALE 2001 HELP WANTED
Property Priced @ Foreclo- -e- er/dryer hook-up just off the Blue Jordan Forest: 3.53 Ac
ARE YOU ONLINE? sure/Short sale. Up to 100% A one car garage. Large wooded for Home $14,500. A Few Pro Drivers Needed
INCREASE YOUR Financing/5% interest. Hurry- n. backyard. Kitchen comes Top Pay & 401K Great EquipEXPOSURE! w s ment & Benfefits 2 Mos. CDL
Add your internet address Only 30 Reservations avail- with side-by-side refrigerator 3.08 Ac wooded For HomeClass A Driving Exp (877)258to your ad for a little extra! able! (877)551-0550 ext 100 With ice maker and water $14,900. 8782 wwwrevintruck7com
dispenser, and a glass top 8782
stove. $695 mo. 3.29 Ac For Doublewide M.H. ACT NOW! New Pay Increase!
Lake Wales 2BR/1BA $16,000. 37-46 cpm. New Trucks in
DuplexLak e wly Wal dles! A2011. Need 2 months CDL-A Duplex, newly remodeled! 3.11 Ac For Doublewide M.H. Driving Experience. (877)258Comes with stove and refrig- Well/Pump/partly cleared 8782 erator. Washer and dryer for $19,900.
tenants use at no additional AIRLINES ARE HIRING
charge. Convenient to Hwy. 3.16 Ac For Doublewide M.H. Train for high paying Aviation 60 and Hwy. 27. $450 mo. $18,000. Career. FAA approved proincludes water! gram. Financial aid if qualified
3.51 Ac For Doublewide M.H. Housing available. CALL Avi8 Haines City 1BR/1BA "corner lot" $29,500. ation Institute of Maintenance
( Condo completely fur- (866) 314-3769.
nished, right down to the LAND FOR SALE ASAP! New Pay Increase!
2 I C dishes! Spiral staircase IN FROSTPROOF 34-46 cpm. 300 Newer
leads to loft for additional 2+ Ac $12,000; Trucks. Need 2 months CDL-A
A A A space. Large back porch 1 Ac $10,000; Driving Experience. (877)258overlooks championship 8782
Grenelefe golf course. Get Three parcels 1 Ac each
a social membership for $15,000/parcel; CALL NOW! Top 5% Pay
access to pool and tennis 3+ Ac $25,000; Excellent Benefits. 300 New
courts. Laundry facility and 8+ Ac $58,900; A6 s Driving moxths (87)25 -2
pro shop on premises. A Driving Exp. (877)258-8782
Kris Bender OR ACCESS CDL DRIVERS Great Pay!
188nn A 8ie 863521942 -____Bender Realty, LLC $9,000 1 Ac Lake Access Tons of Texas Frac work!
"863-223-8708 (home only); $23,900 Great company! Company
86-2-41Cell water/sewer paid benefits! Must have bulk
~pneumatic trailer experience. "LAKE FRONT LOT Cl oa!(0)9-09
CHECK THE 1 Acre on Lake Reedy, 156
'S CLASSIFIEDS! ft lake frontage ASKING CDL-A Drivers -Relocate for
,: .... 1300 DUPLEXES FOR RENT Call Estelle @ 863-632-2062 Oilfield work! Great compa-Florida Council on Comp ulsive Gambhing;,] FOR; RETDpe prmn. Estelle Sullivan Realty ny/Paid benefits! Must have
2 LakeFO SiE clex in.artment. 109 N Scenic Hwy bulk pneumatic trailer experiv w!am lighlpor ;':'i: aeSd ls n 83-7-Frostproof Fl enca. Call today! (800)491org/ i : :-' :' :- 6201... www.EstelleSullivan.cojn 9029

Page 6 CLASSIFIEDS September 11,2013

Call 1-877-822,-7167 to place yo ad


iPO W ELL Aatet
All Makes/Models Residential,& Commercial FLOORPLTANS TO CHOOSE FROM.
Rates range from $475 $650
Finadngavaiab~~onew &repaceent fliS .including water, sewer & trash.FREE ESTIMATES on installations & replacements22W.EhlnStBro
863-293-5046 (863) 533-4651


.863-53l~de l1l 33814 luIiorbs'esWt partments

1111 1'K VI 3 111K I~I.II ~Contemporary & Open Studio with Full Kitchen,
SUK4lL"I~IV iII' NKRn TOR and Ceramic Tile throughout, from $425/month..
A#4 ItrAIA Spadious 1 Bedroom starting at $500/month.
Ca 11 IVOAeAV Large 2 Bedroom Residence with washer/dryer
1 ~ j~hookups + utility room. from $625/month.
(JIII UV~ f -~q' & New 2br/2.Sba Townhomes Ind coble,
ful szewahe/drer cmmniy pol 128 N US 170- Bartow (Aside WalMart)
fitness cn ter and morel (863) 533-5600

**AGeorgetown Square Apatet Q' Qgafity Cleapig
Starting atgi$50

Place ~First Floorl1& 2Bedroom Apartnn C
nl~ Place Is Homes. Screened-in Patios, Private .Oks0
1410 North Wilson Ave o Bartow, FL 33830 W/ ontnctins (min Pol andits)tAet Pptt.
863.534.3034 * e*[ NOn~tln (in seec Ints .0 I
WaterSewer and Trash Included!N.O Umi C
Patio or Balcony.- Full size washer & dryer connections MOVE-IN SPECIALS A*r wme lnwo tw to sdw
*Spacious walk-in closets.- Open concept contemporary kitchens: Directons: We are conveniently located behind Publix off State Rd.6Oln Lake Wales, FL povvrJw ptauc
Breakfast bar Dishwasher Microwave. Lake and pool views 200 Emerald Ave., Lak~es #0130"3853fo w
Heated pool with sundeck Walking distance to shopping & dining 863-676-6387 '
COCRT iiiiii*1 ISea,

withROADS -DRIVEWAYS luild your b(sHs .PTOSDE AK Crushed/Broken Tile
rYE WSINESS ~ DR~IEWAYS *Parking Pads*[~jj *
S8 tVICE LI CfO Y e boSite Preparation.,
Rocks, Boulders, Fill
Gall tOC Residential Commercial ~
Cjall iu' W =ca F~Et t 4 Licensed/insured
at 1-81 422 71,61, 863-528-0255MW

4B ew ad, L 3384**ResidentialA' uiI I

*Commercial A~t ouusi s5~
KEEN, e Industrial 1WFVI(Sb
CONSTRUCTION' a uiia ~m iirn r i~

September 11, 2013 CLASSIFIEDS 6Page 7

aCi 1-477824Z6717 Ui U


Hubbard~~ud Howarder HeICnsoKGf~
Property0 Clanp Sod 1Prssure WaPshin P~~j mlw taem

Outdoor~Fo Lighting.e Tree Trimin at 46$$-t
863-661-07026-25-3S610 .777!

~~~~~s Intrio &ut Exterior Apliaton LCoIN
*w Noric Job; Toou Bige or1 Too Small4YC WITE IIV 016 t.N

Cbiw Cwft raefi, r~j file

t~#4OV U. JIV'

PrpetyCea u-S od -t Prssr Mulchng Soilsb Co F4 De ati e
Irrigation~ock & Roupaer FertilizerF ci S $
*tl Pic up4 & Deivr


ind your busales wiigethtoli

pr.d you Jobl Tooh Bi rTomllAt INR HARNESS/SCALE S CHORN
GopQall it y erialsy- FreerEstimate efiet Fleas B AENPE&OR T HE CONTAMINANTSd. W

asNot validavhth other offers.

Page 8 CLASSIFIEDS September 11,p2013

The average cost of a brewed cup of coffee $1.38

Cost of a first class US. Postage Stamp



Costof ahomedeliered newpape

Cost of ahomae daeliere nwpae

7V 4L ki I I.,~ m ~r n ib Ih ikW

C~&t -i
VAL ~ 'Te Polk County Democrat The Fort Meade Leader pa 79Rade I~-WCI W Flows.ncet 11
Atrie ardeVa Fee could
lietu k aioi dh mc ,> "',~~r be avoided with
(-%-rl I11-il'Tnew highway

Subscribeof Call H63I534J

September 11, 2013 CLASSIFIEDS Page 91

CDL-A DRIVERS. Central Flori- Heat & Air JOBS Ready to. GET YOUR AD NOTICED Access Reverse Mortgage! LAKEFRONT HORSE FARM 5da company seeks Solo & work? 3 week accelerated SPORTS WRITER: We are HERE And in Over 100 Florida-based: Application, & Bedroom Home, 3-Stall Barn,
Team Drivers. Tank and Dry program. Hands on environ- looking for someone who Papers throughout Florida for closing in your home. Experi- Large Workshop, Garage, Van positions offering some ment. Nationwide certifica- likes football as well as cov- One Low Rate. Advertising ence: almost 1,000 reverse Scenic Lake Frontage, Dock, regional. lyr. OTR/ Good MVR tions and Local Job Place- ering local sports. Immedi- Networks of Florida, Put us to mortgages funded. Award- Pier. Price reduced required. (877)882-6537 or ment Assistance! (877)994- ate opening for a freelance work for You! (866)742-1373 winning customer service $799,000. Owner Financing. 9904 writer to cover high school BBB A rating. NMLS #4566' Lake Tillery, East of Charlotte,
football games on Friday NC. Iron Horse Properties.
CLAIMS ADJUSTERS ____________night for Saturday's paper HORSE LOVERS MAKE $$ 1(800)806-7126 (800)997-2248. www.ironNEEDED due to active Storm JUST GRADUATE? Play in for the Lake Wales High FOR YOURSELF OR CHARI-
Season. JEL's 5-day Boot Vegas, Hang in LA, Jet to New and Fort Meade High foot- TY. HOLD A COMPETITIVE 5000
Camp, Nations,#1 hands-on York! Hiring 18-24 girls/guys. ball teams. The job is a TRAIL CHALLENGE. CALL LAKEFRONT HORSE FARM 5trainer can prepare you. High $400-$800 wkly. Paid tight deadline on Friday ACTHA. AT (877)99- Bedroom, Home, 3-Stall. Barn,
Income expenses. Signing Bonus. Call night for Saturday's paper. ACTHA(22842) OR VISIT Large Workshop, Garage,
Companies waiting (877)259-6983 There would also be assign- WWW.ACTHA.US GREAT FUN, Scenic Lake Frontage, Dock,
ments for advance stories GREAT $$$ Pier. Price reduced
CYPRESS TRUCK LINES MEDICAL BILLING on the upcoming game for $799,000. Owner Financing.
Home Weekends! Southeast TRAINEES NEEDED! Hospi- Wednesday's newspaper. PREGNANT? CONSIDER- LakeTillery, Eastof Charlotte,
Regional, Top Pay & Great tals & Insurance Companies Must have ability to pro- ING ADOPTION? A childless NC. Iron Horse Properties.
Benefits! 6 Months TT exp hiring now! No experience? duice quickly for the Friday energetic, spiritual, commit- BUSINESS SERVICES (800)997-2248. www.ironCDL with clean MVR. Call Local Training & Job Place- night coverage. If interest- ted couple seeks to adopt. BUSINESS SERVICES (800)545-1351 ment Assistance available! ed contact either Financially secure. Healthcare (888)219-5161. Jeff Roslow at professionals. Expenses paid.
DRIVER- Not getting enough Medical Billing Trainees jroslow@heartlandnewspa- Gil & Dave (888)580-ADOPT 5054 CONTRACTORS 6030 HOUSEHOLD GOODS
miles? Join Knight Transporta- Needed! Hospitals & Insur-, (2367). FL Bar#0150789 30" Premier Gas Range
tion and increase your income ance Companies hiring now! Kathy Leigh Berkowitz at Miscellaneous Contract- I Like New for info Call
with our steady freight. New No experience? Local Training klberkowitz@heartland- 3060 SCHOOLS i ng 863-353-2116
Trucks! CDL-A, 3 months & Job Placement available! HS or & INSTRUCTION ] ing
recent experience. (800)414- Grad or GED & Computer Brian Ackley at
9569. needed. (888)589-9677. backley@heartlandnewspa- HEAVY EQUIPMENT GENERAL REPAIR! 6180 HEAVY/CONST. OPERATOR TRAINING' *Additions & Remodeling EQUIPMENT
Drive/r- Recession Proof Medical Management Please include writing Bulldozers, Backhoes, Exca- *Chimney Cleaning SAWMILLS-Band/Chainsaw
Freight. Plenty of miles. Need Careers start here Get con- samples. vators. 3 weeks hands on pro- *Concrete Work SPRING SALE Cut lumbe
refresher? No out-of-pocket nected online. Attend college gram. Local job placement *Vinyl Siding any dimension, anytime.
tuition at FFE. $1000 Bonus on your own time. Job place- assistance. National Certifica- *Roofing aKE mon antSAe
for CO's & $1500 Incentive ment assistance. Comuter tons. GI Bill benefits eligible. Lightening Rod Installa- KE MONEY and SAVE
for 0/0's. available. Financial Aid if qual- Great Deals in tion
(855)356-7121 ified. Call (800)481-9409 P rom16 49ion Starting at $995.00
Driver-Drivers choose the 3090 LOST & FOUND eint ial
Classified Residential 300N (800)578-1363
from Weekly or Daily Pay. Medical Management Careers Stolen strayed or lost Jack Free Estimates Ext.300N
Regional, OTR or Express start here Get connected Russel. Black & White w/ Lic. &EIns.
Lanes, Full or Part-time, CDL- online. Attend college on your 3000 stand up ears. Missing since Hollis Smith 6260 MISCELLANEOUS
A, 3 months recent experi- own time. Job placement 3000 08-25-13. Please call Mar- 863-676-5413 FOR SALE
ence required. (800)414- assistance. Computer avail- lene at 863-258-0851. 863-528-2435
9569 able. Financial Aid if qualified. Reward for a safe return. Comfort low silent flame. Dbi
Drivers No Experience Call (800)481-94095 MRoO 5100 HOME & COMMERCIAL dr Wood Stove. On pedestal
No problem. 100% Paid CDL wwXCntranlnec""4 0 IMPROVEMENT w/fan. 863-2054743.$1500
Training. Immediate Benefits. Medical Management Careers 4000 obo. Lake Placid.
20/10 program. Trainers start here'- Get connected KINETICO WATER SYSTEM
Earn up to online. Attend college on your PROVIDING YOUR FAMILY 6270 WANTEDTO
$.49 per mile! CRST VAN own time. Job placement WITH THE MOST RELI-. BUY/TRADE
EXPEDITED (800)326-2778 assistance. Computer avail- NOT E S ABLEWATER TREATMENT able. Financial Aid if qualified. I CES ON THE MARKET
Drivers Earn Up to 39/mi Call (800)481-9409 863-439-2837 BUYING
Flatbed exp. Call: (800)572- experience necessary, we ADOPTION PREGNANT? CONSIDER- Highest Prices In History!
5489 Susan ext. 227 Joy ext. train. New Swarovski Crystal Childless, loving couple ING ADOPTION? A childless
238 SUNBELT TRANSPORT, Jewelry by Touchstone Crys- pray to adopt. Stay at home 4010 BUSINESS energetic, spiritual, commitLLC. tal. $500 TO $5,000/MONTH mom, successful dad, great OPPORTUNITIES ted couple seeks to adopt. ANY CONDITION
Drivers Earn Upto 390 (407)295-1522 kontactkelly- dogs & devoted grandpar- te Financially secure. Healthcare WE BUY IT ALL, and Pay So Much
Drivrs Ern Uwto3ol{m dog $150,000 +/Yr. Potential Fiacal eue elhae We Aimost Want to Cr. You, of
HOME SEVERAL NIGHT Flatbed olo ents. Legally allowed expens- Turn Key Online Sales & Mar- professionals. Expenses paid. Course, Will Laugh With Glee!!
WEEKENDS l yr OTR Flatbed es paid. Bill & Debbie 800- keting Wealth Creation Sys- Gil & Dave (888)580-ADOPT exp. Call: (800)572-5489 Joy 311-6090. tem. No Selling to Family & (2367). FL Bar#O150789 See PHIL at the former
ext. 238 Susan ext. 227 SUN- Attorney Susan Stockham Friends Start. In 24 hrs. 5150 PS Cr OL 3440 NAVYSTORE
BELT TRANSPORT, LLC ,,*"a jh into Bar # 0342521 5150 PEST CONTROL 3440Winter Haven
-& a h i towwwthe5Ogampla~cm Wtr-a lam-53n
Drivers Wanted-OTR Food ADVERTISE IN OVER 100 Mon-Sat oam-5:3pm
Grade Tanker Drivers Needed as PAPERS throughout Florida DO YOU EARN $800.00 IN pelican pest prevention Call first to confirm I'm there
Competitive pay, Benefits, for One Low Rate. Advertising A DAY? Your Own Local SERVICING THE TERMITE AND 863-299-6031
Guaranteed time off Class A Networks of Florida, Put us to Candy Route 25 Machines THE PEST CONTROL NEEDS OF Our 33rd Year.
CDL-w/tanker endorsement work for You! (866)742-1373 and Candy All for $9995.00 FLORIDA 866-644-9900 All Major Credit Cards Accept- REAL GO__T SURPLUS
Prefer ottexertrances-ww ed (877)915-8222 Military Boots,Uniforms,
(800)569-6816 otterytrans- ALLIED HEALTH career train- AINB(2653 5230 MISCELLANEOUS Ammo Cans, Sleep Gear, vnii|r fd ing-Attend college 100% Folding Shovels,Hats,Bug Out
Drivers- No Experience- online. Job placement assis- FREE Program on How to $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT Bags, Survival Kits,
No Problem. 100% Paid CDL e tance. Computer available. Get Rich. Go to www.Your- CASH NOW! $$$ As seen Paracord, Officer Duty
Training. Immediate Benefits. S Financial Aid if qualified. for on TV.$$$ Injury Lawsuit Gear, Knives,
20/10 program. Trainers SCHEV certified. Call FREE offer. Its the Secret Dragging? Need $500- Holsters, Cots
Earn up to 49 per mile! MOVIE EXTRAS Earn up to (800)481-9409 www.Centu- Behind The Secret, today's $500,000++within 48/hrs? PAYING CASH FOR USED CRST VAN EXPEDITED $250 per day To stand in the Think and Grow Rich! Low rates APPLY NOW BY MILITARY GEAR
CRST)326-2778 VAN EPDT perdayTostandi5 PHONE! Call Today! To across from Home Depot,
backgrounds for a major film ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE IjADVERTISE! (800)568-8321 www.lawcapi ot production experience not from Home. *Medical, *Busi- tal com .ebing Fl 2-0600
Earn Up to $.51cpm!!! CDL- required. All looks needed. ness, *Paralegal, *Comput- Investors Outstanding Sebring, AI 863-382-0600
A Drivers, Tanker & Dry Van Call NOW!! (877)435-5877 ers, *Criminal Justice. Job and immediate returns in WANTED: Ham radio equippositions available. 1 year Need CDL Drivers A or B placement assistance. Coin- equipment leasing for frac Get the merit
OTR experience, Good MVR & with 2 yrs recent commercial puter available. Financial Aid if industry. Immediate lease out. W o rd OUt "Vintage or Modern", tubes, work history needed. Call transfer motor qualified. Call (877) 203- Tax benefits and high returns. Advertise tube audio amplifiers, test
3179soy edd al xeinc.t rnse oo We need more equipment! A ve tstueadompieret
(877)882-6537 or apply homes, straight trucks, trac- 3179, We in the equipment. Call Ethan tors, and buses. www.mamo- Cla sthe ei nClt -7
FRAC SAND HAULERS with (800)501- BANKRUPTCY, FORECLO- Investors Outstanding Classifieds7
complete bulk pneumatic rigs 3783 SURE DEFENSE, Consumer and immediate returns in 7000
only. Relocate to Texas for Need CDL Drivers A or B Rights. Peter Kelegian, Attor- Equipment leasing for oilfield 6000 Tons of work. Great compa- with 2 yrs recent commercial ney at Law, Gainesville, Flori- industry. Immediate lease out.
pa. with no oblgaio reconsul-rca Tax benefits and high returns. , .
ny/pay. Gas cards/Quick Pay experience to transfer motor ta. no obligation consul Wene d hre urns. available. (800)491-9029 hmsstagtruk, tra o Serving counties We need, more equipment!
avalale.80)49-929 homes, straight trucks, trac- throughout North Florida. (800)491-9029
Freight Up = More $ 34-46 tors, and buses. www.mamo- tutrth l0
CPM 2Mos. CDL Class A Dri- (800)501- (352)672-6444. peter@keleving, Exp (877)258-8782 3783 TASOTTO
GROWING Local Newspa- Tank Drivers. CDL-A w/tank VOUCHER UNITED BREAST ity payments. Call J.G. Went- NDISE
per is Seeking Qualified endorsement, Good MVR & CANCER FOUNDATION Free worth (866) 494-9115. Rated 7009 USED CARS/TRUCKS
Inside Sales Manager. Hazmat within 90 days Mammograms, Breast Can- A4.. by the Better Business 6012 GARAGE SALES Please Send Resumes to required. Up to 42cpm cer nfowww bcfinf FRE Bueau
DforhrD~heak- /ddtina mlegei cen- ToIngwwubfif Faston- unnr a. .
walesnews.corn, or call tives & benefits. (877)882- Accepted, 24/7 (888)468- FREE DEBT SOLUTION. End Huge 5 family yard sale! Sat Paul Northrop at 6537 or www.oakleytrans- 5964. Foreclosure and Debt Collec- 9-14-13. Time: 7-2pm. Place: i
(863)676-3467. poDONATcYOURtions within 90 Days. No Pa 113 Orange PK Blvd, LW, FL ....
.................. DNATEYOU VEICLERECIVEments, No Bankruptcy, and 33898. Directly across from "Help wanted. Send resume ,WANTED: Someone to plow a I FREE VACATION VOUCHER UNIT- No Settlements. Guaranteed LW Walmart on Hwvy 60.; : to or apply in person. Shoot- new garden West of Hwvy 17 ED BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION .............1996 Ford Ranger Pickup
ingSta Dier.18 Wll t. n BookRoa N Free Mammnograms, Breast Cancer Since 1993. (800)477-9256,'Jewelry, household, purses,,, Burgundy Manual. $2,895.
ing Sta Diner.18 W Wal St. o Brook oad N 'Info FREE Towing, Fast, www.zerodebtguaranteed .co ;sos oeStra,81.
FP. Apply from 8 till 2PM. 941-323-1542 'INon-Runners Accepted, 24/7 m sh,2 me asoTra, 8.alRSaTaO8395W27
.. . .. . .. . 88)468-5964. 216 El.. Paso.Trail,.BART .W

Page 10 CLASSIFIEDS September 11,2013


1995 Chrysler Cirrus LX 2002 Lexus Rx 300 4dr 003 Lincoln LS V8 Sedan. 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. 2006 Honda Civic EX
Sedan.$2,495.Purple. Stock# Suv. $ 9 G d $5,000 4dr. 3.90 3.9L V8 2dr Cpe Limited. $8,895. Pur- Coupe. $13,995. 2dr. Auto531780 .lSuv. ll,990. Gold. Automat- DOHC 32V. 5-speed select pie. Automatic. Stock#: matic. Rallye Red. Stock#
531780. Well maintained and ic. Stock#: J3859. Call 863- shift. Automatic. Silver. Stock# J3684B. Call 863-665- RA439A. Call Tom at 863ready for its next enthusiastic 2000 Ford Explorer SUV, 665-2800. P7577A. Call Cannon's Car 2800. 402-4230.
owner. Call Sorensen & Auto, 6 cyl, A/C, 154,119, City 863-248-8665. 2800 402-4230.
Schade. 800-639-5337. $2,250.
Cash N Carry ONLY
or Layaway
J's Auto Mart
16580 Hwy 27 iaa2
Lake Wales, FL 2002 Nissan Sentra Sedan 2005 Chrysler Town and 2006 Hyundai Elantra 4dr
1995 Jeep Wrangler S SUV. 863-676-5283 White Automatic $3,495. Call 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Country Touring Mini-Va sdn Gls Auto. $8,459. Red.
$4,900. 2dr. 2.50 2.5L 14 Sal at 863956-2277. Sport. $6,999. Black. Auto- $6,995. Gold. Stock # Automatic. Stock#: J3869.
MPI SOHC 8V Gasoline. White. ', .. i, matic. Stock# 013437 4x2, C6084A. Call Sorensen & Call 863-665-2800.
Stock# B13044B. Call Can- 4-spd, 6-cyl 197 hp engine, Schade. 800-639-5337
non's Car City 863-248- MPG: 17 City2 Highway. Call 806953
8665. 0 NCorona Auto Sales 8632000 Nissan Maxima 4dr 551-8041.
Sdn Gxe Auto. $8,999. Gold.
Automatic. Stock# J3871. 2002 To ota Tacoma 2006 Mercury Grand MarCall.863-665-2800. Double ab: $14,000 Sedan. $7995.
Dobl $14,000ean $;95
labWhite. 2005 Dodge Caravan. ren, Stock #C6076A. Call
U164397B.Call Tony at 863- White. Automatic. $4,999. Sorensen & Schade. 800S 438-3333. Stock# 416108. Passenger 639-5337.
. Van, 4-spd, 4-c1 150 hp hp
1996 Chevy PK, Auto, 6 cyl, 2003 u engineMPG:2City26 High1996: Chv K ut,6c 2003 Saturn LW-300- way. Call Corona Auto Sales Find- it in the
A/C, Util. LT, 44, 99,880,
Ut30. L,4x4~99,,$4,600- U611957B. Call 863-551-8041.
2,3Cash N Carry ONLY 2001 Acura CL Coupe Black Tony at 863-438-3333. ii
or Layaway Automatic. $3,295. Call Sal 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier
J'sr aa at 863-956-2277. Base Sedan. $3,550. Blue.
16580 Hwy 27 8 Stock# P7573A. 4dr Sedan.
16Lake Wales, FLS 2.20 2.2L 4-Cylinder SPI S
hite Ara $. SCa 16V. Call Cannon's$9,999
863-676-528 3 .. DHSP V.ClCan's2005 Ford Escape SUV.

matic Call 863-665-280.
86366-. Car City 863-248-8665. 2003 Volkswagen Passat. $10,996. 4dr. Automatic. 2006
Stock# 274699. 4dr Front- Dark Shadow Grey. Stock# Auto A/C P P/L, Local
2001 Cadillac DeVille CTwheel Drive Sedan, 5-spdo 4- VTrade. 8995. STK#
Sedan Gold Automatic. Silve w hen i Sn, $P 995 863-402-4230. T ACall Joe te 8
S3,895. Call Sal at 863- Cy310 4d en at 863-471-288570 .Gu
City30 Highway. Call Corona 471-2885.
1996 Toyota Avalon Sedan 956-2277.2003 Chevrolet S-10 Ext Auto Sales 863-551-8041.
White Automatic. $1,995.Call Cab 123" WB LS. $9,999. 4 I
Sal at863-956-2277. White. Stock# J3892. Auto- V W
"- matic. Call 863-665-2800. 2005 Fd x r X

2001Chevrolet B- 2004 Cadillac. CTS Sedan. Tan. 4x4, V6, P/W,P/LA/C. 2006 Saturn Ion 4-Door
S Silver Automatic. $4,295. Call Silver green. $6,994. Stock# $9995. Stk# RA442. Call Joe 4cyl Auto. Very low miles
1997 Mazda Miata Base Sal at 863-956-2277. 3 sed At 75,000. Guaranteed credit
3.6LV6_WT._5-speedAuto- 36L approval. $7995. Family
Convertible. $5,500. 2dr. 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer matic with over drive. Call Auo 863-679-7888
1.80 1.8L: 14S3MPI DOHC. -- ,: Auto- 863-67.9-71888..,1.80 .L 14SMPI DQHC. SUV. $10,695. 4dr. Automat- Cannon's Car City 863Classic Red. Stock# ic. Indigo Blue Light Pewter 248-8665.
S14049A. Call Cannon's Car Metallic Stock# D6398677A. 2-8 'pcat
City 863-248-8665. .. 4 Call Tom at 863-402-4230. 2005 Ford FS

6eK a00 $or 015 oh 88 8N
2001 Hyundai Tiburon Red. XLT package automatic. 5.4
0dea4 2 3 Cv a0 3AT 2C4a8 a'i
S$5995. weather, Auto, Pwr V8. Hitch certified w/110 pt 2007 Chevy Tahoe Lt.
Pkg, 60K Miles. STK# inspection. Limited powertrain White $18995. Leather, Nay,
K446577A. Call Joe at 863- s A 2004 Chrysler Town & warranty. Stock#T3145A Tow, Loaded. STK#
S 471-2885. Country Touring Minivan/ $10,970. Call Tom Edwards K489468A. Cl Joe at 863D5011A Cl Ti a as.83-6-0 npeto. Limited oetrain
Van. $5,600. 4dr. 3.80 3.8L Chrysler Dodge Jep at 471-2885. V6 OHV. 4-speed. Automatic. 863-533-0793.
11998 Dodge Dakota, 5SP, 4 B2003 Chevy -10, Auto, ButA Blue Stock#

200367-78. 2004y Lincol ,50A$,95taloala,83
cyl, No A/C, 208,608, Black, 4cyl, A/C, 145,779, white. B14002A. Call Cannon's Car
c1,500. A2,650. City 863-248-8665.33. 2 d
Cash NCa arry ONLY 2 0 Tyt Ca.-Cash N Carry ONLY CrvnV6S
or Layaway 2001 Toyota Calry- or Layawaydoskel
Js Auto Mart $5,500- P589220A. Call 20 0 C r P 2007 Chrysler Sebring
16580 Hwy 27 Tony at 863-438-3333. J's Auto Mart 2005 Hummer H2 SUT. Call Touring w/V6. Power seat,
Lake engineFMPG:2Cityfor price. Stock#: P5 127. 8- Aluminum wheels, cd/mp3. 863676 -52 1650 S DH 16V7 al 2004 Ford Mustang Coup cylinder 6.OL V8. Automatic 4 Powe

1999 6-28 DogeRA3Vn-on76ano's arCiy83- U20284A CalToyatldAt.o6-69788
version~~~~$2,95 van. pasegr.". 2886586-48333
67 863-676-5283 $12,995. 2dr. Automatic speed. White. Kelley's Used Tilt & cruise certfed w110 pt
STorch Red. Stock# Cars. 863-269-0977. inspection. LimitedowT

surof almiumwels, V6 200FodMtag.J Blueaut D5109110A. Call Tom at rn

Automatic. $6,499~~warant. Stock# 206FrdFv8unrdgaspwe2idws Aoe
D10.rice 9 2002 Buick Regal GS 863-402-4230. -4230 warranty. Stock# B8042A
WWI Sedan.Black. $4,289. Stock# $9,970. Call Tom Edwards
B13134A. 4-Speed Automatic Chrysler Dodge Jeep at

5.7LV8.Autoati 4-seed I -Jee t863-533-0793.
with Overdrive, GRAND SPORT
and VALUE PLUS. Call Can: 2003 Cheys C-10 4x2 XSV C0r. 83-248- Cab V-6. Auto guaranteed i2006P c Gran
non's Car City 863 credit approval. $6995. Very 41 ". 2005 Pontiac Grand Am
6 8665. 4 Sed. Automatic .
nice truck. Family Auto 863- Sedan Silver Automatic.
S679-7888 2004 Lincoln LS- 8, 500- $3,995.U Call Sal at 8631998 Ford F-150 P 865ickup 6 -38 K634509A. Call Tony 956-2277.
20 DOodge (Siver) Grand
Green Automatic. $4,295. 438-3333.
Call Sal at 863-956-2277.. Caravan V-6 SXT. Power
2002 Cvl ma 8 m doors, keyless. All the toys.
2002 Ch voe ......... I Ve "lo keyless6 h atys
Burgundy, $6,999. Automat- Very low miles 69,000. Guaric. Stock# 370208. 4dr 2003 Chrysler PT Crusier anteed credit approval.
Sedan, 4-spd, 6-cyl 180 hp Touring SUV. $5,600. White. LS$9995. Family Auto. 863engine, MPG: 21 City32 High- Stock# P7774. 2.40 2.4L 4- 2006 Chevy Impala L. 679-7888.
way. Call Corona Auto Sales cylinder SMPI DOHC 16V. Call 2004 Mazda 31-69 credit approval G7995.Fami1999 Dodge RAM Van Con- 863-551-8041. Cannon's Car City 863- U202584A. Call Tony at ly Auto. 863-679-7888.
version van passenger. 248-8665. 863-438-3333.
$ 7 Black. Stock# -- .. .:- ......
CC1600A. Call Sorensen &
Schade. 800-639-5337. i 2007 Dodge Nitro SXT w/
2002 Ford Mustang. Blue. Fssunroof, aluminum wheels, V6,
: ~ ~automatic, cd,sucre
Automatic. $6,499. Stock# 2006 Ford Five Hundred glass, power windows, power
167623. 2dr Coupe, 5-spd, 6- 2005 Buick CXL SUV. SEL Sedan. $9,995. 4dr. 6- locks, tilt & cruise, certified
cyl 190 hp engine, MPG: 20 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 $9,995. 4dr. Automatic. Titani- speed. Automatic. Black. w/110 pt inspection, limited
1999 GMC Suburban 4DR City29 Highway. Call Corona Pickup Green Automatic. um. Stock# N017274A. Call Stock# N289467B. Call.Tom powertrain warranty, stock 2WD 1500. Price $3,999. Auto Sales 863-551-8041. $4,995. Call Sal at 863- Tom at 863-402-4230. at 863-402-4230. T3084A $9 970. Call Tom
Stock#: P5121A: 8-cylinder ......._______95-27. ae Edwards Chrysler Dodge
5.7L V8.rAutomatic 4-speed. : ____Classified=Sales__ Jeep at 863-533-0793.
Kelley's Used Cars. 863-!, !: i :" '*m -:

02Iniii 4Lx 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring
200V.I$7,800. 4 u.50 ry ~ w/ leather, power seat,alu- '
SIV 780 d.35 .L minum wheels, cd, power win- 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 2007 Ford Explorer Sport
tV6 DOHC.re4-speed aAutomatic dows, power locks, tilt & SLT. Red. Automatic 4-speed. Trac XLT 4.OL. Price
wit oerid. warranty. Stock# Price $17,980. Stock#: $17,995.- Stock#: P5069. 6'2000 ChevJwtlet S14 Pickup Stock# P7788. Call Can- 2003 Fo)rd Explorer- B8O70A $10,970. Call Tom P5040. 8-cylinder 5.3L v8. cylinder V6. Automatic 5Black Manta-T. $3,995. Call non's Car City 863-248- $6,000- U384309B. Call Edwards Chrysler Dodge Kelley's Used Cars. 863-269- speed. Blue. Kelley's Used
Sal at863-956-2277 8665. Tony at 863-438-3333. Jeep at 8635330793. 0977. Cars. 863-269-0977.

September 11, 2013 CLASSIFIEDS Page 11

& ..4.

2007 Ford Focus SE 4c 2009 Chevrolet HHR FWD. 2011 Mazda. Mazda 3. 4dr. 2012 Ford Focus. White. 2013 Ford Escape SEL SilAuto. Great miles 96,000. 4dr LT W/1LT Re.Atomat- Sdln. Auto I Touring. $15,489.21 odFcs ht 21 odEcp E i- b
,W/ LT. Red. Au 9. Auto, A/C, Stereo, Local ver. Leather, A/C, 14K Miles. Stock# 64788. Was $75,230.
Guaranteed credit approval ic. Stock#: J3779. $11290. Gray. Automatic. Stock#: Trade. $14995. STK# $24995. Stk# RK20832. Call Now $45,995. Saving $7995. Family Auto. 863- Call 863-665-2800. J3883. Call 8636652800. T034543B. Call Joe at 863- Joe at 863-471-2885. $29,235. New 2012 Key679-7888. 471-2885. h292I. ue lo 1 C35679-7888. 471-2885. stone Vizion 3544 Fifth
V .Wheel. Dual AiC's. Call 866906-9755 or visit us online
at www.campingworldof2009 Hyundai Elantra 2012 Chevrolet Malibu
Sedan. $11,999. 4dr. Auto- 2L2. Price $19,995. Stock#: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport
2007 Pontiac G6 Base 0Pk,5dr t 0O83 driver 6 rd 6 202JeGanChoke2013 Jeep Wrangiler aSport N e e
Seda n a $8,249. 4dr e 2.40 matic. Ouick Silver. Stock# P5083. Silver. 6-cylinder 3.6L 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Unlimited, pentastar Sedan. $8,249. 4dr. 2.40 K760724A. Call Tom at 863- V6. Automatic 6-speed. Kel- Overland SUV. $34,995. automatic, aluminum wheels, e
ECOTEC 2.4L 14 MPI. 4- 402-4230. le 's Used Cars. 863-269- Blue. Stock# CD4089. Call cd, power windows, power Home?
speed. Automatic with over- 0977. Sorensen & Schade. 800- locks, tilt & cruise, certified
drive. Green. Stock# P7780. -" ; .39-5337.
Call Cannon's Car city 863- 6 39-5337 w/110 pt inspection, balance' Look i the
Call Cns rt6of limited factory warranty,
2488665.FIND YOUR stock# B8126 $24,970. Call cTom Edwards Chrysler assifeds.
2009 Hyundai Sonata 4dr 2012 Chevy Malibu LT2 BEST FRIEND odge Jeep at 863-533-,
Sdn 14 Auto Gls. $8,999. Black. $17995. Leather, Sun- IN THE079
Green. Automatic. Stock#: roof, Chrome Pkg. STK# I T
2008 Buick Lucerne CXL C1142. Call 863-665-2800. RK20853. Call Joe at 863- CLASSIFIEDS! Sedan. $15,975. 4dr. Auto- 471-2885.
matic. Gold Mist. Stock# ....
RC6056. Call Tom at 863- Stock# 720592. Was
402-4230. F-150 XLT 4-Door 4x2. Very $48,199. Now $39,995. Saynice truck. Low miles 93,000. ing $8,204. New 2013
Guaranteed credit approval. Dutchmen Rubicon 2900
2009 Scion Xb 5dr Wgn 2012 Chrysler 200 Convert 2012 Nissan Altima. Silver. Price to sell $6995. Family Travel Trailer Toyhauler. 4k Auto (Natl). $15,999. Blue. Convertible. $17,500. White. Auto, A/C, Stereo Local Trade. Auto. 863-679-7888. generator, 15k BTU A/C,
Automatic. Stock#: J3B64. Stock# CC1596. 2DR. Call $15995. STK# FD21706B. appi-Jac bed/sofa system
Call 863-665-2800. Sorensen & Schade. 800- Call Joe at 863-471-2885. rear screen wall, PLUS! Call
2008 Dodge Durango Lim- -639-5337. AIS 866-906-9755 or visit us
ited SUV. $15,997. Silver. as .1 online at www.campingStock# C5027A. Call -7333 MISC. BOATS
Sorensen & Schade. 800639-5337. JON BOAT, 14ft. 6hp John2009 Scion XB. Aluminum 2012 Nissan Rogue SV son w/ galvanized trailer. 28#
a1d youlr Best wheels. Power windows. 2012 Chrysler Town & SUV. $18,900. Black Stock# thurst trolling motor. Live well.
Lend in the Power locks. Tilt & Cruise. Cer- Country Touring w/ leather, CD4097. Call Sorensen & $1200 Call 863-899-2648.
tified w/ 110 pt inspection. dvd/video, dual power sliding Schade. 800-639-5337. Ia2sfledS! Limited powertrain warranty. doors & liftgate,power seat, 7370 CAMPERS/ Stock# 73496A. Was
Stock#J4010B $11,970. Call aluminum, wheels, rear park 0' TRAVELTRAILERS $58,745. Now $48,495. SavTom Edwards Chrysler assist, certified w/ 110 pt ing $10,250. Pre-Owned
Dodge Jeep at 863-533- inspection, pentastar V6, blue- 2006 Winnebago View 23H
0793. tooth, dual a/c,sunscreen Class B Plus. Bunk over cab,
glass, power windows, power convection/microwave,electric
Civic 2DR locks, tilt & cruise,balance of 2012 Toyota Tundra EXT patio awning. Call 866-9062008 Honda Civic 2DR CPE limited factory warranty, CAB Truck Quad Cab. 9755 or visit us online at
EX AT. Stock#: P5046A. Auto stock# B8140 $21,970. Call $23,997. White. Stock# Stock# 1024154. Was www.campingworldofbarmatic 5-speed. Black. 4-cylin- Tom Edwards Chrysler Jeep C6077A. Call Sorensen & $11 880. Now $10,999 Say-
der 1.8L 4 cyls. Price
$10,999. Kelley's Used Car. 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LS at 863-533-0793. Schade. 800-639-5337. ing S881. New 2014 Viking
8~~~xls 9alR9o t 863-269-0977. SUV. $13,999. 4dr. Automat- Wi 19 DlP Si A. Pop U camper $ madeI
ic. Cardinal Red. Stock#vely for Campin K446066A. Call Tom at 863- World. Come by and check it
402-4230 SoutT Call 866-906-9755 or
8 2 9C J a30 visit us online at
2012 Dodge Gr. Cara / 3 ro Sa T www.campingworldofbar- Stock# 785755A. Was
2012Dodg Gr.CarVan. 2013 Chevrolet Spark 1LTtocrn$,0.Nw$295.Sv White. $18995. Dual, Pwr Slid- Auto Hatchback. $13,986. $29,000. Now $21,995. Say2008 Hyundai Santa Fe ers, Dual A/C, Local Trade. 4dr. 4-speed Automatic. in $7,00. Pre-owi ed
Limited. Price $11,999. 4 STK# RK20831A. Call Joe at Denim. Stock# RA434A. Call 211 Forest River RockStock#: 13481A. 6-cylinder 2010 Dodge Ram. Bro wn 863-471-2885. Tom at 863-402-4230. P wood 8306SS Travel Tail3.3L V6. Green. Automatic 5- $28995. 4x4,20" Wheels, er. Bunks, front island bed and
speed. Kelley's Used Cars. P/W, P/L. STK# PK20860. hide-a-bed sofa. Call 866863-269-0977. Call Joe at 863-471-2885. Stock# 201351. 9,299. 906-9755 or visit us online
Pre- Owned 2004 Sun Val- bartow,com, g r "
ley Sun Lite M955SD Truck Fidac
HaeAG g 2012 Dodge Journey SXT 2013 Chevy Suburba Camper. Call 866-906S e w/ power seat. Dual A/C. 3rd Black. $38995. Leather,Rear 9755 or visit us online at
seat. Aluminum wheels. CD A/C, 3rd Row Seating. STK# www.campingworldofbartow.c IN THE 2009 BMW/X5 AWD 4dr 2011 Ford Fusion SEL. w/sirius. Keyless/Security. RK20847. Call Joe at 863- o rm. CLASSIFIED
301. $25,899. Black. Stock# Price $14,999. Stock#: Pentastar V6. Sunscreen 471-2885. wwcmigolf r can
01139 Automatic Call 863- P4981. 4-cylinder 2.5L 4cyls. glass. Certified w/110 pt YOU CAX .....
665-2800. RPGaAutomatic 6-speed. Steel blue inspection. Power windows.
5 GTSl metallic. Kelley's Used Cars. Power locks. Tilt & Cruise. Bal- /nd a Pet
863-269-0977. ance of limited facto warranR r aoas rO S t roStock# B 8094 1c970. 4 2 $
Jn m / IS I taTom Edwards ChN '2ssler k e 7ow 1996 F ale 'Find a Job f
APPLIANCE REPAIR Have A Garage Dodge Jeep at 863- 33- 2013 Dodge Avenger SE $37599 Now $31,995. Sa
Sale! 0793. Sedan.$16,600. Black. Stock ing $5,664. New 2013 Star& PARTS DEPARTMENT #CC1597. Call Sorensen & craft Autumn Ridge 'Find Garage Sales
So Derv iSchade. 800-639-5337. 346RESA Travel Trailer. PreNobody Does It Better Mer package includes fire- ,Ruid A flew Employee
Haines H-it-y, 7 A1 place and free standing tableBr.
16580 wy 27w/4 chairs. Call' 866906- ,ZeU -Yolf Home
Lake Wales 38 years 2012 Ford Edge SEL. Price 9755 or visit us online at S ourUnwanted
863-676-5283 2011 Kia Soul Gray. Auto, $26495. Stock#: P5120. 6- www.campingworldof bar/C, PWR PKG, Local Trade. cylinder 3.5L V6. Automatic 6- 2013 Dodge Charger SE. Some Go To Sell $14995. STK# F811266B speed. Kelley's Used Cars. Power seat, aluminum wheels, SoAde aw a
Call Joe at 863-471-2885. 863-269-0977. cd/mp3, keyless/s security, or Service
John's Goes To Repair pentastar Vs, power windowsin 5,
WasheDryers, Stoves, nr netf power locks, tilt & cruise, cerRefrigerators & Dishwashers tified w/110 pt inspection, bal- ssied
r omebyf orso ance of limited factor warran- Tok O i8 c t'S e religable
In HomeB5$Stock# 491281A. I oc B99.
3/ Inr ntl ty, tock# B811r 2 ,970. Pre-Owned 1997 Fleetwood source for the
: Cal Tom Edwards Chrysler Terry 27 travel trailer. 'Call
E$10qffw/repair un oEdweard 866-906-9755 or visit us
D R L079EVd. Jonline at www.campingworld-ob wi this ad 140 Pear Avenue Frostproof, FL 33843 tn
Serving Davenport, 863-635-9597
Haines City, Lake Alfred, 1&2 Bedrooms Available
Dundee, Winter Haven 1 Bedrooms start at $481!!'
2 Bedrooms start at $547 '2013 Dodge Durango. Crew [
Used Appliances Cozy apartments with central a/c & heat, carpet, tile, w/leather, heated seats, 'Stock# 82891lA. Was-"
waser/rye hok us ad mch orepower seat, certified w/1 10 pt Stock# 492082.' Was $32,995. Now $29,995. SayWashers, Dryers, wse/rehokusadmcmreinspection, blue tooth, sun- $35,985. Now $29,999. Say- in g $3,000. Pre- Owned
Refrieratrs, Sovesscreen glass, power windows, ing $5,986. New 2014 Key- 2011 K-Z Durango 305HB Refrgertor, Sove mkr nw mmagm -power locks, tilt & cruise, bal- stone Premier 22RB Travel Fifth Wheel. 2 slide outs,
309 arnycncby for a tour! ance of limited factory warran- Trailer. Options include 8 cu ft patio awning, and power 5th
ty, stock# B8118 529,970. refrigerator and 15k BTU AC. wheel jack. Call 866-906DELIVER waVaLABL :G Equal Housing Opportunity Provider all Tom Edwards Chrysler Call 866-906-9755 or visit 9755 or visit us online af'
2924347 Y AVIAL ' Dodge Jeep at 863-533- u~s Online at www.camping- www.campin'worldof bar______9243___ _________7____0793__________ -'"; tow.cornm

Page 12. CLASSIFIEDS .September. 1,2013


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