Florida Star

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Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Library :'RB 4 1 J I --

University of florid : _...
GeiaeeTl.le florid '

.. oes Win 57 Elective Offices Across The Nation

. . .
T T T T T T "
T T T T T f f tf t. f .



. .. .' .'' *. * .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ... ... y



*. '., *_ *, .F .._' *_ *_ *_ . ....

14-M. 33 S1TIIIIT RirtKIEI 14, 1H4 15 CENTS Sari Contributes To Fla. Memorial College Urbia Loupe

r Ji!\. \ ". '. "t",< '\'.'/\:'" Molds Talks

MAN SLAIN IN CAFE; } .,.. Vr."'":;'f. :"I"i ," ', :f 0. Jackeoirllle Erployj.ijthe Drbu,

It '( '1i"' 1 1'r ,. leagae alll loll its
1:t., ,, aaaual gaga

WOMAN IS WOUNDED : 'f'(i ,; ,. ", \!. ','..: ;: hi Pngraa liar II I...

.)\", -" *' :r t.' it(:DO th.Jaehoullh a... to 12:00 aoa Ovte,

< Aadlterlaa'a
. '" Little
. . . ft eat re.Or. .
1 Mil Dead, MEtoral.dh" Co L Bclatoek pro.
.. "
But .':.:. tree chi t.ee, aiuMaaced
2 fevWMMI Hi2nl 'Separate Equal'Plan Guard Gets "... '" : i' that .,. Serge kit

) t.,..;: ;1i\i\i"lr;:\,\{ !!;: ( !g gi;: :r :;\\Xi'\\J',1.: { I .:; ,: let Director of gds oa'
Shootiii Tea '" k./lt'i\I"! ,hhi* 7'. Iii: \\1 ,,)',':''i:< '),... .".. than .'lWtll'U, lelatloaa -
Still Years : tJ'I':') : :, I : [ ;''i,, ':: tor tke
; ; Prealdeat'aCft
within Tile second shooting Costing I AMI-A 3dO-lb.ToaU t tJvt'i, i: tl1 @i;:, t1i; :,,::, .. aal tee oa loual aj.ployaeat .
a seek at a Nw ,
Kin Road Hall guard aba emotedBtbla .' .c.' ," ,"" Opportunity I.I. la
left a i1.y.ar-old ana County MillionsThe veriea to IOU,- ariilntoa. D.C., till be

..14. his voaan coapan- stars, aaa eoavtcted ta -- the gieet speaker, Be

tea eerioaaly waded loni-tlae pattern of segregation and Criminal Coart last frl BttUUT ar! to nerlda Beaorla College St. AHguatlaa, la preetated by P.D will be aapparted by a :'

ud eootker eoa fined to current trend to de facto segregation Is *rof utortag his yes looter (center), local Bears ....", to rMCPrealdent .... Puryear right, aa panel of official re.
being blued by Negro leaders as part of followers oa Ua flaarpolata bnaiseaa I. L Derrick loots preaeatlai local buelaeaaaad
a local bo vital after a sawdust oa. Tbe 1100 check eaa partof ".000 el*
single rifle ballot ... causes leading to dlsaccredltattoo of Du.nl' af.araed. robbery. located by Ue Been Recheck Powidatloa last .**k to right private Florida col.loses. ladudryi. and fed.
15 high schools A of alt oral govenMeat.Br. .
Jury took
aged arat of his In teetlae. see with a total af $700.000 slag to colleges wrote Ua aatloa.
Many loaders aad educators e e e e e e e e e e lea Uaa aa boar to re* Butler served ai

BU. Incident occurred have been crlt af Ue CIOUlt,. tara a verdict of gailtyagalaat lilt me tor la Rnoaoalea
II addtttoa to thewtoottazpafer's 56 .Merits 1.lIterlfs Wta Roy Wllklis
at Howard .
at ..,,'. Rjgheay Reno IcalofUeechoolboard'apellelea leaaetk Oeaa OalveraltyH3S'I

..a1bal. TIn ""** flag bat prefer to arat.ld1ool.aoaeyerectlag sad aba was accused of aa* 1 hpOllcaa I.! AI. To SpeakAt ( 40))) coiaMltaatta
M. raaala aaoayaoaa. Hoe- glieerUf a robbery with the Aacrtiaa TeetkCeaalaalea

Deed oa arrival at IMC ever, all agree that trMaporttai to keep atadeataaerely Duval'a aoae of Ua bore ka eaaaappoaed 4KtroCWCAOO WWi m 1I1JIf1lC4II. Ala.-(NP1)) 1. CoaIiTAILAMASPR ef the Aaer

froa bullet aooada la alatalalag Ua '*ep- to kelp flad ...aeea Coaaty, bare Iran Coaacll aa Rdm*
his Head, right lag and arata bat ....I. 'paa tohoola segregated Du- sew llvea.Pean -( ri)..Hegreoaadldataa fear Negro Peaecrataere 715 Talleaaaaee ties (1117)) ....1..,

.c.. chat was Horace Albert ever the year baa coatthecoaaty val Cbuatlana have fceeakljhly tea .aeateaaed tateaTeara oa Uo DOM* sleeted. eta aae Braacb' ef the V... Dsarissl ef Labor

:"' Bagga. 31, vo lived at 'alllleaa af. 'aoarf'aaUMrltlea! mU' .f school la prle.*uaCrlalaal r_J\" cratlo ticket alaait. <.(J.f ,tee AUk.eeeoaatlea Netloail AeaoclaUoa fcr (IM's51/ eiespl flU kta

till t. Otb. It. BtaMM dollars for daalleatloa. apead- Coart Jadge Jack ceapletely. Isasatedtheir witch did .bat'_ |ke A"h .. rear.ported dartiilria ... 'iI'

ooeveeloa, Cora Lee may eboorvera call at* lag snap oa hint priced Palk.Aaotker. 09P, ladapeadeatar go to the .....11... latke seed )People eU. koeltke iir (.... .11) .
teatloa to Ua new kith lawyers pleadtag to ether party rivals SIU aiaaal ...U.. the ke served aa Owlet,
Alien, of ISM Bavwod ass. (MeraaaCor Nor | ..'.UaJ '
school belag erected laUa stave off school lategntloa. darlag U. Praeltatlalbellatlag ef nc groat a fl.rlla Baapaeer leailreaeataIHtloa
Drive, was adaltted to tea Poach) Ideatt* eJeetlea.
aortt tdgetood Negro which last State Caifereaee efkraacbee ( Batloaal Pro.dactlea .
the hospital with two fled aa tko driver of sot Prealdeatlal aool
ballets hr right jUp.Aadre area at a wit of nearly It la generally agreed the get-a-aay car, was a- ... a peters af tteJokaaoa 1 I ... Barry I, Ooldeatercarried Meveoker 12 to .1"'''". Por
tilt Ue. laadeaaaclea II, aaaoaaeed Rev, 1KB.aj .
Tuner, 33, of a half .U 1101 dollars found guilty and sea Adalalatratlaata It af the 41 five years, served a*
lit Aadaboa It. taaarraated oho there la tko all pointed oat by Ue SoeU tcacod by Jadge rail to .,,.... Is alaaitevery AI..... aovatlee. Chit >eed, rail....... rbaf tlrecter ef IdaeatlaaMdCotMialty

atDaval Cedlali1i1I kite Ubealt Mich School era Aaaoclattoa af Col. 4 years la felbrd>> Staterrtaoa. ooataot.9ea eratleOMdldataa ,. .100.000IIhr.. sate ter preeldtat, lelatleaa
laaa than. a ill a away legea .d Schools ta due ef bata rue e. Ue poll*. Prlaelpal .......r. at cub. the "teat. lest's

the haste to erect Ua aa aack. to flaaactalaata Owe yoaU, broagbt. frotj reds to aa easy via The elec lea eat five tkeoeetlag elll) be Boy 011."'.. oa g
aa It la to laadeqaate willies, BAAC eieoxtlved
tory.A Opeortaalty. la
see hub school la regarded the eorrectlaaal hoes B9aalleaaa to Coagreeo.Oaly .
ky aaay aa tart flaaaclal aup far boys la larrlaaa fee Metro iapabllaaaaaade ... Araatead ..1- I ret ter) Dr. Joke t, ales ...." ... .

of apertateadeat lab port. gavo teetlaoay ta their |ta aatteaablaaae des. jr. ef the Plftk Datla, director af the "... Is CIA aad ei

Brett aad the ackoalkoaroa Body Found basal la Ua flail day belag pjaeeacbatetteAtty.Ota. <r1t, IU .,.., UeBepabllcaa Teacher 1.1 'Ir. Pepart- cull U bertl es had less

pies to keep Ue Tea body af a |T-year* of the trial He said IVteaH Brooke. tide Be aaa sat ef the UT' Legal 1111*** ,. ....n.-

wools ...rt.."." it old Jacaaoavllleaaa eaafooadla that Dean read acrlp ate VM retire to afn edeaplte aided by the Begro vote, Befaaio sal PdMeolleaalPead Hail vial lore at ..-..

la the bails far de tar Ua St, Joba'a tires to his aad lee* fete party af.nllatloa. kick. la believed aeatfceevtly Ire, .Baby NWley. 'liltea IslersallMalf

to aegragatloa.L liver Beaday after aaeiteaetva tared ta his oa tko. Brooke kidrtfeeed agalael BeaatarOeldeater AT aeaUeeat regleaaldlreiUr ,

ag after the castle search by Ue vlrtaeaof peed Ufa. to back tba aaa aad eUer Be alledge N, At.r'''' to Br, I iota
Ceater after ke accosted have ardered Daval'a city fire 4.'''....'. It aaa later toad eat dldaey ef his ,.",'. pablleaa ........., Pluses, n.,... Stele J. Carter III, lieeatlvellrciler

ad ue vletlee therewith schools tategrated. He* It la believed that a taa card bearer Baa, Heeled to cities laBaeea Itrp preeldwt. dad Bev.lltaird ef tke legalLisle.
that the youth' bad tilt
ether witnesses.Duval gn atadeata are atlll Taaa Strlager, af 1007 tea a atataaaat detail.lag Barry Bo!"1&.,. It aaaUls Coaaty ea tkeDeooeratle Bvodklao/ Pal ., this pMgraailaag

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'was ..tod at the to 'U,., Itaatoa 11 gk last Thursday His body atatoaeat ...''DIM effleo that caaaedvoters ....... far Ue .... tIe ef..11. sissies. of far Ik ere the

' vtctlee. five of Ueareetalag &eMo1..... there la a was freed sear a aalp* oaly taagkt. bey to do of beta partleetoacic CoMty Board ef Id .e. the ...U.. badly, Mev, lit ef the y..*, te

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Detectives said Bail* U Bald-la. foil ea said seated Ue eta at lbs aaiaal Preedeeaearda aid laeeallVM far
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tie reetaaraatItk aoavllle React to Doeg- rear af tke City Oeaa cooperative all Ue roses tit"" ... and tte Bev. '.A.Neer a I cat.Bebert' all ef fa la re .....*

laotter s.pots ... law Aaderaea aa the aediterlet sear tkaeater's boys tea gave arary ,,..... eel tke aeeatry far .., .... Coaaty B. laeaderc. lineal. aaa .Mpleyeaallavalvaaeits

aa arneeat_ leteeea eoattelde at Oa spree dew with fiaa Havrea keve Beard ef Bc*.... Be had NAACP elate Held dlrealor ,
"'nertit': tee vie- FAMU Lovell.1" to aaaalt crtaea. ban poated ao tar..... scow/U.. said such ef Ue tie "....till. ,....

ties ....1.'... Terser 11 Alfred, testified Ueraaoo that lads hews are M laoea Oaaoaralle three otter Nests ... oeetlai will be dew led .Laws |'..)/... seer kyBr

relieved the fear eat ', .. elasarsj aad sac lOP dldalea, reoalag ass* le eif Urilloa ef Ue Sep Betell it ae
Ue laaa that
aide aad the akootlaibe .- ... ._ keld et tie ewes SMetea...... .."". Oa tie ether d*.eadeat4 sat .. todefeat eels ef |e,eeeatleg the Beard CI al pee es. Is saarniltafe
.a> aa legal attested ace civil yigkle sad
laid tbere sere at They Ian Bailee
., ten at tko lea aaapaay
to eater Ike car. '" ., ./ least IBdOf /...,.", aao Stilt Lit aeetlag to aatl'paverly laeo Irkea L...... The Be.
'.. sad vas off sill tko
Terser beoover, tell a ''ii, ,- -\" uIhl Para era .d M of eUeralltleaJ ...., Preotoa Beraoby.teaoerel. -Btoto-frailest Be tied* lleatl. ..... Li*..
aaak far plaaae4roadeavaaa
Rat sewaaa that ke wee -"" a ,. pa/11 aa. This. fro probateJa4ao.Bra.Paaale so pearvMeaa ....... M years ago aeaa
'called U Ue car ..,. 'I etta Peas I a flgarad strictly alas ...... lilerraclal profeleaal **.
Her ay ...... allies .; ...<' '. t rd bet gist, Peru elcdUceliter eoilal eerksgoiey
.. ,.....,.. \ \: 1.: It oaa further argued eao feet .. .... B.ke.Bwocrat. .
Lila started ergetagattt II
','' ''. thatas far the .... has Wastes .isIs
11. belagfrooed.
laCM !'!" seteaddreaa
his. tellliikla
.. : A ll-yearold Rights WorkenAtk OMaty It.rdofaVa.ealloaaad ellle.lsbalpsued
''*e gad." M Ian I" etShosod to seoress battlers aadadvojin
>. toy, aba wee pet M UoettooM disc Is*
aad aaat tatlde with ;,;. : la tte fieldeefeeplaysaatr
:It ataad.told For NewJurisdiction depeadeat* oa* epe ee4 -
U. attll .,.a.. aa PUBtLi ailak eeeapeetod
aoateraatua" bo over later fl ala Baa. ...., baaalii.becJU .
the at Ua place ,z., to dice us ..
pert : .. welfare aade4
far elroall clefk. Bra.Jiarrla .
) kerd la east booao.fko .
lw Mgala.'Rife'
yotllig at cetea.
I. said ka eee afraid : ooaeoraatlM la* .-.. Blatrlet Ceert.with le Ilkfadaa ..
/ dloatad Uo ..... ...* N.e..4 taetltota,
see amid .. raleto
U w aat far Mile,
; la tae IMP Chinee1call
aid .. fraoo Pass sad
bet .. ke did. Bate .'I' 'f' tae aooefalao Mali .*..* .....,... efaete4la
a** t If fee OM oaogfttI II...
aad Ua was eta/tea to I saws OM aat* seeee e....,. toeeUeee A BMCrlef red ,aNN rifle cetera
aat af Uatr ear aadBagxa j I Dfobbary.II e4 ay the..,...... ..> ,
art preel all ease sea arreclod Baa "If' west eel reaped
$: I ...... oat tilt .. day to rote* Ue eeeto
had fcta Beads Is '
elected le tke Tea day ilarled ellk tke
... ., demand. stilted He
yeoU eau Ike .
.. ...
CIMI', Jar
lie _... lagoo Cltf Ca-Moll _ay ....11.. ef a r*..g Sec liver cad hiOev.pushla.e .
Toner sale ka earsedaa sopbo. .f local.W e ottlaaoM.ttor are t,......., tag at a Boo liege bed realaaraat. ....... Ueatootlad
eel to esc toeaHkla. oa. M ladlaattosetf ....* pfafaaoaf ef ao* aeoordtsf M d CM jaetinaaJeboeaaeo .

tot k. Bail aaataff.aeytag leeref, leers.Mall. till federal seed .....u. these ..* awe ,.,eats by Bte BVeal BaterUdalrea**
', 0 state list Meto ... ...
tkat Pas eely to" "'- twa aw sills of.rise U Mate at!tote sad tAe BovAUBalar Oat Bead ,.,,,.. a>44 lie eta) a ....that
coated lit talk to kU.Tamer jeiehaher. aaoaralajVM < piM*,. Bailerttepad Ma ttMa. fllllaM.IBef eau yeponedly arpatadatoel
"' S4 ...use 51 04PUSjary.
aaldkoeaa afraidMd glslal a Seta aalaralllol tleiflrt 1fID= MhslIis Atlas .... aW MM ..... INS Bsavctlc B4. a figkl Yet badaoairod
with U ctawl
akaa Idea did**! ..* ffortda MB Balecratty aedt pssl Mestia SAM aWaadaato aredeawaalroors .
.... Iowa fnaitb Sao alee to toe .e bats. laid la caMty las sere earlier.Beleaa .
atop ..... beets ids .arts. ttbatr past aa..
ke polled Ua aw eeletertad .,.. ...,. fleet des m t..Duo th It aad I. B.- Sear aaaar tbolUSod 5fse.ses ...as le ewer II wens ........ seall OMB latest leardor. ....... to ran ahem Meiepped
: .... .
.a Ahead can .
w.elN.He sans 9CBaaaV tniaiag ... Uft to Hat .... .thuds 4r ...... lie te lad U reaoiw *na) Be le IoUMt4 kls ea Marlf '

call lies Alia seem ,../. BtAarta.artaaaelila... .., AatotMlUSoaUap. diM M peg ser sichp I...... M I.*.. no eoagYoaaUaaJ Nelrtet ef .Stoadta lei Bator.Ml I. to ojceliaa Ua

leave* a* lie abealde Bfl.aa... ....... nmtn..* aadi* Mood M .... less adleech IN N.l.eeeo. aero Md flee o...a- ef 1*. Albert ft.aaBaailer bus ate eaaajM ....a-..
ails set kar ealy to ..... CW.. toiiiK,, ....... Aaawa .team fftar ewe rroc4 ..esea. urn M IM peooldeatUIelattofatet. .. dQI BISM vMs Isis
nt .,... ..
fill acv off ass af tt. tttte .Mia Baiaaiariara ......** .....,. 0.1331.5. 1'"s' s .O' 1M dusal.


,.,, ,...

\ ., L''

I l

""""" ,
-\ .

NEWS Usyal

Published by The Florida Star rubliahiai Cw.MtMlia J

an old song:

0. SIMPSON.........Miiifiii Editor the memories

ASTON; E. USE...... ... Km Editor Std 3 memories, some of

RUB*, WOOTEH... .......Clrcilatiii Minter the big,


2323 Mmriif RD.I.. Jksai Elji 4-1712

I" I

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."' .: ; L ;': i: .; SIMPSON

MIAMI OFFICE '..,' 1- :: :
<{ ; poll

731 NM Jfi Are Phew 377-1025 ''' slate even,
'i,. ." .
\ i
It he
,; ..".'. down'
.. feel that
One Tear It.00 Half tear ".00 conscience Myy TO MILT." ". politico
Mailed to You Anr here in the United RtttM tttvu '..;..
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Subscription parable la advance ,
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Jacksonville 1, Florida. e. getter
: ; : :'C;: Johnson Com-
'. .-.: '':. town that s

Separata let EqualDtsccredittiow HOW LONG "D .. .. ..U. was rumored
.mn. rncdiuBnl Y with the

First the ru-
mad to

Although the entire community te.l'ntold gotten a bag

grief over the possible loss of accreditation and the Idea

of Its IS high schools,Negroes plugging for

can take some althtactiontlou.b! Ironic Into the

and somewhat dubious -- In the fact that Your Weekly

the dlsaccredltatlon was leveled at all that NAACP

of Duval' 'leparate but equal' schools. LBJ campaign

The local press and communications media to the

have Jumped on this calamitous situation are asking

with timely reports, criticism and analysis. NAACP par-

They have ascribed Duvsl's dlsaccredltatlon Horoscope Guide Is said that

woes to a variety of shortcoming ranging reach NAACP

from the lack of funds to public Interest.But to com-

none of the media television radio goings-

or local white press has seen fit By PASLOTh ASTROLOGERWHICH

to mention the fact that the so-called the role one

'separate but equal plan of education that election.

has prevailed in Duval County, has been ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR. is that it

wasting millions of dollars annually.In .
of them are
recent years,we have seen Duval school TRAVEL
officials spend a great deal of till.,tner- phony Is to

gy and money trying to maintain segregated : loudspeaker
schools that could have been More
to their
wisely utilized bringing our schools up traitor who
to scholastic standards.
for a couple
.e have seen school authorities hire high ARIES on situ AI YOU CAN Viet ON THE INTIIVtNTIONOr CAPRICORN

priced lawyers .with Negro and white taipayers' Born March 21st thru r 3-50 *1.IS-2S-351 1' OTMIR TNUITeORTNYrimoNi Born Dec. 22nd shout.tral-
money and then spend endless days April 10th C AN CDR WHO ASS NOT IN Jan. lltb belongs.name

in courts In fruitless efforts to keep |IT MFIARI 1 1 HUT THAT Born June 2nd thru TMI LIAIT "IIT OR IWO YOU why IT ILL ,SI .... a microphone
the schools segregated and appease their YOU DID NOT MM! MUCH Of TIONACLV' INVOIVID.
July &d "
INS UNBIR TMI r'I.keep you en-
bigoted hearti. A DINT IN THE MOILIMtTHAT '
YOU '"! MAVINI YOU 4020.1'.71.21LIliA NflUINCp Or THE not have the
Mr. Brant and the school board's recent NAVE RIFT YOU AT
frantic push to erect a new high school 11(11 AND IIVINI DUUINITMI
Solo YOU INTO ITtTINIVOUN Bop Sept. 23rd thru YOU NAVI OONl TMII he knows
In the Negro section of Edgewood Avenueat MIVIOUl OUAHTIR.YOU
Vllei I IN NO UNCia. Oct. 23rd pus ON TO TNI though he Is
a cost of nearly half a Billion dollarswas CANNOT Sl IVC tc AND MILL
it NOT MUCH 01 r.flRINCI
purely a move to maintain de facto NAVE TO SLIP OH WIYINOUNTH
tNt DAYS SOS YOU TO ... III A ROIlia MONISON saying that
segregation. It Is plain and sUple that lOHt COST or A etTOIIN THIS
the new school Is being established to keep IW.UTION CAN II 'IIOYI DID TMIIO, OUAITIR AND THIfRIVIOUl
Negroes from attending Rlbsult High School IT .n roil,iti rod vouaMATI ON,. TMII MIANtIOIIRVINI '
IAIOA 010" 'UT11 0* TO 01* All TNt RICOM.MINIATIINI MINT COULD STIR "0' they were
so that It will retain all-white. that a 011 AN OLD ACQUAINT"ANCI
disgraceful waste of taxpayers' money. TO COHl U' WITH irriaio TO
iY3uNtiTiai: wo M'VIli DO NOT Tilt ANY the boys
It Is time that the people of Duval are Asia YOU TO ITAIUItlTHl OR COMMITTINlVOURItir
IN UNeuiv MAY eiouiaiIVIN COURItOf WiLl YOU A*| UNOIR and the Gold-
told the real truth about the dlsaccredltatlon IITUATION TIll MM
of their schools. The simple truth INI AreiARi I DIAL TO
THAN USUAL Sushi TNIIflllCO. TNI lAAMAAtt or 111$ took their
Is that the inadequacies that exist in equipment llfCUll 'AY' AND' MANl.TMIN emiTi voua niouicii.
SIN YOU 0111* CLASS IRNORt. to make
materials and Instructional personnel TANI OulCi ACTION
is due Jsreoly to the fact that In I.IO.U.U.MIUTAURUS SASS SOUL cuiTOMAavravoiNCl ARI Will roa TNII eouLIINCOuaAM 1303511.40.1)) lets say
YOU COULD luf.Ml our double-
the school board attempts to
so many
ISO '". aAlirOTV
of I kind .rl- Born April 20th thru Born
thingd-tone for .Aft ofand onelfor colored 1011. | IVIN ROUOMIRVACTICI. Jan. 20th

llth Halted funds to provide school May 20th '.70-U.,s.lI.1U A II.NOTMINIATTITVOf Feb. IStaIT IN

needs, the result is that our schools are TIll u"i TO I"'LIIIIIIIT 1100 TO It TNt I IIIMt TO tl .
L Ef
Inadequately supplied. veu "INCOMI ceuie HAI eirrituiT I roe YOU ,
In the cause for dls- Bom July 23r' thru *;'C CRITICAL.SCOltP.
Another sore spot YOU INTO TAI INI (icmiiCMANCII RIAOAIT TO a Mie CAY ,< ,
in schools Aug. 2i>d !.40.77.1 b as 245 ..
accreditation la the fund railing Till Nile ria Lift OR MOIL I""" .,sr tai'rue.

which the Florida Star has criticized In IITIA MONIT MAT IN PAST AiTMOUIH YOU NAVE MAOI I 0 PINRCIAI .OCIOUI" ,

the past but has brought no action fro II nut TO Till iiwwiei oVIVI tort aooaili., TMIRI Ion Oct. 24ta thru WITHIR YOUR flllMOl "' cad Per,

." Mr. Brant' It would be Interesting to Investigate IIVII 0..... YOUCOM.I Still All TOO WANT INS Nov. 22nd Tow MOTIONAL |u '
inhere SOBS of the several thousands 99MIONI MAV II CAITINI. MOW IISNI or r
AbM M IN A TIIMT ASS IUTI In TNI ..r orlATIIMCTiav < of.dollars. collected in the various MOT MCAull 0' A IICITATTACHMINT OUTCOWI/ AN ITt IN TOTS CAIN 01 TIN via MIL 15 In,, pals &J..."

Vhlle the school authorities are taking YOU MAT UNO IT Difficult VIVO VIIIIANCI OBIS tit M CARIfUi A| TI TNI ..... sr.Naa3'. "" *

steps to correct the teacher inadequaciesIt ir NOT iM omavi.TNII vouNtia MiMiiai ir TMIr MOM YOU MAMIV TO INTO limit or ''' .. Ue eitj a

would be veil correct; the situation SOULS TMIIATIN vouaeOAVXY AMI iv. YOU Sill MA.I TO TOUR NOW II. Ill TO IT AIAINIT AUT N>eTf| Or ee.ru. .. tied

whereby so many Negro teachers :are teaching ITANIINI A| MUat 1115 YOU' ION (M'"Villl THAT MICIIUl OIJICTI OILIIATIONI IMTOttB .
out of their fields. It appears that All fULLV lAftOUAAOIO.NOMOTIil .....
, iTMia MTAikiiNiiTill In liNt IN Ml PAIL erTIMMATIIN fOIl A I eulTI ..... ./t.raoir
when somebody wants to favor somebody witha SHIM iMOUil MOT IInotiN. 10 MtOCA.TIONI. en. MAY. WANSUllNlll VOW .GUI D Oav COMI'CA eta b 0.

Job. it is s simple matter to place a veu NO eiuiT boll I* VOU eMOAM IMORTVNITIIITNAT ..,nil roe vowatur, .rlUeleoary

psychology major In an elementary classroom MAUI WAN PsesLIrs TO IfTAaillMll IN hell NA \ Tot MTeiCxeuica MAII IT NAAII rot ""

while there are elementary qualified applicants iMiii ON THCM MAT ALLY TO nv TO Sill ...
IOU' ANl MAT MASt TOCONIII ION aullNiiin i* .... ., stir celeB-
on the waiting list. PLAtt 'tA"'L elISIONS iMOViS NOT ,t.. teivt TI it iCNiMiaileiaiNi iiav er COWPOOMIII ACrimou ) 1III'lIn. ...

To say the least Duval school authorities IIAfI05. sill T.l |MOTIONH TVI OUT I*) ITOAMIIIILII POI SAYS ASS TO ....

have a lot to do and a short time Nlt TO Sit 4..t. UNTIL YOU NAVE Mills TI ININAII TN| l.70IS.tMVtSrisers .'. rime

U chick to do it. will. tiA*"ie MUCH Moil AOOUTTHIIO MALI K1.s .

10 300...17.41.47t, MTvei ASS H't.. ..12.'..,s.JU .., .....t a sd

Somas GOP Could Racliln GIIiINI TIAtl.I .. BARITTABIIS' :: Bora fob. lltn

Nero Vottrs. .IF Born May list tan -to.IV I tie-MS Bern DK.NOT. list 23rd this larch 20U

June :iit
VI ROO 1M iiONtrooTvit wieeevaoTia Kit AHOCIATIONl ) I

There Is a distinct possibility that the 1WIM ..steK ilTTilINFeo Bon Ant 23rd thnn aei tits nil .WJtCTINt VOW TO .."

Republican Party could reclaim many Negro 'IM.T INT.| Mutt* >pt. lard aei,icinti T.AN VMV ITOAIvl, aiM IV
voters, declared Roy lllktaa, executive tin rie v' i lottiewiM.TMII acme PACT If WISOOH
MOL MISS CONTINTIMi 114 ...M 505 0511" 05154S.AITII
director of the National Association for Neat SOMA110TiSl4iPP1 TOWS PAM ve ill* v*
am. Nit cewve M* tAM All N. IITTIO
the Advancement of Colored people" t5TWS 0aS5- VI let voveittf. Y
....... ifroeT en tIC T.. T.tv .... rH 151
rlUng la the November issue of ell's1lagaxlseltr. jMct a* etoni WHO cm&sCLP MWKIATtt AC mat ve
.I/lfr a* won W MfTv eoiewt .... THIS tieNlfltt .
lllkl&s said ae was ooavIa 5101T IN | MIIKI I
VIA? YOU """" I
that "tie ttpobllcaas can wia back sub TM All, ills a O H TIWTO eco av "". If is *ot ve te--oteATi AW
lie ail TITS PSltis5AOu.aiIO11
.t.\1al.&ro support If they will work ....., u"... MAO.PIO 15(51155Yob. '"ea,. IAIT rot vi vwaroi vet PMJICTI v.av ,

at Ue task in more this a I"IIMa sadhporidle ..... MO1h1KS11Msl.e" .. a*wen ve ire OT' iai reneeie Mil INW .N Pt...

''''''ioa." a .A,,, ...I ll a i' Tonsil. av .eI wt oeav M ,....."' lO.est Nt55.1Ttl OHO Me !. T*< .....
AlUdlsg to the Democratic Party the
eeooteuitmfmv 5MMAL 'S 'Ut''U'' SRO, .av .nc jviv
NAJk? official .....ned. **.y a Metro l_ lift. 'hit C1SlAe woe, VM MM TI N u.,1t VWM meet tIC av.1W04IW .... a tnes a* it ,...

may U Ue party of people ho cannot let Me e. *.i mesa eves ne aivis CS TI V* seem T.... t. "taim we .....
semis iwietivt
tffrrget; Israeli, Bill Conner. Saatland.Bilbo Ute .. arasSi5 MO.S.OI. 5105s.' it is WIMW rw ." we tM MOMIM ve C...
VIODI WITH T* .. 21 (lasso
*' ttltt *** .
,sad Vallaeo. Be said Mal N rotn vew M NOT riuve ... CAUI MO e.H $505 .... Nti e/e IOails Tolls swtiMM M ..
MCt. Vill
+w0M teleome an opportaaity to retnm" sac MI M AI .ca .* ....... "....
sat it
MI wtw re*
to MM Republican Party taKNi.S NS AM *.... a.tv VW tt OOTAIN |,|*.\ a*. 'yAtl eb.1.. 1N ......,..,.... 4 i. ..

'. I I ir1TIIIAT r --- -l:

inmiti[ U. 111& mini sm nmi mi

I HO Sorority Queens Reign JU Edward: Waters Homeoomln@ I


S l I' t y ea Ei''3iS',dl a Y5,
u r' d
? ''S: P7'ggy'S 1 te 6 qj : t' F T4t


tt, s


o # .. '
... .

41 d 1 .

', /,

1? T i S

.IBB ROnOOnNO ATTBUMim: HIM*! Jeaa BlTer. Boleeadorf, Carolyn Slaaoat. Barbara Lop Helea DIGS cell' BRA II GIlA ft ATTENDANTS: Mltaet Sara MISS OMEOA til PHI ATTENDANTS: .!.... Barbara'
I Craeatlae Potter and Martha Hlaaon. JOBOB sod Ada Stafford. Jubnaoa, Ins Lut.r and ",..bl Jilea. ',ulh. Juanlta lltberly ",lanneth RoliMdorf. I
\Baker s Photo)

___u__ _____

,.. .. ..
-x .err&v

I Socially IIIIIE tiimnf Sptakiiigmi 1,, WOOUVORTH'SClamorous r

BO to press this week with beat wlabea for aapeedy i Tbt Aaxlltary to Rectal Dllvry .....i.ra set .
reooery for Allyeoa B. 'AI".111. Florida rtewtlr and bard with ..UII.I... t rtport by
Star newa editor, who la confined to hla boas be- d.l.ftt.a of tilt r.cwt Nttioaal CoavtaUcMi bald
eaoaa of U 1..... II Cbieaio.Tbt wrappings and greetings
Btnld WM bald 11 th. hoa of Mr. .d Ira.LI. .
. . . .
.'.._r.laad, list Lila Btrwt. Gorlt Bwttt.
Praoeta Alpp, and Mariartt trtaold sore UJMa f
Paradea ere latereatlag to watch.>eapeclally .b.ra Milai th. trip to Cbleaco. ID. group gas 'r
.*oa they are held oa a holiday ..eta aa thereceat apaclally pl.at.d to ].art that a ..br of tatlrortaaliatlon. .:I r l '
Veteran Day .nd..llo. that oore accoawodatloDa lanant Brlitold, tat alvetad aeo- 1 L'' IA
art artllable la the doentoin area where Bottpt- sad vie praldcat of U. Matloaal Aaaoeiatloa of ;
radea are ..1 d, poles to a parade 1* .,...or. the Aualltary to Special Del t n" .....,,,..
faaclBatlai for both children and adult. Peat Margaret Itan... a mmbtt of tb* onanliatloi,
parade plant aty taclude Itncb U a retttartnt, vaa pr.a.t tor the .stiap.
cafeteria, or at the .., loach omtatera where one Mr. lid Bra. Paul T. .....U. DM teat fifth
ash dike la eoofort. Altbovch yoantatert are al Street till b* boats to the ant awtlag.Prlads .
wayt. icltd or tb* pottlblllty of eelm a 't
parade, U seas that ftaerally there ass aere . . . .
latereet this ,.r. It I* tot aareaaoaablt to aa*
1 1a
BUBO that BtBdeata awaraett of recent political of Mr. aid Mrt. oerdner .... Jr. are
devtlopBeatt sad sots occarrlai durlag tie put happy to tool that they .base retra.d tAt Jaekaoo
year live tk**> a sass of freedo of ptrtlclpatloa fill to lire. They and their two lately yewgetere -
user beforelIp.rt.ctcl I alfbt add that it It a art pr.*.tly ,..USI, ,Uk .r....'. awit
BOW feellac for Bany of or adult alao.There ."' .Yl"lM C. Mwliault of Tenth Street M' Oar'..
DrI,.. A. J't 1
e e . . . s .olatul, jwel d..lgaa rlC39C /
. . "
IMr. . w IoM.2es,4.

8 Jumbo relit lift
.. toulll.I..II. "lc* pretldeat of tee !. 1 wrap99C
The liar buy .to t..Bt Each :" 4ti
WUDALf Clib, preelded over tie ...th, *f the ,. bl.| )*V Mai.
group held Jilt satarday oralai at the Jaoe .
all dol Johieoa truck fMCA. (TOO CI gel cad load. C. 5 nil heIeIlJ .., $l
...411.* Rachel Brooke and Bally* B. ..UI... ad- 0 ..... OM I......l ChfteMMt deelf
2..110'" ....a.
vlaora, ere pr**.t for th. oeooad oeetlai ef the
is STMP.Other. 59 0.4 tOIis aUI IMM M
leeiber praticlad.d Jaeavelli dreg. :.. n
hart .ro.ha Sledge, Grace $oloua. DeborahJeaklae ZhIWtIttI.
lady,* Bryaat.Illia Ateater. Alierla
oidyoneilieieola Dana. cad Mra Areeaie 1ct1."1. a ale eater E. CkriitflW pft t.'t. 39-|
of the dab.Th r t PMM t tHMJerM ..
ant teetlai la acheduled lorao:Of a... es
.Roiwabef. SI at are J.B. Jokaeoa Branch "!". F. 21sMwfroit6artriIM.

beeMUfwl e f4 paloied to fto*. 59C
. . . k.|f.M...ajwrkl*.

n* BeoaU bad boot of The Jaoatkao McCbe.provld.d .* 5O s s 'I
that rates th. aettlac for the .COIt e1bapo..ondastlag ___....' ,".1'1 :. .vd..wl ww.Uw tress

of tea Ulte Bride 0... .
Bleb aeorera la th. brldg* aeoeteo era terealeCbee //
Johaal M. Mitchell aad don B. lesson '-'i'1 u ........ ........ .ka paid w .... .1
aiamous Ula Atery. Lama .....U. Beralf* ....r..., t I "" ...-.....
Dlaaketh Jeoe. Mule oC1ala. Mate B MUet., '!II L ..... an.... cank '
aad Alveala Bcn*. .ere ami other ptrtUlpaat
to O.wi.Mid slab M Mss/.e wtRMb
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cola hue leotlaf.Sllbotett. .Ns.4I

..N.............. I J. ktWcbtm CIIrittIIH ores dii
J\ .. n..... ",,'''U.. of *1... aadaveetheart JI ..... .....red .... Ie g. sod 59'
of .. frelere "" ..........., .
name: la> vet last 1kare4ay
.a4ai U the It. MertM Street hooe of 1e .....* w 1
I paw ........ Awls Pr.... Carrie Par.... and
..**. I,""", ero Matae...
'C 1.. (UIt4 tiMill trill Ls li lid to si7'

10' t tI1

tttttfl t tG ** bra bawd.b... Mr.. w..a.d as r...
COKSMT ML 5MHH, na .. N.a..a I I sosi Vq. l Cb.sw.e p.a.r.sivItrsI

lea till Be .ld fa rial* .,*e wMs. rt.*. len
.. le CeMiai It eM wet say Be Bo l.llrtt*A
It. If teo flkftef *.tealaalirRl .. 1 LM rs.Nr Naar CArd ..Me .... ..as
aMOarf.rr -.t gtr.rtl..ail N I fr..rr OM 11/M+I :: :: so
w p..rep .. ... tat.R'saia i
.n vasty ggarr.pam.tc. IN L..sas7 ribtoc M tfif.ll#**

..... ur.sga ttiLtiu.rAdrs .,.
...slat ...a raheD. lrmras.OtTl.
HmM.. RtnIL.ulslra e(1a.M.tiCuA.a llr4 Tcab., tag
ar .gala r salsa .. ..
tad gwM rIL ..
ICUt'XII' I] III.- ...., Nssadas

tier u..s 11Io& sasr s/tgata.r. .It1MlW Uf..........
tees .r gales
1 toes ......... ....sl .......... ..,..... !3: !!
\ .l.. ne w .f M.... .claw sasss st dws' A .. ar.d.u Tsg.I c.,...
..... N .......... gtr.-...... sl I/01fa. MgacIg. M a.lw.r II" I.....M dsr,..
.P..te .......... ........ Ii .......u.. ........ -...
.... M ...* to *:BS St*. WM BV *>,...,
...... .......,.. ps..aw.aladpgr. ItIff1' ..... _' A
......" ........ sr M. t4 i u -'WOOLWOIITH't pliliii .. .. MY

,. t


r I I ftllT ,'. I

4 riiim Sill urns MTUMT .iiftiiit u. 1HI .

.Ihun. Cooftman Intern Woodlawn
I First Baptist Church Presbyterian

Setting For ConventionThe Church News

Pit th Annual .**- talented teachers at his If L.I. PEARSON/ ER

ion of St. .7oll",, .Gat.* dlipoaal. Tb* laoa

way Progressive Baptist will b* reviewed by E r.t. t F1! Tonight at 7.00 p.*. tilt

An elitloi tad the .& !Murray. -... prayer service

10...'. Moss Mission and Moralm iorahlpwlllbegla I 3 J1 till be conducted ia the

Educational OoBTtntloa at 11:00: with r.B. coafereace rooa of tk*
begin .tdn...., at Pint LOT delivering the church by Elder '.e.

Baptist Church College IInetl. At 2:90: P.".', Alexander and Deacon

Park, with BIT. p.D. Mra E.M. dark and Mra. k' ,r4e a av c"o' Bitty I* '....
Davis, aa host paitor.Coaaenclaf Louise Johnson will con The Adult choir rebtariti .

the weeklong duct devotions and .". Tuesday sights

slate of prograalif. H... Moa till deliver weakly at 8.00 p... Tbi

,. Mill B. Johnson the ........ lid Scoata ant 'Taiada
r ...,. weakly at 4:00
delivered the ..lcoa* :
address after an Introduction Rev W. Burgess p... at tbe charch. The

bj Mri. A.0ooeby, To Be Honored Brownies seat Saturday
tilt .lair,.. of cen- 'r f { aonlaga weekly at 11:00

... MM. ..A. Moss By Church Group .... at the church.

the Sunday, November IS,
im roeponae.
Maibroftb Joliaatoa.Baptlat .
Deacon conducted devotions the Church School: begins
Thursday night tturcb: tlllboeor :ZclsIRlT at 9.SO: .... with T.V
their pastor, the Rev
and .... ..L Hurray dam linger superintendent lackirgi.
fllbar Burgess with aa
livered till riliiloutaeiMg Appreciation PrairieSunday The 10.55: a...
*. Prlday sight Worship service begin
at I 00 la
: II.'
the sue order of services with lighting of candle
tilt auditorial of the
wr conducted by the altars boya. Re.
with .*,. ..A. Mack delivering ii't r.D. Susan sinister
the aeraon.Tb The youth of the church ', '..t\\.. .i. \ r "-I..' ill deliver the ....
will have charge of theprogru '
1" .. supported by the
youth departaantill '01' Ii sage
conduct services 1r1ll cia feature ,i 1iI Church'choir with Miss
Miss Brenda Hartley la '

coning' at 9:10:: the role of all trm of ';.i /y,.,._ ,". 'I,; i" ,..." ., \.."... Sot A.'Matthewi. at the
with Mra. Mary McCoy ta erawali.Tb : : ;. ,\:.. .. .. ...w<,>, .\.'" I: organ.
charge Annual addreeeea The Cblldrea'a choir
aalfl speaker forth* _
rehearsal will be heldat
will b* delivered by I
occasion till be Miss
President M.A. Moss, .; 5:00 p... Sunday with
J* Martins with IIh.lIar.ut
Mra. Miry McCoy, H. St. .n. Pred D. Davis la

Clair and Dinette St. Cotirt.slated. -rIYI Bethuao-OookaM College ..Iora." left tkeeaapvo .Roam Carolyn Royal Chrtittni Blaaoae, Llllle Bell Slaaa, charge.
to deliver tilt loose
Clair. October 31 to perform their latemiblp requiruesta" .ebon bbaloa Allen Mitt I.rdl..7. Thoapaoa. Ruth Lester Rooaie. Alice The congregation will
.dr. Others listed
.... D. Rhodes till "''r. Pictured are Gloria Alford, Janice lore, James P. Cur- Toweel Delia Mae Walker Mary Alice Wllliaai. Quieale Bias.rlagtoa sect at the close of

bring forth tbe etraon honor to participate la the Naoal Davis Mary Praaela Douglas, Richard I. Poe, Janet Campbell Rathel Co lion, and Elliot M. Bennett. seining worship untie
event include
Lit IB ins afternoon, : Eileen Olllyard, Juaaita Oan... Charles Alba !oolaoa, Oweado Spoaaora err Joieph H. Taylor Acting Dean of Instruction Dr. Sunday, NoTeaber. 1), to
the tiicutlr Board tillceet Misses Algirta Hartley, lyn Ir.... Plorence L. bane Coordinator of Interns Dr. Evelyn ttarp and take pledges during a
Owen dolya I1hoo,D ari
after a prograa.BUPriBtBdBt c. Beulah Mae Huggti. Eneetlae A. Jackson, Lester Jackson Jr., Wllllaa A. Wheeler Held auperrleon. fellowship Hour following'
Miller and the Junior
UHoetll Dorothy Jejta James, Joan Oalao Jenklaa.Bylvle Evelyn Johnson, 'The students are now tatenlag la Voluila Ouvel. Browird. Seal a Beetles of the con

till hiT chart of sunday Male Croup of Jullngtoa.. .... L EenaicT Juanlta Palaer Carl en e Reid, Celeatiae Olivia role, St. Lade. Plaellaa sod Dade Count lee.Mrs. gregation. Sunday la also
The public U invited.Hasons
School at 9:10: ..a.Itb Every Masker Canvass Day

aa abundance of To Hour Edith Jens Featured Housing Sought I Asifversflry Celebration Sat for Etch the..Woodlawa" la urged faaily to

Brldiir Observes For Annual East pledge not less than 8*
IB Annual Musical Recital For Mt. Morlah
10 Year Members Monday ef his or her total licoae. .

Womin's Diy One of the colorful aaalcal events of the season Conference Sect Mount Morlah Baptist Church till observe its .

lrldlr Christian At Thinks Rites case Sunday alibi with the presentation of I,.. Rousing facilities are ennlTiriiry with a weak of scheduled services beginning The Halted Preibytirtin

Church, IU) Brldiar St., The Masonic family will Edith Jones la her aaaaal. ..10.. recital at it. ...ded for visitors to Moldy N '.btr 16 and continuing through Tooth Pall Rally will bi.

will observe loa.'. Day observe Tbuktglviig Sisal Baptist Chum: /N//NIeeS..e1NNN.NN the lilt Ylorida AaiaalCcafenaae the 20th. .". I.'. Marshall 1* the bout putor.QlIU'dI. held at the Palae Prn
with The talented artist thick ........................ byterlan Church Buadiy,
amd.,. a service Sunday, beginsNov. ** to lags la the
Servlcee will begin with 110,. 39 at 3.00: p... ta will b* supported by IS. at Mt. OliTOAMI celebrations oa various will b.... proaptly at NoTeaber, 15, froa i Upa. .
Choir No J of Mt. to 7:00 .. Riglitratloa
Sunday School at 10 .... tilt *10'" Taapl, 410 Sinai Church lit. B.J. sights with the rtllglouiliatltatloa .:10 a... with Sunday p.
and till b* acooapaalediaatnaaatally la fifty cents
with Mr*. IN. Pbllllpata Broad Street Itlllaai, host pastor an: Trinity School. SuperiatwdMt .
by Mra.Cathtriae a "0'. Any youth littreitid
ebari Holy Million One of the highlight aanouaeed.Jaioaa Baptist Church with .". Catherine Push will be "
Baaoo sad 'I la attending.
till b* held sill ...., of the TbankialTlai service Mr. with aecoaaoda C.J. Crosby aa pastor, in charge. .
with tilt prayer bead la sill lit honoilag *, Can Snootea. ties biT bee asked to Monday sight: Tuesday Moralag worship will please call R f. P D.tllioa .

charge. Elder Dorcyfalrco Maaoaa too bate reachedthe .Other ill-kiowa piralltlMlithtnaioal ooataet the chairaaa of sight raiser Oron Baptist start at 11:00.: ... with sot later than.
( ilaeiday.. NoTeaber, IItedniadiy
till deliver U* sue of 70 or passed tkekoiilag eoaalttee. Church a*. St. Luke the dacoaa la charge'ofdewtlona.
somas iiraoa that alleitone. field will participate Harold Keaaerly, 3SOS Baptist Church wlU RIT.B.W. a... Marshall NoTeaber, 11at
pressel7Elder An oa tb* prograa.Cbiraiag ,...u.. St. er the eokalraaa. 7:00 p... Elder JRoaiiian ...
Elder LC interesting program "f/ II.hall aad R" M.JTrowill will diliTir the religious .

LC. PrenelyUll la belig arranged forth ladies who ',i),! Mr*. Jokaale, at gust pastors ......*. He will and Deacoa Albtrta
ooeaaloa bleb will serve aa hostesses P. ayrd,1334 '. 37th It. Maiey will conduct
b* ta chin of the till reaaectlTly.ldniday again deliver a ...nol.t
laelide. Kri. ... .. 1et
: Dilpbla .t.- prayer "
1 O'clock ..n.u4 feature the .n. J.I. sight .". the 2:10: p... services -
Elder T.B Mayer pastor John KB, pastor of St, Orewlea, I,.. AlTeaUMcOjitea. Musicale Planned '.L Peoples of Magnolia aid the talag la the conference rooa

ill deliver the light, .t'I*.'. AMI Church, aa Mrs Theresa B* tlit Church and .". services at '::30 ,... All aeabera of the
aeraoa. the prlaclpil speaker Saunders. Mr*. BattleLOCATIONS -- A aaaleal prairie presented L L. tjaa of AbhyiilalaBaptlit church and friends art

I lalgktoa, Mr*. Bertha by DMOOB A. Mill Church will coo- Plus Recital asked to reaeeber those

lebliaoa. Mra. Jessie at Royal Tabernacle lap- duct .."10". Tbaridayalght Elder M. Devil will bepriiaated who are ill at hose mt
Mae Johaaoa. and Hra tilt Church SttaaV will Bethel Baptist also Frank Strayhoa aid

I 3--- Mibil Brdea. '.rtlaga feature Conalla Stokeend Church of Boutbitde and IedaesdayNoves-la a auiicalrecital I,.. Willie Roblaaoi,
of hostesses the coaflaed to
daa Monlag star who are
Bethaay Baptist Church ber 11. at Mt. Boa TruiCborcb
3oape] .
ill bMra.Talaa Orwa.Mr Stacera.Tbe will beadle the erdir of of bd Breweter Methodist Hoi
*. '.e. Heal will ap- paUlo 1* iaTlted, services Rev. David St. 2220 Damson pltU with yoar prayira

1124 pear la the role of air fillet tatioaa.4"'rI.t.
i W. Rarer s'stssIcy. Johnson and .". t.L. AocoJIIlIder teTl
rator oa the pngraa.Btf. Ban carda purchased fro
Miens are pastors rePriday -
130 c.t Art will be the rriTtlligStar the loa.'. orgMliatloa
J. C. Sins To .Mlvir IIItCth.l1. Gospel '1.,.... .
of the charch. CoatactMri.
I Bight Royal Tabenael
3701 Elsa Ooldta
Voice and
i th*
Rllea M. Crete.
Some.. At Socori Baptist Baptist Church McCbrd Stagera.Tke dttalli.HE .
president for
POPULAR DEMAND..WE REPEAT J.C. Saaa will de liter the eeracaa for th* aad Evergreen Baptist pablie ta IaTlted.
Church ill be la chargeof
i ajar aerrieee at Becoi Chirch
Saaday.i .
BlY and will also review tae i' ...., School leeaoa. aervleoo.lhey will beled TH HE III
"D" FOR DAY Regular services forthe ......................... by their pastors,
$ $ ........---- I.her..r reapectlTely. BT. Lee
day wilt b gla with the MeOjBeea sad Rev M... II Tau 8i.k The lest Doctor
Saaday School at I: 10 Wright. a. Your Doctor PreMrtbeSet .

'YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MOM Ar fXSVUHTLloyd's .... ( with C.M. Taagat. Each alalittr will beaoooapaaiedbybli bptrieaced "......1tt.
4 Fancy Gr.cJ. "A" Frss.r1. .. AYE. Wt. l 10to 16 Lbs. general supertatesdestassisted choir, ..AccIo nlll, to your 1I ctor'..
it L. C. Cheater Order.. w,
pH Only The IHtDr.
sabers ead cost of the
the aiiiataat general e.L Blab,
q.alltJ DrIll
..,trut..., .U preside eoagregattoa.Thle Pro9rlstor

;, durtag tilt aaa I "'If" services

t TURKEYS 33c .bla. St. James Final 1 RusmB> nuwucim 10 mY! TOO -

The dapartaaatal m,tr- 1 A COMPLETE: LI If OP

......." end teachers WWHI'S Dar Plus Co. *tce-R.bber ..ha".-...dlrl.

r will be la charge ef the / % Ptmipnoa; ( CAU.D POP. MID Duraao -
,: ..... IrndM PMBI CllllM.Coiaenatloa. services at New St. Jaata A.M.ECbertb .

4 $ 1 00 rites for Mt. Ararat Baptist elll observe
FISH STICKS Ste. ...'. Nov.IS Lilly's Store
f LIMit '..00... 4ti oa.iiti.ImaadUe Charch. Day Saaday Dng
a..w...wode I Ethel
t ... choir win Baptist Tralalic Catoa with Mra

PUSH beheld at 10: U a... ill beheld I: 43 PolL Deveapert Baaeliteritrrlig IH; UK mi a J.aJl

3 us. $ JOO 1U aeditatloa at n:Ua. with Mra. .... Horriette *- M general chairsp.csr -

PORK SAUSAGE .a. feltowM .hi aoratagenhlp and AleiaaderMaH ...
tar the smiting
at 11 orct* ft. la charts

SMOKED .* SUCID ARMOUR CAPITOLBACON At I ,.*. the pastor, Idly activities till settles till be Mr*. "'.'I..rl'.' With A Style"
choirs, aakera ail other taclade *1he Prayer of Louise B. ..1.... with

eubera .f the tG.,.fa- PalthRmr." Tweedy at suite nnlahcd by the

BOLO Sloe will stare till en' 1 p.'. .... Jieaaoa aeelited Ada Brecy a.I,. Setellit
by other will la Mice Rule Ma*

tensile Slikis aadaet the ....u... SoetC

3 U1 5100 3 U1 5100iPJ {) It Bili NisUiliMra. Presented

"A- VKuXlN C ralla Itekeat .WHEN YOUR itlltnJ

... Jacta..*tU.' atalaatH SKIN CRttS es.

PARTS 4 5100 inlets lll bpr ga-1M1 Sges.t gc..r U'vent lssr swats;

< .* ate4 ta aa after == -= rc '

.antt* .atcl p...nav.Saadar 1:
al.U Mee. IS. "a" -- Stop Shopping For All
MIfKiT .. .asai ....-......
j KIMTIIKIFKEF 3 us. $1" He event all beheld : : "' Your
r Photographic
at ttttel TiMnacte" Ba$ = 5 sz Neeifesimy

Hit of welsh the Be,. ;

P A. T. T. NANOSTEWS NSJi slA LM Mr4hea I* a.*"r.SlaitM -c= = mIISOII-S PIOto

HENS 2 1 swaps uIeaare4 be

... .Aft* M the pnaraalactae 1,t7 N. MYRTLE AVE

PIlI fEET 1t UL.., T J PIM TAU 1 us. '" 1 1- ....i*alat the.angst,. with Mar a... ( 'es s+.eo*,,, 1:00 sea "tU t:. pen.)

.. O an end its artat*
HIM m u Hwn
Met M 111111NINct i it Un. n. 1N-JlF2




p J I I 1 t y

UTiiiiY tiimin u, mi _mini mi PIPE et mi sMother

I f Of Quadruplet Miles College StideatsElected Home Economic Teachers Confab

,r_ } ,. It-,. ..< .
'1 I., To "Who's Who"KWamm.
l' .t' ; : x
I' t Ala.-eTB ooilor Md five Jaaloriooro '\
\ roeoatlj elected to 'Ibo''a too la AoricM

., "' '). 'tt:; I f r4 ,4 fell.to Md lalfraiUM."a) BBtlooal pubUeatioo ,
\ ;
.1. kick gives rooaltloa to oititaidlac college
: f' It : ., -, .t atadrta troll urou. the Batia. :
.- ..... ; ', Tkoklpklykoaorod yoon- S. n rt r \E t
of. 4.tft.J people MF selected for earl larders, sports .
: ; ookolaroklp, character editor of tko Miles;
leadership oitraMiTlo 'I\S d'L Ns.tos. AlothoTure 'I""\
i lar MtlfUloa, aokoolelUsonahlp r end Aanio C. Calehoes
M' pot.t. ,itsdtat director
.allty of rotor use'fiilsess lips Tau 11....
to oocioty.
The atadiata elected Instill Ptisacolii
arc v." doMO, ...beror ,
Alpha phi Alpha,'.*.* As SItU
ldat of ItfMat OOTOTB ___

.at; mtalt, L' potir LMAesq .--..
MI; Ante C. MoCroy.Hist tadrt Itllli of POB. -
Niles Coll.." MooU wo installed uprotldoat
IPM-lfclarlM U- glut of tko .,d.. ARM Hour TX? CDNfAB Ourln tko State OoBforwco for Teachers of Moot Re
ttlllw I.,... prooldoBt Porto Ckiptor of tko nooteo CdueotioB, thick ooavoaod recently ot Florida AM DBlvorilty, state
.- -- --'- Of till BplBllh dab Student NktlonU Ed,. kooo toonooioB teachers oootorrod tttt irs, VlnUlB Leslie third fro. lift
BOOMS: nll8T-&.,.1m It araat Lyooo talks lUll his ttfo b1. U her koopiUl Sealer Qua protidoBt.PrMldMt eotloa Aoioctttton doe ...t.ra ore supervisor of hose ooogootco oducBtioa. Shoes biro cUlt her fro
"roo. after sic pie birth to qnodraploto list am.,. The qu.cSa.WID bon Md of O*.IB Ml ring taproiolvo eoro !tft to rtiht.Bro: Mr*. Freddie Qroooio' H..w*; Mro. Celeste Dlioo, ptnuoolB.Bnd .
I too girls. Bro U* first OB record to be bora ia Ttuoiio. Tb* Lyooo have Phi; Alicia I. douse, ODDlM bid NOBdtjr .twill Mri. RBthlom rol on, HBlBio City.
ibis other diU dr.. (till Tolopboto) roeordlBi secretary, NavMbor 2. IB tko
---- fester Class, "Mlitralor" perry False lulldli New ClissroonBnilding lid,. AT Wildii FAKU Biqiuthid
I Jaxon Receives Award 1M4..! D.. at Florid MI Dnlvor
___ UNC Field GHI lori Truelove, secretary oity.Otkor. OpusAt Givfi Award At S27. 44 I. Will
oUd ot Oofora officers ifeliidod \ TALLAHAMU' fla.__
10100DATTOHA blkod seat, iwnoao M. Maloa. : Ire joooioPotUdMtr Bilhui U. 01 Hlchlgn Florida AM University

.. Tallahassee. The a.* 1)00.000 H.t.. imt\a. .ldI.-(NI'J)... kao kn cased bn.*
4y BEACH.Plortdv MIJ RlflllS vice prooidont; >ro. IoU It MMorUl CUii Judge A.T. tBldB, Oil titian oC tilt estate
+ rwy a .I... I....", AaaiatMt tID1 II., TklllhtMVO, nx. bun alas MI opened of four Negroes IB till of tko S lot lies Idol:
y:y r t State Director of the Hopi, la SfilHtMt t secretary; ttln Franco Bt a.thune-Cook..n d1.l tOO-BM lilt class at the M. Anna of Pound Md.,
trgE Vetted Negro College TVOBBO Niche j ckMB* l..., being dedicated Vatvtrilty of Michigan N,T.
Pied of tko hit of Alter Election vlllo, eorrotpoBdlBioerotBry *irlM tao BMtlBiofUio IB* school, returned to Tko bequest. lo tilt
Florida, aaaooaeod that > Hro vlvtuBo Board of Trustees Md hi* aloe uter here lt. aooiiot of .n......,.
Chlaholo Nigh School ATLANTA 0*.-Or.Mir .rd. Rulers Mock, irouad-brothlBi to receive the .her. till kO Old ....ll1bllto
t N s 1 MM tli Luther hiss, moat treasurer; Hro. nottto cro olty'i DlitliiutihodActiUvwon Florida AAV to HI*
ttayma "(t. Plorl OBiM far 0 see student
tlsiir of till Nobel Ford. Tallahassee, kit la
r da, Latroaco t. Kmody Union bulldlBi. A ird, ttth Itoproiroo
1 A rsi prioelpal.ia oafhiadrdpr Mace ,rl.., roeordUp torlBBi; tlllJo Davis Dr. II till rd V. Moore, The ,eere. prMt. : cst iaUolr eoatri kit iitlifactloa tltkUo lest polo Mack, buol ,president BBBOiBeoilthU special c rMOBM, ... and IOlIollnlll,.. Ac*
IluUOll to U. 1MI Plori* oiteot of tilt ro MM sassier; Bfld Mill IB Uo beginning of OBd upon tilt rocoaom* oordlai to Dr. George
daUnltod Negro OolloioFund. coat pmldoBtial oloe Sloth louse. heart. M extensive CBPtUI |0> dttloo of Uo fMiltUo I. tar Jr., president,
tics. released tko fol CfelpUlB. pro,..-, proiroo slid of all tko schools IB the fUBdl till)) be lied
The Voluil lotiai BttBnt: Vise Mildred Korokif tilt ..1| >*rlty ayitM, over a rt**-,.ar periodto
Oooaty V* iBelido pl BBB for s
t 1
.T n* results of this and llBaofco VVBBB .
lltd College Fund CM Hro. 1400.000 student union and la an honor eagerly provide .ciIfOar.III,
IwtlM rprtMtt on* fBailty IfO 110 rat .trBM sought' end follonhlpa far
by tko .lver
palm la headed by Alan bet l< of Merles 'a lii..t iBductod l.to their .1 tI'. graduates, torthy students
L trlcbt of Uo Plori dormitory, I WO,000 id*
da poser aad Light Coo* boara.Thl election teesore rol.s,durlii tko candle dltlOB tO tkO science Judge lUdn lacked III.WI' lies (too lApse, the
'BPKIAU8T UM MJ to roewt 11&1111. ,.,. The to donor, la MAkaoMi
Artkor Bradahat of Jackaoa-1 lo pay aa chaises; Dr. .011. hall tilt top ord by toot
warded the pardlaofkrll.'s Froodoo Crtlfloat Charles M. Miidrlcki.TleoehilnaB history to preserve .y llit IUtl.. til COB The sce*) "roao) build l blai std at the 29UnnlnrMrr finals of the )lutl*
at'tk STOtk Military Police Coapaay (Ralltay ; V.t. Ion* faith U uu great as' dueled by Ih. ". .1.. In provide o ...ber Af hit class taUDII. acoordln to Dr.
I 'fluird/ ) tuadqiiarttr IB Brlia *>r Ctvt.DaaUlS.. drlck. of the Cooor tics of Mr*. T. aortas oetlod dl 1' of Uo ondora. ftellltlMloeoHiry /la Illl. in bavlai code Core. tho has b**. try
'Roy, Coopaay Coooandir. Bradahat la the BOB of elal lull of h,tOil The forces of food till rector of public ro* to folio Uo th* bit record IB tilt h. to leers tilt .....,.
jura. Mill Mao Murphy. (v... Amy Photo) BMdi.trtaiuror sod Mr*. ad progress have trt latloio at Florida M''". upper tread lo ....uU.. praellf of la* durlai U, of tilt ockool'a
.-1 Mill P. ..n.,. oero esph.d, Tko voters of _the. !!-,*.r ,.rt... bnfictrM.QUANTfTT .
tiny of Uo onltod Negro oar MUM have rseden d .
College Fund.' 0 ttlllif Hot to tko
To STOP Dr. Richard V. Moore rw&etl rtlll\ Thor have

II .... State Director, states debated those olosoito L
,I '' '' that IS p.r *at ot the II our society such
"A 'COLD SNAP 110000.00 1M4 quota seek to pit ..lto t* .
for Voloalt Gouty kMbion l lit Negro ud lead K
raliad. IU the tkO sties dose dM SUPER

CARr MeCAtL largest ooitrlbotloaoooln foroit fascist path
froo. Uo faculty "MM to are roidr to save
Bad itadoaU of toUoao* ahead .a t' tkO jOk Of
Cookaao CoIl.,.. 9* ..11.1., a last oadiMtloi SPECIALS GOOD THRU SUNDAY AT EDGEWOOO AID AVENUE( B
stated that tko roaala* peace; to case
IK II. no.oo till bo a fill scale ear 01
received oa or before poverty <*>tok till pro* SELECTED FLA. GRADE 'A'
Dtco-tcr II 1M4.porooao vide jobs, kootlii. od
dutrlif to .*.tlll Old OOdtOOiotro DRESSED 4V DRAWNHENS
eofttrlboto to this od* for every situ.. -
acattoaal ca.*t, plOMO Of ale MtlOO} Md 00 BEEF
sate poor ohook payable are reedy to roooto tko 6
tO UO OBltd Negro ttl* loot tootlioo of pulse
h|* Find Md sail It tree eel ootlot, kyproTidiii
tO hetbue-Ooohs. COl Negroes pith
iH.. tko night U Totoofoo LIVER
I. AJtkOMMdldMllOiP* :

Morgan State p1.. .. ky uoirUc UopratocUotof
tko fodonJCwtoroooot 19
Gets $73,000ULfIIOU. Ik Uo pif
FAST FUEL OIL SERVICE alt of their ooooll*
...-oU. t.tlsssliy'gvsrseteedrights.
"OM' .......1 porloootd otooadorpodiool Tight h." LB.

toockoroofoaUo onklp fro tko ......
cities till have tko live OfflOOO Of UUktloo BLUE PLATE
opportoalty U ... Moatlro too ooooro oo oftnly HER9HCVS
yr Md rolatoduor II'.rotod Merge
.*.. to rail 00.
use otody of totko* PTOOtdMt JOkOMI kM )
atloo koooioo of a bees (t.0) a OtfMI OM SUGAR
a r'aY n..toO latiooaJ $ ... date ky tko pooplo of =
Pooadatloo neat owrd* this POtlOO U .... 0>
od U kvrcoa State Col* heal tttk tko took of O G
C ? lo*. Mldtoi no beet So
of no see great .111 ototy go ....... UoProoldMcy ;
...elt help Uo Bait I oor* io* to dial ear 39
OtltOtlOO espied ItOaUoootloo eel J ko u. toot ....... t
offrloo period of our IIU..'. 19 6 LB.
to o irodioto doirooprotroo history no oteJIooio DT.lWt
) fcr ,....,. lapt Of UO ........ Of POforty.oofloiloyooit. .
.* *...r. IH,. 'r. otrld lilt I ill! JJ.M ir uri IM< irlir
Caper t. hS",. teal poo.o Md Jootloo for << 1 lit* $,.II w east ,ltd iriir

of the oUooatloo de.prtsea 011 .. give UO *0 .,-
t. -.... ptrtwlty lor (........


Tea tao/l .o.o 1o d. ft IM to let


01 Test V. S. tOO CLHI STEAK LI. "e


"... slit Tear MgkhortoW ftrot ttoro FAM KOVSI FROZEN.. FRUIT PKS v .
You To LlttM Tc- tR iut last ovr rvcH 1SV.. m lotc p-m IPtit. rim C HTYftUW lira .,1111 25
ot tell..,...aloo nil 15 ootot*o he.atIass.Phxmy .
i; .. "SW.

Dixie ONIONS ./ I i. U' 1't

Y2" \W isp IM! H IP* base CALLS TOMATO SOW 611 III 11t

Iitwy 11.I 'til I2HSittrlir : P1ts. Hall Iii-N

I f M. 'til 12 pa.14H 'VITA F00 APPLE JILL isr.. "HUI I't

fH TIM Ufff. MHI IN Wo9iHC



,- -,.- ---.---

oj' .

I i -i 'i '

I t .' .

: Hit i riHin HII ntm MIHIH mam 14 nit

::6 Mew MIR Dora 'Mils FAMU High" WEDDING FAMU IOTC Ifljtrector Gets-

II 1 Teen Talk wrCtrllfSionCenaoI, II I, BELLS Droaze Star Modal

I 'D..
Mellaaty, 2841
OOUIBIA, I.e. -Tbteoratrttoat THUHABSg,, Pla.-(PMT)-la a turprtat ctrwooyt
calm Bt. 12 aad Barbara -
Florida AU ttol-
tertanalea retreat U tile quadrangle of
By BOBBf A. PORUSTDtRl J. Brewa, 214*
of the at* boyt dormitory "...1&1,the Brass Star Medal waa presented Monday
Calvin Bt.. 91
,..., Banal R. Bltfiatlaa's evening. Hoeabr 2. to Captala Andrew 0. "Perkins
Otis Ooraaa, (241 Beach
Residence Ball {in d diry Jr.. *bo recently snared his duties U an assistant -
I know ill of you tr* till retttd after the 34* Dr., 24 .d Btrale Sty.wrtB40 .
serf bald recently with professor of Military Science with the o.B. I
hoar holiday tint we ob..".. Jut Wednetday. lost Washington Bt.,
Masons fro OorlatklaaLodft instructor Group (ROTC at Florida MIl.uuuuuuu..u.
of II trial to ia.tk a few oat saps la ,.t.... JJ. .

ett mite.Bey II tad ColltitLodge Aid I... Jones, Jr., The Brine Star Medal ;i.t.anal conflict-
Tom, did know that Ho. IT! offltl the uU..' fourth
lOll : 701 Court J, 20 aadPanlla I award, was presented to

VOU baa B ass dtt-jty tro. It Mb Til le. Tens.h atiac.la Moans. 12B AadrM the Florida MIl Cnlttr-

i h called ."Brother Bill" ooajaattioa with l Bt., 1$. city assistant professor

bee chaodler br* a Btw wei called "flitt How?" tb* cornerstone ttrt-. .., Htadtrtoa, 4141Moatrltf florid A & M of allltary science for

I The .a"...' "CbBt See About Be" has Teens sorry, a proiraa ipoaaortd Bd. 44 and his actaofktrolM dolls
by the Coliabla ( EirolloiitVUMMOX.
rockla', Mary Anaa Tubes, 4141Moheritf serving la the Republic

Dungaree btr.ud.t and striped shirts art the Annual Coaftroaot tat Rd.. 27. (PMS..tD-. ef Vittaaa tics '''t..
held la the
latest li hose faatlonT ffalttr JOB**, Jr., 40* rolla.t la off-caapat her 1M4. The Prtatatatloa -
aadltorlii dtdieatlaitbt
After seven years the 'Tony T 1J" it Baklac tooatbackt E. Atklty Bt. 20 aadtathtria credit course offered
aaatd "
son stricture Icily, 400 I.
by the Florida Inatltitt -
Bit Roll in i Stones seed t haircut for forttr president ABBlty Bt.. 3T.Iliao for CoatlaalaiDBlftrtlty
Seal B. Higgins."the
Read bands are eat tad tilt Cktatl bow it la? BlBMBf, II Bay stsdian showed
ass dormitory
Too eta writ to it la oars of lien Talk,P.O. It. 12 wad falla Ma a 10 per cent increase
said Howard B.
Bon MI JackaoBTlllt Florida Wright "it the first Coatway, 720 Dora Bt., over last yiar,according
Well sow yon knot 27. to Director Myron Bit*. 0
la a ttrlta of tipaaaloa ,t
I' heard sway oadtrfal tad favorable ooaatatt to Jait Richardson, Jr., A total ef 1,113 it.-

bout tlit,Lloyd Thaitoa Show. This it tat No. 1 projects designed PAMO im BOKO, OJBH:" *. PAID lido school"for IlL Reach PI.., 20 aid dents enrolled this year
provide Allen with fadlltlt :
favorite of Teenagers ertrywhtrt. It it about 1M4-IS, ,.noDlIII..d popular Chance Patricia Raby Bogies, IlL Beach la eoaparlaoa to 4.In
which have been
I 'f.... If yon lIa,.' t picked .p oa this T.V. pro. Davis, who .u crowned "11II"'" of the "... X. last
attdtd. This buildiai ytar. ,
f ina, ,oll'rt alulii aoatthlaf. Try Cbtaatl 4 tt Plorlda Aa* University High School ia a colorful Jobs R. Buries, 8441 ''D"I1"I1&1otPiorl.

I: 10 "... oa Saturdaye. This show it really itlngiai ia la Hat with the cervaoiy hid la the dwoattrttloa school cafetortm Bunch Dr.. II tad Uada da la offtrlac $} PICD8
oa tilt wildelde. too year projected pro. la seen here. Tat new '*!. PAHO Blah" la 0. Iboaaa.Mn Maya Dr., courses, Florida State I',t

I Calling III tirlilll'" Cams III ilrlttllBo ) grew dtrtlopatat for expansion which and i* the daughter of Houaltt Davis, assistant principal IT. Oaltertlty hat 71 tour' I

OB the look-oat for the following boy: to place AlltaIB of the Dantll-Cbokaaa Junior Hlfb School Jack- 111 hr L.* stevens. Jai. .*... Plorlda Atlantic .

Aattuu Bay (o tua) Oat who falls for you. designed fortfroat of OBTlllaad th* late Mra. Pen T. Murray foratrly Beach Pla. 20 aDd baa 28,- Plorlda MM I1. ;

Candle Boy (kID d.1) Shy with some people but avail the college." aa instructor at Hendtraoa nn otary School laTaapa. Btalah Mae Roll int. Jai. aid the Oalveralty of we sade by I

ant up, cata properly latched. eoatlaatd. "it it 8h* sakes her boa la Tallabaaa with aa Beach Pla. 24. South Plorlda baa five John J. Klela. ROTC cocr -

Hurricane BoyHtr i kID) loag-sisd.d, hoped that tb sent uncle and aunt Mr. aad! Bra. Lewis A. Stokee, Bernard Ufttt, 10S7 .. court. din a tor IV U.S. ,Any

LBBP Boy (IMP) L tickle; twitcbw with a flick project la AI I.'. *ipaoiioa 1102 Partridge DrUe.Hampton's. 4th St., 21 and Marjorie Bit said this years Corp

of the wrttt. 2. But 2. A shady character. proirai will be D. Patttraoa. 1037 I. arollaent l.cJ8II.rU- Capt. Perkins was cited

Peanut Boy (pt auttlnyi itttlai you Into Boat the trtotloa of an e- Radio Station 4th Bt. 1>. orate students bualntaa for actaof berolan, while

kind of jan.Umbrella dually tx>dtra 10...' e majors, teachers and actively eniaitdlaan

Boy (ua brtl a) Nell keep the drips away dormitory aDd a oJa..- Received Maker Award Week Of Pnyir ..a.Cbaber. td conflict with bands
til' a been nose aloof. Taos bull dim." Peace of Viet ,Coma la the

Now for Boat yak froa the pak. The litttt atwt it CoMiralet lafiltrattd
Principal speaker for HAMPTON IMTHUTE Ve. protriMlai and atatioa Hold By YWCA
the raffle tad party that the Phi Beta Juniors tilt oeeatloa *at Dr. Radio ttttloa WOV-PN, operation This award Of Commerce delta area of South

'J lire tt ,red C. III'' boat oa Put Prlday altht Ralph Jackson director bat received the '.c.. rtcofolit the oatatandlai The TICA. A.L. Lewis Vletnaa.Cusus.

Many of the popular Tee ttt sire ia tttradanco.fellypi of the AMt Ptoaioa fund. saber Award froa the college radiottatloa' Branch will hold its ..- Award Of The Year To CollectEmploymeat

if a tlat to to. Intercollegiate Broad- ia the Dated Btttta. .anal leak of Praytr aadorldPtllowablpHoToa

Bye Howl . cat tin i BjrttM, Ito for IIIOY-'" la till student OETB WLCTBlOP Data,
radio ttatioa at Haipton btr It at Simpson Methodist fetation designed to
TAMPA(PNS" )-The Florida
Institute located la the Church.Mala provide attloaal in forlation -
... State Chwbir of Coaatrct -
ass CoBBaaleatioaa: Can- tptaktr will b* on eiployaant aadintaployatat
bat awarded its
.. t.r.ft. station la under .ra. Jiata Ulaworth will b*
"bploytr of the Tear
the supervision of Dr. Davis, aotad lecturer aikd la the Census
..,(" to Florida Steal
William Ktaraty, pro and triTtltr. Movie will Iu rtla' Current Population
no award
faaorof comma cations, b* furnished by the f- Survey ia this
annually goes to the
lid the Btatloa manager sale Bitabl under the area during the sack of
fin tbat hat contrlbttd -
ia Jaata Johatoa of Ra- dlrtctloaof Jacqutllat NoT.br 13. It was announced
the most toward
leigh North Carolina. aalth.Ooailtt today by TnoaaaI.
eaployatot of the baadl-
I Other students oa the ***. clubs and icfblrtir. Director
\ staff art: Alta Baaltttt, the Branch CoMlttt oaAdalaiatratloa o f the Census Burtaurtiloial
; V" 4 P'Jol1di1lt..1 waa nol-
I War Bernie Bd., pro. will be office tt
sated for tilt award by
try director; Robert representing sons of the Atlanta. ,

...-. .. ;, '\t i. .... \ ., 'J" I lor.... Boldaboro North 71 countrlti where the the OrtattrTaapaChaabtr 1 Mi,"o.tqtla, gyptJoss

.., d Canllaa cbltf engineer YWCA it readtrln au- of Coseerie''teeaus. fvnlahtd by local navlt

"1 .t:,:! sad BBBoaaetr; Jessica teal .....to.. of its policy of basing households will be coa
Cathodtral their .,Io.t prac- based with those tathtrtd
Phillips, UtrtoetTillt, The National
.I,1rt ';; ,.. aiaital director; errteee.. hleh baa been tleta solely oa quail-" IMotbtr aaaple areas
ncatioaa for the Job
.ad lush none, Baritdoa set to all of the aaaodaUoni. la the couatry to obtala

; I. I., assistant will b* pre aecordlai to Charles national eatlaatea of the
doainof the
ttatioa aaaaitr aoditafftaaoaaetr seated at this tlae. Raaptoa. Ronabtr eBployaent dtvtlopatata. -
chMbtr a Total "plo,-
I II The public la laiitod. Blailar lanlrtta -
t set Cbasittee. are a.4. ia tb*

,.. SchidilidMaibera The fin prtttntly m- arrest Popul.tkl.aar',

-BIRTHS- ployiMpeople who could Tty each aoath tV the

of UJ y White ho claaalfted I a* bellihandicapped. reouttt of the BurM. ef

Mr. i Mrs Aaroa lard.I. Lodge 217 will present Labor Statistics. O.B.

.., 1122 0raatkal Bt. their aaaaal Calendar fIIr rU 411' of ia be;r.

01 rl.Mr. Tea laady, 4:00 p,.. la

I Mra. Oclt Bren, Bhlloh Baptist Chareh.Mn. .

412 Rtatltwa Dr., Boy. Btreaa Tolktrt,

,\ Mr.Mr*. Chester foa,. ehairaaa of the affair :

iI: IOU Davis leo. Boy. aaaoaaeed that the pair &@L

t Mr. A Mra. Aatfeoay Ptatktr lie la iBTited

', 'I} r: i ;' HIT W. tad Bt..
ttrl.Mr. Norfii Kicilfis J--...'.Uutf Ij.IMM JIW(.MM.*..1...,

<" a Mr*. Alria Joata.

TM Iilock Dr.. Boy. 1JO,000 NiiliigA.TrtO

I Mr.* Mr*. hell Martla

1101 I. 2ltb 1\.. Boy.Mr. --(!lIP!).Ior,.

.* In. serge spate, State College baa justbeen ,
111II flicks A?*., Boy.Mr. aid a gift *f ISpali Mill t

Charles Parsons Realtor .* Mr*. ages aaltb.T4X2 tin a* valued at 170.W .
HIT mum
RicaaHaoa "'.,.101.It. by tilt IU rschl and ,
Jacksonville says A Mra. tort* loe Adler Oalllera. la.of

en lilt B. 4th Bt. Nee tort it we leased
j If your last sip II rl. hire last Mft.

Mr.iMr*. tlitoa Blakt.ma :

i reaseuchtoyoasyoerfirst. Vanes Bt.. Apt. J. "HIT III I


", Mr. Mrt. Theodore IITUE till"

BoMlM.U4l .. nth St..
... Stirllto
that de pee haf U ttbettetl

11 rl. *. ba**.l.. *..*
w ,th.n'If a time rot yw t*try Old Mr. Mr*. heel JokaM. telar ashes and pale *raa

Taylor..OM Taylor ttayt wtt* SIlt f. IOU Bt., .
"achy" ril t* lUt -
jrwir drlah-wlwUttr ywi add Jiut ttrLMr.
a dull of water or a real ipUab, I1 Ire. Cleaves Blawlab kl*.ye .*4hlaMtr

Tfcat't because. Tayfort"t U r.Rkh JaekaM.ilM I. a. M.fcy. eta taaae UMntitM. Wond uUy-w..rabr. ...
> ...SaxwU Savor Ywr a .*t Ml *f bad

l Swat alp win tell you' why Taylor ..(MM at tatrnttai aidBtwnU our optnly-in.u'' on
', U the coat popular prtaUiiaiMirtoa Mr. A Ira. Mesa tyaaa sep tleswttb .............

t 1 P .la Uw w.rhL Yt.r lilt tip EMU i. 14th M., .,I. e 4. "V-W' new autumn sling 14.99
wfll UU rt why It't(OtaM ttay Mr. s line Noise Ittty
I* M effective. hat *'4Udiaretl
P I' that war.Tr7 014 Taylor M Umlfht 111 eBt aaltt At* ,...... .
! ;i' es sue au..,*. 4o.M.Hrq .... hoe look" Ie trerrl .in
Suf.Snotlly. II I* like a dtrrpreetrlptte ... ...,.., fl........ ele. *.! peT.caseir .wt.d

Shut .. ftraalatHt dei p1MlfwHy .......... i. gas a rrn4rt

else .!*. ralltt B... ., d.heel, lea .'.. Maori ....,orene Ie Mie coml.bsned

f..r.s I1ySHhr hf ....*.*. 1U stag Sae e4 it toft Peat..s pleNon.r rocs

I r *UwaOM a battle I o*. WIN SI 1ft ..am "' 'eoo.a Shoe 'ot. h'a e

, At IWCBM ad MIlt "..... at .*' .... ,er'M .peer .e.. II .....

.>.*.. shot ar* hUla
owls,..a BIBMtbutar fM .... *T>BT* U eiuP5s -...sf a iirr',..,slN r44 h..ilM1s. -

j *f the sins lILt .aa .....Hal care.hew .
..... .* Bartrtty till ""' .... 't.. r .. I It.. iare.
ef McPhailL.e.t.r.
OLD ...,..1..-.. sess. I"...".".**.la hell.. 1Qi! : :: : :

:to : ***a day B.*iat.r If M ...

UVLORM hard Waters dRhiu MI A ..air

""I'" : .. .ea.Mousy,. ttvtt Bali BUt and*h-*** KC1M rHMKi I ELLMARgw

;. u"... faro It ... ItfHf tI leit7ls I 1it

Test MM HI hoaeet .
,t NWM ..
: :,Fil fca,IUUM U M. elf '-It.

Ivelttt1v IA+en,*OUReON MCSa'f. POOP TMC OlD?TAfVC frmtW Q>. tiAreFOST t IOurdMti[ mw latBiitaaM tralaraal.t .... a .I ........... ...................... .
''; "* aBaatBU sass .

. Moat, lr1M, t. .. RIll I J

.,' '
,.".W jir'.SuyrAp kggalt,.'. n. I.... J1rall: 1 Sty'...\ lea. r ,.k, Jib i A ,LJI> a ',GAuauk JI' ,
.. u_ "..__.,

__ '

.., t '-.w, .. .rUTUUY .. ,
I I" ....._....T ",<..a.""

1II1I'1I1t, 1M4 nilllA STIt PIPES nil 1Nail.

\ Urban League Slates Health And Welfare Workshop Nov. 19.20

Health Aid Welfare Confab.. A & M Maintains Tradition Allen Alumni Glbbs Jeaior College D.aa

To Exanlaabrttfmrty BIAt B Stage Banquet Eaton K&t0Bol{ HOBOT ,Society

COLOMBIA, B.C.--ThOMatloaal
tt* Atlaata Aaertcaa. oa NoMbtr l30, 1W4. Alueal Attocl OAINEBVILLK. PI a.-A doctoral oaadtdato at UoDalveralty
th* Hatless orbu leaiac'a Health sad *elfereorkohop of Florida was Uo first Negro ad*
tloa of Alien Uslverslty -
will hlibllcht speakers aid dlecaeaeaU altttd to aeaberehlp la a southern chapter of a
true Federal state.. local covernaente, u veil elll bold aa IB* aatlonal honor society ... .. .... e.....
BtallatloB of OffloersbsQuet
M private social service eitaeiee concerned *1UUo Mrs. J.R. Clarke, OlbbaJaalor "" ''''(>>'
at Ue J'UI'IOII10t.J
toonoBlc Opportunity Act 1M4. with special 00111..'. (It. "'' .
here, Saturday,
"nphails 01 Uo proirea areas of Health tad lei I Fete, Fla. ). deal of
fare ......................... r Noveabor 31, I P.... laitnictloa **. recentlyadBltted If -
( folloelai the Allen ve
ClaraBCa D. Coleus ecutlve Director of the maw Uot-ereUy football to ecbereblB "

Director of the SouthernRecloB. Atleata.Fultoa ConatylooooBle .-. IB the Valvertlty of 1 a.
National Urban Florida1 Alpha Phi
Opportunity> Authority *
It will be held IB Uobeautiful
Lessee .at.-'"Dail tc* Charles 0. and lanrloea Chapter of PI lanbda .. -t.J
OBOBlo Opportoaltj Act"dal Theta, a aatloaal Moaor .-
EBaertch will dlaeiaa :
AM J ly appoiated Yukon Moo,
peel tO COabtt POT ''1Ia. and Professional Aeaoc
Anatoay of a local
I first of its klad IBColaabla.
rtj, baa t direct bear- Conualty Action Pro- proaleee allot for Boaea IB rd-
Ul oa all people la till .,." with special OB* acttion.Mr .
to be tilt social event
South bat especially phatla oa till effectiveIplaastatioa Clarke was one of
of the season la this
the sossblt. population. of 29 .td.... skilled to
pro elty.Prtaclpal.
and the tty the Act is .. deal-nod to oonbat speaker for the AeaoctatloB which. Alpha Kappa Delta, Ue

worded it appears to poverty wader Title II PAHD IS PIMT-Plorlda AM Oalveralty Vice ,,..14.' .J.R.[. lee jr., aid Dr. Ue occasion will bo Dr. ha IJ.OOO sabers la M sole aatloaal hoirfrattralty

direct itself to the of the Act. George w. Ob re Jr.. prealdeat of the wlvorelty left to Mint, preaaat a boa Leek C. Dowdy, preei- cllap'.,. aooo of eoleh<< for peruses

Brass roots leader oho LTUC. SCHAEFTW MID of pledieearelopea to Dr. John Chi*pi on, ehalraaa of the 1M4 Leon County lest AhT College, are located IB Plorlda.I. la Uc flsld of eoclol00 -

seed to boeono litl BOX TO BI CLOSING kited Fund Drive, shortly before It ass annooaced that rAW was again the Greensboro North Caro ." ', end Tanaeeeee.Bhe .

ttaly lavovled sits 1Ueordlan. PANH. GPEAKDtSTo first regular dlTlaloo to reach Its assigned quota durlm the United PundDrU 11... Dr. Dowdy la aa 1. on leave of ahaence, The honor la a lit!.*
." It is la thorquihly lateireto Florida AM oieeeded Ita quota of 17,800 by I1.U1.40. Traditionally for Uo Allen Alvenue atuo>lai for a doctorate of It. Ntereburi end U

tats COltlit that the the activity of any pro. put several ,",.. PAID .baa bees the first Mtoey to "to over the top" lathe Dlialtarlea of both la jiiator college tdlalatrattoB sarrledteli. Peterebaritmtlet .

orkahop baa bMo celled grass that fall vitAls fund railing CMP aim. state and local levels aa a HoaUon > Dr. ,J.L. Ctarko.Tney .
sad baa Invited to par the fraaacork of the will attendtheelatorateaffair RducatloB Felloe have roar cslldrea.r .
tlelpat eoaeuilty Act. Richard Lyle It** Students UrgedTo n IIS ....... Award TilignnsIBJ and every effort The .1 sew sabers were soilr -
loader froa eleven accepted oa the bead of
toeal Director for the
HiBipirirArVCIO le betas Bade to laaare1U O+ROfRFUELsYirr4'I
SoiUen Statoa.LWDt. their high acadeBlcevereiea
D.8.Dcpartaeot o Htal th. Apply For oacceu.
JOKES FIRST Preeldeoi Oeorielewy IB Uo field ofodu.Uoa.
Education and 11 far.
National officers and
EBSSIGN! II'IAlD8aetr..taUn I,.. Bruce Schaffr Whitney Grants eeat teleiraaa of trustees sill be tonal Uelr approvalby qyatii
ooairatalatloB to pretl
Charles throe facalt,* sabers
Director of till State
ly Iietalled at tbla
I,. telUer. recently reelected Departaent of fvlly and CWCAOO -NPI( )..A driveto d.t John eon sod Vice tlBO.Ditroit. or Uo school of educetioa SID
Oaqre.... frees Preatdeatelect Huaphrey aid sponsorship by '
Children Service, and get qaall fled Metro Suds IAML A.SNi'
Uo Fifth District till Dunne Beck, Director, students to apply for and Issued the followlaipoetelectloa a .sab.r' the Ualver- .
pea the'First Mtloa CoM 11I1 t.r Council of the the .John Hay iuy op* atateai t: Second Metro sit, of ,JorU.'* cDapter. 0'

coordinated by Henaa Atlanta Area, till act portunlty cholarahlp leeterday'a electloaeaa (1 FUlL
....U. Associate Director truly I victory by To CoiirissOtmoiT Mr*. Clark bad lad
aa a panel to discuss baa bees leuadied by th* a
of the Southern "ReiloBal Health KdacatloB Chicaco Orbaa League aad for the Aaerleta -(HPI)-Voter. eaetrehlp la another

Redone. Of flea,National and welfare Re* aader Maaptoo IcKlaaey, people-a denoaatri here Tutday save Do itioaal oriaaliatloa bU[! !
to the world that
Orbaa Loam*.Ill at Jewel sources and the Ceo director Baployaeat and troll tilt dlatlictloa prior to this year tulle
does 10.... Associate nocle Opportunity Act," Ouldeac dv-rt ot. soled, OOMOB aeat sad of beeojlBi the first a casuals for the ass s_ si ......

Director, How York Of* State (bveraient and the The awards, for a fall faith la the future are Aatrleaa city to lead 'II"' 1 hUll at Fish &I SaMI..1 Fill k

Lice of the MtlonalOr IcoaoBlo OPPortvalty year of study IB this lab treat tJ..,. IB oar to Metro RepreiaaU Valvenlty she was aceottd > h ....,....
ban League will folios Act" "local Oortra country or abroad CM aetlonal character. tlvea to Cbairoea. U I usher of

sad 1H act aaeuBBtrlser seat aid the IcoaoaleOpportvalty be received epos aae PORT UCDBUMLE r1 .- ----------- --
and recoa Act," re* eettfally aeetlai the Dr. Robert L II1J hI.

.adatioaa eoaalttto apectlvely.RBHONAL quailflcatloaa of the St. Aenetlae deatlet
cbairaaa for the COB WTMBOmnONPUNNID John Hey Mltiey Pooada- ... aatloaally 'Uo. r TIDEilsel

feroace. ties regalreaoota for civil riaftta. figure warn IIX1El11115E

UO.I C. CARTOt Aloai with Federal aid scholarships dttimed to honored here Satirday,

is UKCHBN sptun State OoTerueatal A* assist Heiroea la deve Noveoiher T, eith ore*

Lisle C. Carter. Aa. oaeiea that olll beparttclpatlat lojilai their fall potea* aeatatioa of the MarycLeed OFFEE 1 l/. 3i
alotaat Director for IB* fFOB el eve tlal, lethia I.. 69

terateocy Relttlone, aoathera elate, Urban The f.U *.I.Ir.ttd Bo rial Award ebea the high Illl

taahlaftoa. D.C., It lean staff board and anauallylho 1M dead Prevail Ooaaty chapter t

slated to speak oa TheIcoaoBleOpportoaltyAct eoeailttee aetibere fro. Hie for flllii applica .f the Florida Ccaaclloa UaU I rhea i11E1 piiciiuUftl Nitti511TPitb

: flaatoa-SaloB. Ucbaoad. tleaa la Dee. l .-*redeelted Masses tele tloa* pro
lapl.eolation for the Atlanta Jechaoavtlle, to bread hiih- eeete "A salute to St.Aawatlaa. SII.II ''

IoIIt..." at till luchcoaaaloa Taapa, Vial Hew Orleans er edttcatloaal oppor ."

.. la Coaveatloatil Deaphla Little tailtloo IB the Celled The HOB. Harry P, rail, If sre .led snOt,

*! 01 Thiraday.DMDUOI Rook<< Tulsa sad Oils- .t....'111., are Op. lOt forest V... ....,.?, '
RIOUCHTS hoes City till also at* Oil, to Negroes, bat pretexted the award to 1 r.

LOCAL ACTION tOBd leo to >aaleh Aaerl Dr. Hayliai. ae aJueai

'Toe Bewly appolated Ei. caae Aaerleea ladlaa. of Florida Ml Cilver
sad reeHoata of the .U,. Tallahassee, sad QUANTITY SfKIAU GOOO
Soithera Applaehlaa aadOierk lusty Medloal QllJ....
ROYAL ART STUDIO ooiat.la areas Nad+m.. Teas /

01..Fu a rte Ii lID. Seaoa.

DAVIS STREET Pacific trait territory Birlfc CoilrolSiniiir '

Elgin 4-1894 .. the Virus lalaad. SIHidJArtBo SHORTENING 'csV' 49C

IITIIIlIEU Gilbs JC Co-idi ooBtrol lealaar VIU.I" etll birth be lit' f 1.H if uri (ill iriir Hilt I rides

hill la Orlaado MM. JO. I-
At YW Aniaily
1111 IllS the fint.1 lulled to

be held IB tat .u,.. It
McI.Hff rVKI fWI
Maters.. 11-Tnn IT. PrnMII1.: PJ.
will be apoaaored by tte
Three' Stubs Jeaior College *
State Be'rd ., leallbeed
Sn Sirs First clad*to sets BBDBIUeee
Ue Pleeaed frt
atteadlii Uo Re POTATOES 10
tloeel ....w, of It*. bood-ltrld Popaletlea.tt I tl. Ml
-litirr Pikllt- dust TCA'eheldNov.Sl.at David U baseedlreetir .
of the koert'a
Open Dally tes t ree R.C.TKA ..,... of ..",..1 .d l-
fetelty ......,
BOH TIESIiTJ Hiss Vary Perrla sell .Child Health, said theeettei rum in IIUIII CAIIIIIfl UAMIAHIMILK
U preeealed far
that OUbc wee retro
phylaaa aid public
eeeted by: Vac Ollle
COBM of ..th.U.. bealttaMpabll* ciliate SHRIMP H" 49t
1k MRw M't ... ,.,...1 froe Flerlde '
ovule Suffer of Je
At Ue Of..... swine MI.ru. .
apart l l e. ind Aerie Let
( at tie Cherry P1 sue
IDa Of G.Iseewlile.Seetsi .
out>)> Or Alt. p. 01eecfeef. I-
tbeee of the
Sec Tell, pr eIdeal -
p..w, cure 'The RIM line T miniHENS'
f the Pissed
a .f ......" use .f Ue $1Mil
..,.alh...->.rld Fop.'
k....to apeak ere .. Mr*. 1111
till dlereeeaitleeel 7
Mary R< 1011'1'. vicereelleat sal later, 17 |
tl the Susie
lUetl deele..et* I*
jar ,M 'f hrSF peel a .. 'ft. li., Of .efltedeofeeotrac.tleoHIS ,
...*. a Cbrletlea bw.sat. ..

+ College .Ideate die lurniTM IIIHI'S SlY ir Slin H1III 1111

.r ..... ,..,It, oad .r.ele CM Cad lt

.l e i eel tee e M ca-|. Tie final sighMOtIEY'S

!... to arne... HEN TURKEYS( II. 39

,r 1, l* IKIII.
1Is 14 tl. IfirtfiUs


taW ....'1 Ilk SIjhsAre fttaftfl flHSTEAK Silkily SpscIuIs"1t1EAI 11111

KWaw M I.U hiss
T.pI &I 1M I

mi It Hid HUT fHriAS IHItl n ?

JucksoMYillihrbir 5Slrlslll BH 1, HANS CATSUP itm

lie. HH.ftf&HIIIt. 4 tl. f$ 2 'crJ 45C 2 39C

elite 1 tmitmaitm

It BMfW 14.Ia.

.90 DAVIS STMXT J. Iced It ills29C

,11I,.... ..... ... ... .... UM

.e ....... "


.u. :: .

it 1 .- .=-= l In 1L' '" "' {. .
,II"- \ I 1II II> }
s "
rut i i c1 nil wo> mum iltlitl H, IJMMlonl
.. _"._ __''-_''_'''_' _.J ._. '-., .-...-- .."

It'; .. rll, ., f' .." l '" t 1 /': ,


Hoaors Social Security The Grapevine Gibbs Coeds Shown Fashion

------- -------
Bob Hayes At i 4

By MAsooTOUfOVIProPLE/ be a narrled, BB aov- 1 1f

OB Classic Q. I haven't sea ay brother la nine years, bat I : Now that lag oat of till ..,.a-

heard h'a drawing disability benefit and H" former Chicago Defender town mansion and lato n

MIAMI rla ..The city la New Or) etna. Can I writ that office and get editor Oiuck Mono baa 1100.000 showplace la aa

of Mimi will honor Bob his *ddrsT landed that tlS.OOO-a- all-white section of

liaise, simmer Of two A. Sorry, but our record are strictly eonfldentlal. year Job with Cbngr- suburban Paoll, pa.
Olympic Gold lI.d.lland That office till not be table to give jot nan Powell' ataffcould Via CHAWOER lock *'

the 'HorJd raster Hunan. his addre**. te possibly say that a roll linger Chuck Jackson *

IB the Orange Q. I till be 73 la January I till earn $10.boo) rolllhg atone doe gather la ahopplag for anew f 1 MR

Soil Dec I. In IMS. If I file a claim, will I be able to get moss*...A photograph Of fender baa player, '

Hayes till receive a any of v checks for meat year? Met York nodal Tina Martine aloe his baas thumper

plaque from HI ml Mayor. A. You will draw every chili for the ,..,.There! 1* *, taken alnoat 14 handed in his reelg-

Robert time High before no Halt on the (Mount of eanligyou allowedto year ago.la itlll being nation.pfltaoHTOPaTtam. "

the kickoff of the I2nd sake beginning with the month you are 72. lied la newspapers and :Prophet -

Orange Bio not Clinic q. Lilt year I got ao.* of iy social security nagaclnea to advertise tins, the Cntvereal

la which the athlete chock because I only earned $1700. *h.. I Bade a "nedlcated scalptonula"Georgia Church of God head (It

will perform M saber ay annual report estimated( that I would: earn about and baa branches in Toledo,

of the Plosjd KIM football the sue this ,.ar. I now hare received a' ralae la Gilda food (bI' the Ohio Detroit Michigan

teM.Ut pay and will earn about $;000. Should I notify .y IDAS deejay in phllly and Philadelphia "

Price MlMl'Httro, social security office? who becaae head of the Pa. ), till feel 1.000 -
publicity dlr.ctorsald A. Tea, you should notify your local office and chapter) are hoping that hungry people on Thank- .. .Mitchell 1cS. 1li shots one of his latest ;r..uoo."tcI." of Olbbs Junior

"It h only proper that .ak* a new utiait of earning If you do not it till b* a boy..There giving Day at bin Philly" College, Bt. Pet ere' bur i, n*. McLean a product of th* Ass BnrVot (Rill aPa.)

tail ,eutitindlng athlete you will Boat probably get ore check than you art only two people in headquarter and Ethel Traphagen (N.Y. ) scboolsof: desist and creator of clothes for severalnoteblea

bt acclaimed la the urea should.q. the cut of "'111. Owl DISK IT DATA: It bad la the entertalnaent world shots the coed a full-length off-whit

'wlltre bit rise to track My bo a band doe not plan to retire until b* And The Pueircat" the to happen. A nit Brit eveolng gam with a fitted bodice end boatel back. looklngonla adalratlon arr.

fan bI...." reach** age 35. three yean fro not. I M already Broadway-bound comedy lab rock 'V roll group baa left-'Patrlcla Nelson, Del ray Beach; Lorraine Harria. St. ,Petersburg

It mi during the Gold (3. I was born in January IS, 1902. and worked 4 by Bill Maahoff' which la called the Kink*... Maxine Mack, Jackoavlll; Sar.lloal. Peraaadlna Beach; [>tea Terry, Tampa;

Cent AAO at tt the year during World War II .d.fase* workDo: I haw open NOT. 11. '111.,' re Cleverest album titleis and Algeria Utaon Oalneerlll Mctean was la St. Petersburg to visit a sir

University of Mleil Pb. to wait until ny husband retire to get social chocolate lovely Mane Bay Charles' new one tr Miss Helen McLean head of the Controlcatione Drpartaent at Clbba JC.

n. UI2 that Hayes broke security banifltiTA. grids and white Alan' tagged' Ray 11 Coae (Photo by Ballard)

the egi.ti.s lOO-yard No. If you worked: 4 year, yon would hiv nor Al d'...,.,.L., Bate. Chart..."
dub record with a 9.3 work credit under social security than you aced tnon 87, 1* kicking a* Ditorttori and Nurtti ? Baha'is Slate

second ptrfonioc The to b* paid on your own account. But your check 1* high aa vr aa h* dance 2 RobberiesAre Dress Up Hospital 1 Rooms
record tu disallowed reduced when you tak* it before age (5. When your oa his Oil real leg and AnniversaryObservances
The MW look hmpluli. Includes lutury room, ...II-U...>IIcarpttlnt
because the wrong caliber husband retiree you can make another claim for the stump while touring ReportedBy .
meals .
gourmet rompWU with .I.| and "hr ttrtlM mn was said "Inp..U on his account you will getwhaterer with the Harlem Olobetrotter.Marguerite- All U bowl moral. It Menu that "hrapluli ere Irirnlnc that
Utit year la St Louts amount 1* higher of the two. You till not MiamiansA h.'plelen i.rt well faiUr and !*... more qulrkly..
nut the hoipl.
AA0 sect, Hayes rm the receive both pay sent.. May, ea-spouse of the tail are ealjrcatrhln Baba'leli Greater Miami
100111 t.1 Md wu dubbed q. I an a faraer. My wife and I plan to make our San Pranciico 01 ant.' gas station oa 'Nf67th up with : i will bold twoobiervwac

the world' r..tllt flue cilia seat month aa t* art both past age 13. 'IIat Will* May. la the real st. and 37th Ave. lea what. their ceaseUvia fath-. \ theanniveriary of the

.M.Tiripl.i. will t* need to bring with ** than *. came tu apply brain behind the *uceeee was robbed of so estimated a reel have birthday of 1&1I.a' 1111I.
? of Gladys Knight |7> la cub last known for sometime s.m..rf rounder of tb* Bahe' i

Iniitiri 4. you should bring your social security itrd. If end The Pipthen Chubby Thursday when two men The day ,Palth oa Sunday, No-
wkea the
your wife baa her own social security card have Checker reached age made till operator lie wan eipoctod.n.u f vaiber IS.

resign of florid*' her bring this too. I. till need to keep a copy 31 and assumed control down oa the floor at look dowdy In the w .i The North Dad 11II.' It
Turarlkw, the Sunshine gun point. came of pnftalonallim *- I t
hat Federal income tax return
of your year1 ; of his greenback fortes I ia will present their
State Parkas, contrlb.at this,, la the Oil you sad early this year w* will ( eetlaated at Clayton Caooa, operator since pait She lone la child ten'* Sunday Claaato

** to tiiliua safety lisa want to see your cancelled check or receiptto 1700.000 at the tine) of the itation, new ai well a playUt and tlth I
aid reduced wear oabrtk told loveetigatlug officer turned out In ..... ,
shot that you paid your social security slfaployatnt the first thing no did form readings at 10 .... lath
whom she
.., transmission, tai for last year You and your wife ti* to buy a boa* ,1* a that th* .. had la ....ea,.". a faverlie boa of Mr. Mr*.
I tires lid moving part should also bring some proof of age. ..cb.* your Philadelphia'a Germantown .* bo to the station dress er R Charles Bridge. UGIIf.
0 f au toIIIII bit II.p earlier to parcaaaa two talc .. why *ot
old Bible other
birth certificate, your fully or section for IIIU w.ll- .roao e' boa.plUI .I. I8ltb St.
; * old record. nother. But .ow that flaaklight batteries roomaT Th' Mimi 1aII.' It till
and paid tor the with a
TV sad radio bold a pa bile aeetlig ittk
twenty-dollar bill. 'They sots are erodllod
Meaner Hotel la
with down *
::1' two drtvlig aM Olds- on calls sitting U ..rHa down town* Miami, precaitlig -

Tune WANE Home Of The World'sChampion mobile When they at.ta retimed* Ua. on are* the eatartaUadaad patloat. Carroll Hoeppaer of

mot aa .....,. Sea pads Lake, BrowardCounty.
foot" they pulled a .32- Adding key a- Tk s.... <... 1.|4rT. ..11_ tokwtmtf so .
calibre pistol aad kicked brand of good ta a ,..w...... ...... .f ...-...>.l ",. will pak
Disc ..... ... Hoeppaer
Jockey kim several times after took to the now pleas and nippy .. .. wi.h "
discrete, back.T able tfo. Tko skis, oH a*,** Ito 01 th* subject .....-
they forced his to the ...adaof INept. eeaa+w feInn k.. a : Vllah Speaks to the
llwir B.M w ..... .. sri .. .1. uITxMHho
floor. Uk la the" .boat .. bIn.4........ 0.'I1ot .-. .... albs...... Modem world.'
........ dread re" lathe
a lee.,.. MIM> ..>fc MM..lik .... Refreekeat will b*
world the aM Is s...-......._. ........ II
k VICTIMS TMMwAMKO AiMrkan mo. .......... a.... Bark .. .... *.!*. Itn.'. Adaisiloa aadparklag
Three men have beeaarreeted And wbe le reepeaaiUe -
la oouectloa for nor t.......... llliat wjilform Coma In theewe are free
appearaatef Her .... ooutry (IMo will mark their 'The public la cordially
with three *troagaradrobbery gOU aakhrtnary) ban biped
I'f taMe, et _ree. livitd to ttd bothaeHlags.
eases that occurred White SWM, lac.. one sf&lie to please tko remarkable. .
f opproiiaataly the ekaiigoe ta anlform faakloaa.Frikta

! time *o the ease day. Serest a.,1I1
i i'
Th* Mbject arrested a

iE were: Lila Mill. 17, V.Wiley

1. .f 1111 HI 4lta /t. I
"...rSck Parks n, of
t 1114 Mf 41th Ski aid Classic PkyS. I
I lick IH
Prwddi Samoan, I', *f $. TeiuVIDis.ati.faottoe )..
I Holder *f terld'sSroadcatias mo' Rf Nth St with the

RooordIMOaatlanoaa poll* said the aeaieedaea.
coatiiiou dwiidltog of
t' a NH1e Roars Rfttkli Rogirs II a petted of teaalnatea the atteedeate to the
eoMitted three
Prairie 'View111, football -
j trcag armed robberies
claaai bald durtlg
Bogtea. 11IIaa -
aa the Aniiil Stat Pair.
aad Albert
large to the Cpttna Bowl sea
reetod from all.
ety *c>
All suhjKts tar ate
ties of tilt state followiig -
,,,,..... la Ua la* the as all crowd
mediate area at Ue rewberiMby --
that attended the cleeet*
Sheriff officer WMBMSpotlight
r (eatly.
*. They mere booked
Th* classic, which has
tit Dade Coatty jail been a featired attraetloa Product 01 Hi Woe
Bob Terry aad chsrtedwttk rebb.ry.Tetal da Hit the fair forever

rm *:oo IO .: M writ tahealoallUe 39 years, baa wore Miami Florida

AMt 0otea Inter ..... **a tit- or less baa o ....11...
421 2. it.ii. lay
New Salad Dressing gas favorlag Prairie
tie*. (oasts a4 edwelf
Perks Up Turkq net all UiMghMt 'M eons M II.- u eaoa.a _
... ......
SEE AND HEAR THESE state feel the gorse the. 'was aeeesa..+
the*Id be rotated bet- .... ..r oe .sea m ms sr ss ..
.. a .wen s me .
tee Prairie tie a. a.ee w e mie..sa
en w slum a se-M rr sea
titan soothers lUll *p-
pea eats .. be selected to arcanaeavotO

ft**) sees ether aa
re reara ta aye aatUa. ash
This *a neat lea t* ila- ,IItCUI. ama .aRSa

liar r the Braig BU*. .....
sea Ooaalt pnwte4 la ... ---
..... .., f7p 'fair-it l1
the Or wag* Bt eats, 11- heMw. err.eeaseMusa

/' .ur'. *...*..*** U- .,.. ..raaao
Ot4teaae.e& AMrtoo* elude aeolag It a ..>
luau w.w aa.Mr. .... tst "' *.. U* tie NSmastheset.a
r-w -.-. .....- M
aaffa .
mess a tie tf the pnvieasea

! l v\; MIAMI .w.aoi..g..ewy'w.a.... ......-. -. ... ...... ...... even eatgset
s'the aa latrritl slash .reamn e..Mw
:=:r iasaae.eaess sweat eta.aei
.... .... .. ...... lstee ea wee at Teiaa
'f. Hear "Hot Line" Nightly At 11 ...... .. (..tier shine Uttttallaaa a anew w .er..eta ..
t p.m. M.n saw mw.k.
,. .. &t-.z- dViab aad Pram* Tie* + ,wseamwerh.w
sST. ..-. a ww II' 111M tbaSNta.sees. o
With 'Art Green ---. m......... ... w aa
-- ....e5s., .. ..... a- Iraaw lsrm _


.. .. .. .--0. .. .. .. .

-- -. .


uiiiiir IIIIIKI 14. till mint tin mmHomecoming ___ q.( 1 ,

Ewe Tigers Wig Eagar For Comeback_ ._.M Local Tigers Coulisse Show Of Prowoss ; FAMU Nits, "'

I Take HonoconlEg Tilt For 7th Victory Rout AggiesPlaylac

Tilt before capacity crowd at the Myrtle Avenue Ball Park Saturday night fALLMfA/ Fl-I.: aaeooadEoVird j
eaters College capped their hoaecoalnc celebrations with a 70-0 victory half surge that netted
aver the Tigers ef St. Paul Collect to show d lnance of the 8KAC. a total of 30 poiata.tht
Continuing: to prove that they art ttt very beat e 1......................... Battlera of ,Iora cia'AU
Ltd by tee thlfty ..41 Butltr moved the ball
i their t
> Conference Edward
tetera Collate bM M
I far out-pasaed, out-scored sad out-classed u w 'cP }" timely runalnf tf Jaaetutler. down to St. Paul a 4- QB oabora Lomgeorthmoved literally took their
opponent on its schedule.Laurels every their ace half yard liae sad Butler the ball back to aiith victory nf the

Ululuu.___nnn....Uuo.....0.__..h.._ back, the local Titers tallied .,.S8. Chandler St. Paula .-,.r4 line. aeaaoa, /I-2/. froa a
irs. for only a added another victoryto ran the titra point. Butler tallied again. falterlan North Carolina
select few aId Catch factors. their perfect aeatt First half action end Freddie Jones, took aat. Mil teuu
Jack Paul' Tigers are Their upward surge ia >if s record. ed with the Tll ra lead-i Paul punt and returned Bobby Pelt, powerful
UttlBf teem la 11II1 U. athletics is inched by atlerecoredflrat from tag 24-0 and St. Paul it back to the running back for the

tides: the real 1 tatloa that to tat U but it aaa still trying to muster ,hUon' U. Longworth ..tthre, ,corti' three
They were rated No. 2 prove they art really ttt tailed back because of an offensive attack.Leroy threw a half-ecreen, paaa touohdownatorthe Tallahaaaee -
la till aatlon by the second best teem ia ttt a clip penalty, The trlght pile-driving fullback to Butler for another teas and ground
PltUburi Courier.And to satins they stoat meet .tit play aa if retail for the Lavrenot- TO. Charlie fright took out B7 yards aa AIM totaled
add to the honors, they and subnds the teams (or ation to the official vlllt, Va. hUe drove another Longworth paaa 441. Robert Hayes,
eert asked by Qraabllnc conference leader) that tallButler ran It right the defensive Hat of for a 37-yard touchdown the IOrl cI' a faattat hu-

College to play In the are la a superior cos- hack la tat! aadtoat. the Tlgera back, then after the Tigers of St, aan, though not atartUg
Sugar Dip Claaale: which ference. Charles Let added the farther back. lilt. Paul fuabled.tlth ran back kicks for 4)
la played there la New Edward Haters Collect PAT on the quarterback paaa Interception IB lust five alnutee and 29 yards, caught

Orleans La. it a small Initltutloa tepre.la; their own endsont saved left la the ..... Long- two paaaea for 25 but
But to to so far aa to of learning supported by ,.,... the second quarter the day for the local worth found Chandler In collected a acre 24

lay that they are the funds fro. a religious Daring Jerry Moore. 339 Ib. senior player, is Butler took a 40yardaereea t... the endaone and after yards In seven plays
aooond beat teat In the foundation Scholarship keen oa lading his fellow tlldcata" la their, paaa to reap Butler and Chandler several bobbles by Chandler froe .crl.....
nation la a bit abaurd.. offers to freahatn ath contest with ClaflU College la felck MtaorlalStadlua. isle the en DOlt practically teased up again to move he held onto the The vlaltora scored
considering first that .. art attractive, Novsaber 14. untouched Charlie the ball down in Bt.P ball to give the ho.eteam first (which In itself
IX i. bating teas that though not aa attractive Since the "WlIdeate" have been defeated U their aright took a Lee ol'a territory sutler another touchdown. ta a raretty against

are soaswhat aub-par. aa those froa larger last two caaas plated Jerry and Ma teaaaatas are paaa for tat! PAT. scored ..11.. A ooabl St. Paul waa forced bark AAM) and even managed
'Considering second that achoola. Drafting of eager to sake a strong "coaeback" victory la Freddie Jones, ooablaed1th nation ofpaaaea to Ivery Into their own endaone to lead 24-U at the
la order to draw a very high school athletes this .... (A. Paul Crawford Photo) John Chandler and Black and Butler treethe for a aafety after the half tat AAM racked up
accurate parallel F C has been and will continue k I(toff.Longworth. 30 points In the second

would hare to be expoaed to be a aajor obstacle -...... L \ continued to half and "held MT acore
to a tougher schedule pass to Black, then to I.... -

which would bring about Then too.overthayears, SPORTING IT UPl Billy Cobb. He found
certain psychological Etc has been in the Freddie Jones on the NEA Club

shadows of Florida Mil Bt. Paul 40 and ronnee
v Named RecentlyThe
Bethune-Cookata Collegeand ted tar the final touch
Watch This Clown even at one tics With DON LOTTOUT on of the evening.HoilKS PAID student, l Nvl
of questioning at far has been active nn the
OF 'THE DAW..bee cote a rawpaglag freshaaa March fight faced a degree of trouble la .
434) who la better
51 aa or bigger To Tallahaaaee eaipua since'
halfback at the Ualvaraity tf Nouatoa, who hat another lid really outfought LI ton for the other Urged
-J the .actol1. 'Wa. It...
111 111' been described by sports Illustrated Mtgatlae aa
fl v..
To really prove beyonda License Early tossed In honor tf the
2 1 doubt that Edward Caters perhaps the beat running back la 'I..... farrea Host aaaaaa this writer la the fact that Clay had late MM, Elisabeth
la the second beat teaa McVea, was said to .have been sought after by Hot. repeated ooatlaoualy that .he would whip Llaton Issera TAlLNIANI-Hunters are ftyiWe Parka, outstanding
4 I In Ute nation.they would aton coach. Bill leoaaa with the ass tf lawyers, rouada. To put It la his worda, "If"htqoean't being/ urged to avoid educator la the eneimnt
doctora, and other bualneaaaon froa Houston's Macrocoaaualty. fall la he's not going to heaves"
have to play soat or oat seven the last alaute rush by ty lateraaklp teachIng >
1 a of the teaaa that get Tile time tilt Louisville Lip predicts alae.l'a obtaining hunting II* director and prta-
Bald Teoaan la aa latervlew with 110119 Rtrskfwits law of has lust
roughed up ia the 81 AC.BethuaeCookaaa iacllaed to think that tbs average tenses and partita well clpal for a nuaber of
a Sports Illustrated ooluanlat. 'tor ahaatea with Clay. Uatoa coat fall la .
would about caught' up la advance of opening yeara at Luty M,>ten,
115 U 11 BO doubt be the very on eel lies the boy .ere'-silch'.oei 11.....but if he stays la baser than alas, clay day of the resident, Mmhera. of the Florida.
la a thouaaad. I visited his two Clay will ale It by a decides Before the nlaUt anlaal hunting .
SoeieUaea He a up first teas to enter the tame AAM Chapter consider
He' Down Binds of most sports or three times sad all I did was round, oat poach by either could end It all ....,11 opens No".' thMieelvea furtunate la
Soaetlaee alt la the living roM with ..... II /..................../ ber It la the first
He adds, subtracts, tans aalaly because they having aa oae tf their
would throughthe
right has
Barren paaa sPORt.Iethude'Cookmaa College
He work It all around play Florida A..... ADd IN CTXLtOE second fourth and II rtllco."IUoa aaauclalea the' state
rooo. becua to falter after etaalag four senses la a
CONINO AmATION* without a doubt Florida dlatrteta, vice preeldont of the
efforts to recruit the by 3Is
Port Valley
AtM baa doalaattd sad roe Bad la the third die tudffit. NaA..1.. paweoa
SS-33-24) first Negro athlete to play oa the KM LOn a ..1. grtdlroa defeat aver the peat weesend.Earlier .
continues to dominate riot, Nuvaaber }1. of Otklaeika, a
Houetoa tea have "begun to pay big dividends al' the Oaytoaa Beach teas moat dealt their
Collect Football haler al '''U.
..................... Macro ready.arraa. first set bach at the aeaaoa by a powerful South
DaysAre If PAID beats Bathuat raoaed 89 ,.rd. to score against the Air Carol I aa State tea here la the dolor Boa. FAMU Cigtrs Sc. .I.
Man's beataBethaae.
and Edward Force Acadeay freahaea. Files of the case shoeol.arly She flutes. tf North Ceroljaa.AaT after wlnnlsc

NumberedHen'e I thee vie' could a fairly bo. that alae players laid s band. oa ..1.. He' their boaeooalac egalaet undefeated ktorgaa lisle 9 HOMO G.UMS, 9 Awiyfle.

Days are 1'111II'b..d' accurate Vet reversed field so sites. la fact that one 'College M-l to take aa tadlapated lead of Us
..Health and: for had At present- South Carolina afortsaato fells aleeed hit at the lice efacriaaaage.then CIAA, Ittt to Florida As' la Tallahaeees Satur TtLANAMEV. -ft. Florida Mil Da I vanity
Tours hen caught ap with his later to rtctivt day before throat tf cheering aoaeeotlac faaa.MM beatetball teaa will play ttat gaaet away aM slatgaaea
tunt Can Be
State, Florida AtM.prsrte a sharp atiff-ara is the face aa MeVea sweat into uas la aerlous trouble' at the .U.... break, al ante, aeeordlag the IM4-41 echedulereleaaed
You Know Your Lucky View u well as a
the andaoaa. but taas bach to score 90 polata la the sewed halt by basketball .Ida M Oaleahy
Heys; Lucky Colon Ptte. others who have losta
few Later .he ran <1 yards fur another toactcloft.h"- to its ..-a4. Coach oileeby Bald Bit t..". have beta lavltel
Bend $2.00 Guide for your for cast could very celldiacoersgetkeliC lag Houston to a JO-14 victory /......................../ to play ta the Dill,. ",".raU, lavllalleaalToaraaaeat .
Horoscope : Tigersbid As hit perforaaaes la the Air Force seat ladl 01 LOCAL SPOKTI..Matthee Otlkert soured U the at Net Orleaaa, La.. Deeeaber 2'-2t,
Hoveoberrill blank below for football as.prsacy. cats, McVee. is lOt the .... tf athlete that oaaesaloac third sad foarth period agalaat Btaatoa Vbcatloaal ,*... Soetkers Valveralty of Balea hoses, La. ,
la the Jut any day tf the ".. Ourisi his careerat to atustst out a 14-7 Istra-elty victory 01 1 lard, sad Fiends MM art ,tit four least watered
and nail to TODIAC. Poet If EtC charges MJ Sea Antonio's Brack en ridge High School he was ..0.U..I.4 its less TO oa a pall play late It the toursey.Tht .
Office Bog 11l1"a<<:lIIolI' fereacea. It would BOSS the most cultist the suet talked about sad the la ttt fisal 'quarter. Rattlers' Cagert were rwtaere-kp la the Mouth

vllle 1. Florida rougher competition, asa after Tens player la the last testy hell sttreltet la the first lattrtolleclalt Athletic 01.",.... Tovraa* I
"V4"o.................... iajuriss.Such oat sought Tat Pothers were era
result sore years. la tare years of play, .he aooredeleeeto period bat a hitched pest la deep Staatoa ''''I' sent last teteoa, They sere 14-12 It seaaoa ply j

STREFTDAH .................. aa sleaaat should '00 polats. It his senior year, .be averaged better tory tat picked a* early la till teoosd Garter tyaeorge aai B.l la tit BIAC. They were third It leagueeteadUia. 1
bs eelghed prior ttthlaklsg the a first doss per carry sad rushed for 1.1)1 Joaaaoa ud ran Isle the wad aoae ttt a TO, .

OP W ........ of the natal yarda.Staadlag. Islets Joaet took. a peas tree Meals Cray to swore The eooclete a<*edult for MMI follewa:
THMo.. Day attitudes of tees ath jail r'. 170 lea, Meta la sat built albert'a ether m stow

letee.. for third and two .1...., but ho .baa Us balaaettf Job aaabofry soared tot ttt Baglaeera durlsc adtvatUUac Detente' It*...".....*rrla Brew Oallege
a "I. 'wi" artist sad it as qulch M a fire air attax. JtMsry I.Albany sate Collage
n,. /........................../ Jeiwary 5"-..........". Valley uCollge
/............../ Doeslss Aaderaoa and Nrtteeatera bettltd/ to a Jawary ................."Alabast It. CtllneJaaatry

s ill REXTKNMT .111I1'......, Uatoa sad Caaalaa (Mubaaaad O's tit ilaylac tat s lire first half allhoattitter |.-...-.Tuake.et laaltt.Pearuary .
All) Clay alll toM the Neevyeelght Bellas teas Ureelealag ..rto..I,. 'The Pfeg.ee, .........-".........."farl CIa I Ie..
title ta Us sir sad ralae .bares with tack ttter. OA were held ta their tea territory mallthe February B.......B.tttat-Ca aaea 01.
to set Just out will be the Itchy aaa U ataad flaal quarter thea ttt adeaa*.srtley taeaaiaatltt ... Fwaruary II......AJahatt A a M CvllHtFetrutry
later sad eats It as it owes dews la a shower tf bribe. Ut lee Rtrtheeetera flghtlag N-...-..........Al lea QalvertllyAMI

glory aad pretties, Tells Jacteta seared early It the third pined
For Clay If he thtald wi.. It will at do.U" den they rtttraed the ll.ff 71 ,.,.. to eel tpBsrrotcM Oeciaer .'..Dllhl' ,..,...tII.. Otleeaa.UJaauary
the aaaal blast "1'. Us greatest" to.. addedto a to preelaad haadtff.Hampton ||..............wbrrit Bnoa.Allaata.JaMary .
hit ilea tf ...i..1t sheet *1 toll yew .." Award J>............Tualee., 1\1.\ ..... AltaattJentary
Thou* soaewhtt silent prier to flgat Ua oa this Radio Wins 23-"..Alaasat AM*..HairtaltaaastJanuary

a f ; ... Clay has given .bit aaaal ',..I..U.... .... t.? ... |.. U4v. 35-.....-..AJ lea taveret .Cble..4aB.C.
Uatoa will be alae la ........., II'......u .... tsaepl.. lattltslt bat 'The lift till eatat a ,..." 24...-.....Ala, y Stale, AlIIM,. twrilt
:x BIG bt silent aatil the flaal reuad when be says U retetved a..r arefeeeerehlp |( the I..." N.-.'".... lisle "'"", en. AlskwaFetnsry
the world agala. 'I'd the ..t..t" tr la a ........ fret ttt Ave .....111 tI tr U Ut B".-.....B.u.se-fc..aaaa..i4jtae **<*
bustle vole that's r.ched with tears, ',,&atolll' lee Feaadatlea, Br. oodal ....... aM e||| Fttrwry t.*..>". Valley Milt, ,,."11.,,...rilaFsMMry

S a better ..." Jt.... L.|"." .'.!. be bases at ttt ",.ataitaflaavtoa .oefJar'. AU..'" twrilaPwknary
Far LI ate*. If he sbeald via. It till be jest waved 1st Pros sat let Caalr." II'21.<*.. IIAC TMraaweai, hat..... Ala.
r what the aV.ttr .rtwro4 after Uilat off tII..,.***
sad tuttisc How the tlstooat. p t till text a ala

at the fearlttt tgretaer la a beaks world byaUoolf.
Uttoa sea tail ttt iajsry to kit .*.*!.

r 1 r I M suited hit tree law*lag day** attt tt Utttir
lalUal fight.
whatever ttt qacttlM tweed tr at cMlttf bee **.

treat trttlttltattf ttt MtoaataJcat ,tt. this
Heat till ta4BMtcly sent a aatAral eye. There.

art SUM ataisM that Oar lest tojf tat mat tf

.....s Settli2t4 cT

t USTONtm oawawvit f" Ita }

k Tftla INla

w.a.af.lt Ml ttt
1 e I sg.oe.av. first tM. at.rt laOttrty

tlftalta *f.owt

.. ts. PatfNll teaga* \
r /esttMlHt News
dined HNl AI she/ ;
...... ........ e. ..
.Moor riNs ,... .iast ttr> HHT I* ttt e
star ttl Mttrta

&NI rSUtl ;a a4ta s..esd..aa plus,,..w., Itattrt '

"U -= ...,.w i, T= ..atM*!*'**'*loot..failed.* al Beef at its Best

un U.,. mi miHI at Swig WbEs M tese .

a Nell 5asM1aaLSel

TM14 1tNKT1W1111 ......

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( .

ME it rittLfJ sin 'jpttsa SiTllliY IIYDiiEl 14, 1H4iiptist

MIssioRfry Workers "MI. HWC 9. Yeilk ProgrsaSchdaled Jicqielin Smith, Mottior Midway' ADZE Slslts

Hold "Deiitton Day'1 Nov. 17 Sunday Prepare For Concert Joint CeUbralloB

A truly algal Meant event will take place 8t dy

R .._au J. IILUMI The Chrlttlan Bndttror Miss Jieaatllat Saltb Nor. 15, *h. the 99th tnalrtntry of Mother Midway
services of yoitb for
Bit Missionary Sorktre of the Progrlv Baptist Norabr IB scheduled and tilt Ebtatatr Trio 4KB Church It observed at the historical titttldt
will appear la concert church along with the celebration of the 4th anal-
state CoirntlOB Of 1'10rl'a. ll OOlplttllg ,J.. for I: 00 p.i. Sunday
to share li uo '),...UO. at the Civic AidltorluaLlllte rertkry of Itt Dutor. the Mr. J.W.Joa
Day Proira, which ((, afternoon Noraabir 19.at Theatre Priday The COB- bin*d choirs sad .........................
b held
.111 at n* Florida Naaorui Collate u
Bt. JMM mi Church No,. U, at B ... '... ltd by the
St. Aigwtln. NOT. IT. "........e. +i ;fr aL 1' ushers Babl till Buptriattodtot. -
to It dlrtc-
according The concert 1under the render the ...Ie for the S.C. Hart.
Under the leadership president of the school tor.
sponsorship of the Vol diy-long celebration The corning service la
Mrs. H.B. Nllltr, tilt will direct the partlel Now la. it* ftjorth year,
atr 0partaeat of bleb! will btfla with scheduled for 10:00 ....
president of the StalerMOB' patios of the faculty tbipiograa) la sponsored
Imrat.r Hospital. Unit Sunday School at .: 00 with a Processional IB
Contention Mix- lid ilri tilt report oa by till Allan Christian
of tb* .. tar.: which till Choir aad
Ill try to the Pngrir national gifts.Visitors '
Radtaror League Depart
dta"y tbe AuHilary of tbe Memorial Ushers will ptrtlcipattand
the worker* artproaotlag will .b* UttMdaaei seat of tb* All Church
Sconces will b !
Hospital Aiaoelatloa *
a flBMClil drive la ep froi various 61rsS.ars
sad la open for pirtlcl* no Sr..eterMothers' College by the palter atraoB.
operation with the Trl* a,... of this state sad patios by ill Church
Club and theRrwster Another treat dealgaed
State toreaeat.BeglnnlBg other notion of the Presently Grant'
youth group
1.-'. Club.Miss to celebrate the occWonis
tt 10 a..., a nation. All friends inlnrl close to fifteen churches
progra win btprtteattd tad.MfsoRfc. Edith C. Boyd Ii President ST. AuausTiint, Pie.*** the Anniversary Pro.
ar* represented aoathlyby of the Auxiliary, unrtttrlettd grant of ,,.. which will b* prt-
featuring outstanding
personalities Bad the ( PeallySdtedilis the youth' Nr*. Eat.a latklai, la 1500 was sade to florid seated hySttwardt** No 1
bd. services
and will feature ..
President of till others Memorial Collttt here ny
College's Choir. Sirvlci ba by J.
presided over
Club end Joshua Rlllaan talented artiatt.
Nor. 0 by the Strt-tot-
The leader. of the
beaded Its Masonic really till f : (lodges of Payne Chapl, heads the Men's Clab.Aln hell PoaadBtloB PMC The evening service at

parent the Mr body i.C ..., the by celebrate their Tbanki. III, ., ,.... !r"-I; lIbo for*the"elected fourth president quarter, Included aapoBoraar President I.'. furyttrbit 1:30: : p.i. will conclude

general president Mil giving service NOT. 29btflaaUi ADORO COLOR to tae Edward waters HoaeooaiBg taws Cendy-Stripers and .Doulle.'. the celebrating ictlri
bt furnished
Music will
also participate IB the at 1:00: pas held la laeilOariU.lut aatarday art'vlia IWC" the orgaoiit of the VoluBtttr Rd-Croi Making the presentation tit during which report
by youth
anti ri till. looordlai to to maouaet aad her itttBdaati. Seen here are: Misses C.rolyi "Nuni AldtMr. Gloria oa behalf of the leans will be received fro
Bt. Peters Aid Church.
Dr. I.'. Puyttr the sent by chalraaa '.H. Italy, Aattbttt Singleton, heads Qrlitttt Grant and Mr*. Loell Roebuck foundation wi eibtrt, boards, int

Kttd.Strrleti. Jaaiet Way, Bad Gloria Puller (esker Photo) 00000 Ho la**, Cbalraaa. local representative R, ilUritt for the !budttt.Mr. .

liLEY'S mimmJUIT will bt conducted < D. Sister Jones and atabtr*

at the MiaoaloTtaplo Tbt great to PIC wai oat of the Church Board art
COM'LITIO. 14 Nit with Mr J.'. ) .SS Poll c: I Rtports of .any Bad this tttkby urging all former ...
Johnson of St Stephen tilt Stan Roebuck btra tad,Sunday School

Jkckonrllt'i) Plant AMI Church ipptariai aa Drover Jefferson of 91tlaririoa can about bollta ticket ported the city police ported to polio that Foundation to private I ".-..., of whoa hart,

2 BtOftOOM AMUTMINTI guest iptaktr It. ii biiai baa describing the ia. Priday that tttoagtnreaored two sen entered bit place colleges IIId universi ties coved fro the ttataid

WATt ruRNIIHlO.MllDINT' Tbs full proiru will sought by city pOllOI eidtnt, b* laid that too contents froa. with mi, Saturday night throughout the country, to other neighborhoodto *..

MANAOI 2414 WEn MOUNT: bt announced at a later. for slugging bit wife, John Naahaadhli brother lair wallet while oa aa and took aa tttlaattd the total MB thus allocated hit Mother Midway

$TwuT. PL 9175. date. IDrrat...wi tJa a pair of were arguing shoo bt approaobd. Intended hit to br 1117 la cash. being 1700.000 ad Join la the eel ebra-

bras knucklM.atri. H* attaapttd daughter H* said tht .. slapped Itattr itattd. tion

Jefferson who to aid bit brother latk Bbt said aba larltad bit helper aad his too Of tbll 18.000 Milt to lily White Lodge
&etJ: 'j cd e lftetJ the youths ia aid her before taking the
aid his coney
was treated tt DUG fora trguatnt eight private Institutions Tea
wallet the back Slates Sunday
.. cheek laceration, told brother shot hla. HO was oa froej hit pocket of higher learning
.. ". ..
"' "o ; "I'J. ; of the cots at the tla.
iartlitUi officers went back Into thakltcbaa. The bandit then began la Florida.furpoitof. Lily fhltt lodge
1I.\.tlr Avc ona ArfnmTHISWHICaSPfCIAL-. Ph",,, (\ II.' that her husband struck where bit ilittrialawwu Oat tdentlfledoaly a* firing shots la the di' thli proiru, will present tbler.an. *

her during aa arjuatnt ttclalalBB "Tovr "Jot" asked to use the rtctloa of the business bt stated, ii *ytatlcilly aual Calendar Tea Sunday

about tilt Sunday dla husband shot ... Ny owa rettrooa sad ca back a* they fled oa foot.ac- to help such Nor. 15 froa 4 until 6

LARDS A A air brother shot a.." later IB a barry toBbt eordlai to '1110.' iBBtttutloai at their O' clock peat the

C .............. H* was taken to l OK end I..*. .ttaDt.Alphas. financial attdi. No Shiloh Baptist Church

WHITING u. 04 Mr*. Eddl Nat Sttttrd treated. found fair wallet strings art tttachtd to C.fterl a.
MICUl PIICOtINT IN 19 L*. tOTtU.2T. of 114B ware It.rlllortid .......... later stuffed down between Slito the great, the rtcipi-

aba was attacked by her Mra. lea Biutpttr, M21 the taihloai of eats being left free to

SMALL FLOUNDER u. 2h husband during an arpa. Davis St., caned polio the cots after a lengthy Plans For utilize then aa they ser

.. Saturday after. aha found ..arch.Brtrttt............. fit.
SHEEPSHEAD .. ... ................L.. 3& She laid that she bad her -,..,-old child bad State Coafab Grants art ad oa arotatlai
been beaten severely) by Da|* CaraoB of
slapped hla la rttall the bail, ao that
Darin regular
DRUM 2hIREIIASS"| :' .4It the Naval Air Statloa [HEAl
u. : Lb silos and bo knocked her the woesa wbo was keeping oatbly ...tll. held la eligible institutions y

GREEN LOSS ARS 79c to the floor then kicked It for btr.Booktd .. was suited late Bator Club Ildortdo officers who did not get grant PARTY/

LL her ii the loser part of into city Jail day light and IBS la and aaibera of Alpha Phi this year .r.11I Hat for fill ADMISSION

JUMBO SHRIMP LL WeLQ her abdDfjea.Mra. and held for cruel aadinhuaaa told cub takta police froa that bla.four R* Alpha Prattnlty laid Mil it met lilt year,

Steward who 1* la trtttatat to a.lsor pleas for attending the IB addition to the

MED. SHRIMP LI. 1aY her last toatb of ,,..- child was Mr*. .aa approached his sad state convention slated Btarly three-quarter Prayer, Tki Mifltiist

lancy, tai taken to PNC pamlo MM Malst of 1947 OB* grabbed his around for the weekend of ROT. lllloa dollars dlitri
OCEAN VIEW SPOTS .... .. u. 19' aid treated li tko tatrieacy |tb St. She bad callfd the neck, torclBB his to 37 la Orlando.Neabtri buttd la direct grants Peer II TH ffirll

SPECKLED TROUT to 59' rooa. Mra. Snapttr earlier the groBad............. present were: this wh, the Start
.......... telling br of the beattig Pb.ndttloa will
Dr. Jtaa C. boinlag. C. Roebuck send your ....and...,.**
FRESH WATER CATFISH ta 49' became the ckll4 A 4lytirold win also allocate this year
J.C Jackson, 914 Jack V. Boittek Bayford A. and flH oil knIfMle
LARGE FLOUNDER non 49- BOB .t.,tol' polio that bad bees dlaobtditat.Hri. drinker was splashed ia Brows Dr. .. Ja.*tOreeat.Dr. a total of MSO.OOO for .f rr J.f tae .cen.|ilUko4er -
the hoe with potash
his brother Jobaay C. Scepter told of Jerry Itxard. scholarships end other fur yes. 'xH.;
BLUE FISH ... 19. fleets that she was Saturday according to a educational .
hot hIs duriii aa ar* Dr. I... Sattrbitt.Atty. prograa
riNUT Pill AVAIUHJ PQft M04UNO I.t wit eat tth.r shocked by the condition stony !ho told to city Leaadtr J. Shaw' br.DIII, tII.had' total SISTa rune iiiinalcaliM.

of the child. Then wen polio anaal ipeaditir to
I. Johnson a. McBride. 1.4 ". niein.
severe braUti, welt. NOIII McCl.dos. toot 11.500.000.
I Robert Stwtll, A. Bleb
aid about seven I wra Old St. Aigaitli Rd.
Weerendi. Ball that ba bad beta to rdoa, R. avrray;
e I its back lroa
FREE 10DAYPersonal PgN pA tion oa Charles I. SlMcni, D. I fll SUE .
apparent bait beat a place oa state St.
several tiata end bought lttw.it. ..J. .lker'1 Jews.....11I: tuet. es.1'; LII'Ssill

ing. ........... ill*. it eaaa back later Rtr. Pratklli 0. tll*>.. I Tjpetrtter, '..11: Air IEPIII

TRIAL BD STCDOrf ATTAOJDAa sad asked for aaothtrbottla The prealdeat. Dr. J.C. planes. (It. It: Ache.
totaiil. presided.1t1ITMEIT Pare Traders, and
ltind high sad one af the easy Sin lipilrlif
workers there throw the ethers tt ...*,.*. ttatatloa
school bend student was HITParalaked.
IleMrIIf la his faea.iroaleally. m Dlrttt fro .... If In tied!
attacked after prldaylight' potion
I.I hili ... overaae*!, for coltte4treeury .
R tMs ere by three BL >-* 41 after a roe. elite U toy la Is lirIllf
[ : yaath. aeeordlag to It waafoitd
11w city polltt report that there bid MM fH IEITPralhd. lest state seed ".00. tr llSllltlliis
IItl ftr MtUitl 01rectory. -
The youth, a clarinet baa ao trouble la the Oa his Ukt

player waa bit ia the tktliahBaat at all s ac t.... 478 .. liu at. U BltkeUe tar ruiiii n
oT MDat Watchmore south, her band lap, that! .".11.. It was IUOOO.HH. ip.o.. BD* *23. ...**!*.
aanlttd later that Uwaa
end ltr..t taken tad
sot potash bat jut fll IEIIfaratthed.
than the plaa ripped froa
kr .ifora aboaldtr. oat other liquid] tbitpridietd Prefer Couple

., lust half-a-watch! Owe *f the roatbd baa a ttiglBg U1aa.Call BJ t-4tl

: been ldatindairry sensation la Nod aadpa,'. .., t. ..nl..

Mw She teevoleate eI ...... ..... popular local *t4at.muer ayes. You Ought to I.

k 1 _% / Bl..*. beth tIMe AND Da*.This See B.l*..) ............ ....*.**..... ka r lot
a c......, w..... It e1aMMy dy1.d N behe8 TAUt Charlie tllaoa, a pro ItthMe in Our Shoes

weld mop-.s.d.te eepe.NV iirtkle. RU yeast
love Bra. Viola viektra of prittor at aa eatabliab
.*..A.d1..seea..p1a Ctapl tr Bligl peraaa.prtrll ...,...
7M N. tlaoola Ct. tea nest .. state Bt. r.*
A *.*.. Call Sss-U.

Btwa B. ....

inoiami coasma .J lion Till 1111$ -'t

Cor. Broad and AaJtlty EL 42139 ,. 14 S *,..J.aa lttTicket .

...t.., *.**.yIII

...."- p4t At*.. tt ary.I. $2, "

UJ tm Ham rR.JYDI
pan .
t Lay Away fart

Ut Jo4trtt .................... Proprietor I FI( I tor CbrlatM
| Ptttt ad Jefferson ,StrtttB EL 6-94H BXQtX COB90UI
s a BMOCX.........
\ s t P hwds ......... .... ta ...1.*. .1.....
..**....... Sates katk..
s Sheep Itnad UeMtMt. .' 1tMr..... woos art a* attaly aanntr tttMr
pv tff MB *r|
AU STAtNUU tfm CAM alU.Ur tflU.. n.*...* erfe.aip.
I M.'M .. s tNestItABt. .MAC uk ap It .*. payta. mt l* nM leaaerwytVII sear tMa fr yearn5sssl.s
w. f y a, Bti.4i ai M ar ...I
taWr* .e Bae.. ... *. ...
lapesesseea nil d4t..Ji*.atliattaa.TBABIS .

s$39 gait essissrl.Lte Pnatttr

w.ta.tct..et N.M .tom e PASSnMlSr B.a J ties with .*..

OWM s.* A WrWt ClIftaN Utr..* Pat ....... &B.B.FASMION .

Nw Ba.UB hLII1JtI ...

ta theca MIN'S SNIPS


BUY .es'05u5 Brood A Ashley

tIIWNIJ rFEBRELL' 5' sits sa4P es'epir 15rh St. & MonCfUf ....


skl (tt paw tfttfet) .... NIl lit I' sad tap herfind"I.- .-t tMeEu loM at...reto

: Tits .. Mi her cowl lAaM *. Ij. .... tIn int.kelets .
it?. I aIl altar ba

.,.a.taI aid eMUa*. BJcrM II M6e It ,..
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tfiitait' *MTttaa.