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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
Library I

UaiYoroltjr *>f Fra
Bob Hayes WilTBeTeaturetHn "Jackson'c al 0>La0rill. nor Id. i

* ,
? -. -. -. I



. .- . * * *



* *

CompUt Negro College Study Former Joan Named

. III 14-11. )4 SiTIIIIT MTEHIEI21,1114 15 CENTS
$24,000 A-Year Job

MOTHER TO SUE OVER nit first Negro to be appointed a llcnrtmFxeslner
in the Federal Government U Arthur ,

Chrlitopher, i natUe of Jacksonville
rho was named to the 70-sum! miter staffof

.the_National Labor Relations Board lust i
DEATH Jednesday.Artbtr .eeee.e..5 .
SEPTICTANK Christopher. dtctorla ef lbs lilt
Jr., 11. IUD shepherd iraudatlti olaiaof KM*

. 111AllCHrw tr*.tM.l laaMaiton, toa Nub school ttort.M .
D.C. JOOll, baa served r* ltd .kl* I. A.
Tot Drowns !I. Septic Talk; .. M attorney as tk* degree, oils laud, trod'
Tape IWCAnONAL Dr. U Uokard teeth of
Recording legal .t.rr.t the .Na' bard Dalforaltr, ,....*
Mother Vows To Irk Silt Colubta v..unit,'. Teachers Colli tad Dr. tloaal labor Htlatloaa Itltoa, 1* 1140 tadkltLUI
Joha .. Roabrt. Prldat of Olbbt Junior Col
board slice Pbr.*ri, degree free
A irlrrlai Plteoda St.ooao rte ... prtt h... 11.. (St. P.,*.. Pla)., rrrlo* the nadlaiatfa II4. tlllli II NLII lbs Sokool a fit., No.
Implicates Ao lost IItr 2J- the search and the opa silt,., bar Dr. .Roibcrt eoaduetod of I5 public and ruts, h has ta a .trd Oalvtrtltr, laIM4.
ash-ol d BOB**a bo tell 1 tank .aa foUI.s.. 1tI., a.t private Music Jailor IIIlh.* la Uo aattoa. Ktotw seta UalBtMt tad ..* la WM-II, lit oil
The tape recorded conversation allegedly lito at open septic for Or dopaitooat roou assisted fomor 0.8. Co*.laloar'of Itkieatloa pmleory ttUraey for a ptrttla hct.,., oa
between a Jacksonville Metro gambler and a tank boblBd their base. oorktr. Dr. Earl J. MeOrttk. BOO at official af Co!nob laOalvraltrta hard sabers, Md lace labor lam tt tbt til
city police captain hlch has Implicated plans to fll* t Ins suit It ... close to fotr ooatkiettai a 1104,000 Carnegie pow Jill IMIkat. served ten t..
Captain Harry F. Branch in an $800 monthly against 0...*" of the boors after tbs flrtt datloatpoaaord study of t total of 1M Negro to aa Associate 'Mrc. Mr n.t. I1", *,-
pay-off for garbling protection also !.. property. call, tbat t (*....* junior and toalor ..U.... tad wlraltlta. Car- tor, Offlto of It.,*. tlv It civic affair,
plies several Negro policemen and the pre Mr*. RaiI Hain of search .biaa. for tko suite PouBdatloa rqutd U. .t._ la order to ..tatlM ATOM).. la Prtldat of the so*
cinct captain were in on the payoffs.The 2233 Pae* taps rtcordiii via ass. S BMwaatloa with a STAR Larnc taa palidfroa 1M puUlab. la .book I>>IIID. rwlta till, riorldo.' Mr, tilt District of ColaoMa. -
produced lo till Crtalaal tayboo' .c.... I kakr ....... disclosed that tt* tank ottt .ira of tk. .mb. (Photo by Ullard) Ckrlttopktr ota ials. .n.* lapr.*l4Mt afSchool
eon trial of Captala *) 10..." U. dtb of br ooa, plug boobs after tktMr UIIIII'IIIII, lid.

Harry f. Iraaca, Lt. AIIoGtr- --pert--:-fall-,-TooODOBIOOEI La rac0 L-yiardo H.i.., partant arrival Bob Hiyis ",.* World's Fisttst HuMuu PTA tad ftrotrl t* I
Closer C. Starratt MdDot. tal dos ..111, bmC.Y.e Mra. .... **... very J tra eoBBtll prld.tef '

Set. Bert I. RUN.la she "er bass the opndtath dlteoatoat .t tb. the co. Ret,rrs HtMt For Jickseivlllt Clinic tko D.C. CbairoM of
toatlaoay da rial trap" oat la oporttlot abs tot froa "t Pasts Md t.....,*.
fed coda.**a trial McOoo lbs rear 0 t their boo.. public official Robert Hayes' (The lorld'a Fastest Hutan) appotrance in the an* Per three rare kcprldMt mu

said ko scald pay 1100 Ole addd that the u. Contrary to B dally soil Florida MM TS Teas southern gale parade, 1:00: p.". tetur ef the beard
oatkly to LlMtMMtDectectlvo la corrd "lth ***d. mesa adla that report** day Novastber 28, will practically guarantee the event being ont .ef Dlreetsrs, SoatbtaatMlkkrkMd
Rtrrr p. and th.r* It *.ldoo a an old otovo ass ever of tie stoat colorful ever staged<< in the city of Jacksonville Hoot' *
Irtocb to sty la buds tilt .h n aa attwipt Itad the op. tank ad alk ClseWuea. elpes.es .. ..eeeeee bee.ea050S sesM1.eaII 'eegssessiegs.se.seess ,.5.111...' prltirlllid n
lass. after k.lt| dm I to .a',. ebb us- kttttto*. cblldrw 'bed' ste eiPecsd '5.1. ..,4euswa/M a.sttdS s.e/t .4 I
1400 orlrtatllr by brad y, DA charted area afd It, Ira. Malta la attoadaato to tootroo lot*." ,I.; ,*.... ..4 ro*
to opoi Uo ,lac.. IX t Tbs alitraubt Ira. aid U. atoro .bad kB Ito 000 to gold A opecUiftoknafM! .... .. salsa' t saber ef lbs \
Tko eicatloa of tko Nato recall tilt effort ant to tb* boils *-*rtaeakkad ..data la Olyopla too ties at tk* parade ItbolM hDarlRt. ale kM served :
Negro poUc..'. role to report kr BOBalailai. ba tkr. pHltloo la ..japM.Cltr brood tod rill be M t Bktr ef IM tooBlttttioatk '
la tko sordid episode I Sue said that It *at put ltd over tko efftelaltarorark. 14 kf lbs fMat 111 \' federal I

C.. tboat des first after one aan came out bole after r*.oa* tort lag very oooprttir) pleas ..r.... bud ef sir AtMilttlMtkeCOMltIM .
tape cordlaOMpltred to asset. tilt ellah .r* rcomi kor ooa' a .lUUoloflal AM sisal PUrld ABM Dalt.rttr., OB J VtllODlt I
hiD a Jar,. no taps dos' t rive to had kit 't* told, "tltk the. body the said tkttcklldroa okoptr to boor Nar". "p"lal pirtd flttter ..MC* tf n. DoC.
.at acquired its Ides captalai tad lltotaoatt saber of people kr. sever ply lathe oto lo probably tko soil b ti prepared fr 01.'",''' tat .U..11
set Brach for a payoff tad UM aotklag, do you ihoald b. obit to ra. t..... athlete Jtoktoa 'HIM PAW" .d ',.... Later Las 0-1 U... I
Jaa. 4 soar Ito. tadIwiTMe roar- had IIJ. nraf." Sbo Ira Nato, bath| OM sills baa seer prodded hiss th.m." -- 4a.b.rfUeDtilrlctef
ttr.*tt. "..U I1' said tilt sea tot back soled .r kr alik Tko parade tot U* first All Of tb* legal bus, BOIIATtt ClMilt. tar tad of
coco testified that 't sea pr ooett." lato bus cltrom ". bore Md triads la the Uov.till h0 bald. la tat teboolt irs repeated topartlrtpaUlBtt dedicated toStar's the tar ef lbs .... ...
before bo ut Irtacktkat Tr SMUT' *7ttttt't bid and<< lft. datk of kr ,o..a| ooa, *'.'0. .r... A tpcltlvlooltg parade glory.prMidMt pass Court, Mr, Ca,lt*
evoatag, at seat rtttt." ..It ...emit after c.. aooooacod that Ds)1ee I stall, prepared M< .111 display their ,.,.*, li a SMkoreftt i
of tt* m bad dm bus Toe BB Mtokban. tad .lIt.U cd 11.. poH., Oraioa Fulcra) .... I. br tko dt,. evil N lo. baad, ...Mr1..rt. ands if tk* |1..1 AdviMrr. a Ja tape recorder. Part of J.t. Maakbara. .. la ear a **trck party federal Mldlai aid '.IM ef .*..." tar
U* tape roordUg reds rally la coarse of the o.t", Mr*. H..M said * eat boooooplod k, ',.* ,. lavltatloa .ktt Mss MMMtf tt* suits ef
aa tell...: ho.... Negro prdtet I..,tlu, tlUtloa Mly." ..,..... t* tbo Nary lbs ,ar..., III segamlatiss .
Idaatlfted to ttoooofsratflk k* OMtlag SO tO CM* Jax Woman Slain illJlM foott. Jr.. OMIt hid I* ptrtUlpal Md art boitiu .t4
MdMeo**): ovor Ur tad do some tie parade road .*/. lad tt* ,.,... ttrooibtko ester. ,,,..* Please
.How It a aot* of 07 kttlaM M tttt oft la*. ball kM stated last hales eras or booatlrally dMoralodBMrtlkl A
.koala..t Mddn't ttlak to I oat off oitk It- By Ex- boyfriendAfter ..** ...et Ibis parao All leaf *IHt ertMl ..,.. M orIMltatUa .
I'. tryUg to bed oar cat off Utt It kocatoo ,. top oartklai tint ttlMt flat old like lll lie M*
kody cotta ..tal"'. tat. a oooplo Of UM kor-. JaebsoaII1.Iii ever U hilt part la tk* po* '* l4 .r ptrtllptlMMM
... you 01' kave to tkoalifct bo otlcklaga stsglng a oMterntyp. gun chose sees co ire ittliootdtrfol "" *,.n Mtdte ..t.., Lat are rtll,
give those eo!u.. po* ap. I dot't ..... at a lest Cnlon Street Pervlee Station ei* Moportlloofroa tk* parad grad Mar* t.r.4 etflelalil *|tktk ,
II.... sir aooo uatorke '," "'t .1"lIOt"r actly a month ago. a shapely young Jack erro '". All of wall tt sallies e. HI sisal Maple,. Tk* oftk
em tfcM aett sobered pollCMM*.oornoMr sonvllle ooatn reenacted the incMont tae .Ul,., are. allies MH list. i..**. e1saaas3.e offtdol parade rude for uo prvparailoa of tko N*
.'* BOO* of list early this week, but this tlsr I lo't her utr* mull lit .aJlokJltlr.Ik motor
tkl .
,.. base ttet. erood OMttr alckl." fir. .in we ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ ._ to boss e.II. I.tI' pr.eCMrtM4., joitttoooMroklp
da'tyooT"tM. Hat, :21. MMiMt Plata of tt* ,..*
ass. Too.of tkoo I .*... tktt.kot .... salad Pttbtr tkat tttlauar ace** mae r** address MB listed *r.Dvrtai >*.U.*... at Ir. MtrHfl Litiw KNu "..* Keforloff. U.," seal Sar .*.*,.'1... aid
f n oa Palrfti *t. bas the Ballota a*.fr.*.li
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la Uo Illotal Bertha UUr' list *t..oaoard bar, test sure bora' .ItS a
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after obo kd set II.sees
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Chrd aster her PM *Mrwtlod tkob .ko ot* a* "jial a
ass 11.100 Just to fro her k. .*.ta.,. .*tt*> taM k4 shod Hal *.rM ..." ...., rue's1.41. ,
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Hire Dross I. toilets Mt the etM<* ,.*|..*. .* lie tl
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lid SiiJii ElfartAkoroleJtcktoevlllo biters k* took ....,.... liar la Ik. ,I. ...! tdkre l* taInll. ';' lie board
Ml.itfnu.r-T** e. its the fa tad find lbs ""rr," u*.M 1 a ." Md that list i,*. a lll .trvl.*
bug bald U jail kroas sa. oka oat U tko total okot.Pro OMpllaoaUrr oMpUaodoa bad refused, rnititr .t4 *re 14**
BMltid okori** aodUIN tie | ,. Atilt ioltl/ M.t.r ,
ail of a oVoMlas Cta 'rlck Plakan.V.of br M 'M ,* pMd.Ot Of UI saps,
I oo a .ttrllvita ..... .. Mroftori ,114 till ttt V.ttaotorlooo
tlBMtl tdl.r. _... ISM r.,,, IU, oaaoltto I ,ides. .5 .slsep 'sass
*** la Uo ilajliif la tae ,eesa, Mtro ld,*r ....*,, OM I* liar I* lie. k .
oftM ** a local BOO* for ofl oo ur* I*
oaoUor aao ..... Ml OBU e 0.*M *..., Pita la crttltaJ ..* M oaport. M cries f**.. M, tl4 e.ar t,,," ortiefe .,.... le
body ... r.... oa a .n.,.... tnr Hiss eaplesyau loltlM. .. lbs ISIs .
b .
a r* dlttM4Ukillt aside I ..le.Pi S |}', rn
graded ro4 oust I...* a ao .efro.. tie acv* k..MM all
feted true ..
M oplloptleo4 fM a .II oall bet plo* rsded ttr tt toM I've lkcfsd To SW ,.,.
Ale fM lapel ,.. .<. I* lie St..
Onatr Mr*. .. sseg 4rt s l laidIs. M ewe '
itMo a
to|. i* IB klat la .** u. tin I' 1'IAOIIII
aws It Jeas.e Sarty ...... eriee toilet tee 4 asa la Ik* as.."
I&. JMM ,.. .
CoMtr P'0-trt 'oatlato *. poortklokoltM n o( tt* souse ** CIty C..lul.I CkHuftr I* earn*)
Mid not OVUM la. sites ttor. (kaloolaa "ft* ....,.*.* eU .
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hey tMdTM I .au.*., o. onr tie lal"leo *4 bit If BMlrl**,
....,.. last Uo dt4at. lor 4lfcrtUiU Must tlti ... *tn.'
dtlfld tk* OM aoUoalo srdlig u r- *no.ftllM e.tokr II. er*. I. Flerldint. I* a .easel lo.k" tl
Dame Sews, a.t- '.... la gee Mea laid t able !# *"
r *
MdorMa ., .
154 ,...,,, said u* lite mailed Isle u* Blot J.-U* Mt i*Mlto
TOM a A.*. OM n.*| flied A'.,. .., .M OM bear er*. slag ... U'M ,IttlM Md H0.od lies rrooldMt /..*.** "Tk* tr u," s..**, .II,ta. nt.If1 $0 .......".. Shp
la tko ear sigh tko a port-UM oMloroo of tto ...U.. oMrtii .* bled of a... All ...........: 4*>.loro4 add. "lo aio4 II ,.,. |-.e'II... Slut. lane IseSIs". Dloi,

tkno OM ***a ko MOalata. his sir ..*ral yoora.tM ...,. t:as .. .d *** af Uo boll*!* el..*.. u. asset M jollodllteoMr eMS of 041 |* lie *> *r, stet seew eeer II. a Mil*** f,**a*
.n. said AB4fo 1 M to eerie fitMr, a heir art M tile M le for bill oro harm I* Uo i* .. t..... of fit* semi less. M. B k||-
+** UMOC OM II." Md .....,aI slier ... It"" brtrI.1 e f ben. ....... kol PI...or .MU trf...., jodfM II eta ?.... lies p.ll4 oils *otBMior aoM.| .......". MdCo
aid yet ls..etIgdiu I oust M tae IC..f Luis root MM n..hoed esh. **> a gas M, Mo UN Unit sera sots I.aa. of *OM II' OMll4 ...., u s Jester bit
ease i.L .....1 1/. sad I IL ....." a guest M tie 14 5 ear for a ......... br U. Mroeod .... ..'* std) tk. west M tiN aasoy CM te the ells 'beds..
_'"i Mess, l1.Jis .. 'iBlBMl ... ...,
I Rote Pedro lea oftoaM Sao OM M4 ** lass a. sos orrMtH e* eC..1 sea.satM.. "le ,.,.*,. irtkor
lAi... la bets g k ldMaMorlai elMS list oJt otttreo' Mr sold llai t4rfM .tor >> I .. 4td
I yollH tor 119 sets bet ....... ftaM I.- ntM oiualotot. a nltt..t' Ir,,
s OUMO* I. U. moo sure no *. no stud las. ..*.o4 s rd Mo4 OM** d M Uo f"J aal 'o4 .. M PJ Mil plf.4 Nr It* se'lHaKrld loot y.,. M OM e ,.-
Pubs fe*. a..oo4BMOll ..elet .... toll rtdbu.0o la Meat. be..M e MMleaolai ; stileMBlltt .. .. .J4.B4
M tasked pies.Ms IMO bet poo..pelf lilt lit feavo; Bat ." *M.OJ U, ,) atforaft .* .
Of tlU10 SkBM.aooarctag bet ...|. set aot a p****!.** otr. It e.. its toiled loappoac said ace Mtroooio* .. poj diet pra laet .t Lii.s11Nees 'l4 MM OMI.,Mat
.. Pepsi, debt tams hi sc. gt sit seer urn fM M .. la anrt M .*.. le "... It lee. ew cussed le lad .sees U. "p .. 41..*.*til.I o loftlAiratalias
,......... t It castor fired IM bsllou UM ML .. r.a.rt edrtl I1pI. pled) .4 heed .... 55 ,

'. ., .. Imo, '$ Nc

--- -

: I q t q --1

rut 2 ".,. ... nniii mi PAPERS > ,AO"J SATIRIST !!!

THB PLOftlDA STAR ; .I.J; ,. tl v !"il

f. r w Ussall
NEWS V rriti As !
I:: PubllAhtd hi fie Florid Star PubllHiloi Co. fCLYIM ALL WRMPGS TMT A.VULD : "
R \ IT EttC .. SINWN

r *, ;, This week we received I report on
eIdI.p the recent elect ions.wh i ch is indeedvery
1 ERIC I. SIMPSON.........Miiiflu EiitirUTSIN p\
significant. The analysis, compiled -

E. USE....... . Mm Eiitir by the Florida Institute of
Public Opinion follows:
.IIIDA ffBITEN.. .......Clreilitiii Mniir
r t' y ) GAINESVILLE. No,. 14--(Special)-A detailed
MUM emu t PLANT: analysis of the NOT. 3 General E-
I' lection meals two amazing facts:Jackson

i. 2323 Miieriif' lui.......... ELIII 4-1712 41/ Tille Major Haydon Burns is the first nan
elected to the governorship of Florida by
I :f MillliI Address : ,- less than 50 per cent of the voters who
! ft went to the polls election day, and U.S.
P.d. In SIIJieksiMllli Mlirl.i Sen. Spessard Holland can claim the titleof

,. '' Florida's Champion Vote-Getter, the
[ V MIAMI, OFFICE !: Florida Institute of Public Opinion says.

i : The Institute based its analysis on figures
131 II 3ri An. Pint 377-1025 reported to the Secretary of State's office
by County Supervisors of Registration.

KJBflCRIPTION: UTEH Following a projection: of public opinion
surreys one week before the
Ins rr, ".00. lltlf hsr '..00
election with an analysis report -
Milltd to You fnywhtr In the United fittm
on the results the Institute
Subscription pjblo In alvinc f
noted that Burns received -
Rend Check or Money Order to: I I
49.4 per cent of the
total Tote of 1.889,442 50.4
JllcIMnl11e( 1, Flnrlda r e per cent of those Toting for .

President and 58.1 per cent
of those Making a selection SIMPSON ,
for goTernor. Holler was favored by 41.3
"PiMk Strut To Tb W rU" THE CHALLENGE. per cent and 2.6 per cent cast write-in
Totes for s variety of candidates In the
A news report on Herbert Hoover death governor's race.
termed him "public servant to the world." Holland set s record with his vote of
It was a fitting tribute.Few 997.585 s landslide victory as predictedby
Men have given so Much to their tel the Institute over Republican challenger
lows. An orphaned boy without Means, be Claude Kirk who received 582.212 votes.
worked his way through college, became a Your Holland led the Democratic ticket In Florida -
vastly successful Mining engineer st an Weekly followed by Johnson and then by Burns.
early age, and then turned to public ser Holland polled 64 per cent of the vote In
vice. His relief work during torld far I, the Senate race.
which was responsible for saving Millions The Institute scored high with its pre-
from starvation Made bin a world figure. diction that 250.000 voters casting bal
And so he remained during all the rest of Guide lots for Presidential nominees would not
his long life. Horoscope vote for the gubernatorial noninees.Latest

Herbert Hoover was many things..a great unofficial returns show that 235.000 voters -
humanitarian n statesman, an advisor and boycotted the candidates for governor
friend of other Presidents of both the par. after voting in the presidential race
ties, n distinguished historian and author ly ASTROLOGER and 269,541 voters of the 1,889,442 total

n profound authority on the complex vote figure rejected Burns and Hoiley.
organization and administration of the WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR This rejection of the two candidates reveals -
government.Above all he held a passionate an amazing fact: Jacksonville Mayor"
belief in freedom-.freedom for each indi Ilsydon Burns has been elected governor of
,vidualwhatever his race or creed or color BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL Florida by less than 50 per cent of the

to follow the lights his creator had given voters who went to the polls were certified -
him. He was Jhe enemy of tyranny, whatever and voted." The Institute asserted.
its kind or source. He knew, and always The Institute's pre-election projectionof
stressed that the inner strength of ARIES NO CAUII ron CONCIHN.KI- ACTIONS THAT COULD si CAPPIOORN voter opinion was upset by Johnson
n nation lies In the character and the Moral Born March 21st thru MtMOin THIS Sisal YOU CALLED MtMATUM. YOU Born Pec. 22nd: thru vote of 448.540 to Goldvater's 905,41.
and spiritual values of its people, April 19th AND YOU OUISTS Oil MOITSITMT rnisiNCi MAY si ALL THAT Jan. 19th The Institute had reported it found 50
Herbert Hoover was cruelly and maliciously THIS, ay fait titMS. toII riAtTiNO AND orri IS "UDItTOIIIAIII1\4.IIU. YOU MOIIOkV WILL NAVtPklNTV per cent of Florida voters favoring Cold-
;sviled.by..polltioal opponents He,accept VMt...,*' ,...."". YMANKItllklNYtV .wt SIVlN' DAY' A MIMORAOLl TO' 01 THAN.rUk water and 44 per cent going with Johnson.
ed this injustice without rancor and with rills' YOU |uu Outwits IN UNIIONONTHANKIOIVINaDAY. ONE ro* IVIRVONI WHO '0..YOII tHOUkO NOT OYI*. The pre-election report indicated that four
dignity. His true stature and high qualities toys MATt Oil tu'" WAilS IN THE BOUNTY OF kOOK THl RITUAkl THAT per cent of the voters were undecided.
becane known to everyone long before NISI f ARTNI* 'STANOIN s.,0.....u-55-614 YOUR TARLl. All PART Or THlTMANKl.SIVINO "The President's personal plea for Florida
his Ufa ended. He holds an honored placein riRMLY If YOU 1101. TO CAN CC1. S.90.T7-14-75-697 DAY CUISRATIONS, totes via his three visits to the state. .
hl.tol7.and the world is a better place MOVIOI you situ TMCCOUNIUI Born June land thru LIBRABorn YOU NO OOUOT WILL WANT the inability of Florida GOP leaders to
because of MM. THAT COULD July 22nd Sept. 23rd thru TO TOAST TNI AOVINT OrOr recognize the need for Goldwater to campaign
TRAMiromt rtiiimc' INTO THIS IS TMI wIll SACS Oct. 23rd A RIIOUNOIN MOrtSSIONAL In Florida..Johnson's pitch about
. . . A SUCCtll. AS ION *S VIA mm Axe*1C**! tNl TMI LISRANS WHO NAVI OR riNANCIAksuccitt current economic prosperity..and his
YOU save kOVAk MIINOIMO WORLD OVt SATHI TO KEPT THllRWITS ASOUT or Tit ri* MICIIOINO pledge to Maintain Florida's prominence
Akkltl ON WHOM YOU SETTLE DOWN TO A kAVIIMSMIAO. THEM ISO WHO NAYS MILS OAYS. TMIRI ARIrOtllSlklTIIS la space exploration swung the undecided
World News C>N SILT, IT 0011 MOT THE 0000 rOITUNI/ A TISHT RUN ON THlllrilklNOS THAT YOUR voters and a goodly number who had previously
THAT IS XIAOIO YOU lAY ARC NO* LINIOUT expressed a preference for Gold-
MStlt YOU .,. TN| come iMik YOU TO inVITI TO RICIIVI Tills RItAROSi > AND THAT YOU AM NO* water. .to the Democratic fold in the
B.M7TION MJTOOTTAUIBOIT : MOOD on TMAMIOIVINO DAY KlNtrOlR Oil evils ACCEPT THC Or.rORTUNITV rkANNIN, TO SIT UNOI waning days of the campaign" the Institute
$ Rhodesls.-NPII>.AmeM bojrootttd SHOULD si uNutuAuvSPAM rAVOHO OUIITI TO SHAII ,, TO RIYIYI WAY '"0""' '''. YOUR MONl- said in its snslysls.
the roftmdus held la HhodwU Mr last week. U YOU MAY lYtNINJOV YOU "-u.,.... THANHIeiviN AN OLD lOVl LIT IT 01* EASY *ORRIIS MAY ALSO Before the election the Institute had
which ,rl.. IttiiiUr I. D. 8.1 U eaaikt U* up. TMt IITM MM IN- DAY vnoMiiis TOSt YlkOr AkONO NATRUAkkiNii si PUT Aiiot SIVINS reported that 45 per cent of the voters
sort of tie .u." olootorsto to ailtro tit. TAILED "IN VOW MRCIIVI INTIMITINS IN "". RisAROkiis or TNIoirriRiNCis IOU SRIATIR SIRINITT or contacted would vote for Burns and 42
cola. try Ud".tf it from kH.... rvt*. A big pro- THAT ALL YOU* SUIITI Usual Sits ANO You MAY or AlU onRlklSIOUS MIND AND A NinV-rOUNO per cent preferred Holley. with 13 percent
portloa of too limi registered Afrlcta voters All NAVINS' A SkOnlOUSTM sc suonino SY sirs o* Vlll. siNtt or IICURITY. YOU undecided. "Most of the undecided
coaplotoly pared tko call brut SiiU's hoped | |. JUST TARI Ml 'UNltflCTI< ".ITOII,. YOU MAY M IITAOLllMIN tit voters remained that way and abstained in
for electorate pr auii of M down to $l.'. CAUTIONS AtAINSTtlCIttlS NAYS IICILktNT fHOVICTI ..<<)0 a.'''47.34SSCORPIO OASIS rOR A SRIAT ADVANCC the selection of a governor" the inatltote's -

........................... WIN TWIT Ant roiOiODi or tTAiuitiNS' YOUR i. t. IN VOU* OII""U'tI report stated.
TO YOU POll ONI. SEASON CONOMV. 1 Born Oct. 24th thru rorittiONAk Miktu. The Institute said that records establ ished
0.000 IN ntrroRM' coumI
ItoOo"'I"I2.t :.0,. 22nd
.. .* ANOTMIR in the General Election are:
MAC! rtklstu (11I'1) As electoral college I
t .c It.S2./41' Voter registration hit s new high with
that "'.'np. OKI ettor of Its bled la Uo warU LCD ON THE sod MONT SITS
Is th fsllstM has to decide, which will bo 2.900.469 voters eligible to cast ballots
April 20th thru Born July 23rd thru \ ALL YOUR roivious rnooLIMS Born Jan. 20th thru ..
s 24 cent increase over the 1964
the prostfMt of Uo la asrcb. no per e-
see oosatry May 20th Aug. 22id SArikV TUCnlO AI" Peb. 18th
electoral eolltco ovabors 10,000 split OT.lySOt0R CVIRVONI: HAI MIS o* MI* PUT YOU* CAIS OININO porn a kONS "let TO COM*. 'TMIRI ARI Soul or You lection.A record. 1.889,442 turned oat to vote.A .
record 12 cent refused to vote for
riklstta has already boll Its I0.dojr *l*'ttoao, YOU JUST NAYS TO OfTIMllTIC AND CONITIVC- U* ANT ,ARTMir 0 SOMltMAT IIO" L51C. per .

sad Ut rwUitRftlila. the midst of Its *lo tlo o.OONQO kCM AROWNO VOU TO VINO. TiNt tiNt row TMC slit oirrmiNCis TMATcoukt YOU COULD AOMIRI TO TMCOkB governor Sen. Holland set a record by receiving
........................... MOM WM OSI TnilUkATIONtYOU Or TIE Ml. A MtON.ClklATION NAVE SUN rnoiNs Q/.TOttI. INYITC tees ore votes than Floridians have ever cast

nut SINCS JXDWKDIKCT SOULS NOT tICMANOI Ass OIIMIUIPICT Tel TIN 1 1 Ml salts MAVlMM r*MHOS OR Stile kOVIS for a candidate in s stste-wlde contest.
I LBJTOLWILLg-wn-'Th* first .'U.aI.. pro- rOt YOU' etN NCI YOUoncovtn OITCIIN COWklt YOU ".......n. AS ONES TO SMARI A toOt 01 0 Both Burns and Hoi ley received more votes
vlstlal oloetloao, which Uo toner Sushi Coiiohu THUS TUI N.. 5M.ULC U IltAstllSleelvoliT kONS AS YOU MAYS A STIAOY "IM""U" TNAMSSIVINStirw than Floridians have ever cast for party
k4 sties lsd.teid.e* ltl b* hell _HR| Uo TVl. it slurs TO AtttT less or 'ACI o* OCCUPATION ANO M sits 1'.1" vou. Do soxFAANNINI nominees for Governor.
first port.1Pebrwory, seat year. It was **Ma*. d YOU SUl IOnTT 0* AU.TMOtlTY MIOI. If toots AS ir TO ADO ANY "C TO YOU AI O sic MO* Holley set a record by gaining n 14 percent
hers last ** k. wtU IT IS It IVKTONt AT HOM( tiki M RIIMNtlSliimS.. 1CCONTCNT lAsikv YOU CM o iCOMtTMC Increase over the vote for Republican

........................... ITS M*.. TMOII .. YOU SIsSY' OITM tit rir* ells YOU STATUS OOSTACklS THAT YOU George Peterson in 1960.
.* A*| pTkOVie MAY AIM UATIONITMATOIU' INSUI6f Just AS if is. MIINOS OCkllYtO TO II STANOINSIN Burls set record for the lowest victory
itmtuc vtn ton A ,.0.,.... e* OYMI a Niept sSlvlsa COOLS M* YOU TO MAVl Tel *... Martin by winning by the smallest percentage
sAltosiet)> SIONAl MONO WHICH Issue aOo uo'.m argln of any successful candidatefor
nltag pert la tnv no it, I* ojwoil crula to .
YOU "(lull 0* tU*. T lOOt rOTUN TO PESO Site Twin.MO.nIS47.tM Governor In Florida's recent history.
wls So**. wprovkl of a propostl u w.i* the ACNIIVlWlNTITnAft If SItS VOU. NCOVAM Pisces

eowatry a tlHU ewtrUtsH r.eUI*. 'h .*lelfflMtly liNs Mi.iN* CAY SHOUIIYUM tests .'s All CUll T* SAGlnAaUSIon Born Peb. IftJa tl rs
la *.. la Uo s wto, where orp ,ltloa OUT Te 01 MUCH PIN .v' MlAIT TO foAtl Nov. 23rd tara Carts 3)th Tkr0ih0it Tb Notioi

pails Bb ro have Mjfftcltit sMbtro U bloc the ..* best .... Atl HA ',,"U' HOIS MO co" ri* Dec. 21st THIS' M9MISIS TO 01 A
wove.a ro fOil WIN vow INVITC acids Ills roll.,.. TMItUl If MAS orm sin SAISWt mule MOM A4lAOklriioaiT Prefrtii Of Eoiicatlti
........................... tea to l..A.t Mt OOMTY |.ce.... AUTVi. 51. SOWS MOT 01 C.AXlor "ir.tYOM sits

moot orosHAsm If YOU* VAOkt VM MAY 0>>e iii "'IC".. ..... rtikiNO T' I ""It ... YU" COMC 1% CONTACT UsaiNCTOt(SPD-lore than s decade
..<(< I"I"" OetwlMlos trrturr oftAwUlMd 01 IV INYINTIYI sea ,.... "occitfio. ro* tat sissy AN, WlkilNS TOs attar the historic C.S. Supreme Coort decision
has OH*.d Uo d"ro of IU fuel ul* CHAtt YM U.,..(. T' ATUV 4.70 .s.n....,. sass THINO IN tips n"*. .At YOU* Platte *sMU. ovtlaolnt segregation in pshlie
I 100 kiu *t ..wl TS $svfn AS sees l..lASWtS.Y0 schools $.S per cast of !Negro pvpils' In
voroity with Ul ....*.u .d N f**.lt, e.M' tll> lYIItONt A.
Celled U* III"....." of l....,... It lo **1Urstlal eytEs A..e INiIeeu1SESSs..43 Mont Aug. 23rd tart MOOMIM AMS P*|''TMST !M iONSIO SEES TOOMT the South still attend all-Negra schools.
Sept. bid I OlOWtA* |NTIYAkl.T AOMT TMIN4S TNAf omever. Metro rolls
la ebsrsitor, sad Is lol.4o. etlolr U are finally attend-
serve U* three pnl ur.u* ef a. bMlftad.osd -'to ItII TOM t..0vi. STAtT Set l HaS VIM ecu NT MC VAST M *- ToilM fag desegregated schools In Ml 11 former
iudsler/ t.atlslMBt OENlat T<4 Ml silt A OOM I* .t TVNI.S roi n ro* ..l TIM A eQIe C Ma14 Confederate: stetea.llssUslpyl. this year,
nay 31st this yea,* MA.T tit, t slat .ANT $SIITMA A or it tut ITT W.ICMVM B+CM tie last ts ooecsr.
........................... Ion
June Slat 1.'C'MIC'f""SMTMINSe STAACM rll.* ANS h t mew OAHT WIIS TS At the end of the M3-.4 school year
gp CAftTAtnUMtdcrD. yew AI r..i etT AMMST .e is MtTiNie See ,M.ruiM or a.isAT ICe"' Tw*| Y W* *X. HIT last "... 34.109 Retro rolls were enrolled
....-,. ..!! .-'U..., eprm' a ei( *M *..tI ... TO ,o.. ir T''I'I is MOMNINS teal *MS IN MAM.Oe MS ce'ri.ccc i. TICS In classes with white stnlenU InIt
;1w.sel bf .r. ...Ua.. I. SM<*. trosloretU COVNt hiss OAlltlNASf re* s ocfTi **T rMT TO .MITM Atxiirr Ye .. f'oC *... states
per. ,......'. **>tul will V* .hl fled rM IsttiS If ...... Sault |M 0* so IKssits s'IiasA AMWOOIftTt 'MYtSSMTtWM II P515Sl TOM (VYiiMC.TX in the tarder states sad the District of
t.est4a .... bo ISIS etU, U *.. d.IN .. All.... N toes tit5d/ N.lit N HroM YOUSITYkt | Ce..*A..M<.f M*. Onlnanln cortiaed. 104.' Mr cent of tie
leMoTaorc las *.... ck e *>tv* evil to-U la a M VM ..,! Ihst5 VINO TO ilAtf M W*.N T* riAITTMAT WIMS S \tW* Pocv5 Revs rolls are nttendisg dte retatedschools.
.! .etele.sest .mr' oootlogaa4 areal. ua INKS AtkS Ptt5 ti.- tSi 5lO N K M SYOOtW Y0. WT ....... sot get.n VMwS er.es at tarter states) Isclm4e B la-
=; will get re tUl U a wore *.. .teArtlsatty" ..* hoC .*. ..... CMUIII TiI ... Pee o**.* ties ve c.c. ... ..... to qli.S. are, tea***?, &,,1.... Ile.. Otls-
WIol N5.M5 fuel. MW ace t. asst (1TI1IU' ae'sie t.eiea T-1045.t4ss.ra ...e-It-dk3i wets.

(i&. 4 4 _x..11
--.__.. ....r

! -- BaWHMMirMtri .

\ ,

SATllln it, mi __ __ flnl'llIu Pirrit itr i

Socially i lSpeaking President Entertained Freshman Arliigloi School Giliwiy bricks

.r. r PTA Holds Mill, Pin Heeling
The rtfilar aoatklyPTABtttlai Gateway Derricks 1111
of Ua Ar. Vtttrana of Morld tar I
Ililtoa School WM bald will hold their ruulirtttlni
(III lllltE tlllllllTkt ea Moaday t-Miaa, No*. Saturday, No
1 2. lilt at 1:00: p.c..is vtabtr 21, IB tat! Joe
Tkt laertaat la till auabar of oriaalttd bridge tit auditorium of tilt H. Jaata CbMunity>> Ctn

sroupa sluts recent jeers aatabllabta the IBBO aa school lltb Uo titcu. ttr.
oatoftbt fiwrttaa la this at..'i'>>> bt aura, other the officers atttiai at This la Ut last Bttt

parlor pass art pi ay td.but Mat la qultt to challenging 1: IS P."). tag before tilt lattal
aa biidct. Both>> ttlifi were prt- litlon ctrtaonlta tltbUt
Oat inly orianlitd bridge dab la The CaaralacDoaoattta { aided over 'by Mrs Bare d"Tirt" tnt ooMindrr,

_Ida set last Satarday ovtalic la till r Bryant P-TA President Floyd 0.1 boat of Gelds thlta.Rlb dutprotraa ladadtd, aeeoapanltd by his
scorers I. till bridge atatloa for till tr.li| Nosiest lattrludta: Ire staff and the ladies
ladadtd nadaaiak Bollard shlrlty Carlos aad Lorttta De.ps-villlrs, au.tllary. Ail toddles
Virus Glbaoa.na Plaalat Reading of Of* are asked to bt present
Doaoilttta'offletra and Mbtrablp lOiter laeoaprlatd veal uautio, II' glees to sate flail arntnt
of Shirley McCoy prtaldtnt; Outlda w by Mra. totalaltr, ate Btnta.Tha .
hits, vies prttldant; fill rIt, Andtraoo. rtoordlai rttiry followed by a 1M4-85 .rabtriMpdrl
secretary; VlTlaa Oibaoa. flaaaelal secretary; ttattatat froa tattrtaaartr. la not on and all
Otortttto bight treasurer: Cora Johatoa. rt- Clifford sew Vtttrand art caked
porter; OlsabtUi Monroe Slaklai Mad trees rer; Bartlay Br, P-TA pni- to attt tltb ut aa long
Hadatiab Bui lard, oontaltut and Dorothy Ktlity. r I dint Ufa. Sara Bryan .aa yoa art a vtttran of
... ... ...
'0' ... { sad prtatlpal lilies iI I.

Dorothy Oliver .aa bo it... ban Ktrlatttta Bridge cat highlights of their The foil o l it officers
Club set ortr the wtakaii All sabers trt la at. I attMdaaet at District were elected for the
ttndanct. IV P'TA Couaetl HttUaihold costing sir J... Ir- 1{ 4

RtctlfUiprtxta for outiUadlic ply lathe brid,. at Carver Hlik .*U|. John Francis Br. I
session sere Barbara Harper marts 0. Bmottt. and School Buaatll, Florida J.1. Andtraaa Jr., JaatabUnt.
baa Lee GlOr,.. Ctltitlaa Nlcka qualified for durtai Ut aoaU of Oct. I." Hill, JIM
ooaaolitlon.Otraldlat Faculty sabers eoakicttdapaatl K. ,.bb. Robert Morim.Ollbtrt .
HlllUrd. Pearl Hickty. Dalay Oil Hard, ( dlacuaaloa"AdvUt N.Hart. Auiuit.aTboaiaa
Nona Vkltt, Piullat Davis Nin Fletcher Ana Pro* Our Teach' I. Albrlttoa, .
Hot rot, and Sara Loftttt sire aaoai other par. ora." Valit of Buylai Frank Tyler Augustus
Uelpiata. Hot Lwcbi lira. Allen Binders, Llatoa .Rural,
... ... ... ... bran Proina: Hr.Ballty ILD. Robtrtaoa and NtnryOaiata.

for the 0*i Bridge Cub last Friday ttwlu It School Health .
.aa diner lo. tilt Terrace ROOM, dowtovn h"' ., Prune: Mrs Allen, All past ofMetm till)
and afttrtarda ronde of bridge at The Johnny personal Nyilwt/PrtiK bt boaortd at tilt la*
heelers ITU Jefferson BtrttU Mule B. HoClala. Ira. Ntita, School Sue tdlatloa.

hostess, bid Marie Streets Miriutrltt Mitchell Proiraa: Hra. Hayti, hriWuat The Barracks and at
Moat Peppers sod Sarah Stewart 11 great pJ"...., ProirMt Hra illtarltt .111 wriklp"
Hra. Btrttta *aa sigh scorer la the pest catf Hayta ttuilc/Art Props: at Mt. calvary Rapist

gory and others received prizes la dtaetodlif or Hr. lallty laportuet Cburck '''. ..I. Hill,
der. of Paylas Pies: Mr Sal* pastor, at 11:00: a... J

AIDa, masers of club prtsta sire Marta tilktr, lye Buaday, Noftabtr :>>. All (
Lola Avery, Kyrtla Thoait, and Sylvester Baiaard.Hra. Hra. Mildred Dal I it.Arllaitoa sabers art cried to btla
1'bol&l via also tlnntr of the door prlit.Ertlya 4eheFRISHMSN Co,.uatty, attandanct.
Oalrla. 0 nta Vhttltr. Catbtrtaa jackaoa Mrs lees Btrtlay, Coa>> aCoaaaalty
Ztlaa Johnson and Lillian Oirli wrt laoai other I,.. Melee Masonic family .,
...Dori partlelpatlai.Mr. -- -- Aadtraoa, ChaittllltCoaauilty Sdrefolti Service
".0 ... ... ... ... FITED AT FLOtIM A*.-.lbhta of till AM else Mtttr. Ut law outside Suaahlaa Manor and Hra ROM

end Mra. Noraan T. Drqubart (bt la Ut ... annual Prtaldtat'a Reception rorPrtahatn at Florida A snoop of students anptrtiaatata ill frisbees bane Loao Star &.. The Masonic Frilly tilt
titcttltt director of the Jaati ftldoa Johnioa AM art prtttattd la Ut aeooopiaylai photon Itt aoqualattd la the eater right photo. la tilt ...U, were ckoata to ctltbrati their Tkan.illvlil -
Branch YMCA) till bt honored with a rteaptloa Frt At the top left .r.. George i. more Jr., and Plcturt, lift to right, ar.: Carol Dtaaard. Blr vie for the title of service Nov t* /1
day evening, NOToabtr 20. at 7:10 p..., U wood- Prtaldtat more irttt frttham atudtata it they -a .., Ala.. Cbirllo Long, Arcadia; jaeqatllatJacktoa ,%... P-TA" Watch will btitialai at 1:00: p.*, i
lain prtibyttrtan Church.Lttttra through till receiving Hat In tilt foyer of the Rirala-hM, Ala.} Andre Ptttltt, Mralifbta. ttmlaatt J ant try, atwrdliitoM anaowitt )
of lavltatloa to the event sere seat out university titeutlvt'i bone Madre MMor.Btand- Alai and Otrald boptr>> Tel l ahas.ee. la Uo A dtlltloia repast wan .oat by ckalraia .. ..
by I.H. Burnty. II, Board Cbatnan.Horttoit leg with the aorta art Mathealelentry, jacaaoa loser left photo too wtpltt take tlat oat for served b tat! MfrtahatatCoooltttt Seed
... ... e.. ..S ... Tlllo, president of the Btadtnt Onvtraatut AIIOchUol. "tr..I1...... |n the loser rlikt pktto ....r. ndr tboItadtrahlp L

I. Gray baa been appoint Dtaa of Girls aid Miss Geneva laoaltt, QttrfltldBtaca else atadtat leaders sake aaaouacoBtatB ever of Mra. latch
at the attly eoaitnettd school located off Moa- Kill' rmu." Is Ua top right photo.RoaaldH. public addrttt rata, Pictured aroaad ttt Bltro BartloTinjlki/.

cried bad sod Owens A'..tDr. Aadrtt J. Robin too Jot Daytona Beech, Ututtaaat colonel la the phase, left to rtikt, err Bawil Atroa' Btbrtai.aiilataat TrntlmOttlia I tLc,
ROTC Wit, aad lay Frances Bklabolitar. It. Ft
sea aaatd aa Frtaelpal several seeks into to Ut social dlrttton Ilillt Lltyd, I
... ... ... ... ... ttrtburi, upper alas baste at tilt affair, chit Port Utdtrdalt, ..hr.' Ut Btidvat pales to, .f florlda'aTtntlkt II

TIll Thoaia Birtoaa of 5711 Tusk Court>> sire hostslast la with the Rt*. ... Miles ictlii Sees of .t".'" cal Board; Krtrttt n .1.,. Ttllakaaatt, wee tki .......
Ut left
Saturday tvtninc to a attly organized atlib center photo atadanta are abode aa prttldtat af Ut Btadtat tbwensat Aatotlttloa; State Parktajr, ooatrlb.atM r r r.tl
borbood they crowd arotad Dr. end Mra. Gore tad otktrfaeultyaadttiff and Geraldine
rttrtitloa elib. Floyd, a tremens tree Tallahaatto. to Biilaua edits

Top\ scorer la the pinochle caat eel Marten til* sabers htlt alaitai Ut Florida ... ... ... ... ...
llaaa. I 11II all Jones sod Ida Glover otro vlaitm Of . f

hlit prl.... WIns Jackson Memorial Award .
Other guests at the party included Oalta Fotltr. Lilly
Thalaa bier Doris Ojaarttnao.Mlaalo Cadllai.Jaequtllat I I.n
Orviban. Aadrtt Tyler U'rtaet ..., lite.... CWt 1 I G'1'O delivery; I
r I
sod Joseph ,al.... .
... ..
... e 0' ...
lie Jut Co Sine set
I u kappy to report that Sarah Fotta, tbo laooaflattf recently IB Ut boat ofRtatt FILM
to Brtnttr Hoapltil, U aUlii oadtrful Lilly silk Mir Mr, a Ire, Ctalral ptttrata. > Ruya.Mr.BMra..

progress toward recovery, Mra. Potts la a teacher lint Ball at eo, >aot- III .1... ttlllai 1M' .t
at Otorio taablaitoa Caner Utatatary School.e. ttaa.prtatat. Clrdt o rl. TJrtSUtDr,. Sri.
.. ... ... ... ... tt Ut ."UI'WIre Mrs ire, Joaaay BT.., Mr, I'" Merry Peps,
M7I Prlitt Bt. art. III t,
hells BcBrtdt.Jotn SpaalJUfcChirlottt Btttart. Brtada Marptr, Pit- Vlrilila Ct. .
and Myrtle .. botttttta .,.. Ire, limn trait.I M.Hr.
Terry +m Alpha nvoaMt rid ..., Lisa fcttoa. -
Tuesday tT.li| la Ut hU.,'. Otrttt Drive Patricia Ptaraot, HO Brtft Du. Sri. S Ire. Beery LILA,
... vary '<l1l. Gall tktf .,. Mrt. Jattt MBTM, Ml t aa. .... .rl.r. .
Other atabtra of the.rgasizatioe .*.. MM pro flak Wearies use tad Ill FraakllB., tIf..r. 0 Bra. Devil felt
laeltatd .. ."", ftlllaa hug '.. Ill Brady ... .
sent tr Bond Yes Dents, Alice .1..,- Lllllaa MoOollKk.. U. .11.I' ,
dee. tonics ".cho.. Cbirlotto Bottlck, WadyaBryaaUdUtr ban Aaa lull tat aittt.07flctrt n" I. tttt M. toy, S r a, heard Mil.
UMty, Elizabeth D ..lag. FratkyoMMdy of tko club .'.hre. tllllt .*.. 11..., IT4d ....,er 14,
haute Bhtrrard.Jtaito ,.. sad nilCallabaB Ot" .rt.Mr.Mra. 5,..
'aU. M. art: Iran Beeper,,...
Ladllo carper prtaldwt.Coatlaatd Des t; l Dull ......, Mr S MM toy Peel,
.... '0' n. ..e ... vice prtildttt Pitrtdapwmo.. Mary lilt, Ita Bt. lib,. miMMtrm ..., Sri.Ir .

gad tltbM art citadel to K4>*rd ,.,. Postal secretary, tail .,. awa.alloMattla, S Mrs Jobs .IU,
air ito has bas e. Oatd to Br.tttr Roatltil tor Catf fltl I ITIY I. HU Bt. B"y. 1542 lel..s dl.. Sri
....ra1 .. *"'?. Joyaw la a satyr of the ,..- aiilttaattttrttary Mr, S .,.. Albert U,tI SAW! on
tad .. .
lag staff of Dot ilia Alms Milk <*ool.t1 Lilly, trta-trtr, MOTB. MOMRt.U>Thta.rt R.li<4...lr.. Hto piedSent .... Mil I. Hit Bt .,.UI,.. Clb.l Him, COLORphBtaautai
aad Boy 2410 Latins A... Sri
Mtral Baiaitr, Uo .*. Bvobar Betel
.aMlsgtee. D.C., see Uo Mr B .,.. ...rtdrtto Aa' .,. I Mr*. Idle ut
rt lplt | of Uo
m mm mam.mwwcimw ..... r. ..1M.. ...,.11 seed. s soesl reap Bt. | iti MI, u... .* H.rtif N. SIr ..
BalMi. "... dart Sri
allies of Uo Mitlootidt Betel
AaattlatlM Watch JIM, -.I "IJ",
.,.. Mra. Mo HtfltltB II.. .,.. Alter Shreds
wee U aa |a..laVa] ti..Jla< It betel aad a.IlltttrtUaoa. .
UN .. It rd Slets Oil L.el e .... S i1.
tut *... It ham, M cart Above. Mr M' aaa Vaccine nt tees ........
.*.lo. barBitl. tMld tree ala CMft.r-4n itH 'I.... tree. I'.. Denise f. Oily w S. .AdMAMs

... IN MM.irtb rdlt Jades, *M M.rHiry .. e/es of the lilt Bn. Pu Ii 0 MWlfl
sect" each .... tf ........ I....... fMi..f ., rte ANw...... **.4t< left a w Ian
la ese.n tad. .......aktIIOMft Is Jesse J. L..... ajnltataB flane.able llllad veto-
trwi fetaeaus 0..,. at. Mtopla-.. pre*.talliaB brat I of To STOPA gs.h1QIa

,....,..,..Msr saki.Ii tees-shale. Mr. MMMt iM2ttio ...j.'.fti. >iof .. wLwwPin
Its aetee. ft- sit ttt Mod grew, kttlif bines .......4 M rt- COLD"SHAP"CALL shAM
owl ..,.,..... .,.. .
"- -.. ... ... ItoM B..l ttt tU fMMMB" tf tjo by see Sri ass I W1. -
., __ -..**.tllM* .. Lassie td. Ml tiHtl otr, tilts U ..,...... Br. .... d.t..*, p a reawsas gee er/
'niit a ..II.." a..... Hatll|.4M baalBMtaika eel aotot ttatr, .. beet 1rsh.5Ysa
II .nr 11. ..... tffttlltt > tUt .e ....,...., WC LLFMT ,IUBI

...,.... lo Ibtkl
"My hair must be lustrous .... tad Mi4*>>. t* IIM ...as.Bare. -| ticSe. ..

.fOTt4-4. III 0 e.te/c 3
for close-up shots"e.ye w5 'Vedding-n 0* ISM
p.-riii** t* see |M.
bwny Do.-. tNl ee 0Ee II".w.+ selnLARIEUSC acid, Mt a Beetle ofMCI. RbShMvF.

"1-Br* beer sad. .
/iv.L.C IIMI 00ri
:'' Hart tat .o IM .t.d toe IIBB I, Parser,
haircoloring MB. hel Boil. a BL t seas. Res /UMpee
yvuy *d ....t h, ..at.* Ilea IBM.
d..I1a4Irlqw I... Ms. RBI >SL $10W
....,..... .eere.se, Ss
.... .. ... Marp. MM .. mil ... It aol
'T' e eels' see antral e1 pee..Nw.ew If Mesl lea..e.lessee. ... toolt i.BptM M Ism M $10
N asS ea ,+wv p...,.,asa.e,- M..firer .. IB.4aMt af p.t 11 Bt. .
...... oon. n.bR Ma ... lit peel.M' ... a--. I* lttd of tta.Ctfftf Pat i/ sae. tt, m. ..5,d es.w gas Ie.a.
Del .WBY
"" -;+.QSr .- 140 lot '1. tl aMfratttloo --.. MqSse. .M tP
I 101I trrret I. BtColiMa. Mad ..... ) eel tlllta uescw ef. eiteSi
a. ..... ehr4... ...,
M .
ye.r.l.a. .. B>. lee ..t.... 1. BMO laps 10sc5we..
....... Oats 1130 ."... .... if Hill ClluI' I.. .,.. .*.. n.B idea....
IMI BM.,|tf ... ..-----
----...-.............. ...-w'see .m 9. eat >o .o. BUtlMMMBHaMMo >M' Nos rl sly, iui i.
B4 IT.t .. .*.. W set Fat |. II II 1isitN ireei's1 ,

: *PIN mm 511S.Mar.. ... 1M Bent'' mittlato
... .. 1
..,1 B4. II aid W. MAIIS
"'lIl" fiIII4M ..5 0 .... S 541
I Psirtas re ,....... oo .

.. .. q,1'

PUt 4 rtllllA sin '!pus IITIIIIT IIHM1EI 21, lilt

-- Woodkrw State Conference Held Silo Motropollfsn Cbrch

iburztJAthJ, Pmfqt.rlHNotes Observes 32.i<.l AnilversaryCelebratloaa

for Shiloh Mstropolitaa Baptist

.... Dallas GnIl_ Church'a c nten gist snnlrerssry sad the 32nd an.Blversary .
J. pastor of Mt. Ararat Bap- BT L.K. PEARSON, SB.
of the pastor will bt observed
tilt Church began celebrations tor his 3tth anal The Moadsy
Pallid Presbyter as and contiBBlai with a ....Ioa, schedule of .
veraary 1:00: p.a. last Sunday afternoon. .... Co L youth dslaiatloa protreas.
fro The edifice I* located at Cleveland and
Del ley, pastor of first Baptist Church, was IB toodUaB United .
Praibytarts' and uader the
Beaver Sta. la pastorship of Rev
charts of the opanlni eervlcea. Church of Jack A.B. Co lea... ...........,.........................
Services continued throughout the seek with various
lad by Mrs. According to church re- pastor at,. Oabe VaufJui
churches and their congregations la obar,.. T.V. Rusr sad
Rev f.D.
oordi. It was onebundrad was ordaiaed. Me
IUICI,,'. Bornlnt worship will ba under the Isad lilacs, pastor attended served
when a for three
arablp of Bar. Jaass Bryant of St. Marya Baptist thi United Presbyter years san years.
few paopla was granted Bev. I.t. Duster
Cburcb.At the 1:00: p... worship Bar. C.A. saver, Church at Jacksosvllle
panlailoa to bold prey or piston when the old site
pastor of Dayaprlai Baptist Church will bo IBon Beach
oa last
eetlais !. the hose of at the corner of Beaver
trie. 2:15: ,... to 7:00 r
Mother LaBtr st Davis and and Johnson Sta. ear
India| the week of worship "'Mt. Ararat HI Hit"will P. '. This delegation purchased -
lard Its, lard la BOW aad a wooden
be observed at evening worship with Bev. A.J. from t>odlsen reported a
loa.tOIl St. balldlBt eonitncted.
Huttes/of It. John Baptist Church and H.K. night
vary wars raesptloa,
na aabarahlp of the Later this building
of First Church IB char .. 4 III
pastor Baptist These royally anttrtalBad lid .
... > reap grew sad It was destroyed by fire and a
i ministers will be aecoapaaied by their .*
as ardent Iscaatlra to BTATl HDMI RTOOflta TKACBIBa OOHPB IIT8 fftBTOn ARM SDPnVKDB- atilt the decided to ton It talc brick balldlat con
I .
"coaa a..I. by the recent State Conference: for Teachsra of Hoese CooooaJca Uucatloa, which waa held a Baptist Church. la May structed.
................ boat church, na Pali
OB the florid MIl university caapus teacbera trot varloua psrfa of the state of 1M4. Heaters orca Under Bev. I.T. 01...

Prasbytarlaa. Lat as en. conferred with their area supervisors. Chow here are three teachers conferring lied till Sblloh Baptist the aeabershlp crew to

ne Junior Dtpartaeat of Mount Olive Prlaitivo coinage 01 1 youth to Mrs. Tlnlsla Leslie extreae rifbt western area supervisor of boae economics Church aid Ua first ore then BOO. Btv. C.T.

Baptist, Church will sponsor a Busies 1:10 P.B. participate sore IBcbrlatlsn education pictured with her from left to right art: Mrs. Patricia Clark Lake Dorroh served latermUl

Sunday la the auditorium of the church. Thompson adueatloo. city; Miss Lola Ovens Arcadia and Mrs. Baaa Joe Lamina, doarvater.' Ariiigfoi Priicipal his death.
Is cnalnan tor the at ant. Sunday, N cveaber, 22 la UIX the present
The public la luSted to attsndna the Church School begins Visits Am dwrckisJoseph
lalater was called and
I at 9:30 a... with superintendent First Born Church Darnell Cooknai Ualoi Gospel ,Siuginli _-- -;' ? .f he baa served faithfully

.................. T. *. huger IB I,. .
charts.a... D.D. Ill SOB, Hour Program Held Bud Paresis Club Recital Sudiy !,.- alaee that tlae. Oader
I 4 leA of the Progressive Baptist State Contention the leadership of Rev.Colaas ,
pastor will begin the
I, of florid, after coup)sting plane for their Morning worship serviceat Mra. Ada lID bert.. ale- Termiiate Project Mrs. Mary Ooodaaa and ? the new ttlloh '

Donation Day program announced earlier la the aiooaryof Fiat lIOn till Oslo Oospel stagers vas constructed at a
10:11 ..., na
week that the affair will be bald 10:00: ....No'.- Church, was honored witha no fays and Means Was will be ,presented aa cost of one half Billion
choir will
support tile
ber 17 at Florida Manorial Collate.ne program la Roberts .ltt" of Darnell-Cook* after service recital dollars. Dedication
rite with
tri*etate project la promoted annually by the Matthews at TeBple Audl torS.., At. BSB Bud parents Club Sunday, Movsaber 22 at services were held No.Veber -
missionary workers of the Progressive oansral and 1 so tie leach.Spossoriag. Bet at the school with the New MtOllve Baptist of 19S3.Bhllob .

M. and C. State CboventlOBB of tbe collt,.. will The eblldraa'a rabsarsa at ebtor 1:00p. : the affair Mra.Marti Cbtfie, oh strain Church of which .... C. will be host to

Dr. .... Puryear president of Florida Memorial ins Mrs. Mary Cross, wno presiding I. Telfslr Is pastor. the sessions of the Na-
... Sua day Mrs. Fred D. ,
will direct tilt report and live astlonsl later was aaalatsd by aesberaofthsPlllar no rill project, Tlfth no public la lavited tloaal Baptist Convention
Davis till pianist sad "
.atioa concerning lifts to the school during the Ground and for rUt, will teral to attend this assies V.I.A. Inc., la
director will sot be
,; scheduled pro,,.. of ovanta.Mrs. Truth Church sod sabers Bate Monday la the Band spectacle which will September of 1063.District .

H. L Miller, president of the Senior. toaso, pretest oa aeooaat of of Robert TMpla.COBductlai BOOB, lid prises will festers other alailittroupe K. .111.,. Prla
being oat of Bas city to
will serve al alstress of esrsaonies.ne the devotionwere be liven to parents rev of the city also. clpal of Arllattoa lie
attend the funeral of arslstlvs. 9 I In
alnlsters under the leadership of lev I.Co Ira. Oldie C. Brown porting the hlthest a* a eatery School I US,

Bass, are aaoni tbe participants slated to appear lid I,.. A. lllllaae.Appearlas 110IIII t.. 27,444 la Will Jacksonville, visited CelebrationsDistrict
na girl Boosts will
oa the prof raa. ca the ,ro.r.ter. with the grand prise, Florida AaM Universityhas all cburebaa IB COB
Bsst Tuesday st 4:00: p. the Daaaie Sisters :20 Kennedy half doll are, bees named beae aaltlaa asrvsd by the t of Abysslals

.............. .. at the church na adult lid
choir will rshtaree Tree.dq Cooper Slaiere, Mrs, lOre nil 20 other clary of the estateof ArllBitoa 11..e.tan Baptist Church will eel e-

at 1:00 p... ledaea- Theresa Richards, Mra. door prlBea will be the late Miss IdnaM Ida all.I. brats its aaaiverssry

Sister Rosetta Cbhen la spoBsorUi a musical pro. day N oven her, 29 wider Cross and Mra. Brown.Bev. liven.Meabera. Syria of Pound Ridge, the ArllBitoa COB S o'clock Monday sight

irae Monday; MOV. 16 at First lIOn Teaple. ne J.M. Boussaau and Daaooa Otsrles J. Crosby, of tbe COMUseareMrs..P.M. N.T. .natty, Ir. sally Noveeiber 2) with .".

affair ,itartlas proaptly at 1:00: ,..., will fee* Alberta Manly will COB p..toroUrlIU Baptist : Reed Mra. Ceutrll'sWomel visited the Quell of B.U Murray, asaoelatt
ture the C Cbapel Traveling Stars duct sld'week Church Jacksoaville.preeoated ..C. Solomon, Mra. A. tba tn. Llvlnt Cod, pastor of It. Ararat

Slater Cohan is isritlsi all other singing groups prayarssrrlca a boaojuet of Jenkins Bra. L Hills Crowd pillar and Trsth Baptla Church aa the
la waferaaea Sit
the For
of the city to participate. nIoe.Th a boy aooata red roses sad chrysaa L. 10....... Irs .. Sudiy paatorad by Bishop mats apeaket. Be will

thaauaa to the honoree, 'U"l1. Mrs. A. 1\011I. Amal CelcbratioiTba Braddy Midway Taber speak fro the 2JrdpaalBB.
will Met Friday at 1:00
................. : aloas with a BosetsrydoaatioB. BOB, Mra. .. Bardla,. aide Baptist Church .
na browalaa will
suet p.m. Saturday at 11 .... I,.. L. Calloway. and woisB of Central p asto red by Bev. C.L. Aa aft.r-..rvice tea

Deputy A.M. Prttler of Quean of the Nile Council: Cboparetloa salves May fllvlsi remarks were Mrs. Doris ft..,. Baptist Cbareb have completed Boyd lid the Methodist Sunday eight will set

District I sad the loyal Queen are asklai all Matrons proMeas A busch of wider Baoeevelt Cooper The officers: are: Mra. plaaa for their All Caarch.. paitorad byBar. the stage for the aous]
j of the Pillar, monad 1... Beddlek, president; annual eel ebrstlos,which .
officers and Beaters of Duval) County Darts: fracklaa wjuld ba a ales McPbsrsoa. aid the eelebratloaa. Deaeoa
If{ of J. to ,.. : ,... la the Masonic coat of tan If the first and Truth Church; Rider Mrs.Kttsrd tit sell, vice Is .dsy throughout the ChsrehoftheTneUvlaiOod. Jaaea bends la leader

tlaple for the Tbaiagtvtsg service to be held set toittbar, N. MoCutohls Mra. Orpao president; Mrs. B.T.Beltoa day.Bra.. ,Pillar Croatd and and Rev I.'". ffyaa lapaator.

joint!} with the .a,? ..; L. Jackeoa and the .". secretary; Mrs. DiBsbeth sinks laet Truth putorad by-Oder .

.. .. Mislcil .t4tf ,Mr, Crosby Mra. Roy L. Venice Jesklss, aa* si rasa, sadlsssslsted Louis Bre ok.. IB tba. ,A4* /t4
................ Sanford 1
choir 3 of It. Sisal was atatresa of alataat aecretary In.I. by Mrs. Pearl Doraey, CbaasTllla CoaaaBlty, Uiioi

Baptist Church will present ceres ales, sad words of I. Reed flasaclslaecretary ee-cbsirasa sad other Ir. Bal l ey visited the CoBBiillyABiliirsiry

Mrs. Viola Vickers, 1819 MoCoalhe It. la prs Its enaaal naical appreciation were liven ; Mra. B.C. roses of the daarcb.Mre. Ebeneier Baptist Qiardi ttdl'

..UI, a Spiritual Tea at her boas Sunday start Sunday at 7 ,... la tile by the hosoree. Boloaoa treasurer ...... 01i BradhM, pastorad by Bar. MsrrlB.IB .

at 4:00: .... TIle public IB lamed. chs'rch auditories.S The proiraa was proaeated Doris Vlaey, beslaesaaaaser libraries at the city the Loll star COB* Choir 2 of Daioa CoanltT .

aa a takes afapprecistioB : Ira 1.1 to.la will be the speaker for>> .. .e.._ .p. ._ a.11.... All Church trill.
r -- -- -- -- -- -
forservicee Van as, reporter; Mrs. the BDrsiat service, and .i.itd tbe Mc. ZteaMethodist celebrate its aaalver*

rendered to the COB- Rebecca Mitchell chap Ills Jeecjnslys Saith.asset Church, pas nary Sue day at 3 ,....

Busltyef Atlantis Beach Isis and I,.. M. Cafne.waya soloist.: They will bored by .". avfiertoa.mitlai lathe church sudltortaau

a O ..3 by Mother Roberts, who ..d..... chi r be supported by otheroutttasdUi the churches Choirs la the eltywide

latheftmadtr and balld- 5-. ... II thecoBemlty. sad eoBBBBltlea lives chorus wales have bean

LOCATIONS er of Roberts Temple school patroaa a first asked to attend. A pro

Fi rot Bon Church PromoteL. At 1:10'..., the yossg band view of the school ires baa been arranged
1124 I. IetYl' .m. people will have charts. as it relates to the with leadlas talent ia

130) taut Art Urtftkjflf} SertkiHH i / Miss Mule Riley lachairaaa eoMuaity. Mr. Salley the city eppeariai.
sad Miss Cheryl
ins well received at allof It Pan ToADVERTISE

3701 EKtea It NL Zion ( Caise co-chelraaB. the above issttta !
ne\ erealai service at U...

100 O\LY-FlltST: COME FIRST ERTED A apeclal service'YfeMarvset" 1CS a feck will teralaate

la the spiritof the '''.".0..A Miles.proirwa .
nsokatlvliiB will beheld will presented HOllEY'S IAUECUEHHECItl

tOBllbt Bt I i mailer dlrectleei of the
O'eloek IB I'. SleaOvereeain ly rh
2 DAYS ONLY ptotrea
MoliaessChe Myrtle Joses will
rob for All ,..,,1.. serve sa piston throaih- CIKIII

MU Davis St.KvsBieltat oat the ..,.Prt OB da havebeen I

I. noeipsoB lavtted to be pro*- BEEFstlcEr

ROUNDSIRLOIN will be the speaker sad Edward Martian, the BOB Beat and share la the

STEAKS i: B ooawBlty prayer bead of I,.. BsstBMerrtBOBf avcata of the '.,. nuiCHlllPITITKi ,,

lice. 1224 Moesrief Load
rIM IllS
. f Jack BOB villa, waaproso Church Of God lULU
AT T.IONE Bsfalar aervteee will ted to Private First
prevail SuadayatU ....
Claaa of the Batted li Christ SkillsDfTBOI
sad I ,... sad Taeedtysad
tedssaday at B .,.. States. Any I7th bBflaeerCo. W..I'S CtIt N.I I .1. '
CDdberlead pa Mela
fl 1 First CtriiIt Baptist the head coach of the T"(IPI) ...... 2M SE. Intuit 1'.lW

f f l.ej|. eJO Mot akoite ft ror H..ei. Items W. 69c.seat AMivirsary Observed nth BBilaeer Cbapeaybaahetball ojsartera of the ...'. ",
h. 2- ton Tc
teen. A VIIir4a4e Department of the Charchf
J,' y" N germs In e4 tea pier meat tut. The Sealer sissies sad of I'.. aid Sod IB Christ have

"." ,.4. sad "..,,.. kiere ,"r eyeitLliyTi / Tees| Metreie of First a nicest suing of Bd- beta saved free Chins 1471 M UM
Cortath Baptist Church ward later Cel ..... U Hit B. Snad Boulevard .

will observe their aa* la Dint.. t.dsssseusut.

I. Fanty Gads WA" FrazM Blvereary Bee. T at the Algihis 51. of the
csch.ae ,. W1GUT HAW STYUSr.H
Y eve vma Bade dartasBeetle a ..... .... ... ....
Sealer Missies will | of the beard ofttreetoraef ... .... -
TURKEYS LL 35 Bfoaaar ..Ira 1,] sad Stile Ceefib theUlllea ..... .. .... ... ......
the fees el Chorea la wen.een .w.vaw
aa Brims .
Caff, Beat MM -. a r ra '- -
after service Darin the reialara .raw .r ew
pro ire* Mra. Asa to L. Bel ley.etleeial ar. Ma.aM.enu..Me..Ir.a pR't'

Avf. Wit, U to U ua.t D.. I. .. Beetlas held UCM BBpervlaeroftbetMsa'a ... to 1ft.
11....... .fn.... Depart.tat An.tO'II

sad ashen af Alpha Phi of the Churches of S>d co.tI musisane

; EL Alpha Prate ratty laid la Christ prt lB>d over 1IIICUI tn8IJttII. Sal

. plea far atteadUs the the .........n. Baileyaaoeeeded ...
I state ceBveatloB CIIf e..
FRYERS25i slated the later .......
fer the vaead of .... ether Ulll. tCeffwy. in M lyre

n U Orlend.. .. dledlMt Jwe.Mra. ta .,e..asaa w .a

[0wt .... treoeat were: Balloy evtotatHBra.

j It. Jew C. Ital... C vary I... .. of .

V. Beatleh layferd Chi see*, .. aaatit her '

vttfan IrwfMf, RIvRM If..... I'. I. JaaeareeBO.Br It pleaatai for the

r f fUlL Jerry Itrd.r. .....' Ceaveatlee.

i ..M. ..".,.".. Sehe4elM Bar .|....

29WIN Alt*. Leader 4. Shea.M. Otp Mat lev.Bimtora .
[! .
PICNICS ill .anew N.M
lata... i. .< *.* sad __u.. I aaaee.eeam.a .weal e.e.ec.w

BsVett hash B. MehardMB. abet* freo aeveral amnia era
...... ..... pMmlva ar
B. .. "..,. stow were pleat to I e ash sh.q-a.e .+, sw..ya,
..s..U.farar. aerie. t. It_.., BVtoeajt. ....re4 r-11 wsaf. %

-, ... 'J. Be>. ..... sad I* bee plea f rtSbo

WIN m IH HHHt Wl H MI II NHH1 4 .... PrtMlta BV Hiss. OMdas r.o.. 0eqinw.p-.


a 1 f I

imuti 11. nil nmii srn mm PAGE s

I Ubrirr. Secretary M&i. Kcjro Freed Oa Ctargo Of Winners . And All Queens Writer Claim He K. 0 W s

Optolog Two Caas Of Boor L r Slayers Of Civil RlgktorsKlllod

''', Nit TORI-Jack oroenberi director counsel of the
." HAACP Local Deface Fad' announced last Mk that In Mississippi

( Clyde Ran. NlMlulppl Civil Rights supporter Nil Tone -(NPI--l" slayers of tilt three young
kit been freed Leos Jail.arTty civil rights .Ditera-'jMeo Cheney Andre
hd' served ho *'......................... ud Michael Schsermer-are supposedly knov OMXbM to a

oatha of t 90-day t.ra Jail. .bit* free-lance wlter tram Hartaello Alt; but
for poaataalot of ho BT that tire tko 40- .bo says he is prevented five dlteloiiat their
cam of bttf.kUMlaalppl day period It hick kealttt sees beeaUBOOf libel 1 WB.tllllu .."..................
la a *tlrr" ttat. have appeal had Bradford Hut. Bear Philadelphia 11...
PoudiBf decision of the no out. ud. this itatMont In A Mlaalialppl triad
eta. Chief Judge tl. JFK Peace Award hD iattrvleea hr 2 jury: atftlai evidence
SBCMTABf...BlM AsteR Bert P. Ttttl of the oekt MO oat of than la tko em. a4Joarad
Nathov Yam, dMUr V.a. Court' of Appeals Dlmr Slued over the eeekend NBC 01 8pt. 10, el tkotiMulii
of Mr. a Mr*. JottpbVauchi for tk* stk Circuit "II tor" radio pro. any ItdtctaetU.
8r., of Jasper ordered Rarity' t r*> At Miini Buck Bras Accordai to kUttory However a Federal grand

Florida it t it tcr- lease os ball. Federal tat elayert'Vwthey jury at Biloxi, .a...,
BEACH. FI -*1 tb
tarp It the Florida MM Otttrtet Jiidt Sidney sever till bo I.. r.turatell.cltcta.t. teo
OnlTrilty ixparteoat of .is. had dald Legal elections over, ticket dieted and sever be dips liter bat tot tpeoIfleally -
Library Borneo. She Deface Fund' sodas osHarvey's for tko Jobs p. Keatedy ,-- -.r tried II becMae tkoykere related to the
attdUd at Florida MM behalf oa Oc- Puce Aenrd dlater are ALL. .DRII-I1..r. of tt* recent oloetloaa of Military solace D.psrts.atorgrfatloas the rit to be 1.. trio nrder. The federal
UaiTrttty sod his tdlplota tober 14. oTiai fait official Md ROTC' ejtoeaaof the Florida AMI DtiTortlty caps art pictured dieted tried Md cotletd lidtctoMtt centered a.
fret tk* L laBualta Harvey at llllttrtt of tilt Jeelah NatioaalP II.,.. seated left to right, are: Jutnita leetoa TMWI, 'UlaaHcabbard udl1ad" by a Ntakoba round tk* "rtq.., of
Collet* la Detroit farmer and father of I, ad of Aaorlet... reported '; Margaret Nixon JacleoBTllle. ,UleeMTC1 ; Md Celeetlt Healy, county Jary." tie: elates civil rights.Aooordlsg.
Hlckiiaa. Before sac arrested ot July this .. Qultey ',.11. Permhlni unee." studlti, left to right, ire cbirlcne Cras'ford k* expects to pay the to Kilo,
coBlBi to Florida All 10. released t bead. The dinner la the firstState Hart..... 'Ulae ooaptnj r5 Carole Deanard Blralatkaa, Ala* 'Mitt slayers 110.000 for I.. tkM sea hOI that
this fall abe vas *t> tad told Isrt local jaoj of Florida affair Head aartera Coapuy"; Jacquelyn allaeo, Garland, Tens, ',.1.. Company V'lCtrolyt formation uticA ta to bo tilt eoaavilty it sever
lit ld be itfortd for the Jest sb National Day ton leach, ''Ii.. A" Md Cuabtrbacb.OJ used la a book .he It
ployed at tern Di w of Fund Md will be held tt seaaoaa Coopaty ; laador toll| to ookviet than,
tarp School it Mayo, further proedlt( ..1boaon tko PontalaebloM Hotel. III. "Klaa Cbapany C." writ 11. "beewaa there becwe that .oaavaltyleierally
Plortda. Spttb) t, h* vat Sunday "cl... DecMberIth. win b* ao trial" blues tilt
rearrested and told lit hode Cfcaaoy, Ooodian tadBcjiwraor victims of the murder
It elll nark the Wirliftarsoi 4-H Foundation Develops
Train now had hID ooaletd ot opealBf evict for tko dlaippeered oa more UM they MM the
for tomorro w't fobs July 21 and atted Jobs P. leatedy pence HtH Selene Protect Program Juno II folloelai Uttr ...r'.rer..Their tttttud
to pay t 1900 flu ud Purest lo Israel roleeee froa county jail It that outsiders ere
( : to serve >0 days It 0.8. Senator AbraktaUbiooff. To lo Hoiord IA9HNCTOH. D.C"A prom to online the scope **re ttoj h4 ba hid It aid lOt "hit they de-
@ yJ of Connecticut of project available to 4-H sabers IB belai OB i epeedlif chtrie for erred the people of
,'" j flOOR AUTY TIP ill be the prttciptl Judge J. lathes Itrlai developed 'by the Natiotal 1-N Club Poutdatlot. Iteooperatloa five bourn Their! "' (Utbtibt Couaty are rod

.....11101 beauty bMte speaker. A boat of iftlonal retired, Pedtral Jurlit 1tk Beleac KatrttlB Center, la*., vere later discovered people. *ie.pt ot the
P YI MS iii eMs_M eeNe. ,For>r.w hardwood flees..MA state Md local pioneer It the cute for a aubeldltn of Allls'msla.n. tare I..>.."
..._vWl Th.MowtllHif CMM .'....t..III' w pus *. for four Ittecrated schools Ikit Project surf 'by young
eospleba.h public officials till Md sill be adalalaterodby
ledge Petraot, people, otter haltedsalaly
---- deary 200.000 adult ToUf
attend this fraction.
civil rights leader of to airtnitere ART STUCK)
At this dinner, the teer club leaden It ROYAL
JtekaoiTille, tad pal and base .CllIO.a CI 'o_
Jetlah Hatloitl had almost every one ot the
.111 sake to inaaaal Hall preiidMt of the te.do.lt" ell i* 1,000 oovatlee tilt DAVIS STREET
Seafarer literaatloaalCaloa to iselsdesuch
aardaaerer before pre till bo honored topics u .....U. tatloa, Elgin 4.1894
An laportut ttlitlti
sated It the klatorr .
tt the 13th annial l aeaeoa and electricity taptaklBi
to tko will bePl"CH
of that 70-yee.r organ
of the National O pilMBtolonreudy
>tItteeforlhiral by dietributia MTIUlUll
tatiot. The ivarda sill
( of fossils), and
be made to aa honoree, Bckoolt .. et Beok.Lib gets pro
Saturday, NoTeoker 21. OIIIJ Illl HIS
IB yet undisclosed oft pared for 4-M by Bel MOO
studies aider
ire myat
JIlt at tilt Hotel
dottafcre. -
Materltlt Ceiter.Aceordlti .
told foi
a tuber of state n-Cllera
..nl.. rendered the aadValTereltle to Grant A. j
.)e.lk Nitletil Puad Judge Mriii ti tonerpreeldeat Shun, DI rector t the
of Ue NCU. tor'"lIop.o.t Sn lire t
:oetrd tko etttbllab ...i.e.proj..t. National 4-N CUbPovada." first
of MlUtle
Hit tliorlty declaloa to
tics "Ttlt II
Best of the Joka P. and proifM
oitlaeiekool aegregattos a tralilttamali expected to plat t fundMoitil Pikllc-
Kennedy peace Purest adthe tor 4-H leader letup ;
It South C.roUu eat
ether shard elll beside role U ralitiitke
to soother honoree, upheld by till Gilled this program sill peoplearolled reach ...... "t.UU of Open Dally
states Supreae Court It roam
.ho elll hiTokliiaae cur malice
Itt fetoB deaeiretatloa It 4-M Clubs IXCCPT nuim
affixed to the Florida
rullsg of Hay 17, ....
pyloi at tko MtrMC
A special ceroicty till
to the lenaedy Poreet. be bold for Judge tarltBtt
There ill be tt pyloai till kiaekeot It ehlekt
erected at the Jobs P. select innipefUvert
Konaody Peach foreet.oa active It ached sad
for each elate of the civil rights cat*., '.
na... A replica) of the .headed by lag Del BOB, SUPER MARKETs
pylot will be placed liit tqalr. of let Terk
tilt Florida sttt wan participate. f
KEN KNIGHT Capitol It Tallahassee PearaoB wall reeelT teitttlot MONTI' II1IIVID

.her* tilt state wlll for celibates SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT E06EWOOD AND AVENUE B
-Invites You To Listen To- keep It ot piraaaeit aid wrtieait action It

dlaplty.Nieroos) the l1'U.f Butt
BIG BAND Sights, stile Mr. Hell
Split 111 be cited tor hit ( WESTERN CENTER CUT FRESH

"DANCE PARTY"llfltl Ward laces Support civil rights e f teoaoeli for *..tad.

tt wit as then It arc PORK PORK
', 1IJI: Mil 12:11: ACIa:ITA. 0..(11'1)-nth .malty tt Itri*.
the ells aerila of Itt A. Pklllp ludolpk,
Sitirltj I ,... '(11I 12 .... ut... I.L. Peat belt Preoltatof Bratkerioodf
too elite .,.....u for Bte plBi Car Porter

1400 WRHC 1400 the lecoad lard Poet ** leader *f till Vtrek<< to
tilt City Coell .....I..t... .. tatlot
ally kaeva civil n_tHure. .
Bill ,r..., tae
c4i tl. .. ir Petnot.Or. .
lulls froitUProoIdett c

*f tk Oolleie* laibttttaCMBMlly Mil LB. 49 25 0LB

B.. the ,.....uU. .. ,
.r. Hell 'r. Pas Del so'
ill bimii.t Ue *...
'iliUM if hoe larIt .

tk* toted percteleiUt<< ,
Some people wall NCkelroM,

n' ttleetl bMltleo
fr IB rat Bcheot IB

stick label ontheir diet catty .. tie ,.....
a tloa of tle..u ...... i
re.etd ..'II.
teUele I Ifer .

diet cola. oklldroBlttneportof Ik ill* tttlM'The Itakllltfof to lakeBdftttBi LB.39C C'KG.

of eiletltict 39
*.l f Ml 1 1 tie*. the 3 6 LB.
lack of NUdliii Ml
( \' Picket Threat liflt I till i.H ir tin (nl "II' latH 1 ltd UN If Mfl ,M Itllf

stake our name Ccutfli Transf.r CENTER CUT W14m BACON u. 111

Of Policeman

fer tko .>,

:.. I'irotttet__.Mltd' .,u.It>So.am awt .. 1001 SJI1011 mAl u. 1f4CTNA

aSII gem *\ M M'

.-. "JkiIl.1.' .. ... act..*. .*..."
I.t '..dek IeV *tMMt fAJKY W IATJIII APPW 4 LI. HI 27iUNZM

M .. I* leUlJrttl
I'; i. tl-fomf....ll I.**
: i".U Md (*.. Mt off I momCVT/ OlD J. ''f M. ..... 2ft

-S I'". IUS. n..... $Uw
tInns bed Ma ...-1"
I to, .ts 5saee' the _liT CLEANSER J ls$. U I 2St

.fll. ,.......... .* t*.
.1..., 1.U.... kl* '
-..... Bf .*... MTM t0M. IUIIIICI I il. nl. "tI
grad Jon Ml ly .
...U.. Monte 14 ,*. -
.... +..ere. I IItIACI M MUM 14


/ '

: r 1_ .
II'I I I '

MIE I nil!!. JUI firtl.Ufbn UTlI..Y IIUIIU 21, 1i$4.

League Hiiltb Aid Welfare Freedom Now Talented Young Floridian .

_a--,._ ... ToenTaIk ,
Workshop To Heir AnlHPourty, Experts Party Suffers

ABOBI tht/oation's top Anti-Poyerty expert to bo Big Defeat

presented at the November l0-20th Health tad lei Greetings Taos:
E 2CfT' ) (OiPI' )..The all-
faro torkehopof National Urban League's Bouthra tell
How art thou after a ... of serious atadyt ,
Regional Office aad the Atlanta Urban League Noire ".Ido.Row party t eY its about that time tot, for football season la

till b. Lisle C. Carter jr. Assistant Direotor InltalBltlal appeertaeeOB swiftly coming to aa end' bat save had ao much
la charge of Inter-Asenq Relation for the Of. the Michigan general '
flu. Snob aa aeloetUi our boae
lei of Economic Opportunity, George 0. Butler election ballot, Buffered
courte,goofing off at pep rallies .
Director of Idlloat1oll'ud Community: Relation the t noticeable ..-
trying to find 71 cents for a ticket
feat during the aatlonalsleotionskeldlsst
Preildent'a committee on Equal Employment Opportunity cheering foroarfavortta achool.ud 'I'IOldest
ud Jewel dean Jonee. Associate Director, set
Jilt being with the pak. Boa teems
Health ud *el fare, National Urban) League All of Headed by tie Rev Albert .
bad did act.
a good eeaon.end some
the torkabop sessions will be held at the Atlanta B. Cleage, Jr. aDetroltortbotaa
Aeerlcaaa Motor Hotel. ..."..........".... aiding Teen Talk proudly eaJutee the brave, -- --
coarageoua gnya tho .todll t out.lha ROBIN I
the Michigan -
Lisle Cart.r,jr., prior instructor at Hotard governerahlp
the party received losing game aft.r ,.... Maybe next year till be
to assuming bit present i\
Uni"nit,. Mr. Butlsr'srole
pod M Assistant to Bar till be to explorethe the following TotMt Xa : I your turn to stay in the winner circle.Olrlal .

lilt Bhriver, Director reapoaaibilltlea of tame County (Detroit), 01 rial 01 rial' Time for roll call.

of the office of Economic Local Government la tiltbpl..nCatioll 4, 488; 4TB votes laMuekegon tL, ,I I Banana Boy (ba na na) nothing special; Just one
; X3 It Oakland ---- -- of the bunch.
Opportunity, mss of tilt
Deputy Assistant Secretary County; 10Q lataahtoaat; MUSIC STUDENTS PRCBBITD 1M PAMD YISMX-Member* of a Florida AtM University Qua Boy (gus) sticks around unless you chew him
Equal Opportunity Act. Department of Mode ojntatet tho sera preeented ia a recent Annual Departmental
and 511 scattered
of tb* United Btate Miss jewel dean Joioa, aoong Program are seen II.,.. Presented during a Sunday Veepere'Program, these student.! out.
28 other eottatlee. .
Department of Health Itch: Boy (ich) U" bard to scratch the surface
Associate Director, national The Freedom Not Party were featured IB instrumental ud vocal selections Pro left to right theyarr.
and of his personality.
1.1 far.
: Urban Liaise, Norman Choice, pianist, Greenville; Innate Jean Dart, pianist Tallahassee
A former Director of the till addreee the tori- bed less than I par cent Ocean Boy: (o ahun) 1. You ... his everywhere and
; Charles Hoodard, tenor vocalist: Qnlacy; Sandra Btllla.aopraaoaololet.
American Civil LibertiesUnion of the total gubernatorial it sakes yon aick. 2. Ton Ilk* eoncbody vice and
shop on "Tbo UrbanLsetue's and Chart Johnson, tenor soloist Tallahassee
and the vashimgton Approach to n rote .._ .. rltata he a rocking the boat.
received less than Parachute Boy (par a about) tries to drop you
League Mr carter Health and lei fa re." 'Community SelfHelp'Drive Sentences Total
votes and be
20,000 received
baa served aa a ember CoD"11'''' Charles L.
of the 8ub-C.bln t Group leltner till keynotethe the largest tally Spurred By NAACP Nine Years For Scissors Boy: (ale ore) a real cut up.
of votes oa the party To those of you who tant to knot if I can help ,
Civil lid
oa Right, opening session of NEW TOW-A project deaigaed to enlist predoal
elate. 'The party fell Two OffendersSeparate you solve your problea Sorry, Teen Talk cannot
Chairman of tilt Health, the fortahop, Thursday, aaatly Negro charoh groups la a maaalv 'Co.-
Education: and lei tars November I9tb 0:30: ,.. abort of its announced sanity Belf-Help" program ... launched this seek sentences 11ClI.lDaI give you amen: help. I aa a teenager myself and allI
goal, >D 0,000 votet.la can to la ia not ...,.
Crowing Up
say you ,
Teak Ford for
imple M.
Whitney Young, jr., by the Church Department of the National Aieoclatloo Court this teek
Mtitloa of Title VI. Poatlac.Atty. Hilton a fet years ago your columnist faced the same
Executive Director of for the Advancement of Colored people.Rev.remd netted nine years for
of the Civil Rights Act the national Urban League Henry oa the freedom Not Edward J.OdM ........................ Jackaonvllla residents: itaatlon However, here are a fet hints on some

which bars dlaerial till .akehlaflrat formal ticket pitted against Jr., NAACP secretary for this teek, Mr. Odom baa Nathaniel .c.... 38, food taT m Crow {Jo;

nation la federally appearance here since, two other Negroes noal- church affaire, said the urged more than 000 local tho baa been in county Accept your own rate of growing up aa nuraal.

aided program aaaualnihlallrban League ated by the Republican program la designed to NAACP church com- jail since knifing his Learn and practice the basic rules of good groom-

Carter till address the post la Met York, aa aad Democratic parties help Negroes make tilt alt tee* to help mobilize wife on June 6, taa convicted Ing.
Luncheon Meeting, No* In the congreeiloaal Take an interest la fashions and beauty
principal puller for boat see of gains afforded religious group behind by a jury last
veaber lltb sad till the Urban League* a Equal race from the stats's21st by paaaaga ot the project thlcb be seek HO ..a given four Learn the importance of developing your Bind.

focus attention on the Opportunity Day Baa district received the 1'<4 Civil Rights aald "la a logical phaaaia years la priaon.Ia Plan out your future.

Economic Opportunity Act duet, rbarodajr, November about 1,000 votee out ofa Act, government antipoverty the lapleaentatloa of tilt other case, a Begin to give undemanding to your parents,

and its special leaning Ittb, 7:00 p.*. total of sore than program, com* civil right goal *." former county jail trustee teachers and friend aa you wish then to do to

to the South. At the latter activity, 100,000 unity concern for colt 'Tbs Toaannlty ..J f. ... sentenced to you.

Oeorie 0. Butler, Oil Mayor Ivan Allen and Mr., turally disadvantaged Help" program Include five years for breaking Above all. just be your own sweet self

of the scheduled coo Aea Bpaudllag, President Patronize OurADVERTISERS youth and the poaltivocllaate recraltaeat of volaa- into the gun locker atthepollceflrearma Bay Teen, another aeaaon la about to start the
aultanta for those feature of the North Carolina resulting fro teera for tutorial tart; range holt dating eeaeoa.There: till be parties, part,.' ,

of the two-day Mutual Life laearaneoCoapany : the recent national fried organized caapaigaa against and stealing several and acre parties It'. time to really read up oa

lorkabop relattai to Durhaa N.C. Ion.IB school dropouts; gun*. that to 'tear, holiday hair styles. and how to bea

rplorient, la'a toner till receive IM4 Equal a letter sent out adult and youth coun lI.dor.Dhon. of 1538 better conversationalist ttiat to do whra.....

_..list end sturdy pro Jefferson St. h>4 I..t Thiaiaaa excellent wy to improve your Bind, too.

aellag and study pro been released from county, Tour retard till be frhnd., friend., and sore

gram aa aa all to jail at the time of the ,friend.
trengthenlag Negro bur"I".Harclw1ck Bryant for a little fashion yak; flowered velvet shoe

:...' \f family life: dlaaemi she pleaded guilty to lit oa a lowlah heel, hair bow with matching

: aatloa of hfo"IUOD.tIout the aaae burglary, failed scarves, cotta furry oa the inside nd flurry on

opportunities *ftorded to shoe up for court the outside, tamer-upper boot, black and tickled
.. pink for a swinging cosbinatlonsl.eveless wool
by apvemaent and ud his 12. aoo bond t**
volunteer agency training eatreated. A re-arret dresses, shell shaped aweatera gaily decorated

,k "' 121\.Itnfi.; !.rnrt ti., I' \' progress; and a direct order ems leaned by with (flower Have fun this ...-!IId.

r F : confrontation .1 U delinquency Crimiaal Court Judge Rye for now.

.,\ \ .'", .' ''', problaaa at Han 'hIIll.r.Ib'D Fish Commission Institution f
: { the grassroots level ba till
caught ,.
...., <"".'... t' f laid Mr. Odbm. be placed under ".000 Stocked 683,330 WTO PW. (''ns-The

., /." '# The 1064 NAACP ooavea bond T LLAHAaBEw-Pla hatchery oldest laatltutioa of
... ,11
ties called for such peraoaael of the higher education ia
: :_' Malcolm X
I NAACP-cbarch cooperative Oaao and Fresh later Florida la celebrating

endeavor, ba added. Returns To Fish Commission stocked its 7th! anniveraary.Rolllna .

"t'4 :. .: d }t r' Negro Research 183.330 blaeglll, eh ell- Collexe opened
United States cracker aad chennel catfieh its animal Anniversary

in eighty-one ladies Convocation recently by
Engineer Hired NEt YORE"(! Pl--ThO of tater during tilt citlag honor groups
r.... ,:' t, .. I ',t.:. ,.: ; : Beta that Malcolm X.arattbllo month of October. within the coll ere.

< J.\\... By Chrysler CorpLOB No. 9 mam la
J..i'f' 1l{J: the Black Muslim "". INDEPENDENT OIL CO.

.",..t- 1;, ANGMLa-. (OtPII)--The meat, ia retiming to tae Knwnr pair nriivrry
hi !;;' Chrysler Corporatloa 0.8. shortly establish
Space Division aoaouaced u official ....U. Center lk. jMffih! .........*.......... Proprietor
here recently tilt appolataeat her with the aupport
Plate And Jefferson ntrertn H 14.1'>
: );..../ >, tI;.+: J.,.; of a Negro, of the Pond Maallacoumdl I
,'J '" Jackie B. Mill a* a research baa touched off

eigiaeerlagp a Harry of preparatloae
\ al 1st.Mills. for aa all-out tar bet- lIEN Til HE ILL
-"" (
a Jl-year-old teen the ''dtfecto': and
You ,.... The
graduate of the Oalver two Net tort ropreaeata- II Beet Doctor
sits af toaiavilla. ma* Urea of the Black MuallaBeet. Wan Your Doctor Prescribe.

formerly aa aaaociato Ct Pxp-rlenced Pharmacists

reeearcb eaglaeer with Malcolm, tho forsook .. COrdl.. to your ttoctora

the Boelag Cae,..". mad tilt Hack Muellaa to embrace Qrikra. .. Use Only The Best
CL LACE ')gaU t, 0rII.
later, sealer eaglaeertitb ttearthodoi Moslem
Charles Parsons Realtor Proprietor.
Ccmpreheiv Deal rellgloa, taa deeertbed

Jacksonville,says ...oe., Pbiladelpbla.a last week aa a ".elf.aervlig I iGisran PHwuciTn TO *tw too -
J.I'" Chrysler IB
hypocrite coa-
"ftyoirIastsIm July, 1112. aa aeaiarrodact ...ed by a paaaloa for CoM.U .- ?bb.r ODod-C a eaglaeer ia the U*
aereoeal tower aver
Pf-CTimOM CflLtD: POe.Lilly's WI tsUV'1tfD .
nsas much to Btre troae ef tb* Space IP Bllllea Megroe latb
you D1 YS 11... Batted Static.LEI ."

as your first..." KEEP Drvg Store


,then It'a time for you to try OM Sill IUIII
Taylor".OU Taylor stays with .
your drlnk-whether you add just sill 1IIIriliII
a dull of water or a real eplaah. :Sed )cctCiffe/-

That'because T.Ior'.1'OC """ ASTHMA And llu/
Rich Bator.Smooth"".Tsar .,. I'..." ""' .. J ", .. .

ant alp will tell you why Taylor ATTACKS? Is Sir II 0 -J Aelom: Hior: fi. 4 'HM
&U the moat popular premium
bourne la the .H Your.last alp gtETOw
ww lily" 1111..11US
fanere S....Ns.......
will ten you why If*going to stay tniBltK CKtltTTU CiarMtl TaiswitrssrfcuL
that way.Try OMTaykw 84 toni hU IUIIII Ifl


s etraa sslceerv em be U. LIT1 U. TieLL

Rememberl I
lULL ft.I IIB 2Sfi

The DidHii Fir Km i .................... IL .ePWMtee.

"l'III I UII"::; u 410

Is Tin.U I ,... "JIM LOtSTs
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viiw stars .. *?
H\mvLBi\ axf 7i
BTTMVmmwilll.llll ItICnID flOUT N 49'

nmwATtt CATTOM >y
item cuI! ,tt..cM'IOuIIOfII Meat r 9 M00P. h4 OtO Tar M DLt"'LIt' CO "' &alltfOot'+ 5 LCUtlW.Lt n lit Revs. hr lit.It II liens w'.'.

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an.u IS,. 22. I .... lmssrP tar g+.aarAaag pen.e5fag <

-- --. .- oN' _--- -..war. ... ,- ..rev
1"- ., ji.:. 'A ,' ...:.0.... s.1

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; .1 4 ,
I, SITIMIT HUNiH 21. flUr tlflMM sill nm 'UE 1

I FAMU College Of Law Holts JuvtnlU Court Forum -Under Gains NAACP Fore Women's TalkOP

Saute Sill
I IB AlabamaTo

Rcorgwlza elm tee 1M4 Pmldtntial altcUon net flit rtcdiB .
OB.AHONA an. ou. -- ISIS TORI-A special ( Into the pMMOtbiatoryaBd Its attaadaat
1 NAACP Braacb Pr..ldtttt NAACPTwk ft>ntUb da| threat of aa .' itMBla' i ",.. for the asst
..h.. Porter btcaa Beat to AI aba.a to r*. four years _.d uaetrMoaloualy by the uteri IB
tb* first Negro to .b* oriaali braach andrtiala favor of tilt oinatnetlf "Qrnt $Soelity...*
Itcttd to tbo Stat* eaa tan back to tbo
aabrehlp la things thick soruallp 00-
a..* "hire. u a ,*..u
nit state vista. tic atop our attratloa. Not that the problwa of tk*
of aloctloo No,. S.Nr .
1N'v'1 M 'tap "?:d IX. oa
Porter, attcnty AMoelattoa .1. baaad Negro bate been solved sub tk* ,1 ctloa, but
for fight ytara. Gloattri. rather vs can b. asaurd that a 'flrat" ato
la a batlT of the state
Currtat. NAACP director bad b... take towtrd achlmlai th* tqual .eltl
sad a graduate of Vandtrbllt -
of breach and aahlp goal for chick tilt Negro atlll strives
Ualrtralty Law
SdIoo 1. fUld adBlalatratioa, and for thtch cc shall eoatlaua to pri cadet
anoouaced today. this BM BdalaUtratloa.
T-o other IOU NAACP
Miss Otrtrud Soraaa. Several rather latrattai tklaga have struck ayatt
sabers, Ardl.hl'R1U
Mia Altkaa Slaaoaa and .tloa Burin the first fey poat*el.ctioi day
sad Joha a. lieu "reelected
to Uo Qklahoaa Pbllllp H. Savage. NAACP hick i thick warraat eoMat. All arc lot of
field director, will artkakaklai ooaotra to Seneca aa I rac, but
house of.'.,...tl'h...
ap Bd the Boath ofVlbr .ft_ tkay do>> ralat IB BOB fora or another to Moll of
A third Negro Curtis .
B* aa ladtTlduala.Por .
Lamoa, taa ala altcttd a. I a Uai laatMO,a nc.t itudy aad of C... Burau
to the OklaboBB Hcaa.
lira tab) figures disclosed that tilt umber of pwpl IB
Post M ur 1 4, the Ualtad StatM ralai 121,000 a pear .bas
PlioiiigNiw NAACP SOB 1" tripled durlai the period lt4-Mi.Ia 1954 there
Utaat r- .*r. oily "1.000 <*o sere I' th' fh..rh,r*
,rte Outfit ,toe&I director level or .better T.B pears lattr, that seeker
IB leered to "..000. B (ata of over ||] p" scot
LONG $$ACJI. Calif... a drub Matabrhlp .. IlUlLII bat .!.. a* I* the fact test the atudy clala
(NPI)..Mesbers of till aid re.*riwlutloa that 'tk* poor Ire iro.lai less Buacroua." nil
Autrlcan Ltdoa pottltO.ho proirau. la bolstered by niura abovlai faallUa ltk ai*
i had their ekarttr Hit Gor'llllw1U coaduct sail !scows of has this 11.000 base dclUd
lifted by till ..Uo." a aoaberahlp CBBpalfa UEtralatfiM from l.ilo.OOO to 1,101,000 durlai tk* 10 y.ar-
ktadguarttra, for dl*> and aurrouadlet period for B drop of 81 pr Kat.Oa till 17,000
Y alaatlai aatl'Sualtle Ire... HIM Sluoat 110,000 njofctk maker ante ties doublad.
sad kotl>Negro Ute,.. .111 sorb is the atddltctloa Sot Ura another aid thlcb U* ttudy OT I*
tire, disclosed plaaaktrt ef tee atat look*. Ikll idatttdly ".000 aaaual latak UB
last .ttt to ton ,.tit area "k adq irtra ''Pour'," r'nre. at the prat coat *f
t .. '''CII. cart of Dlrt.U.Yet.rau' i. Mc.tSu.rp.Mr. .sage Ihtl' level!, ao I* 17.000, or even 110000. Aad
oriaalBatioa.' w.1I .b. b.... la No* IM.OOO a peat ctrtalaly wulda't qualify aay*
fib * nil a. Oil to clala to b* nab,.

Q \



4, '. .
.uAh r
-- '---_ __ j 'Y': __ _

ROOTS JOVDIILC QUIT POKIM-lhUht4 il tht** photo! from loft to right art; Atty. .. Nuio
photos ar .o.e Of the actlTltlt Bad UdlrldUalaho Pus aaaliUat preftcaor *f la*, PAM .ledge 0.
ooatrlbuttd to the tucet of the rc.t Itk Bo doa Meat Polk cavity: ualdoattnod partlcl
Maul juTtBll court font, apoaaorod at Plorida past; Sheriff Horace Posies. Loa Couaty: Att,.
AIM Cnlrtralty by the ColUit of IB*. I* U upctr Ttasa Millar Juoklaa. dies. Dollop of U.. PAMD; ii.mnSUGAR
left ,photo left to rtiht, *r* in. Mildred aid Jtdt P. fs. Jttftrwa, fllla....... la the
cooper, eouactlor It Uiooli Hid School Tall* rliht e nttr ,photo Itft to right are: Atty.
kaaatt; Jobs Aatboay, juttall oouaatler. Polk ,.,... Irma Mill. .eGOl'ear PAW lee tadwt,
County; David Vapors actlai director of the f&l hili....; fra. tadolya Cbtrry, atalor PAW
MtrUnet School tor Soya. Jolla Hulltoi juvtnll la* atidtot, let sad Judio Jffroa. la tie
ctanttlor roll County; Bad jautt Khodtt, couor lover left photo frt>. heft to rtibt. art: rrullCol. Q.NU M"nnm
$ jUTtall oosrt to Cbuaty. IB U* upper .... juTtall oovaatlor Loa coati; Mr*. IMCIAUCOOD
right fra left to rliht are: Atty. florae Taro P. lllla ualr, prank Nla Jualar HI itScbool. S THIOUGH SATURDAY
Good. H.Ptnaacola; Proftatof Cora till*,t.OrMt. Ttllaaaatt; Mr*. Routed Irutoa. coua. : 39 ._
II t librarian rAW; Atty. Charlta itlaou. ptaaa .tlor, Orlffla Jualor Mich Setae), talhll....., Pt : ;
cola: Atty. Eddie I "",. UvUra Beach; Atty. Sit. jack Gold.. Pol let m artauat. Tallafcaattr.Jadi 59
Cbarlta Coaley Moatanatry. Ale : Sit. they nllac J.I. larraaor. Jacfcaoa Oouatyi aid Great s Hilt 1 i fill 15.1$ SUIT SIZE
., Label aad Polle Departaeat. tllllM Leis, Joal, Juftall eoualr, Polk CDI.',. la loser
Leas Boadlai Aitacy, Orlaixto; and Atty. T.J. right photo Juatl Court POHM partlclpaat aadooaulUaU ir ..arttt. irlir
CanaUfhM, Vest pals B *ch. IB tk. ceatcr lift Ire abow. Uti 11 1 .itl StH ir mi (Ml trttr I

NAACP litirist Negro aegis Job fish Hiiiginiil Sodtra Pi,er blasts IIIl-IIU

Seta li Soalhwisl.. As Reqioiil Chief Piys DividndsT Ki Kin Kill :
TI. lcntaaaual
...U..* of NAACP Of Labor Dipt.oaCAOO m Aset!.'.d.ti n s flKMU. "la*. ',.(11.1)- SHORTENING 49 I
Stat (bafr.et* la NtHtdeoaadTtiaa -(KPD-ThoaAanitla flab ......t dot pydirid.da Tee ...1, Claus Tlat... Hun
t..o4 sad
aid tie proof Optra.tH
ladlcat *. bo bedew
of tk* puddtn .** the a..* ptr, lug ** B "fttt Mari.e* of the flat ...|,. ( UOetl'tll.
iattrttt" la tk. A*. IN* PrtaldtatlaliMtloaa .ptalu of Lk Loris IBM eat tltb a blattailltUKa ti.tt 1 tW S.N ir .". lied otter
.. Goons .. Orlaado 01 ot Plus 11.
aodatloa, NAACP BoU -tbat a ,t
abr 10. Aeoordlai to Calllai U* boocX ttrrorlat <
tat Milcaal Director tt* Johaaoa a II. HI
Clarcae A. IBM said back tats *ffl*.- Sill 101.. flaktrlt erimltstlos "A ruwnsi riM M
h,. this est.Attsid.ce to receive a federal *p- ckltf, Caa cod Freak ",UI.ra ...t...." the W$1

...U.|* ... at*\tk 0t*Oily t. polatawt.bli out afflilallybtiaa It. btr pall lattr !Plah day Coa ftattrat la toa* ca, paper' declared.*..thatllMlpPl Mt TOMATOES i. M> ( 1 FLOUR 1 fall"i's." :490fllSI

Lake tons D*>se (Htctodout seed sick a gruel *fbodt4.
but Chlcaio *
btttr the t'tr Mday a* r. .
... Blf appolatHBdalaUtratoraaf
MO .1 catflahtiablai
tkr eta tersest Bad lloaal director of tie fHUIPORK
ref,**.... .tIII..... la .... Labor D.part..t.tlseekip .03 pads aadIP JfUtB.
all*f the prectHa" ap.... ad trala- bat tlikiai lPMBdB. < .
It added mat tb* Plea
k* Bald tit tCtlTltlKI.Hi .
I It li tttlattd that pat oat a **rl .* ofrtlila LOIN loll ft lltJt 39
e vet 500 ape rt.. flatHU iMd.ailiifytBlai
lee tap.Ul ... the tk* o*< I U III.I itirifi II.
date aid tits. site o ....., party .. publlifHrlaJ ;
tee flaktraa law *oalarrlti she 4tal *tttbt I .
p V tsar Lk. bras .racial gto ... IfMII'S Sill 1.1TURKEYS

>... I* lily 17 ac,..
r 1* all*. Tb. Isle .... NTS fEEl C
...,.*** t* b* .ales /. Cat S... 35
flablai duly iris ...- TH (in .. 1to 14II./ utmi ll. .

raM t* eau.... Tk awn sut

n> amuTor: tmmanuu Mrrtemaruu HMNM SUttlBACON

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TB !Meet rogl TSis P.rK1 &..wco.4 -. 39CWU'S
ds.d p h .. as..w 0.... CO gl II.
....... __ cc. seas ...... 1M awn... caw
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4 ,. BMVt .... T. Os T. T+.. to lilt
cmimi II-HII( ra HIM i riui IIMil nw 1111

LOW PRICES HAM .11I. Vhie 4 Be
UM MH'I IMf Styles 011 sea' u. ". {

IINfi.. STOlE NEEDS II tl 14 tt. next

in TntM U n* """ 01 d Toss P..._sefast INM lie.K

nu. ma APT mca ..,. VX tare ranu.a rill WI HHMM IHi HW
Mim.t sire nil all ...."a fr*..flH..-. 39lt
J.cks.vI1Is.Iuibir RICE I 11. HI.rww .

Dixie Pharmacy BANANAS m IfTI .n a

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Phan Est S.HtJ-II I. S. I f TIUHf IMT

l DAMS. to S1&ETsue. : Pal TIN IWT, HIM INMIS nUIHI u.10C SWASH10(




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IlllllI SUI PAP U un'l> liltllH1 11] UN
I ,.; .- ,. .- ... ..,.._ __..., "'"._-, .. ,
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\ ...... :.,'; .. <: '" :l"r"J; : '. ;.;: ,, ., ,' ; .:, ': ;" "
.l. "
: .: : : .t) \ 1'1
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." i. 'I" "
\ ", .,,,.:, 't ;
: i.r.: : '... ', """. '. r .,. ", .iI< .... \ ); ,
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..l .. .; ... '.... ,... w t\ i .N.'f",,.;. '\ ; 'Ii' \'".,,," !'1M'I:!' '
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.. \
'.: ( I 'If(!h. ;. :T'J.. I .r ':)1"J
J : 't. : t .J .\' ,, A,,' ( ,f .. .....
: ..;j"C. .,.....,." \ I' '., ."'.. .", 11'' .
'j' .. ,S

,. .: 'd t ', .

Soul GolfToornimenl State Economics Teachers Meet Economics Teachers Meet Cont. lrren a leaders

- -
Set Set Up Teams

Febrdiry 24-28 MIAMIRevitalisingtheir
attack on the

MIAMI Fi..--Tbe 106} rising crime rttt among
Mi Mi North-Soutb tt>lfTounMtnt Negro youths' fifty Dad.
will b. held County Juvenile leaders
h 'fi / set by lavitatloa of
,.bru," 24-28 ore r the /
belllUfIIllf1.1 Springs -t 'juJge Ben J. Sheppard

Oolf Course, according I e to fora tease to combat
to an announctaent aade ) tilt blossoming dellnveacy -
I this ,..II br Richard P robl..
: ;
Gardner, N-' tourotatnt The fifty
r director. yA, 1Y football coaches vlalt-
The faaoul wltttr ..0U.ID. tag ttacbtra, police
event will fttturt officers aad probation

I cbavpioaahlp oDOtMti la sutboritltt.Tbeae .
I profttsional, aDd 111I. teams will addrtaa -
and was&. aeateur dl. / high school classesto
vlsloss'ss cull as outline the probleau
tedsest.uraont.sts It la alao 'planned to
t for use and woaen. Letridtr mm tlW: IBOIOMICSTtACHICM; MEET AT PANOHas* tconoaict tttebtra from all HOME BXMCNICS TCACHFRS CWFF31--A croup of hose tcpoo.le* tttchtrt froti Tarlon attupcoMmalty school s,

sod Jot Louis, parts of the state converged on the florid AIM University caapua for the rt- parts of the state confer with Hits Lacy Lang urea auptrvitor of hoot tcoaoalca which will draw the interest
ton ar heavyweightcbaaploB cent Statt Conference tor Tcacbtrf of Hoot ffoanoaica pducatloa. Shown here state Departae.it of Education, during the rtctnt State Conference for of the parents.ttt .

both! of Los .Miss Mildred RttlNational N" Hot-Makers of America Advisor 111111181108 D.C., Ttacbtrs of Home Economics education with art at Plorlda MIIIJDI"r.lu. Allahaa. Coaches Association
Anfl i, art defending ctnttr consults with scat of the delegates to the conference sated lift to ... Conferring with Miss Lang. trot left to right art Mrs. A.8. Pops, already serves in the
titleholders IB the pro right with Miss 1..1. art Mrs. Narjorlt Owns riBtllas Hltb School Cltar Tallabaastt; Mrs AltMtaat Nick son, Tvpa, Mr*. Ruth Spires, SaraaoU; Mrs. Juvenile field.Witnesses .
tensional ud .11I' di. water and Mrs. Ulllt M. Robinson teacher educator, Plorlda University, Lucy M. Btltltr, Cbooa and Mra. tlllla S. Baker, Marianne.

Astons rttptctivtly, bout too noil cs education TaJI lib....*. Standing left to right art, Mrs. Lur Renege,
II Mrs. Myrtle PitttrsoaHudilot ItntfcCrook, Bttbunt School fflaauM; Mrs. Julia Hails Chltfland Junior High NAACP legal Defuse Fried Man Shakes Up
Nt Tort City School, Cbltfland; and Mrs. Albert H. Charltttoa, Wlllistoa Vocational High Grind Larceny

three-tise cbtapioa of School MHlatoa. Attorneys Seek Release Fitting Room,
tat nine, is Us cur Charges Dropped
NFL ORLF.ANS..NAACP Legal Defense Fund

rtntwoatn'stiUaholdtr The Coca-cola Cotpany,, Farm StoreRobbed THIS WEEK IN lawyers last Monday asked the U.S. Court Heist Women MIAMI..Three witnesses,
of Appeals here to release a Negro citizen *
to aa act of grand
Atlanta, Oi. A co- MIAMI--A ua-wItldlB
NEGRO from a Mississippi jail where he has
HISTORY larceny, changed tllelrh.U.on
sponsor of tat flrtt-of- bandit walked into a
TWO bandits, on foot, been held for two months for "possession la Crlalatl
th.-s.uou mat for a downtown department
I held up a Para Store oaHoutb NOV. 16, 1873-wllliaa intoxicating lne.llquor." Court Monday after
dctd, will Mala partlcipttt Christopher Handy.autlclan store and turned a ladlea
I Mslt Highway Monday nydt Harvty.actlvt la see...............e.i "
as a tpoaaor. Mate publisher and composer of'It. Louis Blots"and talon into a near riot 'OUODe bad gotten to
Tat faaout soft drink tad escaped'with Mtttiatttd '".phll Sluts," was born, it Plortact, Ala. Civil Sights in his told of tilt suit pro aa bt ran off with sore then'according to a
fin will spoasor tat 1100 la cash la 1031 Mwphla sac.d a public aiuartHandya Part aatlvt Luke COU.t7.IIh.II.IUI. ettd1"I. than $500-.$3$1 of which statement by Criminal
annual hole-In-one con Paul Davis the store to honor the ooapostr who bad ctrrltd tilt city's was arrested 'Then on September 9 belonged to ont of tbtcuttoaers. Court Judge Jack 1\1\ mer.
t.st at the 7th bolt at operator, told Mttro Bant to nearly tvtry corntr of the tartb. Ht died for oa July 10, 190. bt was told that bt bad Judge Turner heard the
Mini Springs and will I police! that the sea on- March 38, 18 58. bavlai two cans of been tried on July 23rd His accomplice atood at catt without a jury

don at t trophies for tbt Lured the store and Nov. 18, 1004Dr.. NnMdi (Zlk) Azlklwt, sovtmor b.erinhis rtfrlivrator.Miaslsslppi (bit first knowledge) the back door while btlaterupttd against Seauel Mitchell
top flights la the ..'I forced bin to walk outtldt general of tilt Ptdtratloa of Nlltria, was born la alinedtj and bad been convicted ont cuttoatr 18, of Nt 52nd St. and
tad oan's Mtttur stotioas I Md face tbt wall Nor 17, 1S2S"R.v. LoU Carty, surly missionary Mry" states tad sentenced to the who was trying on a dreta KdJlt Parser, 25, of 438
I ts cull aa trophLtt I tat bad a dirty tool to Africa cUed ia Ubtrit. Mr. Harrey waa released ...tau. of 90 days la ia the fitting rooa. Ta Nt Jlst St. They were
I, for tbs drlvlai over lilt fact.Ht Nov, II, 1JJI..Roy CMptntlla. toner star catch the aaat day of his ar- Jail and $500 flat. other woaw sore sitting found not guilty afterbeing

. Contest. told officers that tr of the Brooklyn (now Lot Anitltt) Doditrt, waa rtst. However h* was However on October 7, la tilt lobby, of the talon charged tb grand
oat of tbt aa fired bon ia Philadelphia, pa rearrested StptMbtr (thaad Legal Dtfentt Fund lawyers and bt herded the into larceny ia the theft of ...
I' # # # # # ....ral shots alto tbt Nov, It, 1103"D.te of AhrabM Uacoln's famous advised that bt had filed spetitionia a atockrooa sad went 120 cartnuofcigarettes .
oter".' of tbt roof. Oettyabun Addr.... been ooavlettd of pot tilt D.B. District Court through their purses. valued at $309.Cutuctives .
ttaaiea of beer svbst ia Jaeksoa asking that had said
Ont cuttoatr. Mrs. Barbara
glint to bit. tarlltr Mr. Harvey t case bt earlier that tilt wU-
Poard told officer
Tune WANE Home Of The World'sChampion arrtat. moved to the federal that thegunuen took I**I nesses bad ideatlfled
This the
vms nut
Court tbat ht bt reItattd tics bar p.,... the two immediately
tlat bt bad heard of the trot Jail, aad afttr the erl..,
conviction and sentence. that reasonable Mil btttt. . -
. .
Mr. told
Harry LtialDtftatt
Disc Jockey District Court -
had lawyers latiplalatai Judge Sidney R. Mist
vii, bt did' deaitd all three Legal $>
not atk for aa appeal. Defense Pond actions oa

By that data, Mr. Mar* October llUuAn {
veya tiat to appeal. appeal was laeieadl

r- 40 days**bsd ran oit.LtU tttly taken to tie V.S.
iyL Dtftast hId at.torasys Court of Appeals for
soled that a the Fifth C1 rcv1 t. Pending FOOTBALL!
ouaaoaa for Mr. Harvey1 the outcome of that
t: arrttt HI Issued oa Utrteltt appeal, Legal Defense
day tbat his Fund lavvtra art aaktag
Iortl-'" appeal periodteralaatd Judge Tuttle\ to rtleaaeMr. ts Yon Cai't AffordTo

Harvey, who baa sow tc
Two thirds at Br. Mar aptat two aostkt ia Miss It
,tya Jail tens baa already (
icky In been ...rased.M. jail.State
waa ret*rat a i frot Unit The
Molder "f vorld't
IroadeMtUi RtcordiMCbatiaaoatltoara attMptlai to rtcltttr Meeting Slated cc r
his wits ore onlaiallyarrttttd. cc ,
Fred Manes
Rocki Rogers Tholarvtyt
LITTLE ROtX, Ark.-Tht GreatestGrid
were also aldlai workeraof
tattal atttiai of Ut
F1J Ut Mlaalaalppl
NAACP Arbaaaaa state
E--- an Prtjttt sponsored CoaftrMtt will be held
by the Cbairtta of P4trttti Show
la II Dorado, Nov. II-U k
Or..i IIUO". L.C. Bate*. HAACT Held t
Mr. Harvey tot tat oat director, _.. ..
I the total jaatito tftht Dr. Aaron ...", NAACP on the
r-! ,ett. three tines Hlaalaatppl Stale Preaf

during tilt eleven days "dent, will ht tat ,r1.-
after hla laitial arrtttMl ,tl,al speaker at the Turf
t ,-- Lek Terry a* e4 tku ttt char> ...-.., u...... Also it
-- Maiatt his "n ta
let scheduled to
appear art
Praaj 100 to B'JO .... o caalta.It Oloiter a. CurrtaUiAACTJireetorofhrMeae Jake Gaither'sFAMU I
r.. 'UII....... was toll act to la* .
to Ersftir Ray *. M!
Beadle tjalro aiala ta his ClarIOn A. Pies. MAACTBoathwttt RATTLERS
third Halt .. was ..-
vied that ht woald ,t .

SEE AND HEAR THESE I (IB M bra Tit 1fW1 fete "'J)

'in It N it ltd

Tin li lit Im fin.




WAME1260MIAMI .; rr t Marching FAMU Band .

I S.t. MIlt Mtt. 28

Gator Bowl

a ass 11 farts tellaat. BMC; teat Bar*
WMBMSjHli.il .ar ttaaa>4 .....: Beater Feed EaM .....;
', ii Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 p.m. BMnea/a p ajwjacr* ...< li*! a.t Out I'a Bite*.
mitt f tltaXtkaay taaarl 8he T3B C Ara era
Predict 01 He 1m I WI,..4 .... Beasts *X MkJ* ......tlefaasjf
WithArt Green ...... B rta4ltaaaf ati u.a.oPLIES at %
Miami, Florida

.t--I ) ,


Teftstfvo One against tlatoa. has been eoatlBoaily wrote otCI. eterclaed by other do ten Bought and this sin oration.Ironically" tko fight uggitt a tournaaeatbetween 3rd WI.
po.tPGltclIl4.nllhl,. .,'. belag overweight fendlai dss>Dioas. Jut another tat to the proa it top
poadlai UooatOMoof sad his aethod of eoadl There was atlll ether get the public .,.. beteeea Clay end Uatoa. contender. BATCH ROUGE. l.a, -toothera .
HIS Hlrll.Op".tlol If over stated will
His recovery. Dr. Me tloalaa--vAlcht was aot, epecalatloa that the It vie believed that la ooaploto cohtrut to University' (2)11'11'1d.alt
b* recDgnlied by the WBA
Doraott said Day ell lactly la accord with fight was not drawing these factors led to the aocitloa'a decision Plorlda AhN Uelversity -
yens fairly aoraal the trailing progress the latereet that )rom. Clay' a "eaerienej op- because of certain tecfc- Ring Mag aaia* stillr.cogntiee of lstl.hassee
physical activity la alcalltle livolved lathe tilt toth II their tint defeat pf
BOSTON. II......1"'1. about a soot th. Ht added return bout agree- the season It grand
greateet" end the
Height Ch sapIon Cassias father\ that hoavy trala- NoDoc..Wrong Place 11WMVrwn I I aeata with proaotera. oat logical contender, stile her Saturday II a
Clay will aot tics challenger lag aould sot be reooa- The boring aaaoclatloa respectively free-ecorlag victory
Sonny Uston la a ended for\ another three that miUd elth Mil :33
this nttt Air at least oath a.' Junior Keglers points behind.
another three acntha because boa aakod what toId EWC Sets It MI Southern third
of his konla op. have happened to Clay If Form NewLeague victory agilaat 5 de-
oratloa here at City ho had. sot cone to tilt tats M they routed MM
Ho vital- last Thursday.Too IIolplta1ltdl..hlJ.Dr.leDlnoU f HomeFinale 41-30 before a host of
oporatloa tined r. ltd. 'It' Ten pine begin to fell I'&rUlln grid fane,
"successful" *M per ooold have Lose oa for out at Croe soiling Charley Moore plunged
toruclb boat a hoar hoar*. It .....' t that Lane ia the Roll lag fro) tilt n-jard lint
aftor Clay was nakod dangerous, bat It was Panther League and the to .! tile cats thrlr
free hit hotal rooa last botttr that ho caao ladl junior boilers. under Polloeera of the Edward: tint TO. H. tillled
Bight according to aa .. Italy." the Instruction of Jtaeeley Haters College Tiger age)* fro I yard out
aaaoaacoaoat by Dr. It was speculated that and Mn. ot An... till b* able to eee the ptrkini .n offensive
Willis McOonott of Cl.,' oporatloa ma a are gettlag off to a ..Uca' .1I11II..t scoring drive that left the Ratters -
Harvard. hoai prior to the I good etart. football teas la actloa all bat ready to
Clay' a title fight tatoioat by Dr. NeDr This Is a free bowling for tilt lest tlB this fetid back for their"
scheduled the put Hood ay ott. Sportevriter had : league and youagittr season then they play cepltol city

. . . I are urged to take a spinal Priendahlp Co 1- later David) Huddleiton.
part. la la a long range lego la Myrtle Ate. Ball I ere pere4 II yards vice
Betbm CookniB Retiflres I ICilfllB effort to get thea oft Park, B.OO: P.a. Batur a kirk .off to fulher
II the streets aid give day" II all t. de.,ralla* the florid
tips eoeething to do one The tee,
the high scoring tiC
College 72.0 T fIAIO'icm..Casius: all seer to b* getting ouataed la the wrong
Baturday afternoona.Tti Tigers are la searchof
place aa lit gets his required Clbtci-., at the boxlag ooMlailon. headquarter Stanton Voc.
DAYTONA BEACH-Bethune-CookBU's Wildcat only charge I* for ahoeo their eighth con
Later, "The Loulivlll Up" no rushed. to tho City Hospital I. "Button. .1...
bounced back fro. two consecutive defeatsto and sanctioning which secutlvo victory for
fir aa .'l'IaCJnala" operation that postponed his title fight against char Buries Devils
wreak vengeance on an inept Claflin i* very cheep, the ae.tun. -e feat that
longer Bonny Uatoa
((4 1'?! Tel 'hoto)
College tea. Saturday as they struck co.. baa never been achieved Underrated stanton vocational
andlncly in the first period to coast 'by the school The night ) tied a hard
easily to a 720 victory. 1111 be designated aa .
South Carolina tats ...."... "high school football nosed defensive gas
and Pt. Valley State yardag for the Daytona SPORTING IT UPl' players' slgXt" with better lilt rrtdlaf a falterisg night Nee

dealt the Wildcats their Beach teas totaled ilL all football players la Stanton tea li-I.
only too defeat of the Too daflla rout lave i till Jacksonville area
.. 'Bethune a 52 record fbr belie sdaltted to tbs
.soot. With DON LOTT
Witch This Clown
the season and act the
Coach Cy HcClaroa'a gejio free,Wentif I cation
stag for tilt closlai PLOBIDA M....Mffered its first defeat of tilt '
Is .
aeceeeary.The J ?
wound fall
charges to tI..ul doethof: lllle Oalllaore and John Per 12 41 -
tao a.*li*t Florida MM Beans:
fore about aldvay the ring ton have serloualy affected the gears queetlo ace arises
tint period ibis Jerry Of Tallahassee The PAW I The effect tale defeat will have on the rut of This tact coupled with tho saps la the Bear*' III.....' or not. tilt faat 111 IS 111
irons received SI* RattlorBthHaoa. ,.- U. Negro college tew la tilt south caa b* *.eaaa offense ..* left the with nothing to really bang rldlig Tigers say bo JJ
yard touch do w par fro renolal .....h. bawl detrlaeotal. Sothen Dalvertlty oa* 2-1 forth onto. Teen would build a defense around' Oilllaore look tig .beyond this gaae 'iftt
freehaaa 08 George Elatebate the tllaVeU contlnuounly aeaeo*. lad another back eould breahaeay.. They would to Thanksgiving Day ehea ., ,
alec 19 W. la addition to AAtf lOll to BOB>> U era, their of i.l
Col line Salth added the they play htorrls ODllegola
tlghtea up oa Psrrlngtja at his end post and the I 4J2
PAT. Florida AM a defeat feeelve attack was held coatalaod aad all bat tight end could be triggered. soupier B.C. tor

The Wlldcata picked op to Southern V..... lined pushed around by a aaall teaa froajl these facts, though snail, actually sua ep the the CUll t.r", rtuMploa 1115 1
16 acre points la tkoeecoad BethuBO-Cookaan hopea Jefferson City Niseoarl la tkelrj ......' ,IIAII." They were a elnnlsg tee with rote .U,. Tilt, say be ..*
period oa toTDa for aa upset victory tint gas of the eeaeoa. Uaoala [ rtsgtoa and Oalliaor Without thei\.. ell, ee can railed This I* lOt b*> US II 12.
a run for the conversion SaUrday. November 21. Dalvoraity. coached by Deight aced. all... that yond the reuse ef pose nitie Hf up
and a safety to Eight I Bears la a teaa that. caa hold It. let,., THKUXII8VtU.KUP.CaeslusCIay, that Is, tn,' I slbllttlee keeeeee thoPrleadehlp a aetlae* II.\ .' a mim
lead tilt panther 24-0 with any tea oa any given day tot 1 b* throelsg punches at ftnnny Ustoa for a te-. College tea N* *44. ., ittiiiranl.
at the .u...... break. Killed During It la sots. te./. that till nia yon I or at any one for that aatter.Clay 1* reniprllgt ef Book Mill B.C. N* works It all *rou4.II .
Continuing the carnage out of the ball pari.arouad partial DON ton. City Hospital la Radon. Mass, after a.... striped a smog ditto 115ING' Am.I"*
laltho' second half, the Special I I Hunt lots the challeag yoti to a gee ef ...r.... la realM keral opentlo College .1 ".. II-O.

Wildcat' added 22 plats LAU CITY": total of hope that roe rtll el a aoaethlai oat of your vea nit corner caa alaoat laagla Bosay' dl.ap* If tko Tigers Can get 42 2S
la tilt third period and ight bear were killed lure.The. polataeat..Ko could! glf* his right an. (agalate) by this liter..,' ea.
closed oat strong la the durlig the pedal bear too, the Aisles of North C.rolisaUy gave get a good ertag it Cassia. eeuator they have arise
final staaxt.nmalai end busts eoidacted by th* the BattJora a run for their lOa.,. A **ooad half day, who la pressed)' eovleeclg at the ho** eh**** to eoao up Man's Days
paeeltg for 2< IOU a. sdPr.a Water nekCoMlsaloa mist of po..r saved the day tor the raU....... pith) Bill have a lot ef lice le get his poetry 4* the ehaapleaihla' Are Numbered
polata.Baahiag. U the Oteeola t.... a* AaT failed to core dkrtsg aeeoid half.Tonne together agala. H* said U stoa weld fall .la ales lane fhaakeglvlag$ uadofoatfd .
and paealtg ViMoeal Poreet **** lisle scored :34) "1.,. la the soeoad teat tlie. With the recent Pperatlon In sled Clay ad Balled.Heeever lima's. t).>. ere lie .
half to alaoet aoaeeao oat ef a 2>20 defeat, PAW) pill m doubt slag a see t..*...llito* aJII" I fill detest ef lit,./' .N.ei th and fortme .
led at the hit 1S>0. I. .1..1.11!! creel la alne.ONABUK ,..1' dangers elll Mlb fan Be Suns hn.
"'kltlr. ., With A StyU"One It sold b* aafalr, ef course, to note that PASO /././././.,.,.,./., *..,.n.. are reeled Toe Kaoe |n"r LII.-.*
His ben ap la ana about their toe athlete belagla rroiA..The Cigar'-.Ueg Negro pl ter, estiesallasset Negroeollegeo flue .U'ky Oll"r.l Rt
the Olyaplcs, Aayoao with each aa attachaeateoaid *** see tied silk his aecheo. Cultls Blfford.goltg td are ealy .*.d tI. CIO pet liarHunxwoee
very likely b* la the aa atsto.eb late the ties roasts of the 110,000 Bar* use ef tea ..*.. Hill/ Oxide rll'
there ha* bees toe each atteatloe end pressure deals Valley open Golf Touraaneal, abet three aadefeoted eel eelled. "NntMlbefPill "
placed ea Bob (the orld'a fastest heaaa) eider per II ....., I* ela the looraey by five The I large greed gads., la the Clash belie'
.aye*. or eaybe tat tea really believed that a* strata. day .111 I be eettkleg te noath U 1 flIC', Post
soon a* Mayo eiehenged cleat for spikes, their Blfforfe |.-.011 l Util/ eee 304. Tied for seined) see the Tli .r* ak. OffIN a'l 1If1.hrht14'
are push average spelt soar about 21 pelsta. with a 39W each acre Chicago B4 toehllag and! blettry b, addlag le vllle I. Ptorlda'
later',,'. dot.at aill ao doubt ,....... tb* Al Beeeellak, the rd-lch. golfer ef the to.ra.- their sired over* HR. ........ .... ..
the PAW Battler aad a Barked laproveaeat will .enU ebelalag ...,.. They
i b* see la their perforaaaco beaeefonh. l'," "" "/'/'/"/*/') heel played 1 asses 429
/ /./ /./ /./././" I. TMr ..
ituw.I. mIlA.._**, taoeref Ue laltl* .1.., .4 have oared
A BOTOOWN..of the ajatleaal etbail .......* ef DAilOr' "I.... .. ..
lOre OrllM see Based Aoerleaa Leases ." I* p )lt( lilt) lee* ; : ..
taadlaf reveal that the Chleag lyre ale the the ,..,. BMW paced the Oriole. t* ....., ***. the a petal per ....,*. .
Stop Shopping For All' leatora Mvlaloa are la a very oMfortablo I..... teat lea this year with his I eee flUklg I* aa
B* eae etpett you U do aaytklag ease yes ere laareMlv third .h,.. the |a...... sod w-lt. His
Your Photographic NeedsEMERSON'S la each a peeitloa ad th* liars are dettg Jest Mr etpeeUd te flslsb I* street ..,.u... !lilt
Out BPthtag th* Orieleo were Jilt a *...u.* Mi* I* pre-......
.at ., the ether head, the Bee fort at..t. are ..al Uee.Buaer .
PHOTO SUPPLY I U the eat. boot .. yet farther eat to ***, fhay was l.*.,*...t.1 la ,,111.. th* OHlMteaether ( iY
ere la last place ta the When a...... Md ...... a very eeoreee* dad for
1817 N. MYRTLE AVE The tear** petltle es the Beet eaa be edged eaaaat .hoeera.CM j,

aad tagged '.o"rtbratla" be.a>.* they er "v'N,.,." ,./
(Open Cundays. 1:00: p... Cnttl 4:00: p. x ) .1.atleaal Qatiplee laet pear Their ....-.111 Tilt BArca> ACI.,..f the eat*' I****. <.,**... Is it proper

J54-3212 plugs sea be attrlbatH U .** of tee ,....,.: .*...aH ..,....1 aad fa** M ee! !, ,.,.*"11,
lue The Bear* or* grief str tde. eat le*>.,. The M .heard ef Prod VatehUoee'a ..*... a. ireelieatb Cai
..e.a..1 n,.,.. *%o eee ...*... el MH Bbl.e4Bhlle to for
BBS BBIII u* IIM ef MB ....... died! Iee4rrlear
after Swiss *.nH aaf treated pt* > Gordon's by
} name tin
al a .Heeetotla Br*..VM.etehlaae .
*, a eere sad frlcadlf .., BM eftta*'
the eiterler ef a de>ee B"ellaf eelie IMIeeee N English Pubs 1 j jt
ale* Its tat *rfMle.... Mr* "** ..."

*..ftawq......m'vst H W.1.A.W.yt1Rb t ) I.1

.. .h't Nt ......, ., bMd ".,.", .b'suneeeuar '
,e"Tea rer bkS ... I ih tsb.aM
ash ht lilt,It.ry iup.s$5 fl t.aSmi '
Mi- Alter sir, k. .....,.,.,. VyM tart ...|.
..tool .... lees pert
."".II.r.W1f 1ft ,ee.e "
1I A.."..... kwever, .." .4'
Lee. .*.y'.. Gads i
L. ............ el.wtn
.....'"'nl,..." ,)..epee
'MGaud..... tit usww.

Ti., hiss.. tip ., 2s), /
c..,... ...m.., wiqNl ;
2 le.g v&7 11'..Ant b.-
; /e I tl...l ..... JIt.... ..... 1 3
.. .... se M t,,p1.nJaa4 I It'
\ S. I _.MOl w Ode ...resg e/dine wML Saeanewe
_____ 'I. hlisseas lie
e .'d A e e,..... erarr. ..

Beef at its Best ami,.. 14 *bltfUf eeM e o M s ga..se..wa.r seat aaoe.e s a a het.eauPr..wens a esew. ,
1 I S ..,.. a) P.*... efa
1 .>ea.vl| ... etll eer* N N ee'.n.
Ma tf.,. s4* .......
eeeH le IB* e.*.r toil
4 ....,..", Mesa.S M
....... "... ...........

.... .c!_.;aAT lcnotC j"I..1.sJ iJ6.d..II.: .1LS. _.. r.$'-:9"A st R ...... .-. ..... .J:.. 4 .

Ir. .1 _
.. -_

I r / (' .R -

I PAGE 10 flllllA SIll uns I1TIIII' Ilftlltl 21,1U4

VISIT YOUR RIGA lltk Episcopal District CLASSIFIED I--- _

Starts 89th Session
HIM MI IEHnralfhod.
Bjr Mr*. tabor Buenos
WarehouseA&P .
ta oal, Call
tt. Beth Sissies of the Mast Florida Annual Cba
a 4-1510.
a foroaeo of the Uovtath Episcopal District of the
NIL Church wbnwlBf Florida sod the BkhBa with millERl fit IEI
Bishop L Co Matcher pruldUj,opwod ,.4..4./ I BOOM.Ill HT Mth. Call
Store seining at 10 close U the Ht. Olive AlE Church B .1120. Ko children, I
:. HOT. B.J. tllllMi, lion pastor and ..... 1,1. Sb.h. .-
... boat Protldlic Bid.r. I
The annual curses was ........................ RUTLT F1H81EI INK
For last Couple or olnilo
proachod br .".read C. till be read at 1:00
t ptrto prt private pho.eprivileges.
D. Dlxoa. Kra. oroatbaT. P.a. .
NOWOPEN Call m-30U.
Matcher GO..I, wife To all of our oorrleo
r of Bishop Matcher ta you are lost graciously Ill I CII

Episcopal Supervisor of tan tt4. If tot would lit to on ADULT NlY
t tho Missionary tort, sad
I a sew Or tOOl MtOMtlltItk
la do In c a Bicolfleant STRANDTHEATRE
iii IERTIIIJackOMTlllrs to down pi/out and
Job.. low loathly ,.,...t.. call
Each loraiBi at 1:00 I III mn FII aI'IiCT B. 4-1721 er Pt' 1-1011.
o'clock a UlitortalOlalo
to hid with Dr.CL .
I Doorti.To bodrooi tput 1IM I. tutor itrttt. at. -
Prices IB
f betas doaa.
r thlaadarolood Matt later fin. III.M TeJt\lr. you... and used SUNDAY
Bash day at Ion a
I .,.k, Moldokt car BIM.*B.
thro- spiritual foaat till bo per Mir.

DOT.ugh flinty 22. bald oi sad a servos (roach 2414 ttltooit. PL I-17JT. rrifir, TH NifttlistPiiir I

Friday sight at I: 00 NEI TOII MIIIS li Hi land Connolly

p.a.t the CoafiroBOO To III ,k.Jobo taltlai.
till present IB concert TSo'.'. Kat-UH Aitacj send
the fMOua Edward liters .. your BMtaadtddrtaaaad furl
210 Post *" loatbary find
COu... Choir. K.t. oat ho.Vlraol.of .
Saturday at 10:00: a ... prayer can tcooiplliktoadora
the r.P.Do under the Aroctloa for you w,;ltt; Fine Men's Shoes

of lira. blah I I .
Easy to ttohoo till have ehario. SUTEI rjmiiE I9IIH Now ''
IV Saturday I' 1:00: ,... 124 I. Michigan Chicago, :
Got tolicitU t HMorUl StrTlotatlll 111.IHPEIUl ; Z SO
ha hold_ Saturday_ a.t
it +, 2:;oYp.;., the layaoa SIMIIESPATFNT LAT AwAT
.roo ITatg till talc,:
a have chBTio.Sunday
3000 W. 45th St. ti + at 10:00: ..... I MFDICINES COSMETICSALL Ol QilISDIAS
list ill
IlilwiyI.S. deliver the Ordination Cor. Broad and Ashley EL 42159GRIIH'S

#1 it iHfbif U.Kjlltlif n 4 f i Buries and appolttiaotaHI.
O guo Cordoftl
asA Salem Baptist B21o asset

Owe ichednles Program
a 20th T t
BIG ft P N The Sunday School D.plrt8..t .- IAHIRYoininp
ot th. kit. 8al. MAIL ORDERS FILLED
DISTRIBUTIONCENTER Baptist Oiurcb located promptly
Send $2.00 1U> Order
It 12421.224481.: till
Sti foot Ctltt; pay Balance C.O.D.
protoat k proirH I P.
Bundty fttrnoon.
Coral Nelson Buaday I
School SuporlatMdoot, FASHION MEN'S SHOPS
innouncM that the spssh- FIEICI WES
STEAK SALE tr for the hour till bt TIITAI SliCE Broad & Ashley
the T. Oi arles Hollo

be.,.highlighted The proiru br 111 one IIUtlTS imn FilET OF FISH 68* 45th St. & Moncr!.f Rd.

T- BONE of toipil the groups.cHjra for.oit is;. filn' I5tTIIS Ittclal airs IfH lifkUlitil

Your Ibo public U ottoadod MEEK HIT I .... I... tin Sat:
a cordial larltttloa to
SIRLOINROUND. Cole out aid cols la Snliji II M" 'U 4 i.4DIAM0ADS .
Choke' this torshlp boar.l 'hat A : ; I \I W I! 14 ::11 III''

) L. tor.". t.Q. toiora, PM-

Miss Ciairoi To

I Spotlight Recital r matched

District 7 of Kririro nRRUL
ptlit Qnrch art IPOBBOrtBIIUMllDOBlk I
I- ll also eOp.e
Ctaoroo ta autlcU rtctUl -
M.edy* for doubl. nl.ilVWv
Mosd alfht, I:00 PrUijr INiflMO p.rt.et ,ring c r m
T NaSEI[ IMHFIFRYERS arts nisi mm p... la till sill audi MlU f P.M. I CheeN lea. sea hwee s.laNae d .eNhd lr/b sad .
/w Yew Cesube.. ca.e..wbles-eeih dul ed le. Pyle, Owelrr sod
torl of the church. *. taupe| a ow low, .eadble! p.l..e wish MM ge
MULLET Mra. Dluo willlMM Uproildoat -I iiry1 wll rwev bd.wldesi ..
of th dU- b.dc.

trietl.nr Tboapioa todfBOOB Bl4o.;;OAT 1t
Ud l.,. II...
fright to pastor of the

LB.25C 1 ti 2 U. ae rtllllOBO iBltlUtlOA
no pvblto ta tiTltod.

AWKI LB. St. Peter Biplist

To StMser Youths

,IMC PAul Chill SIHTI Hf[ MCA till Sill, CIUMS MIX N li Mislcil I Efoit I
Choir 2 of It. Peter .
apttat church till t I.AJ
>pOi lOr tho place outfwta .
PumpkinPIE Ginger at Mlle CaUtrtao
ail la aa approeiatloairotraa

Svaday U I .
Dovattoaa lariarotraaott

sriEti 39C ALE ;:i 10C toa,licks sad roles PrlicllU Joaalonor toyd.ftoboooa .

Versos; litradiitloBbf e1.O. wwgiit. M /aK wane. ..
tj atatrooi of ..". ..a..l O +d..i a+l+eh..Oe t
U,,,. Miss Palls;

nil IIUEI run KtittA TUS star seen.. 1e"ltCvtQ.ft. art: Jsyee Brit.I. NO MONEY DOWN

tM ....... ptrtlol. .
attic arot B.alaoiielMtto. Take RILL ,__' ___
Prt Mill* toklaooa. -
POTATOESc Basle Stltoa.Playd. Year to PIIYI SOLITAIRE T8irc8$'"8

Tweise wyaa Ote.,... e<: Ipitla1 ...... es ha ........
: Jesus Ploid. dear wb a Snees cv .....r
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