Florida Star

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727660 F20090525_AAACBG 00603.jp2 5e3217a3c0e0a9dc4a00438065a99d8fb5ebdc6d4ca790e7cdfab4f79bf2a1d99c0e6371
723047 F20090525_AAACBH 00604.jp2 ee7c1e95a5b3ae6854c4e889aaa1d44f6fe11c7d269f9623f2bade3b0af6b33fca5f33f2
727006 F20090525_AAACBI 00605.jp2 37c66846ecccebef59622f9521bb6a794a89d90edfa65bccd8303df23491130e1d66e376
720178 F20090525_AAACBJ 00606.jp2 a3d3e1e9d6bfeb3925ff2826a07c7e80295e88b4d4fb662c453e5c65203bf4c6d976dfcc
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17801 F20090525_AAACAA 1964121201.xml 20918174c344972580b2b60180c73d51a4d098fb88f117c82c0f526eb63397531aa9c8edBROKEN_LINK 0598.jp20599.jp20600.jp20601.jp20602.jp20603.jp20604.jp20605.jp20606.jp20607.jp20608.jp20609.jp20598.txt0599.txt0600.txt0601.txt0602.txt0603.txt0604.txt0605.txt0606.txt0607.txt0608.txt0609.txt0598.tif0599.tif0600.tif0601.tif0602.tif0603.tif0604.tif0605.tif0606.tif0607.tif0608.tif0609.tif0598.jpg0599.jpg0600.jpg0601.jpg0602.jpg0603.jpg0604.jpg0605.jpg0606.jpg0607.jpg0608.jpg0609.jpg
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314827 F20090525_AAACBW 00601.jpg 92298cf8dab1f0baf4b92a50aff28832fd4698cf2e9a491f142e86d36561a414d5ce30c4
5972095 F20090525_AAACAD 00598.tif 5aa8fb8a70ee9529814718cecdbb7e1302f81329963d6163e0ace1795c6b7bc1b17c1900
53347 F20090525_AAACBX 00601.QC.jpg d67f80862949e22dd3f43bf28f86a2623bc5dad5b444dc76348fa3d6f051656d3cca1564


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

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President Lyndon Johnson Enf orcl'F' ls, 1'loxida

. . .



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......'s FIIttItIi. . . . .

,Negro State Head Swears In Ambassador

... .Irks --- --- ---- -- _. ... -

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of patraetltk tkaDallalrtirt WHITE YOUTHSD

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':Ib14"d&1 tita.r, (or.
100i.ts'da*, 'M. j ;
dao"pU ea Ma Ualat. FOR SHOOTING NEGRO
v..., Bpriat: raia/ tMi, 'II

''racord koldir .tor. tk. &. 0(" I

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".t>>rao.4Mdla lBo4 ...'' -. ,...- Offers Suffer '..rs.. Cuss;
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..KVTUJa pi.. I Trala1t .. MM sr.re Of 2 Now SchoolsA

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!**.,.JtaTlic starred VAOkUloroi' : tllllM I. IIU"". a wrier aloot Crt.... fomrrad). tovn ft t.*.'*r Md Mats boycott of juiro schools thlch began lIIIaJ Coaaty load of

;locally at '. "... tl.ijrf !. kro DM. s uses OIL Aabuaadtr to Lao. ky Cktr Cartar dtyCklif Streets III city oolleo hit Monday us, bjr Thursday ,ut about Moro Tnato oteidtdM
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tko ftUtlMro Colta. JeSsIoa MO tyato kMk dittos ftt ,ro tod ut tkr 111Ia
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Nerd! Freer Cilhellc, Pilpltlartla aad M 1&,.... to oooarowlaatary ft loacftorftftanul SI Mss harder a in*** owottud forftttlcr Asew154bs.M1/
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ittorie carved pulpit adr sir Cri.tGIr" lirftOMftnaook4lo I elsrisl tkoi M .
IM tarty.noro IN.T. okooatooo roaortodooday .. Md Sold Idty pared as 'tils." "..., .... --
pk litttr doo at nt.rtai't Ct .
lo M Mortality I..NI Todaya4 jftll for ...*.U. ldMr4 Oitkuo Mi IHU aartM CM*
tko4rtl, tkoji k* Cftllod_ .. for. black_ _i4 for joditlal mlM .f If. ,",.11..111 ,... Otto 1. a. $315,111 .t '..n'h... 04ftt k1.5al1s. d I.. |, t.... >MM

obits..brotkartood.Iko ..1 I' of M. *. EkMoalt.Uttr ..., I ..*..,*. fla4laia. *dMday, far total 5 4l'pw..1. loiw a.bUala for' tko arsp, Slofow xMtf. aftor fie ... tllkl.. ..,. the old

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at It. ,*.1'. krooftklor I.,.*.. II Mo ftoorky Mt file s fall. ortttM ..,.*-*** koyMtl.K Lag AUuo, t* tS* **..| .. M/.1" aol4firo ... fri v.t1 I....
the .._ ..... CIIIWtftI asp*....., upon of seta MM ltkOWITMO. rrii. 014UltatlM 1u. .fMH..*rlf fill** totrd *ffi.l.lo If. .nloloft to ..oa.. UI'10" I...., bar' ....

stall ,ran ao tkorOr .f Mllft 10M4 !II I..., k4 ......, ttld nee tit .rM. pit sloe tk* |IW' 14dMlarot /N. wag kio Mo toM
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..... M* a.... Cut M Mry M U o.l* toM for koslddo UtwUftOtlOft set lfkloi ltlf awlooo- .f ToiiiaM fall Md She
bat to otaa4 U Ik* StMttrilicfT. deal of total ."......' 1* tt* Ol.10| .sortie. of tko .. .U4..*1 poser tel Morat -
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roat Ml okarf' ao k* .1 T. lard, state oMtor "Sit'HI I I.RscM.a& k.*4 ftkoot Mill .... lid of od **tloo tkro | II.'ralasa.rt Mara i|* flnlMiroI

sand Oka ft .... .. .1.." kaa Nos ftMfd. Alps.a ,. Spin .***,. ko did .4 a4 Irisglsssae" floor, to ftroll to qal.U. *ftl t>M TtMOftf 0)1.f.Mi .
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: fl11ilA urns t urtlm mtI.! 12. 1111 J 1,

---- -
nIlE FLORIDA STAN : Milt;; MJtitOV'avcowurt

NEWS 4 WL/s5rto oliiics As, UstjallIT l

P..bliMb' br 'tt. nortd Star Fubllfthlac Co.


When Republican leaders meet In Chicago
[. VISE....... ... Nut .Kir next month they wl, ,11 I be haunted by a hard
fact of I life: The Negro vote turned the
RUN IlllEI Cirtilitiii
.. ...... .11I1.r Presidential race Into a shambles for the

MUM IfFICE I PLANT;: J aPt Whatever the other Issues nay be--in..

cluding the possible ouster of National
2323 Miieriil ..d..J.... nail 4-1712: Chairman I Dean Burch-the shaken party myst

face the fact that It nominated a ,candidate -
MillliI .Jims: ; / who alienated the Negro vote.In .
fact so great was his unpopularity

P..111 Slljieksiiillli Ulirlh yA among Negroes that they turned out In a,
/ / historic show of strength and sweptno

MIAMI IFFICE only the Presidential election,

but sent down to defeat any
731 Rf 3rd ITI Pfcm 3Jl-II2; ( person remotely Identified with

Sen. Barry Goldwater. I
WBBCMPTIOK/ MTB Although Burch will be on the

On. rtv, ".00. Half tear, $ .00 aI spot at the Jan. 22 meeting,
.UN. to Ton Anjntitrt ia the OntUd States the free and frank meeting
Subscription pAbI la &druc will I I be somewhat I less than that.

tad Check or Nooty Order to: If It does not also take a I long .SIMPSON)
hard look at Goldwater.
ft01IJ,4 ETAR P.O. BOX M1 There is every possibility that the meet-

Jacksonville 1, Florida Ing will turn into a power struggle...Alt
Indications point to an, ecljspe of Gold-

water's star.Ho.ev.r .
Afrlcai Officlil' Doubts the 1964 standard bearer 'ha?
served notice that he Intends to maintain

; Forelfi Powers Can Help WHY NOT THE SAME CONCERN HERE ? aim leadership, he will of the run party.head-on I f he into pursues,Illinois,1,that

Chuck Percy who lost his bid ,for gover-
II AfrlciR Politics I
nor on the strength of the Negro vote.'

An African embassy official who spokeat Percy was not alone. It is agreed that

MT College has strong personal reservation the massive turnout of Negro voters kept
about the offered four southern states in the Democratic
being by Your
Individual foreign powers In the solution Weekly column.I They were Arkansas ,Tennessee,
of political problem In Africa. Virginia and Floridawhich would definitely -

Bayed Motwakll A. Asia cultural at have gone Republican.
tache with the Sudan Enbassy, Washington Negroes voted almost 100 percent for
D.C. who spent the full day at ART recently President Lyndon B. Johnson because Gold-
offered the opinion that neither .. water voted against the civil rights bill.,
The United States, Russia China, or Horoscope Guide The enormity of the GOP defeat Is best
Belfltta, working aa Individual nations, shown In the fact that they lost SMI I seats

will be able to help such In the criticalpolitic.l In state legislaturesgiving Democrats
crises arising In Africa at the control of both houses in 32 states. The
Benent.He ;" By PABLO The ASTROLOGER : Republicans will have complete control. in

believe that the United Nations la :" only sly" states al2-state drop., .

probably the lone agency which can live WHICH ARE YOUR. LUCKY DAYS FOR Liberal GOP>> Sen. Kenneth Keating (N.Y.),

real help. "It is very difficult for defeated by Robert Kennedy In the Negro*.
tide said that the Republican Party will
African nations to maintain their neutrality -
a position desired by Boat of BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL be doomed unless I I It can regain I control I from

the, when either the United States or LI the conservatives who nominated' Goldwater.
Russia mores In to aid In the solution of y heating's fellow New York senator, JacobK.

strict >political probleas,' he aald. ARIES Javlts, bluntly called for the ousterof

Citing the Congo nation aa an example, .March 21st thru, CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN present Republican Party leadership,
he said In an Interview, the rebel cause April 19th Born June 22nd thru Born fiopt. 23rd thru Born Dec 22nd thru,. leaving no doubt that he was referring to
In that country say have gained support July 23id Oct. 23rd Jan 19th Goldwater and Burch. ,

.,,, among other Africans when the report cane THOIC 6r you two Mm '\tInou Alt tlH.IM.Tc I. '_ TNt CAfRICORNIANI' WHO One Republican leader who., h&s..III&n aa4i. AI
mi MiroNtioiuTiiiMAY YOU Soul M : to keep himself 'IDuchin/ the'spotlight/
out that mercenaries from South Africa TAYIw4To PUT rORTK Till "'OU'"D'IUTlOfII. Nova STAMINA win MAVI A very 1
were being need against them MT AltAYl TINS TIMC an r rAvo ar .YIMI CAN MAITIRIIWATIONI aim CNANCI or on.rtAVINO Is former Vice President Richard M. Nixon,
TO miNO TO THI MANY UNDIKITNlO Till 'UIONI'UMIIIO who was defeated In TOGO! by John f .
"I abhor the wanton killing of whites or Al Twit ARIflOURIN TMII MIUI AMDITAYIN .Kennedf" .
YOU ,U'NU'l Nixon added fuel to the -
blacks such aa Is In the *
occurlng Congoat TNII QUARTIR. roll OURIN*
**OUNT en av Till ATMOACN vi" i AND 'ILOIO'"IIi. after the election attacking such
by party
this tl"e, but I doubt that the arrivalof MAil A coop ITART IVriACINCYQU THIS Most ACTlYI I OUMTIR.THI .
Or TNf VIAL 1KBMOIIPAVI TNt MAY II BAUD ON .stalwarts Gov. Nelson Rockefeller ,
) .,.
paratroopers or will save any lives, ICONOMV ON TIMI KtMl TO It AT !
YOUI MATt OR IOUNO TMINKIN' AND VAiTIEPIIIINCI Gov. George !Romney for falling to give f
or will bring peace to the atrlfe-rldden A MOIL ITAIU roOTIM.OOTAININO HAND ro* YOU TO MAli
IOMIONI RIIATIO TO TOO AND MAY II all-out support to Goldwater.
nation. YOU .
"'Y'II ONLY TOO OlAB TO MUCH CLOU TO TNt HI At.ITIII While declining to join the chorus of Republicans -
Anln was chief discussant at the MT College IIPINDITVRII. THAT IMDIN YOUR rUTURI IN'TINTIONI
tAct THIS BUIOIN orrYoua THAN THOU Twit asking for the ouster of SuretyNixon
International Relations rortw, conducted ARI NOT AIICIUTUYNietiiARv. AND TO Mill 1 ,
Ail MILD 0V ml-MIANMe|
on the subject, The Mergence of IHOULOtpAf IONS AN ICUMIINIICATII YOU OITIRMINATION TO suggested that Idaho Gov. Robert
the Eastern African nations," A| YOU DO NOT I INTtirm IUT VIINrui ORIAMIRI.AMOTMIR THAT TNINOI Milt cwt KIT or IHINOI.ANO :Cftylle hat 'many admirable qualifications.1!. ,

Referring to a block of nations In the IN ANY WAV. FIND A rtAutmi icurii IUOIIITI -Ill at IASIIR SWIM YouTAIL TNI* ICLiril OINON.ITRATII for the national chairmanship '.*.. "
eastern region of the continenthe listed KIAION POI NOT A MATTtRI IN YOUR 0. tHE NICIIIITV oILOe1NS Nixon said The majority sentiment and '
their problems as being racial, political TRAVUINI tMIN YOU 00 HANOI INITIAO Of tAITIMro DOWN ININ Yo mine Is that we need a ulltine national
economic and often religious. NOT WANT TO PUT rOMMTMl NOK MIVATI INVIIOMHIMTTO IRCUMITANCII TO 00M Nail KIN MAUN YOU Mchairman* to move forward and recoup fjcoa,

"All of us are trying to unify the people NfCIIIARY IURTIONI. *IVI A YOU NIIOIO DHATTIRIORIRVIS MIT. roR vow. TiN YOU iiir TOO NARD, ALIO ice the defeat we have just taken.

of these countries and to establish stable I-ZOo"1.11.59511TAURUS INCOUNTI 'INITIAL I *|. TO IT THAT YOU Alt MO In true fashion, former President Dwight
governments In the which would Improvethe ..J)....It-'7".31 u111Nits IOMITIMIIARI TICTCO rROM' COLDI. D. (Eisenhower who seldom commits hlrse f .

educational economic and social conditions LEO IIIINTIAl TO Tilt ..eo.71.Is.i1.4s7AGf1ARIUB to any issue or any person I Is rec+ainfnp.,

within their borders" he said. Born April 30th thru Born July 23rd thru YOUR Mtmt, OONT oi aloof from the fight. '. ..
Aug. 22nd BIICOURAMO.l "IJust don't know these plO"I.Isen...,-
Will May 20th Bore Jan. 20th thru homer said. '
We Indite Fitkrt
,.zoo...1..u-'21 '
wit tO MANY MATTIIIOCCX etNIPIT "OM Cle""OII. Feb lath Few people are ready to' say It out l lotib.
It' a a well known fact that the Soviet >r'TIM YOU ATTINTION, Ally Pill ANO CONTUCTIVI NO MATH IHIRI YOU MAY but It seems a foregone conclusion tta&\,.', J
Union's long series of "plans" for stimulating YOU MAY NAVE COMFUTUVevCKLOWia / MVIlOrntNTS TO SCORPIOBorn NArriN TO 01, YOU ARI Dean Burch will be fired or forced to resign -*. -
production have been failures In AU TW| TIM*| IMfHOVI YOU' eo...,... ANDIIVIN Oct. 2lth thru NOT ONI TO AOANDON OLe early next year and that ,the ones
many .pect..lIOIt especially lathe field THAT NAVI TO *c OONI ro IT''O''''. VOlT Nov. 22ndTama CUITIMI, UriClAiLvTNOIC bright atar of Carry Goldwater will orgy
of consular gcods. The gremlin planners TMl MCI 1 AT I. |I. CAII i MOW to ALIt CONIIII' VIIIT, or CO.OTUA. TNAT All MIATIO progressively dimmer., .i.[ ,
have laid down goal after goal blueprinted YOU NAVE INIumCIINTTIM PLANS Twit riovioi MOIL viol IS ITRONO. YOU TO cwt YULITIDC' 'UTI,.. One high-ranking GOP leader in the 'es L,.
la meticulous dttail. gut the paper TO H0 IDS CAROIea ,,,.efln IICUXTY eov.IIAAt. 'CM.I TMI AovATAt orTNI 11 n.AUD' TO IMfORTANTOITAIlt. summed It up: ,, ,_
projections have been one thing..and aim, eiA ONt ANO A Clllll MAY OCCAIION/ TO IKMIII TtY TO ocr YOU* .He. (Goldwater) has about as much chance-

.the actual results another Woo roiiNoi MAY M This Allll IN YOUR SOCIAL Oft YOU YUM AND rRINNT A P411115' DONI MrORI 00ITAClll as a snowball In hell. : .
So, reluctant as they Bay b.. the Soviet coo TOU. Bt SINUOUS, ClU* CIRClll ANO IT MAY, MOORM TO VNICM IVIRT- TACT TO lUllS "
bosses have been aovlag If slowly in eur NOT TO TMI petit or C wit You TO aitauRllAM out mi MADLY IMKRIIIAMIMIR U. AOAINIT YOU. ANOTMI
another direction. They have been taming rout tmct THI tcvirttMMIMAI ( YOU Nil INTINOIOro iair'i TNot A tairii OINOTII A ct*. Call "Hllt a-
to that most reviled of all capitalistic **! rettiBiiICONOHIC OIMIR "' "..... AN.ami SHADOW OYIYOUMONTAVINTIUITI tall Clllll IIIATIO T*
'devices..profit. And they have, additionally ITOIMI, YOU icxiru MAII YOUR lit, tllClOltl YOU IOCIAI ArrAI*| Ml You've probably seen this slogan: "CM-
been focusing critical eyes on overall CANIOT ai TOO POI ATiHti't OVUOM ANO iiira YOUriNMCIALlY VMS YOU MAY at IN Ill AeitATMINTMINT. THE nirAii ar IOMIONI olive is a ood bay-only tat is hit*."

economic planning dictated from above. HOut, T'/IT HIM ON (MOTION.self CMOOIICARtruUV YOU I*VI. YM MAY NAVITO And perhaps you've diMfsaW ft as an adroitly -
This,according to the gospel as laid down cut "''tltC" ",'.n. M sissy TO MIN YOU All Airing A MOJICT 0* phrased bit ofbaci. -patting by the
by Ian la heresyBut necessity compels COM TO TMI Ale or YOU OUT tNOMINO TO OOTAINeoos OIPtiM Of CtlTAl ants oil people. : It. The whole communist economic ayateavia raiiNoa *. torn ONII. MOWMOIM IITMOUTNAVIM TO At TNI IITUATIW.MO.U.IV7S.M Bat it a trafMd aa article la petroleum -
I.'JO.u. ).U.In
under eiaslaatton and ebaa..DraaaUo ,11).11-1..aseuVIROO TO SPINS |ICIIIIVtLY > lluaaeeeat ....r:."_ .
:overhauls of concept and theory am called 0* TO CIOtIII' ) Za the 10-year. i9$- .3 prfof.: the price
for and are published ia rravda. which ia Ion OEM i NI tlTM SUAVITY.8MITTAJUUS. PISCES of mural trade la 1553 ,averaged 21 cents
the official voles of the eoewialtt party. June nay 21at thru morn Aug. 23rd thru .U.I1.tI. Born fob. Itth thin a gallon la IMS It was 29 front: '

The basic idea is to tllnlaatt bureaucratic 21atClIA Spt. 32adIN larch tiTWI But there Is sore to value U... Just,price.
Indolence established by centra : INTMCI or SATVMINT Quality 1s Us other 'tli factor. Aad IB
Ml Ala er .|| tit IVINT TOW A*| 23rd
limed plaaaiag, and to offer profit to YSNItarelwu" 1w.T NAVItui etc or Ill wish M s we Ion Nov. tan YOU* .sal IIN II MIMtlCATIO tale, issollae :scores: "hlt&; *arksoroed
Dee. 21st
workers and aaaatsra as a retard for good CIN15ISUTIS to HAS MOUCTie TO M ANY twit Liri'tB tests show that the awing nee 1153 car.
performance. 'UCI Ma oMltNlS. TWINO TOVAID cwt CUIAflN You MAY OC NNII THCINMIIIIM ...".. All (Lilt w' sslai that year r het. ttt.lT files to
There Is a tesago U this for es. Reoogalslai YU 'ssle(. M AUwt| |. or TM| MHIIAY10MI THAT TOM AA| *. YM. IT it fit eooerei tilt til lorn.Sr waj 'flf contrast,- the svtrwce
I ITT IN* ON tSP Or cwt .M .. ti er *wT a1, 1M3 car torn
the fillsre of Hants theory, ve ae M COM. MKIT INve lealol. ram 5"lVU Ms .tat 1"' :ess, lOt abet
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Soviet Uslot adopts techaitaes of capitalism All e1T.MetweT 05 eYNntVLMvtw11 IM f if .'.. You That la a perforvane
lill we be so foolish aa to choose NNIM1wtA, CA\ OILY o* ill P.*.! "'It'.Ctl err ve A AM* 5.,.*..,,.**. IT It Improvement of w.|-"'' .aL Tfi
the other eoarst and move toward I rl easedcollectlvlat SMS MUM*. I Yt5w. ., .11'.gets VMI TO ra MitiM etas'. TAU 4UlT M ...... .. Ttcctivru At gas taxes BSVW etoewred tine actlevw
centrally-dlre ecoaoeJo wain.euciu.. IICLM5IIS wow.RAIN15 PILL YO..* 0011 Mea .*S a siTTiaVMS MMCI SI IT it Tteivt Bents. Hey ewrrwrtir l>*,*.*- ({ cents a
which has proves so drastic at faU- n eeNtglMw>. ram awe Mat wen. .s5,. ,. .e5t1e 1M M .taUltlwe |.CUT Alt C".o.e,..S. gallon and that war| .owt-io/M; "r cent"
stem Tula r.Mieintv *.*..(. wl. 6.ICttloe sear" al .Ie tcn |4M. II VMC MHHt TOI .f Ue pretat price of Ue product. .o
.*. eitMICM asm.ah .. CM YW MAY t0 01vajtcue other ..*.*ttrybr a, tai era
rew otlll
|i *tn* .I.U yam AWe III' NcmWSC NT14
THIS WEEK IN er AHomit aairae THATfctawMiis eIwIIMi S15. veY TO* err** ..*... '*Y at IMAWTve B 0rv ctl*< safe flnrw.. Eves that h *-
4 a.... "AVWTM aairtcVWWS slit "VM A BITTI* ewer dMMt s..a iffilea to the tas*Ira ?I
mine. Sp ...a"". MICO .
NEGRO HISTORY .ottaac HMltAr atre -'"II.' M* WmMIN twitTwsIt1MIglenNIre. t ae MIMmsM Nf eAU1S15S S*.SlT A4. AtMtS laf ko41e.. Jest y*.r e* may expect: .f*

... SMtt ,IC". Yw ." at t., All!II 04 tVIMIN ft entails aBMTNNOI*. facts to twitter iserww tkrfodwrmi gas.
a iro-- *e* I. BUM *f (arltaa
VM4 CSNMTIT9H B.V N er iiitTiNti. ITS 1 .Me* U BO. tow
.. kill .a M.,I eewtta .' AMctxiMTio a **. at* eats. el aladtar miss
u Mu4 M w>. first meets e. *r et a.....
.v*. ....... atTinitt.VM TM MVMIM. JMJ tairwt Ire IBSBI U wtrletts "
raw ell ..... sta4u
.... et Uemvuiit.*. Pails HW (*(ATI*' A*
gee. II. Ist1LP.. .....,.... ewfer efea t bagist teen Pen a e1/eMMNM ......; Mflw.( flwssen .......1 .**. Mtoivwraec: euctYacs re moss swP.tAllncNahH SewOeT9AM c setrtisfa.erl s M t ales tikastlll. M efawaald .....c.
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N* I last It is U..n
..Co ..>TS.tFee'M- .eo,....tT;3a.eN .. .. II _... "_..7...1 Ie te4.T'i' t. proposed gas h' l*a rts vtetna... l alti"



:.I''' SinillT lECtNIEl 12. 1HI 'FlHIII"SUI rmu piti JL

!' Beautiocmt Complete" Plant For D=c. Fashion Show, Tea Engagement Profile I Of :"

Socially Speaking 'l: i r." --1''. I{'." '.' :1''n:1' : : Announced An ArtiitMra. 'I

I say IIIUC (limil Mr. and Mra. Aaaaa Bry
Bat of 20SS v. Itt Bt.bara .
Mack W happonad li 0.r "td." city; tine ti :Broadly announced l
Jut .., to .r.... tt kara laadara. aad. tan M the "' ......',u'toeing
..-. 'so-called" leaders _OIl a any raftta to marriage of their dall"'- -
roaocBlsa.Thlt II not tlthoat local altnlflcanca.to Lii tar. Mattta, tea Robert
trot socially Uroaih oducttloa. and anythlaB Anthony, BOB of Mr. and ( )
that affects the procaaa of aducatloa affects us tern JOB Anthony of 10.'U. .
lOci II I,. : 't; t' .... Al. I ;
} A* chats it BO atroniar thus 1U ..11I.., Hat The brldatlaet ia a
'< to art oo atron-tr M. M athaio map this tho :S:4 anlor at Tuakaiaa la -
OBM too load ... |f ..ao-callod'*
oar Run laadr atltita .11.,. aha ia a f, '
f. .rs.d.o.. daacrlbod. publicly aa. "r.cogaiad"i IC' t' .. mater of the Theta Bata /.
!i Men loadara. an Ignorant, AM ta art Jmoraat, Chapter of th* Ztta Phi
It oar loodoro Jnp from ooo.side of iho political IOl Bits Howrity.
foaco BBCD ia tta saner of an til cu juaploi .... jf: Mitt Bryant la also a Ijgt1J
ad .... tlth thlebavar find blots the hr,.., t t4 registered auraa. .- .........- .. ..-
roBuaaratloa tttir tayt thto to too arm tak-ttllod ( The future brldtiroooit ., BlaBObaMlckwa, a :
aad "....,.....,." RottTtr. if oar loadara aro ; a ii graduate of Florida AAM University
lattllaetaal highly principal td iadl-ldnala, ti.J Miles College of Blr elarieaj staff .aoabar
ata dlac firs on their conTletloaa BO aattar hot ,. ] alaihaa, Ala. aad laprtotally aka featured af guest
aaay brlboa art pushed la their dlractloa. rttklnttbolr torklti to* artist ea the "flood
ptroooal oooole aooority tor that ttay and The tmittd ())...t01011 Locala of tilt Bttta COBBO* Pictured trot loft ara: .,..Batty Bait a, Mra. Jose tarda hit casters d.* Morning 11II0'" on *CTV< '
'any of aa ... torthy caaao and *tt thay" sla tolocy Ataoclatioa 11111 Dr.eat B fashion am. and Jones Mn. Otttra Orlffla, Bra Calllt JaoksosOoasult.nt. erie ia science at TUB TV ia Tallahaiaaa r.-
earaly baits will .. of iraataat ...ftt to aa, tea Sunday. Dec. II froa 4-6 ,... at tba Joo JaataODBBualty 'n..ar, taadrick. Mra. dydta Mtrrttt ..... IIiU tit.. Ha ia esotly.Mrs. .
the .o till bo rtapocttd aa a ialttd troop that. Center; .IJtk and Hurst It.Ut., atailai aid lies Batty Jackson Mrs Baatit Harrla lachalratn a seater of the Bltaa MlcktM pianist
a auccMBful praaoBtatioa at the YMCA i .tl1.tII. of the .-..t and Mrt. Calllo Jtcktoa lawcbalrttn.
lo illlln to stand, for that it b til art a la.Jart Chapter of till Pal BataBlcaa tith it.noria MM1msoof'Iouad'Concert
aa too blind cannot load the blind tad to ladles shore tlU'BOdal fall and !ter tasblosd.. (Henson Studio Photo) Prataraity, Janteawbla
knot that blind ptraoat' arm I tel tltbtr by atalm ---- The ttddlac data baa played pro
oyo dogs or paraoaa hartai sight), persons *o do Hone DenoRstritioi. In. Arnstaod been set for Dee 21, ere of eoittoporary
not and canaot '10. the fall d*tall a eoacanlaf a .... II Mttll 4:00: ,.a. at the' Zloa tdacttona.
situation nat sot ponalt thaaaalfaa to .. lad by Group Meets Saturdi|, .G Mope Baptist Church of A I.th.o' i rl..rhld.
orally bused iadlTldoala. bat should aaak tboiBldaaaa Of The Year" thlch Bar R.R. Blapaon 111., Mra. Mittens it
The Dutal Council of
of persons poaaaaalat; vision and fora ia paator. the faaturad pianist
sift Oho hart aaeeaaafally proved that tbqr poises HOBO Dcaoaatratloa Clubs Mrs Altoa Anataad of rick the Jail ......bl.
Tea Scheduled
tlii beach PI a. Boy 221B OollM Circle vas .
desirable loadarahlp Quallt1es.e meet Saturday at 1 Mr. ft Mra. Peter'Re.* directed hua .
*.. ... ... ... ,.... la the Boat Dtaoa Mr. a Ira Button til* crotnad *_tiller of the Aprttty Hat Yes till ba by her
tltb till holiday aaaaoa approaching, tt bays stratton Office 410 barry 1M4 f. Itt It., llaM, 1917 B 22nd It., Taar" for tba Motbar' sponsored Sunday froa 4 band wtjmund f\M1 ch.e,
Boy .
sots to look fortard to insofar aa social avontaaro Broad St... BOOB 211. 'III'. ft 'r.. acar Maria, lid. Club of Masts Pop U** to 1 '0.. at PouataltCbtptl also a castse of ttyrtac
coBoanad. Thus far, iatltatlona bass boon 'Holiday Irl&'," and '7231 Luke It., Boy. Mr. a Mra. Salter Kick iilttoa Bltaaatary AU Church A ft ll t
cant to proapoctlvo guests of laa Tr.... hales 'CIarht... 0coratloaIdaaa" Mr.A Mra. Laaadar Bbat ard.oe, 2010.. 11th' It.. School neatly, .. alll ba larded to Bha la anployad aa aaertary <
Brldio Clab for the fourth Dbutaiito Ball which till ba the 2132 Laataaa A ... 'Irl.Ir. Boy. Mra. Araataad. a owabar lading ttarlat the threeprettlist to J.I.B. Lao
till bo bald Docaabar 21 la tbo oval County An themes'ot the deaonttratioaa. .' hr..11111. BatarcT.ISDoaaar It ft Mra. Bobby hi- of na MooarooB Motiar'a. hats, The Jr., tics praaldant of
ory. :Atlaatfe U".. 42U Prances It., ia tho, toner Mlaa Ida church la located at 717Jtitla the
The roattr of officers and ..btra of La Trims M., 01 rli Rae r'trcuaoa of Qdllq\ Bt

Ales laeladta floraaet wllaoo. praaldoat: vlvlaaSattythlto.
vies pr ald it; Ruta Brooao, corm I
apoadlBC aoerttary; Lillie slailttoa, flaaaclalaacrotary Vlh.r.ltJ.'I
; Vaaorlan Bchtll, traaaurar; Doris
Joys ....1'11 ebalraaa of tba cotlllioa; and
C.rola'111hr. ...1.... saaacar tbo till IOn
titt BOUora of dabntaataa: tlaoaa art tt- Margaret
Sattoa; Ottadolya leball Co at at a 10..., Ruth. ''I'II I
Booa an and Baanor 0.,.
... ... ... ..* ..* 1

JackaoBTillo Alanl Cbaptar of hops Alpba' PalPrataraity
baa acbadalad its Annnil Carlttaaa
Ball tor Cbrlataaa mist Dc.bar JJ.JkMthar N0 V
... ... ... ... ... FERRELL has 'the Greatest / .

kljhly antielptttd snit for tblck larltatloaa -

Deuce, BflBodulod bate bow this..t year It tb.oa PlaJai Dtcaabar Clab'a:JS. Anaaal Values of ALL TIME IB FairlOs ELfilN Witthii aid Clocks t I "SwiT

... ... ... ... ... /
Hall OBlaaaa la confined to Brotator Hoapttal at '
II its raaall of aa autoaobllo aoeldaaU ta art bwty V 1965 "
to report list In. 'oolaaa MB resting eoBfort- .
ably according to oar lust report. l.r baabaad 17 Jewel' ELGIN w
. woodrot vas celled boss fro. m kaalinBMt of duty
tltx tie O.B. Navy baeaoao of tba aoddaat.
... ... ... ... ... [2-DIAMOND
Calendar Watch ,
Boasts til BOB tat faaat playar this lee Ultaa ,
Bridge dab Bat Friday wroalai II the Vaaat Btrttt ELGIN a
boat of the Aabroaa Itcballa.
s- f 11iI1D
Lois Avery and Aaiio B. Mlaatao tart bltfi scorers /wk "* fAMOUS 1
for tba ........ I,.. til BOO received a gift froa watdltsA.t .. :'
the dab.ProoBit. M 1 1TMTgT
? > 1 H. g..r .a.w ssi w $MiO ..awr p.e
tile oeeaalM ... Verael -
Iraq wmy, V
OB .r. V\ s fM ftt fWJ'i blue Hr M B l fW N>>MM t NMM
MeCbBO, Maria Hoclala.B.ralca idtraoo. riica I
beth BiBBOBB. Altoola Icrl... Batlaa Jackaoa.aad :
Johaalo MlUball. Maadaaa Mltchall sad Han*
4oraoB toro boataaaao tor Oa dab>apoaaorod Boat*
Sa. rIg '
... ... ... ... ... RI y

Mesa the Oaaga Chaptar of Alpha lapoa Alpba : AU M. I..,.". M. W.."
Sorority, laa. set reo.U, IB its Bratatar Mar I'
oltal Cafeteria tlth tau 11I1__. Catllla TtoapBOB. (J 11 JIWIU II WATER RUNTAMTQ tt id lo

Plaraaco Taraor., aalda Matter Dorothy Potaraoa. .Lsakn. QI.Q/ [ HrWK FttWTAUT ..** ,.:.

Boborta. aad Mara taa slanlf thief atrtlag the her aa,riM.boataaaaa.Ma ;.. RI Q hHl hind I'J Irskl. "... IHtJ Maoaf4i Ba* el''fn

Plata ..,. oBaetod for B laaeaaDa to bo gl'ai IB [ ...,.ft.... lJtUei 'WilT.e.FLU w'IIOf
borer of tbo 1M4 Dabataata Cbtlllloa apoaaartd by .e'sr.s, ..... Id a ow LOW P5IO s .
too TratM Antes Bridge el... slit tie laacbaoaB4ftadalod ....-.. .
Mar It OO .... DMtBbtr :3d at U Mal eon = =. rI ;: L.d1t a Di.ssesda

praacb Btataaraat locatod. Riverside Avoaaa.Tbo ..................... ... 29'5 A 0111!A.'fl $3$
Pooadara pay COB*It taa baa teas atalagPlata van h !NIl-..... CAMeA I'sipti
for this BBBoal .BlabratloB.o'ft MO MOMS! .OsW Air. III. A wigs C
.B> baard rapart has tile Boalaatjag Ct-
Blttao for l.l Ifheirs.ter .


Not :On, Posy Ttfir, -:
s.I eeA
WIGS jr x 20* Wdwil and sV.a :meet/ 14 DIAMOND' fA

.es w. .. ./ h..r..r O.+t.d ,...a.. area. PPsd I5 /
..a.e..a., a ki n,.. ELGIN 1 WATCH
9eos enus
Arc Lovely Christmas atia.. eyed Nrre heed K Mwa. A_ ....... ....+o e,e r .-.4
$l w. e..1.w sy r b M q.e 'ee ..w e..a rt.we..r ......
:! / "Preel.. ws ......... MSisds
GIFTS ........... .

/ .... ,. .as taw wan
Til CM HI III Pit .ill.tinlliirl ....'...,.,
........ ... 17t"
ir utiir ,...... ....
A WP* B. r..!? ..** ..... WllMn .

w a..rl se.bq.Matlrst 4N

a.I | tflWEXACTLY-Aiit ...... =. .,=:= rsWlMMM1! BrlHBwfnwITjf.WT1 wfsp.r, r HKCI

LM It H kid $ get 2SJNCHWAUIUHNC f I'"1eAYe.Jd.C. ge.dsdl Yea A..1@a ..M M M1s


IM HIM Ml SHU HC NC HIMSHftt. ........ ...... fI Ield
.................... ,
UU K Ml M M HUT If. ... ...... ......


Wl | City sow saps '2t" .. t

4O W. MONflOC &T.al' 'gat gtsas ItlanMllllt IJ II.

-37M ..,

.- .. .....


11M 'I., ,, to ...
..,.l' -- """," ., .' '. _.J, ... "I $M, ..;, :. -

1" t I

j tier i FIHII1 HIt P1PEU S.TIIUT IECCMIH 12. 1)11 .

I Churches Highlighted By 2nd Sunday ()Observances:

burtb ehJ i

New Hope AME Re,. Cyrus Weaver To Deliver Gamma Onicroi Signi Sorority Observes Annul Diy

Slates Events
Elks ConnoratloB SermonThe
Monthly eooferegoe mill Bethleheei Baptlat Church will hold Chrlatata

be bed Sunday lornlnc 66th Annual Memorial Services of Macao Lodge practice Saturday at I ,...DI. services tor Sunday
ID New Hop AME Church 8 and Pride of Macao Teaple 156 IBPOE of f, will will betla with the Sunday School at t: JO a..<.

following the 11 .... ba commemorated Sunday at t p..., la the its: Andltorlui. with Deacon E. Sawyer ..... Awrle III Hanson, and
eervlce with 1.' .. r.L. 711 I. Duval St......................... Mra Sadie Fedd la cbar,..

Tyrua, pastor, and of- I... Cyrus A. Weaver, Dlioa. ebalraaa; Mrs Tha aornUt aervlca begins at 11 o'clock. The

facers la charge. inlater of Day Sprint Bernice P. Path, co. d lrlt } l J jMClSDlts.oftbe Move Mission will meet at I'.'.; BID at.I ,....
The services Sunday begin Baptist Church will chairman; I. Culpappar: ; and avaaint service at I 0'docll. An after service

vita the Sunday deliver tilt sermon Ri .... UriaotoB Jr.Mra. appreciation protraa rill be held la honor of .....
School at 8:30 .. ,with ''
: a. will ba accowpaaled by Elisabeth Daboaa; Ira.I. A. Anderson paator. > *''"'
J.R. Henderson la charge. Choir 1 and leabera of .'. Pryor; J. Gardner The Young Adult Choir and usher Board Twill
Tb. baby contest will the d urcb. sans; Mra. Tbotaaaola I. serve throughout the day end the serous will ba

terminate it I p.i. The The Teaple ushers under Dorralli i.D. ..aU..; delivered by the pastor.
contestants are: Tonya direction of Daughter
IT. Bar lay aid Nra.Irary .
Ottlaa Jenkins daughter Margaret Costello will Blraooa. . . .
of Mr. and Mra. Otis serve, and! the Temple
Oaama Oalcroa
sips cbaptar of the Blpa'OMa Rho Sorority
Jenkins lid Robert L. Choral group, under Woodlawn Inc, are atoan with their aatlllary, the nilea. at the annual Pound.... Da.rob..n.1ICt -MT. DON AVX-*
Jackson III son of Mr. direction of Daughter celebrations at Edward titers CoU.,.. Tba principal speaker for the Rev. Charles p. Toston. pastor of Mt. Zion AME
ud Mr. Robert I. Jack Essie Mae Pryor, will Presbyterian will be heldto
occasion was Attorney Ruth Viltabaa4 thalay of New Tort. AU,. thaley la tilt Church baa announced conference
son had tile processional heal advisor for tilt aorortty.She la pictured la the center of the photograph' night) Friday at 7:10 o'clock. All officers and
Church News
ACC Leegue begins at 5 Daughter Maude Cambric surrounded been asked to attend.
by sorority .tat.... (An Beeraoa Studio Photo) members have
I ,. I. and tilt evening and the Maaorlal DayCos.ittee Many it ens of Importance to the ebarch progrw tor
service at I: 30,C1 clock BT L.II. PCAI80M. gH.Suparlatandaat .
will have less will be discussed, it na announced.NCf .
Willing Workers MircklsoB
The pwtor will preach charge of the decoration. T. V, Bishop Speak

the sermons and choir 2and Macao lodge Sand Teople . . .
Caber Board 2 will ..ben have bam eked Huger of the toodlanPresbyterial Church Set Annul Fete Surly At Central C.M.E.

serve, to wear fall raiallaa. School la aaklai all Plaaa are reacblat aetace Bishop E.P. Murchlaoa, presiding bishop of the .. HOPE BAPTIST
I Choir 1 till Beet Mondayat .
Exalted Ruler Laoo I.Sonsalss
children of tilt loodlaw of CMpletloa for fifth Episcopal District the Christian Methodist The Holy Ccmunlon till be adalnlsteredaiadayaftenoon -
7:10 p.i. for re*
and Daughter Church School to pest the lllllBf Porkers Episcopal Church, comprising the states of Ala- la New Hope Baptist Church.Marietta' with
btaraal teachers and
; Ruler Hattie I. Ju. .
I clatrieetlDta till bat all .ahave Saturday at the churchat ,Gospel singers lltk anniversary baaa Florida and sections of Africa, will speak the pastor. Rev. D.J. Jones IB charge. *>
repeated see 2:00 p.m. to rehearse observance 11:00 Sunday morning at Central CXI Church first The services begin with the Sunday School >at
i 7 ..11f. Youth choir
p. ben to ba praaaat for tilt Cbrlataaa aiar scheduled to take place: and Davit Street *.....'......................... 9:30 ....,lIId the morning service la at o'clock.
'I will rehearse. Saturdayat Members of the Beeorlsl elaa which la to ba bald. Friday, Dec 11 atM: Bishop Murchlaoa will conference Monday sight The Rev. Mr. Jones will deliver the seasons and
4 .
I p. day eonlttaa arm-: L.T.- Sunday, Dao. :20. li the p... la Acorn ODMulty also report to the audl when discussions are Choir I and Usher Board I will serve throughoutthe

Sanctuary of tilt church Center sear Acorn and eace trOt his raeeat voiced for the building day.

j at 7:00: p.m.The' Brownies Hcqgade Streets later meeting la Meaphla.Tenn. ,ror..Members who have
. .. .
13iJI:33E"[ [ : ] will aaat at the church section ,concerning the commission not taken care of their
Saturday at 10:00: B.B.Sunday Scheduled for boors oa social aetloa. According financial obligations

L December II the sue Mrs, L. B. Story,, to the 111Ibo,' a are asked to do ao at .MT. SAL BAPTIST
Church School will begin fouader-orfaalat aad a report this was a very this tise.Adventist. MU Sale Baptist Church located at 1242 f. 22nd
1 at 3:30: a... with t.,. director of the iroup challenging and provocative Droop Street will preeeat a prograa at 1:30 ,..Sunday
Carut Huger, auparlntaadaat la for the put decade and coaaltilon Metlat.Maay afternoon for the .benefit of the Hose Mission and

,I chart*.,,,. P.O. til BOB. In:" Colllaa, baalaeaaaana repreaeatatlvea Presents MusicalA the Sunday School Department. Swneorint the program -
pastor will baila tile
orela* worablp at 10:85: 11 yeara.Tba cussed quite profitablyall till be presented by the Maxims Dallas and Mrs. Rosalie Nelson.
YALUB8 .... supported by the ,ror.. will also facets of the social Hone and School Association The public la urged to come out and witness this

adult choir with Miss feature: ehalleata coafroatlif of Epbeeaa Jualor treat progrr.Regular .
sue A. Matthawa at the Gospel troupe from Raw tilt church today Academy at talkers worship services betla with Sunday,School

oriaa.Sunday. Mt. Olive, Church of the Rev ,. C. 'h...... Toeatioasl lid COB at ':30 a...: sorting worship .t '11 a.a.j; and
at I:00 P.". the Living Sod, Mra. Jaaata pastor of Central CUE erelal Collate, 1131 evenlat service at g p... Rev. I. Q. Rogers ispss--

ehlldraa'a choir will Mae Polk, Hra. Mauls Church, la asking all Myrtle Aye, 'Sunday at tor.
. .
rehearse with I,.. Prad' llouat. Rest Union Baptist members to support SUB 7:30: p.m.Among .

D. Davis, director.ra..* Choraa, Mra. Mules dayapreiraa with their the partlelpsnta
day at 4 P.M. the girl Jackaoi Thoaaa' OoipalIliiera atteadaaee. Bishop will be Mrs verdelle .JEJU&AUV BAPTIST
scouts will meet at the with JerpaaThoaaa. Murchlaoa will very BOOB Sullivan Nona ao. Services Sunday la Jersntlen Baptlat Church will

1)\f) \ church, aid the adult ara. Ethel D.tlMaliter ba anroate to the Florida prsoo; fllllai Cannon beat with the Sunday school at 9:30 ...., with
shill will ,.hau.'at Mra. Laura'Muckeoa. Conference which eot* tenor; Miss JacquellaeBalth. hell Mtnnlnge la diu,.. Deanna Nathan York and

P.B.. frldty at 'I .... ,.... la Orlando meat Mrs lien Falser Deacon Johnnie Taylor will have charge of the devotion
the. bay scouts will Mataftba Also, Miss Shirley week. sopranos; I.A. Rabelai at 11 as.Evenlag.merviees.
I ebareb. treoktt Mra. t.M. Davis Tbe.pt'lle ia lavlted. tenor wd Mra. Roy lee- begin at S o'clock.. The pastor
.... Elder OphalU Baal 1 tot' Mft..' Katie Plekett. the to worablp Sunday aoralnt the Bonu, aopraao. wi//' dellvdr tae'aijo'r"'aeraoaa for the day and

and Deacon Melee Toay Jattlaora Blatera.OoapelIcaoea. with the eoaireiatlaa Jakee and Eleaor Choir I and Usher Board I will serve throughout the'

will coaaict ild wtakpraytr Mra. Edith Jack and hear a rellilotaaesatio poison will presideat d.,. Hra. Beatrice Statletary will have charge of
service la the BOB. Miss Ruth Pedd. B. from Bishop the laatruaeata.fbeaue the Bmi at 5 ,...

eoBfaraaaa room of the .Mali.L.clle Tboavaoa.Travail Mircklaoa. Choir 2 and Jl Junior Academy . . .
church at '7 ,... .( Btara. Joseph Caber. Board hUl serve- la an Institution supported *
IndividualChristmas + Rev. P.I. Jo.... pastor of Fouataia Chapel
; Alt
Prayar la sot a last ;err do, c. Daathtry E. The' bishop will also be b the Seventh
bit first Day Adventist deaoal Church has announced that conference will be bald
aihaalty a
Mayhew, athera.BefraaheHta preaeat at the baalaeaa
Cards aacaaalty. will be adios. .Tuesday at I ,...

send and t.. public lalamed. BTU Schedules I
Officials Eitirtila' .

25 Cam.: } Church Pester Call Meeting Musical sprlat "Uh'n.dI' TeaDay 3 *

BTO will eon
Bdar tM. Edwards aadDaaaaa ...,. Charles E. Toatoa. duet a Musical Tea t::00 LOCATIONS

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tied far Friday, Da. 11 '
at 1301 Japoalc at TtIO: B.I. at the Mra.Umlae Baker Melaoa PREMIER'i }'
The Baa aoaatatad atraaat NO ONE UNDERSELLS,
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Negro Is Honed Editor Realty Firm ::. itepriSHfatins Discuss Gndiile's EoployncitHO Unemployment Rate

I 1 9: 1h -
Of Agriculture Backs Out Or .?y

.. Sale To Negro To Get Higher,


misting that their atree h
sent to Mil a hose !. Economists Warn

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"latalid." two galtisore that tht high rat of uoeaployaeat will it won

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ed that the contract be worker U far greater depth thai other aeabera of
declared sold the tort fore. ''..........................
Abrahas. S. lid and Israel -
Louis J. Paradiio, of Johnson voiced hit aa-
Cob ., through
k the Commerce Department, happiness our the jobless -
.... their attorney Cdeard said: "l..S till bo a rite, noting that
P. '''1'100. asked tilt
'TO EDITOR' -JaMi A. I tb rtos. right baaaproaotod I 0.8. Fourth Circuit : good kid prosperous oonoBliU predict that
yIAk year, but sot toodouih. e' 1,400,000 sore people
last seek to editor of "AIlIcu1 turl1
Court of Appeals to
will bo kin Job
KarkttiBi. a publication of the v.a. Department aside the atroeaoat. 7
I of Agriculture. ii all a III going ot.r aa issue olth Toe developers MM aeuaed Mrs. Aryieta Joy lick nut year.Tali .
monthly magazine with AdiialBtrttor $... Salts by Roland EBanoi .u, Labor Deptrtaettpecltllit figure r pr**.Bt*
: "Theuaea*, BOM 150,000 more than'
of VSDA'i Agricultural Harkctlaf sertlca. Mr. Hor- Of ftlllBI tO liT OP to
toa bad served aa assistant editor of the pub- oU- ployMBt nt will creep I, 2SO, 000 who entered
their atreaent
lleatloa for two yean.IB ...........t............. ly" becauao be U a Re up.Mi" F. Daley, Atrl the job market In U'..
this poiltloa Mr. nUn specialist larvbruary ire ROUSarulITB of Florida Ate tklt.raity Mr among IP faculty lambcra and
culture Department analyst BEAurr.np
Horton, a graduate of 1961 and bo- plaeaaaat directors troD 10 eIOlSe" and universities bo Mr recent guests of predicted tlllt IMS FLOOR

Llacola Va Inuit,' c.. assistant editor of Virginia Negroes n. Procter ft _bla Oo. aay, Clacl&aatl, Ohio for a oday oaiaar oaploraoat w' will b. a eloter year "'IIMIlIe1 Mttt
school of Journall 'Alrleal hral Market opportunities for college iraduat Above art (Itft to right) Or. Urn for your hardwood floor M eo'"-
Jefferson City,No.. will lB|. tilt fOllOllBf Plan To Use New Runty C. Fitly Read of Dmartawt of Koonoaiiea. PJWHT.: C.P. gross, Personnel Meanwhile, President -P.rltntlmiily$ ........ M yes do for yew
be is charge of pla&alm. October. Prior to ooalet Advertising Department TB e Procter a Oaabl coapaoy; Rev C.C. Cuaaiainaa.
editing, aad layout of to Atricttltur served Voting Plus Placvwt trctor, rM. Tai Procter a Oaabl latcl&U,.. Joined the guests for
tb. marketing ..,ub.. aa a public relations a road of paaal discussions covering job opportunities. and personal rtquiait "'.otolr.,., With A Style"Td

ffrKtaa la popular consultant la WaaalBftoB. NOKfOlK.' *...*(NPl** for adTiaeaaaBt la ooaauatr goods eaipanUa. Other schools ner**.t.d at the
.tlI. the publication Before that he edited a Vlrcloit'B Negro voters CliciBaatl .eetisg were. Arkansas AM ft N, flak, Raaptoa, ttmbouto, Mortal
ia devoted to keeping weekly newspaper ia St. impressed by their shoeing 8Ut. North Carolina AIT. ftU'H.* MI, TViakc. sad Xavier of New Orloana.
the amrkctiat industry Paul, Miaa. la the Presidential

laforMd oa tilt Depart- The new editor was bora elections, are atklnplaaa
at'a marketing services and reared IB Morh.ad to make their ACLU To Fight Cuss Postal Alliance !

various dlitrlbttloa City It C.H. began sorting political' weight f.lt. Olllclil I Siccmbs
programs) and other toward a degree la Programs are already For Mississippi Youth
work iBcludlet tilt pro electrical engineering Dldu.., to sake tilt Nn ORUANS"ANPI' )..
otioaofordtrly aark.t- at Hatvtoa Institute la Negro tot eves sore" la- NKf TORK -'Th* Americas CUtll Liberties Ualoacharted Floyd A. Douglas 'TO,

ins sad of says to reduce 1941 Bat his education port aat IB .ut y.ar' today that a MiaaiMippi Negro one .ro... toner aatloaal officer
the coat of aarkttlBt pas Interrupted by Army state olectloaa. fully convicted of UMultiM aid attempting to af tilt Mttloatl PotttlAlllait

agricultural product ..rtle*. Smile stationed Lee IS per cat of the rap a whit WOMB, acting oa behalf of Hill .. tad foraerpretldeat
Mr.' Hortoa Joined the 'Bear Loadoa awaiting D- Negro electorate toted Harper, t loan aunty Mia, laborer of tb.* Me.
....................... Orleans Chapter died iaVeteMt One Stop Shopping For All
Department aa aa lafor Day lit began atidylatjouraallM for Otiocratle etadl The civil liberties
anatbi after bit. arrest
at ShritoahaaUniteraity. dates la the Noabr group filed II appealwith AdalalatratloaRoaplttl
Post Doctoral thereby deaytai him his bar receitly Your Photographic Needs
elections Bad they intend tb. Buproa Court
rlfftta to legal eovaael, after loss Illness.
After the war, lit completed to see Oat wtery of Mississippi asserting a Aatltebora
Seminar Alluded his work at Ua body reaeaber it. that Rarpr't arrest ball tad other eoattt Louisianan EMERSON'S PHOTO

Br Dr. Frierson cola V.her.it and did Sidaey I. idles, a aid coBtletioa by aa titloatl piarw-tee. ; aad Mr Douglas pas a torid SUPPLY
third, a ooafMcioa via tar' I ..h,.., with
further itidy at the leader of .*.. Richard all white jury la March, N. MYRTLE AVE
PATtTTEVILU. N. c.'-Dr. itracted by threats.and overseas service la
University oflln.lOta'a I. Bjrd'i organization, 1961, violated his ooattltatloaal .
Marguerite 8. Prleraoi, school of jounaliaa.Mr. said b* feel tilt DM rights aid was therefore latelaattry France. aid .aa alto a (Open Cundajrt, 1:00: 1'... tmtll joo: p.m.)
chalraaa of the area of Hortoa ia married critic Party iU BOW be should be reteraed.Thle aadahovld not bat ....., *f tb* l*.tlbraatb .
ducatIOB and psychology mad la the father of more "uidtrttaadlii" most recent effort .bees adalttdaa *tl* of the Vtraaaf Phi U432I.'I'

at Fayetteville tae three boy*. Be and Mn. of the Negro problw) by. the AOD to safe.card ..... P r ln tars
0>ll. ...tttead .
t afoat
Norton and the boys lit Toe VlnlBla NAACP baa eoaatttitloatl tuaraa
doctoral ..laar oa la taiiiatOB, I). C. already b.i.a a rotor tees stems troD aa aesaint .
''Trobleu of School Men retlitritloa. la em Aaa Ivy *f

ia Depressed Urban Cei To Open order to increase tilt Scott coiaty la Mo*
h"" held rcceatly at Hope mustier *f registered i.er,1903. See. Harper

ono,$ ltt..OBit. rity.Ovtatudltt Metro fot.r* by .u' heard that lit eae M** sAJ
educators Biracial Bank .- .... .
yar.Vlrilaia. peeled of the crla ejrd : .,. "'
who addressed tilt troop la a poll tai was helms busted by asob MARKET ,
included Dr. Jack R. state, bat the tai ia of araed BOB, 'ie V
plication for a
fryaltr, professor ofdaeatloa Dot loceiitry la federal voluntarily ttt blMolf
bash la the irooklyaBtuyteitaat -
at Ohio State section afBrooklya letioaa. Thus of the up aad MB MbMmoatlrooatlctod QUANTITY lIattn IUI.YlD
University Dr. loo :Clark professor of pith the bat Controller. ..... filed of eligible to tot ia tb* Mlitltttppiwb SPECIALS GOOD tHIU SUNDAY At EDGEWOOD AID AVENUE I

psychology at City Col Pritldeitlel letla.. a* WM defeaded by
Currency ia f aeklaf tea.There .
IM of MM Tork. ".000 art act qualifiedfor the Citll Liberties

,- .. state elections. OBlOB.la FLA. GRADE 'A' FRESH
DM. I la a* deidlli its appeal to tb*
t* pay Mil tales for Mississippi Biprta DRESSED DRAWN

eo sty sad .lty dec.tiess Coart, th. ACLU eltla
The losthers that tb* earlier trial PORK
Refloat Obuaeil reports violated Harper*a riant

nit some 161,000 coal .a throe plfl HEN
t* tb poll la How ........:"nt. Rtr e.
is If that slay YOU latk .ere yttBttlcally .!.
state *lctiMt. It lded rr.. tb* Jar ROAST
la conceded that they bleb Itdleted sod ....

.ill b* able to >atr ttb tltt.d Btrptr; .......

oiiJyonoiMet ..t.. State .h. Harper w55 set gives s 15
lions traditionally ... beaded Mtli b* WM ia'

tower poopUUta* polls dieted sore then tires L
cola taaa national *l*.tlaa.n . .'. .
rol* *f Tlrdala L8.
Negroes ia plltla
tooa es a nee aspect latb C''NlI.. Seek

NotMb *lctlaa.pr TREND
tb* first ties la Merges S....

easy arM ..., took a 2 LARGE 'KGI. BLUE PLATEDETERGENT
titatens direct part laDMMrttl* 14.?IMOIE, .........

caayalca aork. US safer ......1.. free
tkr.*..... tb* lofted
ftH. Sit U Cist It... will b* aeUitfreariU MAYONNAISE
.t IttmteMM
Goes To Coed tb* Horaaa' Stata Col

colaname let .*.*.. for ..air.
Uanl 810t' <*A 1550 la
sad tlaMl free 1M M*
chub a M.U.n Jedgoto
liaised toOsee slated til April. ::
purist tie Matl *f 29
: II allxkit Jet >
..*...,. etsS eat* bat 29
tbM U ao atltll PINT
b4 a.rttM attt tea
ratlr Ibaa
).. U ..eevlstseers roMttBtlte tree ..
.U.I. drreesttetors Mrprtle.. aa TIM
; I.a Mval air PMtllty.Cl .
coo tales I* lbs
Atlantis B-
t..l *+t M court today Ullf.
by tb* NAACP ....al to '....,. C. ft P. Tel** SMALL IAIHCII SPARE IllS 3'e

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trmst seed Ss...... Lie

S.Issl d. ... *. >e* 1.5. 100I III STEAl $
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sox ass Listless ....,.
poor till ... ...- FANCY CAUfOiNIA CELERY
.M. Q IIIU knit utic
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asses earUaa bang flelfta laler le tree* : Y } ,

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,e'r n.etfts "..... .... CARNATION IYA'OIATII) MILK J tnt UK SlltOC'111115
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NslggPsiwu"r gas-

.. IBM*] Sertt* *p..t.a4 'YEAETAiLE SOUP 2 UH 25$

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'if'' t> 'HA tt 'H. ell ..t. .15t
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,. i nHIla STII runs SITilliT- lECEBJIt U, liM

i Support NAACP GOP Aide ladieted Services AHOIM J I'Tfllllll ABOUT PEOPLE

For Kill Wrili.ia HROT BAJCttBanday
ProfroB Sot Carry L. Taylor, sos of Br. and lira. Marry L.Taylor .

Voting Campaign School beglaa .t Bf., 1111 Port St., Tallahassee kaa volm
Oslo I.... with Doaooi tewia 3. cuter III. toorod to serve with tk*
ATLANTIC' an, ..1.- Barold Petoraoa lacharge. fiecatlvo Director of Peace Oorpa IB Panaaa.AB .
CIPI' )-aey J. dalborao. Rev. B. lutes tko Jackaoavlllo Drbu April IBM graduate of
Negro eaployo of the pastor will review the Lessee hue oBBoaaced that PANO with a bachelor degree *
Kepablleaa Ratioaal COBalttee .. Moralag service his office II eoajaao U history, 'Taylor, wee
'r Ices has posted i at II f1 clock: with DMooI tlos with the I.D.f.&. trailed for his auig9 stat
".000 bond after belai Levy Raaool ia ckarge. tntrm (Baapowor DeYtltratdll Arises State Colin.
Indicted IB eoaaootloi Tko rooter will preach opaeet cad Art) flagstaff wboro ko loan
r with a aparioaa "write- aid choir I aid usher of the Fiends BBploy P ed Bpanlah. Ro also rocel
la" tote for Dr. Martha board 1 will oorvo.eptlaaal seat Coaalaaloa. will rod a south of training at
Lather flag Jr. la the service will teresa ladlvidaala who tko Peace Corps>> cap I.
Preeldeatlal elect lone.dalkorae ba bold at the clone of wish to elevate tkea 'Paerto 11 00.'Taylorhea, been
la accused of the aoralag worship attest ,selves tics .aerial wort ... to lIOn la a rural
ordering tile prlatiag of ftlaadakip BaptlatCkarok. BltBatioaa sad prepare jalll. developoitot lad
1.4 alllloi leaflets Tko deaeoaeeoboard for clerical cad seaeralof tar.. aooparatlTORAUT -
N arglig Negroes to write sods at I ,....1.1 floe work eoaraea wadertk TAILOR prograa.TMBI .
la the aaae of Dr. Otis tko ....s. All choirs I.D.T.A. prograa.no .

for Proaldeat.Deaocratlo will Beet at I ,..., for clue which vlllbo .............................
J.\ ..- i' ". ._ sources have rehearaal. erealag oor ooBpoeedof car.-
charged that tko tactic vice at 0 0 II",...... tel..ted.at.. Will bOglBOB
AT Mnt-Tkreo atilt NAACP worker were photographed with tale troop of NAACP board ...UII Bill be Janaary' dandcofltiaaeutll TOO, AT PAID..Mao Iran Johnson ia oat of
youth durlai tko Preedoa Awarda Buquet which cU..lid the rooeat 1P64 Florida waa away fro. PreildeatLyndon votes TBcaday at ':10 ,...,..' Jane 28.: The source the ... BOBbera of the| {
state broaches of tko Natioaal Aaaoelatioa for the Advaaceaeit of Colored I. Jokaaoa. dal Boatbly ootffereaee.Tboraday will laelado subjects Watery sad Geography

People la Tallakaioee. This group waa photo trap bed following the baaanet lieU bone faeeaaprolialaaryboarlaf at ,:10 ,." such M ",II". flllM.eoaptoBeter DeparteaotattheCapl- ;
School cafetorlua. seated loft to right, tol City iBetltutioB .
It tko flortda AM OntToraity High la tko CrlalaalDirialoa la-traction.
are Alice Btobba. Del ray Beech, Florida AIM Onlrer lty, and Mrs label P. Steward of tko CoaatyCoort. MACEDONIA BAPTIST sad taslBMB eagllah Bad Aa aaalttaatprofaaaor,
Jacksonville, a toner preildent of the PINS KAACPa 10..'. orgaaUatloa. Sunday School at I: 10 .a ..Uo.. Miss Johaeoa roealrodtko t
Btaadini, left to right are: .Oweadolya Jordan jackaooTllle, a atadeatt Btato' Atty.'Qea. I.., with John R. Slag- Tko aeeeaalty of belegacreeaed Bacaelor trw PU of TallerState Arts
BdwarU later College: Kilter Araatead. Quiacy. Florida AtM; Margaret Purcell Arthur L. Bllla said the lotoa la ckarge. Tko iBBodletely at Degree and her ,
Collate ,
Bleat prealdeat of the FAMU Chapter of the NAACP; the Owe. I.D. Mewaa leaflets were ia viola pastor wlli,review tko tko Orbaa League office of Arts Degree
CoJtaibU ..e., who spoke during tilt Sunday aoralng religions sinless which tloo of Raw Jersey law loaaoa. Motajkf service io to BOO It tko potea- Muter froa AUantaUnlveral* "
followed tko biscuit: Miss Daisy Tonng, Tallakaaaee, aewly elected youth director beeeaae they did set at 11 O'clock. Ckolra > titl applicant lo quell la Atlanta Oa. tte
ef the Florida Coaferoneo of Branches; Baleola Hill Jacksonville Edward coitus the aeae of tko and 4 and Poker Board 2 tied to take tko Moral his tj done farther, study
liters Coll He; sad Joyce HI 1 loan, Att..oete Pprlnga, Florida Am.1.t.hN.l poaaor will serve with Billy aptitude toot aader tko at Oblo Btato calveral

& larMtlgttloa la atlll Reel IB charge.Doaooaoaa dirootioa of Tiffany. ty la ODlwBbna, Ohio BIBS IMHB JOHNSON
contlaiUg la another Board 1 will sect folio I.D.T.L ODordiaator.

phase of tilt''rr1".11" tie g tko aornlag service Tko applicuta nat ko .............................
eaapaiga la which at* ; Senior RlaaloaarySoeelty kick school .,graduates

towpta were Bade to boy aeeta at 1:10 eojBlvaloat withla tko 'Tko hose of Bra. M.L. Jack 10 I of 4318 J.roa.
radio time for the par BTPO at laQ .., age 11.1 h of IS to 40
p.1.1 : p. A'.. BB the aettlai for the Induction eoroBonlee
pose of plagglag Dr. with Bra. H.t. Polite ,.ar.. 'U,..., will bo
of tie Pklloo Of Sigma oeaaia too Sorority Tieaday
Xing' candidacy.Dr. preeldlag: ....b, service paid to applicants who alghU Bra. S.L.; Baker preeldent of the sorority
d tug King klaaelf called at*: 10 O'clock with are heads of faailioa. conducted the,cerMonleo.Bra. .
special sews coaferoaeea Rev J.C. losers lackarge The sources art firoo.:
to denoaaee tko effort and dellvorlag Interested poraoaaakowld .............................. .
sad only a few radio tko aeraoa.The Ctrl at laa call tko ffrkaaLoagBO '

Btatloaa accepted tko Aid Society sects Monday of floe la edl etely Lillie Mao .10.... a aelihbor of Bra. Jack.
coBBerclala. at T ,.'. Cbolra 3 and 4 at B. ...IU or 10 to sou. at 4)11 JeroBe' Ate., returned hose recently
will rekoarar.Prayer tko office which ia after attoodlai her Bother1 funeral la Bartow.yapatky .,
Dr) Gnjj Named aeetiag Tuesday at 7:10: located at 101 loot la encoded to the charalai .lady; who lia
"tIMff MO PIAp till MOMI" ,... sad Cbolra 1 aad trekeareo Paloa moot. saber of St. Pan AMI'ttuKft."M: *
ledaeeday at
Vici.PnsidiitMinorlil I p... HITS tiiiti .........................:... -. .

V Park ELIZABETH BAPTIST Tie Cin Case A recent visitor tics BlraUfhaa was Mr.. Ports
(Eastport) Jones who paid a visit to her relatlvea here lathe
BA8RWOTOH' HPI' )-Or. Silliif Tie Gateway City She la the aunt of Bra. Mary
..... Ufirao prealdtat* CDBaecratloa>> service at FLIIIU nil Sharp' Hra. Lola Crews. Turner. Hill. Major Hill
II:II aa. aoraoa by sad IIIU. faat.
emeritus Assoeiatlos -
lev. B.J cravford. ,...
of Colored
tor Holy CooBBBloa service *
BQaea' a Clubs baa beta
used tlee preeldeat at Ml: ,... Choir Enjoy Christmas More
I sad Baker Board 1 .111 ,
.... director. of Carver lie- .
serve tkrowgkoat the day, ,
-- Park a atT-aerei t
burial alto sad earlee with a pianoor
located 01 O.B. Onto. 1Idway MIDfAT TABERNACLR
betwooa taaklag*
toe, D.C. and ...IUDOr. services Saaday will
.. begla with tko Saaday '
Dr. oragg will aaaoao School at 10 a... The Miller's-the
her duties Mediatelyt leaeoa will bo reviewed -iJ
,tko park Baaklagtoaof by the paator. Mornlag home of fine
nee. Ia her BOW ea aenlea at II: II a...,
paelty, eke will eo* accuse by I... A. C. music
ordiaate the work of tko settles Jr. pastor over
flra'a ,J 11IIII1',. sales, haste will be rendered
and proaotloa stuffs.M' by Choir I tvealag service 60 years
cording to Blaaair.iis at 0 or clack with

tko ladies ia okargo.Choir little $25.00 clown to 4 to
Ristiirnt' I will aorvo.Iff. As as -up years pay.

SHOPPINGAT For Refusal MOtlAH BAPTIST A lifetime of enjoyment for the whole family.

To Serve Negroes
sea.II Schoel at I: M ..Open MOB. M.
IIn OIU.Ul"CWluAnal' B.B.; Boraiac service at
*a Reatanaat, see II 0'11.... Boraoa by argil 0:M 5.... '
of tko fb." la this ..... ".C. Baraoy.Rvoalas r.I.IILIJ.fA
lVJ ,
.1',' fired Preach service at T O'clock. Satardaya aUI'aoo. !

Quarter la tko target I... "... Marshall pastor 41"L DUVAL If. ..._....
of a celt filed la Federal will preach. CbolrI rlt tow.eF Flatoaa.ia zSA
Free Park tag
cOIn aader tko will aervo
Civil lights Act of lied
.y a Row 0-loaae-bera nisTootiimRorvlooa la roar of store for ......., The&..../.--- rg.i.o e3py1I
\ Nitre bearing the same
last ..... The aetloaeeeka becla with tboSaaday -::
at ItI.
School :
to esl eta the
roataaraat tram rereeleg ." Monies Service at
; to aorvo ......... 11: Utf al.... Choir 1 \\\\
no ...,ltl...,. Dr. oapol Chora. music I
THE leUlagtea Ar..... a Ckolr sad taker Raard I
will ..,...1ft at I ,...
rasa leaflet 1'
that alikeagk. tko roe and avoalas aervleo at "\" :.
*' taaraat la reportedly t:4O'clock.Chair
,;, eilllag ta serve anylatorotato the ...,.1 Chorwa will \\1I. 1
traveller it ..... ,... ft L. Joaoa. .
refuses to eerie local ''''. Bill dollvor UoMraeaa.

that aoa-ekltee.this Isle Re vlelatleaof charges sect at. I Matriot,... I.1 Bill the M5tb ... toKE RdeErte .

ue paklla aoooaoda GAS1st
tloaaaoctloBofUo he.AU. earsLa IBIOI cr aaIl1 -S.te-.oce 11-12
..... BOM roetoa (1038UHTa Fla.Ave)
taste ia tko Preach
hustler BOB aorvolegroee. Oar Hbla .ahaolat 9
sect af then It a.a.i wnlac aor = 30
Mill. .,. Stallarlyeetlbeettyehotela ties 1& UcraloohiHhlatlaaooa raolt
.. .. :M .......
are atlll refaetag oar .....a.. aofTiow at t:. 2nd PRIZE
ibis to Peeve easels a 0' elM& blued .rer COlE
Badttloa wklah baa wlortedlp ....... BB4 Stile ata"ra Illll .
eaaaedsin S p.... with ...ttori. oeAMY
,.. 3
V. aUI&a 1. iuPtEaE
U .h.rBw.aaurnvrn. 'lAUOOMS,
U"S *

itriulipilrl .... JikV CalaaoBpator SAYE "CASH" NOT STAMPS
.! khtlah Rjotro)*
.. ptaitaa lapUat ....h.

DOWNTOWN! SOUTHSIDE! II Ash till has ajUIMBBl h till aatortuatho .It-rt' UOohar M tnmt Jek Net. 1 Qt. 01

UVIA at I1VAL I1N' IEMN ..LVI.h4 I I. h, ,.pasties lattoaal.t JawMtoo waist.. WHk Good

Tae/dawn Dew.Pb Oree h.wy O.p lassie..eadsp hit lam. ,....., M. 7+a- ,.
.C..gset.... M em.....!t. 10 A.M...t'oM. Its ne a* tlaoa'wUl aesdes. C..... liraur Rare .1jti
Jf fU8I Ml. waste watt U* Sas
{(Ass BahBOi. a* Sr10 ..

., I

.. _.


UCEIUI12[ 1HI t mini m PI/I/ mi J'"

-- --- -- -
VlrflalQ/ Fights To I Keep( Ban Major PaddJlo g 1 L toc Hrei: Get UL Contract Sarah VaughnSolos SCEF Head Calls few A

I OB Interracial Inter Marriage Fuel RitisTALLABABSn. He.. '. With Action In Mississippi

BXafNOND. 'hillaANPI'halUa line Coiaty they were tl lh.cr.tIJIm.ra1."t"f--. I Chi' Symphony
NEW ORLEANS, Le. -The Mvtrrad Pred U Shuttles-
( official convicted and sentenced
aaCAOO Aocaupanled bytb
worth, noted civil rights leader called
art anxloue to to a flU' la Jell judo la-
wr btU Monday *ttrDOOB .;', powerful 110 piece Bed!ate action by the Federal averment to ia.nre'affective
thy away fro a cost!- Bull suspend.ispo- at. o'clock Eros Y A Ckleaio Byaphoay Or-
tttlooal chant of th* situ!. of the oeateoee the Bt BlehMl and All, eheatra, Barah Vauthan't and othera proaeoutlonoftbe arrested la MUalalDi.Neahob County sheriff

*tt'a laws tulnitUUrraclal for 31 years oa condition Angels Ulaoopal cbarck tint a ...........
) appearance ao 'I' do not want these ............
aarrlaf*. that the couple for Mayer caltb .A. lolat with oa* of the erahlp Coafereaee (BOO
lack la 1911 till Vir- leave the state. Padlyfot. arreat to be r.d..dIIIDI,1.
fontralj world1 great aphony beaded by Dr. ,uU.L.tII.r .
*** a* to
Assistant At ... aany
flaU Led al a to re tl-fct .LD. tars eoaaaadaat ash
orchestras proved to b* Sing jr.
hat been la the
i4 state lass tftliitInttrraeial Mdlvalao III contended consider at Florida
"The Bd
a Builcal trluap lath biased court procedure1Mr. cost urtent
Harriet to la tall aoUon tor dla UM University tko career of the Inter- thuttUiworth said at this aoaeat la to a**
protect the racial IBtetrlty alaaal of the tat cu. died here tedsesda;
aatlonally faraoua Her' that a reprentatlT
la reference to the arrest
of the whit that the plai.tlffs'ooslai.t afternoon, Dcbr 3.
cury reoordlat star of 20 people la group of Aaerlcaa cltl
ree. did not state Death case to Major Miss Vauthaa who ha* connection with tbe .,* tens tit oa the Jury
A notion ha been filed a hal elal oa which Paddyfot at tk* .
fAMOBotpltal dlitlniulabed herself tat of three .1,11- that tries th** peo
U UchaoDd' V.II. Ml relief amid be treated. where tat had. "
oa the concert stage rlthta worker. pie, Mr. Bhuttlee-orth
trtet Court to have till The eai* la scheduled ba receiving Iedipil." throughout the world declared
. Mr. Shattleieorth t*
'\ test dlMl.l.ll 'The nova to be heard January 27th trllt..., for abort, opened the Chicago 8j.- prettdeatof the Bauthera Evans Gets
for dlMlaaal MS cads U federalcosrt her. tins before his (Uata.R phony Orchestra. Popular Conference Educational
oa bahalf of the ODM .- here la widespread had DM lalll healthfor Concert .arloftk
Pond baaed here
((8CTCK), ,
Malta Attj. Oea. Bob.ert interest la the case. atral years. season, Saturday No*
and the Alabaaa Chrla _
T. Button Caroline particularly la .o.*;,o* Born June 14, 1191. |a, AIJIIIIII Mbr 21, II special tin HOT event for Susan Manuel Evans line bees)
County CoBBoawealth tenons of nntala due Jaaalca .rl U.ta.,.**, guest artist on a profrM .
Rights la BlnlaihM. Hela nand by
Mayor Jaae R.
Atty. J. Piston Parser to the recest.publicatics ladies, CalebJoshna "An EvenUi'1th
and Caroline Or PITTSBDBa. Pa."PrUclpale la the eereaoale allo- entitled also secretary of thegswthem J. Tate aa secretary of
County of a booklet advocating Archer Paddyfot sag 0.rah ln."
wit Judge Leos M. Ba- ."latenarrlafe graduate froa blh,.* eatlai a 199,SS2 contract for oa-tbe-Job tralalmproject Stitch Neaderaoa Music Chrlatltn Led- the oU,'. Asti'pov.rtyTask

tlla. Between nitea aid N.* laatltat' la ill}. R* lsitiatedbytbe vrlla'I'a..1I1II of Plttburk.; Director of the National pore.

A toner Caroline County gross: The Solution 'T* wa* carried OB O.tober'U. J.B. Archer, Ureotor of Beclon XXUV Bureau of Broadcasting COBpany lOll Dm't Have TO to To Tow Yo Oct
'The Race problM." Tae Apprentice Tralaiec for the U 8. Oepartatat of
ooupl, convicted by 1914 to Miss Adele television
and popular
Judge ladle la 1999 of preface to the. theaie D. Jobotoa.n Labor la shows tlai th. contract with Arthur personality, Bad his LOW PRICES
violating Yirgisia's.isq.ganation carries the ...*. of title Major." Bdmada. Executive Director of the Urban Leaiue first apparanciuet

Mr*.' Bather B.' Lasall here.
lass baa which the veteran rAW' conductor of the QtloanSyapboay On Tour
asked that the statutes and Mr*. Beatrice L. ataf fr .ra'II..t tk* Orchestra, lathe
be declared Infalld. Loria-worth identified Uitltitloa waa aa boa Western Uilei I FAMU Given Gnat' all Oeribvla protraa.Planlteoaduetor DRUG STORE NEEDS

Richard Perry Loving u the Public Belatloaa" orary one by which heknowm For Science Meet set

sail kt It white, and Coaaltt of.the Cotj to thoiaaada of Seeks licreisili I fALLAHASSn--FAIIU-[ the Oerahtta acme coa Trade With Tour Neighborhood Drug More .
his wife. Mr*. Mildred tttte. Undoing Baclal atudaat lid .h.... Plorlda AIM Vnlvernltyha ducting the orcheatra la R WILL MOT MIT PUCKS: APV.r.t TOUR LOCAL ..ftU.I. .
Jtr loving says she Evils. 1221 Virginia Prior to his ttralaal Wire Rates received a $59,590 "A Short Story" iBeoond 0.1)hr," also till all ttoctoj s Prvacrlptloaa.

1* part Negro lid part Be** Soul"ard,Nor folk.Va. 11 la***, he had served tract fro. the National Bhapeody aad '?orgy

ladtan. ices hat asked a*secretary of the".L E. TALLAHASSEE. (PN.)**A Science Pouadatlftn to a ...." Dixie Pharmacy
a special three-Jndie Lee Melon Lodi and a* public hearing oa proposed conduct an Earth kisses
federal court to COD lea HockeyComes president of the PtHlih rat increase by Institute for Secondary Iiniiki Travelers
TWO to bear th* cat. Priest Council aadaaalataat testers tiaioa Telegraph school General Science 1302 RliS In it Mfitli IIIMIPliill

no eating wr air- ToJacksoeville traad IIcra- Co. will b* held !. Teacher. Design of '10 rU.' llli J5IJ-H
rid IB 1958 la the W- tiny of the forthlpDnloa Jacksonville De. I? by Th* Inatttut will run Turnpike till Suaahlno .
--------- ---------- --------
tract of Colnatla. Oo Grand Lodes tk* Pabllo Dtllltt froa June H to August Slate Parttay, eontrlb-

their return to Caro- Prcd la death by CtMUtMlOO.Th II, 1M5. It sill be 'It. to aailttia IIht,. PAT Till IIJII lun[ Ml HKPIIK
Daa't look Bowl But his first wlf. h* hadrMrrledHla eoapaay has proposed directed by fr, ClarenceB.
Civil Service toweone pat the fuse to wlfe.llr ., lacra oa additional Ottna, profor *f see IIUS AT 111 Jllll

thirteen rocket at 'the oil Paddyfot, ,u- word rates for tronooy at PASO
Jobs Open For Jacksonville eoU.*.. vl-e at the hose, 3002 ,re.a ......** and aiD'I
this .... The ignition South B<>*!*-ard. Tall: p.- cent increase la
Federal Guards took place last Andy baa***, Other survivors chart**'for'sosly orders
ebon the JackeonvllleBoctete" Include a "all tt,.'Mr*. 'tester 0li also

Correctlottl officer IM Hockey tea lent Carr taklatoa, want lacrM fro
defatted leetne-leadlac aC.it" grandsons, OB 19 eata to 21 Bests for
15.(09 a y ar. for duty
at Federal penal lid Or.easboro.C. I-J. brother, Jobs Padflrfote fnraUhlai coaflnatloaooplea III
corrtetloaal luUb.HOlD Ton the'big blnt-off lid several .alMiadaephet *f Ma<** filed1by
the cane edoeaday when the ', la tb1'Uhlted'rtatesianalCL ulec-hoae pies aa adjdltloaal -
tkroaiboit .
"baited Bocktt WOB ettlB.de- LL1:, fir seats
state Buses are
.tlil Net Mason 141.) aad Loidoa. Bail aad. (Icharge for sessages QUANTITY SPECIALS GOOD
employed only at Alder Th1.*w.1 owkMifoaekonr .' tried by ,telephose or RIGHTS RESERVED THROUGH SATURDAY
son. I. aid Loa '
11 *preairV ,Briiird College by
Angeles Calif.A ] at picked a ooapaayattaeaa
the and ftacl t ."
strange seessagel
wrlttea test la required -
lid appropriate aatlai pee of ice.hock Accndilitid. forEIII.II"II who fl that MAXWELL HOUSECOFFEE
ey.lBowbow If played a rat hike kt this ties
education or oiperteacela "
No.111.jola th*Bocart will be aa'add4 tnrdeaoa
neeeatary. See Aa*
aouacMtat 10.141 at the seat achdal4hoao'iaa their ralati are
(14). *. .fltkoat a Tae soeh eul Aoci tloa urged to attd the Deo.II /
Applications 11I011. b*' doubt your mrtfMdeathwlaaa of Colleges) Md 1011'I"U" ...,.** U register ANgee'

filed with the Board of will kp the la Loaliftll. ; a protest aialtat the 9 ter

V.. Civil Senrlee Sum ooitrfully nud gene iMtacky, this tk, proposed increase.Registratlou. astt 1 1III. 7
latra. Oalted states la the .ot.ay city. ''granted fall 'aecrd*
tatloa to Brtard Be.'
Pealteatlary. teatea. Set.
iaeerlis College W a: ,
worth Sans.Annoasce.ests. Curter To
FigilGiirdillo apMlallsed latttt A
aid ap* For S. R. J. C.
pllcatloa foraa say beobtalaed Die. 14 tloa.or. 29C
Jtroo P. leuper,
fro post
aaoy Regular MilatrttUaha
"SILACStPII1A-MPI)- foMader Md president of
offloea. or fro. the 0.C. ba scheduled for 0
CWM| pubic (Kurrl* the .Ilesestoted'9rer
Civil Service Co.* January 21 aad Juiary i ,
ease) Carter will let ard Coaaty .. be proud
laaloa'a laforaatloaaad 24. Tboe
rfl -
persons *
Biaalalai Office. hit delayed .*k1 at tf featlai" created. la ttrlaj after Jaawary 24, Hilt I Please tilt $1111 ir IKI ,fill er/er

1MO | street ...., .. *- lddllht oII.h. Ill, all years, oa its will be charted a Isle
lacUa. D.C.. 3041$. Joe Clardtlle. .w* laltlatlto Md with r1trtla fee *f U.
its on a C
ClaM forth* **coadetMtter
filly accredited rl J lCAN
Ugla Jaawry CRISCO 69FAB
dent sealer oollt *f
:WOOLWORTH'S! ttaeerlM and MBC*' n. Hill t fit. H.H if .... lees eider

1ERRIFIC 1le'., III. Sill' 25 c.

rr- __ ,III lilt nil Inter


WI cI EaP mmi tiiiti

CATSUPhill|{ II. 1 IV FLOUR S tl Ml, 49

i. Wila Y grew V Hilt ii sell lldfj

i> oldtr.the lint stint CHIII CK1B SIHUT

a I CkriitmuCardGbdosGk STYLE CORN 2, 'CIIS JU 3ge FRUIT COCKTAIL 2''tJJI 49

or mm in mini
,+ r 'i' rU'' ?


r.- "i Cow.... a.ghg .

::iz= ,r;

Ms a.-. Grin.
.... ...,

A ....,.. rig ***** lure 1rc i s.Ai.sa.brG..L.hf'a tu. 35C
..tUi.d If"1f
the every IM:i ......... eetUt ,lle TZ fa ..all.,ra.a ... ..... Kill IH : tl 12, Mlnui .

.*r.M*.*.*Uy *MBMtMd rlllea. Han UM .... wM s 1.... gLhre.
treated attd r...**.. ..... .4 tM wined Mt***. ..e .It'".

sin'ill ... lewrglre to a .... ecsee at ..esseN.Ieel. ... r ....... rm KIUW

.. BMlMll| *...!.... ..*M. BBTBtlle*...U> Aawata tW walL nM :

-r .es..r. .,5V.!, 11lM...... 1U kiss '!** It.Ik ywr..!onkMn. 91if c tREENSNllilH.

h.g.. .....5 ....... ....... ... fwsy .... oCA c....s L.f.,t.w t.I + PICNICS I L/. 25 .

r ga rWar' _.:cr r eg il.eni seat HIIitK,
TIM Dun tlfll MM iiWOOLWORTH'S j r NM Anhrre f '1I1ffSsrAat..5

SPILL IfltlH UI-MIt satIs/ WHIT lirtflACHOMi

39 $ u.4ge 4 1/u 4911T1111Y
MaVtaf TVWTwill MatlBT JIVK Osatf IM W .... m II. Pill.

'" _

..- .; --:::::----- ..:: .. ..
-------. -_ .. .

r"tut "l .
p. I I

I riiini sin firm siiinir iccuici u. m< I

. Loaders Attend Sessions Opi locke Silks Hayes Receive Award From Mayor Five Persons Die In

Solution To I

Yoilh ProblemAll I Weekend Violence

i UIIII, la the On,* rive peroooo were hilled ia oeperato, bat olanl

Lock area are iBTlted to taaeoaa incidents here la the MlMl area aver toss
a public sidling which N M I pact weekend.tlllio ..........'.........................

x will bo hid Tuesday, IIclalll.. II. eaapaaiOBB decided togo

DM. Hat 7:10: ,... in 21741 Bl 118th Bt. woo swiring.Aiello .

1 the North Dodo Rich dJ fatally wounded Saturday Miens....S-.ar'
school Budltorlua to r after be armed with old puerto Rlcaa adiraat

discuss a proposal for a another aaa la the rear sorter dove lato theatsrs

eoBBuolty Bpoooored recreation of bio boa. to save his, bat
protraa. Adao Roblaooa. 84 woo they both drowned.

n..w 7M. y This proposal grew oat booked Into county jail /././././././.
of o dtttllod discussionof and charted with first
juveall problMo of degree aarder. Ho la Diane Saps, II, of 1351HI

Op* Lock srei slick being held without bond. 24th Place shot sod

revealed that stirs *upervlaed iBvoatitatioB revealed killed herself la aa
recroatloB la that Robinson pulled a apparent suicide late

the ooaaualtylatb* best 23-callber pistol and Monday ovenlat.
solution for overcoalntjvroallo MIAMI PlB.-*ob rt Sing Hlfh. Mayor or-Ut.City of Warl presented OlyipioCBMiploa hot McMilloa la the Police report Indicated.

delinquency. Bod plorlda MIl football player B>b RM with U.y to the City plaque right aide The bullet that the youth bad lest

A North DadeRlcb School duriBf a P,**(... ..1Ite'to the runner Dee. 9 la the Grant 110.1. 'The PAHO tat entered nader the armpit fist.hed. *arguisg with

speech class conducted tiers pt the fvord Oraabllat Titers 42-13. ID the J2nd Aaaaol Oraat and causing the ceath of her rather Mr*. Maw Anderson ;

the discussion, which Bloaaoai Classic) Pootball gene before sore than 28,000 faaa. MIAM-ITCTW Photo) the ,ict... about what tlae

AT BACB MOTINO MM these three atadoBt loader fettered panelists fro /././././././. she should to to bed
of Olbb Junior Collt, It. ,.t.., ,Ia., Acres the coaaualty ud JUT*. boa she raa late /her
crater, p reel dan t of the ttudaat council and Cltli site court. A youthful fats laborer iroadfather'a bedrooa

Manic, Editor of tII.OibbtOlh..p.ptr. Asosg the dllOBISOBtS Rattlers Beat Grambling 42-15 Ezra RobiBBOB. drowned She ,locked the door aDd

n* two wire the tint Mid only collate students wee: Saturday afternoon after a abort tla later the

to attend ....10.* of the soothers Association of Mr*. Purde cubic. a he sod two of bio fishing hot waa heard.Investigators. -

Collate>> tad BchoolSAC8). 'The A.oodutloo hl for 27 itra suralsed
aocr.dltatiostoOibu "o-oatohla. Boatt P.T.A. president; J..o points br Batarday Bitht to BOOM a 42.II victory ow tilt highly rated and Two YouthSentenced that Miss Saps took her

ers iMtltatlon to tala Mob status, held Ito lltbtro, Juvenile court teamed Oraaillai Titers la the I2ad sonic! Orange Blotw cl usto. A partisan trandf atber*5 ,3s-caliber

BoottBf la Louisville KM tacky, so'. 10-De. I. counselor end l... U.J. sad latorraclal crowd of 28,127 cheered the Tallahaoi tu to victory la uraadf atber*. .18-call-
(Photo by L.L. Hal lard) Mloal'o twaatlfttl Croat Bowl to cllaos UrN tbrllllat days of festivities
Maoos paotor of First A .t.1dI .SI.lIour A.,.... ........e..........................._._._._._ ..........._.__. ber gun out of his driver
Elect Look aptlit. Church of Op. pour, unusual for tb* seven yard lla.. tilt world* a faatt n.nn 1111II..".. To Life lid allot brlf la till
Deligilu U.S. Strike Mloal area ceased just second tD case la th* cored a touchdown and left .ld* of the bead.
tllllo JOB**. SbolbyOrlffM
Kin Olive Almoder, IAIIII"01'Oltun. tl/. Vlyiooo Irowa after the aaa*. but act waning .ataate of the ran for two oitra polato.Ho Two 18-year-old youths, /./././,/.A/. ->
auproio Court>> *at sited before It bad eat lato first half when Orach* .bo killed
mould Director of I**, CltfOBO *90t.B Md sac boaorod la preface a BOB la a Annie Daalel 23.,"of
the to strike down I attmdanc lip,... The Hat Light bard Jaaeo robbery
Jesse t bolt COBavulty >> proo Rollla Chem were tb* eereaoaieo for bio attempt were 8108 BNW lltb AT*., was
AtooeUtlot, and tlet atllltedhyBuaerouaaovthort student ptrtlolpoata.no battle for the ethical Todd. atteaptlat to punt feats la the 1814Olyaplea sentenced to life laprlaouMt fatally wounded by a
Boors Bavltt chalraaaof ooBooaltie to public MttlBg will trldlroa ehoaploatblp o. a fourth don sifted la Tokyo. Dec. 2. 23-colibcr ballet wound
th* ...*'I Ateeably syete.sti.a11P include footaro a obit and a seal .N..tre oolite to* a abortpoio>> and was An all-whit sale Jury la her cheat. Arrested

of Mloal, sere ..Itot"d.h..U. Negro ..tl.... floe* dlBCBtiioa by parents, played ia o busy 70 dftr dowed oa his own ala*. Police Ripens food Kerry Praacolo sad held for laveetttatloa -

to the ....' t us... students"d wtaorltloa.Iho ***' ttoptrttvr lid Oitrie Button west over 7718 Hf lltb Avo. and of Hoaloldo was

Mom of forth la IBMatloaal OMitMO>> taker Motley.BMoolattd Ml sport of thesatire 14 percent bualdlty.n for tat! ooore.Bob Hayeo.n Mr*. bulls Mlaay 25, Leroy talker 851 HI 7thBt. Joke H. Ad.... 18. of

onud of ......It' I* tattlers strict. ..t-ntn.lBt half back of 82P8 HI 23rd Bt., .u guilty of flrat US4 Mt 75tbeBt.
Coaveatloa>> to the NAACP Legal Defc early for thlr first, prUte4 arokBd tight adaittod to JtaokooaHeacrlal deiree surges but r ccoaeaded kaveatltatoVa iU The
seeded to sake this pluoaeoMO
-- bo held U April at the mud, argued that the potato la the flret- ead for two eitra polato Moapttal Batar lifer which
shooting occurred la.hi*
....'. house of ferahlpla 1W2 COBVlCtlOB Of Robert quartet after roo *rttafaablooatbo sod a 140 PAW lead. day with a ballet woaadla aatoaatlcally isles a '

lllette. lllUoU. lasts sbo.ld be reversed., as. . Oroabllat. 4 .laterforeaeoat tulles her cbeet.la life loprioooaeot sue rooa. .
the Rattler two yard I aatlafactory coed datory. Promoted

tripe,with aecoBda leIs at praat, Htaa TMtlaoay revealed that
Tune WAME Home Of The World's the half set up t1 ftliaq.told iavMtiiatoro Praacoia aad Walker By Mayor-

|r tint Braabllai to.M..q that aba shot herself haadled tilt gun which PKILADIILPHU"(NPIi j:.
I Over went over with jut aecldBtally.iiiiiniiiiii. fired the fatal shots
Donald Pattoa 27, s.seer
:; 11 seconds loft la the before stiles It to .
Champion Disc of the local fir
Jockey I t bolf. with PAW leodlatt another oaopoaloa. Their departawt for
Mro. Patricia Palaerl, only four
l7.I ooapaaloa. Beast Roll.
I! rou,.... a half'tie e IB. 2481 Bt Terrace waaodaltted II. wae found issue by year lleutoaoAt. was proooted to
to North bore after receive
pep tall by Prealdeat0ort a Judge earlier aadordered
A : Moapltal with a ballet lot tilt top score laCltywld
i. Oar-la
etl eoaaltted
01.none la her U,. *iaaiBatloaa.Pattoa. .
b. ,r...... that the The slate BOB BOB 14eattfled .
She told offleero that earrtatly at*
battlers would "Btrlkoatala MJoaeo I. CTaaer.
her ettraated baabaad.Tbooaa teadlot the Fire Schoolto
aad atalB.M"Otacb"Blithera >> 48. Of IS48 I. 4th BtMlaleah. .
lieplrtdebartva TO. slot her. trola for his see
the fled la a Cab Mewas poaltlea. scored ever.
atoned back to
arrested a abort 884 other oppllcaoto.WMBM .
bualllate the Qraatllif r
use later aioat Ills
II. no Rattlera. bot-
the cob driver Albert
over .bad to yield th*
I. '.111,. 14. of gel
spotlight to the runes
MB IJrd Tor. Bcally was
PAOT 'I aroll II. 100"
charted u aa occeeeory.flfffllfllllf .
lied which pit oa adtBillat
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Molder of forld'oBroodcaatlat procloloa aarcblat aid A U-yeor-old .M tlrdBtreet

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BANNER IGLD-UP tvapolat while .. helped critical coaditloa when alts struck taking $193la Is Most Powerful
hlaaelf to the
1M bandits used with contests admitted to WC Saturday cash.
..11 caliber pistols of It the ts cub believed reclster. evening for a stab wound Investigators leaned Religions leader WarehouseStore
robbed a Myrtle Avenue that la his cheat that the wee had entered
this robber loft Dr
the Joseph Jackson head
grocery store of aa Taylor who had so the store aad forced
scene la a blue of the
57 4-
estlaated $tOO b cash address Hated with city Jack Betah. operator at
Saturday accordlaf to door Chevrolet. police told thea that guapolat to oapty the Baptist Con
Police said the Baa at he and vettloais labeled "the (UP
reports. a aan knows to cash roflstor.
first held the store seat powerful religious
Acoordlsc to reports his only as ".1...."
operator at bay with a /.1./.1./// hider la the uU.."
tk. wee .attrt4 Baaaer lire arguing when the
Food Store, 3302 Myrtle rifle then polled a sea pulled a knife and A fire at 144 t. Mth by the Decenber Issue of
Art., sad purchased tw pistol after bo tot la stabbed hla.Re St. Tuesday la responsible Ebony ....ulil.Dr .
close rente. for the death of a Jackaoa took tko
said that bo picked
rolls of tlssse. tails
the cashier attested to 1.1.//.1.// op a stool to wad off 70-yeir-eld aan and his kela of the all-Hoiro Open Sundays
woaaa coapaaioa reeeviagseconddegree reliilous group 11
the bit be stabbed
see change forth oaall 1OIAt(S PURE it fl DR'OMAN'S aan .
Lures.Dad MO changed it into
hla Rla condition
bill use of the see aoyiay.
oa arrival at IIIC a, dyaaale rollilouiaoveaent.
pilled stun and announced PURSE:ENTERED present Is listedas
fair. was Prince Blagletary, BOOB maiise

tktlr Ito bandits intentions.accoapllceeaptled at Bobbie Cavalier Lee Cards Cleaners,cashier A////// TO with burn over DO.tof relates. 9 a.m. to 7
his body. TO enlarge its alaalonary p.m.
tile other cash 911 Ashley St. reported
Mrs. Prance Dunbar. TOil A woaaa ta the rooa efforts. Dr. Jackson
register before the two
to police
that a aaa with Sluletary, Mrs. obtained for the a
Duval St. reported to iroup
of the fled oa foot to
$55 out of her
purseas city police Saturday Bertha Koblaeoa, 73. was too. 000 acre land grant Prices ii
a rattles car It 11b.I1.,1I she
searched for
bio this .4
tbat oooieooo entered her adaltted to DHC with la Liberia. An airlcul- art
that they sped
clothes at work. hoae sod took a coablna- burns oa her bands, face lure eipert baa bees enlaied good tho-
froa the scene lea irey tto said III.bad trouble .
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tloa TT-H1FI valued at and body. However her to lay out faras
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fladisi clothes for 1400. condition Is listed aa aid liooao fro. fituro 13
/././././././ either of the. aaaes be One of her aeiihbor's hot serious." production will at> latoaisslonary f'1 .
gave her and a short .. .. ;;f .
STORE' ROBBERYlarrl' stated tbat she had sees Investigators said that work tko
Food IIIrk.t.2UO tike after be had left two'en carrying the set the probably cause of Ebony article polatsout. .
she discovered
the aoneyBisstot. down tilt back steps and the fire was careless The group also ovns a .
Edlsoa Ave. was .
She told city
then loaded it lato a aaoklng. Total dasaies large publishing house
robbed of as estimated police that she would be blue Plyrciith or fa d"e. to the stricture was la "Nsskvllle Tens, .
140 early tedeesdaysorsiog. able to recoialie tilt -- . -. .
estlasted at $330. here It prints its owiliteratere.
Police reports tea It she saw his again. 1..1.1IUd.r -
It has a .
ladlcated that s lose A A A/./.A/ Supermarket, ISO! hotel ia Hot Bprlan. Easy toG I
sea entered the estab- SlOT IN NECKBeajaaia II
Beaver St. van the targetof Ark aid si 11-rooB
blltbaeat with a rifle ooo'v -Tf
a robbery early Tuesday Bores 6621 retreat house for visit- ;, t to _
and held the aaaater at fonts Taylor was to evening ae two buVogue's IcbardaoB load,was snot ill slsslossrles IBlaaklnitoa. o ot

la the Beck by his landlord D.C. Legated it
I last Saturday la la addition It has .,1 d i 1000 1011
Gifts Most
froat of his horse, bouikt tars laid laTennessee 3000 'W. 45th St.
county authorities reported. to aid Metro .
Just III llflllf
Norse was adaitted to Dr, Jackson la a Ties f: S d.
Suceed 25th
Likely To Dec. Duval Medical Center la president of tko tor Id I.S. .1 1 iMfluf' N.iBJililii lt.t.S.t. I)

critical condition) with. Baptist Alliance, sad Isa ....., 6 ""

a bullet wound la his aeaber of the Ceatral / .tie ,. {
Itilien sock froa a M-caliber Ooaattteo of tko World .'
IMporteti ago
pistol Council of Cbirckea. BIG A 1 P II 3dA tt. gxlltswAr
Booked la county Jail
====== =;
Hun oa sssailt to aarder
ntani in m ta turn
charges was lilt, Jack-
.e **
HMnruTliM at
e .eVC R
eon of 121. MoBcrlof Bd. (4MHI*....*:.etseane.e|| 1

0 Ho bond.is betas; held without -cw.M.".........."*.....e CENTER .. -.......... -,.
S.M 4 C M vs
County detectives said n i..,:.lit..ueie S" !* hew,u*-! SHIPPED GRADE "A" DRESSED 4. DRAWN
Jacksoa weat to tko
9 I \ Blckerdsoa Bd. house to
ask Home why" .be had sot
noted out Tko sea began KMT HI N0PMCTjeekiusa

$988Ide ; arming detectives said, Pta.et.awly FRYERSWHOLE
lid Jscksoi lot out of
Decorated.Twe bedros.part-
tile car with a stick laoae
head and a pistol la ..".. later torn II I,M,
ti sill hel ,, till per week, leeUtst air,
f otter.Ho betas betting ....'......... PLITI1' ,
1 r None with tile stick
H7.il -.. .
(14.11 ti -
and the gun fired socldentallr -

officers c
i tenet tided.Closlfied. F PUHKNOTKEaeertflee


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IF n% IMI, / seen p ra. Art III. Mteekly. Good ld illlo. .

Ill-till site till deliver NO eellIttleas. >
IIX KMJUI, 11% Till I p.'. all del aalsrwv.Fll Call IIMtM.lkt LB

1- or 4v, .. .. .
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ROBES1''' Ceeple or Sleds 'er.... seed y.er se..and Asinine
PrlvlletM. Call IM3MIeteevo sod find eel bee vlrsele tlflc
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fer yes, Kile.wra flu
Jacksonville's Finest Selection Ill sue Choice

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Beef Liver Mullet
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Lace Trimed a.Mre.e eee.., cue of ,*(.f.**. eat.
HEIDIE IlierH ft....... in .. II _B4nB ....-y. Ml I. BatOI4 WAFFLES
or Ashley II at 4-.Tt.. ,..I, freeterl, '.f SALTINESS

DOLL TailoredPajamas I

; 1 r IGREfH'SPAHtRY 4
T-, 10 '-L8. 19t'KG.
S Pica
1 100% Nylon Tricot .
,. I ...

UHf $399 1: PlMK. M. iNll H1E NEE Itu.Salsate NS er

j 11 'Jt --

1'IIH HUH- sizes' 32 to 40 ., l: Giller Ale

colors Pink CHEFS( Raid R aid 111151 111(1WI 2 N2I4 kaW.. '1 0 4

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Hit' : '18 Tltilli Sill PAPERS SITIIIAT lECEIIEl 12. 1IJI.

f\, \ HI4TI: l.UJ\ I. Prefrftshro Yemg Msn Scbdsb Pro!.. t:ollIJI,, \Relations, -rw l..T4alk "

To $11 III..3 111 liltlipmutt" Ageatf Has Settled
.StatHMif' itatiUOroat

Atttatb, ry. Ps t 4 Of'9'' Disputes Rl f...,
, 4 '
t Ir 4a a
II.I. The Ittttt yak act IB Cbrlataat. Only tttlto
II'' 'ASllt" lOlI-AKPi- sore days natll Cbrlataaa Taeatloa.'HaBy of yoa
A ell 't .1 rt.f. k Slict It'* UeoptlM laAaaaat are putting la rtvttta to Siata for-what '"'d
If yea toil lit* to enatw 'tt of this year ttt like to Slid 10 your .tock.....
a or said aitoatklltttk t Comity Rtlatloaa Service If JOCi'.,. wadtiiaf wild to give your favorite
a. don put tit ud aatabllahad by tttClrtl girl fslllu _tell this 0111..... The mat laportaat
10. aoattly Pll .Dt.I. tall Rights Act to arUtratt bliss to rtstabtr la to heap your
I RL ...,11 or Pt 11071.CHITtO .. -.,...:::., racial disputes. twos being too ptraoaal. Too eta
LRABlNa AND SALES, Imttt h FREEDOM ttilt CMttMM.Biqr fr bas bandied 60 cues 11 cooott fro a lowrtont oolltctloh
1SN I. .Itavtr Itr..'. at.Ttlfalr tut m NAApf ntEtOOM() StAlt 23 states Btttllni onlyfiMfof of fragrances tbttnebtBtlai lipstick -
yo r .*t tad. aid 0*MM. thrtufH year local l NAACT. thaw IIoU ..wi tillS fathlon ahadotofllpttlck =

ear 111_. The Strrleo under tht' ia aatlatatal al .
4 t dlrtctloB of Dormer CIo,. Mini sea
Leroy Oolllat of Florida,' If your girl ia way oat oa fashion aba*!! Jntt
Special i Christmas Notice rtporttd that, there were solos vTtr one of the BOW ClDlPlet. And girls year

til disputes involving fatorlto tuy will Hilt a yuletide lift too. Ufa I
XmTIRE -it.i. i firtniti lij I.: tapo-Btnt) add labor ... these from being too personal,
I .. -"- practice.isht it bou- If you atlll bttt doubt la yoar Bind, try dviac
IEIIIIE 111% IOMAI IAII illS RUDOra m 'TADTTm..array of stare that gill IPP.... oa the Uc liady KBBOO slag ud real ttttto; a swinging disc or B *olt albua. "' II Huatttra"
glow tin bo Jackaoorlllo'B Teddy ffaahlattoa, RMk Media sad ttt ratalona J- 'foir ucla IB law OB* la aa oioalltat eIIo!o. dace itt tbt ftrorttt of
litil prisiit iipply Is nliislil ItOt". f ore**tat and public tteao 'fTorytbtrt(" 'TLold Thaitoa"baa a boat
apoBtorod by tko progressive Young n.'. did, tilt tr.t till >bt bald at the facilitloa; twtnty-ont albua oat wUII all your favorites lacladtd la It.
frill li sold! : Dura County Anory 1:00 "... Saturday Ow. 10. 'tm public aeaoawjodttloaa; Try 8...,$>okta., >nt.t it groove for a chugs of
IMPUTE illS 1 1II twelve la school do toond."S, ." '
Social Club Matrons SocietyTo Sw.etficld Baptist sep "Itsol; atvoattoa For the classical Hale lovers, the Vienna pbll
$49.50SU5.11 II coaaaalty tension banoalo baa cabined! a Bualcal elataletbatyou'll
Meets Tonight Spoisor Tea Plus To Giie Oat and tour laeollaatoaaoata. sever foritt.

nlii Tbt l.nlr'lool,1 and Sty Teems I'd lllo for you to:a.4 oor ptraoaality
livings ChI>> till attt A holiday fBBbloa shot After dtttrtlnlai of the seek. Kttty Rrtrttt. ntr latest aaata,
Urn ors tie p Friday sight {a the boss till bo prtttattd at Rtr. D.L Darata.paator) that It bad ao role to "It's Otttlai Mighty Crotdtd" I, tally colacbit. '

fins! Nits inr of dr. ..4I11n. ftltoa 1:00 p... The Matrons of ....Uit14 Rapilai .play ,the Service withdrew I.toUlYerlt' begin her alatlai career la the
Oritfin,077 R-Onrch It. society la ipoatorlai*, Church baa aakd alt\ troll oltrm of th* choir of tilt Tratolara Rttt Baptist church la*
sill ii litlsiuitli..nimic ado The club lot recently the affair. awabtra of tko church'tobrlaa ... Nlao others have Orowtood, Rltalatlppl. "
ta tbo boat of Mrs, Modtla bo will participate their, doaatioaajk b.. rtftrrtd to atatoorothtrfodtral After Journeying to cbleaco In 1957 she laded
; .illS II --$41.50 mini:: Ootavla Cbaadlor, 514ftatlo art I,.. aoraleo< for the Criristesa baAkataSunday. aitnclta. a contract with Cobra Records who released .'1:1'
I St. with .,.. Saitb.Hra. Gladys filth. .*. Tbo baakata will and the rtHalalai forty Lift Depends On Tot" sad tlJ U TO" The IBprotaloa -
Frii A finaist B.S. mater Snail tttlton.jrtaldtnt, Hra. Martha Boras, Hra.Lavtra be distributed CbrlataaaoralBf five art still la pro she made with the sounds of'tbtao discs
prtiidlaf. Plans ..,. thuds, Hra. Kola to the sick and c".f, dotanlaatloa. lid to aabatqutat contracts with C.J. Records,
Aloe .dlaoottod for tilt annual TbortoBKiaa HMM 'Till attdy ptraoaa following the Ranto labtl aad finally '",11.
.Cbrlttaat party, thick .aa, Eddie Cbarloa Sr. the I a..., ""10.. Chicago Woman The third Krtrttt wan waa ',ou'" No' o>od"Bado
PARE Ins -sill esters led IrIS till be bola Deo. 10 II and Bddlo Cbarlaa it District S will BtttAiaday Mined HeadRights her a wail bit on the pollt' tad Betty baa r.-
the hosed tbtvrttldoat. Hra. Allot JohnBOB will at I ,..., at the To alatd tort to the I.". with her bit, "111' Stoop

lsyArsy, ir Tin -If ere'" 'III' KtfrtabBtBta tort atrrtd serve aa narrator aadHra. boat of .,.. FaaliaoUblty Unit Stoop SOBC."
by the Dotttti, aaalattd Ratio Strieklaad 1102 rotttr Laat. Melt week tint la and Bttt Moss Wooat tarwlck,
by flat'fatty Jobnioa, will appear aa aatatMlolat All ..Ib.,. hart been FLINT.HichicaB-*(ANTI)* who currently, rock.la' "...cIa Out For Bt."
KEYSTONE STORE INC. and words of approaiatioa ttktd to doaato a wag A astir Cbleatoaa lea Tt.., I want yon to attt ont of the tees dubs
were gives by Bra Ethel Train now book to tie Buaday school btto aaaod director of at Raw Itmton--The Jtwtla. This club baa siateeucbarling
Sll IMI nun PI0XE 154-2551 Drift for tomorro w't Job aa a Cbrlataaa praatat the filet office of the youac lasses ia its BMbtrihlp.Coo-
The pastor tau Ilk 14 that Michigan Civil Rights prlalac this club a rotttr art: Carolyn Crier,
aaata and aoaty bo tubaltttd Coaaiaaloa. Hart otto Jackson Catryl SMPMB, OwtBdolya C.
by Dto. 20. Bbo la Hra. Ollra ft.Rtaalay Jackson; Jacqntlya Btlla, baa OMptoa ivy Solomon -
V "'i The Cbrlataaa tro,rill ibo ia a vice and oaterta Loviaf with Michele Clt.tprtal-
,. F ,; r :'i 1 will bo Dot. 30 at Tl30 prttidtatoftht HlehliaaStato dent; Brenda Halloy, vice president; Etta Hat
"". ,\\ ," l. p... A procraa, "Md no Eaploytta Oaloa.IaaatuBltf. ffootta,toerttary; diaroa BcBrtdt ...t. secretary;
>' I, Mule Ring." will boprtitatod. the post ft....- Rtttia ahad,'"uu"r, Qntbla Frasltr reporter;
J .' .,.. L Btaattt day,aba atiectodtd Otono Cmrolya Floydboalaoaa .Magar and Owttblya loses,
; ';i baa asked all P. Taylor, who has BOOB parU__;arl... The jtwcla Club celebrated its
akildrta atttad''rthtaraala traaaftrrad totho COBlaaloa' Itt uah.nll'J' os-ib. tbtr>t1tb la The boat of-
Hoaaaya aid a Detroit orne. Caralya Oriar OB Roth Drlva. The Jtwtla are the
I ,...14.,. at .:10 p... .,.. Btaalty, a'fo.,., sister elaboftbopbi' Junlortofwhich C roles
-I:' STAR Editor, III. aoerotary of the Detroit Ktmtbrt; ia proaldtat; 'Ronald lei to*, vice prtal
; League of toata Vottra dtBtiHlehatl; linen, secretary; Hlebatl p Sttwtrt.troatarort .
'. Aalablo Alytoa flat, .
: also f-n das. 4aijw.i Lawson' Hottll, flaatclal secretary;. ..
.01 'J : r Florida I'fAlII.n Editor. .f tbo)Ior'o ......- ItnnoUi!' Brocklaitoa, chaplain; and Charlta Rod
la presently coafiatd to
I ..atpf a T1CA brtacb. la did IB baaitta .mt.,.
boat tha malt .f.a
Detroit. Pith a anal of fulfilling and atrtactktalai the
a recent illness.'lb. The ... Rlikta Director civic and social bachtroaad of tko sobers ...
i taros the staff of the toaaualty threwth wholtMt recreation with proper .

4r ,, '. ,(.. : with tka JaektoBTlHopablleatloa was strict old Fair. .,.., Pray Hl tired CDMlaaloa (FBFO .
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by the! CM1 Rights Oo.aouios.Oefore with oar dlctioaary of boy and sore social yak.
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niat aaalBMoat aboaa ,_ _
TAR staff alaea tbta. a field roprtatatatlrt. Tll Joienor Calls for CiNCI I
.... ,.- flat haa bees cbara .
I toriatdj by Ma pltattatlaaa BOCA jAT N. Plerida- The Gortraor, who watwouodtd.atrlac
Prior to bar arrival iaHlehliaa
_.\ "" sad alld. .00.-..- (ANFITtiaa Iour..t tat latoFrtaldtat
la 1 M. Bra.Btaaloywuwlth
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t" Fritadt and aaooelatta tbt O.I.KBployatat alai the Soatbtra' ....* aaaaiaatloc: la Dallas laNofMbtMtll.
1 '. Joie la Blahlat tie J.. .. service la paper FvUiahtra AatntH' Btutttodalto
oil -lock lalaad area
Railaad slap a v9r7 of Illisels.Bays' silos 'btrti declared that ,tho people aad
...., roooTtry. tbat ,Io.tlltr. Itadtrato press should tara away
4 4l 'tiset IdJII& tbewelvee froa\aat.U... of rata
'," Seas B Snits 1..UMI.lIu,."
ytf5.4tj| Boys Md to..r.1I''rlo1
.roatbt ly'' tie civil ........ h aIr ..-
Lay-A-Wey. sits Act ..eI'......IIJ. tot aero oaratai poser
efforts tWolthbllahrtaaoaablo sad"tie traalac .f suet
Boys Suits For Chrlitmas tr9la!iesshlys sushi ,ro...... aa ericae.dJuveniledeliae.aer.
ran ..,* .
Sizes 2 to_ 20ReQu1srSHmMushlas

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$7.90 to $26.95 ,

Free Bow lii With Every Sill 3


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,"Islit It time you! tiitd I whiskey UMI k

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umt&v HCEKiEi 12, tsu P ; FLHIii STII FAPE $ rilE nJiBsory

Is HeavyweightElialaatloa Look Hapstt'Iu 6ibb Jeiior College ..Cobn Cigirs fUll taitk 01 Virginia Union

Mated MoBthKCT Names Tknt To All Americas |fllkt8triliskolbillSqiiid0

All Anerici TitaNCf
TOW-<"NPI)-Whilt champion Catalan Clay la 51.101

recuperating fro. a hernia operation la a Bolt+w YOIfThrtt Negro HAMPTON, ....Praak Tho Virginia Onion mi -

hospital, the World Boring AMOclatlM baa ton atari hart been rimed to "(k>ider.lIlt11.a abort tnlty basketball ota*

steadily ahead to rig up u tllalnatloa toaraaawntla the 1114 Look Maaalao atop for the Haaptoa Ifatltato BOB opened December 1
u .ttnoUo coapl.t. the lifting of kU tltlt. All Marten tilL baseball tau .
Previously the IBA had*......................... The 22All America has bee nosed to tilt whta holt the to Hiaptoi Panthers lattt played

BBBonnctd it was vacating robin to tab place with .,Mid picked by the I.A. I.A. All.A.irlcMbaatball the la BireosttrtniHall.

Clajfa title for Floyd Patttrtoa and Football biters Associatios aquad for 1H4. '1'11'..... ehtd-

lining a title match George the Charalo eoaattd was aaaoiaetd bite a sophomore bat a" will feature sine

with Sonny Littoo. The UCIII protagonists today IB Look. a l .Y tlai wliard. captured boat ..... and ten road
bout scheduled for No*. However Ptttmoa sad no three players *rt the 1114 batting ehaap (.ta.Two .
18. MM called off attar Cbafalo were already alt Bvjrtrt of iMtaa.Clartaeo loathlp. according to changes bate bees
.tt..4 tht linked up for January of
Clay htrala. lllllMi
statistics released by sade I. the '64aehtdalt. -.S
City will be oat of ring 29 date ladlaoa BquartOardeo.Tht iMhtKtoa State .... the National Association Calta willpliylhawOalTtntty

action for at leant sin winner of this Floyd UttltofsyracaM.Baytra of lattroollHUto Ath .at;

months,and the WA Mk encounter Will then Bttt hM few peers 1."opt..titI4 Ivkt* lit lea.Tht MltUh N.C., 01 ptbr*
f III hay IB the interim. the WM lattrl chop speed aadtiplotlttatii. [ % Pirate ahortttoptolltottd try 14. 191$ and laRlohtMnd

paired Clevelandtillia.e tltttr HIllaM or Ttr ." Look M hltt la TO oa Dteaabtr 10.
and Ernie Ttrrtll two April rell tone tlat la late noted la describing the 1''''' ....,...._..... Li__ .. .. -, .,.... lisle at the platt for a than will replace wtaatoBoPiIta .
of CI.,'" atitlnllntchalltnitn or May. KaaaM speedster THI- CXlIU&.,.. of U..IUCM' top.aoorl ttaaa and the PXAA't defending (41 average tor IIaatt. ta the revised *

for hUh tllllaaa "r.t.II.. conference ohaaploaa, art OCllO.ed of the following players: wont tow-Baiatt Ht alto soared lehtdalt Howard
.OM time ia January Afies F-Bcck best sinner o.till ooMt MePaddM. aekaoaTinaIddlo hltfldOrlando; Leonard Btnaoa st. Augustine U Nil.eIroY. la 22 runs University will rttara

originally, however, the froa icrlaa.|t, after Jasper RoBttr. 8t.Ptttrabari; Minion Rutbla, St. Petersburg 2nd row.Alphooto and stole 22 ba.... to tilt Panther schedule

MIA bad wanted round With Sea DiegoGttF@lscoxoNChill catching a pass, or retuning lade St. ptttrtbarc Edward Ltttt, alawl, Hercules Robinson Mlaal; Prtd Balth, aarprUtd, this ,..r. Union till

a put or kickoff Davis Orlando; Third rowcovnell Clarkaoa. St. Augustine: Jlaait WllllMt, hit selection was a play Howard U tun tar-

Prairie View ieBeasley ." Uo magma. dt- Ra-anaMaxlt; Hairline Pt.lrtra. Vincent Paul 8brla: Carlton Nelson Tvpa.; high school ataadovt it ton, Do c., Ptbrvary 10.

star fallback clued "out kt ia eves and tllllt Brut, at. ptttnbau. Noraaa Jackaoa former Tuakntt basketball Morris Nigh New tirk Tilt RlehBoadtra will

Grinders Get and leading round gala stronger. possibly, II. star ia er with the AM College defensive halfback a* schoolboy hoaort. Oa oaeo this ataaoa.

ClBfc Aggles and who was draft alatt the MB or the Slate graduation troD high The high point of the
Awards SIRS
ed last week by the Bas p..." Miamian Is Rattler Editor school Smith was ap. season will bt Friday .

ATLANTA Oa.-Po- the Diego Chargers of the Little, Ut only aophoon Ticket Sales proachtd by "' at lout Ptbraary I, HIS whoa

atooad conatcutl-t year, AMTleaa Football Ltartt. to sin All America .1.." macs ItMtoranliatlona. Virginia State College

the "'.ItlIIU' of has signed with the honors this year, *1i a For YoBtfas Via aertppr of Petersburg BMtt WO

,rarS.., .Vltw ABM Cblltct, tMB.Btatlty.. threat to at) all Ut wayon Pirate field general aaa at tko BlohMid. City

Texas, will receive The who studs at any ,I.,,"Loook said Christmas gifts for ..n...0" by his anther Arena at liiS 1 P... Thla
I.A. Boott. II Memorial (-0 even and 211 pound, Md *%ay rate before that hr..tO.h' for to tan the offers does will bo the "CtatMalalClwale.

Trophy, the rteoialitdayabol was this season the ht la Uroadu with sack girl or boy win bt of ta order to parttt a ." It will sort"

of the lattr fastest back oa the past Orange heroes M ftrtd by tat suBflowtraSaturday 5Mr college tduoatloa.Vlviii ,.10.' ICOth Blrthda)

collegiate championship chaBplonihlp Acclt aquad.Htwaa tim ,roes and the late ,two. 12 at Her and over a half-eeetsryof

aaoncJitaTO colleges also outstanding rile DaTla." ,Ring park when the aalttlaaalMtlll Yinbill CIAA Mpttlttoa wUIIwe.
The Football iritaraAaaoelatloa
The 100* trot| Clab of oa dtftoat.Bwalty bt oa hand .
the Atlanta Dally world, was flow lain la picking to sell special gift Is High Bowler Coach Thoaia Marcia
the 1114 Look All Atr,
Atlanta Ga. awards San Ditto over the put season tickets for the will rely ea Senior
the trophy annually la weekend aa ottt of the lea,followed a precedent Jai Bunt baseball gas a Vivian Tvraball ... Charles Biddoi, ward

aaoryof the late ..A. elab for the alialaictrtaoalta set by tilt late OrMt for IMS her tf the Chickadee ot CanOn, ...J., tO

Booth, H, founder of Ht would lOt land Wet tad selected a The Sufltwtrt will Bowling ,... rolled theblab park the teas.Indtcatlons.
... teen ..1 ell each 1
22- OB
the Atlanta atwipaptr.Tht ooaa tat OB bones and ittip their Hennisg individual gene tf art that

Coc.-Cola Company, salary arraaitatatt.Hth player enjoys equal Park" booth at 11 .... .,.0..IIa.lIrt.. Coach Marrla will .ploy

and The Atlanta (0*.) the Chargers ht nnt'itrtM itataa. to otter aaaBybattoaator Of 144. a nit HI whereby all
Coca-Cola bottling CM will Join a Parser ttaatitt Mtabtrttftht. ttM win stool age kids fro Naomi Nester, *Mktrof playtri, through tees

pang art co-sponaort of Dick tutaort- brotcht to New York to I through IS ytara of Ut tobta tt., rolled. effect, till ht ptttatlal -

the award land former Aggie half appear oa the Tonight ut;' Juiltr-lMBlor Nigh" tat blab terse (aao ..* scorers If the

The < 'Pu U.n" coos balm and who last season Shoo, itarrtK Johnny, School student ,....., rill with a total of yatoa worli ht aaya,
nine strait gases during earned all*rookie Caress, OB tilt H8CTVatttcrk.Thuraday. and general adaliiloabooka. 441 Md aa ladlvlfaallaatof ValOC1 and thOttBMMi*

their t... ea*. honor with tilt dab. Dec.). Hose of the ahoy HO. ty will bt proud .(
no players received
iii... *. * tickets will oaottd 110. BBl_ .,.'- .... these flat taltattdIvtrt
T specially designed Lord
Cda watches at the All Bnaay ,hattoaa. priced PUBLICATION LfAD!M-..dlttrUl Ittdtre of tM . dvrlni the CM*

INDEPENDENT OIL CO.kEHOR174it America Award Buqittlatt for oily 11.00. will aa* Florida ABB Datttrilty tttdMt piklltatloat art toatal Tttf"Give
Utlt the scorer to frttadalailoa
Friday at the hi' been here ta they tnplantd recently for ChltaMwhtro
lade: m.lmt to all of the
U. attended Bttloaal
dorf-Aatorla Hotel hoot r Ut OM'MtiMOf Ut
Was tree if the
Associated Cblltdttt prttt MdiitlotU Mcbolao
Ike Joseph ...--.......-...-... Proprietor Loses .tartr of the battoa laparekiiln
Y. Uiioi Uifr M Aiwclatlta. Lift to right, they art ... .
state and Jefferson streets IX '1'941 "oo.ul" by "dIIlt .. ... sorer bee 0 aatM esa0 Nam wtt ens ant Wht y. .
Rok t Altiaadtr, editor It 'm FAMQM. tttdwtMtily
6iBi a ticket
First Cage Btwwa-trptblttitloa; Cyril MOM. odttor
Cklldrta | to It will
ls'ehtef. The 1$ MTTUX. yearbook Md Arthur
aleoat tktitprttMtilathttr .
AD STUDIO CrtMll tanelttt. editor of the Bl RtTTLt R.Alttaadtr .
Roscoe handy duMtd 1* itock
ROYAl .21 potato to load RMptealaitltitt lags case till rtat./ .. a Junior, .majoring political ocltaMIt
DAVIS STREET: Ut eon of Ir...' I,..'IU" AltiMdtrl4
to ft ,.*10victory .ralai.jaatorstalor.
Olbba. Dr'''. Tallahassee Nose, MB of Mr. sad
ever U.VlrdalaOBttft Nigh
ELgin 4-1894 Mra. cyrtl MOM, HIT n.t. ird Court MM, la
Cidri IB tko ohool .tI"'ta' ,.....* j
a Miltr 'ajortadahlattry Md raphy.rrowtll Yy .4,
season optatr for both pod for all !home (... :.1
DOe ef Mra.NilM JMM MeCbMtr, II ltd Top Orttt,
IITIIUItit ttMB.Bllltt ... .t opening altht
Matthew aid la tMaldtrtdartal bar west Hartford Coca, U a senior pallet I Jtr.CMW1BOW.lt .

II i."i Elliott Matcher paced gels at oaly II laprltt.

the Ultra with 30 polatiaplteo. The paaiia art AttIH Q.llCk Naased AI-St.ie{
I a-Ctltr., III-I,,.. Ctdrlt liter, afresemsa good for the (TMdltMdMir.

also kit dotkltfinrit This II taaatdtrodM C.-won saetadhylle eppoeente

SH Sirs first by scoring 10 Ideal lift for tie last Mil OOIU.... 14n for the 'itoot' yalathle

pttaU U OalM*. loolMMIO. .,.r&l lotlai y...(!. t. Cornell! .,.... .1..,** iwiNoroot. A
A sear tapMllyrttd ... tar eaart'rktck with
ttr .t. it tkrotk
.,tu, fillle- at M 11. .III
braved tkt lr 11 fears U age.AJ..lschl.4. tkt AIIT CWO... A|glee. ptaadt, fro vtrftlk,
weather to t.nH' :.ho ltdbjtt..
Open Dally gee Ift Utbaralai to the Va., hit hoes drtrttdby
U. val..' full BMO, till kt bolo elM foftball. ehrptsealp. There
the Fran I
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lieu 1IUMTJYeu ..M Mich tMftthrllltrMM .f fMtral aMlsstemuehets'wblcb
Nrtymatr tf the Ratltoal -
tllU to tilt flail -tally N. ems sued to IkeNorth
on!tat AllBUtt pottkall L..g.e,
barns all 'lJr It 21 MM*>Ubt
Md by Ut BM Verb jttt
Football seed la a poll. OneThe
tffirtd at s savisge
eoUsetod. by Ut Brio of Ut AMrttM fMtkalllMta.
I stL N Pew feMk.III .... tad B. .. Mt ptod .
hero Dell lees,
kt tijtytd rti( lk. t".,. fro
....... the first of
Oufht to If WiUliTklsClovi ,..r, set. .trtlyChrltttM es kit rt.. ,. tirt tktaoatr tit respective tltbi.Mtk ( gift that get returned)
rrslag.TI. Crown
r Ailt, it.tst .r
Give 7 and be Sure
'' .,. will altt kt Seagram's
213 Bosaldtosse tf
5hsh I II IS tltitd. tit tie ,
In Our it >t
.. gift iirttfltitit. a* 1H4 ...... ta Thttlt BirlUitta, I.C., ... Dtc tat#B4|.Ut win Bt M eats cart
eA- -re I $31$21111S tollable r ether tlcktt aitUit tie ..M4 ',....,.,.* ....
Itlaf pay
I barged.. far the Mop ..rth Ctrtllaa Otllttt IIM1. M Ut AJ'." '".
I 1t,1," hatoball fat alt T....
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i41V 1 nm / sINHW p "J """
..l.. ._' ." ._..I__.._ .--- """- ....- .'"

,. ,., .

1\\ 'I flllllA SUI 'InIJ_ 4 __ S1TIBII 1ECCBIEI 12. till

KOilEY'S IAIIICUEII1IUCUI Civil Rights Complalifs New' Drive-in Opened Social Security Iris Advbsd

Urged Investigated By ACLU For Student Job Seekers

Mf TOM. .R.T. The Aaorlcaa Civil Ubortlaa t A1 The holiday Muoa la Job-baatlB! tins for tboa-
Union called today for _141&t. action to hum' sends of itad.ta and for aaay college udtrtrmdoatoa -
the FBI'. iBVeetlfatlOfl Of Civil Klthta COBplalatB and others vbo ire looting for holiday wo$.
and its eoforceaaot of civil rtibU IM.NotlBf R.B. Doaaldaoa. aocial security district aaaaior.at .
: >> that the correct ....................... Jacksonville, bad a aood tip.tor all Job-...-
controversy aroood FBI tliatioa of civil nallt.oOIll.llIIta era ".. sure that yon have a social aoearlty
Pltl IllS card and that it shoe your correct present aaao.Vaay .
!IUDCUlI.I.'lIarla Director a atateaeata J. IdaI'Roo.tlr' coneeraiac rlorU ia,..a. ;BiMboroao that rt! 'A of tile yoanioratt .......................
boeaaao vlolatloao nay sever bifo bad li particularly for1"tbo
Dr. Mania Lather .
civil ..,."" -..,< ':" a modal security card," fair sea. If you hive
rights lava .
list and the civil coo. "" I ll. I I2ltfc rights movement bad com huain bdaaa. their ., II r Doaaldaoa stated, *%ot married recently and jour
'SU Nmrlil N.ll. sharply pointed up the safety aad their right RU U9XKB DRIYI:-IN Package storm opined at Beaver slave employers aaat oorroct aeme f s not aooaa
laadeguacy of the ni't to equal protection of and Davis vlthacraai-opoBlaf that polled .00.... have the social aooarity 6a your social aocarltr
2- MmTi role la the oiYU rtttta the I.... Till LoUD ia of Mdvra decor with a coafortablt number of each employee card, take or sail if to
area,the civil liberties A second rvcoHtodttioa and spacious seating capacity. Unique IB their to report his oaralaca tha.apelal aoearlty ifflea. -
1471, Ikfi had UM orfwltttloa Bald: made by tilt ACLD vu to lilt of popular brand liquor silo prices art for social Bocaritjr sad .: .. sure to till
"Doaplto the roceat vend the present federal lilted, la aa advertisement oa back page of this Itbholdlai tatt helps them oiaetly !boo ,ear
', to Macs that if aaao should bo shorn.
Harry of ni activity civil rights lava, -.111I" job yea
..t.1' aocial atearlty and tea vlll bo ilad to
to mate clearer the
in civil rittto CUll ia
HEN yii in ILL tilt Booth, M do sot grounds oa bleb local Noted Scientist Breaks card ia adraaeo! and hays.i record,ihp cdnnge sad to
l,. enforcement officers It vita! you to abov"to give you "'oorroct card
believe that its ov.rall -
Tot gook Tie Boat Doctor
II mm Tour Doctor Prescribes.Out record ia Dill of can bo arrested for depriviigpersons and coavictod Ground For Miles Building look till employer for vorfc."baa you modal"Appllcatloa aocarltyeardaaroavaiablo Onus tor
bporioaeod rharaaelatat.AecordlBB vigorous pursuit of The oalBOBt spats scientist Dr. Itrabcr Yon
responsible for of their civil If you did have a card at your localBodal
to your Doctor'sOrdsrs. persons Bruin lifted the first ahovtlful of earth for the
t rlihti. "Currently to but CM' t find It,' apply aoonrity office,
"o DM Only ft. gait MirooB new $450,000 science building at Miles college, 125 Julia Btrtrt la Jwk-
obtain aoollrtctSoa vhoroa for a duplleato social
their civil nallta.l1Acetbe
C.1. LACK Quality Drugs which aiialfitd that Hllea was preparing to meet aoovllla.Baak. "
person la mistreated bf security card Gao Porn
lilt of these vlo
tit. standard far BMbtrabiD la
nit hat qus.tit.tive
Prop >>I' lotions la hugs, and police it la aocvaaary --- Aaaoclatlon.......................... 8R-5, the semi ton that
tilt southern
} BKnnnin) FHAWACISW' to saivs TOO proportionatoly.arrMtaaad to provo tbat the of Dr. Voa Braaa delivered 100 and chamber of la used to apply for aa Gets
A COUPLET tint or proaoeatioaa art tidal bad specific latent the. ,yaoto groundbreaking OoBMtrco saber original card '
Coaaatlea-Rabbar Oboda-Caadiva-BuBdrlaa few, we do Dot tbiab to deprive him of a .dd"... Mr. Dr. You Braaa, the Another lOrd of advice 'Silnesy Davis
-VftQKRirnona' < CAU.ID Pot AND t wuraro oar criticism ia aiJaItUI. constitutional right, '1kaco"vaa) aciatillat* pioneer of roekota,
..." and tblabMbMO offered, lug introduced by ODe of guided missiles and Dixie Stkis Nnxtla' 'I- ..1 7
by the FBI aa one rv -i\ Davis, tarrof Ifoal1
Store The civil liberties Blraiaibaa'a loatflafclvlebualaeiaan spice, told the audience -
'Drvg BOB for the failure oftbo to i.,' "ooldoa >'
group urged the At* arroata. James of approximately 1,000 Ur jed 5111'MIUISII Boy?
FBI to Brto vant to aort .
tonoy General to lira A. Had. former president strong made up of Miles aa aooa &aho
IN? IIKS IMI El 11271 the FBI "oipllelt instructions ******* of tko Oovlttao of faculty,students alumni was elected of"to tb'oaavlyoriaalsod till
tbat lavee advisory board
ATLANTA--(Nri-Tbe rroodoa
I aoutbon aaabora of'Cbn- National Bank of Hof
tress were urged last. tort.
week to lip a second HI a tfforta IOUCU"
Soatbera Manifesto to thoiatoroBt of aachp
proclaim that"-Milt "la ,*raoaa a* George Urbyj
done nth,a fatal faVciaatioa Milton Porte ooorijaaatll !
tor Jolt can- Harry MorabM
L NIN.lkeek 15$." field, laa;Murray aad
The B8|(atlOB'CiB. Johnny ?araoa. M

from Leroy -Coll IBB. II aceoptlai' the poi,
former Bororaorofrlorl* altloa os-the bank.s ICY
da aad BOW drector"ot',vfaory hoard Baaay aaldIt
the Coeaaity, telatloos aproaaatod the lied
service, which vaa ..(, Atpniroaa of vhica ho,
up under provisioasof la lOre then happy to ba
the Civil Rlfhta Act of part.
1064. The advisory board ia
'Your The original BoatboraMaalfoato composed of aa iatar
J w Until SaturdayDecember *aa t.jfcCtitlifi.1*-' > t i U i'/ 'lOl well
Petoraje by aoao of the most
.' Southern .....,. of taom persons IB the
; 12th Congress, mho pledged city. ..,a. ..
to "IBO all. possible
Infill ataaa to resist
...., dc the guoreme coart'a do-
dabs, oatlavlai airo I

latloB." ia pablleBAoola. I


Cor. Broad and Ashley fL 42159





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