Florida Star

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51778 F20090525_AAACJY 00630.QC.jpg 1f12a1484cea88fc51c262aa47a61d6fc24575eeaae1986ed43324aafb83eb5e12b00633
5678805 F20090525_AAACIE 00633.tif 08d8273885540d08a94ea5f5392173ceabf31877b461ab7d617e8dda617c50b6ca9338fb
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5562964 F20090525_AAACIF 00634.tif 4d5fd52faed4e5eb9066791049e169070a84454a36ce8e7dac79b2f995cc13e49d55489f
5983657 F20090525_AAACIG 00635.tif f2a65b545badd5a498ffc4afaf81c5365180f42a7a3e2b166fae48a44cbca3392482f39d
31967 F20090525_AAACIH 00624.txt 94d70433ed18cb00a5986a69d97613a409eb2275d210f257c06e575dee80aa6dc7552229
17664 F20090525_AAACII 00625.txt 3fc6e617392f460de369a057b1419d13737a7f4369c864877457bf1c825114f22945e59b
24416 F20090525_AAACIJ 00626.txt 4eef078689a444f11d95ea88452695fe50aef7130a846457a6743f71ae98fd54c63d6a56
30282 F20090525_AAACIK 00627.txt d7bfe4e66bf54925f6cc0b6190a1d1b2fc846f848d46324740f033ab0f72e0d49063a455
19969 F20090525_AAACIL 00628.txt a8d1d2ba70efae2ff16a85b071801d304bcba443a50a82e32d2afdbbbc1d5005813fe112
29136 F20090525_AAACIM 00629.txt d6a59287bea4e4da9b4429fdf9413ef4c531e480a95a31bef6b52374cad673707286a06d
18075 F20090525_AAACIN 00630.txt 796846144d2035fb9816cf1cacff315bc25287362b957eb61e2ce2ba2b664963a52e0764
32189 F20090525_AAACIO 00631.txt 9f26f646bf7615b8c0c5ce11c725f8e00977bee7b8a64c066fbfc29777e56f79abea3953
15880 F20090525_AAACIP 00632.txt 241ed376c16bb5fd1f1a24040372b9fc72105abe6947a75879d1cf9fd33499bc9b4b0bf3
9815 F20090525_AAACIQ 00633.txt 1e1b3412a7da2db9b0aaacc5e35dc809e432acc293f2f56daf1e3cbd8fc29268d7549684
34864 F20090525_AAACIR 00634.txt 0813245328b8dbac077850d6690244e9bb164680a5c4a08355e8278502690fb9ddbd3111
18581 F20090525_AAACIS 00635.txt 0153bba2029c8650c11ae06af5cd926bedc0fb6035bc3a77dc012c60fa942e127177e929
748642 F20090525_AAACIT 00624.jp2 ce58cb0cd2da94ba02e2e43783f39b1e3b955df123991e0bd5389de371cecfc4fb1670e1
693505 F20090525_AAACIU 00625.jp2 110faac9104112d8f9e7f4f882d98f9fa3232ac27ee215336542f9287ae2992ac6eddb46
716401 F20090525_AAACIV 00626.jp2 482986df9b7d7fd13f274a9639edd29679c72c9f7cb1e8476bf79825524aeff18e16343f
700065 F20090525_AAACIW 00627.jp2 1f31e15d16e140aaa767a37a021e423188d541ee6dad2d36d71a4569a97776a1fb1698c7
719654 F20090525_AAACIX 00628.jp2 f68b362c9ca41a0e1500e5f8fd7ef0432f99b4d39007efb6b1091af972c34cf4ef86be53
710830 F20090525_AAACIY 00629.jp2 7e408ed63917f60d6f7b06dc976db65c11bcc2e938fd02ef3bf3dc9e4cbc7c57ee039982
285849 F20090525_AAACKA 00631.jpg e94d72bb8a0273375bfc20e106320324c83da6ef073ae8bc230aa121bc8f4ed3a29ba272
704562 F20090525_AAACIZ 00630.jp2 7a9676aed0d127f98139df23567dd31748821e7d0e0d6e9d045cbf9d11db0a469786fdf6
47466 F20090525_AAACKB 00631.QC.jpg 9d300ed4dd404dda1348a558bf9eaf21099971514380709b17133e21fc76212892a591b3
12303 F20090525_AAACKC 00631thm.jpg ae4e0c9deb25ad2e52b2622c899573d107664e94b51389492a99ca5d3945684a5345c8c6
275140 F20090525_AAACKD 00632.jpg 8201ef7b59797de82d3573ecf478a8515fabb13389782478f694459cb6646d4ba082a24d
50780 F20090525_AAACKE 00632.QC.jpg be4709dc80303c061c550a34d8a7b9382a1ce5efb61d06cbfde59799dcca0fd1d263e46a
13547 F20090525_AAACKF 00632thm.jpg 9fe042b57593900526baa0723dc2fee974c20c6b10e44e3433775168890d1604a783841a
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38449 F20090525_AAACKH 00633.QC.jpg 12506ede0f8502550bf004b310673aded1066cdc159423426d424c9b7e55f669b4bcc381
10674 F20090525_AAACKI 00633thm.jpg 212564617e2fd060b2719d68eb92883bed31488dfcfcfd8eed9a344a6f7de048a8c0fd71
299214 F20090525_AAACKJ 00634.jpg fc90a973417bed0a5a996cb472cfa988a5bf184850d8b286dc5a917ebac9dfea4be4d88d
50642 F20090525_AAACKK 00634.QC.jpg afa6a4d33287d26e51d5b59dcae5e74e46fc04cb9cb8ce9dcfc88b979b322c7b544b3e2f
12778 F20090525_AAACKL 00634thm.jpg 6ff3285ffb7950719c2c647cd020c1156fed9f18c33524ebd7f69c86dcd82e77fa1ad4f2
270138 F20090525_AAACKM 00635.jpg 8b72dd2f779dcc378fc6551ded56b14cb42275ab4d17109183c612842bebb0790e4958df


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Full Text
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University of florid
Gaineavi'lt, Floid.


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I I Mourns' For Injustice Rapo Suspect

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Or .Naw," Trial

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.. lades Procedures Ait.la .

Police Nab $6OOQ..Supermarket RobberFIGHT wataadi that Uaiati .

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Scripto Boycott ( AN lid tie pass, isles Y. I
..1' Theft Soak FBI
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Waits To See !I. PkillyIntel For Prok Colds trial hd11 oa Ua

Seen Over Wages- "A New Look"eallad AiredrsIuDc2M1 Auto Accident JaokaaoTlUa btiii altlitiirapartad pltiitdby Mtloa appresslosetctldoa,

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tepid m '\",11.n.. ftadiya rapriiiatatlta .s tkiOaltad sells at lbs.ark card i Natird C*. ,
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> of Uo ffapDr. f.u.MAUlI' 1i c r 1I tails lalataddadaaaral. n* .Ms M na1 ttlt II
ittiaier.. It ID the drill hue' M t."*..,. Plata oaoo 100 "k.." befits .. Ua d.....a.,
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'U a.v air> awbwa af the tatiral paraaaa lad* ...r* *M'VH Pad 40 par
0 radto proiraa.tktrtoed .t .,4., t. t'JI' k'b'rr. roil toa J'..M Sa St lato ill, jail
p P'.*.t fttMNl oaoa ata sated tlp sill ak heal .aot af \Htlal\ Metro
Use, mesa .11 prsavsuaatlp' tee 1w ,......!.. ara paaa Mare kai iltM that tlM lo IMt ta wait tin .,.. Jill Sal ... fadaral Ml tort U a* belles I piety' I* la.ai.dIt
director far Ue later sdjtrheade.Ma ....,.a farsaHattovaaaa, Hshttrtar tbalr ...,f .atleIl.sa KO.H, M. Ittl ?,.Jae ..
ors >td ...' 'tif fl. aaolaat* slip t. latatlit i It 4Jrtll) Illb t.
racial pratualaaalaoclal padased hoer sasrbe \\81 ."'111&1......, .t.U..titkl.\ "Ala to alrultoart. tX". sad List Oaaaaaa.li one tall tolatlotf ,... 1N .. ***. itN.M .
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I. Milroi &ttKM ,
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IroJfla far' tb) atl U. gssbasll cite aatfraMiittad. .. >M Uo TUadlilal I* ttor riMtl** t. laIk....
Hurt li a tIe :"i\..< wed Rek M4 Ttor ara: ataallat" bad Ml IIf* cairt to firm ... >.*M folatadatoo tk. '**,.."" Itoaa Mtsstd ......h p, anus.
provide, Ilt| &i';ri eferro Aisiea.d ft P.WUM K. Ckrlat* peal .. w.asberi tta <. ....."".,. to oakattoir l4.. .Jf. byttoatlldriar. sails heist alila I* p..tod >*(!r<"I'l LTtkr.I. .

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and liver 0 M ralpeUI UU Ut$. K4. .ad at.heae. ) rharraw of IAMP oaoa CHit bad din Utility *f brtiilidlinl .H.....IH It r 1.11
*. *USI l, "r< ira* aad' Nbb.d t 111 : / ; 9r BaataoafMMk |.... a,.. JWI .. .* '...... tba appfalAtl air The nil lie .".. ..1&*. aiilutpiraaa ...,.. It Uo art" *

., till pjrpe? T. *5r her astgbb.rbell '14. / p'..t.eat at ....,. fnr......"dlraatofof ', ..'." "t' ..,. ',.,:, "lla.. r..l.4 I* ooofr a..aa rli4 toy It C1ilat4. l.,.....
twolcss., U af' set msss .,*, ....I... ttxm. "attanltrr tillloa L .tto. braaATki adta ''M .,_J..1 lull a.- *. I'll Pears .... oils. Maltat toiliaaaato Iaraaa4 br IM.tOO.Mtaad
bstas dMa ad elll fill all fladMa.... alltk Midi. Olia o Aturacy; a .,...... .. oato .. eat tniltUt far lewd at U. .*. too Slum I. M label rat all a .h. atitap

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... Ua ... ... .'* BMro ..... baoblao sad P,.d Bas Kill.
tat .... 'aatliatlai Marry tta PUla riled ManMHotUaal /01.010.0/0 ,.....
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fairly areeiat bt cra4 by ... .t lieN .,a. U.... ,...... ofaltlMM ...11., Ala, laa4ala4 so lie aoaoatltallao* .... bah based .. to aot a* 115. *1 ty*.faMMtiMtlao It eoeelft ra .,

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sad ..... 1M. ...... Mae ..,... at IS.. aa sins .sttesdit Ssit.ass ...a ly. I oao rmia> of racial frlatM .d .. ,...l **d It ... ...* II M V.nrt If_. i0l ill seal fr
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dM tom.. &I 11II1 u... ..suesga. *>ftay.aad S.artk. .".... I oa. .. ayltab at.d la* tbo faaidoooo of a.ma sal tKttt tat drukia aad
Its letieeel "... e.i d .1..b..nei ". praaldMU a4tt swear ..<4. I loft of t."ra4i.. laoitor. to M.Joonotla a aryl ...,14 aadjtMMft **4it .t.Mll ..,&
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la.a. ai sale u. aaa ratalad I* a 4 L It.... lawdl. oo a Pee wl t 1r *. *r. favIlM .
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prtao ateUeftla U oat hiss Par f*.t II Pad a.. p.a.. praatfaod, O* It .... .-
...* .. otMrawtot Mo aMMall a..* tim 1... ftUCTCaWTf mArtsK. Oforatla* oa* .. ..MiICMtfWI pIll wall/Iles 4,114 bed ablldro bad M OM *ia. ... /." t.r. to.......... far
asaa tto aoat OMator .. suer ( ..... Ps.4 ... LII.
floe .... < PaV 4r Pau1 M r Mlt| s .


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putt I rU1II1 SIll urn,! mmii .

r ,-- {' '
NEWS ; r.
\ J/I. _
J .,
Ptbllchod 'riorldR Star Pub)1 shim Co.MtMIII 'Ior.
by Ihw ,41(;, i(4\ I. ",
I.t1 '
I, '

ERIC I. ,SIII.III..II.1I1111 .,ElltiriUSII

E. VISE....... .. lift EtitirIIIIA

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Mil emu t FLINT: I in

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Milllii AHnss:

P.I. In Slljiclsiifllli t.riirlli

;. I

731 IV lit An. Pint 377-1125,:

II1l11C1trmON IATBOn -
Tear, ".00 Half roar, ".00 OW when Jesus was born in Bethlehem

Ntllod to Ton tajnbirt ii the Dnlttd States of Judea in the days of Herod the king,
Subscription pvtblt IB ftruetMud
Q.ck or Monty Order to: behold, there came wise men from the

FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX Ml east to Jerusalem, \ .

JlcltAon'I11. 1, florid Saying, Where is he that is born King :

of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, .

r Horoscope Guide and are come to worship him.

l When Herod the king had heard these things,

he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.
And when he had gathered all the chief priests .'

WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS and scribes of the people together he demanded of

FOR IUSINESS.LOVETRAVEL them where Christ should be born.,

AllIS YOU TO TNI ROSY fROIPCCTI And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea:

Born March 2Ut thru THAT ARI SHAPING. vr ON for thus it is written by the prophet,
w n,"n '
EYIN IF YOU MI,YOU Ml -w-t 8-a I.M: .
ill 4; ..

OUR., cum YOU 1M. Born Sept. 23rd thru .... / .. '

..Nil.n..'. J
And thou Bethlehem in the land of Tuda are
2.40./1.114' .UI Tilt PROPIR lAY OP MINO not the least among the princess of Juda: for out of .

TAVIVIBorn AROUT 9.70-88.15-7J-578 IT. thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people ) ; -., 1

April 20th thru econp 10 Israel

YOU IKOOUITICLY May 20th POIHII8RUT Born,Nor Oct. 22 24th>d thru Then Herod, when he had privily called the ,

ULF'CONFioiNci 'ACCEPT ALL Of"O.TUIIIT'U' wise men' inquired of them diligently what time Ilwl

CUT MAY FINO VOURIILFMINIIRID TO II IIIN MO HEARD IN ... ,the star appeared. .. .. .. j \
FUNDS Tills SHOULD IPUI' .. TII'I" MOW : And' he sent them to Bethlehem* and said, Go % .
and search for the child and when
PARTICULAR FIILO ADO TO / ARI MA01. TMP. I II diligently young ;

MARL ALL TMI irrORTI ANO NO REASON WHY' YOU WOULD ye.have found him, bring me word again, that I t
When had heard the
they king, they departed; -i
YOUR! LI Fl FOR Tilt ""II. IN ALL WALlS Of tlfl.,
>.: and* lo the star which they saw in the east went '
4JO II7I4J4 7.108HMV7I5SAQinAIUUS OEM 1 N I before them, till it came and stood over where the ,
Ion Ma* list
23rd thru child was.
Juno 21itTMI Born NOT. young ,

Dec. 2UtIr When they saw the star, they rejoiced with c x. '
YOUR OWN FOUR ;: TO III MANY' cceding great joy.
It RQTJLJMLf TO 'ItIHMIO MOn OTMIR flOPLI And when they were come: Into the house, they

OY YOUR CMIRIttlOONII All IITMIR tIAYIN THtIR r saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell

PL'N|5440'MAY'IIAVt IN NINO.' MOMIIINIOIVILOPMINTI OTMtR WAY IN TMIIR KOMI OR SEO5. OOUNO I. LILIES' down, and worshipped him: and when they hadopened c

ON. TNC their treasures, they presented unto him ,
j1 LIAVl YOU RICMP. MlILAOOIN CAHHCORMBorn gifts; gold and frankincense, and myrrh. 1 ( 4t

out NIMT. Dtc 22nd thru
..200...14-_.'* J.... 19th

Jim 22114 thro,
Y' July 22hdOMIIOIR :
,.,:': TO HIT" IN A 0001 .
.C.7. ta
l' \ i I KAC Ml Putt HIOMT OfYMlll
lOrD Ja. 20th thru
INriVINflAi Till
', ''K T Ptb. 18thTut
ti -
( AC&MnllN, LAST Fit Will WNDoviiiOLV .

I S.,0....IS.$.111 nwc IICITINO
ton July 23rd thru
Aui. 2i d it Lin FROM MW ... You Christmas
Tit Nit tUR II
till SITS YM( PU Ptll OFRM
| .I.. T' |M MOil IN
aiMict. AI UM AItM .
ISIS 151 551115,
f CAR) Pills? rmT UWCI
.. I'M'" 1115 15COaSlN5tD "100 n.,..w 517

y0yMows Psols rtb. l>th tin
t' RMUOT Wt IITIM 0* arch SOUVtM
\. N.1i 25.154 to
A. n&te
MIM ivai.
; :' ,I & a 0 4 COMPLITI iTouaiaMIOITOFOOI U.I JRKflvi SlAM MY theM yeu. NI
.'1 fII. 1Jr4 thr1121x4 MontiITRUAIRI I. V.IMftMM.UIMM. If..... 11ssat
,. '', HAPPY NEW
II II "=---" UI 51111.r .At COM TO HI- Iii. "USMltS O1M4N .... J.-s

, !I. I ........ 755 FOR AOYICI AND ... .S !MIllIn' Ir. E. H.
MUifV. HIftII WtttaffH
r h.... YvUIIttf1Y1 IIII5. .SIP roo .OMt ., I, ,H* IT. M4 FatlyIM
\ s f0 N15Dt ,. ItII acc.a.....,.1I3.1i5 I ttttt Mm Plea & 4 MH f'JII...... AIM I. .. .. 111trEftt: El 4-5351


v . ..t..L... "" v .
-55 "&-


1 11111111 "AI 1 f l t j I

lEtmitl ?|, tin mini riii ,writ PIt[ IWbo7PeoIe
-- -

Miss BadgerIs Fashion Show Highlights

James Bride Bing Of --- I F Weddings 'I

Rdeard "orrliOB' lOa of Mrs Sttlo Morrlaoa.
)Z24 Moncrlef Rd. waa promoted to Pre la the 0.8. Mia Barbara ledger b.- Andrew Carolina 138 I. Bt. 31Arthur
Any sad elected aa bead battball coacb of the case the bride of let Vaioa 8t 30 and Velaa Davis 14JO !
17th BiclBeera COapuy at Jens Brag Saturday la a L. Gordon, l'U' SJrd8t Florida Ave..IS and Edna
Cuaberland. Pa. Morrltoo
It a+110 graduate of Mew etuton Senior colorful ceroojoay staged 18.: Pearl Powell, 121 C. 8thBt.
Rich School
end attended Edward Baton at Dataael BaptlatCbareb Robt. Leo Burke 1(10Povhattaa 3O.Alpboaso. I
Oollece after his
endcation. with Rev J. C. It. 21 and Harass, 1105Palrfai rl I
Baa offlelatlacn 1 ,iKt Joyce Ana Porter 910Acotta Bt. 22 and Pea- '

. . . bride la the dauch- Bt. 20. ale Lee Crier, 1111 Wilt-
tor of Be*.and Mra. 8.1.Badcer. Andre. Davis IOU I. tan Bt., 17.
Aa bit rj hur no brldecrooala 3rd Bt. II and Sylvia Jacob L. Chat.". Jack
t. New Tort resident via ii tile
gate-ay city recently Slotting friend aad relaUrea. the son of Mra. Mary P TIIo.... 8291 Tyler loavlllo. PI.. 31 aDd
Mrs. JulU Wilaoa Darlo waa tile boaae-cutet L. salter and Jaaea I. d Dr.. 1'7.Arthr. Etty Ana McCalla. Jai.Pla. .
of bet .. C. Miller. 140 90.Qtaa.C..
Bitter wd brother-in-law. Mr. and
D... pouatalB and waa entertained with trips Mre. Civic la aarrlaco by Baker Ave.. TI and Male. nlllaaa, Ponto
the ttata of Florid. hot father. tho bride Holes 140 Baker Ave.. Vedra "Ieb.n.., 81 and
Before bidding br farewell
ou beautIfttlly adorned 91 Roaa M.Huff 3TM Haall !
aba m ftttd
Ita a breakfast by Mr*. Lacloaa
Kennedy and Mr.. Beetle Parrtab.Mr. la a son of plan de lOSt no. Lee Joae* 2728 to. .t., 10.
laportodreoaborlderodAleeoa Eventide Dr. 31 sad Eddie M. tllllwa. 4848Moatrtef

. . . lace. Rer fitted Dorla L. Matcher 1008Spearlac Rd. 30 aid
bodice WM enhanced by aroundasked Bt., 33.Kdela Lillie Thoapaoa. 3)14Moacrltf
full-length. L. Wlltoa. 31)7Ediewood Rd., 24-
and Mr.
(Carrie) Boataan proudly an*
sleeve creation of seeded Ave. 21 sad Robt. A. ..U.. 1011
now co the cncce>ent and ooalni aarrlait of ttelrdaubt ARRAaiYC.w0dtlt at the Ladles Right Fashion Shoo at the tdfewood
.r, tatter Mary Ooitoo to A3/C J.... Lao pearl The loac sleeves Lounge. At lei, attired la a black full-length foraal lUll fitted Dorothy Mao Lug, 1030 Van Bard It. 31 lid
Detltt 8t, :28.Robt Oeraldiit Hall, IOU
tapered to calla lily
on of Mr. and Mrs Richard Coven Of Pemandlna. J tool co laTtodrea Roblneon. At Hght. ntiabtth Cttctro
polata or her wrists dlatJaje H.Strawberry Jr.. Troyaa Bt. :30.
Roth bride-to-be and crooeelect are graduatesof beautifully apparel tor carefree ralaiatloa
Pock Hick School la pernandlaa Miss Wanton la and were fattened by row .. at BOBO.......... 4G1iUCo..woJc. of Vtroalca.rowa fY Htrloek Md. II aid Henry laeh!).. Jr., 1419
prttently rth.r1I1.lIer study at the Trade School of peay do lOSt covered .3 blahltchtt Inttnltalon of tho faah- hobble Nell Mooro,1)10 Mitchell Bt. 21 lid I
buttons. .. Uth St. 22. loola rh...... 40i
of geedrltlac la Net Tort. The crooa-elect la hoe thorn The event was presented by
.11"1111I1h allltary obligation with the Patted She wore a qatoa'acrown (i V Mrs C.M. Jonas, of th.0oldun # Joa I. Perry 1911 s. Moacrlef .... II.
of lacy weed pearl es.cur.d "9 23rd Bt. 21 and Patricia
Stets Air Porto at Boiling All la Mhlnton.D.C. Olrlt School of Etiquette! T Train now
by a butterfly L. Baclty, 1441 '. 32nd
The wedding will bo aa event. of February.no tell of abeereat lllu -.1Otomorow'.Job. .

. . . ails.' She carried a College Ends Miss King 4-hers PlanHolWey
bouquet of earaatloaa HEN Til liE III
and stephanotis centered Available For Drama Actress Event
gust Hat of the qualat Pyraaldt Cbrlttaaabreak
wick a whit orchid. Toe week The Mat Doctor
fait ran well into tho doublo hiss Mary 'I h. Ring, II
figures recently hiss tray Badcer,alttr War Orphan The Bettor 4-N Club Hoes Your \ctor Prescribes
aa the boat of Mra. Vila Johaeoa provided very of the bride, wat the daughter of the Reverend OtrlB of Dutal Couaty let fsptrlenced Phanacltta
eonioBltl Mttlac.Meabera and their gusts enjoyed said at honor and Mra.telaa Injurlet or 111.... and lira.Chart C. Ring till conduct th.lr1..sl! ?ccoHiac to your t1o",
the traditional occasion with cbaapacse I B.B.aad fade.aa tho a at r on that totally eel par ISM Swift Street Jack 4-M benefit dance Monday Irlttr. .* tt*. Duly Tit Beat
bl'Mkfut with warn ofcnog. of hu,. They were aaneatly disable vettrtat onvlUe.playtd the part Dee, :i, froa I to 13 C.!. UCI Mallty nrua
Bach pint received a lift and aa engraved.peacllaa equally dr..... for n.ctrNOlllou. c.r brlac sbolttheir of the: Vltcrunttd Wo. p..). la Ut Dews CuuatyAraory. Prop rhto r
a party favor. death do not .have .an" la tilt pretentattoaofTfloCttrato'a .
Enjoylai the festive affair tere: Mr. and Mra. Johnny Illlleae* oeeaaloa.brother to be virUs la onus Plan Muale ell) be furalahtd 1 ,"On1'"l'1'' rHttUCI''N' 1"1 "'!vn muI. -

Jesse B')l, Mr. and In. Fred Mil, Mr. and Mra. of tho the to Bake their children by Nathaniel aanh laths by the. ....11\( ),... and ...1. A COII'Lr.r t.i 1Lilly's .
Joe Hunter Mr. and I,.. aeo,.. Prepena, Mr. end boat aao.crooa wee eligible for tko ...- ". lurID 11100 College foraal drtaatarequlrtd.nt (o.etlce.tutter "lOJ.Cs5ei''weuJlsP"T'1PTl7et

.,..A.I. ntraughtar, Mr. and ''''. Horace 1j33 Is.., The couple left oa a acatloaal tialttttteadtialattred Ctitrtl, Kwanaanoa, North dssee la Blaiatd rttLtO rot tra r.uvwll: -
Mr. end Ire t.C. herd Mr. and Ire till lea Gib- by too Vet* Carol h., busy even- for 4'NeolleitttvdeBtt,
oddlac trip to lOin
eon, hr. and II,.. Leon Johntoo! Mr. and Mra. Rufus Florida edlatly fol crane Adalalatratloa.no till Deeeabtr II. The tBlar hick. school
Hall. ottiltal far Or' pi ay vas dl Feet 14 by Davl A N'ora sad cuettt to Dreg Stern
Ibwiac tilt church recoptloa. -
Others lacladed Mr. and Ira. Charles Echo let, plane fctucatloa Attlat Mop)wan. prtvlde wboletoa re.
...... Charlotte orlffla, Roberta Howard. Lola anti Proiraa wan tot upoaltiy Wise lti la a crad treatloa durlac tkonnllitav 1H? IIRIS till U 3.12)1)
heal. Mlnalt Aaderaoa.. plttabtth Newe>..,*.lIIdra for those children, Isle af Norwood School, ......on
Da via,Rote ilIaoa.Lorralao", Caalo Aaderooa, Jax AL Ladies boa* ,veteran-parttt' Attuquemut.( He. He too, Season's I
Annie Baladea. Diana Battltt. .Ulllo Went, Roberta bad died duo to eartlaodltebimte.R.J. class of IM4.
Jickton. Attend Confab OMMOB Carrie tlltoa ColititIt Greetings Del Now Oi Easy Terms

HUH otbera iaeladed liaise Ourdra ,,"'rhQ Officer It Chant. VA 0.... aad optrtttdby

tell, 10.. $i.e. Thai aa Heard, Y.roieei wheeler, Mro.luella Cuemlnt aadMra. Office, Jackeoavlllt, lat Ward of nationalMtitltaa 1114Wo
and Laotha Johaaoa, ..' hero, Robert Brynaor, Jens Eraeatlvo Lewis r. tald.Cotireat. the Salted WIGSAre
Aadoraoa, J. Brown, a. Burke, Bill Jose, I.T. presented tilt Milieu lIter .....d... "preaeytarlM Church,
k Moor, and I. Mllla. Leiloa Aiiitllary Vail this to tlao Include v,ti A. lovely Christmas
117 at tie DeptrtaettMldelator child?.. of wets...
-" .... ...!_.... '" ;:.f.lL..i .j.J.J Coaf reaeo, hooo deatkt had ro* Luncheon Set
bleb ..t at the Cherry suited fnoi atra-haMr* GIFTS
Ira Helen NcKtevor Brlttoa. formerly Helta .. Plaxa Hotel la Orlando dot Itao-of-duty la* data Bho Oaeca Chapter

villlwa, aaeaber of Mt. Calvary Baptlat Church Mra. salter tlld Aadrewa. Juries or 11 h... la of Alpha Kappa Alpha Til III lit III JIM ilfi{ ,
and a teacher at toaclaa Anderaoa Rich School "ii. aatloaal prl- ,..u.. .."It.. rorltyIat.. completed
returned to wort after belac ooaflaod U aretter dial, addressed tie A farther .......... tlaaa for a Uaeheot to miihirl ir elder
Methodttt Hospital and at bat for; aeveral. suds, croup.Buss of the topic by tIe recent Cotcrt* tt held Bttardty .t :3t
discussed were: '..nice eiteaded Uo procraH to ,.. at UMalaoa Realauraat WV 1I1 100% HUMAN HAIR
to Veteran." ..
tJtli *eofTowrroo tilt seas aid dauihtert' Rlvtrtldtvta
," "Utter .. for EIONY WIGS
of llvlti vettrana. p-raaaently tII. fortyfourDeet
taai Threach Pabtle sad totally I to bo preeeated t.
Belatloaa." ''$tresgtk tabled fro tertltoItcurred Kitty .......,. It Imlllil Clrlitm lUfflilill
through Meabora." 'Our
Coaaialty Today sad children dlsablllthtiigihle ,.. L ffi fill until SN fill, III
Toejorroe," sad "A er- ,
trally aeteeoa the sees
!ea' PtttaroaadNatloaal
There of U aid :i. eat receive EXACTLY
is Security." up to It souls

Celebrate' AimlEaslin ., aeaoollN. toke this TIC din m um SK III &ll'nopportunity
Filllsforeatisa at, ,
only one Star Diy b* obtained at Uo Vt to I..In. an is in iti is Amr IT,
Adalalttrttloa Of thank you oil.
rl ivP.O. Bus $41. ....act.NI.mI *
ire. Sells Potee, area*
Ideat of worthy Matron II, 1. .. emu Wl II City
diet colathat
Deed worthy PatroaaCouaell
II ural PnttlciII
OCB. Deval aadadjaceat YotHi Furred IiCkfbtaM
assail,., lie Mi.KlnIS 40 W. MONROE ST.
called all alters loans Cantata
lUll Stfiit.
rates to eorealp la M, Peter A Chrlttatt caatat. 368-3791
1 y AMI Chwcb. BOtb sad Uo ''he BoUlHea ,..."

Streets. Ckrlataao at hy prod tv wl t, oil I
I a... IThe pretrattd{ by they "MAY CHRISTMAS JOY IE YOURS
I famous ofaloa It the ..*c ,.....t'. doyart
Ubratloa of tatltra tat of tat laadtrdwol
r War Den.H Md Cholrt 1 tad NOW AND ALWAYS"Afro
> .f p..... Baptist let ui renew

cola ," t tI OMrcfe rwa.T' at I ...., the glory of I la D.t5er rah ..eLfrl_.
the Holy time. 4v
The pageant, uhlth will

-\ name: bo otlrayo titan Rht ao a,.oertlto....,. ef Waver Stnki 5141 t t r riltlr

lat esintt el tenets..
b" Manse ..,si. W4 IJ M. Hf-Hil .

"'." '.f.'.' With, A $tf! |


l, Mtr.e.r 1I TI."l'lats In American

f1 to
4 O

f'G .. Life Insurance Company

-;:;:; ,..
.....- .
ft. ..... Jockionvllle, Florida

tfi/ CM .....'1 vIb# SaeEa A ,."


\ of to
meuogci cihtef. 1 Mir. i. tfim m.IIIHti 'HI'
.. you .
... .' (HHTi Httitr (

eee N. L t.f.... IHT 0* tM IHI ate. .1lae shA M*, T.' l. RCDOWG, Asiiitefit Mene..' In ChargeOf'JflckionvJIU

j \ ,
lit lit,. II, I .... f 'p... .... li-J t1 a. ? District" ,. .

., ...... .. ......... .. ..... ..." ... .... :.1-- ..,.. ..... ... -n-........ ..._. ... ..,... ... ...'....... _., "' 4o........ .1 . ,. 1'c
U,, ."
; '* _..._,"',...

--'._""" -- ------- .

r.-; rFM! 4 'i J _ 1_ nUllA SIM rmis :: SlTlIIIJ HCHIEJ 21. miRev. t I

., King Is Guest Speaker Associate Trustees In Annual Meeting Holy Temple ... W. Union Baptist

_____ ...,".A'oo'"d.,. ,_"__ .._ ., ,..__,-
''''''' Slates Events
Emancipation:: ProgranRev."fcA '. ... Groups SlateProgram
I (
ill- A eburchtlde Christmas
Zing/ sinister at Greater Payne All I.,'.:. f procraa,apoaaartd br tile
Church, till be the speaker, for the Btaaclpatlon 11 Sunday School of west
i Proclanatlon'a 102nd annual proiraa 8:00 p... Jan A Cbrlataa proirat Union Baptist Church
I I IB tilt Church of Ood Audltorlua Steel and Blu* l'. till be presented by the till be presented Sundayat

Street Bishop L.O. Wrna 1* boat alnUter. Sunday School and,Tonai 5:10'. .. in the
The Rev. Mr. hag till ........................... People Department of church IIIcII tori...
bt Introduced by Virgil tlcipate.Tb th* Holy Tuple Churchof Sunday School OoaaellBtttlac >>
proclaattloa .111 God IB Chrlit. Btb
D. Hawkins public rely will bt held
bt read br lice JaniceEileen and woods Street.Sunday
tlots! director at Edward today (ledneaday) at 4: 10
McIntosh and Rev .
at 1 s
d Water College,DAd wale The Gospel Chortle
0. '. Barnes, pastor ..tw..tfl.ld Tb* exercise till bt p.s.
1 till be rendered by the till rehearse at 7:30
. .Net Stanton Choral Group Baptist prevented In aevea part p...
Chard, till live tiltocc..loo. through songs andverM
i under direction of Mrs. The Junior choir till
Alpha H. Moore. Otber The character are: sect at 10:30 ..... Sat
The celebration date Jordan
Marrator Joyce
outstanding talent lithe Red Circle
and the
bach to the early IttV Aaron McPaddea; Mary.
city till also par- Sunshine Band and Royal
: Initiated by Miss I.I. 1 .,. Lavonn Jordan; Angels,
Aabataadora east at S
white who i* tlll a Lillian Marie Olbb ,
... of the central ToMl sod Brenda Outing: p...
f; Musical Program Set coBBltteo.Collonl. Prophets Robert Owens District M till Beet
Sunday follfttfac aornlni
Jlnalt Mine; Ilaeaen.,
At Evergreen Baptist Exchange service and District 2
Charles Clara.Daniel MePadden. -
r. at 3 ,... ,
n 1 1e crests Sunday
:, A musical proiraa till Program At GJC 'rail .Bernard lillisse.Also la the educational
; be presented Dec. Ills l speakers. Antion- !ijnlldlntttttrlc,
r j Evergreen Baptist Church ... ette NelsosJene Denwn,
BT PElhB tRO. fla. \ 7 till Beet at
j i Logan Cleveland Bt*, The inauguration of the Brenda Cboka.: Vivian Out- 1: II) p, .11h the boat
:. lag and Richard Olbbx "
sponsored by Andrew Me*
. Florida Junior College of .A>. Jvalt McKnlfht
Jr \ \
Cultural Ischani pro ..u.lc1 1 liU }ebra St.hoir .
SOB*of the participant Background
Irat was described a*
art: McCall Gospel, 81.,. highly successful, fol ? 1 be furnished by E te\l% : Gives.
,ers' Cbrl 1&"."r.., loving the appearanceher Ann Stripling; eoloiatcM.Mary
Jo Olbba, A. MePadden 'ijour Of Music"in
Bunbeaa 0011I'1'SlIII.rI.. !. Bt Petersburg, DATTONA' MMCR. Plorida--On October 21, the Associate College>> OMtaoalty Proiraa for Snnda>,, March 14. and C.A. strip '/ choir of the
Voice JnalB,Miss of the RoatBtald Junior Trustees of Betbu-0ookaa College>> set In lOtS at 1:00: p... ia the college ChajMl, Church
Alice Bocton toots "ROM llJW of the Cruel fl Hon. 3122
Collate>> Choral their annual aeetlm ia th Bhit Hall
O>>af'lU\lI, The Aociat Bnaalaoualy approval tbC preieota- till be
Sinter, Holylltbt, Hcllor The program Francis 'toad rendered
The 3lvafc musical Root,with Reverend Rogers P. pair
presiding la this tics of tocsste Medallion annually t t vteaoclatt directed by Mr*. Z. inspirational
Gospel slater. aggregation of the Paaata absence of Dr. Robert L. Smith of west Pals ".cb\\ tho hv wad outatandlni oontrlt[)utlai \to higher Btrlpllnc. Mrs. P. Jones very hour
Celestial| SeirltuaiGospel City institution earn la* .. president. of the Associate Tnitte education, (A. Paul Crawford Photo) a susie lat Sundayafternoon '
and McPaddcn.
Singers, Cllf ited to appear at 01 bb* Tb. Associates perfected plan for their Ananal A. nt Bt Pin*
tones, Soul Revivers, Junior College>> Monday Catholic Church
Travels*. Stars. Ootpel for the local laitlta
Echoes *ndAOlla Table, t SOl' Deceaber lyeeiw'
Union Gospel Blair and ,..tu..

others..9 j, CHURCH NEWS

...MTHB, WTISr-... Mra. H.M. Lavreoee In chtrie.

:! t' at May your Joint CbrUtaa seining eervlcvK till be conducted ... Nye JDWftC.DI ..,
watt first Baptiat Church Crlafjaa at 6 a.a.. in
" home be filled Choir: Of New Jenialaa Baptist Church! will conduct
on Bethel Inatltntiontl Chu-eh.
I Baptiat its rehearsal 'Saturday at 9 '.....ho business
r.. ; with great The choir and usher Of bath Church till serve .. Un..
4Eart happiness.WOOftS and the ChrliUa* ..no, till be delivered by Rev.

C.B. Dal ley, pastor of first BwtUt.BT. ... MT. ZION BAPTIST .-
; "" lAIC BAPTIST- Christmas rehearsal' till b* held Wednesday at

r A ChriatB draat till be resented Wednesday. 5 p.a., In Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 9>thlde., by Q
alibi IB Bt. Mart Baptilt Cauleh.SHILOfl the Sunday School and BTU DepartBent te-kly

L .... BAPTIST-... prayer teetlni and Bible Study till bt held at
7I0n'clocd: with Deacon J.O. Bryant In ch" ,.
.& Early soralac service till be held 'ChrUtaaiBoralai

la Bhiloh Baptiat Hetrwsolitaa Church. The ... MT. OLIn: PRIMITIVE ...
0 May this Yule ooablaed senior choir aid tale chord till *laiBad The Sunday Kchool and BTU Departaaata o( ::11\.

bring to you Rev. A.B. Ooltaaa, pastor, till deliver the Olive Prlaltive Baptist Church ail present their Worship
Btaaait.nt annual Chrlttat hut entitled. "The Real
bountiful joy. Sunday School! till present aChrist.as proiraaonlay Chrlit** spirit," Duaday at 7. P.a., la thtChurch
at 0:30 ,... in tilt church "'ltorl.... 1b. IIIdl tori... Myrtle *...tu.. ...... A.M. Pram "" '
''IllinoisMieister' Junior choir and senior choirs r and 3 till reader tier soperintsadsat will precld this week

th* .*...
I Silks AME Post ...Kit BROOHLTN IAPTIaf" Baptist
AUUOAN./ 111."(M'I)" Candlllht services will be held ChrUtM fro hctYeMERRY w

The Rev pord Olbaoa, ..... Church.Th
a I tp 4 IB New Brooklya Baptist Christmas Services
pastel of Trinity All
Ckrittaaa proiraa 1* scheduled Dee. 38 at 7:30:
Cherub, here, baa aa- P.B. uader direction of krt.. lupine Rlley andand Chrlataae services till
toacd his candidacy Mra. Battle B. Miller. beheld Pridayatf .....
fr the poiltloa .f to la Abyssinia Baptist CHRIS -
rtary of Hllt of Church Rev ..It. tynn.
.11X1 fHAHMACYIH. tk* Mil Church. M* for. Early toralni service till be held Chriattaa at pastor.'slit deliver tbe

\, aerly patord valiant It 30 0'.I.ea U Day Sprlai Baptiat Church.. Rev. .....,., and all choirs And thanks for your

I1N1. Htl it& BlITU Art H J 5H7 H OoBBuaity AMI Church IBladlaaapoUa. C. A. leaver, ataliter. till deliver the aeraoa and astern till acrvtTetrher .
and wonderful
fro th* Birth of th* Messiah, Choir 4 heetlni la loyalty.

Caber Byrd 1 till aerve.'PlRSr. scheduled today at 7:23:

... TWOTW..... ,. I. and choir ) rehearses -

77 3 Early somas services till bt held ChrUtaaa at day prayer at I service p.a. Hoot-till e ;

I a... All choir and ashen till *er.*. Rev: R.L.Salta. b* held 'Thursdv.sad the oR1 II
,..tor. till deliver th* eeraon fl'O'h lope Scout suet at 130 t
LOCATI.ONSel3ll u... "fter* eau Ho Root for Theo at the Ian" p."

A st1 t A,.. ....MB delft PII1dIIYIIAI'TIsr-..* Joist fellowship services -

auperlateadeat, ef the BuadaySchool will b* held .,
e 3711ISMW.BHVtr EMra Ils Mra. A. Praaler
at It. Olive Prlaitlv Baptlt Church and th* church Sunday at INSURANCE COMPANYOF

I Mra. &I. floes program chi'.... aonotnced th* 2:30 p...tII. Male Chora FLORIDAA
anal all ushers till
school will present Its ChrUtaaa playlet DM. IT
at 1 ,.... ia th* church aad 1 tor tea. WIEUY ion tviRYMfMliB.
Choir 1 till reader the suite sad Mr*. T. Mrru latch service till he
CLOSED CHRISTMAS and Mra IP. Albert till havf chart of the play held Dtc. 31 at 0 p.s. tIMtJM. 01
with the pastor aad .fflctra -


Th* Chrlitaaa 1&41'1..on.* ,ethlahetj I..." byPred florjda Larges'tCo.\ .,.
l. wolf till b* retold la Bussed I BaptiatCharah Worship
PORK Saaday, beglaalag at ': U ..a., with U* !ritbl!' Only IAlstriat ';11s.raecew ,
LI.49c ....
HAM fount poplt dtptrtaeat aid seater cfcelr la ------,

chart #
The general hose Bieeloaary Bepartaeat till suet # 11P.1.

D... 3U Rertrt art e.p I rtd by Vra. I. Troapa.Jelat ... .,' ) A :
! rfttsH feUetaalt service till b* held ftiaday ..t'a .,. ",;, '( ., "i' w :'.'j.i'
:_ p.... la Aktaalala BapUtt dHirch. '
ROAST u.39 li .
PORK ._ aaILIIIJ1I sells? ... 1. 01 -

use Mrvlc Saaday la Btthlthta, laptlat a area4 e' t' J" .-
: "
beds silt the iNBday School at 9:to ...., silk

'd ArMjr 10-12 Lk peaces t. sawyer sad Bra ta" '... IB chr.
Burning senile at U .I.m end Cartetaa proiraa -

ifKm at I:. .....-.l.< .rU..at S *'tl* h tttkbapllatal
services at the tad ef the aervl**.
jMlar ....t oars and choir will serve UnMihaat
Wl ALSO HAVt LLOYDS itttM Mm TVUttYS the day tU Mia A. llao. la chart *t the w<

alB>.*.. 11. tinita till preach the sass at
fUMt rftoztH CHIn 11WGHTDUCKS 11 a.*. ,
L.... Itu.HtJ C 1. a s

39UTS ... P1BBT TJkDW -

u. Earl, atratM Btnlte "till b* held ChrtiU.

i....1.. at 1 a. ill ...1,* cal aeBkera *||| MAGNOLiA SERVICE CENTER
1I **fv.. Bt .&. Oal tal. peels has BtaotBcil that
h* till deliver lat araB tree the atkjtct*
I) GIVE A SIDE OF .theft .** Ik Vow S>r na. al .t IBB," Edged atAveweB

REEF FOR CHRISTMAS La. 39c N. Ts tit wnn-. PO 4-9556 PO 5-9393

The ,welt ...," *( TabtnMlt tapttlalaUt.al > MBItltY CHRISTMAS
.cf AI 1T", A WtU M AT TMi HAVH ST. STOtlMC 0.... BBdallparUdpaat* IB ta. art..-

I <, 1f.JJ. J.' .L.a. .*4, Hrug I niwmt' a%* -...... bare been a4 kf .** "tdiiaaai at A HAPPY NEW YoMIt
I p,6. rsaeatnl.Ts.c'e .
T. BMIM S attrw M S p.*. 1h. Carter*)**

tl .; v,\ Ii' ,l .' t flit n mm 4 .r.*

\ ,
1\\' i,;LI.' I 1 1'Y\ ? ,

I \ 1 9 ,"_r J r 1.J.w. )J.,.""-L; .,'" ,.. ".t..J.t, ,>.J..J!.u.\.. /. t.;;...'r1I.I..c:.:..if;.;('.w.i i""rf irfi iii-itJ-BitMHif'"Bni\ u- -..\ &' .r! ? } L4 Y\'1tseC1Qi 7lYM!:


IECEMIEI 21, 1SS4 nillll SIll ranIS '' PAk S

I Doctor Of Music Private School Mtstrtss Of Ccreaoiies Gels GiftTi

.. M
Fond Is Dead

Says Go. Scion

aaalataat state ackoolauperlateadeat '

said. her
Jut week that tta prl- ..rI2J
rate tvltloa prograa for
white tudenta IB dead.
Dr.Men: 81 th add the
general aateably put the -- -
'*laa of death" oa the OfIMU UtOCIII) --"" Deere niaoa of Tallahassee ,
BHrentlonlat device by senior aajorltg ia speech and draaa at
DOCTORATt or IlUSIc-o. requesting that local Plo rt da MIl 01 1..rat tI. TaJ lala......ada1,... a gin ff iv T 4 % y i
of the few suite. educators school ayatn Batch of ooatna jewelry presented to her aa a toka'of ,
U the Southeastto state Lands la grants recognition for her services aa alt tret a of cereaoalea -
hold the doctoral of to private eetoola. during the annual Boaen'a week observance
ualcal arts or. Grace The private schools loachooa. The preaeatatloa was aad for the ul c
Gray Johnson baa returned were Bet .P to avoid tertlty a woaen' a personnel Departaait by Harriet ,' i p Y'1 L
to Florida AU sending whit childrento lenjaala, Pupa, president of McOulaa Rail to* w v
Vaiversity as aaodats as. schools which had bees ..'. dormitory.Sttdent .
professor la the ordered to lategrate.

Departaeat of Muale. On Salth said a federal sir(
Auitttt 14. 1564 aha MB court of appeals added Sit.In Demonstrators
awarded the coveted de- the flalahlai touch when x Pn

grwi from the Roitoa It held that such pay Supreme Court Clears 3,000
University School of Bents art Illegal.
Pine aid Applied Arts Lilt year only Oil '
IAHlliGTOIf-l'ou year of NAACP Legal Defense
cont,. Bark, drew
piTlslcn of Mutle. Tbs hid labor ore to fruition here when tilt V.L
subject of her doctoral fund fro tat attt Buprea Court wiped out charges against sole 1,000
'dissertation was 'Cb for operation of a prt- Hosn Snill J.C. Bloul Robert Francis Mrs. Vlnlli Robinson

aral orgaaizatloas In Selected rat lClloo 1. the county participants ia peaceful alt-la._.H...._.deaoastratloasJack _..._._... ..._..HH....._ Manager Market Manager Hud Cashier
Negro lastl accepted 13.000 for 2* Greenberg dlreo aaaerted."Th Rctiving Clerk ,
tattoos of Higher Idu whit children enrolled tor-oouaaal of the Lead Legal DefeaaePuad
cat Ion." no daughterof la Burke Academy, which Detente Puad. greeted BOW repreeeats lOre
baa slice gone oat of the Suprea Court*a 1nlll. -.
George I. and rUe then 13.000 peraoaa arrested -
phelala A. Gray of 141) bus!Beta.Iboaba .. atyltg it la- for various type The Management and Staff of
County also said dleatet "tkea
youag of d..traUolII..t
feat Itb Street. Jack
it would seed privet people' coarag has racial dlaertalaatloa*
toBvlllt.) Dr. Johnson Broad Street
earned the L I. degree taltloa funds but it awakened the cotecleace tit...., freedoa rides, DAYLIGHT GROCERY
IB Basle in un trop f.Uedto file fond eppllcatloa. of th* aatloa sad led peaceful parades sad
toward University after to paaatg of the Civil down the 11..,"he add
baring done peltl The taltloa grant forth Ugts Act." ed. Eituls Clrlstus nitlifs Ti All Its Cistmrs iH ,,leads Ail Till Till

steely at Flak Cnlrertltj ..called private Mr. Orwenberg aaoouaced This ...'* ml lag grew
and tk* PhIladelphia'Cosssrvatory. schools was first appropriated a three-pol: ullow-ap oat of tilt cassa of Ippiitiiit Ti flask All Fir Tlilr rtlriiiii Ilmi.nl Til Yurt
la 1W bat to the ml lag: Arthur Hana and the late

la was the quickly court challenged eratloB A 'tiusivssop.p to clear all op- Rill Rev. C.A.S.C.Ivory, and of Prank Bock fi Us Tu I IMP In liar AH Assure Tu li Mill H All It Cat' Tl Mill

Worker Wins Soil The first payaata defeodaate of allchkrgea.agaiaat
sad ThoassMoblBBoa
Jeaea topper
occurred durlag the thaa." of Little Buck It III If Mil Tu Cnrliiis, Ellltliil service AH Til list raids At Til list

For' 't292 500.00 1113-11 school year, PlBBS to "call apoathCoaaunlty Aii. .
when the tttte paid oat RelationsService' The deaoastratloaa. ia
1214.000 of pOO.CIOO ap which wu set op
took place
CHI DUO-(NT1)Hardy these cases Hiiigimtil Aid Stiff
"I .
propriated.Th by the sew Civil Rights
ia 1140, loss before '
tjt. it, a oonttnctloa :1",
worker was tttrded prograa truck a Act. pataage of the sew Civillights Broad & First t Sti
aaag .then th* sues of "Bat, when cases eta- Act.Backed ,
S2l2..WO for lajarles he
suffered during an el.- recipients were pah sot be settled by agree by a battery of DAYLIGHT GROCERY
vator fall wall scanting 11 abed. It ttrsedost ..t. e* are ready to II attorneys Mr. .r..-
oa the fend Marine City that aaay of tilt re* proceed 1* court......" ben arced before the
Project.1h clplaata were wealthy Tbnrgood Marshall, fora .,r.* Court ia August
persons whoa childrenhad .r Legal Defeaa had
of this
award eta part of year.
ever beea enrolled Dl recto r-Couatwl, BOW a This carted the Legal
1117.100 aettleaeatawarded ia public achool Judge of tat! Csltd Defense PaaOTa fifth
sic persons a- After aaadlag the law states Court of Appeal
*. *, <***,.I*****? .. 'Ideate it _,.'afn- tar the eeoad Clroait aonaal appaaraa
It pleated several tori the ....,.. Owrt *a the
alt to receive grants, pledged defeat af issue of .U-.' dewaatratloaa. E'R MARKET
June sV'
e* on 15, IM2.tppt peaceful ....
the legislature appropriated "every Oader direct
Buffered eplaallajartea a total of violent deaoastrstor",
tins of lr. arahall la
retaltlai IB
1151,000 for the 1MM4 when tk* seat re iat QUANTITY HOxn HSUVtO
110 and Mr. Oreeabergfroai
partial paralysis of his
school rash ef sit i.s spread
lower bothr. Of that year roust only la ". been oas till series oa, there af sills has- SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EMEWOOD AND AVENUE B

I JO.000 waa given away. '.* have sow kept that
.... per year before
HappyWe loll IIS.000 teat for pledge," nr. Greenberg
the high ooart.Commnnlty .
schooling for blind and
deaf chlldrea. aad the Center To It QUICK FROZEN HEN 8AR.8.CUE size
,....... 14,000 went to

Burke Cauca.Crossroads. Rum In Honor Of Slots


Founder KIR TOW-4 1230.000Str ..tlf........ asa w
assorts to COM workers Ucaael Staweraer aadJaaea
Chaaey and student volunteer Aadre Oood edi
Wins Humanity A.1Id I eu. will be eoaetrwcted la U* tow ef peruse, :

*1 TOBI"(UI)..The Mississippi ty U* C0f .ellller..I,. edwtttloaand .4 LIS. I- 39
s .... I.*.*.. loblaaoa, defuse ...4. ...................... 3S ., .
director *f operttlosCra Flans for tilt .center Robert sjoadBaa (father UP L8. L8. I'i

anode Arr.... U*., built beth to west th* af th* tee arty re*
was Oil ef three pereoaata iiaadlai weeds *f tilt yxMg sea) Jackie boa
receive the usual Meridian IMtre aoaa altyaadUviUtUadpoealbl aa (a ahalraaa afth

Laaa tryaat. S...,.*.,.. reject) sad Peel
hash ar gMflrt
far baaaatlarlaa velaa- attack. flllaa (architect af
look ahead were aaaoaaoed la detail RITE PILLSIURYSHORTENING
Seer work at a laeeheo the at recta re).
cereacay ia Plaaa lot el hr Aadre Roraaa (Chair A I -''''', I*chafedHlldlag.
to serving you. 1M *f th* tai.., mil
here hat wwa.Th tk* seater
Good luck all. .war... tarryIsg Scaeltraklp ........ wtllMhamialertaaa.attbatea FLOUR
with toes a atlpead *f, sad Oefeate pwad) kid feet retalslsg
CAVALIER CLEANERS ....00. hat teen dietrlbeted Batkaa Itkeeraer ud all pretest!*! the
kr tae fin far street-etpeeed aide af
AND LAUNDRY th* past tl pests taAaerlMaa the ..11.....

15 locitiois peers U ..sad,....fer.re.fit I lEI'S II' Growth Plea. ; 3LI. 59

SHE .nil
i _-.-- Slit I For Chlctio CAN a L8. 49C

lififrlii !I 11(1141 NegeeefVCAOO' PKG.

1 1964 If. Alf III I .
'(l/fl .a If-
liHf roar .'arm* ,.." fertk
sit", which .**!.
ktr miss. .ftaldetlU faalltMlath CHOPS 5ft
city end offer sew CENTER CII PORK n.

149 UHrtt AT,. epaortaalUee fat ..gr*
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presented t* fix large AZALEA PYRE PORK SAUSAGE I u. IIn

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fir far t** ....*. *f flAOHS f IX MI! III I '21*
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.,- 1 rmiii mt rmu iimttr mtiiH! :i, HM

1 Anerioi Alrnii Proaols 1 lUsh.. College! Fuel ToDlftrlbBtft
Dr. ffa Sees Era Of "Progress, lloea11 For Teacher Segregation
PCIaLtID on-Jobaaltartot
OSLO, Honray-(KM)- that sire tpokta to all tenses 11 Oslo Dr. jr.. tot tf ST.Md $500,000.
''I Dr. Martia Luther. tint tank la d:' 'n>oiotTtr alt all Ring called Jar t'traadalllaaot" .,.. Jobaalt Bartour.

Jr.. apoitlt of loa.Iolt.e. .Ut thee oa thy right of American Challenged In N. C. tf in I. Church ns Yo*--hs vaittd .Rtgrt cbiittt Pud tin tit-
la Aatrlea't cheek tarn to bit the lattlltetiali, Liberals st.. jacktoarlll. Pit.. tribute ".100 tt M saber talltgtt and talwtitltt
civil rights struggle otttr alto.'" and labor aad religious bit bees proa*ttd tt it II foithtn states during the coming
forecast BB .n of'yro- I. stated that Dr. leaders to fight the BALTIMORE. id,-Tw> eases chtll ,lBj the airman ttotta'tlatf it week, JIMI R. otktrr. it tlct-pMttttat for
irtti and hope at be loii "oBtntd ttrti* "flaal battlto" It the legality of continued teacher segregation the I." Air Port at ........... aaaoaaetd today
aoovttd the "Nottl Place (It baa bass waged la civil rights struggle la North Carolina public schools were argued Ptrtlaad latirattltatl This till bt the fourth hll"l. Florida north
Prize tor 1M'. his own eotatry. Its tartaot fltlabtd," before the Court of Appeals for the Airport, On distribution tf proceeds Carolina aid Arkansas
, Dr. Ring, aeooapaaitd result bat been that aa be .1d. "Tbt struggle fourth Circuit hers Tbursdi/ NAACP Legal Alrttt lartoa It a fro the anaia! taapalga till ales benefit free
I' by aa an ton raft of 26 obdurate, caotnrltaold ill take ot t att disesion. Defense Fund ttorn 7i. CDBMBiOatat this ytr.nt this dlitrlbBtloa. Tbrtttlltitt
, persons, received the and traditional conflict It will tot btt both appeals grow tit .eeeeese.e.eeee.ee.s 1 ttaCtattrtpf Oalttd 1I..r. Col- It Togas till
:' UJ, U3 ..r4t1"Oll Ouaaar it now atariai its sow battle to integrate of tttttptt by North tt. IB each tf the caw legs rand bu been tot receive t total tf 117,
Jabs, chairman of the Intloo." loach coasters but a Carolina Negroes to MI argued today, !sass tlalltt la dieting annual caavaigaaftr 2TJ.U:teo II LoIl1.1...
r Norwegian Nobel Coa- Dr. Ring baa pledged probltt tf ...11., with tettd'tht desegregation ether that taller trragatloe aenitthatsup I member colleges tad 117,102.80. oat la Ilia
I I' attt., durlai un- that the 991,121 prlst dt facto tatrtcatloa la proem la Itatwillt were toaiidtrtdaa port t universities slaw I'." alMippl. HMO 29.
conies at Oslo Dnlr.r- Booty will bt hated to schools, job, boat la( Bad BiBcoabt Canty.Ltgal .ell tbtAlrDfftaat ', when it raised nts. OO. sin li north Cartliia.MX .
sit the civil rights dInt and other sods ."..." of.** roll LBytrt .' la the SUttiTllltaetlot. Com* The coil for tb 1M4taapalga 912.90
N. ll the 12tb AttrieanM4 la the United statta. Ht AoooBpaayiai Dr. King James I. Ribrlt Legal Dtftaitmad send Ha ll 91.000,000. The VaU"Negro College
the third .Negro to den.rld: u the RtT. Ralph Abtr III udDtrrtck A. Id, Imrtrt challenged sin if*** sAi.. 10.., from animal laid rand la ..rlca". first
receive the award The "Booitr or later all aathy, who tat described Jr. prtitittd tilt arguments a lower court ruling ftadlig the ooatlawtal ll aatdfortchoUfihlpi.facalty educational coaaialty
eltriyaaa itld'laao* the people of the world tt Ring's ''pt* today that alloyed the school V." against tBMay AI iilirl-a tad cbttt.. Hundreds tf tial
ctptin, the prict: ill have to discover away ranoial jail.ate." DI. Teacher aaaignatit M board to continue its Attack. optratlig tiptiatT* Jar groups have slate
I "'I accept this award to live ia ptact. If rlagthtpait alat years, the bail of race hit policy Cot requiring .Negroes Too airman la a ,rad- Member colleges sad adopted Its tend-raising
today with aa abiding this li to bt achieved, tilt two ministers have boat rpat4y declared to rtqnttt transfers sate of Hit Staatta universities it the patttra. All Pwdafflllattd >
, r faith la Aatrlct and aa man mat evolve tor all been JalltdlO tiata for BBODBBtitBtlootl Pother anal delaying >t* senior High SchoolJackaoaTlllB. status .t GIor,!, North colleges and ...-
I aadaelotta faith la"the bnaaa conflict a method civil rlgbti act hi.t. ,*'.nl Courts Ltitpriif tics 0It :tatroBB ptsdlagrtqatati. Carollia. nrgin'a. Ala
-'wr. of ankUd. Rt which rejects revenge, .**. tilt P.s.S>pr.t '. nil policy b M and Ttnnotivtt. till Seat.
Uttrprtttd the pricta airiaatoa and rttali Aaotbtr saber of Dr. Curt aphid this Tit Includes the maintenance 'Stlltttt' Heal rtttift the largest ported and filly ae-
f'p ro Iou' rtcof atloa."Tbt. Unri group was lI1.r.aut1l. when it refund to co l. of dual school nines apractiOs amounts from Ut distributton credited.Mississippi
i mitten that OB-TO- torturous road who orgaalstdtbt eider t similar case declared ta. Kills Author seven lutlta
Itact,U the answer to which ban ltd fro bbat* massive civil right from Florida thus supporting eoiitllitloaal\ tioaa la Georgia will
the sed tor lID to or tr* loatry, Ala., to Olio larch oa faahlagtoa la too Legal D*.. times \\j the Fourth TAMPA, na.-(Hfl)-Tht receive t total of f 100.
.; coat oppression and ,loItnot bears witness to this IDea ftoit fan ft contention Circuit ;a the last five ".tl1 ttto'f heel. which 171. JS; its ia north Waits To Aid'
without resorting truth. This li t road Dr. Slag 19, la tilt teacher segregation bat ,IUI. becomes I dBgrOBB weapon Carolina 153. 532. 50;
tt riojttot'" tad op* over which Billion of youigtit person to via ill effects tt both the Ii BBB. [libt County, when tttd tor>> pooad throe la Virginia 914. Fired Deputy
pra aioB. Nnrett art traveling to tilt Nobel Peace Prize. pupil tad their mess where tokf4 iattgratloila lag heads !,stead of o d. it: three la Alabama -
i It citing Dr.KlBfc Jaha find a mew sense of dl|- which vat established la tort. underway at ia Statat pavements, cIa.ned.p 9n.iat.29. CORINTH..!ss."(ANTI)..
aid: alty. honor of Dr. Alfred Nobel The StatiTlllt tad Uhf the Legal Defense aaothr death to Its Texas Louisiana .... IIU.two Negro fail
'Vartii Luther llnii "Tbli same road has lavtator of dyai laaO ..* County cut fond takod the Appeals credit hers last WltII. llta who lift within a
But. will' acre" for the opened for all Attrieani alt. art tioti 91 school Court to upset t lower The victisoftbe latest"stiletto" Pirates Nip I block of the local high
ay bt bat waged his a new era of progress order
Mitt currently oa the court postponingbigh bath MB school constitute a
struggle, personifying and bop." Season's Greetings Legal Defense Pond dock>> school ....".* ink Dtlorti Ralatt. 21* Ualoi U. 76." t..Ualb dangerous
U hit ooaduet the words
----_. During i press coa gatioa. BuaoMb County>> year-old aot.b.roft.brH. itiatioa" la the mind
baa ao high school for too was clobbered with t The Haaptoa Pirate ;' of avowed segregationist
Negroes, who comprise shoe hl during a squabble >>- long oa experience bit state Senator J.P. Dean

(MR RAMBLER l of JACKSONVILLE 1 SAYS 1 1i : bat 24* per cent of the with two women at usual, short oa of this city.Stoator .
school population. frttad-MttditM Tfoaat height needed pressure Dean not oaly
i Negroes tf bigh school Lynch 21; and Maria last minute foul BB04t considers. these families
I age have tor years ba smith 25. both mothers lot to squeeze by Union a threat to ttcmatloa.Hi .
:' forced to attend a ..,- of fit children .. University la the season ,la.la a poiitloa to
Get a 1965RAMBLER reacted school la Aabt The trio were baring optntr for both h.... do something about It .
Till*. Legal Defense) a party together at the The visitors from RMI)* DId Intends to. '
Fund lawyers told the Pyraald Lounge, ibis aa too, clearly oitaaaatd NDat's more, bt intends
Court that la many ins argument erupted over a at tilt boards all,(t to do>> it with 9700,000
stances this assign* ato known only ....lo.." 'pressureaone'> d.- la ft..,.. funds tar
\ cent involved trips of .ra. Ralata it said to tense tad so'aggreisiwe marked to bolster Prtai
over 10, all** per day. hart pulled a hUt cmire. 12 tandem offense tooffttt : dent Johaaoa' aitl
Joining attorneys Ha* Btltb. Oolig outside the height ads poverty protrat.
t brlt and Sell for the to itttlt the argument .vantage belt, Union. Dean baa bees alliS
Lad Defense fund lire Mr*. Riianagala The Panthers, prtdoai hid of tilt f IT count 7
DlrtctorCo aitl Jack brtadlibtd tilt iittly Ir......' *1I1t'' proS. t ''''''ld will ad-
Greenberg, and ..l"yn knife and Bra. Lynch sophomores, WIre guilty sinister these funda. Htit
Zarr of Nt York and gave Mra. Baltb hr high of numerous ball baa-1* alroady OB rteorl.
I !4. DO6Y14; J.LaVooat aJtbri. Cba bl '.01. Ire. smith Sling miscues while the stating that Urban &e-
V-8 NSiI04'JrIRr rid 0. Parson Calf la than ttnok Hr*. Rakes aggressive pirate del need MBda vlll bt lied
L.Broaa.Rub J. Dai lay, oa the btad. tease, ltd by Hortaji ,to rfloeitt the Negro
and Robrt .. Rarrtll. After ant fall noon loaner took advantage of ,fMlllta.Jtadtat.
all of north Carolina tiott 01 the sidewalk tilt Union trnri. JIIoa.'101 IDt Coordlaatlai -
eke was rushed to Tan Nits rr Pirat for CoaalttttPitld
SeUter Admits Ontrtl Noapltal. she. ward Hart Irlllldol holding secretary Doaald
1 FOR THE never rtgalatd eoaacioaa. Daloaa I' I" sister bltt points tit that

BOB*. Calvin Kill to four, oat tf the school iya>
Slayiag M4j
I Seth her erstwhile points aad three rt" t. or churches la thttatirt
friends were arrested bound la the first ball ( flt.couaty art
SAMEPRICE .. cwjtAiti-(n-o- tad charged with ass the Plrtttt carried a art ....."..t... The
lie say that a 21-ytar gravattd ....aU. Roada U.2t poln' had late Federal grants which
ltd Negro has idaltttd were lit for neb tt the locktr root at,halftiat. -. Dean ..U..bt ateUiattr
the sluing tf a white .
11100. lag till flat through
soldier who bit
MI 01 "
Both ttaaa playtd aattta otraatital aad 'BOBanraftat *
way boat after being fourth, quarter .., utacltt, tt
RAMILU AMIIICAK-ICONOMY KINO discharged from the Army Realty Firm both tfftaitt started wall at web BoaprofittrfaaiBatlott
Tb* dead ta i* Robert
tlleklBf. Daioa closed
M churches
Backs Out On
L Nobly, tf colaaibla
ASA tt til points btttrt and schools The five
.....bt reportedly atop
Hares Brandon ads two
Sale To ftMatltt lacladt ooriathAlctra
__ ptd elf 11..... Orltaatprocttdlig : Negro straight Urea ptlata Tlthlilaio.PraUiaa .
to kit ho. **. IALTIIOU-II'1) playa to make the score Oiita tadTitvab.
G-CYLINDER ?.t Politt ..,t. Joseph i. elarlag that their agrtt- T9-OS la RMvtoa. favor. ..
said LttttrpttrttH
lOt to sell t boat la
adtitttd tilt
aa all-.hltt area to. ,
4eaieAMILEK shooting which allegedly .
"Negro MI wit" tadliTilid.
1965 took plat during a ." leo taltl

; CLASSIC VI S. I Btnggl t11 plattl. more real ton have tak
You Ought to Be
Tat two bU fees driak
td that the toatraet t*
lag at a ."wgru air ao* declared wld.

RAMBLER i Hit acid until tilt Abraham s. Wad tad Israel in Our Shoos
btrtttdtr trbtl ptaraoato Ctb a. through ......
tale lO\.hj j ttt because their .Uon.,. tdoard
tilt I,Vttr.\ was P. ,hn... Mktd the e
* I white. I. '. Pttrtb Circuit

Cow tf Atttalt to tiaildt Y
Merry Chl.lms. the igrttatat.THIS .


:' SPECIAL 5elt/1cc Ct1ft $29.95

'I 'sac 4n.
''' ''' >. Lay Aesy iarly
cal ti.a
'65 RamblerK '. ,..,j "J''"" n. f roar Chrtatas

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Trrr trrcut.UUMCWHITHM 'a

OOE: U.VKUi 32' It**.**.. gfc... are ? .,.,..,., MHrttr I.
issues M It '". ISTI u. "* sate UMiattlvt atilttg, fladtw
ehr. ...... ...... e.r wren .. are cow .. *** iaawltat le.......ytVU ... taml enfte.aip.. .
.. ..awe an me n .. ...h.SIKKUA fwd r e
.. rcivil. .m Bt U| ..*/,. M liMIt ,.. *. ....

SIlls TROUT satE 49c I
:: Isiseasing 'Lt.PnIIrtb .
eweM lid nNOs ie. HcIHUM.i ...
SIniI! let u.. ". .....
i MM LOKTfUJM ... ".! Pip ...... Cite,

--mmu*t....sr1A It arr.ere mu ems d hmr.w
MM to tad a.ar ..* ***. ar.l 11 :
Ciunuftta.a t..u wi M tnm An tSOUTHSIDE

Brew! & '
,- I J4. ....111 AsKtty

RAMBLER' .... A.5tIt St. & MencrUf' M.r' .
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d A stems H It sa.

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,.I 1II 1- '"

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itcnmi 21, w rum. mi mIlS

Africn MIWSBII C...... Sttk Education Roundup L Homemaker Wins "Miss A & T Alumni" Season's

Visits Gibbs JC ,

IT. fCTCUKKL "..... Merit StH ts1ALllIOII l- :
soot m CAB niorrnjcww >
$tajfcoa I. I....,., Aa> rd.-so.* Hnarra. *1I.-IIPUltJ-'r parrotsbore
ocUtt Director of tko IIS Mjor ooapeatM fro* roooulr m. ttooiotUo of dloordorly goodactcktrcM
list Afrleaa... pilot aRlterlaa throathoat tko Calted ....... fro a ....1.. c1U...'. orrootAIck tlnD"I
.uDer. aaa States will bo boUUireeraltaeat took olteo vboo tko purists otModtprotoot
rcat tlallor U tko latervle.. ..*..*, t ockool f.tu ratios pairing ,ro...... ifs Lrj
Sibs Jttlor ..
CoU. o* tko tore* fttato Col- jodfo ruled that suck moot could bo suds oily
Coapaa.Iweaaya. loco caapaa for toaloraaad boa a "fll.., or lodoBoanor" lo oooalttod la I
...... U tbs alaaal Mfr
frOOJ MO u- tko citltan'o praooac .or Ir a faloay lo lavolrod.PAND I
colorful rob of kio tit April. MO DnTALLMASSaX
aatlrt Africa *.. |lm During tko aoatk ofRovoabor. fla,-(Vri-I r. lllllM P. Faster,
I ton of tko eaapat.tpoaaored students bar Director of raale. at Florida AU DnlT.ralty hast.att.d.luttatios
by ,.. staff kid latirrle stub rpreaeatatlvea fro Bobsrtros.sdr.sidwtof
of lbs Clbbaoalaa, tko fro suck tko world for tko p/UM'o/
KM Tort a Pair
school ....., .
.r. corporations to fl... Marcalai Mad of 100" to porfora at tko Pair
Hit trip her MO tpoa u... Naval Air "ell V. Snag tko IMS aoaaoa.
lOrd by tko Bursas of
Kit Lilly. Atlaatl I.-
Idacatloa ud Caltaraliff
ruin. c. A P. T.1.. PUPIL IDSm atXXUDMRSAS
tiro. II." State D.partNat. .* phoae, Bank or Aaerleaa CRT!. 10.-II'I-A( proiroa kr to buss y 1R
Since bio ar- Trust u' ..,I.... L I.DuI'o. oloawtary .t...." free rcrodd schools to R
ruts,Iweaaya ku toared ., do Roaoart. Jo* schools with vacaacloa was blocked tia IS parrots
the country *itaalrly.ISM oopk MM raaa oad 8000. of 30 students appoarod at oao of the schools to
aid Aaerlcaa toiar.Docoabor protest tbo traaafor of tbotr cklldrao. Tko ad-
.!!! 00 oto talatratlTO aaalataat to tko ouportatoadtat of
'd.to bolas iitorftooodU schools had to grist a dlay la tko transfer of
voriooo floldo fro tko otadoata.TTJCHIM .
eboBlitry ud phyoleo to
oeomutUf ond slaws : KTWfO) OUUWWRH 'msa AaTAUJMir'-Jia. ITftretH.. PennU. Greensboro, N.C., hointker recant I
winner of ''l.a AIT Alaanl PA
.. contest sponsored by the Cwienl Aluvnl Afaoclatioa
e iistratioa TORX-(NPI)-Tk Bank fltrett College of Id..caUo. *
of North Carolina AIT 0>>11..., then watch sifted her by the Orewt-
la Rarloa baa oatabllabad a laboratoryfor
developing Uatlai. aid spreading bettor says tore Coca-Cola>> IbttlUt Co.>> Adalrlm watch with Mr*. Pennli art Lionel naapton,
center whoa orchestra played for affair .t which art Permit" '.a crowed and
cblldrn la 'educational disaster
l of taaeblac .. lutes Oerald, left, of Uo Ort naboro COooa-COla Ratlllai Co.. annual Amor of
i / areu.1t flu aeily fouded ouster aorklag la cooperttlea
silk the board of oducatloa olll ... tilt citation watch. The ovoat was hid oa tko Air caapua la Oretiaboro aa a
project of the Alums Attuelttloiv'a .
portaoat with tko what and how to teach doprlvodektldrta : rvadralalat canpalm.IICIIUSM 1464irectillgr
4p9 who do act loan la tilt tradltloaalacboola.
: i

..wIIJm'ON-W.1).o..U, pub 111I04 atatlatloorerealed CHRISfMASI
that onrollaaata la tko natioa'a colleges
and MBlTertltlea rote to a record total of S.330,294atadeato. :
This It u lacrosse of 10.' per centoor MOTLEY'S ENTERPRISES (
tbo 1N3 eerollaent.

True Christmas EdaIWeel Super Market lo our many
IILLIDOIYIW.CJlPIhur( Negro souse are
peace be with you lOW attending regular cltttet at tk* fcaaa'a Col* .patron and
loco of oaortla kere. The school mlaatarlly d.-
in this Holy time. atratd last au.", 2 Stores To Serve YOB friend 1

DALLAS GRAHAM Best wishes lo tAJfrro Rran snox( IIZAIM1NDIANAPOB.I&NPIrrs. 1111 IMS HE lAIN II. 1756 W. 40th ST. PREMIER MEATS l

FUNERAL DIRECTOR you in all ) Oertrud Pat, the only (I 1111111ckssuik. 1824 W. BEAVER !
ways Retro Beater of tko local Board of School Co.slesiossrs .. 030 CASSAT
11)2 lEST 21st St during the year. la copalmlai lBoroualy to havo a Negro riwl.1'" 015 W. ASHLEY ST. j jI

bliss Saul J. lisle*, twitr J. C. DOWNINGSD. of tko appolatod earrlevluB.aatlataat A* feels aaperlatondant that this la la a chart aajoroptalac : .: '. 1 .. :' :\ ,1. 'I:. I

IIlullr C. ttftfs, Jr., D. S. AUJHI TRUBTROBCXUIl ber* a Metro oas qualify. S't* flS f B".t g r Jng.

OIIlo-lIPl-r.arl) n Iowan director ; :

The officers ud still of GETER nd Oaltad aJaaal atttet Inforaatloa Altacy baa been elected :., M 4 ': SI ti f
aa traat* of Oberlta College for a all
year t.... iuaa was graduated free Oberlla Col (
.BAKER FUNERAL HOME wish for their lip la 1547.Iethu. ru. lUll, I.' runBAKING
..eRT.s J4* *Mf v WMV,,Moiiiy N \ Qr /

friends ud patrols i nrytNtERR.Y CotrfsGit Happy HENS

S,.sth1q. 1 _

CHRISTMASand For NothliiOottlat Holiday'sPeace I I Qu."IlIt1II', RtttrrtlSPCCIUS '
35 '
....Ul.. forotkUilotoaotklat I mi finui fiiiiiir t
that '
A HAPPY and rarely kappMt.lur lakoppealat ;

PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR at letkaao-Cookaaa to tko coeds Col I-- CRANBERRY
11*. that sates the
71? ,. lUlU ST. FINE: tl J-7M8 oFarrwco parttoalarlyploaaaat

la that tko
HOLLEY'S lAKKCUiWMCItl "oooetblac" ptfaoaally 1311 CIKItatt
aafl..a lit
CIDI tat.11' ''p>od gteceass" 2 Plans all $JH ir uri .teal eider 2 for 25 "
Itaaa J ml j
CH IUKEF All too .-.... art re- -
eel n these ills ffMtrotnrr
I t BIT! PAX. a ./' ntl! ILK
biting or.a.laatloa coal> SHORTENING I ltIN 69
SLEET Pill dactlai a aallMal ... tfftr

pilot protraa. la which ..,...
'IK IttScuu..TlTlES l.tkaao 0 oaaa tolled>> e
HDU.H lapartlctpatlat.So s mil T Aunn nn in 11111111IHI MAM

*)* sac all lie* tto* be with
dealt at aelMtod all 39
h. 1 12M lips sal aalvtrattlMtkroatkoat you all during TURKEYS 39 ?, P11., ,
tko aooatry 'this Holy time.ITTIIME1 .
SI.. Irnrltl N.
y art rocetrlat tfcooo kill ll.i .

h. 2- ton* Tl .. part of tko ,.*.,..- i. r PCIIIISIII rn in. wet ifPIES PIMPIlI
iHI/ Ilie lurall
1411 hays teat GreetingsEljoy


CkistuKB More 1111 Cllt

-" with a piano MILK 7 for $1.00 2 !aril 2/ /", m 89

or organ from 'fllCT III (IfflllGRAPES

r Miller'sthehome umil1i.sltuI(

of fine

musk for over HAlf "WHOlE ti 49
60 years 2 x11. 29<

As little as $25.00 down wp. to 4 years to pay.A SNORT 5MA*' #/ II43 t Mil IKW flM. if 1111 IIJHI

lifetime of enjoyment for the whole .Mlly We take thilyopportunity
CaIR SUCK n 79 '
< .. ... Ptt. to < FLOUR rr1. 49

... theM y" oH.IHM .
tr.-: t -,- *Zee1 ILDINIU
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,JC "n/ .L _If. ere_ I .... ... :
/v, fr.*r'*PrtU "" ...""., ......... :. el .. I BUTTER59 I 9r'salIm'

1.lla s ... a ii <

iw-rwr of.*-o'*ro>r;n a.. 1'-.....,...........lir.u rn.i ''AhIR'" ...... till I .1II MJI ..s .*t< elder ..1111.w .-

'" rl m T.' II I or C' tf.... ,,
1 .! f 1.. 'h. .
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- L ,;;,.. & L:. t 1. .....J. .l..r'

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mini sin urns SlTlIIIJ lEttNlEI 21. ISM

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--- ---

I Occupational Program Conference Convicted MM On Nationally Televised Program Harlem Slum

Toms Dowa Ski Under Study

ft"A! AA..A..AM. !. LI:>...

For Now Trial NEW YORK-(KPI) 4ar*

1.' worst *lua, the
CHAKLOTTK+ I.C.**KPI). : area bounded by the
Nellot Faust, serving alit. .. lireri, 129th

...hl.. for tbs -: Strict Park Arena and

t1i'y murder of I Cbarlotts IJ lllat Street will be

poU....., changed his the subject of a two
slid iI court about re. year study to dtttrwln

Questing a saw trial mat can be done to help'

Pauathadbeea aeateaeed the area**whidh ban beta
9 q r r' to death after tbs first virtually barred Eros

trial, bat bad his .... J+ 'tfftetlrs housing and

taco commuted by DOT, r renewal aid because ef
Term Btadford.Wbes'Paaat 9 xli
the desperate pllihi of
apPlaUd its iJIII.bI tlllt.. '
bsfors Judge Harry c. Known aa tha Harlem
Mart la la coaatctloa
TrlaoglsUs area represents -
with his request for a a concentration of'wbat .

-- atw trial bs asked pure housing authorltl

amxmct-Cdwia' ... Norwood, stated at left, director of imlTtrtuy servicesat laaloa to withdraw tbs _.'__ '. .-.__ believe are the :itys

J Florida MM UBlvartlty, confers with Miss Mini Met tie, rational director, plaa." HABORAU.Y FAMOUS Prof. Uywond taapbsrry (at the piano), and till Raspberries oat dtaadrantaeed faa .
wo...'. Departaant 0.8. Departaeat of tabor, AU.tI. Ok, during u occu 101 do"sot want a will aooa bs featured oa TV OOSPIL TUB the ..Uu'. first lad leading all lllea.
pttlonal conference held recently at the Tallahassee Initltutlon. participating sew trial? tbs Jadtsaakad. .Metro television asrlaa. flow* 2,200 Negro faal

in tilt discussion art, left to right, Harold S.. Jenkins, tachertralaer, PAMU Tbs Raspberries of Cleveland, Ohio, recently viattad Chicago to tabs part la lleaar*crowded Into Ue
Vocational*Techoical Institute; Yrs ...... wetam, Leon county public schoolteacher 'No, sir replied filming the TV 009TL TIME tslwrlaloa proirawa.Tbs 59 acre section, which

I ; and Dr. Gilbert Porter, eitcutlve ttcretar of the Florida state gust proiraa appears locally oa Sunday mornings at 9:00 o'clock OB channel 4 abinada with drug ad

I Ttacntr Aaaoclation Tbs judge iraatsd tbs half-bour show, which la dUtrtbutad by Zatacratsd CMMialcatloaa Syataaa, diction alcobollaa,
raojooat. Faust bad ape
spotlights .
croupsaodappsaralaMaajorcltiwa throughout Juvenile dellaauency,
( parsatly bean swayed by
tbs oouatry. The commercials are for various Pbanoo adult crime broken
Medical SchoolAt of tla products ('"a.\-tllt.
Consent To Technology the plsaa aldsrlypirsats
Sulphur I, Cboos and Artra Coaawtlcaand oasa only .Negro aodtla and psraooall faalllea, eoaaoa'lawrelationship
and his court
I ti.. and 11.
Browstor Approved appolatsd lawyer,Francis
Serve Negroes 1 eel tlatts children.The .
I 0. darkaoa. Jr. ..
I The School of Medical logical sciences and a111I1. They airiadleatad they concentration of ao.

BIRMINGHAM, A1a,.. \ Technology at Brewsttr ... Of 1 ....ter laaatheaatlcs. believed Faust would Beach ShortsMIAMI Completes any'troblm faalllss"haa
restaurant owner, who Methodist Hospital has ones again bs eoBdaaasd made It alaoat la

fought till civil rights ban approved, by the Dr. Leila tslls, the to dls. Training possible to con tt met'

law all tbt way to Bu* Awerteaa society of din boaplttl, pathologist Howmr.a stats wi tall.SI BEACH'-Surfsrs public'houalne. Moat of
.. Court announced teal temporarily at hut have SAN ANTONIO. Tn."Air' the present' d.ata
pathologists aDd Ia directorof the School
trial, John lest
tile first out to awlaaisra
Tuesday that hs would tbs American Medical Medical Technologyat tsatlflsd for the ass of coat of Mlaal aID .Marlon .. lotto Jr. would be laelicible bee
Edward Baltb. Baach'a oceanfront ttaes It was found that srsaaall BOB of Mr*.Dorothy Login of reoorda.
begin a rrlB| Hunts.Olllt Association tor Ui train- Brtvatsr. With regard cause police
his account of tbs
that could
NcCUni Br. Md fug 0' medial technolo io propel a surfboard sipsrtly of 2710 Btfoala Road The triangle baa been
his soa.OMtraofOllis'c' elata.tduoatioaal. Sells A.M.A.said approval"I bar Dr. alaylai would be dlffsr haodlsdoa a satisfactory rid., the sport baa bsao Jackaoavlll. Pi.., has deacrtbed aa sa.arm' In
ant. growing rapidly bars. But aa surfing duiaroua cool.tsdthsfirst pbaa tilt.
Barbecut, challenged the require- which the 1II11lbS
eonatltutioBaUty 9! the ...t. (tor adalaeioB to' been aaiiocatoeatabllan Do you asaa that you to atlafltra la the vlclalty, protest of the sore of his Air Force basic appear to bs bound toeg.thsr"
.. A8CP accredited would tall aoB tkla, aunsrous ..d.,. aad bathers bars rtrictsd training '
public accoBQdatltCna., U. school are I yearsof surfers allltary a* coaradtaof
School at Brtttter than the troth
ao different to
Oat email section of the beach
Lackl end. APS. Tea
sectloi, of the new' law collegiate tralalai that Us o opportunity for to bslp your friend'" ..............-...... Logan baa ba ""'alr still
list inatr and their during which the folio. such tralalai avail aka sd. Alraaa Dlr.ctlni the
usiats Clarbaoa MIAMI BRACH Of the four boras racing tracks la selected for tschalcal Dr. Herbert J.'
air were upheld bya tai| coarsss are re.cadred + will b*
ibis to qualified .Macro
soetltt.this* JMl i, .....ter\\ students and to laersaas Florida thsrs are within a radius of IS .*>ll.a of t r alalacaaalralfr 0 na. urban aodolCliht1'r'i4.
Mlaal Beach, aach tartly raachad ovsr aala klch ., )''1"-drto 1 an.-
f panel tta lira hours of chemistry, 16 !
the nusbtr of properly ..,.. Florida alto baa two harasss tracks aala ...d..nlbble .
I Inchaa. semester hours of bio A'C P. oas of craft J2M.OOO! have been
trtined technologists hlch la about 10 ails north of hail
leach via tea aaeaapKlallat .1. for the pro
a toll :

Tune WAME Home Of The World'sChampion avraseway. T at r a alulae a Air I Jiion J 1Ct: Named To

AtTColltgtGits Co. aandATOcbool .
( : ..', '- "
Disc ,Welfare Board
Jockey at Aaarll LOGAN
is APS. Twi.Hla aw unit
$119,340 NSF Grant la part of tbs vast ATC T A lAHASSEK8tcretaryof

ayataa which train air Stats 1'11II Adaas today.

CMINSBaU' .. ., BM and efflcara la the aaaoaaeed the co..I a.
.C. A.T eol h.. baa basa-awardad
aloaiBB of Mra. Cattlla
grate totalise ....,..0. by Us National Science diverse skills requiredby ,
J. Potrtttr, 4M1 Pame*
astlaa'a aaro
F- Poaadatloa for tha oparattoa of tb*
I two l. ttltutta for 8t JacklOnUJ. Pla.
klch school teachers of space fore
chemistry .
atr... la a 164 aa Isobar Board of Social
....", aeoordlai to aa aaaouaswaaat byDr.lsvlsC. The
b.Nicks Welfare. District Do. ..
P Dowdy, prssldwat ef Us coIle,.. graduate o>(( iMrthwatra
...................... Rich School. Dual Cbaaty.WMBM .
Tbs anaouaeaaaat statedthat
Muter of lei MO' d cr..
Dr. farald A. .
with aaajar. la Chemise
warda, proftor ssdabalraaa
try by atpoalac then to
sf tbs Des
blah callbr graduate
lartasat of Chwalitry
ccrnrs** la chemistry aad
In will servo aa director
related 0ld*.
Of both iBStltltSS.On .
Molder of worlda 2. To Isprots tbssstMcbsrs
of the aaAeadU
Broadcaatlai ftMord progress aadwrataadiacaf
?red Mans m W.tiasou. Noun Reckie Tear Institute Us scientific athodby
1'lrs Mohool Taadisraf
for Mig
ospoalac them to tbs
Chemistry, U b. op. .
ttohalsjasa of r* aroh.
.uUd at a coat .f 3. Ta. aaabla aelaas
'fl. 100. highs with srarer
meters to b+oM* lOre
..art., sa June sffKttts ta their work

.L-- U, INI throws Art aad, la sons. cases tabtooss
14. and coat I at** .aeeptember islws* ....r-

II aid suds visors, th roach broads
"Jwas 4. I'''. The ,,,,. aunt theft coaarwhaaaloaaf

roanprogrsa will bs unisons aahjset sate
open to 10 ,arUc1,.,*. II', lasraaalai thlrapwraclaUaai
Tbs ......
progress af its ruin
:. Pm s: 00 to Terry I:JO '8aa.., .ute la |aa>...n ltlac.atraacthaalai sad Spollight l Product' or Tie Week
Cbaalatry air Ssoaadarp.Ssbaal thalr aaa
Itoe20 OI/ Praa WAtl OstatswaStasis BroSur Ray Taasbsra. far ftstlaas rcardla Us Miami, Florida

walcft acnataf MSl" seed .r rise...a wines

t has bm allocated. will ta a lB'. at Ua ...)*

SEE AND HEAR THESE .bs.4a sasratad Uilaalac far sa atas.. dory achoal lsr.&. ..W1&ln.M ....---HAIl....--MMU.r anus a .rem

1/. Illl and aataadlai Sate School s_ ... ..... ... ......
Y we wren wr Our air.m Mwe
trough Aacaat 1$. Tbprairaa am ... b.a swo. -
will lasladsthirty .. -
,arU UMU. meet 90 ...
Err idwaHa aald that BOCOi-fAAI)". anon ss.rtweso

RADIO STARS ..'UeatS... to eater taalataaa Coaftrwaes ttJatwalla COllI

siuar af ths Saudis OtrrMtUaaltvrbara. w.caw pww.ehw
tan ahoal b. ais4aar atlai bars e4aern
I baa ....,. ear
baftrs Jaaaarf 14.INI. a saaat lea ....
and _..., ta torows aasxtUaaa at .1M... ... n '1 STr'-st
af th. aalsatlsaa will the state ladaatrlalcsjaal pTi hes.na.. o -M.teas.Ices

bs a4 a* p.bn ry li.IMS. frc. ..... tswtt.n r
WAME1260 taatltatlaa la ra* ..

It Ilats4 the' ..ll*.iMaajs ,..,.. *rw... ts> hiM

..lvw* "? tae ... ... satMity ills baysaa4

'w tadibatcat girls awatally rwtara4 .

;. MIAMI. I. Ta. awlaawat Uatralalai aa4 atltasjMata.latarta .

I at .....so af d.lsrabls .
/ ; Hlar .. ..."' ,,...laat taaM ca.tlu.... tMtadlMtstr 35 aw..sean west stl.si
: Hot lino" Nightly At 11 ,.", hats sot ,..MtItMI at.asi| by aafar seam .mar air s.sis ...
t ot*4 a* a4.jaataayar visors Oat .f aaa :. '- s s.., e ..N.

With. 'Art Green s U abwalatry bat pw.egster toss bumfia.
i. waa atbrra teal Nsec4 rat sad atb r aataal

rrin prwpeet. S.r was ___ w "fa,

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.1.u.t.. d" .,..: . .
.l.i.t,., ; -- --

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2 Nero hates Catholic Sister Ciicer Society Sckool GOT. Rockefeller SHOP end SAVE at }

Nerved Fnaciscii Picks Wonn For

O For auCAm-cpf-a.Chicago hhf{ ,ea Superior Poverty Agency YOUR BIG

Natloaal Iant. tfeo tint ALBANY K.T.-(KM)-
uatuct! 11. -(JIIP!)
atloaal naaaelal la* laprtaalvt Oo.. Hal aoa Rocktfallark '
aUtatloa crnalitdoaaalattrraettl tloaa bat c.01.ail...fit tko a- ttltcttd Ira traaPottoa. WAREHOUSEA.P
book ktrt.U1 Saertd Cbairtiatloa or.dill. MiiNsTSI 41.7oar*old A :
ktcU optratloaa at ... la teat to Breoklya social sorter,
bas start of IMS.Tkt alt act sod tsars rtairtatata at tkt $11.000,000-
bank rill opt Itadoora la order to y nr dlrtctor of its STORE
la tvporary: qnar Ptnlt Siattr Nary Au ttly crtattd KM Tort
ttra dortai the first Klckatl to ktooat ktotttrBwaraloftkt : state otnet of ECOOOBUOpportaalty.
Boat of JtMary accord- praaelacaaODamalty ..
lag to 10... Proffltt. ..,.. (Dot lockaftlltr alto 3000 W. 45th St.
chain.. of tko board Itt fora.r Rssttagtods m IAJOB 6BXK8 BQl0LAtsIIP-Br. tally Colitis disclosed that Ut state
and Harold Aliu. '.....1.elat. was elected saptrlor public odacatioa dlrtctor. trlcaa Ciaetr Plata to soda sans tkaa
It a first acatk last .....r by t.. society Plorlda Urtaloa. I.e., lattnrttwa Job tip Btllloa U federal FLORADALE
of ...11.... 111 bo ooa* Blattra la that COB Ittlty TnoBaa. sister Bajorlai la physical ...* fads to operate tktaatlpOfarty
dacttd aa u. op. koaao.Ortaaltatloa .aU,. BottTtr, lies cellos at Florida MM Daivtralty, for oat of tko pros,...
of BtanyRatloaal std waa sot yet to, sod acholanalpa to .. awarded by the ACS. Points of Tht out aatl'pottrty
kaa bw ......* kad bows profttatd oily tae scholarship bt.".... will bt MBMuacod surly leader la its life of EXTRA SPECIAL! DIXIE CRYSTALS
way for surly a year two years aptclal ptrlaaloa la lees by Dr. Oscar A. Moore, teal tf its PAW Ttd Pottoa, loins r.port.r .*
tkronck tko efforts ofa froa Boot bad to D, arta.t of halt sod PValeal Iducatloa. Mr.Col for tkt Htw Tort
ooaalttt tested by .. obtalatd btfort aba Hat la froa ..... Nab.. Pott. Boo has spat 20
Jullaa B. BHiMa. with took offleo. piers U varioaa pkaata
tkt aaalataaet of Ooa Officials..r.l.,....... Barnhill Named Soitk's Ecoionlc of social tort.Ibtprojtcttahtwilldl.
tlaoatal Hatloaal .... by i.r work darlac tkt *
no laltlal capital ,oar and flrt suits aka 'Most Valuable' Forecast Is Bleak rtet will provide ,..
satin la ft .U Uo.. atnrtd aa adalalatrator CHARUmX. R.&- o>ara litiaot tor its poor
abaeribtd to by N.gro of Bt. Joatpk'o ....raJ C.: Banhlll. health od* CHAkLOnC. N.C.-Aa* t.. am let.. sad tkt SUGARC
sod whltt Cbieaioaaa** Roapltal ktrt, sod by acator with the Mtcklv .. pol.ted to loss troubled 801 of its
laeladlBi ...d.... '10- btr sort durlat tkt tlat ban Couty halt Dtpartawt. of jobs JOratrly ,h.. ptraoaa afftettd will
,I.. proftatloaala.bonatvl akt ."0.1 u superior sod prtaldtat Mttrota sod its kick Iteladt tiooavltta,
Tto and laduatrl of tkt IS Bltttra who of tko AkTCblltit 0..* ptrcMtait of ..,..... tt.tt aarootlca ad
aorktra.KtaaAllt.. work at tat boapltal.Aa ire AloMl AtBoclattoa who will quit faralai aa diets .tally rttard
tkt Banking -.riot Otatral aba was J..... tkt "Mott facto ra ooatrtbatiai to tel cb11.,..tlt droslo'
Uitaloa of its IlllaolaDeparUtat will duo oaptrrlat tktotktr Valaablt Cbunty Baploytt its bloat tetatalafortcaat ally 111 aid school
of Plaaaelal boaii of crdtr, for 1M4". tf tai Bottk. dropoata.At .
laaUUtloaa kaa tantd locattd ben, sad oat la Tao award, a plaqatwaa Dr. K.B. Lltbktfaky.profttaor artist of 21 pro with $5.00
a cktrttr for tkt or Awry, II...both coasts prtttattd by tkt of tooaoBtea posed projteta will kt a IB. 39
aoltttloa of tkt lad.* of tilt Third Ord.r of Chariot Ckaobtr of at tko OalTorolty of prune to .IP tad tktortaiptr1taea 5
,....e. Baak of Ckl St. rraacla. la CMeaio. Coaatrtt. ....r its oaitoa told dtltcattt effort or wore BAG
ea*>. Sht will atrrt aa 8opt taot Tour OoTtraaoit" at a ooaftraiet oa too* for wtlfart rtelpioata
Tko beat capital.. nor ....rll for a all ProiTBa ia aptclal etrt sic opponaaltlta. aid tad sits the oa.u.
at MOO.000. will kat ,oar ton BOBto at a Btttlai of .... rtaoaroo adjaat Job tralalai. feed Mar
$400,000 U capitalatoekeoaalatlB lochs All Ulckatl latkt tko Mtckloaban Coaaty sate that ..,10" la That project aloatlatiptcttd
| of foratr Gloria Bojd.dauikttrofCbarlti Board of ooBBiaaloatra. its south tad la aaaycaata to rtqvlrt aaiptadltart .
40.000 stars slit a Boyd, 'Tho first of bit net railed odicatloaalattadtrda of woes SHORTENINGJEWEL
par oils of $10 tack* aid tkt 1 It. irs Boyd to rtettft its award for OBploytttattdloaaly. llSainioa.bf. EXTRA SKCIALI
aarplaa toad totalllai of taaklaitoa, D.Co Aso .nUII was selected ( Bocktftlltr ..stabli.h.d *
IMO.OOO; tad n.."" was iradiato froa It attar a Buabtr of county A total of 200 ptrtoaa the atw *.aeyoa
for optrtttai poises AKtttiat'a "kool, sorters tad bow BOB!* fro kcatioBbtala, the rtcDB*.4.tloa of
$190.000. CardoBO lick Bekool sod. sated by tbtlr fallow aid (oftrBBtatroprfB4BtlB a aptelal eaklatt MM
dtfiilMS Observed St. Paal'a laatltatt of taploytva.Baraklll. | tkt tBtlrt watt attttt appalattd U
practical Rtralat. was cited for sans ,r...'to tsar soda<< Isolator, ...... by
13 Tines A Yei'rADOU Sht Jolatd tilt Third hit sort, partlealarly aptaktra at Dr. Lltb Altiaadtr AUrS ell. ..*
AlAIA"(11'1)" Ord.r tf It. praaela laIIS slit tttaaitra aid htfaky. Of Ut 200 at*, tCBtltt atalBtaat tO the
GkrtaUaa la ethiopia la }, aid rtttlttd' with aptcial low IBOOBO ttadlai. two ptraoaa pwraor.
traialai laairtlai ,...,.. .
otltbrattd IS tla.a" fartktr groups" ktaltk coaacila. r" Plarlda. a ire Pottoa. a aatlvttf J
tact a Boatk sod twittdarlai at Bt. lary'a I. his atrrtd aa prtal* rlP"l.taU YO fuss UDalttrtlty Ptdatak, If.. at* LI.It OR!
the aoatk of ektol of Prattleal dtatof Ut north Caro of Plorlda. t..... laatacky ItattCbllHaaadAUaataOal
April. Aceordlai to Martial' la ftoektattr lisa Aiiotlatlta of sod tents Ibam-Oibbt. ) with $5.00 11.
Itkltplaa tradlttoa.Ckrlat Wiles\ Rtaltk tdatatora aid JaaUr. ColUft't (It. trtlty, rtftltlai a 4
tad ao aaayvlrtata. Mtrry waa rtttatly aaatd a Ptttrtbarc, Pla.) M. awttr't dtcrta' free tkt or ..n j CAN
It suit tats ..btr of tilt fetcatlTtOOBBitttt rtettr of Oatdaaoo.o I attar.
bow hors nrt this oac. Cirljlnas The tatirt Itato aatl foot! order
.. pomp pro,M la atlll 1l 1lEXTIA
subject j to ..,ro"I by
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Legal Eipirls

Seek To Abolish VOM

HOISt CommllteeIP

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'". ecru' ar.. M 100
teal sports tfc. hats
tl..td apttUlM artlM Lllllt
fr for akollataMt *f tkotatt C
OoMllttt .. Pa* I
with $5.00

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We cckbrite the birth of the 8A8V KE IAav HEr

Prince ol Peace %hh the hope your'

..1 day* are filled with wonderful joy. Plate Stew Short RCSJi5LLI.

Jax Liquors 1 25 C

and employ** atUttft
Tr icsa ft Package Slur mko $IfffUl liters

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I.r",1' ; : 'I.
. fiiiiii STAI rmu JITIIMT IECENIEI 21. till

pay Season's Greetings Hope To Open IMPIIIU SHINIESPATKT
Biracial Bank
T Ifta.IN-CKPn( ape Cor. Broad and Ashley H 42159
f IIHeatiOll for a blncUl
halt la the arootl7aatuv..tast INDEPENDENT OIL CO.
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rsr. a < k iia atettoa of KERQSR4F1 HOMF: tiLIVmMECHANIC
Brook ya bM bMo fl1<4 ON DUTY
: I I ?r wit the OoBtnJler t.f Ike Joseph ............... Proprietor
Currency la "iqtoa. State and .effersoa Street EL 40432

"/" The

D.f. COINUT, Oner
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,;.. .. ." J\, .,\.f" Ring in the new
ring out the old
r {r, lg$4'":-, 7 ...... with best wiihei. i (The Torso)
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I ".w, A1 '
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nee of the finest txhlbltlOBS of teas wort,
i Olbbs Jaalor College
the Tigers Basketball ttnof Edward waters College ,.1
>d Cobras had not tangled
rolled over the very fin t... of Voorteet College
ar with oat of the nation' 66-68 OB tIC caapuaLtd ...............................
best service t..., thty
by Sasuel Plesslei of two txhlbltloaIB tres
F coal ba..bI.l...td
with 37 points, the Wttt rain Beach sad
record now. However the Benedict College Cage Action Tigers juaptd ahead al- Dto 29, seen they play
baskttbsll took
most at the opening tilt aaat ttaii U ftLaudtrdalt .
OB the' HaeDlM Hawks .
whlstel.M pleaalni that
three tines this seasoaMd f fto.
two baskets before the hilt plOMtJ with tic
lost oa two occasions Voorhees. toss could even .'. record>> 2-1.Nidi'arto.
to hlthllsht tht Cobr,'.
itt the. rings of their feels that the
pre-hiaa basketball con- 'It
bttktt ttM tttll needs sore
One of the brightest iptrltaet, Bad that
t Its Cobras have ......
A4 { spots OB the teas was tougher opposition
victories over McCoy Air tht ability of the teas ahoald aetaally bring

Force Bass of Orlando atttlo IB his
to bandit rebounds The oat tilt
and taahlsftoa JC efPsosaoola
Tigers bad S3 rebounds boys.
to rate their U the isas. ltd by with oaly one sealer
record BOW stand at 33.Tkt _iF"
sophomore Ltavte Davis and two sophomores oa
HacDlll Hawks defeated I I"IIiIIJ' with 14 ABOB rittaaaM tilt t..., tilt others

bib! '. 01-13 ia second With 10. P0l btlai fr..b.... thtrtfore.Bartoa -
the third a tier CMtatrlta. }
PlttBSB were la surprised
GOLD MEDALISTS froa Ttaataatt A and I State --h.nib eon presented Tula was the lowing
; Nathan IrotB, NttvyaCDltBBB. to hart his tees btatta
with places at a loaohton riven by aa oil corporation la Nashville. haD...... II th victory for the r'I. .3, tilllM glitch .
once la three gases.The
Its Olyapte wlnatrB art (front row 1 to r): mi an IIQ... Edith leGll,.. Ralph Tampa Air Bass as ooa- '' '";' .. with. 7 till lOt beat
/ "! Bad Eugene Eaory Titers
I BottoB lad 110.11 1711'. standing art (J to r): Dr. '.8. Davis T_..," A and pared to foar defeat : i: "! ; rebounds tach boat gala UBtli Ja*.

1 president; Ih. Crust, Cult oil Corp.. Edward Tsapla. 0.8. wow's Track and la the Initial contest n. The Tigers do not play I, when. they attt the
Meld teas niynple coach aid Ttnataatt A and I coach Gtorit Parrar sad DIll II.t.... tilt two te... : wh.stbq
it DM M Carollaa Area
lean of On] f.AIles. this season, HacDlll ""i t ';5" again not Sooth
: Bttt Florida Memos Trade school
,, .
handed olbbs its worst ,
'' ,, .,.,,. ., Ii" rial College la thi first
detest pollahlai tees ,, .. ,
Pick High
THE SPORTS ARENA off by a 114-IS ,cor.. ..,,, ," McReycoIdj Score
This asrked the first

Broncos 100-" OAKLAND ABttLVS IN TOm SI CM WOMR Uae any ttM had scored I' .. For Action
e I'P'i' Miles
GmNSBOKO. N.C.-'ThtAT TORS-(KPD-Aaerlcaa Football Leacne coaalsalooer ore than 10} oa the "" 42 I IB
Jot FOBS hta absolved the Osklyd Raiders Cobras. ; '.
College .
AltB Victory
Colligi! ..... will sat
breezed put the Pay tttt- for raiding Larry Todd.Artfcea State flanker back, ttbbs aat a Mall.eawreof : ", ". ,i./
tilt Murray Niih Bulldoze
tlllt State College who signed a Raider contract, before he naiahsdhla rtvsaie la the second The Ooldta Bears of
of tt AuiasUae here laa
Broncos, 10069. la a college career However Pots said It was game ooalsi net oa top, Miles Colleie, playlni B
rival Batch DM
CIAA basketball Base "00..01 kaowltdit" that Todd was aolii to pus I07-I3.7fce' victory saap- sleight first halt ease
played htrt at tht op his final year of college tllttoillty." ped a 10 tome ....t.. --- poured OB the clean la V
Bi7lED1C1'sbbert Bortll la kith la the air askt la their opealai sane
had.Jacksosvint'a .
Charles Vjaort QmDasiaa.nt streak the atrata the last half to trounce
plants a perfect 3-polstsr la the aeta BtMdlsila Of the SeBaoa.tbe fc l ta
victory, plat sowotherovsrtt.Aagustisr ournncnt jontnr Lcn Q>III'In BennltHaoPaddea a spirited hi tout sinned"
the star hopsltss .er.... it Jerry HMltr (13) ef B-CC defeated tilt rise forest
ST. LOOIS CARDINALS ma five trot MississippiIndustrial
/ a and "Mac" Henderson (34)) ."t.... Cuokaan BOB Tiara 10-M.
College lattr la tilt ST. LOCI -(NP1)-The St. Louis car .aJ. hare of the Hos day aliht'a Coll: H.,Holly
the Batch .
tek. seat till Anita aogolred Johnny Lewis, 25-y ear-old left heeded Mtin lane aislaat HacOlll. -cage fbjriiia, Mississippi by S *\ BEST

,boat for the bolldi-s oo tn alder la trade which seat Tracy Stallardto tilt score of 10070 at WISHES

with a 30 coaftrtact the New Tort Bets. Lewis, who bsd a brief ap- Fastest Humans Pitted Parker Ml ill Qyantsltia,

:record a .-l, overall. p.arlDc. with the world chMploa Cardinals last oalor Thalta He ley.

After ptjshlai ahead by ...10.. hit .314 la 40 ..... with St. .oe" and sells, who the Mara

IS points at 10.alnntes batted .364 la 73 geese with Jacksonville of the Against Each Other In NFL have built their attack

of the first half, tilt lattraatloaBl League around MB cold la tilt

Broncos rallied and at first tea alMitet of tilt

S: 10, had reduced the BILL RUID' 0L NKAM T0 NIf IIIDItIJ\ Neat year* a net" la the National football Uue might be Jut that. Two |a>., Nt waned BP ttfltd ..

tap to are pouts with BOSTON-(NPI)-
the 'score st 3D-2'. AaT. for its BottoaXtltlea National Basketball Association football la the I..... ................................. alakt'a total of 41polata.

Tht':bristling pace lit has two see records withla his irasp.Lesdlsi Florida at's BobMayeakM second taster Ibis later, .

by till Anita ia tilt Us league ia rebounds, tassel MB ti- ....... to tense with Carr* best tits for 'THt Mute not have one Otter bears scoring tor Ililt

first half too Us toll petted to pass zee 140,000 rebound Bart and its zee Dallas Cowboys>> their roster a prunlalni.relay double. ff Rates sets, I

ia the second and final 10,000 point sift la his ..:t t4 ,....." Alrtady Ai If that waaa't t* the classic .,rl.t. teem, onww>ielofCsrr Prtddle TlBtloy, sad

stair "''ai AaT easily tilt top rtboaadsr la league history, .....U laavtrailai loath speed for eat However, la professional Rontr Joaeswhoesct Do. McCwIlsa with II
moved ...,. 33.1 rtbovadi B Rime sad la osly II leaps tilt No fork opponents heat ".,tI whilerwmiBi tack and Charlie Ibatordtui

Big lUll la the Auto poUts short of its 10.000 point Patti fllsata obtstaed the sill not take for Teiaa *,- 10. MI-tit scorer for t
.. .. .. MM to look .t the *>Haedala
Wits <*relnrlalaie.r. 'services af awry Carr, thorn UniversitypelCorner SIC MB latrtatt Tardy N sag
8101 DAYIS ors" by Hayes and
who dusiptd la 3S points COLTS M03KVH.T tilt Olyapit 300atttrcaanpioa. and ,.,..., all1traA situ 14.
BA.TMOIW-(VI)-ThBsJtlaort Colt have ii.... Curio the IP44 O'JII&IIe.' ,
and palled does |} re ctii|>lonc.I. The Rears will play
Roosevelt Davis, their eighth rowed draft choice. And ...., a track star .,. Hi .,..
bounds and Robert Kaaa Carr, its holds the Jackson Hisses U.lr ..., hnat IBM a
din,the star punster The :ass pound.rwbororts the alckaaat oC'-melt" world record for tilt hat found his speed to .....t AlaUssa "Mor I 'IIMS I. 1ttItr.

who scored 25 polats. 0. a player for Tennessee A I. WO-aeter na. had bees ao avail ranks.Nayes .la the bmlslai 600 Series BTLO al. Ala...., HatardayaliM May the llchi of *%

Roy HcNelll sad Ray the third metes af the pro 8 ...u Jack BUS. ef the Owceabsr II at ChriMirut time. ki '
Baker, with 13 points PUTD PATTWOI' TO PACK A tXUlf 0 JAMIMTKB I..... City Chiefs tf end Parr both ran Pie Ridtra Leaite ., farler Rim Miool oyeealM .
TORS-( '!)-*haa foraer heavywelsht chanptoBPloyd .a einalBi relay tease gukk this dtj
each kith the
were scorersfor AatrlCM Football Cross Rutllsi LSMSfell at 0:00: ....
PstteraoB steps late tilt tins at IsdlBoa la the M4 Olyaplca,
League gt was the tout pica abort uf a OWafratch
.quart OsrdtsB ta Jan. 39. ht will bt facial a Narth-rowad chalet .f Md both CMC*oa*besrlsi series hea. kt

Wildcats Win ''dreaa". the 01..t.. two pfd ...taI., popped a III IkrteiMCpla 80s' S.HSI fc.S' Stilil ItyS' Seat.
Hayes, who had bees
Tht dress will ease tat awiaiiaila the persons
Hayes, who kal da ill telsl IB leaieecoevetloa
of Otorit Ckavalo. B 21.3sar-old laaierjscfc she drafted by Desist of thtAaerlssa
aorta af speed retards, LayA-Way
6th StraightBethaafCookaM" ... PootM I Leaps,
sad t be stopped tree .1... slaved a ttrta-yaar ers* The Menus BoollaiCttirtta
The dress Is not ao much af bestlsi Fattersoa tract with the D.lhl till bt a flanktrbsck rtMtalite a Boy Suits For CMItt..

Cole (a fast which hasbeeaca itsked by say others) taam. tor the c.o_". the
|t MM the recent 110 series IB leaiee
3 its of o.r toes Beach, U'. a drtM tf Mt U| lift Ml bt| aoaey.BKt Olyapiea etsr chaap* Meats will ate Carr as play by unit a patch Slus2to20Reurir4sm4 '
boostls Its scoring a ..,..1" back.
Its, holds the kai bees Ike
world that lest
..,, Carr whaa at Brush'" Y
to sore thee 100 'UP"' WIIIO HirltaOW.ANDiit.soyesd .
record for that dla prldt ef tke Matter ugjae
polati a best State ttalvtrelly.. 41 splayed
|aae +t cbssvloa CaasUa day uses for I"-,.,. boa.. .r,
florid Nonsal College has a ... da.J I eater, IB leery flirt It, who has dash. the ''-,u. drib tt Interest IB Jacks bad a blab MMef $7.96 t. $28.21 "'
her last alBfct.lJMU.Illlaa foatMllMill
hailed deawastrattdthat
bees the wM hM
as oat ass Md rte S0-yard dash. 301. Nt wss feUtsedly

points tadadlai LSVM silt 33 M lathe he CM Batch Clay' wordforeword .. la Its The '.1. |fO pessd tstlves the basis'N r"1II..n..* gust Bssdy Ilk a Fran Bow Hi With Cffff Sill
month vision.. .
halfback for Florida IM 3JI, JMSS fMbeitI7314I
swoMd half. was the aa"." meets tb. paetoall is a ..-...... teary AM will have aaaa s4vastait _"... still kM three sad tlllle J awe ,

hit scorn of the ..... weliht boat this snub, ...u have pst ChI la ever Car ..... ....ltre.. .. for ... "2-1'. i IROAIWAY IEfT. STORE

kick was its ..cc chess ia recast iattnlta degree Md till returate

**IIwcatB"slitt victory .f....eIIl till fall .1..*.." atldClart la a the football tet slot field.tt the Arlaase taste tile in mil ii rwN in,miflM

la all |..ntH. totally BMritlsal .U.,..... pjt U .a ......tdI, baa toe tilt |"oytrddaah Hayes lay nsdss b MM ill Watch' nil Clown

da Ronsl 11 1'1. threw vsrwal peaches oa which<< Clay has the oopy* ia law
rtsht. wish fa teo-tsnths tf s I. S. SAYIIKS Bobs I


tire CitlIHHH rP

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He side .e.lretl*.

+ WAWTM t MUI mi oft I. ewne. It all srwaad
I S S (1.1'14'M

_' +r Mil CUTtUM MilT
U -24-1 II

ftar .te. fs .. te 1w. *e fX .....a..e e I,....H. t

\ LOW PRICES Ar.Mon'i Numbered Days.

\ at her '....' Bert are ....

1411.Towhky besr......... iii hr It letee4 'I Ntk S",..
late CM .. Tease ekes

Trade nth lest sag&..t%and fern else fee st.t tetr lost, in Taut U. Ita

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Let ut rqoece .l flail w. eiC,, Pea
and ;hc praifc for all IHI a .... It MieleflMie ems awl lrTljemso. C"IIe.
rtJfe I, Ftel dse.
if* vortJcn of Alt Jar. htgMr" SiHMim .. e_........._..-.


N. MIlS WSOII, L t). S. M MSM TUIm\ WIN in mxmMM 1'NftoDft'I' .-o....-.-- .90 DAV* STIWCT

JIM NNmr H. mt Ki1ft1y m m. i H INI If IM IHH Oe Nay.: :rd .hekertoFre fWNI

41"1. s a
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f t t fU111i- jut &PUS I, SiTllliY IECEMIEI 21. 1!4McnyChrUtmaf Jfj

lEI Till HillS IBm" FIt 10 usa C theft Charges 'Rebel1 Group fQJ51p s, ".

To III tk -Jobi tmilBtUkttl Y-..".. ...i cm'=UVIII- ....... (CORTIRBID FROM PAGED (CONTINUED PROM PAOIl)
...,-... A..o fWMIIAITIMIII III...".... dtrala nhjr Moor al-
eueN. Neanhll*, Atty. 1'1117.re'r..U. Md Albert Brook. prld **- \
.. .... .
210 Post AT*. leitbary, e ww s .. th* die Idl7 lad checks la .at, Chicago NAACPchapter. 1)L9retILSlib
R.T. I .I '.w::; ::f! "" I violation of a rile that .
Bidntyi 'Jar.ato...
I .""u..... .-. check over 1100 suethave
call bar bw sale to any Dr. Buil a Gallagher. .. rs
hi"r. U ...,ral PlnCIIre MKutU eoaaltt rldBt.. flu Tort city
Kifitiistli approTal help twIPWJdIrt
I IEITII6n ebtdnltd to tutU Collets sad a NAACP
Wire coming your wo] To this chart. Moor with our sincere t.kaj'OI
with sincere wisher" foi Peru Th HtrUwid Km raackloBvnl DCCIPAICY against Henry, Moor who*.questioned replied: years, was seaber oa* of for those SO IB*prlyJr.of seen \

o holiday MOton thai I t / "* PliMt.NtwljrDoooreUd. Moor about lore than "An ISAAC branch which passed over IB the aoaiaatioB. roe and oar warawtt
you will o I way look roar .... ..d id ,... .Two bodrooB eputseats. 109) RAACP cheek author- baudit Mr than $200 *.for ewer bipfiBM, 'f:
bock on ot being ont ol f I ud Had out kottiUaelef htor fin '11.to trod by kl* It Mouat 000 a year eaa't Halt Dr. Gallagher said Dr. GRILL
its ie.tlr** by r*- ROOSEVELT
prayer ass III to 1800 laid It aud'
the happiest Mm 1 I ol i f aeeoaplisk pr cues tttHtel mr BM arose rprBt
toeittt for 70*. I.dh: 2414 't'tw>it. ftW1.. only begun to preieat.Ui a lrlD| every expenditure "a faction *.kli| to
your I life. evidence.Aecordlni. to bar prior approval control thcoriaolzatloB. 816 W. Asfetoy' St.
SILVER STAR jura UtilE UIIII fir hit to fluty bj a J8-B.ab.r I think the would b*
which doss not
124 a. Hloklita Chieafe. I..ore explained that eoaaltt birtfol to the bt latrtt -
I ROOB loupe partiallyfaritkd '
stti$ .HE. T J, eves Mt la .741,.August
111. Imladlii 9b )four 1100 checks Bad of the ISAAC?. I
said 6 pt.ab r.MAlthough .
i90M.*o.pltt* kltcbra oat to cub sad |lr_ to b* 1* representing think this rprnt an WOOLWORTH'SI
with .l.s'ris<< store a hot the .*B>* store eels to the roes attack of tilt present
ART STUDIO ester tak. 110 lost get tub for RAACP when director Roy wilkUa." :
ROYAL Moor*,Atty. Henry point I
Chirek-2 blocks fro 11. the teak tees eloaed.Jeary H* cbaracttrlnd
oat that be 1* not a STORE
DAVIS STREET Btatair $tooi. WO ."11. 1* lo trying to party of tb dlaput the election aa oat that I
Per laforaatloa, ,h.. will 4trala whether I
ELgin 4-1894 '1 Just bar to accept
300 HOGAN ST. OKLY9x12'
R. ..2a... hriisltl IIIBS1X2 local NAACP se.bership I
ay roll li this controversy -
will bar la tilt i
a say
NATURAL Clmltad till"0211- a* a job and
functions of the national
that' all criaalcatloB. I ROOM SIZE RUG

REAL lill IlCt fUHKNOTKEliaitr lipiiriif III I ell It la said that the
Oil stoves, Haters ,.. If you old Ilk to o.a ebaai would give tb*
ill-Ciort! ilMpit v ilaclo. Ooiiol BtiM IllBd ltlf. a aw or id avtoaobll llltaat aeabtr* the
5e lag llaehla 11, 144lor Jacksos. phase B. -HI4. with ao iota pt/atit and balance of power oo the
t Sn lets First ...... IU.OO p'r lEI'ell lot Boathly paratot. calla 60-BW board the ..ajorU -
,.,.....tI. flood emditJoe, 4-6TJ1 or tO 9ton.WITtO of who are nor lOre
Iltll, Piiiie- 111 deliver No obllHtUai. LtAIINO AND BALM, oderat*.
Call lIIa-u., 1130 t. Serer It,..,. au Th* election IB being
Open Dally jcIiIat or diy Ttlftir, your sec wd used carried ont by Ball
,car gels.sss. ballot Mom th* 1,100



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:". Reiver id Davis

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SOUDrol OR rug in 73'S eodo.25 I
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-aims eneW wIdIi prlsw o.d
;,,, G retting to all of our friends .... tickixg. P4ee4Neri .
e ... r- gees .111..11. fin If
...... ,.,... ... ...
"' and our sincere thanks for 1'i ... N ......,. If __
Bey s parr seal suss 2...

i ,' '-; letting us serve you.It

M ((\,I e flfI. WARM S

Happy holiday alll'I

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