Florida Star

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5830699 F20090525_AAABWU 00593.tif e012738dbd1a38bbd6bb44db3140c0f88220b62d0b81621199109deb9b1c9afef50f3d3a


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text

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Unlvoraity of Florida .

II- Galnoavllla, Florida B. .all-0' ck Signed To Play With Pittsburgh Steelefl6orrLORIDAHI3'JI

.. ...
. . . *
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. . . Negro Wins

Inks Professional Football Contract High Post

II IIIP- .' :' -.. -..=- ... _.A _-.air_

Ill 1A71 SITIIliT ItClBIH S, 1114 16 CEMTiCOP II State Dipt.mHlHQTON'A .

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.. .....b!' lilt worktr lau

KILLS EXCONAT + auto. plat emtatly

0x. holds a poiltlot of rtpotilblllty .. J


(*Dtrt*'nt of Slit.

CLUB H* .. .,..14 a Ptl..r.
32. a U.S. rorU It,

vice Officer roe f.i.

..,1...... she, lrtctat a

Cop ShootsExCiivict Slayer Charged By FAMU, Gnnbliii ;''.,' I 1! ...thl tpttlBtacit h'''''', uses of ,

Mod Staff AtalatMt Utmtary
Mill li Amil I *f Ittt far

IB Ireik-ii All- W itl Jury' Classic Hitch I Kducttlotkl Affalra. Md Cultural

Hrbrt Cries a 2J- UH1"TM of tk* sae A sans cue laud irt4auefHotard <

yttrld *i eoivlet For Manslaughter tlM'k too eolltt foot '( ', '.. i Qalmalty

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the billets of o police-. The liver of another of u children hero of rierUt AM ,., ,..1'..'...... Ik* r" rtiB It,.
sue service revolves In Jtckaortrlllo March 23. during a periodof aid .,.'U.. OBllt|**, 'I .: .. '" ,. vice tk rtferntry J 1udBltt

after k. vas etiiktMM tense racial conflict.wt found guilty Tlira..*lll Sleek that tU kk.

sit of the Br*>t. Saturday sight before Motlottod I 11IIII'-- had tw ."ri.M Milt*
toed ioU Coin Clob- of Rknalkuchtor In Crialotl e Court e Rednesday1ysnall eee 0 000 .itr- ..un iATI l ...allege II..'...., JMM lomosbgl' Other, lleootrMt ... ,ro'". seats Bad fr tk the

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PLOfIIDA. NEWS STall *finer R HonuM A1VJV1AAOMArrmtIumsY+ it untie nun.noll : .jam THINK IT OVERT

rnbllahod tor Tlit Florida star hbUanlai Co. f/7IaLy slm..v rolIAOiNri AA..VftYAIIAC7+w WMEt CBATTOOO HALL
MIMBBBNEGRO IltlMl LR/Mllo I (Par mi)

T/OPIAL : Always and everywhere terror has a way
jj. of backfiring. During the French Revolutlon -'

EIIC .. $IMPIN.M',1&I't EJitirUTSIR ,Robespierre,who supported the Reign
of Terror himself fell victim to the

(. USE...... ... Rut Mir terror ana was guillotined.The .

ILIA VIITEN.. ......Circilitln IUI&u BAaor : ; : $ Hl' prohibition terror years of the In gangsters America backfired during And the

: carried off oany of the practitioners of

Mill OFFICE t run terror .

In Germany Hitler unleashed a reign of
232) Mmriif I.d.. .J"I. Uii 4-8712 terror against the Jews. Later this same

terror sent many thousands of Germans to

Miilln AUnss: consecration camps.

'. Most of all thj supporters and prac-

P., III SlUielsiiillli/ I.fllrll I ., ,.,' titioners of terror in Russia were later.

liquidated by Stalin's terror. .
MIAMI SURE This brings us to the reign of terror,

In Mississippi. The burden of this terrorso

731 lit Id &,.. Hm HMI25 far has fallen on Negroes. But white

> .1/ Mississippians should not feel sure that
1I18'QIPTICW' lAm ,. they will/ forever remain Immune from this

to* Year, '1.00. Half roar, 14.00 'I,": ; <_ same terror. "

MtiUd to Iou M'.her. la the CnlUd !!Mat* :-.+,r.i .l.r. i Terror can at times recognize no color

Subacrlptloa payable IB Ktriae ''','.'' : s line. For example, some few weeks ago a
seed Chock: or M may Order to: J.. t.: ;- .tl "}" "" bombing attempt was made on the home of
: :,3') r-?. ;., .,. the white mayor of Natchez Mississippi.-.
FLORIDA ETAR P.O. BOX: 511 'i/ J He Is said to have wanted to Improve relations -'
w j '"
Jacksonville :
1, florlda : between the races.
: : ::: : The lynching terror of former I
.. years In.
L The Nigr C@I. te ... ..+ rr. rr Pere M-. the South destroyed 3 2115 Negroes between .
i 1002 and inHC. f But this barbaric terror

The Bislitss Ce.ruiIty"fie YOUR VOTING POWER CAN BREAK IT'S IACK also backfired and destroyed 1,291 whites..

during the same period. .
most important single leverage 'to Decent and sen.lblehlte Southerners
help Negroes la the expansion of job op
ought to get wise and exert every effortto
portunities, says nil Glntberg editor have the 'terror of the law Inflic -
of "The Negro Challenge to the Builneis '' .
ted upon the' practitioners of terror. '
Community. published by McOrat-Hlll. Terror has a long and unsavory record-of..
"Business Is the most Important single Your
Weekly backfiring unless Its practitioners art
Institution to assist "
the Negro, pro not stymied and brought to justice/ and re
fessor Olnzberi continues
"and .employ tribution. ,
lent Is the key to the full integrationof i........

the Negro into American .oci.t,. This Erstwhile/ Black Muslin whltephobe MalcolmX

Is the central thene of the book." has visited Islam's Holy City Mecca. and
The fact that *) representatives of leading Horoscope GuideBy tale
has seen a great light. And light'sshining
American companies met at Arden
House rays he admits, have purged him
this past January for a conference at which of wtiltephobia.

six experts discussed different aspects The Bible of Islam, the Koran does not
of the present Negro challenge to American PABLO The ASTROLOGER
teach any kind of cclor phobia.And genuine,
business was an Indication of the Increasing

Muslims do strive to practice thy tenets
understanding by the leaders of of their Bible Incomparably moreso than
Industry of their WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY
responsibility in the DAYS FOR Christians practice the teachings of their
broad-acsl. national effort to assure that Slble. .

all life..Negroes participate fully in American BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL There la not and never has been an Islamicmosque

or school that discriminated againstor
the executlres cane from every major\ sector
segregated the followers of Allah or
of the
American and themselves
economy\ they -
the basis of differences In skin color.
Insisted that the results of the
conference be published. "The AII18 HT ir ri ciN' oulln THAT COULD SI COIORIN is MAIN CMTNASI tio.You One of the great paradoxes of the klnl of,
to the Business Negro Challenge Born March 21st thru IN TNt HANOI Or THUIT YOU JU GMQlT. TIle Mil' RtPUTATION, .II toll MOST pseudo-lslemlsm of the Black Muslims 'Jij. I
direct Community" the April 19th tORTNV MRTNIRO SiR UR| TO TAKI YOU SILr IN rRtcious I ,...UII CIN. You America la that they seem to be ignorantof
response to their demand. Its .dt-
tor. Pit dlntberg. is professor of Economics -
at the Graduate School of Bnsi- IMP WITH TIll DIFg.L IXACTIV WHAT TO DO. CAUSE YOU TO ,All, DRASTIC IT TNROUOMINOISCRITIONI white !muslins I In Turkey,Albania I Bulgaria..
riRIONAL STEPS THAT TNAT COM* Yugoslavia(: and parts ot Greece. ...
.. CULTIII TNf Mt tMlt "7001l.t.U.111a. ''''.L' ,
ness,, Columbia JUplveralty. aad cit* tor," ff America's"Bl I
follows ac rNS-
Conservation of Hunan Resources, at Columbia. mvieui' ouarta IONS \ .. 0010 MEAN MORE TROUSII TO THl NOTICE Or OTHIRI.I It
UNO 0' as DI'_. You CANCER rot You THAN YOU SUSrtCTID. > toe 12.,..21-1 11CAPRlCOfBt I lies really believe hatred ofail white,

MAY ...10 HAve TO CONTEND Bon June 22nd thru then they must tc be consistent also,

The first topic taken up in "Tht Negro WITH |NSUNCI, RtVINUt, July 22ndTH ..eo..So..... hate these mllllo.u of their white coreligionists

Challenge to the Business Community" if 0* em MONITAKV PROs || ArrtARS TO II ASOMWMAT Born Dtc. 22id thru, in the above-mentioned/ ,coun-

American Democracy and the Negro. Here IIIMI LIAVIIII i TOO u,. CHAOTIC rtRlOO LIBRA Jan. 19th tries.It .
has taken Malcolm X time to divest
rite ea ruiTRTte mm 23rd thru along
editor Olnzberf traces the counterpoint WITH VOWS ritiiNot, HAY. Born Sept.
between American democracy and the Negro You ATTCMPT TO Wet WITH INS TRICKIONVOU.FRIIM>. Oct. 23rdTNCRI'AOAIN himself of his whitephobia. Tray;1

people. In opening he notes: ,",". You HIM TO N'\'1IIIOU. MAY. NOT 1"IW'Y1.WIHirt YOU WOULD SI DOING can be very educative. Malcolm I X has been 1
.. IS CONIIOIRABLl vouRllir A ravoR ivJOININI traveling. .
"one conspicuous strength of American TO e T TUI TO TNt STRAIN' oreirrtRiNCii PlIIAIICI&
democracy his been Us ability to take all slip "r *ITM YOUR ..- OR i MOTIONALacliss. MTNASII ON VOURMONlTARV NI* EDUCATION America's whltephobe Slack Muslim leaders .
.,......" MR0 LI5iTIONtITMOVT SITUATION.. TNIRO.ATID ClAIIIS OR rRATIRNAkODSAMl ought to travel for educative purposes -
kinds of people, put them through similar YOU MAY SI CM. ,
experiences, and absorb them with Ilttl.dlfficult.1. IIINe IMPklO sits AMY "euDOIII (OILS rROSLIMS MAY NO too. -
IONMR BROOK ANY ruRTNIR KIN YOU riNO vouRicir Travel would reveal to them, as It
But the Negro, who arrived In ADO ATTtnrT TO CARRY
IN a Nil COMMUNITY WHIM hat done for Malcolm' X "m
America in ? TNt
loll and therefore has been herelonger TNIM OUT WITHOUT
rooriR SOLUTIONS.' TxoitOr YOUI VHIMS o* MonitionHAVl the true Islamic' religion Is not a-nar
than the Pilgrims, has not beta absorbed siNtriT or surriciiNTPIANNIN
TMIN VOU. THIS II faith restricted to black and colored
by our democracy His experience *OR MITARATIONS.I
MIAMI AT VOUR OlirOtALres THE SURIIT' lAT TO rORMINTIRIITIN They alto would l.arn.ffOlll their tr
TAU au'
has been different from that of all other IMICIAUV CAUTIOUS
CHRISTMAS IITINOITURII VII 01111'1 that true Islamism, neither teaches
groups." Born April 20th thru MEN YOU Mt IN TRANSIT Illen'l
professor Qlnzberg analyses and explainsthis May Mth AlTHOUOM AMBITION MAY CAN SET AROUNOHIOM tolerates whitephobia.CMI .
II PLAYING A SIC rRicil ov tMorriNeIN
historical fact "so inexplicable ca ALSO
COULD' orNistinrostisi . .
the surface. He points out: 'The Negrocaat NATTII MO* ITIONC vou. I IT MAY siIOMIOHAT
to the United States initially by t ecident. test Rlliwai, se MOT OHOWIO it SATisrito STORII THAT ARINOTMHlAVIlV nrricuiT. TOISTASIISN

He arrived because a Dutch trader COMMON I II VTM tell THAT VOW NAVE THl MIllS rATRONIHB0V TNt UVIN* I

s ship carrying Negroes happened' to imemii. .IT 1101 uir ei AIIIITIIS TO lATitrv IITRAVAOMT riRSONl.t ITMOMOS Tl MICH YOU Rights Rowtdvpaiejm
land in Jaaeatown Virginia.,., aoMiom is IIMTIMCOMIIOISAHI IT. ""II.
"Because the British, knowing nothing lOVelY TOlaiwci ..>>....15.35.5. I eta. sueoisTio ea oeCURRINCI 1.>>-.1".24 ,
tbctjt .Negroes, 'could not conceive of living veu TO SIT uvotvie TNAT <
cheek by jowl with them. ss fret cltl- IN M o.vinmsier LCD 'vow er CIRTAIN WRRIIION Asa hMIUa IAlllJIG1OII-OWPIJ-&en.'I'It_ et u. d

seas, they sought to develop a method of a IICOIT MATURI. Do Ion July 23rd thru OKUATIONl. Born Jan. 20th tarn a real sat loss Motlat 'lu rrwtewtroatly .Jo

social control over these strangers la HOT wtuia tnm vow Aug. 22ndALTHOUM I.Ao,ga 15.53.It3 fob. IStair I* Sias... U* fatar eoara* *factlM federal'

their midst." 11111 YOU NMI MOTNlNt SCORPIO10m la tit Male of civil rliat. ....**,.. tMNlaatlM
Professor Olnzberg then discusses toe major TO SHIN MO MUCK T* Ullev Oct. 24th thru I tee ARC UNO!* TNIiHTRitliM *f all f4ral ,.*.et.* Maomolwltt

taming points la the .Negro situation ..... MAiatx YOU, IT n RICO*. Nov. 22ndYou THAT TNC TIM elrJI rlc.,.. to Ixmi .".U,...... TrrMtaaat. */

here:the tad of slavery, torld far I which "iTn* JVOOMCWT.VOW WIT 11111.i "' 'CHARITY stein. i HAS tort ill YOU T* ran la ttra. ..... tk* iroay u MIM(
accelerated the movement of Negroes out of COM i it. veuw riiiriitMa AT Hate mi sun MV tc come si msuum. VOWlSlif *r TM| KITRIC'TIONI l ,..*.*.,.* fr Rest .a la* tiAj OMrtaalf

the Booth and into .Northern Industry,lorld woavaxv PIITIM MSCMMT LAIR *r H.rri...... MMVMAvt vouastir ASOUT ,.< at.llanlTYsrn THAT NAVE ecu IM.rest lisa CMalMU* aa. tt* staff trctraal, at U*

tar II wits ita aftermath of prosperitywhich Mroat TO Jte* iitcovtata lone MO ASSOCUTI M YOU. YOU MAY tcsiouimv civil llskU tHalli.' .-&
consolidated the wartime gains, sad MOIII TMM IMOOVOM iIIKOITloul .. THAT STATUS .ne. AMITIMtest .. INS SOVNONISS or vouaTNIS II I"'. You POWIRn: coca txaomics.....
I '1"''''"'. co vieIMTIONAtlV
tht till election whea. for the first er LIt 01. TMIIB .MIMIN *MIVHIRC MAYS IMITNlNS. TO DAY aurTA--rf-ease. Oiart a L, h.ts.r. (.....)
tine. the Negro tote resulted la their c..",.... tt II.... WMOTvew II a* cut *ITN "svoII rACToai RISVSIN > Aloe ,.. RAY vu *IMT ........ ,t Ue RstlsMl Vibes tta(.*>1 J\rat

pining a significant degree of political l.oe ITSI'*TN oduaacTI MOM YOU CM |....| *.(.. IN out LEAD YOU iiu.OTMttt aovttsn a*.....s RIU .-. w-jfan tbtko.ev ...
iiri **icw CM
von Mtiar
,} power. Thus ao shows how we got where we .. Yew MV OvC MAGI it YOU ,.sat iso MAT II SITTIR lisrott* tiar.. teat "'--rtla u* SMtt la a .nbT.. of
*ukor TMOvf M TOP
art today pr.e11.1Ibtr.. we are, and cite iw eiiTias vo". T* Ml THAT AU MvlRtliNnniNctt toes OTwia PWOLIMS.RI T* L I Sits. Test OH TNtTYM _Ier)1 u Maoalet .......1.,..' '....
i what alternatives we not face. ievie cute TO accioTvev MI titrait MY! CM*UN *. "' "tlast.... .. t-rsla SteaM at CS taila alt. wa<

! Charles I. tllbermaa of ttt editorial ills er vii 01 .NIRI TOW Rltlll MtVNAT PLMI aAv*. T T** aivisi AiTIR YOvRTMf vu HAS *te. .itTAiie ro* ...le1.... la M- I.TV M4 la t.rslal'Mwoatla

t board of Portiae' Kagaxlae, writ lag oa "The en's. CSNeltMS. ce riiTietiONi WSSMSI, Tulue11S Mil YOU DIALS 5* "". COWLS II *ITHIWIKH. -... "tt t...aa tarn II' ...-... la kin

icoaoaUs r tat Negro problem la tat 1.11).ISo 110...UI IN nci oree awes YOU AH ttTTl** .*. YOU V*. AOlltVl It OINAINI IV. 90VN roe HT. --.,.U.IMI_ hs tilt e f.*.t. .-......."
MituNiiasTMeiNS.T ir i w.t a **
second navx..
coatrl tor. Amotg the important .,,
eS.OI vNNa w1 roiscvT
facts which he enfcaalw. is that the baste 1111111 .U' If a ITR4M "..! emit *.U.*, nu... MOTH t* PISTIL TOMAIStTI catBcsi -oe i)"""
, afproftcm .Ngrott art son taking to rtdreta Ion lay Jlot this TO Ail*. MMCY T* 00 MTrASTta ew levto _*i t cows Lit MO Tl IMTNYI1IYIM .. .., er.... ten. a latter hhrw iN
their is .the of 1MM It CM4I .... Pal h.a type Vleltlai .... ,
grievance political- mat Jwe list vow **.. MCAwsc or ,". *. s .trvtrsmatU*
power. 'Trery otter tttalo group" at loll)....n.No m VIeWS COMtlT.t..TI 0* Bwtv-rslt-_,_. TUaM tUttrtlt-. leaf ...*.

points alt 'IMS wade Ita way wa iota tat INC rattoai MST MI iTBI CIOCVWITMCII IIT*** 3.75"I..a.n 11'-' La..u.r-t., aliti.sl tI._.

middle class taroaga group Jretairt.tawta acaaooMt 0* vwv 1.10 Tutu. ..'-. PISCES Baft. ........,. au* ''11 I .-* a RHT 1 std

political activity thresh the LIP MI Ctlt'.' I at* Born Aot. J3r4 tan ....n.I s.a..tr Ion rem. Itta tareBart rattw !!" la laraam cs.r.J taaa ...... KM of pa .r..lt. la a little late ta ttt ivieiwci ale sat ii lilt. UI4 eta .a ...* tats a aa -ttac liter ... at.. UU -...

history of tat _at.. State ......" Ucaaajs tact** ."IA I' HI weav .. Mlasvutag Glees It ealvtat lu 4U. fI.ta
ttt "1.. sad say to ttt Rtffrtj that 0* W.MV M.nticMai l ITt *r Tashi wT fiMUTTAUBBon YM MI MT iiaav te peal sM tan 1M IIII'D**

a4fcataga otters have helped tam*>lve. fey iaaaa wtuntiS. v ewv van ti.*r+*i..i.ivt M Mo?. Jtrel UnDM. tit viwv rM MI TM u-.c. he+ls _iV.a w

,. ice t activity 'M seat subs It oa yoarOi wav M Mil rt mvr Mmw..T.oNT.. Hanicieinv 2tst: atIAL ...* *M. retVt ......... "" --I)-"en ate con III f-arf If

pis as .....'IM1.... .r aaw vewuw lewMMtowrsiln TO ,e
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; I. f..... Director tat KUocal IMS hIt OAi II MVtill. vr aa* "i* vie m.*< Safest* TO NS LIe. ... Mit VW| 55105 ., Wscl l .... e..* *'"*** s pees at Hoe'hw5

Mssg tesple, describes weetJ says is .iM IV II IITTt Vtlc w..*i It "." RELRIU. "t., WMt AIR teYL e fMW tt sees IIIB..111 -a ..** r+.. ........... **.. laamt'ef MM

,*. MtttiMUM sad .tatraaavtaela+4 riU ttaaanva Sin ir it it M '..... TM lets a Mct tfi set twtan VMM VMS e... M Mrtl t1u Itil ... + wan
Tia\ .M*.*jMt.v it VM.NMCHMTV < Las MV mlllllMiivT aM n U a tMlaatw taSaTi.
fit Msjftet. at velta levels tf till.ft tt etui ca tvrottm. IHf AS CI I SAL. t tit IN laa ;
** .J**. Per altt they sight sat. CMMr ....'H'... see/ts as at tee tee es .15.10 .* .....|i*. V* *..,*.*,.T. se.si, I. .*-... way *. l lala 4a. M taal

.. i.ita..."...*) hen ......... ... IN wLa SINS' till ta.avi a.*r.CM*cit -. KALTssM ...,n "' 1w3i a..04.Ti.) ee.4 I ."itAiE42

'... .il '", l..WI .'! .
r. PIt. ,

mum s.. IHI flUIIA'sT1t' mas ,

I 0"i i- aSpeakiicj i 1.- Pansy Blossom Circle Anniversary: PiirnicistMeil Plnitd y

fits UOISS GDLWARD Tie .Northeast Florida

Robert Rayea MB hoBored !. grand atylo Satardayaftonooa .oro aaoac others proooatpraBcoa I Hospital naraaelat AaoolatloB. *'

u U. prlaelflo flf.ro la the pn-.... .55 ... Br. fill!n
parade, and daring habt.ti.. at the Florida AM .ald..'. Rhode Island Drive hose ma the r..l..t.held

Tans' Soothers football .... However b. re-eraed .. of aa anal fully rovaloa.Bpoadlai Uo regular Alaoathlyaootlig
loin .honored faaa red spectators with s triad ThaakailTlac with Prances .ero her at irototorMHhodlit

perfo-aaaco darlag the actual play of the CM.. .,UIr. ramie MUss of Lako tales: her brother Hoapltal Nov
Jackooavllle is duly proud of Hays tbo .oa a a sister and brothor-la*1 at. Clarence and Doll!. 17 la the cafeteria of
gold aedal !. the meat Olyapleo held a. Tokyo tlllloaa of Tallahassee aoooBptalod their BOB. the Moapttal.

Japaa. Boi".r. there art those of .a who feel Robert; and her other sister Boaayo R. Jaaoa of The Pharaaolata of

that rider aeelala ehonld be ITM oar aatlvo BOB. St. Petersburg, who was aoooapaalod by her ...... Brotitor. RooaotoltPloroaeo
vho ropreoooted rot only aa bat Tho Dal ted states tor. Lra"t.. ,Prank riakatoa.

of Aaerlea.BUeore rraaooo'rolatlToa were ostaadod social courtesies Harold ODpolaad aad Hiss
... ... ... ... several '
by Jaioaa.laoladlac Matt H. Alexander BioaatortalaodolthadlBBor Hoarlotta loses aorrod
apolotioa to all ooooe,.'". ko ... of a party.Tho till laa "B11PHathlooa M boat and toatoio.DM. .
typographical error.. oalMloa. gut .... .... who staged a poattaao. party; The Boa I.If. ROM and t.M.
port of Jackaoavllle Dalrerelty'B proaldtttltl la jaala cut,. of Calhoun Street and. ino JohaayhtoUra Alaitorth showed a till

agaratloa erroDeoaely llatod teadell Rolaeo aa a of 1711 Jofforooa Btrott.Tho of tko North Florida Cyo:

delegate froa Hotard Calrerolty rather thoahlaonalaa batter MO a bridge party hold froa 1 to S Bank Restoring Bight
rater. Raaptoa laatltato; the .... of lobortfray. Saturday aftoraooB. Calor ltyof, Florida
Howard Uaberalt,' reor..t.tl".... la* lists attaliaffalr included Clarence and Cblllo Hospital and Clliteo.OalBiovlllo. .

etertOBtly oalttcd. Sorry |onta.to 1111 Uao; Boaayo R. Jaaoo; BoaJaaU and BoooioCanty 1 Florida
... ... ... ...
; Raalo I). Silva of RlHl. ; Martha L. perry: There toro sore toss 90
may: aoelal affairs two .hold prior to aid da- Lois Avery; Catherine ,. Jaekaoa Kyrtla T seas; Fbaraaelota la attendance
riot tko 'Ihaakaglrtag ,.. -.. that this reporter Virginia Hatkla; Matte R. RocUlii and Praaeoa : aid cities M tar away
band it difficult to loop tab oa the happoalaga.Ry taldoa.Vlnlala. aa .UiMTlllt and Late

trip to Oraagebarg. Booth Caroitsa to Halt Ratkto, Raolo Sll-a, and Dolllo 111 City toro roproooitod.Aloo .

ay daBgater Badlo and to attand the a-aaal pgapklaClaaolo hiss were prtio tlaaora. ... .. ... IB attoodaaeo toriroproooBtattvo
... -' ... .- ...,-w.-;..._ .... .
... ... .
contributed greatlyteu4 laefflcloacy Uthla TZA.TlIIIabers Eros
of tko Pansy Bloaooa Botlag Clrelo who celebrated the lthualrorBary
area Happily attlTltloa tore itlll being BT. and Ira. Johnny Zlatoa biro aaaoaaeod wedding of the orgaalsatloa with. a tea hold IB the hose of Ira. Edwina Duval Rodteal Coator.at. .
carried oa at a rapid' pace epos ay rotara. piano for their daughter Dorothy iroaaoR1 Tboaaa art shoo horo. IB the top photo trop loft are; Rra. cido Caapboll, tubes Noopltal and lap
... ... .. ...
e B and Bawol I. tHHaaa, Jr. Rra Hattie i. Brook list ....rl.. Hospital,
...,.,. Bapp, Rra. Aaaa Ire Theresa tta,ard. RraUljah Jaaoo,
Jecktoevllle banisters oatortalaod tleltlag ate Tao ooroBoay till be po/foraod Doooabor SO. IMt..t Rn. Olllo Faye Raitoll, Rra. Braeo Carl aad Rro. N lllo Brow la tho'bottoa The nest aeot.il till .
topers with a highly dollghtfal and vail .U..... :00 p..., la Rt. Olive All Churl prank1la photo are; Rra. Tlaato V. Ford Rra. Alice R. Taoaoo, Rra. Clydo trliht.Rra. bo hold Bt laptlitHtaorlal

oodkUU party held Batarday afternoon at tho Clab and PlpplB Btrooto. Roth Burrara. Rra. Jvaalta Bhloldi. 'Rra. Nebo Chrlotopk, .....' francla' Pail, Roopttal of
R]dorado.tvalag. The irooB-oloet lo the BOB of Rr. lAd Rra. ..,. Rra L crass and Rra. Ida Da-la. (Photos by Jotao Tarraaeo) Jacksonville t B Jta.
alaoat ooaearraatly with nil ovoat and bert Oay.Balrley.
ostndln into early evening was the awash' ro '... ... ... ... .

oeptloB'by the local AIh'U Alpha Pratt ratty Harrla and Blllyo Avery were guest players Norlkwislin 4-H Tea Time

for visiting Alphas sad gaeeta U torn for Florida ilea Marian talker ..'erhll.. toss Brldio '
AkRTexatoattan Football ..... RoedloM to say, Club last Prloay OToalag.Ryrtla Elicit Officers Oaooto Norton Councl I Srr.O: delivery I IIr.

tho Idgeoood Loaago lo.t ItMlf beautifully to Thoaai, Sylvester toooard, and Loll Avery Tbo toll BOB boroof North* of the Lily ihlto AI-

this grand affair were oatotaadlag club players U the bridge ooo ..tors Juster-lesion sedation till ipoBoor

One of the Boat talked aboat social events oo- .... shinier Harris held top gnoot. aooro.Rrolya High school hold oloo a aplrltaal tea Buadty
carting daring the put veil 1Io..r... the Cheapagao Calvin Rarlo Roclala. Lllllaa Davis, 0.* thorn of offteora U the tutu 4 to B ,.a., la tko a Bri. John Both.. Day

party hold at the Rdgeoood Uonge lodioodtyetenlag sera Vhoolor. Alvoala >eniva. sad CBlharlao Jack roooat ."UIII.ft. hone of Rra. Pearl MOB* 1308 Braat St.. ctrl Rr. a RtB. Jobs Doapa,

sponsored L'Allegro Rrtdfo dab. BOB were BBoag other partlclpaaU.Dr. officers are: RIM laitoa, .1411 B. Nth BU Rr. a Ire Theodore 041 Mill Core M., toy,
meets at this and other affaire utarally, were 5.I .IC ..I ICC Cyatkla fondrtek. proal Rev. .... R. Jo1" till' JOBOO.3114 Teal It.,IG,. IrS Bra.Joaoa Roberta
too ...rou to aoatloa. .a.. haters local doatltt. OBtortalaod Blanc dent; Rloo pouts lotto, bo the apoaker. Its 'ra. Horaco Pools .SB t. nth Bt., toy
... ... ... ... and ..... D.) lard Nichols of No Ion City Ira.I. leo prioldoat; HtoaKraootiao ....*. Ill t. ITth Bt., Olrl.Rr. Ira 'r..ho" hiker,
Asia Loo Parker stately Boaerlof toad hose was Cooper sister of Bishop Nichols of Charleston Idtardi,ooero* The ItO of DayVrlM a Ira. tlllloftrorott.lin 1171 t. nth at., 01 rl,

oar of suds activity daring the put "*. Awls ..Co. retired school teacher; Dr. red Rra.LtflBlU tarr;Ii s E"I.inlet|.. ..,u.t thrall willspoalor l .. tltll Bt, Ir.' RrB.laboB Rioklao?
vas toot to Rugeae and Laura Edwards of Atlaata.Ooorgla. of Myrtle Avenue sod Rra. Vlrglala (ray.aaployoo assistant aoerotary.RUBloaloo ; a taU ....leal oy.Rr.. 1ISI t. JOth a., pop
along kith their young daughter Juaia.Alao. of the Data Public MOIl Byotoi with a TUaloy, tr.... tea Dee. II Eros 4 to a Bra. tllllo Pkll Rr. Mrs Oslo Brota.Bo .
daughter lOll Rarrla took holiday leave frosBithBBOCookaaB ataaar at Club Udorada: lady oroelag.Blahop ror; RIM Cheryl ill S ,..., la tko oherchdtst.g II'.. IPSO IcC llld. Bt. I BT, laldtli, FU. ,
College .*..ro oho la oarollod aa and Rra. Nichols and Rra. Cooper loft for liens, ..1... aaaaion rooa. Robert Buy.Rr.. Girl
a atadtat to apoad aororal days with liar fully. their respective boaoo Tuesday ..nil,. Bishop DIM taste Ruth. ftovaH.i ,Carter till aerie 10 a Irs, libeler 111 .r.' .r. Charles lisp,

10.... flaaeo'tLoroy Floyd.. was also a guest .t Nichols tw guest speaker at Day Bprlag Baptlot Chiptala aadHUoBMdraTkoapaM.roportor. soloist ooa. I4T4 I. VBlo Bt" III" 1. Ith It., Sin .

the ratter roaldoaoo. .
Church flnaday sorting
|aeldaatally, Mrs parker has just returned tree . SIC H.boro are Ills Pataloo

a trip to New York where oho was royally oator tartars harper. Laollo Clark and Lllllo B.Blackahoar Allen Rloo Carrto ....

tamed by old trl..... forcer hoavywoltht cnaaploa toro guest players hoB too Dilute lolo. lice Qithla Dlooark big 10th lirtkdoy CI.brIoiHiG
Joe Lochs and Bill Ash of Uo Vegas were aaoaiporooio Circle Indus Club not Saturday .".10, la the lilt RaadrolUMold. .
olio helped to sake her stay U Tko Bit Dunes Drive haws of no Thwdoro R. Ckriotopkora.Hra. RlMCarloaonldBlM
City oajoyabla. she I. buy aot HU plaaa for Blackaboar aa olaaor of the peat. prlso.dab Curiae Oars
the Orange Btoaooa Classic thla ...'.... .. oro'amrdod to Venous Boholl.lthol lies pruolBla perry,
... *.. ... ... BIM Oatl Taylor, Rloo
Powell and Joraata C. Uaklaa.Boalah .
/. .... of L.I. Alexander laaaraaeo and real estet. > Joyaor eau otaaor of the door ,,1... all n.... RUa Booa r

ag stare happy to learn that ho U proSpressing dug other participate la the ...th. were sots dolyi Balk or, Rloo I tolafllllaai

aieoly after a aorloaa. aeeldwt.Tbo laaard. Catherine Jaekaoa. Boltoala McOrtff. Irene Md Miss| Potrtda '
AlOBMdor red lame lei"' ''. teed!.
ChanlBi Doaoaottoo ridge dab set dariag the
oak U the toot ThlrtyPoarth Street hose of Cora District Holds Aiiivirsirf Tee

Johaaoa.Bhlrlay. '
RoOay Radaaaah. Dullard and Khlrliy cwloo =- il lm, k i

were victors la the brier aoaaloa.Bhlrlay t
AadonoB.DoIoria Bolooy, red Bld. au. 4 F, k.


CMSftl M. SMITH fiEf U oMMoVVlIwlTM f i'r b c f 1.. S 4 ALL DAY SUNDAY DEC. 6th

till Be T.U la Plain toroo weal the Visible to yM 1

net lo CoMtng It Md that Roy Bo Dose Correct SEE THE
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It. If TM garter tlth: 3-dedrooee
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souls Mse you
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satin tama' B RU 0 oaonc BUBUBBUawav
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utOBBJU LAX 0101a rvWt::'Chi Utrttt I 'of *u Rotthoo "" 1"0.i."It.. BMl-of
ta last Bnday U Uo Tooth Canter of Uo Cherub at pith and I troot ooodlllooo .....!' ....1..rodollBoat ..'.1.1 MOY CRAWFORP a
.. 'un.aartod the ....,..... of a aoaorahlo ovoat Bra. aVolya ....,.. loft and
lie BM of a '*1". Islets U 4 of air
of Ito onoBlttoo art a**. bell peerng"
f.B. caalraM
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aooio and ,ft.....'. poB-ioaiiunaM BT .t111. Cal l eeisg a ..I tal pr..nri chided . peen ot.o.oortl prt4tloo la Jort*

... IB .... u 4:. .... -.- rwon m.un First nun Inr hit WESTERN STARUOHTERS i

DR. REX SMITH Scheduled Ise ,. wear 1114
BUM stress' tga.tl.1em.
Soo bet nab I 4 r.... thlo "/ "... Ml f.t |f"l t' IU.iO( TflKfUM' BfM of
grs.rly. t sire It.nt New .
(II Mill | BOMOIH' 0* crests COMfOMi* pltf rep III B4L1MOCBFOBATION. IEISi/
lot..., Bo/racba OVf 1.p tO fT'HCM c.._ N'CFREE II JI4XTMILLI.
foloroaa of til of

0, I.,. lao, till fll1 seer rtr B lfUM

JEWELRYAT Iti roialor ...' .. II alM..... ..... aoOB KODAK 'HBTAaWTK Ml11fte
Bolordoy at I'... ..._ ptt II oa
1KB std Bmtha!, eS .... a..aorrms
At Skis tiN, the fILL sr 1s W O
officers list ooro mourn

DISCOUNT PRICES stalled messily n ..II OH s sit, it ...,.. rtv'U Ml C4BWU, FUR. PIM nut. MT1 TWttWOot
held tboir rirot.... ...,. .. severs ...sus.a. Tee MOM Coos OVfMf Teas lfW sea Jiff sue
all ....,. aro o..B. .. .. Pewlsi SITES Tff BIB tttlV* At 4 .... _Ar.

iri 1101 25 70 SllAltMIIfII sliced proaptly ... pawn' oola.oorllao1 .
TO ....... af I.s.rt. ...
or M-ol,H .
rw..K-f aIItJIIs taaora of tho ..+S.n1't....... : t' rHM loe
Zia.S." FREE SRIRtAMERNT1 FlEE'tt.. 3 1 pI..t'
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MANY .AltAlNSI! tea .. ....* oor era ,.. 151 elet I w ..
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-.JI-21. OoVM' fat M QI.U dlaooM,... plaaa 04MOIO Ut .. b-o .ureat i lewe r.s.ar-....-.----
..... s.aR. ADDRESS
EXTRA 10% ff are to Bo .,....& .
EN AN ear.. Rc .... .d It... ---. PCs
H' M 1r I. _' Cie eel 5sattee a twersepsswog .............
he .....-... aMevn A oMlol .... let nmfat o1 w *tt W. MAYU SIKH
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MAMIWMTCt '.0 .. .. Ills IM ladloo Of -. ee.s.e ...---
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I. er lanai ... es .,....
"""" RatTMIUTI FUtMf .." tM BMpttalo, .1'Hot* ...... ft**** BU....
for ldioo
BM* B..-- Mar .....
aflat4 tBoro.Boo .
COSTUME JEWELRY -' << o"' a.o.ero of prtM p.I_BM..Bl tt0 Bt ploo ay ,

of tool Ml U. aro .
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I. .. Ii.... ,... ......... f. I. HI 12(4 H: MMIM'tIn1ll1


fAt 4 rU111I SIll iAfEis SlTIIIII un.1E1 5. lilt

i Church Of God U. N. C. F. Workshop-- At Bethune Home Movies

CoivocitioD Eids Mrbutt I Slated For

! The Apostolic Church of ) jetojp I BTU Boost

1, God In Christ closed avery r Deacon Illliaa Tooaba

enjoyable convocation ST. LtlKC BAPTIST } 1aA7 L of Jerusalem Baptiat
tlth several chances 4 gar jI S li ,
i Church till praaaat
Services Sunday Is St. Luke Baptist Church highssub 1 3 { ahose
being cads la the oo.ingconvocations. t. M1a: Botla shot
X at his
the '
Sunday school at At
at 9:80
: 5.'. with Percy fiti Y d& d 1114
Clalrettelaebarie. Morning Service at 11 O'clock; G Lit ear residence 2117 linhart
Tha changes are aa B7V at .:30 p.'. tlth Bra. Doris Hutehloa presiding ter%, St. Friday night Dec. 4
folios: at B .. The shot till
.Evening service at < O'clock The persons till p.
Jackaontllle Diatrict-- b. delivered by ae,. ..J. Trottll paetor. awe ba praaantad again at

rider Hilton Lee, presiding The deaconess board till Mat at .:JO p.... SUB- the boat of Arthur Lee

Elder president day. Prayer seeding Waaday at B ,.'., follotad br d i aa Johnson 1593 23rd St.
of the 9th Sunday Onion
the teachers ",UD". lies. Saturday.
Etanieliat Hannah Dunne The Botiaa are balniaponaorad
president of the "11"-
list board aaalatad by to encourage all oath
0. Dunn r.Melvia Johnson Sunday services b.fla with the Sunday School at to attend the B.T.U.

baa bees licensed aa a t:tI a.'.; corning service at 11 O'clock. Sanot t eoafaraaca Deacon

sinister and till further by tha paator. At 9 p.'., BTU and the artolni service LJL Tooaba la putting forth

his study at Coopar'a at 6:10: O'clock Choir I and Debar Board 3 a the endeavor to boost

Acadaay. till serve throughout the day. Tuesday at 7 P.B.I
the B.T.U. orianlxation
Evangelist Annie B. prayar service, followed by Bible atudy. Thursday
at the church thich laandar
Pearson la on the Plaid at ,..., bualnaaa Beating.mOALXUS. the dlractloa of

of Missions and la President Mra. Oorrlaa latara.paaturlnt .

of the Christian the kids

Aid Aaaoclatlon. Cbrla Sunday School begins at 10 B.B.. Ira. Gertrude i pr CS favorite cartoonists

tlnla Clark la superintendent Ecbola praaldlag. Morning aertlee at 11 O'clock. rafraahaaata till ba

of Sunday school preaching by Mr. J. I. tartar paator.Coaaunloa. served free during tilt

Dorothy Codger la National service at I:lOp... aotla.

Secretary and Dinners till be sold Saturday la the boat of Bra. Bat, .. B. Jackson la

President of the Missionary ,p.1-cr. 12." GUm St.DNITB pastor of tbaeharch '

Board. located at 3939 Old St.

a Blabop M.C. Cooper announced ) BAPTIST Augustine Bd. la South

that the out Sunday services In United Baptist Church Sunday Jacfcaontllla.
convocation till be heldat
begin with the Sunday School at ': .1 a.a. Horalaf Woodlawn I
state Taapla
3082 Baaadlet Rd. JnnaMO service at 1H09 O'clock with the deacons lacbaria. Mr." fllllaa Cbpa Jr., Director of Educational Mr- bald aona-day workshop at Batbana Cookaan Cbolai

1069.Cathariaa. BapU'aal service till also ba bald. At vine of the United Negro Colin Pond fro tba Mt Tie eats purpose of the torkabop was to highlight Presbyterian

Bayaolda laNatlotal .: tI p..., Holy Ooaaunlon. The choirs, officers York baadojuartara. Mr. Oarral Norris Associate the benefits of the colleges that art Baabara of Church News

Mother and and ushers trill aanra. Director of Bouthara legion of Colleges racaatlyRev. the O.K.C.P. (A. Paul Craford Photo)

Pranciatta Lee la Assistant pryer BT L.N. PKAftsa.. EK.

Clark.RiglstnlioR. W.M. Hill Gospel Group Slates Dr. Y. R. Moore Receives PrejenfilioaDATTOHA
Cbrlataaa rehearsal. At 7 p..., youth prayar tour Sunday Dae. I Church

Sit and at 9 p.s., choir 2 till rabaaraa. ..,. ff.M. To Be Honored Anniversary heat "---I-"I"'" t ,.,... School begins at 9:80B.B. :

Motto pastor will bate large of the etrtlcee.C0088IAN with f.Y. Huger
Bat I... Rill, aodara-
For S. R. J. C. The Illllai corkers superintendent IB charge
tor of the last Florida
BAPTIST Gospel Slaiara till The morning torsWp service -
registrar J.I. Brown and Mthany Baptist Aaaoclatloa -
I annooncte that prarajlatratloa Holy CoBBunloa till I ba observed Sunday inJEoloealana and pastor of observe tbalr annlraraaryDae. begins .t 10:55 a...
Choir I aad 11 at tilt Acorn with rev P.O. fliaoa,
I for the second Baptist Church at 5:30: p.a the ft Calvary Baptist

.....te, at SutaaaaaBlrar Usher Board 1 till aanra. Church till ba honored CoBBuaity dab Noise pastor bringing tilt

I JuniorCollage till The Sunday School begins at 10 ...., with Deacon by atebtre cub an ap- baclaalai at I p.s.Participating ........ The Adult Choir

take place Beceaber 7- C. Wllliaaa and Altos Marklnaoa la charia. Morning PSeeiatioa program Dae.Tat OB the till support the advice

II, 1M4 and January 11* arnica at 11111! 0' dock. Mt, Samal Price, pastor B ,..., la the church program till ba Mat Mt. silk Miss Baa A. Matthtva -

19, IMS IB the Mlatrar till liter the ..no... Thursday at 8 p.... auditorial. Olira Gospel Chorus, at the oriaa. Sunday -
Aattlaora Slaiara. Mra. at 9 .. till chile
a office ,,,t.... aaparal oonfaranca. A proiraa baa baaaplanaad p.
Bath Fadd Mra. Lairs dren'
choir till
I ..s.-4 P.I. dally.Baialar .L1TTUKXX tltb ..,. J.C. Mickana rt-
guest hearse tlth Mra. Pied a
railatratlon Saaa, pastor of Saooad
'Tha Lord1 Supper will ba adalalatarad Sunday at Aaoai Ua boataaaaa till Davis IB charge:
baa baaa scheduled for Baptist Church,and
4 p..., la little Bock Baptist Church Mr. I.C. ba Mra. Ruby Manning and Tie Girl Scouts till
:39 lid January of the
January reststiring Mitchell, pastor, will deliver the aamon and con Ira. Halaa Jackaoa. BKAC8 norlda--Mra. Co L Nelson Daalala attt Tuesday at 4 ,...
3Those persona Baptist stata Coateatloa
duct tba folUtahlp arnica. Grand torthy Matron,BathlaheB Grand Chapter, order la the church.Tha choirs
I after January 34, giving the addraaa.Aaioni Mt. Zioi BaptistSet
the School at Star to 1*. richard V. Moore,
late Other aertleee bests with Sunday of listen ; praaanta of till chuck till rehearse
till ba charged a the participants
: registration faa of 99.Claaaaa .:10 a.i., tltk I,.. Mnelda Jenhlaa la ekaria.Tba' its Mra.Alice Burrouiha. To ObserveAeciversaries of Bathuna-Cookaan College a cluck to furnish a Tuesday at 9 p...

1\ for the secondeeseater pastor till retlet the It..., Maltose McCoy, Mra. H.I.Johaaoa. rooB ia the Hat Helen Mttla 1..< Moralai aertloe at 11 O'clock. Taatlaoalal ser Mra. Oaalala atatad. the rooa la being Grace Biaoa and DaacoiMurrlal
baU January Ire Maaaah B.
finished la .tIIOr, of her lath husband The Bat.Hanry Ooldaa till
tie* will ba ooaditcted hy tka paatar ( coo-
i 7. \U4*. 7 ... Miller Miss C. Jackaoa The 99rd analvaraary t Daniala. (A. Paul Cra ford Photo)
scheduled Tuaaday'at
paraaaa praaantly enrolled Tea toarofprajrar it << ..,. C. $. Dailay lid duct the Bld-taak prayaraartica
I and tkoaeVko lid the tamale chorus till rehearse at I ,." ..- other ..lalaters.Mrs. of It. Zloa Baptist la the conference

plan to aarollara urged ktaraala for the Cbrlataaa program till ba each .1.... Mae PalisOraylapraara Church, aoathaida, lid Secoid Baptist OrgiRlzts ro... Friday at S P.B.

to the advantage ef the Monday, tedaaaday and Friday at 9 ,..., with Mra.B '''...ar... the third of Bar. K.I. tilt Boy Scout till Beet
I raiiatratloaparlod. Jenklaa aad Hra. Btraiea Mitchell U charge. Taylor, pastor till be at the charcb. Saturday
bald at 9 Choir 2 Usher Boards
Plan ConferenceAME Monday p.s. New
. . Dec. 12. the nrotnlea
j haulers to appear sill sent at tie church
ChurchAt are: ..,. C.C. Daalalaaf To Btt the aaada of tile growing youth cllurcb.the at 10 a...
I Mcoad Baptist Church under tilt leadership of the
Mt. Canal BaptistChurch
Per Capita Tai paid
Mt. Zion pastor, the ..,. J.C game rMaatly onaalaad two
: "". I." Bryant annually to the charch
II ETT,7I .3. n r.,.... ,--- __ additional aahar boarda and a cbolr.TBO .
I St. Mary BaptlatChurch sorters are iradadbatttaa ......................... by each ...11" la not
.... MIth
; Ba* due and payable. The Per
.. First Tlaothy Baptlat; the ages of 14 beilaa at 5: U p... Mra.
Capita Tai la 83.90 per
I LOCATIONS8tt 1 .". ..1. Jackaoa. Jtru- to 17 years and II to L II. Morrlaaatta sad ...ber. Those ....".

i sales Baptlat; ..,. f... 3) years la the ,,'er.' Alaaaadtr Heard till bala who bate sot ,"d.ple...
1 Avt. r rUT.
total' troop and tie at. cbolrrapraaaata
Ile aoa, Zloa Hop Bap charge.Eveaiag cuatact riders James N

370IEiMrHRIIMW.lMVir list and ......I. S.llh.tajana 14 to 17 fears ages old.bttaaaa vurahip begins 10...... aad Ophelia;

Chapel AASurrlcaa at 7 cr clock. Haalltoa ta pay this
Coivataat stalls .111sees
fluaday bails .1' actitltlaa obliiatloa.Enmel.
aa eoaaaalora for
filth tilt Ruaday Schoolat ..: The prayer of
PREMIER UNDERSELLS ANYONE I: SO .... Moralai each group, and a daacoa faith hour Tuesday be.t HitroisFishioi

IN THE STATE OF ABIG service at II o'clock. till also adtiaor.atria aa The aplrItaal ace- ....... 7 P.a. .. I. Show Set

: Aa pastor till preach; Jackaaa aaaiatad by
I grows till begin thalractitltlaa The Matruaa Society of
BTO at 9 ,.*., etta Nra.F atbara till conduct tie
la DtcMbtr.Steoad Manuel Baptlat Charcb
$ $ .,. Ropklaa praaldlaiaad otloa.Tba' pastor tilldlsensthelble
111 .
DOLLARBONANZA ataalai service at Baptlat till lataoa.Tha apaaaor a holiday
observe the first Lord a faaaloa abet Dtc. 31,atB
tilt School of-
1 ,I.d. Aiala Suaday
Day Sunday silk the ballaalai p.... at the chareb.
ft I. TOSTONTba pastor sill deliver too fiesta aad teachers
of tilt SaadaySchool A.... the charatailadlea
toaacll till ba bald
aarwa.Wiltirs at ,: 10 .... Co I. .ho till appear
levered Cfcarlaa tTaataa. Friday al.ht at 7 p...
Memorial ,...., aaalatad by ... c. la the ahoa are; Mra.ladra .
pastor of Mt
Cbttttr till ba la .,..
thugs FLOW BCAUTYTIPSrkWvlt aalth. Mralea -
floe A. '.1. MataadlatOMrch.
located Services Slated af the claaa parlad. nalaaaoa ..n.... Mra. UtaraaChlldalMra
3 lift STORESTO sad ....... .&1. baa the services Saaday IB till b. rttI**J .veer..,.bushy.... ties tTMtoMiUf ,a*eee.wtutf.u .Martha. Boris.Ira .

SilVa YOU aallad all aaabara af callers Maaarlal AltHOB by the pastor'Cossetrattea .y as yet b tee yes, HaoBl Tlllaaa and
far tilt ew.M.1s., Mrs dlaNonUa.lEPtllll .
the clench ta coil la a Charcb sill .".
dean ca s, daacoaaaata.aahara .
OMftrvaoa Friday. Dee. 4 B.L. 10" ". paatar.bHlB .
at 7.30: p... silk tie SaadaySctool sad theirs till SIIIIIES
ba bald at 10 U ....
PORK CHOPS 1 100 all vaabara art asked at 9c80 ..... 1UMlaa PATr.'fTlr.ICImI canaries
Morala tarahlp begins
f roR U ahead prMtly.Sarflaaa toy Maralaad IBtBaraa. at 110 clack,na pastor ALL LFA01NG HAil PIITPARATIOlL'I
Saaday till Cor. Broad and Ashley J'L 4-215!
ill dallnr .
tart proaptly silk till The laaaaa tapta.1lhta atraoa.Moly .,

IEEF LIVER 4 ....., wheel at 9:80: .aa Lit'....* 0.. .. till beheld
in. 00 at I.4S: p... Bat,
.... till
SoMtr Slues ..
Ill b 1'1.it 4 by the "

WIENERS 'SSSS. 3 u. ta Ua aaaarlataadaat and till ba la. ,....,.u II ...., officials Mss aaalatad till adaiaiatartha by the nrhetorciphy With A Style

charge aaalatad las service and at B

SAISAIE t 3 by his staff af ..*. Christian ..dMit.r rltaa na tight
SMOKtOMIMNA us. taacbara.T baM af fallawaalp till
ram silk Ulaaty
Meer Mra. Mary
!SX, 3 us. Mrtlai tarablp IB ........ be gluts U Traialaa see Bvattra.Baatlat Motes.
sill Maa at ILM 1U Oa ataaiac aartta laaabadalad

HITS 3 all ..an and aaa.. at at T:3 0*
Et r4, LH.UATI. .
their poets af "ly. The .1.*.. 1e Ur,BSfeB..
J' $ Uftl Ot TNMHt
taltilMa taaaata eau
till a a4aialatar4J by hPllLtL

(F ba dalltarad by tbaaaatar the pester tertai the r a,

CAKI MIX i fin im AA Maly Caaacaiat Bajar Bartia,.. Chair r w '

UQ till b. .4alalataraddmrtM I aMVBbtrBMN. I aU

MOWN MIX 10 Ua ripe aar- servo with BT.. ors J.

INSTANT POTATOES ship, taaa a.Ua *arla, begirt at tam erte.Disabled T"UfJiL
I... tat aval lad araalp.t T One
INSTANT SOUPS *aiai cervices till Vttt P T Stop Shopping For All

M. Ill VP" wow ....... at s r sleet,
uuw:J Your
raa t..tlMla. n..,..r afartta Called To Meet : WR Photographic N..dsSON'S

a M 'A' ...
M ... ..'.
.. ,
ttlllaajMB. aa.
T. am Md aallaaaaa PtIOft sumtWtT
t MM.la4 lar1tM t
.ra all ba *.. d
i FRYERS V24etfM Htataly< fallaalattba ,........ .ad Nalllart N. MYRTLE AVE

colitis af tt. tat all Ball a.w r.oa1srseettss Sees an-.-

atr B.BM.Vtaltata. LOW BtaM.UMk ..... .,.... c.IIIa.: ... u N r... lilt II t Ed A f

ere a4a.ya 11. 1& .a O..at" ..........

TK IH HHMT. MM KENT H NUHl I ..... nester so ..... .. n. ....

, ';" x

:;,,\ ., .. Of -


j .

I ;; Negroes Split. Over School's Report Ii OregonNAACP _Jacksonville.-. Army. Officer Promoted


Noted Soprno OBHimploi Angry Patron Doctor Urges Elimination English Head

Campus Sots Off Of All Negro Schools Dies In Virginia J"I

DIVIDED Lire Groni.rOtusmn. Thorns Desirs' Patlsy,
RAMPTON.Va.-- attl llda HSl'TOtl_(HPl)-Dr. James R, Coaaat. who three II, 18, retired brad of
Dobbs soprano will bs years ago refused to eoadsan all-Negro. schools, the D-partaeatorniglish
raiTtAlf' ,Ora.-(NPI)- the third artist ap*
ban changed his slid and now proposes an Interstate at Virginia State collage
A 38-year-old bar patron I
This clt, Negro COB- peering on this year's
to kelp plan school
eoBBlaalM Integration.
unity ha beooe deeply Musical Arts Society'sprogram wan killed wken hs ssplodsd _......_........_...,........ died Thursday i
a hand rsnsds Tbs forcer preeldeat of the nixed .. evening (Nov. 10)) In a
at I:15
divided over a report of : P.B., lellool. i
outside n bar. A police Huvard tklvsrsity. in anew though Petersburg hospital
the Portland school !Tbursday Dec2 In Oc a 20-year schedule
Board's Race and Ida- den Hall. .aa aid n bystander boot, 'ahaplnf Educational were needed, it would bs after a long llliess, PORT DtVBia, 118.*- Amy nut Lltutsnant Reuben r rP.
ratios conulttee, no- latUdUa Dobbs tbs were also killed In Uo Pol lay," sites "''111 in the right A native of Georgetown. Padgett.III, (right) son of Mr. and Mrs." Reuben
blast. a psreentags quota in direction to the 8.C. and the son of the P, Padgett.Jr of U2S Noaeritf RodJcioavill.
cording to earlier re such loved American soprano erase
ports. who has literally According to police each school sf whites "evil influence" of late Mr, and Mra. hoses Florida, recently received a set of silver bars at

..r. MCLendoa. ..ducation spun a trail of nuslolory Us blest occurred after and Negroes according-fo racial segregation.It. D. piwlsy hs vas graduated promotion cerenoalea conducted at Port Deveas,
Port throughout the Jobs Christy, 28. was the racial percentageslatheeatire fro It. Hernon, .... Lt. Padgett, a KM graduate of .New Stanton
land NAACP director chapter said (world was born In At- ejected froB till oak school dis Scott Heads It. sermon, I...., received Sealer Nigh School la assigned to the Id Bat-

.tilt official position of ltnta.Gsorgla. the fifth Cafe for playis with trict.Dr. the 10 L degree to lon, 3d Infantry, bib Infantry Division (Mech
tbs grenade at the bar. Oonant also call fron Alberts College, anised
the Is that the of sin greatly lifted leprosy MissloiKCITOU. ), a* a support platoon leader,
report Is "an latent daughters of a railway Christy had bees scheduled tort koutlnt-wber neces- Amherst .....,. and his the newly promoted infantry officer resides in
sehSBB topsrpstuatssegregation sell elsrk. Ibis safest for trial in tilt l&I7..to achieve racial anter'a degree fron Ayer', Ms**. with his sits Bertha.
sad reduce but lnda.table naiuoBS fhootlag of a spso- 'balance in high schools Harvard University He Lieutenant Colonel Oeorge M. shutter Jr., (left),

.Negro students to stats how put all of his sin lal pollcasM.ffltnessss and. junior high schools. h also did further study attends his congratulations following the ceresumy *
of unparalleled squsl- girls through college, nay Christy I* said slesestaryschool at Tale diversity.tiovn (U. S. Amy Photo)
or." all with high degrees pulled the safety pin i should resatnaeigkborkood

Altboufh the report aDd lived to sss his fron till grenade and schools Adam Clayton Powell To Investigate
although U son casesthlswouldneao
took notlcs of the fact favorite become a celebrated put It in bin pocket. "J
schools the donna of Toe blast occurred 1 u he- all-Negro. .
that some In prism .
.' or all-white schools Expenses Of Chicago Labor Union
was approachsdby,atrolan -
Negro neighborhoods are the Metropolitan opern.Mattiwilda .....
\ .
'"deprived",. It only Dobba now John Clover tg. and Bit, ho slid nosey t
called for a prone of divides her tin between Edward Lsysath 23, a should bs poured into CHICAOO-( (' )-Rep. Ada Clayton Powell (D-N.T.), dialrnaa of the 0... House
sick schools with II.I.. Deo. 1- education and Labor Coatilttee Is
the eoaductls
pijtnral and educational the United States and bystsndsr.Drivi Tbs SBpoiAvMBt no investigation of a Chicago labor

'"snrlchMot," refusing. Curops, in somewhat of Nikes hops incredible of overconlag handicaps tbs tensst Colossi Of Osborn Lieu,,* union.. In an effort to..detorataa..........the.....sipssss......._.account._...._.._._activities........_..._sf..._its....of..*,

"tpleaa for MIS bDlh,. an iBtsraatloaal conplea. under which children in t, Scott Chaplain "Net, Powell I&1db..1II I sub- union .has been underwayover tarytreaasrsr of tilt
It waa this stand a- She is seamed toa V.I. Army, aa an aisoclats -
:.galait transfer of Btu- Swedish writer has a Big Drag Firm the Negro slam schools. area.director of peace the book and bald a period of months, IOOP ssnbsr pares
now suffsr." open hearings involving aid Baittee prabsra union.
dents to achieve integration boss la HMburg whtrsshs Ckuge PolicY TIlt new proposals by Aaerican Leprosy Mil the officer of Building have already questioned Powell said Fairchild
leading lyric
which preauaubly is the slons, sac announced
of tenant are n direct contradiction Aenrlcc Employee Union Oworg t rtlrcnlldprea- told bin hs is pi MI lag
lit off the NAACP s of coloratura soprano NO ARK, N.*.-An agree- hers today by Oliver t.Hasselblsd .
Local 4, which .has SOB bed and
dent of the
of the *Uadhe to retire as president
tidal ...acUOII.Tbt tbs Stats Opera, and n
sent repreaentinc "a ..., presl* '
t.000 BeBbera.Tbs
took three Robert Johanaea
years ago seers of tilt Iseal senttlsela
report was tilt result villa on the ronaatio ntual effort to provide dish of the nlnloieatvacy. union Beabers arsssployed
wkss ks stated that
of s study ooadue- Island of Majorca where job opportunitiesfor Alumni United January
in such cspacltles >
tatlafaetory education
tad by n eltlMBs cos she spends all of hsrsussers. nlaorlty IrOw,." can be provided la allNegro Lt.Ool. Scott who lives. as bou....., Nines Not Sine ;
nlttee headed by Circuit In between ended a two-noath notion 11.U Vernon, New tort Midi and janitors is For Association
JudgodHerbert Ik Schwab.Motsndoa Uses she jouraeya to oanpalan by Newark schools. will be assooUtad with Big Gels. Bigger
said till only Stockhola where her husband heel COM agalaat Nof f- At that time hs alsooondesnad Anerican Leprosy Mis Chicago area koteli, so .Nn )os&.N.T. "'Chapter*

solution to racial is'balance bad his publishers.Siiger's Mn-URocke, Ins., Bajor pupil transferplans .Ion' western area of* tell and other places of sf the AAT College 0..- IAPMI! TW,D C,-(PWU)
stating. that such public acconBodattos oral Alusal. Aasoclstlos
was fall Ints drug aunfetuTlB firs.The ties,lOSJIBurbank Blvd., uft. Assoelation of
plans were "kauckliagunder" including SOBS avrslsg located is five statesaid
iratios. HS charged that Mother drive was marked by .Hollywood, Csllforala, tuna Stats Dilvsriltlss and
to politicalprwisurs the District ofreliable
the connlttee reconMndatloss plctetlag of till eon- but his responsibilities Laad-Orant College |ense
are an "... Ant Succumbs ,..,' Rutlsy plant aa group. .111 bs primarily laedicstlonsl Powell' satdksill also have budedihessslves tilt Nattoia AS*
Dr. In his .wtJreolll union officiate Into a sew
Coaaat, nsw
soclsllen of state Dal
tall actual 10ah.c..tI.lell well aa of top oowpanyofficials' and pro
book strikes out stwkst for the hearing, sdtedulsd organisation salted tilt
would only further PIIILA fLPtII4-KPI: )- hoses sad on notional work' a-ong anybases versifies and Laad-0r ntColleges.
begin early Is Northeast Region sf tilt
he calls tilt .d* to
stiguatli the Negro The Botktr and aunt ofVlrtiala "November U by n chain in all parts of .
seatlonnl eatakliah- January, Alt College Atusal A*'
.lsue." Arnold Psuatls- in by toe COM members this country aad abroad.
Mayfisld R. -ebb. Port roy. a foxier MBber of at the plant ,at.. neat," Including tilt Investigation of the clat lea. * *
Ratio**] idasstlSBs!)
the Rudy Lewis Gospel
land NAACP ,president Tbs ngreenent was an*
Sisters, died within II ....ohUo.. regleaa
timid art preparedto nounssd by Ry Procter -
take off the kid hours of each other. the CORE rasp's lOC..dlUaa ..asaoclatlon
gloves sad flikt for 'TBS it-yesr-old sot her, en air at u. felloetng a local school boards,stats
the.education rights ofoar ..... Klsis Arnold tiled egotlstlons session st dt.artnwsts sf education
.11......"' in university' Hospital.ThirtysU which the oonpssy for aad prefeeeors sf, ed*
Dr. pail .. trlht.chairntfa hours later the first tins showed. Its Bastion.RS !
of the eon the nunt.Mrs.Mary Brown snploynsst records to VIM tile forwttlon SUER MARKET
Ittss prspsrls the died of a heart attackatllserioordieNospital COtt.Thsss. of a new body for ,1..- I
-.Iii ..Uo.."* sducsestloaU -
study, praised the report records denos*
but rifassd to Shs was 89.GIVE. strstsd that since October poUI,."" proposed QUANTITY II' HT1 IllUvtO

discredit .the NAACfsobjsctloss. became I,eiecutlve when V.D. vice Metis Istsrststs coanlailsawould sdscatloial SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOD AND AVENUE B

bs created by Us
. president, the woapaay
TH! UNITED WAY had changed Its SBplsys states ... Cssgress.
practices ts the Dr. Coiaat s proposal FRESH CENTER CUT

Tier OUAftft CIIIIII'nC&I Gift cutest of hiring SIB for sierees tags ,seta
Ms-whites IB Jab caw In each school district
olO.A aortOTALUnot pecltles 'including tecbsKlaas '- bee already. stirred PORKROAST

BOOK nun* nancr un chssissl operators some ssntrsvsrsy, but PORKCHOPS
14 UN ,. C: ".-CU-V ktMv CM*. COA dreg saleeaeaaad hs states:
sense ........ S*. .... ...... SM ....... THAI office workers. If eve Is look li for
a etatnideprimsipleand

CORE Boycotts Is an sdvsssts ., as
any sited sekesl ssposslkls.
ROYAl Over Jobs Ii such n prln"
DAVIS STREET ctpls ... Much to -WMSJ- ,
Seattle WiskStATTlt sad It sad could easily
ELe-fl 41894IIIIIll bs ..t.".. by ststsMUorltlas. *
......-CBtllCarlstMS ." 25 *

seethe COM: pjs said that If eves LB. 59
Is iBtssslfylsg Its one ...u." ststs sdops4 Lt
,...." downtown bey the principle. sf
ICIl Illl HIS wit _alp UblCb see t

Into effect In Ists 0etuber. StrlfoToriMlislislppl
iMibrt, II-I".s .

Sli Sirs First fsr KSM! ,-r.,..., isis JI

Dswntown Seattle. .esegreg.tesr
letup Pilllc- Its (sal Is I.'" new FLOUR .
Jobs by sent Par withMtcsttlas aC10s. ,-('!)-
Open Dally UU white se>- natal latesratUs .**.

DKfI TKSUn plernMt.This. I. MscseM.a bethel sf ,
is the tins sf racial strife-sad ttars

year wken Mst bail* eau M ,....'1..
Banes SJtas their yearly A gf, ., M negroes.
rent"pwtets eat Uslettet led by Cttsrlss tvsrs 49Ca 39*
USM sf testtlsours AAa field secretary
: newJettsr.TklsIs visited pi.... tree sfc I* S LB. L. ?

M the tee "'*.. con ...,... lees bewei bsrvsifsr PKQ.
..aer* ssn krlM tbsgreateet mole UBS a s'sty. BAG
preeesrs ts There sere sly. three
bear:. Alls pstrsw U Us 0.stla > .III II." ir isis, (iM evils

stsl RveUeraitTe

He Ss 1001111 ,STEAK it
end ftse It t+. vas to Set u

: ,
"My hair must be lustrous OsfwnfIMI .

1 for close-up shots" STOlE NEEDS TOMATO SOUP i r ,.\ cif 10f

.:. cre -- $llh. iis..e..s. .
I "- LAR'Euse.Y"'Y Tub tt S tot M rsnsess4 Srrw ... .- .
: tai mn n mos //lw.a tdgsi tare pro*. MYAllfaMK I II. P r 1. 3"
r. haircoloring'r. .. .. _...sis* nil nil .***,.s frtwrts*!***

..eews ......... errs nssMl II p.M.pp..ww Dixie FIAT MAYONNAISE Hill ill ffl
l ides pwtr-.c ..ws,- Msas. PhermacyMB
'" sill -n. dips. 6sv edsr r.......

Ian.......... I 1. duet kid ofP'Ieie .,... .... Clses KEACK .. iitrHIM usAN

$1 ..... .... M p.m.feige .maalr ... t.-- f ".t
....rtti3.dly psB g... .... k T wJ
KACNfSNUMNTi M 2' Kt till _

........--........--.... f n?' iii ", wi Me.... I "r I"" "," .

Ml M Hi 14. TMATtf QTSHf f 14 H./ HtlU 15t

.- .


J '" I It

( t mm. fill..-- mill SITIHAT minis 5, W4

t EII.lllfiol A Roqilrenoit r Attractive Coed Darnell-Cookman Abyssinia Baptist

1 ; For Date CeHefa Eaf roBcoDATTONA Teen TalkBy 9 Slates Concert* Slates' huts

Douglas ADdu.ol"Lltt1l Holy COMunloa>> will be

I BEACH, Florida-Dr. Richard V. Moor, ROBIN A. PDRM8TDIRl !: Syapbony StriilOrchtra observed Sunday at 4 p.B
president of Bethnn-Cookaaa College, announced Teen. and DaraellCookaaa la Abyaalala Baptist
I that all protective indent entering BethuneCDokaea String Orchestra Church with Rev.
Row lOll thing after a hard h-a-r-d week of B.Lwynn. .
College In September 1985 will b. requiredto eiiov* tadylac for the sic week saMfOraeoMfX will app.ar'11 a Joint pastor ia charge.

preeent.atepert of their edalteloo credential M with yon OB that.But ia the loaf run. it will concert Dec.I at I p.a., The Rev. Wynn will also
the cbolttlo aptitude teat of the College to- off. at DarnellCooknanachool deliver the
trance Examination Board. .".................... pay 't' all choirs and lemon and
She latest ushers
gossip 1* about the perforaaaee of iYyt
Dr.Moor* states that apply complete lafor the New Stanton and rAW baad*. Everyone The progrea will feature will serve.Monthly .
all college partial ration about xaalaatioa I was looking to the balf-tlae solos. duet. wall .D- conference WIll

petlng In the united Niro *- date, center and fee. how presented by the Marching Bin eablei and full string be held today at B p...,

College fund voted It will be to the ap- Devilson Jut Tharaday night at th* orchestra selections.Appeslsg and the deaconess board

unenlaoutly, at a recent plicant' interest to Oator Bowl The special feature was t* special. will sponsor a aplrltual
aeetlngofthe Board tat the test oa eitherof the tribute to Kennedy by the bud guests will be the North- tea Dec. II troD I to 8

of Director ia New fork these date of his ia the ton of his favorite hyn.lt wasters Btrlig Bieeble p..., la the boa of Mr.

City, to make thin a re* senior ycarDcMbr B, ROBIN was truly beautiful. The Marching and Darsell-Cooksn'5 and Mr*. till Anderson

qulreoent beginning IBepteaber January 9. March 6, May "100"of PAMO gained ends sympathy fm the apes 7th Grade vocal rateable. 912 Cvereoa St.

IMS. 1, or July 14at the talon wba la ODe of the aanuever*. aa arrow The group will perform
It will be the "'POD- center Btareat the ap- pierced the heart of a young Jon,.I", but touch : string and vocal eeltctlon Wilt Sets Rebound

ilblllty of the applicant plicant. ing. *.which will include Record la .Frisco
to arranie tor taking Bacb applicant will be Let'* give both bands. hearty bat wholetoae COB- hire. Bile froa the ITth

this test by eoMnai required to bar his gratulatlon Century.ChrUUaa Carol M PRA CISCO-
catlaf with the College tent source teat directly Bay boy, I've heard many girl say: novel and sacred auber Wilt Cheaberleln. the

Intraooe Ixaalnatlon to Harrison F. De I wish BOYS wouldn't: l Accoipanlat will b* NBA' perennial coring

Board Boi 88J Princeton shields, it., Office of ...ac$ older or younger than they really ar*. Hit Oneida White and cbaaploa. lit another

new Jersey without the Registrar, atthuaeOookaaa ...it with other girl at the envies and theo uk Hra. Aldonla & .Noftdaiceloa league record her lilt
charge, too Board will College, Daytona, why yotf re upeet. RIBS OIBBB JONIOR COLtOS..for: the J9 4-M school will be week, a* ho aaared his

, Train now Beaob, Florida ...think they're to aurt Jilt beoauee they happen year 1* 10"111111 Dorothy Dove, .lOpbc.ol'l.lo-: charged, aid John H. 10.000th rebound while
clology major froa Ptrnandlne Beach PI Hit
t for tomorro w"i Jobs ******* to be going steady with one of the mat popular DdV* wa crowned during ceremonies at the a. St. Boldea will direct both coring 45 ,point fr
girl la school orchestra the Bas Francisco War ,
Petersburg Pie. institution last
I If ...be ao eabarrued when they don't sake th* rlora la a gene against
f It was the sixth coronation for the young junior Norehonse Hen
football tea. It doeen't Batter that such to the Cincinnati Royal ,
college. (A Ballard Photo )
.. To Meet' Sunday Cbaaberlaia has been
... ., they like you one day and then the next day setting record since
act like they've never beard of yow New StBBtoa Installs Dr. B. Brazeal dean at entering the league.

Last, but not lat girls, the fella 1 bar this Hoorebonee College, will Despite chaaberlala'a
to say about you: Hewer Society OfficersThe b* la the city Sunday to feat, however the War

I slab GIRLS IO.J dD' t: Beet with all Norehouteea rlor went down to a 114-
...act like a bunch of dope when they're riding officer of the Charles D.. Brook Chapter of la this area la relation log defeat at the hand
the National' Honor Society for 19t.-t$ were la* to the 100th
oa a bus, and soy thing to chock e-eryone. Moat an- of the Roberteon-led
people don't kaow they are only kidding. stalled recently at New Stanton Senior High School Ivereary eft be college. Royal. oscar scored 33

..laugh *o Buch. Nothing could be that funny. according to aa anaounceaent by Mra. Lucretla R.tllllawi Th* Oil hoar aeotlig point

.. dance faculty Advisor and Sponsor will begin at 4 ... lath
dance thea
.expect to with Jut p. Meanwhile. the rut
you on
4 aI Officer Installed were........................
because you're their date for the evening.we're boa of J.I. Bell lager coast the cbaaploa Boston ; -
going to get tied down coon enough without any aurlel ''ftIo. IOD. president Jerald "Neleoa MarlaDnderwoodDterdre Jr,, POI Utald Dr. Celtics, paced by

help froa tll.Gh. -. ; Walter Johnson Setterwhlte All graduate and toner ace pivotaaa Bill Ru.sell '-

... their phone nuabertoall the boy In their vlce-prealdent; Shirley Detra Belcher students hare been Baked were losing their
I,., ry Lewis secretary; Paula Eloise Leek, CarolyaDrlikell to attend.
third straight gaae.Tbey
tear their Hack assistant lecre- Barbara Sander
... th* walt of pant around their tarry; Cbnetaotlna Snort *, Maxla Sullivan VA QiestioBiilrcsQiery bowed to the all U.or.

hip. It look stupid er, treasurer; Lout Miranda Butler. Patricia liconis Bullet, 102-99.
Ooihlll This was really a boy-girl aouad-.ff. Carter, parllaaentarlaa, Pcltoa, Adriana Me* The Celtic bad prvioualy *-
The VA's annual income
But, think that this was really a truthful wound fflllle Talker business Peril, Lavera Hill won U ttralght.giae .
oueetlonaalrea will bimailed
.ft. Don't you? .anager; Nancy Prink, Debris walker, Rhoegeala *.
Calling all girl all Calling all girl el I lion the chaplain; Arti Dixon Thorpe Alpha Salth, TO.000 VA pensioners Ins ffllTElYn
y The Iritsl Hii't Hilt Styles la Florida at
lookout for the following boy: argaatat-ra: and Aurura Dow Hay Harris,
MAT lOt (bet) He should get ahead It he hain't CIIar1l,... Bloodworth Linda Lewis. Wllbelaeol the end of Noveaber. Eiri CislJilHtf
Rufus ..
H. VlUoa
Are Tiiftl> Al TN already. reporter.The Price sod Claude Sawyer. VA THriiiiii
BARBKCK BOT(bar be ku) 1. One who's eaucy. Some Installation cereoay glona Hiriager announced STAR

yotf v* raked over the coal. was conducted by Miry Mel. BelkwerEleneilary today.
JacksGIY1111I.rller DRAWn lOt (dror) Mold back a lot, but easily Rodell P. Roberta, cow

i opened op.iBTTUt ordlaator of Dhtrlbut P-TA SeJ: 1ccd Centel"
lOt (kit 1) 1. thiatle till It sakes yoaboll. h. Education at New

2. Pull of bean*. StaatoB sealer High Holds Meeliig "" <' _" ,L '" # -, .. ". ,
4 Colltfi lie.I' BJILT' RhT (bUt) Patched up your roaeao. School (t and lag la a* .., ,tI A. tllf 4' .,. I 0, r, .
1'O'IDI lOt (to tea) according to latest poll,' hea tie (official wltaei. to The PTA 0 t Mary McLeodBethuae
got two head, th* eereaony was the
Oe* Tee**, U', tla to go ...11. But be sure chapter advisor lira. aeatary School THIS WSii'S'CIAL
) 830 DAVIS STREET to check this eoluaa But week and pick up oa the L.M. Will la**. coadacted its second LARGE

I' latest Metal yak about the Jewel dub.BTtNowt. Th* aala address for meeting for the school WHITING u. 026incut
I ,......,llie, FlltlM tk* occaaloa was dell ten ia the school cafetoriaa. .
ntcovNT IN i u. ion LUSTi
vexed by Betra Belcher
Th* sixth grade claeeea
whose topic wee 'Young
People Should Choose conducted devotion,and SMALL nDUtfIR u. 29*
1 Their OrgtalBatioBBWleely. Raalltoa L. Cheathaa.

Touag lie president, presided The SHfEPSHEAD .....................t,. 3Sfi
..."were divided into
Belcher gave a brief HUM 2901|RED BASS :' u.4c
History of the Ratioaal group lid each group u. : .
ONE ONE lit with a leader to
Roaor Society and its GREEN LOISTERS 79c
discuss a apeclfl toplo La.
algalfieaaee also -
116 116 ph wised Ita area of of latereet to the P-TA, JUMBO SHRIMP u 98e
work end 'ace***.
eepklete: leadership,
WEEK WEEK scholarships eltlaea* The coMlttee aDd leader Lie MfD.SHRIMP I,1Se

hip aid character. Shereiladed were: Haste. Mr*.
ONLY I ONLY I her joust Doris Bevel, PoaaderaDay OCEAN VIEW SPOTS 1& 39'

audience of their adult ,Bra. Addle Raeberry. SPECKLED TROUT oW
reepoaetblliUe la the Future P-TA. sad ..- 1&
rooe Mother, Mr*. rr.r'.r" .* FRESH WATER CATFISH 49'
TOa adult sad that u.
that was the tine to be as ; Juvenile LARGE fLOUNDER u. 49'
COM lavolved ia theeeleeraUg Deliatuescy. Mrs A.
C d experleaeee aa Ban aid ...11. Re- ILUI FISH ... 39c
B BI e vital to th* students latiea. Mr. Chtatkas. Pussy oM AYAIUIU Nt aeNLMg.p

iadlvldaal and group Bach group leader aide

I I 1 1M.yt.i developaeat.Other a report of things die
participants *ath ensued and things ender

progrea ..re: Rail the future work ef u.
Wrier Wisher SBIcM I .
Vadarwood., Linda Uela.BUabota eo.ittees.Principal.
.... Jenkins tfkflI
Piaaely, dele
With the pwrekit. of any Haytag Wrlacer
'.' yea eill reeelvetberellewlM ekeelete* Leek. Pay IIrrh. th* Jr.. made roa rka> All
lyt.Heavy lee Club sad New Staa parent haws been wed
But* BMW scats TW t:"' b.... directed by U Bay their se i.erklpdueo.
3s eaatke **rly *f HMI.
.Big lur4y Clothes wet &..- Moor sad I.Do Me .
Pants respectively.
least. Tea But Sit. Council
eM Meets
eakera ef th* hewer

$00 oclty chapter at .Hew
Lily Bits toldea Hart
Btaat are: Jeleaery.
Cowacll will pelt Nth
O Vickie Serivea.Mertlya .
Drlakell.CyaUta It* deputy Mr*. Willie
LMMry Petaate per Ma Hart at 1IU Lea
joMOB.Ber Sumner.awnada .
Tau old WMker Wbea Ncllaao Ulaerblh Isla.. Bt 1:01 p.a,
Tau Trade It Per
'....1'. ladleoastele.
AwftrwdRe leaker are urged to
lUll ftalth.ephlae t
} SOTM WvUOW attead the Betlgproeotly
1.. Billiard
There** I....... Jeelepoco fer weelaeee ef
__ .tt. Peter ....1.*. laprta..*. f
I--- '


IHI TN m ni

litintlt lukra I OWN TERMS
I Too Week no Beet 0etrfh
t I
$ 50 II roar ttwtor ".. ,..... .

s srrt sttuI 2 I I lit P.yaH4s I IRATE let N3 ted phanMlete. Ka nIIaII9.V..H 1InvUt .
I ....*. < ., tactec**

..ua41't sits I htI II je Britt. .. .*. any .. Bet You Te Listen. T>- .:
ci& ILK& eltalst Inca
.PellBM, Mee..cue I I I'r Pesrisat I NI"DANCE ....... '}.
peat* ceiae4 I Fa 1 1965 'f'I!

: alen.r -I HitR9. rvmtntn to i iw -
CM* WOW sw.a ere -___.. ____ :;
these A eoMPLiTt bud.-adw-9rrdrler tut PBietieeBNet PARTY"KfMtf

9 9 e o n+e t +6. tM -4 MM .. 1111

1 Liy's DrIll SttraMM StHtHf I ,... '.!.. U 9J ..

t MM MM & I 1ts1 4II ... WIle 1411al



-,: .---.r. -. .- .,....... _... ...... w

c . '" .,JjIIo. uguuiuuir

I I ; ,

mill 5. 1514 mini STAR rmu MM IGqry

Y C. Of C. UnclearOn Equal Opportunities Steppe ..upr Ins' lUlU DEPENDENT Oil CO. '

..- 'tJj: ; ..... MECHANIC ON DUTTIke I

, Racial Position Silliif TkiFLIIIII Joseph .................... Proprietor
; Wl State and Jefferson Streets IL 4>0439.

Negro Members Quit ,

CART Ind.-(KM)-frees Wiro Mabtra of tilt '.. ", \
local Chaabtr of Co..rc* have resigned after .1*
pressing diaplaaaar. with the charter "position JI JJ
and poe tor*" on racial .tt.ra.
Five other members of..........................
the cbaabtr alto signed that till board of dlmo
tb. l.tt.r critical of tore recently decldtd
the onanitttlon.v. to disavow a defeated
John B. Raattr. ordinance cnlllnc for a Some people
Randall C. Dorian and fair housing law.
Dr. Alexander 8. ill1UM They also charted that
were the three oho the chamber "rada re.IpoDlibIUtJ" M '

quit their posts M hn It r. ... ._ ._ stick a label on
Bebra of the chaab*!*aboard to of
COMB araaa bu.aIDd
AUJWTA ...Atlanta WM the moose lat Mil of tppd-op intar-raclal activities *
of director. racial concern and b tn.a the Urban UMM. City Ball and private laduttry during till.aDD..1 '
Ill liar U county coro baa disregarded tba efforts their diet cola.
Eqaal Opportaalty Uan.r. Pictured art Ihltaay Touni Jr., lI.eath.Director .
r-lct. of white and non- of the National Urban League, Mayor I fan Allen Jr., r.c.pUot of the
The trio pointed out hit. citizens to better
__ _&1 Opportunity Day Aeard": Mr. Cbarl K.ll.r.Vr. Ala T. Gtanldlai. who
racial nlatlona Oary.
HI u Till uu BUIS David Tabor executive were netlpanta of tb. ... award and Harold Arnold executive Director of the
Atlanta Urban Uacu
To $.. ek..Iob. itltlaa vice president of the
Tickets ....1161 Aietey' coHMre group, said the' We I
Yioliilioaj For CORE iHStuniitQl II '
110 Post AT*., ...tMIr7,1! resignations were tilt
N.T. i result of a "Iau".,- Heaters' Ebb
Presecetiol For Job Bias "I
< atMdlng.
stake name
l\\ LAU cm-Vlolatluaa our
\ III I Cil Pluiiog To Retire of the bath lass la Nil TORK-fhat U believed to be tilt oat ton'.
11 If.yoa could Ilk* to own the aortbtttt retina first crlaltal prosecution for .aplayaeat ..11.crlaloatloa. *
a a** or used tatoaobll Kara you secured la during the first .1 eves .. announced by tb. Roc Torb District on ours.IEISIET'S
sick ao dot* pi7*.it ud foraatloa about social days of the m.-.$ Attorney'. office waa largely the r.talt of COM/ .
low monthly ptjMita.. call security ben.flUT Have busting iMtoa have bMB research coupled .u( pressure to it city of*
IL 4-fTll or PO 1-1071. you found out tb. amount below the number .a* flelala to invoke tilt tint I....
DNIRD LtASINO MID MLCS. of any benefits payable Countered by tlldllf e
The case ItTolfed. that
1130 .. BtiTtr strHt. CU ? Do you know vhtt officers for tb. same
of Ray.ood Joae. was annonne.Bot disclosed
Ttlfalr. your *.. tad used proofs you anat present period Jut year ae* ... of away researched that both the attorn.y
oar ail_. before you receive ton*- cordlni' Braatly, good
by COME and referred to and the union official
fiur ..
soa rational
the have been Indicted by
District Attorney'soffice a
MAIDS Tour social security the Oan. and
following the un irtad jury under seo.
la a bury important
.part liter Fish OonlatloB.
FOR of your future planning BUBMr dMnutratloaa at tllnn of tilt pentl las &*
oonatructloB sites laklch calllnc for IP to 10 daya
and with a little ad* Carter To flg"Glard.llo
NEW YORK vane prtptrttlon you hundreds of CORXaabr la Jail and |MO fin..
Die. 14 lire arraat.d Local 03| had ao Ha* I
can approach year re-
Job traattd oa arrival tlraaant ,with a graatarfellag for prottatlac Job dta gross aaoai its 4,000
lara III to sesweekly. of crlBlaatloa. but BO contractor aabera until Ittt Aa*
Llf la fillet know security.Do Cballniw Rubin (Hurrl- or aaloa of* guts bea its offlelala
......101 OM __. back .*.you.re of your that c.rtala family cane) Carter will get tidal eta arrtatd for )*arnd that the present
his delayed shot at practicing Job dlacrUI case Mt bias prepared.
trite for
TV. your ,p.
Bay ba atltld toLM.fltaT .Iddl...lbt chaaploaJoj
pllettloa. kit ticket Mat aatloa.
,. yo*. Prue lift oa are Or that youw OIardll .Jon**, a Metro laborer
b. entitled to
rival. Seed sass tad p114II. The title match can- had bees hired la the ,
social security ban.fltaten ceiled after dlffleal ._
awter of referss.e. AM.I -pUII -- tall a' IIU h7 ..1.-.- &Ip
If you do not rtlr. *-
dT.l.P a
UDS AfflKCT. Ill M. Maim Conditioning Corp. fro
Street, Prport.N.T completely meeting la Las Viaa oa Local 53$.
Oct. U. la lOw lit for The District Attoney'sModerates SUGAR

Do.The 14.15-round aooaat.r Moil I I I

WOOLWORTH'STOYLAND ; v.atloa sill b. staged Hall by IB Jimmy Con Uiili To Kick Cll.A 1 '

Into. a local pro Racial Extremes / 39C QUANITY I PKIAU GOOD f

anfird of North Caro
OWNTOWH hers Wiliy Una today urged aovtbwa I I'II'
licit I LIAR! SIZE CinUl
ONLY For New Programs moderates to Join forces 59
300 Htit St. aslant racial. .itrMlntt $1.11 er IIU hid Crdet 55111 1 .Itl 13.H '
YOH-(NM)-Or. la the lovtb.la tied Cider
George A. 117, aa ..* a .1.... article la UI SLICES
the new lease of LOOK
alttaat cbtnlatry professor 11&1a11t. Saaford aald'fitrtalM : 2% Size C.IS
at Syracuse Oal
6.ROQAI/ rimy ban ba .*lw* cannot lid 19C
@ 1 ted to fill the BO port should lot be'I.oo.t'L PEACHES UIU 2 iliacsto
attractlti Mbl Icily,
of militant aatloaal 4 Stier '..fchSII.tITIUI
they sake thMlM
.... larger, ttr ni.rand
's iii IU'.IIU
they appolatavat M.aanonne.d $

f by Ja" A. tby ton art,t.rrlfylai and tbwhy. than Ifblblt S TALL
aatloaal director
Farmer 1 7 )
.f Con[. no called the activities. *f TISSUE II IIUS MILK tIM1
br a "wort .*.* ..fl ..t stile ......* M.
ant tie efttl'rlibtequestless _ _ _
.u Uuo, la future
oparatloaa of the civil f.lrly r.* 111111
rltbta group.Parser .

Amp track 2a- become said COat' .III ttra SMford! ailed aodvratM for 10.tIIlte .l 0- .

involved sere la the dlrtly polltl "11.4 ..erl". U their FRUIT PIES u: nl Sltt 29C
..t.r*," atatlti that
J99at cal. ......1. aid p.* .
.. .
6'9 lltl.al life ef Negro 'IIDI. .111 CM* U.
......Ul... er. IU" itrlttt U flee lOre Ault Clili!. UUIIT t1STARS. uu .

....... sod ....-WI ..... srsNa ....., ... sill b. eU. ,1' r.....* .",.t.ry Icily that tbta they the dlf tr.ra .
,., .., .
coupe wile s sr-a.-sow chides r.- sneer aM albl. .1.,. ........r..." LIltS SISAL CIIII SI..I.PICNICS.
...... ...
-war s. .Ma ev .r..w yon .east. at**. ta n rdlaplMMtatlM
ta e IftI Se drwl4a see.was r..ts .f tb. Tkm IIofU Aral/r ODY'
r VdU.aodtratMt. C
precraa.til "......., ese a' I I I II I l/. lIIql 25
Mnti-Cifb 'Rid Race Sit 9. 11, 1. U. few ..n.", aid ,.,. the .
dM *f tb. "' 1CUt com Had .f t....|., erg II.
cbapt.r. A t* tjtlraad
6b. ,HI III 21 2IIII SHIP ...*.....r. the alattlaM II..f that..Itl"M*.. "ioMUM

eboiitry prefeseor boa '.,...U.. will ...... MMNI'S 5115 C
$18.99 dweleped a ,...tat I.. ,.. ....., Nil//lose
for .UI-.c ... tb.,. I. a* ..*.., 79 Ciiii .
Dr.tll.T 1m Ua. wTU. aaytblac U ** ila4 l/lRIBSIEAK
...... .
CHILDREN'S seat IB COM fro* rtlM.bU .... 5ye.tea
U I....,'. bt" M smut ..r55 o e. tsdlceti W
ROLLER SKATES atlll trawl art.... ,.. wale that a. f*"f.
Tart city aid lyre.... ,..e.atlbl.dlatr ...... aid
UNION HARDWARE math b. n....*. B r*. .*ML .,IIturd No PORK 49CII. 49t
aaartb pr.jMt at the ..dre ar. for sore STEAK II. .
Ml'*rlty. libel, .. used up *.dNMLIY'S
NI' ..... a.r I.urls ." -

sad er.. ... .... U..11115, filII HSIH Hit


No. ........asp 3.". 1.1 AIM

...s0.arr+.....5ogit KIT ,
g ..........
ma 1'IM5sua lilt! IItHI 1&1'61CORN
utuim '
11M.. '
8 2111 39C
SMOKE RIFLE $2.91( h .

It4l1-7NN: '.

TWIM IIflE $1.89 .* M tt ujt u
aftaB| tVanVntfl B9* Im

Rat W. fM* 1 4 tft BANANAS II.9C I
_... -- af WPw W fW ,

........1'... NJI... yea '* ItSATUTAT





--- "-"
,Ir .

'' : : ''. '. .

J''ij': ::' : )';';:::''" ;''
;" ;' i ;, :: ,;;:,. e'i! :;
.. :'''.1'.'.... ;"..".". ; ..g 'l ,
I \ :" ," '','','jIi '."","'.',. ."'II... .j..t'i''
.. \ it:";'!," .,.f''((:.<'<:": ( N\\ :'! k .

...: !? ". ... ,! ... ; ,

.., ., ... .. y. ... -, "." .. -. ..... .

Donation Day Queen Crowned At Florida Memorial Baha'is ReadyFor

,,.......,...,, Convention

801 twenty Baba'la ''tar, ifro.
J 4 11
I Greater Kiwi will ; : ."

attend the Baha'l State ., : t;..: {
Convention In Sarasota "..}. ;
on Sunday Dec. 6. Delegate .
V ..
to the 'National .P' ff f
( I, .. ,
.t convention held lat In
\ '
April at the Baba'l h,
Nona of forahlp in "

wllaette. Illinois will w _' "
JI be ..hct.d.,1 .r' '' '
__ Elected fro this area
i A ....' a hit year were: delegate ': I i'd ': '.Sit .
*, Mr Cecrg Eavltt Mh:
,. !
and Mra. Toby manual, '
Lij alternate delegate Miss '
I1ii Olive Aleiander Eitcu- : : "' :- '
,. ; .
the Director of Jaaea ,)i. i&t: ;;

t -i; E. Scott .Coaiunlty Aaaoclation. ', '_t, ;:>: ';

.......... 1"
? .
r e
The Baha'la of North'J 1
5 '
tw4" Dad will' observe lUlu '"" ., +, '
Rights Day at the boa :"'t" J
: of Mr. t Mrs Ezekiel A. 1..,
Poltler, lets 1.*. 15:! 4' ... ,R
.. --- -_. --- .- --- .- -- St.. Op a Locks S p..., _.. "' .. ..;.
RING gI7.R CNJIIN..II "..to..<1 upon Mr*. Carrie L Johnson w th".ou-MrJunn Mllltr, president of tilt Baptist Woa.' Aoilllanri: In. Habl L**, public Thursday Dec. 10. 1 ( "
( tor the third ooneecutlv ,.ar. 'The title] U arad by nliini wnty for school teacher who dIir.rJ the Donation Day address; Mr*. Suai 0. Holly, Harold Oalayard will "

I the btn.tstot, World Mssorisl'Co11.ge la 't. Auanatla. freaentlng the award president of the General Baptist! uilllary, who dialrtd th. protraa and Mr*. serve aa chairman 'nil'l...\ C\ I
li lira Lillian 0. Johnaon, durlac the eighth annual event on PllC'I ea.pua.rlctaredon Ami Brichan/ president of the Ma* Baptlat IUIUI...,. Thoaaa Ba'uagartaer will
right art Pr H.H. Puryear\ rw I director of Intcmahip; Mra. II... apeax. \1. :

White Trio Arrested Housing, Urban Gels Important Schools Tumpuf Barry (01l8S8'f" y

II Kiduai-Robbery Renewal Clinic City Position Gives Oratorio ;' .,

I JHMVWORT-Thr.* whit ..1 have been rrtt4 Held Monsters Not Men ,\
AtA&TORgII16aORO.N.C. Free To PublicBarry
and tics chatgea in the kidnap-robh.rl of a Negro CHICAV)-(NP1))-Hmyor :.).
;t" J '
school: teacher ,who < .-A Iin. Richard J. Daly has audience North Carolina ..., :.
reported bt mi aMucted whil announced GREB18BORO. N. c.oeAa at allege* annual '",;\ ..:,
aklni I telephone sell in I s.rvics atatton.Hi litr who btlri that the*ppolnta nt AftT Colin was hit week told that oar schools ChrlaUaa Gift to Mlaal \I.... "
: trio ..'....................... tilt church suet relate of >lllla. *. Oonaldaon are turalai our aoaater. not sen.me tile Chrletata Oratorio ., ,r,4, ''lI:;j'{
"" .
I Jinny L* ltilf to the ..*d( of u Militant director of ecaininc atiaci wa*.......................... will be presented by the .1. "
11011 I',hll brotb.r, Ray, troo. Capt. L.*. forratr :. .fm.
21, IIi Jerry Maras p.. of the Lubbock the ooMuaity, ud proves the City Council L'ie .ade by Dr. 3. Saunders flower award of the Susie departaent and 'd

ten, all| of flhrvport, (Tx.) polio, Mid tilt It spoke recently at Jatl" Reference gureaa.Donaldaon Redding, professor of North Carolina Historical student body under the ., ;
esre bur iJItt.d MT ODlld.. 30, hal been English Hupton Inetltute eoci ty, Dr. Redding, of Sister Al.a'I"
arrwatdwhUdrlvlot three Buapvet !
tkf ,lets.' the crtM. an.IllllM H. Bord.rs.pastor a reference 'clerk la, the Kaapton Va., BOW aid that liatead of .tbrllh. 0.r. In tile :>t'',+
1 toeordUi to polio Cite. Th .... wer ametedlnlubboek of the Atlanta, bureau alic IMlla ,.. oa study leave M A fellow scholars, th* schools college auditorium. Dec. ... .. lIidlrecttol ....
The oar b.lonll0 frank for iaveati* Oa., Khtat street lap. his ae pott,POMJdaoa la the,Cooperatlfe today are \d"II' 1l. at 4 P. ... and atIII1 ..;1-: p
Porter, ,who told'polio gatloa of M rd rob- tlat O uroh, M laatlU'tloa ..illL be jeiponellle) Raianltl* proiraa of acadeai teoeratioaa of '* f... ". Chriatra* t' \
ho .ai abducted tt ,gunpoint very .1 rUUvl., TII which bee passed tor tOW operationltl"'feeo'tlone Duke Dnlreralty of North specialists "Men udwoaea Trlftych" wan coeipoaed \ ,
and left tied to natloaal ante for It* of the LetUlativ Carolina,belaa conducted who how how to by Slater nary Deala, ,: "' J
a tarltd .*nic*.. Reference Bureau." at Ourb... N.C. sake a living, but do noted Contemporary A- I., s.

A winner of th* May lot know how to II..." sinless Coapoaer lid ', ...
N* Rae delivering aads foraer head of larr,' ; .. ;

Tune WANE Home Of The World's Florida First fourth addreee annual before Language tilt ualc 19S1 departewat uatill p "' tr 1. I'. "

Negro ,
CounieJAUI8 Arta laetltute.a apcialeliaio fifty-five tara singers ":" ):yzet: :

sponsored for will lapply the coral ....\ ...".
Disc I
Champion Jockey teacher of English IB ,b.c', outd. featured .. : 4
area Blah schools aid soloists ar*:Mary, Donna \ It'. .,. 'M'' .J
eollecea.T Mtllef-Slisab.tb, woes
4 "et drew a few Celllal-Angel fiabrlel. :"tI'" .. d
sore than 100 teacher Jesus Ohl en-Angel of "" ,' "
Bad the aadleace waa the Lord MarlyanBoietlchThree .,,1 .; .

welled by atadeata.prtaelpally Itaga.CKlllla .i4
I! ,
aajora la. Mca rsick, CMaaodra :'l'
hutch atteadlai the Gray and Sbaroa :R.. .
eoU.... ,..** *-iepard. '.(-1:,:-w: trt

M -- -


-Coatualai to
sari th* recordof tints, ,
Nicks IH the state of Florida ;::,. "I',"
Holder *f ,orldaBradcaatli reeeh' Its first "tiN LI.
| Record ail ... h.t M ay ..:" :

fred Hams 22e0oauasors Horn Kockii Rogers hex Jaae .. Matthews ,
see sued aa aaalataat .1 :.'.
v.\ Attoraey fer flMtkfloride. 1 '
J .A

I The ll-year-ld Opa ?, .
loci aatclpal Judge t ."
1 ....* U* alath aaalat

1I aat to V. ttteraey
tllllCB L Mea*. jr.. '
I who t* reepoaalhl* fur WMBM ,
I 12 (MMttieaUUe Mth*
era fieri*. Matrltt.
Jpollljkl Predict 01 Tki Week
lab Tarry "tUew* has practiced "
)*. U Miaal itae 1IM.ha ;
rro. |:00 t* .:10 Miami Florida .:
in .U. rdH.ted fro are ,
All OaiO OI/ ,till.un 0eitB Broltir Riy rlertd AI. *ci*.I *f 1i1.":., ,. .
LeI M* wa* tree Chi,- ,
aaa *f th* Malclpalttoaw WIGHT HAW STYUSf"
I ...n'. ....UM.t 1M eve M :- k
SEE AND HEAR THESE !IMo 0.11 Bet -'Mod. ...... .. .te.w RN KS... .' .,
M en .r .en M -
:: :..... .= se.r..r. ?

1 Eves CetilUmei -rn c-se-..-M i I...ewe ,, .,._.. .
Wit RO Wt ,

; 'AaII.PevertyPesitieu' an CoatI o%.Mre1t. iI.

RADIO STARS ==aw.u.,. : ;

= = ..
Pol1.ADCJol'-(. )- ... ,
haw use hiss ..... ... .rrtg'1lISTr -itSlp Sf.: '
,1e.ar.r e .w
surd hrt rests, ".... sas w .t".
Tot. .. o er.tarp .r ..... '"'
WAME-1260 the .aU' Mtl-Hefty

Ttah r m.tt .
A aa oil I ..,a with aw ,P. .
t* .tt, ffttlal !-

f MIAMI ww!.tl"4 S wrwal.k*..< .
..; I 'wtn 1.: ** lwaen eeaav $.w .
a oafs Mer4 U er.nton ns ee eti.N
." :;} Hear "Hot U..." Nightly At 11 ,..M.Ii ..- es ill-out steles ..as m.en sal ess.rw ensMMs.pi.
\ en prvoctp.IB J e.., s.wAh
,f .*v.l.**BtIM ... en
'I With "Art Greed ..."** *fa tlorw di'iL'

.ri|*.* c* .Ut*.. ...s


HCEIItl S. 1114 riHiu STII rims nit i

Fll HIT Gospel Echoes Concert Sunday Dec. 6thIN Zioi Kepi BiplislSciediles I ;

1 too Apt. .......... II t. I bills
Dell trUe4 OM.1. oaly. I
"'.10 ship R. 7...IS s sly OBttjMUa will badatatatoroi ..
after p... la IIM
Mope Iwtlot Ckarck. dla .,.
hshUt IM Fv lift tko .:10 ,... ar
Deelrettle. alee ;..!. tie aaaday lath .... K.t. .
Coail or licit Pe>.... 11.... paator, and
'rldl..... call IS -JOU. associate alalator la
"*'H" I a.a. | ,... charge. heirs I. < and
y usher ..".. I aid 1
sill aorvo.Otkor .
HUT rat KONXCTDeooreted. services basis 1 :
.,ttk tko 8aaday 8ckoolat
Jmcksosvilll S na..II..11 ..... 1
:10 wi U Deaooatllll
.fro bvdroaa tptrtaeat
tllllaaa lackario.
*. later fin. $11.M ,
Mantas aorf Uo
per week. fteuit nr. jr
1414 ...&to... ft P1T31.Prijir at II O'clock. COtoatatatetlif
will b* held11th
tko vaster la
Tit Mitfctiist' char(.

At S.Mp.a., ITV with
Liner II Hi lull its L (bore prldltc.Tkpalpitaldboar .
sill Prices is this ad are good

md post au.tod tddrei ,- -- ,,-.- .. .- scot at I'..., at the tbrough Sunday Dec. 6th
aad (lad ot hoe winch OQHCBT The popular Ooiptl Ichoe. ikon hro, It eec of the aoforaltlatlaf F
of prayer en rite will bo oily at Warehouse
accomplish.osdprs Trine your
troop which till be foattrod lithe pspst ooaoort to be bold tt
for 701. trite; Holla**. Church Third tad rtaaklla It., suadty il,ht, DM. t. Th* pro- held Tuesday folloli ALP Shore 3000 W. IStb St.
the prayer ..U.,. .*,
grim *lch will r..tar.11I1 of the outttaadlac ulcftl *ur |ttloM It stag
soya FAIIIE inu Board will aeet .*....*
pontored by the ootpel Echoes od the 11'.' Special with lira. IBM tlreaa.Deacoa VISIT and SHOP at the
.24 1, Hlekltu. Chloe 0., day at T p.a.
JMM Byrd win be U chare:

Seniiole Cvltire Hudbook Issued AIOUT PEOPLE

Club Slates Meet WAREHOUSEA&P
i PUBLIC MOTKE For Arthritics
Th* DCMb Mtltt of ClMMtlto KUhtowr, daughter of Mtkop ad Hr*.
the Bealtolo Culture The Arthritis r0 adatloa Nlok<< Hlhtor, till sate kr toootd tpprueo
serif lo. Ilntr Coatoltlai
dob .111 b* bald tt the bat jnt issued a before the Td Mack Aottttr Noun fll.., Scott
KchlM. 11. ta homo of In. Ulct Htrtit. kilo atonal for arthrltlt horo. she. will one MtU display tko qualities ofkr STORE
or **MM ".00 pr mthpcjrMat
1901 L*. St., 700 sufferers Dlotand tuporltttv voleo. Earlier It the year, Mitt
Good eaidltloa. .... Dc*.r 7. Artkrttlt"to pild HUntor sods kr dbtt before ibis row of
.111 deliver. NO obllfttlot -
All tbrt art ..... tba alii lout of Aaorl Judas .t. doMtowa tot l.
*. Call })3 1I46.alttt to tttttd to bear ir*. cut toward hal tbhl After completing this todltlot. tko tied tttt
or dap.Good Mary Meldvtr II t very cad tUbalaned seals Till once tt she appears Ot tkO MtlOOtldO t10 3000 W. 45th StreetJust
timely pck. Eh* till which could aid them la vltlot shoe to oo>p.to with Ulnt from all trott
. bo Ittrodaetd by Ira. their tight against tilt of the oountrr. ittrttd It o career U caste, Off Highway U. S. $1 1
uphill Ptrfctr.Kr 41...*. MUo HttbtoMT U a music major tt B tbuno>O>okwuiCblllt
*. Mull tilllMt It Th* Illustrated book U b.r tophotnro yr.Kr. .
president of tko club lt wa* prepared la cooperation -
tad Mrt. I. Charles ItIt wUhTbAarl* ................. Jane Parker Delicious

chars of ptbllertlttlott. can Dietetic Asaoclattoa
cud tilt Dttbtta aid od .,.. Anotd CHwr, of PUtdlpklt. ..., SIl1ANA FANCT. APPLE
Arthritis Proiraa. U." and .JOItIIb Oliver of Plte, "n Jersey. are It
Fll IEIT Public Kltk 8rtlc. Jacksonville tt tk bedside of their mother Hr*.
I .4rot. Llvli too. lad waa written by Gay Plntiii Oliver of 1181 Steele >t. Tko Nonktrtcrt1 RICE
tttelMa ad Dell -.rtiwt.VtMtlM nor II4dOl.lOttd colDmolt stir tt ltdfltltt. PIES1.LB'39c
.u.... Rot Hur. author and lecturer rriradt tad rdtttvM of Hrt Oliver art .Mica*
Car Ptrt.rk. ,(..474) oa Mtrttloa. to visit kr.

Bay Now Oi Easy Terms 337
Miss Urbtra A. tlektrdcoaKit. ........htr of In. ,aadfaculty. I
Cratforf C Uebardooa 1[ .r 1
WIGSAre of 11)1 t.ajrd .t., .baa r.1 1
h....to tII..f PLANTATIIN

Ids AIM niirtltyuM Ph"l llITS1 CSI*
Lovely Christmas tractor ta Rlitory.tto .
elvd tk. B.B. dttroo .,
rue, then lets ae"tr*. t
. GIFTS hr HMtor4 fro ArlcottKttt I MEAL
Cbllx. "WMlallilafla ,
TH cu in lij |iir oils, ..rop.*a HliUrr.Mlta ale '. All Flavors Marvel4lI

ehtrdwM oorkd ot* pear at .
.. ..nurt ir ntlir "
H tip tot Jailor college UOealt C ICE
100% HUMAN HAIR before Joltlu the AM 25
..MIM/ iia1ii..

EBONY WIGS ................ CREAM49C

Is I lintlfil Ckristns SuirlsiIII
IX TCLAMmB..CaptaU Robert & lUy sad kit $11111111
ffi IUI until Ski fin lit attractive tlf. tk. ,..,..,.. fraaelt Diaklaa, paid
a visit to tko Florida AM Daifortlty eaap M chits
bo oaccllodlaallltary tcloaeo prior to trad atala .
EXACTLY 1IM. After .tdlt too oooka la tko ..."..1.Hl. SAIL y1
.tII. 1aI1.,. lft for Cores otoro Ct f" .Ml,
things TIE CIIH III STIlE SIC IU IIVITSI ,eta.. to active ""..r.. ..U., it also a ira*>
eats of tko wlfmlty.n. .
come CALL 51155155151111 IT.
5.............. IIIN1PII CTN.

in Seagram Mtrlak Jahoa. a roaidaat of fltrUa. ... .
packages Wig City recently presented It a portoatllty ,...,11. la .
California a..*fat.,.

40 W. MONROE ST. Eoyj Stitil JoS' SIISI Boys' Sftol Western Heavy Beef

355-3791 LayA-Way 19*
YOUR CHRISTMAS Boys Suits For Christmas LB

Slies 2 to 20R.gular4Nm.HuNd.s
Will lid in DM You Western Heavy Beef affeaffeSHORT 1

wift i $7.05 to 926.95 I RIBS L8.

'eoSewaars frit Bow Hi Wilt Entry Sill

U IROAtWAY HPT. STORE 'Super-Right Sugar Cured Smoked

111 Hlil ST. rHH' U 4.Nil PICNICS lilt or 27


wilily Extra SpiclollMuMer's I I
'IIHI, III... mi. .
HUll PIItlLLtMacaroNi 1 ..
HIUS. lit ill III. Elbow

M It baafe. Wm mi tef Tntp JUICE

II- Pals 1 II Talr''.1 I IiN1 _
ir lid

See? | Ti 4 Tim Ti Mf.rmH. .

Sea,rtai'i V O. .... 11 fm ifurar, mi TIIIIIr.tnun S'II ketti
for ,.. .Ut .. .dtartitkw I fOIX CHOP SAIWKK
caau ll .dkno MH11 NINHN
pispQl|oox*and rdr.wZ ... I Inl UHf fMN
+eA ..... II a say

--tift...... .... nfff H{ 48( TISSUE

Sf _.'1' h 4t IV w.sr. dmh saw
TVS Mff lit 1c
tMr..ll--1> ,..t...t1I"- '
VV t. LB.

.-............-.o nw..c.raa---.... ,.. -.,............. ....,. .ate 'KG. Heil

.... .


[" RHIU+ Kit urns J SIImn ttctaiK J, IHI

; :Pl neor In: ,Plorld\j TY


j Three Ycors..Tbrt Cheers iI..

K iT! .. i'
KEN KNICHT, producer of hit own show on
MJXT. Television II, Jacksonville Florid .
I U all I smiles over "Th Ken Knight Show's *'
! third anniversary. Having Md Its debut, '
Cecenber 10, lOol, the show has enjoyed.
I' tremendous success during Its three years
I of weekly/ half-hour. performances each Sunday -
Morning on WJXT television.
I The fact that the show has maintained. the
same sponsor since its Initial performance
speaks well' In heralding Its success. The
sponsor, Premier Heats. began sponsorshipwith .
one store three years ago -- today S
they are operating three stores.
The show features an array of musical
talent emceed by Ken Knight himself."' ThereIs
never a sameness sine each production ( .ar
has Its originality, of sets, type of '.,
!II. music. and talent. In addition to the Musical .-..-.-- ., ,
numbers, there are occasional devotional 4r.r Ii
segments presented by I) local Ministers. r. .. ,
of local recording artists *ottoiUMtf' ... I..y b .
Appearance Ilk
I .. "
.. ., ..
I highlight. Jerry Butler, U t w .... ., .. 'tI. ',
are another tally u* ttlrdnaUtrwiT ,.... .. ... -....
riOKm-Hwn .
M .
of the top local recording artists today tw toiftt : ... .. II. .
one MllM BUOKT WOt. ...., ,. .. .....
I was a recent feature. of W* D 't war:. ..... "
.. .
r. ..
choral tlro" UU ... .. .... ..
Son of the outstanding groupswho Cvtonu Who totlnUlM .. .. "..
I have entertained the show's growing A .aa mi the Urrt HHTO '" ...... or, .oro t.,
Choral U '" 'i "" ... ...
audience areThe Florida MM Group cr" I' '''. ,
Tallahassee; Bethune-Cookeian, Daytona FIori e. .6I'JJ." \ .,':. .,.qoI. '.r..e Qtll.Vlu..
Beach Florida Memorial Collage, St. Augustine ,, L.
) -
; and Edward Waters College, Jack ,; .
I sonville. ,Vi" :' ..
I It's THREE years and THREE cheers forTHE I, ... '-tJ ;\_ ")";/ ,1 I .
I KEN KNIGtt SHWJ ... \:,\;: ,> I .41: iff!"I. .' "'It: & _

)'', ,,"F, '.,. ,... .
\ ',';\ \.' : i""" : : ,
'W: .

', "" ....,/:, I,; .:::. /, .. I... ;,'.
; .
: / :' '
; : : '
'I : .:; .

; ;A.

: .1
.. "

( 4 Q,., .,
J ,).rr..: .
,l'' J. .
omy AILS "
't .... [eaZQl '", ,JI'
a_ t be .abt 40 ferry..... ,
.. .
CEy .
dray tA. rcet eoe..I'f'1I ih 'I, .

t 'RJ7 l'fIoeo.)Orb des : dI.tAt"..tD...O"rte. .

.. .. ,
.' """"
4 ,\.


-* Christmas Time Is Hammond MUSIC TIME

.... _- i*.wild Dw'where ...M1o' ....n..,

OIQ111" All. .....QJ..loft\dt.... O'tter'Cohere... Cbooew .OS lb'OrorO.To ......t a.a1r.eOUet ..water't.e.01e..
t\ 4rOs
.1 '' Collea
.... s..plttenttr..gaol T'te cat
rlo' All
i rlorte Group'Couoreteletloes I IJ H

I To The Ken Knight Show !

Wi in proud to km bun OBI ol I hi tflltiil sponsors

j '. AfroAntrkMrntw\ C'..OJ R

i .

.' !i;',2Hti A tII.

: / /,yI
I, 1 C'Wo: Art Our Stocked. With Christmas Birgiiis. Why It l Ut Oct .

f for 3 swcissfil yars Coirlms Sales Riprisiililifo Mr. James Bfii She" Yes Hew Easy It Is" .

To Play You OWl Ckristatf toils This YtI,.



j = "I8, .. "- Pies All These Extras
1 >


.1 d

!.e .... *;" SJ .
\ for !biggtr 0 Y :; Z: S495
V) 5 ;
.... .: _:w ;:, ,; "*
<{ ....,00." EASY TERMS- A Small Deposit
r aid bitUr 4 ..-. !
i -1.rr*- : t ,:; r'Will Hold Your Choice For Christmas Eve DtUvtry

i I NEW DEAL CAI COMPANY j5 |1.2| .'fl:."

; ; 'Hjil \ f I. NEW PIANOS oily $3f9 *

,. .. IllS SINGS ROil E .
| '" .

4 .f. "t El 4-1111"! !asrillj,;.t ieUE..I r'-:'> yiH imBRWflV iM| mi VWVftfl* tJK L Mm snmc

.4 1- iftM HACM tivn.-ore IV$. 'Ti t- PM. Hat

: ,;.t:

t n :',I : r. r. .. i ._.. ...... i, .. ---"'" ._, .. -- '..- -

.... h J.

r IHIIIII IECCMIEI( S. 1K4 ) FLI1II1 mi PAUlS I rri1 it

J --r' aj _

YSC Upsets Top Bowlers .:.:: SPOTLIGHT ON'SPRTS Governor-Elect Honored Hayes Virginia State

Morgoa Bears Wins League : -, Preps Cagers

tin hart and Eddie Ooldor. "

laporu tnm BeJtl- by Gnsl LMnM stow Virginia stats' fourteen -
aan basketball
tar. played poor hosts > -
to liaiuro fro their A PUDO POI RIM. plods: .. AS COACH aviuad will perhaps bs

.**.t.... M vlrglBla OUCAOO-( '!)-A tea days ago halfback Bobby the youngest la tbs CIAA

.tat* handed NorgM State Mitchell of the ashlnctOB Bwdahlaa football teas aa Coach Paul Godwin

Its eecotd loss 11-'. ; made a prtdletloB which f, and I an aur oooatUas will field a unit with

II ft M"rl el eg Bpeot.alter other Aaricaa sports f ana,hop* ..ttrlaJl.... Hs only three r.turilB|
forecast that football f''I IP > players when stats opens
tare its nth irMtttt ground alltr .
at Shaw la Raltlgh.. N.C.
; Jia '
Brown of the dfland
Md 14th toachdowB<< PM- Brown ail baaad
coach *f the Browna P\ Friday D c.ab.r 4.
see to lead the Trojene sane whoa h* retire troll the .
Otis woods. 1.1 junior
to ft I-2 record their t rldlroawarfar*. .. ,
To b* perfectly frank about it the I Eros Hartford, Coaa.
beet stare US When they UDH BLAND 1m. nay
wore CIAA <<*.... all football owe prlacsly honors to Brown for will lad the Trojans'

norm coBpUt its Two of JackMBvllU'a all that hs has doa for the tine, aad the coach-<< flrat-llntrs. with Wait
Blount, and Charles
t MOI with av.a wise top bowlers represent- ahipiabut one way the Cleveland teaa could recoiaiae -seedy''
sad to loss.. lag Crown lines oa Ides- and reward his treat contribution.On Preston 8. I. both soph-

split.. Hart took wood Aft. .moa tbs annual the other hand Mitchell, and ei-teaajaats and o or.., backing Ma up.

;ODI...* T-yard pea* lathe Uagu Officer a Tourna- roouate of Jia, has put over Art Model and the nth a 6-8 giants Prank j
Stephen tad Ira* Brock. i
cad wt to cull- .satof the greater Jacksonville other Brown1 officials oa the spot, with the pre
the arriors will be
sate a ftroeloua field- Boillai Aaaocl- diction But. he U aot trying to force their
short height and hops
length drive which began atloa held at Bowlasttle nan da. R* la merely tacitly rwladlat then that
that frsahaaa RodneyLoony.
hen Mel Sweta latercptd Lanes rtcsatly the great fullback and brd 64 lad who bal
aa mat Morgan Lsoa aland and tlllie the Brown east not be overlooked for the teaa a ;I Iollt.tandll'
credentlala #
prep -
pass OB the VSC 10 and Pollard capped the Hand. leading job.Mitchell .
from NorcOI Nigh
retaraed to the u. cap I.'. Doublet with a says k* know that Mod all has treat regard -

..illl" timely pluck sere two-pli aargln with for Brown and that'h* feels our that lit will la Portsaouth. will

tail Moor' forth a 194 Bane series with Offer Jia the Browns ".head coach job whoa he retire develop quickly.

down aerial WM tile pro* handicap nsy nosed out aa player. Other freshen who will

lid to a drift which Mickey tachboli and Den- nil *writer Ilk .Uebll I. wUrtaln BO reservation probably set a starting
nod include AloaaoBuabryM .
took only ..," ,Ilia.I ala Roi.rs, who flalthsd about Brown's quallflcatloaa for the job;
( ), tint Oeorg, Ca.;
, Key plays included Colder the Batch with a 1393. nor about Io'ell' obligation to tilt dusky fullback -
Lawrence Barnes ($- 10),
ll aid 14 yard The Bland-Pollard two- who II.. lagged the nail oa the irtdiroa for
____ RIchBoad; and Cuga
\ paws to Rarrr sharper Baa teas won first place far sore yardage clue any other player la football
Neleon ('.S), Hartford.
t tad Swans and Colder Booty sad tilt handicap history Unstoppable Jia hat logged sore thaw

It-ard 1'1IIo trophy. 10,000 yards with th* ball slice jolting tilt .,.., Conn
Bart added the eitra- Brown BOB* eight year aco. la fact la little .
Dot Johnson <.c ...
pout froa placetent.Tb lOre than seven seasons, h* rushed wore that 1,000 --
tally cm.e with only IB yard, to top a record that lid taken other nan 10 lobsrt Hayss star half-hack of tilt Plorlda AM lattUra nd Olyaptt cold Me e ennssshng.01 tit. .
Bowling rl
medal pelml y.
wiener, IB ahowa bel.. ersssatsd plague by Oofsraor-Usct
2$ seconds tbowlng oaths year and more to Itt bUaIa. Hvdoa Burns
clock before half Scores HighDorothy This "1101. Jim .has alraadjr cracked tilt dream dUll halftime csrssoalss at tilt Oator Bowl Saturday .lallt. .Ths rtaarkabls SAT. NIGHT: DCC. 5

t i... 10,000 aark, and la puaklag toward the 11,000 Naysa.who tied the worlds record U the. I00-o.tsr dash wu caught during his ORANGE iOWU P.M.

Wilbur Koblnaoa'a kick Johnson a mmbsrof point. This writer believes that Jim can retire finest hour before the hoMtowa crowd. (feal Art Studios)

for the cars point wu the Chickadee Bowline now and rest securely la tilt thought that his '

abort. teas. rolled a hilt iround-galBlBg record will not lit equalled let Victory II JocksoBvllle's Classic r

I vlrglBla Stats retailatsd individual gage of 178 along surpaassed, for a long time to COB*. Play

Midway the third and a high three itasasrisa ers terral.like Brown rose along oaly once la a long lie Scored! By The World's Fastest Human

stanza ihsa quarterbackEd of 477.
Colder heaved a 54* Second huh Individual The above are sons- lot all .. of Jls* achlvnt *- The plorlda MM Oalmslty Rattlers btddlai for a ,nd.. victory over Teas

yard touchdown aerial totrolb gave score mss Lucille .< oa the playing field. A* of Sunday, lave II.b bathers U. la this year's Jackaonvllla ('Claaale used tilt blinding speed and

Grant of the Eagles t... had cored a total of 101 toaohdnwna<< : and seeded ailllty of "Ins world1 Pastsat II...'* to coo a thrill lu 94.11 victor .. th. M
Bert' sad PAT Harry effort Sharper.tal Jtd. with 1TI and a three only two fore to equal the KrL record of 101. OIt4r Bowl Saturday sight ......................,".....;;.;;. ;;;; ;.;;.;;; n1At''

l.. series of 43(1.( But all these factor aaioe.let B* point out that Htyta scored all of the waged la t defeatlv iMd.Bobby. pal +r ew:...

professional football owes coaching posts to aria tattler tolclaclownauODt battJ..wltta 'Thus Southon Pelts, at* ball J =::._ .._ ...UII
-\" \ ........
like Steen Ibo have aot only performed superbly, a aclatllatlac M-ytrd gettlag the hulk *f carrier for t.... MttUra, rwe ..4.t .

But help to enrich the MR. run that sent the It.000 the b..,. aid brulaet.Mottly played an .i"llnt kit =:.- :'S'Zm

A coach like Jla Brown.would,, without partiality.wipe fans into aa uproar of s pMtUg tea, iaM but WM hd| IB the .c:__

out this fora of diMrtaiaitloa, because htU jubilaacs.Ptaylat TWl Tigers sire eose- .hadowa .. the faatxt I

a courageous man who la not afraid to COBS to OB a wt tart whet haapered by tilt eet MB oa earth made ".t.,- \

grip with a ,robl.. Besides. h* lo Ittellltent, fro rala that tlar..t.... ball early la th* IBM, day might" 'Hayes' r ---.w w

cultured and a Has strategist to spoil tilt eolsrful but CM back strong U Night I l! rloll'I nIii\

hat erase could football. and core precisely, afternoon parade sari let, Eke flat! suites of Tessa ....th,,,' of- MIAMI.

the Cleveland Brown*.. have for not offering JlaBrant Hayes, tilt Battlers 0* play to threaten ae use CensUs fort* started
v it/wi/ onwjrroe' omnIMS.
Which English a head coaching oh.t You tell B.. IraptsfoldNsdal wlantr, aUdfal Rattler aquad.Highlight to work for (... (late .1. Meat a/

grabbed a 11-yard piaar3L tf the ,..., la tilt .*..0... period
OUMM an.. |*.t. T)
holiday greeting T.p..llk.lol.r, Cleveland al Stale Hart early which wa* ladted Mr seen \hlr o/i John *claaa "i*. Ilk ai, ai |4ih AVW.
la th, second quarter to fattlBititg this tht aaork4 a no-yard
older..the first WllllaBis, Shot By Cop llr' tilt Tallahassee pomp tad rMOy during pass .. fa'*rlt* tad a Ass,
is team a .-0 1.... the btlf-tla. has
..*,*. Driver tor their oil a. I, ith Ave
Dave DsBlsIs ..... a slant off right tacklowtthMeyM
Dvrlag Drukei Scef fie the first 10..'*'.'nt. sane m.tN rum. am*
CardGordon polat after toHChdowa earrylM. Th. .
eoBblBtlB 110'... with 114 N. .. Third AvveMCiaaaMiTY
HOBTON TssaClov.land til 1 1... ranked 2nd I* with a boot that spilt famed sprinter faked ..a.1 31 ***oada left t4 play MM nail

or lime for the .bsavy-wstght. boning title was shot tM oast upright side, the broke to the' la the game with t rl,.r 7M N. I. IIIB Ate

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MONDAYDecember ,

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/I'I'I'i :::,': : L i :





? \
Corner Beaver

I, __BOURBON $369 :,:;' and Davis Streets
Ii -'eu'GIN AND VODKA 1. '; ,. .
'L,.. ..
99GFlFlHj2a9 _.i. : V

I tL'E#
s >>
SAlt PRICU .. ,. ..
6008 GIllY A1 ;
t .AYIS STOlE STun \ i ae i? $' 99 I :.J
rtJll" ;:: 1 'IItf.,..
; '

!I .von W lEIFl sxEVVr 39C 89- i
i 4
11 OR HUSeam : KING 25 .
35nn 9$
LAND '0 LAKES . 15*

Ii; ,.. 'k Fi ';;. ,;, BULL DOG MALT LIQUOR. .10*

'\", \ ,';:..!J: ', ,,- ., '" f! .<<'" ,1 ." -..........--.. 'O". 'If' -