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!-- Mayo free press ( Newspaper ) --
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dates or sequential designation Vol. 70, no. 27 (June 20, 1958)-
mods:publisher Bernard Guthrie
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mods:dateCreated December 8, 2005
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Mayo free press
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Mayo free press (Mayo, Fla. 1958)
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The Mayo free press
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 Material Information
Title: The Mayo free press
Uniform Title: Mayo free press (Mayo, Fla. 1958)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Bernard Guthrie
Place of Publication: Mayo Fla
Creation Date: December 8, 2005
Publication Date: 1958-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Mayo (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Lafayette County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Lafayette -- Mayo
Coordinates: 30.051944 x -83.175556 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 70, no. 27 (June 20, 1958)-
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002042475
oclc - 33286672
notis - AKN0339
lccn - sn 95047189
System ID: UF00028404:00049
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nflaonline.comrn Weathewe

L B ... 4._. ? n

WNew Medicare Part D cove
Weather art LES stu- cic Ol
dent Hannah Dekle.
Low: 45 High: 60 North Florida

ArossNew Medicare Part D coven I, 1: -.....1

t. y vast choices....which do you want? endsin
COoKS" but it's about as clear as last Mayo says she's willing to mlitri a
HED Delores L. Walker week's laundry water and give it a shot.
Free Press Reporter you wish someone could So over the next month new trial date
explain the plan in clear watch for the continuing
Okay, so you're ready to precise terms....well, local saga of prescription drug ordered
2005 Christmas sign up for Medicare's new Pharmacist Vicky Noling, coverage and hopefully the
d in y Prescription Drug coverage North Florida Pharmacy of light will. be turned on and Delores L. Walker
parade in Mayo0 clarity will be gained.
The Christmas parade Noling says some facts to Free Press Reporter
will be taking place in remember are:
M ayo on Saturday, Dec. 10, *All Medicare recipients The morning went
at 6 p.m. (parade line-up). who have Part A and/or B smoothly as a jury was
Parade starts at 7 p.m. are eligible, but it is not seated at Lafavette
There is NO fee to enter a mandatory. Although, if County Courthouse for
float into the procession, F you do not join by May 15, the trial of D'Anterio
and there will be prizes for Vicky Noling Johnson.
anthe thre will be to rizep floats. for SEE NEW, PAGE 5A Photo Delores L. Walker Johnson was in court
the three top floats. I Lto face alleged charges of
Sen. Nancy Argenziano and Rep. Dwight Stansel listen to the con- selling crack cocaine
Come get your cerns of Lafayette County citizens. Photo byJennifer Hembree Lafayette County Forester within 1000 ft. of a
a y church in Lafayette
photo made Legislative Hearing at receives statewide award County. If convicted,
w m S ad iJohnson could face a so
with Santa! Lafayette County This kind of dedication has Johnson tncoud face a 30
Lafane tte Cou rtho s year sentence.
Santa Claus will be arriv- Lafayette Courthouse Forester David Morse is earned him the respect of 'As the court convened
ing at North Florida Phar- well known for the infor- the people he serves as well after the lunch break in-
of Mayo, on J Satuar rser iadente at the legislative nation and technical assis- as the Florida Forestry As- formation learned dur-
macy of Mayo, on Satur- DeloresL.Walker hearing held Tuesday tance he provides the sociation's 2005 Service ing the lunch hour
day, Dec. .10, from 10 a.m.
to 12 noon. Come see Santa Free Press Reporter morning. landowners of the County. Forester of the Year Award. brought a turn of events
and get your free photo. Citizens, city and county for the acNcused.
Florida State Legislators officials had the opportuni- According to Public
Rep. Dwight Stansel and ty to bring up issues of con- Defender Lee Peters who
Sen. Nancy Argenziano re- cern such as class size re-w was the court appointed
Exam Days and ceived input from commu-, e attorney for Johnson, he
nity leaders and local resi- SEE LEGISLATIVE, PAGE 5A gained information that
Christmas Holidays A he was the representing
Tuesday, Dec. 20 and P. g,-.. attorney for lohnson and
VVeBnesday Dec. 21 a re There s:,a new r reporter mhe te wpness a-in
exam days at Lafayette Johnson. Peters said it
High School. School will be n the scene was a conflict of interest
dismissed at 12:50 p.m. Linda Smith and Johnson had the
each day. Lafayette Ele- The Mayo Free Press would right to call for a new at-
Th e' MayoeF and e Pre ts w
mentary School will be dis- like to introduce our new re- toime and a new trial,
missed at 12:30 p.m. porter, Ira Mikell. He will ben which Johnson inrmmedi-
Christmas holidays will taking over the reporting po- / ately did.
be Thursday, Dec. 22, 2005 sition for Delores Walker, The jurors were dis-
through Thursday, Jan. 5, who has been our reporter for missed by Lafayette
2006. School will resume
onFriday, January 6,2006. Ira Mikell SEE REPORTER, PAGE 5A SEE COURT, PAGE 5A
Please have a safe and Lafayette County Forester David Morse
blessed holiday!

Library Hours New teachers at Lafayette High School
change in January Christopher Barwick at Lee University. FFA it is a natural setting in my students," said
Monday: 8:30 -5:30 Christopher Barwick Living in Suwanne Coun- for Land to encourage stu- Land.
Tuesday: 8:30 5:30 comes to Lafayette High ty Fletcher is also the Youth dents to increase their
Wednesday: 8:30 12:30 School to teach ninth, 10th Pastor at First Assembly of knowledge about agricul- Nathan Wisdahl
Thursday: 8:30 5:30 and 11th grade Math. God in Mayo. ture. Coming to LHS for his
Friday: 8:30- 5:30 Living in Taylor County "My goal for all my stu-. Land says her teaching first year teaching job is
Saturday: 9- 1 Barwich previously taught dents is that they would goal is to increase agricul- Nathan Wisdahl.
for 2 1/2 years at North understand the world is a tural awareness in the Wisdahl, who has a BS is
Florida Community Col- small place and we are all county through lessons in Business Administration
Boyd Staff lege and 2 1/2 years at FSU. connected through the past animal science, agricultural teaches high school math p
Barwick said as students and what we do in the pre- mechanics and plant sci- and lives in Gainesville. "
Holds Office enter the 21st century he sent will make this a better ence. "My goal is to teach crit- '
Hours In Mayo wants to inspire and moti- place to live," Fletcher said. "I would also like to in- ical social and academic
vate them to learn math by Fletcher added that his crease Future Farmers 'of skills that enable students "
A member of Congress- using technology and more favorite quote is: "The un- America (FFA) member- to fulfill their personal Chris Barwick
man Allen Boyd's (D-North real world applications, examined life is not worth ship and instill premier goals and ambitions in a
Florida) staff will be visit- "After all, math is every- living." leadership, personal constantly changing
ing Mayo on the second thing we do. It is the lan- growth, and career success world," Wisdahl said.
Wednesday of every month guage of the universe," said Emily Land
so the people of Lafayette Barwick. Former Lafayette Schools .
County will have the op- graduate Emily Land is the .
portunity to personally dis- Daryl Fletcher Agricultural teacher for
cuss issues concerning LHS 10th grade World grades 9-12 this year. Land,
them. History teacher is Daryl who has a B.S. in Agricul-
Office Hours with Con- Fletcher. tural Education from UF is
gressman Boyd's Staff: Fletcher is a LHS gradu- in her second year of teach-
Wednesday, Dec. 14 ate that has five years ing lives in Lafayette
1 p.m. 3 p.m. teaching experience. He re- County.
Elections Office ceived his AA at North Growing up on a local
In the Courthouse Florida Community Col- farm and spending her
Mayo lege, and his BS and M.A.T. school years involved in
Lht Nathan Wisdahl

Lighthouse Realty Daryl Fletcher Emily Land
of North Florida, Inc.
Heather M. Neill, Broker Thanks for reading Classifieds ......1-5D I I
Main Street Mayo, Florida The Mayo Free Press. Calendar ......3-4C j!/ COOKIBE
(386) 294-2131 We encourage your phone ........
Sea rch t he M LS ac s'anw.Ligh t houseRealt).us calls and questions. Social News.......3A 3A12 & Under I
You're welcome to call Cuch News .....2A I ,P1 ne
ut 2No Purchase Necessary
Must Present Coupon $.
Limit 1 Per Person
L.- --.


Shareyour i Ashley Smith speaks at New Beginnings Church
New Beginnings Church
welcomed Ashley Smith
What is your this past Sunday. Ashley
church was kidnapped by alleged .
Atlanta Courthouse killer
d g' Brian Nichols and held .
Let us hear hostage for seven hours.
from you! During the early morning
Sc hours she read to Brian a M
Have an article chapter from the best sell- .
you want printed? ing book "The Purpose Dri-
herven Life" and convinced
Send it to us! him to turn himself in to "
APhone: 294-1210 police. Ashley shared how
Fax 294-266 God used this event to get.
SFax: 294-2666 her attention to get serious
_ _ n/c with her relationship with'
Him. Following the service, i
A Merry Christmas campaign Ashley held a book t
signing of her new release,
As my wife read through you ,the Nor. "Unlikely Angel."
the circulars advertising the whole ar- ` "We were very fortunate Ashley Smith sharing her story Ashley signing her book "Unlikely Angel"
various after Thanksgiving mor of ".. to have someone of nation-
sales, she said, this is sad. I God, that ( al prominence come and
asked, what is sad? She ye may be share her Story with New
said, all of these holiday ad- able to Beginnings Church;" Pastor
vertisements and not one withstand Wayne went on to say: "I .
mention of CHRISTMAS. in the evil was blown away by her
And I had to agree with her. day, and David H. Matier honesty, willingness to
At first my thoughts went h a v i n g share her life's mistakes,
to the impotency of the done all, to stand (Ephesians and how she truly became
Christiatn community in 6:13). an 'Unlikely Angel.' It's ,4
which this could happen but David H. Matier, DPC something everyone needs
then they rebounded to the Christian/Biblical to hear and be reminded of,
enemy and the days in Counseling because after all, we are all
which we are living. Then I "mailto:dmatier@alltel.net" dealing with hurts, habits,
thought, maybe it just gives dmatier@alltel.net a d hangups. To quote pas-
Christians another good op- 112905 tor Rick Warren: "The
portunity to witness. I de- church should be a hospital
cided, although many store Mayo Baptist for sinners, not a hotel for Co A .. e
employees have been told saints." That is what New h..-,"'I
not to say, MERRY CHRIST- Church Beginnings is all about. Worship at New Beginnings Church
MAS, I can wish all to whom Christmas Cantata
I come into contact, MERRY Christmas Cantata
CHRISTMAS, and that is ex- On Sunday December FOllow H is Star!
actly what I intend to do. 11, at 6 in the evening, There will be Candle Light Candles and music will be .
I hope you will join me Mayo Baptist Church Christmas Caroling in Mayo provided. Upon returning X
and make an extra effort to will present their annual on Thursday, Dec. 15. We we will enjoy refreshments.
wish your friends and Christmas Cantata, this wxill begin assembly at the AJl are encouraged to be
neighbors MERRY CHRIST- year's Cantata is entitled church located behind the part of this special ard mov-
MAS during this CHRIST- "His Very Own Star". courthouse at 6 p.m. and be- ing event.
MAS Season. Remember Please come and help gingm procession at 6:30 p.m. This special event is spon-
CHRIST IS THE REASON us celebrate this blessing W\e vill walk in a circle scored b_ St. Matthew's' Epis- .
FOR THE SEASON. of Our Lord's Birth. around the town, singing copal Church in Mayo.
Stand for Jesus this A social will follow af- traditional Christmas For more information, call
CHRISTMAS Season and in ter the program. hynms. Don or Pam at 386-294-2093. r u
the days ahead: take unto Ashley with her daughter Paige and Pastor Wayne and Family


LIss of Worsh

AIRLINE BAPTIST CHURCH (SBC)......294-2676 Methodist Church NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH Jesus ChristFellowship
Co-Pastor .... ........... ........................... ..... ...........Larry Law Phone: 386-294-1661 Pastor..............................................................Rev.Charlie Walker Fellowship
Sunday School.............. .... ........................9:45 a.m. MAYO FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Sunday School............................ 10:00 a.m. Community Church,
Worship Servie ...............................................................11:00 a.m. Located SE corner of Hwy. 27 & FL 51 Mayo ...... ...................1 :00a.m.
Children's/Youth Discipleship..................................... 6:00 p.m. Pastor Jim Gamble Morrng Worship ...........................................................11:00 a.m. A Full Gospel M ministry
Discipleship Training.......................................................6:30 p.m Discipleship Training.......................................................6:00 p.m f M ay Florida, Inc.
Evening W orship..............................................................7:00 p.m Sunday School ............................................:; ..................10:00 a.m Evening W worship ............................... ............................. 7:00 p.m .
W wednesday Adult Bible Study........................................ 6:30 p.m M morning W worship ..........................................................11:00 a.m Adult Choir........................................................................ 8:00p.m 294-1656
AWANAouth ForMeetings........................................................ :30 p.m. Evening Worship.... .................. .....6:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting, Bible Study & Mission Group-Wed...7:00 p.m. Deacon Lemon Curtis Watson,
"O Come Let us Worship The Lord" Ps. 95:6 Located Two Miles North of Mayo OffHighway 51 Chairman of the Deacon Ministry
128991-F "The Friendly Mayo Methodist" 1999-F "Come And Hear, All Ye That Fear God" Ps. 66:16 129003-F Mother Emma WatsonGeneral Mother
at the corner of San Pedro St.
ALTON CHURCH OF GOD ..................... 294-3133 PLEASANT GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH (SBC).294-1306 Church Services
Pastor ............. ....................................... Rev. Charles E. H od e, Jr......Ted Ru Sunday School ..................... 1:0 a.m.
Youth Pastor ..................................................................Chan erry T o P la c e Y o u r C h u rc h Pato .......................................................................... :45a. mMorningWorship. 11:00a.m.
M music Director..........................................................Blanche Perryy S ool .. Tuesday Service.....................:00 m.
Children's Pastor........... ......Ryan & Tiffany Perry Worship Service........................................... ..................11:00 a.m. (Prayer Meeting and Bible Study)
Sunday School .................................. :45 a.m. In Our Church D rector Wednesday Discipleship Training ..............6:30 p.m. to7:30p.m.
Worship Service/K.I.D.S.Church...... ........10:45 a.m. J Evening Training.....................6:00 p.m. Worship means Celebration, Communication,
: 6 :. S enM a 3 -1 Seven miles WeEst of Mayo, left on CR 534 then t on 35A Church Membership a Com ent.
Family eight Youth Club Church Weneda viv rit 3 Zmen
Pastored 129 1 Tre-F DisGp leship means a student of the
State Road 27 128994-F -- Jesus Saves -- 1200-F word of God. 20i5017-F

BETHEL HOLY CHURCH............294-1932 MAYO BAPTIST CHURCH...........(386)294-1020 NEW HARMONY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH New Beginnings Church
"Affiliated with Mt. Sinai Holy Churches of America Inc." Interim Pastor: Dr. Roy Lee Saint (Go south on o1S160th, turn eight)
Pastor.............. .....Elder Carolyn Demps Worship Leader..... ............... .....Joycelyn Cook Pastor: Stan Posey Pastor...............WayneHudson
Sunday School.......................................................11:00 a.m. Sunday Schedule Phone (386) 776-1806 Phone Number........386-294-1244
Thursday Bible d ..... :00 p.m. i S ervice... ............... ....... 11:00 A.M. SuNa rship..............................................................9:30 am newbeginningschurchalltel.net
Sunday Night Seprvice.....m.... II...............6:00 P.M. Purpose Statement:
357 Pine Street Wednesday Night Schedule WEDNESDAY New Beginnings exists to provide an environment
Pi n e Stiee Adult Prayer Service .........................6:30 P.M. Women's Bible Study........................... ......................... 10:00 am where People can discover and develop a passionfor
Membership means Discipleship 128995-F obatischuchaee F 1799- God that is Rea( relevant, and relatiol.
Sunday School ........10:00 a m TO Place Your Church Ic
Pastor ........................... .......................... Rev. Steve Boyd Worsh Service .......... 11:00 a.m Sun. Morning Worship ...............10:00a.m.
Evening Worship 6 00p. In Church D irectoni urchmayo
Wed. Light for Living................ ....7:30 p.m. Prayer Meet.ng...Wednesday..........m.....y7r0eeting Wednesday....................... ...... 7:00 p.m. r rc yas-F
Located 4 miles South on Hw. 349 Located on County Road 354 call M yr at 362-1734 Ephesus Advent
les "For If Ye Forgive Men Their Tresspasses Your Heavenly Cy4istia ntChurc
then left on CR 138, follow signs. 12899-.F Father Will Also Forgive You" Matt. 6:14 19-F Christian Church
Pastor Bill Talley
FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD ST. MATTHEW'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Bethel Creek Baptist Church.... ....658-2398 963-5600
Choir Practice ............................................10:00 a.m. Contact Number in Mayo (386) 294-2218 Pastor : Sherwood E. Sawyer 208-9626
Stad Kid's Service ..... . .1 :0 a .................... ........................... Rev. Linda Lowry Sunday School..................................................... 9:45 a.m .
Evening Worship .......................................6:00 p.m. Sr. Warden..... .......................Pippy Cashman Su E Worship ..................6:00 m Worship Service..............11:00 a.m.
Kids on the Rock....................6 p. m Celebratio of.Hol Eucharist at 7:00 PM Wednesday BieS.udy.......... .....7:00 pm Prayer Meeting.........7:00 p.m.
Adult Bible Study.........7:00 p.m. each Wednesday to be followed by light 20536-F
Pastor: David Stephens refreshments and Christian Education. Nursery available for all services
Youth Pastor: Daryl Fletcher receheOnets a Chrit eia n Mato. located 3 miles North of Day on Highway 53
Located on Mill Street, Mayo "Renewing Hope and Building Lives" 297-F Located One Block North of the Courthouse in Mayo Where you are always welcomed 129000-F
Hatch Bend Baptist Church
Pastor George Dunn TO Place Your Church In

Sunday School...........................9:45 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship .................................... 11:00 a. m.
Sunday Evening......................................6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Evening...................................7:00 p.m.

Call Myrtle at 362-1734


o- c/ w4' NFCC Upstage Players present family comedy,

Call: 294-1210 Rest Assured, Dec. 8 thru 11
Fax: 294-2666 The Community Theater wrestler, ever beautiful, Martha Lan- the job the cast and crew are
Drop box: located at program of North Florida Another family duo is coni; Justin Webb, Madison, doing in preparation for
S f Crofts Thriftway Community College the Bob Wieland and his returns to the NFCC stage this show."
Upstage Players an- daughter Danielle Wieland as Lucifer who travels "up" Production manager is
PRICES ounces the cast for the pro- of Madison. Dad Bob plays to take Mr. Morlock "down Denise Bell, Live Oak, and
WITH OTOduction of Rest Assured by Luigi Lanconi, father of the there;" and Judie Baldwin, Linda Brown and David
aziny J/air&.d WITH PHOTOS Donald Payton, Dec. 8-11 in prospective groom. Daugh- a NFCC mainstay from Foust, Madison, are coordi-
Send us your Weddingagement $25 the NFCC Fine Arts Audi- ter Danielle, an NFCC grad- Madison, is Mrs. Schmaltz nating technical set-ups. Ina
social news Birth Eng cement $5 torium, Madison, Fla. uate, plays the witty, sar- who arrives to accompany Thompson, NFJC graduate,
ne Birth Announcemen $0 Shows Dec. 8-10 are at 7:30 castic housekeeper Mil- Lucifer and Morlock. is in charge of set construc-
_n/c Monday Noon per column inch p.m. and the Sunday mati- dred. Mother/daughter "I think this is a perfect tion. Thompson, has re-
/c Monday Noon nee is at 3 p.m. duo Judy and Molly Mc- show to kick off the holiday turned to Madison from At-
Remember the Hatfield- Cormack, Madison, have season," said Dr. Jessica lanta where she gained ex-
A lifetime of loving, caring and sharing..... McCoy feud? That's mild the roles of Hazel Morlock, Webb, show director. "The perience in set design and
compared to what happens family matriarch, and Miss audience will walk away construction.
S/ between the Morlock and Akers, secretary to Mr. feeling good about human For. reservations or more
(_ Lanconi families when Morlock. Molly's fiance, nature and the essence of information, call 850-973-
daughter Mary and son Joe Ray Register of Jasper re- family love. I am proud of 9481. Tickets are $5.
Please join us, our children and grandchildren as we cel- announce plans to wed. The turns to the NFCC stage as O .
ebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, the fathers face off in hilarious Mr. Black, the friendly un- Bringing Christmas Back Home...
seventeenth of December, two thousand and five, at five verbal battles with plenty of dertaker. Martin and
o'clock in the evening at Le Chateau de Lafayette located support from family and Bladen Gutz, father and son 9 '4 t
at 136 North Fletcher Street, Mayo. friends, team from Madison, play vwwvwI.lW
Your love is a treasured gift, we require no other. The cast includes new Dr. Brown and Jake, the First Assembly of God Kayne Hurst, Dillan
faces as well as seasoned cockney newsboy, respec- Adult Choir, Youth and Thompson, Katie Fletcher,
veterans with several fami- tively. Children's Department will Sara Hamlin, Brooke
W&e 44d ie 4 ly combinations thrown in Rounding out the cast present "Bringing Christ- Thompson and Julya John-
to spice things up. For in- are: mas Back Home," Sunday son.
50 d t"6 1" stance, Kip Sparkman of Teresa Wren, Madison morning, Dec.. 11, at 11 Choir members are Judy
Perry plays family patriarch NFCC freshman, who a.m., First Assembly, Mills Harvey, Linda Griffin,
The children and grandchildren of Wendell and Melba Phillip U. Morlock. Spark- hopes to marry her true Street. Mary Beth Hamlin, Kathy
Lewis invite you to an Anniversary Celebration On Satur- man, a NFJC alumnus, love Joe; Juan Castro, Pastor David Stephens Baldwin, Carolyn Walker,
day, the seventeenth of December, two thousand and five teaches at Taylor County Greenville NFCC student, and the cast invites you to Delores Walker, Teresa
from two o'clock until five o'clock. Middle School and the Mor- plays Joe Lanconi, the come and enjoy the story Hart, Mildred Jackson, Kim
Renewal of their vows with reception following in the lock role is a reprise of his prospective bridegroom; Ed of Christmas presented by Stephens, Scott Hamlin,
fellowship hall at Hatch Bend Baptist Church 3029 South- performance 30 years ago at Bagley, NFCC instructor the cast: Max Stephens, David Stephens, Roeland
east County Road 500, Branford, Florida Taylor High. His daughter, from Madison, is the family Megan Walker, Kristen Ducksworth and Tony
Your love is a treasured gift, we request no other. Please NFCC student Erin Spark- attorney, George; Ashley Hurst, Savanna Hamlin, Baldwin.
bring a memory to share. man, plays Morlock's VanScooter, NFCC student Kole Hurst, Katie Baldwin, The cantata is under the
daughter Jessica who as-. from Branford, makes her Tori Walker, Thomas Jack- direction of Vickie
Manna 0ou Sl AngeIl TZre pires to be a female acting debut as the late, but son, Brittany Walker, Ducksworth.

Just a note to remind you about the Manna House Br te .. &
Angel Tree. This is a tree set up at Croft's Thriftway
with paper angels on it. On the back of each angel is
listed a male or female (no names) child with his or her S ..-.'"*'i"ges
age, and sometimes their Christmas wishes. F i Diogenes F Duarte, M.D. PA.
These are underprivileged children from the sur- '
rounding area. If you go by and get an angel you can Board Certified in:
contribute money in an envelope and take it to Croft's Pulmonary
Triftway and it will be spent on a child, or you can pur- Pulmonary
chase a gift and attach the angel to your gift and take it (Breathing Problems)
to a Croft's Thriftway employee. Polm
If you prefer I can pick it up from you if you call 294- y Sleep Medicine
4146 at work or 294-1294 home phone. These angels I '.-.. Accepting Medicare, Medicaid and
need to be back at the store or picked up by me by De- Back row (I to r): Justin Webb, Molly McCormack, Ed Bagley, Erin most private insurance
member 21.. Sparkman, Juan Castro, Bob Wieland, Ashley VanScooter, Judie
.God will bless you, Baldwin Front row (I to r): Danielle Wieland, Judy McCormack, 334 SW Commerce Drive, Suite 1 Lake City, FL
Gloria Johnson Kip Sparkman, Teresa Wren, Ray Register Not pictured: Martin 386-754-1711
Gutz and Bladen Gutz 223SS0-F

Which one will you choose?

Not all plans charge the same

Vicky You -u s
Noling III y BII

S ,. Annual Plan Cost Annual Plan Cost Annual Plan Cost
__$2519.28 $2,692.70 $3,506.76
Norvasc Tab Norvasc Tab Norvasc Tab
10mg .............$14.76 10mg .. .......... $25 10mg .... $16.35
Plavix Tab Plavix Tab Plavix Tab
75mg ....... ....$28.92 75mg .. .... .. .... .$25 75mg ... .. $31.20
Prevacid Cap Prevacid Cap Prevacid Cap
30mg DR ........$31.70 30mg DR ........ .$25 30mg DR ..... .$165.13
Toprol XL Toprol XL Toprol XL
50mg Tab .........$5.91 50mg Tab...........$25 50mg Tab .... ...$7.06
Monthly Monthly Monthly
At North Florida Phanmacy, Premium .......$10.35 Premium .......$59.15 Premium .......$31.53
we're here to help. Annual Annual Annual
Deductible ........$250 Deductible .........$100 Deductible ..........$250
If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
And remember, if you don't choose a plan by May 2006,
you may be penalized when you sign up in future years. Total monthly costs vary depending on actual drug use. Monthly premiums and co-pays vary by program.

L North Florida Pharmacy

229 W. Main Street, Mayo

(386) 294-3777


FFA Chapter presents program at Rotary meeting ai_____
Submitted by Becky Sharpe Irene Burke Gilbert
rIrene Burke Gilbert, age
____.__ 64, passed away on Tues-
LW day, November 29, 2005 at
,A '.. Lafayette Health Care. She
was born in Logan, West
SVirginia, and had lived in
'. Mayo for the past 20 years.
She was a member of the
Airline Baptist Church and
..enjoyed crafts and garden-
ing. Preceeded in death by
her Parents, Rev. Ottie
Burke and Virginia Burke.
She is survived by; (3) sis-
Mary-Thomas Hart, Jr. Pre- John Levi Vann, Sr. Creed ters; Linda Richardson and
pared Speaker Speaker Group pic of Jr/Sr. Par Pro, Jr. Prepared Speaker, and Sr. Creed Speaker husband Ed, Diana Brock
and husband Colin, all of
S' .... Mayo, Thelma Cook and
'.', husband A.J., of Hunting-
1 iton, W.V., Anita Flowers
A ,..... D and husband Dan, of New
.. T Smyrna, (2) brothers; Ottie
Burke, Jr. of Logan, W.V.,
Paul Burke and wife Bar-
bara, of Crownpoint, Indi-
ana, (6) nephews; Brian
Richardson, Scott Richard-
son, Wendell Burke, James
.. .^ Cook, Frankie Clay and
William Clay, (3) nieces;
Sr. Par Pro, Lacey Moore, Kevin Water, Justin Moses, Nathan Teresa McCray, Angie
Broughton, Brandon Adams, Rhett Coleman Lafan and LaDonna Shea,
(4) great nieces; Harleigh,
Tatum, Kaiya and Harmo-
ny, (5) great nephews;
Holden, DeWayne,
MAYO FREE PRESS Id o Michael, Justin and Tripp
Published weekly every Thursday, USPS #334-600 Funeral Services were
Phone: (386) 294-1210 Fax: (386) 294-2666 ........... ............ held at 3 p.m. at Burns
C hapel on Friday, Decem-
V ber 2, 2005, with Rev. Rusty
Bryan, officiating. Inter-
PIC ment followed at Light-
Jr Par house Christian Cemetery.
Pro, Kali Family received friends on
-- Soarpe, Thursday evening from 6-8
Myra Regan, Linda Smith, Delores Walker, Mary- thursday evening from 6-8
Mary- p.m.atBurnsMayoChapel.
Publisher Manager ReporterThomas Joe P. Burns Funeral
Annual subscription rate: Hart, Home in Mayo was in
Annual subscription rate: '- '- Courtney cr of a the arran
$16 in county / $23 out of county Courtney. charge of all the arrange-
Periodicals postage paid at Mayo, Florida Rheinbo..,ments.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Madeline
The Mayo Free Press K Hembree,
P.O. Box 248 Kendallge
Mayo, Florida 32066 HCe Hewitt,
Office located at 705 NW Suwannee Ave. Branford, FL Ih Evan Bar-
Editorial Policy: The Mayo Free Press encourages readers to write let- ingtn, e
ters to the editor expressing their options. All letters should be brief and to 'Lindsey
the point and those selected for publication (we reserved the right to accept .. ..... Hamlin, T sts set
or reject all letters) may be edited for space reasons. Letters must be signed H. .. .. Te t sTripp Mc-
and include the writers address and phone number to be considered for D ec'.
publication. All letters become the property of The Mayo Free Press. Cray'r De .8
North Florida Commu-
College Placement Tests
First you were a good little girl, (CPT) on computer on
Then you became a great kid, Thursdays, December 8,
After that you became a Young Lady, and 15 at 8:30 A.M. and
Ts1:30 C.M. in the NFCC
S Later you grew to be a fine Woman, Testing Center (Bldg. #16)
No you are just...OLD. on the Madison campus.
Persons taking the tests

Of. Birthday, in NFCC Student Services
24 hours before testing.
From those For more information,
who knOW please call 850/973-9451.
awh aysw North Florida Commu-
You always nity College will conduct
S Z get what a College Placement Test
(CPT) on computer Thurs-
E R@ ."2OU day evening, December 8,
deserve. NFCC Testing Center
For all the LADIES & GIRLS on your list! the very (Bldg. #16) on the Madi-
BELTS PURSES best! son campus. Persons tak-
BELSIURESreD.. ing the test will be re-
A GREAT GIFT! "SUPPORT Leather, Faux quired to register in
Rhinestone, YOUR Leather or with .. NFCC Student Services 24
Sparkles! hours before testing. For
Studs, Woven LOCAL 25"-'50% H HAPPY BIRTHD moreinfomatio0n, please

*.B.ut.-Wafnt iew Br th ng Gulf Sunsets. Best Salad Bar in this Area


Keep her Dressy &
toasty warm! PERFECT GIFT!

400 OFF! 3,0o OFF! .. .... "

-Visit our DRESSES
TEDEN & "OTHER Dressy & Casual I

SUITS! SALE for all Sizes! ~I
25 OFF! oFF0 ,. OFF! Fresh Seafood & Steaks Since 1969I

V rSA Mon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 9-3 I
......33. i8

Open seven days a week 11 a.m. 9 p.m.
"3 F Located at the mouth of the Steinhatchee River 222371DH-F

,A: 4 ,, -,,


AARP helps you sort out the facts about new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
The most important task Medicare. "One of the most impor- scription drugs per day. www.aarp.org. call the AARP Florida State
for Medicare beneficiaries It is important for con- tant roles AARP will play is AARP believes the AARP Florida will pre- Office at 1-866-595-7678, or
this fall is the selection of a sumers to have the tools providing education to con- Medicare prescription drug sent comprehensive infor- email us at
Medicare D provider. Be- and the right information sumers about the Medicare program is an important mation to groups across the flaarp@aarp.org, or see a
ginning in January 2006, to make informed deci- prescription drug program. step to provide better access state. To schedule a speak- list of upcoming presenta-
Medicare Part D will begin sions. To help the public The more informed you are, to affordable prescription er, or find out if there is a tions on our Web page
to pay part of the cost of navigate the enrollment the wiser your decision," drugs for older Americans public session in your area, www.aarp.org/fl.
prescription drugs helping process, AARP is providing said Florida AARP State and those with disabilities.
to provide affordable and a free guide, What You President, Judy Thames. Individuals with lower in-
sustainable access to med- Need to Know About the "Our role is to make sure comes, depending upon the a.
ications for Medicare bene- New Medicare Prescription our members have accurate, level of need, could be eligi- .
ficiaries. The new benefit is Drug Coverage. The publi- unbiased information to ble for reduced or even zero
voluntary; however, cation will help educate help them make wise choic- premiums and deductibles
Medicare beneficiaries consumers about the es about this new benefit." through this program.
must enroll in order to par- Medicare drug program Currently, 16 million To obtain a copy of What S
ticipate in one of the private and the decisions they will Medicare beneficiaries do You Need to Know About
plans approved by need to make. not have any prescription the New Medicare Prescrip- '
drug coverage. Yet roughly tion Drug Coverage contact .
S________50 percent of older Ameri- AARP at 1-888-687-2277 or '
Legislative cans take four or more pre- visit our website at xA'
Continued From Page 1A ziano said, "It is very im-
portant to us to see that W ANTED: Piano students
duction, revitalization pro- rural counties receive the
jects and grant funding. needed funding for their I will be teaching a limited number of piano students .
Sen. Argenziano (R) projects." in the coming year.
Crystal River, said small Other stops for Rep. If you are interested call 294-1320 and leave a mes-
counties such as Lafayette Stansel and Sen. Argen- sage.
need money for very im- ziano included Gilchrist, Delores Walker ': "
portant things that other Suwannee and Columbia ..'.
counties have. Argen- Counties. ..
Ne wReporter to-elciv'ede '
Continued From Page 1A need to be covered. Feel
Continued From Page 1A Medicare is saying the av- free to call 294-1210, and -
erage premium s about the past five years. Walker give us a news tip if you Forester David Morse is shown giving information and technical
2006 but decide to join at a $32.20 a month, has decided to make a ca- hear of something you advice.
later date you will be *You may pay a de- reer change, and will be think may be newsworthy.
charged a 1% penalty per ductible each year. leaving at the end of this Anytime that you have Forester
month each month you *You may change plans month. an article and/or photos
wait. each year during the en- Mikell was born and you would like to send us, Continued From Page 1A reforestation, the Mallory
*You have a choice of rollment period of Novem- raised in Bell. He has you can drop it by Crofts Swamp restoration and an
plans. ,In fact, Noling says ber and December. worked within the school Thriftway and leave it in Showing a commitment important Pitch Canker
in Florida, there are 44 *Contact you local phar- system and library system the drop-box, or email us at to sustainable forestry survey in Lafayette Coun-
plans with over 100 op- macist or log onto the there. He is familiar with mayofreepress@alltel.net, practices, Morse certifies ty.
tions offered by private in- Medicare web site at life in a small rural area fax it to us as 294-2666, or landowners in the Florida The Service Forester of
surance companies who www.medicare.gov for and is very excited abeuat mail it to PO Box 248, Forest Stewardship pro- the Year Award is present-
have contracted with more information, covering the news for the Mayo, FL 32066. gram, which helps private ed to government
Medicare. Noling said she will look Mayo Free Press. He will be Again, on behalf of the landowners increase the Foresters who work be-
*You may be charged a at the coverage offered for around town throughout Mayo Free Press we hope economic value of their yond the call of duty to
monthly premium. The Medicaid or low-income this month along with that you will welcome Ira forestland while maintain- promote forestry and
cost will depend upon the recipients in next week's Walker, learning his way into the community and ing its environmental in- serve forest landowners
plan you choose but edition, around, and getting to help him to do a good job tegrity for future, genera- through their activities.
know the people of the in covering the news in our tions. The Florida. Forestry As-
Cou rt county. area. A dedicated employee of sociation is the only
He is very eager to learn We at the Mayo Free Press the Florida Division of statewide non-profit trade
Continued From Page 1A some time in the coming and do a good job for our wish Walker the best and Forestry, Morse also as- organization representing
year. paper and Lafayette Coun- appreciate all of the hard sumed the duties of county the interests of landown-
County Judge Harlow H. Johnson was returned to ty. But, we will need your work and effort she has forester for a nearby coun- ers, loggers, foresters and
Land, Jr. who ruled a custody at Lafayette Coun- -help in providing him with given towards covering the ty while the forester posi- the forest products indus-
mistrial, appointed John- ty Jail where he has been the great news tips, and local news and helping to tion was temporarily va- try in Florida. For more in-
son a new attorney with a held since his arrest calling our office to let us make The Mayo Free Press a cant. He is involved in joint formation, please visit
new court date set for June 17. know of the things that better paper. projects involving cypress www.floridaforest.org.

ewre A Pictorial History of Suwannee, Hamilton and Lafayette Counties "-f

forp.ku a ".h

offices of

SMayo. Get your copy

"perfect gift for any friend
or family members!

Just a small example of photos inside the pages of Days Gone By Hr9pes l


Second Lafayette County Health Fair a huge success!
Lafayette County's sec- macy-Mayo, Three Rivers
ond Adult Health Screen- Legal Service, Gentiva A
ing was a success. On Health Services, Haven
Wednesday, Nov. 16, over Hospice of Suwannee Val-
95 participants strolled ley, North Florida Cancer
through Lafayette County Center, Family Nutrition
Community Center and got Program, Lake City Med-
a chance to visit with 22 ical Center, Nature Coast ...-
vendors from Mayo and Eye Care Institute, Suwan-
the surrounding area. Par- nee River Economic Coun-
ticipants were able to re- cil, Gateway Surgical
ceive free of charge impor- Group, Shands Homecare,
tant health information, Omni Home Care, Florida
bone density testing, dental Department of Revenue,
and vision screenings, Lafayette Health Depart- .'
blood pressure, glucose ment, Suwannee River .
and cholesterol checks, bal- AHEC, Mayo Manna i
-ance testing and much House and Mayo Family ,.
more. Pharmacy. Also, thanks to .
The planning committee Rebecca Hall for acquiring
would like to thank our all the wonderful door
vendors for making this prizes. We are very thank-
years health fair a huge ful to those who donated .
success. Mayo Health Ser- the many door prizes and O '
vices, Oak Ridge Assisted gift certificates; you are all
Living Facility, Lafayette are greatly appreciated.
County Health Depart- With such a wide variety 2 i
ment-Dental Unit, Cheek of vendors and door prizes I E
and Scott DME, Suwannee no one left empty handed.
County Health Depart- Be sure you don't miss out
ment, North Florida Phar- next year! i

F C a opt .F

The Florida Fish and

Commission (FWC) ap-

'1L- j forts concerning airboat
r, sound reduction Wednes-

day during its meeting at
ThKey Largo.riaF

The Commissioners' ac-
tion clarified that flex pipe
Sis not an effective muffling
frequieored on airboats. Co-

provision directing FWC

ance through a six-month
educational period.n

TheCommissioners also vot-

ed to move forward with
public outreach efforts to
''- resolve concerns about air-

1 I 'airboat-sound reduction
.Tcompetition next spring, in
-* cooperation with the indus-

S"Toget to this point, FWC

.. .. .... ,J in and residents to address
Crystal Gayle & Lee Greenwood complaints about sound
Christmas Show..........Dec 17 levels produced by airboat
Snow Days "Arctic Amventure" engines and propellers.
.... ..Dec31 Feb 28 Workshops attracted 400 p
Van Zant .............an 28 participants who over-
Ne McCoy........ Feb 11 wheltrnngly agreed on the
Wi.terIam.Feb 18 need for an airboater code
The Perfect 'rn Willie Nelson............. 25 of ethics and the need for
,. meonal effective mufflers on air-
Holiday Gift ..l boatioundlev boateengines.

PASSPORT '06 includes unlimited admission to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, GA, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park Watch for information on
and both Splash Island Water Parks through December 31, 2006. It's your ticket to over 100 rides and attractions, exciting daily shows, over 600 wild animals, a the second nMiss Lady

1-75 Exit 13, Vald'sta, GA 229.219.7080 www ,wildadventurs.net week's edition of the
2233.."5 tr Mayo Free PreSS .


Second Lafayette County Health Fair a huge success!

I.i11........ .. .

- I -, : I

,'( .Oember 1 16, 2 g

WM- .n. Eudig Wedk Th urs. Mi. |

fw- lun, Bro .. ... "s ; Salad eaihrv w .B un, -
.,,- .
... ,.- .". .....8'0,0-524 5... ... Cr... R ". H"y 27 ". 90 H y ,

'9"""24-15 14
4 /Iofourn

_- ,4



Wild Adventures wins Brass Ring Award:
Park earns top prize at industry marketing awards
Wild Adventures Theme Park won a works extremely hard to inform guests of keting by parks and attractions from theme park in the country and one of the
coveted Brass Ring Award in the category the affordable family fun Wild Adventures around the world. Top 50 Theme Parks in North America, ac-
of outdoor advertising for its eye-catching offers and it is great to be honored for More than 600 entries in nine different cording to Amusement Business Maga-
series of billboards promoting the park at these efforts." categories competed for Brass Ring ziie. It features the largest collection of
the 2005 International Association of IAAPA's convention and trade show Awards and Wild Adventures was up rides in the South, including nine roller
Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAA- meets annually to discuss all aspects of the against corporate giants, such as Six Flags coasters, entertaining daily shows, exotic
PA) Expo in Atlanta. amusement park industry, with more than and the LEGO Company. Various adver- animals, all-star concerts and refreshing
"It's always exciting to be acknowledged 25,000 people attending this year's event at tising, marketing, public relations and water park fun.
by your peers for a job well done," Jimmy the Georgia World Congress Center. The graphic design professionals from the For more information, call (229) 219-7080
Holmes, Vice President of Marketing and Brass Ring Awards are a highlight of the Washington, D.C. area judged the entries, or visit www.wildadventures.com
Entertainment, said. "Our marketing team convention, recognizing excellence in mar- Wild Adventures is the fastest growing .

the Stockin

Attention Kids!
Color it, decorate it, 11M
be creative and useo .
your imagination to
make the stocking
look like a stocking
that you would like.
You could be eligible to win:




There will be 1 winner from each age group
after all entries are combined:
Age 5 7 years; 8 10 years; 11 13 years
Please submit all entries to:
Mayo Free Press Stocking
P.O. Box 248
Mayo, FL 32066
Child's Name
.Parent's Name _


(Stocking and all entries will be
displayed in our lobby)
Entry deadline is December 16.
Winners will be called on Monday,

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Suwannee Democrat,
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By Terry Hedgespeth .. J
Sports Reporter i

Lafayette County's news source since 1888. We're proud to serve!

Hornets survive tough week Lady Hornets

survive 2

taking 2 of 3 tough tests

What a difference a year 1.Hd.g tough tests
makes. The Lafayette
High School boys basket-
ball team hit stretches last d rp ooe
year with consecutive
tough games, and even The Lady Hornets ran 10, Alcazar with 6, Whitney
though they battled with their record to 4-1 after two McGrew and Smith each
everything they had, lost toughwins on the road, but with 2 points.
in the end. We were talk- dropped a very competitive #4NFC 68 Mayo 56
ing about the Hornets contest to fourth ranked The Lady Hornets would
dropping three more by NFC this past week. see their four game win
close margins. The ladies found them- streak come to an end at the
It is not like the schedule t selves in a early hole in Dix- home gym following a 68-
is any easier this year. The M ie County trailing 13-4 after 56 loss to the fourth ranked
first three games of the the first quarter. Mayo NFC Lady Eagles, but not
2005-06 basketball season would take a two point without a huge effort from
started in Dixie County, n lead into the locker room the Lady Hornets that gave
ventured down to Talla- however picking up the de- quite a supreme effort.
hassee to meet an always "lfense in the second quarter Mayo found themselves
tough MaClay team, and .. outscoring the Lady Bears tied at 10 before a 9 point
then the home opener 13-2. Mayo would outscore run by NFC ended the first
against a very powerful their opponents 32-16 in the quarter. Mayo found them-
private school, North second half to pull out a selves down by double dig-
Florida Christian. This H tough 49-31 win. its in the second quarter,.
year, the Hornets battled Natalie Land Would but as they did the entire
all three to the wire, .5. score 17 points while game, battled back the last
pulling out two of those. pulling down 9 rebounds., five points of the half to
The season opener in ..Shewould giveout 5 assists pull within a 30-35 score.
Dixie County looked dim and defensively, stole the A three point basket by
for the Hornets after three ball '8 times. Reid evened the score at 39
quarters of play. Mayo fell Sunshine Reid may have early in the third quarter
behind early, trailing 15-4 saved the day for the ladies forcing an NFC timeout
after the first quarter with in this one netting 11 and had the Mayo gym
only baskets from Thomas --points, while rebounding rocking. NFC ended the
Parker and Chris Lisk the ball six times and stole third quarter with a couple
posting numbers on the NFC used their biggest man to stop McIntyre from shooting the three. It did not work. He still man- the ball twice. She would of key baskets to surge to a
scoreboard. Chris Givens aged 19 points and four from downtown. He would hit 8 against MaClay. also have an assist. 44-49 lead.
and Josh Scott managed to Marla Alcazar picked up A three point basket by
post 3 points each, while while teammate Jonathan her game when it counted Alcazar brought the Hor-
Eric McIntyre dropped in 4 Sellers collected 4 steals scoring 10 points with 6 re- nets within one point at 53-
points in the second quar- and dished out 4 assists in bounds, while stealing the 54 early in the fourth quar-
ter as Mayo inched closer the fourth quarter team ef- ball twice and handed out ter, but the shooting from
trailing 24-17 at the half. fort enabling the Hornets ., an assist. the stripe made t differ-
The Hornets offense still to outscore the Bears 28-10 .*'. Sharhonda Cherry ence in the contest with
was not clicking on all and start the season on a turned in a nice game scor- NFC connecting on 26-29 to
cylinders in the third quar- good note after squeaking ing 5 points with 2 assists, pull out the tough win.
ter and found themselves out a 56-52 thriller. and stole the ball three Land was incredible in
down by 14 points head- MaClay 61 Mayo 58 times while grabbing a re- the game scoring 29 points
ing into the final period. It would not get any eas- bound. despite being blanketed,
Mayo would hit stride in ier for the Hornets as they Mayo 49 MaClay 30 and grabbed 9 rebounds
the final quarter however loaded the bus for a trip to Another slow start saw with 4 steals, blocked two
with senior leader Cody Tallahassee to face the Lady Hornets tied at 7 shots and gave out an as-
Page finally busting loose MaClay. following the first quarter sist..
scoring 10 of his 13 points, Mayo entered the fourth Iin MaClay. Land would Reid would finish with 11
and did a nice job on the quarter with a one point. ", .put that to rest in the sec- points and 4 rebounds with
boards pulling down 10 lead after coming back ond quarter however scor- 2 steals, a deflection and 1
valuable rebounds. from a five point disad- ing 15 of her 29 points to assist.
Joining the 28 point vantage.' The Hornets push the Hornets out in Alcazar was able to con-
fourth quarter explosion found themselves in the front comfortably by the nect on three from behind
was McIntyre scoring 9 lead with just over a half. the arc to finish with 11
points off 5 steals. minute to go in this one af- Other Lady Hornets net- points, a steal and 2 re-
Parker was also instru- ter 8 three's by McIntyre ting points was Reid with bounds.
mental in the final quarter for his 29 point total, four
as the Hornets raised their by Page contributing to -.
Parker leading the way measure, Parker dropped

with 6 steals paving the in a couple to put the Hor- .
way for easy baskets. nets in great shape to win
Parker would score 5 the game, but could not : .

Also creating havoc in against a solid ball team,
the final period was Zane dropping the contest 61-58 "
Walker taking the ball in a well played ballgame. Darren Powe has been tough defensively early in the season. -
away from the Bears on 7 Page was once again dy- Powe would block two shots against NFC, which is his average for ..
occasions. namic on the boards with. the season. He would also score a basket, and record a steal.
Darren Powe added his 9, with Parker pulling
defensive drive to the down 5. McIntyre did The Hornets scored a big one defeat.
comeback blocking 3 shots some defensive damage win at the home gym with The win would not come
in the contest. with 2 steals that led to a 64-59 overtime win easy. Mayo surged out to a
Michael Wimberley easy Hornet baskets. against a strong NFC team quick. 9-4 lead after one
would be huge on the .Hornets upset NFC in for their second win on the quarter with Page, Parker
boards pulling down 6, overtime young season against only and Sellers netting two
pointers while McIntyre
- added a three point basket
--.1' ..~ /- -. early helping the Hornets
.** surge to a quick 5-1 lead.
Wimberley added two .... '*&
., --. .... points from the stripe. -
1 Page was active in the first Fran Smith takes the tip for the ladies.
stanza getting 3 steals, 3 re-
Sbounds and blocked a shot,
while Parker managed 4
offensive rebounds keep-
ing possessions alive for
the Hornets.
,. Mayo would fall behind
.at the half by 3 points de-
"".spite a great second quar-
(. ter by Wimberley which '9i
saw him score 6 of his
game total 8 points. He
' collected 3. rebounds,' with
two of those being offen-.
'. sive, and blocked a shot.
S-- -..... PgeasnaleAlcazar plays the great defense. She has certainly been hustling
Sellers seems rather comfortable from the line as he hit 7-8 including the game winnersagainst NFC. SEE HORNETS, PAGE 2B her way to several steals this year.


Hornets Land delivers
Continued From Page 1B the third quarter to push once again tor
S- the Hornets in front. the Hornets
the quarter, but handed Page would finish with .. witlh 29 points
out 3 assists to keep the 11 points, 5 of those in the keeping Mayo
Hornets close. third quarter, with 6 re- close against a

of the locker room ith steals, one of which came learn.
the intent on dominating. ate to seal the deal. He ..
Several minutes passed also blocked a shot. 1' ''
before a basket was Sellers was impressive .:
beot df ense t bo ads4 withdk 6,poe.. ..C
scored, but the Hornets on the boards with 6, 3 of
were able to grab a third t those were offensive
quarter lead of 30-27. which led to 11 points. He 1. .
Page would score 4 points, also had 3 key steals.
grab 3 rebounds, give an Parker finished with 8
assist and stole the ball points as a result of 6 re-
once accounting for one of bounds, 4 coming at the of-
his baskets. pensive end of the court. I
Sellers was able to get a we He would also provide 2
couple of steals which al- The officials awarded Ann Murphy and Glenda Hart an award at assists.
lowed the Hornets to gain halftime for scorekeeping and assisting the officials. Both are NFC brought two big
control of the game going very deserving. men with them to Mayo to
on a 6-0 run to push Mayo battle underneath, but
in front 30-24. NFC cut from the stripe with Park- McInthre would lead all Wimberley seemed to en-
the lead in half ending the er nailing two, McIntyre scorers for the second joy himself scoring 8
third quarter on a three one, and Sellers closing game in a row netting 19 points as a result of 5 of-
point play. the door making two key points along with 4 assists, fensive boards, had a steal
NFC shut down the free throws to create the fi- 4 steals and 2 rebounds. deflected a pass and
Hornets early grabbing a nal score of 64-59. Sellers Eight of those points blocked a shot in a nice ef-
37-33 advantage after would finish hitting 7-8 with the assistance of two fort to neutralize the oppo- '.
McIntyre had hit a three from the line. from downtown came in nents big men.
pointer giving Mayo a. 33-
29 lead. NFC reeled off 8
straight points before
Page connected from :% .*. .* 7. V .
downtown to draw the
Hornets within a point.
Page would find two Baseball Report sneak preview of the sea- upset the defending state ers. Basketball news
more points to pull the The Hornets baseball son that will begin one champs Fort Meade hold-. If there are any former Varsity basketball coach-
Hornets within a point team was unable to meet week after the scheduled ing off a furious second Hornet football players es Blankenship and Gar-
once again, but NFC ap- their Christmas tree sale alumni day. half rally by the Miners that want to don the pads land have their own plans
peared to have shut the quota, but still have major Turf has already arrived falling 38-31 to the Sharks one more time for a great starting in May for raising
door getting to the foul plans in the works. to start laying down the despite a special teams ef- cause, contact Joey Pear- funds for their programs.
line to score 6 unanswered There is a yard sale be- .ground work for the field. frt that included two son at 294-4136. He is The proposal on the
points and push out to a 7 ing planned in which a It is time to get to work, touchdown returns of looking to field at a mini- table is to field a league for
point advantage. A key storage facility for donat- like this baseball boosters' kickoffs and 257 overall re- mum of 20 players per
three pointer by Parker ed items has been accom- club and team have ever turn yards setting a state team. SEE TIDBITS, PAGE 5B
pulled the Hornets within polished. The yard sale is stopped working. These finals record.
a 47-41 score. McIntyre expected to take place on folks plan on making Is there any doubt which .
would score the next five February 4, 2006. That Mayo a very special place team in the state had the
points of the game to pull same day, dinners will be to play a ballgame. Step best defense? The Hornets
,the Hornets within a 52-48 sold, and an alumni base- up to the plate and assist of course, and some of us
score before Josh 'Scott ball game will be held. the Hornets in their quest. still believe as we did at T
found his only points of The junior varsity and var- Football News the beginning, of the sea- .::
the game from behind the sity teams will also be on The state title games are son that the Hornets were
arc to pull Mayo within a hand to give the fans a finished. Port St Joe did the best team in the state.
point. An offensive re- Coach Joey Pearson is
bound by Sellers sent him hard at it these days con-
to the line, where he templating an alumni foot-
wouldmake one of two to ball game .for all ages. No,
send the game into over- .- it is not his intention to
time after the Hornets manage a flag football.
held NFC scoreless with game, but a full contact The turf is here. Coach Hancock utilized the services of the Pear-
11 seconds remaining in ": with pads event on the Sat- son boys and Jackson to assist getting the turf off loaded. The
the game. urday prior to the super work has just begun, but should provide a facility that all the Hor-
In the overtime period, i-bowl. The cost will be $25 nets can be proud of.
Mayo got two quick bas- ., per player with the' pro-
kets from Sellers and "ceeds going to help with
Chris Givens following an the costs of the football
offensive rebound to take team going to Gator camp.
a quick 4 point lead. Mayo (L-R) Jimmy Dale O'Steen, Doyle Bell, Vasco Koon, Charles The teams will be
would swap baskets with Thomas, Levis Odom, Ben Henry Hooper, William Geiger, Keith formed with the odd year
NFC until putting the Buchanan, Billy Baker, Woodrow Wilder, Coaches Mike Kovolick, players squaring off
game away making 5-6 Al Beach (not pictured Howell Walker). against the even year play-
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LES students visit area farms
Submitted by Tammy Guyton
The Kindergarten classes at LES went on a trip to the -
farm on October 28. We would like to take. this opportu-
nity to say thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Lyons, Mrs..
Pauline Lawson and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jackson, Shawn R $ ,i
and Scott for taking time out of their busy schedule to : .
show the kindergarten students their farms. Thanks for
all the goodies. '
Our first stop was at the Lyons' farm where the stu- :
dents saw hogs and pigs. They had a chance to hold the .
baby pigs. The students loved holding the pigs, but they
did not like the squealing.
Our second stop was the Lawson's farm where the stu- .
dents saw baby chicks and the students fed the deer.
Our last stop was the Lawson's farm where the students
saw baby chicks and the students fed the deer.
Our last stop was at Jackson's dairy the students were .
able to see how cows where milked and they loved it.Y
Wow! we got to go on a hayride and see baby calves.
This was a great experience for the students, some of ..
the students have never been on a farm before.

atgh "Scfayette.H School Aly Other Sho ws..........5.f- w... their p t in our Holsba
cb 0r A t HWTA

s .... &m..... ....outr a ceAon2l i 1 Fne& Sle & Age B 4o 3

M a r t o. p S.. 1 000 ol a .4: 30

6th grade class
5to have gift SON l-l t S

da86 Jan. 5, 2006. 1-800-25-4182 et 1 "1* tol y ou | ta pr ocessm g.
TE6ra de cass wil6SaD c s1f d, -am ti.

Ceter a. n S at ,e eS M ct
cemigh brool cMol ,heL SAN ED .OR al p ublisie

P.M.e Gits wiae wrap p ed 1 0ree RWam. tell On Mediu eba L rgefDrigeratPor $100r e' yho wh it woor

pffave a gifte wrlepangbooth 3urent.yLandyphotographto:
Cafeerdi on 1an:d re t r i.tway on Beaugiau. Ble.Gold Living Room C hl ChidsnNas& Angels
will beTrdapedte Riker
later toprick te. m up. eSping I.L. o Seat, C E1nd .ernTe' M ow Fe Press
Plesncome ou and hsu e oApl i person 2 Lms. 1 Coe Table B & Phais B 2 4, mayo FL 3

Frdate2 Ja11 po18 t-2. 2ruor Het. 1 t Cerourch a today. pMoFees s r

da ode aand (Beind pinge Ce r)
Wednet sda.pr1-866erain rernmy (7Ep-137-7966 Allpic


The Mustard Seed Unlimited, Inc. Looking Back Over the years...
SBy O.A. WiVnburn youngsters were making
The fort at Steinhatchee our way there wading dur- ;
show s ste y g w th Springs as well as some of ing a period of high-water.
the many other forts built I was not swimming at that
Delores L. Walker -
in Lafayette County during young age and was of
Since its opening in July the "Seminole Wars" is fre- course just a short little guy
of this year Teresa Frier quently mentioned in ac- of about 6-8 years of age.
says her business has lived counts of those wars. The Sydney was wading nearby -....
up to its biblical nane by picture here shows the well when I disappeared into
the steady increase of or- .. ". and spring enclosure at the hole and he reached
ders on a daily basis since Steinhatchee Springs men- down and pulled me back
the business was planted tioned in a previous article. up before I had time to take
in Lafayette County. This picture has a date of in water. Thanks again,
The business was located 1936 and from the apparent Sydney.
in McAlpin operating as state of ruin of this struc- The area around' the 0.A. Winburn
-High Performance Graphic
.-u'igh Performance Graphic ture it is obvious that it had springs has now been filled
Designs until Frier and herbeen there for a consider- in and is easily accessible. Longitude.) Cooks Ham-
business partner Jimm y able time. The appearance During the last of the mock was an established
Richards brought it to of the homemade bricks "Seminole Wars," General settlement which had been
-Mayo. n l i would indicate that it was Zachary Taylor was as- occupied before the wars
The new location is near erected as a source of sub- signed the task of removing began and in reading the ac-
the Frier residence at 279 .. sistence to the soldiers who these Seminoles, number- counts concerning the ef-
NW L.J. Frier Drive off SR built and occupied Fort ing around 300, who had forts to remove the Semi-
27 west of Mayo. B Buckeye during the Semi- chosen not to accept the of- noles I came across notes of
Teresas son Quinn, age A relaxed working environment offers up lots of smiles for The nole Wars. It has sincebeen fer to relocate beyond the some communications re-
15 has mastered the skills Mustard Seed Unlimited, Inc. staff. (L-R) Mary Williams, Teresa restored and made more Mississippi River, but had guarding reports of the loca-
as was shown on my visit Frier (standing) and Paula Shattler (seated). durable, chosen instead to split into tions where Seminoles were
there as he applied letter- ..... .-" A sort of island was de- small Bands and become known to be hiding. One
ing to a sign that would .veloped around the en- hard to find. in the swamps place in particular caught
soon grace the front of ...- "' closed spring and in nor- and hammocks around my attention, "Pumpkin
someone s business. i mal times it was easily ac- North and Central Florida. Swamp" or hammock. It
Frier says sign making is cessible, but during high In attempting to accom- was said that about 20 Indi-
just one of the many prod- water, access was by a tim- plish this task, the general ans including women and
ucts offered by the compa- i ber walkway which ran erected many forts accord- children were holed up
ny. They can do embroi- from the clearing to the ing to his plan to have one there and that it was a place
,dery, screen printing, vinyl well. This large clearing in every 18 mile square where plenty of food and
lettering, trophies, signs, may have been the site of block of land. That is when water was available for
banners, magnetics, heat Ft. Buckeye. Fort Buckeye was built. them to subsist on.
press, advertising/promo- I would like to thank One was also erected at My thoughts drifted back
tional and specialty prod- ,Sydney Matthews for Cooks Hammock, (Fort to a time of my early child-
ucts and services.
uctsand servlces pulling me out of a hole by Parker, Lat. 29 deg. 55 min. hood when I first visited
P aula Shattler c plee tia. the well as some of us N. and 83 deg. 20 min. W. Pumpkin Swamp. With that
Paula Shattler complete the in mind I would like to
pan.. Sh .e _oes the mn on i '! comment on the events that
jority of embroidery with I can recall concerning
Williams, Quinn and Tere- .
sa working with the other (Watch for the next seg-
Cz> \(Watch for the next seg-
products offered by the
products offered by the .- ment of articles, coming
company. Quinn Frier completes the lettering on a sign. l soon).
Frier says they are con-
stantly improving their J
Y-"^ ':,,. ""- ..Nelsonesonhs
technique and is proud to N ie or'Si
have several local busi- Mary N
nesses calling for their Williams .
product. lends her Medicar e Bill
Business hours are 9 a.m. assistance
to 5 p.m. Monday through to Quinn as ge
Friday with delivery ser- they finish gets bo
vice available. just one f U.S. SenBill Nelson's
To learn more about The *the many B-t Medicare Informed Choice
Mustard Seed Unlimited, signs or- ': Act received a boost as fel-
Inc. call Teresa at 386-294- dered low members of Congress
2508 or toll free at 1-800- Photo Delores Picture shows"Well and spring enclosure at Stenihatchee Springs joined him to support hiS so-
:752-2962. L. Walker around 1936. lution to the confusing
.-.---Medicare prescription drug
4 .", .plan.
Seniors can enroll in
Medicare drug plans start-
S-ing today, but there have
been widespread reports of
confusion relating to the
new program. Nelson's bill
would give seniors more
.time to enroll by extending
M,: .the -deadline from May 15,
2005 to the end of 2006. It
would also allow seniors to
avoid late fees during 200,6
and would give seniors the
option of correcting initial
mistakes in enrollment dur-
ing the first year of imple-
7 mentation.
..r_ ....-.d Sens. Nelson and Dick
] ?Durbin, and other members
of Congress all said today
this legislation is necessary
because the new drug plan
S.is confusing to many seniors
''": -,. . ,. and contains stiff financial
'.... ': .-,..- ,:,'. penalties for late enroll-
.. ment. Under the current
law, seniors who don't sign
'.... o ..... .."" up by M ay w ill pay substan-
.-......~ .tially higher premiums 'if
they later decide to join the
.. ,.. "Seniors shouldn't be
.. forced into making rushed
.... :... and uninformed decisions.
"... They need more time to
choose a prescription drug
plan that is right for them,"
said Nelson after a news
=, .conference, at which he was
'' joined by Durbin and a
sponsor of the House ver-
sion, Representative Jan
Nelson also noted that the
enrollment process would
be especially difficult for the
thousands of seniors dis-
placed by this year's hurri-
canes. Without permanent
A1 addresses and adequate re-
sources, these seniors will
,,1 l ... ..... i.-.. d1:" l ', .. i' ..1 r ...,r I ... i '.,, I .,,I,, I' I ly I s,.'. n, ,r I,',.*.' I ,ic: J d ,ngthc mimcd lJ k r T find it difficult to receive the
I .'..r 1 ..... I 1. Iv .I 1,,1 .r I.,11 v .:,. lu -...i I. .,r .... I I -, .l... .|,... I,,i-. ..' pL .: p _abh. plt \ -.lie t .. .Igfg[ trg '5 2[*. .
an informed decision.
-: Nelsofi hopes that his bill
will continue to pick up
steam in the Senate. He in-
tends to offer the legislation
SRARE THE WONDER. as an amendment in the
2O4i4og near future.


Mayo Legals Mayo Legals Mayo Legals NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION D o rma n t
ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS The Lafayette County School Board will hold a o r m
ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS NOTICE OF HEARING PUBLIC NOTICE public auction for the sale of the Magdalene
Land house on Tuesday, December 20, 2005
THE LAFAYETTE COUNTY SCHOOLa.m. The auction will be held
BOARD WILL RECEIVE BIDS FOR THE The Lafayette County School Board will con- The Lafayette County Commission will hold a at thenning athouse, which is locauction wt 499e held
FOLLOWING: duct a public hearing on Tuesday, December regular scheduled meeting on Monday, De- t r e e s p r ime
20, 2005 at 10:30 a.m. to consider amending cember 12, 2005 at 9:00 a.m. The meeting will Main Street, Mayo, Florida.
REROOF SCIENCE BUILDING the following rule: be held in the Commissioners Meeting Room A minimum bid of $25,000.00 has been set by
LAFAYETrTE HIGH SCHOOL on the Second floor of the Lafayette County the School Board. Th house will be sold 'as
MAYO, FLORIDA PURCHASING POLICIES AND BIDDING Courthouse in Mayo, Florida. Listed below is is" withe Scho Board. Tho be responsible for all mov-d as
ARCHITECTS PROJECT NO. 0537 The Board has considered the economic im- an agenda for the meeting ing expenses. A binder of $2,500.00 will be
Da Time for Rceivin Bids: pact of the amended Rule, and upon approval By Order of: due at the time of sale, with the balance to be Other than raking up moving dead or diseased
Tuesday, December20, 2005 at 10 a.m. and adoption of this policy by the School Jack Byrd paid within 30 days.falling eaves, colder wood providing clear-
Board, Lafayette County Schools will comply lae, c
Place for Receiving Bids: with the guidelines set forth in Florida Statutes CALL TO ORDER AT 9:00 A.M. If interested, you may call the School Board weather usually means the 'ance, or improving struc-
Lafayette County School Board Administration and State Board of Education rules for pur- 2. INVOCATION AND PLEDGE TO FLAG. office at 294-1351 to schedule a time to view
Building chasing and bidding procedures. 3. APPROVE THE MINUTES. the house, season for yard mainte- ture are most common.
363 N.E. Crawford Street 4. SPECIAL NEEDS FROM THE COMMUNI- 12/1-12/15-3-D nance is over. But don't Proper technique is e-
Mayo, Florida 32066 ph. (386) 294-4104 Statutory Authority: 337.11(5)(A); 1001.42, TY. pruning te-
Florida Statutes 5. LAND USE PUBLIC HEARINGS. worry, for those avid yard sential. Poor pruning te
Date, Time, Place for Pre-Bid Conference: Law Implemented: 112.312; 120.57 6. CONRAD BISHOP-VARIOUS ITEMS.workers, there is still work unique can cause long-term
A Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference is sched- 2212.0821; 255.04; 1001.43; 1010.01; 7. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT.
uled to be held at the job site on Tuesday, De- 1013.47, Florida Statutes A.) Set salary for new director, that can be done. This time damage.
ceriber 13, 2005, at 11 a.m. State Board of Education Rules: 6A-1.012; 6A- B.) Discuss reorganizing the job responsi- Continued From Page 2B of year is actually good Learn how to make
1.085; 6A-1.087; 6A-7.042 bil- of year is actually a good Learn how to make
Bid Documents Prepared By: cities in the department. players 25 and over from time to prune your trees proper cuts.
Craig Salley Associates, Architects A copy of this Rule of the Lafayette County C.) Other issues.yer 25 and over from time to prune your trees proper cuts
3911 Newberry Road, Suite D School Board is available for public inspection 8. PUBLIC HEARING-PROPOSED-RESOLU- the surrounding communi- except for those that flower Small cuts do less dam-
Gainesville, FL 32607 at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, TION AMENDING RESOLUTION 2002-12- t i a o e t e an largp
Phone:(352) 372-8424 Fax:(352) 377-4945 Lafayette County School Board, 363 NE Craw- SP-1 (HUNTING ON PUBLIC ROADS.) ties with a $125 entry per in the spring, age to the tree than large
ford Street, Mayo, Florida. Office hours are 8 9. PUBLIC HEARING-PROPOSED ORDI- team This is in the early Trees are dormant in the cuts. Unlike people, tree
Bid Documents: a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. NANCE-HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCI- i i in
Available from the Architect's Office DENT COST RECOVERY. stages of planning, but winter, making pruning wounds do not heal, they
Fredric W. Ward, Superintendent of Schools 10. DR. NANCY McCULLERS-HEALTH DE-
Deposit for BidDocuments: PARTMENT REPORT teams may want to start easier because you can bet- close. Smaller cuts close
Contractors may obtain Bid Documents for a IF A PERSON DECIDES TO APPEAL ANY 11. DISCUSS THE MAINTENANCE OF SE forming to be ready for an ter see a tree's structure quicker.
deposit of $50.00 per set with a two (2) set DECISION MADE BY THE BOARD, WITH PERSIAN ROAD.
maximum. Partial sets not available. Deposits RESPECT TO ANY MATTER CONSIDERED 12 APPROVE THE NOVEMBER SW/EMS event that even though is when no leaves are on the Make cuts just outside
of Contractors are refundable upon submis- AT THIS MEETNG OR HEARING HE/SHE BILING REPORTS."Proper pruning the branch collar for quick
sion of a bonafide Bid and return of said Bid WILL NEED A RECORD OF THE PROCEED- 13. DEPARTMENT HEADS-VARIOUS ITEMS. in the early stages of plan- branches. "Proper pruning the branch collar for quick
Documents in good and usable condition with- INGS, AND, FOR SUCH PURPOSE, HEMAY 14. APPROVE THE BILLS. ning, appears to be head- can be an important part of wound closure.
in ten (10) days after Bid opening. NEED TO ENSURE THAT A VERBATIM 15. NEW BUSINESS.and coue
in en (RECORD OFTHE PROCEEDINGSISMADE 16. ADJOURN. ing in the right direction, tree health maintenance," Avoid leaving stubs.
This Work consists of, but is not limited to, the MONY AND EVIDENCE UPON WHICH THE All members of the public are welcome to at- Proceeds from the league' said Jim Skiera, Executive Keep tools sharp and
complete removal of the existing built-up and APPEAL IS TO BE BASED. tend. Notice is further hereby given, pursuant are to assist in camp costs Director of the Internation- clean.
shingle roofing, metal and base flashings and 12/1-12/15-3-D to Florida statute 286.0105, that any person or a Ar ri r Rm mbr that ruin
the complete installation of new built-up and persons deciding to appeal any matter consid- for both the ladies and al Society of Arboriculture Remember that pruning
shingle roofing systems, and all related flash- PUBLIC NOTICE ered at this public hearing will need a record of bo basketball programs. (ISA). "Just be aware that large trees can be danger-
ings and counter flashings on the Science the hearing and may need to ensure that a y ball p gra .
Building at Lafayette High School in Mayo, Notice is hereby giventhatthe Board ofCoun- verbatim record of the proceeding is made 50th Anniversary Reunion each tree is different, and ous. If pruning your tree
Florida. ty Commissioners of Lafyette County, Florida which record includes the testimony and evi- Anniversary pruning the wrong time cannot be done without us-
shall hold a public hearing at the County Com- dance upon which the appeal is to be based. The 50th Anniversary re- pruning at the wrong time cannot be done without us-
Roof mounted HVAC'equipment that has to be mission Meeting Room, Second Floor of the 12/8-1-D union of the LHS 1955-56 or the wrong way can in- ing power equipment or
removed to accommodate the new roofing Lafayette County Courthouse on December u nt_9 5 th e wrna a in- ing p h wd th or
system, and to install new curbs, shall bedis- 12, 2005, at 10 a.m. to consider the following IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR Boys Basketball Team and jure a tree or make it sus- leaving the ground, then it
connected and reconnected as required by a resolution: LAFAYETTE COUNTY, FLORIDA Hornet Cheerleaders will ceptible to disease." should be left to a profes-
licensed electrician and refrigeration mechan- PROBATE DIVISION
ic. RESOLUTIONNO. File No.:2005-41CP be held at Lafayette High Pruning helps keep sur- sional arborist. You can
Award of Contract: WHEREAS, Mr. Marvin Buchanan has re- IN RE: ESTATE OF School on Dec. 16, 4:30 un- rounding areas safe for find more tips on how to
Contract will be awarded as soon as possible quested that a portion of the Folsom County til 9:15 people and objects by re- prune trees at
to the lowest responsible Bidder, provided his Road be deleted from Resolution 2002-12 SP- JACQUELINE L. MOELLER t r- prune trees at
Proposal is reasonable and it is to the Interest 1 (Hunting on Public Roads), and The Commemoration moving dead or broken http://www.treesare-
of the Owner to accept it. The Owner reserves Deceased.
the right to waive any informality in bids re- WHEREAS, The Board advertised and held a DeceaedCelebration is in honor of branches. But too much good.com/treecare/treeca
ceived when such waive is in the interest of public hearing on same on December 12, NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Coach Al Beach and Mem- pruning can create more reinfo.aspx.
the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to re- 2005. (Intestate)
ject any and all Proposals when rejection is in bers of the 1955-56 LHS problems than it solves, The International Society
the interest of the Owner and to reject the Pro- THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the The administration of the estate of Jacqueline Boys Basketball Team....the Skiera added, advising of Arboriculture (ISA),
posal of a Bidder who, in the opinion of the Board of County Commissioners that there will L. Moeller, deceased, is pending in the Circuit
Owner, is not in a position to perform the Con- be no hunting on the following portion of Fol- Court for Lafayette County, Florida, Probate highest scoring team in his- homeowners to prune an- headquartered in Cham-
tract. som County graded road in Lafayette County, Division, the address of which is PO Box 88, nu and l y instead p i nonprofit
Florida: Mayo, Florida 32066. The estate is intestate. tory at LHS. nually and lightly instead paign, Ill., is a nonprofit
Date of Advertisement: The names and addresses of the personal Team accomplishments of all at once. When in organization supporting
December 8, 2005 Folsom County graded road beginning at the representative and the personal representa-
intersection of Swindel Grade in Section 10 tive's attorney are set forth below were Conference Champi- doubt, consult a local tree care research and edu-
FOR THE LAFAYE'T-E COUNTY SCHOOL Township 5 South Range 10 East and travel ic ic >< c_ 4n ,,rl
BOARD southerly two miles to the intersection of Lone Any interested person on whom a copy of the on, District Champion and ISACertified Arborist for cation around the world.
By: Fred Ward, Superintendent Oak Road in Section 21 Township 5 South notice of administration is served must object State Finalist. advice. As part of ISA's dedication
12/8-1-D Range 10 East. to the qualifications of the personal represen-
tative, venue, or jurisdiction of the court, by fil- Members of the team are Deciding what and to the care and preserva-
AGENDA PASSED in regular session this day of ng a petition or other pleading requesting re-Baker, DoyleBell, Kei- where to prune involves tion of shade and orna-
TOWN COUNCIL,TOWN OF 2005. lief in accordance with the Florida Probate Billy Baker, Doyle Bell, Kei- where to prune involves tion of shade and orna-
MAYO, FLORIDA Rules, WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE th Buchanan, William an understanding of basic mental trees, it offers the
MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2005 LAFAYETTE COUNTY, FLORIDA TICE ON THE OBJECTING PERSON, OR Geiger, Ben Hooper, Vasco tree biology, sharp tools, only internationally-recog-
TOWNM. DONNIE HAMLIN Chairperson THOSE OBJECTIONS ARE FOREVER Koon, Levis Odom, Jimmy and an artful eye. Where nized certification pro-
276 WEST MAIN STREET ATTEST: O'Steen, Charles Thomas, you make the cut is as im- gram i the.industry. For
RICKY LYONS, Clerk Any person entitled to exempt property is re- Charles homas, o the cut is as i- gram or
REGULAR MEETING quired to file a petition for determination of ex- Howell Walker and portant as knowing what more information, and to
1. Adopt Agenda The proposed resolution may be inspected by empt property WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED
2. Approve minutes from previous meeting the public at the Clerk of the Circuit Court's Of- BYLAWORTHE RIGHTTOEXEMPTPROP- Woodrow Wilder. to remove. There are a few find a local ISA Certified
3. Citizen Input fice at the Lafayette County Courthouse, ERTY IS DEEMED WAIVED. Any person enti- Coaches were Al Beach simple principles to under- Arborist, visit
4. Election of Mayor Mayo, Lafayette County, Florida. tied to elective share is required to file an elec- www.treesaregood.com
5. Election of Vice-Mayor tion to take elective share WITHIN THE TIME and Mike Kovolick and stand before you prune: www.treesaregood.com
6. Jim Hollis-Pioneer Day expansion to two ll member of the public are welcome to at- PROVIDED BY LAW. Managers were Randell Always have a purpose days tend. Notice is further hereby given, pursuant
7. David & Paula Liles Speed limit decrease to Florida Statute 286.0105, that any person Attorney for Personal Representative: Walker and Bernard Webb. in mind before you cut. Re- good.com>.
on South Fletcher at SW Lake Street or persons deciding to appeal any matter con- Darren Jackson
8. Steve & Lisa Maurer-follow-up on road title sidered at this public hearing will need a Attorney for Terry Stephens
search and sewer availability to Mayo Heights record of the hearing and may need to ensure Florida Bar No. 145386
Subdivision. that a verbatim record of the proceedings is PO Box 1690
9. Department Reports made, which record'includes the testimony Mayo, Florida 32066
a. B.Z. Cashman and evidence upon which the appeal is to be Telephone: 386-294-5151 o kg th e p e r e t
c. Aaron Lawson Personal Representative:
d. Bobby Johnson DATED this 2 day of Dec., 2005, by RICKY Terry Stephens
10. Miscellaneous Items LYONS, Clerk of the Circuit C6urt and Clerk of Personal Representative W e c a n h e lp y o u g e t th
11. Pay Bills the Board of County Commissioners of 12/8-12/15-2-D
12. Adjourn Lafayette County, Florida. e an py o
12/8-1-D 12/8-1 -D | ... .
0:0 .i'. .. ...

C s t a t e e xs .

Melissa has bn experieed to llCyd a
North Florida Focus Page 6-7C .n i

Annette B. Land T/A Land a i
Brokerage Realtor, welcomes its e she s
newest Sale Associate, Melissa
Lamb. She attended Cooke Reial
Estate School and recently passed Te "ci n
her state exam.

Melissa has been married to Clyde adent ar. i pe rto
Lamb for 5 years and together are o Pr sent l se e m e rcial Nurs in g
raising their 4-year-old son, Craig. h. '. 1 1. ync
Clyde works for the Department of '- i :CB or' A n o
Corrections in Lake Butler and C i th *Amntr,,

call today at 386-935-0824 or 386-208-2156, to see what she can do for you.s I e
runs a law n care and lB.LandGRI/Broker/Ownaneraping

business, "1i I ,.iB.", :tT' 415vSeW. Pinew;oo d Dr.
AuMelissa graduated from Branford Oaai, FL 3aMcnOet
High School in 1990. She

College, taking business couresset s: i Wto hGEDPr eparation help prereeyou.m..

P.O. BOX 394 www.andbrokeragerealtor.com Practical NursingCENTER
Branford Hardware'. Along with her sales experience, she has 11 years of banking Business Education Programs
experience, including 4 1/2 years at Capital City Bank formerly Brnford State Accounting Operations InACCEPTED. APPROVED Ous VA TRAINING BENEFITS.
Bank. Melissa is a local Mary Kay Consultant, and is actively involved in the Administrative Assistant Automotive Collision Repair
community. She enjoys her role as secretary of the Branford Woman's Club and Medical Secretary Automotive Service Technology
is also a member of the Miss North Florida Scholarship Committee. A+ Certification Brick and Block Masonry

Melissa is excited to embark on a new adventure. She is wide open and ready for Family & Consumer Science Programs Coidntology
new experience. If you are looking to sell or purchase real estate give Melissa a Early Childhood Education commercial Foods & Culinary Arts
call today at 386-935-0824 or 386-208-2156, to see what she can do for you. TIOA EIl Y

fTOAnnette B. Land, GRI/Broker/Owner

I SUWANNEE- 415 S.W. Pinewood Dr.
SLive Oak, FL 32064

P.O. BOX 394 www.landbrokeragerealtor.com T E C H N I C A L C E N T E R (386) 364-2750


I Blood Mobile comes to Mayo Questions about the flu?
; We would like to thank
-veryone that supported this Submitted by: secretions (that is, a condition that
mmi-.try this year with your Pete Gallogly, M.D. makes it hard to breathe or swallow,
.donations of what ever. With Medical Director such as brain injury or disease,
stuff coming in and going out Lafayette County spinal cord injuries, seizure disor-
:Monday through Friday 10 Health Department ders, or other nerve or muscle disor-
ba.m. to 2 p.m. we always I have been receiving a significant ders.)
-have something to do. .- number of questions around town 2.) People 50 to 64 years of age.
Weather it is sorting and .' V' concerning the flu vaccine, and Nearly one-third of people 50 to 64
.hanging clothing, putting thought I could try to answer the years of age in the United States
dishes, pots and pans or what more common concerns here. have one or more medical condi-
ever comes in on the shelves. Do you still have flu vaccine? tions that place them at increased
.Cooking lunch, handing out Yes. We are fortunate enough to risk for serious flu complications.
:bread, food. or what ever we have received a new shipment 3.) People who can transmit flu to
.get from American Second through the CDC. Our regular al- others at high risk for complica-
'Harvest in Tallahassee, or is lotment of five-hundred vaccines tions. Any person in close contact
.donated by local growers. has already been exhausted. We do with someone in a high-risk group
there is always something to recommend calling LCHD before- (see above) should get vaccinated.
h'be done. hand at 294-1321 ext 0 to ensure that This includes all health-care work-
With the weekly Thursday we have vaccine remaining. ers, caregivers of children 6 to 23
'and Friday bread and most Aren't there two kinds months of age, and close contacts of
weekss food program going of flu vaccine? .people 65 years and older.
"strong again, there is some- c Yes. The flu shot is an inactivated Can I get sick from the vaccine?
thing to do even day. Mon- vaccine (it contains killed virus) that No. The flu shot is made from 3
-day clean up and load the is approved for people 6 months of types of killed influenza virus
-bread flats and boxes that age and older. This is the vaccine which cannot infect you and give
. have to be returned, Tuesday we have at LCHD. There is also a you the flu. The nasal spray vaccine
:drive (at 6 a.m.) 103.5 miles weakened virus nasal spray vaccine contains weakened virus which is
:unload flats and boxes, load Jennifer Williams and DeAnn Young take a break at Lafayette High that is for healthy people age 5 to 49. not strong enough to infect people.
bread and what ever is avail- School last week where they worked the annual Blood Drive. Look for Who should get the flu shot? Occasionally, a patient will expe-
".able, tie it down, drive 103 5 upcoming chances to "give the gift of life" at local businesses. The CDC guidelines are as fol- rience side effects, but these tend to
,miles back to Mltayo (11 a.m. lows be very mild. These may include
.to 12 p.m.), unload (12 to 2 L1.) People at high risk for compli- soreness, redness, or swelling
:p.m.). Wednesday put every- c cations from the flu: where the shot was given, low
:thing on the shelves, Thurs- People 65 years and older; grade fever, and aches. These side
;day and Friday give it out. We would like to thank all for the love the people have in People who live in nursing homes effects are what some people mis-
Last week we gave outover those involved with the rescue Lafayette County and the and other long-term care facilities takenly refer to when they say That
5500 pounds watermelons of our son, Jon Anderson, who prayers said, our son would that house those with long-term ill- shot gave me the flu. This is not the
and pumpkins with the was in a car accident on Nov. 19. have been hurt worse than he nesses; flu, but usually a result of your im-
bread and sweets to 121 fam- We commend Mayo Volun- was. Adults and children 6 months and mune system responding to the vac-
lies. teer Fire department, Lafayette Thank You older with chronic heart or lung cine and building your immunity to
Monday Nov. 21, we pre- county Sheriff's Office and Paul and Tina Anderson conditions, including asthma; the flu. If present, these symptoms
pared and delivered 283 Lafayette County EMS, as well and family Adults and children 6 months and will typically resolve in one to two
Thanksgiving diners. Last as Sheriff Carson McCall and the older who needed regular medical days.
Sear we prepared 250. off-duty deputies for the care or were in a hospital during the Why do I need a
With Christmas comes the promptness, professionalism Look for: previous year because of a metabol- flu shot every year?
Angel Tree to help the need and care shown.ly a r t LID A Y ic disease (like diabetes), chronic Viruses that cause the flu change
children. The tree is on dis- We especially thank Para- kidney disease, or weakened im- frequently and develop new types
play at Croft's Thriftway, so medic T.J. Hempstead for treat- mune system (including immune or strains. Because of this, having
go pick out a name and help ing our son like her own. DIi system problems caused by medi- the flu or getting the flu shot in a
.a child have a nice Christmas. We want to thank our church J.i t 12e n cines or by infection with human previous year may not protect you
'Contact person is Gloria family, Alton Church of God, immunodeficiency virus against infection this year.
:Johnson 294-1294. and everyone for their prayers, INSIDE North Floida [HIV/AIDS]); Is it too late to get the flu shot?
-: If you would like to help visits and phone calls. Focus Page 6-7C Children 6 months to 18 years of No. In Florida, our peak flu sea-
-:with this ministry please stop We truly believe if it weren't age who are on long-term aspirin son is the middle of February. A
.by between 10 a.m. and 2 therapy. (Children given aspirin vaccination in NovemberorDecem-
p.m. Monday through Fri- 2005 Christm as while they have influenza are at risk ber should still provide you with
day, or call 294-2150, 294- of Reye syndrome.); protection from influenza. We en-
2338.~ parade in M ayo Women who will be pregnant courage everyone to come in and
Thank you and have a Mer- i during the,influenza season; take advantage of the vaccine re-
ry Christmas and wonderful The Christmas parade will 7 p.m. There is NO fee to en- All children 6 to 23 months of age; ceived from the CDC.
New Year. be taking place in Mayo on Sat- ter a float into the procession, People with any condition that If you have further questions,
Don Inler urday, Dec. .10, at 6. p.m. (pa- and there will be prizes for the can compromise respiratory func- please give us a call, and we will be
rade line-up). Parade starts at three top floats. tion or the handling of respiratory happy to help you.

DANIELS FUNERAL ,,, For more information

HOMES, INC. f& v about advertising on our
& Excavating
Branford935-1124 Front End Loader Limerock Business Directory call
Live Oak 362-4333 CAT Back Hoe Top Soil.
f t James (Jim) B. Daniels, III, L.FD. Earthmoving Site Prep *r
Keith Daniels, L.F.D.
(c i J.B. Daniels, Jr. Pond Digging :Fill Dirt at 294- 1210
(Local) Family Owned & Operated Kenny Hart Jr., Owner 386-294-2621 129373

*S WUo f iNUUE 3jn 1. Burns
I, 6 ;omplcTFraCtor S 1400 Johnson Stripling Road, Perry Florida 32347
Repair Remode.g.. Drain Cleaning Factory Warranty for 3 Years Tol Free 800-343-3151
New C Stai tion Financing Plan Available in Leila F. Allen
7 Days 24 Hours an AvaiFamily Services Counselor
386-935-0616 9 ") ,im ,I Mayo Chapel Advance Funeral Planning
cre co lCCug ^ 'S l62I 3 O Mayo Chapel Perry Chapel
Serving All North Central Florida 4795 S SR 349 Branford j 386.294.2658 850-584-4

S JORDAN AGENCY, INC. AH RA8:30 am 6:00 pm Byrd's Power Equipment
__ 'PHARMACY Saturday 9 am-1 pm By ower
SOF BRANFORD & MAYO Sunday m- Closed Sales & Service
\CI All Makes & Models
/ .l; ,:' "* v Everything For Your Home Recovery
e 'J"'r'd'an / Oxygen and Medical Equipment
Joe Jordan 'i, /
405 SW Highway 27 -. ...... 203 E. Howard St. 229 West Main St. HUSQVARNA.
Branford, FL 32064 Live Oak, FL 32060 Vicky Noling, PharmD, CPH Mayo, FL 32066 10203 SE CR 405, Branford, FL 32008
935-6385 362-4724 Cherry Lumbert, RPH (386) 294-3777 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-5 p.m. (386) 935-1 544
129374-F Pharmacist 129379-F Closed Saturdays 129381-F

For more information MR O LIGHTHOUSE REALTY

about advertising on our 4 of North Florida, Inc.

Business Directory call -386-294-2131
hi>e iiton ree re AIR CONDITIONING, INC. Mayo, FL
(386) 590-7262 or (386) 208-6010
at 294 1210 6550 N.E. CR354 Heather M. Neill
CACyo, F1494 320662200F .. Lic. Real Estate Broker
CAC0 --1494 211196-F

,. 4 ,

North Florida

December 7-8, 2005
Live Oak Publications, Inc.

lNG soo Suwannee Funeral Home
O 0 / Chip and Debbie Harris mer Debbie Owen.
are proud to announce acqui- Chip worked with his par-
sition of Suwannee Funeral ents until he and Debbie pur-
F r Home, 932 North Ohio Av- chased the funeral home in
enue. 1983. Debbie worked along-
Chip, alongside his parents side her husband as his secre-
F re e s p irit Brody and Dorothy Harris, tary and took great pride in
the founders of Harris Funer- helping those in need
f al Home, for over 40 years through very difficult times
proudly served the residents in their lives.
a fe and families in their time of Historically speaking:
need. Brody C. Harris Jr. started
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Chip was raised in and working with the (original)
(Limited) around the funeral business Suwannee Funeral Home
all his life. As a teenager, he and for Fred Green, the own-
rT started working with his dad, er, in 1943. Henry Grant was
Sa t learning all aspects of the fu- then the manager, until his
Beter & wine neral business. As a young death in 1953. At this time
adult, he decided to go to Brody was promoted to man-
Hwy 41Jennings, Florida mortuary college to get his ager and remained so until
Hwy 41, Jens, Florida funeral directors and em- he and his wife, Dorothy, ,
balmers licenses. After grad- started Harris Funeral Home
8 6 9 eating from Gupton-Jones sometime after 1964. Chip, Debbie and Chip Harris
3ec8 6 z9 3 8 4 40rd1 Mortuary College in 1978, he Brody's oldest son, at age 14 ane n c n
223312SLF came home to marry the for- began working as an ambu- aga 2000 Attorney
lance attendant at night and til May, 2000.
Sceeend h and orn In November, 2005 they ac- General
on weekends* and working
THE PERFECT CHRIST funerals after school and on cepted the opportunity to re- launches
T1H PER E T CI weekends. turn to the funeral pAGofes-
eGIFT MADE EASY! 1 C sion. Chip and Debbie want excavation atn
SAhelp Yu mak wife, Debbie, purchased Har- you to know how humble site of Civil
We knot 01, lu e hM and .ielre here pumakers F l H e fm hs and honored they are to be
the perctl Chm. it choice frol our selecon o n ris Funeral Home from his abletoserveyou, the families Rights murder
cerificate,. hIt ing pTlants, stq.lr. bird bath,. fountains. parents and continued to op-
benche Jndarden art. To ae you more tme e'll gif a a of Suwannee County, once No stone will be left
bendie~ ~nd diden;, n.~r TI? dL u morL uime "el ;lr erate as such until they sold
wrTap and dehLerl ur selection. No tme to stop bi to the Loewen Group in De- again, with thoughtful, dig- unturned, says
We can take care oI eeriL thin right ouer the phone! unifiedd and personalized ser-
cember, 1992. They stayed on Florida Attorney
HOLIDAY DECORATING vice. General Care Crist
General Charlie Grist
WITH LVING PANTS I'll work magic in your home with my... Attorney General Charlie

season' Come h., ahnd see our wonderfulul Ilec tion' I r0 C Er fights leader Harry T. Moore
9 611 IV and his wife Harriette, by ini-
WE'RE OPEN ATE! Your o Dcora tng service tiating an cavation of the
Tuesday, arnd Thur'da- tke re open till s8-.0 A.lI A O our site I here the loores" house
lighted Chrisinm, figure,, % ill he It up and read for sale! t once stood. Joining Crist in
HWY90-othe n esto effors Cst unc
9248 129th Road Live Oak HWY 0 or do'd u need professional home e newest efforts at uncover-
(386) 362-2333 :decoratig? ing the identity ofher parents'
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 11TH STREET NO Job Too Small killer or killers was Juanita
Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sr Evangeline Moore, daughter
"For over 29 Years" 00 Charlotte Farley, Owner of Harry and Harriette Moore,
WWWNOBLESGREENHOUSE.COM and those directly involved
.N 1ESE UECM 8 =' -5 with the investigation.
Civil Rights believe the exca-
i"DY CR EDTvation could uncover impor-
tant forensic evidence from
DAY CREDIT SALE Some types of explosive evi-
SnNo dence can linger for years, al-
Spayments lowing experts to possibly de-
termine the type ofexplosive
Do nl2006 thtused While an earlier
excavation was conducted on

up? ,tion of the Moores' house will
SEE Tom Kennedy! Beacon scores of 420 & up? be examined in minute detail
using modem forensics pro-
'lE WIZARD" of W E CAN HELP! "cedures.
Credit Approva. r"We will literally leave no
Stone unturned in this investi-
"lflcn'te n ntz, nation," said Crist. "This
vou aPPrOVe Sales tragedy rocked the lives of
n 0 one Fut t e Man ger many in Florida, and it is im-
With your Credit? portant totakeevery step nec-
ith o u r C re d it essary in bringing this terrible
_chapter in our state's history
We have already helped hundreds of people $ nto an end."
SThe excavation is the latest
get into the vehicles they need and deserve. U0 U O step in the investigation,
Let one of our friendly Live Operators assist you. which was re-opened by At-
Stop crying and call someone that can help! tom eeral 2ris O24 De.
Fill out credit appication edTheinvestigation condu t
edunrtohe Gnediretios nioef ot
Fll out crdta licatin 8 67 5 Civil Rights, has received tips
& you're entered to win a Attorey General's eeOffices of
FREE Flat Screen T.V.!, *BAD CREDIT* NO CREDIT* CHARGE OFFS and has beenasited by the
ALL 05's MUST GO...Savings up you're working we can da Department of Law En-
to $5,000 on Crew Cabs without you re work ng we can SEE A RNE, PAGE3C
rebate! No reasonable offer refused! help you right now!
umITTONrr S $ 95

2310 U.S. Hwy. 90 W. (Across from Publix) 230 Live Oak t
Lake City, FL 32055 C EK 0 0 0t I foruget fCwf 'DM e W Al E % f(Su fw | 362-4043



^ *_ *d

-. "'* -- -!
nft o fO

.86pyri gSatuday erLti

888-675-4888 dated Content

A w,. .w bne fom ,,. on Serice Ro ai ,

.9 G


$ 50 Saturdaye Lnfetnme'
888-675-4588 I Rotation
., Hwy. 90West of I-,75,Lake\City,3 OFF_, ,ServRc ,,
SOpen Mony-Fiy 7:30 am; Saturday 8:00 a to 5pm.


This M month! $15 children, ages 5-14; NOTE: Tickets http://www.floridastateparks.org/stephenfos- SR 247 and SR 25 in Columbia County; CR
must be purchased in advance! Contact: ter/. 132, CR 136, CR 136-A, CR 137, CR 249,
Dec. 1-25 Owen Wingate, LCCC choir director, 386- CR 250, CR 252, CR 349, CR 49, CR 795,
Suwannee Lights at Spirit of 754-4255. SR 20, SR 247, SR 10, SR 51, US 129 and
Suwannee Music Park Tuesday Mitchell Road in Suwannee County; and CR
Dec. 9, 17 and 23 Dec. 13 136, CR 152, CR 143, CR 249, CR 137, CR
uwannee Music wi through Christmas Day, Dickens' "A Christmas Car- SRWMD Governing Board 251, CR 146, CR 135, CR 141, CR 150, CR
nee Music will run through Christmas Day, SR145 and US 41, SR 6, SR 25 in Hamilton
Dec. 25. Guests may drive through the ol" meeting County. Recognizing the danger presented
park's fully lighted trail filled with grand Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Suwannee River Water Management Dis- to the public by defective vehicle equip-
Christmas decorations. Per car: $8 Sunday- Oak presents a dinner theatre production of trict's governing board will meet at 9 a.m., ment, troopers will concentrate their efforts
Thursday, $10 Friday-Saturday; The park is Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale of Tuesday, Dec. 13, at District headquarters, on vehicles being operated with defects such
located north of Live Oak on US 129 at the Ebenezer Scrooge, "A Christmas Carol, SR 49 and US 90 East, Live Oak. The meet- as bad brakes, worn tires and defective
famous Suwannee River. Saturday evenings, Dec. 9, 17 and 23, at the ing is to consider District business and con- lighting equipment. In addition, attention
Grande Hall; Private party bookings avail- duct public hearings on regulatory and land will be directed to drivers who would vio-
Starts Today! able! Info: toll-free 800-224-5656. acquisition matters. All meetings, work- late the driver license laws of Florida. The
Dec. 7-11 shops and hearings are open to the public. Patrol has found these checkpoints to be an
NFCC Christmas at the Man- Saturday effective means of enforcing the equipment
and driver's license laws of Florida while
sion holiday open house Dec. 10 Tuesday ensuring the protection of all motorists.
NFCC Foundation, Inc. and the Friends of Live ak Fre Department Dec. 13
the Mansion invite you to Christmas at the will hold a yard sale American Red Cross CPR for Dec. 31
Mansion holiday open house, Dec. 7-11, at The Live Oak Fire Department will have a Profel RrN Year S Eve Party
Wardlaw-Smith-Goza (WSG) Conference yard sale at the old K-Mart Building on White Lake Yacht and Dinner Club; fine
Center in Madison, "the mansion;" sched- Dec. 10 from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. This yard Lake City dining with art and entertainment; Saturday,
ule: 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 7 sale will benefit the Live Oak Community American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; Dec. 31; meal served by local service club-
through Friday, Dec. 9; 11 a.m.-4 p.m., Sat- Organization (L.O.C.O.), which assists CPR for Professional Rescuer class; 6-10 gratuity paid to service club; 6-7 p.m. cock-
urday, Dec. 10; and 1-4 p.m., Sunday, Dec. those in, need in our Suwannee County p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 13; 264 NE Hernando tail hour- BYOB; 7-9 p.m. meal and enter-
11; Admission is free, but donations are community. Ave., Suite 102, Lake City. Info: 386-752- tainment; the dress-coat and tie for the gen-
welcome; Note: As a special treat the Madi- 0650. tlemen; reservations only-call 386-364-
son County Junior Auxiliary will host Saturday 5250.
"Cookies with Santa" on Saturday, Dec. 10urd y
from 1-3 p.m. There will be "celebrity Dec. 10 Thursday Child Care Food Program
elves" and Santa will be available to take SHS Class of 1986 planning Dec. 15
pictures with children so bring a camera. meeting American Red Cross CPR for available
Info/group tour reservations, Maria Greene, Suwannee Valley Community Coordinated
Mansion coordinator, at 850-973-9432 or e- Suwannee High School Class (SHS) of Professional Rescuer class in Child Care, Inc. (Suwannee Valley 4Cs) an-
mail greenem@nfcc.edu. 1986 is planning its 20-year reunion; next Lake City ounces its participation in the U.S, Depart-
meeting will be held at 10 a.m., Saturday, American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley ment of Agriculture (USDA) Child Care
Dec. 10, at Suwannee River Regional Li- American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley;
Thursdabrary, US 129 South, Live Oak; Info: An- CPR for Professional Rescuer class; 6-10 Food Program. Meals \vill be available at no
Dec. 8 gela Hunter Mandrell, mandr003@bell- p.m., Thursday, Dec. 15; 264 NE Hernando separate charge to eligible children. Par-must
Branford Camera Club south.net or Stacy Gamble, sb@alltel.net Ave., Suite 102, Lake City. Info: 386-752- ents/guardians of elication, available at Cen-
complete an application, available at Cen-
meeting as soon as possible. 0650. ters: The Learning Center, Lawton's Place,
o m Azalea Park or Jasper Early Head Start, lo-
The Branford Camera Club will meet at
Spm, Thursda, Dec. 8, at the Braord Saturday Saturday cated in Lake City, Live Oak, Mayo, Jasper,
S ., Tr c. Jennings, Ft. White or Branford. Info/appli-
public library. If you have any interest in Dec. 10 Dec. 17 cations/income guidelines: 386-754-2222.
Scations/income guidelines: 386-754-2222.
nature photography, you do not want to miss Douglass High School class Audubon's Christmas
this meeting! Edwin McCook will share m g B d C t in Hn N C
some of his photography experiences and meeting Bird Count in Hamilton NFCC offers
provide tips on good photo sites in our area; Douglass High School Class of 1966 will County RN classes
members welcome your questions about hold a planning meeting for its 40th class Four Riers Audubon Socity calls upon North Florida Community College offers
your equipment; bring your equipment and reunion at 2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 10, in the volunteers to participate in Audubon's. RN Program beginning Jan. 3, 2006 on the
manuals to the meeting and enjoy an inter- dining room at Springfield Baptist Church, Christmas Bird Count. Saturday, Dec. 17, in Madison campus; Info: NFCC Director of
estin en. g n ith felloww enthusiasts:-Intf: .61Q..Vest Avgnuejv.e Oak. All members, Hamil rdn C mount. Saturday, Dc. 17, in Mdison cgramp Nta Info: NF Ctor o
C aaT'n c gue--3S -bers.s h e t -r som e H am ilton C ounty;In fo.'to 'olunteer-: Frank, ,,' Y-N programm .N ta
d .nal n i gue.S,.--y3 L dormer-- class i m-i. :he for .some ', '.Sedmeia, 386-752-5974, mail ficonr'rife-d. d
niaCs ittts'ilbet Bernaad'a 6- .-..fqi n did no graduy.tth the-is. are iIm eraf@ com ,.4.,
935-0340; Dick Bryant, 386-935-1970; and invited to attend. Your presence is impor- CC Sprin Tem ::
Dick Madden, 386-935-0296. tant! Info: Naomi Clayton, 386-364-1844 or
Susie Seay, 386-362-2115. Tuesday registration'
Thursday Dec. 20 North FloridaCommunity College
r y Saturday American Red Cross Adult (NFCC) registration Spring Term runs until
Dec.8 Friday, Dec.. 16, and again Jan. 3-4, 2006.
American Red Cross Infant Dec. 10 CPR class in Lake City Classes begin Jan. 5, 2006. On-line classes
and Child CPR and First Aid Altrusa's Tour American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; available. Course lineup includes degree and
of Homes Adult CPR class; 6-9 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 20; technical courses in Madison and at off-
class in Lake City Tour of Homes will be held 264 NE Hernando Ave., Suite 102, Lake City. campus sites in Hamilton, Suwannee, Jeffer-
American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; Dec. 10. Tickets are available from any club Info: 386-752-0650. son and Taylor counties. Late registration
Infant and Child CPR and First Aid class; 6- member. ends Jan. 11, 2006. Info: 850-973-1622 or
10 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 8; 264 NE Heran- Thursday www.nfcc.edu.
do Ave., Suite 102, Lake City. Info: 386-
752-0650. Saturday Dec. 22 Senior Citizens schedule tours
Dec 10 American Red Cross Senior Citizens schedule
ec Live Oak Senior Citizens schedule escort-
Thursday American Red Cross Infant, Infant/Child CPR class in ed tours to: Jan. 20, 2006-Roy Clark,
Dec. 8 Child and Adult CPR and Lake City Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach; Jan.
City__27, Gaither Homecoming Concert 10th An-
School Advisory Council at First Aid class in Lake City American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; ni27ersary, Vetera ns Memorial Arenath An-
CITC! nmeetn *Infant/Child CPR class; 6-9 p.m., Thursday,
SHS meeting American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; Infant/Child CPR class; 6-9 p.m., Thur sonville; Feb. 18, 2006 "Hank and My
Dec. 22; 264 NE Hernando Ave., Suite 102, oon n e oe, H a Dn
School Advisory Council at Suwannee Infant, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid Lake City. Info: 386-752-0650 Honky Tonk Heroes," Alhambra Dinner
High School (SHS) will meet ; 6 p.m., class; 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 10; 264 Lake Theatre, Jacksonville; Feb. 27, 2006-Patti
Thursday, Dec. 8, in the student activities NE-Hernando Ave., Suite 102, Lake City. Page, Youkey Theater at Lakeland Center,
room at SHS. Agenda includes approval of Info: 386-752-0650. Through Dec.28 Lakeland; March 14-16, 2006-Tutankhamun
several mini-grant applications; All interest-, Driver's license and vehicle & the Golden Age of the Pharaohs, Ft.
ed students, teachers, parents and communi- aturday inspection checkpoints Lauderdale; May 4-7, 2006, I Love New
ty members are encouraged to attend. scheduled York-tour; Sept. 1-11, 2006-Hawaiian Ad-
Dec. 10 venture-cruise. Costs and deadlines for pay-2
Dec. 8-10 Festival of Lights Christmas The Florida Highway Patrol will conduct ment vary for each trip. The group meets the
LCCC Choir will present Ct driver's license and vehicle inspection first Monday, 10:30 a.m., Extension Build-
L ir ill present Concert checkpoints through Dec. 28, n Bron ing II,Agriculture Center. Visitors welcome.
Christmas Madrigal Dinner Baritone soloist Brent Stake of Jack- Road, CR 252, CR 252-A, CR.252-B, CR Info:-Lula Herring, 386-364-1510.
Lake City Community College (LCCC) sonville, accompanied on the piano by his 25-A, SR 47, SR 341, US 441
Choir will present its Christmas Madrigal wife, Vickie Stake, will headline at Festival US 41, CR 245, CR 238, CR C H R ISTM A S TR EE S
Dinner to benefit HOSPICE of North Flori- of Lights Christmas Concert; 6:15 p.m., Sat- 135, Turner Road, SR 100,
da and South Georgia, at 7 p.m., Thursday, urday, Dec. 10, Stephen Foster Folk Culture Trotter's Road, Fairfield
Friday and Saturday, Dec. 8-10, hosted by Center State Park, White Springs; park open Farms Road, CR 250, CR 349, CHOOSE-n-CUT and PRE CUT
First Presbyterian Church, Lake City; Cost: from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Cost: donation of _Jones Christmas* Tr t'rI
Thursday $15 tickets: for appetizers, dessert canned goods suitable for giving to charity; POOL CHLORINE JOnes ~Ir ns Ias 11re F im
and drinks; Friday and Saturday;'four-course Ififo: 386-397-7009 or 386-397-4331, or .. f25
"Renaissance Feast" tickets: $25 adults; $20 visit www.FloridaStateParks.org/stephenfos- ~Refill 1230 NW 95th St., Branford, FL 32008 -
senior adults, LCCC staff and students; .and ter/ or (386) SEAMAN'S AQUA CLEAN e Hw935-3549
230 W H-oward St., Live Oak
Attorney__ 362-4043 (East of Hwy. 129 or West of Hwy. 47)
Attorn3ey6 4 To N.W. 7th Terrace.... Follow Sigans
Continued From Page 1C tragedy," said Evangeline hei oI- i 16 Acre SAND PINE,
forcement. More than 100 inter- day when those of us affected H a iC A&
views have been conducted in by this heinous crime will final- CEDAR
search of the identity of the ly have some sense of closure." 'r illg NORTHERN FARM
bomber or bombers. The Flori- Harry T. Moore was Florida's FRASER FIR,
da Association of Crime first civil rights pioneer. In S solutions Inc. BALSAM & SPRUCE
Stoppers assisted Crist's of- 1934, he organized the Brevard N TREE STANDS & A
fice in gathering information, chapter of the National Associ- Ir. Debra K. Griffin Au.D. Audiologist FEW TABLE-TOP,
taking tips through the organi- ation for the Advancement of POTTED TREES
nation's hotline and offering a Colored People (NAACP). He 205 Houston Ave NW, Live Oak FREE CLEANING &
$25,000 reward for information fought for equal pay for black 386-30-2904 WRAPPING
leading to the killer, or killers, teachers, for voting rights for TREE LOT OPEN
of the Moores. black citizens and equality in DAILY 10 A.M. '
"I appreciate the dedication the justice system. Harry Moore 183 N.W. Veterans St., Lake City 'TIL 6:30 P.M.
Attorney General Crist has died from the blast while Harri- ............................................386-758-3222 "PTHURS. NOV. 24,
shown in investigating this ette died nine days later. Call today for appointment 19487SL.F THRU DEC. 23


Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings Jasper; Info: 386-792-6828. ond Wednesday; 5:30 p.m. Suwannee Parks & Recreation Thursday. 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Suwannee River Regional Li-
Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) Staff Branford third Hamilton County Planning and Zoning Board second offices, 1201 Silas Drive, Live Oak; Info: 386-362-3004. brary, US 129 South, Live Oak; trained volunteers help el-
Wednesday; Town Hall, Council Chambers, Branford; 1- Tuesday, 6 p.m.; Hamilton County Board of County Com- MADD Dads Third Thursday; 7 p.m.; Suwannee Coun- ders and their caregivers in Suwannee County to understand
2:30 p.m.; trained staff visits to assist constituents; Info: 202- missioners meeting room, Hamilton County Courthouse, ty Courthouse. Medicare and other health insurance programs make in-
225-5235, www.house.gov/boyd/. Jasper; open to the public. NOTE: Effective Nov. 8, meeting Man To Man Group second Thursday; 7 p.m.; Marvin formed decisions on insurance, Medicare Prescription Drug
Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) Staff Live Oak third changed from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. due to Daylight Savings Time. E. Jones Building, Dowling Park; free; refreshments provid- Cards and on discounted prescription drug programs and el-
Wednesday; City Council Chambers, City Hall, 101 SE Hamilton County Riding Club first Saturday; 5 p.m., ed; Info: American Cancer Society toll-free 800-ACS-2345 igibility requirements; free; Info: Florida Department of El-
White Ave., Live Oak; 9:30-11:30 a.m.; trained staff visits to meeting-games; Hamilton County Arena, Jasper; third Satur- or the local office toll-free 888-295-6787 (Press 2) Ext. 114. der Affairs toll-free 800-262-2243, Monday Friday, 8:30
assist constituents; Info: 202-225-5235, day; 5 p.m.; trail ride-dinner, location announced at the first Market Days Advent Christian Village first Satur- a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
www.house.gov/boyd/. Saturday meeting; new members welcome; Info: 386-792- day; 8 a.m.-1 p.m.; Space-first-come, first-serve basis, $5 SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders -
Alzheimer's Support Group third Thursday (except 2725. each; Village Square shops open; Info: Lodge Office 386- Mayo first Wednesday, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Library, SR 51,
December) at 3:30 p.m.; Good Samaritan Center, Dowling Hamilton County Tourist Development Council sec- 658-5200. Mayo; trained volunteers help elders and their caregivers in
Park. Info: Angie Paarlberg, 386-658-5594. ond Wednesday; noon; 204 NE 1st St., Sandlin Building, McAlpin Community Club second Monday; 7 p.m.; Lafayette County to understand Medicare and other health
American Legion Post 107 first Thursday; 12-2 p.m., Jasper; Info: 386-792-6828. covered dish dinner first; everyone welcome; purpose to ac- insurance programs make informed decisions on insurance,
Suwannee River Regional Library, South Ohio Ave., Live Home and Community Educators (HCE) first quaint members of the community services available in the Medicare Prescription Drug Cards and on discounted pre-
Oak; Info: Ron Slater, commander, 386-208-8073 or Richard Wednesday; 9:30 a.m. (beginning January, 2006 meetings county; Info: Grant Meadows Jr., 386-935-9316 or Shirley scription drug programs and eligibility requirements; free;
Buffington, adjutant, 386-364-5985. change from first Friday to first Wednesday); Suwannee Jones, 386-963-5357; building rental: Kristie Harrison. 386- Info: Florida Department of Elder Affairs toll-free 800-262-
American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 107 first Satur- County Extension Office, Coliseum Complex, Eleventh 364-3400. 2243, Monday Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
day; 10-11 a.m.; Suwannee Elementary School, next to the Street, Live Oak; new members welcome;)Pleasant Hill- MOMS Club second Wednesday; 11:15 a.m. at the fel- SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders -
track on Pinewood, Live Oak; Info: Pat McLauchlin 386- second Monday; McAlpin Community Club, McAlpin; lowship hall of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, go West White Springs first and third Thursday; 9:30-11:30 a.m.;
362-3524 or Tanya Lees 386-364-8331. Happy Homemakers-second Wednesday; Suwannee Coun- on US 90 seven miles from 1-75, and 1-1/2 miles from the Library, 12797 Roberts Street, White Springs; free; trained
American Legion Post 132 second Tuesday; 7 p.m.; ty Coliseum Complex, Eleventh Street, Live Oak. Info: 386- Columbia/Suwannee County line, 12 miles from Live Oak; volunteers help elders and their caregivers in Suwannee
Wellborn Masonic Lodge, on CR 137, downtown Wellborn; 362-2771. Info: 386-397-1254, County to understand Medicare and other health insurance
Info: Gerald McKean, 386-963-5901. Humane Society, Suwannee Valley Animal Shelter MOMSClubofLiveOakLakeCityFl@alltel.net programs make informed decisions on insurance, Medicare
Branford Camera Club third Thursday; 7:30 p.m.; second Monday; noon; at the shelter located on Bisbee Loop, National Active and Retired Federal Employees Prescription Drug Cards and on discounted prescription drug
Branford Library; Info: Carolyn Hogue, 386-935-2044. south entrance, in Lee off CR 255, Madison County; Info: (N.A.R.F.E.) Association third Tuesday; 11:30 a.m.; Quail programs and eligibility requirements; Info: Florida Depart-
Cub Scout Pack No. 408 Committee second Tuesday; toll-free 866-Adoptl2, 866-236-7812, Heights Country Club, 161 Quail Heights Terrace, Lake ment of Elder Affairs toll-free 800-262-2243, Monday Fri-
6:30 p.m.; Live Oak Church of Christ, 1497 Irvin Ave. SR 51 www.geocities.com/suwanneehs. City; guest speakers; all present and retired federal employ- day, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
South; Info: 386-362-3032, comm_chair@pack408.net, Jasper City Council Meeting second Monday; 6 p.m.; ees invited; Info: 386-755-8570 or 386-752-6593. Small Scale Farmers and Craft Designers Market
www.pack408.net; Tiger, Wolf, Bears and Webelos dens Jasper City Hall. North Florida Chapter of Newborns in Need first Sat- Committee third Thursday; 7 p.m.; Coliseum extension of-
(grades one five) every Thursday; at the church; 6:30-8 Jasper Lions Club Meeting second and fourth Tuesday, urday; 9:30 a.m.; St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 1391 SW fices.
p.m.; Aug.-May; Pack meeting fourth Thursday; at the 7 p.m., Roosters Diner. Info: Bob Clark, 386-792-2143. Eleventh Street, Live Oak; join them in providing for these Suwannee Chapter of the Florida Trail Association -
church; 6:30-8 p.m., Aug.-Mskits and fun. Jennings Town Council Meeting first Tuesday; 7 p.m.; babies too young to help themselves. Info: Dorothy Phillips, second Monday; 7-9 p.m.; Suwannee River Water Manage-
Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 126 second Jennings Town Hall. secretary, 386-362-1886. ment District, US 90 and CR 49, Live Oak; Info: Sam Big-
Thursday; 6 p.m.; 226 Parshley St., S.W, Live Oak; Info: Hamilton County School Board fourth Tuesday; 6 North Florida Conservation and Airboat Alliance bie, 386-362-5090; Don Neale, 386-362-4850; Sylvia Dun-
386-362-1701. p.m. second Tuesday; 7 p.m.; Mark Carver's cook shed: 11166 nam, 386-362-3256.
Dowling Park Volunteers first Saturday; 1100 hours White Springs Town Council Meeting: Third Tuesday; 100 St., Live Oak, first drive on right just past Suwannee Suwannee County Tourist Development Council -
(11 a.m.); training each following Saturday at 1100(11 a.m.); 7 p.m.; White Springs Town Hall. Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.; all meetings covered dish; fourth Tuesday; 1 p.m.; Chamber of Commerce Building,
22992 CR 250, Live Oak. I Can Cope (cancer) third Tuesday; 7 p.m.; Marvin E. airboaters and sportsmen working to keep public lands and 816 S: Ohio Ave., Live Oak.
Florida Gateway Charter Chapter of the American Jones Building, Dowling Park; Info: Cindy, 386-658-5700; waterways open for everyone to use and enjoy. Info: Chris Suwannee County Cattlemen's Association third
Business Women's Association second Thursday; 6 p.m.; educational support group for any type of cancer for patients, Aue, 386-658-1092. Thursday; 6:30 p.m.; Farmers Co-op meeting room; Info:
locations change; Info: Sandy Harrison at 386-754-0434 or families and friends. Nursing Mom's Group second Friday; 10 a.m.; Herb Rogers, 386-362-4118.
386-752-0516. Leona 4-H Community Club first Monday; 7 p.m.; Suwannee River Regional Library, Live Oak; Info: Michelle, Suwannee County Senior Citizens first Monday; 10:30
Friends of Suwannee River State Park second Tues- home of Avon and Betty Hicks, 6107 180th St., McAlpin; 386-776-2955. a.m., Exhibition II Building, Coliseum Complex, 1302 SW
day; 7 p.m., board meeting; Suwannee River State Park, US Info: Betty Hicks, 386-963-4205; Pam Nettles, 386-963- Remembering the Loss of Your Baby first Thursday; Eleventh St., Live Oak; escorted tours, prices vary; Info:
90 West, Live Oak; Info: Membership Chair Walter Schoen- 1236. 11:30 a.m.-l p.m.; Hospice of North Central Florida, North Lula Herring, 386-364-1510.
fielder 850-971-5354, wbs@surfbest.net. Lion's Club second Tuesday and fourth Tuesday; 7 Building Counseling Room, 4305 NW 90th Blvd., Suwannee River Valley Archaeology Society third
Girl Scout Leaders, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council p.m.; Farm Bureau meeting room; Info: Richard Tucker, Gainesville; open support group for families who have expe- Tuesday; public library, Branford; Info: 386-935-4901.
first Monday; 7 p.m.; Woman's Club, Eleventh Street, Live 386-963-4577. rienced the loss of a baby; Info: Cheryl Bailey, 352-692- Suwannee Valley Builders Association second Thurs-
Oak; Info: Mary Check-Cason, 386-362-4475. Live Oak Artist Guild first Tuesday; 7 p.m.; St. Luke's 5107, toll-free 800-816-0596. day; 6 p.m.; Farm Bureau meeting room, 407'Dowling Ave.,
Hamilton County Governmental, Bellville Volunteer Episcopal Church, Live Oak; Info: Don Strickland, 386-362- SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders Live Oak; $5 per person for meal and meeting.
Fire/Rescue executive board second Monday, 7 p.m. 5146. Volunteers needed; comprehensive training provided to as- Suwannee Valley Genealogical Society first Thursday;
Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Live Oak Christian Home Educators first Thursday of sist elders and their caregivers receive information and assis- 7 p.m., Wilbur St. Live Oak; Open Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Coalition fourth Wednesday; 9:30-11 a.m., Hamilton every month. Info: Tammy Baco, 386-362-6939; strong tance on health insurance and Medicare; Florida Department 9 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m.; Info: 386-330-0110.
County School Board meeting room, JRE Lee Administra- home school support group, of Elder Affairs; no charge for services; Info: toll-free 800- Suwannee Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter -
tive Complex, Jasper; Info: Grace McDonald, 386-938-4911, Live Oak Garden Club Sept.-May; Morning Glories- 262-2243, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. second Monday; noon; at the shelter located on Bisbee Loop,
mcdonaldgl@alltel.net third Friday; Night Bloomers-third Tuesday, 1302 S.W. SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders south entrance, in Lee off pR 255, Madison County; Info:
Hamilton County Board of Commissioners first Eleventh Street, Live Oak. Branford first Wednesday; 9-10 a.m.; Library, US 129 toll-free 866-Adoptl2, 866-236-7812,
Tuesday, 9 a.m., and third Tuesday at 6 p.m., County Com- Live Oak Senior Citizens first Monday; 10:30 a.m.; -North, Branford; free; trained volunteers help elders and www.geocities.com/suwanneehs.
missioners' Board Room, courthouse, Jasper. Exhibition II Building, Coliseum Complex, 1302 SW their caregivers in Suwannee County to understand Medicare Suwannee Valley Quilters first and third Thursday; 10
Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. first Eleventh St., Live Oak; escorted tours, prices vary; Info: and other health insurance programs make informed deci- a.m.; Info: Jane, 386-776-2909 after 4 p.m.
Thursday; 6 p.m.; 204 N. Hatley St., Jasper; Info: 386-792- Lula Herring, 386-364-1510. sions on insurance, Medicare Prescription Drug Cards and Suwannee Valley Kennel Club third Tuesday; 7:30
1300. Suwannee Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter on discounted prescription drug programs and eligibility re- p.m.; Hospitality and Recreational Building, Columbia
Hamilton County Council on Aging, Inc. needs vol- second Monday; noon; at the shelter located on Bisbee Loop, quirements; Info: Florida Department of Elder Affairs toll- County Fairgrounds, Lake City, Lake City.
unteer drivers; home-delivered meals program; Info: Kanoye south entrance, in Lee off CR 255, Madison County; Info: free 800-262-2243, Monday Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Tobacco-Free Partnership of Suwannee County quar-
Capps; 1509 S.W. First Street, Jasper, 386-792-1136. toll-free '" 866-Adoptl2, 866-236-7812, SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders terly, Info: Mary Jordan Taylor, 386-362-2708, ext. 232: i
Hamilton County Development Authority second www.geocities.com/suwanneehs. Advent Christian Village Dowling Park trained volun- Vision SSeeds Inc. second Tuesday, 6 p.m. promptly;
Thursday;, p.m., at 204 NE 1st St.,'Sandlin Building, Live Oak, Suwannee County Recreation Board sec- teers help elders and their caregivers in Dowling Park area of 110 Lafayette Ave. SW, Live Oak (temporarily); directions:
Suwannee County to understand Medicare and other health US 90 west to Lafayette Ave., one block east of Mott Buick,
.. .._- ."J i' iis': insurance programs make informed decisions on insurance, turn left, first house on right, across from Gator Motors. Spir-
Medicare Prescription Drug Cards and on discounted pre- itual-Social-Educational-Economic-Development. Save our
S. : scription drug programs and eligibility requirements; free; children! Unity in Christ Jesus Empowerment. All are wel-
.. Info: appointment- 386-658-3333 or 386-658-5329; Florida come. Info: Otha White Sr., president 386-364-1209.
Department of Elder Affairs toll-free 800-262-2243, Monday Vivid Visions, Inc. first Monday; 5:30 p.m.; Douglass
Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Center Conference Room; a shelter and outreach agency for
SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders victims of domestic violence; Info: 386-364-5957.
Jasper Monday-Friday, 1-4 p.m.; Hamilton Pharmacy As- Wellborn Community Association (WCA) second
distance Program, Sandlin Building, 204 NE 1st Street, Thursday; 7 p.m.; Wellborn Community Center; Info: Bon-
L Jasper; trained volunteers help elders and their caregivers in nie Scott, 386-963-4952, 386-208-1733-leave a message.
Suwannee County to understand Medicare and other health WCA fund-raiser to benefit building fund Blueberry
insurance programs make informed decisions on insurance, Pancake Breakfast first Saturday; center of Wellborn, An-
Sr t m Medicare Prescription Drug Cards and on discounted pre- drews Square; blueberry pancakes, sausage and orange juice
scription drug programs and eligibility requirements; free; or coffee.
Info: Florida Department of Elder Affairs toll-free 800-262- Wellborn Neighborhood Watch last Thursday, 7 p.m.,
S2243, Monday Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Blake Lowe Building, 1517 4th Ave., Wellborn; Info: Bruce
SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders or Jane, 386-963-3196.
Live Oak second Monday, 12:30-2:30 p.m. or second.

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Dinner & Sho= ... 2,000 Ges 2,000 & S2,300

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Internals general Chicken Soup and Wet Heads: .
Dr. Rios
The Truth About Cold and Flu Myths OBGYN
SMidwife Services Available
S- At some point when you were a child, your mother may have told you not to leave the Marlene Summers, CNM
House with a wet. head. "You'll catch a cold, the minute you walk out that door," she
Dr. Renaldas A. Smidtas, MD would say. As children we laughed it off, but now as adults we sometimes wonder, was
American Board of Internal Medicine Certified, what she said true? Hours:
Fellow oftheAmerican Bard of Balance Medicine. With every winter season comes a barrage of sniffles, sneezes, coughs and colds.on Thur 8:30 5:00
Kathy Newman, ARNP, Pollyanna Bass, ARNPon Thur. 8:30 -5:00
However, most people don't run to the doctor for every hint of a cold or flu. Instead, they
CShoulders and BackLow back pain treatment withriAccuSpina turn to the age old motherly wisdom that's been passed down through the generations. You Closed 12:30-1:30
technology* Computerizeddizzinessandbalanceevaluationand know, those tales that supposedly can help prevent or treat common cold weather
treatment* Allergy evaluation and treatment Ultrasound diagnostics,
bone density evaluation Cosmetic BOTOX, dermabrasion ailments.
Live Oak Jasper But which ones are really valid? Can you actually catch a cold from not drying your (386) 755-0500
362-5840 792-0753 hair before going outside in the winter?
1437 N. Ohio Ave. 413 NW th Ave. "Many of these adages actually do have some truth to them," says Phyllis Brown, Fax (386) 755-9217
Visa, MasterCard Accepted 131392JS-F CRNP. "However, just as many of those sayings are purely fictitious."
To help demystify these long
established sayings, here is a list 449 SE Baya Dr.
Trinity at River Oaks of common myths and the real Lake City, FL 32055 1
truth that lies within them.
201 Parshley St. SW Cold weather makes it easier
Live Oak, FL 32064 to catch a cold. Quality First Care
(386)362-3778 Fiction. Cold weather has
S(386)3623778 nothing to do with catching a
Fax (386)362-5376 cold. Many people become ill 422 NE Lakeshore Terrace
due to the fact that we tend to Lake City, FL 32055
Medicare, Medicaid, and most spend more time indoors in' (386)758-6950
types of insurance accepted. close contact with other people Fax (386)758-8018
Open M-F, 8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. in heated homes. Because of the
.heated close quarters, germs are
Walk-ins welcome. 214626-F more easily passed from person Medicare, Medicaid, and most
Sto person, types of insurance accepted.
-- You can catch the flu from Open 7 days a week, 9 a.m. 7 p.m.
Assisted Living getting a flu shot. Walk-ins welcome.
.-'. Fiction. The flu vaccine is 214625-F
,' made from an inactivated virus,
co, l on f : so you cannot catch the flu from
tL ,. a flu shot. However, it's not Ophthalmology
uncommon to experience some
I ~/ 1 i Lc ad soreness at the point where the GREGORY D. SNODGRASS, M.D.
injection was administered, and Located In SHANDS At Live Oak
S ,. on occasion some people can 1100 SW llth St. Live Oak
Quiet, lfajaEtta Couznth, pouni W Itinr ;-.. : -: feel a little under the weather (904) 373-4300 or 1-800-435-3937
fPriL at woomj, Zor., znciz 24 oZa caze. for a few days.
a, 24 Starve a cold, feed a fever.
Visit us on the web at www.oakridgealf.com Fiction and fiction. "This is
Email: oakridgealf@alltel.net definitely not a good idea in Phl Th r
Mayo, FL. County Rd. 251-A either case," says Brown. "It is
License # AL9863 (386) 294-5050 .. extremely important to stay well
1---4-F-- --,--, --""-- hydrated when you're sick. C O g,
R -Family Dentistry 1 .-. Starving a cold by not drinking
Family ~*ntisty plenty of water and juice could "'(^ a'ng on fua&Eaave\,"
HyRDeRT r- IT',II do even more damage." Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy
HERBERT C. Likewise, overeating when you have a fever is not ideal either. It is important to eat, but specializingg In Arthritis Fibromyalgia Geriatrics. Spinal &
MANTOOTH, you should not overindulge. Eat enough to satisfy your appetite, and make sure to drink Joint Pain Sports Injuries. Work Injuries* Pediatrics
D.D P.A. plenty of fluids. Manual Therapy Lymphedema
602 Railroad Ave., Live ak Herbal remedies are helpful for treating colds.
602 Railroad Av.,ive Oak, FLFact. An herbal remedy will not cure your cold, but in many cases an herbal remedy can Locally Owned & Operated
(386) 362-6556 alleviate many cold symptoms and allow you to feel better. For many people, head and Live Oak 208-1414 Medicare, Protegrity
1-800-829-6506 chest congestion are the most irritating aspects of being sick because a stuffy nose and Lake City 755-8680 *Blue Cross, Av Med
(Out of Suwannee County) 131390-F heavy head make it very difficult to sleep. Jasper 792-2426 Medicaid-pediatrics
i Branford 935-1449 Workers Comp
Humidifiers utilized in conjunction with an herbal aroma can provide substantial relief Mayo 294-1407 Most Other Insurance Plans
Ronald R. Foreman, .D. P.A Frank A. Broom, III. O.D. from head and sinus congestion as well as help soothe an itchy or scratchy throat. The
Kimberly M. Brooe, O.D. Julie L.Owens, O.D. Ultra Sonic Personal Humidifier from Medisana is one humidifier that actually comes A Medicare Certified Rehabilitation Agency
N o r h |with a eucalyptus cold therapy to specifically combat congestion and throat irritation.
SChicken soup will help you feel better. Email: info@healthcorerehab.com
N o r h Fact and fiction. It is true that warm chicken soup will make a sore throat feel better. Website: www.isgroup.net/healthcore
However, chicken soup does not-have any special medicinal healing power to cure a cold.
Flo ri a Along with chicken soup, the notion that hot toddies will provide relief is absolutely false.
When you're sick, it is definitely important to avoid alcohol. Beverages containing
o r i a^V | I \^^ alcohol contribute to dehydration, which can compound the effects of a cold or flu. Physical Therapy
It's easier to catch a cold if you go outside with wet hair.
E C And the answer is: Fiction! The only way to catch a cold or flu virus is if you come in
Yl a f. contact with one. Having a wet head or wet feet will not make you more susceptible to
catching a cold. Wet hair in chilly weather can sometimes lower body temperature and
make you feel colder, which in turn can reduce resistance to a virus or cold, but you will REHABILITATION SERVICES
Examination and Treatment if the Eye not get sick purely from having wet hair in cold weather. Sandy Laxton, PTA
Examination and Treatment of the Eye So, was mother eight? Well, not always, but she was trying to make sure you were Sandy Laxton, PTA
Eyeglasses and Contact'Lenses healthy. Knowing the truth behind the myths will help you better prevent and treat any PROFESSIONAL TOUCH
cold or flu bug, and that will definitely keep mom happy. PROFESSIONAL TOUCH
PHONE (386) 362-5055 625 Helvenston PHYSICAL THERAPY
FAX (386) 208-8660 'Live Oak, Florida 32066 Y have Worker ComenAti Industrl
1 --------------------2222.L sign many, many times.An may ^"n s e8^ 0 Workers Compensation, Industrial
Care edial Supply I1 si many man mWhere Rehabilitation, Ergonomic Consultation,
Tri-Care Medi al Supply ace IFpSO, oOU KNOW where
6N Stre S ie20 ly this to find comprehensive Job/Workers Site Analysis
506 NW 4th Street Sufite 200 this page please call dental care. Orthopedic/Sports Medicine, Pediatrics
Jasper, Florida 32055 p A ,r1 l1r, ',nd/ prIorctt Medicare, Medicaid, AvMed & BCBS
Located inside the hospital i mrir,,l p/UJ'" oin tlher Providers
l i theospta. M rt rs d 1506 South Ohio Ave. Live Oak, FL 32060
Full Service durable medical (386) 364-5051 133.
equipment company. Offering 286- 2 7 4 LIVE OAK DENTAL OFFICE
oxygen, nebulizers, wheelchairs, 931 N. Ohio Ave..
hospital beds, bathroom equipment, Live Oak. FL 32060
scooters and /ore. Ext. 103 Ale S.A Urololgy, Urologic Surgery
Call '(386)792-7207 Impotence Center
for ore information. 21424F
i rth iorida Trinity Family Clinic ,SY

m B anfr Open M-F, 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. 506 NW 4th Street
SWalk-ins welcome. Jasper, Florida 32052 ROBERT G. BUSCH, D.O.
Slal-ins welcome ERIC ORDINARIO, D.O.
SDr. John Coleman, (386)792-7247 Board Certified Urology and Urological Surgery
M ede icail Doctor of Podiatry, Fax (386)792-7257 Common Problems Treated:
ut available every Thursday. Located next to the hospital Infections Prostate Problems Kidney Stones Sexual
Problems Genital Surgery Cancer of the Urinary Tract *
E quipm ent available every Thursday. Located next to the hospitalI es rinene
Medicare, Medicaid, and most types of insurance accepted. Impo tence n fertility Urinary nence:
'~~~ Oxn k7Condyloma Prostate Ultrasound/Biopsy Bladder
y Fr Cancer Care of North Florida ommnUltrasound'PenilVascular Studies
.Iveryting For ur Now seeing patients at Shands at Live Oak Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center:
Yseen Oak Prostate, Kidney and Bladder Cancer Surgery
Home Recovery We are a Welcoming New Patients at Specializing in : Kidney Stone and Surgery Lithotripsy Microscopic
Home Recover" t o care Weloming u w o iee s at .Anemia Vasectomy Reversal Impotence Surgery Hernia Surgery
11 A' j ndtota care 1f our two Offices at: *Thrombocytopenia
ally Owned & Operated Bleeding or clotting disorders Specializing in the evaluation anld treatment of Male
clly O n 7 Oera ec Shands @ Live Oak or Lake City. BreastCancer Impotence Surgical and Medical Therapies
101 SW U.S. Hwy. 27, Branford, FL 32008 oncology & Please call (386) 755-1655 Colon "ancer All patients are given
386)935-6905 hemaO .varian Cancer personal and confidential attention.
(386) 935-6905 hematology l for an appointment or information Multiple Myeloma
229 W. Main St., Mayo, FL 32066 practice. Ia"='KhnM.ma .Meutemia
386) 294-3777 131404F 13130DF.F All Chemotherapy administration and management 'LymPhoma ..os
131404-F 1 __13 ___F-F____e __ir____lr_____o_____3 3 2

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C *- --4 -m


10 Classes start T
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Januarypy right ed Materi al

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LPOwMn Boxala36 203PncewCom t ive R

HAMILTONB Live Oak, Florida 32060 (386)P362-2225 DEDUAIVe Oak 36ON
TECHNICAL CENTER 98e stFrt 102LCeCntrA .ue, as Foriea (.386() 792-2301_ ^ ? "Pa nt Cente r
S, Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

ar TWith best wishes allfor a very MARATHON WATER HEATERS

Complete Printing Services from Business Morte ye5 million
Program Books, COL COPIES,,P etc... d, De H n L t ad S e ,,C,

621 North Ohio Avenue Live Oak, Florida 32060 L a Fo 3 3 3 iv
* C C (386) 362-1848Fax (386) 364-4661* (800) 457-6082 d a Vnn ( 2
21-8CF- A B L (386) 30 6822262-
Suwannee River Federal Credit Union Offersa a .
Low Minimum Balance. Competitive Rits

...y 3 6 Account earns dividends mFnld Nos, I each .c..r -F

A .9.90 M



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TIME WARNER Land Brokerage .
SCABLE Realtor i
Watch the Food lFarms & Acreage eI-
Network on J Riverfront Property
Channel 51 Residential
^^w Vacation Rentals
18:...Annette B. Land, Broker
REALT6OF Specializing In Real Estate Sales &
Services In The Suwannee River Valley
Call (386) 362-3535 U.S. 27 E. Branford, FL Florida Toll Free
w5 (386) 935-0824 1-800-426-8369
www.twnf.com2,. After Hours (386) 935-1013 218029-F

Looking for Genuine Peace of Mind? J&J
See your Genuine Ford and Lincoln -
HflfdSh of minutes South of the Interstate! ,,0 GaS
From windshield wiper blade replacement to Ga
Lv ee Oa', e F3 t(e0et S cdde/e major drivetrain repairs ....we do it all! Service"
Oil and Filter Change Battery replacement
Tire maintenance & replacement *Troubleshooting MAIN STREET,
SBrake Service We eSeie ed/ & ?ode s* Engine Service MAYO, FL r't
whether your vehicle has been Complete
damaged in an accident, or you ,et LP Gas Service
simply want a new look, come see us II A Bulk & Bottled Gas
Hwy. 90 East L for Farm, Home
Live Oak, FL 32060 FORD MERCURY 218033 F o
(386) 362-1708 ,,386.294.1801 i


Weekly Meetings

Al-Anon/Mayo Al-Anon Group Thursdays. 8 Courage to Change Mondays, 8 p.m., Methodist 4903. Square Dance Vagabond Squares, Thursdays, 7-
p.m., Mayo Manna House, Pine Street for family Church, White Springs. Info: 386-397-1410 or Dis- Jasper Kiwanis Club of Hamilton County 9:30 p.m., St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Newbern
members and friends to show support; Info: Barbara, trict 16 Help Line toll-free, 800-505-0702. Wednesday, 12:15 p.m., J.R. Lee Complex. Jasper. Road. Info': Loyce Harrell, 386-963-3225 or Ralph
386-294-3348 or Marcia, 386-208-1008. Bluegrass Association Saturdays; 6 p.m.; blue- Now accepting applications for membership. Call Beekman, 386-752-2544.
Alcoholics Anonymous Branford Tuesdays grass jam; Pickin' Shed; except during main festival for an application, 386-792-3484, 386-755-4896 or Suwannee River Riding Club Membership fee
and Fridays, 7:30 p.m., Branford United Methodist events; Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, US 129 386-792-1110; leave name, address and phone or S25 per year. Team roping first and third Friday
Church, Express and Henry St., Branford. For more North, Live Oak; potluck dinner discontinued until contact number, night. Speed events first and third Saturday night.
info, call 386-935-2242 or the District 16 Help Line October; Info: 386-364-1683. Live Oak Singles Group Fridays, 7:30 p.m., Info: 386-935-2622.
toll-free, 800-505-0702. Bridge Club Mondays, 6:45 p.m., Golden Corral Live Oak Christian Church fellowship hall on US 129 Suwannee Valley Barbershop Chorus Tues-
Alcoholics Anonymous Live Oak Tuesdays, Restaurant, Live Oak. Info: 386-362-3200. North (next to Walt's Ford). This not a church spon- days, 7 p.m., Crapps Meeting Room, Suwannee Riv-
Thursdays and Fridays, 8 p.m., Precinct Voting Boy Scout Troop 693 Mondays, 7 p.m., Shrine scored event. Info: Bob, 386-935-6595 or Carla, 386- er Regional Library, US 129 South, Live Oak; Info:
Building, Nobles Ferry Road, Live Oak. Info: Dis- Club, Bass Road, until further notice. Info: 386-776- 758-1802; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Suwan- Fred Phillips, 386-362-1886.
trict 16 Help Line toll-free, 800-505-0702. 2863. neeSingles/ TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly; Thursdays;
Alcoholics Anonymous Mayo Group Sundays, Dowling Park Volunteers Saturdays; 1100 Narcotics Anonymous Wednesdays and Satur- 8:30 a.m. weigh-in; meeting 9 a.m.; Live Oak Con-
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m.; Man- hours- 1 a.m.; at 22992 CR 250, Live Oak. days, 8 p.m.; at the Jasper Public Library. munity Church of God; Info: Barbara, 386-362-5933;
na House, Pine Street, Mayo. Info: 386-294-2423 or Home Front Ministries weekly meetings; offers Over Eaters Anonymous Mondays, 11:35 a.m.- Pat, 386-935-3720.
District 16 Help Line toll-free, 800-505-0702. spiritual and emotional support to women going 12:50 p.m., at Suwannee River Regional Library, 129 Weight Watchers Mondays, 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.,
Alcoholics Anonymous Trinity Group Mon- through separation, divorce or a troubled marriage; South, Live Oak. We care. Info: 386-364-4749. St. Luke's Episcopal, toll-free 800-651-6000.
days, 7-8 p.m.; Jasper Library; District 16 Help Line also, offers individual prayer ministry to women, re- Quarterback Club Meeting Mondays, 6:30
toll-free, 800-505-0702. gardless of marital status, for healing life's hurts. Lo- p.m.; at Old Nettie Baisden school next to the foot-
Alcoholics Anonymous White Springs cated in Lake City. Info: 386-754-2800 or 386-963- ball stadium.

FYI Meetings

Another Way, Inc. Support Groups support tion, (formerly Green Thumb) provides training and at 386-755-5683. LillyAnswers Program Available to Floridians 65
groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence; employment services to older workers over 55 and Friends of Suwannee River State Park member- and older, who are enrolled in Medicare, have an annu-
Info: 386-792-2747, toll-free hot line 800-500-1119. with a limited income in Suwannee County through ships available; non-profit organization; monthly bird al income below 200 percent of the federal poverty lev-
'Before You Tie The Knot' four-hour class for cou- the Senior Community Service Employment Program walks will be held every fourth Saturday at 8 a.m., meet el and have no other drug coverage. Info: www.lillyan-
ples who will marry soon; $10 per couple; reduce mar- (SCSEP); minimum wage-20 hours per week. Info: at the ranger station, bring binoculars and your favorite swers.com, toll-free 877-RX-LILLY.
riage license fee by $32.50; Pre-registration required; Lake City One Stop, 386-755-9026, ext. 3129 for Loret- bird identification book, park admission $4; Info: mem- Live! At Dowling Park Artist Series 2005-2006 -
Info: Clerk of the Court's office or the Suwannee Coun- ta or ext. 3134 for Ronald; www.experienceworks.org. bership chair Walter Schoenfelder, 850-971-5354, wb- Advent Christian Village "Live! at Dowling Park"
ty Extension Service office, 386-362-2771. Experimental Airplane Association (EAA) Break- sesurfbest.net. Artist Series 2006-2006 presents performances month-
Big Shoals Public Lands Big Shoals Public Lands fast fourth Saturday; breakfast served from 9-11 a.m.; GED Tests Suwannee-Hamilton Technical Center; ly; Reciprocity Program: North Florida Community
began collecting entrance fees Dec. 1, to assist manag- at the EAA Chapter Building at the Suwannee County mandatory registration session before test; Info: Lynn College and Community Concerts of Lake City, Inc.
ing agencies with their mission to protect natural re- Airport; eggs, sausage, pancakes, toast, coffee, fruit and Lee, 386-364-2782; age waivers, Lynne Roy, 386-384- Ticket prices: Adults $12; Students $4; Children $3; and
sources in the 3,800-acre area; Cost: $3 for a vehicle juice for $4.50; the EAA Chapter sponsors two students 2763, counselor. ACV members $8, available at Advent Christian Village
with up to eight passengers, $1 for pedestrians-cyclists; from NJROTC to go to the Air Academy in Oshkosh, Harsonhill Inc., a prescription information pub- Cashier's Office, Suwannee County Chamber of Com-
annual passes $40 individual, $80 family pass; Info: Wis. lishing company 85-plus page manual; contains all merce and The Music Center in Live Oak. Events: Dec.
386-397-7009 or www.FloridaStateParks.org/bigshoals. Figure drawing classes with live model by John the information required to apply to assistance pro- 13-"The Great American Songbook" with Bill and Su-
Childbirth classes (free) Suwannee County Health Rice Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., local artist and grams. Info: toll-free 888-240-9240 or 22425 Ventura san Goodman; Jan. 12-The King's Brass; Feb. 11-Al-
Department; Tuesday's; 6-8 p.m.; Info or to register: gallery owner offers figure drawing classes with a live Blvd., No. 190, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 or www.Pre- fonso Lopez, violin and Michelle Tabor, piano; March
Coleen Cody, 386-362-2708, ext. 218. model; at Suwannee High School, $5 per class-to pay scriptions4Free.com. 2-Renaissance Chamber Orchestra; April 14-Kuniko
Community Concerts of Lake City typical perfor- the model; anyone high school age or older is welcome High Springs Farmers' Market Downtown His- Yamamoto, Japanese storyteller, magical mask, mime
mances include jazz, swing, and often Broadway per- to attend; bring your pencils; Info: 386-362-2066. toric High Springs every Thursday, 2 p.m.-6 p.m.; and music of Japan; June 16-Ken Lelen, vintage music
former. Reciprocity Program: North Florida Commu- Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville sponsored by the City of High Springs; behind City Hall on vintage instruments; Info: Retirement Services, 386-
nity College and North Florida Community College. Florida's state natural history museum, near the inter- on NW Second Street; Upcoming events: Dec. 15 3-4 658-5400, dgrillo@acvillage.net or
Info and/or tickets: Herman Gunter, 386-362-7101; section of Southwest 34th Street and Hull Road, Uni- p.m., From the Garden to the Holiday Table, centerpiece http://artistseries.acvillage.net.
Joan Radford, 386-364-4923. versity of Florida Cultural Plaza, Gainesville; 10 a.m.-5 workshop by Linda Hart; Dec. 22.- Food, Plants, Gifts, Love INC A non-profit Christian group; represents
Department of Children and Families (DCF) p.m., Monday-Saturday and 1-5 p.m., Sunday; closed get your last minute holiday shopping done; Info: 386- local churches; finds help for valid needs; Info:.Ginny
DCF service center, 501 Demorest St., Live Oak; public Thanksgiving and Christmas; The Butterfly Rainforest 454-3950. Peters, 386-364-4673, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- noon.
assistance recipients get help in completing voter regis- is a permanent exhibit and includes nectar flowers and Hospice of the Suwannee Valley Helping Hands MDA Assists people with ALS; help with purchase
tration applications; Info: 386-362-1483. orchids from around the world to support hundreds of Volunteer Orientation first Wednesday, 10-11 a.m.; and repair of wheelchairs; support groups; expert-led
Disaster Action Team Volunteers Needed The live butterflies. Info: 352-846-2000, Hospice of the Suwannee Valley, 618 SW FL Gateway seminars; Info: www.als.mdausa.org.
American Red Cross of Suwannee Valley; needs volun- www.flmnh.ufl.edu. Drive, Lake City; Info: Carolyn Long, 386-752-9191. www.mdausa.org/chat.
teers; Disaster Action Team; Info: 386-752-0650. Food Bank of Suwannee Valley a division of Hospice of the Suwannee Valley Helping Hands Marine Corps League First Tuesday, 7 p.m., The
The Story of Dowling Park Advent Christian Vil- Catholic Charities of Lake city whose purpose is to dis- Volunteer Orientation third Tuesday, 5-6:30 p.m.; Suwannee Valley Detachment of the Marine Corps
lage (ACV) at Dowling Park; speaking engagement or a tribute food to member agencies for further distribution Hospice of the Suwannee Valley, 618 SW FL Gateway League of the United States meets at Wellborn Commu-
tour for your organization, club or church; ACV repre- in the four county service areas, to help eliminate Drive, Lake City; Info: Carolyn Long, 386-752-9191. nity Center; ladies auxiliary meets at same time and
sentatives available; free videotape; Info: 386-658- hunger. These 14 member agencies serve Columbia, Lafayette County Veterans DD Form 214, "Cer- place. Info: Jerry Curtis, 386-984-6755; Janet Morgan,
5110, toll-free 800-714-3134, e-mail ccarter@acvil- Suwannee, Hamilton and Union counties and have dis- tificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty" can 386-362-2068.
lage.net; www.acvillage.net. tribute over 250,000 pounds of food since August be recorded in the Clerk of Court's office, Lafayette Marriage? Help me! A program presented by Sol-
Experience Works a national nonprofit organiza- 2005. Volunteers are always needed, call Glenda Parton County Courthouse, Mayo. id Rock Ministries, Inc. of Jasper; at no charge to any-
one. Helping to apply Christian prin-
ciples to our every day living, Flori-
da state certified. Info: 386-792-
SMorningside Nature Center
Living History Farm, Gainesville -
Barnyard Buddies; for toddlers and
pre-schoolers; free; 3 p.m., every
Wednesday and Saturday; to meet at
the barn and greet the farm animals;
Info: 352-334-2170, www.natureop-
Morningside Nature Center
Living History Farm, Gainesville -
Living History Days; every Satur-
day; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; free; Info: 352-
.= 3 3 4 2 1"7 0

A .to e ..Morningside Nature Center
Sthe Living History Farm, Gainesville -
S : Disay cover & Doth;ird Sunday of the

Comfortable wakids bring shoes;ur favorite;
adult; f 352-334-2170 oRSVP, 352-334-
S2170, www.natureoperations.org.
Morningside Nature Center

Living History Farm, Gainesville -
S n 0 p .m .Who's Who in the Woods, last Satur-
day of the month; naturally moon; 7 p.mst-guided
1-1.5 hours walk at 9 a.m.; wear

...,. ".Lesli b Info: 352-334-2170 or visitwww.na-

MorningsideArtist S eries 2005-2006 will press Center

WordLiving History Farm, Gainesvn M iller Or-
S. cA Night at the Owlery; eah Satur- 7
V day near H. Priest Audithe full moon; 7 p.m;, NFCC
Stalkmpus, Madisongs, h ikes, fires and fun;Pro-
Sgram: hosted by Flovent Christian Vildlfage Care'snd

SCommunity Concerts of Lake Cityllege

Arti st S series 2005-2006 will present; nfo:

850-973-1653, e-mail artist-
legchestra: The Legent office located on
tp.m., Th ursdaye NFCC campus, buildiJan. 1 2, 2006 at
campus, Madison. Reciprocity Pro-

Community Concffers ed2go morLake Cityhan

Sstibject areas; instructor-led, afford-
able, informative, convenient-40/12 and
Highly interact-25; Indive; requires Internickets-S

access, e-mail and Netscape Naviga-
-. dlco/rse fees varyNC; Info: Suzie God-

Sfrey, 850-973-9453, communi-
ed series@nfcc.edu or stop by the Co-
1lege Advancement office located onBa-
si the NFCC Education)mpus, building No. 2,at

S 7sbjectam areasnd 1:30 p.m.; instructr-led, afford-
SCehighly interactive, Bldg. 13; Madrequires Internet campus;
NFCC TFYIB' (Test of Adult Ba-


Make a Statement in Your Bath with Stylish Accessories

Updating the Look of Your Bath is Quick & Simple
(ARA) Avocado green and wrought iron, are also increas- design element to hang colorful, paper holder category by intro- .
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your bathroom, don't worry. Once you have selected the Most often used in guest ber of its new spring collections, .'"
One of the quickest -- and most specific finish for your acces- baths, towel rings are typically including its Stockton line,
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bathroom's style is by replacing ing the style and size you prefer. in mind that many of the new lines and decorative finials --
the accessories. For less than Should you choose an 18-inch towel rings on the market fea- ideal for a traditionally styled
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ers, robe hooks and towel rings, three? Mounted paper holder or towel ring at a comfort level for To make sure your bath looks '
And accessories can be installed a free-standing style? How those typically using the bath, organized and clutter-free, use 'i:
in less than two hours -- just in much is too much? And how do including children or seniors. A your best judgment in determin-
time for a spring makeover. you ensure that your bathroom good rule of thumb is to leave at ing the proper number or acces- :.:
Choices Abound doesn't look cluttered? least 18 inches below a towel series for your bath. A general
Until recently, chrome or pol- According to CSI, you should ring so a hand towel can hang rule is two-to-three counter ac-
ished brass were the only finish begin by determining your style freely. cessories, such as a tooth brush
choices in the bath accessory preference. Results from the Towel Bars holder, cup holder and soap
marketplace. Fortunately, the aforementioned survey found Standard towel bar lengths dish.
industry has changed dramati- that consumers typically deco- are 18 and 24 inches. Hang the If your bath is small, or fea-
cally in the last decade, and rate in three primary styles: bar at a comfortable height of tures a pedestal sink, you should
manufacturers now offer dozens country,' casual/contemporary 48 inches above the floor, mak- choose mounted styles, or per- a springtime rainy afternoon." series can be positioned over the
of finish and style options in and traditional. In terms of spe- ing sure to leave enough space haps a glass shelf. Shelves can Once the template has been brackets and tightened with a
bath accessories. cific style preferences, 38 per- below the bars for towels to be a handy, space-efficient alter- hung, the second step is to make simple set screw.
"The bath accessory market- cent of the population decorates hang freely. If the towel bar is native to cabinets and are also a sure the emplate is level and the For more information on bath
place has really come to life in in a casual style, often referred hung in a children's bath, hang good place to display decorative accessories are in a desirable style trends, or accessory prod-
the last few years," said Mike to as contemporary. Following the bar at a height of 36 inches. items, such as votive candles or position. Lastly, position the ucts available from Creative
Bauer, Director of Marketing closely behind, 35 percent of In either case, be sure to consid- potpourri. mounting bracket over the paper Specialties International, write
for Creative Specialties Intema- consumers choose a traditional er the location of electrical Easy as 1-2-3 template. After it is in position, 25300 Al Moen Drive, North
tional (CSI), a leading designer style of decorating. Lastly, 27 switches and outlets when You've picked the finish, screw the self-tapping dry wall Olmsted, Ohio 44070-8022, call
and manufacturer in the bath ac- percent of Americans decorate hanging your towel bars. style and number of accessories screws (which are included with toll free (800) 882-0116, or vis-
cessory marketplace. "Con- in a country theme, which in- To add a stylish element to to match your bathroom decor. the accessories) directly into the it its Web site at
sumers today have more choic- cludes secondary themes such the bath, double towel bars are Now it's time for installation -- dry wall. After the mounting www.moen.com.
es than ever before. From as Shaker, Country French and an ideal accessory. In addition, which is an easier task than brackets are in place, the acces- Courtesy of ARA Content
unique styles in oil-rubbed Mission. double towel bars are perfect for most believe. To ensure an ac-
bronze to contemporary designs "Once you have determined a family bath, as a number of cessory is mounted in the prop-
in brushed chrome and even ac- your style, you should then take towels can be hung on the ac- er location, some manufactur- U 1'
cessories made in dramatic accurate measurements of your cessory. ers, such as Creative Specialties
wrought iron finishes, home- bath," explained Bauer. "The Paper Holders International, offer an installa-
owners have a wide variety of size of your bath will help you Today's bath accessory col- tion template with each product. ., I '
new and innovative design op- determine the number and type elections include a variety of pa- The template can be hung and iI|| i
tions for the bath." of accessories you will need. per holder options, including taped to the wall, giving the
With all of the new options, For instance, a master bath with traditional wall-mounted, consumer the exact location of Is your vehicle almost out of factory warranty?
Americans still hold true to a double-bowl sinks will require a spring-loaded styles; pivoting where the accessory should be Give me a call we service all makes & models Cal!
traditional finish. According to a number of accessories com- paper holders and free-standing mounted. with one of the nations largest warranty Stephen
survey by CSI and Rooms of pared to a small guest bath." paper holders. Determining the "Thanks to the new templates companies...and offer ZERO % financing! en
America, a consumer research He continued, "Glass shelves, style for your bath is a matter of and mounting hardware, the in-
organization, chrome is still the soap dishes and mounted tooth- taste and price. "For example, a stallation process has been *
most popular bath accessory brush and cup holders can cre- free-standing paper holder is streamlined dramatically," ex-
finish, but consumers' second ate order and keep counters ideal in a bath where you don't plained Bauer. "That's why you Hwy. 90 West of 1-75,
choice, brushed nickel, is on the clear. And well-positioned tow- want to drill into tile or cabi- can change the look of your Lake City, FL
rise. In addition, other finishes, : el bars not only provide storage netry," explained Bauer. bathroom in less than a few -, Open Monday-Friday 7:30 am
such as oil-rubbed bronze and, close at hand, but also offer a CSI recently innovated the, houis. It's die perfect project for .. Saturday\ S.00 am to 5pmr
.R.VOLUMON 223302-F


A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field test a
r remarkable new digital hearing instrument in the area. This offer is
free of charge and you are under no obligation.

These revolutionary 100% Digital instruments use the latest
technology to comfortably and almost invisibly help you hear more
clearly. This technology solves the "stopped up ears", and "head in a barrel"

2006 Cadillac CTS 0
.006 Cadillac CTS sensation some people experience.
ST#6cI~C o 50 If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing tested in
our office FREE OF CHARGE to determine candidacy and report your
$ 3 9 9 er ^ results with the hearing instruments each week for a two week period.
W:; per mo.
At the end of this period, you may purchase your instrument, if you so desire, at a
20 0 6 C adillac D TS reduced charge. Otherwise, there is no charge whatsoever for participating in
sTK#8C 150W W this field test. Special testing will be done to determine the increased benefits of
this technology.

BBper m o-f Benefits of hearing aids vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noise
environment, accuracy of hearing test, and proper fit. This is a wonderful
Soa opportunity to determine if hearing help is available for your hearing
E-- 0 6 P o n Iac G 6 loss while you evaluate your performance with this technology.


05 Pontiac Sunfire DECEMBER 12TH & 13TH
1VO i,0 THROUGH: .
14, 7. tone OVER 60 YEARS! STILL THE
2005 Pontiac Gran 109 E. Howard St.
'h 2Live Oak, FL 32064
(In the old Helvenston Insurance Building)

9,2573I "7 .- ..sss o
CTS*1OK miles/Year w/36 months, plus taxes $734.79 due at signing Call today to make your reservation for the Hearing Aid Field Test
DTS*10K miles/Year w/36 months, plus taxes $2,553 due at signing

Hopkins 1518 Hwy 90 West Lake City (386) 362-5452
--"- 1-800-881 6862 386-752-5050 The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any
other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free,
www.hmcautos.com 223331-F discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment. 223332-F
<, k


SCopyri hte atMeri a
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Continued From Page 9C Crisis Center, 112 Piedmont St., Live Oak, is open night; 6 p.m.; bluegrass jam; Pickin' Shed; except dur- fers free two-hour lectures; groups of 20 or more; Info:
Wednesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; confidential counsel- ing main festival events; Spirit of the Suwannee Music 850-971-2854.
ing, free pregnancy tests, clothes for expectant mothers Park, US 129 North, Live Oak; potluck dinner third Wanted Volunteer positions open; Surrey Place,
registration required 24 hours before testing; $10 fee; and infants; referrals to pro-life doctors; groups and Saturday; Info: 386-364-1683. US 90 East, Live Oak; extensive seven-day-a-week ac-
Info: 850-973-1612. churches may sponsor baby showers with donation of Stephen Foster State Culture Center State Park, tivity program; volunteers needed: calling out bingo or
NFCC E-Spotlight provides week information the gifts to the center; needed: maternity clothes and White Springs first Saturday, Cracker Coffeehouse, pokeno, reading to residents who no longer see well or
Events, current college news and happenings delivered hangers; Info: 386-330-2229 or toll-free 800-696-4580. 7-9 p.m., auditorium; open stage night with songs, sto- sharing scriptures, giving wheel chair rides in the court-
directly to your e-mail address; Info: 850-973-1613, Prescription Assistance patients who need help ries, yodeling, music and much more. Coffee and yard, helping with special events or being a
Kim Scarboro, scarborok@nfcc.cc. paying for their prescription medicines should call Part- desserts available for sale. Free admission; Located on "helper/partner" on outings out of the facility; goal: to
Narconon Arrowhead Drug addiction can leave an nership for Prescription Assistance, toll-free 800-477- US 41, three miles from 1-75 and nine miles from I-10. keep residents lives fulfilled by being busy and happy;
individuals, family and friends feeling helpless and out 2669, www.pparx.org Upcoming events: Christmas Festival of Lights Dec. Info: 386-364-5961.
of control. Narconon offers free counseling, assess- Prescription drugs nationwide free medication 10-23. Info: 386-397-4331, Wanted Do you like to Travel? Are You a People
ments and referrals to rehabilitation centers nationwide program eligibility based on three qualifications: www.FloridaStateParks.org/stephenfoster/ Person? If you answered yes to the above, we need your
Info: toll-free, 800-468-6933, www.stopaddiction.com. doctor must assist in application process, no prescrip- Suwannee Valley Builders Association (SVBA) a help to be a volunteer transportation driver for veterans
North Central Florida Sexual Assault Center, nc. tion drug coverage and earn less than $2,000 per non profit organization, is a group of approximately 80 coming to the Lake City VA Medical Center and return-
provides individual and group counseling for victims month; Lawson Healthcare Foundation, a non-profit local citizens dedicated to building a stronger commu- ing home. If interested, please call Voluntary Service
of rape and incest; 18 years old or older, victims of public benefit organization; Info: Executive Director nity, whose members volunteer their time with active 386-755-3016, extension 2135.
rape, sexual abuse or incest is eligible; services free and Stephanie Tullis, toll-free 888-380-MEDS (6337), ext. involvement with associate sponsorships of worthwhile Wild Adventures upcoming events include: Now-
confidential; Call victim advocate, Erica Nix toll-free 205 during normal business hours or access the Foun- community activities and associate members of the Dec. 30 Christmas Wonderland; Dec. 10-Radio Dis-
at Pager Number, 800-400-7140; Info: 386-719-9287. nation's new Web site at www.A2ZMedline.com. Council for Progress and Suwannee County Chamber ney's Jingle Jam; Dec. 17-Crystal Gayle and Lee
North Florida Workforce Development strive to Reach To Recovery breast cancer survivors visit- of Commerce. SVBA donates two academic scholar- Greenwood; Jan. 28, 2006-Van Zant; Feb. 11, 2006-
help dislocated workers and other jobseekers find em- ing breast cancer patients with information and hope; ships each year, donates Christmas gift/food baskets Neil McCoy; Feb. 18, 2006-Winter Jam-Newsong,
ployment in a prompt manner; office hours at One-Stop one on one visits; free; sponsored by the American Can- each year and sponsor of the children's playhouse raf- Newsboys, Tobymac, Hawk Nelson and Bethany Dil-
Centers in Hamilton: 386-792-1229, Jefferson: 850- cer Society; Info/to schedule a visit: toll-free, 800- fle at Christmas. Featured speakers from local busi- lan. Wild Adventures Theme Park is located at 3766
342-3338, Lafayette: 386-294-1055, Madison: 850- ACS-2345. nesses and a catered dinner are the highlights of the Old Clyattville Rd. Valdosta, Ga., 1-75, Exit 13; Info:
973-9675, Suwannee: 386-364-7952 and Taylor: 850- Regional Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention evening at monthly meetings. The general public is in- 229-219-7080 or www.wild-adventures.com.
584-7604; 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday and alternate Coalition serving Suwannee, Lafayette, Hamilton, vited to attend and become members. Donations of $5 a World War II veterans The Association of Sons
Saturday, 9 a.m.-I p.m. Madison, Jefferson and Taylor counties; meets quarter- person are accepted at the door to help cover catering and Daughters of World War II Veterans will lead a
Old Time Gospel Jamboree first Friday, 6:30 ly; Info: Diana King, 850-342-0170, ext. 220. expenses. For more info on joining the organization, group to England and France during April 2006 to com-
p.m., Lee Worship Center, 398 Magnolia Drive, Lee; Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Camp- contact Ronnie Poole, 386-362-4539. memorate the 62nd anniversary of these historical
free Gospel -concert; open mic; everyone is invited, ground upcoming events include Dec. 1-25-Suwan- Taylor County Jamboree, Perry times and dates events: D-Day landings, Battle for Normandy and the
bring a friend; door prizes, free will offering taken to nee Lights; Dec. 9, 17 and 23-Dinner Theatre "A vary for monthly events held at Old Gladys Morse Ele- drive through France to the Rhine. Itinerary: London,
benefit the roof building fund; groups, singers and Christmas Carol;" Dec. 10 Sun Country Jamboree- mentary School, Perry; live music, musicians from the Portsmouth, OMAHA and UTAH beaches, Caen, St.
pickers, if you want to perform or for more informa- LIVE!; Dec. 29-Jan -Way Down Upon the Suwannee area and from the Monticello Country Jamboree per- Mere Eglise, Caretan, Argentan, Falaise and Paris. A
tion, contact Allen and Brenda McCormick, 850-971- Trail Ride New Year's Party. Info: 386-364-1683, form; no admission fee; tickets sold for door prizes sup- memorial service will be held at the American Military
4135. www.musicliveshere.com. port the event; everyone is welcome; Info: 850-578- Cemetery at Colleville Sur Mer in France. Info: Sy
Parents of ADD and ADHD Children support Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park The Suwan- 2484. Canton, 561-865-8495 or 5121 B Nesting Way, Delray
group; Info: Lea-Anne Elaine, 386-362-7339. nee River Bluegrass Association every Saturday The Plain Truth Diet author Dr. John Hodges of- Beach, FL 33484.
Pregnancy Crisis Center The Live Oak Pregnancy

Sun, siding, and family fun

Somettn for exre tis w,"e secon

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IGM=. 1
WE ARE '02 Pont-a-
SM- 0 JwBBBO3U PPont2ac0 Bc
.....am* C-C O. e0 m uS.^^
PONTIAC. ss" *=ss*i, 05 Ch
Action -------
Go to gm.com/redtag to find your vehicle.
The price on our tag is th pri you pay. Nota pmny mon That's our promise
At participating dealers only. Eent ends Jwanuay3,2006
MSRP. Tax, title, license, dealer fees and other optional equipment extra.
"Tax, title, license, dealer fees and other optional equipment extra. Take delivery by 1/3/06. See dealer for details.
C2005 GM Corp. All rights reserved. The marks of General Motors and its decisions are registered trademarks of General Motors.

Bob Lucas Cookie Charles
US90WEST LIVEOAKFL Brown flner McCook Driver
Wys 362.4012 Fna uria yWHRS--w r)s* ^^^^^^^ I^

Gm a @A to a r w w| ct osv Cqtr rv C n.s OtIto

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soSMO.* su MO.* Now ,.EAsE


SLS --. 386-752-6933
A M VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: www.eddieaccardichevroletmazda.com


1 228


386-752-69 33
( VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: www.eddleaccardlchevroletmazda.com ]

** I hi

4V I

Section D
December 7.8, 2005




MOVE? .4 General Merchandise

S Real Estates Listings Employment Opportunities ..--and Services Car, Trucks and Motorcycles

J.W. Hill & Associates

Beautiful, immaculately kept 3.2 home
on 4.8 acres in beautiful Madison
County Cherry Lake Area. Room for
your horses and family in this site built, c
brick home. Yard consists of grass and
perennial peanut hay. House is modern
with a loft area vei to be finished which
would bring total square footage to ;
2344. Large screened in porch as well ... -2
as front porch nmning the length of the For more information about this home, contact
home. Don't miss out on this great deal. .- i fo a t c
Once you see it, you'll want to keep it Kellie @ Poole Realty at 386-208-3847.
for yourself. $260,000 MLS# 46862.
Gorgeous 2700 sq ft. Cherr Lake House on
68 acres \\ith additional apartment and
immaculate single wide mobile home with
beautiful front porch. With multiple paddocks
for horses and water to each and about 10
hayable acres this could be the farm you are 11s i da h 3 .
slf looking for. Bring the family because it's LD ecemiber 10 2005 a d iew t s 2 ne
iizoned I home per 10 acres. Two ponds on the 10:00 a to 1:00 p.m pool. l e to t n.
property spend your lime fishing or riding then 0 0t 1 Last. Hwy 51 South
go to Cherry Lake just down the road for.
skiing and boating, also has an in-ground in ap1oxi atelh o m les to
the back. $649.900. NLS# 46947. 1f7th Ro01 turn right.
.o 1 4 mile to h!i-ze-wa'Y
7.zonnedlgh. Hope ton see ,,o. ,uorow
Call for a showing of these n illt Hoe, to s, C'.t, u

one of a kind properties. giie me -, can/.

SPoole Realty, Inc.
k386i 362-4539 or t3861 208-3847

.. Lighthouse Reftty

Ilake App e ue Corner of Hcwy. 27 & Clyde Avenue, Mavo, Florida
o, Heather M. Neill, Broker
-" PHONE: (386) 294-2131

-'0 CEJLISTIIG NZEW LlsTirvG, .q .g

STwenty acre parcel, part of which is actually Fenced five acres close to he Suwannee River In nice
www.PooleRealty. com ... 1-800-557-7478 Ap proximte usable dry lnd 6.5 aeres. Can be sluded area, utjust of a aved road. Nilytreed
yudem omeorsta a1ini5fa47.subdividedonce. Great fishing lake. Boat ramp directly with large and small trees scattered throughout the
across from property. $109,000. MLS #49063 property Private Santa Fe River boat ramp and private

SSuwannee River boat ramp within 3 minutes of
property. Excellent neighborhood with good neighbors.
Well, septic and power already in place; well has good
Mayo. water.$470088,500. #4435. MLS#49280.

"O L T a o AFFORDABLE SITE H t hanrd oBUILT HOME Clean, well-wooded
Smaintained n subdivision close to town. One inroofte drive to
YES YOU CAN own a Commercial Building and land for onty $20,000 down in rchitectural shingles, large front porch, upgraded appliances Navco vinyl floor d Suwannee River boat ramp. Great area to live in; quiet
town. $179,900. Call Carolyn Spilatore, 362-6832. MLS#45603 large master bedroom w/walk istrcoset, brick wall w/FP, t0 ac. $299,900. Call Glenda und peaceful t the perfect place for your site-buiit or
McCall, 776-1639. MLS#46973dining room. Fenced acre, stocked pnd. Two 12x120,000.

42,04 ACRES Farm land just of U.S. Hwy. 27. Near
Branord and Ft. JusWhite, ommuting distance town of

Gainesville. Mostly cleared with some trees. Frontage

PRIVACY PLUS- Thin 4/2 home situated on 5 acres. Huge wood bumniog FP, largo NEED A LARGE FAMILY HOME just 2 miles from town? Thin spacious well
es, 362026 MLS#47327 farmand $249,500. Call Sylvia Newell, 362-5575 MLS#48663$88,500. #44358. er

Y ACRES on paved roadwn app Commercial Bu4 milesding and land for only $15 20,000 down in architectural shingles, large front acres witch upgraded appliances, Navco vinytral flooair very secluded 1.24 acres on the SGr wannee R ivert
towfinance. Call Ronnie Pool atore, 362-4539. MLS#47614 & heat, master bnew pdmp ad roo f, and it includes a gigantic workshop all Glend two car Peaceful surrounding, lots of wildly, the perfect-built or

Mccarport. Ideal to raise animals. Only $125,000. Call Alex Gonzalez, 209-1984. retreat ho mGood investmenL t vemey. $ ).
4204d- just acrossARES Farm land just off U.S. Hwy. 27. Near
main 3/2 houseGainesville: Mostly cleared with some trees. Frontagehome with garage & carport, wih a
MAKE IT YOURS. This acres of raw d is waiting for you. Plant pines, build cypress pondarea. & cross fencing. Home sold As Is, needs some repairs. $365,500.
Madison County. $69,000. Call Ben Fekul, 362-4539. MLS#46156 This truly beautiful camping 8ot with 100' on the
MUPRSTACY PLUS This 4/2 home situated on 5 beautiful acres in Huge wood burning FP, large NEED A LARGE FAMILY HOME just 2 miles fromic t ie floors, all windowious arwellet o S da ublic boat
great roHome has many custom features, 24x4 8 0 workshop w/ 230 power & phone, many double pane. Mst see! $299,900. Call P00 sq.f and 3/3, is surrounded by trees tti Wolfe, 208-3030 or Ri Donovand backs ontosme away
granddaddy o aks, and is fenced & cross fenced. #47327 far236,000. Call Patti Wolfe, 208-3030. 1298. MLS#47058 e
IF5 ACRES on paved road, approximately 4 miles from town. PRIV5,000/acre. Owner wil BEAUTIFUL 3/2YOUR DWMH on 5 acres wiRE, this 330 of frontage on CR 132. Central air very secluded 1.24 acres onis just right for you. Not tooRiver
CUTE 3/p FRAME HOME onort. Ideal to raise animals. Only $125,000. Call Alex Gonzalez, 209-1984. retreat from the rat race! Excellent investment
A CURIOUS RACCOON- WGreatch st carter or retirement home. $79,000. Call Sylvia Newell, of MLS#4176 proper4y.94000. MLS 48312.
362-5575.frontage only S401,250. Call Carolyn Spilatore,97208-4828. MLS#48837 PRICED TO SLL 33+ acres'with many possibilities to explore. Property has a
mainYOU'LL LOVE MORE SPACE. From the open kitchen/eating area to a liberally Im 1a9. / re e eai
OVE R 5 ACRES in Huntington Hills 5 acres S/of raw land is waiting for you. Plant pin masters, build cypress pondg & room toss fencing. Homexpanded family room complete with fireplace. Spacious 4/2 i t o re. 365,500.L rge an
y ou r dream home, or start abundant, j u st minutes from town. Close to schools & shoppinget area in Shady Oak subdivision complete with screen enclosed in ground poo.NEW LISTINBeautiful ihe ta a neti DIXIE COUNTY RIVERFreeOe ver LOT-a
$124,900.Madison County. Loi69,000 Call Ben FekulaS#486 lot and plentyof utsstorag. 99,000. Call Irin eS362-1026. 4 MLS#46156s" 6 ard s
peaceful country settingBEAUTIFUL 2 STORY HOME...On the Suwannee River. Built 3 feet above 5ood ap si voines-a naurull beauty. $196,900. Call i0o0 o e

pasture are fenced and cross fenced for your horses or cows, open front porch, Florida Ronnie Poole, 362-4539. MLS#/47498 38 ACRES- Cleared land, currently planted in peanuts
roo m w/ brick barculatue rDWMH on 10 beautiful acres in central Suwannee County. requirement. Exterior is hardy board. Pergo& ceramic tile floors, all windows are hummer getaway h Gorto Springs and a public boat
$559,000.Hom e h as many custom featuresll, 24x776-1639. MLS#48684 NATURAL WOODED 20 acr 5,10,15power & phone, many double or all 201/4 mile ce own. Subdividab le 1/5. Seller may break ino
grazoned for commercial i ntsene. $325 ced,000. Call Dick Calv l Patti Wolfe, 208-3030. 1298. MLS#47058 Hamilton Coun 900 Very pretty naturally

wooded. Great for your ny hom 446 MLS#49125
NEEDIF PRIVCY IS YOUR DESIRE, this 4 wooded acres is just right for you. Not too2002-
1792Oak on paved road. LR & FR.eat starterll out building convenirem ent to Dowling park. $16me. 79 ,000. Call Sylvia Newe, MLS#47964

Call Rhonda Miller, 362-4169. MLS#47571
Fa2m5and.antSo471U7.NICE BRICK HOME -NTidy brir home inside city
YOU'LL LOVE MORE SPACE. From the open kitchen/eating area to a liberally limos. 1,519 sb e t. 3L2.5 on 24 acres. Large eatrin

OVER 5 ACRES in Huntington Hills SclearedD. 3/2 DWMH garden tub in master bath. sized living room to an expanded family room complete with fireplace. Spacious 4/2 kitchen with oak cabinets, fireplace. Stove, fridge andWeed. Nice neighborhood. Prety, nced yard with

paved roadu. Partially fenced. Utilities in area. lots o big trees. Back deck, utility shed and storage
Subd559,000. Call Glenda McCall, ividable76-1639. MLS#48684 NATURAL WOODED 20 acre tract. Owner will divide, 5,1015 or all 20.1/4 mile close to town. Subdividable 1/5. Seller may break intoreskirt
wooded.42 acres available; see MLS 48180. home prior to losing. 5,500. MLS 49258.7FMLS#49125
Call RhondaMiller, 362-4169. MLS#47571


362-1734 CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE 1-800-525-4182

2 Fa l I You are just a call away... call 1-800-525-4182, ext. 102 to place your ad FAX 386-364-5578

Dec. 9 & 10 8:00 am until N
Lots of toys, little girls clothes on Fri. 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. *You are just a click away... find the classified marketplace online at www.nflaonline.com
and misc. household goods. We WillHelp You Your Classified Ad can I .
To Your Classified Ad On appear in 5 paid nFLORIw(36)208.stOak 2&4tot
Scooter, battery operated Tr MyCHtDSE T1rRuns newspapers: Y ,~he',"
child's car, strollers, car seats, ir- The Suwannee Democrat *L MJW. -2n5i., .N,
ride-on train for toddlers, high ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL SERVICES RECREATION LogotheClassiedMarketplace on both Wed. & Fri., .r i2.
chair, key boards and more. P the Jasper News, 7,259t .
y 51 S h tM Iaollt I I The Branford News & 2 1,"" rW- 9
Hwy 5 South to Sugar Mill Frms about EMPLOYMENT EDUCANALSERVICES REAL ESTATE FOR RENT v, Te r o .&133y'5 ,35.9
Hwy 51 South to Sugar Mill Farms (about h IThe Mayo Free Press on RUof.a6,m775ebrcg ..3,37
2 miles) 5th place on left on 135th Drive T r id j 7 T Mayo Fee otn 3mlgesi n. l o n 363a t,3rrS
Leluhel a k Doars*3MR10-385 R m3-M938 9 ,393
BUSINESSZ r.,5 Z 19' Thursday; a total of oi'*S'ea2-',
See ya there! SSSSERVICES PETS REALESTATERALEO 15,200 issues weekly! Dus',4459s 4
See y there! 223482F Increase your promotional reach and tap into oteape*4sa
SOK potential new markets... Ask about placing your BmWo528srneaS32 WahaS 1Eng a
SMAKE Y B advertising message into: The Valdosta Daily *5Spa s559LakePa t57Aihumin4
S386-755-6600 FINANCIAL SERVICES AGRICULTURE TRANSPORTATION r. iTimes, The Thomasville Times-Enterprise; The TeThovstsn62rsTfe.
0*IJ yourvi rov e'0yoa urss readVepo"8 e Lowndes Edition-Mailbox Post; The Thomas *.PCp.649BMueBsa .683Megs.
Toll free 1-877-755-6600 Now County Buyer's Guide; or a network of over 20 .a smt8
540 W. Duval Street, 10 Pa ce Your Ad S other publications, serving over 30 counties; with HaO,4FiMlaspn.fl *
Lake City, Florida 32055 Monday through Friday by calling 386-362-1734 or cess over 20,000 readers in South Georgia. esiPae.8vo ear iae..73
0 hallmark@bizsea.rr.com 1-800-525-4182, faxing to 386-364-5578 or mailing to: .Moo Ask about our 8Lne. 're. 924,928
www.hallmark-realestate.com Classified Marketplace, P.O. Box 370, Live Oak, FL 32064 -iO "service Directory" rate ntno9 s941
i www.hallmark-realestate.com To M^ :R our teven Mo., i r ya rSv DiiM973n-95Mt
bSsLFor Fry FPublication, 11a.m.,
*-' WE ACCE Trl ........ ....... DADLINES Or LINE ADS: FrnesdPb nry ...
SACRESE C "'" Mo ney Orde rs -I Pemrsonal Checks Webdaypr io1) .
Doublewide, w/Florida room, 41 a
pole barn, workshop, .
new carpet, Laura Ashley floors ." ortunities TIME SHARE RESALES Save
MLS ,.01 ?Opportunities TIME SHARE RESALES save
MLS 49017 -4 60%-80% Off Retail!! Best Resorts
Call Kristen Watley 688-4096 ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE Do You & Seasons Call for Free Catalog! 1-
F-' .mi.i* ...r Jv etA Earn $800 in a Day? 30 Machines 800-850-8783
ON A HILL ANNOUNCEMENTS BUSINESS SERVICES and Free Candy All for $9,995. Call www.Holidaygroup.com/fp
Imagine driving back on the 26 acres and First Day 1-800-814-6077 AIN#B02000033
* coming upon this lovely 2 story home on a. Call Us: We Will Not Be Undersold! TIMESHARE RESALES Sell today
Shill! 3 BR/2BA nearly new home v. thl tr o A & B STUCCO SERVICES DRINKSNACK MACHINE forCash! No commissions or broker
large metal barns and additional residence Stucco, Drywall Repair, Stone, w/guaranteed locations. $1995 fees. Don't delay Go to
on property. Call Ginger Parker 752-6'04 Veneer Plastering, Painting. Financing Available 866-823-0223 www.sellatimeshare.com Call 1-800-
"-1-" 1,11iiiiii .~ 30 Years Experience AIN #B02410 640-6886.
Please call 386-935-2982
SON ITS WAYI. 1832 sq.ft. _
3/2 Doublewide in Olusee on 6.37 .
i acres. Land has three ponds. Mobile
home in great shape. $114,000 MLS 4 -' .
JUST LISTED _______________________I
4 bedroom brick home on 2.5 I r anih ... .N.V
acres. Close to town, remodeled!. .,,

CREATLOCATION! "No Cost" If Eligible. ScootertType /
$179,000 MLS 47992 Call Gingr .. 386) 362-4539 or (38) 28-37 insurance. Free Delivery Helping
Martha Saunders 752-3945 0 I..... .. .,.. .. H s M il E i t
1.. -. ..,. ....l. ... .. .. .

Located on the Famous Suwannee RiverI-
HOME, large barns, fenced, cross i3_,,,_-____-_
fenced pasture with beautiful views from m F Bedr. ..anning Springs. DECEMBER 1 0,005. FROM 9 A.M. 10:59 A.M.
the front poirh. Rolling pasture for the4 3. Cl now for inform onLt

.. ....about the full package. DIRECTIONS: US 129 N. TO JASPER ON HATLEY ST. TURN LEFT,
horses or cattle. Call Janet Creel 755- :i4 6 ., If -. ,.In-.,. '.- .i

S-G"REAT-t LO CA TIONstore, another c ercl No Cost' If Eligible. Scooter Type,
lb:isu th Well orn, 4.89 Acres with l Poo le Realty, Inc. Hospital Beds a Manual Chairs. We
P 3/2 Doublewide. Deerand Th. 3 2 .l......' coffee makers, racks, wrpin, tble, mt grin cI .. Accept Medicare & Private
i tu s in te y. ... Cherry Vicorian Armoire,386) 362-4539 or 1386) 208-3847 Insurance. Free Delivery Helping
Parker 752-6704 MLS49060 '" -,.. .. ..i furn e ad c o e s t s ad Hands Medical EquipmentCall

grade Pella windows, 10' cathedral ceilings in living room, Large screen room overlooking H Medical
e rr ad te le dock A i s a S w e No 877-667-7088.

SFood Concession will be present.

(386) 75-317 DANIEL ,RAFPS .Gr':,L,, INC.

386) $98,000. is all you need for this new never
DANIEL or.' m",. I E
agencylo south of US27 $1,000 o7r l
W'estfikld Branch

Columbia Couy MLS 46532 $ 001 to $9,999 is 15%10, 2005

Ioae on t| FaSprings State Park and the famous Suwannee
SRiver. So if you enjoy water sports, fishing, orPREVIEW
WATER FRONT, Old Suwannee Bell -. DECEMBER 9, 2005 FROM 10 A.M. 12 P.M.
Marina/ Motel! Restaurant/ Campground' AND FROM 1 P.M. 3 P.M.
located on the Famoust floating downee River DECEMBER 10,2005 FROM 9 A.M. 10:59 A.M.
just across from The Fanning Springs. the home for you. MLS# 46703
A t MLS# 48303. Call now for information e
about the full package. MLS#DIRECTIONS: US 129 N. TO JASPER ON HATLEY ST. TURN LEFT,

deli king coolers, counters, scan system, frames, art, antique nic nacs,
"*f ... Cherry Victorian Armoire and Bureau, several old solid oak wardrobes, cherry server,
-,. '._ ..,office furniture and chairs, office supplies, tables and light tables,' and many more.

MLS#48006 WATER FRONT Santa Fe River 2/2 1997yr 2.hacres Suwannee County has up Some Items with Reserve.
grade Pella windows,10' cathedral ceilings in living room, Large screen room overlooking
the river and the large dock system. All Estaitems sold as is where is. No warrmpany
$MasterCard, Visa, and Guaranteed Checks accepted.
Food Concession will be present.

$98,000. is all you need or IhIs new never
lived 2/2 cozy double wide mobile home Consignments
: located on one acre lust south ol US27 $1,000 or less is 25%
1 Columbia Counly MLS# 46532 $1,001 to $9,999 is 15%
NEW 3/2 M/HOME, Located in Three Rivers $10,000 and up is 10%
T -" ......-- Estate on one acre close by to Ichetucknee .Items with reserve have a $25 fee to place in auction.
Mt Springs State Park and the famous Suwannee
-River. So if you enjoy water sports, fishing, or
,..:.. .I. just floating down the crystal clear water river Call for details
.... than this is the home for you. MLS# 46703
,John Hill, Annette Gonzalez, Sara Senzamici
$69,900. This 2/2 1998 16X66 single wide on
r i 1.16 acres located in Double Run S/D on 441 386-362-3300
1 North near 1-10. large grass yard with fruit 1-888-821-0894
trees on paved street frontage. MLS# 47655
J.W. Hill and Associates .
"www.-and3 i .com Real Estate Broker and Auction Company 218216 F
S '21 1 -


362-1734 CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE 1-800-525-4182

Dear Classified Guys, Downsizing Men in Blue
My brother-in-law always has to add If you thought your economy sedan A few weeks ago, I met my new
his two cents on everything. When was small, you should try driving the neighbor, Ralph. It turns out he's a
my 1982 Toyota Celica blew a head Peel P50. According to the Guinness nut for old cars and actually owns a
gasket, he told me that I'd be lucky to Book of World Records, it is the small- beautifully restored police cruiser
get someone to tow it away. G est street legal car ever put into produc- from the 1930's.
However, I heard that once a car tion. At a length of only 53 inches long, It was the most unique antique car
becomes 25 years old, it's consid- and a width of just over 3 feet, it's I had ever seen. How many people
ered a classic and worth a lot more smaller than the average bumper car at do you know own a police cruiser,
money. So I figure I should get it Duane "Cash" Holze a fair. Although manufactured from aside from the police?
fixed and then try to sell it for a prof- & Todd "Carry" Holze 1962 to 1965 in the United Kingdom, it When Ijoked with him about the
it. My musclehead brother-in-law was not a big seller. Most drivers found rarity of the car, he told me he knows
says I'm just wasting my money and it to be too noisy, unstable and quite a few people in the area who
that there's no such rule about cramped. own antique police cruisers. "That's
classic cars. I'd just love Modeled to aT amazing," I said to him. "Do you
deflate his ego. Can you When the automobile was first pro- guys ever get together?"
guys explain to him that sics. Others consider cars like the 1957 many today to be a collector's car. duced in the 1890's by companies such "Every month," he laughed, "at the
my car will be a classic by Chevy or 1966 Corvette to be classics. Carry: Although possible, it's unlikely as Diamler Motors and Peugeot, it had donut shop!"
next year? Carry: In your case, you're concerned that your 1982 Toyota Celica will ever an unbelievable price of $2000 to (Thanks to Shawn M)
S* with the car's overall value. Most cars fall into the "classic" category. It cur- $3000, a small fortune for that time
Cash: Unfortunately, the only things depreciate the day after they are pur- rently has a blue book value of around period. It wasn't until the introduction
you may be deflating are the tires on. chased. Their age and normal everyday $1500 provided it's in excellent working of the Ford Model T in 1908 that the car *s
your car. wear and tear ultimately erode the car's condition. Considering it needs a new became affordable to the masses. This car needs to see a doctor,
Carry: There is no hard-set rule that a value. In rare cases when there is con- head gasket and maybe a few other Anyone could purchase a Ford for not a mechanic!
car becomes a classic at 25 years old. If summer demand, the value of a car can repairs due to its age, it's probably not around $950. As Ford honed his
that were the case, a lot of people would appreciate as it gets older. worth spending money on the car, espe- assembly line techniques, the car's price FO ALE
be buying 24-year-old cars and waiting Cash: It's difficult for most people to cially as an investment, dipped as low as $280. Nearly F Exporer, V
to celebrate at New Years. predict which cars will become more Cash: Now if you're still set on prov- 15,500,000 were sold in the United 2002 Ftion,rd E power.
Cash: In fact, most people can't even valuable over time. For instance, not ing your brother-in-law wrong, you States alone Fuel infection l
agree on how to define "classic". The many expected the Ford "Edsel" to could wait another 25 years to see if the Got a question, funny story, or just want to give Best Offer
Classic Car Club of America only con- become a classic. It flopped when it was car appreciates in value. Although by uss ygeor ? Leea ar et it. Leave a t
siders cars from 1925 to 1948 to be clas- introduced in 1957, but is considered by then, his ego may have deflated by itself. P.O. Box 8246, New Fairfield, CT 06812. t -

Direct from Manufacturer. Twenty B SIN ES ES ERE
(20) colors with all accessories in Tom 's
stock. Quick Turnaround. Delivery Telephone
available. Call Toll Free. 1-888-393-____
EDUCATIONAL SERVICES 0335o 43r "i pl Installation
Music Furniture LAKE WOOD E RE & Repair
Fi-rt Day MEMORY FOAM AII Visco New APARTMENTS IN HUD Vouchers welcome! Rental Assistance Interior wiring, jacks,
rs ay Orthopedic NASA Mattresses, LIVE OAK 1.2 3 R HC NonHC 2,3, & 4 BRHC & Non- repair, etc. Also TV
DRUMMER & GUITARISTS Warranty. Cost $1995, sell, $399, tsible A ents HC Accessible Aparent cable connections.
sought for local hard rock band Queen; $499, King. All sizes Quiet country living 2 oae II a I Other handyman
(Judas Priest, Skid Row, etc.) available. Free Delivery! original bedroom duplex. Call 705 NW Drive, Live Oak FL 705 NW Drive Live Oak, FLwiring & repair.
Only serious inquiries, please. Tempur-Pedic from i$699. 362-3 110 386-364-793 D -3 -Live Oak, FL all Tm
Call 386-792-2153 ("Blacky"). Guaranteed Best Price! Electric 362-3110. 386-364-7936 386-364-7936 Call Tom
Cl8 3Adjustables for Less' TDDrr/Y/711 TDD/TTY 711 (386 658-2611.
www.mAdjustabless for Lem 128545JS-F Equal Housing Opportunity Equil Housing Opportunity i, J
First Day www.mattressdr.com 1-866-476-
F0289 813-493-1222, 727-733-9334
FOR SALE: 2 year old "Dean" 0289, 813-493-1222, 727-733-9334 Multi-family Yard Sale: Sat & Sun, This newspaper will not knowingly LAKE WALES 55+ MH
square neck Dobro. Looks & plays Machinery/Heavy Wanted to Buy Dec. 10 & 11. From Live Oak: S. on accept any advertising for real estate Community Orange Acres Ranch
like new. $250.00. Also, Mountain WANTED129 aprox. 7.5 mi., sign on right. Lots which is in violation of the law. Our located in the Heart of Florida.
Dulcimer, excellent condition, Eqpment FLORIDA LICENSE PLATES of tools, household items, quilts, readers are hereby informed that all Clubhouse, pool, hottub, activities.
$125.00. Call 386-938-5237. First Day Collector paying $1,000. ea. for afghans, some antiques. New & Used Homes. Lot Rent $230
Secondary porcelain Suwannee Co. auto tags includes water / sewer 1-866-2-
SecondrySOUTHEASTERN MACHINE dated 1911-17, & $50. ea. for nice (T RELAX-0 (1-866-273-5290
FREE HOMEWORK HELP All of Live Oak, FL condition Suwannee tags (with 31 Ewww.Orangecres.com
subjects, elementary to college. Go is an authorized Service Center for prefix) from 1939-47. Also, want pre- ogPPORTUNTY C588@Clayton.net
to www.pathwhelp.org for live online Sioux Automation Center, Inc. Give 1938 Fla. tags. Contact Jeff Francis dwellings .advertised in this First Day
help or help via email or message them a call at 386-362-1727 for all at 727-345-6627, or P.O. Box 41381, RECREATION newspaper are available o n an equal rt
boards, all from qualified teachers. of your TMR mixer wagon parts, St. Petersburg, FL 33743-1381. opportunity basis. To complain of Three bedroom/two bath SWMH
Absolutely free. Safe and secure scale and service needs. Website: Campers/Motor Homes discrimination call HUD toll-free 1- near Camp Weed in Live Oak, FL.
site. www.floridalicenselates.com mp 800-669-9777. The toll-free number Available immediately. $625.00, first,
WELLCRAFT SPORTSMAN 1992. for the hearing impaired is 1-800- last & security. Call 386-938-5637.
Miscellaneous Garage/Yard Sales 25 foot, twin 2000 150 Mercury 927-9275
A+ POOL HEATERS FACTORY BIG MOVING SALE: Fri. & Sat. Dec. outboards. Cuddy cabin, 2000 Vacation Rentals
DIRECT Solar, Heat Pump or Gas. 9th & 10th from 8am until. Indoors at trailer. Ready to go fishing. Asking ..._
Complete do-it-yourself pool heater 7853 139th Drive, Live Oak. $22,000. Located in the Ocala area. Houses for Rent
PETS kits. Phone quotes, installation Everything must go, including Will consider trade. 352-347-4470 ___ __ '
LOT AN A ? W T TO available in most areas. 1-800-796- freezers & furniture. h FOR RENT: 4BD/3BA, 1750 sq. ft.'
LOST AN ANIMAL? WANT TO un home in Mayo, FL. Kitchen, dining
ADOPT? Call Suwannee County 0951ThEne uerMarketco COUNTY RD #9869, 136 West, rm, fam. rm, tile floors throughout,
Animal Control at 386-208-0072. M-F Li #CWC029795, Insured. Dealer 9 & 10t8am until, BIG Family Yard must see! $800./mo, sec. de. .& lyracces,
from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. inquiries welcome. Sale. Furniture, new toys, Christmas lease. Call 386-294-1349 & Iv. msg. North Carolina. Easy access, great
from 9 a.m:- 5 inquiries welcome. Sale. Furniture, new toys, Christmas nll UNIQUE HOUSE: 1BD/1BA and loft. view, 10 min to Maggie Valley, 30 min
Pets for Sale BATHTUB REFINISHING Renew / items, household items, lots of Misc. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT CH&A, W/D. $650./mo t, last & to Cherokee, 2 mi to Parkway,
Change Color. Tub, Tile, Sink & Chip CH&A, W/D. $650./mo, 1st, last & to Cherokee, 2 m to Parkway,
YORKIE PUPPIES Repair. Commercial & Residential. Apartments sec. dep of $300. No pets. Call 386- Mountain Stream with picnic area,
WILL BE READY BY CHRISTMAS r Warranty Quick Response, R r 362-3002. Fireplace, Sleeps 10. All Amenities.
Now taking payments. Also, nreik Rida s e GARAGE SALE: Fri & Sat, Dec. 9 & PUBLISHER'S NOTICE $500/wk, $1600/mo. (386) 330-4207
Now taking payments. Also, Insured. Serving Florida yr 108 am. til? at 514 Marymac St. SE All real estate advertising in this Mobile Homes for rent Lucy
BOSTON TERRIER, 4 mos. old. "Florida's Tub Doctor." 888-686-9005 in Live Oak. Many im Crsm
Call 386-792-3123. i FREE OOM Direcvtee Oak. Many c tems: Christmas newspaper is subject to the Fair Clean 3Br/2Ba DWMH on 3+ acres,
FREE 4-ROOM Directv System decorations, collectables, and much, Housing Act which makes it illegal to
Pets for Free w/lnstallation, Free DVR! Free DVD muchHousing Act which makes it illegal to off CR 132, Live Oak. $600/month,
Pets for Free w/Installation, FreetDVRFFreee D much more. advertise "any preference, limitation first/last/security required. Available
Free to good home: ayMonths Free HBO Huge IndoorYard Sale or discrimination based on race, mid-December. Call 386-842-2006
Black & Tan German Shephard Cinemax. Access 225+ Channels. Sat., December 10th, 8am-? color, religion, sex, disability, familial dys/evenins
puppy, & 2 mixed Daimations.Great 100% Digital. Conditions Apply. 800- Christ Central Ministries status or national origin, or an days/venings.
with children. 386-792-2377 260-2813 1550 SW Walker Ave. intention, to make any such
GARAGES, BARNS, CARPORTS. Live Oak, FL preference, limitation and
SCarports starting $595 (12'x21') MOVING SALE: Dec. 10th, 8am- discrimination." Familial status
Galvanized steel. 2 Styles, 13 3pm at 631 Marymac St in Live Oak includes children under the age of 18 1
installation. Call for free quote on clothing, home accessories & lots of custodians, pregnant women and
AGRICULTURE any size. FloridaCertified 10year miscellaneous, people securing custody of children 529 S. Ohio Ave., Live Oak, FL
warranty available. 386-736-0398 under 18.
jcscarportsandgarages.com Bus. 386-362-1389 Fax: (386) 362-6131
POOL TABLE PRO SERIES 8' S.C. Sullivan (386) 362-1389, Evening 362-2990
Excalibur Solidwood "Harvard" Realtor Assoc. M. Elizabeth Elliott, Evening 842-2372
Collection, All Still Crated, 1" Slate,
Leather Pockets, All Accessories + (1) Near City: 2 1/2 acres good fences, good area.
MERCHANDISE Marble Balls, Can Deliver & Install! with 3 bedroom, 2 bath Priced to sell @ $126,500.
_________________ Cost $7K, Sacrifice $1250, Matching CH/AC doublewide mobile (9) Off CR 250: 10 acres
Appliances Dining Top $495, Anthony: 954-309- MOWING BUSH HOGGING '. home, nice wooded lot partially wood. Approved
4479, 813-273-8701 AND MUCH MORE $75000 well & septic tank. Good
For Sale: Whitebrand Refrigerator www.excaliburbilliards.com (2) Demetree StMUCH ORE 188' x County Road $12,000 per
$100.00, Whirlpool Refrigerator (2) Demetree St.: 188' x County Road $12,000 per
$15000, Table w/4 chairs $150.00. FREE ESTIM ATES 188' lot with a 3 bedroom acre.
Call 386-776-2125 & leave a home cont. approx. 1400 sq. (10) Hamilton Co.: 14 acres
message. ft., new roof, 3 bay detached wooded approx. 1200 ft.
Building Materials -carport & motor home county rd. Good area.
storage. Good area. $168,000.
LUMBER LIQUIDATORS $125,000. (11) Hamilton Co.: 56 acres
HARDWOOD FLOORING from .99 (3) Near City 4 bedroom$ 2 i grass with scattered trees,
CENTS SQ. FT. Exotics, Oak (3) Near City: 4 bedroom, 2 in grass with 3 bedroom, 2 bath
Bellawood w/50 year prefinish, plus condition 2000 Fleetwood CH/AC 2003 doublewide
A Lot More! We Deliver Anywhere, 5 f mobile home, good -area. le home. 20x120 and
Florida Locations, 800-FLOORING / $83,000. 20'xl 62 Quail houses.
(356-6746) (4) Harrell Heights: Check $622,200.
out the new homes under (12) CR 249: Near City 12
construction, three bedroom, acres +- wooded with a
FO R SA LE two bath, central heat and air small pond, 520 ft on CR
Ner condition, city sewer 249. Goodbuy @ $138,000.
1994 Ford Ranger XLT. 2nd owner. aI bi water. 100% financing to (13) Wellborn Area CR
Excellent condition. Bedliner, AC, qualified buyers will work 137: Commercial with a
n trih$5. nofor S.H.I.P. $95,000. B designed for two businesses.
Call 386-792-3733 aa (5) 9 acres on 173rd Road: Paved road frontage.
West of Live Oak, partially PaImmed roia te occupancy.
GUIDANT AND MEDTRONIC IMPLANTED wooded with balance in Reduced to $185,000.
CARDIAC DEFIBRILLATORS AND ur T urto! grass. Good buy at $90,000. (14) CR 751: 13.8 Acres on
PACEMAKERS RECALLED Maureen Hartshorn 304 Howard St., Live Oak, FL Louise Sheddan Exchange US 90 West & I- DWMH, in grass with some
(386)364-8215 1-904-910-4632 10: 32 acres with 815 ft on D i
Nearly 200,000 electronic heart devices, comprised of many different RUS 90 977 ft on 161st rd. & (15) 95th Place: 5.61 acres
model names and numbers, are being recalled because of ***'O T PROPERUE IES*** 900 ft on 62 Terrace. All in partially wooded with acres
manufacturing defects that can cause life-threatening device failure, grass with old Pecan grove. bedroom, 2 bath central heat
Implanted cardiac defibrillators, also called cardioverters or ICDs, ATTENTION INVESTORS: 4.88 acres w/single wide mobile home. Great Will divide, and air conditioned DWMH
investment; buy now, retire later. Home would make a good rental, close to (7) Running Springs Bluff: with front & rear decks
made by both Medtronic and Guidant, along with Guidant pacemakers, town and 1-10. Call now before the sold sign goes up. MLS #48391 $77,888. Wooded lot with 100 ft. on 12x20 storage. $112,000.
are included in the recalls, the water, buildable. Good (16) Perry Fla.: Nice three
Contact us for more information about the models coveted and about COUNTRY LIVING: 2002 Mobile, unique split floor plan. Large master Area. $35,000. bedroom, one & one half
the legal rights of people affected by defects in these devices suite w/retreat. Family room, eat in kitchen, many extras. Rural setting, yet (8) Off 225 Rd.: 10 acres central heat and air
the legal rights of people affected by defects in these devices, close to Live Oak. Must see to appreciate. Call for a showing. MLS #47965 wooded, with a 2 bedroom, conditioned brick home,
Sutton & Associates, RC. $125,888. 2 bath CH&AC 14x70 with kitchen furnished,
Attorneys in Homerville, Georgia GREAT BUY...PRICED TO SELL: 10 acres Close to Live Oak and 1-10. mobile home, with front & garage, numerous updates,
912-487-5273 l Partially cleared w/hardwoods and pines. Beautiful area for your vacation or rear decks, 30'x30' pole like new. $73,400. 100%
o retirement home. Back 10 acres available for $9,500 an acre. (MLS #46759). barn, 12x20 summer financing to qualified
Email: suttonandassociates@yahoo.com Front 10 acres (MLS #47861) $100,000. 222082DH- kitchen, 10x16 storage, buyers.211543-F

: ^ '^ '''


362-1734 CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE 1-800-525-4182

Office Space We will give you the very best pricing Homesites 2 to 10 acre tracts. LAND? Let the Real Estate Experts Current JOBS Line needed, two (2) years experience
MEDICAL OFFICE SPACE in North Florida on new or used Starting around $15,000. Call for of Thompson Group, Inc., Broker, Advertisement Call 386-658- required. Health insurance,
FOR RENT manufactured homes! 800-769-0952 free brochures about our Holiday Buy or Sell your property. With fast 5627 or visit www.acvillage.net retirement, & paid vacation.
Office has 2,100 sq. ft.; has 2 waiting BEAUTIFUL 3 BEDROOMS, 2 Sale! 866-603-LAND results & service, contact Carri-Anne 24hrs/day, 7 days/week Drug Free WorkPlace.
areas and 8 exam rooms. Lease for BATH, DOUBLEWIDE WITH www.countrytyme.com Powell, Agent 352-378-4814 Call (386) 294-3411.
$1,850.00 per month. Contact Poole FIREPLACE. OPEN FLOOR PLAN. NORTH CAROLINA LANDIII 39 www.NFLLAND.com If excellence in quality & ---- CLERICAL
Realty at 386-209-1766. LOTS OF EXTRAS. WILL DELIVER, acres, huge waterway, ducks, fish, BLAIRSVILLE, GA: 3 acres w/creek compassionate care are important LAKE CITY & SURROUNDING'
NEW OFFICE SPACES FOR RENT CALL DOUG AT 386-288-2617. deer, turkey: $99K. 4 acres, & pasture offered at $109,900 to you, let's talk. AREAS, MANY POSITIONS
Next to School Complex. Will be USED DOUBLEWIDE, MUST SELL! pastures: $39K, rolling farmland near (117291); Taking Reservations for AVAILABLE. CALL FOR AN APPT.
available in November. Call now for MAKE OFFER! CALL TIM Raleigh / Durham. Surveyed, perked, Lots, Spectacular Gated Harbin LPN direct care staff, WAL-STAF PERSONNEL
information 386-362-2938 or 386- (386) 288-2016 by owner. For pictures call/email: Woods starting $39,900; toll free 1- long term care setting 386-755-1991
590-0922. USED DOUBLEWIDE, MUST BE owner@newbranch.com 919-693- 800-535-0021. Century 21 (Foxfire Nonrestricted FL License required; DRUGSCREENS/BACKGRD REQ.
SOLD BY CHRISTMAS! 8984 Realty Group), www.C21Foxfire.com Experience preferred.. First
CALL GEORGE 386-719-0044 Most Spectacular Views. Lakes, golf, CENTRAL GA LAND 1-50 acre CNA direct care staff, Customer Service/Sales Position
marina, Nantahala Forest, Land/ tracts in beautiful wooded areas. long term care setting Mo-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Outgoing,
Vacation Property Cabin kit packages $99,900. Limited Enjoy the south's finest living. Terrific FL certificate required; friendly personality REQUIRED! Call
REAL ESTATE FOR SALE AAH COOL MOUNTAIN Availability. 1-888-389-3504 ext. 306 investment w/financing available. Experience preferred. Lisa @ Howell's Office Supply,
BREEZES Murphy, North Carolina OHIO COUNTRY LIVING 2 story Starting at $6,000/acre 706-833- 386-362-4406 or apply in person.
Homes for Sale Affordable Homes & Mountain farmhouse w/central air. 3BR/1.5BA, 0204 Earn while you Learn-
Cabins Land, River, Mountains, large kitchen, 1st floor laundry. 2.5 KENTUCKY 200 acres, beautiful Train to be a CNA First Day
ANGELO BUYS HOUSES Cash Streams Call for Free Brochure 1- car garage, 2 barns and more on 5 rolling hills, lakes for fishing, barns, Training class currently planned for
any condition. Handyman, fire 877-837-2288 Exit Realty Mountain acres. S.E. Ohio. $159,900. Owner timber, pasture and farmground. January 2006. Must have high DENTIST NEED TO WORK
damaged, distressed, vacant or View properties Financing. 740-489-9146 Excellent deer / turkey hunting school diploma or equivalent, or be SIDE BY SIDE WITH
occupied. Anywhere in FL! Apts / www.exitmurphy.com TENNESSEE!! MONTEAGLE- $395,000. Also 3,500 acre farm, at least 18 years of age. OTHER HEALTH CARE
or small. Quick closing. 1-800- ARKANSAS HOT SPRINGS SEWANEE, Beautiful MountainBenefits for FT positions include PROFESSIONALS
SELL-181 or 1-954-816-4363 VILLAGE ARKANSAS World's Properties. 600+ Acres; 5 Acres & S. CAROLINA COUNTRY health, dental, life, disability,
Largest Gated Community. 8 up. 4 miles from 1-24. Gated & ACREAGE By Owner, 8+ acres, supplemental insurance; 403b Florida Department of Corrections,
GRLake View Bargains! Water access 2. Championship Golf Courses 1,743 secluded! Gorgeous bluff & creek excellent building site. Nice quiet supplrement account; paid time off, DENTAL SERVtmCES, is a critical
Builders Lots in Fastest Selling Wooded lots. George, Timberwood area. Buy now, build later. Only 1/2
from $34,900 w/Free Boat Slips. Pay Areas. Starting from $11,000 954 Development Co. 423-949-6887 hour from Myrtle Beach. $59,900. access t onsite daycare and comgnizedt correctioanalti healthy
No Closing Costs! Sat & Sun 12/10 9-7954 www.timber-wood.com Owner Financing. 803-473-7125 fitness facilities, c correctional
savings on beautifully wooded BEAUTIFUL TENNESSEE WESTERN N.C. MOUNTAINS SUWANNEE COUNTY Apply in person at Personnel accepting applications for Dentist
parcels at 34,000 acre lake in MOUNTAIN LOTS Breathtaking Gated Golf Community. New Phase Beautiful, new subdivision on C R Office (Carter Village Hall) Monday at Madison Correctional Institution,
Tennessee. Enjoy unlimited water Views River Access Ideal for Opening. Limited Home Sites 349. 1 mi. S. of C R 252, right on through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until Madison, FL and Hamilton
recreation. Surrounded by state Fishing, Hunting, ATV, Horseback Starting at $99,000. 2 Hrs North of 160th Trace. 5 & 7 acre lots starting 4:00 p.m., or fax Correctional Institution in Jasper,
forest. Lakefront available. Excellent Riding. Near Dale Hollow Lake Atlanta. Toll Free: 1-866-997-0700 at $89,000.00. Owner financing. resume/credentials to (386) 658- FL
financing! Call now 1-800-704-3154 Perfect for Cabin Weekend Get-A- WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA Call 1-866-386-2376. 5160.
x702. Way. Utilities Great Investment Land & Homes For Sale in New www.bullardproperty.com Requires FL license prior to hire.
Property. Owner Financing From Development with Spectacular Views TENNESSEE ACREAGE 5 acres EOE/Drug-Free Workplace
First Day $15,900 931-839-2968 only 1.5 Hrs to Atlanta. Own a Piece gorgeous mountain top building site Criminal background For further info. contact: Sharon
LIVE OAK-3 Bed, 2 Bath, on 5 COME TO THE BEAUTIFUL Today. MountainViewProps.com 1- w/woods, breathtaking views, river checks required. McKinnie, R.N. 850-922-6645
Acres. 2yrs old. 145-91 104th St., MOUNTAINS OF MURPHY, N.C. 800-280-9343 access. Cumberland Plateau area.
Live Oak, FL Mint ConditionPrice: Free Brochure Investors Realty 1 Lots $39,900, Owner financing. 772-263- B.O.K. ENTERPRISES, LLC First Day
$249,000. Call Consuelo or Sandra 800-497-3334 Email: .3775 or 1-800-763-0085 Ask about Rapidly expanding trucking Driver
800-843-6122 (E S Realty) investorsrlt@brmemc.net Log DOUBLE YOUR $$$ INVESTMENT our mini vacation. company seeking qualified, CFI PAYS PRACTICAL MILES!
WANTED: 20 HOMES To Show Off Cabins From $139,900. Lots From 788 Builders Lots. Buy 1 or Buy WE NEED LANDI Lots, acreage, dependable CDL drivers with a PAYS PRACTICAL MILES!
Our New Lifetime Exterior Paint. Call $27,900/ Acre Vacation Rentals Them All. Wholesale Prices! Call zoned, and unzoned land. Cash out minimum of two years experience. ATLANTA ORIENTATIONI
Now to See if Your Home Qualifies www.investorsrealtyinc.com 954-588-1061 today or build long term income. You Drivers home every weekend. Avg. PLUS
1-800-518-5532, (Lic #CBC010111) COME TO THE MOUNTAINSI FLAGLER ESTATES 1+ Acres choose! Call us today!!! 1-800-735- salary $40K-$50K per year. *$0.05 NE Bonus Pay
RE/MAX Mountain Properties offers Builders Lots from $33,000. 954- 5181; 954-448-5154 Angelo; 954- Contact Buddy or Tricia (386) 364- *Avg. Solo Earnings $50,758..
Mobile Homes the best properties available in 588-1061 816-4363 Gene. Call us anytime. 3250. -XM Service
LARGE DOWNPAYMENT, I MAY BE reeks cabins & acreage. Call toll Beautiful 4ac, wooded lots on paved CITY OF HIGH SPRINGS HIRING STUDENT GRADS...
WILLING TO OWNER FINANCE A free, 1-877-837-3002 to receive road w/electricity. Burke County & (pop. 4500) Potential 1stYear $42,000!
NEW MANUFACTURED HOME more info. Hancock County. $19,000/each. Technical position nvolvin 1-800-CFI-DRIVE
FOR YOU. CALL STEVE @ 386-365- DISCOVER NORTH CAROLINA Town & Country Real Estate 478- interpreting, implementing, and (800-234-3748)
8549 MOUNTAINSI Low taxes, cool 552-5681 www.tandcrealestate.com www.cfidrive.com
Four bedroomTwo bath home on summers! Beautiful views! Cabins, INVESTMENT LOTS Double, triple EMPLOYMENT eoscinH Ir ng a nd lopyrse Fist
land, must sell. In Beautiful Deer homes, farms, re lo on. p ertes Hel Wanted of exp. in building construction and/or
Creek-Only $774. per month. Call acreage, Murphy, NC. Free color Subdivided buildable lots: Arkansas Help Wanted of exp.nstruction mgt or (BS) in building driver- dedicated regional
construction mgt. or (BS) in building driver- dedicated regional
Doug @ 386-288-2617. rochure, 1-800-837-7656 $3,900-$6,000. Tennessee $9,900. CUSTOMER SERVICE/CASHIER: construction, construction mgt.,STAL TRANSPORT
MUST SELL 2000, 1456 Sq. Ft Prudential Mountain Realty Spectacular amenities abound. full time w/flexible hours, benefits architecture, or engineering or 5 yrs. HOME EVERY WEEKEND
MUST SELLbewid! 2000, 1456 Sq. Ft. www.prudentialmountainre.com Reserve immediately 1-800-920- including pd.vacation, health, etc. exp. State certifications required. GUARANTEED!

Glamour Bath, Beautiful Deck. 20% ESCAPE BEAUTIFUL WESTERN 0340 Apply in person: Howland's, corner of $38,000-$48,000. and benefits. Apply 65% Preloaded/ Pretarped
Down, Only $517.66 per month Call N.C. MOUNTAINS Free Information INVESTORS $$$ BUILDERS LOTS Walker & Eleventh St, Live Oak, FL by January 3, 2006 at 110 NW 1st Average $818-$896/week
Ron at 386-397-4960. & Color Brochure. Mountain in fastest growing areas. From Ave., High Springs, Fl 32643 or fax a Jacksonville, FL Terminal
LA HOMProperties Spectacuarksiew $7,995 Call 954-328-1010 First Day cover letter and resume to 386-454- CDL-A required. 877-428-5627
THEY LAST! CALL RON NOW!LE C abins, Homes, Creeks & INVESTORS $$$$ Double your sales 2126. email to www.dtdrivers.com
386-397-4960THEY LAST CALL N NOW! Investment Acreage Appalachian investment in 1 year! Builders Lots AWESOME TRAVEL JOB highsprinqsl@alltel.net. EOE, Drug Driver/Laborer
386-397-4960 Land Co. 1-800-23-7919 FiMurphy in fastest growing areas from $7,995. Hiring 18-20 adventurous girls and free Workplace, Veterans Preference Waste Management, Inc.
GRE AT DEALS, WHILET HEY NC's Largest RE Firmchanand.com Call 954-319-7954 guys to work and travel. All major Applies. Lake City/Gainesville
31 Used Doublewides from Disney NC MOUNTAINS Log cabin $89,900 Acreage cities and resort areas! No First Day Has an immediate opening for a
area. Now in Lake City. A/C, steps Esos cabin on secluded site experience needed, on job training. hard working, flexible individual to
area. Now in Lake City.A/C, steps, Easy to finish cabin on secluded site. FLORIDA TAYLOR CO. 8,120 AC Transportation and lodging provided Carpet & vinyl installers needed. fill the position of Driver/Laborer
furnished, pots, pans, dishes, ac. parcels $29900-$$ View $79900 free on 1-7 intensively managed timberland near. $300-$700 plus~ honuses... Sharp, Top pay. Must have all jegal for Lake City ahd Gainesville. This
silverware, Perfect for Rental avail. 1-828-256-1004 the Gulf Coast. $16,240,000. 404- people start today! Parents welcome paperwork. Call John or Brad position requires a minimum Class
Properties or Starter Home 386-avail. 1-828-256-1004. 362-8244 St. Regis Paper Co., LLC at interview, at Live Oak Paint Center B CDL with air brake endorsement.
752-5355 1-800-701-1442. 386-362-7066. Waste Management offers a full
752-5355 Case Manager benefits package including health
Developmental Disablitlies insurance and 401-K plan. If you feel
Adept is seeking PT/FT Case you meet the requirements, please
Manager. Applicant must be self- apply by phone
directed, committed to quality, and 1-877-220-JOBS (5627)
detail oriented. Minimum or online at
Announcements Driver- NOW HIRING QUALIFIED DRIVERS for Coastal Living at it's Best- Brunswick County, North requirements BA/S and 2 years WWW.WMCAREERSCOM
CentralFlorida Local&NationalOTRpositions.Foodgrade Carolina. Homes and homesites. CALL NOW! (800)682- social services experience. Previous EOE/ADA/DFWP
tanker, nohazmat, nopumps,greatbenefits, competitivepav 9951 Coastal Carolina Lifestyle Inc scia l semanagement experience. Previous
Is Stress Ruining Your Life? Read DIANETICS by Ron & new equipment. Need 2 years experience. Call Bynum wvww.coastalcarolinalifestyvle.info. case management experience. Frt Day
L. Hubbard Call (813)872-0722orsend $7.99 toDianctics, Transport for your opportunity today. (800)741-7950. Option to work at home after training.
3102 N. Habana Ave., Tampa FL 33607. $25,190. + benefits. Fax resume to Electrical Helper
BEAUTIFUL NORTH CAROLINA. MUSTSEEBEAU- 352-378-6114. needed immediately. Some
guildi Materials. ACT NOW DRIVERS- Flatbed, Bulk Tank and Refriger- TIFUL & COLORFUL FALL FOLIAGE! WESTERN NC CERTIFIED NURSING experience required Call Wood's
Building Materials atedDivisions. Performancebasedpay.ExperiencedOpera- MOUNTAINS Homes, Cabins, Acreage & Investments. CERTIFIED NURSING exp er vices, Inc. @ 386-364-
tors. Independent Contractors or Company Drivers. CDL Cherokee Mountain Realty GMAC Real Estate, Murphy ASSISTANTS Electrical ces, Inc. @ 386-364-
METAL ROOFING SAVE $$$ Buy Direct From Manu- Instruction Program available. (800)771-6318. www.cherokeemonntainrealty.com Call for Free Brochure Full Time: 3p-11p shift & 5246.
facturer. 20 colors in stock with all Accessories. Quick turn www.primeinc.com. (800)841-5868. Part Time: weekends all shifts
around Delivery Available Toll Free (888)393-0335. Suwannee Health Care Center Food Service Positions
MOVIE EXTRAS, ACTORS & MODELS! Make. $75- BEAUFORT, SC BY THE SEA. 4BR 3BA CUSTOM 1620 E. Helvenston Street Ken's BBQ in Live Oak, FL is now
~BusinesspnOpportufnities $250/day. All ages and faces wanted! No exp. Required. FT/ WILLIAMPOOLEHOMEINPRIVATEGATEDNEIGH- LiveOak,FL32064 accepting applications for all
BusinessOpportunities PT! (800)851-9046. BORHOOD. COMMUNITY CENTER, POOL, TENNIS. EOE/D/V/M/F positions. All positions are required
SAND LIGHTED SIDEWALKS. $625,000.00 to work some nights & Saturdays.
"We Create Millionaires" proclaimed Success Magazine. Now Hiring for 2005 Postal Positions $17.50-$59.00+/hr. (843)252-7645.jfward@hargray.com. Must be min. of 18 yrs old. Apply in
In 5 minutes you'll know how: (800)311-9365. Full Benefits/Paid Training and Vacations No Experience person @ 1542 S. Ohio Ave. (In
Necessary (800)584-1775 Reference # 5600. East Alabama Mountain Property For Sale One hour west Pubix shopping center.)
Local Vending Route! All brands, soda, snacks, candies, of Atlanta in Piedmont, AL Great for enjoyment or' invest-
water. Great equipment & service! Financing available w/ ment 19.5 acres $6,142 down $510/Monthly. Information
$7500 down. (877)843-8726 BO#2002-037. InlStruction Call-.Glenn (850)545-4928.

ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE Do you earn $800/day? 30 Heavy Equipment Operator CERTIFIED. Hands on ASHEVILLE,NCAREAACREAGEl to8acremountlain ^llL r
Machines, Free Candy All for $9,995. (888)629-9968 Training. Job Placement Assistance. Call Toll Free (866)933- view and riverfront homesites from the $60s. Gated commu- .W SEALTOR
BO2000033. CALL US: We will not be undersold! 1575. ASSOCIATED TRAINING SERVICES, 5177 nity, custom lodge.Near naturalhotsprings. Don'tmissout!
-Homosassa Trail. Lecanto, Florida, 34461. Call (866)292-5762. fl 1815 West Howard St.
Equipment For Sale --__________________ __ _Live Oak, FL 32064
Equipmen FrSlLegal Services GRAND OPENING SALE Phase 2. Lake View Bargains! 386-362-7080
SAWMILLSfromonly$2,795.00Convert yourLOGSTO Water access ro $34,900 w FREE Boat Slips. PAY NO Ran kin Rea ItV Toll Free (800) 677-5559
VALUABLE LUMBER with your Norwood portable band DIVORCE$275-$350*COVERS children, etc. Only one CLOSING COSTS! Sat & Sun 12/10 & 12/11. Huge pre-
sawmill. Log skidders also available. signature required! *Excludes govt. fees! Call weekdays constructionsavingsonbeautifullywoodedparcelsat34.000 1) Priced to Sell. 2 mobile homes on 5.5 Acres. Great for investment or extended
www.norwoodindustries.com -Free information: 1800)462-2000, ext.600. (8am-7pm) Alta Divorce, LLC. acre lakc in Tennessee. Enjoy unlimitcd water recreation. family. Only $120,000. MLS#46941 Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
_____________________________ financing! Call now (800)704-3154 x 701. 2) 1 Acre on HWY 90 in Madison. $40,000. Bring All Offers. MLS#49179. Call
Financial ARRESTED INJURED Need a Lawyer? All Criminal Mandy at 386-590-2668
lida Defense&Personallnjury. *Accidents*Injuries*Wrongful NEW! LAKEFRONT ACREA.GE On the Tennessee/
____________________ Death *Felonies *Misdemeanors *DUI *Traffic. A-A-A Kentucky border. I to6acresfrom the$40s. Incredible lake 3) Very nice lot located next to Nestle Bottling Plant. $19,000. Bring all
IMMEDIATE CASH!!! US Pension Funding pays cash Attorney Referral Service (800)733-5342- 24/7.& sunset views. Own a private lakefront retreat call today. offers.MLS#48573 Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
now for 8 years of your future pension payments. Gall (866)339-4966.
(800)586-1325 for a FREE, no-obligation estimate. 4) HWY 90 Frontage In Lee close to School and Post Office. $29,000. Bring All
www.uspensionfunding.com. Miscellaneous TENNESSEE ACREAGE FOR SALE Near Chatta- Offers. MLS#48572. Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
Health ARNDEGREEonineromome. dialBusness eait l ne lakeside community. I to 5 acre 5) Paved Rd frontage. 5 Acres on CR-143. Partially cleared. $85,000. MLS#47542

*Paralegal, *Computers. Job Placement Assistance. Comrn- slips. Call for appt. (866)292-5769. Call Ells Gray at 386-362-7467 .
peter & Financial aid if qualify. (866)858-2121 ______________________ 6) Very nice 2.52 Acres in Hamilton County. Across from the Withlacoochee
The Lowest Prescription Prices LESS THAN CANADA. www.oninetidewa terteehm.i. TennesseeWaterfrontLandSale! Direct Waterfrontparcels River.$34,900 Bring All Offers. MLS#49180. Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
Global0720 wwwMeilalmedicin Physician owned. (866)634----- from only $9.900! Cabin Package from $64,900! 4.5 acres
0720 www.tobalmedicines.net. Real Estate suitable for4 homes and docks only $99,900! All properties 7) 2.08 Acres In Hamilton County. Fishing rights to Timber Lake. $34,900. Bring All
are new to the market! Call toll-free (866)770-5263 ext. 8. Offers.MLS#48664. Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
HelpWanted ESCAPE TO YELLOW TOP MOUNTAIN, Western 8) 2 Lots in Suw. River Park Estates. 12,900 Each. Bring All Offers. MLS#47662
NC. Easy Access, Paved Roads, Privacy, Gated. Awesome MONTANA LAND AUCTION 1/05/06: P'rovides good And MLS#47660 Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
DRIVERS WANTED Averagedispatch is 2,100 miles *3- views! Acreage w/creeks & log cabin shell from $89,900. income & fantastic wildlife habitat.+/- 1574.44acresoffered
Pay Packages to choose from *Late model Equipment *No Financing Available. (828)247-0081. in three tracts, mineral rights included. (406)485-2399 or 9) Great location for future home. 4.26 Acres in River Road Manor Subdivision.
Haz-Mat* NoEast-Coast* I00%No-TouchFreight*Weekly (406)485-3698www.montanalandauctions.com. Also connecting 1.15 Acres available. Can make offer for both. MLS#48254 and
Advances*DirectDeposit*weekly(sameweek)Settlements. North Carolina Gated Lakefront Community 1.5 acres MLS#46297 Call Mandy at 386-590-2668 or Ellis Gray at 386-362-7467
Solosand Owner Operators Welcome.Requirements: I-year plus. 90 miles of shoreline. Never before offered with 20% Your Ad Could Be Here
OTR vrifiahleexperience,CDLCLASSA PlusSafeDriving pr-dvelopmen discounts, 9 financing. Call 10) DBL WD mobile home on 4.01 Acres $133,900. MLS#48380 Call Ellis Gray at
record....Call Smithway Logistics, Inc. (800)282-1911 (8009) c709-5253.f c _------ 386-362-7467
ecxt 115. I >"7-.5. RunyouradSTATEWIDE!!! Foronly$45lyoucan place
eat_ ______ 115.----- _____ _____ _____ _your25wordclassi tiedadinover 150newspapersthr,)ugh(ut 11) 6.62 Acres with spring fed stocked pond. Creek drains from pond and runs length
Driver- COVENANT TRANSPORT Excellent P & C'oastal Southeast Georgia Large wooded water access, the stale reaching over 5 MILLION readers. Call Ihis of property. $110,000. MLS#48191 Call Ellis Gray at 386-362-7467
Driver- COVENAN' 'IrANSP ORT. Excellent Paym & marsh view, lake front, and golf oriented honimesites from the newspaper or Advcrtising Ntclworks of Florida il (866)742-
Benefits for Esperienced Drivers, 0/0, Solos. Teams & nid $70's Live oaks, pool, tennis, g'olf. (877)266-7376. 1373. Visit us online at wwf!grid.a-,classi'ieds.cmm. 12) DBL WD 5 Bed 2 Bath with fireplace on 5.08 Acres. Great buy for large family.
GrAvailabe ( P ile. Refrigerated Now www.comperspoint.com. Display ads also available. $137,500. MLS#49176. Call Ellis Gray at 386-362-7467

WESTERNNCMOUNTAINSNornhCarolinaWherethere 13) Paved Rd frontage. 5 Acres on CR-143. Partially cleared. $85,000. MLS#47542
CYPRESS TRUCK LINES, INC Driver Designed Dis- is: Cool Mountain Air, Views & Streams, Homes, Cabins Call Ellis Gray at 386-362-7467
patch. FL.A ONLY/Flal Bed students welcome. Home Every & Acreage. CALL FOR FREE BROCiURE OF MOUN-Ichetucknee River. $49,000. MLS#47869.
WcckEnd Most Nights (800)545-1351 TAIN PROPERTYsALESi800-)642-5333. RealtyO'Murpmy- A B Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
www.cypresstruck.cor. 317 Peachtree Si. Murphy. N.C. 28906.Call Mandy at 386-590-2668
rw.realtvofnrihunom. LA Ie 15) Two 1.26 Acre Lots in Peacock Hide-a-way. $19,900 Each or both (2.52 Acres)
for $39,000. Bring All Offers. Call Mandy at 386-590-2668

(Week of December 5, Advertising Networks of Florida 16.) Price Reduced. 5 Acres $52,000. Very pretty lot with many beautiful trees.
133320-F J Each Office is Independently Owned And Operated 2220.-F



362-1734 CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE 1-800-525-4182
First Day First Day HEAVY EQUIPMENT Operator
Training. Bulldozers, Backhoes, Autos for Sale Trucks for Sale Accessories/Parts
FULL-TIME TEMPORARY Maintenance Worker Loaders, Dump Trucks, Graders, FOR SALE: Set of '05 Cadillac
CLERICAL POSITION wanted at NFCC. This position will Scrapers, Excavators. Florida Escalade wheels & tires, factory
work in several trade areas which Training National Certification First Day GMC 3500 REMAN engine & Escalade wheels & tires, factory
The Suwannee River Water include: College event set ups; Financial Assistance Job transmission. built ron end. New magnesium rims. $125.00 each or 4
Management District is accepting Furniture moving; Maintenance and Placement. 800-383-7364, FOR SALE: 2002 Hyundai Accent. brakes & tires. 14 ft. metal bed, w/16 for $450.00. Call 386-755-2424, ask
applications for an OPS Clerical repair of buildings and/or Associated Training Services 5-speed, low mileage, decent ft tag-along trailer. $7,500.00. Call for Gus.
position. This position is a equipment. This unskilled position is www.atsn-schools.com condition, champagne color, 2-door. 386-658-3739. Motorcycles
temporary, full-time position (40 labor intensive and requires heavy NOW HIRING! Food Demonstrators $2,895.00. Call 386-938-5637. o
hours per week) at a salary of lifting, in Western Florida up to $9/hour. Toll Vans for Sale 1200 cc. Black & Chrome.
$8.00 per hour. free 866-619-6633 ext. 109 FOR SALE: 2004 Chevy Max. DVD, Windshield, crashbars, floorboards,
Qualifications: Must be High leather, sunroof, skid control, XM new Avon tires, 14K miles,
Graduation from an accredited high School Graduate with general satellite radio, 32 MPG. $18,000.00 king/queen seat & backres
school, a minimum of one year of knowledge of maintenance Call 386-963-5500 after 7 p.m. Two (2) 2005 Chevy Express 2500 king/queen seat & backrest.
clerical work experience, computer, functions and use of minor Call 386-963-5500 after 7p.m.Work Vans 26K, $17,500; 36K $5,000.00 Call 386-362-5793 or 727-
clerical work experience, computer, functions and use of minorWorkVans, 26K, $17,500; 36K 459-2414
and filing skills are required, equipment. $16,500. Call after 7 P.M. 386-963-
Applicants are required to be tested TRANSPORTATION 5500
on typing, spelling and grammar Applications to:
skills at a One Stop Career Center. Director HR T
A 35 CWPM (five minute) timed NFCC TT, *t' *
typing score is required. 325 NW Turner Davis Drive "
Madison, Florida 32340
Duties may include, but are not
limited to, the following: providing An application and complete job
copy services, assisting inmail outs description is available at
documents; assisting in records 973-9487. Application must be
management including filing and received by 12/14/2005. EOE
retrieving microfilmed documents; F
assisting with scheduling and First Day
organizing meetings, and data Suwannee Medical Personnel
entry. Home Care
is now interviewing RNs, LPNs &
Closing Date: December 30, 2005 HHAs, for shifts and visits. Please
call 1-877-755-1544.
For additional information or to call 1-877
receive an application, visit our First Day
website at: MySuwanneeRiver.com
or contact Lisa Cheshire at TELLER
386/362-1001 or Campus USA Credit Union Lake
Cheshire I@srwmd.state.fl.us City currently has an opening for a
part time teller. Hours are Monday
EOE/VetPreference/Drug Free through Friday from 12:45 pm to 6:15
Workplace pm. This position does require at
least 2 Saturdays a month from 9:00
am to 2:00 pm. Previous cash
Maintenance handling experience and excellent Syndicated Content
HELP WANTED maintenance man customer service skills required. All
with knowledge of plumbing, electric applicants must be non-smokers,
and carpentry. Tools required. have good credit and maintain a Available from Commercial News Providers
Transportation a must. Drug free professional appearance.
workplace. Call (386) 330-2567 Applications will be accepted at our
Lake City location, 183 SW Bascorn
MAKE EASY MONEY FASTI Norris Dr. Suite 105 (Behind Zaxby's)
Research participants needed for on- or e-mail your resume to
line research project. Great pay! No jharper@campuscu.com EEO
experience req'd. Must be over 18 & employer M/FN/D
have access to Internet. Register at TILE & MARBLE
www.researchparticipants.com Well established company looking
or call: 1-800-483-9898 For the right employee!!
Must have experience
Must be able to lift 701bs.
First Day Reliable transportation
Smoke free environment
NEWSPAPER CARRIER Please call 386-755-1991 for appt.
Drug screen/Backgrd req.
Newspaper route available in the First Day
Branfotd/Obrien area delivering the
Gainesville Sun. Local pick up of Wanted: Experienced CNC machine
papers, no collections or cash bond operator. Apply at Walsh Race Craft,
required. Average pay of $300 per 1725 S. Ohio Ave., Live Oak, FL.
week. For more information call (Across from Gordon Tractor) or
Donna 386-623-6274 phone 386-364-4942 ask for Mike.
Wanted: Responsible, mature,
caring person for live-in position to
First Day help with care of elderly couple in -FOR RENT- FOR RENT-
lovely, non-smoking home in Dowling
W rkforc Education Park, FL. Ref, bkgrd & drug 2 or 3 BR 3BR, 2 A DW MH,
Program Coordinator screening req'd. Room & board, 2 N
wanted at NFCC. This position is a days off, salary starts @ $200. Singlewide CENTRAL H/A.
professional staff-level position weekly Call 386-658-1090 or 386- mobile home, FIRSTMONTH'S
oriented toward 647-6229.homeS
academic/administrative functions, WANTED!! Central H/A. RENT PLUS
to include class schedules, catalog INDUSTRIAL
and web page entries, student HARDWORKERS ONLY NEED First month's DEPOSIT TO
advising and limited grant writing. In APPLY. ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE. r p d E .
addition, this position will serve as MUST BE ABLE TO LIFT 50 TO
the chief GED examiner. This 70 LB. CALL FOR AN APPT NOW!! to move in. WATE SEW ER
position will also coordinate all WAL-STAF PERSONNEL in.
contract/customized training. Full 386-755-1991 W after sewer & & GARBAGE
job description on website. DRUGSCREENS/BACKGRD REQ.
Qualifications Include: BA/BS Job List garbage included. INCLUDED.
Degree plus one (1) year AIRLINE Mets.ECHANIC Rapid NO PETS
responsible administrative work in RLINEMECHANIC Rapid training.
an educational institution or in a for high paying Aviatin Career. FAA386-330-2567 386-330-2567
comparable professional predicts severeshortage. Financial133437F 133339-F
environment. aid if qualify. Job placement133437-F
assistance. Call AIM 1-888-349-
Applications to: 5387. Double and
NFCC OTR drivers, solos or teams. 3 single wide Mobile Homes '
325 NW Turner Davis Drive months experience & CDL-A / HAZ YOu can Reach
Madison, Florida 32340 required. Full benefits package. mobile homes dY an R a
2003-2005 Equipment. Call 1-800- for rent on for Over 4 Million
A complete packet includes: 362-0159 LCTransportation.com for rent on theirsale. Potential
resume and application (availableat DRIVERS Company Drivers Solos/ own lots in the Land for sale. Potential Buyers
www.nfcc.edu). Questions call 850- Teams Class A/CDL New Pay
973-9487. Application packet must Package 3-1-05, Make up to 40 Live Oak area. Financed for your product
be received by 12/14/2005. EOE cents/mile & More. Great Home through our Internet
Time! Also Owner Operators First and last Naby owners er.
First Day Needed! 1-877-882-6537 EOE month rent plus
Oakley Transport, Inc. Network in Florida
Technicians/Mechanics Needed SALES AGENTS Immediate dama e deposit Ask for
damag dep t YAsk foran thr
Seeking technicians/mechanics openings for licensed 440, 220 & Life a d roughou
with 3-5 yrs. exp. repairing Heavy Agents. Ft. Myers, San Carlos, Cape required. Larru Ocds.
re dLarry Olds the Nation.
Equip. Must have own tools. Apply Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples. Ask for
in person at Ring Power, 390 SW Salary, benefits & commissions. Call Louise at
Ring Ct., Lake City, FL 32025 Danny 305-360-7555 or Mike 239- Larry Olds..R 386-362-2720
or online at: 418-1 340Job apply@ directins.com 3
www.rinower.com EOE 386362-2720 386-362-1734
-"n 134698DHF

Sell Your Car for "'Top Dollar" And Make Your Event a Success!

Each Kit Includes: '
icb Each Kit includes:
*- 2 All-Weather Fluorescent "For Sale" Signs
--- A ee 3 Bright 11"x 14" All-weather Signs
S, Over 275 Pre-Priced Labels
"Get Top Dollar for Your Used Car" Over 275 Pre-Priced Labels
SFOR AI.E ,s Successful Tips for a No Hassle" Sale
': .... Pre-Sale Checklist of S
R u y u 'r Pre-Sale Checklist
--- -_ ............--.. Vehicle Options Window Display -s = ,'
-',', Sales Record Form
-z --( .. ;" : -- i E-Z Closing Forms
including Deposit Form & Bill of Sale

Run your Yard Sale in the
Run your Car For Sale classifiedin the Wednesday Wednesday North Florida Focus &
North Florida Focus & Friday Suwannee Deocrat Friday Suwannee Democrat Classifieds

Classifieds and get the Car Kit for FREE.*
Deadline for placing your ad is Friday at 11:00 a.m. and get the Yard Sale Kit for FREE.
Deadline for placing your yard sale is Friday at 11:00 a.m.
Not valid with the $18.95 special 159697DH-F 159702DH F


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Season's greetings to a[[ofyou...
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"s .tpgyE When you are EMPLOYMENT
aVO ltu /yt approved for a
f lt -I Nornh Florda. Inc. Dayton/TireStarz
6830 US Hwy. 129 w '.,""Pu Credit Card
Suwannee Plaza Get 0% Interest for 90 Days Bulldozers, Backhoes,
4 Live Oak, FL 32064 Ot on all purchases GrLoaders, ScraDump Trucks,
3 6 ,aOnly Ct Excavators
386-362-4664 Hwy. 90W, Lake City Train in Florida
__________ l__0__O O_ f (Across from Walmart) -National Certification
752-0054 -Financial Assistance
m One Realty One Phone call Endless Possibilities! No interest for 90 days on qualifying purchases. Minimum monthly payment required. Accrued interest -Job Placement Assistance
Sa y n c assessed from original purchase date if not paid in full within 90 days. Subject to credit approval. Interest at a 800-383-7364
i e need "or ro rt i 4our A i r one variable rate of 21.84% APR as of 1/1/02 (APR may vary). Minimum finance charge is $0.50. See store for Associated Training Services
SWe need your property in our Ad... Make yours the one listed here. details. Most cars and light trucks. Includes up to5 qt. 10W30 motor oil. MV04612 221539-F ww .atsn-schools.com
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These local businesses are here to take good care of you.



$ $ I $ 5 SAVESSSS $ $
All New Units Quality Metal Roof ing& Accesories ~A Dicoun, Prices" M INI STO 1 A
S5X15 5 5X20 10X15 10X20 15X20 3' .idegahalume Cul to our desired lengths! 5x15 5x20 10x15 10x20
Units located at 607 Goldkist Blvd. d *Deli e Ser e A ailaCLI TE CONTROLLED STORGE
2' me 5-1 4s kibout.si.o, tuln.. CLIMATE CONTROLLED STOPtGuE
Rental Office: 121 Van Buren St., Live Oak urot Sp & 5x5 5x10 10x10 10x20
Gulf Coat Supp &Mfg. nits located on Gold is Road
S34-53 D0 CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-393-0335 Rental Office: 121 Van Buren St., Lihe Oak 364-6626

David Smale "Complete One Stop Service For Your Vehicle" David orour
Licensed & Insured Alignment Specialists David HO E
J i EC13002513 ,me McLaughlin Improvements & Repairs
Office (386) 938-2355 I
Fax 386 938-2366
Fax (386) 938-2366 Remodeling & Renovations
Cell (386) 590-2988 24 HOUR TOWING Remodeg
Reeral Ccmmerc Re 62-4743 1-888-362-2568 386P9631391
EoRierilial Commerical Remoldel.
N ewv CconrIruCli,.n. lMob.e Home Set Up 422 E. HOWARD ST.* LIVE OAK PLAZA Licensed & Insured
SRepair. Complele Electrical Service A Divison ,o
30 Years Experience LEN A. DUNCAN KARDA V ENTERPRISES. INC. FEI 06 -.0200

Stump Grnding E-LIMB-INATORS, INC. Firewood For Sale Home Savers
Complete Tree Senice Call for more Info Plus, Inc.
Licensed & Insured 386-590-1096 People Helping People
SOners: Seasoned Dan & Betty Dixon
Keith & Glenda Hudson W'o_ fBl WE BUY HOUSES!I
21 .Shckinah Plsce WE BUY HOUSES!
O'Brien. FL 32071 590-1976 F .38, 34L26
Phone 386-935-1993 'r'6( 6 9 7 Fx3 3 -2
SFa 6-935-3321 E-mail: danandbettyd@hotmail.com
Jim Sellers 386-776-2522 Fa ,g6-9S-3Z, + g - +,=..+0
n Seles 386-776-2522 We itant to help you!! Call us today'

A Interior Bush Hogging Landclearing Hauling
CAR O LL lInterior Stump Removal Discing Fencing
SI,,,nc. Drywall
CC > 0 I.a4 ^ Wallpaper 4il%'Q 'r
w NEw u EDrigger's Heating, __Walpape Licensed BILLS BACKHOE
Curbing Gutters Monolithic Slabs Air Conditioning Insured & LAND CLEARING
Patios Driveways & Sidewalks and Refrigeration L, ro -,,.: : Pressure
*Commercial & Residential Cleaning & FREE Estimates
Licensed & Insured l Resideniial and Comnmerc.al Office (386) 364-5045 Site
1803 Esergrt~en 1,e. 13861 364-57341
Rt.2 Box 166 386 938-1156 OLi\ O FL 321?6- Clark Drigger. Oner. Mobile (386) 362-9178 Clean 12150196th Terrace
Jennings, FL 32053 \ License CAC025404 .. Michael Guenther, o.. Up (386) 364-1418 O'Brien, FL 32071

LAKEWOOD IMetal Roofing
Save on Quality Metal Roofing & Accessories
APART ENTS 25 Year Limited Warranty Power Poles 24 GENERATIONS OF EXPERIENCE
3' Wide Painted & Galvalume 24 HR. EMERGENCY PUMP SERVICE
IN IIV E OA K Custom Sizes Available 100 am & 200namp
2' Wide 5V Crimp Available 20' Poles
Delivery Available 20 Poles
Quiet country livin 2 bedroom duplex Jasper Hardware & Supply Co., Inc. __ Well Drilling
Call 362-3110 Call Toll Free 1-888-792-1052 E[]|F' st Lc 30 ,gii

*Top quality rILC Tradition Window Tint
Compact Tractors o a, nd in
Factory Warranty (386)935-2727 H om es and Graphics
for 3 Years 22804 US Highway 129 G ap
Financing Plan O'Brien, FL 32071 MANiUFACTRED AND MODULAR HOMES Ri kc Arnold Ir.
Phone j'i'-497A-106E 1-386-9c35-53-i 1 1-05-"9"-661
F3,:6,-93 ,-tt11a0 r 8-.-4 TRADITION HOMES 9 la- -
S' Emadt 6434SWCRI6 105 N\\ PlantA~e,
4795 S SR 349 Branford Itn Gift L Cor~Liq L'nt foppe WWTRADITIOiHHMESLLCCOM Fort While. FL 32038 Branford, FL 32008

Trees, Trimmed or Removed Firewood "--il:'"*" '^^ *:"B' ANT" A ,
Licensed & Insured Free Estimates N AL

... 386")L362 -1734
Buikr Truck an Climbin Serving86J362-173pl4 "
Brur cl. "Serving North Florida & South Georgia' A38 1 4 J-. .
963-5026 DEADLINE IS
rM963 5026'r FoMr;ida FRIDAY AT 2:00 P.M. :

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